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April 10, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

United FC places second in Sarteneja Football Marathon
San Pedro’s United FC participated in a football marathon on Saturday, April 4th in Sarteneja Village, Corozal. The full day marathon saw football teams from across the northern region competing to win the championship trophy and prizes. After a long, but fun day of football, United FC fell a little short, but placed a respectable second place in the marathon. The team would like to thank all those that made their trip possible, including Sandbar, Councilor Gabriel “Gaby” Nuñez, and Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr.

U.S. Embassy Invites Americans to Town Hall Meeting
The Embassy of the United States of America in Belize invites you to a U.S. citizen town hall meeting in San Pedro Town. Date: Monday April 20, 2015 Place: Blue Water Grill (SunBreeze Hotel) San Pedro Town Belize Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Embassy staff that provides assistance to U.S citizens in Belize will discuss public services the U.S. Embassy offers, hurricane preparedness, and answer your general questions on our services. Limited consular public services will be offered - accepting adult U.S. passport renewal and additional visa pages applications (applicants or authorized representatives will need to be able to pick up their passports at the U.S. Embassy later), limited notary services (no real estate closings or certified copies).

Authorities defy the law and lift No-Liquor ban on Good Friday
The decision to lift the law at the eleventh hour goes contrary to the two-week campaign that San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) had launched in the local media. In various ads, the SPTC warned business establishments and the general public about the prohibition of the sale of liquor from Thursday, April 2nd at midnight to Friday, April 3rd at midnight. Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero said that he was made aware of the decision to lift the ban when he began receiving calls from businesses who were not notified of the sudden amendment. The Mayor will be hosting a meeting with the Liquor License Board to gather all the details that led to the lifting of the law. He did say that he stood by the decision to uphold the law and will continue to promote a “dry Good Friday” as mandated by law. “I will stand on the side of the law, and if the law does not change by next year, I will continue to push for a dry Good Friday,” stated Guerrero. The Mayor also stated that he received multiple complaints of the sale of alcohol during the day on Good Friday, which he passed on to the police. He added that the police did report back indicating that inspections were carried out to ensure that the law was upheld.

BWG donates to SPRC
The San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRC) was the recipient of Blue Water Grill’s (BWG) second monthly donation. The donation was in the form of a check of $2,428BZ that will be used to replace the rotten floor in a classroom and fix broken windows at the main school building. The money was raised during the month of March as part of BWG’s monthly donation program, where patrons donate money for charities across the island. The total amount donated throughout the month is then matched by BWG. In March, BWG customers donated $1,214 which was matched 100%. The check was presented on Wednesday, April 1st to Teacher Rosela Guerrero. The school is very appreciative of the donation, as it will help to improve the children’s learning environment.

SPTC and SPVA organize two-day Beach Volleyball Tournament
San Pedro is a sport loving community and is always finding ways to promote different physical activities to athletes of all ages. As such, the San Pedro Volleyball Association (SPVA) partnered with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) to organize a two day beach volleyball tournament in front of Luna Loca Bar. The event coincided with the Easter holidays and encouraged both residents and visitors to participate. The two-day tournament saw female volleyball teams competing on the first game day and male volleyball teams competing on the second day. Cash, gifts and trophies where awarded to the top teams in each category. Sunday, April 5th saw seven male volleyball team competing in the beach volleyball tournament. Unlike the female category, the male teams only consisted of two members. It was a tight tournament with point differences being very narrow. But in the end it was the team made up of Jason Garay and Gustavo Morataya who faced off against the team made up of Ronnie Sosa and Badyr Sajia in the final match. After a long battle on the sandy court, the win went to Garay and Morataya. Sosa and Sajia had to settle for a close second.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro to Join Belize Sailing Association at International Sailing Clinic
BzSA Youth to attend a World Class Laser Sailing Clinic on Antigua, West Indies - The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will hold a 5-day Laser Sailing Clinic at the National Sailing Academy on Antigua, West Indies - 14 to 21 July. This clinic and four others like it in other regions of the world launch the 2015 Youth Worlds Emerging Nations Program. “Belize has been invited to attend,” commented Forrest Jones, Public Relations Officer, Belize Sailing Association. “The ease and the joy with which the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) is able to accept the stunning and quite unexpected invitation are made possible in no small part by ISAF's generosity. ISAF is underwriting virtually all significant expenses of those who participate.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

New time for power interruption affecting portion of Corozal, Friday April 10
UPDATE: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m: Vivas Layout, Santa Rita Layout, San Antonio, Paraiso, Chula Vista & Altamira. 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m: all areas along Consejo Road and Consejo Village. BEL to replace pin insulators and conduct development works on the power distribution system in the area.

Belize Zoo Slogan Competition
The Belize Zoo is having a slogan competition in honor of Tapir Day. It'll be Fuego's 2nd birthday on April 29th, and they are having a big bash to celebrate. It's open to primary school students, so pass it along to all the bright, future leaders of Belize. "The winning entries will receive a 'tapir gift-package' and will be special guests of honour, along with their classmates, at Fuego’s 2nd Birthday Bash and National Tapir Day celebrations on Wednesday April 29th at The Belize Zoo. Deadline for submission is APRIL 16TH and should be submitted to:[email protected]" In related news, they are looking for a bright, energetic Belizean to join their Animal Management team.

Cayo Easter Fair 2015
This year's Easter Fair was set up at Macal River Park. 2 crazy fast ferris wheels, and all the normal rides and games were there. Miss Deb's set up her meals on wheels truck, and it was delicious.

Read Prime Minister Barrow's Presentation to the II CEO Summit in Panama here
Hon. Dean Barrow’s Remarks at the Second CEO Summit of the Americas Panama, 8-10th April, 2015. Bridging the Americas: Productive Integration for Inclusive Development The topic we are dealing with is a large one. But the organizers have tried to be helpful by identifying the sub-areas on which they want to focus. These have been described as "opportunities for promoting investment, facilitating trade and fostering development, in particular in agribusiness, finance, information technology and public infrastructural sectors, as well as active participation of the private sector in the social development of our nations". Now that is a mouthful. And I am not sure that it does not in fact further expand rather than compress the subject. I shall nevertheless try both to follow its markers and remain within the allotted time. But to do that I have had to further distill the theme. I will therefore be concentrating principally on the modalities and strategies necessary to optimize our efforts at the level of regional economic groupings, which groupings are the precursor to Hemispheric integration.

Corozal House of Culture (NICH) News
As the Corozal House of Culture (NICH) begins a new fiscal year we would like to take a moment and look back on a few of our achievements during 2014/2015. Some of our special moments were: Coordinator Debra Wilkes being awarded 'Employee of the Year'; International Museum Day brought three Corozal museums together under one roof; Flavours of the Garifuna event entertained visitors while they sampled Garifuna culinary dishes; the Battle of St. Georges Caye Exhibit saw over 800 persons on opening day; the Restoration, Preservation and Promotion Project of Manuel Villamor's magnificent Historical Mural at Corozal Town Hall; and nearing the end of our year, the revival of Juan Carnaval.

Paint Up A Storm 2015
Paint Up A Storm is this Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center. The Winsom Foundation has teamed up with the SISE House of Culture to bring the free event back to town. It all revolves around art, and iIt's great for everyone of all ages. It starts at 9:00am, and goes until 2:00pm. Feel the Heartbeat will happen Saturday night at the Soul Project. There will be live music and poetry through the night.

Belize History Association announce winners of their logo competition
The Belize History Association announce winners of their logo competition at the House of Culture today! First place Mr. Joel Cho from San Antonio, Toledo and second was won by Jeremy Cho from Yo Creek Orange Walk. Their entries were combined to form the new BHA logo, it was selected from among 53 entries submitted. Congratulations to them and a special thank you to all those who took part in the competition.

Belize Fishing Report March 22, 2015 - March 28, 2015 Report
Another good weather week with moderate winds, fair amounts of sun with general success with all species. Jack, Jeff, Elizabeth, Charlie, William Travis, Munroe, Alec, Sled Bruce, Jim ,David and everyoone else that fished all had their fill of bonefish - the silver ghost of the flats. We have more bonefish per square mile here than anywhere else in the world! Seeing bonefish is both an art and just plain practice. A good pair of polarized amber colored sunglasses helps most people key in to the different looks a bonefish has. On a nice white sandy bottom a fish that is coming right towards you is pretty visible to most anglers. The top of their back is slightly darker as you look down along the length of their body. Once that same fish turns sideways to you it disappears! The sides of a bonefish are mirrors that reflect the bottom creating the perfect camouflage.

Update on Pierre Trudeau (Belize Bird Rescue)
For the many who have been asking for an update on Pierre Trudeau (known to BBR staff as 'Chunk' because that's how he likes his food!) He's doing well, finally integrated with the other Mealys - and the great news is that Buzz is back after a spell in solitary while his boy-hormones calmed down. Chunk's release prognosis is not great: the eye will never heal, and although that's not a deal-breaker, he does have other issues alongside. Time will tell, but for now, at least he seems contented.

Benefit for Katerin Michel Perez
There is a benefit this Sunday by Boca del rio Park

Channel 7

Killer Waylaid "Judas" Rhamdas With Wife and Child
Last night at the top of the news we told you about a murder that happened on Albert Street West, just down the street from our studio. Tonight police have a suspect detained - a suspect who was positively identified by security camera footage. He waylaid 25 year old Mark Rhamdas at his home to kill him - even if it meant doing it in front of his common law wife and young child. Daniel Ortiz has more:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting Up until about 5:15 p.m., 25 year-old Mark Rhamdas and his family were socializing on the verandah of their Albert Street home, through this alley off Albert Street West. About 20 minutes later, he left the house on his motorcycle to pick up his girlfriend 21-year-old Etheline Mejia from work. He took his 4 year-old son with him, and at just a few minutes before 6:00, he was returning on the motorcycle, and he had his girlfriend and his son with him as passengers. They were halfway through the alley, just a short distance from his house, when a gunman who had been lurking around, ambushed them.

San Ignacio Dead Man Is Coast Guard Officer
An unidentified man was murdered in San Ignacio and Police need your help to identify him. But this is the only picture they have of him - and they begged us to put it on air - so that they can come up with an ID. He was apparently beaten and left for dead on Holy Saturday when he was picked up by police at around 1:27 a.m. with an injury to the head. He never regained consciousness and died yesterday at the KHMH. So now, it's another murder that police have to solve, but they need his family to come forward and identify him. This afternoon, the Deputy Commanding Officer of San Ignacio Police spoke with us today via phone about what they have been able to establish in the case so far: Insp. Reymundo Reyes, Deputy Commander, Cayo Formation "The information is that on Saturday 4th April, sometime around 1:27am, information was received from the San Ignacio police, of a male person laying on the ground by the Welcome Center area of San Ignacio Town. Police visited the scene and found a male person in an unconscious state with head injuries.

OW Prisoner Makes Mad Dash
A prisoner escaped from police in Orange Walk today. At around 1:45, 37 year old Angel Torres was being taken to prison after he was convicted in the Orange Walk Magistrate's court, convicted of assaulting his brother. But before he could leave Orange Walk - Torres made a run for freedom. It happened at the speed bump for the Tower Hill Bridge. Police ran after him, but he escaped into the bushes and then into a pond that connects to the New River. Reports say police fired shots at him, but Torres still escaped. Tonight, police are still looking for him - but did not have a picture to share.

Will Rawell Remain on FFB Executive?
Last night we told you about Rawell Pelayo's plea bargain in a New York Southern District Courtroom. On June 30, 2014, he pleaded guilty to "conspiring to violate the narcotics laws of the United States." In October of 2014, he was given a two-year sentence and then deported to Belize earlier this week. He cannot return to the United States but he took his plea and spent 21 months in custody. Here in Belize he faces no charge - but does have to check in with police weekly as is standard for deportees. His still holds his seat on the FFB which was supported by a four to three vote of the Football Congress, which is the highest decision making authority in the Federation. But, there is some question now as to whether Pelayo will be able to hold on to seat now that it is known that he pleaded guilty to narcotics smuggling.

Pastor Kwako Got Caught
African Pastor Wilberforce Kwako arrived in Belize with a forged passport, and tonight, he's in the custody of Belizean law enforcement. Kwako, a resident of the West African country of Ghana, arrived in the country yesterday via a flight from El Salvador, just after 9 a.m. When he arrived at the immigration check-in section, the officer on duty referred him to the Supervisor for Secondary inspection, which is standard practice with citizens coming from that country. When he was asked, he presented the immigration supervisor with a Ghanaian passport which identified him as Yaw Mensah. This person had supposedly been granted a US Visa, which would have expired last year. After closer inspection, the supervisor realized that this passport document had been altered. After it was tested using technical equipment, the supervisor realized that the original owner's photograph had been removed, and Kwako's photo was then added in. The passport was then restitched and then re-laminated.

President Luke Stays On
Luke Palacio has been re-elected president of the Belize National Teachers Union. That's the news coming out of the BNTU's 45th annual convention held in Benque Viejo at Mount Carmel High School. According to unofficial numbers, Palacio got beat out his opponent, Otilio Munoz by a count of 148 votes to 98 votes. Our records show that Palacio has been president since 2011.

PUP Talk Show Host Albert Vaughan To Make No Case Submission for Loitering
In August of 2014 when the sanitation workers did their famous garbage strike - PUP talk show host Albert Vaughan was right there on the frontline - doing what might charitably be called "media advocacy." But, police said he was loitering in a public place. And so, he joined the 41 sanitation workers who were arrested and eventually charged with taking part in an unlawful public meeting and municipal littering. Those charges were dropped by executive decree or something like that after the Prime Minister swooped in to save the situation. But Vaughan's charge was never dropped and the his trial started in the Magistrate's Court a few weeks ago. Vaughan is claiming that he was just a media workers, acting as a reporter for Vibes Radio. His attorney Kareem Musa told us they have no case to answer. Kareem Musa, Attorney for Albert Vaughan "We have had to go through the process of this legal wrangling between the police and the prosecution and Mr. Vaughan and they eventually charged him with loitering in a public place, even though he was out there carrying out his lawful business as a reporter like many of you, but none of you were charged with any offenses.

Culture Critic Yasser Bemoans City Plan
Last night we told you about the launch of the city rejuvenation project that focuses on reconstructing the House of Culture as well as upgrading other key areas in downtown Belize City. While it has been approved and has received a resounding applause from stakeholders, one cultural critic says it stinks. Yesterday former NICH President, Yasser Musa went on a facebook rant against the project, calling it "retrograde, racist and disturbing." He continues by saying "The crowd called NICH must mark April 8th as a celebration of colonial and myopic thinking." We caught up with Musa today and he explained why he considers this project an affront to Belizean history and identity. Yasser Musa, Artist "To be pulling a very sick stunt like this is completely, in my view, retrograde, it is racist and it is something that should be thoroughly condemned. That colonial museum idea is stupid. With fifteen million dollars, that is what they are spending on a colonial museum. With that money there should be a culture fund that artists, musicians, writers, researchers, historians, teachers can access small grants to go and do their projects.

Guats With Thousands Of Xate Leaves In Chiquibul
A month ago, we showed you the new crop of FCD rangers trained and ready to protect the Chiquibul National Park from Guatemalan poachers. Well, they're already delivering results, and tonight 2 Guatemalans from the village of La Rejoya are at the San Ignacio Police Station, awaiting formal charges after they were caught poaching xate leaves. A group of rangers were on a patrol in Chiquibul yesterday in the area known as Cubetas, when they came in contact with a Guatemalan man by the name of Transito Esquivel. He had several who sacks of Fishtail Xate leaves, which is one of the desired species inside the Chiquibul. The officers detained Esquivel and he escorted them to his camp which he has been using to gather the leaves. The officers arrived and after taking coordinates, they realized that this camp was 200 kilometres in Belizean territory.

US Navy Her For Humanitarianism
The US Navy is here in Belize on a humanitarian mission. It's called the Continuing Promise mission 2015 and over 1,000 crew members arrived this morning on the U.S Naval Hospital ship - USNS COMFORT. 2 Navy helicopters brought over 100 pallets of medical supplies and sporting equipment to be distributed across the country. Today we met with the Mission Commander, Captain Sam Hancock and he told us how this visit will significantly enhance services provided to Belizeans and further build ties between the US and Belize. Captain Sam Hancock, Mission Commander, Continuing Promise "We have quite a large amount, this is just the beginning of the supplies that'll be coming in but there's medical supplies that will utilize at the medical sites. There is engineering supplies for the building sites where we will be doing some fairly small engineering projects and then there is also a lot of donated goods that came with our NGO partners that some are home-based in Belize that we've also brought their teams on board.

Surgeries On Comfort
As you heard in the interview, medical services will also be provided including treatment and surgeries. Screening for surgeries was done for over 100 patients at the KHMH today and as early as tomorrow morning these patients will be taken on the USNS COMFORT for their procedures. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Captain William Todd told us about the process behind getting these patients ready for these medical procedures. Captain William Todd, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon "The ship is very unique, there are actually two of them and we call them National Treasures. They are converted oil tankers and they are nearly a thousand feet long and over a hundred feet wide. They are both identical and the one that we have on this coast is the USNS Comfort. It is staffed up, so we have twelve operating rooms. When the ship is at a maximum capacity for patients, we can take up to a thousand patients if we are configured for staffing for that.

Channel 5

Man Killed…Wife Shot in the City
The Berkeley Street area in Belize City has quickly become a hotspot in the Old Capital. There have been several shootings and a murder in recent days. At about six [...]

Police Need Help Identifying Murder Victim in Cayo
The second murder in the past twenty-four hours took place in the west and police needs the public’s assistance in identifying a man who was badly beaten and found at [...]

Katerin Perez Stabilized at Shriner’s Hospital
On Wednesday’s newscast we brought you the story of nine year old Katerin Michel Perez, a student in San Pedro who was badly burned in an accident in her home [...]

Why Was Managing Engineer Terminated?
A senior employee of the Belmopan City Council, in fact the head of the Engineering Section, is out of a job with absolutely no warning. Javier Novelo was a head [...]

Yasser Musa Calls Rejuvenation Project Crazy
The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project – it’s been dubbed revolutionary by its creators, the Government of Belize and the National Institute of Culture and History. [...]

Musa Says Money Should Be Used on People, Not Buildings
According to Musa, any search for identity or preservation of identity will not come from renovations to structures or a museum embracing colonial days. Instead, he says the fifteen million [...]

Cop Walks on Wounding Charge
This morning, twenty-nine year old Special Constable Juan Moralez was all smiles when a charge of Wounding was withdrawn from him since his wife, the alleged victim, requested no further [...]

Pastor Charged for Immigration Offence
A Ghanian citizen who is a pastor was busted at the P.G.I.A. for attempting to enter the country with another person’s passport. Forty year old Wilberforce Sintim Kwako was found [...]

Albert Vaughan in Court for Loitering
Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart is to decide next Wednesday, April fifteenth, on a charge of loitering in a public place filed against radio personality and activist for the People’s United [...]

Lake I Families Face Eviction
At this time, thirteen families are facing eviction from a privately owned property adjacent to landfill on the Lake Independence Boulevard. These families had been evicted twice before and the [...]

NICH Announces Winners of Logo Competition
The Institute of Social and Cultural Research through NICH is in the process of gathering data on historical events. The Belize History Association was formed to engage persons from all [...]

What’s Next for the Belize History Association?
But with the official logo finally completed, what’s next for the Belize History Association?   Giovanni Pinelo, Research and Education Officer, ISCR “The input from artists, the input from oral [...]

Stakeholders Meet to Plan Second Phase of SM Belize
The Salud Mesoamerica Project is a partnership between both public and private sectors including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carlos Slim Health Institute, Spain’s Cooperation Agency for International [...]

PM Barrow Speaks At Summit of the Americas
CNN reported a while ago that Raul Castro, the president of Cuba, has landed in Panama where the Seventh Summit of the Americas is taking place. The hemispheric meeting is [...]

Healthy Living: Avoiding Exercise Injuries
Whether you’re an active or not so active person, anyone can fall victim to exercise related injuries. Spraining an ankle, pulling a muscle or knee and shoulder injuries are the [...]


Convict Escapes From Orange Walk Police While Being Transported To Central Prison
37 year old Angel Torres who was convicted of assaulting his brother was found guilty and sentenced to spend time at the Central Prison. And this afternoon around 1:45pm as he and other prisoners were being transported to spend day one of their sentences at the Central Prison; Torres made a break for freedom and jumped from the pan of the police mobile. Authorities have confirmed that Torres made the mad dash as the police truck was passing the Toll Bridge speed bump. After police were alerted of his escape they pursued him but he took made a mad dash into the bushes and swam across a pond that connects to the New River. It is alleged that police fired two shots in his direction as he swam across but their efforts to subdue him were futile. As of news time, police were actively engaged in a man-hunt for Torres but their efforts have been to no avail. Police could not furnish us with a picture of Torres but ask that anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the police station. The public is reminded that harbouring a wanted prisoner is illegal and punishable by law. More on this story as it develops.

Documents Show Rawell Pelayo Pleaded Gulty
Tonight the former Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize and Chairman of the National Team Committee is back at home enjoying the comforts of his home here in Orange Walk after spending more than a year behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York facing charges for narcotics smuggling to the US. As mentioned last night Rawell Pelayo was deported to Belize yesterday and after his papers were processed at the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City he was released. He declined giving an interview to the media but did state that he would hold a press conference in the near future and that he was happy to be back home. Up to yesterday information indicating under which circumstances Pelayo was released was hard to come by but we have some tonight. As previously reported even before Pelayo applied and was given his Visa to accompany Belize’s National Football Team to the first round of the Gold Cup back in July of 2013 and indictment dating April 12th 2012 had already been filed against Pelayo aka “Berto”, Jesus Cortina Castillo aka “Jose” and “Don R” and Riquelio Arias aka “Kike” and “Willington”.

USNS Offers Free Medical Check Ups
A release from the Embassy of the United States in Belize indicates that the US Naval Hospital Ship, USNS COMFORT will be in Belize from April 9th to the eighteenth. During the visit, USNS COMFORT personnel with partner with the Ministries of Health and Education, the Belize Defense Force and the Belize Coast Guard to share and build capability through medical, dental, engineering and veterinary events and exchanges. Teams will be at the Hattieville Government School and Independence High School providing outpatient medical, dental and preventative medicine and health education services. The services are made available to the general public for one free medical or dental service each day. The release adds that the USNS Comfort works with a number of governmental and non-governmental agencies to train personnel in conducting civil-military operations that include humanitarian assistance and disaster relief providing medical, dental and veterinary care, and engineering support to local populations. The USNS will also be visiting other ports in Central and South America and the Caribbean later this year.


Tourism Minister unafraid of death threats
Several weeks ago it was reported that Minister Manuel Heredia Jr and Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero were threatened with their lives after making a public call for greater law enforcement presence on the island after a rash of murders and other criminal activity...

Downtown Rejuvenation project opens in Belize City
The ambitious project intended to revitalize and open up the major cultural centers in the downtown area of Belize City was officially launched today at one of its focal points, the former Government House, now House of Culture...

Puerto Azul project at “standstill”
In our last segment we told you about the Blackadore Caye resort that may be in the pipelines. While Blackadore Caye appears to be off and running, a former development darling seems to have fallen out of favor...

Government favorable to Blackadore Caye project but waits for plans
Over the Easter weekend, the New York Times broke the story of plans by award-winning actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio to invest in a mega-development on his privately-held island, Blackadore Caye...

Shortage of mental disorder medication?
Many Belizeans suffering from chronic mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, depend on medications like risperidone to function normally in society...

Floating body discovered with stab wounds
The body of a murdered man was found floating in the lagoon behind Seine Bight Village Stann Creek District on Tuesday. When the body was retrieved from the lagoon, it had obvious physical injuries...

Fire Burns down Principal’s Office
Primary schools all over the country resume classes on Monday April 13th, next week but one school located in Big Falls Village, Toledo District will have a major setback when they resume operation because the principal’s office was set on fire over the weekend...

The Guardian

Belizean reclaims Cross Country Garland
After riding 140 miles, Belizean American Justin Williams has won the 87th Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. 107 riders signed up for the 2015 race at the BTL Park on the morning of April 4, and at around 6 a.m., they took off for the ceremonial ride through the City. Just past the Faber’s Road Junction, the race began in earnest, and from about mile 18, the race started to take shape. A group of 7 elite riders separated themselves from the main peloton. Among those riders were Justin Williams, and his brother Corey, who were riding for Team Bel Cal. The way that these riders managed to escape so early was by cooperating with each other, taking turns on the pace while everyone stayed on their wheel. Just before the Belmopan Junction, 4 chasers managed to catch them, and so that group of 7 became a group of 11. They travelled all the way to Cayo and back enjoying leads of between 3 minutes and 5 minutes ahead of the main peloton. Just before Deadman’s Curve, two riders from the main group of eleven were left behind. As the miles kept going by, others started falling behind, unable to keep up with the pace and the gap increased to almost 6 minutes.

Ashcroft’s Minions attempting to derail Petro-Caribe
The Anti-Barrow regime, which calls itself the “Rod of Correction”, is a collection of self proclaimed independent thinkers who have been trying desperately to turn the Belizean people against the Dean Barrow Administration. Having been approved by Lord Michael Ashcroft, Audrey Matura Shepherd has become the Leader of this faction of society. This regime has thrown everything they could think of at the television screen hoping that something sticks in the minds of Belizean voters. Now their focus is on Government’s transformation catalyst, Petro-Caribe. Over the last week and a half, the Rod of Correction has rallied the troops to launch war on the Petro-Caribe program. The smoking gun they have pointed to is the Petro-Caribe Bill passed by the National Assembly after the budget debate. They claim that the bill gives Prime Minister Barrow dictatorial power to spend as much money as he wants without accounting for how the money was spent. This is simply not true. They also claim that the bill removes Petro-Caribe spending from being subject to the Finance and Audit Act. This also is simply not true.

Is Matura trying to oust Davis and replace him in the Senate
On Wednesday April 1, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize met to basically read the riot act to Ray Davis after he, as the union representative in the Senate, chose to abstain from voting for or against the Petro Caribe Bill. The vote nonetheless went 6 to 5 in favor of it passing. It would appear that Davis’ decision was prefaced by the fact that, by their own admission, he was never given any instruction on how to vote in the Senate. He therefore did the honorable thing and abstained after all he was neither told to vote for or against it. Now the NTUCB president, Marvin Mora and its Vice President, Audrey Matura summoned Davis for him to answer. We do not know what happened in the meeting but needless to say, there are now moves afoot to replace Davis.

Hotmixing of Jaguar Paw road commences
In February of this year the Government of Belize signed on to a contract for the paving of 9 kilometers of highway in Frank’s Eddy Village that leads to the Jaguar Paw cave system. Since the signing road works by Belize Roadway construction Ltd. have been moving expeditiously and already hotmix is being placed on With the investment of $4,864,644.92 on the road, it means that residents of the area as well as tour guides will see significant benefits. Already there are reports that a trip that would have taken 1/2 hour to make is being made in 15 minutes. Tour operators in particular are very pleased at the development as not only time is being cut in half but the wear and tear that their vehicles used to suffer is also being minimized. Additionally, the paving of the road with hot mix will open the area to new investment.

Cristina Coc, what about the other cultures?
The Q'eqchi’s claim of customary and indigenous right to Belize is wrong, especially when we consider all the evidence and history. The Q'eqchi's claim is an injustice to the Creole that came here along with the British. It is also an injustice to the Garifuna who came here in 1802, 4 years after the battle of St. George's Cay, and the East Indians who came here in southern Belize in 1870 from India. This is 7 years before the Guatemalan congress passed a decree abolishing the Q'eqchi communal land in Guatemala. Joining the two groups of Mayas under MLA is a worthless scam When Cristina Coc and others in the alliances know that truly only the Mopan can claim customary indigenous rights to Belize. Cristina Coc, your Claim for indigenous rights for the Q'eqchi can only be made in the Supreme Court of Guatemala. Stop your scam! The Q'eqchi' have a long history of political conflict. Even before the Spanish Conquest, which began in earnest in 1529, Guatemala was known as Tezulutlan, or "the land of war." The combined factors of military resistance and the dispersal of the Q'eqchi' population for agricultural reasons made centralized governmental control by the Spanish highly difficult. For this reason, Friar Bartolomé de las Casas was given permission to attempt to pacify the Q'eqchi' through religious conversion. Although the church was never able to gain complete control, its actions did have a strong influence on the Q'eqchi' people. The church's attempts to protect the Q'eqchi' led to an isolated Q'eqchi' enclave that was not part of the economic growth of Spanish-colonial Guatemala. Once the church lost its ability to govern the Q'eqchi', the people were open to exploitation from outside sources.

CWU President lies about Petro-Caribe spending
Without prior authorization from its members, the Christian Workers Union issued a press release on Tuesday, March 31, condemning Governments desire to access Petro-Caribe funds without prior authorization from the National Assembly. The release was loaded with opinions, propaganda and lies. It is written like something a reader can expect out of the Belize Times, not from a labour union. The most blatant lie is in the lead sentence of the fourth paragraph of the release: “Already some Bz $286,166,698.78 dollars has been spent from September 2012 to February 2015.” The truth is that not even half of this amount has been spent. Using funds available through the Petro-Caribe Agreement, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has committed just over $160 million to development projects up to February of 2015. The National Bank of Belize opened its doors with $20 million in startup capital. Due to a great demand for affordable financing, the Government of Belize injected additional capital in the Bank in the sum of $10 million. Using Petro-Caribe funds, the Government has spent or had committed just more than $67 million to roads and streets countrywide.

Vice President of FFB returns to Belize after serving time in U.S. prison
Twenty one months after being held in custody and serving time in prison in the US, Rawell Pelayo, the Senior Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize is back in the country. Pelayo who was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency, is back after being deported. It made national headlines when he was detained before being able to follow the Belize National Team to Portland in July of 2013. At the time Pelayo was supposed to be part of the official FFB entourage which was to escort the National Team to Portland for the country’s first ever appearance in the Gold Cup. He was intercepted by immigration authorities in Houston before he could properly enter the country, and he was then escorted to the Southern District of New York to stand trial for conspiracy to import narcotics into that country. The US law enforcement personnel say that he facilitated at least 500 grams of cocaine to be imported into New York.

International Garifuna Summit in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
An International Garifuna Summit organized by the Garifuna Heritage Foundation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was held on 8th-15th March, 2015 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The theme of the Summit was “The Garifuna, a Nation Displaced-Cultural Rights, Economic Survival and Reparations.” It consisted of several events including Workshops, Conferences, Tours, Cultural Extravaganza, a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Garifuna Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer Monument on St. Vincent and Grenadines Heroes Day, March 14th. A pilgrimage to Balliceaux was done on Sunday March 15. Balliceaux is an inhospitable off-shore island where the Garinagu were sent in July 1796 before being exiled from their homeland. More than fifty percent of those sent to Balliceaux died before the exile.

The Kaibil’s First Mission – Recover Belize
In 1975, the then president of Guatemala, Kjell Eugenio Laugerud had a plan: he wanted to recover Belize which he deemed was Guatemalan territory. To that end he created a super elite military unit which he named the Kaibil. If everything went according to plan, he was to make a pronouncement on the 7th July, 1977 when his elite unit was ready that Guatemala will seek to recover 11,030 kilometers of Belizean soil which he said belonged to Guatemala as a result of the Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty of 1959. The plan was to train a unit outside the scopes of conventional warfare whose sole objective was to invade Belize and claim it as Guatemalan territory. As a result on the 28th April, 1975, 24 young Cadets arrived in the village of Infierno (Hell) located close to the border line. At this exact time on the Belize side of the border line, a Battalion of 700 Gurkas had just set up camp. The Gurkas are fierce warriors belonging to the Nepalese Military which serve alongside British Soldiers in Commonwealth Countries and British Colonies.

Ninth Natural Resource Management Symposium held in Belmopan
The ninth Natural Resource Management Symposium organized by the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation MSBC was held on Wednesday March 25 at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in the Nation’s Capital. It was an opportunity for some 20 specialists to review their findings on different natural resources management areas, within just an eight hour period; offering a revealing assessment of the status of marine and terrestrial habitats in both Belize and neighboring countries. According to Roberto Pott, President of the MSBC, the one day event was intended to try and bridge the gap across borders that would facilitate the exchange of technical information as it relates to biodiversity and conservation. “The primary objective is to get our researchers to present information…a lot of times data and reports stay on desks and on shelves and this is an opportunity to at least get the abstract that is then published widely,” says Roberto Pott. Presenting information on climate and land use change on Belize’s water resources was Dr. Elma Kay, Science Director for the Environmental Research Institute at the University of Belize. Dr. Elma Kay referred to the 16 watersheds that exist in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico and examined the potential effects of erosion and runoff patterns.

Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow attends Summit of the Americas
The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that the Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country on Tuesday, 7th April, 2015, for an official visit to Panama City, Panama, to attend the Summit of the Americas from 10th - 11th April, 2015. On 9th April, the Prime Minister makes a presentation to the II CEO Summit under the theme “Bridging the Americas: Productive Integration for Inclusive Development”, which precedes the actual summit. While in Panama, the Prime Minister will also be participating in a SICA-US Summit. The Office of the Prime Minister would also like to inform that the Hon. Wilfred Elrington will be representing Prime Minister Barrow in a CARICOM-US Summit in Jamaica on 8th April 2015. Thereafter, Hon. Elrington will be travelling to Panama to join Prime Minister Barrow at the Summit of the Americas.

Municipal Fair opens in San Ignacio Town
The 66th Annual Municipal Fair for San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns was officially opened on Friday night of last week at the Macal River Park in San Ignacio Town. Opening the three day fair was Earl Trapp, the Mayor of the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Also present at this opening was the Deputy Mayor Bernadette Fernandez as well as members of the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council. Thousands of Belizeans from all over Belize came to the Macal River Park to experience the mechanical rides and a variety of foods that were being offered. What makes the fair especially popular on Saturdays is that it was held just after the passing of the Cross Country Cycling Classic through San Ignacio Town, which brought even more Belizeans and tourists into Town. When the first fair was held decades ago, some $1,400.00 was raised to build the present Columbus Park; still standing in front of the San Ignacio Police Station. Funds from subsequent fairs were also used for community development and the offering of scholarships to students.

Accused of grabbing Chinese grocer’s breast
Sheffield Brown, 39, a resident of Welch Street, Belize City spent the Easter weekend at the Belize Central Prison on remand for allegedly grabbing a Chinese grocer’s breast. According to the victim, she was driving her vehicle on Antelope Street when Brown jumped in front of her causing her to stop. He then approached the vehicle and grabbed her breast. The woman reported the incident to police and Brown was later picked up and charged with sexual assault.

Charged for arson at Youth Hostel
Three young girls have been charged for setting the fire that destroyed the girls’ dormitory of the Princess Royal Youth Hostel on Tuesday, March 31. The alleged ring leader is 18-year-old resident, Erlene Baizar. Baizar appeared in the Belize City Magistrates Court along with two accomplices, ages 12 and 13, on Thursday, April 2. The girls appeared before recently appointed Magistrate Ladonna John where they were read charges of arson and damage to property. According to a police report, just after 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31, the three females lit a mattress on fire which then caused the entire dormitory to be engulfed in flames. The entire female dormitory cement structure with zinc roofing measuring 30 by 54 feet is valued at $250,000 was destroyed. Also destroyed were a 42 inch Toshiba flat screen television, valued $1,200, two sofa sets, valued $2,400, 11 metal bunk beds, value $11,000, 23 twin size foam mattresses, valued $3,500, one Mahogany desk, valued $700, one wooden six seater table, valued $300, four padded chairs, valued $600, seven standing fans, valued $665, 23 assorted bed sheets, valued $700 and one BTL telephone system, valued $9,416. The total value of the structure and items destroyed is estimated to be more than $280,400.

Medical authorities find blade inside man in Cayo
Medical personnel examining a man at the San Ignacio Hospital during an X-Ray examination have found a knife blade inside of him. Melvin Budna had been rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital on Saturday night of this past weekend, after having been involved in an altercation at the Blue Angels Night Club on Hudson Street in San Ignacio Town. On finding the blade, San Ignacio hospital authorities immediately transported Melvin Budna to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan City in an unconscious state for further surgery and medical treatment. While at the Belmopan Hospital, surgeons were able to remove the blade from inside of him and he is now in stable condition.

Cayo man recovering after a hit and run
Well know sports enthusiast and self-employed Bernard McLaren remains at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City after being hit by a driver on March 29th. The driver of a white vehicle had refused to render assistance and fled the scene. As he would do almost daily, the 50 year old had just visited his three kids in Santa Elena and was heading to another house when he was hit by the vehicle. His wife Dawnette Elijio tells us that Bernard McLaren was suffering from a blood clot in the brain, internal injuries and a collapsed lung. Elijio also reports that the staff and doctors at the KHMH have rendered her husband great service, with Cat Scans, X-Rays and Ultrasound having been performed so far. While earlier on McLaren had been placed on life support, he is now off the ventilator and is breathing on his own.

Brothers chop two men in Cayo
On Sunday of this past weekend, at about 10:30 am, a man of Hispanic descent identified as Steven Cruz ended with multiple machete chop wounds whist he was at the corner of Blue Bird Street and 23rd Back Street in San Igancio Town. Twenty year old Steven Cruz was socializing at the residence of Alejandro Galvez when he got into an altercation with brothers Daniel Bennet and Dean Bennet. Daniel Bennet then left the property saying “all a unu wan get it.” Both Daniel and Dean Bennet returned ten minutes later to approach Alejandro Galvez and Steven Cruz, who were sitting on the verandah of the house. Daniel Bennet then began lashing Alejandro Galvez. But Dean Bennet was more aggressive and began swinging his machete towards Steven Cruz, causing wounds to the back of his head, right wrist and right lower foot.

Female Coast Guard attempts to kill another coast guard while on duty
A veteran female Coast Guard Officer has been accused of shooting another officer in the back of the head. She is now at the Belize Central Prison, and the victim, has been hospitalized for the injury. It happened on Monday, April 6, when a joint law enforcement team consisting of police officers, Coast Guard officers, Port Authority, and Belize Defence Force Soldiers were returning from an operation at sea. About 100 yards from docking at the Belize City, base, the officers on board the Coast Guard Vessel "CG14" heard a gunshot at around 9:42 a.m. When the officers checked, they found Pettie Officer First Class Kurt Hyde, who was the captain of the vessel lying on the deck. He suffered a gunshot injury to the back of the head which exited his left cheek. The officers also observed 24 Year-old Coast Guard Officer Keyren Tzib with her service issue M4 Carbine in her hand, and a 5.56 expended shell was found on the deck.

Stepfather hacks step son to death
A Belize City man is accused of chopping his stepson to death, currently, he’s at the Belize Central Prison after being criminally charged by the police for that incident. The confrontation happened at around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1. Forty-two year-old Patrick Castillo Sr. was at home on Kut Avenue with his family, which included his biological children and his stepchildren. That’s when his stepson, 20 year-old Guatemalan Jose Maderos, reportedly stepped on his sister’s toe. That caused Castillo to get involved as a parent, and he started to discipline Maderos. Within familial circles, the two men were known to a have a confrontational relationship in which Maderos did not get along very well with his stepfather. Police investigations indicate that this episode between stepfather and stepson escalated to a physical altercation, and an enraged Castillo allegedly pulled a machete and chopped his stepson to death. The entire incident was witnessed by other young children in the family, and it has reportedly caused the children to suffer trauma.

Police investigate two murders
Police are investigating two very recent murders one, which happened in Seine Bight Village in the South, and another in Belize City. The latest incident happened just before 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8. 24 year-old Mark “Judas” Rhamdas was walking in an alley near to his home when he was shot by an unknown gunman, who reportedly fired at least 5 bullets at him. He then ran out of the alley unto Albert Street West, with his hand on his abdomen, begging for assistance and informing those around that he had been shot. He collapsed right in front of Southside Meats on Albert Street, and was rushed to the KHMH shortly after. Unfortunately, he did not make it in time, and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Justin Williams captures 87th Cross Country Title
The Cycling Federation of Belize sponsored its 87th Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic on Saturday 4 April, 2015. The 142 miles event attracted some 94 riders from the Elite, U-23 and Masters Category. The event officially started from the Fabers Road Junction with the George Price Highway at 6:00 am. The first separation in the riders came around Mile 18 when a group of 7 separated itself from the main peloton. It was not until at mile 27 that the original breakaway group of 7 merged with the chase group of 4 riders. At that point in time the lead group consisted of Shane Vasquez of Western Spirits, Scottie Weisse of Team Starlight, Erwin Middleton of Benny’s Megabytes, Richard Santiago of Team Digicell, Justin and Corey Williams of Team Bel-Cal, Mexican Yayir Jimenez-Godinez of Team Cancun, David Henderson of Smart Zoom, Leroy Cassasola of Team Santino’s, Peter Choto and Aiden Juan of Team C-Ray. The station prize at the Belmopan Junction was captured by David Henderson of Team Smart Zoom. At that point in time of the race, the lead was over some 3 minutes.

Belize Softball Federation holds Tryout for U-19 players in Independence Village
The Belize Softball Federation will be holding Open Tryouts for softball players 19 years and under in both the female and male categories on Saturday 11 April, 2015, in Independence Village in the Stann Creek District. The National Training Team will be at the Independence High School in Independence Village at 10:15 to conduct the Open Try-outs for the players. The Belize Softball Federation is asking all players to bring along an identification that can be used for age verifications. The National Junior Female and National Junior Male teams will represent Belize at the Central American Junior Championships in El Salvador and Nicaragua respectively.


Patrick JonesPJ

Albert Vaughan loitering case draws to close
Last August, PUP activist and reporter Albert Vaughan was charged with loitering in a public place during the riots by then-workers of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) against the Belize City Council. The workers stood against reports that some 50 of them would be temporarily terminated due to “hard […]

Belize History Association unveils logo; awards winners
It was established last year to promote the gathering and preservation of Belize’s history, and the Belize History Association (BHA) is moving full steam ahead in that goal. Today it presented its new logo, the combined creation of the two winners of its logo design competition held earlier […]

BREAKING: Murder Victim Found in San Ignacio is Aurelio Montero
The murder victim who was found around 1:27am on Holy Saturday in San Ignacio Town has been identified as Aurelio Montero from Bullet Tree Village. Belize Media Group has been informed that Montero is an officer at the Belize Coast Guard and was known by many people as “Nene”. More […]

Belize City man murdered in front of family
25 year old Mark Anthony Rhamdas Jr., also known as “Judas,” became the latest target of murder in Belize City. In the last two weeks there have been three shooting incidents in the general vicinity of Albert Street West, Berkeley Street and East Canal, centered around an alley […]

BREAKING: Prisoner Escapes from Police
Authorities in Orange Walk are currently actively seeking a wanted prisoner who escaped from their grasp as they were being transported to the Central Prison this afternoon. The escapee has been identified as 37 year old Angel Torres of a Cabbage Street address in the Louisiana Area of Orange Walk […]

Belize Bank BullDogs Win Second Place in the Sittee River Canoe Race
The Belize Bank BullDogs Canoe team, sponsored by Belize Bank Limited, finished a close second in the recent Sittee River Easter Monday Race held on April 6, 2015. The BullDogs came in just behind an excellent Guydis Canoes Team who finished the race in 1:19:21 with the BullDogs finishing with […]

Bush fires break out in August Pine Ridge Villag
Chairman of the August Pine Ridge Village, Ismael Blanco has been receiving calls since Sunday about bush fires that are rampaging through acres upon acres of land in that rural area. According to Blanco, bush fires are a natural phenomena during this time every year but this year, he believes […]

This Heritage Reshape, Not Just Hold
By Valentino Shal “The State is nothing other than the effect, the outline, the moving cross section of a perpetual process of State formation, or perpetual processes of State formation … The State is nothing other than the changing effect of a multiple regime of governmentalities” – Michel Foucault, French Philosopher. The Caribbean Court of […]

Belize: Warm, Dry Weather with Isolated Showers Will Continue Through the Weekend
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting, fair, warm, and dry conditions with isolated showers dominating our weather for the rest of the weekend. Winds will blow to the East at 10 to 20 knots and the sea state will be moderate. High temperatures are expected to be around […]

We Should Re-Think Our Education System
In May 2013 the Inter-American Development Bank released a report named – “Challenges and Opportunities in the Belize Education Sector”. The report stated – “Belize is paying a lot for education but getting little. More youth are outside the school system than in it and many fail to make the transition to […]


An Update: Mahogany Bay Village Really IS The Largest Development on Ambergris Caye
Almost a year ago now, I followed the signs just south of town to Rum+Bean coffee shop and the beginning development called Mahogany Bay Village. (You can see exactly what I saw here – it was June 2014.) The coffee shop was open but not much else. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing pictures on Facebook…of delicious coffee drinks and Key Lime Pie in a mason jar and I decided to go down there again. And I found changes…LOTS of changes. And impressive ones. Overwhelming plans. I think I was more shocked by this progress than by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blackadore plans. And that’s saying something. Perhaps because it is in “my backyard”. Here’s what I saw and what I learned. The entrance is just past this sign. Let’s just say that this population number is about to change.

Positive thoughts...Gia provides her thoughts on working with manatee calves
Hi, I’m Georgia and I work with the two manatee calves here at Wildtracks. I have always desired to be a helpful person, to make a true and definitive difference with my life. Being at Wildtracks for the past two months I have felt the impacts of my work in a more real way than I ever have before. Yesterday we weighed Mitch and Lucky, the two youngest manatees at Wildtracks, and over the past two months they have both gained over 30 pounds. When the numbers appeared on the screen I cannot explain the joy that I felt. Every day my good friend Julie and I wake up before the sunrise and go to bed long after it has set, in order to feed these two calves. Their care, along with Elliot and Athena – a pair of howler monkeys that I feed, consumes all of my energy both physical and mental every day. Yet every day I wake up refreshed. When my alarm goes off I think about Mitch, Lucky, Elliot, and Athena and about what today has in store for us, what challenges, triumphs, and whatever may come. The responsibility entrusted to me to safeguard these animals inspires me to do my absolute best for them, and in turn this experience has been immensely rewarding. From having Lucky sleep on my chest after finishing his bottle, to playing with Elliot and hearing his chuckle for the first time, rehabilitating these animals replenishes my soul, washes away all of the minor and superficial stresses that nag me, and reminds me of what is truly important.

