In a large legal size envelope, include the following:

a. Your payment.

b. Your complete business name

owner's/manager names
email address(s)
billing address if different

c. The http:// address of any other web pages you have.

d. As many of the items you can collect from the list below.


1. At least three photographs of your business.

a. Exterior - try to catch what is different about your business. Whatever you like best about it, make sure it's in the picture. Take your pictures early morning or near sunset for the most dramatic shadows and color. Get people in the pictures. It doesn't have to be perfect, you will be changing your site often to keep it fresh, so you can replace your bad shots with better as you go.
b. Interior shots - use a flash. If you shoot looking towards the window, the camera will adjust for the bright light from the window - the rest of the room will be too dark. Fill in flash works great here if your cameral has it. Or shoot looking into the room or business.

2. Any brochures you have. If they're out of date, make corrections right on the brochure. If you have advertisements you've clipped, include those in your envelope too. Include anything you've written about your experience with your business. I like to get your logo also.

3. Prices. On season, off season.

Typically, we get sent a packet with photos, brochures, logos, and additional information. Then we become email pals, exchanging ideas on how our skills can reflect your business to the world. Often many messages are exchanged over the first 6 weeks as we adjust the site to the way that you want it. receives over 10,000 unique visitors a day, and can be a real help in advertising your business. Email us at [email protected] to get started!.

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