More on the Chicken Drop

This is the famous "Chicken Drop". Here's how it works: About 7:00 p.m. people start showing up at the bar of the Spindrift Hotel. Of course, most of these folks have been drinking all day so don't let the early hour fool you. The proprietor sells you a numbered square for $1.00 U.S. At the announced moment, an assistant appears from a back room with a large wicker basket containing one or more live members of the poultry family. My guess is that these are the "lucky" ones that didn't get served in an enchilada at lunch time. Well, the basket is opened up, out comes one of the chickens and one of the drunk participants is assigned the task of grabbing the chicken, shaking it vigorously, blowing on its' ass (not unlike blowing out the candles on a birthday cake), followed by tossing the jostled bird onto the numbered squares. Herein begins much shouting and verbal encouragement in hopes that said chicken, after struting about, will eventually elect to "POOP" upon the numbered square that you have previously purchased. Hence, the name "Chicken Drop". Winner takes 100 bucks.

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