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May 20, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Community members join Hands Across the Sand to say no to offshore oil exploration
Across the world, and in Belize, individuals and organizations came together to promote a healthy earth and highlight the issue of offshore oil exploration and drilling. Founded in 2009, Hands Across the Sand brings together like minded individuals and organizations with the conviction to organize a movement in their area to promote a clean energy future for the earth, and particularly, the ocean. In light of the continued offshore oil concessions controversy Belize is facing, Oceana in Belize rallied citizens to take part in the event held simultaneously around the world on May, 16th at noon. In San Pedro alone, close to 100 residents gathered on the beach in front of the San Pedro High School in the Boca del Rio Area. For 15 minutes, the crowd held hands in solidarity against offshore oil exploration and drilling in Belize. The event was also held in other areas across the country such as Belize City, Sarteneja Village, Hopkins Village, Placencia Village, Belmopan City, San Ignacio Town, Dangriga Town, Corozal Town, Punta Gorda Town, Orange Walk Town and Caye Caulker Village.

Crooked Tree Village’s Cashew Fest – something yummy for everyone!
Over the weekend, Crooked Tree villagers celebrated what would mark their 23rd Annual Cashew Festival, and let me tell you; it was quite the shindig! The festival took place fromMay 15th to the 17th. Families from what seemed like every district packed up for a day of food, drinks, games and music in Crooked TreeVillage as they celebrated the cashew fruit and its numerous by-products. Of course if you’re not a cashew lover (God forbid), there’s plenty of other delectables on sale for the feasting! There’s the beloved Belizean staple of Rice and Beans, plenty of barbeque and smoked meats, and enough desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth ten times over! Beverages you ask? Why there’s anything and everything from fresh fruit juices and ice cold coconut water, to soda pops, Belikin Beer and did I mention Cashew Wine (hint, hint).

Ambergris Today

Belize Looks into Development of Coconut Industry
The second phase of the Road Mapping workshops for the European Union (EU) funded “Coconut Industry development in the Caribbean” project is set to continue later this month. Project partners the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the Geneva based International Trade Centre (ITC) will engage with industry stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Belize and Suriname to formulate road maps for market led development of the coconut and coconut products sectors. Utilizing a participatory approach, stakeholders across the coconut value chain in each of the project countries will come up with road maps to address critical areas such as market options, production and productivity, support services and the policy environment among other areas. Specialists from within and outside the Region will also present on current market dynamics, performance requirements, plant material availability, new technologies and discuss with participants current Caribbean coconut supply dynamics. Development banks and potential financing partners will also be invited to participate, as they are key players in the industry’s growth and development.

San Pedro Wraps Up Reef Week Activities
As Oceana brought together island residents to show their objection to offshore oil exploration, The Hol Chan Marine Reserve office created awareness on the importance of the reef by hosting week-long activited during Reef Week last week. The Week served as a part of the environmental education program where the primary objective is to have students learn about Belize's coastal and marine resources in a fun and rewarding manner. The week's activities were celebrated under the theme "Protect our Belizean Sea; Keep the Reef Alive and Free" and included a trivia competition that tested island student's knowledge of the reef and marine resources, Marine Fair at Central Parkfor students to learn more about Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Bacalar Chico Reserve, Belize Wildlife Conservation Network and other protected areas in Belize and a Sunday Activity Day that included a triathlon competition and fun activties for the entire family. For their part, the Hol Chan Marine staff and volunteers conduted beach cleanups, installed mooring bouys at Mexico Rocks Reserve and conducted an in-water cleanup at Hol Chan Marine Reserve throughout the entire week. An amateur Lionfish Culling competition had to be cancelled due to rough sea conditions that persisted the entire week.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

ATIPS Logo Competition Award Ceremony
The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council (ATIPS) will be hosting an award ceremony for the winners of the ‘Anti-Trafficking in Persons Logo Competition’ that was launched late last year for students in secondary and tertiary institutions throughout Belize. The award ceremony was held at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan City on Friday, May 15th 2015. The winners of the logo competition are: First place- Keron Tzul from Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, who won a Samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1” screen, Second place – Cindy Acevedo from Belmopan Baptist High School, who won a Samsung Galaxy tab 4 7” screen, and Third place went to Donovan Lisbey from Mopan Technical High School, who won a Moto E Global GSM 4G phone.

Habitat destruction
Want to know why our subspecies of Yellow-headed Parrot (Amazona oratrix belizensis) has remained on the critically endangered species list for so long, and has low chances of upgrading to a safer category? Its not just poaching. Here is the number one factor

BELIZE FISHING REPORT May 10th – May 16th, 2015
A great group from Orvis visited the lodge this week with lots of first time anglers earned their bonefish pins awards with ease. Even with the windy weather a few intrepid anglers went on to permit and tarpon.

Noticiero Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos visits La Isla Bonita with long-time girlfriend and actress Chiquinquirá Delgado!
If you were waiting for a flight at our San Pedro Terminal over the weekend, you might have been just lucky enough to get some celebrityspotting done as wel.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, May 19, 2015: 17. FANTASY 5: 16 28 12 15 19 G

Channel 7

Compol speaks On Cop Caught Smuggling Weed
Last night, we told you about Police Constable Geian Ya, the officer attached to the Corozal Quick Response Team who was caught trying to smuggle marijuana into the country. Well his boss, the Commissioner of Police, has told the press that he will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. As we told you, Ya was intercepted at around 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon by the Customs Enforcement Unit as he came across from Mexico, into Belize at the Santa Elena border. The examining officer picked up the strong scent of marijuana and asked him to open the trunk. Inside, the officer found a black plastic bag with 3 bricks of compressed marijuana to total weight of just under 7 pounds. Today the Commissioner of Police told us that Constable Ya has been dealt with to the full extent of the law: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police "I do know of the case. He was handed over to police. He has been arrested and charged. He has been taken to court. My understanding is that he was granted bail. He has been placed on interdiction by my office also. We, as administrators, we do not condone wrong doing within the Belize Police Department, be it of a criminal nature or be it a complaint from a citizen.

Can Police Contain Surging Crime?
And from misbehaving police officers, we asked the Commissioner to discuss the crime situation generally. Recent statistics released by the department shows that major crimes, including robberies, burglaries, carnal knowledge, theft, and rape are trending down over a three year period. But, in 2015, murders are on pace to set another ugly record. As we showed you last night, this weekend was particularly violent and 4 persons were killed. In fact, going back to Friday morning, 5 people were murdered in 60 hours - and these aren't just gang killings: the victims include a 68 year old man, a mother of three, and two American men. So coming up to the middle of May, there have been 54 murders, meaning that 2015 is on track to becoming the most murderous year on record, if the numbers keep going the way they have been. So, can police arrest the situation? Here's what Commissioner Whylie had to say: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police "Crime is not an issue that will be solved by the Belize Police Department. It will take each and every individual citizens within Belize, as I've always said, we do not have police officers on every street corner, but we do have citizens who live on every street and so the solution to the crime problem - the kind of information and intelligence we need, rest with the citizens out there.

No Clues In double Murder Of US Nationals
Last night we told you about the gruesome home invasion in Teakettle where two Americans were killed: 61 year old Paul David Signorino, as seen in this photo was shot twice to the left side of the head while 47 year old Julian Christopher Jones was chopped multiple times to the head. Jones's ex-wife found them both dead in his home in Teakettle on Friday evening. Police are still following leads and have no one detained or no update on this double murder. Americans were again the target this time on Friday night in Hopkins. It happened around 7:30 Friday night when 62 year old American Ralph Porter and his wife Juanita Buckles were at home. Porter heard the dogs barking outside and when he went to look he saw 3 masked men emerging from the back of their house. One of the men had a handgun and pointed it in Porter's face and forced him to lie on the floor inside.

Man Narrates Scary Home Invasion
There is another armed home invasion to report, but this one happened in Ladyville yesterday at the Hendy family home, in broad daylight. Margaret Hendy is a well-known food vendor who sets up her operation in the vicinity of the PGIA compound. Yesterday, her brother, Nick, dropped by her house to do some yard work for her. He was splitting wood that she intended to use for her fire hearth cooking. He was at the house alone working when the intruders descended on him. Today, he described in detail for us how armed masked gunmen cut through the fence, held him up at gunpoint, tied him up and then ransacked the house: Nick Hendy, tied up by burglars "I decide that I got a big task here, so I better get busy. Right away I grab the axe and went over there and start to work some wood with this axe and in a minute or so while working about the third piece of wood, I heard the back fence and I decided to take a check. But at the time my axe was stuck in the block, so I felt like someone stoop down and I stoop down too and begin to peep, but I held on to the axe.

Sickout Staged At BEL, Union Wants 12.5% Per Annum
Consumers couldn’t be happier about electricity rates that are coming down to 35 cents per kilowatt hour in July – the lowest rate in memory. But, that doesn’t mean all is well at BEL. Under new government led management, the company has made a turnaround – and is now posting profits, where just five years ago, the balance sheet showed losses. The Belize Energy Workers Union say they too are a part of that prosperity and they have been in labour talks with management since November of last year. But, it seems talks have now broken down – we say that because of a sick out that was staged yesterday. Information to 7News is that there was a sickout on Monday where, countrywide, 60 employees called in sick. Services were not disrupted, though, and, best information says that work resumed as normal today. Neither BEL’s management nor the Union would give us any kind of comment, neither confirming or denying the sickout, and both cited a confidentiality agreement that doesn’t allow them to talk about the ongoing labour negotiations. But 7News has learned that talks have broken down over a proposed salary increase that the union is demanding. Reliable reports tell us that the union is asking for an increase of 12.5% per annum for four years – meaning that at the end of that four year period, their salaries would have increased by 50%.

Monchie says His Security Didn't Burn Field
Tonight, two men remain in the custody of Orange Walk police pending investigation for arson of a BSI cane field. As we told you last night, BSI security called police telling them that they found two men setting fire to a cane field in the San Lorenzo area. There are also reports of shots fired. Police responded and caught the two suspects on the road, impounded their pickup truck and detained then at the police station. It's huge news because one of the men is Efrain Novelo the personal security guard of PUP politician Ramon Monchie Cervantez. The pickup he was in belongs to Cervantez - and so it seems to put the aspiring candidate in a bad light. But today he told our colleagues at CTV-3 that there is a counter-narrative, another story which puts his security guard on a normal work errand - and wrongly arrested by police. Here's that version of events:... Ramon "Monchie" Cervantez "I haven't spoken to him, but I'm getting mixed reports. Yesterday when I was apprised of the situation, I was made to understand as if he and another guy were caught at the fields, burning them and then the security appeared and shots were fired and that they sped off and the police followed behind them. That's the impression that was given to me, they impression I had up to last night. This morning, one of our drivers, who every morning picks up Mennonite that works for us at the quarry, called me and said 'the Mennonite wants to speak to you'.

Sugar Quota Remains At Status Quo
And - whoever set the cane field on fire - the reason for it was last week's announcement that cane quotas would be re-assigned. While some branches saw their quota cut shortly, BSI's quota was increased - which immediately increased tensions in the sugar belt. Well, the Sugar Cane Production Committee met yesterday and set aside the quota cuts for the time being. Chairman Gabriel Martinez said they will wait for a complete survey:.. Gabriel Martinez - Chair, SICB "It's suspended until the Board gets a complete finding of the Productivity Survey being taken by SIRDI, which have been promised to be finished by this week Friday and a week after this, the Board will sit again to review again the final report." But, while it is deferred until the end of the month - the fact is the cane harvest is shortened and an effort needs to be made to bring in the best, richest cane as efficiently as possible - which means weeding out cane from growers who don't have very much quality cane left. Martinez explained:

Police Department Will Be Bolstered By Three Attorneys
Currently, there are 3 senior police officers who are about to return from studying law as full fledged attorneys, namely, Superintendent Bart Jones, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, and Inspector Llewellyn Usher. That's a welcomed and unprecedented increase in professional capacity in the Department, but, where will the department put them to make the best use of their newly acquired skills? Today, the press asked Police Commissioner Allen Whylie about it, and he said that he doesn't want to pre-empt their return, but he is excited at the prospect of the department having access to such highly trained professionals: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police "I would not want to preempt that in terms of where they will be placed. I can say that I am eagerly awaiting their arrival back and I hope that all three officers will be back with the Police Department. Where we will be able to utilize their strengths. We do need their assistance and I am hopeful that we'll keep all three of them."

Hon. Elrington Likes PM's Pick for New Ambassador
Last week the Prime Minister announced that Pat Andrews, the recently retired Country manager for Scotiabank would be taking over as Belize's new Ambassador to the United States and Permanent Representative to the OAS. IT is a very senior diplomatic posting, perhaps the most senior one there is - but Andrews has no background in diplomacy. We asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs how he felt about the Prime Minister's decision:.. Jules Vasquez "Is it of any moment for you, any concern for you that the person is a novice at diplomacy, an expert in banking and a hell of a nice guy? But it's a sensitive post." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "Actually Jules, if you do your research you'd find out that most people who have been appointed as ambassadors, most people, are novices at the job. In any country what you want is a person who is of impeccable character and Pat fits that bill. He has good common sense, he is very articulate, he's well educated, and I don't think you can ask for anything more than that."

Love Thy Neighbor, Don't Rob Them
Tonight, 32 year year-old Zaccehus Martinez, a resident of Fabers Road, is out on bail after police tied him to a burglary of his own neighbor's house. Sometime between February 12, and May 18, 2015, Lesvia Betancourt's home on Fabers Road was burglarized, and all of her valuables, worth almost $5,000 dollars were stolen. Police found the items on Martinez's possession, and so he was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods. When he was arraigned today in Magistrate's Court, he pleaded not guilty, and told the court that he didn't break into Betancourt's apartment. He claims that he found the items in his yard, and he tried to make arrangements to have them returned. He also claims to have spoken to a witness who saw someone removing appliances from Betancourt's home.

Woman Accused of Beating UP GSU
We often hear allegations of the GSU beating up city residents, but tonight our story is about two women accused of beating up a GSU office. Two sisters were charged over the weekend for assaulting a GSU officer. It happened on Friday night at their West Canal residence. According to one of the women, things got out of control when the officer slapped and burst her sister's lip. After that, it was on. Here's her story. She told 7news the incident was captured on camera - but the footage was deleted by police. Lewis and her sister were detained by police on Friday night and was released on Saturday afternoon. They were both charged with assaulting a police officer.

Beaten By A Lady Cop
On Friday night we catalogued a long history of abuse made by Southside residents against police. And, as if on cue, during the news, one woman came to our studio to make one more allegation of police abuse. Pamela Estrada went to report a domestic dispute on Thursday night - and says she ended up being beaten by a woman police officer - after she sent her ten year old daughter to stay with a relative:.. Pamela Estrada "If my baby knew that they would beat me, my daughter wouldn't have left the vehicle. She would have stayed with me, but they promise my baby that they wouldn't do me anything. They told her that they would just take me and drop me home to, because it's a domestic problem and I didn't do anything and no one came and make any report about me. She (the officer) just start to punch me in the face and then the male officer handcuffed me.

Training Day for Cops
Last week Thursday, the latest crop of police recruits passed out of the police training academy to become fully fledged officers. They have the training, but no work experience as police officers. Due to a newly finished program in which the Police Department collaborated with the Us Embassy in Belize, these new recruits will enjoy the benefit of a streamlined and standardized training while on the job. That will come from senior officers who graduated from a specialized Field Training Officer program which Senior American Cops developed and instructed them in. The graduates of that program got their certificates today, and 7News was there for the ceremony. Here's what the instructor told us about how it will help the new recruits: Lt. Kevin O'Brien, Training Instructor "Well we were contacted about a month ago back home in West Palm Beach Florida and asked to come down and do a field training program. Field training program, as I teach, is a 40 hour block of instruction. And it teaches every police officer that wants to be a field training officer, how to deal with training an adult. Taking them out of the academy, the basic training of the academy and then putting that to work in the field. So we came down a week before the class started so that we could go around actually drive with the people in the Belize Police Department.

No Cruise Compromise In Sight
Last week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went to Miami to meet with executives of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. When he came back, he showed cautious optimism and said he would next meet with Mike Feinstein, the owner of the proposed Stake Bank project to discuss a possible compromise. Well, best information to 7News says that is not going to happen. As might have been expected, Feinstein has refused to relinquish the controlling interests in Stake Bank, and Royal Caribbean appears to have no interest in a minority shareholding. Of course, the situation is complicated, first, by the fact that Feinstein is suing Royal Caribbean and government over the head tax - and, second, by the other, little acknowledged fact that Royal Caribbean's partner in the Fort Street Tourism village, Diamonds International and Feinstein don't want to do business with each other. So, right now, best information suggests, there is no compromise, no clear way forward, and eventually Government may just have to pick which horse it wants to ride into the future. In the meantime, Feinstein's Stake Bank Bill which was approved by parliament, has not been brought into force, which leaves him at a disadvantage with his creditors.

Memorable Museum Moments
Art and history. That is the main theme for this year's International Museum Day. All this week, the Museum of Belize is hosting several activities for primary schools across the city. The coordinator says the kids get the best of both worlds: they got a historical overview and also get to learn about art and creativity. Today we met some of the students at the Museum and they told us what they thought about the art pieces. There will also be an art exhibit for high school students at the Bliss tomorrow.

Festival Of Hearts
The Festival of Arts: it's a showcase that parents and all students across the country look forward to every year. But more so the students: they are the stars of the show. The 2015 National festival showcase officially began today at the Bliss with performances from the primary schools. The performances run the gamut from pop music to liturgical dances. Today the coordinator told us that this festival celebrates the talents of our kids and also encourages free expression. There are also a host of events connected to this festival including a secondary school competition on Thursday the 21st and a Teachers Talent competition to be held on Friday May 29th.

Channel 5

Men Detained for Burning Canefields Will Be Charged
On Monday two men were detained by Police on suspicion of burning canefields owned by ASR in the San Lorenzo area of Orange Walk Town. The detention is politically charged, [...]

Ramon Cervantes Denies Involvement
As we said, the situation is politically charged because of the personalities involved, and also because when Alpuche Junior was detained he was driving a vehicle which belongs to Cervantes. [...]

Why Did the SCPC Cut Quotas?
There is word of an apparent resolution to unrest in the sugar industry which had the potential to blow up into full-scale protest. Because of the lateness of an announcement [...]

Both Americans Died From Chop Wounds
The double murder of the two American nationals in Teakettle was at the top of our newscast on Monday night. The brutal killing of the two men has left the [...]

Do you support the proposed amendment to the Special Agreement which will allow Guatemala to hold an individual referendum?
And our question for tonight is: Do you support the proposed amendment to the Special Agreement which will allow Guatemala to hold an individual referendum? Yes or No? Send your [...]

Courtenay Speaks on Referendum and ICJ
This weekend Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington will travel to Guatemala to sign an amendment to the Special Agreement signed at the O.A.S. headquarters in Washington back in 2008. The signing [...]

Says Elrington Should Resign
Courtenay took special exception to a statement made to News Five by Foreign Minister Elrington last week. Elrington claimed that, quote – “At this point in time, we don’t know [...]

GOB Should Support Territorial Volunteers, Says Courtenay
On Sunday about two hundred Belizeans, led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers, travelled to the Garbutt Falls border monument in Benque Viejo del Carmen. As they have been doing for [...]

Wanted Men Extradited to Belize
A trio of Belizean fugitives wanted for individual crimes, including murder, has been extradited by Mexican authorities.  The handing over took place on Saturday morning at the Belize/Mexico Border where [...]

Carter Convicted on GST Offences
T he GST continues to penalize businesses that have not been paying their taxes.  Well known talk show host and businessman Darrell Carter was spared jail time after he picked [...]

Martinez Arraigned for Burglary
Burglars cleaned out a woman’s apartment taking all her household items while she was away. But quick response by the police, led to the recovery of two od the stolen [...]

BCCI Supports Petrocaribe Initiative…Opposes Petrocaribe Act
he Belize Chamber of Commerce is the latest organization to come out against the PetroCaribe Loans Act which was passed in the house after a relatively short debate. While that [...]

Chamber Will Not Explore Joining Forces with PUP
Despite the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that amendments to the law will be tabled at the next House meeting, Vasquez says that there are certain aspects which remain unaddressed.  Those [...]

BCCI Awaits Amendments Before Formulating Clear Position
While the chamber, as a social partner, may not be joining the PUP to seek a repeal of the PetroCaribe Loans Act, it is in receipt of a letter from [...]

A Trip to the Museum of Belize
When was the last time you visited The Museum of Belize?  Many Belizeans see it as a place for international visitors to learn about our culture and history, but what [...]

Students Shine at the Festival of Arts
Festival of Arts has become a part of primary and high school tradition. For years, students have been showcasing their talents through dance, song, and drama at the district and [...]

Crooked tree Celebrates 30th Annual Cashew Fest
The thirtieth annual Crooked Tree Cashew Festival was held this weekend and as always, it was a spectacular showcase of that much loved fruit. But while the focus is on [...]


Cervantez Sides With Cane Farmers On Issue Of Qouta Decision
While Cervantes has disassociated himself from having anything to do with the burning of BSI/ASR cane fields, it’s been a little over twenty four hours that his driver and another individual said to be from San Roman Rio Hondo are behind bars pending the outcome of police investigations into the matter. While no official police report has been released to the media, our sources at the Orange Walk Police Department reveal that a report provided by the watchmen of BSI/ASR indicates that they were in the area when they spotted a blue four door pickup circulating the area. At some point the vehicle drove into the cane fields, stopped and one man excited the vehicle and started setting fire to the cane fields. Reports are that there were two persons in the vehicle, the driver and the individual setting the fields on fire. The watchmen added that when the men found out they were spotted shots were fired at their direction.

Famous News Anchor Spotted In San Pedro
Over the weekend on La Isla Bonita, well known Noticiero Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos was spotted with long-time girlfriend and actress Chiquinquirá Delgado visiting the tourist mecca of Belize. The two TV personalities chose to vacation in our beautiful jewel and stayed at the private island of Cayo Espanto. For context, Jorge Ramos is a seasoned journalist and anchors the Univision News television program, Noticiero Univision; hosts the Univision Sunday-morning, political news program, Al Punto; and hosts the Fusion TV English-language program, America with Jorge Ramos. His girlfriend Chiqui Delgado is a Venezuelan TV host, model, and actress. She is currently a co-host of Mira Quien Baila on the Univision; prior to that, she was the host of ¡Despierta América! Delgado was first runner-up in the 1990 Miss Venezuela beauty pageant.Both Jorge and Chiqui posted a few images of their vacation in San Pedro on their personal Instagram accounts stating how much they loved their vacation in Belize. They departed the country on Sunday!


Alibi for Alpuche Emerges on His Whereabouts When Cane Fields Were Burnt
While investigation continues into the issue of who set fire to more than 700 tons of BSI’s cane, Cervantes raised the possibility that all this might be a case of mistaken identity. According to Cervantes, recent information brought to his attention by a Mennonite employee is that Alpuche was at the Cervantes quarry in San Antonio village at the time of the incident and it was when they were on their way back to Orange Walk Town that both men were detained by police for allegedly setting the fields on fire. RAMON CERVANTES JR “It’s my political opponents, you said it, it could be political and they are the ones trying to make a case of it, trying to implicate me but I will say categorically that I condemn and denounce the burning of cane fields and why? There is a fundamental reason; because my family has been victim, we have been victims of the burning of cane fields. I have very good friends who have been victims to the burning of cane fields. In fact, seventeen acres of our cane fields, right at Mameyal, opposite where they abducted my father, right there they burnt seventeen acres of our cane so I totally condemn and denounce such action of burning of cane fields. I would never engage in such an action. I would never incite such an action or condone it. In fact I denounce such actions as the burning of cane fields. “

Cervantes Denies Involvement of His Driver in Burnt Cane Fields
While the SCPC met yesterday at the Sugar Board office some 20 acres of cane belong to BSI-ASR went up in flames. Love News has been able to confirm from BSI sources that a watchman was guarding the fields in the San Lorenzo Area when he observed a blue double cab pickup truck circling the area. He then noticed that two men exited the vehicle and lit fire in different areas of the field. The security guard alleges that as he approached the vehicle to record the license plates numbers shots were fired at him, forcing him to retreat and subsequently informed his supervisors who called the police. Quick police response led them to detain two occupants of a blue double cab pickup truck on the San Antonio – Yo Creek Rd. The vehicle has been identified as being the property of Ramon Monchi Cervantes and inside the vehicle were Efrain Alpuche Jr. and Saul Vasquez. Alpuche is Cervantes’ personal bodyguard. Since word spread of the detention of the two men, fingers have been pointed at Cervantes as being behind the burning of BSI’s cane fields. Today Cervantes spoke and denied any involvement and at the same time condemned such acts of malice.

Police Department Eagerly Awaits Return of Trio From Law Studies
While there are some bad cops tarnishing the reputation of the Belize Police Department, there are some with the goal to uplift the department. Three senior police officers were sent aboard to study law but where will they be placed if they return to Belize to work? ALLEN WHYLIE “I do not want to pre-empt that on where they will be placed. I can say that I am eagerly awaiting their arrival and I hope that all three officers will be back with the police department where we will be able to utilize their strengths. We do need the assistance and I am hopeful that we will keep all three of them. “ Those officers studying abroad are Inspector Llewelyn Usher, Superintendent Bart Jones and Senior Superintendent Clyde Williams.

Police Constable Yah Is Off Duty Pending Criminal Hearing
While the Commissioner has to deal with the rise in crime situation in Belize, he also has to deal with police officers behaving like criminals. Yesterday we reported on the case of Police Constable Giean Yah who was caught with 3139 grams of weed inside his silver Hyundai car as he was entering Belize from the northern border. The drugs were found inside the trunk and PC Yah was arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking. He appeared in court, met bail of three thousand dollars and is to reappear on August 21. PC Yah is not the first officer to be charged for a criminal offence and most likely will not be lost. Commissioner Whylie says PC Yah has been placed on interdiction. “Well I do know of the case. He was handed over to the police, he was arrested and charged; he has been taken to court. My understanding is that he was granted bail; he has been placed on interdiction by my office also. We, as administrators do not condone wrong doing within the police department; be it of a criminal nature or be it complaint of a citizen.

Commissioner of Police Says Most Murders Are Not Preventable
In an interview done with the Commissioner of Police earlier today, our reported asked the following: HIPOLITO NOVELO Sir, you mention that your department is doing its best but do you think it’s doing enough?” ALLEN WHYLIE “Well, we are doing the best under the circumstances. Am I satisfied with where we are? No, I am not because yes, the crimes are occurring; we have seen reductions, as I have said before, in all the various categories of major crimes with the exception of murders. So, there are the positive things that the department is doing. The murders – majority of the murders are not preventable; how do you prevent a person from being killed in their home? What else could the police have taken? What individual steps? So, there are their responsibilities, individual citizens also have the right to ensure that they are aware of their environment and that they take necessary steps to ensure that they are safe.

Compol Says Citizens Need to Help the Police to Curb Crime
Over the weekend there were for murders; three which were committed with some sort of firearm. That brings the murder count to about 53 already and we are just in the fifth month of the year. If this trend continues it might well be that 2015 may become the most murderous year yet. In fact, 2015 has already has more murders that 2012, 2013 and 2014. So what is the Belize Police Department doing about it? Well, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie says that they are doing everything possible but they need the cooperation of the community. “Crime is not an issue that will be solved by the Belize Police Department. It will take each and every individual citizen within Belize. As I have always said, we don’t have police on every street corner but we have citizen who live on every street and so, the solution to the crime problem, the kind of information and intelligence we need, rests with the citizen out there. I have always asked for their support to provide those kinds of information; to work with us.

Police Finds Crack Cocaine and Weed on the Peninsula
Police in Placencia have arrested and charged 38-year-old, Marlon Wright Marlon Wrightfor possession of controlled drug. Police say that they were on foot patrol on Monday night when they came across Wright who was coming from the west side of the village. Police conducted a search of his person and while they were doing so, a black plastic bag fell to the ground. Wright, reportedly quickly attempted to conceal the bag by placing his foot over it but his quick move was noticed by the officer who then retrieved the plastic bag. In it there was 4 grams of crack cocaine for which Wright was charged for. Also, Placencia’s Quick Response team conducted a search behind Jay Birds Bar in the village in an abandoned lot. There, they found a black plastic bag, containing several other smaller bags which had in weed. It all weighed 113 grams and was labelled as found property since no one was in the area at the time.

American Nationals Assaulted In Home Invasion in Hopkins
Earlier we told you of a Russian man who, with his wife and daughter were victims of a home invasion in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District in the latter part of April. There is yet another story to report tonight coming out of the very same village. An American couple that resides in the village has told police officers that on Friday night around 7:30pm they were alerted by the dogs barking and when the man, 62-year-old, Ralph Porter stepped outside to make checks in his yard, he encountered three masked men, dressed in black clothing approaching him from the back of the house. One of the robbers was armed with a black handgun and pointed in Porter’s face, forcing him inside the house. The three men followed Porter inside where his wife, Juanita Buckles was. They then forced the man to lie on the ground while they ransacked his home and took several electronic items and cash to a total value of four thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. During the incident, Porter was hit several times in the head with the gun and Buckles, too was assaulted in the home invasion.

Ambassador Amadei Checks Up on EU-Funded Projects in Belize
Head of Delegation for the European Union to Belize, Ambassador Paola Amadei is on a working visit to Belize. Last Saturday, the Ambassador attended the official opening of the Maya House of Cacao, which is an initiative under the Belize Rural Development Programme. Throughout this week the Ambassador will be seeing the progress made in some of the EU funded projects within the country. She will meet with Prime Minister Dean Barrow to discuss the various projects and advances in the Belize-EU relationship, as well as preparations for EU CELAC Summit in June and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November. Ambassador Amadei will also meet with other Government officials, representatives from donor agencies and local EU project partners. She leaves the country on Thursday.

Union and BEL Negotiate for Partnership Collective Agreement
Since the start of the week, our news centre has been receiving information that workers from the Belize Electricity Limited have been on a sick out or go-slow after their request for a ten percent raise in salary among other things is not being fulfilled. We have made several calls to members of the union including the head of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, Marvin Mora, who incidentally, was out sick from work yesterday. Mora told Love News via text message yesterday, quote, “I really don’t know what you are talking about but if the rest of my brothers and sister are doing something like that then I am sure they saw it was necessary.” End of quote. Today, we received further reports that ninety workers were out of the office on a sick out.

Belize Chamber of Commerce Speaks on Amendments to PetroCaribe Bill
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has written to the Prime Minister. The letter, dates May 14 and is in response to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s letter he sent to the past President of the BCCI, Kay Menzies in regards to the PetroCaribe Loans Act. In the letter President, Arturo Vasquez, points out that the Chamber is not against the PetroCaribe Loan Initiative. The BCCI tells the Prime Minister that what good governance entails is the reporting of how monies are spent and Government’s assets maintained by the Government. That good governance, says Vasquez, must have the complete oversight of several agencies including the Office of the Auditor General, and the Public Accounts Committee. Last week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced several amendments to the Act that would take effect in June when the House of Representative meets.

President Says Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Play Politics
Earlier we brought you the interview with the President of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arturo Vasquez who spoke specifically on the Chamber’s concerns surrounding the recent amendments to the PetroCaribe Bill as announced by the Prime Minister. In that same interview, Vasquez told Love News that the BCCI is committed to, quote “support the full implementation of any legislation that embodies the principles of transparency , accountability and good governance already enshrined in FARA and other existing legislation and which strengthens the enforcement of same”, end of quote.


NTV goes to Garbutt’s falls
The Northern Territorial Volunteers, ventured to Garbutt’s Falls on Sunday May 17th for their 7th excursion to the edge of the border with Guatemala...

Double Murder of two Americans in Teakettle
Two Americans were murdered over the weekend in the Village of Teakettle, Cayo. One was shot multiple times and the other was hacked to death...

Woman shot in the head and killed in Roaring Creek
The relenteless gun violence that continues to plague the community of Roaring Creek, and the neighbouring villages, has claimed the life of 43 year old Rosalee Galves, a resident of Young Bank Area Camalote...

Multiple injuries reported in road traffic accident
Several young men were injured in a traffic accident around 5:30 in the evening of Sunday, May 17, on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 13 and 14. Police report that a grey Toyota pickup truck was seen overturned on the left side of the highway...

Hands Across the Sand against offshore drilling
This past Saturday Belize joined in for the first time in a worldwide activity highlighting environmental issues...

Alicia Thompson wins Women’s Cross Country Classic
The Annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic hit the George Price Highway on Sunday morning from the Cayo District for 68 miles to Belize City’s Leslie’s Imports at Mile 2...

Shots fired in Independence Village
There was more shooting in the country of Belize this weekend, this time in the Stann Creek District...

BEL workers skip work over pay increase
PLUS News has confirmed that many workers for Belize Electricity Limited (BEL)  members of the Belize Energy Workers’ Union (BEWU) – did not report to work today...

Sugar Cane Quota Being Cut Back
The sweetness of Sugar City has turned sour for many farmers in the North because their sugar cane production estimates for all three associations has been sliced while BSI’s sugar cane production estimates have been increased...

Police Recruit Squad 91 Passes out
151 men and women of recruit squad number 91 graduated from the police training academy yesterday May 14 at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Present there at the passing out ceremony Hon...

Accused grenade thrower to learn his fate
At news time a jury of ten women and two men has the case of Lusby Martinez, charged with the murder of 14 year old Rudolph Flowers on December 28, 2009 around 7:00 p.m...

Nuru Arrested for Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
A Dangriga man is arrested and charged for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14 year old minor...

BDF on NTV Excursion
On Wednesday members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) were guests on Plus TV’s Rise and Shine show where they talked about their upcoming excursion to the Garbutt Falls Monument, scheduled for Sunday May 17th.

Strong Man Competition and Health Fair this weekend
Who is Belize’s strongest man? The BTL Park in Belize City this weekend hosts the third annual Strong Man Competition and Health Fair where that question will be answered...

New Ras Indio Videos
Belizean Reggae artist Ras Indi has made a name for himself in the international stage and has since been collaborating with other creative minds in the musical Industry.

Bay Expo
The Belmopan Active Youths are having their first annual expo on Saturday May 16 at the George Price Center, Belmopan from 10 am to 4 pm...

Sports Zone new Schedule
Our last story for today is in an announcement. Loyal fans of the hit tv series Sports Zone on Plus TV are being made aware of the change in schedule. Host of the TV show Reynard Garbutt spoke about new changes that are coming to sports zone.

NTV goes to Garbutt’s falls
The Northern Territorial Volunteers, ventured to Garbutt’s Falls on Sunday May 17th for their 7th excursion to the edge of the border with Guatemala...

Double Murder of two Americans in Teakettle
Two Americans were murdered over the weekend in the Village of Teakettle, Cayo. One was shot multiple times and the other was hacked to death...

Woman shot in the head and killed in Roaring Creek
The relenteless gun violence that continues to plague the community of Roaring Creek, and the neighbouring villages, has claimed the life of 43 year old Rosalee Galves, a resident of Young Bank Area Camalote...

Multiple injuries reported in road traffic accident
Several young men were injured in a traffic accident around 5:30 in the evening of Sunday, May 17, on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 13 and 14. Police report that a grey Toyota pickup truck was seen overturned on the left side of the highway...

Hands Across the Sand against offshore drilling
This past Saturday Belize joined in for the first time in a worldwide activity highlighting environmental issues...

Alicia Thompson wins Women’s Cross Country Classic
The Annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic hit the George Price Highway on Sunday morning from the Cayo District for 68 miles to Belize City’s Leslie’s Imports at Mile 2...

Shots fired in Independence Village
There was more shooting in the country of Belize this weekend, this time in the Stann Creek District...

BEL workers skip work over pay increase
PLUS News has confirmed that many workers for Belize Electricity Limited (BEL)  members of the Belize Energy Workers’ Union (BEWU) – did not report to work today...


“I paid Castro $2,000 for each visa application!”
The presentation of evidence as part of the defamation case brought by Belize Rural North area representative Hon. Edmond Castro continued today in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel with whistleblower Alvarine Burgess, who is named in the lawsuit as the first defendant (with Channel 5 News being the second defendant), taking the witness stand today. Yesterday, Thursday, Castro, under blistering cross-examination by attorney Godfrey Smith, S.C, admitted that he signed the visa applications, out of the goodness of his heart, he said, to help Immigration agent turned whistleblower Alvarine Burgess, who needed money to assist her husband to get medical treatment outside Belize. When Burgess testified today, she insisted that Castro did not help her out of any sense of compassion, but for the payment of $2,000 per visa application that he signed, recommending Asian nationals for Belizean visiting visas. Burgess told the court, “I handed Mr. Castro money on every occasion that I went to see him at his office.”

Gunman fatally shot woman in moving vehicle
Rosalie Galvez, 33, of Society Hall, Roaring Creek, Cayo District, a mother of three children, died tragically after being shot by a cold-blooded gunman at about 6:30 yesterday evening, Sunday, near the Guanacaste National Park in Roaring Creek. Galvez was in a black Toyota single cab pickup being driven on the George Price Highway by her common-law husband, Russell Hyde, 44, a Camalote businessman. Hyde, who is well-known in the Belmopan and Roaring Creek area, and to police, reported that he was with his common-law-wife, Rosalie Galvez, their two sons and other family members and they were travelling from More Tomorrow in their black Toyota pickup to their home in Camalote when upon reaching the Guanacaste National Park, he slowed down because of several speed bumps in the area and the construction of the new roundabout.

Double murder in Pineapple Hill
The Pineapple Hill area, of Teakettle in the Cayo District, was the scene of an appalling double homicide – the victims of which were two American nationals who were apparently targeted by robbers last Friday evening. Police said that on Friday, May 15, at about 6:10 p.m., they were called out to the residence of American teacher, Laura Jo Lambert, 59, in the Pineapple Hill area of Teakettle, where they saw the body of American national, Julian Christopher Jones, 46, also of Teakettle, with chop wounds to the head, inside a house that is under construction on the property. Further checks in another room of the house led to the discovery of the body of American retiree, Paul David Signorino, 61, of Valley of Peace Road, Cayo District. He had two gunshot wounds in the left side of the head. Lambert told police that at about 5:30 p.m. on Friday, she arrived home and did not see her ex-husband, so she called out for him, but received no response.

Verdes ends 3-peat reign of Belmopan Bandits
Crime is down 30%, so said Minister of Police, BDF and owner of the Belmopan Bandits football club, Hon. John Saldivar; and his words may have been prophetic in a way, for the 3-peat reign of his Belmopan Bandits came to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon at a packed Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, home of the legendary Mighty Avengers, whose surviving stars were on hand to issue trophies and awards after the Green Machine pulled off a spectacular 2-nil victory to bring the curtain down, on the three seasons, long reign of the Belmopan Bandits. The Bandits had taken game 1 by a 1-nil margin a week earlier at the FFB Stadium, so the 2-nil win gave Verdes the aggregate 2-1 edge, and the national championship. Just as importantly, the victory sends Verdes FC to the CONCACAF Champions League 2015 tournament later this year. The Bandits, then back-to-back champions, had qualified to the Champions League in 2014, but the FFB Stadium failed the CONCACAF inspection, and the Bandits lost the opportunity to represent the Jewel, their spot taken by Club Sport Herediano of Costa Rica.

Delivery man arraigned for allegedly kissing a boy
A Belize City man who is employed as a delivery man for a restaurant was arraigned on a charge of aggravated assault of an indecent nature when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning. Patrick Swasey, 33, pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on a bail of $1,500 plus one surety in the same amount. Swasey was granted bail on the condition that he stays away from the virtual complainant in the case and all prosecution witness. The allegation against Swasey is that sometime in the month of December 2014, he kissed a boy on the mouth – the boy is a minor below the age of 16.

Chamber calls on PM for open dialogue on PetroCaribe law
Arturo “Tux” Vasquez, president of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), told Amandala today that following an executive meeting held on Friday, the Chamber has sent off a formal letter to Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow, calling on the Government to rethink the manner in which PetroCaribe funds are being spent, and also calling for open dialogue on issues of accountability and spending. Last Thursday, Barrow—who had been adamant that there will be no repeal of, or changes to, the PetroCaribe legislation passed by Parliament in March—announced a set of amendments, which, he said, was merely meant to spell out what is already the legal position. He said that the bill for the amendments has already been drafted for presentation to Parliament.

Alicia Thompson is 2015 Women Cross Country Champion
She has been prominent on the cycling scene for a number of years, having taken off a few years after giving birth, and returning to once again become a prime contender in the female cycling races hosted by the Belize Cycling Association. She had posted wins in other big races, but the Women Cross Country, from San Ignacio to Belize City, had eluded Alicia up until yesterday, and she was determined to gain her first Cross Country win. Second place was taken by Kaya Cattouse, 3rd was Shalini Zabaneh, 4th Gabrielle Lovell, 5th Estefany Cruz, and 6th Kerah Eiley.

NEBL regular season closes with a huge splash; #4 seed still up for graps
The NEBL regular season closed, with an exciting weekend of action, as three teams jostled for home court advantage, while two teams faced a win-or-go-home game down in Dangriga, with the winner claiming the fourth and final playoff spot. The NEBL will now move into playoffs this coming weekend, where the #1 seed will host the #4 seed, and the #2 seed will host the #3 seed. Both the semifinals and the finals will be best-of-three series, with the #1 and #2 seeded teams having home court advantage in the first round. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast with the game scores, play-by-play analysis and the box scores. Fans can follow every game live on our webpage, as scores are in real time. The NEBL webpage also contains news, team standings, and player statistics, and it can be found at The defending champions, San Pedro Tiger Sharks will be the #2 seed going into the playoffs, where they will host the Belmopan Red Taigaz as the #3 seed. San Pedro Tiger Sharks will have the home court advantage in this best-of-three series, where the teams split their regular season matchups. In the first game of the regular season, San Pedro Tiger Sharks blew out the Belmopan Red Taigaz by 35 points; but in the rematch, Belmopan was able to blow out the defending champs by 20 points. Both games took place at the UB gymnasium. In the second match-up series, Cayo Western Ballaz will be the #1 seed going into the playoffs, and they will take on the winner of the Belize Hurricanes and Dangriga Warriors game. Cayo Western Ballaz was able to sweep the 2 game series against both teams in the regular season.

Invasion and education
When Europe invaded Africa and America roughly five centuries ago, Europe conquered Africa and America with violence. Europe then sent her religious missionaries to Christianize and “civilize” the conquered Africans and Indigenous Americans. In all the cases of which we know, it was those Christian missionaries from Europe who opened the first schools in now subject Africa and America, and thus it was that education, as we know it today, began in Africa and America – as a sequel to invasion. There was a time before the Europeans invaded, you know, when African and American peoples had lived and flourished. That “time” covered many centuries of existence, and in fact that “time” included millennia of existence. In some cases these millennia included glorious civilizations in places like Egypt, Ethiopia, Mali, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Peru, and so on. There was, then, a way of life in Africa and America before the Europeans invaded, and so there had been systematic transfers of knowledge from generations to generations to generations, for many centuries, and in fact for millennia, before the Europeans came with their ships and their horses and their guns and their cannons.

From the Publisher
We African people in the diaspora have come a long way from three, four centuries ago when the various Europeans chained us in the bottoms of ships and sailed us across the Atlantic Ocean to slavery in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Then, we had become absolutely nothing; we were human flotsam and jetsam. And one of the worst aspects of it all was that we were isolated from each other psychologically and spiritually; we saw the hell we were experiencing as a lonely torture. Me against the world. We had been violently ripped away from our families, our tribes, our villages in West Africa, and we were separated from the other slaves to whom we were chained and on whom we were vomiting and defecating, and who were in turn vomiting and defecating upon us, we were separated from them by language, religion, history, and so on. In the case of us Belizean Africans, say, the sense of community took a while developing after we were first landed in Jamaica, then transported to Belize. The most important tool we created on the road to community was the Creole dialect, which enabled us to start communicating with each other and at the same time keep the masters in the dark somewhat. When the Garifuna people, on the other hand, landed in Belize in the early part of the nineteenth century, they brought strong community ties to each other. There were different reasons for that. But the Creole people were definitely not a community when we landed here, and it took us generations to develop any kind of community.

We live in a violent world. Belize has not been spared
Dear Editor, It is a constant surprise that acts of violence in Belize, particularly gun violence, are reported in the five –days- a- week TV news and in weekly newspaper front page headlines but not seriously discussed and confronted head on in an attempt to stem the high rates threatening this tiny nation on many fronts. Only occasionally, once in the last six or so months that comes to mind, is this continuous state of violence addressed by academics. We hear it mentioned these days by those running for political office who have taken to the air waves with their spins on issues they see as needing the attention of office holders. At best there are sporadic reports on such and such study, the same old data warmed over that have long been accepted universally as to the causes of violence so prevalent in particular communities. Another surprise is the lack of any meaningful discussion, investigation or reporting on the presence of drugs and guns in the country, even though the many killings are seen to be connected to drugs and guns. What silence! One wonders.

A critic of Oceana
Dear Publisher, I read with great interest your article “From the Publisher” on page 9, of the Wednesday, April 15 edition and reprinted on page 26 on Sunday, April 19. You offered a very interesting perspective on the late leader of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. You also wrote in that article: “The money from the developed societies is spare cash which they accumulated during slavery and colonialism. Then now send the money they made by brutalizing and exploiting us in the past to confuse us in the present. They are already rich and comfortable, and we are trying to figure out how to get there. The rich countries wish for poor countries like Belize to be their playgrounds. Where they are concerned, our competitive advantage, you see, lies in sex, sin, drugs, drink, and so on.” I could not help but think that these words clearly describe the efforts of Oceana in Belize. While their goals to protect our reef and marine offshore are quite laudable and I don’t for one moment question the sincerity of the local Oceana advocates, is it not just the case of some rich and wealthy neocolonialists trying to preserve Belize as their playground? They have made all this money and wealth exploiting us and brutalizing us and now they turn around and use this same wealth to confuse us and continue to control our minds to avoid development and generating sources of our own wealth through their flashy and expensive media efforts.

NTVs head to Garbutt’s Falls
A large gathering of almost 200 nationalistic citizens, mostly from the Orange Walk District, joined the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) yesterday, Sunday, as the border advocacy group ventured out on another of its customary expeditions – this time to Garbutt’s Falls in the Cayo District. Located just about a hundred feet from the Benque border, the Garbutt’s Falls border marker is considered one of the most easily accessible boundary points as compared to Gracias Adios, deep in southern Belize, and Aguas Turbias in the Orange Walk District, which is the intersection point of the Mexican, Belizean and Guatemalan borders. Amandala accompanied the crowd of men, women and children as they made the 10-minute journey along the river’s edge to assist in the refurbishment of the long-dilapidated marker. After a brief ceremony which included the singing of the Belizean National Anthem, and recital of the National Prayer, as well as speeches from historian and former politician, “Don” Hector Silva, and Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) leaders, the Garbutt Falls Monument, which is notably on the verge of keeling over from the slope on which it is positioned, was freshly painted.

Murder rate up 40%; major crimes down 11%
Information published by the Police Information Technology Unit reveals that a crime happens in Belize every 23 minutes. Those might not be considered major crimes, which is a special classification that the police give to 6 types of crimes, namely robberies, burglaries, carnal knowledge, theft, rape and murder. Police say that they record roughly 25,000 incidences of crime each year, about 2,000 every month, 480 a week and 64 in a day. Only a small percentage of these even make it on to the police reports issued to the media and of those, only a portion actually make the news. Whereas a marijuana bust may not be deemed newsworthy, murders, which are considered to be the most heinous and lamentable forms of crime, almost always are. Last week Wednesday, May 13, National Security Minister John Saldivar chastised the media for “sensationalizing” murders. Saldivar said that, “since 2012 when I took over as the Minister of National Security, we have seen a thirty percent decrease in major crimes in this country, but that goes unnoticed because the media prefers to cover the murders and not the other crime statistics which show that we are making great progress.”

Murder at a wake in Ladyville!
Between Friday and Sunday morning, there were two murders in Ladyville. This evening, the officer in charge of the Ladyville Police, Inspector Fredrick Gordon, confirmed to Amandala that police have no suspect in custody for Sunday morning’s shooting that caused the death of Kenroy “Bouncer” Arnold, 29, at the home of Friday’s murder victim, Sylvin “Cruz” Encalada, 65, a security guard who was found dead at his workplace in Ladyville. Encalada had been found hanging over the ground of his security booth on the Cemento Maya Factory compound with a string tied tightly around his neck. While police have not yet made any arrest in connection with that murder, Gordon said, police are seeking one suspect. On Saturday night, however, some friends of the Encalada family went to the family’s home at 20 Perez Road to begin a nightly wake and to spend time with the family in this time of grief.

Chamber calls on PM for open dialogue on PetroCaribe law
Arturo “Tux” Vasquez, president of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), told Amandala today that following an executive meeting held on Friday, the Chamber has sent off a formal letter to Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow, calling on the Government to rethink the manner in which PetroCaribe funds are being spent, and also calling for open dialogue on issues of accountability and spending. Last Thursday, Barrow—who had been adamant that there will be no repeal of, or changes to, the PetroCaribe legislation passed by Parliament in March—announced a set of amendments, which, he said, was merely meant to spell out what is already the legal position. He said that the bill for the amendments has already been drafted for presentation to Parliament. According to Barrow, the new bill will amend section 3 of the PetroCaribe legislation by repealing subsection 2 and putting in a clause specifying that, “…the money borrowed from APBEL shall be kept in a fund at the Central Bank of Belize, which fund shall form part of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of Belize…”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ramon Monchie Cervantes Says His Driver Didn’t Burn Cane Fields
Ramon Monchie Cervantes, the PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North is claiming that his driver Efrain Novelo didn’t burn the BSI cane fields. As was reported two days ago, BSI Security called police to report that two men set fire to its cane fields in San Lorenzo and when […]

Home Invasion in Hopkins
On May 15th around 7:30 p.m. American National Ralph Porter and his wife Juanita Buckles were victims of an armed home invasion. Porter reported that he heard his dogs barking outside their home in Hopkins and upon making checks behind his house, he came in contact with three masked men […]

It’s a Jungle Out there: A Sad State of Affairs in the Kingdom Belize
Once upon a time—in a lush kingdom of tropical splendor that was once home to creative, intellectually curious and inventive indigenous peoples—two political parties arose within the jungle, each smugly convinced that bringing “order” and “reason” to a rather free-spirited society was the right thing to do. Lacking imagination, the parties […]

Festival of arts Golden Night in PG
The Festival of Arts Golden Night, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), packed the Punta Gorda Parish Hall to capacity last night with over 300 in attendance. This event, which featured winning Primary School acts from across the […]

2015 Smart Reggae Fest is going to be EPIC!
The 4th annual Smart Reggae Fest is set to be the biggest musical event of 2015 for Belize. That is because the organizers, Higher Level Entertainment will be presenting Jamaican Royalty, Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley to grace the stage at the Hour Bar Field in Belize City. Local performances by […]

What does Belizeans voting no to I.C.J mean for Belize?
Despite the civil unrest currently wreaking havoc on the streets of Guatemala due to political corruption, the city is still scheduled to host their election in September of this year. This will mean that the Guatemalans will simultaneously cast their ballot in the territorial dispute between Guatemala and Belize if […]

Orange Walk Territorial Volunteers makes record breaking excursion to Garbutt Falls Border Marker
A group of approximately 200 patriots joined the expedition, recording the largest crowd for a BTV endeavor thus far. Giovanni De La Fuente, the leader of Orange Walk Territorial Volunteers said and we qoute: “I don’t know what happened to the people of Orange Walk. We only sounded the call and […]

Chamber of Commerce Take Position On Petrocaribe Loans Act
The Chamber of Commerce has joined the many entities that have taken a stand against the Petrocaribe Loans Act. In a letter to the Prime Minister of Belize, dated the 14th of May the Chamber underlined that they are not against the Petrocaribe Initiative; however, it could not support the Loans Act because it flies in the face of progress reached in the Finance and Audit Reform Act. According to the Chamber it is “Unfortunately, that the Petrocaribe Loans Act is the antithesis of everything that was fought for and represents a reversal of all that was attained by the FARA.” The Chamber also added that it centers itself in the principle of good governance and must be reported by parliament to the people on the way public funds are spent and assets managed. So far, the PUP, VIP and the unions have rejected the Loans Act.

Corozal police have arrested and charged one of their own for drug trafficking
Corozal police has arrested and charged one of their own for drug trafficking over the weekend. According to police report, on Sunday afternoon, around 1:55 pm Constable Geian Ya who is attached to the Corozal Quick Response Team was intercepted by the Customs Enforcement Unit at the northern border. Belize Media Group understands that Ya was wearing his police camouflage trousers and a police t-shirt. Despite that Ya was dressed in his uniform, Custom officers complied with their duties and proceeded to search his Hyundai Sonata which was bearing Texas license plates.

Ramon “Munchie” Cervantes’s Vehicle Used in Arson of Cane Fields
Yesterday evening, police arrested two men who they suspect burned cane fields belonging to ASR, and fired at ASR Security personnel who caught them doing it. The suspects were in a blue Mazda pickup that belongs to PUP politician Ramon Munchi Cervantes, and one of the men is Efrain Alpuche, Mr. Cervantes personal security guard. According to reports, 20 twenty acres of cane were burned and the two men are in police custody at this time.


Lunch with One of the Best Views on the Island: Di V’u Bar & Restaurant
Wet Willy’s dock and bar have been a fixture on Ambergris Caye for quite some time. The largest of only a handful of over the sea palapa bars on the island, they were known for years as the home of the infamous Wednesday late night “Ladies Night”. And now. Again new owners, a new look and a new name. Di’Vu Restaurant. But last summer, new owners from Maryland bought the bar and they have lots of restaurant experience. They own a large “raw bar” called Jimmie & Sook’s back in the states and they totallly revamped the menu. They changed the name to Di’Vu – Ova di wata, Anda di stars. AND they cancelled the gritty late night Ladies Night. They are doing breakfast lunch and dinner. I’ll be back! I love the new outside lighting…this place must be so pretty at night. And kinda perfect for a large event or concert. I call the double lounger!

Belize The New Foodies Paradise? You Bet!
Now, I’ve always been a fan of Belizean cooking. Ever since my first plate of rice and beans with stew chicken I was hooked, and the hook was set deeper still with the other traditional stews, beef and pork, along with tamales, the exquisite Maya pork Pibil, lobster in its many incarnations, garnaches, salbutes and that most majestic meat, Gibnut – aka the “Royal Rodent”, as well as the various barbeques and excellent street food. It was always simple, filling food that went perfectly with a cold Belikin beer. These days, however, a growing, more sophisticated food culture is on the rise, and it’s ratcheted up my enjoyment of Belize by a few notches. I first noticed it when I arrived in San Ignacio, where I was happy to see some of my old standbys, like Mom’s on Burns Avenue, still in business as well as some newcomers that really raise the bar. And while the Mariposa restaurant at The Lodge at Chaa Creek was always good, it’s also climbed up in creativity. I was able to meet the head chef, Mario Alejandro Mendez Rivera, to thank him in person for an excellent dinner, and was impressed by the spotless professional kitchen he commands – something that wouldn’t be out of place in a big city, but was a pleasant surprise to find in the middle of a 365-acre jungle reserve.

A Punta Gorda Original: Welcome to Gomier's
Come to Punta Gorda hungry and one place you’ll sure hear recommended is Gomier’s. Located just to right of the “Welcome to PG” sign at the entrance to town, Gomier’s Restaurant is a true PG landmark. No rice and beans here—instead, you’ll have your choice of fresh seafood, fish burgers, veggie burritos, curry shrimp and tofu, vegetable salads, heart of palm, soups, homemade breads, cakes, pizzas and more. Everything at Gomier’s is made from scratch and all of it with locally purchased and healthy ingredients. Many people are curious how Gomier’s, PG’s most well known restaurant, got its start. I caught up with Gomier, the owner, manager, cook, and waiter, to see if he could help. Originally from Saint Lucia, Gomier (real name Igantius Longville) has had a fascinating life. A licensed plumber, agronomist, agriculture technician, and cook, he did somewhat of everything before settling down in PG. In his native village of Canaries, Gomier was even the official administrator in charge of the town’s water supply, and this before he was 18. As far as cooking goes, though, Gomier claims to have started as a teenager, during his weekends at the river or sea with his friends. He recalls how they would each contribute something for lunch. “Everyone would bring a little food from home and then we would go and catch some fish. After we had all the ingredients, we just needed someone to cook it up, so we took turns each week preparing the meal. Since my friends often said that my meals were the most delicious, they began calling me ‘The Cook.’ I was ‘the cook’ every weekend after that.’”

International Sourcesizz

Cruise ship freed from Bermuda reef
Thousands of passengers are stuck aboard a Norwegian cruise ship after it ran aground as it tried to leave Bermuda. Small boats, divers and tug boats circled the Norwegian Dawn as authorities tried to work out how to solve the situation, according to tweets from passengers aboard the ship. An official with Bermuda's Rescue Co-ordination Centre said the ship, bound for Boston, hit a reef near Bermuda's North Channel. There are 2,675 passengers and 1,062 crew members aboard the ship, which is in a stable position. Passenger Rachel Hansen, from Londonderry, New Hampshire, said by phone that the captain told everyone that the ship would not move until today. She said the ship was about three miles from Bermuda when it ran aground. "We definitely felt it," she said. "We were in the middle of eating dinner. There was a shudder for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then there was a sudden stop."

Schauen Sie dem Jaguar immer direkt in die Augen
Sie war ein Menschenopfer. Bestimmt für die Götter von Xibalba, dem Ort der Angst, wie die Maya ihre Unterwelt nannten. Ihr Tod war brutal, das zeigt ihr Skelett. Ein feiner Kalküberzug verleiht ihren Knochen im Schein der Taschenlampe einen schaurigen Glanz. Nach über tausend Jahren liegen ihre Gebeine noch immer in der Höhle, in der die Maya die Götter gnädig stimmen wollten. Nicht weit entfernt die Überreste 13 weiterer Geopferter, während Rußspuren an der Decke von Feuern künden, die eben erst erloschen zu sein scheinen. "Man sieht hier den Höhepunkt der Maya und den Zeitpunkt ihres Zusammenbruchs", sagt Höhlenkenner Carlos Panti. Ohne Absperrung läuft man zwischen Schädeln umher. Carlos spricht Englisch, Landessprache in Belize. Damit hat das einstige Britisch-Honduras gegenüber Mexiko und anderen Ländern der Region eine Sonderstellung inne. Die Spanier konnten hier nicht Fuß fassen. Iberische Kolonialstädte gibt es also nicht, dafür Relikte aus der Ära des britischen Empires. Und jede Menge bunte Häuser – Ausdruck eines karibisch-lässigen Flairs, das Belize vielerorts verströmt, was nicht zuletzt am Vielvölkergemisch liegt. Neben Mestizen und Maya-Nachkommen leben hier auch viele Kreolen und Garifuna; das ist jene Bevölkerungsgruppe, die aus Kariben und afrikanischen Sklaven hervorging. Allen ist ein erfreulich ungezwungener Lebensstil gemeinsam.