International Sourcesizz

Updated 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecasts Have Been Released By Tropical Storm Risk & Colorado State – My Thoughts On Both Forecasts
Updated forecasts for the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season have been issued by Colorado State University and Tropical Storm Risk. I want to briefly go over both forecasts with you and then give you my latest thoughts on what the 2015 Hurricane Season may have in store. Before I get into everything, PLEASE PREPARE for this hurricane season the same way you would for any other season, no matter how many storms are forecast. It only takes one tropical storm or hurricane to make a season very bad for any one person. Find out about your evacuation zone, go out and get shutters to protect your home, go out and go shopping to get hurricane supplies, go to your insurance agent and make sure you are insured properly. So, let’s take a look briefly at both forecasts: Colorado State University’s Updated April 9th Forecast: – The biggest item of note in their forecast is that they are expecting one of the least active seasons in quite some time and that at least a moderate El Niño will be in place during much of the hurricane season. As for numbers, the forecast from Colorado State University is calling for 7 named storms, 3 of those storms becoming hurricanes and 1 of those hurricanes becoming a major hurricane. One item of important note is that a El Niño does not impact the Gulf of Mexico storms and is mainly a impact for the Caribbean and the part of the Atlantic between the Lesser Antilles and the western coast of Africa. This is important and will be discussed more later on in this update.

Faculty and Students Travel to Belize to Study Tropical Environments
The 12 students enrolled in this year’s Coasts in Transition 360° joined Bryn Mawr faculty members Thomas Mozdzer (Biology), Maja Šešelj (Anthropology), and Don Barber (Geology) on a spring break trip to Belize where they examined tropical environments and conducted marine ecology research. While in Belize, the group was immersed in two distinct tropical ecosystems – a rain forest and a barrier reef – as they studied each region’s flora, fauna, geology, history, and culture. First, in the remote village of Blue Creek in the Belizean rain forest, students learned about the flora and fauna from local guides who provided lessons in ethnobotany (the relationships between plants and people). Students also toured the tropical rainforest canopy, swam through a cave to learn about carbonate geology, made hot chocolate and tortillas with local villagers, and encountered iguanas and howler monkeys in their natural habitat. En route to South Water Caye, a tropical marine reserve about 20 kilometers off the coast of Belize in the world’s second largest barrier reef, students visited the Late Classic Maya site of Lubaantun, where they learned about Mayan history and civilization. This was followed by drumming lessons to experience the local Garifuna culture.

Investors Sue Over Belizean Property Dispute
Investors claim a Florida lawyer-turned-felon and his cohorts bilked them out of their savings twice over using a Belizean real estate scheme. The investors, sixteen all told, sued ex-attorney Kenneth Dunn and his associates in Palm Beach County Court for allegedly duping them into financing Dreamscapes, a residential development project in Belize. They claim the money they contributed to the project was siphoned off to "fund [the] personal lifestyles" of Dunn, project head Cliff Goodrich, and Dreamscapes officer Colm King, all of whom are named as defendants. According to the lawsuit, the grift began after the investors requested information about Dreamscapes on a website and were contacted by Dreamscapes' agents. The Dreamscapes marketing team, at the direction of Dunn and Goodrich, told the investors the project would turn Goodrich's plot of undeveloped Belizean land into a residential complex with a police and fire station, marina, club house and golf course, the lawsuit claims.

I'm a soldier - get me out of here!
Day one: Mention Belize to anyone and the first thing they warn you of is the size of the spiders. Trust me. They are huge. Day one started with an early alarm call before checking in at London Heathrow airport. It was a chance to meet some of the team who we would be sharing camp with, battling the thick foliage alongside and watching our soldiers train in some of the most difficult conditions. Conversation on the flight was mostly about the size of the creepy crawlies, but also how young some of 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment are. Many of them left school and signed up straight away, while others moved into the regular army after passing out from Harrogate’s training college. These are 18-year-old men who quickly find themselves in a very grown up world.

Obama applauds LGBT advocate during Jamaica speech
President Obama on Thursday applauded a prominent Jamaican LGBT rights advocate as he spoke during a town hall meeting in the country’s capital. Angeline Jackson, executive director of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica, a group that advocates on behalf of lesbian and bisexual women and transgender Jamaicans, was among those in the audience at University of the West Indies in Kingston when Obama described her as one of the island’s “remarkable young leaders.” Obama during his speech noted that Jackson founded Quality of Citizenship Jamaica after she and a friend were kidnapped, held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. “As a woman and as a lesbian, justice and society weren’t always on her side,” said the president. “But instead of remaining silent she chose to speak out and started her own organization to advocate for women like her, get them treatment and get them justice and push back against stereotypes and give them some sense of their own power. And she became a global activist.”

Nacogdoches FUMC youth group putting on huge garage sale for mission trips
Spring is the traditional garage sale season, but some sales are larger than others. The First United Methodist Church, Nacogdoches Youth Garage Sale is one of those. There are enough items to fill a basketball gymnasium. It's going on through Saturday to raise money to send the youth on summer mission trips. “We've got a group that is going to Belize to serve by building onto a Christian high school,” said Jeff Campbell, FUMC's director of youth ministries. “And then we have a group of younger high school who are going down to Navasota for those that are in need. And then we have a junior high group that will just be going to Longview and working in Gregg County area for widows and single moms and older folks."

Sabra Recalls 30,000 Cases Of Hummus Over Fears Of Listeria Contamination
Belize's Ministry of Health has not released a warning yet, but we know that these products are on the shelves of local shops in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Please read and be aware - Sabra Hummus products recalled. Sabra Dipping Co., which makes the country’s top-selling hummus, voluntarily recalled approximately 30,000 cases due to a possible listeria contamination, the company announced on Wednesday. The potential for contamination was discovered when a routine, random sample –collected from a retail location in Michigan on March 30 – tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The company was made aware of the possible contamination on April 7.

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Nuttin' but love for Obama in Jamaica
President Barack Obama's supporters often shout at him, "I love you!" But Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller didn't have to raise her voice Thursday. She had prime seating beside Obama from which to declare her and her country's love for him after they met privately during his first presidential visit to her island nation. "I just want to say to you, you might not know, but you are very loved in this country," Simpson Miller said, before describing how many Jamaicans mistakenly had lined the route they thought his motorcade would take after he arrived Wednesday evening. "So I just wanted to say you're well-loved in Jamaica," she said. "Well, first of all I can say to you publicly, 'I love you.'"

Joe Biden makes case for $1 billion investment in Central America
While President Obama focuses on domestic spending, the vice president is turning his attention to our southern neighbors. In a New York Times op-ed published late Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden explains why Obama intends to ask Congress to spend in 2015 “almost three times what we generally have provided to Central America.” “As we were reminded last summer when thousands of unaccompanied children showed up on our southwestern border,” Biden begins, “the security and prosperity of Central America are inextricably linked with our own.” Specifically, Biden says that the “economies of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras remain bogged down as the rest of the Americas surge forward. Inadequate education, institutional corruption, rampant crime and a lack of investment are holding these countries back.” “Toward that end,” Biden explains, “on Monday, President Obama will request from Congress $1 billion to help Central America’s leaders make the difficult reforms and investments required to address the region’s interlocking security, governance and economic challenges.”

Greetings from Belize! This post is coming out a little late this week, but I have a good excuse — I just couldn’t stand to be on my computer any more than necessary for the nine beautiful days my family was here! (All the other posts you’ve read recently were written and scheduled long before their arrival.) Exploring Belize with my mom, little sister and cousin was a highlight of my time in Central America and a trip I know we’ll cherish for years. Our first stop was the coastal Garifuna village of Hopkins, where we snorkeled, biked, and swam our way through every minute of sunshine. Next we moved inland to the beautiful jungles of San Ignacio, where we climbed ancient ruins, yoga-ed our hearts out and took a traditional Mayan cooking class. Finally, we made our way out to the Cayes, where I’ll be reporting from next week. I’m already giddy to share more about all these experiences with you in the future. But for now, a little preview in the form of Photo of the Week…


  • artWork, 3min. Made a lil music video of new painting, at Central Farm studio, Belize Central America.

  • Dual Survival - Belize, 11min. Cave diving documentary

  • Belize Sugar Industries, 8min.

  • Belize 2015 , min. COrnell College goes to San Pedro!

  • Spring Break 2015: Caye Caulker, Belize, min.

  • International Severice Learning: Belize 2015, 2.5min. hotos from my spring break medical service trip in Corozal, Belize

  • Someday is NOW!, 8min. The Mesoamerican Reef is Belize's crown jewel and a major economic engine for the country. As the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it provides this Central American nation with thriving lobster, conch and reef fish fisheries, a strong cultural icon, and a magnet for hundreds of thousands of tourists who come each year to enjoy its outstanding diving, snorkeling and fishing opportunities. This incredible resource is in peril. Unplanned development of coastal areas -- including dredging and filling of critical mangrove forests, contamination, and overfishing -- all threaten the reef and Belizean livelihoods. In Someday is NOW!, the people of Belize speak out, demanding a coastal zone management plan and a responsible path for development.

  • 4 the World Volunteer Video, 4min. The 4 the World team that came down last month to distribute school supplies in Calla Creek, refurbish one of the Mary Open Doors houses, and give classes in female self defense and yoga, made a video of their experience here. The video shows how much fun they had while helping out. Great video. Enjoy!

  • Belize Turtle, 1.5min.


  • MVCC Marine Bio Belize 2016, 9min.

  • Jungle Ziplining in Belize, 2min.

  • Sharks, Stingrays, and Turtles Scuba Diving Belize, 2min. Diving and snorkeling off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

  • Belize Vlog Part 1, 16min. Hello Friends, So about a month ago me and my friend Sophia went on a one week vacation to my home country of BELIZE!

    April 9, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Crashing through the waves on a Jet Ski from Castaway
    We all like watersports, after all San Pedro is an island paradise perfect for fun in the sun and sea. And what better watersport than driving a high speed motors vehicle across the azure waters of the Caribbean? Nothing! I have always had a passion for driving “Fast and Furious”- I’m in love with that movie series- and jet skiing comes close to giving me that experience. So on a hot Friday afternoon, Dennis and I hop on over to Castaway Caye Watersports for some adrenaline pumping jet skiing. Castaway offers a variety of watersports including parasailing, Jet Ski rentals and banana boat rides. While all the activities sound extremely fun, we were there for one thing only and we were eager to crank that engine. We were each equipped with Sea Doo Sparks Jet Skis (personal watercraft that are both playful and compact) and given a short briefing on how to operate it.

    The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship, USNS COMFORT visits Belize
    The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship, USNS COMFORT, will visit Belize from April 9-18, 2015 and other ports in Central and South America and the Caribbean this spring. The USNS COMFORT works hand in hand with a variety of governmental and nongovernmental agencies to train personnel in conducting civil-military operations, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, while providing medical, dental and veterinary care, and engineering support to local populations. While in Belize, the USNS COMFORT will partner with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Belize Defence Force, and the Belize Coast Guard to share and build capability through medical, dental, engineering, and veterinary events and exchanges. As part of the events scheduled for Belize, USNS Comfort personnel will partner with Hattieville Government School and Independence High school to provide a variety of outpatient medical, dental, preventive medicine, and health education services. These locations will be open to the general public for one free medical or dental service each day.

    La Isla Bonita rocks Easter Weekend
    Hundreds of local and international tourists flocked San Pedro Town to enjoy some fun in paradise for the long 2015 Easter Weekend. As early as Thursday, April 2nd, visitors arrived via water taxi and airline services. Throughout the weekend, the beaches were crowded with sunbathers and those enjoying the bounty of the Caribbean Sea. Of course, San Pedro Town did not disappoint, as visitors also had an array of events to attend throughout the weekend. Easter fun kicked off on Thursday, April 2nd with Lola’s Pub and Grill’s Birthday Party. An island favorite, Lola’s has been in operation for four years and celebrated the event in grand fashion. Guests enjoy a night of music, eats and cold drinks. The party continued on Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th at Fido’s Courtyard. For the fourth consecutive year, Kind of the Island Promotions brought the party atmosphere with their signature Island Invasion Easter Bach. For two night, revelers danced under the Fido’s palapa. With general admission of $15 and VIP at $30, guests partied to the sounds of DJ Gilla, Air Invasion Sounds, DJ Odyssey, Evolution Sounds and Fyah Startah Sounds. The bartenders at Fido’s kept the crowd well hydrated with cold beers and cocktails till 4AM.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Holy Saturday Cycling Classic 2015
    The Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic came through Cayo on Saturday. Emerging photographer Kenny Lamb got some great shots of the event. Congratulations, Justin Williams from Team BelCal, for winning the race! "Belize's biggest cycling event in the country and the oldest race in Central America. Everyone along the Highway stops to see the race, its fast and filled with exciment! (Share pics, tag friends & cyclist who are in these photos)." Will Moreno got some shots of the race too, and there are over 400 on the Cycling Federation of Belize's page.

    ART! Exhibit Opening at SISE HoC
    April is looking to be the month for art here in Cayo. The SISE House of Culture is launching the new exhibit, entitled ART!, this Friday at 5:30pm. The exhibit has works by Miriam Antoinette and Nehanda, both well known local artists.

    Paint Up A Storm
    Tthis year's Paint Up A Storm will be held Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center, starting at 9:00am, and Feel the Heartbeat will be at the Soul Project Saturday night at 7:00pm.

    BzSA Youth to attend a World Class Laser Sailing Clinic on Antigua, West Indies
    The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will hold a 5-day Laser Sailing Clinic at the National Sailing Academy on Antigua, West Indies - 14 to 21 July. This clinic and four others like it in other regions of the world launch the 2015 Youth Worlds Emerging Nations Programme. Belize has been invited to attend. The ease and the joy with which the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) is able to accept the stunning and quite unexpected invitation are made possible in no small part by ISAF's generosity. ISAF (See note below) is underwriting virtually all significant expenses of those who participate. BzSA is now among the Member Nation Authorities (MNAs) that ISAF recognizes. The goal of ISAF's Emerging Nation Youth World Clinics is to give skills and knowledge that both the sailors and their coaches will take home and use to build and further develop sailing training and racing in their home countries, all for the benefit of future generations. To this end, part 1 of the ISAF programme provides funds for BzSA to send one coach and up to three sailors to the 5-day clinic, as long as one of them is female. BzSA's share of the costs is limited to funding one half of the airfare, wihich is estimated to be $400.00 US per person. BzSa will be seeking financial support to meet this expense

    So who knows or wants to guess what he is?
    Aside several car accident trauma patients today, and what looks like a snake in our currently non-functional air conditioner, the day ended with cuteness! The story is not cute... Kids had this baby and when they saw Mr Bedran approaching they dropped it on the ground and ran. Many thanks to Assad Bedran for picking this baby up and bringing him to us. Unfortunately with that history we can't return him to his mom, but will do our best to raise and release him in the reserve (since he came from here it is a perfect location for him).

    Fundraiser for Captain Romi Badillo
    On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Captain Romi Badillo, a well-known boat captain in Belize for over 40 years, was in a terrible boat accident. He suffered both 2nd and 3rd degree burns and severe inhalation of toxic fumes. He was flown to the US for immediate medical attention. His family now needs at least $200,000USD to get Romi the urgent care he needs. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciate. Romi's wife, two children and family want nothing more than to have him healthy and safe. Please help us to make this possible. Thank You! Donate to Captain Romi Badillo in GoFundMe account:

    Standard for Public Comments: Specification for Tourist Accommodation Part 3 – Particular Requirements for Guest Houses
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) wishes to notify the relevant stakeholders and the general public that the draft standard “Specification for Tourist Accommodation Part 3 – Particular Requirements for Guest Houses”, being developed by the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) is out for public comments. Stakeholders are asked to note, on approval of the standard by COTED, the Bureau is obliged to adopt the same as a national standard. The deadline for submission of comments to the Bureau of Standards is May 4th, 2015.The standard is also available on request from the BBS office and website at Comments can also be mailed to the BBS Office or email at [email protected] [email protected] using the specified form given. To view the Standard kindly click the link below: Specification for Tourist Accommodation Part 3 – Particular Requirements for GuestHouses

    Congratulations to Senator Lisa M. Shoman on being chosen as head of the EOM. The secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, and the permanent representative of Guyana to the Organization, Bayney Karran, on Wednesday signed the agreement by which the institution will send an electoral observation mission to the general elections of May 11 in the Caribbean Community country. In addition, the secretary general recalled that this will be the fifth electoral observation mission that the OAS has deployed in Guyana, and announced that he has designated as chief of mission the former foreign minister and ambassador of Belize to the OAS, Lisa Shoman. Finally, the leader of the hemispheric institution thanked the countries that have expressed their commitment to support the mission, and urged other member and observer countries to follow their example.

    The Embassy of Mexico and The Banquitas House of Culture invites the general public to the Tour of the Folkloric Ballet Mixcóatl and Omawa from Chihuahua, México on Thursday, 9th April 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Multipurpose Complex in Orange Walk Town. These Ballet Groups come to Belize after performing in Carrillo Puerto, Cancun, Bacalar and Chetumal in the State of Quintana Roo. Both groups have a good reputation in Mexico. The Folkloric Ballet "Mixcóatl" was formed in 1993 and has performed at important festivals in the states of Tabasco, Veracruz, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí, Durango, México and Baja California. They have also represented México at International Festivals in Spain, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, South Korea and the United States.

    from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday April 10th. Areas to be affected are Vivas Layout, Santa Rita Area, San Antonio, Paraiso, Chula Vista, Altamira, (all areas along Consejo Road) and Consejo Village. BEL is to replace pin insulators and conduct development works on power distribution system in these areas.

    Santander Sugar Mill in Cayo
    A sugar mill will soon come online here in Cayo. Santander, who currently employs close to 600 Belizeans, is building a state of the art mill. They also plan to use bagasse to create energy for the area. Ambergris Today did a great job on this story. "Santander began working on their investment to construct and operate a new sugar mill in Belize back in 2008. The investment group has brought with them over 50 years of experience in the sugar industry that includes sustainable and efficient methods. Today the construction of the mill, located on a 20,000 acre property in the Cayo District, is well underway with less than a year away from their first milling season. "

    Live Theater at Soul Project
    They'll be having Live Theater at the Soul Project on Friday night! OmniRootZ and TC2 will be performing some short plays. There will be a repeat performance in Esperanza on Sunday, starting at 3:15pm. Check out the Wildfire Gallery, located in the old mall for more information.

    Benque's Semana Santa
    The Benque Viejo Town Council posted lots of great pictures of the sawdust tapestries and the Passion of the Christ re-enactment. They have a nice webpage where they post pictures and information.

    Launch of the House of Culture and Downtown Belize City Rejuvenation Project!
    This is a project in collaboration with NICH, Belize City Council, The Republic of China, Taiwan and the Ministry of Tourism,Culture and Civil Aviation.

    (They came, they saw, they conquered!) History was made in the Belizean Diaspora when the two man team of Belizean-Americans Justin and Corey Williams, rode as a team to defeat the threatening foreign invasion of cyclists that had come to steal the honor of the Garland in Belize’s most celebrated cycling classic, the National Holy Saturday Cross Country Race. The 140- mile cycling classic from Belize City to the western district of Cayo, is the Central American version of Europe’s Tour de France, with its grueling pace and sweltering heat in relatively high humidity. The 87th. Annual Belize Cross Country attracted riders from the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean, and was held on April 4, 2015. On the eve of the National Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, Adrenaline was running high inside the veins of Belizean cyclists and people alike like water runs in a river. Anticipation of its beginning early Saturday morning on April 4, 2015, brought back nostalgia as Belizeans rose from their sleeping beds in the wee hours of the morning to go see off the race of all races. It has become almost a ritual for many of Belizeans, who since children, did this most passionate thing, and then go back to sleep to be awaken again, and hear updates via radio and television, on the race that continues to haunt the Belizean soul.

    A classic piece of Belizean sports history that connects Muhammad Ali to the Belizean experience. This classic documentary is a must for all to see when it is debut soon.

    Channel 7

    Late Evening Murder In City: They Shot "Judas"
    There was a murder in Belize City just a few minutes ago. It happened right down the street form our studio in front of Southside Meats. At five minutes to 6:00, 24 year old Mark Ramdas known as Judas was walking in an alley near his home when he was shot. Reports say he ran out of the alley unto Albert Street west holding his stomach and shouted that he had been shot. He collapsed right there and was rushed to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Residents say they hard at least five gunshots. Reports say his girlfriend was also shot in the foot. We’ll have more on this story tomorrow.

    The (Real) Rawell Deal
    Well known Orange walk resident and FFB Executive member Rawell Pelayo came home yesterday after 21 months in US custody. He was deported and his sudden return caused much speculation as to how he got out from under narcotics charges brought by the US Federal government. Well, it turns out, Rawell Pelayo made a plea bargain. Court documents obtained by 7News show that in June of 2014 he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the narcotics laws of the United States. In his hearing before SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK judge, Andrew Carter, oon the afternoon of June 30th., Pelayo told the court, quote, “between October 2010 and May 2011, I played a role in (a) conspiracy…My role was to attend a meeting to introduce a drug buyer to a potential dealer. My motivation was this: I was having a very significant difficulty, losing my home, with my kids, the only home I have, so I was hoping to get some money out of this, out of this brokering between these two people.” End quote.

    Witness To Murder is Murdered
    Tonight, the Maskall family based in Belize City, Rockville and Dangriga Town are mourning the death of a loved-one, 18 year-old George Richard Maskall Jr. That’s after police found his body floating in the lagoon behind Seine Bight Village yesterday, just before midday. There were signs of violence on his body, which caused officers from Placencia to suspect foul-play. This evening, we spoke with the commanding officer of the Placencia Police Station, Inspector Dennis Myles, and he explained that a post-mortem has confirmed that Maskall was stabbed to death: Inspector Dennis Myles - OC, Placencia Police "Around 11:30 yesterday morning we received information of a body being floating in the lagoon behind Seine Beight village. As a result the police visited the area and saw a male person who was later identified to us as a George Richard Maskall - originally of Belize City but he was staying in Seine Beight village. We observed that the body was in an advance state of decomposition but signs of violence was observed on the body. The body was then fished out of the river and taken to an area where we do a post mortem and medical officer certified that he died as a result of multiple stab wounds to the abdomen area. Because the murder is a recent murder and the investigation just commenced - we don't have any lead at this present moment."

    Keyren Tzib Had A Troubling Past
    Tonight the Coast Guard is trying to recover from one of the most shocking incidents in its young history. But 7News has information tonight, which says that there were so many warning signs – that went unheeded by the Military Services Commission in Belmopan. As we reported, the24 year old Keyren Tzib who has the rank of “Sea-Man” shot her Coast Guard colleague, boat captain Kurt Hyde. She shot him in the back of the head with an M4 Carbine – a coast guard issued weapon. Somehow he survived the shot at close range – which exited though his cheek. He is in a critical but stable condition. This happened on a Coast Guard vessel on Easter Monday at 9:45 in the morning. They were 100 yards from the Coast Guard Headquarters with officers from police, port authority, BDF and Coast Guard when she shot him from behind. Keyren Tzib was charged for attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. But, could the shocking incident have been avoided? And was it foretold? 7News has confirmed that it was not the first time she drew a weapon on a fellow officer. We have credible reports that say twice she tried to stab two different members of the coast guard – and she did eventually stab one colleague – but that happened off base. She went twice before a medical board for mental illness and they found that she is mentally and physically fit for work – once she is not exposed to stressful situations.

    Romy Recovering, Needs Help
    Well known boat captain Romaldo Badillo remains in a hospital in Guatemala being treated for severe burn injuries. As we reported, that boat explosion happened just after 1 p.m. last week Thursday, and 4 very experienced boat operators, including Badillo, but he ended up with the worst injuries. So, how did it happen? Well, that’s what the owner of the boat, Stephen Bradley, explained to us today. He explained that there were two – not one – explosions that happened to the boat: Stephen Bradley - Survived Boat Explosion "For the entire morning of Holy Thursday, which was last week Thursday, I had the boat in the boat yard and we were preparing the boat to take a provision to St. Georges Caye with the family - where we would normally spend the easter weekend. We packed drinks, ice, the boat was refuelled. It was checked out and everything and we left here about just about quarter to 1 the afternoon to launch the boat by the launch ramp - commonly known as the hanger launch ramp, which is by the airstrip. I reverse the boat off the trailer and started it easy with no problem.

    Downtown Rejuvenation Project Launched
    Several strategic areas in the city will be transformed into cultural and historical landmarks. That’s the plan embodied in the Downtown Rejuvenation Project. It was officially launched at the House of Culture today and it covers the reconstruction of the House of Culture, upgrading of streets and parks in downtown Belize City and the creation of a more vibrant and flourishing commercial center. The outline of the project was unveiled today and Courtney Weatherburne has the details. Courtney Weatherburne Reporting…. Diane Haylock - President, NICH "Why did we think that such project was necessary? Well first of all, this house is history, this house is heritage, this house is an important part of Belize. And there was a feeling that perhaps the way it was being used, the way it was presented was not befitting it's status in that history, it’s place in that history."

    Hon. Shoman Will Head Second Observer Mission
    Senior Senator for the Opposition, Lisa Shoman has been called on by the Organisation of American States to head an election observer mission to Guyana. The elections are set for May 11th and today in Panama, the Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, and the Permanent Representative of Guyana to the OAS, Bayney Karran, signed the agreement. Shoman is the Chief of Mission for this fifth Electoral Observation Mission that the OAS has deployed in Guyana. Guyana has a population of eight hundred thousand people, and voters will elect 65 representatives of the National Assembly, members of the ten Regional Democratic Councils, and the President of the country. The Mission will arrive in Guyana one week before the elections. This is not Senator Shoman’s first rodeo – so to speak – because in 2011 she headed an electoral mission to observe general elections in Jamaica.

    Hope For Badly Burnt Child
    A family from San Pedro is currently in Boston, Massachusetts, after their daughter, 9 year-old Katerin Michel Perez got badly burned over the Easter holiday. She ended up with burns to 53% of her body. It happened on Good Friday, when according to the San Pedro Sun, Perez’s mother, was treating her hair for lice by applying gasoline to her scalp. The child somehow passed by a lit stove, and the fumes from the gasoline spontaneously ignited her hair and upper body. The fire was not easily put out, and the child was severely injured.

    Getting The Message on Cervical Cancer Across
    1 thousand pairs of women’s underwear, that’s what the Belize Cancer Society of California intends to give out to Belize City women and girls. It’s a part of the organization’s newest mission to educate women about the dangers of cervical cancer, and the importance of feminine health. Arlette Pilgrim, the organisation’s founder and president explained to us today that this panty donation should leave the same kind of message about the seriousness of cervical cancer: Arlette Pilgrim - Founder, Belize Cancer Society of California "What we're doing is we purchased 1,000 underwear. I brought one with me and each underwear comes with a panty liner and it has an informational flyer that talks about the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer - what you need to do, when you should get checked and what the causes are for cervical cancer. This campaign has to do with women checking themselves, checking for discharge and that's why we have a panty liner because each discharge has a different reason for each colour that you might see on your panty. So we want women to be aware of what the different discharges mean.I'm really inviting them to come out to BTL park on Saturday from 3 o’clock until 5 o’clock. Spend the day with us, we're going to be talking about cervical cancer, we're going to be giving them information - if they want to ask questions. We will also be giving out the panties for every woman. Like I said, it's 1,000 women that I plan to reach this year."

    "Salud" To Good Health
    Salud Mesoamerica Project 2015 is transitioning into its 2nd phase of operations. The main focus of the project in Belize is to improve access and quality of maternal, infant and neonatal health care services in Corozal, Orange Walk and Cayo. According to the coordinators, the 1st phase which dealt with training community health workers and donating equipment to hospitals in the North and west, was successful. We spoke with Project Technical Official, Jennifer Nelson about the goals of the 2nd phase of the project and how it will enhance the services for women and children. Martha Woodye - Project Coordinator, Salud Mesoamerica Belize "in the first operation for the Mesoamerica Belize project we actually started implementation July 2012 and have been executing for 24 months. And during that 24 months we have made significant improvement. This addressing the project in terms of maternal, infant and child - focusing on adolescent care. When we look at the community health care workers one of the things was doing trainings, make sure the manuals are in place and aside from doing their manuals; conducting trainings, competencies and then from there they did both a theory and practical. So in the first operation we had 105 graduated community health care workers."

    Channel 5

    Fire Victim Fighting for Life
    On Tuesday, we reported on seven fires, three which were arsons. But there is a more tragic case in which a young student from San Pedro was severely burnt. Tonight, [...]

    Belize City Youth Murdered in Seine Bight
    Eighteen year old Belize City youth, George Maskall was murdered down south and his body thrown into the lagoon behind the village of Seine Bight. Maskall’s decomposed body was spotted [...]

    Minister Heredia Preparing for General Elections
    In political news….Prime Minister Dean Barrow has two years to call general elections, but very few, if any, political observers are betting that he’ll wait that long. In fact, political [...]

    Who Will Heredia Support for Caribbean Shores?
    One convention which everyone will be watching in a couple months is the fight for the Caribbean Shores seat, currently held by Santiago “Santino” Castillo. Castillo has the Prime Minister [...]

    Mayor Bradley Confident of Victory in Caribbean Shores
    And since Mayor Darrell Bradley conveniently attended the same event, we asked him for an update on his run to convention. He admitted that it’s hectic balancing City Hall and [...]

    Details Revealed on Rawell Pelayo’s Indictment
    As we reported on Tuesday, Orange Walk businessman Rawell Pelayo has been deported to Belize, following twenty-one months of detention inside a U.S. holding cell after entering a plea bargain [...]

    Community Grieves Destruction of Ceremonial Temple
    The deliberate setting on fire of a temple in the remote village of Barranco has brought grief to the community. Over the years the temple had become the heart of [...]

    San Pedro Police Still Investigating Death Threats
    Three weeks ago, Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Junior and San Pedro Mayor, Daniel Guerrero got police security after both received death threats. Not much has been said about it, [...]

    Cabinet Hasn’t Seen Plans for Blackadore Caye
    Blackadore Caye – it’s what everybody’s talking about in the past few days after international news reports revealed mega-million dollar plans for an eco-resort. The private island is owned by [...]

    What’s the Latest on Puerto Azul?
    And from Blackadore Caye to Puerto Azul, that massive so-called citadel of luxury in the Lighthouse Atoll complete with launching party in Cannes last year. That launch, attended by U.D.P. [...]

    Big Plans for Downtown Belize City
    Today, the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project was officially launched. The fifteen million dollar development was made possible through a loan from Taiwan and counterpart funding [...]

    Electoral Mission Heads to Guyana
    An Electoral Observation Mission, led by Senator Lisa Shoman, Chief of Mission and erstwhile foreign minister, is headed to Guyana for the May eleventh general elections.  Earlier today, the Organization [...]

    Bodybuilding Federation Elects New Committee
    The Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation is under new leadership. An election was recently held and resulted in a new committee. The nine person team is led by Mirna [...]

    New Stamps Launched
    The Salvation Army is celebrating one hundred years in Belize and to commemorate this milestone they partnered with the Belize Postal Service to launch a set of commemorative stamps. While [...]

    Badillo Family Seeks Assistance With Medical Expenses
    Four men were injured when a boat exploded near the hanger area of Belize City on Holy Thursday. Two of them had to be hospitalized. The captain, Romaldo “Romi” Badillo, [...]

    Belize City Mother Needs Your Help
    There is another family that is seeking financial assistance. A young Belize City mother is asking for help to cover medical expenses overseas. Two weeks ago, after she gave birth, [...]

    Activist Promotes Awareness of Cervical Cancer
    Cancer Awareness Month is just around the corner and while the Belize Cancer Society prepares for its annual pilgrimage from Ladyville to the Old Capital, one woman is busy preparing [...]


    Search For Missing 15 Year Old Continues
    The search continues for fifteen year old Marisol Patt from Orange Walk. Police and family members continue their search for the teen that has been missing for several days. Family members say that fifteen year old Marisol Patt was last seen two Sundays back when she left her house around midday. She has not returned and the family is concerned for her safety. The mother of the teen, Fernanda Copo says that she believes her daughter has run away with someone they know and have shared that information with the police. Marisol Patt is described as being five feet five inches in height, has brown hair, brown eyes and weights about one hundred and forty pounds. Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Patt is asked to call 627-9605 or the nearest police station.

    Ministry Of Natural Resources Meets With Local Rice Producers
    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture makes headway in the rice crisis. As we have been reporting, a business man has proposed to import rice from Guyana at a much cheaper price and which in turn would be sold at a far more comfortable price to the consumer. This has become a threat to the survival of the local rice producers across the country. In an effort to address the situation, the ministry has been meeting with rice producers to find the best solution to the problem since March 17th. Today the ministry issued a release in which it states that they have made some progress. Ministry officials met with rice producers today and agreed on three things. The first is that a draft revised standards for rice will be finalized in a month’s time. Second, government is requesting that producers now pre-pack all rice sold on the domestic market indicating origin, quantity and quality among other basic packaging requirements. This will be fully implemented within two months. Third, producers and the government officials have begun discussion on reducing the price of rice to consumers with particular emphasis on a reduced price for a more affordable grade of rice to the public. In addition to this, the release states that the necessary cost of production survey and other studies will be completed and a revised price structure will be finalized within one month.


    Coast Guard officer charged with attempted murder of colleague
    26 year old officer of the Belize National Coast Guard Keyren Tzib has been charged with the attempted murder of fellow officer Kurt Hyde, 37, of Ontario, Cayo District...

    Belizean-American Justin Williams wins Cross Country Cycling Classic
    For the first time ever, a Belizean residing in the United States has claimed Belize’s most prestigious sporting title – winner of the 87th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic...

    Homeowner loses house to fire
    The home of 57 year old Robert Austin Tracey at Hibiscus Street in the Lake Independence area burned down by fire over the weekend. But the homeowner, whose son Robert Austin Jr. was shot dead near downtown Belize City in December, believes it was deliberate. He explains why. Robert Tracey – Lost ho...

    Traffic accident reported on Holy Thursday] ar
    On Thursday night around 11:05 near the Edge Water Night Club in Sandhill at Mile 21, Phillip Goldson Highway, police observed a black Ford Ranger pickup truck with license plates BC-C-39795 on the right side of the road facing north and 27 year old Victor Underwood of Biscayne, Belize District, lyi...

    Youth Convention ends in tragic drowning
    A youth convention in Cayo over the weekend ended in tragedy when one of the youths who attended the three day event drowned in the Belize River near Banana Bank in the village of Camalote on Easter Sunday...

    Teenage girl drowns on Easter Sunday
    There were two drowning incidents in the Belize River in Cayo over the weekend on Easter Sunday, a day when many people tend to go swimming. The first one occurred some minutes after four on Sunday April 5th...

    17 year old shot in Belmopan
    There was a shooting incident in Belmopan and a 17 year old was shot. At 8:30 p.m. on Holy Thursday, 17-year-old Alfred Castellanos of Belmopan was shot to the upper left side of his chest.  Castellanos was reportedly in the  Las Flores area of Belmopan when  three male persons began chasing him...

    Winston Baptist shot twice; lives to tell the tale
    Another man was shot in Belize City on Holy Thursday night. 22-year-old Winston Baptist of Belize City was shot to the left ankle and lower left leg.  According to police, at 11:45 p.m...

    Patrick Castillo charged with stepson’s murder
    Last week 20 year old Guatemalan national Jose Jonathan Maderos was chopped to death at his Kut Avenue home following an argument with his stepfather, 42 year old Patrick Castillo Sr, a security guard...

    Rawell Pelayo deported
    Rawell Pelayo former vice president of the football Federation of Belize was detained in Houston Texas in 2012 while on his way to a game that the Belize Jaguars were playing...

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Tourism Minister unafraid of death threats
    Several weeks ago it was reported that Minister Manuel Heredia Jr and Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero were threatened with their lives after making a public call for greater law enforcement presence on the island after a rash of murders and other criminal activity. Increased police […]

    Government warm to Blackadore Caye development; Puerto Azul project at “standstill”
    Over the Easter weekend the New York Times broke the story of plans by award-winning actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio to investment in a mega-development on his privately-held island, Blackadore Caye. DiCaprio has joined with a New York City-based firm Delos and a top architect in Jason McLennan […]

    Downtown Rejuvenation project opens in Belize City
    The ambitious project intended to revitalize and open up the major cultural centers in the downtown area of Belize City was officially launched today at one of its focal points, the former Government House, now House of Culture. The House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project is co-sponsored […]

    Valvoline partners with Caribbean Tire in Belize
    Representatives of the American motor oil company Valvoline Motor Oil of Lexington, Kentucky, today conducted a training seminar in Belize City with representatives of the petroleum sales and mechanic sector of Belize. Established in 1866 the company has attained a lasting recognition worldwide but has only been sold […]

    Shooting in the Old Capital
    Belize Media Group has been inform of a shooting incident in the Old Capital near the area of Berkley Street. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as soon as we receive more information.

    The Colonial Bomb
    By Yasser Musa This morning the Government and NICH announced their plan for a national COLONIAL MUSEUM in Belize City. They proudly announced that $15 million dollars would be blown away on it. They even had the nerve to print a document saying that such a project will: (a) increase people’s knowledge and appreciation of […]

    Murder in Seine Bight
    On April 7th 2015 around 11:30am, Placencia Police discovered a body floating in a lagoon behind Seine Bight Village in Stann Creek District. Police retrieved the body and found out that it was of a male person who was shirtless and wearing a green short cargo pants. Police identified the […]

    Placencia Easter Weekend: A Post-Mortem
    By Charles Leslie Jr. Every year, after the famous Easter weekend in Placencia, you would hear about the many issues that affected the peninsula – parking issues, restroom issues leading to public urination and even defecation, trash issues, security and safety issues, trash issues, private property damage issues and the list goes on. Not too long ago many of these issues went unheard of, however, since the advent of Facebook, it is generally easy to make an assessment, and my personal observation says the mainstay issues still exists and new ones are being identified. In 2013 I predicted that the Placencia peninsula – a community that is 99% tourism-oriented – has 5 years to function properly under the Village Council Act, at which time the entire peninsula will start to see an escalation and a loss of control of many of the issues that currently exists. These issues are manifesting mainly due to the lack of certain structure and infrastructure such as adequate parking and traffic control, trash collection, public facilities such as restrooms, health/trauma facilities, insufficient police officers, inadequate police infrastructure and equipment etc… Why? Both Village Councils on the peninsula simply do not have access to adequate financial resources to address and keep up with mitigating the issues that are manifesting due to the booming tourism-industry growth on the peninsula.


    Bronx Zoo Sends Lucky Selfie Snappers to Belize!
    You know a place is cool when it’s used as a high profile prize, and you know that the place has environmental credibility when said prize is issued by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Bronx Zoo. So we were happy to see Belize picked as the destination for the WCS’s 120th anniversary’s “120 Ways to Be Wild in NY” photo competition. Described as a “trip of a lifetime”, the grand prize five-day excursion for two to Belize can be won by visiting the competition website (, signing up, and taking and posting 10 selfies that celebrate New York City’s wild side. Not, we imagine, in the Lou Reed “Take a Walk on the Wildside” sense, but by snapping pictures of yourself in front of some iconic or lesser known NYC locations or items that celebrate nature. It’s amazing that of all the places in the world that the Wildlife Conservation Society could pick for a prize destination, it chose Belize. Then again, upon reflection, it does make perfect sense, as Belize probably ticked all the boxes when the WCS prize committee was looking for a winning destination.

    Easter in San Pedro, Belize: Party Kardashian Style
    Hello World, Finn K here… Easter just finished and guess who had an epic WEEKEND? I did! It all Started on Holy Thursday at Lola’s Pub… …then it went to drinking champagne at the new upgraded Isla Bonita Yacht Club (formerly the Belize Yacht Club) for the rest of the weekend. Thanks to Tia Betty Ann and Beth Hart for hosting me. So nothing better than packing Grey Goose, Moet and more VODKA on the LV bag, I was set for the weekend. I mean some of us go to Church – that’s the whole point of Passover – time to meditate, reflect, pray and ask God for forgiveness. Living in a Catholic town, lots of religious reenactment and processions happen early over the weekend especially Good Friday. Sorry no photos of any church on the blog.

    Jicama Salad: Vegan Style
    This salad is so refreshing and healthy. You can eat tons of this all day long. The colors are so beautiful and the oranges just adds a pop of sweet to it.

    Dig in to the Top 10 Belize Foods and Beverages
    Don’t read this article on an empty stomach. There’s a chance you will head for a local eatery after ingesting the last tidbit. Cuisine in Belize is hearty, unique and delicious and Belize beers and wines are two of Central America’s biggest secrets, so go ahead, tuck in your napkin, grab a fork and dive in. 1. Craboo and Cashew Wines. 2. Belikin Beer. 3. Johnny Cakes. 4. Belize Rice and Beans. 5. Ceviche. 6. Cochinita Pibil. 7. Chicken Escabeche. 8. Tamales. 9. Belize Fruit Cake. 10. Soups and puddings.

    When to visit Belize
    Is there really a best time to visit Belize? Anytime is a good time to visit, but it really does depend on what your interests are to determine the best time for you. Are you more interested in water sports, festivals, peak tourist time or weather? Belize Water Sports: The warm Caribbean water welcomes visitors throughout the year. However, the water tends to be slightly calmer in the summer months. For diving this can be a factor or if you prefer to dive with the Whale Sharks, they are only available from March to June. Fishing is also excellent year round, especially for tarpon, bone, and permit. Belize Festivals: Belizeans love festivals and celebrations. The favorite for locals and tourists has to be the Lobster Festival held in Caye Caulker, Placencia, and San Pedro. The annual festival is held right after the beginning of lobster season in mid-June. San Pedro, the only town on Ambergris Caye, hosts the annual International Costa Maya Festival with a full week of parties and beauty pageants. In September, Belizeans celebrate St. George’s Caye Day, Carnival, and Independence Day.

    International Sourcesizz

    CARICOM Leaders Prepare for Meeting with Obama in Jamaica
    Representatives from Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago will make presentations during a meeting this week in Kingston between Caribbean Community leaders and U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama is scheduled to arrive Wednesday and will be received by Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller before they both proceed to a CARICOM-U.S. conference focused on trade and energy security, among other issues, the St. Kitts and Nevis government said in a statement. “This is an important summit. President Obama, by coming to us, is signaling the continuing interest of the USA in constructive engagement in the Caribbean,” St. Kitts Prime Minister Timothy Harris said.

    Ceramic objects yield ancient narratives of Central America's first peoples
    The National Museum of the American Indian's George Gustav Heye Center in New York and the Smithsonian Latino Center present "Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America's Past Revealed," a major bilingual exhibition making its New York debut after a first run in Washington, DC. The exhibition opens Saturday, April 18, and runs through January 2017 in the museum's West Gallery. "Cerámica de los Ancestros" provides intimate access to select pieces from rarely seen collections of nearly 12,000 ancient ceramic objects from Central America. Over several years of research, 155 pieces were chosen to illuminate the intricacies of ancient Central America's first peoples and the societies they developed. Dating as far back as 1000 B.C., the ceramics these diverse communities left behind over the millennia, combined with recent archaeological discoveries, help tell the stories of their ancient cultures and innumerable achievements. The exhibition examines seven regions (Ulúa River, Maya, Lempa River, Greater Nicoya, Central Caribbean, Greater Chiriquí and Greater Coclé) representing distinct Central American cultural areas that are today part of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

    U.S. Deports Former VP of Belize’s Soccer Federation
    Rawell Pelayo, former vice president of the Soccer Federation of Belize, has been deported back to his homeland from the United States after spending almost two years in custody on suspicion of drug trafficking. Pelayo returned to his home in Orange Walk late Tuesday night, hours after U.S. marshals escorted him off an airplane and handed him over to the Belize Police Department, media outlets said. Pelayo was arrested in July 2013 in Houston while traveling with the Belizean national team to compete in the Gold Cup soccer tournament in the United States. He spent 21 months in a U.S. prison, but was apparently never charged, Belize’s Channel News 5 reported.

    Inside Belize: British Army soldiers put through their paces
    In the second of our special reports from the jungle in Belize, we join young soldiers as they enter the intense firing range. Static targets are shot as part of rifle-training in 30 degree heat. ITV cameras capture the point of view of young men and women who head into battle on the front line. As part of their training they're also required to cross a crocodile infested river:

    Pregnant Austin mermaid swims with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef of Belize
    Mermaids swimming alongside sharks in pristine, exotic waters sounds like something out of a children’s book, but an Austin couple has made it a reality. Jason Darling and Maria Russo of Sirenalia, an Austin-based mermaid production company that promotes their “mermaids are real” mantra through silicone tail production and event performances, took their whimsical talents to reefs in Belize. Darling said he and Russo have traveled to the exotic country often. Their most recent trip earlier this year was a change from the norm since Russo was eight-months pregnant with the couple’s child. While in Caye Caulker, the couple decided to produce a photo project that would benefit the place they love by showcasing Sirenalia’s talents.

    Leonardo DiCaprio plant Öko-Hotelprojekt in Belize
    Der Schauspieler kaufte vor kurzem die Insel Blackadore Caye für ein Hotelprojekt. Die Errichtung der Anlage in Belize soll vor allem dazu dienen, das Ökosystem auf der Insel wiederherzustellen. Der "Wolf of Wall Street" ist seit kurzem Insel-Inhaber und geht demnächst unter die Immobilien-Haie. Allerdings scheint Leonardo DiCaprio, der zuletzt in der Filmbiografie von Martin Scorsese zu sehen war, bei seinem Hotelprojekt durchaus hehre Absichten zu haben. Der als Umweltaktivist bekannte Schauspieler erwarb vor kurzem Blackadore Caye in Belize, um aus dieser 58 Hektar großen unbewohnten Insel im Belize Barrier Reef ein bewohnbares Öko-Paradies zu machen. Wie die New York Times berichtet, soll durch das Projekt und die Einnahmen aus dem Luxushotelprojekt das ökologische Gleichgewicht auf dem Eiland wiederhergestellt werden. Blackadore Caye litt zuletzt unter Überfischung, starker Erosion und Abholzung. Fischer auf dem Weg nach Mexiko hätten die Insel als Zwischenstopp genutzt und Raubbau an der Natur betrieben.

