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November 20, 2012


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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Lion’s Club holds International Peace Poster Contest
The San Pedro Lion’s Club once again participated in the International Lion’s Club annual Peace Poster Contest, featuring the entries at the Lion’s Den on Friday, November 16th. This year a total of 63 posters from San Pedro Roman Catholic School, Isla Bonita Elementary School and New Horizon Adventist School were entered into the contest. The posters were judged based on originality, expression of theme and artistic merit with this year’s theme of “Imagine Peace”. The competition was opened to children ages 11 thru 13. Judges were: Paulette Galbraith of ACES School and Dr. Dianne Lawrence of Quicksilver/Go Phones/Yard Boyz. Originally, prizes were scheduled for first, second and third place. However, according to organizer Jan Brown, the judges had a difficult time narrowing down the creative entries down to a top ten. After much deliberation, they chose the top three places and were so touched by the artwork that they decided to put up their own money to award fourth and fifth places.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Grace and You Cooking Show - featured Garifuna dish - Bundiga
Grace and You Cooking Show on Channel 5's Open Your Eyes.

Sam Harris at Lucky 5
It's been a wild weekend in Cayo, and Saturday night was jam packed with live music and DJ's. Lucky 5 Sports Bar had Sam Harris jamming through the night. Meluchi's had their 2nd anniversary party. "Saturday night entertainment,rock and roll,with the boys."

The Children’s Park gets a well needed coat of paint!
Caye Caulker is thankful for the love from its residents and visitors alike and the Children’s Park is feeling that love today after it’s renovation and paintwork undertaken by the village yesterday! Visitors (and hopefully long-term visitors) Fernando, Aurora and their little son Hugo came to our little paradise some 2 months ago. They fell in love with the island but particularly the Children’s Park that is located next to Caye Reef and opposite Frenchie’s Dive Shop. The Park was created many years ago by Lionel Heredia (Chocolate) , Maria Vega and Ilna Auxillou who have tirelessly organized its repair and upkeep and we are grateful and thankful for their endeavors. However, Fernando and Aurora felt that they could assist in the renovations this year and have taken it upon their shoulders to muster up the assistants of the community for both the labor and for donations to get this project underway. Yesterday was the big day and it was heartwarming to see so many people get involved and pick up a paint brush or a hammer to make the park safe both safe and eye catching!! THANK YOU to all concerned!! It is community spirited projects like this that keep our island looking vibrant and colorful – plus a wonderfully safe place for children to play!!


Crooked Tree Residents Demonstrate Against Audubon Society
There was a demonstration in the Village of Crooked Tree this morning where the villagers were demanding that the Belize Audubon Society get out from their village. Crooked Tree Village is a unique village because it is also a wild life sanctuary where various animals such as jaguars and alligators coexist with the villagers. The Belize Audubon Society’s logo is “Creating a Balance between the people and the environment” but the villagers allege that the environmental organization is doing the opposite. Our news team travelled to the village this morning and filed the following report. Hipolito Novelo - Reporting The Belize Audubon Society became part of Crooked Tree Village in the 1970’s and later on, the village was dubbed as a wild life sanctuary. The scenic lagoon may portray a calm in the village, but as we found out today, it’s the total opposite. The villagers are upset with the Belize Audubon Society along with both the Fisheries and Forestry Departments. Steve Perriot, Vice Chairman Crooked Tree Village “The last few years Audubon has been apparently in charge of birds, fish and lumber, so they have been putting down a lot of rules to the villagers of Crooked Tree restricting the way we could make a living, Crooked Tree was founded on log wood cutting and a lot of us villagers make a living out of log wood cutting and so we requested several meeting with fisheries, Audubon and Forestry to discuss and to come to some workable a viable compromise.”

Former Orange Walk Mayor Admits Payment To Imer Hernandez
In last night’s newscast we brought to you the story of the Orange Walk Town Council’s neighborhood meeting held on San Antonio Road. Residents of the area brought up several concerns with two being the most predominant; the road condition of San Antonio Road and the noise and fumes of a block factory located on Smithsonian Road. The issue of the rehabilitation of San Antonio Road was the one that raised the most concern by both the Town Council and the neighborhood residents. The Orange Walk Town Council presented residents with copies of listed work and voucher for payment to a contractor company owned by the nephew of the Deputy Prime Minister, Imer Hernandez. In the voucher paid out to Imer Hernandez, the previous administration paid him $50,000 for work to be commenced for the rehabilitation of San Antonio Road. The total value of the work to be done stood at $351,000 of which $50,000 was the first payment. During Wednesday’s meeting, many residents openly voiced their discontent with the payment of the $50,000 to Hernandez and yet no work has commenced on the street. In last night’s meeting, former Mayor of Orange Walk Town Phillip de la Fuente confirmed to the present Council that indeed payment was made to Imer Hernandez and that the Council should demand it back. Phillip de la Fuete – Fomer Mayor of OWTC, 2009-2012 “The previous administration had paid $50,000.00 towards the paving of the San Antonio Road to Yo Creek Road but if those buy aren’t doing anything about it maybe they could give back to the town council so some work could get done.” Mayor Kevin Bernard assured those in attendance and the former Mayor that the Orange Walk Town Council will do everything in their power to get the $50,000 back.

Security Guard Faces Charges Of Theft
Tonight, a security guard from Corozal Town is facing charges of theft. Yesterday morning, Corozal Police woke up a bus driver sometime around 5:50 in the morning at his apartment. The bus driver parked his assigned Tillett’s Bus on 5th Street South the evening before and went up to his apartment to sleep. Corozal Police informed him that over the night, they detained a man who had in his possession a spare tire of a bus. When investigated, the evidence trail led the police back to the Tillett’s Bus and the driver. When the driver conducted further checks to his bus, he noticed the lock on the diesel tank had been damaged. When investigating the diesel tank, the driver discovered seventeen gallons of diesel were missing from the bus valued at $300. The spare tire stolen from the bus was valued at $450. Quick police work led them to the recovery of the seventeen gallons of diesel placed in two separate containers and the spare tire. As a result, police have arrested and charged a security guard of Corozal Town for the crime.

The Reporter

PM to “bonkers” John McAfee: Surrender yourself to police!
Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, November 14, described anti-virus software pioneer, John McAfee, as “bonkers,” and urged him to surrender himself to the police. McAfee, 67, who is wanted for questioning as “a person of interest” by San Pedro Police in connection with the murder of his neighbour Gregory Viant Faull, has been on the run since Sunday. The story, however, has garnered a lot of international media attention, and McAfee, who is in hiding somewhere in Belize and has maintained his innocence, has been speaking exaggeratedly to U.S. Journalists. In one of his several interviews with Wired magazine’s contributing editor Joshua Davis, he said that he fears for his life if the police get their hands on him. In an essay that he e-mailed to Davis on Wednesday, November 14, McAfee writes: “I have modified my appearance in a radical fashion, I’ll probably look like a murderer, unfortunately.” He also explained to Wired magazine how on Sunday, he buried himself in the sand to avoid the police, when they arrived at his house. He said he was able to breathe through a cardboard box, with which he had covered his head.

Public Accounts and all Standing Committees are public!
A technical gaffe may have caused Monday’s botched Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting, but that does not change the reality that meetings of all Standing Committees are “always public,” Mr. Gian Ghandi, legal advisor to the Minister of Finance, confirmed Wednesday this week. Ghandi corroborated the government’s position that at PAC’s inaugural meeting on Monday, October 1, 2012, the matter of opening the committee meetings to the public was merely discussed. “No decision was taken then,” he said. That decision, Ghandi explained, was to be made at Monday’s meeting under the “Establishment of Meeting Procedures” agenda item, which PAC Chairman and People’s United Party (PUP) Cayo South area representative, Julius Espat, listed under “New Business.” Ghandi made reference to May’s Parliamentary Practice— an authoritative parliamentary book that serves as a guide to countries that employ the United Kingdom (UK)’s Westminster System. Mays Parliamentary Practice states that “All Standing Committee meetings are public all the time.” Also called the “Parliamentary Bible”, the book, written by British Constitutional theorist and former Clerk of the House of Commons, Thomas Erskine May, it is often used to settle parliamentary disputes even in Belize, which operates on the principles of Parliamentary Democracy based on the Westminster System. Mr. Ghandi explained that the text reflects the in-practice traditions of the House, and that the hotly debated Standing Order 72 (3), which says, “Members of the public shall be allowed sufficient opportunity to present their views at the meetings of all Standing Committees” is to be interpreted in accordance with May’s work.

BWSL & CitCo reconcile garbage payments
The Belize City Council has reconciled the hiccup in payments for garbage collection, which prompted some 40 workers of Belize Waste Control Limited (BWCL) to picket the Council’s offices on Monday, November 12. Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley made a commitment to BWCL General Manager George Lamb on Wednesday, and before the end of the day BWCL’s garbage collection trucks were back on the street, collecting residential garbage, which had accumulated on the streets of Southside Belize City since the protest began on Monday. The City Council (CITCO) responded to BWCL’s halt in garbage collection by putting its own clean-up crews out on the street, and had picked up 80% of the garbage on the city’s north side by day’s end Monday. The clean-up crews worked on the city’s south side on Tuesday; but since the south side is a larger area; therefore, the work continued on Wednesday. November is a relatively slow season for the City Council as tax revenue slows to a trickle during November each year, and the sanitation companies are aware of this, Bradley told The Reporter. He said for this reason, the CITCO had come to an arrangement with the companies that if they fell behind in any payments during the month, they would double up on payments to make up for accumulated arrears, in December, January and February, when the revenues for renewal of trade licenses and property taxes start pouring in.

Patrick Faber to take on Gaspar Vega for UDP 1st Deputy leader
United Democratic Party (UDP) Chairman Patrick Faber, the Collet Division’s area representative and the Minister of Education, has confirmed to The Reporter that it is highly likely he may challenge the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega for the post of First Deputy Party Leader. The challenge is expected to come at the UDP’s next general convention, scheduled for sometime in February next year. Faber said he was still discerning his supporters, but he is leaning in that direction. Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow discussed it briefly Wednesday, when the media asked him to speak on Faber’s ambitions, during an interview outside the RSV Media Center. Prime Minister Barrow said that there is “certainly a suggestion … that there will be a challenge.” He added, “If there is, that is democracy; that is the way we in the UDP do it. While we know that any contested convention will have its fallout, I believe that our history, track record, and our culture are all such that we can deal with that sort of thing.”

C. A. L eaders concerned about drug states
A group of Latin American leaders declared Monday that votes by two U.S. states to legalize marijuana have important implications for efforts to quash drug smuggling, offering the first government reaction from a region increasingly frustrated with the U.S.-backed war on drugs. The declaration by the leaders of Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica did not explicitly say they were considering weakening their governments’ efforts against marijuana smuggling, but it strongly implied the votes last week in Colorado and Washington would make enforcement of marijuana bans more difficult. The four called for the Organization of American States to study the impact of the Colorado and Washington votes and said the United Nations’ General Assembly should hold a special session on the prohibition of drugs by 2015 at the latest. Last week, the most influential adviser to Mexico’s president-elect, who takes office Dec. 1, questioned how the country will enforce a ban on growing and smuggling a drug that is now legal under some U.S. state laws. The Obama administration has yet to make clear how strongly it will enforce a federal ban on marijuana that is not affected by the Colorado and Washington votes. “It has become necessary to analyze in depth the implications for public policy and health in our nations emerging from the state and local moves to allow the legal production, consumption and distribution of marijuana in some countries of our continent,” Mexican President Felipe Calderon said after a meeting with Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla and Prime Minister Dean Barrow of Belize. Marijuana legalization by U.S. states is “a paradigm change on the part of those entities in respect to the current international system,” Calderon said.

BP to pay record fine for Gulf oil spill
BP will pay a record U.S. fine to settle criminal claims arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a Department of Justice official said Thursday. Details of the BP settlement would be revealed later Thursday when Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to join federal and local officials in New Orleans for an announcement. The largest U.S. criminal fine was a $1.3 billion payment by drugmaker Pfizer (PFE, Fortune 500) in 2009, part of a $2.3 billion settlement in a case involving the misbranding of Bextra, an anti-inflammatory arthritis drug. The London-based oil company said earlier that negotiations with the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission were “advanced.” The company had no further comment. Any settlement would be subject to federal judicial review, and would not absolve the company of civil claims. In addition, BP (BP) still faces a potential fine from the U.S. federal government tied to environmental damages in the Gulf. The fine comes on top of $20 billion the company has agreed to pay into a trust fund to meet damage claims from the spill. It said it expects to pay a final $860 million into that fund this quarter. BP reported a $17.2 billion loss in the quarter when the explosion took place. But it has been profitable since then, booking total profits of $43 billion over the course of those nine quarters. The Gulf oil spill, with millions of barrels of oil to contaminate the Gulf of Mexico was one of the worst oil spills in history.

Playing god? Woman has to fight just to start business
In the last Ripple Effect, we reviewed the World Bank’s evaluation of a 185 nations in its “Doing Business” report. Belize received an overall rank of 105 on the list, but when judged according to the ten specific variables, Belize’s rank for ease of starting a business was 158. It reported that it would take a local entrepreneur 44 days to complete the 9-step process to start a business, at a cost of 51.9 percent of our Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, which the World Bank placed at US$3,691. Again, please note that GNI is the Gross Domestic Product plus the net receipts from wages, salaries and properties income from residents who work temporarily or seasonally abroad or from migrant workers who are in Belize for a year or more. GNI per capita, which reflects the average income of the country’s citizens, is derived by dividing the GNI by Belize’s population. Jamaica, for example, which has an overall rank of 90, has a six-step process that the report showed can be completed in 7 days, at a cost of 6.7 percent of their GNI per capita. Barbados, ranked 88th overall, has an 8-step process that takes 18 days to complete, at a cost of 7.2 percent. In countries like Slovenia, starting a business is absolutely free; there’s only a two-step process that can be completed in a week. In New Zealand, however, businesses can get started in one day, by using the one-step online process, at a cost of 0.4 percent of GNI per capita. The World Bank’s report states: “Many [countries] have undertaken business registration reforms … Among benefits have been greater firm satisfaction and savings and more registered businesses, financial resources and job opportunities.” Universal Transportation

Belizean food spices up L.A.
A “Little Belize” in the south of L.A. has made it’s mark with different ethnic cooking from Belize. Three restaurants that stands out are Ella’s Belizean Restaurant, Joan and Sisters and Mar’s Caribbean Gardens. The food served are of the Belizean Kriol and Maya culture. Dishes such as rice and beans is served everyday, but appetizers such as panades, and fried tortilla are all culinary treats that can be found on the tables of south L.A. Boil up consisting of pig tail, fish, hard- boiled eggs, yams, plantains, boil cakes from flour sweet potato, yucca and taro (Cocao from Belize) covered in a stew of tomatoes, onions and peppers is among one of the kriol dishes served. Ella’s, owned by Carla Dawson, is a Belizean fast food place hidden in south L.A. that attracts mostly Belizean clients. Named after Dawson’s daughter, the restaurant opened its doors in 2011. Speaking about the motivation for starting the company, Dawson’s sister, Stacy, said, “cooking is in their DNA, everyone in their family cooks.” Mar’s Caribbean Gardens is the desired Belizean restaurant in the L.A. area; it has a full liquor licence, serving smoky, spicy chimole. Owner Marie Jimenez and the manager Fred Dixson have created a place where Belizeans can bring business and clients and can feel proud. Joan and Sisters is owned by Elenor and Samuel Bevans. The Belizean restaurant has been opened for 30 years.

Carlene Martinez wins Miss Garifuna Belize
Miss Hopkins Carlene Martinez won the annual Miss Garifuna Belize Pageant held under the auspices of the National Garifuna Council at the Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts in Belize City on Saturday, November 3. Carlene impressed the judges with her erudition in the Garifuna language and her knowledge of Garinagu history and culture to capture the title, also winning as her prize a laptop computer, a beach cruiser bicycle and a bouquet of flowers. Outgoing Garifuna Settlement Day Queen Miss Elisa Magdaleno sashed and crowned Carlene with her tiara, after the judges’ decision was announced. Miss Seine Bight, Avery Thomas entertained the audience with her soliloquy and scored enough points with the judges to win second place, taking home as her prize a color television set and a home theatre set. Miss Dangriga, Valerie Castillo, also impressed the judges sufficiently to win third prize, a Hewlett Packard Net book computer. Three other contestants vied for the title: Miss Belize City Gwendolyn Roches, Miss Georgetown Dickeve Ramirez and Miss Peini of Punta Gorda, Marian Marin. Carlene Martinez will be crowned at the annual Garifuna Settlement Day ceremonies at BTL Park after a re-enactment of the landing at the Court House Wharf and subsequent procession to the St Martin DePorres Roman Catholic Church for a concelebrated Mass of Thanksgiving. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Wawansera memeba lau lubafu bungiu hama ahari” (We keep going forward with the power of God and our ancestors). The pageant began with Roslyn Enriquez singing the National Anthem in Garifuna, and the President of the Belize City Chapter of the National Garifuna Council, Matthew Martinez leading the congregation in a welcome prayer. Mistress of Ceremonies Gwen Nuñez introduced the candidates, and the outgoing queen, Elisa Magdaleno bid her audience farewell after which the candidates performed the Gunjai and Chumba dances Punta Rock artists Chico Ramos, Mohobub Flores and Peter “Titiman” Flores serenaded the contestants. Gwen Nunez then introduced the six candidates as each gave her main presentation in Garifuna for the judges.

Stolen skiff recovered
Police have charged Napoleon Vicente, a Belizean boat captain; Holis White, 36, a Belizean mechanic, and Andy Codd, 27, with theft and handling stolen goods, after they allegedly stole a boat from Mr. Russell Gongora sometime between Saturday and Sunday, November 3-4. Gongora told police that his maroon 23-foot fibreglass skiff, valued at $40,000, was stolen from behind his mother’s house at #475 Cedar Street, Belama Phase II, Belize City. He searched and found the skiff moored behind River Bottom Bar on Regent Street West, but it was missing several items. Police have recovered the 200hp Yamaha outboard engine and a 2-stroke engine, both valued at $10,000. They are still searching for several other items including a $800 black compass; a white Sony radio – valued at $1,000; 10 orange life vests worth $550; a black RYO battery, and a green canvas canopy worth $2,000.

Alzheimer’s detected decades before symptoms
Researchers have found some of the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease, more than two decades before the first symptoms usually appear. Treating the disease early is thought to be vital to prevent damage to memory and thinking. A study, published in the Lancet Neurology, found differences in the brains of an extended Colombian family predisposed to develop an early form of Alzheimer’s. Experts said the US study may give doctors more time to treat people. Alzheimer’s disease starts long before anyone would notice; previous studies have shown an effect on the brain 10-15 years before symptoms. It is only after enough brain cells have died that the signs of dementia begin to appear. -Some regions of the brain will have lost up to 20% of their brain cells before the disease becomes noticeable. However, doctors fear so much of the brain will have degenerated by this time that it will be too late to treat patients. The failure of recent trials to prevent further cognitive decline in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease has been partly put down to timing. A team at the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Arizona looked at a group of patients in Colombia who have familial Alzheimer’s. A genetic mutation means they nearly always get the disease in their 40s. Alzheimer’s normally becomes apparent after the age of 75. Brain scans of 20 people with the mutation, aged between 18 and 26, already showed differences compared with those from 24 people who were not destined to develop early Alzheimer’s. The fluid which bathes the brain and spinal cord also had higher levels of a protein called beta-amyloid. The researchers said differences could be detected “more than two decades before” symptoms would appear in these high-risk patients.

Cell phone messages may help smokers quit
Text and video messages designed to help people quit smoking nearly doubled the success rate for attempted quitters, compared to people who didn’t have such assistance, in a new review of several studies. Researchers found nine percent of would-be quitters made it without cigarettes for at least six months when reminded and encouraged through cell phone messages, compared to five percent who went it alone. “We can’t say all text messaging interventions are going to work. It depends on how they were developed, but it certainly shows there’s reason to believe that mobile phone-based interventions are a good option to think about adding to your portfolio of smoking cessation services,” said Robyn Whittaker, the lead author of the review from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Cell phone programs included in the review involved a text or video sent to smokers each day for several weeks, preparing them for their designated quit day with motivation and advice. Once the quit day arrived, participants often received multiple messages a day for weeks, offering encouragement, tips on getting through cravings and additional resources to get back on the horse after a relapse. In an earlier review of the research several years ago, Whittaker and her colleagues found such interventions were helpful in the first few weeks of quitting, but there wasn’t enough evidence to say whether they had any impact beyond that. In their latest analysis, published in The Cochrane Library, the group was able to include three more studies – for a total of five – comparing cell phone messaging to no extra help. Whittaker and other review authors were involved in most of these original studies.

Toledo Community College boys win national volleyball championship
The undefeated boys of Toledo Community College repeated as National High Schools Volleyball Champions for the fifth consecutive year, dominating the tournament organized by the National Secondary Schools Sports Association and hosted by the Belmopan Baptist High School at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium on Friday and Saturday, November 9-10. The Toledo Community College boys dominated the Central Regional Champions, the hitherto undefeated boys of St John’s College, in the finals on Saturday. Perry Diaz, Raymond Gillett, Andrew Vasquez, and Zachary Garbutt led the St John’s attacks on plays set by team captain Harold Nava and Raheem Flowers as they led 12-10 in the first set. The SJC boys opened up a 18-12 lead, but Trevor Muschamp, Kylon Martinez, Anfernee Archer and Robin Nightingale led a fierce TCC counterattack, hammering kills at the net on plays set by libero Julio Requeña and Alwyn Mahung as they closed the gap to tie the score 18-18, and went on to win the first set 25-23. SJC’s libero Dimitri Fabro rotated into the game when they lost the serve, while James Bregal relieved Nightingale but the TCC boys dominated the second set 25-16. The SJC boys tried for a comeback in the third set, but the TCC boys won 25-18. The TCC boys also prevailed over the western regional champions, the boys of Mopan Technical High School, in three sets on Friday night. Again Muschamp, Martinez, Archer and Nightingale led the TCC offensive hammering kills on plays set by Bregal and Mahung, while Voshaun Csatillo relieved Robin to win the first set 25-16.

St Catherine’s Academy girls win National Volleyball Championship
The girls of St Catherine’s Academy came through undefeated to repeat as National High Schools Volleyball Champions for the fifth consecutive year, dominating the competition organized by the National Secondary Schools Sports Association and hosted by the Belmopan Baptist High School at the University of Belize Jaguar auditorium Friday and Saturday, November 9-10. The SCA girls made short work of the southern regional champions, hitherto undefeated girls of Ecumenical High School in the finals. MVP hitter Sherika Burton, Leandra Betson, Emily Evans and Karina Bernard led the SCA offensive scoring hits at the net on balls set by Xiomara Quan and Krystal Bevans. Libero Hanna Diskin rotated into the game whenever SCA lost the serve, which was not too often. Even their setter Krystal Bevans got in four hits at the net, as the SCA girls dominated the first set 25-9. Ecumenical’s Annyssa Sanchez and Carrie Bowman got in some hits at the net while Skylyn Bradley, Samira Coleman, Avery Sanchez and Opal Pineda helped rally the ball and did win points when SCA’s serves went out of bounds or into the net. Nayala Tun replaced Karina Bernard who in turn relieved Sherika, while Emily Evans replaced Betson, and Alexandra Smith took the court as SCA won the second set 25-13. Karen Quan and Gianna Brown took the court in the third set, which SCA dominated 25-10 to clinch the championship. The SCA girls also dominated the northern regional champions, the girls of Muffles College in three sets in the opening game of the tournament last Friday afternoon. Nayala Tun, Karina Bernard, Alexandra Smith and Gianna Brown led the SCA’s attack, hammering kills on plays set by Krystal Bevans and Xiomara Quan. Karen Quan relieved Xiomara as they took the first set 25-11.

International Sources

People Who Live in the Tropics More Likely to Die Seven Years Earlier
People living in the tropics are likely to die more than seven years younger than those in other regions, according to the first findings of a new global research project. The "State of the Tropics" study, run by 13 institutions across 12 countries, reported that people living in the world's tropical zones in 2010 had an average life expectancy of 64.4 years. This was 7.7 years less than those living in non-tropical areas, according to the broad-ranging research project, which was initiated by Australia's James Cook University (JCU). Overall mortality in the region was affected by disease, conflict, poverty and food insecurity, the study said. Investment in social services, such as health and education, as well as access to water, sanitation and medical technology, were also important factors. According to the report, Central and Southern Africa had the worst adult mortality rates, with 377 in every 1,000 people who live to 15 years old dying before they reach 60. That compares with an average of 240 in every 1,000 across the tropics and 154 in every 1,000 for the rest of the world. The study estimates that all continents except Europe and Antarctica are partly in the tropics and 144 nations or territories are either "fully or partly in the tropical region". The report found that life expectancy in the tropics has increased in the past 60 years, with people living 22.8 years longer than in 1950. Infant mortality in the tropics also decreased from 161 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1950 to 58 per 1,000 in 2010, though this is still much higher than the 33 per 1,000 rate in the rest of the world.

Please find herewith a press release regarding a new EU-funded project that has just started in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Fisheries Mechanism Secretariat is about to receive the visit of a project team in order to develop its Communication Strategy and website. The project will benefit to the Caribbean Fisheries Sector in all CARICOM countries and to the Caribbean population. The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), in collaboration with the ACP Fish II Regional Facilitation Unit (RFU) / ACP Fish II Programme, will be starting a new project Tuesday 20th November 2012 in the CRFM Secretariat office in Belize City, Belize. A first meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th November 2012 in the CRFM Belize office. The project's team will then visit fisheries administrations in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in order to gather information to update the Communication Strategy for the CRFM and update the CRFM website. The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of CRFM and fisheries administrations of CARIFORUM States in fisheries information and knowledge sharing. It will provide focused support to the CRFM Secretariat and Member States to agree on document goals and targets for the IT component of its Communication Strategy and deliver technical assistance to upgrade and maintain a website whilst providing training to fisheries officers in an effort to maximise the use of the new found facility and tools. Thus, CRFM will contribute to the achievement of the management goals stated in the recently adopted Agreement establishing a Common Fisheries Policy. It will ensure a better fisheries management in the Caribbean Region.

McAfee defends himself in runaway blog post
Murder suspect and alleged fugitive John McAfee has taken time out from his busy run from the police to set up a blog. The security software pioneer who is hiding from Belize police after a man he had a row with, Gregory Faull, ended up with a bullet in his head, has offered a $25k reward for capture of the real killer. Dubbed "The Hinterland, the official blog of John McAfee" the blog appeared has McAfee writing off a couple of reporters from Gizmodo and Wired who he claims appear to be out to get him. One, he claims, is seeking revenge over incriminating photos McAfee believes the reporter thinks McAfee sent to the writer's wife. Wired on the other hand was more interested in showing him as a gun toting lunatic. McAfee wrote that he is on run with a 20-year-old female named Sam. He said that a handful of friends and associates have been rounded up by police over the past week or so. The posts are full of stories such as him returning to his home in disguise to find police digging up his dead dogs and cutting off their heads. Another post urges readers to look closely at Belize's prime minister's Gang Suppression Unit that McAfee says has been used to go after the prime minister's critics and enemies. McAfee says the government was wrongfully going after him for illegal drug production and possession of firearms. He said that he had pre-written enough material to keep his blog alive for at least a year.

Bizarre McAfee ‘on the run’ blog taken offline
Anti-virus firm founder John McAfee, who has been evading police on the island of Belize for the past week, has set up a blog so followers can keep abreast of his adventures, - although at the time of writing it appears to have been taken offline. In it McAfee claims to have enough material to keep going for ‘at least a year’ whilst also keeping the media abreast of his progress, notably through a stint on CNBC. McAfee is wanted for questioning over the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull, who was shot dead on 11 November but rather than face justice he has apparently taken to the jungle through a number of disguises, claiming police harassment. The bizarre blog makes a number of wild claims, amongst them that McAfee returned to his San Pedro residence during a police search of his property, donning a peasant hawker disguise and pretending to be a drunk German tourist. In the post, dated, 19 November McAfee goes into some detail about his disguise, writing: "I stuffed a shaved down tampon deep into my right nostril and died the tip dark brown – giving my nose an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance. Describing his experience as a drunk German tourist in swimming trunks, oversized Hawaiian shirt and a bandaged face, "yelling loudly at anyone who would listen, 'Leck mich um ausch!'", McAfee wrote: "At 67 years of age it was quite a spectacle." Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has said he believes McAfee to be ‘bonkers’.

Calling BS on McAfee's 'pre-written' blog posts
The rest of the hard-to-believe story might turn out to be true, but … Previous Article Calling BS on McAfee's 'pre-written' blog posts The rest of the hard-to-believe story might turn out to be true, but … There is so much about the John McAfee soap opera that is unbelievable that it might seem pointless to highlight a single slice of malarkey, yet allow me to flag what I consider to be the fishiest tidbit in a tale that just reeks of low tide. Here's a blog post, allegedly written by McAfee, about what is purported to be his new blog chronicling his run from the authorities in Belize; it's headlined "If I am captured:" If I am captured, this blog will continue. I have pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year. In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments. He will administer the reward and post any information received. In truth my continued involvement from this point is irrelevant. In the event that I am captured, please continue to support this cause. It is a just cause and it needs International attention. The "just cause" McAfee apparently alludes to is protecting his sorry hide from what he claims are corrupt and, he says, potentially murderous Belizean law enforcement agents looking to question - he says torture -- him about the murder of his neighbor. However, there is another cause self-evident here and it involves Chad Essley, administrator of McAfee's new blog, which is called "The Hinterlands."

Fugitive tycoon John McAfee says he 'dressed like a tramp' to outfox police
Fugitive tycoon John McAfee has told how he dressed like a tramp to outfox police. In a series of blogs, McAfee said his disguise was so convincing officers ordered him off his own property. ‘I stuffed a shaved-down tampon deep into my right nostril – giving my nose an awkward, disgusting appearance,’ said the 67-year-old – wanted for questioning in Belize over the murder of his neighbour. Another role he said he adopted was that of a ‘drunk German tourist’. British-born McAfee, who made millions from antivirus software, denies any involvement in the murder of Gregory Faull, 52. The US businessman was found shot dead in San Pedro on November 11. Mr McAfee claims to be conducting his own murder investigation while he is on the run from police. Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has described Mr McAfee as ‘bonkers’.. Read more:

New World reaches final depth
Belize and Denmark-focused New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) has reached the final depth at its B Crest prospect. The Blue Creek project is New World's flagship asset in Belize and plays host to the B Crest prospect. Growth Company Investor last reported that the well had drilled to a depth of 4,509 feet and was planning to soon hit the planned target depth of 7,000 feet with the source expected to lie at 5,700 feet. However, the company took the decision at the beginning of November to extend the target depth of the well to 10,450 feet due to the project currently being under budget. Today, the company has revealed a depth of 10,490 feet has been reached and that oil and gas shows have been present in mud logs recorded so far. However, before making any statements regarding the resource, New World has warned tha the next stage will be to run electric wireline logs in the well to further determine its characteristics. It says only then will the company decide at what depth intervals to carry out further analysis to 'determine the way forward'. Further analysis is also still subject to the results collated from the open hole wireline logs. New World chief executive William Kelleher defiantly confirmed 'the B Crest prospect is located in a working hydrocarbon system' although he additionally warned that 'there is still more work to be done.' The share price rebounded 6.3 per cent this morning to 9.8p, valuing the company at £35 million.

New World boosted by Belize results
Oil and gas were both in evidence as New World Oil and Gas (NEW) reached its target depth of 10,490 feet at the Blue Creek 2 well, located on the Blue Creek Exploration Production Sharing Agreement in north-west Belize. Shares in the firm were given a boost by the news and were trading up 5.9% on Tuesday. The oil and gas exploration company said shows were present in mud logs recorded throughout the upper and middle Cretaceous intervals, including the Y1, Y2 and Y3 intervals of the Yalbac formation and the Hillbank formation. The well is part of a three-well drilling programme at Blue Creek. An independent report compiled by RPS Energy assigned an unrisked proven and probable resource of 92 million barrels of oil to B Crest horizon. The next stage, which is currently underway, is to run electric wireline logs in the well which will, among other things, measure certain rock formation characteristics and enable the company to calculate fluid saturation levels, porosity, and determine rock thicknesses. Depending on the results of this exercise, New World will then decide at what depth intervals to carry out further evaluation which will assess the way forward. Chief executive William Kelleher said, "We have confirmed that the B Crest prospect is located in a working hydrocarbon system. Encountering oil shows at all targeted intervals is encouraging but there is still more work to be done. "Reviewing the results of the open-hole wireline logs is the next course of action. I look forward to providing further updates to shareholders as and when we have further information." Investor reaction There was a positive reaction from some users on the Interactive Investor discussion boards, but others warned against over-enthusiasm, pressing the point that this was not a confirmed commercial discovery. User 'I_Smell_Oil' commented: "I think it's a little too soon to be saying this well isn't a duster.

Can McAfee Secure Its Brand From Damage by Namesake Founder?
McAfee seems to be doing his best impression of the Man with 1,000 Faces, Lon Chaney, while he's on the lam: “The first day I colored my full beard and my hair light grey — almost white,” he wrote. “I darkened the skin of my face, neck and hands carefully with shoe polish and put on an LA Saints baseball cap with the brim facing backwards and tufts of the front of my hair sticking out unkempt through the band. I stuffed my cheeks with chewed bubble gum stuck to the outside of my upper and lower molars – making my face appear much fatter. I darkened and browned my front teeth. I stuffed a shaved down tampon deep into my right nostril and died the tip dark brown – giving my nose an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance.” The "Boy's Own Adventure" that is the life of McAfee these days is taking on a Hollywood twist as he pushes his acting skills and Matt Damon, no doubt, is looking to option the script. The serape-wearing McAfee spent that day drifting up and down the beach near his home with a “pronounced limp” while selling “Guatemalan woven goods,” “pushing an old single speed bicycle,” and speaking “broken English with a heavy Spanish accent.” What better way to keep an eye on the actions of journalists and the police? Another day he sold tamales and burritos. On another, he pretended to be “a drunk German tourist with a partially bandaged face and wearing Speedo swimming trunks and a distasteful, oversized Hawaiian shirt and yelling loudly at anyone who would listen – ‘Leck mich um ausch!’” If the public's cringing, so is McAfee's namesake brand, which is steadfastly ignoring the whole affair. So far, McAfee’s getups seem to be working, though, but it surely isn’t bringing pleasure to his old company, which now has to have its name tied up in an international murder case. They also surely weren’t excited to see McAfee’s post that even if he is caught, he’s prewritten a year’s worth of material for the blog that will appear — as long as Chad keeps up his end of the bargain and keeps posting.

November 19, 2012

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day!


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Valid: Monday-Monday, Nov. 19-26, 2012

A high pressure ridge over the Gulf of Mexico and the NW Caribbean will keep a mild and stable northerly airflow over Belize today through Monday. A surge of cool air from the continental USA will energize the high pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico during the next 48 hours. This will favor the mild conditions to persist during most of this week.

The forecast model is picking up a surface trof in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and the extreme NW Caribbean. This trof will drift SW over Yucatan and Belize by late Tuesday, pulling in some moisture and showers over central and northern Belize by Tuesday evening and early Wednesday. Some of these showers will drift inland on Wednesday.

Otherwise, showers will be confined mostly to the sea and some areas of the central and northern coastal region during the working week.

No tropical cyclone is expected to form over or move into the Caribbean region during the next five to seven days.

Rainfall rates over the sea and coastal regions of Belize will be ranging from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch Monday through Friday in light to moderate showers and periods of rain. Late Tuesday and Wednesday will be the period for the highest probability of rainfall especially along the central and northern areas of the mainland and coastal regions.

Weekly Outlook for the Cayo District
Expect a mix of sunshine and cloudy spells, with cool, night-time temperatures, ranging from lower 60s in the Mountain Pine Ridge to the mid and upper 60s in the valley areas of the upper Belize River Valley and the Belmopan area. The period with the highest probability of showers is Tuesday evening, Wednesday and early Thursday, occurring especially along the NE foothills of the elevated terrain. Otherwise, the weather will be fair with little rainfall this working week and over the coming weekend in most places.

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
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The San Pedro Sun

John McAfee offers Bze$25,000 for information leading to the arrest of Faull’s murderer
Anti-virus founder John McAfee, who is wanted for questioning by the police is offering a BZE$25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for the murder of US National Gregory Faull. According to NBC Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison, who is currently on Ambergris Caye, McAfee called him this morning (Sunday, November 18th) and during the telephone interview McAfee not only offered the reward but claimed that he is at his home here on the island, and not in hiding. In an interview today with The San Pedro Sun, Morrison said, “One of the claims he [McAfee] is making, and I challenged him on a good many of those claims, is that he does not have any intention of giving himself up, not now not ever.” Morrison reiterated that McAfee continues to have no faith in the Belize Police Department, even when he is being offered to turn himself in with his attorney and television cameras. “He is fixated on the notion that the police and the political establishment of the police are unbelievably corrupted and there is nothing he can do except stay in hiding,” said Morrison.

Letter to the Editor: Saga Humane Society says THANK YOU!
Saga Humane Society’s 9th Annual Halloween Party and Fundraiser was held on Sunday, October 28th in Central Park. Saga wishes to thank each and every person and business who helped us make this event a super success! We did our best to include everyone who donated merchandise, food, or time to help Saga with this event. Please let us know right away if we need to add you (and please forgive us). Thank you! Fabulous Prize Donations (Auction, Raffle, Giveaways & Contests): Black Orchid Restaurant, Bed & Breakfast, Blue Water Grill, Caliente’s Restaurant, Captain Sharks, Casa Picasso Restaurant, Changes in Latitudes, Chuck & Robbie’s Dive Shop, Cindy from Asian Gardens Spa, Conch Creative Photography, Coral Cable, Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar, D&E’s Frozen Custard and Sorbet, Owners Eileen and Dan Jamison, Denny’s Truck Stop and Donut Shop, Owner Ms. Dulce Wolfe, Dive Instructor Eddie Alamilla, El Divino Restaurant at Banana Beach, Elvi’s Kitchen, Estel’s, Go Fish Belize, Heather Beck, Hidden Treasures Restaurant, Hurricanes Ceviche Bar & Restaurant, Indigo Beach Homes, Island Resorts and Carts Belize, Jamila and Jim Janmohamed, Kakaw Chocolate, La Isla Bonita Golfcart Rentals, Leslie’s Salon, Lick’s Cafe, Lynn (niece of Forrest Jones), Mambo Chill Boutique, Mary Maykuth, Moncho’s Golfcart Rental, Oceanfront Suites. Palapa Bar & Grill, Pampered Paws Grooming and Pet Store, Phoenix Resort, Picasso Spirits – Ms. Jean Allred, Quan’s Boutique, Red Ginger Restaurant, Roadkill Bar, Seaduced by Belize, Searious Adventures, Sea Turtle, Squirrels Nest Bar at Mata Rocks, Sunbreeze Hotel, Sunbreeze Suites, Tamara Sniffin & The San Pedro Sun, Teacher Lisa, The Palms, Tim and Sandy Dorion, Traveller’s Rum & Spirits, Tropic Air, Victoria House, Wahoo’s Lounge, Wayo’s Beach Bar, Wet Willy’s Cantina, Wing’s Department Store and Xanadu.

Doctor Love: Flawed Love
Dear Doctor Love, I have had the same guy for several years and we get along well and most of the time things are great between us. The time that it is not great is when we argue. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it is very hard on me. If we [...]

Woofer: Jury Duty
Wires get crossed during jury duty after a particularly intense line of questioning.

Misc Belizean Sources

Miss Belize Crowned Miss Ethnic World
A big congratulations to Miss Destinee Arnold, who won the Miss Ethnic World pageant last night. She won quite a few awards. "Not only was Miss Belize Destinee Dominique Arnold crowned Miss Ethnic World International 2013 last night in Southern California, but she was also named Best in Evening Gown, Best in Athletic Wear, Best in Interview, and Top 5 in Cultural Expression for her poem and dance Indigenous Me - The Year of the Maya."


Moon's Living Abroad in Belize: Review & Free Book Give-Away
A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a review of the Moon Guide's newest edition of "Living Abroad In Belize" by author Victoria Day-Wilson. Well...she didn't ask, the publisher did. The author owns property on the mainland and has been living in and travelling Belize since 2006. Will I read it and tell you what I think? Of course! I love travel guides and I also happen to live abroad in Belize. Therefore I am super qualified. I provided my oh so simple address...Rebecca, General Delivery, San Pedro, Belize and waited patiently for my free copy. I read it cover to cover in two days is what I think. This book is very helpful and informative if you are even thinking of moving to Belize. Tons of maps, historical information, information on schools, employment, permits, flora and fauna, the food, etiquette (I'm still a bit startled every day when I am called Miss Rebecca), places where expats congregate, I honestly can't think of something the author didn't cover. Seriously. And I looked hard. There is even a large resource section at the end that I've already flipped to a few times in the last few weeks: conversion tables, basic phrases in Spanish, blog listings (I'm in there!), suggested reading and tons of phone listings and addresses. Things that really stuck out to me? Ms. Day-Wilson did a really good job of tackling the stickier issues and not being surprised if you hear the grocer at your local store called "china man" or (more frequently used on the island) "chiney". It's not an insult. Or straight talk about crime and safety. Or Belizeans' views towards foreigners. I think she was pretty spot on. And gives you a good idea what to expect.

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day 2012!
Wawansera Memeba Lau Lubafu Bungiu Hama Ahari! We Keep Going Forward with the Power of God and the Ancestors We all join the entire country of Belize today to take some time out to celebrate the arrival of the Garifuna people, or Garinagu, to the shores of Belize. Belize would not be the Belize that we know and love if it wasn’t for the many contributions of the Garifuna, and their proud history of one of the most interesting and enduring sagas humanity has known, beginning with a fateful shipwreck off St Vincent’s Island in the Caribbean in the 1600s, when surviving African slaves made it to shore and mixed with the local Arawak, or Carib, population. When England won control of St Vincent after the Treaty of Paris in 1763, it began trying to subdue the islanders with what became known as the Carib Wars. After the death of their leader, Joseph Chatoyer, the Caribs surrendered to the British in 1796, who then separated the more ethnically African people they called Black Caribs from the Amerindian or Red Caribs and, in 1797 deported them to the island of Roatán off the coast of Honduras. Less than half of the five thousand exiles are said to have survived, making their way to the mainland and spreading up and down the coast, building villages and steadfastly preserving their language and culture. Garifuna women were said to have hidden cassava in their clothing during the voyage from St Vincent’s, and the rootstock of those plants ensured the survival of the Garinagu and supply gardens today.

“Bizarre” McAfee Statements distorting Belize’s image
The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s popular eco resort known for promoting sustainable tourism and Maya culture, has issued a statement regarding the recent media attention surrounding wanted computer virus mogul John McAfee. Owner Lucy Fleming said that Chaa Creek, which hosts a wide range of visitors to Belize and employs over 135 Belizeans, decided to comment on the affair after noting the high amount of media attention and internet traffic the case is generating. “This is not something we would normally comment upon, but statements attributed to Mr McAfee are casting Belize in a negative light that is very damaging and simply untrue,” Ms Fleming said. “To begin with, Belize is an independent, democratic country with a proven high regard for the rule of law. Our democratic and legal system has been in place for centuries, passed down from Belize’s days as a former crown colony of Great Britain. Since achieving independence in 1981 we have been recognised and indeed praised worldwide for maintaining a healthy democracy and fair legal system. “For Mr McAfee to suggest otherwise, and to maintain that he was somehow set-up by police in the murder of a fellow American on Ambergris Caye is unfair, untrue and damaging to the honest, hardworking people of this country, many of whom depend on tourism to make a living,” she said. The former millionaire founder of McAfee Anti-Virus software is currently in hiding somewhere in the tiny Caribbean country, where he is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull, with whom he had a history of arguments. Since the discovery of Mr Faull’s body, McAfee has been on the run but remains in contact with several journalists, including Joshua Davis of Wired magazine, to whom he labelled the government and judiciary of Belize as corrupt and said he fears the police will assassinate him if he is discovered. Davis reports that McAfee said he has dyed his hair and beard and at one point was hiding in a hole in the sand with a cardboard box over his head. McAfee is known in Belize for maintaining a private security force and large cache of guns.

International Sources

Lessons from 2012: Droughts, not Hurricanes, are the Greater Danger
The colossal devastation and loss of life wrought by Hurricane Sandy makes the storm one of the greatest disasters in U.S. history. The storm and its aftermath have rightfully dominated the weather headlines this year, and Sandy will undoubtedly be remembered as the most notable global weather event of 2012. But shockingly, Sandy is probably not even the deadliest or most expensive weather disaster this year in the United States--Sandy's damages of perhaps $50 billion will likely be overshadowed by the huge costs of the great drought of 2012. While it will be several months before the costs of America's worst drought since 1954 are known, the 2012 drought is expected to cut America's GDP by 0.5 - 1 percentage points, said Deutsche Bank Securities this week. “If the U.S. were growing at 4 percent, it wouldn’t be as big an issue, but at 2 percent, it’s noticed,” said Joseph LaVorgna, the chief U.S. economist at Deutsche. Since the U.S. GDP is approximately $15 trillion, the drought of 2012 represents a $75 - $150 billion hit to the U.S. economy. This is in the same range as the estimate of $77 billion in costs for the drought, made by Purdue University economist Chris Hurt in August. While Sandy's death toll of 113 in the U.S. is the second highest death toll from a U.S. hurricane since 1972, it is likely to be exceeded by the death toll from the heat waves that accompanied this year's drought. The heat waves associated with the U.S. droughts of 1980 and 1988 had death tolls of 10,000 and 7,500 respectively, according to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, and the heat wave associated with the $12 billion 2011 Texas drought killed 95 Americans. With July 2012 the hottest month in U.S. history, I expect the final heat death toll in the U.S. this year will be much higher than Sandy's death toll.

A bizarre visit to John McAfee's pleasure palace in Belize
To look for John McAfee, you must be willing to travel a narrow, rutted and muddy road. And the more I bumped and backfired along it in my temperamental, rented, gas golf cart ... the deeper down the rabbit hole I fell. This is one weird story. Some say it began a week ago Friday when the man who practically invented Internet security, John McAfee, shot his dogs. Others say it goes back to April when police raided his compound on the mainland looking for drugs and guns. They found both but the guns had permits and the drugs were legal. Some say police never got over their disappointment. The Austrian woman I had picked up with my golf cart told me McAfee was trying to make a female version of Viagra. John McAfee shares his home in Belize with seven girlfriends, two women told CNN. I'm not in the habit of picking up hitchhikers but it's customary here to give a lift to locals. As they say, "You never know when YOU might need a ride." Judging by the sound of my golf cart, that time wasn't far off. McAfee lives in the remote northern part of Ambergris Caye, an island 36 miles from the Belize mainland. I hopped a 15-minute prop-powered shuttle only to find his home was an additional six miles from the town of San Pedro. You might wonder why someone with so much money would live so far from town down such a difficult road. Rounding a sandy curve it quickly became obvious: the staggering beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef coast.