  • Reef Week Belize 2015 - Part 1: Lionfish, 11min. Host of Wake Up Belize, Mose Hyde and his crew from KREM TV took to Belize's Cayes with Ragamuffin Tours as part of Reef Week Belize 2015. The journey showcased the beauty and value of Belize's barrier reef, with guest marine biologists from Oceana Belize and Blue Ventures on board.

  • Belize, 11min.

  • Belize Zoo, 3min. Most 'cats' were hiding, so didn't really see them, at least the zoo is a natural setting.

  • Hands Across the Sand in Caye Caulker., 3.5min. Oceana Belize has promoted holding hands for 15 minutes in different communities across the country on Saturday May 16th for its 'No to Offshore Drilling' initiative at 12 p.m. According to a press release sent by Oceana Belize "every year, activists and ocean-lovers host Hands Across the Sand events round the world to “draw a line in the sand,” and say “NO” to dirty fossil fuel projects, as well as call for a shift to clean, renewable energy like offshore wind and solar power.

  • PetroCaribe funds to rural communities, 1min. The transformation continues as The Government of Belize is rolling out PetroCaribe funds to rural communities in every constituency! Contracts have already been signed and works include new subdivisions, drainage and roads!

  • Healthy Belize: 1 BELIZE PRE CONCEPTION, 4min.

  • Healthy Belize: 2 BELIZE CARE DURING PREGNANCY, 4min.

  • Healthy Belize: 3 BELIZE POSTNATAL CARE, 4min.

  • Belize from Michelle Buchanan, 3min.

  • Ambergris Sunrise, 30sec.

  • Hooping Around Central America, 5min. One Hula Hoop, travelling central america, countless beautiful places, and many amazing friends.

  • Belize Dive #1 2 of 2, 2.5min.

  • Belize Dive #2 2 of 2, 1.5min.

  • Belize Dive #2 1 of 2, 6min.

  • Belize Dive #1 1 of 2, 40min.

  • Belize Dive #2 1 of 2, 40min.

  • Belize Cave Trip, 9min. Waterfall Cave Hike near Belmopan, Belize.

  • Ambergris Caye Belize, 6.5min. Driving along the coast 4 miles North of San Pedro Town. Found a terrific bar on the beach, drinks by the pool.

  • San Pedro, Belize 2015, 12min. Aqui esta la primera parte de nuestra aventura en San Pedro, Belize 2015, Espero les guste su video, Gracias por su participacion!!!

  • Rise and Shine Morning Show 18th May 2015 Louis Wade, 131min. Selling of Belizean land on Buy Belize to Foreigners while native Belizeans cannot own a house lot. Also the selling of the Belize Passport to foreigners. the Minister of national security says crime is down by 30% while murders spike; 5 this weekend alone.

  • Ya Da Fu We Belize, 6min. Belizean Patriotic Song

    May 19, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Joining together to say NO to offshore oil drilling
    On Saturday, May 16th close to a hundred San Pedro Town residents joined in the global Hands Across the Sand initiative. This momentous event is held in destinations across the planet Earth to “draw a line in the sand,” and say “NO” to dirty fossil fuel projects, as well as call for a shift to clean, renewable energy like offshore wind and solar power.

    Next Stop: V-bar!
    Nestled on the beach at Sandy Point’s newest resort, Venecia Del Caribe, is a fun get-away bar serving up some unique cocktails and delectable eats. V-bar is one of the islands’ newer establishment, having only opened their doors a few months ago. Its outdoor setting takes advantage of all the gorgeous views of the Belize Barrier Reef and the refreshing blues of the Caribbean Sea. Located about 3.5 miles up north, V-bar is a great place to escape to with friends, away from the bustling epicenter that is San Pedro Town. Chicken quesadillas, a pulled pork panini, a bacon cheese burger, a whole veggie pizza, an order of honey siracha wings, nachos and as if that wasn’t enough, an order of crispy golden fried onion rings! Yum!!! Everything looked amazing and tasted even better- I mean, at one point, I thought I had died and went to food heaven.

    Southwest Airlines Reveals Date for Houston-Belize Flight
    On Wednesday, May 13th, Southwest Airlines held a press conference in Houston, at the Houston City Hall, where the CEO of the airlines, Garry Kelly, announced that the daily, direct flights to Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica will begin on October 15th, as well as Jamaica and Liberia beginning November 1st. He was joined by the Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, at a beach theme setting, where future Southwest destinations were present. A Belize delegation was present for the announcement and “Beach Bash,” which was held after the press conference. In attendance were the Director of Tourism – Mrs. Karen Bevans, Chairman of the Board – Dr. Carla Barnett, Director of Marketing – Ms. Karen Pike, along with representatives of Tropic Air and the Belize Airport Concession.

    SPTC addresses ways to tackle garbage issues
    For quite some time now, island residents have been complaining about the unsightly garbage across the island of Ambergris Caye. Despite the complaints, garbage still continues to be an issue. To date, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has addressed and cleaned up three main problem areas: Alta Mar Area, the area between the beach and airstrip in town core, and Boca del Rio. A system has been placed in order to address the garbage situation on the island, but SPTC needs the collaboration of the public. According to Deputy Mayor, Gary Greif, the council is trying its best to attack the issues from all fronts. “There are agreements with people from the resorts up north who can take their garbage to the Marina, which is collected by private companies. From the Marina Area, Town Council employee Samuel Gonzalez takes the garbage to the dump. This is only for people that have arrangements with us. Everybody else needing to dispose of their trash has to go to the garbage dump. Greif also explained the schedule for garbage disposal. “There is the normal residential garbage pickup which is done by the large compactors, then you have the yard garbage pickup which is done on a schedule basis, two days for Escalante, Boca del Rio, DFC and it rotates”. He also mentioned that they have agreements with trucks identified with a black plate, which can be hired for private garbage disposal. These operators know the procedure of taking the trash all the way to the garbage dump.

    Ambergris Today

    Miss San Pedro and On Eagle’s Wings Ministries Host Successful Fundraiser
    Miss San Pedro, Michelle Nunez, along with members of the non-profit organization On Eagle’s Wings Ministries (OEWM) hosted a successful fundraising banquet dinner at Ramon’s Village on Saturday, May 16, 2015 under a Maya-themed event. Michelle Nunez has been successful in joining efforts with OEWM to establish her S.H.I.N.E foundation that is a youth enrichment program for girls 13 to 16 years old with the goal to empower and motivate them to reach their full potential. On the other hand OEWM, based out of the USA, has expanded its reach to San Pedro in hopes to empower and bring a brighter future to females that have been sexually exploited and to those at risk of exploitation. The banquet dinner was held to raise funds for a S.H.I.N.E. Center that will be built in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, which will serve as a community center for girls. During the gala dinner, a preliminary architectural concept design for the proposed center was presented to those in attendance; the land for the center has been purchased by On Eagles Wings Ministries.

    Flashbacks - Al Felley San Pedro High School's Greatest Banefactor
    Anybody who was familiar with San Pedro High School in its early stages, 1971 and onwards, is bound to have known Al Felly. He was a renowned florist of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. During one of his first visits to San Pedro, he fell in love with the children and people of San Pedro and he commenced providing invaluable assistance to San Pedro High, so much that he became San Pedro High’s most valuable benefactor. Perhaps mention of some of the items he provided would give you an idea of his work: Student desks, office furniture, typewriters, books of all kinds, calculators, carpentry tools, sewing machines, stenograph and printing machines, stationery, and supplies for the new building like cement mixer, paint, electrical wire, lights, architectural plans, and more. Got the idea? He also single handedly did the school yearbook, and shipped tons of prizes and gifts that were used in our annual school fairs to raise money for our new building. Al Felly eventually became known to San Pedro as Uncle Felly and is arrival every year warranted a student delegation with a banner at the airstrip. His departure brought a sense of sadness which he counteracted with a hot dog party for the entire school at his official hotel, Holiday Hotel.

    Celebrity Spotting – Univision Journalist Jorge Ramos and Chiquis Delgado in San Pedro
    Ambergris Today caught up with two powerhouse TV personalities from the Univision network who were vacationing in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Mexican-American journalist and author based in Miami, Jorge Ramos and his girlfriend Maria Chiquinquira Delgado left San Pedro today, May 18, 2015, after spending a vacation at Cayo Espanto celebrity resort. Jorge Ramos is a seasoned journalist and anchors the Univision News television program, Noticiero Univision; hosts the Univision Sunday-morning, political news program, Al Punto; and hosts the Fusion TV English-language program, America with Jorge Ramos. His girlfriend Chiquis Delgado is a Venezuelan TV host, model, and actress. She is currently a co-host of Mira Quien Baila on the Univision; prior to that, she was the host of ¡Despierta América! Delgado was first runner-up in the 1990 Miss Venezuela beauty pageant.

    San Pedro Joins Hands Across the Sand in Support Against Offshore Oil Drilling
    Oceana was in charge of organizing the Hands Across the Sand event in Belize and it was successfully held in all the districts around the country including San Pedro, Dangriga, Corozal, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Orange Walk, San Ignacio, Caye Caulker, Belize City and Placencia. The event had participants holding hands by the shore for 15 minutes as a show of solidarity against offshore oil drilling and sending the message to government that they do not support any of it. Two years ago, the Belize Supreme Court ruled in favor an Oceana suit to stop offshore oil exploration. Subsequently, though, the injunction was suspended, and two companies, including Princess Petroleum, continue to have exploration rights. According to documents submitted by Belize to UNESCO, the original concession included exploration rights at Great Blue Hole, a renowned underwater sinkhole, but Princess Petroleum voluntarily gave rights to that area up. If oil is not found, the current rights will expire in October 2015, which may be why the government is pursuing a new path to concessions.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Ten-day Weather Outlook
    Model projections are indicating an intensifying ENSO (Warm Event) in the eastern Pacific through the autumn of 2015. This is alarming as it could spell high variability in the rainy season rainfall pattern for Belize, similar to 1997. The GFS-mnsprd and GFS Climate Model Outlooks initiated at noon on Friday, May 15, 2015 for the western Caribbean and Belize were favoring the seasonal dry conditions to persist for the next eight to nine days. Both models resolve a disturbed area of moisture and instability (low pressure) to move off the coast of Panama and Costa Rica after the next 48 to 72 hours. This instability center will intensify and increase in coverage as it drifts NNE towards eastern Jamaica. By the weekend of 23-24 May, this feature will weaken, but the broad area of moisture and instability will drift westwards towards the coast of Belize. The instability will reach Belize by late 24 May, resulting in moderate to heavy outbreaks of showers especially over the northern half of the country at first; then spreading over the rest of the country by 25 May. This could mark the start of the rains as the models have the instability and a low pressure system persisting over the region for several days.

    EXPORTBelize, unveils the Belize Trade Finance Access Guide
    The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) has as its mission the enhancement of Belize’s Prosperity by fostering investor confidence, entrepreneurship, business growth and innovation. In accomplishing this mission, all technical units are constantly engaged in activities aimed at improving the enabling environment for enterprises. Access to financing is a key component in doing business and is vital for the development of Belize’s export sector. EXPORTBelize embarked on an exercise to determine the nature of the trade financed landscape in Belize. This entailed surveying key financial institutions and private sector contacts on the availability and accessibility of trade finance instruments. EXPORTBelize took the findings of this exercise and produced “The Belize Trade Finance Guide”, a tool that provides the export sector with valuable information on the type of trade finance instruments and their availability at major financial institutions across Belize. The Trade Finance Guide is available to all private sector and can be found on BELTRAIDE”s website at

    Inspiring women entrepreneurs through the BA1 Project
    Training commenced today, concurrently at San Pedro, Bermudian Landing and in Belize City for the BA1 Project.The BA1 Project includes an initiative to provide seed funds (small grants) to improve the lives of women who are at risk of and/or are victims of gender based violence and trafficking of women to help them improve their economic status. The consultancy shall provide support to strengthen women’s capacities, both in employment skills and self-esteem, to support the identification and elaboration of productive business concepts for entrepreneurship, self-employment or cooperatives.

    Drone technology on Caye Caulker
    Professors and students from Georgia State University returned to Ocean Academy for a marine debris mapping project using drone footage, and data collection gathered during a morning beach cleanup. Students in Form 2 then learned to use ArcGIS software to create story maps.

    Free Loida
    The family of Loida August came out this Monday morning to protest her incarceration in front of the San Ignacio Police Station and Magistrate Court. Her mother, sisters, brother, her 4 young children and other family members chanted "Free Loida", Justice for Loida", "Repeal the Gun Law" and "Loida's children need their Mother, Loida needs her children". Both Loida and her husband were convicted of keeping firearms found on their property. The husband is an ex BDF. She has 4 young children. The grand parents are 74 and 87 years of age. they have no jobs and no income. The protesters shared the opinion that only one of the parents could have been imprisoned.

    Saga Humane Society May TAPAS Cook Off Fundraiser
    Join friends and Saga supporters for a night of TAPAS at Luna Loca for the Saga Humane Society May Cook Off Fundraiser. Raffle Prizes include Tanqueray Gin, a Red Ginger Gift Card, an overflowing gift basket from Belizean Breezes Soap Co, Gift certificates to Ray's Big Dog, Pampered Paws, DandE's and more! VIP Tables and tickets are on sale now at [email protected] Don't miss this one! It's going to be great, and the proceeds will go to fund the much needed safety repairs at Saga's Fort Dog facility that houses our healthy dogs who are available for adoption.

    DOE's Recycled Art Competition!
    Great opportunity for youths! Department of the Environment

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, May 18, 2015: 73. FANTASY 5: 18 12 7 3 26 Y

    San Pedro: SPTD conducting Removal of tinted windows begins 5/26

    Belize National Festival of Arts Opening Ceremony and Jamboree
    held today at the Big Bird's are some of the highlights...remember tomorrow is the primary school showcase from 10:00 a.m -noon check your local channels for a live broadcast!

    Channel 7

    Sniper Kills Woman In Front Of Husband, Children
    This weekend was very violent: between Friday and Sunday evening, a mere 48 hours, four persons were killed. The most disturbing event in this panorama of violence occurred just outside Belmopan yesterday evening when a woman was shot and killed in front of her common law husband and kids. Rosalie Galvez along with her family were returning from a trip when she was shot in the head as they were entering Belmopan around 6 in the evening. It's a terrifying and almost unthinkable assault - but police do not believe it was random - in fact they say her husband, the notorious Russell Hyde was the target. Courtney Weatherburne spoke to Hyde today in Belmopan: Courtney Weatherburne Reporting 44 year old Rosalie Galvez and her family were returning from their Sunday trip in this truck yesterday evening. Her common-law husband was driving while she was in the passenger seat. 6 people including their 2 kids were riding in the pan of the truck.?

    Two Americans Killed In Teakettle Home Invasion
    But that murder was only the culmination of a violent weekend in the Belmopan area. It started on Friday evening, where there was a double murder in Teakettle Village. The victims are 2 American men who were killed in a home invasion. It happened at the Estate of American Julian Christopher Jones in the Pineapple Hill area of the village. On Friday at around 5:30, his ex-wife, Laura Jo Lambert, found him dead in one of the buildings on the ground. He had suffered multiple chop wounds to the head. She looked around and found their associate, 61 year-old American retiree Paul David Signorino, who lives on the Valley of Peace Road, also killed. Someone had shot him twice in the left side of the head. Yesterday, our news team travelled to Teakettle, and we spoke with one the neighbors, who told us that the two men may have been killed as a result of an armed robbery at the estate: Neighbor "I don't know much. I just got home on Friday. A little before 7 my little brother was telling me that my neighbor Ms. Laura was looking for me and she look nervous and everything and it was just minutes after that I got a call from my wife's phone and she informed me that her husband and a friend had been brutally murdered at the back there and so it was at the same time I saw Brother Fem and the police just going at the back there and I just went to see what was happening and to comfort Ms. Laura.

    Guatemalan Foreign Minister in Belize
    On Sunday morning at 9:00, Guatemala's Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales had breakfast with his Belizean counterpart Wilfred Elrington at the Radisson. It was an informal breakfast, which was held in the private Board Room at the Radisson. The meeting lasted an hour and a half and when it was done, Elrington told us what they discussed:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "Actually he wanted to give me an update as to what is happening in Guatemala at this time. Going through some turbulent times, and so he wanted to give me an update on that. And he also wanted us to kind of form-up the procedure that we are going to adapt when we go to sign the amended special agreement next week Monday. And then he also wanted us to look at the 13 agreements which we had signed in Placencia and to see how we could start trying to implement those." Belize police acted on their own orders and would not allow us to get close to the Guatemalan Foreign Minister to get an interview. Minister Morales - whose wife is Belizean - was accompanied at the breakfast meeting by the new Guatemalan ambassador to Belize who is expected to present his credential this week.

    Wilfred On Why There Wasn't A Press Release
    But the public reaction to the announcement has been anything but harmonious and pleasant. It may be a vocal minority - but the public sentiment expressed on the change in the special agreement has been full of misgivings. That's because instead of public announcement - the disclosure came through the media - in an Amandala article and then a Channel 5 interview. The Prime Minister told us last week that has told Elrington to send out a press release first - a release that the opposition would have gotten to see first. But none of that happened; Elrington told us yesterday that he thought it did!:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "When Isani asked me about it, I responded on the assumption that in fact the press release had gone out." Jules Vasquez "Okay." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "I was not aware that the press release had not gone out."

    Elrington Says the (Pickstock) Public Could Hardly Care
    And while no press release went out - Elringon says he doesn't really feel one is necessary because the vibe he gets from his constituents is that they care every little:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "As I have pointed out to people who don't understand the way I proceed with these matters, we are not at a stage where we are negotiating anything."

    Another Killing In Ladyville, This One at A Wake
    At the top of the segment we told you that Cayo saw those 3 murders, the Belize district also witnessed violence in the early morning hours of Sunday in Ladyville. Almost unthinkably - a murder happened at a wake - a wake for a man who had just been murdered! 30 Year-old Kenroy Arnold was socializing with the family and friends Sylvin "Cruz" Encalada, the watchman who was killed at his worksite on Friday morning. Our News team has been following the story and Daniel Ortiz reports: Daniel Ortiz reporting 30 year-old Kenroy Arnold, aka, "Bouncer" was killed here at this house on Perez Road sometime before 1:00 a.m. on Sunday. He was socializing with his friend when gunmen waylaid him by hiding in some bushes behind the house. They seized the right moment to open fire. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "Police went to residence in Perez Road in Ladyville, where they saw 29 year old Kenroy Arnold suffering from multiple gunshots wounds to the body. Initial investigations reveal that Kenroy was at that residence along a few members of that residence, when somebody or reportedly 3 men came from behind the building and fired several shots at him causing his fatal injuries."

    Cop Caught Smuggling Weed
    Another policeman has been caught trying to smuggle marijuana across the northern border. This time, Constable Geian Ya - who is attached to the Corozal Quick Response Team was intercepted on Sunday afternoon at 1:55 by the Customs Enforcement Unit coming across the Santa Elena crossing from the Mexico side to Belize. Ya was wearing his police camouflage trousers and a police t-shirt - but that didn't stop the Customs inspectors from checking his Hyundai Sonata which carried Texas license plates. The examining officer picked up the strong smell of marijuana and asked him to open the trunk. Inside he found a black plastic bag with three parcels of marijuana. Each compressed brick weighed just over a kilo to the total bust was about 7 pounds.

    Fields Of Fire In North, Political Motive Involved?
    There's a huge story coming out of the north tonight - and it involves high stakes politics and the always-volatile sugar industry. The backdrop to all of it is the adjustments in sugar quotas that we told you about on Friday - where certain branches are having their cane quotas cut substantially - and that is based on a survey of the North's cane fields. There is discontent in some quarters because one of the groups whose quota is going up is ASR/BSI. And this evening, we received news of the deliberate burning of one of BSI's cane fields in the San Lorenzo area - which is a standard act of retaliation in the north. But, from there the story takes a radical twist. BSI Security guards who responded to the fire say they found two men in the area - they claim one of them is Efrain Alpuche - who is the personal security guard to PUP politician Ramon Monchie Cervantez. The BSI security says the two men opened fire on them - and then raced off. The security guards called police who reportedly set chase after a light Blue pickup truck. They caught it by Yo Creek and detained the two men including Alpuche.

    Not Guilty For Man Accused of Grenade Murder
    When we left you on Friday night, a jury of 12 was deliberating the fate of Lusby Martinez who was charged with murder for the grenade attack which killed 14 year-old Rudolph Flowers. On December 28, 2009, someone threw a grenade at the corner of Kraal Road and Haynes Street at around 7 p.m. Rudolph Flowers was standing in the blast range, and shrapnel from the grenade penetrated his heart and ended up killing him. A written statement from a deceased prosecution witness was the main piece of evidence against Lusby Martinez in the case, and after 5 hours of deliberation, the jury emerged with a verdict of not guilty. Martinez, who was in jail for 5 years awaiting trial, finally exited court a free man. We spoke with his attorney outside about his acquittal:

    Garbutt's Falls, A Slight Return
    The last time the Belize Territorial Volunteers visited the country's southernmost border marker at Gracias A Dios, they were detained by Guatemalan Authorities for allegedly straying into Guatemalan waters. Well, the leaders of this activist group were determined that this setback wouldn't stop them from going to other markers, and they organized a trip yesterday. This one was to the Garbutt's Falls marker in Western Belize, which separates Benque Viejo Town from Guatemala's Melchor De Menchos. Did this one cause any agitation at the western frontier? Well, our news team was there to capture the entire event on camera, and Daniel Ortiz Reports: Daniel Ortiz reporting At around 6 a.m. yesterday, 4 chartered buses, started taking on passengers at the Orange Walk Bus Terminal. These residents, intended to take a trip to the Garbutt's falls Border Marker to support the Northern Territorial Volunteers. Each bus then made the trip all the way from Orange Walk Town to the Western Border. About 4 hours later, the bus arrived at the beginning of the foot trail to the marker, and the passengers disembarked.

    Truck Flips With 5 In Pan, A Miracle That No One Died
    It's a miracle no one got seriously hurt yesterday evening when a small pickup truck flipped near the Boom Road junction on the Northern Highway. Around 5:30, 36-year-old Cedric Avilez was southbound in a Toyota pickup when he had a rear wheel blowout. The pan of the vehicle was filled with five passengers, and the vehicle quickly became very unstable, spun and then tumbled down the embankment, ending up pinned against a fence pointing in the opposite direction. 23-year-old Elsyrth Hendy, 34-year-old Roy Cox, 23-year-old Marshal Nunez, Aaron Jones and 43-year-old George James were all flung from the pickup unto the roadside. They all experienced varying degrees of injury but none of those were life threatening. They were coming from a football tournament.

    Barrier Saves Truck From Plunging Into River
    And at 7:30 pm there was another accident - this one by mile 7 on the northern highway. Again, lives could have been lost - and if it weren't for a concrete barrier, a ford ranger would surely have plunged into the Belize river. Two men were southbound in the pickup when suddenly a Jeep Cherokee which was going in the opposite direction, spun into their lane. They swerved off the road and headed right for the river. They crashed into the concrete barrier and one of the pickups wheels were left hanging over the river. A very close call and one of the passengers in the Jeep told us what they experienced: Sharlette Bainton, Accident Victim "When we were coming down from Belize, a vehicle just passed by, slammed into the rear-view mirror and went away. He lost control of his vehicle and so when he was driving this way, he ended up in the middle of the road. A white truck was passing by and he just knocked into that." Jules Vasquez "When the driver knocked into the mirror, he ended up into the other lane?" Sharlette Bainton, Accident Victim "Yes, he ended up in the middle because the vehicle just flew past and bam. We just heard the rear-view mirror knocked. It splattered the glass. When that happened, he lost control of the vehicle. And when he was going towards the middle, he started to turn on the other side and that's why he knocked into this white truck."

    Teakettle Victim Was Fish Vendor
    As we told you earlier, little is known about the two Americans who were killed in a home in Teakettle Village on Friday night. When we spoke to some neighbors today, they told us that the two men were friends and that one of them, believed to be 61 year old Paul David Signorino from Valley of Peace came over to Julian Christopher Jones' home in Teakettle. But after 6 on Friday night a woman 59 year old American teacher Laura Lambert, who is apparently Jones' ex-wife found them dead at this house. Laura Jo Lambert's house, as well as two vehicles in the yard ere ransacked. Two licensed weapons belonging to the deceased, Julian Jones -namely, a 9mm Beretta pistol, and a .22 rifle were missing, and most likely stolen. Today Courtney Wetaherburne found out more about the public life or Julian Jones - an American who retired to sell fish in Belize two years ago.: We tried to contact any friends or close neighbors who would be able to disclose more information about these men but the only contact we got through to is a vendor in Belmopan who is stationed right beside Jones's food shack. She told us about the very cordial relationship she had with him over the 9 months she has known him.

    Beaten By A Lady Cop
    On Friday night we catalogued a long history of abuse made by Southside residents against police. And, as if on cue, during the news, one woman came to our studio to make one more allegation of police abuse. Pamela Estrada went to report a domestic dispute on Thursday night - and says she ended up being beaten by a woman police officer - after she sent her ten year old daughter to stay with a relative:... Pamela Estrada "If my baby knew that they would beat me, my daughter wouldn't have left the vehicle. She would have stayed with me, but they promise my baby that they wouldn't do me anything. They told her that they would just take me and drop me home to, because it's a domestic problem and I didn't do anything and no one came and make any report about me. She (the officer) just start to punch me in the face and then the male officer handcuffed me.

    Rhys Back Behind Bars
    24 year-old Nicoli Rhys, a resident of Tigris Street, is behind bars once again after he was taken to Magistrate's Court for a gun. Police allegedly busted him with a loaded firearm. The incident occurred on May 7. The police reported that they were on mobile patrol when they saw Rhys. They said that when they approached him, he ran. They set chase, and that's when a gun allegedly fell from his hand when he tripped over a concrete block at the corner of Euphrates Avenue and Dean Street. Police said Rhys managed to escape, so they backtracked and retrieve the firearm. They discovered thatit was a Smith and Wesson 9 millimeter pistol with 9 rounds of ammunition in its magazine. Rhys was apprehended yesterday and charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. He was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, where he pleaded not guilty to the offences. Due to the nature of the offences, he couldn't be granted bail at today's arraignment, and he was remanded to prison until July 3.

    Male Coach Accused of Indecent Kiss With Boy
    23 year-old Patrick Swasey, a deliveryman and basketball coach, is out on bail today after being taken to court today for an incident assault charge. He's being accused of kissing a 13 year-old boy on the lips. The incident allegedly occurred in December of 2014, where the child reported that he and Swasey was sleeping under a Christmas Tree. He claims that this was when Swasey kissed him on the lips. Well, police investigated the report and charged Swasey with the offence of aggravated assault of an indecent nature. He was arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and he pleaded not guilty to the charge. He explained that he only kissed the boy on his cheek. He was released on bail of $1,500, and his case was adjourned until July 16.

    Hand Take A Stand
    On Saturday at noon, opponents of offshore oil drilling held hands in public spaces to protest offshore exploration. In Belize City, it happened on the seawall near the baron Bliss grave where about a hundred persons took a stand, hand in hand. We found out more form the city organizer:.. The event is timed to mark the anniversary of BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Alicia Made Solo Ride To Victory
    The women's cross country was held on Sunday. Only eight riders lined up, and at the end of 68 miles Alicia Thompson claimed her first victory in the prestigious race. Here she is crossing the finish line:.. Thompson rode sol into a headwind for most of the race. She was about an hour off the record. Six of the eight riders finished.

    A Test Of Muscle And Will
    And while she proved herself as Belize's strongest female rider- who is the strongest man? On Saturday a field of eight competitors engaged in 7 hours of grueling competition that pushed the limits of their muscle and their will. Here's how it went, and here's who came out on top:.. The first place finisher got a thousand dollars, the second place got 600 hundred and the third place got four hundred.

    Channel 5

    “Bouncer” Gunned Down At Wake In Ladyville
    Early on Friday morning, the body of a watchman was found at his workplace in Ladyville, Belize District. He had been strangled to death but neither family members nor the [...]

    Double Homicide in Teakettle: One Shot, Another Hacked to Death
    The peace and quiet of Teakettle Village was shattered by the news of a double murder. Two American nationals were killed in what seems a senseless act of violence. A [...]

    Roaring Creek Family Waylaid, Wife Killed in Fatal Attack
    The other murder victim is a Camalote resident who was killed after a lone-gunman fired several bullets at the vehicle she was travelling in around five thirty on Sunday evening. [...]

    Unknown Assailant Opens Fire on Vehicle Near Monkey River
    And one more story on the weekend’s gun violence. A vehicle carrying several men returning to Monkey River Village on Sunday, after an evening of socializing at a football game [...]

    Near-Fatal Traffic Mishap on Phillip Goldson Results in Multiple Injuries
    A near-fatal road traffic accident on Sunday evening, has left several persons critically injured.  The men were traveling along the Phillip Goldson Highway in a grey Toyota pickup in the [...]

    Lusby Martinez Acquitted of 2009 Murder
    When we closed our newscast on Friday, a jury was still deliberating in the murder trial of Lusby Martinez who was facing charges for the grenade attack in which fourteen [...]

    Deliveryman Arraigned for Kissing Male Minor
    A young boy under the age of sixteen years claims that he was sexually molested back in December 2014 by a man well known to him and his family.   Today, [...]

    Chamber of Commerce on Petrocaribe Loans Act
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce has taken a position in respect of the Petrocaribe Loans Act which is in line with the pronouncement of the unions and the P.U.P. as [...]

    More on the Special Agreement Amendment with Foreign Minister Elrington
    This past Sunday, the Foreign Minister of Guatemala, Carlos Raul Moralez was in Belize.  The visit coincides with the signing of an amendment to the 2008 compris, which is now [...]

    What Happens Should Guatemala Vote Yes to ICJ Resolution?
    As it stands, the political situation in Guatemala remains unstable. This past Saturday, thousands protested against acts of corruption, demanding jail time for those who are guilty.  The masses are [...]

    Territorial Volunteers Treks West to Garbutt Falls
    On Sunday the Belize Territorial Volunteers made one of its regular treks to Belize’s border monuments, this time at Garbutt Falls in Benque Viejo del Carmen. It was the largest [...]

    SICB Suspends Restructuring of Quotas, Sugar Crisis Averted
    A potential crisis in the sugar industry was narrowly averted when late this evening the Sugar Industry Control Board voted to suspend the decision to restructure quotas. That decision, made [...]

    Was Munchie Cervantes’s Vehicle Used By Caneros in Arson of Cane Fields?
    Also up north two men are in custody tonight because police suspect they burned cane fields belonging to American Sugar Refinery, and fired at ASR Security personnel who caught them [...]

    Sports Monday with James Adderley
    Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. The long awaited Game two in the PLB Championship teaser was staged inside the Norman Broaster Stadium as the host [...]


    SIRDI Suspense SCPC Decision In Best Interest Of Sugar Industry
    So farmers received the good news, the decision taken by the SCPC last week is suspended. The suspension follows the meeting with representatives of the Sugar Industry Control Board, BSI, SIRDI and the three associations. Chair of the SICB, Gabriel Martinez says the meeting was held since the best interest of the sugar industry is a priority and under the circumstances the SCPC’s initial decision was suspended. “It’s suspended until the Board gets a complete finding of the Productivity Survey being taken by SIRDI which have been promised to be finished by this week Friday and a week after this the Board will sit again to review again the final report.” Martinez says they will eventually decide whether the production estimates will be reduced for this crop. We have heard the opposing and supporting arguments to the decision, but we asked Martinez once more to clarify the rationale behind the adjustments to sugar productions estimates.

    Cervantes' Driver Detained For Allegedly Committing Arson
    Amidst the rejection of some cane farmers when It comes to the restructuring of delivery quotas to the mill, SIRDI and SICB being in the hot seat and the sugar industry navigating in turbulent waters once again, two men from Orange Walk Town are locked up tonight for allegedly setting fire on cane fields belonging to BSI/ASR. The incident occurred around five this evening on the San Lorenzo Road. Reports are that upon making their usual rounds to the area, BSI/ASR watchmen caught the two individuals burning the cane fields. When the men noticed they were caught red handed, one of them fired shots at the watchmen who immediately retrieved from the area and called the police. By the time authorities arrived in the area along with fire personnel the men had already fled the area allegedly in a blue four door Mazda pickup truck that is tonight impounded at the station. Police set chase after the vehicle which was intercepted on the Yo Creek Road. The vehicle is said to belong to Ramon Monchie Cervantes Junior and driving it at the time was his personal driver and body guard.

    OWTC Almost Free Of Inherited Depth
    In 2012 when the People’s United Party won the Municipal Elections under the stewardship of Kevin Bernard, the council inherited old debts from the previous administration that amounted to almost $300 thousand dollars. Fast forward to today, the Council reports that it has been making strides to clear those inherited debts with banks and lending institutions. Today, the council issued a press release stating that it has maintained a commitment of transparency and accountability in managing the affairs of the town. In the release the council states and we quote, “The OWTC has also implemented a policy of positive partnership and interaction with the residents we serve. Guided by that, Mayor Kevin Bernard and the Council are pleased and proud to provide an update on the results of prudential, responsible financial management by a team with integrity”, end quote.

    Scotia Bank Announces The Appoinment Of New Vice President
    Today, Scotiabank announced that Michael Shaw has been appointment as the new Vice President and Managing Director of the lending institution. With 30 year of experience, as the former District Vice President of Scotiabank Metro North in Jamaica, Shaw successfully led the Sales and Service management team for the district comprising of 10 bank branches. A release from the institution revealed that Shaw’s new role at Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd will be to look over the bank’s development, communication and implementation of the bank’s local business strategy, business goals and core values for Belize’s operations in alignment with International Banking and Corporate strategies. The arrival of Shaw, as the departure of former Managing Director Patrick Andrews, marks a milestone in local operations as the bank embraces the formal change of guard in the leadership of this financial institution. Andrews has been with the bank for over 41 years. The Bank has more than 15,000 employees in the region, including affiliates, serving more than two million customers, with 450 branches, kiosks, other offices and more than 1,000 ABMs.

    Hands Across The Sand Across The Land
    On Saturday, OCEANA Belize staged a countrywide event called ‘Hands across the sand” where those opposed to offshore drilling lined up at their respective communities to hold hands in solidarity. It’s a symbolic gesture and for those at OCEANA, the images of thousands of people around the globe joining hands sent a powerful message to world leaders. Viewers may recall in 2013, the Belize Supreme Court ruled in favour of OCEANA’s suit to stop offshore oil exploration. Subsequently, though, the injunction was suspended, and two companies, including Princess Petroleum, continue to have exploration rights. According to documents submitted by Belize to UNESCO, the original concession included exploration rights at Great Blue Hole, a renowned underwater sinkhole, but Princess Petroleum voluntarily gave rights to that area up. Last week after his visit from Miami, the Prime Minister of Belize told the media that all offshore concessions have expired and none will be renewed, at least not right now.

    Cop Caught Trafficking Drugs Across Northern Border
    A police constable from Corozal Town is tonight facing the long arms of the law following a drug bust at the Northern Border yesterday afternoon. According to the report, about 1:15pm on Sunday, the enforcement team of the Customs Department in Corozal Town, at the Northern Border intercepted a silver Hyundai Sunata four door car bearing Texas Plate BG1Z478 with one occupant. He was later identified as Geian Yah, a police constable working at the Corozal formation. A search conducted in the trunk revealed 3 packages that contained a substance consistent to Cannabis. After the parcels were discovered, Yah was detained by customs whereby officials then called the police. At the station, the situation was processed and the drugs weighed in his presence; each parcel contained 1043, 1062, 1034 grams, respectively to bring the total to 3139 grams or a little less than 7 pounds. Yah appeared at the Corozal Magistrate’s Court this morning where he pled not guilty to drug trafficking and was offered bail of $3,000 dollars plus one surety of the same amount by Magistrate Hamilton. Yah was able to meet bail and his next court date was set for August 21st. Officials at the Corozal formation told us that an interim report has been drafted and submitted to the Police Headquarters where Yah’s letter of interdiction is awaiting approval. Officials say they continue to investigate where Yah had originally left from and the destination into which the drugs were being transported. Additionally, Police say they are investigating whether Yah acted alone or more persons were involved. The vehicle remains in custody at the Corozal Police compound.

    Helpage Celebrates The Elderly
    Senior Citizens were entertained on Sunday in celebration of Mothers and Fathers’ Day. The event was hosted by the Orange Walk Help Age Center at its Help Age building on Stadium Street. The elderly, some eighty-five men and women, were entertained with games and other fun activities. Arcelia Leiva – President Helpage Orange Walk “Today we served Food, dirty rice and chicken and salad, ice cream, lemonade and coconut tarts and we will be having some raffles and today we are offering a prize to the person who has the most children living.” The event has been made possible by several sponsors, says Leiva, including Jaime and John Briceno.


    President Says Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Play Politics
    Earlier we brought you the interview with the President of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arturo Vasquez who spoke specifically on the Chamber’s concerns surrounding the recent amendments to the PetroCaribe Bill as announced by the Prime Minister. In that same interview, Vasquez told Love News that the BCCI is committed to, quote […]

    Belize Chamber of Commerce Speaks on Amendments to PetroCaribe Bill
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has written to the Prime Minister. The letter, dates May 14 and is in response to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s letter he sent to the past President of the BCCI, Kay Menzies in regards to the PetroCaribe Loans Act. In the letter President, Arturo Vasquez, points out that […]

    Weekend Starts with Double Homicide in Western Belize
    On Friday night, the disturbing news of a double homicide was reported in Teakettle Village that left two men dead. It was a gruesome discovery made by the wife of one of the murder victims, as we hear in this report from Angelica Cruz. ANGELICA CRUZ “Based on a phone call received on Friday evening, […]

    Kenroy Arnold Murdered in Ladyville, Belize District
    On Tuesday, March 17, an attempt to take the life of 29-year-old, Kenroy Arnold was made in Ladyville Village, Belize District. As fate would have it, Arnold did not die and only received gunshot injuries to his back and right hand. In that investigation, two men were charged, namely, 30-year-old, Alrick Smith and 23-year-old, Ronald […]

    Brother of Home-Owner Lives to Tell His Ordeal of Home Invasion
    Today, at around 1pm, a home was invaded on Marage Road in Ladyille Village, Belize District. The invasion was done by four masked men who entered into the residence equipped with cutting tools which they used to enter the premises through the back fence. 47-year-old, Nick Hendy, was visiting his sister and found work chopping […]

    Police Constable Nabbed with Drugs at Customs Checkpoint
    On Sunday, May 17 Customs officers from the Custom Enforcement Unit were conducting duties at the Northern Border custom check point where they searched a vehicle driven by PC Giean Yah who is attached to the quick response team in Corozal. Upon inspection of the vehicle tree parcels of Marijuana were found in his possession. […]

    Woman Gets Killed Following Fun Day with Family
    33-year-old, Rosalie Galvez was murdered on Sunday evening near the junction of the George Price and the Hummingbird Highway near the Guanacaste Park. Correspondent Angelica Cruz reports. ANGELICA CRUZ REPORTING “On Sunday evening, May 17 sometime around 5:30pm, 44-year-old, Russell Hyde, a Belizean farmer and businessman of Camalote Village, Cayo District, told Love News that […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Shooting at BSI Cane Fields
    Belize Media Group has received reports that a shooting incident occurred this evening between ASR BSI Security Guards and occupants of a blue Mazda pickup truck in Orange Walk Town. According to reports, the ASR BSI security guards were watching over the BSI cane fields when they noticed that a […]

    BEL workers skip work over pay increase
    Reports to Belize Media Group are that many workers for Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) – members of the Belize Energy Workers’ Union (BEWU) – did not report to work today. We are told that the Union had asked for a 10% pay increase as part of its collective […]

    Victor Valencia is Belize’s Strongest Man again
    Victor Valencia, aka “Brown Sugar” or “The Sugar Man”, has reigned as Belize’s Strongest Man for the last two years. Entering Saturday’s Strong Man Competition at the BTL Park he faced a distinguished field of competitors including a few well known bodybuilders aiming to knock him off his […]

    Festival of Arts Golden Night in Punta Gorda
    Tonight, the stage inside the Francis J. Ring Parish Hall in Punta Gorda Town is set for the Primary School Festival of Arts & Culture Golden. During the course of last week, primary schools from all across the Toledo District took their performances to the stage in hopes […]

    Man repays stolen money in court
    A real estate agent who admitted to not following through on a deal for a land transfer pleaded guilty to a charge of obtaining property by deception and paid back his victim. 34 year old Anthony Waters of Caesar Ridge Road was given $810 in June of 2014 […]

    Coach charged for inappropriate kiss
    A basketball coach and delivery man of Belize City has been charged for aggravated assault of an indecent nature for kissing a teenage boy on the lips. 23 year old Patrick Swasey is alleged to have done so in December of 2014 while he was sleeping with the […]

    Former murder accused caught with firearm
    Nicoli Rhys, 24, was acquitted of the murder of Andre Trapp near the Magistrate’s Court in February of 2013, but he has been unable to stay out of trouble since then. Today the Tigris Street resident was charged with keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license before […]

    A Parable: Why Belize’s Howler Monkeys are Having the Last Scream
    Deep within the Black Howler Monkey Sanctuary located northwest of Belize City, an enormous gathering of these black “baboons” came together to figure out why the fruits from the trees they worked so assiduously to pick, gather and store were disappearing faster than honest politicians. One particularly paranoid monkey named Antoine […]

    Cayo Residents Protest to free Loida August
    This morning residents of the Cayo District participated in an organized picket, the bond for the protest was signed by Mr. Orlando Habet and Mrs. Ursula Gurerra to have a peaceful demonstration for two hours in front of the administration building from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. On December 21st, 2011 […]

    Traffic Mishap over the weekend sends four to the ER
    Paramedics and police officials were immediately dispatched to an area between miles 13 and 14 on the Philip Goldson Highway, yesterday evening where a traffic mishap occurred. Upon arrival authorities observed a grey Toyota pickup truck on the left hand side of the highway overturned. Further checks led police to […]

    Demonstration in San Ignacio, Cayo
    Reports are that an on-going demonstration has been staged in front of the San Ignacio Police Station. Our reporter Flora Pereira has been dispatched to the area. We’ll keep updating you as the information becomes available.

    Pataki Full to be translated in Mandarin and published in Republic of China
    ‘Pataki Full’ is a book written by Belize’s Governor General, Sir Colville Young and contains a collection of seven Belizean short stories drawn from folklore and down-home wisdom of the country. This book, written in Creole and English, has gained recognition in many countries around the world and its latest […]

    GO Joven conducts selection process in Punta Gorda
    Motivated by its mantra “Inspiring Youth Leaders with the Power of Change,” Go Joven promotes and supports the development of young leaders to act as catalysts for social change who will vastly expand Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health choices, services, policies, and programs at the community, national and […]

    More sunny and hot weather in the next few days
    The general situation is for sunny weather with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers will be isolated with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm over inland areas this afternoon and over the extreme south tonight. Winds will blow to the East at 10 to 20 knots and […]


    It Feels Great To Be Home in Belize
    I arrived back in San Pedro at about 11am on Friday morning – after two flights, an overnight bus from Cancun and the water taxi out of Belize City. It felt great to be home…but I was feeling a bit weary. And by a bit weary, I was feeling like 100lbs of manure packed in a 50lb bag. But I had the weekend to rest up and I’m ready to get back to it. The grind of living in a beautiful place, doing fun/interesting things and telling you about it. Like Saturday’s Hands Across the Sand stand against off-shore oil drilling…

    US guns for Belize
    Actually gangs are a tremendous problem there. There is a lot of dope and illegal aliens that move through Belize. Belize was my constituent post, and back in the mid 1990’s when I was stationed in Guatemala City and I used to travel there quarterly. Starting in the early 1990’s they had the Crips and Bloods moving in to Belize City and it created a huge issue for the Gvt. Jamaican gangsta posses were also operating there along with Chinese triads. The gun violence/gangsta culture had been unknown in Belize which had a British style police force with unarmed cops. They had to create special constables who could carry guns to offset the gangstas.

    Coming to Terms With the American Empire
    “Empire” is a dirty word. Considering the behavior of many empires, that is not unreasonable. But empire is also simply a description of a condition, many times unplanned and rarely intended. It is a condition that arises from a massive imbalance of power. Indeed, the empires created on purpose, such as Napoleonic France and Nazi Germany, have rarely lasted. Most empires do not plan to become one. They become one and then realize what they are. Sometimes they do not realize what they are for a long time, and that failure to see reality can have massive consequences. World War II and the Birth of an Empire The United States became an empire in 1945. It is true that in the Spanish-American War, the United States intentionally took control of the Philippines and Cuba. It is also true that it began thinking of itself as an empire, but it really was not. Cuba and the Philippines were the fantasy of empire, and this illusion dissolved during World War I, the subsequent period of isolationism and the Great Depression. The genuine American empire that emerged thereafter was a byproduct of other events. There was no great conspiracy. In some ways, the circumstances of its creation made it more powerful. The dynamic of World War II led to the collapse of the European Peninsula and its occupation by the Soviets and the Americans. The same dynamic led to the occupation of Japan and its direct governance by the United States as a de facto colony, with Gen. Douglas MacArthur as viceroy.

    The failures of Gang Prevention
    This is an interesting report, seeing that Belize is trying to suppress gang activity and so far have been failing miserably at it. I have spoken on this before in discussions noting that the plans rolled out have done nothing more than quite things down for a short period only to make gang activity and crime return with more vengeance. Please take the time to read this report as it is vital to our strategic planning going forward, I will highlight the main points and link to the full report at the bottom of the page; hope the Government of Belize reads this one. Gang Wars The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies A Justice Policy Institute Report Published: July 17, 2007 by Judith Greene and Kevin Pranis Youth crime in the United States remains near the lowest levels seen in the past three decades, yet public concern and media coverage of gang activity has skyrocketed since 2000. Fear has spread from neighborhoods with longstanding gang problems to communities with historically low levels of crime, and some policy makers have declared the arrival of a national gang “crisis.” Yet many questions remain unanswered.

    International Sourcesizz

    Health Sciences students use service-learning to help people of Belize
    Belize is a country in Central America with a population of more than 340,000. It also has the 89th highest ranked infant mortality rate in the world, less than one physician per 1,000 people and is rated the 15th highest in the world based on the adult prevalence of obesity, according to the CIA’s World Factbook. Now, through a study abroad experience, a group of Georgia College students are trying to change those numbers. Eighteen students are traveling from Milledgeville to San Ignacio, Belize to help educate on healthcare. “I had always hoped to study abroad and this opportunity is going to be a perfect fit for what I want to do after college,” said Heather Prochaska, senior exercise science major and health education minor. “Everything we’ve learned up to this point in our classes has given us the knowledge to prepare to serve the people there.”

    When Birds Squawk, Other Species Seem to Listen
    What will the noise from ATVs at Red Bank do to the Scarlet Macaw population there? ""Noise alone, they found, had harmful effects on many of the birds. “What we found was that they had lower overall body condition and they gained significantly less weight when the road was ‘on,’ ” Dr. Barber said. The findings are under review for publication." "His related 2013 study also found more than a one-quarter decline in bird abundance when the artificial road noise was turned on; some avoided the area almost entirely."

    The B&B owner who accidentally became an oil company owner just sold part of her stake
    New World Oil and Gas, the Jersey based exploration and development company with projects in Belize and Denmark, just revealed that a British B&B owner who's son accidentally bought out half the group's shares, sold part of her stake. She now owns just 25.94% of the company, compared with 48.7% previously. On May 14, New World called an emergency meeting with its shareholders after the company's stock rocketed then plunged because a Judith Williams, the owner of Wyche Keep Country House, accidentally became the leading shareholder of the oil and gas group. She was the subject of a Takeover Panel discussion because her son Christopher bought 342 million shares believing that he was snapping up only a 10% stake in the group for £1.5 million ($2.4 million).

    New World reveals ‘Chris Oil’ is off the hook; his mum now owns 25.94%
    New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) will not now be bought out by British pensioner Judith Williams. Williams, mother of private investor and ‘bulletin board’ celebrity Chris Williams (better known as ‘Chris Oil’), has had her stake in the Denmark and Belize focussed oil explorer reduced to 25.94%. It means that Chris Oil’s purported trading error will no longer force his mother to make an offer for the whole company. A bizarre series of events has played out in recent weeks after Chris Oil claimed to have accidently bought nearly half the company on his mother’s behalf as he prematurely factored in dilution created by a proposed issue of 2.7bn new shares.

    Civilizations That Withered in Drought
    With California in its fourth year of a historic drought, its worst in 1,200 years, signs of a strengthening El Nino suggest at least some relief may be in sight. In fact, the promise of the rains El Nino might bring have already led some to describe the weather pattern as "the great wet hope." Even if El Nino proves to be a benefit, California will still face a severe deficit to its water resources and will need to change its archaic and wasteful water management practices. No matter how innovative a society, a drought can push it to its breaking point or even past that. In this slideshow, take a look at civilizations that were pushed to the brink and beyond as a result of major droughts. The Maya civilization had its roots in the eighth century B.C., and at its height, during what is known as the Classic period between 300 A.D. and 700 A.D., spanned an area the size of Texas in Central America. The Mayans built great cities, created the only known, complete writing system in the New World, and developed an astronomical system advanced enough as to convince a handful of 21st century kooks that these pre-Colombian people could predict doomsday. Beginning around the eighth century A.D., the Mayans began to fall in decline. Cities were abandoned. Population levels crashed. Political turmoil took hold. All that remained of the civilization were the ruins they left behind. The leading theory behind the downfall of the Mayans is that long periods of drought, with dramatic reductions in rainfall -- up to 40 percent annually -- over decades at a time, according to a study published in the journal Science in 2012. Such long periods of severe drought would have affected food supplies, furthered the spread of disease and sparked social unrest that brought down the civilization.

    Everything Mesoamerican
    This year the Verde Valley Archaeology Center will mark Archaeology Day with "Everything Mesoamerican" activities. These films, lectures and demonstrations are all FREE. The Center will open earlier at 9:00 am on October 17 with activities until 5:00 pm. Each venue has limited seating so they will be filled on a first-come basis. The activities include: Master artist Oralia López will demonstrate her finely executed Mata Ortiz geometric pottery designs. John Bezy will present a program entitled: "The Prehistoric Roots of the Modern Mata Ortiz Ceramics" Dr. Jaime Awe, former Director of the Archaeological Institute of Belize now with Northern Arizona University, will present a program entitled "My Recent Archaeological Investigations in Belize" Two National Geographic films will be shown: ""Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets" and "Quest for the Lost Maya"

    Why Fly in Mesoamerica?
    L.S. Lighthawk is a group of volunteer pilots, some 220 volunteer pilots living across the United States, who fly their own airplanes in volunteer service to the goals and objectives of Lighthawk, which is to help conservation and wildlife organizations, primarily NGOs, in support of their conservation initiatives. These volunteer pilots provide their own airplane, pay their own fuel, give of their own professional time and services in support of these initiatives. In addition to these pilots flying their own airplanes, there is a unique program within Lighthawk called the Mesoamerica Program. Lighthawk itself owns two airplanes and from this group of 220 pilots there is a small, select group of aviators who each year, from January through May, will volunteer to fly the Lighthawk airplanes in the Mesoamerica region, supporting the conservation and wildlife initiatives going on throughout the region, primarily Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and Mexico in the Yucatan and in Baja.


  • Opportunity Coalition Event featuring Susan Morrice, Chairwoman of Belize Natural Energy, 58min.

  • Trace licked by a jaguar in Belize, 15sec.

  • Hunting In Belize Part II, 3min.

  • Belize Puma's Meowsing about Human Race, 6min. Short video about kayaking trip in Belize 2015.

  • Dolphins off Ambergris Caye, 2min. One of these divers just got certified.

  • Dolphins: two males are showing off to a female, 5min. If you watch you'll be able to tell that there is a female and these males are courting her. especially two particular males. I think the divers just happened upon some mating dance.

  • Hands Across the Sand, 3min. San Pedro Residents join hands in saying NO to off shore oil exploration and drilling.

  • Driving around Punta Gorda, Belize, 15min. this year we drove through Punta Gorda which is the southern most major city in Belize. More local flavors and people, great experiences here

  • Scuba Diving Belize, 1.5min.

  • MUSEUM DAY 2015 CELEBRATED IN BELIZE, 5min. Today, May 18th, was observed as Museum Day in Belize and around the world. This year’s theme is “Museums for a Sustainable Society”. On its website, the International Council for Museums says that this year the aim is to highlight the role of museums, quote, “in raising public awareness about the need for a society that is less wasteful, more cooperative and that uses resources in a way that respects living systems,” end of quote. In Orange Walk, hundreds of children visited the Banquitas House of Culture to get a view of how that has been working out in our community. br>
  • belize cozumel and honduras, 50min.

    May 18, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Flavors of Belize & Chef Sean Kuylen represent Belizean Cuisine at Passport D.C
    On May 2nd, 2015 over 50 embassies participated in the “Around the Word Embassy Tour”, one of the events that is a part of the annual Passport D.C event. Passport D.C is a month-long celebration of International Cultural Awareness Month in Washington that is filled with festivals, open house, exhibitions, and workshops highlighting the state’s thriving international diplomatic communities and cultures. Belize was one of the embassies that opened its doors and participated in showcasing their country and welcoming over 7,000 D.C residents to experience its food, art, dance, fashion, and music. Flavors of Belize and Chef Sean Kuylen took on the role of presenting an authentic experience of Belizean cuisine, offering visitors popular local favorites such as sere, ducunu, and relleno negro.

    Police Report
    On Thursday, May 7th at about 9:16PM, 22-year-old Joseph Elijio visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on Wednesday, May 6th while driving his motorcycle on the Mosquito Coast Area, he collided into another motorist. He stated that at approximately 5PM, he was driving a red Honda motorcycle (license plate Spm-0418) in a southerly direction when 74-year-old American retiree Robert Linder, also driving a motorcycle, made a quick U-turn without signaling.
    San Pedro Police have arrested and charged Alfredo Trapp for on count murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in the murder of 42-year-old Jose Rigoberto Beltran.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Mexican Magician
    “I’m taking Sandy to San Ignacio for the Mother’s Day weekend,” George said. “Their show this year features a magician from Mexico.” “I love magic, too,” I said. “I’m one of those people who love being fooled by someone who is really good at.” George said. “I love street magicians. My favorite is probably David Blaine. He’s the best at it I’ve ever seen.” “I’ll also go to a magic stage show if I get a chance,” I said. “It’s too bad that we don’t have very many magicians in Belize,” George remarked. “I remember seeing a Mexican magician do a show years ago when I used to play music in Belmopan at the Convention Hotel. My friend Miguel talked me into driving with him to San Ignacio for a big holiday event that featured a magician.” “It was probably the same guy we’re seeing this weekend.” A week later I ran into George.

    Letter to the Editor: Dr. Solorzano on Community Development
    Dear Editor: I would like thank The San Pedro Sun for their participation and invitation to the island’s public in assisting to solve the problems our beautiful island is and will be facing in the near future. We all can be very proud about the progress Ambergris Caye has made over the last few years and that we have developed rather quickly into a well-known and well respected travel destination. The benefits of our success have started and our local economy and our local community has started reaping some of these benefits. However now is also the time to set aside personal interests and to focus more on creating the best conditions possible for the island’s next generation, our kids and other generations to come. I would like to urge all of us to show the respect and attention for a reasonable development of the island and to best maintain our very unique island style, that style our island is loved for. We will need to show a vision on how to create very best conditions for a prosperous future of our beloved island. Our kids will thank us all.

    Doctor Love: Change
    Dear Doctor Love, Me and my man have been together for nearly ten years, mostly because of a baby girl we had together when I was seventeen. In all that time he has only worked maybe six months out of the year. Most of that money goes to his drinking beer with his friends and doing God knows what all. In these ten years we have split up sometimes because he just will not change. Every time, he begs me to take him back, and I always give in because I believed that it is in him to change his ways. He does change for six months or so but soon he slips back into what he usually does. Once we were split up for a year and a half. In this time I had a baby by someone else. Now, he always holds it against me and tries to make me feel guilty. A few weeks back I found out that he was seeing someone else so I left him. Now, he is trying to get back with me. He says that if we have another baby we will be stronger and he will be able to change the way I want him to. I do not trust him when he says this. I want him but I do not want him, too. I know he is bad for me. I want to get out of trying to change him. What can I do to get through this?

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Contract hit on Benque Freezone Chairman misses and injures Guatemalan
    Sources say there is a contract to assassinate the CEO of the Benque Free Zone and also that of a highly connected Belizean who has been connected to passports and contraband. Guatemalan National, Henrri Quiroa was a passenger sitting on the front passenger seat travelling in a white ford escape on the George Price Highway towards the Belize Western Border. The vehicle was driven by Alfred Sattler, the CEO of the Benque Viejo Freezone. When arriving about 1/4 miles before the Belize Western Border between miles 75 and 76 and in an area known as Pugas Gate, Satler when suddenly heard a single gunshot which caught Quiroa in the neck.

    Ladyville Murder at Wake
    Kenroy Arnold was murdered Saturday night in ladyville Village in the Belize District. He was shot several months ago in the back. The shooting incident happene about 12:30 a.m., at 20 Perez Road. 29-year-old Kenroy Arnold A.K.A. “Bouncer” of Vista Del Mar was outside the residence socializing at the wake for Sylvin Encalada (another murder victim) when three men approached from the back of the house and fired several shots towards him causing his injuries. Arnold was rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where he passed away while undergoing surgery.

    Hands Across the Sand in Caye Caulker.
    Oceana Belize has promoted holding hands for 15 minutes in different communities across the country on Saturday May 16th for its 'No to Offshore Drilling' initiative at 12 p.m.

    Double murder in Teakettle, Cayo.
    46 year old Julian Christopher Jones received chop wounds to the body and 61 year old Paul David Signorino had w gunshot wounds to the head. Official report: On 15.05.15 at 6:10p.m., Belmopan Police visited the residence of 59-year-old American teacher Laura Jo Lambert in the Pineapple Hill Area, Teakettle Village, Cayo where they saw the apparent lifeless body of 46-year-old American National Julian Christopher Jones also of Teakettle with chop wounds to the head.

    Sailboat submerged near Caye Chapel.
    It's less than quarter mile from the nearest island and there is a fishing camp nearby . But no signs of a storm. Nothing floating. The boat has a hole in it and it's a for tour shop in the caye ! No storm and all items were removed from the vessel earlier

    Got ants?
    As well as the many beneficial medicinal properties these fungi possess, they also destroy ants... 1.) Cordyceps lloydii attacks living ants and secretes a chemical that compels them to climb to the top of the Costa Rican canopy and attach themselves to leaves; then the mushroom erupts from the ant's head or body to disperse spores into wind currents... 2.) Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is an entomopathogenic, or insect-pathogenising fungus, discovered by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859, and currently found predominantly in tropical forest ecosystems. O. unilateralis, also referred to as a zombie fungus, infects ants of the Camponotini tribe, with the full pathogenesis being characterized by alteration of the behavioral patterns of the infected ant..

    LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, May 17, 2015: First: 4889 Second: 4406 Third: 3935 Missing: 1, 2, 7

    Lots on the North Side of Caye Caulker
    This is the graphic Min. of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega was waving around during his press conference regarding the issuing of lots on the North Side of Caye Caulker.

    Coming soon on Belizean Legends, is Part 2, of Belizean Women In Cycling.

    In-situ conservation program of macaws
    This year apart from biological monitoring, FCD with Forest Department endorsement has started an in-situ conservation program of macaws. The objective is to rescue ONLY those macaw chicks that are at risk of being stolen and raise them in a secure environment. The goal is to increase the wild population of macaws in Belize!!

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    Power lines are going up on the North side of Caye Caulker
    Who wants to guess when we'll have power there? Anyone?

    The Reporter

    Family ambushed near Guanacaste Park; one shot
    A family was reportedly ambushed aroun 6:30 p.m. on Sunday near the Guanacaste Park. Unconfirmed but reliable reports reaching The Weekend Reporter Online is that one person shot.

    Serious accident in Ladyville; two persons hurt
    A serious accident occurred shortly before 6 p.m. on Sunday on the Phillip Goldson Highway near its junction with the Burrel Boom Road. Reports reaching The Weekend Reporter Online is that at least two persons were flung from a vehicle and had to be rushed for medical attention by three ambulances.

    NTV draws large crowd in latest excursion
    The Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) chapter of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) drew its largest crowd over any previous excursion on Sunday morning at Garbutts Falls. According to Wil Maheia, BTV president the excursion to Garbutts Falls along the Benque Viejo del Carmen border was testament to the kind of support and awareness Belizeans have for the issue of border security. Maheia said each person paid their own passage to and from Garbutts Falls proving how dedicated people are to the issue. The group needed four buses to shuttle all the people to the border and back. The volunteers painted the border marker at the site before returning from their excursion. Maheia said the group is encouraged by the response and said it is looking forward to future expeditions.

    Murder in Ladyville
    A 29-year-old man was shot and killed in a Ladyville yard where he was socializing and offering condolences to the family of another recent murder victim. According to Inspector Frederick Gordon, officer coanding the Ladyville police formation, Kenroy “Bouncer” Arnold was at the family residence of Sylvin Encalada, the 68-year-old Ladyville security guard who was found dead on Friday morning, offering his condolences to the family. Gordon said initial investigations have revealed that Arnold was in the yard with another person when three men came from the back and one opened fire. Arnold was hit multiple times and rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he died while undergoing surgery for his injuries.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Shooting in Roaring Creek Village
    We have received reports that a shooting incident happened in Roaring Creek Village around 6:30 p.m. Our sources are saying that a woman was shot in the head near the Guanacaste National Park. Unconfirmed reports are that the woman has succumbed to her injuries. This is a developing story and […]

    Fatal Traffic Accident on the Philip Goldson Highway
    We have received reports that a fatal traffic accident happened this evening on the Philip Goldson Highway near the junction with Burrel Boom Road. According to reports, two persons have been severely injured and have been rushed to the hospital. This is a developing story and we will be updating […]

    Ladyville Man Gunned Down Last Night
    This morning around 12:45 a.m., Ladyville Police responded to a shooting incident at a residence on #20 Perez Road where they found 29-year-old Kenroy Arnold also known as “Bouncer” of Vista Del Mar suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. (It is interesting to note that on March 13, 2015, Kenroy Arnold […]

    Well Known Musician Accused of Sex With Minor
    Well-known Garifuna performer Dayaan Ellis also known by his stage name “Nuru” who sings both Paranda and Punta music is accused of having sex with a 14 year old teenager. According to reports, the father of the 14 year old girl filed a report a week ago to Dangriga police […]

    B&B owner may be forced to buy Belize oil company after her son accidentally purchased almost half of its shares
    Judith Williams, owner of the ‘Wyche Keep Country House’ in the United Kingdom is currently faced with a dilemma involving an oil company in Belize. Christopher Williams, Judith’s son mistakenly bought 342 million shares in New World Oil and Gas Company in his mother’s name, which he thought was only […]


    Need for a Belize National Sustainability Policy
    As national governments work to ensure sufficient fresh water, food, energy, housing, health, and education for their nation while trying to maintain its resources for future generations, they discover that they are not well organized to address the crosscutting nature of sustainability issues. A National Sustainability Policy is needed to help agencies overcome current barriers to making effective decisions related to sustainability. This policy should include an analytical framework to aid government decision making on issues where linkages are vital, identify high-priority sustainability challenges that need greater interagency cooperation, and recom­mend other steps agencies can take to break down barriers to successful collaboration. Barriers to Governing for Sustainability: Currently, several barriers frustrate government efforts to address sustainability challenges such as those described below. These obstacles impede agencies’ ability to fully consider the connections among resource areas and to build the linkages needed to manage them: The separated and dispersed authority that results from the basic legal framework of government. Funding mechanisms that favor short-term, single-agency initiatives rather than longer-term, cross-agency projects. A lack of access to or coordination of foundational elements such as research and infor­mation/data. The culture of government, which tends to encour­age agencies and their personnel to “stay in your lane” and avoid getting involved in sister agencies’ activities. Fortunately, steps can be taken to overcome these obstacles and create structures and incentives to enable greater col­laboration where it is needed or beneficial.

    Magical Mayan Night by Kevin Smith
    As always many came out in support of SHINE and many opted to dress in Mayan white the theme color of the event. The evenings culinary treat was a buffet style dinner which was soft tacos with either corn or flour tortilla with a large variety of fixings and desert wit lemon and coconut tarts. Gary Grief made opening comments in support of the work being done and they presented a plan to building a eco friendly design for at risk young ladies here on the island. The architect of the building was there. It is clear that Michelle is very passionate about this project and with help from OWEM’s Brenda and Emily from the States, she is going far towards making a safe place for young girls to learn grow and develop. The Chinese auction was a big hit, for the trip they had to the chocolate festival. I can not remember who or exact amount was but I believe it was just over $2000. The full prize was for an incredible weekend at the famous “Chocolate Festival of Belize” in Punta Gorda Town. The weekend includes round trip airfare for two on Tropic Air, festival activities, complimentary hotel accommodations and lunch with a Mayan Family – worth every penny.

    Is There Anything More Important to Our Island? Hands Across the Sand Belize
    Yesterday, at noon, Oceana – the worldwide organization whose goal it is to protect our world’s oceans – put out a call for a very very peaceful protest. Join hands, by the sea and say NO to OFFSHORE drilling. This wasn’t just in Belize – it was worldwide – but for us, it couldn’t be at a more important time. Just this month, there have been global headlines like this one, in the UK Guardian: Belize plan to allow offshore drilling threatens Great Blue Hole, say critics. The document/study/proposal (in draft stage) issued by the Belize Minister of Energy opens up 99% of Belize’s waters to exploration and even suggests that oil rigs could act as artificial reefs. Aye dios mio. At noon and for the next 15 minutes, a group of about 100 people…or maybe more joined hands in front of San Pedro High School.

    International Sourcesizz

    Southwest Airlines Announces Daily Direct Flights to Belize and Jamaica
    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southwest Airlines Garry Kelly has announced that daily, direct flights from Houston to Belize will begin on October 15, and Jamaica beginning November 1. A Belize delegation was present for the announcement. In attendance were the Director of Tourism – Mrs. Karen Bevans, Chairman of the Board – Dr. Carla Barnett, Director of Marketing – Ms. Karen Pike, along with representatives of Tropic Air and the Belize Airport Concession. Travel Trade Manager – Michelle Flowers, and Senior Officer – Deborah Gilharry were there to share information with the public about making Belize their next vacation destination.

    Facebook helps police bust sex predators — because law enforcement needs all the help it can get
    Former sixth grade social studies teacher David Thompson used to put in some late nights on the computer. But he wasn’t grading papers. “licking ur thighs inside will get u wet lol,” the 49-year-old Tampa-area teacher pecked in a breathless Facebook IM to a 13-year-old Belizean girl who is identified in court documents as Minor Female Victim 1, or MFV1. “Big Dave’s” extracurricular creeping went on like that for another two weeks, until he was apparently feeling confident that he had convinced MFV1 to offer up her virginity in exchange for gifts and money. “ok then i will make sure u always have money,” Thompson chatted her on Feb. 27, 2014, a week after he booked a flight to Belize for their illicit rendezvous. Little did MFV1 know, but there was also an “MFV2,” a 15-year-old Belizean girl Thompson was messaging on the other side of the country to negotiate a similar arrangement of sex-for-gifts. And apparently neither girl realized that their other new Facebook friend, a young Belizean girl named “Iris Levy,” was also Thompson sockpuppeting as a local teen.

    1.8B will travel internationally each year by 2030: report
    As the global population continues to rise and economies around the world gain the trappings of a middle-class life, international travel will boom, according to an analysis by As countries experience more cultural cross-pollination, travel behaviors will evolve. The report identifies six travel personalities or “travel tribes” that may emerge 15 years from now. “The most influential prediction in the forecast spotlighted here is not how people will travel, but how people will plan their travel,” said Lark Gould, content director for Travel-Intel, Los Angeles. “The study by Amadeus focuses on travel experiences and notes that travel, as a form of leisure entertainment, will be segmented by types of experiences and served to a public according to types of travel experience seekers,” she said. “These travel seekers could be those in search of philanthropic tours or Ethical Travel as the study highlights, or those in search of purely indulgent experiences, as Rewards Hunters, or those seeking depth and realism, such as the Cultural Purists noted in the greater break down of six travel personas or tribes.


  • Pretty Polly the Yellow lored Parrot, 1/2min. Update of Pretty Polly the Yellow lored Parrot we have nesting by us. No sign of babies. As you can see, her nest is quite deep. She only shows her head when we call her, otherwise she stays hidden.

  • Puma in the wild, 1/2min. The Sarteneja area is rich in wildlife - you are never quite sure what you are going to see when driving from Wildtracks into the village. Paul, Jen Chapman and Emma Shirley F came across a puma the night before last... Thank you, Emma and Jen, for catching this on video!!

  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize 2014, 1min.

  • Sailing and Snorkeling in Belize 2015, 3min. Video clips from 8 days in Belize. The first few clips are from Hobie sailing off Ambegris Caye. The middle clips are from a three day sail/snorkel trip from Caye Caulker to Rendevous Caye to Tobacco Caye to Placencia. The last few clips are from a snorkeling day trip out to Silk Caye.

  • Belize 2015, 4min. Little video highlighting trip to Belize, with side trip to Tikal, Guatemala, in February 2015

  • A Budget Traveler's Adventures in Belize, 8min. Exploring the Belize islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker in the Caribbean Sea.

  • Belize - Snorkeling, 1.5min. Silk Caye with nurse sharks, rays, barracuda and bait fish.

  • Mankato Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Trip to Belize, 1.5min. Spend two weeks providing speech and language screenings and audiology services at the local preschools in Belize.

  • Belize - 4 Bill McLean, 43min.

  • Belize Navidad, 4min. Poppen family vacation, winter 2014.

  • Hunting In Belize, 5min.

    May 17, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    American Airlines takes you from Los Angeles to Belize with no problem at all!
    Live in California and want to come to Belize? Well American Airlines is making it easy and convenient to travel from Belize to Los Angeles whenever you desire. Always committed to taking travelers to places that matter most by offering nearly 900 nonstop routes – American Airlines offers the most nonstop routes of any airlines in the world. Beginning June 6, 2015, American Airlines will be launching nonstop service from Belize International (BZE) to Los Angeles, California (LAX). This new route provides travelers with more flexibility when flying from Central America to the United States.

    BzSA launches a new logo and puts Belize sailors into the international arena
    It is the dawn of a new day for recreational sailing in Belize and hence the Belize Sailing Association’s (BzSA) new board of directors decided to adopt a logo to embody the excitement of momentum. This new logo reflects the fact that BzSA is creating international opportunities for top school-age sailors. Selection regattas decided which sailors BzSA will send to this summer’s international events, one for Optimist dinghies and the other for Olympic class Lasers.

    24/7 Medical Service is benefitting our island community greatly
    The area designated as the emergency facility contains two beds and equipment for treating trauma, and child delivery among other medical services. In addition, an emergency entrance was opened at the north side of the building to be used when the main entrance is closed after normal working hours. This initially caused much confusion, as patients were not properly informed of the different entrances. “Our regular operating hours are from 7PM to 8PM. We close the main entrance at 8PM, and then open the emergency entrance. There was confusion, because people used to pass the clinic and see the front door closed. But we were not closed. It is just that the other entrance was being used. People failed to see the signs pointing out the direction of the emergency service. We have since been informing all patients about the emergency entrance and are not having that many problems anymore,” Vellos said. The reason the front door is closed is due to safety. The clinic does not have sufficient staff to fully man the clinic both day and night. “We are still not at the level to operate the entire clinic for 24 hours. After the normal working hours, we close down the majority of the clinic and only leave open the area assigned for emergencies. If the front door would be open, we wouldn’t be able to monitor everyone coming in and out since the emergency facility is at the back of the clinic. That’s why we opened the new entrance so that every patient that comes in can be immediately greeted and given the treatment they require,” said Vellos.

    Scholarships for Capoeira Classes
    Created by the African slaves that were brought to Brazil, Capoeira encompasses dance, music, and acrobatics, along with other martial arts. The Afro-Brazilian discipline has been taking place since the 1600s and is now going to be taught in San Pedro. Instrutora (Instructor) Marisa Tellez, who has been practicing the art for seven and a half years, is offering classes to those interested in learning the art of rhythm and movement that is Capoeira. But that’s not all; lessons will also include learning Samba Dance, Maculele (a warrior dance that involves sticks), playing Capoeira instruments, singing and learning to speak Portuguese. The lessons will be held at Zen Arcade every Thursday of the week, with children’s from 4PM to 5PM and adults classes from 5PM to 6:15PM. Tellez has indicated that while the classes will be open to persons of all ages, she has partnered with Zen Arcade to run a non-profit program to provide scholarships for the Capoeira classes (either free tuition or half tuition) to children ages 9-17.

    BWG Monthly Donation Program installs new playground at Central Park

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Ten-day Weather Outlook, Onset of the Rainy Season, 2015
    At this time folks are apprehensive about the start of the rains, especially farmers who must plant just before the rains set in. Here is the Ten day Outlook. It can serve as a guide to the start of the rains during this El Nino year. I will be monitoring the model outputs over the next ten days to see how the models are resolving the atmospheric circulation to summer conditions in the Caribbean and Central America. The winter pattern is already disappearing over North America, Gulf of Mexico and the Western Atlantic.

    Hands Across the Sands against offshore oil drilling
    Sneak peek of Hands Across the Sand!

    On 15.05.15 at 6:10p.m., Belmopan Police visited the residence of 59-year-old American teacher Laura Jo Lambert in the Pineapple Hill Area, Teakettle Village, Cayo where they saw the apparent lifeless body of 46-year-old American National Julian Christopher Jones also of Teakettle with chop wounds to the head. Further checks in a room of the same building led to the discovery of the apparent lifeless body of 61-year-old American retiree Paul David Signorino of Valley of Peace Road, Cayo District with two apparent gunshot wounds to the left side of his head. Laura Jo Lambert reported that at about 5:30p.m. on 15.05.15 she arrived home and did not see her ex husband at home. She called out his name but got no response, she then decided to make checks inside a house that is under construction at the back of her property where she found him apparently dead. Her one bedroom houses as well as the two vehicles in her yard were ransacked. Julian Jones' licensed 9mm Beretta pistol and .22 rifle are missing. Police are investigating.

    Power interruption 9:00am to 12:00 midday, Sunday, May 17, portion of Lake Independence, Belize City
    Electric Avenue, Gordon Street, Stann Avenue, Canondate Drive, Hyde Street, Raleigh Street, Jones Avenue, Diego Street, Balan Street, Riverside Street, Mokay Boulevard, Complex Avenue, Cumberbatch Street, Giles Street, Gladden Street, Brown Street, Lacroix Boulevard and Holy Emmanuel Street. BEL to install equipment on the power distribution system in the area.


    PM defends change to special agreement
    Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is confronting the spectre of Guatemala again with the news of an amendment to the special agreement allowing Guatemala to proceed on its own with a referendum on taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the ICJ...

    CEO of Benque FreeZone Shot at
    There was a shooting incident in Benque Viejo Del Carmen earlier this morning involving the CEO of the Benque Viejo Free Zone, Al Satler. According to reports, Satler was heading to work sometime around 8:30 am in his private vehicle...

    Major Crime down but Murders up?
    The Minister of National Security has recently criticized the media for its crime coverage. At a ceremony in Roaring Creek, the Minister said the media focuses on sensationalizing murders when in fact there has been a steady decrease in murders since Minister John Saldivar took office in 2012...

    Benque Mayor Served with NIP
    Police have served the Mayor of Benque Viejo Town Heraldo Rancharan Jr. with a Notice of Intended Prosecution after a minor accident put two young women in the hospital...

    The Reporter

    Oceana stages national anti offshore drilling event
    On Saturday afternoon Oceana held “Hands Across the Sand,” an event observed internationally in protest of offshore drilling and oil exploration. Seleshia Guy, Oceana Belize district representative said the event has been ovserved anually all over the world for the last six years since the BP Oil spill and has gained much momentum, culminating with the events in Belize on Saturday. According to Guy, Saturday’s observation of the event isn’t the first time it has been held in the country as it was observed several years ago, but it was the first time it has been celebrated in Belize City and organized on a national level. Apart from Belize City, supporters gathered around the same time at noon in San Pedro, Dangriga, Corozal, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Orange Walk, San Ignacio, Caye Caulker, Placencia and Hopkins. The anti-offshore drilling advocates held hands as a sign of solidarity for 10 minutes and then hoisted their arms in unison signalling the championing of their cause.

    The Belize Times

    We Noh Di Move! – Mark King Exposed; UDPs First, Belizeans Last Policy in Full Swing
    UDP Lake Independence candidate Mark King is one chancey, facey, cold-hearted politician. King has been undermining the hard efforts of over 50 families to fulfil their dreams of owning a piece of the jewel, to satisfy his political agenda and greed. The families have now realised that they are being chanced and have stood up to defend themselves. But King has slammed them with his “UDP First, Belizeans last” rule and promised that he will destroy their dreams. The issue is over a small area of crown land located in the outskirts of Lake Independence. It sits behind the Gungulung area, next to the new development site that flanks the newly opened Chetumal Street. Before the UDP Government announced any plans to develop the area, a group of mostly Belizeans had already settled, built homes and began living on the land.

    Barrow Lyaad!! – BNTU President Exposes PM’s Lies and Deception
    Fresh of his re-election, the no nonsense President of the Belize National Trade Union Congress, Luke Palacio, has exposed Prime Minister Dean Barrow as a liar and deceiver. The Prime Minister, it appears, has been on a mission to undermine the unity and strength of the social partners in an attempt to get away with his illegal borrowing and spending of Petrocaribe millions. Barrow has concocted all kinds of stories to make it seem that the social partners have been feeding on the Petrocaribe pie, but little by little he is being exposed as speaking with a forked tongue. The BNTU opposes the lack of accountability and abuse shown by this Government in the use of Petrocaribe money. But PM Barrow has tried to make it look like the teachers are content with the Petrocaribe programme, because according to him, GOB is using Petrocaribe monies to give teachers a salary adjustment. Barrow is trying to confuse teachers and muddy the issue. No teacher would oppose a salary raise; therefore, none of them would oppose the spending of Petrocaribe monies, if it were only true. But BNTU President Luke Palacio says that is not the case.

    Petrocaribe Not Rolling for Met Office – Key radar equipment not functioning since October 2014
    The UDP Government Ministers have been rolling in Petrocaribe millions but the Meteorology Office has been left to fend for itself, begging for funds, to repair the very important radar system which has deteriorated and stopped working. Since October 2014, the Met Office’s vital tool, the Doppler radar, has not been functioning. This equipment provided a live imagery of weather conditions over Belize and helped to analyse the weather and make accurate forecasts. It also provided real-time visual information to online users around the world. Without the radar, the Met Office has had to rely on external support and assistance to carry out its work. This has taken their service a decade or more behind. While getting the Doppler radar back on stream has been a priority for the Met Office, this apparently isn’t the case for the Government who has dragged its feet to approve requests for funds requested by the weather experts.

    New Blood in Dangriga – Long-time Educator Anthony Sabal Named PUP’s New Standard Bearer
    A surge of energy and interest has preceded the People’s United Party’s announcement and presentation of a new candidate for the Dangriga constituency for the upcoming general elections. Long-time educator Henry Sabal has stepped up to the plate, giving residents of the culture capital another major reason to continue supporting the only Party that has shown them respect. At a press conference held on Wednesday, May 13th, PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca introduced Mr. Sabal to the public, underscoring his distinguished career as a teacher and service to his community. “We are very proud to welcome Mr. Anthony Sabal as the new Standard Bearer for the People’s United Party. He is a man I have tremendous faith and confidence in. He understands the issues and challenges affecting Belize. He has a long distinguished career as an educator. He is a man of great principle. A humble man,” remarked the Party leader.

    Think About It
    The families in the Gungulung area of Lake Independence, Belize City, who are facing a cold hearted eviction, have now taken a stand. They say to evict them in the circumstances is unfair and unjust and they will fight any effort to evict them. These families entered deep swamp and thick mangroves years ago to chop and fill up a portion of murky, disease infested water to turn into a habitable piece of “land”. This is a long process of years before a family can fully cut thick mangroves, destroy the stump and fill the area with garbage, debris and eventually some clay. There are no roads or streets to carry in any landfill or items. Everything is by buckets and by hand. It is an arduous and painstaking challenge. It is a sign of the desperation involved in their human desire for habitation and somewhere to call their own.
    There is a dire shortage of Magistrates. Each morning hundreds of citizens are seen waiting to be called into Court as only three Magistrates are available in Belize City where there are usually six. We understand the situation is worst in the Cayo District. There is no magistrate for Benque Viejo, none for San Ignacio and only one in Belmopan. We cannot understand this terrible shortage in the justice system. Is the treatment of Belizean lawyers so shabby that none wish to work in the Magistrate Courts? There are four attorneys at the family court. There are two magistrates at the “City Council” court upstairs the commercial center. The bulk of overcrowding and back-logs are in the Magistrate Courts behind Brodies.

    Adding Fuel to Fire
    Mother’s Day has come and gone and for the UDP’s, the day was full of Cheer. In his last Press Conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow proudly and arrogantly proclaimed that all seventeen members on his side of the House would receive fifty thousand dollars each to spend on the mothers in their constituencies. He did not expressly stipulate it but it was no doubt clearly understood that those would be, UDP mothers. His fourteen standard bearers also received hefty sums while members of the Opposition were encouraged to “come beg” for some. Of course, according to the Prime Minister, they could only get half of what those on the UDP side would be receiving. Not one member of the press dared to ask him how he could justify that. Of course, according to his new Petro Caribe Act, he doesn’t have to. He has all authority to borrow at will and spend at will with no obligation to account to anyone or any group. This has got to be considered the most dictatorial and “facey” law ever enacted by any government. The Leader of the Opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca had of course, already announced at a recent House Meeting that representatives of the People’s Unite Party would not be accepting any money from the Petro Caribe Fund. According to Mr. Fonseca, the PUP “will not be accepting a single copper whether it be the Mother’s Day, the X-Mas or any other cheer”. The Leader of the Opposition has gone as far as to label the actions of the Barrow Administration “criminal” and has said that in the face of those actions, “the PUP, cannot and will not be a party to any such criminality”. The PUP has accused the Prime Minister of unlawfully using the money and has filed a lawsuit to that effect; a case which is currently awaiting trial in the Supreme Court. In what was clearly preemptive action and in anticipation of a court ruling against him, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went to the House of Representative last month and rushed through a bill which, as the Leader of the Opposition pointed out, “runs afoul of both the Belize Constitution and the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act 2005”.

    A Backward Government
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Petrocaribe Law is one of the most backward moves by a political party in Belize’s history. Instead of taking us forward into stricter reforms, strengthening what exists in our laws and systems of oversight, the UDP is reversing. It has reversed the efforts of the Unions, the Chamber, the student movements and concerned citizens who rallied and lobbied for the Finance and Audit Act to cover all aspects of Government borrowing and spending when dealing with $10 million or more. Barrow has done much more things that are backward. Instead of embracing the call for a stronger Senate with the appointment of a 13th Senator, Barrow has rejected it. Instead of recognising the Maya people’s right to communal land, as is their tradition and as affirmed time and time again by our High Courts, Barrow refuses to give our indigenous peoples the respect that they are due. Instead, he snobbishly argues that his Government recognises only recognises a right to land as a human right and not any form of communal land. Instead of ending nepotism and cronyism, Barrow proudly practises it. His sons, daughter, wife, ex-wife and brother have all benefitted from his position as Prime Minister. It is with his consent that they are awarded legal contracts, diplomatic postings, executive position in Government entities and the perks that come with it. Like an emperor who appoints his children as Lords over kingdoms, so has Barrow’s control spread

    Brown Bombers lead 2015 Smart Mundialito
    The undefeated Brown Bombers are leading the 2015 SMART Mundialito annual football tournament with 3 wins and a draw at the MCC garden last Saturday. In Game 1, the undefeated Collet Strikers posted their 2nd win: 1-0 against the London Strikers, with a strike by Troy Gentle. In Game 2, Heights FC and Carlston FC each picked up a point by a nil-zip draw. In Game 3, the undefeated Young Warriors also posted their 2nd win: 1-0 against the defending champs City Boys; on a strike by Jose Garcia. In Game 4, the Brown Bombers posted their 3rd win to hand the Ladyville Jaguars their 3rd loss, when Eshaq King scored the winning goal; King now leads the tournament with 5 goals.

    Hurricanes & Warriors battle for NEBL playoff berth
    The Yellow Pages Hurricanes and Dangriga Warriors will battle it out at the Stann Creek Ecumenical auditorium on Saturday night, May 16, for a spot in the National Elite Basketball League playoffs. The Hurricanes are highly confident after defeating the Belmopan Red Taigaz 76-65 at the Belize Elementary auditorium last Friday night. Ty Bradley led the Hurricanes with 22 points, while Brian White added 18 points and 9 rebounds. Red Taigaz’ Travis Lennan scored 16 points and 6 rebounds; while Terrell Eskridge added 12 points. The San Pedro Tigersharks are No.1 after their scheduled game with Belize City No Limit was not played last Saturday night, May 9. No Limit did not make the trip to la Isla Bonita and forfeited the game to the Tigersharks, thereby dropping out of the playoff race.

    PUP Chairman Henry C. Usher Remembers Ms. Eloisa Trujeque
    Dear Editor, Paradoxical though it is, there is nothing in life worthwhile that is not attained through suffering and conflict. But such a cross is not too great a burden to carry for the enriching privilege of touching other lives with compassion and deep understanding. I am certain that this truly reflects Mrs. Trujeque – how she was and how she lived. Mrs. Trujeque or Ms. T as we all called her was an ardent supporter and humble leader of the PUP and a true servant of the people. She served on the executive committee of the PUP Mesopotamia for many years rising to the post of Chairlady. She never gave up hope in a division that the Party has not done so well in the last few elections. Meetings, fundraisers, voter registration, campaigning, Ms. T was involved in all of them. She always made sure to remember her people. Mrs. Trujeque entered as a candidate of the PUP in the 1999 City Council elections winning back to back, serving with recently departed Mayor David Fonseca and other councillors like Danny Madrid and Yasmin Shoman. She held the massive portfolios of Public Health and Environment, Solid Waste Management, Markets and Unions. Her tenure as a city councillor until 2006 was marked by an avid commitment to enrich the lives of her Southside brothers and sisters. No matter where she went Ms. T never forgot her West Street roots.

    Run Di $$ Tracy!
    Dear Editor, A new UDP candidate for the Albert Division, I believe her name to be Tracy Taeger Panton, held her political convention and Mother’s Day program with Petrocaribe Funds involved on the 8th of May at the House of Culture. As a single mother of three children and a voter in the division, I attended the event after begging for an invitation. After the speeches, I went for a plate of food but was told “no moh food deh, all done”. I decided to get a soft drink but was told “one dalla for a coke”. I was shocked because I had heard Prime Minister Barrow announcing that every division would be receiving $50,000 from Petrocaribe for their Mother’s Day Cheers. My maths tells me that there is no way that program on Friday cost $50,000. So weh di rest of the money gone? Inna somebody pocket?? I remember last year, when Herman Longsworth was the man in Albert, we mothers received $100. This year, the candidate who is also a mother, gave us $0.00. Nada! Imagine, Tracy noh get into office yet, and she done di chance we. Weh di money deh Tracy?

    PUP Secretary General sues The Guardian’s Alfonso Noble
    People’s United Party Secretary General Myrtle Palacio has filed a civil suit against the Guardian Newspaper editor, Alfonso Noble, for spurious allegations made against her in the UDP rag sheet. Mrs. Palacio is seeking damages for libel after Noble refused to retract allegations that the Secretary General endorsed the criminal act of with craft in the Sunday, January 4, 2015 newspaper edition. Noble is known for using the UDP print organ to vilify and disrespect women, especially if they are believed to be PUP. He apparently has no ethics and no boundaries. The Secretary General is represented by Senior Counsel and former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa. The matter is now before the Supreme Court.

    By Dolores Balderamos Garcia In ancient Greek Mythology there is a fearsome creature, a dog or monster called Cerberus. He has three heads, a mane of serpents, and the claws of a lion. He guards the entrance to Hades, the Underworld, so as to prevent the dead from leaving and the living from entering. And he has, in some renditions of the story, an appetite only for live meat so as to allow just the spirits of the dead to freely enter the underworld but allow none to leave. In other renditions he enjoys honeycakes, and the meat or cakes were used by the ancient heroes to distract Cerberus so that a living person could enter the underworld. The twelfth labour assigned to Greek hero Heracles was capturing Cerberus. A “sop” is a thing given or done to appease or bribe someone. In literature there are many references to the term “a sop to Cerberus,” meaning a concession or bribe to conciliate a person otherwise liable to be troublesome. In Roman literature Aeneas threw a sop to Cerberus in order distract him and slip by. Other meanings are a “bribe or something given to propitiate a potential source of danger or problems” or “to give a gift to a troublesome person” in order to appease or to quiet him/her. You no doubt get the picture!!

    Sedi has it wrong once again
    Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) heavily condemns and scowls upon the recent comments of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington concerning his intention, with the blessings of the current administration, to travel to Guatemala City in a few weeks to sign an amendment to the infamous Special Agreement, or Compromis, to allow for the Republic of Guatemala to host a referendum on going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ahead of Belize instead of honoring the Agreement’s original intention that both countries should hold the referendum simultaneously. Notwithstanding our dislike towards the Compromis, we stand utterly dismayed at the Foreign Minister’s assertion, via the interview with Channel 5, that the Belizean public should not be consulted on such a critical change to this Agreement. By suggesting that “It is not our obligation to go back to the public every time we are taking an action”, it highlights that the minister is clearly psychologically affected either by his ego or by some sort of academic leaning.

    BYM Condemns Statement by Minister of National Security
    The Belize Youth Movement condemns the attempts by Acting Prime Minister and Minister of National Security John Saldivar to mistreat the seriousness of the crime situation in the country. The Minister, at an event in Crooked Tree Village on Wednesday, accused the media of “sensationalising crime” and seemingly boasted that major crime has decreased by 30%. The BYM condemns the Minister’s dangerous approach in dealing with the level of crime, in particular gun/gang violence involving mostly young people. While the Minister claims that major crimes have reduced by 30%, official data (see below) provided by the very same Police Department which Saldivar leads, shows that the number of homicides has increased significantly since 2013. It is clear that the Ministry of National Security is clueless about the crime situation. The Minister’s statement is irresponsible and a clear attempt to distract from reality. His Ministry apparently utilises an “ostrich approach” to the issue where they stuck their heads under the ground and pretend that the situation is not so bad and that the media is simply exaggerating the figures.

    Gilroy Usher Sr. Conducts Community Cleanup in Port Loyola
    On Thursday, May 7th, 2015 both Maurice Dena St. and a portion of Arlington Drive in Port Loyola got a long needed facelift when Gilroy Usher, Sr., members of his Constituency Executive Committee and residents of the division carried out a long overdue cleanup campaign of the area. The drains that were overgrown with grass and clogged with debris were thoroughly cleaned with the aid of a backhoe tractor that was hired by Usher. Heavy duty machine was also used to drain two very large pools of dirty water that were a health concern and major hindrance to residents. For several months, residents have complained about the flies and rats thriving in the unclean areas and the health risks that they are exposed to. Residents say that their cries have gone unheard and ignored by the elected representative, UDP’s Anthony Boots Martinez.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Cayo stands in solidarity against offshore drilling
    At midday today, hundreds, if not thousands of Belizeans across the country stood in solidarity with OCEANA against offshore oil drilling in Belize. In San Ignacio Town, members of the community gathered by the wooden bridge to pledge their 100% support to OCEANA against offshore oil drilling […]

    Crooked Tree Cashew Festival promotes Humble Cash Cow
    Crooked Tree, Belize District- The humble cashew is a fruit of many talents, and a welcome boon to the 1, 000-plus residents of this isolated inland enclave off the Philip Goldson Highway. But it has the potential to be so much more, as will be demonstrated over the […]

    Another Belizean on the international spotlight
    Whenever Belizeans share the spotlight at an international level, it is of good news for the country. An article published by “In Scope”, a weekly newspaper for faculty and students at the University of Indiana has shed the light on Francis Marshalleck, a born Belizean. The article reads… “From humble […]

    2 Americans Murdered in Teakettle Village
    Last night around 7 p.m., Belmopan police were alerted to a murder scene in the Pineapple Hill area of Teakettle Village in Cayo District. Upon arrival to the scene, police entered a premise where they discovered the lifeless body of a man lying on a pool of blood with multiple […]

    Crime Statistics Show that Murders Are Up in 2015
    The Belize Police Department has officially released the crime statistics for the first quarter of 2015. The major crimes are broken down into six categories:murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge. The statistics show that there is a decrease in burglaries, robberies, and thefts in 2015; however, murders, rapes […]

    OCEANA invites public to stand in solidarity against offshore drilling
    OCEANA is the largest international organization devoted to ocean conservation and here in Belize, they are working tirelessly to protect Belize’s pristine barrier reef from offshore oil drilling. In an effort to bring awareness, Oceana has organized a national campaign titled “Hands Across The Sand against Off Shore Exploration” at […]

    Do Not Miss Belize’s Chocolate Festival in May
    Cacao is a crop native to the Americas, and the Toledo District is recognized for its superior cacao over the rest of the country. Cacao beans are a significant export crop and within country, are transformed into distinctive and high quality chocolate. Every Commonwealth Day, which is in […]

    Life of Alfred Sattler, CEO of Benque Free Zone in Danger
    CEO of Benque Free Zone, Alfred Sattler was driving his vehicle around eight thirty on Thursday morning to the Western Border when about a quarter mile before his destination, a shot was fired at his vehicle hitting eighteen year old Guatemalan national Henri Quiroa who was seated in the front […]

    Double Murder in Teakettle Village
    We have received credible information about a double murder in the village of Teakettle in the Cayo District. The incident occurred a few minutes before 7 p.m. on Friday night and has left the residents of Teakettle in shock.

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    Leila Novelo graduates!
    Hearty congratulations to Caye Caulker native Leila Novelo on her graduation from university with a Masters Degree in Social Services. Well done, Leila!

    Two boating mishaps
    Have been reported over the last two days -- there is a sail boat grounded in the corals south of the Caye Caulker channel, and some boaters enroute to Belize City yesterday encountered this overturned boat in rough seas.

    Congratulations to Caye Caulker native Sophia Diego
    And her mother Ellen Armstrong, owner of Cayeboard Connection internet cafe, on Sophia's graduation from high school in Canada. This is Sophia's 2nd high school graduation; she graduated last year from St. Catherine Academy. Canadian education rules means she had to do her last year over again before she could enroll in university there. Well done, ladies!

    Hands Across the Sands in Caye Caulker
    Caye Caulker students, teachers, tour guides, tourists, Village Council members and community members held hands in a show of solidarity against potential off-shore oil drilling in Belize. Across the nation, other communities also joined hands for 15 minutes today to voice citizen concerns.


    Belize’s US Maya Exhibit Is Boon For Tourism
    The current May 2015 tour of Maya artefacts throughout the United States has created a surge in interest in an often-overlooked area of Belize’s burgeoning tourism industry, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Roberto Harrison, Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator, said that the interest generated by the May 2015 Tour has translated into greater interest in the many ancient temples, cities, sacred caves and other remnants of the once vibrant Maya civilisation in Belize. A convoy of nine eighteen-wheeler trucks carrying over 250 of Belize’s most prized Maya artefacts left Boston, Massachusetts on May 13 2015 for a three day journey to the next exhibition in San Diego, and Mr Harrison said the coast to coast exposure is a boon for Belize’s growing tourism industry.

    Returning from the States: The Things I Brought With Me
    I’m back. My Providence, Rhode Island to Baltimore to Cancun to Belize City to San Pedro 28 hour trek is over and left me a bit tired but HAPPY TO BE HOME. Now I’m unpacking my bag. I was on a strict budget and didn’t buy much – just some necessary items. And things that are SO MUCH CHEAPER abroad and worth it (to me) to bring back to Belize. A few years ago, I wrote a post about what to bring to Belize when you are moving here permanently – and I agree with almost all of it today. Bring sheets with you, substitute a Kindle for all the books and DON’T BRING SO MANY CLOTHES! Those 10 pairs of long pants…you are not going to use them and they will just get moldy! I promise. Here’s a photos of what I extracted from my suitcase that wasn’t in it when I left about a week and a half ago. The cats have already taken up residence on my opened bags. Here is my yearly “Target haul”.

    Retire in Corozal Belize
    More and more, the buzz amongst both expats and native Belizeans is that Corozal is the place to be. With real estate prices lower than many other areas of Belize, Corozal offers an outstanding location to live. Corozal is fortuitously located in the very north of Belize, and receives far less rain than the monsoon-drenched areas in the south. Residents of Corozal enjoy warm tropical days without enduring months of tropical rain. Conveniently, the Mexican border is just nine miles away. Both the Mexican town of Chetumal and the Belizean duty-free zone offer outstanding prices on a wide variety of foods, household goods, and other items. Corozal is blessed with a picturesque and lovely main square, offering residents and visitors alike a delightful Latin ambience. A community swimming pool, karaoke bars and art exhibitions bring together this English-speaking town located on the shore of the gorgeous Corozal Bay. Resisting the rampage of overeager developers, the waterfront along the bay is partially fronted by a delightful green parkland, offering outstanding views.

    International Sourcesizz

    Solar Sunflower Concentrates Power and Desalinates Water
    Swiss company, Airlight Energy is producing a solar sunflower that tracks the sun like a sunflower does and concentrates the sun’s radiation by 2,000 times (and converts 80 percent of that power to useful energy) in a unit that produces 12kW of solar electric power and 20kW of thermal power from 10 hours of sunlight. It cools itself by pumping water through its veins just like a plant. Airlight says that the energy produced is enough energy to power several average homes making the unit perfect for offgrid uses. And that’s not all. The heated water can be used for cooling air or desalinating water. The unit can produce 30 to 40 liters of potable water from salt water, which will be great where water is too salty to drink or the area is an arid one near the sea.

    Top 10 Under Rated (and less-crowded) Mayan Archaeological Sites
    10. Lamanai, Orange Walk, Belize Lamanai, the Mayan word for “submerged crocodile,” was aptly named. Not only do crocodiles appear in the site’s effigies and decorations, but you are likely to see crocodiles while trying to get there. In order to reach the site, you must take a small boat up the winding New River through the tropical rainforest of central Belize. Lamanai was one of the longest continuously occupied cities, starting in 500 B.C. to 1675 A.D. or even later, probably due to its strategic location on the trade route of the New River. The most notable among this site’s ruins is the Mask Temple at the northern end of the complex.


  • Hands Across the Sand in Caye Caulker., 3.5min. Oceana Belize has promoted holding hands for 15 minutes in different communities across the country on Saturday May 16th for its 'No to Offshore Drilling' initiative at 12 p.m.

  • San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, joins the rest of the country in Hands Across the Sand cause in solidarity against Offshore Oil, 2min.

  • Belize Tree House Resort At Caves Branch, Belmopan, Belize, 4min.

  • Spring Break 2015 - Cozumel and Belize, 5min.

  • Belize Zoo, 3min.

  • Hands Across the Sand - Hopkins Belize., 3min.

  • belize, 10min.

  • Jesus Acosta & The Professionals - Bruckdown Belize Style, 10min. Album : From Belize With Love

  • Tarpon attack. Belize, 22sec.

    May 16, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Marbucks: Wine and social Thursdays in Tres Cocos!
    Marbucks is certainly more than just coffee, although that is super delicious too! Located in Tres Cocos at Daydreamin’ Bed and Breakfast, this special little coffee nook offers more than the standard morning treats. Wines and cocktails are also served beyond breakfast, and for a special treat, Thursday is afternoon wine fun! From 3PM – 5PM every Thursday, gracious hostesses Mar and Rachel welcome friends and neighbors in the area to enjoy a glass of wine or two (or three or four) with complimentary nibbles from the kitchen. It’s a fun, relaxed afternoon and a great way to meet new friends.

    Letter to the Editor: Emeliano Rivero addresses the community
    Letters-to-the-EditorDear San Pedro Sun, Please allow me a space in your invaluable news source to give my opinion and hopefully others may have the same thoughts and proceed to have a positive thought towards the benefit of our “paradise island”, a title we are rapidly losing. I go online daily, hourly, and all I read is negativity on social media, news sources and message boards. Our beautiful island and people keeps getting bombarded with negativity. Citizens bombarding hate against each other in our small community without remorse, with the gut to walk past each other with hate and no shame of it. Thing is, these parties do not have an idea of who is affected. They simply might not care or are oblivious to reality. A sad reality the community is going through. Many that are affected by crime in this community, in my opinion, are the better citizens. The citizens who do for the community. Citizens who care, some who have fought for education, health, safety, food and fundraising events for whoever needs it. Some of you who are reading this have benefited from these Good Samaritan’s deeds. Good Samaritans who have lost a loved one through selfishness of others.

    Notices from The San Pedro Town Council
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) hereby notifies the general public that in accordance with the Town Council’s (Control of Refuse) Bylaws No. 13 of 2005 section 3 – “The occupier of any premises within the limits of any town shall provide on the premises a suitable receptacle with a secured cover for the contamination of garbage.” Moreover, section 10 (e) – “A person within the limits of any town who exposes, on any sidewalk, street, or any place where the content may be scattered onto a public place, a receptacle containing garbage not sufficiently protected so as to effectively prevent content of the receptacle from being exposed or scattered commits a littering offence,” therefore; section 11(1) “Any person who commits an offence may be issued a violation ticket with a fine of $500.00.”
    The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Transport Department (SPTD) hereby informs the general public that the SPTD will be conducting the removal of TINTED VEHICLE WINDOWS on May 26, 2015 at the Louis Cuz Sylvestre Sports Complex (formerly known as Saca Chispas/Old Football Field) throughout the day, this is in accordance with Section 5 Subsection (2) of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic (Tinted Windows) Regulations 2011.

    Despite vandalism, San Pedro AIDS Commission to continue beautification efforts
    A recently launched beautification project by the San Pedro AIDS Commission (SPAC) has suffered a minor setback due to vandalism. The SPAC embarked on a project to cover the graffiti covered fence/wall on the south side of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRC). The area is a heavily trafficked alley connecting Coconut Drive and Barrier Reef Drive. The project was meant to give the wall a “new look”, with positive messages painted on it, but days after the project started unknown criminals decided to take it upon themselves to vandalize the newly painted walls with rude/vulgar messages. According to President of the AIDS Commission, Felix Ayuso, a bit of vandalism will not slow down the project as they intend to change the image of the alley. “SPAC began the beautification project by covering the horrible graffiti on the south side of the SPRC fence on the alley going to the beach by Tropic Air. This area is trafficked a lot by tourists, locals and children, and the wall has become a horrible eyesore. This is a big area that needs a “new look”. The project is costly but we felt it needed to be done. After we did the first phase of the project, it was vandalized. Even though the vandalism is going to result in the project costing more than initially anticipated, we do intend to complete the project,” said Ayuso.

    Luis Campos claims police brutality while in custody for Murder investigations
    23-year-old Luis Campos, who was recently charged for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, is claiming police brutality while in custody during the investigation that led to the charges. Campos, 19-year-old Mark Arzu and 18-year-old Santos Garcia were charged jointly in the murder of 42-year-old Jose Rigoberto Beltran who was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head on Tuesday, April 28th. After being remanded to the Belize Central Prison to await the first hearing, Campos’ attorney made the scandalous declaration that his client had allegedly been physically abused by police. In an interview in Belize City, attorney-at-law Oscar Selgado stated that police used excessive force on his client and as such, his testimony should not stand in court. Campos is claiming that Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, currently stationed in San Pedro Town, was the one who arranged the beating. “On Wednesday, April 29th at around 2PM I was called out to San Pedro by my clients, the Campos family. The reason for that is because Luis Campos was detained by police following a murder investigation. My client was a person of interest by the police. Broaster himself entered into the Campos’ residence at the San Juan area, the home of Moses Campos Sr. and demanded that my client be handed over to the police.

    Belize Barrier Reef health: Poor – says Healthy Reefs Initiative
    The state of Belize’s Barrier Reef is “Poor”; according to the annual Reef Health Index presented by Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Tuesday, May 12. The Reef Health Index for the entire Meso-American Reef, from Mexico, Belize, through Guatemalan and Honduran waters, is “Fair”. Roberto Pott of the Healthy Reefs Initiative delivered the good news that at least nothing has declined in health from last year; and in some marine protected areas, such as Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Laughing Bird Caye National Park off of Placencia, the scores were good for the populations of both herbivorous fish and commercial species. The Northern Barrier Reef also scored “Good” for its population of commercial species, such as large grouper. Healthy Reefs Initiative has been publishing its annual Report Card on the health of the reef for the past 10 years, measuring four parameters: coral cover, the percentage of areas covered by fleshy macro-algae, the population of herbivorous fish – like parrotfish and surgeonfish, and the population of commercial species – snapper and grouper.

    Ambergris Today

    Jimmy Buffet's Falcon 900 does fly-by above Ambergris Caye
    Sanpedrano pilot Gerald Leslie was flying Jimmy Buffet's aircraft back to Florida from Panama last week Thursday and decided to fly over Ambergris Caye when they could obtain permission to land in San Pedro. Gerald wanted to make a quick visit to his home and wish his mother Martita Leslie a 'Happy Mother's Day'. He was only allowed to perform a fly-by and send his wishes to his mom from above. Gerald sends greetings to everybody on the island and tells us that Mr. buffett is planning to visit the island soon!

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Closure of the Conch Fishing Season
    In accordance with the Fisheries(Amendment) Regulations under Statutory Instrument number 54 of 2012 (Regulation 24.A), the Fisheries Administrator hereby informs fishermen and the general public that the Conch Fishing Season will officially be declared closed from June 1st, 2015 to September 30th, 2015. The public is reminded that no person or establishment shall have in possession any conch during the closed season in accordance with Regulation 6 of Principal Regulations (Chapter 210’s of the Laws of Belize – Revised Edition 2000-2003). The Department hereby makes a special appeal to fishers and the public, to uphold the Fisheries Regulations in regards to conch and other marine products, and urges all responsible citizens to call the Department at 224-4552 / 203-2623 to report any infractions. The Department can also be reached by e-mail at [email protected] The public is assured that all information communicated to the Fisheries Department will be treated with the strictest of confidence! For any further information, kindly contact the Fisheries Department at 224- 4552 or 223-2187.

    Major crime statistics January 1 - May 1 2015
    Police department releases major crime statistics for January to April 2015. The good news is that there were less reports of Burglary, Robbery, Theft & Carnal Knowledge but in the first quarter of 2015, there are the highest numbers of Murders & Rapes since 2012.

    Belize National Song Competition
    It's time! Calling all artists! Register to win!

    Altun Ha Visitor's Center
    The Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites Project (MTBCAAS) came to fruition yesterday at the archaeological site of Altun Ha, with the opening of new restroom facilities but most importantly a new visitor center to enhance the visitor's experience.

    Position open, General Manager San Pedro Water Plant
    VACANCY: Apply Now!

    MarAlliance joins hands with Oceana
    and other organizations and individuals against offshore drilling in Belize. Don't forget to join the nationwide movement of "Hands across the Sand" scheduled tomorrow at noon at designated locations around the country!

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Friday, May 15, 2015: 45

    Contract hit on Benque Freezone Chairman misses and injures Guatemalan
    Sources say there is a contract to assassinate the CEO of the Benque Free Zone and also that of a highly connected Belizean who has been connected to passports and contraband. Guatemalan National, Henrri Quiroa was a passenger sitting on the front passenger seat travelling in a white ford escape on the George Price Highway towards the Belize Western Border. The vehicle was driven by Alfred Sattler, the CEO of the Benque Viejo Freezone. When arriving about 1/4 miles before the Belize Western Border between miles 75 and 76 and in an area known as Pugas Gate, Satler when suddenly heard a single gunshot which caught Quiroa in the neck.

    Dr. Lisa Lucero passes away
    The Institute of Archaeology would like to express our sympathies and condolences to Dr. Lisa Lucero on the passing away of her father. Dr. Lucero is a long time friend and colleague of the Institute and of Belizean archaeology. Our thoughts and prayers are with her during this time.

    Channel 7

    Case For Castro Worsens On Day Two
    Yesterday, we told you about Area Representative Edmond Castro's very difficult day on the witness stand for his lawsuit against Channel 5 and Alvarine Burgess. Under cross examination by attorney Godfrey Smith, he admitted yesterday, that in hindsight, he risked his reputation by signing recommendation letters for Asian Nationals who were applying for Belizean visas. He said he did it to help Alvarine Burgess. Well, today, Burgess took the stand and asserted that he didn't act out of compassion, she said he did it for the money. She says that he knowingly took a bribe of $2,000 for each visa applicant that she was asking him to recommend to the Immigration Department. Burgess took the stand for most of today's session where Castro's attorney, Rodwell Williams vigorously questioned her about different aspects of her story in which she accuses the minister of state of participating in an immigration hustle. Even through his suggestions that she was lying and that her story was false, Burgess stuck steadfastly to her story that Castro took money to recommend Asians for visas. Castro, of course, completely rejects her allegation that he ever took money for the recommendation letters. He also claims that he only recommended persons on her behalf on only 2 occasions, and he claims that in his meetings with Burgess, his driver, Norman Middleton, and his friend, Vernon Cuthkelvin, were both present.

    Watchman 68 Year Old Sylvin Killed At Cemento Maya
    68 year old watchman Sylvin "Cruz" Encalda was found dead this morning at his watchman's post in Ladyville. He had been working at the Cemento Maya compound for almost 20 years - and reported to work as usual at 6:00 pm yesterday evening. But, at 6:15 am - he was found dead - on the ground of the watchman's hut with a string around his neck. It was made to look like a suicide, but this morning his daughter told us that couldn't be - she asked to appear off camera:.. Reporter "When was the last time you saw your dad?" Voice of: Daughter of Deceased "I saw him around 4:30 - 5:00." Reporter "You're basically saying that that's not something that he would do."

    Man On Trial For Causing Death By Grenade
    You may vaguely remember the era of urban terror between 2008 and 2009 when gangs started using grades to attack each other. Well tonight, a jury of 12 is deliberating the fate of 31 year-old Belize City resident Lusby Martinez, who was charged for the grenade attack which killed 14 year-old Rudolph Flowers. The incident occurred shortly after 7 p.m. on December 28, 2009 at the corner of Kraal Road and Haynes Street. Flowers was standing at the corner when a grenade was thrown and it exploded, sending shrapnel into Flower's heart, eventually killing him. The prosecution called 18 witnesses but relied mainly on 3 statements given by Peter Myvett, a witness who was shot and killed on February 17, 2010. Myvett, who was detained by police in their investigation of the murder of Flowers, said in the statement that one Simon or Simeon or Sigmund, was riding a bicycle behind him when he heard an explosion. He identified Martinez in an identification parade as the person who was riding behind him. Myvett's statements were admitted as evidence when Justice Lucas ruled it admissible, after a trial within this trial.

    Musician "Nuru" Accused of Sex With Minor
    Dayaan "Nuru" Ellis is a well known Garifuna performer, who sings both Paranda and Punta music. But tonight he stands accused of a very serious crime. One week ago, a father took his 14 year old daughter to Dangriga police to report that in October of 2014, Ellis had sex with her at her home. A medical examination confirmed that the child had been carnally known. Ellis had been wanted since the report was made but handed himself into Dangriga police this morning. He has been charged with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. The child is a high school student.

    Sugar Quotas Being Cut Back For Some
    Though it seems like it just started the others day, the sugar harvest, or "la zafra" is coming to an end soon - within 7 or 8 weeks - that is if the heavy rains are late. And with just that small window of opportunity - the Sugar Cane Production Committee met on Wedensday and decided to re-apportion and cut back quotas. This is based on a field study conducted by SIRDI which lowered the estimate for cane in the fields from 1.45 tonnes to 1.27 tonnes. From there, they adjusted the allocations - or the daily quota - given to each branch - and this goes into effect on Monday. BSI - which has a seat on the SCPC - supports the decision - and financial controller Belizario Carballo told CTV-3 that it is a rational and required re-ordering of the allocations:.. Belizario Carballo "It also indicated where the cane is. So, it didn't just come up with a total figure. It also gave an indication by area of where the cane is and on the bases of that information it recommended to the Sugar Cane Production Company what adjustments would be necessary to the production estimate. So, it's not really a reduction as its being highlighted. It's really an adjustment to reflect where the cane is and the whole idea is to give farmers who have cane a proportionate opportunity to deliver that cane. All these actions are linked to ensure that those who have cane are given the production estimate otherwise what will happen is what happen last end of crop that you have groups that have production estimate remaining don't have cane and they start bringing in young cane or what you call immature cane."

    Major Crime in January to April Trending Down, Murders Up
    Today, police released crime statistics showing the three year trend in major crimes from 2012 to 2015. While many average citizens would say they feel less safe with every passing year - the statistics show that since 2012, major crime, meaning murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge has been trending down. But murder is now trending down. Comparative statistics between January and April for the past three years show that the murder total of 46 at the end of this year April is the highest in three years. Rape is also up. But robberies are down sharply from the high water mark in 2012. Burglaries are also consistently trending down, and so is theft. All the figures are for January to April, exclusively.

    PM Says No To Renewing Offshore Oil Concessions
    Tomorrow, OCEANA Belize will stage an event called hands across the sand where those opposed to offshore drilling will line up in front of the Sandlighters Promenade and hold hands in solidarity. OCEANA says the effort has renewed vigor after a US News outlet, YAHOO News ran a story earlier this week talking about oil reserves in Belize's marine areas. But the Prime Minister told the media yesterday that all offshore concessions have expired and none will be renewed, at least not right now:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "All I can tell you is the official position of the government. There is a moratorium on offshore exploration. In fact, I've been talking to OCEANA, I've met with Ms Chanona. She's actually going to propose some language that could find its way into some sort of a formal document and I am perfectly happy to take that to cabinet. What I will not do, is to say that there is a proscription that forever there can and will be no offshore exploration. But I am prepared to, as I said, put in writing that there is a moratorium and that moratorium will only be lifted if conditions are right." Reporter "You did promise to a referendum, have you, on relating on offshore whether or not we should proceed offshore, you did say that yes sir."

    PM Says PUP Won't Have Luck on 13th Senator Suit
    And "no more" is also what he had to say about Senators. As we showed you last week, the leader of the opposition is taking the prime minister to court. He's asking the Supreme Court to compel the PM to enact the legislation, which has already been passed for the 13th Senator. But, speaking with the press yesterday the Prime Minister said that was already tried before at the Supreme Court, and failed:... Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "There was a previous case, this is a rethread, and this is going over all ground and..." Jules Vasquez "But that case was for legitimate expectations." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "No, that wasn't for legitimate expectation at all. It was asking for the same sort of relief. The judge said if one of the grounds was legitimate expectation that could work. The judge said a number of things including, as I understand it, that it is not really the business of the court to say to the minister 'you must bring the law into force by a certain time'. The court admittedly can make a declaration if a court thinks that the minister is playing the fool. But as I understand, the court will not make any kind of enforcement order. So I believe that the application for an injunction is misconceiving."

    PM Appeals To Teachers Union
    And appeal is just what the Prime Minister did to the Belize National teachers Union. That union lashed out against the PM last week for suggesting that they were complicit in whatever Petrocaribe violations there may have been because the Unions have participated in petro-programmes. And the PM said, they also got their raise, not from - but as a result of Petrocaribe money in the budget - which fred up recurrent funds for salary increases. The teachers union president bristled at the suggestion, but yesterday, the PM said he meant no harm:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I will also say that they benefit indirectly and this seems to have caused some sort of a stir, some sort of a coffle. because our agreement with them, that they will get 50 per cent of any increase in recurring revenue from one year to the next, is made possible because we have Petro Caribe to fill the whole in terms of government spending that is caused by that agreement. In that context I am not saying that Petro Caribe pays their increases, but it gave us the space to allow us to come to that agreement with them."

    Father Pleads For Daughter's Return Home
    Tonight a 16 year old girl is missing and her family is concerned about her whereabouts. Keisha Flores- a first form student- was last seen by family member's yesterday- but when she didn't return home they became concerned. Her father stopped by our studios this afternoon - to ask for the public's assistance in locating his daughter. Father of Missing Girl "They were on a road trip and I got a call around 12:50 stating that my daughter hasn't returned home since yesterday. Immediately I called the police station whereby I spoke to an officer and they said to just provide a picture of her so that they can follow up on the investigation. But I don't know much, I tried to ask her mother who is a close friend of hers? Who did they last see her with? Who did she leave the house with? However no one knew who she had left with. I said to myself she's a minor and this is the first time. Her mother is working, I don't blame the grandparents much but I think that someone should look out for these kids. I think it's the careless former primary school teacher from where she went to school. They told me they stopped the school warden from taking her about. When I talked to her grandfather, he told me is that she would usually say she's with the school warden. So my next step is to go to the school warden's home and try to see her."

    Police Brutality - The Broader Picture
    Police brutality - we know, you have heard it so often on the news, but if you don't live in it, you can't imagine how much it really happens. In fact, right in the middle of this newscast, we had people coming to our studios to tell us that police were beating up a kid a few blocks away on Plus street - and an hour ago - it was in the conch shell bay area, and half hour ago, in the Taylor's Alley area. That's how many complaints we get regularly where people seek the media to protect them form police abuses. And a group of young women Monica Bodden spoke to yesterday say they wish the media was there when police took them into a van to search them. Monica looked at their complaint in the wider context of a southside community, pockets of which are under constant pressure from police.