    Leonardo DiCaprio está planear constuir um resort ecológico em Blackadore Caye, uma ilha não povoada do Belize. O ator, que é Mensageiro da Paz da ONU para as Alterações Climáticas, quer aliar a construção da unidade hoteleira à recuperação da natureza local. “O principal objectivo é fazer algo que mude o mundo. Esta ilha é o céu na terra”, contou durante uma entrevista ao jornal New York Times. DiCaprio associou-se ao empresário norte-americano Paul Sciall para concretizar o projeto, que prevê que esteja pronto em 2018. “A minha meta sempre foi o facto de que queria criar algo não só ecológico, mas restaurador. Uma demonstração do que é possível”, acrescentou. Recorde-se que Leonardo DiCaprio comprou a ilha há dez anos por 1,75 milhões de dólares (1,61 milhões de euros).

    Why More Airports Are Luring International Flights
    To glimpse the revolution happening in international flying to and from the U.S., come to Houston. The city of Houston views high fares as such a serious disadvantage that it is spending extensively on its two airports to attract more international competition. The Houston Airport System is building a $156 million, five-gate international terminal at Hobby Airport and is investing $100 million to create additional parking space. That’s at an airport known as a secondary, short-hop terminal with no international flights. At the bigger Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston is spending $2.7 billion to rebuild the international terminal and expand parking and Customs facilities, plus do runway and taxiway work. The city is also aggressively going after airlines with incentives of up to $4 million over two years in waived landing fees and terminal expenses and $500,000 in cash for marketing.

    Gruelling challenge for soldiers in the jungle
    Soldiers from the South East's Princess of Wales Royal Regiment have been put through their paces in a gruelling programme in the jungles of Central America. Last night we joined them as they battled through thick foliage and sweltering heat. In our second special report from Belize, the troops have been left to fend for themselves. That means searching for food, building shelters and starting fires. But did it all go to plan? Matt Price reports.

    Planning To Buy Homes in Foreign Countries? Here are 4 Tips You Should Consider
    Planning to buy your dream homes in foreign countries is getting more exciting with the dollar getting even stronger compared to euros and other currencies, says Huffington Post. But before you dream of living happily in your beachfront home and basking lazily in the sun, here are four tips you should consider: Be knowledgeable of the country's laws regarding ownership of properties. Ask what type of properties may be owned by a foreigner like you. For instance, in the Philippines, foreigners may buy condominium units as long as not more than 40% of the units in a project are acquired by foreigners, according to Republic Act No. 4726, "Condominium Act," says BC Philippines Lawyers.


  • Belize Flight Over Beautiful Blue Waters, 8min. Helicopter flight over amazing blue waters, islands, and reefs.

  • SM 2015 Belize Mission Workshop, 8min. from GOB Press Office

  • Natural History of the Neotropics in Belize - Winterm 2015, 3min. This is a student video documenting the experiences she had on the Natural History of the Neotropics faculty-led program in Belize.

  • Feeding a Tapir at Belize Zoo, 2min.

  • Our day in Belize! 3/25/15, 7.5min.

  • Paddling the Paradise Islands of Belize, 10min. A weeklong Kayak trip through the southern Islands of Belize with Island Expeditions.

  • Flying in Belize, 3min. Just Another day flying in Belize. Sun, sand, and sea everywhere! Aircraft: Cessna 208B Location: Placencia - Belize City Date: March 2015

  • Central America, 8min. Travelling through Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico and New York.

  • Belize & Tikal Adventure, 4.5min.

  • Spring 2015 Long Highlight Video of Belize, 9min.

  • Fly Fishing in Belize, 7min.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize, 10min. Cave tubing in Belize was a lot of fun. We saw a lot of bats, but what was even more neat was the beautiful island of Belize.

  • Belize 2015, 7min.

  • Belize 3-15, 5min. Great week in Belize with my parents and my brothers family. 7 dives including a night dive. Also the monkey river tour, ruins, tubing and the zoo.

    April 8, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    9-year-old fighting for life after sustaining third degree burns
    Doctors in the US are trying their best to save the life of a nine year old girl from San Pedro Town who was burned over the Easter Holiday. Katerin Michel Perez was accidentally injured on Friday, April 3rd at her home in a fire that burned 53% of her upper body. With the help of a few islanders and Yvette Burks from the Burn Victim Mercy Fund, Perez was airlifted to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. While there has been no formal report, The San Pedro Sun understands that the incident happened shortly around 7:30PM on Friday April 3rd in the DFC area of San Pedro Town. According to multiple sources, Perez was being treated for lice with gasoline applied to her scalp when she happened to pass near a lit stove. The fumes from the gasoline ignited the young student, who quickly became engulfed in flames. Despite immediate attempts to assist Perez, she was severely injured.

    Letter to the Editor: Dianne Lawrence
    Re: DigiCell text to customers: “As of April 7th, BTL will NO LONGER correct TopUP error. Kindly encourage your customers to write down the correct number before sending credits.” Is this legal? Or is this theft? In essence, this new policy means that: 1. The clients who gives a wrong number is out of luck once the credit ($$$) is sent 2. The vendor is out of pocket if he/she sends credit ($$$) to a wrong number To implement your company’s new policy, vendors are to instruct customers on writing the correct phone number legibly. Belize Bank did this last year with deposit and withdraw slips and trained us all to ‘stay in the spaces’. But if Belize Bank send the money to someone else’s account, the error is reversible. Should money transferred in error remain in the wrong account, it is theft. AND furthermore, the bank teller is NOT responsible for the loss.

    Ambergris Today

    Leonardo DiCaprio Want to Change the World with New Eco-Resort in Belize
    It had been known for years that Hollywood superstar and renowned environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio had purchased Blackadore Caye, located about 7.5 miles just west (behind) Ambergris Caye, Belize. Heck! Leonardo has been vacationing incognito at the luxury celebrity resort Cayo Espanto since 2005, but his plans for the island had been unknown until recently. Today, Belize is buzzing in the Hollywood community (and the world) as the A-List celebrity announced this past week that he is creating a multi-million dollar eco-resort on the 104-acre Blackadore Caye that will push the boundaries of green design, architecture and sustainability. He bought the island for US$1.75 million.

    U.S. Naval Hospital Ship to Visit & Provide Medical Services in Belize
    The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship, USNS COMFORT, will visit Belize from April 9-18, 2015 and other ports in Central and South America and the Caribbean this spring. The USNS COMFORT works hand in hand with a variety of governmental and non-governmental agencies to train personnel in conducting civil-military operations, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, while providing medical, dental and veterinary care, and engineering support to local populations. As part of the events scheduled for Belize, USNS Comfort personnel will partner with Hattieville Government School and Independence High school to provide a variety of outpatient medical, dental, preventive medicine, and health education services. These locations will be open to the general public for one free medical or dental service each day.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize’s Joan of Arc
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. I grew up on Matlock and Perry Mason SWAT, Hawaii 5-0 and Miami Vice Never knew Belize had any magistrate that was this precise Ninety-eight percent success rate in prosecution Notwithstanding no one has questioned any of her decisions Ninety-eight percent success rate in extradition cases Before Denys Barrow she was doing all government’s big suit cases. Magistrate Merlene Moody has seventeen-plus years in the magistracy Years of experience over Annemarie At one time she was acting DPP Until she was persecuted by the PUP Being a professional from Manatee She does her job professionally with dignity No one can question her integrity No politician can say she compromised her chastity Flatly refusing to partake in the promiscuity Permeating in the judicial fraternity.

    Caye Coffee available Online
    Caye Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. just announced that their Online Web Store is NOW OPEN and anybody from around the world can order their favorite blend of Belize's local coffee. Click on the link to visit Caye Coffee Online Store

    Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow to Attend the Summit of the Americas
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that the Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, Tuesday, 7th April, 2015, for an official visit to Panama City, Panama, to attend the Summit of the Americas from 10th - 11th April, 2015. On 9th April, the Prime Minister will be making a presentation to the II CEO Summit under the theme “Bridging the Americas: Productive Integration for Inclusive Development”, which precedes the actual summit. While in Panama, the Prime Minister will also be participating in a SICA-US Summit. The Office of the Prime Minister would also like to inform that the Hon. Wilfred Elrington will be representing Prime Minister Barrow in a CARICOM-US Summit in Jamaica on 8th April 2015. Thereafter, Hon. Elrington will be travelling to Panama to join Prime Minister Barrow at the Summit of the Americas.

    For those who do not know Seismology is the science that studies earthquakes and related phenomena and is used in oil exploration. In the old days, on land, holes were drilled at intervals and pots (geophones) were placed at specific intervals and then you would shoot the holes. That meant blasting the holes with small explosives in a precise sequence and recording the seismic wave that is reflected through and by the substrata. These waves were recorded on LONG rolls of paper (logs) and studied in detail by geologists to predict the presence of formations likely to produce oil. Most likely the source of the seismic wave has been upgraded and there are certainly no longer long rolls of paper. Instead there are computers and programs to aid the geologist is his search for oil. Seismic data acquisition of sedimentary layers in a seabed beneath a large body of water such as an ocean has traditionally been used to acquire images of underlying oil fields to facilitate the recovery of oil reserves. Such data acquisition enables offshore drilling sites to be established by indicating possible locations in which to extract oil. Seismic data acquisition involves generating seismic waves from a source and receiving or "listening" to a reflected or returning wave that carries information about the medium through which it has passed.

    Southern District of New York Charges
    Official Indictment sheet: FFB Vice President was detained in Houston while trying to attend the games that the Jaguars were playing. Days later, more than the 72 hours, he was taken to the Southern District of New York where he and others "known and unknown" are accused of trafficking and intention to ship illicit substances. The case of the United States of America versus Rawel Pelayo, also known as Berto has been growing for at least four years. It accuses Pelayo and others quote “known and unknown of intentionally and knowingly did combine, conspire, confederate and agree together and with each other to violate the narcotics law of the United States.” Unquote. Count one of the indictment alleges that Pelayo and the others that they have identified imported five kilograms of cocaine into the U.S. That’s a small amount for trafficking. However, following that allegation the indictment further states that on December thirtieth, 2010, Pelayo, also known as Berto, participated in a discussion with others during which he discussed a plan to sent a quantity of cocaine to New York.


    Donation to FCD
    FCD thanks all the students from Sewanee University, Tennessee for conducting a fundraising event on Indiegogo that raised USD$1,545.00 for the ongoing efforts in the Chiquibul Forest. We are extremely grateful to all the 30 individuals that contributed to this conservation cause in Belize.

    Channel 7

    The Return of Rawell
    Two years ago it made national headlines when Rawell Pelayo - the senior vice president of the FFB, was intercepted by US Authorities in Houston when he was on his way to the Gold Cup. The information at the time was that he faced very serious charges for narcotics smuggling - and that the US Authorities had been waiting for him for some time. But, tonight, 21 months later, Rawell Pelayo is home in Orange Walk. He was deported from the United States today and was taken to the GSU office at the Queen Street Police station this afternoon. After a standard hour and a half processing - which all deportees go through - he was released to his family, a free man. He didn't want to grant an interview and would only give a brief comment:.. Rawell Pelayo, Deported to Belize "I will give you all an interview later on, but right now I need to get to my family, because I haven't seen them for a while." Jules Vasquez "How do you feel being back?" Rawell Pelayo, Deported to Belize "Good. I am happy to be home. Nothing like Belize. I will save the interview for when I meet you." After that he was off to Orange Walk.

    Cross Country 2015 Crowned Justin Williams
    On Saturday, Belizeans rejoiced when 25 year old Justin Williams claimed the garland "for country." Williams is a Belizean American with strong ties to home who came in fourth two years ago - but was determined to win in 2015. To do so, he had to get a little brotherly help. 7News camera man Codie Norales was out on the road from beginning to end - and here's what he saw:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting 100 riders, including 25 foreigners, took off from the BTL Park for the ceremonial ride out of the city for the 87th Running of the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Class. Over the last 10 years, Belize as a country, has seen only 3 natives capturing the garland, and so, Belizeans at home and abroad were waiting with abated breath wondering if one of their own would win this one. The defending Champion, Mexican Juan Pablo Magallanes, was not in the line-up today. There were 6 former champions competing. These were Darnell Barrow, Giovanni Choto, Shane Vasquez, Michael Lewis, Chris Harkey, and Bill Elliston.

    11 Month Old Died of Head Trauma, Family Says She Fell Down The Stairs, Neighbors Say Otherwise
    An 11-month-old baby is dead with a fractured skull and there are conflicting stories about what led to her demise. On Wednesday morning around 8 police found baby Mia Lopez dead - lying face up on a sofa in her parents' home on Curl Thompson Street. The 21 year old mother Karen Perez told police that she was taking care of her baby when little Mia began to cry and gasp for breath. Shortly after Mia became motionless. She was rushed to the KHMH but was pronounced dead on arrival. The postmortem shows that baby Mia died due to multiple skull fractures from blunt force trauma to the head. When we spoke to the parents today, they told us that baby Mia had fallen down the front steps 5 days before and hit her head. They insisted that it was an accident and refused to give an interview. Now, when we spoke to a neighbor, we got another version - the neighbor told us that it wasn't an accident and that the baby was being constantly abused. The neighbor also said that social services have already came to take the baby away but that they were somehow reunited. And what are the police saying?

    Female Coast Guard Shoots Male Counterpart in Head
    Tonight 37 year old Coast Guard officer Kurt Hyde is in the KHMH - after surviving a shot to the back of the head which exited through his cheek. The person accused of doing it is a female Coast Guard, 24 year old Keyren Tzib. It happened at around 9:50 on a vessel just 100 yards away from the Coast Guard Headquarters. A team of BDF officers, the Coast Guard and Port Authority officials were returning from a patrol on San Pedro and that's when Tzib shot Hyde. There are many questions as to what led Tzib to shoot Hyde but police don't have those answers as yet. Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C., - CIB "Police personnel visited the coast guard base, where they saw some blood inside a vessel. Investigation revealed that one, Kurt Hyde had been shot to the left side of his face, he was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. An investigation was conducted into that matter, several statements were recorded, tests were done and at the conclusion of that investigation, Keyren Tzib, a member of the coast guard, was arrested and charged for the crimes of attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. The investigations show that they were returning from a mission from San Pedro. Thereafter, the investigation revealed she pointed her weapon at the officer and fired one single shot."

    Stepfather Remanded For Stepson's Death
    Before the Easter Holidays, we told you about 42 year-old Patrick Castillo Sr., the man accused by his family of allegedly chopping his 20 year-old stepson, Jose Maderos, to death. That violent incident unfolded in front of an entire family, and tonight, Castillo is at the Belize Central Prison after he was formally charged with murder. Castillo was arraigned today before Magistrate Ladonna John on the charge of murder, and an additional charge of wounding, which he allegedly committed against his 13 year-old step-daughter. Due to the nature of the offence, no plea was taken, and he was remanded to the Central Prison until June 8.

    Hibiscus Home Burned
    A family is homeless tonight after their home burned down yesterday. It happened at 6724 Hibiscus Street yesterday morning at around 8:00. The owners of the house were not there when the fire started but when they arrived at their home only blackened remains were scattered in the yard - they lost everything. They believe it was arson and told Courtney Weatherburne about it today:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting We found 58 year old Robert Tracey sitting on this broken refrigerator in his yard - which also serves as his outhouse - surveying the damage after the fire that destroyed his house. Tracey has been living here for over 34 years and the life he once knew was shattered overnight. Robert Tracey, "Lost everything in fire" "When I come home to sleep, there was no house." Courtney Weatherburne "You live here alone right?" Robert Tracey, "Lost everything in fire" "Alone. Not alone - me, my shadow, my spirit and the holy father."

    Underwood Was Run Over And Killed
    There were two fatal accidents over the Easter holiday. The second one happened just after 11 on Friday night in Sandhill. 41-year-old Marlon Longsworth was driving a Ford Ranger pickup when he hit 27 year old Victor Underwood who he says suddenly jumped unto the road. This happened near a well known bar at mile 21 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Today Ladyville police discussed the accident:.. Underwood succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the KHMH. Police have served Longsworth with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

    A Drowning In Landing
    Another young life was lost this weekend - this time in a drowning. 17 year old Christian Valentin - a Belize City resident was swimming in Bermudan Landing on Holy Saturday afternoon when he suddenly went under water. Police told us about the effort to recover his body: Insp. Frederick Gordon - Rural Executive Officer "Over the weekend here, we had one drowning incident on Saturday the 4th of April. Sometime around 12:30pm thereabout, police received information that a Christian went swimming where the old Bermuda Landing ferry was, the person merged and a couple hours later his body was recovered and taken to the Karl Heusner where it now await post-mortem. The investigation reveals, from the statement of a person that he was along with, that he went into the water to bathe and he just jumped into the water and we understand that he couldn't swim. The same fellow went to save him but during the course of him trying to save him, the guy tried to pull him and apparently he got released and the person submerged under the water and he did not surface."

    Boat Explosion Victim Romy Badillo Receives Skin Surgery In Guate
    And in a follow up on another fire….Last week Thursday, we showed you the vessel which spontaneously exploded and forced 3 experienced boatmen to jump overboard to avoid serious injury. It left the boat captain Romy Badillo with severe burn injuries - and when we left you on Friday he was sin the intensive care unit. Tonight, we've learned through the family's facebook updates that that the surgery in Guatemala to remove burnt skin tissue was a success. He is still hospitalized at this time after suffering 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 75% of his body and severe inhalation of toxic fumes. According to police, 34 year-old George Gonzalez, 59 year-old Boat Captain Romaldo Badillo, and 41 year-old Wallace Flowers, all of Belize City, suffered varying degrees of burn injuries. After speaking with the men, the officers found out that 52 year-old Steven Bradley placed his 31 foot skiff into the water, and they intended to go to St. George's Caye.

    Leo-D Has Big Plans For Belize
    Years ago we reported that Hollywood leading man Leonardo DiCaprio had bought an island in Belize - that's Blackadore Caye. Well, on Friday, he told the New York Times that he has major plans to turn Blackadore into a model of environmental restoration. DiCaprio describes Belize as, quote, "heaven on earth," and says that in 2018 he will open "Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island." He tell the Times that Blackadore Caye has suffered from "overfishing, an eroding coastline and the mangrove deforestation," and he and the developer will fix it. According to the article, the villas on Blackadore Caye will be "built atop a massive platform that stretches in an arc over the water, with artificial reefs and fish shelters underneath." The times reports that "a team of designers, scientists, engineers and landscape architects, some of whom have spent more than 18 months studying Blackadore Caye, will monitor the resort's impact on its surroundings." DiCaprio says he wants to quote "change the world." You can find a link to the entire extended article at

    PM to Panama For Summit
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to attend the 7th Summitt of the Americas in Panama. PM Barrow will make a pre-summit presentation titled "Bridging the Americas: Productive Integration for Inclusive Development",. And while in Panama, PM Barrow will also be participating in a SICA-US Summit. PM Barrow returns on Monday, 13th April, 2015 and During his absence, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega is acting Prime Minister.

    How To Half Marathon, Bob Lightburn Style
    The Bob Lightburn Half Marathon used to be a fixture of Holy Saturday - not as famous as the cross country but famous in its own way - not least because of its namesake Bob himself who blazed a trail for runners in the 50's. On Saturday right after the cross country started heading for Cayo - they headed for the Burdon Canal Bridge in a 13.1 mile half marathon. We were there and spoke to the winners:... Regrettably we could not find the overall winner Albert Davis who is a 19-year-old student of St. John's Junior College. He clocked a time of 1:22:52 on the 13.1 mile run.

    Cross Country Champ Justin Williams, In His Blood
    But we did speak to Justin Williams - the winner of the 87th. Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. Justin is the elder son of Callyman Williams - a former rider well known in the cycling community. But Justin's family tree also goes way back into cycling history with the Miguel's - the most storied cycling dynasty in Cross Country history. Today we spoke to him about that family history and how it led him to the line on Saturday:.. Justin Williams, Cross Country Champion "We grew up in a Belize community in LA, so every is always talking about it. My dad who brought us out here when we were kids. One of my first memory as a kid we being in Belize on my Uncle Dwight's motorcycle. We've been out here a lot and the culture us just embedded in us. When people ask how does it feel to be a Belizean? We don't know any different. We are Belizeans - that's the way we grew up. Our dad always doing the cross country and us always hearing about the cross country - our uncle always winning the cross country. People always coming at our house on Sundays after long rides. We use to have barbeques at our house after long rides and all our uncles and my dad friends arguing about who won this and won that - it's just something we grew up with."

    Channel 5

    Rawell Pelayo Is Back in Belize
    Former F.F.B. executive Rawell Pelayo is at home tonight in Orange Walk a free man. He was deported by U.S. marshals on a flight back to Belize earlier today and [...]

    Keyren Tzib Charged For Shooting Senior Officer
    On Easter Monday, at the end of a joint maritime operation of Belize’s armed forces, twenty-four year old Coast Guard Seaman Keyren Tzib approached the vessel’s captain, thirty-seven year old [...]

    Veteran Boatman Explains Explosion
    On Thursday night, we left you with the story about a boat that caught on fire in the hanger area near the Belize City Municipal Airstrip. Four men were heading [...]

    Fire Department Investigates
    In speaking with News Five today, Stephen Bradley said the skiff, Miss Din, was regularly maintained since he bought it twelve years ago. Bradley also pointed out that a new [...]

    Belize City Man Found Dead in Seine Bight
    The body of a Belize City man was today retrieved from the lagoon in Seine Bight on the Peninsula. Eighteen year old George Richard Maskall was last seen by relatives [...]

    3 Structures Torched by Arsonists
    There was a string of three arsons across the country over the Easter weekend, the most tragic being the deliberate destruction of a Garifuna spiritual temple in Barranco Village.  Since [...]

    Police Investigate Infant Death
    A toddler is dead and police are investigating the cause of the death of the eleven month old baby. Karen De Jesus Perez reported to police that sometime around seven-thirty [...]

    Belize City Family Homeless After Fire
    Earlier in the newscast, we reported on two cases of arson in the village of Barranco in the south. Well, there is another incident in which a small house was [...]

    2 More Fires in Toledo
    There were two other fires in the Toledo District…one in at a school in Big Falls and the other in Blue Creek. In the wee hours of Monday, a fire [...]

    RTA Near Edgewater Leaves One Dead
    Twenty-seven-year-old Victor Underwood perished in a fatal road traffic accident which occurred along the Phillip Goldson Highway at the start of the Easter weekend.  He would be the first of [...]

    Family Claims Possible Negligence by K.H.M.H.
    According to Underwood’s brother, while he concedes that his sibling was at times difficult to deal with; his death may have been the result of negligence on the part of [...]

    Patrick Castillo Arraigned for Murder of Stepson
    On Wednesday, April Fools’ Day, forty-two year old security guard, Patrick Castillo Senior, viciously chopped his stepson, Guatemalan Jose Maderos, to death. It was a bloody scene which left a [...]

    Teenager Drowns Near Bermudian Landing
    A teenager lost his life over the weekend in a drowning accident in the Belize River Valley.  The seventeen-year-old was reportedly spending his Saturday afternoon with a group of friends [...]

    Looking at Food Safety on World Health Day
    Today is being celebrated as World Health Day under the theme of Food Safety. It’s not a topic that we often think about, but it’s a very serious matter for [...]

    PM Barrow Travels to Summit of the Americas
    The Summit of the Americas takes place this week on Friday and Saturday in Panama City, under the “Prosperity with Equity: The Challenge of Cooperation in the Americas.” The event [...]

    British Soldiers Undergo Intensive Training in Belize
    British soldiers are a regular sight on our roads, especially in the west as they train in the rough of the Mountain Pine Ridge. Belize actually provides an ideal training [...]

    Your Weekend Sports With James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday on a Tuesday. Hope you had an enjoyable Easter Weekend. For certain you were thrilled with the results of the [...]


    Stepfather accused of chopping stepson to death
    A domestic dispute late on Wednesday night in Belize City between a stepfather and stepson ended in tragedy when the older man, 42 year old security guard Patrick Castillo of Kut Avenue, allegedly chopped his 20 year old Jose Jonathan Maderos, as well as his 13 year old stepdaughter by accident.  

    Trade Unions condemn Petrocaribe Act
    A meeting of the General Council of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) took place last night in Belize City after the passage earlier this week of the Petrocaribe Loans Act, 2015, which passed by a slim six-to-five margin with an abstention by Senator representing the trade unions, ...

    NTUCB not ready to throw Senator under the bus
    The other major question to be discussed at the General Council meeting of the Union Congress was the actions of Senator Ray Davis in abstaining from the vote during a meeting of the Senate this week...

    Twin Town residents meet with new Mayor and Town council
    The San Ignacio/ Santa Elena Town Council held its first community meeting this week since the new Mayor and his council were sworn in to office on March 19th last two weeks. The meeting was held at 7 pm on Tuesday March 31st at the San Ignacio Hotel and resort...

    Easter Weekend; Adoration of Jesus Christ
    Beyond the chocolate bunnies, new clothes, and tropical beaches is the real meaning of Easter which is a call to celebrate in the triumph of Jesus Christ...

    Boat explodes; persons injured
    There was a boat explosion in Belize City this afternoon. It happened just after 1 pm in the ‘Hangar’ area of Belize City on this Holy Thursday, April 2.  The amateur videos you are seeing were sent to us this afternoon...

    Belmopan Man missing
    A Belmopan man is missing and his family is seeking the public’s assistance in locating him. According to the brother, on Monday , 34 year old Jahir Heremias Guerra, better known as  “Hairo” , left his home in San Martin with a knapsack on his back and riding a blue bicycle...

    Lots of drugs found; no arrests
    a number of drug packages have been found across the country but with no one in the area to charge with any crime. On April 1 in San Pedro,  police on operation in the San Mateo area conducted searches in an abandoned lot where they found a transparent plastic bag containing 126 grams of Cannabis...

    New standards for rice
    Yesterday, the Minister of Agriculture Gaspar Vega and senior officials from his ministry met with rice producers over the possible threat of Guyanese imported rice into the country...

    Venezuela denies any struggles with Petrocaribe shipments
    Last Week Friday we told you  of a significant cut in Venezuelan’s subsidized shipments of crude oil to PetroCaribe member nations, of which Belize is a part ...

    Lower electricity rates
    Belize Electricity Ltd has requested permission of the Public Utilities Commission to lower electricity rates by 10%. In an application on Wednesday April 1, BEL proposes to lower the average electricity rate from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour...

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Belize City teenager reported drowned in Bermudian Landing
    There was a drowning reported in the village of Bermudian Landing over the Easter weekend. Officer in charge of Ladyville formation Inspector Frederick Gordon reported that on Holy Saturday around 12:30 in the afternoon, police received reports that a 17 year old teenager went swimming in the area […]

    Police question parents in Belize City baby’s death
    In connection with her sudden death on Wednesday, April 1, police are questioning the parents of 11-month-old Mia Eusebia Lopez, who died in hospital after her mother, 21 year old Karen de Jesus Perez, noticed her crying and gasping for air. A short time thereafter the baby’s body […]

    Homeowner loses house to fire
    The home of 57 year old Robert Austin Tracey at Hibiscus Street in the Lake Independence area burned down by fire over the weekend. But the homeowner, whose son Robert Austin Jr. was shot dead near downtown Belize City in December, believes it was deliberate. He says he […]

    Coast Guard officer charged with attempted murder of colleague
    26 year old officer of the Belize National Coast Guard Keyren Tzib has been charged with the attempted murder of fellow officer Kurt Hyde, 37, of Ontario, Cayo District. Petty Officer First Class Hyde is reported to be stabilized but still in critical condition after being shot in […]

    Former Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize Deported from USA
    Former Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize , Rawell Pelayo has returned home after spending almost two years of detention at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. Pelayo was detained in July 8th 2012 by Drug Enforcement Agents while trying to attend the games that the Belize Jaguars/National Team were playing […]

    “GI Joe” charged for fast food break in
    Police believe 42 year old Cecil Franklin, otherwise known as “G.I. Joe” after the famous action figure, attempted to break into PG Kitchen on Freetown Road on Sunday night. Franklin pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted burglary before Magistrate Ladonna John and was offered bail of […]

    Trio charged over homemade firearm
    Three residents of Ladyville, Belize District are accused of keeping a prohibited firearm and ammunition without a gun license. 26 year old Kareem Arnold, 42 year old Mesheck Bucknor and a 17 year old female pleaded not guilty to the charges before Magistrate Ladonna John and were remanded to […]

    Patrick Castillo charged with stepson’s murder
    Last week 20 year old Guatemalan national Jose Jonathan Maderos was chopped to death at his Kut Avenue home following an argument with his stepfather, 42 year old Patrick Castillo Sr, a security guard. Today he was charged with Jonathan’s murder and the wounding of his 13 year […]

    House Fire Over the Easter Holidays Leaves Family Homeless
    77 year old, Narciso Novelo from the Village of August Pine Ridge in Orange Walk District is lucky to be alive after family members woke him up in the wee hours of April 5th, 2015 to notify him that the thatched roof of his house was being engulfed in […]

    Traffic Accident on the Western Highway
    Belize Media Group has been informed of a traffic accident on the Western Highway between miles 45 and 46 around noon today. One individual was transported for medical attention via ambulance. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as soon as we receive more information.

    Belmopan City Council: consider increasing efficiency and effectiveness
    By Charles Leslie Jr. I highly recommend that the Belmopan City Council do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of their traffic department, with a focus on increasing efficiency and effectiveness. They should also consider improving their image. The personnel they have that are the first contact for customers, are not trained in public relations, when a security guard does not know that saying good day to a customer walking into the building and a cashier that does not lift her head to greet you, their is lack of public relations training. The security guard doesn’t need lots of training for this. He just needs to be told to smile and greet people. As for the cashier, I have observed that she is overwhelmed with paperwork. There seems to be a lack of an efficient method for her to deal with the work load she has, and when the office gets filled with customers, she spends more than 50% of her time out of her office, than actually attending to customers.

    Two Fire Incidents Reported Over The Easter Holidays
    Belize Media Group has received information about two fire reports over the Easter Holidays; one in August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk and the other in Benque Viejo Del Carmen.

    Generally dry conditions will prevail through Tuesday
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. For the rest of the week conditions are likely to remain the same with partly cloudy skies with only isolated showers. Winds will blow to the East at 10 to 20 knots and the sea state will be choppy to moderate. High temperatures are expected to be around 85 degrees Fahrenheit along the coast; 92 degrees Fahrenheit inland and a comfortable 78 degrees Fahrenheit up at the exposed areas of the Mountain Pine Ridge and along the Maya Mountains in the south.


    My Long Easter Weekend on Ambergris Caye…Sigh. Now Back to Work!
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. A four and a half day holiday is simply the most wonderful idea. And, I think, one of the very best ways to judge how civilized a country is. Also a great way to measure the greatness of a civilization is how they treat their weakest members. Or Gandhi’s quote highlighted at the Belize Zoo: Also a great way to measure the greatness of a civilization is how they treat their weakest members. Or Gandhi’s quote highlighted at the Belize Zoo:

    Belize 2015 Easter Egg Hunt – Chaa Creek does it again!
    Chaa Creek continues to celebrate this traditional activity with the multinational cadre of children visiting our 365 acre nature reserve as spring comes to the tropics and announces the nesting time for toucans and parrots within a riotous pallet of brightly coloured trees. The egg hunt started first thing Sunday morning with families having early breakfast and preparing for the day’s activities including the treasure hunt and visits to Mayan ceremonial caves and temples, zip-lining, cave tubing, horseback riding and canoeing. Over 100 eggs were hidden with treasures inside of them, all scattered throughout the lodge’s grounds. Each child was handed an easter bag to place all the eggs they could discover and collect!

    The Best Birdwatching in Southern Belize: Laguna Village and the Agua Caliente Wildlife Sanctuary
    For birders, adventurers, naturalist, and travelers who want to share an authentic slice of Toledo life and an unmatched patch of natural beauty, plan a trip to Laguna. Located just thirty minutes up the road from Punta Gorda, the village of Laguna has it all. A quaint and beautiful Q’eqchi Maya community, Laguna is ideal for those interested in experiencing the lifestyle of the majority of Toledo’s inhabitants. The nearby lagoons, meanwhile, are also an absolute must see for birders and outdoor enthusiast. Add in the proximity of a beautiful nearby cave, traditional meals with local families, and the short distance to PG and its many hotels, and there is something everyone should be able to enjoy. A member of the Toledo Ecotourism Association (TEA), Laguna has a brand new guesthouse to accommodate visitors interested in seeing the lagoons. Guests can choose between a dormitory style room with four bunk beds or a private room with two double beds. The cost to stay a night in Laguna is $22 BZE (11 US) per person. Unlike most of the homes in Laguna, the guesthouse also has bathrooms and showers, so you can cool off after a long day in the forest. Alternatively, guests can stay in PG, call TEA to arrange a guide, and drive out to Laguna the following day.

    Medical Clinic USNS Comfort
    Reminder - Medical Clinic USNS Comfort will be providing Medical services to the needy! Lookout for venues and dates! Courtesy US Embassy in Belize!

    19 Fun Facts About Belize
    Thought you knew everything there is to know about Belize? Don’t bet on it. Even folks who have lived here for decades could learn a few things within the following 19 fun facts, like did you know that Belize is the only Central American country where English is the official language? Guess that makes 20! 1. Traffic lights can only be found in Belize City. Speed bumps along highways and roads control traffic throughout the nation, but of course the term “traffic” is relative here. 2. Belize cuisine includes Royal Rat as a main course. The rodent’s official name is the Gibnut and it’s supposed to taste like rabbit. Nobody asked Queen Elizabeth her opinion when she found it on her plate during a visit. 3. Order the Bamboo Chicken at any restaurant and you could violate a law since this chicken is actually a protected iguana and it’s illegal to eat this traditional dish.

    International Sourcesizz

    Restorative Hospitality Announces Plans for Restorative Island Development in Belize
    Restorative Hospitality, a subsidiary of the wellness real estate firm Delos, and Leonardo DiCaprio have announced plans to create the world’s most sustainable island resort at Blackadore Caye, Belize. Upon its completion in 2018, Blackadore Caye will be the greenest island resort ever built, and the world’s first ‘Restorative Island’ project designed with sustainable building techniques that restore and regenerate the surrounding ecosystem and reverse the effects of climate change. The project is being developed by Restorative Islands, LLC, designed by McLennan Design and operated by Restorative Hospitality, which will also manage the wellness programming offered at the resort. “Islands and coastal areas all over the world are being threatened by climate change due to rising sea levels, ocean acidification and habitat pressures,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. “This project is leading a new way in eco-tourism, development and green building and demonstrates that human development can be truly restorative and beneficial for the environment.”

    Belize-It or Not! BA mission trip finds Bixby school bus
    A recent mission trip to Belize for a group of college students and leaders from Broken Arrow proved to be an eye-opening experience in more ways than one. Six students and two leaders from the college ministry program at First United Methodist Church traveled to Belmopan, the capital city of Belize, from March 14-22 to work with students from an orphanage and a local high school there. Belize is a nation located on the eastern coast of Central America, some 1,400 miles from Broken Arrow. According to Adam Heare, a full-time staff member at FUMCBA and one of the two adult leaders on the trip, the group spent time assisting as substitute teachers, providing life skills classes, while also sharing testimonies and teaching music to Belize youth.

    Inside Belize: British Army soldiers put through their paces
    ITV News has been given access to Price Barracks in the former British colony of Belize where dozens of young British Army soldiers are being put through their paces. As the UK ends its combat mission in Afghanistan, it's hoped more soldiers will go through training in these kinds of environment. In the first of his three special reports, Matt Price looks back at the history of that base - and how our troops are being pushed to the limit in the jungles of Central America:

    Canadian Municipalities program
    A pair of city planners is bound for Belize as part of a Federation of Canadian Municipalities program that aids economic development in the Caribbean. The planners, Sean Galloway and Heather McNeely, will for the next two weeks “provide technical advice” to support the creation of a downtown improvement plan for Belize City and the towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, according to a staff report that noted London is one of several cities offering its expertise as part of the so-called Caribbean Local Economic Development Program. To no surprise, the plan pleased Coun. Harold Usher, who moved to Canada from Belize some 40 years ago. “They’re going to do good work,” he told his colleagues on the corporate services committee.

    Fish key to keeping reefs healthy: study
    A team of scientists have come up with a benchmark for how many fish are needed to protect the health of coral reefs. Scientists from James Cook University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, the University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society have studied fish populations in more than 800 reefs around the world. They have discovered that near-pristine reefs contain one tonne of fish per hectare. Using this figure as a benchmark, they found 83 per cent of fished reefs have lost more than half their fish populations. JCU coral reef expert Dr Nick Graham says fish play important roles in the functioning of reef ecosystems, including controlling seaweed and invertebrates. "By linking fisheries to ecology, we can now uncover important ecosystem functions for a given level of fish biomass," Dr Graham said. The study, published in the journal Nature, found most fished reefs would take about 35 years of protection to recover, while the most depleted areas would take almost 60 years.

    Complex bacterial challenge in fight against deadly amphibian disease
    New research from The University of Manchester and the Institute of Zoology has shed light on the complex challenge facing scientists battling one of the world’s most devastating animal diseases. Chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) is thought to be behind the decline or extinction of at least 200 species of frogs. It is also one of the reasons why 31% of amphibian species are currently listed as threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This latest study used bacteria from frogs in Belize to test the limitations of probiotic treatments. This form of treatment aims to introduce bacteria cultivated from amphibians that aren’t affected by the disease to those at risk of infection to boost their immunity. To assess the effectiveness of probiotic treatments, the team used bacteria taken from frogs in Belize, where the species has shown resilience despite the long term presence of the disease in the area. 56 strains of bacteria were isolated and stored for use in the laboratory.

    Travel Tips To Live By So Everyday Life Can Be An Adventure
    There are many lessons to be learned from traveling. While I don’t necessarily think a week-long trip can transform who you are, I do believe, collectively, travel experiences can. As a wanderlust at heart, I have traveled the United States extensively; I have even sold all of my belongings to backpack through Central America. Here are three travel lessons I learned from those experiences, which can also be applied to everyday life at home: 1. Life will be more beautiful if you proactively create your own moments of wonder. In Belize, I sailed to a remote island and pitched a tent. That night, I laid in the sand and looked up at the stars. The hostel gave away my room and the entire island was booked solid. The only available options were expensive hotel rooms and bungalows. That night, I ended up sleeping in a hammock outside a local’s house, who cooked me fresh lobster and gave me all the ins and outs of the island.

    More opportunities for farmers through new Fairtrade Sourcing Programs
    For many years the familiar sight of the blue and green Fairtrade mark has been a beacon for ethical shoppers. But under the new Fairtrade Sourcing Programs, things are about to change as Fairtrade pioneers a new way for farmers to sell their produce all over the globe. The initiative will allow manufacturers to source single commodities such as cocoa, cotton and sugar on Fairtrade terms and then carry a new specific FSP logo if they source 100% of that specific Fairtrade ingredient. Until now, they had to source everything that could possibly be Fairtrade to earn labelling certification. Fairtrade currently works with 62,000 sugar cane farmers in countries including Belize, Jamaica, Malawi and Zambia, and 167,000 cocoa farmers in countries such as Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and the Dominican Republic, enabling them to increase their productivity, improve their businesses and invest in a wide range of community projects such as educational grants, health clinics and access to safe drinking water.

    What Kind Of World Do You Want To Create With Your Money?
    I truly believe that sometimes to get back in touch, you need to get away.I closed out 2014 in a rut, feeling lost with many things in my personal life and professional life. Then we turned the calendar to 2015, and I kicked off the year by heading to Belize with Under30Experiences. It was a phenomenal trip, and I came back oozing with clarity. Belize revived me, jazzed me, and straight up gave me that feeling again that I’m in sync with everything. But it wasn’t because of the beautiful 80 degree weather, crystal blue waters, or literally swimming with sharks. It wasn’t eating fresh Red Snapper, doing yoga at sunrise on a pier overlooking the sea, or hooping with locals who called me Young Kobe.

    Pregnant Mermaid Performer Swims with Sharks & Rays to Promote Barrier Reef Conservation
    Sirenalia, an Austin, Texas­, based mermaid production company, traveled to Belize to swim through Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, in the Great Barrier Reef. Maria Russo, who owns Sirenalia, made the swim while eight months pregnant. The trip was documented by Flashpool Productions’ underwater photographer, Sarah Teveldal. All photos are being donated to be used as promotional materials by Barrier Reef conservation agencies. The Belizian Great Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef system in the world, and is one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems. Unfortunately, over 48% of the reef has been damaged since 1998. “I love this reef so much, and I want to be able to share it with my daughter,” said Russo. “It’s heartbreaking to me to think of the damage done to it. I genuinely hope she gets to experience it when she's grown.” Maria’s company, Sirenalia, specializes in the production of silicone mermaid tails & accessories, and customized mermaid performances. It has several regular mermaid performers, two of whom came on the trip to swim alongside her. “I’m really proud of my girls- swimming in a mermaid tail is a learned skill, and I felt really good knowing they were with me.”

    Officers linked to human rights abuses in Latin America
    Carlos Alberto Ospina Ovalle was deep in the Colombian mountains in the autumn of 1997, directing an Army brigade in a major offensive against a group that Washington formally designated that year as terrorists, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. He achieved some battlefield successes, and five years later, he was appointed chief of the Colombian Armed Forces. Flash forward to earlier this month: Ospina Ovalle was in a military classroom in Washington, lecturing at the National Defense University to an elite group of U.S. and foreign military officers and civilians from a podium set before a row of Latin American flags. Colleagues at the school, which is chartered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, say Ospina Ovalle is particularly respected there for his experience under fire and his deep knowledge of counterterrorism strategy. In recent weeks, however, a less heroic portrayal of Ospina’s past has caught up with him, provoking controversy over his presence in the United States among lawmakers on Capitol Hill and within the Obama administration, and new expressions of concern from Washington’s community of Latin American specialists.


  • Justin's Trip to the Belize Zoo, 3min. A little something put together to remember my son's/family's outing to the Belize Zoo during March's Stimulation Month

  • Un Belize Able, 2min. A video from my trip to Placencia, Belize over spring break 2016.

  • Snorkeling Caye Caulker Belize, 2.5min.

  • MissAmericaBelize Pageant -2015, 3min.

  • Shawn + Jaime - Wedding Trailer, 1min. Video by Island Films. Location: Victoria House, Ambergris Caye, Belize


  • You Better Belize It, 12min.

  • Dolphin jumps next to our boat on the Belize River, 1/2min. We encountered a number of dolphins in the Belize River a few kilometres from Belize City off the Caribbean coast. I recorded this video from a boat so had some trouble stabilizing or getting a clear view...

  • Belize Flight Over Water and Coral Barrier Reefs 1 of 2, 4min. Magnificent water and views of the barrier reefs. Filmed with an early model GoPro from a helicopter.

  • Belize Flight Over Water and Coral Barrier Reefs 2 of 2, 3min. Helicopter flight off the coast of Belize.

    April 7, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
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    The San Pedro Sun

    Sotheby’s International Realty brand launches newly redesigned website
    Belize Sotheby’s International Realty, a luxury real estate firm based in Ambergris Caye & Placencia, Belize, today announced the launch of the Sotheby’s International Realty® brand’s newly redesigned website,, which was built to showcase the network’s listings in an immersive and visual way that is unique to the industry. “The new was created to tell the story of a home in a more editorial way, not the commoditized approach that can often be found in our industry,” said Wendy Purvey, chief marketing officer, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. “We believe the art of marketing a home is based on showcasing its soul, so every aspect of the new site works toward this goal.”

    Letter to the Editor: Suzy Strutner
    My name is Suzy Strutner. I am a travel writer, author and editor for the Lifestyle & Travel Sections @ HuffingtonPost. It is of my foremost importance to keep my readership up-to-date on my travel experiences, travel news and changes in various travel destinations. Last week, my travel allowed me to have another 2-days stop on Ambergris Caye. Again, I wanted to have a short and private vacation stay with business observations mixed in. I had a pleasurable time! I was urged to also inform the community about my newest impressions; and possibly beforehand. Tourism has increased quite impressively on the island, my congratulations. Becoming famous unfortunately, has also lead to some structural and organizational problems, which have now become quite apparent. All these are impacting tourism pleasure one way or the other: * The island still has all the potential to develop into a real treasure destination designed for high-end travel clientele without dependence on the much tougher mass and package travel market. — A Positive

    Inspiring and Leading: Natalie Arceo
    Awesomeness personified, Natalie is a Sales Manager for Smart Belize, and on the side, as everyone knows, she is the island songstress. Her melodious voice has been heard throughout the country, and she has not held back from sharing her talent with others. She currently leads the San Pedro Town Church Choir, aptly named “Heaven’s Voice”. We talked to Natalie, and found out a little bit more about how she’s become such an inspirational leader. How did this choir leadership come about, and what keeps you going? In 2011, I was out for lunch and two missionaries stopped me in the middle of the street and asked me “Do you want to lead the Catholic choir?” I was flattered that they would ask and so I accepted. Knowing that the choir kids will not be at home glued to a device or experimenting with drugs/sex but instead come to sing it out with me and be involved in something positive, keeps me going!

    Stray San Pedro Dog Finds New Home in New York City
    As Ambergris Caye continues to top the lists of the World’s Best Destinations, tourists flood our shores in search of sunshine, good food and great people. What they often find is much more than that. As they stroll our streets and peek in and out of our shops, they also encounter our stray dog population. Often these visiting sun seekers stumble upon Saga Humane Society and the inevitable happens. It starts with a casual walk on the beach, a quick visit to the shelter, a day spent at Fort Dog, or in one case, a dreadful day at the beach that ultimately leads to Pedro the Great White of NYC. While vacationing in San Pedro in February 2011, Alex and Dave Brooten who live in New York City, New York USA on the Upper East Side noticed a few local children carrying a tiny puppy around a resort area. The two came to learn that the little pup was born just a few weeks prior, to a stray dog living in the children’s yard. It was clear that this 5-pound pup was pretty sick and in need of some care, so they rushed to Saga Humane Society. “At this point we had completely fallen in love with the puppy “Pedro”, named after his hometown of San Pedro, and decided that we were going to do whatever we could to help him and, we hoped, take him home to the US”, recalls Alex.

