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October 10, 2012

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The San Pedro Sun

EU underlines commitment to universal abolition of the Death Penalty
The following is a statement from Catherine Ashton, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, on the European and World Day against the Death Penalty, 10 October 2012. Today is World and European Day against the Death Penalty. The European Union is opposed to the use of capital punishment in all cases and under any circumstances. Its universal abolition is one of the key objectives of EU human rights policy. Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission, said: “Capital punishment is a cruel, inhumane and irreversible action that violates the basic human right to life and dignity. In the case of any miscarriage of justice, from which no legal system is immune, it represents a terrible and irreversible loss of human life. The death penalty can neither reverse the crime it seeks to punish nor mitigate a victim’s loss. It should be a relic of the past.”

Amigos del Mar speaks on accident that resulted in one death
On October 8th, at about 4:45PM a very unfortunate accident claimed the life of one of our employees. Hector Duran, known to us as Chapin, has been with the Amigos del Mar Dive Shop for the past 20 years and was one of our most experienced and veteran employees. All the relevant authorities were facilitated to conduct the necessary investigation into the very unfortunate tragedy. The family has expressed that they prefer confidentiality and as such further details will be disclosed only when the family choose to do so. The incident is very unfortu

Patriotic events end at Isla Bonita Elementary with two competitions
The Isla Bonita Elementary School concluded their patriotic events on October 5th with two competitions for the upper division classes. One was an individual poster competition and the other, a group competition highlighting the main national historical buildings in Belize. The competitions were held under the national celebration theme, “Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal; Celebrating Belize,” and was open to standard V and VI students. In the poster competition, students were asked to come up with a poster that best portrayed the National September Celebration theme. A total of 27 students took part in the competition after which four entries were chosen as the best posters. First place went to Kai Nunez, second place to Nashley Badillo and third place was awarded to Gian Guerrero and Tyreek Arzu.

Ambergris Today

Twin Towns San Ignacio And Santa Elena Protest Against Crime
Members of the Cayo Community met on Sunday evening, October 7, 2012 at the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio where demands were written on a chalkboard, with certain plans of action, to take place within a time-frame. Among the demands were that Belize have its own forensic laboratory, the police be properly equipped and a registry for sex offenders be created. Another major demand was for a Police Station to be built in Santa Elena Town. Present at the meeting was Ralf Moody, Officer in Charge of the Cayo Police District Formation, who informed the gathering that statements relating to the murder of Suzenne Martinez are still being taken. The Superintendent urged the community to think about the consequences, in whatever action it takes. He said that if a shutdown of the Towns was made this Monday, such actions would delay the sending of the DNA sample to Jamaica by an additional day; as a policing priority would have to take place. "Some people are waiting for the opportunity to commit crime", he said, adding that in such cases the law will take its course.

Belize to Receive Forensic Ballistic System from Canadian Government
The Government and People of Belize are receiving much-needed assistance from friendly governments and international agencies as we continue to fight against crime and violence in order to restore safety and security throughout our communities. This coming Friday, October 12, 2012, inauguration ceremonies will be held for an Integrated Ballistic Identification System donated to Belize by the Canadian Government. The donation constitutes a complete system (IBIS Brass Trax -3D) with full capability to collect, store, compare, analyze and prepare conclusive reports on ballistic evidence to assist law enforcement authorities in investigation, prosecution and conviction of persons involved in firearm related crimes.

Letters to the Editor: Caye Caulker Deserves Better Police!
Caye Caulker has come a long way from being a simple little village to a tourist attraction. During the years people have migrated to the island in search for a better way of living. With this it has made the population of our little island increase. As the years go by all types of people come to our island, the good and the bad. Caye Caulker has always been known as the “Go Slow” island and considered to be relaxing as well. Back then, when small crimes started to occur, the police officers didn’t hesitate to get down to the bottom of the incident and find out exactly what happened and who was involved in it and if the culprits were found, they were punished and sent away from the island. Back then we had “the law” behind us and now it seems as the law no longer exists on this island.

Misc Belizean Sources

Drama in Belize City 1829

Ignite the Peace Rally
The University of Belize will be teaming up with Sacred Heart Junior College and Galen University on Thursday for the Ignite the Peace Initiative. In Belmopan, at 8:00am, they'll have the Eternal Flame of Peace March, then the torch run from Belmopan to Cayo, and at 11:00, at Columbus Park, the peace rally. "In light of the recent loss of our Norval Belisle and Suzenne Martinez and our valuable human resources, our nations students, the tertiary level institutions have teamed up to raise awareness and to unite their voices against the violence and crime in Belize."

BTL's Yellow Pages App
Belize Telemedia Limited has an app for their yellow pages. You can download it for free to your smartphones from their site, or at the app store. "Download your FREE BTL Yellow Pages App today!"

Jaguar Education from Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo has been having an awareness campaign about jaguars and their protected status. They went to Caledonia village, where a jaguar was poached recently, and spoke at the local school to the children. Thanks, TBZ! "it's a follow up to the incident that happened in the village several weeks ago and the objective was to turn it into something positive to involve this community that have these jaguars and other wildlife very near their community and interact with them probably on a daily basis and the whole concept is simply education and awareness making them have a sense of pride and respect for these animals that they live in close contact with every single day and for them to understand our value in the conservation of our forest and in all the industries that its connected to."

VIDEO: The Birds of Belize
Great 60 min. video with 277 species of birds from all around Cayo and Belize. You can buy the DVD, and all the proceeds are solely for the benefit of Belizean non-profit/NGOs and education in Belize. "This is the most recent version (Version 8) of The Birds of Belize DVD which now covers 277 species. Filmed entirely in Belize beginning in 2005, it now includes film from 2012 which covers species not recorded in previous versions as well as improved film of some species that were included in prior versions."

Miss International Online Poll
You can vote for Destinee Arnold as she represents Belize at the Miss International pageant. The pageant is in Okinawa, Japan this year, and Destinee is having a great time hanging out with all the other contestants. You can vote for Destinee for 'Miss Internet.'

Lasagna is a type of casserole that uses cheese and wide flat noodles and spaghetti sauce to make a very comforting dish. We didn't have noodle while growing up in Belize, but I quickly learned to make this dish because not only is it tasty, but it is also very easy to make and very cheap. This recipe is simply and does not use a lot of ingredients.

Channel 7

Government Unions Agree to Partial Collective Bargaining Agreement
Since September, 2008, the government and its employer unions - namely the Public Service Union, the Belize National Teachers Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers have been negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. At the outset, the unions presented a 23 point proposal, but talks have been bogged down for years. Recently, the Unions started getting antsy - and in response government appointed a ministerial subcommittee to move things along. That was in August and it surely did speed things along, because after a little more than four years, a partial agreement was signed this afternoon at the Radisson in Belize City. 7news was there and here's what all parties had to say: Marvin Blades, President PSU "Although the journey has been long and sometimes arduous we have come this far. The signing of today's partial agreement - this event however merely represents a progress report to our membership and to the general public. We now continue to diligently work towards the resolution of the outstanding proposals."

BEL Desperate For Bailout, Offers HQ As Security
The Social Security Board has fast tracked the approval a 15 million dollar investment in BEL. It's basically bailout money for the power company, which seems to be in dire straits financially - so much so that it's willing to offer its headquarters as security for the investment. 7news has seen the leaked copy of an internal memo from the Manager of Investments to the CEO Richard Flowers. It states that in the first quarter of this year, BEL incurred a loss of 2.6 million dollars - but does not report the figures for the second or third quarters. Still the power company predicts a year-end profit of 6.9 million dollars. BEL offered Social Security 10 million dollars in preference shares - with their headquarters as security. But BEL is in such a rush for the infusion of cash that no valuation for those properties has been concluded. BEL's investment committee and its board approved 10 million dollars in preference shares with a yield of 5% and 5 million in debentures at 7%. The prospectus for those debentures is still in draft form. Due to the late breaking story, we could not get comment from BEL, but we do know that high fuel prices and the high cost of power from CFE in Mexico have put the company in a liquidity bind - similar to the one faced by the previous owner.

Central Bank Gov's Home Invaded
This afternoon we saw the Crimes Investigation Branch and the Scenes of Crime unit at the residence of the Governor of the Central Bank on Coney Drive. Information is still sketchy at this time, but we have found out that there was a home invasion around 3:00 pm. Only the maid was at home - and not much is known beyond that at this time. We tried to reach the Governor Glenford Ysaguirre for comment but he was unavailable.

Ashcroft Attorneys Still Against Awich
Last night, we told you about the first day of the Court of Appeal sitting in which the BEL/BTL nationalizations were heavily argued. This matter is expected to be argued to completion tomorrow, and the Appeal Court will make a determination if the nationalizations were constitutional or not. But this decision may not matter because once again, the Ashcroft Alliance made a huge deal of the fact that Justice of Appeal Samuel Awich was a sitting member on the panel of judges overseeing this case. As we reported last night, the Alliance, through several of the functionaries - including Lord Ashcroft himself - tried to get Justice Awich unseated as a member of the Court of Appeal, when the process was being finalized for his appointment in July. Yesterday, they raised the point that there was an appearance of bias because of their maneuvering which effectively put Justice Awich at odds with them. You heard attorney Denys Barrow explain that this was a problem of their making, and they tried to apply further pressure to get Awich to recuse himself from the case.

More Mexican Drugs In Corozal
Mexican drug players continue to show up in Corozal. On Sunday evening at about 6, Corozal police found a Mexican and two Belizeans with drugs. They visited C&B's Bar on Baeza's Layout in Corozal Town and searched a Silver SUV. The search resulted in the discovery of a 6 small transparent bags of cocaine. All three men, 52 year old Pedro Alfonso Betancourt Reed, a Mexican of Chetumal, 51 year old Alfonso Iglesias Jr, a Belizean of Consejo Road in Corozal Town, and 51 year old Jose Nunez, a Belizean Businessman of San Pedro Town were detained and escorted to the Corozal Police Station. That's where further searches were conducted on the vehicle leading to the discovery of another black plastic bag under the passenger seat containing twelve small transparent plastic bags with cocaine.

Hon. Wilfred Will Meet Cayo Community
Tomorrow night, the Community in Cayo will be able to grill the Attorney General about the problems with the justice system. Further to a meeting yesterday between the Prime Minister and the leaders of the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association, the PM has dispatched AG Wilfred Elrington to Cayo for a meeting to be hled tomorrow night. The meeting will be held at 7:00 pm at the ITVET Building. And then, on Thursday, the community is being asked to participate in a voluntary all day shutdown form 7:00 am to 6:00 pm to protest against crime - as a part of the Solidarity for Peace effort which will include a demonstration in front of the town's police station.

The Importance OF ICT
There's an ICT Roadshow which is coming to a city or town center near you. It started off today in Belize city where there was a discussion of ICT and an ICT fair to give regular folks the chance to interact with technology. IT was held at the ITVET campus and we had to chance to get a number of perspectives - including the official position - which is that technology is transformative and should be in the hands of as many people as possible:.. Bernadette Lewis, Sec. Gen. Caribbean Telecom Union "In our work in the countries across the region we have found that there is a fundamental lack of understanding and Telecom union appreciation of how information and communication technologies could be effectively incorporated in every endeavor to transform and it is because of this that we undertook this Caribbean ICT Roadshow initiative to bring to ordinary citizens - to bring to the largest cross section of the national community how information and communication technologies can be incorporated effectively to transform."

Cops Find 12 Gauge Abandoned
On Monday evening police conducted a search in an abandoned lot on Gibnut Street. They found 1 Berretta 12 gauge shotgun and two live cartridges. Also discovered was 85 grams of suspected cannabis. All the items were labeled as found property.

Coastal Zone Considers Climate Change
The Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is hosting a three-day Regional Conference called, "Integrating Climate Change Adaptation Planning into Coastal Zone Management using Ecosystem Services". There are experts from all over including Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Guatemala, Canada, the United States and Belize. They are discussing the realities of climate change and how we'll all have to make space for each other:.. Representative "Climate change has been affecting the world for a long time. We can measure increase in temperature and changes in storm intensity and rising sea levels. Even if you believe none of that is happening what this conference is doing is really important because its helping people plan for how to used their coastlines and marine waters in sensible ways so that human activity don't bump up against each other and cause conflict. Fishing and recreation and tourism activities can occur together in a way that neutrally beneficial for as many people as possible." "Certain areas are much more important for protecting livelihoods and property and people safety than others, so you can get these overlapping these win win areas and other cases you need to say okay this area we can develop - it will boost tourism revenues and it won't cause reductions as much and livelihoods for lobster fishers. You can find places where development has less of an impact on lobster and property damage and other places where it would have huge impact and you can use that information to say okay where can we allow development? Where can we have fishing? Where can we have recreation - so it minimizes the conflicts."

Faber Says He's Happy to Help OW Tech
students walked out. Well, today things returned to normal - and that's after Education Minister Patrick Faber went there to mediate between the disgruntled staff and the hardline principal. He today told us he doesn't mind taking a day out of his schedule if something meaningful will be achieved:.. Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "They had not ask me and in fact it's probably not normal for the minister to intervene in a situation like that at least not that early but Marion you know I am of the view that we should not allow these things to get out of hand, we've seen where situations at these high schools have gone and not only high schools but primary schools even have gone terribly wrong and when that happens the name of the school suffers and also the children, the students suffer and so if it takes me taking a time out of my schedule that I am sure everybody understands is terribly busy - going there to sit down with all the players to try to work things out to over kill the situation even before it gets out of hand then I believe that the right thing to do and so it saves me a lot of headache down the road to give up that day to try to work out the situation."

Avoiding The Perils Of SCUBA Tanks
Last night, 7News showed you the tragic accident of the well-known tour guide from the Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop. As we reported that around 4:45 pm yesterday, Hector Chapin Duran was fatally injured when the scuba tank he was filling ruptured - causing a major explosion which punctured his midsection and caused instant death. It happened at the Amigos Del Mar Dock. The authorities still have not released any indications as to what caused the tank to explode in such a strange way. Today, we got a chance to speak to several employees of Fabrigas, a Belize City company that prides itself on international standards of safety. Here's what they told us about the many things that could have gone wrong: Ezquiel Ayala, Plant Manager - Fabrigas "Many factors that can contribute to an accident at any filling stations. It can be the accuracy of the gauges; first of all my gauge is showing it is 3,000 but how accurate am I knowing that my gauge is reading 3,000 and actually it can be reading more, it can be reading less. I am not sure. We need to make sure, we need to verify our gauges from time to time and also we need to ensure that when filling we do not do what we call a fast fill. People tend to just come and say I want this fill and out of sudden it is not filled like that because the aluminum does not allow when heated for huge expansion - it will burst. It should be filled slightly. It takes time to fill yes but it's the safest way."

Channel 5

Explosion kills San Pedrano while refueling dive tank
A veteran diver was killed in a blast at Amigos del Mar in San Pedro on Monday evening. The loud explosion shook the dive shop, and other buildings in the neighborhood. Many immediately set out to help Hector Duran, who has been employed with the company for over twenty years. Duran succumbed to injuries sustained [...]

Shutdown of Cayo as residents protest against crime
Heading west, a business shutdown is being planned for Thursday by a coalition of neighborhood watch groups called the Solidarity for Peace Movement. If all goes according to plan, most of the business community will be closed for the day to protest the wave of crime and the recent murder of Suzenne Martinez. Simultaneously, two [...]

Central Bank Governor’s house robbed
Crimes involving high profile personalities are on the rise. The details are sketchy but News Five has confirmed that the house of Glen Ysaguirre, the Central Bank Governor was robbed this afternoon. A man under the guise of a deliveryman took a parcel to the governor’s residence on Coney Drive. Once the housekeeper opened the [...]

Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime?
Tonight’s question is: Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Economic Indicators breaks down cost of fuel
Have you ever wondered why you pay such a high price for fuel at the pump? What is it that determines when the price falls and when it increases? Tonight we begin a series on the causes of the spike of fuel prices at the pump and if these are determined by prices on the [...]

CCJ will decide on Awich in ongoing Telemedia Appeals Court case
The Court of Appeal has been busy this week with a courtroom full of lawyers arguing the constitutionality of the 2011 acquisition of Belize Electricity Limited (B.E.L.) and the 2011 re-acquisition of Telemedia. Arguments continued today and were centered around the validity of the enshrinement by Government of those nationalizations in the country’s Constitution via [...]

P.S.U. and B.N.T.U. sign years overdue agreement with G.O.B.
The unions and the government have been negotiating for years and earlier today the government agreed to a long list of allowances when they signed off an agreement on part of what the unions had initially proposed. For the past four years, joint negotiations have been ongoing between the Public Service Union, Belize National Teacher’s [...]

Partial agreement shows progress, but more negotiations ahead
While it has already been a long and rocky road, the negotiations are still not over. Public Service Union President, Marvin Blades says the signing of the partial agreement simply shows the progress, but there are several issues remaining on the table. But ministers Faber and Gibson also committed today to ensuring that it won’t [...]

2 Haitians, ten passports and 1 Haitian without documents
Three Haitian nationals, two naturalized Belizean and another who holds a visitor’s permit, were before the courts today to answer to separate charges including unlawful possession of passports. The first to be arraigned was thirty-four year old Sillon Oriental who was charged for failing to produce a visitor’s permit. Allegations are that Oriental entered Belize [...]

Another attempted robbery in the Jewel
A Belize City young man who thought the law had forgotten him after he made attempts to rob well-known Blue Marlin Restaurant in April of this year begins to serve his first night of a five year jail term for the crime of attempted robbery. On April eleventh, Russell James and another man, who goes [...]

Ride with Caribbean Information & Communications Technology Road Show
In an age of continuous technological advances, there are still many persons and households that don’t have basic internet access. Over the next few days, a Caribbean Information and Communications Technology Roadshow will be reaching out to those groups as well as the tech savvy to highlight the benefits of ICT. The road show also [...]

Harnessing the Power of Innovation; using technology for development
The theme for the event is “Harnessing the Power of Innovation – the engine for ICT enabled Caribbean development”. But Doctor Colin Young acknowledges that Belize is behind in technology when compared to other countries in the region. Both Young and Bernadette Lewis, CTU’s Secretary General agree that affordability, particularly for internet access, is going [...]

Frozen allowances exercise almost thawed; thousands saved
The Ministry of Public Service announced in July that a thorough review of public service allowances would be carried out. That process has been ongoing and its purpose is to trim the fat off the one point five million dollars that the ministry pays in allowances each month. All ministries and departments were required to [...]

Superstar! $10,000 up for grabs!
In an hour or so, Group B takes the stage at the Bliss for another round of competition to determine who will be the Next Superstar. Four safe groups will perform and the other will be determined from the knock out round after the judges give their nod. The excitement is building up because both [...]


Woman Loses Home by Fire
Fire destroyed a house in Cotton Tree Village on Monday. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ Belmopan Correspondent RSV Media Centre “Thirty five year old, McIntyre Bryan of Cotton Tree Village reported that on Monday night, October 8 sometime around 7:...

Prime Minister Meets With San Ignacio Residents
Prime Minister Dean Barrow met yesterday with a concerned group of residents of San Ignacio. Correspondent Elaine Berry has the story. ELAINE BERRY CAYO Correspondent RSV News Centre “Members of San Ignacio and Santa Elena community met with the Prime Minist...

Sales Representative Charged for Drug Trafficking
Twenty-one year old Shannon Martinez, a sales representative, was charged with drug trafficking for one point one grams of cocaine when she appeared in court yesterday. She pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered her a bail of $5,000.00 and adjourn...

Hopkins Residents Charged for Controlled Drug
Police in the Stann Creek district have arrested and charged a resident of Hopkins village for the crime of drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs. He is Ashton Victor Nunez Vicente. Police say that around eight thirty on Friday morning, they visited Vice...

Drug Bust Leads to Three Arrests
Three persons including a Mexican national have been arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking. The men, fifty one year old Alfonso Iglesias Junior of Corozal town, fifty one year old Jose Nunez of San Pedro town, and fifty two year old Pedro Alfonso Betancourt Reed&nb...

Tour Guide Dies Following Explosion
A man from San Pedro town was killed in an explosion on Monday afternoon. The victim has been identified as thirty nine year old Hector Duran. Duran who worked at the Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop in San Pedro Town was killed around four forty five yesterday afternoon when a...

Attorney General Scheduled To Meet With San Ignacio Residents
Twenty four hours after a peaceful demonstration by residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, word from Cayo is the Attorney General Wilfred Elrington has been dispatched to meet with the residents to address their concerns regarding the judiciary. Under the Banner of Solidar...


Who Is The Man Who Was Knocked Down
Orange Walk Police are tonight asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man who was knocked down on Saturday night while riding his bicycle along the Philip Goldson Highway. Around 10:15 on Saturday night, the victim, who is described as being of Hispanic decent was riding his bicycle near the Mameyal Curve located between miles 59 and 60 of the Philip Goldson Highway when he was knocked down by a 1998 blue Dodge pickup truck driven at the time by 32 year old Belizean Construction worker of Guinea Grass Village, Donaldo Can. Can is said to have been traveling from Corozal to Orange Walk when upon reaching the Mameyal Curve he lost control of the vehicle and collided into the victim who was riding his purple bicycle in the opposite direction. The victim sustained a large cut wound across the abdomen, a severed left leg and a cut wound under the chin and lower lip and was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. At the time of the incident the victim was wearing a ¾ camouflage pants with a black short pants underneath, a red and grey t-shirt, white undershirt and brown belt. Police have detained Donaldo Can pending charges.

Concepcion Resident Attacked While Heading Home
Corozal Police are tonight looking for one man accused of inflicting several chop wounds to 28 year old Udilberto Moh, a Belizean laborer of Concepcion Village in the Corozal District. On Friday October 5th Moh was walking home when he was attacked by a man he identified as one Domingo Aban Melendez. Moh reported to police that Aban approached him with a machete and chopped him on the right shoulder and left middle and ring finger which were almost severed. As mentioned police are looking for Melendez in regards to this incident.

Teachers and Students Of O/W Technical High School Want Principal Gone
Classes were interrupted this morning Elizabeth Muschamp; she has been the principal for Orange Walk Technical High School since last year November but now the majority of the teachers and students are demanding that she be removed from her post. Their reasons are many and each student and teacher has their specificities as to why they want Muschamp out of the school. The teachers don’t want Muschamp to be fired but rather transferred to another school. Besides the teachers and students the security guards and vendors have a problem with Principal Muschamp, all of which was expressed in today’s peaceful demonstration. Our news team out on the scene and here is that report. Hipolito Novelo - Reporting Orange Walk Technical High School is home to over 800 students and 47 teachers. Its motto is “The school that cares” but it seems that the institution has lost that touch and the teachers and students are putting the blame on Principal Elizabeth Muschamp. To show their discontent 27 teachers and half of the student body walked out of class this morning.

Minister Faber Says He'll Listen To Teachers Concerns But Will Not Make Decision
As mentioned in the story, the Minister of Education Youth and Sports Honorable Patrick Faber along with Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Education David Leacock and Orange Walk District Education Manager Karla Alvarez, met with the staff, board and principal of the school this afternoon. We understand that while the Minister listened to the concerns of the staff, he also made it clear that legally he is not authorized to make any decisions on the concerns raised. Minister Faber also clarified that he was not at the meeting to make any decisions on the matters of concern raised by the staff but merely to establish a process by which the school could return to daily operation while at the same time ensuring that teachers concerns are heard and addressed while going through the right process. At the end of the meeting it was decided that classes will proceed as usual tomorrow. It was also agreed that: The board of directors will be fully constituted within two weeks and that officials from the Ministry of Education will meet with members of the board to sensitize them about the role and functions of the board, the principal and District Education Manager will meet with the staff to hear their concerns before the end of the week; this meeting will be preceded by a meeting between the principal and heads of department. All were in agreement that these meetings will be conducted in a tactful and respectful way on both sides and based on the information shared in these meetings; the board will deliberate and take appropriate actions to address concerns.

Residents Of Twins Towns Make Demands To Reduce Crime
The murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe back in June of this year made history when Belizeans came together, staged a protest in San Ignacio and demanded justice for the death of the 13 year old. The incarceration of Bert Vasquez, the man accused of murdering Lowe, seemed to have calmed the turbulent waters that flowed through San Ignacio. That perceived calmness; however, was interrupted on October 3rd when the dead body of 22 year old U.B student Suzenne Martinez was found in a drain on the same street where she lived. The death of Martinez and the fact that the man initially detained for carrying out the heinous murder was released from police custody, only to be re-arrested for other charges, prompted residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena to once again carry out a demonstration against crime. At 5:30 this morning the crowd started to gather at the Columbus Park located right in front of the San Ignacio Police Station. This time the hundreds of demonstrators were passive, yet the message sent to Government was the same- action must be taken to reduce the violence and crime. With placards in hand protesters demonstrated their discontent and clamored for justice. Believing that Alberto Ical, the man initially detained as the main suspect of Martinez’s murder would appear at the San Ignacio Magistrate Court, demonstrators waited patiently under the scourging sun. But instead, Ical appeared before the Belmopan Magistrates Court where he pled guilty to handling stolen goods and was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Ical is said to have been found in possession of a number of items including a SIM card and assorted pieces of jewelry that were stolen from the home of 53 year retired U.S National Robert Lewis who was murdered while at his home in Mayan Mopan during a home invasion on Monday October 1st . Initially Ical was also considered the main suspect of Lewis’ murder. Due to the lack of evidence; however, Ical was charged for handling stolen goods instead of murder.

Hugo Chavez Re-elected As President
Hugo Chávez has won his fourth election in Venezuela, earning another six-year term as president. The election, the closest of Chávez's 14 years in power, thwarted the chances of his main rival Henrique Capriles to be the man to replace him. The result, currently standing at 54.4 per cent to 44.9 per cent with 90 per cent of votes counted, came as a surprise after early exit polls showed Capriles with a commanding 51-48 percent lead. In the end, however, Chávez came out over 1.3 million votes ahead. Voter turnout in the election was over 80 per cent, and even the primaries – when Capriles candidacy was confirmed by a broad coalition of anti-Chávez parties – attracted over 3 million votes. The new six-year term clears the way for Chavez, who is recovering from cancer, to consolidate state control over Venezuela's economy, possibly with more nationalization’s and continue his support for left-wing allies in Latin America and around the world.


Con artists arrested in Corozal
Also in Corozal, two con-artists have been arrested and charged. One Darrington Williams and George Vega who also g...

Mexican and 2 Belizeans arrested for cocaine
The crime situation in the Old Capital of Belize City has for a number of years now been on the increase. It has co...

EU opposed to capital punishment as inhumane
While many Belizeans seem to be calling for the death penalty, foreign entities have once again raised their voice ...

Belize represented in Miss International Pageant in Japan
Miss Belize 2012 Destinee Arnold is representing Belize in the highly prestigious Miss International Pageant to be ...

Belize will continue to benefit from the Petro-Caribe Agreement
Belize along with at least 17 other Caribbean nations will continue to benefit from the Petro-Caribe Agreement with...

San Pedro man fatally injured while filling scuba tank
There is always a certain risk when dealing with gases and tanks. One San Pedro man lost his life when a tank he wa...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Belizean Scents: Product promoting Belize
This new product which sanitizes leaves your hands smelling very pleasant and is also a souvenir with a Belizean Flare. Belizean Scents is a travel size hand sanitizer custom made by Belize’s very own Vanessa Harris who is also the owner of Nexus Boutique in Belize City. The product is not made in Belize but she has been hands on with all decisions regarding the product. The Belize Tourism board has also expressed their approval and have promoted the product on their social media page. There are 3 different scents which are being introduced: Caribbean Sea, Belizean Bliss and Mayan Mango. Belizean Scents Hand Sanitizers These products are available for purchase at Nexus Boutique in Belize City, Medina’s Maya Ruins at the Philip Goldson International Airport, Captain Morgan’s Retreat in San Pedro and will also be available at Island Magic Resort in Caye Caulker by the end of the month.


Benque resident killed in Melchor
A resident of Benque Viejo del Carmen who had gone over to the bordering Guatemalan town of Melchor De Mencos was found in that town yesterday morning around 8:30 a.m, in an area called Santa Elena Melchor, with his throat slashed; he had also been beaten in the face. Benque police and the family of Miguel Angel Gonzalez, 23, travelled to the area to recover his body. He was buried around 3:00 p.m. in the Benque Town Cemetery after funeral services at the Mount Carmel Church. The ceremony was conducted by Father John Robinson, while the readings were conducted by Vicky Arceo and Martin Lindo, Jr. Gonzalez’s sister, Marleni, told Amandala that they were at home around 8:30 a.m. yesterday when they received a call that something had happened to her brother in Melchor. They alerted the police, who travelled to Santa Elena Melchor with them. She identified him to the police and they were given permission to bring him to Belize. They are at a loss as to what led to his death. Marleni said that Gonzalez was employed as a driver at Vega Distributors, and they are not sure what time he went to Melchor on Saturday. She was told that he went over with two friends of his, but around 8:30 p.m., one of his friends returned and told them that he, Gonzalez, refused to come. The other friend has not yet been located.

Court of Appeal: Justice Samuel Awich stays
President of the Belize Court of Appeal, Manuel Sosa, and Justices Samuel Awich and Douglas Mendes were greeted this morning by two Queen’s Counsels, three Senior Counsels, a coterie of other attorneys and mountains of paper. The Government of Belize (represented by the Attorney General and Minister of Public Utilities) today began its appeal against the June, 2012 decision of Supreme Court Justice Oswell Legall to strike down the majority of the 2011 Acquisition Act and Order in relation to Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) on the opening day of the final session of the year 2012 for the Court. Ten attorneys – three for the Government and a total of seven for the responding parties – appeared in court this morning. They are: for the Attorney General and Minister of Public Utilities in all cases, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow and attorneys Magali Perdomo and Illiana Swift; for the British Caribbean Bank (BCB) Limited, Queen’s Counsel Nigel Pleming, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay and Ashanti Arthurs-Martin and Pricilla Banner; and for the BTL Employees’ Trust and chief trustee and former BTL chairman Dean Boyce, Lord Peter Goldsmith QC, Godfrey Smith SC and Magali Marin-Young. (Courtenay and Martin also appear for Fortis Energy International (Belize) Inc., which is suing the same parties – the Attorney General and the Minister of Public Utilities – in the first two appeals).

Corozal’s Lisa’s Restaurant ceases operations after two robberies
The business has been held up twice in three weeks... Lisa’s Restaurant, located on Fifth Avenue in Corozal Town, has ceased operations after the restaurant was held up and robbed twice within three weeks. In the first incident that occurred on September 4, thieves got away with over $28,000, and then, in the second, more recent, holdup, thieves got away with around $500. But in the second incident, which occurred around 7:00 p.m. Thursday, customers were in the restaurant when the robbers aimed a gun at the owner, Weiquin Zhu, and demanded money. The owner told police that two men of dark complexion entered the restaurant, and one of them pointed a gun at him and demanded money. He cooperated and handed over around $500. The thieves took the money and ran out of the restaurant, up Fifth Avenue and disappeared into the surrounding area.

Business shutdown Thursday for Cayo!
Over 300 angry citizens converged today, Monday, at 6:00 in the morning, at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court to protest the rising crime rate, especially murder and rape, in the district. The protest, which ended about 3:00 p.m., was led by the People’s Coalition of San Ignacio, which made a number of demands on Prime Minister Dean Barrow, that were delivered today to him by a 3-person committee from the coalition. Among the demands are the removal of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mrs. Cheryl-Lynn Branker-Vidal; the reinstatement of hanging; denial of bail for sexual offenders; denial of bail for major crimes; financing of a forensic lab; construction of a police station in Santa Elena; and the trial of Alberto Ical, 29, the main suspect in the murder of Suzenne Martinez, 21. The committee also demanded a reply by Wednesday, October 10. Failing this, there will be a shutdown of all businesses in Santa Elena and San Ignacio, they say.

U-18 National Team returns home
The Belize National U-18 3×3 basketball team returned to Belize this past Wednesday, October 3, after participating in the U-18 3×3 World Championship held in Spain. As the FIBA website put it “Belize turned heads after beating China and Poland and almost beating Canada in group play.” Belize finished with 4 wins and 3 losses, also winning over the Netherlands and Slovakia, and losing to New Zealand, Canada and France. Tree-vanne Moses won gold medal in the Samsung Shootout, winning over a field of almost 80 players. The Belize Basketball Federation would like to thank the sponsors below who made financial contributions as well as other organizations that supported the team and made Belize’s participation possible. Belize is scheduled to participate in the U-16 COCABA Championship to be held in Honduras from October 21-25. Bowen & Bowen (Sprite & Belikin) – Belize Olympic Committee – Belize City Council

None undefeated, and 1 winless at PLB season half-way point
7 weeks have gone, and 7 weeks remain, including 2 more out-of-zone weekends, in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season 2012-2013. And, with F.C. Belize suffering their first loss on Saturday, there is no longer any undefeated team in this very tough competition; and only 1 team, San Ignacio United is still without a win. It will be a war down the stretch in the weeks ahead to determine which 2 teams from the North (N) and the South (S) will make it to the 4-team semifinal playoffs. On Saturday night at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence, (S) Paradise/Freedom Fighters defended home turf with a 3-1 win against (N) San Pedro Seadogs. Shaking the net for the Freedom Fighters were Alexander “Pleck” Peters (41 min), Victor Franco (43 min) and Onest Martinez (87 min); while San Pedro got a late goal from Mario Chimal (90+ min). Also on Saturday, the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan saw (S) Police United deliver the first loss to previously undefeated (N) F.C. Belize, who fell 3-0 to the law men, courtesy of goals from Daniel “Danny” Jimenez (14 & 77 min) and Evan Mariano (43 min). After losing their first 2 outings, Police are now sporting a 5-game winning streak.

Casino baggage
In Belize in the post-independence era, we have seen that general election landslides can bring unpleasant policy decisions amid and in the aftermath of the euphoria. After the UDP landslide victory of December 1984, there came passport sales and there came paraquat spraying of our pristine lands and waterways. We would be hyperbolic if we called these unmitigated evils, but, we insist, they were evils. The PUP landslide victory of August 1998 brought us casinos, and the problems Belizeans have had with casinos have hitherto been in the area of personal financial catastrophes, and the problems have been sub-surface. The thing is, students of Caribbean history knew that the American casinos entrenched in the Cuban capital of Havana, American casinos which owned the dictator Fulgencio Bautista lock, stock, and barrel, had been some of the major, hated targets of the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Because we Belizeans like to gamble, and because we like the Las Vegas hype of America, we were not, in principle, hostile to casinos, we didn’t know how insidious they can be in the societal sense, and the extended George Price era had convinced Belizeans that the People’s United Party (PUP) had a moral compass in whose guidance they could be confident. (NOTE: The casino initiative had first penetrated a PUP Cabinet in 1969. There were two prominent Cabinet Ministers who openly supported it. It was the late Madame Gwendolyn Lizarraga and her United Women’s Group who led the opposition to casinos, and Mr. Price sided with her. The Roman Catholic diocese, under the leadership of Bishop Robert L. Hodapp, refused to support the casino initiative. When Bishop Hodapp was shot {he survived} in New Orleans a few months later, there was some speculation that it was because he opposed the casino package.)

From The Publisher
For some weeks now I have been wanting to write a column about Belizeans who have been deported from the United States of America. The first thing I wanted to say was that at Kremandala we have a few deportees employed, and they are some of our best workers. I hesitated in writing such a column, however, because I didn’t want to create the impression that Kremandala is in a position to assist deportees in general. In Belize, we citizens have been traumatized by the Belizeans who are addicted to crack cocaine. We are afraid to greet people or reach out to them in the streets, because if you greet a crack addict, no matter who he/she used to be or what his/her relationship was to you, it will cost you money. There is a frenzy in crack addicts when they are in heat, as it were, and it seems as if they are always in heat. They are in desperate need of money to buy crack, which is the only medicine that can soothe their pain, but only for a little while. Because we are literally frightened by the crack addicts and because sometimes it is difficult to differentiate quickly between an addict and somebody who is just a needy person, we don’t help as many people as we would like to. Thus it is that when deportees began to come on the Belize City scene in significant numbers some ten, fifteen years ago, it was not a warm welcome that they received. And, the deportees felt the chill. They live very much below the radar.

Letters: Toledo Association of Businesses, not BCCI, signed agreement with Guats
I refer to an article written by Aaron Humes and published on page 12 of the Amandala newspaper of Wednesday, October 3, 2012. In the article, Mr. Humes quoted an article in the Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre, which he alleges provided details of “the signing of an agreement between the Chamber of Commerce of Izabal Province and the Belize Chamber of Commerce of Industry (BCCI) that will allow imports of sand, gravel, sausages, meat, fruit and vegetables.” The author of the article further stated that “the signing apparently took place in Punta Gorda and was reportedly witnessed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington…” The article continues by stating that BCCI is unaware of the signing of an agreement as stated above. The article also cites the Toledo Association of Businesses as an organization of interest. I write on behalf of the Toledo Association of Businesses, legally registered as a not-for-profit company. On September 2, 2012 The Toledo Association of Businesses signed a Memorandum of Intent with the Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala – Department of Izabal Chapter. This Memorandum of Intent articulates the intention “to pursue a bi-lateral partnership which would seek to enhance collaboration between the two organizations (Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala – Department of Izabal Chapter and the Toledo Association of Businesses) to promote social, cultural and business interests.”


International Sources

Belize firm allegedly involved in "spy scandal" in U.S. imported equipment
The Estonian firm OU Yaxart involved in the so-called "spy scandal" in the U.S. is an importer and wholesaler of electrical materials and equipment, the Estonian public television and radio broadcasting corporation ERR reported on its portal on Thursday. OU Yaxart was registered in April 2007 and operates as an importer and wholesaler of electrical materials and equipment, the portal reported. According to ERR, the firm was registered in a residential building in Tallinn in 2007. The firm conducted no business in the first year of its existence and made slightly more than 30,000 Kroon in net profits in the second year. In 2011, revenue reached 649,950 Euros with profit of 160,595 Euros. The firm's only board member, Andrei Shevlyakov, 35, only learned of the firm's involvement in the so-called spy scandal in a conversation with a journalist. "It's a surprise to me," he said. Shevlyakov promised to comment on the situation after becoming familiar with the appropriate documents. OU Yaxart is one of the 165 companies and private individuals which the U.S. authorities believe worked for the Russian special services. According to ERR, among these companies are 119 companies and persons from Russia, 13 from Canada, 11 from Finland, seven from the UK (including six from the British Virgin Islands), five from Germany, two from Hong Kong, two from Sweden, two from Greene, one from Belize, one from Kazakhstan, and one from Estonia.

Tory peer Ashcroft is set to take plunge in English sparkling wine
Tory peer Lord Ashcroft today unveiled plans to become one of the largest producers of English sparkling wine. He wants to buy up 150 acres of prime English vineyards in West Sussex with the aim of producing 400,000 bottles a year. Shellproof, an AIM-listed cash shell company registered in Belize, is merging with a new company Shellproof Plc, which will be registered in the UK. Ashcroft owns 76% of the business, which is currently run by three members of his Belize Bank Holdings. The news came as Nyetimber, one of the most sucessful West Sussex winemakers, announced it will not harvest this year’s crop because of low quality and volumes of grapes after appalling summer weather.

Canada donates ballistic identification system to Belize
Swamped by a rising tide of crime Belize is reaching out for assistance to foreign donors and the government of Canada has come forward with the donation of a Ballistic Identification System to help the local police improve crime fighting capabilities. An official press release issued today by the Ministry of National Security in Belize says: The Government and People of Belize are receiving much-needed assistance from friendly governments and international agencies as we continue to fight against crime and violence in order to restore safety and security throughout our communities. This coming Friday, 12 October 12, inauguration ceremonies will be held for an Integrated Ballistic Identification System donated to Belize by the Canadian Government.

New World Oil and Gas raises stake in Blue Creek project in Belize
New World Oil and Gas (LON:NEW) has been given the go-ahead by regulators in Belize to take a further 10 percent stake in the Blue Creek Project. The assignment was approved by the Belize Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities following the acquisition of an additional 43 line km of 2D seismic data. It brings the company’s total working interest in the Petén Basin project to 35 percent. Under the terms of a farm-out agreement in June 2011 and amended in February 2012 and May 2012, New World can earn up to a 100 percent working interest in the project by achieving various milestones. These include a three phase 2D seismic acquisition programme totalling 231 line km and an exploration drilling programme.

Belize or bust
would be hard not to find the perfect pumpkin for carving up. The First United Methodist Church youth group wants to sell the pumpkins to raise money for a mission trip to Belize in June of next year. The 15 students and adults who plan to go on the mission want to spend a week in Belize help rebuild a high school in disrepair. The fundraiser will help to cover the cost of the trip and raise $3,000 for needed materials for the project. The youth group attempted to do a similar fundraiser in the past except it tried to grow the pumpkins with little success. And with only about 50 small pumpkins to sell, it wasn’t a very lucrative fundraiser. So this year, the young people decided to purchase a large quantity of pumpkins in a variety of sizes and sell them for prices ranging from 50 cents to $40. The fundraiser will run through Halloween, and pumpkins can be purchased Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in front of the First United Methodist Church at 19 S. Park Ave.

October 9, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Tragic accident inside tank compression unit leaves 1 man dead
The community of San Pedro is in shock after a well known tour guide died during a very unfortunate accident. Shorty around 4:30PM there was a resounding explosion on Amigos Del Mar dock in San Pedro Town. The explosion claimed the life Hector “Chapin” Duran. Both San Pedro Police and Fire personnel responded immediately, but there was nothing much that could have been done. According to witnesses, the explosion came from inside a partially enclosed area on the far eastern end of the dock. The explosion was apparently caused after a tank filled with compressed oxygen blew up and fatally injured Duran, who was servicing the air tanks. It is not certain what caused the tank to explode at this time, as fire officials and police continue to process the scene. Duran sustained massive trauma and was declared dead on the spot by Dr. Laurenzco Nicholson. His body has since been transferred to the KHMH for a post mortem examination. The San Pedro Sun will share any further details if/when they become available.

Family of businesses gives $10K to SPHS Baseball team for their Panama trip
The Phoenix Resort, Blue Water Grill, Wine de Vine, Paradise Management, Caliente, and Red Ginger donate $10,000 to San Pedro High School Baseball Team. In their continued effort to make a difference in the community through education, youth initiatives, and health care, the family of businesses [The Phoenix Resort, Blue Water Grill, Wine de Vine, Paradise Management, Caliente, and Red Ginger] donated $10,000 to the San Pedro High School Baseball Team for their upcoming trip to the CODICADER games in Panama from October 12-15, 2012.

Toads are Toadally Terrific!
Will a toad give you warts if you pick it up? Or will a toad curse you if it stares into your eye? No! Over time people like to embellish their experiences into lavish tales, but really a toad is just a toad! They cannot perform magical tricks, but they are quite amazing! Do you recognize the big toad in town? That’s the Marine Toad, Rhinella marina! The Marine Toad is the largest toad found in Belize and is native to Central and South America. These giants thrive near human habitation and oftentimes you can hear them calling down by nearby waterways. Unfortunately these toads get a bad rap, but they are incredibly important for Belize! Toad Life Toads are amazingly adapted to their environments and some species can live in the harshest of climates, including deserts! Their bumpy skin is not for giving people warts, but instead allows them to conserve moisture and travel far distances from water. Toads also have a great defense against predators. Ever notice the large lumps behind the toad’s eyes? These are called the parotoid glands and they contain a poison that is called Bufotoxin. Bufotoxin is a neurotoxin that is quite distasteful to predators and in some instances can be lethal. These seemingly harmless amphibians pack a punch!

Twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena respond to crime
Members of the Cayo Community met on Sunday evening, October 7, 2012 at the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio where demands were written on a chalkboard, with certain plans of action, to take place within a time-frame. Among the demands were that Belize have its own forensic laboratory, the police be properly equipped and a registry for sex offenders be created. Another major demand was for a Police Station to be built in Santa Elena Town. Present at yesterday’s meeting was Ralf Moody, Officer in Charge of the Cayo Police District Formation , who informed the gathering that statements relating to the murder of Suzette Martinez are still being taken. The Superintendent urged the community to think about the consequences, in whatever action it takes. He said that if a shut down of the Towns was made this Monday, such actions would delay the sending of the DNA sample to Jamaica by an additional day; as a policing priority would have to take place. ”Some people are waiting for the opportunity to commit crime,” he said, adding that in such cases the law will take its course.