    Some Squatters Houses Coming Down
    For the past few weeks we have been reporting on the story of the squatters in Lake Independence who are complaining about being evicted from the place they have called home for years. But there are many other land issues on private property in the Gungulung area. Today we received a call from a resident there who says that around 1:30 this morning a group of men - she says it was the police - came to her house and started to demolish cut it down. In fact they told us that 3 houses in the private area were being broken down. The owner of the house told us that King assured them that they could stay there and that they were safe because they were on private property - that was not the case and now those families have to move out of the area. We are told this is an area on private property and eviction notices were issued. We'll keep following the story.

    GG Concludes Five Day Trip To Taiwan
    Governor General, Sir Colville Young and the Minister of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities, Joy grant have concluded a 5 day visit to Taiwan. The GG was accompanied by President of UB Alan Slusher and they visited with President Ma Ying- jeou, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Lin. The Governor General also launched the Chinese Edition of his book, "Pataki Full: Seven Belizean Short Stories". For her part, Minister Grant and her CEO Dr. Colin Young also met with the President and also with the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Jyuo-min Shyu. Minister Grant signed a Joint Statement between her ministry and the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage and promote the use of renewable energy in Belize through a solar street lighting pilot project.

    Ras Indio Can't Trust It
    "Can't Trust It" - that's the name of the new Ras Indio single and video that was released today. He told me this one is not a universal message; it's personal: The new video is on his facebook page in its entirely and it will be included on an album coming out at the end of this year.

    Channel 5

    Whistleblower Alvarene Burgess Takes Stand Against Clear the Land Castro
    Today Minister Edmond Castro, who had occupied the hot-seat in Court all of Thursday smiled when whistle-blower Alvarene Burgess took the witness stand at ten to be cross-examined by attorney [...]

    Attorney Rodwell Williams Says Whistleblowers’ Story is Inconsistent
    Today other witnesses included Edmond Castro’s driver Norman Middleton, Burgess’ husband Curt Burgess and CEO of Great Belize Productions Amalia Mai. Just as the defence hinged on the testimony of [...]

    Did Alvarene Burgess Expose Herself to Prosecution by Admitting to Bribing Minister?
    At one point late in the cross-examination, Williams went on a new path. Since Burgess maintained that she paid Minister Castro for visa recommendations, Williams insinuated repeatedly that by coming [...]

    Vernon Cutkelvin Won’t Testify In Castro Case
    One man whose name was mentioned repeatedly today is Vernon Cutkelvin. According to testimony from the stand, he is a friend and advisor of Minister Edmond Castro and was allegedly [...]

    Opposition Representative Will Be Absent from Witnessing Special Agreement Amendment
    A delegation led by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington leaves for Guatemala City next weekend where they will witness the signing of the revised Special Agreement on May twenty-fifth.  The amended [...]

    Foreign Minister Explains Press Release Blunder
    The Prime Minister said on Thursday that he had instructed the Minister to issue a release and that the Foreign Minister may have preempted an official release by government on [...]

    Elderly Watchman Murdered in Ladyville
    The murder stats went up by one today. Sixty-eight year old Selvyn Encalada, a resident of Perez Road, Ladyville, was found dead this morning inside a compound where he worked [...]

    Crime Stats Indicate that Murders Are Up in 2015
    On May thirteenth Minister of National Security John Saldivar criticized the media for sensationalizing murders in the country. He seemed to feel that instead we should be heaping praises on [...]

    Is There a Hit on CEO of Benque Free Zone?
    Was an attempt made on the life of Alfred Sattler, C.E.O. at the Benque Free Zone? On Thursday morning around eight thirty, Sattler was driving his personal vehicle heading to [...]

    Paranda Musician ‘Nuru’ Ellis Charged with Carnal Knowledge
    A father accompanied by his fourteen year old daughter and a social worker reported that on October twenty-eight, 2014 around one-thirty PM and on May third, 2015 while at her [...]

    Case Against Accused Grenade Murderer Wraps Up in Supreme Court
    Judge Adolph Lucas summed up today the case of accused, Lusby Martinez who is on trial for the December twenty-eighth, 2009 grenade murder of Rudolph Flowers following a grenade attack [...]

    Ex-cop and Girlfriend Charged with Drug Trafficking
    An ex-police officer and his girlfriend were dragged to court today to answer to a single charge of drug trafficking after the GSU conducted a search at their home. In [...]

    How Pat Andrews Was Selected as Next Ambassador to OAS
    Career banker Patrick Andrews has been designated to succeed Ambassador Nestor Mendez as Belize’s top diplomat to the State Department and to the O.A.S. in Washington.  While his appointment is [...]

    PM Says Teachers and Public Servants Are Indeed Benefiting from Petrocaribe
    BNTU President Luke Palacio, in an interview with the media last week, said the prime minister attempted to mislead the nation when he stated that teachers and public servants were [...]

    Nurses Host Annual Conference
    Nurses from across the country gathered in the city for the culmination of Nurses Week at their annual nurses’ conference. While the health system is one that is often under [...]

    Yoga Seminar Kicks Off in Belize City
    A first of its kind yoga workshop will be held this coming weekend in Belize City at the Om Shanti Center for Yoga and Healing Arts on Princess Margaret Drive [...]


    PM Supports Castro and Comments on PUP’s Internal Politics
    Earlier in the week, the People’s United Party announced that its Dangriga’s Area Representative and Standard Bearer, Ivan Ramos, will not contest the next general elections. This shift is the latest move we have seen the PUP do in order to get ready for the general elections which the Prime Minister says will be later rather than sooner. On the other side, the United Democratic Party has most of its candidates in line with only the Orange Walk South and Belize Rural North areas left. Yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that they are pretty much ready for the general elections and he also shared his thoughts on the internal politics of the opposition. “Perhaps for fear of having any further efforts at changes turn out to be as shambolic as their last effort was. I couldn’t get the full sense of it because naturally, I had to be satisfied with the electronic version of the news …. But what a shambles; I am sure people would have noted the comparison between our very orderly transitions with everybody singing the same song-key. And when they looked at what happened there, talk about …

    Murder of Security Guard Staged As Suicide
    A family in Ladyville Village, Belize District is trying to come to terms with the unexpected news of the death of their father, Sylvin Thomas Encalada Senior, also known as Mr Cruz. The watchman at the Maya Cement Warehouse in Ladyville went on duty at six o’clock yesterday evening, as he has been doing for the last eighteen years. It is an interesting case as Love News understands that the man was found on the floor of the security booth with a rope around his neck indicating that perhaps he took his own life. We spoke with his daughter, Amalia Encalada who told us that her father was not suicidal. AMALIA ENCALADA “I got the news this morning at about 6:15; they told me that they found my dad dead at work.” RENEE TRUJILLO “When was the last time you saw your dad?” AMALIA ENCALADA “Yesterday at about 4:30pm … My dad would never do anything like that, he could go through hell and river bottom and that is the way he was. For him to hang himself – he had my kids to live for and his grandchildren. He would have never left us behind so he could never commit suicide.

    Jury Deliberates on 2009 Murder
    A jury of 10 women and 2 men is deliberating today in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas to see if it can reach a verdict for Lusby Martinez, charged with the murder of Rudolph Flowers, a 14 year old who was killed by 2 grenade fragments that penetrated his heart. The incident occurred shortly after 7pm on December 28, 2009 at the corner of Kraal Road and Haynes Street in Belize City. Flowers was standing at the corner when a grenade was thrown and subsequently exploded. The prosecution called 18 witnesses but it is relying mainly on 3 statements given by Peter Myvett, a witness who was shot and killed on February 17, 2010. Myvett, who was detained by police in their investigation of the murder of Flowers, said in the statement that one Simon or Simeon or Sigmund, was riding a bicycle behind him when he heard an explosion. He identified Martinez in an identification parade as the person who was riding behind him. Myvett’s statements were admitted as evidence after a voire dire was held to determine their admissibility. Martinez gave a statement from the dock in which he said that he was at home at the time of the incident and he was not feeling well because he had diarrhea. Martinez is represented by attorney Simeon Sampson while the Crown is represented by Crown counsels Shanice Lovell and Portia Staine.

    Man Gets Charged for Having Sex With Minor
    Last Friday a man took his fourteen year old daughter into the Dangriga Police Station along with a social worker to file a report against a man who reportedly had sexual intercourse with the minor. According to the reports, the incident occurred twice; the first time on October 28, 2014 at around one thirty in the afternoon and on May 3, 2015 at the home of the minor. A medical examination was conducted on the child which certified that she was indeed carnally known. As a result, police have arrested and charged 39-year-old, Dayaan Kent Ellis also known as Nuru of Ghans Avenue in Dangriga Town. He has been charged with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse.

    Governor General Ends Visit in Taiwan
    Last week we told you of the Governor General’s visit to Taiwan and the event slated where he would launch a short story collection in the Mandarin language. That launch did occur and was received with open arms by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, David Lin, who said that the event is one that underscores the strength of ties between the Republic of China and Belize. He added that he was deeply impressed by the stories since his initial read in Belize last year during his visit here. The Foreign Minister went on to say that he is pleased that Belize’s Governor General, Sir Colville Young had permitted him to have the book translated and published in Taiwan. Lin made the remarks during a special ceremony at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei City. During his five day visit the Governor General also made a book donation to the Ji-Mei Elementary School. His Excellency departed for Belize today.


    Pm speak’s on FFCA
    At the beginning of the week Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country enroute to Miami to hold discussions with cruise lines executives over the Stake Bank Cruise Ship port issue. He returned today and while he would not share what was specifically discused before having a talk with Mike Feinstein, Prime Minister Barrow, told ...

    Sugar Cane Production call’s meeting
    Proposed changes in sugar cane quotas for the three existing cane farmers associations and BSI has upset a number of cane producers. In a meeting held yesterday by the Sugar Cane Production Committee, a proposal was tabled for sugar quota deliveries to the factory to be altered as a result of a recent sugarcane survey ...

    Lake Independence Residents speakout
    In less than an hour the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow is expected to return to Belize following a business trip … and while there are several matters currently on his plate to address, some residents of the Lake Independence area are appealing that he adds their land situation to his list. For some time now, ...

    PM respond to the leader of the Oppsition
    Earlier this week, Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, told Love News that he had been notified that the Government of Belize would be signing an agreement with the Guatemalan Government to amend the Special Agreement which both countries signed back in 2008. The amendment was the idea of the Guatemala Government asking Belize to ...

    PM Speaks on PetroCaribe Funds
    “Petro Caribe Roll it”- that’s the new catch phrase that this United Democratic Government has been singing ever since the bill went through all its stages in the House of Representatives. The Alba Petro Caribe Act has received criticism from the unions and from the opposition, People’s United Party. So much so that in order ...


    Prime Minister continues meetings on cruise port
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is back from Miami, Florida, where he held meetings with representatives of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, a partner in the Fort Street Tourism Village...

    Three Arrested, Charged and Bailed for Drugs in Belmopan
    Plus News received information that shots were fired in Belmopan sometime around 8:30 this morning near the Police Housing Area...

    Minister of State testifies in defamation case
    This morning Minister of State and area representative for Belize Rural North Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro appeared in the Supreme Court as the claimant in a case of defamation against constituent and former friend Alvarene Burgess and Great Belize Television (Channel 5) The two-term area represe...

    Fourth person faces “Mr Rigo” murder charges
    San Pedro, Ambergris Caye resident Alfredo Trapp today became the fourth person to be charged with the murder of 42 year old taxi operator Jose Beltran, also known as Mr. Rigo, on April 28, 2015...

    COLA condemns Foreign Minister acquiescing to separate referendum
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has come under fire for advocating a cautious approach to resolving the unfounded claim on Belize by Guatemala...

    Pete Matthews beats burglary charge
    28 year old George “Pete” Matthews, Jr., son of the famous bandleader, was acquitted of a charge of aggravated burglary by Chief Magisttrate Ann-Marie Smith. However, he will serve six months in prison for using threatening words and pay a fine of $200 for trespassing...

    Chunox fishermen charged for undersized conch
    Four fishermen who are related and are from Chunox, were fined a total of almost $20,000 when they appeared today before Magistrate La Donna John and pled guilty to possession of undersized conch. They are 53 year old Leandro Rangel,39 year old Isidro Pott, 38 year old Jaime Rangel and 39 year...


    PUP ditches Dangriga area rep
    After its devastating defeat in the March 2015 Municipal Elections, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), in conducting its own post-mortem, announced that it would engage in a serious process of self-examination and introspection that would enable it to win the next general elections. This morning, the PUP’s national campaign manager, Godfrey Smith, reiterated that position when he told the media, “And so this morning’s press presentation is a result of that ongoing process that the PUP is engaged in of self-examination and getting itself in the fittest possible fighting form for the general elections.” The main news coming out of the press briefing was that the PUP has decided to replace its freshman parliamentarian Hon. Ivan Ramos, current area representative of Dangriga, as its standard bearer. Party Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca made the announcement that Anthony Sabal, a retired career educator, will replace Ramos as the PUP’s Dangriga standard bearer.

    Did GSU plant bullets on Conch Shell Bay resident?
    Relatives of Jason Orozco, 35, a fisherman from the Conch Shell Bay area of Belize City, who was detained for possession of illegal ammunition by Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) officers during a raid at the Vernon Street Fish Market this morning, were still very much incensed when we visited the area this afternoon. Orozco was reportedly arrested and carted off to the Queen Street Police Station for two bullets which his family claimed were planted in the area by the officers who, they allege, have been targeting the father of 6 for some time now. His sister, Danika Young, told us what happened when the GSU descended on the area shortly after 7:00 a.m. today. She said, “My brother came about after 7:00 and played a little dominoes because he was waiting on the boat come in to buy fish that we usually sell. Now GSU pull up and they give him the first search and after he got searched the first time, he continue play dominoes, then a next one [of the officers] came back again and asked him, ‘they done searched you?’ So he said, ‘yes.’ Then after that, the next police told him, ‘come make we search you again’ and they searched him again.”

    Hon. Castro on “hot seat” in court!
    Belize Rural North area representative and Minister of State Hon. Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro took the witness stand in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel today, as the defamation claim he filed against Alvarine Burgess, an immigration agent and the so-called “whistle blower” who is named as the first defendant, and Great Belize Production (Channel 5 News), the second defendant, which aired Burgess’ allegations against him, came to trial. In October and November, 2013, when the Elvin Penner passport scandal was making national news, Burgess took to the airwaves of Channel 5, and in two separate interviews, alleged that she paid Castro thousands of dollars to secure his recommendation for visas to Asians who wanted to visit Belize. After Channel 5 aired Burgess’ version of the Castro visa recommendation story, Castro demanded an apology and retraction. Burgess and Channel 5, however, ignored his demand. Castro decided to file the defamation lawsuit, claiming that he suffered damage to his reputation.

    Hon. King has been “lying to us, betraying us, fooling us!”
    The ongoing infrastructural development that has been occurring on the fringes of the Lake Independence area known as “Gungulung” near Holy Emmanuel Street Extension has led to the displacement of multiple families of squatters who had been residing on lands which turned out to be owned either privately or by the state. We were told that about 60 families have either already been, or stand to be, affected, and while 11 of those families were relocated a month ago by Lake Independence area representative, Hon. Mark King, there are several others who live under the threat of being displaced from the homes that they built from scratch. One of those squatters went to the media on Tuesday to complain that based on their research at the Lands Department, King has allegedly recommended land leases for his employees and close friends for the same parcels that have been partially developed by the squatters. According to Bernarda Riviera, King has not given any recommendations for land in the area based on the premise that an authenticated survey of the said lands has not yet been completed.

    Political conflict over amendment to ICJ agreement
    In the edition of the Amandala newspaper which hit the streets on Tuesday morning, we reported to you that Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, had informed us, in an interview on Friday, May 8, that he would be travelling to Guatemala in a few weeks to sign an amendment to the 2008 special agreement, allowing Guatemala to proceed before Belize with holding its referendum this November on whether the territorial differendum with Belize should be adjudicated at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Elrington told us last Friday that Belize has no problem agreeing to the amendment to the compromis, and he added that the Barrow administration has no intention of holding an ICJ referendum in Belize before the next general elections. The Foreign Minister told us that he was informing our newspaper of the intended signing in Guatemala “in the interest of full disclosure,” since we also asked him to update us on the process, under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS), which saw both parties commit in January 2014 to a new road map to the ICJ.

    Guats did attempt to search Belize Ambassador’s residence
    The Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed via a written statement today that Guatemalan law enforcement officials had last week attempted to search the diplomatic premises used by Belize’s resident Ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado, on suspicion that the property may have been linked to ex-vice president of Guatemala, Roxana Baldetti, who recently resigned amid corruption allegations. However, the Ministry clarifies that while law enforcement officials in Guatemala did attempt to search Ambassador Rosado’s residence, the search was never an operation of Guatemala’s Executive branch of government. “Concern was raised by the Ambassador with authorities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, who regretted this development. They explained that the Prosecutor’s Office is an entity independent of the Executive, but undertook to take the necessary actions to prevent its reoccurrence given its status as diplomatic premises,” the statement from the Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs went on to say.

    Cricket Corner: “Not this time, boys”
    The Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued with a few games played over the weekend. There were two of them that were very interesting. On Saturday, Western Eagles, who had lost only one game, paid a visit to Belmopan to meet Police, who had lost two – one to Easy Does It and one to Western Eagles. Eagles and Police were in full force against each other. The Eagles took to bat first, and throughout the inning they showed very good skills. It seemed that a big score would have been put on the board, but Police captain Howell Gillett said, “Enough of this!” He called a small looking Indian guy and gave him the ball. After taking a good look at him, I realized that he had taken the most wickets in previous games against other teams. His name is Amnol Kanaujia. With his slow spin bowling, he slowed down the batsmen and the runs. Soon, the Eagles were out for 175 runs. A score like such would let an opposing team be not too comfortable. In that inning, Conway Young top scored with 45 runs for the Eagles. Kanaujia took 3 wkts for Police.

    Dangriga sports stats
    Boys & Girls U-13 football: The Dangriga Boys & Girls U-13 semifinals were played on Sunday at the Ecumenical football field. In game 1, Umadagu won over Wagierale, 2-nil, with a goal apiece from Demeal Flores and Dashawn Sutherland. Game 2 saw Wagiya defeating Pomona, 1-nil, on a goal by Senea Apolonio. The big Finals is set for this Sunday at Ecumenical football field. The first game will be the 3rd place game at 2:00 p.m. – Wagierale vs Pomona, followed by the big championship match-up – Umadagu vs Wagiya. All U-13 teams who took part in this tournament are invited to witness the fig Finals. Trophies and awards will be distributed by the sponsors, Dangriga Cancer Centre, after the final game this Sunday.

    Third World teams champions of Wayne “Hogman” Olivera Day
    Young and old gathered around the Third World football field, next to St. Martin’s on Vernon Street yesterday, to participate in a Mother’s Day celebration of football that was also dedicated to honor and assist one of Belize’s great footballers of the past, Wayne “Hogman” Olivera, who was on hand to distribute trophies and awards to the winners of the day’s events. On the initiative of neighborhood activist Anthony “Mango” White, Wayne “Hogman” Olivera Day was originally scheduled for May 1, but had to be postponed due to bad weather; and they decided to join it to the Mother’s Day celebration yesterday. While the atmosphere was one of “peace and love” and sporting excitement among the youths and veterans waiting their turn to play, regrets, were in order for those youths older than 13 years – the one day tournament could not cater for the U-15 and U-17 players, who could only look on with longing eyes.

    In light of drug conviction, FFB Vice-President, Rawell Pelayo, resigns
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB), today sent out a short press release to note that its former senior vice president, Rawell Pelayo, has tendered his resignation from that post. Without going into details regarding the circumstances surrounding his departure, the federation mentioned that Pelayo resigned last Saturday, May 8, after being offered the opportunity to “devote time to his family” and “submit his resignation at his own free will.” Pelayo – who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit narcotics trafficking in a New York courtroom on June 30, 2014 – was deported to Belize a month ago, on April 7, after spending 21 months behind bars. The conviction, which is in contravention of FFB statutes, disqualified the well-known Orange walk resident and FFB Executive member from the organization, which had been considering his expulsion, but later decided to allow him a more orderly exit via resignation.

    The oil or the water …
    Some news broke this week on in a story by one Dave Forest, dated May 12, 2015 and headlined THIS TINY COUNTRY COULD HAVE HUGE OIL AND GAS POTENTIAL. In 2015, few Belizeans were surprised to learn that Dave Forest was talking about Belize. Neither were Belizeans surprised, but many of us were disappointed, to read that the Government of Belize was giving encouragement to companies in the energy and petroleum business to believe that offshore drilling would be allowed soon in Belize. Back in 1971 when the publisher of this newspaper was president of the United Black Association for Development (UBAD) and writing his North Amerikkkan Blues, only the political and business elite in Belize knew of the vast “oil and gas potential” of Belize. The masses of the Belizean people were in the dark. They had been deliberately kept there. Belize’s oil and gas potential explained a lot of things. It explained why Belizeans had been allowed to migrate to the United States after Hurricane Hattie in October of 1961; it explained the radical 1964 change in Belize’s traditional summer holiday season; it explained Bethuel Webster’s Seventeen Proposals of 1968; and finally, it explained why Philip Goldson had to be removed as Leader of the Opposition, a process first begun in 1969. We’re just saying.

    From the Publisher
    The colonial law, as enforced in British Honduras during my childhood and youth, did not glorify private property amongst us natives. What I mean is, it was the understanding of us natives that one had to be careful in the use of force to protect one’s property. At the same time, those of us who were students knew that in London in Dickens’ England there had been cases where children had been hanged for petty theft. One had to wonder, therefore, if the law in the “motherland” was enforced differently from the law in the colony, or if it was different when native stole from master as opposed to when native stole from native. The concept of private property is the very foundation of the philosophy of capitalism which dominates so-called Western democracies. From my readings in British history, I can remember that there was this distinct period when common lands began to be privatized. Usually, this meant that the king or one of his so-called nobles grabbed land which had been public property for himself. This was a time of what is referred to as “feudalism.” The coming of private land and private property signaled the beginning of capitalism.

    Letter to the Editor: Excessive alcohol consumption
    Dear Sir, I would implore GOB, to take a close look at security at our northern border. We are not expecting an invasion from Mexico, what we have is an exorbitant amount of people consuming excessive alcohol, be it on the Mexican side or at the Free Zone. Once these persons or group of persons are under the spirits, they become upstart and aggressive. Many times we have seen the customs officers having problems with these intoxicated people, that they have to resort to physical confrontation. It has just been lucky that there have not been major incidences because the security is lax. On Sunday, there was a confrontation between two groups, a group of super intoxicated guys and a group of sober family guys who got attacked just as they passed through immigration and entered the Belize compound. The family females were very nervous, and the kids were crying.

    Jamaica may be the 5th Caribbean country to replace Privy Council with CCJ
    In March, Dominica became the fourth country in the Caribbean and the first among members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States to ascribe to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice, and it appears that Jamaica is poised to become the 5th nation in our region to join by dispensing of the UK-based Privy Council and replacing it with the indigenous court. In a statement released today, CCJ president, Sir Dennis Byron commented: “The CCJ continues to follow very closely these developments in Jamaica with the highest respect and regard for the local constitutional processes. We look forward with great anticipation to a positive outcome that will ultimately afford Jamaican citizens with greater access to the Caribbean’s Court.” “This development comes on the heels of the Court’s 10th anniversary celebrations on April 16th, 2015 and just two months after the Commonwealth of Dominica formally celebrated its accession to the Court’s Appellate Jurisdiction. Barbados, Guyana and Belize also enjoy full access to the Court’s judicial services,” the CCJ said.

    Belize modernizing its GIS network
    There is a multi-billion-dollar industry built around developments in technology for geographic information systems (GIS), which are used to create “spatial data pictures” in the forms of maps, charts, globes, etc. It is a visual way of showing information which reveals patterns and trends, and over the years, the technology has been catching on among Belizeans in both the private and public sector here. GIS is used to map forest fires, and it is used to tell utility companies where they need to dispatch workers to fix on-the-ground problems. At Amandala, we have used GIS to show you where the concentration of homicides has been occurring. Scores of active GIS users convened today for a two-day conference on GIS. Dubbed the 5th Annual Belize Esri User Conference, the meeting provides a chance for GIS users to hear from practitioners at home and abroad on how GIS can work better for them, and the meeting also provides an opportunity for users to become more GIS-savvy.

    Millions spent on Belize-Guat process, but will dispute ever be resolved?
    As we reported in the mid-week edition of the Amandala newspaper, Belize and Guatemala are preparing to sign off in a few weeks on an amendment of the 2008 special agreement for the adjudication of the Belize-Guatemala territorial differendum at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). That signing will allow the Guatemalans to proceed with the ICJ referendum in November, when that country expects a second round of polling to elect a new president, but Belize Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington has indicated to us that Belize is not ready to go to the polls in November – and it won’t likely be ready before our general elections are held. When will Belizeans vote? “The time is much too short. We are dealing with domestic issues; we don’t want to get it confused with the Guatemalan issue. When we finish the national elections that will be out of our head and out of our hair, then we can move forward with our [ICJ] election,” said Minister Elrington, speaking with Amandala on Friday, May 8. We took that to mean that Belize will proceed with its general elections before the scheduled date in 2017, because a roadmap which Belize and Guatemala signed at the Organization of American States in January 2014 had signaled that the referenda would culminate the 12-month program of activities sometime in 2015.

    Analyzing 60 years of Belize hurricane history
    Weather forecaster Frank Tench today presented nearly 60 years of historical data on cyclone activity in Belize, revealing all the tropical storms, hurricanes and intense hurricanes which have crossed the country since 1954. There have been a total of 29 such cyclones, 12 of which were tropical storms and 12 of which were hurricanes, apart from 5 of the hurricanes which were intense hurricanes, categories 3 and higher. Tench’s presentation—which was made this afternoon at the 5th Annual Belize Esri User Conference held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City—looked at how the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle in the Pacific – which fluctuates between a warm phase (El Niño – Spanish for ‘the boy’), a neutral phase, and a cool phase (La Niña – Spanish for ‘the girl’) – correlates the frequency of storms which have impacted Belize. He showed that most of those storms have occurred during the neutral phase, and the fewest have occurred during the El Niño phase.

    Almost 70% of reef in poor to critical condition
    Today was reef report card day for Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, and according to Roberto Pott, Belize Coordinator of Healthy Reefs for Healthy People, who unveiled Belize’s score at a press conference held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City this morning, while the health of Belize’s reef has been improving since 2006, it is still categorized as “poor,” primarily because of morass growth in some areas and because the biomass of commercial fish species, such as groupers, has not yet recovered from heavy fishing. For the other two indicators used to assess reef health, coral cover and herbivorous fish, Belize received a “fair” rating. Together, the 4 neighboring countries listed above, whose reef system make up what is referred to as the Mesoamerican Reef System, received a reef health index (RHI) score of 2.8 of a possible 5, but Belize’s RHI score was lower, at 2.5. The data indicate that almost 70% of Belize’s reef is in poor to critical condition, while the other 30% or so is in fair to good condition.

    The Reporter

    Crime stats suggest crime is on a decline
    A police report of crime statistics through the first third of 2015 suggests that over this time span for the last twelve years, major incidents of crime, for the most part, has been trending down. According to the statistics, the total number of major […]

    ATIPS awards logo competition winner
    The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council (ATIPS) held an award ceremony on Friday at the George Price Center in Belmopan to award the winners of the “Anti-Trafficking in Persons Logo Compeition” launched late last year. According to Michelle Segura, ATIPS Focal Point, the winning spot […]

    Rawell Pelayo resigns from FFB
    Rawell Pelayo, the disgraced Second Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), who was deported from the US after having served time for admitting to orchestrate a drug transaction on American soil, resignation last Friday after he was given two deadlines to do […]

    Double murder in Cayo District!
    The Weekend Reporter Online has received credible information of a double murder in the Cayo District a few minutes before 7 p.m. on Friday. The incident occurred in Teakettle Village. We will have more details online as they become available.

    Outstanding teachers recognized
    Teachers who have distinguished themselves from among their peers, were honored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports this week. During a ceremony held at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts on Thursday, teachers at varying levels were given awards, certificates, and even honored […]

    Burglar meets death while trying to elude police
    Zach August, 32, a convicted burglar met his death in the wee hours of Sunday morning minutes after he tried to break into La Inmaculada Credit Union in Belmopan. The burglary attempt occured at around 2 a.m. and someone who saw the crime in […]

    Elderly man stealing mangoes, shot dead with pellet gun
    Relatives of Daniel Trapp, 60, have called on the police to treat his shooting as a murder because they feel that the man who shot him used excessive force. The shooter used a pellet rifle on Trapp around 9. on Saturday morning just off […]

    Daily cola raises cancer risk due to caramel coloring
    The chemical process during the manufacture of the caramel coloring used in soft drinks such as colas produces a carcinogen that could be raising the risk of cancerabove the accepted threshold. That threshold is one extra case in every 100,000 people consuming the drinks, a new cancer study suggests.. The […]

    Gungulung squatters set to take on Mark King!
    “They wah have to kill me fu tek me out; bruk down my house with me een deh,” one determined single mother resident of the swampland vowed. The parcel of land and swamp just off the road to the Chetumal Street Bridge is called Gungulung. All of the families have […]

    First Atlantic storm crashes off the US coast! Belize on alert
    An unusual Tropical Storm Ana made landfall between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina just after daybreak on Sunday. The US National Hurricane Centre downgraded Ana to a tropical depression that same afternoon. Ana is the second earliest landfalli tropical […]

    BEL accepts rate cut but 2016 may be a different story
    Belize Electricity Limited has accepted a proposal from the Public Utilities Commission to cut electricity rates by 15 percent, but the company says it will seek a rate increase for the next full tariff review period (FTRP). BEL had originally suggested a 10 percent […]

    Money to DFC for the private sector!
    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) this week gave funds to the Development Finance Corporation to launch a new development project, which will benefit hundreds of Belizeans. DFC received a loan amounting to US $10.5 million and a grant of US $860,000 to be used for […]

    PUP vs UDP on Belize/Guatemala referendum
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is scheduled to travel to Guatemala this month to sign an amendment to the Compromis that Belize and Guatemala signed in 2008. This agreement stipulates that that two countries will hold referendums simultaneously on whether citizens want to take the […]

    PM flies to Miami for more Stake Bank talks
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow flew to Miami, Florida on Monday for a secound round of discussions regarding the proposed cruise docking port at Stake Bank. During his visit, Barrow met with executives from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, co-owners of the Fort Street Tourism Village […]

    Teenager shot dead while planning party
    Kijel Young, 19, a resident of Partridge Street Extension and a graduate of Gwen Lizarraga High School, was shot dead as he sat on a chair shortly after 9. Saturday night in a yard at #45 Vernon Street. Young wasrolling a stick of weed […]

    Health Department investigating case of contaminated bottled water
    The Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health is investigating a case of contaminated bottled water, supplied to San Pedro by Bowen and Bowen Company limited. Health inspector for San Pedro, Lisa Tillett, confirmed this week that the department was in possession of two […]

    MFA says Guatemalans did not search embassy residence
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is scurrying to deny reports that the residence of Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado, was searched by Guatemalan authorities late last week. According to a press release issued on Thursday, “while it is correct that certain sections of Guatemala’s law enforcement made the […]

    It is a rare event when our Financial Secretary, unobtrusive Joseph Waight, chooses to make a public statement. This week he broke with tradition and cautioned that Belize has to begin to make plans for how she is going to meet higher Superbond interest payments, when these become due four […]

    Auditor General will audit Petro Caribe finances Other major audits in the pipeline include Treasury and Immigration
    The Auditor General Dorothy Bradley, in an exclusive interview with The Reporter this week, revealed that apart from her office now being involved with the Treasury Department investigation, she intends to audit PetroCaribe spending after she concludes outstanding reports including the Immigration Audit. Treasury […]

    Fishermen caught with undersized conch – fined $19, 620
    Four members of the Rangel family – fishermen living in Chunox, Corozal were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for separate fisheries offenses, involving the possession of undersized conch. At the end of their arraignment, the family – consisting of three […]

    PM announces amendments to PetroCaribe Loan Act
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced on Thursday that he has had several amendments to the controversial PetroCaribe Loan Act 2015, drafted after considering the criticisms of those with legitimate concerns about the Act, and will take them to the House of Representatives in June. […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Alvarene Burgess defends comments in Edmond Castro defamation suit
    Housewife of the Belize River Valley Alvarene Burgess, has been at the center of a political maelstrom concerning her allegation that she gave of her area representative and long-time friend, Hon. Edmond Castro, several thousand dollars to obtain his recommendation for Asian nationals to visit Belize on visas, […]

    Accused grenade thrower to learn his fate
    At news time a jury of ten women and two men has the case of Lusby Martinez, charged with the murder of 14 year old Rudolph Flowers on December 28, 2009 around 7:00 p.m. when a grenade was thrown at the corner of Kraal Road and Haynes Street […]

    Why Your BTL Data Usage is Gone in a Da
    By Charles Leslie Jr. Since the introduction of 4G I have chosen to remain with the GPRS system, for I wanted Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) to work out its bugs before I switched over. GPRS is slower than 4G however you do not have a limit on the amount of data you use per month, […]

    Regional Internet Providers to meet and discuss better services in Barbados
    A gathering to be held on May 27th and 28th in Barbados will bring together all the top internet providers in the region in an effort to improve services being provided. This meeting is being organized by the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG), in collaboration with other internet agencies across the […]

    Southwest Flights to Belize on Sale
    The CEO of Southwest Airlines, Garry Kelly in a press conference on Wednesday, announced that the Airline will now offer non-stop flights to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Liberia, Costa Rica and Belize. These new flights into the country will definitely mean more tourists, which in turn will result in a healthier Belizean economy. Ticket […]

    Ambassador Nestor Mendez leaves for Washington in July
    In a press briefing with the Prime Minister Dean Barrow yesterday in Belize City, several national issues were brought up among a pool of journalists and media stations. One of the topics was on the appointment of Nestor Mendez as Deputy Secretary to the Organization of the American States (OAS). Mendez […]

    Belize weather: Sunny and 87 degrees Fahrenheit with isolated showers
    The general situation is for sunny weather with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy tonight. Showers will be isolated and winds will blow to the East at 10 to 20 knots. The sea state will be moderate and high temperatures today are expected around 87 degrees Fahrenheit along the coast; […]

    Minister of State testifies in defamation case
    The case of Minister of State and area representative for Belize Rural North Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro as the claimant in a case of defamation concludes tomorrow, Friday, following all-day testimony today by the two term area representative. He accuses constituent and former friend Alvarene Burgess and Great Belize […]

    Chunox fishermen charged for undersized conch
    Four fishermen who are related and are from Chunox, were fined a total of almost $20,000 when they appeared today before Magistrate La Donna John and pled guilty to possession of undersized conch. They are 53 year old Leandro Rangel, 39 year old Isidro Pott, 38 year old […]

    COLA condemns Foreign Minister acquiescing to change to special agreement; PM responds
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has consistently advocating a cautious approach to resolving the unfounded claim on Belize by Guatemala. And his announcement this week that he plans to travel to Guatemala City in a few weeks to sign an amendment to the compromis or Special Agreement to […]


    Where to find cheap flights to Belize, deals scored and new rider fee
    Sue’s recommendation for checking flights is Google Flights. Google offers users flight search tools that makes it easy to quickly find the best flight. If you are lucky, Google Flights can be a great way to find the cheapest tickets that are not easily discoverable on other sites. Note: Google does not allow you to actually book a flight, but instead shows a list of options and gives you a link and then links corresponding booking sites. For the next one, if your travel dates are flexible, your chances of scoring the lowest price goes up. Matrix Airfare Search has a calendar option that allows you to explore date ranges by month for lowest fares instead of having to pick specific dates. Their mobile version is called On The Fly downloadable at Google play store. As you know, I make fairly frequent trips to Belize with my family. The most aggravating part of planning our several trips per year is trying not to pay too much to the airlines. No other industry on the face of the earth uses a pricing model like the US airlines. Seeming random, massive shifts in pricing levels appear to serve no other purpose than to mess with their customers’ perception of what the pricing should be. What other purpose could a “sale” that drops the price for a few random hours serve? Imagine if cars were sold that way.

    How To Find Genuine Ecotourist Destinations?
    More and more of us are rightly concerned about our planet’s environment, yet we still seek unique travel experiences, and why not? As a result, ecotourism has developed into the travel industry’s fastest growing sector! “Difficult roads often lead towards beautiful destinations” – anonymous Now, an ecotourist destination often includes an on-site resort or hotel, with the largely unspoiled, well-preserved or cultivated surroundings of a native ecosystem. Such destinations even educate their visitors about the local environment, and aim to reduce their impact on the flora and fauna by inviting only small groups of tourists. Above all, ecotourist sites as a rule are protected by the law of the land.

    International Sourcesizz

    MOFA lauds book by Belize governor general
    Governor General, Sir Colville Young, launches Mandarin edition of his book of short stories "‘Pataki Full" in Taiwan. The Taiwan launch of a short story collection in Mandarin by Belize Governor General Colville Young underscores the strength of ties between the ROC and the Central American nation, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs David Lin May 14. “‘Pataki Full: Seven Belizean Short Stories’ draws upon the folklore and the down-home wisdom of Belize,” Lin said. “I was deeply impressed by the stories when first reading them during an official trip to the diplomatic ally last year.” Lin made the remarks during a special ceremony at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei City. According to the minister, he is grateful for the governor general's permission to translate the book and publish in Taiwan. “By sharing his culture with local readers, Young has further consolidated the foundation for everlasting friendship and prosperity between the two sides,” he said.

    High Court Orders Belize to Recognize and Protect Maya Traditional Property and Rights
    On April 19th the Caribbean Court of Justice announced its judgment affirming the 2013 holding of the Court of Appeal of Belize that the Maya indigenous people of southern Belize have rights to the lands they customarily have used and occupied for many generations. In the judgment, the court affirmed that these traditional land rights, belonging to 38 Maya villages in Belize’s Toledo District, constitute property as defined in the provisions of the Belize Constitution that generally protects property free from discrimination. The court's judgment, which was entered by consent of Maya parties in the case and the Government of Belize, will require the government to demarcate and officially register Maya communal lands, and protect them against incursions by outsiders. The Court accepted the government’s undertaking to adopt the necessary “legislative, administrative and/or other measures” to that end and, in the meantime, to refrain from and prevent acts that would adversely affect Maya land rights. The Court also ordered that, in 12 months, both the Maya communities and the Government present a report about implementation of the judgment.

    Southwest reveals prices of international flights from Houston
    Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) has revealed the prices for its new international flights out of Houston. Effective Oct. 15, Dallas-based Southwest will be offering flights to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mexico, for $149, flights from Mexico City for $99, flights from Belize City, Belize, for $127 and flights from San Jose, Costa Rica, for $174. Effective Nov. 1, the airline will offer flights to Liberia, Costa Rica, for $174 and flights to Montego Bay, Jamaica, for $199. All new international pricing announced so far have been for one-way economy tickets. The price announcements come on the heels of Southwest announcing the addition of Liberia and Montego Bay routes out of its new international terminal under construction at Houston's William P. Hobby Airport.

    Tulum Quintana Roo, New Yorker’s Haven
    Tulum is the last stop in the tourism-friendly region of Mexico known as the Riviera Maya, a stretch of coast that includes beaches, jungles, and Mayan ruins. Driving south along the coast from Cancún, it’s as far as you can go before hitting the Sian Ka’an biosphere, a nature preserve the size of Rhode Island. Tulum is, then, as far from Cancún as you can be while still being in spitting distance on Cancún — the ultimate spot for those seeking an easy, cost-effective trip to Mexico but would rather die than be seen at Señor Frogs. And just as sororities seem to uproot and wholly relocate themselves, every spring, to Cancún, all of Williamsburg seems to have transported itself to Tulum this year. If Williamsburg is the frat house of trend-whore Brooklyn, then Tulum is our Cancún.


  • Crude awakening: One tribe's struggle with North Dakota's oil boom, 5min. Watch it! This US Native American's tribes' problems with drilling oil might mirror ours. This segment only brings to mind how poorly GOB is able to monitor our oceans, protect the Chiquibul, etc etc. Vote of no confidence in their ability to monitor drilling, whether offshore or in protected areas.

  • Hopkins Belize Fly Fishing Near Blue Grounds Jack Hookup, 1.25min. Southern Belize Is Becoming More Popular For Salt Water Fly Fishing For Permit, Tarpon, Bones & Jacks. This Jack Was Caught When The Deckhand Was Trolling a School Of Jack Chased And Guide Jack Trout Casted His Fly Into The Group Of Fish And The Fight Was On!

  • Yoga Seminar Kicks Off In Belize City, 3min.

  • Placencia, Belize 2015, 8min. A photo slideshow of Placencia Village , Belize, Central America.

    May 15, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Reef Week Activities included a fair at the central park in San Pedro Town!

    A hike to Victoria Peak, through the lens of Roni Martinez!
    “Who has seen Victoria Peak has seen beauty. Who has climbed Victoria Peak can understand beauty. This was my first time to actually make it to the top, as my plans were cut short due to rain back in 2006. Such a hike really reconnects you with nature even if it has been decades apart. Here is a photo-story for birders, botanists, GIS-ists :) , and all those of you who love Belize for its natural wonders…” Roni Martinez is the Director of Field Operations for the Scarlet Six BioMonitoring Team. Scarlet Six is a registered Belizean Non-Governmental Organization protecting endangered species in their habitat. Roni is certainly one of the GOOD GUYS…and he has embraced his responsibilities as a champion for Belize’s forests wholeheartedly! We are thrilled to share his photo-story with you…reading the captions, it feels like we’re there (except we’re not :( ) How excited are YOU to take this hike?! I know we are! (runs an extra lap…)

    Castillo’s announces 2015 Mother’s Day Raffle Winners
    Congratulations are in order for Alcides Vasquez, Paulina Garcia and Deb Schafer on winning the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize (respectively) in the annual Castillo’s Hardware Ltd. Mother’s Day Raffle. Customers got a raffle ticket with each $50 purchase or payment towards their account at the hardware store. Each ticket was a chance to win a Microwave (1st), Slow Cooker (2nd) or a Deep Fryer (3rd). The winning tickets were drawn on Saturday, May 9th, one day before Mother’s Day, and lucky winners swung by to pick up their prizes bright and early on Monday!

    SPRCS wins Primary School Football Tournament held in San Pedro
    The National Sports Council held its annual Regional Primary School Football Tournament in San Pedro on Tuesday May 12th at the Ambergris Stadium. The tournament held for zone 5, San Pedro and Caye Caulker, saw the participation of male and female football teams from New Horizon Seventh Day Adventists Primary School (NHSDA), San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRCS) and Caye Caulker Roman Catholic Primary School. After a long morning of intense match ups, it was both the boys and girls of SPRCs that took the championship and the honor of representing zone 5 at the District Finals. The female team from SPRCs had to score five goals in their last match in order to qualify, since CCRC had previously beat NHSDA girls 4 -0. NHSDA team did not prove to be a hurdle for the SPRCs girls who not only scored the needed goals to qualify, but got an extra one just to brag. SPRCs girls qualified for the District Finals, leaving CCRC and the NHSDA girls out of the running.

    Hands Across The Sand against Off Shore Exploration
    On Saturday May 16th, residents of Ambergris Caye are cordially invited to attend a special event called “Hands Across the Sand”, which will commence at 12 midday on the beach in front of the San Pedro High School (Boca del Rio). It is a global event in solidarity against offshore oil drilling, and it consists of participants holding hands together for a short period of 15 minutes. According to Oceana Belize Field Coordinator for the Cayes Roxanne Perez Gentle, the message behind the event is to create a sense of awareness in the general public that we need to protect our environment. “We will hold hands to advocate for our natural resources, the water we drink, the air we breathe and our eco-systems. We need to stop depending on filthy fuel and look ahead to a productive clean energy future.” Gentle said via phone interview.

    Belizean Fishermen being encouraged to comply with EU & US market standards
    How many Belizean fishing boats have on-board toilet facilities? How many fishing cooperatives have stainless steel countertops where fisheries product is processed for export? These are some of the costly issues which Belizean fishermen must address if they wish to export to their product to the lucrative European Union (EU) market. Fishing cooperative representatives discussed these and other issues at a national consultation on sanitary and phytosanitary (sanitary with regard to pests and pathogens) (SPS) measures of fisheries and aquaculture, hosted by the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and the Fisheries Department at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Tuesday, May 5th. Fisheries consultant Christopher Hedley pointed out that the EU market is far more lucrative than the United States’ market to which the bulk of Belizean fisheries product is presently exported. Belizean conch presently fetches US6.35 per pound on the U.S. market; in comparison Jamaican conch producers who are getting prices double that for their conch exports to the French Caribbean island of Guadaloupe, which is a part of the Republic of France. Belize exported to the U.S. last year: 485,000lbs of lobster valued at Bze$13.59 million, 723,120lbs of conch valued at $8.87 million and 342,405lbs of bonefish valued at $8.25 million – total value: $30.71 million. Those exports could be earning double that if it were sold to the European Union.

    Belize City No Limit forfeits match against San Pedro Tiger Sharks
    Only one week remains in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL), and the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are already strategizing for the playoffs. With their playoff spot secured, the Tiger Sharks looked forward to a ‘no-pressure game against Belize City No Limit on Saturday, May 9th. However, since the Belize City No Limit had no hopes for a playoff spot, they forfeited their last game of the season versus the Tiger Sharks. While the Tiger Sharks are disappointed over the non-game, they are looking forward to the NEBL playoffs that will kick off on Friday, May 2nd. As for the other games scheduled over the weekend, The Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes lost to the Belmopan Red Taigaz, while the Caye Western Ballaz narrowly defeated the Orange Walk Running Rebels. The remaining three games of the regular season will all be played on Saturday, May 16th starting at 9PM. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks will be travelling to Orange Walk where their will face off against the Orange Walk Running Rebels at the Multi-purpose Complex.

    Ambergris Today

    New Hot Spot In Town! Squirrel's Nest at Mata Rocks

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Foreign Minister has it wrong again says COLA
    Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) heavily condemns and scowls upon the recent comments of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington concerning his intention, with the blessings of the current administration, to travel to Guatemala City in a few weeks to sign an amendment to the infamous Special Agreement, or Compromis, to allow for the Republic of Guatemala to host a referendum on going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ahead of Belize instead of honoring the Agreement’s original intention that both countries should hold the referendum simultaneously. Notwithstanding our dislike towards the Compromis, we stand utterly dismayed at the Foreign Minister’s assertion, via the interview with Channel 5, that the Belizean public should not be consulted on such a critical change to this Agreement.

    Illegal Honduran fishermen convicted
    Three Honduran fishermen: Ismael Dubon Banagas, Salvador Caballero Reyes and Luis Alfonso Dubon Banagas were today convicted in the Independence Magistrate Court of Fishing without a valid fisherman license, fishing without a valid boat license, and the immigration offence of illegal entry. The conviction stemmed from an incident at 9:20pm on May 5th, 2015 when a joint enforcement patrol team led by Southern Environmental Association (SEA’s) Rangers, supported by officers of the Placencia Police Formation and Belize Coast Guard, observed a skiff within the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. All three fishermen had hand lines extended in the water, illegally fishing in the special snapper spawning zone of the marine protected area. They were caught in possession of various snappers and a small shark. The three Hondurans were charged fines amounting to $510.00 each for the Fisheries offences and $1005.00 each for the immigration offences.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, May 14, 2015: 61. ANTASY 5: 35 15 25 23 12 Q

    Dia De San Pedro Fishing Rodeo June 2015

    Mother's Day Extravaganza
    Mother's Day was a hit at the Cayo Welcome Center. "The Full Moon Mothers Day Extravaganza 2015 was brought to you through the courtesy of Mayor Earl Trapp Jr & the San Ignacio Santa Elena Town Council, Cayo Welcome Center and SISE House Of Culture and was a great success. We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Business Community who were very receptive in contributing to the success of the event and also to those who made it possible to come out and celebrate with us. Happy Mothers Day!!! Special recognition goes to the Jaguars Scouts and Mrs. Cecilia Flowers and the Youths of the Benque Youth Academy Marimba Band, you have done an excellent job."

    The 1970's Lord Rhaburn Combo's oustanding drummer, Nelson Fuller, could be dubbed as Belize's most rhythmic drummer of all times throughout the years of Belize's professional entertainment scene of the 1970's and 1980's. Not only was he a class act within his own musical spectrum, but he taught many upcoming Belizean drummers how to play all different genres of music----from R&B to the Funk, and from reggae to calypso. Fuller who was versed in all forms of music, was also respectd by American as well as Caribbean musicians who had come to play music in Belize in the 1970's and 80's. The legendary Belizean drummer who now has been living in Los Angeles for many years now, spoke with Belizean Legends about his brilliant career as a Belizean musician, and his life as a drummer of Belize's most populist band, the Lord Rahburn Combo.

    Channel 7

    Castro Cross Examination Reveals His Office Facilitated Visa Hustle
    After months of case management, Belize Rural North Area Representative Edmond Castro finally got his first serious day in court before Justice Courtney Abel. He's suing Channel 5 and immigration agent turned whistleblower Alvarine Burgess for defamation. Viewers may remember that in an interview, which was aired in October and November 2013, Burgess alleged that she approached Edmond Castro to sign 200 visa recommendations for which she paid him $2,000 dollars each. That was right around the time when the Elvin Penner Immigration Scandal was raging. Castro asserted that this allegation was false, and that it hurt his reputation. He demanded a retraction and an apology, neither of which were given, and so he sued them to try to clear his name. His attorney, Rodwell Williams, opened today's hearing by submitting to Justice Abel that the defendants cannot prove that Castro was involved in any visa hustle, and so, Castro's reputation has suffered unnecessarily for it. Alvarine Burgess's defence is that what she said was the truth, and she can justify the accusations she made. Channel 5 has different platforms of defense against the claim. The first is that indeed Burgess' comments are true. Secondly, they also claim absolute privilege due to the integrity in public life laws, which governs the conduct of public officials. Finally, Channel 5 claims qualified privilege, common law afforded to the media and the press as fair comment.

    PM: Change in Special Agreement Won't Hurt Belize
    In 11 days, on May 25th, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington travels to Guatemala City where he will sign an amendment to the special agreement between Belize and Guatemala. The agreement was signed in December, 2008 - and it agreed - among other things - that both Guatemala and Belize would have simultaneous referendums on whether we should settle the territorial dispute at the ICJ. Amandala broke the news on Tuesday morning that article 7.2 would be changed with this amendment - meaning that Guatemala would go ahead with its referendum, in November of this year - while Belize would go sometime after that. Today, the Prime Minister held a press briefing right after he returned from an official trip to Miami. He said despite the objections of some - he doesn't see how the change hurts Belize; in fact, he thinks it helps:...

    PM Says Sedi Deviated From Agreed Script on Special Agreement Modification
    The pressure should be on Guatemala - but instead, it's on Barrow's government. And that's because of how the information was put out there. Apparently, it was mishandled by the foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. He gave the scoop to Amandala and Channel 5 when the Prime Minister instructed him to send out a press release - one that would have first gotten the approval of the opposition. And that's because the Prime Minister had already been in discussion with the leader of the opposition - who said he had gotten his party's approval. And so it should have proceeded from there, but Elringotn departed from the script when the timeline for the signing changed: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "And I imagine the Foreign Minister - because he was not going to go that following Monday - delayed issuing the press release. I didn't follow up. Next thing I know I saw on the news that the Foreign Minister had a one on one with you and presumably that's how he informed the nation of the proposed change. I would have preferred if as we had agreed in cabinet, a press release would have preceded that and I certainly would have preferred as I had ask be done that I would have preferred the Opposition to have been sent a draft of the press release. Which is what I had in fact committed to the Opposition Leader. I don't know that he ask me. I offered and I did say in cabinet and we agreed. I am just back and I have to find out from the Foreign Minister why it didn't proceed in that fashion. Why there was never a press release issued and why therefore as it turned out since he never issued a press release - there is nothing to send to the Leader of the Opposition. So, I regret that sort of confusion, but I repeat, the Leader of the Opposition had immediately told me a time of our first conversation, it was not a problem for him and 5 or so days later call me to say it was not a problem for his party."

    Barrow Says PUP Dancing On Diplomacy
    And an "advantage" is just what the PUP was trying to get when they declared last week that they would not support a yes vote to taking the Belize Guatemala Dispute to the ICJ - certainly not while Wilfred Elrington is foreign minister. The PM said today they are playing cute: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I see now the Opposition trying to get cute with the issue. I see the Leader of the Opposition doing a kind of two-step, a dance that certainly doesn't impress me. I see his one-time foreign minister, who I check the Channel 7 archives, appeared at a public forum at Wesley Church with Fred Martinez and I don't recollect who else and I see where he had said 'look if you want to be saddled with this thing forever, the do nothing. But if we want a resolution as a country, the only way to get a resolution is to go to the ICJ.' And now see him do a complete about face and I see the Leader of the Opposition suggesting that, well we are ready for the referendum now and the only reason I say, as I have said to the Guatemalans "no sir, not this year, possible next year, perhaps second half of next year" - Leader of the Opposition says 'well that is because I am trying to ensure that there is no linkage between the referendum and the next general elections.' Exactly. These are two separate things and I don't care what he says, there will be no linkage."

    Bernarda, The Big UDP
    One thing the Prime Minister could not address today in a 70-minute press briefing was the issue of the Lake Independence squatters. For the past two days, you've been hearing the back and forth between them and Area Representative Mark King. Well, it continues tonight - except the squatters have changed their tack. They say that while King labels them PUP's they are in fact UDP's, or no kind of "P" at all: Bernarda Riviera, Gungulung Squatter "As a group, we are fighting for our piece of land that we are now living on that was promised to us by the minister, Mark King. For the record, we were moved and relocated to this present location by Minister King, natural resources with the assistance of CISCO, as well. I can recall my first registration was in the Collet division with Minister Patrick Faber personally taking me in to register as one of his supporters. When Minister King came in, that was when he personally took me to transfer to Lake Independence about two years ago. So for the record, most of the so-called aliens, my family and friends I have known are U.D.P. supporters and have been voting U.D.P. in this country. I have attended committee meetings; I have worked with councilor Edwards in the last city council elections; that speaks for itself. I just don't agree with what the minister is doing with the people in the Gungulung area. I believe that we believe better."

    Hon. King Holds His Position
    He has left it to area representative Mark King. Last night you heard him explain that he cannot prioritize the squatters because others have been waiting for land in Lake Independence much longer than they have. Tonight we have part two of that interview when we asked him if those at the top of the list are his staff, and campaign workers:... Jules Vasquez "These people have said that these names; Jason Edwards, City Councilor (former driver), Robert Edwards, Melissa Williams (who is your secretary), Julia Jimenez (who is your committee member), that they have been recommended by you as lease holders for the land they are on. How do you respond to that?" Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "I was very opened to you at the beginning of the interview that I made when the first land came out - I made 5 recommendations, not thinking it is where anyone of these squatters are right now. But I have also indicated to you that whether it is my people and the people in Lake I that applied for these lands that have not have lands for years.

    Barrow Met With Royal Caribbean, Feinstein Next
    As we told you earlier, the Prime Minister returned from Miami today. He went there to meet with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the co-owners of the Fort Street Tourism village. He's still trying to find a way forward for the cruise future of Belize District. On one side, there's Mike Feinstein who has a plan to build the Stake Bank project. On the other is Royal Caribbean cruise line and Diamonds International which owns the Fort Street Tourism village. They have been guaranteed a certain amount of head tax right through to the year 2028. The Prime Minister has been doing some shuttle diplomacy trying to find common ground. Today he suggested that things may be budging in the right direction:... Jules Vasquez "Is there any clarity on the way forward?" Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Well, the talks were instructive and certain proposals were discussed, but I don't want to say too much really because I have a meeting set for tomorrow at 3 with Mr. Feinstein."

    Norwegian Cruise Lines Double Talk?
    And so the PM meets with Feinstein tomorrow - looking for that possible partnership. But, one cruise corporation that could probably care less is Norweigan Cruise Line. That's because they are building their own cruise port in the south - and moving all their calls there. That was supposed to start happening in October - but construction delays have forced that date to sometime in 2016. Still, it's going to happen - which was not the deal they made with the PM and the public:.. Jules Vasquez "You had said it would not affect the traffic into the Belize District port but, yet when we see their schedule though now, they had to change it up due to construction delays. Norwegian intends to send everything towards Harvest Caye." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Well you're perfectly correct, I had indeed said so and we had a memorandum of understanding that made that clear." Jules Vasquez "Sir, I know you wouldn't lie to us, so did they misrepresent to you?"

    Cricketer Mykelt Stable, Recovering
    Last night we gave you a brief update on 32 year old Mykelt Anthony's condition. He is the well-known cricket player that was shot on Gill Street in broad daylight on Monday. Well tonight there is good news to report. According to family members, he is stable and recovering from a surgery yesterday that was done to remove a bullet near his spinal cord. And while he is still being monitored closely, they are optimistic about his improvements. Here's what his aunt told us today:... Aunt of Mykelt Anthony "He is recovering slowly yes." Monica Bodden "He was shot to which part of his body?" Aunt of Mykelt Anthony "The spine and the lungs yes. They are to take an x-ray which will tell us everything that is happening but I don't know when they will do it. He can move, and talk but very slow." Monica Bodden "So you guys are still monitoring him?" Aunt of Mykelt Anthony "Yes, we have to. I don't know him as a bad guy, I know he loves cricket. He would talk about that all day and all night, but I don't know him as a street boy."

    One More For San Pedro Taximan Murder
    Last week Monday, we told you about the three young men who were charged with the murder of San Pedro Taxi man, Jose Beltran. Well tonight, Alfredo Trapp, a fourth resident of San Pedro, has joined them on remand at the Belize Central Prison. He was arraigned today before, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on the charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Due to the nature of the offences, no plea was taken and he was remanded to prison until June 30. On last week Monday, 23 year-old Luis "Sito" Campos, 19 year-old Mark Arzu, and 18 year-old Santos Garcia were all arraigned in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court on these very same charges. 42 year-old Jose Beltran, was found inside his taxi van on the Island at around 10 a.m. on April 28. It is believed that he was murdered because the assailants wanted to use his vehicle in the commission of a crime.

    Southwest Sets Date For First Flight
    In February we told you about Southwest Airline's new daily non-stop service from Belize to Houston. Those flights will begin on October 15th and flights to Jamaica and Liberia will begin on November 1st. This was announced at a press conference held on Wednesday in Houston to announce the launching of that service and also the daily, direct flights to Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica. A BTB delegation attended the press conference. You can start purchasing your tickets for these flights at Southwest's website - since no country office will be set up.

    Fishermen Fined For Conch
    4 fishermen from Chunox (Shunush) village in the Corozal District must come up with a total of $20,000 dollars in fines after they were taken to court for a large amount of undersized conch. They were busted on last week Thursday, when a fisheries officer went to Northern fishermen Cooperative. They managed to fish the illegal catch and bring it to the mainland, and when the officer inspected their landed product, he found that each conch they caught were undersized, weighing less than 2 and three quarter ounces. 53 year old Leandro Rangel was then charged for 195 undersized conch. He was joined by 39 year-old Isidro Pott, who allegedly had 265 undersized conch, and 38 year-old Mike Rangel, who allegedly had 98 undersized conchs.

