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September 20, 2013


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The San Pedro Sun

McClain August Wanted
McClain August, a resident of Ambergris is wanted by San Pedro police. In a very unusual wanted bulletin placed on the clock-tower jumbotron across from Central Park, the post states that August is wanted for three counts of attempted murder with a firearm. According to San Pedro police, August is wanted for the shooting that occurred on Wednesday September 18th in which an 11-year-old student was injured and another person grazed. August is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you have seen McClain August or have any information that can lead to his whereabouts you are asked to call the San Pedro police station at 206-2022 or the police hotline number 911.

Search efforts continue to locate a missing Caye Caulker fisherman
A fisherman living on Caye Caulker is missing and police and authorities on the small island have launched a search and rescue operation. Caye Caulker police are reporting that the missing man was with three others who went fishing at 8AM today, September 19th. According to police the missing person, a 55 year old fisherman originally from San Ignacio, was fishing with Donicio Edwards originally of Santa Elena – Cayo Valentin Verde of Sarteneja Village – Corozal and Jimmy Andrews (origin unknown). According to Inspector Jesus Palma of Caye Caulker Police Station, Edwards reported to the police that sometime around 9AM, while free diving for fish near the South Channel area off Caye Caulker, they noticed that one of their companions had not returned to the vessel. They immediately began searching for him but their efforts were fruitless. They returned to the island where the police were notified and a search and rescue effort was launched.

Children display patriotism at the Annual Talent Show
Children from the various schools in San Pedro Town participated in the annual Talent Show held on Friday, September 13th. The event is organized every year by the San Pedro Town Council as part of the September Celebration events. The show was held at the Angel Nunez Auditorium a little after 6PM. This year’s celebrations are being held under the theme “Belize in Me, Belize in You, Land of the Free” and the children were sure to keep that in mind. The program was hosted by none other than the recently crowned Miss San Pedro 2013-2014 Solani Graniel. Presentations included poems, songs and dances. Dancers in colorful costumes showed their Belizean pride by moving to the beats of soca music from Belizean artists such as Ernestine Carballo and TR Shine. Each presentation was unique and different to their school. A few students also recited Belizean poems and acted out moments in the history of Belize. The show was a crowd pleaser and it was evident that San Pedro truly has talent.

Remembering the Father of our Nation: Right Honorable George Cadle Price
On September 19, 2011 Belize lost a great hero and forefather of our nation, Right Honorable George Cadle Price. He was the pioneer of Belize’s political stability having fought till his death to see the betterment of his beloved country. The Right Honorable George Price was also one of the founding members and first leader of the Peoples United Party that was formed on September 29, 1950. The Right Honorable George Price led Belize to independence on the 21st of September 1981 after starting the peaceful, constructive Belize Revolution in 1950. George Price became the first Prime Minister of Belize. In October 1996 he announced his resignation as party leader and devoted his life for the betterment of Belize.

Minister of State Hon. Elvin Penner Required to Resign
The Office of the Prime Minister announces that, with immediate effect, the Hon. Elvin Penner is no longer a Minister of State in the current Administration. The Prime Minister formed the view that, with respect to a situation brought to his attention on Tuesday, Hon. Penner, as Minister of State in the Immigration Ministry, did not discharge his responsibilities with either the due judgment and balance, or the scrupulous regard for appearances, which the Prime Minister demands of all his Ministers. As a consequence the Prime Minister late yesterday evening met with Hon. Penner and required him to resign. After discussion Hon. Penner agreed with the position of the Prime Minister. He therefore tendered and had accepted his immediate resignation. In a related development, the Office of the Prime Minister also announces that the Immigration Ministry, together with the Ministry of the Public Service, has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the issue of a Belize passport to a South Korean national. The Immigration Ministry will make a statement in the next day or so as to the results of that investigation.

Carnival brings Belize’s culture, music and color to life
Belize City was busy over the weekend as citizens from all over the country descended on the old capital to witness and participate in the national Carnival Road March. It was one of two major events; the 17th annual Expo Belize Market Place and the carnival parade. The festival spirit was present from very early in the morning of Saturday September 14th with the pre-carnival jouvert. While the jouvert is a spectacular show unto itself, the carnival is always the main highlight, attracting thousands of spectators.

Ambergris Today

Belize City Lions Club National Service Day Activity
In order to commemorate the life, work, dedication and service of the late Rt. Hon. George Price, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development declared September 19th as “National Service Day”, a day set for Belizeans to carry out community service projects in order to make a positive change through hard work and service. At 6 a.m. on Thursday, September 19, 2013, Lion Members of the Belize City Lions Club conducted a National Service Day activity by raising 20 Belizean Flags at the Flag Monument at the main Round-About in Belize City. After the Flag Raising Ceremony, the Lion members sung the Belizean National Anthem. This is the second year that the Belize City Lions Club has conducted this National Service Day activity.

Island Team Works on Alcoholics Aid Program
Our lovely town of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is known for being a party hub, but while some of us drink for socializing others sadly have developed an alcohol addiction. Here on the island those who seek help for their addiction have the support of the Alcoholic Anonymous and the San Pedro Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute (SPADAI). SPADAI works hand in hand with Alcoholic Anonymous, the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) and most recently the San Pedro Police Department. On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, ASP Luis Castellanos, along with Tourism Police and Councilor Gaby Nuñez, personally delivered food to ten underprivileged persons (alcoholics).

Belize Public and Bank Holidays for 2014 Announced
The Government of Belize Press Office has sent out a press release informing about the Public and Bank holidays for 2014. It is notified for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and the Second Schedules to the Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, will be observed on the following days during the year 2014 in accordance with section 3 of the said Act:-

Did Belize Tourism Board Need to Apologizes for Song Choice on Promotional Video?
Yesterday, September 18, 2013, The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) issued an apology to all Belizeans after it came under fire from artists and other groups over its decision to use a musical track by Aurelio Martinez for the Belize Promotional video “Discover How To Be”. The general complaint is that the BTB failed to choose a song from a Belizean artist as opposed Aurelio’s who is originally from Honduras. I believe that the BTB took the high ground in issuing an apology, but I do not think that it was all necessary for them to do so or for them to be pushed to do so. There should not be any issue with them choosing Aurelio Martinez’s song for the video. Aurelio and his music are very much Belizean; he has chosen to make Belize one of his homes, has been a very productive citizen of this country and contributed tremendously in developing and promoting Belizean music through his work with the Garifuna Collective and the late Andy Palacio.

Misc Belizean Sources

This particular situation hits me personally since I have so many friends in the beautiful villages of Sarteneja, Chunox, Copper Bank, Progresso, Consejo and other surrounding villages. These are the most humble, peaceful and hardest working people, I have run across in Belize. As Editor of the Corozal Daily, I stand firm in solidarity with them as I feel their pain. It is sad and a crying shame that at a time of Belizean Patriotism/Nationalism, as we comfortably celebrate and rejoice at home our Independence Day Celebrations that for the past months, these villagers and residents have been enduring much pain and suffering in silence. Their road condition is farthest, the worse. In some areas deep ravines have carved themselves out on the road making traffic impassable and unbearable. Water is as high as 2 feet and more in some areas. This falls nothing short of the oppression, marginalization and malignity against those that don’t seem to have a voice. It is social injustice and travesty by those that don’t give a damn and those that do not stand up for them.

San Pedro Jump=up Parade Route
Happy September Celebrations everyone! You can see the route for the Jump-Up Parade for Independence Day and the various activities we will be having. You definitely can't miss out on the BLOCK PARTY and EL GRITO to bring in our Independence Day!

MCHS Patriotic Day
Mount Carmel High School students got in the festive spirit when they decorated their school for the September Celebrations. "Vibrant and Patriotic day at Mount Carmel High School, Kudos to the Winning Classes for their team work and high creativity."

The final touches are being added to the float from Georgeville that will be entered in the Independence Day parade on Saturday. The Williams family has been working on the artistic creation since August 1st. Here is a first look at the float. All the pieces on the float are hand-made by Mr. Eric Williams, Jr. The concept is an amalgamation of the family's ideas. Congratulations to the Williams family of Georgeville.

The students of Santa Elena Primary School were resplendent in their patriotic colors on Thursday morning as they participated in a hat competition. Congratulations to the staff and students for a wonderful presentation.

Channel 7

PM Forced Hon. Penner to Resign Due to Passport Irregularity
This morning rumours started zipping around that there was a major shake-up in the UDP Cabinet - and by 10:30 the news came down like an executive Sledgehammer: Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration Elvin Penner had been forced to resign by the Prime Minister. What's behind it? Well 7News has received credible information which says that Penner signed off on, or facilitated the issuance of a passport for a South Korean who is in jail. Best information is that the South Korean was being held, but when he produced a passport, which was backdated - the South Korean got bail and skipped the country. These are the sketchy details presently available, and those details say further that another elected official in the UDP facilitated the operation. That official we are told was also named in a previous investigation into 8 stolen visas. That's what we know tonight, but here's what the PM's statement said today - we'll read it verbatim: "The Office of the Prime Minister announces that, with immediate effect, the Hon. Elvin Penner is no longer a Minister of State in the current Administration. The Prime Minister formed the view that, with respect to a situation brought to his attention on Tuesday, Hon. Penner, as Minister of State in the Immigration Ministry, did not discharge his responsibilities with either the due judgment and balance, or the scrupulous regard for appearances, which the Prime Minister demands of all his Ministers. As a consequence the Prime Minister late yesterday evening met with Hon. Penner and required him to resign. After discussion Hon. Penner agreed with the position of the Prime Minister. He therefore tendered and….his immediate resignation (was accepted)."

Embattled Former SIF Exec Director Declares Innocence, Admits “Errors”
And while that corruption scandal is just starting to break - the other one at SIF is in what you might call "free-burn", a revelations continue to surface about what appears to have been a culture of corruption at SIF. Today former executive director Daniel Cano held a most unusual press conference; he did it at LOVE FM, where the 50 minute session was also broadcast live. He opened by saying, quote, "I am here because I have nothing to hide." And indeed, he took any and all questions - after an emotional opening:.. Daniel Cano, Former Executive Director - SIF "Mr. Smart, you have made many, many false accusations about me which has hurt me, which has hurt my family and that place that I have work and that I have loved for 14 years. I categorically deny these allegations and I demand that you retract each and every one of your false statements and you apologize for the damage you have done to me, to my good name, to my career that I have work so hard to build and for the pain you have caused my family."

Man Found Dead In South, Foul Play Suspected
Tonight, police are investigating the death of 24 year-old Ferris Torres, a resident of Independence Village, and so far, they have enough to treat the case as a homicide. Torres, who is a caretaker, and lives at the Michael Ashcroft Football Stadium, was discovered this morning by a fellow caretaker at around 7:45 a.m. this morning. His body was facedown, his pants were off, and his knees were bloody. These signs along with sand all over his body have led to investigators to believe that there was a struggle. The doctor who examined the body found no obvious signs of death, but the working theory is that he was choked to death. Torrres was a well-known as announcer at the stadium where he famously used the word "dispossessed" when referring to a player losing control of the ball due to the efforts of his opponent.

Cop On Cop Shooting Left One Dead, One Paralysed
10 days ago, 7News told you about the cop on cop killing of 24 year-old Police Constable Dean Yearwood, who was shot to death by his fellow officer, 32 year-old PC Glenn Grant. The Police Department says that it was not murder even though Yearwood, who was off-duty, was shot in the back by Grant, who said he was responding to a robbery in progress. The man who is central to the story is Brian Vasquez, who they say tried to rob Yearwood, which forced him to pull his service weapon and shoot at Vasquez, which, in turn, led Grant to respond and fire his weapon at both men. Yearwood ended up dead, and Grant shot in the back. Vasquez, who is now paralyzed from the waist down as a result of that shot to the back, has been at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital recovering, and he's been under police guard. While at the hospital, we were unable to approach him, but he was discharged yesterday, and he called us this afternoon to make sure that his side of the story was aired.

With PC Yearwood Dead, 2 Men Go Free
And while Vasquez continues to wait in dread to see if police will charge him, today, 2 men Police Constable Dean Yearwood allegedly caught with weed last year, were discharged because Yearwood, as arresting officer, cannot testify against them. According to police, Yearwood accompanied other officers on August 18 of last year where they conducted a search for illegal immigrants, drugs and firearms at the Happy Hour Night Club in Ladyville. Nothing incriminating was found at the bar, so they went upstairs and searched a locked room belonging to 33 year-old Chinese national, Zihai Li, and his 16 year-old roommate. Yearwood said that he found 2 grams of cannabis inside the room, and as a result, he charged both men with possession of controlled drugs.

Stake Bank Project Gets Environmental Approval; NCL Urges Caution
15 days ago, the National Environmental Appraisal committee met to consider a pair of addenda to the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Cruise Tourist project at Stake Bank Caye and North Drowned Caye. The project received tentative approval pending approval of an environmental monitoring fee and a proposals for fuel transport to one of the cayes. Well, the news tonight is that the Environmental Compliance Plan was signed today. Developer Mike Feinstein confirmed this to us, which means that his project now has full environmental compliance. We'd say that's a green light, but pending an approasial by Cabinet, it might still be yellow. Still the environmental clearance alone would seem to put Feinstein ahead of the Harvest Caye Project which is still pending environmental approval. But what does Norwegian Cruise Line think of the much larger Stake Bank project proposed for the Belize district? Yesterday we spoke the project director for NCL's Harvest Caye investment about a parallel berthing facility in Belize City competing with their plan for the south.

Assad Shoman Launches New Pro-Referendum Book
"How you can end the the Guatemalan Claim" - that's the name of a new book launched by Assad Shoman and published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The original idea was that the book by Belize's pre-eminent living historian would be used as an awareness tool, to get the public to support the referendum. But, as Shoman himself says, there's not going to be a referendum this year, or next. Still, they launched the book today in the hope that it can help to build critical mass and support for the referendum going forward:.. Assad Shoman "I can tell you that those resolutions do not in any way guarantee our borders. We never even discussed borders, not United Nations, in that struggle for independence. We were fight for the right to be independent, but they do not have the effect of defining a border. The UN resolutions on the membership of the United Nation, does not even reflect what our borders are. The only organ under the United Nation system which is qualified to define a border legally is International Court of Justice - the only one. Any decision of that court is binding and the Security Council which is the only organ of the United Nations empowers to take action including military action." "How can we achieve real safety and security not just by shouting "dis da fu we" but by having other countries and especially the one that claims us Guatemala recognize that this is for us. How do we achieve that because that is the only way we can have real security."

To Make Sure Rt. Hon. Price Is Never Forgotten
We spoke to the Opposition Leader at the wreath laying for George Price - who passed on two years ago. Here's how that went at the Lord Ridge Cemetery where they remembered The Great Man. Henry Charles Usher, Chairman PUP "He had a true sense of self, a sense of purpose that he tries to view in all of us. A large part because of his education and inspiration and vision we have an enduring national identity - a Belizean identity." "The Lord plays no favorites. He took Mr. Price from us, Yes although he did I will always be painful at least to me. Today as we gather to honor his passing let us dedicate ourselves to try to accomplish what he did." Rt. Hon. Said Musa "He gave us an identity; who are you - a Belizean right. That's what Mr. Price gave us - that identity - all of us Belizean." Hon. Francis Fonseca "If you are a market vendor or a street cleaner he was humble in your presence. That's a very important lesson for all of us especially the young people but also those of us who are leaders in our country - that humility must define our leadership."

Flash Flood Swamps Democracia, Shuts Down Highway
It's been raining for days, and we all knew that something somewhere had to give with the rivers running over their banks and the ground so inundated. And today, it did with a flash flood in La Democracia caused by the Sibun River breaking its bank. Several homes on the Coastal road ended up under water due to the fast rising waters. Our team headed out there but couldn't reach because the rushing water broke a culvert at mile 27 on the Western Highway closing down the road. Monica Bodden was there:.. Monica Bodden reporting Traffic was backed-up this morning as this pool of water settled over the road at mile 27 on the Western highway. Police officers were deployed to the area - to render assistance and to inform motorists about the current situation they were faced with - Vehicles were not allowed to cross a specific section of the highway - after one of its culverts was washed away by the force of the flooded water. If you notice closely, both sides of this particular culvert are washed away - leaving minimal support underneath the road.

And the Forecast Says
That flash flood was caused by Heavy rainfall associated with a slow moving area of low pressure over Belize over the last couple days. Our news team stopped in at the Weather Bureau to speak with Chief Met Officer, Dennis Gonguez about the current flooding situation and an update on the weather as we go into the 21st.. Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer "There as a weak area of low pressure influencing our weather over the past couple of days. It has now moved offshore the Yucatan Peninsula into the bay of Campeche and it has been affecting our weather in terms producing some rainfall. Last night we had about 7 inches near the Belize Zoo and about 4 inches at La Democracia on the George Price Highway. As this system moves away we are looking at conditions will gradually improve as time goes by." Monica Bodden "Can we expect more flooding?" Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer "With the rains decreasing, indications are the flooding should start to recede in the upcoming days and therefore we are not looking at any major events occurring in the next day."

Dr. Sanchez Explains Why Dulce Died
Last week, we told you about Baby Dulce Maria Coye, whose family from San Roman, Corozal was accusing the doctor at Northern Medical Plaza of contributing to her death due to medical malpractice. We've been trying to get an official position from Dr. Hugh Sanchez, the pathologist, who conducted the autopsy. Yesterday, Dr. Sanchez, who completed his report, shared it with us at a KHMH media mixer. He explained that the child died due to a post-surgical infection: Dr. Hugh Sanchez, Pathologist "It was alleged that something was left in the baby. Whether it was a needle or a blade or whatever, I would like to say that from the post mortem no such thing was found." "The child did pass on and we did the post mortem which revealed that there was evidence of Peritonitis. There was pus in the abdominal cavity which may have been a result of the initial surgery." "The risks were there and with any risk that should be told to the patient. There is a risk and you explain the risk because if you do you are damn and if you don't you are damn. So you better try and do something. The womb breaking down is a sequel of surgery - even in adult that would happen. With the mechanics some time the pressure builds up too much and it leak and once sepsis cycle begins any number can play."

Channel 5

PM drops a bombshell…Minister of State for Immigration, Elvin Penner, is fired
Elvin Penner is no longer a Minister of State in the current administration. That’s because he was required to resign with immediate effect from that post by Prime Minister Dean [...]

Investigation into a passport fast-tracked to a South Korean National in detention caused Penner’s demise
And now to the facts of the story…why was Ministry of State so summarily and brutally dismissed? Using the trail of breadcrumbs to the Immigration Department so thoughtfully provided by [...]

But is it the first time that allegations have been brought against Penner?
Ironically, this isn’t the first time Penner has been accused of being involved in the fast-tracking of documents. In 2012, just before general elections, he came under fire when the [...]

Former Executive of SIF, Daniel Cano, says he knew of Kenard Smart’s bribes but did not act
The scandal involving the Dangriga Municipal Market and employees of the Social Investment Fund continues to unravel. This afternoon, former executive director Daniel Cano faced the music and held a [...]

Cano says SIF is not responsible to compensate investors
The contention is that SIF never entered into a contractual arrangement with financiers, Lyndon Bailey or Gush and Emy Ramirez; therefore, the agency is not responsible for compensating them for [...]

But denies receiving any monies from Smart
Allegations of bribery, placed squarely at Cano’s feet, are also being passionately denied.  Cano says he had nothing to do with an alleged inducement of eleven thousand dollars purportedly paid [...]

Leader of the Opposition addresses the SIF scandal
The Former Executive Director of SIF, Daniel Cano, spoke for the first time today since his resignation following the scandal of the Dangriga Municipal Market. It’s an issue that won’t [...]

Belize/Guatemala Forum; is the ICJ the only option to settling the claim?
The referendum on whether or not to take the territorial claim to the International Court of Justice is not going to be held in October or likely at any other [...]

Fonseca responds to Assad Shoman’s comment on P.U.P. non-position on Referendum
When we caught up with the leader of the opposition earlier today we also asked him about the claim made by former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman, that despite the P.U.P.’s [...]

Panelists question the severity of measures taken against illegal harvesting in Chiquibul
Incursions into the Chiquibul Forest, for the most part, remain unchecked despite routine patrols of its vast expanse by local armed forces.  Guatemalans caught poaching and mining gold and other [...]

Culvert near Mahogany Height caves in due to flooding
Water rose up to seven inches in the area of the Belize Zoo on the George Price Highway this morning. Students and other commutes were forced to exit their transport [...]

…while 3 flood-prone villages in Orange Walk under watch
The incessant rains also continue to fall over the north or the country, and the waters of the Rio Hondo are rising. In the municipalities that can be an inconvenience, [...]

Anthony Rancharan wins SMARTS big raffle
Today, Smart announced the winner of their latest big raffle – a trip for two to New York with spending money and all the bells and whistles included. By any [...]

2 years after his passing, the late father of the nation, George Price, is remembered
Across the country today, activities were held to honor the late father of the nation George Price, who has been described as the best Prime Minister Belize has ever had. [...]

Coping with stress…Healthy Living has useful tips on how to live stress-free
People cope with stress in many ways; some make use of healthy habits like exercise and mediation and others turn to alcohol and drugs. The common motivation behind these habits [...]


Ambassador Speaks on Ending the Guatemalan Claim
On the heels of the Forum on Belize Guatemala, Ambassador Assad Shoman has released a book entitled “How You Can End the Guatemalan Claim” and as he mentioned in last night’s forum, the book speaks of the solution being going to the International Court of Justice. He explained that the book was written at the time when the Belize Guatemala referendum was at the forefront and it served as an encouragement for Belizeans to know why it was important to have a referendum and to go to the ICJ. ASSAD SHOMAN “I think that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs feels that, in the first instance, they feel that it is possible that the referendum may be held next year but I don’t think so. I do believe whether Guatemala agrees to have a referendum or not, we have signed an agreement with Guatemala that we will take this matter to the court and I think that Belizeans have to be convinced that that is necessary for our safety and security and our future development; Belizeans must be convinced that that is necessary and we must do it so that we can fight internationally to pressure Guatemala to agree to go to court; therefore this book is still useful, they thought, at least in explaining to Belizeans why it is good and it is necessary and it is the only way to resolve this dispute and to end this dispute by going to the ICJ.”

Opposition Leader Says Urgent Attention Should Go To Dangriga in the SIF Incident
And while he spoke well of Mr. Price, the PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, appealed to the Government to get to the bottom of the scandal at the Social Investment Fund. FRANCIS FONSECA “My main concern is that the people of Dangriga are being deprived of their market; they have longed for this project to be completed, vendors are losing money; the people of Dangriga are losing out. I would like for the government to take this matter very seriously and for the Prime Minister to get involved and whatever monies are remaining to somehow find the way that those monies are made available very quickly to the Dangriga Town Council or some other contractor that the government secures. I understand that there is a process they have to go through; the Social Investment Fund is not our money, so to speak and so there is a process they need to go through but they need to expedite this process; they need to sit down and talk to the funding agencies and explain to them the urgency of this matter and if they do that then they can move this project forward very quickly and with a sense of urgency because the only ones really losing right now are the people of Dangriga; it’s very sad and I know there are contract disputes and lawyers involved now but none of that is helping the people of Dangriga and that is what we want to see happen.”

Damage Control Continues on Roads in Northern Belize
The work continues today on the San Estevan road, or at least the areas that have been severely damaged by continuous rains over the last week or so. Our correspondent visited the area again today and while the road is still bad, heavy machinery continued to work on the road. While water has drain from some areas, the road has been left mud-covered. At other areas, the water has washed away some soil leaving huge pot holes in the middle of the road. Water continues to overflow over some parts but Love News has been reliably informed that contractors responsible for the paving of the road, Bella Vista Development Co Ltd and Lopez Equipment Co Ltd are presently filling in the worst parts. We were informed that the contractors have filled two sections and are working on two more today. In other sections, the mud is being scraped off the road and replaced with a more sturdy material. In addition, at least ten culverts will be installed as part of the emergency work being done in the area. The contractors responded to the situation yesterday after hundreds of commuters, workers and students, were unable to pass the stretch of road. Traffic flow returned to normal this morning without incident but drivers still need to take caution when passing the stretch of road as some areas are still in very bad conditions. We were told that if rains hold up, the work will be finished by tomorrow.

Prime Minister Requests Resignation From Cabinet Member
Yesterday rumors were circling about a major scandal within the Ministry of Immigration. While all the details have not been revealed, what is for sure is that area representative for Cayo North East Elvin Penner is no longer Minister of State with responsibility for Immigration, a post he has held since last June when the Department of Immigration was taken out of the Ministry of National Security. In a release from the office of the Prime Minister, after a late meeting yesterday with Penner, the Prime Minister asked Penner to resign. According to the release, a situation was brought to the Prime Minister’s attention on Tuesday. After looking at it the Prime Minister was of the view that Penner did not discharge his responsibilities with quote “either the due judgment and balance or the scrupulous regard for appearances which is required from all Ministers” end quote. The release goes on to say that the Immigration Ministry together with the Ministry of the Public Service has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the issue of a Belize passport to a South Korean national. The Ministry will make a statement at the conclusion of the investigation which should be completed shortly.

Former Executive Director of SIF Says The Allegations are False
Former executive director at the Social Investment Fund Daniel Cano today broke his silence regarding a number of allegations made against him. Cano was forced to resign earlier this week after the Board of Directors of SIF demanded his resignation. Contractor Ken Smart had alleged that Cano along with four other employees had extorted money from him. Cano who was employed at SIF for the past 14 years explained why he took the decision. DANIEL CANO “My resignation from the post of the Executive Director of the Social Investment Fund was requested and I agreed to submit it on the basis of the findings of the Contractor General’s report where my management of the allegations was found to be less than desirable. My resignation was not on the grounds of any involvement of bribery, corruption or extortion. I stepped down for the institution to be able to move forward without the questions of my management decisions around it.

Caretaker Found Dead in Football Stadium
The family of 24-year-old Ferris Torress is looking for answers after the body of the young man was found in a room at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium sometime after eight o’clock this morning. Love News spoke with his mother Ann Elizabeth Torress who believes her son was murdered. ANN ELIZABETH TORRES “Well, you can see the struggle on the ground that he had, all in the drain because he stayed in the stadium because he took care of the stadium, he was an announcer in there and but he lived in the stadium and it’s in there that they murdered him. There were no stab marks; it looks like he was beaten then strangulated. I don’t know of any enemies he may have had; he announced in the stadium and took care of the stadium; I don’t know him to have had any enemies and we haven’t heard anything from the police or from the neighbors or surrounding areas.”

Opposition Party Remembers George Cadle Price
Today marks two years since the passing of the Father of the Nation, George Price. After a mass in his honor, officials of the political party he started, the People’s United Party, gathered at his graveside to lay wreaths, pray, and give tributes. Chairman of the PUP, Henry Usher, paid tribute to the late leader, who was also his grand-uncle. Henry Usher, Chairman, PUP “Because of his dedication, vision and inspiration, we have an enduring national identity, a Belizean identity and in all this he was mindful that he did not do this alone. He braced our history, he braced our lives with his devotion to justice and the way he faced every adversity with steadfast feet.” PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, said that the party will have to find a way to ensure that George Price is not forgotten.

Opposition Leader Says This Is Not the PUP of the Past
Fonseca also answered a question which had to do with remarks made a forum on Belize Guatemala on Wednesday night on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute. The remarks made by former PUP Minister, Ambassador Assad Shoman, that the PUP does not have any position on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute. FRANCIS FONSECA “We respect what he has to say but I have made it very clear on many occasions that the People’s United Party will proceed on this matter at its own pace. We believe that we are taking the right course of action and I have made it quite clear from the very beginning of the process that we would participate fully, we are united as a people in ensuring that the Belizean people at the end of the day decide whether or not we proceed with this matter; yes or no; we are united in that regard but the People’s United Party, he is right in saying that we have not taken a decision as to whether as a party, we will vote yes or no and we believe that we are on the right track in respect to that matter and yes, he is right that the People’s United Party started this process and we have an obligation to respect the process and we are treating it with the seriousness that it requires and demands but we will not be pushed in the wrong direction...


Please download, read and share this set of ideas compiled by Senator Henry Gordon on improving separation of powers and increasing Checks and balances in Governance.

Investors in Dangriga market project say they want money and justice
PLUS News continues to follow the saga of the closed Dangriga Town market project managed by the Social Investment Fund (SIF), which has come under fire amid allegations of corruption and extortion that has resulted in the firing of four employees and resignation of another. While there is no...

Chamber & CitCo to address trade licenses
Trade license time is here for the Belize City Council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is asking Minister for Local Government Godwin Hulse to intervene. BCCI CEO Kim Aikman said elsewhere in the press that they have been meeting with the Minister since last year to forward...

BSCAP questions licensing of Aurelio Martinez song in BTB ad
Last week we brought you the controversy surrounding the usage of a song by Honduras’ Aurelio Martinez in international advertisements promoting Belize by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). While the Board is sticking to its guns, the Belizean Society of Composers, Artists and Promoters (BSCAP)...

UB celebrates Independence
On September 21st, Belizeans at home and abroad will be celebrating the jewel’s 32nd year of Independence. Because of the valiant and unyielding efforts of forefathers, the country is today a sovereign and developing nation. So on that day, we not only recognize our Independence, but we also pay...

Battlefield Park reopens
After months of controversy, the re-imagined and restored Battlefield Park was formally reopened. Even the cloudy day could not dent the spirits of the Belize City Council which has valiantly insisted on its interpretation of the role and purpose of the park. Belize City Mayor Darrell...

Felicia Chen remanded to Central Prison awaiting inquiry
Felicia Chen, the woman accused of murdering her three small children in April, was before the Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning. The Twenty-two year old Felicia Chen faces three counts of murder for the deaths of 4 year old Triana, 3 year old Thomas and 1 year old Trinaya Teul....

Teachers and Students thank Lifeline for donations
On Tuesday we told you about the over $200,000 in donations ranging from computers to a fully stocked library to improvements to school infrastructure made by Lifeline Foundation in six schools in the Orange Walk District. Orange Walk’s District Education Manager Carla Alvarez discussed with PLUS News the importance...

Mayor Bradley explains delays in Belize City street renovations
Works have stopped on Baymen Avenue, Belize City, for weeks now, maybe a month. On Wednesday we asked Mayor Darrell Bradley why the works have stopped and he explains that the council has encountered some difficulties. Mayor Darrell Bradley: The flood mitigation project wants to...

National Day of Prayer held at Showground
This past Sunday September 15th, Church leaders and followers gathered at the main stage at Showground to host their annual National Day of Prayer. After a half an hour of praise and worship songs, the crowd bowed their heads and lifted up their prayers- their strongest weapon- on three...

Prime Minister of Dominica visits Belize for Independence Day festivities
The Prime Minister of Dominica will be making a courtesy call to Belize for the Independence Day festivities. Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, will be a guest at the official ceremonies commemorating Belize 32nd year of Independence and will also take a tour of two of the country’s tourist attractions. Minister...

NCL launches education campaign on Harvest Caye Development
Representatives from the Norwegian Cruise Line have launched an education campaign on the nuts and bolts of the proposed cruise port at Harvest Caye. The team was in Independence Village this weekend. With more, here is Harry Arzu.

The Guardian

A pregnant Felicia Chen Now Behind Bars
22-year-old Felicia Chen has been declared fit to stand trial and is now behind bars at the Belize Central Prison. On Tuesday, April 30th, Chen was charged with three counts of murder for allegedly drowning three of her four children at Belizean Beach on Saturday, April 27th. Since her arraignment she has been in a medical facility where she was being observed and treated for some form of mental disorder. Chen has appeared in the Magistrate's Court numerous times since she was arrested but was ordered to return to the mental health facility until a doctor could declare her fit to stand trial. On Tuesday, September 17th, she was escorted to the Belize City Magistrates Court once again. The press was ordered to exit the courtroom because of the sensitivity of the case. According to reports, Dr. Wesley Quimbo declared that she was now medically fit to leave the mental health institution and stand trial. Chief Magistrate Anne-Marie Smith then ordered that she be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until her next court appearance on November 8th. Chen was represented by Attorney Antoinette Moore.

Battlefield Park Resurges
The Battlefield park has seen a magnificent rebirth. On Wednesday, September 18th Mayor Darrell Bradley officially declared the park open once again. After 5 months of arduous work put in by International Environs (IE) the park was opened to the public two weeks ago. And it is quite a marvelous space to behold. Anyone standing at the center of the park can appreciate what Mayor Bradley’s intention was. According to him, the park was originally designed as a plaza to accommodate the surrounding public buildings which include the Supreme Court. The park now features a flat square with benches, a fountain, a flag pole, green spaces and the bust of the great labor movement leader, Antonio Soberanis. In opening the park Bradley described the park as the heart and soul of Belize City since it sits smack in the center of the commercial area. He noted that the park has a great historic origin having been the gathering ground for residents of Belize from as early as 1638. It was “ground stand for people to congregated and advocate for their rights,” and as such the redesign of the park was to pay respect to its history.

Heads roll at SIF
Four senior officers from the Social Investment Fund were terminated on Tuesday, September 17th. The decision was taken after allegations were made by Kennard Smart in which he provided copies of cancelled checks written out to 4 of the SIF officials. Smart contends that it is because of 'shakedowns' that he has been unable to complete the Dangriga Market project which he was contracted to do in May of 2012 with a scheduled completion date of July 2013. He has however been unable to complete the work and is now claiming that it was because of officers at SIF shaking him down for money. He provided checks to prove that he had been giving four officers money by way of check and further alleged that the Managing Director received at least one payment of 11 thousand dollars in cash which was given to him in two transactions, one which amounted to $1,000 and the other of $10,000 which he allegedly gave Cano in a black bag.

Two Rights do not make a Wrong
There will always be problems in life because even though many people are working diligently to solve problems other people are busy creating them. In addition, when finding a solution to one problem we sometimes inadvertently create a new one. Naturally individuals rank the seriousness of issues in their own way and concentrate on those that they find most compelling either because of some personal or professional experience or an emotional affinity. Some people might find a particular issue to be of the utmost significance while it barely registers on the radar of others. However, there are a few issues which are almost universally accepted as being of top priority. Paedophilia and other varieties of child abuse is such an issue. However, it is intellectually dishonest to use the widespread disgust that accompanies this issue to lambast efforts to solve other problems. The Gender Policy, for example, is tasked specifically to address gender issues while the Education Policy concentrates on education. Both policies can be expected to cover a wide range of subject matter but each will focus on its own theme. The Commercial Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Policy on the other hand deals with all pertinent issues including child sexual abuse for commercial purposes. The Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation (MHDST) has worked diligently on both the Gender Policy and the CSEC Policy so it is puzzling that some people would add two rights and get a wrong. Undoubtedly, there are many problems in the world that these two policies do not address but that is because they do not fall within the scope of these works. It is unreasonable to attack people for addressing these issues using the rationale that they should be focussing on another issue.

Mothers and Children enjoy a day with the Zone Ten Neighborhood Watch in Cayo
Dozens of mothers and their children came out last Sunday to enjoy the newly refurbished basketball court in Santa Elena Town, Cayo. On hand for the day was the Zone Ten Neighborhood Watch Committee, comprising of residents living in all that Area between the Hawkesworth Bridge and the residence of Desol Neal, near the Santa Elena Football Stadium. Desol Neal is the current President of the Zone Ten Neighborhood Watch Committee. Children from Zone Ten were entertained with songs and given gifts in the spirit of the September Celebrations. There was also a food eating contest later in the day. As dawn enveloped the court, powerful lights were turned on. Zone Ten Committee members then handed books, markers and other school supplies to the children. Funds raised from the sale of food by the Zone Ten Committee will be returned to the Community in organizing other events to promote socialization among residents. Zone Ten, along with the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association, have been the beneficiaries of numerous crime fighting tools from the U.S Central American Regional Security Initiative.

Belize District Football Association players’ registration is on
The Belize District Football Association is currently conducting registration of all amateur players in the Belize District free of cost. The registration process commenced on September 5 and will conclude on October 4, 2013. Registration forms are available at Infotel Limited at 53 Regent Street in Belize City. Meanwhile, the association also informs the general public and football teams in the district that the 2013 Belize District 1st Division Competition is scheduled to commence on October 12th. For further information you can contact the Belize District Football Association at [email protected]

Guest of Honour for Belize’s 32nd Independence Day
Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, will be hosted by the Government of Belize as the Guest of Honour during Belize’s Independence Day festivities. Hon. Skerrit will arrive in Belize on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, accompanied by Hon. Dr. Collin McIntyre, Minister of Trade of Dominica. After arrival, Hon. Skerrit will make a courtesy call on Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow. During his stay, Prime Minister Skerrit will be a guest at all official ceremonies commemorating Belize’s 32 years of Independence. He will also visit two of Belize’s many natural tourist attractions. Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit’s visit will conclude on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, when he returns to Dominica.

New British High Commissioner to Belize H.E. Peter Hughes Makes Courtesy Call on Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar
The new British High Commissioner to Belize, H. E. Peter Hughes, today made a courtesy call on Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, in his office at the Ministry of National Security Headquarters in the Curl Thompson Building in Belmopan.

Female participants in the Five-a-side game held on Sunday at the Five-a-side stadium near the Santa Elena Public Library in images ‘Female FiveAside’
Hon. Rene Montero viewing the Five-a-side games on Sunday The Five-a-side football, which started about two weeks ago in the Cayo Central Division, is running smoothly. Some fourteen teams have participated in the Five-a-side so far. This comes as a full female teams clashed on Sunday at the Five-a-side stadium near the Santa Elena Public Library in the Cayo District. Area Representative for the Cayo Central Division, the Hon. Rene Montero braved the rains on Sunday to view the sport. The Hon. Rene Montero is providing the Jerseys, equipment as well as the trophies for all the Five-a-side games.

Jobs - a top priority for Benque Viejo del Carmen
The creation of job opportunities has become a top priority for the Benque Viejo del Carmen’s Town Council. Mayor Miguel Velasquez and his team have in the past had a meeting with the Hon. Erwin Contreras, the Minister of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection and who is the Representative for the Cayo West Divisio, on a growth plan for Benque Viejo del Carmen.

KHMH Celebrating 18th Birthday
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is celebrating its 18th anniversary and on Wednesday, September 18th, the institution’s management team held a mixer with the press to speak about its medical advancement in the past year and how it has responded to the devastating outbreak in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

People’s Coalition of Cayo Meet
The People’s Coalition of Cayo (PCC) held its monthly meeting on September 11, 2013 at the San Ignacio Police Station. This is the last meeting of the PCC, before its soon to be announced Annual General Meeting. Present for the meeting on Wednesday was the PCC’s Chairman Albert Moore and Officer in Charge of San Ignacio Police Formation, Ralf Moody.

Crime Statistics for the Month of August, continuing trend in reduction
There were only 3 murders countrywide in August 2013, compared to 9 murders in August 2012. From January to August of 2013, there were a total of 70 murders, compared to a total of 97 for the same period of 2012.

Finally relief for San Estevan
The road from Orange Walk to Progresso has been getting progressively worse over the past few days. Despite numerous requests to the contractor to get work done on the road, it has been slow in coming. It was not until UDP Caretaker for Orange Walk Central, Denny Grijalva got personally involved that the terrible conditions of the road are beginning to be addressed.

September session of Supreme Court commences- over 100 cases on the list
The September session of the Supreme Court began on Monday, September 16th and already the court has seen a beefing up of security personnel posted at the institution. That’s because a number of murder cases are set to kick off before either Supreme Court judges, Adolph Lucas and Troadio John Gonzalez.

Deputy Prime Minister Vega concludes official visit to Petén, Guatemala
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Honorable Gaspar Vega, recently concluded a working visit to Petén, Guatemala as guest of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Guatemala.

Youth Talks - Meet the Kardashians... twerk it like Miley Cyrus
Why is it that we still wonder why our youths and our children are in the position that they are in now; lacking morals, respect and values? Have you ever sat down and watched what your children are watching? And when I mean watch, I mean have you ever sat down and put attention to what the movies, television shows and cartoons are teaching your child? I have. Once I sat down watching a television series created for young adolescent for about the age of ten to thirteen. I happened to pay attention to the plot of the series which was about two girls liking a boy and trying to seduce him in order to get a kiss. Guess which channel was playing the series? Hmm if you are thinking Disney then you got it right, the all-time favorite channel of most kids. It is of no surprise then, that to some extent these same producers encourage children to become wild. .

Dangerous Precedent
Like several of the other municipalities in our country, Orange Walk is a small town and the majority of its citizens know each other fairly well. Unlike other communities, however, the political climate in OW is always charged, no matter how far away the next elections are. Politics has become an integral part of the culture of the average Orangewalkeno; as much a part as the dozens of taco stands which dot the town at each corner. Even in such a heated atmosphere of diverse political opinions and sympathies, there is an underlying and tangible respect for each other and a calm acceptance of the outcome of each election once the ballots have been counted. Because of this familiarity between our people, we may rant and rail, but rarely take things to a personal level to bring harm to each other. But in every good story there will always be a novice, a greenhorn, who will try to stir the pot to see what develops; this Monday, 16 September being that example. This PUP Town Council triggered an incident that day which can have lasting effects here in our little town, since I am sure some UDP supporters will never forgive or forget the malice behind it.

BTB robber pleads guilty to 10 counts, sentenced to 46 years
On Monday, September 16th, 23-year-old Clarence Lamb, who is still limping from a gunshot injury to his right leg, was sentenced to 46 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to 10 criminal offenses including seven counts of aggravated assault, one count of robbery and 2 firearm related offenses for keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. When he was first charged Lamb had pleaded not guilty but on his reappearance he changed his plea to guilty. The Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith who heard his plea for leniency sentenced him to 12 years for robbery, two 10 years for the firearm related offenses and two years each for the 7 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm upon seven BTB employees including a cashier. The sentences are to run concurrently with each so Lamb will only be serving 12 years imprisonment.

Teenager charge for the murder of Jamal Anthony Neal
On Friday September 13th, a St. John’s College Junior College student was arraigned for the murder of Jamal Anthony Neal who was killed on July 8th, on Banak Street in Belize City. 18-year-old, Micah Tillett was taken to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court where he was charged with one count of murder. Tillett, who was unrepresented, appeared before Magistrate, Hettie Mae Stewart. Magistrate Stewart explain to the teenager that due to the nature of the offense, no plea will be taken since the matter is an indictable offense and that he will be remanded to the prison. She also explained to him that on his next court date, he will appear before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer since the matter was assigned to that court. Tillett now joins, UB Student, Jedd Allan Burgess, who is also on remand at the Belize Central Prison. Both Burgess and Tillett will appear in Court #2 on October 15, 2013 for the first time together, for the murder of 21-year-old Jamal Anthony Neal.

Accused cop killer gets off ammunition charges
In July 2012, police investigations into the shooting death of a policeman led investigators to arrest and charge Bainsville resident, Delford Slusher for the offense of murder, and ammunition offenses. Police allegations are that on July 24, 2013, Slusher was found in possession of 2-aguila brand bullets which were found in a black suitcase inside his home. On July 25, 2012, Slusher was arraigned and remanded to prison on that charge. On Friday, September 13th, Slusher appeared in court where he was acquitted of the offense of keeping ammunition without a gun license. In a ruling, Magistrate Adolph Lucas found Slusher not guilty of keeping ammunition without being granted a gun license since there were a number of discrepancies which unfolded in the trial.

XV Central American Table Tennis Masters Championships September 13 -15, 2013
The XV Central American Table Tennis Masters Championships concluded yesterday, September 15, 2013 at the Belize Elementary School auditorium.

Baden pink balls for the XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship
The Belize Softball Federation will play host to the XXIII Edition of the National Women’s Softball Championship which is scheduled for Friday, September 27 – September 29, 2013, at Rogers Stadium the home of softball in Belize. As the premier female sports in the country, the Belize Softball Federation has dedicated this year’s National Women’s Softball Championship to the survivors of cancer especially breast cancer. The Baden’s balls that will be used in the championship are pink in colour and carry the logo of the Cancer Awareness Foundation. The ceremonial first pitch will be a dual pitch, the first time that this will be done in the country and this honours will be given to Mrs. Philippa Griffith-Bailey, ISF Hall of Fame Member, immediate past Treasurer of the Belize Softball Federation, the only Women in Sports Commissioner in the country and she will be joined by a representative of the Cancer Society.

Basketball Firms’ Competition enters Knockout round
Written by Administrator Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00 The Belize District Basketball Association Firms’ competition will enter its knockout round on Thursday, September 26, 2013, at Bird’s Isle. In the first game on the schedule at 7:30 pm will feature Belize City Council against PUC/CBA/Fisheries. In game two, BTL will see action against Ready Call Centre. On Friday, September 27, 2013 in the first game at 7:30 pm Heritage Bank will go up against Courts and this will be followed by Belize Bank against Central Health. The competition will then enter the Quarterfinal round on Thursday, October 3, 2013 with two more games on the schedule.

Belize Rural Softball Association playoffs commence
The Belize Rural Softball Association entered its playoffs round on Sunday, September 15th, 2013. In the first game played, Easy Does It of Flowers Bank edged Lord’s Bank Sunrise by the score of 18-17. The winning pitcher was Amber Wade and the losing pitcher was Stacey Smith. In game two, UB Jaguars blasted Mel’s United of Double Head Cabbage by the score of 16-6. The winning pitcher was Herlette Clarke and the losing pitcher was Annett Morey. The competition will continue on Sunday, September 22, at Lord’s Bank Village. In the first game scheduled for 9:00 am will see Lord’s Bank Sunrise against Easy Does It from Flowers Bank and in game two it will be Mel’s United of Double Head Cabbage against UB Jaguars.

Visiting Ambassadors present their Credentials to Governor General
Ten ambassadors presented their credentials to the Governor General at Belize House in Belmopan, today. The ambassadors were: H.E. Jan Gerhard Lassen of Norway, H.E. Hristo Gudjev of Bulgaria, H.E. Polyxeni Stefanidou of Greece, H.E. Palam Mulonda of the Republic of Zambia, H.E. Leon Kalenga of the Holy See, H.E. Julio Anibal Riano Velanda of Columbia, H.E. Stuart Savage of Canada, H.E. Guy Lamothe of Haiti, H.E. Matthias Peter Sonn of Germany, and H.E. Segundo Rafael Andrango-Bonilla of Ecuador. The ambassadors all stressed the good relations between their country and Belize and offered on behalf of their country a continuance of support to Belize. Their messages included well-wishes to the Governor General as well as to the Government and people of Belize. The Governor General courteously received their presentations and warmly welcomed the ambassadors to Belize.

Pickstock Carnival Band and Mother Nature’s Creation are 2013 Road March Champions
Pickstock Carnival Band and Mother Nature’s Creation earned a year’s worth of bragging rights on Saturday, September 14th, when they were named the 2013 Junior and Senior Carnival Road March Champions. In the words of Patrick Thompson, President of the Belize Carnival Association, “All the bands were really impressive this year. It was the most colourful Carnival I have ever seen.” Thousands of Belizeans shared that opinion as they gathered in large numbers along the stretch of Central American Boulevard and Princess Margaret Drive to witness the spectacular road march. There were thirteen bands participating in the road march this year; including, one from Seine Bight and one from Dangriga. Competing in the junior band category were Pickstock Carnival Band from the Victoria Street area, Black Pearl Carnival Band from the Queen Square area, Jump Street Posse from the Albert Street area, Sunshine Masqueraders from the Yarborough (Southside) area and Irahunu Mas Band from Dangriga. Wipeout Carnival Band from Seine Bight, which has dominated the Placencia Peninsula’s competition in recent years, also participated in the junior section this year but not competitively

Survey of Drugs and Alcohol in Our Schools
The National Drug Abuse Control Council will conduct a survey of approximately three thousand high school and junior college students to gage the level of alcohol, tobacco and drug use in our schools today. According to Amelio Matura, Schools and Communities Program Unit Coordinator at the National Drug Abuse Control Council, the survey is part of a regional effort to address drug use and abuse by Caribbean adolescents. Matura says the data will be compared to those compiled in 2003 and 2008 to see if intervention strategies implemented in schools have worked. He says based on the results of surveys that are being conducted in other Caribbean countries, Belize will study and adapt intervention strategies that have worked in order to aggressively tackle drug use in our schools. The Epidemiological High School Drug Prevalence Survey of 2003 had a sample of 1,700 students and almost 27% did not believe that frequent use of alcohol was harmful. 12.8% of those who were drinkers drank more than 10 drinks daily. 22.9% of drinkers were also marijuana smokers. Belize’s sample of the 2008 Global Youth Tobacco Survey included 1,751 students aged 13 to 15 years. That survey showed that 8% of students are cigarette smokers and 1 in 5 use some form of tobacco. It also revealed that 26.6% of students have tried cigarette smoking and a quarter live in homes in which someone smokes. Three quarters of smokers have tried to quit but failed because they did not receive help doing so.