IMF: Belize Experiencing Output Rebound, Tourism Recovery
Belize is experiencing an output rebound, despite a decline in oil production, according to the International Monetary Fund, which just concluded its yearly review of the country’s economy. According to the fund, Belize is expected to see GDP growth this year of between 3.5 and 4 percent, led by a recovery from last year’s weather-related damages in commodity exports, along with a recovery in tourism and electricity generation. An IMF mission led by Gerardo Peraza visited the country from Nov. 1 to Nov. 15 to conduct the review, which came in the context of the IMF’s Article IV consultations. Belize’s current account deficit is projected to narrow to 2.3 percent of GD, also thanks to higher inflows from tourism, along with higher remittances and lower repatriation of dividends by foreign companies operating in Belize. The fund said that, according to preliminary fiscal data, the government’s primary surplus target of 2 percent of GDP is also within reach, although that will require a “close monitoring of spending for the remainder of this fiscal year.”

November 18, 2012


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The November 18th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Grandson Lands Grandma In Police Cell:
    The information from an alert victim of burglary, led San Ignacio Police Crimes Investigation Branch personnel to solving another burglary case in which a gun was stolen as well as the discovery of a little bit of marijuana for bonus. The case against Danny Sagastume, 19, Belizean labourer of a Santiago Juan Layout area in San Ignacio, and a rather frightening incarceration experience for his 67 year old grandmother, began on Tuesday, November 6, when Adolfo Ventura, 47, Guatemalan, taxi driver from the neighbouring Bullet Tree Falls Village reported to San Ignacio Police that his house was burglarized.
  • Major Road Upgrades In The Twin Towns:
    Not to be left behind other municipalities especially Belize City, the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are in for major street improvements. The paving of Church Street, Eve Street, Victoria Street and a portion of the Bullet Tree Road all in San Ignacio Town began today. Mayor John August informed that the project, at a cost of over one million dollars will also include the paving of 18th Street and West Street in San Ignacio as well as Eden Drive in Santa Elena. The major upgrading of streets in Santa Elena and San Ignacio, along with the soon to be completed Welcome Centre, is being funded by the Government of Belize via a loan facility with the World Bank under a Municipal Development Project.
  • Marlon Kuylen Heads Football Coaches Education Committee:
    As the effort continues to move football to a higher level in Belize, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is embarking on a countrywide training program of coaches. The FFB informs that in order to have beginners trained in line with the Federation's quest to have all coaches certified to participate in tournament organized by the FFB and its affiliates. For this purpose, a Coaches Education Committee was recently formed. The committee is headed by FFB's Executive Member Marlon Kuylen. Assisting Kuylen will be the National “A” team coach Le Roy Sherrier as well the Technical Director/Assistant National “A” team coach Renan Couoh, Goalkeeper coaches Charlie Slusher and Kent Gabourel and Physical Trainer Stanley Humes.
  • Software Pioneer John McAfee Denies Murder In Belize:
    The founder of the anti-virus software firm McAfee has denied murdering one of his neighbours in San Pedro. John McAfee said he did not kill fellow American Gregory Faull, who was found shot dead on Sunday on Ambergris Caye island, just off the coast of Belize, where both men lived. Police say he is a "person of interest" in their inquiries into Mr Faull's murder. Mr McAfee says he is hiding from police out of fear they want to kill him. He was detained earlier this year over the alleged possession of guns and drugs, but was released without charge.
  • What is Garifuna Settlement Day?:
    On November 19th the celebrations commence to mark the arrival of the first Garifuna to Belize in 1832. The festival marks the arrival of the Garifuna people to Dangriga. A mixture of African music and religion with native Carib language and traditions blends into a vibrant, tasty, stimulating experience. Garifuna Settlement Day, is celebrated throughout the country, but especially in Dangriga, the cultural capital of Belize. There is traditional Garifuna and Belizean food, live punta music, games and Jonkunu dancers. In addition they reenact 'The Landing.'
  • Colombian Police Arrests Three For killing 10 Farm workers:
    Colombian security forces have arrested three men they suspect of shooting dead 10 farm workers last week. The killing was one of the deadliest targeted attacks in Colombia in years. Police say the suspects belong to a criminal gang whose leader was arrested last month and who ordered the attack from behind bars. They said the motive could be revenge for his recent capture or a deadly message to businessmen who have refused to pay the gang protection money.
  • UN: Haiti Faces 2013 Food Shortage After Hurricane Sandy:
    The UN in Haiti says 1.5 million people remain at risk of not having proper access to food in 2013 due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters. The situation has been made worse by a drought earlier this year, it says. At least 54 people died as Hurricane Sandy hit the impoverished Caribbean nation two weeks ago. The country is still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake in January 2010. During the spring and summer of this year, rural households in northern parts of Haiti were badly hit by drought.
  • Jamaica Bans Preaching On Commuter Buses:
    have banned lay preachers from addressing commuters in public buses. Jamaica is a predominantly Christian country, but many passengers have complained about the noise and disturbance. Drivers have been instructed to politely warn religious ministers that they are no longer allowed to evangelise fellow passengers. Preachers say the decision infringes freedom of speech and religion. "I am all for evangelising, but they cannot use the bus as their platform," Hardley Lewin, managing director of the Jamaica Transit Company Limited said.
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The San Pedro Sun

British Government Donates Motorcycles for Belmopan Police
A donation of two (2) motorcycles, to be assigned to the Belmopan City Formation of the Belize Police Department, was made this morning to the Ministry of National Security by the British Government through its Embassy in Belize. British High Commissioner Pat Ashworth; British Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hon. Hugo Swire, Hon. John Saldivar and Commissioner of Police David Henderson. Making the presentation on behalf of the British Government was the visiting Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Latin America, Hon. Hugo Swire, MP, along with the British High Commissioner resident in Belize, H.E. Pat Ashworth. Receiving the donation was Belize’s Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, accompanied by the Commissioner of Police, David Henderson.

Sergeant Paulino Reyes shoots civilian in western Belize
Sergeant Paulino Reyes is in the spotlight once again for yet another shooting, and this time it involves a civilian. The incident happened in the Valley of Peace Village in the Cayo District. The victim is 53 year old Donatilo Canales. Canalez claimed that he was shot by Reyes twice and remains at The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Canales, from his beside at the KHMH told Channel 5 News on Tuesday November 13th that he was shot by Reyes, who was out of uniform. “Yesterday, I was in my yard. I had just reached from my work and some friends arrived in a vehicle. They said they wanted to have a conversation with me so I came outside. When Mr. Reyes was passing by, I told [waved] him “bye”. He stopped the vehicle and asked me why I was doing bad signals to him. I said ‘no I am not doing any bad signals, I am telling you bye’. He pushed me on my chest and then he took out his gun and shot my right leg. When I dropped on the floor, then he shot my second leg and then he hit me with the gun on this part of my head. He pointed the gun on my forehead twice and he told me he wanted to kill me…He grabbed me from my shirt, dragged me to back pan of the vehicle and then took me to his mother’s house. I was bleeding a lot. I asked him please help me. He told me ‘die’,” said Canales.

PM Barrow discusses regional security with President Calderon of Mexico
Prime Minister Barrow met with President Calderon on Monday at Los Pinos, the official Presidential Residence, in Mexico City to discuss regional security. Also present at the breakfast meeting were President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla and Honduran President Porfirio Lobos. A Joint Declaration on strengthening of cooperation against organized transnational crime was presented at the end of the meeting in which the countries “Reaffirm their commitment of their Governments to tackle and combat more effectively and with determination, these scourges, on the basis of the principle of shared and differentiated common responsibility, through international cooperation mechanisms that are complementary to respective national efforts.”

In November…be one with the Garinagu of Belize
Just as the drums are an unmistakable part of the Garinagu, the colorful Garifuna outfits add another rich aspect to the culture. Traditional Garifuna colors are yellow, black, and white: women often wear long dresses sewn from checkered material along with colorful head pieces. Men don their colorful “dashiki”: a long shirt made from similar materials as that of the women’s outfits. The shirts are not buttoned, but they drape elegantly. These colors and outfits shine best when in movement, and the Garinagu can certainly bring the moves! Punta Rock leads the way as the most popular Garifuna music style, especially with its seductive moves and rhythmic beats that can almost hypnotize you into hitting the dance floor. The rhythm of the drums accompanies all sorts of Belizean-made music and that may explain the spontaneous dance moves in the Belizean people whether it be in an office, the kitchen or anywhere once there is a drum to the Belizean beat. Another popular, more traditional, dance is the Jankunu (“John Canoe”). Performed during the Christmas season, the Jankunu dancer wears a mask which resembles an English face topped by a hand-made hat similar to the English naval hats of the 18th century. The dance displays the skills of warrior-slaves while mocking their white British master. The Garifuna music is a creative amalgam of all cultural traditions in Belize.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Injustice in Belize
PG TV captured the horrific crime committed by villagers on Sept. 5, 2010. This actual footage is for the friends and family of Cherie and Vince Rose who never got to see what was aired in Punta Gorda, Belize. Our loss was a tragic, violent, and an unnecessary crime. We have been informed that the missing children are safe in Guatemala with their biological father. CrimeStoppers has been contacted to investigate and we pray they will be able to confirm this information. There is a reward for the return of the missing children, and for any information leading to the arrest of the arsonists so that they never harm so many innocent lives again. Aug. 17th, 2012, A declaration is granted that a riotous assembly of persons, as defined in section 2 of the Riot Compensation Act Chapter 338 assembled at the claimants' property situated at Water Hole Road, Forest Home village, Toledo District for the purpose of executing a common purpose with violence and without lawful authority used such violence for that purpose to wit: they intentionally set fire and destroyed three houses, furniture, household utensils and other property owned by the claimants. I will now hear the parties on the issue of compensation. JUDGE OF THE SUPREME COURT Oswell Legall The Defense has appealed on the grounds that Judge Legall erred in his decisions. To date, no arrests have been made; we pray to GOD that justice will prevail! Vince & Cherie Rose Founders of ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

Black Orchid Restaurant Thanksgiving Special
We are having a special Thanksgiving Dinner for only $50 Belize and that includes Tax......

VIDEO: Local Diving, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Great Turtle clips, Spotted Eagle Rays and our curious nurse Sharks. Featured Guest Diver, Sara Brown.

Meluchi's 2nd Anniversary Celebration
Happy 2nd birthday, Meluchi's! Tonight they are celebrating 2 years of being the most popular club in Cayo. They are really putting together a wild night. They'll even be celebrating the holiday by having Garifuna drummers.


Butane Prices Increase
The price of a 100 pound cylinder of liquid petroleum gas or butane imported from Mexico has increased by nine dollars. Effective today the new price in Belize City and Corozal is 118 dollars, 119 dollars in Orange Walk, 120 dollars in Belmopan and San Ignacio, 121 dollars in Benque Viejo del Carmen, 122 dollars in Dangriga and 123 dollars in Punta Gorda. The price for butane imported from Central America remains the same. The Mexican Embassy in Belize has announced that it will be closed for business on Garifuna Settlement Day. A communiqué issued on Friday said that all sections of the Embassy, including the Honorary Consul in Corozal and the Institute of Mexico in Belize City will be closed on Monday on the occasion of Garifuna Settlement Day. Belizeans traveling to Mexico during the holiday are reminded that all the need is a valid passport and a completed Mexican immigration form which is available at any border crossing or at the airport.

British Government Makes Donation to Belize Police Department
The police department has received a donation of two motorcycles from the British Government. According to a government press release, the donation was handed over this morning in Belmopan by the visiting Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Latin America Hugo Swire. The official release says that the motorcycles will be assigned to the Belmopan formation of the police department. Before handing over the motorcycles, Minister Swire and his delegation, which included the British High Commissioner to Belize Pat Ashworth held bilateral talks with Minister of National Security John Saldivar at his office in the nation’s capital. Those talks covered a wide range of issues relating to security and hot the British government can lend further assistance to enhance the work of the police department, the Belize Defence Force and the Belize National Coast Guard. Also present at this morning’ handing over of the donated motorcycles was the Commissioner of Police David Henderson.

IMF Concludes Yearly Review in Belize
An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Gerardo Peraza wrapped up its yearly review of Belize’s economy in the context of the IMF’s Article four consultations on Thursday. In a statement issued yesterday Peraza reported that Belize is experiencing an output rebound despite the decline in oil production. In 2012, real Gross Domestic Product growth is expected at three point five to four percent, led by a recovery from last year’s effects of weather-related damages in commodity exports as well as a recovery in tourism, and electricity generation. Inflation, which stood at one point five percent in January to August, has been easing as commodity prices pressures abate. The current account deficit is expected to narrow to two point three percent of GDP down from two point five percent of GDP in 2011. This is attributed to higher inflows from tourism, lower repatriation of dividends by foreign companies operating in Belize, and higher remittances, despite a moderate widening of the trade deficit in goods. The report goes on to say preliminary fiscal data suggest that the government’s primary surplus target of two percent of GDP is within reach but will require a close monitoring of spending for the remainder of this fiscal year. In light of ongoing negotiations with bondholders on the restructuring of the “super-bond”, further discussions with the authorities are required to complete this year’s Article IV consultations.


Municipal Bond to belaunched next week
Belize City Mayor, Darrel Bradley, has come under some heavy criticism lately for the recent discord with Belize Waste Control over non-payment by City Hall to the company for sanitation services. He has also been critiqued for the late release of the much-touted municipal bond. But while the bond is a couple months late, it is still very much in the making. Mayor Darrel Bradley told Love News today that by next week the bond will have materialized. Bradley says that by next week the bond should be released by next week.

Two shootings and a chopping in Belize City
Belize City police are investigating two shootings and a chopping that occurred in separate incidents on Thursday night. Love News spoke with Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, first about a chopping and shooting. Castillo was shot in the leg and arm and he and Tillett are in stable conditions at the KHMH. Meanwhile cops are investigating that incident, there was a second incident also in the downtown area where a woman was shot inside her home, as Martinez outlines. Martinez says that the police are seeking four men for questioning.

British government donates to the police department
The police department has received a donation of two motorcycles from the British Government. According to a government press release, the donation was handed over this morning in Belmopan by the visiting Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Latin America Hugo Swire. The official release says that the motorcycles will be assigned to the Belmopan formation of the police department. Before handing over the motorcycles, Minister Swire and his delegation, which included the British High Commissioner to Belize Pat Ashworth held bilateral talks with Minister of National Security John Saldivar at his office in the nation’s capital. Those talks covered a wide range of issues relating to security and hot the British government can lend further assistance to enhance the work of the police department, the Belize Defence Force and the Belize National Coast Guard. Also present at this morning’ handing over of the donated motorcycles was the Commissioner of Police David Henderson.

Mayors meet in Dangriga
Mayors from across the country are meeting in Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story.

Second annual reading carnival to take place in Burrel Boom
The second annual reading carnival is scheduled to take place this weekend in Burrell Boom Village. Love news spoke with the organizer of the event, Literacy Coordinator at the Burrell Boom Methodist School Dawn Flowers.

Toledo Expo takes place this Saturday
The sixth annual Toledo Tourism Expo, TolTex will be held on Saturday in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Cultural awareness on display in Belmopan
Culture Day in Belmopan... On Thursday, the students of the University of Belize put their cultural awareness on display in the nation’s capital. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports from Belmopan.

Sadie Vernon High celebrates the Garifuna culture
Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations... On Monday, the country will pause to celebrate the arrival of the Garinagu to our shores. All during this week, various educational institutions featured the Garifuna culture as part of their school activities. Today, it was time for Sadie Vernon High in Belize City … and Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo were there to capture it.

Crooked Tree residents up in arms
Protest in Crooked Tree village... The village of Crooked Tree in the Belize district is a quiet and peaceful community. But this morning the residents were not a happy group and they rose up against a member of the community … the Belize Audubon Society. Love TV’s Patrick Jones and video journalist Myles Gillett went to Crooked Tree to bring you this story.

IMF concludes Article IV consultations in Belize
An International Monetary Fund mission led by Gerardo Peraza wrapped up its yearly review of Belize’s economy in the context of the IMF’s Article four consultations on Thursday. In a statement issued yesterday Peraza reported that Belize is experiencing an output rebound despite the decline in oil production. In 2012, real Gross Domestic Product growth is expected at three point five to four percent, led by a recovery from last year’s effects of weather-related damages in commodity exports as well as a recovery in tourism, and electricity generation. Inflation, which stood at one point five percent in January to August, has been easing as commodity prices pressures abate. The current account deficit is expected to narrow to two point three percent of GDP down from two point five percent of GDP in 2011. This is attributed to higher inflows from tourism, lower repatriation of dividends by foreign companies operating in Belize, and higher remittances, despite a moderate widening of the trade deficit in goods. The report goes on to say preliminary fiscal data suggest that the government’s primary surplus target of two percent of GDP is within reach but will require a close monitoring of spending for the remainder of this fiscal year. In light of ongoing negotiations with bondholders on the restructuring of the “super-bond”, further discussions with the authorities are required to complete this year’s Article IV consultations. Talks are expected to resume in the near future. Discussions so far have been focused on fiscal sustainability, external stability, and policies to enhance the financial sector resilience. In parallel with the Article IV consultations, a technical assistance mission assessed the current framework for debt management and helped the authorities build relevant institutional capacity. The IMF team was in Belize from November first to the fifteenth.

Butane prices increase
The price of a 100 pound cylinder of liquid petroleum gas or butane imported from Mexico has increased by ten dollars. Effective tomorrow the new price in Belize City and Corozal is 118 dollars, 119 dollars in Orange Walk, 120 dollars in Belmopan and San Ignacio, 121 dollars in Benque Viejo del Carmen, 122 dollars in Dangriga and 123 dollars in Punta Gorda. The price for butane imported from Central America remains the same.

Mayor says solving the problem of paying sanitation companies is at hand
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is facing his first round of public scrutiny over the Municipal Bond, due to be floated at any time now. But at the same time he is also working himself out of the hot seat for not being able to keep the payments for sanitation services up to date. He says that while that may be the case, that problem is soon to be remedied and that it is not unusual for City Hall to fall behind on payments at this time of year. But in addition to that, city residents will, as of next January, have to start paying for the collection of garbage.


Garifuna Settlement Weekend Starts On A Gorgeous Day
Garifuna Settlement Day is always November 19th and honors the Garifuna people that landed in Central America 180 years ago. The Garifuna are descendents of the Caribbean Arawaks and Caribs and the people of West Africa. The amazing food, dress, language and especially music permeates life in Belize (particularly in the south). And this whole week has been dedicated to celebrating that culture. Yesterday was a gorgeous day to do it. Looking north towards Ramon's Dock. And Hurricane's Ceviche Bar. The water is very low and perfectly flat. A nice cool breeze blowing from the north. All the school kids were wearing yellow to commemorate the holiday and they paraded through the streets followed by our local drum corp. Did you know that there is a Garifuna flag? Here is a very cool picture taken by Tony Rath in Dangriga (Belize's cultural capital) of the traditional recreation of the Garifuna landing.

Belize Businesses Learning to Respond to Medical Emergencies
The Belize Red Cross is helping the Belize business community lead the way when it comes to medical safety and dealing with potential medical emergencies in their communities. Monday Nov 12, 2012 launched the ongoing Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program in Punta Gorda followed by a second course in San Pedro 2 days later. Bandage international in partnership with the Belize Red Cross, worked hard at training 65 in Belize this week. Between the two districts, the following businesses are now part of the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program and have now have commercial first aid trained staff: Tropic Air, The Phoenix, Victoria House, Banana Beach, Exotic Caye, Scotia Bank, Ambergris Today, American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood watch, BRC National Intervention team, BRC Regional Intervention Team, Reef CI, Coral House Inn, Blue Reef Adventures, Southern Eco Adventure Dive And Fishing Tours. In a commitment to make their businesses a safer place, they sent a wide range of staff to get certified first aid training including: pilots, ramp guy, front desk , tour coordinator , security, maintenance, housekeeping, dining room, bar, kitchen, branch messenger, property manager, wildlife biologist, reporters, emergency responders, MD, director, dive master. After the San Pedro course, 15 staff from Victoria House, The Phoenix Resort and South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch went for additional training at Victoria House this afternoon. They all got trained in using the Medtronic physio control lifepak defibrillator, Lifepak 500. Bandage International is encouraging all Businesses who join the medical safety program to invest in a defibrillator for their business and have their staff trained how to use it.

Happy Birthday Ellis!!!
Ellis Nicholas, Nate Dawg or whatever you refer to him as, is growing one year older and wiser today! Ellis leads a charmed life – immensely popular with locals and tourists alike he could be labelled CEO of Caye Caulker (Chief Entertainment Officer) – as wherever Ellis is at, the party is!! He has the perfect job … Tour Leader and Captain at Raggamuffin Tours where he gets to swan up and down the reef in our tropical paradise! And furthermore, if that is not enough he regularly visits the US for his R&R!! The man has it all!!! On top of this, tonight is Ellis will be celebrating his new decade in style .. he loves to host a party for his birthday and tonight is no exception!!! If you are very lucky (and I am not too drunk) I might even post a few photos of the evening!!! Happy Birthday Ellis – love from the crew!!!

International Sources

Yes, you, too, can sail on a private yacht in the Caribbean
Yes, you, too, can sail on a private yacht in the Caribbean Renting a private vessel in the Caribbean and cruising through a warm, salty-breezed parallel universe isn't as out of reach as you may think As the old saying goes -- money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull right up alongside it. Sailing the Caribbean. For many, it’s just an item on the bucket list. Something reserved for those privileged few who actually own yachts in the Caribbean, know someone connected in the BVIs or who even have the foggiest idea about how to operate a 46-foot (14-meter) catamaran, right? Think again. Enter the world of Caribbean yacht charters and the keys to a nautical kingdom are tossed to the common among us. Not just yachties and experienced sailors, but landlubbers eager to chalk up an unforgettable, fully crewed, tropical vacation on the open water. “A lot of first-timers are pleasantly surprised by how doable it is -- chartering a yacht and making their dream sailing trip a reality,” says Dennis Dori of Charter Sailing Unlimited, a U.S.-based charter yacht brokerage company with ties to hundreds of vessels for hire all over the Antilles. “And there’s truly no better or easier place in the world to do it than in the Caribbean.” Here are some Chartering 101 basics and pinch-me-I’m-dreaming, charter-friendly destinations that’ll make your next Caribbean trip your best one yet. More on CNN: Insider Guide -- Best of Miami How? Three chartering tips The gist of charter sailing is simpler than tying a bowline. Here are your first three questions, and answers, on the subject: Do I have to know how to sail -- or make dinner when a storm's blowing?

Fugitive! McAfee on run in Belize
The software multimillionaire John McAfee is not your run-of-the-mill international fugitive. Most men who go on the run when the authorities want to question them for murder tend to keep themselves to themselves, but McAfee is different. While nothing has been seen of him since a neighbour on the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye in Belize was found face down in a pool of blood, plenty has been heard of him. McAfee has kept up a sort of running commentary on his flight from the Belize police, speaking freely – if at times mystifyingly – to reporters from such varied outlets as Wired magazine, the Associated Press, The Daily Telegraph, and the cable news channel CNBC. In his latest bulletins from whereabouts unknown, he insists he didn't shoot Gregory Faull, says he has altered his appearance, changes phones several times a day, and fears that if he surrenders to police they will "summarily execute" him. Furthermore, he says he will not seek refuge in a US embassy. He told CNBC: "What would happen? They will offer me either sanctuary, where I will spend my days living in the embassy like poor Julian Assange, or, when I leave... I will be nabbed by the police. My ultimate goal is they'll figure out who killed the man, it will have nothing to do with me, and they will leave me alone."

In blog McAfee denounces murder accusations
Software company founder John McAfee denies he killed a neighbor in Belize but says he won't turn himself in for questioning because he fears a police anti-gang unit wants to kill him. Belize police have said they want to question McAfee, who they describe as a "person of interest" in the slaying of fellow American Gregory Viant Faull. Faull, 52, was shot to death over the weekend on the Caribbean island where both men lived. McAfee told The Associated Press in a telephone interview on Thursday that he is in hiding with a young woman somewhere in Belize. He says he is unarmed and has been changing locations frequently to stay one step ahead of police. In recent days the software company founder has extended himself to various media, and has even launched his own blog,, in which he protests his innocence, attacks Belizean government officials and security forces, and slams journalists who have written critical pieces: "With lots of time on my hands and very little to do with it, I've been reflecting on the recent detour my life has taken. How did I end up as a murder suspect on the lam?" Chad Essley, an animator and graphic artist and director of the Portland, Ore.-based Cartoon Monkey, confirmed to CBS News that he set up and hosted the blog for MacAfee, whom he referred to as a friend, but said that McAfee is posting material himself. In his blog posts McAfee affords special attention to journalist Jeff Wise, who has written about McAfee for National Geographic Explorer, Gizmodo and other outlets."Jeff has made a life work out of smearing my character," McAfee blogged, alluding to alleged indiscretions on the writer's part as a possible reason. "The net result of his stories, however, has made my life appear much darker than the mere 'eccentricity' that most people, including myself, ascribe to me."

John McAfee 'In His Compound In Belize'
Millionaire software mogul John McAfee, who is wanted for questioning over the death of his neighbour, claims he has been in his home in Belize all along. Mr McAfee told CNBC he has been hiding in his compound for the last week - not on the run as previously believed. "I am where I am most of the time. I am certainly inside my compound," he said. Police want to question him as a "person of interest" about the murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull, who was shot last Saturday in the Central American country. Belize Police Department spokesman Raphael Martinez told the local police were aware of the latest claims from Mr McAfee and were investigating. "That has been passed on to the police in San Pedro," Martinez said. "They are checking it out right now." Police said McAfee has several buildings on his ocean front compound on Ambergris Caye, a stretch of island just off the Belizean shore dotted with resorts. Mr McAfee earlier told Wired he hid out while police combed the property, burying himself in sand with a cardboard box over his head to breathe.

John McAfee Would Rather Not Compete with Drug Gangs/Choke On His Own Vomit in Belize Jail
John McAfee has been pretty chatty for a guy who’s running from the law. The anti-virus software pioneer has been on the lam since the weekend, when he was sought for questioning following the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. But running from the Belize police hasn’t stopped Mr. McAfee from talking with the press.There was the telephone call to Wired reporter Joshua Davis, in which Mr. McAfee claimed that he evaded police by burying his head in the sand with a cardboard box over his head; his chat with the editor of the local San Pedro Sun; a televised phone call with ABC News’ Matt Guttman; and our favorite, a message board post seeking advice on how to avoid cellphone triangulation. Now there’s an interview with CNBC’s Street Signs, in which Mr. McAfee makes a couple of pretty sane points for a supposedly paranoid man. On reports that he was manufacturing methamphetamine out of his Belize compound: I would not have the vaguest idea how to make meth or sell meth, especially in a part of the world where I would have to compete with the Mexican Zeta gangs, and it’s not the type of business i would choose, sir.

SLIDESHOW: Garífuna life in Belize
Great photo essay by Lebawit Lily Girma ... currently in Belize writing for Moon Travel Guides. "Despite being declared endangered by the United Nations in 2001, the Garinagu -- one of the smallest cultural groups in Belize -- has managed to sustain its traditions through music, dance, food and worship. The Garifuna people are descendants of Carib Indians (South American natives who settled on the Caribbean island of St Vincent) and West Africans who were said to have escaped from Spanish slave ships in 1635 and made the island their home. Resistant to the arrival of the British to St Vincent in 1763, the Garinagu fought attempts to use their land for sugar cane plantations and many were killed or imprisoned. Those remaining were exiled to Honduras and eventually migrated by dugout canoe along the Central American coast, reaching Belize in 1802. Today, Garinagu communities make up only 4% of Belize’s more than 325,000 people, and most can be found along the country’s southern coast in the towns of Dangriga and Punta Gorda and the villages of Hopkins, Barranco and Seine Bight. (Lebawit Girma)"

November 17, 2012


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Garifuna Awareness celebrated in San Pedro
“Oh I hear drumming,” said an American tourist as she walked down Pescador Drive in San Pedro Town. “It is a dance,” asked another. “No!” said a Belizean walking with them. “It’s the drums of the African ancestors signaling that they are glad to have found a land of peace,” he explained. And certainly, with the 19th of November just a few days away, schools as well as other cultural organizations are gearing up for the National Garifuna Day Celebration which is being celebrated this year under the theme, “Wawansera Memeba Lau Lubafu Bungui Hama Ahari – We keep going forward with the Power of God and the Ancestors.” As part of the Garifuna celebration, today was observed as National Garifuna Awareness Day and various schools allowed students to attend classes in the traditional Garifuna outfit. At the Little Angels Pre-school, the teachers planned activities around the National Garifuna Awareness Day and had a small cultural exhibition depicting many of the traditional Garifuna food.

Lisa Fielding Completes 300th Scuba Dive From Ramon’s Village Resort
For Lansdale, Pennsylvania resident Lisa Fielding, nothing could have been more exciting than completing her 300th scuba dive while at Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro, Belize last week. Fielding and her husband Jim were diving with a group of fellow scuba divers with Orca Scuba Tours and experienced the “most spectacular scuba dive she’s ever seen”. “We were diving at Esmeralda just beyond the barrier reef, which is just offshore from the island of Ambergris Caye, and there were nurse sharks, angel fish, moray eels, spotted eagle rays and bottlenose dolphins swimming with us,” noted Fielding. She adds, “Ramon’s Village dive masters were awesome, the barrier reef is beautiful and every aspect of our stay was just incredible. Jim and I have been scuba diving all over the world including in Australia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Micronesia and the Caribbean and this is the best diving we’ve ever experienced.” Fielding went on to say that not only was the scuba diving off the chart when it came to excitement, butthat the entire staff at Ramon’s Village was incredibly accommodating. “Our waiter at Pineapples Restaurant at Ramon’s Village, whose name is Jack, memorized all thirty-two people’s names in our group before the week was over and called us by name each time he saw us. The food was delicious and dining while overlooking the clear waters of the Western Caribbean was fabulous! The resort is stunning in its natural beauty and sits right on the beach overlooking the barrier reef. “ Fielding concludes, “This was our third trip to Belize and Ramon’s Village and some in our group have been here six times. No doubt we’ll be back and we can’t wait to see what awaits us on our next scuba diving adventure with Ramon’s Village.”

Bandage International works alongside Red Cross to offer Medical Safety Program
The Belize Red Cross, in conjunction with Bandage International and the San Pedro chapter of the Belize Red Cross, held their annual Medical Emergency First Aid Course in San Pedro on November 14th and 15th. The workshop was held at the El Divino restaurant and saw the participation of some (40) participants from various businesses on the island. Registration for the sessions were $50.00 for the two day course, after which participants would be certified as Emergency First Responders. The training prepared participants to handle medical emergencies that include heart attacks, asthma, stroke, diabetes, seizures, allergic reactions and child delivery. According to organizers, at the end of the training, participants should be able to recognize and treat injuries such as: head and spinal injuries, chest and abdominal injuries, extremity injuries and soft tissue injuries, shock and bleeding and burns. The team will also be versed in bandaging and splinting as well as informed in the new CPR and Airway Obstruction Guidelines.

Ambergris Today

My First, My Last: My Ambergris Caye
As a travel writer, I’m often faced with the quandary of needing to share information about my favorite places in the world, while secretly hoping no one else finds out about them, causing them to become overrun with tourists. My first time in Belize was long before my travel writing days. I was an ordinary tourist who wound up here with an ex-boyfriend who thought Belize ‘sounded cool’ after inadvertently ending up at BZE on a layover years before. I did minimal research and booked a hotel without much thought. It was reasonably priced and it was on a beach.

Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations Underway in San Perdo, Belize
Garifuna Celebrations are underway here in San Pedro Town and in commemoration of National Garifuna Settlement Day there are many activities happening in San Pedro Town, Belize which you must attend to obtain one of Belize’s best cultural experiences. The Garifuna Community in San Pedro takes pride in everything they do and proudly present the very best of their culture during their exhibition and food sale. You can learn a lot about the type of clothes they wear, their rhythmic music, their instruments, their lifestyle and their delicious food! Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations Underway in San Perdo, Belize Here are some events you don’t want to miss: Saturday, November 17, 2012 - *Jankunu Dancing - House to house dancing – 1:00p.m to 6:00p.m *Entertainment: Drumming/Singing/Cultural Dancing at Central Park from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00p.m. Sunday, November 18, 2012 – *Entertainment Night – Drumming, Dance: San Pedro Dance Academy, Jankunu Performance – Two Foot Cow/Hunterman/Cherikanari – Castillo Drummers – Miguel Dance Group – San Pedro Punta Rock Band – Punta Boys – Mad Skills and Battle of the Drums – At Central Park 7:00 p.m. Monday, November 19, 2012 – *Garifuna Settlement Day Reenactment (Yurumei) – 5:30a.m. from Central Park to Boca Del Rio – Parade down to church trough beachside and mass begins at 7:00a.m. Official ceremonies, marching bands, drumming and carnival group parade through town after mass.

Tourist Sets 300th Scuba Dive in San Pedro with Ramon’s Village Resort
For Lansdale, Pennsylvania resident Lisa Fielding, nothing could have been more exciting than completing her 300th scuba dive while at Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro, Belize last week. Fielding and her husband Jim were diving with a group of fellow scuba divers with Orca Scuba Tours and experienced the “most spectacular scuba dive she’s ever seen”.

Misc Belizean Sources

Enter the RumFish, Dream Restaurant In Belize | Ep. 5 Part 1/3 EX-PATS
Meet Pam and John Solomon who left New York City to open a restaurant in Placencia, Belize. Their restaurant, RumFish, is now one of the most successful restaurants on the coast. Soon after their restaurant picked up, Pam became pregnant with their daughter Libby. EX-PATS w/ Savannah Jane Buffett According to modern definition, EX-PATS are people temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of their upbringing. Host Savannah Jane Buffett travels through foreign lands to discover the extraordinary stories of those who cut the home-cord, leaving behind a seemingly successful and ordinary existence in search of a place to live their dream life.

Commentary: Garifuna Settlement Day celebrated in Belize but dependency is haunting the future
The Garifuna people first arrived in Belize in 1801 and settled in Dangriga Town with about one hundred people. At the time of their arrival, Belize was a British colony and they were the ones who removed the Garifuna people as “prisoners of war” from their native land Saint Vincent on March 11, 1797, to Roatan, Honduras, where they landed on April 12 of that same year. During this time the British and the Spanish were rivals competing for territories in the Caribbean, North America, Central America and South America. The British knew that the Garifuna people were skilled warriors because of the wars they fought against them from the late 1790s up until 1797 to keep their homeland Saint Vincent, known to them as “Yuremei”. In a book published by Nancy Gonzalez, an anthropologist, titled “The Ethnohistory of the Garifuna In Central America: Sojourners of the Caribbean", she mentioned that there is evidence in London that the British also had intentions to use the Garifuna people to fight on their behalf to keep Belize away from the Spanish. This reasoning tend to make a lot of sense due to the fact that in 1798 between 7 and 10 September the British fought against the Spanish in the Battle of Saint Georges Cay to maintain possession of Belize.

Caribbean cultural contingent visits Taiwan
Relations between the people of Taiwan and the people of the Caribbean have been strengthened with a 12-day visit to Taiwan of a special cultural contingent from Saint Lucia and three other Caribbean countries from October 17 - 28. The visit was described by the deputy minister of foreign affairs in Taiwan as the use of the “soft power” of arts and culture to build stronger friendship and diplomatic ties between Taiwan and the Caribbean. The delegation from Saint Lucia was led by the executive director of the Cultural Development Foundation, Kennedy “Boots” Samuel, and comprised ten members of the nationally acclaimed Helen Folk Dancers. In Taiwan they were joined by the Pantempters Steel Orchestra from Belize, the famous La Marimba de Concierto band with the Director of Culture from Guatemala, and an eight member dance theatre group from St Kitts and Nevis led by the vice minister of culture and gender affairs. Towards the end of their visit the Caribbean delegation was also joined by a traditional dance performance group from Nicaragua. The Caribbean contingent was hosted and gave major performances in five communities across Taiwan. Packed audiences in exquisite theatres were treated to a rich and diverse representation of Caribbean people and their unique culture in the varied presentations from the countries represented. Special performances were also done in formal social engagements at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the Presidential Palace as guests of the vice president. The performances provided a rare opportunity for a tremendous bonding and sharing experience among the Caribbean performers themselves, who with exquisite rhythms and beauty proudly expressed regional unity within a foreign environment.

Experts look at sustainable financing for wastewater management in the region
The Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (CReW), a four-year project that began in 2011 and is financed by a special arrangement that involves the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the governments of some Caribbean countries will host a regional workshop in Belize City, Belize, 28 - 29 November, 2012 to introduce the concept of revolving funds. Revolving funds are among the more flexible, innovative and effective financial management mechanisms that can provide sustainable financing for the development of much needed wastewater treatment facilities, costly propositions for regional governments struggling to maintain those that already exist. A 2009 UNEP report entitled “Assessment of Wastewater Management in the Caribbean” found untreated domestic wastewater had severe consequences for coastal ecosystems in the wider Caribbean region. This has resulted in: increased fish mortality and negative effects on commercial fisheries; declines in coral reefs estimated to cost the region up to US$ 870 million by 2050; threats to human health, and; threats to the tourism sector.

Fall Fashion Show Pink Runway
Add!ction has released their pink runway pictures from the Fall Fashion show. Great job, Gabriela! "The last Add!ction Runway on the Fall Sashion 2012"

Sacred Heart Junior College Open Day Ad
SHJC is having their Open Day on November 28th. You can go learn all about their Associate Degree programs, and save 50% on admission fees. There will also be a raffle for 2 scholarships. For more info, call 824-2758. In the afternoon, the Intro to Marketing class will be having an expo in which they'll be displaying and selling the unique products they've designed and created.

Chaa Creek in Fodor's Top 100
Chaa Creek is one of Fodor's top 100 hotels in the world! Their awards have been stacking up! Chaa Creek, listed in Fodor's Local Experience class, is one of two resorts that are located in Central America. Congratulations, Chaa Creek! "Affordable luxury, sustainable practices, and the best of Central America's natural offerings come together at this 23-room, all-inclusive villa hotel spread over 365 riverside jungle acres in Belize's Cayo district. (Guests share the vast property with monkeys, jaguars, and more than 300 bird species.) In operation for more than 30 years, the hotel features treetop suites with tile floors, enormous mahogany beds, and giant verandahs. Closer to the ground, thatch-roof cottages are tucked amid colorful tropical gardens. In-villa massages and bubble baths, (with a glass of bubbly) are popular romantic amenities. If you can tear yourself away from the eco-cocoon, you'll find the staff on hand to introduce you to wild Belize through activities like canoeing, hiking, and touring the nearby Mayan ruins."

Channel 7

Youths Threw CS Gas In Dispute Over Boxer Shorts
Around noon today - our newsroom got info that that a grenade had been thrown on Raccoon Street extension. Fortunately, it wasn't a grenade - but we can see how the mistake might have been made. The item thrown was actually a canister of CS gas - what is commonly known as tear gas. Fortunately, the canister was defective and did not detonate. The GSU responded quickly, recovered the canister, and took it into custody. The story behind it will surely lave you shaking your head. According to our information, it was a dispute between two cousins. The younger one - who is only 16 - reportedly threw the canister at his older cousin - who was at a work site. We must point out that there were other young school children in the area as well. Some reports form the scene say he threw it because of a dispute over a pair of boxer shorts that was borrowed without consent! So where did the canister come from? Well, experts say it could be BDF or British issue and might have come from a training session at the Pine Ridge. No one has been picked up and police are looking for the two young men.

Woman Shot In Bathroom
Last night a 21 year old mother was shot in her home. Now your home should be a safe sanctuary - and what makes this case even worse is that Chloe Thompson was shot in the privacy of her bathroom. And it happened at a home right at the corner of Albert Street. Monica Bodden reporting The shots were heard last night at 8:40 - just a block away from our 7news studio. Monica Bodden filled in the blanks today:…. This house at the corner of South and Albert Street turned into a crime scene last night - when a woman was shot while inside her home. The entire area was blocked off by police officers who processed the scene. The victim - identified as 22 year old Chloe Thompson had already been rushed to the KHMH with a gunshot wound to her lower back. From what we gathered, gunmen were firing shots in the neighborhood- when one of those shots penetrated the walls of Thompson's house. She was standing inside her bathroom when she was shot.

Cop Brought A Gun to A Machete Fight
And just ten minutes after that happened - we heard sirens whipping about the downtown area again - there had been another shooting. This one happened at the heart of downtown in front of the Belize Bank. At first, two men started to fight with machetes and then police got involved, and used a gun. The debacle ended with one man shot and one man chopped. The police press officer explained:.. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "At approximately 8:55 last night 15th November, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw two men, 29 years old Nigel Castillo as well as Jason Tillett both of Belize City. Allegedly at approximately 8:50 earlier that evening, both men were involved in a machete fight in front of the commercial building on Albert Street. Allegedly a police intervened and ordered them to put down their weapons. Tillett complied but Castillo decided to continue fighting and inflicted a chop wound to Tillett. The police had no choice but to subdue Castillo by firing shots at him with his licensed 9mm firearm. As a result both men were taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they are now in a stable condition."

Home Invaders Pretended To Be Cops
Tonight police are looking for 3 men in connection with a report that they entered the home on of a woman living on Antelope Street Extension while armed with guns. According to the woman, these men threatened her in front of her 8 young children and her common law husband with their weapons, but the story is even more troubling than that. In a time of random searches in the crime ridden areas, these men pretended to be police personnel to trick her into opening the door. Here's how she explained the ordeal to us today: Daniel Ortiz "You were in your home with your common-law-husband?" Voice of: Home invasion victim "And my children. When my common-law went outside to see who it was there were 3 gunmen." Daniel Ortiz "And these gunmen masqueraded as police officers?" Voice of: Home invasion victim "Yes sir and when we opened the door the young man told me to open the gate so that he could come inside. I shut my gate and I came inside and when I told him, 'family, what's going on, what's the problem' he told me 'where is my son Boson." I told that I didn't know where my son Boson is and I don't know what kind of problem my son and her son have. The Youngman says to me that he came strap. He has a gun to his waist. The other two guys stand up right over here and the man with the gun stand up right in front of me, my children and my husband."

Good Samaritan Partially Pays Fine, Joslyn Gets Free
Last night we told you about Jaslyn Cadle - the 18 year old fourth former who was sentenced to two years in jail for drug trafficking. Well tonight, she is in jail no more. A concerned 7news viewer who saw our piece last night called and said his family wants to pay her two thousand dollar fine. That fine was to have been paid forthwith when she was sentenced - and if it was, she would have avoided going to jail. She didn't have it - and so she was sentenced automatically to two years, which would have increased to 5 if she defaulted on full payment at the end of next year. Well, today - two weeks later - with some welcome leniency from the Magistrate's Court - our concerned viewer was allowed to pay the fine - which earned her an immediate release. That got her this order of release - which we took to the prison along with her sister. Here are her first moments of freedom: Jaslyn Cadle "I feel good and thing to be out of prison." Daniel Ortiz "Are you ready to go back to school on Monday?" Jaslyn Cadle "Yes sir, I am ready to go back." Daniel Ortiz "We have information saying that the Ministry of Sports is offering you a job so that you can help to pay the rest of that fine. How does that make you feel?"

Bail For Alleged Mexican Drug Trafficker?
Two weeks ago we told you about 52 year old Pedro Alfonso Betancourt Reed, a Mexican of Chetumal - who was caught in Corozal along with two Belizean men when their vehicle was searched and it was found to be loaded with small bags of cocaine. All three men, Reed and 51 year old Alfonso Iglesias Jr, a Belizean of Consejo Road in Corozal Town, and and 51 year old Jose Nunez, a Belizean Businessman of San Pedro Town were remanded to prison. But incredibly, though he is clearly a flight risk, yesterday, Reed was offered bail of $25,000 dollars by Corozal Magistrate Clive Lino. The bail, though, has not been signed so he remains on remand. We understand that the case has attracted the attention of higher up's in law enforcement - who are decidedly against having the alleged drug trafficker get bail - because the fear is that he would not return for his next hearing.

Crooked Tree Residents Tell Audubon To Walk The Straight And Narrow
Crooked Tree is about as laid back and homely a place as you can find in the Belize district - but residents of the island village also don't like being messed with - and they say that's what the Audubon Society is doing with them. Audubon manages the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary - but today the villagers held a protest to say they'd had enough. It's an interesting declaration of the right to self-determination -and we got an earful today:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary - and its centerpiece the Lagoon - broad and tranquil - home to all kinds of wildlife even the domesticated kind all overlooked by the nearby visitor's center run by the Audubon Society. But this morning, the Audubon was the target of villagers who came out to protest against it. Protestor "Audubon must go because we run things - things don't run we. Everything you do, you have to do it properly in my village Crooked Tree number one." They want Audubon out because the villagers feel that the Audubon's conservation efforts are intruding upon a way of life established over two centuries of occupation.

Bze Bank Customers The Target Of a Phishing Scam
Belize Bank online customers are the target of an internet "phishing" scam. Hundreds, possibly thousands of customers have gotten a mail saying that their account has been deactivated - and they need to reactivate by clicking on a link. It's completely bogus - but interesting because it is tailored to the local market and disturbing because if you click the link it takes you to a site that looks just like the real Belize Bank one. A Belize Bank spokesperson told us that the Bank will never send a mail asking a customer to update their personal information online. The Belize Bank has contacted the host and the bogus site has been taken down.

British Minister Visits, Discusses Security, Donates Inexpensive Motorbikes
The British Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Latin America, Hugo Swire has concluded a two day visit to Belize. It is the first time that a UK Minister has visited Belize since 2008. Swire's visit focused principally on security issues. He met with BATSUB, BDF, RESTORE Belize and the Prime Minister, Security Minister and Foreign Minister. According to an official release, he discussed the Belize/Guatemala dispute, and further assistance to the security forces. That came today with the donation of two Meilun motorbikes, assigned to Belmopan Police. And unless these are double-o-7 (007) models - we would hope the cycles are not the sum total of security assistance, considering the UK is a G-8 Nation.