    The Otherworldly Power of Mayan Antiquities
    When we left you last night, the climate controlled 18 wheeler carrying 250 of Belize's most prized Mayan antiquities was on the move from Boston, Massachusetts to San Diego, California. The truck has two drivers and is on a non-stop three thousand mile haul. When it gets to California on Friday, NICH staff will be waiting to open the special seals with bolt cutters to make sure all is in order. That first truck will be followed by eight more which carry the rest of the show. When we travelled to Boston on Saturday of last week we found out how they pack thousands of square feet of exhibits into eight foot wide trailers:.. Jules Vasquez reporting It's spring in Boston - and bright skies and blossoms colour the city, but inside the Boston Science Museum, the crew is packing up after a tough winter. It's the end of a 7 month stand at the Museum - and now a team of 14 have the job of packing up a show that was a world unto itself - into parts that are no more than eight feet wide for cross-country transit.

    Former Customs Boss To Take Over Zone
    There's change afoot in the Corozal Free Zone. David Akierman who has been Chairman of the Zone since 2008 - is stepping aside. The Prime Minister told the media today that it was a mutually agreed decision when they met last week Friday:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Yes, Dave and I met I think last Friday before I went away and we agreed that he would exit. He had in fact, from last year, said to me that he had some health challenges and he did not want to be renewed. At that time I was able to persuade him to stay on. And so by mutual understanding, he will not seek to renew. The replacement is likely to be, I haven't yet signed a contract, this has move very quickly, but the replacement is likely to be the ex-controller of customs, Mr. Greg Gibson. Dave Akierman was, I think, outstanding, both in terms of competence and probity but I feel that we have chosen a worthy replacement."

    Pat Andrews, From Banking To Diplomacy
    And - in his not so brief press briefing - the Prime Minister disclosed another major appointment today. This one is in Washington where Belize's long time Ambassador Nestor Mendez is taking up the prestigious post of Deputy Secretary General of the OAS. PM Barrow told us who will take his place:... Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Remember he doesn't leave until July and his replacement will be both for the OAS and the US. There's a whole lot of procedures to go through but I don't think we'll do any harm by saying that the person we propose to appoint is Mr. Pat Andrews, the retiring CEO from Scotia Bank."

    Altun Ha Visitor Center Took Ten Years
    Today a new visitor's center and male restroom was officially opened at the Altun Ha Archaeological site. While a center and a bathroom don't seem like substantial additions, the coordinators of the Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites Project say that they are. They say these new facilities will attract more visitors - both tourists and locals. Today we went to Altun Ha for the inauguration to find out what makes these new additions special to the reserve. The overall cost of the project at Altun Ha is $400,000 dollars. It took about 10 years to complete the visitor's center. Why so long? Well funding was a major setback. But it is functional and ready for use. Similar works under the project have been done at other archaeological sites such as Nim Li Punit.

    Salvation for Southside School
    Today a cheque for thirty five thousand dollars was handed over to the Salvation Army Primary School by Courts Unicomer. It's a much needed donation for the students of one of the city's poorest schools. The funds will afford them a year of free school tuition, books, lunch and other necessities. Today 7news was invited to the handing over ceremony. A total of 40 students will benefit.

    PM Makes Changes To Petrocaribe Loan Motion
    Mother's day has come and gone - and UDP representatives were rolling Petro-bucks like nobody's business. But, turns out, it wasn't only representatives; a few select standard bearers got their share as well, and even a few village councils. That's what we learned from the Prime Minister today:.... Reporter "As it relates to the standard bearer for the UDP getting a mother's day cheer..." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "No man, go ask, I'm trying to remember who..." Reporter "But he has now confirmed that the financial secretary has in fact confirmed that UDP standard bearers did get assigned mother's day cheer monies..." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I was going to tell you to go ask Mr. Espejo, Mr. Cowo and Mr. Ralph Huang and all these people, they didn't get." Reporter "But the financial secretary is saying that some standard bearers for the UDP were in fact assigned..."

    Channel 5

    P.M. Barrow Says Belize Is At An Advantage Should Guatemala Hold Referendum First
    The Special Agreement signed between Belize and Guatemala in December 2008, will be amended later this month to allow Guatemala to proceed solo with a referendum on whether the longstanding [...]

    Did Foreign Minister Jump the Gun in Compromis Interview?
    Contrary to what the Leader of the Opposition told the media, the P.M. claims that Fonseca was indeed informed of the proposed changes to the Special Agreement.  He maintains that [...]

    Referendum Won’t Coincide With Next General Election
    All that said, when will a referendum be held in Belize?  The Prime Minister says the poll would only be held after the next general elections.   Prime Minister Dean [...]

    Clear the Land Versus Alvarene Burgess Commences in Supreme Court
    In 2013, Minister of State Edmond Castro was accused of large scale and lucrative facilitation of visas for Chinese nationals. The person making those accusations was Alvarene Burgess, who alleged [...]

    Clear the Land Castro Testifies in Court
    Today’s courtroom session will no doubt go down as one of Edmond Castro’s most uncomfortable and uneasy appearances. He was forced into excruciating detail on the circumstances which led to [...]

    P.M. Meets with Royal Caribbean on Stake Bank Project
    The purpose of his trip to Miami was to meet with executives from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the majority shareholder in the Fort Street Tourism Village. The discussions centered around [...]

    P.M. Barrow: No Ultimatum on RCCL/Stake Bank in Sight
    Now government has often amended legislation or gone to court to settle disputes. But at this time negotiations remain fluid and, according to the prime minister, government is far from [...]

    Patrick Andrews is O.A.S. Ambassador Designate
    Career banker Patrick Andrews is heading to Washington in a couple of weeks. Today, the Prime Minister announced that the now retired banker will be serving in the capacity of [...]

    Will the P.M. Appeal Should Supreme Court Rule in Favor of 13th Senator Enforcement?
    A number of other pressing issues came out of the prime minister’s press conference. As you know, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is being sued by the People’s United Party for [...]

    Petrocaribe Amendments to be Presented at Next House Meeting
    The prime minister has made it abundantly clear that the controversial Petrocaribe Act will not be repealed.  What he will do is make specific amendments to clarify perceived grey areas [...]

    Mark King vs. Gungulung Squatters, the Saga Continues
    On Wednesday, Lake Independence Area Representative Mark King gave his side of the squatting story to a select media house. King, who has come under fire from settlers in the [...]

    Squatters Say They Voted for King in Last General Elections
    Politicians through the ages have maintained the tradition of categorizing anyone who questions, criticizes or dares to oppose them as supporting the other Party. As we showed you earlier in [...]

    Ministry of Energy C.E.O. Says Not So Fast to Offshore Oil Exploration
    Has Offshore Oil exploration been given the green light by G.O.B.? Well, not so fast, says C.E.O. Colin Young in the Ministry of Energy. On Tuesday, we told you about [...]

    Honduran Fishermen Busted for Fishing Illegally in Belizean Waters
    Three Honduran fishermen caught fishing illegally within a protected area in the south were convicted today in the Independence Magistrate Court. They are Ismael Dubon Banagas, Salvador Caballero Reyes and [...]

    Chunox Family Arraigned for Undersized Conch
    But a Belizean family caught with undersized conch was heavily fined. This afternoon, four members of the Rangel family, all fishermen living in Chunox Corozal Village, were arraigned in the [...]

    COLA Says Sedi Done Gone Rogue
    An interview with the Foreign Minister has prompted the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, into action. The organization is once again calling for the removal of Wilfred Elrington [...]

    Outstanding Teachers Honored
    The Ministry of Education today recognized the best of the best at its seventh annual “Outstanding Teachers and School Leaders of the Year Awards.” Teachers from across the country gathered [...]

    Unicomer Donates to Salvation Army
    Thousands of students are going to school without the basic supplies and food to carry them through classes. But all that is about to change for a group of forty [...]

    Healthy Living: Therapy – the Best Approach to Control Emotion
    In our day to day lives, we experience a wide range of emotions. Some of us have very strong support systems to deal with challenging times; but some try hard [...]


    Executive Chairman for CFZ Leaves Post on June 30
    Last week Love News confirmed that David Aikerman’s will no longer be the Executive Chairman of the Corozal Free Zone. After so many years, Aikerman’s contribution to the development of the Free Zone is undisputable. So today, we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow why was Aikerman’s contract not renews and who will replace him. DEAN […]

    PetroCaribe Monies – An Indirect Benefit for Teachers and Public Officers
    Last week, President of the Belize National Teachers’ Union, Luke Palacio told the media that the Prime Minister misled the nation in saying that the teachers and public officers are benefiting from Petro Caribe. Barrow explained to the media how the teachers and public officers are either directly or indirectly benefiting. DEAN BARROW “When I […]

    Amendments to PetroCaribe Bill Announced by PM
    “Petro Caribe Roll it”- that’s the new catch phrase that this United Democratic Government has been singing ever since the bill went through all its stages in the House of Representatives. The Alba Petro Caribe Act has received criticism from the unions and from the opposition, People’s United Party. So much so that in order […]

    PM Says General Elections and Referendum Will Not Be Simultaneous
    Fonseca believes that the Prime Minister’s plan is to hold a general elections and a referendum simultaneously in Belize. Barrow says that could not be further from the truth. DEAN BARROW “I see now the opposition is trying to get cute with the issue. I see the Leader of the Opposition doing a kind of […]

    Prime Minister Defends Foreign Minister
    Earlier in our newscast we told you of some amendments being made to the Special Agreement of 2008 between Belize and Guatemala. Reportedly, the amendments were to be made public via a press release that the Foreign Minister was directed to issue to the media and the Leader of the Opposition …… but that order […]

    PM Says Revision of Special Agreement with Guatemala is in Belize’s Favor
    Earlier this week, Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, told Love News that he had been notified that the Government of Belize would be signing an agreement with the Guatemalan Government to amend the Special Agreement which both countries signed back in 2008. The amendment was the idea of the Guatemala Government asking Belize to […]

    PUP Removes Ivan Ramos As Standard Bearer
    Last week via a press conference held by the People’s United Party, there were talks about changes coming about within the organization reportedly geared at strengthening the blue and white camp … and following in accordance with that announcement, change has come for the Dangriga constituency as elected official, Ivan Ramos is stepping aside to […]


    NTV are at it again! This time to Garbutts Falls
    The Northern Territorial Volunteers plan to go on their 7th expedition on Sunday May 17th, this time to the border monument at Garbutt Falls, near Benque Veijo Del Carmen...

    Mark King addresses squatters’ concerns
    Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development and area representative for Lake Independence Hon. Mark King has been caught in the middle of a maelstrom concerning the ongoing squatters’ camps in western Lake Independence division, at the Chetumal Street/Lake I Boulevard project site...

    Dangriga Has New PUP Candidate
    A fifth member of the current House of Representatives has decided not to run again in the upcoming general elections. Dangriga’s first-term area representative Hon. Ivan Ramos is stepping aside for his compatriot, retired educator Anthony Sabal...

    Stephen Okeke Will Lose his Home
    Sculpture Stephen Okeke has created several busts of key figures of Belizean culture including the Right Honorable George Price, which sits at the George Price Center in Belmopan, the father of the nation Phillip Goldson, which sits at the entrance of the Phillip Goldson Highway in Belize City and t...

    Scenes of Crime investigators graduate from forensic course
    Beginning last June, 27 members of the Police Department’s Scenes of Crime Unit began training with Hayden Baldwin, veteran crime scene investigator and president of the international association of crime scene personnel. Baldwin’s participation was funded by the U.S...

    Crooked Tree receives new Police Station
    The village of Crooked Tree in Belize District is located inland on the lagoon. It is quiet and sleepy and probably best known for the annual cashew festival coming up this weekend. But one of its long-standing issues has been the need for a Police Station...

    Graduating Christian Counselors
    On Saturday May 9th, the Belize Bible Center, a Christian Counseling Center in Roaring Creek, Belmopan, graduated eight Christian counselors from their two year curriculum. Since the two year program was first launched in 2011, the Belize Bible Center has graduated a total of sixteen counselors...

    The Guardian

    Out with the young in with the old - PUP
    A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian broke the news that Ivan Ramos was on his way out and on Wednesday May 13, the PUP confirmed what we had reported on. The PUP Area Representative for Dangriga, Ivan Ramos, was unceremoniously booted from contesting the next general elections despite a pact which the PUP hierarchy had designed that mandated that sitting area representatives could not be challenged or replaced in conventions. Well it seems that the mandate only applies to a select few as Ramos was given the boot and replaced by a retired school teacher - Anthony Sabal. Now we all know that Ramos really was less than a dead beat, he could hardly hold his own financial life in order (most of his properties are up for auction) so we could not expect that he could handle a constituency. But for him to be booted in this manner especially after the guarantee he had was really a low blow to him by his party. What is now making matters worse is that he is being replaced by an old man, though he may be a fast talker, we really don't expect this Sabal fellow to do any better than Ramos.

    Is Guatemalan Presidential Candidate a Belizean?
    Former first lady of Guatemala, Sandra Julieta Torres Casanova wife of former Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom Caballeros finds herself disputing being a Belizean. Torres Casanova is a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections in Guatemala but her candidacy is being challenged after a Belizean birth certificate was produced which shows that Casanova was born in Benque Viejo del Carmen on October 5, 1955. Casanova is denying the certificate and is claiming her identity on a Guatemalan birth certificate where she is said to have been born in neighboring Melchor de Mencos in Peten on the same date as the Belizean certificate. Casanova is up for a major battle as the Guatemalan constitution prohibits anyone not being Guatemalan by birth to run for presidential elections in that country. Casanova has strong ties to Belize after having studied at Sacred Heart College in Cayo and having at least one family member who is a prominent Belizean in the form of Narda Garcia.

    $21 Million for More Loans at D.F.C.
    The Development Finance Corporation (D.F.C.) announced on Tuesday, May 12, that it has received an additional $21 million from the Caribbean Development Bank (C.D.B.) to provide loans for the productive sector, students and aspiring home owners. Natalie Goff, General Manager of the D.F.C., says eight to ten million dollars will be used for the productive sector; preferably the agriculture, tourism and other job creating sectors. Five million dollars will be used for mortgage financing. Five million dollars will be used for student loans. Diedra Clarendon, CDB representative, says that one million out of the five million dollars for student loans must be directed to “fund students from financially disadvantaged households who have the academic capability and qualifications, but are constrained by low and irregular income and the inability to meet security requirements for the loan”. The D.F.C. is introducing a new portfolio with an allocation of one million dollars for renewable energy projects.

    Police station for Crooked Tree Village
    Crooked Tree is one of the oldest villages in the Belize District, rich with history and full of adventure. This village is a generally peaceful village, and it is because of this that perhaps the absence of a police station was not such a big deal. The old police station which was built in the 70’s stood strong for a while but time and the elements took its toll until it was no longer safe for use. Although Crooked Tree always had a police officer to maintain law and order, since the early 2000’s he did not have a proper place to call a police station. The structure became dilapidated and unsafe to operate as a police station. The police officer responsible for Crooked Tree, who is a Crooked Tree native himself, used to operate from his residence. This posed several challenges, one of which was the detention of prisoners. There are stories of him handcuffing offenders to cashew trees until officers from Ladyville arrived and escorted them to Belize City. When Edmund Castro became the area representative for Belize Rural North in which Crooked Tree falls, he promised that he will lobby for the police station to be repaired. However in 2012, the old police station was mysteriously burnt down. The game plan changed and Mr. Castro then lobbied for a new police station to be built in Crooked Tree Village. Funds were made available by the Prime Minister through the Petro Caribe initiative and in 2014 construction started on a state of the art police station and living quarters.

    Belize’s prospects in the agriculture sector continue to look good
    Belize continues to enjoy a vibrant agriculture sector thanks to strategic and good management by its leaders. Belize’s agriculture is on the rise, with an output now averaging around 620 million Belize dollars per annum. In the last decade, this represents a 21% increase in exports as there has been a sizeable increase in domestic production by 32%. Those are the conclusions of Belize’s Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture the Hon. Gaspar Vega during a discourse with some of Belize’s top farmers at the recently concluded National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan. “Tremendous investment in sugar cane, grains, pulses, coconuts, vegetables and livestock continues to gather pace and this Government, our Government is committed to facilitate further investments in this sector,” said Hon. Vega. For Belize, agriculture and food export is gradually increasing especially in the non-traditional markets for non-traditional products. As examples, Belize now exports corn, beans, shrimps and livestock to various countries in Central American; with corn meal going to Jamaica and corn to Trinidad and Guyana. The prospects for cattle and its products continue to grow as both Mexico and Guatemala have opened their markets to Belize, given that it is now widely known that our herds are free of Brucellosis and Tuberculosis.

    Northern Caye Caulker Update
    Upon conclusion of investigation on the Northern Caye Caulker beach reserve, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture has determined that the parcels in question for the individuals who made the complaint is non-existent because the surveys relating to those parcels have been cancelled since the Government of Belize learned about these cases in 2012. The Ministry would like to note that several other large parcels of land affecting other properties were issued prior to 2008 and as such, it will be challenging to address and regularize these, considering the fact that most of these parcels are now free hold titles that have changed hands among multiple owners over the years. Since 2008, the Ministry issued permission to purchase for two parcels, however no titles for these were issued and those parcels in question have been cancelled. There are two Titles that were issued and the Ministry will commence discussions with the individuals affected with a view to keep in accordance with the legislation that governs National Land which seeks to ensure the beach reserve is maintained for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public.

    The Christian Workers Union cover up
    The Annual General Meeting of the Christian Workers Union (CWU) held on February 28th 2015 was sneaked in on the general public like a thief passing through in the dark. The interested public who rallied behind the stevedores to see justice done were left unaware. There seemed to have been very little or no media coverage for the historic first year of activity under the rule of the all meddling self appointed saviour of the workers, Matura. How so ironic that the media hungry, publicity greedy President Matura did not make it a media event. On closer scrutiny one can now see why. The President passed off on an apparently unsuspecting membership what can only be classified as worthless and total rubbish, a hurriedly prepared Income Statement. A statement, that to the eye, cannot withstand scrutiny by any accounting standards. Imagine the publics’ surprise at this rubbish of a statement from an individual who is a stickler for accountability and transparency! How can the queen of transparency hopeful ever think that she can get away with such a stunt?

    Luke Palacio picks up anti Petro Caribe agenda
    The usual suspects who were making the rounds against Petro Caribe have realized that they can no longer maintain the interest of the Belizean public in their nonsense and they are trying to pass on the responsibility to someone else. That someone else is no other than Luke Palacio. He has now taken to the airwaves attempting to poison the minds of Belizeans against Petro Caribe. We need not say it, but his efforts have been completely pointless and it has proven that in terms of brain power, he surely has a lot to be desired. Palacio has gone on the local news and on morning shows to say two things: the first is that the Prime Minister never told them that the Petro Caribe funds would be used to finance the salary increase for public officers and secondly that the Prime Minister forced the unions to be a part of the board of directors of the National Bank.

    Wellington Ramos not happy about the ousting of Ivan Ramos
    For the Leader of the PUP opposition Francis Fonseca to tell my relative Ivan “Maca” Ramos that he needs to step down to be replaced by Anthony Sabal, that action is in violation of the Peoples United Party Constitution. Not only is this in violation of the People’s United Party Constitution but this action taken by him is dictatorial, undemocratic and disrespectful to us the Garifuna and other people who reside in Dangriga. Ivan Ramos won a convention to represent his political party and then went into an election which he won. He is our Representative for five years unless he decides to step down. If they are not satisfied with the job he is doing, then let them have a convention for the members of the People’s United Party in Dangriga to decide on who should replace him.

    Health of the Great Reef Improving
    The health of the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) continues to improve as Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras have passed legislations to better protect the region's most important natural resource. When the Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI) released its first report card on the health of the Mesoamerican Reef in 2007 the Reef Health Index (RHI) was 2.3 out of 5, which is poor. The health of the reef improved to 2.5 in the 2012 report, which is better but also poor. On Tuesday, May 12, the Healthy Reef Initiative released its 2015 report card and the health of the reef is now considered to be “fair” at 2.8 out of 5. The HRI team monitors 248 reef sites across the region to conduct its healthy reefs survey. Those include 86 in Mexico, 94 in Belize, 8 in Guatemala and 60 in Honduras. The HRI team monitors four populations for its survey: coral cover, fleshy macroalgae, herbivorous fish and commercial fish. RHI score for Mexico is 3.0. The RHI score for Belize is 2.5. The RHI score for Guatemala is 2.5 and the RHI score for Honduras is 3.3. According to HRI, "Belize’s reefs were in poor condition due to high levels of fleshy macroalgae cover and low commercial fish biomass. Coral cover and herbivorous fish biomass scored fair, suggesting these reefs may improve with increased management.”

    Belize Rural North almost fully complete with potable water systems
    Water – how many times have we heard the saying “Water is Life”? To most Belizeans it’s just a trite statement, since in this day and age water should be accessible to all, and in most cases is, especially drinking and potable water. However there are some areas in this country which had been without potable and drinking water for decades and some still are. Some things which most people take for granted like taking a bath under a shower head or washing dishes in a sink under running water are still novelties to some people. This was the case for the people of the area known as Belize Rural North which consists of some 27 villages in the Belize District. When the United Democratic Party won the elections in 2008, only four villages had potable water, Sand Hill, Burrell Boom, Maskall and Lucky Strike/Rockstone Pond, a mediocre service at that. Burrell Boom which was the first village to get potable water did so in the 60’s when Louis Sylvester was the Area representative under the PUP. Burrell Boom at the time fell under the Belize Rural South Constituency. Sam Rhaburn became Area Representative for Belize Rural North when the UDP won elections in 1984. It was during his tenure that Maskall Village got its water system. When Max Samuels became the area representative for Belize Rural North in 1993, he got potable water for Sand Hill Village and Luck Strike/Rockstone Pond Villages.

    We have to tighten our belt for the Bond says Belize’s Financial Secretary
    Belize’s obligations to a few investors and external banks for the super bond is a reality, but while there is some relief at this time, more payments will have to be made in a few years time. More precisely, while the interest payments that Belize makes towards the Superbond is currently at 5%, there is going to be a “stepping up” with re-payments to begin by 2019. “We have an ease at the beginning and then it goes up in a few years, so we have to tighten our belt and provide for that, right now it is good,” says Belize’s Financial Secretary Joseph Waight. “We know it is going to increase and therefore we have to provide, we have to bear in mind, generate the savings that is necessary to make the payment…with careful management, we should be able to make the payment without a problem.” But how did Belize come to a position where the super bond has become an amalgamation of a number of debts? According to Joseph Waight, a lot of the bond has come over the years as a result of interest. “We used to borrow to repay, borrow to repay, capitalize the interest, add the interest in and therefore if we look at the components of the first bond, a lot of it was interest, because we were deferring payment, in fact it was not money spent on tangible things,” he also said.

    Belizean serving in British army accused of multiple rapes
    28 year-old Dangriga Town Native turned British Soldier, Lee Busano, is on trial in the Crown Court at Prestone Lancashire, in Britain, because 2 women have accused him for raping them, and another has accused him of sexually assaulting her. The court’s jury heard testimony from the first victim, a 29 year-old student who said that Busano went to her house in March of 2014. She allowed him to enter, and sometime later, Busano tried to kiss her. She says that she turned down his advances and explained that she is in a relationship with someone else. Busano then allegedly went up the stairs toward the bed room, where he made another attempt to kiss her, which she turned down once again. The victim told the jury that this was the time when Busano reached under her dress, pulled down her underwear, and raped her. Via video testimony she said, quote, ‘He is a lot stronger than me. I kept saying, “No means no”. He was trying to push himself on me. I tried to strangle him. I really tried to squeeze as much as I could … I headbutted him. He just laughed, he thinks it’s funny. I was crying as well. I said, “It’s rape if you do this. If you keep trying to do this it’s rape.”’ According to the victim, Busano just remorselessly laughed at her, and had his way with her against her consent, and he then went to the gym.

    In trouble for taking police mobile on a Joy ride
    Licoln Miguel, 42, a Belize City taxi man has been ordered to undertake a psychiatric examination after he appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith for taking a police truck on a joy ride. According to police, on April 24, 2014, Cpl. Vidal Cajun parked a police truck at the Raccoon Street Police Station with a detainee inside the vehicle. A Woman Police Constable, Myers, says that she then saw Miguel, who she knows well, enter the compound and asked if it was possible for him to have a meeting with all the police officers. She told him only if it was an emergency or he must leave the compound. Myers says she took her eyes off Miguel for five seconds and when she looked back he had disappeared. She then heard the start of a vehicle engine and saw Miguel behind the driver’s seat of the police truck. He reversed the vehicle out of the compound and Myers ran after him. Another officer, PC Cruz, assisted Myers and they were able to detain Miguel just outside of the Raccoon Street Station compound. Miguel was charged for taking a conveyance belonging to the Government of Belize without authority.

    Set for marriage but jailed for sexual assault instead
    Jamil Seguro, 21, resident of Burrell Boom Village, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl during a swim on April 23. Seguro was to get married to the victim’s relative this past weekend but instead spent the time waiting on another court date at the Belize Central Prison. According to the minor, she got home from school early on April 23 and was to go back but Seguro, who is a close friend of her family, took her to the river in the village for a swim. The minor says that while they were swimming he squeezed her vagina. The girl later told her mother and a report was made to police.

    Steven Arnold and Roger Hilton on Remand for Attempted Robbery
    Steven Arnold, 27, and Roger Ronald Hilton, 27, are on remand at the Belize Central Prison for allegedly beating and stabbing Ian Holland in Ladyville on Sunday, May 10. In a report to police, Holland said that at about 7:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 10, he was at Brothers Shop in Ladyville when Arnold and Hilton approached him and asked for money. When he refused, Hilton punched him in the face then Arnold followed with a punch of his own. Holland said both men continued to beat him up and when he was trying to run Hilton stabbed him in his chest with a scissors. Police responded quickly to the scene and arrested the two men shortly after the incident. Hilton was found in possession of a scissors when he was detained by police.

    Man killed for picking mangoes
    On Monday May 11 a well known Ladyville resident was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of another Ladyville resident which occurred on Saturday May 9 in Ladyville. 47 year old Hilberto Rolando Perez, a resident of Perez Road appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith where he was read a single charge of manslaughter in the shooting death of 60 year old Daniel Alexander Trapp. Trapp was shot in the chest with a firearm, believe to be a rifle and not a pellet gun as had been reported in the news. Relatives say he was seen with at least one shot to the chest area, near his left nipple. The incident occurred at around 9.30 a.m. at Perez' home. Reports are that Trapp got a senseless death as he was shot for picking up mangoes from inside Perez' yard. Allegations are that when Trapp was shot, he was walking out of the yard.

    Olympic Day Run is set for May 30, 2015
    The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association is pleased to announce that the 2015 Edition of its Annual Olympic Day Run is set for Sunday 31st May, commencing at 6:30 am from in front of James Brodie on Regent Street in Belize City. The run is being held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and the Belize Olympic Committee, and also under the management of the Belize Athletic Association. The first 100 participants registered on the morning of the run will receive a Commemorative T-shirt and also a certificate in recognition of their performances will be given out to all. Medals and ribbons will be distributed to the winners at the end of the race

    Easy Does It wins in Belize Rural competition
    The Belize Rural Softball Competition continued on Sunday 10th May, 2015, at the softball field in Flowers Bank. In the first of three games played, Orchid Girls defeated Willows Bank by the score of 9-2. The winning pitcher was Arneek Baptist and the losing pitcher was Shana Avilez. In game two, Double Head Cabbage won over UB Jaguars by the score of 8-7. The winning pitcher was Herlet Clarke and the losing pitcher was Karlene Williams. And in the final game of the day, Easy Does it of Flowers Bank blasted Country Rose by the score of 17-2. The winning pitcher was Dian Baldwin and the losing pitcher was Angie Tucker.

    Kenisha Sutherland spun 1 hit shut out
    The 2015 Belize City Senior Female Softball Competition continued on Monday 11 May, at Rogers Stadium between the defending champions Belize Bank Bulldogs and the league’s leading BTL. BTL lead by its ace pitcher Kenisha Sutherland gave up a 1st inning double to shortstop Sharette Vernon and from that point did not surrender another hit to the Belize Bank Bulldogs. Sutherland tossed zeroes the entire night against her opponents. Meanwhile, BTL scored 2 runs in the 1st inning, added 2 more runs in the 3rd inning, 1 in the 4th inning and 1 in the 5th inning for the win.

    National Sports Council sponsored training in Jump Rope for teachers
    The National Sports Council of Belize in collaboration with the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency and the Australian Government through its Sports Commission sponsored a training workshop for teachers in Jump Rope for Health from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May, 2015. Jump Rope for Health originated in the United States of America and it is now being implemented in 11 territories across the region, which includes Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, and St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. The goals and objectives of the Jump Rope for Health Programme include the facilitation and development of healthy habits among primary school aged children. To reduced the non-communicable diseases risk factors among primary school age children. To increase the parental and teacher support towards the promotion of healthy habits within school environments. To inspire the development of a healthy lifestyle school policy/guide.

    The Christian Workers Union cover up
    The Annual General Meeting of the Christian Workers Union (CWU) held on February 28th 2015 was sneaked in on the general public like a thief passing through in the dark. The interested public who rallied behind the stevedores to see justice done were left unaware. There seemed to have been very little or no media coverage for the historic first year of activity under the rule of the all meddling self appointed saviour of the workers, Matura. How so ironic that the media hungry, publicity greedy President Matura did not make it a media event. On closer scrutiny one can now see why. The President passed off on an apparently unsuspecting membership what can only be classified as worthless and total rubbish, a hurriedly prepared Income Statement. A statement, that to the eye, cannot withstand scrutiny by any accounting standards. Imagine the publics’ surprise at this rubbish of a statement from an individual who is a stickler for accountability and transparency! How can the queen of transparency hopeful ever think that she can get away with such a stunt?

    Minister of Foreign Affairs to travel to Guatemala for amendment to Special Agreement
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Sedi Elrington will travel to Guatemala to sign an amendment to the Special Agreement which was signed between the two countries. The amendment will be done in order for Guatemala to be able to hold a referendum on whether to take or not to take the Belize/Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at a different time than Belize. Under the current agreement both countries must have the referendum at the same time. The amendment for which the foreign minister will travel to Guatemala on the 24th of this month will allow for a variation of the agreement. Hon. Elrington says that the request came from Guatemala some two months ago and it was taken to cabinet and there was agreement for this to be done. Additionally the leader of the opposition was duly notified and he had no objection to the request by Guatemala. According to Elrington, “we were approached perhaps two months ago by the Guatemalan foreign minister who indicated to us, first through Ambassador Alexis Rosado, that they would wish to have their referendum hopefully by the month of November 2015.

    “Major Jones Needs GPS in Rural North” - PUP Endorsed Outsider
    The people of Belize Rural North are not happy with the People’s United Party for “stuffing an outsider” down their throats. Lloyd Armstrong Jones, the recently endorsed PUP Standard Bearer, is a constituent of Belize Rural Central and resident of #19 Ladyville, Price Barracks. One resident of Maskall Village says, “It is a good thing [Jones] was a BDF soldier because he will need a GPS in Rural North.” The people of Rural North don’t know anything about Jones; in fact, the only people excited about Jones’ endorsement are the committee members of Edmond Castro and Dwight Tillett because they see him as a much less formidable opponent than Arthur Saldivar, who had been working the division for over five years. Even the PUP supporters are disappointed in the candidacy of Jones. On Friday, May 8, PUP supporters from Belize Rural North issued a statement to the press saying:

    Update on squatting in the Lake I area
    The Minister of State, Hon. Mark King uses this medium to provide an update in efforts to alleviate the squatting situation in the Lake Independence constituency. As it relates to all squatters in the Chetumal Street and Lake I Boulevard Project areas, the Minister reiterates that efforts have resulted in the relocating of 10 families behind the project line, 8 families to Cotton Tree. The Minister wishes to inform residents that squatters must prepare to be relocated as the Government, through the Lands Department maintains a zero tolerance policy for squatting. These Belizeans will be given land elsewhere under the Lake I Land Amnesty Program to ensure that they own a piece of the jewel. The application process is underway to find land to assist these residents to a safe haven as was done in the Cotton Tree cases.

    Mother’s Day Celebrations in Cayo
    A number of events to celebrate mothers were held last Friday and over the weekend in the Cayo District. Many mothers came out for the various functions to be entertained by various musical groups and receive gifts in appreciation for their tireless labor of love. Some 350 mothers came to interact with the 27 residents at the Octavia Waight Center this past Sunday. Entertainment at the Convention Center was provided by the ‘Collegeria Petenera’ marimba group. Deputy Mayor Bernadette Fernandez was present at the Octavia Waight Convention Center to distribute gifts to mothers. Mrs. Bernadette Fernandez told us she would like to thank the community for their support towards the yearly Mother’s Day party at the Octavia Waight Center. Representative for the Cayo North Division the Hon. Omar Figueroa contributed to this year’s Mother’s Day at the Octavia Waight Center. Also contributing to the party were the Belize Bank, the Saint Martin’s Credit Union and the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council.

    Luke Palacio picks up anti Petro Caribe agenda
    The usual suspects who were making the rounds against Petro Caribe have realized that they can no longer maintain the interest of the Belizean public in their nonsense and they are trying to pass on the responsibility to someone else. That someone else is no other than Luke Palacio. He has now taken to the airwaves attempting to poison the minds of Belizeans against Petro Caribe. We need not say it, but his efforts have been completely pointless and it has proven that in terms of brain power, he surely has a lot to be desired. Palacio has gone on the local news and on morning shows to say two things: the first is that the Prime Minister never told them that the Petro Caribe funds would be used to finance the salary increase for public officers and secondly that the Prime Minister forced the unions to be a part of the board of directors of the National Bank.

    New water system for Santa Anna in Toledo
    The Government of Belize, steadfast in its continued commitment to address the basic needs of Belizeans, in the areas of water, sanitation and health; will expand and upgrade the Santa Anna Rudimentary Water System for residents of Santa Anna Village, Toledo District. In this regard, ground-breaking ceremonies to kick-off the water project were held in Santa Anna Village at 2:00 p.m. May 8, 2015. According to Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Santino Castillo, the project is being financed after tireless lobbying by UDP Standard Bearer, Peter Eden Martinez. He added that Martinez's perseverance was key in the implementation as there are long queues of projects that have been requested to be financed by the Social Investment Fund. The water project is financed by the Government of Belize at a cost of $762,110.00 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank; so that residents of Santa Anna are provided with continuous supply of reliable potable water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking.

    Dixon Montero for Attempted Murder at New Asia
    Honduras national Dixon Montero, 20, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand for the attempted murder of New Asia’s security guard, Victor Hendy, 31. Montero was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on Thursday, May 8, for one count of attempted murder, one count of dangerous harm and one count of use of deadly means of harm with a firearm. Due to the nature of the offenses, no plea was taken and he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. Just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6, Victor Hendy was on duty at New Asia Restaurant, located on Vernon Street, when he responded to a commotion inside. Hendy saw two men, one with a handgun, attempting to rob the Chinese business woman.

    Body of male person found in Mopan River
    The body of a male person was given a constant watch by Police Officers from Benque Viejo del Carmen overnight as it was found at about midday this past Sunday in the Mopan River. Swimmers at the Mopan River discovered the body floating in the water near San Jose Succotz Village at about 1:00 pm Sunday. A police truck from Benque Viejo Police was deployed to the area to start the recovery process of the body. However; a decision was made to leave the body in the river to await the arrival of a forensic examiner until Monday. A post mortem conducted by a medical officer on the body certified that he died of asphyxia due to drowning. His body remains unidentified at this time and has been buried at the Benque Viejo del Carmen Cemetery. Meanwhile; Benque Viejo Police has made several attempts to contact their counterparts in Guatemala, including the PNC and the Consulate, where there has not yet been reports of any missing person.

    Remanded for discharging firearm in public
    Head of sales for Travellers Liquors, Reymundo Chan, 42, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for allegedly getting drunk and discharging his firearm at the Barrel Bar on Saturday, May 9. According to police, patrol units responded to reports of shots being fired at the Barrell Bar located at Miles 2 1/2 on the Phillip Goldson Highway at about 1 a.m. on Saturday. Upon their arrival, they were directed to the back of the compound where they say Reymundo Chan. He was found in possession of a brown CZ 9 mm pistol with five live rounds. Police say they could smell alcohol on his breath and he was acting drunk. He was detained by police and taken to the station. Chan presented a license for the firearm; therefore he was not charged for the weapon. However, he was charged for discharging it in public and one count of possession while under the influence of alcohol.

    Killed while sitting at a street corner
    Kjiel Nicholas Young, a 19 year-old resident of Partridge Street Extension, was shot and killed on Saturday night, May 9, right in front of his aunt’s house at #45 Vernon Street. The attack happened at around 9:30 when Young was sitting on a chair in the yard with his back to the street. He was reportedly rolling up marijuana for a smoke when he was approached from behind by a gunman. That assailant shot Young multiple times before he could react, and he was injured all over the body by 5 or 6 of those bullets. Shortly after, a few persons from the immediate vicinity tried to rush him to the KHMH for medical treatment, but he died on the way there. His family have no suspicions they can share with the press as to what would motivate a killer to violently take Young’s life the way he did. He recently graduated from the Gwen Lizarraga High School, and he was doing construction work. His family asserts that he did have a few friends, but no one gang related, no one they suspected would put his life at risk.

    Belmopan Bandits one step closer to another title
    The Premier League of Belize Closing Season Tournament is one game away from its completion. On Thursday 7th May, 2015, at the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Stadium in Belmopan, the national defending champions the Belmopan Bandits drew a step closer to realising its goal of winning yet another national title when it defeated Verdes FC by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Edmund Pandy Jr. in the 86th minute of play to give the Belmopan Bandits the win. The second and final game of the championship series is scheduled for Sunday 17 May, 2015, at 4:00 pm at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town.

    BTL leads the Senior Belize City Female Softball Competition
    The 2015 Belize City Senior Female Competition opened on 29th April, at Rogers Stadium. In the game that was played between the defending champions the Belize Bank Bulldogs and BTL, it was BTL that defeated the Belize Bank Bulldogs by the score of 14-10. The Belize Bank Bulldogs batting in the bottom of the 4th inning scored 4 runs to cut the deficit to 6 runs. It added a single run in the 5th and 4 more runs in the 4th and a single run in the 7th inning. Meanwhile, BTL pitcher Kenisha Sutherland gave up 10 hits in the game while striking out 6 batters in leading her team to the win. On Monday May 4, the Belize Bank Bulldogs rallied from an early 5-1 deficit to upend the Beacon by the score of 13-5. The Belize Bank Bulldogs scored 12 runs in the top of the 5th inning when it collected 8 hits with the Beacon defence making 4 errors.

    Belize Elementary School boys lead primary schools football competition
    The Belize City Primary Schools Football competition continued on Tuesday 12th May, 2015, at the MCC Grounds with three more games. In the girls’ competition, Belize Elementary School and St. Mary’s Primary played to a 0-0 draw. In the first of two games in the boys’ competition, Belize Elementary School edged out St. Mary’s Primary School by the score of 2-1. The goals for Belize Elementary School were scored by Ajani Vaughn and Sergio Pech, while the goal for St. Mary’s Primary was scored by Jezer Neal. In the second game in the boys’ competition, James Garbutt and Wesley Upper School played to a 0-0 draw. The competition continued on Friday 8th May, 2015, with three more games on the schedule. In the first of two games in the boys’ competition, Holy Redeemer School defeated St. Mary’s Primary by the score of 3-0. The goals for Holy Redeemer School were scored by Ryan Woods (2) and Dereck Brown.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Public Service driver busted with drugs while driving GOB vehicle
    Information reaching our news desk is that early this morning, a public service driver was busted with drugs in Belmopan while driving a GOB vehicle. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

    Rawell Pelayo steps down as Vice President of the FFB
    Following his deportation back into the country on April 7th, 2015 the faith of Rawell Pelayo was in jeopardy as the Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize. Well, this fate is no longer in limbo since confirmation of his resignation was issued in an FFB release yesterday. The releases […]

    Minister Castro lashes against opponent Dwight Tillett
    Hon. Edmund Castro, Area Representative for the Belize Rural North area, seems to be confident about the upcoming UDP convention in which he will be facing Dwight Tillett, a former campaign manager of Castro and a former CEO in his Ministry. Castro has been thrash talking about his opponent and […]

    Minister Castro vs Alvarene Burgess and Great Belize Production in Supreme Court
    The case between Minister of State, Edmond Castro and Alvarene Burgess as first defendant and Great Belize production as second defendant has begun at the Supreme Court. Castro gave a testimony on the allegations of his character being defamed by statements given by Burgess which were broadcast and published by […]

    Belizean student Dian Vasquez in the spot light at the Australian National University
    24 year old Dian Vasquez is a resident of Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District. Dian graduated with honors from Sacred Heart College and moved on to complete a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Management at Galen University where she graduated with honors. Currently, Dian holds a Graduate […]

    Crooked Tree receives new police station
    The village of Crooked Tree has had a long-standing issue with its police station. It has been several years in the making to replace the decrepit older building and today it was opened. Area representative Edmond Castro admitted that he begged until Prime Minister Dean Barrow got tired […]

    Dangriga area rep Ivan Ramos steps down
    Dangriga’s first-term area representative Hon. Ivan Ramos of the People’s United Party (PUP) is the sixth area representative in less than two years to either step down or be deselected by his party, after announcing on Wednesday that he was stepping aside for his compatriot, retired educator Anthony […]

    5th Annual Belize GIS Conference held
    Belize has been making great strides in the use of geographic information systems (GIS), which was only introduced a few years ago. Promoters of GIS in Belize have been preaching the gospel of making better decisions using the data available and created in GIS systems. On Wednesday’s 5th annual […]

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Clarifies Information Circulating in the Media Regarding Belize Ambassador’s Residence in Guatemala
    Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release to clarify the information circulating in the sections of the news media that claimed that the residence of Belize’s Ambassador in Guatemala City was recently raided and searched by Guatemalan law enforcement authorities. According to the press release, the reports are wholly incorrect and Minister Elrington never said that the property was even raided or searched nor that he believes that it is one of Mrs. Baldetti’s properties. The release goes on to say that even though certain sections of Guatemala’s law enforcement made the attempt to search the Ambassador’s residence, at no time did they enter the property or a search was ever done.

    Minister of National Security says Crime is down by 33%
    Thursday, May 14th, 2015. BMG: Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security told the media yesterday in Crooked Tree Village that major crimes in Belize are down by 33%. However, according to news reports, there have been 45 murders in 2015 compared to 34 during the same period in 2014. The Minister also lashed out at the media for reporting the murders and not the other crime statistics which show that his ministry is making progress. Hon. Saldivar told the media in an interview and we quote: “We are working hard at the Ministry of National Security and at the Police Department to combat the rise in crime. I can tell you that even though on the news we sensationalize all the murders that have been taking place, I can tell you that since 2012 when I took over as the Minister of National Security, we have seen a thirty percent decrease in major crimes in this country, but that goes unnoticed because the media prefers to cover the murders and not the other crime statistics which show that we are making great progress. We continue to make great strides.”


    Pineapple Salsa
    This salsa is refreshing and very healthy. It's very easy to make and uses very few ingredients. In about 5 minutes you will have a very unique dish.

    The Top 15 Honeymoon Resorts in Belize
    Picture yourself as a child, standing in front of a bakery display case after being told to choose just one treat. Perusing honeymoon resort destinations online can render you just as helpless, which is why we have narrowed down your choices to Belize’s top 15. See which strikes a romantic chord with you and your honey.

    Sports Day
    For the past weeks we have seen children from different schools visiting marketplaces, factories, sanctuaries and many tourist destinations, all part of the Education Week here in Belize. This week in particular is Education week, all leading up to Friday, which is Teachers Day, a day teachers are given a break from regular classes and participate in activities planned for them either at national, branch or school level. It applies to all teachers from primary school and secondary schools and normally they use this day to go on a day or weekend trip organized by themselves or their school administration. Teachers work very hard on the days leading up to Teachers day, planning trips, writing end of year exams, but today is Sports Day at least for the children of Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio. Being there made me remember the sports day I had as a child. I must say I had forgotten all about the games we played, so I really enjoyed being out there. I was really good at the 100 yard dash and lime and spoon. For some reason, I was always placed at the end of the rope on tug o’ war game probably due to my height. In a very similar fashion, as we were in our days, the kids today were color coded with blue, green, red and orange, each color had boys and girls teams. Today’s events started about the same time as regular school hours. They all met at the school grounds then the standard 3, 4, 5 and 6 levels walked to the Norman Broaster Stadium in downtown San Ignacio, while the younger levels went to the basketball court in Falcon Field.

    International Sourcesizz

    A Rare Mid-Year El Niño Event Is Strengthening
    The robust El Niño event anticipated for more than a year is finally coming to fruition, according to the latest observations and forecasts. NOAA's latest monthly analysis, issued on Thursday morning, continues the El Niño Advisory already in effect and calls for a 90% chance of El Niño conditions persisting through the summer, with a greater-than-80% chance they will continue through the end of 2015. These are the highest probabilities yet for the current event, and a sign of increased forecaster confidence--despite the fact that we're in northern spring, the very time when El Niño outlooks are most uncertain. Forecasters and computer models alike have been confounded by this event. In a classic El Niño, the ocean and atmosphere are synchronized in a mutually reinforcing pattern that pushes warm sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) and thunderstorm activity along the equator eastward for thousands of miles, from Indonesia toward South America (see Figure 1).

    Belize: A New Destination for Offshore Banking
    Recently the government of Belize has run TV commercials in the U.S. promoting what is indeed an idyllic Caribbean vacation spot. I often have been asked about Belize; is it a suitable haven for offshore banking, asset protection and residence? I’ve visited twice, and although folks there are very friendly, Belize qualifies as a third world country in many respects, unfortunately in regards to some offshore financial matters. Fresh proof of my view on Belize’s third-world status was supplied on September 9. U.S. authorities disclosed civil and criminal charges against a major Belize-based offshore operation that allegedly allowed 100 or more U.S. investors to knowingly manipulate penny stocks, launder hundreds of millions of dollars back into the U.S., and evade U.S. taxes. Belize is a small country of only 341,000 souls in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico. Although Belize has the second highest per capita income ($8,700) in Central America, the average income figure masks a huge income disparity between rich and poor. In a sincere effort to bolster the economy in 1992, the Belize National Assembly enacted major legislation with the goal of making the country a competitive offshore banking and financial center. Drafters combed tax haven laws worldwide and came up with a series of minimal corporate and tax requirements, which — if you get the right honest advice — could well fit your offshore banking needs.

    Chinese-language edition of Belizean book launched
    The Chinese-language edition of a book written by the governor-general of Belize was launched in Taiwan yesterday to help Taiwanese learn more about the Central American country, one of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies. The book, Pataki Full: Seven Belizean Short Stories, is a milestone, in that it is a book by a Central American writer published in Mandarin, Belize Governor-General Colville Young said at the book launch in Taipei, which was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “It’s about the culture of Belize,” he said. The idea of a Chinese edition of the book was brought up in December last year. Minister of Foreign Affairs David Lin said that when he visited Belize at that time, he received the English edition as a gift from Young.

    B&B owner wins reprieve after son jumps the gun on New World Oil share issue
    A Belize-focused oil exploration firm looks set to narrowly avoid the fate of having a 76-year-old B&B owner from Malvern unwittingly installed as its majority owner, after a botched trade by her son saw her take nearly 50 per cent of the firm. New World Oil suffered a major headache after the B&B owner’s son accidently purchased 48.8 per cent of the firm in her name – instead of 10 per cent as planned – after jumping the gun on a share issue. Yesterday it was announced the B&B owner’s holdings had been cut to 36 per cent – diminishing the chances of her being forced to bid for the remainder of the oil firm. Takeover panel rules can force investors owning at least 30 per cent of a company to make a formal takeover offer. People close to the company expressed severe frustration with the actions of the investor yesterday, saying it distracted from the company’s strategic aims.

    C'bean fisheries ministers for Grenada confab
    FISHERIES ministers from member states of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) are expected to sign off on the Declaration on Spiny Lobster by way of a resolution, when they convene the 9th Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the CRFM today at Flamboyant Hotel in St George's, Grenada. The non-binding declaration establishes a road map for closer co-operation among the 17 Caribbean Community/CRFM states to ensure long-term conservation and sustainable use of the lobster resources. The Ministerial Council meeting is scheduled to open at 9:00 am. The feature address will be delivered by Roland Bhola, Grenada's minister of agriculture, lands, forestry, fisheries and the environment, who will assume the chairmanship of the council on the occasion of the meeting from Johnson Drigo, his Dominican counterpart.

    High-level meeting of Caribbean Fisheries Ministers to be held in Grenada
    “Our vision and long-term goal is to transform the region’s fisheries and aquaculture into sustainable systems, in order to optimize the sector’s contribution to food and nutritional security, improved livelihoods and wealth generation, through the application of science and technology, good governance, and inclusive, sustainable development strategies.” When they meet this Friday, the Caribbean Fisheries Ministers will be reviewing the progress being made in the implementation of existing policy instruments and programs. In charting the way forward, they will also make decisions on the next steps in the transformation process. High on their agenda will be the endorsement of the process now underway to develop the Plan of Action to facilitate the implementation of the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy (CCCFP). The Fisheries Ministers will also discuss an initiative recently announced by the Government of the United States during the Caribbean Energy Summit on climate risk insurance for the Caribbean fisheries sector. This is in line with efforts to achieve Climate Smart Food Security (CSFS) using a Risk Insurance Facility (RIF).

    Southwest Airlines releases prices for Belize
    I just checked their website. Awesome fares starting mid-Oct from my area of the world. I think it priced less than $400 round trip. Plus 2 free checked bags. Can't beat that!


  • How To Get Rid Of People, 3min. Us doing a skit for a school project.

  • Cornerstone Foundation Belize 'Caring for People', 5min.

  • Global Living Room: Belize, 3min. Ivette Cob lives with her husband and four sons in Sarteneja, a village with a population of 2,000 in northeastern Belize. The village has been in existence since the time of the Mayas.

  • Belize Mission 2015, 3min. A group of rising 10th graders from Charlotte, NC will travel to Belize and take part in children's ministry, sports ministry and church and home repairs. They will leave behind the comforts of home and gain a better appreciation of what they have and what others do not. Mostly, they will experience the joy of helping others.

    May 14, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Miss San Pedro invites you to a Magical Mayan Night Fundraising Banquet
    Since winning the crown and hearts of the San Pedro community in August 2014, Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez has taken on several projects. She is not only a beauty ambassador, but someone who is striving to make a change in the lives of young girls in need of moral support. As such, Nuñez launched the SHINE (Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment) program with the assistance of On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) to empower young women. In an effort to continue the program, Nuñez will be hosting a fundraising banquet to raise monies to build a SHINE/OEWM center and home for victims of sexual exploitation.I Am Me 2 “A Magical Mayan Night” banquet will be held at Ramon’s Village Resort on Saturday, May 16th from 5:30PM to 9PM. This fun event includes a dinner buffet, Chinese auction, Maya flute music by Pablo Collado and of course, refreshing cocktails. The night will also commemorate the final activity of the SHINE girls’ first semester curriculum. “I have been patiently waiting for the event to come. I am inviting my entire community to be a part of the SHINE center! Together we can make a difference. Come and witness Pablo Collado and his Maya Flute, enjoy some Maya Pibil Tacos, and start saving those dollar coins as the Chinese Auction is bigger than ever. Persons will have a chance to win two round trip tickets to Punta Gorda with Tropic Air, where you get to enjoy the activities at the ‘Chocolate Festival of Belize’ which also includes accommodations and lunch with a Maya Family!! Let’s get into the spirit and wear Mayan white,” said Nuñez.

    Finn K Project successfully celebrates island moms
    Mother’s Day is celebrated on various days and months in many parts of the world, and this year it was celebrated on May 10th here in Belize. To celebrated island moms on their special day, Findley Halliday, along with a very supportive San Pedro Business Community and several volunteers, hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 10th. Complete with a variety of breakfast classics, pastries and even small gifts for each mother in attendance, the event was a huge success and saw mothers of all ages attending. Held at the San Pedro Lions Den from 10AM to noon, Halliday catered to about 200 mothers from across the island. “I was so happy to see all the moms that came out to attend the event and enjoyed everything we had to offer. It is always good to give back to the community, especially to our mothers that work so hard every day,” said Halliday. A full meal of eggs, sausages, pancakes, fruits and so much more was served along with either fruit punch, coffee or milk. Mommies thoroughly enjoyed their meals, and even had a sweet treat to complete the brunch experience.

    Pedro Sicajan Diaz passes away
    On Wednesday, May 7th at around 7:30PM, the San Pedro Police visited Swan Street at the entrance of the San Pedrito Area after they had been alerted of a body lying on the sidewalk besides a nearby store. Upon arrival at the scene, police found the lifeless body of a Hispanic male. The deceased was later identified as 50-year-old Guatemalan National Pedro Sicajan Diaz. There were no visible signs of injury besides an abrasion in the mouth. Diaz, who was known to be suffering from alcohol addiction, is believed to have died of an alcohol abuse related illness. No foul play is suspected.

    Libertad FC defeats island teams in weekend Football Marathon
    The never ending football action continued in San Pedro during the two day United FC Football Marathon held at the Ambergris Stadium. Three well-seasoned island football teams and one mainland team from Libertad Village, faced off in a series of matches in the most exciting game in the world. United FC, Legends FC, Libertad FC and Los Catrachos classed in the preliminary round on Saturday, May 9th. By the second game day on Sunday, May 10th the final matches had already been determined and all eyes were on the almost five-foot first place trophy. Libertad FC and Los Catrachos were the two teams that made it to the finals. While the clear favorite of the crowd was Los Catrachos, Libertad FC was not planning on leaving without the trophy! As both teams prepared for the championship match that kicked off shortly after 1PM, anticipation grew across the Stadium. It was a tight game, with both teams showing their true strengths. At the end of the first half neither team had a goal, but that was about to change. Libertad took control of the match in the 70th minute when they broke through Los Catrachos defense and scored the first goal of the match. Los Catrachos was desperate for a score, but it wasn’t until up to the last minute that they managed to tie the game. Since there was still no clear champion, the game had to head into penalties. As alternating players from both teams headed to the goal box, the crowd held their breath in anticipation. Unfortunately Los Catrachos, was the first to miss a penalty, allowing Libertad FC to win the match in a 5-4 point game. For their win, Libertad took home major bragging rights, the grand trophy and several other prizes, while Los Catrachos had to settle for the second place trophy and prizes.

    Ambergris Today

    PUC Announces Decrease in Electricity Rate, BEL Says Possible Rate Increase After
    Last week the Public Utilities Commission announced that electricity rates would be reduced from 41cents per kilowatt to 35 cents, which brought a sigh of relief to Belizeans. But a press release from Belize Electricity Limited released this week indicates that the company is not too happy about an additional discount that the PUC has factored into its rate setting methodology. So even though Belizeans will see a decrease of six cents saved on every kilowatt hour consumed when the reduction comes into effect on July 1, 2015 (applicable until June 30, 2016), the company says that it might be forced to increase the rate once the period is over. BEL’s initial request to the PUC was for a 10.4% decrease and ended up with a 15.24% cutback. According to BEL’s press release, their rate reduction methodology is not the same as that of the PUC’s, and even though they are pleased with the approval of a rate reduction, the utility company will be seeking a rate increase come July 2016. Below is the press release sent out by Belize Electricity Limited:

    Southwest Airlines Announces Ticket Sales for Belize/Houston Flights
    Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly announced yesterday, May 13, 2015, that tickets for their Belize flights started to go on sale as of 3a.m., Thursday, May 14. Southwest Airlines has announced that it will be adding flights to Belize City from Houston starting October 15, 2015. At the press conference Kelly also stated that the airline added Liberia, Costa Rica, to the list of previously announced international destinations that Southwest will serve from Houston. Flights to Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Cancún in Mexico as well as San Jose start October 15. A flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica and the Liberia flight will begin November 1. Service to Aruba from Hobby began earlier this year. Kelly said four of the eight new flights have no competition in Houston currently. "These flights will provide much needed competition," Kelly said. "There will be much needed relief from some of the highest international fares in the country."

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    The ladies of La Voz Karaoke 2015
    Makeup by: Sublime by AnnMar Ayala Hair by: Escat Salon Outfits (Roxana): Le' Mar's Emporium Photographer: Hernan Perez © 2015

    this Sunday - Cayo to Belize City... starts at 8AM.. finishes in front of Leslie's

    CDB project to benefit MSMEs, housing, education launched in Belize
    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is providing funding to the Development Finance Corporation of Belize (DFC) to better support the productive sector, including small business; to assist students to access tertiary level and skills training programmes; and families to acquire or improve their own homes. Officially initiated on Tuesday at the CDB-DFC project launch workshop in Belize City, the programme, on completion in 2016 should benefit 50 MSMEs; 200 students and 150 lower middle income households. The project is being made possible via a loan of US$10.5 million and a grant of US$0.086 million to be used for: loans to the productive sector including micro-enterprises; mortgage financing; student loans; and renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) pilot programme. The financing also includes funding of a pilot programme among existing viable businesses to demonstrate the benefits of EE/RE. This EE/RE component of the loan will be accompanied with a grant of US$86,000 from CDB’s Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) to finance the cost of energy audits of participating businesses.

    Power Interruption 8:00am to 2:00pm, Saturday, May 16, Belize City
    portion of George Price Highway from Foam Factory to Faber’s Rd junction, Faber’s Rd junction to Krooman Rd and Krooman Rd. Two 5 minute power interruptions from 8:00 to 8:05am and 1:55 to 2:00 p.m. to affect Mile 1 to Mile 8 on the George Price Highway including Western Pines & West Lake and Mile 1 to Mile 3 on the Philip Goldson Highway, including University Heights, Coral Grove, Belama Phase 1 and Belama Phase 2 between Chetumal Street & Gwen Lizarraga Street. BEL to relocate high voltage lines from overhead to underground at the Faber’s Rd roundabout.

    Maps of Belize Seismic surveys and wells

    31st Annual Garifuna Convention
    SAVE THE DATE! An event you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! World Renown Performers: The Garifuna Collective Venue to be announced soon.

    Belize Ambassador residence in Guatemala Searched
    Because of the recent corruption case involving the Guatemala Vice president resigning, her assets are being investigated. The residence of Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala, Alexis Rosado, was owned by a company that apparently is owned by former Vice President of Guatemala, Roxanna Baldetti, who resigned last week Friday. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs is quoted to say to Channel 5 “I received word; actually I have been to that residence. I think a month or two ago, I went there for the first time and it was spacious and a nice building for the residence of the ambassador. And when I went there we did discuss the question of the ownership of it, whom he was renting it from and at that time he informed me that in fact he had been informed me that it belonged to a company that ceased to do business, for one reason or the other, in Guatemala. The company had built the building as residence for its employees and then the company went out of business and they needed to rent it and it was shown to him and of all the premises that he looked at that was perhaps the most suitable for his purposes.

