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May 31, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Congratulations to our new Miss Chiquitita 2015 - 2016, Killianie Sosa
Killianie was sponsored by Gaby's Construction and won over the judges in the pageant held May 30th.

The Coconut Telegraph in San Pedro doesn’t hold water
As the for sale sign was posted at Saga Humane Society on Sea Star Street early Saturday morning, the rumor mill in San Pedro dubbed the “coconut telegraph” was so hot it nearly caught flames. Speculation that Saga Humane Society was for sale circulated, as did its’ potential closing for most of the day until Saga issued a Facebook post and a release to the media that all is well for Saga Humane Society and that expansion is on the horizon, not closure. Saga Humane Society Board Member Kevin Smith commented, “No Saga is not for sale, and No Saga is not closing its doors. We were notified by the landlord that she and her partner have made the decision to sell the property for personal reasons. We have good open communication with the landlord and the real estate company and will have plenty of time to make arrangements for all of the animals that we will continue to care for”. The sale of the property on Sea Star Street may be just what the doctor ordered for Saga Humane Society who has been working on a strategic plan which includes a new building to house the clinic operations and the shelter animals all under one roof with advanced equipment and diagnostics.

2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast: “Below Average”
With the 2015 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season starting on Monday, June 1st, meteorologists are predicting a historical below average activity. A total of nine named storms, five hurricanes and one major hurricane are expected this season, with the first storm name already used. Tropical Storm Anna developed Friday, May 8th and was the first pre-season development of the 2015 Hurricane Season. The forecasts were prepared by the Weather Channel Professional Division, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Colorado State University (CSU), and all stated below average hurricane activity for 2015. Out of the predicted storms, only one is expected to attain ‘major’ status. According to the forecast, the moderate strength of the El Niño phenomenon and a relatively cool tropical Atlantic condition is attributing to the expected low activity. “Both the dynamical models and our proprietary statistical models suggest a relatively quiet tropical season this year,” stated Meteorologist Doctor Todd Crawford of The Weather Channel Professional Division.

Minister Manuel Heredia clarifies questions surrounding Hol Chan Marine Reserve Expansion
Following years of lobbying by marine environmentalists on Ambergris Caye, the expansion of Hol Chan Marine Reserve was approved by Cabinet and inaugurated in a grand celebration on February 25, 2015. But shortly after the celebrations, news broke out that the Statutory Instrument (SI) was still being reviewed by the Attorney General. Thirty days later, the SI remained unsigned, leading to the belief that the expansion was not yet official. Since that controversy, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation and Area Representative Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. went on the record to clarify the allegation and confirm that the expansion is official. “When we inaugurated the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve it was already official. Yes the document was still being reviewed by the Attorney General but only to ensure that it does not contravene any other law. Honorable Lisel Alamilla (Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development) signed the SI shortly after the ceremony with my support,” said Heredia. According to Heredia the confusion was blown out of proportion without reason. “Once the relevant Minister placed their signature on the SI and it was gazetted, then it became official. The Attorney General advises on the legalities and wording of the SI to ensure that everything is in proper order. It doesn’t need his signature to make it a done deal. This is what caused the confusion,” said Heredia.

SPTD initiates tint removal from vehicle windows
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) conducted the removal of tints from taxi vehicle windows on Tuesday, May 26th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sports Arena. The activity started at 8AM and ended around 5PM. The measure came into effect after recent incidents in which taxi drivers’ safety has been jeopardized. According to Freddy Gonzalez, foreman at SPTC, this initiative is also aimed at getting anyone on the island that has a vehicle with tinted windows to remove it. “We are doing this for the safety of not only the taxi drivers, but everyone on the island. We encouraged everyone who has their vehicle windows tinted to cooperate and have the tints removed,” said Gonzalez.

Placencia hosts 3rd Annual Sailing Regatta
On Saturday, May 23rd and Sunday, May 24th, young sailors from across the country converged at Placencia Village for the Third Annual Placencia Sailing Regatta. The regatta saw the participation of 15 sailors from five of the country’s top sailing clubs. Despite inclement weather conditions, this was the Belize Sailing Associations (BzSA) second National ranking sailing regatta that determines the sailors who will participate in the National Champions Regatta (BIZ15) at the end of the sailing season. The participating clubs included the Belize Sea Scouts (BSS), Belize City Sailing Club (BCSC), Corozal Bay Sailing Club (CBSC), Placencia Sailing Club (PSC) and the San Pedro Racers (SPR).

San Pedro supports World No Tobacco Day 2015
May 31st is observed as World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) to highlight the health risks associated with the use of tobacco based products. This year, events are being held under the theme “Stop illicit trade of tobacco products”. The theme calls for countries to work together in implementing regulations and advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. While there are no scheduled activities for San Pedro Town, National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) representative Kristina Romero is encouraging everyone to observe the day by not smoking. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is also inviting the public to join in commemorating WNTD 2015. This year, all district offices of the NDACC will convene at the Belize City office on Amara Avenue to celebrate the day with a community information fair focusing on the negative effects of tobacco consumption and the health of our communities. NDACC encourages the public to visit the information fair and participate in the activities. Information will be available on the harmful effects of Tobacco, second-hand Smoking and the work that the MOH is doing in the area of policy development and creation of smoke free areas. The fair is aimed at raising awareness on the health, economic and social impact of the illicit trade of tobacco products due to increased accessibility and affordability.21 World No Tobacco Day-1

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

LICA Teacher Orientation Session
Today, we held a meeting with all the LICA teachers in Belmopan to share the idea and philosophy of LICA. The session is one of many training sessions. By September 2015, the teachers will be ready to deliver to the children of La Isla Cariñosa Caye Caulker. I don't believe in getting teachers and simply throw them into a classroom in September, absolutely not; they need a full orientation and need to be fully prepared to work with our Caye Caulker children, administration, parents, and community. September 2015, you will see new faces of educators on Caye Caulker. It was an interesting session. At the introduction, I sensed their nervousness. They mentioned that they have heard a lot about me from their professors and that I had high expectations in the education field, that I am "tough" and demand high quality. My response was, with our Belizean children, they deserve nothing less than high quality. During the presentation, they were inspired by the idea of LICA. One teacher, during the presentation asked, "Is it really possible to have that kind of school in Belize." My response was, "Certainly." The idea of this school exist in developed countries and I have personally visited in the USA and in Europe. The idea is not one created in my mind. The idea exists in countries genuinely concerned about the delivery of quality education to their children. These country hold strong policies in the interest of children align with the Convention of the Rights of a Child policy. Although Belize may not enforce these policies, LICA will ensure we deliver quality and meet the standards compared to international educational institutions.

Freak accident takes the life of Xaibe resident
A man from Xaibe village succumbed to injuries sustained in a freak traffic incident. Information to our newsroom is that the man was sleeping under the truck, when his partner drove off, dragging the man in his trail.. More in our monday newscast..

Channel 7

Just To Get By
For the past month, Belize City resident Caroline Hamilton and her family have been having a very bad go of it after their house burnt down on Aloe Vera Street Extension. She's been going around trying to seek assistance to build a new home, and since she's not having much luck, she and her common-law husband have been forced to live in the remains of what used to be her home. That's below any standard of living, and today, our news team visited them to see firsthand what they've had to endure just to avoid sleeping on the street. Daniel Ortiz has that report: Caroline Hamilton - Fire Victim "I don't have anywhere to live with my kids. The situation is, I live in a frame that used to be my home." Daniel Ortiz reporting That's this bit of charred remains. It once was the home of Caroline Hamilton, her 3 kids, and her common-law husband. Now, it's just a frame made of burnt wood, structurally unstable and ready to collapse at any moment.

PUP Rep Breaks Party Line, Says Yes To Petro-C
The PUP's Ivan Ramos is in trouble with his party tonight - that's because the Dangriga Representative broke the party line and accepted Petrocaribe monies. 7News has obtained a signed letter from Ramos to the Prime Minister dated Wednesday May 27th in which he expresses his support for, quote, "the Petrocaribe arrangements and the benefits the nation is deriving therefrom" end quote. Ramos then goes unto ask for the $25,000 dollars that the Prime Minister offered to opposition representatives in April. Here's what the PM said at the conference on the 29th:.. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "May I tell you that I've been approached by a PUP representative asking for a share of the Mother's Day Christmas Cheer?" Crowd "Which one?" Hon. Dean Barrow "I'm not calling any names. I'm not calling the man's name. I told him, I can give you, but I have to make it public. Let me offer to all of them $25,000 each, as part of - Man, even though they are quarrelling with us, everybody must enjoy Petrocaribe, and their constituents, they have mothers too. They can get $25,000 for each representative, but they need to work that out with Francis and Julius."

Flare Up At Southern Border Between Bze Coast Guard & Guat Navy
< Relations between Belize and Guatemala are uneasy tonight - and that's because there were a pair of tense confrontations between the Guatemalan Navy and the Belize National Coast Guard in the Sarstoon yesterday. Once again, the Guatemalan Navy accused Belizeans on Sarstoon island of being within Guatemalan Territory. Except, in this case, it wasn't the Belize Territorial Volunteers, but a coast Guard Patrol which was on the island, which is squarely within Belizean territory. Here's what happened: the Coast Guard personnel were on Sarstoon Island doing reconnaissance on Thursday morning when a Guatemalan Naval patrol pulled up to inquire what they were doing in the area. Prior to this, the Guatemalan naval vessel was making some aggressive maneuvers in the river. So, it made things even more testy. Now, the Belize Guatemala southern border is defined as the deepest channel in the Sarstoon river south of the island, meaning that anyone on the island is squarely in Belize. Armed with that knowledge the Coast Guard Commander told them that they - the Guatemalans - were the ones making an incursion into Belize and they should go back. The Guatemalans retreated, but returned in the afternoon with two vessels and the confrontation played out again.

The Body 2000 Takedown By City Hall
Body 2000 - it's the largest and most popular gym in Belize City - and sports all the posh clientele, from the Prime Minister and his wife, to the northside nouveau riche. But this afternoon, those getting in their Friday workout were told by police that they had to pack up and go home - because the gym was bring closed by order of the city council. The receptionist was handed a letter and stiff instruction to close down the gym or she could be arrested. Why? Well, IT seems that the owner didn't pay his 2015 trade license - and so City Hall moved in with police enforcement. One of the gym regulars who was caught mid-rep is activist Geovanni Bracket. He told us why he was upset:.. "I was shocked today when I came here. When I got off work a bit early and when I came here to find out to see a bunch of police officers I'm not sure if they had guns or anything but they came really like they just frightened the young

Caught With Weed Four Years Ago, Get 3 Years in Jail
30 year-old Kent Nunez, 29 year-old Jason Phillips, and 35 year-old Richard Smith are spending their first night of a 3 year sentence after they were convicted of drug trafficking before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. These men were busted 4 years ago with 17 kilos - or 38 pounds - of marijuana at the Western Border which they were trying to smuggle into Belize. A police officer testified for the prosecution that on March 16, he was at the border in Benque Viejo Town when he saw 2 men walk across from Puga's Farm to a maroon car which was parked on the highway. They had a bulky plastic bag with them, and when they arrived at the vehicle, they put it in the trunk. The police thought this behavior was suspicious and so, the vehicle was intercepted. All 3 men were in the vehicle at the time, and the bag was searched. The officers found 17.233 Kilograms - or 37.9 pounds - of marijuana in the bag, and so they were jointly charged with drug trafficking.

Tobacco Takes A Toll
Today was celebrated as world no tobacco day – where health authorities all over the world focused on the illicit trade in cigarettes – and the long list of health issues and costs brought on by tobacco use. In Belize, the National Drug Abuse Control Council took the lead with an and said that tobacco is a serious health factor in Belize:..

Blatter Reign Continues, Belize Supports
Earlier this week it seemed that the heavens would fall in the football universe after 10 senior FIFA officials were bought under indictment for corruption, money laundering and wire fraud. But tonight the FIFA firmament is intact after present Sepp Blatter was re-elected as president for a fifth term. So, where did Belize stand in all of it? Well, all the projections said that CONCACAF - which covers North, Central America and the Caribbean would fall in behind Blatter along with Africa and Asia - giving him enough to comfortably hold unto the top spot. Our information says that President of the FFB Ruperto Vicente did vote for Blatter and not for his challenger Prince Ali Bin Hussein. And while Vicente held the line - even after CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb, and his predecessor Jack Warner were indicted for corruption - he'll have his own troubles when he returns home.

18 Wheeler Takes a Plunge
There was a major accident on the rolling hills of the Hummingbird Highway this evening. It happened at about 2:30 when an 18-wheeler plunged over a cliff at around mile 26. Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt - but the trailer truck was destroyed. That particular hill is one of the steepest on the highway.

What's In a Flag
Earlier this week the amendment to the compromis was signed in Guatemala City - much to the dismay of various political parties and social commentators. But what was even more troubling to many was the distorted Belize flag they signed in front of. The coat of arms was completely out of whack and some have said Foreign Minister Elringotn should not have signed in front of it. And while that is a fair comment, we can't really criticize others for getting our flag wrong when we ourselves can't get it right even here in Belize. I'm talking about the weird skin tones of the male figure sin the coat of arms. Over the years, the light skinned figure has gone from brown to yellow. In September I examined this phenomenon:.

Capital Cop For Possession
Belmopan Police have not made any arrest for the multiple murders that occurred this week, but they have arrested one police officer for drug possession. He is Brighton Fuentes and he was found with six grams of cannabis. He has now been placed on interdiction.

Jamaican Reggae For Free
Reggae Headliners Tarrus Riley Tanya Stevens are in Belize preparing for their big show tomorrow night, but they aren't the only Jamaican musicians in Belize who want to perform for you. Up-and-coming artist Moeish is also here, she intends to work with the Blue Hole All Star Band featuring Jamaican and Belizean Musicians. She told us that she's putting on a free concert in Belize City for her first visit which coincides with her birthday:... The concert takes place on Monday at BTL Park at 7 p.m. Admission, as we said, is free.

Preparing For Prom
Winter's Night: That is the theme for Maud Williams's Prom Night 2015. The group of 4th formers has been preparing, selecting dresses, shoes and accessories for about 3 weeks - all to ensure that they have the perfect prom outfit. But, truth is, The prom almost didn't happen, and only with the help of sponsors and fund raising events - it's on right now at the Chateau Caribbean. But how did they get to this point? Based on what I found out - it was no easy task.

Major Gun Bust In Corozal
Corozal police have made a weapons bust in Carolina Village this morning, an AMC 9mm pistol containing (5) Live rounds of 9mm ammunition. And later, at about 1130 the same team visited a lot containing an abandoned house and while conducting search in a hole in the eastern side in the building they found a brown.45 pistol. And at about 4:30 Police visited an open lot in the Halls Layout area where a black in color plastic bag was found in the outskirts of Chan Chen Village was searched where a black in bag was found where upon inspection was found to contain (1) MAK 90 AK-47 Rifle

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Guatemalans In Mass Protest Over Corruption; President Molina Called On To Step Down
Mass protests against the government of President Otto Perez Molina have rocked that country for weeks, with more protests set to take place on Saturday, May 30, 2015. Many Guatemalans refer to his presidency as the most corrupt they have ever seen. The wake of corruption scandals have seen the central bank chief indicted for fraud, Vice President Roxana Baldetti resign, and key cabinet members quite or get fired. “Democracy is collapsing and therefore Otto Perez Molina must resign,” Marco Sagastume, the head of the country’s attorneys association, told reporters this week.

The Belize Times

Despite tremendous public disapproval and protests by the Opposition People’s United Party, Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington travelled to Guatemala over the long “Sovereign’s Day” holiday weekend to sign another secret document in direct relation to the unfounded Guatemalan claim. Two weeks ago, Elrington mistakenly revealed in a television news interview that he planned to travel to Guatemala, at the request of the Guatemalan Government, to approve amendments to the 2008 Compromis document, also at the request of the Guatemalan Government. This, he said, he would do without consulting the people of Belize, and without first showing the public or even the Opposition PUP, exactly what it was that he was going to sign. This incensed Belizeans and drew the Opposition’s condemnation, so much that the People’s United Party announced that it would boycott such move by the Government, ending the bi-partisan approach they had been supporting.

Armed Duo Robs M&M Engineering Office in Belize City
Police have detained one man but are looking for several others for the brazen armed robbery of M&M Engineering Consultant Limited, a construction company located at mile 2 ½ on the Phillip Goldson Highway, on Friday May 22, 2015. Video footage of the robbery shows two men entering the waiting lounge on the second floor around 3:30 in the afternoon. The men, both of creole descent, wore t-shirts and short pants. One of the men is seen pulling out a gun upon entering but concealed the weapon right after. The men mulled around the lounge before pressing the office’s buzzer and when a staff member opened it, they rushed in at gun point. Once inside the main office, the armed men held up the staff, taking their money, cell phones and other possessions.

92 illegal fields near Western Border
Agricultural Expansion in the Chiquibul Forest Satellite imagery and aerial reconnaissance shows that forest cover in adjacent Guatemala is severely fragmented. Across the border in Belize, the Chiquibul remained largely contiguous until around 1985 when agricultural encroachments were first observed in the area. Within the Chiquibul Forest (CF) there are no recognized human settlements, but an estimated 65 Guatemalan communities are found in a 45 km stretch along the adjacent Belize-Guatemala border; of which 11 immediately buffer the Chiquibul Forest. These communities are highly dependent on the natural resources found in the CF. Due to the high level of forest fragmentation in neighbouring Guatemala, local Guatemalans have been illegally harvesting the resources of the Chiquibul Forest for decades. Illegal activities include poaching, looting of Mayan ruins, illegal logging, xaté extraction, gold panning and agricultural encroachments.

Roaring Creek Men Mutilated!
The gruesome murders of two men, 28 year old Edilberto Madrid and 51 year old Steve Hyde, have shocked the residents of Roaring Creek Village and nearby communities. The men went missing on separate days. Their bodies were found on different locations, but the horrid manner in which they were killed was similar. Madrid was reported missing by his common-law wife, Julie Fernandez, on Sunday May 24th morning. His body was discovered on Tuesday morning floating in the Belize Old River, about 200 yard from the Agripino Cawich bridge in the Young Bank Area of Camalote Village. His head, two hands and feet had been severed. He also had a large cut on his body, extending from his neck to his torso, and his inner body parts had been taken out. His sister, Lioni Bejerano, was the only family member strong enough to identify the body. She said that while the family is devastated, they are thankful that they have closure.

Think About It
Sharon Fraser is the most important person in the whole nation regarding the salaries negotiation between the government and the public services unions. The massive entity called the public services is made up of two groups: the public service which consists of thousands of employees in the departments and ministries and the senior managers who are more of the management/employer category. The Police have an Association but the BDF are even less involved than the Police. They both have no say and have to take what they get. The bulk of the public officers are represented by the Public Service Union. This Union has seen its glory days. The current leadership is weak and is surrounded by quislings and persons who are compromised. There are a few leaders who are known UDP supporters and as such are not able to conscientiously serve the best interest of the many employers in the public service.

The People Must Demand Better
As we await the date for the next general elections, which by all reasonable speculations should come sooner than later, Belizean voters have serious realities to confront. Do we proceed with politics as usual; this “tyranny of structurelessness” or do we demand a better way going forward? The United Democratic Party is in their second consecutive term of office and this second term in particular, has been a politician’s dream; unlimited money to spend, no structured system of accountability and a very tame media. Given the hesitance of Belizean businesses to advertise, media houses in Belize are mostly reliant upon government advertising to meet operating costs. As a result, the media in Belize tends to tiptoe around those issues considered too controversial or which they know might raise the ire of government and result in the loss of advertisement revenues. If in doubt, check with Plus TV. In February of 2012, almost immediately after being re-elected by the narrowest of margin, Prime Minister Dean Barrow signed into effect, the restart of the Petro-Caribe program. It is a program that was originally negotiated for by the PUP government but because of resistance from Esso Standard Oil the program never really got traction. Esso at the time enjoyed a monopoly on fuel distribution in Belize and had declined to work with Venezuela, preferring instead its U.S. base of supplies. It is still a mystery how this government was able to convince super multinational Esso to close shop and hand over operations PUMA who sells strictly Venezuelan fuel. Oil companies are notorious for their insatiable greed and it is not likely that they would have simply surrendered their monopoly without some quid pro quo. The things that make you go hmmmmm…

Editorial: UNFIT TO LEAD
The road to the International Court of Justice (I.C.J) has become a risky journey for Belize, littered with I.E.D-improvised explosive devices. The doings of the current Prime Minister, his foreign minister and the government. The Prime Minister was told over one year and a half ago by Guatemala that she would no longer hold simultaneous referenda with Belize and would instead hold their bilateral referenda during their elections in September and October 2015. The Prime Minister was wrong to hold this information to himself. He had a duty to inform Belizeans and to raise it in the National Assembly for the views of the nation’s elected officials. The Guatemala Claim/I.C.J. issue is a matter of national importance. It is more important than the Prime Minister and his government. It is not their place to decide what information to withhold from the people. Ever since his slim majority in the 2012 general elections, the Prime Minister has been behaving increasingly autocratic. The list of such behavior is long and troubling. The most recent and most troubling is the revelation that for two years and six months (since 12 September 2012) the Prime Minister has been committing gross violations of the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act. He has removed almost three hundred millions dollars from the Petro Caribe funds without once adhering to the requirements of the law.

Team Digicell 4G dominates Outback Ranch circuit race
Team Digicell 4G dominated the Outback Ranch Circuit Race of 4 laps over a 20 mile circuit from the Outback Ranch at mile 30.6 to mile 33 and back to the Outback, organized by the Cycling Federation of Belize on the George Price Highway on Monday. Top 10 finishers 1st Giovanni Lovell – Team Digicell 4G 2nd Joel Borland – Team Digicell 4G 3rd Brandon Cattouse – Team C-Ray Road Addikz 4th Gregory Lovell – Team Digicell 4G 5th overall/1st Masters – Liam Stewart – Western Spirits team 6th Joslyn Chavarria – Team Digicell 4G 7th Byron Pope – Team Benny’s Megabytes 8th Philip Leslie – Team Benny’s Megabytes

St. Joseph’s RC defeats Wesley Upper 3-0 in football
The St. Joseph’s RC boys ran over the Wesley Upper school boys 3-0 in the Belize City primary schools football competition on Tuesday, with goals by Eldon “Quincy” Byrd, Bjarne “BJ” Gabourel and Sergio Andrade. The St. John Vianney RC boys got the easy bye to their 2nd win: 3-0 against the Queen Square Anglican School boys were a no show for Tuesday’s game. The Vianney boys had posted their 1st win, 3-2, against the Ebenezer Methodist School boys last Monday with 2 goals from Mikey Palacio and 1 goal by Daniel Hemmans. Ebenezer’s Marco Rojas and Trevis Flowers scored a goal apiece. In game 3, the Queen St. Baptist School boys drew 1-1 with the Salvation Army school when Eshaq King scored for Queen St., and Jaron Carcamo scored for Salvation Army.

Unitedville Rebels are Softball Champs
The Unitedville Rebels won the VIII Charles Solis Memorial softball tournament, their first ever championship in this event organized by the Belize Softball Federation and the Solis family at the “home of softball” at the Rogers’ Stadium on Sunday. The Rebels toughed it out, against the Belize Bank Bulldogs, to win the championship 7-6 as Francine Salazar struck out 2 batters, walked one, and gave up 8 hits. The Rebels got 10 hits off Bulldogs’ pitcher Hortencia Richards to score 7 runs. The Rebels won the Charles Solis Memorial cup, presented by his son, they get to hold the Cup for a year until the next tournament. Rebels’ pitcher Francine Salazar won the MVP award, and the 2nd and 3rd place winners received individual medals.

Water crisis in Gardenia and Biscayne Villages
The residents of Gardenia and Biscayne Villages deserve potable running water in their homes. The BWS water line stops in Sandhill just 1.5 miles outside of Gardenia Village and 4 miles from Biscayne Village. It will take a pittance from the Petro Caribe Fund together with villagers’ labor to extend the water line to these two villages so that they can have safe drinking water. In Biscayne Village, a villager shared that there is a water crisis. He said the wells are dried up and a water truck arrives with water, only UDP supporters get water. Just how unfair can the UDP be to the people of Gardenia and Biscayne Villages? “It is our TAX DOLLARS that pays for the water and the truck. Every single villager deserves to fill their buckets. How can you say this UDP Government is a Government for all?” questioned the resident.

Saldivar fired from CEO post??
Everyone who is anyone in the Barrow Administration has kept their mouths shut and/or has shut out the media about the sudden fallout with Candelaria Saldivar from her post as Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration, Local Government and NEMO. Saldivar, we understand, has been placed on Administrative Leave, pending her re-assignment to a new post in the Barrow Government’s politically-stuffed public service. Meanwhile Edmund Zuniga has been asked to act as CEO until The abrupt re-designation came as a surprise to everyone, because Candelaria Saldivar, who is the sister of the Minister of National Security John Saldivar, carried tremendous political clout in the Government and in particular, the Ministry of Immigration. She even survived the boat rocking caused by the Penner-Wong Hong Kim scandal and the visa hustling scandal which followed.

Scotiabank Welcomes New Country Head, Michael Shaw
Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. is pleased to advise that Mr. Michael Shaw has been appointed as the new Vice President & Managing Director of the bank. Mr. Shaw has been with Scotiabank since 1980 and brings with him extensive experience in Retail Banking and Leadership. As the former District Vice President of Scotiabank Metro North in Jamaica, Mr. Shaw successfully led the Sales and Service management team for the district comprising of 10 bank branches. In his new role at Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., Mr. Shaw will be responsible for the development, communication and implementation of the bank’s local business strategy, business goals and core values for Belize’s operations in alignment with International Banking and Corporate strategies. This appointment marks the first international assignment of the new country head and highly successful business banking leader. When asked about his vision for the bank in his new role, Mr. Shaw said, “First, I am delighted to be in Belize and to work with this amazing team of people. Moving forward, our strategy will continue to focus on serving our customers and delivering on our Service Promise, keeping our operations safe and effectively managing operational and credit risk. We are guided by our core values and risk management culture and focus on maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, while helping them become financially better off”.

The Case for Public Meetings
A number of “intellectuals” dismiss the need for political parties to hold regular public meetings in each district of this country. They believe that one public meeting, if any at all, a day or two days before an election is enough to help secure a victory for any party. Like many other concerned Belizeans I totally reject that view. A public meeting is one of the most important tools for any party that is serious about victory at the polls. It gives a party the platform to layout detailed plans for job creation, housing, land reform, and crime control among others topics to make Belize a better country for all its people. Public meetings also give a party the opportunity to explain to the public in layman’s language the many faults of its opponent, which makes it unworthy of a victory in an election. Furthermore a public meeting offers one of the greatest opportunities for a party to show the voters that it has candidates who can deliver themselves well and represent a constituency at any level. Additionally public meetings give a party the opportunity to energize its base and persuade a number of independent voters to support it at the polls. Those are some of the main reasons why political parties throughout the world even in the great United States continue to hold public meetings or rallies.