Fun with Garifuna Culture At Sadie
Monday is Garifuna Settlement Day, Belize's richest cultural observance. And today schools across the city held cultural appreciation sessions. Our teams visited three schools and I started at Sadie Vernon High where the history of the observance was put into context:.. Monica Bodden reporting Garifuna Settlement Day is Belize's most richly celebrated cultural observance. It marks the arrival of the first Garinagu to Belize - and apart of tradition, many Belizeans enjoy traveling to Garifuna communities in southern Belize - to part-take in the festive observance, a mixture of African music and religion with native Carib language and traditions. But while many are getting prepared for this long weekend of festivities, Celebrations have already started for the students at Sadie Vernon High. Laura Baptist - School Principal "Activities leading up to the culture day stem from the social studies topics that the students have studies in first, second form and presently." Reporter "Its Garifuna and Garinagu culture is pronounced but I also see some Mestizo dancing going on."

City Primary Schools Also Observe Settlement
And while that high school held a cultural day, there were 2 primary schools which each held their own cultural fairs. 7News was invited to the Wesley Upper School to take part in some of the festivities, and we saw what these students prepared in honor of Belize's diverse society. Marlette Lacayo - VP, Wesley Upper School "Today what we choose to do was divide our entire school into the different groups of people who live here in our country and so we have been very brave; we have the Maya, Mennonite, East Indian, Hindu, Jamaican, creole, Garifuna, the whole Kit and Caboodle, the Mestizo, everybody, even the Chinese Lion is here today and so we decided to let each class represent a culture and that is what we are doing today. We are looking specifically at areas like history and we have looked at the cultural beliefs and practices and those areas." Daniel Ortiz "How have the students received the efforts of this committee in terms of this cultural fair portrayal?"

Channel 5

Crooked Tree protests to get Audubon out of village
The historic village of Crooked Tree on the Northern Highway is a Wildlife Sanctuary since 1984. A vast network of lagoons and interconnecting waterways lure thousands to the village which is also home to the largest nesting population of the Jabiru stork. But tonight the community of Crooked Tree is at war with the Audubon [...]

A woman is critically injured after being shot inside her bathroom
On Thursday night, there was no reported gun violence in the Lake Independence area of Belize City, a declared Crime Ridden area, but in the heart of the City a young woman and a man were injured in separate shootings. The twenty-two year old woman is hospitalized in critical condition after she was shot inside [...]

Machete brawl ends with 1 man chopped and another shot by police
Not far away on Regent Street, there was another shooting which involved a pair of Belize City men and the police. It started with an altercation in front of the Commercial Center where twenty-nine year old Nigel Castillo and thirty-four year old Jason Tillett were socializing at a bar earlier that day. The owner of [...]

McAfee losing credibility on the international scene
Gregory Faull was murdered and found dead at his house in San Pedro on Sunday morning. But the story is no longer about Faull’s murder; the focus is now Faull’s neighbor, John McAfee, the anti-virus founder who is wanted for questioning. A News Five team remains in San Pedro covering the story, which has been [...]

US Networks converge on Ambergris Caye
John McAfee was a technological pioneer not only for his brand of antivirus, but also because one of his companies, Tribal Voice, designed one of the first instant messaging programs. Since McAfee’s disappearance has caught the attention of the international media, Ambergris Caye has been visited by journalists from CNN, the Associated Press, Thomson Reuters, [...]

Butane prices going up on Saturday
An increase of ten dollars in the price of liquid petroleum gas or butane was announced today, but it only applies to gas imported from Mexico. The new price of a hundred pound cylinder of butane in Belize City and Corozal will be one hundred and eighteen dollars while in Orange Walk it’s a hundred [...]

Alleged gunman denied bail on attempted murder charge
The suspect in the early morning shooting of Youth for the Future employee, Delone Vernon, remains imprisoned tonight after he attempted to secure bail at the Supreme Court. Twenty year old Ellis Meighan Junior is charged with Attempted Murder, conspiracy to Commit Murder, Grievous Harm and Use of Deadly Means of Harm. The crown, represented [...]

Second accused church burglar is sent behind bars
A second suspect has been charged for the burglary of Mount Olive Seventh Day Adventist Church between October twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth. Twenty-eight year old Ronald Gill was charged within a few days of the incident and today, twenty-three year old Tyrone Fitzgibbon joined him behind bars. Fitzgibbon was arraigned for Burglary before Senior Magistrate Sharon [...]

Former ComPol suggests that controlling ammo importation can curb crime
The government is in the process of implementing new measures to try to curb crime in the country, particularly by focusing on the city’s known hotspots. But, there’s one more issue to consider. Former Commissioner of Police, Crispin Jeffries, who is a board member for the newly formed Institute of Public Safety and Security says [...]

Belize Institute of Public Safety and Security is launched
In the fight against crime, every bit helps. A new organization was launched today that intends to help find solutions to tackle the rampant crime. It’s the Belize Institute of Public Safety and Security and its board is made up of retired professionals who have decades of service in security issues. They include former Commissioner [...]

New Cuban Ambassador speaks on relationship with Belize
Newly-appointed Cuban Ambassador to Belize Jose Prieto Cintado met with the media in Belize City earlier this week. During the hour-long session Prieto touched on a range of issues, including the existing United States embargo on the island, terrorism, as well as the bi-lateral program that Cuba shares with Belize. Over the years there has [...]

A reenactment of the arrival of the Garinagu
Monday, November nineteenth, will be celebrated nationally as Garifuna Settlement Day. Across the country people have begun the annual mass migration to the Culture Capital, Dangriga. In honor of the significance of this national holiday, we are airing a re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu to the shores of British Honduras in 1802.   [...]


OWTC To Hold Massive Punta Fest
It’s that time of year once again, when the airwaves are flooded with drumming and punta music. November 19th will be observed on Monday for Garifuna Settlement Day and with it, all the celebration of the culture and music. November 19th has been celebrated as Settlement Day since the first Garifuna came to Belize in 1832. This year, due to lack of financing, the re-enactment of the landing of the Garifuna will not be done at the Banquitas House of Culture. In its place, the Banquitas House of Culture has set up an historical display commemorating the day. We will highlight that exhibit in tomorrow’s newscast. In lieu of the re-enactment of the landing, the Orange Walk Town Council has organized a celebration highlighting the music of the Garifuna Culture. The concert type celebration will be held tomorrow at the Fort Cairn’s Market Square and will feature several of the country’s punta artists. Councillor responsible for the PuntaFest, Rozel Arana, says that it will be a family oriented, high energy show.

Anti Virus Guru Continues To Make Headlines
We are just hours away from Day 5 of the John McAfee saga which continues to unfold before the eyes of the world as both local and international media houses continue to lead their newscasts with this story. Newscasts around the world have been kept up to date of the antivirus pioneer as he is still in hiding from Belize Police in some remote part of the country. McAfee insists that he will not speak to Belizean authorities as he strongly believes that if he does so, he will be killed. In one interview, he has even gone as far as to claim that he would merely be another statistic comprised of the many persons who have died while in police custody. Well for one, Belize has been getting a lot of international press coverage, and beautiful scenes of San Pedro Town are being seen all over; from England, to the US. But we here at CTV-3 don’t think that is the kind of press our little country needs. McAfee is being sought by Police as a person of interest in the murder of 52 year old Gregory Faul which occurred on November 11th in Northern Ambergris Caye. The post mortem examination which was conducted on Tuesday afternoon shows that Faul died of traumatic shock due to massive brain damage due to head injuries sustained as a consequence of gunshot wound. Faul was shot once to the back of his head. McAfee immediately became a person of interest as reports were made to police that just days before Faul’s murder, he and McAfee had a confrontation. Shortly after that confrontation, four of McAfee’s dogs were poisoned.

Kim Barrow Speaks On Allegations Of Malpractice At NRH
Media houses across the country have featured stories over the past couple of weeks on allegations made against the Northern Regional Hospital by women claiming malpractices. Over fifteen women have made allegations against the NRH making reference of negligence when providing health care for them and/or their babies. Several women have made claims of brain damage to their babies due to negligence at the Northern Regional Hospital. The Ministry of Health has launched an investigation in these allegations and have publicly stated that their investigation has so far yielded no evidence of malpractice at the NRH. As these cases involve women and their babies, we asked Mrs. Barrow if she has heard about the allegations and if there are any plans in place for the Special Envoy for Women and Children to look into in regards to these incidents. Kim Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children “I have not been following the news to be honest I tend to not follow the news a lot so I will not be able to comment on it because I have not been following it up but I will check on it because it is certainly something of concern for sure.” Two of the mothers who have come forward with their allegations are Sally Coh and Magdalena Chable Both of those mothers say they have consulted with their lawyers to sue the Government of Belize. There have been no new revelations coming out lately, but we will continue to follow this story and bring to you any new developments.

P.C Emir Vasquez Awarded Officer Of The Month
As of recent, the only news featuring the Belize Police Force have been stories of abuse, corruption, and a long list of other allegations made against them. It appears that the few bad deeds by some of the law enforcement men tarnish the image of the entire force. Tonight, we are pleased to highlight one exemplary officer who was today awarded with Officer of the Month. In 2007, Emir Vasquez joined the ranks of the Orange Walk Police Department with badge number 1089. Since then, Vasquez has been attached to the Community Police branch and continues to serve in that group. Vasquez has proven himself countless of times to the community and to the police department with his dedication, persistence and achievements. In efforts of fostering greater working relationships and higher morale, the People’s Coalition Committee initiated the Officer of the Month program and Vasquez has been selected to be the officer for the month of October. A brief ceremony was held this afternoon in the Conference Room of the Orange Walk Police Department where Vasquez was officially awarded as the Officer of the Month.

First Lady Continues To Battle Cancer
Late last year, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow shocked the country with news of her being diagnosed with breast cancer. It sent shock waves throughout the country of Belize as someone that advocated for healthy living and eating, was struck by this deadly disease. Since then, Mrs. Barrow has been in and out of Miami where she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the stage three cancer in her breast. While touring St. Peter’s Anglican School, we managed to get an update on her progress in the fight against breast cancer; here’s what she told us. “I am scheduled to go back see the doctors in December in Houston. I am doing good I feel good and I am happy to be back doing what I love doing which is visiting schools especially schools who promote inclusive education and I am thrilled to be able to help and encourage these children to stay in school and commend parents for sticking to their children and believing in them and to the teachers we are proud of the for working with the children to eventually become productive citizens of our country.” Barrow will travel back to the US in the 2nd week of December to continue here fight against breast cancer.

OWTC Holds Neighbourhood Meeting With Residents Of San Antonio Road
The Orange Walk Town Council is currently holding neighborhood meetings at various points in town in efforts of sensitizing the residents on the work currently being done, and the hurdles they face as a council. Orange Walk Town is vastly growing and different sections of the town have different needs. Last night’s meeting was held on San Antonio Road where residents came out to listen to the different presentations made by the Councilors and the Mayor. After the presentations were finished, residents had the opportunity to ask questions and voice out their concerns. The most prevalent issue which the neighborhood would like to see quickly address is the present conditions of San Antonio Road. Residents have to endure terrible road conditions plagued by a wall of dust every time a vehicle traffics the street. Their homes become covered in thick layers of the dust and everything inside also receives a coating. Problems with their health were among the many concerns raised by the residents as many of them say the dust agitates their asthma, affects their lungs and gives them cough. Councilor Josue Carballo spoke on the issue of San Antonio Road and how it falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Works. As it presently stands, the responsibility of the maintenance of all arteries in and out of the Town falls on the Ministry of Works. Belize/Corozal Road and San Antonio Road are two that are tasked to the Ministry of Works for their upkeep and anyone who has travelled on Belize/Corozal Road by Landy’s and Sons and San Antonio Road know that nothing is being done to fix them. One fact that Councilor Carballo brought across to the residents of the neighborhood was that partial payments had already been made for the rehabilitation of San Antonio Road by the past Town Council administration, but up to today, no work has been done.


Man shot by Police during machete fight
A man was shot as a Police Officer tried to break up a machete fight. It happened last night just before 9 o'clock....

Woman shot in Belize City
Police are seeking four men after a woman was shot in Belize City last night. Around 8:30 yesterday evening 22 year...

New Police Recruits have to pass drugs tests before training
Plusnews had received information of the new police recruit intake being tainted. Sources indicated that several of...

Lands Department asks for patience during time of transition
The Commissioner of Lands and Survey Department, Wilbert Vallejos, had been making the media tour this week speakin...

Crooked Tree residents want Audubon Society out of their village
Residents of Crooked Tree village this morning staged an impromptu demonstration in front of the Belize Audubon Soc...

Health officials deny outbreak of Chigas at San Antonio
Health officials have confirmed that there is not an outbreak of Chagas at San Antonio Government School in Corozal...

Price increase for LPG from Mexico
There's been an increase in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas imported from Mexico. The Belize Bureau of Standar...

PM discusses security in Mexico with regional leaders
The Embassy of Belize in Mexico has released details of the Prime Minister's visit to Mexico, where he met with reg...

Large quantity of cannabis discovered at boarder crossing
A Customs Officer discovered a large quantity of Cannabis in a pick-up truck. At 4pm yesterday, a police officer wa...

Man arrested for threatening Police Officer
A man has been arrested for threatening to kill a police officer. On Tuesday night, a police officer was on mobile ...

Teenager missing since Wednesday
Police are asking viewers to be on the lookout for a missing teenager. The child’s mother of Santa Elena Town, repo...

Police seek 3 men for Armed Home Invasion
A School Warden of Antelope Street Extension, Belize City, reported that on Wednesday at about 8:00pm, she was at h...

Security Guard suspected of theft from a parked bus
A Security Guard is suspected of theft from a parked bus. At 8:30 pm on Tuesday, a bus driver parked a Tillett’s Bu...


Watchman shoots thief dead!
The thief’s companion is under police guard at the KHMH Two residents of Teakettle Village, Cayo District, went to rob a container at the establishment, Cheers Restaurant and Bar, at Mile 30 on the George Price Highway, and one of them was shot dead, while the other has been admitted to ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. A watchman for the establishment shot Wellington Hemsley, 29, in the chest, while Gilroy Welcome, 53, had his right hand shattered by a blast from a shotgun held by the other watchman. Hemsley is in the Belmopan Hospital morgue, and Welcome is in police protection at the KHMH. He will be charged by police as soon as he is released from the hospital. The incident occurred around 12:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday. Two watchmen who were on duty at Cheers told police that they were alerted by the surveillance cameras that gave the signal that intruders had been detected. They immediately went into the container area to see what was happening, and saw two men burglarizing a container.

Thursday night shootings on Albert and Regent Streets
Police shot a man, and a woman was shot in her home by an intruder Two persons, a yet unidentified woman and man, are tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after they were shot in separate incidents at about 9:15 tonight in the old capital. Police said that the woman was in the lower flat of her family’s house on Albert Street with a friend when an unknown gunman went into the house and fired a number of shots. The woman was hit in the body, but her friend escaped unhurt. She was rushed to the KHMH, where doctors are operating on her. Police say that the reason for the attack is unknown. While processing the scene on Albert Street, police were called to another shooting, this time in front of Wellworth Store on Regent Street. Police said that an officer on patrol shot a man in his hip when he refused to drop a machete he had in his hand. According to police, the man was advancing with the machete towards the officer.

Police sexually abused Mayflower girl, 13?
On Monday, November 12, a mother and a grandmother of the Mayflower Street area complained to the media that two minors in their family had been roughed up by police – one of them is a female minor, reportedly 13, who they allege was forcibly stripped and roughly cavity-searched by a female cop, and the other is a teen boy who the mother said narrowly escaped being sexually invaded with a baton, only after the boy told a group of male cops, who ridiculed the boy’s genitalia, that his step-father is a police officer. On Tuesday, the Ministry of National Security issued a statement saying that it “is deeply concerned about recent reports of an alleged inappropriate search of a female minor during a police operation conducted in the Mayflower area of Belize City.” That operation took place on Friday, November 9, when area residents reported that 30 to 50 police officers were dispatched to their area, which was blocked off and searched. Notably, the Mayflower Street area was not one of the areas that were, the day before, declared a “special area,” giving the police broad search, seizure and arrest powers, which they could execute without being required to have a warrant.

British minister discusses Belize-Guat relations and security
Afghanistan-based forces to be sent into Belize jungles UK Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hugo Swire, arrived in Belize for a two-day visit with Belizean officials during which security is a top issue on their agenda. Speaking with Amandala at a reception held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel on Thursday night, Swire said that this is his first visit to a Commonwealth country since he took office about 12 weeks ago, and this makes his trip to Belize particularly momentous. The intent, he said, is to “show that we care about Belize.” Although there has been no ministerial visit for over 4 years, he pointed to the visit of Prince Harry to Belize, as a part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, and the visit of a top civil servant in the UK foreign office earlier this year. However, what is holding the attention of Minister Swire and other leaders today is that there is a lot of work to be done regionally and internationally to counter the increasingly violent narcotics trade.

A journey through Garifuna history: After 210 years in Belize, “We Keep Going Forward”towards what destination?
Amidst the challenging socioeconomic realities of Garifuna communities and the constraints of Garifuna leadership to collectively define, promote and pursue development opportunities for their people, the annual revelry that defines Garifuna Settlement Day has served to reaffirm among Garinagu their cultural survival against all odds throughout the two centuries that they have lived in Belize. The mere survival of Garifuna culture after the attempts by the British superpower to exterminate it, is still quite an exceptional feat to celebrate. Following the unsuccessful defense of their homeland territory of St. Vincent against the British invaders in 1797, the Garinagu were rounded up, loaded in ships and exiled almost two thousand miles away to the most barren sections of the island of Roatan, then another British territory. About two decades earlier, the British had considered returning this rebellious group of fierce warriors to Africa but that would have been too costly. Roatan was a strategic decision. It ensured that the Garinagu would be permanently separated and kept very far away from their homeland and from other British territories such as Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica or Trinidad and Tobago where slavery still existed. This forced deportation was to ensure that the Garinagu fomented no other rebellion. Those who were allowed to remain in St. Vincent were legally banned from all expressions of their ancestral culture, until its extinction. This year marks 210 years since the Garinagu first arrived in Belize. They came in 1802 as the first group of free people to settle in Belize: – decades before the Mestizos settled the North in the late 1840s and before the Mayas returned in the 1880s in flight from brutally oppressive labor conditions in Guatemala.

BEL tries to raise $25 mil in debentures
The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) announced this afternoon that it has launched its $25 million series 5 debenture offer, which proposes “a highly competitive interest rate” of 7% over 12 years through to 2024. According to the company, the 250,000 debentures cost $100 each, and subscriptions must be for a minimum of one debenture. “With the proceeds from this debenture offer, the company will in whole or in part refinance its $16.9 million series 1 debentures currently bearing interest at 12% and maturing on December 31, 2012; as well as help fund the company’s medium term needs,” BEL explained. The prospectus, which can be downloaded from, contains more details, including the company’s financial forecasts up to 2016. The debenture offer, which opens today, runs until December 17, 2012. The company pledges that certificates for allotted debentures will be issued within 3 months after the date of the letter of acceptance.

Corozal Belize vs Chetumal Mexico in basketball exchange
Three male basketball games were played on Saturday, November 10, in a sports exchange between Corozal Belize and Chetumal Mexico at the Andres Campos Civic Center in Corozal Town. In the Under 13 game, Corozal Wildfire U-13 lost by a 45-42 score to Bacalar Chetumal U-13. Top scorers for Corozal Wildfire were Jael Galaz with 15 pts 5 rebs, while Bacalar Chetumal’s Omar Martinez had 20 pts 8 rebs. For the Under 10 game, Corozal Wildfire defeated Bacalar Chetuma, 20-18, with Jordan Cassanova top scoring for Corozal Wildfire with 8 pts 4 rebs; while for Bacalar Chetumal, Abimael Ortiz had 6 pts 6 rebs. Special thanks to the Corozal Wildfire Parents Committee and the Corozal Sports Council. In the high school basketball exchange which followed, Corozal Community College (CCC) prevailed, 54-47, over Segundaria Conalep de Chetumal Quintana Roo. For CCC, Stephaun Young led the way with 12 pts 9 rebs 3 blks, while Hugo Castillo was top scorer for Segundaria Conalep with 15 pts 4 rebs 8 assts.

Dangriga sports for Garifuna Settlement Day weekend
These are all the big sporting events in Dangriga this weekend for Garifuna Settlement Day: On Saturday, November 17, at 7:30 p.m. at the Carl Ramos Stadium it will be the return of the Over-40 football match – Dangriga Over-40 vs Kulture Yabra Over-40. Another big event in Dangriga for the Garifuna Settlement Day weekend will be the Travellers Dominoe Championship finals from the Dangriga Zone at Ray’s Cool Spot in the Benguche Area – Awalu vs Lexus. Game time is set for 6:00 p.m. this Saturday, November 17. The winner walks away with $1,000.00 and a case of assorted Travellers Liquor. On Sunday, November 18, it is the Belize Roadway Construction Cycle Classic in honour of T.V. Ramos. This race will start at 1:00 p.m. from Drums of Our Father monument to Placencia junction and back through the main streets of Dangriga, which includes St. Vincent and Commerce, a right turn in front of T.V. Ramos monument, hit the Front Street and finish at Telemedia Princess Royal Park. Amateur riders from all over the country are invited to take part using mountain bikes with size 26 wheels and 48 spracket. Registration is only $10.00. Huge prizes for 5 top finishers; also cash station prizes going and coming. For info, riders can contact Moses Lopez at 625-4022; also Mr. T. at 662- 3310.

SCA females and TCC males are National High School Volleyball Champions 2012
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) held its national high schools volleykball championships over the weekend in Belmopan at the UB Gym on Friday and Saturday, November 9-10. This year’s Nationals were hosted by Belmopan Baptist High School. Participating high schools, champions of their respective divisions, were: North: Female (F) – Muffles College (MC); Male (M) – Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico (ESTM). Central: Female (F) St. Catherine Academy (SCA); Male (M) St. John’s College (SJC). West: Female (F) – Belmopan Comprehensive School (BCS); Male (M) Mopan Technical High School (MTHS). South: Female (F) Stann Creek Ecumenical College (SCEC); Male (M) Toledo Community College (TCC). (F) SCA and (M) TCC were the defending national champions. In a simple knockout format, semifinals were played on Friday, and third place and championship games for both females and males took place on Saturday.

From The Publisher
Someone once described black Americans as “the financial and technological elite of the black world,” and through the decades that description has stuck in my mind. Remember now, this had to have been a long time ago, because it was before black Americans became “African-Americans.” When I was going to college in the States between 1965 and 1968, this was the time when “Negros” were becoming “black Americans.” This was a big move, because this moved black people closer to Africa. Africa was where we had to return mentally and spiritually, because the slavemaster had been so focused on separating us from the motherland – Mama Africa. This was why he called us “Negros”: a Negro had no continent of origin insofar as his/her description was concerned, and a Negro had no history. Chinese came from China, Russians came from Russia, and Germans came from Germany. Where did Negros come from? Once we became “African-Americans,” it was a step closer to Africa, and so even though I personally had become very comfortable with “black,” when the African-American designation began maybe three decades or so ago, I slowly began to go along with it. African-American more specifically identified us as originating in Africa. So. After I was going to Dartmouth for a while, I realized that black American students at the university did not accept black foreigners like myself and Guy Mhone 100 per cent. Guy Mhone was from Malawi in southern Africa. He was four years older than I, more mature and more sophisticated. Mhone and I felt that we were outsiders in the Dartmouth Afro-American Society, that their focus was all black American. So, we drifted away, and then we drifted apart. I began hanging out with a white student who lived down the corridor from me in Bissell Hall, and I began drinking more. Guy Mhone resided in Cutter Hall, which had a higher percentage of foreign students than any Dartmouth dormitory, and where there was much more awareness of international issues than in the rest of the university.

Toledo Alcalde Association unhappy with PM Barrow’s radio comment
They also do not want Minister Lisel Alamilla to be lead minister in negotiations. The Toledo Alcalde Association (TAA), comprised of the customary leaders of the Maya villages in Toledo, was in the midst of a meeting when you responded to my question regarding our letter to you on LOVE FM this morning. In your response, as I understood you said, (1) 2% of the working interest will be set aside in a trust to be managed by a committee of both government and community representatives; (2) that you have asked Senator Alamilla to be the lead Minister to engage with the Maya leaders; (3) if we go to court all bets are off the table. Because we did not have the opportunity to respond to you on the radio, we wish to do so here through this letter. We are copying this to the media so that the public is aware of our response, since they heard what you said. First, just to be factual, Minister Lisel Alamilla is not from Toledo, and my alcaldes today affirmed that a great many of them do not know her. She has absolutely no history with our alcaldes’ cultural institution. We know she worked in an environmental NGO in Toledo before becoming a Minister. Recently, she has contacted me to meet and I have asked her for an agenda, and also said I would make the TAA executive available to meet her. She seemed to wish to dictate whom she would meet with, and did not want to meet with the executive. Nevertheless, I have maintained contact with the Minister’s office and Wiezsman Pat, the administrative officer in her office, on October 29, responded via email: “I will send the agenda once vetted.” Furthermore, Minister Alamilla received a copy of the same letter dated October 18, 2012, that we sent to you, the Honorable Prime Minister, and the Attorney General.

William Conde and the “unjust and unholy” war against marijuana
In the future they will look back in shock and dismay at the injustices that we have endured under this draconian prohibition. Last Tuesday’s USA election saw two states legalize marijuana for use by those who are 21 years of age or older. I must say, it is way past due. Because of this, this Monday, November12, Prime Minister Dean Barrow met in Mexico City with President Calderón of Mexico, Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla and Honduras’ President Porfirio Lobo, to discuss the failed war on drugs and what should be done. Let me help you guys: PLEASE, STOP THE WAR. You are using violence and threats of violence to control peaceful natural human behavior. The truth will set you free. So, what’s the truth, folks? Oh, there are so many we can’t discuss them all here, but let me help you understand some truths. 1. Ezekiel 34:29: “I will rise up for them a plant of renown.” 2. The true breakthrough of the earth’s most environmentally sound raw material source (fiber and oil). 3. The creation of, possibly, man’s greatest economic engine. 4. Over half of all the trees cut on earth today are to be made into paper. Hemp makes better paper using fewer chemicals and grows organically on a farm, in just three months.

Angry about the decline in Belize’s sport fishing
I just ran across the Kenneth Gale, August 17, 2012 article on the illegal fishing nets in Belize. We have been sending hundreds of sport fishermen to Belize since 1979. We just had a group who completed their 18th annual trip, and are almost ready to throw in the towel in Belize. They have watched the decline over the years. We saw the decline in Florida, but when laws and enforcement came into play, these sport fish really came back. While your writer doesn’t make mention of snook, these are a tremendously popular sport fish which the illegal netters have all but cleaned out. While there have been laws in place in Belize, there is absolutely no enforcement. We can fish for weeks south of Belize and never see anyone from Belize Fisheries. A few years ago we witnessed a net burning show in Belize. I think it was primarily for show, as we never heard much more about it and the netters came back. My guys want to write letters or emails to the appropriate authorities. Can you direct me to some responsible people of power in Belize who may take this message to heart? Any help with specific contact information will be greatly appreciated. John Smith, CEO Action Belize

Barrow says UDP will support open Public Accounts meetings, but review would probe PUP administration too!
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow said on Love FM this morning that the United Democratic Party (UDP) members on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) would support having public sessions, but, he added, there is no way that the review of audit reports will begin in 2012, as the current committee chairman, Julius Espat, has proposed. Barrow suggested that the reports reviewing the performance of Government while under the administration of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) would not be “water under the bridge,” but the committee would have to probe into those reports as well. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Espat, Cayo South area rep for the PUP, said that the committee, which was constituted after the February 2012 general elections and which held its first meeting in October, only has a mandate to look at what is presented to them under their tenure. Espat had particularly proposed a review of the 2010-2011 report of the Auditor General, which, he said, is the only such report tabled during the tenure of the present Public Accounts Committee. That report was scheduled to be discussed at a PAC meeting held on Monday afternoon, at the National Assembly; however, that meeting did not materialize because of differences over how the meeting should proceed.

Bze City fans missing out on Smart Mundialito 13 & Under
Take it from one who knows, folks, there is a golden opportunity being lost each Saturday at the MCC Grounds where the Smart 13 & Under Mundialito football tournament is featuring a bunch of excited kids from all across the City as well as some from Ladyville and Hattieville. The Belize City primary schools football competition is also ongoing, but those games are played between 1:00 and 4:00 each week day afternoon, when most parents are busy working. On Saturdays, the Mundialito features many of the same players; most of the star strikers from primary school are also performing on the Mundialito teams. The Mundialito games are 20-minute halves, and 5 games are played each Saturday, from 11:00 in the morning until around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Our future stars are right there in action. Some are still too small to make an impact on the games, but they are still playing their hearts out, and they are a joy to watch. You’re missing out, city fans and families. Come out and support the kids at the MCC on Saturday; there is no gate charge.

Editorial: Trigger happy Police Sergeant
The military is trained to kill. They have to be, we suppose. Warfare is ferocious and unforgiving – the enemy is aiming always to kill you. But as far as we know, the police are not so trained. They are supposed to keep the peace. They are supposed to protect and to serve the public. Don’t get us wrong. There are some commendable police officers, who are respected and embraced by the communities they serve. Their names never come up in any controversy, and they never shoot, or maim, or kill anyone. Sergeant Paulino Reyes doesn’t appear to be cut from the same cloth of those aforementioned cops. He seems to be of a military mindset. The sensational shooting death a couple years ago of Police Corporal Gavin Sanchez at the hands of the said Sergeant Reyes made a lot of people angry. An autopsy subsequently revealed that Reyes emptied not one, not two, not three, but nine bullets into his fellow officer. The public was outraged. Some good and courageous members of the Police Department were up in arms. Reyes was never criminally charged: he claimed self-defense. In the Southside of Belize City, the incident touched a nerve. Gavin Sanchez’s young wife was a popular hairdresser. And she was pregnant. Still, nothing happened. The Police top brass did what people in high places, when faced with rogue elements in their midst, tend to do. They transferred the problem. The man Sergeant Reyes showed up in another community, in another district. Now Reyes is in the news again. It is as if trouble follows him. Luckily for Donatilo Canales, a 53-year-old resident of Valley of Peace village who allegedly got into an altercation with Reyes on Monday, he was not more severely injured.

Salute our Garifuna brethren and sistren
On Monday, November 19, the Garifuna people, and indeed all Belizeans, will celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day, to mark their arrival on these shores in the first part of the nineteenth century. We take a lot of things for granted in this Jewel of ours, but there were no guarantees over 200 plus years ago when the Garifuna people were deported from St. Vincent by the British after a prolonged bloody battle with the greedy colonialists. The story is that sometime in the first half of the 17th century, a number of Africans landed on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, by way of shipwreck. It is these surviving Africans who intermingled with the indigenous people of St. Vincent, the so-called Caribs, and it is their children who are considered the first Garifuna. The British occupiers, goes the story, wanted to use the island for sugar cane plantation, and so they employed all manner of treachery, including violence, to steal the lands of the Garifuna. But the ancestors of present-day Garifuna were no pushover: they mounted a fierce resistance. That resistance against the overly powerful British cost the Garifuna dearly. Sometime between 1796 and 1797, the British rounded up well over 4,000 Garinagu men, women and children and took them to a small island named Balliceaux, a dependency of St. Vincent. Almost half of them reportedly died from diseases and malnutrition, before the approximately 2,000 survivors were eventually taken to Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. From there they fanned out to several Central American coasts, including Guatemala, Nicaragua, and later Belize. It was the late Thomas Vincent Ramos who led the efforts to celebrate Settlement Day in British Honduras, an objective he achieved in 1941. Incidentally, the great T.V. Ramos was a prominent member of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), which had a branch in Stann Creek Town, as today’s Dangriga was then called.

Ideas and Opinions – Democracy’s Achilles Heel
The argument between communism and capitalism was settled by the end of the so-called Cold War, with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the dismantling of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Does this prove that Karl Marx was wrong? Marx said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” What’s wrong with that? That is a socialist principle, but it sounds very much like what Christianity is about. Socialism declares that society should take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. On a personal level, Christianity teaches that you are your brother’s keeper. Is there a difference? Marx also said that the state should be the owner of the means of production and that the citizen exists to serve the state, represented by those who ascend to positions of leadership through means other than by free and fair elections. Marx went further and declared that religion was a pie in the sky and an opiate of the people, espoused by clergies whose agenda was to control the minds of the people for their own purposes. The idea that a system of government which stifles individual creativity and turns men into robotic units could long survive, proved to be misconceived, but socialist principles persist. For example, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are forms of socialism. So is unemployment insurance, and so are all charitable institutions like the St. Vincent de Paul Society. There is decidedly an element of socialism in all democratic countries, but it is not so called. In fact, in America, socialism has become a buzz word for incipient communism, a state to be feared worse than death.

More oil money to Toledo Maya if they abort court action, says Barrow
More oil money to Toledo Maya if they abort court action, says Barrow Maya leaders of Toledo had recently engaged both domestic and overseas attorneys as they have been gearing up to take the Government of Belize to court over land rights and associated petroleum development proposed by US Capital Energy in their district and across what they hold are ancestral lands to which they have secure rights. However, Prime Minister Dean Barrow indicated yesterday that he would consider giving the Maya a special sliver of the petroleum pie if they were to abort their move to take the matter to court. “If you’re going to court to stop the drilling,” said Barrow, “then there will be no money, and there will be no proceeds to share.” The Maya communities had written to the Barrow administration around mid-October, and the government was “mum” until Prime Minister Barrow spoke with the media on Wednesday morning. Barrow first declared on Love FM’s morning talk show that Government is willing to consider setting aside a bite of petroleum proceeds for the South. “We’re prepared to use the working interest share of the oil revenue, if there were to be a discovery in Toledo, to fund a trust on which the community leaders would have equal representation with Government, and the trust monies would then finance a community development project in the Toledo District,” he said, citing “peculiar circumstances in Toledo” and the intent to earmark the funds for development projects.

John McAfee still in hiding
At press time tonight, American millionaire John McAfee, 67, former antivirus pioneer, is still in hiding from police, who say he is a “person of interest” in the murder of fellow American retiree Gregory Faull, 52, who was found dead in his home in the Mata Rock Area of San Pedro by his housekeeper on Sunday morning, November 11, at about 7:20. A post-mortem conducted on Faull’s body on Wednesday, November 14, certified that he died of a gunshot to his head. His body has since been cremated, and his father, who came to Belize, will take back his remains. John McAfee, from his hiding place, presumably still in the country, has since made calls to the San Pedro Sun Newspaper, saying that he is innocent and knows nothing about the murder, and that he heard no shooting. He said that he hardly knows Faull, his neighbor, but he will not talk to the Belize police because they have a vendetta against him and want to silence him. He went through an ordeal when his compound was raided in May of this year, in which he was handcuffed for 14 hours, he said, and he will go international with his story that there is injustice in the country. Until the real killer is found, McAfee said, he will remain in hiding and talk from there, and he will not go to the American Embassy, because of their collaboration with Belize.


Kelly McGuire And His Great Big Heart Are Back at Fido's!
Last night, Kelly McGuire kicked off a week plus long series of concerts at Fido's. Everyone in San Pedro is a giant fan of his tropical-country-rock. Not only are Kelly's songs easy to sing along with but many of them are about Ambergris Caye. How cool is that? Kelly comes to the island each January/February to celebrate his birthday and play some hugely popular shows. Now he seems to be making it a twice a year thing. Maybe he's finally thinking of making the move? We will see... Here is Kelly attempting to go incognito...the shades match nicely with his shirt. By the end of the evening, there was a good crowd. Lots of songs had couples up and dancing... some songs had the guys doing some sort of kick line... Everyone had an amazingly fun night. Here are Krista from Canuck's Beach Bar and Cindy from Changes in Latitudes B&B. And based on my slight but piercing headache this morning, maybe too much fun.

International Sources

Statement by an IMF Mission to Belize
An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission lead by Mr. Gerardo Peraza, visited Belize from November 1-15 to conduct its yearly review of the country’s economy, in the context of the IMF’s Article IV consultations. Please go to the above link to read the results gathered from this Mission.

Girls, guns and yoga: John McAfee's odd life in "pirate haven"
To the many people who crossed his path on a tropical island in Belize, it was apparent John McAfee's life had taken some bizarre turns in the past few years. The anti-virus software guru, who started McAfee Associates in 1989, has been in hiding since police said they wanted to question him about the weekend murder of his neighbor, fellow American Gregory Faull, with whom McAfee had quarreled. Despite his disappearance, McAfee, 67, has remained in contact with the media, providing a stream of colorful bulletins over his predicament, state of mind and his claim that Belize's authorities want to kill him. Residents of the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye and others who know him paint the picture of an eccentric, impulsive man who gave up a career as a successful entrepreneur in the United States for a life of semi-seclusion in the former pirate haven of Belize, surrounded by bodyguards and young women. "Never mind the dog, beware of owner," counsels a small sign, embellished with a sketched hand gripping a large pistol, tacked to the fence separating McAfee's beachfront swimming pool from the pier that cuts into the azure sea. McAfee, a yoga fan who has lived on the island for about four years, often moves around with bodyguards, wearing pistols in his belt. Since going into hiding, he has compared his lot to that of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is battling extradition from Britain from inside the Ecuadorean Embassy. Officials suspect McAfee used designer drugs, and neighbors say he tried to chase them off the public beach in front of his house. Inside his home, a blue-roofed cottage complex, he kept a small arsenal of shotguns and scope-fitted rifles.

Belize Murder: John McAfee Tells ABC News He Is Innocent and Fearful of a 'Corrupt Government'
Tech guru John McAfee told ABC News in his first broadcast interview that he did not kill his neighbor Gregory Faull, and is now in hiding, fearful of what he calls a "corrupt government" in Belize that he believes is trying to kill him. "I am a very nice guy and certainly innocent of the charges leveled against me," McAfee told ABC News by phone on Wednesday. The increasingly paranoid millionaire declined to meet with ABC News for an interview. "Well, we'll talk on the phone first. Talking face to face is going to be a very difficult thing, sir. People know you're not being followed by. I can assure you, but you are," McAfee said. "I insist that we're living in a corrupt government, it's easy to point that out," he said. McAfee is now on the run from police in San Pedro, Belize, after he was named a person of interest by police after Faull, 52, was found murdered Sunday morning. McAfee, who is being sought for questioning in Faull's murder, is not believed to have left Belize. McAfee would not comment on his location, but said he feels secure where he is. McAfee, 67, fears he will be killed if he ends up in government custody. "The government is able to listen to any phone conversation and triangulate fairly closely," said McAfee, who changes phones every few hours.

Fall in love with Belize
As soon as the leaves begin to fall and the air turns from crisp to damp and dreary I start planning my winter escape. Sunshine, pampering and relaxation are the three things that my husband and I look for in a romantic getaway. After some research I soon discovered that Belize, the Central-American country famous for its phenomenal diving, Mayan ruins and abundance of eco-activities, is also a tranquil haven for couples and honeymooners. We divided our time between four unique regions of the country; however if you crave a more leisurely trip try to limit yourself to two areas. PLACENCIA Barefoot perfect describes the brown sugar-sand beaches that fringe the colourful village of Placencia, on the Southern peninsula of Belize's Staan Creek district. This once quiet fishing community has transformed itself into a burgeoning destination that thankfully retains its traditional charm. We spent our time lounging on the beach, strolling through the village and enjoying treatments at the Secret Garden day spa. Owned by the American born, Japanese trained masseuse Lee Nyhus Secret Garden is a welcome oasis in the heart Placencia. Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu massages are only $50 US for 60 minutes, as is the All Natural Facial, which includes a nourishing mask and hand and foot massage. Off the coast of Placencia, at the Gladden Spitt, is also one of the few places in the world where you can snorkel and dive with whale sharks. Each spring more than 25 species of fish gather to spawn in Gladden, and the days following the full moon in March through June offer the best chance to experience swimming with the gentle giants.

Chocolatier finds sweet spot in Belize
Katrina Markoff, the founder of high-end Chicago chocolatier Vosges Haut-Chocolat, is nearing completion on two high-profile projects: a winery-style chocolate facility in Logan Square and an education center at a cacao plantation and eco-lodge in Belize. Markoff isn't ready to talk about the Logan Square project, her spokeswoman said. But in an interview last week, she said she hopes the Belcampo farm in Belize will become the source of a majority of Vosges' cacao once its plants mature. The project means Markoff will soon play a role in every aspect of production from seed selection through packaging without having to assume the financial risk of owning a tropical plantation. Belcampo Group CEO Anya Fernald said the education center that Markoff helped design will open in mid-December, and Markoff will teach her first "master class" on cacao to guests at the 12-room lodge April 23-27. In exchange for her time and expertise, Markoff will receive a better price on the beans. "I've always wanted to be involved through the full vertical, from actually growing the varietals of cacao I want, and being particular about how they're grown and harvested and fermented and dried," she said.

John McAfee Reveals His Hiding Place
In a too-strange-to-be-true twist on an already bizarre crime story, fugitive tech millionaire John McAfee today revealed where he'd been hiding over the last six days: in his own compound. McAfee, wanted by police in connection with the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull over the weekend, said in a phone interview that he had never really been on the run at all. He'd just been hiding out at home. The calls were coming from inside the house! "I am," he said in a telephone interview Friday afternoon, "where I am most of the time. I am certainly inside my compound." The revelation came at the end of a week of intense international media attention which began when I broke the story on Monday. McAfee, who has bragged about the delight he takes in hoaxing the press, had managed to control the coverage of his story by doling out a carefully measured flow of misinformation to an eager press corps, many of whom were camped right outside his house as he spoke to them from within one of the numerous outbuildings on the property, unaware of his presence within. The truth of McAfee's location did not come as a shock to some of his neighbors. "If I had to guess, I'd say he's in his house," one of his neighbors told me on Wednesday, adding: "He's such a media whore, he's probably loving it." McAfee bought the property after his arrival in Belize in 2008, and proceeded to build a number of outbuildings. Apparently they contained at least one difficult-to-detect shelter or safe room, because local police reportedly searched the property after Faull's murder without managing to find him. A source who lived on McAfee's compound in Colorado told me that he had built a shelter on that property, too.

Belize’s Barrow Holds Talks With Leaders from Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica
Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow continued his regional tour Friday, meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon to discuss regional security. Joining the two were Honduras President Porfirio Lobo and Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla. The group signed a joint declaration aimed at strengthening cooperation against transnational organized crime. According to the statement, the countries “reaffirm their commitment of their governments to tackle and combat more effectively and with determination, these scourges, on the basis of the principle of shared and differentiated common responsibility, through international cooperation mechanisms that are complementary to respective national efforts.” Barrow is being joined on the trip by Belize Ambassador to Mexico Oliver del Cid, Minister Counsellor Ardelle Sabido and Major Oscar Mira. Earlier this week, Barrow visited Honduras at the invitation of Lobo.

CNBC Anchor Asks Former Tech Mogul 'Are You Prepared To Die?' In Craziest Interview Ever
Former tech mogul John McAfee, who is wanted for questioning in a murder case in Belize and is currently hiding inside his compound in that country, spoke to CNBC's Brian Sullivan via the telephone today in one of the craziest interviews of all time. It was intense. At one point, anchor Brian Sullivan asked McAfee is he's prepared to die. We've included some of the best excerpts from the official transcript as well as the video below: Here McAfee talks about how he's fearful of his life if he goes in for questioning. He also explains what the live five days have been like hiding out on his compound. FRANK: BUT JOHN, WHY NOT, IF YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MURDER, WHY NOT JUST TURN YOURSELF IN? HAVE A LAWYER, YOU CAN GET YOUR OWN SECURITY GUYS. THE POLICE HAVE TOLD ME YOU CAN GO IN WITH SECURITY GUYS, YOU CAN GO IN WITH CAMERAS. IF YOU ARE FEARING FOR YOUR SAFETY, WHY NOT JUST GO IN AND TELL THEM WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS MURDER?

Olson Wins Belize Tourism Account
Nabs agency-of-record assignment without a review. The Mayans may have predicted the end of the world in December but Belize, home to ruins belonging to those Mesoamericans, is planning for life beyond. The Central American country has tapped Olson as agency of record without a review. Olson’s first campaign, expected to launch in early 2013, covers advertising, design, digital, mobile and social media. In hiring the Minneapolis agency, Manuel Heredia, Jr., Belize’s minister of Tourism, said “Olson not only captured what’s unique about Belize, but it demonstrated the capabilities to bring those insights to life in compelling ways and through many channels.” Olson replaces agencies like Edelman Digital and BVK, Milwaukee, in working to boost North American tourism. That industry is critical to Belize’s economy and employs 25 percent of its population. Last year Belize spent some $6 million on marketing.

November 16, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Junior College places third at National ATLIB Volleyball Competition
The Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) Volleyball competition came to an end on Saturday November 10th in San Ignacio. Sacred Heart College Junior College hosted the event at the Falcon Field, and San Pedro’s own San Pedro Junior College brought home the third place trophy in the male division. The first game saw St. John’s College Junior College going up against Ecumenical Junior College. This game was pretty tight in favor of UB in the first two sets, with scores of 25-20 and 25-22. SPJC was up next, going up against UB. 25 seem to be the lucky number as UB took the lead in both sets with scores of 25 – 18 and 25 – 19.

Update – John McAfee still on the run – Speaks to The San Pedro Sun
A US National was murdered on Ambergris Caye sometime between the night of Saturday, November 10th and Sunday November 11th on northern Ambergris Caye and The Belize Police Department is looking for computer anti-virus pioneer John McAfee for questioning as part of the investigation. Fifty-two year-old Gregory Viant Faull, a retired American from the state of Miami, Florida USA was found dead by a housekeeper inside his living room with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. The incident took place some six miles north of the populated town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in the Mata Grande Area. As a result of the ongoing investigation, police in search of McAfee, found an arsenal of ammunition inside his beachfront property on northern Ambergris Caye. According to the National Belize Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez, 39 year-old Laura Tun, a housekeeper of the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town arrived at around 7:20 AM at Faull’s residence to conduct routine house cleaning. Tun told police that after she entered the house, she noticed Faull in a motionless state and lying on the floor of the front living room. When Police arrived at the scene of the crime at the second floor of a two-story concrete home situated on the beach area in the Mata Grande area, they found an expended 9 millimeter shell at the second stairs of the step situated on the southern part of the outer part of the building. They also found Faull inside his living room situated in the middle of the building with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. Police claimed that no possible motive has been established and San Pedro Police confirmed that there were no visible signs of forced entry to the building. As part of the investigation, Belize Police investigators has processed the scene three times, the last was on Tuesday November 13th where two US investigators were brought into the country to assist in the investigation.

John McAfee in hiding; calls The San Pedro Sun to tell his story
Anti-virus computer software king John McAfee is a “person of interest” in regards to the murder of his neighbor, Greg Faull. McAfee called San Pedro Sun editor Tamara Sniffin from hiding to tell his side of the story. The shooting apparently took place just south of McAfee’s compound in Faull’s home just north of San Pedro town on the Island of Ambergris Caye in Northern Belize, Central America.

