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August 20, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Maestro Perrote hosts second music camp graduation in San Pedro Town
On Friday August 15th, the Angel Nuñez Auditorium saw the graduation for Maestro Carlos Perrote’s second annual music summer camp. Over 60 registered students, from six to 40 years old, showed off the skills they had learnt in the four weeks of music camp. Perrote’s lessons involved a range of instruments from guitar, bongo drums, Garifuna drums, standard drum sets, keyboard and steel pan. Proud parents and invited guests cheered on as each group presented their item, showing the versatility taught in Perrote’s program as the students exchanged instruments and jammed on.

Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards
The August 2014 “Scuba Diving” magazine has outlined Belize as the “Central American paradise” who “earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards.” Belize earned Readers Choice Awards for the Caribbean and Atlantic’s best overall destination, big animals, wall diving, and underwater photography. Some of the highlights from the three-page spread include mentions of our barrier reef “bowing only to Australia’s great one.” It also talks about the wall dives that can be done along the atolls, which “turn into an underwater Lollapalooza.” Also among the highlights was Gladden Spit which placed in the top 5 list for “best big animals in the Caribbean and Atlantic region.” Apart from our “big animals,” Belize was also recognized for its “macro critters.” Belize, known for some of the most authentic experiences, was also pointed out as a destination for tours from luxury yachts, to explorations through the jungle and to the archaeological sites.Capping off the notable highlights was our Great Blue Hole, which is described as a “landmark that warrants crossing off a list.”

Ambergris Today

Celebrity Spotting – Angie Harmon Vacations in Belize
Law and Order fans take note, American model and actress Angie Harmon is vacationing in Belize and she is not shy about posting her pictures on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. She is showing off how much fun she is having in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye as she swims with the sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, visits the Maya archaeological site of Altun Ha in the mainland and relaxes at the celebrity getaway private island of Cayo Espanto, Ambergris Caye. Angie Harmon is an American model and actress who has starred on the series Baywatch Nights, Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles.

Where’s the Beach? – Sargassum Problems!
It’s everywhere! It’s Smelly! And it’s a bit of an inconvenience to enjoy a swim along the beaches. Island residents have been dealing for about a month now with a smelly and slimy Sargassum Seaweed that has been lining the coastline. La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, seems to be experiencing a larger seaweed influx than usual, with deposits accumulating several feet high for miles along the coastline. And as fast as the Town Council, resort owners and beachfront residents are clearing the beach, it keeps piling up just as fast. So where is all this seaweed coming from? More than likely it is coming from the Sargasso Sea which is a vast patch of ocean named for a genus of free-floating seaweed called Sargassum. While there are many different types of algae found floating in the ocean all around world, the Sargasso Sea is unique in that it harbors species of sargassum that are 'holopelagic' — this means that the algae not only freely floats around the ocean, but it reproduces vegetatively on the high seas. Other seaweeds reproduce and begin life on the floor of the ocean.

In Love With Belizean Sunrises
We say it time and time again and we will never get tired of repeating ourselves - "We just LOVE Belizean Sunrises". It's just a spectacular experience when you take the time to wake up just before sunrise, head to the beach, sit on a hammock or go up a pier and wait for the sun to rise. It is a perfect beginning to your day as you take in the colors, the smell of the Caribbean Sea and the warmth of the sun. If you have not done this in a while, we encourage you to do so. But let us warn you - it does become addictive!

25 Years Ago: Things We Take for Granted – Electricity and Ice

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro Invitational
This past weekend two of our Corozal Bay Sailing Club sailors were part of an International Regatta held in San Pedro Belize on Ambergris Caye. This regatta was a small group of sailors (only 24) five coming from outside the country. Mexico brought in 4 very hot sailors and it should be noted that 3 were young girls. The US was represented by Brice, a real honcho from Florida. Brice is blessed with lots of training and has sailed since he was barely out of diapers. So going in we knew none of our Belize sailors were not going to win but they all learned much from these much better sailors. I don't have the final tabulations in front of me but overall our Jazmine and Christopher finished the six races in the top 15. Commodore Gerard and Mr Bill worked on the finish boat with the Belize Coast Guard, lucky for the Regatta there was no water emergency. Claire Kyler Cordts and Loreta Randall will be supplying photos from the event. CBSC wishes to thank Tammy Peterson and the SPYSC for a fun filled weekend and special thanks to those members of your club for the extra training days you offered our sailors and for feeding and housing them. This is really what the youth sailing programs are all about. The kids making new friends and learning skills that they never would have without the sailing clubs of Belize.

Protest in Succotz
People of Succotz, Cayo make resounding protest by blocking the main highway with burning tires and demand the Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura be arrested forthwith. Let's hope that cooler heads prevail.

DCP Miguel Segura Arrested
Today, August 19th, Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Officer commanding Benque Viejo Police Formation arrested and charged Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura with: 1.Manslaughter by Negligence 2.Causing Death by Careless Conduct 3.Drove Motor Vehicle Without due Care and Attention 4.Driving with Alcohol Concentration above the Prescribed Limit 5.Negligent Grievous Harm

The organizers thank the Police Department as no incident was reported. Thanks to everyone for the huge support.

This morning, Deputy Commissioner of Police found under the sauce [our emphasis] and people of Succotz block George Price Highway
As we have mentioned in our initial report yesterday, Deputy Commissioner Miguel Segura is on suspension from duties as the #2 Police officer after he was involved in an accident which killed 54 year Consuelo Yolanda Valencia and put her taxi driver, who is also one of her family members, in the hospital in a critical condition. There are credible reports this morning that Segura was under the influence of alcohol while involved in the fatal accident. Unofficial reports reveal that Segura was driving with alcohol levels of 208 while the prescribed limit is 80. Obviously, he may have been disoriented and impaired by the high level of alcohol in his system while driving. While the alcohol test is with the Police from yesterday, Officer commanding ASP Daniel Arzu, attached to the Benque Viejo Formation would not disclose the results to the media until he receives instructions from his boss, Commissioner of Police. In speaking with George Lovell, the CEO in the Ministry of National Security, he told the media that the results will officially be released sometime today. So what about the man at the center of this sad situation? An amateur video footage that we shared yesterday when the news first broke, shows DCP Segura standing right outside of the driver’s side of his Government issued Nissan Pathfinder. With a vacant expression, he pulls out a cigarette and pulls up his police issued unbuttoned pants.

FISHING REPORT: Week of August 10th – August 16th, 2014
The tagging expedition will be going on through next week with some more anglers joining the effort. Nightly seminars, included a few with tarpon guru Stu Apte sharing his tarpon fighting philosophies, the right knot’s ( really all you need to know is the Stu Apte improved blood knot!), and Dr. Jerry Ault from The University of Miami, shared some tagging results from the Florida effort. Thanks to all that participated, you add inspiration to our fishing community. A special shout out to our dear friend, Adam Marton, who organized the event. Check out links from our El Pescador facebook page! The wind is blowing east. All the fish are in town, but it’s hot late in the day. Angler’s have been getting up early and returning early as it appears the fish are more active in the cooler morning conditions. The lodge renovation is right on track and the rooms look amazing. The girls in the kitchen are as sassy as ever and laughter is always in the air here at El Pescador. Thank you Ed for everything you do. It’s great to back.

The project, which is funded by the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, consists of paving the road from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge up to Belizean Shores area and is estimated to be completed in an approximation of 3-4 months.

Sugar barge sinks near Corozal
A salvage operation continues in the Cerros Point area of the Corozal Bay where a sugar barge (not sure if full or empty) has apparently sank. We called the Corozal Police Department a few minutes ago and we were told that no official report has been made on the incident or if any person was hurt and the extent of the damages and losses.

Queen of the West Presentation
The Queen of the West pageant is this Saturday at 6:00pm, at the Octavia Waight Center. They had the presentation last Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center. Pacz Tours took them all to Rio On Pools for their photoshoot. Best of luck to all contestants! "The six delegates for Queen of the West 2014-2015. They were formally presented on Saturday, August 16 at the Cayo Welcome Center."

Channel 7

Rage and Riot in Succotz!
Tonight the village of Succotz in Western Belize is going back to normal after a day of civil disobedience. Succotz was the home of 54 year old Yolanda Consuelo Valencia - the market vendor who was killed in on Saturday morning at 5:30 when Deputy Commissioner Mike Segura crashed into the taxi she was in - killing the mother of five instantly. The fact that Segura - who is from nearby Benque Viejo was driving drunk -incensed the villagers - and when they saw that police didn't charge him fast enough - they took direct action - and this morning at around 7 a.m. that meant setting tires on fire, and blocking the Benque Road. Traffic was blocked for at least a mile on both sides for over 7 and a half hours. It caused major business disruption because Benque Viejo leads to the busy Western Border crossing.

DCP Segura Faces 6 Criminal Charges, Including Drunk Driving
So, at around 3 p.m., Assistant Superintendent Arzu made his way from Succotz Village to Belmopan, where the police high command decided that Deputy Commissioner Miguel Segura should be arraigned. As you saw, there was a mob just outside of Benque, and so, taking him near to that location could be a major security concern. He was therefore whisked to Belmopan Magistrate's Court where the press had a bit of difficulty getting into the hearing. That's including other minor preferential treatment he received to try to shield him from the media.

Eyewitness: Segura Was Veering Across Road Before Crash
So that's where it stands tonight - the situation in Succotz has been defused and the mob somewhat placated. Deputy Mike Segura has been criminally charged and remains on suspension. But, of course, a mother's life was lost - and observers probably won't be satisfied until and unless there is a conviction - and, the matter is before the courts, so that is a wait and see. But, pubic sentiment doesn't have to wait and see; their verdict is in: Deputy Segura was driving drunk and endangering drivers. One eyewitness who Segura just barely missed, told 7News that seconds before the accident Segura was veering wildly across the highway:.. Eric Can - Eyewitness (translated) "I was going about 75 yards ahead of the taxi when I saw the car snaking it's way, I moved to the bush, 75% of my car came off the road and I saw the car passed and only heard the roaring of the engine and I kept looking in the mirror and saw the vehicle crossing the road side to side. Well I went up the hill and when I did, my son told me "dad, dad ,dad the car already crashed" Then I said "left that car, that car is.

Savage Home Invasion Hopkins: Wife Murdered, Husband Critical
Last night when we ended the news we told you about an outlandish killing in Hopkins Village - where a couple was beaten up and butchered during a home invasion, leaving the one dead and the other critically injured. More is known tonight. At 6:20 last night, an attacker charged into the vacation home of Dudley and Josephine Augustine, both Belizean teachers. He stabbed them both repeatedly, killing 47 year old Josephine, and critically injuring 71 year old Dudley. Family members say Josephine was found in a fighting position as though she was defending her husband. Nothing inside the home was stolen, except for the couple's vehicle - which has not been located as yet. Today, their cousin Conrad Lewis told the media what the family knows at this time:.. Conrad Lewis, Cousin of Dudley Augustine "Yesterday evening about 6 apparently 2 guys entered the premises of Dudley Augustine and his wife and murdered his wife and severely injured Dudley Augustine. They escape taking along the Trooper of the couple. They did not take anything, absolutely nothing from the premises."

Are Soldiers Roughing Up City Youths At BDF Camp
Last night on 7News, you heard the explosive allegations about the Boot Camp for at-risk city youths that the police and BDF had set up at Camp Belizario in Cayo. Well, today the Commander of the BDF General David Jones invited the media to the camp to see for themselves what's happening. We found out that discipline and punishments were given out after an all-out gang war broke out at the opening of the camp. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander - Eastern Division "I as you can see I came here personally here to visit and I saw the program being run here and I can assure parents that their children are safe. We had couple brawls and the BDF got them under control." Lt. Col. A. Loria, Camp Commander "We got an initial 30 kids that ages range from eleven to sixteen. They were here for about a week and then another group of 14 were brought but they were a little older, they were about from sixteen to eighteen years of age.

Teenager Resuscitated After Drowning
What some might call a miracle or divine intervention others may call pure luck, but whatever you call it, a young man is alive because of it tonight. On Saturday August 16th at around 5:30 pm, 16 year old Antholyn Vellos along with 4 others were relaxing on a pier in Corozal Town. One of his female friends decided to take a swim and that was when Vellos realized that she was struggling under the strong waves and he jumped in to save her. He managed to rescue her, but soon found himself in the same situation and was going under the strong currents. His other male friend then jumped in to help him but things took a turn for the worse. Vellos was carried under while his friend was able to grab hold of the rocks along the sea wall. Agents from ThunderBolt charter service, which was docked nearby, saw the commotion and rushed to assist. They managed to get Vellos's body out of the water, but he showed no signs of life. Still, they administered CPR vigorously and after 5 minutes of that, he, sort of, came back to life! There's no other way to describe it, because after showing no vital signs, he was suddenly revived. Still, he had to be hospitalized for a few days to get all the water out of his lungs. He was released from the KHMH today.

27 Year Old From Lemonal Missing Ten Days
It's been 10 days now since 27 year old Denvo Banner went missing according to family members. The six-foot-four cricket player from Lemonal village was last seen at a victory party in the village on August ninth. After that, he said he was going to see his sister in Guinea Grass but since then, no one has seen or heard from him. It is the first time he has gone missing and his family is very concerned about his safely. They made a public appeal today. Arlene Banner - Sister of Denvo Banner "We are missing our brother from the 9th April at a victory party in Lemonal Village. One of my sister got a call from one of the villagers trying to locate him and she started to text the other family member and to no avail - nothing." Monica Bodden "His phone was ringing or was it off?" Arlene Banner - Sister of Denvo Banner "He doesn't have a phone, but he is a person if he is Belize he will visit one of us, that is not if, but or maybe. Somebody will know that he is down here definitely. That's very unusual for us - 10 days. On Facebook we have flyers out, it's on the news and nothing? I think that is really unusual."

Theft At Upscale Housing Community
A woman was robbed of over $7,000 dollars yesterday morning. The 37-year-old Belizean manager of River Walk Residential Estate on Mile 60 on the Western Highway reported that around 8:45 am she was carrying $7,600 dollars divided in two separate envelopes - one envelope contained $1,800US dollars and the other contained $2,000.US. She was moving the money from a safe in her house to another residence a few minutes away. But as she opened the safe someone approached her from behind, covered her mouth with his hand and threatened to kill her if she moved. The culprit then took the envelopes and as she was turning around to get a glimpse of her attacker, the culprit hit her in the head with an unknown object. Thereafter, the robber escaped. Police investigations continue.

First Ever Jazz and Culture Show
And tonight we have a package of highlites from Saturday night's first ever Belize Jazz And Culture Show at the Biltmore. Seasoned performers Jackie Castillo, Tricia Gabourel, and Tremett Perriot along with a bevy of newcomers were backed by a band with complete with a horn section, a rhythm section, a string section and a djembe drummer. Here are highlites: The show's producers have plans to stage it several more times around the country through the rest of this year.

FFB, An Executive Divided
What is the status of FFB Executive members Sergio Chuc and Michael Blease? Well, reports we've received are that both of them might be suspended, but no one we've been able to speak to could say that they are. Michael Blease is the General Secretary of the FFB, and those within the football community believe that he was supposed to be on a suspension. They got concerned when saw him in the office as if though the suspension has no effect. What we've been able to find out is that he was supposed to be on administrative leave while President Ruperto Vicente is out of the country. We've also been informed that over the tenure of his service to the Football Executive, many have complained that he is incapable of handling all the duties as General Secretary. And then, there's Senior Vice President Sergio Chuc, who, according to reports, was suspended by a meeting called by President Ruperto Vicente. No one knows exactly wha the charge against him is, but that suspension has been retracted, because the Congress members have intervened suggesting that it was improperly done.

Channel 5

Deputy ComPol arraigned for the manslaughter of Yolanda Valencia
In Succotz this morning, heated protestors set fire to used rubber tires along the George Price Highway.  The blockade was the result of residents demanding justice in the case of [...]

Retired educator butchered during grisly home invasion in Hopkins
Hopkins Village in southern Belize is a peaceful, picturesque seafront community, a thriving but laidback tourism destination. But the community has been devastated by a seemingly senseless and brutal home [...]

COLA appeals Penner case
The private prosecution of Elvin Penner, brought by COLA representatives Geovannie Brackett and Nedal McLaren, was thrown out at the Magistrate’s Court level on July twenty-fourth. Penner walked out of [...]

Immigration Minister returns from Taiwan; still no Won Hong Kim passport
The best case scenario for the claimants would result in the summoning of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, along with his file containing all evidence gathered from the alleged investigation [...]

Arthur Saldivar; another black eye
Well-known attorney and political aspirant Arthur Saldivar appears to be a magnet for publicity, all of it negative, lately. Tonight, he is in trouble with the law in Placencia, and [...]

Corozal Father accused of indecent assault on his daughter
It never gets any easier to report on stories involving sexual assault, and it is particularly disturbing when minors are involved. Tonight there are two such incidents, both in the [...]

Do you think that the police can properly investigate officers at the senior level?
And our question for tonight is: Do you think that the police can properly investigate officers at the senior level? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to [...]

B.D.F. sets record straight about brawl with at risk youths at Camp Belizario
Camp Belizario, for the past two weeks, has been the site of a training facility for at risk youths.  A total of thirty teenagers are presently enrolled at the camp [...]

Philip Castillo explains why the Unions’ Trust was delayed
For two fiscal years, from 1995 to 1997, increments for all public service workers were frozen. As compensation, the unions were given four hundred and eighty thousand shares in B.T.L. [...]

Unions disturbed by Government Press Release
Clearly stated in the agreement between both the unions and the government is that the monies be used to fund projects. But Castillo and National President of the Belize National [...]

Unions commence media round on B.T.L. Shares
Castillo and Palacio have been doing media rounds this week to sensitize public officers as well as the various unions and the general public about the types of projects that [...]

Where is Denvo Banner Duhaney? Is he dead or alive?
Have you seen Denvo Banner Duhaney? The twenty-seven-year-old resident of Lemonal village in the Belize District has been missing for approximately ten days and his family fears the worst. “String”, [...]

Bring it! Down to 3 finalist
It’s Tuesday and that means another round of competition in Channel Five’s latest entertainment show, If You Can Sing It Bring It. After some eight weeks of competition, it is [...]


Custom Officer Charged For Manslaughter Five Years After Incident Occurs
A customs officer was charged for Manslaughter, get this, five years after the crime was first committed. He is 39 year old Charles Flores and was charged today by Orange Walk police for the shooting death of then nineteen year old Onorio Oba of San Victor Village. The incident took place in June of 2009. Reports are that Oba was part of a group that started a small riot when customs officers, accompanied by BDF soldiers, police and Anti-Drug Unit, attempted to seize contraband items from some people.

US Ambassador Speaks On Border Issue
Late last week the media was invited to a roundtable discussion with H.E. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize at the Embassy in Belmopan. While the media was not allowed to record, the US Embassy provided the video that was issued on Friday. With assistance from our colleagues at Channel Seven, tonight we bring some of the Ambassador’s answers to pressing questions from the media. At the start of the discussion, the Ambassador was asked to comment on one of the most controversial matters currently affecting Belize and that is on the Belize Guatemala border Dispute. The question was posed by Amandala Newspaper’s Adele Ramos. Here is what she asked and the Ambassador’s response.

LICU Invests In Education
Today, La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited gave three deserving students a chance at completing their secondary education as they were chosen as recipients of the institutions annual scholarship program. We met all three students and their guardians today and they shared with us their excitement upon receiving the good news. Brianna Cuellar – Scholarship recipient “I feel excited and thankful to God that he gave a sign to those people to revise my paper and that they gave me the scholarship, I want to thank them so much to give me this opportunity and I’ll try not to waste or anything but to work hard. I am so grateful and giving God thanks so much for that because you know it is all because of God that it touched the heart of these people and we are so grateful for all these people that chose her and these other little children and the young ladies too right, so we know that we always have to put God in everything.”

Marco Mendez Jr. Is Named Tennis Champ
Over the weekend, the Pickwick Club was the venue for the National Men’s Singles Tennis Competition and Orange Walk was represented by Marco Tulio Mendez Jr. His dedication to the sport is taking him higher on the ladder of success and for him; the victory in the competition was an accomplishment in itself. We spoke to Mendez today about his experience. Marco Tulio Mendez JR- Single’s Men Champ “It was very hard the competition, because of the weather it was so hot but I manage to pull out and do my best. I think it was first round, semi-finals and then finals and I manage to win three more matches.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Now tell us how long have you been playing?” Marco Tulio Mendez JR- Single’s Men Champ “I have been playing tennis since I was I think about ten years since I started playing tennis.”

Minister Hulse Visits Taiwan
Tonight Minister of Minister of Labor, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality, Honorable Godwin Hulse is back in Belize after visiting Taiwan for five days. During his visit, Minister Hulse met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Simon Ko, Director General of Bureau of Consular Affairs Hon. Kung Chung-chen and the Acting Minister of Labour, Dr. Hao Feng-min.

Video Of Accident Involving Deputy COMPOL Goes Viral
Tonight, Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura remains in the hot seat. That is after he was involved in a fatal traffic collision that claimed the life of a passenger travelling in a taxi. Benque Viejo Police received information of the accident which occurred at mile 71 (on the outskirts of Succotz Village) on the George Price Highway on Saturday morning around 5:40. Upon arrival, they saw a grey pathfinder driven by Segura and a taxi cab with extensive damages to their front portions. Authorities say, Segura was travelling alone from the direction of San Ignacio to Benque Viejo whilst 28 year old Yanie Evan Cu, Taxi Driver of Kontiki Area, was driving his blue Toyota Corolla on the opposite direction. Cu had at the time, 54 year old vendor, Yolanda Valencia as passenger at the front seat. As a result of the impact, Cu sustained head and body injuries and was transported to K.H.M.H where he is listed in a critical but stable condition. Yolanda Consuelo Valencia sustained fatal head and body injuries and was transported to San Ignacio Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The video that went viral and shocked the nation is in the manner in which the unscathed Deputy of Police reacted after the impact. Here’s is that clip

Deputy COMPOL Suspended From Duty
The accident involving Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, which led to the death of one woman, has taken over social media and not in a good way. Today, following much speculations, the Police Department held a press conference with the Media this afternoon. In the beginning of the conference, police informed the media that Segura has been interdicted and suspended from active police duty pending the outcome of the investigation. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie spoke more on the course of the investigation.

16 Year Old Nearly Drowns In Corozal
Tonight a 16 year old is lucky male from the Corozal District is lucky to be alive after he jumped off the Corozal pier to rescue one of his friends that fell into the sea. On Saturday August 16th, between 5:30 and 6:00pm, 16 year old Antholyn Vellos, a student of Corozal Community College and three of his friends were hanging out at the peer. While there, one of the individuals fell into the sea, and was about to drown. Vellos jumped after his female friend with the aim of assisting her, but according to family members he caught cramp in the abdomen causing him to go under water.

Family Of Ivan Cu Says Segura Must Pay
Today Belize City media got an opportunity to speak with family members of the taxi’s occupants. Azucena Ku, is the mother of the critically wounded driver, Yanie Evan Cu who gave our colleagues at 7news an interview on eye witnesses account at the scene. Pedro Cu - Father of Ivan Cu"His hand are his hip are broken, his foot is injured." Monica Bodden- Reporter"I understand that he is conscious, but he isn't talking." Pedro Cu - Father of Ivan Cu"He is talking right now, but sometimes he doesn't want to talk, he just want to sleep."


Murder in Unitedville, Cayo
Here on Albert Street in Unitedville Village, Cayo District is where 36-year-old laborer was stabbed in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Accounts reaching Love News are that the deceased, Victor Vargas had gone to a wake in Georgeville Village and had recently returned to his village when the incident occurred. But following the incident, Love News has gotten two versions – one being that the was intervening in a fight that occurred and the second being that he was one of the parties involved in an altercation. We spoke to the Office in Charge of San Ignacio Police Station, Dinsdale Thompson, who says their investigation is yet to determine what led to the stabbing.

Rubio’s Murder Case Continues with ‘Demon Possessed’ Jamaican
died last week after being beaten. Today the man accused of his murder appeared in court. 32-year-old Jamaican National, Mark Dwayne Dallas was arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. No plea taken and Dallas was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until October 2, 2014. Before Dallas was escorted out of the Chief Magistrate court room, she asked him how long he has been in Belize and that’s when he said for 22 years. He said he is a Jamaican national and that he has been sick and is poor. He also claimed he is demon possessed. According to reports Rubio was injured during a fight un the Conch Shell Bay area. He reportedly discharged himself from the hospital and died a few days later.

Weekend City Shooting Not Fatal
Twenty two year-old Devon Bailey has been charged for the attempted murder of 31-year-old Charles Hines Jr. and 41-year-old Eldon Solomon. Just after before midnight on Friday, August 15, both Hines Jr. and Solomon were on Elston Kerr Street when they were approached by three individuals- one of whom was armed with a handgun. Police believe that it was Bailey who shot at the duo. Luckily both men are still alive as Solomon received a gunshot injury to his back and Hines Jr. sustained grazes to the head. Love News spoke to the aunt of Hines Jr., Elizabeth Howard, and Officer Commanding Precinct Two, Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, on the shooting.

Belize and Taiwan Sign MOU to Combat Human Trafficking
Belize and Taiwan have signed a memorandum of understanding. (VO) Minister Godwin Hulse signed the memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality of Belize, and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China (Taiwan), relating to cooperation in Immigration Affairs and Human Trafficking Prevention. The MOU seeks to promote cooperation between Immigration Agencies of both countries on the issue of transnational crimes, and in particular human trafficking, through the exchange of information and promotion of capacity building. During his visit, Minster Hulse met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Ko, as well as the Director General of Bureau of Consular Affairs Kung Chung-chen and Acting Minister of Labour Dr. Hao Feng-min. Minister Hulse also visited the New Taipei City Government and exchanged experiences about national emergency policies with an aim to exchange ideas and best practices for the further strengthening of bi-lateral relations between both countries.

Deputy Police Commissioner Interdicted Following Fatal Traffic Incident
The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura is officially on suspension from the Belize Police Department. The move comes about three weeks following Segura’s promotion to Deputy Commissioner and was made following a fatal traffic incident that occurred in the early morning of Saturday, August 16. The incident has left a taxi driver seriously injured and a female market vendor dead. The top brass of the Police Force called a press briefing today to give the media a summary of what transpired and what this means for the department.

More Suspensions and Financial Irregularities in the Health System
The scandals surrounding the Ministry of Health have been many and it would appear the beat goes on. Today we can report two administrators within the Ministry have been placed on immediate suspension. This follows the discovery of more irregularities by the Audit Department. According to the Ministry, preliminary reports for the Primary Care Provider clinics in Dangriga and Punta Gorda have shown a number of irregularities.


Deadly accident on Highway; Deputy Commissioner of police suspended
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura has been served with a notice of intended prosecution, after he was involved in a head on collision at mile 71 on the George Price Highway, which resulted in the death of one person...

Family of accident victims want justice
The victims of Saturday’s accident are deceased 54 year old Yolanda Valencia, a mother of three, and 28 year old Yanie Cu, the taxi driver into whose vehicle the Deputy Commissioner of Police crashed head on...

Officials respond to video of Deputy Commissioner at accident scene
The video of the Deputy Commissioner at the accident scene has been widely circulated on social media. At Monday’s press conference, three at the head table were asked if they had seen the video, in which Miguel Segura appeared callous and almost disconnected from the tragic scene.


Stinkin’ police cover-up!!
A damning video taken moments after a fatal traffic accident in the early morning of Saturday, August 16, at Mile 71 on the George Price Highway, on the outskirts of San Jose Succotz, forced an emergency police press conference late this evening, hosted by Commissioner Allen Whylie, flanked by two top brass officials from the Ministry of National Security, in Belmopan. ComPol Whylie announced that Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura, 48, involved in the accident, had been placed on “interdiction/suspension,” which is “effective immediately.” Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, 54, died when Segura’s grey Nissan Pathfinder collided with a blue taxi that Valencia was traveling in, at about 5:35 a.m. on Saturday.

Father of 7 stabbed dead in Unitedville
A fatal early morning stabbing incident that happened in Unitedville this past Saturday, August 16, has resulted in the untimely loss of a father of seven whose life was brutally cut short after he was reportedly stabbed twice in the throat during a casual night of socializing with his colleagues. The incident – which took place a short distance away from the victim’ s house – occurred on Albert Street in Unitedville shortly before 3:00 a.m., and while relatives told the media that Victor Manuel Vargas, 38, ran several yards to seek assistance after the incident, he eventually collapsed and died a few minutes later on the verandah of a neighbor’s house. His common-law wife, Ada Lemus, who spoke to KREM News on Saturday, said that she was appalled to find out that her spouse was dead, since she initially thought that he was involved in a minor incident.

Jawmaine laid to rest
Hundreds of mourners, friends, sympathizers, well-wishers, and family members of legendary cyclist Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan proceeded along the Central American Boulevard, after having left the Central Assembly of God Church at the St. Thomas Street roundabout in Freetown to honor Meighan after his funeral services were conducted. His casket was transported in a horse-drawn carriage, with trumpets blaring in the funeral procession, acknowledging the presence of the champion, to be buried at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Before being buried at about 4:30 Friday afternoon, Jawmaine’s body lay in state in the church from 12:00 midday, and the funeral service started at about 1:30. At the service, he was remembered by many speakers who addressed the packed church to share their memories of him.

US Ambassador – crime situation is “quite terrifying”
Recently, Amandala demonstrated, using official statistics, that the rate of homicides in Belize City continues to show a persistent trend, with those crimes really being concentrated within 2 square miles of the City. In speaking with the Belize media at a roundtable last Thursday, August 14, US Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Carlos Moreno, described the Belize City crime phenomenon as “quite terrifying.” We spoke with the US Ambassador about public discussions on the connection between the Belize City crime crisis and the importation of gangs—the Crips and the Bloods— from the USA into Belize. The deadliest parts of the City are actually the home turf of these gangs.

Woman killed in Hopkins home invasion
Late breaking news reaching Amandala tonight indicate that a woman was killed, while her husband has been left badly injured following a deadly home invasion that occurred in the coastal community of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District earlier tonight. We understand that the female victim has been identified as Josephine Augustine, and her husband, Dudley Augustine, is currently undergoing treatment at the emergency room of the Southern Regional hospital in Dangriga. Details are sketchy at this point, however. Three weeks ago, on July 26, a home invasion that took place on Mopan Street in Belize City claimed the lives of two tacos vendors, Carlos Mayorga, 52, who died on the spot after he was shot in the chest and in the back of the head, and Alida Ascencio, 42, who later succumbed two and a half days after

Caribbean exam results show improvements over 2014
Over 3,000 Belizean students who sat the May-June examinations offered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), at both the secondary and tertiary levels, performed better overall in 2014, compared to last year’s performance. There were 100% passes in Home Economics, Physical Education and Sports, Clothing and Textile and Music at the level of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), and 100% passes in 23 subjects at the level of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE), sat by tertiary level students. Grades I to III in CSEC and Grades I to V in CAPE constitute satisfactory grades, which are considered passes.

Governments and gays
The admission by the United States Embassy in Belize that they have been financing Caleb Orozco and the UNIBAM gay agenda clarifies a couple incidents for us. The incidents which took place in two known gang areas on Belize City’s Southside may now be seen as attempts by Orozco and UNIBAM to provoke attacks against themselves in order to provide evidence of violent homophobia in Belize. In one incident, Orozco was assaulted and injured in the George Street Bloods area, and in other incidents, a transgender guest of Orozco’s, a male dressed as a female, was chased by groups of youth in a Vernon Street Crips neighborhood. The status quo in Belize before UNIBAM’s campaign to change the buggery law was one in which homosexuals had become so powerful that it was really as if that activity was de facto legal. In the last fifteen or twenty years, we can only recall two or three barely publicized incidents where homosexuals or lesbians were arrested by public officers, and these were people engaged in homosexual behavior in public places. Homosexual activity, once it is being carried on in private locations, is never disturbed in Belize. Marijuana smokers, at the seeming behest of the United States government, are targeted and hounded in Belize: homosexuals are not.

From the Publisher
At a historic press conference sometime between 1958 and 1959, in answer to a question from a foreign journalist, PUP Leader, Hon. George C. Price, said that if independence failed, he would give the northern part of the country to Mexico and the southern part to Guatemala. A lot of people who were prominent in public affairs back then are dead. On the PUP side, to the best of my knowledge, only don Hector Silva and Mr. Fred Hunter remain. On the NIP/UDP side, the only person I can think of is Compton Fairweather, and he was already living in Brooklyn, New York, though he was very much in contact with political developments in British Honduras. I mention the fact that very few of the political principals from that time are still alive because the comment by Mr. Price, sensational when it was made, is almost never recalled in the modern era for any kind of analysis. It is, of course, quite understandable why PUP officials and supporters would not wish to remember the statement, whereas the NIP/UDP side may feel that the achievement of Belize’s political independence in 1981 made that strange Price statement irrelevant.

White cop fatally shots Black youth 6-8 times
Michael Brown—the unarmed teen who on August 9 was fatally shot six times by a white police officer, including what has been described as “a kill shot” to the head—could very well be a Belizean youth, and the tragedy of his death has brought to light the fact that like Brown, an 18-year-old youth of the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in Missouri, USA, who was to start college in a matter of two days, black youth across the USA are far more likely to face threats, attacks and killings at the hands of the police than white youth. The predominantly Black Ferguson community, as well as supporters of other ethnicities, are not taking the latest police killing sitting down, and public protests continued to escalate over his killing by police officer Darren Wilson, whose family and friends say should be arrested for what they insist is an unjust homicide.

Passenger bus and pickup collide on the Philip Goldson Highway
A Ramos Bus passenger bus of Lords Bank, Ladyville, which was travelling to Belize City from Lords Bank loaded with passengers, was involved in a collision with a pickup truck near Mile 6 on the Philip Goldson Highway at about 11:00 this morning. No one was killed, but several individuals suffered various degrees of injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was seen bloodied, and was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital along with 13 passengers from the bus. The conductor of the Ramos bus told Amandala that at about Mile 6, a red pickup truck that was traveling in the opposite direction, from Belize City to Ladyville, swerved into his lane at an accelerated speed, and to avoid a head-on collision, the driver of the bus, Edward Harris, swerved to the left and ran off the road, but the pickup still slammed into the right front portion of the bus, causing extensive damage to the pickup.

Woman killed in Hopkins home invasion
HOPKINS—Late breaking news reaching Amandala tonight indicate that a woman was killed, while her husband has been left badly injured following a deadly home invasion that occurred in the coastal community of Hopkins in the Stann [...]

2 persons missing
BELIZE CITY—Two persons have been reported missing. One of the missing individuals is from Ladyville, while the other is from Belize City. Johanna Reyes, 15, who resides at the corner of Seagull and Racoon Streets in [...]

Police launch murder investigation after assault victim dies
BELIZE CITY—Two individuals are currently in police custody as law enforcement officers try to piece together the events that led up to the death of Oscar Richard Rubio, 38, whose initial assault was apparently overlooked by [...]

OW minor, 17, charged for abetment to commit murder
ORANGE WALK—A 17-year-old minor from Orange Walk was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court this morning after being charged for abetment to commit murder in connection with the death of Roy Bayliss, 18, of the [...]

It is difficult to find Jawmaine’s killer, police say
BELIZE CITY—Police reportedly are having difficulty finding the killer of cycling icon Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan, who was murdered on the morning of August 9 on George Street. According to Sergeant Isaiah Sanchez of the Crimes Investigation [...]

Police nab man who tried to swallow “an undetermined amount” of crack
BELIZE CITY—A man who had a small quantity of crack cocaine and tried to swallow it when he saw the police coming in his direction was charged with possession of a controlled drug and obstructing a [...]

Repeat offender gets 7 years for burglarizing cop’s house
BELIZE CITY—A Belize City man who has three previous convictions for burglary, picked up his fourth conviction when he pleaded guilty to burglary at his arraignment before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart this morning and was sentenced [...]

Predawn prison raid yields weapons, drugs, cellphones, money
BELIZE CENTRAL PRISON—A predawn raid conducted at the Belize Central Prison by members of the GSU, the Special Patrol Unit, Quick Response Team and elements of the Belmopan police resulted in the discovery and confiscation of [...]

Belmopan Bandits in drivers’ seat for UNCAF
BELIZE CITY—“To every cloud, there is a silver lining;” and an old Belizean saying takes it a bit further – “every disappointment da fi di betta.” While disappointments are not to be desired, it is a [...]

Battle of St. George’s Caye Regatta 2014. A new breed invading!
The Belize City Sailing Club cordially invites all Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) club members, sail boat owners, boat enthusiasts, advisors and spectators to participate in the Fifth “Battle of St. George’s Caye Regatta,” commemorating the decisive [...]

Lords Bank Sunrise – 2014 Rural Senior Female Softball Champions
BELIZE CITY—The Belize Rural Senior Female Softball playoff and championship games were all played on Saturday and Sunday in Lords Bank, where the hosts Lords Bank Sunrise prevailed in the championship series over Burrell Boom Orchid [...]

Kickoff times adjusted for opening and final rounds of Central American Cup Tigo 2014 USA
GUATEMALA CITY—The Central American Football Union (UNCAF) today announced that the match schedule for the Central American Cup Tigo 2014 USA, originally announced last month, has been amended. The dates, September 3-13, remain as previously announced, [...]

Belizean super-striker not home yet for practice – another “sick FFB joke?”
BELIZE CITY—The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) continues to reel following its most recent debacle, which cost the Belmopan Bandits, the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Champions, their golden opportunity to represent the country at one [...]

Patrick JonesPJ

Men arraigned for murder and attempted murder
Two Belize City men have been arrested on separate charges of murder and attempted murder. Construction worker Devon Bailey, 22, of Racoon Street, is accused of the attempted murder of 31 year old Charles Hinds and 41 year old Eldon Solomon on Elston Kerr Street on Saturday, August […]

Man charged for shooting in public
While police are investigating the second of two shooting incidents over the weekend in Belize City, they have made an arrest. 26 year old Leon Garcia of a Victoria Street address has been charged with discharging a firearm in public. He pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Hettie Mae […]

Customs officer charged for death of teenager
Five years ago in June of 2009, 19 year old Onario Oba of San Victor, Corozal, was shot in the face while part of a group of alleged contrabandistas. They were allegedly trying to recover $10,000 worth of uncustomed goods from a team of law enforcement officials from […]

Repeat offender jailed for burglary at Broaster’s house
Deputy officer commanding Eastern Division, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, suffered the indignity of having his North End Estate home burgled last week. But the Police Department – with help from in-home surveillance – cracked the case in short order and arrested and charged 39 year old Richard Codd, […]

Small fire at Labour Department office in PG
A malfunctioning air condition unit is blamed for a small fire which caused minor damages to the office of the Labour Department in Punta Gorda town. According to reports, the Fire Service was called around 5:45 am after smoke was seen coming from the building. Firemen had to […]

Demonstrators shut down the George Price Highway in Succotz
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura has been arrested and charged for traffic related offences in relation to a fatal traffic accident on the George Price Highway on Saturday morning. For over five hours today, residents of San Jose Succotz village demonstrated and closed down the George Price […]

San Jose Succotz residents demonstrate
Residents of San Jose Succotz village have blocked the George Price Highway in a demonstration calling for justice for a resident who was killed in a roat traffic accident on Saturday. They are burning tires on the highway and a passenger bus is unable to pass as is other vehicles.


Texas BBQ & Steakhouse: Tasty Meat with a Side Of Beans & Big Texas Personality
Texas BBQ is located right next door to Pedro’s Inn, just south of town. A maybe 10 minute walk…15…from the town center. There is no sign yet…but that is coming. There’s a large, impressive looking smoker on the front porch. I was there early and it wasn’t fired up yet (with hardwoods and coconut husks) and wouldn’t be for another hour or so. Chris, with a shrug, volunteered that his pitmaster called in with a hangover. Chris plans on doing volume. Getting 2 people served and charged under 5 minutes. “Bringing a bit of Sam Walton to Belize”. If he said it once, he said it 20 times. It’s all about volume.

Belize’s Macal River – A Love Affair
When you think of having fun in the waters of Belize, the first things that come to mind are the stunning Caribbean coast, Ambergris Caye and the Belize Great Barrier Reef with the fabled Blue Hole and the world’s largest atolls. However, there are a number of aquatic adventures to be found all over Belize; amidst the inland rainforests, up on Mountain Pine Ridge and even underground. To acquaint fellow water lovers with these watery treasures, we’re beginning a series about wet and wild Belizean adventures. Here, as the first offering , is one of our absolute favourites. Ladies and gentlemen, meet: The Macal River

The SIRH is really looking great. They're almost done with all the remodeling. "The SIRH has done some serious remodeling over the last year. They have a new little sports bar, and are currently renovating their restaurant."

A simple guide to buying Real Estate in Belize
The Belize real estate market is currently hot and I’m here to answer a few of your concerns. You probably Googled this how-to guide because you either saw a Buy Belize commercial or personally visited Belize, dipped your toes in our turquoise waters, climbed the ancient Mayan ruins and ate rice and beans with our locals. Now you want to invest here and buying property is a great way. Initially it might seem like a daunting process but purchasing a land or home in Belize is not as hard as it may seem. How to buy property in Belize STEP 1: Begin the Search As with any good investment and even more so with this one, research is key. The best resources available to view current property listings in Belize include: Local realtor’s websites – Find a list of registered Realtors at the Association of Real Estate Brokers in Belize Website. Bank foreclosure listings – This is a great resource for Belize real estate deals.

10 Sexy Things To Do On Your Belize Honeymoon
Last year in December, Belize got ranked among Google’s most searched honeymoon spot in the world and we believe that it was due to Belize’s immaculate beauty and natural attractions like the great Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, which is incredible for scuba diving and snorkeling; Belize’s intact and unspoiled rain forests, which are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, zip lining and horseback riding; Belize’s world class romantic resorts and hotels like Chabil Mar, the guest exclusive resort in Placencia, that offers an assortment of all inclusive romantic vacations; Belize’s abundant and diverse flora and fauna, and, Belize’s eclectic and colorful cultures like the Garifuna and Mestizo.

International Sourcesizz

Belize: Schulung in Frankfurt
Das kleine mittelamerikanische Land Belize lädt am 3. September zu einer Schulung in Frankfurt am Main ein. Bekannt ist das Ziel unter anderem für seine Tauchplätze, es gibt aber auch viel Kultur und zahlreiche Strände. Neben dem Fremdenverkehrsamt sind bei der Veranstaltung Hoteliers vor Ort. Ein Abendessen und ein Gewinnspiel runden den Abend ab. Die Schulung beginnt um 18.30 Uhr im Restaurant Main Nizza.

A Reanalysis of the 1931-43 Atlantic Hurricane Database*
A reanalysis of the Atlantic basin tropical storm and hurricane database ("best track") for the period from 1931 to 1943 has been completed as part of the Atlantic Hurricane Database Reanalysis Project. This reassessment of the main archive for tropical cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico was necessary to correct systematic biases and random errors in the data as well as to search for previously unrecognized systems. Methodology for the reanalysis process for revising the track and intensity of tropical cyclone data is largely unchanged from that of the preceding couple of decades and has been detailed in a previous paper on the reanalysis. Accurate Environmental Forecasting's numerical weather prediction-based wind field model was utilized here to help determine which states were impacted by various hurricane force winds in several U.S. landfalling major hurricanes during this era. The 1931-43 dataset now includes 23 new tropical cyclones, excludes five systems previously considered tropical storms, makes generally large alterations in the intensity estimates of most tropical cyclones (at various times both toward stronger and weaker intensities), and typically adjusts existing tracks with minor corrections. Average errors in intensity and track values are estimated for both open ocean conditions as well as for landfalling systems. Finally, highlights are given for changes to the more significant hurricanes to impact the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean for this time period.

The Central American Cup, which has implications for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup and the 2016 Centennial Cup America, will be held in the United States for the first time this year, and those planning to attend or watch the games will need to take note of a few scheduling changes. The Central American Football Union (UNCAF) announced on Monday that the games will still take place on the same day as previously listed, but the start times of the games will be moved back. All first round games have been moved back by 30 minutes, while the final matches, set for Sept. 13 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, have all been pushed back by two hours. The competition is split into two groups. Competing in Group A are Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panamá, while Group B will feature Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Check below for the new schedule (all games times listed in Eastern time):

Association of Caribbean States supports development of SMEs in the region
The Secretariat of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) hosted a two-day Regional Workshop on Public Policies to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The meeting was chaired by Mr. Antonio Leone, Program Coordinator for the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA). Among those delivering remarks at the opening ceremony included His Excellency Ambassador Alfonso Munera, Secretary General of the ACS, and The Honorable Errol Mc Leod, Minister of Labor and Small and Micro Enterprise Development of Trinidad and Tobago. Ambassador Munera in his welcoming address expressed that the development of SMEs is one of the priority areas of economic development for ACS Member Countries. He further posited that the ACS “recognizes and appreciates the valuable role that governments in the region have played as part of its drive to establish national powerful strategies, with the aim of providing comprehensive answers to the difficulties facing SMEs.”


Video: Central America, Part 3 - Belize & Mexico, 5min.
Scuba, cave diving, and lots of fun!

Video: If You Can Sing It... Bring It (August 19, 2014), 1hr36min.

Video: Blue Hole/Lighthouse Reef - August 3rd 2014, 3min.
Frenchies Diving

Video: Big Rock Falls Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Belize, 3min.
The Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve of Belize is home to several of these natural waterfalls that are spread deep in the forests and jungles of the country. Getting to them is an adventure in itself; some are just a short drive away, while others require a more intense hike deep into the forest. Either way, the prize of reaching these waterfalls and enjoying their natural beauty is very much worth it.

Video: Belize, 15min.
My Trip to Belize - El Progresso.

Video: Belize, 9min.
Liebe Grüße Janine & Holger.

Video: Specialty Deep @ "The Blue Hole" Belize (ScubaDov Dive Profiles), 5min.
In this video we look at deep diving and some of the things to consider while under the water at different depths and times throughout the deep dive. We see footage from "The Blue Hole" dive site in Belize side by side with the dive profile graph and air integrated dive computer (VT3) data.

August 19, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Craboo Treats
Today I take the time out to introduce you to, another stinky little fruit, the craboo! Craboos are small fruits, in the “Bahamian Cherry” family and can be found in Central and South American countries like Belize, Mexico, Peru and Brazil and the Eastern Caribbean. There are many variations of craboo, including green, red, and yellow- all with slight variations in taste. The craboo fruits start off as bright yellow/orange/red blossoms on the craboo tree, and slowly transition into little round green fruits, at this point they are very tart in taste, but eventually grow to be very sweet. As they ripen they turn, either yellow, reddish-brown or retain their green hue, and of course have a distinct smell. When mature enough, they fall to the ground. But not for long! Craboos are collected and enjoyed by many…including the birds.

Minister of Health presents budget for 24-hr Polyclinic services
The Government of Belize has approved the extension of services at The Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. On Thursday August 14th a host of health care authorities gathered at the clinic to discuss the recently approved government budget for the islands’ 24-hour medical facility. A time frame of two months has been declared for the services to kick-in. Extended service hours at the island’s public health care facility is an issue that islanders have been lobbying for relentlessly. In a recent interview with The San Pedro Sun Newspaper (Issue #31, Volume 24), Area Representative and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. went on record to say that the Government of Belize “[has] not stopped working, and presently the Ministry of Health has already completed the budget,[as to] how much it will cost, which hopefully will be presented to Cabinet on Tuesday (July 29th). The Prime Minister, in principle, has committed [and] he will approve this budget so that we will have our 24-hour services in the next, I say, two to three months, I believe.”

Ambergris Today

Summer Music Camp Inspires Young Island Artists
Music teacher Carlos Perrote just concluded his second annual Summer Music Camp after having held a very successful one for the first time last year.The musical camp offers mostly young students the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments and allows them to showcase their talent at a musical presentation at the end of the camp. This presentation was held last week Friday, August 15, 2014 at the R. Angel Nuñez Auditorium with parents and family enjoying a fantastic display of talent from each participating student. It was impressive to see how all the students come to master a number of instruments in such a short period of time. Some of the students have never touched a musical instrument and are impressing with their newly learned musical skills.

Belizean Fish Roe Hash
If you were born in San Pedro, visited the island, or have lived here for some time and you have not yet eaten fish egg also called roe, it is just about time to enjoy this delicacy. Not only will you enjoy it but you will also be able to say that you are a real Sanpedrano. There are several ways to enjoy fish egg- fried or baked, but in this island dish recipe, you will get to prepare it like a hash.

Miss San Pedro Contestants Enjoying Fun Activities Leading to Pageant Night
Six beautiful contestants are vying for the prestigious title of Miss San Pedro 2014. Michelle Estrella Nuñez, Ileny Linell Aguilar, Daphney Therese Panti, Janelli Felcita Ack, Doris Celine Soriano and Maria Elma Gonzalez will be taking center stage on Saturday, August 30, 2014. These lovely girls have been rehearsing arduously but have also been enjoying fun outings on the island and neighboring city Chetumal, Mexico. The official sashing ceremony for the delegates of the Miss San Pedro Pageant was held at Rum & Bean on a beautiful moonlit evening on Sunday, August 10, 2014. After that the girls have been enjoying fun activities including movie nights at Paradise Theater, dinner at the finest restaurants on the island including Rojo Lounge where they were hosted to a fun filled night with host Findley Halliday.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

What is a “palapa’?
We come across this question, all the time in Belize, from first time visitors to the Jewel. Tropical environments in Belize use a sustainable roofing technique to keep houses cool and shelter from rain called a Palapa, in English this is called a thatched roof. Palapas are one of the most talked about construction techniques by visitors to Belize, as it is a beautiful and practical roofing option used in this area. If you have visited Belize, you have probably stayed at one time or another in one of these roof covered resorts or villas. The typical questions about the palapas are: do the roofs leak? How does the grass or palm leaves actually stay on the roof? What happens when there are strong winds or hurricanes? “Palaperos”, men who construct these amazing roof structures, are artists. Watching them build a palapa roof, a thatched roof is truly an experience in and of itself. They are fast, have a rhythm to their work and in a day or two, depending on the size of the roof, the roof is done! In Belize, this is a skill that thank goodness is still being used in new construction.

Minister Hulse Visit to Taiwan
At the invitation of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Hon. Sen. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality, has concluded a five day visit to Taiwan from August 11th, to 15th, 2014.

Action Taken by Ministry of Health Based on Preliminary Audit Reports
The Ministry of Health would like to inform the public that the audit of accounts initiated last year by the Ministry in all health regions continues with the help of the Auditor General’s office. As a consequence, we have recently been presented with irregularities that have been identified in preliminary reports for the Primary Care Provider clinics in Dangriga and Punta Gorda. Based on that report, the Administrators of both clinics have been placed on immediate suspension as a precautionary measure pending the completion of the investigations. Administrative arrangements have been put in place to ensure that services are not affected.

Channel 7

Disgraced Deputy In Fatal Traffic Accident
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura is disgraced tonight. The #2 police officer has been served with a notice of intended prosecution for a long list of charges for his role in a traffic fatality - in which, it is being alleged, he was driving under the influence. On Saturday morning at about 5:30, Segura was driving a police issued Nissan Pathfinder to his home in Benque Viejo when he crashed head on into a taxi which was heading to San Ignacio. It happened just outside Succotz village and the female market vendor who was in the passenger seat died on impact, while the driver suffered multiple injuries. His condition has been upgraded from critical to stable - but as you'll hear from his family later on, he's far from being out of the woods.

Family Of Injured Taximan Blames Segura
But, the actions of the senior command are probably no consolation to the families, first, of the deceased market vendor, and, second, the injured cab driver. Tonight, one family is preparing to bury a mother of five, Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, while the other is tending to 28 year old Yanie Evan Cu, who was transferred to the KHMH because of the seriousness of his injuries. Today, Cu's family spoke to Monica Bodden outside the KHMH and they told her that they blame Segura for their son's condition:.. Azucena Cu- Mother of Yanie Evan Cu "He is not good, he is injured right now. Today the doctor told me that he has to be operated on today on his hand." Monica Bodden "What are his injuries?" Pedro Cu - Father of Ivan Cu "His hand are his hip are broken, his foot is injured."

Weekend City Shootings Not Fatal
There were two shootings in the city on Friday night - which left three men injured, but, luckily none of the injuries are life threatening. At around 11:30, 31 year old Charles Hinds and 41 year old Eldon Solomon were walking on Elston Kerr Street in the Collet Area when they were approached from behind by three men on foot, one of whom fired several shots at them. The attackers then ran off toward Central American Boulevard where a car was waiting for them. Hinds narrowly escaped a fatal injury, as gunshots grazed the top of his head. He has been treated and released from the hospital. And 41-year-old Eldon Edward Solomon was shot to the back - and he was expected to be released from the hospital this afternoon. Precinct two police were swift to make an arrest:..

Father Of 7 Killed In Western Stabbing
A man was killed on Unitedville Village on in the wee hours of Saturday morning. He is 34 year old father of 7 Victor Vargas, known as Nico. According to reports, at around 3:00 am, Vargas was in a fight with a younger man, a 19 year old. The teenager allegedly stabbed him in the throat. Vargas ran trying to get help, but no one opened for him, and he collapsed unto the street dead. Today his family told us it is a bitter end to a life full of conflict:.. Eddie de la Rosa, Cousin of deceased "A fight was happing right here, he lives on the other lane and was coming home. He went to a party and was intoxicated. He came to check on the fight that was happening here, but instead of parting the fight, they just stab the man. They said that the guy that killed him was with him earlier, but apparently he stayed at the bar by the entrance and the guy came and socialize with different crowd and got into an argument."

Customs Officer Charged
Today in Orange Walk - an unusual case went to court. A customs officer was charged for manslaughter for a case that occurred 5 years ago. That's June of 2009, when 19 year old Onorio Oba of San Victor village in the Orange Walk District WAS SHOT and killed. Oba was shot when Customs Officers came under attack from villagers and opened fire to protect themselves. The dispute was over a cargo of contraband which customs had seized. Well, 5 years later police say they have new evidence, which enabled them to charge customs officer Charles Flores. Flores was assigned to river patrols at the time and he participated in the initial seizure. This afternoon, he was taken to Orange Walk Magistrate's Court where he was arraigned on a charge of manslaughter. He was released and bail and ordered to return to court on fifth November. And while police claim to have new evidence pointing to Flores as the Officer with the gun, 7News has learned that at least two BDF soldiers who were on patrol with him have attested that he was in the river with them when the shooting happened in the village.

Jamaican Man Charged For Rubio Murder Claims Demon Possession
On Friday we told you all about the murder of 38 year old Oscar Richard Rubio. He is the Belize City resident who was beaten on July 30th, left in intensive care with a major head injury, and went un-noticed by police until he died from that injury last week Wednesday August 13th. Well, while police might have been late to catch up on the crime, they were relatively quick to make an arrest. Investigators have arrested and charged 32-year-old Jamaican Mark Dallas as the person who inflicted those fatal injuries. This afternoon he was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. He was remanded until October 2, 2014.