Mayor Bradley: “Trade License Act Needs to Change”
Mayor Darrel Bradley says that the Trade License Act is unfair and it needs to be amended. The Chamber of Commerce recently wrote to the Minister of Local Government, Senator Godwin Hulse, asking for him to guarantee that the Belize City Council will not raise trade license fees for the upcoming year. Mayor Bradley says that the Chamber needs to do a better job as an advocacy group in working with the council on behalf of its members. The Chamber had similar complaints last year and was encouraged to work with the Ministry of Local Government and the City Council to come up with a more acceptable trade license assessment system. Mayor Bradley says a year later “the chamber has not put forward any proposal to us.” He continues, “The only time we hear from them is around tax time, which is not a good time for us. It is after we have already made our assessments, printed the bills and issued them out that we here from central government that the chamber wants to meet.”

70 More Streets under Belize City Infrastructure Project Phase 2
The Belize City Infrastructure Project is nearing completion but Mayor Darrel Bradley says there is much more the Council wants to accomplish in terms of infrastructural development and a proposal for phase II of the project is already on the table.

New Measures to Improve Enforcement of Fisheries Laws
The Belize Fisheries Department will benefit from a new initiative being funded by the European Union to improve the enforcement of fisheries laws in the Caribbean region. Milton Haughton, Executive Director of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, said, “A major weakness in the Caribbean region is the fact that our capacity is limited on the enforcement side, and very often offenses are not successful in the courts because the proper procedures are not followed.” He continued, “"We want to strengthen their capacities so that they are more effective at prosecuting offenses against the Fisheries Act.”

The Reporter

Cayo cops maul BDF soldier
Belize Defense Force Corporal, Keith Pinnix, 27, a seven-year veteran of the Force, is recuperating from injuries he sustained, allegedly at the hands of a few police officers.

Differences over U.S. – Russian deal focuses on possible punishment for Syria
Just days after Russia and the United States reached a deal on getting Syria to give up its chemical weapons, world powers are divided over the details.

US vows to work through tensions even as Brazil uproar over NSA grows
Even as the uproar mounts in Brazil over reports that the United States spied on President Dilma Rousseff , Brazil’s Foreign Minister continued to proceed to Washington on Wednesday.

Rural communities to benefit from Rural Health initiative
Sixteen Peace Corps Volunteers, focused on implementing a two-year Rural Family Health program, were sworn in on September 6t in Belmopan.

Belize Territorial Volunteers protest Guatemalan presence
The Belize Territorial Volunteers have written a formal complaint to the Prime Minister about Guatemalan armed forces entering Belizean Territory.

Opposition reps. leave PAC, GoB will now oversee itself!
The Government of Belize will now audit itself, as the opposition, People’s United Party’s members on the Public Accounts Committee say they’ve decided to boycott any GOB-led PAC meetings.

A Culture of Corruption
The current crisis at the Social Investment Fund brings into sharp focus the overwhelming culture of corruption that has now dominated our society.

Clarence Lamb, BTB robber, gets long prison sentence
The man who robbed the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) in January and was shot during his escape attempt was sentenced to 46 years in prison on Monday.

Living adult tissue transformed back into embryo state
A new, relatively simple way of treating heart attacks could save thousands of lives, according to specialists at a Clydebank hospital.

Byron Pope wins BCA September Criterium
Byron Pope of the Benny’s megabytes team won the annual September cycling criterium organized by the Belize Cycling Association and sponsored by the Belize City Council and Bowen & Bowen Ltd on Albert and Regent Streets in downtown Belize City on Sunday, September 15.

Belize wins gold in C.A. table tennis singles championships
Belizean Eric Stamp won a gold medal in the over-65 age division, when Belize Table Tennis Association hosted the 15th Central American table tennis masters championships at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15.


Carnival 2013: Belize City Wi Bash It Up, Part Two
In first post on last weekend’s Carnival in Belize City, everyone looks clean and dry, happy, neatly pressed and well hydrated. This was before the parade really started. About 4 hours later, as we were stationed at the Belikin tent by the Karl Heusner Hospital, the crowd was just trying to keep cool. These ice salesmen were doing swift business… Tailgating of all sorts was happening up and down the road. I won’t pretend it was just tasty ices…rum bottles were being passed around freely. Thanks sir…but I’m good for right now. With his many “Rollin’ 30s” prison tattoos and half closed eyes, I certainly wanted to keep my curb-mate on my good side. Finally! The first vehicle arrived. We honestly were waiting for HOURS! And I was charged by this guy who spent a few seconds twerking on me. Obviously this is a costume that life altering night mares are made of. He stood up, conked me in the head with a bull horn and thankfully ran off to catch up with the parade.

Belizean Creole Bread 1 Loaf in the Toaster Oven
No need to be discouraged because you can't need up too much dough at once. With minimal ingredients, you can now make only one loaf of delicious Belizean Creole Bread.

Late this evening, the government announced that the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, will be arriving this Wednesday in the country. Skerrit is a guest of the government during the remaining Independence Day celebrations which include the official Independence Day ceremonies in Belmopan. Following his arrival, Skerrit will be paying a courtesy visit on the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and will also be taking time to experience the jewel’s natural beauty. Skerrit will be accompanied by Collin McIntyre, Minister of Trade of Dominica. Their visit ends on September twenty-second September. Recently, the Prime Minister was having a bumpy ride back in Dominica. In early September, following fiery public criticism, Skerrit’s government withdrew the nomination of Alix-Boyd Knights as a candidate for the presidency of Dominca. Knights is the current Speaker of the House and the criticism over her nomination was that she was biased against the opposition.

“Movin’ On” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
A nice dry morning when I got out onto the veranda yesterday shortly after 04.30 hours. I enjoy the sound of the rain but sometimes its been known to dilute my coffee too much. I don’t like really strong coffee but I do want to know its in there. I know there’s a simple solution . Like, move the mug. But sometimes I forget its there. A by product of getting old? I prefer to think that it is because I am deep in contemplation! After taking my dose of The Times on line I decided to take the camera for a little stroll along the beach. It was a nice morning with a cooling breeze and the sun wasn’t out. I also thought that it would give me be opportunity to satisfy requests made by a number of you that I vary the photos a little.

A Trip to Belize As An AFAR Ambassador
I thank social media for knowing someone as awesome as Kirsten. If I remember correctly, I met her via twitter a few years ago - mobile photography was a new thing, and I loved her photos. But what I like the most about her is that she’s super friendly and always up for a good chat on twitter. I’m glad Kirsten was finally able to visit Belize and from the looks of it, she had a great time. A Q&A on her recent trip to Belize as an AFAR ambassador follows: Tell me a little about yourself and your travel style? Well, I hate writing about myself! Which is hilarious since so much of my job requires it. Instead, I love photographing and writing about places and about the people who make a place special. That’s what drove me to become a travel photographer and writer. I used to be a nomad, traveling from assignment to assignment and rarely pausing to catch up on work in between. Now, I have a home in New York City with my boyfriend (and sometimes travel partner) and travel a little less. Yet I think I appreciate travel more now.

A Touch of Luxury in Belize
Belize is a small country that packs a big punch for adventurous travellers who want to experience the outdoors. However, modern facilities and comforts aren’t the norm here as you’re probably used to. You don’t have to ‘rough it’ as there are some excellent luxury resorts here. Accommodation in Belize has many options from non-air conditioned hostel rooms to multimillion dollar beach front mansions. Lets take a look at three resorts from Belize’s most popular vacation destinations.

International Sources

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013
From views of the Moon and our neighbours in the solar system, to colourful depictions of the gases and galaxies which swirl in deep space. Take a look at the best images - and see the overall winner - of this year's Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

Ignacio Volunteers have life-changing experiences through service in Belize, Jamaica
Over the summer, 30 Loyola University New Orleans students immersed themselves in a new country, giving a whole new meaning to the word “service.” Fifteen Loyola students participated in a 10-day service trip to Kingston, Jamaica in May while another 15 students traveled to Belize from late July to mid-August. The students served as Ignacio Volunteers, a program of Loyola’s Office of Mission and Ministry. In Belize, more than 200 local primary children participated in the two-week Ignacio Volunteer 'Umadagu Lescuelana' Summer Camp—founded by the Rev. Ted Dziak, S.J., Loyola vice president for Mission and Ministry, more than 20 years ago—at Holy Ghost School, a small Catholic primary school in the town of Dangriga. The Loyola students worked with Belizean co-teachers and taught classes in English, math, and arts and crafts in the mornings. In the afternoons, the students led a sports program in basketball, soccer and volleyball.

New World Oil & Gas highlights ongoing farm-out discussion
Belize and Denmark-focused exploration and development company New World Oil and Gas on Thursday unveiled interim losses of -9.49m dollars, well ahead of the -1.4m dollars seen for the comparable period of 2012. The majority of those were the result of the write-downs incurred as a result of the dry-wells encountered during the period, in its Belize – formerly known as British Honduras – Blue Creek licence area. Drilling in Belize showed that three of the four elements required to make a commercial discovery were in place; source, migration and seal. The missing element was the trap – as a result of seismic activity in the area. Besides the aforementioned operating cost, as the firm treated those losses, the outfit also incurred in a £259m loss resulting from provisions for losses on a financial instrument.

Hottest Destinations in Belize
Known for its exemplary beauty, Belize is a small sea side nation located between Guatemala and Mexico. Whether you want to enjoy oceanic activities or jungle adventures, Belize is the ideal destination for that perfect holiday. Mentioned below is a list of some of the most interesting places that you can visit while in Belize. A visit to Belize is not complete unless you visit the Barrier Reef. Located 25 miles from the Belize coast, this reef happens to be the second biggest reef of its kind at approximately 180 miles. This can be considered as the number one tourist attraction found in Belize. While at this destination, you can enjoy snorkelling, diving and fishing.

No Stress, No Regrets—Living off the Land in Belize
Alfredo and Yvonne Villoria were just another fast-paced, career-minded couple in Los Angeles. But money-making wasn’t enough. “We felt that something was missing,” says Yvonne.

September 19, 2013


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!!
La Llorona:
Long Ago: It burned and stung, the stickiness making wet squelching sounds that I was sure could be heard all the way in the village. The grass hid us from sight, but its sharp green blades dug into my exposed flesh. I couldn’t move from where I lay, for he held my hands in a vice-like grip while he was over me, doing something I knew was bad. It hurt, but I didn’t make a sound. Above me I could hear the cries of birds, their evening song coming together in a chorus. I don’t know how long I had lain there while he did the bad thing to me, but knew for sure it had been a long time, for the sun had been bright when he started. That sun was now fast fading, the gloom of nighttime approaching in its wake, as if brought in by the sound of the evening birds.

The San Pedro Sun

Shooting leaves 2 injured, including an 11-year-old student
The San Pedro Police Department are investigating a shooting incident that left two persons injured, including an 11 year old male student of San Pedro Roman Catholic School. The incident happened on Coconut Drive, near the airstrip, shortly after 11:30AM on Wednesday September 18th. The shooting happened during height of traffic as the students were heading home for lunch. According to police the entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera. When speaking to The San Pedro Sun Luis Mendez, an eyewitness explained that he had just arrived on a flight and was in the process of exiting the terminal from one of the local airlines. “When I was stepping out, I saw a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at head of another man. The men then began struggling and the firearm fell to the ground. They both went for the gun and they struggled for firearm on the ground. I went to inform a traffic officer who was in the area but when I was returning, I heard a blast. I saw the man that had the guy running down an alley towards the beach,” said Mendez.

National AIDS Commission Island Committee raising awareness
The National AIDS Commission Island Committee has been hard at work educating the public and offering the opportunities to individuals to learn their HIV status. On Friday September 6th, the Island Committee teamed up with the Caye Caulker Health Committee to offer a full day of HIV services in Caye Caulker. Two teams were dispatched to the island, thanks to the generosity of the San Pedro Belize Express which provided transportation for all eight participants. At the Caye Caulker Village Center – Nurse Lezel Cayetano, Nurse Robertha Herera, Miss Kristina Romero and Miss Natalie Arceo spent the day interacting, counselling and offering free HIV rapid tests to villagers to take the test. At the end of that exercise, we had tested 33 individuals.

San Pedro Cancer Society holds Blood Drive
On Saturday September 14th the San Pedro Cancer Society (SPCS) sponsored a blood drive which was held in collaboration with the Belize Blood Bank. The drive took place at the Island Galleria from 8AM to 3PM. No appointments were needed and all were welcomed to come out and support the cause. SPCS members encouraged passersby to give a little back to the community and donate a pint of blood. Several people came out to offer their support to SPCT and donate blood. At the end of the day SPCS was able to donate over 11 units of blood to the Belize Blood Bank. The purpose of the blood drive is to keep blood in reserve for emergencies, “It isn’t for our cancer patients, it is for any San Pedro residents who has suffered an accident and needs blood,” said Miguel Perez. Blood that was collected will be screened and made available for San Pedro patients through credits in the blood bank. If any emergency arises on the island where blood is needed the blood will be released to the patient.

Marco Gonzalez Reserve Temporarily Closed Due to Flooding
Jan Brown, Director of the Marco Gonzalez Reserve located south of San Pedro Town submitted the following : "I went to Marco entrance this morning (Sept 18). What a trip! The southern road is badly flooded from Victoria House to the end. I only went to Marco at Mile 5.25. Finally took out my camera to capture some of it. I've never seen this much water on the road. Thankfully, SPTC has added some hardcore from Croc Lagoon to almost the Dump road. Thanks Kendrick and crews! Marco Gonzalez Reserve will be closed for next few days. The boardwalk is underwater for quite some way. I didn't wade into the site, but if it's this high on the walkway, I know the water level will have encroached at the site entrance, Plaza 2 will be flooded and for sure the west side pathway will be underwater. I'll investigate on Thursday."

Ambergris Today

National AIDS Commission Works in Caye Caulker and San Pedro
The National AIDS Commission Island Committee has been hard at work educating the public and offering the opportunities to individuals to learn their HIV status. On Friday September 6th, the Island Committee teamed up with the Caye Caulker Health Committee to offer a full day of HIV services in Caye Caulker. Two teams were dispatched to the island, thanks to the generosity of the San Pedro Belize Express which provided transportation for all eight participants. At the Caye Caulker Village Center – Nurse Lezel Cayetano, Nurse Robertha Herera, Miss Kristina Romero and Miss Natalie Arceo spent the day interacting, counselling and offering free HIV rapid tests to villagers to take the test. At the end of that exercise, we had tested 33 individuals.

Fulbright and University of Belize collaborate on teaching English Methods
The University of Belize in collaboration with the Fulbright Scholarship Program, United States, has developed a Sheltered Instruction Model for teaching English to students who come from a variety of language backgrounds, and for students who may not demonstrate adequate language proficiency in English. Sheltered Instruction consists of teaching strategies that focus on language and content, and is used as a teaching tool for lecturers/teachers to teach students at different levels of proficiency; in particular, for students whose first language is not English. Sheltered Instruction is being used in American schools to boost the performance of students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Education, Entrepreneurship, & Community Service
Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your newspaper to share my utmost perspective on 3 high points that young BELIZEANS should have at heart. We all know that in an ever changing world, BELIZE needs to adapt quickly, or the country and its people will lose its grasp. Our Government understands this for sure. But they need to reinforce dynamics into its young people. These younger generations today, are fast adapting to technology, internet and cable TV, for instance. However, they need to learn to apply it usefully, and properly to accommodate Education, Entrepreneurship, & Community Service. These high points are areas which must be “worked into” the mentality of the young people in BELIZE to ensure that the future is not only promising, but feasible to growth, and development of the economy. After all, Belize is in You, Belize is in Me, but we can’t say that we live in the LAND OF THE FREE. Respectfully Yours, Kenny Jacobs Executive Director/ TV Host Teens Belize Organization/ Developing Toledo TV Show

Misc Belizean Sources

Belizean Artist, Wilson Grinage releases his new Soca single - "Misbehavin"
An excellent collaboration between Belizean Artists, Wilson Grinage and Ernestine Carballo.

Postcards from Belize
"A video of postcards from all over Belize. Some look pretty old. The Hawkesworth is in there. There are a lot of them. Thanks to Belize Abroad for the video."

Angela Casey Receives Meritorious Service Award
Congratulations to Angela Casey for receiving the Meritorious Service Award! Thanks for all your great contributions, Mrs. Casey. "A teacher for forty-three years, Mrs. Angela Therese Casey has touched the lives of over five thousand children from Belmopan and surrounding areas. Her journey as a teacher began after receiving her Teacher’s diploma from the Belize Teachers’ College, starting her career as a teacher at the Roaring Creek Roman Catholic Primary School and thereafter various schools throughout Belize. Mrs. Casey’s legacy, however, is best credited to the Belmopan Community Preschool which she founded in 1983 and for which she was appointed Principal in 1984."

Divaz Next Door Bocawina Adventure
The Divaz Next Door are having another fun adventure, and this time it's to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park for some ziplining and waterfall rappelling. Bocawina has the longest zipline in Belize - the best too! - and the waterfall rappelling is a refreshing adrenaline rush. All ladies 18 and older that are interested need only like their fb page, and follow the super-simple directions for entering the contest. They are choosing 3 lucky winners randomly from the entrants. Email your submission in by September 23rd for a chance to go on this amazing trip.

Moving to Belize: When Philadelphia Refinement Met Rustic Living in Belize: S. Tyson Gardner: 9781492307129: Books
What do you do when Belize calls to you? Do you answer the call? For S. Tyson Gardner, the answer was simple - you throw your hat over the wall and GO for it! What happens next is an adventure! You are sure to laugh, cry and glean wisdom from this book. Enjoy Tyson's unique conversational writing style that has you feel as you are there with him. “You will love this book! You will laugh out loud as S. Tyson Gardner shares his true story of his mis-adventures that will educate you on the joys, tribulations and thought provoking insight of Belize uncensored. It is said that there is something in the water of Belize that just GRABS you - this book will GRAB you right back!” Dr. Edward Paul, Honorary Consul of Belize “Expats move to Belize for many reasons. This book is a delightfully entertaining way to learn about some of the adventures and challenges when moving to Belize. Tyson's story is full of insider information from someone who made the move and learned how to adjust to a new culture along the way. Current Expats in Belize will identify with the stories in this book and soon-to-be Expats will learn from them. A must-read for anyone considering expatriation to Belize Central America.” Yvette Dalton

Paan Yaad Steel Band Concert will be held in Belize City on Thursday 9-19-2013
Paan Yaad Steel Band Concert is certainly an event that will have you moving in your seat to the beats they play. This years event will be no different and will surely get you in the spirit to dance. Take a look at a previous event for Paan Yaad:

Police bust trio with uncustomed cigarettes
Three persons including two women are in police detention in San Ignacio town after they were busted with a cache of uncustomed cigarettes on Tuesday night. Police say that around 7:30 pm on Tuesday, the intercepted and searched a car without license plates in front of the Uno Gas station on the George Price Highway in San Ignacio town. Police say that when the truck of the car was opened they found a large plastic bag containing a variety of cartons of cigarettes. The occupants of the car which had the word “TAXI: written on the rear bumper were taken to the San Ignacio police station for processing. Two of the persons, the taxi driver included, are Belizeans while the third person is from Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. An inventory of the uncustomed cigarettes shows: 50 cartons of Gem Virginia Blend; 15 cartons of Benson and Hedges; 6 cartons of Richman Royal Menthol and 1 carton of Vogue Blue cigarettes.

GSU search results in big marijuana bust
The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) is reporting a big drug bust in Belize City. During a search of a house on Gibson Street on Sunday night, personnel of the GSU say they found two sacks and two separate plastic bags underneath a sheet all containing marijuana weighing over 50 pounds. The home owner and the marijuana were escorted to the Queen Street police station. The following day, on Monday, September 16 police formally arrested and charged Calbert Hubert Young, 24, with four counts of possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply. Police say the amount of marijuana found in the bags weighed in at 17.5 kilograms in one bag; 7 kilograns in another; 451 grams in a third and 448 grams in the fourth bag.

Channel 7

Ramirez And Bailey Say SIF Told Their Bankers To Proceed After Corruption Was Known
The scandal at the Social Investment Fund is still simmering this evening as there are many loose ends in a tale of what appears to be corruption run amok in an institution that was widely perceived to be above board. Our coverage tonight begins with the two local investors who found out the hard way that "what appears to be and what is" at SIF are two very different things. Last night Emy Ramirez and Lyndon Bailey listened as Minister with responsibility for SIF, Santiago Castillo Jr said that Government had no money to refund them. That's after they gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in bridge financing to Kennard Smart's company so that he could try and finish the Dangriga Market. Today we got their reaction to that announcement, along with commentary from Ramirez's attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd:..

Why Contractor General Said Cano Had To Go
And the man in the middle of that muddy area was Executive Director Daniel Cano. At Monday's emergency meeting of the SIF Board of Directors, he was given the option to resign - and he did, packing up that very night. But, his conduct in the office remains very much in question. Centrally, Kennard Smart has accused him of accepting an eleven thousand dollar cash bribe, which we stress that Cano has denied receiving, and the contractor general says in his report, quote, "there is an absence of clear, compelling and conclusive evidence which supports or corroborates the solicitation or receipt on (CANO'S) part of any monies from K & G Construction Limited or the Contractor in person." So that remains as only an unsupported allegation, but one made by a source who proved credible in his other charges. But according to the contractor General, Cano has other failings. In his report - which 7news has obtained a part of, the Contractor General says, quote, "in his capacity as Executive Director of SIF, the manner in which he dealt with revelations of alleged bribes, extorted sums or gifts of money purportedly paid to himself and other SIF employees by the Contractor, is less than desirable." End quote. Indeed, in his complaint to the Contractor General, Smart says he reported the allegations of corruption to Cano, quote, "giving him checks and stubs for him to settle the matter with his officers; instead he called them in, showed them the evidence and used it at his discretion to control them" end quote. Smart alleges that Cano ultimately lost the stubs.

BTB Backtracks On Aurelio Martinez Track, Says It Was A Mistake
One week ago, the Belize Tourism board had the local launch of its new "Discover How to Be" promotional video. It stirred quite a controversy because the music backing the video was an Aurelio Martinez song, "Santo Negro" - and he's a Honduran. Still, though, the song was conceived in Belize, recorded in Hopkins with mostly Belizean musicians, a Belizean producer and on the premier Belizean record label, Stonetree records. But all that didn't count for local artists who complained that they were passed over and disrespected; today the BTB backtracked and caved in to those pressures. It issued a statement 90 minutes ago saying, quote, "The Belize Tourism Board wishes to express…our sincere regret for the musical track chosen for the "Discover How To Be" Belize promotional video. We are deeply saddened that our decision was the cause of such public concern as it was never our intention to disrespect or offend our own talented musicians." End quote. The statement continues, quote, "In selecting the track, we placed our emphasis on finding a culturally relevant piece of music created, recorded and produced in Belize that blended seamlessly with the timing and tempo of the video." End quote.

Did Basilio Abduct His Own Baby?
Tonight, Guatemalan Police continue to keep on file a missing persons report in which former VIP Candidate Basilio Mes is being accused of abducting his baby from her mother over in Guatemala and returning to Belize. As seen in this flier, the child's mother reported that Mes, showed up at her Guatemala City home and took the baby without her permission. The infant, 9 month old Izabella Lariza Mes Suchini, is a child which Mes shared with the woman, Mariana Suchini, who made the report against him. She told police that the child has been missing September 10, and that's when the police issued the notice on all community boards so that they can be on the look-out. She's also been reaching out to the different media houses, including our news room, requesting that the matter be broadcast to the public. But, it would seem Mes is giving a different version of events, in which he is categorically denying all claims that he abducted his daughter and brought her to Belize to hide.

Battlefield Park: The Big Reveal
The Battlefield Park is at the center of Belize City - but for decades - it was not a public space in the truest sense. And that's simply because it was over-run with homeless persons, covered in filth and smothered by stench. So, when work to renovate the park started in May, it wasn't just to fix up the place, but to reclaim it as a viable public space. And from the early reviews we'd say that goal has been surpassed. Sure, they had to close off two vital streets to do it - but, as the old saying goes, if you want breakfast, you're gonna have to break some eggs - and the Belize City mayor smashes 'em by the dozen! That meal was served up today when the new park was opened and 7news was there:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting Today, the Newly renovated Battlefield Park was officially opened for public use.

Embattled KHMH CEO Gets Contract Extension
Today the KHMH invited the media to a late afternoon mixer where the hospital administration noted the institution's 18th anniversary by going over some key achievements. They also provided an update on the work that's being done at the new neo-natal intensive care unit. The event ran close to our deadline, so we'll have that full story tomorrow - but tonight we do have some news that came out of the event, and it is that Gary Longsworth is staying on as CEO. His contract expires this month and he told us the Board has given him a one year extension:.. Gary Longsworth "I should hope to be here for at least one more year, during which time I hope to get a lot of the projects well entrenched, a lot of the changes completed and then we will see where we go from there." Jules Vasquez "So then you have been given a contract extension." Gary Longsworth "Yes the offer is there." Jules Vasquez "Ok but then, this is not a reflection on you, but a member of the public might ask how would your contract be extended when you have presided over when the most regrettable event, when people say 13, I know the report says 8 - when 8 babies died in just a few days in May. Who would give you a renewal based on that?"

Mayor Says Trade Licenses Reviewable/Apologizes For Publishing Bogus Tax Arrears Declarations
In December of last year, 7News told you about the sharp increase in trade license fees for Belize City where business-owners complained that they were not being fairly assessed. Well last week, the Belize City Council published notices in the major newspapers in which they announced that assessment of business for the 2014 trade license fees is due to begin shortly. That sent out waves of concern from business owners, who are now dreading what their new assessment will be, and how much they will be required to pay. They've voiced that concern to the Belize City Council, and today, while he had the opportunity; Mayor Darrell Bradley announced that he is open to having a discussion on how the trade license assessment should actually work. Here's how he explained it: Mayor Darrell Bradley "Every year in the months of September and October we send out these notices to remind people that by December you have to pay your business trade license. I have also been in discussions with various groups including the mayors association to really discuss how the trade license regime can be changed."

Up To The End Of August, Crime Was Down
Today, the Police Department released the crime statistics for the month of August, and the numbers reflect that, nationally, all major crimes are down by 11.2%. Shooting incidents are down by 29.4%. Murder is down by 27.8%, while rape is down by 30%, but the most significant decrease comes from the number of robberies, which, according to the data, shows that this major crime is down by 43%. But while police are making progress in these areas, theft is up by 7%, and reports of carnal knowledge are up by 51%. Police also announced the winners of the Minister of National Security's monthly awards for the zone and formation which performed the best at reducing major crimes for the month of August. The winner chosen was Western Zone, which covers the area of the Cayo District, and which is under the command of Senior Superintendent Aaron Guzman. The best performing sub-formation, according to police, was the Benque-Viejo Sub-Formation, which is headed by Assistant Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson.

2014 Holidays Announced
The list of holiday's for 2014 has been released and weekend warriors might be disappointed to see that there are only five long weekends on the list - that's including Christmas and Easter. New Year's day falls on a Wednesday, while Heroes and Benefactors day March 10th will be observed on Monday, March 10th. Easter Holidays run form April 18 to the 21st, followed by Labour Day which falls on a Thursday. But holiday lovers do get a break when Sovereign's Day which falls on Saturday May 24th, is observed on Monday the 26th. The tenth falls on a Wednesday, but interestingly the 21st falls on a Sunday so Independence day will be observed on Monday September 22nd. Pan American Day will be observe don Monday October 13th - while Garifuna Settlement day falls on a Wednesday. Christmas will be on Thursday the 25th December, so like Easter, it will be a four day weekend.

Dominica PM Visits, Says Belize Plays Pivotal Role In CARICOM
As we told you last night - Dominica's Prime Minister will be the guest of honour at the 32nd Anniversary of Belize's Independence. Skerrit arrived in the country this morning and we caught him at the airport. At only 41 years old, he's serving his second term as Prime Minister - but he told us the difficulties of governance are the same whether young or old, small nation or large. Skerrit opened by explaining why' he's happy to be here:... Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica "I am here really to celebrate with the Belizean people. You have a wonderful country, wonderful people and I think you in Belize underestimate the important role you play in the wider Caricom family. Belize is a very important member of Caricom and has been instrumental in leading the way in a number of important issues within the Caricom region. For example, Belize has lead the way in the issues relating to climate change and the environment and also with the Caribbean Court of Justice. Belize is one of few countries within Caricom who has join on to the CCJ." "Belize continues to play an important role notwithstanding its geographic distance away from Caricom."

Darley Says Mass Cruise Tourism Can Still Be “Pocket”
One month ago, Hugh Darley, the Project Manager for Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye project raised eyebrows when he discussed the Garifuna, which, with his southern drawl sounded more like "Gari-foona". But he got into trouble when he spoke about re-enacting the Dugu Dance - which was a major miscue because the Dugu is a sacred and closed ceremony where the Garifuna communicate with their ancestors. That comment elicited a condemnatory statement from the National Garifuna Council, but Darley is undeterred: Norwegian has major plans for Belize, and they plan also to work with the Garifuna, so they won't let that mis-statement get in the way. Darley told us today that he met with the President of the National Garifuna Council Robert Mariano to explain what Norwegian has in mind:.. Hugh Darley, Project Director - NCL harvest Caye "We probably make the mistake by asking the audience for the name for dance. The idea was that we like to showcase entertainment. You say entertainment and culture is the same thing, there are certain things that are sacred and we understand that, but what we want to do is we want things to be authentic."

Channel 5

Contractor Kenard Smart says he hasn’t been paid since May 2013 and is turning to the World Bank
The dust is yet to settle on the sandal at the Social Investment Fund which led to the resignation of Executive Director Daniel Cano and the termination of Mike Hernandez, [...]

A minor is shot in San Pedro
San Pedro police are tonight investigating a shooting incident in which two people were injured shortly before midday.  Reports are that two men were involved in an altercation in the [...]

Commuters take matters in hand over the impassable San Estevan Road
There was mayhem today in Orange Walk as commuters were unable to drive through the San Estevan road to get to their destinations. The stretch of road in the constituency [...]

Isani bests the region and wins another award
In July, the Caribbean Research Development Institute, CARDI and the Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation, CTA, launched the third Regional Excellence in Agricultural Journalism Awards. The theme this [...]

NCL says it is getting support from the south for the mega tourism project on Harvest Caye
Six past presidents of the Belize Tourism Industry Association have jointly signed a letter opposing the Norwegian Cruise Line Project at Harvest Caye because it goes contrary to Sustainable Tourism [...]

B.T.B. says it will host a consultation in Placencia
Cruise Sub-committee Chairman Roger Espejo says that the Belize Tourism Board is actively participating in a readiness consultation in the south to field questions and concerns from stakeholders who are [...]

B.T.B. apologizes to local artists for using Aurelio Martinez’s track on promotional video
This afternoon, the Belize Tourism Board issued an apology to all Belizeans. It is a first for the B.T.B. which came under fire from artists as well as from many [...]

Port of Belize C.E.O. discusses wide range of issues including the CBA
The Port of Belize has been going through a phased out modernization program. In the past months, new equipment has been acquired, construction work continues to take place to improve [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley clarifies newly implemented bus routes
Up north, the commuters protested this morning the deplorable conditions of the San Estevan Road and by this afternoon, workmen were busy trying to fix the road. But in the [...]

Mayor Bradley addresses the issue of trade licenses
We reported on Tuesday night that the Belize Chamber of Commerce has written to the Minister of Labor, Godwin Hulse, who is also previous senator for the private sector, to [...]

Teacher charged for assaulting city council administrator
Excelsior High School teacher, Ian Mariano, was found guilty today by Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith of a charge of common assault. In the court this morning, Mariano also conceded [...]

Salvadoran national escapes criminal charges, but failed to comply with visitor’s permit
A Salvadoran national, who landed in police custody after a domestic dispute in which he was accused of stabbing his wife in Belize City, managed to escape criminal charges but [...]

Police sergeant dies from stage four cancer
The Police Department is mourning the death of one of its own. Sergeant Jose Zetina, who was attached to the Corozal formation, passed away on Tuesday at his home in [...]

Historic Battlefield Park re-inaugurated after much needed sprucing up
The historic Battlefield Park, in the heart of Belize City, has gone through a major transformation. In the 1600’s, the park served as a meeting place for the labor movement, [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley says overflowing drains and flooded streets will be fixed
At the launch of the re-inauguration of the Battlefield Park, the media took the opportunity to ask the mayor about several issues affecting the citizenry of the Old Capital. Aside [...]


Father of the Nation Remembered on National Service Day
On Thursday Belize will observe National Service Day to mark the second anniversary of the passing of the late George Price. In context with that the People’s United Party has issued a press release in which it states the symbolism of the day. The party plans to pay tribute to the legacy of the late Mr. Price by carrying out community service activities throughout the country of Belize. The PUP encourages and invites all Belizeans to take part in community service initiatives to commemorate the life, work and service of Mr. Price. It will also hold a wreath-laying ceremony at nine on Thursday morning at the burial site at the Lord Ridge Cemetery.

Report Shows Drop in Major Crimes
The Crime Statistics for the month of August has been released showing a continuing reduction in major crimes. So far this year, there have been 70 reported murders compared to 93 that was committed during the same period last year. Rape, burglary and robbery are also down but the statistics show an increase in theft and carnal knowledge. There were only three murders countrywide in August of this year compared to nine murders reported last year for the same month. This afternoon, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar presented the monthly awards for the zone and formation that performed the best in reducing major crimes during that month. The Zone with the best performance in reducing major crimes in the month of August was the Cayo Region, headed by Senior Superintendent Aaron Guzman. The Formation with the best performance in August was the Benque Viejo Sub-Formation, headed by Assistant Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson. As a reward for the performance by their respective zone and sub-formation the Minister handed over a cheque of one thousand dollars to Senior Superintendent Guzman and a Certificate of Recognition to Assistant Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson.

Police in Northern Belize Destroys Hundreds of Drug Plants
A joint operation involving the Special Branch and the Criminal Investigation Branch of the Orange Walk Police Department was conducted in the London Camp Lagoon Area, three miles south of Santa Martha Village in that municipality. During the operation, three marijuana plantations were discovered; the first had 260 plants ranging from 2-6 feet in height; the second had 380 marijuana plants ranging from 1 – 10 feet in height and the third had 1200 marijuana plants ranging from 5-7 feet in height. The total amount of marijuana plants uprooted and destroyed amounted to 1,840. No one was arrested as there was no one in the area.

PM Says Government or His Party Should Not Be Fingered in Recent SIF Corruption
The Executive Director of the Social Investment Fund resigned and four employees were fired after allegations of wrongdoing. However a number of questions still remain. Love News spoke with Prime Minister Dean Barrow who described the incident as most unfortunate. He said it is simply a case of unwelcomed corruption on the part of the employees. The Prime Minister bristled at the view that the revelations might suggest corruption within the system allowing known UDP operatives to benefit. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW “Mr. Smart was the contractor; he is not a UDP operative; he is a contractor who got contracts and who has complained now that people have extorted him. His complaints have been investigated, the Contractor General has found those complaints made out and the people have been dealt with, they have been fired. Please don’t try to make this into more than it is; what it is, is bad enough; don’t try to finger the government or the United Democratic Party; that is absolutely unacceptable.”

Investors Want SIF to Honor Letters Sent to Bank
In tonight’s newscast we reported on the Prime Minister weighing in on the scandal at the Social Investment Fund. Five employees have lost their position at SIF and two investors are out of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Lyndon Bailey and Emy Gilharry Ramirez jumped on board with the mindset of completing the project and completely unaware of what was occurring within SIF even though allegations were made to the Contractor General months before. Two investors who are caught in the middle, Emy Gilharry Ramirez and Lyndon Bailey told Love News they hope to recover their monies. Ramirez has contracted Audrey Matura Shepherd as her attorney while Bailey is making moves to get back the thousands he had invested while they request a meeting with SIF. LYNDON BAILEY “As a contractor, when somebody comes with something like that, you will jump on it; you want to help the young man get out of the situation because I wouldn’t want to find myself in a situation like that. So, a little sympathy on my part because I have seen the market come up several times in the news and I thought that if I could get that market finished for the people in Dangriga, I would feel very good.”

Worker Assists in Stealing From Boss
An 18-year-old domestic worker appeared in court today after being accused of stealing from her employer’s home. Police reports say Santos Abigail Balona was charged with handling stolen goods when she appeared in Court #1 in Belize City. Balona pled not guilty to the charge and was offered bail of $500. She is scheduled to reappear in court on November 11. The charge against Balona stems from an incident on Monday, September 16 where Balona assisted in the retention of one red I-pod and one Tommy Hilfiger wrist watch with knowledge that the items were stolen. The items have a combined value of $360. Balona’s former employer, Mary Avila reported to the police that the items were stolen from her residence in Buttonwood Bay on Sunday, September 15. The police launched an investigation and as a result they went to Balona’s house the following day and recovered the stolen items.

PM for Dominica To Be Guest of Honor for Belize’s Independence Celebrations
In the next few days Belize will celebrate the 32nd anniversary of its independence. Guest of honor will be the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit. Prime Minister Barrow said he is looking forward to the visit. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW “We will be very pleased to have Prime Minister Skerrit; he is one of the youngest and brightest of CARICOM Prime Ministers; he has been extremely successful and his usefulness and energy are quite impressive. We feel honored that he has accepted the invitation to be the guest of honor at this year’s independence anniversary celebrations.” Prime Minister Skerrit will be accompanied by Minister of Trade Dr. Collin McIntyre.


Minister of Economic Development briefs the media on SIF terminations
On Monday night, we told you that four persons from within the Social Investment Fund were fired in light of alleged corruption. The firings follow an investigation conducted by the Contractor General of the Statutory Body and investigation of the current project that is the renovation of the Dangriga...

Mayor Bradley says that buses will be allowed to go down Albert Street
The public outcry has been tremendous on the Belize City Council’s new decision to ban city buses from going down town Albert Street – an announcement that was made by Councilor Alifah Elrington-Hyde. But Mayor Bradley explains that the media had it wrong. Mayor Bradley said that the council...

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Assad Shoman Discusses the Guatemala-Belize Referendum Issue with UB Students
Belize will be recognizing its 32nd year of Independence in the coming days and indisputably the country has reached significant milestones since attaining sovereignty from Great Britain in 1981. But one matter still lingering over our heads is a territorial claim lodged by neighboring Guatemala. Efforts have been made...

Home invasion in Belize City
A resident of Belize City, reported to police that on Monday shortly before 8pm while home, watching television with his common law wife, two men of dark complexion entered the house. According to the owner of the home, one of the men brandished a black handgun and he and...

Robbery at Central Farm
Central Farm was robbed this weekend. According to the reports made by the Head Carpenter For the Ministry of Agriculture in Central Farm, on Saturday, September 14th, he properly locked up and secured the carpenter section in Central Farm Village, as usual. Reports have it that on the following...

Jaslyn Aguilar Wins the Title of Little Miss Cayo
In celebration of its 21st anniversary, the Pandy Show, the oldest running show in the country, hosted its annual Little Miss Cayo Pageant, on Sunday, September 15th. A total of 21 beautiful little girls participated. Kent Pandy told us how the event went. Kent Pandy: “The pageant was mostly…we...

Lifeline Foundation donates to schools in Orange walk
On Tuesday, Lifeline Foundation, an organization managed by Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow, donated the proceeds of an annual charity benefit to six schools in the Orange Walk District. The donations range from eight to seventy thousand dollars, but were specifically tailored to each school’s...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Area of disturbed weather over Belize
Yes folks, it rains even in paradise!

Chronicles launches electronic discussion board
The Caye Caulker Chronicles has launched a new electronic discussion board. Now readers have the ability to post questions, feedback, comments, experiences, reviews on any or everything pertaining to Caye Caulker. The forum categories are Island News, Island Life, Classifieds, Properties for sale or wanted, Travel and Tourism, and Belize News. You can find the discussion board at this link: In order to prevent spam, you must be registered to post. We are looking for volunteer moderators for the forum. If you are interested, please email [email protected] with your expression of interest. Enjoy your local forum, peeps!

Accidental purge of subscribers
Dear subscribers of the Caye Caulker Chronicles. We were attempting a purge of some spam registrations to our website and may have inadvertently deleted some valid, legitimate subscribers from our list. Our profuse apologies. Our registration portal is being used by spambots which the WP-Captcha (Are you a human?) feature doesn’t seem to be able to stop. (If anyone knows how to fix this, please let us know.) While the spam registrations are negligible, they are still a nuisance.

The September 22nd, 2013 issue of The Capital Weekly is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Corruption Rears its Ugly Head, Prime Minister Barrow Chops It Off !:
    But I tell you, any UDP government that I lead will never be engaged in corruption. As soon as it rears its ugly head, I personally will cut it off. And I will tell you, I will sharpen a special machete with blades on two sides so that every time it springs up, right so, I will chop it off. And if it means the government has to fall, then so be it. Let the consequences be damned, the people of this country deserve better and I am determined to give them better.” Those were the words of Hon. Dean Barrow, declared at a town hall meeting way back in November, 2004; and by all accounts, it’s a promise he and his government are keeping. This past week, the Board of the Social Investment Fund, with the full blessings of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, moved swiftly to terminate top level executives at the Social Investment Fund following the Contractor General’s report on a probe conducted into a Million Dollar project to build a new Market in Dangriga Town.
  • Patriotism Alive at University of Belize!:
    Wednesday, September 18 was Annual Patriotic Day at the University of Belize. The Photograph to the right is that of the ladies who won First, Second and Third Place in the Patriotic Dress Competition. Kudos to the University of Belize. Happy Independence, Belize!
  • From the Desk of the Chairman:
    The biggest day of the season is here. The climax of it all. Independence Day, that is. There is something about this season that inspires each and every true Belizean to dig deep within ourself and find our most creative way of expressing our love and devotion to our Nation and Homeland. Like romance, Patriotism is an uplifting thing. As difficult and demanding as life might be, it picks us up, gives us wings and allows us to soar above our trials and tribulations. And, of course, it adds true meaning and purpose to our existence. Something to live for, something to strive for, something to die for.
  • Belize & Guatemala - Food & Agriculture: DPM Gaspar Vega addresses Guatemalan Livestock Fair:
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Honourable Gaspar Vega recently concluded a working visit to Petén, Guatemala as guest of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Guatemala. The Minister attended and addressed the First National Livestock Fair held in Petén where contacts with several private sector livestock, equipment and service providers were made. The Guatemalan Minister of Agriculture Elmer Lopez, the Governor of Petén and the Congressman for Petén were among many distinguished Guatemalan officials addressing the fair. Bilateral meetings were held between the two ministers who focused principally on cross border collaboration in particular efforts to eradicate the Mediterranean Fruit Fly.
  • Faith Lift By Zelda Hill: It’s a Time for Rejoicing, Belize !:
    Our Creator, God, has Blessed or homeland “with wealth untold” as described in our National Anthem, written by Samuel Haynes. The magnificence of the abilities of our indigenous Maya people and their will to persevere in spite of all the odds, continue to amaze humanity. Our cultural diversity reveals God’s providence in leading our forefathers to this ideal spot, a land that still abounds with the resources we need to work, to live and to raise our families. While other nations around us endure succeeding conflicts, severe calamities and major civil unrest, Belize has been spared through the labor and prayer of those who acknowledge the might of truth and the grace of God, by which we continue to exist.
  • Dominican PM To Belize for Independence:
    Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, will be hosted by the Government of Belize as the Guest of Honor during Belize’s Independence Day festivities. Hon. Skerrit will arrive in Belize on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, accompanied by Hon. Dr. Collin McIntyre, Minister of Trade of Dominica. After arrival, Hon. Skerrit will make a courtesy call on Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow. During his stay, Prime Minister Skerrit will be a guest at all official ceremonies commemorating Belize’s 32 years of Independence.
  • “Building on Enduring Friendship”: British High Commissioner meets National Security Minister:
    The new British High Commissioner to Belize, H.E. Peter Hughes made a courtesy call on Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar last Friday September 13, 2013 in the Minister’s office at the Ministry of National Security Headquarters in the Curl Thompson Building in Belmopan. The British High Commissioner’s visit is part of his familiarization tour, having recently taken up his new position after presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young. His Excellency Mr. Peter Hughes started his diplomatic career as Desk Officer in the British Defense Department and has since served oversees in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia and Afghanistan. Upon his appointment to Belize, Mr. Hughes was quoted as saying he hopes to build on the enduring friendship between the United Kingdom and Belize.
  • Police Liaison Officer in UK for International Leadership Program:
    Police Liaison Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Superintendent Howell Gillett is in the United Kingdom attending an International Leadership Program held at the College of Policing, Bramshill. Superintendent Gillett left the Country last Saturday, September 7, 2013 and will return in Six Weeks. The course started on Monday September 9 and will conclude on November 1, 2013. As part of the program, Superintendent Gillett will be expected to complete 50 hours of selfstudy, and he will eventually earn a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Bramshill Certificate.
  • Major Crimes Trended Downwards in August, Western Zone and Benque Sub-Formations Performed Best:
    Crime Statistics for the Month of August, 2013 show an overall continuing trend in reduction of Major Crimes committed Countrywide. The statistics were released on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. There were only 3 murders countrywide in August 2013, compared to 9 murders in August 2012. From January to August of 2013, there were a total of 70 murders, compared to a total of 97 for the same period of 2012. Minister of National Security Honorable John Saldivar this week presented his monthly awards for the zone and formation that performed the best in reducing major crimes during that month. The Zone with the best performance in reducing major crimes in the month of August was the Western Region, headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Aaron Guzman.
  • Honouring Heroes Past & Present: Tribute to Belizean Patriots - September 12, 2013:
    Each September Belizeans from every community in our nation come together to commemorate and celebrate the historical milestones that helped to shape our Belizean identity, our democratic way of life and our Belizean sovereignty. Our annual traditions thus transform September into a colourful, exciting and festive time in our country. It is always a matter of great satisfaction that in the middle of the festivities we take time out to honour Belizean men and women – past and present – whose service to their fellow Belizeans has been exemplary. Each of the honourees tonight has, in their own unique way, risen above personal interest to serve the people; to serve their communities; and to serve our nation with dedication and self-sacrifice. It is meet and right that we pay tribute to them as we enjoy our September.
  • Carnival in the Old Capital: Organizers “Do NOT Encourage Indecent Behaviour”:
    Last Saturday, September 14, 2013, the streets of the old capital, Belize City, were vibrating and glowing with the sound and color of Carnival. According to a press release from the Belize National Carnival Commission, six bands registered and competed in the Junior Band Category. First Place was taken by Pickstock Carnival Band who will receive a prize of $7,000. In Second Place was Jump Street Posse. And Third Place was taken by Sunshine Masqueraders. In the Senior Band Category, Five bands registered and competed. First Place was taken by Mother Nature’s Creation who will receive a cash prize of $10,000. In Second Place was Belizean Jewel; and in Third Place, Soca Warriors.
  • Winners in Annual September Criterium:
    First Place - Junior Category Byron Pope - Benny’s Megabytes Team First Place - Elite Category Kirah Eiley & Patricia Chavarria First and Second Place- Female Category Barney Brown,, Jose Choto & Dwight Lopez Second, First and Third in Masters Category Kirah Eiley - BECOL Team First Place - Female Category Giovanni Lovell - Belize Telemedia Team Second Place- Junior Category


Celebrate Belize’s Independence and enjoy Central American Cuisine
SAGA HUMANE SOCIETY MONTHLY COOKOFF FUNDRAISER Join Saga as they celebrate Belize’s Independence and enjoy Central American Cuisine. This Thursday, September 19 – Hosted by El Fogon Tickets go on sale at 6:00pm and serving starts at 6:30pm. Cost 15 BZD to sample all the wonderful dishes. IT’S HIP TO SNIP! The goal of Operation SNIP is to sterilize 75% of the island animals in 3-5 years. This will STABILIZE the pet population. In doing so, virtually NO PETS will be strays, wandering and breeding freely. No animals will be born that will not have Forever homes

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to visit the jewel
Late this evening, the government announced that the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, will be arriving this Wednesday in the country. Skerrit is a guest of the government during the remaining Independence Day celebrations which include the official Independence Day ceremonies in Belmopan. Following his arrival, Skerrit will be paying a courtesy visit on the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and will also be taking time to experience the jewel’s natural beauty. Skerrit will be accompanied by Collin McIntyre, Minister of Trade of Dominica. Their visit ends on September twenty-second September. Recently, the Prime Minister was having a bumpy ride back in Dominica. In early September, following fiery public criticism, Skerrit’s government withdrew the nomination of Alix-Boyd Knights as a candidate for the presidency of Dominca. Knights is the current Speaker of the House and the criticism over her nomination was that she was biased against the opposition.

