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Alta Vista

  • link: to search for links to a URL
  • url: to search for pages in a URL
  • from:, subject:, and newsgroups: restrictions can be used in usenet searches.
  • Put a +plus sign in front of words that must be in the results.
  • Put a -minus sign in front of words that must not be in the results.
  • Enclose words "in quotes" to treat them like a phrase
  • Asterisk: Use h*e to search for home and house for instance.
  • Sample: "blue star" +lsd +tattoo -bodyart
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  • Use AND, OR and NOT operators.
  • Use (parenthesis) to remove ambiguity from search operators (e.g. McKenna AND (Dennis OR Terence)).
  • Use NEAR/# to find two keywords within a certain number of words of each other (e.g. lsd NEAR/20 tattoo or alkaloid NEAR/25 extraction)
  • Use ADJ to find keywords that appear together in a specific order (e.g. Microsoft ADJ Explorer)
  • Use "quotes" to denote a phrase (e.g. "self-transforming machine elves").

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  • The yellow pages of the web.

Search finding
treating keys as and returning matches.

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OKRA, WhoWhere?, LookUP!-Four11, [ Switchboard, Usenet Addresses Service ]
Webster's Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations
Toll Free Directory
Internet Movie Database,
Technical Reports
[ Harvest Tech Reports ]

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  • Use (parenthesis) to mark a collection of words as a phrase where the words must appear relatively close together.
  • Put a +plus sign in front of words that must be in the results.
  • Put a -minus sign in front of words that must not be in the results.

as a Phrase, All of these words, Any of these words.
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Searching parameters

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Search type: Try exact hits first
Max hits: Max matches: Max hits/match:
Limit to domain: Limit to path:

Formatting Parameters

Output fields:

Per-host header: nothing just host Host and country
Sort by: nothing (unsorted) Host and path Date, host and path
Truncate hostnames (longer than characters.)
Fancy display (uses HTML3 tables and graphics).

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  • Rates and reviews sites according to content and presentation.

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Enter a keyword or filename then select the platform/type of your choice.
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Find a Person

Enter the last name and any other information you know.
Last Name
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Find a Business

To find a business, enter its name. The other fields are optional.

  • If you enter a city, you must enter a state.
  • You can enter a state without entering a city.

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Person's Name: in any order

Information about this person:
city, state, country, company, or email provider.

all matches only exact matches

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Search the web using four indexes simultaneously, viewing the results on a single page.

Remember: The first time is the slowest.
If this is your first time using all4one, it will take a while to load all of the graphics for the four search engines. If you wait, later searches will be much faster, since the graphics are in your cache.

Input some search words: To get more matches, DON'T use capital letters in your search.

TIP: To get more matches, DON'T USE CAPITAL LETTERS in your search.

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