Sr. Supt. Broaster's Burglar Gets 7 Years
On Friday, we told you how Senior Superintendent, Edward Broaster had caught the thief who broke into his house. Well, today, that man, 39 year old Richard Codd went to court where he was charged for burglary. He wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the single charge. Codd told magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart that he didn't want to waste the court's time, and that Broaster had already gotten back his items and that he, Codd, had fixed back his broken window. For the offense of burglary, Codd was sentence to the minimum jail term of 7 years. In his mitigation plea, he told the magistrate that he is sick and someone has put him under an obeah spell. Codd is no stranger to the police or the court. He has a number of convictions, five of them are for crimes of dishonesty going back to 2003.

More Bad Business In Ministry of Health
Another trough of corruption has been unearthed at the Ministry of Health and two senior administrators are suspended because of it. For months, we've been alluding to mismanagement of funds in the south - and today - the Ministry of Health announced that Administrators of the Dangriga and Punta Gorda Primary Care Provider clinics have been suspended. They are Harry Sabal for Dangriga and Kayla Hoare for Punta Gorda. The Ministry's press release says that irregularities have been identified in preliminary reports from the Auditor General for those clinics. They have been placed on immediate suspension as a precautionary measure.

Teen Alleges Abuse At Police/BDF Camp
Last week we told you about the camp that police are offering to Belize City families who have troubled teenagers in their house. It's a boot camp run by the BDF at Camp Belizario in Cayo. It can last for four to six weeks depending on whether the students are enrolled in school. But, one Belize City family today reached out to us to say one week was to long. Their 16 year old son has come back with a story of wretched and systematic abuse that's, honestly, hard to believe until you hear them out. We spoke to mother, son, and a neighbor today to hear their allegation of constant beatings at the hand of police:.. Voice of: Georgia, Mother "I called him and he said to please come for me because they beat me. I ask what happen and so he was crying over the phone and he said to please come for me because they beat me, they got me in mud and water and if they move the GSU beats them."

A Grave Mix Up
When a loved one dies, there is an extended process of grieving that follows. Visiting the grave site is an important part of that but the Gomez family's grief and sadness turned into rage when they visited their loved one's grave in Lord's Bank on Friday. They realized another grave was built and attached to their relative's grave. Keisha King, the daughter of the deceased, Marie Gomez, expressed her anger at the situation and stated emphatically that she and her family want the offending grave removed. Keisha King, Daughter of Deceased "Actually Friday evening when I went up there to take flowers to the grave I was shocked to see that situation; two grave combined as one grave. That situation is so disturbing. We have no connection and that's like a complete stranger to us. We have no idea."

Police Brass Reflect On Segura's Vile Viral Video
As we've shown you in the top of our segment, Deputy Commissioner Segura is on suspension from duties as the #2 Police officer after he was involved in an accident which killed a 54 year-old woman, and put her taxi driver, who is also one of her family members, in the hospital. There is the lingering allegation that he was driving under the influence of alcohol when it happened. We've confirmed with Assistant Superintendent Daniel Arzu, the Officer Commanding Benque Police, who is also in charge of the investigation, that the forensic testing of the blood samples taken from both Deputy Commissioner Miguel Segura and Yanie Cu are in. When we asked if he could disclose them to us, Arzu told us that he had to seek instruction from the Commissioner of Police if he had permission to release them to the press. He then advised us to call Commissioner Whylie directly. When we did call the commissioner, we couldn't get him on the phone.

COMPOL Encourages Public To Hit Record
So, a critical part of story was told by the cellphone footage recorded shortly after the incident. But, many times, there are moments captured like this on video, which never make it out in the public because officers often confiscate the civilian's recording devices and delete files. Sometimes, they try to block members of the press from doing their jobs by threatening them with deletion of their images and videos. The different media houses have all encountered something this once or twice over the years, and today, when Commissioner Whylie was asked give the department's position the recording of police officers doing their duties. He told us that he doesn't have a problem with civilans or photojournalists recording these materials, as long as they are respecting the cordoned area of the scenes:

22 Days Later Dwayne Still Missing
The mother of 24 year old Dwayne Young is desperate for answers about her son Dwayne Young who has been missing for 22 days. He went missing on July 28th after a domestic dispute and has not been seen since. Today she stopped by our studio for a second time to express her devastation and to make her plea to the public. Angelica Morrison, Mother "I want to say to the public that anyone who sees my son to call me or contact my daughter or the police because he is missing and I want to find him and I want him to come home safe. Anybody who sees him, my number is 621-0176 and my daughter's is 60 -2221. I want my son come home and he was working when this happened to him. I am tired of not sleeping, I can't even eat. Every day I have to get up to try to look for him, all in the bushes looking for my son and asking people and like no one is not telling me anything about my son. I want the police to look into it to find him because it is going for a month now and I want to find him to come home."

Is There An App for The Future?
Last week we told you about Tiffany Simpson's Mobile App Development course package entitled "Tech it Easy" which is designed to teach students how to create their own mobile applications. Well, the PUC has propelled this vision to a larger scale. The PUC is hosting a week long workshop to train youths in Mobile application development. The workshop is being held under the theme "Inspiring Solutions for Global Challenges through Innovation and Creativity". The coordinators of the workshop discussed the importance of such a workshop and the holistic approach to technology in transforming not just Belize but...the world!! Courtney Weatherburne reports:... The workshop began today and will conclude on Friday with presentations from the participants.

Home Invasion Leads To Murder in Hopkins
We've confirmed that during the course of our newscast, there was a murder which happened in Hopkins Village, in the Stann Creek District. Information is sketchy at this time but we've been told that a teacher and his wife were the victims of a home invasion, and in the course of the crime, the woman was killed. The teacher is currently receiving medical treatment, and police currently processing the scene. We'll have more on this in tomorrow's newscast.

Belizean Woman Shot and Killed In Vegas
Police from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department are searching for 27 year-old Carim Cruz, a man living in the US, after he shot and killed a Belizean American in that California City. News reports from out of Las Vegas say that early on Saturday morning, Diana Serrano and her cousin, Rasheda Lopez was at Geisha House Restaurant at around 2:30 when a man opened fire on the crowded business place, after he got into an argument and a with one of the victims, and several patrons of the restaurant. Diana Serrano was fatality shot, and died on the scene, while Rasheda Lopez was rushed to the University Medical Center.

GSU Recounts Raid
On Friday we told you how police raided the Kolbe Prison in Hattieville and came up with cell phones, with and without SIM cards in the cells of what the GSU says are key gang members. Other items found at the Kolbe Foundation are drugs, stingers and borers ("boras"). Back in the City - and also on Friday, the GSU found 87.1 grams of cannabis in Cadle Alley. The drugs are believed to be for a well-known member of the Victoria Street Bloods Gang who peddles drugs within that area.

Hon. Hulse in Taiwan
Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse has returned from a 5 day visit to Taiwan. The purpose of the visit was to further strengthen relations between Belize and Taiwan. Hulse signed a Memorandum of Understanding between his Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Interior of Taiwan relating to human trafficking and Immigration issues. Senator Hulse returned to Belize on Friday.

Channel 5

Breaking News: Murder in Hopkins
News Five has managed to confirm that there was a murder moments ago in Hopkins. Details are sketchy at this point because officers have been dispatched to the scene, but [...]

Fatal Traffic Accident on Benque Road lands Deputy ComPol in hot seat
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura has been placed on interdiction for his involvement in a fatal road traffic accident which occurred early Saturday morning. Police were called to mile [...]

National Security Ministry calls Press Briefing in the Aftermath of the Weekend Tragedy
There is a great deal of outrage tonight surrounding a fatal traffic accident near Succotz early Saturday morning. It involved a vehicle driven by Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, [...]

Video of Accident Scene Goes Viral on Social Media
And on the heels of outrage at that video, there are allegations that Segura received special attention on the scene. Eyewitnesses told News Five today that Segura was taken from [...]

Devon Bailey Arraigned for Friday Night Shooting
Two men were shot at over the weekend and tonight one of the alleged shooters is behind bars on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was denied bail [...]

Unitedville Man is Stabbed and Killed…
Cayo Police are tonight on a manhunt for the killer of a resident of Unitedville who was fatally stabbed early Saturday morning. It happened at around three a.m. at the [...]

…Woman Believes Her Son is Wanted for the Murder
Police have not officially released the name of the man wanted for Vargas’ murder, but one woman from Unitedville is convinced that her nineteen year old son is the suspect. [...]

GSU Operations in the West
Also in the west, the Gang Suppression Unit conducted an eight-hour operation targeting drug dealers and peddlers in the San Ignacio area. Around five-thirty a.m. on Saturday, the unit searched [...]

Jamaican Man Arraigned for Murder of Oscar Rubio
Thirty-eight year old Oscar Rubio was taken to the K.H.M.H. by the police after he was found drunk in the Belize Constitution Park in late July and two weeks later, [...]

Lord’s Bank Family Says Grave of Loved One Defiled
The desecration of a loved one’s grave by vandals or others who are intent on unlawfully occupying precious funereal estate is an injustice that is not limited to the Lord [...]

2 Administrators in the South Put on Suspension Following Health Audit
The public health system is once again under intense scrutiny, following the suspension of a pair of administrators from the Primary Care Provider Clinics in Dangriga and Punta Gorda, respectively.  [...]

Youths Converge for the Mobile App Workshop and Competition 2014
“Inspiring Solutions to Global Challenges through Innovation and Creativity.”  That’s the theme of a seminar being hosted by the Public Utilities Commission in which tech savvy youths are being trained [...]

CXC Results Are In
The preliminary results of the 2014 CXC Exams, sat in May and June, are in and, while the top scorers are yet to be named, a total of three thousand, [...]

Highlights of the First Belize Jazz and Culture Show
On Saturday, the first in a year-long series of Belize Jazz Fusion Culture Concerts was held at the Biltmore Best Western Hotel, where a host of performers and musicians entertained [...]

Sporting Highlights with James Adderley
Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We caught up with Saturday night semi-final showdown in Firms Division Basketball as BWSL and the Belize Bank/Airport faced [...]


Czl Police Launch Operation Cleanup
As part of the Northern Regional initiative, the Orange Walk and the Corozal Police Departments conducted a joint operation yesterday in sight of the San Joaquin Fiesta scheduled to commence tonight. According to Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Andrew Ramirez, Operation Cleanup has but one aim. Andrew Ramirez – OC Corozal “Orange Walk Police was here yesterday and they did some searches for wanted persons and a few minor arrest nothing much to mention about right but the most important thing of it is that the community felt an increase of police presence and they realize it was a counter anticrime effort that we did just to ensure that people came out for the San Joaquin Fiesta, that they can have movements with the family and friends peaceful and that is the main objective of that but that is a regional initiative and I would like to take time to thank Superintendent Arnold, Officer In charge for Orange Walk who has sent a number of officers from Orange Walk to assist in the operation and the operation code name was operation Clean Up.”

NEMO Members Take Part In Workshop
A Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis workshop was held today at the Agriculture Department in Corozal. The workshop was attended by members of the community from both rural and urban areas. The objective was to arm participants with the right tools on how to respond in case of a natural Disaster. Among the participants was Willard Levy, Coordinator for the National Emergency Management Organization in Corozal. Willard Levy – NEMO “Well actually what we are doing is that we are having a workshop about Damage Assessment, it is called the DANA, which means the Damage Assessment Needs Analysis, this is one of the most key committees in NEMO’s structure that does the assessments of damages after any disaster and is most important because what reports are made from that is what assistance is given to people affected in terms of agriculture, housing and households and everything.”


One arrested in double shooting
Police have levied charges of attempted murder, grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm on 22 year old Devon Bailey, in connection with the shooting of 31 year old Charles Hinds, Jr., and 41 year old Eldon Solomon, around 11:35 p.m. on August 15, 2014. Police responded to information they received of shots being fired on Elston Kerr Street, Belize City. Charles Hinds was grazed by gunshots to the top of his head, while Eldon Solomon was hit in the right upper back. They were socializing on the side walk in front of a house on Elston Kerr Street, when they were approached from behind by three dark-skinned men, one of whom fired several shots at them causing the injuries to Mr Hinds and Mr Solomon. The three culprits then ran up Pelican Street Extension heading towards Central American Boulevard where they boarded a waiting car and escaped. Both victims are listed in a stable condition at the K.H.M.H.

Saturday morning shooting in Belize City
There was another incident reported over the weekend, where a man was shot at the corner of Pickstock Street and Lovely Lane, Belize City. According to reports, around 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, Shane Garcia, aka “The Dancer,” was traveling with two cousins in a black car which stopped in the area. A gunman emerged from another vehicle and shot at Shane Garcia, catching him twice in the shoulder and to the left side of the chest. Mr Garcia has been treated for his injuries and released from the hospital.

Two more Health Care Administrators suspended
In the heat of the case of Nasley Sommerville, whose Public Service Commission hearing for the embezzlement of hospital funds was postponed to September 9th, the Ministry of Health announced the immediate suspension of two more Health Care Administrators effective on Monday. According to the Ministry of Health, “the Audit of Accounts initiated last year by the Ministry in all health regions continues with the help of the Auditor General’s office. As a consequence, we have recently been presented with irregularities that have been identified in preliminary reports of the Primary Care Provider clinics in Dangriga and Punta Gorda.” As a result, the Administrators for the Primary Health Care clinics of Dangriga and Punta Gorda, Harry Sabal and Kaila Hoare respectively, have been suspended as a precautionary measure while investigations continue. According to the Ministry of Health, administrative arrangements have been put in place so as to ensure that services are not affected. The Ministry further stated that it takes these matters very seriously but at the same time ensures that the administrators in question are given time to respond to the reports.

Patrick JonesPJ

Family of accident victims want justice
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura is in serious trouble, placed on interdiction and potentially facing criminal charges, resulting from Saturday’s fatal traffic accident. But the victims of Saturday’s accident – the deceased 54 year old Yolanda Valencia, a mother of three, and 28 year old Yanie Cu, […]

Youth alleges brutal beatings at reform camp
Toward the end of last week, BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones; Deputy Officer Commanding Eastern Division Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster and Minister of National Security John Saldivar sang the praises of a reform camp organized by the BDF at its base in Camp Belizario in the Cayo […]

Health Ministry suspends administrators in southern clinics
The Ministry of Health has announced the “immediate suspension” of administrators of primary care provider clinics in Dangriga and Punta Gorda Towns pending completion of investigations into allegations of irregularities in the accounts of both clinics. These come out of the preliminary audit reports commissioned by the Ministry […]

Home invasion in Hopkins: one dead, one injured
Residents of the quiet community of Hopkins, Stann Creek district are in shock tonight after a violent home invasion claimed the life of a woman and has left her husband badly injured. The late evening incident claimed the life of Josephine Augustine. Her husband Dudley Augustine was […]

Senior Belize Minister visits Taiwan
Senator Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management, Immigration and Nationality completed a five-day visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan) last week. During his overseas visit, Senator Hulse met with his Taiwanese counterpart Dr. Hao Feng-min, as well as other senior Taiwanese […]

Deputy ComPol served with Notice of Intended Prosecution
Police have issued a Notice of Intended Prosecution against Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura. This follows an early Saturday morning fatal traffic accident at mile 71 on the George Price Highway in the village of San Jose Succotz, Cayo district. Segura was driving a grey Nissan Pathfinder which […]


Sargasso Piling Up on Our Shores on One Beautiful Day In San Pedro + The Island’s Best Pizza
Sargassum, or the seaweed that is now quite plentiful in Belize, is all over the beach. And, while not all that attractive, it’s seriously fascinating stuff. There is a whole “sea” of it that is a home for all sorts of baby fish and sea creatures, it’s a spawning site…it’s basically a giant floating nursery. And it’s HUGE (even bigger than the Pacific Ocean’s Trash Vortex!) and its movement is “managed” by currents and weather. (Read more facts here.) And Rojo. Right next door is their UBER-EXCLUSIVE villa, Azul. And just this past week, they hosted one of the actors from BREAKING BAD. I’m asking if I can tell you who. The Scoop is the very soul of discretion. Or this GORGEOUS pizza. Half sausage and vegetable with homemade red sauce and then half the “Alaska” pizza. Whole buttery garlic cloves, goat cheese, huge chunks of lobster, crust that is so delicious. YUM. The fresh green onion really makes it. Best pizza I’ve had in Belize.

Chaa Creek Spa Wins World Tourism Award
The Lodge at Chaa Creek has been recognised as “Belize’s Leading Spa Resort” at the recent World Tourism Awards, an event the Wall Street Journal called “The travel Industry’s equivalent to the Oscars.” Speaking after the announcement at the awards ceremonies, held this year in Quito, Ecuador, Chaa Creek’s owners say the win is further proof of Belize’s “coming of age” as a premier tourism destination. “We were thrilled and honoured to hear we’ve received the World Tourism Award. It reflects well on not only Chaa Creek, but the Belize eco-tourism industry as whole, which is really coming of age as far offering travellers a wide variety of exceptional products and services. Spas were a rarity in this part of the world when we established the Hill Top Spa, and now guests have come to expect these sorts of quality amenities, even in the midst of a pristine rainforest setting,” Ms Fleming said.

Belize Coalition of Service Providers (BCSP)
The Belize Coalition of Service Providers (BCSP) is a national umbrella body that brings together all service sector associations. It functions as a focal point to lobby, channel and address trade in services issues and services development issues which are critical for the sector to thrive in the competitive global environment. The Administrative & Accounting Office will be responsible for assuming the accounting and administrative functions for the BCSP Secretariat and providing administrative assistance to the BCSP’s Executive Director.

Merry go round!
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez Ring a ring a roses A pocket full of poses A tish-u, a tish-u we all fall down Are we serious about juvenile reform? Or are we playing merry-go-round? Are we buying into Jim Crow-ism And being tricked into creating more facilities for juvenile incarceration The boot camp model has long faced extinction Let’s stop playing games with our at risk population We are seeing building construction at mile twenty-one I hope that’s coming with a holistic curriculum Unlike the customary imported one, It has to be a homegrown one with monitoring and evaluation.

Power outage Stann Creek
Power interruption 8:00am to 1:00pm, Friday, August 22, Stann Creek District: Entire Hopkins Village. BEL to relocate high voltage lines on Hopkins Road and replace utility poles in Hopkins Village.

Mike Vestal – Child Predator in Belize
Each year, countless children around the world fall prey to sexual predators. These young victims are left with permanent psychological, physical, and emotional scars. When a recording of that sexual abuse is made or released onto the Internet, it lives on forever. It haunts the children depicted in it, who live daily with the knowledge that countless strangers use an image of their worst experiences for their own gratification. I do not comprehend the fact that anyone can come to Belize and just do as they please. In these crazy times where children are being hunted, we cannot continue to let anyone just parade into Belize as they please. When Belizeans want to go out for vacation they have to pay hundreds for a visa, get a full background check and a lot more but people can just fly or drive into Belize; mostly from the US. This is Michael Vestal, 37, Vallejo, Johnson Control technician that has been profiled not only on international TV but on a show specific to child predator (s), and he was allowed not only to come into Belize but work with children under the guise of Christianity. They have listed as now living in Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez

Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya
This another option of meats besides chicken that you can use to create a delicious spicy Jambalaya. The Andouille sausage is the secret ingredient that makes this dish so mouthwatering.

See Why Your Next Dive Vacation Should Be In Belize
one of the smallest countries in Central America – packs a lot within its borders, from the hemisphere’s longest reef and the amazing Blue Hole, to whale sharks, atolls, Mayan ruins and jungle trekking. Deciding where to stay in Belize is harder than it seems – your choices range from the quaint ambience of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye to the dive-only atolls to the nature-loving South. The barrier reef off Ambergris Caye starts five miles north of the Mexican border and is so near shore that dive sites are only five minutes away. Experienced divers like to visit Hol Chan Cut: Strong tidal currents make it tricky to dive this site, but also supply food to filter feeders such as sea fans, sponges and gorgonians and to fish like grunts and mutton snappers. Divers stay close to the channel sides where irregularities in the walls blunt much of the current’s strength.

The August 17th, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Four Arrested For Parceling A Pound Of Weed:
    Three men from Red Creek and a fourth from Santa Elena were, this Thursday afternoon, arrested and charged for the possession of marijuana when a team of policemen sneaked up on them from behind as they were parceling the merchandise under a coconut tree in the back of a yard. Acting upon information received, at around 2:30 pm this Thursday afternoon, a team of policemen, comprising elements from Special Branch, Crimes Investigation Branch and the Tourism Police Unit sneaked up from behind, along a cement fence, unto a property located at #213 Red Creek, on the eastern outskirts of Santa Elena Town, where they surprised four men assembled under a coconut tree engaged in a suspicious activity with a camp fire burning nearby. The men, all Belizean laborers, were identified as Ricky Diego, 28 and Glenford “Geese” Lewis, 50, both residing on the property as well as Shane Smith, 29, who lives nearby also in Red Creek and Wayne Miralda, 34, who told the police that he lives further up the highway in Santa Elena.
  • Espat Takes The Rap Fined and Confined:
    Four persons from Santa Elena were today arrested on a possession of marijuana charge. The youngest of the four pled guilty to the charge. He was sent straight to jail on a five year sentence along with a ten thousand dollar fine. It was shortly before 10 o’clock on the morning of Friday, August 8, 2014, when a team of policemen, armed with a warrant to search for drugs, descended upon the #148 George Price Avenue, Santa Elena residence of Nelson “Quack” Flores, 30, Belizean laborer. Present with Flores on location at the time of the search were three other persons later identified as Belizeans Alma Reyes, 36; Jose Garcia, 26; and Justin Espat, 19. Both Reyes and Espat told the police that they reside with Flores at the house while Garcia informed that he lives nearby on Coconut Street.
  • Editorial: We See, We Hear And We Read:
    When one travels across the nation, there is no denying that unprecedented development in the nation’s infrastructure is happening everywhere like never before. The modernization of Belize City is unquestionable, Mayor Darrell Bradley, with assistance from Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Central Government are transforming the city beyond imagination. In the less than two and a half years since Mayor Bradley was elected to Belize City Hall, he and his team has done more for the city than all previous mayors combined. Amazingly, while the national development is advancing full speed ahead, it is doing so without any increase in national taxes and undue hardships to the thousands of public officers, teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen and soldiers paid by the national purse. Much unlike what is taking place in the region. We see, we hear and we read reports of massive retrenchments of public officers in sister Caribbean states. We see, we hear and we read of moratoriums on new employment of public officers in the region.
  • Burglary, Burglary, Burglary:
    San Ignacio police are this week reporting three burglaries with no arrest. Police are of the opinion that a sneaky burglar is in town. The general public is therefore advised to guard against becoming a victim of burglary. In the first incident, Gerald Armstrong, 48, reported to police that between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm on Saturday, August 2, his house, located on Eduardo Juan Street in Santa Elena, was burglarized. While several items stolen amounted to less than a hundred dollars, the fact remains that someone invaded his privacy and in the process disrespected him. In the second incident, Wayne Bermudez, 50, year old Belizean farmer of a San Ignacio Town address reported to police that his farm house, located behind Eden Resort on the highway leading to Benque Viejo Town, was burglarized on Sunday, August 10.
  • Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards:
    The August 2014 “Scuba Diving” magazine has outlined Belize as the “Central American paradise” who “earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards.” Belize earned Readers Choice Awards for the Caribbean and Atlantic’s best overall destination, big animals, wall diving, and underwater photography. Some of the highlights from the three-page spread include mentions of our barrier reef “bowing only to Australia’s great one.” It also talks about the wall dives that can be done along the atolls, which “turn into an underwater Lollapalooza.” Also among the highlights was Gladden Spit which placed in the top 5 list for “best big animals in the Caribbean and Atlantic region.” Apart from our “big animals,” Belize was also recognized for its “macro critters.” Belize, known for some of the most authentic experiences, was also pointed out as a destination for tours from luxury yachts, to explorations through the jungle and to the archaeological sites.
  • Marriage Reveals, Not Creates Problems:
    BY: Rick Warren, Aug 3, 2014: “In the end, people appreciate honest criticism far more than flattery.” (Proverbs 28:23 NLT) If you’re single and you’re prolonging a relationship that you know is going nowhere, don’t continue it. “But I won’t have anybody to take me out on Friday night,” you say. A bad marriage is a million times worse than not going out on Friday night! The longer you’re in a relationship, the more difficult it’s going to be to get out of it. Proverbs 28:23 says, “In the end, people appreciate honest criticism far more than flattery” (NLT). Size that person up quickly, particularly related to emotional health. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like, “Do you have uncontrolled anger?” “Can we talk about me?” or “Will you pick up the tab?”
  • Police Manhunt For Calderon Brothers Underway:
    Police have detained two suspects and are on the manhunt for two more in connection with a Sunday night, August 3, chopping incident in San Ignacio Town. It was a few minutes to 10 o’clock on Sunday night August 3 when the police were called to the community hospital in San Ignacio. They were immediately directed to the emergency room where a male person was being treated for large chop wounds, one each to both knees and another to the mid section of the body. Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, later identified as San Ignacio resident, Felix Romero, was at his mother-in-law’s house on Flamingo Street in San Ignacio when he went to open the gate for his mother-in-law to enter. Whilst at the gate he was reportedly attacked by four male persons whom he identified as the Calderon brothers: Neri and Gerson along with Leroy Supal and Joshua Concha.
  • Invitation To Support HRCB Fundraising Eve:
    The Human Rights Commission of Belize invites you to support their fundraising event to be held in San Ignacio at the Sacred Heart Auditorium this coming Saturday August 16th 2014 starting at 7:30 p.m.. This event is being done in partnership with the Rotaract Club of San Ignacio and consists of the performance of the hilarious play "Every Rose has Thorns" written by pastor Dillon Burgin. All proceeds go towards the continuation of HRCB's human rights educational trainings and advocacy programs and the Rotaract's Club " Send a child to school scholarship program" Come out and support us.
  • Acne Vulgaris:
    Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) is a common human skin disease, characterized by areas of seborrhea (scaly red skin), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), papules (pinheads), nodules (large papules), pimples, and possibly scarring. Aside from scarring, its main effects are psychological, such as reduced self-esteem and in very extreme cases, depression or suicide. One study has estimated the incidence of suicidal ideation in patients with acne as 7.1%. In adolescence, acne is usually caused by an increase in androgens such as testosterone, which occurs during puberty, regardless of sex. Acne more often affects skin with a greater number of oil glands; these areas include the face, the upper part of the chest, and the back. Severe acne is inflammatory, but acne can also manifest in noninflammatory forms. The skin changes are caused by changes in pilosebaceous units, skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland, changes that require androgen stimulation.
  • Two Guatemalan Boys On Remand For Gun and Bullets:
    Two Guatemalan boys were this week captured with a gun and ammunition inside the national territory of Belize. As rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) continue the task of protecting the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, there are reports of yet another incursion into Belize by Guatemalans. The report indicates that at around 10:45 am on Monday, August 11, the rangers were on routine joint patrol with soldiers of the Belize Defense Force in the Caracol Archeological Reserve when they came upon a group of four Guatemalan male persons sitting around a fire. Upon reaching the group, two of the men escaped while the other two were captured.
  • Penner and Rojo on Drug Charges:
    Two men are facing drug charges after being connected with a really tiny amount of illegal drugs. They were doing the stuff, police say, in the Welcome Center in San Ignacio when police, acting on information received, pulled up on them. Police first searched the Caucasian man dressed in a long sleeve white shirt with blue stripes and blue jeans pants while the other, instantly identified as Rayford “Rojo” Staine was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans pants. A search of the Caucasian man led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag containing 0.2 grams of cocaine in his left pants pocket, while inside the other front pocket police found two grams of suspected weed. Nothing incriminating was found on Rojo. A search of the area however, inside a flower pot, led to the discovery of 1.3 grams of suspected crack cocaine.
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International Sourcesizz

Family presses ahead for justice in death of Calgary father Jeffrey Furgala in Belize
Family members of a Calgary man who died while in the Belize police custody in early 2013 say they’ve rejected an offered cash settlement from the country’s government and plan to proceed to trial over claims of negligence. Jeffrey Furgala, 35 was on vacation in the South American country with his girlfriend the night of Jan. 26 when he was detained by San Ignacio police over claims he was heavily intoxicated. (More details here.) But family members, including mother Fern Tiberio, have insisted that Furgala was injured earlier in the night and was suffering from the after effects when he was apprehended. She said her son was ignored after being put behind bars. Furgala was found unconscious with a bloody nose in his cell with the following morning and rushed to hospital. He was pronounced dead a few days later. Tiberio and son Chris Furgala have now steered efforts to file legal action against the San Ignacio authorities claiming negligence on the basis that he wasn’t checked on every 45 minutes as specified by Belizean law.

The decision to remove the Belmopan Bandits from the 2014-15 edition of the CONCACAF Champions League may have been the right one, but it could've been handled better.
CONCACAF's relatively new administration missed an opportunity to show it's different from the past regime with its handling of the removal of Belize's representative in the CONCACAF Champions League. The name 'Champions League' explains the concept. Pit various champions against each a league. But in the past five competitions, Belize hasn't been able to put forth a representative, a streak that will continue this year after the Belmopan Bandits were removed from the competition. The confederation announced the decision in a news release sent at 6:10 p.m. ET on Aug. 12 - a week after the tournament started and nine days before the Bandits were set to host their first game of the competition. It would've been the first time in history that Belize - a tiny but growing English-speaking country in Central America just south of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea - hosted a Champions League match. In the first tournament under the current format, the Hankook Verdes played their home match in Guatemala, losing both legs by a 6-0 margin.

The CONCACAF Champions League pitch in Guyana is laughable
The debut of a team from Belize in the CONCACAF Champions League will have to wait for at least another season after confederation inspectors ruled that their pitch was unplayable. Belize Premier League champions Belmopan Bandits will be replaced in the competition by Costa Rica's Club Sport Herediano. CONCACAF inspected the playing surface at the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Stadium on August 10 for a second time, finding that the conditions did not meet the regulations for Champions League standards. Belmopan were scheduled to play their first game in the competition, at home, on Friday August 22 against El Salvador's Isidro Metapan. It is a sad story for the Belize national federation who had been hoping to make a return to international club competition in the region. The FFB Stadium had received $1.8 million from FIFA for an upgrade. This included improved lighting, seating for 5,000, separate shower stalls and changing rooms for participating teams and referees.

IMF sees potential spillovers from PetroCaribe
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its 2014 Spillover Report released August 18 said it sees potential spillovers including “macroeconomic difficulties” into the economies PetroCaribe now helps. “Venezuela has provided financial support to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through energy co-operation agreements, under which Venezuela sells oil at market prices, but gives generous financing conditions to beneficiary countries, including long-term loans at low interest rates, and sometimes the possibility to repay in kind,” the IMF said. “The volume of oil sold to the region under various agreements (San Jose, Caracas, Integral Cooperation, and PetroCaribe) has stabilised at around 250,000 barrels per day (bpd) after 2009, with values rising to about US$10 billion in 2012.”

Vestiage Announces Support for Oceana Conservation Organization
Vestiage™, Inc. (“VEST”), the healthy-aging Company, announced today that it is now supporting Oceana, the largest international advocacy group focused only on protecting the world’s oceans. Scott Kimball, Vestiage CEO stated, “Our Company motto is ‘We Believe Life Deserves Vitality.’ It makes sense that we strongly support the protection of our planet, in particular, the lands and the oceans where our ingredients are found. Oceana is a fierce advocate and is committed to achieving policy victories on behalf of the ocean and sea life. Vestiage and Oceana, which has offices in both Monterey and Newport Beach, have a lot in common. When we launch Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals, which is planned for Q1 2015, we intend to make another announcement that will show how serious our support for Oceana is.”

10 Reasons to Live in Belize
In this infographics,, a website that covers topics that include retiring overseas, living abroad, international real estate, investment and travel share their top 10 reasons to live in Belize:

SWIM WITH WHALE SHARKS Where: Gladden Spit, Belize. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world and despite the intimidating name, are very docile. These gentle giants can be found at the Gladden Spit, near Placencia and Hopkins between March and June, and don't be surprised to find one of these dauntingly large creatures swimming toward you. Whale sharks are a notoriously curious species and are known to swim very close to divers. The appearance of whale sharks is timed with full moons, so be sure to consult a lunar calendar when planning your trip.


Video: Belize tree trimmer, 1min.
This is how you show folks you are good at your job, after you've trimmed the coconut and dead fronds.

Video: Diving the Great Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize, 5min.
Our first dive in the famous Blue Hole of Belize. Some people have said there's "nothing to see"....but I thought it was an amazing dive, from dropping off the lip into the haze with large sharks swimming below, the bubbles of divers below rising to the surface, and the huge stalactites and stalagmites appearing at 130 feet around the rim of the sunken cave. Swimming between them was other-worldly. We had 2 great dives afterwards too, at Half Moon Caye. We dove with Belize Diving Services, located on Caye Caulker...highly recommend!

Video: Isla Marisol Belize Dive Highlights, 24min.

Video: Highlights of the first Belize Jazz and Culture Show, 3min.

Video: THE Belize 2014, 5min.
Belize Adventures: SCUBA, snorkeling, spear fishing, cliff jumping, cave exploring, and more.

Video: National Geographic Student Expeditions Belize 2014, 4min.

Video: Zip line Belize GoPro, 4min.

Video: Zip line Belize GoPro x2, 3min.

Video: Zip line Belize GoPro x3, 3min.

August 18, 2014


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US Ambassador Comments on Doctor Elrington's Case
Yesterday US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno held a media round table at the US Embassy in Belmopan when he was fielded with a number of questions by the media. Unfortunately none of media representatives were allowed to record the session and it was until this afternoon that the U.S Embassy made available the video to media houses. Among the many questions asked yesterday to US Ambassador Moreno was if the U.S will make a move to have Doctor Errol Elrington, brother of Minister of Foreign and Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington extradited. As you may recall Doctor Elrington is now considered a US fugitive now living in Belize after an arrest warrant was issued for him in October, 2013. Doctor Elrington is wanted on charges of racketeering, medical fraud and health care fraud after he allegedly billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 for services that he never performed, and he employed an unlicensed physician who engaged in criminal sexual misconduct. So will the US seek Errol Elrington’s extradition? Here is what the US Ambassador had to say on the matter.

When Will O/W People Stadium Be Upgraded As Promised
Presently there is much discontent across the country after news broke out that the Belmopan Bandits will not be taking part in the CONCACAF Champions League which sees the participation of all Central American champions and sub-champions. As previously mentioned Belize did not meet FIFA’s requirements again, which include a FIFA certified field, infrastructure, lighting and access to changing rooms. All this was to have been set in place with the renovation of the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. But despite the close to 2 million dollars already spent on the stadium, Belize’s boys will not play in the CONCACAF, because despite the fact that FIFA gave Belize over two months pass the deadline to meet FIFA standards required for Champion's League, bottom line is the stadium was not ready. Actually if we rely on the words of FFB’s President Ruberto Vicente, we should say the field was not ready. According to him and we quote “the television companies that run the Champions League will not televise on a field that has brown spots on it."

Steady Decline In Production Of Oil In Belize
Belize Natural Energy, the only oil producer in Belize after hitting a crowning in 2011 of 146 million in profits is seeing a steady decline in production, the Amandala Newspaper reported today. And since the company started producing commercial crude oil in 2006, 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of the black gold has been sold to local and foreign markets around the world. The publication reports that an estimated volume of 9 million barrels resulted in the Government of Belize netting $424 million in receipts and landowners netting $5.3 million in royalties. But after hitting its peak in 2006, crude oil sales have been on a rapid decline. The Government of Belize now hopes that a commercial oil find in the south of the country could result in a rebound in petroleum earnings. And while BNE continues production at its two oil fields namely in Spanish lookout and Never Delay, the hope for commercial find rests with Maranco and US capital, says Andre Cho, Director of Petroleum and Geology.

Will Elvin Penner's Visa Be Revoked?
During the media round table Ambassador Moreno also spoke on another issue of national interest, the Elvin Penner case. Ambassador Moreno was asked if the US will revoke Penner’s visa as they did back in 2003 to former PUP Minister Maxwell Samuels after he was involved in an immigration scandal. While the Ambassador did not go into details on the issue, he did mention that Belize’s Government should take the matter seriously. H.E. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize "I can't comment on individual cases. That question is probably be directed to Minister Penner or Mr. Penner himself as to whether his VISA has been revoked. As to any efforts by the US Embassy to revoke his VISA since that's a matter - it really raises questions of privacy and the institution and workings of the counselor section. I should not really comment on that. Let me add, I think that the integrity of the process whether it's in the issuance of the passport or VISA - any kind of official document that has the of a government official should be scrutinize carefully, should be treated very seriously the government in question. I say that because countries rely heavily on the authenticity and the integrity of documents that are presented to us when that traveler comes to another country and if we don't have that essential element of rule of law with respect of the integrity of these documents then I think we are in serious trouble."


Tour Company Employee Robbed on Coney Drive
A manager of Chukka Tours has told police that he was robbed in the Coney Drive area yesterday evening. According to 31-year-old Derrick Hemmans, he had just come into the city from Water Caye, unloaded some supplies into a white Chevy cargo van and then drove off….but upon reaching the NAPA roundabout he was approached by a dark skinned man, who entered the van and pointed what appeared to be a .38 revolver at him and demanded money. Fearing for his life he handed over (2) black bags one of which contained a black Lenova brand laptop computer valued at $1,500.00 and the other contained $6,500.00 in cash the property of Chukka Tours. The robber also took off with Hemmans’ licensed 9mm pistol and a magazine containing sixteen 9mm live rounds, valued at $3,300.00. Police are investigating.

Espat Fined 10K and Confined for Five Years for Drug Trafficking
San Ignacio Police, upon the strength of a search warrant, conducted a search at the residence of Nelson Flores on the George Price Avenue in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District. As a result of the search four persons were detained and charged for drug trafficking. 30-year-old, Nelson Flores, 36-year-old, Alma Reyes, 19-year-old, Justin Espat and 26-year-old, Jose Garcia were all charged for the offence of possession of a controlled drug with the intent to supply. During the search conducted mid-morning last Friday, the officers attached to San Ignacio uncovered a black plastic bag in a space between the wall and the floor board that contained loose green vegetable substance which was suspected to be cannabis. Following the discovery of the suspected drug, the four, who were present at the time of the search were informed of the offense committed and were placed under arrest. The drug was weighed in their presence and had a total weight of one hundred and twenty six point eight grams of cannabis. The four were arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court where Espat pled guilty and was fine ten thousand dollars and sentenced to five years in prison.

CXC Results Released
Today the Ministry of Education released the CXC Examinations Preliminary Results for May and June 2014. The Preliminary Results for the May-June 2014 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) shows that three thousand forty-nine candidates divided into 1,344 males and 1,705 females registered for 32 of the 35 subjects offered at the CSEC level. The candidates registered for the May-June 2014 CSEC sitting represent a decrease of 56 candidates or 1.8% compared to the May-June 2013 sitting. Candidates from 53 centres registered for 20,960 CSEC subject entries in May-June 2014 which is equivalent to 0.16 percentage points less than those registered for the 2013 sitting. Of the 20,960 subject entries, 18,878 received a grade which is about the same as 2013. Seventy-six point five percent of the 18,878 graded entries received Grades I-III which is a satisfactory level of performance at the CSEC level. The number of subject entries receiving Grades I-III has steadily increased for the past three years. Home Economics Management maintained 100% of the subject entries with Grades I-III for the past three years. Similarly, Physical Education and Sport has maintained its subject entries receiving Grades I-III close to a perfect score for the past three years. Six subjects maintained an average of 80% and above of its entries earning Grades I-III for the past three years.

Serrano Family Wants Refund From Arthur Saldivar
He is an aspiring Area Representative for the Belize Rural North area under the umbrella of the People’s United Party and he has been no stranger to the local media in Belize, whether on a positive note or otherwise. Tonight, we bring to you another story involving Attorney Arthur Saldivar and a family in Dangriga that is asking for a refund of monies paid to Saldivar for services not rendered. Here is Hortence Serrano, who is fighting on behalf of her 93-year-old, mother, who has been undergoing some land issues. As a result, Serrano and her family acquired the legal services of Saldivar to help fight the matter. HORTENCE SERRANO “I called Clinton Hernandez because I had no idea more or less about attorneys and because I see Dickie Bradley all the time on TV; I asked Clinton, do you have a number for this gentleman. He said, ‘what’s the problem’, I said, ‘it’s a land problem’. He said, ‘well the best person for you to give the job to is Arthur Saldivar because he’s dealt with these kinds of issues’ and that’s when we settled with Arthur.

Sommerville Goes Before PS Commission For Hospital’s Missing Monies
She was relieved of her responsibilities temporarily in the latter part of October last year after hundreds of thousands of dollars went unaccounted for at the Southern Regional Hospital. It is a case that has been followed closely by the local media and tonight, we can tell you that the matter is finally being reviewed via a Public Service Commission’s Tribunal. Nasley Sommerville played the role of Administrator at the Southern Regional Hospital but when an audit revealed that fraudulent cheques were cashed from the institution at the Belize Bank, she was suspended. The first hearing of the Commission was held yesterday at the Sir Edney Cain Building in the City of Belmopan. In the hearing, three persons were called to testify, those being Randolph Young, a senior auditor in the AG’s office, Maria Rodriguez, an auditor in the AG’s office as well as Barbara Nicholas, who served as an Administrative Assistant at the Southern Regional Hospital.

The Reporter

Senior police officer involved in fatal traffic accident
Police have served Assistant Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura with a notice of intended prosecution following a traffic accident that occurred shortly after 5 a.m. on Saturday in Benque Viejo. Segura, 48, was reportedly travelling alone from San Ignacio to Benque Viejo in a Grey Nissan Pathfinder and Yanie Evan Cu, 28, a taxi driver was driving a Toyota Corolla car in the opposite direction with passenger, Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, in the front passenger seat when the two vrhicles collided, killing Valencia. Cu is in a critical condition and police have taken samples from him and Segura for alcohol testing.

Belize Taiwan fight human trafficking
Belize and Taiwan have signed an agreement aimed at improving human-trafficking combat efforts. Belize Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse and Taiwanese Interior Minister, Chen Wei-zen signed the agreement in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday. Taiwan has made similar arrangements with other countries, including Mongolia, Honduras, Indonesia, Vietnam, Paraguay, the Gambia, the United States and the Solomon Islands. Chen noted that Taiwan has been listed as a Tier 1 country in the United States’Trafficking in Persons Report for five years in a row due to its good performance in the prevention and control of human trafficking.

Former Haitian president faces charges following protests
Supporters for former Haitian President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide have clashed with UN peacekeepers in Haiti. Dozens of Aristide’s supporters had set up barricades outside his home, fearing he could be arrested. UN troops fired smoke grenades to disperse the protesters after they allegedly attacked a car carrying UN staff. Aristide faces charges of money laundering, but his supporters say the charges are politically motivated. A crowd of demonstrators, said to number around 150, blocked the route to his home with rocks and burning tyres on Thursday to prevent his arrest.

Patrick JonesPJ

GSU conducts raid at Belize Central Prison
The Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department carried out a pre-dawn raid of the Max Section of the Belize Central Prison on Friday. The operation, which started at 4 am, had the participation of members of the GSU, the Special Patrol Unit, Quick Response Team […]

Teachers undergo professional development training
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has concluded workshops for teachers in the Belmopan Area. These Professional Development Sessions are held yearly all over the country to empower teachers and give them an opportunity to earn credits to keep their Teachers’ License. The sessions were held at Belmopan […]

Under-12 footballers play exciting game in Belmopan
Inclement weather did not stop two enthusiastic under 12 football teams from hitting the field and rolling the ball to the sound of the referee’s whistle for play time on the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. Elite Promos tried for a back to back victory against Medina […]

Bus and pickup truck collide on the Phillip Goldson Highway
There were two traffic accidents in Belize City on Friday,one of them fatal. The accidents happened within an hour of each other, one on the Phillip Goldson Highway, the other on the George Price Highway. The first took place in the vicinity of the Haulover Bridge on the […]

Man stabbed to death in Unitedville village, Cayo
A man was stabbed to death early this morning in Unitedville village, Cayo district. The victim has been identified as 38 year old Victor Manuel Vargas. According to reports, Vargas left home on Friday afternoon and that was the last time his common-law wife saw him alive. […]


Belize National Song competition 2014
With The September celebrations just around the corner, Belizeans have been preparing for a colorful month of parades and dancing. One of the most important activities leading up to the seemingly endless festivities is the National Song Competition put on by the the National Institute of Culture History, Atlantic Bank and National Celebrations Commission. It sets the stage for the coming month, this year’s celebrations were themed “Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds together for Belize.” The evening was filled with loads of family friendly fun and great entertainment celebrating our beautiful Belize.This was the sixth year and the party was packed with Belizeans from near and far, as many fans came from other districts to cheer on their favorite talent. Memorial Park in Belize City quickly came alive as eighteen performers wowed the crowd and the judges. We saw performances by four juniors, eight in the Belize Song category, and six in the Carnival Song Category. The Gillharry 7, also known as the G7 band from Corozal and MC Dillon Jones of Universal Radio in Orange walk were also a continuous and enjoyable part of the evening’s entertainment.

Belize: The Planet’s Best Diving Destination has recognized Belize as one of the top diving destinations in the world along with The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Mexico, Honduras, Turks and Caicos, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Grenada. “The planet’s best places to find pulse-pounding big animals, deep walls, massive wrecks, fascinating caves and more,” reads the article entitled “Scuba Diving Top 100: Best Overall Diving” on, the largest scuba diving website on the Internet. You can read the full article here.

International Sourcesizz

Actun Tunichil Muknal: the Belize cave of ancient human sacrifices
DEEP in the Belize jungle of Central America lies a cave with creepy human remains more than 1000 years old thought to be victims of ritual sacrifices. Discovered in 1989, Actun Tunichil Muknal, or ATM as it’s locally known, is not easy to reach. Brave travellers must take an hour’s ride from San Ignacio in Belize, then walk another hour through shallow rivers and jungle to reach the mouth of the cave. From here visitors have to swim into the cave and wade up the river for another kilometre past huge boulders and cavernous rooms.

Sony Pictures launches feed for Central America, the Caribbean
Sony Pictures Television Networks' new feed will bring exclusive programming features to Central America and the Caribbean, including live schedules and promotions designed specifically for the needs and preferences of the region. From 1 September, viewers and partners of Canal Sony and AXN in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Belize, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic will receive the new Spanish signal. Sony Pictures will offer seven different feeds for Latin America. "We are always looking for new ways to connect with our audiences across the region, and our research indicates that viewers in Central America and the Caribbean share unique consumption patterns, which is why we have created this new feed to properly meet their needs," said Nathalie Lubensky, senior VP at Sony Pictures Networks Latin America. "In addition to creating a special schedule and programming, we are using this opportunity to launch events and advertising opportunities for our partners."

Want to get under the skin of Belize? Blancaneaux Lodge has launched a series of caving adventures to take travellers deeper into this Central American land. The lodge - one of Francis Ford Coppola's hotels - sits in the Maya Mountains, surrounded by rainforest and tumbling waterfalls. Five explorations to nearby caves range in difficulty, and can be undertaken by everyone from beginners to more experienced adventurers. Nervous cavers are advised to start with the Rio Frio Cave, which is blessed by plenty of natural light; while all four and a half miles of Barton Creek Cave - where pottery shards, ceramics and even Mayan remains are found - can be travelled by canoe. Cave tubing - floating through the caves in a rubber ring - is popular at Nohuch Che'en Reserve (the lodge starts its trips early in the morning to avoid the crowds). The lesser-explored Offering Cave at Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park was once a sacrificial site, and contains tools and ceramics left by the Mayans.


Video: Entrapment plasticity of the infinity sea, 5min.
“Entrapment plasticity of the infinity sea” is a video art that deals with the notion of being entrapped and trying to survive, keep going. This situation is always changing its form as the sea is always in movement and changes its state. The images of this video were recorded on different places of the Caribbean Sea (Los Roques in Venezuela, San Andrés in Colombia, Ulila in Honduras, Caye Amberguis and Blue Hole in Belize), the Red Sea (around Hurghada) and the Atlantic Ocean (Bahia, Brazil). A mosaic of the sea and personal struggles form this imaginary trip indo the underwater world.

Video: Dangriga to Belize City Flight, 2min.
Taking off from Dangriga on our return to Belize City. Tropic Air. GoPro HERO 3+ Black. 1080p.

Video: Dennis Wolfe - Just Another Gringo in Belize, 3min.
Dennis at Fido's in San Pedro, Belize 2013.

Video: Belize Raggamuffin Tour 3rd Stop, 21min.

Video: BELIZE 2014, 5min.
Summary video of our adventures in Belize. Scuba Diving, Snorkling, Spearfishing, Cave exploring, Cliff Jumping, Hiking, and much more.

Video: Belize Misiones, 5min.
Un Poco Del Trabajo Que Hemos Realizado Como Misioneros.

August 17, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Psychology Today: Mental Health & Wellness
Well Martha, will you look at that, right in the middle of the street in broad daylight! As they get closer he nudges, not gently, the man sleeping on the street and comments: “You stink! Clean yourself up and get a job like the rest of us! and walks away (Social Stigma). The man lying on the street wakes up momentarily, having felt the blow of the foot and the man’s hurtful words, readily agrees with him; saying to himself “I am worthless, what’s the use anyway” (Self Stigma). He then finds the bottle he misplaced only hours before and takes another drink. He no longer hurts…oblivion.

WUHS preparing students to become doctors
The Washington University of Health and Science (WUHS) is entering its fourth year of operation on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Having been clouded by speculation during its initial stage, WUHS has maintained strong and determined and are now attracting more students who have enlisted in their medical program. The medical school has also enrolled several Belizean students, many of who are on some form of scholarship. According Malik Soudah, President of WUHS, the medical university is here for the long term and would like to encourage students wishing to pursue a medical degree, to enlist at the WUHS. “We want everyone to know that we are here to stay and we want to be a part of the San Pedro community. We are here to help in any way we can. We have plans for the future, which includes the possibility of opening a nursing school,” said Soudah. He also indicated that WUHS have applied to the Government of Belize (GOB) for a license to open a junior college.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Commentary: Transfers in Belize government departments are rampant
By Wellington C. Ramos In Belize, the head of every governmental department has the right to transfer any of the people who work under him or her in the best interests of his or her department. However, there are many times when transfers are done by the heads of departments in Belize because their supervisors did not like the person working under them, racism, insecurity, jealousy, ulterior motives and other unjustifiable reasons. I was a member of the Belize Police Force for five years and I witnessed male police officers who were transferred because the senior ranking officers wanted to have an affair with their wives or were having an affair with a woman the senior ranking officer was having an affair with or wanted to have an affair with. Female police officers were transferred because they refused to have an affair with senior ranking police officers and police officers who were investigating a case against one of the senior officer’s friends, relatives or business owner.

Green Iguana Conservation Project
The Green Iguana Conservation Project is going strong. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is doing some major renovations all around, but the iguanas don't mind at all. Jorge is the newest guide, and he's great. When was the last time you visited?


Union members clarify how trust fund will work
On the 23 of July of this year, the Government announced, through a press release, that all public service workers, teachers, and open vote workers, whose increments were frozen between the periods of 1995 to 1997, were to receive compensation...

Man dies from injury in fight
Police say they have detained two persons and are looking for another, in the continued investigation into a fight two weeks ago which has turned fatal...

Chukka Tour manager robbed
A Location Manager for Chukka Tours reported that on Thursday evening, August 14, he arrived from Water Caye and unloaded some supplies into a van and then drove off...

Hopkins land conflict resolved by court
Last week Thursday August 7th reports coming from the village of Hopkins, Stann Creek District, were that police authorities in the area were replacing the locks of a small beach resort which housed nine people. The building was formerly owned by Luke Castillo who passed away in November of 2011...

Traffic accidents reported on major highways
There were two traffic accidents reported in Belize City on Friday morning, within an hour of each other, on both major highways. The first took place in the vicinity of the Haulover Bridge on the Philip Goldson Highway around 11:00 a.m...

Albert Street taxi driver and traffic officer clash over enforcement
On Friday afternoon on Orange Street, Belize City,  there was a clash over enforcement of the right of members of the Albert Street Taxi Union to park in their designated stand...

CSEC Preliminary results released
The Preliminary Results for the May-June 2014 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) have been released.  Three thousand forty-nine candidates sat 32 of the 35 subjects offered at the CSEC level. This number represents a decrease of 1.8% from last year...

Michael Gordon exhibit kicks off Image Factory’s 20th year
The Image Factory’s latest art exhibit is a tribute to a hero of the local art community. Self-taught and prolific, Michael Gordon has created more than 2,000 paintings in over 20 years of work, and between 200 to 300 of those are on exhibit for the next two weeks, beginning Friday night...

The Reporter

Fourteenth manatee killed in boating collision for 2014
A boating collision with annother adult manatee has resulted in the animal’s death. According to Jamal Galves, program director for the Manatee Conservation Project, they received an alert on Friday morning that a manatee was killed and floated up into the harbour at the Port Authority of Belize. Workers on the compound spotted the dead animal and they said they saw a calf along with the carcas in the area. The manatee rescue crew arrived at the Port around 10:30 a.m. and along with help from the Belize Coast Guard, they tried to lure the calf into a net and take it to safety. According to Galves, the crew spent hours trying to locate and retrieve the living manatee but after hours they could not locate it. Galves indicated that after examining the body of the dead manatee, it showed obvious signs of collision with a boat and had several chop wounds to the body. Galves said that one peculiar observation was that the manatee corpse was a male and that a calf travelling with male adults is not typical. Galves added that due to the fact that manatees could hold their breath for long periods of time before getting away he was led to believe that the other manatee was not a calf.

Man accidentally shoots brother and flees
A man accidentally shot his brother late on Friday night and the currently in critical condition according to police sources. According to police information, Leon Garcia allegedly shot Shane Crawford, 30 at a house at corner Pickstock and Frederick streets. Reports are that Garcia apparently believed Crawford was an intruder and fired a single shot, which caught Crawford in the buttocks and exited through his abdomen. Police are currently seeking Garcia in connection with the incident but so far have been unable to ascertain his whereabouts.

Strong presidential candidate emerges in Brazil
Marina Silva, the former Brazilian Environment Minister is expected to be named in the next few days to run for president in October. Silva would replace former presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos, who was killed in a plane crash on Wednesday. While Silva has agreed to run, Campos’s Socialist Party (PSB) still needs to officially approve the decision. The Socialists – the major partner in the opposition coalition established to run against President Dilma Rousseff – are expected to announce their decision after a meeting on Wednesday. Marina Silva and Eduardo Campos announced their alliance in October 2013. Eduardo Campos’ plane crashed into several houses in a densely-populated neighbourhood of Santos She fell out with the Workers’ Party government and left office to run against Ms Rousseff in 2010. The first round of the presidential election will take place on October 5 and will go to a second round later that month if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes.