Residents are encouraged to start the sorting of garbage
Residents on Ambergris Caye are being encouraged to begin the sorting of garbage ahead of the implementation of the national Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP) of which Ambergris Caye is a part of. The announcement was made by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) via a press release last week. The sorting of garbage at this point is aimed to have the residents trained in garbage classification, which will be required when the SWMP comes into full effect. Speaking to Kenrick Brackett, San Pedro Town Councilor responsible for Waste Management and Sanitation on the island, he said that residents are being asked to sort out garbage into two main groups, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. “We want the residents to classify the garbage and bag them into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. How this will work is that we are asking them to use red ribbons or an old piece of red cloth for non-biodegradable and a green ribbon or old green cloth for the biodegradable garbage,” said Brackett. The classification of the garbage into two separate groups said Brackett will “teach residents from now and [will be] practice for when the projects kicks in.”

Ambergris Today

Fatal Dive Tank Explosion at Amigos Del Mar
The island community of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is in shock this evening as a very rare and tragic accident took the life of a dive master at the Amigos del Mar Dive Center after an explosion occurred inside the tank compressing unit located inside the dive shop. The explosion that occurred at around 4:30p.m. on Monday, October 08, 2012, was heard in various area around town and shook buildings close to the dive shop. The accident which is rarely unheard of, took the life of Hector Duran, an employee of Amigos del Mar who operates the tank compression unit.

Miss Belize Showcases Maya Cultural Costume at Miss International Event
Miss Belize International Destinee Dominique Arnold is presently in Okinawa, Japan proudly representing our beautiful Jewel – Belize. Destinee is competing at the Miss International Beauty Pageant and has been in Japan since October 1 attending several dinners, charity events many other events leading to the pageant final on October 21, 2012. “My experience has been amazing so far. I am so privileged to be able to meet women from all around the world who are so admirable and intelligent,” commented Destinee to Ambergris Today. “Okinawa has so much history and culture. It has been both an educating and fun experience so far. The people are so kind and very loving. It will be hard to say good-bye to them.”

Pic of the Week: Inspired in Belize
Music is found everywhere on la isla bonita. In bars, restaurants and in the comfort of your own hotel. As you can see, this tourist got inspired by the mood of the tropical sunset and started playing his ukulele on the balcony of the Sanpedrano's Hotel. It is always great seeing tourist enjoying themselves musically and most of all getting inspired in Belize.

Flashback: Fido's -A beautiful Spot In San Pedro
A beautiful spot in San Pedro! Perhaps you might not recognize it because it looks so different with new buildings and even cobblestones and a lot more of activity. To the left is Fido’s and to the right is Ambergris Lodge, now Mayan Princess. Seferino Paz’s (+) Sea Breeze Hotel is in the background but no longer exists. However, Fido’s is still there in full force and even stronger. Fido’s has withstood beach erosion and strong southeasterly storms. It has survived several hurricanes , fires, many renovations, and even several changes of ownership. However the general atmosphere of Fido’s is still there and the popular name as well.

25 Years Ago: It's A Small World After All!
There is an exhibition at Disney World called, “It’s a Small World” but I am referring to our real world. It is indeed quite large counting with a population of 7.043 billion people (7,043,000,000). However, chances are that if you travel to Belize City, Chetumal, Guatemala, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, China and India, you will meet some family member or friend or business acquaintance, thus making this world a small world in that sense. I will relate one simple example of interest as I am sure you have similar situations. Through my writings of this column, I was reunited with my long time friend, Mrs. Mila Phillips, who has roots in San Pedro and lives in Belize City. Mila is a great poet and story teller and best of all a wonderful friend. Her dad is Mr. Nestor Vasquez whom I knew as a child and he was brother of one of my most interesting friends, Mr. Danny Vasquez. Danny lived in San Pedro once and became San Pedro’s first village council chairman. I met Danny when I was about 16 as he was my father’s good friend and he learned that I was trying to play the saxophone, so Danny came over and gave me some good lessons which helped me learn this musical instrument.

Misc Belizean Sources

Junior Sailors Tune Up for Next Weekend's Big Regatta in Corozal Bay
This past weekend (Oct. 6-7), the San Pedro Junior Sailing Team underwent rigorous final preparation for next Sunday’s Corozal Bay Regatta. They studied and practiced crucial starting-line technique on Saturday and raced on Sunday. Two groups raced 2 one-lap races each. The top finishers then competed in the 2-race final. Stephanie Keating sailing Ambergris Lake Villas whose scores had tied for first in her two preliminary heats, went on to win the day by taking 1st and 2nd in the final races. The next best combined score gave Kevin Velasquez in Caribbean Villas and Jorge Oliveres in Palo Alto a 2nd place tie. The scores of Jerdon Anderson, sailing Catamaran Bar gave him 4rd place.

August 2011 – August 2012 - Consumer Price Index Report
The Chamber recently received the August 2011 – August 2012 Consumer Price Index Report from the Statistical Institute of Belize. Here is a brief excerpt from the report: “ Within the main food sub-categories, the most notable price increases were recorded for “Meat” (1.8%) and “Milk, Cheese & Eggs” (1/8%). These hikes were partly counter balanced by a 5.1% decrease in vegetable prices.” Furthermore, the report stated “ .. within the “housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels” category, there was a 14.8 decrease in the average prices of butane…”

Integrated Ballistic Identification System donated to Belize by the Canadian Government
The Government and People of Belize are receiving much-needed assistance from friendly governments and international agencies as we continue to fight against crime and violence in order to restore safety and security throughout our communities. This coming Friday, October 12, 2012, inauguration ceremonies will be held for an Integrated Ballistic Identification System donated to Belize by the Canadian Government. The donation constitutes a complete system (IBIS Brass Trax -3D) with full capability to collect, store, compare, analyze and prepare conclusive reports on ballistic evidence to assist law enforcement authorities in investigation, prosecution and conviction of persons involved in firearm related crimes.

Belize Currency in Circulation, 1939
In the first half of 1939 we only had one hundred dollar bill and two fifty dollar bill in circulation. Here's the whole list...

Our foreign investment in 1939
Chart of accounts....

Conch Fritters
Today's dish is Conch Fritters, in Belize it's said "Konks Frittaz" and it's on about almost every Belizean's favorite foods list. Now, let's talk about the conch real quick. If you have never seen one this is what it looks like... I know, it doesn't really look as appetizing does it? (Trust me you want to try this, Andrew Zimmerman did...) OK, so in Belize we have seasons for conch as well as lobster. Conch season has just begun, so the word conch is coming off a lot of people's lips. While conch is loved by many in Belize, it doesn't get a big festival like Lobsterfest to announce the opening of it's season. Instead it was by chance I even realized the season was open (Conch Season Oct 1st - June 30th).

Cayo Crime Watch
There is a new FB group called the Cayo Crime Watch. You can download some purple amnesty banners there. Jonathan Cariddi from JCariddi Photography, posted pictures there from today's peaceful demonstration in Columbus Park. It's time for the community to unite to destroy crime, and the criminals behind it. "Enough is Enough! We need to be working together to prevent and stop crime! If you see something strange or a stranger in your neighborhood please post it here. Being alert/vigilant can save your life and property! Lets keep up all of the good work that has gone on here in Cayo. Lets keep working together for a better tomorrow!"

Ignite the Peace Initiative
Thursday, the Ignite the Peace Initiative, a collaborative effort between all three terciary institutions in Cayo, will happen between 8:00am and 12 noon. Everyone is invited to raise their voices and attend the events. The University of Belize, Galen University, and Sacred Heart Junior College will all have Eternal Flame of Peace events. There will be a peace march in Belmopan starting at 8:00am. From 9 through 11:30, there will be a peace torch run from Belmopan to Cayo. From 11:00 to noon, Sacred Heart Junior College will have a peace rally. "In light of the recent loss of our valuable human resources, our nations students, the tertiary level institutions have teamed up to raise awareness and to unite their voices against the violence and crime in Belize."

Cayo's Peaceful Demonstration
There is a peaceful demonstration going on all day today in Cayo in honor of Suzenne Martinez. Columbus park has had quite a few people there throughout the day. Patrick Jones has been covering the event. Tomorrow, the Ignite the Peace Initiative will be happening.

Caye Caulker leads Belize into the world of Tech Diving!
Chip Petersen, owner of Belize Dive Services here in Caye Caulker, continues pushing diving excellence by offering technical dives for his clientele. Technical diving specializes in more advanced scuba diving techniques by using rebreathers and the use of breathing gases. This offers the participants the ability to be able to explore parts of the marine world that would be beyond the possibilities the recreational range like say Cave or particularly deep dives. Up until Belize Dive Service came along, none of this was possible as no dive shop in Belize had the equipment or the training to offer such dives – very much putting us at a disadvantage to our other competitive diving markets. Chip is a qualified TDI (Technical Dive International) Instructor and has commenced today his second Technical Dive Course for the those interested in Caye Caulker. The first course of 4 persons consisted of Pablo Bo and Eugene Bull (two of the very first technically trained Belizean divers, both on the Belize Dive Services staff) – and this course CJ Graham (BDS), Walter Williams (BDS) and Hilary Pike of Frenchies Diving. All of which will be trained in Advanced Nitrox Diver and Decompression Procedures Diver at the end of their two week training!

Channel 7

Ical Convicted of "Handling", Sentenced To a Year, Police Will Test DNA
Alberto Ical - the main suspect in the murder of Suzenne Martinez in Cayo is behind bars tonight - serving the first night of a one year sentence for handling stolen goods. As we reported, Ical was released by Cayo police on Friday - after the DPP instructed the police to gather further evidence in the Suzenne Martinez murder - since they didn't have enough to charge. But he was released directly into the custody of Belmopan police who were investigating him for connection to the murder of Robert Lewis who was killed in his Maya Mopan home. That's because Ical was found with a telephone SIM Card and a few pieces of jewelry from the Lewis house. He was charged for two counts of handling stolen goods on Saturday and taken to Belmopan Magistrate's court for arraignment this morning. He pleaded guilty to one count of handling stolen goods for the jewelry and the SIM Card and not guilty to the other charge of handling a camera and some other pieces of jewelry.

While they Protest In San Ignacio
But vocal San Ignacio residents are not happy with that outcome at all. They want Ical charged for murder - or at least they wanted him arraigned in San Ignacio court today. But none of these things happened - even though hundreds of protestors gathered at the San Ignacio Town Center to make a number of demands - principally for justice. Their position came together on Sunday evening in a meeting at the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio. They decided to put their demands in writing to the prime ministers along with an ultimatum that he rpeosnd by wEdensday. These include: A Registry of sex offenders with a monitoring system, bringing back Capital punishment, Replace the Director of Public Prosecution, create a DNA equipped Forensic Laboratory, no bail for sex offenders in any circumstance, and other demands. Depending on the PM's response, Cayo Community Leaders may choose to activate a plan to have a full shutdown of the Twin Towns on Thursday. So with that looming, today's gathering had a strong showing - but it was anti-climactic - and after a full morning of carrying signs and demanding justice, the crowd dispersed at about 12:00.

Teachers, Students Walk Out Of OW High School
And while they demonstrated in Cayo - today a more spontaneous action was held in Orange Walk - as hundreds of students and about two dozen teachers staged a mass walkout from the Ladyville Technical High school. They did it to protest the management style of the Principal - and to demand her immediate removal. 7news was there - and here's what happened:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This morning at a few minutes to 8:00 classes at Orange Walk Technical High should have been starting up - but instead police were guarding the entrance And as the bell rang at 8:00 am - instead of going to class - the students started heading for the exits. Students from all forms walked out onto the street in unison - they seemed to know the plan as it had been shaping up over the weekend. And pretty soon a fair amount of the school's 80 students were on the street milling around having a good old time. Some even had signs hoisted high while in the school yard there was disarray - for sure no learning would occur this Monday morning. And when we saw the teachers streaming out the gate - that was pretty much confirmed

Woman Allegedly Kills Common Law In Self Defence
A Belize City man was killed over the weekend and it's his common-law-wife who stabbed him in the chest. The incident happened on Saturday night at the couple's home on Mahogany Street. Around 11pm, 37 year old Kareem Dixon and his common-law-wife Melanie Staine got into an argument that led to Staine stabbing Dixon to the left side of his chest. Dixon was rushed to the KHMH but succumbed to his injuries around 1:45am that morning while undergoing treatment. Staine - under her lawyer's advice - has declined to give police a sworn statement about what happened that night. Staine's son though gave a statement to police saying on the night of the incident, his mother was outside with Dixon when an argument started. She then came inside the house and into the kitchen and told him that Dixon had just punched her in the face.

A Modern Mechanical Marvel: 11 Combines Al At Once!
And there's surely more bad news of weekend mayhem and mishaps to report tonight - but we'll take a short break from all that to share an inspiring story. For weeks, we've been telling about the grand plan of Alexander Perez and his organization Belize Camping Experience. Their big mission is the Harvest For Kids - which exposed children from the Southside of Belize City to Mechanized Corn Farming. They watched the seeding of 20 acres of corn at the Banana Bank Farm - and on Saturday - in a spectacular conclusion to the event -those acres were harvested in a record time by 11 Combines working in unison. It was an impressive sight and 7news had a front row seat - Jules Vasquez reports:.. Jules Vasquez reporting A good crowd showed up at the Corn field at John Carr's 1500 acre farm in Banana Bank on Saturday afternoon including folks from the city and nearby Spanish Lookout. George Plett, Farmer "Words can't say, it worth to see people coming out like this."

Man Killed When Scuba Tank Explodes
A man suffered a terrible accidental death this afternoon in San Pedro - and the accident underscores the hazards of filling tanks with gasses. The San Pedro Sun reports that around 4:45 pm, well known tour guide Hector Chapin Duran was fatally injured when the scuba tank he was filling ruptured - causing a major explosion which punctured his midsection and caused instant death. It happened at the Amigos Del Mar Dock. The San Pedro Sun has photographs of the ruptured tank - and you can see that an entire section is blown off. It is too early to know what caused the tank to rupture. His body was removed from the pier after five and brought into the city on an amigos Del Mar vessel just before the news started. Ideally scuba tanks should be regularly checked for integrity of their structure as they grow thin form repeated use.

Petrocaribe Continues As Chavez Wins
Belize will continue to get Venezuelan Fuel after Hugo Chavez won a quite comfortable victory in yesterday's presidential election in that country. Chavez won 54% of the vote to win a third term that could extend his rule to 20 years. As we told you last week, his victory means the continuation of the Petrocaribe initiative which was launched in 2005 and benefits 17 Caribbean countries including, the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Jamaica, St Lucia, and others.

Another Shooting On Sibun Street
There was a shooting on Sunday afternoon at the corner of Sibun and Ebony Streets - which has been the site of many gang related shootings. This time the victim was 26 year old Orlando Burgess who was riding his bicycle when he was approached from behind by a man who was wearing a mask covering his face. The man pointed a firearm in his direction and fired several shots at him, hitting him once to the left leg and twice to the right leg. So far no one has been detained.

Abundance Of Ashcroft Alliance Attorneys At Appeals Court
The October sitting of the Appeal Court began this morning with a very heavy matter, and that is the constitutionality of the acquisition of BEL in June of 2011, and the re-acquisition of BTL of July 2011. The first and second appeal cases were filed by the Government of Belize questioning the judgment from Justice Legall in which he ruled that the second acquisition was unconstitutional. The respondents, The British Caribbean Bank and Dean Boyce and the Trustees of the Employees Trust, were also dissatisfied with that judgment because although Justice Legall ruled that BTL re-acquisition was unconstitutional, GOB remained in control of the company. Their view was that an order should have been given to force GOB to vacate the company and return it back to the former owners. So the judgment was appealed by both sides - which is unusual. And in BEL matter, Fortis Energy International - former owner of the electricity company - was challenging the acquisition of the company by GOB, They made an application to Justice Legall to have the BEL acquisition challenged, but Justice Legall refused. They were granted leave to join this appeal in the BTL matter.

Scary Home Holdup and Stabbing In Kings Park
There is a disturbing report tonight of an Indian businessman who was brutally assaulted on the stairs of his home. On Friday night at around 9:00, 31 year old Sunil Moolchandan, of the Kings Park area, was walking up the steps of a 3 storey cement building to reach his residence on the third floor. A slim, dark man who wore a mask came up on him and demanded money. Moolchandani told the man that he had none and the man stabbed him twice to the left side of the chest and 9 times to his upper back. Nothing was stolen.

Man Wins Big Lotto Jackpot
There is another Lotto Winner tonight. His name is Edwardo Wade and he won the $167,500.00 lotto jackpot. Today the 60 year old man travelled all the way from Belmopan to Belize City to claim his prize and told 7news how his lucky numbers were chosen. Edwardo Wade "I bought my ticket on Saturday evening very late. On Sunday morning when there was a program around 10-11 I heard some of the numbers and when I heard those numbers I said to myself that those sounded like my numbers and I call my son who told me that he had wrote down the numbers. When we check it there were the said numbers. That's the way I got to know about it and I confirm it at the end of the day."

A home For Brighton's Family
In July of this year we reported on 10 year old Brighton Cordova - the boy who was crushed beneath his house as it collapsed on him and a friend. Briton received severe head injuries and was diagnosed by doctors as partially brain dead. It has been a struggle for the little boy's family but they refuse to give up. And so do others from around their Orange Walk community. Over the weekend 28 staff members of the Belize Bank Limited along with representatives of Hand in Hand Ministries teamed up to construct a new home for the Cordova's family. It is a small home for a quite large family - but a far better space than the single room building they were in before. The Belize Bank along with Hand in Hand Ministries have partnered in the 'Building for Change Project' and this is the fourth that they have built.

Channel 5

Tour guide dies in explosion on San Pedro
An explosion at Amigos Del Mar dock in San Pedro Town claimed the life of a well known San Pedro tour guide. Hector “Chapin” Duran was killed when a dive tank exploded at around four-thirty this afternoon. According to witnesses, the explosion happened inside a partially enclosed area on the far end of the dock. [...]

Demonstration against crime following UB student murder
Early this morning a crowd started to assemble at Columbus Park in San Ignacio. The numbers quickly began to swell as the residents of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena came out to demonstrate against crime. Earlier this year in June, young Jasmine Lowe was murdered and last week, another resident was [...]

Pedro Ical gets 12 months for handling; no charge for murder
This morning as hundreds of residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena demonstrated against crime, the suspect Pedro Alberto Ical was taken under police escort to the Belmopan Magistrates Court. Ical was only arraigned for charges of Handling Stolen Goods and he pleaded guilty. Dressed in an off white T-shirt and black pants, the handcuffed [...]

Another Belizean murdered in Melchor
A Belizean was murdered just across the Guatemalan border. Miguel Gonzalez Junior from Benque Viejo apparently last went to el champon, an area between the Belize and Guatemalan border points in the west. The details of what exactly happened are not known, but Gonzalez’s family believes he was robbed, tortured and then left for dead [...]

Self defense; woman not charged for killing husband
In Belize City, a security lost his life in a case that was initially dubbed as murder. His common-law-wife, Melanie Staine, was detained, but later released from police custody. She was being held as a suspect in the killing of her common-law-husband over the weekend. But on further investigations and from statements given by Staine [...]

Lawyers burn credits Telemedia case back in court
Litigation in a tandem of matters involving the re-nationalization of Telemedia, as well as the subsequent wresting of Belize Electricity Ltd. by the Barrow Administration, was scheduled to begin this morning in the Court of Appeal. The case against the government, filed by the British Caribbean Bank, was set to be heard before a panel [...]

Students and teachers protest at Orange Walk Technical
As Cayo residents demonstrated against crime, up north in Orange Walk Town, students, teachers and parents were protesting against the Technical High School Principal. They want the principal removed for a number of reasons but the protest this morning was prompted by the expulsion of a student. News Five’s Delahnie Bain reports.   Delahnie Bain, [...]

B.D.F. shooting of Guatemala is deemed self defense by police
A Guatemalan national who was killed by the B.D.F., in the Ceibo Chico area has not been identified locally, but the press in Guatemala claims he is thirty-five year old Francisco Quim Cab, of Montes de los Olivos, Dolores, Peten. The incident happened last Thursday in the Chiquibul where Quim was panning for gold along [...]

More shootings and choppings across the land
Throughout the country criminals have been hard at work, keeping the police busy and the public up in arms. On October sixth, at nine thirty p.m. twenty one year old Linsford Lord, a Belize City resident was walking at the Corner of Curassow and Pelican Streets when he was approached by a man he knows [...]

Unidentified man killed in highway accident
There was one fatality that resulted from a traffic accident. It occurred between miles fifty-nine and sixty on the Philip Goldson Highway. According to the police the deceased has not been identified and they hope the public can assist in bringing the matter to a close.   Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer “On the sixth [...]

‘Ah win the Lotto,’ says retired cop
A Belmopan resident is the lucky winner of Saturday’s Lotto draw. The Belmopan resident, who is the retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Eduardo Wade senior, will be taking home over one hundred and forty thousand dollars in cash after taxes. News Five spoke to Wade who says the numbers came to him while he was [...]

Taylor beats weapon charge, but murder charge still waits
The notorious Brandon Taylor is currently on remand for murder, but today he beat charges for a separate incident. Taylor was charged along with Curlan Phillips and Devany Myers for Keeping a Firearm and Ammunition without License. The trial against the three men began on September twenty-fifth before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer and ended in [...]

It’s not me, it’s the cab driver; man busted for handling stolen goods
A mechanic, who was also before the courts today, claims he is an innocent victim after stolen items were found inside a taxi he was riding in. Twenty-three year old Kelly Street resident, Jermaine Jorgenson, now faces charges of Theft and Handling Stolen Goods. He is being accused of stealing a tester, assorted tools and [...]

The muscle popping, amino acid enhanced Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 7 of the PLB Season brought another week of out of zone play so we headed to Capital City, Belmopan where Police United played host to the A zone front runner FC Belize on Saturday night’s ticket. On hand to view the proceedings [...]


Police Investigate Shooting Incident in Belize City
Meanwhile a shooting incident yesterday afternoon also in Belize City, left one man hospitalized. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ Police Press Officer Belize Police Department “Police again visited the KHMH where they saw Orlando Marl Burgess, twenty six year old, Belizean labor...

Stabbing Incident Leaves Man Dead
A stabbing incident on Saturday resulted in the death of a Belize City man. Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez has the details on the incident. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ Police Press Officer Belize Police Department “On the sixth of October at 11:30pm, acting upon...

Salesman Charged With Drug Trafficking
Twenty-one year old Shannon Martinez, a sales representative, was charged with drug trafficking for one point one grams of cocaine when she appeared in court today. She pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered her a bail of $5,000.00 and adjourned h...

Resource Centre Inaugurated In San Jose Succotz
A new resource centre was inaugurated this afternoon in San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District. The centre was implemented by the Social Investment Fund and financed by the Government of Belize through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. The project was completed at ...

Belize Football Federation Recruits Players for National Team
The Football Federation of Belize today commenced at here week long recruitment of players for the country’s National “A” football team. At the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk town today, players from the Corozal and Belize districts are trying out for a s...

Teenager Acquitted of Attempted Murder
Nineteen year old Michael Wallace, charged with two counts of attempted murder, was acquitted of both charges on Friday in the courtroom of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. The jury of seven women and two men deliberated for almost three hours before it arrived at its verdict which was unanim...

Governor General Takes Leave
Governor General Sir Colville Young has proceeded on private family leave. A communiqué from Belize House in Belmopan said that effective Friday, October fifth, the head of state departed on his two weeks’ vacation. Sir Colville Young is expected back in the co...

Opposition Party Condemns Recent Crime Wave
Meanwhile, the Western Caucus of the People’s United Party has expressed grave concerns over the recent murders, particularly the killing of University of Belize Student Suzenne Martinez earlier this week. In a release sent out on Friday, the PUP Western Caucus notes th...

Cayo Residents Plan Demonstration
Residents of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena will hold a huge demonstration on Monday. According to organizers, the shutdown of businesses on Monday is designed to protest the increase of crime in the area. A call has been made for all of the Cayo district, including...


The G.G. music program welcomes Maud Williams High School
The Governor General’s music in schools programme has been existence since 1993. At least 95 schools countrywide have benefited from musical equipment under this program. On Thursday Maud Williams High School became the latest recipients. On hand to do the presentation were members of the Committee including Rene Villanueva, Senior. The students of the institution have pledged to put the equipment to good use.

Toledo Bus owner had a meeting in Punta Gorda
Toledo bus owners met this morning in Punta Gorda to discuss their concerns. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

In the rainforest of west of Belize was held a Graduation exercise
Graduation exercises are normally carried out between the months of May and July. But this morning there was a special commencement exercise held in the rainforest of western Belize. Love TV’s Patrick Jones and video journalist Kenroy Michael went to Cayo today to bring you the following report.

Venezuelan embassy in Belize hosted a simple exercise
Millions of Venezuelans will go to the poll on Sunday to elect a new president. Hugo Chavez is seeking a third 6-year term, although he is facing a strong challenge by Henrique Capriles Radonski representing the Justice First opposition party. Today, the Venezuelan embassy in Belize hosted a media sensitization exercise to show how the voting system works in Venezuela. Gabriuel Sanchez is the Charge d’affaires at the Venezuelan embassy in Belmopan. According to Ambassador Sancehz, nineteen million Venezuelans are eligible to vote in Sunday’s presidential elections. Only fifteen Venezuelans are registered to vote in Belize and they will get to cast their ballots at the Venezuelan embassy in Belmopan. After the polls closed, the fifteen votes will be counted and the results sent to Caracas for inclusion in the total balloting count. The results of the Venezuelan presidential election are expected to be published early on Monday morning.

San Ignacio Protest for the death of Suzenne
Residents of the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio today took to the streets of the twin municipalities in protest. Our Cayo correspondent Elaine Berry reports. The body of twenty-two year old Suzenne Martinez was discovered sometime around six o’clock yesterday morning about five hundred yards from where she lived.

City murder on Armadillo Street
Another Belize City youth has fallen victim of the spiraling violence in the old capital. On Tuesday evening around five thirty, the sound of gunshots being fired rang out at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon streets. Injured in the late evening shooting incident was twenty year old Steven Polonio, a resident of Armadillo Street. According to police press officer Raphael Martinez, Polonio was shot multiple times to the face and left side of the body. He died about an hour later while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Martinez told reporters that authorities know who they are looking for and that it is only a matter of time before the second suspect in the murder investigation is apprehended

Stann Creek Police reinforce their crime fighting efforts
Crimes of dishonesty and other major incidents have seen a slight decrease in the Stann Creek district. This was revealed last evening during the launch of the Jasmine Alert program in that southern Municipality. Officer in charge of Stann Creek police Senior Superintendent Robert Mariano gave the details in a telephone interview this morning. Senior Superintendent Mariano says that the police in the Stann Creek district will continue to step up their crime fighting efforts.

Home invasion in Corozal
There was a brutal home invasion reported in Chunux village on Tuesday night. According to reports, a group of men ambushed a couple and assaulted and robbed them Love News spoke by telephone with the deputy commander of the Corozal police Assistant Superintendent Daniel Arzu. Superintendent Arzu told Love News that quick police work led to the apprehension of two of three persons involved in the home invasion and as it turns out, documents they carried identified them a Mexican police officers. Belizean and Mexican authorities are collaborating in the investigation of this incident.

Updates on the home invasion in Chunnox Village
Today, the police press officer Radael Martinez briefed reported on the home invasion and robbery in Chunnox village, Corozal. That vehicle, a Chevrolet double cab pickup truck, along with cell phones and other electronic items stolen, amounts to over twenty one thousand dollars. When he spoke with reporters outside of the Racoon Street Police station this afternoon, the police press officer said that the pickup truck and two of the stolen cell phones have been recovered. Authorities have also impounded a Nissan car believed to have also been used in the home invasion and robbery. The latest home invasion and assault, added to recent brutal murders in the Corozal district is cause for concern. The police press officer believes that the citizens working with the police can help to keep the criminals on their toes. Up to news time, no charges have been laid against the two detained Mexican police officers.


Cayo residents rally for justice
Cayo residents gathered at the Columbus Park in front of the Police station this morning. It is becoming a familiar...

Murder suspect arraigned for handling stolen goods
The man originally thought to be the murder suspect was in Belmopan magistrate's court being arraigned. Alberto Ica...

Work begins on revamping Nim Li Punit St in Belmopan
The feel of a smoother ride is already dancing in our heads here in Belmopan. Since two days ago, employees of A&N ...

Auditor General's report shows GOB is owed $90.5 million
On Friday we looked at several fundamental concerns restraining the work of the Audit Department. Tonight we reveal...

Mexican Police Officers detained for assault and robbery in Corozal
Mexican police officers 46 year-old Walter Lopez Cordova and 24 year-old Francisco Javier Gamboa Villanueva are the...

Driver of pickup detained following death of cyclist
A gruesome traffic fatality takes a cyclist life. Police visited the Mameyal Curve between miles 59 & 60 on the Phi...

Father shot at heading home from church with his sons
A father was shot after he and his sons headed home from church last night. Thirty eight year old Jose Navarro and ...

Man dies after argument with woman
An argument between a man and his woman has lead to his death. On Saturday night, Police visited the K.H.M.H where ...


Belizean Mystery Fruit: Golden Plum
The other day I stopped at a small fruit stand for limes, or so I thought. I bought a bag of four lime-sized, lime-colored looking fruits, only they were peeled. "Okay..." I thought, "that's a little different," but that's how the oranges next to them at the stand were prepared. In Belize we often see peeled and prepared fruit for sale, so I really didn't give it much thought. The little boy I bought them from seemed to speak only Spanish, so he wasn't going to argue when I held up the clear plastic baggie they were in and said "I'll take these limes too", as I was already buying bananas. He may have snickered behind my back, though! When I got home and showed them to Barry, we quickly realized that they weren't limes. I was sick with a cold so didn't really feel like investigating at that time, so I stuck them into the refrigerator until I felt better. They kept well, and today, three days later, they still looked about the same as the day I bought them. I rinsed one off and decided to give it a try. was sour, firm, a bit grainy, definitely stringy, and tasted a lot like a plum, but not a ripe, juicy plum like I am used to in the United States. Unlike the plums I'm used to, it got sweeter as I got closer to the seed. And I definitely needed the dental floss after eating it -- this thing was fibrous!

Great taco cam view this morning
I was a bit slow getting up and not really looking forward to going to work so I decided to tune into taco cam and check out the action while I drank my morning coffee. The water was so calm looking and it made me think I should be doing more sunrise walks. Thanks to Storm Chasing Adventure Tours for providing webcam option, it is great when I am feeling lazy and not moving to fast like this morning. The air is feeling very fallish this morning and it is looking like we are going to get some more rain sooner than later. Looking outside our windows the sky is now a thick blanket of gray in every direction, if you plan to go out and about make sure you are well waterproofed.

Sunday Funday at Crazy Canuck's Beach Bar
Sundays in San Pedro, Belize generally mean BBQ. Even if the day starts out like this... In backyards with family, along the streets in town for fundraisers or at beach bars, Sunday is the day to get together for fun, food and music. One very popular Sunday get-together takes place at Crazy Canuck's, a small beach bar just south of town. Very easy to find...everyone knows it. I even named them the Best Bar In San Pedro 2011. And starting at 3pm, you'll hear the music from Gino and the Shackshakers. That will make it even easier to find. Gino, the lead singer is back in town...

International Sources

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Canadian Minister of National Defence, and Chief of Defence Staff, General Walt Natynczyk, are attending the tenth biennial Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA), which is being hosted this year in Punta Del Este, Uruguay from October 8-11. This Conference brings together defence ministers and senior officials from the Americas to discuss common regional defence and security issues. “Canada is pleased to be working with our hemispheric partners in meeting common challenges.” said Minister MacKay. “Improving the hemispheric response to large-scale disasters at home or abroad, is important for our Government. We are pleased to be working with Chile as co-rapporteurs for the CDMA working group on natural disasters.” Minister MacKay also noted that hemispheric discussions on humanitarian assistance disaster relief are a key area of potential cooperation which will benefit all people in the region. "Canada and the Canadian Forces are committed to continuing to build on our existing defence relationships in the Americas," said General Natynczyk. "This conference is an excellent opportunity where we can meet face to face with the defence leaders of the Americas to discuss defence and security issues and increase our cooperation towards a more secure hemisphere. By better understanding each other, we can work more effectively to improve both regional security and our common ability to support humanitarian relief operations when they arise."

Hacker Cracks 4 Million Hotel Locks With 'James Bond Dry Erase Marker'
This new hacker invention may look like a harmless dry erase marker, but in truth it's the ultimate electronic lock pick. In a post titled 'James Bond's Dry Erase Marker,' hotel hacker Matthew Jakubowski demonstrates how anyone can build this pocket-sized device which will open the lock on an estimated 4 million hotel rooms. 'I guess we wanted to show that this sort of attack can happen with a very small concealable device,' says Matthew Jakubowski, a security researcher with Trustwave, told Forbes. 'Someone using this could be searched and even then it wouldn't be obvious that this isn't just a pen.'

Affton Family Returns From Belize Adventure With New Focus
Andy and Julie Kuhnert and their five children, of Affton, returned on Aug. 1 from a missionary trip to Punta Gorda, Belize. “It’s something that I had always wanted to do, “Julie Kuhnert said. “I felt called to serve abroad in some capacity, not knowing what that was going to be.” Andy, with a degree in school administration, ran teacher workshops, helped connect schools with donors, and was a liaison with teachers and principals. Julie facilitated art classes in villages that don’t have access to art supplies. Their children went to school. When they weren’t working they traveled. “Belize is amazingly beautiful, and it’s safe,” Julie said. They camped and hiked the tropical rain forest they were surrounded by, exploring waterfalls and the rocky coastline. “Everyday, we’d go out to villages, thinking, ‘I can’t believe we live here.’” Andy said. “Living was difficult, but the scenery was beautiful.” Julie said there’s virtually no industry, so anything that comes into the country is taxed with high duties, which make it expensive to live there, and resources are scarce.

Libel reform: public protection
The need to update the law to reflect the digital age, to limit libel tourism and to restrict damages was one of the few areas of common ground at the last election. The law of libel in England and Wales is among the most limiting in the free world: in the latest global press freedom rankings, the UK as a whole ranks 31st, along with Belize and Micronesia. The need to update the law to reflect the digital age, to limit libel tourism and to restrict damages was one of the few areas of common ground at the last election. So it's welcome news that the coalition's defamation bill has now reached the House of Lords. But it is less good news that, despite efforts by Lib Dem backbenchers and the opposition, it is a flawed piece of work that falls far short of providing the defence that serious journalism – digital and newspaper – so badly needs.

Seeing is Belizing!
This summer, students of Professor Klee’s Tropical Ecosystems course: IDS-2159 took an 11 day trip as part of Hillsborough Community College’s study abroad initiative. The beginning of the endeavor took place in north-western Belize’s broadleaf forests, guided by Mr. Jorge Estrella for Programme for Belize. The first portion of the stay was at the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area Hillbank location. Students were given the opportunity to explore lowland ecosystems and learn about land management, such as carbon sequestration. The students also gained knowledge about the danger of deforestation and environmentalism as a whole. The program focuses on sustainable development using natural resources, therefore; students endured electricity restrictions and had virtually zero access to Wi-Fi.

October 8, 2012

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This Week's Stories:

  • Rest In Peace Suzenne - RIP
  • Land Feud Lands Landero Brothers In Jail
  • Machete Man Found Chopped To Death
  • Ministry of Health Attends PAHO Conference
  • World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Ministry Conducts Flu Surveillance Training
  • Caribbean Wellness Day
  • Lemon Kills Cancer Cells
  • Selecting Players For Belize’s National Football Team
  • Tropic Air Announces Service To San Ignacio & Benque
  • BTB Welcomes New Director Of Quality Assurance
  • UNIVERSITY OF BELIZE: Message from the President – Tribute to Murdered Students
  • 20th Annual World Mental Health Day Global Awareness Campaign To Highlight Need For More Attention To Depression, A Growing International Crisis
  • Will Chavez Get A 4th Term In Venuzuela?
  • Guatemalan Detained For Illegal Logging From Front Page without
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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: “An Affair with my Best Friend’s Wife”
Question: Help me Doctor: I'm having an affair with my best friend's wife. Doctor's Answer: "What you are doing is incredibly stupid..."

Editorial: Talking Trash…about Trash
Last Saturday (September 29) The San Pedro Sun partnered with Oceana in Belize to take part in a global initiative, the 27th annual Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup campaign. In an effort to beat the heat we aimed at starting at 8AM, and more than half of our 13 volunteers were teenaged members of the Leo’s Club. The day offered many insights and threads of hope for not only the youth of today but the island as well. After all, since when do teenagers get up on a Saturday morning to pick up trash? Not only were they cheerful and willing to work, but they wore their Leo t-shirts and vests with pride…if they are the future of our San Pedro Lions Club then we are in for exemplary leadership and focused commitment to the community…we are in good hands! Starting at even a younger age was one mommy volunteer with her toddler daughter who donned latex gloves three times too big for her tiny hands and walked the beach in search of trash. Of course this exercise lost its fun in a short amount of time but what a great way to start teaching your babies the importance of keeping it clean while protecting the beaches we love to play on. I used to drag my young son to the same kind of things, from picking up garbage to counting endangered frogs in Wyoming, and as he grew older the louder his protests were, but now as a young man he thanks me often for the experiences that gave him a view of the world that he would have never considered or appreciated before.

Woofer: It’s in the Bible
Don't mess with a bible believer!


Mexican Authorities Charged By Corozal Police
Two Mexican police officers are tonight enjoying the confines of the Belize Central Prison after being detained for the frightening home invasion that played out on Tuesday night in the Village of Chunox in the Corozal District. This morning Francisco Manuel Gamboa Villanueva and Walter Cordova Lopez appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where they were jointly charged for wounding, handling stolen goods and aggravated assault. We understand that Corozal Police are consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions for additional charges to be levied against both officers. Villanueva, Lopez and a third suspect are accused of invading the home of 26 year old fisherman Julius Foreman and his common law wife Darlene Cabral and their two children on Tuesday night at about 8 o’clock. The three men demanded money from the family. Unable to find what they were looking the assailants escaped in Foreman’s $15,000 Chevy truck taking along with them an ipod and other items but not before causing serious head and body injuries to him.

Another Robbery In Corozal
Reports are still a bit sketchy tonight in reference to a robbery that occurred on Tuesday, October 2nd in Corozal Town. Reports to police indicate that just before closing time at Circle K Supermarket situated on College Road, four masked men entered the store brandishing a firearm. Present at the time of the robbery were the proprietors of the business who were severely beaten by the assailants. According to reports, the four masked men then made good their escape with an undisclosed amount of money from the cash pan. There is not much information coming forthwith at this moment, but we do understand Corozal Police are following several leads. Anyone with information that may lead police to solve this case is asked to call their nearest police station or the hotline at 922-TIPS.

Meeting Between OAS, Belize And Guatemala Postponed
Tonight, there is a lot of speculation of a meeting between OAS Secretary General Miguel Insulza, Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow and Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina that should take place on October 19th at the OAS Adjacency Zone office. According to reliable reports, the meeting was scheduled to take place this weekend but due to scheduling conflicts of Miguel Insulza, it had to be postponed. Reports of incidents that have occurred in the Adjacency Zone would be presented to both Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina by the OAS office in reference to the illegal harvesting by Guatemalan Xateros and Gold Panners. Other matters scheduled to be discussed by both Heads of States include the referendum scheduled to take place in both countries on October 6th of 2013. The referendum will be held to decide whether the Guatemalan territorial claim on Belize will be taken to the ICJ for a final decision. Guatemala keeps hold to the territorial claim despite recognizing Belize’s sovereignty in 1981.

How Do Cane Farmers Compete With ASR?
In a joint press release issued on Wednesday evening, BSI and ASR announced that all transactions were complete and ASR is now the majority shareholder of the Belize Sugar Industry with 78.6% of the shares. The remaining 21.4% of the shares remain to the existing shareholders of BSI and BSI Employee Holdings Limited. According to the press release, all debts owed by BSI have now been paid off to ING and the Government of Belize. That major announcement comes just in time for the start of the 2012/2013 Sugar Cane Crop Season. It is said that it will be a very interesting season with payment for Sugar Cane delivered by BSI’s quota will yield far more revenue than those of the cane farmers. This is said by industry experts due to the special tax exceptions awarded to ASR by the Government of Belize; exceptions that have not been extended to the Cane Farmer placing them at an disadvantage. Well, it’ll be a year where cane farmers will have to explore every other avenue to make this sugar cane crop season a profitable one for them. One of the avenues that will be beneficial to cane farmers is that of the Sugar Cane Replanting Program. According to CEO of Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Oscar Alonzo, the replanting program will be in conjunction with the Development Finance Agency, DFC, with funds obtained from the European Union.

Conch Season Declared Open
For those of you who enjoy a flavorful ceviche with an ice cold beer or drink of choice, this story will surely be good news to you. The Department of Fisheries officially declared the opening of the 2012/2013 Conch Season on Monday, October 1st. The previous season was closed early as that season’s quota had been depleted rendering it to be stopped two months ahead of its official closing date. It has been one of the longest closures of Conch season, lasting over five months. In an over the phone interview with Fisheries Officer Mauro Gongora, he said that the technical aspect of the quota has been finished, but they will not divulge any information before they meet with the Fishermen and the Fisheries Department next week Friday in Belize City. At that meeting, Gongora says that the overall quota will be distributed to the fishermen and again, when that quota has been achieved, the season will be closed once more.

Youths Graduate From Empowering Workshop
Earlier this week we brought to you highlights of the start of a six day workshop organized by the Department of Youth Services and the Belize Rural Finance Programme in collaboration with the La Inmaculada Credit Union. The workshop was geared towards empowering youth across Belize in developing ideas for a microenterprise and become young entrepreneurs; one of the major focuses of the Belize Rural Finance Programme. One of the major focuses of the Department of Youth Services is to create and organize workshops and follow-up programs of this sort of young people in collaboration with financial institutions that may assist with loans to develop these microenterprises. Yesterday afternoon, ceremonies were held in San Jose/San Pablo to commemorate the closing of the workshop. Hipolito Novelo spoke to Director of the Department of Youth Services, Christine Smith, who told us more about the training received by the participants. Christine Smith, Director, Department of Youth Services “Part of the training is that they have to develop a business plan so based on that development of that business plan they have an idea of what it is that they need to put into actually creating their own business and so the next step will be to see how they can find fune these business plans and approach credit institutions for funds and eventually start their own business”


It wasn’t so bad after all
I was not looking forward to the pool this morning as it was overcast and feeling cold. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about and the water was fine. We had a fun aquafit class Jan, Rebecca, Maureen, Eileen and I. Afterwards a few of us went to Roadkill Bar for a bite to eat and a Celebrating Saturday drink. I had chicken nuggets and fries – yum. Reminder of the poker run tonight starting at Roadkill 6:30 pm then it moves onto Average Joe’s, Lola’s, Wayo’s and Pedro’s where the flop will get drawn and best hand with two from peoples hand and 3 from the flop wins the money collected for the entry fee. Often the pot gets up around $500, worth playing.

International Sources

How Baby Boomers Destroyed the Economy
My father taught me how to throw a baseball and divide big numbers in my head and build a life where I'd be home in time to eat dinner with my kid most nights. He and my mother put me through college and urged me to follow my dreams. He never complained when I entered a field even less respected than his. He lives across the country and still calls just to check in and say he loves me. His name is Tom. He is 63, tall and lean, a contracts lawyer in a small Oregon town. A few wisps of hair still reach across his scalp. The moustache I have never seen him without has faded from deep brown to silver. The puns he tormented my younger brother and me with throughout our childhood have evolved, improbably, into the funniest jokes my 6-year-old son has ever heard. I love my dad fiercely, even though he's beaten me in every argument we've ever had except two, and even though he is, statistically and generationally speaking, a parasite. This is the charge I've leveled against him on a summer day in our Pacific Northwest vision of paradise. I have asked my favorite attorney to represent a very troublesome client, the entire baby-boom generation, in what should be a slam-dunk trial--for me. On behalf of future generations, I am accusing him and all the other parasites his age of breaking the sacred bargain that every American generation will pass a better country on to its children than the one it inherited.

Belize, a Paradise for Tourists -- and Drug Traffickers
Belize, a tropical tourist paradise, is developing a dark side and turning into a transit point for the trafficking of drugs bound for the United States. This tiny Central American state, while not a producer of narcotics, has a lot of coastline and not a lot of authorities -- and is strategically situated between Mexico and Guatemala -- making it susceptible to smugglers, experts and officials say. "We are facing a trafficking problem," David Henderson, the country's police chief, acknowledged to Agence France Presse. "It's a challenge," he said, adding that Belize was working with its neighbors to keep drug cartels from putting down roots in this country, formerly colonial British Honduras. Despite the situation, the police force totals just a thousand -- making it tough to adequately patrol the country's entire territory. "It's very difficult to keep an eye on everything," conceded police spokesman Raphael Martinez. The 300 kilometers (186 miles) of coastline and the 150 kilometers shared border with Mexico, along the Hondo River, are particularly vulnerable to the trafficking of drugs, weapons, illegal immigrants and contraband. In mid-September, authorities from Mexico and Belize met to explore the possibility of boosting checks along their common border in an effort to crack down on trafficking.