    Hike to Victoria Peak. March 2015
    Who has seen Victoria Peak has seen beauty. Who has climbed Victoria Peak can understand beauty. This was my first time to actually make it to the top, as my plans were cut short due to rain back in 2006. Such a hike really reconnects you with nature even if it has been decades apart. Here is a photostory for birders, botanists, GIS-ists :-) , and all those of you who love Belize for its natural wonders. Enjoy!

    Hands for Life Visits Cristo Rey Primary School
    SHJC's Hands for Life club visited Cristo Rey Primary School to hand out gifts and school supplies to the kids there. Thanks, H4L!

    La Integracion
    Here is another great opportunity for Belizean Artists between the ages of 18-30.

    May 3rd – May 9th, 2015 Belize Fishing Report
    Tarpon are back in the mix this week with some spectacular results, Permit slowed down a little but this could be due to the fact more people were fishing for tarpon since the weather was so good.

    Channel 7

    Hon. King Says No Lake-I Land For Squatters, Only For "His People"
    Last night on the news you heard Lake Independence squatter Bernarda Riviera call out her area representative Mark King trying to move her group of 12 families off land – just so that he could give it to his supporters. Today, King told 7News that he can’t give any land in that area because the final map is just being made – but when he does give land it won’t be to Bernard Riviera and her squatters collective:… Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "Made allegations that I want to give these land to my cronies. Boss, lot of those people who work with me in Lake I live in Lake I for years. They are living in their ma and pa backyard. We have single parents who are living in their ma and pa backyard so long that apply for a piece of land. Sometimes you have 3, 4 house like conchshell bay, crack up in the back of a little ghetto yard - and you will tell me that because you the wait, you just come and squat on this land. No man, I think our Lake I people who are living back long time and done have their application in, went through the right process. Boss I really see good and evil here and I think I am operating on the good side. This girl Cardova, I cast her as a PUP operative.

    Belize's Mayan Antiquities Making A US Coast to Coast Run
    A climate controlled eighteen wheeler is tonight on a 3,000 mile journey from Boston to San Diego. But this is not just another cargo truck – in that truck there are over 250 of Belize’s most prized Mayan artefacts, meticulously packed and stored. While these artefacts carry sacred stories of Maya antiquity, the science of packing them carries a story of its own. News Director Jules Vasquez and cameraman Codie Noralez traveled to Boston this weekend to capture …..last night you saw a snippet, tonight we bring you the full story…. Jules Vasquez Reporting… The mouth of the historic Charles River is dammed at the Boston Museum of Science inside, oblivious to the river’s pull, technicians are working with precision to disassemble the display cases known as vitrines which contain some of Belize; most previous artefacts.

    Cricketer Was Victim Of Gill Street Shooting Spree
    32 year old Shooting victim and well known cricketer Mykelt Anthony is recovering tonight at the KHMH – after a long surgery. Anthony was one of the blameless victims who was hit in a wild drive by shooting on Monday on Gill Street. He had simply loaned someone his bicycle to go to the store and was standing nearby when he was caught in the hail of gunfire. He was shot twice to the back and once to the legs. One of the shots was very close to his spine and so, he remains in critical condition and his recovery is being watched closely. Anthony, is a star bowler for Belize's national cricket team. Last year July his team - Easy Does it of Lemonal won the Harrison Parks national cricket championship against 4-times champions, Brilliant Cricket Club of Crooked Tree.

    PUP Makes Moves In Griga, But Did "Maca" Step Down, OR Was He Pushed Out?
    Last night we told you about the PUP’s big move – where the party’s elected Representative in Dangriga, Ivan Ramos would be stepping aside to make way for a new standard bearer in the division. That newcomer is Anthony Sabal, a career educator well respected in Dangriga. And so today, the handover at Independence Hall in Belize City should have been seamless – a feast of well wishing to give the party momentum and the benefit of a clean transition, a fresh start. Turns out, it was anything but that! Jules Vasquez was there: Jules Vasquez Reporing… The uneasy looks and stiff body language of these three – and then these two may have said it all Today’s handover of the PUP Dangriga Standard bearer seat did not go as smoothly as might have been hoped for. It started out well enough with the national campaign manager referring to the leader’s pledge of renewal:: Godfrey Smith - PUP Nat’l Campaign Manager "And so this morning's press presentation is a result of that ongoing process that the PUP is engaged in of self examination and getting itself in the fittest possible fighting form for the general elections."

    Hon. Ramos Says His Personal Finances Are His Personal Problem
    Today we also asked Ramos to address the touchy issue of the state of his personal finances. His difficulties are a matter of public record since his properties were published in the papers and he is a public figure. He said it is something that his opponent sin the party did try to use against him:… Jules Vasquez "We have seen in the papers couple of your properties. You're a public figure, is your personal finance issue factor at all into this decision?" Hon. Ivan Ramos - PUP Representative – Dangriga "Jules, that - and I want to be very clear about that. That's a personal business. In this party, nobody had asked me about that. I know some of them has used that as a reason to justify what ever but if I lose anything it's me, it's me." And so while Ramos leaves in a cloud of uncertainty both personally and politically, his replacement has the backing, we are told, of a man who should have no financial problems: Dr. Henry Canton – the former Director and CEO of Citrus Products of Belize Limited. Today we asked about his role in the southern manoeuvres.

    Rawell Resigns, After All
    Rawell Pelayo, the controversial Senior Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize, has resigned. He has accepted the FFB’s offer to make an orderly exit from the organization instead of being unceremoniously kicked out. As we told you, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit narcotics trafficking on June 30, 2014. By FFB statutes, that made him ineligible to remain as a member of the executive since his actions brought the organization into disrepute. At the last FFB general congress, his expulsion was delayed because his football peers believed that he deserved the opportunity to vacate the post in a more dignified manner. That finally came on Saturday when he tendered his letter of resignation to the General Secretary of the FFB.

    Crooked Tree Station Opens, In time For Convention
    This morning the Minister of National Security, and senior officers of Eastern Division joined Belize Rural North Area Representative Edmond Castro in Crooked Tree to inaugurate the new Police Station. Of course, it’s timed to give Castro a nice boost going into his divisional convention. The station has been operational since October 2013, but the ceremony was held today, weeks before the convention. Pure politics, but the speakers took it dead serious, recounting the difficulties that they faced in trying to get the station to a useable state: Hon. Edmund Castro - Area Representative, Belize Rural North "When I got elected there was a shell that was here that we called a police station which it was impossible for any policing activity to take place. That old police station shell went through 3 area representatives before me and I promised the people of Crooked Tree that we will make sure that we will try to get a better facility for them here at Crooked Tree. And we lobbied and lobbied along to the minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar and also to the prime minister and cabinet for assistance in helping the construction of the police station in Crooked Tree. Here we are today, inaugurating the police station here in Crooked Tree - which can easily facilitate 2 officers and enough space for the holding cell and office and so forth."

    Petro-C In Crooked Tree
    And Castro should have the wind at his back, because two weeks ago, the Prime Minister announced that Petrocaribe funded projects will be rolled out to the rural areas of the country, since most of the focus has been on the urban areas. Well, Castro told the press today that Crooked Tree is one of the first communities which is benefiting from this rural roll out. He said that the focus of the first project is the Causeway which experienced major flooding in 2013, continuing well into the first half of 2014: Hon. Edmund Castro - Area Representative, Belize Rural North "Petrocaribe money is now reaching the Belize rural north constituency and here today in Crooked Tree, we have a contractor, Julio Patt and Sons who are raising the causewayfor Crooked Tree. I chose that project simply because that's an area that gave us a lot of hard time, especially in the flood period. So, we have secured some funding for the rolling out of petrocaribe for the causeway of Crooked Tree. We'll be doing approximately half a mile which will take beyond the first and second bridge with the same level that we had. And we notice the last time the area that did not cover because we have the proper level there. So we are working on that as we speak. You will see the truck traversing material back and forth, we're using the material right from blackbound.

    GIS Is Everyday Technology
    Geographical Information Systems or GIS: the term may sound too high-tech, like something only computer types can use. But, really, accessing GIS is as easy as doing a Google search. Today the 5th annual GIS conference was held at the Biltmore and business managers, educators and representatives from the health sector presented on how GIS has dramatically improved their operations. Now that is on the corporate level, but how can this system improve your daily life? A representative from the Global Geo-spatial Information Management Unit at the United Nations, Cecille Bake, told us about the multifaceted benefits of this GIS in the commercial world and in your personal life. Cecille Blake - Global Geo-spatial Information Management Unit, UN "You have a map and traditionally people don't like maps. They say maps hard to read and people would only use it to go from A to B - they would be in their car and mark and say A,B,C. There's only so much information you can show on a map. What GIS does is to put that information that you have on a paper map into a digital form. So now, when it is in a digital form, you can have layers or various information - so that you see everything together on the map and you can see the relationships. GIS allows you to map information in various means; from satellites, the land surveyor, even the ordinary person with your cellphone can collect information that goes into a GIS database.

    Conch Shell Cruelty?
    Tonight a 35 year old fisherman and a father of 6 is detained at the Queen Street Police Station. According to the family of Jason Orozco, he is facing ammunition charges. Police conducted a search out at the Vernon Street Fish Market this morning –where 2 bullets were found in the area. Orozco was the only one taken away by police. Today we spoke with his family members who were on the scene at the time of the search who claim that nothing was found on Jason Orozco. Sister of Jason Orozco "Miss my brother come about after 7 and play a little dominoes and thing because he was waiting on the boat come in to buy fish that we usually sell. Now GSU pull up and they give him the first search and when he done get searched the first, he continue play dominoes - a next one come back again and tell him, they done searched you? So he said yes. Then after the next police tell him come make we search you again and they searched him again and they took him by a red vehicle and put him to sit down. Next minute, the next GSU come and find 2 bullet in a match box. When they find the bullet, my brother hola and tell his woman, they want to charge him for a bullet that he doesn't know about. My brother doesn't deal with gun nor he no kill nobody. We sell fish, he has his 6 pickney to deal with and his woman. Our mom died from when I was 1 month old and I have nobody by my side but my big brother. He looks after me right now. I went to station and when I went to station, I went back of the GSU office and when I went back to the GSU office, the man tell me come out because you smell like fish. Then after I told him I come check on my brother, I come check on my brother. He said that how Jason will get charged for the 2 bullet. We went back to front and when we went back to the front, one of the police say he is getting charged for 14 bullet that he doesn't know about."

    Man Assaulted/Robbed Woman, Caught By Cops
    21 year-old Frank Alexander Young is at the Belize Central Prison tonight, and that’s because he was accused of snatching a woman’s wallet and cellular phone. The incident happened on Monday at around 10 a.m. when Arelia Zetina was walking near the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. That’s when Young allegedly ambushed her, punched her in the face, and stole her cellular phone and her wallet, which contained a small amount of cash and her personal documents. That’s in the near vicinity of the Magistrate’s Court which is swarming with police officers from the prosecution branch, and when Zetina yelled for help, they immediately responded. They managed to detain Young and retrieve the items from him.

    Tanisha Took It To The Bank, Police Say
    31 year-old Tanisha Sutherland, a mother of 5, is the Belize Central Prison after she was taken to court for allegedly forging cheques and cashing them at the bank. The complainant, Saba Badi, reported to police that between October 2, 2014 and December 12, 2014, Sutherland worked for him, and it was during that time that she forged 11 of his Scotia Bank cheques in her name and cashed them. She allegedly made off with $3,589 dollars through this scheme. Police charged her with 11 counts of forgery, and 1 count of theft, and when she was arraigned before Magistrate Ladonna John, the police prosecutor objected to the court granting her bail. After consideration, Magistrate John upheld the objections and remanded Sutherland until June 24.

    Justice Through Education
    Justice: it’s a demand many bitter and enraged families make and often never get after their loved one is murdered. We have reported on countless murders in our newscast but only a few of those cases result in convictions. Well, a group of scenes of crime investigators hope to increase the conviction rate and deliver on that demand. Today 27 new scenes of crime investigators graduated from a Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Course and a ceremony was held to honour them at the Princess Hotel this morning. We spoke to the CEO in the Ministry of National Security and he told us how this course will enhance the standard of crime investigation in Belize. Hayden Baldwin - Contract Constructor "The graduation is the final after a 10 month training period. So they've been through training in all aspects of crime scene processing. The group has been upgraded to international standards. So now they are experts in their fields and that includes the photography, latent prints, impression evidence, biological and trace evidence, report writing, sketching, interpreting the crime scene. The equipment you see behind me is all been supplied by the US embassy right now. With that equipment now, they're capable of taking photographs and processing the scene correctly. There's lot of equipment here, so there training has been very extensive to go through all of that. So now they will have the full capability of processing crime scenes."

    Hon. Castro Says Challenger Dwight Ain't Got A Chance
    Earlier we showed you the public works that are presently underway in Crooked Tree to raise the causeway. Those works – and others slated for the division will happen in Belize Rural North whether or not area representative Edmond Castro wins his convention in two weeks. He’s going up against Dwight Tillett, a former campaign manager of his and a former CEO in his Ministry. Tillett is confident that because of his personal history and track record in the division, he can beat Castro who has faced off multiple challengers over the years. Castro told us he couldn’t be bothered: Hon. Edmund Castro - Area Representative, Belize Rural North "The prime minister is supporting me, the entire cabinet is supporting me. This is not like - I remembered in the past 2 conventions where the cabinet was split and some of my colleagues were going up against me. The prime minister assures me that he is with me and the entire cabinet are with me. If you notice my cabinet colleague Hon. John Saldivar is here and I think last week or two Mr. Faber was at a function I had. And in the past minister Faber and I found ourselves on different sides of the fight in conventions but no longer minister Faber is against me. None of my colleagues are against me on this fight. So I think who ever wants to fool themselves and show their hat in the race."

    Castro Calls PUP Opponent Friend and Future Loser
    So, what about Castro’s other political opponent, Retired Major Lloyd Jones? Jones recently announced his candidacy for the PUP in Belize Rural North. Well, Castro had kinder words for Jones saying that he considers him a friend, who will remain that way even after he defeats him at the polls when the next General Elections take place: Hon. Edmund Castro - Area Representative, Belize Rural North "He's my friend. I would personally like to see him come and test the waters. I can hug him up and beat him in the next general election. I don't have any problem with that. I will still say that he is my friend. He could say what he want to say, slander me, I have no slandering to slander him - but I will beat him. And if they throw in back Arthur, I will beat him too." Daniel Ortiz "Aren't you afraid you are being over confident?” Hon. Edmund Castro "My friend, when my party was against me, leading up the 2008 election - I defeated my opponent in the convention handsomely. Won the election, all sort of things they jam the rastaman with. He will the election, comfortable, increasing the margin and now, what you think? I am getting the support from the prime minister, from all my cabinet colleague. Man, who so fool to want come test?”

    Channel 5

    Ivan Ramos Steps Aside, New P.U.P. Dangriga Standard Bearer Named
    The People’s United Party held a press conference at Independence Hall in Belize City to announce the first in what the party says will be a number of changes to [...]

    Party Leader Introduces Anthony Sabal as Ramos’ Successor
    Taking up the mantle from Ivan Ramos is former career educator and historian, Anthony Sabal. Sabal spoke in English, Spanish after he was glowingly introduced by the party Leader, Francis [...]

    Did Ramos Step Down on His Own or Was He Pushed Out?
    Now the P.U.P. controls all the seats in the south, but the results of an audit show that all is not well so changes are anticipated elsewhere in the south [...]

    P.U.P. Engages In Back and Forth with Media
    But was the elected area rep pushed out? That question was answered in a back and forth with the media even as the campaign manager acknowledged that it was a [...]

    Rawell Pelayo Steps Down As F.F.B. Vice President
    Embattled Second Vice President Rawell Pelayo has formally tendered his resignation to the executive of the Football Federation of Belize.  His official withdrawal comes one month after F.F.B. President Ruperto [...]

    Social Media Reporters Misinterpret News Five’s Story
    On Tuesday, News Five aired an exclusive interview with Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington during which he commented on an attempt by Guatemalan law enforcement to search the residence of [...]

    What is GIS and How Does It Impact the Business Environment?
    What do you know about Geographic Information Systems (GIS)? It sounds very technical and above our heads. But what GIS does is that it gathers information from data that is [...]

    John Saldivar Endorses Clear the Land in Rural North
    In more political news…Belize Rural North Area Representative Edmond Castro will face a challenge from Dwight Tillett at a U.D.P. convention scheduled for May thirty-first. Tillett has previously acted as [...]

    Castro Confident That He Can Beat Lloyd Jones in Rural North
    If Castro defeats Tillett at convention, as he says he surely will, his next challenge will come from the P.U.P.’s Lloyd Jones, who recently declared his candidacy in that area. [...]

    Minister of National Security Criticizes Media for Crime Coverage
    According to our records, to date, there have been forty-nine murders in 2015, compared to thirty-four during the same period in 2014. In April 2014, there were ten murders. In [...]

    C.E.O. George Lovell Addresses Police Plan of Action for Eastern Division
    While the Minister of National Security roundly criticized the media for purportedly exaggerating murder statistics for 2015, C.E.O. George Lovell told News Five that Eastern Division of the Police Department [...]

    …Says Boots on the Ground Will Also Be Supervised
    There are countless and persistent complaints of police brutality on civilians. Lovell says that supervision of police officers is a priority for the force so that standards in policing are [...]

    New Police Station Inaugurated in Crooked Tree
    There is a brand new Police Station in Crooked Tree. Actually it’s been in use since it was completed in October 2013, but today it was officially inaugurated with much [...]

    Maskall Police Station Finally Renovated
    For many months there have been complaints about the dilapidated, abandoned and empty Police Station in Maskall. There hasn’t been an officer stationed there because it is only fit for [...]

    Petrocaribe Rolled Out on Crooked Tree Causeway
    We’ve noticed that whenever there is a government or U.D.P. political event in the past six months, it’s just not complete until Petrocaribe has been mentioned at least once. And [...]

    Scenes of Crime Technicians Graduate Forensic Program
    Training concluded today for a group of technical personnel from the Police Department, who will hopefully hone their skills in investigative work and in the prosecution of cases where the [...]

    Tanisha Sutherland Remanded for Forgery
    A Belize City woman who was employed as a loan processor for a Canadian businessman who owns Global Communications Limited is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison. She [...]

    OCEANA Organizes Hands Across the Sand
    Offshore oil drilling – it is the one issue that just won’t go away and OCEANA Belize takes every opportunity to raise awareness on this national issue. So, on Saturday [...]


    2008 Compromis To Be Amended
    Guatemala’s claim to more than half of Belize has gone on way too long, say Belizean officials, and last night in an extensive interview on Channel 5 with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Sedi Elrington it was revealed that Government has agreed to amend the Special Agreement signed between both countries in 2008. Viewers may recall that in December 2008, Prime Minister Dean Barrow signed an agreement with Guatemala submitting the issue of the Belize/Guatemala Territorial dispute to the world court for it to be resolved. Under the agreement a referendum was to be simultaneously in Belize and Guatemala on Oct. 6th, 2013. But, of course, that never happened for several reasons brought up by Guatemala. But that does not mean that the claim has been swept under the rug. The Foreign Minister went on record to state that he will be travelling to Guatemala later this month to sign the amendment to the Compromis at the request of the Guatemalans. So what is the reason for this and why weren’t the people informed? Well, according to Elrington, the request was made on the grounds that Guatemala wanted to cut costs in holding the referendum.

    PUP Leader Says People Must Be Consulted Before Amendment Takes Place
    With the 2008 agreement amended and giving power to Guatemala to hold its referendum individually, the burning question tonight is how this will affect Belizeans when it is their time to vote for or against taking the claim to the International Court of Justice? The issue without a doubt is a sensitive one and whiles the populace is yet to react to the news of the agreement being amended to accommodate Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has stated that Belizeans or the process should not be affected. But what does the Opposition think about this latest move? According to Party Leader Francis Fonseca, the Prime Minister informed him about the discussion taking place to amend the compromise to allow Guatemala to hold the referendum this year and Belize theirs at a later date. According to Fonseca he was informed that Minister Elrington would be holding further discussions on the matter and would then prepare a proper statement which would be issued to the Belizean people informing them about the situation and government’s position on the issue. The P.U.P says Fonseca would have also been informed about the outcome of the discussion before a final decision was made.

    Rawell Pelayo Resigns As Vice President Of FFB
    In news emanating from the Football Federation of Belize, today the president and its executives announced the formal resignation of Vice President, Rawell Pelayo. The FFB release states that Pelayo tendered his resignation to the General Secretary on Saturday May 8th. As assured by the President Ruperto Vicente, Pelayo handed the letter on his own time and on his own free-will. The release ends stating that the Federation will continue to carry its mandate to the development of football in Belize and Pelayo will be replaced by a member of the football family. For context, the senior (FFB) executive, who in June of last year pleaded guilty to conspiring to contravene US narcotics laws, was given the opportunity to resign, rather than to be booted from his post. He was no longer able to maintain his post since the guidelines of the federation state that any executive criminally charged locally or internationally cannot serve on the board of the Football Federation of Belize.

    BMHS Prepares For Sagicor Regional Competition
    Bishop Martin High School students continue to outshine students across the country and even regionally in the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge. The school has once again won the national competition and is slated to represent the country in the international competition that will take place in Florida USA later this year. Their new project is titled Chaya, Mayan Power for Modern Times and it is already a winner. The regional competition is slated to take place in a few weeks from now and while the team has their eyes on the big prize, they also want to rake in another award under the same competition. Science Teacher Wilson Mendoza and the team members were at the Central Park this morning to gather the necessary support to win this prize. Wilson Mendoza – Science Teacher “Were soliciting votes from the Belizean public to support the project because now it is no longer about Bishop Martin High School is about Belize because we are representing Belize now for the regionals now and this competition will close on Sunday and so what we are doing right now is that we are asking people soliciting and to show their support and come and vote, if you don’t have a computer at home, if you don’t know the process the students are here to show the audience how to vote, we have people now voting and now what we have to do is very simple, go to the Sagicor Visionary People’s choice award, once you click that on the internet it take you directly to the page and then you click on the Belizeans flag and press vote and you have already voted but you can vote more than one time as well.”

    Ombudsman Discusses Increase In Police Brutality Cases
    Today Belize’s Ombudsman Lionel Arzu was in Orange Walk Town and we took the opportunity to speak with him on the responsibilities of his office and a few of the more important and outstanding statistics of the 2014 report from his office. That report was presented in the House of Representatives in March by the Prime Minister. Today the Ombudsman said, and it may not strike many as a surprise, that most of the complaints his office received in 2014 was against the police department. There were 220 registered complaints of which 116 were against the police, far more than the 99 individual cases filed against the police in 2013. “Our Statistics shows us that from the previous year there were 211 complaints total, out of those 211, 99 were against the police department, this year is a total of 220 and out of that 116 is against the police, what is important to note here is that the complaints that the police receives, that we don’t receive, what we have that is against the police we forward it to the police because they need to be aware for them to investigate so, there might be some issues with their stats and our stats bust that doesn’t mean what they present is wrong but is what we have, they have theirs and we have ours.”

    Two Teenagers Arraigned For Robbery At Ludas Fast Food
    Yesterday we told you about the broad daylight armed robbery at Luda’s Fast Food at the corner of Guadalupe Street and the Belize Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town. When we left you, two persons were in custody and today both teens from Orange Walk Town were arraigned in court. Nineteen year old Christian Sutherland and 18 year old Gustavo Hernandez were jointly charged for the offence of robbery. As we reported yesterday, 41 year old Chinese businesswoman Ling Yu Huang reported to police that sometime around 2:45p.m while at her business place attending to a customer, two male persons with their faces covered and wearing camouflage hats entered the establishment and robbed them at gunpoint.


    New Police Station for Croooked Tree
    A two hundred thousand dollar police station was officially inaugurated today in the Village of Crooked Tree Village. The station had been completed since 2013 and had been in use since then but Area Representative Edmund Castro and Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, say that due to unforeseen difficulties they were unable to inaugurate ...

    PUP Ivan Ramos step down
    Last week via a press conference held by the People’s United Party, there were talks about changes coming about within the organization reportedly geared at strengthening the blue and white camp … and following in accordance with that announcement, change has come for the Dangriga constituency as elected official, Ivan Ramos is stepping aside to ...

    Minister John Saldivar spoke on crime
    Yesterday, Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, spoke about the crime situation in Belize stating that the Ministry of National Security and the Belize Police Department need to do more in order to combat crime. Today, at the inauguration of the Crooked Tree Police Station, Minister John Saldivar spoke on the topic of crime. At ...

    Mark King on Chetumal Street
    Yesterday we aired the complaints of the Chetumal Street Squatters who were panicking because they were once again being threatened with eviction. But according to the squatters, what boiled their blood was that their Area representative, Mark King, was not answering their calls or text in order for them to inquire about information that they ...


    Squatters beg not to be removed from Lake I
    For several weeks now a group of residents in the west Lake Independence division, in the vicinity of the Chetumal Street/Lake Independence Boulevard project, has been in battle with private landowners who claim title to tracts of property in the area...

    Belize’s reef health moves from “poor” to “fair”
    Every two years, regional scientists release a “report card” reviewing the health of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which covers the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, extending down all Belize’s coast to Guatemala and Honduras...

    Political parties: Endorsements vs conventions
    The People’s United Party has been making a lot of changes recently to their ranks, the last of which was the endorsement of Major Lloyd Jones as the Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North. Just as with the UDP, there have been more endorsements within the PUP of late., without party conventions...

    Millions in grants to disabled persons
    On Friday March 7th , 2014, the Government presented the Estimates of Revenue and expenditure for the fiscal year 2014 2015. It is a 475 page legal size document, detailing the amounts spent and amounts projected to be spent from 2012/2013 to 2015/2016...

    Santander working with Labour department
    Santander, a Guatemalan owned sugarcane company, boasts that it employs an estimated 600 Belizeans, making up 80% of its work force...

    Third World youth camp seeks assistance
    Former semi-professional footballer Deon Flowers has been the mastermind of the Third World Youth Program based in Lake Independence for the past 16 years. But for much of that time, according to him, it has been a struggle obtaining financial assistance to keep the program going...

    Belize Sagicore Champions Needs Your Help
    The biennial Sagicore Visionaries Challenge kicked off in Belize on December 3rd 2014, where High schools from all across the country competed for the National Sagicore title...

    Flying bullets injure two men and graze a woman
    Two men were shot and a woman grazed by bullets in Belize City yesterday. 32-year-old Mykelt Tony Anthony of Belize City was shot to the back and right leg and 30-year-old Morrison Cardinal Felix of Belize City was shot to the left foot while Rhonda Burgess was grazed y one of the flying bullets. ...

    Men charged for Ladvville assault and attempted robbery
    Two men from the Ladyville area appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith on charges of attempted robbery.  28 year old Roger Hilton is accused of wounding and assault while 32 year old Steve Arnold was charged with common assault. Ian Holland reported to police that on May 10 around 7:15 p...

    British Soldier with Belizean heritage charged for rape
    A British soldier with Belizean heritage has been accused of raping two women and sexually assaulting another.  28 year old Lance Corporal Lee Busano, is based at Weeton Army Barracks in Lancashire , England and is a physical training inspector ...

    Political wrangling; Belize Rural North
    Retired Mager Lloyd Jones  was introduced last week as PUP’s standard bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency. Well on Friday last week we received an email from an anonymous email address, claiming to be speaking on behalf of the PUP supporters of Belize Rural North...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belmopan Red Taigaz hosted celebrity basketball game frundraiser
    On Saturday, May 9, 2015 the Belmopan Red Taigaz Elite Basketball Team hosted a Celebrity Basketball Match at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan. The event was held in an effort to raise funds to support the team and assist with expenses for the upcoming playoffs, which are scheduled […]

    El Nino is back and is Belize in danger?
    El Nino is part of a climate cycle in the tropical Pacific known as the El Niño Southern Oscillation; it flips back and forth every few years between the cool, La Niña and the warm El Niño phases. In the El Niño phase, ocean surface temperatures rise with easterly trade […]

    Upset Toledo bus owners participate in consultation
    More than 30 Mayan bus drivers from rural Toledo gathered at the Punta Gorda Town Council Conference room this morning for a consultation with Mayor Fern Guttierez and her team of transport and police officers. This meeting was a result of ongoing tension between the two parties after […]

    Belize and Guatemala to proceed with referendum to the ICJ
    Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington has confirmed that he will be travelling to Guatemala later this month to sign an amendment known in French as the ‘Compromis’ This is a special agreement that was signed by Belize and Guatemala in 2008 in reference to the territorial dispute and whether it […]

    Using Endorsement instead of Conventions in Belize is becoming a common practice for some political party leaders
    By: Wellington C. Ramos. In Belize and most democratic countries in the world, political parties have a constitution to regulate the way they do business. One of the provisions in this constitution deal with how their candidates are selected to represent the party in elections. In most party constitutions the methods […]

    Crime Scene Technicians Graduate from one year course
    Approximately 27 Scenes of Crime technicians attached to the Police Department and National Forensic Science Service today graduated from a one-year training course offered by facilitators sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Belize beginning last June. The level of training offered upgrades members of the Scenes of Crime […]

    Caribbean Development Bank grants Development Finance Corporation 21 Million dollar loan
    The Caribbean Development Bank has granted a loan to the Development Finance Corporation in a sum of $21 million Belize dollars for education and private sector loans. The announcement and launching of this initiative was made known yesterday at the Radisson during the 7th consolidated line of credit event. Students […]

    Guatemalan Security Forces Raid House of Belizean Ambassador Alexis Rosado
    The news spread like wild fire when the resignation of the Vice President of Guatemala Roxana Baldetti was announced on Friday. The move comes after weeks of pressure from Guatemalans demanding her to step down from her post. Baldetti was reportedly exposed to numerous corruptions such as a massive Custom […]

    Fair and Warm Weather to Continue
    Today’s outlook is for mostly fresh easterly airflow that maintain a mainly fair and warm conditions. Tonight it is expected to be cloudy with isolated showers. Winds will blow to the East at 10 to 20 knots with occasional higher gusts and the sea state will be rough with a small […]

    Wellington C. Ramos writes about the stepping down of Hon. Ivan Ramos of Dangriga
    For the Leader of the PUP opposition Francis Fonseca to tell my relative Ivan “Maca” Ramos that he needs to step down to be replaced by Anthony Sabal, that action is in violation of the Peoples United Party Constitution. Not only is this in violation of the […]

    International Sourcesizz

    Belizean book launched in Taiwan to promote cultural exchanges
    The Chinese-language edition of a book written by the governor-general of Belize was launched in Taiwan Thursday to help Taiwanese people learn more about the Central American country, one of Taiwan's diplomatic allies. The launch of the book, titled "Pataki Full: Seven Belizean Short Stories," represents a historic moment, in that it is a book by a Central American writer published in Mandarin Chinese, said Governor-General Sir Colville Young at the book launch in Taipei, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "It's about the culture of Belize," he said. The idea of a Chinese edition of the book was brought up last December. When he visited Belize last December, Foreign Minister David Lin said, he received the English version of the book as a gift from Young. At that time, Young also expressed his wish to share the book with the people of Taiwan and "suggested that it be translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan," Lin said.

    76-year-old B&B owner cuts risk of New World Oil takeover
    A 76-year-old bed and breakfast owner from Malvern has reduced the risk of having to mount a takeover bid for an Aim-listed oil explorer in which her son unwittingly bought a 49 per cent stake, after more unsettled trades were reported to the London Stock Exchange on Thursday. Judith Williams, whose 38-year-old private investor son Chris Williams has a penchant for small oil stocks, found herself at the centre of a media storm after he bought what he thought was a 10 per cent stake in the Belize oil minnow New World Oil and Gas in her name. The Takeover Panel ruled this week that if Mrs Williams “receives delivery” of the shares purchased into the Crest settlement account of her broker — which carry 30 per cent or more of the voting rights — she would have a duty to make an offer for the whole company. However, the Panel also noted that a “substantial proportion” of the shares sold had not been settled. The LSE has reported settlement delays after trading volumes equivalent to several times the number of shares in issue occurred in the days following the April 29 announcement of the fundraising.

    Ex-Serviceman Spent Years Defending 'Defamed' Black Unit
    Amos Ford was part of a unique taskforce of forestry workers recruited by the British Government from Belize, based in Scotland during the war. AMOS FORD, who died at the grand age of 98, was a member of a group of Central American forestry workers that braved - and survived - Nazi torpedo attacks to travel to support King and Empire from a base in the Highlands of Scotland during the Second World War. As a member of The British Honduran Forestry Unit, Amos was part of a group of one thousand volunteers who responded to an appeal for workers to help maintain the supply of timber to British industry as the war intensified. The Ministry of Supply launched its appeal in 1941 to the former colony British Honduras (now Belize), and the men who worked in the country’s immense and reputable mahogany plantations responded with alacrity and patriotism. Amos, then a former mahogany cutter, was quick to apply for the chance to, not only defend the so-called “Motherland”, but also to earn some money for his family.

    The Garifuna Way of Life Is Under Threat!
    Garifuna is the mix of Arawaks, Caribs and African slaves in the British Caribbean colonies deported from St. Vincent Island in 1797, who then they spread along the Atlantic coast of Honduras , Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The Garifuna people have been forced out of their homeland. And, they want justice! They are descendants of West African, Central African, Island Carib, and Arawak people, and they live primarily along Latin American coasts. According to Garifuna spokesperson, Carla Garcia, the tourism industry of Central America’s coastal regions started picking up 20 years ago. This led to increased investor interest, but a loss in the sovereignty of the Garifuna over their land. To attract and sustain this growing tourism product, the Garifuna people were forced to migrate, giving way to international investors. But today, the Garifuna want their sovereignty back. In this week’s episode of teleSUR’s Ñ Don't Stop, producers Rebel Diaz, Sense Hernandez and Claudia De La Cruz feature the lives of a special people, who are resilient and proud of their identity. And who just want their home back. See the full episode below.

    With seasons winding down, Jon Arnold looks at how the 2015-16 CONCACAF Champions League might shape up.
    The 2014-15 CONCACAF Champions League was another step in the right direction for the competition. Here I could write something like, 'It's never too early to start thinking about the next tournament!' But really that's not the case. It's a busy time in the region with teams fighting for playoff positioning and championships, more immediate and pressing goals they're far more focused on. What the 2015-16 CCL can provide us right now is a guide for looking through the region and seeing who is in the hunt for a spot in the tournament. The draw reportedly will take place June 1. Let's take a look at who will be there:

    High-level meeting of Caribbean Fisheries Ministers to be held in Grenada
    St. George’s, Grenada - Fisheries Ministers from Member States of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) are expected to sign off on the Declaration on Spiny Lobster by way of a resolution, when they convene the 9th Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the CRFM on Friday, 15 May 2015 at Flamboyant Hotel in St. George's, Grenada. The non-binding declaration establishes a roadmap for closer cooperation among the 17 CARICOM/CRFM States to ensure long-term conservation and sustainable use of the lobster resources. The Ministerial Council meeting is scheduled to open at 9:00 a.m. The feature address will be delivered by Honourable Roland Bhola, Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Grenada, who will assume the chairmanship of the Council on the occasion of the meeting from Honourable Johnson Drigo, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dominica.

    Southwest Airlines Tickets to Belize
    Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly announcing that tickets for their Belize flights go on sale at 3am tomorrow, Thursday (May 14)


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  • Sailing and Snorkeling in Ambergris Caye, Belize with Reset Retreat, 3min. Snorkeling with nurse sharks, rays, and some of the best women ever during Reset Retreat in Belize! We went out on the massive and absolutely decked out Infinity catamaran with Ecologic Divers based out of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize and had a beautiful day sailing to and snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, and Caye Caulker.

  • Optimist Sailing Lessons - Optimist Upwind Skills, 2min. Belize Sailing Center training the Belize Optimist Team in preparation for Optinam.

  • Diving in Belize - April 2015, 3.5min. Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, Caye Caulker.

  • Spotted Eagle Rays in Belize, 40sec. A group of four Spotted Eagle Rays seen while scuba diving near Turneffe Atoll in Belize.

  • San Pablo Village, Belize ITE 2015, 9min.

  • Project Serve Belize 2015, 21min. To Love is to Serve.

  • Spring break service-learning trip - Corozal, Belize, 4min. I made this video for a Boise State Honors College scholarship competition. It is about one of the most impacting experiences of my life.

  • Belize Scuba Diving, 3.5min. Diving in Belize.


  • Surviving The Jungle: Exercise Mayan Warrior, 23min. The British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) has been a hub for jungle warfare training for decades, but in 2011 it was scaled right down. Just six personnel are based in the country now, but demand for training has recently started to increase, with members of 2nd Battalion, the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment one of the most recent units to go there on exercise. It's seen as one of the toughest places in which to train, and soldiers from the regiment have been spending a month living under the canopy adapting their tactics, live firing and learning survival skills. Forces TV's Carla Prater followed the battalion on exercise to see the training opportunities on offer.

  • About BTEC BELTRAIDE Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Man Trip 2014 - Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Mexico Rocks, 8min. Both tours done with Belize Pro Dive Center, they're the best! It was my first time filming with a Go Pro so not a lot of shots came out how I was hoping. Still a few good ones in there :)

  • 32lb KingFish caught in Belize, 6min. A 32lb KingFish caught aboard Brianne C just north off Caye Chapel.

  • Belize Underwater, 4min. Enjoy the Clear Warm Waters of Belize

  • Belize, 3.5min. On the river.

    May 13, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Red Cross hosts 2015 fundraising dinner
    The San Pedro branch of the Red Cross (SPBRC) held a fundraising dinner at El Patio Restaurant on Wednesday May 6th. Dinner tickets were priced at $75BZ, and included a three-course meal accompanied by fine wine courtesy of Wine De Vine. Everyone bearing a ticket for the dinner was automatically entitled to a chance at winning a door prize at the end of the event. According to Shirlee Arnould, the SPBRC branch coordinator, the proceeds of the dinner will be used towards CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training for the San Pedro police officers. “When we do First Aid and CPR courses, we like to include the community. We have actually determined that the people that need it the most just can’t really pay for it themselves. We wanted to sponsor the Police, Fire department and Teachers, since they are the ones who really need the help. To do so we will have to raise funds to ensure that they can take the courses,” commented Arnould. She also mentioned that there has been great involvement from island resorts when it comes to training their staff.

    Little Angels Preschool celebrates Moms
    Little Angels Preschool celebrated the island’s mothers with a special program on the morning of Thursday May 7, at the Lion’s Den. Mothers joined their children and enjoyed activities like singing, poetry and more. Principal and owner of the preschool Mrs. Marina Kay highlighted the annual event’s program. “The children do small presentations; some poems, some songs, they dance a few songs and even play some games with the other kids and parents. In that way they show their appreciation to their mothers.” One of the most daring activities involved separating moms from their children, then testing how well they know their babies. After discussing with the children, the organizers asked mothers a few questions like their child’s favorite food, their best friend, or their favorite color and more. Of course, mommies passed with flying colors. This was followed by a dance with mothers and their children boogying to some good beats. According to Kay, the idea to have the parents on stage dancing with their kids is to show them what their children feel when they are up on stage. This partnership (parent and child) actually encourages the children to do well in their presentations, as it puts them at ease.

    Ambergris Today

    Fin K Project Soup Kitchen Feeds Over 200 Moms on Mother's Day
    The Fin K Project Mother’s Day Soup Kitchen organized by Findely Halliday was a major success as it was able to accommodate about 200 mothers and even 50 children for brunch on Mother’s Day at the San Pedro Lions Den on May 10, 2015. After a successful soup kitchen that Findley organized on Christmas Day 2014, he was back at organizing another one for Mother’s Day in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. With the help of volunteers and business donations Findley was able to organize a wonderful event to who appreciation to less-fortunate mother in the community. Most of the food items were provided by Findley and with the help of local restaurant, it was prepared for the soup kitchen brunch. Moms enjoyed baked ham, pancakes and even homemade tamales among other delicious treats. Wings Department Store donated 200 perfumes that were individually wrapped with candy and other lotions and those were given out as gifts to all the moms on their special day.

    BzSa Launches New Logo, Puts Belize Sailors Into International Arena
    There is a dawn of a new day for recreational sailing in Belize and hence the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) new board of directors decided to adopt a logo to embody this excitement of momentum; hence the sunrise coaxing the craft on its voyage forward. This new logo reflects the fact that BzSA is creating international opportunities for our top school-age sailors. In the history of Belize, that is a first. Selection regattas decided which sailors BzSA will send this summer to international events, one for Optimist dinghies and the other for Olympic class Lasers.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize Receives the 2015 IRF Flagship Road Safety Award
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, in conjunction with the Ministry of Works and Transport, is pleased to announce that the Government and people of Belize were the recipients of the 2015 IRF Flagship Road Safety Award. This is a result of keeping with the long-term vision for improvement in road safety, through an integrated and comprehensive approach, together with demonstrated respect between all road users, the frequency and severity of traffic collisions (road trauma) is reduced. This award was given during the closing ceremony of the 4th International Road Federation (IRF) Caribbean Regional Congress in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Mrs. Yvonne Hyde, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, and Mr. Errol Gentle, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works and Transport, jointly accepted the award.

    Cristo Rey Village Book Project
    The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio visited Cristo Reyto start work on the community center and supply it with books. Thanks, Rotaract! "Rotaractors today May 10th, Visited the Village of Cristo Rey in the Cayo District to build, install and stock bookshelves at the Community Center. Many Thanks to the people who donated and helped in the collection of the books. The Community Service Project focuses on promoting literacy in the village of Cristo Rey. Rotaractors will continue to work on the Community Center to meet the needs of the community."

    Kay Scott "Village Life in San Pedro" photo exhibition
    Reminding the general public to stop by the San Pedro House of Culture to see the Kay Scott "Village Life in San Pedro" photo exhibition. Only a few more days more before the exhibition is changed so take advantage of these beautiful images captured by Kay Scott.

    9th Chocolate Festival of Belize
    Schedule of Events..... It's ALMOST chocolate time in Toledo!

    Support Scarlet Macaw Conservation by Scarlet Six
    Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team is a small and newly established Belizean NGO which works in very remote protected areas helping conserve critically endangered species in their habitat, including the beautiful Scarlet Macaw. We are excited to deploy our team this week to the depths of the Maya Mountains as we begin a six month journey to save Scarlet Macaw chicks from poachers who are incessantly after them for the illegal pet trade.

    Arts & Crafts Exhibition "Coconutz"
    The San Pedro House of Culture invites you to join us as we celebrate International Museum Day Thursday May 21, 2015. The highlight of the day will be the art & crafts exhibition by local artisans. The exhibition will showcase the use of Coconuts as a sustainable resource in creating a variety of art & crafts. Kindly join us for the opening ceremony which will begin at 7 pm.

    Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

    Report Card on the Reef: More Fish are Making the Mesoamerican Reef a Healthier Coral Reef Ecosystem
    The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) released its 2015 Report Card for the Mesoamerican Reef, recording an improvement in reef health from ‘Poor’ in 2012 to ‘Fair’ this year, primarily due to increased fish biomass. The report is based on a new study of 248 coral reef sites along 1000 km of the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, which were monitored for living coral cover, fleshy macroalgal cover, herbivorous fish biomass (parrots and surgeonfish) and commercially important fish biomass (snappers and groupers). New this year to the Report Card is a collection of detailed indicator maps of coral reef condition on a variety of spatial scales. These new data provide guidance on where to focus conservation actions at the most appropriate management scale. Overall Health: The overall 2015 MAR Reef Health Index score was ‘fair’ (2.8), on a scale of ‘critical’ (1) to ‘very good’ (5), with encouraging improvements at both the regional level and of individual indicators. Corals – the architects of the reef – have improved since 2006, increasing from 10%-16% cover; although fleshy macroalgae, the main competitors with corals for open reef space, have also increased. Key herbivorous fish continue to increase in numbers and are needed to reduce this macroalgae. Commercial fish have also increased in biomass, which is an encouraging sign, although large groupers are rare and mainly found in fully protected zones of marine protected areas (MPA).

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, May 12, 2015: 57, FANTASY 5: 20 12 24 25 10 V


    Name the cycling athlete seen here with Johnito Miguel?

    Channel 7

    PUP Moving "Maca" Ramos To Make Way For New Candidate
    Last night we told you that the PUP was looking to get in election gear BY shaking things up in some dubious divisions. And tonight there's proof of that: PUP Dangriga Representative Ivan "Maca" Ramos will be replaced by career educator Anthony Sabal. Sabal is the former principal of Ecumenical High School and Junior College and is widely respected in his community. But, he's also a political novice, and information suggests that he's being backed up by some well-resourced PUP's in the south - most notably Henry Canton. Ramos on the other hand was reported to be having some financial difficulties and was viewed by his party as ineffective against the UDP's Frank Pawpa Mena. That was proven in the municipal elections when the PUP in Dangriga got 40% of the vote. The announcement of the changeover will be made at a press conference tomorrow - and we'll have full coverage.

    Squatters Not Down With the King
    And while there is that major shake-up in the PUP, the UDP Representative for Lake Independence, Mark King, is coming under fire from the Chetumal Street squatters once again. The last time we reported on this issue was a month ago when King announced that he was assisting 11 families to be relocated from the private lands they were squatting on to lots in Cotton Tree. A few hours later, another group of squatters approached the media saying that they wanted King to get involved, acquire the land they were on and distribute it to them legally. But, King has maintained that the lands are all privately owned, and that there was no land available in the area, so the squatters need to get used to the idea that they would have to move.

    For Immigrants, A Belizean Dream Is A Squatting Nightmare
    While that story continues to develop, the reality that these squatters face every day was revealed when a few of them opened up to us about the daily struggles they go through, apart from being pressured to leave, of course. Those living in this community have had to make a life for themselves by learning to endure harsh conditions. Daniel Ortiz reports: Daniel Ortiz reporting The squatters on occupying land on Holy Emmanuel Extension, also known as Lake I Boulevard or Chetumal Street South, all live a trying lifestyle. First of all, they are treated by opponents of their illegal land occupation as "aliens" or illegal Hispanics with no nationality. They produced documents to show that they are either nationalized Belizeans, or are in the process of getting their nationality. They claim to have children born and raised as Belizeans, and more importantly, raised in the piece of swamp they now occupy.

    Bze-Brit Soldier Lee Busano Accused of Multiple Rapes
    28 year-old Lee Busano, a Belizean serving in the British Army at the rank of Lance Corporal, is currently on trial for rape charges in the Crown Court at Preston, Lancashire. 2 women have accused him of raping them, while a third has accused him of sexually assaulting her. Our sources tell us that Busano is a native of Dangriga Town, but he is currently based at the Weeton Army Barracks in Lancashire, where he serves as the British Army's physical training inspector. The jury heard video testimony from the first victim, a 29 year-old who said that Busano raped her at her house in March 2014. She said she tried to strangle him and headbutted him but he just laughed. After he committed the crime, he went to the gym.

    Witness To Wild Shooting
    Yesterday we reported on the broad daylight shooting that happened on Gill Street - just a stone's throw away from 3 schools. Three gunmen stood at the corner of Sanker Street and opened fire on a group of men who were standing on Gill Street. Residents say they heard as many as 30 gunshots - and 3 persons, not just the two we reported on yesterday, were injured. 30 year old Maurice Felix was shot to the left foot - while 32 year old Mykelt Anthony was shot to the back and right leg. Anthony is listed in a critical but stable condition at the KHMH. So far police have no suspects detained and say they are investigating. Today we visited the crime scene on Gill Street where we spoke to an eyewitness who asked to remain off camera. He told us what he saw. Voice of Eyewitness "Yesterday I was washing a vehicle and the guys were having a conversation. Right after that, the guys looked up and they saw about 3 men around the lane and then we started hearing shots fired. We ran in the yard. When I looked back, I saw some of the guys on the ground. I saw the put the guy in the vehicle and they went to the hospital."

    MIT Makes Major Marijuana Seizure
    It didn't make the news last night - but on Saturday, the Mobile Interdiction Team made a prize marijuana bust. They found 12.1 pounds of high-grade weed in neatly wrapped bricks in a duffel bag. The MIT came upon the drugs at a mile 17 Western Highway checkpoint when they searched a D & E bus at 10:30 on Saturday night. No one took responsibility for it, and the package was labeled as found property.

    From Begging To Robbing To Stabbing
    28 year old Roger Hilton and 32 year old Steve Arnold are on remand tonight after being taken to Magistrate's Court for begging a man, then trying to rob him, and then stabbing him in the chest. It happened around 7:15 p.m. on May 10. The complainant, Ian Holland, was standing in front of Brothers Store in Ladyville when he was approached by Arnold and Hilton who asked him for money. He said that when he refused to give them, both men attacked him and punched him in the face. Hilton then allegedly pulled out a scissors and stabbed him in the chest. That's around the time when a police mobile drove past. The men tried to run, but the officers detained them and found the scissors in Hilton's pants pocket.

    Report Card For Reef Is In
    The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef got a C on its report card this year - meaning the overall health and state of the reef is fair. That's not good, but it's better than 2012, which was poor. This report card is done every two years and includes the evaluation of the living coral, commercial fish and other marine life found near the reef. The report was launched today at the Biltmore and the coordinators told us that there have been slight improvements in the health of the reef BUT there is still a lot to do to increase that C to a B or an A. Roberto Pott, Belize Coordinator, Health Reefs for Health People "One of the highlight is that Belize is still the country to watch. I mean we protected Parrot Fish in 2009, so that has been working for us. Hol Chan recently multiplied their protected areas and that has been working for us. So those are some of the things that has really worked. Turneffe came on stream in 2012, and so there are a lot of positive aspect and the outlook is very good for Belize. But there are the tougher areas to deal with, sewage and infrastructure needed for sanitation in our developing tourism destinations, San Pedro and Placencia. That's a big concern for Belize."

    CDB Gives DFC Line Of Credit
    Often, the thought of taking on loans can be distressing but the Development Finance Corporation say that with this year's line of credit, it doesn't have to be. The Caribbean Development Bank loan the DFC $21 million Belize dollars for education and private sector loans. It was announced today at the launch of the 7th consolidated line of credit at the Radisson. The general manager of DFC told us how this line of credit will benefit you. Diedra Clarendon, CDB Representative "This 7th consolidated line of credit will provide about 2.5 million US dollars for student loans and those pursuing tertiary and technical education. This includes an allocation of about half a million dollars to fund students from financially disadvantaged households who have the academic capability and qualifications, but are constrained by low and irregular income and the inability to meet security requirements for the loan." Natalie Ewing-Goff, General Manager, DFC "CDB has provided 6 previous consolidated line. That's separate from the other lines. But this is the first time we are actually publicizing, getting out there, telling the public what we have, what DFC is doing. You've heard all the stories in there.

    Lotion thief To Court
    45 year-old Collet Rowland, who has multiple convictions for theft, is at prison tonight after admitting that he tried to steal from a gas station. It happened on Sunday, May 11, the cashier at Puma Gas Station on New Road saw Rowland stuff eight bottles of lotion in his pocket. Rowland ran, but he was pursued and caught at Cinderella Plaza where the lotion was recovered. He was charged with theft, and he pleaded guilty to the offence when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith today. He was remanded until tomorrow because he told the Chief Magistrate that he has a substance abuse problem, and that he wants to go to a rehabilitation center.

    Third World Camp Stuck In First Gear
    You may know Deon Flowers. He's the football star who walked away from the sport 16 years ago to become a community activist in Lake Independence. His passion has been reaching out to children and youths who are at risk of becoming involved in the Belize City gang life. He does that through his "Third World" summer camp. He's presently preparing for this year's camp, but it seems to get harder every year. Today, he told us about the lack of sponsorship and he's asking for assistance to make sure that he doesn't disappoint the hundreds of children who depend on the summer camp: Deon Flowers, Community Activist: "The program is one whereby every year, for 16 years, still going through hell and frustration. Jordan, Yellow and I, we sat down to talk and said we have done some mad work on the ground. And it's sick that to business people, we are people who are calm and cool. From the time we arrived there they had already known that its good things going on because we deal with kids for over 16 years. We aren't getting the real support.

    The Importance of First Aid For Teachers
    Mouth to mouth CPR - used to be the prevailing intervention for those in respiratory distress - but, nowadays, it's not recommended. But there is another version of CPR that doesn't entail any lip or mouth contact: that is the hands on CPR and the educational coordinator from the Belize Emergency Response Team has been visiting primary schools across the city since Thursday showing the teachers this version of CPR. Today we met with Javier Canul at St. Martin De Porres School and he told us how this skill will be useful in dealing with kids. Javier Canul, Educational Coordinator, BERT "This last year they decided 'you know what let's do CPR in schools'. It's something that has never been done before and we decided we wanted to talk to the children but then we said 'let's deal with the teachers first'. Why teachers? Because we at BERT do CPR training, advanced first aid training and other training that we do for doctors and nurses but we've never seen a teacher in any of these classes. And we realize that teachers have a core under them. They maintain the students and if the teachers were to teach the students we will have the whole country of Belize being aware of what's going on in terms of first aid and CPR and so we decided this. And Trident Tech came with the students and everybody else so we do at least four schools per day. Which we reach out to, some schools, approximately 45 teachers. So imagine, 45 teachers and each of these teachers go back to their class and give these students the information that they've learnt, I think we'd accomplish our goal.

    Belize In Boston
    Belize's Mayan antiquities are on the move again - this time from Boston on the east coast of the United States all the way to San Diego, on the west coast. As we've been reporting, 250 of Belize's most prized Mayan artifacts form the centerpiece of the largest ever exhibit of Mayan antiquities. IT's put together by the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the show is called "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed." It's now moving unto its fourth US City and right now in Boston the artifacts are being packed up for the 3 day haul across the US in nine - eighteen wheeler trucks. But they're not being packed into condensed milk boxes - these artifacts are riding first class, under strict packing and environmental controls. 7News travelled to Boston Massachusetts over the weekend to see how it's all taken down. We'll have the full feature in tomorrow night's news, but here's just a preview of the weeks of work spent de-installing the show in Boston and getting it ready for San Diego. NICH's collection manager Yusleidi Chan told us why it is pressure:.. Jules Vasquez "Do you feel a pressure when you're saying 'I am in charge of, I am managing a large percentage of Belize's history of antiquity."

    Channel 5

    Compromise to be Amended…Is Belize Acquiescing to Guatemala?
    Is Belize caving in to Guatemala? At the request of Guatemala, the Government of Belize has agreed to amend the Special Agreement signed between both countries in 2008.  The compromis, [...]

    Leader of the Opposition Unaware that G.O.B.’s Decision was Final
    So what’s the Opposition’s take on the impending amendment to the special agreement between Belize and Guatemala? P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca told us that a few weeks ago PM Dean [...]

    No Public Consultation Necessary to Amend Special Agreement with Guatemala
    But according to the Foreign Minister, government’s mandate, in this case, does not include public consultation prior to making a decision.    Isani Cayetano “Minister, as you mentioned earlier, you [...]

    Will Separate Referendum Affect Belizean Psyche on Territorial Dispute?
    While Elrington reiterated that government will not act without consensus, he says that the decision to separate the dates for the referendum should not, in any way, affect the process [...]

    Francis Fonseca Says Government is Flip-flopping on Referendum Preparedness
    In the first referendum go-round, Belize was set to go while Guatemala couldn’t get out the starting date. For the past couple years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has maintained [...]

    Belizean Ambassador Protests Search of His Residence Amid Guatemalan Vice President’s Resignation
    Guatemalan Vice President Roxana Baldetti resigned last Friday amid a tidal wave of corruption charges.  For weeks, Guatemalans have been demanding that Baldetti step down after being exposed for her [...]

    Should compromis be amended so that Guatemala does not have to hold a referendum at the same time as Belize?
    And our question for tonight is: Do you think that the compromis should be amended so that Guatemala does not have to hold a referendum at the same time as [...]

    More Land Dispute Backa Gungulung!
    Tensions are running high in the Holy Emmanuel Extension. The real threat of losing their land is looming over the heads of the settlers who call the area home, many [...]

    Belizean-born British Soldier Accused of Sexual Offenses in the UK
    Belizean born soldier Lee Busano is making headlines in the UK. The twenty-eight year old British Lance Corporal has been accused of two rapes and one sexual assault. Two of [...]

    Magistrate Cayetano Dismisses Marijuana Possession Charge Against Inmate
    At three this afternoon, former Belize City Magistrate, Dale Cayetano, who is now the Director at Family court, freed prison inmate, Godwin Santos, of a charge of drug trafficking. Cayetano [...]

    Does Belize Really Have Oil Deposits Offshore?
    A Yahoo article published earlier today, saying that the government is close to opening the entire country for oil exploration, sent people across social media in a frenzy. The article [...]

    Belize’s Reef Report Card Revealed
    Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras make up the Mesoamerican Reef and it’s been eight years since they last got their report card. Well, over those years in-depth and extensive studies [...]

    DFC Launches Consolidated Credit Line
    In financial news…the Development Finance Corporation in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank today launched the corporation’s seventh consolidated line of credit. Under the new agreement, the CDB will be [...]

    DFC on the Right Track with Good Governance
    In 2007, the Government of Belize liquidated the DFC as a result of a policy based loan made by the Inter-American Development Bank. As a result, the Caribbean Development Bank [...]

    Former Court of Appeal Justice Boyd Carey Passes Away
    Retired high court judge, Boyd Carey, who served on the Belize Court of Appeal, has passed away. Carey passed away at his home in Florida from one of his daughters [...]

    Mexican Artist Debuts Paintings at Mexican Institute
    The official launch of an exhibit is currently underway at the Mexican Institute in Belize City. The exhibit features nineteen pieces from Mexican artist, Hipolito Uicab Garcia who is from [...]



    Another Roaring Creek Youth killed
    Another youth has lost his life to the gun violence that has been plaguing the village of Roaring Creek in recent months...

    Burglar drops down dead in police pursuit
    Did a burglar just drop down dead trying to escape from police? That is what a police report released today says. According to the report, Police responded to a burglary in progress at the La Immaculada Credit Union compound on Forest Drive in Belmopan sometime around 2 am on Sunday May10th...

    19 year old Kjiel Young shot and killed
    Another teenager was murdered this weekend. 19 year old Kjiel Nicholas Young Belize City was coming home on Saturday night when he stopped in a yard on Vernon Street, [where it is alleged he was approached from behind and fired on multiple times...

    60 year old Ladyville man shot dead over mangoes
    It is something of a tradition for Belizeans to think nothing of helping themselves to blooming fruit such as mangoes. But a 60-year-old man lost his life in the village of Ladyville over the weekend when he made off with valuable produce from a family friend’s yard...

    Guatemalan politicians and Belize
    Guatemala’s vice president, Roxanna Baldetti, has resigned amidst a corruption scandal that may be linked to Belize. The Vice President’s  private secretary has been implicated in a corruption scandal as a leader in a customs bribery ring...

    Overflowing septic at Belmopan market pose health risk
    Vendors at the Belmopan Market are complaining about an unsanitary condition that they say is not being addressed by the relevant authorities.  A leaking septic is situated right near the public bathrooms and is oozing human waste, leaving puddles of leakage which people have to dodge to avoid...