The Belize Times

Crime – Barrow is to Blame
The cold bloodied murder of Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan on Saturday morning in broad daylight in front of his children’s home on George Street has shocked Belizeans. Two days after, Prime Minister Dean Barrow took a plane out of Belize. Supposedly on official business, he quickly announced he was taking an extra two days’ vacation leave. He apparently does not want to be questioned about the unbelievable level of crime that occurred over the weekend, and his ongoing failure to provide security for the citizens of Belize. He cannot call another press conference so soon after last week’s fiasco over the locking up of 41 sanitation workers at the Queen Street Police Station. Gangs roam free while poor workers get arrested. Crime, like so many other burning issues continue to highlight Mr. Barrow’s gross incompetence and woeful lack of leadership. Flying away won’t cause the crime problem to go away. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca has repeatedly offered to join the government in any effort to formulate initiates to deal with the crime problem plaguing the country. Mr. Barrow routinely spurns every such offer. He continues to pretend he has solved the violent crime problem with a few infrastructure jobs. Mr. Barrow has been at the head of the government for six and a half long, hard years.

Murdered Cycling Icon, JAWMEIGHAN, to be laid to rest on Friday
Cycling icon, 43 year old Ernest “JawMeighan” Meighan, a two time cross country champion (1997, 2001) will be laid to rest on Friday at the Central Assembly of God Church on Barrack Road in Belize City. JawMeighan was gunned down in cold-blooded fashion on Saturday – another tragic victim of the bloody violence that has taken siege of Belize City. JawMeighan had stopped by his girlfriend’s George Street home. Upon going downstairs and getting into his vehicle with an empty water gallon in his hands, an armed person sneaked on him and fired a single but fatal shot to his head. JawMeighan, a father of 7 children, was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but died on the way. The execution of this sports hero, who carried Belize on his shoulders in many prominent cycling races, shocked the nation. JawMeighan was to Belize what Michael Jordan was to the Chicago Bulls. His murder has been condemned nationwide and by Belizean in the diaspora. Reports of his killing attracted loud cries on online social network.

PUP Team 11 – Ready to Work!
The PUP Team 11 in Belmopan, led by City of Belmopan Mayoral Candidate Jose Chacon, is ready to Work! Last night the team and Belmopan Standard Bearer Patrick Andrews held a planning meeting with the zone leadership teams to plan out meeting schedules with residents. Our people are ready to work voluntarily because they see the great need for change in Belmopan. Have hope, together we will rescue our once “Garden City”. Join the Belmopan PUP movement all are welcome! For God, Family and Country!

Darrel to spend $2M on new building in poverty-stricken Belize City
Social and economic inequality, homelessness, joblessness, poverty and crime are at an all-time high in Belize City, but Mayor Bradley Darrel Bradley has chosen to continue spending big money, millions upon millions more, in more concrete. The Mayor announced this week that his Council will use two million dollars donated by the Taiwan Government to refurbish the Commercial Center, which will become the new City Hall. Just some weeks ago, a homeless man died under the blazing son in front of the same building. Bradley has been heavily criticised for his spending of $20 million on concrete streets with very poor drainage over the past months. City residents have been heard saying “we cyaant eat cement…we need jobs and safe neighbourhoods”.

Eyes wide open
By G. Michael Reid In 1751, Corbyn Morris of London proposed that “…as the preservation of the health of the people is of great importance, it is proposed that the cleaning of this city, should be put under one uniform public management, and all the filth be…conveyed by the Thames to proper distance in the country”. Almost a hundred years after that in 1846, the Nuisance Removal and Disease Prevention Act spurred what was to be a steadily evolving process of the provision of regulated waste management. The Metropolitan Board of London was the first authority that centralized sanitation regulation for that rapidly expanding municipality. In 1875, the Public Health Act was passed in London which made it compulsory for every household to deposit their weekly waste in ‘moveable receptacles’ for disposal. It was the first concept for garbage cans and dust-bins. Long, long before that however, garbage disposal was of huge importance to even the Mayans, who research shows had a fixed monthly ritual, in which the people of the village would gather together to burn and dispose of their rubbish. It seems unconceivable then, that here we are in 2014 and Belize City is still grappling with the issue of waste management. This has become a perpetual problem and year in year out it seems it is the same cry. The city cannot manage its waste and cannot afford to pay the people who clean up our city streets. Waste management of Belize is done by two primary groups; Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) and Belize Waste Control (BWC). BML workers clean the drains, sweep the streets and clean the parks thereafter bagging the waste which is collected along with regular household garbage by BWC. Working together, both companies do a relatively effective and efficient job and the city is kept fairly clean.

In 2012 Dean Barrow and his UDP managed to squeak through a razor-thin victory at the polls for a second term with a two-seat majority. From a 25-6 victory in 2008, they were down to 17-14 in the House of Representatives. And were it not for turmoil and dissension in the PUP ranks, Dean Barrow would have been a footnote in history. But instead of being chastened by his virtual rejection at the hands of the electorate, Barrow in his second term has become even more pompous and arrogant. Members of his Cabinet have become even more reckless, abusive and corrupt. The man who promised good governance is presiding over the most abusive and corrupt administration. The Lands Department under his Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega is “a hotbed of corruption”. Bribery and kickbacks in that Ministry have become the new normal. But the Prime Minister does not hold his deputy accountable. He sees nothing wrong in allowing the brother of the same Deputy to monopolize the exploitation of the rosewood in the Toledo forest. He sees nothing wrong when the nephew of the said Deputy is given a fat contract by Government to pave the road to San Antonio and is fully paid even though no work was done on that road.

Knead Belize preps Lionman swimmers
Knead Belize and veteran triathlete Denise Diaz continued to prepare Lionman contenders for the swimming part of the Lionman event: the 0.9 mile swim, as they organized a 3rd open water swim meet beside the Sandlighters’ Promenade in Belize City on Sunday. Anthony Leslie clocked 8:39.10 and 9:06.15 in the 2 swims of 350 yards each, while Karate sensei Leon Guild placed 2nd in both swims, clocking: 9:30.07 and 10:00:28. Diaz completed the 350 yard swim in 8:07. She invites all contenders who may wish to test the waters and their body to the distance; as the Lionman triathlon comes up in early September.

Telemedia scorches Beacon 23-5 in female softball
Belize Telemedia scorched Beacon 23-5 by mercy rule in the 4th inning in the Belize City female softball competition at the Rogers Stadium last Friday night Telemedia pitcher Martha Rhys gave up 9 hits and walked 3 batters, while the BTL diamond made 7 errors, but Beacon managed only 5 runs, leaving 7 runners on base. Licia Ferguson scored 2 runs, Tamara Ramsey scored 2 runs and Shantell Longsworth scored a run. BTL got 18 hits off Kimani Smith’s pitching. She also walked 3 batters and the rest of the Beacon made 23 errors. Lydia Cacho and Kimani Williams led the attack scoring 4 runs apiece. Noreica Fraser, Babsy Cadle, and Martha Rhys scored 3 runs apiece, while Rebecca Jones and Earlene Belisle scored 2 runs each and Christine Jacobs and Beverly Hyde scored a run each.

Team Belize wins 1, loses 3 in regional U-23 volleyball championships
Belize’s national Under-23 female volleyball team has won one game and lost 3 at the 2nd Central American U-23 female volleyball championships, organized by the Association of Central American Volleyball Federations (AFECAVOL) at the Jorge A. Galeano Gymnasium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras from August 8-13. Team Belize took on the Goliath, Costa Rica. Belize played its best match, scoring the most points of any team against Costa Rica (52) and giving them their toughest match in the tournament. Costa Rica won in straight sets 25-20, 25-19, 25-13. For Belize Maurissa Williams had 13 points (10 kills, 3 blocks), Tichele Solis had 10 points (6 kills, 2 blocks, 2 aces). The team had 20 unforced errors to Costa Rica’s 21. Next game is against Guatemala at 3 pm on Tuesday.

Letters: Impotent On Crime
I listened to a most interesting “Morning Buzz” Show on Positive Vibes on Tuesday August 12, 2014. The guest, Major Oscar Mira, a retired BDF Intelligence Officer, disclosed statistics that showed that major crime such as Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Rape, Theft and Carnal Knowledge have seen a sharp increase when compared between January to July 2013 and January to July 2014. In the previous year, there were 1,403 major crimes reported to the Police while there were 1,493 reported in 2014 for the periods mentioned. Additionally, according to Mr. Mira, there were 477 arrests in the same period in 2013 compared to 450 arrests in 2014. These statistics show an increase of 90 reported major crimes to the Police, and a decrease in arrests of 27 between the two years. Mr. Editor, a few weeks ago the impotent Minister of National Security, speaking at a Police promotion ceremony in Belmopan, tried to fooled this nation by quoting statistics on major crimes and saying that compared to last year crime was down and under control. The National Security Minister, who has disappeared in the middle of the violent siege, claimed that the media has exaggerated the situation and has painted a picture that is not real. The Minister insisted that crime is down.

Letters: Problems of an old rusty bike
I would be tremendously grateful if you kindly afford me space in your well-read newspaper to share a message to my beloved family members to heal a problem that started following the death of my husband. My granddaughter was only 12 years old when she requested for my husband’s bicycle that he used to go to work at Williamson Factory. He said to her, ‘you want grandpa’s bike’. She laughed and said ‘yes grandpa, when you die please leave it for me’. She got into college in Corozal and graduated. She obtained a scholarship to continue her education in England for three years and when she came back home she brought a dictionary for her grandpa because she knew he loved reading. Though she was no longer 12, she looked at grandpa and asked, ‘grandpa is the bike still mine?’ and he responded, ‘yes’. By then the bike was old and rusty, parked under a shed. She laughed and said one day she’ll come for it.

Wrongfully Arrested
On Sunday August 3rd, 2014 the “New Hong” Chinese Store located on St Vincent Street in Dangriga Town was robbed by two suspects between the hours of 7:20PM and 7:45PM. I was inside purchasing a pack of gum. One of the suspects entered the store, pointing a gun in the direction of the Chinese store owner and stating, “please remain calm, nobody move, just relax”. A second Chinese lady sitting at the far right corner of the counter froze in position. The robber demanded money and the store owner did not hesitate to comply with his demand. Not satisfied with what he received, the robber demanded more money and once again the store owner complied. While that was taking place, because my phone was on the counter, I tried to reach for it to put it in my pocket without making any obvious movements, however the robber saw what I was doing and asked “Weh yu di do, ah no tel yu noh move” in an annoyed tone. While peering over my shoulder I replied to him that I was putting my phone in my pocket. I then learned that there was an accomplice after the suspect holding the gun who gestured for someone to enter the store. The gun man’s accomplice walked in and was preparing to go behind the counter when the person holding the gun told him “no go fi di ting again let’s goh”. The accomplice continued to walk behind the counter but the person holding the gun again stated in a much harsher tone, “noh goh fi di ting again mein let’s goh”. The accomplice stopped but did not turn around which caused the suspect holding the gun to say “let’s goh a**hole”. The accomplice turned around after hearing that. The suspect with the gun then pointed it closer to the store owner and commanded her to stoop down and count to a hundred or she would die. Fearing for her life she immediately dropped to the ground. The robbers then fled the shop and escaped into the night.

The tragic, senseless murder of Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan at 11am Saturday August 9, 2014 on the bloody streets of Belize City shocked and angered an already weary and frustrated Belizean citizenry. We have become numb and cold to the seemingly endless and pointless gun violence ravaging the Southside of Belize City but Jawmeighan was not just another victim lying in his own blood on George Street. Did the young punk who busted a shot into the back of Jawmeighan’s head know who he was executing? Did he know that this was an elite Belizean athlete, a former Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic Champion? Did he know he was killing a son of the soil who carried our nation’s pride on his back on many a Holy Saturday? Did he know that he was killing a father, a son, a husband, a friend, a teammate, a hard working Belizean?

I have recently finished reading “The Economic History of Belize,” an excellently researched publication by Cubola Productions of Benque Viejo del Carmen. The volume is in the Belize Collection of texts on our country brought out by Cubola, and it is copyrighted in 2012. I consider this text to be essential reading, having thoroughly enjoyed the writing of joint authors and husband and wife, Barbara and Victor Bulmer-Thomas. Barbara was born at the Melinda Agricultural Station in the Stann Creek District, and is educated to Master’s Degree level in microbiology and plant taxonomy. Her husband Victor is British. He taught at Saint Michael’s College in the late 1960’s, and is now Emeritus Professor of Economics at London University. Together they have produced a fascinating text on Belize, and one which has definitely allowed me to have many new insights about our country from an economic perspective.

An Unjust, Unbalanced, Broken Tax System Part I
A fair and balanced tax system is important for any economy seeking to grow investments…whether domestic or foreign…because it should earn government the amount it needs to provide essential services and infrastructure, while allowing private investments to make honest profit and workers to earn fair wages that can afford the basic necessities of life. Belize has not been doing so well in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI). Neither has it been meeting the Government’s needs, since we consistently depend on foreign grants to plug deficits in our national budget and workers have been clamoring that cost-of-living is fast outpacing increases in real-incomes. From 2001-2013, the World Bank estimated that Belize attracted net positive Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), however net inflows went down from US$194 million (2004-2008) to US$89 million (2009-2013), the lowest 4-year record since 1989-1993.

Man Up Herman! – GOB’s sports program is a shame
There has been an outcry of shame and disappointment at the Football Federation of Belize for their failure to have the FFB Field in Belmopan ready in time for the CONCACAF Champion’s League in which the Belmopan Bandits would have represented Belize. The result has been the disqualification of Belize’s participation and many broken hearted football fans. While the FFB President Ruperto Vicente has been selected as the main target of criticism and he has accepted it, we at the BELIZE TIMES were shocked to see the defacto Minister of Sports Herman Longsworth and his shameful attempt to point fingers at Vicente and deflect blame from himself and his Ministry. Longsworth opened his line of statement with the following: “I am extremely concerned, I am very, very disappointed. We were all told that the field would be ready. FFB told us that they would have had this field ready. We were expecting that it would be ready and I’m disappointed that it is not, I’m very disappointed.”

Belizeans denounce the bombing of Gaza
A group of Belizeans held a peaceful protest against the bombarding of the Gaza community in Palestine at the Battlefield Park on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014. Israel has poured down military strikes on Gaza, destroying telecommunications systems and power plants, and killing innocent people in their quest to take control of the area. The four weeks of violence killed more than 1,900 Palestinians and 67 people on the Israeli side. The actions have attracted huge protests and anti-war rallies across the world, and in Belize the group of concerned citizens led the anti-intervention movement. Among the protesters was former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa, who revealed a much deeper connection with the Palestinian people. Hon. Musa has Palestinian heritage. His father, Hamid Musa, was a Palestinian who was brought to Belize by his father following the illegal appropriation of their family land.

Patrick JonesPJ

GSU conducts raid at Belize Central Prison
The Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department carried out a pre-dawn raid of the Max Section of the Belize Central Prison on Friday. The operation, which started at 4 am, had the participation of members of the GSU, the Special Patrol Unit, Quick Response Team […]

Teachers undergo professional development training
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has concluded workshops for teachers in the Belmopan Area. These Professional Development Sessions are held yearly all over the country to empower teachers and give them an opportunity to earn credits to keep their Teachers’ License. The sessions were held at Belmopan […]

Under-12 footballers play exciting game in Belmopan
Inclement weather did not stop two enthusiastic under 12 football teams from hitting the field and rolling the ball to the sound of the referee’s whistle for play time on the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. Elite Promos tried for a back to back victory against Medina […]

Bus and pickup truck collide on the Phillip Goldson Highway
There were two traffic accidents in Belize City on Friday,one of them fatal. The accidents happened within an hour of each other, one on the Phillip Goldson Highway, the other on the George Price Highway. The first took place in the vicinity of the Haulover Bridge on the […]

Man stabbed to death in Unitedville village, Cayo
A man was stabbed to death early this morning in Unitedville village, Cayo district. The victim has been identified as 38 year old Victor Manuel Vargas. According to reports, Vargas left home on Friday afternoon and that was the last time his common-law wife saw him alive. […]

Woman dies in vehicles collision on the George Price Highway
A fatal road traffic accident this morning on the George Price Highway has claimed the life of a woman. The crash happened around 6 am in the village of San Jose Succotz. Preliminary information received say that a Pathfinder and a taxi cab collided near Mile 72 on the George Price Highway – also referred to as the Benque Road – resulting in fatal injuries to the woman, whose name has not yet been confirmed. accident2 Woman dies in vehicles collision on the George Price Highway Sources say that the Pathfinder was being driven at the time of the crash by a senior police officer who lives in Benque Viejo del Carmen town.


La Gran Casa Azul in South Ambergris Caye: A Beautiful Rental Home with Privacy and Lots of Space
In fact, San Pedro town is a 15 minute golf cart ride away from where I was staying at La Gran Casa Azul. Nestled between mangroves and palms on each side, with a huge pool, a beautiful balcony, and a massive great room…PLENTY of space, this was a fabulous beach vacation. Just one mile from my actual home. And just a few homes south of this sign. I love having my own dock. Easy pick up if you are going on tours. I spent a bit of time in the low slung hammocks. The best place to catch the afternoon breeze.

Fairy tales and Chandeliers – Belize Wedding
All weddings are special – they really are, but there is no doubt that some are like a fairy tale and this is one of them. First there was the dress – fit for a princess As in all good fairy tales, there was indeed a Prince Charming (yes, they are both handsome, but the Prince in this story is the one on your left). Source:

12 Amazingly Good Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding in Belize
Belize wedding requirements are simple and easy to attain The requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Belize is simple and easy and can be obtained in two steps: 1.) one of the parties must be in Belize 3 days prior to getting married and filling the license and 2.) A photocopy of passport showing picture and date of arrival in Belize will need to be presented. Belize’s beauty is extraordinary Belize is one of the last unspoiled countries in the world and offers a plethora of picturesque backdrops for your wedding. Proximity Belize is a cost-effective destination within close proximity to the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico thus all family members and friends can attend the wedding.

Finding Fun and Friends at Belize’s Cerros Beach Resort
Have you ever had an experience while traveling that kind of changed your life? Not something huge like finding your soul mate or losing a limb. Rather a tiny experience that you never would have seen coming, never would have thought would make a difference, but that you remembered forever. We had such an experience when we stayed at Cerros Beach Resort in Belize and met Bill and Jennifer Bellerjeau. So what drew me to Cerros Beach Resort in the first place? The description in my Lonely Planet Belize guidebook caught my attention. First of all, it said Cerros Beach Resort was the authors’ “new favorite spot in northern Belize.” You can’t argue with favorite. Then it described thatched-roof cabanas in local style along the shore of Corozal Bay. I’m a sucker for cabanas and ocean views. Then there was the part about the owner being a former pastry chef from Miami who makes the best ceviche and chocolate cake in the world. As you know, I love food. Oh, and then there was the price; $40 per night (rates are $40 to $60 depending on the time of year).

International Sourcesizz

Forecaster has tropical storms boxed in
For all of the computer models out there designed to help predict where tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin are heading, there remains a relatively simple way to track whether storms will, or perhaps more accurately, won’t impact the southern peninsula of Florida. In the 1970s, National Hurricane Center forecaster Paul Hebert discovered that most strong hurricanes that had struck the South Florida area in the century had passed through one of two squares that were each 335 miles wide and long. The first of these areas is more or less centered over the northern Leeward Islands and Virgin Islands, running from between 15 to 20 degrees of north latitude and 60 to 65 degrees of west longitude. The second box is located south of Cuba and east of the Belize and Mexico’s Yucutan Peninsula, running from the same latitude as the first box, and between 80 to 85 degrees of longitude.

The Maya: a 4,000 year-old civilization in the Americas
Obscured by the fame of the Aztec empire or shrouded by a veil of mystery, the cultural history of the Mayas has generally been misunderstood by the public. Maya civilization developed in a territory the size of Germany and Denmark together (nearly 400,000 km2). This vast territory shows three distinctive ecological and cultural sub-regions: the Northern Lowlands, which covers the Yucatan peninsula; the Southern Lowlands, which includes Belize, the Guatemalan Petén region and parts of Chiapas; and the Southern Highlands, which refers to the Guatemalan mountainous region. Conventionally, scholars tend to talk of three major periods in the history of Maya civilization: the Preclassic (2,000 BC – 300 AD), the Classic (300 – 900 AD), and the Postclassic (900 – 1550 AD).


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Video: AMAZING PEOPLE Skydiving into the BLUE HOLE, BELIZE, 9min.
Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize Skydiving is the only thing that makes you more special than anyone in the face of earth.

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Expo Belize Market Place 2014.

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Diving compilation from Belize highlighting the Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, Silky, the North Wall, and some Lionfish hunting.

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Video: Mayan Jungle Highlights tour - Mexico, Guatemala & Belize, 41min.
This 8-day off-road trip takes you to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and combines the best of culture, nature and outdoor activities.

Video: Belize Snorkeling Hol Chan, 9min.
Snorkeling in Belize sites include: Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley, The Split Caye Caulker and the inland side of Caye Caulker.

Video: Diving Mexico & Belize, 6min.
Dive Sites: Cenote Chac Mool, Mexico Varios Dive Sites, Cozumel, Mexico

August 16, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report: Sudden Death in Caye Caulker Village
On Monday August 11th,2014 at about 2:45PM based upon information received Caye Caulker Police visited one mile West of Caye Caulker Village where the lifeless body of a male person was seen floating on the waters facing downwards. The body was retrieved from the sea and later his name was learnt to be one, Drury John Craig 62 years old D.O.B. July 27th, 1952 American retired of 601 W. Ocean Drive Key Colony Beach Florida 33051. The body was then transported to the Caye Caulker health center where Doctor Alberto Beritan pronounced him dead. Initial investigation revealed that the last time he was seen alive was half an hour prior to the incident and no foul play is suspected. The body was observed to have two abrasions to the left foot. The body was transported to Belize City morgue where the body now awaits a post mortem examination. Drury John Craig was presently staying at Caye Caulker Village and was living inside his Yacht.

San Pedro business community delivers new barracks to Police Department
Also speaking at the event was the Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero. The Mayor took the opportunity to sound the alarm that more is needed for the police to be more effective in dealing with the island. Guerrero emphasized the need for more police transportation; improving other living structures for the officers and the need for a police law enforcement agency on the northern portion of the island. “We need to address these concerns because our tourism industry depends on security. There is potential for the north, but we need to address the security issue on the coast,” said Guerrero. Following the dedication of the building, which was done by Pastor Clive Welsh, the building was inaugurated by GricelGraniel (representing the business community), the Minister of National Security John Saldivar and Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. Those in attendance were invited to tour the new building as well as for a short social. The San Pedro Sun would like to join the community in congratulating and thanking those businesses that made the police barracks a reality.

Rugby Belize introduces new sport
The sport of rugby sevens is being introduced to Belizeans with the aim of establishing rugby clubs in the country. Spearheading this initiative is Tony Gillings, who founded Rugby Belize, an organization for promoting and officiating the sport in the country. The popularity of rugby sevens has grown in the past year and will make its international debut at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rugby is a style of football that is primarily played in England. It encompasses scoring goals against the opposing team by either running with the ball in hand or kicking it. Rugby sevens is similar to rugby only that instead of 15 players per team, there are seven and the game time is shorter. “Rugby Belize plans to focus on the development of rugby sevens as a forerunner to growing a full (15-man) team, and prepare to enter Belize into the next Commonwealth and Olympic games,” said Gillings. “Rugby Sevens is very popular throughout Central America and the Caribbean, and I hope Belize will soon be participating in competitions across this region because with its festival atmosphere, nobody could do a rugby sevens event like Belize.”

UDP announces San Pedro municipal slate
The United Democratic Party (UDP) has officially announced the names of the seven candidates that will contest the municipal election on Ambergris Caye scheduled for the first week in March 2015. The names were released on Thursday July 31st during the Mayor’s weekly appearance on a local morning show. The seven contestants include both current councilors and some newcomers in politics. Mayor Daniel Guerrero (realtor) is running for a second term of office as well as councilors Gabriel “Gaby” Nuñez (contractor) and Severo “Severito” Guerrero (dentist). Joining the UDP slate are Hector “Tito” Alamilla (Postal Clerk II), Flora Ancona (Office Clerk), Gary Greif (Businessman) and Ruben Gonzalez (Accountant).

Ambergris Today

San Pedro AIDS Commission New Public Awareness Video
The San Pedro AIDS Commission has been doing a great job with their public awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS in San Pedro. The group is very active and present at most island functions, always distributing information and rendering assistance. Here is the Commission’s most recent public service announcement video entitled “I Care”. The video talks about caring for persons who are infected with HIV/AIDS. They stress on learning about accurate information on HIV and getting tested. The San Pedro AIDS Commission cares about people affected directly or indirectly by HIV/AIDS; if you need help or any information call 663-9922.

Government Commits 24 Hour Emergency Service to San Pedro’s Poly Clinic
It is no news that the number one Island in the World and number one tourist destination in the country of Belize does not have a 24 hour emergency facility. Many have seen family members pass away and others suffering in need of urgent medical attention while the services of 24-hour medical facility is lacking. Belize’s Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin, along with key members of the Ministry of Health, met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero on Thursday, August 14, 2014, to discuss 24-hour emergency service to be provided on La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. In an interview with Minister Pablo Marin, he shared the good news that the long-awaited 24-hour emergency service will be provided at the Dr. Otto Rodrguez Poly Clinic II in a time frame of approximately two months. “We are very pleased to make this announcement and share this good news with the people of San Pedro,” stated Minister Pablo Marin. “A total of half a million dollars will be invested in the salaries of the employees and two hundred thousand in renovations at the clinic.”

San Pedro Police Inaugurate New Living Headquarters
The San Pedro Police Department held a small yet very significant inauguration ceremony of their new Police Barracks (Living Headquarters) on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. The living headquarters of the San Pedro Police Department was in dire state of decomposition and with the support of the community of La Isla Bonita a new two-storey building had been constructed. Corporal Ryan Timmons was the Master of Ceremonies for the event and during the event, speeches were delivered by Henry Jemmott Deputy of the Belize Police Department Coastal Executive Unit, Coastal Executive Manager - Assistant Superintendent Luis Castellanos and Minister of National Security John Saldivar.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Memorial for Jesse Cope
The Memorial for Jesse Cope will take place at Corona Del Mar, or Coconuts bar on Tuesday, August 19th, from 5pm until 7pm. Mike, Jesse's son, has had his hands full, as you can imagine, but now he can breathe a little and concentrate on celebrating his father's life and his friends in a public memorial. Please contact Nancy Scott at 622-4110 or myself at 623-9992 if you have any special requests or can bring a dish for pot luck. Thank you very much.

These two captions, could not have been more appropriate as it was resounded by prominent members of our community who attended last night’s Corozal Police Public Meeting. The meeting was well attended by leaders of our community, business people, Citizen’s Coalition for a Better Corozal and a cross section of our Corozal Community, including various heads of our neighbourhood watch groups. The main objective of the meeting was to introduce our new Deputy Commanding Officer of the Corozal Police Formation, Inspector Peter Serano, the Citizen on Patrol (COP) Program in the Corozal District and give an update on crime statistics for Corozal and compare 2013 statistics to our current time period. Chairing the meeting was Assistant Commissioner of Police and Northern Regional Commander - Joseph Myvett, Officer Commanding Corozal Police – Andrew Ramirez and our new Deputy Commanding Officer, Inspector – Peter Serano. Peter Serano replaces Assistant Superintendent of Police Daniel Arzu who was promoted to Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police Formation. We take this opportunity to congratulate our regional commander Joseph Myvett in his promotion as Assistant Commissioner of Police.

San Joaquin Fiesta
Reminder to all Belizeans and visitors to our beautiful Corozal, the Annual San Joaquin Fiesta starts tonight at 7:30 P.M. in the village of San Joaquin. The event continues throughout the entire weekend. Please enjoy, have fun and be safe.

15 top sailors from around the country coming to Ambergris Caye to sail, along with the San Pedro Sailing Club against USA, Mexico, Canada and Guatemala for two days of racing. Starting Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 10am -2pm at the Boca Del Rio Park Area. Come support Belize and watch the kids sail!

MUSIC SUMMER CAMP 2014 (43 photos)
Mr. Carlos Perrote and Ms. Elizabeth Hobarth organize its 2nd Annual Music Summer Camp. Many children from all ages participated in this camp...even adults took part in the fun! The students learnt to play the various instruments: from bongos to guitars and even the steel pans. The camp concluded on Friday, August 15, 2014 with its graduationg concert that had all the parents and guests cheering for more! Great Job guys!

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Jawmeighan Laid To Rest
6 days ago Ernest Jawmaine Meighan became the first Cross Country champion to be murdered. And today, the 43 year old became one of the very, very few champions to be buried while still a relatively young man - and still a competitive cyclist. Today, family, friends and supporters filled all the seats in the Central Assembly of God Church on Freetown Road. 7News was there when the different speakers reflected on the life and accomplishments of the man called "Jawmeighan". Here's a few snippets of what they had to say: Fitzgerald "Palas" Joseph - Fellow Rider "I want to believe that the cycling races are in heaven now and hope has gone. Elbert Hope has gone, Ellis, Dangalang Thurton - all Santino's riders. Now I believe that the Belizean riders are waiting in heaven by the former riders. And Dangalang who loves and adores Jawmeighan may have spoken to the Lord and ask the Lord to please Jawmeighan to heaven because we cannot breed these guys."

Police: Jawmeighan's Murder Was A Hit
And while the cycling family and the wider community grieves for Jawmaine, the police are trying to find his killer. They have a suspect, but it is not a person well known to police - and reports suggest it could be a minor sent by a gang to kill Meighan, as he left his girlfriend's house in broad daylight on George Street last Saturday. Police today said conclusively that it was a hit set up by the George Street Gang. Here's the lead investigator:.. Sgt. Isaias Sanchez, Precinct 1 - CIB "What we have confirmed so far is that the dead of Mr. Meighan was a motive of gang rivalry. Raheem Crawford who was shot and killed on the same morning on the said date…that could have been one of the motive for the execution of Mr. Meighan. As the police had impounded a vehicle belonging to the Meighan family I guess that had brought an alarm to the friends or associates to the deceased and it could be the main motive of this incident."

Oscar Rubio's Assault Went Initially Unnoticed
Police currently have no suspect in another murder they are looking into - that of 38 year old Oscar Richard Rubio. Police didn't know he had been beaten and struck across the head until he died yesterday morning. But, that's because the officers who picked him up two weeks earlier on July 30th didn't bother to find out what was the matter. At 10:00 in the night, they responded to a call of a disturbance in the Conch Shell Bay area and found Rubio and another man laid out in nearby Constitution Park. The police who picked them up only thought they were drunk:.. Sgt. Isaias Sanchez, Precinct 1 - CIB "Police at the time of assisting both male persons, Mr. Rubio was highly under the influence of alcohol that he could not expressed himself. I understand from the officers in question when they reach at the hospital there was no kind of conversation and actually after he got medical attention he was taken to the ICU where he remained until he succumb to his injury. Police so far have concluded that Oscar Richard Rubio was in the Conch Shell Bay area where he was approached by a male person and was attacked inflicting this head injury on him. So far we have two person in custody pending investigation. We still confirming and analyzing the investigation."

Police Found Cell Phones Inside Prison
Early this morning, a team of police and prison officers conducted a pre-dawn search of the entire Kolbe Foundation Prison facility. They were looking for any illegal items from cell phones to blade instruments. Prison CEO, Earl Jones told us that the prison welcomed the operation, because it allowed for the entire facility to be searched properly. The search was successful because a small quantity of drugs was confiscated along with prison weapons known as shivs or "boras". More importantly, the officers confiscated 6 cellular phones. The phones are considered significant seizures because the officers believe that they have been used to activate crime on the street, because the prisoners are able to send instructions to their gang crews on the outside. The authorities also believe that these phones could have been used to intimidate prosecution witnesses so that different trials would fall apart.

13 Passengers Injured In Bus Accident
He's the second in command for all of Eastern Division - but that didn't insulate Edward Broaster from falling victim to crime. Yesterday afternoon his home was burglarized - but tonight the news is that the suspected perpetrator has already been caught, in less than 24 hours. Now you might say, well, Broaster has the entire police department at his disposal to catch a thief…but he said, he caught this one on his own. He takes the story from the start:.. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander - Eastern Division "Yesterday at 1:45 I got an alarm on my phone that my house was being burglarize. Quickly I respond to my residence and officers were notified. By the time we got there the burglar had already left the residence. We check the camera and we observe the individual who burglarize the home and we launched an investigation and by 11:40 this morning we captured one Richard Codd with the stolen items from my residence and he is now facing charges of burglary." Jules Vasquez "So in under 24 hours you were able to catch the perpetrator?" Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster "Yes."

Sr. Supt. Broaster's Home Was Burglarized
He's the second in command for all of Eastern Division - but that didn't insulate Edward Broaster from falling victim to crime. Yesterday afternoon his home was burglarized - but tonight the news is that the suspected perpetrator has already been caught, in less than 24 hours. Now you might say, well, Broaster has the entire police department at his disposal to catch a thief…but he said, he caught this one on his own. He takes the story from the start:.. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander - Eastern Division "Yesterday at 1:45 I got an alarm on my phone that my house was being burglarize. Quickly I respond to my residence and officers were notified. By the time we got there the burglar had already left the residence. We check the camera and we observe the individual who burglarize the home and we launched an investigation and by 11:40 this morning we captured one Richard Codd with the stolen items from my residence and he is now facing charges of burglary." Jules Vasquez "So in under 24 hours you were able to catch the perpetrator?" Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster "Yes."

Booth Camp Getting Community Support
We also asked Broaster about the programme the police have initiated to engage at risk teenaged males from Belize City who are being recruited by gangs. He says the community has been responding to it:.. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander - Eastern Division "This effort has been taking significant traction Jules. We have mothers calling in every day regarding their children that are 14 - 15 that are uncontrollable and are involved in gang activities and they know this and they want their sons to be put into a discipline facility that will help them to not to recruited by the gangs and it is these days the gangs are using more and more younger persons to do their criminal activity. We want to encourage individuals who know the problem that exist on the street - know that their sons are being targeted by the gangs - know that their sons are involve in the gangs and know that their sons are vulnerable to recruited by the gangs."

Is President Vicente Under Sustained Fire?
Last night, we told you about the internal disputes which have been brewing inside the Football Federation of Belize for several months. They haven't publicized because there is the fear that the local football community will become disheartened by it, since the platform of this new executive was that there would be a change in direction from the Bertie Chimilio regime. As we told you back in September of last year, there was discord within the FFB management, in which 3 of the executives were threatened with suspension by President Vicente. We understand now that this was the result of these members criticizing Vicente's management. They made certain demands of him, that he should make changes to his management. We are told that those demands didn't come across very well to Vicente. Our information says that Vicente then made a move to get those members suspended, but his action wasn't supported by the FFB Congress, which is the highest decision maker in the sport. Caution letters were sent out saying that the members were engaging in "malicious and undermining" activities.

Chukka's Exec Robbed
Yesterday evening, a man was robbed while at the NAPA roundabout. At 5:27 31-year-old Derrick Hemmans, a Location Manager for Chukka Tours, was carrying some supplies in a white Chevy cargo van when a man hijacked the vehicle with a gun. The robber pointed the .38 revolver at him and demanded money, so Hemmans complied, surrendering a black Lenovo brand laptop computer valued at $1,500.00 along with $6,500.00 in cash - which was the property of Chukka Tours. The man also took Hemmans' licensed 9mm pistol and a magazine containing sixteen 9mm live rounds, valued at $3,300.00. Police have made no arrests.

Bze'an Indians Celebrate Independence In The City
Today India celebrates the 68th anniversary of its independence and for the first time the quite large Belize City Indian Community organized with an early morning parade through the city and a traditional Indian breakfast in the Battlefield Park. Courtney Weatherburne joined them this morning. Bhojwani says that they plan to organize an Indian day so Belizeans can experience the totality of Indian culture. There are 350 members in the Belize City Indian Community.

Clark Tried Drug Packages
39 year old Philip Clark of Frederick Street in Belize City escaped drug charges this evening after he appeared before Magistrate Herbert Panton. According to police officer Jamil Scott, at 7:00 last night, he was patrolling Pickstock Street, when Clarke drew his attention. As Scott approached him, Clarke threw two pieces of aluminum foil into his mouth and tried to swallow it. PC Scott ordered Clarke to open his mouth and retrieved the foil with the crack cocaine. Clark would have been charged with possession of a controlled drug and obstruction charge but the amount of crack cocaine was undetermined (and probably undigested) so the charge was dropped. Instead Clarke was fined $250 plus the $5.00 cost for obstruction. Clark has until October 15, 2014 to pay the fine and if he defaults, he will be sentenced to 2 months imprisonment.

US Ambassador's Roundtable Discussion
Last night we told you about the media roundtable with the US Ambassador. It happened at the Embassy in Belmopan, and we weren't allowed to take any cameras or recording instruments into the session. But the embassy taped it - and said they would provide video yesterday - but like an electronic passenger stranded without a broadband visa, it didn't arrive until today. The sessions lasted about an hour and 10 minutes, and one of the most interesting takeaways were his comments on Cayo Northeast Representative Elvin Penner. Here's what we asked and what he said - again, video courtesy the US Embassy. Jules Vasquez "Will Elvin Penner's VISA be revoked?" H.E. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize "I can't comment on individual cases. That question is probably be directed to Minister Penner or Mr. Penner himself as to whether his VISA has been revoked. As to any efforts by the US Embassy to revoke his VISA since that's a matter - it really raises questions of privacy and the institution and workings of the counselor section. I should not really comment on that."

A Summer Camp Featuring Drums
There are all kinds of summer workshop for kids. Most of them are centered around developing beneficial physical or educational skills - but one we visited today, offers participants a chance to get to make one of the oldest instruments on earth: the drum. Robin Schaffer visited the Museum of Belize as the five day camp was closing today:..

Michael Gordon's 20-Year Body Of Work
And our next story is about an artist who marches to his own drum…that's Michael Gordon, the Belize City street artist who has received international acclaim for his weird and visually arresting portraits. The Image Factory has been championing him for almost two decades, and now that a major book cataloguing his works is coming out - they're having a Michael Pin Gordon retrospective featuring 200 of his paintings. Courtney Weatherburne stopped in today..

2014 CXC Results Are In
The anxiety that overcomes students when they sit their CXC exams doesn't end when the exams are finished - it continues until the results are in. Well, some of that pressure will ease tonight as the preliminary results for the May to June sitting are in and we can say that, overall, students have performed better compared than last year. This year there was a 1.4% increase of Grades 1 to 3. In the areas of Home Economics and Management and Physical Education the grades have consistently garnered scores between grades 1 to 3 for the past 3 years.

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Multiple Injuries as Bus and Pickup Collide
There was a serious accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway this morning. It happened between miles six and seven, where a loaded Ramos Shuttle Bus heading from Lord’s Bank to [...]

One Man Dies in Fatal Road Traffic Accident at Mile Two
The accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway happened at exactly eleven o’clock, and just a half an hour after that there was another accident on the George Price Highway. It [...]

Police Investigate Murder of Oscar Rubio
Police are currently investigating a murder in Belize City – that of thirty-eight-year-old Oscar Richard Rubio. The investigation started on Thursday, when law enforcement officers were informed of a death [...]

US Ambassador Carlos Moreno Defends US Judicial System…
Since absconding to Belize in October 2013, many questions have been raised concerning the fugitive status of Dr. Errol Elrington, sibling of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington.  In the [...]

Cycling Icon Sent Off In Grand Style
The funeral of Ernest ‘JawMeighan’ Meighan this afternoon at Central Assembly of God drew hundreds of mourners, one of the largest gatherings of funeral-goers in Belize City of late.  The [...]

Police Speak on Motive for JawMeighan’s Murder
Ernest ‘Jawmeighan’ Meighan was killed on August ninth, executed with a single bullet to the back of the head. Police have maintained an intensive investigation into the slaying of the [...]

US Ambassador Speaks About Border Dispute
On Thursday, a group of journalists from across the local media participated in a round-table with U.S. Ambassador Carlos Moreno at the embassy in Belmopan.  During the forum a range of issues [...]

And Says US Embassy has Supported UNIBAM
While the constitutional challenge to repeal Section Fifty-Three of Belize’s Criminal Code remains before the Supreme Court, a decision is yet to be handed down by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin [...]

At-Risk Youths from Belize City Rounded Up
The murder statistics are in, and the numbers for this year so far have officially surpassed the figures for the same period in 2013. We probably didn’t need statistics to [...]

BDF Commander Says Reform Camp is a Success
According to Brigadier General David Jones, the change in the youths in just a matter of days has been nothing short of miraculous. It’s a short term solution when one [...]

BDF Summer Camp Ends With A Bang
The Belize Defence Force is tasked with patrolling our borders and defending our sovereignty. Lately, soldiers have also been deployed on Belize City streets to assist Police in dealing with [...]

Check Out a Recap of Summerfest 2014
Summerfest 2014 took off outside of our Coney Drive studio this morning in grand fashion, as young, talented performers in all genres of music rocked the stage before an audience [...]


Mayor Bernard To Seek Re-election
With little over 7 months away from the Municipal Elections, the political engines are starting to get revved up in municipalities all across the country. When we sat with Mayor Kevin Bernard yesterday on several subjects, we couldn’t help but ask if he will seek re-election. Here was his reaction… Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC “I have been asked this question by many people and definitely my answer is yes I will be running as the Mayoral candidate for the PUP for the next election.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “And have you guys got your team together?” Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC “Well, the PUP has set out its convention for I think it is the 13th of something of October we will launch our team and I can tell you that there was only one member that decided not to seek re-election and we have already been able to identify a candidate and a committee is dealing with that and so come October we will launch the PUP seven will be running again seeking re-election and definitely I believe that we will be victorious ones more come March the 15th, 2015.”

Caye Caulker Police Investigate Case Of Rape
Police are investigating a case of rape on Caye Caulker. The report was made by a British female national who was staying at the island. The San Pedro Sun reports that the female told police that on Saturday August ninth, shortly after midnight she and six tourist friends left to San Pedro Town in a skiff driven by Jaime Rosado also known as Captain Pops. According to the tourist, Rosado has taken the group on a tour the day before after which they went to a private island where they has a party and consumed alcoholic beverages. When they arrived at San Pedro it was around one in the morning but according to the tourist she remained in the skiff along with another male tourist and Rosado as she was not feeling well, while the others went into San Pedro. She adds that her friend then passed out and it was at this time that Rosado assaulted her. She says she struggled with him but he still managed to have sexual intercourse with her against her will.

Minor Charged For Abetment To Commit Murder in Roy Bayliss' Death
Orange Walk Police have charged a seventeen year old minor for abetment to commit murder following investigations into the murder of eighteen year old Roy Bayliss of the Corozal District. Viewers may recall that Bayliss was fatally shot and wounded to the right side of his face on the morning of August third. Bayliss was reportedly eating tacos at a market stall when he was shot at.

Another Murder In The Old Capital
The murder rate in Belize City is up by one more and Belize City Police have another murder to investigate. Krem News reports that today a man identified as Ricardo Rubio succumbed to injuries received last week Wednesday during an altercation with another man. The incident occurred near Red House on Vernon Street in the Conch Shell Bay area. Reports are that Rubio was lashed with a blunt object and that both Rubio and the aggressor had to be hospitalized. Rubio’s assailant however was treated and released. Rubio on the other hand succumbed from head trauma and has now become Belize's latest murder victim.

Police Look For Two Men For Fire, Ammunition and Drug Charges
Tonight, two men remain on the run and another has been charged for kept prohibited firearm, ammunition and drug trafficking after a patrol yielded successful. According to authorities, a Belizean Special Constable/Forest Ranger reported that while he and other forest officers were on patrol in the Honey Camp National Park around 2:30p.m on yesterday’s date, they searched a tent that was located on Chiwa Camp located about 2miles East of Honey Camp Lagoon. Present during the time of the search were Estevan Chay, Juan Geronimo and Martin Lopez. The search led to the discovery of a .22 homemade rifle with a magazine containing two .22 live rounds, a coffee bottle containing 64.4grams of cannabis seeds and a crocus sack containing 78.5grams of suspected cannabis.


Man dies from injury in fight
Police say they have detained two persons and are looking for another, in the continued investigation into a fight two weeks ago which has turned fatal. 38 year old Oscar Richard Rubio of Antelope Street Extension was involved in a fight with another man while with a friend at Constitution Park on Cemetery Road on July 30 around 10:00 p.m. The man hit Oscar Rubio to the back of his head. Mr Rubio was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) and admitted in critical condition, eventually lapsing into a coma, and died at 6:45 p.m. on August 13. A post-mortem examination has certified the cause of death as cerebral edema due to head trauma. We understand that the instigator of the fight is among those persons detained and he will face criminal charges.

Round Table Discussion with the Press, but Media can’t record
On Thursday, the US Embassy  hosted the media  to a round table discussion with the new man on the seat, Ambassador Carlos Moreno, which would have made it his second official encounter with the local press...

US ambassador says he will promote LGBT rights in Belize
Putting that aside, we still will provide you with an overview of some of the topics discussed at the round table discussion this morning. At the forefront of it all is the widely discussed topic of LGBT rights in Belize...

US ambassador says Errol Elrington case will be handled according to law
Switching gears to a more recent topic, we asked Ambassador Moreno to wade in on the matter concerning Dr. Errol Elrington, who is listed by United States Office of Inspector General (OIG) as being among the top ten most wanted Health fugitives...

Will Elvin Penner suffer same fate as Max Samuels over visa scandal?
Another matter that was addressed during the round table discussion is the matter concerning Ex Minister of State Elvin Penner and the infamous Passport Scandal...

Murder count reaches over 70 for 2014
Officially, murders nationwide in Belize have reached 72 for 2014, counting the deaths of Santiago Trapp in San Pedro Town and Juan Manuel Espana in Trio, Toledo District this week. We have obtained, with the assistance of our colleagues from Amandala, the Joint Intelligence Coordinating Center (JI...

Belize may be one of fasting growing economies in the Caribbean.
While Belize grapples with its murder rate, according to an article on Caribbean Journal’s Website, Belize may very well be one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean in 2014...

Nasser family relieved of ammunition charges
It slipped under the radar but on July 24, 2014, the Nasser family of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, was found not guilty of possession of ammunition without a gun license due to lack of evidence presented by the prosecution...

Man charged for Public’s robbery and burglary
21 year old unemployed Kenrick Longsworth of Belize City is accused of two separate incidents in the last month...

One arrested, two wanted for firearm and drug offences
A Belizean Special Constable/Forest Ranger reported that while he and other forest officers were on patrol in the Honey Camp National Park at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday August 13, they searched a tent that was located on Chiwa Camp located about 2 miles East of Honey Camp Lagoon...


Case adjourned for 3 alleged killers of Ramon Cervantes, Sr.
Amidst a small gathering on the streetside, three men who were accused of the sensational kidnapping and murder of prominent Orange Walk businessman and cane farmer, Ramon Cervantes Sr., 71, were escorted back to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court at around 9:00 this morning, along with 8 other prisoners who were brought for trial. On July 9 of this year, Guatemalan national Noe Daniel Gonzalez, 22; Mateo Pott, Jr., 28, of Trial Farm in the Orange Walk District; and Angel Antonio Cardenas, 19, also of Trial Farm, were formally arraigned for Cervantes’ brutal death after his partially decomposed corpse was located in a shallow grave on a farm off the Honey Camp road on July 5, four days after he was reported missing.

Football aficionados and fans are in a state of utter disgust after the revelation that the Belize Premier League’s top football club, the Belmopan Bandits, have been shut out from the 2014-2015 CONCACAF Champions League competition due to what Football Federation of Belize (FFB) president, Ruperto Vicente, described as a lack of “beautification” of the FFB’s football pitch, caused by “procrastination” by the contractor. The unbelievable news came on Tuesday of this week when CONCACAF, the North, Central American and Caribbean football body, wrote to the FFB declaring that the FFB stadium, located near the entrance of Belmopan, had been deemed “unplayable” since the football field failed to meet the standards by not one, but three of the deadlines set by FIFA inspectors. Therefore, Belize has been booted out of the tournament and must endure the humiliation of being substituted by wildcard replacement, Club Sport Herediano of Costa Rica, who will now participate in its fourth consecutive CONCACAF Champions League competition.

Police beat youth who refused to claim weed
A Belize City man who claimed that he was beaten by police was remanded into custody for an indefinite time when he was arraigned on several charges before Magistrate Herbert Panton this morning. Five criminal charges were imposed on Samuel Bernardez, 22, a resident of Antelope Street Extension. These include two counts of wounding for an incident on Monday, August 11, in which, according to police allegations, Bernardez wounded Corporal Vidal Cajun and PC Sheldon Williams on Antelope Street Extension. Corporal Cajun also charged Bernardez with 1 count of resisting arrest and 1 count of assaulting a police officer. Bernardez is also charged with possession of a controlled drug, amounting to 1.4 grams of cannabis.

New US Ambassador meets the press
H.E. Carlos Moreno, the recently installed Ambassador of the US to Belize, hosted a media roundtable at the US Embassy in Belmopan this morning. During that session, Moreno answered questions from the media on a range of topics, including the role of the US in helping Belize protect its territory from illegal incursions by Guatemalans, the threat of an Ebola outbreak in the Americas after the US flew home two patients with the deadly communicable virus for treatment this month, and bilateral efforts to help stave off the wave of violent crimes in Belize. US government gave money to UNIBAM, but Ambassador “could not say how much Ambassador Moreno said that he had just met this week with officials of the Organization of American States (OAS), which has helped to monitor activities on the Belize-Guatemala border, and he said that the information provided to him about the incursions is “very startling.” Moreno said that he had also been encouraged to do a fly-over to see the degree of degradation on “the disputed border.”

Jamie Dawson, 35, sentenced to 17 years for manslaughter
The man who killed Maurice Neal in December 2002, when he issued five shots around a dice game table inside the Bismark Club, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for manslaughter, after Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin heard mitigation pleas from his attorney and one character witness today. Jamie Dawson, after two inconclusive Supreme Court trials, decided to take his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre’s advice when he pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter July 20, 2014, when his third trial came up before the Chief Justice.

Belize earns $1.5 billion in crude oil sales, but production decline
Since Belize Natural Energy began producing commercial crude in 2006, roughly $1.5 billion worth of crude oil has been sold on the local and foreign markets with an estimated volume of 9 million barrels, resulting in the Government of Belize netting $424 million in receipts and landowners netting $5.3 million in royalties. This is according to figures published by the Geology and Petroleum Department. No figures are currently available to indicate the profits earned by Belize Natural Energy, but we were advised that expenditure information, which would allow us to determine the extent of BNE’s cumulative profits, would eventually be available.

British tourist tells police she was raped on boat
CAYE CAULKER—A Caye Caulker boat captain was arrested and charged for allegedly raping a tourist on his boat. Jaime Rosado appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court yesterday where he was released on bail of $1,000 [...]

Kenrick Longsworth, 21, remanded on attempted murder charge
BELIZE CITY—Kenrick Longsworth, the son of Lavern “Anti-Christ” Longsworth, who is serving an 8-year sentence for manslaughter, was remanded to prison today on charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, dangerous harm, robbery [...]

Two 15-year-old minors remanded for allegedly raping girl, 13
BELIZE CITY—Two fifteen-year-old minors were remanded to the Wagner’s Youth Facility, located at the Belize Central Prison, after they were arraigned in the Belize Family Court today on a charge for a sexual offence against a [...]

Tyrone Davis nabbed in Roaring Creek
LADYVILLE—A robber who held up a pastor’s wife and her family at knifepoint at their Crooked Tree home two weeks ago was charged for the horrific aggravated burglary today after he was caught by authorities in [...]

Body found in shallow grave in Northern San Pedro
SUEÑO DEL MAR—Police say that Santiago Trapp, 56, of San Pedro, a caretaker of a property in the Sueno Del Mar area of San Pedro who had been reported missing, was found dead at about 1:30 [...]

COLA appeals decision to strike out charges against Elvin Penner
BELIZE CITY—Almost one year since the Elvin Penner passport scandal exploded on the national scene on September 19, 2013, there have been all kinds of public relations tactics on the part of the Dean Barrow administration [...]

Editorial: The real Belizean deal
It is this newspaper’s belief that it is the Belizean Diaspora which will ultimately decide whether Belize becomes a real nation-state or is dismembered by harsh geopolitical realities. In light of this belief, we are impressed with the recent outburst of energized expression from various personalities in the Diaspora, who have been responding to specific criticisms from the very impressive, Belizean-based Major Lloyd Jones (retired). When revolutions explode, seemingly out of nowhere, those who will end up dominating those revolutions are often anonymous, invisible when the first shots, literal or figurative, are being fired. In the beginning of the Haitian Revolution in 1791, the name being heard was that of Dutty Boukman: no one knew anything about Toussaint L’Ouverture. When the Mexican Revolution began in 1910, the name dominating the discourse was that of Francisco I. Madero. Today, it is Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata whom we know as the most famous Mexican heroes of that revolution. But, they emerged years after Madero.

From the Publisher
Faithful readers will note that I missed my last two column commitments, in part, I think, because of the Chrislyn Gladden and Jawmaine murders. Chrislyn was the daughter of one of Raiders’ friendly rivals from semi-pro basketball days, Stadium’s Byron “Scott” Samuels, a really nice brother. And the accused murderer was Jawmaine’s 17-year-old daughter with his common-law wife, Marinette Flowers. I can imagine Byron’s brutal trauma, my maximum sympathies, and then the cruel pain experienced by Jawmaine and Marinette. A week later, Jawmaine himself was shot and killed. These two murders devastated our community. I had a friendly relationship with Jawmaine’s late dad, Ernest “Presley” Meighan, a unique and controversial brother who died in the mid-1990s. When we began UBAD in 1969, Presley was one of C. L. B. Rogers’ “soldiers,” or became one around that time. So, we were serious street opponents.

Tell di Majah: if yuh bawn deh, yuh bawn deh
Please convey the following message to Major Jones. The Major, much like a child trying to manipulate a parent by asking the parent which child they love more, declares that he has a problem because he is not sure whether I (Lara), Ramos and Young love Belize or the mighty USA more. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be reading into this with more than just my eyes; but, there doesn’t seem to be much room for interpretation here. I can’t speak for Ramos and Young. I can only speak for myself. Simply put, whether Belizeans living abroad love Belize or the mighty USA more is irrelevant and a completely nonsensical question to ask. A born Belizean should not lose any miniscule portion of their citizenship status (and certainly not the right to run for elective office) simply because they gained citizenship in another country. I can’t state it any plainer than that. Maybi if ah rite it ina kriol… jus bekaws ah hav wan nada passport nuh mean dat ah dah nuh still wan full blooded Belizean wid all rights as citizen. If yuh bawn deh, yuh bawn deh, period. Becoming an American, for me was a choice that I made for personal reasons.