October 7, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Presenting IndigeNOWBelize – A World Indigenous Music Festival
Excitement is in the air as the anticipated launch of the first World Indigenous Music Festival entitled, IndigeNOWbelize, builds. This initiative was made by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and promises to be an annual success which will bring international recognition to Belize. It will be held on Friday, October 12th, Saturday, October 13th, and Sunday, October 14th at the MCC Stadium in Belize City. The very enthusiastic, Mr. Gregory Vernon, Director of the Institute of Creative Arts, NICH, declared, “IndigeNOWbelize, World Indigenous Music (WIM) Festival is a bold new initiative of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) intended to achieve two broad objectives in the long term: to shape and embolden Belize’s music identity, and to secure for it a recognized place on the world music scene. The sound of Belize is as diverse as the cultural strands that make up its people. IndigeNOWbelize WIM Festival will privilege this sound! The Festival will be an annual event, with a different indigenous sound each year. This year the sound is Amerindian with a special focus on the Maya, in celebration of the end of the 13th Baktun. Whatever the sound in a given year, Belize music will be centre stage.”

Business and community help is needed for massive concert planned for Rosita Baltazar
The San Pedro Cultural Committee has announced that there are plans for a massive fund raising concert to assist Rosita Baltazar. The benefit concert is scheduled for Saturday November 3rd at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. The highlight of the night will be the same performance that the Belize Dance Company delegation took abroad for the European Festival du Sud. Readers may recall that Baltazar, the Belizean artist and choreographer of the local San Pedro Dance Academy, was diagnosed with breast cancer while they were at the European festival. During the tour, she was forced to leave for urgent medical attention which is ongoing in London where she is currently staying with relatives. Baltazar has been with the San Pedro Dance Academy (Dance Company) for over ten years and has been contributing to the development of expressive arts in Belize since 1983.

Tropic Air announces service to Cancun, Mexico
Tropic Air announced on October 5, 2012, that it will be inaugurating non-stop to Cancun, Mexico on November 12, 2012. With the launching of this service, and the opening of its new station there, Tropic Air will be the only airline to operate non-stop scheduled flights between the two countries. This new service is a direct response to requests from its valued customers, and carries through on the airline’s stated commitment to the people of Belize. It will not only serve to make tavel to Mexico easier, but will allow for the expansion of trade and tourism between the two countries and an alternate route for Europeans wishing to enjoy all that Belize has to offer. “When we inaugurated San Pedro Sula last year, we promised that we would keep growing internationally. This fulfills that promise, and there is even more to come. Cancun in an integral part of the growth strategy for Tropic Air and as such we feel it important that we link the vibrant tourism market of Cancun with Belize” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air.

Misc Belizean Sources

1830 Historical Sketches of Belize: The Coloured, the Indian, the Carib, and the Mosquito man

Livin da vida loca, Sat. Oct. 14 1826

VIDEO: "Welcome To Belize"
From the DVD "We Are Belize". This clip features lead singer Tanya Carter. The concert features performances and original compositions by Francis Reneau, and took place at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts, Belize City, from September 17th through the 19th, 2006, in celebration of Belize's 25th Anniversary of independence.

International Credit Union Day at SMCU
Saint Martin's Credit Union will be celebrating International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 18th. This year's theme is 'Members Matter Most.' "Saint Martin's Credit Union is a financial cooperative, owned entirely by it's Members. It has served the people of the Cayo District since 1949 and now is a vibrant and growing institution of more than 5,000 members with total assets of over $12 million Belize dollars."

Belize Botanic Gardens Graduation
The Belize Botanic Gardens had their graduation for their school for gardeners. 10 students received their certificates after learning a wide range of gardening skills. Duplooy's worked with the Belize Rural Development Program to provide this training to a wide range of individuals, and they are already interviewing students for the next class. The BBG at DuPlooy's is a very popular tourist destination in Cayo, and the best botanic gardens in Belize. Congratulations to all graduates!

Belize Tomorrow: The Catalytic Role of Energy, Science, and Technology
Interesting read about the seminar in which the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, and Public Utilities - wow - laid out the strategic plan for the next 5, and 20, years. Dr. Cardinald Warde, professor of engineering at MIT was the special guest speaker, and mentioned SPISE, which would help Belizean students who'd like to pursue degrees in science and engineering. "There is a group of Belizeans that believe Belize should be an economic powerhouse in the region due to its geographical position, climate and young population however, that dream has been delayed because of our disregard for the latest technological advancements. Thursday, September 27th, 2012 may have been a normal day for most Belizeans but for that group, it was a day that should be penciled down in the country’s history."

Superheroes in Belize
Yes, Yes and Yes there will be Superheroes in Belize at the Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City. These Superheroes are the beatiful models from Catwalk Fashions, showcasing their theme for this years most anticipated Fashion Show to be held on November 17th. You too can be a part of this magnificent event.


Suspect released in UB's Suzenne Martinez' Murder
San Ignacio and Santa Elena residents participated in a protest over the recent murder of UB student, Suzenne Marti...

Patrick Payne found guilty of molesting 16 year old
In another pervert related case, one has been found guilty of molesting a 16 year old. 43-year-old Patrick Payne wa...

Female food vendor freed of ammunitions charge
Food vendor Fiona Mitchell is a free woman today. Her case was heard before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, in Magistrate...

Another UB student attacked on Belmopan walkway
Information reaching plusNews is that a UB student was attacked last night as she took a short cut near the George ...

Ministry of Health confirms whooping cough in Springfield
Remember those instances of Whopping Cough that we reported on from the community of Springfield. Well partial resu...

Two brothers changed for beating uncle and grandfather
Brothers Enoch Landero, 18 years old, and Darringon Landero, 35 years old, were both remanded to prison on Wednesda...

Several pensioners short changed this month by GOB
A glitch in the pay system short changed pensioners of their monthly payments: Concerned pensioners called our news...

San Ignacio calls for the Death penalty in latest Demonstration
A hastily organized motorcade and demonstration was held today in San Ignacio. The recent murder of Suzenne Martine...

Harvest for Kids to harvest corn Saturday October 6, 2012
Harvest for Kids Belize and Belize Camping Experience are ready to harvest twenty acres of corn this weekend. HARVE...


Some New Things Around Town
Let's get right to it. While around town over the past few days, I've noticed some new signs and new businesses starting. Here is the one I am most looking forward to... Kakaw Belizean chocolate (I wrote a post about them a few months ago) is opening a chocolate shop right in town. The building is on the beach, on front street just next to Wild Mango's. It used to be a home store called "Full House". Mmmmm...cookies and brownies and...oh my. On the other side of town is a bar/restaurant that has never really worked. It's a beautiful location (right on the beach by Wet Willies) and a beautiful new building. It was Playa Chel...and then BRIEFLY it was the Blind Dog (blink and you would have missed that one). A new bar is moving in. They are refurbishing the wood and they've put in a wood fired pizza oven. The plan on setting out beach chairs and lounge beds. YES! Just what I've been wanting. A beach club. I think this could work... The view from the bar. And back south of town, by the gas station. A yellow home that was surrounded by a fence and plants is now bright red. Hard to miss! That's it from me today. Have an excellent Saturday. We've been getting quite a bit of rain here...mostly at night. Here is a current picture of the sky over the ocean.

Winter Solstice of 2012 – The Beginning of a New Era
In October 2011 my husband and I arrived at Chaa Creek to celebrate our honeymoon. I had never been out of the states before, and was giddy with excitement. I knew our trip would be an adventure from the second I arrived. We took canoe rides, and journeyed into ancient caves. We awoke every morning to the mist rolling over the mountains. We fell asleep to the flicker of lightening bugs at night. It was magical. What I did not remotely expect was how at home I would feel in a culture fundamentally different, and thousands of miles away from my own. The moment of truest wonder was after a long walk to the top of a temple in Tikal. There were men excavating the inside top room, and though we did not speak each others language they invited us inside to gaze at the newly revealed artwork on the ceiling of the temple. My husband and I were truly amazed, and full of gratitude. Returning from Tikal, we stopped to see a local artisan doing traditional Maya sculpture. He showed us his work and told us the stories the individual pieces represented. Our love for the Maya culture truly blossomed that evening. We left his home with a small stone carving of a Maya couple on their wedding day.

International Sources

GK acquires full control of Belize subsidiary
GraceKennedy Limited (GK) has gained full control of its Belize subsidiary having bought out the one-third holdings of the Espat family. The terms of the transaction which closed September 28 were not disclosed. GraceKennedy Belize Limited founded in 1982 trades in food and beverages, as well as non-food grocery items, and is an exclusive distributor of Grace-branded products in the Central American country. The 30-year partnership was negotiated under the leadership of former GK Chairman Rafael Diaz with the Espat family, led by Roberto Espat Sr. "GraceKennedy has enjoyed the collaboration during the years of the partnership which was of mutual benefit to the partners. The Espats were great to work with in developing the business over the last 30 years. We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours," said GK Group CEO Don Wehby in a release announcing the acquisition.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize is paradise in paradise
Chaa Creek Resort in Belize bills itself as “wildly civilized.” And rightly so. But it hasn’t always been that way. Wild? Yes. Civilized? Not so much. It all began in 1977 when two young globetrotters arrived in Central America with little more than the clothes on their backs and an adventurous spirit. Soon after, Mick and Lucy Fleming met the owner of a dilapidated 140 acre farm located on the western edge of Belize about four miles from the border of Guatemala. In true entrepreneurial style, the Flemings figured a way to purchase the property, and the rest is history. Before long Mick and Lucy were living in a thatched roof house in the middle of the jungle. The land was now producing milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs while the Flemings were producing two children. So thick was the forest surrounding the land, there was no access road to the property. To make a living Mick and Lucy paddled their produce to market in San Ignacio by dugout canoe just as the native Maya had done ten centuries earlier. Living so close to the land had a profound affect on the Flemings. They became environmentally savvy and, as time passed, they began to develop a philosophy that contemporary luxury could, indeed, exist in harmony with nature. Today Mick, with his tussled hair, khaki shorts and shirt and mud-covered boots, resembles a modern version of “Jungle Jim.” His youthful enthusiasm, exuberance and energy are infectious. It only takes one encounter with the owner to understand how Chaa Creek Resort evolved into an elegant paradise in the middle of the Belizean jungle.

Belize's Tropic Air announces new service to San Ignacio/Benque Viejo del Carmen
In major Belize transportation news, Tropic Air announced that they are expanding their routes and will now be servicing the remote San Ignacio (Benque Viejo del Carmen) area beginning on December 10, 2012. The October 3rd announcement comes in response to the requests of locals and international travelers looking for easier options for traveling to the Cayo District. Service will be daily from San Pedro and Belize City, utilizing the Maya Flats Airstrip, conveniently located between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo. "When we inaugurated San Pedro Sula earlier this year, we promised the people of Belize to add even more exciting destinations. With the support of our resort partners and area residents, we now feel the time is right to add San Ignacio to our growing network," said John Grief III, President of Tropic Air. "We hope that in the coming months, we are able to add flights and other destinations from San Ignacio." Cayo is often considered the cultural gateway of the country, offering an ideal location for exploring much of the country. Eco-tourism, Maya temples, and a wealth of outdoor activities are some of the key reasons travelers head inland to towns like San Ignacio.

October 6, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Preliminary Results on Pertussis Cases
The Ministry of Health has investigated a total of thirteen suspected cases of Pertusiss or Whooping Cough and has received preliminary results on five of the twelve suspected cases sent for analysis. At this time, the Ministry of Health can confirm two negative and three positive from the Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC) in Trinidad and Tobago. They are awaiting final confirmation on these results. All suspected cases came from unvaccinated persons and all have since recovered. Public Health personnel continue to maintain aggressive surveillance activity in the areas having these small clusters of cases. Pertussis commonly affects infants and young children, babies less than one year are especially vulnerable. The public is reminded that the Ministry of Health has vaccines for the under five population which is most at risk. This vaccine can be obtained at all public health centers and several private health facilities across the country. Antibiotic treatment is given to those who show symptoms or are in contact with persons exposed to the disease. All these health facilities can and are able to manage cases of Pertussis. The Ministry has vaccine supplies to cover at least 95% of the general population.

Will there be parking space at the Sunset Boardwalk Project?
According to Christy Mastry, Project Director for the San Pedro Sunset Board Walk and Water Taxi Terminal Project locally referred to as the Saca Chispas Project, there are no plans for a taxi stand or public parking facility. The surprising confirmation came only after The San Pedro Sun was informed that the eastern part of the old football field is in fact privately owned. Initially the 0.6 acres of land was included as part of the concept for the Saca Chispas project. The land in question is registered now as parcel 963 but was a part of the total land given to the community by the late Ann Elizabeth Parham Blake-Alamilla, mother of Apolonio “Tuto” Alamilla for the use of a football field in the 1960’s. In the first public consultation held in November of 2010, the eastern part of the field was labeled as section B in the project, designed for “future project”. Later during another consultation in July of 2011, after the concept was enhanced, it was set aside as a “public open space for public parking”. But that public open space is no longer a part of the final project that went to the bidding process. According to Mastry who is Project Director for the Belize Sustainable Tourism Program (including the Saca Chispas Project), during the consultation process, investigations proved that the section of the land was privately owned and as such they could not include the parking area in the final draft of the project. “Nobody deliberately lied. We originally looked at it as part of the plan. But after doing our investigation, we found out it was privately owned. So when the project went for b

Another wanted Slovakian, William Misenka, is reported to be living in Belize
Multiple Slovakian media houses have reported on information regarding a wanted Slovakian living in Belize and apparently the local authorities in San Pedro Town are aware of it as well. The wanted person is William (Viliam) Misenka accused of and linked to the death of at least five persons and is also accused of stealing the equivalent of 5 million Euros (US$6,464,500). He is listed on the Interpol wanted list and is believed to have been in the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo in hiding along with Slovakian fugitive Karol Mello before migrating to Belize. In early September 2012, a senior member of the Belize Police Department in Belmopan confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that they had been aware of Misenka’s presence in Belize, specifically in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. At the time, the senior police claimed that they were waiting for Mello’s case, which was tied up in court, to conclude before proceeding to detain Misenka. According to a police source, the department has knowledge about Misenka’s case: that he is wanted and they also confirmed knowing his personal whereabouts, but could not proceed to detain the Slovakian without a direction from the head of the Special Branch of the Belize Police Department. In an interview with Channel 7 News, Minister with responsibility of Immigration in Belize Godwin Hulse denied that Belizean authorities had any knowledge of Misenka’s presence in Belize and would not comment further. As readers may recall, the request for fugitive Mello’s extradition to Slovakia was denied by the Supreme Court after Minister Hulse misspoke about the process during an interview with Channel 7.

From bean to bar: an organic process at Kakaw Chocolate Company
Decadent, delicious, divine chocolate from Kakaw Chocolate Company. Tia Chocolate investigates the local shop and tries out their products. She ends up calling for reinforcements.

Ambergris Today

Tropic Air Announces Service to Cancun, Mexico
Tropic Air Announced today, Friday, October 5, 2012, that it will be inaugurating non-stop flight to Cancun, Mexico on November 12, 2012. With the launching of this service, and the opening of its new station there, Tropic Air will be the only airline to operate non-stop scheduled flights between the two countries. This new service is a direct response to requests from its valued customers, and carries through on the airline’s stated commitment to the people of Belize. It will not only serve to make travel to Mexico easier, but will allow for the expansion of trade and tourism between the two countries and an alternate route for Europeans wishing to enjoy all that Belize has to offer. “When we inaugurated San Pedro Sula last year, we promised that we would keep growing internationally. This fulfills that promise and there is even more to come. Cancun is an integral part of the growth strategy of Tropic Air and as such we feel it important that we link the vibrant tourism market of Cancun with Belize,” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air.

Taiwan Embassy hands-over donation to Inspiration Center
On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ambassador to Belize, H.E. David C.K. Wu, handed over a cheque for $200,000 to Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow. The donation represents half of the funds pledged by the embassy and government to the Inspiration Center project in 2011. This first portion of the donation was released to coincide with the start of construction of the Inspiration Center. On Friday, September 28, 2012, Mrs. Barrow and CARE-Belize Director, Mr. Evan Cowo, signed a letter of intent awarding to contract for the construction of the Inspiration Center to Usher Construction. Mr. Robert Usher, Proprietor of the construction company, estimates that it will take approximately a year and 1.8 million dollars to build the center.

Belize Voted Fourth Happiest Country in the World
Belize is indeed a happy place; its people are happy. The sun, sea, air, the beach, the mountains, the islands – just looking around you there is a reason to be happy and grateful, a reason to smile and share that smile with others. There is no place like Happy Belize and for these reasons and more, the World Happiness Report has put Belize in fourth place in their “World’s Happiest Countries” list. World’s Happiest Countries - Two major reports published this year rank the world's happiest countries and offer travelers some winningly convivial destinations. The World Happiness Report — commissioned by the United Nations — offers a snapshot of the state of happiness in today's world. Topping that list was Denmark 1st, Finland 2nd, Norway 3rd

Isla Bonita Elementary School Poster Competition
Teacher Sharron Hazen, of Isla Bonita Elementary School, invited Ambergris Today to select the winners of her class’ Poster Completion depicting this year’s September Celebrations Theme “Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal, Celebrating Belize. Here are the winners of Standard 5 and 6 Poster Competition: First Prize Winner: Kia Nuñez from Standard 5 Second Prize Winner: Nashly Badillo from Standard 5 Third Prize Winner: Gian Guerrero and Tyreek Arzu from Standard 6 *Another competition was held among the class of Standard 5 and 6 where they had to create models of Historical and National Buildings of Belize. Winners: First Prize Winners (House of Culture Model) -Shannon Nuñez -Marthalicia Vasquez -Gian Guerrero Second Prize Winners (St. John’s Cathedral Model) -Biatriz Ramirez -Kia Cabral -Zoe Cannon -Alan Ek Third Prize Winners (Barron Bliss) -Diego Sanchez -Jessica Perez -Christopher Rivero

Misc Belizean Sources

Chronology of British Honduras 1492-1797
Historical timeline

200 year old British Honduras ginger beer recipe!

Candle Light March for Suzenne Martinez
They had a candlelight vigil for Suzenne Martinez this evening at Columbus Park. Thanks to Pandy for capturing the emotion of the event. There is talk that there will be another one early Monday morning. There will also be the 'Ignite the Peace Initiative' next Thursday.'

Free Public Self Defence Seminar
There will be a free self defense seminar at Hodes on Saturday November 3rd, at 11:00am. Primal Survival will be hosting the event free of charge. For more information, call 621-2590 or email [email protected]

VIDEO: Lamanai Experience
Beautiful Belize....

Channel 7

Suspect In Suzenne's Murder Not Charged
Alberto Ical from Maya Mopan was detained as the main suspect in the murder of Suzenne (Suzenny) Martinez. But tonight the news is that he has been released by San Ignacio Police. But he is not a free man because he was then immediately re-detained by Belmopan police. They are investigating him not for murder, but for handling stolen goods. Those goods are the ones stolen from the home of Robert Lewis in Maya Mopan. They include a SIM card and assorted pieces of jewelry which are confirmed to be from the Lewis home. Ical is also being questioned for the murder of Robert Lewis - who was killed in that home in Maya Mopan on Monday morning. And so while he is expected to be charged for handling stolen goods shortly - he remains under investigation for the murders of Suzenne Martinez and Robert Lewis. But, at this point, the DPP says there's not enough evidence to bring charges for those murders. She held a meeting with police investigators from San Ignacio in Belmopan this morning to give them further instructions on how to proceed with the murder investigation.

BDF Soldier Was Retreating When He Fired
This afternoon at around three a team of police investigators, OAS representatives and a Guatemalan diplomat returned, by Helicopter from the remote Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul Forest. They went there yesterday evening to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a Guatemalan campesino. He was killed yesterday afternoon at 12:41 by a BDF soldier. It happened 7 miles within Belizean territory. His name has not been released - but his body was also brought to Cayo this afternoon for a post mortem. Not much is known about the incident - as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking the lead on all public statements. In the initial report, the BDF soldier says that he fired multiple warning shots but the Guatemalan kept running at him with his head down. The soldier reports that he stepped back, and fell backwards on the rugged terrain. He says when he looked up the man was still coming at him - so he fired the fatal shot which hit the Guatemalan in the chest and neck area.

Outlaw Mexican Cops Remanded In Bze Prison
Last night, 7News showed told you about the 3 Mexican Police officers who allegedly assaulted a family in the northeastern Corozal district on Tuesday night. Well the news tonight is that the 2 officers who police did catch were arraigned in Corozal Magistrates Court. They are 46 year-old Walter Lopez Cordova and 24 year-old Francisco Javier Gamboa Villanueva, and they are currently on remand. As we reported, at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, 26 year-old Julius Foreman, his common-law wife Darlene Cabral, and their 2 children were returning to their home in Chunox (Shunush) village when 3 Hispanic men assaulted them as they entered their property. Foreman's mother, Dora Rivero, told LOVE TV about the suspicious events that occurred that day which ultimately led up to the home invasion. Here's what she had to say: Dora Rivero, Mother of Julius Foreman "We only heard a gunshot. I was in my kitchen making supper. I heard the gunshot then my son and I came out and I saw my other son coming, blood was all over him. I ask him what is happening and he said that they just rob me. I ask him who the persons were how much of them and he said that he didn't know."

Known Sex Offender Convicted Again
Tonight, 43 year-old Patrick Payne is behind bars after he was handed a 3-year sentence today in one of the quickest convictions for indecent assault recently in the Magistrate's Court. As we reported, a 16 year-old female told police that on August 13, while she was asleep, she felt someone touching her privates. She woke up and caught Payne in the act. Police arrested Payne, charged him with aggravated assault of an indecent nature, and took him before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith who remanded him on August 15. 2 adjournments later, the victim came and testified to the court the exact same thing she told police, and when the prosecution closed its case, Payne offered his own defense. He denied the allegation and simply said that the victim was telling lies on him. Chief Magistrate Smith, after considering the evidence, found him guilty of the offence, and she sentenced him to spend 3 years in prison.

Man Acquitted In Trial W/O Jury Back In Jail
25 year-old Oscar Kareem Usher, who was acquitted in July of attempted murder, is back behind bars after he was taken to Magistrate's Court for aggravated burglary. Sanjay Pilgrim reported to police that at around 7 p.m. on September 28, 3 men came to his house on Freetown road. 2 of them had guns, and the third man, who he recognized as Usher, was armed with a machete. Pilgrim said that the men rushed into his house and one of them kicked him in the stomach. Pilgrim said that Usher then swung the machete at him, but he ducked out of the way. He took advantage of that opportunity to force the men out the door. Pilgrim then locked the door, turned off the lights, ran and hid while he called the police. While he was hiding, he says he saw Usher breaking one of the windows. Usher was allegedly trying to get inside, but he heard the police coming, and all 3 men ran off. Police arrested and charged Usher for aggravated burglary and damage to property.

Looking For Closure For Alex Valdez's Murder
We know all about Jasmine Lowe and now Suzenne Martinez. But Cayo has other teen victims. In May of 2011 Albert Alex Valdez was killed - stabbed to death in San Ignacio allegedly by his own friends. Now, the trial for his alleged killers is coming up - and yesterday his father was at the rally for Suzenne Martinez where he had his own message. Here's what he told us:.. Albert Neal "I am the father of Albert Alexander Jr. and he was also brutally killed here in San Ignacio by his best friend over a bicycle. Today the case is going over to the supreme court, I just wish that the best thing come out from this and let the law help stop all these murderers and put them away for good because they keep coming out because of good lawyers around and if I was the parent of one son who commit a crime like that I wouldn't show my face at the court because this is upholding them in their stupidity That all I would like to say to the whole country of Belize; you are the parent of a son - you didn't teach them to kill. If they commit the crime don't show your face there let them do the time." A 17 year old friend was charged for Albert Jr.'s murder.

Wallace Acquitted Of City Shooting
19 year-old Michael Wallace was acquitted before Justice Troadio Gonzales today of 2 counts of attempted murder. He was accused of shooting at and injuring Belize City residents, Terry Felix and Edward Thompson. The prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Sharmela Williams called several witness to testify, but the main witness was Thompson, one of the victims. He told the court that at around 5:30 p.m. on April 4, 2009, a young man, who he recognized as Wallace rode up on bicycle to their location on Fabers Road and fired 4 or 5 shots at them. Felix suffered to 2 gunshot wounds to the upper left hip, and Thompson also suffered 2 gunshot injuries to one of his feet. The assailant rode off, and police arrived shortly after to render assistance to the injured men. Another major witness was a police officer who testified that he was on Alan Pitts Crescent while responding to the shooting, and saw the accused tossing a silver object behind a house. The officer continued retrieved a chrome .38 special revolver with 5 expended shells. This firearm was also tendered as evidence against Wallace in the trial. After the prosecution closed its case, Wallace gave a statement from the dock in which he claimed that he wasn't there at the time of the shooting. He said that he was playing basketball on the court near Cumberbatch field.

UNICEF Trains Journalists On Child Issues
Today was day 2 of a 3 day workshop for journalists on children's rights reporting. The workshop is being held by UNICEF and focuses mainly on children's issues in the media. Some of the topics covered over the past 2 days included how to handle sensitive stories about children, and making the stories interesting without damaging children. The workshop was held at the Black Orchid Resort in Boom and we found out more from Country Representative Christine Norton: Christine Norton, UNICEF Country Representative "Many people have express some concerns about the way in which children are portrayed particular when they are very sensitive issues and so the workshop purpose is merely to have a chance to dialogue with the media to give them an opportunity to network with each other and also and in particular to look at guidelines and ethical standards and how do we go about doing a news worthy story but at the same time respecting children's rights. We won't be able to set the standards there but we are certainly discussing with media what would be respected standards at an international level so that we could try to influence some level of change."

What You Are Paying For 2012
The consumer price index - it may sound like a technical term but it's simply a measurement of the changes in the price of things you buy for your household. And now the figures for the first eight months of 2012 have been released by the Statistical Institute of Belize. They show an average inflation rate of 1.7%. Inflation was highest in Orange Walk and lowest in Punta Gorda. As for the consumer price index - you'll see eon this graph that fuel is the spikey red line, food is the blue line and all other items is the green line. The Consumer Price index in August rose slightly - about half a percentage point. This was caused by higher prices of "Food and Non- Alcoholic Beverages", "Health", "Recreation and Culture", and "Miscellaneous Goods and Services". Of interest is that the increase in the "Recreation and Culture" index reflected a 29.8% increase in the cost of admission to nightclubs. While those went up, there were price decreases in "Furnishing, Household Equipment and Routine Household Maintenance", "Transport", "Education" and "Restaurants and Hotels".

Was There An Ambulance For Murder Victim?
Almost three weeks have passed since Norval Belisle was killed in Belmopan. And now an un-named family member has circulated a mail to all and sundry saying that the young man died because there was no ambulance to take him to the hospital. The letter alleges that there is no ambulance at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan because the ambulance driver - who also has his own private ambulance service - sabotaged the public ambulance. The Ministry of Health did investigate this claim - but could find no evidence that such sabotage occurred. But the Ministry's CEO Peter Allen did agree that it is a conflict of interest - and feels that the pubic ambulance driver should not have gotten permission from the Ministry of Health to operate his own ambulance service. But he did get every license, permit and exemption required from the ministry - and now Allen says that when the license expires at the end of this month - he will have to choose to either give up his private ambulance service or quit his public ambulance job. But, after all that, Allen says that there was no ambulance for Norval Belisle because the Hospital's ambulance was out on another emergency.

UB's Primary School Environmental Project
Environmental awareness may not be something we think about too often in the city - but a group of UB students are visiting with primary school children across the city- educating the youngsters about their environment. One of their main goals is to get the children involved in creating a healthier environment in their own school and home settings. Today 7news caught up with the group in a Standard 3 class at Grace Primary. Freddy Cantillano, UB Student "This is a project that was initiated by our teacher Dr. Perez. We are going though as I said an environmental cause and we were given the choices among many and we choose to come to the schools because it is here that education starts, they also says that it starts at home - but I think it's here that children will be exposed to a lot of different things and garbage would be one of them and of course our message this morning is that we want them to learn what are national resources and what we can do with them; how can we protect them and how can we preserve them."

Belize Zoo's Awareness Campaign On Jaguar Protection
We don't get much news from Caledonia village in the Corozal district - but that village was in the headlines recently when an adult jaguar was killed by hunters and his hide was stripped off as a trophy. Now, it's illegal to hunt jaguars in Belize or to trade in their pelts or teeth. But it happens - and that's why the Belize Zoo sprang into action with an education campaign. They wanted to target mainly the children in the village to teach them not to fear jaguars or to view them as a threat. The Principal of Caledonia RC says it was well received:.. Jamal Andrewin, Zoo Environmental Educator "it's a follow up to the incident that happened in the village several weeks ago and the objective was to turn it into something positive to involve this community that have these jaguars and other wildlife very near their community and interact with them probably on a daily basis and the whole concept is simply education and awareness making them have a sense of pride and respect for these animals that they live in close contact with every single day and for them to understand our value in the conservation of our forest and in all the industries that its connected to." "We were very well received today and so we felt the objective was met."

At Risk Children Reaping Benefits
Several weeks ago, 7News showed you an innovative outreach program called the Belize Camping Experience. It is an initiative headed by Alexander Perez in which farmers from Northern and Central Belize allow at-risk Belize City children to learn about farming. It provides a different way of life for these children, but most importantly, it takes them out of the dangerous environment that they live in constantly. This weekend, there will be a harvesting event for these crops that these children have actively participated in growing, and the director is inviting the public to witness their hard work. Here's what he told us about the significance of the event: Alexander Perez, Director - Belize Camping Experience "The event that is happening tomorrow is the harvest. What we have been doing over the 4 months is to get the corn ready to be harvested and now it is time to harvest and what going to happen on Saturday is that we want to harvest our corn in less time as possible as we can. We are getting ready to tomorrow and we are hoping to line up 10-15 combines or harvester; they are huge machines that are already moving. We already have 3 on the 20 acres of corn ready to be harvested tomorrow."

Channel 5

Visas, Visas, Visas! Hezbollah, Nepal and China
Following the alleged Hezbollah associate Rafic Labboun’s receipt of a Belizean passport in the name of Wilhelm Dyck, the Ministry of Immigration had temporarily closed the Passport Office in Belize City. After the Hezbollah passport scandal became an international media event, other incidences have come to light. Human trafficking involving natives of Nepal has been [...]

Not enough evidence for UB murder suspect/sex offender
Cayo residents and the University of Belize have both expressed dismay following the death of twenty year old Suzenne Martinez. The main suspect in Martinez’s murder is also detained for the murder of fifty-three year old Robert Lewis. The twenty-nine year old Maya Mopan resident has been transferred to the Belmopan Police Station. No charges [...]

Mexican Police Officers charged for Chunox Home Invasion
There have always been talks of corrupt cops in neighboring Chetumal that threaten Belizeans for cash when confronted with minor traffic offenses. But today, two police officers from Chetumal faced serious charges for a home invasion that traumatized a Belizean family. The attack did not occur in Mexico, but far from the border inside Belize. [...]

Postmortem examination shows security guard not murdered
Fifty-three year old Charles Gamboa, a security guard stationed at the Agriculture and Natural Resources Institute (ANRI) mysteriously died at his post outside Dangriga Town on September twenty-sixth. His death came as a shock to the family because Gamboa, who has been working with the institution for the past eighteen years, did not have a [...]

Not guilty! Self defense testimony ends murder trial
While that family still cries foul, the verdict in today’s murder trial is not guilty. A jury of twelve persons, in the trial against thirty-two year old Ealsine Gentle, acquitted him of murder after almost five hours of deliberation. Gentle was accused of the September 2008 fatal stabbing of Orlando Myers, which occurred following a [...]

Busted again for trying to fondle a minor
Also in court, was repeat sex offender, forty-three year old Patrick Payne, a Woodpecker Street resident. Payne was found guilty of another count of Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature upon a sixteen year old girl. Today, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith sentenced him to three years in prison. Since the allegations arose from an [...]

Whooping cough cases positive in Cayo
Recently, the Ministry of Health announced that thirteen suspected cases of whooping cough or Pertussis had been detected. The preliminary results of five of the cases have returned from the Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC) in Trinidad and Tobago. Doctor Natalia Beer of the Ministry of Health spoke to News Five about the results.   Via [...]

Auditor General’s report fleecing by public figures
There are many stories that can be told from the auditor general’s report for 2010-2011. There were cases of suspected fraud, including one under investigation at the Toledo District Education Centre. In one transaction, original receipts totaling sixty-four thousand, three hundred and five dollars and twenty five cents did not match the corresponding duplicate copies. [...]

Belizean American says Martinez swindled her in land deal
It doesn’t take the skills of an auditor to solve the next case, just an outraged woman who feels someone pulled a fast one on her. A Belizean living in Los Angeles is piping mad because she claims she has been scammed out of over twenty thousand dollars. Sylvia Baptist alleges that she paid the [...]

But accused says he’s ready for his day in court
After our interview with Baptist on Thursday, she headed to the police station with her documents. We also spoke to Edward Martinez today and he denied the allegations that he was involved in the sale of any land. Martinez says Baptist’s claims are already being investigated, but he’s prepared to face the courts.   Via [...]

Can CitCo suspend license in lieu of property tax payment?
And while Martinez is prepared to walk to the court to defend his name, many Belize City residents may soon be taking a longer walk because of the Belize City Council. It appears that City Hall, in an effort to collect almost seventeen million dollars in unpaid debts, is now enforcing an existing law on [...]

UNICEF trains media on child sensitive reporting
The merits of the Council and the ethics of the driver license suspension will surely be discussed in all outlets of the media. But fairness and a healthy balance is always a concern when presenting similar issues. And that is why three consultants from the UK are in Belize to promote international standards in reporting [...]

The buzz about local talent in B movie, Dragon Wasp
Hollywood’s B actors and low budget sci-fi flicks don’t ever win Oscars, but the B list and horror movement has grown strong in Belize providing an outlet for Belizean actors. The most recent movie from that particular genre was shot entirely on location in Belize in late December. The Movie Dragon Wasp has recently been [...]

How tamper proof is Venezuela elections? Machines will explode
The Presidential elections in Venezuela will not have the sting of Dragon Wasps, but if there is any tampering with the computers, the Public Relations Officer for the Embassy in Belize promises it will be explosive. On Sunday, President Hugo Chavez is seeking a third term in office. For Belize the outcome is important because [...]

Embassy says Chavez healthy for elections
After Chavez’ recent battle with cancer, the opposition charges that he will not be able to finish another six year term in office. But after radiation, chemotherapy, and three operations in Cuba, Sanchez says Chavez is cancer free and he has been hot on the campaign trail over the past two weeks.   Gabriel Sanchez [...]

Sweeping sights, sounds and the history of Taiwan
Taiwan has diplomatic relations with only a handful of twenty-two countries, which includes Belize. Its diplomatic outreach, however, is vibrant and strong as it struggles for full recognition and to gain entry into many international organizations including the United Nations where yearly, its allies seek support for its admission. Also known as the Republic of [...]

CATM, the tourism package in Honduras
The ninth edition of CATM, the Central American Travel Market, is winding down in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. All Central American countries have been taking part and aggressively promoting their countries as prime tourist destinations with a competitive edge. It is one of the biggest shows in the region which provides avenues to tourism stakeholders [...]

B.D.F. soldier shoots and kills Guatemalan in Ceibo Chico
There has been a shooting incident involving the security forces. A Guatemalan national was shot and killed by a Belize Defense Force Soldier seven miles east of the Belize/Guatemala border. According to a brief notice issued late this evening by the Ministry of National Security, the incident occurred at twelve-forty-one this afternoon in the Ceibo [...]

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Birthday Shout Out!!
Greetings goes out to Donovan and Clifton Burgess who are celebrating their birthdays today. Some of you may have met Donovan working with Lionel “Chocolate” Heredia and Cliftion is Donovan’s younger brother who graduated from Ocean Academy earlier this year. Congratulations and we wish you many more birthdays!!!

Tracie Chic Party Creations
Have you ever wondered where and how to get decorations for your event or wished there was someone who does this sort of business, maybe creating a souvenir or creating a gift set. Well you don’t need to look any further as Caye Caulker has it. Meet Tracie Young, born and raised islander, owner of Tracie Chic Party Creations.Tracie Young 1. When was Tracie Chic Party Creations started? A: Tracie Chic Party Creations started doing business in November 2008 (that’s when I got my first contract) 2. At what age did you start making your crafts and what made you decide to make your hobby into a business? A: I became fascinated with arts and crafts at the age of 10. That was my favorite thing to do in school, I could hardly wait for the teacher to assign another project. As i got older I kept making my own greeting cards and personalized gifts for my family and even creating my sister’s and my own Halloween costume every year. I think watching and sometimes assisting my mom create souvenirs and decorations for family functions and events was what opened my mind to other possibilities. I began to help out family and friends with their parties and that’s when I decided to start making money from what I enjoy doing. 3. What type of occasions do you cater for? A: I cater for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, graduations etc. Events such as reunions, office parties, business parties, dinners, banquets, going away parties and conferences. I also cater for baby showers, bridal showers, tea parties, funerals, kids parties, adult parties and holiday parties. Our motto is: We Create and You Party!!!


Gunman kills gunman on Mayflower
The first gunman’s target escaped, and while he was “relaxing” in enemy territory, he was fatally shot by another gunman Gang rivalry between the Back-a-Town and Ghost Town gangs claimed the life of a gunman from the Back-a-Town gang after he was shot four times in his head while in the zone of his enemies. The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. yesterday at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon Streets, near the fence belonging to Mendoza Auto Parts. The gunman, identified as Steven Polonio, 20, was shot as he sat on Mayflower Street by another gunman after his alleged target, the boss of the Ghost Town group, escaped from him. Polonio’s assailant escaped after killing him, and has not yet been found. A witness told Amandala that Roger Anthony, a known resident of the Bailar area of Mayflower Street, was standing at the corner of Mayflower Street and Vernon Street when a gunman approached Mayflower Street from the direction of Ebony Street. When Anthony saw him coming, he ran into the Bailar area. The gunman then sat down by the fence. Shortly after, another gunman came up Vernon Street along the fence, and ambushed Polonio while he was sitting down. He shot him four times in his head and disappeared into the Mayflower Street area.

Cayo residents call for the death penalty!
Twin Towns residents return to streets in memory of murder victim, Suzenne Martinez, 21; no politician attended demonstration On another hot afternoon in the Twin Towns, the anger was clearly present in the body language and gestures of the 100 to 150 residents gathered inside the Columbus Park in the downtown area to protest the recent death of University of Belize student Suzenne Martinez, 21. Suzenne’s body was found dumped in a ditch at the side of 18th Street, not far from where she lived, early yesterday morning, Wednesday, October 3. By the end of the day, police had been led to their key suspect, who was out on bail for a prior offense and has since been linked to the Monday morning home invasion/murder at the residence of Belizean-American retiree Robert Lewis, 53, in Belmopan. At press time, the suspect has yet to be charged, as police are awaiting directives from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution and continue to gather more evidence. But after showing their might when Bert Vasquez was captured, arrested and charged in June following the death of Jasmine Lowe, 13, when a large crowd watched the Department’s every move and Vasquez came close to losing his head to the mob, today residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena came out once again, not with that fiery emotion, but still resolute, to show support to Suzenne’s grieving family, pressure the police to move a little faster, and call on authorities to begin doing more, including authorizing the return of the death penalty.

Gunman kills gunman on Mayflower
The first gunman’s target escaped, and while he was “relaxing” in enemy territory, he was fatally shot by another gunman. Gang rivalry between the Back-a-Town and Ghost Town gangs claimed the life of a gunman from the Back-a-Town gang after he was shot four times in his head while in the zone of his enemies. The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. yesterday at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon Streets, near the fence belonging to Mendoza Auto Parts. The gunman, identified as Steven Polonio, 20, was shot as he sat on Mayflower Street by another gunman after his alleged target, the boss of the Ghost Town group, escaped from him. Polonio’s assailant escaped after killing him, and has not yet been found. A witness told Amandala that Roger Anthony, a known resident of the Bailar area of Mayflower Street, was standing at the corner of Mayflower Street and Vernon Street when a gunman approached Mayflower Street from the direction of Ebony Street. When Anthony saw him coming, he ran into the Bailar area. The gunman then sat down by the fence. Shortly after, another gunman came up Vernon Street along the fence, and ambushed Polonio while he was sitting down. He shot him four times in his head and disappeared into the Mayflower Street area. The witness said that a policeman in plain clothes was not far from the scene of the crime and began to attend to the wounded man, who by that time was gasping for air, and was bleeding through the mouth and nose. The policeman called a mobile unit which came quickly, and victim was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was attended to, but he died shortly after.

UB student, 21, murdered in Cayo
She left school in Belmopan, but never reached her home in San Ignacio, Cayo. Less than six hours after her parents reported her officially missing at the San Ignacio Police Station, Suzenne Martinez, 21, a student of the University of Belize at the Belmopan Campus, was found dead around three blocks from her home in San Ignacio. The heartbreaking discovery was made around 6:10 a.m. yesterday, Wednesday. She was found not far from the 18th Street junction with Benque Road, in the drain near a drugstore. Witnesses who saw her said that she appeared to have been thrown in the drain. She was partially naked. She was wearing only underwear, and no pants; and her blouse was drawn up, leaving her breasts exposed. A liquid of some sort was coming out of her nose, and there were a lot of bruises on her body — which were especially visible because of her fair complexion – particularly on her legs. She apparently had been strangled to death. Police, who noted that Martinez’s laptop computer and cellphone were missing, say that they have a person in custody who they believe can help them in their investigations. Hamid Martinez, Suzenne’s father, told Amandala that his daughter left home on Tuesday morning, as usual, to catch the bus to go to school in Belmopan and typically would not return any later than 8:30 p.m., but at times earlier.

A Wondrous Hypocrisy
The Settlement Deed – 2005 On the 22nd of March 2005, then Prime Minister Honourable Said Musa signed a “Settlement Deed” by which he assured (purportedly) the Carlisle Group of companies (associated with Lord Ashcroft) that (a) they would be treated as having made all filings and paid all Business Tax or Income Tax as at up to 31st March 2005 (b) Business or Income Tax for the Carlisle Group for the future from 1st April 2005 would be calculated in the particular way set out in the Settlement Deed. So, by the Settlement Deed, Honourable Said Musa as Prime Minister of Belize sought to create a special tax regime for the Carlisle Group. No end to this regime was stated in the Deed. And it was expressly “Confidential,” which is a fancy legal and business word for “secret”. But the Settlement Deed was signed not only by Honourable Said Musa. It was also signed by then Attorney General Francis Fonseca, now Honourable Leader of the Opposition. So secret was this tax regime document that not even the Commissioner of Income Tax knew about it when it was signed. He learnt of it years later. Certainly it was never brought before the National Assembly and it is believed that even the PUP Cabinet did not know of it. And it contained hefty exemptions because in arbitration proceedings in London in 2009 the Tribunal awarded BCB Holdings and Belize Bank a whopping $44 million in damages and costs. Sugar Industry and Cogeneration Project Incentives Act 2012 Let’s then fast forward to 26th September 2012. The UDP Government, under Honourable Dean Barrow, introduced the Sugar Industry and Cogeneration Project Incentives Act, which is an integral part of the foreign equity investment to save the Belizean sugar industry and, by extension, the livelihood of thousands of Belizeans, including cane farmers and BSI workers. In the House debate the Opposition Leader thundered in a strident voice: “There is no need for us to rush through this bill today. Our farmers need to be properly informed on what is taking place here today”.

Eulogy for Khalid Hyde
by Vonetta Hyde Dale. On behalf of the Hyde and Garnett families, we want to thank you for coming. We loved him deeply as a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin…Love is not an easy feeling to put into words, but here we go. Khalid Kori Justice Hyde came into this world around 6:25 on the morning of Wednesday, February 16, 1994. Though he was to grow to be a skinny kid, he weighed a full 11 pounds, 4 ounces. He was the second and last child of Shirlette Garnett and my brother Cordel Hyde – the first being a girl, Kamisha. Shir and Cords disagreed over what to name their son. His mother and family wanted to name him “Kori”; my brother wanted him to be named “Khalid.” He was adamant that his son not be named Kori, who at the time was a star on a soap opera called Another World. In the end, my brother won, but lost. He was named Khalid Kori – my brother insisted on celebrating victory so he threw in “Justice” – so my nephew’s full name became Khalid Kori Justice Hyde. But it was a short-lived victory – mothers always win. Of all his immediate and extended family, perhaps only Granny Claudette, his paternal grandmother, called him by his ...