The tale of two NEMO houses
The residents of Maskall are becoming more and more distraught with their area representative after finding out that the houses donated by NEMO after a wind storm a few weeks ago were not fairly distributed. Villagers have shared the “TALE OF TWO NEMO HOUSES”. After the wind storm passed through the village, NEMO conducted an assessment of the villagers affected and decided to assist five residents with Mennonite houses, but apparently two very close family members of the UDP Minister benefitted from the generous assistance. According to the villagers, one of the houses went to the UDP Minister’s sister who, in the villagers’ view, didn’t need it because she owns two two-story concrete houses. The house that NEMO appraised to be damaged was only a frame under construction and was not owned by the sister. The next NEMO house found a resting place on the football field without an owner. According to some villagers the house was placed on the football field because it was to have been given to another family member but it is creating bad blood among the relatives.

A few days ago Joan Duran our long time collaborator and Moi Moi a graphic artist and conceptualist from the Yucatan returned from China after overseeing and supervising the publication of Binomium, a 416 page book involving the work Michael Gordon and myself. The release of this book on 4 September 2015 fits our philosophy that a society must have an optimistic attitude and aspiration toward the collection, production and promotion of knowledge. The book will go on sale first at Beepub Books in Bejing, China. In the morning of 26 June 2015 we will gather as an artistic community to declare a list of 20 Demands on the community and the state of Belize. I hereby invite all artists, musicians, poets, thinkers, historians, intellectuals, cultural activists, dramatists, film makers, dancers and supporters to join the Image Factory in presenting 20 ideas and plans for the next 20 years. Contact us for more information.

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – The Wine of Astonishment
The most consistent theme of the Book of Psalms in the Holy Bible is that the prayers and supplications to Almighty God are for protection and grace, while requesting deliverance from one’s enemies, so that enemies and foes can be destroyed, that they may wither away. The most famous Psalm is the Twenty-Third, The Lord is My Shepherd. However there are one hundred and fifty Psalms, and trust in God for deliverance against enemies and evildoers flows throughout them. Psalm 60 is a Prayer after defeat in battle. It refers to God’s abandonment of his people, so that they suffered terrible losses. Verse 5 of the King James Version says: “Thou hast shewd thy people hard things; thou hast made us drink the wine of astonishment”. Modern versions of the Bible state “You have made your people feel hardships; You have given us stupefying [or intoxicating] wine”. Other translations refer to the “wine that makes us stagger”. I do not know the kriol translation of the Bible, but I would imagine it must be something like “di wine weh mek we fool fool”. The wine has so debilitated the people that they were entirely unable to defend themselves or even to have the ability to discern what is good for them. They were therefore completely routed and left devastated and absolutely downcast and despondent. The newer translations do not capture the poignant meaning of the verse quite as perfectly as “drink the wine of astonishment,” in referring to how the people’s senses were completely overcome, leaving them weak and powerless.

May Pen Road A Disaster!!
The May Pen Road in the rural area of Belize District is a total disaster today. Eight years of the UDP Government, and millions upon millions of Petrocaribe, has not seen any type of development in this beautiful community. The area representative, Edmond Castro, has been going to the people of May Pen asking them to support his candidacy for the UDP convention this coming Sunday. He has been telling them he has done a lot for Belize Rural North, but the evidence on the ground shows a different picture. Castro has actually done a lot for himself while representing Belize Rural North. There has been the visa hustling scandal, the misuse of funds from the Belize Airports Authority scandal, the Taiwan sexual assault allegations scandal and the land scandals. Castro has neglected the May Pen community allowing the access road to deteriorate immensely, which huge mud pools in various sections, almost making the road impassable.

Belize’s Shining Stars!! – High School Graduation Season 2015: Maud Williams High, St. John’s College, Canaan SDA High, Belize Rural High and Mount Carmel High
It’s the end of another high school year, and with it, the countdown towards Graduation Season 2015. And the BELIZE TIMES remains the ONLY national newspaper fully prepared to give you the run-down on the best and brightest emerging this year from Belize’s high schools. We kick things off at Maud Williams High School in Belize City. 51 of 53 graduates will march up on Thursday, June 4th, at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall, starting at 6:00 p.m. Leading their ranks will be: Ms. Cassandra Sanker (Valedictorian, from Class 4S2, with an average of 93%), Ms. Eugenia Courtenay (Salutatorian, also of Class 4S2, with an average of 87.34%) and Ms. Stephanie Rivera (3rd place, will deliver the Vote of Thanks). The BELIZE TIMES interviewed Sanker and Courtenay at the school’s Racoon Street campus on Tuesday, in the midst of their Graduation Practice. For the pair of 17-year-olds, their journeys to the top, while not quite the same, share the thread of family. Ms. Sanker, a native of Hattieville Village in the Belize District, comes from a blended family – her mom, a step-father, and 8 siblings, of which she is the 2nd youngest. Courtenay’s family includes Fort George area natives – dad Eugene, mom Rona Young and grandfather Gilbert Young. And both have had to adapt – Sanker to the Belize City atmosphere (via constant travel to and from Hattieville), and Courtenay to the grind of SBA’s (school-based assessments), while studying for tests, doing homework assignments, etc.

Sedi, the UDP & Guatemala
If there is any issue that should cross all lines, including those of politics, it is the unfounded Guatemalan claim. It is for this reason that the Opposition People’s United Party has played an important role in the process of finding an acceptable solution to the claim. The PUP’s position, as defined under the leadership of the Father of the Nation Rt. Hon George Price, is that there shall be no ceding of land or water to Guatemala and that our sovereignty and territorial integrity are intact and must be respected. For the People’s United Party, Belize’s foremost nationalist party, and the radical movement that defied the British colonial masters to gain Independence, there could be no other position. This is why the capitulations to Guatemala by the current UDP Government and Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington have led to what the PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca called a “breach of trust” between the Government and the Opposition.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Fatal collision in Cayo claims one life and injures another
Information reaching our news desk is that there was a fatal traffic accident last night in Cayo between a motorcycle and a bus. According to reports, two men were driving on a motorcycle and upon reaching Gallardo’s, they collided into a passenger bus. The victims have been identified as Isaac […]

Authorities make major gun bust in Corozal
Yesterday morning, authorities in Corozal made a major bust of weapons in Carolina Village. According to reports, police recovered the following weapons in the village: an AMC 9mm pistol containing 5 live rounds of 9mm ammunition, a .45 pistol which was found in an abandoned house, and 1 MAK 90 […]

PTA of Sacred Heart Primary School Hosts Fair
The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio Town is currently hosting an exciting fundraising event at the Macal River Park. According to a member of the PTA, the initiative is to help raise funds for needed school projects and the school has invited […]

Belmopan police caught with 6 grams of marijuana
A police in Belmopan has been arrested for drug possession. According to reports, Brighton Fuentes, a police officer who is attached to the Belmopan Branch was arrested yesterday when he was found with 6 grams of marijuana. Fuentes has since been placed on interdiction.

Man dies in cane truck mishap
Orange Walk police are investigating an incident that took the life of a Xaibe Village resident. Best information to our newsdesk is that a cane delivery driver was sleeping under his truck when his partnered allegedly drove off, running over and dragging the individual. The victim was rushed to […]

Hit and Run claims the life of 40 year old Sandy Sedassy
At approximately 9:30 p.m. Police were called to the scene of a fatal hit and run incident that claimed the life of 40 year old, Sandy Sedassy of Esperanza Village. Initial investigation is indicating that Sedassy was travelling in an eastern direction when he was knock down by a pick […]

Guatemalan Protesters want President Otto Perez Molina to ‘resign now’
Weekly protests in Guatemala that started back in April will continue this weekend in an attempt to force President Otto Perez Molina to step down from his position. With corruption at the midst of the Government’s crumbling, pleads for Molina to step down have significantly increased after his Central […]

Sports Ministry to support Belize Jaguars from afar
Information to Belize Media Group is that the Belize Jaguars won a friendly with Guatemalan First Division side Heredia in Guatemala, 3-1, on Thursday night, Deon McCauley among the scorers. The Jaguars are preparing for the two-leg second round CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying tie with the Dominican Republic […]

More delays for sporting grounds in Belize City
The MCC Grounds and Marion Jones Sporting Complex, Belize City’s two largest sporting facilities, were both closed for much of 2014 and in the case of the latter, for the last several years due to ongoing renovations. Both are now partially open and in use however, according to […]

Youth leadership forum promises solutions
The Belize Youth Leadership Forum kicked off today at the Gateway Youth Center, bringing over 120 youth leaders and adult leaders from around the country together to address key issues affecting youths, and to begin reaching important solutions. Among the topics spoken about were migration, jobs, crime, citizen […]


“Maybe I’m Amazed” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
To those of you that have missed me , thanks. Sorry I’ve been extremely lax in knocking out editions. To those of you that haven’t missed me I’ve only one thing to say! Why not ? Tomorrow Rose and I will celebrate (and it will be something to celebrate) our third anniversary of upping sticks and moving from London, England to Ambergris Caye, Belize. I must admit that this anniversary was not front of mind for me (not a lot is nowadays though) but the fact was highlighted for me when driving home from ‘Town the other day. Looking in my rear view mirror I could see a bicycle coming up on the inside of me and then I heard my name cried out. I pulled over and saw that it was a fellow Englishman who, funnily enough, arrived on the island exactly the same day as Rose and I. We spent the first few minutes catching up on what each of us have been doing recently and then he told me with great excitement that he’d been informed a few days previously that his application for Residency had been approved. And he’d be getting his paperwork within the next week or two.

Garifuna leaders meet with NDP leader Arnhim Eustace
In 1797 after the British finally defeated the Garifuna people after years of resistance, they removed them from their native homeland “Yurumein” now known as Saint Vincent & The Grenadines to Baliceaux an adjacent island. On this island after their Garifuna nation was dismantled they were; imprisoned, tortured, killed and the survivors estimated about 5,000 were taken to Roatan Honduras where they landed on April the 12th of that same year. Many Garifuna people disliked the conditions on this island and appealed to the British to find a better place for them. In 1801 some of these Garifuna people numbering about 150 left Roatan and sailed to Belize. They were granted permission by the British to settle in the southern part of Belize in a town they named “Dangriga”. In 1823 after the slaughtering of some Garifuna men, women and children in San Juan Honduras, a large contingent of Garifuna people led by Elijio Beni and Satulle left the country to join their people in Dangriga where they live up to this day. The British also made a deal with the Spanish crown and some of them were allowed to settle along the coast of Honduras. During these negotiations most of their names were changed from their original names to Spanish names to hide their true identities. During the nationalist and civil wars in Honduras, many Garifuna people fought in these battles and were killed. As a result of these wars and the British occupation of Bluefield Nicaragua, some Garifuna people migrated to neighboring Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and later on to the United States of America. No matter which country the Garifuna people live, they all identify themselves with their motherland “Yurumein”. It is and remain the dream of all the Garinagu people in the diaspora, that one day the people and government of their motherland “Yurumein” will acknowledge their rights to this nation as theirs as well. Garifuna people’s intentions has never been and will never be to deny the citizenship and rights of all their brothers and sisters who became citizens of “Yurumein” after March 11th 1797. Why? Because the Garifuna people’s history has always been to stand up and fight for the injustices committed against other human beings.

Sunset sail in Belize: Sometimes this really is Paradise
It is Friday evening, nearly 5 p.m., and the Lady Leslie feels as eager to slip its bonds and head to sea as we, its passengers, do. This is, after all, a sunset cruise, and the ostensible reason for our sail seems to be too rapidly slipping toward the western horizon of Ambergris Caye, the Belize island on which we all live. There are about a dozen of us on board, all ex-pats who have staked a claim in tropical island living. We gather on the fore section of this 38-foot catamaran, on beanbag chairs and a comfortable webbed trampoline, perfect for stretching out as the blue-green Caribbean slips past beneath us. Among us are a family of four from Canada who recently bought a large beach house north of town; an English couple who have lived and worked on the island for at least seven years; a Midwest couple who bought a vacant lot years ago and are now building their dream home; and a recently retired couple from Los Angeles who are renting south of San Pedro Town as their fourth-floor condo is being built.

‘Recovery: Belize’ — an Off Off Off Broadway musical in development
Scene: A hospital recovery room in Belize. It is devoid of color, character and any hint of modernity. I think of the style as “institutional gothic.” It is early evening, there are six beds, all of them filled. Three are young men in their late teens, early 20s. All three have broken right legs, plus scrapes, bruises. Two have their right arms in casts. All have been in motorcycle accidents. On the other side of the room in the bed closest to the door is a young guy whose lungs were punctured in a knife attack outside of a Belize City nightclub on Saturday night. In the middle bed is a much older — and very caucasian — expat, looking very, very lost. In the bed closest to the window is Franklin Grant, a quiet and gentle rasta guy with a scraggly beard, red eyes and no legs. Over each bed is a dusty metal fan. They sweep the room 24-7 and provide what little relief there is from the heat. No air conditioning, no nurse’s call button, no button to adjust the beds. Into the room bursts the busily portentous and bald headed doctor followed a retinue of young women in white, all carrying clipboards or notebooks, with two doctorly looking men trailing. Probably interns. They carry no notebooks and project studiously bored looks.

International Sourcesizz

Tim Sise shows the light to students in Belize
It was Abraham Lincoln who once said that no man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child. There probably aren’t may who stopped as far, at least literally, as Tim Sise, a former Siena basketball standout from 1978-to-1982. Sise, a native of Amsterdam and a graduate of the old Bishop Scully High School in Amsterdam, sent along a photo from Belize, where he has undertaken a variety of projects to aid a small community in that Central America country. It is a photo in a classroom, of young students lined up in a pose with Size, all 6-foot-9 of him. The children all come up to about Sise’s waist. The top of Sise’s head is several inches higher than a large chalkboard behind him. Yes, there had to be a considerable stoop for Sise to get down to the level of the children that one of his projects have benefited.

Tradewinds starts today
BEGINNING TODAY, military and security forces from Caribbean nations will join the United States, Canada, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mexico, and the United Kingdom for maritime security and disaster response training at Camp Springfield in St Kitts as part of Exercise Tradewinds 2015. This year’s Exercise Tradewinds will be conducted in three phases. Phase I will include maritime and land operations, which will take place in St Kitts and Nevis through June 9. Phase II, in Belize from June 15 to 24, will include maritime and land operations, including United States Marines and Phase III, a Key Leader Seminar, will be conducted July 14 to 16 in Miami for key stakeholders and decision makers from the region. Exercise Tradewinds supports the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), a U.S. Department of State regional security partnership.

On Facebook and streets, Guatemalans demand president’s resignation
Guatemalan protesters took to the streets yesterday calling on President Otto Perez Molina to resign following scandals that have already brought down his central bank chief and key cabinet members. Protesters chanted “el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido” (the people united will never be defeated) banged drums and sang the national anthem on a march from the National Palace in Guatemala City to the nation’s Supreme Court. “We are sick of the corruption. These ministers are the worst ministers we’ve ever had. We need reform,” said Alejandro Enes, a 45-year-old heart surgeon toting a sign that said, “out with the corrupt officials”. In what he termed a symbolic act, salesman Julio Garcia, 68, wielded a toilet plunger. Recent scandals have seen Guatemala’s central bank chief Julio Saurez indicted for fraud, the vice president Roxana Baldetti resign and various cabinet members quit or be fired. Civic leaders, including 1992 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu, the country’s professional association of attorneys and the Center for the Defense of the Constitution called this week for Perez Molina to follow. “Democracy is collapsing and therefore Otto Perez Molina must resign,” Marco Sagastume, the head of the Guatemala’s attorneys association, told reporters this week.

The concept of the Caribbean as a single economic unit may not have longevity
Earlier this year, Owen Arthur, the former Prime Minister of Barbados, described the malaise that now affects much of the anglophone Caribbean. Delivering the 15th Archibald Nedd Memorial Lecture in Grenada, Mr Arthur observed that the typical Caribbean nation now has to rely for material progress on economic systems that are no longer viable. “Conditioned for centuries to depending upon preferential access to foreign markets for their exports, on high levels of domestic protection for their industries, and on generous access to concessional financing to support their development, almost every Caribbean nation, has now to face the prospect of building economic systems without the benefit of such props,” he said. He also observed that at the same time most Caribbean states had evolved social sectors that are too large to be carried by economies undergoing transition, and that “the entitlements now afforded to citizens must be paid for in new and sometimes traumatic ways.”


  • Manatee Encounter in Belize, 1min. Encounter with an Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) off Soldier Caye, Turneffe Atoll, Belize.

  • Snorkel / Etude, 7min. Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley Ambergris Caye, Belize


  • Michelle Obama Push-ups with Althea Moses on A Taste of Belize TV Show, min. Althea Moses talks fitness with Sandra Gillett (Host of A Taste of Belize TV show). Michelle Obama inspired push-ups for toned-sculpted arms.

  • Belize in 4k - Lamanai Ruins, 4min. Watch as we trek up the Mayan Ruins of Lamanai in Belize. Shot in 4k using an HTC One M9.

  • AGS AT WUB(WAKE UP BELIZE) MORNING SHOW, 47min. AGS Ty ,Deta And Matic..went on WUB morning show on May 8 to discuss about their new album,not getting the support and how their music is influencing ghetto youths in the Community.Please help and support the local artist.

  • RAF Belize 1991 Part 1, 6min. Central News East report from RAF Belize Broadcast 15th July 1991

  • Belize 2015, 5.5min. Belize Fly fishing.

  • Altun Ha - Belize - Go Pro, 3min. Mayan Ruins of Belize.

  • 2013 New Year's Fireworks - Caye Caulker, Belize, .5min. 01 January 2013. Caye Caulker, Belize. New Year's Eve fireworks in the rain as everyone danced 2012 away.

  • Steve from kremfm Belize, 1.5min.

  • RAF Belize Part 2, 6min. Central News East reports on personnel from RAF Wittering posted to Belize in Central America. Broadcast 16th July 1991

  • RAF Belize Part 3, 6min. Central News East report on RAF and army operations in Belize and the role played in trying to stop the illegal drugs trade. Broadcast July 17th 1991

  • Dell Smart - Children Children, 3.5min. Music video for Children Children performed by Dell Smart.

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    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize and Guatemala sign amendment to ICJ Referendum
    Belize and Guatemala have officially signed the amendments to the Special Agreement in reference to the referendum on whether the Guatemala-Belize territorial dispute should be settled at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The signing took place on Monday, May 26th at a special ceremony in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The amendment will allow Belize and Guatemala to hold the referendum at their convenience without the need to be simultaneous. The document was signed by Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs the Honorable Wilfred Elrington and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, along with the outgoing Secretary General of the Organization of American State (OAS) José Miguel Insulza. The amendment was made due Guatemala’s desire to hold their referendum jointly with their General Elections scheduled for September of this year. The Government of Belize, who still does not have a set date to have the referendum, believes that this amendment will not jeopardize the integrity of the referendum. “It is worthy of note that the amended protocol does not extinguish the possibility of holding the referendum simultaneously. That original option remains intact. The Protocol does no more than add an element of flexibility with respect to the time for the holding of each national referendum. The Special Agreement remains the same in all other respects,” said Elrington.

    Rider’s fee increase to be implemented on all domestic flights
    As of Saturday, May 31st customers flying on domestic flights will incur an increased rider fee of 120%. The original $5 rider’s fee was implement in 2011, but in early 2015, the Department of Civil Aviation Authority announced the increase of the fee to $6. The fee will be charged to all tickets issued from all domestic flight agents (Tropic Air and Maya Island Air). According to Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., the increase in fees is to continue improvement efforts on local runway strips to better accommodate the increase in air traffic. Originally, the rider’s fee was imposed on commuters to cover the construction costs of the Belize City Municipal Airstrip. With construction of the Municipal Airstrip now into its third year, Heredia explained that revenue collected from the rider’s fee will go towards ensuring that all airstrips are in superb standards. “When the municipal airstrip is complete, it will be equipped with everything necessary to provide the best service. It will have runway lights which will benefit emergency night flight. With the municipal airstrip complete there will no longer be the need to open the Philip Goldson International Airport at night so that emergency flights can land, which takes more than an hour to do so. With this they will be able to go directly to Belize City. The airstrip will also have backup generators so that even in power outages it will work perfectly,” said Heredia.

    Foreva Fancy hosts “Road to Empowerment” Fashion Show
    Foreva Fancy’s “Runway to Empowerment” Fashion Show was a night for High Street Fashion. The Fashion boutique hosted the charity event, along with Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment (SHINE) to raise funds and awareness for On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) Belize. The OEWM mission is to empower females that have been sexually exploited, while SHINE, founded by Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez, is a program for teenage girls that encourages self-esteem, body image, sexual risk behavior among others. The girls from the program, along with 20+ local models took to the runway inside the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Sunday, May 24th, showcasing the latest in fashion trends Spring/Summer 2015. Eager fashionistas were in first row at the Auditorium for a great show that commenced shortly after 8PM.

    Government withdraws oil concessions appeal
    Oceana in Belize has announced that the Government of Belize (GOB) has withdrawn its appeal against the legal ruling on the null and void offshore oil concessions. According to Oceana, this monumental move demonstrates the GOB’s commitment to protect the country’s marine resources. Furthermore, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation has confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that GOB no longer intends to entertain proposals for offshore oil concessions. In a press release issued on Wednesday, May 27th, Oceana stated their pleasure on the notice that the attorneys of GOB, Barrow and Company, having withdrawn the appeal in the matter of Civil Appeal No. 18 of 2013: Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and Oceana in Belize; Citizens Organized for Liberty and Action (COLA) and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage. In this appeal, the GOB had challenged an April 2013 decision issued by Justice Oswell Legall in favor of Oceana, COLA and the Coalition in their lawsuit challenging six Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) allowing offshore oil drilling. But the withdrawal of the appeal shows that GOB no longer wishes to resurrect these oil concessions.

    San Pedro Lions Welcome Distinguished Guest Lion Malcolm Kirwan
    On Thursday, May 21st the San Pedro Lions Club welcomed visiting Lion brother Malcolm Kirwan to San Pedro Town. Kirwan, who is a Past District Governor of Sub-district 60B and a Past Council Chairman of Multiple District 60, currently serves as the Global Leadership Team – Global Membership Team Special Area Advisor Multiple District 60, District 63 to Haiti and Belize. Here by invitation of the Belize Lion Zone 59, Lion Kirwan was the guest speaker at the 37th annual convention of the Belize Lion Zone 59, which was held in Belmopan City over the weekend of May 22nd. During Lion Kirwan’s one-night stay on La Isla Bonita, the San Pedro Lions put out the red carpet for their distinguished guest, giving him a tour of the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II, which was initiated by the San Pedro Lions Club years ago. Kirwan was also treated to a visit to the San Pedro Lions Club Mosquito Coast Park located in the southern part of Ambergris Caye and given a tour of San Pedro Town.

    Ambergris Today

    Join Coral Reef Ed-Ventures
    Coral Reef Ed-Ventures is Back! If you would like to learn about the coral reef, become a coral reef expert and have fun with us and your friends, come to the Coral Reef Ed-Ventures program! Sponsored by Smith College and Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Advanced Program Who: Students ages 12 and above (or with prior experience) When: June 22nd – June 26th, 4–6 pm Where: San Pedro High School Movie Night at the Lion’s Den When: TBA. All are welcome. Free snacks and drinks! Look for posters in town. Youth Program Who: Students ages 7 – 12 When: June 29th – July 8th Where: RC School There will be a graduation at the end of the programs for all students and family members to attend. Graduation will be on Wednesday, July 8th at the Lion’s Den. Everything is free and fun! Permission slips will be available at the library across from the RC School and at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office! We look forward to seeing you there!

    Farewell to Don Ausencio ‘Chencho’ Burgos
    The Burgos family and relatives as well as the community of San Pedro is deeply saddened with the passing of one of their very own, Mr. Ausencio, 'Chencho' Burgos. He was born in Belize City and became a San Pedrano when he married to Mimi Valdez in the village of San Pedro. Even though Chencho and Mimi did not have children of their own, they adopted and raised several of Mimi's nieces taking them through childhood, through education and all the way into marriage. Chencho is well known, loved and respected in San Pedro and for many reasons. There are several things that one could take for granted from this humble, respectable and very genuine man. You could be assured that he never missed his Sunday mass. He would never pass you on the street without giving his usual greeting of friendship and affection. You could take it for granted that Chencho would share a good clean joke; and you could also bet that his cheerful countenance and joyful smile would help make your day.

    Letters To The Editor: Frustrations with Lack of Atlantic Bank Automated Teller Machines
    Dear Editor, As a resident of San Pedro Town for past years, there are inconveniences that from time to time affect the people of this community but one thing I am noting is the lack of Automated Teller Machines by Atlantic Bank Limited. This Bank operates on one ATM for an island of about 20,000 citizens. There are countless times that our people are inconvenienced by it either, not having any money or just plain shortage of ATM’s on the island. On behalf of the people of this community, we are rallying to the cause for the bank to at least include a second one (more will be better). It is a huge inconvenience as people get off work tired and it is depressing that one has to wait in a long line many a times in the hot sun, just to find out that there is no cash on most times.

    Belize Government Takes a Step Forward Against Offshore Oil Drilling
    Today, attorneys for the Government of Belize, Barrow & Company, filed a notice of withdrawal of appeal in the matter of Civil Appeal No. 18 of 2013: Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and Oceana in Belize; Citizens Organized for Liberty and Action and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage. In this appeal, the Government had challenged an April 2013 decision issued by Justice Oswell Legall in favor of Oceana, COLA and the Coalition in their lawsuit challenging six Production Sharing Agreements allowing offshore oil drilling.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Kitty Fox passes away
    Kitty Fox, longtime resident of Placencia, passed away on 28 May 2015 in Boulder, Colorado. She was in the company of family and close friends when she died.

    Summer of Sports Program
    Last week, the Government of Belize announced its Summer of Sports Program. Community-based groups, organizations and individuals, who have organized such programs for a minimum of 3 years can now apply for grants of up to BZ$10,000. What a great opportunity! Application forms outlining the eligibility criteria, including the terms and guidelines for the Summer of Sports Program, are available at the National Sports Council in Belize City and can also be obtained electronically via the Government of Belize web portal at

    Belize Coast Guard told to move after Guatemalan Coastguard came over Belize side earlier
    The Belize Coastguard was on the Belize side of the Sarstoon River when the Guatemalans instructed them to move. The Guatemalans left but a larger Guatemalan vessel returned to instruct the Belize Coastguard to move.