Ambergris Today

Belize Going Up Against US NGO to Defend Right to Harvest Conch
Belize's conch industry is valued at BZD$10 million (US$5 million) annually but it could virtually be wiped out if the United States Congress institutes a widespread ban against the importation of the seafood delicacy. Currently, the United States purchases 95% of Belize's queen conch harvest, but in March of this year the WildEarth Guardians, a non-governmental organisation in Denver, Colorado petitioned the US Secretary of Commerce, acting through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Fisheries Service, to have the species listed as threatened or endangered. According to James Azueta, acting fisheries administrator at the Belize Fisheries Department, if the petition is granted and the Queen Conch status is downgraded from appendix II to I (prohibited trade) under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), no country will be able to export conch to the USA or any other country.

McAfee Media Frenzy Continues on Ambergris Caye, Belize
CNN International Correspondent Martin Savidge arrived in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize yesterday afternoon, November 14, 2012, and immediately set up interviews with San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Minister of Tourism/Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., wanting to get more information on the Gregory Faull murder case which has millionaire software mogul John McAfee in the police spotlight. “Everybody wants to know more about John McAfee and his involvement in the Gregory Faull homicide case that occurred over the weekend,” commented Mayor Daniel Guerrero to Ambergris Today. “At this point I just update them with the official police reports and that is that Mr. McAfee is only wanted for questioning in the murder case at this point and that he is eluding the law right now; he is in hiding.” Mayor Guerrero stated that he has been very busy entertaining interviews, both on the phone and personal interviews with major media houses that include ABC News, Reuters, FOX News and media from Mexico and Canada. He has another line up of more international press to talk to, who arrived today.

Yoga for the Spirit, Mind & Body at Sol Spa, Belize
Yoga! I believe that many people will be surprised at how good they can be at it, how much they will like it and be glad to find out how beneficial it is for the body and soul. Many take yoga as not being a good exercise; but with Yoga becoming more mainstream and people finding out about its great benefits, the exercise technique is popping out everywhere. More and more people are joining the revolution, you might say. The staff of Ambergris Today had the opportunity to do some yoga in San Pedro. Carrie Tengler Stuart of Sol Spa was our yoga instructor who took us through a beginners’ class as we were fairly new to it. Sofie had already taken some classes and Gerry had practiced some yoga at home; I was the newbie! But Carrie is an excellent instructor; she went through the different moves with ease and went along at our pace at mastering the techniques. She was always making sure we kept in posture and performing the procedures properly; of course adjusting to our limitations.

Post Mortem Report on Gregory Faull Released
Four days after US National Gregory Faull was found dead at his house on North Ambergris Caye, police have finally released the results of the post mortem examination which was conducted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. According the a press release by Raphael Martinez, Belize Press Officer, the post mortem examination conducted on the body of 52-year-old, US National, Gregory Viant Faull, on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. At the conclusion of the examination, the doctor certified the cause of death to be “Traumatic shock due to massive brain damage due to head injuries sustained as a consequence of gunshot wound.” Police investigations into this matter are still ongoing.

Zumba to Gangnam Style
Zumba® fitness is exercise in disguise because you're having fun dancing while working out to exciting music. Tuesday, November 13, 2012 the community of San Pedro united for a Zumbathon in benefit for crime prevention on San Pedro, Belize. I was invited by certified Zumba Fitness instructor Karen Mielcarek to join the three-hour Zumbathon at the Lion’s Den. I have done Zumba in the past, so I was definitely excited to join the class and even more for a worthy cause (I am a sucker for dancingCool).

Misc Belizean Sources

BEL Opens $25 million Series 5 Debenture Offer
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has opened its $25 million Series 5 Debenture Offer, which will earn a highly competitive interest rate of 7 per cent for twelve years, through to 2024. The cost of each debenture is $100 and subscriptions must be for a minimum of one debenture. With the proceeds from this debenture offer, the company will in whole or in part refinance its $16.9 million Series 1 Debentures currently bearing interest at 12 per cent and maturing on December 31, 2012 as well as help fund the Company’s medium term needs. The Series 5 Debenture Offer will close on December 17, 2012. A copy of the prospectus is available on the company's website at and hard copies will be made available at the company's Corporate Headquarters and Collection Agents within the next week. Interested persons may contact the Company at 227-0954 or email [email protected]

IMF mission concludes visit to Belize
An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Mr. Gerardo Peraza, visited Belize from November 1-15 to conduct its yearly review of the country’s economy, in the context of the IMF’s Article IV consultations. Peraza released the following statement in Belmopan at the conclusion of the meetings on Thursday: “Belize is experiencing an output rebound despite the decline in oil production. In 2012, real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth is expected at 3.54 percent, led by a recovery from last year’s effects of weather-related damages in commodity exports as well as a recovery in tourism, and electricity generation. Inflation, which stood at 1.5 percent in January-August, has been easing as commodity prices pressures abate. The current account deficit is expected to narrow to 2.3 percent of GDP (down from 2.5 percent of GDP in 2011) thanks to higher inflows from tourism, lower repatriation of dividends by foreign companies operating in Belize, and higher remittances, despite a moderate widening of the trade deficit in goods. Preliminary fiscal data suggest that the government’s primary surplus target of 2 percent of GDP is within reach, but will require a close monitoring of spending for the remainder of this fiscal year. “In light of ongoing negotiations with bondholders on the restructuring of the “super-bond”, further discussions with the authorities are required to complete this year’s Article IV consultations. Talks are expected to resume in the near future. Discussions so far have been focused on fiscal sustainability, external stability, and policies to enhance the financial sector resilience. In parallel with the Article IV consultations, a technical assistance mission assessed the current framework for debt management and helped the authorities build relevant institutional capacity.

Taste of Belize Coming to Cayo
The Taste of Belize will be coming to Cayo this year! It'll be at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel on December 1st, and the new Cayo Welcome Center on December 2nd. The Belize Tourism Board is calling on all chefs, bartenders, and BBQ masters to join in the celebration of Belize. Contact Perry Bodden at 247-2420 for more information. "Imagine standing mere inches away from flaring and sizzling Belizean culinary masterpieces, simmering to perfection. Surrender to the enticing aromas as it hypnotizes each of your senses-we invite you to experience ALL this and more at the anticipated, 'Taste of Belize'... The fusion of cultural dishes provides visitors with a true sense of Belize’s diversity. Creativity is a must, and a variety of secret ingredients challenges these chefs to add depth to their already unique Belizean dish. The winner then walks away with the title of, 'Belize’s Master Chef'."

DYS Basketball Tournament
The Department of Youth Services in Benque will be having it's under 18 basketball tournament starting tomorrow evening, and going for the next week. "The following teams are those participating in the Department of Youth Services in Benque Viejo U-18 Basketball Competition. The following teams are participating: Western Ballers, M.C.H.S., Young Starts, and San Jose Succotz The competition started on Friday Novermber 9, 2012 at Deacon's Basketball Court."

Concrete Park Earth Tour and Competition
Great article about the comic book clinics that have been in Cayo, and many other towns around Belize. There is one week left to enter the competition. "Why teach the basics of comic book creation in a country of 300,000, a country where comics are not even for sale? (the team is working to change that). Why encourage school kids to try this medium, let alone compete in it? Erika Alexander explains: Whether you live in the first world or the developing world, ideas are the most valuable currency there is. Our message is that your story is unique and valuable. Pencils and paper are cheap, and comics, whether self-printed or self-published on the web are a simple, accessible medium for expressing ideas in stories. In teaching comics creation, we are also teaching storytelling, business skills, entrepreneurship and connectivity."

You have to feel sorry for San Pedro!!
Our big brother island – better known as San Pedro, has for the last week been under the watchful eye of all international media houses since the beginning of this week. But unfortunately it is not because the of our wonderful geography or Mayan history, not even because The Batchelor is filming it’s next episode here – it is because a once respected genius now paranoid and ‘bonkers’ (quote taken from the Belizean PM himself!!!) is running from the police and turning it into an international media frenzy!! The weather is glorious with the blue, blue skies and the fresh breeze that is blowing from the North and there is a sense of excitement for the up and coming season … why is the media not covering this??? John MacAfee, the antivirus software pioneer, has had a colorful history here in Belize since his arrival 2 years ago, with run ins with the police over firearms, drugs and liaisons with under age girls – all which he claims he is the victim of!! The police are wanting him for questioning for the murder of Gregory Faull, 52 -McAfee’s enemy and neighbor in San Pedro as evidence does make McAfee a chief suspect. Since his neighbors death he has been on the run from the police, whilst still managing to be interviewed by many of the major networks and publications around the world it has to be added!!!!

Channel 7

"Lova Boy" Denies Sexual Battery Allegations
Tonight, Belize's most popular Punta Rock artist Lova Boy is on the defensive - after LOVE FM broke the story yesterday that he is being investigated for "sexual battery" in Los Angeles. This story has been swirling on Facebook for over a month without any charge being brought against LOVA BOY - whose legal name is Daniel Cacho. But LOVE spoke to the mother of the 13 year old who alleges that LOVA BOY - a family friend - touched her inappropriately - and started doing it more than two years ago - when she was only ten. The formal complaint was made on the 13th. October. LOVE has also gotten confirmation from the Special Victims Unit in South Los Angeles who have confirmed that Daniel Cacho is the subject of an investigation for an offence known as "sexual battery" in the United States. In Belize it would be called indecent assault. Now he hasn't been charged - and the Los Angeles resident, who's been up and down between Belize and California in the past month - says he has not even been questioned. But tonight, he's on the defensive and he proclaimed his innocence to Jules Vasquez:.. Lova Boy, Punta Rock artist "I am 100% innocent of these allegations. I am very heartbroken and disappointed with the whole situation."

McAfee's Bonkers Show Attracts Major International Media
famous wanted person. His story has been picked up by most major international media outlets - and from what we can tell that's just what McaFee wants. So far, CNN, Reuters News Agency, the Wall Street Journal, ABC and NBC have sent crews to Belize to follow up on the story. They're here to report on the death of Greg Faull, a Florida native - who retired in Belize - and lived up the beach from McAfee on northern Ambergris Caye. 7news has obtained a copy of the letter of complaint that Faull and other residents of the Mata Chica area of northern Ambergris Caye sent to the Town Council listing their complaints against McAfee. It speaks about vicious dogs on his property which had attacked or bitten three residents and three tourists. They also complained about his armed security guards acting aggressively with their weapons. And they noted taxis trafficking to Mcafee's residence at all hours of the night, along with delivery trucks and what they call mule traffic. Shortly after this complaint was made - McAfee says some of the dogs were poisoned - and Greg Faull was found shot to the head the next day. Belize police say McAfee is a person of interest in the investigation. Four of his associates or employees - including his chief of security - have been charged for firearm offences - relating to the arsenal of weapons at McAfee's home. In a report this morning, ABC NEWS compiled what is known so far.

Ladyville Couple Knocked Down By Drunk Driver
Last night at 8:15, a speeding car knocked down a Ladyville couple - and a drunk driver may be to blame. Leila Kelly and her boyfriend Policaro Asi were walking on the left shoulder of the Northern Highway from Lords Bank to Marage Road, when a Geo Prism driven by Raymond Codd Sr, lost control and charged towards them from the opposite direction. They were both knocked down and Asi's bicycle which he was walking was snapped in two. Both were rushed to the KHMH - where I spoke to Asi's sister about his condition: Filberta Ico, sister of Policario Assi "My brother usual routine when he come from work - his girlfriend works at La Popular Bakery in Ladyville and every day he goes to pick up his girlfriend and I understand that when they were coming home and in front of technical there is a curve there - they saw a vehicle spinning out of control and he pushed her out of the way so that she doesn't get the full impact. He got all the impact and he was in a very critical condition last night." "One of his lungs had collapse, his knee is broken, his wrists; they are not sure if it is broken as yet. There is no internal bleeding but he looks stable at the moment but we can't determine as yet because they are still doing further tests on his."

Police Make Major Marijuana Bust In Belama
Today Police made a major marijuana bust: 37 pounds of cannabis, which the found at stashed in the bushes in Belama Phase 4. At around 2:20 p.m. yesterday, police found the drugs stuffed in two buckets. And today, police officers went back to Belama Phase 4, where they conducted a routine search on 19 year-old Michael Anthony Saldivar. The officers found a black plastic bag which contained 22 grams of cannabis. As a result, police arrested and charged him with possession of controlled drugs.

Security Guard Who Killed Man Won't Be Charged
Last night, we told you about the shooting death of 29 year-old Wellington Hemsley Jr. He's the Tea Kettle Resident who, according to reports, tried to burglarize the containers at a residence right next to Cheers between mile 30 and 31 on the Western Highway. Well, the security guard who shot him to death is not criminally charged tonight, and he has not been detained by police. According to Security Guards who work at Cheers, just before 3 a.m. yesterday, security cameras picked up 2 men trying to break into one of the storage containers. The guards went to try to prevent the men, who were later identified as Hemsley and his 53 year-old uncle, Gilroy Welcome Sr., from stealing equipment from the container. Hemsley and Welcome allegedly attacked and tried to wrestle the weapons from the guards, who reported that they were forced to shoot both men in self-defence.

Bar-ladies Had No "Papeles"
33 year-old Chinese Belizean businessman, Zhon Yue Ruan, the owner of Fusion Bar, and 35 year-old Jose Mejia, a Honduran Belizean businessman, who owns Long Island Bar, are facing fines for immigration charges after they were busted for hiring illegal immigrant workers. According immigration officers, at around 6:30 p.m. yesterday, they went to Fusion Bar, and saw 8 women with nationalities from neighboring countries who were working as waitresses. When the officers asked the women for their immigration documents, they were unable to produce any, and it was later discovered that Ruan hired them without any valid working permits. As a result, Ruan was charged with 8 counts of employing persons not in possession of valid working permits. He was arraigned before Magistrate Adolph Lucas today, where he pleaded guilty to all 8 counts. He was ordered to pay fines to a total amount of $14,000 which he must pay in its entirety by June 30, 2013. In relation to Mejia, the immigration officers said that shortly after that operation at Fusion Bar, they went to Long Island Bar. The officers saw 4 Honduran women, who reported that they were working at the bar as waitresses, and that they were employed by Mejia. They, however, couldn't produce any valid working permits.

Should An 18 Year Old Student Have Gone To Jail for Drugs
You may vaguely recall the name Jaslyn Cadle- she was on the news two weeks ago. The 18 year old student pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and was sent to jail when she could not pay the fine. The story has gone away - but behind the headline is a student on a scholarship to Gwen Liz High whose dream of finishing high school has been taken away by a drug law which makes no provisions for first time offenders. We got some context on the story when we spoke to her family today:.. Jules Vasquez reporting On Saturday, November third, the GSU found Joslyn Cadle with this: 159 grammes, five and a half ounces of marijuana and one hundred and ninety five dollars in cash. She admitted that the money was the proceeds from selling marijuana - and in court she pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.

Drug Case To Court Two Years Later
On November of 2010, it made all the headlines when a drug plane landed on the Southern Highway in the Bladden Area. The story became more sensational when 5 lawmen were accused of facilitating its landing. Those 5 men are Customs Officer Harold Usher, Police Corporal Renel Grant, Police Corporal Lawrence Humes, Police Corporal Nelson Middleton and Police Sergeant Jacinto Roches. They were all criminally charged with the importation of a controlled drug by facilitating the landing of an airplane. Well, exactly 2 years after the aircraft landed in Belize, these men are finally facing a criminal trial in the Supreme Court. On Monday, the jury for the case was empanelled, and yesterday, the crown counsels representing the DPP's office started calling witnesses from their extensive list of to give testimony against the men. So, today was day 2 of the biggest drug case in recent history in which the police made a bust of almost three thousand kilos of cocaine, which came in on the very same plane that these officers are accused of being connected to. The judge sitting on the case is Justice Dennis Hannomansingh, and it is expected to continue to the end of November.

Is The Seed Of Urban Violence In Child Abuse?
For years, social studies on Belize's crime climate has shown that the knee-jerk, paramilitary response to crime hasn't worked for any sustained period of time. Well, one organization is trying to come up with viable proposals to offer them to the government as alternatives. That organization is the Mental Health Association, and today, they held a conference at the SCA campus. The association believes that child abuse whether physical or sexual, may be a major contributing factor to youths who grow up and turn to a life of crime. Here's what the President told us: Jenny Lovell, President, Mental Health Association "We've become very concern about the increase, the spike in crime and violence among young people. We also realize that because we've been getting calls - we've been seeing children that are being brought to us with behavioral problems. When we talked to these children we find out that they've been sexually abused. We find that for some of them they have things like learning disabilities and so they are in classes giving a lot of problems but it's not because it's just bad behavior - they don't have no clue what's going on in the classroom because a lot of them they are in Standard 4 but can't read and write in fact they can't even recognized their letters; their ABCs. So we realize that some of these children are learning disable or they are other things going on."

City Council Holds Off On Prospectus Launch
It's been a tough week for the city council as Belize Waste Control put the City on Blast when it went on a garbage strike and had its workers picket City Hall. And that's why the much delayed launch of the Prospectus for the Municipal Bond has been held off for another week. The mayor today told us that with all that's been happening he did not feel the timing was right.

BEL Rolls Out Debenture Offering
And while City Hall is in a holding pattern, BEL is rolling out its debenture offer to mop up all that excess liquidity in the banking system. An announcement from the power company says that it has opened its $25 million dollar Series 5 Debenture Offer, which will offer an interest rate of 7 per cent for twelve years. That 7% is significantly higher than interest rates on savings currently being offered at the banks. To invest, you must buy at least one debenture valued at one hundred dollars. The offer will close in a month's time. You can find a copy of the prospectus on the Company's website or you can get a hard copy at BEL Offices.

Great Art Way Out West
For its new art show - the Image Factory has gone out into the country - to Cayo - to see what artists out West are painting. As Gilvano Swasey - the curator of the show called "Beyond Mile 50" told us - he was very pleasantly surprised. Gilvano Swasey, curator "The idea behind the exhibit was to show what was new from Cayo - 50 miles from Belize City and beyond. What is happening is that these artists even though they go through similar experience that we go through in Belize City struggles in society and so forth - they have found a new hope in what they paint and what they capture and what is life around them; the nature, the people, the economy and so forth. It's a very good collection to show what artists are doing beyond Belize City but also with the new skills that they have gained working with each other." "For example the works of Lincoln Gordon; his stuff would be describe as super/hyper realism. It's beyond a photograph. It is at a point where I remember going to school this is where you are young and free and innocent and you have all the time in the world. I was surprise that people was still doing this with the world changing so fast. I was very impressed with Lincoln pieces." "The other artist that really stands out for me is German Figueroa; he does a style that is sort of surreal. Traditionally you would do collage where you would tear papers and create an image. Not only does he tear paper and create an image - he paints that image itself. So he takes it to a different level and his pieces are a lot about social issues."

Pen the Old Master With Some New Tricks
Pen Cayetano may be considered a respected elder of the Garifuna Culture, but don't write him off just yet, the Old Master is still in the wide, open space of artistic creativity. As per tradition, he's mounted an exhibit of new paintings at the Mexican Institute to coincide with Garifuna Settlement Day. It opens tonight, but he gave 7News a preview this afternoon: Pen Cayetano, artist "This exhibition is entitled "All Culture." All Culture is what is happening right here in Belize right now. Once it was a heavy cultural place. But today as how we see it happening right now is the culture is deteriorating slowly. We can that the people and the youths of today are not going through many of the stages of our culture that we use to do in the past. This is the only way they could have an understanding about it is to come and see the exhibition pertaining to culture." "The children's day - it's a new painting, its talk about the children of Belize trying to do something in sports and so. There will be other painting of our cultural dances and as well as drumming and entertainment kind of painting. You will also see the process of the cassava baking and a painting that I have here is the silent night - the birth of Christ in Garifuna style." The exhibit is now opened at the Mexican Institute, and it continues for the next 3 weeks.

PROFILE: Sebastian Cayetano
And from Pen Cayetano to another Garifuna elder Sebastian Cayetano is the subject of tonight's I am Belize profile. He's the founder of Luba Garifuna Museum and a key promoter of Garifuna culture in Belize. He tells The Profile about his greatest accomplishment:..

Channel 5

John McAfee remains on the run; girlfriend says he didn’t kill anyone
John McAfee remains on the run tonight and authorities are asking him to turn him himself in. McAfee, the antivirus founder is likely the only suspect in the murder of Gregory Faull, his next door neighbor who had complained about McAfee’s dogs. In our coverage tonight we talk to the Minister of Tourism, the Mayor [...]

McAfee’s Girlfriend says her life has been threatened
But as the story continues to unravel, Tiffany told News Five that she is in fear of her life.   Duane Moody “Since then you’ve had no contact with him? You haven’t been able to talk to him about his whereabouts or anything of that sort?”   Voice of: Tiffany, McAfee’s Girlfriend “Since then no. [...]

Investigation underway on claim that police behaved inappropriately with a Mayflower Street minor
Last Friday, during a police search on Mayflower Street, one of Belize’s hotspots, a thirteen year old student and her grandmother told the media that the minor was strip searched and sexually abused by a female police officer inside her home. The minor claimed that she was sleeping when the officers entered the home, undressed [...]

G.O.B.’s campaign approach to 2013 Belize/Guatemala Referendum
A referendum on whether or not to take the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice takes place in 2013. In Guatemala, a public awareness campaign is ongoing but in Belize the campaign will kick off in January. Government is taking a three prong approach; it is naming a commission comprising a number of [...]

Questions asked in Belize/Guatemala referenda were stated in compromis
After resisting the courts for years, in 2007, Guatemala, under the leadership of President Alvaro Cocom, finally agreed to start negotiating a special agreement to go to the ICJ. That agreement, known as a compromis, contains the question that will be asked in the simultaneous referenda as well as the question being taken to the [...]

Superbond: restructuring talks to pick up after U.S. Thanksgiving
The last press conference by Prime Minister Dean Barrow was back in August so there were numerous matters to raise when the press descended on him on Wednesday morning. The five hundred and forty-four million US dollar superbond was top on the list of questions. The PM said that the government and bondholders are miles [...]

New Sporting Complex to replace City Center; is it a reality?
The City Centre in Belize City has not been used for over a year because its dilapidating state would put athletes at risk. When Belize won silver in the COCABA Basketball games in 2009 in Cancun, the Prime Minister promised the athletes that rebuilding the facility would be a priority. The Mexican President Felipe Calderon [...]

Anti-crime measure to detain young persons with anti-social behavior
On Wednesday, Police and B.D.F. executed a search of a Crime Ridden area in the Lake Independence. Some residents were caught off guard while others said they cooperate fully with the police in the searches for which do not require warrants. That is only one anti-crime measure that is being undertaken; others have to do [...]

2 more persons caught by Immigration Department
The Immigration Department continues to carry out sting operations in the city; three persons were taken to court on Wednesday and two more were charged today. Jose Nelson Mejia and Zhong Yue Ruan, both bar owners, were charged in separate cases for illegally hiring immigrants. Mejia, the owner of Long Island Bar on Blue Marlin [...]

Charles Leslie Junior to stand trial for Attempted Murder in Supreme Court
Over in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, twenty-four year old Charles Marvin Leslie Junior was committed to stand trial in the January 2013 session of the Supreme Court for the Attempted Murder of twenty-one year old Woodrow Reyes. Both men were on remand for separate offences when on April twenty-third, Reyes was [...]

A Cultural inspired Youth Rally by the Garifuna Council
One of the biggest cultural showdowns takes place this weekend in anticipation of Garifuna Settlement Day. But today at the House of Culture, the National Garifuna Council organized a rally for students. There was drumming, dance and poetry depicting the Garifuna culture. Duane Moody dropped by and got in the spirit of the celebrations.   [...]

Mental Health Association focuses on crime
Crime continues to be a huge challenge across the country and according to the Mental Health Association young people have become particularly susceptible to criminal activities. That’s the focus of their annual conference which opened today at the St. Catherine Academy Conference Room. The two days of presentations and discussions will address issues that impact [...]

Healthy Living: keeping your gums healthy
It’s common knowledge that brushing and flossing should be an important part of your daily oral care. If you or your child are neglecting that process; it not just your teeth that might be affected. Tonight on Healthy Living, we take a look at the impact of bad oral hygiene on your gums.   Marleni [...]


Award Winning Belizean Artist Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Award winning recording artist and entrepreneur Daniel Cacho, also known as Lova Boy is at the centre of an allegation of sexual abuse of an underage girl. Love News first reported on Wednesday that the allegation is made by a thirteen year old girl from Los Angeles, California who cla...

Ambassadors Speak on Belize, Guatemala and the ICJ
It was announced earlier this year that a referendum to take the ongoing Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. The referendum will take place in Belize and Guatemala next October. Since then a number of Belizeans led by the Belizean Coalition ...

Well Known Tour Guide Charged Following Altercation with Police Officer
Tour guide Thomas Greenwood Jr. who was allegedly involved in an altercation with tourism police officer corporal Walford Berry yesterday at Tourism Village was charged with harm and using insulting words when he appeared in court today. Greenwood pled not guilty to the charges. He was...

Immigration Continues Crackdown on Workers Without Valid Permits
Immigration officers, in their continued crackdown on persons who employ women from neighboring countries who do not have work permits, have nabbed two more bar owners. They are 33 year old Zhon Yue Ruan, a naturalized Belizean originally from China who is the owner of Fusio...

Chagas Insects Discovered in Corozal
Health officials have confirmed that there is not an outbreak of chagas at San Antonio Government School in Corozal. Earlier today health officials went to the school after the insects were detected by teachers who were at the school lunch shed yesterday morning. The te...

Special Envoy for Women and Children Visits School in Orange Walk
Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow was in Orange Walk Town this morning visiting St. Peter’s Anglican School. Barrow visited the school on a special invitation from the school which offers trained special education to children in the district. We ...

Training Workshop Ends on Pesticides
A series of training workshops on good pesticides management practices continues this week. Farmers from the Cayo district underwent the training on Tuesday and Wednesday and today, farmers of the Belize district are concluding their sessions. The trainings are bein...

Police News
The manager of La Popular Bakery Kapil Talreja is being sought by Belize City police. The owner of the establishment, located on Logwood Street reported to police that on Tuesday midday, his secretary gave Talreja six thousand dollars to deposit in La Popular’s account at A...

Belmopan High School Students Robbed
Belmopan police have detained four men following an incident in which four high school students were robbed. Reports are sometime around seven o’clock this morning four students were on their way to school using the shortcut that leads from Cohune Walk area to the Georg...

Honduran National Charged for Illegal Entry into Belize
In other Immigration news, 33 year old Honduran national Rene Rivera who entered Belize illegally in March along the banks of the Mopan River was charged with illegal entry when he appeared in court today. Rivera pled guilty to the charge. He was fined $1,000.00 and was ordered to pay ...

Employers Charged for Failure to Produce Employment Permits
Two bar owners were charged with employing persons not in possession of employment permits when they appeared in court today. They are 23 year old Belizean Annibal Lemus, the owner of Chi Chi Bar, located on Orange Street and 36 year old Vilma Coh, a naturalized Belizean originally fro...


Indian’s new year starts
Christmas and New Years is still a few weeks away in the Christian world, but one community in Belize is celebrating Diwali. It is the Indian concept of New Years and last evening the Indian community in Belize had a festival of lights at the Hindu Temple on Albert Street. Love News stopped in with Indian Honourary Consul in Belize, Arun Hotchandani, who explained the significance of Diwali. The Indian festivities continue throughout the week.

Love FM’S annual Southern Tour for 2012 starts
Since the September celebrations passed, the drums and the different style of music playing on the airwaves have been signifying that another event was on the horizon. Tonight Love FM’S annual Southern Tour 2012 enters its first round as the Garifuna Settlement Day festivities approach. Station Manager at Love FM, Julia Carrillo, says that this year the event is as upbeat and classic as it has been over the years.

P.M. Barrow gives update on legalizing marijuana
Central American leaders, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, say that the decision by two U.S. states last week to legalize marijuana will have important implications for efforts to fight smuggling in this region. Prime Minister Barrow says the concerns focus primarily on the war against international crime and in particular narco-trafficking.

P.M. Barrow gives details on the oil drilling issue
The issue of drilling for oil in the Sarstoon-Temash reserve has ignited a fierce debate among proponents of the initiative by US Capital Energy and those who are opposed. It is a divisive issue; but today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told Love News that he is open to the idea of making a part of any proceeds from the discovery of oil in commercial quantity available for the benefit of communities in the south.

Julius Espat reponse on the P.M. comment
Late this evening following a meeting with the Clerk of the National Assembly Eddie Webster, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Julius Espat spoke with Love News and says that he will be taking up the Prime Minister on his offer to agree that meetings of the House Committee be made public.

P.M. Barrow put the issue to rest with the PUP
The issue surrounding the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives continues to linger; but today Prime Minister Dean Barrow put the issue to rest, saying it was a manufactured problem. Yesterday afternoon, the People’s United Party hosted a press conference where the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, the member for Cayo South Julius Espat said that all he is trying to do is what he was chosen to do; while the former Clerk of the National Assembly Conrad Lewis described the issue as an administrative bungling. Prime Minister Barrow today went on record saying that the government is not opposed to entertaining the suggestions of the Chairman of the Committee that meetings be held in public; but the Prime Minister says Mr. Espat is lying and is plain out of order.

First Aid training in Punta Gorda
A two day first aid and medical safety training course ended yesterday in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

High school student share their Business acumen
And while today the entrepreneurship fair stopped in at Queen Square Anglican, on Tuesday, high school students got to display their business acumen. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.

Queen Square School hosted a Business Fair
Entrepreneurship and marketing are still farfetched topics to many people, but this is entrepreneurship week and today, students at one local primary school had the opportunity to put their skills and creativity to the test after weeks of preparations. The over 700 children that attend Queen Square Anglican School today showed off their manual skills and their ability to earn a living from those talents. Love News was there and spoke with representatives from the Youth Business Trust Belize and the school. The students proved that aside from knowing how to do problem solving or spell a scientific word, they can also put hands to work and make more than art, but also a living. The Youth Business Trust Belize has held similar events with other schools this week. It is an annual showcase of children’s ability to earn a living and the organizers say that from year to year, the children display a degree of development.

P.M. Barrow gives details on McAfee
Police have arrested and charged two people associated with businessman John McAfee for the crime of keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Twenty nine year old William Mulligan and twenty two year old Stefanie Mulligan were taken into custody on Sunday afternoon after a search of McAfee’s property on North Ambergris Caye resulted in the discovery of a twelve gauge pump action shotgun and cartridges and a twelve gauge single action shotgun and a belt containing twenty two 12-gauge Aquila brand cartridges. Neither William or Stefanie Mulligan could produce a license for the weapons. Both were arraigned in court and are on remand to the Hattieville prison. Sixty seven year old John McAfee is wanted by for questioning by police in connection with the investigation into the murder of fifty two year old Gregory Faull. McAfee is claiming that he is being targeted by the police and fears for his life and has gone as far as claiming that the Prime Minister dies not like him. This morning, Prime Minister Barrow called McAfee paranoid and urged him to come forward and talk with the police.

False alarm for a protest of BWC
There was a planned protest scheduled to take place in front of City Hall again today but the protestors backed off at the last minute when their boss told them that Mayor Darrel Bradley had made a good-faith arrangement. The contention spawned earlier this month, gained public attention when employees of the Belize Waste Control Services stormed to North Front Street and held placards demanding that City Hall pay their boss. George Lamb had come public saying that City Hall had fallen behind on twelve weekly payments for sanitation works that the company provides to keep the old capital clean. Lamb told us today that there is a further extension on the protest. Lamb says that City Hall currently owes Belize Waste Control around half a million dollars.

P.M. give updates on the superbond
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is back home following a series of meetings in Honduras, the United States and Mexico. During his trip to Honduras the Prime Minister held talks with President Porfirio Lobo Sosa about the possibility of formalizing a prisoner exchange program, similar to the one Belize shares with Mexico. From Honduras, Prime Minister Barrow traveled to Miami, Florida for a meeting with the legal advisors to Belize’s debt restructuring exercise. When he appeared on the Love FM Morning Show today, the Prime Minister said that he is confident that an agreement will be hammered out by the time the next coupon payment becomes due in March of 2013.


One shot dead and one injured in attempted robbery
An attempted robbery on the George Price Highway turns deadly for one of the culprits. The tables turned on 29 year...

Four detained after students were ambushed
This morning around 7am four male students were on their way to Baptist High School when they were ambushed by four...

Belize City Police find a substantial amount of drugs
Police in Belize City have found a substantial amount of drugs as they made searches in Belama Phase 4. At 2:20 pm ...

Lova Boy accused of "sexual battery"
Allegations of “sexual battery” have been made against award winning recording artist and entrepreneur Daniel Cacho...

Owner of Long Island Bar fined $5,020 for work permit offences
The Immigration Department continues their sting operation in the city and this week, they have shifted their opera...

Chinese national arraigned for hiring 8 women without work permits
The second to be arraigned for hiring 8 women without work permits to work at his bar was Chinese national, Zhong Y...

USAID Donates Safety Equipment for Cayo Schools
Belize Red Cross has received a sizable donation from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID...

Patrick Faber contesting Deputy Party Leader Position
In a media interview yesterday Prime Minster Barrow conceded that the rumors about Patrick Faber contesting the pos...

Driver detained after knocking down 2 pedestrians in Ladyville
An out of control car knocks down two pedestrians on Ladyville road. On Wednesday night (Nov 14) around 8:30pm Leil...

The Guardian

Spoilt Brat
Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, in his usual fashion, is acting like a spoilt brat after he is unable to have his way with the position he has been appointed to serve on. In an arbitrary and unilateral move, Julius Espat took it upon himself to invite members of the public and the media to a meeting of the committee. This goes contrary to what is specified in the Standing Orders that govern the Public Accounts Committee. But the behavior of Julius Espat is nothing new. Everyone, who sees the tantrums he throws at each and every house meeting, now knows that he is just a spoilt brat. Whenever he is unable to have his own way, he thumps, stomps and hisses. He famously stated in the National Assembly that he does not adhere to any Standing Order of the House since he gets his Standing Orders from the people of Cayo South. Well, this must be a newsflash to Julius, or maybe it is just information that he chooses to ignore, very much like what takes place in the House, the House Committees are also bound by Standing Orders. If he were to just take a small portion of his time and actually read and familiarize himself with the orders, he would not make a fool of himself in every media appearance he makes. He simply refuses to understand that the committee he sits on is not filled with people he can dictate to. The committee actually is composed and the directives and direction of the committee must be had by way of unanimous support. In his most recent attempt to show himself, Julius unilaterally made up and agenda and purported to ram it on the committee. Well, Julius "eh no work soh!" Decisions of the committee are done as a collective. Wheel and come again! And while he tries to impose his dictates to the Public Accounts Committee, there are those inside the PUP who are wondering, how is it that Julius ended up taking up that position in the first place. One highly placed PUP pointed out that it was "oxymoronic"; the fellow stated, "but Julius has a past dealings with the PUP where Public Accounts are still outstanding!" We imagine that the highly placed PUP must have been talking about the many contracts, which he was known to get under the PUP. He must have also been referring to an instance where a prime piece of real estate was sold to Julius for a pittance. This was after he had been paid thousands of dollars to refurbish the piece of real estate. He later turned around and sold that very asset for a king's ransom.

WANTED for Questioning
Since 2010, American National John McAfee has been publicly accused of bribery, keeping unlicensed guns and ammunition, drug production and now murder. He has faced all those public allegations and never had he tried to avoid law enforcement officers nor has he been charged with a crime. To the contrary, McAfee maintained friendly relationships and constantly made donations to the law enforcement authority in communities he lived. However, the man, who has never ran before, has been on the run since police found his neighbour with a bullet to the back of his head at about 8 a.m. on Sunday, November 11th. 52-year-old U.S. national Gregory Viant Faull was found in his San Pedro Town home lying face up in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to the back of his head. His housekeeper discovered the body at 7:20 a.m. Sunday when she reported to work to start her daily chores. Faull was last seen alive sometime around 10 p.m. the previous night. He lived alone and there was no sign of forced entry. According to police reports, Faull’s laptop computer and iPhone were missing. The body was found in the living room of the upper flat of the building and a single 9 mm expended shell was found at the stairs leading up to the upper flat of the building. Police have not made any arrests for the murder as yet. They are following multiple leads in an investigation that will see several people questioned. One person that police are seeking for questioning is McAfee. He is Faull’s neighbour in San Pedro. Faull had recently made a complaint to the Town Council about McAfee’s dogs being a nuisance to him and others. Those dogs were poisoned on the night of Friday, November 9th, and Faull was killed sometime between 10 p.m. on Saturday, November 10th, and 7:20 a.m. on Sunday, November 11th.

The Cost of Exposing a Pedophile
Last week, an eleven-year-old girl from Frank’s Eddy Village summoned the courage to tell her mother that she was being sexually abused by the pastor of their church, 46-year-old Julio Cesar Garcia. According to the mother, the child spoke of two occasions when Garcia pressured her into having sex. The first time was actually inside the church on October 28th. The second time was at the pastor’s home on November 1st. The mother was devastated by the news. She took the child to a doctor, who confirmed that the child was carnally known. The mother then reported the incident to police and Garcia was arrested and charged with two counts of unlawful carnal knowledge. He appeared in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, November 7th, where the charges were read against him. Due to the nature of the offense, bail was not granted, and he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on January 25th, 2013. For the eleven-year-old, Garcia’s arrest should have been the start of the recovery process. Unfortunately, that is far from the case. Garcia’s arrest caused other victims to come forward. At least two other mothers claimed that their daughters reported sexual advancements by Garcia to them. The scandal made headlines on the local television stations and Garcia was exposed as a “Predator Amongst the Flock”. The church’s parent organization, the Baptist Association, issued a press release disassociating itself from Garcia, claiming that he had never been a Baptist pastor. Those familiar with the Baptist denomination explained that it is common practice to have church leaders, who are not ordained pastors, sothe association’s statement was in no way a disassociation. However, it did act as the final nail in the forearm of the crucified Garcia. He had been jailed, publicly humiliated and labeled as a predator. Some would say deservingly so. Undeservingly though, is that where Garcia’s suffering had come full circle the victim and her family’s suffering was just beginning.

Love Story paved Way for Busiest Airstrip in Central America
On December 16th, 2010 the Belize Airport Authority broke ground on a $3.7 million project to rehabilitate and modernize the San Pedro Airstrip. The project was made possible through the support of the Central American Cooperation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA). COCESNA has the exclusive rights to provide air traffic services, aeronautical telecommunications and radio navigation aids for international civil aviation in the territories of member states: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Almost two years later, on November 8th, 2012, the new and improved airstrip reopened as the John Grief II Airport. The rehabilitation project included the upgrading of the landing strip, security fencing, larger parking area for private aircrafts, adequate lighting for emergency night-landings and a general enhancement of the safety and security features on the compound. The landing strip was elevated by about four to five inches; it was widened by thirty feet and paved with hot mix for greater durability. At the time of the project launch, pedestrians from outside the airstrip, and even motorists, could have easily accessed the compound and move across the runway at will. It was an extremely dangerous situation however, the new security fencing has put an end to that. The new lighting guarantees that the busiest airstrip in Central America will no longer have to shut down as the sun sets.

Albert and Rural Central select Committees
On Sunday, November 11th, the United Democratic Party held an endorsement convention at the UDP headquarters, where a new Executive Committee was named for the Albert Division. The meeting was attended by UDP representative in Albert, Hon. Herman Longsworth; Party Chairman, Hon. Patrick Faber; Secretary General, Philipa Griffith-Bailey, Deputy Chairman Roosevelt Blades; and National Party Coordinator, Ruben Campos. During the meeting Hon. Longsworth thanked those who attended for their continued support of the UDP and urged those who form the committee to work for another victory of the UDP when general elections are called. He explained that the Albert Division is now back with the UDP and it should stay that way. For his part, Hon. Faber stated the importance of the constituency committees as the members are the face of the party in the divisions and, that they are the ones to do the work in the division. He said that the UDP is already starting to work to ensure a third consecutive victory. He added that victories are had because of constituency organization and that there is no reason why the UDP should not continue to win elections.

Two charged with Murder
On Monday, November 12th, Police formally charged two teenagers for the murder of 54-year-old Dennis ‘Bo’ Williams. The men, 18-year-old Ashton Steve Thompson, and 18-year-old Stephan Devon Jenkins, both former students of Gwen Lizarraga High School, appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer where they were charged with murder and keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Because of the nature of the offence, both men were remanded to prison until December 13th. Just minutes before midday on Thursday, November 8th, four men entered Three Star Quality Chicken located at #46 Vernon Street in an attempt to rob the place. As the men were inside the establishment, they met resistance from Dennis Williams who struggled with one of the assailants for a gun which he had in his possession causing it to fall to the ground. As the gun fell, an accomplice quickly picked it up and fired at Williams killing him. Quick police response led them to the detention of Thompson and Jenkins and the recovery of a 9 millimeter pistol loaded with 3 live rounds.

Toledo Community College volleys itself into the History Book
The Toledo Community College male volleyball team volleyed itself into the sports annals of the country when it captured its fourth consecutive national secondary schools male volleyball title on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, at the University of Belize Gymnasium in Belmopan. This is the first time in the history of the National Secondary Schools Sports Association that a male school has won four years in a row. Since the inception of the yearly programmes at the national level in 1985, Toledo Community College has played a pivotal role in the development of the organisation and school sports. In the championship game, Toledo Community College captured its fourth consecutive titles when it defeated St. John’s College in three straight sets by the score of 25-23, 25-16 and 25-18. In the third place game, Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico representing the Northern Region defeated Mopan Technical High School representing the Western Region in five sets by the score of 17-25, 25-17, 25-18, 20-25 and 15-7 to capture the Bronze medal. On Friday, November 9th, 2012, in the first game of the championship, St. John’s College defeated Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in three sets by the score of 25-13, 25-14 and 25-20.

The Case of Two Dunces
Personally, I have never served any political party at an executive level, and I sincerely don’t harbor any desire to do so since, I am not much of a committee person. I mean, as soon as one joins a committee, one has to be making alliances with different factions within the same committee. I prefer to peep from the outside, listen keenly, take no sides, and remain friends with everybody.

Charges for trying to steal bicycle
On Tuesday, November 13th, 18-year-old John Pacquil appeared in Magistrate's Court to answer to charges of attempted robbery. Pacquil pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Magistarte Adolph Lucas and was granted bail in the sum of $4,000 plus one surety of the same amount. The matter was then adjourned until December 28th. Pacquil is accused of trying to steal a $250.00 bicycle from Calbert Quilter on November 12th on Belcan Bridge in Belize City.

Three charged with Drug Trafficking
Arden Robinson, Kevin Gentle and Michael GoffArden Robinson, Kevin Gentle and Michael GoffOn Tuesday, November 13th, 33-year-old Arden Robinson, a Construction Worker of #8874 Jane Usher Boulevard was charge djointly with his two friends: 33-year-old Michael Goff, a Stevedore of #8866 Jane Usher Boulevard; and 32-year-old Kevin Gentle, a Construction Worker and resident of #8990 Curl Thompson Street. They were charged after police say they were found in possession of 78 grams of marijuana. Gentle was additionally charged with a count of possession of a controlled drug for having in his possession 0.7 grams of marijuana in his pants pocket. On Sunday, November 11th, at around 10:25a.m., police conducted a search at #8864 Jane Usher Boulevard, where they found a black plastic bag in the area where the three men were sitting. Inside the bag, police say they found a green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis. All three men were arrested and escorted to the Queen Street Police Station. In court, Arden Robinson pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking but told the court that he is guilty of the lesser charge of possession. He told the court, “I do not traffic weed I just had it for my own personal use.” But an equivocal plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf by the Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer, whom they appeared before. She told him that possession was not before the court and since he pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking, she offered them bail at this time. Gentle and Goff both pleaded not guilty to the charge of drug trafficking. They were all offered bail in the sum of $5,000 plus a surety of the same amount. Their case for the drug trafficking was adjourned until January 18th, 2013. In the case of Goff who was additionally charged with possession, he pleaded guilty and was fined $150 plus $5.00 cost of court which he has until December 15th, 2012 to pay; in default, he will serve 1 month imprisonment.

Murder Suspect John McAfee: I’m Innocent
As Belizean police combed the property of expat antivirus pioneer John McAfee Sunday afternoon, McAfee was closer than they could have known. He’d seen them coming, and says he hid — burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe. “It was extraordinarily uncomfortable,” he says, in an exclusive interview with Wired. “But they will kill me if they find me.” McAfee, 67, is the prime suspect in a murder discovered Sunday morning in Belize. Convinced that he’ll be killed if he’s taken into custody for questioning, the millionaire antivirus pioneer has gone into hiding somewhere in the Central American nation, where he moved in 2008 to retire. Starting at 10:30 this morning, Belize time, he has been calling to tell me his side of the story. The homicide victim is McAfee’s neighbor, Gregory Faull, a 52-year-old American expatriate, who, like McAfee, lives on Ambergris Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. According to police, Faull was found face up in a pool of blood with a single gunshot wound to the back of his head. Authorities found a single Luger brand 9mm expended shell at the scene. Asked what he knows about the shooting, McAfee said, “Nothing — other than I heard he had been shot.” In fact, McAfee added, he’s worried that whoever shot Faull may have actually been gunning for him. “I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house,” he said. “He’s dead. They killed him. It spooked me out.” If McAfee is involved, it may trace back to the half-dozen dogs McAfee keeps at his beachside compound. Faull, like other McAfee neighbors, had been complaining about the dogs and reportedly filed a formal complaint about them with the Mayor of the nearby town of San Pedro last week. According to McAfee, the dogs were poisoned on Friday night.

Man pleads Guilty to Damage to Property
On Tuesday, November 13th, Dale Thompson, appeared in Magistrate’s Court to answer to a charge of damage to property. He pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared before Magistrate Adolph Lucas, who fined him $600 plus $5 cost of court. Thompson was also ordered to pay woman police constable, Angela Wilshire $450 in compensation for a gypsy window, which he damaged while breaking into her vehicle. He is to make payments to the court by January 9th, 2013 and to Wilshire by December 15th. Thompson was accused of breaking into the Toyota Corolla on June 1st, 2012. The vehicle was parked on Cran Street in Belize City. Stolen from inside the vehicle at the time was a battery, a car jack, assorted tools and a spare tire, all to a total value of $660.00. Thompson was also accused of causing damages in the sum of $450 to the gypsy window of Wilshire vehicle. Thompson was caught in the act by Wilshire’s son, who set chase after him. He was assisted by police on mobile patrol in the Cran Street area. Thompson was originally charged with theft and damage to property but in the facts of the case, there was no evidence to show that it was Thompson, who stolen anything from the vehicle.