    Ambergris Today

    Sotheby’s International Realty Brand Launches Newly Designed Website
    Consumers still can search for a home based on lifestyle and amenity but now have the ability to sort their results by various home features including pools, kitchens and views, and compare visual images of that feature among their search results. “At the foundation of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand is our focus on lifestyle,” said John Passerini, Vice President of Interactive Marketing for the brand. “Our lifestyle search is more visual, and our focus on video and photography allows our affiliates to showcase the various lifestyles a home offers that cannot be properly articulated in words only. Our full responsive site works on any mobile device and allows our network members to do what we believe they do best: uniquely showcase extraordinary homes around the world anytime, anywhere and in any language.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    When is the start of the rainy season?
    Your 21st May could well be the average, but it is a very variable start. . . One year, I got it right to the day, 28th May. . . . Last year it started early, actually the 1st May, with 43mm ( 1 3/4" ) by the 4th May, after an April with absolutely no rain at all. I have an expression " April Showers, May it Pours" . . . . What I mean is that usually, we can expect the odd shower in April, not usually heavy rain. . . . But we occasionally can get the odd heavy rain in May, before the Wet season starts, usually around the last week in May. But some years we have not had a proper dry season, some years we have not had a proper wet season. . . . Our weather is not sharply defined like in some countries.

    A Painted Conversation
    A mural is coming to the wall on Burns avenue. They have some grand designs, and have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the much needed funds. Check out their idea at the kickstarter page. If it's half as nice as they plan, it'll be beautiful. "From conception to execution, publicity to painting- students, teachers, artists and community participants from the San Ignacio area will be involved in the development and artistic implementation of the project. The communities feedback will be integrated into the final design of the mural, giving voice to the participants. A Painted Conversation multi-media collaborative mural will express a positive and uplifting message. Our hope is to create a collective vision through an investigation into the assets of the community. The mural will integrate mosaic, painting and possible 3D elements in a final artwork that will integrate the community’s ideas to beautify and bring meaning to San Ignacio for many decades to come."

    Belize Bird Rescue Newsletter
    Belize Bird Rescue has released their first 2015 newsletter. Read all about the wonderful work they've been involved in, as well as the new Parrot Registration Programme. Thanks, BBR, for all you've been doing! "2014 saw a record number of intakes at BBR with 236 birds coming through our doors. Because of our work with the Captive Wildlife Programme, many of those intakes were parrots (106), but as the only avian rescue and rehabilitation centre in Belize, we help whatever species comes our way. 2014 brought us 53 raptors, 21 waterbirds and 56 songbirds. It was also record-breaking year for barn owls: 24 of these much-maligned rat-eaters visited BBR, with all but 3 them being successfully released back into the wild."

    The Reporter

    Belize celebrates World Health Day
    Belize is celebrating the 65th observance of World Health Day, through the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) with a week of activities. On Tuesday representatives from the Ministry of Health will make appearances on several morning shows to raise awareness for the significance of the observance as well giving tips on how to maintain healthy practices in accordance with this year’s theme, “From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe.” On Wednesday an open day will be held at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan to highlight the work of various stakeholders as they demonstrate effective food safety measures used in food production. The Ministry will also make trips to several farms to ensure proper food production standards. According to the Ministry, this year’s theme allows them to focus on food safety and nutrition here at home. Food safety is a shared responsibility and it is important along the entire food production chain, from farmers to manufacturers to vendors to the consumers, the Ministry said.

    Coast guard serviceman shot to the face
    A senior member of the Belize Coast Guard was shot in the face today at around 11:00am as a team returned from operarions. He was shot by another member of the team. He is being treated for the injury while the Police have detained the shooter.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Coast Guard Officer Shot in Belize City
    Belize Media Group has received information about a shooting at the Coast Guard Base in Belize City. Confirmed reports are emerging indicating that a coast guard officer has been shot. The coast guard officer has been taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is being treated for injuries. It is being reported that the officer was shot by one of his colleagues.

    Build Back Our Democracy With Local Autonomy
    By Charles Leslie Jr. Cronyism is the dapperly dressed brother of corruption. He is a sneaky fellow, for often times it is hard to identify his actions as cronyism. It has been well established that the Government of the day help those they consider supporters and sponsors of the party, in an animal-farm hierarchy system. However cronyism immediately poses a problem to democracy: it encourages those in charge of the rules of that system to change those rules when it does not work for them, which ultimately erodes transparency and accountability, and increases cronyism. An almost perfect example of this fact, is what have become common place and pretty much institutionalized in Belize, and that is Caretakers, or as I call them – appointed Area Representatives. When these people are appointed by the Government, the democratic process and the democratic and constitutional rights of Belizeans are directly circumvented.


    Dreams do come true 5 super cheap flights to Belize
    I thought it was a perfect time to finish this cheap flights to Belize post, with it being Easter (busiest weekend of the year) and sounds like zillions of planes flying overhead as people continue to arrive and celebrate Easter in San Pedro. It is a great pleasure that comes from getting a good travel deal much like scoring a really good parking spot only way better. For many, flight deals are far off dreams and fictitious myth, today I will show you proof they are a reality. This post highlights 5 different peoples killer deals on flights to Belize from February 18th 2015 till April 4th 2015 . Let the real life stories of their prize winning 2015 flight discounts fill you with hope for finding a fabulous flight deal of your own.

    Mom Makes Potato Pound With Me
    Mom shows us first hand how to make her 2nd version of Potato Pound. This version is a little bit different than her 1st version already available here. We don't cook the pudding on the stove top, it is done totally in the oven, which make it much easier to make.

    The man who brought Scuba Diving to Belize
    The story is about the man who brought scuba diving to Belize. It reminds me of how grateful I am that foreigners were able to invest in Belize and how amazing it has been to see the development that tourism has brought, albeit it has not always been positive, if it was left solely to the failed economic policies and corruption of the Belizean government, the country would be far worst off. [Ends rant] Jerry McDermott can rightfully be credited as the man who brought scuba diving to Belize. His journey to the lovely island of Ambergris Caye, off the coast of Belize, began an ocean away when he was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 13, 1927. His father was the first in his family to move to the United States and a year later Jerry and his mother arrived at Ellis Island and then followed his father to Boston. Soon after the move Jerry’s sister, Pat, and his brother Corry were born. Jerry attended Yale and graduated the year before Former President George Bush. Upon graduation, Jerry and his buddy, Hank Hamlin, went to Oklahoma to get in the oil business. That enterprise didn’t pan out so Jerry moved to Houston, Texas to become an oil scout, joined by his brother Corry. He found himself in the company of notables such as baseball players Dizzy Dean and Ted Williams. Due to some poor investments and a divorce, Jerry soon found himself in financial straits.

    HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt Filming in Placencia, Belize!
    What an experience!!!! Last week, the HGTV Beachfront Bargain Hunt crew was in Placencia, Belize to film Season 10, Episode 2. Dave and I have known about the show for a couple months now, and I know we both had a building amount of anxiety :). Apparently each show gets about 1.5 million views, so nothing like knowing that, to make you REALLY aware of looking rigid/self conscious/hyper aware of every move! The crew was SO AWESOME to work with...we were comfortable from minute one. It felt like being at your own party for 4 straight days and we were depressed when it was over :) The crew hard at work at Caribbean Beach Cabanas (called Caribbean Cabanas on the show): We have been asked how did we get on the show?? About 6 months ago HGTV casting directors called REMAX in Placencia because they wanted to feature Placencia on this show. Dave and Chris from REMAX were kind enough to think of Dave and I, as we had recently purchased a property on the beach that fit the parameters they were looking for. We did a half hour Skype interview months ago, and then found out within the last 2 months that we were picked! We were thrilled and ecstatic, of course, until it hit me that I would actually be on TV and I have NO experience with being on camera :)

    International Sourcesizz

    Sandy’s Garden ... The Black Orchid of Belize
    Let’s look at the national flower of Belize, Prosthechea cochleata, one of the members of a very large family of plants, the orchids. The very size of the orchid family leads to regular revisions of the sub-divisions into which it is separated by botanists, and the plant presently called Prosthechea cochleata has been named Encyclia cochleata, Anacheilium cochleatum and Epidendrum cochleatum in times gone by. The latter part of all its names … cochleatum or cochleata … which means ‘cockleshell’ reveals why it is commonly called the cockleshell orchid, particularly in Florida. And the reason for the choice of cochleatum or cochleata is because … and, gentle reader, I suspect that you are ahead of me … the flowers resemble cockleshells. Like most, if not all, orchids, the flowers are the particular attraction of this plant. And they really are quite remarkable, for Prosthechea cochleata flowers pretty much the whole year round. These irregularly-shaped flowers have long, narrow and twisted lower petals and a prominent cap which is dark brown or deep purple with dark lines radiating from a light green … sometimes yellow … centre. It is this very dark colouration which accounts for the plant’s common name in Belize, where it is called the black orchid. The plant is native to Belize and its neighbours, is found growing wild only in swamps and is an epiphyte … ‘a plant that grows non-parasitically upon another plant (such as a tree), and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and sometimes from debris accumulating around it instead of the structure it is fastened’ to quote Wikipedia.

    Lionfish Jewelry: A Market Solution to an Invasive Species
    The overwhelming lionfish population in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean has become a top-tier threat to the environment, economy and sustainability efforts in countries like Belize. Native to the Indian and Pacific Ocean, lionfish were established as an invasion species in the Pacific and Caribbean Ocean in 1980, and have since become one of the greatest threats to sustainability of the coral reef and fisheries throughout the Caribbean. With no known predators, lionfish populations are exploding, due to the species’ ability to quickly reproduce and eat with abandon. They eat a wide variety of other ocean creatures that inhabit the Mesoamerican Coral Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world. Biodiversity in the ocean is quickly declining, and it is partly due to the lionfish. Several NGOs and nonprofits, such as Toledo Institute for Development and Environment, are now taking a market-based approach to battle the poverty in Belize, and also help with the coral reef conservation efforts. In addition to encouraging people to target the lionfish for food, a new social movement is teaching women how to use the tails of the lionfish to create jewelry. The tail of the lionfish is considered waste among fishermen, as it is not edible. By using the tails of the lionfish for jewelry, each lionfish caught then gains 40 percent more monetary value. The upfront investment to produce jewelry requires a small amount of varnish to treat the lionfish tail and supplies for making the jewelry which gives the women a huge profit margin on each piece sold. Considering the marine life attracts so many tourists that visit Belize, the lionfish jewelry has a large market made up of people willing to pay a premium price.


  • Hol Chan & Shark Alley, Belize, 3min. Des mini-requins, des tortues, des raies, des Suédoises en bikini (pour monsieur) et des Béliziens en maillot de bain (pour madame)

  • Belize 2015, 4min. Mccutcheon High School, EF Tours.

  • Expatriation Made Easy: An Interview with Macarena Rose, 16min. ZenExpat, a firm specialized in global mobility, helps you succeed in your expatriation project without stress.

  • Hasta Alaska - Belize Tropical Adventure, 16min. Belize was relatively expensive for us to travel so we decided to cut down on time and ramp up on energy. This episode may have only taken a couple of weeks to record but 2 weeks in Belize is 2 weeks packed with adventure!

  • Scuba diving the Blue Hole, 4min.

    April 6, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Robbery
    “Señora Gonzales; how good to see you,” I said. “What are you doing in Guatemala?” Señora Gonzales is one of my favorites of all the little old ladies in Belize. “Hello, Mr. Dennis,” she said. “I had a little house in Guatemala City and I had to go over there because I sold it. What about you?” “I just wanted to visit Tikal,” I said. “I haven’t been there in twenty years.” Five of us waited to board the bus to the Belize border; Señora Gonzales, me, the drunk and two other men. “That is a very stupid, drunken man,” Señora Gonzales said to me. The man in question had pulled a roll of cash from his pocket and counted it. “One thousand dollars U.S.” he said, putting the money back in his pocket.

    RediSurge Announces Sister Company, Robotica
    edisurge Belize, a company specializing in electrical equipment and LED lighting services, is introducing its sister company Inspection Robotica to the Belize market. RediSurge Belize is dedicated to find solutions in the electrical area and therefore provide viable solutions to protection of equipment and reduction of energy consumption, with their flagship products which include solar panel installation, LED lighting warrantied for 3 years, TVSS (transient voltage surge suppressors) and inverter style A/C units. Inspection Robotica specializes in robotic inspection services, such as UAV’s, ROV’s, and Crawlers. These flying, swimming, and crawling robots are used in a variety of applications such as aerial marketing footage, ship hull, and pipeline inspections. “By implementing new technologies we can do very interesting things. For example, by using a UAV we can professionally survey land 10 times faster and at less than half the cost of ground based surveys. With this technology we can also provide detailed 3D imagery and accuracy unimaginable by traditional methods,” stated Jake Brown CAO. Inspection Robotica says that their mission statement is, “To provide superior robotic inspections that eliminate human injury and reduce costs, while gathering more quantitative data”.

    Doctor Love: Public Bathrooms
    Dr-LoveDear Doctor Love I read the letter in your column last week from a tourist complaining about the lack of bathroom facilities in San Pedro. This is a real problem that should be addressed by the Town Board. There are two parts to this problem. Besides the obvious one of physical discomfort is that of sanitation. San Pedro is no longer a sleepy little fishing village with bushes to squat in. Of course that does not stop the local drunks from stepping into a private yard or relieving themselves on a handy wall. Even tourists, who are reluctant to do this are, sometimes are forced into it. This kind of filth is part of the stigma of being a Third World country. It happens in Guatemala and Honduras but it has no place on an island as beautiful as this. Our town board has spent millions of dollars on roads. They have wasted huge sums on the wharf on the back of the island. Why was none of that money spent on public bathrooms?

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    SHC Business Expo and Fair 2015
    Sacred Heart College had their annual Business Expo and Fair. There were lots of businesses and literally tons of food. They had karate and fencing demonstrations through the day.

    The Reporter

    Traffic accidents and swimming trip claim three lives
    Three people are dead following two traffic accidents and a swimming trip over the extended holiday weekend. The first incident happened just before 11 p.m. on Thursday near Edge Water Night Club in Sandhill Village, mile 21 on the Phillip Goldson Highway and claimed the life of Victor Underwood, 27, a resident of Biscayne Village, which is a few miles further north. Marlon Longsworth, 41, a villager of Crooked Tree reported that he was driving a black Ford Ranger pick-up truck from Belize City to Crooked Tree when the deceased appeared suddenly in front of him and the vehicle struck him. Underwood suffered injuries to the head, abdomen, and hands and died while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police have served Longsworth with a Notice of Intended Prosecution. The second fatality occurred at about 5:30 p.m. on Good Friday in Red Bank Village, Stann Creek and claimed the life of Jose Santos, 22, a resident of the village.

    VIP blasts PetroCaribe Bill, supports union
    The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) has condemned the recently passed PetroCaribe Bill and has voiced their support for the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB). According to Robert Lopez, VIP public relations officer, the passage of the bill bypasses the oversight processes and procedures of the National Assembly that are laid out in the Finance and Audit reform act of 2005, which provides for prior authorization of the National Assembly for loans contracted by government of a particular magnitude. The provisions of the Finance Act ensures that transparency and proper accountability of government’s loan obligations is disclosed for public scrutiny but the creation of separate or special funds from which the loan proceeds is to be managed, a further derogation of the process since it is possible that the management of the loan funds will no longer require the oversight of the established Public Service entities, the VIP said. The VIP said they were astounded by the vote of abstention by Union Senator, Ray Davis at last Monday’s Senate Sitting. Unions exist to champion the cause of democracy and to promote good governance, transparency in government affairs, and accountability, the VIP said before recalling that the Finance Act was promulgated at the insistence of the unions for greater accountability.


    The Best Way to Sustainable Development
    There has been significant interest shown in the last two postings of the Sustainability Now Blog that focused upon religion’s impact on the culture of indigenous peoples and their communities. The short story is that these postings describe how present day Mayan populations and other historic peoples have lost their cultural beliefs and heritage by the obligation of religions of all nature being imposed upon them as the only way for them to prosper in a new world. This conflict of religion and cultural heritage in the developing world is just one small example of how I believe there is a real breakdown between prosperous countries and countries, regions, and communities they are trying to assist in the developing world. The development agencies and NGOs come to a development situation in another country and already have a plan (template) that they will use to assist the developing country or community in improving its welfare. This template for “new development” is generally implemented with little input from the stakeholders in the developing venue. Richard Register of Eco City Builders commented to me personally on this dilemma, which I would like to share with you here. I just ask that you substitute the phrase “development path” wherever the word “religion” is used and I think you will obtain the gist of the meaning intended here by modern, often unsuccessful approaches to assisting the developing world.

    Placencia isn’t known just for its gorgeous beaches, but it has some of the best restaurants in Belize. Placencia Village is a small village on Placencia peninsula and has become a popular vacation spot, not only because of its 12 miles of golden beaches but its exciting festivals and nightlife. Tourists flock to Placencia because of spectacular snorkeling, diving opportunities, and touring the Maya ruins, caves, and rainforests. You’ll find a wide variety of excellent restaurants from upscale eateries to shacks right on the beach. The Quarter Deck Restaurant, Rum Fish Y Vino, Yoli’s Bar and Grill, Maya Beach Hotel Bistro, De’Tatch, Tutti Fruti, The Secret Garden Restaurant, Above Grounds Coffee, Tipsy Tuna, and Barefoot Bar.

    International Sourcesizz

    Local effort helping educate youth in Belize
    Michael Newton has been striving to educate young men and women for years. The professor of religious studies at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University is well versed in teaching high school graduates in their quest for a brighter future. When he saw the gap that exists for some young people in Belize to gain a high school education, it struck a chord with him. Newton is part of a team at Grenfell which has been recruiting in that small Central American country for more than 15 years. The partnership has been expanded to include an exchange program. Newton went to the country on a recruiting mission, and fell in love with its beauty and friendly people. He compared the make-up to Newfoundland and Labrador in terms of small population and how everybody seems to know everybody. He has returned to the country on vacation. He went to the island of Caye Caulker, and visited Ocean Academy — a high school established to give all youth a chance at education. Before it was established in 2008, the public school system only extended to Grades 7 and 8 on the small island, according to Newton. “There is little or no money from public contributions coming into the school,” the professor said of the institute established by Heidi Curry, an American, and Joni Miller, a Canadian.

    Leonardo DiCaprio plans ecotourism resort in Belize
    Leonardo DiCaprio has long been known as something of an environmental activist. Now he is putting his money where his mouth is, building a multimillion-dollar ecotourism resort designed to transform an island off the coast of Belize. The actor, a keen scuba diver best known for roles in Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Beach, bought the 104-acre Blackadore Caye almost a decade ago with a partner for US$1.75 million after falling in love with the country. “It was like heaven on earth,” he told The New York Times. “And almost immediately, I found this opportunity to purchase an island there. Now he has unveiled plans for a resort of sprawling villas and infinity pools from where a small number of wealthy guests can watch the sun set. He has teamed up with Paul Scialla, of the New York firm Delos, for the development, which is to open in 2018.


  • Belize Diving, 5.5min. Diving off San Pedro on Caye Ambergris.

  • Belize Barrier Reef- GSSC 1048- Video Project, 3min. The coastal area of Belize is an outstanding natural system consisting of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, offshore atolls, 450 sand and mangrove cays, coastal lagoons and estuaries. The system’s seven sites illustrate the evolutionary history of reef development and are a significant habitat for threatened species, including marine turtles, manatees and the American marine crocodile. The site is one of the most pristine reef ecosystems in the Western Hemisphere and was referred to ‘as the most remarkable reef in the West Indies’ by Charles Darwin.

  • Belize River Wallace in 3D, 16min. The Belize River Wallace and Altun Ha Mayan Ruins excursion tour from Royal Caribbean Cruiselines. This River tour was followed by a busride to the Mayan Ruins and then a busride back to Belize City.

  • Belize Photos 2015, 5min.

  • Belize Videos 2015, 6min.

  • BELIZE, 6.5min. recently got back from Belize and this video shows you my adventure there!

  • Zip lining in Belize, 2min.

  • Top of the Mast View while Sailing Downwind in Southern Belize, 1.5min. Here's a view of Southern Belize from inside the reef while sailing downwind. This is south of St. George's Caye

  • Belize - El Salvador Avianca (Taca) Embraer 190, 10min. TA415 Belize - El Salvador Flight time: 45 minutes Embraer 190

    April 5, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    The purpose of the Border Management Agency in San Pedro
    The BMA’s main purpose is to collect the Departure Procession fee/tax and Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) fee/ environmental Tax from foreign visitors leaving the country. The fees are mandated under the BMA Act Chapter 144 of the Laws of Belize. The Departure Fee is charged to all foreigners once they are passing through or exiting Belize at any entry point less than 24 hours. The fee is $30BZ. Foreigners should have a stamp that verifies that they have entered into the country legally in order to avoid problems during their departure. The PACT Fee is charged to foreigners that have been in Belize for more than 24 hours. This fee is $7.50BZ and benefits the maintenance of protected areas in Belize.

    Sticking it to the rich man
    This week in our articled titled “Local rates vs. tourist rates; no governing body to monitor this”, we learn that there is no government body that monitors this issue. Sure we have the Belize Bureau of Standards that makes sure we all pay a fair price for rice and beans, but when it comes to other expenses, many of them still essential, we are at the mercy of the vendor. It puzzles me that although the mission of the Bureau is “to create equitable and non-discriminatory market conditions for consumers,” foreigners are not considered consumers. What this really comes down to is blatant discrimination. In Belize a vendor can charge a person based on how they look. In Belize it is legal to set prices based on the color of the customers skin, or because they are not from here. Although discrimination is wide spread in our country and certainly is not limited to price gouging tourists, why is the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the Belize Bureau of Standards, civil rights activists and other stakeholders tolerating this? Shouldn’t the BTB be at the front of this issue, denouncing businesses that practice this modern day piracy? They should be up in arms! Just because there isn’t a law in place to keep this from happening do we have no respect for those who SPEND to be here?

    Police Report
    *On Thursday, March 26th at about 4:22PM, a businessman of Laguna Drive, San Pedro Town reported to the Police that at 1:20PM he was at his Store, namely “San Pedro Caye Mart” when two females, both of dark complexion, entered his store behaving in a suspicious manner. Both female persons then left the location. He then rewound the security camera and noticed that each of the females took a bottle from the liquor shelf and pushed it under their skirts. Both females left, however, only one of the females left with a stolen Absolute Brand Vodka Litre Bottle valued at $99.95. *On Sunday, March 28th at about 1:45PM while conducting operations in San Pedro Town, police searched a hotel room occupied at the time by 27-year-old Paul Jamil Jex, 25-year-old Eustace Lewis, and 28-year-old Shane Mcfoy all of Belize City, and 29-year-old Jason Gillett and 29-year-old Earl Acosta of San Pedro Town. During the search police found a black plastic bag containing 70.4 grams of cannabis.

    Local rates vs. tourist rates; no governing body to monitor this
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), also has no control over tourists being over charged for goods and services. BTB is characterized as “a strategic partner in marketing the Belize tourism product; developing tourism initiatives and programs; and implementing tourism policies, to address the changing needs of visitors and stakeholders. The organization’s goal is to ensure socioeconomic growth of Belize through prudent, transparent and effective governance”. While they are the main governing body in the tourism industry they cannot set price controls on services and goods offered to tourists. Not even the Belize Port Authority can regulate the price for service charged by water taxies. Their jurisdiction is limited to maritime safety, port security, licensing and registration of vessels, Belize port statistics, entry regulations, licensing of masters, port state control and regulatory oversight for ports.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Death of Toddler due to blunt force trauma
    On 01.04.15 at about 7:55a.m., police visited 8694 Curl Thompson Street in Belize City, where they saw of 11-month-old Mia Eusebia Lopez, lying face up on a sofa inside the house. Her 21-year-old mother Karen De Jesus Perez, reported that on 01.04.15 at about 7:30a.m., she was attending to her baby when she began to cry and upon making checks on her she noticed Mia was gasping for air and shortly after she became motionless. Mia Eusebia Lopez was then transported to the K.H.M.H for medical attention where she was pronounced dead.

    It's all fun until someone gets killed
    This company does this all the time, running full speed between the docks into the shallows in front of Ramon's. Shortly before this there were Ramon's guests snorkeling in the same area. Shortly after this all the kids were ejected into the shallows. The second shot is a jet ski running about 30 mph within 15' of Ramon's Village Resort snorkeling area. I'll be surprised if this weekend doesn't end up with someone getting hurt.

    Crazy cheap airfare
    There are the cheapest airfares to Belize from various areas like Cleveland, Boston, Billings Montana for example, in June, July, August, September, October and November for as low as $360 round trip tax included on United. I haven't checked the other airlines.

    The Reporter

    Toddler dies of multiple skull fracture; police investigate
    Belize City police are investigating closely, the death of a baby girl after a post mortem exam certified she died of multiple skull fracture caused by blunt force wounds. The child, 11 month-old Mia Lopez died around 7:30 on Wednesday morning at her house on Curl Thompson Street in Belize City. The child’s mother, Karen de Jesus Perez told police that she was attending to the child when the baby began to cry and gasp for air. Shortly after, Lopez said the child stopped moving.

    BEL proposes to lower electricity rates
    The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has proposed to lower electricity rates by 10 percent. In a submission this week to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) BEL offers, effective July, 2015, to lower the average electricity rate from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour. This would benefit customer who falls particularly within the social, residential and the commercial rate categories, with consideration also for the industrial category. In addition, BEL also pledges to install more streetlights throughout the country, with emphasis on crime-ridden areas. BEL, which just reduced rates by five percent at the start of the year, purchases about half of the energy that Belize consumes from Mexico’s Comercial Federal Electricidad (CFE) which has shifted its mode of power generation from diesel energy to the cheaper hydro-electricity and from natural energy. The PUC will respond to BEL’s proposal within 21 days.

    Justin Williams wins 87th Cross Country Cycling Classic
    Belizean-American, Justin Williams of the BelCal cycling team brought home the garland, as he won the 87th annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, organized by the Cycling Federation of Belize. Ryan Bauman’s 2008 record of 5:40:12 was in no danger of being broken, as Williams clocked 5:54:39 on his 142.8-mile ride from the rolling start in front of Leslie’s Imports to the finish line in front of the BTL park in Belize City. Williams won the $6,000 first prize sponsored by Digicell 4G, the winner’s garland of roses from Florasol and a trophy. He also won four other trophies: the Elston Kerr Cup from Jex, a trophy from the Jeffery O’Brien family, honoring the four-time Cross Country winner, the Altreith Smith Memorial trophy from the Smith family and the Ludrick “Buno” Smith Memorial trophy. He also won a $400 shopping spree at Mirage, a round trip ticket from Maya Island Air, a weekend stay at Ramon’s Village in San Pedro, and a case of Coconut Rum from Travellers Liquors. Williams also won several bonus prizes as the first Belizean to win the Cross Country since Darnell Barrow’s victory in 2013: he won $10,000 prize from Massy United Insurance, a $5,000 prize from the Ministry of Education and Sports, $250 from LC Distributors and a parcel of land from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

    Belizean-American sprints to win Cross Country championship
    Belizean-American, Justin Williams sprinted in a five-man finish to win the 2015 Holy Saturday Cross Country championship. Williams, the son of former Cross Country champion, Calman Williams, won the race in five hours, 55 minutes, 39 seconds at the finish line in front of Our Bar on Newtown Bar in Belize City. Williams’ younger brother, Cory Williams, finished fifth after setting the stage for his brother, keeping off the competition from around mile 12 on the return journey.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Man shot in Belize City
    There was a reported shooting incident in Belize City late on Holy Thursday night. Around 11:45, 22 year old Winston Baptist of Wagner’s Lane in Belize City was walking on Berkeley Street when a man appeared from a dark pathway and fired several gunshots at him, leaving him nursing […]

    Justin Williams wins Cross Country Cycling Classic in dramatic sprint finish
    Belizean-American Justin Williams, older son of veteran rider Calman Williams, is the winner of the 87th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic following a dramatic sprint to finish the race at the BTL Park. It was another 140 grueling miles on the George Price Highway beginning just after six […]

    Actor and environmentalist Leo DiCaprio plans eco-resort on private island
    Best known for a star-making turn in the 1997 film “Titanic”, winner of two Golden Globe Awards and four-time Academy Award nominee 40-year old actor Leonardo DiCaprio is also a committed environmentalist, and this week he announced plans to turn his privately-owned Blackadore Caye located 15 minutes southeast of […]

    Man drowns in Bladen River on Good Friday
    There was an apparent drowning in the South of Belize on Good Friday. Around 4:05 in the afternoon according to police, Honduran national Jose Luis Lieva of Camp 6 in Trio Village went to swim in the Bladen River and reported went under. The body was later retrieved and […]

    Easter Weekend Report: Two Fatal Traffic Accidents
    The Easter weekend is known for tragic traffic accidents and other tragedies and already to start this weekend there have been two fatalities reported in the Belize and Stann Creek Districts. On Thursday night around 11:05 near the Edge Water Night Club in Sandhill at Mile 21, Phillip […]

    Belize City Police investigating baby’s death
    Police are investigating the sudden death of an 11-month old girl reported earlier this week. Around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 1, police visited a residence on Curl Thompson Street where they saw the lifeless body of Mia Eusebia Lopez on a sofa inside the house. According to […]

    BREAKING: Belizean Justin Williams Wins Cross Country Cycling Classic
    The Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic came to a dramatic conclusion after 140 grueling miles on the George Price Highway beginning just after six this morning. The sons of veteran rider Calman Williams of Los Angeles, California, Justin and Corey Williams, dominated the race almost from its start and […]

    UPDATE: Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic 2015 – Get Real Time Results Here
    Belizean-American Justin Williams wins 87th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic; American Scottie Weiss 2nd. First Belizean-American to win the Ride for the Roses! More on this will be posted shortly. UPDATE 1 HOUR AGO: Riders now at mile 18. Justin and Corey Williams of Belcal, David Henderson Jr from team […]

    Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic 2015 – Get Real Time Results Here
    Officials of the Cycle Federation of Belize are indicating that the time recorded for this year ride from Belize City to San Ignacio is similar to 2009.Record time 2 hours and 31 minutes.

    Destination Travel Magazine Features Belize’s Award-Winning Chabil Mar Resort
    When a travel magazine finds a secret treasure, that secret doesn’t remain so for long, which is why Darlene Perrone, publisher of the 10-year-old Destination Travel Magazine, decided to dedicate seven pages to Chabil Mar Resort, a Belize boutique hotel that is starting to run out of places […]


    Easter Cake/Rabbit and Egg Patch
    Have some fun with the kids decorating this delicious chocolate cake to look like an egg patch.

    Belize Service Projects
    The incredible moment when you are in a crowd and everything goes silent around you, except in the halls of your mind. You get that heavy incomplete feeling – as if something is missing from your life. Something, not like a boat of a house or a car or anything like that; its not material and at that particular moment you just cannot wrap your thought fully around it. The incredible moment when you are driving down the road in your car, or riding the bus or the train; when you are on your bike or just out walking or jogging and the heaviness comes upon you and you are forced to think that there is something more for you to give of yourself. You meet your friends at the pubs or around a lunch and dinner table and you let them know your experience – that heaviness that came upon you. Certainly, they all want to remove all doubt that its not somatic – its psychological. No you are not ‘losing it’, its even more powerful than that. Your universe exploded within you and it now demands of you. You must now give of yourself.

    As I mentioned in our prior post, Golf Carts & Grills, we decided to rent a golf cart instead of purchasing one. At the time, that was the best option because we hadn’t yet learned the in’s & out’s of golf cart ownership down here. Since we aren’t “Belize Residents” and don’t own land, we cannot “own” a golf cart. Well, I should say, we can “pay” for a brand new golf cart but it isn’t really “our” golf cart. All documentation is held in a leasing company name, including the title, insurance, and traffic permit. Peter, The Jaegermeister King, referred us to James Ritchie over at Captain Sharks, (the local Club Car® distributor, boat yard and marine shop), so we headed over there to have a little chat with him. After a discussion with James and Dennis Ritchie about permits, in-stock golf carts, carts coming in from Miami later in the week and available accessories and add-ons, we put down our deposit and then went out for a celebratory breakfast! Holy crap! We bought a golf cart! Dennis gave us a call four days later and told us our cart was complete. Wow! That was quick! We headed back over to the shop, paid our balance in full and then the adventure began. (Here’s a picture of our new wheels!)

    Leonardo DiCaprio to “Heal” Blackadore Caye in Belize? Seriously?
    I love Leo DiCaprio, I really do. He’s a fantastic actor (LOVE his sexy accent in “Blood Diamond”), an enthusiastic activist for the environment and provides endless juicy tabloid fodder with his love of beautiful women and bad facial hair. Love him. And the idea of him and 45 of his friends being in close proximity is quite exciting BUT…. …the announcement in yesterday’s New York Times, while thrilling, begs some questions. Like…what exactly is altruistic capitalism, how is the developer of two wellness condominiums in NYC going to translate that to an island in BELIZE and… did they hire the recently unemployed architect of Google Glass to design this resort?

    International Sourcesizz

    On a mission
    All the pieces fell in place this year for students and faculty from Waldorf College to take a mission trip outside the country. Since restarting an annual spring break mission trip five years ago, the campus ministry program chose destinations in the United States. Organizers felt now was the time to make a trip to the Central American country of Belize. "Every five years, the campus ministry program at Waldorf College wants to take an international mission trip," said campus ministry coordinator Anne Marie Werthmann. "Since Belize is an English speaking country we thought it would be a good foray into international missions." Ten students and six staff members traveled to Belize for the trip. It was organized by Praying Pelican Missions.

    Former Chichester pupil speaks about fighting in one of the world’s most hostile places
    INFANTRYMEN are putting all their soldiering skills to the test as they learn to fight and survive in one of the world’s most hostile environments. About 120 troops of the 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (2PWRR) have been sent to Belize on a tough jungle training mission. Among them is 20-year-old Private Jason Owens, formerly of Chichester. “It’s been tough, hot and sweaty,” he said. “Yesterday we set off at around 7.30am and had to set off through the jungle. “We got to where we needed to be and it was only 2.5km, but because it is so tough going out here it took us until 5pm to get there.” Private Owens’ A Company has been thrown into the climate of Central America to learn how to do battle and keep themselves alive in the impenetrable vegetation. From finding food and water in the wilderness to creating fire and fighting through the trees, the unit is being put through its paces to drill each soldier in jungle warfare. The troops are spending each day fighting against intense heat, biting insects and relentless tactical studies – but say the training will leave them prepared for anything.


  • Cruise to Belize and Cozumel March/April 2015 with the Johnsons, 3.5min. A video montage of some of the many highlights of our cruise to Belize and Cozumel with our good friends the Johnsons. 1.5hrs+ of footage was condensed to 3.5 minutes for your viewing pleasure.

  • Belize, 2min. San Pedro & Lamanai

  • Belize Sharks and Rays, 12min. Shark and Stingray encounter taken in Belize. March 2015.

  • Belize 2015, 16min.

  • Terri & Scott Belize 2015, 6min. Belize Scuba.

  • MASTERBLADE VYBZ STAGESHOW IN BELIZE, 7min. masterblade performance in belize.......opening act for turbulence

  • Caving in Belize, 11min.

  • Belize Lamani, 10min. Vacation Belize 2015.

  • LiveLeak - Quick Wheelie to the Store, 3min. This is how we do it in Belize. I was just heading out for breakfast, made sure to save some rubber on my tires. Here is part 2 The Ride Home. In which my friend does a proper wheelie.

    April 4, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Huracan Diving Lodge: Guiding Guests at Lighthouse Atoll
    Of the three atoll reefs off the coast of Belize, Lighthouse Atoll is the queen of these colors. Regal in her coral-studded crown and cloaked in sapphire, her vibrant beauty is far more than water deep. The Blue Hole is 62 miles from Belize City and almost as far from Ambergris Caye. While there are options such as live-aboard dive boats that frequent the area, the idea of days of close quarters on a boat with nothing to do but dive doesn’t sound all that fun to this island girl. Fortunately there is a much better way to experience the phenomenal waters and amenities that Lighthouse Reef has to offer. Did you know you can stay within the heart of this atoll at Huracan Diving Lodge located on Long Caye? Now THIS is the way to do it! Out of the five Lighthouse Reef islands, Long Caye is the only one permanently inhabited. Huracan Diving Lodge is the only dive center in the atoll and is the ideal place to stay, dive, eat amazing food and relax in island ambiance. The historic building that houses the lodge was originally built as a hurricane shelter, thus the name Huracan (Spanish for hurricane), and the structure has been beautifully remodeled in a relaxed, comfortable design. With only four guest rooms, the atmosphere is quaint and cozy, with the super friendly staff making you feel right at home.

    UNC Wilmington teacher-students on Ambergris Caye
    A group of 26 students and two professors from the University of North Carolina Wilmington are on Ambergris Caye. Their visit is part of the university’s study abroad program in which their student-teachers work in Belize along with licensed teachers. The student-teachers will be in the country for a total of five weeks and this year, it represents the largest group the university has ever sent to Belize. Heading the group are professors Susan Catapano and Dennis Kubasko, who have been coming to Belize for the past six and seven years respectively. According to Catapano, some of the 26 students are seniors pursuing a teacher’s degree while others are graduates working on their final stage to obtain their teacher’s license. While in Belize, they will spend three weeks in the classroom along with licensed Belizean teachers. During the other two weeks, the students will get involved in various service projects on the island.

    San Pedro Town Library hosts Easter Camp
    30 students from Ambergris Caye participated in an Easter Camp hosted by the San Pedro Town Library. The camp ran from March 30th to April 1st with two groups of students. The Easter Camp saw the participants involved in various activities with the help of teacher students from the University of North Carolina, USA. According to Librarian Brianne Leiva, the Easter program targeted two groups of students, mainly ages five to eight years and ages nine to 13years. The younger students attended camp during the morning from 9AM to 12 midday, while the older children attended from 2PM to 4PM. Leiva said that during the camp, the students did reading, story-telling, fun sports and arts and craft. After being advertised, the camp attracted 30 students who signed up in advance. The camp ended on April 1st with an egg hunt for small children and a scavenger hunt for the bigger children. The camp was possible through generous donations and fundraising efforts that were held prior to the Easter Camp.

    PetroCaribe Loan Motion passed: Legitimizes GOB spending without House of Representatives’ approval
    Members of Parliament and the Senate approved the PetroCaribe Loan motion of 2015, which allows the Government of Belize (GOB) absolute power to borrow monies from ALBA PetroCaribe funds without prior authorization from the House of Representatives. The loan motion goes contrary to the Finance and Audit Act, which requires government to seek approval from the National Assembly to borrow and spend money exceeding $10 million. The motion was presented on March 26th and was moved through all stages immediately after the Budget Debate on March 27th. Despite meeting strong objection by the People’s United Party (PUP), it was sent to the Senate on March 30th for ratification. The ALBA PetroCaribe fund is the result of an agreement made in June 2005 between the Republic of Venezuela and several Caribbean countries, including Belize, through the PetroCaribe initiative. In September of 2005, both countries entered into a bilateral Energy Cooperation Agreement, in which Venezuela agreed to supply Belize with crude oil, refined products and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) up to 4,000 barrels per day on an annual basis, through Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA).

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    April 2015 The Placencia Breeze
    INSIDE April 2015 Page 5: Introducing our April 2015 Flag Contributor Page 7: Placencia Offers Full Family Package During Easter Weekend Page 7: Easter Fashionista Fever Page 9: Slipping Fears End with Sure Step Product Page 10: Final Consultations Held for Placencia Lagoon Management Page 11: Crowds Turn Out to Support Placencia Volunteer Fire Department Page 19: Placencia Tangled in Love-Hate Relationship with Sargassum Page 23: New Seine Bight School Principal Determined to Make School Better for Students Page 23: New Board Elected to Serve Placencia Humane Society Page 23: Students of the Month at PIA Page 30: Placencia Peninsula Guide Page 31: Placencia Peninsula Guide

    Commentary: The continued erosion of good governance practices in Belize
    By Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr., JP. Being a proud alumnus of the University of the West Indies’ Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES - Mona), who studied governance and public policy, I pride myself as one who proactively seeks to: (1) keep abreast of governance-related matters both regionally and internationally; (2) apply the skills, insights and competencies garnered from my studies to critically analyse matters of policy and the like; (3) disseminate my findings in the hope that it can serve the best interest of the people; and (4) bring forth substantive change when, where and how it can be constructively implemented. With that said, I would be remiss not to mention the most negative form of unprecedented occurrence in my native Belize, which reeks of everything that goes contrary to the notion of good governance practices. This past week the prime minister of Belize put forth and subsequently pushed through a very disturbing piece of legislation involving proceeds deriving from the generosity extended by the Republic of Venezuela, through its PetroCaribe Fund. In short, the PM has made appropriation for the government of Belize (GOB) to borrow from ALBA Petrocaribe (Belize) Limited and use the funds, for whatever purpose it deems fit, meanwhile no longer having to seek approval from the National Assembly. Yes, you read correctly. This is NOT some bad joke! I am serious.

    San Ignacio and Santa Elena Municipal Easter Fair 2015
    The Easter Fair looks like it's all set up. This year, it's at Macal River Park. They have it all: rides, food, fun, games, info booths. Happy Easter!

    Legality of environmental clearance
    The Department of the Environment (DOE), hereby informs the general public of an issue related to Environmental Clearance granted to a project by the DOE. Environmental Clearance is required by law, under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations as amended, and is granted through a letter by the DOE. Environmental Clearance granted to developers /investors is contingent upon the signing of an Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). The ECP is an agreement signed between the DOE and the developer for a specific project. Both the Environmental Clearance letter and the ECP are issued ONLY to a particular developer and as such are NOT transferable to any other developer, entity or company. Therefore the DOE takes this opportunity to advise that owners who have purchased investments/property for which the previous owner was granted Environmental Clearance, be aware that the Environmental Clearance is non-transferrable. The new owners are encouraged to apply to the DOE for Environmental Clearance for that investment under their new company or entity. Environmental Clearance can only be obtained from the DOE based on an environmental screening process. It is important for developments in Belize to operate under the best environmental safety standards in order to minimize potential negative impacts to human health and the environment. For further information, please contact: Chief Environmental Officer Department of the Environment, Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development Market Square, Belmopan. Tel: 822-2548/2819 – Fax: 822-2860 – Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Website:

    Rotaract Benque's 1st Anniversary
    The Rotaract Club of Benque celebrated their 1st anniversary. Congratulations! Cheers to more great projects and many more years.

    Eve of the National Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic
    On the eve of the National Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, Adenaline is running high inside the veins of Belizean cyclists and people alike like water runs in a river. Anticiaption of its beginning early Saturday morning on April 4, 2015, brings back nostalgia as Belizeans rise from the sleeping beds in the wee hours of the morning to go see the race of all races off. It has become almost a ritual for many of us, who since a child, did this most ectastic thing, and then go back to sleep to awake again, and hear updates via radio, now Televsison, on the race that continues to haunt the Belizean soul. How much has changed since then, but we continue to cherish the most clelebrated Belizean pastime, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. In the spirit of all those whom have ridden the race at home, and those who will continue to come to Belize to ride its grueling pace in the swelatering April heat at the peak of the Belizean dry season, we say here at Belizean Legends, experience the beauty and love of the Belizean people. This is Belize!

    No Belizean can dispute the fact that the multitalented Belizean athlete the late, Mervin 'Shape' Rhodas, came so close to winning a Belizean Cross Country. In memorial of a Belizean Legend on this eve of the Belize Cross Country, that feared no challenge and respected that national spirit of the Belizean cyclist. Live on Shape!

    BELIZE CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS ROBERT MOSIAH WITH COACH THE LEGENDARY KENRICK HALLIDAY! Belize Cross Country rider Robert Mosiah became the winner of which year's Cross Country? Here he is seen with coach Kenrick Halliday, who became of of Belize's multi times Cross Country Champions.

    In 1987, Belizean cyclist Charlie Lewis was the only Belizean cyclist to had stepped up and made a serious effort to reign in the first American Cyclist to have ridden the Belize Cross Country Race, Ward Zauner, who had broken out of a pack that had entered the former National Stadium, now the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Belizean riders has got to ride this year's Belize Cross Country in the national spirit of Charlie Lewis, our Belizean Legend of the month of April, we call here, The Month of the Belize Cross Country.

    WHEN ALFRED PARKS DOMINATED THE BELIZE CROSS COUNTRY CYCLING CLASSIC! Alfred Parks has become one of Belize's best Cross Country Cycling Classic riders of all time because of winning the race the most among all other Belizean cyclists and foreigners alike. Cycling breeds like him are rare today, and there is no way that the foreign invasion of cyclists in the Belize Cross country would have stand a chance against Belizean cyclists like Parks. We here at Belizean Legend raise him high for his undisputed defense of the Garland.

    The Reporter

    Motor cyclist injured in accident
    A man is receiving medical treatment for injuries he suffered in a traffic accident in Belize City on Holy Friday. The incident happened shortly after 7 p.m. on Mahogany Street. We’ll have details as soon as the police passes on the information.

    Woman held up, robbed at home
    Corozal police are looking for two men following a home invasion and armed robbery in San Pedro Village, Corozal on Wednesday. Rutilia Cob, 52, reported that she was having breakfast inside her house around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday April 1st when two men wearing masks, […]

    Patrick JonesPJ

    How your Easter Weekend Weather looks like

    The significance of Good Friday
    Good Friday is traditionally celebrated as the day when Jesus was crucified and it is held every Friday that immediately precedes Easter Sunday. Christians honor and celebrate the event by fasting, offering prayers and performing meditation and most often spend the day in repentance. Today millions of Christians worldwide observe the somber holy day of Good Friday, which commemorates the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus. The faithful often act it out by carrying a large wooden cross and crown of thorns symbolic of the suffering of Christ.

    The History of El Cayo and Benque – Let us write it as it was
    By Hugh O'Brien. Last year, the towns of San Ignacio/Santa Elena and Benque Viejo del Carmen completed 110 years since they were founded. Since October 1904, these 2 towns have changed significantly, and this 110 year period is carved by a rich history. The Archives Department has a commendable record of photos and records, and historians like Mr. Hector Silva, Mr. David Ruiz and Mr. Alfonso Tzul, have put in great effort to document the history of El Cayo, Benque Viejo and the mayas of this area. It is the intention of this essay to build upon the work of these historians by simply bringing to the forefront a part of our history that the ruling class and even our maya and mestizo ancestors would wish to bury and forget. As a matter of fact, when both the ruling class and the poor are being interviewed, they simply prefer not to talk about these abuses. I am not a historian myself but I am a firm believer that it is important to document the past as it was and not to hide facts from our present and future generations. In short, we must ensure that our history does not become his-story.