    On Thursday, Belize Coast Guard (BCG) was approached by a Guatemalan Navy Ship to move out of the Sarstoon River. The BCG is building a command center in that area in southern Belize. When the BCG refused, we understand that the Guatemalan Navy Ship left, but a bigger ship returned seeking to expel the Coast Guard from what is Belizean territory.

    Belize Tourism Board Welcomes Your Nominations For Its Yearly Awards
    Belize Tourism Board calls on Tourism stakeholders to submit nominations for the 13th National Tourism Awards 2015. Rules and Regulations All nominations must be in ENGLISH. Nominations must be submitted to the Belize Tourism Board by Tuesday, June 30th, 2015. All companies or personnel must have been in operation for at least 3 full years. Only complete entries will be considered. Entries must be for ONE category only. Entries may be submitted via email to [email protected] Applicants and/or finalists can contact the Belize Tourism Board regarding any queries they may have about the judging process. The applicants and/or finalists are not to contact any of the members from the judging panel prior to the Tourism Awards ceremony. Previous winners and finalists may reapply in any category but must clearly demonstrate initiatives that are new, and expand above and beyond what they have already been previously recognized for by the Belize Tourism Board, Tourism Awards. By applying for the Belize Tourism Board’s Tourism Awards, the applicant consents that a company representative of appropriate level will attend the Tourism Awards ceremony.

    The Island Academy Graduating class of 2015
    Congratulations to all TIA 2015 grads! WTG!!!

    Constituency Request Granted from PetroCaribe Program for PUP Representative

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Friday, May 29, 2015: 34

    Poets Corner: Belize Al-Qaeda
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. If you do the crime you should spend the time But in Belize no one is paying for white collar crime All they’re getting is a slap on the wrist or paying a fine You can steal a million and only pay a ten thousand dollar fine The justice system is deaf, dumb and blind Whenever it gets in the mill the machine stop grind This system rewards white collar crime It crucifies the ghetto youth for petty crime Fih wah roach or a stick of weed, man di get fine Knowing they can’t afford it, they will get confined I call on all ex-soldiers Report to duty and let’s address this urban war on terror We are being force-fed a culture of trauma and terror By gangster who operate like guerilla These fools are Belize Al-Qaeda Full blessings from PUDP ministers Their crooked lodge brothers Let’s not forget their fraternity of magistrates and lawyers This is urban terrorism Facilitated by the judiciary and the prisons

    Send Belize's Youth Sailors to Antigua and the Olympics
    Help Jasmin Campos 13 of Corozal Town and the other kids. This is a HUGE deal for Belize's youth sailors, please help them get to the Olympics! We are supporting the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) (BzSA) on a fundraising campaign to get our kids to international Laser and Optimist championship regattas in Antigua, which is a pre-requisite to the Olympics. This campaign is to cover the costs for all 6 kids, equipment, airfare, hotels and the team coaches. We need your help to realize this dream for the kids! Belize Sailing Association is humbly seeking financial support to send our youth sailors to international Laser and Optimist sailing championship regattas in Antigua in July, which are a pre-requisite to the Olympics

    Channel 5

    Standoff On the Sarstoon: Belize Coastguard versus Guatemalan Navy
    There is tension tonight following a twenty-six hour stand-off between a Coast Guard Patrol and Guatemalan naval personnel in two vessels near the mouth of the Sarstoon ended at midday [...]

    C.E.O. of National Security George Lovell Comments on Confrontation
    The Coast Guard patrol was in that area conducting reconnaissance with a view to possibly constructing a Forward Operating Base there. So while this specific situation was defused, what happens [...]

    Is There Really Confusion About Maritime Border?
    This latest incident where, for clarity, the Guatemalan military suddenly seems unsure of where the maritime borders lie, comes on the heels of comments from Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. In [...]

    Former Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay Chimes in on Elrington’s Border Comments
    Former Foreign Minister, Eamon Courtenay, has chimed in on the confrontation between the Belize National Coast Guard and the Guatemalan navy, merely three days after the Special Agreement was amended.  [...]

    Courtenay Says Foreign Minister is Embarrassing Belize
    Elrington’s opinion continues to raise the ire of many, including his predecessor.  According to Courtenay, the foreign minister, under the Maritime Areas Act, is charged with authorizing the preparation of [...]

    Was Move to Amend Compromis Supported by Belizeans?
    The Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala was amended on Monday in Guatemala City sans the participation of the Opposition.  While the changes allow for Guatemala to proceed with individual [...]

    P.U.P. Dangriga Area Rep Requests Father’s Day Cheer from Controversial Petrocaribe Funds
    The opposition, People’s United Party, is taking the government to court for the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act seeking a declaration that it is an illegal piece of legislation. Government has [...]

    Still No Charges in Roaring Creek Murders
    Late this evening News Five confirmed that no charges have yet been laid against the three men detained as persons of interest in the two recent, bloody Roaring Creek slayings [...]

    CitCo Shuts Down Body 2000 for Failing to Pay Trade License
    Body 2000 Gym members were kicked out in the middle of their work-out this evening. City Council personnel and police rolled up at the popular and biggest exercise spot on [...]

    Belize City Trio Receives Harsh Penalties for Drug Trafficking
    Four years ago, three Belize City men were intercepted with seventeen kilograms or some thirty-eight pounds of weed near the western border.  The bust happened on March sixteenth, 2011 and [...]

    Police Operation in Corozal Yields Firearms and Ammunition
    The Corozal police are reporting various seizures of firearms and live rounds in Carolina Village, Corozal. The operations began this morning at about nine-thirty. In the first instance a black [...]

    FIFA Executive Jack Warner Surrenders to Authorities in T&T
    We are not sure how Belize voted at the re -election of Sepp Blatter in Zurich, Switzerland but we can say that Blatter garnered the vote of the small countries [...]

    Is Belize Submissive to Guatemala?
    The recent incident in the Sarstoon involving the Guatemalan navy and Belize National Coastguard brings to mind a situation in early April 2015, when thirty-seven Belizeans were captured by Guatemalan [...]

    …Wil Maheia Certainly Thinks So
    Wil Maheia also referred to the incident in the Sarstoon this past Thursday when the Guatemalan navy attempted to expel the Belize Coastguard well within Belizean waters. Maheia, who is [...]

    Incursions Persist Despite Signature of Bilateral Agreements
    Following the signing of the amendment to the 2008 Compromis on Monday, small political parties have come out strongly against the change because it will allow Guatemala to hold a [...]

    Belize Youth Leaders Forum Held in the Old Capital
    Guide Light Productions rolled into prominence earlier this year when they launched by breaking up an old car with messages. And ever since then, they’ve hit the ground running. Today [...]

    Retired UWI Professor Lectures at Open Campus in Belize
    Retired Professor Neville Duncan, a former lecturer at the University of the West Indies, held forth at the UWI open campus in Belize City this morning.  Duncan is visiting at [...]

    World Tobacco Day Celebrated Locally
    The National Drug Abuse Control Council marked World No Tobacco Day with an all day exhibition in Belize City. Every year, May thirty first is observed around the world to [...]


    Police Makes Arrest for May 21 Shooting
    18-year-old Jorge Gregorio Gutierrez of Curl Thompson Street in Belize City has been charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. This in connection with a shooting incident on May 21 that left 32-year-old Luis Dominguez hospitalized. He was riding his bicycle on JR Street when he was shot multiple […]

    Confrontation on the Sarstoon River Ended Incident Free
    There was a confrontation near the Sarstoon Island yesterday morning between officials from the Belize Coast Guard and members of the Guatemalan Naval Patrols. Love News spoke with the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell, who explained what transpired in the area. RET’D COLONEL GEORGE LOVELL “Yesterday morning […]

    PUP Gets Monies From PetroCaribe Program
    On May 13, 2015, the People’s United Party had called a press conference at their headquarters in Belize City to announce the replacement of one of their Standard Bearers. During that conference, the question was posed to them as to whether there was any truth to one of their parliamentarians requesting funds from the Mother’s/Father’s […]

    Territorial Claim – Not a Priority for Guatemala
    In the last few days we have been covering various aspects of the Belize/Guatemala issue. We have gotten official feedback on how the process is moving forward, what can be expected in the short term as we near a date for a referendum. We have also heard about Guatemala’s plan to hold their referendum simultaneously […]

    Working to Lessen Guatemalan Encroachments in Belize
    Belize has been suffering losses in its rainforest particularly along the southern border as there have been numerous reports of incursions taking place that have resulted in Guatemalans stripping the environment of its natural resources. Those resources range from xate leaves to gold and from rosewood trees to marine life. These are activities that have […]


    Roaring Creek Blood Feud
    This week saw two of the most grotesque murders we have seen in a long time. On Tuesday, the body of Edilberto Madrid was discovered decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled. 24 hours later, on Wednesday Police discovered the body of Steve Hyde who was decapitated, dismembered and buried in a shallow grave at his cousin’s farm. Today we spoke to the grieving mother of Steve Hyde who recounted the last time she saw her son alive. “Monday was a holiday. Steven came and said, ‘Mammy, I came to spend half day with you and half day with my sister.’ I told my granddaughter it sounds strange, I don’t know if he felt anything or anyway. He went to his sister and spent half day and came back and spent the rest with me. The evening, I sat down and said,’ Deeds, you done eat?’ He said, ‘Yes mammy.’ He said something about a hammock. I said that I have two and that he can have one. He brought some shirt from his sister and some socks. The Monday evening he went and said he is going to the place he works to tend to something and he went. The Tuesday Morning, we heard people saying that Steven is missing. I said how will Steven be missing if he left from here on Monday? When the police came they asked me if anyone was threatening him and I told them no. At that time my son was already dead. From the Monday night they slaughtered my son. When they searched the farm, they found my son in a shallow grave with his legs cut off, hands and neck and everything. It is hard, it is hard to know my son died like this.”

    Environmentalists discuss future of petroleum prospecting
    Wednesday’s decision by the Government of Belize to no longer pursue an appeal of the decision by former Supreme Court Justice Oswell Legall in April of 2011 to make null and void six challenged Production Sharing Agreements (PSA’s) given to various companies because no environmental impact assessment was carried out before making the agreements and the

    Public Service Information Day
    “Commitment, empowerment and industriousness: cultivating and ethos of selfless service to all Belizeans” That is the theme under which this Year’s Public Service information day is being celebrated. As part of the celebrations the Ministry of Public Service hosts a forerunner event as a form of education. Today departments set up booths at the Sir

    Two freed of murder charge
    As a result of a key witness disclaiming his original statements, two men accused of murder became the latest to walk free. Justice Troadio Gonzalez today directed a jury of twelve to enter verdicts of not guilty of murder in favor of 25 year old Philip “Papi” Wallace and 21 year old Austin Underwood. 19 year

    What is Charlie Charlie? Trending with Belizean youths?
    A few years ago, Belizean media had to report on the EMO craze that was popping up in various schools, especially in the Cayo District. This was associated with some form of demonic activity which led to at least one suicide incident of a teenager. There appears to be a new craze in the form

    Audrey Matura-Shepherd to be cited for contempt of court
    Earlier this year the agreement for mediation of the dispute between the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) and the Government of Belize over the road reserve at Harmonyville on the George Price Highway was revealed near its completion by BGYEA’s attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd. Most of the issues had been worked out and only the

    Another unlicensed gun removed from Belize City streets
    Another unlicensed gun was removed from Belize City streets. On Wednesday May 27 at about 7:00 p.m. while police were conducting mobile patrol in the area of Antelope Street Extension, they saw 25-year-old Al Jones of Belize City who ran away upon the approach of the police. While being pursued, Jones threw an object in […]

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    Tribute to an Island Legend: Boat Builder Extraordinaire Peter Young
    Mr. Peter Young was one of several very skilled boat builders on the island. Some of his legendary boat-building contemporaries are/were Normal “Spin” Alamina, Nelson Young, Valentin Alamina, Juni Zaldivar, Ray Auxillou and probably a few more I’ve forgotten. Plank by plank, the boat builders would painstakingly shape and build their extremely seaworthy crafts from scratch. Very much a labor of love, building a boat would take months if not years. During the boat building days, electricity on the island was non-existent. Each craft was shaped and built using what would be considered very rudimentary tools today. The thought of building such magnificent works of art under those conditions is unthinkable. But build they did, and what they built was extraordinary by any standards.


    Dismembered bodies spread horror!
    Roaring Creek is again the scene of another horrific murder, eerily similar in horrible brutality to another murder that took place just a day before. Another resident of the village was savagely murdered and decapitated, his limbs chopped off, internal parts taken out, and the head, limbs and intestines placed in a shallow grave along with the torso. The body of Steve Hyde, 51, of Roaring Creek, a farm hand and caretaker for businessman Russell Hyde of Camalote, also in the Cayo District, was discovered at about 11:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday, at Russell Hyde’s ranch in Camalote. Hyde, a cousin of Russell Hyde, was found in a shallow grave on the property. His head had been cut off, his arms had been sawed off from the shoulders, his legs below the hips had been sawed off, he had been gutted, and a relative who saw the body said that his torso had cuts on it. The body was in a state of decomposition, and worms were seen on the body. Hyde’s relative said that the head, intestines and limbs were found with the torso.

    Horrible murder of Roaring Creek man
    The search for a missing person, Edelberto Madrid, 28, a tattoo artist of the Another World area of Roaring Creek, came to an end at about 11:00 Tuesday morning when his torso was found floating in the Belize River about 200 yards from the Agripino Cawich Bridge, in the Young Bank area of Camalote, in the Cayo District – and about 20 feet from the water’s edge. A boat was used to recover the torso, which was wrapped in a plastic bag. A member of the search party who found Madrid, a close associate of Russell Hyde, a businessman of Camalote, told Amandala that Madrid’s head was missing, and both legs had been cut off below the knees. His arms were cut off below the elbows, and he had been disemboweled; his internal organs were missing and also his private parts had been cut off. Friends and family members who were looking for him were stunned, speechless by Madrid’s horrible death.

    FFB mum on FIFA’s multi-million-dollar bribery scandal
    Three executive members of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB)—Ruperto Vicente, president; Michael Blease, secretary general; and Sergio Chuc, senior vice president—are presently in Zurich, Switzerland, for the 65th FIFA Congress where International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) president, Sepp Blatter, 79, will once again seek re-election as the head of the governing body in football. FIFA, the international football body to which the FFB belongs, proverbially, had the wind taken out of its sails early yesterday morning when US prosecutors indicted 14 FIFA officials on charges of racketeering, bribery, wire fraud and money laundering – 7 of whom were hauled out of their luxury hotel rooms and arrested by Swiss authorities. Following their detention, the US Department of Justice issued a lengthy statement which accused FIFA executives of enriching themselves for the past 24 years through the corruption of international soccer by accepting bribes and kickbacks estimated at more than US$150M, beginning in 1991.

    Over $20,000 swiped from Belize Postal Service
    Deputy Post Master General, James Gabriel, today confirmed to Amandala that an internal inquiry is indicating that the Belize Postal Service has been fleeced out of over $20,000, allegedly by an employee who has since absconded the country. According to Gabriel, the scheme came to light last Tuesday, May 20, when a supervisor at the Express Mail section got a hint that something was awry concerning the accounts, and upon investigation, came across several suspicious transactions which were allegedly conducted by an Express Mail Service (EMS) cashier who had been employed at the Post Office for the past three years. The transactions reportedly involved a number of deposits that were supposed to have been made to the main cashier at the end of workdays, but were instead siphoned off and pocketed, allegedly by the cashier.

    Irate over Guatemala’s version of Belize’s flag
    For a number of years here at Amandala, we’ve been writing about the varying standards employed for the production of the Belize flag, and we have also documented the official version of the Belize flag with photos provided to us by the George Price Center in Belmopan. Whereas the issue of variances of the Belize flag usually comes up during the September celebrations, when they are mass-produced for sale and circulation, it resurfaced this week following the signing in Guatemala City of the protocol to amend the 2008 special agreement between Belize and Guatemala, for the possible adjudication of the territorial differendum at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The centerpiece of the Belize flag—the historic Coat of Arms—was much smaller than it should appear on the flag, and the Belizean logwood cutters in the center were even more miniscule than they should be.

    Stubborn impasse over Stake Bank
    For the past two months, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow has been traveling back and forth to Miami to try to broker a truce between stakeholders in the cruise sector, to permit the US$100 million Stake Bank port to proceed without litigation. However, no compromise has been reached, and Barrow proposes to press ahead with legislation which he hopes would at least put to bed the dispute over how $14 million in head taxes, paid by tourists, will be shared by those who control the market here. Currently, the Fort Street Tourism Village (FSTV), part-owned by Royal Caribbean, is the only port receiving cruise tourists under an exclusive concession granted by the Government of Belize. All the other cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Lines, the dominant one on the Belize market, use the FSTV port. However, there is a move afoot to establish a new docking facility at Stake Bank, off the coast of Belize City. Stake Bank is the brainchild of Michael Feinstein, who years ago sold his stake in FSTV, and who wants to now build a port which he would control.

    Win, or go home!
    The NEBL playoffs kicked off this past weekend, with the top four teams advancing to a best-of-three semifinal round, where the top two teams had home court advantage. Basketball enthusiasts were given a great treat with two great games. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast with the game scores, play-by-play analysis and the box scores. Fans can follow every game live on our webpage, as scores are in real time. The NEBL webpage also contains news, team standings and player statistics, and it can be found at On Friday night, Cayo Western Ballaz (1-0) will travel to the cultural capital to take on Dangriga Warriors (0-1) at the Ecumenical College at 9:00 p.m. This is a must-win game for Dangriga Warriors, since a win by Cayo Western Ballaz will shoot them to the NEBL Finals. If a game three is necessary, Dangriga Warriors will travel to San Ignacio Town to take on Cayo Western Ballaz on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium. On Saturday night, the defending champions San Pedro Tiger Sharks (1-0) will travel to Belmopan to take on the Belmopan Red Taigaz at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan at 8:00 p.m. With a win, San Pedro will return to the Finals to defend their title. If Belmopan Red Taigaz wins and evens up the series, 1-1, Belmopan Red Taigaz will travel back to San Pedro on Saturday, June 6, for the third and decisive game 3. NEBL 2015 – Basketball at its best!

    5 weeks to playoffs in Smart 13 and Under Football Tournament at MCC
    The most exciting football tournament in Belize City, the Smart 13 & Under Football Tournament, completed its sixth week of games on Saturday, May 23, at the MCC Grounds; and already the race to the 4-team playoffs is getting hot, as there are 5 more weeks of regular season games before the semifinals. Brown Bombers is off to a fantastic start, as they are yet to concede a goal, with 5 wins and a draw, for a tournament leading 16 points. (See standings below.) Four teams are still undefeated at Week 6 – standings leader Brown Bombers, 2nd place Hattieville Youth FC, 4th place Young Warriors, and 9th place Rising Stars, who have only conceded 2 goals but have drawn all 6 games so far. While the Bombers are on a record pace of 19 goals scored in 6 games, cellar dwelling Third World, who have lost all 6 games, are yet to shake their opponent’s net.

    Olympic Day Run 2015 on Sunday, May 31
    The Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association will be conducting the 2015 Olympic Day Run on Sunday, May 31, commencing at 6:30 a.m. in front of James Brodie on Regent Street under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and the Belize Olympic Committee. Come and be a part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Olympic Movement by taking part in the Day Run, as across the globe countries will be participating in a similar run in solidarity. The first 100 participants registered on the morning of the run will receive a commemorative T-shirt. This year, the winners will receive ribbons, medals and a certificate to all participants in recognition of their performance. Come celebrate the Olympic Movement!

    TIDE Junior Freshwater Cup 2015 semifinals results
    The following Freshwater Cup school teams were qualified and made it to the semifinals that were played today, Wednesday, May 27. The teams are: St. Peter Claver Boys, San Pedro Columbia Boys, Indian Creek Boys, Bladen School Boys; and Bethel Adventist Girls, Little Flower Girls, Big Falls Girls, and Bladen Girls. Today, the games were played as far as the 3rd place match; and the FINALS are scheduled for Friday, June 19, at the Toledo Union Field. Here are the results of semifinal games played today at the Big Falls RC school grounds: In the opener, St. Peter Claver Boys dropped Bladen Boys, 3-1, with goals from Ronaldo Chub (12’), Ralston Lopez (16’) and Lawrence King (27’).

    Editorial: Civilizations – clashes and conquests
    Some scholars speak of a “clash of civilizations” occurring when Christian Europe sent armed soldiers into Palestine a thousand years ago. Jerusalem was considered “Holy Land” by Christians, and a thousand years ago Jerusalem was being ruled by Islam. European soldiers sought to recover the Holy Land for Christianity. These expeditions are referred to as the “Crusades.” At the time, Christianity was a thousand years old, and Islam was four hundred years old. Judaism, considered the precursor of Christianity, was three or four thousand years old. The various religions of the various African peoples and the various Indigenous peoples of America were older than Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Five hundred years ago Europe invaded Africa and America, and these were real clashes of civilizations which later became couched in religious terms. Europe conquered Africa and America, and then began referring to the native peoples of the African and American continents as “primitive” and “pagan.” The native peoples were described as “pagan” because they did not know of, or believe in, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Holy Trinity, so they had to be brought into the Christian world. The process of Christianizing the natives was also described as “civilizing” them.

    From the Publisher
    In last weekend’s issue of Amandala, a long article by Joyce Nelson, entitled LOOMING BATTLE OF THE CHURCHES OVER THE ENVIRONMENT, was published on pages 38, 39, and 42. I suspect many of our readers would not have examined such an extended article with all the intensity this particular article deserves. (Joyce Nelson is an award-winning Canadian freelance writer/researcher working on her sixth book. Her article was originally posted on the Weekend Edition May 15-17, 2015 of counterpunch. org.) In order to emphasize how important this article is, I decided to include/repeat selected extracts from it this week in my column. The ideal would be, of course, for you to read the whole article carefully. But, yes, you’re busy and all that, so to make it easier for you, I have reproduced choice portions. For me, the most critical thing for Belizeans to know is that there are corporate entities, featuring big oil, which finance certain evangelical efforts in countries like Belize which have strategic reserves of natural resources. The enemies of Third World people don’t have to be shooting and bombing us all the time, although they will do that when they feel it necessary. In some cases, they are successful in confusing our minds with their version of religion to the point where we support neoliberal corporations instead of our native, Indigenous selves.

    Carlos Tzib continues …
    Dear Editor, I believe that in last week’s Editorial (The Oil or the Water), you raised some important issues and serious concerns with respect to the matter of offshore drilling in Belize. However, from the title of your Editorial, it seems to suggest that the two are mutually exclusive and that an absolute choice has to be made. I, like many others, tend to differ in our views. It is clear that an environmentally friendly position with oil drilling is tenable and that makes both of these options possible. I would like to continue on a much related matter and as a follow up to a letter I wrote to the Publisher (see Amandala, Wednesday, May 20,1015, page 7). While I pointed out that I respected the sincerity of the local Oceana advocates and even the goals of Oceana International to protect our reef and marine offshore as quite laudable, there is one big fatal flaw in their no offshore drilling campaign. The problem with it is that the other neighboring countries (Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala) around us are drilling for oil in their offshore. If, God forbid, any one of them should have an unfortunate spill, then it would affect our reef just as badly as if we were drilling in our offshore since our waters are so closely interlinked.

    Michellee Moses honored by Ladyville Tech High School
    Michellee Moses, 18, of Flamboyant Street, Lake Independence, a 3rd form student at Ladyville Tech High School, in Ladyville, has been recognized as the best student of the 3rd form division for this school year. She will be honored by the school at the upcoming Ladyville Tech High School graduation to be held on Saturday, June 6, at the Kings Room at the Princess Ramada Hotel in Belize City. The school informed us that for her hard work and dedication, Moses will participate in lighting the torch at the graduation; she will be presented with a plaque and she will also be awarded a one-year, all-expenses-paid scholarship at the school, which will commence at the beginning of the new school year in September, to conclude in June next year. Celine Moses, Michellee’s elated mother, said that she is proud of her daughter for the accomplishment.

    Belize produces 250 mil pounds of citrus, pushing 1st quarter GDP to 7%
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) indicated earlier this year that climate changes had actually triggered a halt in orange production in 2014, leading to a downfall in production, but a strong rebound in the citrus industry has yielded a major expansion in orange production—up by 129% for fruit and 121% for citrus concentrate—for the first quarter of 2015. This has helped to fuel a promising 7.0% growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)—which quantifies the value of what the country earns from goods and services—for the first three months of the year, according to data just released by the SIB. The production of total goods and services for the 1st quarter of 2015 totaled $733.8 million, $48 million more than the same time last year. When we reported on the GDP figures last year, the news from the agriculture sector was grim. Production in the three major sectors—sugar, banana and citrus—was down by about 30%, leading to a fall in the value of primary agricultural products by a reported $26 million.

    Belize must do better to check Chiquibul incursions
    Today, we asked head of Belize’s National Security Council, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, what the Government is doing to address the unrelenting encroachments inside the Chiquibul, which have reportedly peaked this year, according to the latest report to our newspaper from Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), which identified 92 clearings for milpa farming on May 8. Barrow told us that the Government is “not asleep at the wheel.” He did concede that the battle to check the incursions is a battle that Belize has been losing, but added that the country has to keep doing better. “I would be lying to say that we can stop [the incursions] completely,” he added. He said that at each monthly Council meeting, the matter of the incursions remains on the table and an update is provided on the situation. He told us that whenever there is a spike in incursions, the Belize Defence Force (BDF) is tasked to do even more, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tasked to raise the issue with Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within the high ranks of the Belize Defence Force, said Barrow, there is also dialogue with their counterparts on the Guatemala side of the border.

    Belize and Guatemala sign ICJ protocol
    In a signing ceremony which took place in Guatemala City on Monday, May 25—a signing which officials say brings them closer to the final resolution of the age-old territorial differendum between Belize and Guatemala at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague—the parties have formalized their agreement to allow the countries to proceed separately or simultaneously with a national referendum on the issue. The Government of Belize has not yet issued a public statement on the matter, but a press release published by Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that Monday’s signing amends the 2008 special agreement by allowing the parties to either hold their referenda simultaneously or on separate occasions, on dates convenient to the parties, to say whether or not citizens of the two countries agree for the matter to be heard at the ICJ. Guatemalan reports continue to cite a claim for 12,000 square kilometers of Belize – or more than half of Belize’s territory. The parties had agreed back in April 2012 to set Sunday, October 6, 2013 as the date on which voters in Belize and Guatemala should participate in simultaneous referenda; however, Guatemala pulled out of the process, claiming that the conditions did not exist to secure a “yes” vote.

    Attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd cited for contempt of court
    Journalists from various Belize City media organizations waited near the entrance to the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel for the arrival of an unusual defendant in a contempt of court hearing that was scheduled to occur this morning. All cameras were focused on the attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd as she ascended the steps of the court, dressed in her courtroom garb. The contempt of court hearing against Matura-Shepherd, however, was adjourned because Justice Abel was out of the country. Matura-Shepherd, who has never shied away from granting an interview to reporters, this morning declined to comment on the specifics of the contempt of court case against her, which has been adjourned to early July. What is known, however, is that the Government of Belize is being represented by one of its attorneys from the law firm of Barrow and Williams.

    The Reporter

    Police seeks InterPol’s help to repatriate cashier wanted for theft
    Investigators are in the process of asking their international counterparts to help locate and repatriate a post office cashier who absconded to the United States the day before police had intended to arrest her for stealing over $20,000 of public monies. Senior post office personnel […]

    Conflict erupts between Belizean coast guard and Guatemalan naval officers
    Conflict erupted between Belizean coast guard personnel and members of the Guatemalan navy on Thursday in Belize’s Sarstoon River. It happened near Sarstoon Island when the two parties conducting operations in the area encountered each other and the Guatemalans accused the Belizean coast guard personnel […]

    Ready for the road? Cancer Walk 2015
    The Belize Cancer Society is inviting all Belizeans to support cancer patients in Belize and around the world, by participating in its annual Cancer Walk, scheduled for Saturday, May 30. The walk, which leaves from Ladyville at 5:00 a.m., is held to raise funds to […]

    Belize gets $35 million for education
    A US$35 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), along with a US $461,000 grant, will be used for the development of education throughout the country. The loan and grant were approved by the CDB Board of Directors, after a meeting with officials […]

    Indian recruiter cons med students – now they will sue!
    Several Indian students attending the Central America Health Sciences University (CAHSU) on the Burrell Boom Road are planning to sue the man who they say sold them a “barrel of goods” to come here to study, only to be duped on arrival in Belize. Information […]

    Lijohn Franklin shot dead in his yard!
    Investigators are following new leads into the murder of Lijohn Franklyn, 33, who was shot and killed last Friday evening in his yard at 7011 Iguana Street Extension. A surveillance camera affixed on Kim’s Shop across from Franklyn’s house picked up the gunman riding […]

    Traffic officer and stepson shot in front of home
    Traffic officer, Calvin Cumberbatch, 34, and his stepson, Mark Gentle, 27, became victims of a drive-by assault shortly after 7 p.m. on Monday. An unidentified vehicle slowed down in front of their house on Caesar Ridge Road, near the Wilton Cumberbatch Field, and two […]

    Roaring Creek residents say “No” to casino
    A bid by a businessman to open a mini casino in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo, was swiftly rejected when residents attended a community meeting on Monday in the village. At the meeting, which had a turnout of only 96 out of 3,500 residents, […]

    Children with cancer to benefit from plot of land raffle
    The Belize Children First and Last (CFAL), in collaboration with the Belize Cancer Society, are holding a fundraising event to aid children who have been diagnosed with cancer. This event entails a raffle of a plot of land in Tropical Park. The raffle was made […]

    IDB funds Caribbean Climate Change projects
    Caribbean countries will have access to funding to improve their resilience to climate change, through a new grant by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) this week. The IDB on Thursday approved a US$10.39 million grant for the implementation of the Investment Plan for the Caribbean […]

    Taiwan gifts Belize US $5 million
    On Wednesday, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, Benjamin Ho, handed over a cheque worth US $5 million to Prime Minister Dean Barrow to assist in Belize’s poverty alleviation and infrastructural development projects. The money, according to the Government’s Press Office, will be used “to cover a […]

    Arson leaves family of five homeless
    A family of five, including three little girls, is homeless after a fire, deliberately set. destroyed their home on Monday just before 9 p.m. in Lord’s Bank. Homeowner Dorian Russel, father of three girls, aged two, four and six, said he and his family […]

    CEO in Immigration Ministry placed on leave
    s The million-dollar question this week has to be the “why” behind the decision to place Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Local Government and Immigration, Candelaria Saldivar-Morter on administrative leave with immediate effect. While no official was able to field […]

    News of the arrest of seven senior officials of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and of four others accused of paying bribes to FIFA in return for favourable broadcast rights have not only rocked the world of sports. The news has shocked law enforcement authorities of many nations […]

    Three detained for brutal double homicide
    Investigations into a gruesome murder that rendered Edilberto Madrid dead by decapitation and disembowelment this week reveals a sordid connection to two other murders in Roaring Creek Village. In a press briefing on Friday afternoon, Belmopan police would only say that three men are detained, and the investigation is proceeding […]

    GOB solidifies new position on offshore drilling
    The Government of Belize (GOB) this week revealed its revised position on offshore oil drilling, by withdrawing its appeal against a Supreme Court ruling that rendered six offshore oil concessions null and void. Attorneys for GOB, the law firm of Barrow & Company, filed the […]

    Wallace and Underwood walk free
    Two men walked away from murder charges on Thursday, May 28, after Supreme Court Justice, Troadio Gonzalez handed in a not guilty verdict. The incident in question occurred on February 1, 2010, after a barrage of bullets intended for one man caught other innocents […]

    Union meets with PM on PetroCaribe Loan Act
    Executives of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow at his office on Wednesday afternoon to discuss points of contention as well as amendments to the PetroCaribe Loan Act and though there is much to be settled […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Will Brother Tiger’s Day of Reckoning Come in Your Lifetime?
    By Carlos El Dente Brother Tiger is clever about finding ways to avoid properly taking care of Kingdom of Toucan citizens. Instead, he spoils his cronies and loyal followers, dismissing underlings at will if they dare to challenge him. Cases in point: He replaced his Minister of Development with the Mayor of Toucan City without […]

    Guatemalan Coast Guards in Belizean Waters
    According to reports surfacing earlier today, a Belizean Coast Guard Patrol was ordered to stand down and move out of the way allowing Guatemalan Coast Guards to continue its patrol in Belizean waters. UPDATE at 5:29PM Government of Belize has sent a diplomatic note to the Guatemalan Government […]

    FFB mum on FIFA’s corruption scandal while Sepp Blatter wins election
    This week, a number of FIFA executives were arrested in Zurich Switzerland by Swiss Police for wire fraud, money laundering, racketeering, among other serious offenses in connection with participation in a 24 year scheme to enrich themselves through the corruption of international soccer by accepting bribes and kickbacks. According to […]

    ‘No Charlie Charlie’ at Holy Angels Primary School
    In an interview with Belize Media Group this morning, Principal Sadie Asevedo of Holy Angels Primary School in Stann Creek District says that she finds the allegations on social media that her school is participating in the spooky game of “Charlie Charlie” extremely disturbing. “There were several students at the school who wanted to practice this game and we dealt with the situation immediately,” Ms. Asevedo told us. “There were no bags floating in the air and neither did the parents were called to pick up the children,” she added when asked if it was true that the students were involved in the Ouija board-like game.

    Where does Belize fit into Pangea?
    Formed about 300 million years ago, Pangae was a supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth, and according to an article entitled “This Is What Supercontinent Pangea Looks Like Mapped With Modern Borders” on, the supercontinent was like traveling from China to Antarctica, crossing through Canada, Brazil and India – without setting foot in any water. “Unfortunately we have all missed our chance as the supercontinent of Pangea no longer exist,” states, a website that contains a plethora of interesting articles on science. Massimo Pietrobon, a talented artist redrew the map of Pangea accounting for the political boundaries that separate us today.

    Belize Have Always Claimed Full Rights To Their Territorial Waters But Enforcement Is A Major Problem
    By: Wellington C. Ramos. According to International Law many countries claim their 12 miles of Territorial Waters and enforce their jurisdiction over it. There is also a 20 Miles and the EEZ Zone for drilling and other rights that Belize can control in their southern border with Guatemala and Honduras. Then come International Waters. Belize would like to do the same but the Guatemalan Claim is standing in the way. Guatemala is claiming the whole or part of our country for years now and there is no end in sight. If Guatemala was to drop their claim, then they will be land locked and have no access to the Atlantic Ocean for their commercial and military vessels. Guatemalan vessels have always and continue to traffic through Belizean waters without any action taken by the Belizean Government. Is there a secret agreement between Great Britain, Belize and Guatemala to allow their vessels to traffic through our territorial waters? If there is then it should be made public to we the Belizean citizens. The failure of the Belize Government to stop these vessels to continue travelling through Belize waters gives me the impression that there is an agreement. Or, Belize may be allowing Guatemala to use their waters as a Good Neighbor Policy to avoid increasing tensions over the Guatemalan Claim. These are the type of discussions that our leaders from the political parties should be discussing to educate us about the Belize-Guatemala Dispute.


    Extreme tech gremlins and Blue Hole diving
    Please excuse lack of recent posts showing on tacogirl. Site experiencing major tech gremlins as a result the last 6 months of writing has temporarily disappeared and all the corresponding facebook posts are fubar too :( My tech team is working on doing some Belize Blue hole diving and restoring what has disappeared in to the big blue hole of the worldwide web. Much like the cool and creative beanbag game in the picture below, I am hoping they will be able to reach in, work their magic and bring all beanbags aka my writing. As I was about to hit publish, one of my team messaged said he was able to restore old dns settings until proper maintenance works, I am posting this anyways in case gremlins temporarily come back.

    Belize Deal Destinations for Off-Season Travel
    If you long to travel but your budget stops you, it’s time to discover Belize during the green season. Prices drop dramatically. English is spoken everywhere. Even pricey resorts offer deep discounts. These five destinations are just a taste of what to expect, so don’t dawdle or all of the best deals could be grabbed up!

    Belize Recipes: Mango Shrimp Ceviche!
    Fresh juicy Caribbean mangoes give this recipe a twist on the traditional Belizean Shrimp and Conch Ceviche recipe. This Belizean mango shrimp ceviche recipe is easy to make and can be ready to enjoy in a matter of minutes. Adding some cubed mangoes will complement the acidity of the limes with a burst of sweetness. A mango that is ripe and sweet works best, but avoid over-ripe mangoes. The texture should be firm not sloppy.

    Walk San Pedro Town, It’s the Way to Go: Plus A Map & Gorgeous Panadas
    I’m not sure I’ve ever used a map to navigate San Pedro town – Ambergris Caye’s only “urban center”. But despite the basic lay-out – there are only three main streets – it can be complex to give directions to a newcomer. Sentences start with things like “Do you know where the Lions’ Den is?” Ummm….no. “Okay, okay…forget that. Start at the Five-Aside Court…” Yellow Circle: Is going to place you at the south end of Front Street and one of my favorite spots, the Belize Chocolate Factory. Beautiful view yesterday. But forget that. They have a new special this week: Rocky Road. A huge chunk of chocolate, marshmallows, crunch, almonds, raisins…

    International Sourcesizz

    Mueren manatíes en la Bahía por contaminación
    Manatee deaths in the Chetumal Bay attributed to water pollution: La aparición de manatíes sin vida en la Bahía de Chetumal podría considerarse una situación hasta cierto punto “normal”, ya que se trata del hábitat de la especie y es área natural protegida para su conservación, sin embargo, en el ideario popular la muerte de estos mamíferos obedece al elevado grado de contaminación del agua. El caso más reciente ocurrió en marzo pasado, cuando el cadáver de un manatí hembra de aproximadamente 350 kilogramos recaló en la zona de la Explanada de la Bandera. El ejemplar medía más de dos metros, pesaba alrededor de 350 kilos y en su momento, personal de la Profepa y Semarnat señalaron que las causas de su muerte pudieron ser por enfermedad o simplemente naturales. Y como ha sucedido en anteriores ocasiones, el cadáver del animal fue enviado al Colegio de la Frontera Sur para establecer el motivo de su muerte, aunque los resultados, como siempre ocurre, no se dieron a conocer al público. Empero, entre los chetumaleños existe la percepción que la muerte de los manatíes está vinculada a la contaminación del agua de la Bahía, consecuencia de descargas de aguas negras y de metales pesados provenientes del Río Hondo.

    Understanding the demand for eco-tourism in Belize
    Leonardo DiCaprio is a well-known environmental activist, so it was little surprise when the world’s media publicized his plans to transform Blackadore Caye, his 104-acre unpopulated island off the coast of Belize, into a luxury resort. Apparently, he first set eyes on the island a decade ago and bought it with a partner for a reported $1.75 million. Once work is complete in 2018, it will house luxury villas and all the frills associated with 5-star hospitality in one of the most beautiful corners of the globe. But there appears to be more to this venture than financial gain. He said in news reports: “The main focus is to do something that will change the world. I couldn’t have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this, if it weren’t for the idea that it could be ground breaking in the environmental movement.” Plans for Restorative Island, as it will be known, show a large raised platform that stretches in an arc over the water with artificial reefs underneath. The island will grow indigenous plants to support a manatee conservation area, and mangrove trees will be replanted. This vision is the result of 18 months of work from a team of designers, scientists, engineers and landscape architects but this labor of love extends beyond that. Following a decade-long search for the perfect hotel operator to partner with, DiCaprio settled on Restorative Islands, which is owned by Delos founder Paul Scialla, the company that founded the WELL building standard. Together, they are positioning this as a rating tool for wellness in the same way LEED/BREEAM, etc. serve environmental sustainability.

    Caribbean told to brace for 11 storms in 2015
    The US-based National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting six to 11 named storms for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season even as regional disaster officials warned Caribbean countries not to become complacent. NOAA said of the 11 named storms, six could become hurricanes and two major hurricanes in excess of winds of 111 miles per hour (mph). "The main factor expected to suppress the hurricane season this year is El Niño, which is already affecting wind and pressure patterns, and is forecast to last through the hurricane season," said Dr Gerry Bell, the lead seasonal hurricane forecaster with NOAA's Climate Prediction Center. "El Niño may also intensify as the season progresses, and is expected to have its greatest influence during the peak months of the season. We also expect sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic to be close to normal, whereas warmer waters would have supported storm development."

    Six Caribbean countries attain MDGs on hunger
    Six Caribbean countries have attained the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on hunger and feature promising indicators with regards to food security and nutrition, according to a report released here on Thursday. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report titled “Panorama of Food Insecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015,” notes that Barbados, Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Cuba and the Dominican Republic have achieved the feat. The report noted that Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has made a huge step towards the total eradication of hunger by reducing both the percentage and total number of undernourished people to less than half. The region also met the goal of the World Food Summit (WFS), having reduced the total number of undernourished people to 34.3 million.

    Bret Harte science students, teacher recap Belize excursion
    Bret Harte High School science teacher Jerre Maurer isn’t a big fan of run-of-the-mill school field trips, but she did recently take four of her students to Belize for eight days to study its ecology and culture. “We learned about the ecology, history and people of Belize, snorkeled for four days in the Glover Reef off of Middle Caye Island, and swam, tubed and hiked in the jungle of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary,” Maurer said. Junior Amanda Cox, sophomores Rick Davis and Sam Lewis and freshman Taylor Lowell were the four. They each raised approximately $3,000 to fund their trips. The nonprofit organization Ecology Project International set up their itinerary. Maurer discovered the nonprofit, which offers ecological study trips to various locations, by happenstance in her email account. Maurer first chose to take students on an Ecology Project International trip in 2013, when a group of 12 Bret Harte students ventured to Costa Rica for a study of turtles. The Belize trip was meant to be a study of dolphins and other marine biology, but there weren’t many dolphins seen around the islands when the group was there, so Maurer had her students focus on the specimens available.

    The Role of the OAS in the Dispute between Belize and Guatemala
    • The OAS has actively supported the search for a solution to the dispute since 2000 and provides, through its Peace Fund, political and technical support to both countries with the objective of ending a territorial differendum that has its origins in colonial history. • In 2000, under the auspices of the OAS, the two countries restarted talks on the differendum and agreed to create an Adjacency Line between the countries and an Adjacency Zone, extending one kilometer east and west of this line. • In 2003, the Agreement to Establish a Transition Process and Confidence-Building Measures was signed (replaced in 2005 by the Agreement on a Framework for Negotiations and Confidence-Building Measures between Belize and Guatemala), by which the OAS Office in the Adjacency Zone was established. • The objective of the OAS Office in the Adjacency Zone is to foster community-to-community contacts across the Adjacency Line and verify any transgression of the signed agreements and any potential incidents.

    Exercise Tradewinds 2015 starts Sunday
    Beginning Sunday, military and security forces from Caribbean nations will join the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Mexico, and the United Kingdom for maritime security and disaster response training at Camp Springfield in St Kitts as part of Exercise Tradewinds 2015. This year’s Exercise Tradewinds will be conducted in three phases: Phase I will include maritime and land operations, and it will take place in St Kitts and Nevis through June 9; Phase II will include maritime and land operations, including US Marines in Belize from June 15-24; Phase III, a key leader seminar, will be conducted July 14-16 in Miami for key stakeholders and decision makers from the region. Exercise Tradewinds supports the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), a US Department of State regional security partnership. Phase I and II are designed to conduct joint, interagency capacity building exercises for participating nations. Those exercises focus on increasing regional cooperation in complex, multinational security operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster response operations.


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  • Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, BELIZE,9 min. Address by Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, To Women Parliamentarians of ParlAmericas - Action Plan for Preventing Political Harassment and Violence Against Women." Argentina, June 11 to 14, 2015

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  • Belize GIS and Community Geography Maymester 2015 Experiences, 8.5min. A collection of photos and images from an international learning experience in Georgraphic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping.

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  • Atiliana Duran, lovingly known as Tila passed away this morning, 2min. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a vibrant young woman and who was well known in Orange Walk. Atiliana Duran, lovingly known as Tila passed away this morning after losing her fight with health complications. Tila was born with marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue which holds all the body’s cells, organs and tissue together. It also plays an important role in helping the body grow and develop properly. Tila was well known and today her family and friends took to social media to express their sadness and support to one another. Tila, as described by many who knew her was vibrant, always positive and full of life despite her challenges.

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  • Our Norwegian Cruise Vacation|Belize, Chukka Zip Line & Crystal Cave Day 4, 4min. Hey loves! So sorry it is taking me so long! But here is Day 4 of our Norwegian cruise! This was by far one of my favorite days!

  • BELIZEAN MUSICAL ARTIST GLENN BOOD & THE MASS IN BLUES PROJECT!, min. It was the Mass In Blues musical project that the Belizean musician and trumpeter, Glenn Bood, received his notoriety in Belize's music scene. The most original Belizean musical project yet to date, that was composed and written by the Belizean musical phenom and classical concert pianist, Francis Reneau, in the 1960's, featured Bood's melodic trumpet solo on the instrumental track, Laura. Mass In Blues, a classic and Belizean musical masterpiece that is still hard to find up to today, could not had sounded better without the smooth jazzy touch of Bood's serenading horn.

    May 29, 2015


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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Top 5 Swimming Spots (Ambergris Caye)
    Blue Step: Located right along the beach, the blue step pier is located right next to the famous Wet Willy’s dock, just a few minutes’ stride north along the beach from town. Boca del Rio Park: The perfect place to take the kiddies for a dip! Park the golf carts and chill on the beach as the kiddies splash around in waters in open view. Boca del Rio park is the go- to beach for islanders on the weekends. With food vendors and a playground all on site, this makes the perfect place for a family day.The “Secret Beach:” Located several miles north of San Pedro Town, this secret beach, which really isn’t that secret anymore is to die for! With miles and miles of clear waters facing west, feel free to take a picnic and enjoy the sunshine and warm waters! Find out for yourself why everyone wants in on this beach! Di V’u Enjoy a full bar and delicious meals as you lounge on the deck, and please do take a dip in the water while you wait! They even have floaties and innertubes! Di V’u is located on the Wet Willy’s dock.Palapa Bar: Definitely a must, the Palapa Bar has been reeling down buckets of ice cold beers to thirsty costumers that float on inner tubes for longer than we can remember! Be sure to check out the bar for great cocktails and delicious food!

    Fundraiser Planned to Support Pet Care and Belizean Youth Participation in an International Championship Regatta
    In lieu of gifts, Caribbean Villas is using Pedro’s 60th birthday as an excuse to throw an all-out lollapalooza of a fund raiser for his two favorite charities: the San Pedro Animal Foundation and the San Pedro Sailing Club. Regardless of what you think of him, these are two extremely worthy causes. At noon, Sunday, June 7, Amber Beach Bar and Grill will begin the transformation into “party central.” Cool J’s band will cook up their hot Caribbean style of music, while aromas of a succulent pig roasting nearby mingle with those of hot dogs and burgers on the grill and tempt taste buds to succumb. Minions are at this moment gathering a myriad luxurious raffle prizes and auction items. Some of the latter will be part of a silent auction; others will be offered in Chinese auctions.

    Come out and support the 2015-2016 Miss Chiquitita Pageant!
    All preparations are ready for the 2015-2016 Miss Chiquitita Pageant scheduled for Saturday, May 30th at the Honorable Louis Syslvester Sporting Arena (Saca Chispas). The pageant will see five cuties taking the stage in hopes of winning the crown from outgoing Miss Chiquitita Zillah Flota. This year’s participants are 8-year-old Seydi Medrano (sponsored by Wild Mangos), 9-year-old Iansy Gordon (sponsored by Foreva Fancy), 8-year-old Adriana Briceño (sponsored by Ashley’s Store), 9-year-old Killianie Sosa (sponsored by Gaby’s Construction) and 9-year-old Alieah Moreira (sponsored by Lynn’s Boutique). They will delight those in attendance in four segments: swim wear, talent, casual and formal wear. Prizes will also be given for Miss Amity and Miss Photogenic. There will also be live entertainment from the San Pedro Dance Academy, Rompe Raja Band and other local entertainers. Lots to eat and drink will be on sale.

    Annual Garifuna convention held in San Pedro
    The National Garifuna Council of Belize (NGC) held its 31st Annual Convention on Friday, May 22nd through Sunday, May 24th in San Pedro Town. The major highlights of this year’s convention included workshops on various selected topics and a live performance from the Garifuna Collective Band. The 2015 theme is: “Bungiu Lerebei Sun Katei. Lidan Yein Fureindei luma Benefaü Awanseruni houn Garinagu- which means: God is the strength of all things. Garifuna progress comes from education and hard work.” The annual convention is the highest authority and decision-making body of the NGC. It is where the National Board of Directors present the yearly report on activities and achievements of the Council, as well as consideration and adoption of resolutions moved by the membership. It is also the time when the audited financial statement of the NGC is presented.

    Belize Police Department registers a record murder rate in the first quarter of the year
    The Belize Police Department has released the crime statistics for the first quarter of the year. The statistics show all major crimes committed across the six districts in Belize from the months of January to April 2015. According to the results, major crimes which include murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge have seen a 10.8% decrease in 2015 as compared to the numbers of 2014. While the statistics report a decrease in major crime for the first quarter, 2015 has seen the highest murder rate from January to April in the past four years. As of Wednesday, May 13th there have been 46 murders registered across the country. San Pedro Town alone has seen seven murders so far this year. This marks a 28% increase in murders when compared to the first four months of 2014 which only registered 33. Rape incidents also registered a slight increase. 12 cases of rape where reported in the first quarter of 2014 while 13 case have been reported in 2015.

    Fisheries Department Consultation in San Pedro
    The Nature Conservancy, in collaboration with the Belize Fisheries Department, has been conducting a series of consultations across the country. A group of consultants visited San Pedro on Wednesday, May 20th for the first consultation for the National Replenishment Zone Expansion project in Belize. The sole purpose was to engage with fisheries stakeholders as they work to meet a national goal of having 10% of Belize’s territorial waters to be within replenishment zones. Replenishment zones are essentially areas where no fishing is allowed. It acts as a refuge for the marine species population, while helping the country to adapt to climate change. Some of the main groups present at the consultation were the Tour Guide Association and the Sports Fishing Association since these groups are actively fishing in those deep sea areas. “The information we received is that the people that fish in those open sea areas are primarily the tour guides and not the commercial fishers. We didn’t want to open this up to anybody to come in if it’s an area they are not actively fishing or have no interest in. So, we really wanted to capture those people that know and use those areas, thus the reason why we targeted those groups in particular,” said Robinson.

    Ambergris Today

    San Pedro Says Farewell to Santiago Vasquez RIP
    The Vasquez family and relatives along with the entire San Pedro Community mourns the passing of Santiago Vasquez Sr. He leaves behind a grieving wife, Idolina Vasquez Cardenez, and his children, Lorna Vasquez, Mina Guerrero, Loiny Vasquez, Santiago Vasquez Jr. and Leovijildo 'Leo' Vasquez. Don San, as he was popularly known, lived all his life in San Pedro as a dedicated fisherman. During the earlier part of his life he was considered a leading musician with talents with the guitar as well as a renowned vocalist. In the latter part of his life he supplied the local market and folks with conch and 'maimula'. As of late he was employed at the San Pedro Town Council in the street cleanup program.

    OAS Sponsors Talks to Solve Belize and Guatemala Territorial Dispute
    Minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, along with the outgoing Secretary General of the OAS José Miguel Insulza on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, at a special ceremony in Guatemala City signed the Protocol to Amend the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to Submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime Claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In his remarks Minister Elrington said, “For my country, the claim has been a blighted colonial legacy. It has stymied for far too long the growth and development of Belize. It has affected the national psyche of our people and the evolution of good fulsome and neighborly relations which should rightly exist between two countries which fate, history and geography have caused to be juxtaposed in perpetuity.” He said, “The Government of Belize is resolved to put this Guatemalan claim behind us as early as possible. It is irrevocably committed to being bound by the decision of the Belizean electorate on this claim as manifested in a referendum.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    September Celebrations Theme Competition
    Remember you still have time to submit your theme for the upcoming September Celebrations...get in it you might just win $1000 bucks...deadline fast approaching!!

    Mr. Ausencio "Chencho" Burgos passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Burgos/Alejos/Valdez family on the passing of Mr. Ausencio "Chencho" Burgos. May his soul rest in peace.

    BWSL has commenced road works at road crossings
    Please note that BWSL has commenced road works at road crossings on the Belmopan Ring Road as of today to install new mains to replace old asbestos cement watermains that cross under the Ring Road. Starting at 9:00 a.m. and ending by 5:00 p.m. until June 10, 2015. Please be extremely cautious when traveling on the Ring Road.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, May 28, 2015: 46. FANTASY 5: 21 24 37 23 33 C

    Channel 7

    Steven Hyde's Gruesome Murder; The Second In 2 Days In Roaring Creek
    As we told you last night, 51 year old Steven Hyde - 1st cousin of Russell Hyde was found butchered at the back of Russell's yard in a shallow grave. This is just about 24 hours after finding 28 year old Edilberto Madrid's headless body floating in the Roaring Creek River. Today I went to Camalote to try and piece together the stories of these savage murders: Courtney Weatherburne reporting This solitary wooden shack in the center of this vast farmland, hardly looks like a home. But it was for 51 year old Steven Hyde. Hyde was the care taker of this portion of farmland where he stayed. But he also closely maintained this property and estate belonging to his cousin Russell Hyde. Hyde had only been working for his cousin for about a year but he had grown fond of managing the land. But these same fertile grounds that Hyde guarded and preserved became his grave. Uncle Deeds, as he was affectionately called was last seen on Monday evening when he left his mother's house to go to his cousin's home on the hill. But he left seeming uneasy and troubled - indicating his intention to leave the farmland.