Final Working Session for Belize Medical Tourism Association

The 1st – Belize Medical Tourism Forum, to be held Thursday, September 26, 2013

“Rainy Dayz” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Yesterday up early (around 04.45 hours) as usual and straight to the veranda with the obligatory mug of black coffee and my iPad. The weather was much the same as it has been for what now seems like weeks (I might be guilty of some exaggeration here). Nothing but rainy dayz (I know days isn’t spelt this way but…). First job for me after ‘knocking out’ yesterday’s edition and catching up on the news was to send emails to the Excess International Movers (the company we are using to ship our stuff from the UK) and Belize Logistics Services Limited (the company that they are using to manage delivery once it ‘hits’ Belize). I received fairly quick responses from both companies but neither informed me of what I really want. The date of arrival in Belize City! They have now requested ‘tracking’ reports for our consolidated (in Miami) load and have promised to revert to me when they have this. Hopefully then all will be revealed. The rest of the morning/early afternoon then just seemed to fly by. Breakfast, followed by the completion and submission of a ‘Source of Funds’ form to Atlantic International Bank Limited for approval to wire money from the UK and then a light snack for lunch and it was time to head off to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Avacado Black Beun Salsa
Wit maters still hangin on t'vines an' nuff o'fresh corn at my disposal, here is a salsa recipe we have enjoyet resantlee. Serve wit taco chips as un appetiz'r, as a side dish wit chicke er on top o'a bet o'greens as a lunch salad. 2 avocados, pittid an' cubet 1 14 oz./ 398 ml a'ken black beens, draind an' rinset (about 1 1/2 cups) 1 1/2 cups corn kernels (kernels frum 2 ears o'fresh cooket corn er 1-15 oz. a'ken corn, draind) 2 cups cherry maters, quarteret

International Sources

The World's 7 Best Budget Destinations
If budget is a top concern, following are 7 destinations where you should be focusing your attention. You could live in each of these places on a budget of $1,200 per month or less. (Note, coincidentally, that that's the amount of the average Social Security payment.) You could spend more, maybe much more, retired in these destinations, depending on the lifestyle you adopt and where, exactly, you choose to settle yourself. But, if you're in the market right now for a simple but comfortable retirement on a modest budget, here's where I'd suggest you shop: #1: Cayo, Belize Warm and welcoming, independent and private. Those four perhaps seemingly contradictory adjectives best describe both Belizeans and their country. Belize is also one of the safest countries in the world, despite what you may read about it. In some neighborhoods of Belize City, gang members and drug dealers do the things that gang members and drug dealers do, but those are small, contained areas. Outside Belize City, crime is nearly non-existent.

New World Oil & Gas Loss Widens On Higher Operating Costs
New World Oil and Gas PLC Thursday said its pretax losses widened significantly in its first half as an exceptional write-off and administrative costs hit the company. The oil-and-gas exploration-and-development company focused on Belize and Denmark said its pretax losses widened to USD9.5 million for the six months ended June 30 compared to USD1.4 million the previous year. The company is yet to make any revenues but experienced a one-off USD6.9 million write-off on one of its dry-wells and an increase in administrative expenses to USD1.2 million from USD485,000 after the company undertook an in-depth review of all overhead expenses, including the remuneration of directors. As a result, the company said it made an operating loss of USD9.2 million from USD1.4 million the previous year which represents the bulk of its losses. The company said that after the first-half period its shareholders approved a USD25 million investment by Niel Petroleum, together with a related conditional USD25 million debt facility.

View from the top: New World Oil & Gas interview
With New World Oil & Gas (NEW) shares trading at a low on the back of abandoned wells in Belize, chief executive William Kelleher and executive Georges Sztyk talk to Julie Fisher about the impact a major new stakeholder will have on their strategy. What has been happening with the company recently? William Kelleher: We've recently completed a transaction with Niel Petroleum [New World agreed to issue more than two billion subscription shares to Niel in August in return for up to $50 million (£31 million) in financing]. We're very excited about that because they're a very serious, competent group of people with some very, very strong connections throughout the Middle East and French-speaking Africa. It's all upside for New World Oil & Gas because there's funding available to acquire a project and [a] debt facility available to capture the upside. After the market's response to our drilling operations in Belize, to have a company come in and show this much interest in us is very encouraging. Interactive Investor user question: A number of private investors are concerned by the size of Niel Petroleum's stake and the possibility of Niel seeking to delist. Is that not something you're concerned about? WK: There's not been any talk of delisting, that's not been a consideration, that's never been on the table. I think Niel Petroleum was looking for a competent oil platform to engage in the oil business in a serious way, and that's what they've got and I think they plan to be in it for quite a while.

Ross man earns award for book about the New Orleans Sisters
What started as a plan to write an article or two about an order of sisters turned into an award-winning book for Ross Township resident Edward Brett, a professor emeritus of history at La Roche College in McCandless. Recently, he learned that his book “The New Orleans Sisters of the Holy Family: African American Missionaries to the Garifuna of Belize” was named the 2012 Bronze Award winner in the religion category by ForeWord Reviews, a magazine and book-review service focusing on books published by independent presses. In addition to showing the book “rises above others in its genre,” the award provides a new marketing opportunity for a book that no longer is “new,” said Karen Connick, head of publisher and author services for ForeWord Reviews. Brett's book had been one of 13 finalists selected from 30 entries in the religion category. The work tells the story of some special women “who struggled against racism in society and patriarchy in the church, and yet made tremendous achievements,” Brett said.

New International Flights Added to Belize by Delta Airlines and United Airlines
Delta Airlines and United Airlines are offering new non-stop services to Belize City, making Belize even more accessible for travelers departing from Los Angeles and Newark this winter. Taking advantage of the West Coast market to Belize, Delta Airlines will be offering convenient non-stop service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Belize City (BZE) on Saturdays starting December 21st, 2013. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft flying this route will have 160 seats available. Delta is the only airline offering the convenience of non-stop service between Los Angeles and Belize City. Flights depart at approximately 12am, and land in Belize City at 7am. The new route complements Delta’s existing services between Belize City and Atlanta, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to the Central American region.

September 18, 2013


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Dominican Prime Minister to be Guest of Honour for Belize’s 32nd Independence Day
Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, will be hosted by the Government of Belize as the Guest of Honour during Belize’s Independence Day festivities. Hon. Skerrit will arrive in Belize on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, accompanied by Hon. Dr. Collin McIntyre,Minister of Trade of Dominica. After arrival, Hon. Skerrit will make a courtesy callon Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow. During his stay, Prime Minister Skerrit will be a guest at all official ceremonies commemorating Belize’s 32 years of Independence. He will also visit two of Belize’s many natural tourist attractions. Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit’s visit will conclude on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, when he returns to Dominica.

Central American & Mexican communities celebrate their Independence
The Central American and Mexican communities in San Pedro celebrated their independence with a night showcasing their culture through food and music. The activities were organized in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). The official activity, which is a part of the island’s September Celebration Calendar of activities, was held on Saturday, September 14th at the San Pedro Central Park. The celebration coincided with the eve of the 192nd anniversary of the day of independence for Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua obtaining political freedom from Spain on September 15, 1821. In the case of Mexico, they celebrated their 203rd year of independence having obtained it on the 16th of September 1810. Unlike the other Central American countries, Belize is the only English speaking country of British descent and the youngest nation of the region. These Spanish speaking countries have flourished throughout the years embracing their Spanish heritage while emphasizing on their individually unique cultures.

Interoffice Volleyball Tournament gets fired up
The San Pedro Volleyball Association 2013 Interoffice Volleyball Tournament continued on Sunday, September 15th. Now in its fourth round of games, the competition is getting hotter. The teams are all well prepared and fighting to lead the game and earn the coveted first place trophy. First victims of the day were team Lady Jaguars who succumbed to the Lady Rebels in a 3 to 1 set game. In the first set the Lady Rebels made a quick win of 25-6 points. The Lady Jaguars gave it a fight in the second set, winning by 25-21 points, but a determined Lady Rebels took the third and fourth set (set 3:25-23, set 4: 25-24) winning the game.

VIDEO: Rain day #? in San Pedro..

Ambergris Today

Belize to Conduct Fisheries Monitoring With Cutting-edge Surveillance Technology
The enforcement of fisheries laws is a major challenge all across the region, but a new initiative funded by the European Union (EU), through the ACP Fish II Program, promises to ensure that fisheries personnel, police, coast guard and other relevant enforcement authorities will be more adequately equipped to curb practices which threaten to undermine the sustainability of the fisheries sector and food security across the region. Acting on a recommendation from the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), the ACP Fish II project has commissioned two regional experts: Dr. Winston McCalla of Jamaica and Ambassador Joseph Daven of Antigua, to build on the successes of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) by revamping and expanding two procedural manuals to cater to the demands of a broader regional regime envisioned in the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy.

Education in Belize: Breaking Free!
September in Belize is a month for celebrations! Many festivities lead up to Sept 10th to commemorate the “Battle of St. George’s Caye”, a day that has been celebrated each year, and long before the country achieved self-governing status in the mid 1960’s and Independence in 1981. Each September includes many talent competitions throughout Belize, then a festive Carnaval, then the nationwide celebrated Independence Day on Sept. 21st to top a full month of festivities. In our many September celebrations throughout the country, we celebrate many forms of “breaking free”, whether from Colonial masters or from whatever may have once held us back -- as a country and as a people. We even broke free from our former name, British Honduras, and have proudly made ourselves known throughout the entire world as: Belize. Certainly, we have every right to celebrate all the changes and advancements in Belize today.

Memories of San Pedro's First Theater
I was chatting the other day with my good friend Clive Welch and when I mentioned the cinema, he remarked, “I did not know you had a cinema in San Pedro; I thought Paradise Theater was the first one.” Today memories of our beloved cinema flashed back in my mind with much fondness. This first cinema in San Pedro was aptly named Teatro Arenas as it was built on a hill of sand exactly where Fido’s Courtyard is presently located. It was owned by our former alcalde (village chairman), village leader and first proprietor of Fido’s Hotel, Don Fido Nuñez. Teatro Arenas was a huge long building with zinc walls, a wooden floor and wooden benches that could seat some three hundred spectators. The cinema delighted San Pedranos of all ages with mostly Spanish movies, American Indians and Cowboys, romance and adventures- whatever Mr. Fido Nuñez could get from the three movie places in Belize City. There were two huge projectors at the back using huge rolls of 35 mm. film. You could literally feel the heat from it bright lamps and hear the hum of the projectors at work. But the cinema was equipped with about ten commercial fans, and a snack bar to add to our comfort.

Gerry Challenges Elvi's Kitchen Macho Burger Eating Competition
After an hour of chomping down on what was a very large burger with two pounds of meat, four slices of tomato, two handfuls of bacon, eight slices of cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce and a serving of French fries, it was the Elvi’s Kitchen Macho Burger that came out the winner of the competition. The first-ever Macho Burger eating challenge took place on Saturday, September 14, 2013, at Elvi’s Kitchen and I was up for the challenge. Seven hopeful contestants, including myself, gave a shot at the prize and prestige to be up on the Macho Burger Wall of Fame but everybody came out short of completely eating a triple-sized Macho Burger. Yes, only 3.5 ounces of burger came between me and the title of Macho Man Burger eater, but I did take first prize for eating most of it.

SIRH: Luxury and Hospitality at its Best
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel just got a superb review from the Ambergris Today. It highlights the beauty of the hotel, and the quality and teamwork of its staff. It's obvious why they won the Belize Tourism Board's 'Hotel of the Year' award. Humberto and the Green Iguana Conservation Project get praise too, of course. Jose Luis Zapata got some great pictures. "Nestled in the heart of the Cayo District you will find one of Belize’s oldest and finest premier resort, The San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This resort boasts first class amenities and accommodations for locals and international visitors seeking to relax or explore our beautiful Belize. Upon our arrival at the hotel we were greeted with the warmest of smiles from of one the friendliest front desk receptionist, Amaris Wakefield; she immediately made us feel at home... A huge part that makes your stay at the resort is the staff’s professional and friendly service. Through the very enlightening encounters with their staff you can learn how knowledgeable Humberto Requena is about the Green Iguana Project (you get big smiles from him all the time), how attentive to details and serviceable waiter/bartender Ragner Smith and Food & Beverage Manager Fiona Rudon are, how Daryll Leslie from maintenance is willing to help out any of his coworkers and even the guests in anything possible and how Head Chef of the Running W Restaurant Estella Vellicillo has over 13 years experience in the culinary field."

Misc Belizean Sources

Man accused of stealing the pastor’s chickens
A man from the village of Louisville village in the Corozal district has been arrested and charged for the crime of theft. Reymundo “Porky” Chan, 48, is accused of stealing two chickens from the hen house belonging to evangelist Abraham Jimenez, a resident of San Narciso village. The incident happened last week Thursday night. Around 7 pm, Jimenez told police he heard someone calling his name and when he went to check, he saw his neighbors holding Chan. The neighbors who made the citizen’s arrest say they caught Porky exiting the evangelist’s chicken coop with one chicken in each hand. The value of the chickens has been estimated at $50.

Belize Territorial Volunteers questioned by Guatemalan military, in Belizean territory!
By Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr., JP I trust our fellow CARICOM brethren have maintained a watchful eye on the ongoing saga involving the government of Belize’s implausible call for Belizeans to vote, via referendum, on whether or not to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim on our sovereign territory to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). On 22nd April, the Belize Coalition for Justice (BCJ) wrote to the OAS Secretary General, Ambassador Jose Insulza, to inform of illegal activities being carried out by Guatemalans, inside Belizean territory. Not only are the activities and settlements a violation of Belize’s territorial integrity, it is also an affront to the once, much vaunted Compromis, signed by Belizean and Guatemalan officials, under the aegis of the OAS, which was designed to provide guidance toward a path forward. For our efforts, in true diplomatic form, we have yet to be afforded a response, let alone an acknowledgement from the aforementioned individual.

VIDEO: Deep Sea Fishing Belize 'FISH ON"
Fishing outside the reef, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize

4 The World Calla Creek Medical Mission
Feelgood news of the day. 4 the World has teamed up with the University of Oklahoma to bring doctors and medical students to Calla Creek and provide medical care this week. Looks like they'll be helping a lot of people. Thanks, 4 the World! "University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) Doctors and students volunteer with 4 The World to provide medical care to the community of Calla Creek Village in the Cayo District of Belize."

Sweet Belize by David Smith
Musical Interlude. David Smith wrote Sweet Belize for the Patriotic Song Competition. Good job, David! Check out Roots and Honor Records for more. "David Smith submted Sweet Belize into the 2013 Patriotic Song competition. He states that the song encourages Belizeans to come bring Belize back to the way God originally intended it to be... A SWEET NATION. "

Decorative Interiors Furniture
Lea's has changed names to Decorative Interiors Furniture, and have a new location, but still have the same great quality woodwork. They have a new website too, along with a September Celebration special. "Discover Decorative Interiors Furniture Co. Ltd. with surprising pricing on style, design & superiority ...without paying more and see what sets us apart from other furniture stores. Below is a special sale flyer that gives you the opportunity to place your order with an automatic RED, WHITE & BLUE DISCOUNTS. Send us an email or give us a call so we can send you pictures of other furniture."

Assad Shoman Talked Belize - Guatemala Relations
Assad Shoman gave a lecture today about the Belize and Guatemala relations at the University of Belize. "Historian Assad Shoman (Author of 13 - A History of Belize in Thirteen Chapters) gave a brief lecture on the Belize - Guatemala Relations this morning at the UB Auditorium. In attendance were teachers, students and members of the public and private sector."

National Service Day
National Service Day, the day during the September Celebrations that George Price is honored, is Thursday, September 19th. This is a day to help others and your community. There are many community based activities where you can 'take positive action for a better Belize!' "National Service Day is coming up this September 19th!!! Would like all Belizeans at home and abroad to take time out in community service!!!! Mr. Price believed that the greatest honor is to bestow service to each other for the greater good, therefore, in this regard, I would like all Belizeans to honor this legacy in continuing the tradition and his example that has been set!!!! Therefore, I would all of you to take part in this effort!!!!"

Gwendoline Zetina Receives Meritorious Service Award
Congratulations to Cayo native Gwendoline Zetina for winning the Meritorious Service Award! Well deserved. "In her early years, Mrs. Zetina sewed for her family and many others. Her great love for plants and gardening, led to her involvement with flower booth at the Agricultural Show. She once made funeral wreaths but now she uses her love for plants and her talent to create beautiful floral arrangements for friends and charitable organizations. Ms. Gwen remains active as a lay minister at Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral where she also a choir member; an active member of the Belmopan Lion’s Club, Help Age, the Cancer Society and the Senior Steps Dance Group. "

Channel 7

4 SIF Staffers Sacked, But Questions About Corruption Persist
Last Friday, the media blew the lid open on the allegations of rank corruption at the Social Investment Fund - and since then, the Government, the SIF Board of Director and the Contractor General's Office have been struggling to keep up with the pace of revelations and public outrage. This morning - after yesterday's emergency board meeting which went into the late evening - the axe came down on four employees, while the managing director Daniel Cano - was given the courtesy of resigning; if he didn't he would have been fired. One of those employees who was fired is Mike Hernandez the former Public Relations Director at SIF. As you saw last night, he accepted a five hundred dollar cheque from contractor Kennard Smart - who then turned around and accused Hernandez and other SIF Officers of corruption. Today Hernandez told us that how it all went down just isn't fair:..

He Said, She Said Between Mayor And Councilor
For almost a week now, 7News has been telling you about the announcement from the Belize City Council that they were moving the bus stop from in front of the Supreme Court to Regent Street West near Mike's Club. As we've showed you, a part of that announcement was that City buses were being banned from driving on Albert Street, and neither could they pick up passengers along it. It would mean that everyone would have to walk to the new location on Regent Street West to catch a bus. Well, tonight, it would seem that there was a miscommunication. That's what we were told when we caught up with Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, who was out of the country until yesterday. He told us that buses aren't banned from Albert Street. But that's not what his Councilor said! So, to make sure we're not hearing wrong, we'll also air our interview with the City Councilor with responsibility for Traffic, Alifa Elrington-Hyde, who first made the announcement a week ago:

Accused Child Killer Felicia Chen remanded To Prison
But first, we take you to Magistrate's Court where Felicia Chen, accused of intentionally drowning her 3 small children, had an adjournment today. Her case has been treated very delicately because according to her psychiatrist, she was a danger to herself. Well, the news today is that the court will now treat her like any other defendant facing criminal charges for murder. But, while that was today's outcome, it's been 4 and a half months since she was criminally charged, and today our Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the undercurrents surrounding this case. Here's his story: Daniel Ortiz, reporting Since the allegation on April 29 that 22 year-old Felicia Chen murdered her 3 children, she's been on remand at a mental health institution because the authorities believed that she was clinically depressed, and a danger to herself.

Dominica PM to Belize For Independence
Roosevelt Skerrit is only 41 years old, but he's been the Prime Minister of Dominica since the age of 32 - which made him the youngest head of government in the world at the time. We mention it because it was announced today that Skerrit will the Guest of Honour during Belize's Independence Day festivities. That means Skerrit will be a guest at all official Independence Day ceremonies and in between he will also visit two of Belize's tourist attractions. He arrives in Belize tomorrow September 18, accompanied by Dominica's Minister of Trade, Dr. Collin McIntyre. He will first make a courtesy call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Hon. Skerrit leaves on Sunday, September 22nd. Dominica is an Eastern Caribbean Country with a land mass of 290 square miles, about one third the size of the Chiquibul Forest. It has a population of 71 thousand.

Mayor Says There’s A Story Behind Unfinished Streets
To date, the Belize City Council has fully cemented 85 streets. While they've gotten these to completion, there are still streets which are on the last leg, but work has stalled. It's created inconvenience for city residents who want to know what's the hold up? Today, the mayor explained that there are matters happening in the background which the public isn't aware of when it comes to Baymen Avenue, the section of Newtown Barracks near Princess Hotel, and the BTL Park:.. Mayor Darrell Bradley "The flood mitigation project wants to do a drainage aspect from a canal that's located under Douglas Jones Street and they want to route that canal either through Wilson Street or through Calle Al Mar and then they want to take it out to the sea."

City Prepares Contingencies In Case Of Rain
As you might have seen in the weather report, the forecast is for more rain tomorrow. But this time, the city council doesn't want to get caught like it did last time - with flood waters rising in the homes of city residents at one in the morning - who had no one to call. That's why the councilor who calls himself Superman set up a temporary Emergency Operating center this evening - just in case. He told us how it will work and what you can do if you see water rising:.. Phillip Willoughby - City Councilor - CEMO "I wouldn't want a repeat of what transpired earlier this year. The wide area of low pressure which caught us somewhat off-guard - a repeat of that to happen. I am saying this is no alarm, this is no threat, there is no system out there affecting us but the rains are here and if there is anyone who would be affected by the rains we want people to become accustomed that the City is here for you and if you need to evacuate your home due to the rains then this is our option - to come to the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Center to get sheltered."

Channel 5

Heads roll at the Social Investment Fund; 4 executives terminated and Executive Director resigns
There is a purge of the Social Investment Fund. And tonight, four employees: Mike Hernandez, Enrique Romero, Faustino Pineda and Lionel Jimenez have been sent home, while their boss, the [...]

Felicia Chen, the mother who drowned her 3 children, remanded to Central Prison
The woman accused of murdering her three small children in April appeared in Magistrate’s Court this morning. Twenty-two year old Felicia Chen allegedly drowned four year old Triana Teul, three [...]

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to visit the jewel
Late this evening, the government announced that the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, will be arriving this Wednesday in the country. Skerrit is a guest of the government during [...]

Has the SIF board gone far enough with the firing of staff involved in Dangriga Market scandal?
And tonight’s question is: Has the SIF board gone far enough with the firing of staff involved in the recent scandal of the Dangriga Market? Yes or No. Send your [...]

Counselor Alifah Hyde says no need for consultations for change in bus routes
Thousands of Belizeans ride city buses on a daily basis, many of them travelling between downtown Belize City and areas in every other corner of the municipality. But last week, [...]

September Session of Belize City Supreme Court chockfull of cases
The September session of the Belize City Supreme Court has opened; at least forty-five inmates were brought to the court on Monday and today another fifty were escorted under heavy [...]

Court of Appeal order retrial in carnal knowledge case
Turning to the Court of Appeal, today, the decision in the case of Reyes Reymundo was handed down. Reyes had been convicted of the offence of carnal knowledge of a [...]

Ministry of Agriculture in Central Farm burglarized
The facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture in Central Farm were broken into over the past weekend. The carpentry section was properly locked and secured by the Head Carpenter on [...]

Chamber of Commerce writes Minister Hulse to intervene and stop increase in trade license fees
Last December, the private sector experienced a drastic hike in trade license fees. Some businesses complained that their fees went up by three hundred percent than what they previously paid [...]

Belizean and Guatemalan local leaders sign bi-national agreement
There is good news to report with regards to preservation and conservation of our natural resources in the west. According to Friends for Conservation and Development, on Saturday, some nineteen [...]

Lifeline Foundation assists 6 schools in Orange Walk District
The Lifeline Foundation is an organization which focuses on helping children in Belize through fundraising for worthy and beneficial projects. Earlier this year the organization raised funds which were used [...]

Assad Shoman speaks to UB students on Belize/Guatemala Dispute
Students from the University of Belize, majoring in Belizean History, were today engaged in an hour-long discussion with former Foreign Minister Assad Shoman on the issue of the Belize/Guatemala Dispute.  [...]


Police News: Stealing Chickens; Arson; Burglary and Stolen Tools
Over three thousand dollars worth of tools were stolen from the carpenter shop at the Ministry of Agriculture at Central Farm. The head carpenter reported that on Saturday evening he locked up and properly secured the carpenter section and the following day his co-worker informed him that the carpenter shop was broken into. When he made checks he saw two storerooms had been burglarized. Police investigations continue. A man who attempted to steal two chickens from a pastor in Corozal has been charged wirh theft. 36 year old Evangelist Abraham Jimenez of San Narciso Village in the Corozal District reported that last Thursday night he heard someone calling him. Jimenez said when he went outside he saw his neighbours holding down a man. According to the neighbours the man Reymundo Chan had just stolen two chickens from the pastor’s chicken coop. Police arrested and charged 48-year-old Reymundo Chan with theft.

Mayor Bradley Updates Residents on Streets’ Upgrade
As it relates to the refurbishing of streets, Mayor Bradley said that the Council is almost through with the number of streets they had selected for repair and they have also added on a few more to the list. DARRELL BRADLEY “At present we are at 86 streets; there are 86 streets that the City Council has concreted in the year and a half in office and we have set a target of one hundred and so, we only have fourteen more streets to go by the ending of this year; we are right on track, we are working closely with the water, electricity and telecommunications companies; I have a meeting very shortly with BWSL to work with them in terms of strategizing, in terms of the works we are finishing off in the downtown area; the only street in the north side of downtown that we haven’t done is Douglas Jones Street and that’s being worked on by BWS crew; Cran Street was not in the original plan because that wasn’t in the loop that we were looking at and the loop we were looking at was Orange Street, Barrack Road, Craig Street, Hydes Lane, North Front Street but the first part of Cran Street has already started.

Allegations of Corruption in Development Project Leads to Termination of Employees
Yesterday we reported that the Board of Directors of the Social Investment Fund met in emergency session. Today the Board announced that coming out of that meeting they have terminated the services of four of its employees and the Executive Director Daniel Cano resigned. According to the Board based on the findings of the investigation conducted by the contractor general they have determined that the four members of staff were complicit in the activities and believe that this merited their termination. Cano’s resignation came about as quote “acting in the best interest of the Organization”. The staff members that were terminated are Mike Hernandez, Enrique Romero, Lionel Jimenez and Fausto Pineda. Today Love News spoke to Mike Hernandez, the former Director of Public Relations at SIF who says he is not happy with the manner in which he and the others were let go, and says he is in no way involved in corruption within SIF.

Mayor Talks on Plans to Expand Downtown Belize City
Last week Philip “Faada” Henry raised concerns over the relocation of the Belize City bus stop for the downtown area. The bus stop was moved from near the Supreme Court building to Regent Street West near the canal side. Since then others have raised more concerns over issues of safety regarding the new location. Today, Mayor Darrel Bradley addressed those concerns with the media. He said that the relocation of the bus stop for downtown Belize City falls right in line with the Belize City master plan project and that it complements other aspects of that plan. DARRELL BRADLEY “I want to emphasize here that this is not a decision that the City Council just took; the master plan talks about the development of the downtown Belize City and we have certain projects that are mentioned in the master plan and certain projects that the City Council put in there to say that it is important to us strategically; for example, we have a project to renovate the Commercial Centre which is shortly going to commence; we are also going to, because we are mindful of the parking situation, construct a four-storey parking facility in the NICH parking lot which is the city-owned property and we are working with the Supreme Court building to do some renovations there to really bring out the developments for Battlefield Park; as you know, the Battlefield Park is completed and it’s going to be opened tomorrow.

Pregnant Woman Accused of Filicide Remains in Psychiatric Care
Felicia Chen, the 22 year-old mother who in late April of this year took her four children to Belizean Beach off the George Price Highway and allegedly drowned three of them, today appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. The media and the public was prohibited from entering the closed-door session, but from what we have picked up, Chen’s psychiatric file now rests with the Director of Health Services. She remains at a psychiatric hospital where she continues to receive treatment. Today, the cameras caught Chen, guarded by social and psychiatric experts, leaving the courtroom and found that she is visibly pregnant, which means that when she allegedly committed the act, she was already with child, since she has been kept away from the public and from visits. Prior to the incident, Chen was reportedly experiencing acute depression due to her financial situation, a relationship debacle with the children’s father and issues at home where she was staying with her family.

Officials Alert on Rising Waters in Northern Belize
Officials are keeping an eye on rising water levels in the north of the country. Reporter Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL “The District Emergency Management Organization branches in Orange Walk and Corozal Districts are monitoring areas prone to flooding given the continuous showers in the north. While the situation is stable in the Orange Walk District, Regional Director for the north, Elodio Aragon says they keep a close watch.” ELODIO ARAGON “We are monitoring the river; we are on alert; we know that the rivers have risen and they have gone over the banks already but there is no village or house in danger at the moment. We met this afternoon to ensure that we have the boats available, that we are ready in the event that there is an emergency in relation to the river.”

Magistrate Renders Second Incarceration Sentence on Belize City Resident
Thirty eight year old Salvador Carballo, a resident of Flamboyant Street who was sentenced to 18 months last Friday for aggravated assault of an indecent nature, was sentenced to five years today when he found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery. The incident occurred on April 27, 2013. 38 year old Mark Cruz, testified that he was inside Elements Nightclub on Newtown Barracks and he went to the back of the nightclub to urinate. He said that while he was urinating he was approached by three men and one of them held him around his shoulder while the other two searched his pockets. He said a struggle ensued between him and them and during it he saw a police mobile patrol passing by and he yelled for help. Cruz testified that the men who were searching him ran and he held on to the third man until the police arrived and took him into custody. He identified the third man as Carballo who he said he has known for over 20 years. Carballo testified and claimed that he was at the scene but he was preventing Cruz from being robbed. He denied that he was with the men who ran. Magistrate Dale Cayetano did not believe Carballo’s testimony and he found Carballo guilty. The two suspects were never apprehended.

Unemployed Busted with Drugs at Water Taxi Terminal
Thirty year old Nelbert Choc, an unemployed of Caye Caulker who the police reported they busted with drugs at Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal, was charged with drug trafficking when he appeared in court today. Choc pled not guilty to the charge. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith offered him a bail of 500 dollars which he met. He is to return to court on October 16. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 15. Police reported that when they searched a man wearing a jeans pant who had just entered the water taxi terminal they found two zip lock bags containing cannabis in the waist of his boxer’s shorts. As a result, Choc was taken into custody and charged. When weighed, the suspected cannabis amounted to 226 point eight grams.


Northern Medical Plaza Issues Statement On Baby Coye
On Friday’s newscast, we brought to you the story of the infant that had passed away allegedly of a surgical item left in her stomach. The parents of one month old Dulce Maria Coye, went on various media houses claiming mal-practice from the Northern Medical Specialty Plaza where the baby had been attended to. That was Friday; late yesterday evening, our news room received an email with an official press release from the attorney for Northern Medical Specialty Plaza, Marcel Cardona dated Friday, September 13. The release opens up stating, “Northern Medical Specialty Plaza prides itself in being a private medical specialty clinic both in Orange Walk town and Corozal Town, with over 12 years experience, and with thousands of satisfied patients, who received the highest quality medical care and attention which is available in Belize.” end of quote. The medical hospital is said to be comprised of a consortium of different physicians and specialists in various medical fields, including brain surgery.

San Estevan Road Completely Covered By Water
After two years of signing the multi-million dollar contract to rehabilitate the Orange Walk to Progresso Road, nothing had been done to ease the cries of the people; that is, until August 18th of this year. On that day, residents had threatened to block the road and the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry causing the officials from the Ministry of Works along with CEO Errol Gentle decided to hold a meeting in Progresso to answer to the residents. In that meeting, it was agreed that works on the road were set to commence within ten working days. August 28th marked exactly ten working days and up to today, it seems as if that promise once again was never meant to be upheld. Reporter Irvin Aragon and Camerman Jesus Melgar took a trip up the road this morning and filed the following report. Irvin Aragon- Reporter For months residents of the San Estevan, Progresso, Chunox, and Copper Bank Villages along with students of Muffles Junior College have been begging for assistance to alleviate the deplorable conditions of the Orange Walk – Progresso Road which most of them need to travel on a daily basis.

One Man Shot Another Charged For Wounding
A twenty-seven year old Corozaleño is tonight recovering from a gun shot wound he sustained on Sunday morning in Corozal Town. According to the victim, Francisco Castañeda, sometime around two in the morning, he stopped by a vacant lot next to Sea Breeze Hotel, which is situated on 1st Avenue and began urinating. While in the process of relieving himself, Castañeda says he heard a loud bang. When he looked around to see what happened, he noticed a clear skinned man standing on the verandah of the hotel with a rifle in his hands. Shortly after noticing the individual, Castañeda says he felt a burning sensation on his left lower arm and then saw the blood running down his arm, realizing that he had been shot. Castañeda identified the man with the rifle as the hotel owner, sixty-three year old Gwyn Lawrence. Police have since arrested and charged naturalized Belizean Gwyn Lawrence for the crime of Wounding.

More Rain For Belize Especially The North
Incessant rains have been pouring over Belize during the past couple of weeks due to several storms that have passed over the country. Last week we brought to you the story of villagers of Douglas Village who were concerned about the rise in water of the river which had already flooded the yards and homes of several residents. Well, it appears the river is still rising with the heavy rains that continue to fall with no stopping in the near future. According to the Meteorological Service of Belize, the heavy rains that are is currently being experienced all over Belize is due to a slow moving area of low pressure over the northern part of the country. This low pressure will cause constant rains over Belize and the Southern Yucatan.


Four persons are terminated from SIF, while Executive Director is asked to resign
Four persons from within the Social Investment Fund were on Monday handed their walking papers, following the completion of the Contractor General’s investigation. Since last month, we have been following the developments of alleged corruption within SIF and its associates as it related to the renovation of the Dangriga...

Banks Holdings and CPBL in court
After a delay of several months the case between Banks Holdings Limited of Barbados and the Belize Citrus Growers Association Investment Company Limited and Citrus Products of Belize Limited reached trial before Justice Rita Joseph Olivetti, but any arguments have been put...

Passengers on a Griga bus narrowly escape disaster
Passengers on a Griga Line Bus were shaken up after the bus they were travelling in on Monday morning, narrowly escaped disaster. It happened a little after 7 near Mile 28 on the Hummingbird Highway. Witnesses say that they bus was heading on a curve,...

UDP wants prime land in Dangriga for constituency headquarters
Some community leaders in the south are claiming that the ruling United Democratic Party Government has all but abandoned the south; that the attitude after being swept out of power in both the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts in the 2012 general elections, has not been...

Mayor of Dangriga concerned about NCL plans
The Norwegian Cruise Lines US$50 million investment in the development of Harvest Caye as a berthing site and welcome center for cruise shippers to Belize has attracted more than its fair share of dissent on numerous issues. We have heard from the tourism denizens of...

Bi-national agreement between Belize and Guatemalan local leaders
This past Saturday, a significant bi-national agreement was reached between Belize and Guatemalan local leaders. The agreement is sort of a treaty to safeguard the Chiquibul-Mopan-Macal and Belize Rivers. The agreement is aimed at the proper conservation of the shared rivers...

Second UB student charged for murder of Jamal Anthony Neal
A second UB student has been charged for the murder of 21 year old Jamal Anthony Neal. Micah Tillet was arraigned in court on Friday and was remanded to prison until October 15. The 18 year old has joined 21 year old Jedden Burgess, who was also a student...

Equipment stolen from Minister Godwin Hulse
Police are investigating a break-in at a warehouse belonging to Minister of Immigration, the Hon. Godwin Hulse. Minister Hulse reported that sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, someone broke into the building and stole a welding machine, six electronic motors, all Balder brand, and two three phase machines,...

Hotel owner charged for wounding
A Corozal businessman has been charged, after he reportedly shot a man who was urinating near his hotel. 27 year old Francisco Castaneda told Police that around 2am Sunday morning, he went to urinate in an open lot beside the Sea Breeze Hotel, when he heard a loud bang....

Salesman robbed outside hotel in Burrell Boom
Authorities are investigating an afternoon robbery report made by a sales representative at Santiago Castillo. The complainant says he was seated in his pickup truck at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom talking to a woman, when he was approached by two men on a red Lifan Motorcycle....

COLA comes out against downtown Belize City bus regulations
On Monday we spoke with president of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), Giovanni Brackett, whose organization over the weekend issued a condemnation of plans by the City Council to prevent buses from going down Albert Street. Giovani Brackett – President COLA: The Council shouldn’t...

BCCI Expo 2013 is a success
BCCI Expo 2013 is a success. Despite concerns by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding competition with other events on the day including Carnival, Belizeans came out in numbers to this year’s Expo fair in Belize City. Saturday’s estimated figures were 7,000, a drop...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

NAC Island Committee Works in Caye Caulker and San Pedro
The National AIDS Commission Island Committee has been hard at work educating the public and offering the opportunities to individuals to learn their HIV status. On Friday September 6th, the Island Committee teamed up with the Caye Caulker Health Committee to offer a full day of HIV services in Caye Caulker. Two teams were dispatched to the island, thanks to the generosity of the San Pedro Belize Express which provided transportation for all eight participants. At the Caye Caulker Village Center – Nurse Lezel Cayetano, Nurse Robertha Herera, Miss Kristina Romero and Miss Natalie Arceo spent the day interacting, counseling and offering free HIV rapid tests to villagers to take the test. At the end of that exercise, we had tested 33 individuals. The second team which included: Dennis Craft, Natalia Fuller, Raul Young and Miss Chila Ugarte both of Caye Caulker took to the schools to offer HIV Education. At the Caye Caulker RC School, we made three presentations to the upper grades, Standards 4 – 6. The children were very receptive and offered many questions.


Police brutality surfaces in public discussion and in the news more often than it should, but over the weekend there was a particular incident of abuse of power by police officers that “raises eyebrows”, so to speak, because the victim of the brutality this time is also a member of our security forces. Keith Pinnix, 27, a Belize Defence Force (BDF) soldier and resident of Georgeville, in the Cayo District, early Sunday morning had a run-in with the San Ignacio police. Initial reports stated that the soldier was chasing someone who had stolen his cellphone, and when the police arrived, they, inexplicably, beat him badly. However, according to eyewitnesses who spoke with Amandala today, Monday, it turns out that in the wee hours of the morning of Sunday, September 15, 2013, Pinnix, off-duty, had just exited the Blue Angels Night Club in San Ignacio after a night of partying. Upon realizing that he had forgotten his bag with his cellphone inside the club, Pinnix reportedly attempted to re-enter the club, which was already closed, to recover his bag with the phone. The witnesses, who claimed to be outside the establishment at the time, said that Pinnix was shaking the metal gate to alert the employees of the nightclub about his phone when he was approached by a police officer.

Lamb, however, will only serve 12 years in jail — sentences concurrent. Clarence Lamb, 23, a resident of #2 Wagner’s Lane, changed 8 of his 10 not guilty pleas to guilty when he appeared in court this morning, and later changed the remaining two when the trial, which was set for today, was about to start. At 4:30 on the evening of January 2, 2013, a cashier of the Belize Tourism Board’s Regent Street office, was reportedly at her desk when two Creole-looking men walked into the office, one armed with a knife, the other with a gun. Both men demanded money from her, and fearing for her life, she handed over two cash pans – a purple one containing $300 cash, and a blue one containing $1,432.78 cash, money which belonged to the BTB. After getting the cash pans from the cashier, the men reportedly “ran into” the BTB’s security officer, Edwin Torres, and assaulted him with their gun. Armed with his service firearm, Torres chased after the fleeing men and managed to shoot one of the robbers, causing him to fall to the ground.

Exactly four years ago, in September of 2009, some Dangriga-based contractors protested against the Social Investment Fund ( SIF) because they say the statutory body tasked with implementing social projects was not ensuring that local contractors obtain the infrastructure contracts in Dangriga. A little over a year later, in January 2011, the Dangriga-based contractors had to protest again — this time because a Corozal-based contractor, Kenard Smart, had secured the SIF contract for the Gulisi preschool in Dangriga. Smart, at the time, was only a few days removed from running as a UDP candidate in the standard-bearer convention for Corozal Bay. He would lose the convention, but win the SIF contract. Now exactly two years later, Kenard Smart and SIF are in the news again. And while the aforementioned two protests by the Dangriga-based contractors didn’t gain much traction nationally, this time the nation has been promised that “heads will roll,” by no less than the Prime Minister himself. That’s because the story involving the incomplete construction of the Dangriga Market stinks to the high heavens. On September 9, 2013, Smart and his construction company, K & G Construction, were informed by SIF in a letter that they had cancelled his $1.3 million contract to rehabilitate the Dangriga Market – some two months after the project should have been completed. The letter cancelling the contract was signed by project manager Ernest Raymond, and copied to Daniel Cano, the Executive Director of the Social Investment Fund.

Police say Eric Gutierrez, 21, broke into one woman’s room, forced her into another room with two other women, and raped them all A San Pedro Ambergris Caye man has been charged with raping three women early Saturday morning, September 7, at about 3:00, at their rented room in an apartment building on the island. Eric Gutierrez, 21, a labourer of Pescador Drive, San Pedro, was taken to the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, September 11, and remanded until October 28 on three counts of rape, grievous harm and aggravated burglary. Two of the women told police that they were sleeping in their apartment on Pescador Drive when about 3:00 Saturday morning, they were awakened by a knock on their door. When they opened their door to see what was happening, Gutierrez, whom they knew, was holding another woman with a knife to her throat, and he pushed the woman into their room. The woman was a 25-year-old Guatemalan who was a tenant in the same apartment building. Gutierrez, with a butcher knife in his hand, ordered the three women to take off all their clothes.

Leaving Belize by bus on Thursday night, August 29, for Cancun, Mexico, en route to Los Angeles, California, was the Excellence Cricket Club of Double Head Cabbage, cricket champions of Belize, and from reports received, they gave a great performance for the fans in L.A. As we reported in the Sunday, September 1, issue of Amandala, in the article, “Excellence off to L.A. for cricket Friendlies,” the trip was “by invitation from the Cal-Bel Cricket Club of Los Angeles, and the Excellence team plans to play two friendly cricket matches on September 1 and 2 at the Woodley Park Cricket Complex as part of the celebrations for the Independence of Belize and Labor Day in the U.S. “The Cal-Bel Cricket Club was founded in 1980 by Belizeans who formerly played cricket in Belize, and is a member of the Southern California Cricket Association. Last year, they hosted the Belize National Cricket Team; this year, they are hosting the recently crowned back-to-back national champions, Excellence.”

The Belize Cycling Association, with the sponsorship of Belize City Council, Leslie’s Imports and Bowen & Bowen Ltd., held its annual September Criterium yesterday on the Albert and Regent Streets Circuit. There were races for youth between the ages of 8 – 16 years and “novice,” in addition to races for Weekend Warriors, Females, Juniors, and an Open Elite/Masters’ category. Prizes were medals and Crystal Juice for the Juniors and youth riders, while the others received trophies and Belikin products. Below are the results for the various categories: 8-10 Years – 1st place Derrick Chavarria; 2nd Derrick Brown, 3rd Dion O’Brien. 11-13 Years – 1t place Andy Faber; 2nd Derrick Chavarria; 3rd Patrick Williams. 14-16 Years – 1st place Davonne Pascascio; 2nd Gerson Lovell; 3rd Kenan Faber. Open Youth – 1st place Tyler Terry; 2nd Andrew Green; 3rd Darien Anderson.

The outraged Belizean reaction to the Belize Tourism Board’s decision to use the music of Honduran national, Aurelio Martinez, in a promotional video for Belize, must have come as a surprise to the stuffy BTB. Aurelio is much loved in Belize, because he is such a nice guy, besides being a very gifted singer and dancer. That must have been why BTB thought they could get away with this outright disrespect to Belizean musicians. Mayhap the BTB does not remember how some Honduran musicians twenty-five years ago stole the Chico Ramos composition, “Conch’s Soup,” claimed Ramos’ original creation, and made a wad of money off it in the region. The story is more complicated, and explosive, than that, however. BTB is one of the few organizations in Belize which has more cash flow than they know what to do with, and at the top they have forgotten where they came from. BTB does not have any socio-political credit with the masses of the Belizean people, because they have become aloof and snobbish. BTB has an “attitude.”

— by Evan X I don’t like visiting the public hospital. As a result of participating in three different political campaigns in the 1970s and being involved in all kinds of sports in my adult lifetime, I know a lot of people. When I visit someone in the public hospital, the chances are I will see other people that I know in a bad condition, and it breaks my heart. There was no way I could not go to see Mr. Arthur Belisle, Sr., however, after he was hospitalized with prostate problems on Saturday, August 31. When I visited him on Tuesday evening, September 3, Mr. Arthur was his usual assertive self, except that he had been passing blood and had become weaker. As a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation, Mr. Belisle was refusing blood transfusions, so the doctors were treating him with a substitute. Like the soldier that he was, Mr. Arthur said to me after we had been speaking for maybe 20 or 25 minutes, “I’m in good hands.” I took that as my cue to leave. At the time, I thought he was referring to his family members and the hospital’s medical staff, but now I wonder if it was his God to whom he was making reference.

Dear Editor, As one of the signatories to the “Open Letter to the Prime Minister” (Amandala, September 6 ), I wanted to take a moment to emphasise some of the points my colleagues and I made that I feel are particularly pertinent, especially as Belize celebrates independence this month. Along with many Belizeans I am disturbed by the lack of consultation and the haste in which the memorandum of understanding between the government of Belize and Norwegian Cruise Lines in regards to the sale of Harvest Caye has been signed. We believe that this rush to sign such an important document with such far reaching consequences may run counter to the very notion of the democracy we are celebrating. I think we all agree that Belize is owned by the people of Belize, and that the government of the day’s job is to manage the affairs of the nation on behalf of and as a representative of the people who put it in power. But how can a government presume to represent its citizens if they are not consulted about major decisions that will impact the nation today and into the future? There is a covenant between a democratic government and its people that those elected to power will act openly and in the public interest, and once this covenant is violated, any pretext of democracy goes out the window. That is why transparency and public disclosure are so important.

— by Lionel Jinawansa Perera Dear Editor, I am a Sri Lankan student and so much interested in collecting postage stamps from all over the world, as it’s my favourite hobby. My father is also working at a newspaper company called “The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited” here in Colombo. Through him, I get Sri Lankan stamps and have a very good collection at present, but I don’t have a single stamp from your beautiful country, Belize. I shall be very happy if someone could send me some stamps from your country, or introduce me to a stamp collecting friend in Belize so that I can make exchanges.

— by Matthew James Dear Editor, The article on a “national” workshop for the new fisheries legislation is creating significant anger in the Stann Creek fishing communities of Dangriga and Hopkins. On the 4th September a large group of fisherfolk attended the Hopkins (inc. Dangriga) workshop at Sandy Beach. While the meeting was “spirited,” so were previous workshops at other venues according to Mr. Chris Hedley, lead consultant and attorney. During the meeting Mr. Hedley made reference to an upcoming national workshop tentatively scheduled around September 16. Those present, to a man, have no recollection of September 12 being given as the date, or the Northern Cooperatives building as the venue by Mr. Hedley, Mr. Gongora and Mr. Rodney, Fisheries Officers, or that NGO representative, Julio Maaz from WCS, would be hosting the event. A direct result of this “oversight” was the absence of the vast majority of those who attended the Hopkins (inc. Dangriga) workshop; these fisherfolk were knowingly denied their rightful participation in the “national” workshop. At the same Hopkins (inc. Dangriga) workshop, the issue of inadequate enforcement was raised. The response was that grants are being pursued to assist enforcement efforts. Fishermen were surprised to learn of the imminent deployment of unmanned drones for surveillance of fishing areas – doubly surprised to learn that Mr. Rodney, Fisheries Officer, and Mr. Maaz, WCS, were featured in Amandala the very next day.

On Saturday, September 14, officials from Belize and Guatemala signed a joint agreement for the protection of the Chiquibul-Mopan-Macal and Belize watersheds. More than 40 human settlements in Belize and more than 130,000 inhabitants depend on these water resources for household activities, farming, recreation, drinking water, hydroelectricity and a healthy environment, the signatories acknowledge. Likewise, more than 75 human settlements in Guatemala and more than 100,000 inhabitants are dependent upon the Chiquibul and Mopan Rivers. In particular, the watersheds are deemed to be vital to the ecology, economy, food security and public health of the people of east central Peten, Guatemala and the central region of Belize, and it harbors a rich wildlife reservoir, as well as a history of the ancient Maya civilization and cultural diversity, the officials noted in the joint agreement. “With the signing of this agreement, the 19 leaders commit themselves to undertake cleanup campaigns, reforestation and education activities; and to promote conservation activities and cooperation, exclusively for the protection and preservation of the shared watersheds,” said Rafael Manzanero, executive director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), which spearheaded this initiative.

