A tip of the hat to Casa De Cafe! Below is a menu board at the coffee shop. Those prices are Belizean dollars not US, remember to divide by two if you're using US$. It's located right on Front Street in San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye.

Joycelyn helps keep me running with great coffee and breakfast.

I really go there to watch others eat all the things I can't. Warm cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven and Key Lime pie, served with wonderful conversation. It's a small cafe where everyone sits and talks to everyone else. If you looking for a private romantic spot, well, this isn't it. Casa de Cafe is in the center of San Pedro, so everyone who doesn't eat here seems to stop in to get coffee to go. If you really want to hear the heartbeat of the island, watch the gears move and see the people, Casa de Cafe heads the list.

(editors note - Charles is a Belizean who took a detour to Toronto for a couple of decades. His sojourn has given him a unique prospective on living in Belize, big cities and child rearing. He is an interesting man to talk to, accessible, intelligent. Casa de Cafe is more than a food stop for me, it's a place to connect to a reality I don't have in the States. Charles, his sister Joycelyn (in New York at the moment), and Tracy made me a part of their family while I was down last time. I can't wait to get back. end editor's note)

Besides coffee, Charles and Tracy create a terrific breakfast and lunch. Casa De Cafe is open six days a week, daily 7am until 2pm. Try the pie.

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