Cascabel Treatments:
Alternative Medicine in Belize

by Peter Singfield

Cascabel powder works great for ear infections in babies. The youngest baby I ever treated was 28 days old and dying from malaria. Mixed powder with mother's milk. Baby responded and was OK in 3 hours!!

I also have a special oil that is dripped into the ear warm/hot for instant relief.

They do not relapse after.

Ear infections are like prostate infections -- antibiotics do not penetrate those areas well. You have to depend on immune system responses to clear it up.

It take very little Cascabel to treat children, compared to adults. Would be my best market as I could get top dollar per cure and still be the best bargain in town by a factor of 100 or more.

I have the British National Formulary and the Canadian CPS. Both excellent and much better than the American PDF - which is literally a "killer" -being as it supports big pharmaceuticals a lot more than the patients.

I keep getting surprised at what herbals can do. I am controlling well my serious kidney stone problem with Desmodium -- but instead of the expensive and exotic Chinese version -- Shilintong (Desmodium Styracifolium) I use our local version -- desmodium Abscendens. Which has a local name of "Strong-Back" and is traditionally applied for back-ache.

There can be so many causes for back ache -- but this area is endemic for getting kidney stones -- and people say 99% of everyone have got them.

Anyway -- what is interesting is that these desmodium have a special property. The relax the smooth muscle of the kidneys. Normally kidney stones spur cramping and this results in pain. But take desmodium -relax this reflex action -- no pain. They say in this manner the stones are no longer "grabbed" and held and eventually pass is small. If large -- still need the old knife.

But think of this -- the great America does not know about this!! And poor sufferers up there are just out of luck. but they all believe their system knows everything!!

And so it keeps going -- the art of propaganda is fast becoming the only art form America excels at.

What a super waste of resources!

Have an interesting article to scan in for the BZ culture list -- a real heart-breaker. I know those people in that village. Belize has some very cruel problems.

Chaya is another business waiting to happen here -- read on -- I get a lot questions like this one.

But no one in Belize invests in things coming from within Belize -- be it products or ideas.


Hello, I was very interested to read on your site that you can send to chaya by air-freight Is it possible for Montreal? - I'm not sure (customs...) but if you can do that for me... please send me informations... thank you Renee

Hi Renee;

Chaya is a food of the God's -- a total nutrition, vitamin and mineral source in one package.

This being a large "fat" leaf. Once boiled -- it tastes good -- slightly like spinach.

Unfortunately this does not travel. That is it must be used fresh. I have kept if frozen though.

We use Chaya in medicine to maintain good nutrition in the very sick. This as a tea. Six leaves of Chaya boiled in one quart of water for 20 minutes and drank through the day.

This leads me to believe that Chaya can be "canned". But though I could order and receive a simple hand canning machine -- it is the cans/covers that are impossible to get.

As it stand now -- the only way you can get to appreciate Chaya would be by coming here.

It is an easy plant to raise here. It is immune to all pests so requires no chemicals. So -- always 100% organic food.

I originally came to Belize from Montreal Quebec. Had a small engineering firm there -the corner of Guy and Sherbrook -- for 12 years. Precision Energy Systems.

Thought I'd give you a taste how I really earn my daily bread on the I-net.

I have great success with these cases -- always. Suppose -- if I was better organized -- I'd be a multi-millionaire by now.

What you are about to read is a typical example of the biggest male curse of our age group. You have not seen true misery until you meet some one in this mans position -- I know -- I have dealt with a number of such.

America is simply getting so "back-ward" in medical treatment. If this curse ever gets to you -- check me out before you go to your local Doc!

Hello Again: Thanks for responding to my email questions. How do I purchase "Roots" and "Cascabel" from you? Do you accept credit cards? What forms of payment do you accept? How long does it take to receive the products when you ship them?

Hi Mal;

You purchase either by sending me the costs. I ship same day I receive payment. We have a funny system here in Belize for foreign exchange with a Central Bank that controls all transaction. This leaves only two ways of payment.

Direct Money Transfer by Western Union.

You would simply Western Union me the amount. You then grail me that you have done this and include the money transfer number. The money is here within an hour of your sending it. Fastest but most expensive method. Patients in a rush use it for the first transaction.

You Western Union the funds to: Peter Singfield
Corozal Town
Belize, Central America

By mail. This breaks down into two methods:

The part common to both is a cashiers check for the amount made in my name:

Peter Singfield

How to get it here by mail is two ways:

Fastest is by Global Priority Mail (United States Postal Service)

They promise 48 hours -- but it will take one week.

Costs around $8.00 to do this.

The second way is by putting the check in a regular letter (not certified or registered) and sending by regular Air Mail. Takes 2 to 3 weeks.

In both cases you address to:

Peter Singfield
Corozal Town
Belize Central America

I air mail the purchase back to you. Never have problems with customs -etc. I clearly define all articles sent and supply a complete invoice with parcel.

Takes any where from 8 days to 18 days. Normally 12 to 14 days.

We are not allowed to courier any "substance" out of Belize!! Only by Air Mail.

What do you have to treat intestinal candida and parasites? How long does take to rebalance the intestines and eliminate the parasites?

Cascabel therapy is not effective on surface, parasitical, yeast or fungal infections. However -- unlike antibiotics -- it will not aggravate the infection.

I would need to know more about your condition regarding this problem. But here is how I normally have to deal with it.

A patient comes to me with a hard to cure infection. Probably totally drug resistant. But prior to getting to my "door" they have had extensive and repeated therapy with various extremely potent anti-biotics. This has led to a very deep set "super-infection" with yeast or fungus.

They then take a Cascabel therapy -- curing the basic bacterial infection. During this time I suggest (Strongly) that they follow a diet rich in natural yogurt (which I also make) and free of sugars and other dietary items that feed these yeast/fungal, style, infections.