The dazzling array of colors in the form of unique, hand-crafted costumes mixed with blaring, fast-paced music that is known as Carnival was staged along the streets of Belize City this past Saturday, September 14, 2013. Throngs of Belizeans lined the route of the parade to marvel at the displays presented by the carnival groups for this year’s carnival. A total of 12 junior and senior carnival bands, each with their own themes, came out to ‘strut their stuff’ in hopes of being crowned as the winners of Carnival 2013. Revelers showcased original costumes in an effort to impress both the judges and onlookers as they gyrated their way along the Central American Boulevard in their regalia, with choreographed dances by the junior groups. The winners in the senior category were Mother Nature’s Creations, followed by Belizean Jewel who took second, and Soca Warriors who placed third. In the junior category, Pickstock Carnival Band won first place; Jump Street Posse came in second; and Sunshine Masqueraders took third place.

Tillett, a UB student, now joins Jedd Burgess, also a UB student, for the same murder. Late this evening, Micah Tillett, 18, a University of Belize student of #639 Tibruce Street, was taken by CIB personnel to court, where he was charged with the murder of Jamal Neal, 21. Neal was gunned down as he walked down Banak Street on July 8 of this year. At 6:00 that evening, after he had a phone conversation with his mother, two men travelling on a motorcycle rode past him and shot him dead. Jedd Burgess, 21, a UB student, was previously arraigned for Neal’s murder before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on July 19, while his alleged accomplice remained at large. That was until today, when Tillett was arraigned before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart.

O’Brien was subdued by the owner and her family and was arrested when police responded to the call Joseph Loriano O’Brien, 21, a resident of #14 Banak Street, was charged with robbery, five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, and keeping an unlicensed firearm when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano this morning. According to police, at 4:00 Friday evening, Isoline Baños, 69, the owner of Golden Corn Tortilla Shop located on Central American Boulevard, was at her shop along with four of her family members when three men stormed into the shop, one armed with a gun. One of the men grabbed a cell phone from one of the persons inside the shop and also grabbed money from the cash drawer. But this family didn’t just stand by and allow the robbers to get away – no! This family managed to wrestle away the gun from the gunman and subdue him, allowing the police to arrest him for the brazen robbery when they arrived on the scene.

Police found 226 grams of cannabis in Choc’s boxers. Nelbert Choc, 30, a resident of #32 Estrella Street, Caye Caulker, was brought before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and read a single charge of drug trafficking. According to police, acting on information they received, they yesterday visited the Caye Caulker Water Taxi station on North Front Street, where they saw Choc and conducted a search on him. Found inside the waist of Choc’s boxers were two zip-lock bags which contained suspected cannabis, and when weighed, the substance amounted to 226 grams.

Newton Neville Benguche, 33, an entrepreneur of a La Croix Boulevard address, was charged for allegedly threatening his female neighbor and throwing stones on her roof. Maria Isabella Artiaga, a resident of 8147 La Croix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area of Belize City, reported to police that Benguche threatened her by saying “I wa burn down unu house and kill all a unu een deh.” In addition to that, Benguche allegedly threw stones on Artiaga’s roof. The incident reportedly occurred on September 12, 2013. Benguche pleaded not guilty to the charges when he appeared in court today. He was offered bail of BZ$800 for the offences under the condition that he does not harass the complainant or any of the witnesses in the case.

Nicholi Rhys was previously charged with handling stolen goods on Wednesday after police found the I-phone in his possession This morning, Shane McFoy, 26, an undertaker of #71 Euphrates Avenue, was charged with theft when he appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Police said that on September 10, they responded to a report from Earl Perez that at 12:05 on Tuesday afternoon, as he parked his vehicle on George Street, someone sneaked up on him, pushed their hand through his opened car window, snatched his 16-gig 4S I-phone, valued at $1,200, from off his lap, and ran down the street with it. The person then handed it over to another person, and they both ran off. After police investigated the report, they apprehended Nicholi Rhys and found the I-phone in his possession. Rhys was arraigned on Wednesday, September 11; he pleaded not guilty to the charge and was offered and met bail.

Jamal Warrior, a construction worker of #40 Queen Charlotte Street, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being charged with attempted robbery, keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition, and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Police believe that Warrior is the person who attempted to rob Nadine Pelayo with a firearm on September 11, while she was on Coney Drive. They also believe that he assaulted both Nadine and Paul Pelayo with the .38 Smith and Wesson brand revolver that was found in the area after an investigation was launched.

A 16-year-old boy of Roaring Creek was hit in the abdomen after a gunman fired at him and a friend while they were sitting on the stairs of a house on Progress Avenue in Roaring Creek at about 9:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday. The gunman had come out of a car that drove up to within a distance of about 100 feet from them, and after the shooting, the gunman got back into the passenger side of the car, and the driver then drove away. The boy saw his abdomen bleeding, and he and his mother went to the Belmopan Police Station and reported the attack. Police later found the car in Roaring Creek. It was immediately impounded and taken to the Belmopan Police Station.


Karaoke Cab
I had the best cab ride yesterday in Belize City. My traveling companions were with Gaylynn and Teddy-bear, we drove around for about 5 hours doing errands, eating fried chicken and laughing our @asses off. In spite of the heavy dreary weather we are having from Invest 95L – see multiple sources of coverage in the thread on Belize Message board. The humor and laughter actually started as soon as we got on the plane. Our Maya pilot was very funny cracking jokes about what our food and drinks options were and so stay tuned for the inflight movie. I had the best cab ride yesterday in Belize City. My traveling companions were with Gaylynn and Teddy-bear, we drove around for about 5 hours doing errands, eating fried chicken and laughing our @asses off. In spite of the heavy dreary weather we are having from Invest 95L – see multiple sources of coverage in the thread on Belize Message board. The humor and laughter actually started as soon as we got on the plane. Our Maya pilot was very funny cracking jokes about what our food and drinks options were and so stay tuned for the inflight movie.

Storm System Invest 95L Brings MORE RAIN to Ambergris Caye
Our little neck of the woods has been a bit of a hot spot for rain and storm systems these past few weeks. Nothing close to Tropical Storm status while it passes by us (though the last system turned into deadly Hurricane Ingrid and hit the east coast of Mexico just a few days ago killing as many as 34 people) but we are getting lots of grey skies and plenty of rain. Here is the world wide picture of Tropical storms from And 95L sitting EXACTLY RIGHT ON TOP OF US. I present you the always scientific “Me on My Couch” indicator.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize Recertified Green Globe
Green Globe Certification today announced the recertification of The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize. Green Globe Certification CEO Guido Bauer said: “The Lodge at Chaa Creek is one of the more exemplary Green Globe-certified properties. From its inception, the owners, managers, and staff of this eco-resort have dedicated their business to sustainable development, as well as presenting a quality eco-tourism experience. “There seems no sustainable practice that Chaa Creek has not built into its operations. And some of these activities are not ones that are usually considered when we think about responsible tourism in beautiful natural locations. “The resort contributes directly to staff health and welfare through the provision of health care treatment, equipment, and supply of medicines. They also work with local law enforcement agencies to protect the welfare of staff and guests, as well as establishing a neighborhood watch program for the local community. “Beyond the excellent interpretive activities based on the rainforest location, Chaa Creek demonstrates that social commitment is also part of true sustainability.”

Johnnycakes 1/2 Recipe in the Toaster Oven
We love freshly baked Johnnycakes, so this half recipe is perfect because it only yields 4. No range is necessary.

Compete Caribbean
Submit your proposal to Compete Caribbean by October 31, 2013 and compete for up to US$500,000 to develop your idea! We welcome any innovative project, from any economic sector and any size of firm. However all firms must be resident in a CARIFORUM country and be prepared to provide counterpart funding of 50% of the cost of the project (of which up to 50% can be in kind).

BELTRAIDE’s participation at Expo through its Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize) making an impact!
Participating in events such as expositions and trade shows are considered to provide extensive benefits, including that of economic gains, to other less quantifiable benefits such as exposure. From its inception four years ago, Expo Belize Market Place has provided a gateway for entrepreneurs and the general business/non-business community to showcase their products and services and obtain an edge on the competition. This year, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) couldn’t miss it! BELTRAIDE, through its Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize) attended Expo Belize along with three entrepreneurs. The products that were being showcased were those of Bella Dee’s (Soaps, Massage Oils and other), Amarabi Seasonings ( Marinades) and Gayla’s Arts. The location and the versatility of our participating clients and staff allowed for more than 500+ visitors to the booth, allowing for our entrepreneurs to sell and promote their products. One of the entrepreneurs enthusiastically expressed “I am very grateful for the invitation to participate in this year’s expo along SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE, I am extremely impressed at my consultant’s persistence, determination, and assistance in meeting my expressed needs, I would definitely participate in this show next year”. Similar sentiments were shared from the other participants.

“Moving” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
The rainy season has shown itself with a vengeance during the last few weeks. I am sure that it has not been the case but it seems like it has rained every day and yesterday was no different. Out on the veranda yesterday morning shortly before 05.00 hours the rain was lashing down and so strongly at one stage that I had to retreat to the condo to avoid getting soaked. Weather such as this is obviously not good (or welcomed) by the tourists that are visiting Ambergris Caye but it does have its benefits. Well, for me at least. I just love the sound of the rain hitting the fronds of the coconut trees. I find it restful. Therapeutic. Very calming. Not that I feel at all agitated but the sound, for me, creates a sense of serenity.

Pumpkin Fudge
3 cups white sugar 3 tablespoons lite corn syrup 1/4 teespoon salt 1 1/2 teespoons vanilla extract 1 cup milk 1/2 cup pumpkin puree 1 teespoon pumpkin pie spice 1/2 cup butt'r Direckshuns: Butt'r er greese one 8 x 8 inch pun. N' a 3-quart saucepun, mix togeth'r sugar, milk, corn syrup, pumpkin an' salt. Brang to a bawl ov'r high heat, stirryun' constantlee. Reduce heat to medium an' continue boileeun'.

International Sources

Another disturbance forms over Yucatán
As the remnants of Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel brought heavy rains across Mexico, another atmospheric disturbance with potential to strengthen into a tropical storm began forming over the southern Yucatán Peninsula Tuesday afternoon. The National Hurricane Center is predicting that an area of low pressure over Belize and southern Yucatán has a 40 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression during the next two days. Hurricane watchers at the center reported Tuesday afternoon that the system was moving slowly west and northwest and likely will emerge above the Bay of Campeche on Wednesday. “Environmental conditions should continue to be generally conducive for some additional development during the next several days as the disturbance moves slowly across the southern Gulf of Mexico,” a notice from the hurricane center states.

Russian Supermodel Debuts Her Own Swimwear Collection
Russian supermodel and Sports Illustrated magazine cover girl Irina Shayk has released her own swimwear collection for Beach Bunny Swimwear, according to an official announcement. Shayk’s designs for “Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny” were previewed earlier this summer on the catwalks of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, Florida and mark her second collaboration with the California-based women’s swimwear company. The 2010 Beach Bunny collection also featured some of Shayk’s designs, according to the statement released Tuesday. Shayk, 27, whose real surname is Shaykhlislamova, was born in the tiny mining village of Yemanzhelinsk in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, and landed her big break in 2007 when she became the face of Itimissimi lingerie according to her official website. Since 2007 she has modeled for many top designers and brands and in 2011 appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated famous swimsuit edition.

Vic Spencer – A Call From Belize
Not familiar with Vic Spencer? Then you’re missing out! The wordsmith returns to the scene today with something new and rather addictive for our listening enjoyment. The track is called “A Call From Belize” in which he gets down over top of a beat done by Alchemist. The laid back, melodic beat gets attacked mercilessly by the MC, as he does a great job at showing off his thoughts, his rhyme skills, and his story at the same damn time. He effortlessly weaves together some unique bars, and keeps us entertained in the process. Check out the new track after the jump and let us know what you think down below.

NHC bumps up development chances of '95L'
Forecasters are keeping a close eye on a low pressure system centered near the coast of Belize that is producing a large area of showers and thunderstorms over the Caribbean Sea. According to the National Hurricane Center, the system has a 30 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours and a 50 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next five days. The disorganized area of disturbed weather is forecast to slowly move across Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula and enter the Bay of Campeche Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Forecasters added environmental conditions are expected to be a little more favorable for development during the next day or two. They reported the low is likely to become nearly stationary over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico later in the week and environmental conditions should be generally conducive for some slow development during that time.

September 17, 2013


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Island students participate in annual Children and Youth Rally
The Ministry of Education Youth and Sports on Friday September 13th hosted students from across the country to the annual Children and Youth Rally. The event was celebrated under the national September Celebrations theme “Belize in You, Belize in Me – Land of the Free.” On Ambergris Caye, the students gathered at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium where the atmosphere was very patriotic, and included dances and celebration music. The event was broken down into two segments: the first was the official ceremony and the second part was the fun and entertainment section. During the official ceremony, the students of Ambergris Caye were happy to listen to a 10-minute presentation by Anthony Gill. The 11-year-old Belizean/American is an international motivational and inspirational speaker. His visit with the students of San Pedro Town is part of a countrywide tour and it is his second working visit to Belize.

Ministry of Health issues caution on oral Ketoconazole
The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring new information in regards to the use and efficacy of a well established anti-fungal medication, Ketoconozole, which is currently being used in Belize. The Ministry is aware that in some countries this medication has been banned from further use because of its toxic effects on the liver. Other medications of the same category of drugs have proven to be just as effective with fewer side effects. As such, patients on this medication should consult their doctors at the earliest possible time to seek out the best solution available. Doctors across the country are strongly advised to switch to newer, less toxic medications. The Ministry of Health strongly advises that Ketoconazole be used only for cases where patients are unable to tolerate other therapies or when other medication options are unavailable.

Ambergris Today

New British High Commissioner Makes Courtesy Call to Minister of National Security
The new British High Commissioner to Belize, H.E. Peter Hughes made a courtesy call to Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar on Friday, September 13, 2013, in his office at the Ministry of National Security Headquarters in the Curl Thompson Building in Belmopan. The British High Commissioner’s visit is part of his familiarization tour, having recently taken up his new position after presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir ColvilleYoung. H.E Peter Hughes started his diplomatic career as Desk Officer in the British Defense Department, and has since served oversees in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia and Afghanistan. Upon his appointment to Belize, Mr. Hughes was quoted as saying he hopes to build on the enduring friendship between the United Kingdom and Belize.

Flashbacks: Patrotism in the 1970's
It is not the size of a parade but the patriotism that goes along with it. These San Pedro kids are displaying a slightly decorated bike but high in the air is the fluttering British flag. Yes, it is definitely before Independence so you will see one or two Union Jack flags, the flag of England around the village. Even the child on the bike has his little British flag ready for the parade. This was the time when Sanpedranos paid tribute to the Queen of England and showed respect to the Governor of England, the British flag and the national anthem, God Save The Queen. It was also the era when the streets of San Pedro were rolling hills of beautiful white sand.

Teen Talk: Why Judging People is Wrong
- by Ryan Ancona, Teen Talk Reporter - In this week’s article we will be talking about why judging other people is wrong. I believe everyone is guilty of this at some point of their lives, some more than others. Then there are some people who don’t really realize that they are doing it. Why is it wrong you may ask? Well the first reason is more common sense. It is wrong because it can hurt the other person’s feelings. Here is an example: there is a girl who instead of wearing usual girly clothes decides to dress with more ‘boyish’ clothes. Probably as soon as other girls see her they would start laughing because she is different. There are a lot of people who will probably argue that she can’t wear boy clothes because she is a girl and that’s not right.

Pic of the Week: September Celebrations Inspired Art
‘One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure’ perfectly describes our Picture of the Week. It took Heider Perez and his children just a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of creativity to put together this awesome yard art as tribute to Belize’s patriotic celebrations taking place this month. With bits and pieces of scraps that their neighbors had discarded as trash, the Perez family saw it as treasure and an opportunity to recycle all of it into something colorful and beautiful. An old discarded bicycle frame, bucket covers for the wheels, pieces of PVC pipe, an old basket, scrap plywood and some spare paint was all it took to get it done! “Ok ok... this is how it happened,” commented Heider to us. “I was passing by my neighbor’s yard when I notice this old bicycle frame. I went home thinking that I can use it somehow. Two days later I decided to take it home... still not knowing what I was going to do with it. I thought to myself that it would be funny to have a Macaw riding it and since we are in the month of September; that just kinda made everything easier. I am painting my house at the moment so I got the bucket covers for the wheels from the buckets of paint and since it’s a bird I decided to go with PVC pipe for the peddle since this wasn't an ordinary guy riding the bike. LOL. And the basket...well it so happens I have great neighbors - I also found it on another neighbor's trash. I did the Macaw out of some scrap plywood I had in my yard. A little color and there you have it."

Community Bulletin: Saga’s Central American Cook-Off
Come and enjoy Saga’s Central American Cook-off Block Party at El Fogon on Thursday, September 19, 2013! Saga will be serving up very own purrfect Tropical Sangria. There will be both red and white to choose from with all proceeds benefiting Saga. Saga’s Famous Raffle with great prices and plenty of good food to vote for. This fundraiser is to raise money for a SNIP-a-thon that Saga HS will be promoting in October. Saga will also be hosting Helping Paws Across Borders form Oct. 7-11 and Hopkins HS Oct. 19-21. There will be visiting Vets to hold FREE SNIP (spay/neuter) clinics for the community. Saga’s goal is to SNIP over 300 island pets.

Misc Belizean Sources

Education in Belize: Breaking Free!
September in Belize is a month for celebrations! Many festivities lead up to Sept 10th to commemorate the “Battle of St. George’s Caye”, a day that has been celebrated each year, and long before the country achieved self-governing status in the mid 1960’s and Independence in 1981. Each September includes many talent competitions throughout Belize, then a festive Carnaval, then the nationwide celebrated Independence Day on Sept. 21st to top a full month of festivities. In our many September celebrations throughout the country, we celebrate many forms of “breaking free”, whether from Colonial masters or from whatever may have once held us back -- as a country and as a people. We even broke free from our former name, British Honduras, and have proudly made ourselves known throughout the entire world as: Belize. Certainly, we have every right to celebrate all the changes and advancements in Belize today. It is unfortunate, though, that Belize insists on remaining very disadvantaged as a young developing country, because since gaining Independence we adamantly refuse to break free from adhering to former/existing Colonial (Commonwealth) systems of Education throughout the country.

In Bloom Rocked Orange Walk
In Bloom, one of Cayo's up and coming rock bands, took a road trip to Sugar City this weekend to rock out at their Rock 4 All concert. They had more than a little fun while they were up there sharing the jams. "We Stepped Back To Listen To The Roar of The Crowd, Embrace The Feeling of Love And Support, And Thoroughly Enjoy The Scenery Unfolding Before Our Eyes, Orange Walk Surely Knews How To Make Us Feel At Home!!!! Thanks So Much To The Orange Walk Town Council For Having Us And For Accommodations At Hotel de la Fuente, Orange Walk Town, Belize, German Novelo For Giving Us A Chance To Play, And Macs' Dad For Sponsoring The Drive To and From OW. We'll Be Back xD. In Bloom In Orange Walk For The 'Rock 4 All Vol 5' Concert!!!"

Belize Photography Exhibition
The Benque House of Culture is getting ready for their next exhibition, which will be photographs from around Belize that follow the theme 'Belize: Through My Eyes.' The juried photographic exhibit is open to all amateur photographers. They are accepting submissions through the 25th of October. Call Subrata Basu at 633-8000 for more information.

FCD Presented on Chiquibul to PM
Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development, and the FCD crew, gave a presentation on the Chiquibul Forest Reserve to the PM last week. The Chiquibul is one of Belize's greatest areas for flora and fauna diversity, and a large part of the country's water supply originates there, over 4 billion gallons a year. Save the Chiquibul! "FCD had the opportunity to present their work to the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow on the 11th of September regarding the protection of the Chiquibul Forest. FCD’s Director explained the challenges faced to secure the protected area. The reunion was extremely productive and encouraging and the Prime Minister recognized the important work carried out by FCD."

September Criterium Race
Congratulations to Cayo's Oscar Quiroz and Jose Choto for winning the annual September Criterium bicycle race this weekend in the Junior and Masters divisions. For a complete list of winners, go to the Belize Cycling Association page.

Channel 7

Concrete, Actionable Allegations of Corruption At SIF: Board Sanctions Terminations
Tonight, SIF, the Social Investment Fund is reeling after mass terminations - resulting from concrete, actionable allegations of corruption. 7news has confirmed that the Board of Directors had an emergency meeting at 2:00 this afternoon in Belmopan and highly placed sources tell us that they took the decision to terminate as many as four employees, while also asking Executive Director Daniel Cano to resign. According to a release issued a few minutes ago, quote, "The meeting is still in session and a statement will be issued tomorrow morning detailing the outcome. " The meeting had key input from the contractor general who has been investigating allegation of corruption at SIF for some time, too long a time, according to some. We say that because those concrete allegations were made 7 months ago by a contractor SIF had retained to build the New Dangriga Town market. He is Kennard Smart, and tonight, we'll look at those allegations of corruption:...

Soldier Beaten By Cops
And from that scandal to a recap of the weekend's news. Considering all the drinking and wild revelry that happened, we're glad to report that no one was killed. But that doesn't mean there wasn't violence - in fact, there was quite a bit. The most disturbing case is one involving a BDF Corporal who was beaten unconscious by police officers. Now, usually, these lawmen work together, but Cayo police say when they responded to a disturbance at Blue Angels Club on Sunday morning at 3:45 am, they found 27 year old BDF Corporal Keith Pinnix "without shirt, screaming and shaking the metal gate to the entrance of Blue Angels Night Club on Hudson Street, San Ignacio Town." Pinnix had apparently left a bag with important personal documents in the club and they didn't want to let him back in to get it. Police say they told him to conduct himself appropriately but he continued. They then put him under arrest for disorderly conduct. That's when the cops say Pinnix punched a police officer, knocking him off his feet. They say Pinnix launched another attack, throwing several punches. Police say they had no choice but to respond with force, clubbing Pinnix with the baton. They hit him so hard that they allegedly broke the baton in the process.

Carnival Craziness Leads to Crime
And while that was Cayo - in Belize City there were two violent events - both resulting from the Carnival. The first occurred early in the morning at around 4:00 am during the Wet Fete - an event that precedes the jouver't - where, as the name implies everyone is sprayed with freezing cold water. This was staged at the MCC Tennis court on front of the Princess. As you might be able to imagine, the event was quite wild and being held at four in the morning it quickly unfolded into chaos - as revelers - along with more than a few drinkers - mounted the sound system truck and refused to get off to make space for the deejay. Police had to be called - which meant the involvement of the GSU which is headquartered right around the corner near Renaissance Towers. While police used "stunners", referred to locally as "tasers" to get the crowd off the truck, rocks and sticks started to be thrown by the mob at the police. The GSU fired warning shots in the air with their MT-9 machine guns to disperse the mob. IT was effective, but then when a man was injured in the head, the story went out that the GSU had shot him in the head. But that's not so. It turns out that 18 year old Rudolph Ramsey was injured by a rock and not a weapon. He was not at the KHMH and best information is that he discharged himself.

COLA Gets On The No Bus Ban Bandwagon
On Friday you saw expert protestor Phillip Fawda Henry come out against the City Council's plan to ban public buses from Albert Street. Well today, he was joined by advocacy organization COLA - which issued a release asking, quote, "Where is the consultation…that this Council promised City residents when they came into office last March?" To that, they add, dramatically, "Man does not live by concrete alone, but by the sweat of his brow eats bread." We'll have to figure that one out, but for context we spoke to COLA President Geovanni Brackett today:.. Geovanni Brackett - President, COLA "We believe that this new decision of the Council maybe in fact unilateral and a decision that is inconvenient and unsafe for the commuters."

Man Charged For Golden Corn Robbery
On Friday, 7News told you about the robbery which was stopped as it was happening at the Golden Corn Tortilla Factory on Central American Boulevard. As we reported, at around 4 on Friday evening, 3 men, one of whom was armed with a .38 pistol, barged into shop, stole money from the cash pan, and grabbed a cell phone from one of the workers. One of the owners tackled the man with the gun, causing it to fall to the ground. This gave the other workers time to subdue him, until the police arrived and arrested him. His other accomplices ran off and escaped. Police arrested and charged 21 year old Joseph O'Brien was charged with robbery, five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and keeping an unlicensed firearm when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano today.

GSU Makes Plentiful Busts In The West
Between Thursday and Saturday, the Gang Suppression Unit conducted operations in Central Belize, and their efforts led the arrest of 9 persons in relation to drugs and firearm offences. Just before 10 on Thursday morning, GSU searched the house belonging to 37 year-old Eddy Rowland of the Another World Area in Roaring Creek. The officers found him digging up the ground in his back yard, and this led the officers to search the location. They found a small glass bottle which contained 25 small pieces of crack cocaine to a total weight of 1.6 grams. Rowland was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Minister’s Warehouse Burglarized
And while police have made arrests for those crimes, they continue to investigate a burglary which happened at the warehouse belonging to Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse. He told police that sometime between 11 p.m. on last Thursday and 8:30 on last Friday, someone broke into his warehouse at his home on the Western Highway and stole 1 welding machine, 6 electric motors and 2 blue phase machines, all to a total of $10,000.

Expo 2013 Was A Smash
This weekend, the 17th Annual Expo Belize Market Place was held at the ITVET Compound, and Channel 7 in collaboration with Belizean to the Bone had live coverage throughout. But if you didn't make it there or catch it live, our Daniel Ortiz was there and he put together this report: Daniel Ortiz reporting The 2013 Expo Belize Market Place drew an impressive 19,000 visitors over the weekend, one thousand more than last year, and a huge success for the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. But while that is the bottom line, a major consideration for all the participating companies was the fact that 2 of the major events of the September Celebrations schedule clashed on Saturday: carnival and expo. No one knew what effect that would have on the event, but it did change the approach some businesses took: Karan Sabnani, Co-owner, Cellular World "This year we were all a bit shaky about it due to the carnival, but we've gotten a great response. What we did was make life convenient for people. We did our Expo deals along the carnival route and we also reduce the prices on our products. Normally at Expo we have a set price range that we work with but this year we drop it a bit to attract people to skip carnival and actually come into expo."

Warrior Accused of Armed Robbery
19 year-old Jamal Warrior is in jail tonight after he was accused of an armed robbery in Belize City. Nadine Pelayo reported that on last Wednesday, she was on Coney Drive when someone attempted to rob her with a gun. She reported it to police who went back to search the area on Thursday, and they recovered a black .38 Special Smith and Wesson revolver and five live rounds of .38 ammunition. This morning, Warrior appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith where he read charges of attempted robbery, keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on Nadine and Paul Pelayo.

Man Shot During BTB Robbery Takes A Guilty Plea
So, while those 2 are awaiting trial, 22 year old Clarence Lamb changed his 10 pleas from "not guilty" to "guilty" when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith this morning. Lamb was shot in the right foot after he and another person robbed the Belize Tourism Board of $1,732 dollars. They were armed with a knife and a gun when they stormed the Regent Street office on January second of this year, and robbed the cashier, of two cash pans which contained the money. Only Lamb was apprehended after Edwin Torres, the security officer at BTB, shot him while he and his accomplice were trying to flee the scene. The two cash pans and the firearm were recovered from the scene as well. Lamb was arraigned on January 7, and had to be assisted in and out of the court as he was still recovering from his injured right foot. He had pleaded not guilty to the charges, and had been set for trial today.

Jouver’t to Carnival Was turned Up to The Max
In our top segment we told you about some of the chaos that unfolded in the periphery of the carnival revelry. But, when you consider how many people were out from three in the morning until six in the evening, and how much alcohol was in circulation right after payday - it's fortunate that worse didn't happen. So, there's still a lot to celebrate - and the revelers turned it up to the max on Saturday. 7news was there from the jouver't at dawn to the carnival in the afternoon - and here are the highlights:.. Daniel Ortiz, reporting As you heard, the revelers from the J'ouvert Splash Down converged in front of the San Cas Plaza, for the continuation of the party which started 7 hours earlier. They formed a massive throng - a swarm of humanity, which shows how much Carnival spirit there is in the city. And the numbers just kept increasing, every time they passed our cameras, thousands of people, a mash up of bodies, mud, music, dancing and the chaos called the carnival mood.

Channel 5

Carnival 2013 Video
from Great Belize Productions Ltd.

5 executives of SIF on the chopping block over the failed million dollar Dangriga Market Project
There is big news tonight in respect of a million dollar project to upgrade the Dangriga market which is mired in scandal and corruption. An emergency meeting of the Board [...]

B.D.F. soldier is badly beaten at the hands of the police in San Ignacio
A B.D.F. soldier is today recovering from injuries he received at the hands of officers of the San Ignacio Police Department. The brutal beating was meted out on Corporal Keith [...]

Eyewitness gives account of officer’s beating
As we told you earlier, there are different sides to every story – and the version told by San Ignacio Police couldn’t be more different. According to their report, Police [...]

GSU fire warning shots to diffuse a brawling mob
There were sporadic shooting incidents over the weekend. Also in the city, a confrontation between apparently intoxicated revelers, following the carnival j’ouvert on Saturday morning, has resulted in one person [...]

Belize City man recovering in K.H.M.H. after being beaten by crowd of men
In other related news, a Belize City man is in stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was badly beaten on Saturday evening. It wasn’t included in [...]

New bus routes in the downtown Belize City unleash a firestorm of criticism by commuters
City buses can no longer run on Albert Street. That’s the law handed down from City Council, and to say that the decision has unleashed a fiery storm of criticism [...]

Minister of Immigration’s warehouse broken into; $10,000 worth of items stolen
No one is being spared from a wave of robberies taking place. Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, reports that sometime between last Thursday and Friday, someone broke into his warehouse [...]

Corozal man shot by hotel owner for urinating in public
A man from Corozal Town has reason to think twice before urinating in public again – since the last time he did so in the early hours of Sunday morning [...]

Calbert Young charged for 55 pounds of weed found inside bedroom floor
On Sunday morning, the Gang Suppression Unit searched a one bedroom shack on Gibson Street off Faber’s road occupied by twenty-four year old Calbert Young. The Unit did not have [...]

Banks Holdings Limited and C.P.B.L. back in Court…a settlement is reached
Banks Holdings Limited of Barbados and the Belize Citrus Growers Association Investment Company Limited and Citrus Products of Belize Limited were back in court this morning. The session, before Justice [...]

Foiled robbery: Businesswoman and her family catch culprit
A businesswoman, the owner of Golden Corn Tortilla, was robbed at gunpoint in front of five of her family members. But fortunately for them, they managed to subdue the attacker. [...]

B.T.B. robber sentenced to 46 years in prison
Twenty-two year old Clarence Lamb, accused of robbing the Belize Tourism Board of over two thousand dollars on January second, had his day in court today. After changing his plea [...]

Highlights of the revelry of the Jouvert 2013
Before the crack of dawn, thousands converged at the San Cas Plaza for the Jouvert 2013…. It is a prelude of what was to come later in the day for [...]

The 2013 Carnival Road March…the elaborate and breathtaking showing
Following the jouvert, the carnival road march on Saturday was a spectacular show as it made its way from the Yarborough Green to the B.T.L. Park. For one there were [...]

Carnival Committee to assist bands with designing training
With carnival 2013 behind, preparations for 2014 are already on the drawing board. While band leaders are already in the process of putting together innovative ideas to wow the judges [...]

Sports Monday: Belize brings home medals in Central American Table Tennis Competition
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The annual BCA September Criterium took center stage in Belize City as it ran through the Albert Street/Regent Street [...]


Shot While Urinating on Private Property
In Corozal 27 year old Francisco Castaneda of Flamboyant Street reported that about 2:00am on September 15th, he went urinate in an open lot beside the Sea Breeze hotel on 1st Avenue Corozal Town when he suddenly heard a loud “bang” and saw 63 year old Gwyn Lawrence, owner of the hotel standing on the verandah with what appeared to be a rifle in his hands. Casteneda suddenly felt pain in his left lower arm and realized that he had been shot. Casteneda’s injury was certified as wounding. Police have arrested and charged Lawrence for the crime of wounding.

Carnal Knowledge and Illegal Firearm Reported in Northern Belize
In Orange Walk, on September 13th Special Branch and CIB Personnel conducted a house search at the residence of 20 year old Frederick Rhaburn on Gristock St, Pasadita Area, Orange Walk Town which resulted to the discovery of a point 22 Revolver, along with two live rounds of ammunition inside the cement block hole in the bathroom. During the search two 17 year old minors were present. Police have since arrested and charged Rhaburn and the minors for kept firearm without a gun licence and kept ammunition without a gun licence Last Friday, a 14 year old and her mother both of Corozal Town reported that in July, she left her grandmother’s house and met a 20 year old man with whom she has been in a relationship since May. She stated that both of them then went to his house where they had sexual intercourse of her own free will. Medical examination was conducted which certified that the minor had been carnally known. Police have since detained the 20 year old pending charges.

Employee Robbed in Parked Vehicle
Police continue their investigations into the robbery of an employee of Santiago Castillo Limited that occurred last week. On Thursday the employee was seated in his four door gold brown Isuzu pickup when he was approached by two male persons on a motorcycle. According to the employee, one of the men had what appeared to be a black automatic handgun which he pointed at him while the other took his blue and grey Jan sport bag from his vehicle. The bag contained about two thousand four hundred dollars in different denomination and a cheque in the sum of about five hundred dollars. The thieves also made off with an iPod in a black case valued at one thousand dollars, a black modem valued at two thousand dollars, a blue key lock money bag and two receipt books. The men then made good their escape firing a shot in his direction. Two nine millimeter expended shells Lugar brand were found in the area. A red and black with white lining Lifan motorcycle was found abandoned off the Boom Hattieville Road which was brought to the Ladyville Police Station for further processing.

Police Seek Culprits in Burglary of Minister’s Warehouse
A warehouse belonging to Minister Godwin Hulse was burglarized. According to police reports, sometime between 11:00pm on September 12th and 8:30am on the following day someone broke into Hulse’s warehouse located at mile 10 ½ on the George Price Highway. The intruder stole a welding machine valued at two thousand dollars, six Electric Motor valued at six thousand dollars. Two blue three phase machine valued at two thousand dollars all to a total of ten thousand dollars.

Teenager Attempts to Rob Couple
A Belize Defense Force Corporal is recovering from injuries he sustained, allegedly at the hands of police officers. 27 year-old Keith Pinnix, who has been with the Force for the past seven years, told Love News that he was socializing at the Blue Angels Night Club in San Ignacio Town, Cayo in the wee hours of Sunday when an altercation ensured between himself and another person. He said that he decided to leave and go elsewhere but when the regular police officers met him at the other location, they did not identify themselves and the treatment was with brute force. Keith Pinnix, Alleges police brutality “I was with my cousin and a young lady from high school; we were all hanging out when a slight altercation occurred but all of that was over already and we left. I was downstairs and I already knew that the police was coming and so my cousin and I were standing and waiting for them to come. When they came, it was about five of them and when they arrived I mentioned to them that I don’t have anything in my hand and I don’t see the reason for them being aggressive; then I mentioned to them that I am a soldier and they still came on aggressive and the best thing I could have done was try not to get hit. I can’t say exactly how it all went down, I know they came aggressive over to me and that’s the issue; I tried not to get hit but I still took a few hits. I got my right thumb sprained; I got hit in the side, in the face and in the head and I think that’s about it from what the doctor said. After the whole thing happened and I got hit to the head, I ended up unconscious.”

Women vs Robber
Twenty-one year old, Joseph O’Brien, a construction worker of Banak Street in Belize City, who allegedly committed a robbery at Golden Corn Tortilla was charged with robbery when he appeared in court today. O’Brien was also charged with five counts of aggravated assault and one count of kept firearm without a gun license. He pled not guilty to the charges. He was remanded into custody until November 4. The incident occurred on Friday, September 13. Sixty-nine year old, Isolene Banos, the owner of Golden Corn Tortilla, located on Central American Boulevard, reported to the police that while she and four other women were at her business establishment, a young man entered, armed with a firearm and pointed it at her and stole her pair of gold earrings and her Nokia cellular phone. Banos also reported that she and the women managed to subdue the robber and take away his firearm. Banos called the police and when they arrived they took the robber into custody. The police also took the firearm, a revolver which did not have any bullets in its chamber and whose caliber was unknown. The revolver along with Banos’ pair of gold earrings and cellular phone were also taken by the police and labeled as exhibits.


SIF reclaims possession of Dangriga Town Market, as works are postponed
The renovation of the Dangriga Town Market is at a standstill after financiers of project contractor Kennard Smart resisted the efforts of the Social Investment Fund (SIF), which is running point on the multi-million dollar investment, to take over. On Friday morning SIF went to the...

Man charged for murder of Daniel Aguirre
Six days after the charred remains of well known Belmopan cab-driver Daniel Aguirre was found, on Friday his accused killer was charged with murder. The prosecution is hoping that they will have enough evidence to convict Noel Alexander Torres. In a press release sent out...

Alleged Police brutality in Roaring Creek
This is the area where one Roaring Creek resident claims personnel from the Gang Suppression Unit brutally assaulted him on Thursday afternoon. He is one of a few persons residing in a yard within the village, who says the GSU have been conducting operations misusing their authority. This is...

Inmate shot while attempting to escape
At around 11:10 on Friday morning an inmate at the Belize Central Prison was shot by prison guards as he attempted to escape. Earl Jones, CEO of the Colby Foundation, told the media that prisoner Adrian Gordon, in his attempted escape, climbed over the Eastern perimeter fence of the...

Dangriga Mayor in Court for backhoe delivery payment
On Friday the Mayor of Dangriga Major Swaso was to appear in Dangriga Court to answer to another matter unrelated to SIF market project. The court matter relates to a Backhoe purchased on behalf of the Dangriga Town Council, but the deal turned muddy because the Claimant says that...

Personnel from Ministry of Works charged after metals went missing
Four personnel from within the Ministry of Works have been brought up on charges after a cluster of metals went missing. We asked Assistant Superintendent Sinquest Martinez for more details. Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent of Police: Four persons were arrested from the Ministry of Works in respect to...

Man remanded on three counts of rape
A man is remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being charged with three counts of rape and a single count of aggravated burglary. The San Pedro Sun issued the story on Thursday and reported the following: On Friday September 6th, Police got a report from a 36 year...

Police Commissioner discusses use of non-lethal force.
It got lost in the tragedy surrounding the death of Police Constable Dean Yearwood on Sunday but a debate surrounding the use of force and training for police officers in all incidents has begun inside the Police Department. At Monday’s press conference in Belize City Commissioner Allen Whylie discussed...

Philip Henry protests Belize City downtown bus regulations
On Friday the founder of the Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing Safety Program, Philip “Fawda” Henry, weighed in on the plans of the City Council announced in the week to regulate buses out of the downtown area and particularly Albert Street. Commuters are already opposing the plan, but...

Gospel Artist Mikal Evans reaches out to our youth
Belizean Gospel Artist, Mikal Evans, decided to be a light to young people outside the walls of his church by bringing positive Christian music to their high-schools. On Thursdays Rise and Shine Show, Evans said more about the High-school tour that took place this week. Mikal Evans – Gospel...

Commendations for service at the National Honors and Awards Ceremony
On Thursday night at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts the nation handed out 19 commendations for service as part of the annual National Honors and Awards. There are six categories of which only two Belizeans have earned the highest honor of National Hero:...

Students celebrate Annual School Children’s Rally
Like the Tribute to Belizean Patriots, the Annual School Children’s Rally is a national tradition. Take 800 screaming children, give them national flags, play patriotic music and seat them in a large arena and what ensues is a good time for all. Originally scheduled for Birds’ Isle this year’s...

FIFA World Cup Trophy to visit Belize
No doubt that football has had a good year in Belize, what with the A National Team’s exceptional performance at the Gold Cup Qualifiers, Woodrow West’s and Ian Gaynair’s International appraisal for throwing down a match set up, the Female National...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Independence Eve
8pm at the basketball court... Great Entertainment and Surprize Performers!

Support A Worthy Cause – Eddie Alvarez
Please join in supporting this very worthy cause! As you may well know Eddie Alvarez; one of our island’s Taxi Drivers, or as he is more affectionately known “Mr. Eddie”, “Viejo” or “Dads” lost his left leg to Diabetes earlier this year. He is now eligible for a prosthetic leg. This will enable him to return to work and to a normal life as head of his family. The cost of this device is $3,800.00 Bz. We are attempting to reach this goal through fundraising. The first phase will be through a Turkey Dinner Sale to be held on Thursday September 19, 2013. We are asking your support in the form of donations, be it monetary or in the form of goods to be used to execute this Turkey Dinner. Tickets for the dinner are being Pre-Sold for $15.00. This includes Turkey, Ham, Rice and Beans, Potato Salad, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce & Chocolate Cake. Anyone wishing to donate to this very worthy cause or to order plates can contact Jaci Alvarez at 622-2033. Any and all support and/or donations will be greatly appreciated


Loving the beach view, 3 big screen tv’s and the company
While in at Chon Saan Palace in Belize City I bought a box of fortune cookies. The cookies were very stale but the fortunes still made it worth my $5. Yesterday’s fortune cookie message was a god one – Share your happiness with others today. That is just what I decided to do by hooking up with the Sailing Club to watch the America’s Cup on tv. We were all very pleased when the meat pie man turned up, I was not pleased when mine exploded all over me Thankfully I was wearing an easy to clean top and Marge hooked me up with a cleaning cloth. After witnessing what happened to me she opted to adapt a new meat pie eating pose and bent over to eat hers, that way if it went grenade like on her it would end up on the floor and not her pretty blue dress. If you are looking for fun bar with 3 big screen tv’s and fantastic beach view then look no further than the Sea Horse Lounge at Coconuts Hotel. We had a super fun time and Margie is such a great bartender she made the San Pedro Sailing club and their friends feel very welcome.

Sunny Days in Belize: There Are Many
On a rainy day, I thought I’d sort through some of my thousands of pictures and find some sunny days. If you are visiting at this moment, you probably think you’ve been lured to Belize under fake pretenses but trust me, the sun usually shines. Let me prove it to you. Looking north from Royal Palms

2013 Belize Market Expo: Fun, Freebies, The Belize National Football Team and Plinko
The annual Belize Market Expo is a big deal. Usually attended by over 15,000 people during the two days, it’s a chance to shop and see displays by all sorts of companies (big and small) around Belize. USUALLY the Carnival is the first weekend of the month of September and this fair is the second. This year, they were on the same day. One Belize City taxi driver didn’t think that was a good idea. LOTS of employees wouldn’t be able to attend the Carnival since they would be working. Fortunately for me, my schedule is quite flexible so after the 7:30am Water Taxi to Belize City, a short taxi ride brought us to the Expo.

Pass the Sunglasses – Annual School Rally Show Belize’s Future is Bright
Who says Friday the 13th isn’t an auspicious day? Here in Belize, where things are sometimes done a bit differently, or contrary to ordinary as long-time resident, musician and lovable scofflaw Jerry Jeff Walker puts it, last Friday 13th 2013 was a good day indeed with the annual School Children’s Rally attracting bright young sparks and their teachers across the country. First created as a vehicle to instill nationalistic sentiment in Belize’s youth just after independence, the event lives on as a day for kids to reflect on being Belizean. In recent years the Belize City portion of the school gathering moved from the city centre to Bird’s Isle and this year to Parish Hall, where Belize’s education minister the Hon Patrick Faber officiated. We won’t belabor our readers with Cha Creek’s well-known emphasis on education and the assertion that that the future of Belize lies in nurturing our children to become tomorrow’s leaders and environmental activists. The amount of school kids regularly seen at the Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm, Maya Organic Farm, Rainforest Medicinal Plant Trail and other educational attractions, as well as the Eco Kids Educational Summer Camp owners Mick and Lucy Fleming sponsor each year speaks for itself.

Carnival Day in Belize
When we think of the month September one word resonates in the hearts of every Belizean -“Celebration.” We celebrate our independence as we recollect the moments that led us here. We celebrate in astounding colors, many themes but as one nation. We celebrate our forefathers as we pay respect and tribute to them for getting us where we are today. We celebrate our nationality by being patriots as we parade waving our flags through the streets draped in the colors that we as a people have given meaning to; the Red showcasing our hardiness, bravery, strength & valor, the Blue showcasing vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice. Despite the many festivities held throughout the month of September such as the Belize National Song Competition, the Queen of the Bay Pageant, Belikin Fest, Expo, Jouvert, King and Queen competition, our uniform parade and much more, the Carnival day is the most anticipated event on every Belizean’s calendar.

“The Boxer” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
It’s just after 06.30 hours on Monday morning and I am eventually getting around to writing Sunday’s edition. No guilt trip though. I just didn’t feel inclined or felt any great need to do it yesterday. I wanted to watch the Southampton v West Ham game and then …Well, and then the day sort of passed all too quickly. Saturday morning saw me out on the veranda just before 05.00 hours. I wanted to catch up with the world news before the Manchester United v Crystal Palace Premiership game at 05.45 hours (local time of course). But going to ten players was just too much for ‘Palace at the ‘theatre of screams’ (screams from United’s players whenever an opposition player gets even close to them, let alone tackle them or even foul them). I managed to squeeze in breakfast before the big game of the day, Sunderland v Arsenal at 08.00 hours. We ( and for infrequent readers ‘we’ means Arsenal) started off brightly with a goal by Giroud made by our recent signing Mesut Özil. We squandered numerous chances (mainly Theo Walcott) and put ourselves under pressure by allowing Sunderland back in to the game before re asserting ourselves with two goals by the in-form Arron Ramsey. We were top of the league! Not for long but …

T' Mennonite chef’s soup fer t'soul
Confession numb'r one: I admire my mamaw. She managet to raise seve hulkyun' youngns an' bake at leest acoupla fresh pies ever monin', milk t'cows, bake sum breed, an' send t'kids off to skool on a herse-drawn carriage (it ackshly happent). My mamaw’s days wuz full to t'brim. Yep, Mennonites a'ken cook. Bleev me. So, n' t'honour o'Mennonite cuisine, I hereby raise my hat to my favourite kine o'cuisine. Confession numb'r acoupla: Mennonite food has nourishet me through breek-ups, unsuccessfil intervioos an' t'genrull angst at kums wit life. My life would nairy be whut it has bee without Edna Louise Staebl'r’s Food At Rilly Schmex.

International Sources

Calm Skies Over Three Oceans
We live on a dynamic, restless planet. On any given day, there is usually a cyclone, tropical depression, or extra-tropical storm brewing somewhere on the Earth. But for a brief moment this week, the skies over all of the oceans were relatively calm. The image above is a composite of fourteen polar satellite passes, or swaths, stitched together from September 8, 2013. The natural-color images were acquired by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP) satellite. At the time of those near-midday passes, there were no hurricanes, cyclones, or tropical storms in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian Ocean basins—a relatively rare occurrence at the height of the hurricane/cyclone season in the northern hemisphere. There was plenty of cloud cover, of course, and smaller storm systems. In the eastern Pacific, remnants of tropical storm Lorena were breaking up near the Baja Peninsula. In the eastern Atlantic, the pieces of tropical depression #9 were starting to gather near the islands of Cape Verde; by the next day, tropical storm Humberto would form.

Belize and Award Winning Placencia Create the Backdrop for Adventure Vacations Just Two Hours from the US
Located along the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea, just two hours flight from the US, Belize is a unique blend of pristine nature, diverse geography and endless adventure. Thriving rainforests, miles of stunning beaches, hundreds of islands, and the world's second largest barrier reef set the stage for a vast array of activities to engage every personality. And, it is a melting pot of colorful personalities. The Belizean people are made up of Maya, Mestizo, Kriol, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab and Chinese. Meanwhile, Placencia, located in southern Belize, is ideally suited for those adventurers who wish to experience all of the adventures of Belize from one central location. Mr. Coh, General Manager of Chabil Mar, explains why Placencia is such a great location. "Placencia is a 16 mile long peninsula, the end of which lies the traditional fishing village by the same name. Chabil Mar is located in Placencia Village and, as a born and raised Belizean myself, I can say that this area is ideally suited. From this location guests to the area can experience scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, a variety of jungle excursions, Maya archaeological sites, birding, island explorations or overnight accommodations, zip lining, cave swimming and tubing, swimming in water falls and other Belize adventures on single day tours, without relocating to another area of the country."