Media denied use of electronic devices at US Embassy roundtable
BELMOPAN—Last Tuesday, August 5, our newspaper received an invitation from the US Embassy in Belmopan to a media roundtable convened by US Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Carlos Moreno. In that e-mail, we were advised that only [...]

Old Commercial Center will soon be new City Hall
BELIZE CITY—For the past 22 years, the Commercial Center has stood in the heart of Market Square in downtown Belize City, but while the site exists as a landmark which boasts historical significance, natural elements and [...]

Amandala at 45 – the struggle continues
Today, Wednesday, August 13, 2014, Amandala, against all odds, turned 45. We boast of this not for ourselves, but for the Belizean people who began supporting us 45 years ago – a long time in a [...]

HIV testing lags behind target in Belize, where prevalence rate is highest in Central America
BELIZE CITY—Belize remains in the unenviable position of having the highest HIV prevalence rate in Central America. Although UNAIDS quotes Belize’s figure at 1.5% of the adult population age 15 to 49, Belize’s Ministry of Health [...]

British tourist tells police she was raped on boat
CAYE CAULKER—A Caye Caulker boat captain was arrested and charged for allegedly raping a tourist on his boat. Jaime Rosado appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court yesterday where he was released on bail of $1,000 [...]

Kenrick Longsworth, 21, remanded on attempted murder charge
BELIZE CITY—Kenrick Longsworth, the son of Lavern “Anti-Christ” Longsworth, who is serving an 8-year sentence for manslaughter, was remanded to prison today on charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, dangerous harm, robbery [...]

Two 15-year-old minors remanded for allegedly raping girl, 13
BELIZE CITY—Two fifteen-year-old minors were remanded to the Wagner’s Youth Facility, located at the Belize Central Prison, after they were arraigned in the Belize Family Court today on a charge for a sexual offence against a [...]

Tyrone Davis nabbed in Roaring Creek
LADYVILLE—A robber who held up a pastor’s wife and her family at knifepoint at their Crooked Tree home two weeks ago was charged for the horrific aggravated burglary today after he was caught by authorities in [...]

The Diaspora dilemma
I have been following the dialogue and discourse between Major Lloyd Jones and members of the Belizean Diaspora regarding the responsibilities and political aspirations of the latter, not quite certain that I should join in the [...]

Body found in shallow grave in Northern San Pedro
SUEÑO DEL MAR—Police say that Santiago Trapp, 56, of San Pedro, a caretaker of a property in the Sueno Del Mar area of San Pedro who had been reported missing, was found dead at about 1:30 [...]

COLA appeals decision to strike out charges against Elvin Penner
BELIZE CITY—Almost one year since the Elvin Penner passport scandal exploded on the national scene on September 19, 2013, there have been all kinds of public relations tactics on the part of the Dean Barrow administration [...]

Changes in the police top brass
BELIZE CITY—Some changes have been made at the top levels of Belize’s Police Department. It has been announced that Sr. Superintendent David Chi has taken over command of Precinct 1 police and he is replaced as [...]

Belmopan market vendor says they are being forced out of business
BELMOPAN—A retiree who has been working as a herbalist at the Belmopan Market for the past 8 years has major gripes with the Belmopan City Council, which, she says, is fleecing the local market vendors by [...]

Needy heart patient, 41, seeking medical assistance
BELIZE CITY—Congestive heart failure (CHF), which mainly occurs when the heart is unable to maintain sufficient blood flow to meet the needs of the body, is one of those deadly conditions that can claim a patient’s [...]

The Reporter

Image Factory celebrates artist
The Belize Image Factory launched an exhibit with works from Michael Gordon to celebrate its latest book Binomiun. According to Yasser Musa, Image Factory owner the book is a compilation of works from Belizean artist, Michael Gordon who has been producing art for about the […]

Brazilian presidential candidate killed in plane crash
Eduardo Campos, Brazilian presidential candidate was killed on Wednesday when a small plane carrying him to a campaign stop crashed into a residential neighborhood. All seven people aboard the the Cessna were killed when the aircraft crashed in the city of Santos, Brazil, about 40 […]

Jawmeighan remembered; move afoot to name race after cycling legend
As preparations are being finalised to lay one of Belize’s most accomplished cycling legends, Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan, to rest on Friday, plans are also very much in the mind of Minister of State in Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Santiago Castillo, to have […]

BAHA holds food safety workshop
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) in partnership with the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) held a week-long workshop to train farmers on good agriculture practices. According to Dr. Miguel Figueroa, BAHA’s food safety director, the training is geared toward […]

MOH explains why no CHIKV in Belize
The Ministry of Health has given an explanation as to why there has been no reported cases of Chikungunya in Belize despite the epidemic reaching over a half million cases within the region. Kim Bautista, chief operator of the Vector Control Unit in the ministry, […]

BML owner says CitCo changed payment plans
Belize Maintenance Limited (BML)’s owner, Lawrence Ellis, said that he was supposed to receive a payment on Wednesday but was told by City Council that he would not receive a payment for the next two weeks. According to Ellis, BML and CitCo had met […]

Man’s family reports him missing, police find him savagely murdered
San Pedro police are following several leads into the death of 57-year-old Santiago Trapp, who was reported missing last week. San Pedro police have confirmed that the Edwards family reported Trapp missing after he failed to show up in town by Saturday. On Sunday, […]

BCCI and Auditor General talk PAC
Auditor General Dorothy Bradley said she is open to dialoguing with civil society on ways to raise awareness and apply pressure on the government for the reform and reconstitution of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). “I have absolutely no problem with that; I am […]

Parliamentarians meet in Belize
Belize hosted a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) workshop for the Caribbean, Atlantic and Americas region to discuss ways to improve the effectiveness of parliament in each respective member country. According to Speaker of the House of Representatives Michael Peyrefitte, the purpose of the week-long […]

CITO working towards E-government
To address rising demands for efficiency in the public sector, the Central Information Technology Office, which is the Government’s technology arm, is taking steps to upgrade current manual government processes to Electronic Government (e-government) processes. E-Government E-Government strategies, as defined by the United Nations Public […]

Get serious about cyber security! Caribbean Cyber center urges
The Caribbean Cyber Security Center is urging governments throughout the region to give cyber security legislation higher priority to safe guard countries from losing millions of dollars to cyber crimes. James Bynoe, Chief Executive Officer of CCSC, explained that in countries throughout the region there […]

Auditor General gives update on Health Audits
Auditor General Bradley said her office recently started auditing the Western Health Region and is currently still auditing the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Bradley also indicated that she still has intentions to audit the Central Health Region again. Currently, Bradley’ has a team auditing […]

Auditor General annual report almost completed
The Auditor General’s annual report for the year 2011-2012 should be prepared, completed and submitted within the next three weeks, Auditor General Dorothy Bradley said Wednesday. According to Bradley her office has almost completed that audit after having received financial statements from the Accountant […]

At-risk boys get new perspective at Halfmoon Caye
A group of fourteen at-risk Belize City youths visited the Blue Hole as part of a collective social program effort between Oceana, the Belize Audubon Society, and Wake Up Belize morning show. The initiative was a two-day trip in which the 14 boys, between […]

NTUCB on the OSH Bill
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) agrees that the proposed Occupational Safety and Health Bill may need amendments before being passed, Dylan Reneau NTUCB president said. The union and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) have both made submissions to […]

Port CEO: Work on Boulevard affecting cargo shipping
The slow paced infrastructural work on the Central American Boulevard is having a negative impact on cargo transportation to and from Port of Belize Limited, the port’s chief executive officer, Arturo Vasquez, said this week. Vasquez told The Reporter that the issue has been […]

The Grass is greener on the other side of the FFB Fence

So Belize must sit out the CONCACAF Champions League again for another year! Why? Because, again, not a single football stadium in the country is up to FIFA standards for an International match. And that is after almost $2 million has been pumped into the FFB Stadium in Belmopan between […]


The National Trade Union Congress of Belize this week has replied to a Reporter Editorial last week in an interview with this newspaper. The NTUCB concedes that the Bill now before the House needs to be revised, but insists that having made a commitment to implement ILO Occupational Safety and […]

Bandits robbed of CONCACAF opportunity! FFB blames contractor for not getting field ready in time
The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced this week that the Belmopan Bandits will not play in the 2014-2015 Champions League because of the condition of the Football Federation of Belize field in Belmopan. CONCACAF made the announcement on Sunday […]

Whistleblower legislation gets AG and private sector support
The Auditor General Dorothy Bradley and representatives from the private sector support the Public Service Union’s push for the drafting and implementation of whistleblower legislation. According to Bradley, her office’s website already provides a whistle blowing feature, in which anyone with information can send […]

What’s wrong with this picture?
Once again, an international media outlet has confused Belize’s Blue Hole, with its sister Caribbean world wonder, Dean’s Blue Hole, which is located in Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. This time, the image of Belize’s Blue Hole appeared on, under the headline “Los Lugares Más Extraños Del Mundo”—that is to say, “The Strangest Places in the World”. The issue, however, is that the image of Belize’s “unique” Blue Hole appeared next to a caption that read: “The big blue hole, Bahamas: known as Dean’s Blue Hole, located in the west bay of Clarence, is the deepest hole in the world, about 663 feet.” Those facts clearly don’t correspond with Belize’s Blue Hole—which is little over 400 feet deep, and the gaffe is enough to upset any Belizean. Belize Tourism Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, Alyssa Carnegie told The Reporter Thursday that the BTB, via its legal council, has written the editor of the publication to have him correct the error, which would most likely mean them removing the image of the Blue Hole and replacing it with Dean’s Blue Hole.

Patrick JonesPJ

Michael Gordon exhibit kicks off Image Factory’s 20th year
The Image Factory’s latest art exhibit is a tribute to a hero of the local art community. Self-taught and prolific, Michael Gordon has created more than 2,000 paintings in over 20 years of work, and between 200 to 300 of those are on exhibit for the next two weeks, beginning tonight. It is the start of a media blitz by the Image Factory to mark its 20th year of artistry. Gordon no-showed the pre-launch press conference which has become a Factory tradition, but his colleagues, led by Yasser Musa and Gilvano Swasey, were happy to give respect to their colleague and friend.

New deputy OC for Corozal police
Meet Inspector Peter Serrano. He was introduced to the residents of Corozal town during a public meeting on Thursday night as the new deputy officer commanding Corozal police. Inspector Serrano takes over from Inspector Daniel Arzu who was transferred last month and is now serving as the officer commanding Benque Viejo de Carmen police.

Passenger bus and pickup truck collide on the Phillip Goldson Highway
A passenger bus and a pickup truck crashed this morning on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Initial reports from the area say the crash happened around 11 am between miles 6 and 7, near the Haulover Bridge. Multiple injuries are reported, including passengers in the Ramos Shuttle bus that was heading towards Belize City when the accident happened.

Police utilize checkpoints as part of crime control operations
Persons travelling to the north for the annual San Joaquin Fiesta will encounter heavy police presence. That is because authorities in Corozal and Orange Walk have been conducting joint special operations in an effort to keep crime under control during the weekend event. According to the officer commanding […]

Crime prevention operations in Corozal
Police in Corozal are utilizing a recent donation from the United States embassy in crime control operations. The two Polaris all terrain vehicles are being used in a multi-agency border patrol initiative. Police are also carrying out daily check points among other initiatives designed to fight crime in […]

CitCo plans review of trade licenses in Belize City
Belize City businesses are asking for a change in enforcement of trade licenses by the Belize City Council. Reporting to residents at a public meeting on Tuesday night, Mayor Darrell Bradley indicated that the Council is listening to proposals from the business community to revise charges from the […]

Murder count reaches over 70 for 2014
Officially, murders nationwide in Belize have reached 72 for 2014, counting the deaths of Santiago Trapp in San Pedro Town and Juan Manuel Espana in Trio, Toledo District this week. We have obtained from the Joint Intelligence Coordinating Center (JICC) the record of reported major crimes for 2014. […]


South Ambergris Caye, New Digs & A New Neighborhood For A Few Days: A Look Around
Ambergris is a 26 mile long caye lying just along the hemisphere’s largest barrier reef. The largest island in Belize. And this caye is loosely broken up into subdivisions (or neighborhoods) – from the far south’s Boca Ciega and Holiday Lands to the west with Grand Belizean Estates to the north end’s Bacalar Chico and Palmero Point. Here is the best map I’ve found but what I’ve REALLY learned, is that it take years to get these all straight. Sometimes the name is used all the time to refer to the area. Like Tres Cocos or Boca Del Rio and sometimes never. If you asked me an hour ago (after 7 years of living here) where the El Tesoro Area of San Pedro was? I could tell you that I had never heard of it. I’m guessing even YOU need to look at the map. The only real experts on this break down are the real estate people. For the past day or so, I’ve been exploring a new area…one I’ve walked through but where I’ve never overnighted. Until now. The Mosquito Coast. I’ve been staying at a gorgeous home on the beach…

Belize Weather: When Is The Best Time To Visit?
If you are thinking of visiting Belize, you might try to look for the best time to visit this country. However, there is no really fixed answer to this query. This is because it is always a great time to visit Belize, although visitors look for different opportunities when choosing the best vacation time. For instance, there is no exact time of the year for the best scuba diving in Belize, but if you dive with whale sharks, it is ideal to go from March to June. There are some major factors that contribute to having a more enjoyable vacation in Belize. The high season for tourists in Belize is between November and May. This is the period that simultaneously runs with the dry season, which is the best time for Belize weather. Unintentionally, according to the Belize weather bureau, this point in time also matches with North America’s winter season. This means that a lot of Americans and Canadians escape the cold looking for warmer climate. Low season in Belize runs from June to October. Most travelers strategically visit Belize at this time to take advantage of the lower rates. Most tourism businesses drop their tour and room rates from 30% to 50% to accommodate the dip in tourist arrivals.

Get Ready to Party Again! Belize’s September Celebrations Are Bigger Than Ever This Year
Belizeans love a party, it’s part of the national consciousness. But one month a year stands out as the absolute pinnacle of Belizean revelry. Yes folks, the September Celebrations are just around the corner, and this year’s nationwide fiesta is looking to be the biggest and brightest yet. For the uninitiated, Belize comes alive during the month of September as the nation celebrates its relatively recent independence from Great Britain on September 21, 1981. Independence Day celebrations on the 21st follow the St George’s Caye Day festivities on September 10th..

“Road to Nowhere” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I’ve always enjoyed my early morning “me” time on the veranda. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time (where have you been?) this is normally any time between 04.00 to 06.00 hours (the latter being a “lie in” morning) when I head out to the western (lagoon) facing veranda on the first floor of our house with a mug of coffee (instant, black and no sugar) and my iPad. I’m now starting to appreciate this time even more. Why? I hear you thinking (don’t worry I can’t really hear you). Quite simple actually, a house is being built on the lot adjacent to us and the sounds of construction start reverberating around our house between 06.30 to 07.00 hours. And they are working weekends too. I’m guilty of exaggerating the noise actually. It’s not really that bad. There’s been the sound of shovels digging to create the depth for a water tank. The moving, cutting and bending of rebar. The cement mixer at work. Oh, and the sound of some of the guys singing (and one of them is not too bad).

International Sourcesizz

Top Belize club expelled from CONCACAF Champions League
Football’s governing body FIFA has launched a probe into the state of the sport in Belize after the country’s leading football team was expelled from the 2014-15 CONCACAF Champions League. The operations of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) are currently under scrutiny after Belize Premier League champions Belmopan Bandits were removed from the league Friday, reports CMC. The decision to eject Bandits was taken after confederation inspectors ruled that the pitch at the FFB stadium was unplayable. FFB President Ruperto Vicente said FIFA has already contracted a local company to assist the federation to put its finances in order.

Belizean banquet offers biblical implications
It was a simple invitation. "We're having a fish barbecue Saturday night and want you to come." My wife, Joyce, and I were in Belize for a meeting when our friend, Liz, extended the gracious invitation. We asked what we could bring, insisting that we could not show up empty-handed. Liz finally allowed us to pick up some paper plates and cups and some soft drinks. We were looking forward to the evening but didn't really know what to expect. Little did we realize that we were about to experience an unforgettable Belizean banquet with biblical implications. We were told to arrive at 7:30, but in Belize that means anytime between 7:30-9. Being the punctual Americans we are, Joyce and I arrived at 7:30 on the dot — only to find no one else there, except two men working the grills. They had three of these big barrel grills fired up, and it was evident they were doing some serious grilling.

Taipei, Belize sign accord to fight human trafficking
Taiwan signed an agreement Friday with its Central American ally Belize on cross-border cooperation to combat human trafficking. The agreement is the ninth of its kind that Taiwan has inked with a foreign country, the others being Mongolia, Honduras, Indonesia, Vietnam, Paraguay, the Gambia, the United States and the Solomon Islands, according to the Ministry of the Interior. The latest pact was signed in Taipei by Interior Minister Chen Wei-zen and Belizean Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse on behalf of their respective governments.

You Can Visit A Cave Where the Ancient Maya Sacrificed Humans
In Belize, the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is an eerie experience for visitors. If you’re looking for a last minute summer vacation, why not take a tropical vacation to Belize to visit a place of ritual human sacrifice? That would be the Actun Tunichil Muknal Natural Monument, where, the Daily Beast writes, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of human use dating from around 250 A.D. to 909 A.D. According to the Belize Audubon Society, the ancient Maya people believed that the cave was home to gods who controlled agriculture and rain. The name Actun Tunichil Muknal means Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre. The cave is in roughly the same condition it was in when it was discovered in 1989. From the Beast: Pottery and sacrificial tools naturally cemented to the ground or hidden around the cave’s stalagmites and layers also offer evidence. The “Stelae Chamber” boasts two stone markers, thought to be where high-level community leaders performed rituals to the gods. Sharp rock blades found nearby indicate they cut themselves to offer their own blood. Ancient bowls feature so-called “kill holes,” possibly to drain blood or allow a spirit to escape. One less sinister piece of pottery, known as the “Monkey Pot” for a primate decoration near the rim, drew attention as one among only four ever discovered in Central America.

Ten Places to Go Before They Disappear
Belize Barrier Reef is the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. This natural system consists of seven sights, with one of the most diverse eco-systems in the world which is regrettably under threat and vulnerable. Oceanic pollution and increased temperatures are leading to coral bleaching which is why its imperative to see this extraordinary world heritage site sooner rather than later.

Swimming at the top of Maya paradise
My wife and I were staying at a beach-bungalow resort in Hopkins Village, Belize, which is about halfway down the Belizean coast. Our bungalow was a mere 44 paces from the ocean. We spent our first two days reading novels on beach chairs, napping in hammocks and swimming in the ocean. Sometime during the afternoon of our second day, my wife turned to me from her beach chair and said, “You’ll never believe this: but I’m kind of bored.” Now that is a good problem to have. So when we awoke on our third day in Belize we were buzzing with restlessness; with adventure and exploration foremost on our minds. The place where we were staying, Jungle Jeanie’s by the Sea, is a wonderful little collection of raised cabanas spread among the palm trees. It also has a common area which serves as its office and guest dining room. And it has wi-fi. So it’s the place where everyone who’s staying at Jungle Jeanie’s gathers to eat, drink and swap stories about their day’s adventures.


Video: Belize, 3min.
Agnes Irwin School SSP trip to Belize

Video: The San Pedro AIDS Commission Cares, 1min.
Here is the Commission’s most recent public service announcement video entitled “I Care”. For more information about HIV/AIDS, call us at 663-9922. We're here to help.

Video: Aurelio Martinez @ Irie Sea Breeze 12, 3min.
Aurelio Martinez on stage and performing at Belize's Sea Breeze Festival...

Video: WCU - LA Students Share their Stories, 10min.
Students of West Coast University - Los Angeles joined Hillside Health Care in our global health initiatives in 2013. In this video, the students detail their individual stories in Punta Gorda, Belize. From discovering ethical questions to understanding the necessity of cultural sensitivity and communication, the students learned about themselves and the world. Along the way, the students developed relationships with their patients and with each other. Overall, the trip abroad changed perspectives.

Video: Belize 2014, 10min.
John Knox Youth Mission Trip

Video: Walk lightly on the world.., 5min.
A video of some nice moments in Central America..from Costa Rica up to Belize.. We are one organism, we are all one..We need to be in harmony with it so it stays our home..

Video: Open Your Eyes SummerFest (August 15, 2014), 2hr17min.

Video: Sports Reach Belize Day 1, 10min.

Video: Sports Reach Belize Day 2, 7min.
This is a Sports Reach Mission trip to the Country of Belize. The Group Leaders were Robby Speer and Stan Curry. Coach Was Florida State Assistant Coach Dennis Gates. Players were Troy University Starting Forward Kevin Thomas, Troy University Freshman Aaron Ariri, Western Kentucky University wingman Nigel Snipes, Former Angelo State player Antonio Dye, Incoming freshman at Union College Wilson Smyth, Former Campbellsville University forward Phil Lowery and Last but not least Tedrick Stephens

Video: Belize Trip 2014 2.0, 10min.
This is the recap of the familia Belize Trip 2014 as two separate visits to the country are highlited in the video with still-photos and music. It was a blessed and fun time had by all who participated.

Video: Spotlite Globe: Belize (SPOTLITE - TRANS 7), 7min.
Spotlite Globe Belize

Video: Beverly 'Bunny' Rhamdas: Belizean Softball Legend!, 27min.
The third episode in a video documentary series called Belizean Legends that will profile the legendary Belizean softball player and gold medalist Beverly 'Bunny' Rhamdas who played on the Belize national selection that won the gold medal in the 1974 Central American & Caribbean Games in Santa Domingo. Rhamdas discusses her softball career in Belize with Belizean Legends host Bilal Morris and revisits highlights of the game where Belize won its first gold medal in an international sports competition, and the homecoming reception that the Belize national team received from Belizeans and government alike.

Video: 2014 Carlos Perrotte Concert held in San Pedro, Ambergris CAye, Belize, 3min.

Video: Belize Nurse Shark, 3min.
Friendly nurse shark.

Video: Belize 2014, 3min.
Agnes Irwin School SSP trip to Burrell Boom, Caye Caulker, and Placencia, Belize.

August 15, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

McKenna Rockets to host basketball under 22 Tournament
The newly formed McKenna Rockets Basketball Team in San Pedro has joined with Gabriel “Gaby” Nunez Deputy Mayor and Councilor in charge of sports, in hosting the Under 22 Basketball Tournament. The tournament which will take place from September 27th and will end in December, 2014 will have only six teams and two-round robinwith the top four teams going to the playoff. 30 McKenna RocketsThe registration fee is $150, the first six (6) teams to register will be accepted. Deadline for registration is September 20th.For more information contact Leroy, team captain for the McKenna Rockets Team at 628-0207 or General Manager William at 661-7205. Registration forms can be picked up from Mrs. Lorna at the San Pedro Town Council starting August 15th. A meeting will be held soon. The McKenna Rockets would like to thank Mrs. Lorrain and husband Doney for their sponsorship.

San Pedro business community delivers new barracks to Police Department
The only allocation to San Pedro in that budget increase, beside the standard operational expenses to maintain the police station and the formation, is the $50,000 that Saldivarclaimed has been sealed. According to Castellanos, those monies will be used to relocate and renovate the two buildings donated to them by the San Pedro Business Association. Also speaking at the event was the Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero. The Mayor took the opportunity to sound the alarm that more is needed for the police to be more effective in dealing with the island. Guerrero emphasized the need for more police transportation; improving other living structures for the officers and the need for a police law enforcement agency on the northern portion of the island. “We need to address these concerns because our tourism industry depends on security. There is potential for the north, but we need to address the security issue on the coast,” said Guerrero.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Luis Arreaga Visits Belize
On Monday August 4th 2014, the U.S. Embassy Belize hosted Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Luis Arreaga during his visit to Belize. Mr. Arreaga spent two days in Belize, visiting Belize City and Belmopan on the first day, and the second in San Ignacio and Benque Viejo. His visit also includes a trip through Guatemala. Mr. Arreaga was greeted by Embassy staff on the tarmac at Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport, where he toured immigration and customs equipment funded by the United States. Funded by the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), the G.R.E.A.T summer program is a two week long educational experience, encompassing classroom instruction, athletics, art expression and two field trips. The program educates Belizean youth about the dangers of gang association and violence.

Lions Roar
The San Pedro Lions Club on Ambergris Caye, Belize was the recipient of a donation from Lutcher Gramercy Lions Club of Louisiana, USA. The donation of $1,000 was handed over by Wilbert and David Reynaud to President of the San Pedro Lions Club Rigoberto Kumul on Friday August 1st. The Reynauds are members of the Lutcher Gramercy Lions Club, which is pleased to hear about the work of the San Pedro club and as such is happy to contribute to their causes. “We are happy and much appreciative of the donation. Please assure your club that the monies will be put to good use,” said Kumul in receiving the check. The Reynauds are no stranger to Ambergris Caye as they have been annual visitors to the island for over 20 years. Through the friendship of the Reynauds, the local club has enjoyed a good relationship with the Lutcher Gramercy Lions Club.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Pageant 2014 (14 photos)
Miss San Pedro Pageant 2014 set for August 30 with six beautiful contestants vying for the prestigious title.

La Isla Bonita Telenovela to Premier September 5, Watch Trailer Now
It premiered for the first time during the Costa Maya Festival this past weekend and attendants of the festival’s Friday night’s events were the very first to get a glimpse of what Belize’s first telenovela (soap opera) is all about. The one minute trailer of La Isla Bonita Telenovela has now been officially released and from what we can see, it promises to have much drama, adventure and excitement, like any great novela does. The one minute trailer of La Isla Bonita Telenovela shows familiar local island residents in full action and this has piqued the interest of its viewers. The novela is the first of its kind to be fully produced and filmed in Belize with a full cast of Belizeans or residents living in the country.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

USA Embassy in Belize says "Working together to keep Belize safe"
Ambassador Moreno spoke at the U.S.- Belize CARSI Quarterly Bilateral meeting held in Belmopan on August 7th. The meeting was hosted by the Belizean government and chaired by Ministry of National Security CEO Lovell. Senior officials from the Belizean government and U.S. Embassy attended the five hour meeting to review ongoing CARSI projects and examine recommendations for additional cooperative endeavors. The Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) responds to these threats and supplements the strategies and programs the nations of Central America are implementing on their own and in cooperation with other countries. CARSI is coordinated with other nations, international financial institutions, the private sector, civil society, and the Central American Integration System (SICA). It is a coordinated approach that draws upon the expertise and efforts of like-minded donors supporting the citizen safety goals of Central American countries.

Belize Bird Rescue
Here is "Stickers" - He had an unfortunate encounter with a glue-trap. A few reluctant baths later and he is starting to look a bit more like a parrot. Big thanks to the Belize City rescuers for sending him for rehab. He's only a baby, but he's got clipped wings so will take about 18 months to repair, and then he should be on his way back to the wild!

Justice or Revenge?
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez With respect to everybody We are all being reactionary as is customary We are a people who are just charged emotionally Things need to be thought out rationally Right now everyone is angry due to the recent killings in the city Some are related to the family But let’s sit down and look at this realistically We are a punitive country, locking up our youth daily and can't convict anybody Do we want justice or revenge on somebody While I extend my sympathy to the family I contend that hanging a person won't bring back your family

Listen to Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and Mike Singh, CEO in the Ministry of Trade and Investment, go in depth about the new program for call centre training.

Employment via BPO Certificatiom Listen to Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and Mike Singh, CEO in the Ministry of Trade and Investment, go in depth about the new program for call centre training.

Cayo Classifieds - Issue 29
Read about cave tubing at Nohoch Che'en in this week's Buy and Sell Weekly.

Exclusive Sneak Peek of “The Peninsula Club in Belize”
If you’re considering investing in a property, boat slip, building or even a business in Belize, The Peninsula Club should be on your radar by now. Developed by the same person who put together the famed Chabil Mar Villas, The Peninsula Club in Belize is poised to better facilitate residents, residences and business all within the self-contained property, surrounded by an absolutely stunning marina. If you’ve never gone fishing in Belize, you are in for a treat! Watch this exclusive sneak peek of The Peninsula Club now:

How Nine Belize is Changing Belize And…The World
Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours is a tour operator company that was founded by Joe Awe. For those who do not know, Joe Awe is a Belizean activist, entrepreneur, anthropologist, mayanist, tourism lecturer at a local junior college, and also one of Belize’s top tour guides. “Nine’s philosophy is people. People are at the center at what we do. There is no protection of the environment or historical or cultural sites if we don’t care for people’s lives. Our contribution to sustainable development, unlike many companies who make an effort in environmentalism first, is we are making an effort in people first then they will take care of everything that needs the stewardship of the masses. Its deeply ecotourism but its powerfully holistic. We see Nine Belize Ecocultural Tours as a moral obligation to the world, which is by far more important that the basic, important sustainable development concept”, says Joe when I asked him what his company is doing for Belize and the world.

Channel 7

Man Dies Weeks After City Fight
Right now, the family of Antelope Street Resident, Richard Rubio, is making preparation for his burial after he died while in a coma at the hospital. There was no official police report when he was first injured, and investigators have only recently started looking into the case. 7News has been informed however that Rubio and another man were in a fight in the Conch Shell Bay area 2 weeks ago, on Thursday, July 31, 2014. 38 year-old Richard Oscar Rubio was clubbed in the back of his head by the other man he was fighting with. He was in the KHMH until yesterday when he succumbed. That's also when it caught the attention of the investigators. A post-mortem has since been conducted, and it has revealed that Rubio died from the injury he suffered to the head. Investigators have reportedly picked up the man he was in the fight with, and he may be criminally charged for his death.

US Ambassador Mum On Penner Visa
Has the US Embassy revoked Cayo Northeast Representative Elvin Penner's visa? It's a valid question because in 2003, after his Immigration scandal, the former PUP Minister Maxwell Samuels had his visa revoked. 7News put that question to the US Ambassador Carlos Moreno in a media round table today at the US Embassy in Belmopan. But, regrettably, we don't have any video of it tonight because the media was not allowed to tape the session. The embassy said they would tape it and provide video, but at newstime, we were still drumming our fingers on the desk, and waiting in vain for that video. But we can tell you what the Ambassador did say in response to our question: that he can't discuss any individual's visa status - and we would best refer our question to Penner himself. That doesn't put us anywhere really because Penner hasn't granted any interview since last year when the scandal broke.

Hon. Wilfred Says He Doesn't Expect The Americans to Ask For Li'l Bro
And while the US Ambassador was basically non-committal on those dicey subjects, to hear Foreign Minister and big brother Wilfred Elrington tell it, the United States Government is not coming for his brother:.. Reporter "To date, the US hasn't request for you brother?" Hon. Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington, Attorney General "No, they have not and I don't expect them to do that but that is something that we will have to wait and see."

Crooked Tree Pastor Says Family Feels Unsafe After Home Invasion
As we told you, the Betty Westby, the wife of Pastor Maurice Westby, bravely fought her attacker and protected her 82 year-old mother, and 14 year-old son. Davis is the main suspect because Westby revealed his face during the fight, but he hasn't been formally arraigned for any charges as yet. One of the most concerning aspects of this attack is that Davis worked for the Westby couple, and it is believed that this is how he got details of the setup of the house, which he used to do this crime. He also reportedly had an accomplice, and so today, we spoke with Maurice Westby about aftermath of the crime on the wellbeing of his family.

Already Facing Robbery, Police Constable Gets Another Charge
31 year-old Police Constable Oswald Young has been on interdiction for 2 years now, while he awaits trial for armed robbery, but tonight, he's in more trouble because Belmopan police say that he caught along with others who had drugs on them. Acting on various intelligence received, officers conducted an anti-drug operation at the Unitedville home of 52 year-old Guy Jones at around 9:30 yesterday morning. He was present at the time of the search along with PC Young. The officers ended up finding 189 grams - or 6 ounces - of cannabis. In that quantity, it is considered drug trafficking, and so both men were charged. They will be arraigned tomorrow in the Belmopan Magistrate's Court on that charge.

Police Reach Out To Parents With Troubled Teens
Moving now to the matter of policing - the operation called "Not In My City" continues, and police say they plan to intensify it. No high profile drug or firearms seizures have been made, but police say the effort is all about keeping Belize City sterile and relatively crime free heading into September. But while the police operation is one thing - a more concerted community policing effort is another component of it. With that police are reaching out to families with troublesome male teenagers - many of them who are being recruited by gangs as gunmen. On Monday, a meeting was held with police and a dozen or so of these parents and their sons. The parents, in many cases, are crying out for help of out of control children.

Cultivating Cacti in the Capital
When Belizeans think of plants to brighten up their surroundings, one of the last things that might come to mind are miniature cacti. Well, that's exactly what the nursery called 96 Orchid Garden in Belmopan is known for, every variety from bulbous golden cacti to tiny flowering ones. Today we took a trip to Belmopan where we spoke to Mickey Cheng, the 29-year-old Taiwanese owner. He delighted in showing us all the strange and wonderful plants they had in stock: Robin Schaffer reporting Looking at 96 Orchid Garden from outside you might not expect a world of miniature wonder within. These miniature cacti are no bigger than an apple, and Mickey Cheng imports them from Taiwan where they are sometimes made into drinks, but here in Belize, they are primarily used for small gifts and decorations: Mickey Cheng - owner "These type of succulent cactus they are miniature; they are small. People tend to like those small things instead of having those big huge cactus."

BTL Recruits Eager Scholarship Seekers
High School scholarship seekers know that a BTL Scholarship is among the best that's out there. But there aren't that many of them out there - matter of fact, there are only 15 compared to 26 in 2012. A lavish ceremony was spent for the lucky 15 at the Biltmore today and Courtney Weatherburne has the story: Courtney Weatherburne reporting Today 15 students were awarded High School Scholarships under the BTL Scholarship program. They held a ceremony at the Biltmore Plaza to celebrate the accomplishments of the promising recipients. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. It is always a great joy to see our Belizean youths prosper and today these 15 scholarship recipients received the recognition they deserved for their dedication to their academic fulfillment and resilience in the face of personal hardships. The ceremony began with a profound message from the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber about the power of the mind.

One Month Later, Man Charged For Publics Robbery
A month ago, we told you about how 2 men robbed the Publics Clinic and Pharmacy on West Canal Street and shot the cashier. Well, police believe that 21 year-old Kenrick Longsworth was one of the assailants, and tonight, he is at the Belize Central Prison, after being taken to court today. As we told you, at around 11:00 that Sunday morning, 23 year-old Fatima Figueroa was working at the cash register when the men barged into the business. One of them was armed and he pointed a gun at her. He demanded money, and when she refused, he shot her in the left side of her abdomen. Shortly after, the men robbed a 38 year-old teacher of her sling purse which contained her $400 in cash, her cellular phone, her keys, and her passport, and her son's passport. Quick police work led to the recovery of some of the stolen items, and after 4 weeks of investigation, they charged Kenrick Longsworth with Attempted murder, dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm, and robbery.

SATIIM Embezzlement Case Terminates, Missing Money In The Wind
5 months ago, we told you about the Former Finance Officer David Duncan Jr., who was charged with theft in connection with the embezzlement of over 250 thousand dollars from the well-known NGO, , SATIIM. Well, the news is that tonight, he's free and clear of all charges. Today's Guardian Newspaper reports that Punta Gorda Magistrate dismissed all 9 counts of theft. That significant decision came down because Duncan's attorney argued that the charges were statute-barred since the period of limitation had passed. So, tonight he's free and clear, and this means that those hundreds of thousands of dollars continue to go unaccounted for in Greg Ch'oc's organization, since Duncan was the only person who was implicated in the theft.

A March For Prayerful Peace
Last week we reported on two vigils for peace in the wake of Chryslin Gladden's murder. And now, the church community is organizing a Solidarity Prayer March this Sunday. It is called the "Christ or Crisis" healing movement for Belizeans. Youth Director for House of Refuge Ministry, Frederick Gordon Jr. made the pitch for your participation:.. Frederick Gordon Jr., Youth Director - House of Refuge Ministry "It's basically directly from the holy spirit what it laid upon our hearts as believers in the body of Christ because a lot of times people tend to forget that to fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and a lot of people focus on wanting the government or wanting other aspects of society - what happen to the spiritual part of it? What happen to talking to God directly? The bible talks about prayer without see sin. I am asking the Belizean people to come together with one mind and one purpose." "We have a lot of people that are hurting in the country. A lot of people need healing. We have a lot of people that are mainly dysfunctional, disoriented for some part because of something that have face in their life in society that - whether it be anger because we have a lot of hatred in society."

Billards Makes A Showing
If you're a Billiard fan and are looking for somewhere to go tonight other than the much frequented night clubs, you can drop by Lakers Bar and enjoy a billiard tournament. It is a two week tournament starting tonight featuring 9 teams. President of the Belize District Billiard Association invited the public to attend. Freddy Cantilliano, President - Belize District Billiard Association "We want to invite all the public to come out and to support the association which of course is one of the association that many of times you don't know when it starts or when it ends and so that's why I am here to invite them to come out tonight and the other days." The tournament final is on Thursday.

Volleyballers Earn Individual Honours
The Under 23 female national team has been struggling in the recent Volley Ball games in Honduras. Well, last night their luck changed when they defeated the host country. Belize won the first set with a score of 25 to 20, but narrowly lost the second set with 22 points to Honduras' 25. Finally, they came back with a strong win in the last set, winning the match. Maurissa Williams and Tichele Solis scored 27 and 21 points respectively. Tichele Solis earned the titles of 3rd best scorer, and 2nd best blocker. At the end of it all, Belize tied with Honduras and El Salvador, but in the official points system, Honduras was ranked above Belize. Costa Rica remained the overall victor, never losing a set. Nicaragua came in second, and Guatemala placed third.

FFB Executive In More Trouble Than FFB Field?
Last night we gave you extensive coverage on the disappointing news that the Belmopan Bandits were pulled out of the 2014-2015 Champion's League because the FFB Football pitch in Belmopan was not ready for an international tournament. President Ruperto Vicente said that he would try his very best to get CONCACAF to reverse the decision, but seasoned observers tell us that there a very slim chance, almost nil, of that happening. That's because, as we've told you CONCACAF didn't make that decision lightly, and they even gave the FFB a 2 month extension on their deadline to finish with their 1.9 million dollar facelift to reach the standards required for the tournament. But, we've since been receiving information from multiple inside sources who wish to remain anonymous that this embarrassment with the field is but one of the things that FFB President Vicente is facing. We're told that his executive has been divided on a number of important issues for at least a year now. The grievances, we are told, are due to administration of the sport of football, and the impression we've been given, is that the main charge against Vicente is that he has been managing the FFB without the input of his other executive members.

Channel 5

Minister Herman Longsworth Says CONCACAF Decision is Final…
F.F.B. President Ruperto Vicente remains in the hot seat tonight, after formally announcing earlier this week that Belize will not be able to participate in this year’s CONCACAF Champions League [...]

Minister Patrick Faber Says We Need Unity, Not Blame…
Belizean sports fans and even general observers have been shocked and dismayed by the news that the Belmopan Bandits, champions of the Premier League, have been disqualified from the Champions [...]

Faber Claims Crime is Everybody’s Business…
There has been a spike in violent crimes in Belize City recently, fuelled by a resurgence in gang warfare and bloodshed. The Belize Defence Force has been brought back to [...]

San Pedro Body Identified by Police…
Around five-thirty Wednesday evening, the lifeless body of fifty-six-year-old Canadian national, Barry Lee Waskosky, was discovered inside his condominium at Reef Village Resort. Police responded immediately and found his nude [...]

15 Students Awarded B.T.L. Scholarships…
This morning, fifteen primary school graduates became official recipients of Belize Telemedia Limited scholarships for 2014. These very fortunate few will be assisted in every way through four years of [...]

Minister Longsworth Says No Deadline on Marion Jones Complex…
The ongoing debacle which the F.F.B. finds itself in, not being able to field the Belmopan Bandits in the 2014 Champions League tournament, is one that many sports enthusiasts, including [...]

Interdicted Cop Charged for Drug Trafficking…
A police officer currently on interdiction is again in trouble with the law. On Wednesday, units of the Belmopan Police Department, acting on intelligence received, conducted anti-drug operations in Unitedville [...]

Longsworth Charged in Public’s Shooting…
Kenrick Kevin Longsworth, the son of Lavern ‘Antichrist’ Longsworth, today joined his mother after he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a medley of charges. The twenty-one-year-old Belize [...]

Minor charged With Abetment in Bayliss Murder…
On August third, eighteen-year-old Roy Bayliss was eating tacos at the Fort Cairns Plaza in Orange Walk when a gunman walked up to him and shot him in the face. [...]

Road Safety Curriculum Workshop Held in Belize City…
The Road Safety Program today held a teacher training curriculum workshop at the ITVET. The idea is to develop a road safety curriculum that could be integrated into social studies [...]

Chief Transport Officer Says Public Awareness is Critical…
One of the biggest challenges of the program is changing the public’s attitudes and behavior towards safety tips, procedures that can generally save lives. The simple things such as wearing [...]

Belize Youth for Road Safety Launches Competition…
Members of the youth arm of the project, Belize Youth for Road Safety, were also presenters at the workshop held today. They have put together a commercial competition opened to [...]

FIFA to Restructure F.F.B.…
On Wednesday, the Football Federation of Belize held a press conference at its headquarters in Belmopan to announce a decision taken by CONCACAF against the Belmopan Bandits Football Club which [...]

B.N.E. Trust Announces New GM…
A new General Manager has been appointed to head the Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust. Succotz resident, Victor Alegria has signed on to a two-year contract to take on the [...]

Check out the Semi-Final Round in the Hottest Show of the Year…
On Wednesday night, five talented performers showcased their singing abilities in the semi-final round of Channel Five’s If You Can Sing It, Bring It when they all covered hit singles [...]

Healthy Living Looks at Children With Developmental Disorders…
A few weeks ago, we featured a special medical mission running diagnostic tests on children with developmental disorders.  As with all other medical conditions, early detection is directly related to [...]


More Training For Teachers
Summer is almost over and while many students keep enjoying the warm weather, teachers have been rather busy as they seek to continuously develop their skills. The Education Center in Orange walk has, on an annual basis provided these Continuous Professional Development sessions for educators and many have been privy to these sessions since last week. We stopped in at the Ecuation Center today as educators continue on the second week of these sessions. Dalila Ical- Reporting Teachers are provided Continuous Professional Development each year and these include sessions for school leaders as well. Principals, Vice Principals and local managers sat the first of a two-day training at the Education Center today. Karla Alvarez is the District Education Manager. Karla Alvarez – Disrict Education Manager “Starting today we have a two day session with local managers, principals and vice principals and we have a room full right now of school leaders and some of the topics that we will discuss will be things like leadership, being caring and supportive leader we will also sensitize the principals and administrators of what happens in the preschools so that when they go in and supervise the preschool teacher have a good idea of what the preschool curriculum is all about, they have an idea of also what are some of the things they should be looking for in the lesson plans, the session tomorrow will focus more on the supervision process in terms of principals going into the classroom and doing clinical supervision with the teachers so we will go through the process itself and then we will also do like s simulation of an actual observation, preconference, post conference those types of thing.”

Mayor Bernard Discusses Major Project Proposals
The Orange Walk Town Council is currently undertaking two major project proposals that if implemented will turn out to be a major recreational spot for families and could see an increase in local economic activity with the riverside development and the expansion of the Market. Mayor Kevin Bernard says that while they are in the written stages of the proposal, he is hoping to get the ‘go ahead’ or approval from the property owners in the area. Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWTC “I have written to both Mr Burgos who is a part owner of that property and I have communicated through a family member to Mrs Teresita Gonzalez of the interest that we have and I have forward it the actual design that we have, that we want to carry out at those areas and as you know the council has a little house use to house the tourist centre there and so the idea is that we want to enhance the River side, this area is right behind the La Inmaculada school as you know if you pass there on weekends people go out there and do their little fishing and so the plan that we have is to enhance that whole area where it will be a family area to come out and relax and we want to create little economic activity but the plans that we are doing has to have some or create some local economic activity so we are putting three little Kios for somebody to have a little ice cream stall, another person can have something that they can sell or to create economic activity as well but same time beautifying our fiver edge and a the same time being able to have a good lace with the family and have a good time.”

Fiesta Rama Yields A Profit Of...
Two weekends ago, Belizeans from all corners of the country flocked to the Annual Fiestarama and Business Expo held at the People’s Stadium. The 3 day event had a little bit of everything for all ages and after all was said and done today the Town Council, the body that hosted the event, shared with the public their financial report on income and expenditures. Mayor Kevin Bernard says it was another successful year and spoke on the plans to invest the proceeds in meaningful projects for the community. Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWTC “This year’s Fiesta Rama we yielded a profit of $26,779.64 that compared to last year which we did $21,000 plus and it shows that the people has come out and support an initiative that the council has had which goes right back to the people because (1) the proceeds of this Fiesta Rama of course as you know will commence the youth summer program with the work program that we have; this week we have about 67 students and the remaining of that hundred students will come in Monday so we have marked $10,000.00 out of this fund to go directly into that work program.”

Corozal Resident Charged For Attacking Police Officer
A man from the Corozal District is tonight facing a charge of harm after he allegedly attacked a police officer. Forty six year old Hector Olivera, Belizean Police Officer of Paraiso Village Corozal District, attached to Belize City reported to the cops that on Monday August 11th, at about 9:00am, he went to buy at Jing Jing shop located at Paraiso Village. While at the store Olivera approached a male person known to him as Christian and asked him why he was insulting him on Sunday night. Christian then pushed Olivera causing him to fall to the ground and proceeded to jump on top of him and began punching him on the face several times causing him pain. As a result Olivera sustained a swollen left eye and complained of pain to his back and both elbows. Christian Ciao, 20 year old Belizean Laborer of Paraiso Village was arrested and charged for Harm.

Cevantes Junior Speaks On Alleged Hit List
The circumstances surrounding the abduction and subsequent murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior continues to perplex the community and even more so the family. Police have not seemed to advance much since the three men; Noe Daniel Gonzalez, Mateo Pott and Angel Antonio Cardenas were charged in the case. Notwithstanding that, there have been numerous stories emerging surrounding the details of the investigation. Among these is the allegation of a list in which numerous business men are named and purported to be targets for kidnapping. Within that list, it is understood is the name of Ramon Cervantes Junior. Today, we asked him whether this has affected his sense of security in his day to day routine.

Gush And Emy Ramirez Wants Kenard Smart To Be Charged For Fraud
On October 31st 2013, the corruption scandal involving former employees of the Social Investment Fund and the construction of the Dangriga Municipal Market went off the radar after the Immigration scandal involving former Minister of State Elvin Penner took the spot light putting the Barrow administration in much scrutiny. If you recall, contractor Kenard Smart owner of K and J Construction, Lyndon Bailey and Gush and Emy Ramirez were joining forces to sue SIF in an effort to recover monies invested in the rehabilitation of the Dangriga Municipal Market for which Smart got a contract for and Lyndon Bailey and Gush and Emy Ramirez investment in.

Oscar Perez Returns To Court
This morning forty-four year old Oscar Perez, who was charged for the attack on WPC Marilyn Pate in early December of last year, appeared in court once again. Perez was charged with attempted murder, wounding and use of deadly means of harm. This morning however, his case was adjourned to September third. Perez chopped WPC Marilyn Pate on December sixth when she approached him at a house he was staying in Trial Farm Village.

O/W Town Council Opts To Raise Municipal Bonds
Following a meeting with representatives of Legacy Fund Limited on Monday to discuss the current conditions of street infrastructure of Orange Walk Town, the Orange Walk Town Council announced today that it passed a resolution on the option of raising a Municipal Bond Offer to undertake a capital investment of 5 million dollars. Acting on behalf of the council, Mayor Kevin Bernard entered in agreement with the funding agency on a bond prospectus. The Mayor discussed the elements of that bond with us this morning. Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWTC “Monday night we passed a resolution in granting me as the Mayor acting on behalf of the council for us to enter into agreement with the Legacy Financials, these are the people that did the bond offer for Belize City and for Belmopan and we know that the Belize City bond offer did go through and these people have explained to us that they have been able to successfully carry out thee bonds proposals so what the council have said is to wee want to at least air mark to raise a bond of about 5 million dollars and gain thee things go through a process so the first phase is for us to acquire these financial advisors. The Legacy Financials will prepare an actual financial report and that report will basically tell us whether or not we can afford 5 million, whether we can afford more or we could only go for less at that stage then we will have to get the permission from the minister of finance if we are to proceed or not but it is an investment that I can tell you it is worth it because whether or not if it is approved by government which I am hoping that the Prime Minister will look at it not from apolitical perspective but a developmental need for the municipality then I believe we can take this town where we need to take it and show the world that as a municipality we can do so.”

Three Men Accused Of Killing Cervantez Sr. Reappear In Court
The three men accused of the brutal murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior in early July were back in court today and although their case was adjourned until September, family members of not only Cervantes but of Sonia Abac along with other community members, were present by the court in support of the families and demanding justice. Here is a look at what transpired this morning. Dalila Ical- Reporting Sylvia Gillett – Protester “We need justice and the justice system in Belize is falling and the crime is pouring over to all the districts.” And this plea for justice was accentuated by this scenario outside the court house this morning - Vilma Cervantes, wife of the late Ramon Cervantes Senior and Sonia Abac’s mother, Juana Angela Menchu Hernandez stood side by side while the three men accused of Cervantes’ murder re-appeared in court.


Gang tattoo leads to jail for Burrell Boom resident
He says he was drunk when he decided to get an MS-13 tattoo, a pictorial representation of Central America’s toughest gang. But on Wednesday, that decision cost 22 year old Victor Gama six months of his life in prison, as he chose to plead guilty to a charge of displaying gang membership...

Driver in accident in critical condition
On Tuesday we told you of an accident which occurred somewhere in the area of Las Flores, Belmopan, which took place sometime around 4:30 on Tuesday evening. We reported that 5 persons were inside this white Toyota Hilux, when it overturned, and that one person who was travelling in the pan of the pickup truck was being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition. However information gathered now reveals that it was the driver of the white Toyota Hilux, Tomas Nuñez who sustained serious injuries.

President of FFB says Bandits will play in Champions League next year
Earlier we told you about the disappointing rejection of the FFB field in Belmopan by FIFA officials. And while the entire country is perhaps disappointed, even more so are the Belmopan Bandits who have lost an opportunity of a lifetime. But whether it was a slip of the tongue or he intentionally said it, President Ruperto Vicente made a bold statement when he promised that Belmopan Bandits will play in the Champions League next year. Ruperto Vicente – President FFB “If we do not play, if Bandits don’t get to play in Champions League this year, then we must assure the Belmopan Bandits Football Team that they will participate in the Champions League next year.”

FFB officials explain field rejection by FIFA
It has been in the hearts and minds of Belizean football fans, since it was first announced in May, that our very own Belmopan Bandits will be representing Belize at this year’s CONCACAF Champions League. It would have gone down in history as the first time Belize is represented at this very prestigious tournament. On the 8th of May of this year, President of FFB, Ruperto Vicente, says he assured the CONCACAF officials that by the end of May Belize’s stadium would be up to international standards, in time for the 28th of May FIFA inspection. Since then, monies to the tune of 1.9 million Belize dollars have been pumped into the stadium, as FFB scrambled to meet the deadline for inspection, which was extended three times. However, despite all efforts, Belize has been booted out of the tournament due to a lack of “beautification” on the football pitch according to Ruperto Vicente.

Highway traffic diverted due to overturned Cargo truck
Early morning traffic at miles 46 and 47 on the George Price Highway was diverted on Wednesday, when a cargo truck travelling in a Southerly direction suffered a blow out of one of its back wheels, causing it to overturn. Incoming traffic from the north and from the south had to take a long detour through Belmopan from early in the morning until sometime after 12:00 noon. Three persons were inside the vehicle at the time, and though the wreckage looked bad, reports are that no one was seriously injured during the incident.

The Guardian

Another accusation against Arthur Saldivar
Dangriga resident, Hortence Serrano told the Guardian that she has formally lodged a complaint against Arthur Saldivar after she made payments for him to render services but he has not done so. According to Serrano she engaged the attorney through an agent of his, Clinton Hernandez, since 2012 during which she requested that he assist in settling a land dispute which her 93 year old mother finds herself in. Since the time of engagement and up to this time no services have been done and Serrano has receipts showing that she has paid a total of $4,750 to Saldivar via his agent. Since she was unable to get any services out of the attorney, Serrano has opted to file court proceedings against Saldivar in the Magistrate’s Court in Dangriga. She told us that she has been to court no less than 8 times to get Saldivar and the agent to return the money but to no avail. The last adjournment was Thursday August 7th and Saldivar was a no show.

Allegations of impropriety Swirl against Arthur Saldivar
Arthur Saldivar, the PUP Standard Bearer and caretaker of Belize Rural North Constituency, is very well known for his very flamboyant theatrics, but he continues to face very serious allegations, which if proven true, are criminal in nature. The first is that his client is accusing him of making off with nearly a million dollars of her money, and the other is an American couple who says that he acted in a thuggish manner when he kicked them out of their house. Saldivar has been the attorney on record for Melonie and Michael Coye for over 4 years as they battled the money laundering criminal charges brought against them by the Financial Intelligence Unit, which was led by the director, Marilyn Williams. They were accused of participating in a lucrative scheme in which the FIU accused them of holding on to 1.557 million dollars which was confiscated from their home on Johnston Street on December 31, 2008. They were convicted in the Supreme Court before the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin, but the Appeal Court overturned that conviction, and so their records were expunged. The Court of Appeal also ordered that the 1.557 million dollars be returned to the Coyes. Saldivar had been their attorney all through that ordeal, and then they had to fight against a freezing order which blocked them from accessing their bank accounts. Then, the Panamanian company, Internet Experts SA, brought a private claim against them, and tried to keep their money, an estimated 6.5 million dollars, on ice. Again, Saldivar defended them against that attempt, and finally, the Supreme Court lifted that freezing order a few months ago.

Another bold Step, A New City Hall for Belize City
Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley along with Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Benjamin Ho, officially unveiled the plans to renovate the commercial center building in downtown Belize City and convert it to the Belize City Council’s City Hall. Work will commence immediately on the transformation which according to Mayor Bradley will cost the council some 2 million dollars. He stated that the entire plan is part of the downtown redevelopment project which last year invested 400,000 dollars in the renovation of the Battlefield Park and the Mule Park and is part of the greater master plan to develop assets in downtown Belize City. “The Commercial Center has been a blight on the eye of the municipality and has been deteriorating, going into ruin and decay,” stated the mayor. The renovation will see the lower flat accommodate the 13 current tenants who will be guaranteed spaces which will at times be bigger and more appealing than they currently are. The second and third floor of the structure will then be used to accommodate the city hall offices. The existing building on North Front Street will keep some of its functions and will also be redesigned to be a museum focusing on the history of Belize City. Other features of the building will include seating areas around the building as well as possibly a boardwalk alongside the river behind the building. Bradley added that the elevator will also be repaired and the bathroom, electrical and plumbing installations will be retrofitted.