    Belmopan Police Say Violent Murders May Be Connected
    And what did police have to say about these recent murders? Well, after a couple of days of investigating they were finally able to speak with us today. Although they could not provide extensive or in depth details on these recent murders, they did conclude that Edilberto Madrid's murder and Steven Hyde's murder are linked. Here is what police had to say: Mike Rudon, Ch5 "Are police operating on the premise that these murders are related?" Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police "There is indication that they could be related, but I would say our investigation is very encouraging thus far. We're progressing smoothly. We believe that the two last murders are co-related, but to say that the first one of Ms. Galvez is related, I have no evidence to show that 'yes it is related' but that's a thinking at this time." Mike Rudon, Ch5 "Sir, could you tell us what led the police to search the property of Russell Hyde in Camalote?" Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police "Well it's based on information that we've been receiving and interviews that we've been conducting that led us to that area."

    Theft Of Major Dollars At Post Office
    The Post Office is investigating a major case of theft of funds by one of its own employees. Passion Bennett was the clerk at the Express Mail Service - which is an international priority mail service offered by at the post office. A review of records shows that between January and May of this year, Bennett failed to account for, and is believed to have made off with a little over twenty thousand dollars in Express Mail receipts. How did she do it, and how did it go un-noticed. Well, according to James Gabourel who is holding over for the Postmaster General - Bennett was responsible to take all the monies she had received to the main cashier. But, according to him, she would "under-deposit" the amount she paid into the cashier. By doing this, an average of four thousand dollars a month was pinched from the Express Mail monies. And while it seems simple enough - where were the checks and balances, to check the cash receipts against the receipts issued? Gabourel told us that, indeed, further checks should have been made by her supervisors - and the internal investigation, will also check to see if there was collusion. But that investigation is seriously compromised because it seems Bennett got wind of it, and absconded. She is a Belizean-American who had been working at the post office for three years after she got transferred from the Housing Department.

    Roaring Creek Community Advocates For Peace Following Gruesome Murders
    At the top of the news, you heard the family's side the latest murder in Roaring Creek. You've you have also heard from the police but what about the wider community? How are they coping with the relentless violence plaguing their villages? Well, there is a church led initiative in Roaring Creek that was organized to try and stop the crime. Today we spoke with one of the coordinators and he told us what the initiative is about. Resident "The community initiative that will taking place right now is that the churches have come together on a high level. Trying to break loose and stand up for righteousness, so that the crimes could get to a halt, because it is out of hand now. Also we would like that to see participating from the youths and that something would come about with the government to participate with the churches so that they could put back the corporal punishment in the different schools. It is time to put down the guns and be free and put on a new person, because crime doesn't work."

    Dirk Is No Longer At Audubon Society
    If you watch the news with any regularity, you'll know Dirk Francisco - he's been the publicity director for the Belize Audubon Society for over ten years. Or we should say, "was the publicity director." Francisco is making the news tonight because he's been fired from the Audubon. 7News has learned that on May 5th. Francisco was given notice of termination, and told that he was being let go, because he could not keep up with the pace of the organization. But, Francisco isn't going quietly, 7News has learned that he has lawyered up - and is threatening to sue the Audubon for "wrongful termination." It seems that the Audubon's disciplinary procedures, which require verbal and written warnings before termination, were not followed. In fact, it turns out that Francisco was awarded with an increment based on his appraisal for 2014.

    Darrell Henry Claims GSU Harassment
    Darrel Henry was in the news around Christmas of 2014 because police seemed determined to have him under remand for the holidays and they did. But he says since then the police harassment has continued and it's getting worse - even affecting him when he is on his job. But this time when the police caught him he caught them on camera - and used it as proof to tell us of his plight. Jules Vasquez reporting This is surveillance video from Toto's store on Church Street. As the time stamp shows, it is after 2:00 pm on Friday May 22nd. The GSU pulls up in a pickup truck and proceeds to question a man they know well, Darrel Henry. He says they ask him if he works; at Toto's. He confirms that he does, and to make sure two officers go inside to question the business owner who also confirms it. Five days later at almost exactly the same time, the unit pulls up on Henry on what they now know is his jobsite and waste no time. He narrates the encounter for us. Darrel Henry, Harassed by GSU "They harass me on my job site again. They threw me on the ground. I am tired of these men. They threaten that how they will kill me too. They whisper that in my ears."

    Minor Arraigned For Shooting, 1 Day After He Turns 18
    18 year-old Belize City resident Jorge Gutierrez got a terrible birthday present from the police department who waited one day after his birthday today to arraign him as an adult allegedly attempting to shoot a man. The incident happened one week ago on last Thursday at around 7:45 p.m. 32 year-old Luis Dominguez was riding his bike on J.R. Street when a Hispanic youth came out of a yard and shot at him. Several of those bullets injured him in the left side of the neck, shoulder and head area, and he was rushed to the KHMH. Well, the man who police believe was the gunman is Jorge Gutierrez, and they have been investigating him for the crime for a few days now. His 18th birthday was yesterday, and so that means that at the time when he was detained by police for the crime, he was still legally a minor. Police apparently held off on arraigning him today, one day later, so that he cpuld be arriagned as an adult in front of the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith. He was read charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm, and due to the nature of the offences, no plea was taken from him.

    Wallace and Underwood Acquitted Of Fatal Shooting
    2 men, 25 year-old Phillip "Papi" Wallace and 21 year-old Austin Underwood were acquitted today of the murder of 21 year-old Darrell Williams Jr. Their trial was completed before Justice Troadio Gonzalez in which evidence emerged that on February 1, 2010, Williams was shot in the head at around 6:40 p.m. According to the evidence, Williams was at Rick's Chinese Shop when two men rode up on bicycles and started shooting. Williams ran home. Three other persons were also shot. The prosecution's case fell apart when the only eye witness, Jason Reynolds, took the witness stand and denied that he gave a statement to the police which pointed to the two men as the alleged shooters. Reynolds said that he could not remember giving a statement to the police and that the signature on the statement that was shown to him was not his. He was treated as a hostile witness, and when he was summoned to court and he failed to appear, a bench warrant had to be issued for his arrest.

    Slyvio Espinosa On Trial For Murder
    For the past week and a half, an unusual type of murder trial has been taking place before Justice Adolph Lucas. The accused is 27 year-old Sylvio Espinosa, and he is accused of killing 47 year-old Carlos Espat, the elder brother of Mark Espat. Espinosa has been standing trial without a jury, that's notable enough since there haven't been a large number of those so far, but in this case, it's not a state attorney who is leading the prosecution against him. The prosecutor in this case is private attorney Ellis Arnold, a senior counsel, which to our knowledge, hasn't happened recently for a long time, if at all. He is being assisted, however, by Crown Counsel Sabita Maharaj. Slyvio Espinosa is being represented by attorneys Audrey Matura-Shepherd and Christelle Wilson, who have so far made sure to challenge every single bit of the prosecution's case on which their objections have been allowed. At this time, the case is in a very sensitive portion, and we are unable to go into any further detail.

    OCEANA/COLA Discusses Off-Shore Oill Drilling Win
    Last night, we told you about how the Government of Belize decided to withdraw their Civil Appeal to the victory that OCEANA, COLA and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage won in their fight against off shore oil drilling. In that case, Justice Oswell Legal declared 6 offshore oil drilling contracts illegal. Those contracts were issued by Government between 2005 and 2007. After the trial at that time, the litigators on both sides were convinced that the issue wasn't resolved, and the Government filed suit to appeal the judgement at the Court of Appeal. Well, as we told you, they withdrew that case, which would have been very lengthy and expensive for everyone involved. Today, we got a chance to speak with the leaders of two of the organizations who gave us a reaction to the decision of the Government to discontinue on this issue: Janelle Chanona - VP, OCEANA Belize "We're looking at the withdrawal of the appeal and the indication that the matter of the injunction will be similarly dealt with. As a clear indication that government is trying to demonstrate its commitment towards the magnitude of this issue. That cannot go unnoticed, the Prime Minister was very clear in his position in terms of asserting that a moratorium is in effect. But certainly as a policy organization, we take this as signs of good faith but we continue to work towards a position where we are comfortable with the policy currently in place."

    How To Successful Run A Family Business
    Today, business owners who keep it in the family and hire other relatives, were invited to attend a workshop organized by BELTRAIDE, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, and FINPYME. They were there to take discuss issues the secrets to success for the families, communications and conflict management, family governance, family meetings, councils, company constitution, ethics, and a host of other issues that business owners face on a daily business in this type of commercial module. We stopped by and spoke with the organizers and asked about the hypothetical about what to do when a family member in the company believes that he or she can be negligent or non-performing, and still be protected from termination simply because of relation to the bosses. Here's what they told us:

    Reggae Rock Stars Ready To Put On A Grand Show
    Belize's maritime boundaries - where are they set and what is the marker? Foreign minister has been roundly criticized for not coming down squarely on the issue. On Monday on Guatemala City he said that it is still not certain due to the territorial dispute: H.E. Alexis Rosado, Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala "So it is important for every nation state, every sovereign government to be able to define the limit of their sovereignty and in the maritime spaces they have not been able to do that, because we have not been able to sit down and agree. Every sovereign, free and independent state wants to be able to have clarity as to where the limits of their sovereignty lies. And in the sea they have not arrived at that point yet." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "In the absence of proper delimitation and demarcation of your land borders, you're not in a position to even begin to deal with your maritime borders. And the Guatemalan land borders just like the Belize land border, is in doubt because of the Guatemalan claim. They are saying that their border is East of Belize City. That is what their saying, that I think is in their constitution, that has got to be resolved. So that's an urgent matter for them."

    Foreign Minister: Belize Maritime Boundaries Uncertain
    Belize's maritime boundaries - where are they set and what is the marker? Foreign minister has been roundly criticized for not coming down squarely on the issue. On Monday on Guatemala City he said that it is still not certain due to the territorial dispute: H.E. Alexis Rosado, Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala "So it is important for every nation state, every sovereign government to be able to define the limit of their sovereignty and in the maritime spaces they have not been able to do that, because we have not been able to sit down and agree. Every sovereign, free and independent state wants to be able to have clarity as to where the limits of their sovereignty lies. And in the sea they have not arrived at that point yet." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "In the absence of proper delimitation and demarcation of your land borders, you're not in a position to even begin to deal with your maritime borders. And the Guatemalan land borders just like the Belize land border, is in doubt because of the Guatemalan claim. They are saying that their border is East of Belize City. That is what their saying, that I think is in their constitution, that has got to be resolved. So that's an urgent matter for them."

    Channel 5

    Roaring Creek Reels In Wake of Ongoing Bloodbath
    The brutal slayings of two Roaring Creek men, just a day apart, has shocked the small community, and indeed the nation. Twenty-eight year old Edilberto Madrid went missing on Sunday, [...]

    Thousands of Dollars Reported Missing from Belize Post Office
    Twenty thousand dollars and counting…an internal audit of public funds at the Post Office in Belize City is currently ongoing. So far it is known that between January second and [...]

    Deputy Post Master General Says Theft of Monies is not Pilfering of Mail
    Gabriel assures the public that the theft is not to be confused with the pilfering of mail, for which several protocols are in place to catch perpetrators. And on the [...]

    Draft Petrocaribe Amendment Dissected by Attorney Andrew Marshalleck
    Government has come under considerable fire for the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act which was passed in the House in March. On June twenty-sixth, government will be tabling amendments to the [...]

    Are the Proposed Amendments Contradictory?
    According to Marshalleck, the spirit of the amendments remains inconsistent, particularly where it concerns the passage of retrospective supplementary allowances.   Isani Cayetano “These proposed changes have been described as [...]

    Trepidation Amid Changes to Petrocaribe Loans Act
    In spite of the revision, there are still significant concerns.  The amendments, characterized as aesthetic, are seemingly all glitter and no substance.   Andrew Marshalleck, Attorney in Legal Claim “So [...]

    Julius Espat Says G.O.B. is Simply Trying to Cover Up Misconduct
    As we mentioned earlier, P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat has commenced legal proceedings against the prime minister in respect of the perceived illegalities of the Petrocaribe Loans Act.  After carefully [...]

    Special Meeting to be Held on Amendment to Petrocaribe Loans Act
    In light of Wednesday’s meeting between the prime minister and the unions, we asked Espat if he has reached out to the social partners for their position on the proposed [...]

    Belize City Duo Acquitted of 2010 Murder
    On February first, 2010, a barrage of bullets was sprayed at one man, but many others were hit in the shooting. The violent shooting took the life of Darrell Williams [...]

    Honduran National Jose Gomez Charged with Sexual Assault
    Shortly before noon today, thirty four year old Jose Gomez, who is a Honduran national was taken to court in handcuffs and arraigned for Burglary for entering the home of [...]

    Foreign Ministers Discuss Absence of Opposition from Signing of Compromis Amendments
    As you know by now, for the first time the Opposition party is not taking part in the process toward finding a definitive solution to the territorial dispute with Guatemala. [...]

    G.O.B. Withdraws Appeal of Decision on Invalid Oil Concessions
    On Wednesday, the Government of Belize withdrew its appeal against a legal ruling that oil concessions are null and void. The move is a surprising one, considering that Government had [...]

    Guidelight Productions Organizes Youth Forum
    A youth forum will be held on Friday in Belize City, and the organizers want you to attend. The event, which is free, will see the participation of community leaders [...]

    Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley in Belize!
    If you are looking for something to do this weekend, Reggae Royalty Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley from Jamaica invite you to the fourth annual Smart Reggae Fest on Saturday [...]

    Olympic Run Kicks Off this Sunday
    The cancer Society will be holding its annual cancer walk on Saturday. The other activity to look out for this weekend is the Olympic Run. The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth [...]

    The Annual Cancer Walk Takes Place on Saturday…Will You Be There?
    If you haven’t made up your mind as yet as to whether you’ll be waking up early Saturday morning to join the thousands of participants of the Annual Cancer Walk [...]


    Republic Of Taiwan Makes Donation Under The Bilateral Cooperation
    Today in Belize City, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presented a cheque in the sum of US$5 million to the Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Belize. The cheque is the grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize for the year 2015 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between the two countries. The purpose of the grant is to assist in the development of Belize.


    Edilberto Madrid and Steven Hyde: Who Butchered These Men?
    Belmopan Police have three persons detained for questioning following the discovery of two bodies this week. No one has been charged as yet however according to the officer in charge of Belmopan the investigation is ongoing. He spoke with our correspondent Fem Cruz. FEM CRUZ “Officer in Command Belmopan Branch Superintendent Howell Gillett is appealing […]

    Police News: Drug Trafficking
    Police in Caye Caulker have charged a man for drug related offences. Police say, that on Wednesday afternoon, they visited the water taxi terminal on the island where they intercepted 54-year-old Raul Rafael Rosado of Caye Caulker Village with a package that contained 21.1 grams of crack cocaine. Rosado was arrested and charged for drug […]

    Men Walk Free of Murder Charge
    Two men, 25 year old Phillip “Papi” Wallace and 21 year old Austin Underwood, charged with the murder of 19 year old Darrell Williams Jr, were acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice John Gonzalez. Williams, a resident of 3717 Central American Boulevard, was shot in his head around 6:40 p.m. on […]

    If There Is An Affirmative Vote in Belize and Guatemala to Go To ICJ – What Happens After??
    It is interesting and noteworthy to understand that once the two countries have held their referendum and the residents agree to go to the ICJ, there is a process that had to be undertaken by Belize and Guatemala as it pertains to the International Court of Justice. Ambassador explains that process. STUART LESLIE “It is […]

    Factors to Consider When Going to Referendum
    On the issue of an upcoming referendum, in a conversation with Ambassador Stuart Leslie, he listed several factors that he would want each Belizean man and woman to consider when the time comes to vote. STUART LESLIE “I would want every Belizean hear all the positions. I would want Belizean people to understand that when […]

    Is the Belize/Guatemala Issue Still Bi-Partisan??
    Last week the main opposition party, People’s United Party had made the announcement to the local media that they would not be attending the signing of the amendments to the 2008 Special Agreement that took place in Guatemala on Monday, May 25. The political party had cited the reason behind this decision as being the […]

    Belize and Guatemala To Start Implementation of Cooperation Agreements
    A bilateral agreement with thirteen points, aimed at confidence-building between Belize and Guatemala, was signed onto on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 when a delegation of Foreign Affairs officials from Guatemala were on the Placencia peninsula for a high level meeting of Central American leaders. The document looks at several areas where the two countries can […]

    Ambassador Explains Why Special Agreement Was Amended
    Reports of gun violence, deaths and other criminal activities are the stories that get much feedback from the public via social media or the local talk shows. They are the news reports that have citizens both home and abroad calling on the Government and law enforcement agencies to up their strategies in an effort to […]


    Another missing Roaring Creek man found gruesomely murdered
    Another Roaring Creek Man was reported missing on Monday and today, his body turned up in much the same way as Edilberto Medina’s body turned up yesterday. This latest victim of the violence plaguing Roaring Creek village is Steve Hyde also known as “Deeds”. His body was discovered in a shallow grave in Russell Hyde’s

    Belize GDP rebounds in 2015 1st quarter
    The quarterly press conference organized by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) took place today in Belize City and in the area of overall economic development there was good news to report. On the heels of a 1.6% growth in the last quarter of 2014 and projected overall growth of 3.6% for the year, a

    Unions meet with PM on Petrocaribe
    The long-awaited meeting between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and executive members of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) took place this afternoon in Belize City at the Prime Minister’s office. It concerned the unions’ objections to the Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015 which is now pending amendment in the House of Representatives. It was

    9th Annual Chocolate Festival in Toledo
    Thousands attended the 9th annual chocolate festival in Toledo over the weekend. The festival lasts for three days and started on Friday with a wine and chocolate event. The largest part of the event was held on Saturday when different artisans and other entrepreneurs displayed their cacao related products and non cacao related products. Emanuel

    Belizeans paying less for goods
    Prices are going down according to the Statistical Institute of Belize. On average, Belizeans pay 1% less than they did at this time last year and about the same over the last four months. While prices have been trending up recently, figures for fuel prices reached historic lows in the last year, as Marilyn Pinelo-Lee

    Chinese nationals arrested for cultivating weed
    Four Chinese Nationals appeared before chief Magistrate Aretha Ford in Belmopan yesterday after they were busted cultivating weed in Benque Viejo Town. Sometime around 5:30 am, members of the quick response team visited the house of 26 year old Andy Cheng in Lomas Del Rodeo Area, Benque Viejo Town. There they searched the house under the

    GOB Withdraws appeal against legal ruling that oil concessions are null and void
    Today, attorneys for the Government of Belize, Barrow & Company, filed a notice of withdrawal of appeal in the matter of Civil Appeal No. 18 of 2013: Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and Oceana in Belize; Citizens Organized for Liberty and Action and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage. In this appeal, […]

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    You’ve Got To See This Reef Week 2015 Video Shot On Location With Ragamuffin Tours!
    Host of Wake Up Belize, Mose Hyde and his crew from KREM TV took to Belize’s Cayes with Ragamuffin Tours as part of Reef Week Belize 2015. The journey showcased the beauty and value of Belize’s barrier reef, with guest marine biologists from Oceana Belize and Blue Ventures on board. This is one of the

    La Isla Carinosa Academy, Hoping To Become Caye Caulker’s First Private Elementary School, Sets Up GoFundMe Page.
    La Isla Carinosa Academy, the brainchild of Dr. Alberto August, education executive in the Ministry of Education and local Hicaqueno, has pledged to open a new private elementary school on the island. The private school is currently accepting applications for the 2015 – 2016 school year. La Isla Carinosa Academy’s official Facebook page has announced

    $279 R/T Fall Fares From Miami to Belize: Plan Your September Celebrations Trip Now!
    Travel comparison website Airfare Watchdog has announced r/t Fall fares from Miami to Belize starting as low as $279. These fares are obviously limited, so book your tickets as soon as possible. However, they are available beginning late August, just in time for the September celebrations. Follow THIS LINK to find a cheap flight.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley to Perform at 2015 Smart Reggae Fest
    Tanya Stephens and Tarrus Riley, two of Jamaica’s most acclaimed reggae singers will be performing this weekend in Belize City for the fourth annual Smart Reggae Fest. According to Higher Level Entertainment, the organizer of the event, the concert will also feature a variety of local artists like Tanya Carter, […]

    Post mortem shows Steve Hyde of Camalote Village died of gunshot wounds
    Information reaching our news room is that a post mortem examination conducted on 51 year old Steve Hyde of Camalote Village concluded that his death was due to a gunshot wound to his head. According to police report, Hyde was last seen in Roaring Creek Village on Monday and his […]

    Young men acquitted of murderous mass shooting
    Two men, 25 year old Phillip “Papi” Wallace and 21 year old Austin Underwood, charged with the murder of 19 year old Darrell Williams Jr, were acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice John Gonzalez. Williams, a resident of 3717 Central American Boulevard, was shot in his head […]

    A Letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow
    By Charles Leslie Jr. Dear Prime Minister Barrow, May I suggest that you use the money you are paying for ads to tell us of all the great things you are doing with our Petrocaribe money, and instead invest in brand new ambulances for all our hospitals. We know that you […]

    Belize Weather: Sunny with cloudy spells
    The weather outlook calls for sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy tonight. Isolated showers will occur with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm inland this afternoon and in the south later tonight. Winds will blow to the East to North East at 5 to 15 knots and the sea state will be choppy.


    Congratulations, students of Ocean Academy Caye Caulker
    OA, founded in 2008, offers innovative programming designed to develop the unique attributes and goals of each student through Personal Education Plans. OA has evolved into OA’s SEaTIDe: Center for Social Enterprise, Technology, Innovation, and Development, and focuses on developing innovators and change-makers. For more information: Ocean Academy School Caye Caulker Belize 226.0321. First Place, PwC Innovation Challenge, for Hire Belize Mobile App Solution to Youth Unemployment. Heidi Curry, Valbona Bushi, Buddy Magana, Adaly Cartagena, Kevin Tzac, Ismael Florian, Sam Liu, Ashtasia Ovado, Shola Babb. May 2015.

    Five Things That Summer on Ambergris Caye Means To Me
    I get quite a few questions about Belize in the summer. How is it? Does it rain all the time? Are there one zillion bugs? Is everything closed? Will I be the only one on the island? Is Belize worth visiting in the summer? THE ANSWER IS YES. Yes, yes, totally yes. My first visit was in August 2006… …and then again in October 2006 and from there? I decided to move here – for a test year. I hadn’t even seen the high season. Here are 5 things, both good and not-so-great, that summer means to me. If you consider yourself a person who can go with the flow – COME ON DOWN. I find new things I love about this country every day.

    International Sourcesizz

    Eljai loves Sweet Belize
    A recent trip to his homeland drove California-based reggae singer Eljai to write and record the patriotic Sweet Belize. The song is co-produced by Dean Fraser and Bowie Carroll. "Going back home to Belize after not visiting for a long time, it was like I fell in love with Belize all over again," said Eljai. "The vibes and the ambience were surreal; visiting the cayes and some ancient Mayan sites where I used to play as a child. I decided to put my feelings in lyrics as a love letter to my country." Sweet Belize is released by Jahmix Entertainment and distributed by Zojak Worldwide. To help push Sweet Belize, Eljai is preparing to shoot a music video. "We plan on doing the video in Belize and we have several companies that we are in dialogue with. The one that comes with the strongest script will be the one that we choose to work with," he said.

    Bret Harte science students, teacher recap Belize excursion
    Bret Harte High School students float down the Sittee River in Belize during their trip with Ecology Project International.

    Caribbean health authorities sound alert about Zika virus
    San Juan: The Caribbean Public Health Agency (Carpha) has said that authorities in the region should be alert to the possible spread of the Zika virus, which is transmitted by the same mosquito that carries dengue fever and chikungunya. "The symptoms of Zika virus are very mild but have a few symptoms similar to chikungunya. Most people do not realise they had Zika virus. Both are transmitted by the bite of a mosquito and Aedes aegypti, which is responsible for our dengue and Chik epidemics, has been reported to transmit Zika," CARPHA's Christian Frederickson told Efe news agency on Thursday. The Jamaican government announced earlier this week that it was working on a public education campaign to raise awareness about the Zika virus.


  • Belize Vo Tech, 6min. The heart of the program is the Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech Training Center. It is located on 80 acres of cleared jungle approximately 4 miles from Belmopan on the bank of the Belize River. Operated as a boarding school, the campus has two boys dorms, classrooms, a library, kitchen/dining facilities, bath house, office building, mechanic shop, welding shop, woodworking shop, slaughter house, chicken house, dairy barn, six staff houses and living quarters for teams. The center provides room, board, clothing, personal hygiene items, health care and school materials for each of the boys enrolled. The vision for the center is to minister to and raise up young Belizean men to make an impact in their community and country for the gospel. Young men are selected each year from applications. They stay for three years participating in academic and vocational studies. Many of the graduates are walking in the ways of the Lord and making a difference in Belize. The Belize Vo-Tech staff work as a team to insure the Belizean young men receive good academic instruction and quality vocational training. Each makes a contribution to the spiritual emphasis given during all aspects of the student's stay at the vo-tech center. The Center is open year-round, with breaks between each session, and offers training in welding, mechanics, woodworking, agriculture training, computer training and animal science.

  • An Un-Belize-able Adventure of a Lifetime!, 62min. X Service Learning Trip to Belize 2013.

  • Blue Hole, Belize 2015, 15min. GoPro video of snorkeling at the Blue Hole in Belize!

  • Taking the tender boat to Belize City., 1min. Taking the tender boat from the ship to the Belize coastline. large ships must anchor off shore due to coral reef and shallow coastal waters.

  • No charges as yet in Hyde and Madrid murders in roaring Creek , 3min.

  • Tri National Alliance for the Gulf of Honduras in Belize, 3min.

  • Luis Almagro new OAS Secretary General, 3.5min.