Irina Shayk Models Her New Line Of Bikinis For Beach Bunny Swimwear
Irina Shayk has a brand new collection of bikinis (and a few one-piece swimsuits) for Beach Bunny Swimwear, and the sexy supermodel is flaunting her curves to show off her new designs in the company's latest campaign. Irina flew off to Belize with world-renowned photographer Yu Tsai, who captured the 27-year-old Russian on the white sand beaches and in the tropical blue waters. "To design a swimwear line is always a pleasure," Irina says, "especially for Beach Bunny because first of all I feel like they are my family." The model's collection, Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny, debuted over the summer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami and garnered rave reviews.

Vancouver to Belize
This deal from Flight Centre is for roundtrip airfare to Belize City on board Delta for a price of $535 taxes and fees included. It is valid for depatures between April 8 and 15, 2014. Other South American destinations are also on sale. Detalis at

Nurses head to Belize on support mission
A group of nurses and care workers from an Eastbourne agency are heading to Belize next year to provide help and support in a home for elderly people. The idea was the brainchild of Everycare owners Angela Fuller and Andy Taylor after they visited the Octavia Waight Centre during a trip to Central America last year, met the manager and on returning home to Eastbourne, organised a group of 11 of their staff to volunteer at the home and share good practice. “Belize is a third world country with average wages of just £2,800 a year and there is little state aid for the elderly,” said Angela. “Homes like Octavia Waight are funded by donation and run with the help of volunteers. “It struck me that so often money is raised for the young that we risk forgetting that the elderly in third world countries are just as vulnerable.

San Ignacio Mission Trip
Great feelgood story about a mission trip to Belize, where Sacred Heart's sister church in Cottage Grove sent 46 parishioners to Cayo to help out at Santa Elena Primary School and exchange ideas with Father Leo Palma and Father Lorenzo. They brought some school supplies, along with some frisbees and athletic equipment. The St. Dennis group also did some youth ministry, teaching, field day activities, maintenance work, and assisted with some computer and infrastructure improvements, like painting. A big thanks to the St. Dennis group. "'It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing for our families. It was everything we thought it could be and 10 times more.' Both Jeanne Schommer and Sandy Wipperfurth were struck by how little the natives have in terms of material possessions, yet are very content with their lives. 'I was really surprised by their level of happiness with so little,' Schommer said."

September 16, 2013


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Rite of Passage
Girls mature faster than boys - is there a rite of passage that can indicate when a boy becomes a man?

Editorial: Customer Disservice
In the last month Belize Bank and Scotiabank both announced that they will no longer be open on Saturdays for customer service. Based on my unofficial survey this means that Atlantic Bank is the only bank (out of five on the island) that is open for a half day on Saturdays. So can someone please tell me when are we working folks supposed to run our errands and take care of our banking? We ALL know how horrendous the lines are at the banks, and often an hour lunch break is not enough time to get there AND wait through the snail-paced line, let alone actually EATING lunch! And forget cashing your paycheck after work, most of the banks close as early as 3PM in the afternoon! Now that Saturday banking is out of the question just exactly when do we take care of our banking?

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize National Climate Resilience Investment Plan
An action plan is being created for Belize in regards to climate change, and the way it can affect the country. The video explains a little about the process of getting the NCRIP. "A 'climate resilient Belize' is the new mantra for the future investment plan being spearheaded by the Government of Belize and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Belmopan. The National Climate Resilient Investment Plan (NCRIP) is the first time that all sectors, ministries, communities, and businesses have joined together to initiate a plan to help Belize adapt to current and future climate impacts, including severe flooding that routinely affect its citizens and paralyze its economy. The NCRIP is expected to be presented in November 2013, with Technical support is provided by the World Bank, Latin America and the Caribbean region and financial support from the EU-funded ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Program managed by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)."

Rotaract Bingo Sundays
Last night at Hode's, the Rotaract Club of San Ignacio had their Sunday Bingo. The jackpot is up to $500. Their Bingo Sundays are the middle and last Sunday every month, so the next one is the 29th. Have fun and support a great cause at the same time.

Joris Hendrik at Grandeur Fashion Show
Joris Hendrik represented Belize at Carifesta in Suriname, and he rocked the Grandeur Fashion Show with his designs. "Exclusive Fashion show held at the Royal Torarica, Paramaribo, Suriname. Thank you Belize!"

The Cooperatives Department was well represented at this year's Expo in Belize City.

Members of churches in Unitedville and Georgeville carried out a parade through Georgeville village today. During the parade, stops were made at various points where prayers were offered for the community and for the country of Belize.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Resident dog groomer now on island!

Two Ocean Academy students win scholarships from Full Basket
The non-profit organization Full Basket Belize proudly announces its 2013-14 scholarship winners. Lilly Alamina and Evelio Reyes, students of Ocean Academy High School, are two of the scholarship winners. Congratulations to the two students and thank you to Full Basket for helping to making the educational dreams of these two students a reality. “Full Basket Belize scholarships pay for tuition, fees, books, and uniforms for these students. These promising scholars from throughout Belize would not be able to attend high school without our scholarship funding.

Gustavo, Jason and Emma win volleyball competition held on September 10
On September 10, the Caye Caulker Village Council held a volleyball competition on the beach in front of Central Park. The competition started at 9:00 a.m. It was a 3 x 3 competition, meaning each team comprised of 3 persons. Each team was required to have two males and one female. Six teams participated. Emerging victorious were Gustavo Morataya, Jason Cabral, and Emma Hoare. The trio won $500 for their effort. Congratulations to the winners! Here are some scene from the tournament.

Humane Society announces last clinic until December
The Humane Society runs a clinic every Saturday morning between 9am – 11am. For all non emergency pet issues, please bring your critters then. You can contact us about emergencies the usual way. The last Spay and Neuter Clinic until Mid December is this Weds. Please make an appointment if you want to get your critter fixed!



CARNIVAL 2013: Belize City Wi Mash It Up, Part One

Chaa Creek Welcomes British High Commissioner to Belize
Along with the rest of Belize, The Lodge at Chaa Creek extends a warm welcome to H.E. Peter Hughes, the new British High Commissioner to Belize, who arrived to begin his duties by presenting his official credentials and making a courtesy call on Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar at the National Security Headquarters in the Curl Thompson Building in Belmopan last week (September 13 2013). This is all part of his familiarisation tour, as he’s just taken up the position after the formality of presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young. H.E Peter Hughes started his diplomatic career as Desk Officer in the British Defense Department, and has since served oversees in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia and Afghanistan. Having served in Australia, H.E Hughes will now have worked alongside the largest and second largest barrier reefs in the world, and we hope he enjoys the many attractions of Belize’s World Heritage-listed natural wonder, such as the Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef.

International Sources

Meridian elementary school students send books to Belize
Books. We need them to learn and grow. So the kids at Paramount Elementary School decided to donate their gently used books to kids who don't have access to them. For the past two summers, teacher Mary Thomas has spent time volunteering for a teachers helping teachers program in Belize. "We taught them reading, writing language and science workshops, and then in the afternoon, we had electives," said Thomas. "I did fall in love with it." But the conditions there are poor, and the kids go without. Even in the classroom. "They don't have crayons and markers, pencils and books," said Thomas. "I teach PE and health but reading is so important and I thought how can I help? One of the ways is books." Last year, Thomas decided she wanted to send some books to the students there. So she asked for help, right here at Paramount. "I just said, hey, we're having a book fair here. Come buy your new books, drop off your gently used books." The kids stepped up, bringing in more than 1,500 books.

Regional Fisheries Enforcement gets boost from ACP Fish II Initiative
The enforcement of fisheries laws is a major challenge all across the region, but a new initiative funded by the European Union (EU), through the ACP Fish II Programme, promises to ensure that fisheries personnel, police, coast guard and other relevant enforcement authorities will be more adequately equipped to curb practices which threaten to undermine the sustainability of the fisheries sector and food security across the region. Acting on a recommendation from the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), the ACP Fish II project has commissioned two regional experts: Dr. Winston McCalla of Jamaica and Ambassador Joseph Daven of Antigua, to build on the successes of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) by revamping and expanding two procedural manuals to cater to the demands of a broader regional regime envisioned in the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy.

September 15, 2013


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Specials and Events

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The San Pedro Sun

Crime is up but police maintain visible presence on the street
The San Pedro Police Department has released the statistics as it relates to crime on Ambergris Caye. The information indicates the hot-spot areas on the island, the total amount of reported crimes and the measures that the San Pedro Police Department is taking to tackle the situation. According to Superintendent of Police Luis Castellaños, Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit and the head of the San Pedro Police Formation, the statistics allow them to see the crime trend on the island. “The entire island has been divided into four areas. This helps us to see which areas need more focus. Once the island was divided, we began marking the various places where crimes were committed and reported,” said Castellaños. Section One covers the entire northern part of Ambergris Caye; from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge, through San Mateo and on to the end of the island including San Mateo. Section Two is from the bridge to the Mar de Tumbo area including San Pedrito. Section Three is from Mar de Tumbo southwards to the Mosquito Coast and includes DFC area, and section four is from Mosquito Coast to the southern end of the island.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Night Watchman
Sandy rings the bell for the watchman. But, why?

Meet your National AIDS Commission Island Committee members
The National AIDS Commission Island Committee was established to carry out the local aspect of the National Response to HIV following the guidelines of the National AIDS Commission. The entity is commissioned by the Government of Belize to carry out this function. This week we introduce Rene Riverol – Committee Vice-Chair. My name is Rene Riverol, currently the vice chair of the NAC Island Committee. I am originally from Belize City, where I was born and raised. I am presently working at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic as the pharmacist. I graduated from Wesley College in Belize City where I enrolled into the University of Belize to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry. I graduated and returned to UB to do the Associates Degree program in Pharmacy where I graduated in 2009. I have been a licensed pharmacist since then.

Misc Belizean Sources

Placencia Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament
Sept. 21 & 22

Belize J'ouvert 2013: VIDEO
This years Belize J'ouvert got bigger and better with 5 music trucks followed by many J'ouvert revelers dancing, gyrating and chipping away to sweet Soca songs. Please excuse us for the shaking of the camera as we took you into the belly of the beast to show you the fun you many have missed in this year's J'ouvert in Belize.

San Ignacio: Where Street Art Lurks
Cayo's street art is highlighted, and some of it is pictured, in this great article. Some of the street art shown is from Jose Guerra Awe. Great quote seen with the art: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. "While I found the rolling hills refreshing, I noticed something even more refreshing once I reached the town of San Ignacio: a growing culture of street art. Why did the artists choose San Ignacio? Perhaps it is the town’s compact walkability, offering a decent daily audience; perhaps it’s the town’s relative safeness; perhaps the artists are inspired by the novelty of hilly streets in Belize. Below are some specimens I found between the great-smelling tortilla shops and restaurants."

Music in the Park Saturdays
Today's Music in the Park at the Cayo Welcome Center will feature the Rompe Rajas Band and the Laru Beya Boys. It's starting now. Last week's concert was the World Culture Band, and it was phenomenal! Thanks, Fuego Bar and Grill! "FUEGO's SATURDAY features LIVE Music in the Park. From 11 am .... Laru Beya Boys and Rompe Rajas."


DPM Visits Peten
A few days ago, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Honourable Gaspar Vega left for a working visit to Petén, Guatemala as guest of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Guatemala. During his visit, the Minister attended and addressed the First National Livestock Fair held in Petén where contacts with several private sector livestock, equipment and service providers were made. The Guatemalan Minister of Agriculture, Elmer Lopez, the Governor of Petén and the Congressman for Petén were among many distinguished Guatemalan officials addressing the fair.

Calling All Rock Lovers, Big Rock Concert To Take Place In Orange Walk
Tomorrow night hundreds of Orange Walkenos and rock music lovers will converge at the Fort Cairn’s Market Plaza to be delighted with pure rock music. “Rock for all volume five” is the title of this year’s mega rock live concert with which will feature countless rock selections. The event promises to be phenomenal as there will be a number of performances by both local and international rocks bands. According to the coordinator of the event, Councilor Joshue Carballo, rock music knows no border and this year’s event is geared towards creating unity among the Belizean people. Josue Carballo, Coordinator, Rock 4 All Rock Concert “The purpose during these September celebrations is to unite our people, to unite Orange Walkenos, visit as it comes to visit where rock has been known to transient borders and to bring people together throughout the world and as such you know people love rock music this is one of the bedrocks throughout the country, a lot of band that play really nice music and we are inviting also bands from Cayo and from Corozal and even from neighbouring Mexico Chetumal a band called Steel, so the purpose of this concert is to celebrate together with our Orange Walkenos and as the same time to promote music.

Primary School Students March In Honour Of Belize's 32nd Birthday
With only eight days away from celebrating Belize’s 32nd Birthday, the streets of Corozal Town were invaded by primary school students from the Corozal District who took part in the annual Children’s Rally. But before hitting the streets in their patriotic outfits, students converged at the Andres Campos Civic Centre for the official opening ceremonies. Victor Castillo reports from Corozal. Victor Castillo - Reporting We are eight days away from celebrating Belize’s 32nd Birthday and in the Corozal District festivities are already in full swing. This morning the Andres Campos Civic Centre in Corozal was invaded by a sea of red, white and blue as hundreds of primary school students geared up to celebrate the jewels birthday with the traditional Children’s Rally.

Aguirre's Killer Confesses To His Killing
This morning 29 year old Alexander Torres, the man police believe murdered popular karaoke singer Daniel Aguirre, was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrates Court. The charred body of Aguirre was found in his taxi on the morning of September 7th, in the Arizona area of Teakettle on the George Price Highway. The body was burnt beyond recognition. According to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, in this case there is no eyewitness to the actual killing. The Prosecution's evidence rests, in the main, on a confession contained in a statement made by Torres under caution, to the Police. At this stage, no issue as to the voluntariness of that statement has arisen. We understand that certain matters raised in the statement have been confirmed independently and there is other circumstantial evidence which bolsters the case for the Crown. Police, we are told, have also been able to recover a knife which according to Torres himself is the murder weapon.

Processor Corozal Burglarized
Over the past weeks police officers from the Corozal District have been busy solving a number of burglary and robbery reports. And tonight they have another case of burglary to crack. This time the victim was Prosser Fertilizer Corozal Branch. When we visited the scene this morning, the branch manager of the establishment stood outside with police officers as members of the forensic department gathered their evidence inside. While we were not allowed to capture any footage inside the establishment, we understand that the criminal or criminals, left nothing unturned. Since large sum of monies are not left in the establishment, the intruder or intruders were only able to walk away with some $500.00 in cash. Nothing else seemed to be missing. It is believed that entrance to the building was gained through the front shutter.

Allegations Of Mal Practice Hurled Against Northern Medical Plaza
A first time mother and an entire family from the Village of San Roman in the Corozal District are tonight mourning the death of Dulce Maria Coye who was 15 days old when she passed away at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. But the family is not blaming the KHMH for the child’s death, this time allegations of malpractice are being hurled at the Northern Medical Plaza here in Orange Walk. According to the child’s mother, Abigael Tun, baby Dulce was born with a medical condition identified as Pyloric Stenosis; which causes a blockage of food at the stomach outlet since the muscle between the stomach and the small intestine is enlarged and avoids the passage of food through the small intestine. Baby Dulce, according to the mother, was brought to the Northern Medical Plaza for medical attention. There, doctors told her that the child needed to undergo surgery to cure the problem. And the child indeed underwent surgery but what happened after that has the family perplexed, in shock and demanding answers.


Hiking The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
A light drizzle has just transformed into a rush of water pouring down on us as we listened to Doyle, the self proclaimed best tour guide of Cockscomb in all of Belize, enthusiastically tell us how an American man named Alan Rabinowitz had struggled for years to convince the powers that be that the damp, mushy soil we stood on must be conserved to keep wild jaguars from becoming extinct. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Rabinowitz Belize is home to the world’s first and only Jaguar preserve – the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, 150 square miles of land restricted from hunting, fishing, logging or any other kind of habitat destruction. This area of tropical forest is unique, the first and only sanctuary set up for the conservation of Jaguars. The Jaguar Preserve offers incredible hiking trails through pristine lush jungle filled with wildlife, rivers and waterfalls. Although there’s an estimated 200 Jaguars living in the preserve its likely you could hike here everyday for years and never lay your eyes one.

“Smooth” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Regular readers may be wondering why I have not mentioned going to breakfast at Estel’s since last Saturday’s edition. Have I had to tighten the purse strings? Have I -at long last – realised that a fried breakfast is perhaps not the healthiest way to start my day ( well it doesn’t start my day but you know what I mean) ? Are they using a new cook? Have I found another breakfast hangout? No. None of these reasons. It’s far, far more simpler than that. Estel’s has had the temerity to close for a holiday. And, I don’t know for how long! I’ve been going through severe withdrawal symptoms but am gradually pulling through. I am pretty certain though that the ‘habit’ will return when they re-open for business! Lack of willpower? Probably. OK, definitely. Hurry back Estel’s. I miss you.

FISHING REPORT: Week of September 7th – September 14th, 2013
Things have slowed down around here at El Pescador. We have had a very busy year, and now it’s time to enjoy this beautiful place as we prepare for another busy season soon. It has been rewarding to watch as angling stories are endless each day. And everyone had their dreams met! Nick is a guide in Michigan and came out and landed tarpon on fly and jumped several others. His wife Megan loves to fly fish as well, and was happy with her bonefish on fly. Bryson landed all three, but really he wanted his tarpon on fly, and that’s what he got. Lonnie had one day booked with Captain Cesar. It was his only day scheduled, after all, he was here with his new wife Carrie. Lonnie had his dream come true – a grand slam on live bait!

September 14, 2013


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

New British High Commissioner to Belize Makes Courtesy Call on Minister of National Security
The new British High Commissioner to Belize, H.E. Peter Hughes today made a courtesy call on Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar in his office at the Ministry of National Security Headquarters in the Curl Thompson Building in Belmopan. The British High Commissioner’s visit is part of his familiarization tour, having recently taken up his new position after presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young. H.E Peter Hughes started his diplomatic career as Desk Officer in the British Defense Department, and has since served oversees in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia and Afghanistan. Upon his appointment to Belize, Mr. Hughes was quoted as saying he hopes to build on the enduring friendship between the United Kingdom and Belize.

More rain forecast for the weekend
Although Tropical Storm Ingrid is safely away from Belize, the country is still experiencing continuous rain and minor flooding. Ingrid is currently located in the southernmost part of the Gulf of Mexico and is delivering significant rainfall to parts of Mexico, causing major flood threats. Ambergris Caye and most parts of the country have been experiencing rainfall nearly all week. Several media house are reporting minor flooding in most part of the country including Belize District, Corozal District and Orange Walk District. Areas of San Pedro are also flooded, but no major flooding has been reported.

La Isla Bonita: San Pedro’s very first telenovela
San Pedro is about to make its debut in the world of novelas (soap-operas) with the production of “La Isla Bonita”. Producer and Director Mathew Klinck, Executive Producer Horacio “Chito” Guerrero, Writer Deion Vansel and Coordinate Producer Arlando Smith are the masterminds behind this unique production, which will showcase the difficulties and secrets of living on this island paradise. Auditions were held on Saturday, September 7th, and over 50 aspiring actors made their way to the San Pedro Town Council to audition for a chance to be part of this novella. Overseeing the auditions was Horacio “Chito” Guerrero. According to Guerrero, the auditions went well, and he noted that this island has many hidden talents. “We found several great actors. This is an island that has a lot of talent.” Guerrero, who studied acting at New York film Academy Universal Studios in the USA, will be providing classes and coaching for the actors. The novela will require actors of all ages and several extras for certain scenes, and announcements from the auditions will be made in the coming week.

Discover How to Be…Belize!
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce the release of their “Discover How To Be” video. The video, which was officially launched at the BTB’s 12th Annual Industry Presentation in January, is a part of the BTB’s re-branding that took place earlier this year. Alyssa Carnegie, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations commented, “We are extremely proud to share the “Discover How To Be” video with Belize and our visitors. We strongly believe that this captures the essence of what Belize is all about- what we are as a destination. The images are authentic, unaltered and profound. Coupled with Aurelio Martinez’s Santo Negro, the video will certainly resonate with Belizeans and pique the interest of travelers.”

Misc Belizean Sources

IA Poster Competition
The Institute of Archaeology is have a poster competition to celebrate International Archaeology Day, which is October 18th. The theme is 'preserving the past for the future,' and it's open to high school and primary school students in standard 4 through standard 6. The deadline to submit is October 4th. For more information email [email protected] The prizes are a tablet, digital camera, and school supplies. Good luck!

PACT Call for Proposals
The Protected Areas Conservation Trust is having another call for small and medium proposals, just in time for the September Celebrations. Contact PACT at [email protected] for more information. "PACT is hereby inviting eligible organizations to submit proposal applications for its upcoming grant cycle. This call for proposals targets the following thematic areas: Protected Areas Management and Conservation Protected Areas Promotion and Development Environmental Education and Awareness Community Development around Protected Areas Funding is available for grants up to $200,000. Project applications must fall within the thematic areas listed above. All applications should be submitted to the relevant government agency (Forest Department or Fisheries Department) no later than October 28th, 2013 for the required letter of endorsement. Thereafter, complete applications with all supporting documents should be submitted in hard copy to PACT no later than November 18th, 2013. All project applications are subject to the established screening procedures."

Cayo's Got Talent
The Cayo Got Talent talent show was last night, and Monday night, at the Cayo Welcome Center. The SISE town council invites everyone out to show off their talents, and possibly win the grand prize. Music will be provided by Vybze Xplosion Soundz. Happy September Celebrations!

Channel 7

He Confessed To Killing Aguirre
On Wednesday, we told you about arraignment of 4 people in connection with the firearm stolen from Belmopan Taxi Driver Daniel Aguirre, who police believe was killed and then set on fire on a deserted road near Tea Kettle Village. Well, the news tonight is that one of those four, 29 year-old Noel Alexander Torres, the Belize City resident who pleaded guilty to stealing and then stashing stolen weapon, has been charged for Aguirre's murder. As we told you, a post mortem was conducted late Wednesday evening on the severely burnt body of what is believed to be Daniel Aguirre. Yesterday, police released the details of that examination where Dr. Mario Estradabran found evidence to suggest that the body was bleeding before it was burned. The result of the post-mortem was inconclusive, but Belmopan Police seem to have enough to ascertain that the body is indeed Aguirre, and that Torres was the assailant who murdered him.

Belmopan Police Solve Attempted Murder Case
And while Police say that they have the murder of Daniel Aguirre neatly tied up, they've also quickly solved the case of a shooting in Belmopan. At around 9:30 on Wednesday morning, a 16 year-old minor from Roaring Creek was sitting in a yard on Progress Avenue with his friends when a heavily tinted green car approached and parked a short distance away from them. A man got out of the car, pulled a gun, and fired several shots in his direction. One of those bullets struck the young man in his midsection. Police retrieved 3 nine-millimeter shells, and they've since arrested and charged 1 man for attempted murder. They're now seeking another.

Tortilla Shop Owners Overpower Armed Robber
And Belize City police have made a quick arrest after an attempted armed robbery this afternoon. It happened at the Golden Corn Tortilla Factory on Central American Boulevard at around 4:00 pm. Three men, one of them with a .38 pistol, barged into the shop and snatched money from the cash pan and grabbed a cell phone from one of the workers. But even though the assailants were armed, the owners of the tortilla shop jumped the man with the gun. His two friends ran while they wrestled with him. His gun fell to the ground and they managed to subdue him. They called police who picked up the young man, indentified as 21 year old Joseph O' Brien. Police also recovered the revolver and the phone he had pocketed along with an undisclosed amount of cash. Police continue the search for his two accomplices.

Northern Medical Plaza Says Baby Dulce Was In “Fragile State” Before Surgery
Last night, we spoke to the Tun family from San Roman, Corozal who say the doctors at Northern Medical Plaza are to blame for the death of the 15 day-old baby, Dulce Maria Coye. The family is claiming that medical malpractice contributed to the death of the child which was diagnosed with congenital pyloric stenosis, a rare and complicated condition. We made very exhaustive attempts to get comments from the personnel at the Northern Medical Plaza for the past 2 days, and they refused to even acknowledge that baby Dulce received treatment at their medical facility. Today, finally, after repeated requests from the media, the hospital responded to the family's claims in a statement. We'll get to that shortly, but first, to one part of the story which didn't make it into the news last night: Baby Dulce's family was outraged that the hospital expected them to make payment for the second surgery, and for medicine which Baby Dulce received.

Delivery-man Robbed At Resort
Ladyville police are investigating an armed robbery which happened yesterday evening at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom Village. But the robbers weren't after the resort - they were waylaying a delivery-man. All indications are that the assailants were observing the movement of a San Cas employee who makes rounds at the Resort, and yesterday they struck with precision. Today, the owner of the resort told 7News how the incident unfolded. Doug Thompson, Owner - Black Orchid Resort "It was yesterday evening at around 3 o' clock. San Cas who delivers here every week came by to pick up the order fpr next week and he was followed here based on everything that we could determine by two guys on motorcycles." "They obviously makes the round collecting from different facilities that they service and he came here not to collect but to take orders and two guys on a motorcycle went directly to him and they pulled him out of his vehicle and drag him on the ground and grab the bag of money and jump back on the motorcycle and took off. On their way out they fired shots in the air."

“Fawda” Henry Protests Against Albert St Bus Ban
For the last 2 nights, 7News has been telling you about the decision by the City Council to ban all city buses from Albert Street, Belize City's main street. We also showed you our sample of the reaction from the commuting public which is very much against the decision. Well, pan-activist Phillip "Fawda" Henry is joining in the chorus of dissent. This morning, he staged a one-man protest at the new location where the buses are being directed to pick up passengers on Regent Street West. Fawda has been criticized for agitating against social issues which may be outside of his expertise, but this morning, he pulled out his "Employee of the Year" Certificate which he received as a traffic officer back in 2010, to add weight to his criticism of the decision.

Another UB Student Charged For July Murder
In July of this year, 7News told you about 21 year-old UB Student Jedden Burgess who was charged with the murder of 21 year-old Jamal Anthony Neal. Well tonight, his fellow UB schoolmate, 18 year-old Micah Tillett has joined him after he was taken to court today. As we told you, Neal was walking along Banak Street at about six on Monday July 8, when he was gunned down by someone who was a passenger on a motorcycle. The gunman fired a barrage of bullets, most of which caught Neal and he collapsed on the street there and died before his body could be transported to the hospital. Well, police investigated for over 2 months, and they eventually arrested and charged Tillett with murder. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Tillett has been remanded to prison until October 15, when he will be taken back to court before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer.

Prison Inmate Shot
Tonight, prison inmate Adrian Gordon is at the KHMH receiving treatment for injuries he received this morning after he allegedly tried to escape from the Belize Central Prison. 7News spoke to the CEO of the Prison this morning who explained how the guards caught him trying to climb over the walls. HE says the officers warned him before shooting him in the leg: Earl Jones, CEO - Belize Central Prison "About 11:10 am this morning inmates Adrain Gordon who is on rema dfor two counts of attempted murder and was held in the special care unit at the Belize Central Prison attempted to escape from the prison by climbing the eastern perimeter fence of the prison. Warning shots were fired by the tower guard in trying to deter the guy. However he continue to make good his escape. He was later shot in his leg. Two shots hit him in his leg. He was captured and returned back to the prison. He is on his way now to the KHMH for further treatment."

FCD Gets PM to Listen About Chiquibul
This year, the Friends For Conservation and Development has been pushing extra hard for recognition of the multiple problems that face the Chiquibul Forest. And it's paid off; they've gotten the notice of the head of government. On Wednesday, FCD met with the Prime Minister in Belize City. It may not seem like such a big deal, but for an organization who's been trying for years to get officialdom fully on board with its effort to protect the Chiquibul, it is a significant step. Rafael Manzanero told us that the meeting was extremely encouraging:.. Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director - FCD "The main objective of the union in the first phase was basically for us to present ourselves. I felt that the meeting was extremely productive in terms of prescribing the actual situation on the ground and certainly expressing the interest for us to have more support."

Alleged Cop Killer Acquitted Of Ammo Charge
Viewers may remember Delford Slusher, he was the man accused of shooting Corporal Victor Lima to death last year, when the officer responded to try to stop him while he was in the middle of a home invasion. Well, the ammunition charge which the police department used to hold him while they investigated to bring murder charges has been dismissed. During the trial before Magistrate Adolph Lucas, the arresting officer told the court that when he visited Slusher's residence in Bainsville, he found the two rounds of ammunition inside a suitcase that sat in the living room. The officer told the court that when he showed Slusher the two rounds, Slusher accused them of planting the bullets there, an accusation that the officer denied.

You Celebrate At The Good Ole’ Children’s Rally
The annual school children's rally was held today all over the country. And in Belize - which is the largest school district it was held at Parish Hall. Now, the rally - which was first created to stoke nationalist sentiment in the youth after independence - has seen its better days venue wise. It's gone from the City Center to the Bird's Isle, and now it's in the enclosed Parish Hall. In those closed confines, the riotous nationalism that we've seen in previous years doesn't have quite the opportunity to show itself. But, this morning, education minister Patrick Faber gave it the old college try - and he encouraged a receptive audience to be nationalistic:.. Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "I am so very proud of all of you the children of Belize for staying in school and for taking the right path that will build Belize and make Belize truly a place where we will all be able to say that we love and we cherish although we already do that. We can make it even into a better place. Do you agree? Remember that Belize is counting on you to do your part to help us to build this nation. So dont let anybody no matter who it is tell you that you are not good enough or that you are not smart enough or that you are not good looking enough to be whatever it is you want to be because one; you are Belizeans. Two; you are made in the image and likeness of God."

Inside Ms. Marsha’s Mud Factory
And while the kids waved flags today, tomorrow morning the adults will be waving their rags in the J'ouvert. It's an annual celebration of debauchery, the carnival without custumes, where huge crowds come out and - under the cover of dawn's early light, they cover themselves in mud and create chaos in the streets. But, where does all the mud come from? As we found out, it's slow cooked by an expert. We went to Ms. Marsha's mud factory:.. Jules Vasquez reporting We've all seen the J'ouvert - a orgy of mess mud and madness in the street that plays out in the pre-dawn of carnival day. But where does all that colored mud come from? Well it starts here with mounds of clay brought in by the trucks loads to Marsha Smith's yard on Dolphin Street. From there she mixes the clay with water and puts it in drums and open fires to let it boil down. This caldrum-style cooking could lasts for hours, even days. Marsha Smith "We have to boil it for sometimes 48 hours. All through this rainy season we take a lick because we hae to boil with wet wood." After it boils down Marsha and her helpers have to strain it and add color.

Ready For The Road
And join us tomorrow during our live Carnival Coverage, when we'll have uncut highlights of that j'ouvert madness. Our live coverage hosted by Jesell Luriano and Jazel Pascascio starts at midday here on Channel 7 - so make sure to tune in then. And, before that, in partnership with Belizean to the Bone, Channel 7 will have liver coverage of the Chamber of Commerce Expo 2013, starting with the opening ceremony at 9:00. Join us on Sunday also, for all day live coverage of the Expo. So you have a full weekend of live entertainment on channel 7 - and to get you in the carnival spirit, we leave you tonight with highlights of this year's carnival season so far which show that they are ready for the road.

Channel 5

E-mails of alleged payroffs surface in the scandalous Dangriga market
In Thursday’s newscast, we reported that two investors had apparently been scammed of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a project in the south involving the Social Investment Fund. It [...]

Two investors are now trying to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars
While residents and vendors were outside the compound picketing SIF’s takeover of the Dangriga Municipal Market Project from Kenard Smart’s K and G Construction, more specifically Gush and Emy Ramirez, [...]

Newborn dies at the K.H.M.H., family blames doctors at Northern Medical Plaza
On Wednesday, one month old baby Dulce Maria Coye died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. She had been rushed there by ambulance from the Northern Medical Plaza in Orange [...]

Attorney for medical facility dispels allegation of malpractice
The grieving family has made serious allegations of malpractice against the doctors from the Northern Medical Plaza who treated baby Dulce. Those allegations have caught fire in certain sections of [...]

B.T.L. reporting a drop of $5.5 million in profits
The government-owned Belize Telecommunications Limited will hold its annual general meeting this coming September twenty-sixth. Early word is that the company will be reporting a less than stellar performance with [...]

Alexander Noel Torres is charged for the murder of Karaoke King
Alexander Noel Torres, a resident of Belize City, was today arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrates’ Court for the murder of Daniel Aguirre, the KTV Latino King. His charred remains were [...]

Second UB student, Micah Tillett, charged for murder of Jamal Neal
Before the courts closed today, police escorted eighteen year old University of Belize student, Micah Tillett, to the Magistrate’s Court where he was charged with the Murder of Jamal Anthony [...]

City residents continue to complain of debris and water seeping into their houses
As we have been reporting, the persistent rains have dropped a couple of inches of water in many houses and yards around the City. The situation has become unbearable for [...]

Hundreds of students attend the annual Children’s Rally
The annual Children’s Rally in Belize City was held today at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall. Approximately a thousand students gathered inside the hall for the event which seeks to [...]

British High Commissioner commences diplomatic tour in Belize
The new British High Commissioner to Belize, Peter Hughes, has arrived in the country to commence a diplomatic tour of duty. Hughes today paid a courtesy call on Minister of [...]

Gaspar Vega visits border area of Peten
As we mentioned earlier, Minister John Saldivar has been acting as Prime Minister in the absence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. The Minister of Natural Resources is on [...]

Parade routes for the Carnival and Jouvert
The highly anticipated Carnival Road March 2013 will be broadcasted live right here on Channel Five starting at one p.m. on Saturday. The road march is preceded, however, by the [...]


Alleged Corruption and Law Suits in Construction of Market
Allegations of extortion are being made against employees of the Social Investment Fund, SIF. Now while these allegations are just surfacing, Love News has obtained documents indicating that these allegations have been occurring since 2009. But first we’ll tell you how the allegations surfaced. The Social Investment Fund, through its Belize Municipal Development Project is funding the Dangriga Market Extension and the Renovation Project to the tune of exactly, one million three hundred and seventy thousand- three hundred and forty nine dollars and fifty cents. The project was to be completed in July of this year. SIF terminated the contractor, Kenard Smart of K&G Limited, contract. In the process, two financiers are worried that their accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost. Today, those financiers launched a lawsuit against Smart and the Social Investment Fund.

Minister Vega Concludes Business Trip in Guatemala
As Love News reported last week, Deputy Prime Minster of Belize and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Gaspar Vega embarked on a working visit to Peten, Guatemala as a guest of Guatemala’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food. The Minister’s visit has now concluded and we have received reports that while he was in Peten, he attended and addressed the First National Livestock Fair held in Peten where he made contacts with several private sector livestock, equipment and service providers. Guatemala’s Agriculture Minister, Elmer Lopez, the Governor of Peten and the Congressman of Peten were among many other distinguished Guatemalan officials at the fair meanwhile bilateral meetings focused on cross border collaboration in particular with efforts to eradicate the Mediterranean Fruit -Fly.

Belize City Resident Arraigned for Murder of Cab Driver in Belmopan
Twenty nine year old Noel Alexander Torres from Antelope Street in Belize City was today arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court of Belmopan for the murder of thirty seven year old Taxi Driver, Daniel Aguirre. According to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, there is no eyewitness to the actual killing in this case and the Prosecution’s evidence rests mainly on a confession contained in a statement made by Torres under caution to Police for which no issue of involuntariness has arisen. Vidal explained that certain matters raised in the statement have been confirmed independently and there is other circumstantial evidence which bolsters the case for the Crown.

Neonate Dies…..Did Pin Remain Inside Her After Surgery?
The death of a month old baby girl of San Roman Village in the Corozal District has once again brought attention to medical practice in the country, only this time the spotlight is not on a public hospital but on a private medical institution with long years of service. The young parents of the baby are blaming two doctors of Northern Medical Specialty Plaza in Orange Walk Town of medical malpractice. Arturo Cantun found out more today. ARTURO CANTUN “This afternoon the Coye and Tun family held funeral services in San Roman Corozal to give rest to a month and two days old baby Dulce Maria Coye. The death of the neonatal has obviously saddened the entire family.”

National Security Minister Gets Courtesy Visit from New British Commissioner to Belize
Minster of National Security, John Saldivar received a courtesy call from the new British High Commissioner to Belize, Peter Hughes. According to a press release from the Ministry of National Security, the visit is part of the High Commissioner’s familiarization tour having just taken up his new position after presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young. British High Commissioner Hughes started his diplomatic career as Desk Officer in the British Defense Department and has since served overseas in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia, Afghanistan and the Oceana Region. Upon his appointment to Belize, Hughes had said that he hopes to build on the enduring friendship between the United Kingdom and Belize. Hugh takes over from former British High Commissioner, Pat Ashworth who upon leaving Belize reiterated the British Government’s commitment to continue its support to the Belize Government and the British Army Training Support Unit’s pledge to continue standing shoulder with the Belize Defense Force.

Reckless Driver Leaves Scene After Causing Traffic Mishap on Highway
A traffic accident this morning on the Philip Goldson Highway leaves a man suffering from minor injuries and his vehicle with major damages. It happened at around eight when 52 year-old, Ernesto Perrera was driving his brown Toyota Prado in the direction from Belize City towards the Haulover Bridge when a vehicle exited the street that connects from Coney Drive to the highway near the Puma Service Station. In an attempt to avoid hitting the vehicle, Perrera swerved and hit the median, then careened onto the other side of the highway and hit a white delivery truck that was travelling towards Belize City. Pererra’s Prado received extensive damage and he himself complained of minor injuries.

Accused Murderer Freed of Ammunition Charge
Twenty-seven year old, Delford Slusher, a fisherman of mile 17 and a half on the George Price Highway who was charged with kept ammunition without a gun license was acquitted of the charge today by Magistrate Adolph Lucas. However, despite the not guilty verdict, he was not freed as he is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for murder. At around 11 p.m. on July 24, 2012, police officers went to Slusher’s residence as part of their investigation into the fatal shooting of a police officer. Two police officers testified that when they executed a search upstairs of Slusher’s house they found two live rounds of nine millimetre caliber ammunition in a large black suitcase which contained female apparel. Slusher, who was represented by attorney Dickie Bradley, testified that when the officers arrived the dogs began to bark and he opened the door for them after they identified themselves as police officers.


SIF’s Executive Director addresses problems within the organization
There is much tension brewing within the Social Investment Fund. The refurbishment of the Dangriga Town Market is part of the 30 million dollar Belize Municipal Development Project, financed by the World Bank. And while the first phase of the project is near completion with the...

16 year old shot in Roaring Creek Village
Belmopan Police are investigating a shooting incident involving a 16 year old boy who was shot in the abdomen. According to police reports, the teenage boy was inside a yard with a group of friends in the Roaring Creek village at around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday when the incident...

Belize City Council bans large buses in downtown area
The Belize City Council continues to aggressively pursue its plan for developing and reorganizing the downtown area of Belize City. One feature is the re-routing of traffic, including large buses and the so-called “dalla taxi” vans which inexpensively transport commuters from the western area of the City into downtown....

Two men charged for breaking into a container
Two men have been charged after Police say they broke into a container belonging to the Cane Farmers Fair Trade Association. The break in occurred about 1:30 yesterday morning in Caledona Village in the Corozal District. Reported stolen were three spray pumps, one tractor battery...

CEMO responds to flooding in Belize City
On Tuesday night in Belize City there was localized flooding as a result of a low pressure system in the immediate area of Belize. It was forecasted by the Weather Bureau but not expected to have the impact it did. Coordinator for the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO), Wayne...

Red Cross and NEMO prepare for disaters
The Belize Red Cross joins the City Council and NEMO in raising local awareness of hurricanes and particularly plans for evacuation and shelters. At an event on Thursday at City Hall Director General Lily Bowman described the origin of the plan. Lily Bowman...

BTB premieres new advertisements
This week the Belize Tourism Board premiered new advertisements promoting Belize as a tourism destination. Every so often the campaign is refreshed and the current one talks about “Discover How to Be…in Belize.” While Belize has never had difficulty with attracting eager tourists,...

Belize prepares for EU/Caribbean Trade Agreement
Five years ago, the CARIFORUM countries and the European Union signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in which each grants the other access to their markets in all goods and services. The Agreement will be implemented in the next twenty-five years and a formal plan has been developed to...

Why is Stephen Okeke changing pace?
After nearly two decades of various philanthropic works across Belize, Stephen Okeke is winding down his public life in Belize. He believes that he has done enough for this country with little appreciation and in fact much opposition. But why is the usually irrepressible Nigerian finally giving up? It...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Independence Day Parade
Central Park, Sept. 21, 1pm


Midway Village was established in 1989 and happens to be one of the newer villages in the district of Toledo. The village is 20 miles from Punta Gorda Town and approximately 10 miles from the southernmost village of Barranco. Two weekends ago, August 30 and 31, an expedition of media personnel travelled through the graveled road leading up to Midway, maneuvering through potholes that seemed like craters and evading protruding boulders on the road surface before reaching the remote Q’echi community. Midway is said to be the midpoint of the distance on the footpath connecting the two neighboring villages, Barranco and Conejo. On arrival in Midway at sunset, Gregory Ch’oc of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) and a group of Maya leaders and alcaldes got ready for a press conference in which the villagers got to voice their opinions on the oil exploration activities in the area for the first time since the onset of the public discourse on the matter.

The owner of Reggae Bus, a long-time resident of the Yarborough area, has died of a heart attack. Wendell Hugh Donald Lemoth, 59, a father of seven who resides on Reggae Street in the Brighton Beach area of Belize City, was repairing his bus engine at about 5:30 yesterday evening, Sunday, when he suffered a massive heart attack. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival. His daughter said that she tried to give him CPR while they waited for the ambulance, but there was a delay in the ambulance’s arrival, so they rushed him to the hospital in a family vehicle. One of his sons said that he had just left home about thirty minutes before, when he received a call informing him that his father had died. Lemoth was well-known in the area. He was a former policeman who ventured into the bus business and briefly, into politics. He ran as an independent candidate against Zenaida Moya for her second City Council term, but was defeated.

BTL profits down 20%! Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), the government-owned telecommunications company, plans to host its 7th Annual General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 26, 2013, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City, when it plans to also declare dividends to shareholders, according to company director Anwar Barrow. Barrow, who last served as director of BTL in 2011 but who was recently assigned to BTL’s Executive Committee, told Amandala that during the 2012/2013 year the company faced a mix of successes and challenges as they worked to prepare the company to deal with a changing telecoms landscape. BTL customers have been wondering whether the company has discontinued its triple-up offerings. We made a query with a company rep who told us that the offer had been only temporarily discontinued, pending system changes – but should be resumed shortly.

The 68th Queen of the Bay, Jahrine Courthney Avila, was officially crowned by outgoing Queen of the Bay, Yadira Argueta, on September 10, 2013, at official ceremonies to mark the 215th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, inside the Memorial Park in Belize City. Yadira handed over the cape, crown and scepter to Jahrine, who paraded the stage in her regalia before being serenaded with the classic theme song: “Emblem of Freedom,” written by Eloise Humes. The natural resource management student at the University of Belize—who won the title on Friday, August 30—hails from Punta Gorda, Toledo. Rita Lewis is the first in the long line of 68 queens.

Honduran Erlin Giovanni Archiaga, 21, has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on murder charges until Tuesday, December 3, for the murder of Roaring Creek resident Nigel Neal, 34, who was shot to death at about 8:30 Friday morning in Roaring Creek Village. Archiaga was remanded in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on Monday, September 9, after appearing before Magistrate Aretha Ford. Belmopan police charged that Archiaga was the killer who went to Neal’s home in Roaring Creek and lay-waited him. When Neal came home from signing in at the Belmopan Police Station, Archiaga shot him once, and when Neal fell to the ground, Archiaga stood over him and shot Neal about six more times, hitting him in the head, chest and face, said police.

Plain-clothes Detective Constable Dean Yearwood, 24, attached to the Precinct 2 Police Formation Crimes Investigation Branch located at Racoon Street Police Headquarters, was shot to death by a fellow officer, Constable Glenn Wayne Grant of Precinct 1 Police Formation, also of Belize City, at about 1:00 Sunday morning, September 8, on the sidewalk on Central American Boulevard and its junction with Nargusta Street. Yearwood was shot in the back and died on the spot. Incredibly, he may have been shooting in the air, possibly to frighten a thief who reportedly had attacked and tried to rob him, when he himself fell victim to shots from his fellow officer’s firearm. Family members who have been calling the KREM WUB morning show claim that Yearwood fired four shots into the air, and not at his assailant. They also claim that 20 seconds of a surveillance tape from a nearby business camera are missing.

Ferguson expressed regret for burglarizing his neighbour’s house, and returned the stolen items. This morning, Thomas Ferguson, 22, a resident of Fabers Road, was brought before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton and charged with burglary and handling stolen goods. Dulce Sutherland, 41, returned home from work at 5:30 Wednesday evening to find that the back door of her house, located at #9504 Fabers Road, had been pried open. She found the house ransacked, and her black and silver 22- inch flat screen television valued at $1,000; a DVD player valued at $100; and a Dell brand laptop computer valued at $1,100 were missing. Sutherland visited the police station, made a report, and returned home. At 7:00 that night, Sutherland called for police assistance after Thomas returned to the house with all the stolen items, in an attempt to give them back to her. Police arrived and were able to apprehend Ferguson, after which they took him and the items to the police station.

Rhys was found in possession of an I-phone valued at $1,200. Nicholi Rhys, 22, a resident of #63 Far West Street, was charged with handling stolen goods when he appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. According to police, at 12:05 yesterday afternoon, Earl Perez, 20, a resident of Rancho Dolores, was in his vehicle with his two relatives when he parked on George Street. As he parked, a man approached the vehicle, pushed his hand through the window and grabbed Perez’s 16-gig I-phone from off his lap. The man ran down the street and handed the phone over to another young man, and they both escaped. Perez reported the matter to police, who quickly detained Rhys, after the I-phone, valued at $1,200, was found in his possession.

George Rangel Pech, 21, of San Roman, Corozal, has been released on bail of $2,000 after being charged with aggravated assault in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court today. He was ordered to return to court on Friday, November 29. Police say that Pech pulled out a large kitchen fork and attempted to stab his sister in the stomach. The incident occurred about 6:30 Monday evening in Pech’s home in San Roman, Corozal. The sister told police that she was at home when her younger brother, Pech, who was visibly under the influence of alchohol, approached her and demanded food. She said that she ignored him and he went into the kitchen, took a cook’s fork and tried to stab her. She said she managed to escape from him and ran into her room, locked herself in, and called police.

Gordon is accused of trying to kill his brother-in-law. Luis Gordon, 47, a resident of #48 Amara Avenue, is spending his first night in prison after he was charged with grievous harm and the attempted murder of his brother-in-law, Roberto Gilharry, 39. According to police, at 6:20 Friday morning, Gilharry, who also lives at the same residence with his common-law wife (Gordon’s sister), went outside to park an SUV in the yard. As he went outside, Gordon approached him with a shovel and told him that the yard was not a parking lot, but a private residence. Gordon then reportedly started threatening Gilharry, telling him that “This dah blood, till death,” according to police.

Leopold Stephens, 40, a resident of Ladyville, was charged with robbery when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano this afternoon. He was offered bail of $3,000 with one surety of the same amount, but was unable to meet it and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. According to police, on Thursday September 5, Mariano Novelo, 39, a construction worker of Ladyville, was walking on Edward Quilter Street in Ladyville when he was knocked to the ground from behind. Novelo told police he was then punched in his face and when he turned around, he recognized his assailant to be someone he had known for the past five years – Stephens. After allegedly punching Novelo in his face, Stephens then robbed him of his wallet, valued at $20, which contained an Atlantic Bank ATM card, and $7 in cash.