Hundreds Coming Out for Diabetes Treatment and Education
“If we save one life; if we save one person from losing their sight; if we save one person from having to rely on dyalisis; if we save one person from losing their limbs it will all have been worth the effort.” – Vanessa Jenkins-Young, President of the Belize Diabetes Association of New York. The Belize Diabetes Association of New York (BDANY) has been operating since August of 2010. Their mission is “to identify and address the needs of Belizeans with Diabetes by: Prevention, Maintenance (Education, Nutrition & Medication), Wellness and Minimizing”. The organization has made donations to the Belize Diabetes Association and in years passed they have also sponsored clinics held in Belize by foreign podiatrists and other medical experts. This year the association has partnered with the Caribbean Diabetes Initiaive to host symposiums and clinics in Belize City and Dangriga.

Dealing with Relationships
Love is a powerful emotion that exists among individuals. Part of being a teenager is going through the phase of romanticism. It’s that part of getting to know people and hopefully finding that life time partner. It all starts with that breathtaking moment of feeling attracted towards that individual. It could be the way they talk, walk, smile, and how they treat others that captivates your attention. Then communication comes along where you get to know each other more. Then the first date, where your heart beats so fast you can feel it popping out of your chest or your first kiss, where you feel the world has come to a hault. So how is it that a breathtaking moment could end up being chaos? Well, for some individuals romantic relationships are of great importance in their lives. It is a part of achievement that may be life changing. Failed relationships happen and its all about working to master the skill to make the relationship flourish. Some relationships can be fixed but they require teamwork. There are so many ways to approaching issues in a relationship and preventing issues from happening.

Hopes dashed for Belmopan Bandits - FFB unable to have stadium ready for play!
The hopes for Belize to have represented itself in the CONCACAF Champions League Tournament came to an abrupt end when the sporting organization announced that Belize will not be allowed to participate. The decision was taken after officials from the federation visited Belize to do a final inspection on the FFB field in Belmopan on August 10. According to the Football Federation of Belize president, Ruperto Vicente, the first inspection was done at the end of May when the FFB was allotted more time in order to bring the FFB stadium up to FIFA standard. Another visit was made on June 19th and again more time was allotted up to July 2nd and finally extended up to August 10. Vicente maintains that after investing 1.8 million dollars in the rehabilitation of the facility all that did not meet the standards was the pitch. According to the president, there were brown spots on the field. Being that the match between Belize’s Belmopan Bandits and AD Isidro Metapán of El Salvador would have been televised on August 21, the brown spots would not have looked good on television.

Investment boom in Lake I
Area Representative for the Lake Independence constituency, Hon. Mark King, brought the media to his area on Thursday, August 7 to give them a first hand look at the development that is currently being undertaken in the Chetumal Street and Lake Independence boulevard area. According to Hon. King, over 70 million dollars will be invested in his constituency and this will include the construction of the bridge that will link the George Price Highway and the Philip Goldson Highway; the construction of a multipurpose complex; a new civic center; a police station as well as the office complex for the National Bank of Belize. So far the bridge is two thirds complete with workers currently putting in the decking. At 195 feet in length, the targeted date for completion of the bridge is December of this year; however, work crews are diligently working to have it completed two months earlier.

New BTL Scholarship Recipients
The scholarship program of the Belize Telemedia Limited is considered by many to be the best corporate charity initiatiative in the country and on Thursday, August 14, fifteen (15) more young Belizean will be given an opportunity to further their education. This year’s scholarship recipients are Jose Suarez, Elijio Ku, Dion Ciego, Abdi Bochub, Renie Petillo, Kenrick Graham, Lifza Burgos, Janir Arnold, Naya Bodden, Kahlil Espat, Teesha Singh, Wallace Sebastian, Keisha Palma, Aiyana Rudon and Ashton Perriott. These individuals distinguished themselves from hundreds of applicants. The BTL Scholarship Committee reviewed all applications and selected a pool based on financial need, academic performance over the past three years and performance in the Primary School Examinations. Those candidates were called in for an interview with the committee during which they were asked questions that did not appear on the application form. Based on those interviews, the committee awarded scholarships to fifteen students.

Health Hookup
Back to Basics – Staying Cool It’s hot! Every year around this time it gets really hot, not just regular hot, but “Oh mein I kyan tek it no more” level of “heatedness”. As a matter of fact, I sat here to write a health article and I had a bit of a difficult time concentrating because all I could think about was, it’s hot. So let us address the heat. First off, staying cool. The simple act of staying in a shaded area will help keep you cooler. On average, the temperature difference between shade and direct sun is 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If participating in outdoor activities, such as barbecuing, having a simple tent as shade can keep you cooler and comfortable. If you are outdoors or being mobile, wearing a hat or using an umbrella can also help provide enough shade to reduce the effects of solar radiation (direct heat).

Border to Border
The Mayor of Orange Walk Town gave us something to chuckle about last week when he snatched the nearest TV microphone around and started to yap emotionally into it. As usual, he was full of lamentation, and as is his habit, he tried to forge his whining into righteous indignation. The Mayor’s gripe was that he was not consulted when Central Government decided to rehabilitate the section of the Phillip Goldson Highway which passes through our town. This road is presently being paved starting from the “Come and Go” Gas Station to the Northern Regional Hospital, complete with proper drainage and all. Now, when this very stretch of the highway was in dire conditions, this same Mayor was all over the airwaves angrily pointing fingers at Government that this road was their charge, and even installed all manner of flashy billboards to that effect. Little did he know that his tactics would immediately backfire on him.

Friendship: A Prized Jewel
My fellow Belizeans, let us start with one quick question: “WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP?” Well friendship consists of true friends that can make you laugh when the skies are the darkest, true friends that will hurt you only if it is for your own good, friends that will protect you under any circumstances, friends with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings, and lastly friends who will love you unconditionally, understand you but never judge you, and will listen to your problems and give you advice when you can’t find it in your own heart. A friend is like a gift that you give yourself. Friends are those people with whom you do not have any blood relation, instead its a relation of love and affection towards each other. Remember, God gave us our relatives, but thank the Lord we can choose our friends! Furthermore, a true friend is one who will always be there when you need someone. He will leave all his important duties but will never leave you alone especially in your difficult times. That is why a friend in need is a friend indeed. Difficult times are the best times to realize who your true friends are. Blessed are those who have true friends. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, what matters is how many true friends you have.

Vega Cup Tournament continues in the north
The 2014 Vega Cup Tournament continued on Sunday, August 10, at the Trial Farm Football Field in the Orange Walk North Constituency with four games on the schedule. In the first game played, Douglas Real Juve and San Jose Pumas played to a 2-2 draw. The goals for Douglas Real Juve were scored by Josue Omar Mendez in the 14th minute of play and Azain Cardenas in the 38th minute of play. For San Jose Pumas the goals were scored by Martin Francisco in the 4th minute of play and Jeffrey Yama in the 56th minute of play. In the second game of the day, Jaguars United blasted Rising Stars by the score of 9-1. The goals for Jaguar United were scored by Jaime Maldonado in the 13th, 52nd, and 58th minutes of play, Edgar Itza in the 32nd minute of play, Andy Basto in the 57th minute of play, Enrique Castillo in the 73rd, 62nd and 67th minute of play and Clifton West in the 89th minute of play.

Belize District Basketball Firms Competition enter semi-finals
The Belize District Basketball Association Firms competition regular season came to an end on Saturday, August 9, 2014, at Bird’s Isle with the final two games of the regular season being played. In the first game of the evening Complex Admirals defeated BTL by the score of 60-58. The top scorers for Complex Admirals were Rhetton Belisle with 20 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals, Wilfred Richards with 15 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals, and Cassian Flowers with 14 points, and 8 rebounds. For BTL, the top scorers were Devon Lozano with 23 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals, Edward Thompson with 11 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists and Jordan Santos with 8 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal. In game two, BWSL defeated Heritage Bank by the score of 61-57. The top scorers for BWSL were Luis Barcelona with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals, Lindberg Graham with 12 points, and 3 rebounds and Akeem Trapp with 10 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals.

FFB President’s Cup Tournament enters into Playoff round
The Organising Committee with consensus from all participating teams in the President’s Cup Tournament has decided to go straight into the Playoffs round. The Playoffs, round one and two will be played on August 17 and 23, 2014. On Sunday, August 17, 2014, at 3:30 pm at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, it will be the number one seed Sagitun going up against Roaring Creek United the number four seed. In game two also at 3:30 pm at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town, the number three seed Progresso FC will see action against the number two seed San Antonio FC. The second week of the playoff round will then continue on Saturday August 23, 2014, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium at 7:30 pm between Sagitun and the Roaring Creek United squad, while on Sunday August 24, at 3:30 pm out at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town, it will be San Antonio FC against Progresso FC.

Belize Boxing Federation to hold special meeting
The Belize Boxing Federation in collaboration with the National Sports Council of Belize will be holding a Special Meeting with all the duly elected members of the federation, members of the various boxing gyms in Belize, referees and judges on Saturday August 23, 2014, at 1:30 pm at the National Sports Council Office at Rogers Stadium. The main purpose of the meeting is to chart the way forward for Boxing in Belize and to make sure that the mechanism that was put in place according to the Boxing Constitution works. It is important that all attends and to be on time for this very important meeting.

Albert Constituency Sports Council Summer camps ends
The Albert Constituency and the National Sports Council six weeks summer camp for girls and boys ages 7-18 in three disciplines came to an end last week. Some 125 campers attend camps in Basketball, Football and Softball where they learned the basic fundamental skills in the three areas as well as life skills. The Camp Director was Joel Wade and the councilors were Charlie Slusher, Wilmot Staine, Kaya Cattouse, Jaslyn Cadle, Ruth Lamb, Barbara Cadle, Hortence Thurton, Stanley Reneau, Rupert Brown and Andrew Ortiz. The venues for the camp included Bird’s Isle (Basketball), Berger Field (Football) and Rogers Stadium (Softball). The camp attracted children from the Albert Constituency as well as those from Collect, Lake Independence, Port Loyola and Pickstock constituencies.

Dental Technician Busted with Pound of Weed
He says he was doing a favour for his uncle’s friend and that kindness has 23-year-old Emerson Vasquez in trouble with the law for drug traficking of 453.4 grams of weed. Vasquez, a dental technician, was busted when a Westline bus he was travelling on was searched by police at the mile five checkpoint on the George Price Highway. During the search, PC Desmond Ramos of the Mobile Interdiction Team searched Vasquez’s knapsack and found a package wrapped in brown paper. The package was opened in his presence and it contained a green leafy product which proved to be cannabis. As a result, Vasquez was arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

No one responsible for theft from SATIIM’s
The former director of finance of the SATIIM, David Duncan, is a free man after appearing in the Punta Gorda magistrate’s court to answer to 9 counts of theft. Duncan was set free after the case was dismissed by the presiding magistrate. The matter was dismissed because Duncan’s attorney argued that the statute of limitation had expired and the magistrate agreed. On March 4th of this year Duncan was taken to Magistrate’s court in Punta Gorda where he was formally arraigned on 9 counts of theft. The charges came after directives from the DPP’s office came to charge him after he was connected to 9 checks which amounted to over 100 thousand dollars of SATIIM’s money. He was granted bail of 10 thousand dollars and the matter was adjourned.

Jason “Soup” Williams is back Behind Bars
Jason “Soup” Williams is in the Belize Central Prison on remand for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. According to police, Williams, the alleged boss of the Supaul Street Gang, was standing at the corner of Kut Avenue and Supaul Street when he assaulted Police Constable Andy Pech. Williams claims it was the police that assaulted and brutalized him. He says he did not assault any police officer. However, on Monday, August 11, Williams was taken to the Belize City Magistrates Court before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where he was read charges of common assault upon Andy Pech, resisting arrest and using obscene language to the same officer. Williams was unrepresented in court and pleaded not guilty to the charges. Police prosecutor Christopher Smith strongly objected to bail. Smith objected on the grounds that the alleged offense was committed while Williams was out on bail for aggravated assault upon two police officers. Earlier this year, Williams was accused of shooting at two police officers during a pursuit. Chief Magistrate Smith took the objection into consideration in denying bail to Williams. He is sheduled to reappear in court on October 3.

Gunmen target and kill Raheem Crawford near to his home
A few hours before Ernest “Jawmeighan” was killed, 21 year-old Gibnut Street resident Raheem Crawford was gunned down along with his cousin, 25 year-old Kevin Faber on Saturday, August 9, 2014. Both men had gone out Friday night because Crawford was trying to show Faber around the City, and how it had changed since he was last in the country. Faber had recently returned back from the US, after more than 5 years of being away. Both men went to the club, and at around 3:30 a.m., they decided to return home. Crawford travelling on his motorcycle with Faber as his passenger, saw a black vehicle following them home. Faber reportedly took it trivially, but when he alerted Crawford to it, he became wary. Just as they arrived the corner of Central American Boulevard and Gibnut Street, a stone’s throw away from their house, a man ran out from behind a vehicle. He had his cap pulled low over his face, and he then took aim at the duo and opened fire. Crawford was injured in the lower back, while Faber was injured in the left leg and the back of the neck. They immediately lost control of the motorcycle and went down; their assailant took the opportunity to jump into a black vehicle which sped off.

Steven Cralk Busted with Crack
Steven Cralk, 54, is out on bail after he was charged with drug trafficking for being busted with 22 grams of crack cocaine. According to police, while conducting mobile patrol on Cran Street on Friday, August 8, PC Edward Gonzalez saw Cralk riding contrary to the flow of traffic and instructed him to stop. Cralk continued riding and police set chase after him. Cralk turned left into Castle Street, dropped his bicycle and began to run. Officers allegedly saw him throw a black plastic near a lamp post that was well lit. They apprehended Cralk and took him back to the location where the bag was thrown. The bag was opened in his presence and it contained three pieces of white substance that proved to be crack cocaine. Cralk was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Two Guatemalan minors arrested in the Chiquibul, Cayo
Two Guatemalan minors have been charged with the possession of a .22 rifle in Belize. On Monday of this week, sometime around 10:40 a.m. police on patrol within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve came in contact with four male persons that were sitting around a fire. But upon the police approach, two persons managed to escape and two were detained. Immediate search of the area revealed a .22 rifle and 53 rounds of ammunition. As a result of this incident, two Guatemalan minors, one 15 and the other 17 years of age, have been arrested and charged.

Ryan Alvarez Remanded for Old Carnal Knowledge Charge
In January of 2013, Ryan “Lippo” Alvarez, 23, and Enfield Ervin Fitzgibbon, 24, were charged for sexual activities with a 13-year-old girl. The case was struck out against the accused when the matter was called before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith and no case file was presented. After being free from the charge for months, Alvarez was rearrested over the weekend and taken to the Belize City Magistrates Court on Monday, August 11, to answer to a charge of carnal knowledge. According to police, on January 29, 2013, CIB officers visited a house located on South Creek Road in Belize City where they found a thirteen year old minor partially nude in the company of Fitzgibbon and Alvarez. The child later confessed that she had sexual intercourse with Alvarez earlier in the day and that Fitzgibbon was fondling her before police arrived. After it was confirmed that the child was carnally known, Fitzgibbon was charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature and Alvarez was charged with carnal knowledge.

Cycling Community loses a Great
Elite Cyclist and two time Cross Country winner, Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan was murdered in front of his girlfriend’s house on Saturday, August 9, 2014. The aftermath of his death is that 7 children are now fatherless, and the nation has lost one of the greatest cyclists to ever enter the sport. The 42 year-old “Jawmeighan” was on George Street at around 10 a.m. He had gone to visit his kids and to pick up fresh laundry. He had intentions to go and buy a 5-gallon bottle of water. He was just exiting the gate, trying to lock it behind him, when a gunman, described as being very young and inexperienced, came up behind him, and shot him in the back of his head. His family heard the commotion, and came quickly to his aid. Neighbours helped them rush him to the KHMH in his vehicle, but the severity of his injury claimed his life before they could arrive. There are many theories as to why he was attacked in what appears to a gang-type execution, but his family and friends all agree that he stayed very far away from the street life. The speculation is that his death may be connected somehow to the murders of Chryslin Gladden or Raheem Crawford, which happened a few hours before Meighan was gunned down. There is also the possibility that it could be the result of his familial connection, which allegedly his brother, 37 year-old Ellis Meighan Sr., was targeted and murdered in September 2009.

First Female President of the Senate is Trailblazer of the Week
This week, Trailblazer Tuesdays brings you Belize’s First Female President of the Senate. Born to Victoria Herera and Solomon Cayetano in 1943, Doris June Tomasa Garcia nee Cayetano grew up to attend Sacred Hearth Primary, Austin High and then completed agricultural training in Honduras. As a small farmer she was once a member of the Citrus Growers Association. Doris June exited her realm of comfort and successfully ran for a seat on the Dangriga Town Council in 1983. She dared to be bold and decided to challenge the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) 1984 General Elections standard bearer for the Dangriga constituency. She lost this challenge.

San Ignacio Police Formation meets with residents
The San Ignacio Police Formation has held a successful interface with members of the public. A meeting by San Ignacio Police, which brought together the human resources from various security related groups, was held with the public last Wednesday night at the Cayo Welcome Center in San Ignacio Town to further affirm an anti-crime agenda. Officer in Charge of San Ignacio Police Dinsdale Thompson spoke eloquently about how great levels of community participation can “stamp out” crime. While crime incidences are much reduced in the San Ignacio and Santa Elena area, there was a recent incident of burglary on the business section of Burns Avenue in downtown San Ignacio; where drug pushers are also known to be visiting. “We need the eyes, we need the hands, we need the heart of the community...if you want to see a community that is vibrant, the church must participate,” said Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson.

Government to re-survey lands in Silk Grass
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture takes this opportunity to inform the general public of the following:In January 2008, just prior to the February 2008 elections, 120 lots were issued as part of a programme implemented by the Government at that time. An investigation revealed that a private surveyor was contracted; and while surveys were conducted, the survey plans were not submitted to the Lands and Surveys Department for authentication and registration by the private land surveyor. Consequently, the opening of the corresponding lease accounts issued could not be processed since they were issued based on a proposed subdivision plan. The Land Information System only allows for the opening of accounts and recording of leases for lands legally demarcated and boundaries officially represented on authenticated survey maps.

Road Safety Teacher Training Workshop held in Belmopan
Some 66 persons took part in sessions on road safety training at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan on Wednesday of this week. Participants for the training included teachers from pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary level as well as police and transport officers. Some of the traffic related facts that were learnt today was on how to integrate traffic safety in the current curriculum; especially within the Social Studies and Health and Family Life Education sections of the Curriculum. Participants were divided into two groups this morning to learn to develop curriculum material as it relates to traffic safety, which will form a standard and be adopted by teachers around the country. Top level Traffic Officers were on hand to assist in that process as well as experts from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Education Campaign for Citizens on Patrol Program begins in Cayo
Residents in the Cayo District have been introduced to an innovative community policing approach, the Citizens on Patrol Program COP. Issuing the drum beat was retired Superintendent of Police Rudolf Orio, who is now in charge of the Citizens on Patrol and Special Constables Program across Belize. A call was made by Rudolf Orio for citizens to support COP on Friday night of last week in Benque Viejo del Carmen and also on Wednesday night of last week in San Ignacio Town. In his recent visit to Benque Viejo Town, Rudolf Orio was received at the Mount Carmel High School auditorium by Officer Commanding of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Daniel Arzu, and his assistant Stanley Bodden as well as members of the public. Rudolf Orio stated therein that the citizens can take a part in assisting the police for a safer environment through COP.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega, Returns from Official Visit to Republic of China, Taiwan
The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, the Honourable Gaspar Vega, recently returned home after completing a week-long official visit to the Republic of China, Taiwan. During his visit, Deputy Prime Minister Vega met with Taiwanese President, His Excellency Dr. Ma Ying-Jeou. Both Minister Vega and President Ying-Jeou pledged to continue building the already strong bilateral relationship between the two countries. Meetings were also held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Ambassador David Lin and Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Chen Bao-Ji among other Ministers and senior government officials. Deputy Prime Minister Vega also visited the International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), and various aquaculture and agriculture entities. During his visit the Deputy Prime Minister discussed bilateral cooperation projects including additional training opportunities for Belizeans, current and new projects funded by the ICDF, and a water project to provide additional water wells to rural farming communities. These projects are receiving favourable consideration by the Taiwanese government.

Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards
The August 2014 “Scuba Diving” magazine has outlined Belize as the “Central American paradise” who “earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards.” Belize earned Readers Choice Awards for the Caribbean and Atlantic’s best overall destination, big animals, wall diving, and underwater photography. Some of the highlights from the three-page spread include mentions of our barrier reef “bowing only to Australia’s great one.” It also talks about the wall dives that can be done along the atolls, which “turn into an underwater Lollapalooza.” Also among the highlights was Gladden Spit which placed in the top 5 list for “best big animals in the Caribbean and Atlantic region.” Apart from our “big animals,” Belize was also recognized for its “macro critters.” Belize, known for some of the most authentic experiences, was also pointed out as a destination for tours from luxury yachts, to explorations through the jungle and to the archaeological sites.

Patrick JonesPJ

CitCo plans review of trade licenses in Belize City
Belize City businesses are asking for a change in enforcement of trade licenses by the Belize City Council. Reporting to residents at a public meeting on Tuesday night, Mayor Darrell Bradley indicated that the Council is listening to proposals from the business community to revise charges from the […]

Murder count reaches over 70 for 2014
Officially, murders nationwide in Belize have reached 72 for 2014, counting the deaths of Santiago Trapp in San Pedro Town and Juan Manuel Espana in Trio, Toledo District this week. We have obtained from the Joint Intelligence Coordinating Center (JICC) the record of reported major crimes for 2014. […]

Nasser family relieved of ammunition charges
It slipped under the radar but on July 24, 2014, the Nasser family of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye was found not guilty of possession of ammunition without a gun license due to lack of evidence presented by the prosecution. Nazim Nasser, his wife Jaziba and […]

Man charged for Public’s robbery and burglary
21 year old unemployed Kenrick Longsworth of Castle Street in Belize City is accused of two separate incidents in the last month. He appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart today on charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm and robbery in connection with […]

Contractor hired employees without documents
The Immigration Department is cracking down on illegal employment of persons without valid work permits. The latest to fall foul of the law is building contractor 24 year old Kevin Mejia, who today pleaded guilty to two counts of employing persons without a valid temporary employment permit. Mejia […]


So Great to See: The Inauguration of San Pedro’s New Police Barracks
Yesterday morning, an invitation was sent out. The San Pedro Police Barracks, the NEW home for eight police people, was finished! And there would be a 4pm Inauguration ceremony to officially baptize the brand new building and to celebrate. Many people from local and national government, from the business community and the public showed up for this momentous event. I had seen the fundraising information and a few pictures in the local paper but honestly? I didn’t know that much about the project. By the end of the ceremony, I really had such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

“Hot in Herre” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
With all of the excitement (different things excite different people!) that Rose and I have had recently – getting our new burglar gates/doors AND getting Ziggy for good – I almost forgot to tell you about a little shopping expedition that Rose and I made a few weeks ago. It all started when we went to the self-contained apartment that we have on the ground floor to give it a little spring clean (OK so it was early August but you know what I mean) in readiness for the visit of some guests. We don’t go in to the apartment very often and as we opened the door the heat hit us. A rush of warm, no, hot air (and, it was not because I started to speak). As we entered Rose turned to me and -stating the bloody obvious – said “It’s hot in herre” (I know its spelt incorrectly but bear with me ). We’d always known that an increase in humidity levels allied to the fact that the apartment isn’t used that much (and no this isn’t a invitation for a flurry of visits!) that it made sense to get a dehumidifier. Our time in the apartment that day convinced us that it was now time to translate talk in to action. A visit to the hardware stores on Ambergris Caye was called for. Working north to south we called first at Hermano’s Hardware in Boca Del Rio.

The August 2014 - October 2014 issue of The BELIZE AG REPORT is online.
Click HERE to download the PDF

This Issue's Stories:

  • Chia: The New Old Super Food of Belize: Chia seeds, or Salvia hispancia, may be new to the ever growing list of marketable foods grown in Belize, but this super food has been around this region since the ancient Maya. Its common name “chia” is an ancient Nahuatl word for “oily”. The southern Mexican state of Chiapas is said to be a combination of the word “chia” and “water “ making an interesting combination considering that chia seeds soaked in water make a vital rehydrating drink that is often served a variety of ways in the Mundo-Maya and now the rest of the world. Legend even has it that chia soaked in water was the only food that ceremonialpurified royal messengers were allowed to consume during their long treks between Mayan city-states. When I asked Ronald Reimer, a chia farmer in Spanish Lookout, about this legend, he thinks it could be quite true. While he has never personally been on a complete chia and water fast, he makes a traditional drink by soaking chia in water between meals and he notices all cravings in between meals and stomach pains that he used to associate with gastritis are gone. Now he enjoys this super food over salads, in smoothies, over or in breads, and adds a handful to cereals and baked goods; they turn “normal” food into an energy-packed health food. Ronald also suspects that because of its gelatinous quality when it is wet, it could also be made into puddings as a safe replacement for tapioca and dairy desserts.
  • The National Agriculture and Food Production Policy: The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture (MNRA) with the collaboration of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Institute of the Cooperation for Agriculture (IICA) is revising and updating the National Agriculture and Food Production Policy that was produced in 2000. No Farmer = No Food. Although this policy is still relevant today, there are a number of issues such as climate change, risk management in agriculture, greater emphasis in value addition and agro-processing that need further strengthening. A series of consultations with various interest groups of public and private sectors including NGOs, and civil societies were carried out throughout the country, starting in April 2014. The aim was to engage key stakeholders in this process, develop and strengthen a dialogue platform for agricultural issues and ensure ownership of the final policy. Participation was extremely encouraging and agriculture issues discussed were diverse. Some of these burning issues raised were: the need for a comprehensive taxation review that facilitates competitiveness for the productive sector; need for affordable credit; need to strengthen collaboration and coordination among public and private sector; revision of fiscal incentives regimes; strengthening of agencies responsible for standards, sanitary and phytosanitary and other protocols needed for exports; markets and marketing linkages; ease of doing business, and responsible governance at all levels among others
  • Citrus Greening Affects Roots Before Leaves: Although citrus greening enters the tree through the leaves indirectly through the Asian Citrus Psyllid, University of Florida researchers have discovered that the disease attacks the roots long before the leaves show signs of the damage. The Asian Citrus Psyllid feeds on the leaf sap and passes on the bacteria that causes citrus greening into the tree and the bacteria travels quickly to the roots according to Researcher Evan Johnson. In the roots the bacteria replicate, damage the root system and spread to the rest of the canopy. The disease starves the tree of nutrients, leaving fruits that are green and misshapen, unsuitable for fresh fruit or juice. Most infected trees die within a few years. The University of Florida researchers found that citrus greening causes a loss of 30 to 50 percent of trees fibrous roots before symptoms are visible above ground. The early root loss means that the health of the citrus trees is severely compromised before the grower even knows it is infected.
  • Integrated Pest Management And Control Guide: of pests and diseases that can damage crops of major and minor economical importance exceeds 3000 with an increase of approximately 10 new pests reported every year. But the good news is that specific ones that have a major influence on productivity in any particular region are usually limited. Pests can be of different natures and can be crop specific or generic, so the range of potential control measures is huge. Nevertheless there are a number of basic principles which can be applied to reduce their impact on yield and quality. Dr. Carlos Itza compiled a list of pests for common vegetable crops, surveillance procedures and details in the nonchemical eradication of pests in a publication called Guide to Organic Pest Management for Vegetable and Other Crops in Belize. The guide is available to farmers and gardeners. Studies conducted in Belize reveal that there are 3 major areas of concern for small farmers: marketing, post harvest and alternative pest control methods. Farmers report that pest damages can range from 40 - 99% in crop loss. The most common method currently used to control both pests and diseases in vegetable crops is pesticide spray. The adverse health effects from pesticide use is aggravated by several challenges, in terms of safe storage of the pesticide, safe application of the pesticide by the laborer, appropriate frequency of application for optimum benefit, and the necessity to ensure no chemical residue at harvest and market delivery. There is also the danger of resistance development to the pesticide by the target pest or pathogen.
  • Energetic Agriculture: The Gene & the Minerals: In the year 1974 Dr. Henry Schroeder in his book Trace Minerals and Man said that unless the current pace of discovery is increased, it would take another 400 years before we understand the role of the various trace nutrients (minerals/elements) on Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table. But in the year 2003, after some twenty-plus years studying genetics, Dr. Richard Olree, a practicing chiropractic physician, shattered the prediction of Dr. Schroeder. By sequencing the amino acids in the process of constructing proteins, Dr. Olree traced all the elements, including the 22 sub-atomic particles to their participatory function in the life process of man, animal and plant. A few years later in 2006, a full length book, Minerals for the Genetic Code was written by Charles Walters to popularize Dr. Richard Orlee’s Standard Genetic Periodic Chart and the physical, chemical and biological connections. Every serious student of minerals, genes, and m-state elements should keep a copy.
  • Switchels, Oxymels and Shrubs Regaining Popularity: Switchels, oxymels and shrubs have one thing in common and what I am about to say may leave the soft drink companies groaning. I walk the beach most mornings and every few feet encounter plastic drink bottles galore. I wondered what people used to drink. The switchel, oxytel and shrub were the forerunners to today’s energy drinks, rehydration fluid, soft drinks and concentrates. The switchel, a splendid word that rolls off the tongue and describes an equally refreshing beverage, is made from water, vinegar, sugar and ginger with other ingredients such as oatmeal, lemon, and lime. It is similar to ginger beer in taste and originated in the Caribbean. As early as the 17th century it migrated to the USA and quenched the thirst of southern farmers who christened it haymaker’s punch. The oxymel is a medicinal drink courtesy of the ancient Greeks made from four parts honey with one part vinegar simmered to reduce the volume, then diluted with water. It was used to fight bacteria, break congestion and coughs, soothe a sore throat, restore energy and cure a host of other maladies. Different herbs can be added for various conditions and personal taste. The herbs are infused for weeks, and the jar shaken regularly to impart the flavours of the healthy ingredients. This makes a refreshing drink or perky addition to salad dressings and sauces. Try making small batches and experiment with ratios.
  • Exotic Birds in Belize, Not Wild Avians……We’re Talking Chickens: A visit to the Chrissie Tupper’s farm near Cheer’s Restaurant, reveals that the poultry of Belize are at least as diverse as the people. Our expectations were to see her Guinea hens, whom she affectionately calls ‘the polka dot mafia’, but we were treated to a wide collection of exotics including Guineas, Silkies, Polish, Frizzles, local turkeys and assorted ducks. Chrissie maintains over 200 head, and year-in and -out, her farm provides all the eggs for their Cheer’s restaurant (between 300 to 600 eggs /wk., depending on the season). The approximately 80’ x80’ chicken yard has a well-drained foundation; used rice hull stable bedding from her horses provides a nice dry footing, and the decomposing manure provides some delectable insect treats to supplement the poultry’s diet. Next year Chrissie will move the fowl yard and use this very fertile area for a garden. A raised and gutted school bus, (see photo) offers shade and protection under the bus while the inside of the bus has partitions which can be closed to keep night predators out, creating a comfy giant chicken condo. Chrissie, an avid poultry aficionado, maintains her incubator upstairs; down stairs, a brooder with a heat lamp, and a converted horse stall accommodate interim juveniles until they are ready to face the main yard.
  • Meet Valley of Peace Farms Ltd and Cayo Grain & Agro Supply Ltd: The agriculture community has been following with great interest, the frenzy of activity this year as an enormous dryer, huge storage silos and grain handling equipment rise on the south side of the George Price Hwy at Mile 54. Belize Ag visited with Douglas Johnson, general manager of both Valley of Peace Farms Ltd (VOPF) and Cayo Grain & Agro Supply Ltd (CG&AS) to discuss their project, plans and visions. Doug brings decades of experience and a world marketing view to their state-of-the-art operation there. Approximately 10 years ago, Doug and his wife Laurie heard about an opportunity in Belize to purchase farmland and after making several trips to the country and discussing it between themselves for some time they asked themselves the question…. “Are we up for this challenge?” The thought they had was “If we don’t try it, we will never find out how good it might have been.” So, the journey began….. After 35 years of farming mainly yellow corn, soybeans and raising 16 million lbs of turkeys annually in Minnesota, Doug is turning his South Central Minnesota operation over to his son. In 2005, the Johnsons purchased the first lands for Valley of Peace Farms Ltd. His first row crop here was corn in the rainy season of 2007. Soon, his love for agriculture sparked an interest in a bigger goal: a commercial operation to address the CARICOM market, and that led to the formation of sister company, Cayo Grain and Agro Supply Ltd. (CG &AS) in 2013. Doug feels that Belize’s greatest advantage in agriculture at this time is being part of CARICOM, and our central location regarding sales to Central, North and South America.
  • Can your soil be harmed by effects from too much lime?: Finding the correct answer to that question can be quite confusing. The problem is complicated because some soils produce extremely well that have a high pH and very high calcium levels, and yet other soils, sometimes on the same farm, with the same pH and calcium levels are a big problem. We see this in soils from several parts of the U.S., France and Austria for example. Because some soils do so well with a high pH and high calcium, it can give the false impression that too much lime to supply more calcium would never be a problem. But it can be, and it is an expensive problem to fix once you have it. Many farmers have been told, “You can’t use too much lime.” That is not true! In our work with thousands and thousands of acres that have previously been over-limed, detailed soil testing continues to prove applying too much lime is a detriment to most soils. This holds true not only for grass and forage crops, but for whatever crop you are intending to grow. And once this happens, it can be far more expensive to correct than just the cost of spreading an excessive amount of limestone or other calcium containing material.
  • BEL-CAR UPDATES: As corn prices have remained stable, there has been no significant increase in acreage planted in corn. The corn in the ground this rainy season is looking promising, as there appears to be less problems with the chronic earworms. This is thought to be because there was much rain soon after planting. The new lands, reddish-brown soil near Hillbank and Indian Creek (Yalbac purchase), was suffering due to the dry weather up to the last days of July. Spider mites are beginning to be pests, also surmised to be from the dry weather. Normally there is more rain in July, and then a mini-dry ‘mauga’ season in August. This year has shown us a dry July - until the last days of the month. A wet August is predicted by some. The corn inventory is fine, and supplies should last until the first harvests around September 1st. BEL-CAR has purchased four new silos from Sukup in the USA. Each has a capacity of 4,200 tons. Also, BEL-CAR added another new elevator.
  • FAO ‘Seed for Development’ Project, A Bright Future for Open-Pollinated Corn: The experimental seed development project sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and carried out by Cayo farmers under the direction of Lead Extension Officer, William Can, of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture (MNRA), is a resounding success! The project objective was to evaluate and multiply seeds of three improved corn varieties, two of which were white corn and one yellow, that adapted to weather and soil conditions of the Cayo District from the previous year’s experiment. The slogan that evolved is Good seed = Good yield. The table below gives details of the demo plots that were established. The participating farmers painstakingly monitored the plants’ growth and development as they adhered to the rigid procedures for producing high quality seeds in their one-acre plots. The charts and tables below compare the 2012 and 2013 trials. The table below shows the data that was collected in the trials of each corn variety in the 2012 corn cycle.
  • CATION EXCHANGE CAPACITY: A previous article in Belize Ag Report explained the chemistry of soil in terms of ionic composition. It is worth repeating here that the soil is a medium composed of minerals which yield/ retain ions and can exchange or retain ions of the soil solutions. Cations are the positively charged species: calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg ++), potassium (K+) , sodium (Na+). The proportion of the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) accounted for by those elements as exchangeable bases is frequently used as an indication of soil fertility. CEC is a concept that is arbitrarily defined and seeks to inform on the nutrient reserves held by the soil. The value is highly dependent on pH as the acidity/basicity of the soil determines the value of the exchange. As a practical matter, soil testing frequently reports not only the values of the indicator cations but also the CEC. The principal reason for this lies in the fact that in preparation of the soil sample an extraction is performed to determine the exchangeable nutrients. Different soils have different exchange capacities that are directly correlated to the types of clay minerals and organic matter. The type of sample preparation attempts to mimic the exchange of cations as occurs in the soil when water contacts the soil.
  • Agricultural Trends in Spanish Lookout: A study of the trends in agriculture in Spanish Lookout is a study of expansion and growth in terms of cultivated acreage, types of crops, and number of farmers. These life-long farmers, who took their mechanized practices with them when they moved to Mexico from Canada and then in 1958 to Belize, have faced many challenges over the years. Belize is no exception to the risks related to weather and price fluctuations; farmers make their decisions on what to grow and when to plant to minimize their risks and maximize their gain. Unlike most farmers in the temperate zone, Belizean farmers can plant 2 crops per year. Corn, the major crop in Spanish Lookout, is known as a “summer” crop, as is rice; red kidney (RK) beans and black eyed peas (blackeyes) are the major “winter” crops along with relative newcomers, milo and soybeans. Records kept in the central office of Spanish Lookout start in 1990 but have gaps for some crops; so the charts show acreage, harvest (number of 100 lb. bags) and yield (pounds per acre) for the summer and winter crops for the years ending 2004 – 2013. Records for corn show an expansion from 4,477 in 1990 to over 23,000 in 2013, which includes rented land well beyond the borders of Spanish Lookout. Although the acreage was only a 5-fold increase, the harvest was a 10-fold increase during the same time period while the number of farmers increased from under 100 to 134. Yields have fluctuated due primarily to weather. The lowest yield, 1600 lbs. per acre, was in 1996; the highest, 46oo was in 2012. Although the other summer crop, rice, has been grown since 1993, gaps in the record preclude a complete picture; however there was a dramatic 620% increase in the number of acres between 1998 and 2014 and the number of farmers over the same time period increased from 2 to 29.
  • The Chiquibul Forest Reserve - Ours to Lose: The Scarlet Macaw is an important indicator species for the health of the rainforest. The current population is estimated to be about 200 birds, which is not a good number. The macaws in our country are genetically distinct and geographically separated from other populations in South America. Despite the destruction of some of its habitat due to the hydroelectric dams that were built in their breeding grounds, they continue to exist. This is due in part to the efforts of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) and Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team (S6). Recently, the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC) also joined forces offering veterinary services in the field. Thanks to all this, along with countless volunteers, some new chicks are fledging safely. But, recently the monitoring team returned with sad news that two macaw nests had been poached due to their remote locations. The plight of the Scarlet Macaws should serve as a giant red flag to all Belizeans as it indicates that the future of our rainforest is in trouble. Indeed, the Chiquibul Forest is under siege by poachers taking hardwoods, Xate palms, Scarlet Macaws, wildlife, and anything else they can possibly take to sell. There are farmers planting milpas and people basically acting as if the forest belongs to them.
  • Brand Registration and the Belize Livestock Registry: This month at Belize Livestock Producers Assoc. (BLPA), amongst other things, we are starting a drive to get all cattle owners to register, renew or get up to date with their brand registration. The Belize Livestock Registry (BLR), which is administered by the BLPA and based at their offices in Belmopan, was brought into being under the Cattle Branding Act, Number 207, and was revised in December 2000. It states that all cattle born should be branded before they reach 12 months of age or prior to sale. When you buy an animal you should brand it within 30 days of taking ownership with your own brand. This new brand should in no way alter, obscure, or come into contact with the original brand. The branding procedure is very important; if your animal is not branded it is almost impossible to prove ownership in the case of rustling, which we all know is reaching almost epidemic proportions in some areas of country, especially in Belize and Cayo Districts. As part of the National Cattle Sweep and the BLR traceability systems, each animal in your herd, whether you have only 5 animals or 500, is given two tags with a number unique to that animal. Correlating these tag numbers with your brand makes it much easier to identify the origin of an animal. When an animal is transported, movement permits must be filled in recording the origin and destination of the animal; so when an inspection at a police or BAHA checkpoint, or even in a slaughterhouse or butcher’s shop is made, this animal can be traced back to the owner, thus ensuring that it actually belongs to the seller and has not been stolen or otherwise misappropriated.
  • HOMEMADE HEALTH By MARGUERITE FLY BEVIS, RN, BSN: The purpose of this column is to share useful information about health that is relatively inexpensive and readily available for everyone. The information is not meant to be a substitute for health care, i.e., regular visits to a healthcare provider for check-ups and when you are ill. Instead, these are tips I have learned that help keep me and my family healthy, therefore requiring fewer visits to the doctor, saving time and money, not to mention enjoying the benefits of good health. A key area to consider is immune health. A healthy body is not as likely to be susceptible to daily threats, such as bacterial and viral invasions. The body is built to resist and to heal. When it is weak, defenses are down, and it becomes more likely to succumb to disease. An obvious way to stay healthy is to eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, stay away from processed foods, eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, protein, fish, chicken, grass-fed beef, and use healthy oils and fats such as coconut oil, olive oil and avocado. Exercise is very important to maintain good health. The body was built to move. When it stops moving, it starts falling apart. Muscles deteriorate and the body ceases its ability to function properly. Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour work out at a gym. It is as simple as moving about during the day, taking a walk, climbing stairs, playing games with children. People I know who lived into their late 90’s were active until the end, mowing their own lawns, and chopping their own firewood. They ate and drank moderately, exercised, and they lived long lives.
  • Salt and Minerals for Livestock: Animals, including humans, have been given a natural taste for salt, but not necessarily for trace minerals. That is probably why in natural states (solid and solution), salt is found with a wide variety of minerals, often balanced in the best proportions enabling their utilization by animals. In the wild, animals find their salt and minerals by selectively eating to their requirements. Domesticated stock need regular, if not constant, supplementation to optimize their growth, reproduction and immune systems. Sodium chloride, or salt, is vital for maintaining the osmotic pressure in the body’s cells, enabling both nutrients and waste to move across cell membranes. Trace and other minerals are becoming more appreciated as their exact functions are defined by researchers such as Dr. Richard Olree. He states “Cells are all protein producers. Trace nutrients govern the kind of protein you will have.” Charles Walters adds, “If deficiency labels a mineral or if there is a toxicity of a given mineral, then proper genetic expression becomes impossible.” Balanced minerals are essential.
  • National Agriculture and Trade Show 2014– A Growing Success: The 41st annual National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) 2014 welcomed approximately 36,000 visitors at the newly updated 60+ acre Belmopan Fairgrounds from May 3-5. Attendance has steadily increased since its inception in 1973. Despite the cloudy and rainy weather, the mood of the event was sunny. The fairgrounds have been restructured to separate agriculture, animal and entertainment exhibits. The theme of the NATS 2014 was “Stimulating Prosperity in Agriculture Through Renewed Public and Private Partnerships”. The goal of this event was to educate the public about the importance of sustainable agriculture in Belize and to inspire the younger generation to consider farming as an occupation. Numerous vendors displayed their equipment and agriculture-related products. An exhibit of all the co-ops and their products for sale was a popular feature of the event. The venue, serving also as a nation-wide social event, featured rodeos, farm exhibits, lively music, entertainment and food. Profits from the 2014 NATS will be used to improve the NATS for 2015. Mark your calendar for April 24 – 26, 2015.
  • Belize Poultry Association: The Belize Poultry Association (BPA) held it 2013 annual general meeting on Wednesday March 12, 2014 at the Biltmore Hotel. The guest speaker was the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture. The new BPA Board of Directors is chaired by David P. Reimer of Spanish Lookout. Other members of the executive are Larry Reimer, Vice-Chair; David Hiebert, Secretary; and Bernhard Bergen, Treasurer. The highlight of the report was the increase in production of broiler meat (4.1%) and table eggs of 22%. The industry is poised as one of the highest contributors to agricultural GDP and the highest contributor to the livestock GDP. The industry wholesale value now stands at more than 100 million dollars. Chicken hovers above 107 lbs. of meat per capita and eggs are at 156 per capita. The industry is ever mindful of the potential entry of diseases and therefore remains ever vigilant through its biosecurity programmes. The BPA is planning a poultry school for the first week of November as a means of continuing education for its members.
  • Belize Pig Council Updates, The Industry Slowly Expands and Thrives: Three swine inventories are done annually in Belize, and they reveal that there are about 20,000 live pigs in the country at any one time. Overall, our country pig head count is up 5-10% since our last swine industry article in Issue 17, August 2012. The geographic proportions for locations of the pigs in country are unchanged; 75% of the industry is still located in Shipyard, Orange Walk District. There are about 3 farms with over 1,000 head within Belize; one is in Spanish Lookout and the other large piggeries are located in Shipyard. Being smaller scale has its advantages regarding disease control. Pigs in Belize do not require any regular vaccinations. Coccidia treatments (wormers) are administered, and occasionally iron shots are given to the animals. Mexico is experiencing some problems with Porcine Epidemic Diarhea (PED); those farms are located in northern Mexico, far from Belize. PED does not affect humans, so is not a human public health issue. Porcine dressing percentages remain about the same, a respectable 74-76%, and slaughter houses note that there is an increased leanness on most carcasses. Regarding input costs, corn prices are stable and soybeans are up. Swine prices to the farmer are also rising. Weaner pigs (25-30 lbs) range from $85 to $120 for the top grade and finished butcher pigs (180 -230 lbs) are bringing $1.95 to 2.15/lb. Sale quantities are up and it appears Belizeans are consuming more pork, although a small number have been exported to Peten, Guatemala.
  • Pigs in the Americas: The Belizean collared peccary, Tayassu tajacu, is a member of the family Suina and descends from the ancient Percheorus, who thrived in the Eocene era about 37 M years ago. Their cousins, the domesticated pig, originated in Eurasia and are also members of that Suina family. The Chinese domesticated the pig around 5000 BC. From China they spread throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. Christopher Columbus was the first to bring pigs into this hemisphere, carrying them on his ship by order of Queen Isabella, landing in Cuba in 1493. In 1539 Hernando deSoto sailed to Florida, carrying the first pigs on to the American mainland. The feral (wild) pigs of the Americas are descended from the escaped domestic pigs, not peccaries.
  • Flamboyant Trees in Belize: The flamboyant tree has been described as one of the loveliest and most colorful trees in the world. With a blaze of yellow to crimson red blossoms and delicate fern-like leaves, the magnificent flowers grace Belize from April until September in Belize and all around the earth in tropical climates. Flamboyant trees belong to the family Fabaceae/ Legumiosea, sub-family Caesalpiniodeae. In addition to being a joy to behold, flamboyant trees also have healing properties and may be a source of revenue for Belize farmers and growers. Flamboyant trees, Delonix regia, have been grown primarily as ornamental shade trees since at least the 17th century. The tree is indigenous to Madagascar. Since the 18th century Flamboyant trees have been widely cultivated in most tropical regions. Other common names for the tree include: flame tree, fire tree, peacock tree, arbol el fuego. The tree was previously considered to be in the genus Poinciana and was known as royal Poinciana.
  • Byrsonima crassifolia, aka: CRABOO, Love it, or …………..not: It’s craboo time in Belize as we go to print. Children along the Hummingbird have been hawking them for weeks, and now in most of Belize it’s craboo season too. There are some fruits, if one is not a native to their native area, growing up with them and their exotic smells and tastes, can never attain a ‘favorite fruit’ status. Newcomers to the tropics seldom stop by the speed bumps to purchase a $1. bag of craboo. But to those raised in craboo’s native lands, from Mexico to Brazil and in much of the Caribbean, Byrsonima crassifolia is a treasured fruit, a reminder of their childhood, collecting ripe fruit under trees and eating fermented craboo during the Christmas holidays. Craboo has a particular aroma – indescribable, but unlikely to be utilized by the perfume industry. Other names include nance in Mexico, tapal in Guatemala, nance verde in El Salvador, and golden spoon in some of the Caribbean.
  • Making Vinegar from Tropical Fruits: There are times when God gives us fruit so abundantly in the tropics that we don’t always know what to do with it all. Homemade vinegar can be one way of using some of the excess, yielding a product with many uses: household, culinary and medicinal. We have made vinegar from many different fruits, including sweet and sour carambola, wax jamboo, Malay apple, pineapple, wild grape, and blackberry (java plum). I’m sure we have not exhausted all of the possibilities. Often, as in the case with pineapple or sweet carambola, vinegar is made from the peels and trimmings of a canning project, or in the case of blackberry or wild grape, with a juice making endeavor. Good, whole fruits can also be used, though we would tend to select the best Malay apples, for example, for other purposes and use the culls for vinegar. Once we made vinegar from a failed mango sauce canning project. A neighbor made vinegar from a bucket of orange juice left over from a wedding. In our communities, sour carambola has been the most faithful standby for vinegar, as it bears abundantly, but is too sour to eat as is. But fruits do not need to be sour to make good vinegar, for acetic acid is produced from sugar.
  • Dear Rubber Boots, Can you recommend a good tropical gardening reference book? Thanks.: The absolute best reference on tropical fruits is Julia F. Morton’s encyclopedic 1987 gem, Fruits of Warm Climates, ISBN: 0-9610184-1-0. She was a world renowned Research Professor at the University of Miami and served on numerous horticultural boards in the USA and internationally. Her maxim was: “I don’t want to suppose. I want to know.” The printed version is distributed by Creative Resource Systems, Inc. Box 890, Winterville, N.C. 28590, or find new and used copies on Amazon. Luckily, it is also online at Purdue University’s site: http://www.hort.purdue. edu/newcrop/morton/index.html. The Bibliography in the back of this very reader-friendly classic 500+ page tome is 37 pages; this is THE source book for tropical fruits.
  • The Honeybee Crisis: According to John Ross Crooks, editor of Sovereign Living magazine, 23% of American honeybee colonies died in 2013. In fact, every year since 2006, about 30% of the nation’s honeybee colonies have perished. If honeybee populations continue to decline, a serious crisis lies ahead because they are vital to insect-pollinated plants that make up 1/3 of the human diet. The USDA estimates $15 billion in agricultural production hinges on the survival of the American honeybee. There is still some mystery behind colony collapse. Monoculture (the practice of growing a single crop over a large area), parasites, pesticides, sickness, genetics and habitat loss are believed to be factors. However, according to recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health, neonicotinoid, a pesticide class similar to nicotine, is a significant factor in the shocking decline of honeybee colonies.
  • Study finds association between maternal exposure to agricultural pesticides: Pregnant women who lived in close proximity to fields and farms where chemical pesticides were applied experienced a two-thirds increased risk of having a child with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental delay, a study by researchers with the UC Davis MIND Institute has found. The associations were stronger when the exposures occurred during the second and third trimesters of the women’s pregnancies. The large, multisite California-based study examined associations between specific classes of pesticides, including organophosphates, pyrethroids and carbamates, applied during the study participants’ pregnancies and later diagnoses of autism and developmental delay in their offspring. It is published online today in Environmental Health Perspectives. “This study validates the results of earlier research that has reported associations between having a child with autism and prenatal exposure to agricultural chemicals in California,” said lead study author Janie F. Shelton, a UC Davis graduate student who now consults with the United Nations. “While we still must investigate whether certain sub-groups are more vulnerable to exposures to these compounds than others, the message is very clear: Women who are pregnant should take special care to avoid contact with agricultural chemicals whenever possible.”
  • Mrs. Itza’s SPECIAL CHRISTMAS CRABOO: This is a simplified method of how to ferment a 5 gallon bucket of craboo (Byrsonima crassifolia). Step 1: Wash the craboo and take out the stems. Step 2: Drain the water and add 10 lbs of brown sugar. Put the lid on tightly so no air can spoil the craboo. Step 3: After 3-4 weeks check to see if all the sugar has dissolved; if not then mix the craboo and sugar with a clean utensil. After maybe another 1-2 weeks sugar should be dissolved; drain out all the water (liquid) that is in the bucket. The reason for this is that all that liquid is very sour!! (not spoiled but sour as in ‘lime sour’). By this time the craboo has changed in color from yellow to light brown.
  • Chart Regarding Salt and Minerals: For more information on minerals in foods relative to health, see Dr. August Dunning’s chart on our ONLINE ANNEX which appears with the regular .pdf of this issue, as page 39. The Dunning chart illustrates the eerie inverse relationship between the dropping mineral content in modern foods (post 1920) and the increase in health problems.
  • : Local and Regional Fuel Prices
  • Agriculture Prices at a Glance- $$$$$: Find local and some international commodity prices on our Agriculture Prices at a Glance section.
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International Sourcesizz

MCW provides emergency medicine training to Belize’s busiest ER
A team of doctors, nurses, and EMT personnel from the nation of Belize has completed two weeks of intensive training with emergency medicine specialists in Milwaukee to strengthen the capabilities and response development of Belize’s busiest emergency department. Led by the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) department of emergency medicine, with the support of MCW’s office of global health, this is the fourth year of formal training for the team from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize. The emergency department at KHMH sees 30,000 patients annually, is the only hospital in the nation with a mass casualty plan, and serves as its only trauma center. While in Wisconsin, trainees worked with teams from the MCW Standardized Teaching Assessment Resource Center, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin’s emergency department, Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services, and colleagues from Wheaton Franciscan – Elmbrook Memorial and St. Joseph Campuses. The agreement with KHMH and the Belize Ministry of Health also includes onsite training in Belize each year; a team from MCW, along with training partners, conducts three annual two-week training sessions at the hospital.

Healthcare in the Caribbean
The World Health Organization (WHO) published a ranking of global healthcare systems in their World Health Report 2000. According to an article in the June 29, 2012 edition of the Business Insider entitled “These are 36 Countries That Have Better Healthcare Than The US”: “So controversial were the results that the WHO declined to rank countries in their World Health Report 2010…”. WHO’s 2000 report ranked the Eastern Caribbean nation of Dominica at 35, which made it one of those countries that had better healthcare than the United States, which was ranked 37. This was even more impressive considering that US per capita expenditure on healthcare was ranked 1 and Dominica 70. WHO’s 2000 report also introduced an indicator called DALE: Disability-Adjusted Life Expectancy. DALE combined mortality data with the health and disability status of populations to determine an equivalent number of years in which life was expected to be in full health.

Fortis Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter Dividends-2014
Fortis has designated the common share dividend and preference share dividends as eligible dividends for federal and provincial dividend tax credit purposes. Fortis is the largest investor-owned electric and gas distribution utility in Canada, with total assets of approximately $18.6 billion and fiscal 2013 revenue exceeding $4 billion. Its regulated utilities account for approximately 90% of total assets and serve approximately 2.5 million customers across Canada and in New York State and the Caribbean. Fortis owns non-regulated hydroelectric generation assets in Canada, Belize and Upstate New York. The Corporation's non-utility investment is comprised of hotels and commercial real estate in Canada.