Emmerson Michael, 34, acquitted of firearm charge
He, along with another soldier, were found in possession of 1,340 rounds of 5.56 ammunition. Sgt. Emmerson Michael, 34, an officer of the Belize Defence Force, was today found not guilty of keeping ammunition without a gun license – 1,340 live rounds of 5.56 ammunition. According to a police report, at 8:30 p.m. on December 19, 2008, a green BDF Land Rover approached a police checkpoint that had been set up at the junction of Vista Del Mar and the Northern Highway. Driving the vehicle at the time was Sgt. Michael and in the passenger seat was Cpl. Henry Williams, another BDF officer. When the vehicle reached the checkpoint, the driver was asked to pull the vehicle over to the side of the road. Sgt. Michael complied, and when the police came to the vehicle, they informed Cpl. Williams that they would conduct a search on him. After searching Cpl. Williams, police then searched vehicle and they observed a blue and black colored knapsack on the floor of the vehicle on the passenger side. A further search of that bag led to the discovery of the ammunition. A search of the middle compartment that separates the driver and passenger seats also led to more ammunition being retrieved.

Ideas and Opinions – Marijuana IV
There should never have been a law which made marijuana use a crime. And, there would never have been such a law if the citizens of Belize were able to make their views heard in favor or against. The British Administration made that law when Belize was a Crown Colony and the Governor, Financial Secretary, Colonial Secretary, Attorney General and Accountant General comprised the Executive Council and dominated the Legislative Council. There were no Committees, to which Bills for an Act were submitted for consideration and report. I can imagine a conversation between the Governor and the Colonel Secretary which went like this: Governor to C.S.: “We have to make a law to stop this ‘coolie’ weed smoking habit from spreading to the rest of the native population.” C.S. to Governor: “I’d get the A.G. to draft an Ordinance.” Story done. They didn’t know of any harmful effects then, except that the East Indians began to think and act as if they were everybody’s equal. Marijuana is the leaf of the Cannabis plant, dried and crushed. Perfectly natural, nothing added or taken away. People roll it in paper and smoke it like in cigarette. They like the effect it has on them. It has harmful effects which have been documented. It is not more harmful than alcohol, which is lawful. If you put any fruit in a container, with or without water, cover it and let it lie, it will eventually ferment and form wine, with a low alcoholic content. Through the process of distillation, some fermented substances, like the juice of sugarcane, become rum, with as high an alcoholic content as you wish. You are free to drink as much rum or vodka or gin as you wish, regardless of their alcoholic content and, regardless of how much harm you do to yourself. A man goes to a party to celebrate a victory in sports or in politics. The mood is jubilant. Drinks flow freely. The party ends long after midnight and everybody is high. Driving on the way home, he has a momentary lapse of judgment and there is an accident. Is that a harmful effect? Friends are at a bar drinking liquor. There is ill feeling between two of them, over a real or imagined insult. They get into an argument, ending in a fight. One stabs the other with a broken battle. Is that a harmful effect?

Celebrating and respecting our Belizean athletes
National Coach Matthew Smiling sent us some pictures of our Belizean 3×3 U-18 Basketball National Team that “turned heads” at the 3×3 U-18 World Championships this past weekend, October 28-30, in Alcobensdas, Spain. Belize’s 3×3 squad (Brandon Flowers, Tree-vanne Moses, Akeem Watters and Brian White) ranked 4th in their group with a 4 wins 3 losses record. Belize opened with a 20-9 loss to New Zealand. We then defeated Poland, 21-14, and China, 15-14, before losing to Canada, 18-14, on Friday, October 28. On Saturday, Belize beat Netherlands, 14-9; lost to France, 16-8; and finished with an 18-15 win over Slovakia. It was a stellar achievement for the Belize team, who, as can be seen from the accompanying pictures, were often grossly overmatched in size by their opponents. Someday, our footballers will also swell our Belizean chests with pride in the international arena. We have already made that first small step – a victory in the qualifying round of competition in CONCACAF, World Cup Qualifiers, and recently at the CODICADER Games. In athletics, at the last Olympic Games in London, Kaina Martinez and Kenneth Underwood both broke the first round qualifying barrier by moving ahead in their respective heats, a first at this level for Belizean athletes. Meanwhile, at the recent CODICADER Games, our Belizean youth won gold in basketball (Sadie Vernon Technical High) and softball (Ladyville Technical High). The “sleeping giant” of Belizean sports achievement is slowly rising to our potential. Our sports desk takes pleasure in showcasing some of our athletic achievers.

From The Publisher
I have a maternal uncle to whom I was close; he died a few years ago after being confined, or confining himself, to his Lizarraga Street home for some fifteen years or so. During the years he was confined, I would visit him, on the average, a couple times each week. During those visits, I got to know him much better, and I would refer specifically to the fact that I began to see his flaws. From my childhood, he had been a hero of mine, and hero worship is something which blinds you to your idol’s feet of clay, as they say. My uncle had been in Panama from 1941 until 1946. He travelled to Panama, as many Belizean workers did during that time, for work in the Panama Canal Zone. He was just 19 when he went to Panama. After he returned to British Honduras, he did the best he could until one of his friends hooked him up with the Public Works Department. I would say that around 1954 or 1955, while he was at the Public Works Department, he was given an opportunity to study electrical matters in Puerto Rico. Years later, while he was teaching electricity at Belize Technical College, an institution at which he rose as high as vice-principal, he got another break to study abroad, this time in Los Angeles, from where he returned to Belize in 1968.

Mr. Lawrence Vernon responds
Sir, I refer to Nick Pollard’s letter in the Amandala of September 30, 2012. Nick Pollard is correct in saying that the Amandala did publish a paper on political parties in Belize written by me. Actually the Amandala extracted the paper from the Belizean Studies publication “Readings in Belizean History” published by St. John’s College and the Institute of Social and Cultural Research, which is a condensed version of a comprehensive book which I intend to publish, entitled “A History of Political Parties in Belize.” Allow me to make two comments on Nick’s letter, and the Declaration he so thoughtfully published next to his letter lends some support. Firstly, I cannot agree that I took the statement, “that Nicholas Pollard conducted a campaign of slander against leaders of the P.U.P.” out of context when that is almost verbatim in the Declaration that was scheduled to be read by William Lloyd Coffin on September 27, 1956 at the Riverside Hall in Belize City. I will concede, however, that in the condensed version of the book, reference was only made to the Declaration; while my comprehensive text actually details the clauses in the Declaration. Secondly, and again because Nick only had access to the condensed version, although I failed to inform readers of “a bitter feud” among P.U.P. leaders in July 1956 over missing General Workers Union monies, I did infer this by stating in my comprehensive text: “On July 6 the General Workers Union suspended its General Secretary, Nicholas Pollard, for financial irregularities.” In a footnote I further stated: “This dispute amongst the leaders of the Union had resulted in Pollard forming a break-away union registered as the Christian Democratic Union.” I have every respect and admiration for Nick as a political historian, and welcome his comments and I thank him for sharing his thoughts. Let me close by saying, though, that my being listed in the acknowledgements of Godfrey Smith’s biography of George Price aside, and further comments about the author’s treatment of the subject, is for Mr. Smith to take up if he deems it fitting. Lawrence Vernon

6 months in prison for theft with a firearm
Today, Gregory Thompson was found guilty of robbery with a firearm in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith. In the trial which started and ended today, one of the three victims, 17 years at the time, told the court that on November 7, 2011, he, his two friends and others were at the La Democracia bus stop waiting for a bus to come. Thompson, he claims, then came and began eating a bag of chips with his back to the crowd. After half of the group caught a bus to “Malantee” (Gales Point, Manatee), only he, his two friends, Thompson and two others were left out there. He told the court that Thompson then pulled out a gun and pointed it at his friend and told him to give him the phone, and to shut up. His friend handed over the cell phone, and Thompson then pointed the gun in the face of his other friend and took away his phone. Then Thompson pointed the gun into the witness’ face, and took away his cell phone, then told him not to say anything.

Leroy Sherrier Lewis returns
Costa Rican to helm Belize National Team at UNCAF Copa Centroamericana in his home nation next January. Belize has left itself little time to prepare a full-strength National “A” side to attend next January’s UNCAF Copa Centroamericana to be held in Costa Rica. But the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) today unveiled its most important weapon in the arsenal for a team on the rise in the region: new national team coach and head of coaching training, Costa Rican Leroy Sherrier Lewis. Lewis previously acted as head coach and technical director for Belize in 2001, and authored one of Belize’s best runs to date at the regional level in what was then known as the Nation’s Cup, and subsequent World Cup qualifiers. Unfortunately, he was run out by the former FFB administration under Dr. Bertie Chimilio, and Belize’s record under his successors until recently was mediocre at best and desperately poor at worst. As the FFB fought with the Government and its detractors at home, Guatemala’s Palmiro Salas and Honduras’ Jose de la Paz “Chelato” Ucles led the national side to important victories against St. Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Grenada and St. Vincent – admittedly smaller Caribbean sides – while the team gave good account of themselves in matchups with mighty Mexico (lost 9-0 over two legs in the second round of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers played in 2008) and nemesis Guatemala (lost by a combined score of 5-2 in two group matches in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers played in 2011). But in the Nations’ Cup, the qualifying tournament for CONCACAF’s Gold Cup, Belize has never had so much as a victory despite appearing since 1996.

Let it go, Mr. Said, let it go
Last week we submitted some questions for the Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize from 1998 to 2008. These questions were rhetorical questions, which is to say, they were questions to which we know the answers, or, think we know the answers. Mr. Musa was never the dreamer and adventurer that Assad Shoman was, but because he was a faithful friend to Assad, Said basked in the aura of revolutionary romance which surrounded Mr. Shoman. You must understand that this aura was a magnetic field which drew young university students to its energy in the middle and late 1960s, especially if those young university students belonged to ancestral groupings which were being oppressed by European world dominance. In the case of Mr. Shoman and Mr. Musa, they are of Palestinian descent on their fathers’ side, so in the boiling intellectual cauldron which was London, they discovered identity and cause in the sizzling sixties. Electoral political success for Mr. Shoman and Mr. Musa was slow in coming in the 1970s in Belize, and by the early 1980s it had become clear that this success would be limited by some political realities within the political party they had chosen as their vehicle for socio-economic change – the ruling, undefeated People’s United Party (PUP), led by the charismatic George Cadle Price. Then, in 1984, came political disaster for the aforementioned attorneys. The PUP lost their first general election ever, and it was by a landslide margin. Both Shoman and Musa lost their seats, even Mr. Price himself. It is important to understand that the party was rebuilt after that 1984 shocker, because then you will understand why Mr. Musa felt his hands were tied, as it were, when he resumed his political career on a solo basis, Mr. Shoman having withdrawn from electoral politics after 1984. There are some people, like Joe Coye, who have sought to take some credit for the rebuilding of the PUP after 1984, but all we can is say what we saw from our position as political observers. Mr. Price was tired after 1984; perhaps more important, in a way he was content, because the elusive Holy Grail had been achieved, after much arduous effort, in 1981. The people who rebuilt the PUP and masterminded its surprise victory in September of 1989 were two of Mr. Price’s personal protégés – Glenn Godfrey and Ralph Fonseca.

Another illegal Guat logger; this time in Caracol
A Guatemalan of Peten, Guatemala, is tonight in jail, but not for the offense which joint security forces personnel say they caught him red-handed trying to do – cut down the National Tree, mahogany, in an archaeological reserve. Edgar Rene Amador Jenis, 38, of La Calzada Mopan, Dolores, Peten, appeared this morning in San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court charged with drug possession for 4.5 grams of marijuana and illegal entry into the country by the Department of Immigration. He was issued a fine by the presiding magistrate, but was unable to pay and was sent to jail for a year. This evening, FCD chair Rafael Manzanero registered to Amandala the organization’s “deep concern” that charges of illegal logging in a protected area and entry of an animal without proper documentation is apparently yet to be lodged by the Forestry Department. Our checks this evening with San Ignacio police were fruitless, as their senior personnel had left the office when we called.

The Reporter

Scout Association spearheads clean -up of Belize’s rivers and beaches
The Scouts Association of Belize mobilized volunteers across the country to work with this year’s International Waterway and Coastline Clean-up, a global initiative carried out by Ocean Conservancy last Saturday, September 29.

Guat illegal logger caught in Caracol reserves
Belize security forces have captured a lone Guatemalan logger in the Caracol Reserve of the Chiquibul forest, some five miles deep in Belizean territory. Security forces sneaked up on 37-year-old Edgar René Amador Jeni of La Calzada Mopan Village in the province of Dolores shortly after midday last Saturday, September 29.

Retired Belizean murdered inside home
San Ignacio police have detained a man from the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan related to the murder of retired Belizean American contractor, Robert Lewis, 53, also of the Maya Mopan area. Lewis was stabbed multiple times in his neck, and his throat slashed. The incident occurred inside his home at around 1:30 on Monday morning, when a knife-wielding man gained entry to the house and ambushed Lewis and his wife, Orsula Patnett-Lewis, 50. Orsula, who was in the master bedroom on the second flat, was ordered to lie on the floor, tied up and threatened before her attacker demanded money and the couple’s gun.

Telemedia wins 6th Charles Solis softball marathon
Belize Telemedia , the national women’s softball champions, hammered the Belize rural champions, Easy Does It of Flowers Bank, 11-2 to win the finals of the fourth annual Charles Solis softball marathon at Rogers Stadium in Belize City on Sunday, September 30. Easy Does It pitcher Margaret Hendy held off the Telemedia women for the first two innings, but Telemedia went on to collect eight hits off Hendy’s pitching. The Flowers Bank defense committed four errors in the bottom of the third inning, allowing catcher Earlene Belisle, Lydia Cacho and Martha Rhys to score.

GOB accounts full of irregularities – Auditor General reports
The United Democratic Party administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow may have been elected to office on a promise of accountability and transparency, but the Auditor General’s recently released report indicates their management of public finances has been anything but accountable. Auditor General Dorothy Bradley has scrutinized Government spending of more than $890 million and revenue receipts of $840 million for the financial year 2010/2011, which ended on March 31, 2011. Her report cites a litany of audit issues: revenue arrears not submitted as required, inadequate records management, pertinent information missing from computerized accounts, unreconciled bank accounts, unreconciled line accounts, contracts drawn up after the job was completed, deficient inventory management of assets, unsatisfactory accounting for government stores, and poor control over the use of government vehicles. She found that the Accountant General’s office has too much of a workload and too many responsibilities to provide the strict , continuous and effective monitoring as required by the government’s financial controls.

22-year-old UB Student Murdered
Suzenne “Purple” Martinez, a second year Medical Laboratory Technician student at the University of Belize, Belmopan campus, was murdered in San Ignacio on Tuesday night. The 22-year-old, who caught a bus near the lane where she lived on Eighteenth Street, had gone to school and was on her way home. San Ignacio police are yet to determine whether she was forced into a vehicle or was lured by someone she knew, but one of her classmates reportedly saw her get off the bus in San Ignacio sometime after 7:00 pm. She never arrived home and her family grew especially concerned when she didn’t report home by midnight, and they made a formal missing person’s report. Suzenne’s half-nude body was discovered a few hundred yards from her home further up the street. Her pants had been pulled down to about her knees and her blouse was pulled up. Jamid Martinez, Suzenne’s brother, told reporters that he was on his way to work around 6:30 Wednesday morning, when his attention was drawn to police officers scouring a spot in some bushes. When he arrived at the scene, he realized that it was his sister. Jamid said that his sister appeared to have suffered multiple bruises.

CCJ stops BTL dividends payment
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Belize’s highest court, has ordered Belize Telemedia Ltd. not to pay out dividends to shareholders at an early Annual General Meeting to be held at the Princess Hotel in Belize City on Friday night, September 28. The CCJ so ruled after hearing arguments from attorneys representing the Ashcroft Alliance at a special hour-long hearing held via video-conference on Wednesday, September 26. Attorney Godfrey Smith, SC, appeared on behalf of Dean Boyce and the BTL Employees Trust, and Eamon Courtenay appeared on behalf of the British Caribbean Bank to argue why the government, which holds the majority of shares in BTL, should be restrained from paying out any dividends to itself. Senior Counsel Denys Barrow and Senior Crown Counsel Magali Perdomo, of the Solicitor General’s office, represented the Government. The CCJ ruled that BTL could not deal with the dividends before December 14, 2012, one year after the last BTL AGM. Godfrey Smith explained to The Reporter, that Boyce had learnt of BTL’s plans for an early AGM, and they immediately applied to the CCJ for an interim relief. Smith said that they had also applied to the CCJ, on January 26, 2012, because the Belize Court of Appeal did not order consequential relief when it ruled in their favor in the first nationalization case. “The CCJ,” Smith pointed out, “felt that our appeal should be stayed, pending challenges to the second nationalization.”

Taiwan gives $200,000 for Inspiration Center
The Inspiration Center, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility for Belize’s children with special needs, now has financing to begin construction, thanks to a timely $200,000 donation from the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, H.E. David C.K. Wu, presented the cheque to Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow on Tuesday, October 2. The Embassy has pledged twice this amount to the project, but this first disbursement will help construction get underway at the site at Mile 1.5 on the George Price Highway in Belize City. Both Mrs. Barrow and CARE-Belize Director Evan Cowo, whose agency will manage the center, thanked Ambassador Wu for his government’s splendid support to this project and to Belize. The ROC’s pledged $400,000 and the proceeds of the Inspiration Telethon have made it possible for the project to begin immediately. Mrs. Barrow and Mr. Cowo have signed a letter of intent awarding the construction contract for the Center to Usher Construction Company. The contractor, Robert Usher, estimates that the center can be completed in about a year at a cost of $1.8 million. The Special Envoy’s office also thanks those who contributed to the Inspiration Center, since their support, however small, will directly enhance the life of children with disabilities in Belize.

Belize plans to cut oil imports by half by 2020
The Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities has announced its strategic five-year plan to make Belize completely energy-independent and to transform the country into a low-carbon economy by 2033. The Ministry’s medium-range plan, unveiled at a conference at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel last Thursday, is for Belize to become a net exporter of electricity by 2020, and a net exporter of bio-fuels by 2033. To ensure Belize’s smooth transition into a low-carbon environment, the ministry aims to improve energy efficiency and conservation across all sectors, triple the amount of modern energy carriers derived from waste material, and reduce the country’s dependence on imported fuels by 50 per cent during the next eight years. Dr. Colin Young, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Science and Technology, disclosed that the Ministry is managing two sustainable energy projects: one in Flowers Bank Village in the Belize District, where cohune oil is being tested as a bio-fuel. The other project is to enhance energy efficiency in buildings in Belize. This is to be accomplished through a US$1.2 million grant provided to Belize by Japan. Consultants are expected to arrive in Belize later year to begin work on this project. Since March this year, the Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities has taken oversight of electricity and energy, including solar energy, gas, geology and petroleum research and development, public utilities and the Public Utilities Commission, among other duties. Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega who is Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Minister of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities, Senator Joy Grant and Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber attended this benchmark meeting.


A Bar Birthday Challenge: Cheap, Fun and New
When you've lived on this island as long as I have ( it's only been 6 years but I like to start my posts out dramatically like that), you can fall into a bit of a rut. Always eating the same thing, at the same places, going to the same stores and bars...time to find something new. Let's change things up. Plus, it was Bonnie's birthday. (That is Bonnie below posing yesterday with the very cute Rudy of Wahoo's Lounge.) New. Cheap. Fun. Open in October. It's a tall order. But...after extensive plotting and planning, the afternoon was a success. We located two bars that we hadn't been to before, met new, very friendly bar owners, got caught in some seriously heavy rain and celebrated Bonnie's birthday with many (perhaps one too many) Belikins. And (I think) found a new favorite bar for my 2012 Best Bars on the Island list. (For 2011's winners see this post). Here is where we started. A VERY cool spot on the backside of the island. If you are heading north from town, it is the 3rd...or 4th left. You will see the sign. I am now in love with this spot. We met the owner, Luce...Lou...Lucito.. GREAT guy who has lived his whole life on the island.

Effects of Tropical Climate
If you are moving to Belize, effects of tropical climate is something to consider, I say this partly because because of things like hurricane and rainy season in Belize. The rain was so heavy last night that Eileen said they closed DandE’s and she left her bike in town and cabbed home. Leisa texted and said Cowboy Doug had emptied a total of 4.5 inches from the Grand Caribe rain gauge this morning. That seemed like a lot but after my bike ride I was not surprised at the number. I got my cardio up in a not so fun way with several giant puddles while riding to the pool. I could feel my body tense and my heart rate go up as I was driving through hoping I would not hit big rock or suddenly sink in a pot hole. I never had to think about that kind of thing when I was living in downtown Toronto. Even though my San Pedro weather related bike riding issues are not something I would put on my favorites list, I would still take that over shoveling snow any day. My second example of the effects of tropical climate comes in the form of our washing machine which recently started leaking. My first thought was a hose had come loose but upon close inspection tacoboy found that part of the bottom was rusting out and hole underneath were what was causing the machine to leak. I happened to be talking to Tim to arrange when they could show the house to a client and he said that I should pick up some dual epoxy and would have Heraldo come over after the showing to fix the washer for us. In addition to the epoxy Tim had Heraldo use a fiberglass patch to make it stronger and last longer. We all have our fingers crossed that our temporary fix will last a while, it looks pretty sturdy.

Why I want to experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek
I want to be a part of the New Years Eve celebration in Belize that is once in 52,000 years in the year of 2012. I want to experience the reflection of the end of the cosmic circle and celebration of a new beginning in this historical Winter Solstice. I want to discover the artifacts of this fascinating place and be a part of this Maya culture celebration. I want to see the pyramid of Xumantunich and the sacred caves of Actun Tunichi Muknal, and the Royal Palace of Cahal Pech. I want to be a part of this reflection of time. It would be amazing to be in the heartland of the Maya during this time of completion of the great cycle of the 13th B’ak’tum and celebration of the new age.

Who invited the Sandflies to our party??
And they are here … what you might ask … the Sandflies!! As October the 1st hit (the normal time of the year for these pesky creatures to appear) these tiny little irritants appeared here in Caye Caulker, and probably the rest of Belize too!! Sandflies, sandflies, sand gnat or no-see-um/ noseeum – they are all the same, a tiny midge. No bigger than a pin head they almost seem like flying dust but their bite is more ferocious than that of a mosquito! They live in the sand and therefore they are attracted to white and light and therefore anybody with pale skin (and particularly those who are new to these parts like tourists) beware! Red itchy bumps appear that may well turn into a rash for those who have not had the fortune to bump into these creatures before – for us locals we are still left with an intense itching sensation without any marks. Neither scenario is pleasant! The only prevention (and it is indeed 100% effective and indeed environmentally friendly) is baby oil. Agreed you lube your body up sufficiently enough that you look like you want to enter a ‘strong man’ competition and indeed you may slide off any seat you may choose to sit upon, however, those suckers wings just clog up in the oil and they die a pleasant death!! This period and their time with us, in our experience is short lived – the higher winds that come to us at the end of October flush their presence out here on the island entirely – for this we are blessed and therefore we will bide our time and baby oil ourselves up each day with much humor. In the meantime, think of us and our little critters and say a tiny little prayer that they are gone as quick as they came!!

Successful Live Twitter Chat From Belize
On October 2, 2012, the Belize Tourism Board held a live twitter chat under the hashtag #WhereisBZE. The purpose of the live chat was to promote Belize to the world. The 1 hour chat was a success with an approximate “reach” of 890,125 Followers. iBelmopan was part of the educative chat group and we are proud to say that Belize is stepping up its game in the travelling industry. BELIZE’s “IMPRESSION” in the TWITTER world and online has amplified as a result of a successful one-hour LIVE CHAT, organized by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) entitled “Where in the World is Belize!” This LIVE CHAT held Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, was successful in promoting Belize as one of the ultimate vacation destinations. With an approximate “REACH” of 890,125 Followers, (measured as new IMPRESSIONS) under the hash tag #WhereisBZE, @BelizeVacation, it engaged new and existing Followers along with Twitter-savvy Industry Partners in a question and answer chat “ABOUT BELIZE”. BTB’s main focus for this LIVE CHAT was to increase the awareness of Belize’s natural wonders, diversity, cuisines and historic legacy to a wide travelling online audience that are eager to explore the beauty of ‘Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret’. With close to 1 million new Impressions during the CHAT, this initiative was a HUGE Breakthrough for Belize in its innovative online marketing ventures! TWITTER has evolved into a top business/product-to-consumer metric medium for theaccuracy in online initiatives’ effective “Reach” and “Impression” on target audiences. The BTB recorded a total of 810 TWEETS (posts) under the hashtag #WhereisBZE, at the conclusion of this LIVE CHAT. A total of 95,188 Followers tuned in using #WhereisBZE to participate, bringing the ending metrics of Impressions to 890,125, some who are still trending the hashtag!

10 Most Common Ingredients Used In Belizean Food
It is not a mystery that Belizeans are excellent cooks – both male and females. Even though I am a male, I can cook from well prepared pastas to the most iconic Belizean dish – the Rice and Beans. Talk about being multi-talented! I am obsessed with the kitchen in so many ways that I always keep it stacked with a variety of ingredients. And when I am ready, I cook something for both my wife and I; who needs restaurants anyway. Don’t even ask how she thanks me later– kisses here, kisses there. O’ how I love cooking! But what makes us excellent chefs? It could be that we have inherited these abilities from our ancestors. What do you think? I don’t even know my ancestors so I can jump to that conclusion. How about you?

International Sources

TSA to Deploy Marijuana-Detecting Body Scanners
These new “laser” body scanners, about to be deployed by the TSA, are capable of detecting every trace of any substance on your body down to a molecular level. While the TSA claims that the purpose is to search for explosives, they are also capable of tracing the level of adrenaline in the body. The machines will also be capable of detecting pieces marijuana within the body or on clothes and skin. “Within the next year or two, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will instantly know everything about your body, clothes, and luggage with a new laser-based molecular scanner fired from 164 feet (50 meters) away,” reports Gizmodo.

Fake Antivirus Ringleader Must Pay $163 Million
According to the FTC, Kristy Ross, together with defendants Sam Jain, Daniel Sundin, Marc D'Souza, and James Reno, served as officers and directors of two businesses: Belize-based Innovative Marketing, Inc. (IMI), and a subsidiary, Cincinnati-based ByteHosting Internet Services. The businesses were used "to conduct a massive 'scareware' scheme that marketed a variety of computer security software via deceptive advertising."

Double dipping Belize, Ecuador and Cote d'lvoire
Sovereign Bond Defaults since 1997

Grace acquires minority stake in GraceKennedy Belize
The GraceKennedy Group has acquired the 33.3 per cent interest of the minority shareholder in GraceKennedy Belize, effective September 28. This gives the Jamaican conglomerate outright ownership of the Central American outfit. GraceKennedy’s operation in Belize started 30 years ago, and was the result of a collaboration between the company and its former chairman A. Rafael Diaz and the Espat family in Belize. It was led by well-known Belize businessman Roberto Espat, Snr. Espat Snr., Roberto Espat Jnr. and Rosemarie Espat have been active board members of GK Belize since January 1982. GraceKennedy has been the majority shareholder and business operator since the inception of GK Belize. However, Espat recently decided to sell his minority stake in the company and in keeping with the shareholders’ agreement his shares were offered to GraceKennedy. CEO of GK Foods, Michael Ranglin reiterated GK Belize’s commitment to its customers and consumers. “We will continue to be the company that is known and loved in Belize for its quality offerings. It is our intent to grow the business even more significantly there and we look forward to doing that in our new capacity as full owners,” he said.

Florida Crystals subsidiary acquires majority interest in Belize Sugar Industries
American Sugar Refining has become the majority shareholder of Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. American Sugar is a subsidiary of West Palm Beach-based Florida Crystals Corp. and Belle Glade-based Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida. “The BSI acquisition presented an opportunity to expand our sugar business by acquiring a majority interest in a key supplier of raw and direct consumption sugars to our refineries,” American Sugar Co-President Luis Fernandez said in a statement. “We plan to invest in the company and utilize our employees’ depth of sugar expertise to expand BSI’s operations and efficiencies in order to increase supplies of raw sugar and value-added fair trade and specialty sugars to our operations to meet consumer demand.” BSI owns the only sugar mill in Belize, which crushed more than 1 million tons of sugar cane and produced 114,000 tons of sugar in its most recent crop, according to a news release. The company directly employs nearly 500 people and farms 4,000 acres of cane. All of the farms qualify for the fair trade certification, which provides additional compensation to local farmers and helps foster sustainable businesses and communities. The company and its independent farmers are the largest employers in Belize.

Impact of climate change on Caribbean stressed at UN
Member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) are becoming increasingly concerned about the negative impact of climate change on the vulnerable countries of the region, with Grenada, Barbados, Dominica and Belize urging the United Nations (UN) to move swiftly toward finalizing a new binding climate treaty. Grenada’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dessima Williams urged the global body to move toward finalizing a new legally binding agreement by 2015. “Without a legally binding climate regime to uphold environmental integrity, Caribbean and other small island states could lose the opportunity for achieving sustainability soon, and some could even disappear,” Williams said on Monday in New York. “We see the upcoming COP 18 in Doha, Qatar as an opportunity to move decisively away from this scenario.” Barbados Foreign Minister Senator Maxine McClean said there was “no greater threat” to the survival and viability of her country and other small island states than “potentially catastrophic” climate change.

American company acquires majority interest in Belize sugar supplier
American Sugar Refining, the world's largest sugar refining company, has become the majority shareholder of Belize Sugar Industries (BSI), the chief supplier of Fair Trade-certified sugar globally. American Sugar acquired a majority of BSI, while the company's previous shareholders, including BSI Employee Holdings Limited, continue to hold the remaining shares. "The BSI acquisition presented an opportunity to expand our sugar business by acquiring a majority interest in a key supplier of raw and direct consumption sugars to our refineries," said Luis Fernandez, co-president of American Sugar. "We plan to invest in the company and utilize our employees' depth of sugar expertise to expand BSI's operations and efficiencies in order to increase supplies of raw sugar and value-added Fair Trade and specialty sugars to our operations to meet consumer demand." BSI owns the only sugar mill in Belize, which crushed more than a million tons of sugar cane and produced 114,000 tons of sugar in its most recent crop. The company directly employs nearly 500 people and farms 4,000 acres of cane. BSI is a vital member of the local economy, as it also processes the cane of 6,000 independent growers, who farm roughly 55,000 acres. All of the farms qualify for the Fair Trade certification, which provides additional compensation to local farmers and helps foster sustainable businesses and communities.

Trip planning for Belize & Tikal
I'm planning to a trip to Belize & Guatemala (12 days total) in a few weeks, and have a few questions: 1. Planning on about 4 days in/around San Ignacio. I was looking at various jungle lodges, trying to stay around $50/night for a double with bath. I came across Cohune Palms website last month, but now it won't connect. Does anyone know if they are still in operation? Looking for something laid back with river access. Plan on seeing a few local ruins, doing ATM tour, maybe a little tubing, and otherwise kicking back in a hammock with a Belekin or rum drink. Any other lodges in my price range that I should consider? (Looked at Trek Stop and Parrot Nest.)

LibriVox - acoustical liberation of books in the public domain
Great resource for those that like to listen to great books: "...LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. There are several options for listening. The first step is to get the mp3 or ogg files into your own computer:..."

October 5, 2012

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The San Pedro Sun

Shooting Incident Involving BDF Results in One Fatality
The Ministry of National Security regrets to announce that around 12:41 pm on October 4, 2012, in the Ceibo Chico area, Cayo District, Belize, some seven (7) miles east of the Belize/Guatemala border, there was a shooting incident involving the BDF resulting in one fatality. The deceased is believed to be a Guatemalan citizen. Members of the Police Crimes Investigation Branch have been deployed to the scene of the incident. Accompanying them are officials from the Organization of American States (OAS) and a representative of the Guatemalan Embassy in Belize. Further details of the incident will be provided when as become available.

US doctor and nurse volunteer and train PolyClinic staff in Emergency Medicine
A doctor and a nurse from the U.S. have been on the island volunteering and conducting training in medical emergency response at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. Certified Emergency Physician Dr. Mike Mazzeferro and registered Emergency Trauma Nurse Jodie Harnish, who both work at Bayfront Medical Center Level 2 Traumatic Center in St Petersburg in Miami, U.S. have been donating their time to train some of the nurses and doctors at the clinic in the handling of traumatic emergencies. Along with the training, the two also worked to set up and prepare an emergency or “code” cart inside the emergency room. Speaking to The SPSun, Dr. Mazzeferro said that the two have been helping and giving hands-on training in just about anything that the clinic requires of them while in Belize but their main goal is to offer training and share ideas on dealing with traumatic emergencies. “Given the amount of time we are here we share ideas on emergency medicine that they would like us to address. Some of these things are common things and problems that they may encounter on a daily basis,” said Dr. Mazzefferro. The team of two has been going over some of the things that need to be in place at the clinic to efficiently deal with traumatic emergencies as well as the procedures that need to be followed when handling such emergencies.

Tropic Air announces service to San Ignacio/Benque Viejo del Carmen
Press Release - San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Tuesday, October 3 , 2012 - Tropic Air announced today that it will be inaugurating daily non-stop passenger and cargo service to San Ignacio (Benque Viejo del Carmen) on December 10, 2012. Service will be from San Pedro and Belize City and will use the Maya Flats Airstrip, which is conveniently located between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo, and near to many of the major hotels in area. The new service is a direct response to requests from its valued customers, and carries through on the airline’s commitment to the people of Belize. It also will allow for the growth of tourism in both regions, facilitating easy and quick transfers for visitors, and for increased trade between Cayo and the rest of the country.

SP’s Baldemar Graniel receives highest PUP award, the George Price Award
Former Mayor of San Pedro Town and long standing member of the People’s United Party (PUP) in San Pedro Town, Baldemar Graniel was recently presented with the Right Honorable George Price Award. Graniel is also a longtime member of the San Pedro Lions Club, a Senior Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of the Supreme Court. He was given the award during a ceremony to mark the 62nd birthday of the PUP that took place on September 29th at Independence Hall located at the PUP Headquarters on Queen Street in Belize City. Graniel was given the award by the Party Leader of the PUP Hon Francis Fonseca along with 34 other Belizean awardees from the 31 electoral divisions. Graniel has been a political activist on the island and a member of the PUP from its early stage of establishment. Graniel, who is a former Mayor of San Pedro Town, has also been a candidate in various elections under the PUP ticket, some of which were successful. Graniel’s contributions to the PUP in San Pedro are too many to mention and he has earned the respect of many residents on the island. “I am very happy for the recognition of which I am proud but humble to have received,” said Graniel, adding, “this is one of the most valuable and significant awards in my life.” According to Graniel, he was surprised when he was informed that he was nominated for the award by several residents of San Pedro. “I never believed I would be nominated for such a prestigious award. It goes to show that when you work hard, it never goes unnoticed. To me it is significant because it is the highest political award given by the PUP in honor of the person who led the country to independence,” said a very happy Graniel.

Ambergris Today

Family Business Chain Donates $10K to SPHS Baseball Team
In their continued effort to make a difference in the community through education, youth initiatives, and health care, the family of businesses [The Phoenix Resort, Blue Water Grill, Wine de Vine, Paradise Management, Caliente, and Red Ginger] are donating $10,000 to the San Pedro High School Baseball Team for their upcoming trip to the CODICADER games in Panama from October 12-15, 2012. “We are so proud of the high school baseball team and we’re delighted to have the opportunity help them go to Panama and represent our island and our country,” said Kelly McDermott Kanabar. “We wish the team good luck and we’re excited that they will get the opportunity travel and see the world. Of course, we’re especially proud of Conrad, a player on that team whose mom has worked at Blue Water Grill since 2003. And Mukul and I are grateful that we can continue to do our part to support education, youth initiatives, and healthcare in San Pedro. We believe that that we’re only as smart, healthy, and happy as our friends and neighbors, which is why we’re committed to continue using our businesses to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Tropic Air Announces Service to San Ignacio/Benque Viejo Del Carmen
Tropic Air announced today, October 4, 2012, that it will be inaugurating daily non-stop passenger and cargo service to San Ignacio (Benque Viejo del Carmen) on December 10, 2012. Service will be from San Pedro and Belize City and will use the Maya Flats Airstrip, which is conveniently located between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo, and near to many of the major hotels in area. The new service is a direct response to requests from its valued customers, and carries through on the airline’s commitment to the people of Belize. It also will allow for the growth of tourism in both regions, facilitating easy and quick transfers for visitors, and for increased trade between Cayo and the rest of the country. “When we inaugurated San Pedro Sula earlier this year, we promised the people of Belize to add even more exciting destinations. With the support of our resort partners and the area residents, we now feel the time is right to add San Igancio to our growing network” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “We hope that in the coming months, we are able to add flights and other destinations from San Ignacio”.

Cenote Falls Receives License to Operate Casino in Corozal
DHS Holding, Co. announced on Monday, October 1, 2012, that the Belize Gaming Control Board has awarded DHS Belize, LTD a license to operate a land-based casino, contingent upon site plans, environmental clearance and inspection. With the license granted, DHS Holding, Co. can now begin its development of the long-anticipated Cenote Falls Hotel & Casino in Santa Elena, Corozal District, Belize. Company President Charles Barrett stated, "This is great news. These contingencies are the norm for obtaining a gaming license and should in no way hinder our efforts to move forward." About the company - The primary focus of DHS Holding, Co. is directed to pursue mergers and acquisitions of companies with potential for growth and success. DHS is aggressively moving to develop and expand on both domestic and international opportunities that include building a hotel and casino in Belize and launching an online casino through DHS Belize, LTD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DHS Holding, Co.

San Pedro Joins World Event 100 Thousand Poets/Musicians for Change
It's a worldwide concept that started out with "100 Thousand Poets for Change", but the musicians around the world were invited the following year to get into the spirit of calling the world to change - a change from violence, political corruption, crime and all the negativity in the world. Musician Tim Bud (aka Barefoot Skinny) spearheaded this movement in San Pedro, Belize, by gathering as much local musicians on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Entertainers, musicians and singers from across all musical genres convened on stage at Roadkill Bar, on Coconut Drive, to jam for the cause.

Misc Belizean Sources

Conch season begins on Ambergris Caye
October 1st kicked off a season that I love in Belize – the season of conch. (Pronounced “conk”). These large mollusks, when prepared properly, are delicious, just tender enough and flavorful. And the shells are gorgeous. This particular time of year is something of a double whammy. Not only can you enjoy Conch in all of its delicious forms but it is also lobster season. The two overlap from October 1st to February 15th…the ideal time for seafood lovers to visit Belize. Don’t mess with my conch. Here are some of the favorite Belizean preparations: 1. Conch Ceviche: Probably the most popular, almost every restaurant or food stall on the island makes their own ceviche. And though it has some pretty basic ingredients, chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, seasoning, lime and conch, you’d be surprised how different it can taste.

Belize’s El Secreto Officially Opens
The El Secreto resort in Belize has officially opened. The resort, which is located 11 miles from San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, is accessed by a private 30-minute boat ride from San Pedro Town, the largest town on Ambergris Caye. The property has 13 thatched-roof stand-alone villas; three of the villas are steps from the ocean; another four feature garden views, and five lake villas surround the property’s salt-water lake. Each of the villas features a king-size bed, a marble bathroom, an LCD flat-screen television and a private outdoor jacuzzi, among other amenities. El Secreto also has an IKAL Spa Villa featuring a variety of treatments and its own fresh water pool. The project comes from Mexico City-based developers Abraham Roffe and Abraham Saade.

Soul Project Movie Screening
The Soul Project, Cayo's new cultural center, will have their grand opening around November. They have been testing out the movie projector lately with flims like Kurse a di Xtabai.

Tropic Air Coming to Cayo
Tropic Air has announced that it will be flying to Cayo starting in December. They'll be flying to the new Maya Flats airstrip which is located between Benque and San Ignacio. The flight will leave Belize City at 12:00 noon, and arrive in Cayo at 12:40. It will then leave Cayo at 12:45, and arrive back at Belize City at 1:30. Great news for Cayo.

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (03 October 2012)
Mega Bingo BelizeStraight Line 100.00 Each (10 Balls) 11 ­73 ­36 ­40 ­1 ­68 ­52 ­70 ­66 ­17­ Y 125.00 Each (13 Balls) 11 ­73 ­36 ­40 ­1 ­68 ­52 ­70 ­66 ­17 ­50 ­28 ­67­ T 150.00 Each (22 Balls) 11 ­73 ­36 ­40 ­1 ­68 ­52 ­70 ­66 ­17 ­50 ­28 ­67 ­7 ­37 ­6 ­49 ­34 ­75 ­27 ­35 ­18­ Letter X 750.00 Each (26 Balls) 11 ­73 ­36 ­40 ­1 ­68 ­52 ­70 ­66 ­17 ­50 ­28 ­67 ­7 ­37 ­6 ­49 ­34 ­75 ­27 ­35 ­18 ­19 ­9 ­42 ­23­ Inside World 1000.00 Each (29 Balls) 11 ­73 ­36 ­40 ­1 ­68 ­52 ­70 ­66 ­17 ­50 ­28 ­67 ­7 ­37 ­6 ­49 ­34 ­75 ­27 ­35 ­18 ­19 ­9 ­42 ­23 ­41 ­44 ­59­

Channel 7

Polonio Was Seventh Murder in 5.5 Days
When Steven Polonio died from multiple gunshot wounds yesterday evening in Belize city - his was the 7th murder countrywide in five and a half days - a staggering, scary statistic. Police believe his killing was gang related - and two prominent gang figures have been named as suspects. Monica Bodden found out more from police today:... Monica Bodden reporting It happened here at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon Street where 20 year old Steven Polonio was shot 7 times. The young man who was standing at the corner around 5:40 yesterday evening - was approached by a gunman who opened fire - hitting him to the face and the upper left side of his body. Polonio was rushed to the KHMH fighting for his life, but succumbed to his injuries just 30 minutes after. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "On Wednesday October 3rd at approximately 5:30pm police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw 20 year old Stephen Polonio of 2867 Armadillo address in Belize City suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the face and the left side of his body. Polonio succumb to his injuries whilst undergoing treatment at approximately 6:20pm yesterday evening."

A Protest for Suzenne
The Jasmine Low protests in San Ignacio in June made history when the community came together and demanded justice. And more than justice, they wanted a lynching of her alleged killer, Bert Vasquez. And today in San Ignacio, they came out for the latest murder victim, Suzenne Martinez - who was found murdered yesterday morning. That visceral rage was not there, but instead Jules Vasquez found a hardened resolve to demand that justice be done. Here's his story:... Jules Vasquez reporting Columbus Park, in the center of San Ignacio town was the sight of a hastily arranged impromptu protest to town meeting this afternoon. The crowd was not as energized or as outraged as they were for Jasmine Lowe, but that is understandable because Suzenne Martinez was not missing for days like Jasmine; she disappeared one night, and was found dead the next morning. Her friends, family and supporters still had a strong and clear message though; they want justice for Suzenne, and they want it swiftly.

BDF Kills Another Guate W/In Belizean Territory
For weeks we've been telling about the gold rush in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul. It has dozens of Guatemalans coming over to Belize to pan for Gold in the Ceibo Chico Creek. And now, the inevitable has happened: A Guatemalan Citizen was shot and killed by the BDF this afternoon. According to a press release, it happened at 20 minutes to 1:00 today seven miles east of the Belize/Guatemala border. That is well inside Belize, but because of the diplomatic implications, it has to be treated with sensitivity. And so even though it is not being treated as a homicide, the CIB has been deployed to the area along with officials from the (OAS) and a representative of the Guatemalan Embassy in Belize. In July the BDF shot and killed another Guatemalan Luis Alberto Ramirez in southern Belize also well inside Belizean territory.

Mexican Police In Chunox Home Invasion?
Tonight, a Corozal family is still shaken up by a home invasion which took place in Chunox Village. It happened at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, when 2 armed Hispanic men attacked them just as they arrived home. Today, Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, briefed the media about the incident, including the most recent development in the investigation, which led them to believe that the assailants may be Guatemalan policemen. Here's what he told us: Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "Darlene Cabral, 25 years old housewife of the same village, Chunox village in the Corozal District reported that approximately 7 o' clock on the 2nd October upon arriving home with her husband and her children she notice that her house was being ransacked and immediately thereafter she was accosted by a Hispanic male person who brandished a 9mm firearm at her and proceeded to tie her up. At the same time she heard shots firing and she saw her husband running."