    The Story of the Golden Years Project and Zaman’s perspective
    Right from the get go expat photographer Karen Brodie immersed herself in photographing Belize culture. Over the course of her time here she has become very popular, having taken many many pictures of all things Belize. Recently a large number town folk turned up to see Karen Brodie photography opening of The Golden Years Project at the San Pedro House of Culture. Without a doubt I knew it was going to be a good show and that Karen would bring out the best in her subjects be it sadness, happiness or the wide range of emotions in between. As you will read in her story below, the the elderly of San Pedro were the subject of the show. Karen did a great job capturing the spirit of the people she was photographing. I talked to a few people opening night, and everyone I spoke to was really enjoying her work. You could tell as you walked around the room and saw peoples faces that the pictures were highly impactful and very sentimental. Well done Karen! Your work is wonderful and a great tribute to your new home. Big shout out to Sara who did an amazing mathematical feat in hanging the pictures. You nailed that one. Not an easy task.

    WWFD: Fin Kardashian Kicks Off the Holiday Weekend In San Pedro at Lola’s Party
    I know you have asked yourself many times…WWFD. So our favorite correspondent (and his liver) are going to be working HARD to cover all of the Easter weekend parties so that…you don’t have to :) Here is Fin’s Thursday night (before the HUGE party weekend) celebrating Lola’s Pub’s 4th Birthday party. Thanks Fin. So last night was the kick off to Easter weekend and why not start festivities by celebrating the Anniversary/Birthday of the best pub in the Americas Lola’s Pub? Lola’s is one of the best bars in downtown San Pedro so warm and welcoming this place never makes you want to go home! So my night started by taking the boat on a LOVELY sunset…

    Backroads Belize
    They are everywhere…these back roads. Made of raw, sometimes hard and sometimes softer earth, created from the removal of the forest which certainly would cover every square inch of this land if it were not for man. Relax. The environmentalists, even the most conservative of them, find incredible passion in their endeavours when they too get a-moving to study the ever-so-complex web of life our great mother earth affords us in Belize. Archaeologists are often seen in the back of pick up trucks with gear – pick axes, trowels, shovels, machetes, buckets, sacks of flour, rice, and 5 gallons upon 5 gallons of bottled water. Yes, their scarves around their necks and foreheads too. You get the picture. They wave as they bid farewell from behind pick up trucks that wave back in the form of dust cloud streams. These back roads, the ones that many never soon forget. Back roads make certain you enjoy them, one way or another. They slow you down many times with the help of other beautiful factors such as dense fog. As if the security guards of these roads, the mist rises and ask for your patience. Its a way it teaches you patience. Breathe. Test yourself. Listen to your inner thoughts. Make certain they are positive. Enjoy the scent of the early morning. Enjoy the view.

    ¿Qué hay para ver y hacer en Belice?
    Una vacación en Belice es muy relajante y calmado. También es física y mentalmente estimulante. Muchos visitantes la pasan tan bien que deciden jubilarse aquí. Desde que comencé a bloguear una de las preguntas más frecuentes que eh recibido es: ¿qué hay para ver y hacer en Belice? Ahoy voy a mencionar unas razones porque Belize es increíble y vamos a ver si les convenzo. 10 razones por qué usted debe visitar Belice: 1. La naturaleza nos nutre. Imagina estar a solas, remando por el río y escuchar los diferentes sonidos de pájaros y animales salvajes. Belice ofrece la experiencia de la vida rural – durante todo el año. 2. Hay un montón de hermosas islas. Se puede montar una carpa y dormir bajo las estrellas en un Cayo deshabitado o disfrutar de alojamiento de lujo en una isla apartada. Usted elige. P.S. No es sin mérito que Cayo Ambergris fue votado la mejor isla del mundo para 2013 y 2014. 3. La comida es simple pero buenísima.

    International Sourcesizz

    Leonardo DiCaprio Builds an Eco-Resort
    In what may be his highest-impact leading role yet, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscar-nominated “Wolf of Wall Street,” is planning to heal an island. A well-known environmental activist, Mr. DiCaprio bought Blackadore Caye, 104 acres of wild, unpopulated land off the coast of Belize, with a partner soon after he set foot in the country a decade ago. “It was like heaven on earth,” he said, speaking by telephone from Los Angeles. “And almost immediately, I found this opportunity to purchase an island there.” Now Mr. DiCaprio has joined with Paul Scialla, the chief executive of Delos, a New York City-based developer, to create an eco-conscious resort there. When it opens to guests in 2018, “Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island” will feature the trappings of many luxury resorts, with sprawling villas, infinity pools and stunning sunset views. But the “Restorative” in the title refers not just to the impact the island might have on visitors, but to the island itself. Blackadore Caye has suffered from overfishing, an eroding coastline and the deforestation of its mangrove trees, and the partners mean to put it back to rights.

    Let Belize become your paradise found
    "You are really going to tip over," Karm says, his voice steady as he waits a few feet away, his paddle straddling his kayak. Around us stretch miles of aquamarine water, gentle waves rippling in every horizon. We are on the edge of the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve, just off the coast of Belize. It's day one of a five-day guided kayaking and snorkeling trip along the world's second largest barrier reef. This is my first trip to Belize, and I am drawn here by the chance to spend time at sea, exploring isolated islands, lounging under windswept coconut palms and swimming in turquoise waters. It's also an inexpensive and quick escape from the snow-battered Midwest. Although I have kayaked several times before, no one has ever insisted I rollover. Ever. It's a proposition that causes me uneasiness despite placid seas. I am not alone. We are floating just off the shore of Coco Plum Cay, a tiny island about 45 minutes by boat from the mainland, where we have spent most of the afternoon. While Karm prepares a spread of pastrami, salami, tomato and cucumber slices, pineapple and bread under the shade of a thatched, open-air hut, fellow guide Venancio shows us the basics of kayaking, how to hold an oar, proper stroke techniques and how to get in and out of the water craft while at sea — all from the steady sands of the beach.

    THE WOLF OF BELIZE: Leo DiCaprio to turn 104-acre Belize island into eco-resort
    Actor Leonardo DiCaprio plans to turn his private island in Belize into an eco-resort, according to reports. DiCaprio, who purchased the unpopulated 104-acre Blackadore Caye for $1.75 million in 2005, will build a luxury resort with villas on a platform over the water, artificial reefs with “fish shelters,” and a nursery growing marine grass to feed manatees, the New York Times reported. “The main focus is to do something that will change the world,” DiCaprio told the paper.“I couldn't have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this, if it weren't for the idea that it could be groundbreaking in the environmental movement."

    Traveling with kids: How to survive long flights with toddlers
    As I stood near the baggage carousel, waiting for it to spit out my new and yet already fraying luggage, I could feel a woman watching me. We had just finished a six-hour flight from Seoul to Singapore, which had followed a 12-hour flight from San Francisco to Seoul, which (for me) had followed a one-hour flight from San Diego, and she and I shared that same bewildered look. Where were the cheering crowds? The balloons? The pats on the back? After all, we had both just traveled with two children still in diapers and were arguably more battered and drained than someone who had run a marathon. Curling up in that little foil blanket sounded sublime. Before I could spot any of our suitcases or answer to the melodic string of “mama mama mama” coming from the stroller in front of me, the woman was at my side, exhaling: “I just want to say it’s amazing we survived that.”

    Madison families host Central American youth ambassadors
    Twenty-seven high school students from Belize, El Salvador and Honduras visited Madison homes and area attractions with the U.S. Central America Youth Ambassadors program. Personnel with Global Ties Alabama, formerly International Services Council of Alabama, coordinated the youth’s fact-finding experience on March 14-20, executive director Jacqui Shipe said. “Global Ties Alabama inherited 2013-2014 contracts originally won by the University of Alabama in Huntsville and in 2015 became a grantee of Georgetown University and U.S. Department of State,” Shipe said. Global Ties Alabama received the endorsement “because of its stellar track record in hosting international exchange programs including youth programs under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State.” Host families in Madison were David Lee and Olga Osadcii, Gloria Vergara, Deb Adelsperger and John and Ona Hamilton.

    Goal's CONCACAF columnist takes a look around the region and evaluates where teams are at after friendlies, playoffs and World Cup qualification matches
    Belize's triumph over the Cayman Islands ended up being the closest first-round tie with both legs ending in draws (0-0 and 1-1) and Belize getting through on its away goal.

    Leonardo DiCa­prio inves­tit dans l’hô­tel­le­rie écolo-respon­sable
    En septembre dernier, il a été nommé «messa­­ger de la paix de l'ONU». Leonardo DiCa­prio est en charge depuis lors de la lutte contre le réchauf­­fe­­ment clima­­tique. Cet enga­ge­ment de toute une vie va se concré­ti­ser avec la nais­sance d’un complexe hôte­lier 100% éco-respon­sable, qui doit ouvrir ses portes en 2018, sur l’île de Blacka­dore Caye, au large de Belize. Prendre des vacances au soleil sans faire de mal à la planète sera bien­tôt possible, grâce à Leonardo DiCa­prio. L’ac­teur améri­cain, grand défen­seur de Mère Nature, a inves­tit dans 104 hectares d’une île para­di­siaque, encore lais­sée déserte. Pour y construire un palace de 68 villas priva­tives, le compa­gnon présumé de Rihanna s’est asso­cié au déve­lop­peur new-yorkais, Paul Scialla et ensemble, ils ont acheté le terrain pour 1,75 millions de dollars.


  • Thank You! From the Belize Missionaries & Students, 7min. This video is in honor of our wonderful and generous sponsors, without whom our mission trip would not have been possible.

  • Don't Stop Belizean - Belize Mission Trip 2015, 7min. Join us on your own virtual mission trip right here on FoSchissel's channel! This is a vlog of our arrival to Benque, Belize over spring break. Enjoy!

  • hol chan belize with everett and his crew, 7min. 3 snorkle trips with Belize diving adventures

  • AED RUSH Belize 2015, 8min. AED Medical Mission.

  • Gainer Fails, 1/2min. Me and Alvin Punk Out and slip while attempting Gainers

  • Hatashita Belize 2014, 4min. Ambergris Key, Belmopan.

  • san pedro volleyball Belize C.A, 1/2min.

  • Can you Belize it? I caught a Jack fish!!, 3min.

  • Lenten Season in Belize | A Benque Viejo Tradition 2015, 10min. Learn and discover what is the importance of Lent for the Benque Viejo Del Carmen Community. See why many take part in this 24 year tradition. See how strong catholic faith tradition combined with faith makes for great Community traditions.

  • The Morning Commute in Belize, 7min. Filmed by: Cameron Howell Caves Branch Archaeological Survey Belmopan, Belize 2009

    April 3, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Bowen and Bowen says there is no issue with supplies on the island
    Is there a beer shortage on the island? That is a question many local islanders, businesses and resort representatives are asking, after their requests for supplies have either been rationed, or not been met at the Bowen and Bowen Distribution Center on Ambergris Caye. The company has been allowed a brewing monopoly in the country for decades, and as such the unavailability to meet supply upon demand is causing inconveniences to residents and businesses alike. But Bowen and Bowen Limited assures residents that there is enough supply to meet the demands of the island. For over two weeks, several individuals and business owners have indicated to The San Pedro Sun that the company has been unable to meet their order requests. According to these business owners, this has been the case for the last year or so, claiming there appears to be a “supply shortage” not only with Belikin beer products, but also with the line of soft drinks that they carry.

    Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez visits Charlotte, North Carolina USA
    Miss San Pedro 2014/2015 Michelle Nuñez was recently in Charlotte, North Carolina to represent On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) Belize. Not only is Nuñez the beauty ambassador for the island, but she is also the director of Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment (SHINE) and a board member for the OEWM Belize Chapter. Her visit was from Wednesday, March 25th to Sunday, March 29th. The purpose of the trip was for Nuñez to familiarize herself with OEWM and to learn valuable knowledge and tactics that can be implemented in San Pedro. Nuñez toured the OEWM Hope Home, a safe home for under-age victims of sex trafficking. She also met several residents living in the Hope Home and shared on her work in San Pedro with the SHINE members. She also participated in a leadership conference for Charlotte area business leaders, a human trafficking awareness event, and a fundraiser for OEW Hope House. “Everything I learned was very enlightening and has provided me with the basics to improve my work in San Pedro,” said Nuñez.

    San Pedro to observe a ‘dry’ Good Friday
    The San Pedro Police Department, San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board will once again be enforcing a ‘dry’ Good Friday. No stores, supermarkets, bars or restaurants are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages from Thursday, April 2nd at midnight to Friday, April 3rd at midnight. Only hotels will be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages, and even then, it will be to bona fide guests only. In addition, residents are not allowed to drink in any public area. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly limited to the confines of their home where it cannot be visible to the public.

    Budget Debate sparks heated arguments: Opposition says PM Barrow took 8 years to almost double the national debt
    The House of Representatives took two days to debate the proposed national Budget 2015/2016 before accepting and passing it to the Senate for ratification. During the 26th and 27th of March, the meeting sparked heated arguments over the estimated figures, and the opposition People’s United Party (PUP) took the opportunity to chastise the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Amongst the highlights in the heated debate was the use of the PetroCaribe funds to finance government programs, and the fact that the United Democratic Party Government of PM Barrow has doubled the national debt from $1.7 billion in 2008 to $2.7 billion in 2015. The proposed Budget 2015/2016 was presented on March 13th by PM Barrow under his platform of “continuing with the transformation.” PM Barrow proposes to spend $1.1 billion in the next fiscal year. Barrow said that his government will see increased spending in areas such as the health sector, education, infrastructural development, social programs, sporting facilities and tourism sector. He explained that in the area of security, the proposed budget makes allocation for new intakes of law enforcement officers. PM Barrow also made it clear that the Government of Belize will use the PetroCaribe funds to drive some of the government programs into fruition and as such will “Roll the PetroCaribe” funds.

    Ambergris Today

    Private Sailboat Stuck on Reef by Hol Chan Marine Reserve
    It is already Easter Break in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize and the island is booming with activity, from tourist enjoying all the fun adventures out at sea or on the beach, the restaurants are teeming with activity and the hotspots around the island throwing Easter parties; all gearing up for a busy long weekend of celebrations. With the fun and safe celebrations, at times come some mishaps like this private sailboat running around in the reef very close to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It is located approximately in front of Pelican Reef Villas, three miles south of San Pedro Town. Hol Chan Marine Reserve personnel and rangers have already been alerted to the situation and departed early this morning, Thursday, April 2, 2015, to the site to start running damage assessments to the reef and work on removing the vessel from the reef before it makes more damage.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    9th Chocolate Festival of Belize
    May 22nd - 24th 2015. The ninth annual Chocolate Festival of Belize and Toledo will take place on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th May 2015. The event kicks off with the Gala event, Wine and Chocolate on the Friday night from 7pm to 11:30pm. The event is being held for the second year at Garbutt’s gorgeous marina on Joe Taylor Creek. Surrounded by both the lagoon and the ocean this night brings you nothing but good times, good friends and live music from the Caribbean Roots Band all the way from Corozal, an array of delectable hors d’oeuvres including deep fried lion fish and shrimp and, of course, how could we forget – Chocolate from Belizean chocolatiers! The Taste of Toledo Street Fair is held on Front Street in Punta Gorda town, from the Uno gas station all the way down to the Punta Gorda library. The pedestrian-only street fair features cultural displays and areas showcasing Toledo's five main ethnic groups: Kriol, Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo and East Indian.

    Weed report for Thursday.
    On 01.04.15 at about 4:00p.m., police on operation in the San Mateo area conducted a search in an abandoned lot where they found a transparent plastic bag containing 126 grams of Cannabis. No one was found in the immediate area. The Cannabis was sealed and labeled as “Found Property.” LADYVILLE On 01.04.15., Ladyville Police conducted an anti-drug operation in Sandhill Village, Belize District where they found three black plastic bags. One bag contained loose cannabis and the other contained several aluminum foil paper parcels each containing cannabis. The bags were taken to the Ladyville Police Station where the black plastic bag of loose Cannabis amounted to 153.2 grams, the black plastic bag containing 82 small aluminum foil paper parcel, each contained Cannabis amounted to 191.4 grams and the small black plastic bag containing 64 small aluminum foil paper parcel each containing Crack Cocaine amounted to 5.9 grams. All Drugs were deposited as “Found Property.”

    Another two dead manatees this week in Belize
    Bringing the total to 19 in the first quarter of this year. We have two high risk areas - the Belize River and the mouth of Placencia Lagoon. The Belize River area has high use by cruise tour boats. The Placencia Lagoon mouth is about to become part of the transit route for boats from Harvest Caye to Malacate. If you are a boat captain, please slow down in these key manatee areas. If you are a tour guide, please ensure your boat captain obeys the No Wake zones and that you place a spotter on the bow of the boat when moving through these key manatee areas. 19 manatees in three months - that is too high a mortality rate for the population to sustain.

    The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church shares its schedule for 2015 Holy Week

    Looting inspection in Armenia
    Institute of Archaeology personnel, along with constables from the police department, carried out a looting inspection in the village of Armenia. The destruction is quite fresh and we are asking anyone who may have information to contact us or the nearest police station to bring the culprits to face justice.

    World Health Day 2015
    The Ministry of Health joins the Ministry of Agriculture and the Pan American Health Organization in wishing all Belizeans a happy and healthy World Health Day for 2015.

    Channel 7

    Man Hacks Stepson To Death
    Tonight, a Belize City family with 8 children is in the throes of grief and incomprehension after a violent episode last night ripped their family apart. 42 year old Patrick Castillo allegedly chopped his 20 year old stepson, Guatemalan Jose Maderos to death just after 9:00 last night. It happened in the family home at the corner of Kut and Amara Avenue in Belize City - in plan view of the small children. Daniel Ortiz has this report form the scene last night:... Daniel Ortiz reporting When we arrived at this house on 3 Kut Avenue, respond to a report that there had been a chopping incident. We found this man detained by a police. He was placed on the sidewalk in handcuffs, while the officer called for reinforcements.

    Family Says Murder Was Because Stepson Stepped On Sister's Toe
    So far police are still gathering statements and have not brought charges - you'll hear their side of the story shortly. But, first, to the family. Last night the seven surviving children - the youngest only 7 - witnessed their father and stepfather kill their brother. We are told it was the culmination of a long history of confrontation between the father and stepson - and it all came to a head because Jose Maderos stepped on his sister's toe. I found out more from the family today. We warn you though that we did the interview at the family home - which is awash in blood - and if you are sensitive - you might want to take a five minute break for this story:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting It is behind this old cluttered chest of drawers that 42 year old Patrick Anthony Castillo hid his machete. According to his family he has been sharpening his machete every day this week, telling them he was going to chop the yard, but he never did.

    Police Say Alcohol Was Involved
    Tonight, Patrick Castillo is in police custody pending charges. Police arrested him on the scene last night where he reportedly gave a confession that he did it. But, police would not discuss that today - or anything much else other than to say the two men were fighting and the deceased had been drinking:.. Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C., CIB, Eastern Division "Our investigation revealed that he has a dispute with his stepfather Patrick Castillo Sr. As a result at some point somebody pulled a machete that resulted in Jose Maderos being chopped several times to the body. There was a fight and a lot of blood was on the scene and we are looking at all of that. At some point there was some fight between both of them." Mike Rudon, Ch5 "Is Mr. Castillo pleading self-defense at this time?"

    Boat Explodes, Romy Badillo Critical
    4 experienced boatmen are fortunate to have survived a boat explosion which happened at the waterfront area of Belize City, known as Hangar, near the municipal airstrip. It happened at 1:05 p.m. and information to 7News is that the men were launching a boat with an inboard engine when a fire spontaneously ignited onboard. The fire quickly caused an explosion, the force of which sent one of the men flying into the sea. The others had to jump before the blaze fully engulfed the entire vessel. City Councillor Dion Leslie was right there when it happened, and he described to us what he saw: Dion Leslie, City Councilor "Myself and my mom, we heard a large explosion which rattled the windows in the house and we ran outside. We notice that a boat that was 500 yards from shore was on fire and one of the occupants had already been thrown into the water and the other three was still on the boat and so everyone who was out there started screaming at them. Some of them took a little long to jump, maybe due to the explosion, they were a little dazed and confused afterwards and finally two of them jumped into the water, leaving one other gentleman in the boat.

    Teenagers Charged For Arson At Hostel
    Last night, we told you that investigators ruled that the fire at the Youth Hostel was arson. Well tonight, 2 girls and 1 young woman, all of whom were housed in the dormitory which burnt down, have been criminally charged for arson. The young woman, 18 year-old Erlene Baizar, is on remand tonight at the Belize Central Prison. Baizar, and 2 female minors, ages 12 and 13, were arraigned today before the newly appointed Magistrate Ladonna John on the single charge of arson, and because it is an indictable offence, no plea was taken. The police prosecutor objected vigorously to bail being granted, but the Magistrate granted the 2 minors bail. In Baizar's case, the Magistrate remanded her until April 7, during which time an assessment of her mental health will be done. The other 2 minors were offered bail of a thousand dollars, but only the 13 year-old was able to meet bail, since her family was present at the arraignment. That child was allowed to go home in the care of her parents after she posted bail. The 12 year old was remanded to a youth holding facility.

    NTUCB Questions Decision By Labour Senator Ray Davis
    Despite howls of protest form the opposition, The Petrocaribe Loans Act has been approved by the House and the Senate. But the National Trade Union Congress of Belize says it rejects the piece of legislation as un-democratic. But that wasn't the impression the public got on Monday when the Senate met in Belmopan and the Labour Senator abstained on the vote. In the end it passed with a slim six to five majority. Well, some in the labour movement were none too happy about that vote - and last night Ray Davis was called to account to the general council of the NTUCB. The meeting was held at the PSU office on Kut Avenue in Belize City - and 7News was there. We caught up with Davis at about 8:45 when he was leaving before the end of the meeting:... Jules Vasquez "Some in the labour movement or should say Audrey Matura-Shepherd has indicated that your abstention at the Senate meeting on the Petrocaribe Loans Bill was dubious/shady?" Hon. Ray Davis, Senator - Labour "She will be coming out of the meeting in a short while." Jules Vasquez "Was that sentiment voiced in there?" Hon. Ray Davis, Senator - Labour "No. I am saying that when she comes out, then you will have a good opportunity to really have a discussion with her on that."

    Fire Department Prepares For The Worst
    The Thursday before Good Friday - colloquially referred to as "Holy Thursday" is a day of hustling and bustling - particularly in the city where many are trying to get out on the road or the waterways. But, traffic ground to a halt today in Belize City when the fire department staged a disaster simulation at a busy intersection. It was an elaborate scenario of many things going wrong that required a multi-agency response. We spoke to Fire Chief Ted Smith about how it played out:.. Ted Smith, Fire Chief "We had simulated an RTA to traffic accident. The scenario was simple. The police was chasing a vehicle. The suspect were involved in illegal activities. The vehicle ran under high speed and then it hit a butane LPG truck that was making turn at the round-about and a third vehicle that was coming also got involved in the accident. The truck, when it was hot at the tail, it broke a pipe and caused butane to escape rapidly. The responding unit primary role was to ensure that the casualties were safely rescued. But at the same time they needed to neutralize the threat from the LPG that was spilling/leaking out. So, they did both; they neutralize the threat by advancing on the LPG tank providing two stream of water for safety and security and they closed the main valve from the LPG truck and shut down the leakage before an ignition could have occurred and from there they move on to extricate the casualties from both vehicles."

    City Councilor In Car Crash (Again)
    City Councilor Alifa Elrington famously totaled the mayor's pickup in an accident in Crooked Tree in late February. In that one the vehicle was extensively damaged and she had to be hospitalized. Well, today she was in another accident, this one far less serious - but a major collision nonetheless. It happened in Belize City at the corner of Dean Street and Amara Avenue. Councilor Elrington was coming down Amara Avenue in a Land Rover Discovery when she "t-boned" a Mazda Tribute that was travelling on Dean Street across Amara Avenue. No one appeared to be hurt but the Tribute was badly damaged, while, this time, Elrington's vehicle appeared mostly intact. Elrington had the right of way because the stop sign is on Dean Street. We'll follow up for police details next week.

    Going Good Friday Fish Finding
    Tomorrow is Good Friday - and whether through religious observance or cultural inertia, chances are you will be eating fish. But finding that right cut and type of fish at just the right price is an art unto itself - and the fish market at Conch Shell Bay in Belize City is a perfect place to see the laws of supply and demand at work in real time. The fisherfolk do brisk business and make a mean sales pitch, while the shoppers navigate the fish market with the sure and shrewd knowledge of which fish goes just right with that Good Friday meal. I found out more at the fish market today:... Henry brought out 450 pounds of fish and depending on the size, the price of fish ranges from $8 to $10 dollars a pound. Several experienced shoppers say more people come out to get the last minute fish in the evening up until Easter Sunday.

    The Garland And The Glory
    The garland and the glory - those words have been drummed into the collective national conscious for 87 years - because the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is more than a race, it is a cornerstone of nationalism, and, in fact, we claim the cross country more zealously and guard that garland more jealously than the French do the famous tour de France and its yellow jersey. And on Saturday - once again - all that goes on the line when just over a hundred riders compete in the 87th riding of the Cross Country. In 2013, Belizean Darnell Barrow held on to win, but last year, international rider, Juan Pablo Magallanes took it back for the foreigners. So, who will win this year? That's what we asked the cyclists when they had a ceremonial ride through the city this evening: The race starts at 6 a.m., and our news team will be out there from start to finish to update you on Tuesday's newscast.

    Channel 5

    A Stepfather Hacks His Son To Death for Stepping on Daughter’s Feet
    Forty-two-year-old Belize City resident Patrick Castillo is currently detained by police after a grisly chopping murder on Wednesday night. According to reports, an altercation between Castillo and his stepson, twenty-year-old [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. Breaks Radio Silence on Polemical Petrocaribe Loans Act
    The National Trade Union Congress of Belize held a meeting late Wednesday evening to formally discuss issues concerning the recently passed Petrocaribe Act, as well as Senator Ray Davis’ decision [...]

    Boaters Critically Injured Following Explosion at Sea
    At least two people are critically injured after a boat exploded and caught on fire. Unconfirmed reports are that at least four men launched a boat about ten minutes after [...]

    Teenage Trio Charged for Burning Down Youth Hostel’s Female Dorm
    Three persons were arraigned today for a fire at the Belize Youth Hostel compound at Mile twenty-one on the George Price Highway. The fire on Tuesday gutted a section of [...]

    Sheffield Brown Arraigned for Groping Chinese Businesswoman
    Thirty-nine-year-old Sheffield Brown is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison after being unable to meet bail for allegedly groping a Chinese businesswoman.  Brown, a resident of Welch Street, [...]

    Accident Simulation in Belize City – How Prepared are First Responders?
    The response time and how effective you respond to the scene of an accident is critical when it comes to minimizing any casualties or loss of life. It is the [...]

    Safety Tips to Prevent Fires During Easter
    Fire Chief, Ted Smith, also gave safety tips to homeowners who will be leaving their homes unattended for the Easter holidays.   Ted Smith, Fire Chief, National Fire Service “If [...]

    Where are Belizeans Off to this Easter Weekend?
    While it has its religious significance, many Christians will find themselves inside a church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For many others, a trip to the cayes or [...]

    The Art of the Hot Cross Bun, a Perennial Easter Treat
    You know it’s not Easter in Belize until you’ve had a hot cross bun. The tradition of making cross buns and enjoying them around this time of the year is [...]


    Search For Missing 15 Year Old Continues
    The search continues for fifteen year old Marisol Patt from Orange Walk. Police and family members continue their search for the teen that has been missing for several days. Family members say that fifteen year old Marisol Patt was last seen two Sundays back when she left her house around midday. She has not returned and the family is concerned for her safety. The mother of the teen, Fernanda Copo says that she believes her daughter has run away with someone they know and have shared that information with the police. Marisol Patt is described as being five feet five inches in height, has brown hair, brown eyes and weights about one hundred and forty pounds. Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Patt is asked to call 627-9605 or the nearest police station.

    BEL Seeks To Reduce Electricity Rate
    Today, the Belize Electricity Limited submitted an application to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) under the Annual Tariff Review Proceeding (ARP) for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. In this application, BEL is requesting an average reduction of 10.4 percent in the Mean Electricity Rate from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The release says that the proposed rate reduction is attributed to a significant reduction in the cost of purchasing power from Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), following Mexico’s move to dispatch energy at a cheaper price, by utilizing hydroelectricity and moving to the use of cheaper, cleaner fuels such as natural gas and other renewable energy sources, compared to heavy fuel oil and diesel. The release ends stating that copies of BEL's submission are available for viewing at the office of the PUC located at 41 Gabourel Lane in Belize City.

    Ministry Of Natural Resources Meets With Local Rice Producers
    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture makes headway in the rice crisis. As we have been reporting, a business man has proposed to import rice from Guyana at a much cheaper price and which in turn would be sold at a far more comfortable price to the consumer. This has become a threat to the survival of the local rice producers across the country. In an effort to address the situation, the ministry has been meeting with rice producers to find the best solution to the problem since March 17th. Today the ministry issued a release in which it states that they have made some progress. Ministry officials met with rice producers today and agreed on three things.

    Cops Nowhere Close To Solving O/W's Latest Homicide
    Yesterday we told you about the murder of 57 year old Ricardo Triminio who was shot to death whilst inside his snack shop namely “Munchies” on Progress Street in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. And while police processed the scene looking for clues, they came up empty handed. And today, a check with authorities did not prove favorable since they still don’t have any concrete leads or suspects. Cops say nothing inside his shop was believed to be stolen so they have struck out robbery as a motive. Meanwhile, their investigations continue. Anyone with information in this latest homicide is asked to come into the police station. Viewers are reminded that all information relayed will be kept anonymous and confidential.


    Fire Department Advises Residents of Preventative Measures
    With the hustle and bustle anticipated for the long holiday weekend, Fire Chief Ted Smith used the media today to advise residents on ways to protect their homes over the weekend. Most people will be out of their homes up until Monday. If you have any emergencies or if you notice suspicious activities in your area, you are being urged by the Belize Police Department to call 911 and inform them of the situation. The long holiday weekend extends up to Tuesday, April 7 when normal working hours will resume and businesses will be reopened.

    Annual Easter Fair Scheduled in San Ignacio
    The San Ignacio Santa Elena Town Council will be holding its annual municipal fair this weekend. Cecilia Flowers is the Chairlady of the Municipal Fair Committee and she says this year promises to be bigger than previous years. The Municipal Fair is one of the biggest revenue earners for the Town Council. Public Relations Officer and Director of Tourism, Michael Preston explained where the proceeds will go. One of the features of this year’s fair is the dunk tank where newly elected Mayor Earl Trapp will be the target.


    Belize City Council introduces online payment for taxes
    Residents of the Old Capital now have additional means of meeting obligations to the Belize City Council for trade licenses collected every December and property taxes collected by the start of the new financial year in April...

    Murder of Orange Walk Business Man
    Orange Walk Police are still trying to piece together the timeline of events leading to the murder of  57 year old businessman Ricardo Triminio, who was murdered inside his snack shop sometime after midnight on Tuesday March 31st...

    FFB Gets April Fools Scare
    The Football Federation of Belize got a big scare today when they were informed that one of the players on the National Beach Football Team went missing while the delegation was passing through Guatemala enroute to Belize...

    VIP’s position on Petro Caribe Loan Bill
    Yesterday The Christian Workers Union sent out a press release condemning the passage of the Petro Caribe Loans Bill 2015, and stating for the record that they distance themselves from the decision of the Union Senator Ray Davis who abstained his vote on the controversial bill...

    CitCo sanitation litigation settled, wages a concern
    It has been several months since more than 175 former workers of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) joined the Belize City Council to continue their employment after months of wrangling...

    Orion Classic to be held in Placencia
    Earlier this week we announced the new executive of the Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BBBFF). The first event being organized by the executive takes place in Placencia over the Easter weekend and we spoke to BBBFF executive member Josephine Gault about it. Josephine Gault – Organizer, ...

    Ailing Stephen Okeke pleas for TV Ramos bust money
    Today we spoke to Stephen Okeke, creator of the bust of Thomas Vincent Ramos and many other sculptures of national heroes and related monuments...

    National Beach Football Team Returns Proud; despite loss
    12 football players along with their technical staff travelled to El Salvador to represent Belize at the 2015 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Champions...

    No Deon, No Goals for Belize
    In other football news, the official FIFA website posted an article on its world cup news section called “No Deon, no goals for Belize.” The title is self explanatory. The article says it was no surprise that Belize struggled to score a goal without Deon McCauley. It says that quote, “One of the bi...

    Cannibis Busts in Belize
    The Police Department continues to remove illicit drugs off the streets. On Tuesday March 31st at round 11 am police in San Pedro while conducting patrols in the vicinity of the water taxi area San Pedro, searched a bag in the possession of 51 year old John Estero of Dangriga...

    GSU weed bust goes to court
    Police have charged a man and two women with possession of multiple amounts of cannabis intended for distribution. 38 year old Eugene Gabourel; 54 year old Donna Castillo and 55 year old Desiree Cadle pleaded not guilty to all charges before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith...

    The Reporter

    NTUCB condemns PetroCaribe Bill
    The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) is considering taking some form of action in protest of the recently passed PetroCaribe Bill, its President, Marvin Mora said. According to Mora, they made several suggestions as possible displays of opposition against the Bill during their executive meeting on Tuesday night. He added, however, that they have not made a final decision, and as such, he was unable to say what those suggestions were. Mora was able to say, though, that the union categorically condemns the passing of the PetroCaribe Bill in the House of Representatives last week.

    Boat bursts into flames, injuring captain
    A small skiff burst into flames while being launched from the “Hangar” area in Belize City after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, leavinar dock near the municipal airstrip when a small explosion occurred. Residents said they heard a loud bang. The fire and police departments were summoned to the scene and the occupants of the vessel were taken to the hospital for burn injuries. According to Anna Badillo, Romi’s wife, her husband is currently being treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for second degree burns. Badillo is currently listed in critical but stable condition. Badillo said her husband, who is a captain by profession, told her that he was going out to sea but she does not know where they were going.

    Orange Walk businessman murdered inside shop
    Orange Walk police are following a few leads into the shooting murder of businessman, Ricardo Triminio, 57, in Orange Walk Town early Tuesday morning. Triminio, who owned Munchie’s snack shop at #10 Progress Street, usually kept his small business open late into the night. That was when police believe someone pounced on him. Triminio’s mother, Vivian Triminio, has said she heard a volley of gunshots around 2 a.m. that morning, but thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. Six hours later, at around 9 a.m., a sanitation worker sawTriminio’s bullet-riddled body on the floor of the business. He had been shot in the face, chest, left arm and both shoulders.

    Boat explosion leaves boat captain seriously injured; passengers swim to safety
    A boat explosion in the ‘Hangar’ area of Belize City on Holy Thursday has left the boat captain with serious burn injuries to his body and five passengers with varying degrees of injuries. The incident happened shortly after 1 p.m. and The Reporter understands that the passengers had to escape seious injuries by jumping into the sea and swimming to shore.

    The Belize Times

    Barrow could face criminal charges – New Petro-Caribe legislation will not affect legal challenge
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow could face criminal prosecution if a legal challenge currently waiting to be heard before the Supreme Court succeeds, confirming that his Government’s administration of millions of dollars in public funds is in violation of our laws. Various attorneys with absolutely no political axe to grind but guided by civic duty and conscience, including Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck and Magali Marin-Young, have stepped up and are leading the Opposition PUP’s legal case against the arrogant actions of Prime Minister Barrow. The PM’s borrowing of millions of dollars, BZE$228,614,710 to be exact, which were obtained through the Alba Petro-Caribe initiative between September 2012 and August 2014, tipped the scale between what is legal and what is outrageously illegal. The borrowing was illegal.

    Gunman Hunts Down Jaime Chavarria!
    Someone wanted Jaime Chavarria dead and twice this month they attempted to take his life. They succeeded in the second attempt which occurred on Monday night. The 26 year old construction worker was shot dead in an abandoned yard through an unnamed alley on Berkley Street in Belize City. This area is not far from the busy downtown of the old capital. Police found Chavarria lying motionless, face up, and bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. Police believe that Chavarria was walking through the yard when an unknown gunman ambushed him and shot him. Chavarria had little chance of escape or survival.

    Senate Trashes PetroCaribe Bill – Legislation passes after 6-5 vote in favour, Union Senator abstained
    In a tense, thick and incredibly unstable atmosphere, the Senate met in the City of Belmopan today to debate the Budget and the highly controversial ALBA (PetroCaribe) Belize Energy Limited Loan Bill. The UDP Senators – Hon. Godwin Hulse, Hon. Joy Grant, Hon. Gerardo Marconi Sosa, Hon. Juliet Thimbriel and Hon. Lisel Alamilla were in pure defensive mode, trying their best to convince the Belizean people that over US$114 million (BZ$228 million) in loans could be dipped into wantonly and without proper authorization from the National Assembly. The PUP and Private Sector Senators – Hon. Lisa Shoman, Hon. Anthony Sylvestre Jr., Hon. Patrick J. Andrews, Hon. Fr. Noel Leslie (for the Churches), Hon. Mark Lizarraga (for the Business Sector) and Hon. Ray Davis (for the Unions) were not as convinced – not by the bill, nor by the 2015-2016 Budget debated in the House the week before. And it showed, especially in the fiery presentations by Senators Lizarraga, Shoman, Sylvestre and Andrews.

    PUP: On Campaign Mode!
    The People’s United Party (PUP) kicked off its 2015 campaign planning on Sunday March 29th at Leslie’s Farm at Mile 51.5 on the George Price Highway with a full day working session. One hundred and twenty-five persons participated, comprised of members of the National Executive, Standard Bearers, parliamentarians, businesspersons, members of constituency executive committee and friends and supporters of the PUP. The Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, stated that “the objective of this full-day event was to hear frank views as to the challenges facing the party, as well as to receive recommendations, arising after vigorous debate, as to the strategies required in taking the party to victory.”

    Setting the stage for dictatorship
    Last week Thursday, the Prime Minister of Belize introduced into the House of Representatives a Bill that in the view of many represents a major step toward dictatorship. The bill was taken through all three readings and it seems our Prime Minister has a very short memory. One of the things he railed against incessantly while in Opposition was the rushing of Bills through the House in one sitting. According to Section 49(2) of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives, “An interval of not less than ten days must lapse between the first and second reading of a Bill….” There is however, and as usual, a loophole. The law goes on to state that “unless the House, on motion made and question put, agree to proceed with the Bill at an earlier date or forthwith.” Since assuming office (the House meets at least four times for the year with several Bills being presented at each sitting), there might have been 1 (one) Bill that has seen the required time between readings. What is the rush here; in particular with a Bill of such huge importance and of such potential consequence? The answer to this is easy but not obvious. In October of last year, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Julius Espat filed a motion in the courts of Belize attempting to restrain government’s reckless spending of Petro Caribe funds. In an interview given at the time, Espat explained his purpose for the lawsuit, “…we are seeking to make sure that the Government of Belize, any party that forms the Government of Belize, ultimately follows the law.

    Barrow is above the Law or so he thinks
    “It cannot be true! For it would mean that Mr. Barrow is above the National Assembly.” Said a lady at the market on Saturday morning. But it is true. The Prime Minister of Belize has rammed through a law that he is not answerable to anyone for millions of dollars he has been spending and will continue to spend without prior approval of the Legislature. Since September of 2012 Mr. Barrow has had the arrogance to commence borrowing and spending of Petro Caribe monies to the tune of almost three hundred million dollars. This has been done without any prior approval of the National Assembly. Neither has Mr. Barrow bothered to follow the relevant laws of the country by accounting to the nation for the spending of these millions. It should be noted that the Constitution of Belize, the supreme law of our country provides safeguards when it comes to public funds. Section 114 states, “all revenues or other monies raised or received by Belize….shall be paid into and form part of the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

    Belmopan Mystics spanks SQ Stars 3-1
    The Belmopan Mystics spanked the Simon Quan Stars 3-1 in Belize district volleyball competition at the Belize Elementary Gymnasium on Saturday. Mystics’ Kori Diego, Kaylani Reid, Alvree Mortis and Kayla Dawson scored points on plays set by Daniella Gibson and Kaylene Flowers to win 25-23, 19-25, 30-28 and 28-26. Khristal Jones, Jhonique Anderson, Loren Henry and libero Vivianni Avila took the court to help the Mystics win the last 2 sets Stars’ only reprieve came in the 2nd set when Marika Zuniga, Precelia Hoare, Rebecca Rath and Mya Musa hammered kills at the net and blocked the Mystics to win the 2nd set 25-19.

    Team SMART dominated 16th Junior Cross Country
    Team SMART Zoom Cycling dominated the 16th BEL Junior Cross Country Classic held by the Belize Cycling Federation on the George Price Highway on Sunday, March 29, taking the first 3 places and with 4 riders finishing in the top 10. Team SMART’s Ernest Bradley, looked a lot like his father, legendary Cross Country great Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan, as he took the win in solo fashion in 3:30:52. Bradley outdistanced his teammates to sweep the last 4 station prizes coming into the city: $100 at the Hattieville police station, $50 at the BEL gas turbo-generator, 4 cases of Crystal juice at the Mile 6 bridge, and $50 at Old Belize, as well as the $800 1st prize, a tablet from VIP Wireless and a 4-year scholarship from the Ministry of Education.

    Belize enters Round 2 of World Cup 2018 qualifiers
    The Belize Jaguars have advanced to Round 2 of the World Cup 2018 Russia qualifiers, by an away goal in the 20th minute from Elroy Kuylen to tie against the Caymans Islands 1-1 in regulation time Game 2 at the Truman Bodden Stadium in Georgetown, Grand Cayman on Sunday. The Jaguars, presently ranked 164th in FIFA’s world rankings, will now gear up to take on the Dominican Republic, ranked 107th according to FIFA, on June 8, and host the Santo Domingo squad for the rematch on June 16th. Last Wednesday’s 0-0 Game 1 draw in the City of Belmopan had put the Jaguars under notice that they needed to score goals if they wanted to qualify to the next round, but it was Caymans’ Mark Ebanks who worried Belize fans when he scored first in the 5th minute.

    GOB lacks “political will” to fight Money Laundering and Financial Crimes, says U.S. Report
    The United States Government, through the recently-released 2015 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) which was tabled by President Barack Obama before the U.S. Congress, criticised the Barrow Administration for lacking “political will” to adequately fight money laundering and financial crimes. This is a black eye for Belize, for yet another year, as the nation has been designated a “major money laundering country” in the 2015 report. The report further listed Belize under the “Jurisdictions of Primary Concern”, which is a designation for countries considered a high-risk in global financial irregularity. “A major money laundering country is defined by statute as one whose financial institutions engage in currency transactions involving significant amounts of proceeds from international narcotics trafficking,” explained the report. The document noted that “dirty money” sourced from criminal activity and financial crime is a threat to democratic institutions: “Jurisdictions flooded with illicit funds are vulnerable to the breakdown of the rule of law, the corruption of public officials, and destabilization of their economies”. Sounds too familiar to the Belize we are living in!

    Getting the job done in OW South – UDP Neglects – PUP Works!!
    The Hon Jose Mai, the Village Council of Yo Creek and the residents of Yo Creek this week embarked on a street repair campaign in the village of Yo creek. For a long time the Hon. Jose Mai and the village Council have been asking the Ministry of Works to do repairs on village Streets. The Ministry of Works has never done so. At the Inauguration of Orange Walk South highway, Hon. Mai spoke personally to the Minister of Works and requested his intervention. The Minister responded that he was unable to repair the streets in Yo Creek because his Ministry did not have money to do so. He referred the Hon. Mai to the Prime Minister. When the PUP area representative finally made contact with Prime Minister Barrow, the Prime Minister told him that his Government was unable to allocate funds for the repair of streets in Yo Creek. Hon. Mai did not give up, however, and his persistence has proved worthy. Through the kind assistance of Tiechrob and Sons, the Hon Jose Mai procured fifty (50) loads of crushed material from. David Dyck of Blue Creek construction provided two dump trucks to transport the crushed material. The total value of the work being done in Yo Creek is $ 5000.

    Budget Presentation by Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai, Area Representative of Orange Walk South
    Mr. Speaker, I do not plan to dwell much on the sorrowful inadequacies of the 2015/16 budgetary allocation for Agriculture since it is generally known that this is a reoccurring neglect which is most observable in the deplorable state of extension services being offered to our struggling small farmers. I say so, Mr Speaker, because, we exhort and encourage our farmers to produce more, and thereafter we undermine their efforts by allowing the importation of competing agricultural goods. Remember the onions and Belize Marketing and Development with the farmers in the north, Mr Speaker? How can we forget? Remember the potatoes and carrot farmers again in the north, Mr. Speaker. And, of course, how can we forget the famous Uruguayan rice, Mr. Speaker. And now it’s deja vu all over again with rice, i.e. Guyana rice!!

    U.S. keeps Belize on “Major Illicit Drug Producing, Major Drug-Transit, Major Money Laundering” List
    United States President Barack Obama has once again listed Belize as a “Major Illicit Drug Producing, Major Drug-Transit, Major Money Laundering” country in their 2015 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR). The INCSR Report “provides the factual basis for the designations…on the major drug-transit or major illicit drug producing countries and money laundering”. One of its goals is to highlight efforts or the lack of such efforts to fight the drug trade and combat financial crimes. The designation places Belize and other countries under review by the United Sates Government for assistance and support. The report declared that Belize continued to be a major transit country for illegal drugs destined for the United States from source countries in South America. The report noted that the drug trade is carried out through undetected maritime channels and via air. “…maritime vessels are able to avoid law enforcement detection by moving at night and using the hundreds of cayes (islands) to conceal their movement,” said the report, adding that the air transport of drugs is equally concerning as, “Belize has no air defense systems and limited capabilities to monitor aircraft at night”.

    Hon. Francis W. Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition, Budget Presentation for Fiscal Year 2015/2016
    Mr. Speaker, I rise to make my contribution to the debate on the General Revenue Appropriation Bill for Fiscal Year 2015/2016. At the outset, Mr. Speaker, I offer two (2) preliminary observations based on the introductory paragraphs of the Prime Minister’s Budget Presentation. Firstly, the Prime Minister boasts that this is the shortest Budget Speech he has ever read. He justifies this boast by explaining that he is sparing the Nation the oral presentation of the review of the economy 2014. While I for one welcome less talk, the House Record should reflect that the true reason for the speeches brevity is its absolute lack of substance. The Prime Minister, apart from his usual political rhetoric and grandstanding, has nothing to say and the Budget Speech has nothing to offer. Mr. Speaker, it is not only the shortest Budget Speech, it is the “emptiest” budget speech ever read in this Honourable House.