Moving to Sunny Belize with a Portable Income Already Set Up
Imagine making money online, doing what you love to do, in your spare time. That’s exactly what I am doing now. I take photographs of everyday things while on vacation. I upload them to a stock agency and advertisers, graphic artists, and other people buy them. Some of my photos are selling repeatedly on a stock agency that I work with…like the ones I took of a few tropical drinks we were about to start sipping while watching the sun set upon the Caribbean Sea in Belize. Of course I have taken the typical “sunset” photos as well—the sunsets in Belize are absolutely amazing, and no two are ever alike. My favorite is a sailboat silhouette with the beautiful golden yellow hue of the sky. These photos are also producing winning results. So are my “spur-of-the-moment” pictures…when I took off my flip flops to walk in the sand on the beach, I snapped a photo of them while the water was washing ashore. Another photo of two empty beach chairs facing the Barrier Reef of Belize are also selling quite well. Click, edit, and upload…and now they are for sale and generating revenue.

Stalk the Reefs With Google Maps for Under the Sea
It's easy to go online and get a 360-degree, ground-level view of almost any street in the United States and throughout the world. Soon, scientists hope people will be able to do the same with coral reefs and other underwater wonders. U.S. government scientists are learning to use specialized fisheye lenses underwater in the Florida Keys this week in hopes of applying ;street view; mapping to research and management plans in marine sanctuaries nationwide. Some of the rotating and panoramic images will be available online this week, including a selection on Google Maps, giving the public a window into ecosystems still difficult and costly to explore for long stretches of time. It will be like scuba diving from your computer. About 400,000 images have been produced so far of reefs off Australia and in the Caribbean, but this is the first time the technology is being used in U.S. waters.


Video: If You Can Sing It... Bring It (August 13, 2014), 1hr21min.

Video: Lobster Diving - Belize, 3min.
This is some footage of my friend and I on our recent trip to Belize. We were lucky enough to meet some great people who took us out lobster diving and showed us the honey spots in the South of Belize. Enjoy

Video: Lobster Love, 2min.
Lobster Love depicts a rare capture of Lobster mating in the natural environment. The sequence was captured at night off the south coast of Roatan, Honduras

Video: Spiny Lobster Belize Barrier Reef - June 2014, 1min.
Diving North Wall in Southern Belize Pirate Reef Divers @ Hatchet Caye Resort

Video: Lobster out at night, 1.5min.
Sometimes you get lucky at night and the animal comes out. Look at the beautiful colour to this lobster. Unlike the atlantic lobster these guys don't have claws.

Video: Giant spiny Caribbean lobster freed by generous divers on Roatan, 1min.
One of 8 giant lobster released on the Roatan Banks by generous divers who purchased the monster from local lobster trap fishermen from Cayos Cochinos

Video: Employment via BPO Certificatiom, 11min.
Listen to Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and Mike Singh, CEO in the Ministry of Trade and Investment, go in depth about the new program for call centre training.

Video: 2014 Belize Missions Trip, 10min.
15 people from Crossview Fellowship in Keokuk Iowa, headed out for an extreme week to build a house for a family in need.

Video: Belize Trip 2014, 9min.
This is the synopsis of the family Belize Trip 2014. Elaine and I wanted to see as much of her family as possible before we departed for our tour of Germany. I am thankful for the family represented by this video who treated us so well.

Video: Remora Encounter in Belize, 3min.
A beautiful peaceful dive at the Spanish Bay/Gallows Reef in Belize, interrupted by a curious, pesky, irascible, free-swimming remora. I edited out the part where he kept coming after me multiple times! They're not very intelligent animals.

Video: Belize Lifestyle-quicktime, 8min.
Us chilling in Belize.

Video: Peninsula Club Belize - Phase 1 3D Rendering Video, 5min.
If you're considering investing in a property, boat slip, building or even a business in Belize, The Peninsula Club should be on your radar by now. Developed by the same person who put together the famed Chabil Mar Villas, The Peninsula Club in Belize is poised to better facilitate residents, residences and business all within the self-contained property, surrounded by an absolutely stunning marina. If you've never gone fishing in Belize, you are in for a treat!

Video: Diving Belize, 10min.
Shot on a Sony PMW-F3 & edited on Sony Vegas.

Video: Ziplining in Belize, 2min.
My wife and I on our ziplining excursion in Belize. We got married on-board the Carnival Magic and then set sail for our honeymoon.

August 14, 2014


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Official inauguration of the much anticipated San Pedro Police Barracks

Vacation Rentals on Ambergris Caye
Due to the recession and past over-development 2014 has seen only a net increase over 2012 of approximately one hundred rooms/units. However with the uptick in the economy, we are seeing nearly 300 more rooms under construction with about 100 of these to be opened in time for the high season this December. Most of the new units are north of the river and are on the high end of the amenity scale. Some of the older condos are seeing a decrease in the number of rooms in the rental pool, as long-term owners who bought the units as an investment are now retiring and occupying their units. For 2014 I found 1,896 units on the island. A unit is a guest accommodation that can range from a single room to a five-bedroom villa.

Jazz in Belize
Belizean music fans will now have opportunities over the course of the next 12 months to enjoy the genre. The first show of the Belize Jazz Fusion Culture Concert Series, (a year-long sequence of shows featuring a list of standards and contemporary musical renditions fused with Belize’s cultures in jazz style), is scheduled for Saturday, August 16th, 2014 at the Biltmore Best Western Hotel’s Riverwalk Room starting at 7:00 p.m., promises to be a treat. Billed as The Belize Jazz ‘N Culture Show, the 2 hour showcase features an ensemble of 2 guitarists, 2 keyboardists, a full drum section (including a Kriol drummer), a 4 member horn section (saxophones, flute, trombone, trumpet), a 2 member string section (violin, cello), all backing eight vocalists (4 senior, 4 junior). The show is being produced under the aegis of the Music Industry Association on Belize by the Belize Music Agency in partnership with the Belize Music Development Foundation and the Belize Society of Composers, Arrangers and Producers. One of the project’s objectives is to raise the standard of Belizean musical performance through the regular presentation of well-rehearsed shows to our music cognoscenti. A second objective is to train aspiring musicians in a structured setting and create a path for their possible ascension to professionalism.

Police Report: Caye Caulker resident charged with Rape
On Saturday 9th August, 2014 at about 5:50 a British national tourist who was staying at Caye Caulker Village on vacation from United Kingdom, England visited the Caye Caulker Police station and reported that on Saturday 9th August, 2014 shortly after midnight she and six tourist friends left a private island at Caye Caulker Village en route to San Pedro Town in a skiff driven by one Captain Pops. Complainant stated that the said Pops had taken them on a day tour on Friday 8th August, 2014 and thereafter they went to a private Island where they had a party and they consumed alcoholic beverages. Complainant stated that upon their arrival at San Pedro Town at about 1:00am the Captain parked the skiff near a pier but she along with a male tourist and the Captain remained inside the boat as she felt sick. The other tourists left the skiff and went within San Pedro Town. Complainant stated that shortly after the male tourist went unconscious due to alcohol consumption or drugs and that is when Captain Pops approached her and assaulted her sexually. A struggle ensued between them and as a result “Pops” had sexual intercourse with her against her will inside the boat. She had multiple scratches and bruises all over her body and complained of pain to her lower abdomen.

San Pedro Police Youth Cadet attend 17th National Youth Cadet Corp. Summer Camp
Police Constable Juan Choc Community Officer and Woman Police Constable Veralina Rivas have just attended the 17th National Youth Cadet Corp. Summer Camp that was held from July 19th to 26th in Benque Viejo del Carmen with eight local San Pedro cadets and the other cadets from around the country. The cadets that attended from the San Pedro group were: Derwayne Meigha, age 11 Zailan Reneau, age 12 Francis Auila, age 10 Jake Anderson, age 10 Luis Edwards, Age 10 Daylon Meighan, age 9 Jamal Polanio, age 10 Jabel Martinez, age 11. The camp involved lectures on decision making and peer pressure as well as exercises in team building. They experienced field trips to ancient ruins Xunantunich and Cahal Pech, Spanish Lookout’s Western Dairies and the cave system Che Chen Ha. They practiced foot drills and earned badges such as fitness award, family living award and citizenship award. Badges are needed to get promoted within the ranks of the cadet program. They were also separated into different groups to interact with different children to learn about different cultures.

Ambergris Today

Belize City Youths Dive Into the Wonders of Belize
Belize City Youths Dive Into the Wonders of Belize with Visit to the Great Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Natural Monuments Nature is often used as a part of social programs to help youth from becoming engaged in at-risk behavior. In a country like Belize, this type of approach has proven both effective and essential. Within that context, between August 10th and August 11th 2014, through the joint efforts of the Wake Up Belize Morning Show, OCEANA and the Belize Audubon Society, fourteen (14) boys from some of Belize City’s toughest neighborhoods made their first trip to the Lighthouse Reef Atoll to visit picturesque Half Moon Caye and the iconic Great Blue Hole.

Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards
The August 2014 “Scuba Diving” magazine has outlined Belize as the “Central American paradise” who “earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards.” Belize earned Readers Choice Awards for the Caribbean and Atlantic’s best overall destination, big animals, wall diving, and underwater photography. Some of the highlights from the three-page spread include mentions of our barrier reef “bowing only to Australia’s great one.” It also talks about the wall dives that can be done along the atolls, which “turn into an underwater Lollapalooza.” Also among the highlights was Gladden Spit which placed in the top 5 list for “best big animals in the Caribbean and Atlantic region.” Apart from our “big animals,” Belize was also recognized for its “macro critters.” Belize, known for some of the most authentic experiences, was also pointed out as a destination for tours from luxury yachts, to explorations through the jungle and to the archaeological sites. Capping off the notable highlights was our Great Blue Hole, which is described as a “landmark that warrants crossing off a list.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Annual Belize Expo 2014
Register your Booth today - The Annual Belize Expo 2014 - Coming in September - Sponsored by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Ministry of Education to create training program for call center industry: Promises of 2,000 BPO jobs in 2 years!
The Ministry of Education has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Trade and Investment to create a training program for the fast growing call center industry. This will lead to 2,000 new jobs over the next two years!

Garvey, Fard Muhmmad and Selassie
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez In 2010 Prince Ermias Sahle Haile Selassie Visited Belize City and a Rastafarian brother was kissing his feet reverently He pulled his feet and said ‘astagfiruallah’ repeatedly When someone asked please translate those words for me He explained they meant God forgive me And then explained that his grandfather was a practicing Muslim Then in the interim everyone was dumb stricken Garvey was influenced by Duce Muhammad And said if the Garveyites were to chose a religion The resounding consensus was that they were to be Muslims I urge you too, my brother, to let go of fanaticism Let's looks look at the lives of these men and learn their lesson In everything there is some good due to divine wisdom We are all connected by Abraham, the father of monotheism

A tribute to Orlando Carrasco Sr by Chris Considine for his memorial service on Caye Caulker

Friday August 15th is the Inaugural Ceremony along with the Coronation of Miss San Joaquin Fiesta 2014 and a Cultural Presentation by Raices de Yucatan - Retoños de Belice comes alive. At 10:00 p.m. dance with "Techno Band" along-side DJ Gaby & DJ Star. Come out and enjoy with the entire family. Techno Band will be performing its latest songs & the duo DJ Gaby & DJ Star will be blazing the night with their amazing state of the art light show.

Corozal Town Council Website

The Corozal Town Council has a website that you might find very useful. There are sections for the Mayor's message, the councilors, mission, code of ethics, finances, the local planning working group, departments, and a contact form. is very pleased to promote this helpful website and we encourage all in Corozal to take advantage of the information.

There is also a Corozal Town Council Facebook page where you can find pictures of current projects and information. Be aware there is a Corozal Town Council Facebook page that does NOT seem to be official.

Corozal Recyclables "Green" Park Competition
Corozal Town Council announces a Recyclables "Green" Park Competition, September to December, 2014 Students need to utilize recyclable/reusable items to create artwork and structures for a designated, environmentally friendly park. Great prizes for participating schools. Competition will run from September to December, 2014. For more information:

Channel 7

Feast of Finger Pointing For Champion's League Foul Up
The CONCACAF Champions League is the most prestigious event for top football clubs in North, Central American and the Caribbean. But every year, the Belize Premier League’s top football Club has to sit it out because there’s no FIFA certified field in Belize. But, this year was supposed to be different – because of the two million dollars spent to renovate the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. But, the project failed to meet the standards set by FIFA inspectors, and so Belize now faces the embarrassment of being replaced by a Costa Rican Team in the Champion’s League. The decision came down yesterday, and the team to take the place of the Belmopan Bandits will be Herediano, which participated in the tournament for the last 4 years. They’re making their fifth appearance, while the Bandits must brood over another missed opportunity.

Sports Minister Blames FFB
Vicente said he would implore every high office to intercede on the FFB’s behalf – including the Prime Minister. But, he won’t have much luck going to the Minister of State with responsibility for Sports, Herman Longsworth. Today, Longsworth told us squarely that the FFB is to blame:.. Hon. Herman Longsworth "I am extremely concerned, I am very very disappointed. We were all told that the field would be ready. FFB told us that they would have had this field ready. We were expecting that it would be ready and i'm disappointed that it is not, i'm very disappointed." Reporter "Does the blame fall on the FFB?"

FFB President Vicente On Defensive
And while Sports Minister Herman Longsworth is putting the blame on the FFB - President Ruperto Vicente is not having it. We put this question directly to him today, but he deflected, saying that it’s his efforts, which have brought Belize closer to the Champions League than ever before: Ruperto Vicente “I've never shied away from responsibily, I take responsibility in this case is to ensure that we have a facility that is adequate enough and ready for our teams to participate in Champion's League. I have done my best. I have taken the monies that FIFA give to Belize, and I have said to FIFA we need a good stadium, we need good lighting, we have lights right now. We need good locker rooms, we have air conditioned locker rooms, we have twelve showers, five bathrooms. We need good bleachers, well numbered, properly numbered, we have that. We need a good pitch and we presented all of that to FIFA. I have done my part, I have done what I believe would have gotten us into Champion's League and i've fought with CONCACAF. When CONCACAF said in May Belize would not participate, I stood up and I said to CONCACAF, if you don't give us the opportunity, I will not participate in any other tournaments this year.

Commercial Center To Get Major Renovation
If Belize city can ever be said to have a skyline, the Commercial Center at the foot of the swing bridge would have to be a part of it. Over the years, the hulking structure has gone from one of those famous bloated contract white elephants to a part of the municipal administrative superstructure, in other words, a bunch of ragtag city offices with vendors on the ground floor. But, change is on the way…Today, ground was broken for the renovation of the Commercial Center. It’s is part of a large scale initiative named “The House of Culture and Downtown Redevelopment project” funded by the Taiwanese government. Mayor Darrel Bradley held an on site press conference to outline the grand scale and vision of the project. Courtney Weatherburne has the story:.. Courtney Weatherburne "We are all familiar with the commercial centre in downtown Belize City, 22 years after it was first built is run down and delapidated. Thing is you probably never notice how run down its become because it has become such a permanent part of the landscape, but the mayor wants to change that reality by transforming the center into a rubust eye catching metropolitan center"

Ecuador Foreign Minister Wants Friendship With Belize
The Foreign Minister of Ecuador Ricardo Patino led a 13-person delegation to Belize for a one-day visit today. As the second smallest country in South America, Ecuador is looking for partners with similar interest. But when we say Ecuador is small, that’s only in a South American context. For example, they are building 8 hydroelectric dams and a 12 billion dollar refinery. That’s big money business, but today their Foreign Minister explained why they came to partner with Belize:… Ricardo Patino, Foreign Minister, Ecuador "We know about the great development that Belize has had in the last years and we want to deepen our relation with out brother countries such as Belize. Which is why we would like to develop relations with smaller countries in Latin America and the Caribbean because we sure this is the only way that we can all develop together. We can work together in tourism, in trade, in many other subjects. We know that you have teaching centers of English as a foreign language, so we would like for our teachers, our Ecuadorian teachers to come here and study in your centers so they can teach English back home. We would like to invite the people of Belize maybe for next year if they could come to the university and see and be apart of the all development we are having there and the students can also study in our university."

Why Did He Break Hon. Dolores' Glass?
It didn’t make the news yesterday, but someone broke the glass door of Dolores Balderamos-Garcia’s law office on Queen Street on Tuesday morning. No one knows for sure why a man broke the glass but – it happened just feet from the police station, and police detained a man shortly after. 22 year-old Jorge Jimenez was charged with damage to property, and he was arraigned today before Magistrate Herbert Panton. He pleaded not guilty, and was granted bail of $500. He will have to return to court on October 21.

Jailed For MS-13 Tattoo
Tonight, Victor Gama, a Fresh Pond Resident, is at prison tonight after he pleaded guilty to displaying gang signs in public. On Monday, just before midday, Police Constable Shane Pook was on foot patrol in Burrell Boom when he saw Gama. When the officer searched him, he saw that the top 3 buttons of his shirt were undone. When he took a look, he recognized the MS-13 Gang insignia tattooed on Gama’s chest. The officer then arrested and charged him with displaying gang insignias in public. Gama was arraigned before Magistrate Herbert Panton today, and he pleaded guilty to the charge. He told the court that he got the tattoo while he was drinking. Magistrate Panton then sentenced him to serve 6 months in Prison.

German Vega Vehicle Flipped
German Ignacio Vega, brother of the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega, is making news tonight after his company’s truck had a traffic mishap on the Western Highway, just outside of Belmopan. It happened at around 7 this morning when the driver of the truck, which was loaded with groceries belonging to the German Vega and Sons Company, was travelling between Mile 46 and 47. He lost control of the vehicle after a blow-out, and ran off the road. The vehicle then ended up overturning in a ditch. This caused a major bottleneck in the traffic moving through the Belmopan area.

Diabetes Prevention Better Than...
Yesterday, we told you about the Caribbean Diabetes Initiative and the Belize Diabetes Association of New York which has teamed up to send 23 specialists to Belize for 3 days of clinics and a symposium. But they aren’t here to heal the diabetes afflicted as much as they are to preach prevention. Courtney Weatherburne found out more:… Courtney Weatherburne "In the 2013 study conducted by the International Diabetes Federation,over 24000 Belizeans suffer from diabetes. It is an alarming figured and what is even more unsettling is that the numbers are growing. Lisel Hope, the president of the Caribbean Diabetes Initiative explains that education is key to arresting the epidemic." Lisel Hope, President of the Caribbean Diabetes Initiative "We really want to help the people of Belize with diabetes at even those at risk for diabetes. So we're here to help inform, educate the community about the risk factors for diabetes and actions that they can take to prevent diabetes from happening. And also those who already have diabetes we hope to help them manage their diabetes. In addition to that we are here with medication, so we hope to treat and screen people maybe you don't even know they have diabetes. Lastly we would like to also help work with the healthcare providers by providing educational seminars for them as well."

Minor Guates With Gun In Chiquibul
Two Guatemalan minors were found with a rifle in the Caracol Archeological Reserve on Monday. A joint B.D.F and Friends for Conservation Development patrol came upon 4 men sitting around a fire in the reserve at 10:40a.m. As the team approached, two ran away but they were able to capture the 2 others. They found a .22 rifle loaded with a magazine and thirteen live rounds as well as a plastic bag containing forty .22 live rounds. Both minors ages 15 and 17 of Nuevo Nacimiento of el Paraiso Petén, Guatemala were charged for keeping and firearm and Ammunition without a Gun License.

Family Robbed In Belmopan
Terror struck a family in Belmopan on Tuesday when they were robbed of over $10,000 in valuables at gunpoint. At 3:00 pm, 28-year-old Rory Guity along with his family went to take an afternoon swim at the river near the Rivera Area but just as they were getting ready to leave, they were approached by a gun man who pointed a gun to Guity’s wife’s head who was holding her 3-month-old son. The man told her to hand over all valuable items and they did. The Guity’s were robbed of $10,300 worth of items including cellular phones and jewelry. Police are seeking three men from Roaring Creek Village as investigations continue.

BNE Gets New General Manager
The Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust welcomed their new general manager Victor Alegria on Monday. Alegria replaces Sharon Ramclam who left for the Ministry of Natural Resources where she is the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture. Alegria has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Belize and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida.

Tried To Bribe Cop For Weed, Ended Up In Jail
19 year-old Belize City resident Rene Castillo would only have had to pay a fine if he only fessed up to having a weed joint on him. But, he decided to try and bribe a police officer out of being charged for it, and he’s now at the Belize Central Prison because of that. The encounter happened this morning at around 9:20 on Pelican Street, a stone’s throw away the Raccoon Street Police Headquarters. Police Constable Manuel Chub saw him walking on the street, and decided to stop and search him. The officer found 2.5 grams, a negligible quantity which is less than an ounce – of weed, and the officer intended to charge him with drug possession. Castillo tried to convince him not to bring the charge, and he offered to pay the officer $50, because he’s never been in trouble with the law before.

New Deputy DHS Appointed
The Ministry of Health has had a vacancy for a new Deputy Director of Health Services. It’s a very senior post and the Public Service Commission has been interviewing qualified persons. And that’s why it raised eyebrows yesterday when an inter departmental mail was sent out from the Ministry of Health saying that Dr. Marvin Manzanero had gotten the job. The email congratulates him and announces that it is effective yesterday. It raised eyebrows because the as far as anyone knows, the Public Service Commission was still reviewing candidates and making deliberations. They meet again next week.

What Is Yoga Dance?
Ashanti Garcia a 24 year old yoga instructor, is hoping to break barriers and bring something new to Belize with her 1st annual Airbender Yoga Dance Show. The show is scheduled for the end of August, and Ashanti is making a call to performers to join the Yoga Dance Show. Now, if you don’t know what yoga dance is – neither did we(!) and so we sent out intern Robin Schaffer stopped into her studio to find out what it’s all about. Ashanti Garcia – Owner, Airbender Yoga "We have this evolution of meditation with his called moving meditation and that is also slow but then you have other styles of yoga like ashtanga and vinyasa and this is constant movement going from one pose to the next with the breathe moving, moving, moving. So you choose which style suits you best and the you bring that to the table for performance."

Teaching Road Safety To The Young
You only have to watch the news regularly enough to know that road traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Belize. Standard safety measures such as putting on seat belts are widely ignored and drunk driving, sadly, is a kind of aberrant cultural practice. With all that, it’s not surprising to learn that Belize traffic fatality rates are the highest in the region. The road safety unit is trying a number of approaches to curb this, from highway upgrades to public education campaigns. This week, they’ve been holding workshops for teachers held under the Road Safety Curriculum Consultancy Project. The sessions will equip teachers with the skills to educate their students about the importance of road safety measures. The facilitator explained that even if the students aren’t old enough to drive the lessons are important:

Sports Camp For Albert
For the second year in a row, children in the Albert Division were able to partake in a sports summer camp funded by the national sports council. The summer camp catered to about 120 children, all of whom received certificates today for football, basketball or softball. They also received school bags with supplies, and sense of pride in participating:… Kaydion Pelayo –attended summer camp “I feel good that I complete it. I learned that you should have respect and responsibility.” Reporter “What are some of the techniques that you learned during playing football?" Kaydion Pelayo “I learned around the world and how to juggle.”

Channel 5

Search for Kevin Carcamo Turns Up Blood in Freetown Sibun…
There are new developments to report on tonight in a mysterious case involving the disappearance of forty-three-year-old Kevin Carcamo.  The Hattieville chairman, a linesman employed with Discoverseis, went missing on [...]

Woman Vicious Stabbed By Common-Law Husband…
A victim of domestic violence was stabbed at her workplace this morning. Suzette Pavon is an employee of Bowen and Bowen; she was cut at least once to the neck [...]

Man Charged for Murder in Kimmie’s Bar Arson…
  In June, a twenty-three year old mother of three died in the flames which destroyed Kimmie’s Bar, located on Newtown Barracks in Belize City. Today, the man police believe [...]

Police Seek Suspect in Crooked Tree Home Invasion…
The harrowing experience of fighting for dear life in a desperate attempt to ward off a knife-wielding intruder is a memory that will forever remain etched in the consciousness of [...]

Was Nunez Unfairly Detained by Police?
Charlys Nunez, who also goes by the name Ninja, is known for his dancing skills having competed in many of Channel Five’s entertainment shows such as Duets, Superstar and Masters [...]

Imer Hernandez Gets Another Contract…$2 Million!
On Wednesday at his press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow boasted at length about the infrastructure projects being carried out across the country. He spoke about works in all districts, [...]

Couple Charged for Arthur Saldivar’s I-pad…
  An Orange Walk couple who owns a bakery in Ladyville were today in the Belize Magistrate’s Court where they were read a single charge of handling stolen goods. Fifty-four [...]

Justice Stakeholders Hold Mediation Forum…
The Supreme Court is advancing mediation as an option to reach early settlement in civil case matters.  The court believes that mediation is a win-win situation since it would reduce [...]

Measures in Place to Deal With Cases Backlog…
The Bar Association of Belize has been most critical about the delay in judgments for cases, primarily blamed on an overwhelming backlog. Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel says mediation will [...]

Mediation Association on the Way…
Like any other organization that’s serious about its work, the mediators who are trained in civil matters are seeking to structure themselves as one unit. Like attorneys, these mediators want [...]

G.O.B. Plans To Open Technical Institute…
The Government of Belize has stated that very shortly it will be looking at the training call centre employees to feed a fast-growing business processing outsourcing industry. But G.O.B. is [...]

Barton Creek caretaker charged for unlicensed firearm…
The San Ignacio police formation on Wednesday conducted a search at the home of Rojelio Hernandez who is a caretaker of Upper Barton Creek. In the ceiling of the upper [...]

Belizean Sergio ‘Yeyo’ Thompson Fights in Chetumal…
Mexican boxing sensation Sergio Thompson, popularly known as Yeyo, is taking on Adones Aguelo in a big ticket bout on Saturday in Chetumal.  Thompson, whose father is Belizean, has an [...]

Lord Rhaburn To Be On Commonwealth Heritage Track…
Belizean cultural music made it today at an incredible sixteen-day pop-up festival celebrated at the River Clyde in Scotland where the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are coming to an end. [...]

Costa Maya Delegates Touch Down in Belize…
Delegates from Central America and Mexico are now in San Pedro for the annual Reina de la Costa Maya Festival. The pageant is one of the main events of the [...]


Belizeans Ask For Death Penalty While Other Countries Are Abolishing The Act
The last weekend proved to be the deadliest for the year in Belize as authorities were left to investigate four deaths and the circumstances surrounding seven other persons being injured. In Orange Walk Town alone, only a few weeks back, insecurity gripped the community following the discovery of the bodies of Ramon Cervantes Senior and Sonia Abac and those cases are still open. To further compound the crime in the country, reports include the arrests of dirty cops for their involvement in homicides, bribery or police brutality, leaving an already anxious community even more unconvinced of Belizean authorities’ ability to curb crime. Add to that, a justice system that has proved lax and with a very low conviction rate. The situation can very well be described as critical and has led to a surge of commentaries from Belizeans on the social media calling for the death penalty.

BAHA Holds Seminar For Officials
The Belize Agriculture and Health Authority is holding a five day training on good agricultural practices this week in Belize City. The workshop is being facilitated by representatives of the Joint Institute for Food and Safety Applied Nutrition, JIFSAN, a cooperative relationship between the University of Maryland the US Food and Drug Administration established about 16 years ago. The organization aims to advance sound strategies to improve public health, food safety, and applied nutrition using risk analysis principles through cooperative research, education, and outreach programs. One of responsibilities is to conduct international training programs in food safety with support of the FDA. In an interview with Love FM, Dr. James Rushing, Manager of the International Training Programs at JIFSAN elaborates more on their work with BAHA officials this week.

Southern Border Between Mexico And Belize To See Hike In Security
The southern border between Mexico and Belize will see an increase in security to prevent the entry of contraband, cattle, drugs and firearms this is according to an article published by the Mexican media. According to the manager of the office of the Public Security Secretariat, Juan Pedro Rodriguez Mercader, they have been working with the Department of National Defense, the Mexican Navy, the Federal Police, the National Migration Institute, the Attorney General of the State, the State Police to provide permanent monitoring of the 120 kilometer border, communities and banks of the Rio Hondo.

Cadets Take Part In Summer Courses
With just a couple of weeks away for the opening of the new school year, the Corozal Police Youth Corp. is winding down on its summer programs. Today cadets sat in an important session with Julio Uk, Coordinator for the Build Belize Program in Traffic Safety. Corporal Hernan Carcamo, attached to Community Policing at the Corozal Police Formation, told more about today’s session. Caporal Hernan Carcamo - Community Policing “Well today we are having a program for the Cadets, they are taking a program with Mr. Uk he is in charge for Belize and today they are taking a program in regards to traffic safety.” Victor Castillo– Reporter “When we are talking about traffic safety, how will this benefit the students?”

P.M Leaves The Country While DPM Is Just Back From Taiwan
Leader of the Nation, Dean Barrow left the country today on Government business in addition to two days personal leave, says a release issued from his office today. The PM is expected to return on Saturday, August 16th. In his absence, Deputy PM Gaspar Vega will act as PM. As mentioned, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will hold over the post of Prime Minister while the Honorable Dean Barrow is out of the country. We must note that the DPM is just back from a week-long official visit to the Republic of China, Taiwan. While in Taiwan, Vega met with Taiwanese President His Excellency Dr. Ma Ying-Jeou who pledged to continue building the already strong bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Orange Walkena Accused of Allegedly Putting A Hit On Her Common-law-husband
Yesterday in the court of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, Orange Walk resident, 29 year old Indira Mejia was charged with abetment to commit murder after police say that she put out a hit on her common-law husband, Brian Clare. For context, the incident unfolded last week Wednesday around 1:45 while Claire was driving his pickup on Partridge Street. Police report that two men on bicycles pulled up and fired several shots at Claire, one of which hit him on the right arm. Clare, police say, was prepared for the attack as he took out his licensed firearm and fired two shots at his assailants but they both escaped unharmed. Sergeant Roberto Novelo of the Criminal Investigative Branch of Precint 2 in Belize City says that Mejia along with another individual were charged for the alleged hit on Clare. Here is that clip courtesy our colleagues at 7News!

July Saw A Peak of 13 Murders
Mayhem hit the Old Capital over the weekend with three murders and several shooting that left numerous persons injured. And the recent statistics released by the Belize Police Department prove that the road we are travelling on is no easy one. Since the start of the year, Belize has seen 70 murders and a total of nearly 1,500 major crimes recorded according to statistics from the Joint Intelligence Coordinating Center of the Police Department in Belmopan. According to data provided to the Amandala newspaper, July saw a peak of 13 murders, the same amount of murders recorded in July 2012; Belize’s deadliest year on record. This figure nearly doubles last year tally recorded murders of 7 for that month. The JICC report states that nationally, two more murders happened between January to July 2013 compared to the first seven months of this year.

Corozal Police To Hold Public Meeting
Having the general public informed and up to date with the current affairs and changes of the department is of outmost importance to the Corozal Police Formation in order to keep a good working relationship with the community. Bearing that in mind, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police Department has set a date for a general public meeting in that municipality. At the top of the agenda is the official presentation of the department’s new Deputy Officer in Command. Andrew Ramirez – OC Corozal “As part of the town that I want to have on Thursday, which is long overdue again, I want to make that one of my main priority and main objective of having the meeting to introduce my new deputy, I want also to take the opportunity because of the citizen on patrol program that is being run loud at the national headquarters level, Corozal is part of the national police department, we want to have Mr. Rudolph Urio, former superintendent of police, who will explain the program at length, the requirements to join and by that I want to extend for those who am, members of the community including village council chairmen that they should come to this meeting which should be very informative in relation to the citizens on patrol and come and be part of the special constable program because after you get training on citizens on patrol program after six months then you will be sworn in as special constables.”

Hattieville Chairman Still Missing
Twenty three days after his reported disappearance, the whereabouts of Chairman of Hattieville Kevin ‘Ras’ Carcamo remains unknown. Carcamo was last seen in the Freetown Sibun area on Sunday, July 20, where he was working as part of a seismic operation being carried out by Discoverseis Geophysical Services but did not return with the team. And today, The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage issued a release concerned about Carcamo not being found yet. The release states that ‘ the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of Carcamo gives rise for grave concern about workers’ safety and protocols involved in seismic surveys by oil companies operating in Belize,’ end quote. Under the current Petroleum Act Regulation, the issue of workers safety, rights and benefits are not addressed adequately …and employers are not obligated to provide health or life insurance to the workers who are employed as casual workers, despite the dangerous nature of their work.


Man charged for breaking Area Rep’s door
Despite promising compensation, 22 year old Jorge Jimenez was taken to court on Wednesday, on a charge of damage to property. On August 12, he apparently broke the glass front door at the Belize City office of attorney and Belize Rural Central area representative Hon...

Creek-side robber in Belmopan
28-year-old Rory Guity of Belmopan City reported that around 3:00p.m. on Tuesday, August 12, he went swimming at the creek located in the Rivera Area, on the outskirts of Belmopan City, with his family. Around 5:00 p.m...

Patrick JonesPJ

Accused murderers back before Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court
A trio of men charged for the murder of Orange Walk residents Ramon Cervantes, Sr. were back before he Magistrate’s Court today. Twenty-two year old Noe Gonzalez, twenty-eight year old Mateo Pott and nineteen year old Angel Antonio Cardenas were escorted to court under heavy guard. They […]

Diabetes Association hosts symposium
The Belize Diabetes Association, the separate but affiliated Belize Diabetes Association of New York (BDANY) and the Caribbean Diabetes Initiative have teamed up to promote diabetes awareness via a three-day symposium which kicked off today in Belize City. Approximately one in every seven Belizean adults and a total […]

Music agencies launch Jazz Fusion Culture concert series
The best music comes from talented, creative minds who have all the resources and backing they need to let their art shine. To date, Belize has managed to produce home-grown talent despite the corresponding lack of professional development offered to their more illustrious international counterparts. A group of […]

Man charged for breaking area representative’s door
Despite promising compensation, 22 year old Jorge Jimenez was taken to court today on a charge of damage to property. On August 12, he apparently broke the glass front door at the Belize City office of attorney and Belize Rural Central area representative Dolores Balderamos Garcia on Queen […]

Gang tattoo leads to jail for Burrell Boom resident
He says he was drunk when he decided to get an MS-13 tattoo, a pictorial representation of Central America’s toughest gang. But that decision today cost 22 year old Victor Gama six months of his life in prison, as he chose to plead guilty to a charge of […]

Foreign Ministers of Belize and Ecuador meet in Belize City
Belize is always on the lookout for ways to improve its relations with countries from around the world. Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington hosted his counterpart from Ecuador, His Excellency Ricardo Patino. Elrington says the two countries are signing two agreements: one of basic technical cooperation […]

Revamped Commercial Center to join key functions of City Government
The Belize City Council today revealed plans to wed two of its most significant properties in the downtown area of the Old Capital. Following on from major upgrades to the Battlefield, BTL, and Memorial Parks and extensive street works across Belize City, the Council has joined in with […]

Girls reported missing in Toledo and Cayo
Two teenage girls have been reported missing, one in Toledo and the other in Cayo. In the case of the Toledo incident, 15 year old Sophia Trapp is reported to have left her home in the Water Supply area of Punta Gorda town on Saturday, August 9 […]

Belize City Council holds public meeting at Battlefield Park
The Belize City Council hosted a public meeting on Tuesday night at the Battlefield Park. During the meeting, Mayor Darrell Bradley and his councillors update residents on major issues affecting the City, including the sanitation contracts and renovation of the Commercial Center. Last night’s meeting was the first […]

Orange Walk Town Council says Fiestarama was a success
The Orange Walk Town Council is reporting that it made a profit of $26,779.64 from this year’s Fiestarama and Business Expo. The three-day event was head at the beginning of August and saw the attendance of thousands of people. A financial report released by the Orange Walk […]


Belizean Pico de Gallo Recipe
Pico de Gallo is a healthy snack that is extremely easy to make. This “meal” is synonymous with Mexican cuisine but if you have ever been to Belize you will notice that it is everywhere! This is because it is so quick and easy to make and we have an abundance of fresh vegetables. I’ve noticed the way people make this salsa differs from place to place, country to country. From the picture above, you can see that I add carrot, it is to sweeten the mix – I LOVE it! But you be the judge, check out the recipe, prepare it for yourself and let me know what you think. It’s how I believe it is mostly made in Belize and of course, how I prefer to make it. Tip: If you marinate Shrimp or Conch in lime juice and add it to this salsa…VOILA, you have ceviche!

Talented Belizean Artists took to the stage at the 2014 Belize National Song Competition
The festivities started off on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 when talented Belizean artists took to the stage in hopes of winning and taking the title for their respective divisions of music. The National Song Competition is broken into three Divisions; Junior Belize Song, Senior Belize Song and Carnival Song Divisions. There was a really good cross section of artists from all over Belize, some are new artists and some are experienced artists. The artists really came out singing at their very best and some surely entertained in style, showcasing Belizean patriotic costumes to heighten the mood and feeling of their songs. Here are some of the photos from the night, courtesy of Will Moreno Photography

International Sourcesizz

Scuba Diving Magazine Top 100 Reader's Choice Award
This Central American paradise earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice awards, including top 5 nods for the Caribbean and Atlantic’s best overall destination, big animals, wall diving and underwater photography. You might think you’re diving in the Pacific: Belize has three of the Western Hemisphere’s four coral atolls and the second-longest barrier reef on the planet. Bowing only to Australia’s great one, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef stretches for 700 miles along Central America’s western Caribbean coast. It’s protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home to 500 species of fish and 65 stony corals. Gorgeous drop-offs lining the offshore atolls and cays are riddled with the dens of loggerhead turtles, green moray eels and a host of small stuff. And on the mainland, this tiny country packs enough big adventures to satisfy your inner explorer.

Registered Nurse Quits Her Job To Teach Fly-Fishing Off The Tropical Shores Of Belize
Some women are afraid of change. Others thrive on it. And if you have wanderlust like Lori-Ann Murphy, you seek it out. Lori-Ann was a fourth-generation nurse who had started working in hospitals when she was just 14. To many, nursing is a secure job, but it’s also one that fit Lori’s restless temperament perfectly. Hospitals everywhere need nurses, so whenever she got the itch to move, she would look for a job in the Southwest desert, or the Rockies, or wherever the Southern California native had never lived. “The length of time I spent in any one place varied,” she says. “On the short side, I’d stay until my curiosity was satisfied; longer stays usually meant I had something to keep me there: coursework, a nursing contract, a boyfriend (several), or even a husband (two).”

Gap year case study: marine conservation in Belize
Edward Warburton, 19, visited Belize on a fisheries conservation project organised by Blue Ventures. He is now studying business management at Swansea University It would have been easy to join friends on their gap year travels in South America or to do a ski season in the Alps, but as I love nature and enjoy scuba diving I wanted to join a marine conservation project. I chose Blue Ventures as it had a really informative website and a permanent presence in Belize and Madagascar. These were clearly proper long-term conservation projects and we were useful labour. My parents said they would match whatever I raised towards the cost of the internship which cost about £4,500 including flights for the six-week expedition. That might sound expensive but it's very good value when you consider that a day's diving costs around £200. I took a job in a hotel to raise my half of the money. I was a bit worried about setting off into the unknown on my own but Blue Ventures answered all my questions over health, money and safety which reassured me. I flew to Belize City and successfully caught a bus to our base, the fishing village of Sartenaga. There were 15 of us on the expedition, including the three British staff. Most of us were aged 18-25 and we all got on really well.

The Cave Where Mayans Sacrificed Humans Is Open for Visitors
The Mayans are lauded for their achievements—their art & architecture, intricate calendar, and developed culture. But there was a grimmer side to the civilization: human sacrifice. It’s a journey even Indiana Jones would have to brace himself for: an hour-long rainforest hike, a swim across an ice-cold stream into the narrow mouth of a cave, and then a slippery descent into the dark, cavernous depths where bats, spiders, and ancient scorpion-like amblypygi lurk in the nooks. But, more than a thousand years ago, these creepy crawlies were practically friendly company compared to the cave’s human occupants, who used the remote location to carry out grisly, murderous rituals. Today, brave adventurers willing to travel more than a mile underground in less than ideal conditions to reach Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal cave (ATM) will find many ancient treasures at the end of their journey.

Moody teacher, A&M-CC student sponsored for exploratory voyage in Caribben Sea
A Moody High School educator and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi doctoral student will serve as ambassadors of a research vessel exploring the least-studied areas of the Caribbean Sea. From the coast of Belize to Jamaica, teacher Jason James and Kelly Pennoyer will shadow scientists and engineers aboard the 64-meter exploration vessel Nautilus and help map a 677-mile stretch from Thursday to Sunday. Citgo, which sponsored James and Pennoyer for the voyage, streamed a live interview Wednesday at the Texas State Aquarium with Nautilus science communication fellow Nell Herrmann, and a third sponsored ambassador, Dr. Nikos Kiritsis, of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The perimeters explored for the Mesoamerican Reef Project have never been mapped before, Herrmann said during the interview from the vessel. "Two to three of the coral species found after seven dives are possibly new to science," Herrmann said.

Shark Pictures: A Toothy Grin, Baby Pictures, and a Prickly Snout
The toothy maw of a great white shark has populated the terrified fantasies of many a beachgoer. But these intelligent predators have been hammered hard by people over the years. Targeted for the shark fin trade, illegally hunted, and caught as bycatch in abandoned fishing gear, great white shark populations have been in decline for decades. There is some hope, though. Protections at the state and national levels have helped relieve the pressure on great white shark populations. Recent studies have noted an uptick in white shark numbers along the West and East Coasts of the U.S.

Sitting Atop Tikal in Guatemala
In the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, hidden by lush vegetation stands Tikal – an impressive Mayan complex just waiting to be explored while travelling around the world. As you approach the towering pyramids, you will probably first encounter the sheer noise made by the local community of howler monkeys that have made Tikal their home. You will then notice exotic birds taken flight above the jungle canopy before stumbling on your first towering pyramid. Tikal means “place of voices” and as the largest Mayan site known and studied, it offers enough history and archeology to spend a day at leisure. The most-striking features of this Mayan complex is by far its towering steep-sided temples that rise to heights of more than 45m.


Video: Will Football Federation of Belize stadium meet FIFA requirements, 2min.
Plusnews understands that FIFA officials were in Belize over the weekend doing inspections of the FFB stadium, to see if it is up to standards for the upcoming game in the CONCACAF Champions league tournament which began on August 5th

Video: Belize Trip - Jake and Caleb, 17min.
Jake and Caleb head to Belize in Central America. They show their trip there, places they went, and things they did. They got in some nice training while they were there, so sit back and enjoy their adventure!

Video: This Time Tomorrow, 15min.
After going on a mission trip to Belmopan, Belize, I took all of the footage I had gathered and made an edit out of it. there are some glitches in the transitions but those occurred during the exporting and no matter how many times I tried, they wouldn't go away. The title stems from what i kept thinking in the day before and day of the journey ("this time tomorrow I"ll be in the air..." "This time tomorrow i"ll be on the ground...." and so on). The music is cited in the credits.

Video: Black Orchid Resort in Belize, 9min.
Our charming jungle resort rests on the bank of Belize Old River on the outskirts of scenic Burrell Boom Village, just 30 min from Belize City and 15 min from the Belize International Airport. Modern, well-appointed rooms offer comfort & convenience in an exotic tropical rainforest setting. Black Orchid Resort is the perfect retreat for those who want to slow down, chill out, and relax. But if you prefer adventure -- diving, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, exploring Mayan ruins or discovering nature and wildlife, Black Orchid Resort can be your home base. Please watch our video to discover even more about one of the most popular resorts in Belize! It's very easy to reach our resort from USA, Canada and Europe.

Video: Tarantula attacks my GoPro in Belize!, 1/2min.
Tarantula attacks my GoPro in Belize on a walk thru the Jungle.

Video: Scuba Diving in Belize, 6min.
This video is about Scuba Diving with Uncle Benji.

Video: Belize familia pilon, 4min.

Video: La Isla Bonita Telenovela 1min Trailer, 1min.
Make Belize Films just released the one minute trailer of the fist episode of La Isla Bonita Telenovela which is the first Belizean soap opera to be fully produced in the country with a full Belizean cast. A red carpet release event has been scheduled for September 5, 2014, at the Paradise Theater in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

August 13, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Santiago Trapp killed and buried after his dwelling was burnt down
Police on Ambergris Caye have detained seven men for questioning as part of a murder investigation. 57 year old Santiago Trapp was found in a shallow grave, 75 feet away from the beach and about ½ mile south from where his dwelling was found completely destroyed by fire in the Basil Jones Area. According to […]

Miss San Pedro delegates presented with sashes at official ceremony
On Sunday August 10th The Rum and Bean cafe on south Ambergris Caye was the venue for the official sashing ceremony for the delegates of the 2014 Miss San Pedro Pageant. The evening kicked off at 7:30PM and saw the six delegates joined by their sponsors, invited guests and members of The San Pedro Town […]

Editorial: To preserve and protect, laws are mandated for a reason
So often we demand that laws be enforced, but when they are imposed upon us we can become upset, surprised and even defiant. This form of “selective” law abidance is the root of many problems our country is faced with; the “ideal” of law enforcement but by gosh not on me! Not only do we […]

Belize Social Investment Fund continues to provide Entrepreneur Skills Training to Belizeans in Rural Communities
BELMOPAN, Wednesday 6 August, 2014: Residents from San Jose and Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, who have successfully completed a vocational training in sewing, will receive ‘Certificate of Completion’ during Graduation Exercise at the Orange Walk Technical High School campus, at 10 a.m. on Saturday 9 August, 2014. The Government of Belize financed the 10-month […]

Water and Sewer expansion project to address unsafe sewage disposal on Northern AC
A second consultation was held on Tuesday August 5th for the proposed north Ambergris Caye Water expansion project. The event took place at the San Pedro Lions Den and presentations were made by the various consultants and representatives of Belize Water Service (BWS) Limited personnel. The purpose of the consultation was to update the residents […]

Ambergris Today

Costa Maya Festival Brings the Island to Life – Performance Highlights
The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival has come and gone and it proved to be another successful event filled with music, dance, music, culture, beauty, food and entertainment for the entire family. The island of Ambergris Caye was once again jam-packed with visitors from all around the country and international tourists. Whether or not the visitors to the island arrived to attend the festival, it was still Costa Maya Weekend in San Pedro and just the name signaled a super fun weekend for anybody on Ambergris Caye. People flooded the many beach parties, night club and local establishments were joyous of all the activity and business it brought.

Boom Chika Boom - Eco Kids Summer Camp Rocks!
On July 20, 2014, Chaa Creek once again hosted 24 budding environmentalists in a week-long learning adventure that combines fun with hands-on education. The friendly management at resort invited me to experience and witness all the fun and educational adventures that unfolds at at their annual Eco Kids Summer Camp. Their journey begins on arrival to the camp site situated in the lush jungles of Belize within the Chaa Creek property, where they meet up with their counselors and fellow campers. The camp site immediately comes to life with all the energy of the young campers who come to enjoy all their activities like creature of the night hike, bird watching, swimming, hiking to Chaa Creek Maya site, horseback riding and much more. The campers also participated in educational talks by some of Belize’s best environmentalists such as Hugh Lamb (Ancient Maya presenter), Sharon Matola (Founder of the Belize Zoo), Brion Young (Manager of Natural History Center) and Mick Fleming (Organic Farming with Chaa Creek - owner).

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Don't miss out this year's Miss San Pedro Pageant to be held on August 30th at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sporting Facility formerly known as the Saca Chispas Football Field. Janelli Sutherland, Daphney Panti, Doris Soriano, Elma Gonzalez, Ileny Aguilar and Michelle Estrella Nunez.

Hamlet at the Bliss Center
Don't miss this unforgettable performance! Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in their world tour of the iconic play "Hamlet". Aug.12th, Bliss Center.....Tickets are on sale now!

National Workshop on Developing the National Sustainable Development Strategy for Belize

The Puppetry Workshop
The Puppetry Workshop, sponsored by the Institute of Creative Arts, is underway this week at the House of Culture. Experts from Mexico; Mr. Jesus and Miss Raquel pass on their knowledge of this expressive art form. (4 photos)

Press Release - Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow on leave.

Corozal Sports News
Corozal Predators basketball team just got back from their first road trip to Mexico. The Corozal Predators went one on one with home team Escarcega and narrowly lost by 2 points but recovered on their second game winning the Cometas team by 12 points. It was great fun and an enjoyable trip for the Predators players who were accompanied by their wives. We want to extend our gratitude to the community of Corozal for supporting our team and we look forward to the end of the month for another trip to Campeche to play an exhibition game against one of the best Mexican players in the country. Best of luck to the Predators.

Important Town Meeting, Corozal
The Corozal Police Department is cordially inviting the entire community to a Public Town Meeting to be held on Thursday, August 14, 2014 commencing at 6:00 p.m. at the Andres Campos Civic Center. The objective of the meeting is to: 1) Introduce the new Deputy Officer in Charge of Corozal 2) Introduce the Citizen on Patrol (COP) Program in the Corozal District which is being headed by retired Supt. Rudolph Orio 3) Introduce the newly promoted officers at the formation 4) Give an update on crime statistics for the Corozal Formation and also compare to 2013-2014. For further information contact: Andrew Ramirez, Supt. L.S.M. Officer Commanding (Police) Corozal District Tel: 402-0022

Leases in the Silk Grass Area
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture takes this opportunity to inform the general public of the following: In January 2008, just prior to the February 2008 elections, 120 lots were issued as part of a programme implemented by the Government at that time. An investigation revealed that a private surveyor was contracted; and while surveys were conducted, the survey plans were not submitted to the Lands and Surveys Department for authentication and registration by the private land surveyor.

National Workshop on Developing the National Sustainable Development Strategy for Belize

South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Wednesday August 13, 2014 Lone Star Grill and Cantina

Aug 3 - Aug 9 2014 Fishing Report
The tarpon started to bite again this week!!

A Caye Caulker Evening
A full day followed by a short walk through town after sunset. Caye Caulker is a tiny island off the coast of Belize. After a full day of water activities; and barbecue beachside; I took a walk along main street, the cool evening breeze carried sounds of the rustling coconut palm fronds and reggae from the bars and restaurants lining Main Street.

Channel 7

Police Launch Operation, "Not In My City"
This morning at dawn, police swarmed known gang neighborhoods on George Street and Mayflower Streets. It's part of a new operation that was rolled out with maximum manpower this morning before 5:00 am. Police would not disclose numbers, but we counted dozens of Police, GSU, BDF and B-SAG officers at the two hotspots we visited between 6:30 and 8:00 am. And the operation continued throughout the morning - targeting other hotspot neighborhoods. Today we spoke to the Deputy Commander Eastern Division Edward Broaster about this new operation to blanket the city: Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander - Eastern Division "We have cordoned off two hotbed areas that have been posing problems for the community for a long time now and ww3 went in there to search and clear some of the areas that we believe drugs and arms are being hidden."

Police Discuss Meighan Murder
Yesterday, we told you about the murder of cycling icon, 42 year-old Ernest "Jawmeighan" Meighan, which happened just before midday on Saturday. His family, friends and fans all across the country continue to mourn his loss as they try to make sense of his murder. Shortly after he was killed in front of his girlfriend's house on George Street on Saturday at noon, Social media lit up with theories about the motive of his execution-style slaying. We caught up with the Officer Commanding Eastern Division's Criminal Investigation Branch today, and we asked him about a few of them. Here's what he said. Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C., Crimes Investigation Branch "Saturday police responded to a report of a shooting incident at the area of George Street. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw the lifeless body of Ernest Meighan with one apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head."

Jawmaine Is Missed, Mourned For
But, before we get to that, what are regular folks saying about the slaying? It is a murder which has cast a long shadow across all of society because Ernest Meighan was a national sporting icon. Today, our intern Robin Schaffer went to Albert Streets to find out what people think about the sportsman's cruel end:.. Interviewee #1 "Jawmeighan was a good friend of mine and he was a very good young man, wherever I meet him he never passes me without greet me. So they really took a good man's life away." Interviewee #2 "I feel bad, He is my good friend and one of Belize's best cyclist and I don't think he deserve to die like that. They don't respect our icons anymore." Interviewee #3 "I feel really bad about it as a sport athlete because lately like a lot of sport athlete is dying. We have to try put a stop to it because it really doesn't make sense right now what is happening in Belize."

Playadors Commit Murder and Arson On Ambergris?
But first, we report on the murder of 57 year-old man on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Around 1:00 pm yesterday, San Pedro Police and Coast Guard officers went to the Basil Jones area of the Island, which is located some 13 and a half miles away from the Town. They found a wooden house completely burnt down, and after searching around the surrounding areas, they discovered the body of 57 year-old Santiago William Trapp in a shallow grave half a mile away. He was tied up in a quilt and rigor mortis had not set in, so police believe he was killed about 15 hours before they found him. In a record four hours, a post mortem was conducted on site in the remote area which is only accessible by boat. It found that his throat had been cut - but only after he was beaten and stabbed several times. Police investigators believe that he may have been tortured first.

Honduran Farmer Killed In Trio
2 and a half hours before the body of Santiago Trapp was found on San Pedro, Independence Police discovered a body just outside the Trio Village. He was identified as a 23 year-old Honduran Farmer by the name of Juan Manuel Espana, who lives in the village. The officers found 2 stab wounds to the chest and abdomen, but they don't know much else at this time about this case. He was last seen alive on Sunday evening, and he was riding a motorcycle through the village. His body awaits a post-mortem.

Belize Still Not A Part of CONCACAF Champion's League
Football fans are crestfallen tonight after it was announced today that Belize will not play in the champion's league. Why? The FFB Field - which recently got 2 million dollar makeover just for this purpose - has been deemed unplayable for the 2014 - 2105 CONCACAF Champions league. So, the Bandits are officially withdrawn from the competition. But the FFB has issued a release saying that it has not given up the fight to have the Bandits participate in the Champions League and it will seek the support of the Prime Minister and Central American Federations in resolving this issue.

Tyrone Davis, Alleged Crooked Tree Home Invader?
Yesterday, we told you about how Belmopan police caught Tyrone Davis, the alleged home invader who tried to rob a pastor's wife in Crooked Tree Village. Well, tonight we can share his photo with you. He's currently detained by Ladyville Police, and it is expected that criminal charges will be brought against him for that brazen home invasion. That's because as we told you, he was exposed by his fearless would-be victim, 51 year-old Betty Westby.

Nasley's Tribunal Starts
After several postponements and rescheduling, the Public Service Commission's Tribunal is finally reviewing the case of Nasley Sommerville, the Administrator of the Southern Regional Hospital, who is accused by the Auditor General's Office of misappropriating over 366 thousand dollars in public funds. Because these are closed-door hearings, details have been hard to come by, but what we do know is that Sommerville is now being represented by attorney Andrew Bennett. The tribunal is set to hear evidence from personnel within the audit team which conducted the initial inquiry at the Southern Regional's Maternal and Child Care Account in Dangriga. They will also hear evidence from personell within the hospital who may assist the adjudicators in determining how the money went missing.

