If you don't know who, what and why is the Garifuna in Belize, Orlando Garrido's art will take you by the hand and present you personally to their vibrant indigenous culture.

When you gaze at his unique paintings, the images of these native Belizean people gaze back willingly at you. Their music, their dances, their rituals... perform visually on the canvas. You can feel the ethnic liveliness! So Belizean in its portrayal! so exclusively Garrido-ist!

While not a Garifuna himself, "Landy" grew up among these colourful individuals, who are largely inhabitants of the district of Stann Creek in southern Belize. Captivated by their charm, when he was still in his teen, he discovered his forte in left early by self-teaching and interpreting these every day scenes of Garinagu (plural for Garifuna) like around him into art-form. There are some 12,000 of these descendants from Amerindians and Africans in Belize.

I am spellbound by their love for life, their creativity and their rich heritage. draw inspiration from them. I hope you can experience it in my art,11 says the Cayo-born artist modestly of his work. "I also find a lot of stimulus from the abundant wildlife and natural environ- ment throughout my small but visually exciting country. What you discover around Belize is revealed in my art."

When not indulging in his passion, you may sometimes find Orlando passing the time at the peerless BELIZEAN ARTS store in San Pedro on the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye.

He may even autograph one of his paintings for you to take your own personal piece of Belize back home with you....

Orlando Garrido - a name to truly celebrate your memories of Belize.

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