    UDP Town Council fires 7 in Dangriga
    The politics of hate, divide and victimization that is the DNA of the United Democratic Party has kicked off in Dangriga, where the Council today issued letters of termination to seven employees. Reports to the BELIZE TIMES are that letters to have been issued to employees informing them that they are no longer have jobs at the Council. Employees affected include the Secretary for the Works Department, Security Officer, Works Manager, Front Desk Receptionist and cashier in the Traffic Department. There have been other reports of victimization throughout the country at municipalities which were held by PUP Town Councils – Punta Gorda and Dangriga. The BELIZE TIMES will continue to investigate.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Trade Unions condemn Petrocaribe Act; debate fate of Senator
    A meeting of the General Council of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) took place Wednesday night in Belize City after the passage earlier this week of the Petrocaribe Loans Act, 2015, which passed by a slim six-to-five margin with an abstention by Senator representing the trade unions, Ray Davis. There is a concern that the unions were caught off guard by the presentation of the bill and following the meeting of the Union a briefing with Congress executives discussed the apparent disconnect between Senator Davis’ vote and the position of the Congress. But NTUCB members sought to correct those perceptions by issuing a strong public condemnation of what the Government seeks to do, which it has now been empowered to do by the Act – borrow and spend the funds coming from APBEL as part of the Petrocaribe program going back some two years. NTUCB President Marvin Mora said that the Government’s actions are completely contrary to the spirit of the passage of the Finance and Audit Act in 2005 and its reformed version in 2010. The Congress has maintained its call for transparency and accountability in Government’s financial appears and is opposed to anything that would suggest otherwise, said Mora.

    Step-father accused of chopping stepson to death
    A domestic dispute late on Wednesday night in Belize City between a stepfather and stepson ended in tragedy when the older man, 42 year old security guard Patrick Castillo of Kut Avenue, allegedly chopped his stepson, 20 year old Jose Jonathan Maderos, as well as his 13 year old stepdaughter by accident. Maderos died at the scene of his injuries while Castillo remains under police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The sad story began after Jonathan’s mother and Castillo’s common-law wife, Rosa Mauricio, left for work at a nearby restaurant and her son went upstairs for a drink of water.

    Two Injured and one fatally chopped in the Old Capital
    Belize City Police are currently investigating a chopping incident in the Old Capital late Wednesday night. According to authorities, they are presently taking statement from persons involved. The victim has been identified as 20 year old Jose Maderos from Cut Avenue, Belize City. According to preliminary investigation, Maderos got in an argument with his step-father, 42 year old Patrick Castillo of the same address. As a result the feud escalated causing Maderos to receive multiple chop wounds to his body.


    Gorgeous Easter Weather is Here – Surveying for The Continuation of The Road & Price Reduction at Xaman ‘Ek
    I thought I would take a walk yesterday and take a few pictures. The weather is breezy – the Easter Winds are here! – but gorgeous and sunny. And today, Holy Thursday, banks and government offices start closing down early and all of Belize heads to the beach. Later…I took a ride back down to town. The surveys are placing pegs for the continuation of the road (which now stops at Belizean Shores). There were stakes up to Rojo and Mata Chica and beyond…soon we will have a road all the way up north. Honestly…i never would have believed it. Not so immaculately cared for is the old Xaman ‘Ek – that also housed a Jambel’s Restaurant for a while. The price has recently been reduced to land value only. The dock had crumbled…

    Chaa Creek and National Geographic – A Mutual Admiration Society
    Since 1888 National Geo has done an excellent job of fulfilling its mission to “inspire, illuminate and teach” the world about the world. And who hasn’t been inspired to travel when reading the National Geographic magazine? Many of us got our first taste of wanderlust at an early age from the amazing photographs and stories behind that familiar yellow-framed cover. So when the respected peripatetic journalist Costas Christ recently lauded Chaa Creek in the National Geographic Traveller we were very, very happy. The March 27, 2015 article’s title, Seven Perfect Days in Belize immediately caught our eye, especially as Mr Christ is something of an expert; a Belizeophile, if you will. As he wrote, “I have been traveling to Belize every year for more than a decade and am already planning my next trip.” He then goes on to explain why, listing English speaking, small, easy to navigate, and other factors such as: “Local residents are fun-loving, friendly, and appreciate nature; nearly half of the country is protected rain forest… Just offshore lies the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere… Belize’s subterranean rivers make it possible to explore the country’s elaborate underground cave system—which might be the most extensive on Earth (National Geographic explorers have been mapping it since the 1960s… There are also dozens of Maya archaeological sites throughout…”

    No Cars, No Hassles, Just White-Sand Beaches
    “I’m just a beach person,” says Debbie Cooper, 63. With that attitude, it’s no wonder that she and her husband, Bruce, 66, have called the tiny Caribbean isle of Caye Caulker 12 miles off the coast of Belize home for the past 13 years. There are no cars on the island, and it receives a fraction of the tourists that Ambergris Caye, 11 miles to the north, does. Homes and restaurants on the beach face an impossibly blue sea framed by windswept palms. Lobster is a specialty when it’s in season. There are a few stores with clothing, household goods, souvenirs, and groceries. Docks at regular intervals provide places for fishing and sunbathing. Access to the mainland or Ambergris is by water taxi or small prop plane.

    International Sourcesizz

    ‘You have to look after yourself in the jungle’
    Infantry soldiers from across the area have been learning to fight and survive in one of the world’s toughest environments – the jungle. For the fourth part of a series of special reports, defence correspondent SAM BANNISTER joined the troops in their camp beneath the canopy. Nothing prepares you for the sound of howler monkeys at 3 o’clock in the morning. Reputed to be the loudest animal on land, they earn their name from the loud, guttural howls which can travel for three miles through dense forest. Their bellows are also utterly terrifying – at least to somebody who was comfortably asleep in their hammock 30 seconds ago. But it’s all part of life in the jungle of Belize for soldiers on exercise. Around 120 troops of the 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (2PWRR) have been sent to the country on a tough jungle training mission.

    Endangered Language Portraits. James Lovell is a Garifuna musician and language activist. He works tirelessly to teach children Garifuna, an Arawak Indian language, through song and performance in Belize, New York, and St. Vincent. He has been working with the Endangered Language Alliance on Yugacure, a project to repatriate Garifuna to its origins in St. Vincent, under the direction of Trish St. Hill. A Garifuna word which translates to yucca, a staple Garifuna food source, yuga is also a Vincentian colloquialism meaning “you got.”


  • HOW "CROSS BUN'S" ARE MADE..., 5min. Another staple for the Easter holidays is the hot cross bun and here in Orange Walk, the tradition has been upheld by a few great bakers. Here the bun is a spiced sweet bun made with raisins and marked with a cross on the top, traditionally eaten on Good Friday. We visited the home of one woman who enjoys making these tasty buns for a quick lesson on how they are made.

  • EASTER FISH AND VEGETABLE RUSH IN ORANGE WALK, 3min. The long awaited Easter weekend is here and Orange Walk residents are preparing for the long holiday. If you have any doubt, we invite you to watch images of this morning at the market where families were busy shopping and vendors were content.

  • The garland and the glory, 4min. those words have been drummed into the collective national conscious for 87 years - because the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is more than a race, it is a cornerstone of nationalism, and, in fact, we claim the cross country more zealously and guard that garland more jealously than the French do the famous tour de France and its yellow jersey. And on Saturday - once again - all that goes on the line when just over a hundred riders compete in the 87th riding of the Cross Country. So, who will win this year? That's what we asked the cyclists when they had a ceremonial ride through the city this evening:

  • Sweet Belizean Girl- Anthony Richards, 3min. Belizean Classic Rare 45

  • Belize 2015, 23min. "The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've been, and the memories we've made along the way."

  • AEC Study Abroad to Belize, 7min.

  • Belize 2015, 3min. 7 days on Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Belize, swiming with nurse sharks and stingrays, 5min.

  • Belize Sea Scouts, 7min. The Sea Scouts join the regatta off the coast of Belize City. The kids learn to chart and become disciplined while having fun.

  • Benedictine College Belize Mission Trip 2015, 7min. This year was a amazing trip to Benque. This is Benedictine's 7th of doing a mission trip in Belize. Hope you like the video!

  • Benque Viejo Marching Band- Belize Band Fest 2015, 15min. Este es orgullosamente el trabajo de Benque Viejo Marching Band en el Band Fest 2015. "our legacy never dies"

  • Thank You! From the Belize Missionaries & Students, 5min. This video is in honor of our wonderful and generous sponsors, without whom our mission trip would not have been possible.

    April 2, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Easter Holidays Calendar of Events
    San Pedro Roman Catholic Church Holy Week Schedule Thursday, April 2nd – 7AM Washing of the Feet/ Last Supper Mass, 8AM Transfer of the Holy Eucharist to Parish Hall, 10AM Adoration Vigil in the Parish Hall Friday, April 3rd – 4AM Stations of the Cross (Around Town), 12PM The Seven Last Words, 3PM Celebration of the Passion of the Lord, 5PM Procession (Across Town) Saturday, April 4th – 7PM Easter Vigil Mass Sunday, April 5th – 7AM Encuentro, 8AM Mass, 10AM Mass, 7PM Mass Monday, April 6th – 7AM Mass

    Red Taigaz blow out Tiger Sharks
    The Nation Elite Basketball League (NEBL) continued over the weekend in various venues across the country. On Saturday March 28th, defending champions, San Pedro Tiger Sharks were soundly defeated by the Belmopan Red Tiagaz inside the University of Belize Gymnasium in the Garden City. It is the second loss on the road for the Tiger Sharks, who now fall to third place in the league and are struggling to maintain a good standing as the defending champs. From the tip off, Belmopan Red Taigaz jumped into an early double-digit lead. As much as the visiting (and ailing) Tiger Sharks tried, they just could not keep control of the ball. At the end of the first quarter, Red Taigaz was ripping the Sharks apart by a 17 point lead. Moving into the halftime, Tiger Sharks made a few improvements, but the host team maintained a commanding 13-point lead. As the match went into third quarter, a much disorganized Tiger Sharks team found itself crushed by a score of 72 to 56 points in favor of the Red Taigaz. There was no turning back for the Tiger Sharks when the game moved into the fourth quarter. The lead had ballooned and it was evident that the Tiger Sharks were praying for the long buzzer to go off. When the game ended it was at 94 to 74 points in favor of the Red Taigaz. With the victory, Red Taigaz handed down the San Pedro Tiger Sharks their first blow out in two seasons.

    Aidan Williams and Amber Rivero are the new representatives for ACES
    Six students of Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) graced the stage of the San Pedro Lions Den on Wednesday, March 25th during the sixth annual Mr. and Ms. ACES Pageant. Four lovely ladies and two handsome young men took part in the pageant held to raise funds for the upcoming school semester. Vying for the title of Mr. ACES was Aidan Williams and Peter Ramirez, while Amber Rivero, Angelica Aranda, Naggii Valladarez and Jan Coy competed for the title of Ms. ACES. In the end, it was Aidan Williams and Amber Rivero who took the crowns. The students performed for a crowd of spectators who cheered them on every step of the way. The theme of the pageant was Nature and the participants dressed in elaborate costumes representing the rich and vibrant flora and fauna of Belize. The boys and girls also participated in a talent segment showcasing amazing performance skills. In the elegant formal wear segment, t

    Belize’s historic participation in CONCACAF Beach Soccer Champions
    For the first time ever, Belize has formed a Beach Soccer selection to participate in the 2015 Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Beach Soccer Champions. The team traveled to El Salvador to compete in hopes of earning a spot in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015. The competition started on Saturday, March 28th and is scheduled to end on Sunday, April 5th. While Belize did not advance beyond the first round of competition, they did make history by winning a match in their first tournament. The participating CONCACAF selections were drafted into four groups. Belize landed in the A Group along with El Salvador, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The B Group included Mexico, Trinidad, Turks & Caicos and Guadeloupe. Bahamas, United States of America, Antigua, Bermuda and Barbados formed the C Group, while Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and Virgin Islands formed the D Group.

    Ambergris Today

    Miss San Pedro Lions Club Pageant 2015
    Marisha Thompson as the Club’s newest beauty queen ambassador.

    Santander Group Promises Growth with New Sugar Mill in Western Belize
    While Belize Sugar Industries reports that cane farmers in Belize need to produce more cane per acre to be able to cope with the projected falling earnings of 2017, Belize’s newest Sugar production mill is set to crank up operations in February of 2016. Santander Group projects that the company’s production will grow the country’s agricultural GDP by a minimum of 4%. Santander began working on their investment to construct and operate a new sugar mill in Belize back in 2008. The investment group has brought with them over 50 years of experience in the sugar industry that includes sustainable and efficient methods. Today the construction of the mill, located on a 20,000 acre property in the Cayo District, is well underway with less than a year away from their first milling season. The Guatemalan-based company chose Belize for this project after looking through a list of possible sites in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and even Brazil. Why Belize? Legal certainty, security and fertile land were just a few of the reasons that made Belize perfectly suitable for their investment, stated Santander. Belize’s important trade agreements with European markets (because of its Commonwealth status) and wit the CARICOM countries.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Looking for good homes for these awesome puppies!
    GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES: Born Feb.7, magnificent, purebred, plush coats, ideal as family/personal companions and protection. Extremely intelligent, loyal and protective, the best security $ can buy! Shots and meds are new owners' preference, puppies are in a pristine, remote location and have not been exposed to other dogs/contaminants. $750. [email protected] for photos, appointment or viewing locations.

    REWARD for items and cash STOLEN on Sunday March 29th from Finca Solana Area
    one 1’ x 1’ PURSE white polyurethane faux leather KGB brand with beige snake design accents) Two compartments separated one had $10,000 dollars in United States currency (all $20 bills).There was an additional $300 Belize dollars and $ 200 USD in the zipper compartments. Money was in zip lock bag inside the purse. Also the purse had old comb, moisturizing eye drops, a pen and a black vinyl wallet with a lot of credit cards, driver license, a gun licence, health card, bank cards etc. Typical north American set, useless for anyone here, as all cards cancelled and on watch. Also two Canadian passports for Helena Black and Eugene Black.

    Public Service Message - Any establishment caught selling alcoholic beverages/liquor products will be faced with the cancellation of its Liquor License, have its liquor inventory confiscated and will be summoned to court by the Corozal Police Department. Stores that have liquor bottles on display should either bring down the bottles or cover the items, as well as alcoholic beverages in coolers. Restaurants that have liquor bottles on display should also cover the said items. We ask for your cooperation and understanding.

    Notice to all BTL Customers
    As of April 7th, 2015 BTL will NO LONGER correct TopUp mistakes that are the fault of the customer. Make sure you write down the correct number when you go to TopUp. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

    UB Launches INsights
    The University of Belize has launched their new INsights e-magazine. In this first issue, they highlight UB's Environmental Research Institute, which is in its 5th year, and the tablet distribution. "There are many good things happening at UB – but very few people get the opportunity to hear about them. INsights is a bi-monthly e-magazine. Its content will showcase the positive things happening at the university in an effort to change the image of UB." In related news, the ladies won the UB ralathon for the 4th year in a row.

    16th Annual BEL Junior Cross Country Classic

    A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited
    For the post of Storekeeper in the Purchasing and Stores Department.

    Belmopan Active Youths (BAY) Graduation Ceremony
    Political/Economic Section Chief J. Nathan Bland (second from right) attended the Belmopan Active Youths (BAY) Graduation Ceremony for its Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Development Project. BAY, a 2014 CARSI ESF fund grantee, trained15 youth in small business and entrepreneurship development, and another 12 youth in massage and spa therapy. The 2015 CARSI ESF application process is now open!!!! Please visit our website for more information.

    COMING SOON - The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship, USNS COMFORT
    The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship, USNS COMFORT, will visit Belize from April 9-18, 2015 and other ports in Central and South America and the Caribbean this spring. While in Belize, the USNS COMFORT will partner with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Belize Defence Force, and the Belize Coast Guard to share and build capability through medical, dental, engineering, and veterinary events and exchanges. As part of the events scheduled for Belize, USUN Comfort personnel will partner with Hattieville Government School and Independence High school to provide a variety of outpatient medical, dental, preventive medicine, and health education services. These locations will be open to the general public for one free medical or dental service each day. For those requiring transportation, Ladyville Health center and Bella Vista Health center will provide shuttle service to and from the medical sites.

    Christian Workers Union says Don't Roll it!
    Christian Workers Union (CWU) denounces the Petrocaribe Loan Bill, claiming it lacks transparency and accountability while seeking to legalize actions that go against the current laws of Belize. It removes PetroCaribe from being subject to the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act (2010)The CWU calls on other unions to denounce the act and demand that it is repealed.

    Gov't meets with rice producers
    The Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture and officials of the Ministry met with rice producers in Belmopan today 1st April 2015 to discuss the way forward with rice production in Belize.

    BEL Submits 2015-2016 Annual Tariff Review Proceeding Application to the Public Utilities Commission
    On April 1, 2015, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) submitted an application to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) under the Annual Tariff Review Proceeding (ARP) for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. BEL is requesting an average reduction of 10.4 percent in the Mean Electricity Rate from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The proposed rate reduction is attributed to a significant reduction in the cost of purchasing power from Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), following Mexico’s move to dispatch energy at a cheaper price, by utilizing hydroelectricity and moving to the use of cheaper, cleaner fuels such as natural gas and other renewable energy sources, compared to heavy fuel oil and diesel. BEL’s request to reduce electricity rates for the 2015 – 2016 tariff period is in line with the Company’s Mission “to provide reliable electricity at the lowest sustainable cost, stimulate national development and improve the quality of life in Belize.” Whilst every customer will see a reduction in their rates, BEL is also proposing changes to the Tariff Basket that will:

    BAY 1st JCED Graduation
    Belmopan Active Youths had their first graduating class from their Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Development project. Congratulations, Graduates! "Nothing makes us quite as proud as EMPOWERING our youths. We were thrilled to see 27 youths graduate from two programs under our BAY Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Development (JCED) Project on Sunday, March 29th... Our first graduation under our new project, this one makes us super proud. Congratulations to our 27 graduates!"

    Channel 7

    BEL Offers Electricity Rate Decrease
    BEL wants to lower your light bill by 10%! That’s what they asked the PUC for in an application today. The new rate would take effect in July, 2015. The proposal is to lower the average electricity rate from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour. Now, that’s an average rate – between the social rate at the low end and the commercial rate at the high end – so your individual rate may be higher. But BEL is also asking the PUC to give regular consumers a break. They want to give a greater subsidy to Social Rate customers while passing on most of the savings to Residential and Industrial customers. There would also be a carve out for medium and large manufacturers that are not benefiting from the lower Industrial Rates. BEL also proposes to install additional streetlights in crime hotspots countrywide.

    Youth Hostel Fire Was Arson
    Last night we told you about the fire Youth Hostel at Mile 21 on the George Price Highway. The suspicion at the time was that one of the troubled girls, who was a resident there, started the fire. Well, the Fire Department has determined that someone id intentionally start the fire. This afternoon the Fire Department discussed their findings with the press, and with that final piece of the puzzle in place, Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the fire: When we arrived on scene yesterday, the Female dormitory was ablaze, thick grey smoke kept rising, and the intense heat meant that the fire was doing major damage. Daniel Ortiz Reporting… The Fire engine arrived shortly after the fire was reported to Police, but try as they might, the fire fighters could only work to stop it from spreading any further. Benisford Matura – Operations Officer, Fire Department "Approximately about 5 pass 3 in the afternoon we received call from police of a structure fire at the youth hostel at mile 21 on the George price highway. We immediately dispatched our Ladyville fire truck being that would be the closes one. Upon arrival a 50 by 30 structure to the back of the compound was engulfed in flames and grey thick smoke coming from the roof area. We got into operation and extinguish the fire. The fire was mostly based in the roof so it's an open structure it spread all over the entire roof."

    GOB Steps In On Rice Issue
    The issue of the price of rice – has been dominating headlines for almost two weeks now – and finally, today, the Minister of Agriculture Gaspar Vega and senior officials from his ministry met with rice producers in Belmopan. Coming out of the meeting, they have agreed on what an official release calls “draft revised Standards for Rice”. Though no explanation is given, that suggests that different grades of rice will be sold – at different prices. The release says that, quote, “discussion commenced for a reduction of the price of rice to consumers with…emphasis on a reduced price for a more affordable grade of rice.” So that means that in order to compete with Guyanese rice, a lower grade of local rice will be offered. The new price structure will be finalised within a month. They also agreed that all rice sold locally must have packaging which states the origin of the rice, the weight and the grade. This will go into effect within two months. Having this in place last year would have avoided the situation where Guyanese rice – over 3 million pounds of it - was imported to make up for drought related shortfalls – and then passed off by local producers unto unwitting consumers as local rice – an act of willful market deception if ever there was one.

    Mayor Bradley: City Hall's Wage Bill Unmanageable
    In mid-January, the Belize City Council took over 158 workers from BML – and instantly their bi-weekly wage bill went up from by eighty thousand dollars to three hundred and ten thousand dollars. Of course, the city is saving seventy eight thousand dollars weekly by no longer having to pay BML. So, just doing a rough calculation, you might be tempted to say that with one hundred and fifty six thousand dollars in savings, minus the eighty thousand for wages, and add to that another thirty thousand dollars for operational costs – the council would still be ahead by over forty thousand dollars every two weeks. But, the mayor says he doesn’t think so:… Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "My assessment would be that it will not yield a savings. I suspect that perhaps maybe, I see Ms. Ordonez saying no. But we have a running debate going on and I will tell you this, the staff of the city council and myself, we have ideological differences. Whenever government does anything it becomes more expensive. You're talking about acquiring 150 staff - you have a problem. Okay then, maybe somebody else, 150, bring on a 10 more people. It becomes a hole that gets bigger and bigger and bigger. But I am saying that as a political person, I see a difficulty in making that work because I think it was the wrong course.” And if you missed his answer to the retrenchment questions, he said – in an under breath – that the council isn’t dealing with that.

    Accused Stalker To Court For Assault
    18 year-old Robert Varella, a Belize City food vendor, is on remand tonight after he was taken to Magistrate’s Court for allegedly stalking and assaulting his ex-girlfriend, who is a member of the Court’s staff. According to her, on February 10, 2015, she was at a restaurant at mile 2 and a half on the George Price Highway when Varella allegedly cornered her and choked her. According to this Magistrate’s Court staffer, Varella even pursued her at work yesterday. She says that she had just left the office, and while she was getting into her vehicle in the parking lot, Varella approached her. Fearing for her life, she tried to drive off, and she almost end up ramming into other vehicles which were parked in the parking lot as well.

    The Easter Rush To The Cayes
    So where are you going for the Easter weekend? Chetumal?…Cancun or maybe you will just stay at home with family or friends. While those are all options, there is one spot that we know will be crowded with locals and tourists: and that’s the Cayes. Today we went to both Water Taxi’s in the city to find out just how crowded it will get – and what you can do to avoid the rush and stay safe: Courtney Weatherburne Reporting… And that signalled the start of the Easter weekend vacation for these passengers. This is the crowd we caught up with this morning at the San Pedro Water Taxi. And more people are expected to pour in later today and during the weekend. According to Operations Manager Kein Marin, Easter 2015 is hectic but manageable. Kein Marin - Operations Manager, San Pedro Water Taxi "It's a hectic one for us. Our high season is good this year. Of course it's easter so we will be having more passengers but so far so good. We have control of it."

    Make Way For Manatees In Easter Rush
    And the port Authority will also be monitoring the movement of boats in and around the mouth of the Belize River. That’s to try and cut down on the alarming number of manatee deaths that have been reported this year. Manatee researcher Jamal Galvez today convened a meeting of relevant stakeholders from the marine and tourism sectors to try and find a way to save the manatees, or, in the worst case, cause less of them to die by boat propeller. We were there to find out about the meeting’s outcome:… Jamal Galvez – Program Coordinator, Belize Coastal Zone Management "The coastal zone management authority called this meeting to get the key holders to come to the table. With the increase in manatee deaths, it seems like i'm singing this over and over. We've had basically 17 manatee deaths, 17 manatees died this year and we're just 3 months into the year." Jules Vasquez "What do you think is driving the steady increases in manatee deaths?" Jamal Galvez "The Belize river mouth is a key area for manatees. They do need fresh water to survive just like we need air to survive. So at any point in time each manatee that live within this area would go to the Belize river mouth to get fresh water. It's a heavily traffic area mainly for tourism."

    Pay Your City Hall Taxes Online
    Earlier, you heard the mayor complain about the hard time city hall will have keeping up with its wage bill. But, the council is collecting revenue at a record clip – and today it unveiled a new way for you to pay your property tax online – thus avoiding lone lines at city hall. Here’s more:.. Jules Vasquez Reporting… Marilyn Ordonez - City Council – Financial Controller “City council is moving from being static to dynamic. Welcome.” Indeed, it is a tax collector’s dream – paying online without the administrative hassle of lines or paperwork. But the mayor says it’s also about city residents: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "We're talking about an approach the city council really believes in to make governmental services easier for people to access. An we are moving in this area to have more of an e-governance approach.”

    Octogenarian Assaulted In Home Invasion
    There was a troubling home invasion on Hyde's lane on Saturday morning. At around 6 Saturday morning a man broke into an 88 year old's house and stabbed him. Police told us more: Supt. Suzette Anderson - Commader Officer Precint 3 "There was an incident that occurred early Saturday morning, I believe something after 5 to 6 in the morning. An 88 year old person was inside his home when he claims he was awaken by a noise inside the house and upon awaken he was attacked by a male person who inflicted some stab wounds to him. So far from what I know he was taken to the hospital as a result. He was admitted and he was treated. The injures he sustained was superficial injures according to the medical doctor.” Police have no suspects.

    Police Department: How Not To Become Victims Easter Criminals
    And if you are wondering how to keep your home safe this Easter – police also had tips to share today:.. Supt. Suzette Anderson - Commader Officer Precint 3 "Due to the fact that the easter holidays is already approaching we have been embarking on providing safety tips to residence, to business places in as for them how to secure their places of business, their homes whenever they are away. Because we do know that the easter holiday normally see a large percentage of people leaving the city to go to the cayes, the islands to different locations where there is sea, river. They leave their premises behind unattended and we as a police department it is our responsibility to patrol in an effort to prevent burglaries from occurring within the respective homes that will be left unattended. Safety must first come the person himself or herself. Which means in order for you to have that assurance that you practice safety of your own homes that you establish communication with your neighbours that is the first step to it.

    Police Make Major Drug Seizures
    Government is considering the decriminalisation of small amounts of marijuana – but the police aren’t letting up on weed dealers and their stash spots. On Tuesday morning at around 11:20 the GSU descended on a residence on Oleander Street in Belize City- and found Eugene Gabourel with a bag containing 415 grams – or 14 and a half ounces of weed. They then took him to his residence at CET Site in Lake Independence where –the real stash was hidden. The discoveries started small with a box of 74 grammes in a car in front of his house. But, police were led to a nearby house owned by Deseree Cadle They found a large plastic hand bag under some dirty clothes on the back verandah. It contained a parcel of 3.68 kilos or 8.1 pounds of cannabis. Cadle told police that Gabourel was the one who dropped off the bag of clothes for her to wash.

    Channel 5

    Too Little Too Late? N.T.U.C.B. Meets to Discuss Petrocaribe Loans Act
    The National Trade Union Congress of Belize has come under fire since the beginning of the week, and at this hour it is meeting in an emergency session to discuss [...]

    No Arrests in Ricardo Triminio’s Murder, OW Police Continue to Follow Leads
    The murder of fifty-seven year old businessman Ricardo Triminio in Orange Walk Town has left the community stunned. Triminio was shot and killed in his shop, Munchies Snack Shop on [...]

    Fire Department – Blaze at Youth Hostel Deliberately Set
    On Tuesday night, we told you about the fire at the Youth Hostel at mile twenty one on the George Price Highway. The fire, which is suspected to be arson, [...]

    Fish, It’s What’s for Easter
    Earlier today, we headed out to the local fish stands to see how fish vendors were preparing for the last minute rush for fish as the Lenten season comes to [...]

    B.E.L. Wants to Slash Electricity Rates by Ten Percent
    Will your light bill go down for the period June first 2015 to June thirtieth, 2016? According to a release late this afternoon, the Public Utilities Commission says that the [...]

    Charting the Way Forward in Endangered Rice Industry
    Tensions within the local rice industry are somewhat at ease tonight, following a meeting held earlier today with Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Gaspar Vega.  The sit down saw [...]

    City Council Automates Payment of Property Tax
    Overwhelming demand from Belizeans living abroad has led to the Belize City Council automating its property tax services.  This morning, CitCo and Atlantic Bank jointly introduced the online feature which [...]

    …Is Online Transaction Secure?
    Despite its user-friendliness, there are concerns over the safety of online transactions using the new system.  Pedro Lozano, a representative of Atlantic Bank, allayed those fears by explaining the security [...]

    GSU Raid Yields 13 Pounds of Weed, Belize City Trio Arrested and Charged
    The GSU raided a home located in the Set Site area of Lake Independence on Tuesday afternoon; the bust yielded over six kilograms or more than thirteen pounds of cannabis. [...]

    Honduran Man Gets 3 Years for Armed Robbery
    A Honduran national living in Belize pleaded guilty to robbery with a firearm and while he was spared from being imposed the minimum mandatory sentence of seven years, he could [...]

    Manatee Fatalities Prompt Immediate Action from Conservationists
    Belize’s population of manatees is one of the healthiest in the region, but they are still endangered species. Countless times we have reported on the deaths of manatees to boating [...]

    What You Need to Know to be Safe this Easter
    “Safety is like a lock, but you are the key,” says the Belize City Police Department as it prepares residents to protect their homes and businesses over the holidays. It’s [...]

    Police Department Increases Patrol During Holy Week
    But while there are several things that residents can do to ensure that their properties are safe while they are away, the police will also increase its patrols across the [...]

    Safety Remains a Major Concern for Cross Country Riders and Spectators
    The annual cross country cycling classic is set for Holy Saturday. Normally, the event attracts thousands of Belizeans, who either line the highway or come to the city for the [...]

    FIFA Says Return of Deon McCauley is Smart Money
    While the Belize Jaguars is among seven other teams that have moved up in the World Cup Qualifiers, having scored one goal against the Caymans, there is uncertainty as to [...]

    What Does Easter Mean to You?
    The mass migration to coastal and inland communities across the country has begun.  Belizeans and visitors alike have all joined the exodus to Caye Caulker, San Pedro and Placencia where [...]


    Jaime Chavarria murdered in Belize City
    Belize City police are investigating the late night shooting of 26 year old West Canal resident Jaime Emmanuel Chavarria, who had been shot three times to the head and back while he walking through a dark unnamed alley off Berkeley Street around 7:10 Monday night...

    Espat On Lawsuit Against Government
    On October 29th Julius Espat, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and PUP Area Representative filed a lawsuit against the Government as it relates to the process of borrowing and spending Petro Caribe sponsored monies...

    BAY Massage and Entrepreneurship Program Graduation
    On Sunday March 29th, the Belmopan Active Youths held a graduation ceremony for 25 youths of Belmopan and the Cayo District who graduated from the BAY Massage and Entrepreneurship program under the CARSI funded project “BAY Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Development Project...

    General Elections Called Early?
    The Deputy Party leader Julius Espat says he has also activated his campaign team and will be ready for the general elections which he suspects will be called in this year in the month of October. Hon.  Julius Espat – Area Representative, Cayo South “Our agents out of the UDP camp have informed...

    Christian workers Union on Petrocarbe Loan Bill
    The Petrocarbie Loans Bill 2015, was debated at the Senate Yesterday March 30th. After the debate all 12 senate members voted on the bill that gives the Government the Freedom to spend Petro Caribe monies as it deems fit...

    Remains of a Man Found in Camalote
    83 year old Cayetano Nah,  a resident of Camalote Village, Cayo District, was reported missing on February 3rd. According to reports made by 43 year old Alexander Sheppard, Belizean Caretaker, on Tuesday February 2nd, he visited the residence of Cayetano Nah, to give him his breakfast...

    Guinea Grass Man Charged for Aggressive Assault
    Orange Walk police have arrested and charged one person and minor for aggravated assault upon 43 year old Eluterio Camara Jr...

    Court orders sale of attorney’s assets to pay debt
    Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel has ordered that senior attorney Ernest Staine sell his assets to return some $230,000 owed to former client Rita McField for the final sale of a parcel of land to Forward in Faith Ministries on Douglas Jones Street for the building of a church...

    Curtis Swasey continues Mek Mi Rich challenge
    Businessman Curtis Swasey claims that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and MMR Belize Productions, parent to the popular television game show Mek Mi Rich, collaborated to take away his intellectual property consisting of the idea of lottery texting and the various items he created with BTL staff for t...

    Tour guide charged for death of student
    The tour guide accused of knocking down a student of Stella Maris School and causing fatal injury around 8:20 a.m. on March 17 was read charges of manslaughter by negligence before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith today in the Magistrate’s Court...

    Teenager sentenced on gun, ammo charges
    Nineteen year old Shakir Perrera,   a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, was sentenced to 10 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license...

    PUP Starts Their Campaign
    The People’s United Party says they are kicking their campaign into full gear and for good reason too, because sources have indicated to us that the general elections might be called by the end of this year...


    Berkeley Street execution of a “wanted” man
    Last night at about 7:30, a man who was walking in the dangerous Berkeley Street area, in Belize City’s south side, lost his life to the seemingly never-ending gun violence in the city. Jaime Chavarria, 25, originally of Ladyville, but who lived in the West Canal Street area of Belize City, was shot multiple times by unknown gunmen. Police report that Chavarria was walking through a dark pathway, which is a shortcut from the canal side to Berkeley Street. The pathway passes through an incomplete 2-storey concrete structure. When Chavarria passed through the incomplete structure, unknown gunmen fired about three shots at him. Police found Chavarria lying on the ground under the concrete structure in the alley. He had been shot in the head and the eye, and also in the upper chest and upper back, they said. Chavarria was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at about 9:00 p.m.

    Sugar City 2 a.m. execution
    Residents of Progress Street in Orange Walk Town were awakened by the sound of gunshots that rang out early this morning when an assassin/s took the life of a businessman for reasons yet to be determined. Orange Walk police said that at 9:50 a.m. today, they were called out to Munchie’s Snack Shop, located at 10B Progress Street, Orange Walk Town, and upon arrival, they saw the lifeless body of Ricardo Triminio, 57, owner of the business, who resided at the said address, lying face-up with multiple gunshot wounds. Triminio had been shot in the face, chest, left and right shoulder, and left arm. Details surrounding the murder remain relatively sketchy, and Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, Inspector Selvin Tillett, told us today that no known motive for the murder has yet been established, and neither have any suspect/s been detained.

    SUV slams into 16-wheeler at Mile 13
    A return trip to Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, almost turned fatal for a couple whose SUV crashed into an 18-wheeler towhead shortly after 8:00 last night. According to Hattieville police, Angel Lopez, 32, of Ebony Street, Belize City, was in the driver’s seat of a white 16-wheeler trailer, with a loaded container, that was reversing onto the compound of Caribbean Paper Company at Mile 13 on the George Price Highway when a Ford Escape SUV slammed into its side. The SUV was being driven at the time by Jefferson Dawson, a businessman and resident of Santa Elena Town, who was traveling in the direction of Belmopan with his wife, Carmella Dawson, 47.

    Mayor Bradley takes dead aim at “Santi”
    Today marks the twenty-sixth day since voters of Belize City returned United Democratic Party (UDP) Mayor Darrell Bradley to City Hall for a second 3-year term, but if the Mayor has his way, he will demit that office for a seat in the House of Representatives as the Caribbean Shores area representative. From as far back as February 2013, Bradley has made no secret that his ambition is to run for national office as a representative of Caribbean Shores, and today, Bradley pitched a tent at the junction of Blue Marlin Boulevard and Coney Drive to announce his candidacy for the division — a challenge to the sitting area representative, the UDP’s Hon. Santiago Castillo, Jr., who is Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance under Party Leader and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Bradley, without mincing words, declared, “…one of the reasons why we decided to have it on a Monday morning at 10 a.m. in the form and fashion that we have, is really just to make a public announcement that we are coming for the Caribbean Shores seat.”

    Claim against Mek Mi Rich and BTL goes into case management
    Curtis Swasey and his attorney, Kareem Musa, were in court today for a hearing to address the intellectual property rights violation claim Swasey filed last month in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel, against Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and the Mek Mi Rich game show. Late this evening, the claim went into case management. Swasey is claiming that the type of gambling that takes place on the game show – lottery texting that phone users can participate in by using their credit balances —was an idea that he came up with and pitched to BTL, and that his intellectual property rights were violated when BTL allegedly passed on the concept to Mek Mi Rich.

    Senate passes new budget and controversial PetroCaribe law
    The 2015-2016 budget and the controversial PetroCaribe Loan Bill, which were both hotly debated in Parliament at the end of last week, were approved by a majority of senators who met in session on Monday. Whereas no vote was taken on the budget, a vote was taken on the PetroCaribe bill after a division was called by Opposition senator Lisa Shoman. Only the 6 senators of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) endorsed the PetroCaribe Loan Bill, which provides a special carve-out for the Government’s borrowing from Venezuela, granting an exemption to the rule in the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act which requires that any debt of $10 million or more must be approved beforehand by the National Assembly and granting blanket authority to the executive to spend the funds acquired through such borrowing without prior approval from Parliament. The Prime Minister has said that the law is necessary to address the peculiar nature of the agreement with Venezuela, under which half of the payments due for fuel imports, which enter the country once or twice a month, are immediately converted to a 25-year loan.

    Akeem Thurton’s conviction affirmed
    Akeem Thurton, 22, the first defendant in the Belizean court system to be tried by a judge without jury, lost his appeal of his attempted murder conviction. The Court of Appeal did, however, rule to uphold the appeal against his sentence, and the panel of three Appeal Court justices ruled to reduce Thurton’s sentence by six months—the amount of time that he had spent on remand following his arrest for the shooting of attorney Rodwell Williams on May 31, 2010. On March 15, Thurton’s attempted murder trial ended with Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin returning a guilty of attempted murder verdict. Thurton was undefended at the trial and the Crown’s case was presented by Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal.

    Skeletal remains found, believed to be that of Cayetano Nah, 83
    The ongoing search for senior citizen Cayetano Nah, 83, of Camalote, Cayo District, who has been missing since Monday morning, February 2, ended about 2:30 this afternoon in a pasture in Camalote. The skeletal remains of Nah were found in a feeder road about half a mile from the highway in the village, in a pasture, almost two months after he left home and failed to return. The owner of the pasture told police that about 2:30 this afternoon, his workmen were cleaning the area when they found the skeletal remains of a person. The police were notified and Nah’s family were told, and the group then went to the area, where they saw the skeleton.

    Tracy Taegar-Panton is UDP Albert standard bearer
    During a press conference that was held at the United Democratic Party (UDP) headquarters today, the leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, announced that he is in the process of fine-tuning his party machinery to be battle-ready for what he expects to be a hard-fought campaign leading up to the next general elections. Part of those adjustments involved the replacement of current Albert division area representative, Hon. Herman Longsworth, with the outgoing Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Tracy Taegar-Panton, a political newcomer who has functioned at the highest official level in the tourism sector for almost two decades. The unexpected installation was confirmed today by Barrow, who described the well-known technocrat-turned-politician as “supremely qualified academically and professionally”, with a record of service that is “next to none”.

    Fonseca takes “the high road” on PetroCaribe
    Last October, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) commissioned Cayo South area representative Julius Espat to lead a Supreme Court challenge to what the Opposition has maintained are the illegal borrowing and spending of funds obtained via a peculiar credit arrangement with Belize’s ally, Venezuela, under which Belize receives fuel products from that country but pays only half of the bill upfront, while the government gets to retain the remainder of the funds due to Venezuela as a part of a 25-year loan agreement at 1% interest. The result is that the Government of Belize has $286 million in financing from Venezuela since late 2012, and a new bill tabled in Parliament this week seeks to retroactively validate all the borrowing and spending based on the PetroCaribe accord. Although the financing terms are unbeatable, the Opposition continues to maintain that the way the Barrow administration has been racking up the debt and spending those funds—as well as the latest bill taken to Parliament to retroactively approve the Barrow administration’s actions since September 2012—runs afoul of both the Belize Constitution and the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act 2005.

    “We will continue to spend; we will continue to borrow…” Barrow tells Fonseca
    After two days of debate on the proposed national budget, interspersed with political campaigning and mudslinging in the extreme, the House late this evening approved the 2015-2016 budget tabled in Parliament two weeks prior on March 13—a budget which Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow said calls for no new taxes for a consecutive 5 years, contrary to assertions from Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca that the budget is a tax, borrow and spend budget. While most of the more senior members of Parliament weighed in on the budget on Thursday, Friday’s debate was not without its intrigues. Julius Espat, PUP area representative for Cayo South, said, in effect, that the budget is bogus. “This book, Mr. Speaker, disguised as a budget, is useless and has absolutely no credibility!” he said. While the Opposition pointed to the rising debt stock, the deficit in the national budget for the year now ending, PetroCaribe spending, and the apparent lack of a sustainable economic development plan for Belize, the ruling UDP’s boast has been on infrastructural developments across the country, much of it fueled by PetroCaribe.

    Legend in the making…
    Tears of joy rolled down the eyes of Ernest Bradley, 16, moments after he rolled past the finish line unchallenged to become the 16th Annual BEL Junior Cross Country Classic champion today. The 3rd form Gwen Lizarraga High School student, who is the son of the late two-time Holy Saturday Cross Country champion, Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan, was among a field of 33 riders who lined up at the San Jose Succotz ferry at Mile 71 on the George Price Highway at 9:00 this morning under overcast skies. Shortly after the cyclists took off, there were a series of sustained attacks, launched mainly by members of the SMART Zoom Junior Cycling Team, who evidently went into the race with every intention to execute the game plan that they had in mind. The hilly terrain of the Cayo District quickly took its toll on the riders – who were grouped as Youth (riders between the ages of 11 to 15) and Juniors (those who are 16 to 18 years old) – and by the time the bunch entered San Ignacio Town, 9 participants had dropped out, while Darien Anderson, 16, of Team Smart Zoom opened up a 1 minute 51 second lead ahead of the main peloton.

    Kuylen strikes, Belize progresses in WCQ
    On the strength of Elroy Kuylen’s expertly taken first-half free kick, visiting Belize advanced to the second round of CONCACAF qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, thanks to a 1-1 draw with the Cayman Islands at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex on Sunday. The Belizeans captured the series on the away-goals rule after a scoreless draw between the sides in the series opener on March 25. Striker Mark Ebanks shook off a groin strain and gave the host a 1-0 lead in the fifth minute. Unmarked at the back post, the 24-year-old powered home a cross from the right side for his third career qualifying goal. Belize slowly gained its composure on the wet pitch and leveled in the 20th minute.

    Retiring cycling legend, Michael “Big Wire” Lewis, considers coaching
    Legendary Belizean cycling champion, Michael “Big Wire” Lewis says he is considering one final Crosscountry ride this coming Holy Saturday. “If I ride, I want to complete the race,” commented Big Mike on Friday last when we met him briefly on Water Lane in Belize City. But, more importantly, Big Mike presently has his sights on a coaching career, and for credentials, he shared with us a prepared list of his awesome cycling accomplishments over a career spanning 30 years of competitive cycling.

    4th Annual DUTCH LADY Table Tennis Tournament
    The 2015 4th Annual DUTCH LADY Primary School Table Tennis Tournament took place this past Friday, March 27, at the BES Auditorium. This year, 90 students participated from 8 of our local primary schools. These included St. Joseph, Trinity Methodist, St. Mary’s, Hummingbird, Belize Elementary, Wesley Upper Primary, Ephesus, and Holy Redeemer. This year was also the first year that the primary school tournament has included a Girls Division, with 18 girls from 4 different primary schools participating. These schools included Belize Elementary, St. Mary’s, St. Joseph, and Hummingbird…. Over 200 matches were played throughout the event.

    Pointing fingers and PUDP politics
    The thing about electoral politicians in Belize, as indeed all over the planet earth, is that their position on issues is based on whether that position is favorable to their political party or not. In absolute terms, there is no good or bad in party politics: there is only what benefits me and what does not. The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) introduced an extraordinary bill into the House of Representatives last week which gave them leave to dispense with the Finance and Audit Act of 2005 when it came to the PetroCaribe loan funds. The circumstances under which Belizeans had demanded and obtained the Finance and Audit Act almost a decade ago should be recalled in detail, but the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) will scream bloody murder if those circumstances of 2005 are recalled in detail. The PUP will argue that 2005 is in the past, and it is what the UDP is doing now with which the people of Belize should be concerned.

    From the Publisher
    If I watch a sporting event at night on television and I have an emotional connection to one of the teams, it will be impossible for me to fall asleep after the game. Thus it was that when the Belize football selection played their home game against the Cayman Islands on Wednesday night, March 25, at 8 p.m., I decided to go to sleep early the night. Thursday is a difficult day in the newspaper business, and I didn’t want to be walking around groggy the Thursday morning after the game. Of course when I got up, around 4 a.m., I was desperate to find out what the result of the game was. (Everybody who had watched the game was now asleep.) The Cayman Islands is a small British colony in the Caribbean Sea between Belize and Jamaica. Most of their business is offshore banking, and theirs is a wealthy economy. Belize has been an independent nation for going on 34 years. Our economy is not as wealthy as the Caymans’, but there are attitudinal benefits to independence which are supposed to translate into improved performances in international sports. In the FIFA rankings, Belize is almost forty places higher than Cayman.

    Protect our Scarlet Macaws!
    Dear Editor, I would like to bring your attention to the immediate need for protection of the Scarlet Macaws in Red Bank Village. Norwegian Cruise Line is attempting to place an ATV trail through their critical habitat. This will cause an already very fragile species to die off in Belize. They are a part of our heritage and have a right to be here; these birds are some of Belize’s most famous icons. Consider that they are literally priceless! Their value to the tourism industry should be allowed to profit for generations to come – instead of allowing a one-time gain for a very few people. And this is aside from the species’ own intrinsic value. I am asking, as a concerned citizen, to please do whatsoever you can, to protect our magnificent macaws! Thank you for your consideration,

    “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” (Matthew 12:40, Matthew 20:17-19, Mark 9:31, Luke 11:30) There are not 3 Days and 3 Nights between 3 pm Friday and Early Sunday Morning – John 20:1 The Beloved Son In the Bible, God revealed Jesus as “- – - My beloved Son- – -” (Matthew 3:16-17, 17:5); and as the Lamb of God (John 1:29, 35). Jesus came into the world by natural birth (Mat 1:18-25). He came through the womb of a young virgin, of a people chosen by God (Deuteronomy 7:6-11) to become the nation state of Israel (Genesis 12:1-3). He was therefore, by birth, a citizen of the nation of Israel.