Entrepreneurs Display their Products at Expo
Maud Williams High Students make presentation on Desk Lamp OrganizerBelize is one of over 120 countries celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2012 from November 12th to 18th. GEW was introduced in 2008 in an effort to encourage existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to unleash innovative ideas, using the marketplace to improve lives and make their mark on the business community. Since its inception, over 10 million people have participated in GEW events around the world. In celebration of GEW, the Youth Business Trust Belize held an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo on Tuesday, November 13th, at the Princess Hotel.

University of Belize hosts First Diabetic Conference in Belmopan
Diabetes SymposiumFrom a major survey conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization between November 2005 and July 2006 and published in a work entitled ‘Survey of Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Disease Risk Factors,’ it was established that the evidence was mounting that non-communicable diseases such as diabetes was a major cause of concern for Belize. It is for this reason that Belize joined the rest of the World on Wednesday, November 14th to World Diabetes Day (WDD), and the University College of Belize came to the forefront to hold an event to recognize that diabetes education and prevention are integral components of that fight.

Kontiki holds Family Day in Cayo
The Kontiki Neighbourhood Watch Committee held a successful Family Day on Sunday, November 11th. In addition to a greasy pole competition, there were a lot of food and sports activities. Different age groups participated in the fun activities, including seven to eight-year-old kids from the Kontiki Area. Games of five-a-side football and volleyball were also played as well. Kontiki is located within walking distance of San Ignacio Town. P

urple Movement recruits Members in Cayo
Members of the ‘Purple Movement’ paraded through the primary streets of San Ignacio and Santa Elena on Sunday, November 11th. They were joined by the Succotz Festival Drum Corp, which marched in unison beating their loud drums along the George Price Highway. The Purple Movement was inspired by the late Suzenne ‘Purple’ Martinez, the University College of Belize student, who was found dead near her home in San Ignacio Town, early last Month.

Mayor’s Office ransacked in Benque Viejo
The grading of Church Street in Benque Viejo Town and other work was uninterrupted on Monday, November 12th, despite the fact that a few hours earlier, the Office of Mayor Miguel Velasquez had been thoroughly ransacked. According to the Mayor’s assistant, Oscar Nabet, thieves went into the main administrator's building sometime this past Sunday night, going away with a Toshiba laptop, property of the Town Council. All the cabinets in the Mayor’s office were searched, reports Nabet. The thief or thieves had also entered the accountant’s room and gone with petty cash. The case is now under investigation by the authorities.

Collett Montejo is out
The last time we reported on the PUP aspirant for Cayo Central, Collet Montejo, he had written a bad check to a hotel in Punta Gorda. The check was so rubbery that it bounced right back to the hotel owner, who was unable to cash it as there was insufficient funds in it.

Corozal North has New Executive
On Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 the Corozal North Division held its meeting at the Corozal Town Hall to elect their new UDP executive committee.

Hon. John Saldivar teaches Julius Espat his Job!
The Area Representative for Belmopan, Hon. John Saldivar, as a member of the Public Accounts Committee, wishes to clarify certain misrepresentations made by the Chairman of that Committee regarding the manner in which meetings of the committee are to be conducted.

First UK Minister in Four Years visits Belize
UK Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire will pay an official visit to Belize on Thursday and Friday 15 and 16 November. It is part of a regional tour including Panama and El Salvador, where he officially opened the new British Embassy. It will be the first visit by a UK Minister since Meg Munn in 2008.

Taking Lime and Making Lemonade
Prime Minister Barrow has a chance to go down in the books as the most effective Prime Minister in Belize’s history. Yet, he is in danger of becoming the third most favorable public servant in his own home. That is because 7-year-old Salima Barrow leaped into the hearts of Belizeans when she opened a lemonade stand in an effort to raise money for children living with cancer.

Port of Belize is Number One Seed in Basketball Playoffs,
The Belize District Basketball Association Firms and U-23 competition regular seasons came to an end of Friday, November 9th, 2012, at Bird’s Isle. In the first game played, BWSL defeated Belize Bank by the score of 39-33. The top scorers for BWSL were Calbert Yarde and Ashley Hemsley with 11 points each, while the top scorer for the Belize Bank was Dominique Guzman with 12 points.

St. John Vianney and Salvation Army remain perfect in Primary Schools Football
The Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition continued on Monday, November 12th, 2012, at the MCC Grounds with four games in the boys’ competition.

Placencia Assassins stops the sliding in the PLB competition
As the regular season of the 2012 Premier League of Belize Football Competition, nears its conclusion, the defending national football champions Placencia Assassins recovered its winning format on Sunday, November 11th out at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. The Placencia Assassins found itself in a must-win game situation against the home team, Paradise Freedom/Fighters and with a 5-1 victory, put a halt to the downward sliding that it was experiencing in the closing rounds of the competition.

St. Catherine Academy repeats as National Volleyball Champions
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association National Volleyball Championship for 2012-2013 was played on Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th, respectively in Belmopan. In the female championship game, the defending national champions and the championship favourite, St. Catherine Academy of the Central Region repeated as the national champions when it defeated Stann Creek Ecumenical College representing the Southern Region by the score of 25-9, 25-13 and 25-10 to retain its top billing for volleyball. In the third place game played, Muffles College representing the Northern Region defeated Belmopan Comprehensive School, representing the Western Region, by the score of 26-24, 25-21 and 25-14 to take the bronze medal. On Friday, November 9th, in the first game of the championship, St. Catherine Academy advanced to the championship round when it defeated Muffles College by the score of 25-11, 25-6 and 25-10. In the second game played, Stann Creek Ecumenical College defeated Belmopan Comprehensive School by the score of 23-25, 25-12, 25-18 and 25-18 to earn the right to face St. Catherine Academy in the championship game. We say congratulations to all the student-athletes and to St. Catherine Academy for capturing yet another National High School title.

San Pedro RC Belize Rural Zone 5 Football Champions
The Belize District Rural Zone 5 Primary Schools Football Competition was played out on San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012. Four schools participated in the boys’ competition and two schools in the girls’ competition. In game one of the boys’ competition, New Horizon SDA won over The Island Academy by the score of 4-1. The goals for New Horizon SDA were scored by Omar Ogaldez with three and Luis Mencias with one, while Darion Sanchez scored the only goal for Island Academy. In game two, San Pedro Roman Catholic blanked La Isla Bonita by the score of 5-0. The goals for the San Pedro RC team were scored by Erick Sorta with five, Marvin Hernandez, Jaylil Usher and Horace Cadle with one a piece. In the boys’ consolation game or for third place game, it was La Isla Bonita winning over Island Academy by the score of 2-1. Iver Reyes scored both goals for La Isla Bonita, while Erick Rodriguez scored for Island Academy. In the championship game, San Pedro RC also blanked New Horizon SDA by the score of 4-0 to capture the Belize Rural Zone 5 title. The goals for San Pedro RC were scored by Heraldo Chaneck, Ian Pou, Melvin Trujillo and Erick Sorta. San Pedro Roman Catholic School boys will represent Zone 5 in the Belize District finals scheduled for later this month. In the girls’ competition, in game one, San Pedro RC won over Island Academy by the score of 2-0. The goals for San Pedro RC were scored by Dayna Zetina and Princess Bradley. In game two, The Island Academy and San Pedro RC played to a 0-0 draw. The San Pedro RC girls’ will represent Zone 5 at the district championship later this month.

Brothers Habet Table Tennis rolls on at Belize Elementary Auditorium
The 2012 Brothers Habet Team League Competition continued at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium on Sunday November 11 in both the 1st and 2nd Divisions.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Aurelio Martinez on Caye Caulker at The Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill


Aji opening day - redux
You know you've been in a place for awhile when you start repeating yourselves! Like this time last year, we enjoyed a fine opening day lunch at Aji, one of our neighborhood restaurants, but since we forgot our camera last year, this time we came prepared to snap some photos of the great setting and delicious food prepared by Chef Hugo. Unlike last year, when heavy rain forced us to eat at the bar, this time around we had a lovely table outside in the trees, with a beautiful beach-side view. Like last year, they offered a choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert for a very reasonable $25 BZ ($12.50 US) and drink specials as well. I rarely get to indulge in wine here because of the high prices, but at $10 BZ ($5 US) a glass, this Sauvignon Blanc was a welcome treat!

While I was walking Home
I am so excited to say that while I was walking home yesterday afternoon, 15 staff from Victoria House, The Phoenix Resort and South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch went for additional training at Victoria House this afternoon. They all got trained in using the Medtronic physio control lifepak defibrillator, Lifepak 500. Bandage International is encouraging all Businesses who join the medical safety program to invest in a defibrillator for their business and have their staff trained how to use it. How cool is that. Due to my extreme tech troubles I was trying to catch up on work and ended up calling a cab to get me to Banana Beach, on the way there my cab driver started talking about the big media session going on due to all the Mcaffee mania and all I could do was hope that it did not overtake the one I had planned. Thankfully Manuel Media for Reef tv and San Pedro Sun came and got 2 great interviews with John Grief, Tropic Air and Stacey Chesnick, The Phoenix Resort, they are both big advocates for commercial first aid and ongoing training.

McAfee? Give Up This Game. Here's A Bit of The Real San Pedro, Belize
The John McAfee situation is international headlines. It's just past 6am here in San Pedro and I've already watched stories on CNN and ABC's Good Morning America. Reporters from around the world seem to be descending on our town and thankfully most seem to be making one thing clear...the is NOT the norm in Belize. Belizeans are just as baffled as anyone else by McAfee's insane actions. Our Prime Minister Dean Barrow called McAfee's actions "bonkers". I could not agree more. Way to straight talk, Mr. Barrow. This is how I picture him hiding right now. San Pedro, Belize is a small, tightly knit community on the gorgeous barrier reef that completely relies on tourism. While McAfee was busy burying himself in the sand, making countless phone calls to any press that would listen to him, apparently watching "RawHide" with his girlfriend (see @joshuadavisnow on Twitter) and acting like a totally selfish prick and egomaniac, here is what I was seeing yesterday. McAfee? Give it up.

Chaa Creek Announced as One of Fodor’s Finest Hotels
The Lodge at Chaa Creek ‘s recent recognition as one of the world’s best 100 hotels by the authoritative Fodor’s Travel guide is a win not only for the Belizean eco resort, but the tiny country’s tourism industry as a whole, Chaa Creek owner Lucy Fleming said today. “We were very happy indeed to hear that Chaa Creek was selected as one of the world’s 100 best hotels by such a highly regarded source as Fodor’s,” Ms Fleming said, “It’s a win not only for us and our staff, but for Belizean tourism as a whole, which has been growing side by side Chaa Creek since Belize became an independent nation in 1981,” she said. Fodor’s Travel has been one of the world’s leading sources for travel information since 1936, and currently covers over 7,500 destinations worldwide through its popular guidebooks, website and articles. The company recently released its second annual list of the world’s top 100 hotels, culled from a list of over 4,000 nominations taking in 41 different countries. In acknowledging Chaa Creek, Fodor’s said that, “Affordable luxury, sustainable practices, and the best… natural offerings come together at this 23-room, all-inclusive villa hotel spread over 365 riverside jungle acres in Belize’s Cayo district ..

International Sources

McAfee in Belize: Major media houses arrive on Ambergris Caye
As the John McAfee story continues to make headlines, major media outlets have been spotted on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. CNN International Correspondent Martin Savidge arrived in San Pedro yesterday afternoon and met with the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia, Jr., and San Pedro's Mayor, Daniel Guerrero. View slideshow: CNN on Ambergris Caye, Belize Savidge, working in conjunction with Belize Channel 5, set up the November 14 interviews to learn more about the murder of local resident Greg Faull, and the potential involvement of John McAfee. This Examiner, along with Dorian Nunez, owner and editor of the local Ambergris Today newspaper, were on hand for the interviews with CNN yesterday evening. Mayor Guerrero confirmed to Ambergris Today that McAfee is not an official suspect in the murder of Greg Faull at this time. “At this point I just update them with the official police reports and that is that Mr. McAfee is only wanted for questioning in the murder case at this point and that he is eluding the law right now; he is in hiding.”

Maya Museum opens in Cancun
A $15 million museum has opened in Cancun, just in time for the end of the world. If some interpretations of the Mayan calendar are correct, the world will come to a screeching halt Dec. 21. So consider the debut of Cancun's Maya Museum not only a tribute to the ancient civilization that once occupied this part of Mexico and beyond, but a vote of confidence that the sun will rise on Dec. 22. Local tourism officials characterize the timing of the museum's opening as "an incredibly exciting season that marks the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new era". Six years in the making, the museum features 350 artifacts, some of which have never been publicly displayed. Exhibits include 14,000-year-old skeletal remains discovered in underwater caves at Tulum. The museum complex covers a 55,000-square-foot expanse in the resort's Hotel Zone next to the archaeological site of San Miguelito

Fugitive McAfee Asked Message Board Users How Long It Takes To Be Traced By Phone
Fugitive antivirus entrepreneur John McAfee posted on a web forum to ask how long it takes for a mobile phone company to triangulate a mobile phone signal. Mr McAfee, 67, who is wanted on murder charges, posted a message under his 'stuffmonger' alias on a private message board, according to tech site Gizmodo . He wrote: "How long does it take for a phone company to triangulate a cell phone signal? With what accuracy? Is there any way to confuse/delay the system? If a cell phone is turned off, but the battery is installed, is there any way to locate the phone? Are there any brands of phones are more/less difficult to triangulate?"

Local man speaks out about stepson's murder in Belize
When he visited Belize several weeks ago, Satellite Beach resident BillKeeneye said his longtime stepson, Greg Faull, never expressed any fear orconcern about his life. Authorities in Belize said Faull's body wasdiscovered Saturday, inside his home in Ambergris Cay by his housekeeper. The 52-year-old man had been murdered, according to police, who said he was lying face up in a pool of blood, with a single gunshot wound to theback of his head. "When we learned about his murder, it was like a lightning bolt out ofthe blue," said Keeneye of Greg's death. "It was an absolute surprise. The area where helived seemed absolutely safe." Keeneye said his wife, Greg's biological mother, is takingthe loss particularly hard. "It's just a terrible shock for her," Keeneye said with a sigh. "To thepoint she cannot really talk to friends, especially friends of Greg's, wherethere was a connection. It's just awful."

McAfee On The Run: Murder and Mayhem (But Few Taxes) In Belize - Forbes
"...You’ve probably used software pioneered by John McAfee in your lifetime. The 67 year-old tech guru founded McAfee, Inc., the self-described “world’s largest dedicated security technology company.”..."

Port of Call: Belize City
Chances are, the world won’t end in December, and neither will the interest in the Maya’s culture sparked by apocalyptic interpretations of their calendar, says Antonio Beardall, a research assistant at Belize’s Institute of Archaeology. “People are fascinated by the Maya because of the mysteries that surround their culture — how they lived, their rituals, and, of course, their eventual decline,” Beardall says. Belize boasts one of the greatest concentrations of excavated Maya sites of any Central American country, so cruise passengers who tender into Belize City have their pick of ruins to expore, as well as natural wonders and other historic sites. Howler monkeys will likely be among the first to greet you as you travel northwest along the New River to Lamanai, a Maya metropolis that thrived for centuries after its neighboring settlements mysteriously collapsed.

Best Golf Courses in Belize
Roaring Creek Golf Course is one of 2 golf courses in Belize. Located just off the George Price Highway near Belmopan, it's a beautiful course. "Once you check out this public course, you won’t be disappointed. Take in the beautiful rolling grassy hills, endless Caribbean vistas, where the heady breath of coconuts and plumerias will not only fill the air but also your senses. Lodging is available as well as dining at an onsite restaurant. "

Different Countries have Different Footprints
If everyone lived like an average resident of the USA, a total of four Earths would be required to regenerate humanity's annual demand on nature.

Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore
You have a secret that can ruin your life. It’s not a well-kept secret, either. Just a simple string of characters—maybe six of them if you’re careless, 16 if you’re cautious—that can reveal everything about you. Your email. Your bank account. Your address and credit card number. Photos of your kids or, worse, of yourself, naked. The precise location where you’re sitting right now as you read these words. Since the dawn of the information age, we’ve bought into the idea that a password, so long as it’s elaborate enough, is an adequate means of protecting all this precious data. But in 2012 that’s a fallacy, a fantasy, an outdated sales pitch. And anyone who still mouths it is a sucker—or someone who takes you for one. No matter how complex, no matter how unique, your passwords can no longer protect you. Look around. Leaks and dumps—hackers breaking into computer systems and releasing lists of usernames and passwords on the open web—are now regular occurrences. The way we daisy-chain accounts, with our email address doubling as a universal username, creates a single point of failure that can be exploited with devastating results. Thanks to an explosion of personal information being stored in the cloud, tricking customer service agents into resetting passwords has never been easier. All a hacker has to do is use personal information that’s publicly available on one service to gain entry into another.

November 15, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

McAfee in hiding calls The San Pedro Sun
Anti-virus computer software king John McAfee is a "person of interest" in regards to the murder of his neighbor, Greg Faull. McAfee called San Pedro Sun editor Tamara Sniffin from hiding to tell his side of the story. The shooting apparently took place just south of McAfee's compound in Faull's home just north of San Pedro town on the Island of Ambergris Caye in Northern Belize, Central America.

Update – John McAfee still on the run – Speaks to The San Pedro Sun
Fifty-two year-old Gregory Viant Faull, a retired American from the state of Miami, Florida USA was found dead by a housekeeper inside his living room with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. The incident took place some six miles north of the populated town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in the Mata Grande Area. As a result of the ongoing investigation, police in search of McAfee, found an arsenal of ammunition inside his beachfront property on northern Ambergris Caye. According to the National Belize Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez, 39 year-old Laura Tun, a housekeeper of the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town arrived at around 7:20 AM at Faull’s residence to conduct routine house cleaning. Tun told police that after she entered the house, she noticed Faull in a motionless state and lying on the floor of the front living room. When Police arrived at the scene of the crime at the second floor of a two-story concrete home situated on the beach area in the Mata Grande area, they found an expended 9 millimeter shell at the second stairs of the step situated on the southern part of the outer part of the building. They also found Faull inside his living room situated in the middle of the building with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. Police claimed that no possible motive has been established and San Pedro Police confirmed that there were no visible signs of forced entry to the building. As part of the investigation, Belize Police investigators has processed the scene three times, the last was on Tuesday November 13th where two US investigators were brought into the country to assist in the investigation.

No Wake Zone signs erected along the Boca del Rio River
Speeding in any situation can be dangerous. It has been reported as the cause of many fatal accidents and continues to be faulted for many accidents around the globe. In San Pedro speeding is a problem as well; be it by road or water. One problem in particular is the boat traffic on the western river leading to Boca del Rio. The water way stretches from the western fuel station on the lagoon side all the way to the eastern part of the Boca Del Rio waterfront. According to Phillip “Billy” Leslie, president of the San Pedro Tourist Association, steps have been taken to curb the speeding problem. “We have placed four large signs and twelve small – No Wake Zone – signs along the stretch of river from the west station, northbound to the Boca del Rio water front.” The placing of the signs was a joint effort by the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association, the San Pedro Town Council and the Belize Port Authority with the assistance of Tuff E Nuff Tours. The hope is that boaters will see the signs and slow their speed to avoid accidents in the area. Billy continued, “the hope is to be able to prevent more accidents on the water way. Because you know it is part of a town and there are people who live especially across in the San Mateo area that use canoes and sometimes even surfboards to cross the river to get to their homes. As for as the Tourist Guide Association it is a concern, we are looking more at minimizing the damage done to the mangrove eco system by speeding vessels in the area.”

San Pedro’s Annie Urbina and Rosie Syme featured in Belikin 2013 calendar
Belikin, the Beer of Belize, held its 2013 Calendar launch on Saturday, October 20th at the Princess Hotel & Casino Poolside in Belize City. Being featured in the calendar is an opportunity coveted by many aspiring models across the country and abroad. This year, 22 year old Rosie Syme and 27 year old Annie Urbina, both from San Pedro were featured, with one of them being awarded the surprise and honor of being the cover girl on the 2013 Belikin calendar. The San Pedro Sun caught up with both young women to chat about their experience and their thoughts on being featured in the very popular calendar. The calendars are available for sale at Bowen and Bowen Distributors across the country. The smaller calendars go for $12, while the larger ones sell for $24.

VIDEO: John McAfee Belize: The Scene of the Crime & The Rest of the Story
Ambergris Caye, Belize is one of the most beautiful, most desirable, and most accessible islands in the Caribbean. It is consistently rated as one of the top 10 islands in the world to live on, and has been rated by Islands Magazine as the #1 island in the world to retire to. But this week it is the scene of a domestic disturbance between two American expats, that has left one man, Gregory Faull, dead in his beachfront island home. Police in Belize have made local island resident, and combative neighbor, John McAfee (of McAfee Anti-Virus fame), the prime suspect and person of interest in the murder investigation. Mr. McAfee has gone on record as accusing the Belize police of trying to frame him for the murder, contending that they are out to get him and would sooner kill him than apprehend him for questioning. McAfee lives in a world filled with designer psycho-active drugs, heavily armed militia for his personal security force, and a bevy of young women to satisfy his sexual appetite. The Belize that McAfee lives in, the Belize of his world, is not the Belize that I have come to love and that I call home. I live on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize and have one so for 7 years. I have fallen in love with the people of Belize, with the island and its culture, and with all its quirks and idiosyncracies. Mr. McAfee does not live in my world. He does not live in my Belize. I live in Belize by choice, as a guest in a foreign land. So does Mr. McAfee. If he feels that the government, the police force, and the Belize military are out to get him. I suggest that he lay off the bath salts and freely leave the country that has graciously allowed him to live as a resident for the last 4 years. A man has been murdered, and his family members as well as our whole community are left to grieve in sorrow. We have a tremendous expat community on Ambergris Caye, one that is grieving over the loss of one of its own, and one that is sickened and disgusted by one man's insistence to drag the rest of the community into his perverted version of reality. I am not judging either guilt or innocence. Belize has a sound legal system baed on British Common Law for that.

Ambergris Today

John McAfee’s Bodyguard Charged for Kept Firearm and Ammunition
While John McAfee is still on the lam, San Pedro Police conducted a search on his property for firearm and ammunition and although he was nowhere in sight his bodyguard and the guard’s wife were arrested and charged for kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. According to a press release sent out by Raphael Martinez, Belize Press Officer, on Sunday, November 11, 2012, at 4:00 p.m., police visited the property of John McAfee located 5 ¾ miles North of San Pedro Town and executed a search on the premises for firearm and ammunition. Present at the time were 29-year-old, William Mulligan, British bodyguard and 22-year-old, Stefanie Mulligan, Belizean domestic of constitution drive, Belmopan City. The search led to the discovery of one 12 gauge Remington pump action shot gun loaded with seven 12 gauge Aguilla brand cartridges, one 12 gauge single action shot gun Baikaz brand loaded with one 12 gauge Eley brand cartridge and a belt containing 22 - 12 gauge Aguilla brand cartridges for which both parties could not produce a gun license for. Police have since charged William Mulligan and Stefanie Mulligan with Kept Firearm and Ammunition without a gun license.

Belize Public and Bank Holidays 2013 Announced
It is notified for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and the Second Schedules to the Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, will be observed on the following days during the year 2013 in accordance with section 3 of the said Act:-

Soccer Equipment Donated to San Pedro RC School Football Team
The San Pedro RC School Male Football Team received a kind donation on Monday, November 12, 2012. On hand to extend the kind gesture were Roberto Canul of Ambergris Divers and Zonia Torres of Island Club Resort (formerly known as the Belize Yacht Club) who handed over jerseys, soccer shoes and other equipments to the male football team. With this kind donation the male football team of San Pedro RC School is better prepared to compete at the national level and represent the school proudly!

John McAfee Puts Belize in the Spotlight
Millionaire and antivirus software mogul John McAfee, who has been residing in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye for some time now, is wanted by the local police for questioning due to circumstantial evidence. He is not wanted for murder, only for questioning as a person of interest, among others. McAfee was a neighbor with the US national who was murdered and he had an argument with him. What is making the news even more sensational is the fact the McAfee is hiding and through US media contacts has commented that he does not want to be caught by the Belize police force because he fears for his life.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize authorities to investigate reports of inappropriate search of female minor
The Ministry of National Security in Belize said it is deeply concerned about recent reports of an alleged inappropriate search of a female minor during a police operation conducted in the Mayflower area of Belize City. As of Tuesday, no complaint had been lodged with the Police Department, the Ministry of National Security or the Human Services Department of the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation. Nevertheless, based on the reports in the public media, the Police and Human Services Departments have launched a joint investigation into the matter. The Ministry of National Security assured the public that no stone will be left unturned to determine what the facts are and, if any officer is found to have conducted any inappropriate search during the operation, he or she will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

VIDEO: Dolphins and Massive Lionfish at Mexico Rocks
Headed north this morning, trying out new cam and filter thanks to Scott and Tamara Husted for your support in our efforts to create awareness of reef conservation and preservation here in Belize.

Add!ction's Colorful Runway
JCariddi Photography got some vivid pictures from the colorful runway at the Fall Fashion Show. Add!ction is releasing a runway a day. It was quite the event, with standing room only at the SIRH's Bedran Hall.

UB's Community Outreach and Empowerment Symposiums
Tomorrow, the University of Belize will be having 2 symposiums. The first starts at 10:30, and will be the Community Outreach symposium, and the theme this year is 'Empowering Education.' The second is the Entrepreneurship symposium, and starts at 1:30. Thanks, UB!

Mary Open Doors Christmas Toy Drive
Mary Open Doors is doing their annual Christmas toy drive. If you can donate a new or almost new toy in good condition, you can drop it off at their office. They'll be accepting toys through December 14th. They are located at 5 Church street right near Sacred Heart Primary School. For more information, email them at [email protected] or call them at 804-4562.

GOB Releases 2013 Holidays
The Government of Belize Press Office has released the 2013 holiday schedule. 3 of them were moved to Mondays in lieu of the actual day the holiday falls upon. "It is notified for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and the Second Schedules to the Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, will be observed on the following days during the year 2013 in accordance with section 3 of the said Act"

Happy World Diabetes Day
Yesterday was World Diabetes Day, and the UB hosted a diabetes conference. "Nursing students of the University of Belize will host the first health promotion Diabetes Conference in connection with World Diabetes Day and Belize Diabetes Association (BDA) from 1:00 pm–3:30 pm at the University’s Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan on Wednesday November 14, the same day world diabetes day is celebrated."

Butterfly Cake
Because I don't know how to use a piping bag to decorate cakes, I've found a different way to cut a cake into the shape of a butterfly. I decorate it with a satiny, fluffy 7 Minute Frosting and tinted coconut flakes, licorice and gum drops.

Channel 7

PM Urges "Bonkers" McAfee To Turn Himself In
Tonight, William Mulligan, A British citizen who is John McAfee's personal security guard is on remand at the Hattieville Prison. This morning, Mulligan was transported from San Pedro by water taxi and brought to Belize City where he was taken by police escort to the Queen Street station. As we reported last night, the 29 year old Mulligan and his 22 year old wife Stefanie were charged for multiple counts of kept firearm and ammunition without a license - for which remand is automatic. The firearms were found at McAfee's home on northern Ambergris Caye on Sunday at 4:00. One of the guns is a 12 gauge Remington pump action shot gun - which is sold in an edition identical to the one McAfee was posing off with earlier this month in a photo shoot for WIRED Magazine. The other gun is a Baikal brand 12 gauge single action shot gun. The guns were loaded and police also found a belt containing twenty two 12 gauge cartridges. According to our sources, both guns were licensed - but the license holders were not at the residence. The San Pedro Sun reports that the license holders, Eddie Ancona and Alberto Chacon were both charged for one count each of lending a firearm without a written permission from the Commissioner of Police. Investigators believe that they weren't lending at all - that they got the licenses on behalf of the McAfee Estate.

Security Guard Catches Thieves In The Act, Kills One Injures Other
Tonight, a 29 year old man is dead and his 52 year old uncle is in the hospital recovering form gunshot wounds. But, police say they are not the victims of a crime: they are allegedly the perpetrators of a robbery - caught in the act and shot by a security guard. The guards say that they tried to stop them, but instead, these men chose to attack. Daniel Ortiz found out more in Belmopan today: Daniel Ortiz Reporting 29 year-old Wellington Welcome Hemsley Jr., a resident Tea Kettle Village was killed at around 2:30 a.m. today, after he and his uncle, 53 year-old Gilroy Welcome Sr., allegedly tried to burglarize a property at Mile 30 on the George Price Highway. Police say that both men traveled over 20 miles try steal from the a storage container belonging Absentee American owner, Steve Usrey. But, they were shot by the security guards of the establishment, Cheers. Both men were caught on a security camera on the house, which was connected to the Cheers surveillance system in a symbiotic relationship between both proprietors.

City's Garbage Crisis Resolved (For Now)
After days of threats, protest and bitter back and forth in the media - Belize Waste Control and the Belize City Council worked out their difference. According to information, they settled their differences at a meeting this morning, which included Mayor Darrell Bradley and Anthony Griffith, the owner of Belize Waste Control. As we understand it no money was paid immediately - but a commitment was made to commence payments next week - and settle all arrears by the first quarter of next year. With that, Waste Control deployed its garbage trucks on the Southside this afternoon to pick up all that the council missed yesterday. Tomorrow, they will pick up garbage as normal on the northside. Because of this breakthrough, there was no picketing today. Waste control had gone on a two day strike because the council's arrears had exceeded half a million dollars and interim payments were not made as promised.

Residents Of "Crime-Ridden" Neighborhoods Are Victims Too
The so called crime ridden areas were gazetted last week - which gives police powers to search any and all houses in the area without the need for a warrant, while restricting movement in and out of these areas. All five areas are within Lake Independence and Pickstock - and today police took the media along on a raid of one gang neighborhood - where Monica Bodden found out, even the residents are victims. Here's her story: Monica Bodden Reporting It started with an early morning briefing inside the military compound at Militia Hall. Officers are provided with the information of the specific area they will be conducting searches. Then it was off into their assigned police mobiles where one behind the other they moved in a line, making their way down Mahogany Street and into the PIV area . PIV - is the abbreviation for "Peace in the Village" - but there was no peace in that village at 5am this morning - when the entire neighborhood was awakened by the banging of police officers at their doors. 30 officers were dispatched in the 'crime ridden' area. - these orange cones on the streets where used to cordon off the territory.

Woman Claims Police Shot Her Father "For No Reason"
And while police conducted that raid without incident, we can't say the same for a police encounter that happened on Monday. It involved the controversial Sergeant Paulino Reyes who allegedly shot a man in Valley of Peace. When a police officer shoots a civilian, there is always a question of whether it was a justifiable use of force, but in Reyes' case, it becomes a matter of urgent attention because of the high profile case in March of 2010, when he shot and killed his fellow officer, Corporal Gavin Sanchez. He wasn't criminally charged because he claimed self-defense then, and he is now claiming much the same once again. Only this time, his victim was a 53 year-old resident of the Valley of Peace, Donatilo Canales, who was - according to reports - was unarmed. 7News spoke to the victim's daughter today, who said that Reyes not only abused his power of authority, but has also been intimidating the Valley of Peace residents: Lucia Lopez - Daughter of Donatilo Canales "On Monday, at around 6 p.m. in the afternoon - this is what he told me, and what I know from the witnesses - my dad was in his yard socializing. Some friends had just stopped to greet him, and pickup from the Sergeant was coming. My dad waved him 'bye', and that's what irritated the Sergeant. I don't know why but he stopped and came out of his pickup. He approached my dad and pushed him in the chest aggressively. I know that he is saying that my dad punched him in the face, but according to the witnesses, it was just a reflex. When his pushed my dad, he had to lift up his hand and barely touched his face. But I think that this is a reason to have to shoot my dad; he didn't have to use so much force. I think that he is really abusing his power that is granted to him as a police."

GSU Finds Weed In the Depths, Ammo In the Heights
And while the police raid we showed you earlier didn't unearth anything of consequence, the GSU did make a bust in another of those special zones. At around 1:00 this afternoon the GSU searched a swamp behind the residence of a person they describe as a "reputed leader" of the Complex Crew gang in the Linda Vista estate area - which is part of special area 2. They found a black plastic bag hidden under a white pot in the swamp which with 109 grams - about 4 ounces - of cannabis. They also found two other plastic bags buried in some garbage and those were stuffed with 41 rounds of 9 mm ammunition in assorted brands. And while that was buried in a swamp, this morning the GSU found live rounds hidden on a roof. They searched a rooftop of an abandoned house on Plues Street where they found a black plastic bag, covered under some linoleum. Inside the bag was a small box containing twenty eight 5.56 rounds of ammunition - the type used in M0-16 rifles. The GSU states that the abandoned house is located only two properties away from the main base of the George Street gang.

Hon. Barrow Calls Hon. J Espat A "Liar"
Over the past two days - you've heard a lot about the Public Accounts Committee - the meeting that never was, and the aftermath of recrimination, with both sides blaming the other. Today, the Prime Minister weighed in. He explained that Committee Chairman, PUP Representative Julius Espat had been referred to Government's legal advisor Gian Ghandi for legal advice on how to make a committee meeting public. The PM says Espat ignored the advice and then lied about the entire episode: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "Ghandi pointed out to him that the standing orders don't allow for that to happen, except if the committee votes otherwise, and asked him to insert a new agenda item to deal with a resolution for the work of the committee to be done in public. It can happen. Mr. Espat said that he would do that. I don't know if thereafter, he figured, 'Well, if I introduce that resolution, the UDP won't vote to support it', or whether he simply thought, 'Look, let me try and make some mileage. Let me unilaterally, illegally, and improperly invite the media, and declare that the meeting will be held in public. He turned around and said, 'Oh, well, I didn't ask for a resolution because I thought that we had done it at the last meeting, although the minutes don't reflect it. He's lying because when he spoke to Ghandi, he knew that nothing had been done to, as it were, ask for a public hearing, and that is why he agreed that he would put it on the agenda, so that it could be done at the first meeting. So, he's lying.

Faber Will Challenge Vega For Deputy; What Does It Mean For UDP?
And while the committee will have to go back in time - Mr. Barrow's party, the UDP is moving forward. It has a national convention scheduled for February of 2013 and it's what you might call a well-known secret that Chairman Patrick Faber wants to challenge Gaspar Vega as First Deputy. The campaign has already started and such a challenge to a Deputy Party Leader, while he is the sitting Deputy Prime Minister is probably unprecedented. But, that isn't stopping Faber - and the news of his challenge alone is seismic. We asked the Party Leader if it will cause a major rift in the UDP: Jules Vasquez "Do you expect a rift in your party, as there are rumors that there is a slate which will challenge Gaspar Vega for 1st Deputy Leader?" Prime Minister Dean Barrow "There is, as you say, certainly a suggestion it might be perhaps a bit more than a suggestion, that there will be a challenge. If there is, that is democracy; that is the way we in the UDP do it. While we know that any contested convention will have its fallout, I believe that our history, track record, and our culture are all such that we can deal with that sort of thing."

PM Offers Maya A Piece Of "Working Interest" In Oil
The Prime Minister also discussed the dispute about oil drilling when the media caught him this morning. As has been reported, the Mayan Villages in the Sarstoon Temash National Park will be going to the courts to try and block oil exploration in the Park and on lands deemed to be Mayan Communal Property. Today the Prime Minister revealed a new strategy - and that is to offer the communities a slice of the pie if they cooperate with the oil company: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "We're prepared to use the working interest share of the oil revenue, if there were to be a discovery in Toledo, to fund a trust on which the community leaders would have equal representation with Government, and the trust monies would then finance a community development project in the Toledo District. So, perhaps - it's going to be troubling to some people that we're actually prepared to ear-mark a share of oil revenues coming from that district for that district. The people in Blue Creek or Spanish Lookout might say, 'Why not us?' But, we think there are peculiar circumstances in Toledo, so a seat at the table for us to work out the details of the trust and how it will become posed, and how it will function, absolutely. But, if you're going to court to stop the drilling, then there will be no money, and there will be no proceeds to share."

Long Weekend Lovers, Rejoice!
The list of 2013 holidays has been announced - and you long weekend lovers do have a few things to cheer about. The first long weekend of 2013 comes on Monday, March 11th which will be observed as National Heroes and Benefactors day - which is actually Saturday ninth March. Easter - the longest weekend of the year will be observed three weeks later on March 29th through to April first. Labour day, May first, falls on a Wednesday - and will be observed on that day. But Sovereign's Day or Commonwealth Day which falls on Friday May 24th, will be observed on Monday May 27th. In September, there's no long weekend for Independence Day. The 21t falls on Saturday and will be observed on that day. But in October, Pan American Day, October 12th which falls on the Saturday - will be observed on the Monday, October 14th. All other holidays are being observed on the day on which they fall.

PM Will Ask New Mex Prez For New City Center
The City Center, it's an eyesore for anyone in the public and a heart pain for athletes. What should be the premier indoor sporting facility in the country has been in a state of abandoned ruin for more than two years. And, what's worse is that it seems to be frozen in time - almost like it's waiting to crumple to the ground - hoping no one will notice. There's been talk about a new facility for over a year - but that's like a ship on the horizon that seems to never reach the shore. The original plan was that the Mexicans would sponsor the new facility. And since the Prime Minister recently went to Mexico to meet with the outgoing President - who had promised the new facility in the first place - we wondered if maybe he gave it as a farewell gift. Well, there's no such luck, the PM says he'll have to talk to the incoming president: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "I am hopeful that President Elect Pena Nieto will be as forthcoming as President Calderon has been, and I have no doubt that generally speaking, that is going to be the case. If there are particular problems with the Civic Center project, then I repeat, I'm going to get it done locally if I have to, by way of a combined syndicated type of financing that will hopefully see SSB involved, GOB, and Belize Telemedia Limited."

Awareness Isn't Enough For Diabetes
Diabetes awareness, there can't be too much of it - particularly because more than 40 thousand Belizeans are suffering with the disease. The trouble is that half of the cases go un-detected - usually until its too late. So awareness events like today's Diabetes fair are critical - as Monica Bodden found out: Monica Bodden Reporting Today the parking lot at the KHMH was buzzing with activity as different health organizations presented booths displaying a wealth of information. As a part of celebrating World Diabetes Day, the mini Health Fair was held to educate Belizeans about the deadly disease. Dubbed as the silent killer - statics shows 13.1 percent of the adult population in Belize is living with diabetes. Those are scary numbers and the president of the Diabetes Association told us why we should start living a healthier lifestyle. Anthony Castillo - President, Belize Diabetes Association "Today, November 14, is World Diabetes Day, and what we're doing here, is to continue to create the awareness on the condition, diabetes. As I have stated earlier, statistics are showing that 13.1% of the adult population, ages 20-79, are living with diabetes. That's converts to about 45,000 Belizeans living with diabetes. So, there is an urgent need for us to continue to inform and educate persons on the condition, diabetes."

Channel 5

John McAfee still on the run; says he’s altered his appearance
Tonight, John McAfee, the US anti-virus founder, is still on the run wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, who was found dead at his San Pedro home on Sunday. His elderly father, Hart Faull, arrived in Belize today from Florida to take back his body. McAfee has been in constant [...]

P.M. denies that the U.D.P. sought election funding from McAfee
McAfee, his first brush with the law gained him notoriety in Belize. Back in May 2012, his house in Carmelita was searched by the Gang Suppression Unit. McAfee claimed he was held for long hours and it took the intervention of the US Embassy to get him released. In an interview he gave to News [...]

One burglar killed, one injured in botched break-in
Sometime around two-fifty this morning, two would-be burglars from Teakettle were shot, one died instantly. The uncle and nephew team was attempting to burglarize a container when two alert watchmen from the well known Cheers Restaurant on the George Price Highway stopped them in their tracks. Their family is stunned at the turn of events. [...]

Police and B.D.F. descend on Lake I at dawn to conduct raids
The Lake Independence area is the first to be demarcated as a crime ridden area. Since the weekend, police and B.D.F. have had a constant presence in the crime infested neighborhood and searches are being conducted without warrants. At the crack of dawn this morning, one of those searches was executed. Some residents were prepared [...]

GSU finds drugs and ammo in city operations
While the raid on PIV came up empty, another operation on Plues Street by the Gang Suppression Unit resulted in the discovery of a cache of ammunition. At about ten o’clock this morning, the GSU conducted a search on the roof of a derelict building, where they found a black plastic bag containing a small [...]

BWC and City hall make up after garbage debt debacle
Approximately forty employees were fired from Belize Waste Control Limited on Monday; twenty of them protested at City Hall since their termination was the result of an unpaid debt of over six hundred thousand dollars. BWC General Manager, George Lamb, says they needed to get the mayor’s attention and a second protest was planned for [...]

G.O.B. plans to intervene in City Hall affairs
The mending of fences between the City Hall and Waste Control is also being helped by government intervention. Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked to give his take on the huge arrears, especially at a time when the council is trying to float a twenty million dollar bond for infrastructure works. The PM says Mayor [...]

Alcalde Association not impressed with measures to ease tensions over oil exploration in the south
The government and Maya communities have been at odds over oil drilling and exploration in communal lands in southern Belize. In June 2010 Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh declared that thirty-three Maya communities had customary land tenure in their villages. That should have settled the perennial problem, but despite the court declaration, not much has changed [...]

P.M. tongue-lashes Julius Espat; but agrees media should be allowed in PAC meetings
Hearings by the Public Accounts Committee and whether they should be held public have been hotly debated for days. Its present Chair, Area Representative for Cayo South, Julius Espat, says they should; but due to wrangling among committee members, Tuesday’s hearings were held behind closed doors and then quickly adjourned. Espat maintains that the U.D.P. [...]

Trial begins against police officers and a customs boatman implicated in drug plane landing
Under extremely tight security, a trial involving police officers accused in one of the biggest drug busts in the country is currently underway. Before Justice Denis Hanomansingh in the Dangriga courts, the case started on Monday of four police officers and two others charged for aiding in the importation of cocaine into Belize. On trial [...]

3 face immigration offences in the Magistrate’s Court
Three persons were before the court for separate immigration offences today. Thirty-six year old businesswoman, Vilma Chip Coh, who is a naturalized Belizean originally from Guatemala, was charged for employing two persons without valid work permits. Chip owns Chica Picante Bar and Lounge on Mosul Street in Belize City. Allegations are that on November thirteenth, [...]

Police charge suspect for burglary at Douglas Hyde’s house
The home of the Police Department’s National Youth Program Coordinator, Douglas Hyde, was burglarized in September and police have now caught up with the suspected culprit. Today twenty-four year old Robert Young, a Mason of Freetown Sibun Street, was arraigned before Magistrate Adolph Lucas Junior for a single charge of Burglary. Young pleaded not guilty [...]

Patrick Faber versus Gaspar Vega for U.D.P. Party Leader
The Prime Minister also touched on his party’s internal politics. Minister of Education Patrick Faber will reportedly be mounting a challenge against the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. Faber wants to unseat Vega as deputy party leader. Under Vega’s watch, the U.D.P. stronghold in the north was severely diminished in the last general elections. Prime [...]

An art exhibition to celebrate the Garifuna culture
Celebrations to mark the arrival of the Garinagu to our shores take place this weekend and into Monday, the nineteenth. It means that slew of cultural activities will accompany the re-enactment of their arrival to our shores in 1832. Aside from the drums, the huddut and the punta rock, art is another area in which [...]


Rotary Governor goes on working visit to Toledo
The Governor of Rotary district 42-50 has completed a working visit to Punta Gorda town. Our Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

PUP calls emergency press conference; duscusses Public Accounts Committee meeting
The meeting of the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives on Monday was supposed to have addressed the issue of the Auditor General’s report. But things did not go exactly as planned and tonight, the events that unfolded at the National Assembly building in Belmopan on Monday has taken on a life of its own. Today the People’s United Party held what was described as an emergency press conference to address the spectacle that unfolded yesterday. Chairman of the committee, the PUP Cayo South representative Julius Espat told reporters that all he is trying to do is what he was chosen to do; former Clerk of the National Assembly Conrad Lewis described the issue ad as administrative bungling, and the PUP’s Communications Director Kareem Musa calls it political lip service by the members of the Committee from the ruling part. The other member of the Committee from the opposition, Stann Creek West representative Rodwell Ferguson, told reporters that he supports the chairman in his efforts to have the committee do its job; while Toledo East representative Mike Espat and Toledo West Representative Oscar Requeña who intended to attended as observers, call the course of action a power-play by the UDP members of the Committee. Espat announced today that he is suggesting another meeting of the Public Accounts Committee be held on December third. He says that the will be submitting that proposed date to the Clerk for circulation to the other members to see if they can make it happen. Espat also told reporters that he will be going to the National Assembly building on Wednesday to listen to audio recordings of the last meeting of the Public Accounts Committee on October first of this year.

Mother seeks urgent assistance to get medical treatment for daughter
A Belize City mother is appealing to general public for assistance to help get her daughter life saving medical treatment. Forty five year old Yolanda Ferguson has been diagnosed with, among other things, respiratory problems and acute renal failure. She is hospitalized at the KHMH and this morning her mother Everith Sadesay came to our studios to appeal for assistance. Anyone wishing to assist Yolanda Ferguson can do so through the Holy Redeemer Credit Union, account number 5-1-1-7-1. Or they can contact her mother Everith Sadesay at the KHMH.

Valley of Peace man says policeman shot him in both legs
Valley of Peace seems to have lost spirit of its name as the peace in that western community was disrupted by gunshots on Monday night. Fifty two year old Donatilio Canales, says he was talking with some friends in the village and had no idea that not long after his legs would be fractured by gunshots at the hand of a policeman. The alleged trigger man has been identified as Sergeant Paulino Reyes shot him. This afternoon, Love News visited with Canales at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he recounted the horrible ordeal he suffered last night. Love News asked Canales at what point he actually got his second leg shot According to Canales’ daughter, he had been taken to court on charges for a controlled drug, namely marijuana, but Reyes was angry because he wanted Canales to plead guilty to the charge and Canales maintained that he is innocent and the drug didn’t belong to him. Sergeant Paulino Reyes had been in the center of controversy back in 2010 when he shot a fellow police man Corporal Gavin Sanchez at the San Pedro Police Station. Reyes got off since there was no evidence to support a trial of murder. Canales alleges that he is not the first person that Reyes has assaulted in the village and we understand that people are afraid to come forward. Canales also told us that after the shooting Reyes put him to the back of his pickup, went a while to his parents home, then to the Valley of Peace Police Station before going to the Belmopan police station and later taking him to the hospital. Canales condition is stable but his daughter claims both his legs are fractured as a result.

Faull murder investigation continues; police want to talk to John McAfee
Police in San Pedro have detained two persons for questioning as their investigation continues into the murder of American national Gregory Viant Faull. The fifty two year old Faull’s body was found inside his home on Sunday morning by his housekeeper. He had been shot in the head. This morning, the police press officer Raphael Martinez told Love News that authorities also want to talk with businessman John McAfee about the incident on northern Ambergris Caye. Martinez says the police believe that McAfee is still in the country and is appealing to him to surrender himself to the authorities to answer a few questions, which could assist investigators in cracking the case. That was the police press officer, Raphael Martinez


The debate on the interpretation of the Standing Orders for the Public Accounts Committee continues
The debate on the interpretation of the Standing Orders for the Public Accounts Committee continues. The area repre...