A Done Deal: ASR Acquires BSI Majority Shares/ Pays Off Debt
The Belize Sugar Industry had been saddled with tens of millions of US dollars in debt for years, but tonight, it has a fresh start, a complete reset - all the numbers on its balance sheet are a rolled back to Zero. And that's because American Sugar Refinery has paid off the full indebtedness - 64.8 million US dollars - in exchange for 78.6% equity in the company's shares. With that $64.8 million US, BSI paid off all its debts which it owed to International Netherlands Group (ING), the Belcogen Consortium of Lenders, and the Government of Belize. Viewers may remember that GOB stepped late in 2011 and loaned BSI 10 million Belizean dollars to jump-start cane crops and as a measure to get ING to give BSI a one-year extension on its 20 million US dollar debt. Well, all of those debts are paid with ASR owning majority of the company and BSI Employee's Holdings Limited controlling the rest of the 21.4% shares. This evening, we spoke with BSI's CEO, Joey Montalvo, and via phone, he told us that not only are the bills paid off, BSI now has cash in hand. Here's what Montalvo told us about the current make-up of the shares of the company:

Fiona Freed of Charge For Bullet In Baby Bag
Today in Magistrate's Court, 32 year-old Fiona Mitchell, a food vendor of Fabers Road, was acquitted of keeping a single round of ammunition. The incident happened in August of 2011, when the GSU searched the house and found 1 live round of .32 ammunition inside a baby's knapsack. It caused quite a fuss in the area at the time - as our cameras were in the area and the GSU tried to get us to stop taping. The GSU charged both Mitchell and her common-law husband, 38 year-old Mark Lewis with keeping unlicensed ammunition. Lewis was not brought to trial because he was murdered on February 2, 2012, while he was sitting in his van in the parking lot of Belize Healthcare Partners Limited. But the case went on. The prosecution called 3 witnesses who testified to the discovery, and when they closed their case, Mitchell's attorney Brian Neal made a no case submission.

Will Venezuelan Election Change Things In Belize?
Right now, Venezuela is getting ready for Presidential elections on Sunday. Populist president Hugo Chavez is going for a third term against young rival, Henrique Capriles. And because Venezuela is often depicted in US media as having less than free and fair elections the Venezuelan Embassy in Belize held a small conference today to explain the procedure. 7News was there and here's an excerpt of the presentation, where the Embassy spokesperson described their sophisticated electronic voting system: Gabriel Sanchez, Charge D' Affairs - Venezuelan Embassy "There are two machines over there that they have when you go to the center for voting. Basically when you go there - it serves like a calculator and you present your ID to the president of the board then you are going introduce the number in that calculator. After that if it is approved you have to press your finger print in the machine. When that is finish you are going to go to the second machine which is the secret machine that is fully covered and nobody is going to see because you are going to exercise your right to vote."

Soldier Accused of Selling Ammo to Gangs Gets Off
It made huge news in December of 2008 when two BDF soldiers were caught on the Northern Highway with a trove of dangerous ammunition, allegedly stolen from the Price Barracks Compound. Information to police was that they were going to sell (1,340) one thousand three hundred and forty rounds of 5.56 ammunition to Belize City's street gangs. Those are the kind of rounds used in assault rifles such as M-16's and AR-15's. At the time, BDF Sergeant 30 year old Emmerson Michael and BDF Lance Corporal 29 year old Henry Williams were intercepted in a BDF Land Rover. Fast forward four years and today the now 34 year-old Emmerson Michael, BDF Sergeant, was acquitted of the firearm offence before Justice Adolph Lucas. The prosecution, represented by Stevanni Duncan, called several witnesses to testify against Michael. But the main witness was the officer who was in charge of a checkpoint at the time reported that he busted both men in the Land Rover which Michael was driving and while Williams had the ammunition in a bag between his legs.

INDIGE-NOW Festival Will Name New Location Later
Last night we showed you FFB President Ruperto Vicente, explaining that he would rather the MCC Grounds be used for nothing other than football. And it seems the authorities at NICH heard him loud and clear, they have decided to move the "IndigiNOWBelize" - the World Indigenous Music Festival to a new location on October 12 - 14th. The new location for the festival is still being decided, and the final location will be announced at a later date, but according to NICH, October 12 -14 is still officially booked.

San Pedro Sun Names Another Slovak Fugitive
Last week we told you about press reports from Slovakia which said that another fugitive form their country was in San Pedro. Well today's San Pedro Sun reports that the Slovakian man is Viliam Misenka who is listed on the Interpol wanted list. The paper says that a senior member of the Police Department in Belmopan confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that they had been aware of Misenka's presence in San Pedro Town. In an interview with 7news, Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse denied any knowledge of Misenka's presence in Belize. Here's what he told us last week Friday:.. Jules Vasquez "We see in the Slovakian media - I know you wish to thread carefully but that another Slovakian person in interest is in Belize. Is this information that you at the immigration ministry have received?" Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration "Not yet." If Hulse seemed reluctant to comment, he may have been wise not to - as last time his comments resulted in the up-ending of the case to expel the other wanted Slovakian Karol Mello.

PROFILE: Reuben Novelo
Reuben Novelo is a young and successful entrepreneur, and he is already making a major impression on the private sector with his innovative approach to business administration. He tells the profile tonight that being a part of a big, hardworking family groomed him into man able think on his feet. Here's what he had to say about the machine he invented to improve the efficiency of his unusual, but successful business

Channel 5

“Dodo” shot and killed in rival gang territory
There are two suspects in the murder of Steven Polonio, whose street name is “Dodo,” but no charges have yet been brought against anyone. Polonio was shot after five o’clock on Wednesday evening and died about an hour later while undergoing surgery. It is not known what he was doing in rival gang territory when [...]

Chunox family speaks about home invasion by Mexican police
Two Mexican nationals, both carrying, Mexican police identification are in police custody tonight after a frightening home invasion in the northern village of Chunox. Police are looking for a third suspect, who they believe was involved in the incident. On Tuesday, the house of Julius Foreman, a fisherman, was ransacked purportedly by the three Mexican [...]

ASR purchase of majority shares of B.S.I. complete
The Belize Sugar Industries is now officially an asset of American Sugar Refining Limited. The boards of both B.S.I. and ASR issued a joint release announcing ASR’s successful purchase of seventy-eight point six percent of the B.S.I. Group at a cost of sixty-four point eight million US dollars. The debts owed by B.S.I. to ING [...]

Cayo residents in full force following murder of UB student
The brutal killing of Suzanne Martinez has left the western communities in shock and angry. Today, members of the town council and locals staged a mini demonstration in front of the police station in San Ignacio. The crowd called for justice and the death penalty to be implemented. The demonstrators are still trying to come [...]

Fleecing of Belize: Ministry buys lumber/cement from gas station and tires for stripped vehicle
The auditor general uncovered suspected cases of fraud in different ministries during the review of government finances for the period 2010-2011. According to the audit, government suffered great financial losses because the regulations as it relates to accountability were not adhered to. On Wednesday night, we reported on the two law firms of choice which [...]

Integrity: C.E.O. of the Ministry of Works resigns
There are reports tonight that the C.E.O. in the Ministry of Works has called it quits. Carlson Goff was recruited from the Caribbean Development when the government won a second term in office in the last general elections in March. His appointment was seen as a move to bring integrity and confidence to the Ministry [...]

B.D.F. soldier Not Guilty of keeping 1,000 rounds
After thirteen years of service, the fate of Belize Defence Force Sergeant, thirty-four year old Emerson Michael today landed in the hands of a jury. Charges were levied against the soldier after he left the B.D.F. compound in Lords Bank in a land rover carrying one thousand, three hundred and forty live rounds of ammunition [...]

Environmentalists should be celebrities; CZMAI lecture series
The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute hosts a monthly educational series for members of the environmental community. The seminar series has been conducted by researchers and scientists who use very technical language. But for this month’s seminar, the CZMAI has taken a different approach and invited the host of the Wake Up Belize Show, [...]

Harvest for Kids needs your help
Summer may be long gone, but that doesn’t imply that camps have gone on hiatus until 2013. The Belize Camping Experience continues its work with youths. This Saturday the organizers are taking a group of young people to Banana Bank, outside the nation’s capital for a program called Harvest for Kids. According to the director [...]

Healthy Living examines prevention of whopping cough
The Ministry of health announced that recently suspected cases of whooping cough or Pertussis were detected in Springfield, Cayo where a close knit Mennonite community has settled. The fear is that the cough is contagious and persons especially children who have not been vaccinated are exposed. This week, Healthy Living sat one on one with [...]


Duo Robbed At Gunpoint on the Coastal Road
A resident of Harmonyville is still in shock after she and her brother-in-law were held up at gunpoint while working at Manatee on the Coastal Road. 27-year-old Carla Campos told Love News that on Wednesday October 3, she and her brother-in-law 33-year-old Jose Campos left home sometime...

Couple Charged for Ammunition; Husband Dies Prior to Trial; Wife Acquitted
Thirty-two year old Foina Mitchell, a food vendor of Faber’s Road, charged with kept ammunition without a gun license, was acquitted of the charge today. Mitchell was also charged with aggravated assault and harm on a female officer of the GSU but those charges were dismissed yesterday ...

Sergeant of Belize Defense Force Acquitted of Ammunition Charges
A jury of five women and four men deliberated for almost four hours today in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas before it found 34-year -old BDF sergeant Emmerson Michael not guilty of kept ammunition without a gun license for 1,340 round of 5.6 calibre bullets. The jury’s verdict was un...

Will Belize and Guatemala Go To The ICJ?
Reports in the Guatemalan press say that a meeting between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina will take place on October nineteenth. Prensa Libre reported in its online edition today that the meeting originally scheduled for this weekend at the OAS off...

Sale of Majority Shares in BSI Completed
The deal allowing American Sugar Refining Limited to acquire majority shares in Belize Sugar Industries Limited has been completed. Effective Tuesday, October 3, all of the outstanding loan notes owed to creditors, including ING, by BSI had been paid up and the investment transaction perfecte...

Guatemalan Killed on Belizean Soil
There is not a lot of information available but the Ministry of National Security has confirmed that a Guatemalan national has been killed. A release from the Ministry says sometime around 12:41 this afternoon in the Ceibo Chico area in the Cayo District, some seven miles east of the Be...


Salvapan Resident Investigated For Double Murder In The Cayo District
In last night’s newscast we brought to you the gruesome murder of twenty year old UB student Suzenne Martinez of San Ignacio Town. Martinez’ body was found in a drain not more than 500 feet from her house at about 6:30 in the morning of October 3rd. Suzenne Martinez was attending classes at the University of Belize’s Belmopan Campus in a Science field and was last seen with her friends eating at a Chinese Restaurant in Belmopan. Pictures posted on the popular social network Facebook, show Martinez eating Chow Mein with three of her classmates and friends. Suzenne’s parents became concerned when she failed to arrive home at her usual time and made a missing persons report that same night minutes to midnight. Suzenne’s body was discovered by a passerby who then called it into the police. Her twenty-three year old brother Jamid Martinez was on his way to work when he noticed the police and several persons down the street from his home. Jamid immediately knew something was not wrong and suspected the worst, his little sister had been found. Six hours later, police had one person in custody for questioning and pending further investigation.

Another Guatemalan National shot near the Belize/Guatemala Border
As we being tonight’s newscast, there is another shooting incident to report near the Belize/Guatemala Border in the Ceibo Chio Area of the Cayo District. This area is approximately seven miles east of the Belize/Guatemala Border. In a press release issued by the Ministry of National Security this afternoon, the Ministry stated that the incident occurred sometime around 12:41 of the early noon, there was a shooting incident involving the BDF resulting in the death of one individual. The individual killed in this latest shooting involving the BDF near the Belize/Guatemala Border is believed to be of Guatemalan Nationality. The release further stated that an investigating team consisting of members of the Police Crimes Investigation Branch has been sent to the area accompanied by officials from the OAS and the Guatemalan Embassy in Belize. We will continue to gather information into this latest shooting and bring to you any new developments in this case.

100 Vehicle License Stickers Missing From The OWTC
There is a major robbery to report tonight and it stems from within the Orange Walk Town Council. It was not a robbery of cash but of a hundred vehicle licence stickers with an estimated value of $10,000. According to Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard, he was notified of the discovery via telephone on September 26th but was only told that licence sticker #32 was missing. Bernard ordered that business proceed as usual and on the following day, the Town Administrator discovered that and additional ninty-nine stickers were missing. The vehicle registration stickers carry serial numbers 19301 to 19400. The town administration carried out their own internal investigation at the traffic department but it seems that nobody knew anything. It was not until September 29th that the administrator shared his findings with Mayor Bernard who was in Belize City attending a workshop. Yesterday, Mayor Bernard had a discussion with the traffic manager who was instructed to file an official police report. According to Bernard, their investigation has revealed that the stickers were stolen within an eight day period. Kevin Bernard, Mayor O/W “One Friday 28th, the administrator carried out another investigation but this time with our finance officer whose the sole custodian of those article and items, however, during the period 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th he was not in office due to an issue that he was on suspension and therefor he had to be visited until the discussion took place with him until the 28th of September, now at that point in discussion Mr. Vargas who is the finance officer informed that on the 18th of September he had done his previous check of those sequence and sequence thirty two was there in the cabinet and was in the Town Council, now where and what time these stickers went missing could only been between the 18th after that check was done to the 28th until it was actually discovered. I was informed via telephone of the incident and the actual findings that indeed after checks have been made in the cabinet that these stickers had gone missing.”

Cane Farmers Demand More From GOB While BSI Changes Ownership
On the 26th of September the House of Representatives passed the “Sugar Industry and Cogeneration Project Bill” which focused on granting American Sugar Refinery, the largest sugar refinery in the world, major tax exemptions. These major exemptions saw opposition from both the opposition People’s United Party and the Belize Cane Farmer’s Association. Regardless, the bill was read three times and then passed on to the Senate for their approval on the 28th of September. Cane farmers are saying that if the major tax exemptions could have been given to ASR, which is acquiring the company, then those same exceptions could have been extended to the Cane Farmers. Earlier this week, the BSCFA sent a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow requesting a meeting and expressing their concerns on the Bill. CEO for BCSFA, Oscar Alonzo, told us what all was outlined in the letter.

InidgiNOWBelize Concert To Change Venue
And from choosing the Belize Football Federation’s National Selection, we turn now to choosing a new venue for the first ever World Indigenous Music Festival. For about a week and a half now, the National Institute of Culture and History has been promoting the first ever “InidgiNOWBelize” Concert which is the World Indiginous Music Festival scheduled to take place from the 12th to the 14th of October at the MCC Grounds. Cultural musicians from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Belize are all scheduled to take the stage showcasing their music. But, in another bit of news coming out from the BFF, they have officially written NICH and the Director of Sports expressing their disapproval to the use of the MCC grounds as venue to the event. BFF President Ruperto Vicente stated that the pitch will be subject to severe damage due to the driving of vehicles on it. Vicente stated that after the King and Queen Carnival presentations, the pitch was embedded with deep ruts caused by vehicle tires. Vicente also stated that the field is used every weekend by women, youth and children participating in scheduled tournaments and games. As a result of BFF’s concerns, NICH issued a press release today stating that the venue for the World Indigenous Music Festival will be changed. The release states and we quote, “The change is outside the control of NICH and its partners since approval for the use of the grounds had been granted well in advance of the Festival. It is unfortunate that the decision to not allow the use of MCC was made nearly on the eve of the Festival. Nevertheless, the Festival will continue and an alternative venue is being sought. The new venue will be announced shortly.” End of quote.


The United Nations Democracy Fund starts
The National Gender and Democracy Forum a joint initiative by the The Women’s Issues Network of Belize in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme with support from the United Nations Democracy Fund is now underway at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The main aim of the two day event is to Strengthen Women’s Representation in National Leadership in Belize. Various lectures are scheduled for today including that of Jamaican Gender Specialist and consultant, Lynette Vassel who told Love News what she her lecture will be focusing on. Vassel says that there are many barriers that hinder women from reaching leadership status in politics. The participation of Indigenous women is also of utmost importance according to Vassel. She explained why. Vassel commented that the most important thing she wishes women would take from the forum is for them to recognize that in the twenty first century their unity is their strength and women have to be open to understanding each other’s differences instead of being so critical. Other presenters for today include Ann Marie Williams and Myrtle Palacio. Tomorrow’s highlights feature Remarks by Executive Director of the Women’s Issues Network of Belize, Carolyn Reynolds and special remarks by Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Anthony “Boots” Martinez. The forum will end with the formation of an advocacy body. Once again the doors open at 8 am.

Corn harvesting will be held at Belmopan
A group of young people from Belize City will travel to the Belmopan area this weekend to take part in a first of its kind corn harvesting exercise. Twenty acres of corn was planted earlier this year as part of a project called Harvest for Kids, organized by a group called Belize Camping Experience. The corn is now mature and ready for reaping. Director of Belize Camping Experience Alexander Perez says the huge combines are ready for application to the ripened corn field. The project takes inner-city children and exposed them to basic country living in the hopes of impacting their lives before they fall victim to crime and violence. Perez says it is an unconventional approach to life skills training.

Murder in San Ignacio
By now the murder count for 2012 has long surpassed the century mark … with a full three months still left in the year. And while each killing is described as a senseless act of violence, the murder of a promising young San Ignacio woman has left the community in shock. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo went to Cayo this morning to chronicle this tragic story. Here is what they found out.

The National Team has a new coach
The Football Federation of Belize has named its national team coach. LeRoy Sherrier Lewis of Costa Rica heads a coaching team including Assistant Coach Charlie Slusher, Goal Keeper coach Kent Gabriel and Technical Director Renan Cowo. Sherrier Lewis arrived in the country earlier this week. Today he was officially introduced to the media. President of the FFB Ruperto Vicente told Love News what were contributing factors to Sherrier Lewis’ selection as coach. Leroy Sherrier Lewis, coach national team Sherrier Lewis told us he is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead in getting the national team to the next level. Tryouts for the national team will begin this Saturday at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town.

Updates on the oil spill on the George Price Highway
On Thursday of last week, we reported on an oil spill on the George Price Highway between the community of La Democracia and the Jaguar Paw Junction. The spill occurred on Thursday morning when an oil tanker experienced a malfunction. Today, Love News spoke with Chief Environmental Officer, Martin Alegria for an update on the incident.

Robbery in Punta Gorda Town
Four firearms are missing from the Fisheries Department office in Punta Gorda town. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details in the following report.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood says bye to the BPD
For the past two years, the public face and the voice of the Belize Police Department has been Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood. But effective today, that is no more. In a brief statement issued to the media early this morning, Inspector Yearwood announced his departure from the police press office by thanking the Belizean public for allowing him into their living rooms on a daily basis since February seventeenth, 2010. “The time has now come for me to move on,” writes Inspector Yearwood, pointing out that while he will no longer be the police press officer, he will continue to protect and serve the people of Belize. But the departure of Yearwood from the Police Press Office does not mean that he is out of the department altogether. In fact, Inspector Yearwood is being reassigned within the police department, a new assignment which amounts to a promotion of sorts. The veteran police officer has proceeded on holiday, and when he reports back to work, Inspector Yearwood will be the new officer in charge of the north side Belize City police precinct, which includes the Balema areas and Caribbean Shores. The RSV News Centre publicly acknowledges Inspector Yearwood’s dependable service in facilitating coverage of the crime beat over the course of the last two years, and we wish him all the best in his new assignment.

At the Leo Bradly Library 3 new launches
The Department of the Environment launched three Publications at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City, this morning. The publications are “Wealth Untold”, “The Guide for Developers 2012”, and “Supplement to the Compendium on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Legislation in Belize. According to Chief Environmental Officer at the Department of the Environment, Martin Alegria, the books took a course of over four years which included a lot of research and consultation before completion, in order to have the best publication possible. He gave us an overview on the books. Alegria told us just how they intend to put the books to use Lisel Alamilla, Min. Forestry, Fisheries This morning’s Launching ceremony included an Address from Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla who explained how one of the Publications, Wealth Untold will come in handy for schools.


BREAKING NEWS: BDF shoot and kill Guatemalan on Border
A Guatemalan citizen was shot and killed a the Guatemala border this afternoon. Detils are still sketchy but accord...

EXCLUSIVE: Three mexican Police detained in Belizean territory
Three Mexican police officers have been detained in connection with a home invasion in Belize. A family in Chunox w...

Female UB student murdered in San Ignacio
Another University of Belize student murdered. Plus News travelled to San Ignacio this morning to bring you details...

Twenty year old man killed; riddled with bullets
A Belize City man was shot and killed yesterday evening at about 5:30 pm. The latest victim to gunshot is 20 year o...

Teenager says he was forced at gunpoint to rob
A teenager says he was forced at gunpoint by gang members gunpoint to commit a robbery. This morning, 19-year-old M...

BDF Acquitted of keeping unlicensed ammunition
34-year-old Emerson Michael, was today acquitted of the charge of keeping unlicensed ammunition. The 13 year vetera...

Circle K Supermarket in Corozal robbed
Corozal Police are still investigating the armed robbery of the Circle K Supermarket on the San Andres road. That r...

Belize basketball 3x3 Team returns to Belize
Their story goes back to September when the under 18 – National basketball selection almost did not get to particip...

FFB disapproves of Football field turned parking lot
The FFB voiced its dissatisfaction with the use of the MCC Grounds for a cultural festival and the Sports Director ...

Air Dispatcher stabs coworker outside a bar
A Belizean Air dispatcher at Phillip Goldson International Airport, Luis Rivera, was stabbed by a co worker. On the...

The Guardian

Fire at Foam Factory
At around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9th three workers at the Belize Foam Factory were mixing chemicals to make foam, when fire broke out in a portion of the compound located at mile 2 and 1/2 on the George Price Highway. Fire officials quickly responded to the scene and within a matter of a half an hour, the fire had been put out.

Teenage Volunteer Soldier Charged for Murder at BDF Camp
The Belize Police Department have arrested and charged a teenager for the crime of murder in the shooting death of 21-year-old Volunteer Soldier, Clifford Isaac Cruz. Police investigations revealed that Cruz was on duty at the Militia Hall B.D.F Camp, located at 1½ miles on the George Price Highway, when he got into a misunderstanding with a 17-year-old Volunteer Soldier, Michael Rhaburn. Rhaburn then took his issued M16 rifle, pointed it at Cruz and fired a single shot. The bullet entered Cruz’s stomach and exited through his back. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he later succumbed to his injury. Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Raphael Martinez, confirmed that Rhaburn was charged with murder on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Illegal Logging continues in Chiquibul
The Friends of Conservation is reporting that illegal logging activities are continuing in the Chiquibul Forest with one more logger being arrested and charged.

Retirees Victims of Violent Home Invasion
Police have arrested a known burglar in connection with the aggravated burglary of the home of Stephen and Ursula Patnett Lewis on Monday, October 1st.

16-Year-Old Jamie Dominguez executed
Jamie Dominguez Police continue their investigation into the murder of 16-year-old Jamie Dominguez. At about 1 a.m. on Saturday, September 29th, residents living near the corner of Vernon and Partridge Streets were disturbed by the loud sound of a single gunshot. That gunshot ended the life of Dominguez as the bullet struck the right side of his head, killing him instantly.

Steven Polonio shot in the Head
Steven Polonio died after he was shot to the head sometime around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 3rd. Reports are sketchy as we go to press however, The Guardian was reliably informed that Polonio received at least one gunshot to the head. He was transported to the KHMH and died shortly while receiving treatment.

20-Year-Old UB Student Killed
Cayo residents are tested by tragedy once again. At 10:30 on Tuesday night, October 2nd, the parents of 20-year-old Suzenne Martinez visited the San Ignacio Police Station to file a missing persons report. Martinez left her home on 18th Street in San Ignacio Town at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday enroute to school at the University of Belize. Her parents became concerned when she did not arrive at home her usual time, between 9 and 10 p.m., and decided to get the police involved.

If no ASR, What?
I have not been to a House of Representatives meeting for many, many years and so last Wednesday, September 26th, was a treat for me as I listened to the live debate relating to the Sugar Industry and Cogeneration Project Development Incentives Act, 2012. Both the Act and the Investment are now history, and since there have been so many commentaries on the subject, I will defer from discussing the merits of both issues so as not to be accused of being cruel to a dead horse. There were a few things that jumped out at me during the House debate and over the airwaves, however, which I am itching to comment on. In last week’s edition of the Amandala, the editorial “Sugar and Spice; Sugar rolls the Dice…” presented a fairly balanced view of the situation in the sugar industry and the reasoning for BSI’s partnership with ASR. I will comment later on one of the statements in the Amandala editorial but first let me try to condense a complex situation into a couple of simple sentences. Basically, the market crash a few years ago made BSI very vulnerable due to its recent investments in the Sugar Factory and Power Plant. This situation, coupled with a long period of undersupply of sugar cane, really perturbed the bankers and they simply called their loans. These international lending institutions now operate under strict guidelines rather than merciful emotions. When the financial relationship as a client is no longer profitable, or poses too much risk, they want their money back. You can’t hate them for that; it’s called capitalism, Jack.

Bishop Martin High wins National Nutrition Quiz Competition
Bishop Martin High is the 2012 champ The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports held the 12th annual National Nutrition Quiz Competition on Friday, September 28th, at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel. Seven schools from across the country qualified to compete for the national title by winning their respective district competitions. Belize District was allowed two teams since they had a total of fourteen teams in their district finals. The seven teams that participated in the national competition were St. Viator Technical High from the Corozal District; Sacred Heart College from the Cayo District; Bishop Martin High from the Orange Walk District; Julian Cho Technical from the Toledo District; San Pedro High and Belize High School from the Belize District; and Delille Academy from the Stann Creek District.

UDP Reorganizing Constituency Executive Committees
The United Democratic Party continues on its efforts to ensure that constituency executives are in place and particular focus is being placed on constituencies, which the party was unable to secure in the last general elections.

New School Bags for the School New Year Hon. Saldivar Invests in Education of Belmopan Children
Hon. John Saldivar distributers school bags to children It’s been roughly one month since primary schools reopened around the country, but many students in the Belmopan Constituency are still experiencing the thrill of newness that normally accompanies the first day of the school year. That is because, thanks to their Area Representative, Hon. John Saldivar, close to a thousand (1,000) primary school students in the Belmopan area are receiving brand new school bags.

AMERICAN WAY Features Kim Simplis-Barrow in October Editorial “The Fighter”
Kim Simplis-Barrow is my friend. She’s your friend, too, even though you’ve probably never met her. She’s a friend to the ideals of smart growth and fair housing; to education and the pursuit thereof; to all living creatures; to humanity. Throughout her life, she’s been committed not only to her native land, but also to the global community. Her philanthropic commitments have taken her around the world. She’s met kings and queens, presidents and premiers, noblemen and dignitaries. And they’ve met her. As the First Lady of Belize, Kim Simplis-Barrow and her husband, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, have represented their Central American country from continent to continent. Kim Simplis-Barrow is my friend, and friends stick together. That’s why I thought this column would be the perfect forum for telling her story to American Airlines’ passengers. Especially now, in October, which is, as you hopefully gleaned from the pink ribbon on the cover of this issue, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And my friend has stage-three breast cancer.

Belize discusses food security with the region
Belize hosted the 23rd meeting of International Cooperation Directors for Latin America and the Caribbean between the 1st and 2nd of October. Entitled "Regional Cooperation in the Area of Food Security," the meeting focused on ways in which the region can cooperate to improve food security as well as to take stock of existing agreements to achieve this goal.

Belize’s First True Science and Energy Policy
Dr. Cardinal Warde and Senator Hon. Joy Grant There is a group of Belizeans that believe Belize should be an economic powerhouse in the region due to its geographical position, climate and young population however, that dream has been delayed because of our disregard for the latest technological advancements. Thursday, September 27th, 2012 may have been a normal day for most Belizeans but for that group, it was a day that should be penciled down in the country’s history.

Taiwan Embassy hands-over $200,000 for Inspiration Center
The Republic of China (Taiwan) will celebrate its 101st National Day on October 10th. Taiwan is one of Belize’s closest allies and has always been a generous friend. Since he was named Ambassador to Belize, H.E. David C.K. Wu, made it clear that he will focus resources on cultural preservation and social development. Ambassador Wu continued to make good on his pledge on Tuesday, October 2nd, when he handed over a cheque for $200,000 to Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow. The donation represents half of the funds pledged by the Embassy and Government to the Inspiration Center project in 2011. This first portion of the donation was released to coincide with the start of construction of the Inspiration Center.

UDP gets more School Buildings for the Toledo District
On Saturday, September 29th, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hon. Patrick Faber, travelled to a very small village in the Toledo District to officially inaugurate a new school building. Sunday Wood Village was established in 1984 by Ketchi Mayas and has a population of approximately 358 people. Most of the villagers depend on subsistence farming. Their main crop is rice, which is sold at the Rice Mill in Big Falls. The farmers also cultivate beans and corn for family use.

Weak Arguments, A Weak Leader and a Walk Out
On Wednesday of last week, the House of Representatives met to pass legislation to encourage American Sugar Refineries to invest over 100 million U.S dollars in the sugar industry. It was an extremely important meeting, and as such it was expected that a healthy debate would have taken place over the investment and some even prayed that the opposition, People's United Party would have supported the investment. But instead of doing so, all they did was whine and moan about the investment and pretended to care about the industry. They went as far as to speak for the cane farmers stating that they were not in agreement of the new investment. But everyone knows that is the furthest thing from the truth. If indeed the farmers were not in support of the investment, theirs would have been the first voices of dissatisfaction to have been heard. Instead there was none. For the PUP to have disrespected the nation in the manner in which they did is simply unacceptable. When it suits them, they shake their fists in the air demanding that the Government attract investment into the country and when it doesn't, they balk at the major investment that ASR is doing. PUP representative after PUP representative stood up in disagreement with the investment, yet they could come up with not a single recommendation through the industry can be saved. They lamented and cried in desperation claiming that the incentives given to ASR would negatively affect the cane farmers - Puras mentiras! - Pure lies’. This Government has been offering incentives to the cane farmers including extension services through the Ministry of Agriculture, duty-free fuel for those who haul cane, even licensing fees are waved for them. Don't the PUP know this?

Belize District Basketball Competition at the Bird’s Isle
The Belize District Basketball Association U-23 and Firms competition continued at the Bird’s Isle in Belize City. On Saturday, September 29th in the U-23 game played, Truckers defeated Cellular World by the score of 80-75. The top scorers for Truckers were Winston Reynolds with 36 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist and 6 steals; and Stafford Young with 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 1 assist. For Cellular World, the top scorers were Marvin Skeet with 30 points, 16 rebounds, and 1 steal; and Justin Wade with 14 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals.

FC Belize remains only Undefeated Team in PLB Competition
The Premier League of Belize Football Competition continued over the weekend with a number of games on the schedule.

Belize District and Interoffice Tourney enter Finals
The Belize District Volleyball Association District and Interoffice competition is fast winding down at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium. The finals will be played on Thursday, October 4th, 2012, commencing at 7:00 pm. In game one, Moen Stars will see action against Honey Bees. In game two, BTL will go up against Scotia Bank, and in the final game of the evening, SQ Devils will take on the UK Hitters. On Saturday, September 29th, in game one of the female games, Moen Stars defeated Honey Bees by the score of 25-18, 25-23 to take the first game of the championship series. In the semi-finals, UK Hitters eliminated Croshers by the score of 27-21, 14-25 and 16-14 to advance to the championship round. On Thursday, September 27th, UK Hitters also won over Croshers by the score of 22-25, 25-23 and 15-11. In the Interoffice competition, Scotiabank reached the finals by eliminating Atlantic Bank by the score of 26-24 and 25-22. Meanwhile, SQ Devils reached the finals by eliminating UK Royals by the score of 26-24 and 25-23.

Telemedia Charles Solis Memorial Champions again
The 5th Charles Solis Memorial Tournament was played on Sunday, September 30th, 2012, at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in the country. In the championship game, Telemedia, the defending Charles Solis champions defeated Easy Does It from Flowers Bank by the score of 11-2 in 6 innings to repeat as the champions of the Charles Solis Memorial Tournament. Telemedia scored 3 runs in the top of the 3rd inning, 3 in the 4th inning, and 5 in the 6th inning. Telemedia’s offence pounded the pitching of Easy Does It’s Margaret Hendy for 8 hits including a 2-run triple for catcher Earline Belisle. Meanwhile, Easy Does It scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning on 6 hits. The winning pitcher was Mary Flowers and the losing pitcher was Margaret Hendy. In the first game of the tournament, Easy Does It of Flowers Bank defeated Mirage Lady Rebels by the score of 7-6. Flowers Bank scored 1 run in the 3rd inning, 4 in the 6th inning ,and 2 in the 7th inning. All 7 runs were scored on 9 hits. Meanwhile, Mirage Lady Rebels scored 2 runs in the 1st inning, 2 in the 6th inning and 2 in the 7th inning. Mirage Lady Rebels scored 6 runs on 9 hits. The winning pitcher was Margaret Hendy and the losing pitcher was Lanisha Jones.

ASR come een! All Bills Paid
American Sugar Refineries (ASR) has liquidated all debts owed by Belize Sugar Industry Limited (BSI). Speaking to the Guardian on Tuesday, October 2nd, Chief Executive Officer of BSI says that ASR has paid off all the debts that BSI and BELCOGEN owed. All told, ASR paid some 64.5 million U.S. dollars to creditors including First Caribbean International Bank and ING Bank. Also receiving its payment was the Government of Belize for a 10 million dollar loan, which was lent to BSI in December of 2010 in order for the sugar season to get off the ground that year. Added to the debt obligations being paid off by ASR, the employees trust, which once owned up to 82 percent of the company, had 6.4 million dollars disbursed to them by way of dividends in BSI. That is a 50 percent payment of the total that is due to the employees. The remaining 50 percent will be disbursed to the employees trust over an 18-month period. With ASR settling BSI and BELCOGEN's debts, it now has a 78.6 percent shareholding in the companies and will now beginning the process of investing as much as 30 million U.S. dollars into BSI. The investment is specifically geared at increasing sugar production. As part of the investment in the sugar industry, cane farmers will also see greater support from BSI through technical advice, as well as financing to increase and improve sugar cane production.

New Coaching Staff for National Football team - Try-outs commence
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) held a press conference on Wednesday, October 3rd, in which it disclosed the name of the new coach that will lead the national football selection to international competition. President of the FFB, Ruperto Vicente says he was pleased at the selection of Costa Rican National Le Roy Sherrier Lewis. He added that he knows Lewis personally, he understands our culture, and speaks our language. Vicente added that Lewis has worked in Belize before and has in fact, taken the Belizean National Team to the Nations Cup in the past. Part of Lewis' responsibility will include his heading the coaching department of the FFB taking on the task of training Belizean coaches. Working alongside Lewis will be Charlie Slusher, who will be the assistant coach; Kent Gabourel, who will be the goalkeeper coach and; Renan Cowo, who will be the technical director. Work on the selection of the National Team will commence immediately and Lewis says that everybody will have an opportunity to be a part of the team as long as they qualify and have the skills necessary to play football. Try-outs for the National “A” team will commence on Saturday, October 6th at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk. Players interested in the try-outs from the Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts are invited to attend. The training will commence at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm.

Kim Simplis-Barrow: October is a month that will always have a special significance to me. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone will be talking about it; cancer survivors will say Thank You Jesus’, families and friends of victims will say a prayer in memoriam, and the rest of the world will remain hopeful for a cure. All around the world it will be a sea of pink. Many will remember the infamous cancer and the fear that it evokes in the hearts and souls of women and men all over the world. This is the month that we most remember to offer support to families enduring this battle and organizations that are trying to find a cure for this awful disease. So we purchase items, support cancer groups, donate and attend fundraisers, give talks, walk for a day, run for miles … and yes, at the same time hoping and praying that we never have an encounter with this deadliest of foes. Breast cancer is a sneaky, insidious devil. It hides wherever it can and when you least expect, it wreaks havoc on the life of the woman or man it has claimed as “its own”, their family and their friends. It can take over your life, ruling your health like a dictator. However, it is important to remember we have come far and today, we know much more about this disease than ever before, making us better prepared to do battle. We know that our only recipe for a successful outcome is to prepare for combat-lace up your boxing gloves and fight with all you’ve got.

UDP Reorganizing Constituency Executive Committees
The United Democratic Party continues on its efforts to ensure that constituency executives are in place and particular focus is being placed on constituencies, which the party was unable to secure in the last general elections. Over the past weekend, three divisions held elections. On Saturday, September 29th, elections were held for executive members of the Orange Walk Central constituency. The event took place at the Gala Lounge in Orange Walk where some 200 constituents attended. The meeting was presided over by Chairman of the UDP, Hon. Patrick Faber. Also in attendance were Caretaker, Denny Grijalva;Vice-Chairman Roosevelt Blades; and the National Party Coordinator, Ruben Campos. During the meeting Hon. Faber, gave an address, in which he invited everyone to be proud of their United Democratic Party for all the achievements that it has accomplished and in particular for the government's support for the Sugar Industry, where the livelihood of everyone is positively impacted. He also encouraged unity and hard work of the good UDP people of the Orange Walk Central Division. The Party Chairman, then swore in the new executive members, who include Chairperson, Jaime Burns and Members: Lilia Galvez,Victor Vargas, Elodio Aragon,William Herman Meza, Phillip De La Fuente, George Castillo, Miguel Urbina, Francine Burns, Myra Moreno, Fiona Liu, Elizabeth Chin, Liliana Osorio, Rosendo Vega, Addy Torres. Alternates elected were: Ada Rodas, Julina Patt, Nelita Sambula, Egidio Duran and Victor Munoz

New School Bags for the School New Year Hon. Saldivar Invests in Education of Belmopan Children
It’s been roughly one month since primary schools reopened around the country, but many students in the Belmopan Constituency are still experiencing the thrill of newness that normally accompanies the first day of the school year. That is because, thanks to their Area Representative, Hon. John Saldivar, close to a thousand (1,000) primary school students in the Belmopan area are receiving brand new school bags. Last week, Hon. Saldivar personally delivered new school bags to students at St. Michael’s Roman Catholic School in the Las Flores Community. Earlier this week, school bags were delivered to students of Kuslin Ha Government School in the Maya Mopan area, that presentation being made on behalf of Hon. Saldivar by the Minister’s aide, Mr. Steven Obrien. The timing of the presentations had to do with the fact that Hon. Saldivar wanted to ensure that the students, who received the assistance, were those that most needed it. In all instances, the names were submitted by teachers and principals of the respective schools, based on their observations during the first couple weeks of school as to which students were visibly in need.

Teenage Volunteer Soldier Charged for Murder at BDF Camp
The Belize Police Department have arrested and charged a teenager for the crime of murder in the shooting death of 21-year-old Volunteer Soldier, Clifford Isaac Cruz. Police investigations revealed that Cruz was on duty at the Militia Hall B.D.F Camp, located at 1½ miles on the George Price Highway, when he got into a misunderstanding with a 17-year-old Volunteer Soldier, Michael Rhaburn. Rhaburn then took his issued M16 rifle, pointed it at Cruz and fired a single shot. The bullet entered Cruz’s stomach and exited through his back. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he later succumbed to his injury. Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Raphael Martinez, confirmed that Rhaburn was charged with murder on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

The Island Link Internet Cafe & Ice Cream Parlour now an agent for Challenge Travel and Tour
The Island link Internet Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour is now an authorized agent for Challenge Travel and Tours who are ranked #4 for Attractions in Cayo on Trip Advisor. For more information regarding any of the tours you can email at [email protected]

Letters to the Editor: The future of our island
Caye Caulker has come a long way from being a simple little village to a tourist attraction. During the years people have migrated to the island in search for a better way of living. With this it has made the population of our little island increase. As the years go by all types of people come to our island, the good and the bad. Caye Caulker has always been known as the “Go Slow” island and considered to be relaxing as well. Back then, when small crimes started to occur, the police officers didn’t hesitate to get down to the bottom of the incident and find out exactly what happened and who was involved in it and if the culprits were found, they were punished and sent away from the island. Back then we had “the law” behind us and now it seems as the law no longer exists on this island. The residents of Caye Caulker are all fed up with the officers that are here on the island. They are useless and at no point try to help better the island. They keep accepting bribery from the drug dealers who everyone knows exactly who they are and where they conduct their business from and also drink on the job with their uniforms on, and/or, are not dressed properly, uniform pants and a plain t-shirt. Where in the world will you see police officers behave in such a manner? Every single officer who is sent on this island does the same and not one is different. From the Sergeant to the Corporal, right down to the police officers. There is no authority in that Police Station. For every crime that has started to occur on this island, there has never been a positive outcome from it and it’s a losing battle. Every single robbery from business and tourists has been left unsolved.

25ft Pelican For Sale
Freshly painted boat with baitwell, rod holders, cup holders, SS cleats, new hatches, 25 gallon gas tank, center console and honeycomb floor. Interested persons call 610-0280 or check at El Capitan Marine Hardware for more information.


A Few Things I Did On A Very Grey Day
Very early morning yesterday (around 2-3am), the sky lit up with lightening and then the heavy rain started. Pouring rain. And it left us with a grey, overcast but delightfully cool day...all day. My friend invited me for a walk. Hmmmm...just cool enough to get a bit of exercise. Victoria House is closed for a few weeks for maintenance and renovations. Workers were doing a bit of plaster work in one of my favorite afternoon bars...when you are feeling a bit more sophiticated. By the way, in San Pedro, though you can dress up as much as you want, "more sophisticated" generally means putting a t- shirt on (for men) and a cover-up over your bathing suit (for women). My favorite house south of town. There are bigger ones, there are flashier ones but this is just the right size. A bright blue building farther south again the grey sky. Look at this cute baby mangrove popping up. Hush baby mangrove don't say a word, Mama's (that's me) gonna buy you a mocking bird...

South San Pedro errand run
Since we had use of one of Pedro’s carts I asked Paul if we could head south for an errand run to drop something to Jules at Casa Escalante. While there Jules was showing us some cool plants and asked us to up to the rooftop patio to enjoy the view, what a gorgeous day. After that we headed to do a few more errands in town and got home just in time as it started raining off and on again. I would totally be catching up on Project runway marathon right now but it has been raining heavy for over an hour and our direct tv keeps going out of range, hopefully it will come back on soon. The last thunder clap was so loud it just shook the house and I can only imagine what the back roads will be like tomorrow. Mud puddles are like our island version of slush and snow without the cold.

International Sources

American Sugar Refining acquires majority stake in BSI
American Sugar Refining has become the majority shareholder of Belize Sugar Industries (BSI), the chief global supplier of Fair Trade-certified sugar. In a statement yesterday (4 October), the US sugar refiner said it had acquired a majority stake in BSI, while the company's previous shareholders, including BSI Employee Holdings, continue to hold the remaining shares. It was not disclosed what share each company now holds. "The BSI acquisition presented an opportunity to expand our sugar business by acquiring a majority interest in a key supplier of raw and direct consumption sugars to our refineries," said Luis Fernandez, co-president of American Sugar. "We plan to invest in the company and utilise our employees' depth of sugar expertise to expand BSI's operations and efficiencies in order to increase supplies of raw sugar and value-added Fair Trade and speciality sugars to our operations to meet consumer demand." BSI, which produces raw sugar, demerara speciality sugars and white sugar, owns the only sugar mill in Belize. In its last crop it crushed around one million tons of sugar cane and produced 114,000 tons of sugar.

Belize pleased with talks on foreign debt
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has returned home from the United States where he held talks with International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on the country’s multi-million dollar foreign debt, referred to as the “super bond”. Last month, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country was handed a life line after the government announced that it had been successful in raising funds to meet a partial payment on its US$544 million foreign debt. The government said that the US$11.7 million amounted to approximately 50 per cent of the interest payment due to the bondholders, who in an immediate response indicated they would not be going to court for an additional 60 days to allow for the conclusion of negotiations on debt restructuring. Barrow, who headed a delegation of the Debt Review Team including, Mark Espat, the Financial Secretary Joel Waight and Central Bank Governor Glen Ysaguirre, said they met “at the highest level at the IDB with President (Luis Alberto) Moreno and a large section of his staff. “At the IMF, we met with Mr Min Zhu, who is the Deputy Managing Director, but the one in charge of the Western Hemisphere into which sort of constituency Belize falls. He also had a large team at the meeting”. Barrow described the talks as “extremely useful” adding that the delegation had “a very useful and wide range comprehensive consultations with both institutions”. Prime Minister Barrow said that “there was no question of a full guarantee” regarding the debt restructuring exercise. “We have not asked the IDB for a full guarantee. It is well known that we have asked for a partial guarantee. And indeed that was part of the menu of items discussed between ourselves and the IDB at this meeting.