    Akeem Thurton’s conviction affirmed
    Akeem Thurton, 22, the first defendant in the Belizean court system to be tried by a judge without jury, lost his appeal of his attempted murder conviction. The Court of Appeal did, however, rule to uphold the appeal against his sentence, and the panel of three Appeal Court justices ruled to reduce Thurton’s sentence by six months—the amount of time that he had spent on remand following his arrest for the shooting of attorney Rodwell Williams on May 31, 2010. On March 15, Thurton’s attempted murder trial ended with Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin returning a guilty of attempted murder verdict. Thurton was undefended at the trial and the Crown’s case was presented by Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal. An American-Jamaican human rights attorney, Nancy Mae Anderson, subsequently learned about Thurton’s conviction and she teamed up with attorney Bryan Neal, and together they filed 20 grounds of appeal against the conviction and consequent 15-year sentence.

    Caribbean Fisheries Forum to review regional spiny lobster declaration
    Heads of national fisheries authorities from the seventeen member states of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), as well as observers and partner agencies, will attend the 13th Meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum in Grenada this week. The representatives will review the status of fisheries and aquaculture in the region and chart the roadmap for enhancing their contribution to national and regional development. CRFM Executive Director, Milton Haughton, said, “The fisheries and aquaculture sector is playing an increasing role in food and nutrition security, as well as the provision of income and livelihoods for the people of the Caribbean.” The 13th Meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum will open at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, 30th March at the Flamboyant Hotel in St. George’s, Grenada. It will conclude on Tuesday, 31st March 2015. The Forum is the arm of the CRFM which provides technical and scientific leadership to the organization. It also provides advice to the CRFM Ministerial Council on regional actions for sustainable development and conservation of the resources.

    Gracias a Dios border marker plaque removed
    A bronze plaque with the name “BELIZE” that was recently erected by the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) at the border marker known as Gracias a Dios in southern Belize has been unceremoniously removed. The incident is believed to have happened during the latter part of last week, and this past Saturday, March 28, exactly one month after the plaque was placed at the site, leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (the activist group that started the initiative), Wil Maheia, told us that they found out about what had occurred last Friday, but up to now, it is not certain who removed the plaque and what were their reasons for doing so. In a response to the news on his social media page, Phillip De La Fuente, a member of the Orange Walk-based Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV), which is an arm of the BTV, said, “[I] don’t know what to say. [I] feel a little numb…but we were expecting something like this to happen.” We contacted Antonio Giovanni De La Fuente, who is also a part of the NTV, by text on Saturday, and he told us that he was not aware that the plaque had been removed.

    2 families, victims of fire, seek assistance
    Two families comprising 11 individuals have been displaced after their three houses were completely destroyed by a pine ridge bush fire, and are seeking public assistance to help them to rebuild their lives. The houses – two owned by the Colinas family, comprised of 6 persons, and a third house owned by the Pop family, comprised of 5 persons – were destroyed at about 12:30 Friday afternoon in Silk Grass, and their collective loss has been estimated to be about $60,000. The Colinas family said that their house was a 4-bedroom lumber house with a thatched roof, and their kitchen was made of pimento, also with a thatched roof. All their household belongings were destroyed. The Pop family reported that their house was a 3-bedroom lumber house with corrugated roof, and, as was the case with the Colinas family, nothing was saved.

    BTL’s suit against former directors over sale of Channel 5 struck out
    The Court of Appeal on Friday announced its decision to strike out a claim filed back in April 2011 by Belize Telemedia Limited, making claims for losses and damage allegedly caused by 7 former company directors and 4 associated companies, in a challenge to a move by the Ashcroft group to detach Great Belize Productions and its subsidiary Channel 5 from BTL, right before the Government of Belize moved in to nationalize the telecommunications company back in 2009. The decision, written by Justice Christopher Blackman with the concurrence of Justices Dennis Morrison and Minnet Hafiz-Bertram, supports the arguments by the attorneys for the appellants, that the directors are absolutely indemnified from any such claims under BTL’s Articles of Association, as well as a separate deed of indemnity dating back to September 2006. Amandala readers will recall that in reports to shareholders in advance of its 5th Annual General Meeting, held on December 15, 2011, BTL had said that it was suing ex-board members and companies associated with the previous owners, the Ashcroft group of companies, “for a total of BZ$21 million.” The company cited “unlawful and wrongful acts in connection with the disposal of the [BTL] Group’s [then] subsidiary, Great Belize Productions Limited,” which was owned at the time by Katalyst Development Limited, a company registered in the British Virgin Islands and which was detached from BTL just before the nationalization.

    The Reporter

    Man chops stepson to death
    A man chopped his stepson to death on Wedbesday night. Sketchy details are that the incident happened on Kutt Avenue in Belize City shortly after 10 p.m. The Reporter Online will have more ibfornation on this incident on Thursday.

    City residents can pay property tax on line
    Belize City residents can now pay property tax and trade license expenses from the comfort of their home or office over the Internet through a partnership between the Belize City Council and the Atlantic Bank. CitCo announced the launch of its latest on-line service […]

    Shooting claims man’s life! Chavarria dies after being shot twice in four weeks
    Only weeks after surviving an attempt on his life, Jaime Chavarria, 26, was gunned down in Belize City this week. According to police, Chavarria, a Belizean construction worker of 163 West Canal Street, Belize City, was walking through an unnamed alley in the Berkeley […]

    GOB to raise police salaries
    The Belize Police Department will be getting a salary adjustment, effective April 1st. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, retired Colonel George Lovell, explained that the ministry proposed to Cabinet in January that the increment cap for police officers be increased from […]

    PUP rejects all PetroCaribe financing
    PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, announced Friday, perhaps to the dismay of PUP voters, that his party will no longer accept any funds from the government through the PetroCaribe initiative. Fonseca, who criticized the government for passing a Bill which by-passes the authority of the […]

    Amos Ford dies at 98
    With deep regret and a sense of loss the Reporter records the death of Mr. Amos Ford, proud Belizean, who died last week in England at the age of 98. Mr. Ford was among the many Belizeans who left this country during the early years of World War II to […]

    Police department rolls out new social initiative
    The Belize Police Department has rolled out its new social campaign, designed to build community relationships by engaging with youths from the most crime ridden parts of the City. “Be Loving And Cease Killing (BLACK) is a movement to reduce the hatred, the violence […]

    Elderly man stabbed during home invasion
    Robert Acosta, 88, an elderly man who lives alone on Hyde’s Lane in Belize City, was released this week from the hospital after he was attacked and stabbed inside his home early Saturday morning.   Acosta was asleep between the hours of 4:00 and 6:30 a.m. […]

    Belize’s inflation rate is third lowest in region
    Belize holds the third lowest inflation rate in Central America for the month of February, according to the latest data produced by the Statistical Institute of Belize. The SIB recently released its Consumer Price Index, which measures the fluctuation in prices of numerous commodities (inflation), […]

    Courtenay in contempt? Appeals Court fires back at Senior Counsel
    Court of Appeal President, Manuel Sosa has questioned whether comments made by then-President of the Bar Association, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, during the ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court in January, constituted contempt of court. In remarks made at the close of the first session […]

    Darrell Bradley announces Caribbean Shores candidacy
    Mayor Darrell Bradley will contest the upcoming June 7th United Democratic Party convention for the Caribbean Shores constituency against current UDP area representative, Santiago “Santino” Castillo. “Not to take anything from the honorable Castillo, because he is a minister of government, he is an […]

    Financial Secretary explains fuel increase
    The dramatic increase in regular gas last week was caused because an adjustment had to be made for a previous increase that PUMA failed to make on its last shipment of fuel, explains Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight. According to Waight, PUMA had previously reduced […]

    The price of staying online
    High speed or home/work internet prices in Belize have gone down since October 2014, when prices were slashed by half and the speeds doubled. But according to Caribbean standards, Belize still ranks among the countries that offer the slowest speeds and still the highest […]

    San Pedro garbage woes cause growing health concerns
    A garbage disposal problem in San Pedro is causing serious health concerns for marine life and residents on the Isla Bonita experts claim and the island’s marine food sources are being compromised. Household and commercial waste, produced by garbage, is being used as landfill […]

    Christian men and women all over the world will be using this last week of Lent to reflect upon the swift and terrible events leading to the arrest, the trial, the condemnation and the brutal crucifixion of the man called Jesus. Jesus suffered the most excruciating death that any human […]

    The Belize Times

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Develop a Management Plan for our Beaches
    By Charles Leslie Jr. As a 6th generation Placencian, I am compelled to write about my thoughts on the Placencia beach, however what I propose in this article can be applied to all beaches in Belize, since our beaches are publicly owned spaces and should be respected, cherished and protected by all Belizeans. I also […]

    Ailing Stephen Okeke pleas for TV Ramos bust money
    Stephen Okeke, creator of the bust of Thomas Vincent Ramos and many other sculptures of national heroes and related monuments, says he has been unable to make contact with the Thomas Vincent Ramos Foundation, which took possession of the bust from him last November in time for Garifuna […]

    Belize City Council introduces online payment for taxes
    Aaron Humes Reporting. Residents of the Old Capital now have additional means of meeting obligations to the Belize City Council for trade licenses collected every December and property taxes collected by the start of the new financial year in April. Previously, residents had to either wait in line at City Hall […]

    CitCo sanitation litigation settled, wages a concern
    It has been several months since more than 175 former workers of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) joined the Belize City Council to continue their employment after months of wrangling. The Belize Waste Control maintains quite busy extracting its pound of flesh from the Council for many years on […]

    Community health workers participate in a two day training
    70 community health workers and voluntary integrators wrapped up two-days of training at the Gala Lounge today where they were engaged in learning the integrated approach to vector management and prevention. Coordinators say it’s a country-wide initiative in equipping these individuals with the right tools and knowledge in vector diseases […]

    GSU weed bust goes to court
    Police have charged a man and two women with possession of multiple amounts of cannabis intended for distribution. On Tuesday members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) searched a residence in the Set Site area and recovered 3.68 kilograms and 3.1 grams separately on the verandah for which […]

    Students from Galen University Attend MOAS
    Last week, six students from Galen University attended the 33rd Model OAS General Assembly (MOAS) Summit for Universities of the Hemisphere in Saint Kitts and Nevis. The MOAS for students of the Hemisphere is a program of the Organization of American States (OAS), designed to promote democratic values among the […]

    Dangriga Community United to Begin Holy Week
    The Anglican, Catholic, and Methodist Congregations gathered on Palm Sunday to celebrate the beginning of Holy Week (March 29th – April 4th) with a Procession that began from the Drums of Our Fathers Monument in beautiful Dangriga. Canon Jerris Valentine, Rev. Clare, Rev. McBride, Fr. Rolando, Deacon Nevis […]

    Education Leaders Met in Dangriga to chart the way forward
    District Education Center Managers and Education Officers met last week to get updated on the current projects and programs within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and to report on the various activities at the District levels. Co-workers from District Centers in Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize City, […]

    Tractor truck and SUV collide on highway
    Police are investigating a late night accident on the George Price Highway between Miles 11 and 12 involving a tractor truck and SUV colliding. Two persons were injured and the vehicles extensively damaged. Assistant Fire Chief for the National Fire Service Ted Smith was one of the first […]

    Jaime Chavarria murdered in Belize City
    Belize City police are investigating the late night shooting of 26 year old West Canal resident Jaime Emmanuel Chavarria, who was shot three times to the head and back while he walked through a dark unnamed alley off Berkeley Street around 7:10 Monday night. Police say Chavarria, whose […]

    Coye family challenges income tax assessments
    One year on from their acquittal on money laundering charges in the Court of Appeal, the Coye family continues to face legal challenges. On Monday Melonie Coye sued the Commissioner of Income Tax Kent Clare over an assessment of the Coye family’s finances by the Income Tax Department, which […]

    Court orders sale of attorney’s assets to pay debt
    Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel has ordered that senior attorney Ernest Staine sell his assets to return some $230,000 owed to former client Rita McField for the final sale of a parcel of land to Forward in Faith Ministries on Douglas Jones Street for the building of a […]


    Plans For Caye Chapel Could Push Belize, Our Jewel, to the Next Level
    Once a private playground built by Kentucky coal titan Larry Addington, the caye (with the first golf course in Belize) has sat largely idle and for sale for the last decade…until recently. Reports have been circulating that a “Mexican investment group” purchased Caye Chapel for development. There has been lots of buzz – could a “Four Seasons Resort” finally be coming to Belize? This past weekend, as the rest of the country readied itself for The Easter festivities, a meeting took place on Caye Chapel. Present were representatives from PEMEX, Impresub, representatives from Belize’s Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities, Minister of Natural Resources Gasper Vega, Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia and Prime Minister Dean Barrow himself. It appears 1,500 thread-count linens and butler served mimosas are NOT in store for Caye Chapel. So what is you ask? AN OIL REFINERY. That’s right, a feasibility study is already underway. As many have said, Belize’s oil: Let’s do it right.

    “I Remember You” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
    Yes, I know it’s been an absolute age since I last commandeered John’s iPad and knocked out an edition for you, my adoring fans. But I’ve been busy. Enjoying myself if you must know. I thought something was afoot when Rose and John spent time at the beginning of last week in the ground floor apartment. Giving it a bit of a dust over is, I think, the way Rose described it. Now it’s not that uncommon for them to both descend the stairs with brooms, dusters, buckets and other cleaning paraphernalia and go into the apartment but it’s normally on a Thursday or Friday (getting quite clever with the days of the week aren’t I). Never on Tuesday. This was puzzling. What was going on? Wednesday came and Wednesday went and still nothing. I was getting quite perturbed and agitated. The suspense was excruciating. If they were doing this to test my patience then they were succeeding.

    People, Market and Love
    The San Ignacio market is a must for everyone who lives in Belize and for those who visit us. Its situated literally in down town San Ignacio, left of centre of town and right next to the Macal river which was a cornerstone of the transportation and communication industries of western Belize. This market is incredible. Its small and there are stalls that are open every day serving fresh fruit and vegetables. Then something incredible happens starting Friday afternoon. More and more tents start going up, meaning more and more opportunities to get you something that perhaps would not be there between Snday and Friday morning. Certainly, to know what ‘that’ is you must go to market. We suggest Saturday morning. The San Ignacio market is a place of culture. A place where one can see the interesting multi ethnicity of the country of Belize. One can see the differences in the faces of the people or, in the multitude of different food that are being prepared and the languages and accents attached to the different languages.

    CWU does not support the PetroCaribe Loans Bill 2015
    The Christian Worker’s Union denounces the PetroCaribe Loans Act 2015 as lacking in transparency, and accountability and for its attempt to validate and legalize outright illegal actions that go against the laws of Belize. Belize will recall that in 2010 there was an amendment to the Finance and Audit Act, which aimed at increasing oversight of public finances governance. Despite these amendments and call for better oversight of our monies, this recent PetroCaribe Loans Act flies in the face of any measures to be accountable and transparent with the monies of the people. Once it takes effect, this Act will: bypass the National Assembly, where approval would have otherwise been obtained beforehand and the nation would have had an opportunity to be informed about public spending, frustrates Auditor General accounting of PetroCaribe funding as it will not be part of the Consolidated Revenue Fund to be tracked by the Auditor General; removes PetroCaribe spending from being subject to the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act 2010 bestows on GOB with power to borrow ANY amounts to be used “without limitations”; and also validates, legalizes and legitimizes previously illegal and unconstitutional Government conduct for the past two and a half years.

    International Sourcesizz

    Gross! Watch Undercover Cruise Ship Inspection
    The NBC Today Show aired a special this morning on cruise ship germs titled Cruise ships may carry unwelcome passengers: Germs. An undercover team went on an unidentified cruise ship (looks like a Royal Caribbean ship) to the Caribbean to find out "where germs may lurk aboard cruise ships." They used test swabs and a bacteria meter. Any reading over 100 on the bacteria meter is a "fail." Several readings were acceptable but many were not. The team sent the buffet spoon swabs to a certified lab. The team interviewed a emergency room doctor who said "It's very bad. . . they make you really sick." The doctor suggested that cruise lines utilizing someone with gloves doing the serving instead of a self-serve arrangement. That's "the best way of preventing the spread of infection," he said. The Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) dismissed the results, referring to the inspection as a "clandestine demonstration."

    There’s a heartbreaking amount of plastic on this Caribbean beach
    The image of a lone bottle washing up on a remote tropical island is the clichéd stuff of literature, movies and New Yorker cartoons. But what about the image of thousands of bottles, millions even, washing up on shores as near as the Outer Banks, or as far away as the Caribbean island where I spent a week in early March with a coral ecology class from Wake Forest University? Each of those bottles carries a message, and it’s this: our actions here have an impact there. We produce and consume far too many disposable, single-use plastic containers. And we don’t safely dispose of, or recycle, nearly enough of them. Look at it this way, argues Sylvia Earle, the 79-year-old pioneering marine biologist and oceanographer whom I met recently, “What we must do is acknowledge a sea change in attitude, one that acknowledges we are a part of the living world, not apart from it.” IN THE LATE 1960s, a NASA engineer named Jackson Lane Edwards II purchased a tropical island called Long Caye (pronounced key) some 47 miles off the mainland of Belize in Central America. It’s part of the six-island Lighthouse Reef Atoll, home to the Great Blue Hole made famous by Jacques Cousteau, and surrounded by the second-largest, and today, the healthiest coral reef on earth.

    Retire And Start A New Life In Sunny Belize
    Lynn Ann Snellman and her husband Tony DiPiazza's lifestyle in Belize is very different to what they knew back in Okemos, Michigan. "Our main reason for leaving was the weather. We crave warmth and sunshine. The winters are intensely cold in Michigan, with lots of snow and ice, and there are lots of cloudy days year-round. Here in Belize we are thrilled to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle year-round," says Lynn. "We live full-time on the beach in a development on the Placencia peninsula. We enjoy the warm climate, with sea breezes, the dramatic ocean view, and the natural beauty all around us. It's great to be able to bathe in the sea, snorkel, and kayak right off our own beach. I've even watched baby turtles emerge and helped them get to the sea. A couple of months ago that occurred right on our property." Two nights a week Tony also plays beach volleyball at Mangos, a nearby bar. And since the DiPiazzas are animal lovers, Lynn explains, "We have adopted (rescued) two dogs and three cats since we've been here. Nearly every day includes a long dog walk on the beach with some of our neighbors."

    Where to go diving, from Sharm el-Sheikh to Sri Lanka
    There's nothing quite like the sensation of cruising through the blue, surrounded by shimmering fish and limitless space. A new exhibition at the Natural History Museum, "Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea" (020 7942 5725;; £10), explores the world's subaquatic habitats, the creatures that live there, and what we can do to conserve them. As well as underwater photography and live sea coral, the exhibition includes a "virtual reef dive". But if you want to try the real thing, there are countless options, from Sharm el-Sheikh to Sri Lanka. To find out more about the aquatic environment you're exploring, join an expedition. The award-winning marine conservation operation Blue Ventures (020 7697 8598; offers training in species identification and scientific method, after which you can help to collect important data on coral reef ecology. There are two projects, one in a remote fishing village in Madagascar and the other in a marine reserve in Belize. The long-term aim is to support coastal communities in conserving the spectacular ecosystems they inhabit. Placements last from three weeks and cost from £1,900pp excluding flights. The price includes full board in shared beach cabins, with Padi training available if required.

    Lisa Rinna ditches Depends for bikini
    You can depend on Lisa Rinna to be smoking hot. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, who became synonymous with adult diaper brand Depends after she starred in their ad campaign in 2012, declared she had nothing to hide in a steamy snapshot from her tropical vacation in Mexico. Wearing a plain black bikini, an oversized hat and sunglasses, Rinna showed off her fit frame for the camera. “Is it too much?” she asked on Tuesday. “Enough already? Ahhh f—k it. I’m 51.” She also ended the caption with a cake emoji. While in Belize, Rinna also posed with longtime husband Harry Hamlin. The couple is celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary.

    Check Out The Hottest Celeb Pics This Week
    Lisa Rinna soaked up some sun while visiting El Secreto Belize luxury resort for her and 18th wedding anniversary vacation with her hubby, Harry Hamlin.

    Infantrymen learn how to stay one step ahead in the jungle
    Soldiers from across the area have been learning to fight and survive in one of the world’s toughest environments – the jungle. In the third part of a series of special reports, defence correspondent SAM BANNISTER reports on the tactical elements of the troops’ training. The dense foliage of the jungle provides some of the best cover for sneaking up on your enemy – but unfortunately this tactical advantage can easily be used against you too. Around 120 troops of the 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (2PWRR) are in Belize on a tough jungle training mission which is teaching them how to fight and survive in the hostile environment. But as well as learning how to survive in the wilderness, hunt for food and find fresh water, the soldiers must also know how to gain an advantage over the enemy in an unfamiliar climate with hazards at every turn. A Company, which includes soldiers from the Portsmouth area, are undergoing tactical training lessons aimed at giving them the upper hand over any foes. They are covering everything from how to cross a river without being left exposed to an attack to how to sneak up on an enemy position and observe their movements from the cover of the foliage.

    Porpoises Use Sound Like a Flashlight
    Porpoises have the amazing ability to not only locate prey with a beam of sound, but adjust the field of clicks and buzzes as they move in for the kill, preventing the fish from slipping away, a new study finds. The lead researcher from Denmark's Aarhus University tells the BBC that the switch is much like adjusting a flashlight. If you're looking for your car in a parking lot, "you could use a narrow beam over a long distance and still see a lot," she says. "But when you're trying to get your keys into the car, you would switch to a wider beam. This is similar to what we see in porpoises." The beam is controlled by a fatty structure in the porpoise's head called the melon. "Like some bats, harbor porpoises can broaden their biosonar beam during the terminal phase of attack but, unlike bats, maintain the ability to change beamwidth within this phase," the researchers write in the journal eLife. The team, which studied harbor porpoises in a semi-enclosed research facility that gave the animals seafloor access, believes other dolphins and whales have the same sonar ability.

    The world's best airport bars
    Enjoy a drink at the airport in style, whether it be a cocktail, local brew or fine wine. At these airport bars you'll want to have a layover. Jet’s Bar, Belize City International Airport: Hold onto that relaxed holiday feeling at Jet’s Bar. Try the owner, Jet's, famous rum punch, while eating a hotdog, the only food served. Before a fire last year, the bar was covered in currencies from all over the world, police badges, religious icons, pictures of Jet with celebrities and more. The bar re-opened with a simplified look, however the chilled atmosphere is still makes this great. Visitors are encouraged to leave souvenirs for Jet to restore the bar to its former glory.


  • Another Shade of Blue - Belize, 23min. Ty Sawyer, TV program

  • Sugar in Belize: An uncertain future, 4min. Fairtrade sugar has been a success story. In 2013, more than 60,000 smallholder farmers in countries such as Belize and Zambia earned over $13m (£8.1m) in Fairtrade Premiums, to invest in their businesses and communities. But a recent sugar price crash, and a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy that will allow unlimited European beet sugar production from 2017, means these farmers and their communities face an uncertain future. Fairtrade is urging businesses and consumers to keep buying Fairtrade so that the Belizean sugar cane farmers who feature in this film, and tens of thousands of others like them, can keep working towards a better future.

  • Mayan Ruin of Belize-Episode 1, 8min.

  • Scuba Dive Central Belize, 3min. Check out this adventurous video featuring diving off the second largest barrier reef in the world. Barrel sponges, French Angel fish, and tons of gorgeous coral are just a few cool things in this video. On the surface I used the Flip Ultra HD and below a GoPro 720P

  • Backpacking Central America - Belize - Guatemala - Nicaragua, 7min. Here is a glimpse of my last backpacking trip to Central America.

  • Belize In Motion // Shot On Location, 4min. Traveling through Belize is an exercise in movement. Busses, vans, boats, planes, bikes, and golf carts cruise the country supplying the needs of visitors and natives alike. In this video, I wanted to capture the perpetual shifting that is apparent in Belize, a country where the water, the sun, the stars, and the people, are constantly in motion.

  • Belize Diving 2014, 6min.

  • Belize Study Abroad over Spring Break. University of Florida, 7min. Promotional video for Belize study abroad program over spring break from the University of Florida's Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.

  • Belize Kids Mexico Rocks First Dive, 1min. This is the kids first open water dive which made them decide to get PADI certified while on vacation. Special thanks to Roberto and Blinky at Action Divers for making this a success.

  • Belize City Swing Bridge Aerial video with drone, 1min. Belize City flying over the 'Swing Bridge' up river from the river mouth......Looking good Belize City.......Yaaaaaaay!!!

  • Belize Spring Break 2015, 8min. AED Medical Mission.

  • Caving in Belize, 11min.

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    What's this tired little Easter bunny doing???
    She's hiding eggs in our Easter issue of The San Pedro Sun that's coming out this Thursday!

    Belize Jaguars advance in World Cup Qualifiers
    The Belize National Football Selection is moving on to the second round of competition in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup Qualifiers. The Jaguars narrowly defeated the national football selection from the Cayman Islands, which is allowing them to continue their journey on the road to World Cup Russia 2018. While both games between the selections ended in a tie, the Jaguars gained the advantage of the away goals rule and were awarded the win. The away goals rules dictate that the team that has scored more goals “away from home” will win if scores are otherwise equal. The first match was a home game for the Jaguars on Wednesday, March 25th. Eager spectators ready to support their team headed to the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Project Stadium for Belize’s first game in the World Cup Qualifiers. The matched kicked off at 8PM. Both teams were well prepared. In the first minutes Belize had the opportunity of scoring their first goal after Cayman Island fouled them, but the ball lacked momentum and did not make it to the goal. Throughout the game the Jaguars had several scoring opportunities but no goal went through. Thankfully Belize did have a good defense strategy, and did not allow Cayman Island to get anywhere near the goal. While the Jaguars clearly dominated the first game, no goals were scored, so the match ended in a 0-0 final score.

    Marisha Thompson crowned Miss San Pedro Lions 2015/2016
    Marisha Thompson is the new Miss San Pedro Lions Queen 2015/2016. Thompson was selected by a panel of judges from amongst three other contestants on Saturday, March 28th at a pageant held at the San Pedro High School Auditorium. Four lovely young ladies participated in several rounds of competition throughout the night, ending with the announcement of the winners. The Miss Lions pageant consisted of several rounds of competition, including entrance and introduction, Casual Beach Wear, Talent Segment, Evening Wear, and the Question and Answer segment. Throughout the various stages, the participants displayed beauty, elegance, talent and their knowledge of the Lions Organization. At the end of the Question and Answer segment, a panel of five judges submitted individual score sheets which were tallied immediately. The title of Miss Photogenic went to Jessica Bradley, while Marisha Thompson was named Miss Congeniality. First runner up was Ezra Jacobs. Taking the covented title was Marisha Thompson. As Miss San Pedro Lions 2015/2016, Thompson took home $2000 courtesy of the San Pedro Lions Club as well as an assortment of other prizes. All the contestants received prizes including dining and water activities, gifts certificates as well as cash.

    Ambergris Today

    Flashbacks - Beach Volleyball Brought to the island by San Pedro High School
    Before 1971 San Pedro enjoyed sports like baseball, football and basketball. Volleyball was unknown to San Pedro until Mr. Harry Guinn, a U.S. visitor to San Pedro and friend of San Pedro High brought the first set of volleyball equipment to include balls, net and whistles. And exactly where did San Pedro High set up its volleyball court? In the sandy yard of the community center, which had been transformed into San Pedro High School. It was here that young kids like Omar “Kanasi” Guerrero, Pedro “Sony” Vasquez, Mito Paz, James Azueta and Efrain Guerrero got their first training in volleyball under the guidance of Sponsor Harry Guinn and Teacher Fidel Ancona. Because there was no official court, the game was played on the sand; thus unknowingly it was San Pedro High School back in 1973/74 that introduced Beach Volleyball to San Pedro. After that volleyball exploded in San Pedro with annual tournaments at Friendship Park and Central Park to include great athletes like Billy, Gerald, and Martin Leslie, Nicolas Varela, Omar Guerrero, Gilberto Paz, Martin McCorkle, Jason Nuñez, Santiago Vasquez, Mito, Cholo Nuñez among many others. And let us not forget great volleyball athletes from Caye Caulker that joined us in our annual tournaments.

    25 Years Ago- The Burden of Ironing Clothes in San Pedro Village
    Very few persons even today find ironing clothes a pleasant chore. Now if ironing clothes today with the fancy electric irons that are equipped with thermostats and steam is not a pleasant experience, imagine the burden and awful task it was 25 years ago with the irons used then. Before I even describe them, let me show you a good photo of these antique irons and then describe how they functioned. Take a good look at these irons that were not powered by electricity, kerosene or gasoline which I will talk about next week. These irons were made of iron. I wonder if that is the origin of the name “an iron”. Each one weighed about three or four pounds and most homes had four to six of them to make the task of ironing not too long. Let us begin by heating up the irons. You had to light up a good fire with firewood, of course, and set a hot plate (comal) over the fire. Once your “comal” was very hot, you set the six irons on the “comal” and leave them there for some ten to fifteen minutes until they got very hot also.

    Caramba Restaurant Keeps Things Fresh and New
    Have you noticed that when people are impressed with something they go, “Holly Molly”? Well, in San Pedro people go, “Caramba”! Every year around August, Caramba Restaurant closes for about two weeks during the slow season and takes advantage of the time off. But the time off could hardly be considered “time off” because when the restaurant reopens there is always something new about the place, be it the food, the bar or the dining area; Caramba is always evolving. That ‘something new’ I am talking about can be as subtle as a new paint color or as big as the addition of a new stylish bar. However, what always remains constant from Caramba is the food. It is fitting that their slogan says, “Where the food always speaks for itself…”. This year the restaurant kicked it up a notch by introducing a new menu filled with amazing new dishes and revamped old favorites.

    Caribbean Fisheries Forum to Review Regional Spiny Lobster Declaration
    Heads of national fisheries authorities from the seventeen (17) Member States of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), as well as observers and partner agencies, are attending the 13th Meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum in Grenada this week. The representatives will review the status of fisheries and aquaculture in the region and chart the roadmap for enhancing their contribution to national and regional development. CRFM Executive Director, Milton Haughton, said, “The fisheries and aquaculture sector is playing an increasing role in food and nutrition security, as well as the provision of income and livelihoods for the people of the Caribbean.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Premium cheaper at the pump than regular
    Only in Belize is premium gas cheaper than regular gas. And we wonder why they call us "third world" twilight zone backwater country?

    Garifuna Survival Day Celebration
    A day time family friendly event, bring out the kids, hoping to get maximum support. General Admission only $5.00


    The Department of the Environment (DOE), hereby informs the general public of an issue related to Environmental Clearance granted to a project by the DOE. Environmental Clearance is required by law, under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations as amended, and is granted through a letter by the DOE. Environmental Clearance granted to developers /investors is contingent upon the signing of an Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). The ECP is an agreement signed between the DOE and the developer for a specific project. Both the Environmental Clearance letter and the ECP are issued ONLY to a particular developer and as such are NOT transferable to any other developer, entity or company.

    Riti Sachdeva Theatre Workshops
    HAPPENING NOW! Mark your calendars to attend one of the FREE theatre workshops featuring Riti Sachdeva when she is visiting your area.

    Did you have the opportunity to attend the 2015 Belize Band Fest?
    What was your favorite band? Political/Economic Section Chief attended the 2015 Belize Band Fest and had a great time! Congrats to the Mahogany Heights Drumline and the Stella Maris Futuristic Drumline, and the Corozal Community College Bands! Congrats also to the Gwen Lizarraga High School Marching Band for such a strong showing and for winning "Most Popular Band!"

    Happy birthday Lola's Pub!!!! We loves ya!!!!!
    It's time for a party!!!! Imagine THAT in San Pedro!!

    The chase is on, but there's a clear victor. Next time, puma. Natural selection and survival of the fittest as per Charles Darwin

    The Zoo is looking for a bright, energetic Belizean to join its Animal Management team. Requirements: Belizean citizen; Minimum of a high school diploma; valid driver's license (Class A); strong command of the English language; ability to work as part of a team, and work flexible hours. Being bilingual, and having previous experience in animal husbandry would be assets. Interested parties must submit the following: application letter, CV/resume, recent police record, and 2 references to [email protected] Or mail to:The Belize Zoo, P.O. Box 178, Belmopan, Cayo, Belize. Or simply deliver to the Zoo's front desk. DEADLINE April 17th

    Kudos to Sandbar
    For helping out with the clean up of the sargassum sea weed.

    San Cas Children's Month Event
    Santiago Castillo celebrated Children's Month with a little fair at their Santa Elena location. There were fun activities for all the kids. Thanks, San Cas!

    Channel 7

    Did Hostel Girls Burn Down The Dorm?
    The Youth Hostel is the home for troubled children - too young to go to jail, but too much trouble to keep at home. But this afternoon, a group of females being housed at the hostel may have been the ones who caused major trouble by burning their dormitory down. The fire started at around 3:30 p.m. and by 4 o'clock, the place was engulfed. 7news was on the scene and Daniel Ortiz spoke to Starla Bradley Acosta, the Director of the Community Rehab Department, under which the Youth Hostel is managed, and she told us what they've been able to confirm so far about the fire: Starla Bradley- Acosta - Director, Community Rehabilitation Department "This has indeed destroyed the female dormitory - all the contents. It allegedly started in one of the dorms to the back. We are still trying to ascertain exactly what happened and we are working along with the police. It is the girl's dormitory. Some of the girls were actually in the building at the time the fire started and so we just managed to quickly get them out and try to contain them. Right now everybody is highly emotional. One of the challenges with working with this population is the fact that a lot of the children do have severe mental illness and so quite often there are challenges that come along with that and so, the fire department has just inform that the fire is not out. Pretty much, everything that was in the building was destroyed."

    18 Wheeler Blocks Road, SUV Runs Under It
    There was a serious accident last night on the Western Highway. It happened at 8:20 at mile thirteen and a half. A Mazda Tribute was westbound when it ran under an eighteen-wheeler that was blocking the entire highway - from one side to the next. There were no warning flags on the road - and while the trailer had lights, it wasn't enough; the Mazda Tribute ran into it like it wasn't there. 7News was on the scene and I found out more from one of the first to render aid to the two persons inside the Tribute: Courtney Weatherburne reporting These are the survivors of last night's accident: Jefferson Dawson was rolled away from the wreck on the road on a stretcher while his wife Carmela Dawson was at least able to walk to the ambulance. This was the scene that was left behind on Mile 13 on the Western Highway. The couple was on their way to Belmopan when they slammed head on into this 18 wheeler trailer truck. The truck was reversing into the Softy Toilet Paper Factory, trailer first and that's was when Dawson rammed into it. The entire front portion of the SUV was wedged underneath.

    Jamie Got Killed By a Gun
    When we left you last night, it was with the news flash that Jamie Chavarria had been killed on Berkley Street. Now, this is the same Jamie Chavarria who was shot on February 28th and appeared on the news last week Friday night asking for help to go abroad for surgery on his gunshot-damaged back. That shooting happened on West Canal between Berkley Street and Rocky Road. Well, last night - one month after he had been shot - he was murdered in an alley off Berkeley Street. It was a death foretold - since there are deadly rivals living just a few dozen feet from each other right inside that very tight tangle of streets in the Albert area of Southside Belize City. 7News was on the scene last night and today Monica Bodden spoke to his family:.. A young man was fatally shot last night -through this alley known to area residents as Pandy's Alley - near to Berkeley Street. The shooting happened around 7:30 and police officers were first on the scene. The entire area was cordoned off by law enforcement officers - Crowd of spectators gathered on East Canal-all stunned at what happened.

    Charged For Running Over Austin
    About a week ago, we told you how 11 year-old Stella Maris Student Austin Olivera Jr. died 5 days after being knocked down at the airport junction. Well, the driver of that vehicle, 60 year-old Errol Belisle, has been charged with manslaughter for his death. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on the charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, and driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention. He was offered bail of $5,000, and his case was adjourned to May 21. The incident occurred around 8:20 a.m. on March 17, at the junction of the Airport Road and Phillip Goldson Highway. Olivera, a student of Stella Maris School, was crossing the road to catch a bus to go to school when he was knocked down by a grey Astro van.

    Ashcroft Raises English Eyebrows
    Michael Ashcroft raised English eyebrows today when he announced that he had resigned from the British House of Lords, effective immediately. In a statement on his website, Ashcroft says that he can't devote the time to the House of Lords that it requires. His statements add that his work on opinion polling will continue. Recently, with elections set for May in the UK - Lord Ashcroft's polls have emerged as influential in that country. He became a member of the House of Lords in the year 2000 - after a hard fought battle to get in, and two rejections. The membership is for life - which has raised questions about why he has resigned. But one thing we do know is that now that he has resigned, Ashcroft - who retains the title "Lord" - will be able to regain what is known as non-dom status - meaning that for tax purposes, Ashcroft will no longer have to be resident in the UK. He can, for example, list his residence as Belize - which he did up until at least 2004. And, most importantly for the billionaire, as a "non-dom, he would not pay UK taxes on his earnings abroad.

    Streets And Store Aisles On The Price Of Rice
    For over a week we've been reporting on the price of rice - and the prospect of importing cheap Guyanese rice. That would drive shelf prices down and amount to major savings for shoppers - but, the government says, it would also likely decimate the local rice industry and put producers out of business. So government has refused to grant importer Jack Charles the permit he needs to bring in Guyanese rice, but that's doing nothing to bring down prices. The supplies control office in the Bureau of Standards which should enforce price controls is about as effective as a hammer without a head - so producers and retailers sell for any price that the market will pay - which is usually one dollar and twenty cents per pound - thirty cents above the control price - and fifty cents cheaper than Charles says he can retail it for. It's a real quandary and when we visited Public's supermarket on West Collet Canal today we found that shoppers had mixed opinions on the price, and the possible price of rice:...

    National Debt: Figure Fascination
    The national debt is always a figure of interest - and ever since the year 2001 when it broke the billion dollar mark - it's been a figure of fascination. Last week it came up many times in the budget debate - since the Barrow Administration makes no apology for using Petrocaribe debt to drive its economic agenda. But how much is the debt - and who's responsible for the bulk of it? Both sides had conflicting interpretations of what should be pretty straightforward facts. So we checked the Central Bank figures and they show that in February of 2008, total debt, external and domestic stood at 2.301 billion Belize Dollars. In February 2015, the total debt was 2.6 billion dollars. And while the debt has increased, the all important debt to GDP ratio has gone down due to growth of the economy. That is still a ways off form the 70% benchmark set for developing countries.

    Rita Mcfield Won't Get Her Money Quick From Attorney Ernest Staine
    Last night, we told you how Ernest Staine, Belize's most senior attorney, had to report to the Supreme Court that he intends to sell a few of his properties to come up with his former client's 230 thousand dollars. Well, Justice Courtney Abel has made it into a formal court order that he must sell his personal possessions to recover the money belonging to Rita McField, which he apparently spent. The news tonight is that the ethical wrong committed against McField continues to compound because the court is unable to give her an exact day that Staine can be compelled to return her money. That's because putting a deadline is not exactly practical since it will be hard to predict the market status for the properties that he will put up for sale.

    OW Murder Victim Found By Street Sweeper
    In our last segment we told you about last night's murder in the city. 7 hours after that execution style slaying happened in Belize City, a man from Orange Walk Town was gunned down and killed in that town. It happened at just after 2 a.m., and today, our colleagues from CTV3 Spoke with investigators about that crime. Here's what they had to say: ASP Selvin Tillett - Deputy OC, Orange Walk Police "Monchi's Snack Shop, where upon arrival we saw what appeared to be a lifeless body of a male person lying face up in the shop. He was later identified as one Ricardo Triminio, of the same address. He had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his face, his chest, left and right shoulder and left arm. Police found 5 expended shells and 4 slugs at the scene. Police continue their investigation."

    Belizean-American Killed In New York
    A woman with Belizean roots was killed early this morning in Jamaica, New York - and it has shaken the Belizean community in that US city. 70 year old Leta Webb - whose relatives live in Belize City - was shot in the face when she answered her door this morning at 1:30 am. Webb's Belize relatives are the Gotoy family in Belize City - we were unable to reach them by phone.

    Mother Says Son Chanced By Police
    A week ago, we told you about the arraignment and remand of 28 year-old Phillip Moss Samuels, the man who was shot by police on March 12. He was arrested and charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. He was also charged with handling stolen goods, since the weapon was reported stolen by Carl Butler. He was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, where he pleaded not guilty to the charges. Due to the nature of the offences, he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until May 29. He's in jail right now, but his mother says that he's being wrongfully accused, and the officer who shot him, used excessive force for no reason. She came to speak with us today about his son's version of the incident:

    "Cinco" For Berretta
    19 year old Shakir Perrera, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, was sentenced to 10 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Perrera was busted with a Beretta pistol containing 8 rounds of ammunition on the morning of January 18, 2014. Perrera was on Collet Canal Street near to Finnegan Market when he was approached by two police officers, Constable Blades and Inspector Jemmott, who were on mobile patrol. Both officers testified that when they searched Perera they found the firearm in his pocket. Perrera testified and claimed that Jemmott planted the firearm on him. But Chief Magistrate Smith did not believe his version of the incident and she found him guilty.

    Honduran Robber Gets 3 Years
    24 year old Honduran national Darwin Martinez, one of three men who committed a robbery, was sentenced to 3 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he pled guilty to the crime. The incident occurred yesterday around 8:30 p.m. in front of a residence on Jane Usher Boulevard. 46 year old shopkeeper Olga Ayala reported to the police that she and her son, 17 year old Byron Reyes, had just arrived their residence and her son was opening the gate when they were approached by three men. She said one man had a shotgun while the other two were armed with knives. She told police that the men, who had shirts over their heads, demanded money and she gave them $280, and the men also took her son's cell phone. She said before they left the gunman hit her on her ear with the gun and them he struck her son on his head with it.

    Lions Makes An Easter Gift
    Easter is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar because it celebrates the resurrection of Christ as a symbol of re-birth and hope. So this Easter the Belize City Lions Club is introducing the Easter Gift Project as part of its International Lions Services for Children Program. The Project will support the efforts of three organizations with already established feeding programs for undernourished children. Those organizations are Dara's Feeding Program, Liberty Children's Home and the YMCA. Today 7news was invited to the handing over ceremony. Today's handing over of food items, basic necessities and construction supplies was valued at over five thousand dollars.

    CWU Calls On Unions To Reject Petrocaribe Loans Act
    Last week the Petrocaribe Loans Act made all the headlines when it went to the House of Representatives for passage and approval. The UDP says it is necessary to deal with Petrocaribe inflows, while the opposition says it undermines and ignores parliament - and in so doing seeks to give the Prime Minister Superpowers. Well, the Bill was passed by the House and the Senate - but now the Christian Workers Union is weighing in with strong words for the Barrow administration. A release sent out an hour ago says the bill lacks in transparency and accountability and seeks to legalize the illegal. The CWU also calls on other unions to, quote, "denounce this act and to unite to demand the repeal of this law."

    A Citadel In El Pilar?
    There has been a new and unusual discovery at the El Pilar Maya site located at the Belize- Guatemala border. According to an article from "Popular Archaeology" a structure never observed before was found at the site last year. Archaeologist Anabel Ford from the University of California says that "We discovered a completely new component of the greater site that does not meet with any traditional expectations. It shares nothing in common with Classic Maya centers: no clear open plaza, no cardinal structure orientation, and curiously no evident relationship to the major Classic site of El Pilar." Belizean Archaeologist Melissa Badillo told us via email that the structure is referred to as a "Citadel" or fortress as we would describe it. It sits on a hill just about 600 meters away from the center of El Pilar. Badillo adds quote "This building formation is not at all typical with the usual Maya structures that we see. Atop the Citadel are four buildings which appear to be about 3-4 meters tall." Now when was this structure built and how are we just "discovering" it? Well Badillo says that the date of construction can only be known after excavations are done and it will require extensive examination of the site. As to how it has just been found, researchers and archaeologists are using more modern equipment known as LiDAR - it is a remote sensing technology used to examine the surface of the earth. You can see an example of this method in this picture. They used this method to locate the structure.

    Channel 5

    Jamie Chavarria, Marked for Death, Shot and Killed on Berkeley Street
    There had been several previous attempts on the life of twenty-six year old Jamie Chavarria, including one as recent as three weeks ago. But on Monday night, the Belize City [...]

    Another Murder in Sugar City, Shop Owner Found Dead
    There was another murder which occurred on Monday night. The timeline leading to the murder of fifty-seven year old businessman Ricardo Triminio of Orange Walk Town remains unknown and police [...]

    Couple Seriously Injured During RTA Near Hattieville
    A couple is tonight admitted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition following a traffic accident on Monday night on the George Price Highway. A Ford Escape [...]

    Should Government Allow for the Importation of Cheaper Rice from Guyana?
    And our question tonight is: Should government open the door for the importation of cheaper rice from Guyana? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or [...]

    Fire Destroys Girls Dorm at Youth Hostel. Was It a Case of Arson?
    Around three-thirty this afternoon, fire was seen coming from the girls’ dormitory at the Youth Hostel at mile twenty-one on the George Price Highway. The building and its contents were [...]

    Tour Operator Charged for Knocking Down and Killing Stella Maris Student
    On March seventeenth, eleven year old Stella Maris student, Austin Olivera Junior, was hit by a vehicle; he succumbed to his injuries the following week after receiving treatment at the [...]

    Lord Ashcroft Resigns from House of Lords, Remains A Peer
    There is interesting news coming out of the United Kingdom tonight and it is that Lord Michael Ashcroft has resigned from the House of Lords but he will keep his [...]

    C.W.U. Disassociates Itself from Union Abstention on Petrocaribe Bill
    On Monday, Senator Ray Davis surprisingly abstained from voting when the controversial Petrocaribe Bill, went before the Senate.  That abstention has surprised many and stirred up the ire of many [...]

