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Aerial View of downtown south, 1959
Courtesy Neil Fraser

The boat shaped thing on the right is a kraal (protected swimming compound, really misnomered by the then British Honduranians - a kraal is really kind-of village place in Africa) The location is where the "tackle box" was. When Alan Foreman acquired it he used it as an aquarium with fish and sharks, etc. for the few tourists that were trickling in. Be that as it may and then the last building to the left is the first theatre that Jim Blake had on the island. It is where the Sun Breeze is now. The cocal to the left is Esmeralda cocal which was given to Jim Blake by Papa Blake when he married Martha Hofman of the Hofius dynasty in Belize City. The boat hauled up on the beach seems to be a boat named the "Gitana" owned by Jack Foreman, Allan Foreman's father. The house behind the boat is Arcelia Grief's property.

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