    May 28, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Top 5 Belizean Eats
    Travelling to Belize is not recommended for just anyone! You see, if you don’t enjoy catamaran sailing, zip lining through jungles, snorkeling, beach lounging, rich culture, friendly folks and DELICIOUS FOOD- well, we recommend you seek a less awesome destination! But if you’re up for an awesome Belizean adventure, welcome! While we Belizeans take our fun seriously, there’s one thing that’s definitely just as important: FOOD! We love the real stuff, so leave your diets at home cause there’ll be no calorie counting on this vacation! There’s an endless list of delicious dishes but here’s our Top Five must tries: Rice and Beans, Fry Jacks, Salbutes, Meat Pies, Tamales.

    Tiger Sharks narrowly defeat Belmopan Red Taigaz in first playoff match
    The San Pedro Tiger Sharks continue swimming towards the 2015 National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) championship. Now in the best of three playoff series, the defending champions defeated the Belmopan Red Taigaz in a narrow match on Saturday, May 23rd. At the end of the regular season the top four teams that had advanced to the playoffs included the Cayo Western Ballaz, Dagriga Warriors, Belmopan Red Taigaz and San Pedro Tiger Sharks. The #1 seed (Cayo Western Ballaz) were pitted against the #4 seed (Dangriga Warriors), while the #2 seed (San Pedro Tiger Sharks) took on the #3 seed (Belmopan Red Taigaz). The two top teams had home court advantage this weekend and they both defended their territory fiercely. San Pedro Tiger Sharks hosted the Belmopan Red Taigaz at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Saturday, May 24th in the first matchup of their best-of-three series. The defending champs jumped out to a great start, taking a 13 point lead against Belmopan Red Taigaz, but at the end of the third quarter, the Red Taigaz were able to close the gap. However, the Tiger Sharks were not about to give up the fight, and they pushed for the lead in the final quarter of the game to claim a 74-72 victory. Tiger Sharks’ Ashton Edwards had the games’ highest score of 25 points. Edwards shot 67% from the field, hitting 10 of his 15 field goals, with three three pointers and nailing both free throws. Darwin “Puppy” Leslie tallied 17 points, six rebounds and three assists, while Tyrone Edwards scored nine points and four assists. Milton James finished the night for the Tiger Sharks with nine points and four rebounds. With the win, the defending champions are one game away from advancing to the NEBL finals for the second consecutive year. The Belmopan Red Taigaz must win the next match at their home current to send back the series back to San Pedro.

    Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Presents US$5 million Grant to Government of Belize
    Today in Belize City, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presented a cheque in the sum of US$5 million to the Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Belize. The cheque is the grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize for the year 2015 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between the two countries. The purpose of the grant is to assist in the development of Belize. The Government of Belize will use the funds to cover a part of the expenditures on key infrastructure projects, including the Belize City Southside Poverty Alleviation Project Phase III, the extension of the Southern Highway to Jalacte in the Toledo District, and for the new crossing of the Macal River in San Ignacio/Santa Elena.

    Rafael Ramirez and Arvington Neal charged for the murder of Dionicio Trujillo
    San Pedro Police Department has solved yet another murder investigation. On Friday, May 22nd, 40-year-old Rafael Ramirez and 25-year-old Neal where jointly charged for the murder of 42-year-old Dionicio Trujillo. Trujillo was found murdered on Sunday, May 3rd in the Marina Area in the south end of San Pedro Town. After extensive investigation, police had sufficient evidence to charge both men with one count of “Murder”. According to Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police Department, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott, Neal, who is from San Ignacio Town, was found in possession of Trujillo’s cellular phone. “Neal was a person of interest in this murder. After conducting investigation we found him in San Ignacio with Trujillo’s phone. According to initial investigation, Trujillo had his phone the day he was murdered. After Neal was arrested and questioned, Neal confessed to the offense,” said Jemmott. As for Ramirez, Jemmott indicated that he confessed to the murder to an inmate while detained at the San Pedro Police Station. Ramirez had been previously detained several time while the investigation was ongoing. “With the evidence we have, we proceeded to charge both men. We believe that the motive for the murder was a personal dispute between the men,” said Jemmott.

    Ambergris Today

    25 Years Ago - Useful Gadgets Used in Yester Years In The Village of San Pedro
    Okay we have seen the charcoal irons, the gasoline and kerosene irons, the comal or hot plate, the egg beater, and the waffle iron. How about a few more for this week as we walk about an old kitchen or house in the tiny village of San Pedro, the home to coconut farmers and fishermen. ICE CREAM MAKER: Yes even in the 1950’s the village folks would enjoy from time to time a good home-made ice- cream, that is, whenever they were able to place their hands on a chunk of ice. My father who had a small saloon had one of these old fashioned ice cream tubs that looked just like this one in picture. The interesting thing is that it had a handle that had to be spun for about an hour in order to get the ice cream texture. COCONUT GRATER: The coconut grater was an extremely useful gadget simply because the island folks used the coconut meat or grated coconut in many forms, and menus. First let us look at the two kinds of graters. The first one used mostly in San Pedro was the piece of metal sharpened like a hand saw and riveted unto a piece of wood for it to be rigid. ICE SHAVER: There are so many kinds of electric ice shavers used to make snow cones and other goodies, but the old fashioned does its job quite well and inexpensively. It was a metal case with a sharp metal blade at the bottom that worked in exactly the same manner as a wood plain.

    Kayakers Battle at 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge
    What at Tight Race! – Last year competitors of the San Pedro Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge battled the elements as rough seas and high winds tested each paddler to their limit, but this year it was each team against each other. The battle for first place was hotly contested by two teams only ten seconds apart. The 11th kayak race took place on Saturday, May 22 to Sunday, May 23, 2015. The overall sentiment of all the participants is that the kayak race is very difficult, testing the strength, endurance and will of each team. Out of the 24 teams that started the race on day one, six did not make it to the finish line the next day. The race includes a 25-mile paddle to the northern border of the island on the back side and back down to the 17 miles to San Pedro Town and the finish line. Ten seconds or roughly ten hard strides was what separated first and second place in this year’s competition. Taking the first place trophy and $3,000 was Carlos Ramirez and James Alford, the Environmental Defense Fund team under the name ‘Hole Me Tite’. They beat out Alfonso Lind and Daniel Gregorio, the Belize Coast Guard team under the name BCG Boys. It took both teams roughly about nine and half hours to complete the two-day race.

    Two Charged for Taximan Trujillo’s Murder
    Police made four arrests for the murder of Jose Beltran, the first of two taximen killed within a week’s time in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Now, police have arrested and charged two men for the murder of the second taximan, Donicio Trujillo. Rafael Ramirez, 40yrs Guatemalan laborer, and Arvington Neal, 25yrs Belizean of San Ignacio, have been jointly charged for murder, remanded to the Belize Central Prison and await their first court hearing.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Beltraide Workshop: MARKETING YOUR PRODUCT
    The objectives of this training are to stress the importance of branding, labeling, and packaging in marketing your product. The attractiveness and appearance of your product, attitude and style of the seller is as important as the product itself. Kindly register before May 28, 2015 COST: $35.00. Location for Workshop: BTEC Building, ITVet compound, Belize City Workshop Date: May 29th, 2015 9am to 12pm

    The first adult female hawksbill turtle tagged at Lighthouse Reef Atol
    HUGE EXCITEMENT at MarAlliance and rated as "Explodingly Exciting" on our Excite-o-Meter: The first adult female hawksbill turtle tagged at Lighthouse Reef Atoll (on the 15th of May as part of our Marine Megafauna Monitoring program) is swimming very directly towards the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. You can follow her movements here: She does not yet have a name! With your support for her satellite tracking costs for the year, you get to name her. IM us for more details.

    The Result of Yang Ming International Competition
    The result of the Yang Ming 5th International Adolescents Painting competition of Republic of China from last summer is finally here. The theme is “The beauty of the sea” and our student Kammie Enriquez won a Bronze Medal for Belize, there are also 4 other students: Justin Chen, Amuri Amoa, Nathida Alvorado and George Eraso who’s art works received Honorable Mentions. Kammie is a primary student studying in standard 4, who also enjoy reading, dancing, karate….. She decided to use the family trip to Hopkins Inn as her topic. Her painting illustrated the beauty of her home town.

    Placencia Hosts The Second Regatta of BzSA's 2015 Optimist Dinghy Ranking Series
    On Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24, 2015, The Placencia Sailing Club's six sailors and their supporters treated 15 sailors from 5 other clubs and their retinues to Placencia's 3rd Annual Optimist Regatta. The quests' consensus is that Placencia always provides great hospitality and excellently managed regattas, and this was no exception. One reason is that Commodore Alvin Cabral Jr., his wife Maria, and the rest of the club, garner sponsorship and assistance from the Placencia Village Council and no less than 53 businesses and citizens of the community. As BzSA sailors move beyond home waters to international events, such broad support for sailing will become increasingly vital. Placencia is an entertaining and unique sailing venue. High winds and big waves challenge sailors off the long sweep of beach to the east, where Saturday's 4 races were held. It is tough on equipment and the Did Not Finish (DNFs) and Did Not Start (DNSs) in the results chart testifies to that. The winds had grown progressively in strength and gustiness up to 15-20 knots throughout Saturday afternoon. Commodore Cabral thought seriously about abandoning the day's 4th race. There had been only one capsize all day, though; so he said 'Sail on!' and he was right.

    Turtle nesting season has begun!
    Our first nest for the season!

    May 26th/15

    Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Presents US$5 million Grant to Government of Belize
    oday in Belize City, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presented a cheque in the sum of US$5 million to the Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Belize. The cheque is the grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize for the year 2015 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between the two countries. The purpose of the grant is to assist in the development of Belize.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, May 27, 2015: 58

    Wildtracks track manatee
    Interested in seeing what Rameses, the most recent Antillean manatee rehabilitated and released from Wildtracks has been up to? Here is the first batch of satellite tracking maps, from the start of his soft release in February to his entry into Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in the second week in April...

    Rameses is an Antillean manatee - an endangered sub-species of the West Indian manatee. He is part of an estimated 800 to 1,000 of these gentle mammals that live in Belize, a stronghold for this species. Rameses arrived at Wildtracks on July 19th, 2013 as a ten month old calf, weighing 110lbs. He was rescued by the Manatee Stranding Network, led by Jamal Galves, from a canal in the Belize City area, where he had been found floating on the surface, with a collapsed lung and deep, open propeller wounds on his back, inflicted by a passing boat. For the first weeks in rehabilitation, he was unable to dive under the water surface - though bobbing around on the surface didn't restrict his appetite in any way. As he started to recover, he happily consumed three to four buckets of seagrass a day, as well as water hyacinths, mangrove propagules and algae growing in the lagoon enclosure.

    Savannah Summer Camp 2015
    This is a first of a kind event happening at the Savannah Forest Station, Stann Creek District.

    The Belize Zoo will once again be accepting 30 young Belizeans to explore and appreciate our natural heritage through our week long conservation camp. Zoo tours, field trips, field research, roleplays, and environmental games are some of the many activities campers will participate in, and hopefully leave equipped with conservation-minded attitudes. June 29th to July 3rd are the dates this year, so, parents, start applying! Campers must be 12-17 years of age, and come prepared for 4 nights and 5 days of activities. More info and registration forms can be requested from [email protected], or [email protected], or call the Zoo at 822-8000.

    Get your "Living with Jaguars" calendar today
    (June 2015 - May 2016)!!! Only 20 limited supply of calendars going for BZD $30 each. Proceeds contribute to Jaguar conservation work with farmers. Contact us at 722-0108 or email [email protected] With sufficient request, more can be printed for 2016.

    May 2015 Placencia Breeze
    INSIDE May 2015 Page 5: Graphic Designer and Belize Outdoor Enthusiast Brings May 2015 Flag to Life Page 6: Editoral: Swim! Forest! Swim! Page 7: Food Festival Blowout! Page 8: A Poem for Bob the Poet Page 9: Photographing Easter in Placencia Page 11: Hand Wash Hand at PHS Furball Page 11: Take the Placencia Humane Society Quiz! Page 13: Turtle Inn Staff Takes on Victoria Peak with Peak Performance & Physique Page 14: Peninsula Citizens Stands in Solidarity with Global Citizens Against Offshore Oil Drilling Page 21: Fragments of Hope Celebrates Eight Years at Coral Mixer Page 23: Plea for Basketball Court in Seine Bight Answered Page 25: Izak Stands Tall After Spelling Bee District Finals Page 25: Student of the Month Page 27: Placencia Humane Society Launches Restaurant Run Page 27: Placencia Sailing Club Hosts Third Annual Regatta

    Channel 7

    Wild Is The West: "Deeds" Dead, Decapitated
    The west is awash in a wave of unprecedented violence tonight after another decapitated body was found today. “Steve” Hyde known as “Deeds” is a cousin of the notorious Russell Hyde and he was found in a shallow grave at a farm just outside Camalote today around midday. He had been decapitated. Police suspect that he was killed because he witnessed the murder of 28-year-old Edilberto Madrid known as “DUDES”, of Roaring Creek Village. He was reported missing on Monday May 25. Now his former associate, “Deeds” was the caretaker of Russell Hyde’s farm – and he was also reported missing on Monday. And now he too is dead, and found beheaded.

    Roaring Creek Revisited, The Terror
    So, what befell Edilberto Madrid? He was found decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled in the Roaring Creek River near the Young Bank Road, also in Camalote Village. A post mortem showed that he had a large vertical cut from the chest to the abdomen and all limbs and his head were missing. It’s a level of barbarity Belize has not seen before. And while that level of human cruelty confounds even outsiders – it has destroyed his family. Today Courtney Weatherburne went west to talk to them: Courtney Weatherburne Reporting… Looking out unto this emerald green river in Roaring Creek, evokes a sense of serenity - with it perfect stillness. That tranquility was shattered/interrupted on Tuesday morning when 28 year old Edilberto Madrid’s headless body was found floating near these broken tree limbs. It was a ghastly sight – too graphic to reveal.

    Police Make Arrest In Double Murder Of Americans
    And while those two murders are far from being solved, to others have been. An 18 year old has been arrested and charged with burglary in connection with the double murder in Teakettle. It happened on Friday May 15th at the Estate of American Julian Christopher Jones. Jones hired 61 Paul David Signorino to finish a plumbing job at his Estate on Friday but Signorino never returned home. Both Jones and Signorino were found dead in Jones’ home that Friday evening. Jones had been chopped to the head while Signorino was shot twice to the head. 18 year old Teakettle resident Shaylon Santos has been arrested and charged with burglary. Why only burglary? Well Belmopan police say they do not have enough evidence to charge him with murder. Police believe it was a burglary turned murder and they are still investigating the case. They would not release his photo because he is a suspect in other ongoing investigations.

    Search For A Petrocaribe Compromise, Unions Meet With PM
    Ever since the Barrow Administration passed the Petrocaribe Loans Act, it has been receiving blowback from the social partners who say that the law circumvents the oversight mechanisms of the Finance and Audit Reform Act. The Unions have been most vocal, especially against the retroactive effect of the law. In an attempt at appeasement, the Prime Minister has crafted amendments to bring the law more in line with the expectations of its critics. To this end, he invited the National Trade Union Congress of Belize to a meeting at his Belize City Office this afternoon. It lasted a little under 2 and a half hours and during which time, the PM discussed his reasoning with the Union representatives and the purpose of each of the offending portions of the Act that they take issue with. At the end of the meeting, President Marvin Mora and 2nd Vice President Audrey Matura-Shepherd discussed told the media how the discussion went: Marvin Mora - President, NTUCB "The amendment itself that the government is proposing is addressing some of the major issues that in hindsight probably could have been addressed by the government then if they had done consultation.

    Matura Shepherd The Attorney Called Before Court
    Audrey Matura – Shepherd… as you saw in our last segment, she’s one of the most vocal labor leaders, and as an attorney, she’s never the type to shy from an interview. But, she did today, after it appears that one of her interviews granted to the press has gotten her in trouble with the Supreme Court, so much so, that she is being cited for contempt, a very serious offence before the court, one which can even carry a jail sentence. We’ve been following this story in court all of today, and we’ve even approached Matura-Shepherd herself for information. But she declined. What we’ve learned so far is that the offending public comment which the court takes issue with dates back to February when she was representing the grassroots organisation, BGYEA in mediation sessions. BGYEA and its leader, Nigel Pettillo – you will remember – were being sued by the Government of Belize over the road reserve that they wanted to develop by planting corn.

    Belize By Numbers: GDP Grew, Exports Shrank
    Last year in the first quarter Belize’s economy shrunk by 1.2% – what the economists call “negative growth.” This year’s first quarter shows a strong difference: the economy has grown by a surprising 7%. Today, we found out a why at a press conference held by the Statistical Institute of Belize. Ms. Angelita Campbell, Statistician II "Production of total goods and services for the first quarter stands 733.8 million dollars. Which is 48 million higher than that of last year same period. In other words, the production is 7% higher than that of 2014. The production for the primary industry stands at 18% higher than that of last year. Within the primary industry, the agriculture and forestry sector went up by 19.6% and that be seen in an increase of banana of 22.6%. Orange also went up by 129% and that is a result of a change in the harvest season. For the first quarter this year, marine products actually went up by 4.5 million pounds, which is the highest we've seen over the years between 2010 and 2015. We also have construction go down by 10.8%. That is explained because of some ongoing projects being completed. We see hotel and restaurants increasing by 6%. That is explained by an increase in cruise passengers visitors of 10.5% and that can be explained by an additional 33,000 roughly persons visiting more, in comparison to last year. We also see overnight, slight decrease not much of roughly 300 persons.”

    Caribbean Academic Says Mircoenterprise Is The Answer
    Professor Emeritus Dr. Neville Duncan is in Belize as a guest of the Anglican Diocese of Belize. He’s here to talk about Social Entrepreneurship and Economic development – basically how small enterprises can generate wealth for regular people, and grow the economy. He told us he found ample illustrations of that when he went to the Supermarket – and saw the trade imbalance we just told you about in the flesh: Dr. Neville Duncan "When I went into the supermarket, so much stuff in imported that can be made here. The whole idea is to find those people out there who are genuine entrepreneur, some people are just copy cats. But genuine entrepreneur who invest and invent new processed and technique. People in any community look around - what is it that people around here want, need and crave and can I supply it or can I with my family or friends with small amount of money support it. Jules Vasquez "Should the governments in the region consider the legalisation of marijuana as a possible expansion industry both for tourism and domestic consumption?"

    In Love With The Coco(nut)
    Coconuts: You can find vendors selling them on the roadside all over the country. And for those who don’t like to buy, it’s not too hard to grow a coconut tree or two in your yard. Indeed, the tree is rugged, hardy and durable, designed by nature to withstand hurricanes, and to find nutrients in even the poorest soil – even on the beach. That’s why it is referred to as the Tree of Life and today a stakeholder workshop was held to discuss ways to improve and boost the coconut industry in Belize. We met with several of the coordinators today at the George Price Centre in Belmopan and they told us about the setbacks and solutions in this nascent industry: Anil Sinha - CARDI Country Representative "Today’s main thing is stakeholders consultation. Which they will discussing the the stakeholders what are their needs, what are their challenges and what needs to be done. And based on that a follow up programme will be developed in 4 steps: marketing, production and productivity, information access and some financial also."

    PNP Pillories Compromis Signing
    On Monday, the amended special agreement was signed in Guatemala City – and as we told you, it was done without the presence of the opposition PUP – which boycotted the event. Another political party, the fledgling PNP in the Toledo district has also condemned the signing. That party says that, quote, “It seems that the government of Belize has only to be told to jump by Guatemala, and it will respond by asking, “How high?’” It continues, quote, “This is not the action of a government which understands that Belize is subject to slow motion invasion by Guatemala, in the shape of continued incursions into our territory…” It adds, quote, “Whilst the PNP accepts that government has a mandate to govern, and is not required to consult its citizens at every step, this issue is so important for the very existence of Belize, that wide consultation amongst political and civil society should have taken place before any change in the terms of the Compromis was made.” End quote.

    Government Backs Off On Offshore Appeal, OCEANA Praises Barrow
    In April of 2013, OCEANA Belize and other claimants won a major victory against the Government of Belize in court, when they fought against off-shore oil drilling. In that case, Justice Oswell Legal declared 6 offshore oil drilling contracts illegal. Those contracts were issued by Government between 2005 and 2007. Well, the Government filed notice of appeal at the Court of Appeal, meaning that they did not intend to let the judgment from Justice Legal stand. That would have been a complex and costly legal battle, but, in a surprising turn, the Government attorneys filed a notice today to say that they are withdrawing the case. That means that this big win against offshore oil drilling stands, and in a press release from OCEANA’s Vice President, Janelle Chanona, it says, quote,

    Mash Up At Mile 31
    It’s a wonder no one was killed during a major collision last night on the western Highway. It happened at around mile 30 at around 10:30, where this minivan was smashed and scraped – and ended up looking like it had been put in a trash compactor. Police could not provide details, but confirmed that no one was fatally injured. The strange part about the accident is that the driver could not say what he crashed into and no other damaged vehicle was found on the road. And while that was fortunately not fatal, on Saturday at 5:30 p.m., on the Stann Creek Valley Road, there was a fatal accident. Police say 37-year-old David Marcial of Dangriga lost control of his Mitsubishi Montero at mile 18 on the Stann Creek Valley Road and ran over 26-year-old Alfaro Cruz Garcia who was riding a bicycle in the opposite direction. Cruz died on the spot. Marcial has been served with a “Notice of Intended Prosecution”.

    The Boledo Book
    Anybody who buys boledo regularly will know that it is a strange and unpredictable science, where the numbers lead a dance – and sometimes not even the most studious rake wizards can tell where it will end. But one savvy entrepreneur has come up with a book to track just that: the strange inner logic of boledo. It has numbers, statistics, and strategies which he thinks will help you to win more regularly. It’s called the Boledobook, and after researching the trends since the Boledo started in the 1970’s, the writers believe that they can help to predict which numbers are most likely to play. That’s all good, but today the manager of the project told us that it should be a great help to you, given that there is a limitation known as statistical probability: Duran Harban - Manager, Boledo Book "Boledo book is a new comprehensive tool and system designed for the boledo lottery game. The boledo book is about showing statistics to consumers and players of the game.

    Tale Of The Turf
    Football in Belize is played exclusively on natural fields – and only when our national team travel abroad do they encounter this thing called “turf.” IT’s a synthetic material common on US soccer and American football fields – and while it has its advantages, for the unaccustomed Belizean players, it has an un-natural feel and unpredictable play. But, one sports entrepreneur hopes to make turf more common in Belize. Ian Casteneda has designed a seven-aside synthetic turf field in Independence Village and he came by out studios today to tell us what he wants to prove with it:… The opening is set for this Saturday, May 30th at 5pm in Independence.

    Taiwan, The Generous
    Today, the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize Benjamin Ho handed over a five million US dollar cheque to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. As we told you last night, it’s grant money to be used for a whole bunch of stuff, including, the Belize City Southside Poverty Alleviation Project, the extension of the Southern Highway to Jalacte in the Toledo District, and for the new Macal River Bridge in San Ignacio/Santa Elena.

    Belize In Zurich
    Tonight, executive members form the Football Federation of Belize are in Zurich Switzerland for the 65th Congress of FIFA. While they are there to elect a president for the most powerful governing body in all of sports, the event, and FIFA itself has been shaken to its foundation by the seismic events of the day – where top FIFA executives were arrested in their rooms by Swiss Police. They are under indictment for wire fraud, money laundering and other serious offences that reek of corruption, long rumored to dominate FIFA’s politics. Belize’s delegation includes, President, Ruperto Vicente, secretary General Michael Blease and senior vice president, Sergio Chuc. On Friday they will vote on the new president, whether to re-elect Sepp Blatter, or elect his challenger Prince Ali Hussein.

    Channel 5

    Twenty-Four Hours Later: Another Body Surfaces in Roaring Creek Blood Feud
    There is a third murder in the Roaring Creek area tonight. The dismembered body of fifty-one year old Roaring Creek resident Steven “Deeds” Hyde was found in a shallow grave [...]

    What’s Russell Hyde’s Connection to Ongoing Spate of Murders in Roaring Creek?
    As we said, Steven Hyde, the cousin of Russell Hyde, is the third victim in a recent string of murders that started with the fatal shooting of thirty-three year old, [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. Meets With PM Barrow on Proposed Amendments to Petrocaribe Law
    Representatives of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize met in extended session this afternoon with Prime Minister Dean Barrow to discuss proposed amendments to the Petrocaribe Loans Act.  The [...]

    Marvin Mora Says Timeline for Union Membership to Decide is Limited
    Among the key questions coming out of this afternoon’s meeting is the scope of the Petrocaribe Loans Act which, according to Mora, also prevents a successive government from abusing or [...]

    No Love Lost Despite Audrey Matura-Shepherd Not Being Initially Invited to Meeting
    When the prime minister requested an audience with the N.T.U.C.B. on the issue of the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act, the invitation was rather specific: all were welcomed to attend except [...]

    Audrey Spoke on BGYEA Settlement, Cited for Contempt of Court
    In a most unusual case involving an attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd is being cited for contempt of court which is considered a serious offense that can result in imprisonment for any [...]

    Carlos Raul Morales on Referendum
    News Five was the only media house in Guatemala City where an amendment was formalized to the 2008 Special Agreement this past Monday. It is all part of a process [...]

    When Will Amended Special Agreement Receive Congressional Nod in Guatemala?
    But even though the amendment was signed on Monday, the document will need to get approval from the Guatemalan Congress, unlike Belize. So what is the possibility of it getting [...]

    Guatemalan Foreign Minister Says Public Education on Referendum Will be Short
    For about two years now, the referendum unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been holding an education campaign in schools and civil society on the pros and cons [...]

    K.H.M.H. Nurse and Sons Acquitted of Fire Arm Offenses
    Tonight, fifty-two year old Judith Rocke, a nurse from the K.H.M.H. and her three sons are free from two criminal offenses of Kept Firearm and Ammunition without being Granted a [...]

    Retired UWI Professor Attends Anglican Synod in Belize
    Professor Neville Duncan, a former lecturer at the University of the West Indies and author of several publications, is in Belize.  The retired Professor in Caribbean Policy Studies is here [...]

    FIFA Under Fire, Top Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges in Zurich
    F.F.B. President Ruperto Vicente is in Zurich, Switzerland ahead of a congress later this week which will see FIFA President Sepp Blatter facing re-election.  The news tonight however, is that [...]

    S.I.B. Releases Quarterly Stats for G.D.P.
    The Statistical Institute of Belize released the latest figures for the GDP, external trade and consumer price index. The first quarter records a growth of seven percent that is due [...]

    Superintendent Edward Broaster Sues Attorney Oscar Selgado for Defamation
    Earlier this month, twenty-three-year-old Luis Campos was arraigned along with two other men for the murder of a cabdriver in San Pedro.  His arrest was not without controversy however, as [...]