Jermaine Ottley, 36, a stevedore of 79 Allenby Street, was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court today for one count of possession of controlled drugs and one count each of possession of undersized lobster and possession of conch during the closed season. According to the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), Ottley also was found with 1.6 grams of marijuana. After he pleaded not guilty on that charge, he was offered bail of $500 and one surety of the same amount. That matter has been adjourned until November 17. He was then escorted to another courtroom this afternoon, where he was additionally charged with fisheries offences. According to Fisheries officer Maurice Westby, early this morning they visited Ottley’s house, where they found ten undersized lobster tails, each weighing less than 4 ounces. He was also charged for possession of 7 conchs, which were found in a white garbage bag with orange straps, tightly wrapped up in another black garbage bag. The reason for this charge is that the conch season is closed from July 1 to September 30, making it unlawful to be in possession of conch during this period.

Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith will deliver her ruling on October 21, 2013. Exactly one week ago, Gary Seawell appeared before the Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, where his lawyer, Arthur Saldivar, made submissions to have at least ten of the exhibits the Attorney General’s Office was seeking to use against him in their extradition case disallowed. The basis of Saldivar’s arguments on Wednesday, September 4, was that the commission of the notary public who had signed the documents had expired years before the documents were introduced to the courts, thereby deeming them basically invalid in the proceedings.

The news a few weeks ago of the passing of another football legend, Serapio “Big Mole” Alvarez, in California, USA, (on Friday night, August 23), underscores the importance of getting our football records and highlights documented in an accessible fashion for new generations of sports fans. For example, their names might mean little to today’s semipro ballers, but Big Mole and the Mugger, who also passed just over two months ago on June 28, were both instrumental in the first volleys launched in the battle to enact professional football in Belize. What these brothers did in the mid-1960’s with their Independence football team was indeed revolutionary at the time, and their effort later became the inspiration for new generations of footballers to achieve and realize the dream of professional football, for which they had fought and suffered ostracism from the entrenched football bureaucracy. “Power gives up nothing without a demand,” and just like the Mugger, Big Mole and the players of Independence were banned from playing football for months when they first crossed hairs with the football “committee,” so it was with the Milpros Football Club in 1989, who were also banned for a while from participating in football.

The decisive Game 2 of the Atlantic Bank National Women’s Football Championship 2013 at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday, September 7, was far from the tight contest in Game 1 a week earlier at the MCC in Belize City, where Triple B and Ladyville Jaguars played to a nil-nil stalemate. It was predicted to be an uphill battle for Ladyville in the return match, after one of their big stars, Shanell Gentle, had received a red card in Game 1; but, as it turned out, the Ladyville squad was also without their star defender Sarah Arzu in Game 2, as she had a mandatory training date with the Coast Guard, so the Jaguars were without their two best players. The clear underdogs, Ladyville battled gamely, but it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to the Triple B attack, led by national champion sprinter Kaina Martinez. And it didn’t help when another Ladyville star player Kara Kisling went down with a knee injury and had to be taken to hospital. The final score was 8-0 in favor of Triple B, with the fleet-footed Kaina netting 4 goals (14’, 37’, 45’ & 71’), talented midfielder Miriam Villamil scoring 2 (16’ & 79’), and Jennisha Scott (53’) and Rosebell Ogaldez (88’) adding 1 goal apiece for the winners.

Returning to Belize on Saturday was the Belize Youth Female National Volleyball Team, after participating in the Central American Female Youth (U18) Volleyball Championship in Guatemala City, Guatemala last week. Belize finished the tournament with a 2-3 record, after losing their final game on Friday in straight sets to top seeded and now undefeated champions of the tournament, Costa Rica. In the tournament, which ran from September 2 – 6, Belize lost to Honduras (2-3), Guatemala (0-3) and Costa Rica (0-3); and we defeated El Salvador (3-1) and Nicaragua (3-1). The results are a major improvement for Belize. A Belize Volleyball Association release stated: “The young girls have made Belize proud with a gutsy performance, working hard, and providing a good result. The experience will be valuable as the results continue to improve with each competition and volleyball continues to grow.

The historic decision by St. John’s College to introduce a formal and permanent program of African and Mayan history into its curriculum is, of course, a progressive one, but it is, at the same time, almost unbelievable in our opinion, because the institution took the lead when the other religious denominations continued and continue to drop the ball. When this newspaper was established in 1969 and began to agitate for the teaching of African and Indian (Mayan) history, the relationship between the ruling PUP, led by Premier George Price, and the Jesuit-established SJC was a very close one. Mr. Price was an SJC graduate, as were other PUP founders like Johnny Smith and Nick Pollard, Sr. The Jesuits were Americans of Irish and German ancestry, which is to say, they came out of communities which were not pro-British. In British Honduras, the Jesuits had become popular among roots Belizeans because of their contributions to education, credit unions, basketball, boxing, and community life in general. After Bob Turton died in 1955 and Mr. Price became PUP Leader in 1956, the closeness between the PUP and Roman Catholic Church leadership became evident.

A culture had grown inside Belize’s police personnel which contributed to a certain climate on the streets of Belize City. That culture involved the use of firearms to bring down suspects trying to flee, and so a kind of target range climate developed, on the police’s part, especially after dark. What you have to understand is that an automatic handgun with a magazine clip of ammunition is really like a small machine gun. Once you pull the trigger and hold it down, then you release a barrage of bullets. This means you do not have to be a good or careful marksman to feel that you are taking care of business. You just pull trigger, and let lead fly. The preliminary evidence suggests that an off duty policeman was walking home on Central American Boulevard around 1 a.m. on Sunday, September 8, when a couple perpetrators jumped him with robbery on their mind. He pulled his police issue .38 and fired warning shots in the air. Another off duty policeman, this one armed with a police issue 9 millimeter automatic, happened upon this action. He pulled his gun and sprayed bullets. He shot both the first off duty policeman and one of the perpetrators in the back. The off duty policeman died on the spot. The perpetrator was hospitalized.

“ … that inner doubt shared by so many, whether the masses of people are competent to make decisions for a democratic society. It is the schizophrenia of a free society that we outwardly espouse faith in the people but inwardly have strong doubts whether the people can be trusted.” - pg. 104, RULES FOR RADICALS, Saul Alinsky, Vintage Books, New York, 1971 “It is when people have a genuine opportunity to act and to change conditions that they begin to think their problems through – then they show their competence, raise the right questions, seek professional counsel and look for the answers. Then you begin to realize that believing in people is not just a romantic myth. But here you see that the first requirement for communication and education is for people to have a reason for knowing. It is the creation of the instrument or the circumstances of power that provides the reason and makes knowledge essential.” - pg. 106, ibid. I have said to you that I am not a child, I am not really interested in how people look or how they walk. What I am concerned with is how people think, and when it comes to our leaders and those who are leaders aspirant, I want to know what is their development philosophy.

— by Joseph Alvarez Dear Editor, After listening to and observing all the discussion about the soon to come Harvest Caye investment project, I would also like to make a contribution as a stakeholder myself in the tourism industry. There are a couple major issues I would like to expound upon, which from my vantage point haven’t been totally examined. It appears as if though there is no national cruise tourism policy in Belize. Allowing N.C.L. to build a destination on Harvest Caye is ridiculous since Belize is one of the leading destinations in the Western Caribbean. The government seems to be wearing blinders and could only see the political mileage they could garner from this project. There is already a cruise ship terminal in Belize City and if we plan to take the same approach to accommodate the privileged few then we’re heading up that proverbial creek without a paddle. We are fully aware of the situation and conditions that exist outside the Tourism Village and what transpires there on a daily basis. Hard working independent Belizeans who go out every single day, rain or shine, to try and make a living, are being pushed aside.

— by Karin Westdyk Dear Editor, Biologically appropriate technology is designed to do no harm to the environment – the air, water and soil in which we, and all animals, depend on for life. It is working with nature, not against it. It is learning from and respecting nature. An example of biologically appropriate technology would be energy, produced on site where needed, from renewable sources. Interestingly, energy is an area where humans have made some serious wrong turns and where we should have learned that we must be very careful about who is telling us what and why. Having been an environmental journalist turned anti-nuclear/pro-renewable energy activist, I am seeing similar patterns in the debate over GMO corn as existed in the nuclear debate. The parallels lie in how the public was sold on nuclear power back when there was controversy and concern that nuclear power might not be “ biologically appropriate technology.” Touted as being “safe, clean, and too cheap to meter” by the industries that financially benefited, nuclear energy turned out to be an expensive environmental nightmare, costing trillions, and many lives. We still do not have a clue as to how to safely deal with the waste which must be monitored in some cases for 250,000 years, and Fukushima is an ongoing out-of-control environmental disaster contaminating water daily with ionizing radiation that flows to the open sea.

— by Paul Rodriguez Dear Editor: What we are here proposing as safeguards needed to protect a Senate to be elected may be what much older states need urgently as REFORMS. Two of our most powerful institutions, i.e., political parties and the media, will not like the restrictions placed on senatorial candidates. It is obvious that they make loads of money from the exercise of democracy. However, in the long term they will benefit from the blessings of a more progressive society due to less crime and less corruption. At any rate, it is unthinkable that we should continue along the same beaten, oppressive way. As a nation we perhaps need to grasp this moment and take an historic decision that may well elevate Belize to the status of greatness. Readers, we take it for granted that the vast majority of our fellow citizens already are in support of the elected Senate. The concern now is what it will look like and what electoral rules we need to put in place to safeguard its independence and integrity.

The Ministry of Health moved today to issue an advisory on a widely used oral antifungal drug – ketoconazole – which had been banned two years ago in France and which was recently banned in Europe over concerns that the drug leads to liver damage and adrenal problems. “The risk of liver injury is greater than the benefits in treating fungal infections,” said an announcement by the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA’s) Committee on Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) dated July 26, 2013. EMA recommended the suspension of oral ketoconazole-containing medicines throughout the European Union – and that news alert found its way to Belize. Chief Pharmacist Sharon Anderson told Amandala this evening that they learned of the warning about two weeks ago and after internal discussions with other ministry officials, they decided to issue a press statement today.

Belize to end open fisheries access. Jamaica legal expert, Dr. Winston McCalla warns: “in some adjoining regions, for example Jamaica, the fish stock has been totally depleted and Belize is very fortunate to have its fish stock, but if it is not properly managed, in 15 years we could have a big problem.” With a new fisheries act now in the pipeline, the Fisheries Department has initiated a move to revamp Belize’s fisheries regulations; and in order to secure a buy-in from fishermen and other stakeholders in the industry, it has been undertaking a series of consultations across the country of Belize. One of the biggest concerns of the fishing community is access to what some indicate is a dwindling resource, and traditional fishermen want an assurance that they won’t be boxed out from waters that their fathers and grandfathers have routinely fished because of the new set of fishing rules – particularly the move to establish managed access across the seascape. Beverly Wade, Fisheries Administrator, told the media in an interview Thursday morning that, “Belize is one of the few countries that continue to have open access fishery, and it’s certainly not sustainable. It’s often referred to as ‘tragedy of the commons,’ because at the end of the day we can’t continue to put the same pressure on the resources and expect them to still be viable.”

An important time change is coming to KREM Radio’s dynamic programming starting Monday, September 16, 2013. Effective Monday, KREM’s evening newscast will switch from the 6:00 p.m. time slot to 5:15 p.m. Management is hopeful that this move will allow them to service the many commuters who are out of the office and in their ride of choice by 5:15. The move has also been occasioned by the advent of KREM TV’s nightly news, which also airs live in the 6:00 p.m. time slot.

Kernelle Parks, whose stage name is “Nello Player,” is a popular Belizean singer/songwriter who has been on the music scene since he recorded his first song back in 2005. Since then, he has gained utmost respect and has produced several reggae/dancehall albums, such as Collective Insight, Best of Nello Player and others. The prolific artist has also won the National Patriotic Song Competition for the second year in a row. He told Amandala that it’s a truly wonderful feeling for him to have won again, particularly since this is the fourth year that he has performed in the contest. At first, he said, he wanted to sit out the competition, but then he found out about the grand prize being offered by NICH – a trip to an international festival. He said, “The opportunity caused me to change my mind, so I decided that I couldn’t sit out this year; then winning the Patriotic Song Competition again was an even greater feeling.”

So the piece I wrote last week elicited lots of verbal response, reaction and reflection, and many were so grateful that the truth about our legal status when it comes to the protection of our children from abuse is being exposed. Of course, it was not shocking to anyone that the detractors whose agenda was exposed, were animalistic and spewing venom, especially on Facebook, but that in not one bit bothers me, because the truth will someday set them free. What was alarming is their lack of defense for our children. I said then and I will say it again, because our children are not voters and are not given the voice they deserve, in this country the lewd and immoral ways of adults will always seek ways to trample our children rather than protect them. Any right-minded person would have thought that 100% of Belize would have condemned the sexual assault of a boy age 13 by a 45-year-old woman, in the role of a nanny, but there were those who took offence to her being called a pedophile despite the “professionals” such as the psychiatrists declaring that sexual contact between an adult and person age 13 and below is still pedophilia… hmmm, I wonder why some would even want to split hairs over this point, if not to defend their perverted lifestyles and intent.

MINDPRINT B (for “Beta”) … bank … Can you think of anything that you want or need, either physically or intellectually, that you don’t have to have bank money, dinero, penga? Everything takes money, and in this day lots of it. Food, clothing, shelter, health, education, entertainment, holiday, all require bank, and as long as you live, you will require these necessities. Now you may get “bank” by working for it, by inheriting it… “Wealth distorts the value of people who do not work for it,” Perez Alfonso, co-founder of OPEC, or by stealing it, either big time as by wiping out of Mongolia’s entire foreign reserves of $900,000,000.00 recently by way of derivative trading, or through insider stock manipulations as played by Boesky and Milliken, or small time as practiced by the burglar, shoplifter, “jacker”.

Midway Village was established in 1989 and happens to be one of the newer villages in the district of Toledo. The village is 20 miles from Punta Gorda Town and approximately 10 miles from the southernmost village of Barranco. Two weekends ago, August 30 and 31, an expedition of media personnel travelled through the graveled road leading up to Midway, maneuvering through potholes that seemed like craters and evading protruding boulders on the road surface before reaching the remote Q’echi community. Midway is said to be the midpoint of the distance on the footpath connecting the two neighboring villages, Barranco and Conejo. On arrival in Midway at sunset, Gregory Ch’oc of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) and a group of Maya leaders and alcaldes got ready for a press conference in which the villagers got to voice their opinions on the oil exploration activities in the area for the first time since the onset of the public discourse on the matter.

No food to eat for days, and husband unable to work due to illness; wife unemployed. A family of five from the village of San Pablo in Orange Walk has fallen on hard times, and is appealing to the public for financial assistance to alleviate their difficult situation. The husband is not working due to illness; two children are going to high school and the mother is unemployed. The mother said that they have been forced to go without food for extended periods and are in a financial crisis. Leocardia Acurio, the mother of the three children, informed us that her husband, Marcial, had gotten seriously ill about 7 years ago, and after he recovered from the devastating illness, he was unable to work to provide for his family. Doctors diagnosed Marcial with post-epiglottis, and as a result, he has completely lost the ability to speak. Marcial was also diagnosed with “lack of concentration due to illness,” and as a result was certified as being incapable to work.

Two families whose homes were completely destroyed by fire are seeking public assistance to help them to rebuild their lives. Sonia Murrillo’s house in Maskall Village was destroyed at about 9:00 Sunday morning, and her loss was estimated to be about $60,000, while Cornel Gomez, whose house was destroyed in the Neal Pen Road Extension area on Thursday, September 5, said that the value of the home and household belongings he lost is approximately $20,000. Both families said that they need materials to rebuild, and are accepting donations of supplies, as well as monetary donations to buy items such as food and other necessities. Gomez said that about 10:00 Thursday, he was not at home, but was in the vicinity of his house in the Neal Pen Road Extension area, when he suddenly heard a loud explosion and saw a house erupting in flames. At the time, he had not been aware that it was his house that had caught fire, because no appliances had been left on in the house to create a fire hazard.

Arthur Baptist, 25, who was shot in the head on June 1, 2013, and given a 5-percent chance of survival by doctors, survived for three months before finally succumbing to his injuries. Baptist, of Neal Pen Road, died at his home at about 6:30 on Thursday evening, September 5, after enduring a lot of pain. He was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue for a mandatory autopsy to certify the cause of his death. Doctors who examined Baptist reported that the shot fired into his head split on impact inside his brain, and they had given him a 5% chance of survival. Baptist was released from the hospital within a month, but as a result of the injury, he was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. He also was unable to talk.

Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), told Amandala Monday evening that illegal gold mining activities being undertaken by Guatemalans who are now targeting Belizean highlands pose a serious threat to Belize, because some of Belize’s main waterways are being compromised. Manzanero spoke of the need to get the attention of the Department of the Environment in addressing this issue of illegal gold panning in the Ceibo Chico area of the Cayo District. “I feel that the impacts that are taking place there now – it is a more daunting situation. Those are the beginning of our main headwaters, and so what we see in terms of the impact – it is an environmental impact,” Manzanero said. He said that gold panning is taking place more in the highlands than before, and Belize will have to be more strategic in dealing with the situation.

The Reporter

CITCO bans big buses from downtown Albert Street
Regular sized buses that are used to offer city-wide shuttles from northside to southside will no longer be allowed to use Albert Street.

Stake Bank Cruise Port worries conservationists
The Feinstein Group’s plan to construct a causeway through the Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary poses great risks for the manatees that live in that area, Sea to Shore’s Manatee Research Associate Jamal Galvez said Thursday.

Four persons remanded for murder victim Aguirre’s gun
Four persons were remanded to prison on Wednesday, after Belmopan Police discovered a 9mm handgun licensed to Daniel Hugo Aguirre, 37, who was murdered over the weekend. His charredbody was found in his burned out taxi.

Three civilian deaths pose challenge for Police Commissioner
The Belize Police Department still has no answers for the families of the three men who died while in police custody between last April and May 2013.

CEMO responds to flooding in the City
September 10th activities in some areas of Belize were held under heavy rains due to a slow-moving weather system that hovered over the country.

Visa applications to Canada made easy
Only nine Belizeans have emigrated to work at fast-food restaurants like Mcdonalds in Canada since the Canadian employment agency ACTYL began recruiting in Belize last December.

Belizean Politics poisonous to true development
On Wednesday, August 21, 2013, Syria’s two-year civil war came to possibly its lowest point yet, when Syrian President Bashar al-Asaad launched a chemical weapon attack against his own people—rebels and civilians alike.

The Belize Times

Griga Market Mess! – UDP crony paid HALF A MILLION but FAILS to complete project
A huge financial mess and several investigations into possible corruption are the only results of a $1.38 million project mismanaged by the Government’s Social Investment Fund in Dangriga Town. In the middle of this mess is Kennard Smart, a so-called contractor who’s better known for his political connections to Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, a UDP don in Orange Walk. Smart’s company, K&G Construction, was awarded the bid for a contract to rehabilitate and extend the Dangriga Town Market in May 2012. The awarding of the contract was very controversial and caused an uproar with town residents. K&G is a new “construction” company based in Ranchito Village in the Corozal District. Dangriga Town has high unemployment, especially among its young people. Residents said it was not logical to hire a company that was located hundreds of miles away to do work that could be done by locals. They protested and called for the contract to be rescinded, but the Social Investment Fund, headed by another political appointee close to Vega, had its way.

VEGA’S NEPHEW Refuses to return $50,000
Imer Hernandez, the nephew of Deputy Prime Minister, who was at the center of a financial scandal involving public funds from the Ministry of Works has still not cleared his name. Hernandez was given a lucrative works ...

KTV Latino star found dead, burnt in car
Residents of the City of Belmopan are still mourning the horrific murder of Daniel Aguirre, the 2011 KTV Latino star, who was found inside his taxi car on Saturday morning. Aguirre went missing on Friday night. His family ...

Family of Slain Cop Question Investigation
The investigation into the killing of Police Detective 24 year old Dean Yearwood has taken a controversial twist following comments from his family in which they expressed doubts and concerns. Yearwood ...

Independent Belize!
By G. Michael Reid As Belize prepares to celebrate its Independence, a little reflection and retrospection might be in order. On Saturday September 21st, we celebrate as a nation, the 32nd anniversary of this momentous milestone. There were many who believed, and probably some who still do, that Belize was not ...

Anti-Reform Barrow
Despite all the talk about transparency in government, Prime Minister Dean Barrow now appears to be quite happy with the status quo. This is despite the ever increasing charges of corruption in his administration and a damning report by the Auditor General. The proposal to change the make-up of the Public ...

Allied Sport Club dominates September open track meet
The Allied Sports Club of Belize City dominated the September track and field meet held at the still incomplete Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City on Saturday, September 7. Here are the results: Junior 100m 1st ...

Camalote Blazers win softball finals Game 1st
The Camalote Blazers put themselves on the good foot to take the 2013 Cayo Softball Association’s female softball championship by hammering Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy in Game 1 of the finals ...

Triple B’s claws Ladyville Jaguars 8-0 for female football championship
The Belmopan Triple B’s won the 2013 Atlantic Bank female football championship, blowing away the Ladyville Jaguars 8-0 in Game 2 of the finals at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan last Saturday. Kaina Martinez and Miriam Villamil led ...

Hon. Jose Mai provides education grants
Orange Walk District, September 11, 2013 The Hon Jose Mai continues to provide financial assistance in the form of Education Grants for students of the OW South Constituency. On Monday, 9 September 2013, the Hon Jose Mai visited Centro Escolar Mexico, where ...

AMAZING GRACE – Christian Misconception In Politics
Can you be a Christian and be in politics? That’s a very good question to ask as many people believe you cannot. But before I continue let me again explain that I don’t fully subscribe to the word “Christian”. To be a Christian really means that you believe that Jesus exists ...

HOME ECONOMICS – Debate & Development
By Richard Harrison The philosophy of economic development that the leaders of countries believe in or rather, the philosophy adopted by those who the leaders listen to and take advice what determines the actions that the leaders are willing and able to take. There is evidence to prove that Belize, since ...

The Forgotten Ones
By Patrick Jason Andrews The City of Belmopan is the youngest Capital City in the world. Its people are a mosaic of races, cultures and values, coming from all over this beautiful country of ours, and beyond. It was a center ...

Stories of a Sufferrah – Tales from the Dark Side
You might see him browsing the bars and night clubs or sometimes playing dominoes in front of Brads boledo-millionaire merchant store. He is known for trying his best at being the jester of the House of Representatives, with his made-up vocabulary and derogative words towards man, woman and child. I think it ...

Norwegian Deal Sellouts
By Gilroy Usher, Sr. We all want investment and development for the country, but several aspects of the Norwegian deal is a major sellout of Belize to rich foreigners. After Norwegian cruise was given sole rights to develop a tourism island in the south for the next 25 years - that’s ...

Keeping in touch in BRC
Over the past few weeks Belize Rural Central (BRC) Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia has been making the rounds in her constituency and keeping in touch with as many residents as possible. Last weekend she attended ...

New PUP Belize Rural South executive
A new executive for the People’s United Party (PUP) Belize Rural South division was elected on Sunday September 8th on Ambergris Caye at the PUP office located on Pelican Street. The new executive committee consists of new Chairman ...

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – Showcasing Talent
By Dolores Balderamos Garcia I have wanted to write about Rajiv Halim and the “Masters of the Saxophone” show at the Bliss for several weeks now. It has been a busy 'summer' school break, with voter transfers and registrations and continuing area representative work. (Representing people, if we want to get ...

SIF and the UDP dis Dangriga again
The Dangriga Town Council was informed on Saturday, September 7, 2013, by Social Investment Fund (SIF) through a correspondence date September 6, 2013, that the SIF’s Board of Directors has terminated the Contract for the Refurbishment of the Extension of the Dangriga Town Market. The SIF Board ...

By Francis W. Fonseca Investment drives growth. Growth drives development. Belize needs to grow and develop urgently. Belize needs investment. The four simple sentences above stand separately but together form a vital link to Belize’s future. In 2013, no one credibly questions the importance of investment, both domestic and foreign, to national development. ...

San Estevan/Progresso Road Neglected over and over
Dear Editor, I write today to express concern on behalf of all of those who keep silent on the contract works that were supposed to be completed for the Orange Walk to Progresso Road which is approximately 15 miles. We Belizeans are characterized by being conformant with the status quo of ...

Solar Power for Powerless Villages
Dear Editor, I read a short article in the BELIZE TIMES that read "Solar Makes Sense". The article noted, and I paraphrase: there are 38 villages in the Toledo district without electricity. The Government-owned electricity company which collected 193 million dollars from consumers last year seems to have invested very little to provide ...

No to NCL Deal!
Dear Editor, I’m pleased to be given this opportunity to share my thoughts and opinion with your reading audience. Realizing the importance of the limited space you have available as the leading newspaper in the land, the experience is humbling. After listening and observing all the discussion about the soon to ...

Jasmine Lowe murder trial held in secret?
Dear Editor, Wednesday, Sept. 4th, accused murderer Bert Vasquez, the alleged killer of 13 year-old Jasmine Lowe, had a court appearance in San Ignacio. I was the only member of the public in attendance for his hearing, however I did not get to witness the proceedings. As Vasquez was led into the ...

Elected Senate- the Sole Oversight Authority
Dear Editor: Janus in his article of 1st September, 2013, again recommended an ELECTED Senate as the cure for our ills of corruption in government and public administration. He is eminently qualified to give our nation sound advice on this matter, having lived his whole adult life dedicated to public service. ...

BRC Executive Committee stands by Area Rep Hon. Dolores!
Hon. Michael Peyrefitte Speaker House of Representatives Independence Hill Belmopan Dear Mr. Speaker, As the Executive Committee for the Belize Rural Central constituency under the leadership of Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, we write to you to put on the record our firm support for Hon. Dolores and our demand for respect to her and ...


My summer 2013 - can you Belize it? Contributed by Ed
I’m writing this blog from the porch of a house in Belize, which serves as the main base for a rehabilitation sanctuary for monkeys, manatees and a whole number of other endangered animals. In fact, it’ll have to be a fairly quick blog, as a new manatee calf and an infant spider monkey should be arriving for some intensive care in an hour or two! Earlier this year, when all my housemates and course mates were sorting out their internships and placements, and I realised I had not yet secured any constructive plans for my own summer, I took to the internet to try and track something down. This led me to the Global Nomadic site ( Although I had no experience in primate rehabilitation, I applied for the monkey rehabilitation placement and, after filling out the application form online and forgetting about it for a month or so, I got an email telling me that I’d been accepted.

My morning drive aka bumpity bump bump
Since Dick has been working afternoon shift at Tropic Air it has put a hold on our sunrise joyrides. While I did not quite make it out of the house for sunrise today, I did manage to take a break from work and go for a morning rainy day drive down south. My first stop was the crock pond but it was too waterlogged to park our usual spot. I was in the mood to find a road less traveled and continued south. As soon as I got off the cobblestones, it started to get bumpy but that did not deter me. I figured as long as the ‘ road lakes’ were not too bad I would keep going. It is always a scenic drive and today it was particularly nice with the rain having washed all the dust away leaving me with a lush green tropical view.

Strange Fruit: Why Does Everyone Know Where San Pedro’s Breadfruit Trees Are But Me?
I definitely love bread and I certainly love fruit. But when I read the description of the Caribbean favorite, the breadfruit: ”its name is derived from the texture of the cooked fruit, which has a potato like flavor, similar to freshly baked bread (Wikipedia)” and a friend described them as “spongy”, I don’t know…I felt a little bit…icky. Breadfruit for sale – 2 for $5bzd in Central Park, San Pedro As the “fruit season” in Belize winds down…we will soon bid farewell to abundant mangos… craboo… tambran and cherimoya and rarer ones like the custard apples and sour sop (check below for posts on many of these)…breadfruit seem to be available in many spots.

This Year’s September 10 Parade a Peaceful Success
Having just finally had a chance to put feet up on the desk and read the local Belize papers, it was rewarding that the first story was a good news piece from the Guardian about the annual September 10 parade through Belize City. As Guardian reporter Shane D. Williams pointed out, this year’s parade reflected a growing sense of security and peace in Belize City, as with even with more marchers than ever before, there were no untoward incidents reported among the enthusiasm and partying that continued to build as the throng made its way from Memorial Park through a new, longer route through the city this year. The article also made mention of the fact that attendance in the parade is strictly voluntary and that everyone is marching because they want to express their patriotism and sense of belonging to a growing new nation where opportunities seem endless. We like it as another example of Belizeans coming together on their own to celebrate solidarity and that sense of “hand wash hand” that characterises Belizean society.

“Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Rain again yesterday and this morning (yes, I am covering two days in this one edition -sort of ambidextrous !) but it doesn’t stop me from my ‘me time’ on the veranda we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. I’ll pick up on yesterday later but first want to cover this morning. Later I will return to yesterday (confused? Me too). Anyway, back to the veranda and this morning. I’d been out there for just over an hour (I got out there at 05.05 hours) when on looking at the beach I saw two guys doing stretching exercises. Nothing unusual in that, loads of people use the beach for their exercise regimes.

Interning on our remote Caribbean island!
Nearly 6 months ago I stepped out of a small craft on Punta Gorda’s airstrip as a pale English boy with no diving experience, about to embark on a new adventure, and really had very little idea of what to expect. I was greeted with a smile by Jo on a sweltering hot day, who quickly gave me a tour round town and then dropped me off at the guest house which would be home for my time in Belize. Punta Gorda itself is a pleasant town, with enough isolation to give a real idea of Belizean culture and lifestyle, but still full of all the amenities any traveller would need for any length of stay. I had been told about how friendly the community here was, and until this day have saw the same hospitality every weekend I returned to the mainland, it certainly made fitting into to a new lifestyle very easy. After spending the weekend touring up to the Blue Creek caves with my first group of guests (an experience I would recommend to anybody) the following Monday I ate a hearty breakfast at snack shack – to this day I still treat myself to the sublime brownie shakes before departure – and then headed to the dock ready to head off to the Island and start my diving adventure.

International Sources

Hurricane Season is Half Over; Will it Remain Quiet?
September 10 marks the traditional halfway point of the Atlantic hurricane season, and the first half of the hurricane season of 2013 is making its mark in the history books as one of the least active such periods on record. Going back to before when the Hurricane Hunters first began flying in 1944, there has been only one hurricane season that made it past the half-way point without a hurricane forming: the El Niño year of 2002, when Hurricane Gustav formed at 8 am EDT on September 11. Tropical Storm Humberto is looking poised to become a hurricane later today, and 2013 will likely end up ranking in 2nd place for latest formation of the season's first hurricane, going back to 1941. Here are the Atlantic hurricane seasons since 1941 in which the first hurricane did not form until after September 7:

Life in the womb (9months in 4 minutes), VIDEO
Simply amazing...

Inside a Maya pyramid, mysterious carvings hint at superpower struggle
Archaeologists say a beautiful, monumental Maya carving, hidden inside a pyramid in Guatemala, shows how one 6th-century superpower asserted its influence over its rival. The stucco frieze was discovered last month at the Holmul archaeological dig in Guatemala's northeastern Peten region. The carving and its accompanying inscriptions suggest that the region's rulers weren't just squabbling warlords, said Francisco Estrada-Belli, director of the Holmul Archaeological Project. Instead, those rulers were enmeshed in a bigger political clash between the kings of Tikal and the rulers of Kaanul, also known as the Snake Kingdom. "It's all a grand scheme of building a Maya empire," Estrada-Belli said. "Sometimes the Kaanul kings were on top. Sometimes Tikal was on top. But there was nothing chaotic about it."

Belizean Garifuna Leader Remembered In Illinois
Belizean-born Garifuna Leader, Thomas Vincent Ramos, will be celebrated posthumously in Illinois later this month. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has issued a proclamation to establish and recognize September 17th as Thomas Vincent Ramos Day in the state. Ramos was the catalyst for the first Garifuna in the United States during the 1960s in Los Angeles. Governor Pat Quinn recognition and honor for a Garifuna leader is the third among governors, state legislators and mayors. In 2009, former Houston Mayor Bill White proclaimed December 2nd as ANDY PALACIO DAY; in March 2013, a petition in the Texas Legislature was introduced by Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis and was passed to declare March 14 as Chief Joseph Chatoyer Day in Texas and in September, the state of Illinois has followed.

SITCA reveals long run tourism growth for Central America
The Secretariat of Central American Tourism Integration (SITCA), together with the tourism authorities of the seven Central American countries - Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama - have conducted a study on the evolution of the tourism sector in the region over the past twelve years and made a positive forecast of expected 6.1 per cent growth for this year based on the results. The study shows that, in the period between 2000 and 2012, tourism to Central America has grown by 122.8 per cent from 4.23 million visitors in 2000 to 9.39 visitors in 2012, an annual increase of seven per cent on average. The American continent is the main source of visitors to the region. Domestic tourism from within the region accounts for 40 per cent of the total whereas North America brings between 35 per cent and 40 per cent of visitors. Europe and South America represent ten per cent of the total.

'Suddenly we have no more power': Oil drilling on Maya and Garifuna land in Belize
For centuries, Belize's Toledo district has been home to indigenous Maya people and Garifuna, an Afro-descendant people. They have relied on the natural resources of Toledo's forests and rivers to preserve their way of life. But recently the government of Belize has allowed foreign companies to extract resources from their ancestral land without their consent. In 1994, without consulting Toledo Maya or Garifuna people, the government converted almost 42,000 acres of their ancestral territory into government land, the Sarstoon-Temash National Park (STNP). The government then opened the STNP to oil exploration by US Capital Energy Belize, Ltd, a wholly owned Belizean subsidiary of American company USC apital Energy, Inc.

Mesoamerican Reef needs more local support, says report
From massive hotel development through the agriculture industry, humans are destroying the second largest barrier reef in the world: the Mesoamerican Reef. Although global climate change and its effects on reefs via warming and acidification of coastal waters have made recent headlines, local human activities may destroy certain ecosystems before climate change has a chance to do it. The harmful effects of mining, agriculture, commercial development, and fishing in coastal regions have already damaged more than two-thirds of reefs across the Caribbean, in addition to worsening the negative effects of climate change. A recent evaluation by the Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI, of the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR), which runs continuously for over 1,000 km, from north of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula south to Honduras, highlights the combination of locally-grown threats to this iconic ecosystem.

Meet in DC - Get all you need in 1 day- Oct. 18,2013 -for BELIZE and GLOBAL
Belize and Beyond: Your Tax, Banking, Real Estate and Living solutions abroad the FUN way! The Hire Act is Coming 1/1/14, are you and your money ready? Want to Move or invest in Real Estate abroad? Smart idea to sit one one one with people who KNOW how to make the Belize move. You have one cahnce to do it right, smart advice to meet those who know how ot do it right.

Lightroom’s Tone Curve Explained
It’s no secret that there are many ways to enhance our photographs with Lightroom. By using just a handful of sliders we can get some great results in a matter of minutes and by learning how to use tools like the gradient filter tool we can create some more specialized effects with just a little extra effort. So with all these great tools is there still a need for the Tone Curve tool in Lightroom 4 and beyond? Or is it just another way of creating the same effects? What is Lightroom’s Tone Curve Tool?

September 13, 2013


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Eric Gutierrez detained after three women accuse him of rape
According to San Pedro Police, a 36-year-old Belizean bartender of Pescador Drive in San Pedro Town reported that at about 3AM on Friday she was inside her apartment room sleeping along with her roommate, a 28 year old Honduran waitress. She told police that they were awakened by a knock on their apartment door and proceeded to inquire who it was. When they opened the door, a man pushed another female inside the room. The third female is a 25 year old Guatemalan waitress who lives in the rear room of the same apartment. The man, who was later identified as Gutierrez, allegedly had a knife on the woman’s neck and once inside, demanded that all the women remove their clothes. It is alleged that Gutierrez then stabbed one of the three women on her foot, at which point, fearing for their lives, they removed their clothes. The women told police that he proceeded to take turns in having sexual intercourse with them against their will.

Tribute to the Baymen brings history and entertainment to San Pedro Town
In welcoming the residents and visitors to the event, Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero reminded those present about the importance of paying tribute to those who fought to secure the British settlement now called Belize. Meanwhile Minister of Tourism and Culture, and Chairman of the National September Celebration Commission,Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. said that events such as the Tribute to the Baymen highlight Belize’s culture and rich history. During the ceremony, Tricia Stokes presented a beautiful rendition of the Belizean song “My Homeland by the Sea.” The Tribute to the Baymen was celebrated under the theme “Belize in me, Belize in You – Land of the free,” and honored the brave men (British, free blacks and slaves) that defended the territory that was subject to several attacks.

The National Bank of Belize is now open
The official National Bank of Belize was opened to the public on September 2nd. Earlier this year it was announced that a National Bank of Belize was to be opened to assist working class Belizeans with small scale mortgage loans. Heading the bank is Minister of Energy, Science and Technology, and Public Utilities, Joy Grant. According to the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, the banks establishment would force other banks to lower the interest rate on personal loans and mortgage loans, and will allow middle-income persons, such as public servants, to make residential mortgages and consumer loans.

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“Discover How To Be” Belize Video Released
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce the release of its “Discover How To Be” video. The video, which was officially launched at the BTB’s 12th Annual Industry Presentation in January, is a part of the BTB’s rebranding that took place earlier this year. Alyssa Carnegie, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations commented, “We are extremely proud to share the “Discover How To Be” video with Belize and our visitors. We strongly believe that this captures the essence of what Belize is all about- what we are as a destination. The images are authentic, unaltered and profound. Coupled with Aurelio Martinez’s Santo Negro, the video will certainly resonate with Belizeans and pique the interest of travelers.”

Work Commences on San Pedro’s First Telenovela (Soap Opera)
With the screenplay almost complete and character auditions already done, filming is scheduled to commence in October when Klinck and his crew plan to thereafter put together the first 10 episodes of the telenovela. All filming will be done on location at various sites and locations on the island with an all local crew and local actors. “The telenovela will showcase the island,” commented Klinck. “It will not be about the island, but about possible storylines that take place on the island; about life on the island.” Klinck has hired writer Dion Vansen who has created the main storyline of the telenovela which involves an abandoned bride and her quest to find love once again. Amongst the main story line are others that involve love stories, drug trafficking, humor and more drama; even a few storylines from Angel Nuñez’s radionovela will be adapted and incorporated into the Isla Bonita telenovela. Mr. Nuñez wrote a radionovela screenplay which the local radio station failed to produce, with only a couple episodes airing. A handful of his characters and stories will come to life in the telenovela.

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House for long term rental
I have a 3 bedroom, 2bathroom Pent house for long term rental. It is fully furnished, with parking sito a beautiful view of the barrier reef. Call 6100000.

Belize Real Estate foreclosure auction to be commenced on Sep. 27 2013
Belize Real Estate foreclosure auction will be conducted at Costa Del Sol Area of Ambergris Caye, Belize and will include 3 turn key luxury villas as well as other important Belize Real Estate assets. All assets are listed by Coldwell Banker Ambergris Caye and will be auctioned by the licensed auctioneer. Foreclosures of prime Belize Real Estate properties are rare and if they do come on the market, they often have a reserve very close to market price. However, this particular high end development consisting of 3 luxury contemporary villas will be auctioned off by licensed Belize auctioneer on Sep.27th 2013. Prime examples of Belize real estate – three luxury villas for sale are located in the very exclusive area of Ambergris Caye and are near another ultra high end development Mayan Islands.

September 10th Parade Video
Patrick Jones got video of the Battle of St. George's Caye day parade in Cayo. "The Citizen's Parade passing in front of the police station in San Ignacio town and heading over the historic Hawksworth Bridge."

Moroton Community Outreach Committee Benches
The Moroton Community Outreach Committee installed 12 new benches around Macal River park this weekend. They look great, and are already being used. You can see them all from the Guava Limb Café. Future plans include more benches, and a walkway around the entire park. Thanks, Chaa Creek! "Good Friend Better Than Pocket Money" "The Moroton Community Outreach Committee added 12 new benches to Macal River park. They are beautiful, built to last, and have great sayings on them. A big thanks to The Lodge at Chaa Creek for making this happen."

Joseph Andrews September Upgrades
Joseph Andrews drive now has more sidewalk. And there's more to come.

Discover How to Be
The Belize Tourism Board video, entitled 'Discover How to Be,' has Cayo all over it. The Hawkesworth bridge is featured, ATM is in it, and Mr. Pitts can be seen playing at the Saturday market. Great video! Well done, BTB!

Benque HoC Duodecennial Celebration
The Benque House of Culture had it's 12th anniversary, and they had some great entertainment for the occasion provided by the BMA and Benque Viejo Marching Band. "Benque Viejo Marching Band & Benque Marimba Academy Ensemble, a tribute to the Duo Decennial Anniversary Celebrations "

Residents along Gonzalez Street in Santa Elena town report flooding in the area following heavy rains on Thursday afternoon.

Heavy rains this afternoon and evening caused water to overflow the George Price Highway in Central Farm. At the Baking Pot junction, vehicles had to traverse slowly as the water rushed over the road.

Meet in DC - Get all you need in 1 day- Oct. 18,2013 -for BELIZE and GLOBAL
Belize and Beyond: Your Tax, Banking, Real Estate and Living solutions abroad the FUN way! The Hire Act is Coming 1/1/14, are you and your money ready? Want to Move or invest in Real Estate abroad? Smart idea to sit one one one with people who KNOW how to make the Belize move. You have one cahnce to do it right, smart advice to meet those who know how ot do it right.

Report calls for suspension of oil exploration in Toledo district
A new report published today by an international right group known as the Minority Rights Group International is calling for the suspension of oil exploration activities in the Toledo district by US Capital Energy Belize Limited. The report further calls for a resumption of oil exploration, only after the government of Belize “obtain the free, prior and informed consent of the Maya and Garifuna peoples who live in the area.” The head of law for the MRG Lucy Claridge, is quoted in a report by Reuters as saying that “Toledo District, Belize, is the ancestral homeland of indigenous Maya people and Afro-descendant Garifuna people. Under human rights law, the government of Belize is obliged to protect and ensure Maya and Garifuna land rights. Private businesses operating in the area also have a duty to respect these rights.

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Funeral For A Young Constable
Today in Orange Walk, the funeral was held for 24 year old Police Constable Dean Yearwood, Under a driving rain, Yearwood's body left from his family's Clarke street home after 12:00 noon, for the funeral at St. Peter's Anglican Church. From there the body was taken to the Piemonte Cemetery where Yearwood received a gun salute. After, the flag over his casket was folded and Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie handed it to his parents. And even as Yearwood has been buried - the circumstances surrounding his death remain somewhat unclear. He was shot by another police constable who said he was responding to a robbery in progress. The constable Glen Grant - who says he did not know Yearwood - fired at least 11 shots from his 9 millimeter pistol - one of them hitting Yearwood in the back and killing him immediately.

Is Medical Malpractice to Blame For Baby Dulce’s Death?
Tonight, a family from San Roman, Corozal is making preparations to bury their 2 week old baby girl, after she passed away at the KHMH yesterday. While the KHMH registered the death at their hospital, the child was born with a medical condition, which needed urgent surgery. The condition is known as Pyloric Stenosis, where the muscle between the stomach and the small intestine is enlarged, and it doesn't allow food to pass into the small intestine. According to the grandparents, they took her to the private hospital, Northern Medical Plaza, in Orange Walk, where she underwent surgery to correct that defect, and according to the family, they believe that errors made in that surgery caused the child to die.

Commuters Rail Against Citco’s New Bus Crackdown
Last night on the news, City Councilor with responsibility for transport Alifah Elrington Hyde laid down the new law on City Buses: they can no longer transit on Albert Street - which is the City's main street. Today, we went to the streets and on buses to gauge the public reaction to that. But, first, for context we go back to the Councilor's remarks: Jules Vasquez "We've always known that there are multiple bus stops and unofficial bus stops between Albert and Regent Streets - you all are saying, that will end?" Alifah Elrington Hyde - City Councilor - Transport "Yes, that will end - I have made it clear to my traffic manager to put in writing that we are cracking down on enforcements with respect to all means of transportation. As it is now what we're doing, we're ensuring that buses no longer run down Albert St. - that's how we're starting."

Cayo Cops Let It Burn…
Every six months, San Ignacio police destroy the drugs they have collected from busts and seizures. Today, it was a quite impressive 70 pounds of Marijuana, along with three ounces of cocaine and six ounces of crack cocaine. The town magistrate, the forensic office and a justice of the peace were there to witness police make the destruction. Officer Commanding Cayo Ralph Moody outlined the burning:.. Supt. Ralph Moody, O/C San Ignacio/Santa Elena "Today is a drug destruction exercise which we try to conduct at least every six months. Today we destroyed over 260 items which are 31,562 grams of cannabis; 85.20 grams of cocaine; 169.3 grams of crack cocaine." "This exercise is conducted very six months so that we can get rid of the found property and in cases that have already concluded." Reporter "Can you tell us where the destruction takes place?" Supt. Ralph Moody, O/C San Ignacio/Santa Elena "Presently we are at the Western border, the Benque Viejo area, destroying the cannabis." At the last destruction in March, Cayo police destroyed 203 pounds of marijuana compared to today's 70 pounds.

BDF Detained By Police In OW
It wasn't a re-enactment of the battle of St. George's Caye, but this morning, we received credible reports that there had been Tenth September showdown in Orange Walk between drunken BDF soldiers and Police who were responding to some public ruction. Well, the BDF's Chief Of Staff, Lieutenant Cornel RAYMOND Shepherd today told us that's not quite what happened. But he did confirm that two soldiers are under internal investigation after they were caught in a brawl with civilians during the September 10th celebrations at Orange Walk's Central Park. The off duty soldiers had reportedly been drinking and at around 3:30 Wednesday morning they got into a scuffle with some civilians. Things got so heated that one of the civilians attempted to stab one of the soldiers but only scraped him. Police responded and hit one of the soldiers in the head with a baton. And this is where the story gets sketchy. Our sources say the other soldier then tried to fight with the police; the BDF Chief Of staff who investigated the case denies this.

Caught For Corozal Crimes
Corozal police have nabbed two men they say stole from the Cane Farmers fair Trade Association in Caledonia Village. Yesterday morning at 1:30 am, thieves used a hacksaw to get into the container and stole spray pumps, a Tractor battery and three Buckets of diesel fuel. Corozal Police recovered all the items and arrested 21 year old DAVID CASTELLANOS, from the Village, and 37 year old Mexican REYNALDO DE ARA GALLEGOS, also a resident of Caledonia. They were charged for two counts of THEFT and one count of BURGLARY. Gallegos will be handed over to the Immigration department since he could not produce any legal documents. And in Corozal town, the administrator at the B.T.L Office reported to police that someone had tried to get into the building between closing time on the ninth September and the tenth holiday. The lock for the back door was damaged but nothing was stolen.

What Will Drug Use In Teens Survey Show?
The Ministry of Health is undertaking a Survey of High School and Junior College Students on Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs and Health. The survey should be done every two years, but the last one was finished in 2008. So it's three years late, but it started last week. Amelio Matura, the Programs Coordinator at the Drug Council told us what they hope to find:.. Amelio Matura, Programs Coordinator - Drug Council "We are looking at collecting data that will help us to create effective programs within our schools. It's only through research and data collection that we will be able to say for certain if there is a drug problem in our schools. Again the questionnaire is very confidential. It shows different area whereby confidentiality will be followed." Geovanni Brackett, reporter "Do you think that many adults will be surprise of the findings as they were with the last published survey?"

Man Sent To Jail For Indecent Assault
38 year old Salvador Carballo is spending the first night of his 18 month prison sentence after he was taken to court today for indecent assault and threatening words. The 20 year old female victim told police that just after midnight on Thursday, she was walking on Morning glory Street when she was approached by Carballo, who she knows as "Salva". Carballo then grabbed her around her neck from behind and started choking her. According to the woman, Carballo attempted to take off her clothes, and when she tried to scream, Carballo tightened his grip to stop her. He suddenly let go, and left her on the street. The next day, as the woman was walking on Fairweather Street, Carballo again approached her and told her not to tell the police or anyone else, or he would kill her.

Artists Rebel To Aurelio’s Selection For BTB Theme Video
Last night, 7News showed you the debut of the long awaited promotional video for the rebranding of the Belize Tourism Board's marketing identity. It's part of their new campaign called, "Discover How To Be." As we showed you, the video is built around "Santo Negro", a song from Honduran Aurelio Martinez. Since it made the news, there has been backlash from the public who have voiced their discontent that the BTB chose Martinez's song to highlight Belize, when he is of a different nationality - even though his song was recorded and produced in Belize by Benque Viejo's own Stonetree Records. Today, we spoke to the Marketing Director of BTB who defended the decision saying that Martinez's music identifies with the Belizean culture: Alyssa Carnegie, Marketing Director "When we were choosing the music, we actually had several considerations. Of course being Belizean is one of them and the cultural component and the Garifuna culture is very strong. We thought it was very beautiful music and was also really well-known and so we thought well lets go with something that was Garifuna. But when we looked at the style of the video and we were thinking about what song would work best, we really tried different songs and it's not to say that we don't have talent here in Belize because we absolutely do.