Normally they recover completely with time as they no longer take antibiotics and the body returns to full health with proper secondary floras of bacteria that are the bodies natural control agents of yeast/fungal infections -- but had previously been wiped out by over energetic antibiotic treatment.

If it is an extra tough intestinal infection -- I treat with standard chemotherapeutic agent -- once! This lowers population levels dramatically -- and then the above completes the job.

If it is a topical problem (that is skin, or under finger nails -- etc) I have a special camphorated oil I make that quickly clears up this problem.

Would the treatment be effective for systemic yeast issues as well?

I had one patient -- almost dead when I started -- from systemic yeast infection about 8 years past. A Mennonite Woman (48 years) that had been operated for badly infected womb. Previously she had taken the above mentioned regimen of antibiotics and had picked up a severe yeast infection. During the operation this crossed over in the blood to becoming systemic. As she had an extremely depleted immune system response due to weakness and over application of antibiotics (A chemical AIDS situation) she rapidly succumbed to a life threatening condition. The husband finally heard about my work and "Called" me. When I reached there they were in the process of building the coffin in the barn!

I put her on 40 grams of Cascabel per day and she rapidly recovered. Systemic yeast infections are well handled by a "normal" immune system response. Cascabel greatly enhances this response. So in systemic infection of yeast -- Cascabel works fine.

Are there cruises to Belize from Miami? Please write me back.

Cruise ships stop in here 3 or 4 times per week. I am sure some are also stopping at Miami -- if not all. You can verify that by contacting their offices there.

also -- from next message:

I forgot to mention that I live in New Jersey. I am 52 and in otherwise good health.

I'm 55. Your practically a classic example of the prostatitis cases I treat. You'll be very surprised at how fast this curse can be lifted, and then very angry that Western Medicine jerked you around so long over a sickness that now you have found is so easy to put into remission.

How long have you suffered?? (I have had people of your age that suffered for over 15 years and in terrible pain by the end).

What therapies have you tried to date? (Normal is to much to strong antibiotics for far to long)

Do you have the non-bacterial version? (Simply means they can't culture the "beasties" and that includes the most famous of all -- chlamydia -- so they call it non-bacterial)

Have they scared you into taking hormone blocking drugs by explaining that this condition will probably turn to prostate cancer and you had better start treatment early for a better chance of survival?? (I have had patients where their Docs have greatly urged them to have castration, cobalt seeds, and prostate gland removed -- as well as chemotherapy and hormone blocking -- just to make "sure")

The american medical community has certainly convinced itself that chronic prostatitis is not curable. I have yet to see the case that Cascabel has not cured!

And finally -- have they "given" you a PSA number yet??

I would be interested in purchasing the herbs that will be useful to treating prostatis.

OK -- Cascabel and Root. But mostly -- just Cascabel. Check out the Urls in my signature at end of this message.

Cascabel is made from the bones of one specific sub-species of tropical rattle snake.

Also, I am interested in what you might have that treats other male issues.

Root triggers hormone production.

What exactly is chaya and what health benefits can one expect from eating it? How can I purchase it living in the USA?

It is a food of the Gods. Supplies a full range of all vitamins and minerals. Including Calcium and protein. One stop health food shopping.

Does not "travel" well -- must be consumed fresh. Is an ancient development of the Maya -- found here in Belize and surrounding tropical countries.

Your roots brew sounds like it would be very helpful for me. However, I must ask you the following questions?

1. How long does it take to work?

2. Will it affect my prostate gland since I suffer from chronic prostatitis?

We expect overt effects in 3 months.

Root is not a medicine for curing infection. Though it does reverse osteoporosis, relieve arthritic problems (Greatly) increase sexual ability (both man and woman) in the older human. Not recommended for people under 45 years of age -- unless they are deprived in hormones.

There are many benefits to root -- many! In BPH it will reverse this condition.

But for infections -- it does nothing -- except bring back sexual drive after the fact -- such as after curing using Cascabel. Better if both therapies are used together though. but most of my prostatitis cases just use Cascabel to cure their problem. That being the primary concern.

3. Can I order the "Roots" drink from you and at what cost?

I ship regularly -- mostly to 65 yr and older woman suffering from sever osteoporosis.

Price is $120 for 4 liters. Regimen for first 3 months is 200 ml per day -100 ml in morning -- 100 ml in evening. A maintenance dose is 100 ml per day.

4. If I did have 3 months to spare, can you give me an idea as to what it would cost to live there for 3 months?

Great idea! I try to encourage all patients with a serious problem to come here to Belize for therapy.

You can live here for around $100 US per week. It is finding an apartment (furnished) that is a problem. A good Hotel is $40 per day!

A decent Hotel is $15 US per day.

5. How long does it take to get there by air or sea?

From Montreal Canada to Cancun airport takes 4.5 hours. but now people fly directly into Belize city Airport. Avoiding the 6 hour bus ride from Cancun to Belize.

6. Is this "Roots" drink similar to the one sold here in the USA sold mostly in the Jamaican stores?

No -- not at all. Two very specific roots of rare and exotic jungle vines. "Coclemecca" is smilax glabra (you can search that one on the WWW -- but try to buy some!!) The other has never been scientifically cataloged -- is called Gangweo.

One last point. Standard Cascabel therapy for Prostatitis is 20 grams per day taken in 6 divided doses during waking hours.

Though great relief may be seen in a few days to 3 weeks -- often the therapy runs 6 months. Depends on just how serious the prostatitis.

Price is 75 cents per gram -- so cost is $15 per day.

Keep asking questions.

Peter Singfield
"Medicine Man"
Xaibe Village
Corozal District
Belize, Central America
Tel 501-4-35213

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