New study paints manatees as ecosystem sentinels
Results of a long-term manatee study in Belize suggest the gentle marine mammals are a true sentinel species, indicating overall ecosystem health of coastal areas. The research will help strengthen manatee conservation plans, showing the importance of protecting habitat and migratory paths, and working with local populations as well as tourists to educate them about conservation activities. “Manatees are the proverbial ‘canaries in the mineshaft,’ as they serve as indicators of their environment and may reflect the overall health of marine ecosystems,” said co-author Alonso Aguirre, executive director of the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation. Aguirre calls them a “sentinel species,” which means they are early warning indicators of environmental change. Because they may be highly susceptible or highly resistant to different environmental stressors, manatees can indicate a severe environmental change before other species or humans are affected. “Studying them may help us predict a change that has the potential to be devastating to an ecosystem or a habitat if left unaddressed,” Aguirre says. The study was conducted in a small fishing community in southern Belize that is beginning to prosper and gain more tourists in southern Belize. It documented changes in a relatively pristine area. Researchers saw the effects as human activity increased with more stress, boat strikes and other changes occurring as time went on.

Road map. Drive from Texas to Belize Belize 1,812 mi, estimated 1 day 9 hours
Highway route generated between Texas and Belize Belize. The distance between these two cities is 1,812 mi, estimated 1 day 9 hours. Under the road map we have generated, you will see the safety cameras that you'll encounter on your journey, we must note that although we update our database daily, it is possible that a radar is installed speed control close Belize Belize not yet show. On the right you can see the path step by step from Texas to Belize Belize, also show you pictures of your trip.

Sharon Matola Speaks at Boise State University
Sharon Matola, manager of the Belize Zoo, spoke Tuesday at Boise State University, which has made their campus read the book, “The Last Flight of the Scarlett Macaw: One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird.” Sounds like it went well. "Before she gave her speech, Matola ate dinner with a few students and faculty, including ASBSU President Ryan Gregg. 'When you talk to Sharon you really realize that she’s a person who is very thoughtful and she really cares about what you’re saying,' Gregg said. 'You can tell that she cares a lot about the things that she wrote about, and that she continues to write about. You can tell that she cares about the Belize Zoo a lot, and about the Macaw population.' During the question-answer session with the Honors College, students asked question and discussed many issues with Matola. 'It was cool to see how passionate she is about animals,' said freshman Shelby Butts. 'She seems like a very genuine person and it was interesting to find out that she actually has not read the final copy of the book.'"

October 4, 2012

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The San Pedro Sun

Saga Humane Society announces statistics of recent dog roundups and community response
Saga Humane Society wishes to report the results of the Dog Roundup Campaign recently started in cooperation with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and His Worship Mayor Daniel Guerrero. The short term goal was to alleviate the need of SPTC to eliminate roaming/stray dogs by use of strychnine poison, mostly under pressure of local business owners and others to keep the sidewalks and beaches free of dog waste. Though this strychnine method is available by law, all would agree it is cruel and inhumane, causing the animals to suffer and die in great pain. Multiple scheduled roundups were conducted with the help of SPTC personnel and trucks, and additional random pickups were done by Saga personnel alone. Saga Humane Society brought in 61 dogs. Ten dogs were returned to their owners after a $50 fine was collected by SPTC, and by law to be turned over to Saga for the expense of keeping the dogs. After the three day holding period, 41 dogs were euthanized humanely by injection (bringing the total to 73 with the 32 put down by SPTC previously). The rest of the dogs that were picked up are in adoption at Saga and looking for a loving home.

Eric Donis wins second annual Poor and Famous Duathlon
Well known up and coming San Pedro athlete Eric Donis is the winner of the second annual Duathlon Lionman Competition organized by the Poor and Famous group. The event’s main purpose is to get the young people of the island positively involved in recreational activities as an alternative to drugs and alcohol. A total of 18 young athletes decided to participate in the event which took place on Sunday, September 30th. The two leg U-20 competition started from the Belize Yacht Club dock and saw the 18 athletes swim a distance of 100 meters and run a total of almost two miles eventually ending at the Boca del Rio Park. The youngest of the athlete was nine-year-old Christopher Acusto currently enrolled at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School. In the first leg of the competition, which included swimming the distance from the Belize Yacht Club dock to the beach in front of Ramon’s Village Resort, Donis managed to emerge first out of the water at 9 minutes 23 seconds, a little over a minute lead over the larger pack of swimmers. Donis then carried the lead in the other half of the competition running alone and finishing at 6 minutes 40 seconds, almost 2 minutes ahead of the second place competitor Brandon Santos.

Ambergris Today

Is San Pedro Ready to Recycle? Town Council Takes First Steps
Our beautiful island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is part of the Government of Belize’s project to improve solid waste management that will support the goals of environmental protection, natural resource conservation, and protection of public health, safety and welfare. The project consists of an enclosed building that will be constructed for the transfer station which will be located on the west side of the island in the Marina area. All waste will be collected and transported by barges to the Regional Sanitary Landfill located in Mile 24 on the Western Highway. Councilor Kenrick Brackett, whose portfolio includes Solid Waste Management, met with Ambergris Today and explained what preparations the Town Council is taking in order to be ready for when this project kicks off.

Female Driver Injured From Golf Cart Fall
On Saturday, September 29, 2012, at about 9:05 p.m. San Pedro Police received information about a traffic accident on Almond Street. Upon arrival at the scene SP Police found a four seater, purple golf cart with license plate SPC 852 in the middle of the street with a Hispanic female lying on the golf cart screaming for help. According to reports, the female was driving from a northerly towards a southerly direction when she lost control of the golf cart causing her to swerve to the left side of the street during which she fell off the golf cart.

Baldemar Graniel Sr. Receives George Price Award
At the PUP Central Party Executive meeting held on Saturday, September 29, 2012, Mr. Baldemar Graniel Sr. of San Pedro Town was given the George Price Service to the People Award. Mr. Baldemar Graniel Sr. has been an active member of the San Pedro PUP Branch and has served for 15 years in the Town Council of which two times he served as Mayor of San Pedro Town.

Slow Down or Accelerate Learning?
Over the last 12 months, through this column, I have suggested positive ways to reach out to slow learners (“Difficult Students”) to bring them into the mainstream and help them advance in high school. Nonetheless, school administrators and teachers, whether consciously or unconsciously, continue to stigmatize and label low-scoring students by placing them in slow and remedial categories at school. Unfortunately, instead of challenging and enhancing a student’s academic growth this practice merely slows it down. Lowering expectations for students is not how schools could provide the best educational and learning options to all enrolled students -- both slow and advanced.

Misc Belizean Sources

In Loving Memory Of Suzenne Purple Martinez
Beautiful video. RIP, Suzenne. Nothing more need be said.

Full Moon Concert pictures
The Benque House of Culture had a great Full Moon concert, with food, live music, and dancing.

Soul Project Cultural Center
Cayo's new Soul Project Art and Cultural Center has some local Belizean art on exhibit. They have done a few movie screening there, including Kurse a di Xtabai. It will be opening for the general public soon, but if you see it open, check it out. "This is a exhibit of our private collection of art, all the work is made in Belize, by local artist and visiting artists and migrated. We have been using the space for private events, and art projects, looking forward to opening to the general public."

National Sports Fest 2012
The Department of Youth Services is having their National Sports Fest. The tounament includes volleyball, football, and basketball. The registration deadline is October 8th. Teams that win will proceed to nationals. For more info, call 663-5050. Good luck! "The National Sports Fest 2012 will be held in Benque from the 12 through the 14th. Register your team today! Only the first four teams to register get to compete."

Abundance of dolphins in front of Caye Caulker!
Dolphin sightings are fairly common, meaning if you go out on boats regularly you are very likely to see dolphins on a regular but by no means daily basis. So when between Sunday to Monday an increased number of dolphins were sighted in front and around of Caye Caulker, it has some of us scratching our head to question our good luck!! As I said, between Sunday to Monday there were at least 8 different sightings of different size pod groups of Bottlenose Dolphins directly in front of Caye Caulker. On Monday, when the activity seemed to be at its peak, the dolphin activity was very much in front of the two water taxi docks and therefore did not require even a boat to see these beautiful creatures! Pod groups varied from 15 or so dolphins to as small as family units (mother, father and baby). We did question as to whether it was all the same pod that had broken itself down into smaller groups – a possibility but not always common as they normally travel together. Numbers of tour boats, from Ras Creek, to Anwar Tours, E-Z Boy and even the San Pedro boats stopped to allow their passengers to follow these playful creatures – all just in front of us on Caye Caulker.

Channel 7

Cayo Female Found Slain Near Home: Suspect May Have Committed 2 Homicides In 2 Days
Tonight, residents of San Ignacio are again in a state of shock - as another female has been killed in their community. UB student Suzenne Martinez was found dead this morning - thrown in a drain on the same street where her family lives. The murder is disturbing, but there is more, a chilling twist: the main suspect in her killing is also emerging as a suspect on the Monday morning murder of Robert Lewis in Belmopan. It's a connection that has raised eyebrows even in the Police Department and Jules Vasquez has the story from San Ignacio: Jules Vasquez Reporting The body 20 year old Suzenne Martinez was found here in this overgrown abandoned lot on 18th street in San Ignacio. Her body had been thrown in this drain - and she was left there face up. The chilling part is that her family home is on that same street - about five hundred feet away. She was found dead at 6:10 am - that's around when her brother Jamid usually goes to work. He knew his sister had been reported missing the night before - and he approached the scene with trepidation.

Teenaged Volunteer Soldier Charged for Killing Fellow Soldier
Yesterday, we told you about the 17 year-old BDF volunteer who allegedly shot and killed fellow soldier, 21 year-old Clifford Cruz. Well, today the minor was taken to Family Court. He was arraigned before Magistrate Margaret Nicholas for the single charge of murder this morning. He was remanded to prison until his next court date, which is scheduled for November 29. As we reported, Cruz and the 17 year-old were both on duty on Monday evening, and they got into a misunderstanding. The incident turned fatal when the 17 year-old who was on guard duty, shot Cruz in the stomach with his service AR-15 rifle, Cruz was rushed to the hospital, but he died while undergoing treatment. We also showed you the cousin of the 17 year-old soldier who said that the teen was provoked by Cruz, and that they were arguing so much from earlier in the day, that a supervisor had to step in and chastise them both.

City Witnesses Late Evening Murder
There was a murder in the city late this evening. It happened at around 5:40 at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon street. The youngman has been identified as 20 year old Steven Polonio - the area known as Ghost Town which is gang affiliated. Polonio was shot in the face and hand and was rushed to the KHMH - but just before news time, we were informed that he had succumbed to his injuries.

Green Tropics Gets Record Environmental Fine
3 months ago, 7News told you about the Spanish investor Green Tropics, which ran afoul of Belizean environmental laws when they dug a massive canal through the Belize Central Corridor, which is home of a wildlife sanctuary that houses Belizean jaguars and other big cats. Well, the company's project - in which they want to invest 90 million US dollars in Belize to build a sugar plantation, sugar mill and processing facility - has been shelved until further notice from the Forestry Ministry and the Department of Environment. It's a long red light for a company which proceeded in haste to dig the canal in order to institute the first phase of their project. Today, we caught up with Forestry and Environmental Minister Lisel Alamilla at another even where we asked her about the status of that project. Daniel Ortiz "We at Channel 7 have been reliably informed that the investor, Green Tropics, has decided to pull out its investment in Belize. Can you confirm or deny for us, Ma'am"

Footballers to Concert Promoters: MCC "Da Fu We!"
The MCC Grounds on Barrack Road is the premier football facility in Belize City; it is also one of the largest venues for public events, but the Football Federation of Belize is not happy that the pitch is being used for anything other than football. Yesterday, they sent out a press release to voice their displeasure that the Director of Sports granted NICH approval to use it for a cultural festival, which is scheduled for October 12 -14. Today, at their press conference to announce the new national team head coach we had an opportunity to ask the FFB president why they are so opposed to using a public facility for a public event. Here's what he told us: Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize "I must make it clear that we're not against any cultural fair. But we are against the use of the MCC Grounds for such activities. The reason being is that if you had visited the grounds after the King and Queen Carnival, vehicles were driven on the pitch, and the surface of the pitch was seriously damaged. That endangers our players when they are playing games. As well, I understand that once that activity is being held at the MCC Grounds, it means that the facility is going to be shut off for that weekend from all football activities. Right now, we have young children playing football at the MCC Grounds, from ages 6 through 13 years-old. And we also have the Women's League who is also using the MCC Grounds. We have the inter-district tournament as well, and we have the semi-pro league. Certainly, that's a lot of activities going on for young people at the MCC Grounds, and so would want to preserve the surface of the grounds for our young players, and we would also want to have it open for football activities. Shutting it off for that weekend means shutting it off for a whole bunch of young people, and that's the reason for our disapproval."

Foam Fire Was Costly
Last night we showed you the fire at the BELFOAM Factory on the outskirts of Belize City. Well today, police have released their report. It says that at 3:40pm, three employees were mixing chemicals for the production of foam when a foam block caught fire due to heat caused by the chemicals. According to the owner, Charles bou-Nehra the damages to the building are valued at $35,000 dollars , the machinery $25,000 dollars and foam and chemicals valued at $18,000 dollars. That's a grand total 78 thousand dollars.

Wild Family Land Dispute In Santa Familia Leaves Uncle Maimed
A man was maimed in Santa Familia Village when his own nephews nearly chopped off both his hands! It's a wild story of inter-family mayhem that all started with a land dispute. On Sunday, 38 year old Elder Landero was savagely attacked by his nephews Enoch Landero and Darlington Landero who chopped him to the head and hands - leaving one hand hanging by only a piece of skin from the elbow down. It seems Landero went to tell them that the piece of family property they were occupying was not theirs - but other family property would be made available. The officer commanding for Cayo explained to us today: Superintendent Ralph Moody "The victim who is the owner of the land decided to assist his family members with a piece of the land, and one of them was occupying more than what he shared with them. He spoke to them about it, and it appears that they got annoyed about it, and they pulled machetes assaulted this individual."

Crack Found In Floorboards
Tonight, 24 year-old Haley Nicole Cattouse, a domestic of #77 Banak Street is out on bail for drug trafficking after police raided her home as a part of a joint operation in the Mayflower area this morning. According to police, they searched her home and found a black plastic bag under the flooring of her house, with 13 pieces of foil paper parcels containing 3.4 grams of crack cocaine. As a result, Cattouse was charged with drug trafficking, and she was arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, where she pleaded not guilty. Magistrate Cayetano granted her bail of $4,000, which she was able to meet late this evening. She must return to court on November 14. Police report also that in that joint operation from this morning, they discovered 2 live rounds of .38 ammunition in an open lot in front of #5 Mayflower Street. No one was in the area, so they were deposited as found property.

Farewell Fitzroy ...
Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood - as the Police Press Officer, he's become a fixture of the evening news - especially when prime time meets crime time. But, he's moving on - or being moved on. In an email sent at 3:15 am this morning Yearwood - who has held the post since February of 2010, announced his departure saying quote, "the time has now come for me to move on." Ministry Spokesperson Raphael Martinez will step into replace him - and the change is effective immediately - which is rather abrupt and suggests that all may not have gone down smoothly. Inspector Yearwood now takes up the post as Officer Commanding at the Caribbean Shores and Belama police station.

DOE Issues Guide for Developers or How Not To Get Fined 100k
Today at the Leo Bradley Library, the Department of Environment presented 3 books, which they believe that members of the public will find useful in learning about Belize's environmental laws. These 3 books are called "Wealth Untold", "Guide for Developers" and "Supplement to Compendium". The last two titles don't sound like the kind of stuff you would want to curl up in a hammock with, but Minister of Forestry and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla, said the books are very informative: Hon. Lisel Alamilla - Minister of Forestry Fisheries and Sustainable Development "We have updated books had been published before by the Department of the Environment, and we also launched the new book, 'Wealth Untold'. The 'Compendium and Resource for Developers' is what the name implies. It's something to guide developers on how to go about conducting business in Belize. And the "Wealth Untold" is targeting the children providing general information about Belize's Natural Resources. My understanding from my staff is that we have publish 120 copies only, and those will be distributed to the schools for their library. I would hope that would eventually find a mechanism to make sure that people can access them, purchasing them or at least covering the cost because I think that it's a very valuable book to just have as a resource in your homes for doing homework with your children and just learning more about this beautiful country."

Cement Truck Stolen
Last week we told you about two laptops stolen from vehicles - and both of them have been recovered - but in both cases the rightful owners had to pay quite a nice chunk of cash to reclaim their own property. But stealing computers from cars is one thing - and stealing a cement truck is quite another! This 1997 International Truck with a 2007 Volumetric Elkin Concrete Mixer - valued at almost two hundred thousand dollars was stolen from the General Automotive compound in Spanish Lookout about two or three weeks ago. The time is not precise because the owner of the truck had left it parked there for storage and when he went back - it was gone. Those investigating the disappearance believe that truck may have slipped across the border to Guatemala - but the cement mixer - which is the real value - may have stayed behind. They're offering a reward: five thousand dollars for anyone who has information leading to the recovery of the truck. If you have info you can call 634-9301.

3 on 3 Boys Represented Well
Last week, we told you about Belize's Under 18 - 3 On 3 National Team making a big showing in the World basketball 3 on 3 championships in Seville, Spain. The team turned heads when they defeated Poland and China, and almost making it to finals after being edged out by New Zealand, with whom they were tied for 3rd place in their pool. It's an impressive performance for a team that almost couldn't find financial support to participate in the first place, and so, when the team came home today, we asked about the experiences. Here's what they told us: Brandon Flowers - Member, 3 On 3 National Team "I did my part, and we just went out there and decided that we were going to beat one of the best teams. We came out victorious in the tournament. I contributed a lot to the team as well because I also made some big baskets to put the team up in situations whereby they were down. It was a great experience because I never knew I would have made it so far, but those guys were great. They gave us a competition, and we tried our best, but we couldn't defeat them. They were all great teams."

Old Football Coach Is New Football Coach
Since March of 2012, when the former President of the Football Federation of Belize, Dr. Bertie Chimilio was voted out, the new executive have been hard at work to change course for football in Belize. In trying to rebuild the football organization, the new National Team Committee, reviewed several applications for the post of head coach of the Belize National Team, decided that Costa Rican, Le Roy Sherrier Lewis, is the new head coach. Today, they held a press conference to officially announce his acceptance of the post: 7News attended and here's the President told the gathering: Ruperto Vicente - President, FFB "The Football Federation of Belize looks forward to working wiht our new coach. I know that he has a hard task ahead of himself. Just before me, he had a difficult task, and I am sure that he has all of the qualifications necessary to select the best team that will take us to the Nations' Cup. I am sure of that. But the Federation continues to work on development, and I must say to all of us, that our new coach will not only serve us as a national team coach, but he will also be in charge of our coaching department. He will be working with our Belizean coaches offering training to coaches in this country. I am glad that we have found a man who is willing to do that. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you this evening, as the President of the Fooball Federation of Belize, our new coaching staff for our national team, headed by Mr. Le Roy Sherrier Lewis, from Costa Rica."

Channel 5

Gangster, Steven Polonio, killed
Eight persons have been killed since Friday and after five o’clock this evening a Belize City Resident with a long rap sheet was shot and passed away at the Karl Heusner Memorial minutes ago. Twenty year old Steven Polonio, who has been in and out of court since he was a minor, was shot on [...]

UB student murdered in San Ignacio
A shocking discovery was made this morning in a drain in San Ignacio. The partially nude body of Suzenne Martinez, a young and vibrant University of Belize student, was found a short distance away from her house. On Tuesday night she was with friends at a Belmopan restaurant. Pictures of her last outing were posted [...]

2 Mexican nationals in chilling home invasion up north
Two Mexican nationals bearing police credentials are in custody tonight up north. The duo was apprehended after a chilling home invasion in the village of Chunox where a fisherman and his family were assaulted. Julius Foreman is hospitalized at the Corozal Hospital tonight and his wife and children are traumatized by the horrible ordeal. From [...]

B.D.F. volunteer arraigned for murder; cousin tells his side of the story
B.D.F. volunteer Jermaine Michael Rhaburn is tonight at Wagner’s Facility at the Belize Central Prison following his arraignment for the murder of BDF Soldier, twenty-one year old, Clifford Cruz. When he appeared in the Belize Family Court this morning, no plea was taken and the seventeen year old was remanded into custody until November twenty-ninth. [...]

The Auditor General’s damning report for 2010/2011
The auditor general’s report for 2010-2011 raised a red flag when it was tabled in the Senate a few days. The Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley’s conclusion was that she could not provide an opinion due to the lack of information. We have looked through a copy of the audit and will be reporting on some [...]

P.M. says government does not need budgetary support from the IMF
The government audit exposes many inefficiencies and it would be one of many tools that an international organization would use to assess Belize’s ability or inability to pay its debts. The Prime Minister returned from meetings with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday. He hopes that the negotiating team [...]

Leroy Lewis new National Football Team Coach
The Football Federation of Belize is charting a new direction under the leadership of its president Ruperto Vicente. Today the appointment of a new coaching staff was made. In the past, the Federation hired coaches that didn’t speak English, but the new coach from Costa Rica, speaks English fairly well, has a wealth of experience [...]

Guatemalan teenager charged for illegally entering Belize
From the football field to the courts, a Guatemalan teenager who claimed she only wanted to come to Belize for a short visit, never thought about the consequences of illegally entering Belize. According to reports, eighteen year old Jessica Reyes Palencia was assisted by her friend, a Belizean Construction Worker, twenty-nine year old Adelso Chinchilla [...]

Glenford Hyde charged for beating and robbing 15 year old student
A fifteen year old Belize City student claims he was beaten up and robbed while hanging out at a house in Hattieville. According to the minor, he recognized his attacker as nineteen year old Glenford Hyde, who he has known for about three years. Hyde was today arraigned for Theft and Wounding; he was granted [...]

Cocaine found in police search
The new police press officer Raphael Martinez who replaces Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood reports that this past Wednesday joint operations were conducted in the Mayflower Street area of the Old Capital in which police searched five houses. At the house of Haley Nicole Cattouse on Banak Street, a black plastic bag containing suspected crack cocaine weighing [...]

Belize ranked 4th happiest country in the world?
There’s some good news that will make you smile. In April of this year, Belize was ranked at number thirty-four of one hundred and fifty-six countries on the first ever United Nations World Happiness Report. That report was released exactly six months ago and we don’t know what drastic changes may have occurred in that [...]

3 new publications on Belize’s Natural Resources and Protection
Three new publications were released today at the Leo Bradley Library. Their content covers a wide range of issues that focus on the abundant natural resources of the Jewel. One text will be used for research material in schools and the others will come in handy for investors since the content covers issues on many [...]

WIN-Belize forum to encourage Women in Politics
There’s a new initiative to encourage women to participate in electoral politics. The Women’s Issues Network Belize has embarked on a two year project, starting with a two-day forum at the Radisson that brought out about one hundred and twenty-five participants from across the country today. Belize has had little female representation in the National [...]


Missing Firearms In Punta Gorda
Four firearms are missing from the Fisheries Department office in Punta Gorda town. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details in the following report. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love News Centre Report of the missing firearms was made to Punta Gor...

Belize Police Department Has New Press Officer
For the past two years, the public face and the voice of the Belize Police Department has been Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood. But effective today, that is no more. In a brief statement issued to the media early this morning, Inspector Yearwood announced his departure from ...

Wednesday, October 3 ------- Police News
Two motor vehicles have been reported stolen in Belize City. The first belongs to forty six year old Assistant Architect Kenneth Cadle. Cadle says that his 2002 Isuzu Rodeo was parked on Pine Street on Monday night and that it was stolen sometime between nine thirty on Mond...

Investigations Continue Into Fire At Foam Factory
A fire in Belize City on Tuesday afternoon has resulted in thousands of dollars in damages. Around three thirty yesterday afternoon fire broke out at production facility belonging to Belize Foam Factory at mile two on the George Price Highway. Initial investigations...

University Student Murdered In
A University of Belize student was found dead this morning in San Ignacio town. The victim has been identified as twenty one year old Suzenne Martinez. According to a preliminary report issued by the police press officer Raphael Martinez, the young victim left her home ...

Fire at Belize Foam Factory
A fire broke out shortly after three this afternoon at Belize Foams Limited at mile two on the George Price Highway. It happened in a warehouse used to store chemicals to make foam and while staff were at work in the main building about fifty feet away. Love News spoke with...

Traffic Incident Leaves Two Injured
Two persons remain hospitalized following a traffic accident sometime after two o’clock on the George Price highway. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ Belmopan Correspondent Love FM News Centre “Two persons are injured after the vehicle they wer...

Minor Kills BDF Volunteer On Base
On Monday evening Love News reported that a Belize Defense Force volunteer soldier was shot dead. It happened at the Melitia Hall compound on the George Price Highway near its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. When Love News arrived, the scenes of crimes personnel were still...


Rotract O/W Donates Educational Grants
The Orange Walk Rotaract Club is a community-oriented and social-driven organization which is well known for their work in our community - their commitment to town beautification initiatives and other people-centered activities. Tonight the club is once again making the news this time for their commitment to education. On Saturday the club donated 10 educational grants to well deserving high school students. This is the fifth year that the club carries out its student program, the only difference is, that this year, the club was able to do donate more grants by partnering off with the business community. Clarrisa Azayeta- Financial Director “The school’s gives us the nominations, the nominees, we screen them and we take who were nominated. This year, however, we have the business to match us for everyone we get a business match us one. Carmelita Perez – Reporter “Now, are these grants been given out to first form, second form, third form, fourth form or it varies?” Clarrisa Azayeta- Financial Director “It varies depending on how the school nominates them because we don’t really know the child but the school will nominate them from their knowledge. Each child is given three hundred dollars and that is the set amount we give them, it is just a grant to help them, some of them might not have paid all their fees yet and these can probably help them a lot, we don’t know how much it will help him but I am more than sure that it will give them a surprised because they are not told until they are chosen.” As a form of gratitude to the club, each student wrote an essay on how they can show peace through service which just happens to be the clubs motto for this year.


A new school build in the Sunday Wood Village
There was cause for celebration in a village in rural Toledo district over the weekend. The occasion was the inauguration of a new school building in Sunday Wood village. Our Toledo Bureau Chief Paul Mahung has the details in the following report.

A new September book was Lunch
There’s a new book on the scene and although it is a little bit late to make it on the September calendar for 2012, it has a lot to do with the month and events that led us here. The 58-page piece is called “Celebrating the tenth and 21st September: Revisiting the Documentary Heritage”. It contains two parts: the first dealing with the Battle of Saint George’s Caye and the second with the road to Belize’s Independence. The Museum of Belize, formerly Her Majesty’s Prison, has also mounted an exhibit on the key events on both occasions. The Dr Herman Byrd, the Director of the Belize archives Service, from where a lot of the information contained in the book, explained what the book is about. Meanwhile, Nigel Encalada, who is the Director of the Institute of Social and Cultural Research, which published explained that the people who lived prior to the Battle of Saint George’s Caye faced an option to evacuate or defend the land. The Museum of Belize, which prominently displays the events leading up to the two events, is open free of cost to Belizeans on Saturdays.

Punta Gorda beach and waterways cleanup campaign
Over one thousand pounds of garbage was collected during the weekend Punta Gorda beach and waterways cleanup campaign. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

Belize Cancer Society advertise the Cancer Month
October has been set aside globally as Breast Cancer Awareness month and Belize is joining in the observance. As a result the Belize Cancer Society will be pretty busy in trying to expand public consciousness into the deadly disease that is affecting many women and that can also although not so commonly affect men. The Clinical Director for the Belize Cancer Society, Ivorine Bulwer, told us about some of what the organization along with its District Branches will be doing during this month. Bulwer says that Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, cervical cancer being the first. She told us about some statistics of the disease in Belize. You are invited to tune in to Belize Watch on Love FM and Love Television on Thursday October 25th, at 8:00 pm and the Morning Show also on Love Fm and Love Television on Monday October 29th, where the Belize Cancer Society will be making an appearance.

The UNDF hosts a four day activity at the Radisson
The Women’s Issues Network of Belize in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme with support from the United Nations Democracy Fund will be hosting a four day National Gender and Democracy Forum at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City starting tomorrow. Executive Director for WIN Belize, Carolyn Reynolds told Love News about the main goal of the forum. Reynolds acquainted us with the forum speakers. Although there will be countrywide attendance by invited guests, including schools, Reynolds says that anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. WIN Belize will also be accepting contributions if any. The forum kicks off with registrations from 8 am on Wednesday.

NICH gives update on jaguar park sabotage
Following last Monday’s discovery at Caves Branch of acts of sabotage of rappelling equipment and a portion of a set of stairs used by Chukka Belize to conduct tours, the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH, has been conducting investigations. Today Love News asked Dr Jaime Awe of NICH, to reveal what they have found so far. Dr. Awe explained that before the act of sabotage, the federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize, FECTAB, has raised concerns over the same rappelling platform that was destroyed last weekend, but that before NICH could investigate the concerns it was destroyed. The police have also gotten involved in the investigation because of its criminal nature. Chukka, meantime, has assured its tour guides that their jobs and the equipment they use will now be secured.

Traffic accident on the George Price Highway
Two persons remain hospitalized following mid-afternoon road traffic accident on the George Price highway. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fire in a Foam Factory
A fire broke out shortly after three this afternoon at Belize Foams Limited at mile two on the George Price Highway. It happened in a warehouse used to store chemicals to make foam and while staff were at work in the main building about fifty feet away. Love News spoke with Fire Chief, Colonel Francis Thomas, who said that the blaze was quickly brought under control before it could pose a threat to the three employees who were inside the building mixing chemicals at the time. There was a fire at Belize Foams Limited a couple years ago, but it is not certain whether it was of a similar nature as today’s. An immediate value to the loss has not yet been tallied.

Robbery in Belmopan
There was an armed robbery on Monday afternoon in Belmopan. The incident happened at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds situated along the Hummingbird Highway. Lillian Juarez, who wholesales and retails vegetables was accosted around one o’clock yesterday afternoon as she had lunch with her son and workers by a masked man who pointed a gun at her demanding her belongings. Juarez says Monday’s incident was the second time in the last twelve months that she has been targeted for robbery. As for the large sum of cash and checks she had in her possession. Juarez told Love News that she was about to go make a deposit at the bank when she was held up and robbed. So far police have not indicated if they have a suspect in connection with the robbery.

Murder in Belize City
On Monday evening Love News reported that a Belize Defense Force volunteer soldier was shot dead. It happened at the Melitia Hall compound on the George Price Highway near its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. When Love News arrived, the scenes of crimes personnel were still processing the scene and interviewing BDF volunteers who were present. Today the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security, Raphael Martinez, gave reporters what transpired. Because the alleged shooter is only seventeen year old, and because he has not been charged, we will not release his identity. Martinez said that the police have since detained the seventeen year old volunteer soldier and answered our questions of whether seventeen year-old minors are allowed to become soldiers and to hold weapons with live rounds. Martinez says that the seventeen year-old could be charged with murder.


Belmopan Police have a suspect in Lewis Home invasion and murder
The plot thickens as information is now coming out on the Monday morning murder of Robert Lewis and 20 year old Suz...

Man found guilty of robbing students at bus stop
21-year-old Gregory Thompson, a Mahogany Heights resident, was this evening found guilty of 1 of 3 counts of robber...

Young woman charged with Drug traffiking
Belize City Police conducted a search on the residence of 24 year old Haley Nicole CATTOUSE, of a Banak Street. The...

Debt restructuring team to capitalize on partial payment
The Belizean economy has managed to steer away from the ice-berg that threatens to de-stabilize it at least for rig...

Foam Warehouse destroyed by costly fire
Fire guts out another residence this time on the George Price Highway. Around 3:30pm yesterday afternoon Belize Cit...

Belmopan teacher's home burglarized
Belmopan resident and teacher Juanita Pott, reported to police that her home was burglarized. Thief or thieves brok...

Two vehicles stolen in separate City crimes
There seems to be no slowing down with car thefts. Yesterday morning Digna Arias of a Clifton St address in Belize ...

YWCA involved in AIDS outreach programs
The YWCA is dedicated to combating the spread of HIV / AIDS through education, advocacy, and outreach programmes. Y...

Police Press Officer Fizroy Yearwood steps down
The man who is often on the nightly news has put out a statement saying that his media appearances are over. Police...


Indigo Beach Homes and A Walk Up North
On Monday I took a rare water taxi ride north (yes NORTH!) to visit Indigo Condominium/Beach Homes. They are 4.5 miles north of the bridge and still being finished. They are projected to open in November. Here was my view when I first got on the dock. And the view from the top floor back in the opposite direction. Beautiful customized condos. From this one that was a bit more sophisticated to fun ones with bright tropical colors...I particularly love the round shape, natural wood and high vaulted ceilings. Wouldn't you love to (be rich and) cover these walls with local artwork? I would. A few more pictures outside.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 Has More To Do Than The End of The Maya Calendar
I have been dreaming of Maya pyramids since I was a child. I was/am fascinated with the cenotes and used to dream/see down into the waters, to the treasures below. I never knew if it was real or just in my dreams. Finally, with my husband and children, I got to go to the Yucatan in the early 80’s, when I took my children to as many ruins as we could find. I was hooked and my mind was blown as I realized some of my childhood premonitions were true – things were “familiar” even though I’d never been there before. Belize? We went out to Caye Caulker back then, not inland. In 2009 I went to Chaa Creek to attend a workshop with Rosita Arvigo. It was incredible. We got to stay in the cabins, walk jungle trails, float on the Macal river, learn about butterflies, healing plants, massage, and an entire new Maya world opened up to me. It is a living world of good vibrations, fascinating beauty and amazing people. I now Practice Maya Abdominal Massage and I believe that being at Chaa Creek for the 2012 solstice would help me help others. I believe we are all here now to transform fear and greed and violence, and spread healing love energies. I cannot even say in words how powerful it will be to be with the river and jungle and ceremonies during this time.

Way delayed by power out
I was planning to blog this morning and finishing up some other work first when the power suddenly went out. I heard Paul mutter a curse word on the veranda and say he was just about to go back to work. The power was supposed to go out an hour earlier and when it didn’t we thought we might have a reprieve on the 2 h scheduled power outage. Apparently not, BEL was just on Belize time :) We had a ton of rain last night but rather than post puddle pictures today you can see pretty much what it looked like from one of my Hurricane Ernesto posts. There were some big lakes on my favorite rout through San Pablo today. I forgot to ask what the rain gauges said up at Grand Caribe but we sure got slammed down south for most of the night and it was still raining lightly when I woke up at 6am. It is 8:50 pm now and it just started pouring again, something tells me we may be in for a bit of a wet spell. Off to go close the windows before there are puddles inside. I will leave you with 3 random Sunny pictures.

International Sources

Manatees Reflect Quality of Health in Marine Ecosystems, Study Finds
A long-term study conducted by Mason researchers may be a benchmark in determining health threats to marine mammals. More than 10 years of research in Belize was conducted studying the behavioral ecology, life history and health of manatees, large marine mammals sometimes called sea cows, in an area relatively undisturbed by humankind. “Manatees are the proverbial ‘canaries in the mineshaft,’ as they serve as indicators of their environment and may reflect the overall health of marine ecosystems,” says Alonso Aguirre, executive director of the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation and co-author of a paper on this research published recently in PLoS One journal in collaboration with scientists of University of California-Davis, U.S. Geological Survey and Sea to Shore Alliance. Aguirre calls them a “sentinel species,” which means they are early warning indicators of environmental change. Because they may be highly susceptible or highly resistant to different environmental stressors, manatees can indicate a severe environmental change before other species or humans are affected. “Studying them may help us predict a change that has the potential to be devastating to an ecosystem or a habitat if left unaddressed,” Aguirre says. The study was conducted in a small fishing community that is beginning to prosper and gain more tourists in southern Belize. It documented changes in a relatively pristine area with low human impact as researchers saw the effects of human influence, more stress, boat strikes and other changes occurring as time went on.

Belize Police Report: Sat July 22 1826
Gotta read this, its quite dated and interesting...

Belize Zoo owner speaks on campus
On Tuesday, Boise State hosted Sharon Matola, subject of the 2012-2013 campus read, “The Last Flight of the Scarlett Macaw: One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird.” “I got to spend the day with her,” Carrie Moore, Boise State librarian, said. “I think she’s absolutely wonderful, a very engaging, inspiring person; a woman who shares her experiences in a very laid back, conversational way.” Matola participated in many activities during her stay on campus. These activities included a question-answer session with the Honors College, breakfast with President Bob Kustra and lunch with select students from University Foundations classes who have been studying the campus read book. “She got to ride in the football helmet golf cart and she thought that was fantastic, I think one of her highlights of the day,” Moore said. “She’s been excited to meet and share her story with everyone.” Before she gave her speech, Matola ate dinner with a few students and faculty, including ASBSU President Ryan Gregg. “When you talk to Sharon you really realize that she’s a person who is very thoughtful and she really cares about what you’re saying,” Gregg said. “You can tell that she cares a lot about the things that she wrote about, and that she continues to write about. You can tell that she cares about the Belize Zoo a lot, and about the Macaw population.”

Belize Negotiating Debt-Restructuring Proposal with Creditors
Belize and its creditors are negotiating a debt restructuring proposal, according to a statement posted to the website of the country's central bank. Belize defaulted in September, a month after it failed to make a payment on its $548.3 million debt. The government and its creditors have been negotiating for several weeks, but the statement, posted Tuesday, was the first public sign of progress. "I think at this point they're getting ready to formalize an offer," said Edward Al-Hussainy, an analyst at Moody's Investors Services. He said he expects Belize to make a public restructuring offer to investors before the end of the year, and as soon as this month. When Belize last restructured its debt in 2007, the Central American nation floated a restructuring proposal before investors in private meetings before announcing the offering's terms to the public, in an effort to ensure it had a deal that would be well received, Mr. Al-Hussainy said.

World's new happiest country is ... Belize #4
The new Happy Planet Index shuffled the list of the world's happiest countries after taking the planet into account...

Lighthouse Reef Picture-National Geographic Photo of the Day
This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features Lighthouse Reef atoll off Belize is one of the most seaward outliers of the Mesoamerican Reef. Download Wallpaper (1600 x 1200 pixels)

October 3, 2012

Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Opposites, Part VII
When Eva woke up, it was not because of the jolting of the cart on the rough road, but rather the weightless feel of someone picking her up while she slumbered. It was the man who brought her back home, but he was taking her inside his house - where sister lived. Overhead, the skies had darkened, and soon, stars would come out to shine with their feeble light. Somewhere behind the large mountains, a moon was starting its ascent...

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SPHS baseball team prepares for CODICADER games in Panama
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) baseball team is making final preparations to travel to Panama where they will represent Belize at the Consejo del Istmo Centroamericano en Deportes y Recreación (English: Council for Sports and Recreation of Central America) CODICADER games. The games will run for four days and will include all Central American countries, with the exception of El Salvador. Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, Team Coach Marion Mejia said that the team leaves on the 10th and returns of the 16th of October. “The competition is from the 12th to the 15th of October. The team will play five games in four days. Six countries are participating, all the Central American countries, with the exception of El Salvador who will not be taking a team. Each of the teams will play five games and the team with the best record will win the gold medal,” said Mejia. As for the ongoing preparation, Mejia commented that “The team started practicing on April 28th, and since baseball is being introduced to the country and SPHS is the only high school that plays the sport, the team traveled to Chetumal four times and played eight practice matches. The team has come a long way since making the switch from softball to baseball, but the boys have dedicated themselves and are ready to represent Belize.”

Coca Cola International Films in San Pedro, Belize
Coca Cola International Latino was in San Pedro over the weekend shooting a commercial that will be airing in Latin America. How cool is that!? Shooting took place mostly in downtown San Pedro after the crew spent a couple days scouting for the best locations on Ambergris Caye. The company hired all local actors and used machinery and products from the local Belizean Coca Cola company for their shoots. Assisting them was Horacio Chito Guerrero who was production coordinator for the San Pedro shoot.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro’s Saga Humane Society Receives and Gives Back
On September 19, 2012, Clara lee Arnold (Hopkins Belize Humane Society) and Alexandra Rothlisberger (Humane Society International) arrived in San Pedro for the first time to check out SAGA's clinic and Forth Dog holding facility. It is through these people that the San Pedro Saga Humane Society achieves such great milestones in their development and assistance to the community. Clara Lee and Alexandra also attended the second annual Street Party cook-off that celebrated Central American cuisine. Saga’s cook-off have proven very successful and a great way to raise funds for the organization. Everybody had fun meeting Saga supporters and the duo made many friends.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize National Dance Company Benefit for Ms. Rosita Baltazar
There will be a Benefit Concert to raise funds for Ms Rosita, who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Saturday, November 3rd. Auditorium, San Pedro Town. Show performed at Festival du Sud in Europe.

Bibliographical collection on the garifuna people

U.S. Imports from Belize of Crude Oil & Petroleum Products

Fitzroy Yearwood resigns as Police Press Officer
I'd like to thank the Belizean Public for tusting me enough to allow me into their living rooms on almost a Daily basis since the 17th February 2010. The time has now come for me to move on so effictive today I'll no longer be the Police Press Officer, but will continue being Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood. I will continue to protect and serve the people of Belize. Thank you. Kindly contact Mr. Raphael Martinez at cell number 6650162 and discontinue calling my personal number 6020403. It was great working with you.

Belize and Nigeria Sign Agreement on Technical Assistance
The governments of Belize and Nigeria have signed a technical agreement involving the deployment of Nigeria’s Technical Aid Corps volunteers to Belize. The agreement, which was signed Tuesday at the Ministry of Health in Belmopan, will see the provision of Nigerian professionals to contribute and share their experience and expertise in particular areas that may benefit Belize, the government said in a statement. Approximately 130 Nigerian volunteers have been working in Belize’s health sector over the years as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, attorneys and university lecturers. Their tours are typically for a period of two years in Belize, although that can be extended by mutual agreement between the two countries. It is the fourth time Belize and Nigeria have signed such an agreement. Nigerian High Commissioner to Belize Ambassador Otunba Olatokunba Kamson and Belizean Health Minister Pablo Marin signed the agreement.

VIDEO: Our little parade - Caye Caulker Style
Belize Style! Independence Day

Rotary's Wine & Cheese Fundraiser
The Rotary Club of Belmopan had their annual Wine and Cheese Fundraiser Saturday. They had a huge crowd, and raised quite a bit of money for the Belize Children's Project. Thanks, Rotary! "The 2012 Wine and Cheese was a record breaking event. With over 185 people in attendance over 40,000 was raised to support the Belize Children's project - - a service project that has help over 300 children receive needed surgeries that change their lives. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of two families that have benefited from the program. Their stories demonstrated in a very tangible way the dramatic change that can occur in a child's life when they have access to needed health care. There are many people to thank for the success of the event but at the top of the list are the many businesses and individuals that donated products and services that could be sold during the silent auction! Without them this event would not have been the success that it was."

Nine Eco Cultural Tours
Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours has launched its website. Well done. Joe Awe's site looks and feels great. His philosophy, found on the 'About Us' page, is amazing, and explained perfectly. Best of luck! "'Nine' is the number that, for the ancient Maya, represents the 'underworld', 'Metnal', 'The Place of Fright'. This number in Maya numerals is represented by a bar and four dots on top of the bar – the logo of this company reflects just that. The second ‘dot’ in the logo has a fingerprint on it, reflecting the important element of uniqueness of culture and people. The bar, which is a small tree branch, has a leaf with two water droplets reflective of a green livable world that we must protect and infuse new leadership into from the depths of all our combined creation place!"

Beltraide MSME Seminar in Benque
Tonight, Beltraide and the DFC will have a business support information session for MSME's at La Casa de Teresa. It will start at 6:30pm. "BELTRAIDE/DFC Outreach of services in Benque Viejo Del Carmen"

September Celebrations Book Launch
Tonight in Belmopan, at the George Price Centre, they'll be doing the book launch for 'Celebrating the 10th and 21st September: Revisiting the Documentary Heritage.' It'll start at 6:00pm. "The Belize Archives and Records Service in collaboration with the Institute for Social and Cultural Research will be launching the book 'Celebrating the 10th and 21st September: Revisiting the Documentary Heritage' tomorrow October 2nd at the Museum of Belize at 10:00am and at The George Price Center for Peace and Development at 6:00pm."