The Logic Of Precinct Policing
What's caused the major downturn in major crime since February of this year? Some people say it's all the jobs created by the street works, other say its January's George Street slaying, but the police, they maintain that it's the introduction of precinct policing. That came along in March - and we found out the difference it makes:.. ACP Miguel Segura, OC Eastern Division "They cannot do policing the same way we were doing many years ago. We could give them 100-150 personnel and do the same thing over and over again. We need to move along. Just like technology change, we need to change." Jules Vasquez reporting That's the thinking that force the adoption of precinct policing which is built upon a rather simple principle - de-centralizing services: ACP Miguel Segura "The concept of precinct policing is the de-centralizing of the service first of all and putting the resources where the problem lies."

Can Belize Be Ready For Trade Agreement With EU?
The EPA is the economic partnership agreement, a trade agreement signed in 2008 between CARIFORUM, which includes Belize and the European Union. It gives Cariforum goods free access into the EU - but on the flip side, EU goods will also in 25 years have access to Caribbean markets. That could be devastating so the EU is paying for nations to prepare for it. One such workshop was held today at the Biltmore and we found out more:.. Mike Singh - CEO, Ministry of Trade "They've also put caviot on there that European goods would eventually have parity access into our markets phased in over a 25 year period. In order to offset what will happen 25 years from now - they've offer a series of benefits to the Cariforum countries. You might be familiar with the EDF (European Development Fund) which Belize benefitted from last year of about 11.8 million Euros; whether it's putting roads for the sugarcane farmers for access to their farms. Whether it's helping to develop capacity in agriculture and trade and so forth. It's a whole bundle of aid that is available to us to develop ourselves so that when the 25 year period ends - that we should be develop enough so that parity would not become an issue."

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Investors in the new Dangriga market say there’s a Ponzi scheme
A protest is planned for Friday in Dangriga where a million dollar renovation of the Dangriga Market has run into trouble. The project had been behind schedule and tonight, construction [...]

Local artists complain that they were not featured in a new B.T.B. release: Be Belize
Belizean artists across all genres of music are tonight up in arms over a promotional video commissioned by the Belize Tourism Board, which premiered on national television on Wednesday evening.  [...]

B.D.F. soldiers detained in an early morning brawl
Orange Walk Police are mum about an incident which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning. It involved B.D.F., Police and civilians and could have turned ugly, but fortunately [...]

The King of Karaoke is laid to rest, but his killer is yet to be charged
Police have yet to charge any suspect for the murder of popular Belmopan taxi-man Daniel Aguirre. But according to a source close to the case, investigating officers are one step [...]

Cemented streets without proper drainage…flooding in the City
In many areas of the City, residents are pulling out their rubber boots so they can exit or access their homes. The heavy rains in the past couple days have [...]

Sentenced to 18 months for indecent assault
It’s only been a week since thirty-eight year old Salvador Marlon Carballo was released from jail, but tonight he is back behind bars to serve an eighteen month jail term.  [...]

Businessman charged for drinking bottle of wine without paying
A Belize City businessman who drank a sixty dollar bottle of wine at the Princess Hotel and could not pay for it was criminally charged this morning. Thirty-four year old [...]

Expo Belize Marketplace set for this Saturday
There two major events that will take place at the same time this weekend. The Carnival Road March takes place on Saturday, as does the Chamber of Commerce’s Expo Belize [...]

It’s the convention season and new faces are popping up in the GOP
The opposition, People’s United Party, has announced that it will be holding conventions for candidates interested in contesting the upcoming elections. Already in Cayo Central and Belmopan, the field is [...]

Belize finalizes Economic Partnership Agreement Implementation Plan
Belize is getting ready to finalize a National Economic Partnership Agreement Implementation Plan. To this end, a validation workshop was held today at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. Various [...]

Healthy Living gives you safety tips for carnival and expo
In this week’s segment of Healthy Living we’ve compiled some very important advice from the professionals for your survival – survival of the carnival and expo weekend, that is! So [...]


Belizean Fishermen Should Have Access to Marine Reserves But Sustainability is Key
Over the course of two weeks the Fisheries Department held consultation workshops across the country for stakeholders in the fishing industry. The purpose of the workshop was to incorporate the input of several stakeholders in order to update the fisheries regulations that would later move on to adaption and later form part of a future Fisheries Act. The consultations were based on four key factors; limited entry designated landing sites, licensing, and managed access. The fisheries regulations date back to 1977 and since then it has been update a few times and currently needs to be updated to address new issues. Forming part of the initiative is the Administrator in the Fisheries Department, Beverly Wade, along with legal consultant, Winston McCalla of Jamaica and Team leader, Chris Hedley.

Police in Western Belize Investigate Shooting of Young Boy
A shooting incident was reported in Roaring Creek Village on Wednesday. A 16-year-old boy told police he was sitting on a step at a yard on Progress Avenue in the village with his friends when a heavily tinted green car approached. The teenager said a man he knows came out of the vehicle and fired several shots in his direction. The teenager was hit in his abdomen. Police recovered three nine millimeter expended shells from the area.

Cannabis, Cocaine and Crack Go Up in Flames
At 1:30 pm today, drugs that had been confiscated or labeled as found property by the Police Department was destroyed. Officer commanding the Belmopan Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent, Sinquest Martinez, was accompanied by fellow police officers and Justices of the Peace to a location where thirty one thousand five hundred and sixty two grams of cannabis along with eighty five point two grams of cocaine and one hundred and fifty nine point three grams of crack cocaine were set ablaze. Normally, old and new drugs are incinerated every six months.

Chamber of Commerce Says They Are Ready for Expo Despite Carnival Clash
Deals, deals and more deals, is what the Expo Market Place 2013 is promising. The event born out of an initiative of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will kick off this weekend at the ITVET Compound on Freetown Road, Belize City. At this point, the last adjustments are being made to have the expo in full gear by eight o’clock on Saturday morning. Public and Marketing Relations officer for BCCI, Delmi Novelo told us what you can expect to see when you visit the expo on the weekend. DELMI NOVELO “We will have displays from the various commercial, industrial and services sector; we will also have participation from non-governmental and governmental agencies; we will be having the cooperatives displaying their products and we will also be having the Department of the Environment at the back who will be displaying products, how to use them and keep the area clean. There will be an area for the children where they can play and have fun. To the back we will have the ICA Creative Village where various artists will come and entertain the crowd. There will be the beverage and food section; there will be a lot to eat and drink and there will different promotions going on and so, we encourage everyone to come out this weekend.”

Theft and Burglary Under Investigation in Northern Belize
Corozal Police have arrested and charged 21-year-old David Castellanos and 37-year-old Reynaldo de Ara Gallegos both of Caledonia Village with two counts of theft and one count of burglary. Gallegos who is a Mexican national will be handed over to the Immigration Department since he could not produce any legal documents. The two were arrested following a report that a container belonging to the Cane Farmers Fair Trade Association in Caledonia was broken into. The thieves made off with three spray pumps, a tractor battery and three buckets of diesel from a grader that was parked on the compound. Police recovered the stolen items and arrested Castellanos and de Ara Gallegos. Both men were offered bail of four thousand dollars plus one surety of the same amount. They are to reappear in court on November 12th.

Guatemalan Fishers Continues Encroachment on Belizean Terrain
There are reports that on Sunday a fleet of what appeared to be twenty five boats manned by Guatemalans were fishing in the Sarstoon Area within Belizean Territory. Reports also say that the fishing was done using gill nets which is detrimental to Belize’s marine life. Administrator at the Fisheries Department, Beverly Wade says there is no active patrol presently along the mouth of the Sarstoon River. Wade says that Guatemalans living across the Southern border are known to do fishing in Belizean waters. BEVERLY WADE “It is a fact that the border area between Belize and Guatemala, there is a little grey are in between that and there is artisanal or small scale fleet of Guatemalan fishers who live along the Sarstoon River who fish that area; primarily, I do know that one of the things they do is shrimping in that area but we have not really noticed a whole scale encroachment of these people into what we do know as Belize’s territory. There is some encroachment along that area along the mouth of the Sarstoon River.”

Nineteen Patriots to be Honored at The Bliss
In this time of celebrations we always remember the heroes that fought for our nation or just overcame challenges in honor of Belize. However, there are those that are still alive who are making a difference for the country in one way or the other, true patriots who will be honored tonight at the Annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots event. This year, nineteen persons will be honored during a ceremony tonight in Belize City. According to the Secretary of the Honors and Awards Committee, Carlos Perdomo, the nineteen persons were chosen out of a pool of nominees, based on their service and influence to the community and by looking at their curriculum vitae. From the nineteen Belizeans chosen from all over the country, two of them will receive the distinguished medal of service and the other seventeen will receive medals of meritorious service which the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young will be handing over. The Tribute to Belizean Patriots event will start tonight at 7:00 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. According to Perdomo, entrance is free but there are seats reserved for the honorees and their families and the diplomats.

Health Officials Suspend Prescription of Medication Following Reports of Liver Risks
The Ministry of Health has issued a warning on the medication “Ketoconazole”; an anti-fungal medication that is currently being is Belize. The Ministry says that it is aware that the medication has been proven to have toxic effects on liver when digested oral; which means in the form of tablets or liquid. So far, no negative effects have been seen when the medication is use on the skin as a lotion however, in some countries have banned the medication. Chief Pharmacist at the Ministry of Health, Sharon Anderson, says that in the case of Ketoconazole, the risks outweigh the benefits. SHARON ANDERSON “We at the ministry received a warning from the European Union medicine agency highlighting the post market surveillance of the product whereby it demonstrated that is causes liver damage and after repeated studies they decided to suspend the use of it because of the nature of the risk involved and the study has shown that the risk does not outweigh the benefits and we know that it is a drug that we use because it is prescribed through the NHI and so we decided to warn our physicians and to let them proceed with that caution.


The Fight Against Drugs and The Use Of Tobacco Among Youths Continues
Drugs and Alcohol use have become an important issue and a cause for concern for many parents throughout the country of Belize. The National Drug Abuse Control Council, (NDACC) is constantly developing counter risk behavior policies and strategies to assist our youth. In line with such mandate, NDACC and the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the University of the West Indies - Open Campus Belize, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Inter-American Observatory on Drugs OAS/CICAD, will be conducting a Survey of High School and Junior College Students on alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and health, in both public and private schools across the country. Amelio Matura is the Schools and Communities Program Unit Coordinator at the National Drug Abuse Control Council and he believes this survey is critical to the development of intervention strategies to prevent the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among adolescents.

Ministry Of Health Advices Not To Use Ketoconazole
Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal medication in the same family of drugs as fluconzole and miconazole used to prevent growth of several types of fungi by preventing production of the membranes that surround fungal cells. The medication, which was approved by the FDA in June 1981, treats a variety of fungal infections such as candidiasis of the skin or mouth and others. If you are user of Ketoconazole then we suggest you listen keenly to the following report. The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring new information in regards to the use and efficacy of the product which is currently being used in Belize. The Ministry is aware that in some countries this medication has been banned from further use because of its toxic effects on the liver. Other medications of the same category of drugs have proven to be just as effective with fewer side effects.

Young Artist Makes It Big In The U.S
“Through Caitlyn Eyes” is the name of a new art exhibit officially opened today at the Banquitas House of Culture here in Orange Walk. The exhibition features art work from a young artist whose passion for drawing was discovered when she was six years old. With the support of her parents, Caitlyn Tillet, a born American with Belizean parents, launched her first exhibition approximately a month ago at the Corozal House of Culture. Today, she brought her creations to sugar city with the hope of inspiring other students to discover their God-given talent. We caught up with the young artist this morning during the exhibitions official opening ceremonies and she told us that art is simply her passion. Irvin Aragon – Reporting Twelve year old Caitlyn Tillet has been drawing since the age of six and as the years goes by, her artistic skills keep developing. Today, twenty seven animated art pieces all drawn by the talented young artist, was officially launched for display at the Banquitas House of Culture.

Educators In Corozal Discuss Plans To Improve Education
In the Corozal District there are over 39 schools that offer quality education to students. But there is no doubt that when it comes to the education system, there is room for improvement. With this in mind, Corozal District Education Officer, Jahmor Lopez, who was recently transferred to Corozal, hosted a meeting with all 39 principals of the Corozal District and other stakeholders to get a better idea which areas need to be worked on. Jahmor Lopez- District Education Officer, Corozal “We are having our first school leaders of meeting here in Corozal District we are meeting with all our primary school principals and also our local managers, the purpose of the meeting is for us to chart the way forward for the Corozal District, for us to present the ministry’s plan, we are moving ahead with our sector strategy and they need to be aware of a number of changes that we are implementing and we also need to bring them up to speed in terms of our expectations and I need to get to know them and they need to get to know me, I am new here ...

Duo Charged For Burglarizing Container
Three spray pumps, one tractor battery and three buckets of diesel, are what 21 year old David Castellanos, Belizean laborer of Caledonia Village, Corozal and 37 year old Reynaldo De Ara Gallegos, a Mexican National living in Caledonia, are being accused of stealing. Herman Olivarez, 25 year old Belizean lab technician of Caledonia Village, reported to police that on the 11th of September, at about 1:30 in the morning, thieves broke into a container which belongs to the Cane Farmers Fair Trade Association in Caledonia Village and stole the three spray pumps, the tractor battery and three buckets of diesel. Police found one hack saw at the scene believed to have been use to pry open the container.

Two BDF Soldiers Detained By Orange Walk Police
There is not much that we can report on the following story, or we should say, that from all the rumors, there is not much that we have been able to confirm. But in sight that the report involves two members of the Belize Defense Force and almost everyone is being tight lipped about the issue, then we deem it important to air. CTV3 News has been reliably informed that in the wee hours of September 11th, at 3:30am to be exact, two soldiers of the Belize Defense Force, attached to the BDF Eyles Camp in Orange Walk Town, were detained by Orange Walk Police after they got involved in an argument with two civilians while socializing at the Central Park. This all happened during the 10th celebrations. We have not been able to confirm if both soldiers were under the influence of alcohol as is alleged. What we do know though, is that they were escorted to the Orange Walk Police Station and by 4:00am they were released. Now these are the accounts of the Belize Defense Force.

15 Year Old Minor Charged For Attempting To Break Into BTL Corozal
Tonight a 21 year old Belizean laborer and a 15 year old minor, both from Corozal Town, are facing charges of attempt burglary after they attempted break into the office of Belize Telemedia Limited Corozal Branch. Perla Briceno, 36 year old Belizean Administrator of BTL, located on 5th Avenue Corozal, reported to police that when she left the BTL office on the 9th of September at about 6:30pm, she ensured that the building was secured. On the 10th of September though, Briceno received a call at around 10:00pm. The other person on the line informed her that someone was attempting to burglarize the B.T.L Office. By the time police arrived at the scene the criminals were long gone since the burglary was foiled due to community participation. Upon making checks to the building Briceno noticed that the lock for the back door had been damaged. The good news is that the burglar or burglars did not manage to enter the building hence nothing was stolen. At the scene of the crime police recovered a crowbar and a jack.

Slain Police Officer Dean Yearwood Jr. Laid To Rest
This afternoon slain Police officer, Dean Yearwood Junior, was laid to rest by his family and friends here in Orange Walk. Despite the inclement weather, members of the Belize Police Department marched to give their colleague a hero’s farewell. PC Yearwood was fatally shot in the wee hours of Sunday morning, by another police officer. He received one of approximately eleven shots fired by Officer Glen Grant. An autopsy conducted on Yearwood’s body confirmed that he died due to massive blood loss as a result of internal hemorrhage. In the midst of all the pain and bereavement, Yearwood’s family, the top brass of the Belize Police Department, including Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, took part in the procession which after the religious ceremonies, held at the Saint Peters Anglican Church, headed to the Pie Monte Cemetery: Yearwood’s final resting place.


Slain cab-driver Daniel Aguirre’s gun recovered, four persons charged
Even as the nation of Belize enters into the September celebrations the nation has also been gripped by several killings that have competed in the news for the spotlight. One such killing is that of KTV Latino star and Belmopan taxi driver, Daniel Aguirre, who was...

Inspector Yearwood clarifies events surrounding P.C.’s killing
On Wednesday morning former press officer for the Belize Police Department, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, called the KREM WUB Morning Vibes program to clarify events surrounding the Saturday morning killing of his cousin, Constable Dean Yearwood, who was shot in the back allegedly by fellow officer Glenwayne Grant, who was...

SATIIM boosted by report demanding stop to oil exploration
On Wednesday afternoon PLUS News was informed of the release of a new report by Minority Rights Group International calling for a suspension of oil exploration in the Sarstoon Temash National Park. MRG will, on Thursday, release a new report alleging that the “Belizean government has allowed US Capital...

San Ignacio Hospital receives new ambulance
The San Ignacio Hospital is now expected to function more effectively and here is why; On Wednesday, September 10th, an ambulance was handed over to the San Ignacio Hospital by the area representative Hon. Elvin Penner. Minster Penner told us more about the donation and...

Battle of St. George’s Caye commemorated in Belize City
Tuesday, September 10 marked the 215th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798 and official ceremonies marking the commemoration of the event took place in Belize City at the Memorial Park. The event saw the official attendance of Belize’s key leaders such...

Tropical Update
The heavy rains experienced in the Northern and Coastal areas of the country, forced some schools to shut down Wednesday morning. These thunderstorms are expected to continue over the next couple of days due to a lower pressure system hovering over the North of the...

Drugs found at Belize City Municipal Airstrip
Drug traffickers are always finding new and innovative ways to transport their illegal products. On Sunday, September 8th, police visited the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City, where they investigated a package that was to be transported to San Pedro. Their search revealed some old broken phone chargers- nothing incrimination...

Armed robbery in St. Matthew’s Village
A man was reportedly robbed of more than $1,400 Belize city. Marlon Meza, a Belizean salesman of Hill View Area, Santa Elena Town, placed a report that on Monday September 9th at about 2:00 pm, while delivering goods at a shop in St. Mathews Village along with two other...

Closing arguments in the extradition of Gary Seawell
Last week the extradition hearing for accused drug trafficker Gary Seawell began in the Magistrate’s Court. Gary Seawell and his brother Mark face charges of large-scale drug operation and criminal enterprise in the U.S. state of Ohio in the 1990s and are being represented by the same attorney, Arthur...

Marathon Community improve Macal River Park
People in the Marathon Community came together to put up some benches in the Macal River Park. The idea came from the knowledge that many students who visit the park regularly have nowhere to sit. Plus TV was onsite on Monday, while work was still underway....

Hawkesworth Bridge under repair
The Hawkesworth Bridge was shipped from Middlestone, England and was erected in 1949. This single lane suspension bridge, that crosses over the Macal River and connects the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, is now under repair. The bridge closes at night, during...

Steven Okeke’s new venture
On Wednesday Plus TV caught up with Steven Okeke at another of his intrepid business developments. The Nigerian-born author and artist says he is taking a step back from the limelight after years of controversy and going back to one of his first loves – smoothie making. He showed...

The Guardian

Cop kills Cop
Senior officers in the police department held a press conference on Monday, September 9th to clear up misconceptions and rumors surrounding the shooting death of police constable Dean Yearwood. Commissioner of Police, Allan Whylie, started off the press conference publicly expressing his condolences to family members of PC 1341 Dean Yearwood. According to the police sometime around 1:05 on Sunday morning, September 8th, they went to an area at the Corner of Nargusta Street and Central American Boulevard where they found 24 year old PC Yearwood suffering from a gunshot wound. He had a gunshot to the back. Also found in a yard a few feet away was another man identified as 21 year old Brian Vasquez. He was suffering from a gunshot wound also to the back. Investigations so far indicate that at around 1:00a.m P.C. Glen Wayne Grant was riding his bicycle on Central American Boulevard when his attention was drawn to two men struggling at the corner of Nargusta and Central American Boulevard during which gunshots were fired. He pulled out his service 9 millimeter pistol and fired several shots at the men. Eleven expended shells were recovered from the scene.

Pay your property tax Julius!
He pretends to be some sort of pious champion but the face of innocence and the standard bearer of virtuosity, can sell that image to those who don’t know him. Slowly, slowly his true nature is being exposed and the newspapers with an advert showing Julius Espat as a delinquent property holder is just such an instance of him being exposed. All the newspapers last week featured a list of those who owe the City Council property tax and right along with those who owe are Rufus X, Myrtle Palacio who owes $6,345.90 and Julius Espat who owes $4,947. It is interesting that Espat can see it fit to write a check for $5,000 to pay for Vaughn Gill’s Child Support but he cannot do the same to pay his property tax. It’s a shame on Julius. He wants to be Mr. Put to Right and he can’t even find the common decency to pay his taxes. Is that the kind of example that he should be giving?

Dynamics of Change
Many urban adults have fond memories of childhoods in rural areas or at least spending idyllic vacations with rural relatives. It was great fun to sit and tell stories in the evenings by the light of lamps; even taking turns with the hand pump to fill the water barrel was amusing; fruit picked straight from the backyard and fish caught in the river tasted better than supermarket fare. As adults we sometimes want to go back to that simpler time we remember and take vacations that mimic the best aspects of this simplicity. However, life for rural residents is often difficult with limited opportunities, long hours of hard manual work and lack of leisure activities. Rural folk want electricity, potable water and modern sewerage systems and they need expanded job opportunities. This can create some tension between those who want everything to remain unchanged and those clamouring for change. Many people remember when San Pedro was a small fishing village with no electricity or water system and not a single instance of motorized transport; some may even remember the summer scout camping trips. Others will recall the picturesque village of Placencia with its narrow foot paths and laid back ambience. The development of these two locations into prime tourism destinations was initiated largely by foreign visitors who were initially attracted by the lack of development they found. Some took advantage of the low cost of prime real estate, relocated to Belize and gradually changed the face of their adopted home. The local folk were at first amazed that these “crazy” foreigners were willing to buy their properties for what seemed to them at the time to be greatly inflated prices and cashed in on the bonanza. Unfortunately, their children and grandchildren are now largely locked out of their ancestral lands whose prices are far above their reach. The large scale developments that have occurred since then have been financed by foreign investment and much of the benefit therefore remains outside of the hands of the original residents.

Peaceful Tenth of September in Belize City
On Tuesday residents of Belize City enjoyed the most peaceful Tenth of September celebrations in years. There has not been a greater sense of security in Belize City since the 90’s and in such an environment there is no better place for a celebration.

State of the Art Pier at Placencia Point
Residents of Placencia Village are very impressed with the new look of the most popular part of the peninsula, “Pint”. The last three Placencia Village Chairmen were present at Placencia Point on Thursday, September 5th, to officially inaugurate the new and improved pier and plaza that was constructed as part of the Sustainable Tourism Program.

Ministry of Agriculture to take over Agro-Processing Project
An agro-processing field day was held on September 6, in the multipurpose building at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds in Belmopan. The rare event was held to coincide with the almost festive occasions of Belmopan’s open market day and saw the participation of students from the Institutes for Technical & Vocational Education & Training (ITVET)’ from the Cayo and Orange Walk Districts. The event was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture as well as the Republic of China Taiwan, ROC, Technical Mission under the theme, ‘Empowering women and youth for income generation’.

Status of Crime in the West of Belize
The San Ignacio Police Formation recently released comparative statistics on the rate of crimes during a span of three years. These figures just released shows that the full synchronization of police work along with Cayo’s community groups is bringing fruitful results.

Tenth of September Celebrated in the West
With signs ‘Belize in you, Belize in me, Land of the Free!’ painted in prominent places, the Tenth of September was celebrated successfully despite some light rain in San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town. Local residents began their celebration from the ninth of September. At the Eve of September the Tenth, students figured prominently and were tested for their knowledge on Belizean history on stage in front of the Administration Building by Town Councilors Mike Salazar and Sharry Medina.

City Flooding Results in New CEMO Taskforce
CEMO and Red Cross Officials in fron of Billboard sample There is no doubt that climate change is having a serious impact on Belize as minor storms that were once nonthreatening are now causing major damage. A low pressure system crept up on Belize late Tuesday, September 10th, as residents were busy celebrating and paying little attention to weather forecasts.

Commander of Southcom visits Belize
Four star general in charge of all of the United States military operations below Mexico all the way to the tip of South America was in Belize last week. General John F. Kelly was in the country on Wednesday and Thursday, September 4th and 5th at the invitation of the Government of Belize.

Charged for robbing $7
On Monday, September 9th, Leopold Stephens, 40, appeared in Magistrate’s court where he was charged with robbery and harm. Police say that at 8:56 on Thursday, September 5, Novelo, a construction worker and resident of Marage Road in Ladyville visited the station and was seen with a swollen face and a cut to his nose. In a report to police, Novelo told them that on that day he was on Egbert Quilter Street in the Lord’s Bank area when he was ambushed by a dark skin man he later recognized as Steve Paiz. According to Novelo, the man punched him in his face for no apparent reason. He then robbed him of his wallet which is value at $20. It contained a $5.00 bill and a $2.00 bill along with an Atlantic Bank and Belize Bank debit cards.

Murder Victim’s Firearm found
Police have recovered a firearm that was the property of Daniel Aguirre, 2011 KTV winner, who had been killed and burnt inside his taxi in Teakettle. Police found the remains of Aguirre inside the vehicle on Saturday morning on a road in the village. Aguirre had been engaged to take some persons on a charter on Saturday and was not seen since. On Monday September 9th police conducted a search at the residence of 49-year-old Miguel Dominguez of Arizona Area, Teakettle Village where they found a 9 millimeter pistol, CZ-75 with 20 live rounds of ammunition. Present at the time of the search were Noel Alexander Torres, 29, salesman of 7006 Antelope Street in Belize City; Blanca Dominguez, 41, domestic of Teakettle Village, and Miguel Dominguez. The firearm police recovered was owned by Torres and was in his possession before his death.

Roaring Creek Murder Suspect behind bars
Belmopan Police have arrested and charged 20-year-old, Honduran National, Erlin Achiaga for the murder of Nigel Noel Neal. He appeared in Magistrate's Court in Belmopan before Magistrate Aretha Ford on Monday September 9th, where he was charged with murder. He was then remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 3rd. On the 6th of September police visited Progress Avenue in Roaring Creek village at around 7:45a.m. where they found the body of 33 year old Nigel Noel Neal AKA Blue. He was lying face up with gunshot wounds to the abdomen, left arm, right side of the face and to the right hip. Initial investigations revealed that Neal was walking on the street when he was approached by a man of Hispanic descent who fired several shots at him causing the said injuries.

Man Charged for Attempted Murder
On Monday, September 9th, 47-year-old Luis Gordon, a resident of Amara Avenue in Belize City, appeared in Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where he was charged with one court of attempted murder and one count of grievous harm upon his brother-in-law Roberto Gilharry. No plea was taken since the charges are indictable offenses that will be dealt with at the Supreme Court level. In a report to police, 37-year-old Roberto Gilharry told police that on Friday, September 6th, at about 6:15 a.m., he got up and drove an SUV vehicle inside the yard he lives in. The vehicle belongs to a female friend, Tiffara Torres, who was staying at his house due to a domestic dispute she had.

Belize Youth Volleyball Team placed fourth in championship
The National Youth Girls Volleyball Team placed fourth in the recently concluded Central American Youth Girls Volleyball Championship that was held in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Team Belize lost its final game to the undefeated champions Costa Rica in three sets. The team however, finished the championship with a 2-3 record for the fourth position. The team also captured 4 of the 9 individual awards given out at the end of the championship. Karen Quan won the Best Setter Award; Kevanna Sebastian won the Best Blocker Award, while Nayala Tun captured the Best Digger and Best Libero Awards.

San Pablo blanks San Roman in Vega’s Cup Tournament
The Vega’s Cup Tournament continued on Sunday, September 8, 2013 out at the San Roman Football Field. In the first game played, Santa Cruz Juniors and San Jose FC played to a 1-1 draw. The goal for Santa Cruz Juniors was scored by Juan Chi in the 9th minute of play, while the goal for San Jose was scored by Jeffry Yama in the 66th minute of play. In game two, San Antonio edged Douglas Real Juve by the score of 2-1. The goals for San Antonio FC were scored by Evi Espejo in the 15th minute of play and Doni Espejo in the 81st minute of play. Meanwhile, the only goal of the game for Douglas Real Juve was scored by Aaron Mesh in the 65th minute of play. In the third game, United Ballers outscored Santa Cruz Misilitos by the score of 3-1. The goals for United Ballers were scored by Jason Williams in the 34 and 37th minute of play and Didier Chulim in the 76th minute of play, while the only goal of the game for the Santa Cruz Misilitos was scored by Victor Maldonado in the 20th minute of play.

BWSL, Customs, City Council and Atlantic Bank win in final regular season basketball games
The Belize District Basketball Association regular season came to an end on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at Bird’s Isle with four games on the schedule. In the first game played, BWSL upended Ready Call quite easily by the score of 74-47. The top scorers for BWSL were Jamir Enriquez with 17 points, and 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Karim Thompson with 11 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Lindberg Graham 11 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, and Akeem Trapp also with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals. For Ready Call, the top scorers were Hubert Baptist with 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals, George Smith 8 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist, Josiah Brown with 7 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals and Ensworth Tzul also with 7 points.

Belize District Football Association players’ registration is on
The Belize District Football Association is currently conducting registration of all amateur players in the Belize District free of cost. The registration process commenced on September 5 and will conclude on October 4, 2013. Registration forms are available at Infotel Limited at 53 Regent Street in Belize City. Meanwhile, the association also informs the general public and football teams in the district that the 2013 Belize District 1st Division Competition is scheduled to commence on October 12th. For further information you can contact the Belize District Football Association at [email protected]

XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship has new dates
The Management Council of the Belize Softball Federation has confirmed that the XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship has been rescheduled for September 27-29, 2013, at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in Belize. The XXIII National Women’s Softball Championship will feature the champions and sub-champions of the affiliated associations of the federation. The National Women’s Softball Championship utilizes the Double Elimination Format. This year’s championship has been dedicated to all survivors of cancer and in particular breast cancer.

Sunshine Masqueraders and Belizean Jewel Shine at Carnival King and Queen
The Carnival King and Queen competition is the coming out party for bands that will be participating in the road march and on Saturday, September 7th, Sunshine Masqueraders and Belizean Jewel came out in spectacular fashion. Rogers Stadium was packed as hundreds of Belizeans came out to support their neighbourhood band. The competition is divided into four categories: junior queen, junior king, senior queen and senior king. Before the competitors took the stage, the judges went around to inspect the costumes. They graded based on creativity, flexibility and durability. The costumes also had to meet certain requirements such as height and mobility. Once the costumes were graded and cleared to go it was time to hit the stage. The stage was built in the middle of the softball infield. Spectators sat on chairs that were place around the stage and others sat in the bleachers. There was not an empty seat in the stadium. Each participant had three to five minutes to display the character they were portraying. Veteran king and queen participants explain that it is not a dancing competition but costume pageantry. People are often upset because they are impressed by their favourite participant’s performance; however, judges look at how the participant works the costume around the stage and how the costume moves.

The Reporter

Regional project promises better healthcare for northern Belize
By Benjamin Flowers Districts in the north and west can expect improvements in maternal and infant health care, due to the Ministry of Health’s continuing efforts with the Salud Mesoamérica 2015 Initiative.

Defense questions US’ evidence in Seawell extradition case
Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith will rule next month on submissions made by Gary Seawell’s attorney, Arthur Saldivar, that the evidence the United States in relying on to extradite him, does not comply with the requirement of the law.

Policeman shoots at robber, and kills fellow police officer
Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie described the Sunday morning shooting death of Police Constable Dean Yearwood, 24, by another police officer, as “a great tragedy” and has ordered both a criminal and an internal investigation.

Eternity Mass Band & Belizean Jewels win Carnival Queen & King
The Eternity Mass Band and the Belizean Jewels Band captured top honors when the National September Celebrations Carnival Committee hosted the Carnival King and Queen competition at Roger’s Stadium in Belize City last Friday night, September 6.

Cinnamon levels up from common spice to super health food
A team of scientists elevated the prized spice, cinnamon, from its culinary applications to a loftier stratum as a promising molecular weapon for combating chronic diseases. Researchers from various fields, including Kiram Panickar, Heping Cao, Bolin Qin and Richard A. Anderson, collaborated in making this significant breakthrough.

Living adult tissue transformed back into embryo state
The living tissue inside an animal has been regressed back into an embryonic state for the first time, Spanish researchers say.

Triple B’s win Atlantic Bank football championship
The Triple B’s of Belmopan bombed the Ladyville Jaguars 8-0 in the second game of the finals to win the 2013 Atlantic Bank women’s football championship at the FIFA Goal Project Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday, September 7.

Camalote Blazers win 1st Miley Garcia softball championship finals
The Camalote Blazers won 1-0 over Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy in the first game of the championship finals of the 2013 Miley Garcia Women’s Softball Competition organized by the Cayo Softball Association at the Denbeigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote on Sunday, September 8.


St Georges Caye day in Belize City
Nothing like a Belize City adventure to celebrate the Holiday. We caught the 12:00pm Maya Air flight to Municipal Airport. As soon as we were off the plane Gonzalo Heredia met us and offered to drive us to our destination, the Princess Hotel, it was a short cab ride and cost was $10 BZD. As we drove through the streets there were a few decorated buildings and lots of colorful red white and blue pennants in honor of September Celebrations and St Georges Caye Day. My first choice was Indian food, I would have walked but the front desk said the road was under construction, plus I know Paul and Dr Al do not like me walking around belize City. I scored a cab outside the Princess and we headed to the Sumanthi Restaurant, unfortunately it was closed. Good by Garlic Nan hello hot and sour soup, grilled lobster burger with a lime juice chaser. As we pulled up to Chon San Palace my cab driver and I agreed you can always count on Chinese restaurants to be open and well decorated for the holidays.

Placencia, Belize: Charm, Food Eaten and Eating Opportunities Missed, The End
This is becoming quite the long drawn out post about Placencia. There was Part One: Good Eats, Placenca Belize, Four Meals A Day Is Just Not Enough and then Part Two: Charm, My Potential Pulitzer, Best Coffee in Belize and Good Eats. But for a tiny village, there is a ton to see. Now let’s finish this off. Belize is on the second (or is it third?) day of now two tropical waves giving us rain and grey chilly weather (by chilly I mean low 80s), won’t it be nice to look at sunny pictures of Placencia. But you can see that there is quite a bit swirling about. So let’s head down to Placencia and think of pleasant things like sunshine, candy colored buildings and coconut flan. While I did do a ton of eating there were a few places that I didn’t get to try…

Chaa Creek and the case for Eco-tourism
The steady rise of eco-tourism as opposed to the more traditional model is just the tip of an iceberg of a rising service industry geared towards satisfying customer demands to “do the right thing”, according to the owner of Belize’s first eco-resort. Lucy Fleming, who with her husband Mick opened the Lodge at Chaa Creek in September 1981 after struggling to support themselves as farmers in this tiny Caribbean country said their experience proves that there is a large market of people who rate a resort’s environmental credentials as highly as a reputation for quality and service. And that providing both is a proven key to success. “When eco-tourism began in Belize, there was a great deal of nervousness about the ability to meet guests’ expectations for quality while remaining true to stringent environmental standards. The success of ecotourism in Belize has proven beyond doubt that this can be done,” Ms Fleming said. “As it turned out, there was a large audience out there who were receptive to the idea that a holiday can actually contribute to the environmental and social wellbeing of the host country.”

Workshop on Women’s Micro-sized Enterprises Start-up and Credit Facilities
Since the late 1960s, the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has been offering international assistance through technical cooperation programs, while establishing friendly relations with countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. In the 1980s, as a result of Taiwan considerable economic achievements and a favorable international trade balance, Taiwan intensified its lending and cooperation programs. Over the past few decades, the Committee of International Technical Cooperation (CITC) and the International Economic Cooperation Development Fund (IECDF) accumulated invaluable experiences as they demonstrated solid achievements in bilateral cooperation.

“Lost” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
The rain experienced during the last few days continued yesterday (well it is the rainy season) and when I got out on the veranda shortly after 05.00 hours (05.18 hours to be precise) it was obvious that it had been raining throughout the night. Not that I would have known though because when I ‘hit’ the pillow my sound system switches off. Fortunately though the veranda of the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is offered some protection from the elements by the fronds of the coconut trees, some of which occasionally ‘touch’ the railings of the veranda when swaying in the breeze. Afforded this protection I was able to enjoy my ‘quality time’ (my solitude time) – that’s me, my mug of coffee and the iPad which gives me access to the rest of the world. Well, when the Internet is working that is! And it was.

A Family Day at Chaa Creek Lodge
It can be hard to find activities for multi-generational family groups in Belize. Often activities are too physical for older people or the very young, or not engaging for all ages. When my parents come to visit I often struggle to think of things we can do together, and now that I have very young children it is even more difficult. The Lodge at Chaa Creek offered to set my family up with a family day, and since it is right up the road from me but I have never visited, I decided to give it a try. Chaa Creek is about 7 miles from San Ignacio, a 10 minute ride on a dirt road off the main highway. The lodge is tucked into the jungle, and immediately when we got out of our car we noticed how felt cool and refreshing it felt in the shade. Since we had toddlers with us, we decided to only check out easy on-site activities. Chaa Creek staff suggested the natural history museum, the butterfly farm, and the medicinal trail.

International Sources

The Pop! of the Wild
IF you put your head underwater in the Sea of Cortez, you will hear a crackling sound. In my summer field course for undergraduates, there were two students who noticed it before all the others. One was a young man who was blind; the other was a precocious musician. Alongside, three other students and I were floating on our backs in the sea, holding one ear underwater, to hear the crackle, and one ear in the air, to listen to one another. The blind student described the sound as “footsteps on kindling.” When I told them what was actually making the sound, their reaction was, in a word, Shrimp!?! And then: But how? And then: But why? Pistol shrimp make their pops by shooting the “thumb” of one claw into a socket on the larger, opposing part of the same claw. The action squeezes out a jet of water that spurts so fast it opens up a small envelope of space in its wake. When this cavity collapses under the weight of the ocean, the vapor inside is crushed back into liquid, creating a shock wave, which we perceive as a pop. The shrimp use such bubbles not only to stun their prey but also to communicate, so our floating conversation segued to social life: certain species of pistol shrimp form large colonies with true division of labor and altruistic behavior. From there we moved to the evolution of symbiosis (a surprising collaboration between pistol shrimp and gobies) and biodiversity (there are 600 species of pistol shrimp). 600!?! But how? But why? And on we ventured, into Darwin’s “mystery of mysteries,” the origin of species.

Blowing bubbles in Belize
HOW FORTUITOUS, I thought, that after choosing Belize as my next dive destination a whirl of media hype should surface around this small but vibrant Central American country. Just weeks before departure, TripAdvisor named Ambergris Caye its “Top Island in the World”, for its white sandy beaches and pristine reef system, while Lonely Planet made the Great Blue Hole number one on its “2013 Top 10 Dives in the World” list. Pretty big calls, so I was excited to discover whether these accolades were deserved. The plan was to spend two weeks sampling some local diving around Ambergris Caye (pronounced key, meaning island), a week’s diving aboard the Belize Aggressor III and a few days exploring Belize’s rich Mayan history and jungle terrain. I have to report that two weeks was not enough!

Belize trip an eye-opener for CG families
Imagine having very little, but enjoying life in a very big way. That’s what the Schommers and Wipperfurths discovered about the humble people of Belize when they traveled to the Central American country in June. The families, along with the Baudhuins – all from Cottage Grove – were part of a week-long mission trip through St. Dennis Catholic Church. St. Dennis has a sister parish in San Ignacio and the families spent time working with the parish and the more than 1,000 local students. “I really felt like we were called to go,” Jeanne Schommer said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing for our families. It was everything we thought it could be and 10 times more.”

Spend winter break in Belize with Lake Land College
This winter, Lake Land College is hosting its fifth annual Belize Adventure. From jaguars to Mayan ruins and the rainforest, Belize, in Central America, has a wealth of adventures to explore! “Participants on the trip will experience firsthand one of the most unique areas on the planet during this short-term study abroad opportunity,” said Dyke Barkley, trip coordinator and Lake Land College horticulture instructor. During the trip, scheduled for December 28 – January 3, participants will experience a variety of activities including: visiting a citrus farm, botanical garden and baboon sanctuary; daytime and nighttime jungle hikes; exploring a Mayan ceremonial cave and archeological sites; and traveling to cities to visit markets and experience local culture.

New World Oil & Gas chief on the front foot as he aims to build a mid-cap oil producer
The news of the summer for followers of the growth company sector was the Lazarus-like resurrection of New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW), headed by the irrepressible Bill Kelleher. Landing US$25mln of new funding (and with it a new cornerstone investor in Niel Petroleum) and gaining access to a debt facility of the same order, has put one of the junior market’s most followed oil firms very much on the front foot. It’s a transformational sum and one that allows it to fund a strategy that could – if executed properly - comfortably catapult New World into the realms of the mid-caps.

New World Oil & Gas shareholders approve funding agreement
New World Oil and Gas [LON:NEW], the oil and gas operating, exploration and development company focused on Belize and Denmark, held its Annual General Meeting (today and is pleased to announce that all resolutions were duly passed. Accordingly, shareholders have approved, on a poll, Special Resolution 5 regarding the proposed issue of 2,184,897,959 Subscription Shares to Niel Petroleum for an aggregate consideration of US$25 million (gross) (0.735p per Subscription Share) and a related conditional Debt Facility made between the Company and Niel Petroleum announced on 21 August 2013. The expected date of the issue and Admission of the Subscription Shares is 25 September 2013, at which point Niel Petroleum will have acquired a 75.66% interest in the Company.

Joshua Berman Travel Writer in Belize
A day in the life of a travel writer in Belize. Author of Moon Belize, Joshua Berman, shows a brief glimpse of what it takes to update a guidebook

10th of September Parade in Belize 2013
Here is a quick overview of the ceremony and parade that was held on the 10th of September for the Battle of Saint George's Caye Day in Belize.

Inspiring Belize's future environmental stewards
Help us to inspire the next generation to protect the incredible diversity of life found in our small corner of Central America

September 12, 2013


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The San Pedro Sun

Team Coco Beach leads Interoffice Volleyball Tournament
The San Pedro Volleyball Association (SPVA) 2013 Interoffice Volleyball Tournament is in full swing. The games kicked off on Sunday, September 1st with female teams Butterfingers and Lady Jaguars were the first teams to hit the floor. Butterfingers took the game wining all three sets (Set 1:25-13, Set 2: 25-29, Set 3: 25-13). The second game was between Captain Sharks and San Pedro High School (SPHS). Captain Sharks secured the game also by winning the first three sets (Set 1: 25-19, Set 2: 25-15, Set 3: 25-12). the third game also ended in a three sets to zero win in favor of team Legend who went up against the Lions (Set 1: 25-15, Set 2: 25-9, Set 3: 25-10). The final game of the night Coco Beach defeated the Tropic Air Pilots in a three set to one set game. The tournament continued on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th. Fans gathered at the Angel R Nuñez Auditorium to cheer on their favorite teams.

Family needs help in locating Carla Marisol Nunez of Belize City
Police have not issued a missing person report as yet, but the family of Carla Marisol Nunez is asking the public’s assistance in locating her. Carla left home in Belize City on Tuesday September 10th around 1PM and has not been seen or heard of her since. Carla, a student of Wesley College in Belize City is of brown skin, Mestizo descent and is about 4 feet 8 inches tall. She was last seen wearing a white blouse, white short pants with white slippers. If anyone has seen her or has any information that can lead to her whereabouts you are asked to call the nearest police station or kindly call her family at 629-2233.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Crowned During September 10th Celebrations
Despite the inclement weather that tried to dampen the spirit of the September 10th celebrations in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, the town managed to coronate its new queen and parade before the rain started on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Before a large crowd of mostly students, outgoing Miss San Pedro Naiely Puc handed over her scepter, cape and bestowed a new crown onto the newly elected Miss San Pedro 2013 Solani Graniel. The ceremony was cut short due to the threat of rain, but San Pedro Mayor and his councilors were able to commemorate the Battle of St. George’s Caye/September 10th celebrations before the weather went sour.

Head of U.S. Southern Command Completes Visit to Belize
U.S. Marine Corps General John Kelly, Commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), departed Belize on Thursday, September 5, 2013, after a two-day visit that included meetings with senior Belizean and U.S. Embassy officials, as well as visits to security installations around the country. This is General Kelly’s first visit to Belize since becoming SOUTHCOM’s Commander in November 2012. Previously, he served as Senior Military Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Kelly visited Price Barracks on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, where he met with Brigadier General David Jones, Commander of the Belize Defence Force, to discuss security challenges of concern to the U.S. and Belize, bilateral military cooperation, and U.S. security assistance.

Misc Belizean Sources

Patriotic Playlist: 10 Songs You’ll Hear At Belize’s September Celebrations
As we informed you yesterday, Belize is in the midst of its annual holiday season—known as the September Celebrations—which officially kicked off today with St. George’s Caye Day, a holiday which, among other things, explains why Belize is the only Central American nation with English as its official language. When we thought about curating a list of Belizean tunes to celebrate the occasion, the first person we thought to tap was LargeUp family member (and Belize City native) DJ Rampage. When he’s not on the road DJing for Lauryn Hill—yes, that Lauryn Hill—the New York-based selector is one of the reggae and dancehall world’s most prolific maker of mixtapes. His latest mix, Fi Wi, which we just premiered here on LargeUp last week, however, spans the essential sounds of Belize including punta, paranda, congo and brukdown. We asked Rampage what songs you can expect to hear should you be enjoying the September Celebrations.

Benque HoC Duodecennial Celebration
The Benque House of Culture had it's 12th anniversary, and they had some great entertainment for the occasion provided by the BMA and Benque Viejo Marching Band. "Benque Viejo Marching Band & Benque Marimba Academy Ensemble, a tribute to the Duo Decennial Anniversary Celebrations "

Vote Miss Belize as Miss Photogenic
Kimberly Kamish is representing Belize at the Miss Continentes Unidos pageant in Ecuador. You can vote for her as Miss Photogenic, which she surely deserves to win. Go Kimberly! "Please vote for Miss Belize Kimberly Kamish as Miss Photogenic at Miss Continentes Unidos 2013. Visit the link below, click in the circle next to her name/photo and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click "votar" (which should be below Miss Venezuela's photo). Please vote and share the link: Miss Belize Kimberly Kamish looking gorgeous in Ecuador as she strives to give Belizeans something else to celebrate this September. Miss United Continents 2013 coronation night is September 14, 2013."

Pedro Cruz Paints Cayo Mural
The Cayo Tour Guide Association has a great article out about their interview with Pedro Cruz, who painted the San Ignacio Town mural in front of the police station. 27 gallons of paint is what the amazing mural took. Thanks, Mr. Cruz! "On Sunday, I had the opportunity of taking a close-up view of Mr. Pedro Cruz’s mural. It is an amazing art piece which features a collage of historical and wildlife images. It was painted over the welcome sign in San Ignacio. It has images of Cahal Pech, maya masks, and hieroglyphs, as well as wild animals found in the Belizean forests, such as the toucan, tapir, and jaguar. Also depicted are iconic historical and patriotic images like the Belizean Flag, the classic 21 September 1981 emblem and the chicle farmers life. It’s not only a mural; it is an experience, something that all Belizeans should see."

Battle of St George's Caye Day in Succotz
Pictures from the Battle of St. George's Caye Day parade in Succotz. Courtesy of D Russell Photography.

Battle of St. George's Caye Day Pictures
The Cayo Welcome Center came alive yesterday after the Battle of St. George's Caye Day parade. The Queen of the West, Vanny Pat, was there, along with the other Queen of the West contestants, to give candy to all the kids. Pandy was there, as was DJ Diamond, to provide entertainment to the happy crowd.

The weather turned inclement this afternoon in Toledo as heavy rain fell.