    President Audrey Matura-Shepherd Says Passage of Bill Circumvents Existing Law
    According to the CWU President, Matura-Shepherd, what has transpired in the House and Senate was deliberately accomplished to circumvent existing legislation.  That body of law, the Finance and Audit Act [...]

    Fool Di Talk But Da Noh Fool Di Listen – Audrey on Barrow’s Petrocaribe Rationale
    Furthermore, Matura-Shepherd said that government should do the right thing as it relates to public funds and she openly questions government’s borrowing as it concerns Petrocaribe funds, asking whether or [...]

    Belize City Lions Introduces Easter Gift Project
    Easter is one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar as it symbolizes hope for the two billion plus Christians around the world. In Belize, the Lions Club [...]

    What’s Ahead for Belize Jaguars? Los Quisqueyanos of Dominican Republic
    As you know by now, a World Cup qualifier game between the Belize Jaguars and the Cayman National Team ended one to one on Sunday in the Caymans. It means [...]


    Parents Of Missing Teen Pray For Her Return
    A few weeks ago we told you about another missing teen, according to police Marisol Patt has had a reputation in the past for running away from home. And while her parents and authorities have not learned of her whereabouts, police say their search continues…. “Yes she is still missing but we had brought in Marisol and Mr. Bartley about three months ago and she went again but we are still looking for her.”

    BSI/ASR Says No Dividend To Be Paid For 2014
    Belize Workers Union members are not to receive a bonus or any dividends for the fiscal year 2014 from the Belize Sugar Industries. BSI issued a release in which they stated that based on the financial results and in line with the bonus policy they will not be paying any bonus to employees for the fiscal year 2014. In addition to that, no dividends were declared for the same year. Today we spoke with Chair of the BWU Ramiro Gongora who said that part of the information should have been issued since December last year but has only been announced this week. “Why it took so long for them to disclose something like this that should have been paid in December in regards to the additional bonus and we noticed that the dividends were not declared either in respect to fiscal 2014, I would say that the workers were really dissatisfied and didn’t expecting this since ASR took over that the benefits were just taken from the workers and employees from the factory and it is being unprecedented on how they are conducting their business at BSI.”

    NTV Not Backing Down, Another Expedition Being Planned
    So the Northern Territorial Volunteers says it is not backing down and the group is once again putting their commitment into action. The group has decided that on the third Saturday in May they will go on another expedition, this time to Garbutt Falls in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. De la Fuente says they are taking measures to ensure the expedition is well organized. “This next expedition is easy, you don’t have to get on no tractor, no trailer no boat and as a matter of fact yesterday we approach the ministry of national security and we requested from them an orientation of the area by the BDF and we also requested an escort from the BDF on the day of the expedition and so we have to give them time and see what their response will be and hopefully they will response positively and provide us with what we have requested but this areas is not a dangerous walk and should be fairly easy.”

    Uncovered Manholes Proving To Be A Problem In O/W
    Drivers, motorists and pedestrians that commute on the Queen Victoria Avenue may have seen or heard the dangers that the uncovered manholes are posing. It’s been several weeks that this stretch has been rehabilitated but these remain uncovered and according to Mayor Kevin Bernard, the issue needs to be addressed with urgency since many have fallen victim to the holes. “Our operations manager has made contact with the people that are working, the supervisor on the ground and we keep hearing that they are working on them, they are working on them and at one point we heard that the grills are being worked in Belize city and that they are waiting to be delivered to them in fact this morning before I receive your call regarding this matter I spoke to my operations manager to go back and check and their response that they gave him is that they are simply checking with their supervisor but while people are waiting it is creating a problem and it is dangerous and I had several complains where a child actually fell their and so I call upon the contractor and the ministry to look at that as urgency and we have a holiday coming up and we see work being done at San Antonio road and they have left this area so I think that they need to see some attention being placed on the sidewalks that were built here on Queen Victoria Avenue and Bethias Lane.”

    HECOPAD Conducts Training Workshop
    An estimated 70 community health workers and voluntary integrators wrapped up two-days of training at the Gala Lounge today where they were engaged in learning the integrated approach to vector management and prevention. Coordinators say it’s a country-wide initiative in equipping these individuals with the right tools and knowledge in vector diseases for their communities. Arlette Shepperd is the Health Education Officer of HECOPAB in the Ministry of Health. “It’s not just the job of the community health workers or the ministry of health technical people to address vector borne diseases, it is the job of everybody and so we have the participation of the community in terms of their leaders who are the community health workers and the collaborators and we are teaching this new integrated approach to managing preventing really vector borne diseases like malaria and others so that is what we are doing over these two days. It is an opportunity for us because we have some funding through the EU vector control project and the funds are being managed by PAHO but we are grateful for these resources and because we wanted to do these kinds of training for some time.”

    51 Year Old, Reynaldo Chuck Still Missing
    In the month of March, two persons have been reported missing and up to present, there whereabouts remain unknown. Viewers may recall we reported on 51 year old Reynaldo Chuck who went missing in the Honey Camp area after a day’s work in the company of his relatives on March 5th. Police say too that this incident has no other leads…. “Sadly he just apparently disappears and he had no rival.”

    Who Removed the Plaque Off The Marker At Gracias A Dios?
    We told you last night about the allegations that the plaque that was placed at the Gracias a Dios monument in Southern Belize has been removed. Who has done this is unknown and today we spoke with the President of the Northern Territorial Volunteers Giovanni De la Fuente on what the group’s reaction is. Here is what he responded. “I saw it on Facebook and then I saw it on a couple photographs and indeed the photograph at Gracias a Dios has been removed.” Dalila Ical – Reporter “What are your sentiments towards this, you guys went through an entire ordeal just to find that the mission was in the end somewhat of a failure it been removed?” Giovanni De la Fuente “No, I think the plaque has performed its purpose that it was placed and the Belizean people saw it and they know now of that monument but so sad that it has been removed, it is sad it indeed, we did fundraising and I feel for everybody that gave fifty cents and some people gave five dollars and all these people contributed for this plaque, it was very expensive and it was a beautiful plaque and all these people from Orange Walk I would like to tell them thank you very much for contributing for this plaque and it is a pity that we couldn’t do anything to prevent this removal.”

    Investigations Of Double Homicide In O/W Reach Dead End
    And while police investigate the most recent murder recorded in Orange Walk Town, Officer Commanding the formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold says they have struck a dead-end in the double Homicide investigation of Danny Valdez and Michael Usher who were gunned down on the Palmar/Boundary Road a few weeks ago. “Yes we had gotten some leads and we had followed those but dead end and we are working feverishly on it.”


    Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition Gets Teen 10 Years at Kolbe
    Nineteen year old Shakir Perrera, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, was sentenced to 10 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Perrera was sentenced to 5 years for each offence with the stipulation that the sentences are to run concurrently, so he will only serve 5 years. Perrera was busted with a Beretta pistol containing 8 rounds of ammunition in its magazine on the morning of January 18, 2014. Perrera was on Collet Canal Street near to Finnegan Market when he was approached by two police officers, constable Blades and Inspector Jemmott, who were on mobile patrol. Both officers testified that when they searched Perera they found the firearm in the pocket of his pants. Perrera testified and claimed that Jemmott planted the firearm on him. But Chief Magistrate Smith did not believe his version of the incident and she found him guilty.

    Three Years for Robbery of Shopkeeper
    Twenty-four year old Honduran national, Darwin Martinez, one of three men who committed a robbery, was sentenced to 3 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he pled guilty to robbery. The incident occurred yesterday around 8:30 p.m. in front of a residence on Jane Usher Boulevard. Forty-six year old shopkeeper Olga Ayala reported to the police that she and her son, 17 year old Byron Reyes, had just reached their residence and her son was opening the gate when they were approached by three men. She said one man had a shotgun while the other two were armed with knives. She told police that the men, who had shirts over their heads, demanded money and she gave them $280. She said the men also took her son’s cell phone. She said before they left the gunman hit her on her ear with the gun and then he struck her son on his head with it. Reyes found a bag with an identification card in the area and that was what led to the arrest of Martinez. The other robbers have not been apprehended yet.

    Chavarria Meets Death After Several Attempts on His Life
    Police are investigating the shooting death of a young man, well known to the authorities. 26-year-old, Jamie Chavarria was killed last night just after seven o’clock on Berkley Street in Belize City. Police were alerted of gunshots and upon their arrival, they found Chavarria lying face-up in an open yard located through an alleyway. Superintendent Hilberto Romero briefed the media on this latest homicide. “On Monday the 30th day of March 2015 around 7:10pm police visited an alley off Berkley Street where they found the lifeless body of Jamie Chavarria, 26 years, with apparent gunshot wounds to the head and back. The scene was processed and he was transported to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. We have our investigators on the ground and they are canvasing the area thoroughly. This is a dark alley in that area and the information is that he was travelling through that alley to purchase an item and thereafter three gunshots were heard in that immediate area and thereafter his body was found. He had been shot previously, he had made a statement and no one was charged for that case and again he was targeted last night. We have no conclusive motive at this time we are working on it.”

    Monday Night Accident Leaves Couple Injured
    Just after eight o’clock last night police from Hattieville were called out to mile thirteen on the George Price Highway where a traffic incident between a trailer truck and an SUV occurred. Love News understands that the incident happened in front of the Softy Toilet Paper Factory when the trailer truck, driven by 32-year-old, Angel Lopez was reversing the truck into the factory’s parking lot when the grey Ford Escape SUV, heading west, was traveling on the highway at a high speed and ended up colliding into the truck. Love News spoke with the Deputy OC at the Hattieville Police Station, Sergeant Orlando Cruz for further information.

    Rehabiliation of Streets and Canals Underway
    In the latter part of August 2014, the Government of Belize signed onto four contracts that would have infrastructural works conducted on the streets and canals on the north side of Belize City as part of the Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Project. With an estimated seven months already passed, Love News followed up on the progress of the drainage project on the northside, particularly in the Fort George Division. Accompanying us were the UDP Standard Bearer for Fort George, Roger Espejo. He spoke to Love News about the works and the way the residents will benefit from it. “It has several components of which canal building is one as you can see behind me the canal, the north side canal has been upgrading and is going through an upgrade, it also involves the upgrading of the Douglas Jones Canal, whenever it rains heavily or sometimes not so heavily or whenever there is steady rains this area floods rather easily.

    PUP Holds Retreat to Strategize for General Elections
    With much speculation for an early 2016 general election, the main opposition, People’s United Party are making efforts to see how they can muster up new campaign strategies and funding for the thirty one divisions around the country. Over one hundred members of the PUP gathered at Leslie’s Farm in Camalote Village, Cayo District over the weekend to brainstorm and put together a plan of action for their upcoming campaign. According to a release issued by the party, the session had the participation of the PUP Parliamentarians, members from the National Executive, divisional committee members as well as businesspersons and party supporters. The release reads, in part, quote, “ The Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, stated that the objective of this full-day event was to hear frank views as to the challenges facing the party, as well as to receive recommendations, arising after vigorous debate, as to the strategies required in taking the party to victory. The party will, in the course of the next two weeks, craft its plan of action for the upcoming general elections and move quickly towards implementation of this plan.” End of quote.

    Police Suspect Arson at Girls’ Dorm At Youth Hostel
    One of the female dorms at the Belize Youth Hostel at mile twenty one on the George Price Highway caught fire this afternoon just after three o’clock. Personnel at the hostel contacted the Hattieville Police Station who in turn alerted the National Fire Service. Upon arrival of the authorities, smoke was seen coming from the windows and doors of the female dorm. While the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, Love News understands that the incident is being treated as a case of arson. Reliable sources indicate that police have in their custody, three female minors who were engaged in a fight immediately after the fire started. The young girls had to be restrained and were taken to the police station. Interestingly, the female dorm was burnt to the ground on February 26, 2011; just a month and a half short of four years since its construction in 2007 … and now, four years later, the dorm has been destroyed by fire once more. Love News contacted Glenda Mae Martinez from the Belize Youth Hostel but she was unable to give us a comment on the incident. We understand that investigators may be suspecting one of the female residents of starting the blaze. Unlike the last fire in 2011, none of the girls have confessed to causing the fire.


    Senate Debates Petro- Caribe bill.
    The controversial 2015 Petrocaribe Bill which gives government unfettered access to the unlimited amounts of Petrocaribe money without prior debate and approval from the National Assembly has PASSED the senate...

    Bodybuilding Federation elects new executive
    At the end of 2014 the Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation celebrated important triumphs in regional bodybuilding with medals at the regional games, while also dealing with internal fallout over the exclusion of body fitness champion Cricel Castillo over critical comments on financing she mad...

    Belizean Solidarity with Venezuela’s Plight
    In the midst of all Petro Caribe back and forth the Venezuelan people find themselves in one of the worst economic crisis in history, generating up to a $50 billion dollars in debt as a direct result of the Petro Caribe Program...

    City Council plans to be announced
    While Mayor Bradley wants to become area representative Bradley, he says he has not forgotten the more than 11,000 voters who supported him in the election race in March. He explains why he has not abandoned them and why he is not biting off more than he can chew...

    Darrell Bradley announces candidacy for Caribbean Shores
    It is now official: less than a month after earning a second term as Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley has set his sights on national office, specifically area representative for the constituency of Caribbean Shores...

    Rural villager accused of police assault over traffic offences
    A traffic stop in the village of Bermudian Landing on March 22 led to blows between the arresting officer and the accused and a trip to jail for Willows Bank resident Wilword Humphreys, 38.  Humphreys pleaded not guilty to assault of a police officer, Sergeant Aaron Zuniga, stationed at Bermudian L...

    House On Agriculture
    The price of rice has recently become a topic of interest when it was discovered, thanks to a businessman seeking to import Guyanese Rice, that price gouging is taking place somewhere along product line...

    Police men charged with unlawful sexual assault with a minor
    A 34 year old mother of Bella Vista Village visited the police station at 5:30 pm on March 26th in the company of her 13 year old daughter to a case of unlawful sexual intercourse...

    Belize Vs. Cayman
    Belizean football fans all across the nation had high expectations for the new National Team after the President of the FFB Ruperto Vicente gave his remarks on last week Wednesday’s home game against the Grand Cayman Islands; predicting a 6 to nil victory for Belize...

    Road Traffic Accident Kills Man from Stann Creek
    Sylvester Bah 31 , Belizean Supervisor of Santa Cruz Village Stann Creek was fatally knocked off his bike at about 9.25 pm Saturday on mile 23& 24 on the Southern Highway...

    Herman Miranda acquitted of murder charge
    He admitted to killing 36 year old Norman “Pango P” Gillett in September of 2009 and even led police to the alleged weapons used. But 27 year old Herman Miranda Jr was acquitted of murder by a jury at the direction of Justice Troadio Gonzalez in court this afternoon...

    Channel Overseas wins court appeal on Channel 5
    The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of Channel Overseas Investments Limited, Katalyst Developments Limited, Thames Ventures Limited, Great Belize Productions Limited and several former directors of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) in their case against BTL and the Belize Bank over the acquisition ...

    Venezuela Cuts oil exports to Caribbean in half
    Last year, Caribbean countries such as Jamaica and the Dominican republic had been experiencing fuel shortages due to their dependence on Petrocaribe oil...

    Harvest Caye Project damages patch reef
    There has been some environmental impact to a patch reef in the Placencia area due to construction in the Harvest Caye area ...

    Men dressed as BTL workers invade home in Belize City
    46-year-old Vilma Rauda, reported that on March 26 about 10:30 a.m. while at her work place at the residence of 64-year-old Tara Rewachand Budhrani, an Indian business woman of Albert Street, Belize City, her attention was drawn to someone knocking on the entrance door...

    Couple charged over assault of woman
    A Honduran national is accused of going into a woman’s home in Belize City with the intention of raping her, only to be foiled by his own significant other who then turned on the victim as well. The accused are  39 year old Honduran Justo Murillo and Belizean 28 year old Evelyn Caceres...

    The Guardian

    Julius attacks Francis and Johnny in the House
    Julius Espat has been the biggest opponent to the using of Petro Caribe finances to develop the country. So much is he against the initiative that he has mounted a challenge to its use in the Supreme Court of Belize. While that case is yet to be ventilated in court, the Prime Minister proceeded with passing legislation which is specifically designed to address the nuances that present themselves through the Petro Caribe initiative. The legislation specifically allows for the program to continue as it is currently operating where the proceeds of the program can be converted into a loan without it having to go to the National Assembly. As the PUP jumped high and low to condemn the legislation, PM Barrow pointed out that in fact what was being done is in complete consonance with the Constitution of Belize. For Julius however that really meant nothing and he rambled on and on about the legislation. He referred to Petro Caribe as an illegal substance that the government is using. His party leader also stood up and condemned the bill claiming that as long as he is the leader of the PUP his party or its officials would not take any of the money. No sooner had he finished saying that than Julius categorically stated that while he thinks Petro Caribe is an illegal substance, he will use it. He then is like the substance abuser who claims that the use of the money is ‘illegal’ but he will partake in using it any way. Talk about being duplicitous.

    Jaguars Advance
    The Belize National Football Team, the Jaguars, will advance to the next round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. That’s the result of the return match which the team played against the Cayman Islands National Team back in Grand Cayman. Kick-off time was at 6 p.m. at the Truman Bodden Stadium in Grand Cayman. The Cayman National Team, after experiencing Team Belize’s dominance at the first match in Belmopan, came out to challenge the Jaguars for every minute of play time. Team member Mark Ebanks was the first to put a goal behind the net for Cayman Islands, which was a disappointment to the Belizean fans watching the live televised broadcast back home. Team Belize was playing catch-up for about 20 minutes with no real success until Elroy Kuylen managed to equalize the game in the 25th minute. That’s how the first half ended, with a score of 1-1. The match continued into the second half where both sides tried their very best to break that tie, and as the 90 minute mark got closer and closer, the game got a lot more physical.

    Ernest Staine’s assets to be sold off to settle debt to former client
    Rita McField who was deprived of 230 thousand dollars by attorney, 77 year old Ernest Staine, has gotten the Supreme Court to order that Staine’s assets be sold in order for him to pay off his debt to her. Staine was involved in a transaction in mid 2014 in which a property belonging to Rita McField was sold to Forward in Faith Ministries for 250 thousand dollars. The transaction saw the church organization give Staine the money for the property which is located on Douglas Jones Street. The problem however is that when the transaction was completed Staine only paid McField 20 thousand dollars as he held the rest in an escrow account. Forward in Faith Ministries never got the title to the property and Staine was the reason for that not taking place since he never paid McField the full price, he was unable to get title to the property. As a result, both the church group and McField took Staine to court and while there he undertook to make payments to McField which he has not yet done.

    Mayor Bradley officially declares campaign in Caribbean Shores
    Mayor Darrel Bradley on Monday, March 30, officially announced his candidacy for UDP Standard Bearer of the Caribbean Shores Constituency and with that a date has been set for the main event of this convention season. Mayor Darrel Bradley challenging Hon. Santiago Santino Castillo on June 7, 2015. The convention between these two heavyweights of the political arena will leave only one winner – well technically over 5,700 winners – because the voters of Caribbean Shores have already won. They have two of the most accomplished Belizeans going up against each other for a chance to represent and lobby for them in the House of Representatives. How many electoral divisions in the country can boast that? After announcing his candidacy, Mayor Bradley told the press that he does not believe Hon. Castillo is a poor representative; “it is simply that I believe we can do a better job”. The word “we” was a key part of his address to Caribbean Shores residents on Monday. The launch, based on his speech, was not so much about what Darrel Bradley can do for the Caribbean Shores area. Instead, it was a call to partnership and the sharing of a vision that can be made possible by Bradley working with residents of the area.

    President of the Court of Appeal scolds Eamon Courtenay
    Mostly in legal circles, it is often said that no one is allowed to publicly criticize a judge, whether to call their integrity into question, or to make disrespectful or disreputable statements against the court. That’s referred to as contempt of court, for which there are criminal penalties. Justice of Appeal Manuel Sosa, who is the President of the Court of Appeals, has publicly called out Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, saying that he did just that at the 2015 Ceremonial Opening of the Supreme Court of Appeal. Readers may remember that on January 12, 2015, the new session of the Supreme Court was opened under Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. As is the case at every ceremony, there are 3 speeches which are delivered. The first comes from the Chief Justice himself, who usually makes an in-depth report of sort, where he discusses all the issues of the previous calendar year for the judiciary, and what steps can be taken to resolve them. Then comes the President of the Bar Association of Belize, who makes another presentation, and finally, the Attorney General, closes the ceremony with another speech. At the last opening, Eamon Courtenay was the then Bar Association president, and his remarks were featured in almost every media house where he criticized the efficiency of the Court of Appeals at the October-November 2014 session.

    Milestones within the Cayo Central Division
    The Cayo Central Division, represented by the Hon. Rene Montero, continues to record several milestones in infrastructural development and other improvements to make the lives of its residents better. As of recent, good weather has allowed numerous projects to be continued within the Cayo Central Division. The paving of Perez Street was completed last Friday in Santa Elena Town, providing increased comfort to the many students, who head almost daily to the nearby Santa Elena Roman Catholic Primary School. Three sides along the Santa Elena Primary School are now fully cemented. The office of the Cayo Central Division makes it clear that “…it is twice as hard and expensive to cement streets as it is to pave them.” Streets that are cemented are also more durable and resistant to the elements. They will also provide employment for numerous persons. Occurring almost simultaneously was the paving of the Mariana Gonzalez Street in Santa Elena last Friday. Gone now are the dusty twirls, which would envelope the furniture of the locals residing along the street sides.

    Melonie Coye disputes tax assessment
    Melonie Coye and her attorney Eamon Courtenay were at the Supreme Court in a case management on Monday March 30th where Coye is claiming that the Income Tax department wrongfully assessed money which belonged to the family. The Income Tax department has assessed that the Coye’s owe some 3.212 million dollars in unpaid taxes. In an effort to get some relief of the assessment, Melonie Coye has taken the matter to court which has since gone to case management before Justice Courtenay Abel where the matter was adjourned until an undisclosed date. Melonie Coye and other family members have been in and out of court since 2009 after criminal charges of money laundering were placed against them. Melanie and her father Michael Coye were subsequently convicted in 2012 and spent a few months in prison. Michael died a few weeks later. They would later appeal the conviction and won their appeal in May of 2014 at the Court of Appeal. Thereafter Melanie had to legally have the Financial Intelligence Unit unfreeze bank accounts that held their money frozen as a result of the criminal investigation into the source of the proceeds of the money.

    The Ignorant One Leading Race for Dunce of the Year
    Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia is making a strong challenge to one of her colleagues for a truly uncoveted title. The Dunce of the Year Award for 2014 went to Toledo East’s Mike Espat for boldly wearing his ignorance and illiteracy on his sleeve when he scolded Prime Minister Barrow for his use of Shakespeare’s line from Hamlet: “Away, then, Mr. Speaker, with the harlot’s brow, falsely beautified with plastering art.” He said Prime Minister Barrow’s words “really bothers” him because it is disrespectful to the women of Belize. “Our women are not whores [harlots],” Espat said as he lambasted Prime Minister Barrow during his contribution to the 2014-2015 Budget debate. This statement baffled the scholars in the gallery who could not understand Espat’s intervention. Surely he could not be such a foolish man to not understand that the insult was directed not to women but directly to him and the members of his PUP. Prime Minister Barrow was using a line from Hamlet in which Claudius spoke about disguising “ugly actions” using “fine words” and it was in relation to a statement by the PUP making a “recommitment to its social justice roots”.

    Attempted murder conviction against Akeem Thurton affirmed
    The Court of Appeal has affirmed the attempted murder conviction against 22 year-old Akeem Thurton, the man who was convicted of shooting and almost killing prominent attorney Rodwell Williams in the first trial without jury in the entire country. Readers may remember that in 2012, he stood trial before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin for the charge of attempted murder. In that trial, the victim, Rodwell Williams, took the stand and identified him as the man who pulled the trigger and shot him in the abdomen on the night of May 31, 2010, just after he had exited his law office on Albert Street West.

    Willow’s Bank Mechanic Slapped with Six Charges
    Wilford Humphreys, 38, mechanic of Willow's Bank, is in prison for assaulting a police officer who pulled him over for a traffic offence. On Sunday, March 22, Sgt. Aaron Zuniga stopped Humphreys as he was travelling on a motorcycle on the Phillip Goldson Highway as part of a routine check. When asked to provide documents, Humphreys could not. Sgt. Zuniga discovered that Humphreys was driving the cycle without a license. The cycle itself was unlicensed and is not covered by a third party risk insurance plan. According to Sgt. Zuniga, Humphreys assaulted him as he was trying to make the arrest. Wilford Humphreys appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Dale Cayetano on Friday, March 27, to answer to six criminal offenses. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of driving an unlicensed motor vehicle, one count of driving without a license and one count of driving a motor vehicle not covered by third party risk insurance.

    Mek Mi Rich owners taken to court
    Belizean business Man Dale Curtis Swasey claims that the telecommunications company, BTL, has given away his idea to enrich the owners of Mek Mi Rich. He’s now suing both BTL and Mek Mi Rich’s parent company, MMR Belize Productions for breach of his intellectual property rights. According to Swasey, he signed a non-disclosure agreement in the form of an information exchange agreement. With the confidence that his conversations would remain private, he says that he then pitched an idea to BTL about how lottery texting works. It’s a new form of gambling which allows BTL phone users to play the game by using their credit balances. He claims that he worked with BTL technicians for almost 2 years to develop the platform and mechanism for lottery texting to work with their Digicell service.

    Curlan Phillips Remanded for Attempted Murder
    Curlan Phillips, 25, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for the attempted murder of Kareem Stevens. Just after 5 a.m. on Saturday, March 21, Kareem Stevens, a resident and laborer of #8800 J.R. Street, was riding his bicycle on his way home and whilst on Central American Boulevard he was approached by a black vehicle. An occupant of the car fired several shots at Stevens. He was hit twice, once to the right leg and once to his right buttocks. Police later visited Stevens at the Karl Heusner Memorial where he reported that the vehicle was a black Saturn SUV. Stevens told police that he looked into the vehicle and saw a man known to him as Curlan Phillips of the Jane Usher Boulevard area whom he has known all his life. He said Phillips pulled out a black firearm, pointed it at him and fired several shots in his direction. Phillips was detained by police later that day.

    Policemen charged for unlawful sexual intercourse with girl 13
    Police are reporting that they have arrested two from within their ranks with having sexually assaulted and having sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl. On Thursday March 26, at about 5:30 p.m., a 34-year-old mother of Bella Vista Village in the company of her 13-year-old daughter reported to the police that her daughter informed her that she was at a bar along with two police officers identified as Police Constables Chub and Ical. The girl told police that one of the officers had sexual intercourse with her.

    True Meaning of Easter
    Have you ever sat back and thought about the different traditions that we celebrate during the year? Some of these traditions may include holidays. We celebrate certain traditions for religious reasons and just for the fact that what we are celebrating is a tradition, and we wish to keep it that way. But some of the traditions that date back thousands of year’s true meaning have been forgotten. Easter is a perfect example of one of the traditions whose true meaning has been forgotten over the years. The Easter holiday and season in itself is the most religious and important holiday of the Christian religion. Coming from a Catholic background as I did, there was always a lot of ritual and practices involved every year since I can remember. We have eaten the same food, gone to the same church services, said the same prayers, and sang the same songs on Easter ever since. Many of the rituals used at Easter time are derived from The Bible and the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus did many important things during his time.

    PM takes Larry, Girly and Mo to night classes
    “TO THYNE OWN SELF BE TRUE.” This is a statement that stands firm whatever the case may be. Whoever strays from this rule, somewhere down the line they are exposed. For instance, the PUP sent out a release saying that they were holding a CAUCUS to discuss a common approach on the Budget debate. To all and sundry listening to the two days of debating on Thursday and Friday, there seemed to be a splintered position dependent on the different constituency needs. For example no other than the Deputy Leader and self appointed PUP WHIP Julius Espat (Larry) confirmed the split position. After his party Leader got up on the closing of the Budget Debate and declared that no longer will his party part-take in any programme involving give away from the Petrocaribe Funds, Espat and Toledo West PUP representatives assured the PM that they would take all they can get. Espat who seemed to be reading a speech that was written for him, had a hard time reconciling with his speech. He often ran into trouble when he deviated from the scripted speech. He was very consistent however in assuring the Prime Minister that he had no problem with the Petrocaribe funds transformation of Belize.

    MOE Looking to Learn More from PSE
    The Ministry of Education is hoping to improve on the reliability of the Primary School Examinations results so it can be used not just for placement of students but for improvement in the quality of education offered at elementary schools and the early years of high school. On Monday, March 22, students across the country sat part one of the Primary School Examinations (PSE). Part one of the PSE includes the science and English papers. The English exam is divided into two parts. The first part consists of fifty multiple-choice questions that test the students’ knowledge of grammar and comprehension skills. Part two of the English exam is the writing section that tests the students’ composition skills. They are required to write a letter and a narrative. The science exam consists solely of fifty multiple-choice questions that test the student’s knowledge of General and Health Science. Seven thousand three hundred and forty-three students sat the exam: three thousand six hundred and eighty-six boys and three thousand six hundred and fifty-seven girls. Ninety-one special needs student were registered to sit part one of this year’s exam.

    Off-grid electrical supply for the San Ignacio Police station on the way
    A plan by some Cayo residents to enable the San Ignacio Police Station, to have continuous electrical supply is coming closer to reality. A wall to act as a shelter to an Olympian GEP50SP Generator has already been constructed, and represents a labor of love from members of the People’s Coalition of Cayo PCC. The yellow in color generator had been in storage for a considerable time, after having been donated by the United States Embassy in Belmopan. An adequate shelter is now needed to protect the generator’s internal components. Dr. Gregory Shrophshire from the PCC, who has volunteered to do the fund raising for the generator shelter, says that the National Emergency Management Organization NEMO will be able to have use of the electricity provided by the generator in the case of a grid failure due to hurricane or other catastrophe. With the help of volunteers, the generator has already been serviced and installed on the roof of the water collection cistern behind the San Ignacio Police Station conference room.

    GOB to Conduct In-Depth Review of Local Rice Industry
    The Government of Belize wishes to inform the public that it is fully aware of the request by a local importer to import rice from Guyana, and his claim that imported rice through that channel could be made available to the public at a price lower than the current market price. The Government is also aware that there is severe overproduction in Guyana and they have domestic pressure to market that product at any cost. The government, through the Ministries of Natural Resources and Agriculture, and the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection, is conducting an in-depth review of the rice industry with an aim to ensure the best action for Belize as it relates to the production and supply of rice to the Belizean public. The first stakeholder meeting including producers was held last week before this became a media story.

    Celebrating Women’s month in Cayo
    As part of Women’s month, various exhibitions and cultural presentations were made at the Cayo Welcome Center on Saturday of this past weekend. Organized by the San Ignacio and Santa Elena House of Culture and the National Institute of Culture and History NICH, the event is held to celebrate our Women of Belize, and at the same time provide a launching pad for local artists and artisans; especially from the Cayo District. A gifted woman in the making of pillows and crotchet products, Susan Wright was also out on Saturday to show her talents. Susan Wright has been selling her large, beautiful and comfortable pillows in Belmopan and surrounding areas for many years.

    Ernest Bradley is the Junior Cross Country Cycling Champion
    The Cycling Federation of Belize in collaboration with the Belize Electricity Ltd sponsored its 16th Annual Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic on Sunday 29 March, 2015. The 70 miles event which started at the Succotz Ferry and concluded at Leslie’s Imports at mile 2 on the George Price Highway attracted some 33 junior riders. At the end of 3:30:52, it was Ernest Bradley of SMART Zoom Junior Cycling Team that captured 1st place. For his prize, he received $800.00, and a trophy from the Belize Electricity Ltd.; 1 Tablet courtesy of VIP Wireless and a 4 year Scholarship courtesy of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The second rider to cross the finish line was Darien Anderson also of SMART Junior Cycling Team in a time of 3:31:37 and he received for his prize $500.00 and a trophy courtesy of Belize Electricity Ltd.; third place went to Kaydine Pinello also of SMART Junior Cycling Team and he received $300.00 and a trophy from Belize Electricity Ltd.

    Cayo Western Ballaz remains unbeaten
    The National Elite Basketball League competition continued over the weekend with three games on the schedule. On Friday 27 March, 2015, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium, the undefeated league’s leading Cayo Western Ballaz continued on its winning path when it defeated the Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes by the score of 67-55. The top scorers for the Cayo Western Ballaz were Richard Troyer with 18 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists; Akeem Watters with 17 points, and 7 rebounds and Keith Acosta with 13 points, 10 rebounds and an assist. For the Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes, the top scorers Ty Bradley with 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists and Earl Johnson with 11 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist. On Saturday 28 March, 2015, at the University of Belize Gymnasium in Belmopan, the Belmopan Red Taigaz won handily over the defending champions, the San Pedro Tigersharks by the score of 94-74. The top scorers for the Belmopan Red Taigaz were Farron Louriano with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 2 steals; Jarrel Velasquez with 19 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal and Terrel Eskridge with 14 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals.

    87th Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is set
    The Cycling Federation of Belize will be hosting its 87th Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic on Saturday 4 April, 2015. The historic ride will commence at 5:00 am from in front of the BTL Park, Newtown Barracks, Belize City at 5:50 with a lead out from starting point unto Freetown Road, across Belcan Bridge unto Central American Blvd., unto the George Price Highway, where the official start takes place in front of Leslie’s Imports and will travel to San Ignacio Town around Columbus Park and then back to Belize City where it will conclude in front of the BTL Park for a total distance of 140 miles. The deadline for teams to submit its registration with the Cycling Federation is set for Tuesday 31 March, 2015.


    Patrick JonesPJ

    Curtis Swasey continues Mek Mi Rich challenge
    Businessman Curtis Swasey claims that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and MMR Belize Productions, parent to the popular television game show Mek Mi Rich, collaborated to take away his intellectual property consisting of the idea of lottery texting and the various items he created with BTL staff for two […]

    Teenager sentenced on gun, ammo charges
    Nineteen year old Shakir Perrera, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, was sentenced to 10 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Perrera was sentenced to 5 years for each offense with […]

    Man pleads guilty to robbery of shopkeeper
    24 year old Honduran national Darwin Martinez, one of three men who committed a robbery, was sentenced to 3 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he pleaded guilty to the charge. The incident occurred yesterday around 8:30 p.m. in front of a residence on […]

    Belize – A Commentary on the 2015-2016 National Budget
    The Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean O. Barrow, read his eight consecutive annual budget for the Government of Belize, with the theme “Continuing the Transformation” on March 13, 2015. “So this year, like every preceding year stretching back to 2010, we will rely on lifting revenue flows only through improved tax […]

    Tour guide charged for death of student
    Reporting:The tour guide accused of knocking down a student of Stella Maris School and causing fatal injury around 8:20 a.m. on March 17 was read charges of manslaughter by negligence before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith today in the Magistrate’s Court. 60 year old Errol Belisle is accused of […]

    Ya’ axche to host annual race against fire
    On Saturday April 4, 2015, villagers from the beautiful community of San Pedro Columbia will gather for its annual Ya’axche Race Against Fire Marathon. According to Communications Officer Maximiliano Caal, this year’s event will begin with a bicycle race followed with a series of activities that is aimed to raise awareness on fire. Environmental experts will be sharing information about the importance of controlling fire and prevention. With the theme ” Faya ! If yuh cyaan control it. Nuh staat it,” farmers are expected to come out and learn about risks of fire as the dry season approaches this year.

    Proportional Budgetary Allocation in Belize
    By Charles Leslie Jr. When you divide the resources that have been harnessed thus far in Belize – natural, man-made and financial – there is very little equitable distribution. Why? Greed and corruption. There are plenty of resources in Belize to spread around equitably and empower the vast majority of Belizeans. Let us look at violence. There are two types of violence: Behavioral violence – gun man shoots you; And structural violence – due to lack of proper maintenance, the hospital does not have a functional ambulance to come and get you, so you bleed out and die from your gunshot wound to the leg. What is the leading cause of these two types of violence, especially behavioral violence? Deprivation. What is the leading cause of deprivation? Social imbalance and inequity, which have been dubbed by economists as structural violence. Therefore, logic dictates that to reduce behavioral violence we would have to reduce deprivation.

    Body of Man Found in Orange Walk
    Residents of Progress Street were awoken by a single gunshot that rang through the neighborhood sometime around 2am this morning. Several hours later, residents found Ricky Triminio laying motionless inside his snack shop named “Munchies”. Residents says Triminio had been accustomed to opening his shop until the wee hours of the day. On the glass window, police saw one single bullet hole. The area was cordoned off, the scene processed and the body transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where it will await a post mortem.


    A Shift in Weather and Big Boats Arrive On Ambergris Caye For Easter
    Over the weekend, the wind switched to the North and we’ve been getting clouds and RAIN! Rain during the day on Sunday – it feels odd this time of year. A weather blip in this usually dry time. Yesterday was a pretty mix of clouds and sun…so I took a walk to town. And some photos. There is a serious slew of yachts at Amigos Del Mar dock – all Guatemalans, I hear, on Easter holiday. These boats used to park at the Belize Yacht Club for Easter…

    Amazing Belize Images from Corozal to Placencia
    Some people enjoy taking pictures of Belize, a few like my mom opt for postcards over snapping pics and most enjoy looking at other peoples images of Belize. It is always interesting to see how someone frames a shot and puts in their artistic touches when making it truly their own work of art. The amazing pictures in today’s post are from Ric Hornsby, a disabled Nature and Fine Art Photographer, from Canada, recently traveled throughout most of Belize. He is back in Canada now, working through a pile of images and will soon launch a website where his work will be available. In the interim, Ric wanted to share a few of his experiences through images of the many wonderful things he saw while traveling in Belize.

    Bill to Make Belize the 51st US State Goes before the US Senate
    Just prior to the current six-week recess, Congress approved a last minute Bill that could see the tiny Central American nation of Belize become the 51st US State. The Bill, Belize Statehood Appropriations Instrument No 387, is now up for review by the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that Belize’s introduction into the Union would have positive implications for both countries, and predicted that ratification would proceed smoothly. “The benefits of Belize joining the Union are too numerous and profound to ignore,” Mr McConnell told the last sitting of the Senate prior to the spring break.” “With the best beaches and diving in the world, as well as vast tracts of pristine wilderness, beautiful Maya temples, exotic wildlife and an informed, English speaking citizenry that cherishes democracy, having Belize join the Union would be an asset we can’t afford to neglect,” the Senator said. “It would elevate and enhance the leisure time activities of all citizens,” he added, noting that many members of both houses would be travelling to Belize for their spring break. Happy First of April Everyone! From your friendly jokers at Chaa Creek (with apologies to Senator Mitch McConnell and the Royal Family)

    Crime and Society
    By: Dr. Robert Winslow Belize is a parliamentary democracy with a constitution enacted in 1981 upon independence from the United Kingdom. Numerous ruins indicate that for hundreds of years Belize was heavily populated by the Maya Indians, whose relatively advanced civilization reached its height between A.D. 250 and 900. Eventually the civilization declined leaving behind small groups whose offspring still exist in Belize contributing positively to the culturally diverse population. In 1502, Columbus sailed through parts of the Caribbean, but did not actually visit the area later known as British Honduras. The first reference to European settlement in the colony was in 1638. These were later augmented by disbanded British soldiers and sailors after the capture of Jamaica from Spain in 1655. The settlement, whose main activity was logwood cutting (logwood was used in the past to produce dye), had a troubled history during the next 150 years. It was subjected to numerous attacks from neighboring Spanish settlements (Spain claimed sovereignty over the entire New World except for regions in South America assigned to Portugal). It was not until 1763 that Spain in the Treaty of Paris allowed the British settlers to engage in the logwood industry.

    International Sourcesizz

    Laws of the Jungle: Battling in Belize Part II
    Members of the 2nd Battalion the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment have been on exercise in Belize for the past two weeks. The first instalment of Carla's special reports focused on survival training in one of the toughest environments on earth. The troops are practising jungle warfare tactics and learning survival skills – but they’re also live firing in the heart of the rainforest. Unlike other ranges, jungle marksmanship is a test for any soldier – and it’s not the only challenge they’re facing. In the second of her special reports from central American country, Carla Prater's been to see what some of the training is like for the troops at BATSUB.

    Seven Enticing Destinations on Latin America's Cacao Route
    Travel to the origin of chocolate to soak up the culture of cacao and discover how to make it yourself. 1. Punta Gorda, Toledo THE FESTIVAL In the far south of Belize, emerald rainforest runs across the mountainous countryside with winding rivers that flow into the Caribbean sea. Within Belize's southernmost district Toledo lie cacao plantations where the locals claim the terroir gives their chocolate a unique flavour and aroma. And now, this chocolate is becoming known worldwide with outstanding boutique chocolate purveyors like Cotton Tree Chocolate and Ixcacao. To celebrate the region's cacao, boutique chocolatiers and ancient Maya culture, Toledo hosts the three-day Chocolate Festival of Belize. Kicking off on May 22, the fiesta encompasses a street fair, chocolate tours, chocolate and wine tasting, and music and cultural performances, in Punta Gorda and its surrounds. THE LODGE Amidst the rainforest of Toledo, Belcampo Lodge is set on a hill overlooking the surrounding wilderness, with stilted private cabins and a speedboat to transport guests through the jungle to the Caribbean coastline. In a region that has such significant Maya roots, it seems fitting that the lodge has a cacao nursery and chocolate workshop where traditional methods are still utilised.

    The dramatic story behind a lush palm
    Almost everyone knows the Xaté palm. The plant's green heart-shaped leaves are used for flower arrangements, especially during Easter. But few florists know the bloody conflict behind the magnificently lush leaves. The jungle high up in the mountains of Belize in Central America draws tourists from all over the world. They come to here to see the ruins of the long lost Maya culture in Caracol which stand witness to a glorious period of early human civilization. Though the buildings and temples lie in a state of decay, overgrown with plants, their at times violent history still enthralls visitors like travel bloggers, Sarah and Erdem. They visited the place in late summer in 2014. They were passing through on their way to North and South America. Actually, they write in their blog, they didn't expect any dangers in the jungle expect from snakes perhaps. "But as usual, it's not the animals but rather the people who pose a danger," they noted on September 25. "We had just taken a break, up on the Caana Pyramide when something terrible happened." The two became witness to a murder. They captured the situation in a video.

    With fins off the menu, shark slaughter is ebbing
    Sharks are our seniors by about 450 million years. Yet in the last half century we’ve depleted some populations by 90 percent. Of the world’s 1,200 or so known shark and ray species (rays can be thought of as sharks whose pectoral fins have transformed to wings), 17 percent are deemed threatened with extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. But the percentage is doubtless higher because data on almost half the 1,200 are lacking. Species like angel and daggernose sharks are listed as “critically endangered.” The pondicherry shark may already be extinct. Sharks can’t bounce back like other fish. Most give birth to dog-size litters, and those that lay eggs don’t spew big numbers. Sandbar sharks mature at age 16, then bear eight to 12 pups every other year at most. Embryos of the sand tiger swim around in each of two uteri, attacking and consuming siblings until only two survive. Duskies don’t mature until age 20, then deliver three to 16 pups every third year. What’s more, in many countries sharks are worth more alive than dead. Using 2002 visitor surveys, biologist Rachel Graham of Mar Alliance — a Belize-based grassroots NGO that assesses shark and ray populations, fisheries, and related tourism — estimated the value of whale-shark viewing during the six-week season at $3.7 million.

    Jim Can wanted in Belize tax scheme linked to Calgary kidnapping
    The Canadian businessman wanted as part of a giant U.S. investigation involving stock fraud, tax evasion and money laundering in Belize says in an email to CBC News that he wants to tell his “full true story … that will shock the world.” Jim Can has a controversial past in Canada, including allegations he was involved in the kidnapping of a Calgary businessman who was held at gunpoint by two associates of the Hells Angels, CBC News reported Thursday. Can faces several charges in the U.S. following a two-year undercover investigation by the FBI and the United States Attorney. He is accused along with five others, including another Canadian, of taking part in what is described by U.S. authorities as a “fraudulent” and “intricate” scheme involving sham companies, anonymous debit cards nand stock manipulations worth more than $500 million.

    45th OAS General Assembly to be held June 15-16 in Washington, DC
    The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today decided by acclamation to convene the forty-fifth regular meeting of the General Assembly of the Organization on June 15 and 16 at its headquarters in Washington, DC. The Council took this decision after Haiti declined to organize the Assembly for internal reasons, as the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Duly Brutus, expressed in a letter to the OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza. In today's session, the Council agreed that in its next meeting it will define the central theme of the 45th Assembly. The regular General Assembly will be the first instance in which the new OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, will participate in an official meeting with the Foreign Ministers of the member countries. Secretary General-elect Almagro will take office on May 26, a day after the end of the second term of the current OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza.

    The Organization of American States (OAS), through the Department of Human Development and Education (DHDE) and the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, through the OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC), are offering scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in the program below.

    OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC)
    The Organization of American States (OAS), through the Department of Human Development and Education (DHDE) and the eCornell, through the OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC), are offering scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in the following certificate programs.

    Human Impacts on Bottlenose Dolphins in Belize
    Has increased tourism in Belize impacted the dolphin population? In the late 1990s, Self-Sullivan and her peers determined that mangrove cayes provided foraging and nursery habitat for dolphins and manatees in Belize. It was predicted that increasing cruise ship tourism would have negative effects on the dolphin population. With your help, we will test that hypothesis and determine changes in the population structure, habitat use, and behavior. Although there has been no funding to continue the bottlenose dolphin project in the Drowned Cayes since 2001, data have been collected opportunistically by Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan in conjunction with her long-term manatee research project. These data indicate a significant reduction in the number identifiable dolphins using the area over the past decade. To determine whether these anecdotal data are representative of the current dolphin population requires a repeat of methods used by Petersen (2001) and Kerr (2005) from 1997-1999. The funds to be raised through are the bare minimum required to conduct a 10-day research expedition in April 2015. In-kind support, including field equipment, supplies, GPS, Computer, Camera, office space, computer software and expertise are being provided by co-PI advisors, Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan and Dr. Nick Funicelli, and the Oceanographic Center at NSU.


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  • A sculture assembled by Belize Students, 2min. Artist Ken McMillan inspired student from St. John's College. This is one of the first pieces one will stumble upon when entering into the natural world of Poustinia.

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