PG Police Accused of Extorting American Students
Last week, 8 underage tourists were arrested for smoking marijuana in Punta Gorda Town, but it is the police officer who is being investigated - for extortion. 42 year old Aminata Maraesa, an American College Professor from New York City, checked into Nature's Way Guesthouse in Punta Gorda Town with her 16 year old daughter and 7 other students. Then on Wednesday night she left the guest house briefly, only to find that her 8 charges were missing. When Aminata contacted the owner, she was told that the students were seen in a police vehicle. After she checked at the police station, the students were released into her custody, and that's when one of them told her that, prior to her arrival, a police officer had demanded 1000 dollars for their release. The students came up with 400 US dollars between them, and paid the officer who told one of them to leave the country by Monday or face being rearrested. Police have since detained the officer pending investigation.

British National Alleges Rape On Caye Caulker
Early Saturday morning around 5:50 a British tourist reported that she had just been raped in Caye Caulker Village. She said that on Saturday around midnight, she and six other tourists got on a skiff driven by a tour guide, Captain Pops who was later revealed as Jaime Rosado. The boat was taking them away from a private island near Caye Caulker where they had had a party with alcoholic beverages. An hour later they arrived in San Pedro, but while 5 of her friends left the boat, she was feeling sick and stayed behind with the captain and one of the male tourists. Her fellow tourist soon passed out, and that was when the captain forced himself on her. A struggle ensued, but she could not fight him off, and he raped her. When she was making the police report, she had multiple scratches and bruises all over her body, and she complained of pain to her lower abdomen. She was examined at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it was confirmed that she had been carnally known. The boat was processed and photographed, and on Sunday Jaime Rosado was arrested and charged for rape. Yesterday he was brought to the Belize City Magistrate court where he was arraigned and granted bail.

Forest Home Village's Stream Swells; Causes Flooding
Right now, residents of the Forest Home Village in the Toledo District are experiencing the after-effects of flooding because the stream which flows through it swelled. Those living in the area say that it is believed that lack of maintenance by public works, and the dumping of garbage into the stream. Our colleagues from PGTV spoke with a few of the villager about the problem, and here's what they had to say: Reporter "Why you think all this flooding is taking place in your village?" Resident "Because of the garbage and the tree limbs and the coconut tree that they chopped and they throw here. The other day we had taken off all those things off the bridge - lots of mess because vehicles couldn't pass."

American National Drowned
Yesterday afternoon the body of an American national was found floating on the water facing down, one mile West of Caye Caulker Village. The man's body was retrieved from the sea, and his identity was revealed as Drury John Craig, a 62 year old expatriate who was staying at Caye Caulker Village and living inside his yacht. The body was transported to the Caye Caulker health center where he was pronounced dead on arrival. No foul play is suspected, though the body did have 2 abrasions on the left foot. The body is presently at the morgue awaiting a postmortem examination.

Remembering Jawmeighan's 2 Cross Country Victories
We've already updated you on the Ernest Jawmaine Meighan murder and told you how regular folks feel about it. But, the reason it's such a big deal is because this sportsman's chosen discipline was cycling - and that transcends sport because it is woven into our culture through the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. Jawmaine won two of them - we dug into our archives to look at those victories:.. Ernest Jawmiane's Meighan's funeral will be held on Friday.

Fatal RTA In Pan; 1 of 8 Dies
Last night, we told you about the fatal accident which happened just outside of Belmopan, in which 1 of 8 persons died. We couldn't reveal the identity of the deceased, but tonight, we can tell you that he is 26 year-old Guatemalan Yeymi Adolpho Saquic, who lives on Argentina Street in Belmopan. He was traveling with 6 other passengers in a 2 door Toyota Pickup, which was being driven by 48 year-old Marcelo Reymundo, also of Belmopan. They were on the Kitty Bank road and just before the Santander Farm, Reymundo lost control of the vehicle, which overturned. This happened at around 2 p.m., ad Saquic, who was sitting in the passenger seat, suffered massive head and bodily injuries. He died while being transported to the Western Regional Hospital.

Caribbean Parliamentarians Meet
Members of the National Assembly from various Caribbean countries convened today at the Biltmore Plaza to discuss issues and setbacks faced in parliament and to devise solutions. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peyrefitte told the press office more about the event. Michael Peyrefitte "Today's event is a meeting for the Caribbean region for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. As you may know all the Commonwealth countries the parliament they have an association and within that one worldwide association there is the Caribbean region, so we have the Caribbean version of the CPA. Today we are hosting a meeting of deputy clerks and other members of staff in the National Assembly of the various Caribbean countries. We are hosting this meeting for clerks and other members of staff to get to know each other, get to share ideas, give their inputs as to how to improve parliamentary procedures within the region.

PM Travels/DPM Returns
Prime Minister Dean Barrow today left the country on Government Business and will take two days personal leave. Prime Minister Barrow is scheduled to return to the country on Saturday August 12th. Filling in as Prime Minister for this period is Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. Vega recently returned from a week long official visit to Taiwan to meet with their president Dr. Ma Ying-Jeou. They discussed bilateral cooperation projects such as providing more training opportunities for Belizeans and providing water supply to rural farming communities in Belize.

The Caribbean Diabetes Initiative
The Caribbean Diabetes Initiative in partnership with the Belize Diabetes Association of New York is hosting a 3 day symposium and Diabetes clinics in Belize City starting tomorrow. 23 specialists arrived today to facilitate the symposium and clinics and to educate the Belizean public on Diabetes. Some of the topics that will be addressed at the symposium include Diabetes Prevention and Nutrition among other key areas. Lisel Hope, President of the Caribbean Diabetes Initiative spoke to us more about the initiative. Lisel Hope, Caribbean Diabetes Initiative President "We really want to help the people of Belize with diabetes and even those at risk for diabetes, so we are here to help inform, educate the community about the risk factors for diabetes and actions that they can take to prevent diabetes from happening and also those who already have diabetes we hope to help them manage diabetes. In addition to that we are here with medications, so we hope to treat and screen people maybe who don't even know they have diabetes and lastly, we would like to also help work with the healthcare providers by providing educational seminars for them as well."

Indira Mejia's Troubles After Being Accused
Last night, we told you about Indira Mejia, the woman who was charged by police for being the alleged mastermind in an attempt on her husband's life. We also made an error in that story when we showed you Jason "Soup" Williams. We were supposed to show 20 year-old Ignatius Williams who is charged for attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm. Soup Williams is not charged for that or any offence related to this crime, and we apologize for that error. Mejia has been granted bail, but because her common-law Husband, Brian Clare, is the victim of the shooting incident, and the virtual complainant, she has been ordered to stay away from him. The problem is that all of her personal belongings are in the house that Clare owns, and Mejia has been having difficulty getting them out. She explained the problems she's been facing to us:

Arthur And That Cigar
Arthur Saldivar blew up in the news last week - when news emerged that his former client Melonie Coye is accusing him of making off with nine hundred thousand dollars of her money which she recovered in cash from the Financial Intelligence Unit. And while that's on the frontburner, on the backburner, an American who sold a home to one of Saldivar's clients in San Pedro has alleged abusive behavior on his behalf. Don Blunt says that Saldivar used his clout as an officer of the court to invade his Placencia home in an effort to try and force him out before the court ordered date. Blunt alleged various acts of abuse by Saldivar and his crew including taking over his residence, using his shower and amenities and kicking back to smoke a cigar .

Hamlet In Belize
In honor of the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth, Shakespeare's Globe theater group has embarked on a 2 year global tour of Hamlet. Hamlet is first and foremost a tragedy, but it is arguably one of Shakespeare's most poetic and quotable plays. Still, why would a company perform the same play for two years? Well, they plan to perform Hamlet in every country in the world. Belize makes number 32 out of 205 countries, meaning they have a long way to go, but their producer was excited when he spoke to the press today. Robin Schaffer found out why:.. The proceeds of the performance will be donated to Lifeline, and it will show one night only, tonight.

BAHA's Good Agricultural Practices
BAHA is holding a 5 day conference on good agricultural practices in Belize. Specialists from the University of Maryland in the U.S. are facilitating the conference and several partners from the Belize industry are participating. Courtney Weatherburne spoke to the Food safety Director for BAHA, Dr. Miguel Figueroa as well as a specialist from the University of Maryland and found out more about the objectives of the conference. The participants will be given an opportunity to conduct field work for tomorrow's session and present their case studies on Friday when the conference concludes.

The 2014 National Song Winners
On Saturday, all the local channels broadcasted the 2014 National Song Competition, which is considered the unofficial start of the September Celebrations. In case you missed the winning performances, we've put together a small review of defending champs Nello Player and TR Shine making sure that they keep their titles. Here's how Saturday's finals looked: As you heard, This Nello Player's 3rd straight victory in the National Song Competition, while TR Shine took his second win. They both get cash prizes of $6,000, plus a music video shoot, and money towards entrance in a regional music event. Cecil Jenkins takes home a $1,500 cash prize in the junior category. Veteran Ernestine Carballo took second in both the Carnival and Belize Song Senior Category.

Tiffany's Mobile App Success
Tiffany Simpson has made a name for herself by designing PSE Prep CD's and mobile apps. And now she wants to teach others how to make their own apps. Now it may sound a bit challenging to the not so technologically savvy but Tiffany Simpson and her students from her Mobile application development class beg to differ. Tiffany Simpson - President, Belizean Artwork Publishing "During the 2 week period of this workshop the participants were able to develop their own individual mobile apps using the MAPS platform and publish the apps to the Google Play and Apple stores. We are still waiting for approval for a number of the apps, but today we have two of the participants who were able to get their apps approved by the apps stores. I've heard a lot being said on social media and other places about how bad the economy is and the lack of job opportunities available, but the issue that I find is that there is a lack of people with the skills who can take advantage of the type of opportunities available in this type of economy and what these students were able to produce is the first step of stepping into the apps and social media industry, being able to develop a product and then being able to further market that product as a service and even create new job opportunities for themselves."

U-23 Volleyball Team Struggling
Team Belize is having limited success at the under 23 National Female Volleyball competition. Yesterday, Belize played against El Salvador and Costa Rica, losing both matches. In the first, it was a fierce struggle as Belize and El Salvador competed neck and neck for the three sets. Still, El Salvador dominated, but not before 2 of Belize's scorers got some good shots in. Maurissa Williams is ranked 2ndBest Scorer with 16 points, and Tichele Solis ranks 3rd wit 13 points. In the Best Blocker ranking, Kori Diego, Nandi Sabal and Tichele Solis rank 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. Team Belize later played against Costa Rica, the volleyball Giant that has not lost a set. Belize, the clear underdog, put up a valiant fight scoring 52 points, the most points of any team against Costa Rica. Still, it was not enough since, like all other teams who faced this Goliath, Belize was defeated in 3 straight sets. Still, all outstanding Belizean scorers and blockers kept their ranking. ?

Belize A Scuba Diving Destination
Belize is rapidly evolving into one of the world's top destinations as more and more blogs, travel websites and magazines highlight parts of the country's diverse landscapes. Well, in the August 2014 edition of Scuba Diving magazine, Belize has been deemed a Central American Paradise that has "earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards." It has been awarded for its big animals, wall diving, underwater photography as well as the Caribbean and Atlantic's best overall destination. Overall, Belize was pointed out as a choice destination with authentic and dynamic experiences.

City Boys From The Hood Went To Blue Hole
Belize has a world of natural beauty to offer, but for the economically disadvantaged, most of them never make it too far out of their neighborhoods. In an effort to broaden their horizons, OCEANA, WUB and the Belize Audubon Society chose 14 boys from some of Belize's toughest neighborhoods to make their first trip to Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The first day of the tour took the children, ages 9 to 13, on an excursion to Half Moon Caye where they were able to snorkel and observe turtle nesting grounds for the first time. While on the island, the group also engaged in team building exercises as they played football and helped in clean-up activities. The second day of the tour, however, may have been the highlight for the youths as they took a trip to the world celebrated Great Blue Hole. The boys, bursting with excitement, jumped into the clear waters to get a first-hand experience of Belize's flourishing fauna. Finally, a few of the boys were able to see a Caribbean Reef Shark. The social program was a result of a joint effort from Wake up Belize morning show, OCEANA, and the Belize Audubon Society.

JJ Gets 17 Years For Manslaughter
Tonight, 35 year-old Jamie Dawson, is spending the rest of a 17 year sentence after the Chief Justice finally passed judgment on him for killing Maurice Neal in December 2002. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin heard his mitigation plea in which he called one character witness on his behalf. After considering all the circumstances, the Chief Justice sentenced him to 17 years in prison, but it will be recorded as starting from December 8, 2002, when he was first remanded for murder. This means that he has only has some 5 years more in jail.

Channel 5

No Official Motive for Murder of ‘JawMeighan’
As anger continues to build, police have spoken for the first time since Saturday’s shocking execution of the sporting legend, Ernest “JawMeighan” Meighan. But they have still not been able [...]

Persons Detained But No Arrests in Crawford Murder
While a connection is yet to be established between the Saturday morning murders of Raheem Crawford and Ernest Meighan, police have detained several persons of interest.  News Five understands that [...]

7 Men Detained in Gruesome San Pedro Murder…
San Pedro police are tonight continuing their investigation into the grisly murder of fifty-seven-year-old Santiago Trapp whose remains were unearthed from a shallow grave in the Basil Jones area, approximately [...]

Farmer Hacked to Death in Trio Village…
There were four murders reported over the weekend between Saturday and Monday morning…two in the city, one near the eight miles community and one in San Pedro. Well today, the [...]

Police blames the media for the perception that crime is out of control, do you agree?
And our question for tonight is: Police top brass has blamed the media for the perception that crime is out of control, do you agree? Send your comments and responses [...]

Belmopan Resident Killed in RTA…
Tonight one man from Belmopan is in Police lockdown and another is in the morgue following a traffic accident on Monday. It happened about eight miles off the George Price [...]

Columbia University Students Stage Youth Summit in Belize…
A couple of students from Colombia University in the United States are in Belize putting off a timely three-week program targeting youths between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. The [...]

Jamie Dawson Sentenced to 17 Years for Manslaughter
After spending eleven plus years behind bars for a murder, Jamie Dawson learnt his fate today.  He’s twice been tried for the December 2002 murder of Maurice Neal which took [...]

Minors Charged for Sexual Assault of 15 year old girl…
Tonight, two-fifteen year old friends are on remand at the Wagner’s Youth Facility located on the compound of the Belize Central Prison until their next appearance in court on September twenty-ninth. [...]

British National Alleges Rape by Tour Guide…
A British national on vacation in Caye Caulker is alleging that she was raped by tour guide Jaime Rosado early Saturday morning. The female, whose name we cannot mention, told [...]

Body of American National Found off Caye Caulker…
The body of a retired American national was found floating off Caye Caulker just before three p.m. on Monday. Police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination, but they [...]

Belmopan Police Thank Residents for Assistance in Fugitive Apprehension…
On Monday’s newscast, News Five told you about Tyrone Davis, wanted for a frightening home invasion in Crooked Tree in July. He’d been on the run since then, but was [...]

Police Offer Tips to Incoming UB Students…
Fugitive Edwin Paula was charged for robbery for his role in a brazen jacking on the UB campus in Belmopan in 2013. On and off the campus, students have become [...]

The cycling world without JawMeighan
In the aftermath of the heartbreaking loss of champion cyclist Ernest ‘JawMeighan’ Meighan, there have been overwhelming expressions of sympathy to family and friends, as well as the wider cycling [...]

The Shakespeare Global Theater Company Performs Hamlet at the Bliss
Opening at the Bliss tonight is the play, the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, better known as Hamlet by actors from the Shakespeare’s Global Theater Company of London. The [...]

September Celebrations Calendar Launched
Following the national song competition over the weekend, the September Celebrations Committee officially announced the calendar for the 2014 September celebrations. Preparations have been underway since February of this year [...]

The winners of the National Song Competition 2014
Nello Player and TR Shine are among the top vocalists in the Jewel. This past weekend, they energized the crowd at the Memorial Park during the national song competition 2014 [...]


Police Investigate Murder In San Pedro
Late this afternoon, police on Ambergris Caye were investigating a body of a male person found in a shallow grave about 8 miles north of San Pedro Town. The Sun Newspaper reports that the body was identified as that of a 57year old Santiago Trapp, a caretaker of 13 1/2 miles North Ambergris Caye. Trapp was discovered in a shallow grave sometime around 1:30pm by a search party consisting of family and police. According to family members, his body was observed to have a slit throat and what appears to be a gunshot wound to the head.

O/W Town Council Kicks Off Summer Program
A few more weeks and the summer is officially over but still there are hundreds of students seeking an opportunity to make some money having the time in their hands. Some of these students have enrolled in the summer program at the Orange Walk Town Council in which they are hired to do some work around town for a small wage. This is the first week and we caught up with some of them this morning as they labored at various sections of town. Dalila Ical – Reporting A little extra cash never bothered anyone but for these students, the money they are earning this week goes far. They have all enrolled into the summer program at the Town Hall.

Winners For The National Song Competition Selected
The National Song Competition finals was held on Saturday at the Memorial Park in Belize City where Belize City media are reporting saw a record crowd attending the event. In the sixth event of its kind, there were fifteen finalists. The song battles were in three categories – Belize Song Category Junior and Senior, and Carnival divisions. The songs were original compositions and at the end of the three hour long presentations, the three winners were announced. In the Senior Division, Nello Player, real name Kernelle Parks, took home the prize of Best Belize Song in the Senior Division with his original piece “Real Belizean”.

Women Of Corozal Take Up The Living Healthy Challenge
Health is the biggest key factor for self-confidence, having more energy, living a longer life, having less chance of getting sick, being less stressed, and feeling mentally and emotionally happier in general. But being healthy is a lifestyle choice and something that has to be achieved over time, not just overnight. In the Corozal District a group of women have decided to take the challenge and start living a healthy lifestyle and the first step in doing so is signing up for Zumba classes. The classes form part of a pilot program that deals with Zumba Cardio activity organized by Doctor Nelson Marin Manger of the Corozal Community Hospital.

Belize Under Lock Down, PUP Condemns Senseless Murders
And amidst all the bloodshed, the police department extended its sympathies to the grieving families and stands in solidarity with the General Public and committed to do all in their power to investigate and prosecute those responsible, for these crimes, to the full extent of the Law. A release from the Department reveals that with immediate effect, citizens and visitors to Belize City will see an increased presence of Law Enforcement Officers in selective areas of the City. Officers will be overtly patrolling the streets of Belize City and vehicular checkpoints will be conducted at strategic locations across the city in order to stem the violence. And while the most sensationalized murder over the weekend was that of Ernest Meighan, his death reflects a great loss for the cycling world since he was a key component in the industry.


Traffic Incident Leaves Delivery Man Injured
A delivery man for a tortilla factory received multiple injuries after he was hit by a taxi this afternoon. The incident occurred just after midday when taxi driver, Sefriano Lopez was pulling out of a parking lot on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles three and four. Lopez was turning onto the highway heading towards Belize City but he reportedly failed to yield to oncoming traffic….that is when he allegedly hit 33-year-old, Jose Rodriguez, who was on a Honda motorcycle. Rodriguez, who resides on Holy Emmanuel Street in Belize City, was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is being treated for head and body injuries.

Minors Remanded for Having Sex with 13-Year-Old
Tonight two friends are on remand at the Wagner’s Youth Facility located on the compound of the Belize Central Prison until September 29, 2014, after they were both charged jointly for allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old girl on Friday of last week in Belize City. This afternoon, the two minors were escorted to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court where they were processed and their charged sheet forwarded to the Belize Family Court. There, they were charged with a single count of sexual intercourse since they are minors. The allege victim, a 13 year old minor female, told police that she was allegedly raped by two brothers. According to the minor, at around Friday night, August 8, she went to a Chinese Shop located at the corner of Kraal Road and Caesar Ridge Road where her alleged boyfriend introduced her to another male whom her boyfriend said was his brother. The trio then made their way to a house where the 13 year old minor says she was raped. No plea taken and they are due back in the Belize Family Court on September 29, 2014.

Ministry of Natural Resources Explains Land Concerns in Silk Grass
Earlier in the week we reported that residents of Silk Grass Village were up in arms because they claim that the Lands and Survey department would not accept payments for lots that were issued to them over four year ago by the former Chairman of the village. Today the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture fire off a release in response to the claims by the villagers. The Release states that quote, “In January 2008, just prior to the February 2008 elections, 120 lots were issued as part of a programme implemented by the government at that time. Investigation reveals that a private surveyor was contracted and while surveys were conducted, the survey plans were not submitted to the Lands and Surveys Department for authentication and registration by the private Land Surveyor. Consequently, the opening of the corresponding lease accounts issued could not be processed since they were issued based on a proposed subdivision plan. The Land Information System only allows for the opening of accounts and recording of leases for lands legally demarcated and boundaries officially represented on authenticated survey maps,” end of quote. The release assures that the matter has been forwarded to the Minister Gasper Vega who, in order to rectify and regularize the survey and consequently the lease hold interests, will seek Cabinet’s approval for funding to cover the cost for re-surveying, preparing and authenticating the survey plans for the lands in the Silk Grass area.

Deputy Vega Acts As PM in Barrow’s Absence
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow left the country today on Government business in addition to two days personal leave. The Prime Minister is scheduled to return to Belize on Saturday, 16th August, 2014. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister, will act as Prime Minister of Belize. Vega who is also the Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture the Vega recently returned back to Belize after completing a week-long official visit to the Republic of China, Taiwan. During his visit, Vega met with Taiwanese President Dr. Ma Ying-Jeou. Both Minister Vega and President Ying-Jeou pledged to continue building the already strong bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Honduran Farmer Found Dead in Southern Belize
In southern Belize, investigators retrieved a body found in Independence Village yesterday morning about eight thirty. Independence police responded to a call and went out to a farm located about three quarters of a mile from Trio Village, where they came across the body of a Hispanic man donned in a red t-shirt and long black jeans and barefeet. His body had two stab wounds, one on the right side of the chest and the other to the abdomen. Police later identified the man as being 23-year-old, Juan Manuel Espana, a Honduran farmer of Trio Village. Espana was last seen alive about 6:00pm on Sunday, August 10, riding a motorcycle in the Village. The body was taken to the morgue where it awaits a post mortem examination. Police are investigating.

Severed Head of Caretaker Found on Ambergris Caye
In what was believed to be a case of arson on Ambergris Caye turned out to be far more yesterday when officers came across a severed human head. At around 11am, investigators made their way to the Basil Jones area, just north of the island where they found a twenty thousand dollar wooden structure burnt to the ground that belonged to 50-year-old, Moses Campos of a San Juan area. After observing the burnt structure, investigators set out to locate the caretaker, 57-year-old, Santiago William Trapp, who resided in the home. It was just before two o’clock yesterday afternoon when the search team came across a shallow grave about half of a mile from the burnt structure. In that shallow grave was the headless body believed to be the caretaker. The body and the severed head were retrieved and it was noted that the body bore multiple stab wounds. Trapp was last seen on Sunday at around 9am. San Pedro Police has detained seven men pending investigations.

Investigating Officer Says The Recent Murders are Gang Related
According to Superintendent Romero, the Police Department is looking into two theories reference the murder of Ernest Meighen. It has become public knowledge that Meighen is the father of the teenaged girl that was charged for the stabbing murder of Chrislyn Gladden. The first theory is that Meighen’s murder may have been some sort of retaliation. The second theory relates to the shooting murder of 20-year-old, Raheem Crawford. Crawford was shot while he was with his cousin Kevin Faber on Gibnut Street at about 4 o’clock on Saturday morning. Superintendent Romero told the media that Crawford’s murder is as a result of gang rivalry. SUPT. ROMERO “The murder of Raheem Crawford, he was along with one Kevin Faber on a motorcycle, the information we have is that one gunman came from behind a vehicle and fired shots at both of them. Raheem Crawford succumbed to his injuries. Again we are working on this case, we are speaking to persons in the area and we continue that investigation.”

Officer Romero Comments on Murder Investigations
This past weekend was dominated by the shooting murder of 43-year-old, Ernest ‘Jawmein’ Meighan. As we told you, Meighan, an accomplished Belizean cyclist, was on George Street on Saturday morning when a gunman lurked up from behind and fired one fatal shot. A neighbor, rushed Meighen to the KHMH but he died on the way. Yesterday we were unable to get the police side of the story, however this afternoon, the head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, granted the media an interview. According to Superintendent of Police, Hilberto Romero, the police are looking at all leads. SUPT. HILBERTO ROMERO “On Saturday a police responded to a report of a shooting incident at the area of George Street. Police visited the KHMH where they saw the lifeless body of Ernest Meighan with one apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head.”


San Pedro Caretaker brutally murdered and buried
There was a brutal murder on San Pedro. On Monday morning, August 11, San Pedro police were alerted to an alleged arson in the Basil Jones area of the island. Both police and Coast Guard personnel visited the area located about 13 ½ miles north of San Pedro Town. There they saw a wooden structure measuring 16’ X 20’ completely burned to the ground. Initial investigation revealed that the house belongs to 50-year-old Moses Campos and was valued at $20,000.00. The caretaker of the place, 57-year-old Santiago William Trapp, could not be located. A search was conducted in the area and just before two o’clock, a shallow grave was located about ½ mile from the burned house. In that grave was the body of Santiago Trapp. He had been decapitated and there were multiple stab wounds to his body. Police have detained seven men of San Pedro Town as their investigations continue.

Trio Village Farmer stabbed and killed
There was another murder by stabbing. On Monday morning, August 11, a body was found in Trio Village on a Farm road about ¾ of a mile north of the village. The body was identified as that of 23-year-old Juan Manuel Espana, a Honduran Farmer of Trio Village. Mr Espana had been stabbed twice; once to the right side of the chest and once to the abdomen. According to police reports, Juan Manuel Espana was last seen alive about 6:00pm on Sunday, 10th August, riding a Motorcycle within Trio Village. The body was taken to the morgue awaiting a post mortem examination. Police are investigating.

Accident at Green Tropics leaves two men injured
Two men employed at Green Tropics sugarcane company are at the Western Regional Hospital receiving treatment, following an incident that occurred sometime after 2:00 pm on Tuesday, at one of the construction sites at Green Tropics. According to reports, the two men were working at a construction site in the factory, located in the Banana Bank Area, Cayo District, when some beams fell on top of them. According to our sources, a crane was picking up some metal beams measuring about 40 ft in length; however it was reported that the beams were not secured properly and as a result the beams started rolling back to the ground. The two men who were injured during the incident were immediately rushed to the Western Regional Hospital. According to our sources, one of the victims received severe injuries to his leg and will be taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to receive surgery. The other individual received minor injuries to his leg and was treated and released.

Ernest Meighan killed in Belize City
There were four shooting incidents in a span of approximately 12 hours in Belize City over the weekend. But it was the last one that has shocked the nation, and particularly the sporting world. 42 year old Ernest Dwayne “Jawmeighan” Meighan was visiting family on George Street in Belize City around 11:35 a.m., in his white Tacoma pickup truck, and while he was standing in front of the residence, according to police, a man in a white t-shirt approached from behind and fired a single gunshot to the back of his head. Immediately sent to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Ernest Meighan would be pronounced dead on arrival around five minutes later. A single expended shell was retrieved from the scene. With more on the moment of Ernest Meighan’s fatal injury here is his boss and cycling promoter Santino Castillo.

Santi Castillo remembers Ernest Meighan
If it were only that he was a two-time Cross Country champion or KREM Classic champion, then Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan would have done enough to be forever remembered by Belizeans. But he did far more than that, and in such greater style that he transformed himself from simply great to legendary. After Jawmeighn was shot and killed this weekend, the man most closely associated with Jawmeighan in his glory days, promoter of the Santino’s Cycling Team, Hon. Santiago “Santino” Castillo, spoke fondly of the deceased. Santiago Castillo – Friend/Teammate of Jawmeighan “Well, I’ll be very honest with you. That’s the part I will enjoy speaking about the most. Jawmeighan is one of the few talents in Belize. Probably Jawmeighan and Marlon Castillo, had they been drafted by a professional team when they were 18 years old, they could have both made it to the Tour de France. I am so serious about that statement. Those are the two talents that I believe could have made it internationally. Jawmeighan, as it is, stayed and competed in Belize and won every single race there is in Belize. You can’t mention a race that Jawmeighan did not win. From the Krem Classic to the Cross Country, Belmopan Classic, there is not a race that Jawmeighan did not win. At one time they had Saturday races. Jawmeighan wan nine in a row, nine Saturday races in a row. He would jump out and run from start to finish. That young man was talented. Jawmeighan could train two times, three times, a week, and still come out there and hurt people.”

Murder suspect gunned down near Boulevard
The other weekend murder in Belize City took place seven hours earlier and several blocks away, at the corner of Gibnut Street and Central American Boulevard. According to police , 20 year old Raheem Crawford and 25 year old Kevin Faber were on a motorcycle on Gibnut Street heading home, when a dark-skinned man with a grey cap over his face emerged from behind a parked vehicle and fired at least 12 shots at them. Raheem Crawford was hit in the lower back and Kevin Faber in the left leg and back of the neck. With more on her relatives’ attack here is Yolanda Wade. Yolanda Wade – Aunt of Deceased [Paraphrased] “After I heard the gunshot, me and my gentleman, we jump up and open the door. I ran down the step and I saw my son get up off the ground. He came to me and said [to take him to the hospital because he got shot.] Then afterwards I pick him up, and send him to pick up the other young man, who is my nephew. Then afterwards his brother call for the neighbor, Mr Philip Cadd. He drove up his vehicle, and we got in the vehicle, and carried him to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, they took him straight into the theater, because he was bleeding and unconscious.


Indira Mejia, 29, charged with abetment to murder
A Belize City businesswoman who has been in police custody since last Thursday was released on bail after she was arraigned this morning on one count of abetment to commit murder before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. Indira Mejia, 29, appeared composed as Smith read the indictable charge to her and asked her if she understood the charge. Mejia replied that she understood the charge. The incident for which Mejia was charged occurred on Wednesday, August 6, when Mejia’s common-law husband, Brian Clare, 57, was shot in the arm on Partridge Street Extension. Clare was driving a pickup truck when he was shot by two men who were riding on bicycles

70 murdered in Belize since 2014 began
Information provided to Amandala by the Joint Intelligence Coordinating Center (JICC) of the Police Department in Belmopan indicates that Belize has seen 70 murders since the year began, and a total of nearly 1,500 major crimes (murders, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge) for the year to date. Of note is that July saw a peak of 13 murders, the same amount of murders recorded in July 2012, Belize’s deadliest year on record. The July murder count nearly doubles last year’s tally of 7 murders for that month. This notwithstanding, the JICC report states that nationally, two more murders happened between January to July 2013 compared to the first seven months of this year.

Raheem Crawford, 20, fatally shot on Gibnut
Police say that Raheem Crawford, 20, an unemployed resident of Gibnut Street, died after he was shot by a gunman while he and his cousin, Kevin Faber, 25, were travelling on a motorcycle onto Gibnut Street. The assassin, said police, came from behind a parked car and shot both men at about 3:00 Saturday morning at the junction of Central American Boulevard and Gibnut Street. The men were turning onto Gibnut Street to go home. Crawford was showing his cousin, Kevin Faber, 25, home from the US for a visit, the sights of the city when they were ambushed. Crawford was shot in the abdomen and back, while Faber was shot in the neck, from which the bullet exited. They were both taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) by their neighbor.

Cycling icon Jawmaine executed
Two short blocks away from Police Precinct 1, which is located at the corner of Kut and Euphrates Avenues, a young assassin dismounted from his bicycle and walked toward his target’s house. As his target bent down to secure a gate, the shooter shot him once, stuffed the gun under the waist of his pants, jumped on his bicycle and fled from the scene. The news of the killing of two-time Cross Country champion Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan, 43, at the southern end of George Street shortly after 11:00 Saturday morning, spread with electronic speed through text messages, on cell phones and overseas calls, and the social networks hummed with the tragic news.

Trio remanded for over 2 pounds of “coke”
Last Friday, August 8, three men – one from Orange Walk and two from the Cayo District – who were busted with just over 2.6 pounds of cocaine the day before, were remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being arraigned for drug trafficking in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court. The suspected drugs were found just before 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 7, 2014 when Orange Walk police set up a vehicle checkpoint between Miles 68 and 69 on the Philip Goldson Highway, and searched a gold Toyota Corolla Sedan taxi with license plates OW D-00268, driven by Jorghino Chan, 20, of a Cristock Street address in Orange Walk Town.

Persistent homicide crisis in Belize City apparently becoming more entrenched
Belize boasted a notable reprieve in homicides in 2013, but the recent spate of killings, particularly those which have occurred since the end of May, underscore the fact that the lack of sustained and effective measures to tackle the persistent crisis in Belize City continues to pose a major national security risk. The families of two-time Belizean Cross Country champ, Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan, 42, and honor roll student Chryslin Gladden, 17, recently killed a week apart, know this risk all too well, and some persons who have been discussing this topic in the public domain are even calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty. Of note is that one of Meighan’s daughters was recently remanded in connection with the murder of another Belize City female, and there are reports that prior to his death, Meighan had received death threats but was adamant not to let those threats force him into hiding.

Condolences from the sports desk on the passing of a legend – Jawmaine
BELIZE CITY—I was at a mechanic shop on Cemetery Road near midday on Saturday, when a relative sent me a text with the shocking news. Because I had spent just over fifteen years in the wilderness, [...]

Tribute to Jawmeighan
BELIZE CITY—“Jawmeighan” was hands down the best rider of my era. I was privileged to have raced against Ernest Meighan, Charles and Michael Lewis, Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph, Orlando Chavarria, Robert Mariano, Francisco Flores, Roque Matus, Dwight [...]

Female Volleyball U-23 Team Belize wins one in Honduras
TEGUCIGALPA—Reports received from our Female Volleyball U-23 National Team at the U-23 Central American Female Volleyball Championship in Honduras are that our girls are holding their own, although they presently have a 1 win 2 losses [...]

Editorial: Southside savagery
The stunning news which broke around noon on Saturday that two-time Crosscountry champion and longtime Santino’s employee, Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan, had been shot in the head and killed on George Street, brought the immediate reaction in most Belize City residents that this must have been some kind of retaliation for the sensational murder, just one week before, of a 16-year-old Wesley College graduate for which one of the cyclist’s daughters had been charged. This was, however, not necessarily the case. There was talk that one or two of Jawmaine’s close relatives, well known to the law, may have been involved in a murder around 4 a.m. the Saturday morning, so that Jawmaine’s murder may have been retaliation for that instead of retaliation for the Chryslin Gladden murder a week earlier.

The problem with ASP Chris Noble
In Belize the head of every governmental department has the right to transfer any of the people who work under him or her for the best interest of his or her department. However, there are many times when transfers are being done by the heads of departments in Belize because their supervisors did not like the person working under them, racism, insecurity, jealousy, ulterior motives and other unjustifiable reasons. I was a member of the Belize Police Force for five years and I witnessed male Police Officers who were transferred because the senior ranking officers wanted to have an affair with their wives or were having an affair with a woman the senior ranking officer was having an affair or wanted to have an affair with, female Police Officers who were transferred because they refused to have an affair with senior ranking Police Officers and Police Officers who were investigating a case against one of the senior officers’ friends, relatives or business owner. When these Police Officers tried to fight the transfer or transfers, the Commissioner of Police would not even listen to his or her complaint because he was a friend of the senior ranking officers that he promoted.

Bagasse negotiations on hold
In spite of major hurdles at the start of the year, the 2013/2014 sugar crop harvest turned out to be one of the best seasons yet; however, the impasse between the factory owners Belize Sugar Industries (BSI)/American Sugar Refineries (ASR) and the local cañeros of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association (BSCFA) continues, since the dispute over bagasse profits has not been fully resolved. Cane farmers rejected the BSI proposal of 51 cents as the quantum payment for bagasse at a general meeting which was held on July 20 of this year, after which they sent a letter to the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) to seek an international expert to help the two parties – BSCFA and BSI – negotiate a fair payment for bagasse.

No deal with US Capital, Maya leaders say
Last week, four of the buffer communities near the Sarstoon Temash National Park, where US Capital Energy plans to proceed with exploratory oil drilling later this month, issued a statement suggesting that some Maya leaders had excluded them from talks and had struck a deal with the oil company. However, Pablo Mis, spokesperson of the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcaldes Association, told Amandala today that no such deal has been struck. In their statement last week, the buffer communities of Conejo, Crique Sarco, Midway and Graham Creek, said that they reject the move by the MLA and TAA to engage the oil company in talks over oil exploration without their knowledge. They added that “the prevailing perception in our communities is that a deal has been reached between the TAA, MLA and US Capital Energy.”

72 BDF soldiers graduat
LADYVILLE—After enduring 18 weeks of rigorous physical and mental training, 72 recruits took their place among the ranks of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) today. Four recruits received special honors. The new batch of soldiers, which make up Recruit Intake #58, withstood tests which challenged their emotional and psychological strength, and having proven their competence, they marched proudly onto the grounds of Price Barracks in Ladyville, where they earned the right to be inducted into the country’s national security force.

Patrick JonesPJ

Belmopan Bandits dropped from CONCACAF Champions League
The Belmopan Bandits will not get to play in the 2014-2015 CONCACAF Champions League. The governing body for football in North America, the Caribbean and Central America today announced that the Belmopan Bandits was removed from the competition because the Football Federation of Belize stadium in Belmopan […]

Improving weather, warm temperatures
Weather conditions will improve over the next couple of days before another bout of rain sets in this weekend. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for partly cloudy skies tonight. Wednesday will be sunny with a few cloudy spells. Winds over the open […]

Police investigate homicide in Trio Village
Police in Stann Creek are investigating a homicide. According to reports, the body of 23 year old Juan Manuel Espana was found on Monday morning on a farm road about three-quarters of a mile north of Trio village. According to information supplied by officers of the Intermediate Southern […]

BAHA trains to address food safety
This morning, officials from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) met in Belize City with a few representatives of major agricultural industries and those to be tasked with directly reaching out to farmers across Belize on the issue of food safety. According to food safety director for BAHA, […]

Globe Theater brings world tour of Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Belize
It is one of his most recognized plays, and today, for one day only, there were performances by a visiting London company of the William Shakespeare play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, usually referred to by its title character’s name. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater Company of London […]

September Celebrations calendar of activities released
The September Celebrations is less than a month away and Belizeans can look forward to a packed calendar of events that has already kicked off with last Saturday’s National Song Competition Final. According to Communications Officer for NICH Shari Williams, it is a mix of old and new, […]

Jamie Dawson given 17 year prison sentence for manslaughter
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has sentenced Jamie Dawson, also known as “JJ”, 35, to a term of 17 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Maurice Neal on December 7, 2002 at Bismark Club on Queen Charlotte Street. He was previously tried twice, […]

Deputy PM returns from Taiwan visit
The Honourable the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Gaspar Vega is back home following a one week official visit to the Republic of China, Taiwan. During his visit, Mr. Vega, who is also the Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture met with Taiwanese President Dr. Ma Ying-Jeou. According […]

Policeman in PG faces extortion charges
A police officer stationed in Punta Gorda town is facing a charge of extortion. The officer is in detention pending investigation. Information received says that the officer allegedly busted a group of students with marijuana on Wednesday night, August 6, at a park on Front Street in […]


Slow Season? What Slow Season? New Businesses in San Pedro, Belize
A few friends and I came to town to try the “new restaurant”. A Chinese buffet had opened just a few weeks ago – Red Chili’s. We walked in around 12:15 and the place was hopping. About 4 or 5 tables and maybe 10 people waiting to order? The menu looks legit… The sign outside says Buffet but they are planning that for Fridays and Saturdays only. Right now, you order off the menu. The buffet equipment is functioning properly just yet… The slow season, often a time for business renovations or even closings, a time for less tourists and the possibility of more stormy weather, is approaching. But that does not seem to be slowing down the new businesses in San Pedro. There is this Chinese restaurant and on the front street, Yo Mama! is looking almost ready right next to Fido’s. Yo Mama! is a chain the states, I just found out. Yogurt bar? Does that mean that you weigh the toppings and yogurt and pay that way? People serve themselves?

Chaa Creek In USA Today’s “Bucket List” a Boost for Eco-Tourism
The Belizean eco-resort’s co-owner and GM Lucy Fleming, who started Chaa Creek as a family farm with her husband Mick in the 1970s, agreed that the USA Today nod had wider implications for the entire eco-tourism industry. Ms Fleming also said that while Belize has so much to offer travellers, such as the second largest barrier reef in the world, vast tracts of protected pristine jungle reserves, a large concentration of ancient Maya temples and archaeological sites, hundreds of tiny islands and a friendly, English speaking population, the little country’s emphasis on environmental sustainability set it apart from other destinations early on. “Belize’s tourism industry is relatively new, having really only started after Belize achieved independence in 1981, the same year we began taking guests in at Chaa Creek. In some ways this was fortunate, as environmental sustainability and responsible travel were part and parcel of our operations from day one.

Miss Mexico wins La Reina de la Costa Maya 2014
The International Costa Maya Festival took place from Thursday, August 7 to Sunday, August 10, 2014. This was 22nd edition of what is considered the biggest festival in San Pedro and as always, it brought people from across Belize and from all over the world. One of the main attractions is La Reina de la Costa Maya pageant and once again I was tasked on documenting it. The women were from Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Here are the lovely ladies: The first runner up was Miss Guatemala, Keyla Bermudez and the second runner up is Miss Nicaragua, Katherine Tapia. Miss Mexico also won best cultural dress. If you didn’t make it this year…I hope you do next time! Adios from sunny San Pedro!

1.In a medium bowl, whisk together the sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sugar, olive oil, vinegar, paprika, Worcestershire sauce and onion. Cover, and chill for one hour. 2.In a large bowl, combine the spinach, strawberries and almonds. Pour dressing over salad, and toss. Refrigerate 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

International Sourcesizz

Every Rose Has Thorns Play
The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio is teaming up with the HRCB to bring the play Every Rose Has Thorns to Cayo. It'll be a dual fundraiser, and will be this Saturday, August 16th. "The Human Rights Commission of Belize- H.R.C.B. and the Rotaract Club of San Ignacio, invites the general population to a joint fund raising activity for both organizations. The event consists of the popular play 'Every Rose has Thorns' performed by Pastor Dillon Burgin. This event is scheduled to be held on Saturday August 16th, 2014 at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio."

Power outage Hopkins
Power interruption 8:00am to 1:00pm, Wednesday, August 13, entire Hopkins Village. BEL to relocate high voltage lines and utility poles along the Hopkins Road and replace poles carrying high voltage lines in Hopkins Village.

Belize's Belmopan Bandits pitched out the CONCACAF Champions League
The debut of a team from Belize in the CONCACAF Champions League will have to wait for at least another season after confederation inspectors ruled that their pitch was unplayable. Belize Premier League champions Belmopan Bandits will be replaced in the competition by Costa Rica's Club Sport Herediano. CONCACAF inspected the playing surface at the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Stadium on August 10 for a second time, finding that the conditions did not meet the regulations for Champions League standards. Belmopan were scheduled to play their first game in the competition, at home, on Friday August 22 against El Salvador's Isidro Metapan.

The world’s 6 most stunning lagoons
EVER since Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins were marooned in paradise in the 1980 film Blue Lagoon, the word “lagoon” has held exotic appeal for me. It evokes images of romance, azure waters, languid relaxation ... oh, and Christopher Atkins in a loincloth ... The idea of a little languid relaxation and escaping from the winter chill is pretty appealing mid-August, so I’ve tracked down six of the world’s most beautiful lagoons. Enjoy … 2. Lighthouse Reef, Belize The reef is famous for the Great Blue Hole found near its centre. The Hole is a popular dive site, the deeper you dive, the clearer the water becomes, also revealing an array of stalactites and limestone formations. The only place to stay on Lighthouse Reef Atoll is with Huracan Diving as part of a dive package. The four guest rooms at Huracan’s lodge have private bathrooms, king beds, ceiling fans, and screened windows.

Fortis Inc. Acquisition of UNS Energy Corporation Approved by Arizona Corporation Commission
Fortis Inc. ("Fortis" or the "Corporation") (TSX:FTS) and UNS Energy Corporation ("UNS Energy") (NYSE:UNS) announced today the issuance of the final written approval by the Arizona Corporation Commission (the "ACC") of the Corporation's agreement to acquire UNS Energy (the "Acquisition"). As a result, all conditions precedent to completing the Acquisition have been fulfilled other than those which by their nature cannot be satisfied until the closing date, which is expected to occur upon completion of the required documentation.

New World Oil & Gas Still Waiting For Niel Petroleum Investment
New World Oil and Gas PLC Tuesday said it continues to work with Niel Petroleum SA to complete a deal in which Niel Petroleum would invest USD25 million into New World. In September, Niel Petroleum agreed to invest USD25 million in New World in return for a 75% stake in the oil and gas explorer which operates in Belize and Denmark. Niel Petroleum planned to buy 2.19 billion shares in New World for USD25 million, while also providing a USD25 million debt facility. However, the deal was beset by delays, meaning New World was left waiting for a transfer of funds.


Video: Belize City cruise ashore impressions in HD, 2min.
For our shore excursion in Belize we tenderten with small boats in the capital of Belize City. In the harbor the already familiar picture, caribbean bars, souvenir shops, leather, jewelery and clothing stores in a secure zone. The small city tour by bus showed us some highlights of the city on the way to the ruined city of the Maya (Altun Ha), such as the Fort George Memorial Park and some upscale neighborhoods and hotels. Bei unserem Landausflug in Belize tenderten wir mit kleinen Booten in die Hauptstadt Belize City. Im Hafen das schon gewohnte Bild, karibische Bars, Souveniershops, Leder-, Schmuck- und Bekleidungsläden in einer gesicherten Zone. Die kleine Stadtrundfahrt mit dem Bus zeigte uns einige Höhepunkte der Stadt auf dem Weg zur Ruinenstadt der Maya (Altun Ha), wie z.B. dem Fort George Memorial Park und einige gehobene Wohnviertel und Hotels.

Video: MAINLAND Belize Jennings Adventure 2014, 8min.
Our trip through the mainland of Belize from zip lining to cave tubing to waterfalls

August 12, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Arson leads to discovery of shallow grave on northern Ambergris Caye
Police told The Sun that upon receiving information of arson in the Sueño del Mar area located about 13 1/2 miles north of San Pedro Town, they proceeded to the location around 9AM. Upon their arrival, Police noticed charred remains of a building believed to be kept as a lookout post by someone who fishes and camps in the area. The 16×20 wooden structure was built four feet off the ground and had been recently set afire. The owner was at the location and was questioned about the building. He indicated that he was seeking the building caretaker. Officers processed the scene, and concluded that it was arson, and declared the caretaker officially as a missing person.

Police Report
On Monday August 4th, at about 11:00 a.m. one Gabriel Villafranco, Belizean Fisherman of San Juan Area, San Pedro Town visited the station and reported to the Police that on Sunday August 3rd at about 10:00 p.m. he docked his boat, a 20 ft Argos Mexican Fiberglass Skiff name “Iliani” and Registration Number SPR-0425 with a white exterior and blue interior which has a 60 Horse Power 2 stroke Yamaha Outboard Engine with serial number 6K5L-1028636 behind Moses Campos Yard on the lagoon in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town. On Monday August 4th at about 10:00 a.m. he went to check on the boat and realized that it was missing.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Delegates Presented with Official Sash at Evening Social
It’s the third year that the Miss San Pedro Pageant Committee holds an official sashing ceremony for the delegates of the Miss San Pedro Pageant and this year it was held at Rum & Bean on a beautiful moonlit evening on Sunday, August 10, 2014. It was a cozy social evening that the six delegates of the Miss San Pedro Pageant shared with their family members, their official sponsors and special invited guests. It was a time for the ladies to get to know each other and spend time with their sponsors. Each of the delegates was presented with their official sash bearing their sponsor’s name and were addressed by Mayor Daniel Guerrero and outgoing Miss San Pedro 2013 Miss Solanie Graniel.

Pic of the Week: Sunset over Ambergris Caye, Belize
When you take the last water taxi from Belize City or Caye Caulker to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, it is getting pretty close to sunset - around 6:45p.m. So during the short 30-minute ride from Caye Caulker to San Pedro you are treated with spectacular sunsets. The skies have pretty much darkened as you arrive in San Pedro and only the last glimmer of sunlight is casting a glorious glow behinds the island. It's a great spectacle that you can pretty much enjoy every time you are traveling between the islands on the last scheduled water taxi.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Jambalaya is a wonderful rice dish that is chocked full of sausage and chicken and vegetables. I made my own blend of Cajun spices that made this dish burst with flavor. It's spicy hot and very satisfying.

Channel 7

The Slaying of A Sports Icon
Tonight, the cycling community and the wider society is reeling from the murder of one of our national sporting icons. Ernest Jawmeighan Meighan was killed on Saturday morning at the far end of George Street. He was executed with indiscriminate precision, most likely as an act of retaliation for a crime he didn't commit. And just like that, the father of seven children and the subject of so many nationalist cycling fantasies was killed on a walkway over a drain: a tragic, unthinkable end for one of the country's best known sportsmen. 7News was on the scene, and Daniel Ortiz has the story:..

Raheem Crawford Killed, Could Be Related To Jawmaine
But, first we go to another murder - one that happened earlier on Saturday - before Jawmeighan was killed. Those with knowledge of the threats Jawmeighan was facing believe that early morning killing could be the source of his retaliatory murder. Yes, it's true, one of Jawmeighan's children had been charged for a sensational murder a few days before he was killed - and that is definitely something that has to be considered. But, the murder of Raheem Crawford - who is affiliated to George Street - 7 hours before Jawmeighan was killed is also significant. Here's the story:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting Just before 4 on Saturday, 21 year-old Raheem Crawford, and his cousin 25 year-old Kevin Faber, were shot at the corner of Gibnut Street. They were returning home on a motorbike after a night out when a gunman with a cap pulled low over his face, ran out from behind a parked vehicle and fired several shots at them. He then jumped into a waiting vehicle which sped off.

Man Killed, Cops Looking For Watchman
And in between those two possibly connected murders was another unrelated one where a Honduran man was killed. It happened at mile 7 and three quarter on the Western Highway at a gated warehouse compound on the Western Highway. Police were called there around 9:00 am - and found 42 year old Jose Portillo dead with multiple chop wounds to his head and body. Police are looking for the boat yard's watchman Armando Sosa, also a Honduran national.

Police Change-Up To Combat Crime Spike
Those three Saturday morning murders happened in a 7 hours span, all in the Belize District. So, what are police going to do? Well, significant changes in the Eastern Division are afoot. Senior Superintendent Alford Grinage is being moved up to the Deputy Commander Eastern Division with responsibility for operations. The police command hopes that Grinage's high energy style can increase police effectiveness in the streets. Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson will be moved over form precinct one to precinct two where he will take over Grinage's former post. Superintendent David Chi will the come over from Precinct four to take over precinct two. Superintendent Linden Flowers will then go over to precinct four and Inspector Mark Flowers will take over the GSU. Those are the changes in command to respond to the crime spike and police have also enacted increased traffic checkpoints in the city. A release issued late last night says, quote, "The Police Department extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones as a result of the recent spike of crime and violence in Belize City. The Police department stands in solidarity with you and assures the General Public that they will do all in their power to investigate and prosecute those responsible, for these crimes, to the full extent of the Law." End quote.

1 Dead In Valley Of Peace Accident
7News has confirmed that up until the start of news, Belmopan Police had been out on the Valley of Peace Road to process the scene where 1 of 6 people died in traffic accident. Details are sketchy at this time, but we understand a Belmopan resident died because of the collision. We've since learned his identity, but because police haven't confirmed that they've gotten in touch with his family, we can't release it. What we do know is that the driver of the vehicle lost control, and one his passengers paid the terrible price for it. Police suspect that he was under the influence, and they've since tried to get a specimen from him to confirm, but he's refused.

Crooked Tree Home Invader Caught In Roaring Creek
2 weeks ago, we told you about the brazen home invasion in the Crooked Tree home of the Westby family. In that incident, Betty Westby, a Pastor's wife managed to fight off her attacker, and expose him. Well, we can confirm that the alleged attacker has been caught, and he is in police custody. Belmopan Police under the command of Superintendent Howell Gillett, have been relentless in their search for fugitives believed to be in their jurisdiction, and on Friday night, they caught Tyrone Davis, the Westby's alleged home invader, in Roaring Creek. He has since been sent to Ladyville Police to be charged for that crime, and it is expected that he will be arraigned at the earliest convenience.

Woman Charged For Setting Up Hit on Common Law
29 year old Indira Mejia, an Orange Walk Resident, was charged with abetment to commit murder when she appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. The police say that she put out a hit out on her Common-Law husband, and this afternoon, she barely escaped Prison for it. As we told you, it happened on last week Wednesday Afternoon at around 1:45. Fisherman Brian Clare was driving a pickup on Partridge Street when two men on bicycles pulled up and fired several shots at him. Clare seemed to have been prepared though; he took out his licensed gun and fired two shots back at them. The two men escaped unharmed - one of them leaving their bicycle behind. Clare was shot to the right arm.

We Know About Unemployment, But What About Underemployment?
Belize's level of human development has been increasing steadily over the years, but a rise in educated citizens does not seem to be proportional to the level of opportunity in the country. As a result, many fresh graduates find themselves face to face with an unexpected challenge: underemployment. But what is underemployment? It refers to people with training who can't find a job in their field and have to settle for something else, usually for a lot less money. Our college intern Robin Schaffer sat down with three young graduates who have been unable to find jobs in their area of study. Here's her report: Robin Schaffer reporting Belize has an unemployment rate of 11.1%, but what about underemployment, or particularly, highly skilled Belizeans who can only find low paying and/or low skill jobs? There is no statistic for that, but it is a growing concern in Belize as many young graduates enter the work force with limited options. Inability to find work in chosen field is a matter of anxious worry. Will I be able to use my skills in Belize? Will I have to move or will I have to settle? Well we spoke to three young Belizeans who fall into this category, and while their views range from highly optimistic to a bit pessimistic, they all have had to take a hard dose of reality after years of not finding jobs that meet their skill sets.

More Than a Couple City Shootings
You've heard about the murder, but there are several city shootings to report on tonight. We start off with Friday's night's incident. At 8:45 pm, a construction worker was shot while he was socializing in the Belama Phase 4 area. The victim, 25 year old Mauricio Rodriquez was shot to the left shoulder and the right buttocks. Apparently, Rodriguez was socializing in a yard at #4 Apollo Street when the sound of gun shots broke up the gathering and hit Rodriguez. Police have recovered nine .9mm expended shells from the scene. Mauricio Rodriquez is at the K.H.M.H in a stable condition. Police are seeking two men as investigations continue. We move on to Saturday's incident. At around 10:00 am, 21 year old Joshua Jerome Gallego aka "Shaggy" of Raccoon Street was shot in his left forearm. Gallego was walking on Antelope Street in the direction of Central American Boulevard on Saturday morning when a man dressed in a white shirt, approached him from behind and fired two shots at him causing his injury. Police suspects the motive to be Gang Rivalry as investigations continue.

