This is a front page article from the July 12th edition of the "San Pedro Sun" newspaper in Ambergris Caye, Belize. It is reprinted here with permission.

Island WebSite Endorsed

An island site on the World Wide Web has been endorsed by three groups acting in concert in an effort to provide a central Internet marketing presence for Ambergris Caye/San Pedro.

Originally started as a committee of the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), the BTIA Committee recommended that Ambergris Caye develop its own unique WEB site. To this end, seven current Belize WEB site owners were contacted and queried regarding how they would handle an Ambergris Caye site, the cost for someone to have a home page on the site, etc. The research was presented to the BTIA and a decision was reached that the site should be represenative of the entire island. The San Pedro Town Board was asked to join in the deliberations; a separate Ambergris Caye WEB Committee was also created, composed of members from the Town Board, BTIA and the Ambergris Caye Marketing Committee. All three groups have endorsed as the official island WEB site.

The site was created by Alan McNeill and Marty Casado of Advantage Information Management of Eugene, Oregon.

Among the considerations in choosing an "official" site for the island was cost; ranging from $22.50 U.S. to $45 per month, the site was considered to be one of the most affordable to a small business. Advantage Information also does not have extra charges for WEB page creation, utilizing a simplified pricing structure.

In addition to cost and other technical considerations, cooperation with the goals of the WEB committee was also considered. Advantage Information is quite open to suggestions on how the site should look. The Ambergris Caye WEB Committee will be gathering information and photographs to consider for inclusion in the site. If you have any ideas on how you want San Pedro to appear on the World Wide Web, please let one of the committee members know; photgraphs are also being solicited. The WEB Committee members are: Deputy Mayor Fidel Ancona, Town Clerk Ruben Gonzalez, Gach Guerrero, Susan Vesala, Valen Miller, Liz Cechini and Bruce Collins.

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