Standing Committees of the National Asssembly
Now for a quick education on standing committees of the National Assembly: there are thirteen (13) appointed Standi...

This morning's Police crackdown targets PIV area in Belize City
The Police department has given the media access to its operation in crime ridden areas. Since the public outcry ag...

PM appeals to McAfee to turn himself in
The John McAfee hunt has made international news. As you are aware, police suspect Mcafee in the murder of an Ameri...

Students learn to be entrepreneurs
Young Belizeans are being taught to become young entrepreneurs. Yesterday in Belize City, there was a marketing exp...

Galen University launches fifteen scholarships
Galen University launched fifteen scholarships today at their campus in Central Farm. The scholarships were awarded...


The best Crispy tacos in San Pedro
I ended up at Average Joe’s and Danyelle made me one of their crispy tacos that definitely put me in a much better head space, nothing like good food to cheer a girl up. She even served it on one of those super cool taco trays to hold it upright. I saw those on ebay once and thought it was a great idea, for someone who cooks :) Casting my vote for AJ’s as best crispy tacos, add them to your must do foodie list for San Pedro.

A Trip to The Dentist Means a Trip North
My dentist in San Pedro, Dr. Mark, is as good or better as any dentist that I've ever had. His office is located behind his home about 4 miles north of the bridge. So a trip to the dentist in Belize, for me, requires a 15 minute boat ride. Dentistry as a whole in Belize is (surprisingly to some) fantastic. We have a number of dentists here in town and for those who can not afford dental work, free clinics a few times a year. So...there was really no reason for my 2 year hiatus and to be honest with you? I was a bit nervous. Who knows what terrible things can happen in 2 years. But all was perfectly fine. Joan did the cleaning, a few X-Rays and I left with a clean, cavity-free bill of health and a dentistry goodie bag. Phew. Must remember to do that more often. I had about an hour before my next water taxi so I wandered south a bit. I passed Coco Beach. They have a nice bar if you want to stop. And the beers are $6bzd...relatively cheap for "up north". The price of beer (average $5bzd in town) is definitely a factor for me...whether I like a bar or will stay away.

Belize’s Garifuna Settlement Day a Cultural Adventure
Preparations are currently underway for a uniquely Belizean holiday honouring the Garifuna, a remarkable culture and resilient race of people who continue to play a major role in shaping modern day Belize, The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator said today. Larry Waight said that while many people might be unaware of Garifuna Settlement Day, celebrated on November 19 throughout Belize, it is an important national holiday that will be celebrated at Chaa Creek with Garifuna music and food. And many people will also be surprised to learn that there will be celebrations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other North American urban centres, he said. “Growing up in Belize you automatically anticipate a day off for the feasting, music and cultural activities that make up Garifuna Settlement Day, and we forget that it’s not a big deal in other parts of the world,” he said, and added, “And that’s a shame, really, as it’s a great celebration that honours one of the most fascinating cultures on the planet.” The story of the Garifuna began with a shipwreck off St Vincent’s Island in the Caribbean in the 1600s, when surviving African slaves made it to shore and mixed with the local Arawak, or Carib, population. England took control of St Vincent in 1763, and embarked upon what became known as the Carib Wars to subdue the local population. After the Caribs surrendered in 1796 the British separated the more ethnically African people they called Black Caribs from the Amerindian Caribs and, in 1797 deported them to the island of Roatán off the coast of Honduras in 1797, from where they spread up and down the Caribbean coast, creating their own villages and steadfastly preserving a language and culture known as Garifuna or Garinagu. That language and culture is still going strong in Belize today.

International Sources

Fodor's 100 Hotel Awards 2012
One of the hotels I nominated for Fodor's "Top 100 Hotels of the World," The Lodge at Chaa Creek, was just named a winner. Here's the review I wrote for the current Fodor's Belize & Tikal Just for the record I did not write the blurb on the Fodor's site that announces the winners at, which inexplicably locates Belize in South America. Anyway, congrats to Mick, Lucy and the staff at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. --Lan Sluder The Lodge at Chaa Creek Review This was the first true jungle lodge in the Cayo, and owners Mick and Lucy Fleming—who don't seem to have aged a day since they came to Cayo (did they discover a fountain of youth here?)—have spent 30 years polishing The Lodge at Chaa Creek to a fine, rich patina. To start, the gracefully landscaped grounds, surrounded by 365 acres of rolling hills above the Macal River, are magnificent. On the grounds are the Rainforest Medicine Trail, Natural History Centre, butterfly farm, horse stables, Maya organic farm, one of the best spas in Belize, as well as a gorgeous bi-level swimming pool. There's a friendly and highly competent staff of around 100...

Long ABC TV Story on McAfee from Belize
Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Hiding in Belize: Police Locals in the Central American country say they've spotted the murder suspect.

McAfee flees from Belize authorities - should he fear the police?
John McAfee, a pioneer of antivirus software, is on the run after accusations of murder. He has said he fears for his life if caught by Belizean police, one of the most honest forces in the region. Belizeans have one of the highest levels of trust in their police. Only Chile and Haiti have more faith in their police than Belize. For comparison, Guatemala ranks the worst, with 65 percent of those surveyed saying they believe their cops are often involved in crime. In Mexico the number is 54 percent; in El Salvador, 48 percent; and Honduras, 47 percent. Another analyst based in Washington who has studied the police in Belize, and who also did not want to go on the record for this story, said the levels of police corruption in Belize, a former British colony, come nowhere close to levels in neighboring countries, such as Honduras. “The standards of policing and rule of law and application of justice are similar to what you would find in a British commonwealth,” he explains.

John McAfee Disguises Himself as Murderer
The manic bath-salted odyssey of antivirus magnate John McAfee has taken another sad, strange bend: he's adopted what sounds like the worst disguise in criminal history. Wired reports that McAfee, wanted for questioning with regards to a jungle murder, "claims to have dyed his hair, eyebrows, beard, and mustache jet black." How can we turn this into a movie if it's full of cliches like these? Also probably not very convincing on the head of a 67-year-old man. But aside from looking silly, McAfee looks downright scary: "I have modified my appearance in a radical fashion," McAfee said to Wired's Joshua Davis, "I'll probably look like a murderer, unfortunately." That... might... not be the best... disguise... John.

Belize Murder: Victim Had Confronted John McAfee Over Dogs
ABC News has obtained an exclusive copy of the complaint against McAfee, which Faull wrote on behalf of the neighborhood and filed with local officials last month. READ the complaint here. "The residents and visitors of the Mata Grande Subdivision and surrounding properties petition [local authorities] to address 3 issues affecting our safety, health and tourism," says the complaint. "These problems are all at the residence of John McAfee." The petition charges that security guards on McAfee's property "walk around with shotguns at night and up and down the beach . . . They have been known to shine spotlights right into peoples' eyes at night and act aggressively with their guns, chambering a bullet and nonsense such as this. People are scared to walk down the beach at night as a result. The tourists are terrified." The complaint also alleges that taxis and delivery trucks arrive at McAfee's house at all hours, and that "vicious dogs" on his property are running amok. "These animals get loose and run as a pack. Three residents have been bitten and three tourists have been attacked." According to the complaint, when one of McAfee's dogs attacked a young female tourist, a neighbor who had witnessed the attack confronted McAfee, who had also witnessed the attack. McAfee "did nothing about it," says the complaint. Neighbors told ABC News that Faull, who lived 300 yards from McAfee, was the person who confronted McAfee.

New World: Blue Creek Drill Finished by Mid-November
New World Oil and Gas announced Thursday that its Blue Creek No.2 well in Belize drilled to a depth of 9,282 feet on Wednesday and that it expects total depth of 10,450 feet to be reached by Nov 18. 2012. The well is drilling on the onshore B Crest prospect on New World's flagship Blue Creek Project that is located on the productive Petén Basin in Northwest Belize. The drilling programme is on budget and in line with the company's geologic prognosis, it said. New World reported last Thursday that the Blue Creek drill was ahead of schedule. The well is targeting un-risked P50 prospective resources of 92 million barrels of oil that are believed to be contained within B Crest.

New World Oil & Gas says first Belize well almost at target depth
New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) said its first well in Belize will reach its target depth of 10,450 feet by November 18 or sooner. Blue Creek #2 is currently at 9,282 feet. Under budget, New World decided to test additional, lower-lying horizons for oil and gas. Following completion of the drilling, the explorer will evaluate the intervals that have oil shows on both the mud logs recorded while drilling, and the electric logs which will be compiled after drilling. This will help it determine oil and gas saturation levels, porosity and the thickness of the reservoirs. New World will then assess at what depth and in which zones to commence well testing operations. The tight budgetary controls mean group has the cash to drill down to the Y3 formation and the Hillbank intervals. New World said there is “considerable potential for the existence of multiple productive horizons”. Its Blue Creek Project is in productive Petén basin of north-west Belize.

Smithsonian Institution Purchases Autopano Giga for Aerial Panorama of Reefs in Belize
Recently the Smithsonian contacted Panoramic Essentials to enquire about a panoramic stitching solution for a new project they are working on – photographing the reef in Belize. The Smithsonian project involved taking aerial photographs while flying over the reef, and the final image count was 10 rows of 100 images. Panoramic Essentials recommended their gigapixel image stitching software Autopano Giga, which was developed with the ability to manage multiple viewpoints and is perfect for stitching aerial photographs. Says Adam Shehadeh, Sales/Support Manager at Panoramic Essentials, “It is always nice to learn that professional as well as non-profit organizations are taking advantage of advancements in panoramic photography. Even more interesting is the tasks that this technology is being applied to. I can only imagine how amazing an aerial panorama of the reef in Belize will look like and have dreamt of this vista since we learned of its existence.” From his experience with the Smithsonian sale, Adam has noticed a pattern that has been developing overtime: photographers are having a difficult time selecting the appropriate software to complement the type of photography that they are stitching. Even though his business sells this software and as much as it benefits business when customers purchase the expensive software, it’s not always what they need and not what is recommended. When it comes to panoramic stitching software the first question a photographer must answer is what they will use it for: virtual tours, landscape panoramas, gigapixel panoramas; and will HDR be part of the creative process.

Local student competes as Miss Belize
Destinee Arnold, 19, recently competed in the 52nd Miss International Beauty Pageant held in Okinawa, Japan as Miss Belize. “As part of her wearing the crown, she got the opportunity to represent Belize at the international pageant held this year in Okinawa,” Opal Enriquez, the national director and co-owner of Queen of the Jewel, which represents Arnold, said. “We were very impressed with her work.” The competition included bikini wear, evening wear and an interview with the judges, but the contestants were also able to experience Japan. “Everyday we went somewhere different. They took us to a lot of museums so we experienced a lot of their history and culture. I really love the Okinawan people, they are very sweet. The people were really hospitable,” Arnold said. “I think that’s one of the best things about when you get to the international level is that you get to go to different countries other than the U.S. and Belize.” Arnold’s mother, Marie McDowell, said she was happy when her daughter came home, with or without a title. “The whole Japan thing was emotionally and physically draining for me because it was the first time my baby was gone anywhere so far from me without family members. For me, it was a struggle but there was not a day that I did not wake up and I did not send her an inspirational quote, a ‘Good morning’, ‘How was your day?’ ‘What are we doing today?’ I was there for her without physically being there,” said McDowell.

EU warns 8 nations about illegal fishing
The European Union is warning eight nations from around the world to improve their fight against illegal fishing or risk sanctions. EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki said Thursday that naming Belize, Cambodia, Fiji, Guinea, Panama, Sri Lanka, Togo and Vanuatu did not mean they were put on a black list, but rather they were given a warning without measures attached to it at the moment. The EU says that illegal and unregulated fishing accounts for 19 percent of global value for catches. Damanaki said that Indonesia has been cooperating with the EU for a year to counter the problem and avoided being put on the warning list. If the nations concerned do not cooperate they could face trade sanctions in the fisheries sector.

PARADISE OR HELL? A primer on Belize
AFTER tech pioneer John McAfee was named a prime suspect in a murder investigation in Belize, many of us asked: where the hell is that? Belize sounds like something you'd put in a cocktail, but it's actually a really pretty Caribbean country located at the southern end of Mexico. The country is dotted with more than a dozen ancient Mayan ruins and its coastline is even home to a 'barrier reef' - the "Belize Barrier Reef". It's a great place to float on the water on an inflatable bed, gawk at fish and coral and have a beer or a cocktail on the beach. Scuba diving is big business (although our Department of Foreign Affairs says to be careful because it's not exactly well-regulated) and the country is known for a giant sinkhole in the ocean, the "Great Blue Hole". And it's not an entirely foreign place for Australians. The country was originally settled by the Brits, cricket is a popular past time and a local variant of English is the national language - unlike most of Spanish-speaking Central and South America.

McAfee proclaims innocence, alters look to evade Belize police
In another twist to an already bizarre story, the founder of the McAfee anti-virus software company contacted an American journalist Tuesday to maintain his innocence and chronicle how he has been evading police. John McAfee, 67, has been missing since Sunday morning, when his next-door neighbor Gregory Faull, 52, was found dead in a pool of blood in a Belize beachfront home. On Tuesday, McAfee contacted Wired contributing editor Joshua Davis and said he's on the run, scared for his life — and did not commit murder. Belize police on Sunday said they wanted to question McAfee in what they described as a homicide investigation. Davis tweeted the salient details, including the former CEO saying he feared being killed in custody and — when power was cut to his hiding spot — the grim summation that "this is it." "Under no circumstances am I going to willingly talk to the police in this country," McAfee reportedly told the editor at the technology magazine. "You can say I'm paranoid about it but they will kill me, there is no question. They've been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the prime minister. I am just a thorn in everybody's side." As police raided his compound Sunday, McAfee told the writer that he hid in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe, and spent the night on a mattress infested with lice. He has continued to change locations, according to the writer's tweets.

November 14, 2012

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The San Pedro Sun

GOB unveils 2013 Public and Bank Holidays
The Government of Belize has sent out its official notice for 2013s Public and Bank Holidays. There will be 13 holidays to be observed throughout the new year. “It is notified for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and the Second Schedules to the Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, will be observed on the following days during the year 2013 in accordance with section 3 of the said Act:-

Ambergris Today

Easier Traveling with Machine Readable Passports for Belizeans
The current hand-written passports are not being recalled or phased out in anyway and it will continue to be valid until its date of expiry. It is highly recommended to get the machine readable passports for easier travelling as most countries prefer it. The passport is more widely accepted and there is less hassle when entering another country as it speeds up the process at the immigration departments. There are three colors of passports: blue for ordinary citizens, green for service personnel, and red for diplomats. The passport will be valid for ten years, has forty-eight pages, and entitles Belizeans to an automatic six month stay in member states.

International Travel Writers Visit El Secreto Resort Belize
A group of international travel writers arrived on Ambergris Caye at the beginning of the month upon invitation by El Secreto so they can experience firsthand one of Belize’s newest resorts and also promote the country’s major natural attractions. Members of the group included travel writers and photographers from Caribbean Living Magazine, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Nylon Magazine, Robb Report Exceptional Properties and Recommend Magazine arrived on November 1. Maya Island Air gave the group the VIP treatment once they arrived at Belize Phillip Goldson International Airport and gave them one of the most scenic flights to Ambergris Caye. They were whisked away for a private aerial tour of Belize’s Great Barrier Reef before flying to San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

2nd Annual Holy Cross School Toy Drive
Preparations are under way for the 2nd Annual Holy Cross School Toy Drive. Wayo's Beernet on the Beach Road will host the 2nd Annual Toy Drive Friday, November 30 from 4-8 pm. Locals and visitors are welcome to drop off a toy or cash donation for the children of Holy Cross School.

San Pedro Pioneers Celi Nunez and John Greif
John Greif made his historic landing in San Pedro in a sea plane because there was no airstrip back then in 1957. Oh, how great it is that he fell in love with San Pedro and with a native girl, Celi Nuñez. He said he thought he had landed in Heaven and I am sure he saw this angelic woman in the person of Celi Nunez and he thought she was an Angel. I was present at the soccer field when he landed and I can tell you that the entire village, some 300 persons strong, was there. Everyone wanted to see a plane for the first time in their lives. We just looked and looked at the plane in amazement.

Misc Belizean Sources

Carnival in November? An award-winning Primary School builds on its success by promoting the joy of reading with its second annual Reading Carnival
The award-winning Burrell Boom Methodist School wants to show how much fun reading can be, and is promoting that joy by holding its second Reading Carnival on Saturday, November 17, starting at 3:00 pm on the school grounds in the Village of Burrell Boom. After the success of the reading promotion last year, the dedicated teachers are looking for a repeat of the outstanding participation by students and parents alike, and are promoting a fun and educational time for all. In this carnival, children dress up as their favorite story book character and join in a colourful parade around the village, followed by a grand Fun Fair on the school grounds. According to Ms. Dawn Flowers, a teacher and one of the creators of the popular event, “there is something for everyone - food, games, a photo booth, a bouncy house, and of course the promotion of the importance of the love of reading.” The event promises to provide an evening of clean, family fun, and includes a free fireworks display. Tickets are $1.00 in advance, $2.00 at the gate and all proceeds benefit the school’s feeding program and infant playground.

Schedule for National Regatta + other stuff
The 2012 Belize National Optimist Regatta wlll take place off Central Park on Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18. Twenty six optimist boats and 26 Junior sailors will all compete against one another in three races on Saturday and three more on Sunday. The national champion will be the skipper with the lowest combined score counting all 6 races. Race One on Saturday will start at 12:00 am, Race Two, at 1:00 pm and Race Three, at 2:00 pm. On Sunday, the first race will start at 9:00am, the second, at 10:00 am, and the last one, at 11:00 am. The Awards Ceremony will take place in Central Park at 1:00 pm.

Add!ction's Blue Runway Line
Gabriela Barrera has released more pictures from the Fall Fashion show. The Add!ction Blue line is in this album. JCariddi Photography did an amazing job. "The second Runway from Add!ction on the 'Fall Fashion Show 2012'"

UB Black Jaguars Win ATLIB Volleyball
The University of Belize's Black Jaguars won the ATLIB Volleyball nationals this weekend at Falcon Field. Congratulations, Black Jaguars! "UB Black Jaguars once again have clinched the championship title of ATLIB Volleyball National Tournament... UB Black Jaguars captains Jaleel Lino, and Shantel Arnold for males and females respectively received the Championship trophies. The officials voted on Arnie Augustine, and Shantel Arnold as the Most Valuable Players of the tournament. Team Members Black Jaguars: Jaleel Lino Yserri Palacio John Paul Alvarez Rasheed Arzu Arnie Augustine Michael Neal Darlis Avila Keiron Bowen Drew Gill Francis Skeen Radin Santos Timothy Bardalez Francis Arzu :Lady Black Jaguars: Tichelle Solis Kimberly Spence Shantel Arnold Loren Henry Michelle Moore Louise Rodriguez Jane’Salazar Nelissa Ramirez Kay lani Reid Viviani Avila Lourdes Collado Marcie Jones Anijay Quiroz Congratulations Black Jaguars!"

ERI Plant Taxonomy Course
The Environmental Research Institute at UB is doing a field course on plant taxonomy from January 9th through the 23rd. The course will be held in multiple locations around Cayo, including Mountain Pine Ridge and the Belize Botanical Gardens. 2 scholarships are being offered for UB students. Entries can be submitted through December 5th.

Kurse a di Xtabai DVD's Released
Kurse a di Xtabai DVD's are now out. They are professionally done, and come in a real case. Collect the movie that was filmed solely in Cayo, features a Cayo cast, and is filmed entirely in Kriol. Four different caves, including ATM and the Offering cave, are sets in the movie. You'll also see SHJC and San Antonio. Get your copy today.

Not a time to rest on our laurels …
The new 2012/ 2013 is upon us and after a very pleasant and inactive hurricane season, we at Raggamuffin can honestly say that we are in better shape than we have ever been!! Everything that is inanimate has had a fresh look of paint – not to mention both Ragga Queen and Ragga Gal been on dry dock for renovations!! New tents, new fishing equipment, new snorkeling equipment – even a fresh load of fish charts for the boat have been purchased today!! Now we are completely broke but looking a million dollars (US of course) as we head towards Xmas and the New Year! We have reinforced the crew with Big Shane becoming our newest Captain and Tour Guide and for Ish becoming our newest Tour Leader – everybody is fresh after their time off, either on the island or as in the case of some off abroad, and ready for the season to come. Although we are arrogant enough to think that we lead the snorkeling market, we pledge to not rest on our laurels!! This is a time to improve our quality in every aspect to the business – listen to our customers more and ensure that they at all time are given a quality service and value for money and, hopefully, they will come back to Belize – not always to benefit us and do a tour again but to come back and visit the country and particularly the island that creates such a magic in every bodys heart!!

Channel 7

McAfee's Security Guard Arrested, Remanded
Tonight there are a number of major new developments in the Gregory Faull murder case. First of all, McAfee's personal security William Milligan has been charged along with his wife for two counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm and one count of possession of unlicensed ammunition. Police found them with a single action 12 gauge shotgun and a pump action shotgun along with 27 rounds of ammunition. They were arraigned and remanded to prison today. Two more persons are detained - and they are also affiliated with McAfee. Second, there is a US Forensic team in country. They arrived in the country today, examined Faull's body at the morgue - and are processing the crime scene on Northern Ambergris Caye at this hour. Third, the man named as the prime suspect, John McAffee remains in hiding tonight - at parts unknown. He gave an interview via telephone from his place of hiding to WIRED Magazine in the US today. He discusses the death of four of his dogs - which plays a prominent part in the police investigation. Those dogs named Mellow, Lucky, Dipsy, and Guerrero were reportedly poisoned on Friday night and Faull was killed between Saturday and Sunday.

Human Rights Outrage About Mayflower Search Of a Female Minor
On Last week Friday's newscast, 7News showed you the extensive police search on Mayflower Street, and the allegations made by a family against several police officers who conducted a search of their home. An 11 year-old girl told us that the officers subjected her to an inappropriate cavity search, and they violated her in the process. Well, The Human Rights Commission of Belize has now publicly condemned the actions, if indeed they are proven to be true. In a press release today, the HRCB demands quote, "that immediate action be taken by the Police Commissioner to investigate these allegations…and further that the Police Department distance itself from such intolerable behavior." End Quote. The release adds that the HRCB would like the support of other interested social partners including the National Committee for Families and Children, the Department of Human Services, UNICEF, and the Special Envoy for Women and Children, to join them in denouncing such actions. Well, it seems that the Ministry of National Security has heard them loud and clear, and this evening, they sent out a release. According to the Ministry, even though no formal complaint has been lodged by the family, the police and Human Services Departments have launched a joint investigation into the matter. The release adds that they will, quote, 'leave no stones unturned, to determine what the facts are', end quote. It finishes off by saying that if any officer is found to be culpable of the allegation, then that officer - or officers - will be dealt with accordingly.

Waste Control Continues Standoff With City
If you live on the Southside of Belize City - there's a fair chance that your garbage wasn't picked up today. And that's because the standoff between the City Council and Belize Waste Control continues - and is going into its third day tomorrow. Both sides are blaming the other - which is typical of any dispute. But, tonight there is a wrinkle - the City is warning Waste Control that it is in breach of its contract. We got both sides of the story, while looking at the bigger picture of a slowdown in garbage collection:... Jules Vasquez reporting Today 7 Garbage trucks were parked in the Belize Waste Control compound. The company's operations are at a virtual standstill - and it shows on the city's southside where it was garbage day and bins and bags were full to overflowing to falling on the street. We did see one truck out but it was collecting commercial not residential garbage. Tony Griffith - the owner of Waste Control says they simply could not afford continue operating at a loss:

Officials: Police Gun Jammed, Family: Man Shot Twice By A Cop Who Has Killed
Tonight a man is hospitalized after he was shot by a Sergeant of police. The incident happened in the Valley of Peace village just outside of Belmopan. According to Sergeant Paulino Reyes an officer attached to Special Branch - he was at the village when he saw Donatilo Canales standing on the street side. Canales who police say is a known drug dealer in the village was asked by the sergeant to move away from the street because he was loitering. Canales allegedly became aggressive and threw a punch at Sergeant Reyes - hitting him in the jaw. In defense Sergeant Reyes drew his service 9mm pistol and fired a shot at Canales left leg. The gun got jammed and he knocked Canales on the head eventually subduing him. But today Canales's daughter contacted 7news with a different account. She told us that her father was shot in both of his legs. She also denied the accusation that Sergeant Reyes made against her father which he stated that Canales punched him in the jaw. Donatilo Canales is tonight hospitalized at the KHMH. In March of 2010 Sergeant Paulino Reyes made the news after he shot Corporal Gavin Sanchez 8 times in the San Pedro Police Barracks. He also claimed it was in self-defense.

PUP Hold UDP To Publicly Account
Yesterday, 7News told you about the Public Accounts Committee meeting that never happened in Belmopan. Well, it's of significant interest because this committee, which is tasked with the investigation of how the country's finances are being spent - appropriately or otherwise - hasn't met in years. It is also the only committee which is chaired by an opposition member, in thise case, PUP Cayo South Representative, Julius Espat. According to Espat, in the last meeting, they got a consensus that the meeting could be held in public, and as a result, he invited the media and 2 elected opposition members to sit in. But, when the meeting was about the start - the Committee members from the Government's side - who are the majority - refused to allow them to stay, and as a result, members of the security forces escorted them out. We spoke to several of the members of the Government's side, including Chairman Julius Espat. We showed you their comments from yesterday, and we thought that this was the end of that issue, because essentially, nothing happened due to fact that Espat insisted to see the transcript himself, forcing the meeting to be adjourned. The PUP, however, didn't believe that the issue was aired out, and so, they called an impromptu press conference today at Independence Hall. According to them, the committee members from the GOB's side played politics and tanked the meeting before it could have gotten off the ground, and then came out and proclaimed to the media that the Chairman was to blame.

But, A New Hilux?
In our last segment you heard both sides of the dispute about the city's garbage - but there's more. They're what you might call sidebar issues: features of the current dispute that aren't a part of the central conflict but they do help to shape the overall disagreement. The first is about the Mayor's new ride a Toyota Hilux. Now, on this newscast we are loathe to discuss which public official is driving which car - because any leader or senior official should be entitled to a decent vehicle reflective of the status denoted by his or her high office. But at a time when the city can't pay to pick up garbage - the acquisition of a 2013 Hilux does seem to merit fair comment. We asked the mayor about it today:.. Jules Vasquez "Is it true that in the middle of all these financial throws the city has purchase a new Toyota Hilux?" Mayor Darrell Bradley "First of all I don't say that there is any financial throws in the city. Those are your words. In terms of the matter of the vehicle the City Council did purchase a vehicle - its right downstairs, it was purchase from Belize Diesel." Jules Vasquez "Sir, a new Hilux is like $92,000." Mayor Darrell Bradley "No it was $60,000."

Senior Citrus Grower "Goes Off" On CPBL
Two weeks ago the Citrus Growers Association dominated the news - complaining, essentially, that the Citrus Products of Belize Limited had acted unilaterally when it declared that it would be receiving deliveries of grapefruit. At the time, the competing growers group, Belize Citrus Mutual was cheerleading CPBL - saying that it was the right time to start receiving grapefruit deliveries. And that's why it caught our attention when William Bowman Sr., the Citrus grower with the greatest yields and a key player in Belize Citrus Mutual lashed out at CPBL. The reason? The factory was acting unilaterally in receiving oranges too late. In an email sent out on Saturday, he said quote: "Now we are told there is not enough fruit to justify opening for receipt of oranges until maybe the end of November. This is madness." Unquote. Sounding a lot like the folks at the CGA, he adds, quote: "CPBL likes to complain that they need more fruit for the factories yet makes decisions to suit themselves without consulting the growers." It is quite remarkable and we contacted Bowman in Stann Crek today where he says things have moved forward since that angry e-mail:..

Channel 5

McAfee, Person of Interest; not Murder Suspect
A post mortem examination on the body of Gregory Faull was conducted today at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The results have not been released, but three persons have been detained and the search continues for John McAfee. McAfee is wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, who was shot once [...]

McAfee on the run; story goes viral
US television networks such as ABC, CNBC and CBS have been following the story on McAfee who was worth at least a hundred million US dollars when he sold his antivirus company in the US. McAfee has told Joshua Davis of that he did not kill Faull and that in fact, he believes he [...]

McAfee speaks to Wired Magazine
At the top of the newscast, we reported that John McAfee was still on the lam and that he is wanted for questioning in the weekend murder of Gregory Faull. The last interview McAfee gave locally was to this station; since then he has only been speaking to the international media. One of his favorite [...]

Sgt. Paulino Reyes again? Another questionable shooting incident
Cop on Cop violence made the headlines on March 2010, when Sergeant Paulino Reyes shot and killed Corporal Gavin Sanchez inside the sleeping quarters of the San Pedro Police Formation. The corporal was shot eight times and in June, 2011, a coroner’s inquest found that Reyes acted in self defense and would not face charges. [...]

Poll shows majority support for new crime measures
Crime continues to be a major concern for citizens. Last week we asked if the public supported the new anti-crime measures that would allow police to search houses without warrants. More than half of those who voted, fifty-five percent, support the anti-crime strategy while forty-five percent said no. Turning to tonight’s question: For transparency, should [...]

Former clerk says bungled PAC meeting was an administrative fiasco
What should have been a productive meeting among members of the Public Accounts Committee to strategize a way forward, turned out to be a clerical disaster on Monday. The meeting was highly anticipated in light of an unfavorable report by Auditor General Dorothy Bradley, which highlights the fleecing of government’s finances. But before the meeting [...]

Julius maintains PAC can hold meeting before open audience
According to Espat, a personal review of an audio recording of the committee’s inaugural meeting will be done on Wednesday, after which another meeting will be scheduled for December third.  Espat further stated that he sought advice from government’s legal advisor, Gian Ghandi, on the matter of public attendance at the committee meeting.  Ghandi, he [...]

Garbage Company plans to protest City Hall again
A second round of protest against City Hall is planned for this Wednesday by employees of Belize Waste Control Limited. The protest began on Monday by twenty employees of forty who had been laid off because City Hall was in arrears of more than ten weeks to the BWC. General Manager of BWC, George Lamb, [...]

Company will continue to pick up garbage; but not the cheque
Belize Waste Control has a long standing garbage collection contract with CitCo; twenty years to be exact. But the problems with the timely payments to the company only started in 2008. Despite not being paid, Lamb says that BWC will honor its contract to collect garbage. Lamb says that there is a breakdown in communication [...]

Burn victim needs your help
The following story is about a father of two who needs your help. Twenty-one year old Kevin Martinez has been recovering for months after suffering severe burns to his body. He endangered his own life to save his family and his belongings from a fire that started on a piece of furniture.  While he is [...]

Caught in the act; man pays fine for breaking window
Dale Thompson was spared of a jail term when he pleaded guilty to damage to property. This morning Thompson appeared before Magistrate, Adolph Lucas Junior and was fined six hundred dollars, which he must pay the court by January ninth, 2013. Thompson was also ordered to pay the owner of the vehicle, woman police officer, [...]

Minor claims incest in Camalote
Police are investigating a report made by a minor and her father. The fifteen year old student of Camalote Village claims that on three occasions her stepfather had sexual intercourse with her. The crime allegedly happened on August twenty-fifth, and the sixth and seventh of November.

Is police brutality the cause of severe injuries?
A Corozal man was critically injured in a case of alleged police brutality and tonight Samir Viva remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to his girlfriend, Stephanie Sanker, he has been the victim of constant harassment by police without good reason. She says that on numerous occasions, Vivas has been picked up, [...]

One of the last living chicleros dies
Twenty years ago, our own William Neal won an award from CNN for a story on Anastacio Soler, a chiclero who was born in Benque Viejo and spent his adult life extracting chicle from sapodilla trees throughout Belize as well as in Guatemala and Mexico. Soler, one of the last remaining chiclero’s, passed away on [...]


PUP Calls Urgent Press Conference
The meeting of the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives on Monday was supposed to have addressed the issue of the Auditor General’s report. But things did not go exactly as planned and tonight, the events that unfolded at the National Assembly building ...

San Pedro Police Investigates Murder of American National
Police in San Pedro have detained two persons for questioning as their investigation continues into the murder of American national Gregory Viant Faull. The fifty two year old Faull’s body was found inside his home on Sunday morning by his housekeeper. He had been shot in t...

Trio Charged for Drug Trafficking
Three men, who were at a residence on Jane Usher Boulevard, were charged with drug trafficking when they appeared in court today. They are 33-year-old Arden Robinson, a construction worker of Jane Usher Boulevard; 33-year- old Michael Goff, a stevedore of Jane Us...

Police Sergeant Accused of Abuse
Valley of Peace seems to have lost its last name when peace was disrupted in the community by the ringing of gunshots last night. Fifty two year old Donatilio Canales, a resident of the village says he was talking with some friends in the village and had no idea that a little whi...

Prime Minister of Belize Expresses Concerns on Belize's Enforcement of Marijuana Bans
Central American leaders, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, say that the decision by two U.S. states last week to legalize marijuana will have important implications for efforts to fight smuggling in this region. According to international media reports, a declaration, fo...


A health fair in Bella Vista Village
A health fair was held on Sunday in Bella Vista village in the Stann Creek district. Love TV’s Patrick Jones reports.

Traffic Accident on the Hummingbird Highway
A Cargo truck overturned on Friday night in on the Hummingbird Highway. Love TV’s Patrick Jones reports.

Traffic Accident on the George Price Highway
There were two traffic accidents over the weekend and one of them involved a horse, which was killed. No one was injured in either incident. Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, gave the details this morning. The second accident happened on the same George Price Highway within the same general vicinity. Chicas sustained minor injuries and was served with a notice of intended prosecution.

Haylock Bus company had an inspection and had fail
Two weeks ago ten year old Martin Noble fell out of the back of a Haylock Bus that was traveling northbound from Belize City. The child suffered a severe head injury and since then, Haylock’s Bus was placed on suspension. Today, that company underwent a full inspection of all nine buses that make up its fleet. According to Transport Commissioner, Crispin Jeffries, the company had not met the requirements prior to now to resume conducting runs because it had not made all nine buses available at once. Today, however, it did and the media was there. Meanwhile, a source close to Haylock’s Bus Company says that they have added deadbolts on all their back doors to ensure that their passengers are hereafter safe.

Problems in the PUP Corozal Bay
There seems to be division within the People’s United Party up north, to be specific within the executive and supporters of Corozal Bay. Love News understands that last week PUP Roberto Pasos called for the election of a new executive for Cororzal Bay. This is after some weeks ago the northern caucus met and agreed that a new constituency executive would be elected or endorsed until January 2013. When we checked today, we were reliably informed the “election” did take place and party chairman Henry Charles Usher was present to make it official. Love news spoke with standard bearer Gregorio Garcia Jr. of Corozal Bay for a say in all of this. Garcia claims Pasos invited selected PUPs of Corozal Bay to be present this past Saturday for the election. But what is the cause for all contention? Garcia says it has to do with Deputy Party Leader Florencio Marin Jr. wanting to control. Henry Charles Usher, Chairman of PUP Garcia is considered an ally to former party Leader John Briceño. Our attempts to get in contact with Florencio Marin Jr. via phone for comments proved futile. But while Marin was incommunicado, the chairman of the PUP Henry Charles Usher was not. He spoke with Love News this afternoon about the situation in Corozal Bay

BWC took to the street in protest
About twenty employees of Belize Waste Control took to the streets in protest this morning by picketing the offices of the Belize City Council on North Front Street. The reason for the protest, according to the workers, is a delay in payment to the company from City Hall Love News spoke with the general manager of Belize Waste Control, George Lamb and we also spoke with Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley. It seems that somewhere along the way this is a problem of either misinformation, lack of communication or an out of control financial situation, in any case, you be the judge. Meanwhile Lamb stated that it is the duty of the City Council to take care of the employees. Lamb told us he hasn’t been able to communicate with the mayor, but Mayor Bradley denies the allegations. And so unfortunately Lamb says sanitation workers will be given the boot. When asked Lamb said he could not comment as to how much employees would be laid off but he said it could be more than twenty. Mayor Bradley outlined his councils obligations. Lamb said today’s demonstration shows the employees have had enough while the mayor highlighted what were in the plans in terms of payments due to the workers. When Love News left the Mayor’s office after about a ten minute interview, the street was already clear of protestors without a speck of them in sight. This afternoon we were informed by councilor for Sanitation, Dion Leslie that works have been mobilized and three trucks with a crew of about twenty had been deployed to pick up garbage in the north side of Belize City. Tomorrow this same group will be picking up garbage in the south side starting around 7:00 am. Leslie said the schedule will go back to normal which means that garbage will be picked on the north side on Monday and Thursday and on the Southside on Tuesday and Friday. This will be continued until a mutual understanding can be reached between the council and the Belize Waste Control.

Two stabbing in Dangriga town, one man charged
Two stabbings were reported Dangriga town over the weekend. Police press officer Rafael Martinez gave reporters the details. Police have charged Austin Williams of Dangriga with Wounding and Aggravated Assault. The second stabbing happened at nine the same night, according to the police. Police are looking for a suspect regarding this stabbing.

52 year old man Murder in the San Pedro Town
Police are investigating a murder shrouded in mystery on La Bonita over the weekend, which claimed the life of a US National. It happened at the home of fifty two year old Gregory Viant Faull, located almost six miles north of San Pedro Town itself and the discovery was made at around eight on Sunday morning. The Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, told reporters today that while they have several leads, there is no motive.


Cayo man claims Police brutality
A man was shot in a ‘peaceful’ community yesterday evening. The community is named Valley of Peace but yesterday ev...

John McAfee goes in hiding after murder of Gregory Faull
John McAfee has been marked as a suspect for the murder of Gregory Faull. Yesterday we reported on the murder of 52...

Two men arraigned for death of Dennis Williams
Last week Thursday 54 year-old Dennis Williams, was shot and killed at his workplace

Three arrested for stolen skiff
A man got had his stolen skiff and engine returned to him. Russell Gongora's vessel called "Rayannie" went missing ...

Linsford Logan sentenced to three years for Drug Trafficing
Linsford Logan, a resident of Taylor's Alley, has started a 3-year prison sentence. Logan was convicted of Drug Tra...

PUP plan educational campaign on referendum
The PUP in a recent press release categorically stated that it does not have an official position regarding the rol...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

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Public Accounts Committee divided over whether deliberations should go public – PUP say yes, UDP say no. The first planned business session of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), a standing committee of the House of Representatives, could not get off the ground this afternoon as planned, because of continued schism between the four ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) members and the two Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) members over whether the session should be kept private or opened to the public, as parliamentary rules can permit. Near the start of the session, set to begin around 2:00 p.m. today inside the National Assembly Chambers in Belmopan, Opposition chairman of the meeting, Julius Espat, reiterated his call for the meetings to go public. Espat told Amandala that in the gallery at the time were KREM’s YaYa Marin-Coleman and two elected members of the House of Representatives: Toledo East Mike Espat and Toledo West Oscar Requeña. The UDP members of the PAC refused to allow Espat, Requeña and Coleman to sit and witness the meeting, Espat said. The Clerk of the National Assembly, Eddie Webster, said at the meeting that no invitation was given to the public by the National Assembly. Making the meeting public, Webster told Espat, “is not your prerogative.” Espat maintained, however, that the PAC members had at their last meeting agreed to go public. However, UDP member of the committee, Michael Finnegan, rebutted, saying “nobody agreed.” “You [PUP] are 2 and we [UDP] are 4,” Finnegan said. Another UDP member also took issue with having members of the public present: Patrick Faber took issue with what he said Espat was “trying to pull” by opening the meeting and having the media come into the meeting. That was never the intention of the rules, Faber said, indicating that information is to be made public by making transcripts of their meeting available to the public.

Police say they seek millionaire John McAfee as “a person of interest” Gregory Viant Faull, 52, an American retiree of Miami, Florida, was found shot to death in his home in the Mata Grande area about six miles north of San Pedro at about 7:20 yesterday morning, Sunday, November 11, by his maid who came to clean his house. Police said that sometime on Saturday night, November 10, Faull was fatally shot in the head. He was taken to the San Pedro Town Polyclinic, where he was declared dead on arrival. He lived alone in the house, and was last seen alive around 10:00 that Saturday night. Rafael Martinez, Police Press Officer, told Amandala tonight that they are looking for American John McAfee, 67, inventor of McAfee Antivirus, Faull’s neighbor, as a person of interest who may be able to help them with their investigation. He said that when they went to McAfee’s home, no one was found there. Martinez told reporters this morning at the weekly police press conference that an expended 9mm case was found in the room in which Faull was found, but that no possible motive for his murder has yet been established. San Pedro police also confirmed that there were no visible signs of forced entry to the building. Although there was no sign of forced entry, however, a laptop computer and an i-Phone were discovered missing from the house. A team of investigators from Belize City visited the crime scene, along with members of the San Pedro police, and the scene was reprocessed. During the process, neighbors were interviewed.

Thompson and Jenkins are accused of killing Dennis Anthony Williams In the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, Ashton Thompson, 18, a resident of #101 Cemetery Road, and Stephan Jenkins, 18, a resident of #15 Mayflower Street, were charged with murder. Police believe that Thompson and Jenkins are the youth who shot and killed Dennis Anthony Williams, 54, last Thursday, November 8, 2012. Williams, an employee of Three Stars Quality Chicken located at #46 Vernon Street, was at work at midday, when at least four persons attempted to rob the business at gunpoint. Williams put up a fight, but during the struggle with one of the assailants, he was fatally shot. Police quickly responded to the scene and were able to apprehend Thompson and Jenkins, the men they believe to be the ones responsible for Williams’ death. No pleas were taken from the men because the charges are indictable and will be heard in the Supreme Court.

Belize Waste Control manager says the company hasn’t been paid for almost 3 months, and is owed about $600,000 Around 40 sanitation workers, who have been released from their jobs by Belize Waste Control limited because of lack of funds, picketed the Belize City Council at about midday today. The picketing was conducted on North Front Street in front of the Council, and the workers said that they will continue their protest until the Council pays the company, so they can be paid and are able to resume work. Elliston Lamb, the manager of the Belize Waste Control Ltd., told Amandala that the company had exhausted their resources and could no longer keep on the workers. He said that the company is owed around $600,000, and had not received payment going for about three months, from September. Lamb said he had been trying to meet with Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley to get the money that was due them, but to no avail. He said that to date, the mayor has not seen him. A skeleton crew is kept to do basic garbage collection, he said, but the majority of the workforce has been released. When told that the Mayor, on a television interview, had said that the council was on top of its obligations and was meeting its commitments, Lamb, who became visibly upset, said that he would never tell a lie on the Mayor, but what the Mayor said on the television interview was not reality, and was not what the books were reflecting.

President of the National Garifuna Council (NGC), Robert Mariano, has declared open Garifuna Week 2012, a highlight of which will be T.V. Ramos Day to be observed on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, with a memorial to the founder of Garifuna Settlement Day, who continually urged productivity among his people and who for decades lobbied for the formal recognition of Garinagu contributions through the declaration of a public and bank holiday. Despite that major milestone which Belizeans join in celebrating each year on November 19, “something has gone wrong…” Sebastian Cayetano, a founding member of the National Garifuna Council’s branch in Belize City and the owner and manager of Luba Garifuna Museum in Belize, highlights the plight of Garifuna males, particularly those in their 20s and 30s, who, he said, are not being as productive as they should be. “Something has gone wrong and unfortunately, with men doing less and less of the work and the mothers doing more and more of the work. I don’t know why this is but it has to change because hard work is good…” Cayetano urged. “It gives a man self-respect when he brings something home to the family,” he said. Children need to see the men in their community working hard, Cayetano stressed. “We need to get our men skilled, because our women are going there, and going there strong,” said Cayetano, a junior college teacher, who also points to a huge disparity in the schools, where women are pushing more than men to attain higher education.

The results are in for Week 11 games played over the weekend in the Premier League of Belize Opening Season tournament 2012-2013. And with the BDF vs Juventus game set to be officially completed on Wednesday, and a major miracle needed for Juventus to eclipse the 3-0 BDF lead, it now looks like a very tight 3-horse race in both the North and South zones, as we wind down to the last few weeks of regular season. On Saturday night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, home standing Belmopan Bandits shut out Juventus, 3-0, with goals from David Trapp (21 min), Lincoln Wiltshire (46 min) and Floyd Jones (75 min). Meanwhile, at the Norman Broaster Stadium, it was 1-1 between San Ignacio United and visiting R.G. City Boys United. Floyd Lemus (56 min) put San Ignacio in front, but Jason Young (70 min) equalized for City Boys. On Sunday, victory came late for Belize Defence Force, who got 2nd half goals from Luis Mendez (71 min) and Ryan Simpson (85 min) to clinch the 2-1 win over home-based San Felipe Barcelona, whose only goal came in injury time from Jaziz Wicab (90+min) at the San Felipe Football Field. Police United FC were shocked, 3-1, by Verdes FC at the FFB Stadium. Julio Ayala (38 & 78 min) struck twice and Rodney Torres (82 min) once for Verdes, while Daniel Jimenez (62 min) got the sole tally for Police. At the MCC Grounds in Belize City, F.C. Belize had their way with San Pedro Sea Dogs who were without their leading striker Jesse Smith. Ryan Gill (45 min) got the go ahead goal for F.C. Belize just before the intermission; and Avian Crawford (48 &74 min) added two more before San Pedro managed a late consolation goal by Linden Galvez (90+ min), as F.C. Belize cruised to a 3-1 home win. And down south at the Placencia football field, defending champions Placencia Assassins broke out of their 2-game losing streak with a 5-1 whipping of visiting Paradise/Freedom Fighters. Sharing the scoring for the Assassins were Garry Young (36 min), Bernard Linares (39 min), Dalton Eiley (48 min PK), Ashley Torres (78 min PK) and Zerrick Torres (88 min). The consolation goal for the Freedom/Fighters was by Victor Franco (82 min)

Critics say that nothing came out of the September 2003 Belize Black Summit held in Belize City. When I sent out feelers a couple years ago to see if we could organize another such summit, that was the criticism I heard. This was, of course, discouraging, because our small group had worked so hard for so many months to put together the 2003 effort. This was a production of the UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) and the World Garifuna Organization (WGO). The National Garifuna Council (NGC) boycotted the summit. I have to tell it like it is. The NGC did not give any public explanation for their boycott, but one imagines it was because of issues with Dr. Ted Aranda, the WGO leader. On the other hand, who knows, perhaps it was I who was the problem. I always felt that such a summit, once we could actually stage one, would become an annual event, because the situation in the black community, especially Belize City, had become so violent. I had first sought to organize such a black summit in late 1993, one reason because it would have coincided with the 25th anniversary of UBAD on February 9, 1994. Because the UDP were in power at the time, and there has always been this feeling at high levels in the UDP that they can look out for the interests of black people without interference from such as Partridge Street, twenty years ago I was sure they would put obstacles in the path of such a venture. When the unprecedented Belize Black Summit was held in 2003, it was with the PUP in power. Both the ruling PUP and the Opposition UDP gave support to the summit, and we were all grateful in the UEF and WGO. It was too much to expect that one summit would materially affect, for the better, conditions which had been the product of three hundred years of slavery, colonialism, and racism. The black summit, I repeat, should have been an annual affair.