Shooting After Girls Night Out Party In Hattieville
We've already told you about the 3 murders and 4 shooting incidents which happened over the weekend, but there was another which happened in Hattieville on Saturday night. The homeowners of a house on Yssaguirre Boulevard were having a birthday party, and in the early hours of Sunday Morning, shots were fired into the crowd. The birthday girl spoke to us yesterday, and she explained what happened at the height of the party, when the gun violence blindsided the partygoers: Voice of: Birthday girl "Everybody was on their own ways in the yard because we had a male stripper. After he finish performing, we decide that everybody would get under the tent and start to dance and thing. Everybody was underneath the tent and I was right in front of the young man that got shot. I don't know where the shot came from because at first I thought it was one of those big pop-shot. I just saw him drop at my feet saying that he got shot. Then after that everyone just ran their own ways and two of his friends took him at the health center out there and the ambulance came to pick him up from out there."

Another Charged For Hit
In our last segment, we told you about Indira Mejia who was charged with the murder attempt made on her common-law husband, but there was another person who was taken to court today for it. Mejia is believed to be the mastermind, but police say that 20 year-old Ignatius Williams was one of the two men who executed it. He was charged with attempted murder, 2 counts of grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. He was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, who remanded him until October 1.

Jawmaine, A Unique Talent
Ernest Meighan was one of those very few national figures who went by just one name - just say "Jawmeighan" and everybody would know exactly who you were talking about. More than that, you'd know what to expect because he came to prominence in a time when foreign cyclists dominated Cross Country: and Jawmeighan was one of the few Belizeans who could always hold his own against the foreign riders. So, he was, in effect, our Belizean manhood out there on the Western Highway - defending Of course, he didn't just ride the cross, country, he rode all races, and was still competitive at the time of his murder. But what made him so good? We asked some of his peers today:.. Hon. Santiago Castillo Jr. - Friend of the Deceased "Jawmeighan is one of the few talents in Belize; probably Jawmeighan and Marlon Castillo had they been drafted by a professional team when they were 18 years old they could have both made it to the Tour de France. I am so serious about that statement."

Santi Says "Hang Em High"
And Juniour Minister Santiago Castillo had one more thing to add. After they killed two of his friends, namely Jawmaine and Dangalang Thurton, he says hang them high:.. Hon. Santiago Castillo Jr. - Friend of the Deceased "I will end this interview by saying something that might get me into trouble because as you know I am also a minister of government, but I believe that although it will have international repercussions the government needs to take a stand where crime is concern and probably has to consider reinstating the death penalty."

Clark For Crack
Any amount of crack cocaine over 1 gram is considered drug trafficking, and police say that Fifty-four year old Steve "Mob" Clark had 22 grams on him. The incident occurred on August 8. Police reports are that Clark was riding his bicycle on Cran Street when he was stopped by the police. They searched him and found the drugs in his possession. He was charged with drug trafficking, and he was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Clark pled not guilty to the charge. He was offered a bail of $500 and his case was adjourned until October 1.

Broad Daylight Robbery
A 32 year old business man was robbed on Saturday in broad daylight in Belize City. At around 3:30 in the afternoon, Sunil Daryanani was at Gold Star Store along with his two workers when a man with light complexion entered. He then pulled out a black firearm and pointed at him, ordering him and his employees to stay still. Three other men subsequently entered the store, and they stole his Iphone 5 valued at $2000, 3 pairs of Jordan Slippers valued $450, three pairs of black Nike Slippers valued at $80 each, seven Cargo Short pants valued at $420 and 4 Polo Shirts valued at $120. The gunman stole $300 in cash from the cash register. All 4 men then ran out of the store, got on bicycles and split up, escaping down King Street and Prince Street. Police are investigating.

Channel 5

Cycling Legend Executed in the City…
The shooting spree over the weekend is the worst case of violence to grip the city so far this year. Between Friday night and today, four persons lost their lives [...]

Reflections of an Icon…
The heinous murder of Ernest ‘Jaw-Meighan’ Meighan during one of the bloodiest weekends in recent history has sent shockwaves across the sporting community.  Jaw-Meighan is to cycling what Pulu Lightburn [...]

Youth Gunned Down on Gibnut Street…
The murder of cycling legend Ernest ‘Jawmeighan’ Meighan was only one of four over the bloody weekend, a weekend which also saw seven persons fall in a deadly hail of [...]

San Pedro Caretaker Killed & Buried…
The lifeless body of fifty-six-year-old Santiago Trapp, a resident of San Pedro, was unearthed from a shallow grave this afternoon by law enforcement officers on Ambergris Caye.  On Sunday night, [...]

Watchman Slashed at Eight Miles….
The third murder for the weekend occurred on Saturday. Just before nine a.m., Hattieville Police were called out to a boat yard just before mile eight on the George Price [...]

Police increase patrol in Belize City
The shocking murders prompted an emergency meeting of the top brass of the Police Department which was followed by heavy police and B.D.F. patrols in the city’s hotspots. The police [...]

Gunfire in Hattieville…Three Injured…
The crime blotter also includes a string of shootings in which seven persons were victims. Early on Saturday morning shortly after four 0’clock, while birthday bash was taking place at [...]

7 Injured in Weekend Shooting Spree…
There were three other shootings over the weekend, bringing the total to seven persons injured by gunfire. The first happened on Friday night. At about eight thirty-five, Police were called [...]

Woman Charged for ‘Hit’ on Common-Law-Husband…
Tonight there are allegations that a woman living in Belize City aided in a murder attempt on her common-law-husband. Twenty-nine year old Indira Mejia, originally from Orange Walk, was this [...]

Minor Says She Was Raped by Boyfriend’s Brother…
Meanwhile a minor claims that she had consensual sex with her boyfriend even though she is only thirteen years old and furthermore that she was raped by his brother. The [...]

Gold Star Jacked at Gunpoint…
There were other crimes over the weekend.  On Saturday, thirty-two year old Sunil Daryanani, was robbed by four men at his business, Gold Star Store, located on Albert Street. At [...]

Burglars Steal Copper from B.E.L. Belmopan…
There is one more incident of crime to report. A Belize Electricity Limited Supervisor says that last Wednesday afternoon at around three o’clock when he checked the Belmopan compound of [...]

Crooked Tree Home Invader Nabbed by Police…
There was a horrific aggravated burglary on July thirtieth at the Crooked Tree home of Pastor Maurice Westby. His wife, fifty-one year old Betty, her mother, Vilma Wade and their [...]

Softball, cycling and basketball stats on Sports Monday
Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We begin with the Belize City Senior Female Softball playoffs as B.T.L. faced Beacon in a must win situation [...]


And The Blood Shed Continued
The bloodshed continued on Sunday around 4:00am at a social gathering on Ysaguirre Boulevard in Hattieville, when a shot was fired into the gathering from over an adjacent lot, injuring three persons. 40-year-old Gregory Leslie received injuries to his hand and abdomen; 26-year-old Kevin Staine received injuries to the back of the head and Police Corporal Orlando Bowen was grazed on his hand by a bullet. At night time on Sunday, Scenes of Crime personnel responded to another shooting on Iguana Street. Police report that 35-year-old Calbert Alexander Budd Jr. suffered from an apparent gunshot wound to the left elbow. Police say Budd was shot by a stray bullet.

Corozal Resident Sought For Aggravated Assault
Authorities in the Corozal District are looking for one person for the crime of aggravated assault. The hunt for Rosendo Guy, a resident of Corozal Town, stems from a report made by 17 year old Alfred Interiano, Belizean of 5th Street North, Corozal Town. Interiano reported to authorities that around 8:00pm on August 8th, while at the house of his friend Benigno Loria in the Village of San Andres, Guy approached him with a machete in his hand. Reports are that Guy placed the machete on Interiano’s neck while threating to kill him. Guy then left the area and fearing for his life Interiano ran inside Loria’s house.

Mayhem In The Old Capital Cyclist Icon Shot To Death
Several hours later, just before midday on Saturday, the cycling world would lose another member of the family with the killing of 42 year old Ernest Dwayne Meighan. He was observed with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Meighan was on George Street infront of a residence when a lone gun man, wearing a white t-shirt, pulled up from behind and fired the single fatal shot. According to the police, "Meighan is the father of the minor who was recently arrested and charged with the murder of Chryslin Gladden. Police believe the motive to be retaliation.

Belize City Resident Killed In Retaliation
Over the weekend, Belize City was the hub for more bloodshed in the country where a total of 3 murders were recorded and another 9 persons shot, suffering varying degrees of injuries. The impact has not only gripped the crime ridden city but families who are now in mourn in what many are calling ‘senseless, baseless killings and shootings.’ The blood shed started on Friday night when 25 year old Mauricio Rodriguez was shot to the left shoulder and buttock while socializing in a yard. Scenes of Crime personnel were out once more on the dawn of Saturday, as 20-year-old Raheem Crawford of 50 Gibnut Street, Belize City, was seen with a gunshot wound to the left side of his lower back and 25-year-old Kevin Faber of the same address received a gunshot wound to the left leg and rear of the neck.

Three Men Remanded To Prison For Drug Trafficking
Yesterday we told you about 3 men that were detained pending charges for drug trafficking after police searched a Gold Toyota Camry Taxi at a checkpoint on mile 68 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Inside the taxi was the driver, Jorghino Chan, 20 year old Belizean of Cristock Street, 38 year old Luis Chavez, Belizean Fisherman of San Martin Area, Belmopan City and 26 year old Jose Luis Valladarez, Belizean Labourer of Armenia Village, Cayo District. The search led to the discovery of 1,200 grams of suspected cocaine. The drugs were taken into the station and labelled as exhibit while Chavez, Valladarez and Chan were arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking. Today the trio were arraigned at the Magistrates Court where they were denied bail and remanded to prison until their reappearance in court on August 26th.

Teachers Complete Outreach Program At UB
Earlier this week we told you about a group of students converging at the Louisiana Government School compound to hold a day of fun filled events. These are students enrolled in the University of Belize’s Northern Outreach Program. Three groups of students enrolled in the program this year and are spread in the Certification in Primary Education cert-ed, the bachelors in Primary Education and secondary school teachers’ diploma in education programs. Today marked the last day the students were taking the summer course and our news team stopped by to find out more about the program. Dalila Ical – Reporting Doctor Nestor Chan is the Coordinator of the UB Northern Outreach Program and says that the idea of bringing the University to the student came about after the central campus was shifted to Belmopan. What followed was a limited number of students from Northern Belize enrolling at the institution but after the government rolled out training in primary education in 2009, UB followed a similar model and began the outreach program.

Orange Walk Town Council Holds Meeting With Residents
The Orange Walk Town Council held a neighborhood meeting in the San Lorenzo Housing Site last night and made a number of presentations. The following is a summary of what took place. Victor Castillo – Reporting Last night’s neighborhood meeting marked the thirtieth to be held by the Orange Walk Town Council. The meetings provide a space for concerns to be voiced and complaints made. During the course of the meeting town councilors gave updates on projects or work being done under their respective portfolios and projected plans. Among these plans is the one to address the need for enhancing the market extension. Rozel Arana is responsible for markets.

Orange Walk Area Rep. Requests Support For O/W Town Council
And to finalize the meeting, Central Area Representative John Briceno commended the council for their work and plans for further improvement and also asked the public to support the team as they near the next Municipal Elections which the entire team will contest with the exception of Neri Ramirez. John Briceno - Orange Walk Central Area Representative “I want to ask you to please give them your support next year, to come out and to vote for the seven of them so that we can continue this excellent job, this work that they have started, the planning that they have started, the vision that they have for Orange Walk town and it needs more than three years to put it really in place to have it set up in such a way that any future town council that can come in will be able to have the plans and they don’t have to go through the difficulty that you all went through that they will meet a plan of action that they will have to pick that up and continue the work to continue to take Orange Walk forward.”

Women Take Workshop Offered By PSU
A group of approximately 40 women from across the country gathered today at Dreams Hall in Corozal Town as part of the 92nd AGM for the Public Service Union scheduled to kick off tonight. Each year a workshop is carried out to enhance the women within the union in different areas and this year was no exception. Tracey Gillett - chair lady of the Women’s Committee at the PSU “Well actually what happened today is the eve of our next AGM which will be held tomorrow right here at the same venue, but at the eve we usually have some type of workshop and this year we are fortunately have a women’s workshop and our theme is “Facing more challenges” and celebrate our challenges so you celebrate and you face it, so it is women from across the country coming together with views, ideas and how we can move forward, the negative things we find positive of them and we expand it on, well this session will basically be train for trainers so basically whatever is learnt here, because we are all women’s rep by just of being a lady, so we go back to our respective districts and whatever we learnt here we share with our members and then in turn they take that back to their department and their other friends and even if you are standing at the tacos stand but something positive has to come out of it.”

PSU To Hold 92th AGM In Corozal
As mentioned before the break, the stage for the 92nd Annual General Meeting for the Public Service Union is set for this weekend in Corozal. The event is being held under the theme “PSU Preserving its Core value while strengthening partnerships with employers to encourage productivity and good characters among members.” Tricia Gillett, representative of the Public Service Union, spoke to us about some of the topics that will be discussed during the AGM. Tracy Gillett – Chairlady Women’s Committee PSU “We are coming together collectively as a country; we are putting what we have accomplished, what is not accomplished and trying t get a positive way forward.”


A Look at Ernest ‘Jawmein’ Meighan
Ernest ‘Jawmein’ Meighan is a name known to thousands particularly when it comes to the cycling races…..Renee Trujillo sets out to find out more about this Belizean, who worked tirelessly to build his legacy in the cycling arena. “Residents of Belize City and cycling enthusiasts around the country were distraught at the news that circulated on Saturday morning of the murder of a legend in the cycling arena, 43-year-old, Ernest Dwayne ‘Jawmein’ Meighan. For those who were not close to him, it was undoubtedly an unexpected turn of events but sadly, Meighan was on pins and needles as his life was threatened just days prior to his murder. The expended shell has been recovered and friends and family members are trying to cope with the tragedy and untimely death of this man, who has been dubbed a wonderful father, friend, athlete, son and worker. One of those who attest to the goodness of Meighan, is his confidante, father figure, friend and employer, Santino Castillo.”

Reshuffling of Top Brass in the Police Department
And while we are on the topic of the Belize Police Department, tonight we can tell you that there is a reshuffling that is in the process within the precincts in Belize City. It is not sure what the motive is behind this reshuffling that is taking place and we had hoped to get more details on this from the brief that was scheduled with the Belize Police Department. But be that as it may, we can confirm to you that the head of GSU, Superintendent Linden Flowers is being moved to Precinct Four and will be replaced by Inspector Mark Flowers. We can also confirm to you that David Chi is being moved from Precinct Four to Precinct One while Alden Dawson is being moved to Precinct Two. As well, Alford Grinage has been named as the Deputy Officer Commanding the Eastern Division. Headlines

Police Gives Media Hard Time with Information
Today several media houses were informed of a briefing that was to be conducted at Precinct Two by the Belize Police Department. It was anticipated by the reporters, particularly since there was much gun violence in the Belize District this past weekend. So, the reporters gathered in front of the station on Raccoon Street awaiting the senior officers to give them the go ahead to go in and get a briefing…..but instead all they got was a message delivered by Sergeant Roberto Novelo, saying that during the briefing there will only be one case discussed and that is the attempted murder case on Brian Clare. The reporters were, naturally, dissatisfied with the condition and so the powers that be at the Belize Police Department sent away the reporters with just that – one story. It is indeed a difficult task for the media houses as crime has no schedule and when weekend incidents happen as what did over the weekend, our service to deliver these stories to you are at the mercy of the police, who has a press office that only work on weekdays.

Weekend Shootings in Belize City Adds to Urban Violence
The weekend bloodbath started around eight thirty on Friday night in Belize City when a 25-year-old Belizean construction worker was shot. According to reports to Love News, Mauricio Rodriguez was met at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by police officers who found him being treated for gunshot wounds to his left shoulder and right buttocks. Investigations conducted revealed that Rodriguez was in the Belama Phase Four area on Apollo Street, socializing in a yard with three men when gunshots were fired and Rodriguez was injured. Rodriguez, who resides on Green Street, has been listed as stable. Police recovered 9mm expended shells at the scene and are seeking two men in connection with this incident. Investigations are ongoing into a shooting incident that occurred last night after nine o’clock where 23-year-old, Stacey Shalene Williams of a Kraal Road address in Belize City was rescued by police officers. Reports are that Stacey got into an argument with her uncle Raymond Flowers who reportedly was demanding that she give him food. When she refused to offer him food Flowers reportedly got angry and armed with a shiny metal object attempted to assault her, however, her other uncle managed to restrain him.

More Violence in the City Leaves Gallego Injured
The violence persisted over the weekend, when about six hours after Crawford was murdered, a resident of a Racoon Street address in Belize City, 21-year-old, Joshua Jerome Gallego, also known as Shaggy, was shot to his left forearm. Apparently, Gallego was walking on Antelope Street heading towards the Central American Boulevard when he was approached from behind by a man dressed in a white shirt. That man reportedly fired two shots at him, causing the injury to his left arm. This incident occurred just before ten o’clock this past Saturday. Gallego was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released for his injury. Investigators believe that this shooting may be gang related as well. Their investigations continue.

Honduran National Found Chopped to Death
A Honduran national lost his life this past Saturday after he was chopped multiple times to his head and body whilst at a boatyard on the George Price Highway. Reports are that just before nine o’clock on Saturday morning, police visited the scene and found 42-year-old, Jose Portillo bleeding from his injuries. Police are seeking the boat yard’s watchman, Armando Sosa, who they believe can assist in the investigation

Birthday Party Ends with Three Injured From Gunshots
Police in Hattieville are investigating a shooting incident that occurred during a birthday party in the village this past Saturday night. Reports are that three persons were injured just after four o’clock on Sunday morning on Ysaguirre Boulevard in Hattieville Village, Belize District. While two of the three persons only received superficial injuries from bullet fragments, the deejay took a direct hit. 40-year-old, Gregory Leslie of a Belize City address sustained injuries to his hand and abdomen while 26-year-old, Kevin Staine of Hattieville was injured to the back of the head and Police Corporal Orlando Bowen attached to the Ladyville sub-formation was grazed to the hand. Love News spoke to the young lady whose birthday was being celebrated.

Suspected Murderer Ends Up Dead; Recently Deported Youth Shot
Investigators are speculating that the murder of Meighan may be connected to last week’s killing of 16-year-old, Chryslin Gladden, whose body was found in the cemetery on the morning of August two…..but word on the street is that it just may be linked to the August 9 murder of a young man at the corner of Gibnut Street and Central American Boulevard. We rejoin Hipolito Novelo with the details of the Crawford murder. HIPOLITO NOVELO “20-year-old, Raheem Crawford and his cousin, Kevin Faber were making their way home on Gibnut Street in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The duo had just attended a party and had called it a night but they were not aware they were being monitored.” PHILLIPA LONGSWORTH, Grandmother “They waited for him at the lane of Gibnut Street and the first one that was shot was Kevin in the back of his neck. After that he fell and then they shot my grandson Raheem Crawford.”

Murder of Top Cyclist Shakes the Citizenry
It was one gunshot and one expended shell recovered by the police at the crime scene on George Street….but the news of this well-known cycling legend shook residents to the core. Here is Hipolito Novelo with the story. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTS “A legend in the cycling world was executed on Saturday morning.” SANTINO CASTILLO “Words can’t explain the loss I have for Jawmein.” HIPOLITO NOVELO “With tears dripping from his eyes, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Santiago Castillo remembered the last moments he shared with 43 year old Ernest “Jawmeighan, Meighan. Meighen was executed, cold heartedly, at about 11:30am on Saturday. He was on George Street when his killer, described to be a young man wearing a white t-shirt, lurked up behind him, aimed the gun at Meighan’s head, and fired the single fatal shot.”


Police shoot man who was trying to harm his own niece
On Sunday August 10th, police officers shot Raymond Flowers, as he was reportedly chasing after his niece with the intent to harm. According to reports, at around 9:30 on Sunday night, 23 year old Stacey Shalene Williams got into an argument with her uncle Raymond Flowers, who allegedly demanded she give him food. When she refused to give him food, Mr Flowers reportedly got angry, and attempted to assault her with a shiny metal object. However, her other uncle reportedly managed to restrain him. Stacey Williams further reported that her uncle chased after her with a knife, and so fearing for her life she ran to a police booth located near Supal Street, Belize City, and reported to the two police officers posted there at the time that her uncle was trying to kill her. As a result the police pulled out their firearm and reportedly ordered Mr Flowers to freeze and drop his weapon, However, he reportedly continued to advance. As a result, police fired a single shot injuring Raymond Flowers on the left leg and left hand. He was admitted at the hospital in a stable condition.

Man found dead at boatyard
A watchman is under suspicion of murder, following the discovery of a dead body on Saturday morning. Around 8:54 a.m., police responded to a report at a boat yard at Mile 7 3/4 on the George Price Highway, where 42-year-old Jose Portillo, an Honduran national, was seen with multiple chop wounds to his head and body. He was transported to the K.H.M.H, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police are seeking the boat yard’s watchman, Armando Sosa, also an Honduran national, who they believe can assist in the investigation.

Numerous weekend shootings in Belize City
There were a number of other shootings in Belize City this weekend. According to police reports, at around 8:30 on Friday night, 25 year old Mauricio Rodriguez, a Belizean Construction worker, was socializing in a yard in Apollo Street in the Belama phase 4 area, Belize city, along with three other men, when gun shots rang out. As a result, Mauricio sustained gunshot injuries to the left shoulder and the right buttocks. He is enlisted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition. Police have since recovered nine expended shells from the scene as investigations continue. On Saturday morning, around 9:45 a.m, police found 21-year-old Joshua Jerome Gallego, aka “Shaggy,” of Raccoon Street, Belize City, suffering from one apparent gunshot to his left forearm. Joshua Gallego was walking on Antelope Street, in the direction of Central American Boulevard when a man, dressed in a white shirt, approached him from behind and fired two shots at him, causing his injury. Police suspects the motive to be Gang Rivalry, as investigations continue.

Patrick JonesPJ

Corozal man wanted for aggravated assault
Police in Corozal are looking for a man following a report of an aggravated assault. Rosendo Guy is believed to be responsible for threatening to kill another man with a machete and then firing three shots in a yard where the man had taken refuge. According to police, […]

Santi Castillo remembers Ernest Meighan
Belize continues to react to the death of two-time Cross Country champion and KREM Classic champion, Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan, who was ruthlessly gunned down late on Saturday morning. He was a local hero, a cyclist whose style and humble demeanor transformed him from simply great to legendary. The man […]

Man found dead at boatyard
A watchman is under suspicion of murder following the discovery of a dead body on Saturday morning. Around 8:54 a.m., police responded to a report at a boat yard at Mile 7 3/4 on the George Price Highway where 42-year-old Jose Portillo, Honduran national, was seen with multiple […]

Abetment and attempted murder charges for pair
Twenty-nine year old Indira Mejia, a self-employed resident of Orange Walk Town, was charged with abetment to commit murder when she appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Chief Magistrate Smith did not take a plea because the offence is indictable. The prosecutor objected to bail […]

Media houses scolded over juvenile reporting
Following the publication in certain media of the name and photograph of a murder suspect last week, there has been backlash. In separate press releases, the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) and the Magistracy have reminded local media houses that per the law, neither the name, […]

Police reassure public after weekend crime
In a rare move, the Police Department has issued a press release seeking to reassure the public after another tough weekend on the City’s streets. It begins by “expressing deepest condolences to the families and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones as a result of the […]

Seventy two new soldiers for Belize Defence Force
Not everyone has what it takes to call themselves soldiers of Belize and of the Belize Defence Force. On Friday the national army’s ranks swelled by 72 from an initial recruit intake of 100. But it was noted that 68 persons left the training before its end in […]

Mostly warm weather this week
Relatively moist and unstable conditions are starting to set it and will influence our weather in the days ahead. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for cloudy skies with sunny periods this afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow morning skies will be cloudy. Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be easterly to northeasterly at five to fifteen knots. The sea state will be choppy.

Tears … Chaos … Responsibilities
I was listening to the talk shows and I will say this and please understand that Belize is at a very bad place and so I believe we need to keep things real. People die everyday and sometimes it seems that one life is recognized more than the other and that is part and parcel of the problem we have in Belize. A great cyclist died and yes the country lost a great cycling ambassador by all accounts. There are those who want to blame the media, there are others blaming the gangs and there are others blaming the GOB and the lack of justice. I think the blame falls squarely on us.


The Costa Maya Festival Packs Up and Trying to Capture A Super Moon
Yesterday was the official end of what is called the largest festival in Belize – the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival. Music, a super pageant of Central American beauties in some surprisingly tiny bikinis, food, rides… (I would be remiss not to mention a bit of buzz around San Pedro regarding the lack of sponsorship for the official festival by Belize’s beer company, Belikin. Belikin did sponsor some of the beach parties but has always been one of the main sponsors of the festival. This year? They were markedly missing.)

Purple Haze? No Jimi, it’s just a bunch of Purple Martins
People around Belize have been wondering why powerlines and tree branches are suddenly weighted down by masses of striking steely blue-black or blue and light grey birds. Is this something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie? Should we be running for cover or trying to appease the invaders with bowls of seed? Nah, not to worry – the Purple Martins are back in town, bigger and more numerous than ever this year. Every year flocks of Purple Martins migrate from North America to warmer climes in the Amazonas regions of Ecuador and Brazil, and Belize is one of their favourite stops along the way, something that tells us these avian travellers are smart. But we digress. Belize is in the martins’ migratory flight path, and given the vast tracts of pristine wilderness here they tend to stop and refuel, taking advantage of the abundance of insects that inhabit Belize’s forests.

“Safe & Sound” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I may not have written an edition for a little while but thought you might like to know that I’ve still been going through basically the same routine. Up before the sun rises out on the veranda, the western one on the first floor that faces the lagoon, with my mug of black (instant, with no sugar) coffee and the iPad (an Air for those of you that might be interested). I’ve continued to enjoy the relative quietness -there are the sounds of the leaves swooshing (if there’s a breeze of course), the lapping of the water, the birds chattering, the fish jumping out of and then re entering the lagoon, the snarling and grunting of racoons when they fall out with each other. Oh, and the occasional barking of dogs when they are spooked by something. The early morning sounds that let you know that another day is about to begin but it’s quiet, very quiet.

10 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Might Convince You to Visit Portofino Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye
A haven of romance, relaxation, luxury and adventure awaits you at Portofino Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Here are ten photos that will compel you to pack your bags and visit this elegant Belize resort right now:

Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Belize
Way back in 2010 I published the Top 10 Things To Do In Belize. Since then a lot has changed, and it’s time to update the list! So, without further ado: The Top 10 Romantic Things To Do In Belize – Part 2 10. Private Water Fall For The Day: Making it’s second appearance on my Top 10 List, renting a private water fall is still one of the most romantic things you can do in Belize – or on earth, I dare say. You and your ‘other half’ will be have an enchanting waterfall in the jungle all to yourselves. This uber romantic day also includes lunch and a bottle of wine. The waterfall flows into a swimming hole before continuing on it’s way, and feel free to swim as free as can be in the water – you’re all alone. The private waterfall rents for only $175 usd per day and lies on the property of a spectacular boutique resort.

The September Celebrations Calendar of Events 2014
CLICK images for larger versions...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Belize
Belize is known as a hidden jewel. Belize is a small country in Central America not known by many. However, in recent years tourism has become a primary source of revenue for the tiny country once commonly referred to as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”. Today, Belize is no secret and if you haven’t visited Belize – it should be on your bucket list. Here are 10 interesting facts about Belize.

In large pot, boil potatoes in water 10 minutes. Drain and set aside. In sauté pan, cook bacon until crisp. Drain bacon fat and place on paper towel over plate to drain more. Add onion and celery to bacon pan over medium-high heat until celery is tender, about 5 minutes. To the large potato pan, add milk, water, bullion, salt and pepper. Cook over medium-high heat until mixture is very hot, about 8 minutes, stirring often. Do not let mixture boil. In small, heavy saucepan melt butter. Add flour and mix well. Cook over medium-low heat until mixture bubbles, stirring 2 to 3 minutes to make a roux. While constantly stirring soup, add roux slowly until soup is thick and creamy, about 4 minutes. Stir in parsley, reserved potatoes, and cream. Garnish with cheese, bacon bits, onions or all three. Serve hot!

Ambergris Caye northern road
It’s official….. The road going North of the bridge is officially started. It has been graded all the way from Belizean Shores/Coco Beach area to almost the police sub station in Tres Cocos. It is moving quite quickly.

International Sourcesizz

5 Times Sharks Needed Our Help and Amazing Humans Did the Right Thing
Sharks have remained in the oceans for over 400 million years. This means that they are so well adapted to their oceanic homes that they have been able to survive five mass extinctions! As apex predators, sharks are a keystone species of the ocean, as they keep prey populations in check and even keep important habitats–such as sea grass beds–healthy. “So what?” You may think. “Sharks don’t benefit me, so why should I care?” Well, contrary to what movies such as Jaws may make you believe, sharks are crucial for the long-term survival of humans. They are ecologically beneficial as well as economically profitable to humans. Research has proven that, without plenty of sharks, fishing industries will collapse. For example, when shark populations experienced a heavy decline in the North Atlantic, cownose ray populations boomed. These rays decimated the shellfish industry by devouring an excessive quantity of clams, oysters and scallops. The industry and its workers suffered economically as a result. In Belize, a reduction in shark populations led to a domino effect, which eventually decreased the health of coral reefs. Without sharks to keep grouper populations in check, grouper fish killed off the parrotfish that play an important role in maintaining the health of coral by eating algae off of the reefs.

Casting Call for Caribbean Music, Model & Talent Showcase
PTG Marketing & Modeling Agencyis poised to launch a new and exciting talent scouting event specifically designed to bring global attention to the vast talent pool in The Bahamas and the Caribbean dubbed, Music, Model & Talent Showcase of the Islands, MMTS. In this vein, a Casting Call goes out to residents in New Providence between the ages of 5 to 65, males and females to attend a free auditioning session at Mario’s Bowling Palace, Tonique Williams Darling Highway on Saturday, August 16, 2014 beginning at 11 am sharp. The casting, which will also take place throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean, is the prelude to the inaugural week-long conference scheduled for July 13 to 19, 2015, at the Melià Nassau Beach Resort on the new multi-billion Bahamian Riviera at Baha Mar.

Losing Maya Heritage to Looters
Deep in the jungle in the north of Guatemala, along deep-rutted 4x4 tracks, the pyramids of the great Maya city of Xultún are hidden under heavy vegetation and oddly symmetrical hills. But crudely cut tunnels in the sides of the hills signal a modern intrusion. The tunnels are the work of "huecheros"—the local slang term for antiquity looters, derived from the Maya word for armadillo. On a building overlooking an ancient plaza, the looters scrawl a message, brazen and taunting: "We, the huecheros, stuck it to this place." Almost every pyramid in the sprawling site has a looter's tunnel on at least one side. Most of the hieroglyphic panels, the pottery, and the jade from tombs here have been raided and sold on the black market to wealthy foreigners. One of the tallest pyramids—a majestic building that slices high in the air like the Temple of the Great Jaguar—was actually cut in half by looters, making it look like a giant stone napkin holder. Xultún is part of an international trade in Maya antiquities that spread across much of the region in the 1980s and '90s and has scraped away what little opportunity was left to modern scientists to understand the people who once lived here. This amputation of cultural history—in many ways stretching back to the conquest of the New World—has left us with far more questions than answers about the Maya.


Video: Belize, 5min.

Video: Wild Puma (Cougar, Mountain lion) in Belize jungle cave caught on trail camera, 1/2min.
In the deep tropical jungles of Central America, Belize, I caught this Puma on camera.

Video: NCL Belize Project, 4min.
Oceanside Solutions surveying island project and doing sand research study for beach restoration.

Video: Jael August - My Belize Official Video, 4min.
The official Video for My Belize from Jael August the 2013 Junior winner of the Belize National Song Competition Sponsored by: Atlantic International Bank Ltd. Produced by: Belize National Song Competition

Video: Belize Day in Chicago - Interview with Debbie Schell, 3min.
Cyril Uruwei, publisher of Belize In America, interviews Ms. Debbie Schell at the 34th annual Belize Day in the park event in Chicago. Belize In America (BIA) is an online, multimedia news and entertainment magazine that showcases the richness and cultural diversity of Belize; while highlighting the personal and professional success stories of our BELAM (Belizean American) brothers and sisters throughout the United States.

Video: Community Based Rehabilitation at Hillside, 7min.
Using the Community Based Rehabilitation model, Hillside Health Care International provides free medical care and services to the people in the Toledo District of Belize. Check out this video created by our UW Doctor of Physical Therapy students to learn more. Contact Caroline, our director of development via email, at [email protected], for more details about becoming involved with us!

Video: Jennings Underwater Belize 2014, 7min.
chelsie and kyla scuba certification adventure underwater in Belize

Video: Belize 2014 Basketball Camp, 4min.
Belize 2014 Basketball Camp - partnering with Fishers of Men

Video: GoPro Belize Vacation, 8min.
10 Days in Belize: 5 Days in San Ignacio and 5 Days on Caye Caulker. 100% Shot on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Video: Reefs of Belize, 4min.
The fish and coral reefs beneath the waves of Belize.

August 11, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: How To Make Money
“Hi, Grandpa.” I was seated on the deck of the Holiday Hotel drinking coffee and reading my book when Melody came walking down the beach. She was carrying little Grayson while Davin tagged along behind. “Hey, sweet boy,” I said to Davin. “Where are you off to?” “Mom’s going to the gallery and I have […]

Doctor Love: Jealousy and Relationships
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, I met my husband when we were in high school. We have now been together for ten years. I have never given him […]

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Nautilus Live is in Belize
The Nautilus Live is in Belize now exploring the deep reefs. "We are exploring off the southern point of Glover Reef to investigate a series of "bumps" we located in our multibeam bathymetry data. These features may be rocky substrate ideal for corals 8 hours 9 min ago"

The Reporter

Principals, teachers prepare for road traffic safety workshop
As part of the initiative to imcorporate road traffic safety in the school curriculum, principals and teachers will engage this week in workshops in Belize City and Belmopan. The project is designed to, through education and strategic interventions, curb the rate of traffic fatalities, primarily as they relate to the youth population. The training will take place on Wednesday August 13 at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development on Price Centre Road in Belmopan, and on Thursday at the IT VET building on Freetown Road in Belize City.

Stabbing leaves man critical
Belmopan police have detained two suspects following a stabbing on Friday night that has left Germaine Leslie, 34, a resident of Dangriga Town in a critical condition. The incident happened near the New Capital Restaurant area around 11 p.m. while Leslie was staying at a friend’s house. Reports are that a man gained entry to Leslie’s friend’s apartment room and attacked him during which Leslie suffered the imjuries to his chest, leg and knee.

Guerillas attack oil field in Colombia
Rebels in Colombia have attacked the Tibu Oil Field in the north-west of the country near the border with Venezuela. The two main left-wing rebel groups in Colombia – the Farc and the ELN – are known to operate in the area. Power stations, oil fields, pipelines and roads have seen damages in actions consistent with the guerrillas. Armed men reportedly approached a team working at the oil field on Friday and threatened the workers before detonating explosives that damaged part of the facility. The country’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, 62, was sworn in on August seventh – one day before the attacks.

The Belize Times

Darrel Bradley Must Resign!!!
Darrel Bradley is a major Mayoral mess! He has proven to be worse than Ms. Underdeposits, Zenaida Moya. At least she ran the city without Dean Barrow babysitting her along the way. Not Darrell. He brought shame and disgrace unto himself and more unnecessary burden unto poor Belizeans, with his terrible handling of the recent dispute between the City Council and the sanitation company Belize Maintenance Limited over the Council’s refusal to pay for sanitation services. The result of this was the shameful mistreatment and jailing of sanitation workers after they protested in front of the Mayor’s office on Monday morning. Then Barrow did the unexpected-usurped the Mayor’s power and responsibility. This is equivalent to stripping him bare for the world to see and laugh at him. Bradley hung his head low as the Prime Minister Dean Barrow spun and juggled through the ugly situation created by the Mayor and turned it in favour of his own political fortunes at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Barrow, who seems to never know what his UDP politicians are doing, was dead set on teaching Bradley another tough lesson: that he is the boss.

The normally mouthy and opinionated Wilfred Sedi Elrington was nowhere to be seen or found following the public disclosure of a US Office of Inspector General’s notice declaring that his brother, Dr. Glen Elrington, is a wanted fugitive. The allegation against Glen Elrington is that he may somehow be involved through his medical business interest in Michigan, USA, in medicare or Medicaid fraud. He has thus far denied any such involvement.

Alfredo Kuylen elected as PUP Mayoral Candidate for Benque Viejo del Carmen
On Sunday August 3rd 2014 a delegate convention was held in Benque Viejo del Carmen town to elect its mayoral candidate for the People United Party. Mrs Elisa Guerra and Mr Alfredo Kuylen were the two candidates. After the counting of votes ended, Mr. Kuylen was elected as the PUP Mayoral Candidate. He will join the team of Councillors candidates which include Mr. Antonio Ochaeta Jr., Mrs. Clemencia Araceli “Colocha” Martinez, Mr. Victor Manuel Mendez, Mr. Edgar Cocom, Mr. Juan Salas and Mr. Salvador Iglesias.

The economics of Barrow & Bradley
By G. Michael Reid. In his 1936 book “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”, British economist John Maynard Keynes presented the theories that formed the basis for what was to become the popular economic strategy that bore his name. The whole concept of Keynesian economics is quite complex, and not being an economist I will not claim to fully understand, nor will I attempt to explain. Suffice to say, Keynes (rhymes with brains) felt that it was not only government’s responsibility but in government’s best interest to create jobs, even if those jobs were meaningless. Keynes economics took traction during the Great Depression and served as the standard economic model for many of the developed nations up until and around the time of the oil embargo and resulting stagflation of 1973. The advent of the global financial crisis in 2008 caused resurgence in Keynesian thought and interestingly enough, 2008 was also the year that saw the emergence of Dean Oliver Barrow as Prime Minister of Belize.

Editorial: Darrell Bradley’s Legacy
The television images of over forty sanitation workers being arrested and locked up in overcrowded and unsanitary cells at the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City from Monday morning until Monday night was ugly. The charge: littering and some other frivolous misdemeanors. It was heavy handed Police behavior by UDP Superintendent Edward Broaster. The workers could have been issued summons and sent home. The sanitation workers, former City Council employees absorbed into the workforce of Belize Management Limited, were protesting in front of the City Council office Monday against the insensitive statements to their only means of livelihood The aggression to their jobs had been coming fast and furious from the mouth of Mayor Darrel Bradley; who let it be known is ending BML’s contract come January and has not shown concern in the least bit with what happens to the over hundred workers at BML. No doubt, the Mayor would then go on a hiring spree to take on two to three hundred new workers in time for the March 2015 City Council elections. Not to mention using the seventy eight thousand dollars weekly that the Mayor claims he spends on BML.

Orchid Girls stop Arrows Reloaded 16-14
The Burrell Boom Orchid Girls spanked Bermudian Landing’s Arrows Reloaded 16-14 in the Belize Rural women’s softball competition at Sand Hill Village on Sunday afternoon. Kelsey Robinson led the Orchid Girls’ attack with 4 runs, while Sabrina Campos and Lynese Alvarez scored 3 runs a-piece, Rebecca Nicholson and Kristy Terry scored 2 runs apiece while Arneek Baptist and Mardy Nicholson scored a run each. Arrows’ Malthia Garbutt and Turcia Ferguson scored 3 runs apiece, while Dian Baldwin and Georgia Joseph scored 2 runs each and Cindy Mae Lodge, pitcher Shana Avilez, Trecia Joseph and Marilee Garbutt scored a run apiece.

Sagitun & All Stars win in FFB President’s Cup football
Sagitun and the Belize District All Stars both posted big wins in Week 11 of the FFB President’s Cup football competition over the weekend; while Benque United and San Antonio FC also won by default. In Ladyville, the Belize District All Stars hosted Roaring Creek United for 4-2 blowout. Brian Martinez scored first for the hosts in the 3rd minute, but Roaring Creek’s Kenney Williams equalized in the 5th minute. Delroy “Thinman” Andrews scored Belize District’s 2nd goal in the 14th minute, but again Orin Reneau equalized for the visitors in the 31st minute for a 2-2 draw at the half. In the 2nd half, Albert Thurton headed in the 3rd goal to finish a free kick by Andrews in the 48th minute. Belize’s midfielders Dalton “Chicken” Cayetano, Jason “Paxon” Young and Mark “Kelo” Leslie looked for more goals, but it was Brian Martinez who delivered the coup de grace in the 89th minute for the 4-2 win.

BDF & Scotiabank win in BDVA interoffice volleyball
On Saturday, the Scotiabank crew dueled with the S.Q. Dragons’ Alex Evans, Antonio Quan, Peter Quan and Fenton James who won the 1st set: 25-18 with Sherlene Johnson and Karen Quan receiving and setting the ball. Veteran captain/coach Lupita Quan and Nelissa Ramirez joined the party but Scotiabank won the next 2 sets: 25-21 and 15-13. The BTL squad put up a valiant fight, but the Belize Bank Bulldogs’ Adrian Garbutt, Chris McGann, Francis Arzu and Curtis Bradley spiked their game with Judy Hoare and Kimberly Burns helping to receive and set the plays to win the 1st set 29-27. BTL bit back, taking the next 2 sets: 25-15 and 15-10.

Police Dept Crosses the Line!
The BELIZE TIMES condemns the actions of the Police Department towards our media colleague Albert Vaughan. Officials of the Department, under manipulation from its political bosses, arrested and imprisoned Vaughan who was doing journalism work during Monday’s sanitation workers’ protest on North Front Street. Furthermore, the BELIZE TIMES also condemns the Police’s abusive and illegal behaviour of searching through Vaughan’s cellular phone and deleting pictures that were in his digital camera. A dangerous line was crossed! We demand that the Police end this charade against Vaughan and apologise for the illegal actions and abuse of authority.

Hon. Dolores assists Western Paradise Summer Camp 2014
Belize Rural Central Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia donated food to Mr. Leon Palacio, Camp Director of the Western Paradise Summer Camp ...

PUP Patchakan Executive Sworn In
This past Sunday, August 3, 2014, the People’s United Party (PUP) Patchakan Village steering committee along with the PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal North David Castillo held a meeting with party supporters. The meeting was well attended as the number of supporters almost doubled the numbers of all general meetings in the past years. The supporters arrived in numbers and expressed that the only hope for Patchakan Village and Corozal North is David Castillo and the PUP. Following a brief address from the Standard Bearer, in which he spoke about his vision that includes the development of industries and creation of jobs in the area, the PUP Patchakan Steering Committee was officially sworn in by the Chairman of the Northern Caucus, Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez.

Mayor Bradley is Manuel Barrow!!
After spending $50 million dollars on a concreting project without a penny being publicly accounted for, Mayor Darrell Bradley seemed baffled, lost and hopeless by the recent surge in gang violence and senseless killings that is ...

AMAZING GRACE – The Tomorrow Syndrome
For many people, ‘tomorrow’ is more than just a term describing the day after today. “I’ll do it tomorrow” has become synonymous with “This is never going to happen”. Time is short and to-do lists are long so it only makes sense that certain tasks are pushed to the back ...

HOME ECONOMICS – The building of a vibrant youth-oriented economy
By Richard Harrison The population of Belize in July 2013 was estimated at 334,297 persons. Of this, 56.9% or 190,215 persons were under the age of 24, and 35.8% at the age of 14 or under. A youthful and vibrant economy should be seen, felt, heard, smelt and tasted with the vast majority ...

CitCo and Police trample on the rights of BML and its employees
By Gilroy Usher, Sr. The treatment of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) and its employees by the Belize City Council and the Police for standing up for their rights is totally unfair, distasteful, and appalling. On Tuesday forty-one employees of the company were taken to Court for taking part in a protest in ...

In my perspective… Life is so unfair, but for some it’s never been better!
By Rayford Young My recent visit to Belize was probably the most enjoyable and I was able to do quite a lot of traveling and enjoyed the beauty of our Country. After so many years I was able to visit Chetumal and boy, what a change from the days when I ...

SCALES OF JUSTICE – Dangerous for Belize
By anthony sylvestre We are happy that our hardworking resilient brothers and sisters at BML will no longer be persecuted. For persecution was what they were being subjected to ever since they were hauled off en-masse from the bus near the  Queen Street Police station a little after 9:00 a.m. Monday ...

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – A Seine Bight/Lord’s Bank Wedding
By Dolores Balderamos Garcia On Saturday, August 2, 2014 Franisha Thomas of Lord's Bank and Albert Augustine of Seine Bight tied the knot in an exquisite wedding Mass and ceremony at Saint Alphonsus RC Church in Seine Bight Village on the Placencia Peninsula. It was a very festive and gala affair. ...

By Francis W. Fonseca The cold heart and heavy hand of the UDP Government was on full display this past Monday in Belize City where workers of Belize Maintenance Limited Co. (BML) once again took to the streets to protest against Mayor Darrel Bradley and the UDP Belize City Council for ...

Patrick JonesPJ

Four shooting incidents, two fatal, in 12 hours rock Belize City
The Old Capital saw another flare-up of violence at the start of this weekend, which sent a total of six persons to the hospital in twelve hours, two of them dead. Mauricio Rodriguez was injured in an incident in the Belama Phase IV area on the Northside around 8:30 p.m. Friday. Rodriguez is stable as of last report at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Around 4:15 a.m. Saturday, at the corner of Gibnut Street and Central American Boulevard, Raheem Crawford was shot in the stomach and died in surgery two hours later, while companion Kevin Faber was shot in the leg and treated and released from the hospital. Five hours later, one Joshua Gallego was shot in the elbow and left arm in the Racoon Street Extension area. He was taken for treatment at the KHMH.

Nello Player, TR Shine repeat as National Song Champions
The Memorial Park hosted a record crowd attending the sixth annual National Song Competition Final on Saturday night in Belize City. The 15 finalists impressed all present with the range of their performance and enthusiasm for creating the soundtrack of the upcoming September Celebrations. But only six prizes were available, and after three hours of competition three familiar names appeared at the top. Nello Player (full name Kernelle Parks) was named Belize Song Category champion in the Senior Division, besting Ernestine Carballo with his song “Real Belizean.” In the Carnival category, it was Ivan “TR Shine” Burgess who beat Carballo to top prize with “Borderline,” exhorting Belizeans to defend our borders.

The August 10th, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Novelo Caught In The Act:
    A man caught carrying a washing machine on his shoulder in the early hours of the morning on Monday, July 28, was arrested, charged and denied bail. Police on mobile patrol shortly after 3:00 am on Monday, July 28, in the Bradley’s Bank area of Santa Elena town reportedly came upon a male person of Hispanic decent carrying a washing machine on his shoulder. When questioned he was unable to provide a reasonable response for his action. He was detained and transported to the police station in San Ignacio along with the PL Laundromat brand, 6 kilo washing machine. The detainee was identified as Armando Novelo, 24, Belizean mason residing in the Hill View Area of Santa Elena Town.
  • Police Holds Public Meeting:
    Over one hundred residents of San Ignacio, Santa Elena and surrounding villages gathered today at the Welcome Center in San Ignacio Town to listen to the police report on the local crime situation and citizen security plans. The meeting was called by the Officer Commanding the San Ignacio police formation, Superintendent of Police, Dinsdale Thompson. Sitting at the head table with Supt. Thompson and likewise addressing the gathering were Thompson’s deputy, Inspector Reymundo Reyes; Assistant Commissioner of Police, Aaron Guzman in his capacity as the Officer Commanding the Cayo (Police) District; Julian Sherrard, Chair of the People’s Coalition of Cayo; neighborhood watch Chair, Ernie Braun and retired Superintendent of Police Rudoplh Orio currently serving as the National Coordinator for Citizens On Patrol (COPS) program.
  • Editorial: Who Is Lying? Who Is Telling The Truth?:
    If there is any truth in the most recent allegation, against the PUP Standard Bearer in the Belize Rural North constituency regarding impropriety involving large sums of missing money from a client, then the accused might just be in for very rough times ahead. While we sit on opposite sides of the political divide, for the sake of his sanity, his political aspirations and indeed his entire well being, we wish him no ill. The allegations against him however are extremely serious in nature given that, in months just past, he portrayed himself as the vanguard for all that is right. Even more serious is that at one juncture in his life he was aspiring to become the leader of the political party to which he belongs, an aspiration that, who knows, he might still be harboring in the back deep recesses of his mind.
  • Garcia Accused of Burglarizing His Sister’s House:
    The Cristo Rey village home of Jeffery Gonzalez was reportedly burglarized between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm on Wednesday, August 6. In making the report to the police, Gonzalez informed them of the prime suspect being his brother-in-law, Selvin Garcia, also residing in Cristo Rey village. The police visited the scene where they observed that entry was gained by breaking the lock on the front door. In his statement to the police requesting court action, Gonzalez itemized the missing property as a gold engagement ring valued at $900, a black Cannon brand digital camera valued at $400, an Apple brand iPod valued at $400 and a black Gucci brand wrist watch valued at $600, all for a total value of $2,300.
  • Ebola: Global Experts Begin Emergency Talks At WHO:
    Global health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) are meeting to discuss new measures to tackle the Ebola outbreak. The meeting is expected to last two days and will decide whether to declare a global health emergency. On Wednesday, a man suspected to have contracted Ebola died in Saudi Arabia. If confirmed, this will be the first Ebola-related death outside of Africa. The virus has killed nearly 900 people since February in West Africa. The outbreak began in February in Guinea, and has since spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
  • Roni B Releases New CD:
    Belizean producer Rubio "Josh The Code" Tzib will be Releasing a new CD under his record label RVM records on Saturday, 9 August 2014 at Costa Maya in San Pedro Town. The tittle of the CD is "K.O.B The Gold Edition" highlighting Josh The Code as the producer, engineer and composer. The Album is a compilation of various talented artist from the beautiful country of Belize, artists such as Roni B T-Romeo del Sentimeinto, Osky la Ultima Pieza, Cholin el Pirate, El Toro Ferros and Blondy D Melody. Also debuting in the album are new artists such as Alex and Brian and Frequency 3.
  • The Ultimate Father:
    I’ll never forget the moment when my husband held each of our children in his arms the first time. The almost instant and complete adoration for each child was remarkable! As the children grew, I continued to marvel at the evidence of my husband’s love for each of them. His profound love for every child has helped shape them to become godly young men and women. As I study Scripture and see the many references to God as being our Father, I read time and time again where the Bible uses “Father” in a context where it stresses God’s loving care, provision, discipline, and suggests the way we are to address God in prayer. God, as our Father, clears the way so that we can come to Him and have a deep and rich relationship with Him. He desires that!
  • Facebook Sued By 25,000 Members:
    A data privacy campaigner has signed up 25,000 people to a "class action lawsuit" being taken against Facebook. Max Schrems alleges that the way the social network monitors its members' activity on and off the site puts it in breach of EU laws. As part of the claim, he also alleges that the company co-operated with Prism, a US surveillance scheme. Facebook has previously denied knowing about Prism before it was mentioned in leaked US government documents. The company has, however, acknowledged complying with national security requests from US government agencies. Facebook has not commented on the wider case being brought against it.
  • Chikungunya:
    Chikungunya is an infection caused by the Chikungunya virus. It causes an illness with an acute febrile phase lasting two to five days, followed by a longer period of joint pains in the extremities; this pain may persist for years in some cases. The disease is transmitted similarly to dengue fever. It is transmitted to humans by virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes. Specifically, there are two species of mosquitoes, A. albopictus and A. aegypti, that are extrinsic hosts (vectors) of chikungunya virus. The strain of chikungunya spreading to the US from the Caribbean is most easily spread by A. aegypti. There is concern that this strain of chikungunya could mutate to make the A. albopictus vector more efficient. If this mutation were to occur, chikungunya would be more of a public health concern to the US.
  • Protecting The Chiquibul:
    Friends of Conservation and Development (FCD), a non-profit organization charged with the responsibility to protect the Chiquibul Reserve in the Mountain Pine Area of the Cayo District, today held closing ceremonies for European Union’s ECP-FLEGT project 2013-2014 at the Rumors Resort on the western outskirts of San Ignacio Town. During the ceremony Rafael Manzanero, FCD’s Executive Director and his team received special commendation for the wonderful work they do in the national reserve. In his presentation Manzanero informed that the major challenges confronting FCD in the Chiquibul are illegal logging, the illegal panning for gold and the extraction of the exotic Xate plant.
  • Venezuela To Close Colombia Border Each Night:
    Venezuela says it will close its border with Colombia at night from Monday, to try to stop large-scale smuggling of petrol and food. The government says that tonnes of goods - produced in Venezuela and heavily subsidised - are sold in Colombia at much higher prices. The shortage of many staples in Venezuela's western border area this year led to anti-government protests. The border closure was agreed with the Colombian government. President Nicolas Maduro discussed the measures with his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, at a summit on 1 August. The 2,200km-long (1,360 miles) border will be closed between 22:00 local time and 05:00 every night. Cargo vehicles, including vans and lorries, will be banned from crossing from Venezuela to Colombia between 18:00 and 05:00.
  • USB 'Critically Flawed' After Bug Discovery, Researchers Say:
    Cyber-security experts have dramatically called into question the safety and security of using USB to connect devices to computers. Berlin-based researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell demonstrated how any USB device could be used to infect a computer without the user's knowledge. The duo said there is no practical way to defend against the vulnerability. The body responsible for the USB standard said manufacturers could build in extra security. But Mr Nohl and Mr Lell said the technology was "critically flawed". It is not uncommon for USB sticks to be used as a way of getting viruses and other malicious code onto target computers. Most famously, the Stuxnet attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges was believed to have been caused by an infected USB stick.
  • Attorney Authur Makes Money Allegations Agianst Melonie:
    Attorney Arthur Saldivar is making national headlines - after his former client Melonie Coye accused him of making off with nine hundred thousand dollars of her money that was recovered from the Central Bank. Saldivar said he did no such thing, but her new attorney Eamon Courtenay is filing suit against Saldivar to get the money back. Saldivar says that he did not take her money, but that he is owed 1.6 million dollars in fees. He explains that the allegation came as a shock, and where he speculates as to what may be behind it:.. Arthur Saldivar. Former Attorney - Melonie Coye "In terms of the latest round of cases I have not been paid not a dime. So when I heard of this news it came as a shock, a real shock to me. The allegation itself is somewhat to me some justification or rationale that perhaps my former client is using to justify not returning funds that may not be hers. I don't know. That's the only thing I can conjure up at this time.
  • US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Visits Belize:
    The Embassy of the United States of America in Belize today informed of the visit of US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). The release informed that on Monday, August 4, 2014, the embassy hosted Luis Arreaga, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) who spent two days in Belize, visiting key locations in Belize City on the first day and travelling to western towns of San Ignacio and Benque Viejo on the second day prior to crossing the border into Guatemala in continuance of the tour.
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