Workshop on Women’s Micro-sized Enterprises Start-up and Credit Facilities
Since the late 1960s, the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has been offering international assistance through technical cooperation programs, while establishing friendly relations with countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. In the 1980s, as a result of Taiwan considerable economic achievements and a favorable international trade balance, Taiwan intensified its lending and cooperation programs. Over the past few decades, the Committee of International Technical Cooperation (CITC) and the International Economic Cooperation Development Fund (IECDF) accumulated invaluable experiences as they demonstrated solid achievements in bilateral cooperation.

Channel 7

Capital Cops Make Swift Arrest In Murder Of KTV Latino Star
There were two murders in August in Belize; that’s the fewest homicides in any month since 2009. But, September started out badly in the Belmopan area where there were two murders in 24 hours. The only good news coming out of the story is that Belmopan police have displayed impressive investigative work solving both murders in quick time. Today, 7News went back to Belmopan where 4 people were arraigned in connection with the killing of former KTV Latino Champion Daniel Aguirre. As we found out, it was an unusual arraignment where protestors waited in the rain to make their presence, and their anger felt:

Inspector Speaks Skeptically Of Police’s Role In Relative’s Murder
The investigation into the shooting death of Police Constable Dean Yearwood is moving at quite a different pace. First off it’s not a murder investigation; as we reported, 24 year old Constable Yearwood was shot by another Constable, 32 year old Glenn Grant. Off duty Yearwood was firing at a man who just tried to rob him; Grant happened on the scene and let off at least 11 shots, one of them hitting Yearwood in the back and killing him. Police say Grant, who worked in another precinct did not know Yearwood, and did not know he was a policeman pursuing a robber. The circumstances of the shooting, which are at best, dubious, have left a bitter taste in the mouths of Yearwood’s family – who say their loved one was “chanced out of his life.” One of those prominent family members is Police Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – the uncle of the deceased. Unlike his nephew, Yearwood has many years in the department – and this morning he called in to KREM WUB on another matter, and made a surprisingly skeptical statement on the ongoing investigation. He started out by saying that when his nephew was taken to the morgue, he should not have been a John Doe:…

City Residents Had To Contend With Major Flooding; MET Office Says Only 2 Inches
Last night, from central to northern Belize the rain poured down in torrents. Here in the city, it seemed like it wouldn’t stop and the water in our clogged-up, drain-deficient city just kept rising and rising. City residents, especially those on ground floors or in low lying pockets, witnessed buckets of rain – which raised the water level by over a foot. But the MET Office – which had predicted rains - says they only picked up two-plus inches. Here’s the Chief Met Officer: Dennis Gonguez - Chief Met Officer "We had some rainfall about 2 to 2 1/2 inches over the Northern parts of the country. Belize City and the International Airport had just about 2 1/2 inches of rainfall and all indications are that we will have some more rainfall but not of the same amounts that we had last night. There will be some decreases, we'll probably get to about two inches of rainfall during the morning time on Thursday with some decreases later on on Thursday afternoon."

But If It Floods Tonight….
And vulnerable is just how city residents felt – after water started creeping into their homes. Around 1:00 am, after five hours of non-stop rain, many distress calls went into 9-1-1 – which in turn called the city council – which was not expecting such a serious weather event and had no contingencies in place. Well, that won’t happen again tonight; they say they are ready – after learning of those distress calls last night:.. Wayne Usher - CEMO Liaison Officer "People were calling from King Street, Western Avenue, Jane Usher Boulevard, Euphrates Avenue - publicly asking what to do about the waters that were reaching up to their beds in their homes and if the council had any plans to open any shelters because they were fearing from the rising waters. We had a member of staff at the Belize City Council who was exactly in that predicament and we asked that person to please tell us what she did.

CITCO and Red Cross Team Up For Signs Campaign
And while that’s for the near term, for the medium term, the City Council and the Red Cross are teaming up to increase awareness of hurricane shelters and evacuation routes. For the Red Cross, which has shifted its focus from hurricane awareness in rural areas since Hurricane Richard clobbered Belize City, it is much needed public information: Lily Bowman - Director General, Belize Red Cross "We found out that there is a main problem in Belize City which is the lack of planned and established evacuation routes. This is to guide the swift movement of people who have to evacuate the city in times of disaster of a Category 2 Hurricane and above. Information and evacuation routes that have recently been established by the CEMO and the assembly points from the various areas in the city need to be prominently identified throughout the city and not only in the Hurricane Season but we believe that throughout all year round. It is very important for this to be evident and for people to know where they are. We also saw it necessary to put up big billboards in ten constituencies."

City Hall: No More Buses On Albert Street!
And while that’s what The Belize City Council is doing on the disaster preparedness front, on the public transport front, it’s making major moves. First off, City buses will no longer be able to access Albert Street: they won’t be able to drive on it, pick up passengers on it, or drop off passengers. We asked Councillor Arlifah Elrington Hyde about it:.. Jules Vasquez "We've always known that there are multiple bus stops and unofficial bus stops between Albert and Regent Streets - you all are saying, that will end?" Alifah Elrington Hyde - City Councilor - Transport "Yes, that will end - I have made it clear to my traffic manager to put in writing that we are cracking down on enforcements with respect to all means of transportation. As it is now what we're doing, we're ensuring that buses no longer run down Albert St. - that's how we're starting."

Saldivar Says Sewell Evidence Suspect
Last week, we told you about the Gary Seawell extradition case which was heard before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. That’s when his attorney, Arthur Saldivar, asked the court not to accept at least 10 of the documents exhibited as evidence against his client because the Notaries Public who signed them, had already expired years before the documents were introduced to the court. The Government Crown Council, Illiana Swift was given until today to respond to that charge. But, turns out she didn’t really need to respond because Saldivar withdrew those submissions which he made to the court and introduced new arguments. His new position is that the depositions or affidavits before the court, had no oaths on them, and so, held no legal ground for the court to consider. He argued that, the documents weren’t properly authenticated, and therefore, there is nothing before the court that constitutes any evidence against his client.

Rhys Back In Court, This Time For Jacking An Iphone
In July, we told you about 22 year-old Nicholi Rhys who went back before the courts for a harm charge, shortly after he had been acquitted of the brazen courthouse killing of Andre Trapp. Well today again, Rhys was back in front of Magistrate’s Court with a charge of handling stolen goods. According to police, at 12:05 yesterday afternoon, 20 year old Earl Perez was in his vehicle with his two relatives when he decided to park the vehicle on George Street. As soon as he parked, young man strode up to the vehicle, pushed his hand through the open window and snatched his black IPhone from off his lap.

Tenth Ceremony And Parade Didn’t Draw Throngs
215 years after the Battle of St. George’s Caye, and 115 years after the event was first commemorated – the tradition of the Tenth continues. It may not be as robust as it was thirty years ago, but it’s still a key part of the September Celebration Season. Channel 7 had live coverage of the ceremonial and social events to mark the tenth yesterday – and here’s how they went…. Jules Vasquez The tenth day at Memorial Park started with the arrival of dignitaries including the leader of the opposition, the Chief Justice, the Prime Minister and The Governor General. From there commenced the speeches, which played on the well turned theme of the Tenth’s validity both as history and celebration: Bernard Q. Pitts, Jr. - Ag. Deputy Mayor "Some say too that the Battle of St. George's Caye is a 215 years old story - that is with mixed with fiction, for that I say - fiction quickly evaporates when confronted by the facts and for this reason the events of the Battle of St. George's Caye should be recounted proudly to future generations as it is the beacon of true Belizean liberation."

Tenth Tradition Still In Cultural DNA
And while this year’s tenth parade has to be recorded as a disappointment, don’t take the relatively poor turnout to signal that the event has lost its meaning. More than a century after Simon Lamb fought to have the Tenth memorialized, the roots of the tradition still go deep into Belize’s Cultural DNA. Daniel Ortiz spoke to some of the Tenth traditionalists who were cueing up for the March:… Hon. Michael Finnegan - Parade Participant "I do this every year because of the richness of the people who came before and I will continue to do it until I can't do it anymore." Hon. Patrick Faber - Parade Participant "About 1998 or so when I came back from the University, I made it my business, it's a tradition for me, to participate in this parade on an annual basis." Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Member, Imperial Band "The tenth is very important because it is the first occasion when the people of Belize, settlement of Belize actually had to find to defend this country and everything in my view begins with the tenth of September."

BTB’s Local Launch of “Discover How To Be”
In January, the Belize Tourism Board re-branded it’s marketing identity with the launch of a new campaign complete with re-designed logo and theme, which urges visitors to “Discover How To Be.” A promotional video was launched simultaneously, but the BTB and its marketing partner Olson had to get clearances for the images and the music – which seemed to take an awful long time. But, just in time for September, the video was released in Belize today. Built around Honduran Aurelio Martinez’s song, Santo Negro – produce by Benque VIEJO’S StonEtree records, the BTB says, quote, “The images are authentic, unaltered and profound.” “

Channel 5

Family of slain cop says footage of killing is missing
Police continue to investigate the killing of Dean Yearwood Junior, the cop who was shot in back by another police officer in the early hours of Sunday morning. And from [...]

Woman, minor and two men linked to the murder of Daniel Aguirre
The charred body of Daniel Aguirre, a Belmopan taxi driver who in 2011 captured the title of KTV Latino, was found in his taxi last Saturday morning in the Arizona [...]

Two environmental concerns found in Stake Bank Project
The Stake Bank Project seems just about set to go, but information from those in charge of the environmental checks and balances has still not been forthcoming. On Tuesday, September [...]

Court hears closing arguments in the extradition case of Gary Seawell
In February 2010, fugitive from the law Gary Seawell was captured by Belize Police after being on the run for three years. He was found on a remote hillside in [...]

10 year old boy caught driving delivery truck with drunken adult passenger
Belize City police are tonight investigating a report that a minor, a ten-year-old boy, was caught driving a delivery truck in the area of Belama Phase Four on Tuesday.  According [...]

Nicholi Rhys; once charged for murder….now for handling stolen goods
Twenty-two year old Nicholi Rhys is no stranger to the courts and this morning he was back to answer a charge of Handling Stolen Goods. Rhys has beaten a murder [...]

Jermaine Ottley charged for possession of drugs and undersized conch
Less than a month ago, Belize City Stevedore, Jermaine Ottley, a resident of Allenby Street claimed that the Gang Suppression Unit had used excessive force on him. But this morning, [...]

“Discover How to Be” Belize with the new video release by the B.T.B.
The Belize Tourism Board has released a new video entitled ‘Discover How To Be,’ which you will see later in this newscast. The catchy three minute sales pitch of everything [...]

New signage project launched by CEMO and Red Cross
The Belize Red Cross and City Emergency Management Organization are embarking on a signage project to assist residents of the city during times of natural disasters. The signs were unveiled [...]

Flooding in the City caused by low pressure system
At the press conference at which the signage project was discussed, the Belize City Emergency Management Organization also said that it has sprung into action following the heavy rains on [...]

Torrential rains also caused flooding in Dangriga
The past twenty-four hours in Belize have been wet ones, with rains beating most of the country for hours at a time. Aside from the City, there has been flooding [...]

Still no assistance to Dangriga for damage caused by Tropical Depression in June
As Swaso mentioned, there is precedent to the serious flooding of that southern district. In fact, News Five was in that area in June, when Tropical Depression number two resulted [...]

City commuters up in arms over relocation of bus stop in the downtown
As we told you, a number of streets in the City were flooded due to the rains over the past two days. The downpour sent commuters scurrying for public transportation [...]


Police News: Cattle Theft, Robbery and Drug Trafficking
On Sunday September 8th police visited the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City where a package which was to be sent from Belize City to San Pedro was inspected. In this package were some old broken phone chargers. The chargers were opened and one of them contained a transparent plastic bag containing two pieces of hard creamy substance suspected to be crack cocaine. The suspected crack cocaine was taken to the station where it was weighed and it amounted to seven point three grams. It was sealed and labeled as found property. Marlon Meza, a Belizean salesman of Hill view Area, Santa Elena Town, Cayo reported that at about two o’clock Sunday afternoon he was at a shop in St. Mathews Village delivering goods along with two other persons. Meza said they were approached by two men of dark complexion who had what appeared to be a pistol. The man reportedly robbed them of their personal belongings and one thousand four hundred Belize dollars. Police investigation continues.

Weather Bureau Warned of Torrential Rains; City Council Ignored Warning
Torrential rains fell over Belize City and other areas of the country over Sunday night and it caused severe flooding in low-lying areas of the old capital. A number of streets in the city were impassable for a few hours on Tuesday night but by this morning, the water had dissipated. Weather forecasters predicted the torrential rains. Dennis Gonguez, Chief Meteorologist “A broad area of low pressure exists over the northwestern Caribbean; the centre of this system is presently over the Orange Walk District. Since the system is over land, there’s no potential for it to develop further. We had some rainfall amounting to 2 – 21/2 inches over the northern parts of the country; we had forecast the amounts of rainfall indeed.” MARION ALI But while the Met Service warned of the rains that caused some residents to experience flooding into their homes, CEMO had not activated a plan of action because they did not expect so much water in so little time.

Dangriga Mayor Refuses to Comment on Civil Suit Against Town Council
The Dangriga Town Council has been taken to court for allegedly not paying its bill. According to information received, the Dangriga Town Council was sued in the Dangriga Magistrate court sometime last week for an undisclosed amount of money that the council allegedly failed to pay for the delivery of a back hoe that was reportedly ordered from Houston, Texas. It is reported that the lawsuit was taken out by a Belmopan Businessman after an attempt to collect monies that he spent to ship the equipment from Houston, clear it from Customs and further delivered to the Dangriga Town Council failed. Mayor of Dangriga, Gilbert Swaso, would not comment on the matter since the case is still before the court. Swaso along with the plaintiff is schedule to appear in court on Friday September 13th.

Stolen Firearm Found In Pit Among Excrement
Police have recovered a firearm believed to be that of murdered taxi driver Daniel Aguirre. Today 29-year-old Noel Alexander Torress of Antelope Street Extension in Belize City was charged for kept firearm without a gun licence, kept ammunition without a gun licence and one count of handling stolen goods. Torress pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to five years for kept ammunition and five years for kept unlicenced firearm and one year for handling stolen good. His sentences will run concurrently. 49-year old Miguel Dominguez was also charged with the same offences however he pled not guilty. 41 year old Blanca Araceli Dominguez and a 16 year old minor were charged with kept firearm without a gun licence and kept ammunition without a gun licence; both pled not guilty.

New Ambulance Allows for Better Emergency Response in Western Belize
The San Ignacio Hospital now boasts a new ambulance. The new ambulance was debuted yesterday during the St. George’s Caye Celebrations in that municipality. The ambulance which came as a donation from the Florida Hospital Adventist health system is a major upgrade for the hospital which prior to this donation had no ambulance. Area Representative Elvin Penner also chipped in by shipping the ambulance to Belize and according to Doctor Dennis Borland and Deputy Regional Hospital Manager for the San Ignacio Hospital, Myra Pullido, the ambulance will greatly benefit the community on a whole. DR. DENNIS BORLAND “This ambulance is something that the San Ignacio Hospital has needed for a long time. They needed to have their own ambulance because every time you hear people talking about not having access to an ambulance; so, working with the Seventh Day Adventist Health system in Florida, we were able to get them to donate an ambulance and the hardest part was getting it to Belize; so, with the help of Minister Elvin Penner we were able to get all the paper works done and get it into Belize and hand it over to the San Ignacio Hospital.”

PUP Area Representative Says He Will Not Sit in PAC Meeting
On the 4th of September, the Public Accounts Committee met at the National Assembly into highly anticipated meeting called by the Chairman of the Committee, Julius Espat. Although Espat wished to have the committee review the most recent auditor general’s report, things didn’t go as planned when instead a move from the other members of PAC had them looking at the Auditor General’s report for 2003 to 2004 and from 2004 to 2005. Espat then adjourned the meeting, but it proceeded with the rest of the members. A next meeting of the PAC is scheduled to take place on Monday the 23rd of September, but Espat when speaking this morning on Love FM and Love TV’s morning show, said he will not take part in it for reasons of illegality and that matter of illegality was explained by Attorney, Senator, and Lisa Shoman. JULIUS ESPAT, Chairman, PAC/ SENATOR LISA SHOMAN, Attorney “We are of the opinion that we cannot participate in something that is illegal and unconstitutional and a blatant violation of the standing orders. The government wants to go over the Auditor General’s report from 2003/2004 which has been done already and this was chaired by John Saldivar and Erwin Contreras, who by the way are now members and who by the way is now putting himself as pro-tem Chairman; do you see how dictators work?”


CTV3 News Celebrates 11 Years Of Keeping Northenos Informed
On this day, exactly 11 years ago, this very studio saw the birth of CTV3 News. Thanks to innovative thinkers and the management of Centaur Communications Corporations Limited pooling resources to acquire equipment, the first CTV3 newscast was aired. All of that transpired on a Wednesday evening with the leading story being a September 10th black party on Price Avenue. It was no easy task but the small staff at that time was adamant to get the news going. Since September 11th 2002 we’ve covered hundreds of stories and have grown to become the northern districts’ most reliable, educational and informative source of local and national news. Our very first anchor was Mr. Adrian Leiva, with reporters Aldo Cansino and Rio Lau. Through the years, our news anchors have been Adrian Leiva, Paulita Nuñez, Ashanti Armstrong, Victoria Hill, Leo Carballo, Dalila Ical, Stephanie Acosta, Carmelita Perez and I Negril Crawford.

Mother Of Three Speaks Out For Assistance
A family of five from the village of San Pablo is tonight pleading to the public for assistance. Leorcadea Arcurio is the mother of three children and wife to Marcial Arcurio. Today she told us she is having a difficult time in finding money to feed her children since her husband fell terribly ill approximately seven years ago. The aftermath of the severe illness has created a domino effect as he is unable to work and provide for his family. Doctors diagnosed Marcial Arcurio with Post-epiglottis and as a result he has completely lost the ability to speak. But that is not all. Marcial was also diagnosed with “lack of concentration due to illness” and as a result was certified as incapable for work. Leorcadia says her husband has searched for employment several times but has been turned down because of his condition. The situation has now taken a turn for worst as two of the couples children are attending high school and the family is in a financial constraint. Based on this reason Leorcadia decided to plead to the public for assistance.

What It Takes For Classes To Be Cancelled During Rainy Weather
This morning, local radio stations and our very own Despierta Belice were flooded with calls of concerned parents questioning if classes would be cancelled due to the inclement weather. With only 180 school days allocated to complete the school year’s curriculum, students are urged to make all efforts to attend classes on a daily basis. Having in mind that the month of September marks the peak of the hurricane season, the Ministry of Education is well aware of the parent’s concerns to send their children to school during the rainy weather, after all their health comes first. But at the same time, the Ministry of Education would like parents and students to bear in mind that the decision to cancel classes does not necessarily fall on the hands of the school’s management. Today we caught up with District Education Officer for Corozal, Jahmor Lopez, who explained to us the procedures to call off classes for the day.

And It Was The Tenth Day Of September O/W Mayor And DPM Talk Unity
It was the tenth day of September yesterday and despite the inclement weather, Belizeans countrywide took part in the official ceremonies to celebrate the Battle of Saint Georges Caye. Here in Orange Walk, ceremonies took place at the Orange Walk Central Park where the Orange Walk Town Council paid tribute to the Baymen with all the traditional trimmings. The day started with the arrival of councilors and Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard followed by the arrival of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize Honorable Gaspar Vega who carried out the inspection of the guard. We must note that this year, during the speeches, there was no chest beating. In fact, we can safely say that for the first time in many years, the 10th of September was not about red or blue; it was about being patriotic and remembering those who fought for Belize. As Belizeans celebrated the 215th Battle of Saint Georges Caye, both Mayor Kevin Bernard and Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega carried a message of unity.

Chula Vista Residents Under Water, Mayor Campos Says There Is Not Much The Council Can Do
Intense and continuous rainfall, especially along northern and coastal areas for the past days, has caused localized flooding. With the ground saturated and no proper drainage system in place, flood waters in Corozal Town is now finding its way into people’s back yard and if the rains continue it will eventually invade several homes. Victor Castillo reports from Corozal. Victor Castillo - Reporting Chula Vista Area, located within Corozal Town, is just one of the areas that often falls victim to flooding during the hurricane season. While the residents claim that the area is a peaceful one to live in, their main concern is the rapid flooding that they experience during the heavy rains. The scenario was no different today when we visited the area. The heavy downpour over the last few days has left its mark once more as streets are filled with water, finding its way into people’s homes. The situation has proven more difficult for children who need to find their way to school and have to waddle through the flooded waters to do so.

Belmopan Police One Step Closer In Identifying Aguirre's Killer
On Saturday morning the body of popular karaoke singer Daniel Aguirre was found inside his taxi car burnt beyond recognition. The vehicle was discovered in an isolated area some four miles off the George Price Highway in the village of Teakettle. Since the dreadful discovery was made Belmopan police have been working overtime in order to solve this latest crime. And tonight, all indications are that authorities are one step closer to capturing Aguirre’s killer or killers as they have been able to recover his 9mm firearm which he was in possession of on the night of his murder. Reports are that one of the suspects police initially detained for Aguirre’s murder directed them to a residence located in the Arizona Area of Teakettle Village. When police arrived at the scene they confronted one Miguel Dominguez who told officers he wanted no problems with the law and out rightly confessed that he threw a gun in a pit latrine located in the same yard.


Contractor General investigating SIF and Dangriga Town Market Project
The 1.3 million dollar project that is the renovation of the Dangriga Town Market has been making progress, but PlusNews understands that works will soon be halted. The project being spearheaded under the Social Investment Fund as part of the Belize Municipal Development Project. And we have been informed...

Police officer shot dead by fellow cop
Police in Belize City have confirmed the passing of one of their own in a bizarre incident over the weekend. According to official reports, Police Constable Glen Wayne Grant, 32, attached to Precinct One on Euphrates Avenue, was riding his bicycle going home from a function on Central American...

Popular performer and taxi man murdered
Belmopan Police is currently investigating an apparent murder whereby a well know Taxi Operator was burnt to death in his Taxi cab. While the body of the individual has not been positively identified as yet, evidence has been pointing to 37 year old Daniel Aguirre. If confirmed, Daniel Aguirre...

Police Commissioner reports reduction in crime
While they mourn a fallen brother, the Police Department took the opportunity to do a little “bigging-up” of itself for reducing the crime rate across the country and particularly in the old Capital. There have been no murders reported in the City in exactly two months and last month’s...

Police Commissioner speaks on three cases of inappropriate force leading to death
We have been following the attempts of the Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal to force action from the Police Department with regard to three open cases in which Police are accused of inappropriate force leading to death. These are the cases of Kevin Kelly,...

Honduran arrested for murder of Nigel Neal in Roaring Creek
Last week Friday we told you about the broad daylight murder of 34 year old Nigel Neal. Neal was lay waited and gunned down in front of his residence in the village of Roaring Creek. Neal had communicated with his mother, Alice Burgess that he believed there was a...

Man charged in Corozal for possession of cannabis
Police have arrested one man after allegedly discovering weed in his vehicle. Last week Friday, Corozal Police were on mobile patrol on 7th Avenue when they pulled over a Nissan car being driven by Israel Rancharan. An initial search on the vehicle turned up nothing incriminating; however, Mr Rancharan...

BTV encounters armed Guatemalan military officials
The group of patriots, naming themselves Belize Territorial Volunteers and headed by Wil Maheia, had a disturbing encounter on Sunday September 8th, at around 9:30 a.m. In mood of the September Celebrations the group of volunteers decided to go to the Belize/Guatemalan border; something...

PAC schedule public hearings in Belmopan
For the past couple of weeks, we have been updating you on the new developments of the Public Accounts Committee, which seemed to be evolving into a very heated dispute. However, the fire seems to have cooled between government members and opposition leaders within the Committee, at least for...

Belize Female Youth National Team placed fourth in the Central American Volleyball Championship
The performance level of sports in the country is quickly gaining altitude; and of course, volleyball is no alien to this equation. On Friday September 6th, the Belize Female Youth National Team placed fourth in the Central American Championship held in the city...

Belmopan celebrates Independence with various events
Plus TV sat down the Assistant Events Coordinator at the Belmopan City Council, where she talked about the Council’s September Celebrations calendar. Now we bring you those events scheduled to take place after the 10th, St. George’s Caye Day. On the agenda for the 13th, a Children’s Rally will...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Scuba Sensation boat and engine stolen
Last night masked thieves stole the dive boat belonging to the Scuba Sensation dive shop located on Front Street, The boat, also named “Scuba Sensation” was stolen along with the 200 Yamaha engine of it. The boat was later found., but without the engine! If anybody knows of a 200 Yamaha that is for sale or any info on this stolen engine, please call 6004700 or slip a note under SCUBA SENSATIONS DIVE SHOP’S door. If you heard or saw something of the sort, so as to lead us to the recovery of the engine, please also let the good folks at Scuba Sensations as well as the police know.

Letter to the Editor: Biologically Appropriate Technology or GMO
Biologically appropriate technology is designed to do no harm to the environment – the air, water and soil in which we, and all animals, depend on for life. It is working with nature, not against it. It is learning from and respecting nature. An example of biologically appropriate technology would be energy, produced on site where needed, from renewable sources. Interestingly, energy is an area where humans have made some serious wrong turns and where we should have learned that we must be very careful about who is telling us what and why. Having been an environmental journalist turned anti-nuclear/pro-renewable energy activist, I am seeing similar patterns in the debate over GMO corn as existed in the nuclear debate. The parallels lie in how the public was sold on nuclear power back when there was controversy and concern that nuclear power might not be “ biologically appropriate technology.” Touted as being “safe, clean, and too cheap to meter” by the industries that financially benefited, nuclear energy turned out to be an expensive environmental nightmare, costing trillions, and many lives. We still do not have a clue as to how to safely deal with the waste which must be monitored in some cases for 250,000 years, and Fukushima is an ongoing out-of-control environmental disaster contaminating water daily with ionizing radiation that flows to the open sea.


Real Honeymoon: Belize
I don’t know about you, but this week’s Real Honeymoon makes me want to book a trip to Belize as soon as possible. Matt and Agnes split their vacation time between the jungle and the beach, and the result was an exciting but very relaxing honeymoon that was perfect for these super busy lawyers. Read all about their incredible Belizean honeymoon below: When and where did you honeymoon? The night after our wedding, we caught a redeye flight to Belize and got there the following morning. We were there from June 17 through June 24. This is technically the beginning of the “off-season” and rainy season, but it ended up being the perfect time to go, because the weather is still really great, prices are lower, and it’s a lot less packed but still vibrant. We spent the first 3 nights at the Lodge at Chaa Creek, an amazing resort in the jungles of the Cayo district just a few miles from the Guatemalan border. Then we headed back to the Caribbean Sea where we spent the next 4 nights relaxing on the beach at Victoria House on Ambergris Caye.

Chaa Creek Remembers 9/11
Although years have passed since that dreadful day in September when the previously unthinkable happened, the pain is still fresh in the minds and souls of so many people around the world. Even here in Belize, surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty and the serenity that come with it, we can’t help but be affected each year when the events of that day come rushing back. All we can do is attempt to join the rest of the world in reaching out to the survivors, families and everyone affected by that tragedy with feelings of love and any sense of comfort and support that comes with knowing that even in the most remote parts of the world, people are thinking of you and wishing you as much peace and closure as possible.

“Friends” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
With it being a public holiday in Belize yesterday to celebrate and commemorate the battle of St George’s Caye and needing to recover from my exertions (I am getting older!) of the previous day I decided that it would be a ‘blog free’ day for me (and you if you were waiting for an edition to be published!). From the time (around 05.00 hours for those of you that ‘like’ this kind of detail) I got out on to the veranda it had the ‘feel’ of being ‘one of those days’. You know the type. Rainy. Overcast. Dull. The kind of weather that might encourage you to grab a book and go back to bed. Well I didn’t go to those lengths but I might just as well have done because I couldn’t even muster up the enthusiasm (or energy) to go in to town to watch the celebrations. Fortunately not everyone is as easily influenced by weather conditions as I am and you can get a very good ‘feel’ for what the parade was like from the edition that San Pedro Scoop published.

Amish Sausage Balls
Yielts: 26 Cookin Time: 30 min Whut Y'all’ll Neet: 1 pound Itlian sausage, casyun' removet 1/2 cup plane breed crumbs 1/4 cup finelee choppet onion 1 egg, beete 2 teespoons vegetabull earl 1 1/2 cups ketchup 1/4 cup white vinegar 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1/2 cup lite brown sugar

International Sources

Sleep at the base of a Maya temple
Glamping has taken on an ancient air in Guatemala, where a few lucky couples can make camp and dine at the base of a Maya temple each year. The Ka’ana Resort’s Maya City To Yourself package includes an entire evening exploring the ruins of Yaxha, located on Guatemala’s border with Belize. The exclusive experience starts at dusk when daily visitors clear out, and an archaeological guide leads the couple on a private tour through the ancient city. It was once the third largest in the region, and possibly first settled as far back as 1,000BC. More than 500 structures still stand throughout the city, and the guide details their different functions. There is a Mesoamerican ballcourt, for example, where sporting events and feasts took place, as well as sculpted monuments dedicated to deities and kings. The tour ends with a hike to one of the tallest temples to watch the sunset over Lake Yaxha. The night continues at the base of one of the city’s classic tiered temples with a table set for a traditional dinner, cooked by a trio of women from a neighbouring Maya village. The menu changes seasonally, but is always centred around corn, such as handmade corn tamales, corn tortillas and a corn-based drink called atole, along with plenty of fresh vegetables. As the evening winds down, a private tent is set up with open views of the torch-lit plaza, though couples can also choose to climb another temple for after-dinner drinks. The pair also has access to a private butler should any needs arise during the night.

US energy company must suspend oil exploration until Government of Belize obtains free, prior and informed consent of Toledo’s Maya and Garifuna peoples, says new report
USCapital Energy Belize, Ltd must suspend its oil exploration immediately in Toledo, and resume activities only if the Belizean government obtains the free, prior and informed consent of the Maya and Garifuna peoples who live in the area, says an international rights organisation in a new report. ‘Toledo District, Belize, is the ancestral homeland of indigenous Maya people and Afro-descendant Garifuna people. Under human rights law, the government of Belize is obliged to protect and ensure Maya and Garifuna land rights. Private businesses operating in the area also have a duty to respect these rights,’ says Lucy Claridge, Minority Rights Group International (MRG) Head of Law. ‘The government of Belize must halt oil exploration in Toledo without further delay, and delineate and title Maya and Garifuna lands,’ Claridge added.

Where in the World Are Americans Investing Dollars
If the last several years have taught us anything, it’s that our economic system is more volatile than ever. Trillions of dollars were lost in the last credit crisis. Now, numerous economists and finance experts are predicting the implosion of the dollar and U.S. economy in the next three to five years. According to George Melloan of the Wall Street Journal, "It is unlikely that Americans themselves will escape the inflationary consequences of the current Fed policy." This is why some of the world's most influential and wealthy individuals have gradually been transitioning their investments out of the dollar — and sending their money to beautiful Belize. Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, this former British colony offers a distinct Caribbean spirit, and is very close to the United States—only a one-hour flight from Miami, two hours from Dallas or Houston. As notes, “Forty percent of this English-speaking paradise is protected park and nature reserve land. Enthralling Mayan ruins await amid rainforest canopies. Awe-inspiring scuba diving and eco-adventures are on offer along the world’s second-longest barrier reef. The 1000-foot-diameter Blue Hole is so big and so blue that it can be seen from outer space.”

AFAR Belize Guide Video

VIDEO: Diving the Blue Hole in Belize
The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km (43 mi) from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular in shape, over 300 m (984 ft) across and 124 m (407 ft) deep.It was formed during several episodes of quaternary glaciation when sea levels were much lower. Analysis of stalactites found in Great Blue Hole shows that formation took place 153,000; 66,000; 60,000; and 15,000 years ago.As the ocean began to rise again, the cave was flooded.The Great Blue Hole is a part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a World Heritage Site

Six CARICOM countries put on Watch List for human trafficking
Even as Caribbean Community (CARICOM) governments, during the past year, have seemingly made efforts in addressing human trafficking, the United States says many of them have still not done enough in tackling the issue. In this nexus, in its 2013Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, the US Department of State placed six CARICOM countries - Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago - on its Tier 2 Watch List. Another four - Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Jamaica, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines - have been listed on the Tier 2 List. Belize is regarded also as a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour and that a common form of human trafficking is the “coerced prostitution of children, often occurring through parents pushing their children to provide sexual favours to older men in exchange for school fees, money and gifts”.

Lost In An Underwater Cave, Dont Let This Be You
It's a terrible tragedy when an open water diver swims into an underwater cave and doesn't make it out alive. It happened recently to a honeymoon couple in Mexico. They hired a guide for a cavern dive. He ended up taking them into a cave and all 3 died. Choose your guides carefully and don't feel pressure to go anywhere you are not comfortable with. There is nothing in any underwater cave worth dying for- Be smart and safe!! I hope this short film sends a strong enough message to anyone thinking they dont need cave training to dive in the caves.

250 Million Reasons You Should Register Your Photo Copyrights
We recently spoke to’s Carolyn Wright and former ASMP President Richard Kelly about the importance of registering your copyright regularl

Why Gursky's Photo of the Rhine is the World's Most Expensive Photo
The art world was abuzz last week after Andreas Gursky's photograph Rhein II sold at auction for a ground-breaking $4.3 million. The print may be Plexiglas

September 11, 2013


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Kent Gabourel wins Pre-September Celebrations cycling race
Sunday, September 8th saw several cycling enthusiastic circling San Pedro Town in hopes of winning first place in the Pre-September Celebrations cycling race. In the end it was Kent “Bob” Gabourel who trumped the competition and took the first place trophy in the senior division, while in the junior division Byron Lara rode home with a first place trophy. According to local star athlete Kent “Bob” Gabourel, the purpose of the race was to raise funds for the local cycling team to travel to Punta Gorda to participate in the upcoming National Beach Cruiser Race on September 21st, all while promoting the patriotic spirit of the September Celebrations. “The race gives the youth and athletes of San Pedro a chance to practice for a larger race, while at the same time competing and winning prizes,” he said. The race took cyclists through San Pedro Town to Boca Del Rio Area and back and each division race consisted of four laps, ending at Central Park.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belizean to stand trial for allegedly drowning her children
A 22-year-old woman, who allegedly drowned three of her children at a beach earlier this year, is due to appear in court on September 17. Felicia Chen, who has been charged with three counts of murder, has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation at the Mental Health Acute Unit at the Palm View Centre. Police said that Chen on April 27 took a bus to the Belizean Beach with her four children, ages one to six, and walked them into the sea. Chen is alleged to have drowned the children – one year old Trinaya Felicia Tuel, three-year-old brother Thomas and four-year-old Triana Tuel – by forcibly submerging them in the water in the first reported case of infanticide in Belize. The eldest child ran for help and in the process escaped meeting the same fate as her siblings.

VIDEO: Citizen's Parade in Santa Elena
Here comes the citizen's parade in Santa Elena town.

VIDEO: Tenth September Parade in San Ignacio, Cayo
The Citizen's Parade passing in front of the police station in San Ignacio town and heading over the historic Hawksworth Bridge.

Why the 10th of Sept is such a Patriotic Day for Belizeans
Although we haven't lived in Belize in such a long time, our hearts still yearn for Belize on these special days.

BWRC Monkey Operations
Feelgood news of the day. The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic had two operations this week on monkeys. Both Spartacus and Livvy were operated on by visiting veterinarian Dr. Gilbert Brodeur. Both monkeys had their arms operated on, and both are recovering fine. Daniel Velazquez was there to document the operations. Thanks BWRC, and Dr. Brodeur!

Happy Battle of St. George's Caye Day: 10th of September Song
Have a great holiday. Thanks, Will Moreno for the musical interlude: 10th of September Song, with some great pictures in it.

VIDEO: Belize celebrates St. George’s Caye Day
The official St. George’s Cay Day ceremonies were held on Tuesday morning in Belize City. It included an address by the Charmian of the September Celebrations Commission, Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, the Mayor of Belize City and the installation/crowning of the new Queen of the Bay. Here is a recording of the ceremonies as it was streamed live on West Vision. The video feed came courtesy of Great Belize Television (Channel 5).


While Corozal Police continue to investigate what exactly caused Friday nights traffic accident they have charged one man for going equipped.
While Corozal Police continue to investigate what exactly caused Friday nights traffic accident they have charged one man for going equipped. On Friday September 6th, at around 3:45am, Officers of the Crime Investigation Branch, Corozal were conducting a mobile patrol in the Joseito Layout Area when their attention was drawn to a dark skin male individual dressed in black shirt and a dark in color ¾ pants. The man, later identified as 33 year old Jeremy Matura, Belizean laborer of San Antonio Village, Corozal, was seen riding a pink ladies bicycle. A search was conducted on Matura which led police to the discovery of a Philips screw driver and a vice grip found in his right front pants pocket. As a result Matura was arrested and charged for going equipped. Matura, who police suspect is involved in several of the burglaries that have occurred in Corozal, appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court today where he was offered bail to the sum of $1,000 which up to news time he has been unable to meet. Matura is scheduled to reappear in court on the 12th of December.

Corozal Police Charge Four For Drug Trafficking
Another drug bust in Corozal Town has resulted in the seizure of 329.7 grams of cannabis. On Sunday, Corozal Police conducted a search at a house located in the Halls Layout Area where they discovered a back pack containing a black plastic bag with suspected cannabis inside. Present at the time of the search was 24 year old Dwayne Hulse, Belizean laborer of 2 ½ miles Phillip Goldson Highway Belize City, 26 year old Tyron Munnings, Belizean labourer of #12 San Victor Street Orange Walk Town, Anthony Grant, 36 year old Belizean of Diego Street Corozal Town and Tanisha Mckoy of 12th October Street Corozal Town. All four were individuals were escorted to the Corozal Police Station where they were charged for drug trafficking. They were arraigned in the Corozal Magistrates Court this morning where they pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking. All of the accused were offered bail to the sum of $3,000.00 each and a surety of the same amount which up to news time they have been unable to meet. They are schedule to return on the 11th of December 2013.

Corozal Resident Pleads Guilty To Possession Of Controlled Drugs
At first nothing incriminating was found when police searched the vehicle of Israel Rancharan, Belizean laborer of Halls Layout, Corozal, who was stopped while police was patrolling 7th Avenue in Corozal on Friday September 6th. But Rancharan’s luck ran out when police told him that his Nissan Sentra, bearing license plate CZL-C-03133, would be taken to the police station for further searches. The search was conducted in the presence of Rancharan and this time the hunch of police officers proved right. Hidden between the two front seats, cops found a transparent plastic bag containing two small parcels containing 53.3 grams of suspected cannabis.

KTV Latino Winner Murdered In The West
And the disturbing stories for tonight continue as another taxi driver was found dead in his taxi car in the area of Pook's Hill Road about four miles behind Tea Kettle Village. Thirty seven year old Daniel Aguirre, a taxi driver of the garden city Belmopan was found burnt beyond recognition inside his vehicle on Saturday morning by a passerby who called the police. It is not yet known if Aguirre was murdered before he was set on fire. Viewers might recall that Aguirre was 2011 KTV Latino winner. Daniel Aguirre was a resident of the San Martin area of Belmopan City and has now become the second taxi driver to be killed in the Belmopan area over the past few months. He is also the second taxi driver to be found burnt inside his taxi car following the untimely death of Hugo Moreno, a taxi driver who was found burnt in his taxi car, particularly inside the trunk of the vehicle, in a feeder road off the sand pit road in the village of Carmelita here in Orange Walk Town.

Cop Shoots Cop In Belize
A Police Constable from Orange Walk Town attached to the Crimes Investigations Branch at Precinct Two at the Racoon Street police station in Belize City is tonight dead after he was shot by one of his colleagues. Reports are that at about 1:05am on Sunday, 32 year old Police Constable Glen Wayne Grant, attached to Precinct I Belize City, was riding his bicycle on Central American Boulevard when upon reaching in front of Publics Supermarket he heard the sound of a gunshot. Right after, he saw two male persons at the corner of Nargusta and Central American Boulevard involved in a struggle. One of the individual’s, who was holding a firearm, was dressed in a white T-shirt and a blue ¾ pants, that person was P.C Yearwood. Reports are that unaware that his colleague was the one involved in the struggle, Grant, who had just finished duties at the Carnival competition at the Rogers Stadium, pulled out his 9mm service pistol and fired several shots at the men, fatally wounding Yearwood in the back and injuring the other individual later identified as 21 year old Brian Vasquez, Belizean Construction Worker of number 11 Mopan Street, Belize City.

OWT Mayor and DPM Discuss Streets Of Orange Walk
Over the last few days, despite the inclement weather, the Orange Walk Town Council, with the little resources available, has been working arduously to bring the streets across town up to driving standards. On the other side of the field the Ministry of Works is also rehabilitating certain portions of Belize Corozal Road and Queen Victoria Avenue which fall under their jurisdiction and are in dire need of refurbishing. But as we have mentioned before, both the streets of town and those that run through Orange Walk are in a terrible state and quick patching proves to be no comfort for Orange Walkenos. Truth of the fact is more needs to be done. With this in mind, Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, requested a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Gaspar Vega. The meeting was set for today at 10:00am and according to Mayor Bernard, the main topic of discussion was streets.


Before and After
For many people it is common to have ongoing birthdays and celebrate for a few days before and after depending on what day their birthday falls. For me it was a case of having to much fun treating myself and getting treated the past couple of days that I did not want to stop, so I gave myself permission to take Monday off. Minutes after I made the decision to treat myself by going back to bed, the rain started and that wonderful wet tropical plant smell came through my window, perfect way to take a siesta. After my nap I decided to treat myself to some home spa time which got cut short as Dick texted he was popping by before work. Then Gaylynn and Mary followed a while later and I for way sidetracked from hula hooping blogging and everything else. Before long Paul was on his way home with pizza and there was just no way I was going back to work.

It Rained On San Pedro, Belize’s St. George’s Caye Day Parade
September 10th is a national holiday in Belize that commemorates the British Baymen beating back the Spanish in very early Belize history. The Battle of St. George’s Caye. In San Pedro, Belize, to celebrate, the kids in town put on their uniforms (even though it’s a day off) and march in a parade. Here are some pictures from the parade earlier today. The kids were supposed to gather at 9am. I arrived at about 9:20am and things were just getting together. The big flag in Central Park was hanging a bit limp in the pre-stormy weather. Perfect weather for a mosquito parade.

Five reasons for planning a 2014 Belize vacation now
Who’s planning next year’s vacations already? Obviously some people are, because we just received not one, but two emails this last week asking for suggestions about where to go in Belize in January. Having been focussed on the current and upcoming September and beyond celebration season that’s just kicked off in the Jewel, it did take us by surprise. Here were two groups of people already planning for next year, just as the longest running party in the western hemisphere is getting underway in Belize. However, when you think about it, it does make sense to start planning now to enjoy that post-holiday euphoria that always pervades Belize after the New Year. And there are many other good reasons to be in Belize in January. Here’s a few: It’s very relaxed. Everyone’s been partying and people in the eco-tourism business have been working hard. And while resorts, tour operators and everyone are still active and welcoming, they’re moving at a more relaxed pace now that the rush is over.

SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to access ” A Trade Platform just for you”
In order to get into the international market, you need the international connections, tools, and information to make it happen. As an item within the Annual SBDC Network Conference, in Orlando, Florida, BELTRAIDE, through its Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize), signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding to access, a powerful and free online trade platform that will link the 750,000+clients of the U.S.., Mexican, Salvadoran, and Colombian Small Business Development Center Networks for international trade opportunities. The MOU was signed by Ms. Melanie Gideon, Deputy Executive Director, BELTRAIDE, and Robert McKinley, Vice President, UTSA Institute for Economic Development. The signing was witnessed by representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA).

Security Kills Freedom
In a world where there is much less government, small organizations present a great threat to societies, depending upon how well organized they are, how well armed they are, and their true intentions. Of course their intentions can only be realized “after the fact”, so all society can do is fall victim to those who plot against them. Nevertheless, mob justice is usually very nasty & prevails in small societies, and it usually amounts to rounding up the oppressors & criminals and putting them in jail or hanging them (or much worse). The old west kind of ran like this, small towns & communities were entirely controlled by an elected sheriff, who was backed by the community, when someone did something the community didn’t like, the sheriff paid them a visit.

August 31, 2013 - September 6 , 2013 Fishing Report
The first week of September has been stellar. It was wonderful to see Aki, Chris and their absolutely fish crazed son, Mak. These guys have crazy luck. They have talent as well, and they are rewarded every time they fish with Captain Cesar. And thanks Ray for bringing your buddies. I loved that they jumped on board to learn to fly fish and I know they will continue this new fun form. What can we say? The fishing is great and the people are fun. Always a good combination! And, Alejandra Flota turned 10!

International Sources

Get rich quick scheme leaves 15,000 out of pocket
An online ‘get rich quick’ business that promised investors guaranteed returns has pulled out of Ireland, leaving thousands of people battling to recoup their money from an address in Belize in Central America. Banners Broker has terminated its contract with its Irish agent and put tight restrictions on who can withdraw money from its accounts and how often they can do it. Between 10,000 and 15,000 Irish people had lodged cash with the company believing they were renting online space that would be sublet to unidentified advertisers. The company never circulated figures, either internally or externally, on the volume of money raised from Ireland or elsewhere.

Officials track storm in Atlantic closely
The National Weather Service and Cameron County officials are monitoring a weather disturbance off the coast of Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula. But it’s too soon to say if residents need to take steps ahead of severe weather. According to the National Hurricane Center, the disturbance is expected to slowly move west-northwest at 5 to 10 mph, and will cross the Yucatan early today, moving into the Bay of Campeche early Thursday. Barry Goldsmith, the local warning coordinator meteorologist for the weather service’s Brownsville office, said the disturbance is a wave and it is being watched. Whatever happens, it must survive the Yucatan before it could develop into a stronger storm.

Students Pounce on Belize Zoo Project
A SUNY Cortland project to make The Belize Zoo fully accessible to the public wasn’t inspired by the usual means: a fuzzy, feathery or slithery zoo mascot. Instead the Belize Zoo Transformation Project, which mirrors the College’s more comprehensive initiative to make New York state parks and recreational areas available to all — the SUNY Cortland Inclusive Recreation Resource Center — finds its source in a very special Belizean, Jerome Flores. Perhaps the zoo’s biggest fan, since childhood Flores has loved visiting its rescued carnival menagerie and newer acquisitions. He eventually came to work for the zoo. But more recently, the middle-aged man was seriously injured in a fall at a different job and now must use a wheelchair to get around. The zoo had accessible walkways inside, but not long ago Flores found himself stranded outside in the zoo’s gravel parking lot.

Archaeologists Uncover Hidden Structures in Ancient Maya City Through New Technology
El Pilar. The name means "watering basin", reflecting its rich water resources. Spread across the border between western Belize and northeastern Guatemala, this ancient Maya city center is considered the largest site in the Belize River region, boasting over 25 known plazas and hundreds of other structures, covering an area of about 120 acres. Monumental construction at El Pilar began in the Middle Preclassic period, around 800 BCE, and at its height centuries later it harbored more than 20,000 people. It thus may come as a surprise for many visitors when they actually see the site. Its immensity belies the view -- for this city, unlike many of its well-known counterparts in Belize and Guatemala -- sites like Tikal and Caracol -- remains mostly cloaked in its dense tropical shroud.

Chance of cyclone near Yucatan Peninsula is low: NHC
A trough of low pressure off the coast of Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula has a low 20 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on Tuesday in its latest bulletin. The trough is expected to move slowly west-northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour, and will begin moving across the Yucatan Peninsula by Tuesday night, entering the Bay of Campeche early Thursday, the NHC said. Upper-level winds should be conducive for the formation of a tropical depression over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico later in the week and this system has a high 70 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next five days, the Center said.

Carnival Checklist: 8 Things You Must Do At Belize’s September Celebrations
This week marks the start of Belize’s festive season— the September Celebrations—which officially kick off tomorrow with St. George’s Caye Day. We reached out to our Belize connect, Dion Peyre of Brotherhood Promotions, for a roundup of all the ‘must dos’ for anyone coming to Belize to celebrate. September is the most party-filled month of the year in Belize, because of our two biggest holidays: the The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day on the 10th, and Independence Day on the 21st. The partying starts in late August and goes all the way through the end of September. If you are in Belize for the September Celebrations, there are eight things you have to do to make the most out of your trip. Although there will be tons of parties and activities all over the country, this list is for the people who plan to make Belize City their hub.

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