Dear Editor, As the evenings come earlier now, and the light fades so quickly, we all need to take extra care to avoid these tragic accidents that always seem to plague our highways at this time of the year. I drove to the city from Ladyville one night last week at around 5.30, and was thoroughly frightened by the behaviour of many drivers and riders using the road. By this time of the evening, it’s difficult to make out a vehicle without sidelights on, more so when confronted by another vehicle blinding you with its high beams. How does a man, wearing dark working clothes, on an unlighted road, on a bike with no glimmer of a light, think he’s going to be seen? If he doesn’t fit his bike and clothes with reflecting tape, he is just asking to become another statistic. The small reflectors often fitted to the pedals have an up and down motion that screams “BIKE” at a following driver. Isn’t the small expense worth it to save a rider’s life?

Following a meeting in Mexico City today, Mexican president Felipe Calderón, Belize prime minister Dean Barrow, Costa Rica president Laura Chinchilla, and Honduras president Porfirio Lobo sealed a 10-point declaration in which the leaders, speaking of the need for a much more secure and stable region, called for a more concerted effort in the war against drugs and transnational organized crime through efforts to prevent, sanction and combat the worldwide scourge. The leaders, who pointed to the need for a hemispheric cooperation program against organized and transnational crimes, said that the best efforts so far have been futile in that the use of these illicit substances continues to increase globally. Barrow, Calderon, Chinchilla and Lobo called upon the international community to use scientific studies to identify strategies to control the drug market and prevent the transshipment of illicit substances that trigger high levels of crime and violence in Central America and which threaten societies and governments in the region. The declaration said that the need has arisen for an in-depth analysis of the public policy and health implications emerging out of moves in some countries to allow the legal production, consumption and distribution of marijuana. The legalization effort, the leaders indicate, is “a paradigm shift” and they called on the OAS Secretary-General, pursuant to the mandate given at the 6th Summit of the Americas held earlier this year, to review the impact of new policies, such as the legalization of marijuana.

Following the publication of an Extraordinary Gazette last week, dated November 8, 2012, the Crime Control and Criminal Justice (Special Areas) (Belize City) Order, 2012, which declares five Southside Belize City zones for special security forces operations—including warrantless searches—is now in full effect and the order will last for a maximum of 30 days. As the accompanying map shows, the five special areas, declared “crime-ridden” under Part IV of the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act [Special Provisions for Crime-Ridden Areas], are all located on the City’s Southside and west of Central American Boulevard, in the St. Martin De Porres area. The accompanying map gives a visual of where these “special areas” – as small as a block – are located. More specifically, the order details that “special area 1 or zone 1 encompasses all that area north of Garbutt Street, west of Giles Street, south of Cumberbatch Street and east of MY Street, north of M and M Street and west of Garbutt Street. “Special area 2 or zone 2 encompasses all that area south of Police Street Extension, east of the junction of Linda Vista Street and the [George Price Highway], and west of Lacroix Boulevard. “Special area 3 or zone 3 encompasses all that area south of Holy Emmanuel Street, west of Lacroix Boulevard, north of Police Street extension and east of Emma Street.

Week 2 of the quarterfinals home-and-away series in the FFB Inter-District Champion of Champions tournament was played yesterday, and the 4 aggregate winners are set to commence semifinal series this coming Sunday. Having won game 1 at the MCC by a 1-nil score, Brown Bombers of Belize City needed at least a draw, but they got a 2-1 win over Progresso FC at the Louisiana Field in Orange Walk, to seal their place in the semifinals with the 3-1 aggregate score. Bombers goals came from Jermaine Foster (4 min) and Denfield Lemott (84 min), while Dennis Charley (10 min PK) got the sole tally for Progresso FC. San Antonio FC had gotten a 2-1 home win last week, and needed only a draw against Madrid FC at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan yesterday, and that is exactly what they got, a 2-2 draw, sending San Antonio to the semi’s. Edwin Guerra (19 min) and Eric Moralez (63 min) shook the net for Madrid FC, while Darnell Mossiah (3 min) and Ian Daniels (71 min) secured the draw for San Antonio, who are aggregate 4-3 winners. Out west at the Norman Broaster Stadium, Santa Elena Synergy FC could only play for pride in front of their home fans, having suffered a humiliating 6-1 loss to Independence Scorpions the previous week. Santa Elena pulled out the 1-nil win yesterday with a late goal from Calbert Neal (91+ min), but the Scorpions are still safely into the semifinals with their aggregate 6-2 series victory.

In corporate America, they use the term “glass ceiling” to refer to limits on how high an executive can reach in certain corporate structures, limits because of that executive’s race or gender or some such characteristic. A glass ceiling is something which is invisible, but which will effectively block your rise upwards. Looking back after 23 years, we believe that there was a glass ceiling in place where KREM Radio was concerned. The political initiative which the Opposition People’s United Party came up with to support the concept of a radio station controlled by Amandala, which had become Belize’s leading newspaper in 1981, was more radical than it appeared at the time – 1989. The PUP were desperate to return to power, and they believed that Amandala had the ground support which could put them over the hump, so to speak. There was a problem, though, and that problem was that a private radio station in the hands of the organization which already owned the leading newspaper would increase the power of the Partridge Street group. Partridge Street was a business which had emerged from the ashes of a black-conscious organization, and Partridge had a roots record in the community. Belize’s power structure is a shadowy one. They run things from behind the scenes; they are the ones who control the large donations for the two major political parties, donations without which the parties could not run the lavish election campaigns which they do. The leaderships of the PUP and the UDP know that their policies and their candidates must be acceptable to the Belizean power structure (or oligarchy).

Fascinated with planes since childhood, the teen wants to be an aerospace engineer St. Louis University sophomore Dorien Villafranco, 19, a Belizean youth studying to be an aerospace engineer, topped this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) exams for associate degree students in Belize, making him the 2012 Belize Open Scholarship winner. Villafranco, a 2012 graduate of St. John’s College Junior College, left Belize for the USA on a Jesuit scholarship in August to pursue his major in aerospace engineering, with physics and math as minors. On Tuesday morning, at about 6:30, his mother, Audrey Villafranco, who works at the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), called him to share the good news with him, after hearing it announced on the airwaves. Villafranco told us that although he had seen his grades online in August, he did not know that he had ranked #1 for Belize. According to the Ministry of Education, Dorien Villafranco obtained six (6) grade I’s in Caribbean Studies, communication studies, physics unit 1, physics unit 2, pure mathematics unit 1 and pure mathematics unit 2. He also ranked 1st in Belize for each of the six subjects. Amandala readers will recall that two years ago, in 2010, Villafranco had placed first in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations with 15 grade 1 passes.

International Sources

Still on the Lam, John McAfee Says He’s Now In Disguise
It doesn’t sound like much of a disguise, but John McAfee is doing his best to change his appearance as he continues to evade the police in Belize. In a case that seems to get more bizarre by the day, the 67-year-old has continued to call me with semi-hourly updates. The latest disclosure: He claims to have dyed his hair, eyebrows, beard, and mustache jet black. “I have modified my appearance in a radical fashion,” McAfee said, “I’ll probably look like a murderer, unfortunately.” The American antivirus pioneer is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of Gregory Faull, 52, an American expatriate and neighbor of McAfee’s. They both have beachside properties on the island of Ambergris Caye, about 20 miles off the Belize coast. Faull was found dead, face up in a pool of blood, in his villa Sunday morning, shot once in the back of the head. Faull had complained about the barking of McAfee’s dogs — McAfee kept 11 at his beachside compound — and four of those dogs were poisoned Friday night.

Belize’s Garifuna Settlement Day a Cultural Adventure
Preparations are currently underway for a uniquely Belizean holiday honouring the Garifuna, a remarkable culture and resilient race of people who continue to play a major role in shaping modern day Belize, The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator said today. Larry Waight said that while many people might be unaware of Garifuna Settlement Day, celebrated on November 19 throughout Belize, it is an important national holiday that will be celebrated at Chaa Creek with Garifuna music and food. And many people will also be surprised to learn that there will be celebrations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other North American urban centres, he said. “Growing up in Belize you automatically anticipate a day off for the feasting, music and cultural activities that make up Garifuna Settlement Day, and we forget that it’s not a big deal in other parts of the world,” he said, and added, “And that’s a shame, really, as it’s a great celebration that honours one of the most fascinating cultures on the planet.” The story of the Garifuna began with a shipwreck off St Vincent’s Island in the Caribbean in the 1600s, when surviving African slaves made it to shore and mixed with the local Arawak, or Carib, population.

UCF bar owner killed in Belize
A UCF bar owner was found dead in Belize. Police have named a suspect in Gregory Faull’s murder, John McAfee of McAfee anti-virus. Faull’s bar is Tailgater’s Smokehouse at UCF, where the news has saddened his patrons. Patrons say Faull would go table to table in his restaurant and really get to know the people who went there, like Steve Vladyka. “You know, he’d always sit there and talk to us and he would always come out and spend time to talk with the customer,” Vladyka said. Faull was found laying in his own blood Sunday near San Pedro. Faull was shot in the back of the head and police have identified a suspect -- John McAfee. He’s the 67-year-old founder of McAfee anti-virus. “My heart goes out to his wife. She would also always come over," Vladyka said. "She was a real nice lady and would always come over and talk to us and they always seemed happy together.” Vladyka says Faull loved offshore fishing quite a bit, which could explain the attraction to Belize.

Family of Orlando man killed in Belize 'shocked'
The family of a longtime Orlando resident found shot dead in Belize is "shocked and saddened" by his slaying, the family said in a statement. "We are shocked and saddened by the murder of Gregory Faull, a loving father, son and brother who will be remembered as an independent, hard working man full of initiative and a love of adventure," it said. Police in the Central American nation said Monday they are looking for John McAfee -- the founder of the antivirus software company McAfee Inc. -- to question him about the slaying. McAfee lived next door to Faull, 52, who was found with a gunshot wound to his head inside his two-story home north of San Pedro, a town on the island of Ambergris Caye. "Losing Greg leaves a hole in our hearts and our lives. We urge law enforcement authorities in Belize and internationally to bring those responsible to justice quickly," Faull's family said. According to the statement, Faull founded a successful construction business, Gregory V. Faull, General Contractor Inc., which worked on commercial projects at Disney World and other theme parks. He later built a bar on the campus of the University of Central Florida, the first on-campus restaurant with a liquor license.

Latin American leaders call for international drug review after Colorado and Washington marijuana votes
Leaders from Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica met recently to discuss the implications of Colorado and Washington’s votes last week to legalize marijuana in their states. The meeting highlights the tricky balance of power that hangs between state governments, the U.S. federal government and international governments. The relationship between the U.S. state and federal governments is complicated enough without getting international concerns involved—the Obama administration has intervened in California to shut down that state’s medical marijuana pharmacies despite being legal on a state level, and they’ve yet to say how they’ll handle Colorado and Washington fully legalizing consumption by anyone 21 years or older. Throw international concerns into the mix and it really gets complicated. Marijuana is currently illegal in Mexico, where the U.S. backs a massive war on drugs that has killed 60,000 people in rencent years with collateral damage spreading to civilians far beyond the cartels. With American demand driving Mexican supply, it seems decriminalizing both consumption and production like Colorado and Washington just did could prove a pathway to end the madness. The Global Commission on Drugs announced last year that the drug war had failed and called to decriminalize drugs worldwide. Replacing black markets with legitimate markets would eradicate drug crime and governments’ military-grade wars on cartels.

Clock ticks on Belize debt restructuring
Latin America is no stranger to sovereign debt restructurings, boasting a long and inglorious history of governments reneging on their creditors. The latest is Belize, which defaulted on its international debts this summer. Belize’s $547m bond due in 2029 constitutes just over half of the country’s total indebtedness, presently at about 70 per cent of the country’s $1.4bn gross domestic product, according to central bank figures. The bond is itself the product of a past debt restructuring in 2006-07, which consolidated the country’s international debts into one instrument. However, the bond included provisions for its payments to increase over time, and earlier this year the coupon rose to an annual 8.5 per cent. Belize’s government – headed by prime minister Dean Barrow – decided that the coupon increase was too painful, given its forecasted Bz$75.2m ($38m) budget deficit in 2012-13, and started preliminary restructuring talks with its creditors.

SLIDESHOW: Garífuna life in Belize
A thriving Afro-Caribbean community Despite being declared endangered by the United Nations in 2001, the Garinagu -- one of the smallest cultural groups in Belize -- has managed to sustain its traditions through music, dance, food and worship. The Garifuna people are descendants of Carib Indians (South American natives who settled on the Caribbean island of St Vincent) and West Africans who were said to have escaped from Spanish slave ships in 1635 and made the island their home. Resistant to the arrival of the British to St Vincent in 1763, the Garinagu fought attempts to use their land for sugar cane plantations and many were killed or imprisoned. Those remaining were exiled to Honduras and eventually migrated by dugout canoe along the Central American coast, reaching Belize in 1802. Today, Garinagu communities make up only 4% of Belize’s more than 325,000 people, and most can be found along the country’s southern coast in the towns of Dangriga and Punta Gorda and the villages of Hopkins, Barranco and Seine Bight. (Lebawit Girma)

VIDEO: Howler Monkeys hollaring
We stayed at Chabil Mar Villas in Placencia. Percy, our guide on the Monkey River tour was awesome. He picked us up by boat at the Pier at Chabil Mar. Since he was born and raised in Monkey River he was very knowledgeable and his personality just made the whole tour come alive.

November 13, 2012


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The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Waiting III
The bus had a cardboard sign in the front with the word “Benque” scribbled on in blue marker. Celestino slept most of the way, only waking up when another man sidled up to his seat and sat down. He had on a straw hat, with a long-sleeved shirt rolled to the elbows, and his pants were held up by suspenders. The man’s forearms and hands had been browned by the sun, but it did not have the sheen of dark ash like his skin did. A farmer – someone who spent his hours in the sun, skin burning to a golden and on to a burnished brown as the years went by.

Valid: Monday-Monday, Nov. 12- 19, 2012

Here is the Weekly Weather Outlook. To date this winter season 2012-2013, we have had two cold front passages over Belize. On the average we get about 12 cold fronts crossing Belize.

A moist east-northeasterly airstream is producing rain and light to moderate showers mostly over the seas and coastal areas of the Belize, Stann Creek and Toledo districts this morning. The rain clouds have spread inland over the Cayo, southern Orange Walk and Toledo districts by noon, as indicated by the latest IR satellite images.

An active frontal boundary in the Gulf region of the southern USA will drift southwards over the next 24 to 48 hours, but the southern portion of this cold front will weaken and dissipate as the upper level support ceases, and the surface continental high stops advecting cold air southward, as it shifts to the NE.

A backing in the low level flow over Belize and the NW Caribbean is expected by the next 48 to 72 hours, as the cold front and the building high pressure ridge edge southwards in the central Gulf by Wednesday; however by Friday the flow will be returning to a drier easterly airstream. Thus, we can expect the moist, unstable airflow to remain over the region through Wednesday and early Thursday, drying out as we move into Friday and the holiday weekend.

No tropical cyclone is expected to form over or move into the Caribbean region during the next five to seven days.

Rainfall rates over the sea and coastal regions of Belize will be ranging from 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch Monday through Wednesday in moderate showers and periods of rain. Daily rainfall accumulations will be less over the rest of the country, with daily totals of only 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch, generally. The rains will diminish over all districts and coastal water later on Thursday through the holiday on Monday, except for localized heavier showers over southern coastal areas late Sunday through Monday.

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The San Pedro Sun

Coconuts – the heart of Caribbean cuisine and culture
How can you conjure up an image of a tropical paradise without including the quintessential coconut tree? Graciously lining white sandy beaches, the swaying sentinels stand tall, armed with clusters of green or yellow coconuts while casting fronds of shade below them. Although the coconut palm is a gorgeous testimony to tropical adaptation, with its leaves designed to endure brutal winds and its long, thin trunk pliable enough to bend with the breeze, it is its fruit that is truly remarkable. The coconut is considered a tropical drift seed, designed to survive for months, even years at sea.They are very buoyant and their thick, protective shells are impervious to salt water. During their long voyages they can cross entire oceans, perhaps colonizing the shores of a coral atoll or isolated volcanic island. Sea dispersal is a hit-or-miss method; after a long, perilous journey, other dangers await the vulnerable seedlings. They may perish in the parched sand without adequate moisture or be quickly devoured by ravenous land crabs. But when they are successful in finding a place to plant their roots, the results are beaches lined with custodial coconut trees that help sand from eroding while providing habitat for many shore critters. Found throughout the tropics and sub-tropic areas, the coconut is known for its great versatility, and has been cultivated and harvested for centuries. Coconuts are different from other fruits because they contain a large quantity of “water” which is not only nutritious but delicious, and when immature the tender pudding-like insides are devoured like candy.When mature they still contain some water and can be used as seednuts or processed to give oil from the kernel, charcoal from the hard shell and the fibrous husk can be used for making products such as floor mats, brushes and mattress. The oil and milk derived from it are commonly used in cooking and frying and coconut oil is also widely used in soaps and cosmetics.

US National murdered on North Ambergris Caye; John McAfee wanted for questioning
A US National was murdered on Ambergris Caye sometime between the night of Saturday, November 10th and Sunday November 11th on northern Ambergris Caye. The police are yet to make an arrest but are looking for John McAfee, who they believe may be able to assist them in their investigation. The incident took place in the Mata Grande area some six miles north of San Pedro Town and the victim has been identified as 52-year-old Gregory Viant Faull, a retired American of state of Miami, Florida USA. Faull was found by a housekeeper inside his living room with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. According to Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez, 39 year old Laura Tun, a housekeeper of the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town arrived at around 7:20AM at Faull’s residence to conduct routine house cleaning. Tun reported to police that after she entered the house, she noticed Faull in a motionless state and lying on the floor of the front living room.

International travel writers visit El Secreto, Ambergris Caye’s newest luxury resort
El Secreto Resort will no longer be a “secreto” after the new resort hosted a visit from five international travel writers and photographers. The group arrived on November 1st and during their stay, they explored the many activities available for visitors to the island. Representatives from Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Caribbean Living Magazine, Robb Report Exceptional Properties, Nylon Magazine and Recommend Magazine were the five international magazines that were invited to experience “El Secreto” and in addition, get to know more about Ambergris Caye and Belize. One of the first things the group of five did was to do a flyover over the Great Blue Hole with Maya Island Air. The Blue Hole is a sink-hole cave believed to have been formed when the walls of a cave collapsed. The marine destination is considered one of Belize’s biggest gems, sitting right beside Halfmoon Caye in the Halfmoon Caye Marine Reserve and National Park. Following their flyover, the group was transferred to San Pedro Town and eventually to El Secreto. While on Ambergris Caye, they had the opportunity to snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and at Shark Ray Ally, one of the most visited marine parks in the country. They were given a tour of the downtown area of San Pedro while visiting some of the popular local spots. The group also had the chance to dine at one of San Pedro’s most popular restaurants, Elvi’s Kitchen.

Eric Donis – San Pedro’s Ironman
The country is filled with young aspiring individuals. They dream big and work hard towards accomplishing their goals. San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, is no different. As you walk the streets you come across hopeful musicians, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs. This week, The San Pedro Sun takes the opportunity to formally introduce our readers to a young man who has inspired many with his ambitions and amazing athleticism. At the young age of 17, Eric Donis has already accomplished much, having athletically competed both locally and internationally and represented very well – bringing home countless trophies and medals.

Ambergris Today

International Travel Writers Visit El Secreto Resort Belize
Members of the group included travel writers and photographers from Caribbean Living Magazine, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Nylon Magazine, Robb Report Exceptional Properties and Recommend Magazine arrived on November 1. Maya Island Air gave the group the VIP treatment once they arrived at Belize Phillip Goldson International Airport and gave them one of the most scenic flights to Ambergris Caye. They were whisked away for a private aerial tour of Belize’s Great Barrier Reef before flying to San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

Island Resident Murdered on Northern Ambergris Caye
An official Police report stated that on Sunday, November 11, 2012, at 8:00am, acting upon information received, San Pedro Police visited 5 ¾ miles North of San Pedro Town where they found the body of a male person lying face up in a pool of blood with an apparent gunshot wound to the upper rear part of his head, presumably dead. The man was identified to be that of 52-years-old, Gregory Viant Faull. The report stated that investigations revealed that on Sunday, November 11, 2012, at 7:20am Laura Tun, 39-year-old, Belizean housekeeper of Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town, went to the house of Mr. Faull to do her daily chores when she saw him laying inside of the hall motionless. Faull was last seen alive around 10:00pm on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

San Pedro Diabetes Association Holds First Awareness Walk
The San Pedro Diabetes Association held its first ever Diabetes Awareness Walk on Sunday, November 11, 2012. The newly formed group has started working hard in creating awareness of diabetes and helping those with the illness. The walk commenced at 6:30am from Central Park, headed south of the island to Victoria House and came back to the park where breakfast was served to those who participated. Throughout the walk posters with information were carried and leaflets were handed to passers-by. November is the month established as diabetes awareness month and in many parts of the world many organizations carry out month-long series of activities aimed at raising diabetes awareness and calling for urgent action to tackle the diabetes epidemic.

San Pedro High School Shines In CSEC Exams
Every high school in the country tries to excel in various areas like academics, sports, Math Olympiad, Science Competition, among others. However, the biggest test of high accomplishment for any school must be in their success in the external examinations given to the graduating class - CXC now called CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Examination Council). This final exam given to the seniors just at graduation time is a rigorous course of study in as many as 13 subjects. How do these examinations help students? Success in these examinations helps them to determine the course of studies they wish to pursue at Junior College level. Additionally, success in certain examinations will allow them to pursue these courses at advanced level in junior college. Furthermore, success in more than six subjects in CSEC enables a student to obtain a scholarship at junior college or sixth form.

Island Tree Climber of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
If you need fresh coconut water, Coconut Leo is there. If you need something hung on a tree, Coconut Leo is there. Island residents have come to know Coconut Leo as the 'Go-To" guy on the island if you need something done way up high on a tree. He has mastered the art of climbing coconut trees that locals have started to hire Leo for his skills, for lets say, if they need something hung high up on a tree like rope lights, spot lights and business signs. It's a skill that has proven profitable for Leo as he makes his living selling coconut water, treating tourists to a show and helping locals getting the job done.

Flashbacks: The Highly Respected Sergeant Orillo
The good thing about Orillo is that he did not mince matters. He called a queen ‘a queen’ and dealt with the devil with authority and conviction. He picked up any child on the street and took him directly to school. During a curfew he picked up any violator and applied the due punishment. Anybody sagging his pants on the street would immediately raise it when he saw Orillo and those who did not were stopped and ordered to tuck in their shirts and wear their pants appropriately. He purposefully raised some pants to an embarrassing level that the person would never sag again. Orillo crawled through bushes to catch a suspected drug user. He patiently hid behind corners to catch the dealers of drugs and other criminals. Nine o’clock meant nine o’clock for the closure of stores and 12 meant exactly 12 when it came to closing a bar establishment. If a fight ever broke out at a dance after 12 midnight, that was the end of that event, and everyone had to clear the area after his command.

Dorian’s Angels Try on Rubi Moon Unique Clothing Line
The Angels are always out looking for the most unique, interesting, adventures and best of the best business on the island. This time around the Angels found a very unique and fashionable place to visit, Rubi Moon Clothing. Rubi Moon’s owner, Anke Doehm, was happy to host the Angels, Perlita and Sofie, and showcase to them her own personal line of clothing. Rubi Moon Clothing items are all designed by Anke and she has them made in Bali, Indonesia. Anke, along with her husband David and their four adorable children, moved to our beautiful island in June and opened up their business. RubiMoon offers beachy, girly designs that are handmade from all-natural cotton and rayon which can best be described as comfortable island wear. With a focus on beauty, quality and affordability, RubiMoon was created by Anke Doehm to make the outfits she'd imagined for herself and her four daughters.

Misc Belizean Sources

Living in Punta Gorda, Belize
Lots of tourists to Belize never make it to little Punta Gorda. It’s just a bit too far off the beaten path for most folks. PG, as it’s called, is way down in southern Belize. It’s small (only about 5,500 people), and—although it’s right on the Caribbean—there isn’t much beach. Yet it’s one of my favorite places in the whole country. And if you love nature, it probably will be one of your favorites, too… Sea and sky seem to go on forever here. And inland is lush green jungle, just waiting to be explored. The pace is slow and relaxed, too… and in laid-back Belize, that’s saying something. Driving into town, for instance, you may well pass small fishing boats heading toward a dock, or children splashing in the shallow water near shore. In the main square, policemen often direct traffic with a languid hand or a nod. Nobody seems in a terrible rush. Punta Gorda is short on cultural amenities, but it’s heaven for adventure tourists. Want to fish? There are plenty of folks to take you—this is still a fishing village. What about snorkeling or diving offshore in the nearby Sapodilla Cayes? Punta Gorda is the jumping-off point. Ditto for jungle trips. So far, only a few expats live here full-time. Some run small hotels that cater to the tourist trade. Others work for themselves or volunteer. Some have married locals.

Fall Fashion Show Runway Pictures
They first round of Fall Fashion show pictures have been released. Add!ction and Davina rocked the catwalk! "The first Add!ction runway at the "Fall Fashion Show 2012". Thanks to all my photographers and pretty models "

Cayo Welcome Center Almost Finished
The Cayo Welcome Center is almost ready for its grand opening bash. The French Bakery has moved to the CWC, and Thai Island is fully operational, and has some amazing Thai food. The SISE Town Board are looking for performers for the grand opening celebrations. Contact Mike Salazar at 632-3918 for more information.

Bullet Tree Falls Film School Subjects
Daniel Velazquez is preparing for next Spring's film school, which will be happening in Bullet Tree Falls. Sandro is in there, as is the Bullet Tree Falls Women's Group, and many other interesting people. "raw footage of subjects for documentary. Bulletree Falls, Cayo Belize Central America"

Rotary Club Dream Raffle
The Rotary Club of Belize is doing a dream raffle for a 2013 Isuzu D-Max truck. Win your dream truck. There are only 1000 tickets to be sold, so the odds are quite good. The drawing will be on December 22nd, just in time for Christmas. Good luck!

Seven Minute Fluffy Frosting
This is a simple, satiny frosting that spreads very easily on all types of pastry. Although it starts off as a plain white color, it can be any color with a little bit of dye.

Danza Revelation - An Intense 2 Week Fitness Workshop for Belizeans
Danza Revelation comes home for Christmas for an intense 2 week workshop like no other. Register before the 10th for steals on special offers and rates. Dates: December 10th-21st Monday-Friday 5:30-6:30 AM

Channel 7

McAfee On The Run; Police Say He's "Prime Suspect" In Murder Of US Citizen
Tonight, Belize is making major international headlines because the controversial US and British citizen John McAfee is wanted for questioning in connection with a murder. It happened north of San Pedro sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The victim is McAfee's neighbor - and as we found out, they weren't friendly neighbors. Here's more in our lead story:... Jules Vasquez reporting This is the home in the Mata Chica Area of Northern Ambergris Caye where 52 year old American Gregory Viant Faull lived. When the maid got there yesterday morning at 7:20, she found him dead: Raphael Martinez - Police Press officer "On Sunday 11th November 2012 - San Pedro police visited the residence of 52 year old Gregory Viant Faull of 5 .75 miles north of San Pedro Town. His housekeeper of Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro reported that at 7:20 am she arrived at Mr. Faull's home where she found him in a motionless state lying in a pool of blood. The police were called and the scene was processed - where one 9 mm expended shell was recovered. The body has an apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head."

Accused Robber/Killers To Court
Last week Thursday, 7News told you about 54 year-old Dennis Williams, the man who was killed at his workplace Three Stars Quality Chicken when he tried to foil a robbery. Well tonight, the men who police believe were the assailants are in prison after they were taken to?court. They are 18 year-old Stephan Jenkins, a resident of Cemetery Road and 18 year-old Ashton Thompson, a resident of Mayflower Street. As we reported, Williams was working when 4 men entered the compound and tried to rob the place. He fought with one of the armed men, but Williams ended up getting shot. The police quickly responded and caught Thompson and Jenkins in the general area. They also recovered a black Taurus brand 9mm pistol which was loaded with 3 live rounds ammunition, which they believe was the murder weapon. Thompson and Jenkins were arrested and charged with murder and Jenkins was charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and keeping unlicensed ammunition. Both men were arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. They were remanded to prison until December 13. But, that's police's version of the events that implicated these men.

The Pitfalls Of Challenging A Pastor
On Friday the Baptist Association of Belize sent out a press release disclaiming alleged child predator Julio Garcia - saying he is not the Pastor of Franks Eddy Baptist Church, as had been claimed in Tuesday's news. Well, it isn't something we just made up. That's what villagers told us when we went there, and it's also what they told police. So, today, we checked back with the villagers - they were firm in their position: Julio Garcia was introduced to them as Pastor. But in a small community, such as this one, terrible incidents like this one have far-reaching consequences. It has created a rift between the villagers whose daughters were targeted - and who chose to go public - and those villagers who don't believe the allegations. We didn't find the community as cooperative as when we first followed the story, but the mother of the 11 year-old victim spoke to us on what she has been experiencing since she last spoke with us. Here's what she had to say about Garcia being introduced as the new pastor, and what her daughter and her family has been experiencing: Voice of Mother - Her Child Was Abused "This is serious of them - they want to say that this man is not a pastor but when they brought this man here they told all of us in the church that they bring his as a pastor. If he was not a pastor why did they put this person like that not knowing him well. I don't know what are they saying this because if you go and ask all the members of the church they will tell you that this man was a pastor."

Waste Control Pickets City Hall
Could Belize City be facing another garbage crisis? That seems to be a distinct possibility after Belize Waste control went on a go slow today. The company which collects the city's garbage says it cannot afford to pay a full complement of staff because the city owes them half a million dollars in arrears. So their workers picketed city hall today - and here's what the assistant manager told us about why they had to do it:... Employee of Belize Waste Control "We are protesting this because the mayor owe us money that we worked the whole year for." Daniel Ortiz "Sir, how long have you nor been able to receive any money?" Employee of Belize Waste Control "This is from August this year 2012." Daniel Ortiz "How are you surviving right now without being paid?" Employee of Belize Waste Control "We haven't got paid for a whole week; we need our monies right now." Employee of Belize Waste Control "We work hard and we have to care of our family."

Public Finance A Private Matter?
The Public Finance Committee met today in Belmopan - the first time in a very long time - and we're talking years! Chairman of the Committee and Opposition member Julius Espat made much of the meeting - and invited all and sundry to attend. But, it was an anti-climax because he didn't get the approval of the entire committee for a public hearing. And when the government members who comprise the majority got there - they shut down the public hearing. Observers and media were ushered out - and the meeting proceeded behind closed doors with only the six members. It was over quickly - and we spoke to key members as they left - about the conduct of the meeting:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "It was adjourned because we couldn't agree on the agenda. The chairman had proposed an agenda which the rest of us did not agree with. It was also adjourned because the chairman did not agree with the minutes of the last meeting which I was not present but which the members from the government side agree is the minutes of the meeting. He wants an opportunity to review the transcript - all these meetings have been recorded, so we have adjourned to give him an opportunity to review the transcript and satisfy himself that the minutes are accurate." Daniel Ortiz "We understand that you made a move to have the public accounts committee meeting this afternoon to be closed to the public. Can you tell us why you decide on that?"

PM In Mexico With Counterparts
And while that is domestic politics, today Prime Minister Dean Barrow was focused on international politics. He was in Mexico City along with his Honduran and Costa Rican counterparts Presidents Lobo, and Chinchilla where they were hosted by President Felipe Calderon. According to international news reports, the leaders called Monday for a review of anti-drug policies after two US states voted to legalize marijuana. The declaration suggested that the votes last week in the US States of Colorado and Washington to legalize recreational marijuana would make it more difficult to enforce marijuana bans. The leaders asked the OAS to come up with a report on the impact of last week's vote in Colorado and Washington.

Drug Trafficker To Jail
33 year Linsford Logan, a resident of Taylor's Alley, is spending the first in of 3-year sentence after he was convicted of Drug Trafficking in the Courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today. ,p> According to police, On Friday, November 9, at 9:25p.m., several BDF officers were on mobile patrol on Orange Street, Belize City. They stopped and searched Logan, who was with a group of young men in the Taylor's Alley area. They discovered that he had 2.3 grams of crack, Cocaine packaged off in 3 small parcels, in his possession. As a result, he was escorted to the Queen Street Police Station where he was charged with Drug Trafficking. ,p> Logan pleaded guilty to the charge when he was arraigned today, and it was discovered that he had 3 prior convictions for drug-related offenses. ,p> As a result, Senior Magistrate Frazer was forced to sentence him to spend 3 years in prison. Additionally, he must pay $10,000 by December 31, 2012, or he will spend an additional 3 years in prison.

Accidents On Highway within City Limits
There were two accidents on the western highway between Saturday night and Sunday morning. In the first, a vehicle ran over a horse at mile two and a half on the western highway. The horse had been seen on the road for at least a day - but no one did anything. And so, in the night, the inevitable occurred when a vehicle crashed into the horse. Here's what it looked like:... Raphael Martinez - Police Press officer "The first happened at 3 o' clock in the morning on the 11th November where police visited the area between mile 3 and 4 on the George Price Highway near the Belize Waste Control area - there they saw a silver 2000 Dodge Caravan extensively damage. It is reported that that vehicle was traveling towards Belize City when upon reaching on front of the Belize Waste control area it collided into a brown horse that was on the highway. The horse died on the spot and the driver escaped with minor injuries." The second incident offered a mile away on the western highway - on Sunday morning. A vehicle ran off the road and snapped a lamp-post. Police explained what happened:.. Raphael Martinez - Police Press officer "At approximately 12:57 am police visited that area and they saw a white 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor extensively damage. It is reported that Santiago Chicas received a right front tire blowout in that area which caused him to lose control of his vehicle and subsequently hitting a light post. Mr. Chicas received minor injuries and he was served with Notice of Intended Persecution pending the outcome of the investigation."

Haylock's Bus Will Be Back
And because of an accident 11 days ago, Haylock's bus remained under suspension tonight. The suspension should have ended last Friday with an inspection at the city's bus terminal, but the bus line only presented of its 9 buses, the suspension continued and they were asked to return this morning with all 9 buses. Those 9 buses lined up in the terminal's compound as they were thoroughly inspected one by one to see if they were road worthy and if their documents were up to date. After the inspection was completed, the Commissioner of Transport- Crispin Jefferies told the media that the bus line passed its inspection. Crispin Jefferies, Commissioner of Transport "Haylock had two runs, one out of Belama and the other out of Lord's Bank. The two runs had him using approximately 4 buses per run. At the Friday's inspection only 5 buses were presented. That was unsatisfactory and we asked him to return today to continue the investigation when all 9 buses that he has currently on the run would have been presented. That was done, we are satisfied that the buses are road worthy, there might be some interior matters related to the condition of the seats that we've asked him to address but other than that they are fully insured, fully covered, mechanically sound and are able to operate. He has passed this inspection and we'll be looking at others to do the same."

More McAfee
Tonight John McAfee is the prime suspect for the murder of his neighbor in Belize, and that has made the computer software pioneer the subject of headlines all across the United States. And that's because McAfee is also hiding out somewhere in Belize. He's been talking to Joshua Davis from WIRED Magazine who is doing an extended feature on McAfee. These article is now posted on the WIRED Magazine website along with these pictures which were taken for the article just last week in Belize. As we noted at the top of the newscast McAfee denies any involvement in the murder - and feels that whoever shot Faull may have actually been looking for him. He is quoted as saying, "I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house." Davis adds a compelling detail to the story. He says that while he was interviewing McAfee over the summer, quote, "McAfee showed me his 9mm Smith & Wesson revolver, and I observed 9mm Luger ammunition sitting on his dining room table." Noteworthy because police found a single luger brand 9 mm expended shell at the murder scene. Davis also quotes McAfee as saying this afternoon: "Under no circumstances am I going to willingly talk to the police in this country," McAfee adds, quote, "You can say I'm paranoid about it but they will kill me, there is no question. They've been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the prime minister. I am just a thorn in everybody's side." McAfee ends that little tirade by adding that he has no plans to leave the country because, quote, "I like it here…It's the nicest place on earth." McAfee tells WIRED that while police searched his property on Sunday afternoon he hid by burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe. He remains in hiding tonight….

Mechanic And Boat Captain Accused Of Handling Stolen Boat Engine
A man got back his stolen skiff and engine - and the accused persons are a boat captain and a mechanic. Russell Gongora's vessel called "Rayannie" went missing between 8 on Saturday night and 7 on Sunday morning. Gongora found the Skiff with no engine tied behind the River Bottom Bar located on Regent Street West. Police went looking for the 200 horsepower two stroke engine valued at ten thousand dollars, and other equipment. They found it at a residence in Belama. They have arrested and charged 36 year old Boat captain Napoleon Vicente, 36 year old Mechanic Holis White and 27 year old Mechanic Andy Codd - all for the crime of Theft and handling Stolen Goods.

On the Importance Of Remembering
Every year, all countries of the Commonwealth set aside one day in November to remember the veterans who fought or participated in World War I and II. On Saturday, The Belize Ex-servicemen's League held the observance at the Memorial Park, and 7News attended. The President of the League, in his speech to the gathering of local and international officials, underscored the importance of the ceremony for the younger generations, who may have not even know what these men and women gave in the name of honor and country. Here's an excerpt of what he had to say: Bernard Adolpus - President, Belize Ex-Servicemen League "Remembrance Day 2012: Love of country, loyalty, honor, sacrifice, duty; they obeyed the call of duty, as they did. So must we. Each year, citizens of the Commonwealth countries, such as Belize, and our sister CARICOM states, turn to the simply poppy as the most easily identifiable expression of remembrance and sacrifice done for the Crown and country. This generation, when we think of a loved-one lost or wounded by war, the poppy has become an emblem of gratitude, hope and preservation. And its haunting beauty still can fill us with an abundance of silent resolve. This opportunity is taken to reflect on the 1015 Belizean men and women who volunteered for the war effort, of which some were accepted in the following units: in the military, 242; the Royal Canadian Air Force, 1; RAF, 16; the Indian Army, 2; the Royal Navi, 2; the King's Regiment, 2; the Forestry Unit; 600, ammunition workers, location: Manchester; the Nursing Service, 16; cooks, 9; and the Royal Engineer, 2, among others. History reveals that Belizeans served and participated in both wars: 1914-1918, and 1939-1945. It also includes the Korean War: 1950 - 1953, and some of you fought in the Vietnam War: 1955-1975."

Entrepreneurs At A Young Age
We've been reporting a lot on the importance of small businesses and that enterprising spirit in a small economy. Well, today students at Grace Primary showed they have the dreams to fuel start-ups and the knack to pull it off. Monica Bodden visited their festival:.. Monica Bodden reporting The street in front of Grace Primary School was turned into a street festival - with mini stalls set up in rows and music blasting in the atmosphere. Under the stalls were students who played the role of young business men and women - selling a variety of products. Customers could have gotten just about anything - from fruit smoothies, to cupcakes, to fry chicken and even jewelries and souvenirs. But this wasn't just a fun day for the students - instead it was an educational event to instill in these youngsters the importance of entrepreneurship from an early age. It's all a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week - an international initiative that introduces entrepreneurship to young people across the globe. It first started in 2008 and since then more than 10 million people from 102 countries have taken part in entrepreneurial-related activities during the week. The Belize Youth Business Trust is the official host of this week's event. Francisco Rosales - Marketing Officer, Youth Business Trust "Today is the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week and it's a global event celebrated every November and Youth Business Trust Belize as the official host of Global Entrepreneurship Week is hosting a week full of activities to celebrate and promote Entrepreneurship in Belize."

Channel 5

Antivirus pioneer, John McAfee, main person of interest in San Pedro Murder
It is by any stretch a huge story tonight which the international media has been following aggressively all day. It involves John McAfee, the US founder of McAfee anti-virus software, who has made Belize his home for years. McAfee’s house in Carmelita, Orange Walk, you will recall was raided by the GSU in May, but [...]

Man accused of sexually abusing minor not an ordained minister
On Friday, the Baptist Association released information on Julio Cesar Garcia who had been posing as a pastor in Frank’s Eddy Village and has been charged with the carnal knowledge of an eleven year old school girl. The Association says that Garcia is not the pastor of Frank’s Eddy; neither is he a registered pastor [...]

Auditor General absent from Anti-corruption PAC meeting
In Belmopan, the Public Accounts Committee was convened this afternoon but the meeting ended with a whimper. There was a huge hullabaloo prior to today’s meeting because of recent reports presented by the Auditor General, which show gross irregularities in government expenditure for 2010-2011. The chairman of the committee is Julius Espat, the area representative [...]

Mounting garbage debt for City Hall
The Belize City Council is reportedly under dire financial straits. A twenty-million dollar bond for the improvement of city streets is yet to be launched. Still yet, works have been ongoing on various streets which have been stressing out the City’s finances so much so that it is acutely in the red. Earlier today, employees [...]

Alleged victims of medical malpractice lawsuit against Northern Regional
Two of the women who claim to have been victims of medical malpractice at the Northern Regional Hospital have started the process of taking legal action. Magdalena Chable and Sally Coh who are both from Orange Walk told News Five today that they met with a lawyer and are initiating a multi-million dollar lawsuit after [...]

Suspension lifted for operation that caused child to be flung from bus
A formal inspection of a fleet of nine buses, belonging to Godwin Haylock Senior, concluded this morning at the Novelos Bus Terminal, following a brief suspension in the wake of a near-fatal traffic mishap on October thirty-first. The incident, which almost claimed the life of nine year-old Martin Noble, a primary school student, who was [...]

Only 1 P.U.P., but former P.U.P. standard bearer removed from party meeting
As we reported on Friday there is a turf war in the Corozal Bay where the former opposition standard bearer Gregorio “Papas” Garcia was removed at a sudden closed door meeting on Saturday. The constitution of the People’s United Party is explicit that elections for the constituency’s executive must be held only with prior notice, [...]

Did a senator pass with uncustommed goods?
Julius Espat is not the only member of the National Assembly in the news tonight. A government appointed senator also is. On Sunday, the Senator allegedly ignored a custom and ADU check point along the Northern Highway. According to our sources, the senator’s vehicle is believed to have been loaded with uncustommed goods. One unconfirmed [...]

Vehicle and horse and vehicle and lamppost collide
Two men are lucky to be alive in separate traffic accidents in which the vehicle they were driving was extensively damaged and they escaped with minor injuries. A vehicle travelling towards Belize City slammed into a horse crossing the road. The horse died shortly after, and the driver received abrasions from the impact. In the [...]

Recent high school students graduate to murder charge
Turning to the courts, two eighteen year olds who recently graduated from High School are facing a possible future in prison. Ashton Steve Thompson and Stephan Devon Jenkins were charged today for the murder of fifty-four year old Dennis Anthony Williams, who was killed during a robbery attempt at Three Stars Quality Chicken on Vernon [...]

2 stabbed on George Price Drive in Dangriga
Two Dangriga men are tonight in stable condition at the Southern Regional Hospital following separate stabbing incidents on George Price Drive in the Culture Capital. Before dawn on Sunday, Elroy Quiñonez was stabbed by Austin Williams while in the company of another person. According to reports, Quiñonez was stabbed once to the back. But while [...]

Grace Primary School gets down to business
Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated every year in November; the Youth Business Trust of Belize is the official host. This year, YBTB has a week full of activities to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship, but the principle of a viable and sustainable business can be taught at an early age. YBTB, in collaboration with the Grace [...]

Sports Monday highlights with James “Jah over all” Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 11 of the PLB Season saw Police United play host to Verdes FC inside the FFB Stadium in a pivotal ballgame for both 1st division football clubs. Some 8 minutes in, Julio Ayala sends this probing pass into the box. Police keeper, Charlie [...]


Haylock Buses Are Back on the Road following Traffic Accident
Two weeks ago ten year old Martin Noble fell out of the back of a Haylock Bus that was traveling northbound from Belize City. The child suffered a severe head injury and since then, Haylock’s Bus was placed on suspension. Today, that company underwent a full inspectio...

Another Upset in the Peoples United Party
There seems to be division within the People’s United Party up north, to be specific within the executive and supporters of Corozal Bay. Love News understands that last week PUP Roberto Pasos called for the election of a new executive for Corozal Bay. This is after so...

Separate Traffic Accidents Reported
There were two traffic accidents over the weekend and one of them involved a horse, which was killed. No one was injured in either incident. Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, gave the details this morning. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ Police Press Officer Belize Polic...

Weekend Traffic Accidents Reported
There were two traffic accidents on the George Price Highway on Sunday morning. Both incidents occurred not too far away from each other just outside Belize City in a short time frame from each other. The first incident which occurred around 1:30 a.m, involved a Gray Van wh...

Department of Youth Services Holds Dinner Gala
The Department of Youth Services on Friday night held a Dinner Gala for youth workers and youth agencies at the ITVET compound on Freetown Road in Belize City. The Gala was in commemoration of Youth Work Week 2012 which was celebrated this year under the theme “Connecting C...

Baptist Association Condemns Pastor Sexual Misconduct
Earlier this week, forty six year old Franks Eddy resident Julio Cesar Garcia, widely reported to be a Baptist pastor was arrested and charged for carnal knowledge after an eleven year old girl accused him of having sexual intercourse with her on two separate occasions. Since the...

Police News
Two men, 36 year old boat captain Napoleon Vicente and 36 year old marine mechanic Hollis White, who were charged with handling stolen goods for a Yamaha 200 horse power engine yesterday, were brought back to court today and charged this time with the theft of the engine, a skiff and several item...

Fisherman Convicted and Sentenced For Manslaughter
Thirty-eight year old Alvaro Gregorio, a fisherman of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye who was convicted of manslaughter last week, was sentenced to six years today by Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Justice Gonzalez said that the sentence is to take effect from today’s date. Gregorio w...


