Chinese Catchy-Catchy

MK comments: The Chinese notes to this photo procured by Ron Cashman (#44) state that this photo is of captured British troops. But, the consensus of opinion of all who, from the safety of our Bunker, have studied the prisoners' attire, demeanor, and general appearance is that there is no way the hapless lads could have been members of a unit of the Commonwealth.

For instance, I opine that the prisoners' clothing is US Government Issue and that they are, most likely, US troops. Also, from their demeanor and general appearance, I have a sneaking suspicion not only as to what US unit they belonged, but also as to the place (one of "our" hills) where they were captured. But, some very good operatives are after a solution to the enigma and I ain't going to take a chance of being embarrassed by a premature disclosure of my what may be only a fantasy.

Anyway, this photo is being posted because it's a "keeper" even if it is not of an IBB unit or area. A little rule bending is good for the inner soul; or, as an American Civil War General once said, "Rules was made for fools." MK.

MK add-on (02 Nov 2002): Well, Bart Soto, who is a good friend of, and contributor to the IBB, thinks that these hapless lads may be members of Company B of the 65th Infantry Regiment who were captured on Kelly in September of 1952. On the 65th Rgt on Kelly - Map and History page, Bart has told the story of those doings on Kelly. MK.

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