Channel 7

Murder At Militia Hall - Teenage Soldier Is Suspect
Yesterday evening a volunteer soldier was killed at a BDF facility, the Militia Hall - which is at mile one on the Western Highway. The man who pulled the trigger is actually not a man, but a minor, a 17 year old - who is also a volunteer soldier - and was on guard duty with a loaded weapon. As we understand it - it's the kind of thing that could have been settled with a few hard words - but due to the ready availability of an assault rifle it exploded into a fatal shooting. Daniel Ortiz found out more about the death of Volunteer Clifford Cruz: Daniel Ortiz reporting It's a secure military compound, but this morning, Militia Hall was being processed as a murder scene after 21 year-old Clifford Cruz, a BDF volunteer, was shot to death by a 17 year-old who just started the program 2 months ago. The teenager reportedly shot Cruz in the stomach with a rifle like this - an AR-15. We can't show you the face of the accused or tell you his name because he is still a minor, but his cousin says that he was provoked.

PM Barrow On Bond Talks
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and most of the Debt Restructuring Team returned from Washington DC today. As we reported last week, the PM led a delegation to high level meetings with Executives at the IDB and IMF. Our reports were that the PM was going to lend his influence to try to swing support for a partial IDB guarantee of the debt re-structuring. But today, upon his return the PM was far more circumspect in his remarks about the outcome of the meeting:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "The idea was to brief them on how the restructuring process is going and to discuss with them the roles that both institutions can play particularly in a post restructuring scenario. We clearly will need technical assistance, we will need project funding, we will need all the other resources that these international financial institutions can provide as we seek after the restructuring to maintain debt sustainability to maintain fiscal viability. That was what the trip was about. We had very useful discussions at the two institutions and I thought personally that it was in fact a productive journey." Daniel Ortiz "The information coming to us is that your trip was to seek a partial guarantee on the bond restructuring."

Fire At The Foam Factory!
There was some excitement in the city this afternoon when a fire started at the BELFOAM factory at mile 2 on the Western Highway. Monica Bodden got there before the fire truck and she has this report:.. Monica Bodden reporting A thick cloud of putrid black smoke blanketed the skies above the western part of Belize City this afternoon. And though it was a huge mushroomed cloud, it really came from a small room - called the chemical mixing room at the Belfoam Factory. When we arrived on the scene just after 4 this evening - the entire concrete building was engulfed in flames. The thick plume of smoke attracted a huge crowd of onlookers. But they were only briefly entertained; it took fire fighters only minutes to bring the fire under control and extinguish the blaze. The building was used as a storage facility for chemicals which are used to create foams. At the time the fire started - 3 employees where inside.

Belama Bus Like Buzz: "To Infinity And Beyond..."
Tonight a Belize Transit Services bus is impounded at the Belize City Council's mile four compound - and it might not come out anytime soon. That's because the City Council says Belize Transit has been defying its authority by running busses in the Belama area - which is already licensed out to Haylock's bus service. But Transit Services says it has a license for the area - and an exclusive one at that - dating back to 1979. We're not sure Belama even existed then, but the license was affirmed in 1999 - and they're sticking to their guns. And so, every morning the transit service bus sets out to the Belama area - and every morning traffic officers force them to park their bus. Today - they called police to impound the bus and we spoke to the driver:.. Alexander Cardinez, Belize Transit bus driver in Belama "When I reach at the Pound Yard at 7:30 one of the officers told me not to run because they will impound the bus." Jules Vasquez "You still did run?" Alexander Cardinez "I still run yes because I have a permit to run. From last week they came every morning to stop me, they don't want me to run. I have a loan at the bank to pay for that bus; I don't know how I will pay the bank for that bus. I need to pay my house mortgage also."

Daylight Downtown Mayhem And Men With Guns
There was gunplay in the downtown and residential areas of the city yesterday evening. Reliable reports to 7News are that there was an altercation, which led to a shooting at the corner of Queen and Eve Streets. Because of quick police response, the culprits fled the scene, leaving behind a car and a firearm on the ground. And it is a very deadly firearm at that, a black .357 Magnum Revolver - which is a prohibited firearm - along with 2 expended shells. These men were seen getting out of another vehicle near Renaissance Towers running into Princess Margaret Drive with firearms in hand. Police pursued, but they managed to escape somewhere behind the MCC grounds. There are reports that the abandoned car had fake cocaine packets on the seat.

Man Detained for BELAM Murder Investigation
Police have detained one suspect in the home invasion murder of Belizean American retiree, 53 year old Robert Lewis. Lewis was stabbed to death inside his home theater at his residence in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan. The suspect - who is known to police as a burglar - was caught in Cayo with an injured thumb. You will recall that the culprit appeared to have cut his hand and left bloodstains all over the home and on the fence. The culprit was looking for cash and a gun and ignored a large quantity of jewelry in the home. There were no signs of forced entry. The wife of the deceased Ursula Patnett Lewis saved herself by jumping form a 15 foot balcony where she fractured her hand. In other news, police have identified the person killed on the ginger farm in St. Margaret's Village. He is a Honduran food vendor from the Collet area of Belize City, 21 year old Christian Alexander Landeverde. He told his wife he was going south to buy oranges and left in his truck. That truck is what his friends used to escape when they abandoned him in the ginger field after he was shot by farm owner Jose Echevarria. The vehicle was found abandoned near Belmopan. Police found that Echeverria was protecting his farm from thieves and was allegedly shot at first - so he is not expected to be charged.

Home Invaders In San Roman Wanted Drugs
Yesterday, 7News told you about the home invasion turned murder in Belmopan. Tonight, there is another similar incident to report in Corozal, but fortunately, it did not result in a tragedy. Margarita Lemus, a housewife of San Roman Village, reported to police that at around 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, she was alone in her house when 3 masked men - one armed with a shotgun - entered her home and immediately assaulted her. Lemus told police that one of the men asked her about drugs while he was tying her up and gagging her. The men then placed her in one of the back rooms of the house, ransacked the place, stole 3 pieces of jewelry and $160 in cash, and escaped. Police say that they continue to investigate.

A Book Launch With A Point Of Departure
A new publication was launched today at the Museum of Belize called "Revisiting the 10th and 21st". The book is a two-fold, with the first part depicting the documented facts leading up to and including the Battle of St George's Caye, and the second depicting the movement to and the declaration of Independence. It's a collaboration of NICH and the Belize Archives Service and its purpose is to provide actual documentation as a point of reference surrounding these two historic events. We found out more. Dr. Herman Byrd - Director, Belize Archive "This year we partnered both with the Museum of Belize and the other arm of NICH; The Institute of Social & Cultural Research with the Museum to produce the exhibit. We wanted to do something on a much larger scale than we have done before, so the folks here at the museum were able to do that for us and we also wanted to have something that visitors of the museum could walk away with and provide them the opportunity to dig deeper into some of the materials that they would have seen going through the exhibit."

Lives Spared In Fire, Property Lost
THERE was a fire through Taylor's Alley on Monday morning. A two storey wooden structure went up in flames just before 1am. Home owner Nikita Jones was not at home at the time - but her boyfriend and two children were sleeping in the upper storey of the house when the fire started. All 3 managed to escape unhurt. The Fire Department extinguished the fire - but unfortunately for Jones and her family, they didn't manage to save anything. She told us of her plight:... Voice of: Nikita Jones, Home Owner "The fire happened on Sunday about 12am. I sell food at the Belize Bank, when I came in I drop off the pots upstairs and I went to Princess to pick up my sister. In like 15 minutes after that they call me and told me that my house is on fire." Monica Bodden "Anybody was at home at the time?" Nikita Jones, Home Owner "My boyfriend was sleeping along with my two kids and the baby was at the babysitter; I have 3 kids."

Hold Up Hezbollah!: An Immigration Intermission
If you've been following the news, you may know that there was a recent immigration fiasco in which an alleged Hezbollah operative managed to get an official Belizean passport issued under a false identity in two days. Since then, Minister of Immigration, Hon. Godwin Hulse, and other government officials have been hard at work to implement new procedures which will hopefully curb the corruption that has plagued the department and shut off those loopholes. And in that vein, the government today issued a press release to announce the temporary closing of the passport offices in Belize City. According to the release, anyone who wishes to apply for a passport must go to the Belmopan and other district offices. There is no indication about how long the Belize City office will remain close, only that it was necessary for improvement on processing and service delivery.

Kim "Wu's" Taiwan For Inspiration Center
This morning, the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, David Wu handed over a cheque for two hundred thousand dollars to the Prime Minister's wife, Kim Barrow. The donation represents half of the funds pledged by the embassy and government to the Inspiration Center project in 2011. This first portion of the donation was released to coincide with the start of construction of the Inspiration Center. On Friday, September 28th, Mrs. Barrow and CARE-Belize Director Evan Cowo, signed a letter of intent awarding the contract for the construction of the Inspiration Center to Usher Construction. The construction company estimates that it will take approximately a year and 1.8 million dollars to build the center. The fundraising for this project continues as approximately a million dollars more is needed to complete construction as well as to equip and furnish the center.

Channel 5

B.D.F. volunteer murdered by B.D.F. volunteer in Militia Hall
A young B.D.F. volunteer soldier was murdered before news time on Monday night after a crime wave swept across the country over the weekend. Clifford Cruz was killed when another volunteer soldier pulled the trigger of his service Rifle. The murder at the Militia Hall of the B.D.F. on the George Price Highway is a [...]

Foam house burns down 3 years later
If you looked to the sky this afternoon, a large plume of smoke was hovering over the George Price Highway at the entrance to Belize City. The foam house for the Belize Foam and Furniture Limited at mile two and a quarter on the highway caught on fire for the second time in three years. [...]

Security guard found dead at workplace
A security guard from Dangriga, Charles Gamboa, was found dead at his workplace on Friday. The family believes he was murdered but the police are calling it a case of sudden death because a post mortem has not yet been conducted for lack of a pathologist. Gamboa, by family accounts, was in good health. But [...]

Stephen Lewis murdered during home invasion in Capital
One man from the Dangriga area is detention tonight in connection with the horrific murder of a retired Belizean American, fifty-three year old Robert Stephen Lewis. Lewis and his wife, Ursula, recently relocated to Belize and built their dream home in the Maya Mopan are of Belmopan. The couple was surprised by an armed and [...]

Why has no one been charged for Kaylee Burgess’ murder?
Tonight’s question is: Why do you think no one has been charged with the murder of Kaylee Burgess: No evidence, Sloppy police work or the Suspect may be highly connected. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an [...]

PM returns from IDB and IMF meetings; partial guarantee in sight?
After making a partial payment of eleven point seven million dollars on the twenty-three point five million dollars August coupon of the superbond, bondholders agreed not to take legal action against the government during a two month period while negotiations take place. The Prime Minister, accompanied by members of the Debt Review Team including, team [...]

Prime Minister expects Telemedia dividends to be issued in months ahead
Telemedia held its annual general meeting on Friday. The dividends were not issued because of an injunction granted by the Caribbean Court of Justice just prior to the meeting. There is still litigation before the courts challenging the nationalization of the telephone company so the court ruled that the dividends should not to be paid [...]

Passport Office in Belize City closed until further notice
Following the alleged Hezbollah member, Rafic Labboun’s swift receipt of a Belizean passport in the name of Wilhelm Dyck, an investigation into procedures and loopholes at the Immigration Department is taking place. Late this evening, the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality sent out a press release confirming that the Passport Office at the Charles Hyde [...]

Couple lucky to be alive after vehicle flips during highway accident
A Belmopan couple is lucky to be alive tonight after a horrific accident on the George Price Highway this afternoon. Mohiddin Kharuri and his seventeen year old girlfriend were heading to Belize City when he lost control of the vehicle and hit the edge of a culvert. The SUV flew into the air before landing [...]

Stolen car, but lawyer proves owner not quite yet owner
When he appeared in court earlier this year, Maintenance worker, Charles Requeña had pleaded not guilty to the charge of handling stolen goods, but it wasn’t until today that he was freed of the single charge. In March of this year, a car, valued at three thousand two hundred dollars, was stolen from in front [...]

Christian Landaverde identified as man killed on St. Margaret’s Farm
On Monday night we reported that a man was killed in St. Margaret’s Village, where it is believed that he was stealing from a farm. That man has since been identified as Christian Alexander Landaverde, a fruit and vegetable vendor from Belize City. Reports are that Landaverde was one of three men who were caught [...]

Public space and sports collide; football field or concert ground?
IndigeNOW Belize, a world indigenous music festival organized by the National Institute of Culture and History, is scheduled for next weekend at the MCC Grounds. The event promises a who’s who of local and international artists, as well as dance performances and arts and craft. But while planners have meticulously organized the showcase, the Football [...]

Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington on ICJ at UN General Assembly
The annual debate at the UN general assembly in New York is winding down. On Monday afternoon, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington took to the famous lectern along with the other ministers from the CARICOM. Elrington touched on a number of global issues on the UN Agenda such as climate change, peace and security while on [...]

September 10th and 21st, redux in print
The annual September Celebrations are officially behind us but today the National Institute of Culture and History, along with the Belize Archives and Records Service returned to the essence of what makes the month of September historically important to Belizeans. It’s a new publication fittingly called Revisiting the Tenth and Twenty-First, a retrospective detailing the [...]

Superstar hopefuls take the stage to win major cash
After a brief recess last week, The Next Superstar is back tonight with a bang. It’s coming down to wire now, so you better get in the grove because five competitors from Group A will remain in the competition tonight following an all-out knock round of the bottom three. It’s all heading to the merger [...]


Minor Kills BDF Volunteer On Base
On Monday evening Love News reported that a Belize Defense Force volunteer soldier was shot dead. It happened at the Melitia Hall compound on the George Price Highway near its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. When Love News arrived, the scenes of crimes personnel were still...

Anglican Church Prepares For The Forty Seventh Diocesan Synod
The Anglican Diocese of Belize is preparing to host its 47th Diocesan Synod next week. The Synod is a biennial meeting of lay delegates from all the churches and diocesan organizations and is the highest governing body of the diocese and establishes policy and programmes for ...

Police Detains Suspect In Belmopan Home Invasion
There is an update on the ruthless murder of retired Belizean contractor, fifty-three year-old Robert Lewis. Belmopan police have detained a man originally from Dangriga in connection with the stabbing murder, which happened inside Lewis’ home in the Maya Mopan area of ...


Belize Makes It On HPI List
In 2006 and 2009 Belize was ranked 51st and 27th respectively on the global Happy Planet Index, HPI. Happy Planet Index is an index of human well-being and environmental impact that was introduced by the New Economics Foundation, NEF, in the US in July 2006. The HPI is based on general useful principles — that most people want to live long and fulfilling lives, and the country which is doing the best is the one that allows its citizens to do so. In addition HPI is also concerned with the extraction of or imposition upon nature and is portrayed using the ecological footprint per capita, which attempts to estimate the amount of natural resources, required to sustain a given country's lifestyle. A country with a large per capita ecological footprint uses more than its fair share of resources, both by drawing resources from other countries, and also by causing permanent damage to the planet which will impact future generations. The HPI is best conceived as a measure of the environmental efficiency of supporting well-being in a given country. For the 2012 ranking, 151 countries were compared, and the best scoring country for the second time in a row was Costa Rica, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Belize and El Salvador. The lowest ranking countries in 2012 were Botswana, Chad and Qatar.

O/W Artisans To Be Featured In BELTRAIDE Catalogue
In an attempt to promote Belizean products both locally and internationally, the Belize Trade and Investment Service BELTRAIDE, has been actively involved in a number of marketing strategies aimed at creating consumer awareness of locally produced goods and services, since 2007. One such strategy is the “Made in Belize Product Catalogue”- a catalogue designed to provide graphic images of the various products produced in Belize along with the corresponding information of the manufacturer. This year the catalogue will showcase the work of Belizean artisans who bring to life locally made products. Expected to be released in the month of December, the catalogue is presently under construction. Last week Friday personnel from BELTRIADE were in Orange Walk at the Banquitas House of Culture where numerous local artisans came out to display their products that will be featured in the catalogue. The Belize Trade and Investment Service, BELTRAIDE, exists to promote economic development through investment promotion, entrepreneurial development and marketing and policy recommendations. Currently, Development Officer at BELTRAIDE, Debbie Alfaro is on a nationwide tour in preparation of the 2012 “Made in Belize Catalogue” expected to be out by the month of December. This year the catalogue will be featuring the work of local artisans from across the jewel including the Orange Walk District.

Rotract O/W Donates Educational Grants
The Orange Walk Rotaract Club is a community-oriented and social-driven organization which is well known for their work in our community - their commitment to town beautification initiatives and other people-centered activities. Tonight the club is once again making the news this time for their commitment to education. On Saturday the club donated 10 educational grants to well deserving high school students. This is the fifth year that the club carries out its student program, the only difference is, that this year, the club was able to do donate more grants by partnering off with the business community. Clarrisa Azayeta- Financial Director “The school’s gives us the nominations, the nominees, we screen them and we take who were nominated. This year, however, we have the business to match us for everyone we get a business match us one. Carmelita Perez – Reporter “Now, are these grants been given out to first form, second form, third form, fourth form or it varies?”

Two Murders Recorded In Belize City
While it was relatively quite here in the north over the weekend, the same cannot be said for the Belize District where there were two murders. The first murder was recorded on Saturday September 29th and the victim was identified as 16 year old Jamie Dominguez aka (Chipaz). The dead body of the 16 year old was found lying face up on the tail gate of an abandoned black Isuzu Rodeo parked at the corner of Vernon Street and Partridge Street Extension in Belize City. Dominguez had been shot on the right side of the head. So far police investigation have reveled that around 1:00am on Saturday, a single gunshot was heard in the area and a few minutes after residents found Dominguez’s dead body on the back of the abandoned vehicle. The body of the deceased was transported to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where it was pronounced dead on arrival. So far on one has been arrested and investigations continue. The second homicide was recorded on Sunday September 30th around 1:14am and this time the victim was a 31 year old fisherman of 69 Regent Street Belize City. When police arrived at the scene on Nargusta Street, they observed the lifeless body of 31 year old Trevor Anthony Johnson lying face down riddled with bullets. Johnson had been shot on the right temple, right jaw, right arm and abdomen. Reports are that around 1:12am, Johnson was walking along Mahogany Street when a lone gunman began chasing him. Johnson is said to have run into Hondo Street where he was shot by his attacker. Despite his injuries, Johnson was able to run into Nargusta Street but he did not reach very far because his attacker managed to caught up with him and inflicted the fatal injuries. No one has been detained and investigations continue.

Honouring The Elderly
Today Belize joins the rest of the world in celebration of the United Nations' “International Day of Older Persons”. The day is celebrated in recognition of the contributions of older persons to society and also to examine issues that affect their lives. In Belize International Day of Older Person marks the beginning of Elderly Citizens Week hosted by Help Age Centers across the country. Here in Orange Walk the Zenobia Megg Help Age Centre celebrated the day by hosting a tea party for its members. Marcelia Leiva, President HelpAge OW Branch “Orange Walk Helpage was formed in about 1981 and with that purpose in mind and it wasn’t Helpage it was just a social group that came together because there were some people of the 60’s and so on and they didn’t feel like going to the clubs and so they said well let us meet now every now and then and just to share and just a group of people come together and then they started a little club and then eventually a few years after Helpage was formed in the City and then they invited us to be a part of them and to come under the umbrella of Helpage.”


Belizean-American murdered in Salvapan
The latest murder took place in the wee hours of today, Monday, October first in the Salvapan area of the nation’s capital. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo traveled west today to bring you the following report.

San Ignacio man murdered in Santa Elena town
Further west, in San Ignacio, the weapon of choice in the weekend’s third killing was an edged tool.

Couple held up and robbed in Belmopan
While most hard-working Belizeans used the weekend downtime to rest and relax, the criminals were hard at work around the country. In Belmopan a group of bandits terrorized a couple on Saturday night leaving them stranded in the middle of the night. Love News understands that the vehicle has since been recovered and returned to the owner.

Teen kidnapped and raped; carpenter charged
The sexual assault of our young girls continues as another fifteen year old has reported that she was raped by a grown man. According to the girl, the alleged rapist took her at gunpoint to commit the sex assault.

Injured policeman’s house gutted by fire in PG
A policeman who was badly injured in a road traffic accident on the Southern Highway late last month continues to undergo treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. The news tonight is the tragedy has been compounded by the destruction of his home in Punta Gorda town. The incident happened early on Saturday morning, and was reported by our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung.

The Jasmine Alert Senitization begins
The Jasmine Alert, Belize’s Child Kidnapping Warning System was launched on the 31st of July 2012. As a result of this, the Belize Police Department has commenced a National Jasmine Alert Sensitization Tour which kicked off on Friday the 28th of September. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood explains the purpose of the tour.

Fisherman gunned down on Belize City street
Just as the investigation into the Dominguez murder was picking up steam … authorities were faced with another murder to investigation. The early Sunday morning shooting incident also in Belize City claimed the life of a fisherman. The victim has been identified as thirty one year old Trevor Anthony Johnson, who lived on Regent Street.

16 year old shot dead in Belize City
There was a path of death and violence that stretched from south side Belize City to south of the country. Six murders were reported in the period since Friday’s newscast and this morning, with the latest homicide being recorded just this morning. We’ll get to that one shortly. But we begin our walk through the crime beat with the story of a sixteen year old boy who was shot dead on Saturday morning on south side Belize City. Police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood gave reporters the details at the weekly press briefing.


Two persons thrown from car near Harmonyville
Two persons were thrown from an SUV while travelling on the George Price Highway. It happened early this afternoon ...

Conference tackles exploitation and domestic violence.
Healthy Women’s Conference is a 3 days forum organized by the Child Development Foundation (CDF). It involves the p...

Are we being cheated of premium internet service?
The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities last week revealed some startling information a...

Police begin Jasmine Alert Sensitization Tour
Belize launched the “Jasmine Alert”, Belize’s Child Kidnapping Emergency Warning System on 31st July 2012. As a fol...

Additional information could identify home invasion suspect
Last night we aired the story about a Belmopan resident, Robert Lewis, who was savagely stabbed to death in his hom...

Brazen home invasion takes place in San Roman
Police visited the residence of MARGARITA LEMUS, in San Roman Village, in the Corozal District. She reported that ...

GOB temporarily closes Belize City passport office
The Ministry of Immigration & Nationality has issued a release stating that effective tomorrow October 3, the passp...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker’s Independence Day Parade
For those who missed all the entertainment and fun for our Independence Day on September 21st. To view the article by Raggamuffin Tours, click here or take a quick look at the video shot during the parade.


Hellish weekend leaves 6 dead
Six people were shot, stabbed and chopped to death over the bloody weekend of Friday to Sunday, September 28 to 30. The persons who were killed are Jamie Dominguez, 17, and Trevor Anthony Johnson, 28, both residents of Belize City, who were shot to death; Eddie Antonio Sanchez, 35, of Santa Elena, who was chopped to death; a “John Doe” of St. Margaret Village who was shot to death; a security guard of Dangriga who was found stabbed to death at his place of duty; and a resident of the Maya Mopan area who was stabbed to death in his home. The killings began around 7:15 a.m. on Friday, September 28. Police said that Eddie Antonio Sanchez was found with multiple chop wounds to his head and back, and his throat was slit to his chin. Also, both his hands and right ankle were chopped. Police said that they were called to Pilgrim Road in the Hillview area of Santa Elena, where they found Sanchez’s body lying at the roadside in a pool of blood. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Belizean-American murdered in Maya Mopan
The last of the weekend’s terrible, deadly violence occurred this morning, Monday, in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan in a remote area sometime between 1:20 and 1:30. Robert Lewis, 53, a retired Belizean-American and his wife, Orsula Patnett Lewis, 47, were in their home, a large, imposing, burglar-barred residence, when an armed, masked bandit breached their security and gained entry into the house. The gunman first went into the bedroom of Orsula, who was sleeping in the upper flat in the house. Orsula Lewis told police that she was ordered to lie on the floor and the gunman tied her hands and feet and threatened to kill her. He then demanded money and guns from her. Orsula said that she pleaded for her life, and the man then left her and went downstairs, and shortly after she heard her husband screaming for help. She managed to untie herself and in desperation, jumped over the balcony of the second floor, a long drop to the ground, badly hurting her shoulder in the process. Her neighbors heard her shouting for help and ran to assist her and her husband, but the thief had already escaped.

No “sugar” for BTL shareholders yet
Prior to the Sixth Annual General Meeting of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) tonight, there was open speculation as to whether the company — in light of this week’s ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice that the Government as majority shareholder in the company (it holds 63 percent of shares including the Special Share) must postpone the declaration of dividends to all shareholders until December 14 per an application by the Ashcroft Alliance filed earlier this month — would comply and withhold dividends from its shareholders. Before that issue was decided, at the King’s Room of the Princess Hotel in Belize City, shareholders heard from their board of directors as to the company’s activities in the past year and its ambitious future plans. BTL complies: shareholders told “investment is secure” In the business portion of the AGM, after the meeting received and considered the Directors’ Report and the company’s financial statements for 2011-12, Executive Chairman of the company’s board of directors, Nestor “Net” Vasquez, reported to shareholders that the Government had written to the company this week asking that they comply with the CCJ ruling and withhold the declaration of dividends until the 14th of December, 2012, or later. Attorney for BTL, Rodwell Williams SC, had earlier answered a question by shareholder Armando Castillo as to the legal authority of the CCJ to decide on a question that has not even reached its docket by revisiting the strange history of the 2009 and 2011 acquisitions by Government.

Belize shows rising number of breast cancer cases
Belizean men have also developed breast cancer... October is being celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month—and it is fitting time for the Belize Cancer Society to sound the alarm, since Belizean pathologist Dr. Hugh Sanchez has indicated that whereas breast cases have been second in frequency to cervical cancer cases in Belize, the data up to September 2012 indicate that breast cancer could clock in as the most common cancer in Belize among women. For the years 2009 to 2011, Belize saw 15 breast cancer cases recorded each year at the Central Medical Laboratory, which tracks both private and public sector cases in the country. However, Sanchez indicated that for the year 2012 to date, that number is about 13. The Belize Cancer Society is stressing early detection as key. Breast self-exams (BSE), clinical breast exams by a medical professional, and screening mammography for those who have turned 40 or ultrasounds for those who are younger, are the essential methods used in Belize for screening. Breast cancer survivor Deborah Alvarado said that it was the late Juliet Soberanis, founder of the Society, who warned her that the abnormalities in her breast were a signal that she was suffering from breast cancer. Alvarado said that one of her breasts was growing and it oozed blood from the nipple when she slept at night. The lab tests later confirmed this and Alvarado agreed to have the affected breast removed. The then mother of 5 (with 4 other dependents to care for) was diagnosed in 1997 at the age of 27. Today, she still has to be vigilant just in case the cancer returns.

Murder count passes 100 for third consecutive year – 108 to date
As a matter of public interest, this is Amandala’s record of the murder roll and statistics through to today, Monday, October 1, 2012. For the third consecutive year, Belize has passed 100 murders – and, worryingly, done so at an earlier point in the year than in 2010 and 2011. 2010’s 100th murder was recorded early in October and 2011’s in the last week of September, respectively. According to our unofficial statistics, the 100th murder victim this year was Honduran national Wilmer Esquivel, 27, found stabbed to death in his home in the early hours of September 17. The third quarter, July, August and September, saw a total of 34 murders, five more than the second quarter. In July, which saw 13 murders, Corozal Town was hit by back-to-back double murders, first that of mother and daughter Clari and Shanny Fredersdorf, owners and managers of a hotel who were subjected to a fatal robbery on the night of July 4. One week later, two men, Robert Hernandez of Carolina village and town resident Kenrick Vaccaro were shot and killed. Residents of the town came out to protest after that double murder, but three others have been reported since, including the killing of the son and namesake of Belize City businessman James Swan, Sr., James Swan, Jr., 30; taxi operator Anwar Hernandez, 28; and 20-year-old Urbina Gonzalez Barrera.

Deon returns, but City Boys still fall to F.C. Belize in Week 6 of PLB tournament
Week 6, the first of four out-of-zone clashes, is in the books, and the race keeps getting hotter and more interesting in this Premier League of Belize 2012-2013 Opening Tournament. [...]

Belize “shook up the world” in Alcobendas, Spain
Belize’s Tree-vanne Moses wins Samsung Shootout in FIBA 3×3 U18 World Championship in Spain BELIZE CITY, Mon. Oct. 1, 2012 Yes, against the world, the Belize squad left our mark in the former mother country of [...]

Editorial: Where is the wa?
The Japanese have something they refer to as wa. It is best translated in English as “harmony,” which is what contributes to peace and tranquility. The Japanese are a people with a large population packed into relatively small islands, so, over the millennia they have developed an elaborate set of rituals and manners in their culture which reduce the occasions for inter-personal stress and conflict. Everybody is respectful to everybody else. As crowded as it is, Japan is harmonious, filled with wa. In Belize, we have the opposite to wa in our way of life. Perhaps this can blamed on the fact that we have always been a small population in a relatively large land space. We are not always bumping into each other every time we turn, so perhaps we feel we don’t need all the courtesy and manners. In the old capital, however, which is our most crowded community, there is an absence of some guidelines which would reduce stress and conflict. It may be that we city Belizeans enjoy living on the brink, so to speak, but it is for sure some of us would enjoy wa, especially if it reduces our fuel bills. It was during his 1993 to 1998 administration, if we remember correctly, when UDP Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel built his overpass to move pedestrians from the general area of Save-U/Farmers’ Market north to the Pallotti/Cleopatra White area, and vice versa. Mr. Esquivel was not a popular politician, which seems strange to say, because politics involves making people like you. He was a mechanical person, considered a “cold fish.” When the PUP came to power in 1998, they encouraged the pedestrians, who in the overpass matter are mostly young students, to ignore the overpass and do whatever they wanted. Maybe it was because Mr. Esquivel had given the finger to Belizeans by running his 1998 administration months over the five-year term of office; it was as if Belizeans were retaliating.

From The Publisher
“As Fernando and Isabel saw it, Indian lands were not like the Islamic empires which they and their royal ancestors had fought for centuries. Muslim troops, in their view, could be legitimately enslaved – they had conquered most of Spain, exploited Spanish people, and, by embracing Islam, rejected Christianity. (For similar reasons, the Islamic empires freely enslaved Spanish POWs.) Most Indians, by contrast, had done no wrong to Spaniards. Because American natives had never heard of Christianity, they could not have turned away from it. In 1493, Pope Alexander VI resolved this dilemma of conscience. He awarded the sovereigns ‘full, free and complete power, authority, and jurisdiction’ over the Taino of Hispaniola if they sent ‘prudent and God-fearing men, learned, skilled, and proven, to instruct [them] in the Catholic faith.’ Conquest was acceptable if done for the purpose of bringing the conquered to salvation.” - pg. 384, 1493, by Charles C. Mann, Vintage Books, 2011, New York “ … the king was talking with Bartolomé de las Casas, a fiery Dominican priest who had just completed Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, an indictment of Spanish conduct that remains a landmark both in the history of human-rights activism and in the literature of sustained invective. Reading his first draft before the shocked court, Las Casas branded the conquest of Mexico as ‘the climax of injustice and violence and tyranny committed against the Indians.’ He denounced Indian slavery as ‘torments even harder to endure and longer lasting than the torments of those who are put to the sword.’”

Another illegal Guat logger; this time in Caracol International
Jailed for a year on lesser charges, but no charges laid yet for illegal logging. A Guatemalan of Peten, Guatemala, is tonight in jail, but not for the offense which joint security forces personnel say they caught him red-handed trying to do – cut down the National Tree, mahogany, in an archaeological reserve. Edgar Rene Amador Jenis, 38, of La Calzada Mopan, Dolores, Peten, appeared this morning in San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court charged with drug possession for 4.5 grams of marijuana and illegal entry into the country by the Department of Immigration. He was issued a fine by the presiding magistrate, but was unable to pay and was sent to jail for a year. This evening, FCD chair Rafael Manzanero registered to Amandala the organization’s “deep concern” that charges of illegal logging in a protected area and entry of an animal without proper documentation is apparently yet to be lodged by the Forestry Department. Our checks this evening with San Ignacio police were fruitless, as their

Chukka Tours begins repairs to damaged rappelling area; police say no formal report made
Company accuses rivals FECTAB of “inaccurate statements” and “lies” about business.. This morning, Police Department press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood told Amandala that the Department has not received a formal report from authorities concerning last week’s sabotage of the rappelling platform at the Jaguar Paw property located to the rear of the Nohoch Che’en Archaeological Reserve which occurred on Sunday, September 23. We were unable to reach authorities at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) to find out with whom they spoke, if anyone, concerning what they have deemed a “criminal” act. Meanwhile, country manager for Chukka Caribbean Tours, Valerie Woods, has told Amandala that while authorities continue their investigations, the platform will be undergoing repairs in this coming week and after that its Ultimate Adventure tour, which consists of three stages – zip lining, rappelling and cave tubing in that order – will be back up for use, while other tours are presently continuing. Someone cut the client safety lines and the rope barrier, in addition to making partial cuts to the metal supports of the platform and to the anchor cable. There was also evidence of fire damage to the portions of the entrance stairway to the Crystal Cave, according to an official report by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and NICH released last week.


Karen Waldrup did it again
If you have been following Cowboy’s pool bar and grill facebook page and Mama Vilma’s website,then you know all about the Lounge fundraiser this past Sunday. It was a follow up to a fantastic evening at Wet Willy’s Cantina and a spur of the moment opportunity to raise more money for Mama Vilma’s. Of course party planning in Belize is not always an easy job especially when it is last minute. We did not know till the morning of the event if we would even have sound. Cowboy Doug said it did not mater either way and he would be just as happy to see Karen relaxing in a lounge chair and enjoying the pool. Thankfully everything worked out and Karen wowed the crowd from on top of the pool bar with 2 fantastic sets. She even had her own personal sunscreener below as you will see in the pictures. Everyone was also very impressed with the surprise half time show Barrett acoustic. At 12 years of age he has so much talent, amazing singing voice great at guitar and has quite a repertoire of songs under his belt. Be sure and check out his official website and listen to him live on barrettacoustic youtube channel.

September’s Photo of the Month
Combine two of our favorite things – beautiful sailboats and sunset, and you have the perfect photo! This photo epitomizes our late summer so far .. incredible sunshine and even better sunsets – therefore, what better to be our FaceBook Profile for the month of October but this! We hope you like …

International Sources

Zombie Bees Coming to Belize?
Zombie honeybees that fly at night until they die have been found or suspected in many areas of the U.S. Honeybees are infected by the Zombie Fly. Fly-parasitized honey bees become "ZomBees" showing the "zombie-like behavior" of leaving their hives at night on "a flight of the living dead." It's unclear if they're in Mexico yet, but they're heading south and probably will end up in Belize.

Students prepare for once-in-a-lifetime trip
A group of senior Wick High School pupils are currently hard at work fundraising for a trip to Belize next summer when they are due to undertake a range of environmental and community work. They have just received a boost with a letter from St James’s Palace in which Prince Harry wishes them well with the enterprise. While unable to directly support their appeal because of his current RAF commitments, the third in line to the throne sent his best wishes for ‘a fantastic expedition.’ Here one of the pupils, Eilidh Sutherland, of Main Street, Lybster, gives a flavour of what lies ahead of them. TEN senior pupils, including myself, plan to visit Belize for a month next summer. Belize is located in central America and is one of the last remaining natural habitats that has been left untouched. The trip, organised in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) and AdventuraScotland, is split into three phases.

Belize PM aims for creditor superbond deal within month
Belize hopes to strike a deal with creditors to restructure its $550 million 'superbond' within a month, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said on Tuesday. The tiny Central American country missed a $23.5 million interest payment on the sovereign bond in August and made a partial payment of $11.7 million on Sept. 20 when a 30-day grace period ended. Creditors agreed in September to grant the country a second 60-day grace period as a sign of good faith as talks continue. "We actually hope we can reach a point with the bondholders where we can launch the debt exchange offer by the end of October ... not later than very early in November," Barrow told Reuters. "I don't see any difficulty we would have in meeting those deadlines." After the interest rate on the superbond rose to 8.5 percent this year from 6 percent, Belize said it could not afford to service its debt. The country is reliant on tourism, fishing and farming and cited increased fiscal liabilities from declining oil revenues and recently nationalized utility companies.

FAO Rep Outlines Strategies to Tackle Threat to Region's Food Security
Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Representative to Jamaica, Bahamas and Belize, Dr. Jerome Thomas, says strategic systematic and sustained responses are needed to address the challenges threatening the food and nutrition security of Caribbean countries. Dr. Thomas argued that "there is every reason to believe" that the Caribbean region’s food and nutrition security status has been negatively affected by factors, such as increases in the frequency and severity of natural disasters, rising food and input prices, and the ongoing global economic and financial crisis. He was speaking at a validation workshop for Jamaica’s Food and Nutrition Security Policy at the Terra Nova Hotel in St. Andrew, last week, which the FAO jointly hosted with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. “The existing high unemployment rates as well as the high levels of poverty further define the critical problem facing the countries and the region. Any effective response to this situation must be strategic, systematic and sustained, and therefore, placed within a planned framework,” Dr. Thomas said. Noting that food and nutrition security is a multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral issue, Dr. Thomas contended that its attainment and success requires “simultaneous, holistic, and concerted action” on a wide scale, encompassing enhanced agricultural output; fisheries and forestry; food processing and distribution...

October 2, 2012

Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Valid: Monday-Monday, Oct. 1 – October 8, 2012

Here is the Weekly Outlook.

Have a fine week and best wishes for an uneventful October. Indications are that the Northern Hemisphere winter is starting early which is good news.

Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods as yet. Remain vigilant!

Have splendid week with many blessings!


An upper to mid level circulation (Low) in the NW Caribbean is generating scattered, deep convection around and south of Jamaica, extending NNW over western Cuba as can be observed from the latest GOES IR image (Figure 1). The mid to upper low will drift NW during the next 24 to 48 hours pulling the convection over Yucatan and Belize by Tuesday, as it begins to interact with an upper level trough associated with a cold front zone in the central and southern Gulf of Mexico. The GFS model is projecting an increase in rainfall over Belize due to the interaction of these features on Tuesday through early Thursday. Thereafter, the activity will weaken and dissipate.

The model projections are also indicating that the westerlies are becoming more pronounced over the northern hemisphere at this time, and another cold front system will make its way southwards through the Gulf of Mexico reaching Yucatan and the extreme NW Caribbean by late Saturday and early Sunday. This system will provoke another bout of showers and thunderstorms over Belize.

No tropical cyclone is expected to form over or move into the Caribbean region during the next five days. However, close monitoring of the cold front entering the NW Caribbean early next week is necessary as the frontal zone interacting with moist, unstable tropical air often favor disturbances to form on the tail end of the frontal boundary. Remain vigilant!

Rainfall rates over Belize will be in the range of 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch on Sunday, Monday. On Tuesday through Thursday heavier showers and thunderstorms, especially in the interior could result in rainfall rates increasing in the range of 0.50 inch to1.50 inches locally in the hills and along central coastal areas. Rainfall rates will then reduce to 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch later on Friday through Saturday; but increasing on Sunday and Monday once again with amounts of 0.50-0.75 of-an-inch over most districts. Locally higher rates are possible in the hilly terrain.

CLICK HERE for the full Belize Weekly Weather Report

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The San Pedro Sun partners with Oceana on International Beach Cleanup Day
Oceana in Belize teamed up with several organizations countrywide in joining the world in celebrating International Cleanup Day. On Ambergris Caye, The San Pedro Sun collaborated with Oceana to spearhead the event on the island along with the support of a handful of island residents and Leos Club members. A group of 13 gathered to clean two miles of beach along one of Belize’s prime tourism destination, San Pedro Town. Starting at 8:30AM from the Boca del Rio Park, the group slowly progressed southward to end at the Esmeralda Park near the town’s library. The two mile journey took about two and a half hours to cleanup. Under the heat of the early mid-morning sun, the group cleaned the beach of 24 bags of garbage totaling some 340 pounds. The group removed all sorts of garbage, mostly litter caused by human activities. On top of the list of garbage were a large amount of beverage caps and cigarette butts. Similarly substantial were the paper and plastic bags as well as food wrappers, straws, foams and beverage bott

Cabinet endorses decision to make Turneffe Atoll a Marine Reserve
When made into a marine reserve, provisions will be made in the SI to enact legislation that will seek to improve the enforcement and sustainable management of Turneffe’s commercial fishery. In addition, it will also seek to improve control and monitoring of future development. The legislation will also seek to address and ensure sustainable management of the atoll’s environmental, economic and social benefits for Belize as well as provide for scientific research and environmental monitoring for the atoll. It will allow for the support of catch and release sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and other sustainable tourism activities. Establishing Turneffe Atoll as a marine reserve is critical to the protection of Turneffe from destructive development pressures, as well as for the effective long term management of the atoll. As such, in of June 2010, the Turneffe Atoll Trust was established with its main objective to lead the effort to establish the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve. The 280 page document was send to Cabinet in January of 2012 after which PM Barrow decided to embrace the decision on September 25th. The Turneffe Atoll is the largest of three atolls in Belize.

Ambergris Today

Creating Awareness of Belize’s Child Kidnapping Emergency Warning System
On September 28, Community Policing and District Focal Point Officers met at the Police Training Academy where they were sensitized on what is Jasmine Alert, Jasmine Alert criteria, responsibility of national coordinator, responsibility of district focal point officer, responsibility of police officers (investigator), alert sound, text message and responsibility of community/other law enforcers. During the month October, communities (town, city, villages) and schools of every level will be sensitized as to their role in this program to make it effective.

Ronise Caliz Flies the Belizean Skies in a Male Dominated Career
Meet 27-year-old, Ronise Caliz; she is Tropic Air’s only female pilot and Belize’s second female pilot since San Pedrana, Florita Ancona was the first Belizean female pilot to fly with the airline. Ambergris Today met with Ronise Caliz and chatted with her about her experience on being a female pilot and working for Belize’s largest and most experienced airline – Tropic Air. Ronise Caliz hails from the lovely town of Punta Gorda, Belize, and it had always been a dream of hers to become a pilot. Ronise shared with us that as a little girl her uncle, who is a BDF pilot, would always tell her and her siblings to come out and watch as he would do a fly-by. Since then Ronise knew she wanted to be a pilot!

OMG Pic! Car Flips 4 Times in Twin Towns Cayo
The residents of the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, in the Cayo District, Belize, teamed up to save the lives of persons trapped under a vehicle, which flipped four times at about 4:00p.m. on Sunday, September 30, 2012. The vehicle slipped to the edge of the George Price Highway, near the STAR Newspaper in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District. The police’s response to the scene was immediate. A cab volunteered to take the most seriously injured to the hospital. One male was reported bleeding profusely from the head and his condition is still unknown at this time.

Beautifying San Pedro With Colorful Murals
Here we see Lenny and Neville Bonardy, to local island artists, finishing up their mural work at Isla Bonita Elementary School. They were commissioned by the school to beautify the surrounding walls of their playground with one of their beautiful murals they are so used to creating around town. The mural comprises of an underwater and jungle theme which showcases the rich diveristy of Belize's flora and fauna. The students at Isla Bonita Elementary can now have fun and learn at the same time during their outdoor activities at the school grounds.

Old Timer Or Modern Sanpedrano? Num. 18
You happen to know these police officers: P C Massam, P C Hope, P C Sambula, P C Fuller, P C Smith, P C Sutherland and P C Orio. You not only know them, but you respected them and appreciate their contributions to San Pedro. YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MODERN SANPEDRANO IF you only refer to the police officers as the short one, the slim one, the fat one, the kind one, the attentive one, the drunkard, the one who likes to shoot, the only one who really cares, the one who likes to curse, etc. Modern Sanpedranos don’t seem to connect well and make good relationships with police officers as was done twenty five years ago.

San Pedro's Grassy Airstrip
Back in the 1960’s Celi Nuñez and her husband John Greif II convinced government that it was time to open up an airstrip in San Pedro if they wanted tourism to grow. At the time there were two hotels on the island- Holiday and Paradise Hotels. The late Jim Blake facilitated the land to government and all bushes and coconut trees were chopped and grass allowed to spread all over the strip. It was only about 1,200 feet long but John said he only needed a football field to land his three-seater. John Greif was the first to land on this strip and not too long afterwards Maya Airways commenced its commercial flights between San Pedro and Belize City. It was something to be proud of because there were no airstrips at Caye Caulker, Corozal, Orange Walk, Belmopan, Dangriga or Punta Gorda. San Ignacio in Cayo still does not have one.