Residents of Sarteneja Detained Pending Drug Related Charges
Two persons from Sarteneja Village in the District of Corozal are tonight sitting in a cell pending charges related to drug offences. At around midday yesterday, November 11th, Corozal Police were on routine patrol when they arrived by the house of Ceferenia Flores of said village. Upon pulling up close to the house, Officers noticed a young man run towards the back door of the house throwing out a transparent plastic bag which only travelled approximately five feet from the door. When officers retrieved the bag in the presence of a sixteen year old minor and a twenty-seven year old Honduran National, officers found twenty-six small parcels wrapped in white paper weighing a total of 81.5 grams of suspected cannabis along with nine small parcels wrapped with white paper weighing 1.3 grams of suspected crack cocaine. But if that were not enough, Police officers conducted a further search of the home which yielded an additional 32.5 grams of suspected cannabis wrapped in a green plastic bag which was taped underneath a plastic chair. As a result of the search, both persons were arrested and taken to the Corozal Police Station to face to drug charges.

Have You Seen Yuri Daniel
Tonight, Mexican police from the City of Chetumal along with their Belizean counterparts are seeking your help in finding a twenty-six year old female that has been missing since last week Monday, November 5th. Twenty-six year old Yuri Daniel of a Colonia Solidaridad address of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, was reported missing by her friend Andrea Ancona Gonzalez. Gonzalez reported to State police that Yuri Daniel left their home situated on Naranjal and 24th of November Streets in the Colonia Solidaridad and said that she would be heading to Corozal to see her three children whom were staying with her grandmother. But after making checks with Daniel’s grandmother, the grandmother stated that Daniels never arrived to see her three children or her and that she had no clue as to her whereabouts. Daniels is said not to be carrying with her a telephone and is described to be of five feet two inches in height and of dark complexion with long black hair. Yuri Daniel is also said to have a tattoos on both her feet and also has a scar on her left calf. Reports to our news room indicate that this is not the first time a similar incident has been reported of Yuri Daniel. Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is asked to call their nearest police station.

Anti Virus Guru John Mcafee Wanted For Murder Investigation
An American National was murdered on Sunday morning on La Isla Bonita. Official police reports state that on November 11th, at about 8:00am, San Pedro Police visited 5 ¾ miles north of San Pedro Town where they observed the lifeless body of 52 year old American retiree from the State of Florida, Gregory Viant Faull, lying face up in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Faull’s body was discovered by his 39 year old house keeper Laura Tun, about forty minutes earlier on the upper flat of the building located alongside the beach in the Mata Grande Area. A single Luger brand 9mm expended shell was found on the first stair leading up to the upper flat of the building. There are no signs of forced entry but one laptop computer and an I-phone have been reported missing. No motive has been established so far, but San Pedro Police is following several leads. One of those leads is getting hold of antivirus pioneer John Mcafee, who with his fame alone has caused this murder case to be on international headlines. Mcafee is wanted by Corozal Police for questioning and according to the San Pedro Sun, quote, “The Head of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) of the Belize Police Department Unit Mark Vidal confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that they are looking for McAfee as part of the murder investigation,” end quote. The San Pedro Sun is also reporting that residents of the same area stated that Fuall had a misunderstanding with Mcafee and that the misunderstanding may have escalated. We understand that the misunderstanding involves heavily armed security forces which have been terrorizing the neighbours. The matter was taken to the San Pedro Town Council just recently. Mcafee’s residence, which is right next to Faull’s home, was searched by authorities and McAfee was not present during the time of the search. According to Assistant Superintendent of the San Pedro Police Station, Vienne Robinson, John McAfee is being sought in connection to the murder. Robinson told FOX News that one person has been detained as a suspect. Just last week, McAfee donated 40 Stun guns, numerous batons, 60 assorted brands and types of pepper spray along with handcuffs, flashlights, metal detectors and many other items to the San Pedro Police Station. Police investigations continue into this matter.

Educating The Public On Diabetes
The burden of diabetes is increasing globally, particularly in developing countries like Belize. It is a condition that develops when the pancreas does not manufacture enough insulin, the hormone produced to regulate the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood. Back in 2009 Diabetes was Belize’s number one killer, killing 103 persons that year alone. In 2010, the percentage of Belize’s adult population that is living with diabetes was recorded at 7.9% In efforts of reducing the number of persons living with diabetes, many groups across the country have taken it upon themselves to create awareness to this disease and here in Orange Walk, one such group is the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk Town. This past Saturday, the Club held a Diabetes Fair and Clinic at the Central Park geared towards educating the public on diabetes and to offer free diabetes check-ups. Hipolito Novelo - Reporting It’s a silent killer, locally dubbed “sugar” and as of 2009 approximately 40,000 Belizeans are said to be diabetic. That number translates to roughly 13% of the population. A person becomes diabetic when insulin, the hormone responsible of regulating sugar in the blood, is not produced in enough quantities by the pancreas. The causes of diabetes are complex, but are in a large part due to rapid increases in weight and physical inactivity. In an effort to create awareness of the deadly disease, Rotaract Orange Walk, hosted a one day awareness campaign at the Orange Walk Central Park. Apart from informing the public of the disease Rotaracters also provided free checkups. One resident that visited the tent was Matilda Patt. Patt’s blood sugar level stands safely at 102 and she also took the opportunity to converse with the doctors that were present.

BMHS Holds 10th Annual Food Fest
The Fort Cairn’s Market Square came alive this past weekend with an extravaganza of foods. Students from the different Form levels of Bishop Martin High School came together along with their teachers to hold their annual Taste of Orange Walk Food and Extravaganza Expo. The day’s activities commenced with a short parade from Shell 1-Stop, up Belize/Corozal Road, into Queen Victoria Avenue and ending at the Fort Cairn’s Market Plaza. The parade consisted of the various cultural groups that took part in the cultural presentations on the main stage at the Market Plaza. Students and teachers joined forces in efforts of selling the allocated quota of 900 tickets for plates of food. Vice Principal Lorelie Torres says that the day proved to be an overwhelming success. Lorelie Torres, VP BMHS “Most of them are being attracted by the turkey dinner and the pork pibil and the dirty rice and baked chicken.” Hipolito Novelo – Reporter “What is your feedback when it comes to the deliciousness of the food and to the amount?’ Lorelie Torres, VP BMHS “A very good feedback and the customer seem to be pleased with the amount of the food and the taste of the food and they also get a complimentary juice as well.” Hipolito Novelo – Reporter “If everything goes successful will that be $9000.00 that you will make today?” Lorelie Torres, VP BMHS “Yes, but we have to take out some of our expenses because not everything is donated and we thank all of our sponsors in our community for and the businesses places that sponsored us and we thanked them very much but yes we do have some expenses to incur and after that we will have our net profit.”

Consultation For Second Phase Of BMDP Takes Place
By now, most of you have been familiarized with the Belize Municipal Development Project which is financed by the Government of Belize through a $30 million loan from the World Bank which is channeled through the Social Investment Fund to the different municipalities across the country. Here in Orange Walk Phase One of the project is half way completed with the successful paving of two of the four streets earmarked for the upgrades. Phase two of the project is scheduled to commence shortly but those heading the project wanted to see community participation. According to the project directors, approximately $1.6 million has been allocated for Phase II of the project and last week Friday, November 9th, a consultation meeting was held at the central park of Orange Walk Town in efforts of getting the public’s feedback on which projects to tackle next with this financing. According to the Project Coordinator, Ernest Rhaburn, the project focuses on three components: Small Scale Infrastructure Investments; Technical Assistance and Capacity Building for municipalities, and Project Management/Administration. Ernest Rhaburn, Project Coordinator “The major objective of this project is to improve access to basic municipal infrastructure and the second objective is to enhance municipal management in selected towns, by basic municipal infrastructure we are talking about streets, public buildings, drains, cemeteries, whatever that is under the control of the town council, those infrastructure need to be upgraded, rehabilitated, improved, and in some cases new infrastructure need to be develop and or constructed but as mentioned earlier it is up to you to decide which of those. Second targeted objective has to do with enhancing with the management of the entire municipality.” Also present at the consultation were representatives of the Ministry of Local Government who highlighted the three perquisites that the Town should meet in order for phase two to take place.


San Pedro ‘s new and improved airstrip
The newly rehabilitated airstrip in San Pedro is being renamed. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.

Ministry of Agriculture hosted a workshop in Stann Creek District
Farmers in the Stann Creek District today took part in a workshop that was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Our Stann Creek correspondent Harry Arzu reports.

Traffic accident in the Roar Creek Village
A man remains hospitalized following a traffic accident. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the details.

Discussing social Intervention strategies
The technical discussions on how Belize, with the financial backing of the World Bank, is going to fill the gaps and improve on its delivery in its social programs are at centre stage this week. For the next two days, the technical experts in the relevant Government Ministries are fine-tuning an existing partnership between the two entities to make the systems in place more efficient. Locally, the Ministries of Education, Human Development and Finance have been the ones at the core of the transformation, and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, said that it will take willpower to make that meaningful change. Anthony “Boots” Martinez The BOOST program, which the World Bank has applauded as a good social policy, has, according to the Minister of Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Anthony “Boots” Martinez, played its part in keeping a significant part of the population fed. Joseph Waight, Ministry of Finance Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Joseph Waight, says that while the resources are scarce, efficiency plays a key role in stretching those resources across wider spectrums. While the local resources are few, Mansoora Rashid, who is the World Bank’s Social Protection Sector Manager, says that those same shortages have forced countries like Belize to become innovative.

Accused policemen back in court
Two police officers charged with murder are to return to court early next year in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.


US National Murdered on Northern Ambergris Caye
A 52 year old U.S. national was murdered on Ambergris Caye. Yesterday (NOV 11) at 8am San Pedro Police were called ...

Public Accounts Committee in Deadlock
This afternoon the second meeting of this term of government for the Public Accounts Committee was held at the Nati...

Spanish Lookout Pastor involved in accident is recovering in Guatemala
A well known Spanish Lookout Pastor Abe Dueck was involved in an accident over the weekend, on Saturday morning to ...

Romero Jimenez is found guilty on retrial for Carnal Knowledge
A man has been convicted a second time for the same crime of carnal knowledge. Romero Jimenez was convicted for car...

Police recover getaway car
Police have recovered a stolen car. Belmopan businessman Kim Lun CHEE, reported that on Sunday the 4th of November ...

Coalition For a Better Corozal donates Satelite GIS Map to Police
Coalition for A Better Corozal presented a donation of a Satellite GIS Map to the Corozal Police formation. The map...

The Annual Remembrance Day service was held on Sunday
The Annual Remembrance Day service was held on Sunday at the memorial park in Belize City. The Belize Ex-Service me...

Garifuna Dance Group and Paul Nabor perform in Belmopan
Garifuna Settlement day is fast approaching and there have been a series of activities leading up to the big day. L...

Belize BOOST Programme rated among best worldwide
You may have heard of the food pantry programme or the BOOST conditional cash transfer program which are part of Go...

A relatively quiet weekend in Belize City
Belize City was relatively peaceful this weekend. As has been reported, the five Crime-Ridden areas designated for ...

GSU make arrest after gunshots in Belize City
Shots were fired in Belize City on Thursday. No one was hurt but one person was arrested and charged. On Thursday a...

Police detain two after drugs found in Sarteneja home
On Sunday at 12:15pm, Corozal Police were at Sarteneja Village at the residence of Ceferenia Flores, a young man su...

BDF detain man from Independence on cocaine charge
On Friday at 9:25pm BDF personel were on mobile patrol on Orange Street, Belize City, when they stopped and searche...

Abandoned rifle found near San Felipe
On Thursday at 1:10pm, Police and BDF soldiers were called to the North West of San Felipe Village. On a Feeder Roa...


A few random photos from a day in our life
Just a few photos from another typical day here on Ambergris Caye -- and a gorgeous day it is! We are back to the normal easterly trade winds after about a week of cooler, less humid breezes from the northwest. Picture Barry lubed my bike chain since I've been having to do all the rides to town for groceries while he's had his pinched nerve. I had just returned with my full backpack of goodies. Picture Nice place to work! A large "jungle beetle" hanging out on the tropical plant behind our building. Barry's thumb for size comparison: Picture View alongside our building looking east: Picture Paisley lounging on the pool deck while I cooled off after my sweaty bike ride to town.

Playa Pesos Still available for Taste of Playa 2012
I started getting loose change ready for our upcoming Belize Mexico road trip to Taste of Playa 2012. It is going to be so much fun and a much needed break after this week. With the official Launch of the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program today in Punta Gorda and the 2 day training coming up in San Pedro, I am flat out ready to be landing at the Corozal airport right now and shortly after happily sitting in the van snapping pictures of Mexico out the window.

It's Finally Out There: John McAfee Wanted For Murder
This story or series of stories is so out there, so hard to comprehend...I don't even know what to say. After a day and a half of swirling rumors all over the island...was McAfee shot? Did he shoot someone else? There has been a press release and it is starting to hit the international press. This is not the first time McAfee has been in the press both in Belize and abroad. And while I wish I had more information but I don't. Sure I saw him around town hanging around with questionable company...but everyone did. Here are the stories that I have seen...they get kookier as you read on. It does seem that he is only wanted for questioning and is not a suspect. Though that line is getting very blurry in the following stories. The very first story: Gizmodo (who have been following him quite closely) and there are many more...from Fox News to the Wall Street Journal (or are they the same company these days). I sure this is only the beginning.

Hotels For Your Budget: San Pedro's Conch Shell Inn
One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about budget travelling to Ambergris Caye. Some are back packing from Mexico and trying to keep the budget as tight as possible, some just want to spend money on eating, drinking and diving rather than on their lodging. Both make sense. So...over the next few months, I hope to check out most, if not all, of the "budget hotels" in San Pedro. (And then maybe expand a bit around Belize.) Places where you can get rooms for $75USD or less. So let's get going. Last week I visited the lovely Conch Shell Inn. I've always admired the paint color, cotton candy PINK, and the conch shells decorating the entire property. Conch Shell is also one of the three oldest hotels in town - built originally in the early 1970s when the tourist industry in Belize was at its infancy. (Don't worry, it's been FULLY refurbished during the last 40 years!) The hotel located right in town and on the beach has it's own semi-private lounging area. During the day, this beachfront can get lots of foot traffic. Not a bad thing but nice to have your own place to sit. And an amazing view from every single room.

How To Be a Tourist in Your Own Country
Be a tourist in your own country. “But I live here” many would say, sometimes I wipe my tears of laughter when I see the many idyllic places our beautiful Belize has to offer, yet most of us fail to experience such wonders at our very home country. Largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, pristine waters, lush jungles, ancient caves, historic Mayan ruins. We truly have natural wonders all to ourselves, and with Chaa Creek’s undeniable professionalism and core values such an experience would be life changing and unforgettable. I remember visiting the Chaa Creek’s reserve a little over a year ago, as a student in an adventure and Eco-tourism class. It was my very first time, but I came out going back home in awe and one conclusion truly “authentic”. I’ve always had the fever of being a tourist in my very own backyard, but have always wondered what’s the experience like when delivered by true professionals. It’s important that we all realize that being a tourist in one’s own community increases awareness about lesser-known sites, arts, culture, and economic development strategies, as well as demonstrates that our country holds myriad local gems “right under our noses”.

International Sources

Amazing Mesoamerican Reef - Photo Gallery - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine Central America's Mesoamerican Reef is half the length of its famous Australian counterpart but in many ways more remarkable.

November 12, 2012

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The November 11th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Two Burglaries- Cruz Castillo Jailed:
    Good investigative work on the part of officers attached to the Crimes Investigations Branch at the San Ignacio police station has resulted in the recovery of several stolen items and the arrest and incarceration of a man who pled guilty as charged. Police investigation this week resulted in the recovery of several reported stolen items in two recent separate burglary cases.
  • “SteelBob” Remanded:
    As reports of arrest on burglary charges continue, San Ignacio police reports the arrest of a reputed burglar from Ontario Village who stands accused of burglarizing the home of a Santa Elena woman. Acting upon information received, on Thursday, October 25, 2012, San Ignacio police visited the Hillview Area, Santa Elena Town, home of Shasha Aguilar who reported to the police that her house was burglarized by two male persons.
  • Cristo Rey Boys Jailed:
    Two boys from Cristo Rey Village, Cayo, could very well spend Christmas and New Years in jail on remand on an aggravated burglary charge. Gary Tullock, 66, retired US National, residing at Hill Bank Farm in Cristo Rey Village reported to San Ignacio police that at about 7:30 pm on Friday, October 26, 2012, two armed, masked male persons entered his house, through a back door, held him up and demanded money.
  • Awaiting Instructions from the DPP for Fifty Cents:
    San Ignacio police is tonight holding onto the notorious Mark Anthony “Fifty Cents” Conorque, the third individual wanted in connection with the October 12 attempt murder of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Amin “Sheriff” August, which occurred in the policeman home village, Esperanza, Cayo. The police reports that Fifty Cents was arrested earlier this week by Orange Walk police on a robbery and firearm charge. He was allegedly taken to court in that northern municipality and was remanded to prison.
  • Belize Host Twelfth PANCAP AGM:
    Belize hosted the Twelfth Annual General Meeting of the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) from the 24-26 October 2012 at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City under the theme, “PANCAP Forging New Paths.” An Official Opening was held to welcome the visiting delegates on the evening of Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at the Old Belize. Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin presented brief remarks where he highlighted the present situation of HIV and AIDS in Belize and the progress that has been made by the Government of Belize and its various partners. Minister Marin also underscored the importance of sustainability of the partnership and commitment to ‘Forge new paths’ among its members.
  • NDACC Highlights Drug Week In Dangriga:
    The National Drug Abuse and Control Council (NDACC) in partnership with the Dangriga Town Council planned a week of events to observe Drug Week from 22-25 October, 2012. NDACC visited with various primary and secondary schools in Dangriga town where they conducted educational sessions on the harmful effects of drug abuse. The highlight of the week was a poster competition and a walkathon. Delille Academy came out victorious in the poster competition taking away all top three prizes with their depiction of a Drug Free Community through colorful artwork.
  • World Mental Health Day 2012:
    The Ministry of Health celebrated World Mental Health Day under the theme, “Depression: A Global Crisis” on October 10th with an official ceremony at the BTL Park in Belize City. During the short ceremony, opening remarks were done by Dr. Claudina Cayetano, Psychiatrist of the Mental Health Program and contributing remarks by Dr. Gerardo De Cosio of PAHO Belize.
  • Support The Kontiki Neighborhood Association Attend The Family Fun Day This Sunday:
    Like other parts of the community, the Kontiki Area of San Ignacio Town has had its share of crime the most prevelant of which is burglary. The community has been organizing itself to tackle the crime situation in their neighborhood. For this purpose the community has formed the “Kontiki Neighbourhood Watch Association”.
  • Crime Control Council Concurs with New Crime Measure:
    The Crime Control Council met today in Belize City and, after intense discussion, has given its concurrence with the Minister of National Security’s decision to declare ‘special areas’ in accordance with Section 12(1) of the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act. The meeting was attended by all members of the Crime Control Council as listed or appointed under Section 25(1) of the Act, except for a Justice of the Supreme Court and a Representative from the Ministry of Human Development. Members present included the Chairman of the Crime Control Council, a representative of the Opposition, the CEO from the Ministry of National Security, the Commissioner of Police, The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), The Chief Magistrate, representatives from the Solicitor General’s Office, The Council of Churches, the Bar Association, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) and the Women’s Issues Network of Belize (WIN Belize)
  • Haiti Appeals For International Help After Storm:
    The Haitian government has renewed calls for international emergency aid to help the country deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. There are fears of food shortages after the hurricane, which hit on 24 October, damaged many crops in southern Haiti. Aid workers and officials are also on alert for an increase in cholera cases in the wake of widespread flooding. More than 50 people were killed in Haiti, which is still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake.
  • 7.4 Earthquake Rocks Guatemala:
    A 7.4-magnitude earthquake has struck off Guatemala's Pacific coast, reportedly killing at least eight. Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina declared a national alert and advised people in affected areas to evacuate tall buildings as a precaution. Officials said roads had been buried in landslides, and it would take 24 hours to fully restore links to the region. Frightened people fled from offices and homes around the region, as buildings shook from Mexico City to San Salvador.
  • Barack Obama Re-elected:
    President Barack Obama has been re-elected to a second term, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. America's first black president secured more than the 270 votes in the electoral college needed to win. In his victory speech before supporters in Chicago, Mr. Obama said he would talk to Mr. Romney about "where we can work together to move this country forward". Mr Obama prevailed despite lingering dissatisfaction with the economy and a hard-fought challenge by Mr. Romney.
  • Puerto Rico Wants To Become The 51st State Of The US:
    Voters in Puerto Rico have supported a non-binding referendum to become a full US state. The measure will require approval from the US Congress, but President Barack Obama has said he will respect the vote. The island is currently a US territory, which uses the dollar and whose citizens travel on US passports. But it does not return senators to the US Congress and is represented in Washington by a non-voting delegate.
  • Velasquez Accused of Betraying Trust:
    A tour guide from the village of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo was today remanded to the central prison in Hattieville as he stands accused of burglarizing a house, under his care, in his home village. San Ignacio police reports that on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, Skip Billings, 60, retired US police officer presently residing on Bishop Desmond Street in San Ignacio town reported material day, when he visited the home of Connie Stafford, left in the care of Martin Velasquez, situated in Bullet Tree Falls he found that the house was burglarized. Billings reported to police that the stolen items included a gold necklace and gold nugget both valued at $3,000 along with a Dewalt brand vacuum cleaner valued at $250.
  • John alexander Watler has Dont It Again!:
    The great Belizean writer and story teller, John Alexander Watler has done it again with his latest novel, The Bomba Codex. In this, his latest masterpiece, Watler weaves an intriguing plot and in so doing he holds the reader’s attention as he connects the pieces of the puzzle spanning the jungle of central Belize to the metropolitan streets and high life in America returning to offshore destinations in Belize where it all comes to a head. His accounts of the events seem real as Watler merges the characters and their activities with the illegal trading in drugs and Mayan artifacts spanning locations known to the Belizean reader. The writer’s skill makes this reader frequently stop and wonder: “Is this a real life experience of the writer?”
  • Hundreds Of Rescuers Search Wreck In Guatemala For Earthquake Survivors:
    Hundreds of rescuers are sifting debris of wrecked towns for survivors of Wednesday's earthquake in Guatemala. The 7.4-magnitude tremor, the most powerful to hit Guatemala since 1976, left at least 52 people dead, many more injured and thousands without power. President Otto Perez Molina told the BBC that 22 people were still missing and as many as 10,000 houses may have been rendered uninhabitable. Most of the damage was in San Marcos region, near the border with Mexico.
  • Coming Soon - Santiago Castillo Store:
    A new “superstore”, in the true sense of the word, is coming soon to the west. The building, being the home of the latest addition to the Santiago Castillo chain, is rapidly nearing completion on Eve Street in Santa Elena Town. While we are yet to interview the mastermind behind this latest accomplishment, Hon. Santino Castillo, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, we venture to predict, by its well known reputation, that the store is bringing new hope to the people of San Ignacio, Santa Elena and surrounding communities.
  • PM Dean Barrow In Honduras:
    Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow arrived today inTegucigalpa accompanied by his wife, Kim Simpliss Barrow and an accompanying delegation in order to hold talks about various bilateral topics and sign three agreements in the areas of tourism, health and cooperation. Prime Minister Barrow was received at the Hernán Acosta Mejia Air Base, by the Presidential Designate Victor Hugo Barnica and the Vice Chancellor Mireya Aguero de Corrales, where he addressed the press to express a few words of thanks for the reception; “Its a great pleasure to be in Honduras in order to forge and further strenghten our friendship, ties that have traditionally existed between our two countries. In Belize we have Honduran residents and we gladly welcome them to our country.”
  • Health Tips For Cold And Flu Season:
    10 natural ways to ease the common cold: Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to fight the common cold. We have no way to attack the virus itself. When we get a cold, all we can really do is make ourselves a little more comfortable. These tips won’t cure the common cold. But they might make you or a loved one feel just a little better while you recover.
  • Belize Water Services Advisory:
    Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) has been made aware of the company’s name having been used to commit fraud at a business in Spanish Lookout over the weekend. This business was given a fake cheque as payment for materials supposedly ordered by BWS, with the preliminary communication having been done by e-mail using a made-up g-mail account. Businesses are advised to be on the lookout for such scams.
  • Upgrading Land Management System:
    The Government of Belize signed a loan agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on November 16, 2009, in the amount of US$2,500,000 to finance the execution of the Land Management Program Phase III (LMP III). The Project is for a period of three (3) years and is in its final stage of development. The objective of this Program is to consolidate and expand land management services country-wide, to improve quality, efficiency and access to all Belizeans. The LMP III consists of three components: (1) Expansion of the Parcel-Based Land Information System; (2) Improvement of Urban Land Information; and (3) Support for the Provision of Modem Land Management Services.
  • Another Baptist Pastor Child Sex Scandal:
    The “local Baptist Church in your area” as it is referred to by Dr. Bob Roberts, has not yet recovered from the mid August, Pastor Norman Willacey, underage sex scandal, when up comes another allegation of sexual impropriety against another pastor from another local Baptist Church. The report coming out of Belmopan police informs that shortly before noon on Monday, November 5, an 11 year girl, accompanied by her mother, visited the police station and reported that Julio Cesar Garcia, pastor of the Frank’s Eddy Baptist Church is alleged to have had sexual contact with the child, not once but twice.
  • Future Entrepreneurs To Display Marketing Skills At Marketing Expo:
    Students of the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences Marketing Class of the University of Belize will display their marketing and creativity skills at the University of Belize Annual “Marketing Exposition” from 9am-3pm on Tuesday November 13, 2012 at the Princess Hotel and Casino, Belize City. This year’s exposition is envisioned to be more challenging and exciting with the University’s emerging entrepreneurs competing with established entrepreneurs for the best booth presentation, building brand awareness, promotional strategy techniques and building customer relationships.
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love – Too Much togetherness?
She is newly in love, and scared to lose the best thing that has happened to her. How much togetherness is too much before love becomes smothering?

Paraplegic cyclist Jerome Flores is excited to finish Reef Ride 2012

Woofer: Amazing Legs
Wet Willy's is usually a visual feast on ladies' night & Dennis' friend drags him along one night, where they appreciate a pair of amazing legs indeed

Man found shot on Northern Ambergris Caye
Police have confirmed that a male US National has been found shot to death. It appears he was shot last night and was found this morning at his residence in northern Ambergris Caye. The Sun is on the scene and will report as soon as info becomes available.

Misc Belizean Sources

Garifuna Week in Belmopan
Every day this week, there will be festivities in Belmopan in honour of Garifuna Settlement Day. Monday morning, from 9:00am until 3:00pm, Paul Nabor will be performing live at Builders Hardware. Most other nights will have drumming or similar festivities. "Paul Nabor will be at Builders Hardware Ltd performing LIVE on Monday 12th November from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ..... everyone is invited to come out and meet this great Belizean Legend and King of Paranda in person!!!!"

Cayo's Cahal Pech and Parrot Nest
Cayo got some good press in this article. The Parrot Nest Lodge gets a good review, and Cahal Pech is shown in pictures. Benny's Kitchen, which is a great stop for lunch during a long canoe ride, also gets a good review. Pacz Tours gets rave reviews for their canoeing and ATM tours. "Next on our agenda, was a trip to ATM Cave. I had told the other guests at Parrot Nest how much fun the ATM Cave was, that they decided to go with us. PACZ Tours picked us up at 8 am, and we headed for the cave. After about an hours drive, we reached the entrance to the park. There we gathered our helmet, lunch and water provided. And then we start the 45 minute hike to the cave, crossing the river three times. Oh, did I mention that this cave has a river running through it? YEAH, how awesome is that?!"

Cayo's Gaia Riverlodge Opening
Five Sisters has been upgraded, and now has a new name, Gaia Riverlodge. Gaia Riverlodge is located in the Mountain Pine Ridge area, near the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, and right next to Big Rock Falls. It's considered to be the new sister property of the Matachica Resort and Spa. "The eco-resort property has seen upgrades to its 16 cabanas, which now have hardwood floors, bathrooms with hand-painted Mexican tiles and panoramic windows or private verandas."


Minister weighs in on bus operator’s plight
Janene Hamilton has been fighting to get the Transport Department to address her proposal for a shuttle run in the Ladyville area. So far her pleas have fallen on deaf ears and as a result Hamilton has taken to the airwaves to highlight what she feels is the Ministry’s total disregard and disrespect. When Love News caught up with Minister of Transport Edmund Castro yesterday in San Pedro, we asked him to comment on the situation and his response was simply that Hamilton is in the wrong business. The recently formed Belize Coalition for Justice issued a release in support of Hamilton in her fight with the Department of Transport. The Coalition says it has reviewed Hamilton’s case and found that the removal of her bus runs was done without just cause and procedures. It goes on to say that in light of Ms. Hamilton’s application to service areas in Ladyville that are not being serviced by other operators and the fact that her route will not collide with other buses travelling that highway, they stand in full support of Ms. Hamilton’s proposal and call upon the Minister and The Board of Transport to be fair and allow her to immediately commence servicing that area with this well needed service and niche market that she has carved out to serve her community. The release goes on to echo the sentiments that Hamilton has expressed to Love news and that is that the Transport Board is proposing that she charge an amount that will not allow her to succeed and the fact she is being set up to fail.

Man accused of sex with 15 year old girl
Twenty-three year old Adam Choco, a salesman of mile 1 and a half on the Northern Highway, who allegedly had sex with a 15 year old girl was charged with carnal knowledge when he appeared in court today. He was remanded into custody until December 13. The incident occurred on Monday, November 5. The girl reported to the police that she went to Choco’s residence and he had sex with her with her consent.

Baptist Association distances itself from man accused of sex with underage girl
Earlier this week, forty six year old Franks Eddy resident Julio Cesar Garcia, widely reported to be a Baptist pastor was arrested and charged for carnal knowledge after an eleven year old girl accused him of having sexual intercourse with her on two separate occasions. Since the news exploded unto the headlines, the Baptist Association has been silent on the issue. Today, they broke that silence with a seventy four word press release. Because of the brevity of the communiqué, we’ll read it verbatim. It says, quote: “the Baptist Association of Belize wishes to let the public know that contrary to what was on the news, Mr. Julio Cesar Garcia is not the pastor of Franks Eddy Baptist Church and not even a Pastor within the Baptist Association of Belize but only a member of the Baptist Church in Belize City. The Pastor of Franks Eddy Baptist Church is Pastor Oscar Aguilar. The Association strongly condemns the action of Mr. Garcia.” End of quote. As we have reported previously, Garcia was formally arraigned on two counts of carnal knowledge when he appeared in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court. He was remanded to the Hattiveille prison until his next court appearance in January. The eleven year old girl from the same village who attends the Frank’s Eddy Government School told police that Garcia had sexual intercourse with her on two separate occasions last week. The girl told authorities that the first sexual encounter happened on the afternoon on Sunday, October twenty eight, inside the church building in the village. Four days later, Garcia is reported to have repeated the sexual crime, this time inside of his house.

Trio of teenagers detained in murder investigation
Police have detained three teenagers in connection with yesterday’s murder of fifty four year old Dennis Williams. According to the police press officer Raphael Martinez, the three detainees are all eighteen years old. Police have also recovered what they believe to be the murder weapon, a Taurus brand nine millimeter pistol with five rounds of ammunition. Just before noon yesterday, two men entered the Tree Star Quality Chicken outlet at number forty six Vernon Street, allegedly with the intent to rob the establishment. During a struggle with Williams, two shots were fired, fatally wounding him to the upper part of his body. Police investigations continue.

Five Blues Lake dries up
The Five Blues Lake national park in the Cayo district is a ten-acre natural wonder neatly situated in the tropical rainforest of southern Belize. But tonight a phenomenon which was first observed about six years ago is back. Virtually all the water from the lake has disappeared. According to the president of Friends of 5 Blues Lake, Mario Perez, the collapse of the lake is a cause for concern. According to Perez, the last time that the lake dried up, it took three hundred and forty four days for the water to return. Unlike the incident in 2006, Perez says that this time around, much more water has been left on the bed of the lake than the last incident. Love News will have more on this phenomenon next week.

Salvation Army launches Christmas Kettle Appeal
If you’ve been feeling the chilly weather and listening to Christmas music already blasting on the radio, you know it’s a sign Christmas is almost here. But it’s also a sign that a specific organization will start to raise funds for the needy, so if you think you hear those sleigh bells ringing don’t get it wrong, it’s actually the bell calling you to sponsor a cent or two or even more for the Salvation Army’s Kettle. This morning the kettle appeal was launched in front of the First Caribbean International Bank on Albert Street with greetings by the Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley. Regional Commander of the Salvation Army in Belize Major Joliker Leandre told Love News about the kettle appeal initiative. Country Manager of CIBC First Caribbean Bank, Glen Smith told us about the partnership of the bank with the Salvation Army which today yielded fifteen thousand dollars to the organization. The kettle will be place outside major business places like Brodies on Albert Street and Phillip Goldson Highway, Hofius, Augusto Quan, Angelus Press, Save U and K-Park. According to Major Leandre, there will also be barrels placed in different locations for the donation of toys. Christmas Kettle will also be placed throughout Belmopan.

Teaching stewardship
The Battlefield Park in Belize City was this morning overrun by students of All Saints Primary School. The students were taken there by their teachers to clean up the area as part of a school-sponsored activity to teach the value of stewardship. Shannon Martinez is a Standard Five teacher at All Saints Primary School and she told Love News about the overall objective of the activity. And the children, all Standard Five students enjoyed the break from the classroom. They told Love News that they were happy to be involved in the exercise. According to teacher Martinez, other activities are scheduled for the rest of the month, which has been declared as stewardship month by the Anglican Diocese in Belize.

World Pediatric Project working in Belize
The mission for visiting Pediatric Surgeons from the U.S under the World Pediatric Project ended yesterday at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Representative for World Pediatric Project in Belize, Milagro Garel informed Love News that this is the third year that Belize has general pediatric surgeons coming into Belize to offer their services. Patty Lang, one of the pediatric surgeons from West Virginia told us that her colleagues who are involved with the World Pediatric Project encouraged her to join in and make the visit to Belize. She told us of the cases she encountered here. According to Garel most of the funds come from World Pediatric Project with the exception of accommodations here in the country.

Additional charges in stolen goods case
A man from the Cayo District was sentenced after he was found guilty of handling stolen goods. Correspondent Elaine Berry reports.

San Ignacio man jailed for illegal firearm possession
A twenty one year old man from San Ignacio town has been sent to jail after he pleaded guilty to firearms charges. Danny Sagastume who lives in the Santiago Juan Layout area was arrested after a search of his house on Thursday afternoon resulted in the discovery of a sixteen gauge shotgun and sex matching cartridges. Police say the fun was found tucked under the zinc ceiling of an outdoor latrine in the yard. The cartridges were found inside a plastic bag. Police say that at the time of the arrest, two women were also arrested and charged for the offence of keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Sagastume, however has plead guilty to both charges, and he was sentenced to ten years in prison on both charges with the stipulation that they are to run concurrently.

New and upgraded airport for San Pedro town
The upgraded San Pedro municipal airport was inaugurated on Thursday. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.

Miss Garifuna PG this Saturday night
Miss Euremei Peini Garifuna contest will be held tomorrow night in Punta Gorda town. Correspondent Paul Mahung has a preview.

Remembering those who sacrificed for peace
Each year on November eleventh, the world takes time to remember the armistice ending World War Two. It marked a victory for the Allies and a complete for Germany. And each year along with the remembrance comes a tribute to the men and women from Belize who made the ultimate sacrifice all for the sake of world peace. Love Tv’s Marion Ali reports. History records that although the Empire of Japan was already at war with the Republic of China in 1937,[2] the world war is generally said to have begun on 1 September 1939, with the invasion of Poland by Germany, and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and most of the countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth.


Keep your eyes peeled
If you keep your eyes pealed in San Pedro, you can always find cheap street food. In my case yesterday, it was a roadside barbecue stand near Ambergris Lake Villas on my walk yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had found dinner and walked across the road to get some. I got 2 barbecue chicken dinners with slaw and beans for $8 bzd each, which is a great price considering most street stands are at $10 on that meal.

A Rib BBQ Cook-Off at Estel's Dine By the Sea: First Annual?
Yesterday, my friend Kevin invited me to an impromptu BBQ rib cook-off being held at Estel's. The prize? $800! He was competing with three other participants (one from the island, one from Kansas City and one from Oregon) to name the best ribs on the island. An idea the four of them cooked up over many beers earlier in the week. Sounds like fun to me...I headed out. But before I get started let me paint a picture for you, possibly a frame-work for the 2013 Ambergris Caye BBQ Cook-Off/Beach Party/Live Music Week-End bash that this small event (and one of the competitors) got me thinking about. BBQs lining the front street, the air thick with the smell of smoke and good sauce, people out sampling, drinking beers, buying cute t-shirts and enjoying a fierce competition with locals and enthusiasts from around the world in ribs, chicken, best sauce, whatever else can be BBQed...maybe side dishes. Crown the BBQ King or Queen of San Pedro. This could be as big as LobsterFest! Maybe...2013 Smokin' San Pedro International BBQ Competition or 2013 Belize Grill & Chill International BBQ Competition or let's keep it simple - the 2013 San Pedro Scoop International BBQ Competition... I think it could be huge. What do you think? We can always work on the name later though I do lean towards the last choice. Let's get back to yesterday's contest and some pictures of Estel's, one of the most beloved restaurants on the island and everyone's favorite breakfast joint.

Caye Caulker - The Island of Flashing Smiles
How didn’t I know about Caye Caulker? I guess it’s one of those places that people don’t talk about because they want it to stay exactly the same. I get it. People don’t want this Belizian island to get over run with visitors or the hostel rates may go up. Or, God forbid, the rum punch shots might not be free anymore I apologize to those folks for writing a blog post but here it is. I want people to know about it because it’s the place in the world where the most people have ever smiled at me. People here are seriously happy! Caye Caulker is a short water taxi ride from Ambergris Caye (or about a 45 min water taxi from Belize City.) There is a great debate online arguing which island reigns supreme between Caulker and Ambergris. That debate is moot in my opinion because when one has cars and the other doesn’t (Caulker) the dynamics are not equally comparable. Ambergris is pretty big and has fabulous sandy beaches. It gets points for the sand in your toes, drink in your hand resort feel. But, IMHO, it loses points for feeling big cityish with golf cart traffic jams. The only traffic on Caulker are the boats coming in with their daily catch.

International Sources

A Chocolate Tour of the Caribbean
ONE morning on St. Lucia, as I was waking from beatific dreams, I discovered that I had turned into a luscious, ripe cocoa pod. Or so I imagined, borrowing freely from Kafka’s opening line in “Metamorphosis.” For three decadent days, I had been eating chocolate-stuffed liver pâté, cocoa-encrusted kingfish and, for breakfast, cocoa-and-cashew granola. At night I drank cocoa Bellinis. I indulged in a cocoa oil massage, hiked through cocoa fields and created my own chocolate bar. Dawn consistently carried the pungent aroma of cocoa trees, because I was staying on a verdant cocoa estate — and sleeping in a cocoa pod. Well, sort of: Hotel Chocolat, a boutique property in St. Lucia, features not rooms but “luxe pods,” where even the magnificently minimalist décor (rich mahogany floors, ivory-colored bathroom with open-air shower) evokes the essence of chocolate. Hotel Chocolat’s union of tourism and agricultural development, specifically its devotion to all things cocoa, is part of a budding movement across the Caribbean. You might call it choco-tourism. From Tobago to Dominica, Grenada to St. Vincent, the Caribbean cocoa industry, which has roots in colonial times, is being revitalized. This is excellent news economically: With free trade having all but destroyed the islands’ banana and sugar industries, fair-trade farming initiatives are a welcome boon.

Photos: A Tropical Trail of Chocolate Treats

WU Alumni have scheduled trip to Belize
The Washburn University Alumni Association has organized another group trip that is sure to impress. This time they will be indulging on a five night Western Caribbean cruise abroad Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, to Belize City and Cozumel. The trip will be 5 nights long, extending from November 24-29, 2012. The group will be meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There will be a welcome reception on the evening of departure as well as a cocktail party on the second evening of the trip, giving everyone a chance to mingle. Prices for inside cabins begin at $369 per person for double occupancy and you will have other cabin options available to you at a higher rate, if you desire. Air fare is not included in this price. You simply have to make your own reservations to Fort Lauderdale and meet everyone onboard the ship! What does this trip have to offer? Belize City is located between Mexico and Guatemala, and is often called “The Jewel,” because it has the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and has a very modern Caribbean charm. There are also many miles of tropical rain forest to take in and explore. Cozumel is an island off of the eastern coast of Mexico that is always being explored by its visitors, looking for gold and silver jewelry in the shops of San Miguel. This island is one of the best snorkeling areas in the whole world; the waters around the coral reefs are breathtaking and are definitely a sight to be seen.

Why the Maya Fell: Climate Change, Conflict—And a Trip to the Beach?
Maya Empire, seemingly swallowed by the jungle after centuries of urban, cultural, intellectual, and agricultural evolution. What went wrong? The latest discoveries point not to a cataclysmic eruption, quake, or plague but rather to climate change. And faced with the fallout, one expert says, the Maya may have packed up and gone to the beach. But first came the boom years, roughly A.D. 300 to 660. At the beginning of the so-called Classic Maya period, some 60 Maya cities—each home to between 60,000 and 70,000 people—sprang up across much of modern-day Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. (Explore an interactive map of key Maya sites.) Surrounded by pyramids, plazas, ball courts, and government buildings, the urban Maya discussed philosophy, developed an accurate solar-year calendar, and relished a thick, bitter beverage made from cacao beans: the world's first hot chocolate.

November 11, 2012

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Lands & Surveys Department upgrading land management system
The Government of Belize signed a loan agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on November 16, 2009, in the amount of US$2,500,000 to finance the execution of the Land Management Program Phase III (LMP III). The Project is for a period of three (3) years and is in its final stage of development. The objective of this Program is to consolidate and expand land management services country-wide, to improve quality, efficiency and access to all Belizeans. The LMP III consists of three components: (1) Expansion of the Parcel-Based Land Information System; (2) Improvement of Urban Land Information; and (3) Support for the Provision of Modern Land Management Services. The LMP III Program is being executed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture (MNRA) through the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS). In November 2012, the Program began execution of Component 1. As a result, the general public is hereby advised that the Lands & Surveys Department is currently migrating into this upgraded Land Management System. Due to this migration, services at the National Estate Section and all District Lands Offices are limited but will become fully operational over the next fifteen (15) business days. During this period, the Ministry asks for your patience as we continue our efforts to better serve the Belizean people.

Garifuna Calendar of events for San Pedro announced
The calendar of events leading up to National Garifuna Settlement Day celebration on November 19th in San Pedro Town has been officially released by the San Pedro Cultural Committee. The events have the endorsement of the National Garifuna Council and support at the local level as well as the Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and the San Pedro Town Council. “We want to have a united celebration and we want all Garifunas to join in the celebration. We also invite our local residents and visitors to enjoy the rich culture that will be on full display during the course of the month,” said the Chairman of the San Pedro Cultural Committee Councilor Mito Paz. The calendar of events is being held under the theme “Wawansera Memeba Lau Lubafu Bungui Hama Ahari – We keep going forward with the Power of God and the Ancestors.”

Misc Belizean Sources

Miss Belize in Reina Internacional del Tropico
Karen Middleton, who was Miss Belize at the Costa Maya pageant, went to Honduras to represent Belize at the Reina Internacional del Tropico pageant. She was crowned Miss Friendship. Great job, Karen! "Karen Jasmine Middleton represented Belize at the Reina Internacional del Tropico 2012 Pageant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on November 9th, 2012. She did not place but was named Miss Friendship."

Fashion at Actun Chapat
Joris Hendrik has some great designs out there in some unique places. Great wedding dress in Xibalba. "I'm a hopeless romantic and I decided to go for wedding Dresses because I love the glamour there is at Weddings. On this occasion I called a very close friend of mine Ruth Salazar to be a part of this Fashion Pictorial. Photographer Lupita Banmann introduced me to the Cave Actun Chapaat and ofcourse I would say yes to an adventure. It was a beautiful day when we ventured into the Underworld."

Kontiki Family Fun Day
The Kontiki Neighborhood Watch is having their Family Fun day today on Figueroa street. It'll go from 9:00am until 6:00pm. They'll have food, fun, specials, a football competition, greasy pole, and more.


Trying Something New: Sandbar Bar & Restaurant
I love something new. Another sports bar in San Pedro? Serving wings and Belikins? Ho-hum. There are so many bars and restaurants in this town, that I do love it when someone has the creativity (or the money) to try something more. (It's VERY hard to come up with new ideas for a bar.) And yesterday, when I stopped by the new Sandbar (the former Playa Chel), I saw that they are doing just that. Let's get one thing straight from the get-go, they are absolutely blessed to be leasing one of the best locations on the island. And a really gorgeous set of buildings and furniture. Bless and ambitious. This rent can not be cheap. And you are right next to a few other bars...Ambergris Brewing Company and Wet Willy's. On the beautiful stretch of beach right on the northern edge of town, across from Wet Willy's, they have set up what I've been begging for...for years! A beach club. Comfy lounge chairs and a bartender to bring you cold Belikins. HURRAY!

I Couln’t Belize It
Why I want to experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek 9 years ago I found myself alone, raising a 7 month old little baby boy. It was not what I had planned or expected. So, I sat down and asked myself, what do I want for Jack and what would I want our future to look like. I created a vision for us. I knew that I had a special little guy and I decided that just because he only had me, he would have all the opportunities any child would have and I drew it out. I drew a picture of the world because I wanted him to understand that he was part of a bigger place, that he should be open to different people and cultures. I drew a picture of a tree because I wanted him to know that nature and the environment sustains us and we should protect it. I drew a picture of a group of people holding hands, surrounded by hearts. So that he would learn that people need each other and we should do what we can to support each other to grow, be happy and that love is the tool to making this happen. As the years passed, I’ve used this as my guide and have made our life an adventure. Canada is a beautiful country and we have camped all across Ontario. I bring him to museums. We were even able to visit the Lincoln Memorial so he can see how one person can do great things. We went to Savannah and saw dolphins swimming in the ocean. I bring him everywhere so he can meet and know many different types of people.

International Sources

Belize’s BCB Holdings Ltd: Is it turning the corner?
In April 1987, a group of Belizean investors bought the assets of Royal Bank of Canada in Belize and renamed the company The Belize Bank Ltd. This bank, together with Belize Bank International Ltd (formerly, British Caribbean Bank International Ltd), are now the two major subsidiaries of BCB Holdings Ltd (BCBH). The Belize Bank is the largest bank in Belize. With a total of 12 branches it enjoys a 41 per cent market share of loans and 37 per cent share of total deposits. In descending order according to asset size, the other major competitors in that market are Scotiabank, Atlantic Bank Ltd, FCIB and Heritage Bank Ltd.

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