    Another American Sex Predator caught in Belize
    An American national has been apprehended by Placencia Police  and handed over to US authorities last Thursday May 7th. He is 43 yrs old William Elmer Pettijohn who was apprehended on the strength of an International Arrest Warrant issued by the United States  Government...

    Unidentified man found floating in Mopan River
    Police are trying to identify the body of a man found floating in the Mopan River. The body was discovered on the afternoon of Sunday May 10  in the Mopan River in Succotz Village near miles 72 and 73 of the George Price Highway...

    Fatal traffic accident in Orange Walk district
    There was a fatal traffic accident on Saturday night in Orange Walk.  29 year old Marcus Mai of San Pablo village in Orange Walk was walking on the highway between between miles 63 and 64 on Phillip Goldson Highway sometime around 9:30 on Friday night...

    Corozal man stabbed during attack
    A man in Corozal was stabbed during an attack by three persons. The incident happened on the night of Friday May 8 in the village of  San Roman . 32-year-old Guadalupe Marion Pech of Santa Clara Village, Corozal District received a stab wound to the left side of the chest...


    Did police beat robbery suspect into semi-coma?
    At press time tonight, Jean Pasqual, 21, who was accused of being involved in a robbery which occurred on the night of Friday, May 1, is reportedly still in a semi-coma in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was allegedly beaten by Dangriga police while in their custody last weekend. Pasqual’s brother, Oswald Mena, who was witness to police shooting at three men suspected to have been the ones who attempted to rob a drug store, told Amandala that when Pasqual was arrested by police, he was in good health, but after he was detained and later charged for robbery, he was badly injured in the head while in police lockdown, and now he is suffering from what appears to be a troubling brain injury. Mena explained what happened when Pasqual – who had jumped into a nearby river – was held by police after he was accused of participating in the robbery of a drug store in Dangriga with two other men.

    Kjiel Young, 19, gunned down – why?
    Life was cut short for a teenager from the Lake Independence area of Belize City who was shot several times while hanging out, just a stone’s throw away from his home, this past Saturday night. Police said that sometime around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, Kjiel Nicholas Young of Partridge Street Extension was sitting alone in a yard at #45 Vernon Street, which has no fence, a popular hang-out that is four houses from where he lives, when he was approached from behind by a lone gunman with a 9mm pistol, who began firing at him. Young was hit multiple times in the body and was later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Today, Amandala spoke with his aunt, Kenecia Velasquez, who told us that upon hearing about seven gunshots, she left home and went to the scene, where she noticed blood coming from Young’s mouth and nose. Young, affectionately known as “KJ”, had been shot 5 to 6 times from behind.

    Teenager, 16, murdered in Roaring Creek
    The decomposing body of Glasford Thomas, 16, of Capitol Hill, Roaring Creek, was found at about 7:00 this evening about three miles off the George Price Highway in Camalote, approximately fifteen feet away from a feeder road in a bushy area behind a golf course. He was found lying face-up with multiple gunshot wounds to his head and body. Police said that Thomas’s body was discovered by a farmer who was walking home, on his way back from his farm where he had been working, and he immediately called police. One of the policemen who went to the scene identified the corpse as that of his nephew, Glasford Thomas. The boy’s mother, Minerva Baizar, went to the Western Regional Hospital, where she saw her son and she also identified him.

    “Iron Man” killed for 3 mangoes!
    All around Ladyville, the loaded mango trees appear to be bowing under the weight of their fruit, but to take any of these mangos without permission could be a dangerous undertaking, as one man found out early Saturday morning when he paid with his life for trespassing on a mango tree in a fenced yard on Perez Road. Daniel Alexander Trapp, 60, aka “Iron Man,” was shot with a .22 air rifle that Ladyville police reportedly recovered from the owner of the property. A doctor pronounced Trapp dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The man who allegedly shot him, Hilberto Perez, a businessman, appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court late this afternoon before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who arraigned him on a charge of manslaughter. Perez did not have to enter a plea, because the charge is indictable and will be heard in the Supreme Court after a preliminary inquiry in the Magistrate’s Court.

    Classes resume after meningitis scare at Stella Maris School
    Things were back to normal today at Stella Maris School in Belize City following a brief suspension of classes at the end of last week due to concerns arising from the death of a young student who had been recently diagnosed with a severe case of meningitis. That student, Victoria Cal, 5, of Hunter’s Lane, Belize City, who was impaired in speech and hearing, died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital last Monday, May 4, just three days after contracting the deadly condition. Last Friday, May 8, a post-mortem exam was conducted on Cal’s body which stated that she died of “Cerebral Edema due to Purulent Meningitis.” Later that day, the media spoke with her grieving father, Mario Cal, who explained that her death is especially painful because she had already struggled to overcome a life-threatening illness at the time of her birth.

    Belize and Guatemala to amend ICJ compromise
    There has been talk of the possibility of Belize and Guatemala going to the polls this September on the question of whether the unfounded territorial claim by our western neighbor should be submitted for a final and binding decision at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). However, Belize Foreign Minister, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington told Amandala today that Belize is not yet ready for the referendum, but that Guatemala has proposed an amendment to the 2008 special agreement which would allow that country to proceed with putting the question to a national referendum this November. The Government of Belize has agreed, and Elrington is due to travel to Guatemala for the May 25 signing of the amendment to the ICJ special agreement. He said that the outgoing OAS Secretary General, Jose Miguel Insulza, will also travel to Guatemala to witness the signing, which will incidentally happen the day before Insulza formally demits office at the end of his two-term tenure.

    Do the Bandits have Verdes’ number?
    It’s “for all the marbles” this coming Sunday afternoon at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, where defending PLB champions Belmopan Bandits will take a 1-nil lead from last Thursday’s game 1 into game 2 of the Premier League finals to decide the championship and the team which will represent Belize in the CONCACAF Champions League 2015. The two teams have met three times so far in this Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2014-2015 Closing Season – once in regular season, once in the playoffs, and once in the finals; and the Bandits have won all three encounters. On Sunday, March 1, in their only regular season meeting, the Bandits travelled to Norman Broaster Stadium and came out with a 1-nil victory, courtesy of a Jerome “Jarro” James’ goal at the 28th minute. They met at Broaster Stadium again in the playoffs, on Sunday, April 26, and it was the Bandits’ Randy Padilla netting twice (34’ & 48’) before Verdes’ Brazilian striker Alcides Thomas cut the lead in half with his 72nd minute goal, for the 2-1 Bandits win. And in game 1 of the finals last Thursday, May 7, at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan, Verdes’ best chance was a long rocket by Orlando “Leechi” Jimenez that hit the Bandits crossbar; but it was not to be. Late in second half, after coming off the Bandits bench a few minutes earlier, midfielder Jordy Polanco found Bandits striker Edmund Pandy, Jr. at the edge of the Verdes eighteen, and Pandy’s aim was true, beating Verdes goalkeeper Benito Moreira at the 86th minute; and the goal held up for the 1-nil Bandits victory.

    NEBL reg. season wraps up this weekend; all 3 games have playoff implications
    The NEBL has one week remaining in its regular season, and all three games this weekend will have playoff implications. Playoffs will tip off on Friday, May 22. The #1 seed will host the #4 seed, while the #2 seed will host the #3 seed. Both the semifinals and the finals will be a best-of-three series, with the #1 and #2 seeded teams having home court advantage. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast with the game scores, play-by-play analysis and the box scores. Fans can follow every game live on our webpage, as scores are in real time. The NEBL webpage also contains news, team standings and player statistics, and it can be found at The remaining three games of the regular season will be played on Saturday night. Belmopan Red Taigaz (7-4) will host Cayo Western Ballaz (8-3) at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan at 8:00 p.m., as the winner of this game will be the #2 seed going into the playoffs, provided that San Pedro win their last game versus Orange Walk. These two teams will meet in the semifinals, and the winner of this game will claim the crucial home court advantage. Belize Hurricanes (5-6) will travel to Dangriga to take on the Dangriga Warriors (5-6) at Ecumenical College at 8:00 p.m., and the winner of this game will clinch the fourth and final playoff spot as the #4 seed. For this game, the losing team will be sent home. The last game of the season will see the San Pedro Tiger Sharks (8-3) traveling to Orange Walk to take on the Orange Walk Running Rebels (1-10) at the Orange Walk Multi-Purpose Complex at 9:00 p.m., where a win by the defending champions will clinch the #1 seed and home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Belize City No Limit (5-7) has a bye this week, but they can no longer make the playoffs.

    Editorial: The Technical anomaly
    Education in British Honduras in the first half of the twentieth century was in line with the interests of both the colonial authorities and the dominant Christian denominations. Education in British Honduras was not designed, then, for any kind of nationalistic growth and development. Education in the colony emphasized the liberal arts, because the British were looking to train clerks to run their civil service administration and the Christian missionaries were looking to train native priests, nuns, and clergy to build their denominational appeal in Belize. The Belize Technical College (BTC), introduced in 1952 or thereabouts, was almost an absolute anomaly on the education landscape we described above. Technical, the first government high school, emphasized science, technology, and skills training. Within a decade, it proved a great success. The school was not tied to any church, and it was practically in the center of a Belize City which was experiencing anti-colonial political ferment which would be followed by demographic change at both city and national levels. Technical was such a great success that Father Leo Weber, S. J., the education guru at St. John’s College (SJC), which had taken over leadership in secondary education in Belize, introduced a new department at SJC in the early 1960s which focused on the type of technical and industrial training which was making Technical such a hit.

    From the Publisher
    Busy with their daily lives, the American people know nothing of the fact that the militaristic nation of Guatemala, which gained its independence from Spain in 1821, claims half the territory of little Belize, which gained independence from Great Britain in 1981. If it were possible to educate the American people about the nature of the differendum between Belize and Guatemala, the vast majority of the American people would support Belize. But, to repeat, the American people know nothing of Belize and Guatemala. The political capital of the United States is Washington, D. C., where the President lives and works, and where their Congress and Senate meet and work. In Washington, there is an arguably unique institution called the “lobby.” I’ve never been to Washington, and I am not an expert on this “lobby” institution. I know, though, that Israel and Guatemala both have powerful lobbies in Washington, and their lobbyists are prestigious, influential, expensive law firms which are hired to make sure the respective interests of Israel and Guatemala are always in the forefront of the calculus of the Congressmen, Senators, and other decision-making figures in American politics. The official foreign policy of the United States is designed by their professional politicians, the professional administrators in their business, military and intelligence departments, and the permanent advisory bodies, of which the most prominent is the State Department. These departments are, of course, bureaucracies, which means that they are sometimes victims of their own voluminous data base. It takes a while sometimes for bureaucracies to adjust to changing realities.

    GIS phenomenally improves location intelligence, from coastal zone planning to product distribution
    Educators, government officials, non-government representatives as well as business persons will be among those who will convene next Wednesday, May 13, and Thursday, May 14, for the Belize Esri User Conference 2015 – an event which showcases how the various sectors have been using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to improve location-based knowledge as well as to improve the soundness of decision-making. According to National Geographic, GIS is “a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map, such as streets, buildings, and vegetation. This enables people to more easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships.” Grace Kennedy Belize Limited has been on the leading edge of GIS technology for the merchandising sector here in Belize. Marcello Blake, general manager of Grace Kennedy Belize Limited, told Amandala that they have been using the technology for the past three years, and it has certainly been worth the investment, since, he said, the company has benefited greatly from using GIS to improve in the distribution and sale of the 800 stock-keeping units (SKUs) which they carry.

    The eminent Boyd Carey, ex-Court of Appeal judge, dies at 85 in Florida
    News coming out of Jamaica is that retired Court of Appeal justice, Boyd Carey, died today in Florida, USA, at the age of 85. Carey had retired from the bench in March 2010, after serving in Belize for 10 years, but he was reappointed as temporary justice of the Belize Court of Appeal for the June 2011 session to help clear a backlog of cases. Carey served the judiciary in his home country, Jamaica, The Bahamas and Belize for more than three decades. Carey had retired from the Court of Appeal in Bahamas in December 1999, and the following year he commenced his tenure in Belize. Boyd Humbert Gloucester Carey was born in Jamaica in January 1930. He studied at Whitfield Elementary School and Kingston College in Jamaica and London University in the UK.

    Ana ushers in early start to below average hurricane season
    As we reported about a month ago, forecasters Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray of the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University have predicted a much quieter hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin this year, and their April 9, 2015 forecast calls for a total of only 7 named storms, 3 hurricanes and 1 major hurricane. While the season is expected to show below average cyclone activity this year, it has gotten off to quite an early start, with the first named storm of the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season—which normally spans from June to November—emerging Thursday night off the coast of Florida, USA. Ana is expected to strike the US east coast on Sunday with tropical storm force winds and rains before it heads back out to sea over the weekend. The subtropical storm is forecasted to impact North and South Carolina over the course of the next few days. Last year, the first named storm of the hurricane season, Arthur, formed on July 1, a month after the official start of the season.

    Woman who stabbed man to death acted in self-defense, judge rules
    A Belize City woman walked from a murder indictment this morning when Supreme Court Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez ruled that she acted in self-defense when she inflicted a fatal stab wound to the murdered victim, using his own knife with which he had threatened her. The case was heard by the judge, sitting without a jury. Tears welled up in fifty-three-year-old Lucilla Barkley’s eyes as she stood in the prisoner’s dock, and Justice Gonzalez, after highlighting the reason for his decision, declared: “I therefore find the accused not guilty of murder; Lucilla Barkley, I discharge you. You are free to go.” Barkley, a mother of five children, has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison since April 2011, when she turned herself in to police after fatally stabbing her ex-common-law husband, Osborne Gordon, 50, who allegedly was beating her and was threatening to kill her.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Cayo Has New Modeling Agency
    A group of young entrepreneurs in San Ignacio Town have formed a modeling agency to offer professional photos and great advertisement to the business community in the area. Greater Modeling Agency (IGMA) is the name of the business which is being run by entrepreneur Kim Price. “We are dedicated to provide […]

    United Pentecostal School in San Antonio Village Hosts Cultural Fair
    The United Pentecostal Elementary School in San Antonio Village, Cayo District held a cultural fair yesterday to highlight a variety of educational activities about Maya culture like food, dancing, music, arts, and much more. San Antonio Village is located about 8 miles south of San Ignacio Town and has a population […]

    “Kleptomaniac” pleads guilty to theft
    45 year old Collet Rowland says he wants to kick his substance abuse problem in a rehabilitation center. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith will tell him his fate on Wednesday after the alleged kleptomaniac pleaded guilty to theft of eight bottles of Johnson’s Baby Lotion from a gas […]

    Men charged for Ladyville assault and attempted robbery
    Two men from Ladyville area appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith on charges of attempted robbery. 28 year old Roger Hilton is also accused of wounding and assault while 32 year old Steve Arnold was charged with common assault. Ian Holland reported to police that on May 10 […]

    Belize lags behind region in reef health
    Every two years, regional scientists release a “report card” reviewing the health of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which covers the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, extending down all of Belize’s coast to Guatemala and Honduras. Belize has not attained the best of grades in the previous report cards […]

    Third World youth camp seeks assistance
    Former semi-professional footballer Deon Flowers has been the mastermind of the Third World Youth Program based in Lake Independence for the past 16 years. But for much of that time, according to him, it has been a struggle obtaining financial assistance to keep the program going. He is […]

    Lake Independence squatters fighting area rep over relocation
    Squatters in the western section of Lake Independence in the vicinity of the Chetumal Street/ Lake Independence Boulevard area say they have endured a hard existence despite being naturalized Belizeans and siring Belizean children. They have had to scrap for all they have, including electricity and water which […]

    PM says General Elections will be called after Petrocaribe reaches rural areas
    Last night, it was reported that Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow will be calling an early General Elections. During the official installment of Tracy Taegar Panton as the UDP Standard Bearer for the Albert division, PM Barrow focused majority of his speech on what he calls “the frenzied activity […]

    Belizean facing Rape charges in UK
    28 year old Lee Busan, a Physical Training Inspector in the British Army has been charged for raping two women and sexually assaulting a third woman back in 2014. Reportedly, Busano is a Belizean National who has been serving in the UK’s Army, but is now facing time in prison […]

    Department of the Environment Advises on Zip Lines
    The Department of the Environment has noticed an uprising problem and would like to make Belizeans aware that projects which can have negative environmental impacts, such as displacement of wildlife, need to be cleared by the department before being carried out. Personnel at DOE have noticed a spike in zip-lining […]

    Hispanic Man Found Dead in San Jose Succotz Not Yet Identified
    Following the discovery of a body of a Hispanic male on Sunday floating in the Mopan River, police are no closer in solving his identity today. San Ignacio Police has contacted authorities in Melchor, Guatemala and there has been no report of any missing person neither in Benque Viejo, Succotz […]

    Finance Says Belize Could Have Huge Oil And Gas Potential
    An article entitled “This Tiny Nation Could Have Huge Oil And Gas Potential” written by David Forest on Yahoo! Finance is asserting that Belize can become a key story for oil and gas projects soon. Forest writes that it will be a significant move for Belize if it allows oil and […]

    American Sex Offender Captured in Placencia
    Early last week a United States National, David Wendell Thompson was charged for online enticement of a minor after it was discovered that he was having inappropriate Facebook conversations with two female Belizean minors while he was in Belize. Well it seems like Belize has become a prime destination for sexual predators […]

    Is Guatemalan Presidential Candidate a Belizean?
    Sandra Julieta Torres Casanova, a former first lady of Guatemala is currently the center of political controversy in our neighboring Guatemala as she has been denying claims that she is a Belizean citizen. Casanova is aspiring to run for president but she is being challenged, because to run for this […]


    The Fin K Project In His Own Words & Pictures: The Mother’s Day Soup Kitchen/Celebration Lunch
    Fin K here to talk and show you about a wonderful brunch soup kitchen I hosted on Sunday, May 10th, MOTHERS’ DAY at the San Pedro Lions Den. Can I just say that the concept was awesome – it was as if a soup kitchen met a San Pedro Quince Anos celebration. Simple yet lovely. After a month of preparing and organizing it was a HUGE SUCCESS. We had so many Moms, kids, drinks, food, music and FIN KARDASHIAN. There has certainly never been a Mothers Day event like this EVER on the island. Open to the public where they can come and enjoy, relax, make new friends and mostly to feel loved. Making a event like this alone is a very challenging task – the shopping, walking, coordinating donations, going to town – it gets a little exhausting. Thanks to the restaurants that decided to help prep food or else it would have been a disaster.

    Magical Mayan Night at Ramon’s Village Resort
    The organizers of the upcoming SHINE (Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment) Fundraiser gave me a shout out to do some promo for them. I am always happy to help promote fundraising events that go on in our community, especially when it is about empowering youth. SHINE and On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) have been working together to provide positive role models and help empower young girls to live full and successful lives. OEWM, based out of the USA and expanded to San Pedro. More information on the organizations and pics from their first fundraiser can be found on my January post San Pedro Girls Empowered by SHINE & OEWM (On Eagles Wings Ministries) with updated information on the fundraiser which was originally scheduled for April 17, – now being held this Saturday May 16, 2015 at Ramon’s Village.

    International Sourcesizz

    Quick Thoughts On Next Week’s Weather Pattern For The Caribbean & Bahamas
    I wanted to offer some quick thoughts regarding the potential for stormy weather across parts of the Caribbean into the Bahamas next week. A marked increase in moisture which is expected to lead to widespread shower and thunderstorm activity is forecast across the southwestern, central and northern Caribbean starting around Tuesday of next week. This is forecast to be caused by the development of a low pressure system in the southwestern Caribbean with the moisture being pulled northward by a trough of low pressure tracking off of the US East Coast. By late next week into next weekend, this large amount of moisture is forecast to be pulled across Hispaniola and into the southeastern Bahamas.

    OAS scholarships
    The OAS is offering scholarships for masters and doctoral studies in science or engineering in Mexico. The Organization of American States (OAS), the Mexican National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), are pleased to announce the CONACYT-OAS –AMEXCID 2015 scholarships. This scholarship programs reflects the great interest of these institutions in contributing to the improvement of scientific and technological capacities, as well as to the mobility of graduate students in the Americas. The Program CONACYT-OEA-AMEXCID offers scholarships to citizens of the Americas for master's or doctoral studies in science and engineering in educational institutions accredited by CONACYT. Approximately 1 out of 6 scholarships are exclusively for students from Central America and the Caribbean.

    This Tiny Nation Could Have Huge Oil And Gas Potential
    You won't hear anything about this nation today when it comes to petroleum exploration. But it's a place that might become a key story for oil and gas projects soon. That's the tiny Central American nation of Belize. Last week the country's Ministry of Energy affirmed that it is considering opening to exploration. Allowing oil and gas drillers for the first time to test the offshore and onshore environment here, just south of the Gulf of Mexico. The plan was originally advanced late in 2014 -- with officials saying they plan to open the entire country to exploration. And last week the government noted in a press release that it is continuing "dialogue on the issue of oil petroleum exploration onshore and offshore". Signaling that things are progressing when it comes to offering the first-ever licenses here. Such a move would be significant. Belize is a tiny nation, slightly smaller than the state of Vermont -- but it lies near some big and proven hydrocarbon potential. Belize also has proven production closer at hand. With fields in neighboring Guatemala currently exporting oil via ports on the Caribbean. All of which suggests there could be significant potential here. Making the opening of first drilling a potentially sizeable opportunity -- especially for junior developers.

    B&B owner may be forced to buy Belize oil company after her son accidentally purchased almost half of its shares
    As the longstanding owner of the Wyche Keep Country House, a three-room lodging nestling in the majestic Malvern Hills, Judith Williams is unlikely to have spent much time considering the pros and cons of oil exploration in Belize. But the B&B proprietor may soon be adding New World Oil and Gas to her suddenly expanding business portfolio, after her son accidentally purchased almost half of the company’s shares in her name. When he bought just over 342 million shares in the Jersey-based energy company through a broker last month, Christopher Williams apparently believed he was taking only a 10 per cent stake in the firm. But as its proposed £1.5 million share placing had not yet concluded, his mother’s stake now stands at 48.7 per cent. Unfortunately for Mrs Williams, the City watchdog that supervises takeovers and mergers has now ruled that she may have to make a mandatory bid for the rest of the company – which may cost her hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    The accidental oil tycoon: Pensioner faces £1.5m bill after trader son buys half an oil firm in Belize and City watchdog says she must now buy the rest
    A pensioner could face a bill in excess of £1.5million after her trader son accidentally bought half of an oil exploration company in Belize. Judith Williams, 76, who for years ran a £45-a-night B&B in her country house near Malvern, may now be forced to launch a takeover bid for New World Oil and Gas. Her son Christopher, 38, a trader who calls himself 'Chris Oil', thought he was buying 10 per cent of the company in his mother's name for £250,000 but in fact it turned out to be a 48.7 per cent stake. Even worse for Mrs Williams, London's trading watchdog for surprise takeovers has decided that she may be forced to bid for the remainder of the shares. The bungled deal could cost the Worcestershire mother-of-one a fortune because the company says that their shares must raise 'an amount not less that £1,500,000'. Experts have told MailOnline that it could be as much as £2.5million. In Britain, if a person owns 30 per cent or more of shares in a company, in most circumstances they must make a cash offer to all other shareholders at the highest price paid in the 12 months.

    Belize: Sanctuary from the insanity
    Bummed from burnout? Take sanctuary in Belize. There are still places in this world where you can hide from that boogie man chasing you with bills, commitments and, oh yeah, those reports you need to finish even though no one will ever read them. Belize is a place you can take sanctuary from your life and not have to be found for a few days, a week, or longer (or, if you take Heisenberg’s approach in “Breaking Bad,” make that forever). In fact, Belize is becoming the next hot spot for haven seekers noodling around for that perfect paradise to retire into and still hold onto that precious nest egg. Wedged onto the Caribbean coast between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize used to be British. That means the lingua franca is English and the political system is democratic with familiar laws that uphold the tenets of innocence until proven guilty. But this ancient Mayan land is also the land of hidden secrets – and those explorations are affordable to most Americans seeking to squeeze value from the U.S. dollar where 50 cents buys on Belizean dollar.

    Corozal, Belize offers a unique retirement and vacation destination that has mild weather, and lots of activities
    The buzz among both expats and native Belizeans is that Corozal is the place to be. With real estate prices lower than in many other areas of Belize, Corozal offers an outstanding location to live. Located in north of Belize, residents enjoy warm tropical days receiving far less rain than the monsoon-drenched areas in the south. Location-wise, Corozal has the advantage of being near the Mexican border, just nine miles away. Both the Mexican town of Chetumal and the Belizean duty-free zone are close. Having Mexico just a short drive away means being able to take advantage of big-box retailers, shopping malls and Sam’s Club. Returning to Corozal, residents indulge in a leisurely life of sailing, swimming, fishing and amateur archeology, or perhaps just a vibrant social life. A local museum offers informative stimulation, and the city is dotted with lovely parks and green spaces. Blessed with a picturesque and lovely main square, Corozal offers residents and visitors alike a delightful Latin ambiance.

    Bridge of Life Launches New Missions in Telehealth, Hand Hygiene and Primary Care
    DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. DVA, -0.82% a leading provider of kidney care and health care services, today announced that Bridge of Life (BOL), the primary program of DaVita Village Trust, completed three new missions to Belize, Haiti and Vietnam to treat patients and assess conditions for future missions. "Providing telehealth, hand hygiene and primary care services to underserved communities allows us to expand our reach internationally and to deepen our impact," said Lori Vaclavik, executive director of DaVita Village Trust. "We are committed to sustainability by understanding the unique needs of each community and fostering on-going relationships with our in-country partners." BelizeBOL launched its first telehealth program with the renal units at La Loma Adventist Hospital and Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize. Belize does not currently have any nephrologists practicing within the country. Dr. Ronald Hyde, a nephrologist at the Southwest Kidney Institute in Phoenix who has been treating patients in Belize, will now be able to remotely treat 28 patients weekly from Arizona. He was previously able to treat these patients only four times a year. KHMH currently has five dialysis machines and 16 patients at its dialysis unit. La Loma has 14 patients who dialyze three times per week. BOL plans to launch the telehealth program in other developing countries in need of nephrologists as well as seek out new partnerships to help develop the program.

    Several Dream Panther remixes for Sheran’s first cousin, the OVO-signed iLoveMakonnen, have cracked six figures on SoundCloud. Makonnen’s success snapped the band out of inertia in the wake of their last release, 2013’s wondrously chill Beyoncé’s Child. “I learned so much just from watching [Makonnen] and his growth. He’s so positive and lacks pretension,” Sheran says, as a May Day parade roars by, a few blocks from Stone’s DTLA apartment. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist but realized through him that you need to just put stuff out, move on, grow and be positive. I still have so much unreleased stuff. I’m sleeping on myself hard.” “You need to rework them into EDM superbangers so you can really get cash,” Stone jokes. “I don’t know about that,” Sheran says wryly. The pair’s banter is ripe for a Pineapple Express sequel. Stone has a restless drummer’s energy and sardonic wit, and constantly digs for obscure new rap on the Internet. Sheran, whose family hails from Belize, is as laid-back as a Sunday afternoon. He sports a tropical colored snapback and Adventure Time T-shirt. He ignores the radio and most pop culture.

    Petrolio, occhi puntati sul Belize
    L’ultima frontiera del petrolio? Potrebbe essere il Belize. Lo sostiene il portale specializzato ripreso da Business Insider. La piccola nazione centroamericana, sostiene OP, potrebbe essere presto oggetto di esplorazioni destinate ad accertarne il potenziale petrolifero. La scorsa settimana lo stesso ministro dell’energia locale si sarebbe dichiarato pronto ad autorizzare le esplorazioni di terra e offshore per la prima volta nella storia del Paese. Il Belize, ricorda OP, è caratterizzato da un territorio molto piccolo ma è anche collocato in un’area geografica particolarmente promettente. Nella penisola messicana dello Yucatan (nord) sono stati scoperti di recente importanti giacimenti offshore mentre nel vicino Guatemala (ovest) la produzione petrolifera è da tempo realtà. Nonostante il potenziale, nota comunque OP, restano sul terreno ancora “molti ostacoli”. Il governo deve ancora definire molti dettagli prima di approvare il progetto già contestato, per altro, dai movimenti ambientalisti che temono ricadute sull’ecosistema e sull’industria turistica locale.

    Banco Chinchorro: A Healthy Coral Reef Ecosystem We Must Preserve
    “Coral reef colonies found in the Biosphere Reserve of “Banco Chinchorro”, which are part of the Mesoamerican Reef, are absolutely healthy, despite global warming, hurricanes, climate change and human interaction“, said the regional director of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), Francisco Ricardo Gomez Lozano. “The coral has undergone changes, modifications and damage from natural disasters or accidents, but its natural condition is healthy“. He added that: “What happens in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Cuba affects reefs found in the Mexican Caribbean and vice versa, so it is important to continue with effective conservation strategies”. “Most of the coast of Quintana Roo is protected by natural reserves, although we know that the climate has caused changes in the corals, such as bleaching. In addition there was also damage done by shipwrecks and grounding of boats. But we are working to decrease the number of these type of accidents” concluded Gomez Lozano.

    Interim Statement Of The CARICOM Election Observer Mission
    Acting on an invitation received from the Government of Guyana, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), through the Secretary General; Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, mounted a 10-member CARICOM Election Observation Mission (CEOM) to observe the General and Regional Elections of Guyana on 11 May 2015. The CEOM was headed by Mr. Earl Simpson, Deputy Director of Elections, Electoral Office, Jamaica; and Ms. Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer, Elections and Boundaries Department, Belize. Other Members of the Mission comprised officials from the following Member States -

    The 2015 Report Card for the Mesoamerican Reef is downloadable here


  • Belize Live Aboard 1 pt 1, 9.5min.


  • Belizean Artist Delly McGregor & 'My Love'!, 1min. Belize's pulsating drummer, vocalist and reggae star, Delly McGregor became the stylistic voice over the band Bamiki Bandula's tracks from the early 1980's in Belize to the 1990's in the Los Angeles reggae scene. The Belizean born and bred artist has transcended himself within the Los Angeles music world, and has cut a name for himself on the city's reggae scene. The memorable hit tune, My Love, that became a big hit for Bamiki Bandula in 1983, gave McGregor his connection with Belizean music lovers, and later made him a prominent reggae vocalist among southern California's reggae lovers from the Golden Seals in Long Beach to the House of Blues in Hollywood, and later on to the beach cities in L.A. The legendary Belizean artist continues to play and sing as a professional artist and musician in California. Big up yo'self Delly!

  • THE NRH CELEBRATES NURSES WEEK 2015, 4min. The public rarely, if ever, acknowledges the contributions of nurses in our health system. If anything, the medical staff at public hospitals falls under the public’s harsh scrutiny year round. But just as there are horror stories of the treatment at hospitals, there are those stories of success and admiration. This week, that is exactly what is being celebrated as the world celebrates nurses’ week. Today nurses of the Northern Regional Hospital took some time off to share some valuable information about their profession with the public and they also provided some free services.

  • Documental Proyecto Fomento y SalvaGuarda de la Cultura Garifuna, 22min. Shout out to the people behind this documentary project which showcases the role of the elder in the Guatemalan Caribbean coastal town of Labuga in preserving the essence of Garifunaduou. Looking at the familiar faces from childhood brings back memories of the life lessons. S/O to Jcharlie Sanchez for being part of this great project. Un Pequeño Material que trabaje el año pasado junto a Jcharlie Sanchez Cantautor Garifuna del Genero Paranda aca en Livingston Izabal Guatemala y con el apoyo incondicional del Proyecto Fomento Y Salvaguarda de la Cultura Garifuna. Espero les guste

  • Jack and Kie in Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Part 2, 3min. Belize during spring break :)

  • SG Divers in Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2.5min.

  • Belize Aggressor November 2014, 17min.

  • Our 7 Day Carnival Dream Cruise to Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel March 8, 2015, 8.5min. We took a 7 day exotic western caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream. The ship left from Port Canaveral, Florida on March 17, 2012.

  • Belizean Ambassador Protests Search Of His Residence Amid Guatemalan Vice President's Resignation, 2.5min.

  • Does Belize Really Have Oil Deposits Offshore?, 2.5min.

  • Will Seperate Referendum Afect Belizean Psyche On Territorial Dispute?, 1min.

  • Belize's Reef Report Card Revealed, 4min.

  • Arrecife Mesoamericano - Reporte del Estado de Salud 2015, 5.5min. La puntuación general del Índice de Salud Arrecifal 2015 es 'regular', con mejoras alentadoras, tanto a nivel regional como de indicadores individuales. Los corales - arquitectos del arrecife - han mejorado desde 2006, aumentando de 10%-16% de cobertura. Las macroalgas carnosas, los principales competidores de los corales por espacio arrecifal, casi se han duplicado. Los peces herbívoros clave siguen aumentando en número y se necesitan para reducir estas macroalgas. Los peces comerciales también aumentaron en biomasa, un hecho alentador, aunque los meros grandes son escasos y se encuentran principalmente en zonas totalmente protegidas de AMPs.

    May 12, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Rekindle the past at Old Belize!
    Visiting the old capital, Belize City, always brings about such a sense of nostalgia. Growing up I spent a lot of time in there, attracted to the more historical aspects of the fast-modernizing city. From colonial style homes to the old pieces of metal work displayed in the round-about on the Northern Highway, Belize has a transcending “Old” feel. There’s no wonder why I always find myself gravitating to Old Belize! I have so much great memories of Old Belize- I have been there a few times, but I’m still eager to visit again. Located five miles on the George Price Highway (a 15-20 minute drive from the city, depending on the traffic), Old Belize provides a crash course on Belizean History to anyone looking to play and learn at the same time. It’s a fun place to get away with family, or in my case, my better half Samii. Old Belize is a museum, beach, marina, gift shop, restaurant and BAR all in one! Sound like a place you want to go, doesn’t it?

    SPTC celebrates island mothers with Mother’s Day Extravaganza
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), along with a host of volunteers and sponsors, treated hundreds of island Mommies to a fun evening of food, entertainment and much laughter at the annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza. The gates opened at 7PM and by 8:30PM, the show began with a loving tribute dance performance by the San Pedro Dance Academy. Volunteers bustled about serving delicious turkey dinners to the mothers, taking drink orders and keeping all the mothers happy and comfortable for the night. Host Eiden Salazar was affable as always, and he kept the show flowing smoothly throughout the evening. Of course, no Mother’s Day Extravaganza would be complete without some fun games. Mothers readily volunteered to step on stage, facing the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ which decided what antics they’d have to get up to. From moonwalking to modeling, dancing and telling jokes, mothers tried their best to one-up the other for some amazing prizes. There were interactive games like musical chairs and even a fun Mother’s Day version of ‘bowling’. Winners of the games and performances took home some pretty amazing prizes: dinners for two at the luxurious Victoria House, 24-hour golf cart rentals, grocery certificates, cash and more. In fact, each participant received a small gift for braving the stage.

    Letter to the Editor: Don’t let the San Pedro Animal Hospital close down
    Dear Government of Belize Administrators, I am writing to urge you NOT to force the San Pedro Animal Hospital to shut down. I have used SPAH for several of my pets and always received excellent service. My personal opinion is that any animal hospital on Ambergris Caye is better than no animal hospital on the island. No one forces people to go to this establishment. They go willingly. If anyone believes the service is sub-par, they do not have to go there. With a lack of animal care facilities on this island, closing this facility would be an injustice to the people and their pets living on the island. This would hurt tourism as fewer people would like to come without their pets. It would also be prohibitively expensive for local folks to take their pets to Belize City for help. The ultimate result of closing the SPAH would be unnecessary pain and suffering for animals and pets. Unless the GOB can and will provide a replacement, how can you justify closing an animal care facility? Closing the San Pedro Animal Hospital serves no purpose than to causes greater suffering for the beloved pets of San Pedro, and thereby their owners as well. Sincerely, Steve Plater

    Belizean- born player drafted into the US National Football League
    We now have a Belizean in the National Football League (NFL). The Kansas City Chiefs selected defensive tackle Rakeem Nuñez-Roches of Southern Mississippi in the 2015 NFL Draft’s sixth round on Saturday May 2nd and the fact that he is in the United States ready to play in the NFL is incredible. Nuñez-Roches was born in Dangriga, Stann Creek District, Belize. In a Chiefs interview with Nuñez-Roches, he described his life prior to his arrival to the United States. “Really when I got here, I was excited,” he said. “Everything amazed me, from the little things – running water to electricity. Because that’s not what I’m used to, that wasn’t what I was accustomed to.” Nunez-Roches’ mother remarks that she wanted him playing a sport to avoid getting into trouble, however football wasn’t his main sport. “It really wasn’t just football, my number one sport was baseball,” Nunez-Roches said. “It went baseball, football and then basketball and track.” Nunez-Roches described himself as a “phenomenal” baseball player playing first, third and pitcher. “I like the physicality and the competition and the camaraderie of football. That’s what made me stick to it.” Before converting to the defensive line at his Alabama high school, he was a quarterback.

    How safe is our bottled water?
    The average person needs around eight glasses of potable water a day. In San Pedro, like on many other islands, the best way to obtain this vital liquid in a safe manner for consumption is by buying bottled water. One of the main suppliers of bottled drinking water on the island is Bowen & Bowen, which distributes Cystal water. Consumers depend on water companies to provide clean and safe drinking water; hence the discovery of particles in several bottles is cause for concern. It came to The San Pedro Sun’s attention that a local establishment had discovered what appeared to be black viscous matter floating in the 16oz containers of Crystal water. The company regularly purchases bottles of water by the case, as many as 10 cases a month, and they informed us they had discovered as many as 30 contaminated bottles. Two samples were shown to our reporters, and it was hard not to notice the floating particles. One particular bottle that was frozen showed a visible core of dirt in the frozen water.

    San Pedro Animal Hospital announces its possible closure
    The San Pedro Animal Hospital (SPAH) has announced to all its customers that they will officially be closing down at the end of 2015. The announcement was made through a mass email that stated that their closure was due to the difficulties in obtaining permits and licenses needed to operate legally. SPAH has been the island’s only private veterinary clinic since 2009, but as of early 2015 they have been at odds with Belize Veterinary Association, Veterinary Surgeons Board and Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA). In the Thursday, March 26th issue of The San Pedro Sun (V.25#12) an article was published in regards to the issue (Authorities and San Pedro Animal Hospital at Odds). In the story, Doctor Miguel DePaz- Chief Veterinary Officer, Director of Animal Health at BAHA and Chairman of the Veterinary Surgeons Board highlighted the reasons as to why SPAH’s licenses and permits were not being renewed. “We have not re-registered Droke because the board has issues with her. The re-registration is not automatic, and if we have complaints about the business, we have to consider whether we will continue to allow them to operate.

    Ambergris Today

    Flashbacks - A Look Back at Renowned Businessman Sererino Paz
    Anybody that knows the history of San Pedro from the 1950’s to the 80’s is bound to know this charismatic, noble and hard working businessman who contributed much to the development of San Pedro. Seferino Paz commenced his working life as a businessman who exported fish to Honduras in Central America and then brought back bananas for resale to the local market. He then went on to open one of the finest stores in San Pedro, Helen’s Store, named after one of his daughters. This same store expanded to offer San Pedro’s first bakery and soon afterwards the first ice cream parlor. With the commencement of tourism, Seferino joined forces with six other hoteliers and formed the hotel chain of Coral Beach Hotels, and owned his own named Sea Breeze Hotel which comprised gift shop, restaurant and travel agency. You would think Seferino would settle for this, but no, he went on to build another hotel, Sun Breeze Hotel. Still not satisfied, this courageous entrepreneur went on to purchase and develop one of the first hotels up north, The Belizean, which was extremely successful for as long as it lasted before changing hands into a religious retreat spot.

    25 Years Ago - The Dangers of Old Fashioned Irons in the Village
    Earlier I wrote about the solid metal irons that required heating over a hot plate or on charcoal. Those were pretty rudimentary but you can bet your sweet lip that, just like today, man does not sit back and remain in the old fashion. Soon someone came up with the idea of a gasoline-powered iron that saved time and could be used indoors. Actually it was pretty cool when someone invented the Coleman Gasoline Iron. It was made between 1929 and 1948 in blue, turquoise, and green enamel and included a stand, fuel can, pump and extra generator. The pump was used to build up pressure in the fuel tank. This spectacular iron arrived in San Pedro in the early 1950’s and was a grand innovation and everyone wanted one. Here is how it worked. A match was lit underneath it to make a flame inside the iron. Fuel irons were an improvement over earlier irons that had to be heated on the stove or heated by charcoal. Fuel irons were lighter in weight and their temperature more even, but they made ironing a potentially dangerous job. Gasoline, alcohol, or kerosene, and other fuels could cause a fire or explode.

    Island Resident Asking for Unity in CommUNITY
    Dear Ambergris Today, Please allow me a space in your invaluable news source to give my opinion and hopefully others may have the same thoughts and proceed to have a positive thought towards the benefit of our "paradise island" - a title we are rapidly losing. I go online daily, hourly, and all I read is negativity on social media, news sources and message boards. Our beautiful island and people keep getting bombarded with negativity. Citizens bombarding hate against each other in our small community without remorse, with the guts to walk past each other with hate and no shame of it. Thing is, these parties do not have an idea of who is affected. They simply might not care or are oblivious to reality. It is a sad reality the community is going through. Many that are affected by crime in this community, in my opinion, are the better citizens - the citizens who do for the community, those who care, some who have fought for education, health, safety, food and fundraising events for whoever needs it. Some of you who are reading this have benefited from these good Samaritans’ deeds. Good Samaritans who have lost a loved one through selfishness of others.

    San Pedro Selects New Mother Of The Year 2015
    San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, has a new Mother of The Year 2015! Ms. Graciela Vasques was crowned Mother of The Year at this year's annual Mother's Day event hosted by the San Pedro Town Council on Saturday, May 9, 2015. The program, catered to only mothers, had an evening prepared full of games, prizes and entertainment by the San Pedro Dance Academy to romantic balads of their favorite artists such as Jennie Rivera, Selena and Rosy War presented by entertainer Lala Chacon Menjivar. The highlight of the night was the comedic show by Hector Herrara Jr. from Merida Yucatan who had the mothers laughing the night away.

    Residents March for Peace as Authorities Promise Island’s Safety
    Both Area Representative, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero promised to work harder to reduce crime in the community of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, as residents held a “Walk for Peace” on Thursday, May 7, 2015, to express their concerns over crime on the island and bring community leaders together to listen to them. As the families of both murdered taxi drivers mourned the death of their loved ones, the members of the various taxi associations asked the organization Footprints for Peace to organize a “Walk for Peace” event. It gave members of the community the opportunity to share their concerns over the safety of their families and show support for one another, especially to those who are still grieving the loss of their loved ones lost to crime.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Hyperbaric Chamber Project Inauguration
    We are very pleased to inform you that after very hard work and dedication we have made a long time Dream become a reality. We are proud to introduce our New Hyperbaric Chamber Facility Located here in San Pedro Town at the Ambergris Hopes Clinic. We will be working with a team of very Dedicated Professional Individuals at our new facility we have Dr. Daniel Gonzales who will be directing the Facility as the Hyperbaric Physician with his knowledge, Education and Experience followed by his staff of Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operators and Hyperbaric Chamber Tenders. We come to you to offer you the best services and benefits and our dedication to Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber Treatment we ask you to support our Hyperbaric Chamber Facility. One of our biggest benefit that we will be offering is to join our Program free of cost, you will no longer need to charge your guests any monies to be part of the program or pay directly from your Pocket a monthly fee. We cordially invite you to be witness of this great event as it involves a very good evolution in Hyperbaric Recompression Treatment for Diving Accidents in general and for the whole country of Belize. Our Inauguration date is set for Friday May 15, 2015 4:00 pm at the Ambergris Hopes Clinic.

    The Made in Belize Catalogue

    Belize Outsourcing Service Provider Directory

    Power Interruption 8:00am to 1:00pm, Tuesday, May 12, Stann Creek
    Silk Grass, Hopkins, Sittee River, Maya Center & Riversdale. BEL to replace utility poles carrying high voltage lines, install inline poles & replace lightning arresters along Southern Highway & Sittie River Rd.

    There is a dawn of a new day for recreational sailing in Belize and hence the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) new board of directors decided to adopt a logo to embody this excitement of momentum; hence the sunrise coaxing the craft on its voyage forward. This new logo reflects the fact that BzSA is creating international opportunities for our top school-age sailors. In the history of Belize, that is a first. Selection regattas decided which sailors BzSA will send this summer to international events, one for Optimist dinghies and the other for Olympic class Lasers. THE NEW LASER PROGRAMME: The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is to sailing what FIFA is to futbol. This year, ISAF invited and will provide subsidies for Belize and other countries to attend its inaugural Youth Worlds Emerging Nations Programme (YW ENP).

    Presentation Thursday: Coral Nurseries in Belize: 8 Years of Coral Restoration at Laughing Bird Caye
    10th Reef Week 2015 invites you to a public presentation titled: Coral Nurseries in Belize: 8 Years of Coral Restoration at Laughing Bird Caye 6pm on thursday May 14th, at the Hol Chan Office

    Introduction to Bartending & Advanced Bartending are being held again in Cayo for 4 days each. The Introduction is May7th-10th & the Advanced course will be May 12th-15th 2015. Introduction is geared to those with 0-3 years bartending experience. Advanced course is for those with 3 years and up in experience. If a participant wants to take the Advanced course then the requirement is either 3 years experience or take the Introduction.

    Clinical Nutrition Consultancy Now Available in San Pedro - CALL NOW!

    The Secretariat of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) presents its compliments to the Honourable Ministries, Secretariats and other Dependencies of Foreign Affairs of ACS Member States and Associate Members of the Association and has the honour to refer to the Mexican Government’s Scholarship programme for Foreign Students for the year 2016. In this regard, the Secretariat wishes to inform that further information related to the above Call, will be available until August 31st, 2015 on the website:, as well as, general information related to applications for these scholarships.

    Scholarships for the course: “Seguridad de la Información y Normas ISO 27001 y 27002”
    The OAS Department of Human Development and Education the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (OAS/CITEL), and the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Capacitación en Telecomunicaciones de la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (INICTEL-UNI, Perú); are offering scholarships for the course: “Seguridad de la Información y Normas ISO 27001 y 27002” This is an online course and will be delivered in Spanish. The course will be delivered through the online platform of INICTEL-VIRTUAL (; from July 20th, to August 21st, 2015. Scholarships recipients will be selected from among applications submitted to the OAS Department of Human Development, Education and Culture through the National Liaison Office (ONE) in each Member State.

    Over the past few months, the Department of the Environment (DOE) has observed an increase in zip-lining project proposals being undertaken throughout Belize. Whilst the DOE supports projects with activities that boosts the Belizean economy, developers must be made aware of the permitting procedures that are to be followed prior to commencing development. In recent years, many outdoor activities such as zip-lining have been taking place in remote areas without Environmental Clearance. Such activities can cause a disruption of the natural habitat and can lead to other environmental issues such as displacement of wildlife species. In this regard, the DOE would like to advise developers that applications for development projects, inclusive of zip-lining activities, must be sent to the DOE for environmental screening, and Environmental Clearance must be obtained prior to commencing any construction and operations in relation to these activities. It is important that all developers adhere to this message in order to maintain a rich, healthy, and sustainable environment.

    Prime Minister Barrow Departs for Miami, Florida
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow departs the country for Miami, Florida, today 11th May, 2015. The Prime Minister continues to meet with cruise lines executives to discuss ways forward regarding the Stake Bank Cruise ship Port. The Prime Minister is expected to return to the country on Thursday, 14th May, 2015. In his absence, Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister from today until 12th May, 2015. Thereafter, the Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security will act as Prime Minister until the return of the Prime Minister on Thursday, 14th May, 2015.

    The OAS Department of Human Development and Education and the Centro del Agua del Trópico Húmedo para América Latina y el Caribe - CATHALAC, Panamá; are offering scholarships for the course: “Diplomado CATHALAC en Aguas Subterráneas para América Latina y el Caribe”. The course will be delivered online and will be taught in Spanish. The course will be delivered through the Distance Educational Platform of CATHALAC and will take place from July 6th, to October 30th, 2015. Scholarships recipients will be selected from among applications submitted to the OAS Department of Human Development and Education through the National Liaison Office (ONE) in each Member State.

    The admissions office of KDI School of Public Policy and Management is pleased to inform you that full and partial scholarship opportunities are available for outstanding potential candidates in your country for Fall 2015 Admissions. As a KDIS alumnus/a, you may generously share your experience at KDI School and the exceptional scholarship information with your colleagues and friends. Every year, KDI School admits about 300 outstanding students and more than 50% of them are international students from 70 different countries. Currently, all international students are on scholarship and 95% of them receive full tuition and monthly stipend (app. $1000/mon.).

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, May 11, 2015: 30

    Corozal House of Culture: Unveiling of a Santiago Ricalde bust
    The Corozal House of Culture invites you to join us as we celebrate International Museum on Monday May 18, 2015. The highlight of the day will be the unveiling of a Santiago Ricalde bust donated by Corozal sculptress Mrs. Vilma Romero. The bust will be on permanent exhibit here at the House of Culture honouring Corozal Town’s first Mayor. Kindly join us for the opening ceremony which will begin at 9 a.m.

    BEL Comments on PUC’s Initial Decision on Annual Review Proceeding
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has reviewed and submitted its written comment to the Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) Initial Decision on the Annual Tariff Review Proceeding (ARP) for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. BEL, in its submission to the PUC on April 1, requested an average reduction of 10.4% in the Mean Electricity Rate (MER) from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), primarily due to the savings achieved in the cost of power purchased from Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE). The PUC, in its Initial Decision delivered on April 30, approved a MER of 35 cents per kWh, representing an average reduction of 15.24% for all customer classifications. BEL is pleased that the PUC has approved a reduction in rates and has no objections to the PUC’s Initial Decision. However, the Initial Decision can only be sustainable if the variables used in computing the decision are achieved. While BEL’s submission was based on rate stability, the PUC made its Initial Decision in accordance with the prescribed Rate Setting Methodology (RSM). However, BEL is of the belief that the strict application of the RSM, specifically the immediate and full correction in the last year of this Full Tariff Review Period (FTRP), may result in an increase in rates at the next FTRP commencing July 2016.

    Primary Schools art skills training
    Since Government of Taiwan and Embassy of Taiwan to Belize continued to support our PSAST Project, we can now proceed to the second phase of the project that includes • Amplify the number of Primary School Teachers that are able to deliver arts and craft training to primary school children • Make available training materials for use in future school art and craft classes • Continue to stimulate an appreciation for and interest in the arts and craft among primary school children in the middle and upper divisions (Std. II to Std.VI ). We deeply appreciated Government of Taiwan, Embassy of Taiwan to Belize, NICH and Department of Youth Services. We will give all of our efforts into achieving our goal, and popularize art skill teaching in Belize.

    Channel 7

    Manslaughter For Mango
    A 60 year old man was killed in Ladyville on Saturday morning - and it was because he was caught stealing mangoes. Tonight the police have charged the property owner who used a pellet gun to shoot Daniel Trapp out of a mango tree. Trapp, who is a drug addict well known in Ladyville for petty hustling - made it out of the tree, but not much further. We found out more today:.. Courtney Weatherburne Reporting Mango season is coming in all over Ladyville and on Saturday hanging fruit like these meant murder for Daniel Trapp - a 60 year old with a substance abuse problem: Alicia Trapp, Sister of deceased "The boy walk with a limp, the boy behind is thin. Every time I see him he is getting thinner and I told him that he has to take care of yourself. In no way they should have knocked that man. In no way they should have shot that man. They could have beaten him, lash him with something and tell him not to come back in the yard, but to pull a gun and shoot him is unexplainable. I don't understand how human beings could live like that and treat other human beings like that."

    Teenager Murdered In Roaring Creek
    And while a 60 year old was the victim in Ladyville - in Roaring Creek, the victim was only 16! The teenager's body was found on Friday night around 7:00 on a feeder road - 3 miles off the George Price Highway. A farmer who was in the area apparently found his body and called the police. Now why would someone want this young man dead? That's what we tried to find out today. Menelva Baiza, Mother "He came the night and brought a pack of cornflakes for my little girl and he told her to tell mom 'I'm coming back right now, I'm going to buy some groceries for her'. And that was it, I never saw my son and I stayed up all night about 2am in the morning. I checked in his room, no Glasford. I stayed up all day watching TV and waited all day for him Friday morning, he didn't come. Until the police came and told me that they found a body." Courtney Weatherburne reporting That body was identified as her son, 16 year old Glasford Thomas. His body was found among these bushes, about a quarter mile in - on the Golf Course road. Menelva Baiza, Mother "My son was home all day Thursday- the entire week he was home all week, until in the evening like around 2:30 - 3." Courtney Weatherburne "What day was that? Was that Friday? Or?" Menelva Baiza, Mother "That was Thursday in the afternoon when Kenrick Neal came to pick him up to go and do a job - A guy picked him up to go do some construction work. So he didn't come home until the night."

    Kijel Killed On Partridge
    There was a third killing which happened over the weekend, and this time, the victim was 19 year-old Kjiel Young, a resident of Partridge Street Extension. It happened at about 9:30 on Saturday night at a number #45 Vernon Street, and not at Cox Tire Shop as was rumored this weekend. Young was sitting in a yard when he was approached an unknown gunman who shot him from behind. He suffered multiple injuries, and was pronounced dead on arrival. Today, the Commander of Police Precinct 2, told the press that investigators don't have much at this early stage: Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson - OC, Police Precinct 2 "On Saturday 9th May, sometime around 9:30PM, police responded to a shooting on Vernon Street. Upon their arrival at #45 Vernon Street, they learned that one Kajiel Young, 19 years old was shot at that location. While he was seated in the yard, he was approached from behind by a lone gunman who fired several shots at him, which led to his passing away. At this time we do not really have a motive. The investigators are still on the ground at this time trying to establish a motive and at the same time in search h of a suspect."

    Spray of Gunfire on Gill Street
    Tonight Belize city's southside remains volatile after a wild shooting spree this afternoon, which left two men injured - one of them critically. Monica Bodden found out more:.. Monica Bodden reporting Around 2 this afternoon police responded to a shooting scene on Gill Street- where neighbors heard as many as 30 gunshots ring out in one of the city's known gang turf. Our news team arrived just minutes after, by then things were relatively calm again - while a handful of police officers conducted their investigation. Up the street - in another gang territory - police conducted searches on random vehicles in the area looking for the 3 alleged gunmen.

    Ran From Cops To His Death
    We usually hear of culprits either being caught or simply escaping but a man died trying to get away from Belmopan police yesterday morning at 2:00. 32 year old Zach Leonard August was dashing off on a bicycle when he rammed into one of the cement pillars behind the Magistrate's Court in Belmopan. He was trying to escape police after attempting to break into the La Immaculada Credit Union. We spoke with Supt. Howell Gillet today and he told us how it all went down. Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, - Belmopan Police "Just before 2am on Sunday morning the 10th of May, we received information of a burglary in progress at the La Immaculada Credit Union here in Belmopan. Our police immediately responded by foot. The person was seen coming towards the side of the ring road. Upon seeing the police, the person diverted to somewhere behind the magistrate's court here in Belmopan. When police combed the area, we discovered a lifeless, not the lifeless, he was still alive upon arrival, of Mr. Zack Leonard August. He's 32 years old and he's a resident of number 3 Power Lane here in Belmopan. He was immediately taken to the Western Regional Hospital to seek medical attention.

    US Sex Offender Was Playing For Time In Placencia
    An American fugitive was caught on the Placencia Peninsula and he will now have to face sex crimes in Texas. 43 year-old William Elmer Pettijohn has been wanted in Jones County, Texas for the offences child sexual assault and human trafficking. Police information was that he flew to Belize on April 15 along with a female companion. He was hiding out on Placencia, but due to accurate police intelligence, he was caught last Thursday and handed over to US authorities on the strength of an international arrest warrant. It is alleged that he and another man had a sexual relationship with a teenaged minor. He has been indicted on the charges of trafficking a Person, two counts of Sexual Assault of a Child, and two counts of Indecency with a Child.

    PM To Miami For RCCL Meeting
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow left Belize for cruise meetings in Miami today. He is expected to meet with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the part owners of the Fort Street Tourism Village. According to an official release, the meetings will focus on, quote, "ways forward regarding the Stake Bank Cruise ship Port." The Prime Minister returns on Thursday, and Deputy PM, Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister until tomorrow, when he also departs the country and hands over to Police Minister, John Saldivar.

    Barrow Says Elections Will Roll After Petrocaribe Rolls Rural
    And while The Prime Minister wears his hat as head of government for those high level meetings which may decide Belize's cruise tourism future, on Friday night in Belize City - he wore his red hat for a party political event. He was the keynote speaker at the endorsement convention held to install Tracy Taegar-Panton as the UDP standard bearer for the Albert Division. He focused a large portion of his speech on what he called "the frenzied activity by the opposition." He's referring to the recent sense of urgency in PUP affairs: they held two press conferences last week and reports say insiders are trying to shake up some politically dubious divisions. And their recent activity has caught the attention of Prime Minister, Dean Barrow. He said that until his government finishes rolling Petrocaribe out to all the rural areas of the country, his government has nowhere to go:

    PM Says PUP Leader Should step Down Like Cameron
    The Prime Minister also had a few choice words for Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca, and his party's decision that he must not resign after the decisive defeat at the March Municipal Elections. He referenced last Thursday's General Elections in Britain where the incumbent's Conservative Party confounded pollsters and held on to the Government majority. In the wake of that election, the leaders of the 3 major parties, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and the Labour Party, have all resigned. Last week Friday, the Prime Minister suggested that Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca ought to follow their example if he wants to regain any credibility with the voters who rejected his party in last 2 elections: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister" "Because, because all three of those opposition parties Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and the Labour Party lost those general elections. Each leader of those three parties resigned his position as party leader.

    BEL Says OK To PUC Rate Cut
    BEL asked for a 10% rate cut in your light bill - the Public Utilities Commission pushed it higher, to 15%. Tonight the news is that BEL has said, go right ahead. The power company responded to the PUC saying it has no objections to the proposed 15% rate cut. But, in a press release today, the power company did have a cautionary statement. It says the PUC rate might not be sustainable and the way the PUC worked its calculations, may result in an increase in rates at the next FTRP commencing July 2016. BEL looks forward to continuing the open dialogue with the PUC as it prepares to make its Final Decision regarding BEL's 2015/16 ARP submission and prepare for the 2016 FTRP.

    Teen Charged For Agric Stabbing Murder
    A 16 year old has been arrested and charged for the murder of 24 year old Dernell Brown on May 2nd at the Agriculture and Trade Show. The police version of events is that Brown was hanging out with a group of friends near the Heineken tent when another group of men apparently disrespected a female Brown was with. Brown then approached the group and a fight started. That was when Brown was stabbed to the head. Today police told us that there has been an arrest: Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, - Belmopan Police "One person has since been arrested for that. I think if, by memory serve me right, the person, there is a Tyler Cruz of Roaring Creek. I don't have the other particulars at this time but he has been arrested and charged for murder and he's now at KOLBE awaiting a trial date." The 16 year old has been remanded at the Wagner's Facility until August 17th, 2015.