SPTC To Hold Public Meeting at San Mateo Area
The San Pedro Town Council informs all residents of San Mateo to attend an important public meeting at Church of Christ on Saturday, October 6, 2012, at 7 pm. All residents are urged to attend as important matters regarding utilities will be discussed.

A Delightful Breakfast at Mathieu’s Delicatessen
Somebody just recently commented that Gunter Mathieu has the nicest buns and I have to agree!:) He does makes some of the most delicious breads on the island, but his cooking does not stop with his baked goods because Gunter is a wizard in the kitchen. I don’t know how he has all that imagination to create such great food; Master Chef I say!

How I Got My Butt Kicked by Seven Tough Ladies
Every week from Monday to Thursday, I greet the ladies at Train Station Fitness Center as they head up to the second floor for aerobics class. And the other day I shared this video on Facebook mocking them a little bit on how easy their workouts are, as compared to the heavy weightlifting that takes place on the first floor.

Misc Belizean Sources

JASMINE ALERT Sensitization
Since the launching of the “Jasmine Alert”, Belize’s Child Kidnapping Emergency Warning System on 31st July 2012, the Belize Police Department will be starting their National Jasmine Alert Sensitization Tour starting 28th September 2012 and throughout the month of October 2012. The goal of this tour (exercise) is to establish clear guidance to standardize an interoperable network of plans across the country, and to minimize potentially deadly delays because of confusion among communities and police department.On 28th September, Community Policing and District Focal Point Officers met at the Police Training Academy, where they were sensitized on, what is jasmine alert, jasmine alert criteria, responsibility of national coordinator, responsibility of district focal point officer, responsibility of police officers (investigator), alert sound, text message and responsibility of community/other law enforcers. During the month October, communities (town, city, villages) and schools of every level will be sensitized as to their role in this program to make it effective.

Add!ction Fall Fashion Show
The Fall Fashion Show is on, and it'll be on Saturday, November 3rd, at the Bedran Hall in the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Gabriela Berrera's new Add!ction lines will be on full display along with the Davina fashions. Sponsors include the SIRH, Studio 7, JCariddi Photography, The Dollhouse, Emmanuelle's Skincare, and Caesar Production Sounds.

Hard Work and Fun at SHC
Sacred Heart College students cleaned up and painted the school tables. It's great to see the kids having fun helping the school. Great way to get community service hours.

One Girl, One School, One Village
Feelgood story of the day. This is a video made by a receiver of a 4 the World scholarship. It's a great story showing how she received the scholarship, excelled at primary school, and at Eden High School, and now gives back to the community. "This video slideshow has pictures of one of our actual scholarship students over several years from the time that 4 the World built the addition to her villages school and started a computer learning center through high school graduation and on to her participation as a 4 the World volunteer at a medical clinic in her village and other villages in Belize."

Benque's Full Moon Concert pictures
The Benque House of Culture had their full moon concert this weekend. Thanks, Benque HoC! "The Benque Viejo Hoc hosted an Art Fiesta and Full Moon Concert on Saturday, September 29 from 2-9pm. The live music and art ambiance was a reflection of a peaceful gathering that is a rare commodity in other areas of the country. There were artistic performances by Caracol YCD Stilt Walkers and the Benque Viejo Marching Band. Along with local art works and crafts and food, the evening boasted performances by the Galen's Eagle's Band, Carolina Bonilla and the Anoranzas del Mopan Band. The Benque Viejo House Of Culture is using every opportunity to keep culture alive as well as bringing the community together. Hats off to Benque Viejo Hoc!"

Yeast cakes

Oceana and Garbage Warriors clean up CC’s coastline!
Continuously we find ourselves bursting with pride for our amazing community spirit here on Caye Caulker and Saturday was yet another day!! The Caye Caulker Garbage Warriors, in collaboration with Oceana Belize, conducted a trash pick-ups with over 40 villagers and children yesterday. This pickup is part of a national and international effort to spend one day picking up trash from coastal areas and waterways and Oceana provided the trash bags and the gloves with Agua Dulce providing the water. The Garbage Warriors commenced at 8am and by 11am they were looking exceedingly weary with the mornings exercise – however, together they collected more than 60 garbage bags of waste which were polluting the mangroves on the South side of Caye Caulker. Suffice to say at the end of their endeavors the mangrove coastline looked not only clean of rubbish but quite picture perfect!! Thank you to all concerned for making our island one of the cleanest and most beautiful!!

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (29 September 2012)
Straight Line 100.00 Each (7 Balls) 25 ­70 ­20 ­73 ­28 ­9 ­47­ Y 125.00 Each (16 Balls) 25 ­70 ­20 ­73 ­28 ­9 ­47 ­34 ­45 ­24 ­51 ­22 ­71 ­18 ­74 ­12­ Letter X 750.00 Each (26 Balls) 25 ­70 ­20 ­73 ­28 ­9 ­47 ­34 ­45 ­24 ­51 ­22 ­71 ­18 ­74 ­12 ­30 ­69 ­41 ­7 ­68 ­72 ­55 ­19 ­63 ­17­

October is a month that will always have a special significance to me. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone will be talking about it; cancer survivors will say thank you Jesus, families and friends of victims will say a prayer in memoriam, and the rest of the world will remain hopeful for a cure. All around the world it will be a sea of pink. Many will remember the infamous cancer and the fear that it evokes in the hearts and souls of women and men all over the world. This is the month that we most remember to offer support to families enduring this battle and organizations that are trying to find a cure for this awful disease. So we purchase items, support cancer groups, donate and attend fundraisers, give talks, walk for a day, run for miles … and yes, at the same time hoping and praying that we never have an encounter with this deadliest of foes. Breast cancer is a sneaky, insidious devil. It hides wherever it can and when you least expect, it wreaks havoc on the life of the woman or man it has claimed as “its own”, their family and their friends. It can take over your life, ruling your health like a dictator. However, it is important to remember we have come far and today we know much more about this disease than ever before, making us better prepared to do battle. We know that our only recipe for a successful outcome is to prepare for combat - lace up your boxing gloves and fight with all you’ve got.

Channel 7

Belmopan: BELAM Murdered In Maya Mopan Mansion
A Belizean American couple who had built a home in Belize had their dream of retiring in Belize savagely snuffed out this morning when the husband was killed and the wife seriously injured in a home invasion turned murder. Here's the story from Belmopan: Jules Vasquez reporting This massive home - easily the biggest in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan - is where 53 year old Robert Lewis and his wife Ursula Patnett Lewis had decided to retire after working for years in the states. But that dream was cruelly destroyed at about 1:30 this morning when an intruder got into the house - and killed Robert Lewis in his home theater - while his wife Ursula had to jump fifteen feet from this second floor balcony of the master bedroom to the ground below - fracturing her arm. Martha Patnett - sister-in-law of deceased "She said that she jumped from upstairs to downstairs where fracture her shoulder." Jules Vasquez "Has she explained her ordeal to you? I understand she was tied up in the room." Martha Patnett - sister-in-law of deceased "Yes she says that she was tied up and the guy told her that she was lucky. She says that he was going to do her something and she told him to please leave her alone and so he went and attack her husband because he was downstairs in the theatre room and she was upstairs in her bedroom."

16 Year Old Slaying In City
A sixteen year old was murdered over the weekend. Around 1:00 on Saturday morning Jaime Dominguez was found dead at the corner of Vernon and Partridge Street Extension; he had been shot to the head. The police press officer told us what they have found out so far: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We had another murder reported in Belize City - this was on the 29th September, 2012`. CIB personnel responded to a scene at the corner Vernon and Partridge Street extension where they saw the motionless body of Jamie Dominguez, 16 years old of 16 Zericote Street laying on his back on the tailgate on an abandoned black Isuzu Rodeo with apparent gunshot wound to the right side of the head." "Initial investigation revealed that about 1am people in the neighborhood heard a single shot and upon making checks they found Dominguez already dead in the abandoned vehicle."

Fisherman Murdered In City
And there was a second murder in the city - this one happened early Sunday morning around 1:00 AM on Nargusta Street. 31 year old fisherman, Trevor Johnson was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body. Just minutes before the murder, he was being chased by a gunman - the police press officer explained: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "it is reported that around 1:14am on the 30th September, 2012 CIB personnel responded to a scene on Nargusta Street in Belize City where they saw a creole decent male person now identified as Trevor Johnson suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the right temple, right jaw, right arm and the abdomen." "Initial investigation revealed that Johnson around 1:12am was chased by a gunman on from Mahogany Street into Hondo Street where he was shot. He was able to escape the gunman but was again approach on Nargusta Street where he was fatally wounded. His body was transported to the KHMH where a medical officer pronounces him dead."

Farmer Shot and Killed Ginger Thief
And a man was shot dead in St. Margaret's village which is at mile 25 on the Hummingbird Highway - but it was not a murder - it seems that instead a farmer was defending his property. On Friday night at 10:30, Jose Echeverria, was on his father's farm looking out for thieves who had been stealing the family's crop of ginger. He saw three Mayan descent men get out of a pickup and start to uproot the ginger plants that were in the ground. He spotted his flash light on them and one of them fired a shotgun blast at him. He returned fire in the dark and heard one of them screaming for help. The other two men ran into the bushes whilst one who was waiting in the pickup sped off. Echeverria did not go and look for the injured man since it was dangerously dark. He went to report it to the police in Belmopan and handed over his shotgun. It would be almost 24 hours later before police found the body on Saturday night.

The Perils Of Intelco Hill
The area known as Intelco Hill in the Mountain View area of Belmopan offers a spectacular night-time view of the capital city - but, increasingly, it is becoming known as a dangerous place to hang out. That became apparent on Friday night when Brad Bowman and his girlfriend were parked on the hill along with his girlfriend and they were attached by 7 men. It is a terrifying attack and the police press officer told us what happened next:.. Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We had a robbery reported in Belmopan City. This is by Brad Bowman, a businessman - he reported that on the 29th September, 2012 at 11pm he was with his girlfriend in his 2001 dark grey SUV Chevy Tahoe valued at $75,000.00 - parked on the Intelco Hill in the Mountain View in Belmopan City when he was approach by 3 Hispanic male persons wearing rags over their faces. One of them was armed with a pistol. The men ordered Bowman and his girlfriend to get out of the vehicle which they complied and did and they were tied together - their hands and feet were tied together. The 3 men were then joined by 4 other men, one of whom was armed with a sawed off shotgun and the others were armed with machetes."

Weekday Murder In the West
And there was also a murder early on Friday morning in San Ignacio. A 35 year old was chopped up and killed one day after he was bailed on an aggravated assault charge. The police press officer told us more:.. Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "On Friday 28th September, 2012 around 7:35am; police visited a scene on Pilgrim Road in Santa Cruz area where they saw the lifeless body of a Hispanic male person face down in a pool of blood. This person was identified as Eddy Antonio Sanchez, 35 years old caretaker of Santiago Juan layout of San Ignacio Town."

Man Accused Of Rape
Tonight, 29 year-old Darrell Gray, a carpenter of Flamboyant Street, is on remand after it was alleged that he abducted a 15 year-old female at gunpoint, kidnapped her and raped her. Today, at the police press briefing, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood told us more about how it happened: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "A 15 year old student of Belize City is reporting that she was rape and kidnapped etc. on the 28th September, 2012. She is saying that around 9pm she was visiting some relatives not too far from her home when she was approached by a dark complexion male on bicycle. This person began a conversation with her. She realizes that the conversation was going in a bad direction and she tried to walk off hurriedly. This person took out a handgun, placed on her side and forced her on the bicycle and took her to a 2 storey abandoned house in that area where he forced her to remove her clothing and he had sexual intercourse with her against her will."

Logger Caught In Chiquibul Earns 28 BZD Per Day
38 year-old Guatemalan Edgar Rene Amador Jenis, a resident of Dolores Peten, is in facing immigration charges after he was caught logging in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve on Saturday morning. According the Friends for Conservation and Development, the Joint Forces personnel based at the Tapir Camp heard chainsaws in the Caracol Archaelogoical Reserve in the late hours of Friday night. At around 1 a.m., the personnel responded and they caught Jenis and another man sawing a mahogany tree. When they realized they were discovered, both men ran into the jungle. The other man escaped but the authorities managed to detain Jenis, and he was taken to San Ignacio Police Station where he was charged with illegal entry, illegal logging, and drug possession. Under questioning, Jenis revealed that he was paid 100 quetzales - or $28 BZ - daily for his help to cut the trees.

Primary School Cleaned Out
St John's Vianney Primary School on Fabers Road was targeted by burglars last week. According to Principal Felix Sutherland, his office was burglarized. Police told us how seven thousand dollars in school property were stolen: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We had a burglary reported by the principal of St. John's Vianney Mr. Felix Sutherland where he is saying that sometime 6:45pm on the 27th and 7:30am on the 28th of September his office was burglarize located on Faber's Road Belize City where stolen from that office was 1 black color Dell laptop valued at $1,400; a grey and black HP laptop valued at $1,500; a black metal safe valued at $7,000 containing $12,000 in cash - all the property of the school." "We had interviewed several persons in connections with this report but no arrest has been made as yet."

Flipped In Santa Elena
Citizens of Cayo ran to the rescue yesterday afternoon at 4:00 when a vehicle flipped in Santa Elena. It happened around 4:00 in the afternoon when the vehicle slipped off the Western highway. Police responded and a group of regular folks were able to free the driver who sustained head injury - but survived.

Belize Did Well In 3 On 3
On Friday night we gave you the exciting news about Belize's performance in the National Under - 18 World Championships for 3 on 3 basketball in Seville Spain. In the first day of competition, the team of Brian White, Brandon Flowers, Tree-vanne Moses, Akeem Watters turned heads by beating China and Poland. The team from the smallest country did big things and FIBA's website prominently featured an interview with the start of the team Brian White. Here's what he said: Reporter "We are here with Brain from Belize. Can you tell us what your first day was like here at the tournament?" Brain White "My first day was very great because it was very easy for me because I drive the ball easy, score easy and help my team mates to win." Reporter "You won 2 games, you lost 2 games. Is that a good score for you today?"

BTL Small Shareholders: No Dividend, No Problem
On Friday we gave you the news that BTL's Annual meeting would end in anti-climax, without the declaration of a dividend. So how did the small shareholders react? We were at the meeting and here's how it went:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The directors were there - so was the management looking spiffy in what we take to be 4g red the small shareholders were there too - in good numbers - but there were empty seats they got to see a high tech video - and bask in BTL's largesse. Everything in its right place in the biggest conference room in the country - everything that is except a dividend Executive Chairman, Nestor Vasquez "Agenda item #2 which deals with a declaration on dividends has to be changed to report the reasons for adjourning the declaration of dividends. This means that that agenda item is postponed in accordance with the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice."

US Researchers Look Into Climate Change And Mayan City Demise
2012 is the year which is fixes the end of the calendar developed by the Mayan civilization. Much about this civilization is still a mystery, and scientists are particularly interested about what caused its decline. One theory is that severe climate change caused their crops to fail, which caused the eventual collapse, and as a result, a team of scientists and students from several universities in the US took part in a research effort at the Vaca Plateau, which is situated in Central Belize. It is believed that the last survivors of the civilization took refuge here. With collaboration from the Institute of Archaeology in Belize, the research team took trips to the Vaca Plateau to visit several of its caves in hopes of finding empirical data to support the climate change theory.

Food Security Discussed In Belize
All around the world, there are millions of people who are suffering from hunger, and today, representatives from those of the Latin America and the Caribbean met in Belize to discuss possible solutions that can be applied in this region. It was held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel, and it was led by the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System organization - SELA. This 3-day conference is centered on the regional cooperation in the area of food security. Here's an excerpt of the address that the SELA representative gave to conference: Ambassador Carlos Vivero, Director of Relations - SELA "Our region is one of the largest food producing regions in the world but out of its 589 million inhabitants 218 million live in poverty and out of 53 million still suffer from hunger and malnutrition." "Although there is a long way to go the region is already designing policies to allow a greater portion of that needy population to ensure its basic food consumption through various state programs for direct transfers of income all through social security systems."

Channel 5

17 and executed; no one knows why
After a brief reprieve, the gun violence sparked up again over the weekend, sending the murder count up by at least three while other violent incidents had the police on their toes. In the city alone, there were two homicides. Just after midnight on Friday, a seventeen year old minor was executed at the corner [...]

Fisherman also brutally gunned down
Twenty-four hours later gunshots shook the old capital again. A fisherman later identified as Trevor Johnson of Regent Street West was shot multiple times to the right temple, jaw, arm and the abdomen. A gunman in hot pursuit of Johnson chased him from Mahogany to Hondo Street. Though wounded he managed to reach Nargusta Street [...]

Eddie gutted after being released on bail
In the west, Eddie Antonio Sanchez had a most violent death less than twenty-four hours after he was released on bail. San Ignacio Police found his lifeless body lying face down in a pool of blood early on Friday morning at the farm where he worked as a caretaker. Sanchez’s throat was slashed and he [...]

John Doe dead; but was he involved in farm incident?
Another man, who was fatally shot over the weekend, remains unidentified tonight. But it is not known if the shooter will be charged for Murder. That’s because, the deceased man may have been among a group that was stealing from a farm and shot at Jose Echeverria, a farmer of Saint Margaret’s Village. Echeverria says [...]

Home invasion turned Murder in Belmopan
There was a fourth murder. An early morning home invasion turned murder has left a man dead and woman injured. Around one-thirty this morning, a single assailant gained entry into the home of Robert Lewis and his wife, Orsula Patnett Lewis. The man, who was said to be dressed in black, masked and wearing gloves, [...]

No dividends issued at Telemedia meeting
Telemedia held its annual general meeting on Friday night as scheduled. Seated at the head table were: Chairman Nestor Vasquez, and board members: former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel, Ambrose Tillett, Doug Singh and C.E.O.s George Lovell and Audrey Wallace. The chairman said that the meeting had to be held within six months at the end [...]

Telemedia Chairman, internet cheaper than coke; no joke
Earlier this year, a survey of the Caribbean indicated that Belize is amongst the countries with the slowest and most expensive internet speeds. And as the dominant provider, the criticism landed squarely in front of Telemedia executives, we can only assume while they sipped on some carbonated soft drinks. Chairman, Net Vasquez, doesn’t believe the [...]

Demonstration for justice for murdered 2 year old
In early September we told you about the story of the toddler who was killed in the Japan area of Ladyville. Days before her second birthday, Kaylee Burgess’ went missing during a domestic dispute between her parents. A search was carried out and the child’s body was found in a bucket of water in the [...]

St. John Vianney burglarized
Turning to more crime, thousands of dollars in cash and equipment have been reported stolen from a primary school in the Old Capital. Principal of Saint John Vianney, Felix Sutherland, reported to police that his office on the compound located on Faber’s Road was burglarized sometime between six-forty-five p.m. on the twenty-seventh and seven-thirty a.m. [...]

Gray charged for kidnapping and raping a minor
A Belize City carpenter was remanded to the Hattieville prison on charges for an alleged kidnapping and rape that happened over the weekend. Twenty-nine year old Darrell Gray appeared unrepresented before the court where he was charged with rape, kidnapping and unlawful carnal knowledge. Gray, a resident of Flamboyant Street, is accused of kidnapping and [...]

Traffic mishap in Cayo
In the Cayo District, community spirit prevailed when the residents of the Twin Towns, San Ignacio and Santa Elena, teamed up to save the lives of persons trapped under a vehicle, which flipped four times on Sunday afternoon. The vehicle slipped to the edge of the George Price Highway, near the STAR Newspaper, which provided [...]

High level meeting on Regional Food Safety
The twenty third meeting of International Cooperation Directors for Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Cooperation in the area of food security is being held at the Radisson Fort George. The participants intend to identify initiatives to increase coordination amongst the countries while analyzing and updating information on initiatives to increase food security.   Mourad [...]

Sports Monday, James Adderley; amazing highlights
Good evening I’m James Adderly and this is Sport’s Monday.   Week 6 of the PLB season saw Paradise Freedom Fighters being hosted inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium by the Belmopan bandits as both teams sought to take advantage of the out of zone schedule to move up to the standings in their respective zone.The [...]


Deadly Home Invasion in Belmopan City
The nation’s latest home invasion and murder occurred in the Maya Mopan area, a remote part of Belmopan, between one-twenty and one-forty this morning and claimed the life of fifty-three year old Robert Lewis, a retired Belizean who had spent twenty years along with his wife, Ors...

BDF Soldier Shot at Melitia Hall
A BDF soldier was reportedly shot this evening in Belize City. The incident happened at the Melitia Hall at mile two on the George Price Highway at its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. It is not yet known what triggered the incident or what the officer’s...

Policeman Loses Home In Fire After Losing Both Legs in Traffic Incident
A Saturday morning fire in Punta Gorda has left a house partially destroyed. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love FM News Centre “An early Saturday morning fire has left a house partly damaged and household items belonging to a polic...

New School Building Opens in Toledo
An inauguration ceremony for a new school building for Sunday Wood Village Primary School was held on Saturday. Here again is correspondent Paul Mahung with the details. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love FM News Centre “After opening prayer by Pastor Mar...

Belizean American Killed in Capital City
Belmopan Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man from the Maya Mopan area. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ Belmopan Correspondent Love FM News Centre “Sometime after one this morning Belmopan Police was called to th...

Two Weekend Murders In Belize City
A sixteen year old boy was shot dead on Saturday morning in Belize City. Police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood tells us more. FITZROY YEARWOOD Police Press Officer Belize Police Department “CIB personnel responded to a scene at the corner of Vernon...

Belize City Carpenter Remanded For Allegedly Raping A Minor
Twenty-nine year old Darrel Gray, a carpenter of 4B Flamboyant Street in Belize City, who allegedly kidnapped and raped a 15 year old girl, was charged with 3 offences when he appeared today in the #2 Magistrate’s Court. The charges were kidnapping, rape and unlawful carnal k...


Thieves target Ladyville primary school
A primary school in Ladyville Village is reeling from the effects of a burglary in their classrooms over Wednesday night. This is the fourth time since June that the school has been targeted and Principal, Carol Young, told Love News that the nuisance has adversely affected the progress of the school, which has to ask for assistance each time it occurs. Young says that the school has asked the Ministry of Education to post a security guard on the compound.

Robbery at St. John Vianney Primary School
There was a second burglary at a primary school, this time in Belize City and it happened early this morning during the heavy downpour. It didn’t matter that Saint John Vianney on Faber’s Road has a security guard because the thieves reportedly drove into the adjacent yard and parked their vehicle, walked across to the Principal’s Office and cut open a number of thick padlocks and deadbolts that secured the door. All this happened while the security guard was reportedly in the watchman’s booth about seventy feet away at the entrance of the compound, and which faces the principal’s office. Principal, Felix Sutherland, told Love News that while the thieves did not take any money, the heist was major for the school – in excess of ten thousand dollars in items. Like Principal Young of Our Lady of the Way Primary, Sutherland also appeals to the public to not support thieves by buying stolen items that they sell.

The Scout Association of Belize is tomorrow embarking on its National Coastal and River ways cleanup. The cleanup is part of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. Ricardo Alcoser is the National Coordinator for the cleanup. Coca Cola is partnering with the Scout Association and Alcoser explained why partnerships like these are of importance for the initiative. The cleanup will begin at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning.

A new children’s park in P.G.
A new children’s park has been established in Punta Gorda town. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

A fire in Orange Walk Town
A warehouse was destroyed by fire in Orange Walk Town on Thursday afternoon. Our Orange Walk Bureau Chief Manuela Ayuso Cantun reports.

Updates on the death of Kaylee
It has been a few weeks since the body of baby Kaylee Burgess was discovered inside a bucket in her mother’s family yard in Ladyville and so far, there have been no arrests in connection with her death. The post mortem conducted on her body certified that the child died of suffocation, which had strong suspicion among investigators that someone was responsible for her death. Initially, the child’s maternal relatives had accused her father, Kevin Burgess of kidnapping her when she allegedly went missing on the same night she was discovered dead. Burgess, who is estranged from the child’s mother, however, provided an alibi, supported by his family members. That led the investigation in a different direction and the police then zeroed in on one of the child’s aunts in whose care she was left when the incident happened. Because so much time has lapsed without any charges, the families from both the child’s mother’s and father’s sides have come together to hold a demonstration, candle light vigil and balloon release in the hopes that justice will be served.

Stabbing incident in Lady Ville
Sibling rivalries have been ongoing since the days of the Bible. But that is cold comfort for a Ladyville family tonight after a teenage boy caused his older brother a trip to the emergency ward and the minor a date with the police. Love TV’s Marion Ali has the tragic story. Love News understands that Elias Bainton is now in the post operative ward at the KHMH. Meanwhile, a charge of attempted murder is being prepared for the fifteen year old brother.


One man dead in gruesome Belmopan home invasion
There were six murders across the country of Belize over the weekend. We start our newscast tonight with a Belmopan...

Man killed while stealing ginger from farm
Also in the Cayo district, there was yet another death by gunshot. This time, the victim was allegedly in the proce...

Man released from police custody found chopped to death
There was also a murder in San Ignacio, this one on Friday. The victim was not shot, but chopped multiple times and...

Another robbery on Intelco Hill in Belmopan
There was a robbery in Belmopan on Saturday night. 18yr old Brad Bowman reported to Belmopan Police that on Saturda...

Disgruntled policeman fires shot at crowded James bus
Rogue Police officer is forced to stand down when soldier intervenes. A report reaching our newsroom is that a poli...

Telemedia holds AGM but no dividends are declared
At its 6th annual General Meeting last night, Belize Telemedia Limited took a decision to comply with last Wednesda...

Guatemalan logger caught cutting trees in Chiquibul
In last week’s newscast we told you about the millions of dollars Belize has lost due to illegal intrusions into th...

Cayo's Bishop Martin School wins nutrition competition
The Belize National Secondary School Nutrition Competition was held on Friday at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in...

New School building for Sunday Wood village
Government’s is putting in work to improve the school environment for children in the southern part of the country....

Belize City fisherman gunned down in Cold Blood
Another murder was reported in Belize City where 31 year old Trevor Johnson was shot and killed. It happened someti...

Belize City teenager murdered execution style
The second victim to die on Saturday as well was a sixteen year old boy. This one happened at the corner of Vernon ...

Unidentified man murdered Sunday morning
The final murder report is about a man who was shot dead on Sunday morning. The body still has not been identified....

Teenager shot in Independence
There was also a shooting in Dangriga. The teenage victim of that incident has been recovering at the hospital. Thi...

Fifteen year old girl raped in Belize City
A 15-year old girl was reportedly raped in Belize City. The student said that on Friday Sept. 28th around nine o'cl...

Burglar gets away with over $12,000.00 from school break-in
There was a burglary at St. John’s Vianney Primary School in Belize

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker Chronicles gets a New Editor in Chief
The Caye Caulker Chronicles is pleased to welcome on board as the new Editor in Chief, Ms. Shary Trejo, a native islander (born & raised) of Caye Caulker. Shary is a dynamic & progressive young lady of Caye Caulker how has continuously been involved with community projects in various organizations. Shary owns her own business, The Island Link Internet Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour as well as freelance work for several other business such as Frenchie’s Diving. She is the daughter of Mrs. Chila Ugarte. Being the Editor of the Caye Caulker Chronicles is an unpaid labor of love to keep the community and those abroad who love our village in tune with the happenings of our island. It is a tireless selfless job and I would like to Congratulate Ms. Shary Trejo wholeheartedly for taking on the challenge and work. Caye Caulker islanders & readers are welcome to submit any news, birth, wedding, birthday or other announcements to the Chronicles. For postings on our online newspaper you can email at [email protected] or mail to: Shary Trejo, Front Street, Caye Caulker, Belize.

Caye Caulker Joins Coastal Cleanup with Oceana Belize
On September 29th, Oceana Belize joined in on the movement of the International Coastal Waterway Cleanup 2012. It was a countrywide and worldwide clean up and we are happy to say Caye Caulker was part of this movement. Residents teamed up at the South Point and about 40 residents helped clean up the beach and they all picked up over 60 bags of trash along the shoreline. Oceana Belize provided the trash bags and gloves. A big thank you to Agua Dulce for donating the drinking water,Carpet Care Plus for donating additional trash bags, Michael Joseph and Abel Novelo for transporting all the trash to the dump and last but not least everyone who came out to participate!

The Mesoamerican Reef on National Geographic
It is amazing to say how proud Belizean’s are to know our Barrier Reef along with the rest of the Mesoamerican Reef is being featured on National Geographic’s Magazine, October 2012 issue. The Mesoamerican Reef region lies within the Caribbean Sea and touches the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. It is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. The reef stretches from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula down to the Honduran Bay Islands. It’s not the first for Belize to be featured on National Geographic. The famous Blue Hole and also the Snake Cayes off the Cost of Belize, which was once featured on Nat Geo Wild; just to name a few.

October’s Public and Bank Holiday
The Government of Belize has issued a release on the date observed for this month. Pan American Day will be observed on Monday, October 15th in lieu of Friday, October 12th.

Conch Season officially opens!
As you may have known, the Conch Season was closed earlier this year, almost 2 months short of its actual closing date which is June 30th due to the distressing of the conch in the country. The Queen Conch is easily recognizable by its large pinkish shell, reaching a length of 30 cm and weighing some 2 kg. Its favorite habitats are beds of Turtle grass and of Manatee grass and sand flats at water depths from 1 to 100ft. The Queen Conch mainly feeds on algae, as adults, and plankton as larvae. It may reach some 7 years of age and its main predators include crabs, turtles, sharks, rays and humans.Queen Conch Today, October 1st is the official opening of the conch season and fishermen have gone out on their early morning journey to fetch these beautiful and tasty conch. So head on over to your favorite restaurant and order that delicious Conch Ceviche or Conch Fritters!!

A Big Thank You!
We at Caye Caulker Chronicles would like to say a big thank you to Lizette Gutierrez for all her hard work, efforts and contribution she has made to the Chronicles. We wish you much success in your future endeavors and we hope to have you on board again!! Much Love!


Sunday songfest for a special cause
Last Thursday night in San Pedro, Karen Waldrup, an up-and-coming country singer/songwriter, performed at Wet Willies as a fundraiser for the Mama Vilma's family home charity. We missed it, but San Pedro Scoop and Tacogirl both did excellent write-ups. Fortunately, for me and for Mama Vilma's House, Cowboy Doug came to the the rescue and quickly set up a second fundraiser at Grand Caribe for Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't miss this one -- it was right next door, and Cowboy always throws a great party in the perfect setting that Grand Caribe offers. Check it out: Everyone was right -- Karen is a real talent! Country music is not my favorite genre, but I would classify her as more of a folk musician than what I think of as "country". And actually, reading her bio, she considers herself an eclectic mix of "folk, rock, country and blues". Yes, much more my taste! Karen has a sweet, soulful voice, and is one of those singers who could sing the phone book and make it sound good. When she's mega-famous one day, I can say that I actually shook her hand (thanks to Laurie for introducing me to her!) I have no photo evidence, but let me tell you -- this sweet, feminine, southern charmer has a firm handshake. She means business!

Yummy Brunch at Red Ginger Restaurant and the Beautiful Phoenix Resort
Where I'm from, Sunday morning brunch is a big deal. On a warm spring Sunday, around 1-2pm, the streets of Manhattan are packed with people either eating or lining up to eat and drink brunch. Here in Belize? It's only starting to grow in popularity. Estel's is a very popular breakfast place and always has a full house on pretty much every morning. But not too long ago Red Ginger Restaurant started doing a proper Sunday brunch. Not only is it a great restaurant but the setting is pretty spectacular. And guess what? They even have mimosas and bagels. But let's get back to the food and the restaurant which is towards the back of the resort. You can eat inside in the A/C or on the patio and we watched plate after plate taken out by the pool... I tried to be good and ordered a Grilled Shrimp Salad...

International Sources

The forgotten civilization: Evocative images show how modern-day Mayans have continued traditional way of life
The Mayan civilization came to an abrupt and inexplicable end around the year 900 AD, but the culture of the ancient tribe lived on not only in the spectacular pyramids, but also in the people who trace their lineage to the fearsome warriors of centuries past. Even as anthropologists and archaeologists continue to puzzle over the eclipse of the Mayan empire, the Maya themselves are still here. An estimated 1.2million of ethnic Maya currently live in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Another five million are spread throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and the cities of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Belize debt restructuring: 2007 vs 2012
... financing both fiscal and external deficits); significant debt overhang Effective interest rate of around 7.8% on government debt (more than 11% on external commercial debt) in 2005 Expected financing shortfalls from liabilities arising from nationalization of two utility companies and declining oil revenue; significant debt overhang Effective interest rate of around 4.4% on government debt in 2011, coupon on sole external commercial bond rose to 8.5% in 2012 Trigger Restructuring driven by economic necessity rather than willingness to pay The government faces some immediate financing gaps, but is accelerating medium-term solvency issues Willingness to pay is center stage; restructuring escalated from a campaign promise during the 2012 election; government does not face a liquidity crunch and solvency issues are more medium- term Restructured instruments Private external foreign currency debt instruments (6 international bonds with maturities...

Strong Latin American Presence at UN Today
With speeches from Cuba, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador and Venezuela, for Latin America, the UN General Assembly''s annual debate is expected to complete today. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez will be the first of the representatives from that region to speak the UN highest body. The minister will reiterate his country's complaint against the U.S. -imposed blockade for 50 years. That siege has been condemned for 20th consecutive years by the General Assembly, a body that will approve in November another resolution entitled "The Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba." In 2011, that document was adopted by 186 votes for, with only two against: the United States and Israel. Cuba denounced 10 days ago that the U.S. blockade has caused economic damage valued at 1.066 trillion USD until December 2011, considering the depreciation of the dollar against gold in the international market.

Hidden Costs of Reef Erosion
Global specialty property and casualty insurer and reinsurer Catlin Group Limited has teamed up with Google Maps to provide landlocked viewers a glimpse into the secret and quickly-disappearing world of coral reefs. Besides being a prime feeding and breeding ground for ocean life, the insurer says the reefs are a natural risk indicator that displays early signs of global environmental changes. Reefs also act as physical barriers that protect vital shoreline properties from storm surge, which is an increasing worldwide risk due to climate change. “The Catlin Seaview Survey will use new technology to gather important scientific information about coral reefs that has never been previously collected,” says Stephen Catlin, chief executive of Catlin Group Limited. “Catlin is sponsoring the Survey so that we can better understand the changes that are occurring to our planet. We believe that the more we understand about what is happening to the world in which we live, the better we can decide how to insure the risks we will face in the future.” The following photos are from the Seaview Survey.

DHS Holding, Co. Receives License to Operate Casino in Belize
DHS Holding, Co. (PINKSHEETS: DHSM), announces today that the Belize Gaming Control Board has awarded DHS Belize, LTD a license to operate a land-based casino, contingent upon site plans, environmental clearance and inspection. With the license granted, DHS Holding, Co. can now begin its development of the long-anticipated Cenote Falls Hotel & Casino. Company President Charles Barrett stated, "This is great news. These contingencies are the norm for obtaining a gaming license and should in no way hinder our efforts to move forward."

October 1, 2012

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  • Martinez For Crashing A Government Vehicle
  • Preparing The Nation And People In The Era Of Science and Technology: The Ministry of ESTPU Launches its Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017
  • What Are We Going To Do About Belize’s Foreign Debt?
  • Thirty Days In Prison For Disobeying The Court
  • Gongora Gone For Eight Weeks
  • Everything You Should Know About Pertussis “Whooping Cough”
  • Recognizing AndTreating A Stroke
  • Suspected Whooping Cough In Cayo
  • San Ignacio Community Hospitals Holds Prayer Service
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Dr. Love: “My fiance is getting fat”
A fiance is worried that his girlfriend is getting fat - the Doctor thinks he is in BIG trouble.

Editorial: Is Our Education System Missing the Message?
Let's take the lessons on education that Father of the Nation insisted on, and teach our children our history without focusing on the grotesque.

Wolfe’s Woofers: “Obscene Phone Call”
Woofer's friend Jo gets obscene phone calls...follows instructions, but...joke's on her!

Misc Belizean Sources

Benque Art Fiesta pictures
The Benque House of Culture had their Art Fiesta yesterday. They took a lot of great pictures. "Artisans, local entraprenuers showcased and engaged their works at the Art Fiesta, the annual Celebration of HOC in Benque"

Independence Day in Belmopan
Belmopan City Online captured a lot of happy people on Independence Day. September Celebrations are over, have a great October! "On Independence Day we captured some of the wonderful people of Belmopan enjoying the festivities. See if you can find someone you know."

Rotary Wine and Cheese Fundraiser
The Rotary Club of Belmopan is having their annual Wine and Cheese fundraiser at the George Price Centre. They'll be having raffles, sileny auctions, and the wine will be flowing. Proceeds will go towards the Belize Children's Project. Thanks, Rotary!


Harvest Moon over the sea
We had a beautiful Harvest Moon last night over the Caribbean Sea. As the moon rose, the eastern sky glowed pink and lavender from the sunset. We could see the moon from inside our condo, but the view was even nicer out on the veranda. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that falls nearest towards the autumnal equinox. According to Wikipedia, the Harvest Moon is also known as the Wine Moon, the Singing Moon, the Blue Corn Moon, and the Elk Call Moon. I had a glass of wine in its honor without even knowing this fact. The photo below is now my laptop backdrop. The boat came zipping by at the perfect moment, and its rosy color complimented the sky. Happy Autumn Equinox!

Top Ten ways to stick to exercise
It has been a while since I have done a tacogirl Top Ten list, I decided Top Ten ways to ways to stick to exercise would be a good one, since I recently got back on the exercise wagon after having fallen off for way to long. I realized after starting aquafit class again that I was still in the danger zone and I needed to put an extra push on for the first while, generate fast results and keep reminding myself the benefits of sticking with it. 1. Start Looking at Exercise Differently. Give yourself more options, find what works for you, and mix it up with some cross training. Chances are if you like what you are doing to stay in shape you will be able to stick with it longer. I am a big aquafit fan and I balance that with walking and bike riding. 2. Think small, exercise does not have to be a full hour at a gym, take a walk, go for a bike ride, add regular stretch breaks into your daily routine. You will find these are some of some of your best and easiest opportunities to stay active on a daily basis. 3. Try something different. Many people feel exercise is a chore, try looking for something new or revisit an old favorite for some fun. Have you ever tried aquafit, body surfing, Chi gong or thought of a night out dancing at the club as exercise? How about switching up your route or exercising at a different time of day? Physical activity doesn’t have to be boring, it is all how you decide to approach it.

Beach Trash Clean-up on a GORGEOUS Saturday Morning Plus A Bit of Fried Chicken
The past few days, Ambergris Caye has seen the most beautiful weather. Intensely blue skies, pretty puffy white clouds with lavender underbellies, a slightly cooling breeze, super HOT sun and at night? A huge full moon. Rainy season? What rainy season? Yesterday also happened to be International Coastal Clean-Up Day organized by the ocean conservation group, Oceana. So at 8am Saturday morning, some volunteers, the San Pedro Sun newspaper and the Leo's Club (Junior Lions) suited up to pick up trash in San Pedro Town. And as pretty as the view was? In the blazing sun, this is hard, hard work. But I am sure you agree, well worth it. We started at Boca Del Rio Park, north of town and just before the bridge. This remains one of my favorite parts of the island. I love the sandy beachfront road, the local fisherman and dive shops, Wayo's Bar and the mangroves along some of the shore line. See some baby mangroves peaking up?

Beef Taco w/ Curry Flour Tortillas
Mmmmm Ok so tacos are more Mexican food than Belizean food, but Part of Belize's draw to people is it's diversity in EVERYTHING. We have many different cultures, foods, traditions, and even holidays that we've embraced. Yes, we celebrate everyone else's holidays too, for example, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Mexican Independence (as a sign of good relations), and even the 4th of July, U.S Independence in some parts of the country. And while it's not a public and bank holiday we still say "why not?". So today we go Mexican with some Tacos that has a slight twist on it that makes it by far the best tacos in the world. And trust me I've had MANY tacos from many places. Now, i will go out and give credit to Wild Mango's in Ambergris Caye, Belize because without them I would probably have never tried making a Curry Flour Tortilla. This awesome little restaurant on the beach has an amazing burrito that i dream of night and day, and one day i just couldnt take it anymore and decided to mock the curry tortilla. It's not their recipe but i'm pretty damn close lol. remember Im just guessing what all is in this bad boy. So hold on let me show you a picture of the burrito that inspired it all...and yes, I ate all that.

International Sources

Belize government fights to keep telecoms company
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ordered the Belize government to defer to a date not before December 14 the issue of the declaration of dividends of a telecommunication company in which it has controlling shares. The declaration of dividends was listed on the agenda of the Belize Telemedia Limited annual general meeting scheduled for last Friday. The CCJ, Belizes final appeal court, said it gave the order so as to preserve the status quo in relation to pending litigation before the courts, which arose from legislation enacted by the government to acquire property belonging to the appellants. A five-member CCJ panel headed by President Sir Dennis Byron last week heard an application filed by the former owners of the company. For fear of prejudicing the proceedings currently before the Belize Court of Appeal, the CCJ declined to adjudicate on the application filed by the appellants, Dean Boyce and British Caribbean Bank Limited, the CCJ ruled. Instead, in an effort to preserve the status quo, the CCJ ordered the government to exercise its powers as controlling shareholders of Telemedia to defer to a date not before the 14th day of December, 2012, consideration of the issue of the declaration of dividends, said the ruling.

Belize zoo owner to speak on campus
Boise State will host distinguished speaker Sharon Matola on Tuesday, Oct. 2 in the Student Union Simplot Ballroom, as part of Campus Read. Matola is the subject of the 2012-2013 Boise State Campus Read, “The Last Flight of the Scarlett Macaw: One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird.” The book was written by Bruce Barcott and tells the true story of how Matola succeeded in both opening the Belize Zoo and raising awareness about biodiversity in Belize. Barcott will be speaking at Boise State on March 5, 2013. Matola’s speech begins at 7 p.m. and doors open at 6:30 p.m. A book signing will follow the speech at 8 p.m. The event will be free and open to students, faculty and members of the community.

Album Review: Black Birds Dancing Over Me
Fifteen years after his first record and former Juno-nominee Danny Michel still knows how to create a pleasantly unique sound. Danny Michel and the Benque Players released their latest album, Black Birds Dancing Over Me, on Sept. 18. His tenth studio album has a beachy, reggae, folksy feel . If you’re already missing the long, hot days of summer, this album brings back the feeling of lounging in the sun, beverage in-hand. Michel worked with Ivan Duran in Belize, bringing the raw Central-American culture to life on this eight-song mix. The album features members of the Garifuna Collective – a local Belizean group that is quite talented. Though the album is similar to some of his other work, Michel uses diverse instrumentals to keep the sound fresh. Through the album, traditional Garifuna drums, turtle shells, saxophone, cowbells and even donkey jaw-bones are heard. It may seem gross, but donkey jaw-bones are a regularly used instrument in Belizean music. Black Birds Dancing Over Me is authentically Belizean while still appealing to Michel’s Canadian audience. The backup vocals from the Garifuna Collective made this album different from anything heard in North America. “Into the Light,” the fourth track, has a Maroon 5-esque quality about it, but that shouldn’t fool listeners. This song features the most traditional Garifuna instrumentals on the album. “The First Night,” the second-to-last track on the album, sounds like it should be sung around a campfire on the West Coast. The backup vocals make an otherwise low-key song sound like a big, group production.

Beaches, Birding, Belize (and a bit of Honduras)
My trip report for 10 days of beaches, birding, and Belize. With a 7-day cruise on the horizon, we tacked on 4 extra days of relaxation in Galveston, Texas before boarding the Carnival Magic. My traveling companion, my sweet mother, and I were pumped to go on our 4th cruise. In Galveston, we squeezed in a day of birding between reading and beach walking. Yes, it was rough to dress in something besides a bathing suit. But we managed it for a day. Each morning, God greeted us with lovely sunrises. These are views from the front porch where we stayed for 4 nights. We first drove the area around 8 Mile Road, spotting lots of ibis and White-tailed kites. At Laffite’s Cove, shorebirds entertained us for an hour before we drove to Yacht Basin Road. Despite the lack of water and being nearly high noon, two Clapper Rails appeared, one preening nearby for more than 5 minutes as we studied its barring through our binos. Half way across the bay on the Bolivar Ferry, we spotted a Magnificent Frigatebird overhead. It circled the ferry for the remainder of the ride. Best birds during 4 day stay: The rail, the frigatebird, and 1 Great Black-backed Gull from the beach house deck. It was nice to see Black-bellied Plover still in breeding plumage and the White-tailed Kite took up residence every morning over the large undeveloped acreage next door.

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