    Intelligent Art Launched at the Belisle Gallery
    At this time, the launch of an exhibit is ongoing at the Belisle Gallery of the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Entitled, Intelligent Art, it is part of the [...]

    Day 2 of Weekend Kayak Challenge
    Day One of the eleventh Lagoon/Reef Kayak Eco-Challenge ended at Robles Point, a secluded beach on Northern Ambergris Caye near the border with Mexico and a stone’s throw from the [...]


    San Pedro Police Charge Three Men For Obtaining Property By Deception
    Three men in San Pedro Town have been arrested and charged for taking property by deception after the owner was witness of his vessel being stolen. 63 year old Thomas Vidrine reported to police on Friday night that he had secured his 20ft boat on the dock when he observed a small wooden dory with a male person in it, pulling the boat further away and called the police. Quick police response led to the recovery of the 20ft vessel called “MIN MIN” and the detention of three men. The value of the boat and accessories is set at a total of $46,630. Police have charged the trio jointly for taking property by deception.

    Thieves Target Correa's Pawn Shop One Block Away From Police Station
    It was a relatively quiet holiday weekend as it pertains to crime in Orange Walk but early this morning things took a turn as opportunistic thieves targeted Correa’s Pawn Shop located on Queen Victoria Avenue, one block away from the Police station. Reports are that authorities were on mobile patrol around 2:20 this morning when they saw two male persons by St. Peter’s Primary School, acting suspiciously. After the men observed the police mobile, they bolted from the area and immediately police set chase. The men were found hiding in an old abandoned cement house in the area. The men had in their possession a black bag which contained several pieces of jewellery and electronic devices.

    Grandfather Accused of Sexually Assaulting Granddaughter
    At the beginning of the newscast we told you about the frightful ordeal experienced by two female minors while playing at the Orange Walk Central Park. And from Orange Walk we go to San Pedro where there is yet another disturbing report involving a minor. In that municipality police are investigating a sexual assault case against an 8 year old. Reports are that on Saturday at 12:20pm the 8 year old and her mother visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on the same date the child lying in a hammock at her grandmother's house located in the DFC Area, when her grandfather sexually assaulted her.


    Another Body Found with Limbs Severed in Western Belize
    Yesterday we reported on the gruesome discovery of the body of 28-year-old 28-year-old Edilberto Madrid. Today the body of one of Madrid’s co-workers, Stephen Hyde, was discovered in a shallow grave. We hear more in this report. ANGELICA CRUZ “The search for 51-year-old, Steven Hyde a resident of Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District, who was […]

    Figures Released on Belize’s Economic Performance for 1st Quarter 2015
    The Statistical Institute of Belize released its latest numbers as it regards to Gross Domestic Product, the External Trade statistics and Consumer Price Index/Inflation Rate statistics for the first Quarter 2015. Press conference was held at the Central bank and Love News reporter Hipolito Novelo was in attendance and has the following report. HIPOLITO NOVELO […]

    Taiwan Grants Belize Five Million US Dollars for Key Projects
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow today received a five million US dollar cheque from the Taiwanese Ambassador, Benjamin Ho. The cheque is a grant under the bilateral cooperation program between the two countries. According to Government the funds will be used to cover a part of the expenditures on key infrastructure projects, including the Belize City […]

    Belizean Woman Selected for Fellows Program in Conservation
    A Belizean young woman has been selected to be a part of the Conservation Leadership in the Caribbean Fellows Program for the period May 2015 to October 2016. Rochelle Reneau, who was formerly attached to the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, is one of twenty participants from various Caribbean countries who will be […]

    Did Audrey Speak Out of Turn?
    Earlier this year the agreement for mediation of the dispute between the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) and the Government of Belize over the road reserve at Harmonyville on the George Price Highway neared resolution. This was confimed by BGYEA’s attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd. Most of the issues had been worked out and only the […]


    Missing Roaring Creek Man Found Headless and Limbless
    This weekend another victim was added to the growing list of persons killed in 2015 in the community of Roaring Creek. We warn you that the images may be too graphic for sensitive viewers. The victim this time is 28 year old Edilberto Madrid, also known as DUDES, of “Another World” area Roaring Creek Village.

    Victim of RTA Seeks Public Assistance
    A family in Orange Walk needs your help after a traffic accident left their loved one in a comma. The incident happened on Friday May 22nd sometime around 5:30 pm on the San Antonio Road. Erasmo Solis, a resident of Yo Creek Village, was driving a gold Nissan espera. He had dropped off his father

    Allyson Major seeks damages in firearms case
    He was acquitted of the charge but Allyson Major Sr. is asking the Supreme Court of Belize to strike down that portion of the Firearms Act passed in 2010 that casts a wide net of suspicion over persons in the general vicinity of a firearm. Major was arrested and charged in April of 2012 over

    Lyjon Franklin murdered on Iguana Street
    The first of two murders over the Commonwealth Day holiday weekend took place on Friday night, May 22, on Iguana Street Extension. According to police, 33 year old Lyjon Franklin, also known as “John,” was socializing with 20 year old Aaron Flowers of Antelope Street Extension at his residence around 6:20 in the evening when a

    Man arrested for burglary in connection to murder
    Police are gaining some ground and have made their first arrest in connection with the double murder that occurred on Friday the 19th of May at the residence of Laura Lambert in Pineapple Hill area, Teakettle Village. The victims were American Nationals Julian Christopher Jones and Paul David Signorino. Jones had been hacked to death

    Mark Gentle shot in front of house
    Two more Belize City men were treated for gunshot injuries following an incident on Monday night, May 25. 27 year old Mark Gentle and 34 year old Calvin Cumberbatch of Caesar Ridge Road were sitting on a step in front of their cement bungalow house when a vehicle stopped in front and two men inside

    Man stabbed multiple times to the chest
    A 24 year old man was stabbed to the chest in Belize City. Early Sunday morning, May 24 at about 3 A.M., 24-year-old Shawn Pascasio of Belize City was stabbed multiple times to the chest. According to reports, Pascasio was on the side walk just across from a popular night club on Newtown Barracks, socializing […]

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    Houston, Texas experiences unprecedented flooding
    Torrential rains and thunderstorms have cause unprecedented flooding in Houston and other parts Texas, USA. To make matters worse, there are predictions for even more rain. Many Belizeans currently live and study in Houston, including several Hicaquenos. Please check with your loved ones to make sure they are okay.

    Do You Recognize This Place?
    Do you recognize this place? Comment below with your responses.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    GOB withdraws appeal of court judgment on oil concessions: OCEANA
    Environmentalists appear to have won a key victory with the announcement this evening that Government attorneys, Barrow and Company, have filed a notice of withdrawal of appeal Today, attorneys for the Government of Belize, Barrow & Company, filed a notice of withdrawal of appeal in the matter of Civil […]

    Unions meet with PM on Petrocaribe
    The long-awaited meeting between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and executive members of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) took place this afternoon in Belize City at the Prime Minister’s office. It concerned the unions’ objections to the Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015 which is now pending amendment […]

    Economic statistics: Belize GDP rebounds in 2015 1st quarter; inflation reversed, trade still down
    The quarterly press conference organized by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) took place today in Belize City and in the area of overall economic development there was good news to report. On the heels of a 1.6% growth in the last quarter of 2014 and projected overall […]

    Guidelight Productions hosts youth leadership forum
    The dynamic youths leading Guidelight Productions came onto the local scene with a bang in February when they broke up a car overlaid with hurtful messages in Battlefield Park. Their next project is no less ambitious: it is a meeting of the vast majority of Belize’s youth leaders from […]

    Audrey Matura-Shepherd to be cited for contempt of court
    Earlier this year the agreement for mediation of the dispute between the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) and the Government of Belize over the road reserve at Harmonyville on the George Price Highway was revealed near its completion by BGYEA’s attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd. Most of the issues had […]

    Missing Steve Hyde found dead
    On Monday the family of 51 year old Steve Hyde reported him missing to the authorities and today, the family’s worst fear was confirmed. Belize City media is reporting that Hyde’s badly mutilated body was found in a grave on a property in the Young Gial Bank Road in Roaring […]

    Buena vista announces financing for promotional lots
    This weekend, Buena Vista Development Company, driven by their mantra ‘Helping you to live the Belizean Dream’ is having a huge promotion on prime lots next to the new hospital on Bullet Tree Road. The promotion promises great deals on beautiful lots and buyers are encouraged to go out early […]

    Over 404 grams of cannabis labeled as found property
    Working off a tip received, Belmopan police discovered 404 grams of Cannabis yesterday, May 26, in the Young Bank area of Camalote Village. A search conducted in a culvert and some nearby bushes led to the discovery of two black plastic bags and a green plastic bag containing cannabis. The […]

    Dismembered body discovered is missing Edilberto Madrid
    28-year-old Roaring Creek resident, Edilberto Madrid was reported missing on Monday, May 25, just one day before a body was discovered in the Cayo District. At around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, Belmopan Police were called to a scene on Young Bank Road in Camalote Village where they saw remains of a […]

    18-year-old Frederick Smith, charged with “Robbery”
    Quick response from Belize City police led to the recovery of stolen monies and electronics and the arrest of an 18-year-old male person late last week. At around 7:00p.m on Friday, May 22, police received a report from the manager of M&M Engineering Consultants limited that the business had

    Highway accident near Stann Creek Valley Road claims life
    37-year old David Marcial of Dangriga was driving his vehicle on the Stann Creek Valley Road on May 23rd around 5:30 p.m., when upon reaching mile 18 he lost control of the vehicle and knocked down Alfaro Cruz Garcia who was riding his bicycle in the opposite direction. Garcia was […]

    Stepfather charged with sexually assaulting minor
    According to reports, the 8-year-old girl and her aunt visited the Dangriga Police Station last week to report that in 2014 and about three weeks ago, her stepfather who was under the influence of alcohol sexually assaulted her. On May 25th, 2015, the minor was escorted to the Southern […]

    OW Police arrest and charge would-be robbers
    Three persons including a minor from Orange Walk Town were arrested and charged for burglary and handling stolen goods. According to the report, whilst police were on mobile patrol around 2:20am on Tuesday morning, they spotted two individuals by the St. Peter’s School area, acting suspiciously. After the men observed […]

    National AIDS Committee members undergo two-day Training in PG
    Data shows that HIV infections have been on the rise across the country, especially in the Belize and Cayo Districts. The study indicates that Belize may have a concentrated epidemic among specific sub-populations. The National Aids Commission works diligently to reduce the number of infections and increase the […]

    FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges in Switzerland
    According to the Wall Street Journal, nine FIFA officials and five others were indicted early Wednesday by US authorities and Swiss Police in Switzerland for racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracies, among other offenses in connection with participation in a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves through the corruption of […]


    Lunch, Weather, Coconutz, The Everything Store and Summer Necessities on Ambergris Caye
    Yesterday I stopped into the House of Culture on Back Street, San Pedro to check out a new exhibit. The history of Ambergris Caye is very much about coconuts. The island spent many years as a coconut plantation. Today, they are used for coconut water, oil (I just met someone yesterday who is cold pressing oil on the island – I’ll have to get you more info), art and souvenirs.

    New Archaeological Site in Belize’s Cayo District
    A new archaeological site is currently being excavated on the outskirts of Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town in Belize’s Cayo District. The exact time period is yet unknown, however it is possible that this site dates back to the early Classic period. This small Maya site served at one time as the household of a rural elite family. Previous archaeological investigations of the settlement indicate that it was affiliated with the large ancient city of Xunantunich which can be seen atop a large ridge about a kilometer to the northwest. No official name has been confirmed as yet so it is currently referred to as the “Benque Site“.

    International Sourcesizz

    An unlikely hero for Belize
    Belize needed a new hero against the Cayman Islands. The biggest name in the nation’s football, jet-heeled striker Deon McCaulay, was absent. So the job fell to an unlikely campaigner. The humble Elroy Kuylen, a sturdy veteran, stepped reluctantly into the shock of the spotlight. “When you’re chasing history, someone has to step up,” the 31-year-old midfield grafter told about Belize’s unsteady start to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ qualifying. Belize are outsiders compared to Central American neighbours Costa Rica and Honduras – and even Panama. But these minnows are on the march, steadily improving their football and climbing the CONCACAF pyramid on both club and country fronts. Their biggest star, McCaulay, wasn’t called up for the games against the Caymans, left instead in Atlanta, Georgia where he plays with the Silverbacks of the North American Soccer League, USA’s second professional tier. No Deon, no goals: “Oh man, did we miss Deon,” said Kuylen, who played two years in Honduras before landing at local club giants Belmopan Bandits. “If we get him through five times, you know he’ll score at least two. That’s a guarantee."

    British Virgin Islands to host regional parliamentary conference
    The British Virgin Islands (BVI) will host the 40th annual conference of the Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). Over 70 parliamentarians drawn from member states of that body are expected to arrive in the BVI in July as delegates and observers to this annual event. The opening of the conference will take place on July 27, 2015 under the theme: ‘Promoting Democracy and Good Governance: A Unified Approach’. Deliberations will take place from July 25 until August 1. According to the clerk of the House of Assembly and conference coordinator, Phyllis Evans, the theme is relevant, given the challenging democratic circumstances being currently faced by member states. Evans said, “It will allow parliamentarians to get together to share perspectives, which may well be different, given their unique circumstances. I believe we can learn from each other and explore ways of tackling these problems.”


  • Beginner Scuba Diving - Ambergris Caye, Belize, 3min. Diving off the coast of Ambergris Caye Belize, May 2015.

  • The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) issued its latest trade bulletin, 2min. The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) issued its latest trade bulletin detailing the scope of Belize’s import and export activities for the first four months of 2015.

  • CONSUMER PRICE INDEX SHOWS DANGRIGA AND PUNTA GORDA HAS HIGEST INFLATION RATE, 3min. The Consumer Price Index measures changes over time in the general level of prices of consumer goods and services that households acquire, use or pay for consumption. This is done by measuring the cost of purchasing a fixed basket of consumer goods and services of constant quality and similar characteristics, with the products in the basket being selected to be representative of households’ expenditure during a year or other specified period. Here in Belize the latest figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize for the month of April 2015 reveal that prices are 1percent lower than they were last year.

  • CTV3 NEWS TRAVELS FURTHER UP NORTH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EAST INDIAN CULTURE, 6min. We visited Corozal Town to learn more about the East Indian Culture at the annual East Indian Festival. It has been six years that the event is being held annually. The event features all you can learn about the culture and here is what we learned about the event and the people behind the initiative.

  • Divaz Next Door 26 May 2015, 60min. Guest Diana Shaw, Attorney at Law discusses Child Abuse, Trafficking of Children and her organization, Child Development Foundation.

  • Pygmy owls., 1min. In the world of raptors, it's hard to find anything more adorable than pygmy owls. They are still vicious hunters though, and these three orphans would remove the head of a dove or parakeet without a second thought. It's a jungle out there!

  • Belize Final Video, 8min. My school has a class called Mayterm and it is mandatory to graduate our school. I decided to go to Belize and boy am I glad I did.

  • Half Moon Cay, Belize 2015, 16min. La segunda parte de nuestros viaje: Half Moon Cay, Belize 2015, Gracias por su participacion en una aventura mas de Scuba Excite!!

  • Night Jungle Boatride in Belize, 1min.

  • Going from Mexico to Belize Islands by Boat, 18min. Taking the fast boat from the town of Chetumal on the Yucatan, Mexico to beautiful Ambergris Caye (island) in Belize.

    May 27, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks and Belmopan Red Taigaz
    Another exciting weekend activity was the first playoff game between San Pedro Tiger Sharks and Belmopan Red Taigaz. The Tiger Sharks won in a close match: 74-72. If they win the next one, they are headed to the finals for the championship! Go Tiger Sharks!!

    Coconut Crafts
    I’ve always been fascinated by crafts created with materials that would otherwise normally go to waste. Conch shell earrings and necklaces? I’m all for it; artists are making the most of natural materials and they also make the perfect statement piece. There’s also plenty of beautiful wood carvings, bottle stopper earrings, sea glass jewelry and much more… Lately however, I’ve been going nuts over these crazy cool coconut crafts! Belize is booming with coconut trees, so of course there’d be plenty of cool pieces that would emerge from its “waste” right?! Over the weekend My Beautiful Belize got a chance to check out the Coconut San Pedro House of Culture. The exhibit brought all kinds of coconut crafts from different artists to one location. With everything from carvings of cute ladybugs to sunbathing iguanas, candle holders, cups, brightly colored beaded necklaces with flower pendants made from coconut shells, three-dimensional paintings and even uhh….coconut lamps, it was all here!

    Team ‘Hole Mi Tite’ wins 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge
    After two days of grueling conditions and a close fight to the finish line, Carlos Ramirez and James Alford of Team ‘Hole Mi Tite’ took the first place win at the 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge. The boys, sponsored by The Environmental Defense Fund, conquered the 42 mile race in record time, earning them the coveted first place trophy and prizes. This year’s Eco-challenge kicked off on Saturday, May 23rd and finished on Sunday, May 24th. Not only did the race see the highest number of participants, but it also recorded the best overall times. Aimed at raising awareness on the importance of conserving the island’s fragile marine ecosystem, the kayak race offers a unique experience to all participants. The 27 registered teams gathered at the Seaduced by Belize dock on the Sunset Boardwalk. Under calm water conditions, paddlers took off at 7:45AM, darting towards the north-western coast of Ambergris Caye. Spectators flocked the neighboring docks cheering on their favorite teams.

    San Pedro House of Culture’s newest exhibit: Coconutz
    He elaborated on how the coconuts are no longer used only for consumption, but also have become great works of art. “Our talented local artisans are taking the coconut husks, bark, leaves, stems and even the shells to make art pieces. These beautiful products are already being sold through the tourism industry. We hope that this exhibit only serves to continue promoting the use of coconuts,” ended Paz. Afterwards, guests were invited to view the exhibit. Showcased were carvings, paintings, candles, wall pieces, lamps and table pieces, all made from coconut products! Among the talented artists featured in the exhibit were Karina Paz and Edwardo “Papo” Alamilla. Most of the pieces were for sale at a special price.

    Letter to the Editor: We all use oil-based products
    Dear Editor, I would appreciate anonymity on this… because OMG it’s a can of worms, but I think people need to think. Although I agree in theory what the people of Belize did on Saturday May 16, 2015 to show support for the “No Offshore Drilling” campaign, the photos I’ve seen of some of the folks that were there leave me a bit perplexed. I do consider myself somewhat of an environmentalist and think it’s very important to keep the reef and the waters the pristine way they are. To make it clear, I am “pro” No Belize Offshore Drilling, however, I wonder how many people burn oil or use things that are made from oil (and may not even realize it) in their everyday lives. I only write this because I believe it is necessary to not only have knowledge of a certain subject or cause, but to use that knowledge wisely when making a public declaration of something…which is the only reason why I didn’t go (because I’m not even close to being truly green… yet).

    Ambergris Today

    Divya Wadhwa Celebrates Quinceanos
    One of the most beautiful things that we see in Belize is the integration of cultures amongst the melting pot of diversity in ethnicity that identifies Belize as a multicultural nation. On Saturday, May 16, 2015, Divya Wadhwa of Indian descent celebrated her Quinceaños (15th Birthday) which is a traditional Mestizo celebration. Both cultures came together in one big celebration as Divya held her birthday party at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium. She entertained her guests with traditional and modern dances at an Indian-themed party filled with laughter and joy. Divya Wadhwa, daughter of Prakash Wadhwa and Adanari Garcia, was officially presented to society by her Godparents Carla and Wayne Alfaro. Congratulatons Divya!

    Young Girls Empowered by Fashion Show
    The SHINE organization, headed by Miss San Pedro Michelle Nunez, held a fundraiser fashion show on Sunday, May 24, 2015, which marked the closure of the first semester of a program of activities developed to empower the first group of young women to complete the course. SHINE teamed up with the models of Foreva Fancy boutique in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, to put on a fashion show that would work as a boost to each of the girl’s self esteem. Michelle stated that the show was the biggest activity that the young ladies partook in, bringing together all the different aspects of the six-curriculum program taken up by the group. Needless to say, the girls did an amazing job on the runway and were very proud of accomplishing such a big step towards self-empowerment. Below are highlights of the fashion show.

    Visit the San Pedro House of Culture this week as it presents the arts and craft exhibition 'COCONUTZ'. Local artists are displaying their artwork made entirely of coconuts as a showcase of the use of coconuts as a sustainable resource.

    Flashbacks - Man of the Sea and Tour Guide Ambassador Abel Guerrero
    Abel Guerrero Sr. has been a man of the sea all of his life and still has an avid passion for the sea and fishing. Born and raised in San Pedro he was an early whole fish and lobster fisherman. That makes him an expert with the Hawaiian sling, hand line, spear, cast net, and skin diving. Early in his adult life and with the advent of tourism, Abel transformed himself into a tourist guide now specializing in trolling and the use of rod and reels and fly fishing. He first operated under the name of Holiday Hotel guides and was known to help carry the passengers’ luggage with a wheelbarrow all the way to Holiday Hotel. Don’t believe us? Then ask Celi McCorkle another pioneer in the tourism industry. His knowledge of the sea and his charismatic personality has attracted many tourists who have become repeated customers to San Pedro and to his services. But Abel is more than a man of the sea. He is a man of service to his community and to God. He has been an active Lion member since1975 and has served as President and now lifetime appointed treasurer. Abel is also a Minister of the Word and assists as lay church minister of the Catholic Church. Abel has also been a hard working member of the Board of Directors of San Pedro High School. Though he is not 100% active as a tourist guide, his passion of the sea still carries him back to the sea to explore with guests and friends the many wonders of the marine world.

    Saga Humane Society Says Business is NOT For Sale
    As the “For Sale” sign was posted at Saga Humane Society on Sea Star Street early Saturday morning, the rumor mill in San Pedro dubbed the “coconut telegraph” was so hot it nearly caught flames. Speculation that Saga Humane Society was for sale circulated, as did its’ potential closing for most of the day until Saga issued a Facebook post and a release to the media that all is well for Saga Humane Society and that expansion is on the horizon, not closure. Saga Humane Society Board Member Kevin Smith commented, “No Saga is not for sale, and No Saga is not closing its doors. We were notified by the landlord that she and her partner have made the decision to sell the property for personal reasons. We have good open communication with the landlord and the real estate company and will have plenty of time to make arrangements for all of the animals that we will continue to care for”.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize Attends the Hotel Opportunities Latin America (HOLA) Investment Conference – Key Takeaways
    BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE participated in the 2015 Hotel Opportunities Latin America (HOLA) Investment Conference which took place at the J.W. Marriott Marquis in Miami, FL on April 28 – 30, 2015. HOLA is designed to provide an annual meeting place for over 400 hotel executives, investors, lenders, developers and the professional advisory community who are interested in doing deals in one of the world’s hottest hotel markets – Latin America and the Caribbean, which also includes Belize. One of the key discussion points of course included that of Cuba as the undiscovered Tourism destination as per the recent dialogue on the U.S. dropping its embargo. Indeed, the natural authentic and untouched beauty of Cuba makes it a very attractive destination for hotel and resort developers. Other Latin America and Caribbean destinations demonstrated some concern on Cuba opening up its market and having impacts on their visitor levels; however, it is generally believed that Cuba will not, in fact, create a threat to other destinations like Belize, but rather it will induce a new demand to the region as a whole.

    Belize International Jazz Festival
    Opening Concert Saturday, 6th June 2015 5pm to Midnight Memorial Park, Belize City

    Tracking poachers
    These are belongings left behind by macaw poachers on a camp as they escaped. Items include: spikes to climb tree, rope, machetes, clothes, food.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, along with the outgoing Secretary General of the OAS José Miguel Insulza yesterday at a special ceremony in Guatemala City signed the Protocol to Amend the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to Submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime Claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In his remarks Minister Elrington said, “For my country, the claim has been a blighted colonial legacy. It has stymied for far too long the growth and development of Belize. It has affected the national psyche of our people and the evolution of good fulsome and neighbourly relations which should rightly exist between two countries which fate, history and geography have caused to be juxtaposed in perpetuity.” He said, “The Government of Belize is resolved to put this Guatemalan claim behind us as early as possible. It is irrevocably committed to being bound by the decision of the Belizean electorate on this claim as manifested in a referendum.”

    The Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia herein announces the call for applications for the open Graduate Scholarship (Masters or PhD) in Earth Sciences awarded by the Geophysics Commission of the PAIGH for a Latin American student to study at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, May 26, 2015: 99. FANTASY 5: 34 21 17 33 8 I

    San Pedro Community Meeting Wednesday, May 27at 5:45pm
    Come be a part of/witness Election of Branch Executive Board. There are ample upcoming volunteer opportunities to sign up for. Come on out and a volunteer for one (or more) events. San Pedro Town Council Conference Room.

    New Benque Archaeological Site
    Benque has a new archaeological site, and it's being excavated currently. Not sure yet of the name, or exact time period of its use, but they are working on it. You can visit the site now too! "It is possible that this site dates back to the early Classic period, not certain as yet. From here you can see Xunantunich, the Arenal mounds. We really thank the people who are working there diligently and the ones who make this project happen, especially Mr. Subrata Basu. If you are interested in visiting the site, please call the Benque Viejo Town Council at 803-2020. Images courtesy of Heber Gomez"

    Channel 7

    Banana Bank Body Is Decapitated, Dismembered, Disemboweled
    A man's body was found in the Roaring Creek River this morning in the Banana Bank Area, just outside of Belmopan, heading toward Valley of Peace Village. Police believe that it is a homicide, and a particularly gruesome one at that. The victim has been positively identified as 28 year-old Edilberto Madrid, a resident of the Emmanuel Area of Roaring Creek Village, who was officially reported missing today, but who had not been seen since Sunday. It appears that his head had been cut off, sections of all 4 of his limbs were chopped off, and he was gutted. Police aren't saying much at this time until the on site post-mortem is completed, but we have learned from other sources that Madrid was an associate of Roaring Creek Resident, Russell Hyde, whose wife was murdered on last week Sunday.

    Belize And Guatemala Sign Amended Compromis, PUP A No-Show
    Ever since it was announced two weeks ago that Government would sign an amended special agreement , or compromis with the Guatemalans in their capital city - we have heard howls of disapproval from COLA, the VIP, and the PUP. But, government was undeterred: it moved ahead with the OAS to sign the agreement yesterday in Guatemala. The government press office was there and Jules Vasquez put together this story:.. Jules Vasquez reporting Ringed by Volcanic mountains, and a skyline punctuated by high rise buildings Guatemala City melds the colonial and the modern. The central park is shadowed by the magisterial national palace and the metropolitan cathedral. But the amended special agreement was not signed in this citadel of power but in the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Where before the signing, Belize's CEO Lawrence Sylvester was chatting with Military Attache Lt. Col Anthony Velasquez while Ambassador Stuart Leslie, was conversing with his Guatemalan counterparts.