    Lloyd Jones Calls Out Political Mischief
    On Friday, we told you about the unsigned email sent by some anonymous individual who claimed to speak on behalf of PUP voters in Belize Rural North that are opposed to Major Lloyd Jones replacing Arthur Saldivar as the PUP Standard Bearer in that constituency. Well, Jones has responded, saying that it's "pure political mischief". He refutes the criticism that he doesn't live in the area and so cannot represent it by pointing to three previous representatives, who served Rural North while not living there. Jones goes on to acknowledge the rights of the authors of the email to avoid going out to vote on Election Day. He points out, however, that they wouldn't be punishing him because while he wants to win, winning by any means necessary is not his intention.

    DPP Explains Why Woman Was Remanded For 4 Years
    On Friday's newscast, we told you about 52 year-old Lucilla Bartley who was acquitted of murder after she stabbed and killed her ex, Osborne Gordon. She was tried and acquitted before Justice Troadio Gonzalez in a trial without jury. Evidence emerged that Bartley fought with the man who threatened her with a knife, and that Gordon had been abusive to her in the course of their relationship. On Friday, her attorney, Dickie Bradley criticized the state for taking criminal action against Bartley and holding her on remand for 4 years while she awaited trial. Well, this evening, DPP Cheryl Lynn Vidal said that the decision to charge and prosecute Bartley was justified. She explained that there was written evidence which provided an alternate account refuting bare self-defence. The issues which needed to go before a fact finding tribunal was whether or not she was provoked, whether she lost her self-control, and reacted reasonably, or whether she was justified in causing Gordon some harm, but acted in excess.

    QRT in Placencia
    This morning in Placencia, the peninsula police's Quick Response Team conducted a search at the residence of 22 year-old Akeem Tejeda in Placencia Village where they discovered 111 grams - or 3.9 ounces - of suspected cannabis. 19 year-old Stephon Andrews who was in the company of Tejeda during the search were jointly charged for Drug Trafficking. Also, last week Monday, Placencia Police conducted a search on 39 year-old Devon Logan who was carrying an infant on the sidewalk in the village. That search resulted in the discovery of 14 grams of crack cocaine on his person. That's 0.49 ounces, and anything over 1 gram is considered drug trafficking, and that's what he was charged with.

    Training For Cruise Tourism Service Providers
    One of the constant criticisms of the cruise visitor experience in Belize is the commercial battleground outside the Fort Street Tourism Village. That's where tour operators, taxi drivers, hair braiders and other service providers are scrapping for cruise dollars. For years, the Belize Tourism Board has been trying to change the experience, but it's not that simple and now they have enlisted the support of BELTRAIDE's Belize Training and Employment Center, known as BTEC. They are holding a four day training to assist service providers with marketing and business practices. We found out more today:… The course started on Thursday at the BTEC building in the ITVET compound - and it finishes tomorrow.

    Tracy Takes Off...
    Tracy Taegar Panton was ushered in as the new UDP Standard Bearer in the Albert Division with much fanfare on Friday night. In just a few weeks, the political newcomer has enjoyed an unimpeded ascent to national mass party prominence - and on Friday night at Panton's endorsement convention, a buffet of senior UDP ministers and standard bearers gave glowing recommendations on her behalf. Here's an excerpt of her fellow UDP colleague, Mayor Darrell Bradley, where he boldly asserts that both he and Taegar-Panton will be elected to the House of Representatives: Tracy Taegar-Panton, UDP Standard Bearer - Albert "I Tracy Taegar-Panton do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute my duties as standard bearer of United Democratic Party for the Albert Constituency." Darell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "It is an honor and a privilege for me to stand here tonight to give my resounding support, my endorsement, my fellowship to the next representative for the Albert Division, the Honorable Tracy Taegar-Panton. Someone who I will be privilege to serve with in the National Assembly."

    Bradley Didn't Roll IT For Mother's Day But Still Seemed to Be Rolling In It
    Yesterday was also Mother's Day, and the UDP standard bearers and Area Representatives threw parties for the mothers over the 2 day weekend. The funding for the Area Reps was allotted through the Mother's Day Cheer program, which ultimately comes from Petrocaribe. One Standard Bearer who says he didn't get any funding from the Mother's Day Petrocaribe fund is Mayor Darrell Bradley. Still, he threw a party for the mothers in Caribbean Shores and invited the media to stop by. We asked him to explain where the funding came from if not petro:

    The Why of Zip Lining
    Zip-lining: it was once an exotic get away activity which you could only experience at Jaguar Paw or Cave's Branch among others destinations. But these days, you can zip-line at almost any outdoor event or fair. In fact, that was one of the main attractions at this year's Agriculture and Trade Show. While this is convenient for those who can't make it to Jaguar Paw, it can be detrimental to the environment whether it is set up at a park or in remote forest areas. The Department of Environment sent out a press release today stating that "many outdoor activities such as zip-lining have been taking place in remote areas without Environmental clearance. Such activities can cause a disruption of the natural habitat and can lead to other environmental issues such as displacement of wildlife species." It continues by advising developers that application for development projects inclusive of zip-linning activities must be sent to the DOE for environmental screening and environmental clearance must be given before construction or operations begin. Interestingly they make no mention of zip lines which have now been installed in caves such as in the Dark Knight Jaguar Cave Zipline tour.

    Santa Ana Will Get Water
    Santa Ana village on the road to Barranco in the Toledo District will have an expanded and upgraded Rudimentary Water System. The ground breaking was held on Friday and the water broad chairman said it sure took long enough:... The water project is being financed by the Government of Belize for just over three quarter million dollars through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. The water project targets 89 households, the village health post, churches and schools.

    Channel 5

    Was 60 Year Old Alexander Trapp Murdered for Picking Mangoes?
    Four persons lost their lives over the weekend. We start with the story of an elderly man from Ladyville, who was shot in his chest and perished over mangoes, which [...]

    Another Roaring Creek Youth Gunned Down, Body Recovered in Camalote
    The body of a Roaring Creek youth was discovered on Friday night in a remote location in the village of Camalote. Sixteen year old Glasford Thomas had been shot multiple [...]

    Kjiel Young Meets Violent End on Vernon Street
    The weekend violence continued on Saturday night.  In Belize City, Kjiel Young’s life was snuffed out of him and one knows for sure why he was executed as he sat [...]

    Infamous Felix Brother Shot on Gill Street
    The gun violence in the Old Capital continued today. Over fifteen shots fired and three injured this afternoon. That’s what happened on Gill Street around two today. Residents say they [...]

    Escapee Dies While Eluding Belmopan Police
    The fourth person to die over the weekend is from Belmopan where a freak accident claimed the life of thirty-two year old Zack Leonard August, who attempted to elude police [...]

    Placencia Police Apprehend U.S. Fugitive Wanted for Child Sex Assault
    A U.S. fugitive is back in the U.S. after being apprehended by the Placencia Police on Thursday. On the strength of a warrant issued by the United States Government, forty-three [...]

    John Pascal Remains Comatosed After Alleged Police Brutality
    An internal investigation by the Professional and Standards Branch of the Belize Police Department is currently underway in Dangriga following allegations of police brutality made by a family in that [...]

    …Family Demands Justice
    Mena would rush once again to the police station to find his brother on the ground between two vehicles parked on the compound of the Dangriga police station. Pascal, visibly [...]

    Police Bust Placencia Resident with Weed
    Also in the south….today Placencia Police’s Quick Response Team conducted a search at the residence of twenty-two year old Akeem Tejeda in Placencia Village where they discovered one hundred and [...]

    B.E.L. Not Happy With Rate Reduction
    But back in the city…When the Public Utilities Commission announced a week ago that electricity rates would be reduced from forty-one cents per kilowatt hour to thirty-five cents, consumers breathed [...]

    Tracy Taegar-Panton is Officially U.D.P. Candidate for Albert Division
    On Friday, the House of Culture in Belize City was the venue of the endorsement convention of Tracy Taegar-Panton. Whenever general elections are called, Panton will contest as the U.D.P. [...]

    Tourism C.E.O. turned U.D.P. Politician Addresses Opposition Release
    Since the announcement of her candidacy in the Alberts, Panton has drawn fire from the P.U.P.  Last week the Opposition issued a release after a former B.T.B. staffer, Jonelle Hemmans, [...]

    Tour Operators Receive Training from B.T.B. and S.B.D.C.
    The tourism industry has been growing leaps and bounds becoming one of the top foreigner exchange earners for the jewel.  But for the industry to continue to thrive, good customer [...]

    Belize Luck Launches Big
    Belizeans are you ready to win big with Belize Luck? If you haven’t heard about it, well the owners say that perhaps it’s time to jump onboard. With a number [...]

    Women’s Department Signs M.O.U. with Ministry of Economic Development
    Violence against women, human trafficking and femicide in Central America remain regional issues of concern for SICA member countries.  In Belize, as part of a related initiative, the Ministry of [...]

    …Training Program to Provide Opportunity for Women to Share Experiences
    According to Director of the Women’s Department, Ava Pennil, the program provides an opportunity to share experiences and compare progress across the Central American region.   Ava Pennil, Director, Women’s [...]

    Renowned Educator and Trade Unionist Eloisa Trujeque Laid to Rest
    Career public servant Eloisa Trujeque was laid to rest today, following a funeral service at Saint Ignatius Church this afternoon.  Trujeque’s vocation in education and unionism affected the lives many [...]

    The Weekend Sporting Events with James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The mad rush to make the payoffs saw the Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes in a must win against the [...]


    Corozal Resident Nearly Stabbed To Death
    A man from the Corozal District was stabbed over the weekend and while that is certainly bad news, the good news is that his attacker was detained. The incident transpired on Friday evening in the Village of San Roman. Reports suggest that 32 year old Guadalupe Marion Pech was on his way to a store when he was attacked by three male persons and stabbed the left side of the chest. Pech was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital for treatment. Police have detained one man of San Roman Village pending charges.

    BEL Reviews PUC's Proposed Reduction Rate On Electricity
    In its submission to the Public Utilities Commission on April 1st, the Belize Electricity Limited requested an average reduction of 10.4% in the Mean Electricity Rate (MER) from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour, primarily due to the savings achieved in the cost of power purchased from Comisión Federal de Electricidad. The PUC, in its initial decision delivered on April 30th, approved a MER of 35 cents per kilowatt hour, representing an average reduction of 15.24% for all customer classifications. Word tonight is that BEL has reviewed and submitted its written comment to the Public Utilities Commission. In a release issued today BEL states that it is pleased that the PUC has approved a reduction in rates and has no objections to the PUC’s Initial Decision. However, the Initial Decision can only be sustainable if the variables used in computing the decision are achieved. While BEL’s submission was based on rate stability, the PUC made its Initial Decision in accordance with the prescribed Rate Setting Methodology. However, BEL is of the belief that the strict application of the RSM, specifically the immediate and full correction in the last year of this Full Tariff Review Period, may result in an increase in rates at the next FTRP commencing July 2016.

    Businesses Join Forces To Fight Cancer
    At the top of the newscast we told you about the resounding success that the 7th Annual Cancer Walk was which attracted hundreds of residents. After the two mile walk that lasted about an hour and a half, the activity culminated with a health fair at the Central Park. Today when we spoke with leader of the Orange Walk Cancer Group, Badhra Coleman, she took the opportunity to thank businesses and individuals who continue to contribute financially in order to battle the terrible cancer disease. Badhra Coleman–Leader, OW Cancer Group “We’re very happy to see all that support that we received I know that people came over from all across the country to our walk to show support to those who are fighting and those who have lost a loved one. This year was one of the largest crowds so much so that I would not be able to estimate how many people were out there but I want to thank each and every one of them for showing up. We are also getting support financially we have Cuellos who have been pledging $5,000 for the last four years in memory of their mother and then this year Smart came up with a $1,000 that they gave us and Belize Bank that has always been our sponsors for the last five years for our health fair and we have the Wicab family and those who gave five or ten dollars. All the money will be used to help those who are fighting cancer. At the end the walk is over but our job is not over and it is important for us to get support because when we are selling tickets or anything else it is because we are going to help a different family. We have always seen the community help us we have a 100 percent from our friends in Corozal and all over Belize.”

    OWTC Celebrates Mothers Day
    In honour and celebration of the most important woman in our life, the Orange Walk Town Council, as is customary, took time out to show appreciation and love to the mothers of town. On Saturday, Central Park was buzzing with activity and according to Mayor Kevin Bernard, it’s simply a token of love and appreciation for the backbone of any family. Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town “We believe that at the end of the day we must honour our mothers. Normally we would have a mass and it is unfortunate that we could not get a priest to actually do the mass but I must thank Pastor Lino for doing the blessings for us today. At the end we want to salute our mothers and I want to take this opportunity to wish all our mothers a happy mother’s day. I wish to say the same to my mother and to my mother-in-law and of course my wife and all the mothers of Orange Walk at the end of the day they are the ones that mold us so we must give back as a community to our mother and this is one way how we do so."

    Corozal Resident Meets Untimely Death A Work
    A construction worker from Patchakan Village in the Corozal District lost his life after suffering a fall at his work site that proved fatal. On Saturday about 9:00a.m., Corozal police visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw 50 year old Emilio Chan, suffering from a cut wound to the head. Initial investigation revealed that around 8:40 in the morning Chan was working on a roof when he slipped and fell to the ground. He was immediately transported to the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body now awaits a post-mortem examination.

    Prime Minister Dean Barrow Discusses Stake Bank Cruise Ship Port In Florida
    Today the office of the Prime Minister announced his departure from the country. According to the release, the PM will travel to Miami Florida today to meet with cruise lines executives to discuss ways moving forward regarding the Stake Bank Cruise Ship Port. While he is away, Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister from today until 12th May, 2015. Thereafter, John Saldivar, Minister of National Security will act as Prime Minister until the return of the Prime Minister on Thursday, 14th May, 2015.

    Former Mayor Of Orange Walk Passes
    Last week Wednesday, Orange Walk Town lost a former soldier and Mayor with the passing of Ignacio Federico Vega. Don Nacho, as affectionately known by many, served as a soldier of Belize in 1942. Vega’s most significant contribution was when he served for three consecutive terms as Mayor of Orange Walk Town. During his career, Vega was also awarded by the royal Queen for the most excellent honour of the British Empire in the form of a gold medal. Vega had been fighting illness for quite some time; he was 93 at the hour of his death. Vega’s farewell was held over the weekend and we wish to extend our sympathies to the Vega family, especially his wife Leonine Vega.

    Fast Food Establishment Robbed In Broad Daylight in O/W i
    Police sirens were heard buzzing about on the Belize Corozal Road shortly after three today. That is because authorities were in pursuit of robbers who had just targeted Luda’s Store. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, said that coincidentally police were in the area at the time and acted quickly to subdue the men. SUPT. DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer in Charge, OW Police “Police were called out to Ludas Fast Food where they had a robbery but coincidentally when the two suspects were leaving from the establishment which is at the corner of Belize Corozal Road and Guadalupe Street the police officers were passing at the same time and saw the two suspects masked and managed to capture one of them and he was brought to the police station. Fortunately he was the one with the bag of money as he had $827.35 in that bag which was robbed from the Chinese so he is in custody. We have just captured the second suspect so both are in our custody. The robbery was carried out with what appears to be a firearm which we still have not found.”

    Cane Cutter Knocked Down On Philip Goldson Highway
    Over the weekend a fatal road traffic accident was reported in the Orange Walk District which left one cane cutter lifeless. Today, authorities at the Orange Walk Police station gave us an account of what transpired based on their investigations. Corporal Marilyn Pate is the Traffic Officer at the Orange Walk Police Station. Marilyn Pate: Traffic Officer, OW Police “On Friday May 8th 2015 police about 9:50pm one Allen Vargas 21 years Belizean Coast Guard of San Pablo Village was travelling from Orange Walk to Corozal when he knocked down one Marcos Mai 29 year old Belizean cane cutter of San Pablo Village. The incident occurred between miles 63 and 64 on the Philip Goldson Highway. The vehicle was impounded and notice of intended prosecution was served on Allen Vargas. A blood sample for alcohol was done.”


    Belmopan Red Taigaz Host Celebrity Match
    The Red Taigaz, Belmopan’s very own Basketball team, recently launched its new logo; and with a new logo and newly found energy, they have been outperforming this basketball season at the National basketball play offs...

    Statistics Say Child Labour Decreased
    The official launch on the findings and final report of the 2013 National Child Activity Survey was held this morning at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan and as it turns out the there is good news for Belize in this regard, since we have seen a substantial decrease in child emp...

    Red Cross launches first aid app
    Mobile phone applications are becoming increasingly a part of the thinking man’s life as a simple way to access information and entertainment. But if you want to save a life, there’s an app for that too...

    Lucilla Bartley acquitted of murder of ex-partner
    She says she was forced to defend herself from a jealous former lover, but 53 year old Lucilla Bartley of Belize City spent four years in prison awaiting trial on murder charges...

    20 year old man charged for Orange Walk teens murder
    Orange Walk police have arrested and charged 20 year old Kachief Sylvester Bevans of Waight Street Belize City for the murder of 18 year old Derrick Romero who was shot multiple times while at his residence in Settee River Street, in Orange Walk Town...

    Justin Hyde, Octaviana Lopez given bail
    Supreme Court Justice Troadio Gonzalez has handed bail to two accused persons on remand. On April 17, mother and son Wendy Lambey and Aaron Munnings  were shot at their home in Belize City...

    Man charged for New Asia shooting
    The man accused of shooting security guard Victor Hendy has been apprehended and taken to court. 20 year old Dixon Montero, a Honduran without legal immigration status in Belize, is charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm and used of deadly means of harm...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Another Powerful Earthquake Hits Nepal
    wo weeks ago, a 7.8 quake hit central Nepal killing 8000 people and injuring 18,000. On Tuesday, at about at 12:35 local time in Nepal (06:50 GMT) another major earthquake struck eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest. According to the US Geological Survey, the quake had a magnitude of 7.3 and […]

    Man killed for stealing 3 mangoes
    Hilberto Perez, a resident of Ladyville who allegedly shot a man for stealing 3 mangoes, was charged with murder when he appeared today before the chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Perez was remanded into custody until July 22. The incident occurred around 9 a.m. on May 9. The police reported that […]

    Toledo Residents to Benefit from Rehabilitated Rudimentary Water System
    Santa Anna village is situated 14 miles West of Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District and is comprised of 89 households with an approximate population of 542 Mayan inhabitants. The rapidly growing community has been in dire need of a better water system to replace its 3,500 […]

    Armed robbers hit Ludas Fast Food in Orange Walk
    Around 3pm today, police were called to Ludas Fast Food on Belize Corozal Road, Orange Walk District where a robbery had occurred. Coincidentally, when the three suspects were leaving the area, police saw the men with masks over their faces and managed to catch the man who was holding the cash […]

    National Coca Cola Spelling Bee set for June 5th
    The 2015 Coca Cola Spelling Bee District Finals have come to an end and 3 winners have been chosen from each district to participate in the National Bee Finals slated for on June 5th in Corozal Town. This year the event will be held at the Corozal Community Auditorium where 18 […]

    Punta Gorda Celebrates Mother’s Day
    Over the weekend, tons of activities and events were held in honor of Mother’s everywhere and in Punta Gorda Town, it was no different. Last night, the PG Town Council in collaboration with standard bearer Eden Martinez, hosted the annual Mother’s Day party at the Benjamin Westby Hollywood […]

    Roman Catholic Schools in PG Compete for the Christian Spirit Award
    Each school competes in an annual religious competition called the “Christian Spirit Award” where teams of three students from every school battle against each other in Jeopardy like game setting. Earlier today, the eliminations for Punta Gorda Town took place at the St. Benedict School church with St. Benedict R.C School, St. […]

    PM Barrow heads to Miami
    Belize’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, today departed from the Philip Goldson International Airport to Miami to meet with cruises lines executives to discuss ways forward regarding the Stake Bank Cruise Ship Port. The Prime Minister is expected to return to the country on Thursday, May 14th, 2015. In his absence, […]

    Benque Viejo Taxi Driver Beaten and Kidnapped by Guatemalans
    Our news team has confirmed that last week on Wednesday afternoon, a Benque Viejo Taxi driver was kidnapped and beaten by 2 Guatemalans in San Ignacio Town. According to our sources, the taxi driver picked up the two Guatemalans in down town San Ignacio who asked him to drop them off […]

    ">Benque Police Need Your Help in Identifying Joe Doe
    Yesterday residents of San Jose Succotz in the Cayo District reported to police that a body of a Hispanic male person was observed floating in the Mopan River. Officials immediately dispatched a team to the area. On today’s date, we understand that the body remains on the scene since investigators […]

    Police Investigate Latest Murder in Belize City
    Law enforcers responded to a shooting incident on Vernon Street and later the KHMH, where they saw the lifeless body of 19 year old Kijel Nicolas Young from Partridge Street Extension, Belize City, suffering from multiple gunshots wounds. According to police, initial investigation has revealed that around 8:30 pm, Young […]

    Man Arrested For Discharging Firearm in Public
    Forty two year old Reymundo Chan from Sanker Street in Belize City was arrested and charge for possession of a firearm and discharging of his firearm in public whilst intoxicated. Shortly after 10 Saturday night, Belize Police responded to reports of gun shots being fired near the Travellers Liquor Compound […]

    Fair And Warm Weather Will Prevail
    Today’s outlook is for mostly sunny with little or no rain and tonight it is expected to be cloudy with isolated showers. Winds will blow to the East to South East at 15 to 25 knots and the sea state will be rough with a small craft warning in effect. High […]


    Sustainability Linkages and Connections Towards a Belize National Strategy
    A “sustainable society,” according to one definition, is one that can persist over generations; one that is far-seeing enough, flexible enough, and wise enough not to undermine either its physical or its social system of support. As national governments work to ensure sufficient fresh water, food, energy, housing, health, and education for their nation while trying to maintain its resources for future generations, they discover that they are not well organized to address the crosscutting nature of sustainability issues. Complex challenges such as managing ecosystems or improving disaster resilience, for example, do not fit neatly into a single national agency’s mandate or a single area of expertise. Governing for sustainability will require building “linkages” among national, state, and local governments; nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); and the private sector. Considering Connections, Building Linkages: The legendary ecologist John Muir wrote in 1911 that “when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” His perceptive statement applies to water, land, wildlife, and other aspects of the natural world, as well as to the interactions that link humans and nature. Many decades later, it is obvious that the statement is also relevant to how a country like Belize governs its resources. Governing for sustainability requires:

    Romance to Reality and my showdown with a robber
    I am not going to lie and pretend crime does not exist. I think we all need to be educated and aware especially going into low season. I was almost robbed Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at street corner by Taste of Thailand and Amal Hardware. A guy riding his bike rode up behind me and started to grab my bag off my shoulder. My first response was to shout “Hey” loudly. I managed to grab the straps as they was passing down my arm, timed with the motion of him riding past and pulling it forward. Thankfully he did not have a tight grip and I was able to gain control of my bag fast. At that point I really wanted to shove him hard and knock him over but since there was no one else around I pushed forward instead and shouted at him “don’t be rude that’s mine.” He kept going north on back road and never looked back, I turned the corner fast, and booked it east to the beach and to awaiting friends. It all happened so quickly I did not get a good enough look at him other than to say short black hair and navy blue shirt, never saw his face or caught the color of his bike. My immediate feeling was the same as when as when my beach cruiser tire popped while riding and rang loud and sudden like almost like a gunshot.

    10 Things You Must Know About Our Planets Water
    Welcome to Spring and summer in Belize. Its hot. Incredibly hot. No worries however, this is how mother nature designed the tropics. We believe you will love it here! Everyone goes to the water – everyone! Here are 10 things you must know about water: 1. The total global water available for the planet is 1, 386,000,000 Cubic Kilometres. 2. Permafrost and ground ice contribute 0.86% 3. Ground water contributes 30.6% of the total water reserves 4. Glaciers and permanent snow contribute 68.7% of our planets water supply…sadly, these sources here are melting fast!

    Highest rated excursions, restaurants, and activities in Placencia, Belize, by our guests...updated!
    In no particular order....these restaurants, excursions, and activities are the ones most consistently highly rated by guests as their best memories in Placencia, Belize! (images are a mix of my own pictures and pictures from facebook and google!) Restaurants: Tranquilo.....takes the #1 spot right now. Between Geof's hospitality, the beautiful sunsets, the great food, and the fun little boat ride, this is a very unique and vacation-ey way to spend an evening. Many of our guests go back multiple times! Rumfish--Always a crowd favorite with John and Pam being great hosts.....the food and the pre-made awesome drinks make everyone happy :) Secret Garden--the sleeper! Our recent guests have RAVED about how great their dinners have been and how much they have enjoyed the tropical garden setting.

    International Sourcesizz

    Commentary: The View from Europe: Can cocoa benefit from chocolate's bright future?
    Since 1991, international demand for chocolate has been growing, causing cocoa prices to surge. Although the global market for chocolate may have peaked at around US$114 billion annually, it is clear that the Caribbean could do more to encourage the production of the growing premium price global market for its varieties of fine and flavour cocoa. An excellent recent Caribbean Export (CEDA) paper on the subject demonstrates that here is an example of a sector in which the region has competitive advantage. Whether it is selling top quality cocoa as an agricultural commodity, or as locally or externally produced high value branded artisanal chocolate, the resuscitation of the industry could offer new opportunity to farmers, export agriculture and to governments as a new source of foreign exchange. The problem is that, to achieve this, agriculture and particularly cocoa farming needs to be made more attractive as an occupation and the industry has to be much better organised.

    Steam fires underwater jet engine
    A revolutionary new steam engine, described by its inventors as "an underwater jet engine", may soon be powering dinghies and speedboats more efficiently, cleanly and safely than a conventional outboard motor. The Pursuit Marine Drive produces thrust by using the energy from high-pressure steam to draw in water through an intake at the front and expel it at high speed through the rear. The steam emerges at high speed from a rearward-facing ring-shaped nozzle into a cone-shaped chamber, where it mixes with the water (see graphic). Shock waves created as the steam condenses are focused by the chamber to blast water out of the back. The drive was invented by Australian engineer Alan Burns and developed in Britain by engineers at Pursuit Dynamics in Royston, Hertfordshire. Last week, New Scientist witnessed a version just 20 centimetres long develop around 30 horsepower (22 kilowatts) in a test tank, enough to power a speedboat. But the company says it can be scaled up to about 300 horsepower.

    Mystery blob in the Pacific messes up US weather and ecosystems
    An unusual threat is looming off the Pacific coast of North America from Juneau in Alaska to Baja California. Now roughly 2000 kilometres wide and 100 metres deep, a mass of warm water that scientists are calling "the blob" has lingered off the coast for a year and a half and has set temperature records, with waters between 1 °C and 4 °C warmer than normal. Fresh research published in Geophysical Research Letters has examined the causes and impacts of this area of water, which has grown more recently. The blob has changed water-circulation patterns, affected inland weather and reshuffled ecosystems at sea. Although scientists say the planet's warming oceans may not be responsible for the mysterious and long-lived anomaly, some see it as an early warning of changes that might be coming to the Pacific in the next few decades.

    Famous Coral Reef System In Belize Could Soon Be The Site Of Oil Drilling
    A World Heritage Site could turn into an oil drilling site, if plans to allow oil exploration off the coast of Belize go through. A proposal from the Belize Ministry of Energy provides guidelines for oil exploration — and drilling, if oil is found — across most of the country’s land and water, including along the Belize Barrier Reef, one of the world’s most ecologically diverse environments. Oceana Belize, an environmental advocacy group, has launched a campaign to halt oil exploration and to get more information from the government about the plan and what went into creating it. “The general consensus we’re getting from Belizeans is… ‘Didn’t we already decide not to do this? Why is this still an issue?'” Janelle Chanona, a spokesperson for Oceana Belize, told ThinkProgress.

    Caribbean looks to Paris Climate Summit for its very survival
    Caribbean leaders on Saturday further advanced their policy position on climate change ahead of the 21st Conference of Parties, also known as COP 21, scheduled for Paris during November and December of this year. The position of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), 14 independent countries, was put forward by the group’s chairman, Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie, during a meeting here with French President François Hollande. “The evidence of the impact of climate change within our region is very evident. Grenada saw a 300 percent loss of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as a result of one storm,” Christie told IPS “We see across CARICOM, an average of two to five percent loss of growth due to hurricanes and tropical process which occur annually. “For the Bahamas, which has 80 percent of its land mass within one metre of mean sea level, climate change is an existential threat to our land mass. Indeed, that is the story across the region. And as I have said from place to place, if the sea level rises some five feet in the Bahamas, 80 percent of the Bahamas as we know it will disappear. The stark reality of that means, we are here to talk about survival,” Christie added.


  • Belize - Quick snips, 2min. Yep, that happened! scuba, whale shark...

  • BELIZEANS COME TOGETHER IN THE FIGHT AGAISNT CANCER, 4min. Memories of loved ones who succumbed to any form of cancer, and those who somehow survived it, spurred hundreds of men, women and children in the emirate to come together to join in the much anticipated Cancer Walk which was held this past Saturday. It started at the San Martin Gas Station and after a two mile walk, ended at the Central Park.

  • MOTHERS DAY CELEBRATED IN GRAND STYLE HERE IN THE NORTH, 4min. One relationship which is always with us is the one we share with our mothers. They are our guiding force and are responsible for making us who we are. Mothers also shape our lives and our personalities and crediting them for the same is something one should do at every opportunity. We might have our own individualistic approach in paying tribute to these amazing people in our lives, our mothers. And while there were many events organized over the weekend that celebrated Mother’s everywhere, one event that that was centered on surprises and giving back to the lovely mothers was the one organized in Corozal Bay by Standard Bearer, Gregorio “Papas” Garcia. Our newsteam was on hand to capture all the highlights and bring to you the following report…..

  • SANTA MARTHA GOVERNMENT SCHOOL PROMOTES CULTURE, 3min. Teaching about Belize’s cultural diversity has never been more entertaining as when schools hold an exhibition of each ethnic group. That is exactly how Santa Martha Government School has decided to enhance their lessons at the school and kicked off their first cultural day exhibition today.

  • National Mopan Maya Council, 9min.

  • Belize, 4min.

  • Travel to Belize with Professor Lisa Lobel, 5min.

  • Optimist Sailing Lessons, 1.5min. Optimist Downwind Skills. Optimist Sailing Lessons from Beginner to World Championship level. The Belize Sailing School training the Belize National Optimist Squad.

  • Belize Scuba Trip 2013 Waynes 12 Min Ver FINAL, 12min.

  • Las Aventuras en Belize 2 y 3, 6min.

    May 11, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Doctor Love: A Loyal Man
    Dear Doctor Love, I have been married six years. My husband is a wonderful man. I think that sometimes he is a little bit too wonderful for his own good. His sister is three years younger than him and he takes care of her. By this, I mean that he gets her out of trouble when she has problems with the police because of her drugs problem. He always sends money to her and makes excuses for her. Her own family in Belize City wants nothing to do with her because she does not want to go to rehab. Last month she got caught for stealing. It cost him over a thousand dollars to get her out of trouble. I have been on him about this because we could use that money ourselves and I don’t see any reason to throw good money after bad. We are struggling to pay our bills and it takes both of our salaries to get by. I can understand that he wants to help but the cost is ruining our relationship and our lives. I think that when the rest of the family gives up it is time to pay attention. He tells me that no matter what she is his sister and he cannot give up on her. When I pushed it he said that if I cannot understand how he feels maybe I should move on. I do not think it is right for a man to put his sister above his wife. I have lived with this for six years now. What can I do? /s/ Tired Of This

    Letter to the Editor: Guantanamo on Ambergris Caye
    Dear Editor, We enjoyed reading The San Pedro Sun while there and will continue online. While going through our vacation pictures I thought you might be interested in one specific shot. During our vacation stay we had to pass two ugly towers located right next to the road. We had to pass by over and over every day and often during some late night hours. Both properties were surrounded by high walls with heavy barb wire rolled on top. During nights both these structures were lid up by heavy, bright spot light beams. The overall appearance was plain scary and ugly. We could not see any heavy armed patrol guards out in the open but we assumed the guards were inside looking out of the watch towers and probably pointing heavy guns. Every time when passing we sped up due to some fear. Later we were told these were not prisons as we had long suspected but these properties are used for cell phone transmission. No matter what, these disgusting looking structures were positioned in a completely wrong location right on the road where dozens and dozens of tourists had to pass each and every hour.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Evolution
    “Davin and I came over to borrow your saw,” Glen said. “We’re going to do some work on Melody’s art gallery.” “Where is Melody and Baby Grayson?” I asked. “She’s across the street teaching an art class at Crazy Canucks. She has Grayson with her.” “How is that new baby doing?” “He’s fat,” Glen said. “And big.” “He sure is big,” Davin told me. “But I don’t think he’s as big as I was when I was that old.” “You’re nine years old aren’t you?” “Yes.” “When I was your age I was already thirteen years old,” I told him. “Hunh?”

    Letter to the Editor: Feed Crocodiles is Illegal
    Dear Editor and the Community of Ambergris Caye, When I first came to Ambergris Caye in 2008, crocodiles were illegally being fed at WASA Lagoon, endangering the lives of the local community, tourists, as well as the crocodiles. With the collaboration of multiple people and organizations such as the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES), the Belize Forest Department and Wildlife Officer, the local police, and positive support and interaction with the island community, this illegal act successfully ended. However, it has come to my attention, as well as the attention of ACES and the Belize Wildlife Officer, that a new, young, generation of boys are taking tourists to WASA Lagoon to perform “crocodile feeding shows.” Additionally, we have also become aware that tourists are themselves going out to WASA Lagoon to entice the wild crocodiles with chicken and other bait, believing it is ok to feed the wildlife. It is now time for the community of Ambergris Caye to come together again and continue the education to fellow Belizeans and tourists that it is illegal and dangerous to feed the wildlife on the island, particularly the crocodiles. As the Vice Regional Chair of Latin America for the International Union for Conservation and Nature/Species Survival Commission of the Crocodile Specialist Group, I have encountered throughout Latin America (as well as internationally) the harm feeding crocodiles illegally causes for the local communities.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, May 10, 2015: First: 5022 Second: 4210 Third: 5953 Missing: 6, 7, 8

    U.S. Embassy’s 2015 Mother’s Day Message
    Belmopan - As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month in Belize we honor the women in our lives and around the globe who are mothers, grandmothers, and those who serve in the role of mothers. Today and every day, we are grateful for the women whose strength and resilience keep our families and communities together. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the health challenges mothers face – challenges that in too many low and middle-income countries make it difficult for women to preserve their own health, safely give birth to healthy babies, or ensure their child lives beyond their fifth birthday. Today, Belize has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in Central America. HIV/AIDS impacts women’s health in Belize – there are approximately 16,000 women living with HIV/AIDS in Belize. Around the world, more than 40 young women are newly infected with the virus every hour, and it is the leading cause of death and disease in women of reproductive age in sub-Saharan Africa. Childbirth takes the lives of 289,000 women each year, robbing them and their child of what should be one of the most joyous moments in their lives. While the statistics are alarming, the U.S. government, in close partnership with the people and Government of Belize, is working to secure a better future for mothers, mothers-to-be, and newborns.

    The Reporter

    Man plunges to death while working
    Emilio Chan, 50, a construction worker, plunged to his death while working on a roof in Patchakan Village, Corozal at around 8:30 Saturday morning. Chan reportedly slipped and fell, and suffered a severe cut to the head and he was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital but died that same morning.

    Man shot to death in Ladyville
    Daniel Trapp, 60, a resident of Egbert Quilter Street, Ladyville was shot and killed early Saturday morning. Police discovered Trapp’s body at around 9:20 a.m Saturday on Dawn Road about 15 feet from its intersection with Perez Road. Police say Trapp was found lying on his back with a gunshot wound to the chest. Police have detained a man pending charges.

    Belizean manatee researcher featured in WWF magazine
    Jamal Galves, a manatee researcher and expert has received international attention through a feature article by the World Wildlife Fund’s magazine. The magazine picked up Galves’ story from he was a child growing up in Gales Point Manatee Village. It states that Galves would frequently “stand on his grandparents’ lawn … and watch the stately beings swim through the lagoon. He spent lazy afternoons sitting on the dock, dreaming of one day being able to work with the gentle herbivores. And before he was a teen, his dream became a reality.” Galves was only 12 years old when he caught the attention of a field research team, led by renowned manatee conservationist, Dr. James Powell. The team visited Belize every summer to tag and track manatees and that year they took the young Galves on their boat “to observe”. That experience helped to mold Galves’ career. He eagerly anticipated the team’s return every year and helped out. Today, he is the coordinator of the Belize Manatee Project Program for the Sea to Shore Alliance, which protects and conserves coastal ecosystems and species.

    Man shot dead in Belize City
    Belize City police are investigsting the murder of a man on Vernon Street on Sarurday night. Information reaching The Reporter is that Kagel Young was walking on Vernon Street around 10 p.m. when another man approached him and shot him. Young died before he reached the Karl Hrusner Memorial Hospital. The police press office has not yet released any details of this incident.

    The Belize Times

    Bring on the 13th Senator! – Francis takes Dean Barrow to Court
    Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca is on a mission to restore Belize’s democracy which has come under serious threat and is corroding fast with the United Democratic Party and Dean Barrow at the helm. Hon. Francis has filed a claim before the Supreme Court in which he is seeking an order for Prime Minister Dean Barrow to bring into force Sections 7 and 9 of the Sixth Constitutional Amendment which was passed in 2010. Those sections introduced the legal basis for the appointment of a 13th Senator, which had been promised by Dean Barrow as Opposition/UDP Leader in his 2008 Manifesto, as part of a series of measures offering greater accountability and transparency. But Barrow had a change of mind once he became Prime Minister. His promises turned out to be pure political rhetoric. “It ain't going to happen,” Barrow arrogantly told the media in August 2010, even though the Non-Government Organisations had already elected outspoken Mayan leader Greg Ch’oc as their choice for Senator.

    18 Year Old Killed in ‘Suga City’
    The murder of 18 year old Derrick Romero on Wednesday April 6th morning is the nation’s 49th murder and the 5th violent homicide for Orange Walk Town. Romero and his friends were socialising in the yard of their residence, an apartment complex located on Sittee River Street in the Louisiana Area, when an armed man turned up riding a bicycle, stood outside the house gate and fired a hail of bullets at them. The gunman then ran away, leaving behind terror. While Romero’s friends scattered away and escaped injury, the teenager was critically wounded and remained motionless on the ground. According to Police officials, Romero was shot four times, in his shoulder, back, abdomen and neck. He was rushed to the hospital but passed away about an hour later. Authorities continue to investigate what could have triggered this violent attack. So far they have not detained anyone for questioning.

    Facey Tracey! – Court docs raise questions about her integrity!
    Before Tracy Taegar-Panton is endorsed by the United Democratic Party as the UDP’s candidate in the Albert Division, the voters should be aware of certain things. In 2013, Ms. Jonelle Hemmans sued the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). Ms. Hemmans had been put in charge of a European Union (EU) funded tourism project by the BTB. Ms. Hemmans filed a lawsuit against the BTB in which she claimed that she had declined to have the EU project rent a Taegar family-owned building on Regent Street for the project. In her claim, Ms. Hemmans said she had pointed out to Mrs. Tracy Taegar-Panton and the Board that under the EU project guidelines it would have been a conflict of interest to rent Tracy’s mother’s building. Ms. Hemmans was afterwards fired from the project and from the BTB. In her claim, Mrs. Hemmans said that Mrs. Tracy Taegar-Panton shouted that she, Hemmans, was making Mrs. Taegar-Panton “freaking frustrated”. The BTB was obliged to pay out to Ms. Hemmans a whopping $110, 625.76 with interest at $14.24 per day, plus lawyer’s fees.

    Boots Gets $100,000 per week for the disabled!!
    A major scandal in the Government Ministry headed by Anthony Boots Martinez has been exposed. According to official data from the Budget book, Boots’ Ministry has been getting millions of dollars to directly support disabled persons in our society with financial assistance, but there is no evidence that this has been occurring. The 2014/2015 Budget shows that Boots’ Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation was allotted $5.5 MILLION to be spent as financial grants to persons with disabilities for that year. The data also indicated that $4.5 MILLION was proposed for each of the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. Based on the 2014 budget, Boots’ Ministry would be getting about $100,000 per week to spend on the disabled.

    Think about it
    Major Lloyd Jones of the Belize Defense Force has taken up a new challenge. He takes an unprecedented step as the standard bearer for the Peoples United Party in the Belize Rural North Constituency. This is a major move. Major for the PUP, major for the people in the Belize River Valley area and major for Belize. It comes on the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of Maxwell Samuels, a former Police Commissioner and three times elected representative for the area. Max would have been beaming with pride to have seen Lloyd, another disciplined son of the soil, offer himself to represent the good people of the constituency. Since retiring from the military (in Belize military officers retire at the early age of 35) Major Jones has distinguished himself in every field of undertaking. Lloyd became the Commissioner of the Port Authority regulating boating and marine activities for the country. The Major is also highly trained in shipping and harbor matters.

    Requiem for a hero
    News of the death of former mayor of Belize City David Fonseca came as a shock to not only the citizens whom he served for almost two decades in Belize City; but to the entire country and indeed, many in the international diplomatic corp. To say that David Fonseca was a “well-liked politician” would be understating things quite a bit. Born William Henry David Fonseca, the man who was known to many simply as “David” served as mayor of Belize’s largest municipality for a record sixteen years. He was the first mayor to be directly elected and oversaw significant transformation in how the city is governed. Under his watch, the city got its first City Manager, its first Financial Manager and its first fully staffed Traffic Department. He oversaw significant developments and applications in the area of sanitation and left Belize City cleaner and more modern than ever. Unfortunately, David Fonseca was caught up in the political upheaval of 2004/2005 and left City Hall in 2006 under a cloud of controversy. Shortly after the municipal elections of 2006 that saw David finally losing after winning a record three consecutive terms, in-coming Mayor Zenaida Moya embarked on a smear campaign and proceeded to dig up anything that she could find to tarnish her predecessor’s name and legacy. She expended much effort in trying to convince the then Director of Public Prosecutions Kirk Anderson to charge David Fonseca for anything that he possibly could. In November of 2006, the DPP in a letter to the City Council informed Moya that “…no criminal charges or charges are warranted against ex-mayor Fonseca for any offense, vis-à-vis the complaint which has been made against him by your office.” The propaganda was effective however, and many who should have known better, loaned their voices to chorus of condemnation. David Fonseca had always insisted that the money spent under the social assistance program was not for his personal gain but to assist the poor. David was also, never one to turn anyone away because they did not belong to a preferred political party. Unlike the arrogant and pompous ass now serving in that office, David Fonseca was a people’s person and a special kind of politician.

    Verdes FC & Bandits – clash in Premier League finals
    Verdes FC of Benque Viejo and the defending champs Belmopan Bandits will meet for the Premier League football closing season championship finals at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan on Thursday night, May 7. Verdes FC closed the playoffs with 11 points after submitting the Belize Defence Force to a 5-1 beat-down at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Sunday. BDF Carlton “Fubu” Thomas gave teammate Leon Cadle his first break at goal, but Cadle choked; and Osmar Duran did no better on 2 tries from point blank range. Verdes’ Najib Guerra tested BDF’s goalie Tevin Gamboa with a long range shot, and Jamil Cano’s shot drained over the crossbar. The BDF won a free kick and Verdes’ goalie Benito Moreira denied Vallan Symns’ attempt to score off the set piece.

    Guydis Canoe wins Happy Cow Canoe Race
    The Guydis Canoe, paddled by Chris Guydis, Wilberto and Kenrick Daniels, won the 10th annual Happy Cow canoe race from the Iguana Creek Bridge to the National Agricultural and Trade Show grounds on Saturday. Here are the top ten finishers: 1st overall/1st male – Guydis Canoes – $150 prize 2nd overall/2nd male – Belize Bank Bulldogs (Armin Lopez, Bayron Cruz) – $75 prize 3rd overall/1st Intramural – Guardz (Elvis Sutherland, Dercy Haylock, Glenford Sutherland) – $150 prize 4th overall/1st Mixed Family – (Milenie and Clayton Cabb, Eric Cano) – $150 prize 5th overall/1st Pleasure category – “Weh Dem Deh” (Daniel Harris, Jesus Cruz, Fernando Cruz) – $150 prize 6th overall/1st Juniors – N.I.C.H. (Mark Jimenez, Alex Cruz, Armando Lopez) $150 prize 7th overall/1st Solos – Western Home Supplies (Amado Cruz) – $150 prize

    Cattouse Cyclists Dominate Cancun Race
    The Cattouse family of the C-Ray Road Addikz team dominated the Cedral Cycling Classic in Cozumel, Quintana Roo on Sunday, May 3. Brandon Cattouse won the Elite category, his sister Kaya Cattouse won the Female race and their father, Ray Cattouse won the Masters B category of the race, while Giovanni Lovell of the Digicell 4G team won the U-23 race. Brandon Cattouse clocked 2:37:07 as he won the 60 mile elite race, edging out Byron Pope of the Benny’s megabytes team who finished second in 2:37:08. Mexican rider Jesus Antonio Frutos was 3rd in 2:37:09; Jose Cuellar Samos was 4th and Belizean Phillip Leslie of the Benny’s Megabytes team was 5th. Luis Avila Balam was 6th and Luis Gonzales Lopez was 7th, Edgar Espinosa finished 8th.

    Make land available for the people
    Dear Editor, Thousands of residents of Port Loyola are in desperate need of land to build their homes, where they can make a living. The following steps should therefore be taken to address the severe shortage of land for the residents of the division. 1) 1,000 house lots should be made available for the residents of Port Loyola from Belize City to mile 23 on the George Price Highway 2) Private landowners should be compensated for large tracks of undeveloped land in the area undeveloped land, and swamp areas should be filled to make house lots available for the people ** Priority should be given to first time land owners **After 15 years of UDP neglect the people deserve better in Port Loyolaand swamp land should be filled to make house lots available for the people.

    PUP Mourns Passing of Stalwart Mrs. Eloisa Trujeque
    It is with profound sadness that the People’s United Party records the passing of our dear friend and member of the National Executive, Mrs. Eloisa Trujeque. Mrs. Eloisa was an outstanding and dignified Belizean woman whose life was one of public service. Her contributions in the areas of Education and Unionism will never be forgotten. She touched and changed many lives through her dedicated work as an educator and was a longstanding and leading figure in her much beloved Belize National Teachers Union. We in the PUP will, of course, also miss her tireless love and commitment for her Party and in particular the people of Mesopotamia where she lived and worked for so many years.

    The Major Reports to Duty! – PUP introduces Major Lloyd Jones as Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North
    The People’s United Party clearly demonstrated why it is offering better leadership and is poised to become the next Government with Monday’s unveiling of Major (Retired) Lloyd Jones as its Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North. Major Jones, a retired high-ranked military officer in the Belize Defense Force, has entered the political race to clear away the failed and embattled UDP candidate Edmond Castro who currently sits as a lame-duck representative in Belize Rural North constituency. Major Jones said that after two terms of the UDP in Belize Rural North, the people have not seen meaningful improvement. He pointed out that communities in the rural division are among the most fertile for agro-production in the country, yet there is no agriculture programme to boost the capacity and potential of farmers. He also mentioned that there has been no infrastructure development, and even proper potable water systems continue to evade the people. “The people of Belize Rural North clearly do not matter to the UDP, but they matter to us in the PUP,” he remarked.

    Gapi can’t run nor hide!
    UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega hung his head low as he walked out of the Chief Justice’s chambers this morning. Vega didn’t get what he wanted as Chief Justice Honourable Kenneth Benjamin rejected attempts by his attorney, Rodwell Williams, to amend Court documents submitted in their claim against Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes Jr. Reports were that Vega was hoping that the Court’s exempt him from attending the proceedings. The Court ruled however that both parties make themselves present at every Court date. Vega, who is also the UDP area representative for Orange Walk North, claims that he was defamed by “Monchi”, who is the PUP’s representative for Orange Walk North. But Cervantes has denied those claims.

    WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – Antonio Soberanis Gomez
    In 1988 Cubola Productions of Benque Viejo del Carmen published a seminal text on Belizean history. I still believe that this is one of the very best volumes of Belizean history that has been produced. It is called “Colonialism and Resistance in Belize,” and was written by O. Nigel Bolland, then Professor of Sociology at Colgate University in New York. Chapter 8 is titled “The Labour Movement and the Genesis of Modern Politics in Belize.” I consider this chapter in particular to be essential reading for any student of our modern history. In the early 1930’s labour conditions in the colony of British Honduras were deplorable, leading to horrible living conditions for a great majority of the people countrywide. “Dependancy on rations, inferior food, low wages, the absence of medical attention and the prevalence of medical problems associated with malnutrition, and poor and insanitary accommodations” were the order of the day. And there was no legal recourse. Conditions kept deteriorating, but the Governor rejected proposals to legalize trade unions and to institute a minimum wage and sickness insurance. Bolland tells us that officials only began to change their tune after “labourers had forcefully demonstrated their discontent and determination in a series of meetings, demonstrations, strikes, petitions and riots.”

    Eulogy for David W. Fonseca
    Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” William David Fonseca, affectionately known as “Dave,” embodied all of this and so much more. He was born in Belize City on May 1st, 1954 to Rafael and Gertrude Fonseca. He attended Holy Redeemer Primary School and graduated from St. John’s College in 1972. He started his working career at Barclay’s Bank shortly after leaving school, a successful career which took him to Antigua at which time he served in a senior supervisory capacity. In 1988, David entered electoral politics as a Belize City Councillor candidate on the People’s United Party slate. He was elected and would eventually serve three terms as Mayor of Belize City, making history as the first directly-elected Mayor. He was responsible for tremendous infrastructure development and social growth throughout Belize City.

    Oh, what a wicked act!
    The Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015 was rushed through the National Assembly on March 27th 2015. There has been strong opposition to this piece of legislation from the Unions, Churches, Business Community and Activists. The Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party Honorable Francis Fonseca has called the Barrow Law both “scandalous” and “unconstitutional”. He has also given Prime Minister Barrow an ultimatum to have this sordid law abrogated. Short of this, appropriate action will be taken. Senator Mark Lizarraga for the Business Community declared that the Barrow Law will undermine the effect of Transparency and Accountability in the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act of 2005 which its subsequent amendment at 2010 sought to achieve. The Finance and Audit (Reform) Act established with clarity that the Petrocaribe Fund should form a part of the Consolidated Review Fund. Section 3 (1) of the Act states: Pursuant to Section 114 (1) of the Belize Constitution, all revenues or other money raised or received by Belize…shall be paid into and form part of one Consolidated Revenue Fund. Furthermore, there is not an existing law which makes provision that it should or can “be kept in a special account at the Central Bank of Belize…” as the Barrow Administration is doing.

    Roaring Creek Village takes a stand against gambling
    Roaring Creek Village Council Chairman Jervis Banner and the Village Council have taken swift action against business establishments that engage in gambling as a counter measure to the level of crime in the community. There have been three murders in the village since the year started; all of them the result of gun violence. This is a major concern for the Council and they have committed to deal with the conditions that lead to social deviance. As a result, one of the first decisions by the Council was to prohibit gaming establishments. Two gaming machine establishments have been closed. One of them was found to have been operating improperly in the community for a few days. It had begun operating without the consent of Chairman Banner. The other has been operating for some time, but the Council has taken the decision not to allow the business to continue. “We do not believe that it is in the best interest of the community to have those kinds of businesses operating. There has been too much crime activity and we need to deal with that as a matter of priority,” Banner told the BELIZE TIMES.

    Court dismisses case against Albert Vaughan
    It won’t be described as a landmark case by any of the so-called “independent” media houses and in fact will be ignored by some, but the Court’s decision on Wednesday to dismiss the criminal trial against media personality Albert Vaughan is a major victory for the fourth estate. Vaughan is a radio show host and contributor to this newspaper. On August 4th Vaughan, equipped with his work tool, a camera, was doing his job at a protest carried out by angry sanitation workers. The Police showed up and told the protesters to clear the way. When they didn’t they detained everyone on site, including Vaughan. It appears the Police, who often times don’t understand their own jobs, don’t fully comprehend the role and rights of members of the media. Or perhaps, there were political motives behind Vaughan’s arrest. We note that when we had asked the Prime Minister, at a press conference a day after, whether his instructions to the Police to release the sanitation workers also included Vaughan, he indicated that he offered no such reprieve.

    Hon. Francis Condemns Barrow’s Attack on Father Noel Leslie
    Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has condemned Prime Minister Dean Barrow for his attacks on Senator Father Noel Leslie who voted against the Petrocaribe Loan Bill at the Senate meeting held on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. Barrow, in his usual slick style and language, attempted to demean Father Leslie at a press conference on Wednesday, April 29th. Barrow accused Father Leslie of misleading the position of the Church on the Bill. “That seems to have been an individual vote on the part of Father Leslie… [I]was made clear that nobody gave Father Leslie that instruction,” commented Barrow when asked about the Senator’s vote. At the last Senate meeting Father Leslie preceded his vote announcement by lamenting that the Bill had not been presented in a transparent manner and that it was undermining the democratic process by not allowing proper debate and discussion. He also indicated that the Bill, which dealt with the borrowing and spending of $280 million, did not contain a plan of how the money would be spent. Senator Leslie, who represents the Church, voted against the bill, along with the Business Community Senator Mark Lizarraga and Opposition Senators Lisa Shoman, Patrick Andrews and Anthony Sylvestre Jr.

    Andy and Shyne
    I’ve been thinking about two artists recently Andy Palacio and Moses Michael Levi (born Jamal Barrow) aka Shyne, both Belizean, but that is where the similarity ends. Two days ago Dean the father of Moses announced that he was going to use Petro money to build a church for the church leaders. The Prime Minister’s smile reminded me of his son’s lyric from the Bad Boys song, Bling bling, it’s a Bad Boy thing Bullets heat-seekin, streep sweepin, with an evil grin In late 2007 Andy Palacio walks up the red cliffs of Barranco. International and Belize media trail him. A hyped up pack of friends and fans follow him to where his mother is seated. Palacio is formally conferred UNESCO Artist for Peace by Culture Minister Francis Fonseca. His acceptance speech is short, he decides to sing and then dance in a circle of older women. That same year Stonetree Records from Benque Viejo released Watina, which like a rocket shot up to # 1 on the World Music Charts. Andy and producer Ivan Duran are awarded the World Music Expo Award (WOMEX). In his acceptance speech Andy said,

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Shooting Incident in Ladyville Claims 1 Life
    Yesterday morning around 9:20 am, police responded to a shooting incident on Dawn Road about fifteen feet from its intersection with Perez Road in Ladyville Village where they discovered 60-year-old Daniel Alexander Trapp lying on his back with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Trapp was immediately rushed to the […]

    Man dies after falling off roof in Corozal
    Yesterday around 9:00 am in the morning, Corozal Police visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw 50 year old Emilio Chan, a construction worker of Patchakan Village with a cut wound to the head. Initial investigation revealed that Chan was working on a roof when he slipped and fell to […]

    Body Discovered in Mopan River is of Hispanic Man
    At about 1:35 p.m today, police were called to a scene on the Mopan River bank in San Jose Succotz, Cayo District where they discovered the lifeless body of a Hispanic male person. Police are not able to retrieve the body from the river until they receive instructions from the forensic […]

    Man’s Body Found Floating in Mopan River in San Jose Succotz Village
    We have received reports that the body of a man was discovered floating in the Mopan River in San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District. Police have not retrieved the body from the Mopan River and have not ascertained if the man drowned or if it is foul play. We […]

    Retired American Soldier Missing in Belize
    Information reaching our news desk is that a retired American soldier went missing in San Ignacio on May 1st 2015. According to reports, Kenroy Myvette of Georgeville Village, Cayo reported to police that he dropped his friend, 54-year-old Brian Moliere on Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town and since then, he […]

    Murder in Roaring Creek
    On May 8th around 7 pm, Belmopan Police discovered the lifeless body of 16 year old Glasford Thomas in the Roaring River area which is located about 3 miles off the George Price Highway in Camalote Village, Cayo District. According to Police report, the body was found about 15 feet […]

    1 Dead After Shooting in Belize City
    News reaching our news desk is indicating that a man was shot last night in Belize City just before 10 o’clock. According to reports, the shooting happened on a street off Vernon Street in the South Side of Belize City. The shooting has claimed the life of 1 young man […]


    An Afternoon At Xunantunich
    Xunantunich is my favourite Mayan ruin and it is not because it is one of the most popular archeological sites in Belize or because it is very near to my hometown of San Ignacio. It is because it brings good memories: memories of lonely hikes on Sundays, memories of me taking friends there, memories of how peaceful it is to be on top of El Castillo during early mornings or late afternoons. When I was in Belize in January it was an obligatory trip. It is free for Belizeans to visit on Sundays so of course I did the trip on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Xunantunich is located in San Jose Succotz, one of the villages that neighbours Guatemala and is a 15 minute drive from San Ignacio. The site is not big and it took me a little over an hour to leisurely see it all. It can be done without a tour guide but it’s recommended to hire a guide if you want to hear in-dept facts about its fascinating history. A hand-cranked ferry takes you across to Xunantunich The entrance of Xunantunich. Here you can see the Visitor Center on the right These kids were playing tag, and soon after they started playing soccer with a plastic bottle used as a ball

    International Sourcesizz

    How Tulum Became the Williamsburg of Mexico
    Last month, my friend Juliet flew to Mexico to meet me in Tulum. On the airplane to Cancún, she ran into four Tulum-bound New Yorkers she knew, one of whom was coincidentally seated next to her. (They talked business.) Upon arrival, she split a van with the five New Yorkers she’d intended to meet there, drove the 80 miles from Cancún to Tulum, then unpacked at Papaya Playa, a resort where you can do yoga on a surfboard in the ocean — and ran into four more New Yorkers she knew. She even ran into one New Yorker she didn’t know — but whose purple ombré hair she recognized from her stylist’s Instagram — at the hotel’s breakfast, on the beach, and when she wandered onto the wrong cabana’s porch and intruded on an intimate moment between Purple Ombré and her boyfriend. “I can’t believe we came all the way from New York so you could have awkward run-ins with the same people you run into there,” I marveled. By the end of her stay, she could have drafted multiple football teams with all the New Yorkers she’d hung out with on the beach. Tulum is the last stop in the tourism-friendly region of Mexico known as the Riviera Maya, a stretch of coast that includes beaches, jungles, and Mayan ruins. Driving south along the coast from Cancún, it’s as far as you can go before hitting the Sian Ka’an biosphere, a nature preserve the size of Rhode Island. Tulum is, then, as far from Cancún as you can be while still being in spitting distance on Cancún — the ultimate spot for those seeking an easy, cost-effective trip to Mexico but would rather die than be seen at Señor Frogs. And just as sororities seem to uproot and wholly relocate themselves, every spring, to Cancún, all of Williamsburg seems to have transported itself to Tulum this year. If Williamsburg is the frat house of trend-whore Brooklyn, then Tulum is our Cancún.


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