    Friday Night Killer Caught His Vitim Unaware, In Front Of Child
    Over the weekend there were 3 shootings and a stabbing in the City which left 4 people hospitalized, and one man dead. The first fatal shooting, happened right when Friday's news was starting. 33 year-old Lyjon Franklyn was killed, and 20 year-old Aaron Flowers was injured. 7News has been following the story since Friday night, and Daniel Ortiz tells us how the men were caught off guard: Daniel Ortiz reporting On Friday night, Iguana Street Extension - right in front of Kim's Shop 2 - was cluttered with crime scene markers, the aftermath of a shooting which claimed the life of 33 year-old Lyjon Franklyn, and left 20 year-old Aaron Flowers hospitalized. Lancelot Flowers - Friend of Deceased "I was at my home on Jump Street watching a NBA game and I got a text from my father saying that they ran in our yard, shot Lyjon and he was on the ground. That is how I got the news. I just jump up and came back here to check, because he is my brother. And a lot of people brother as well."

    Southside Home Sprayed With Gunfire
    Last night residents of the Yabra area heard what they say was a machine gun spray gunfire on the Caesar Ridge home of well-known southside businesswoman Pamela Bennett Cumberbatch. As a result, her son, 27 year-old Mark Gentle, also known as Mark Vernon, is hospitalized in a critical condition tonight, and her husband 34 year-old Calvin Cumberbatch was treated and released. It happened at around 7:20 p.m. when both Gentle and Cumberbatch were sitting on a step in front of their house. That's when a vehicle stopped in front of the house. 2 men pulled weapons from inside, let off a barrage of gunfire, and sped off. Today, police briefed media about what information they have at this time: Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer "Initial investigations revealed that both men were sitting on the steps in front of their residence on Caesar Ridge Road when a vehicle passed and two men reportedly fired several shots at them causing their injuries. Cumberbatch was treated and release. Sadly, Gentle remains at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition."

    Rhaburn the Rower In Trouble For Out of Season Game Meat
    Jerry Rhaburn, he's known as a former champion of the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge. But tonight, he's in trouble with police, the Fisheries Department, and the Forestry Department for illegal deer and Hicatee hunting. According to reports, Rhaburn is a game meat dealer, and those departments have been tracking him for some time. And, on Friday, they launched a raid at his mother-in-law's house in Burrell Boom Village. Officers found a Hicatee fresh water turtle in her refrigerator. Of course, Hicatee season is closed right now, and so it is illegal to possess it at this time. Officers then issued him with a warrant, and they took him back to his own house in Burrell Boom. When the officers searched his refrigerator, they found another Hicatee, and a full deer carcass, which he was not allowed to have since he didn't have a hunting license. So, Rhaburn was criminally charged with the Forest and Fisheries offenses of possession of Hicateee within the Closed season, and illegal hunting without a valid permit. He will have to show up to court at a later date this month. That's on this instance, but authorities believe he is a major game meat dealer.

    Nine Year Old Knocked Down In PG
    A woman and her son were flung from a scooter in an accident in Punta Gorda on Friday. On Friday afternoon around 1:00, 35 year old Angel Budna was taking her 9 year old son Edward Rhaburn Jr. back to school at St Peter Claver. As she arrived near the corner of Cemetery Road and George Price Street, 30 year old Dennis Trapp, who was driving a Black Ford Ranger crashed into her. Budna and her son went flying about 30 feet at the point of impact. Police say it was Budna's fault because she should have slowed down and allowed Trapp to pass. Both Budna and her son had to be flown out on air ambulance. Budna complained of pain to the hip and foot while her son got cut wounds to his forehead and a broken left leg. Trapp has been served with a notice of intended prosecution and the investigation will continue after Budna has recovered.

    Money Come From CARICOM
    Today two additional agreements were signed between the government and the CARICOM Development Fund. These agreements were signed by the Prime Minister and the head of the CDF under the Country Assistance Program for Belize. Belize is getting $4.8 million Belize dollars to fund major developmental projects including the replacement of the Haulover Bridge and upgrading of the Northern Highway. Another major focus of these agreements is the continued support of small business development. Today the Prime Minister told the Press office how important these agreements are to the economic development. H.E. Lorne McDonnough, CEO - CARICOM Development Fund "These new agreements between the government of Belize and the CDF for projects totaling BZ4.8 million or 2.4 million US, continues the exciting trail of tangible evidence of CARICOM mechanisms at work. This amount means that in total, the government of Belize, with a contribution 3.1 million dollars, was able to obtain 4 projects it prioritize an additional 98 cents for every US dollar contributed, making good the promise of retuning to disadvantage countries, interest free all of their contributions.

    Taiwan, The Ally That Keeps On Giving
    The Taiwanese will also be ponying up with cash for government. Tomorrow, Ambassador Benjamin Ho will present a cheque for Five Million US Dollars to the Prime Minister Barrow. It's free money, a five million US dollar grant for the very general purpose of quote, "assisting the socio-economic development of Belize." The funds will be used to cover expenditures on key infrastructure projects, including the Belize City Southside Poverty Alleviation Project, the extension of the Southern Highway to Jalacte in the Toledo District, and for the new bridge at the Macal River in San Ignacio/Santa Elena.

    Allyson Fights The Gun Law
    After months of back and forth in the Supreme Court, Belize City resident Allyson Major Sr. finally got his first day in court after deciding to challenge the Attorney General and the Police Department on the gun laws. He's seeking an award of damages for the ordeal he experienced when he was wrongfully accused of being in possession of a weapon. Major is trying to get the Supreme Court to pronounce once and for all if the Amendments to the Firearm Act, and the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act are unjust and unconstitutional. His attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, was the first to make his case before Justice Michelle Arana, and after he presented a few hours of legal arguments, we asked him to summarize outside of court. He explained that the law shifts that under these gun laws, the burden of proof is shifted from the state to the accused, which violates the constitutional rights of all persons charged under the law:

    More City Shootings
    Earlier in our newscast, we told you about the 2 weekend shootings in which resulted in injured victims, and one fatality. Well, there were 2 others, but very fortunately, no one was injured. This morning, the Police Press Officer spoke with the media about both: Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "One that occurred on Saturday the 23rd, and this about 11 o' clock in the morning. Luckily in this incident nobody was injured. However when police visited the scene, at the corner of King and Amara Avenue they saw a vehicle with a bullet hole in the windshield. Quick police response led to the arrest of a 16 year old minor and the recovery of a 9mm firearm. At this time police are seeking other individuals as investigations continue. On the 24th of May on Sunday at about 8 o' clock in the evening, police responded to several shots being fired on Arlington Drive in Belize City. When they arrived at the location, they recovered several expended 9mm shells or empty casing. What transpired was that a man was driving his vehicle in that area when several shots were fired at his vehicle causing several bullet holes in the sides of his vehicle. Luckily nobody was injured again as police investigations continue."

    Bus Driver "Box Down" Taximan
    These days, almost every cell phone has a camera - so we shouldn't be surprised when we see more and more videos turning up of everyday events that normally would escape notice. That's what came across our facebook feed this morning when bus driver Daren Stuart was seen punching out a taximan who had just run into his Stuart's bus. It happened on Saturday evening at 6:15 in Ladyville. The taximan - who looked like he had had a little too much gas in his engine - wouldn't back down from Stuart - which left the bus driver with only one choice. He explained it to Monica Bodden this evening:.. Darren Stuart, Stuart's Bus "It was like three weeks ago. This guy ran into the tail of my bus and he expected me to pay for his damages. I parked the bus there and told him to call the police so as to settle it then but instead he drove off. On Saturday evening approximately 6:10, he came and parked in front of me on the highway in Ladyville, accusing me of owing him for the damages to his van. I avoided him by driving around him to proceed down the highway. He came up again in front of the AVIS bus stop in Ladyville and again parked in front of me. I tried to avoid him but he just drove along with me."

    Major Robbery at M&M, Cops Recover $$$
    It was a major incident that police never reported to the press, but today, the case went to court and we found out all about the armed robbery at M and M's engineering at mile two and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway. It was a major heist which happened on Friday afternoon at 3:30 where almost $10,000 dollars in cash and another ten thousand dollars in cheques were robbed at gunpoint. Employees were also robbed of various personal items and cash but a quick police response led to the arrest of a teenager and recovery of most of the cash. This evening, 19 year old Fredrick Smith, a laborer and resident of #18 Racoon Street Extension was arraigned in Court #5 before Magistrate, Ladonna John. He was slapped with 6 counts of theft, 5 counts of robbery and one count of damage to property.

    City Administrator In Accident
    Viewers may remember that about a week before the Municipal Elections, the 2012 Toyota Hilux, which was assigned to Mayor Darrell Bradley as mayor, was totaled by Councillor Alifa Elrington-Hyde. The Opposition's candidate, Yolanda Schakron, complained bitterly about it because it was a vehicle which was purchased with public funds, and after that crash, it was a write off. Well, we've learned that another vehicle belonging to the Belize City Council has been significantly damaged. This one is assigned to the office of the City Administrator, Candice Burke, and our information is that she and her family took a trip to Chetumal for the weekend, and had an accident yesterday evening at around mile 14 on the Northern Highway, near the Maxboro Area.

    Channel 5

    Special Agreement Amended – Guatemala Goes Solo for Referendum
    There is a lot of crime news, but tonight we start our newscast with a historic event that occurred in Guatemala City on Monday. A Belizean delegation led by the [...]

    Sedi Says Amendment to Compromis is About Economics
    According to the original Special Agreement, a simultaneous referenda was scheduled for October 2013, but Guatemala decided it was not proceeding with it and for years, it did not support [...]

    Guatemalan Foreign Minister Comments on Bilateral Agreements
    Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales told the media that for both countries to move forward, the bilateral agenda between the two must be separate from the territorial dispute. This strategy [...]

    Dismembered Body of Edilberto Madrid Recovered from Belize River
    A gruesome killing in the Valley of Peace Road, Cayo has left a family devastated and shaken up. They can’t say why Edilberto Madrid was gruesomely murdered in a neighborhood [...]

    One Dead, One Critically Injured in Friday Evening City Shooting
    While that murder was in Valley of Peace, on Friday evening, as the extended holiday weekend was just getting underway, gun violence erupted once more on the south side of [...]

    Shawn Pascasio Stabbed Near Elements, Frederick Bradley is Charged
    Also on the crime blotter, twenty-four-year-old Shawn Pascasio was stabbed multiple times on Sunday morning during an altercation outside of Elements Nightclub on Newtown Barracks.  Pascasio was reportedly standing on [...]

    Gunmen Open Fire on Caesar Ridge Road, Two Men Injured in Onslaught
    The wanton bloodlust over the holiday weekend culminated on Monday night with a violent attack on a pair of Belize City men who were seated in front of their home [...]

    Minor Detained for Shooting at Vehicle on Amara Avenue
    A sixteen-year-old minor remains in police custody tonight after firing a nine millimeter handgun at a vehicle on Saturday.  The shooting took place near the corners of King Street and [...]

    Chinese Nationals Arrested in Benque for Growing Weed
    A police operation early this morning in Benque Viejo has resulted in the arrests of four men, charged with the cultivation of marijuana. At around five-thirty, members of the Quick [...]

    Why is C.E.O. Candelaria Saldivar on Administrative Leave?
    News Five has been able to confirm that C.E.O. in the Ministry of Immigration and sister of the Minister of National Security, Candelaria Saldivar, has been placed on administrative leave [...]

    Fire Leaves Lord’s Bank Family Homeless
    A family in Lord’s Bank, Ladyville has been displaced after a fire swept through their wooden bungalow house. Despite efforts by the fire department to extinguish the blaze, it quickly [...]

    Gun Case Against Allyson Major Dismissed
    A Belize City man who was locked down for thirty-eight days on firearms offences was in the Supreme Court today after he sued the government for wrongful imprisonment. The case [...]

    …He Challenges Harsh Gun Laws in Supreme Court
    Sylvestre says that they are basing the case on two arguments.   Anthony Sylvestre, Attorney for Allyson Major “One, that his constitutional right not to be arrested, not to be [...]

    M&M’s Engineering Robbed of Over $20,000 – Frederick Smith is Arraigned
    Raccoon Street resident, nineteen year old Fredrick Smith was today arraigned for the May twenty-second armed robbery at M and M’s Engineering on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Last Friday around [...]

    Eleventh Lagoon/Reef Eco-Challenge Held in San Pedro
    Twenty-seven teams in brightly coloured ocean-going kayaks – forty-two gruelling miles from San Pedro Town to the northern-most creek bordering Mexico, and then back to town. The eleventh Lagoon/Reef Eco-Challenge, [...]

    Tuesday’s Edition of Sports Monday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The 4 team semi-pro basketball playoffs got off with a bang over the weekend and we’ve got the head [...]


    Missing Man Found Gutted with Limbs Severed
    The body of a resident of Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District, who had been reported missing was found earlier today; correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ “The lifeless body of 28-year-old, Edilberto Madrid, a resident of Roaring Creek Village who was reported missing by his common-law-wife, Julie Fernandez on Sunday morning, May 24 was found […]

    Belize and Guatemala Sign Onto Amended Special Agreement
    Belize and Guatemala have signed the protocol to amend the special agreement between the two countries. On Monday Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and his Guatemalan counterpart, Carlos Raul Morales along with the outgoing Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza signed the protocol to amend the special agreement between […]

    Robbers of M & M Engineering Office Caught on Video
    Last Friday just before our evening news, we were alerted of a robbery that occurred at the M&M Engineering Office on the Phillip Goldson Highway. In that incident, two men of Creole descent, one armed with a hand gun, went inside the compound and held up the employees at gun point. We were at the […]

    Shopkeeper Arraigned for Drug Trafficking
    Thirty-one year old Jermaine Rodriguez, a shopkeeper of La Croix Boulevard, was charged with two counts of drug trafficking when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Rodriguez pled not guilty to the charges. He was offered a bail of five thousand dollars and his case was adjourned until July 21. On May 21 […]

    Firearm Case Dismissed Following Serial Number Mix-Up
    Four persons charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license were acquitted of the charges today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Shane Crawford, Judith Rocke and her sons, Gian Bernard and Michael Herrera. Rocke’s attorney, Kareem Musa, objected to the tendering of the firearm into evidence when the serial number on […]

    Socializing Turns Almost Fatal
    Twenty-nine year old Frederick Bradley, an unemployed who allegedly inflicted stab wounds on another man, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Bradley was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. He was remanded into custody until July 28. The incident occurred around […]

    American Airlines Introduces Direct Flight to Belize from Los Angeles
    Earlier this month we told you of the arrival of Southwest Airlines to our airport in October 2015 as an additional carrier offering air transportation to and from Belize with Houston … but while tickets are already being sold online at one hundred and twenty seven US dollars – on way, American Airlines is preparing […]

    Little Girl Stays By Father’s Side After He Was Shot in Belize City
    A Friday night murder in Belize City has etched a scene in the mind of a 4-year-old, who lost her father just after six o’clock on May 23, 2015. Hipolito Novelo has the story. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING Thirty three year old Lyjon Franklin was at his home on Iguana Street Extension in his yard speaking […]


    Belize City man survives overnight shooting
    There was very nearly another murder in Belize City Thursday night when 32 year old Luis Dominguez was shot multiple times on JR Street off Jane Usher Boulevard around 7:45 p.m. The St. Thomas Street resident also known as “Esse” normally socializes with friends at a house in King’s Park. One of his friends who was the last to speak to him before the incident, spoke to us this morning. “Like minutes to 9pm, we got a call. He called one of his friend and say that he just got shot and the phone cut off and the friend call back his phone and we just heard siren and we went to the hospital and we heard he got shot in his face, the bullet came from the next side and came our through his nose , and he got one in his shoulder. he said he was going to Lake I but we didn’t know he would go by Jane Usher.

    Roaring Creek Decides not to Gamble
    The Roaring Creek Village held an important meeting yesterday to decide the way forward as it relates to gambling in that community. Sometime within the tenure of the former chairman of Roaring Creek, a businessman was authorized to open a gambling center in the community, that is at Lucky Entertainment Center. But with the recent

    Illegal Dams at Barton Creek
    In December of last year, plus TV’s Cameras travelled to Barton Creek the Barton Creek archaeological site, in Cayo District based on reports of an illegal dam structure that was built some hundred yards down from the mouth of the Barton Creek Cave, an system protected by NICH. We brought the matter up to the

    PUP says no to Special Agreement Signing
    If you have been keeping up with news you’d know that the Minister of Foreign Affair Wilfred Elrington travels to Guatemala this weekend where on Monday he is to sign an amendment to the Special Agreement between Guatemala and Belize. The Amendment allows for Guatemala to conduct a referendum separately an on their own rather

    National Animal killed, was it Guatemalans?
    The Tapir, known locally as the “Mountain Cow,” is Belize’s national animal, protected under law. But last week, one of these gentle creatures was killed in the Chiquibul Forest, yes, Belize’s national animal was killed, and FCD rangers believe Guatemalan poachers pulled the trigger. The incident happened sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning last

    Missing man found dead at Mile 8
    Police have confirmed the recovery of the body of 27 year old Denfield Bowen, Jr., also known as “LL”,of Plues Street in Belize City. Bowen, a father of four, had last been seen on Thursday, April 30th around 5:20pm and both police and members of his family believed that he had been killed as a

    Two persons charged for Murdering Taxi Man
    On May 4th earlier this month, Belizean Taxi Driver of San Pedro town Donicio Trujillo was murdered. He was stabbed, his throat was cut and his body left right beside his taxi van. Police say it was a murder for the purpose of committing a robbery. Quick police response lead them to apprehend 5 people

    Minor Charged for Attempted Murder
    Dangriga police have charged a 17 year old minor, a construction worker of New Site Area, Dangriga for the crime of “attempted murder and “Kept Firearm without a gun license. ” The charge is in relation to a shooting incident that occurred in Dangriga on Wednesday night. According reports, police were patrolling an area known […]

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    Lee At Caribbean Colors Art Gallery Has Free Reading Glasses To Give Away
    Lee Vanderwalker at Caribbean Colors Art Gallery has free reading glasses at Caribbean Colors Art Cafe, and when I say free, I really mean free. The highest prescription is +3.25. Please let anyone in need know that I have glasses available now. Most of the time the people that really need reading glasses don’t have

    “Belize, Why Are You So Corrupt?” Asks Departing Family of 4
    A family of four who spent six months in Belize as they travel the world have posted on their online blog their experiences while in country. While trying to leave San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) by water taxi, they were charged $60 as a “Mexican Holiday Fee.” Why would a water taxi company collect fees on

    Belize Choral Society to Perform Spring Concert
    BELIZE CHORAL SOCIETY TOUCHES THE HEART WITH ITS “SEASONS OF LOVE” CONCERT. The Belize Choral Society has plans to touch the hearts of attendees at its spring concert – “Seasons of Love,” – which will be held on Saturday, 30 May, 2015 at the Holy Redeemer […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Offshore drilling proposed in Belize’s barrier reef
    Conservation groups and individual environmentalists throughout Belize have been against offshore oil exploration ever since the government first proposed the idea. The biggest group protesting the movement today is OCEANA who recently held a national event called ‘hands across the sand’ in which thousands of Belizeans stood in solidarity, saying […]

    CDF signs financing for Belize projects
    The CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) has signed to provide financing for multiple projects in Belize including the redeveloping of the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway and Haulover Bridge and assistance to small and medium-sized business enterprises in Belize totaling $6.5 million. Ambassador Lorne McDonough, the chief executive officer of […]

    Allyson Major seeks damages in firearms case
    Acquitted of the original charges of keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license, Allyson Major, Sr., now wants that portion of the 2010 Firearms Act having to do with definition of keeping and owning unlicensed firearms struck out. Major was arrested and charged in April of 2012 […]

    Shopkeeper charged with drug trafficking
    Thirty-one year old Jermaine Rodriguez, a shopkeeper of 91 Lacroix Boulevard, was charged with 2 counts of drug trafficking when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Rodriguez pled not guilty to the charges. He was offered a bail of $5,000 and his case was adjourned until […]

    Four acquitted of firearm charges
    Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today acquitted Shane Crawford, Judith Rocke and Rocke’s sons, Gion Bernard and Michael Herrera of keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license. On April 25, 2012, police went to Rocke’s residence on Castle Street and found a .380 pistol with five rounds in […]

    Man charged with attempted murder at nightclub
    24 year old Shawn Pascascio was stabbed in the chest several times while socializing with friends around 3:00 a.m. on May 24 in front of Elements Night Club on Newtown Barracks. Today his attacker, 29 year old Frederick Bradley, was charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly […]

    How the Kingdom of Toucan Was Sold Down the River by an Incompetent Fool
    By Carlos El Dente “I want you to sign a compromise agreement,” Brother Tiger ordered. He addressed his Minister of International Relations before sending him off to cut an unsavory land deal in which the people of Toucan would be given the shaft, while across the border, the people of Quetzal would benefit from the […]

    Decapitated body discovered in the Cayo District
    There is a disturbing report coming from the Cayo District. Confirmed reports reveal that a decapitated body of a male person was discovered by the Agripino Cawich Bridge by Young Bank in the Cayo District. Our attempts to get full details on the incident have proved futile thus far. We’ll […]

    American Airlines to add new flight to Belize next month
    American Airlines will add an additional flight to Belize next month. The new flight will start on June 6th between Belize City and Los Angeles and will operate on Saturdays and Sundays on their 737-800 aircraft. The additional service is part of a wider Caribbean expansion for the airline and will depart Belize at 8:55am and arrive in Los Angeles around 1:10pm with the Los Angeles flight leaving at 12:30 a.m. and arriving in Belize at 6:10 a.m.


    I’m So Glad I Retired To Ambergris Caye, Belize
    It’s Friday evening, nearly 5 p.m., and the Lady Leslie feels as eager to slip its bonds and head to sea as we, its passengers, do. This is, after all, a sunset cruise, and the ostensible reason for our sail seems to be too rapidly slipping toward the western horizon of Ambergris Caye, the Belizean island on which we all live. There are about a dozen of us on board, all expats who have staked a claim in tropical island living. We gather on the fore section of this 38-foot catamaran, on beanbag chairs and a comfortable webbed trampoline, perfect for stretching out as the blue-green Caribbean slips past beneath us. Among us are a family of four from Canada who recently bought a large beach house north of town, an English couple who have lived and worked on the island for at least seven years, and a recently retired couple from Los Angeles who are renting south of San Pedro Town as their fourth-floor condo is being built.

    Belize Educational Programs: Butterflies on the Road 2015!
    The month of May is known to be education month in Belize, so with that in mind and as part of our community outreach and education programs Chaa Creek’s Naturalist Guides set out on a journey to conduct the annual “Butterflies on the Road” program. Our guides gear up their vehicles with a power point presentation, living samples of every stage of the blue morpho butterfly and our signature blue morpho colouring books. The “Butterflies on the road” initiative main focus is reaching out to the rural community schools in western Belize in an effort to educate our young children on the conservation of butterflies and the significant roles that they play in our eco-system.

    Letter from The Garifuna Nation to The Garifuna Coalition USA
    To All Concerned, The Garifuna Coalition USA Inc. is a New York City based organization that was registered with the state of New York on May the 28th, 1999 to do business as a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. At the time of the registration the Registered Agent address is 2189 Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11207. For many years now their office was located at 391 East 149th Street Room-215 Bronx, NY 10455. In 1999 when this organization was formed, there were other organizations and representatives included in this coalition. However shortly thereafter when Jose Francisco Avila moved from Texas to come and live in New York City and became the President, he wrote letters to these organizations expelling them from the Garifuna Coalition USA Inc. Since he took that action most Garifuna representatives and organizations in New York City and State do not have any working relationship with him or his organization which is far from what he portrays to the public in his emails and blogs. Yet, despite this fact Jose Francisco Avila continue to give Non-Garifuna organizations and other entities the impression that he and his organization is comprised of other Garifuna organizations and representatives to justify his funding sources. On close examination of the Garifuna Coalition USA Inc.’s. MISSION STATEMENT it is stated as: The mission of the Garifuna Coalition USA Inc. shall be to serve as a resource, a forum, and advocate for the Garifuna issues and a united voice for the Garifuna community”.

    International Sourcesizz

    Worm Now Thrives in GMO Corn Designed to Kill It, Study Says
    One of industrial agriculture’s biggest GMO crops may have just backfired. Scientists have confirmed that corn-destroying rootworms have evolved to be resistant to the Bt corn engineered to kill them. Bt stands for Bacillus thuringiensis, the name of the genetically modified corn’s “donor” organism. Bacillus thuringiensis is a naturally occurring soil bacterium that produces protein crystals that bind to certain receptors in the rootworm’s intestine, killing it. For years, farmers have planted Bt corn as an alternative to spraying insecticides. Bt corn accounted for three-quarters of all corn planting in 2013. That may have to change. After finding a cornfield in Iowa in 2011 that was decimated by rootworm despite being planted with the Bt corn, Iowa State University entomologist Aaron Gassmann and his team began to study the pests’ interactions with the genetically modified organism (or GMO) corn in a lab. Their study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, describes the western corn rootworm’s rapid evolution after feeding on the engineered crop.

    FIFA officials arrested in Zurich, including the head of the configuration for North and Central America and the Caribbean
    Two criminal investigations into corruption at football's world governing body Fifa are under way, with seven senior officials arrested in Zurich on US charges. Separately, Swiss prosecutors have launched a criminal case into the bids for the 2018 and 2022 world cups, to be held in Russia and Qatar respectively. The seven are among 14 indicted on corruption charges, US authorities say. Fifa says it plans to go ahead with elections for president on Friday. Incumbent president Sepp Blatter, who is seeking a fifth term, was not one of the seven high-ranking officials arrested. Fifa also said on Wednesday there would be no rerun of the World Cup bidding processes which saw Russia awarded the tournament in 2018 and Qatar in 2022, despite the Swiss inquiry.

    ‘Life-changing trip:’ Evangel youth plan trip to Belize
    Thirty-one participants of the Alabaster-based Evangel Presbyterian Church youth group in Alabaster are going on a mission trip to Belize from June 6 to 13. The group will partner with Thirst Missions for the third time this year to travel to Belize and work with Alta Mira Nazarene Church in Alta Mira. “The goal of Thirst Missions is to partner with teams and provide opportunities for groups to minister, to keep everyone safe, to guide the trip in cultural areas, and to take care of all the behind-the-scenes details,” Addie Pfingsten, mission consultant for Thirst Ministries, wrote in an email. To prepare the members of Evangel Church for their mission trip to Belize, Thirst Missions provides a manual to help the groups. Prior to the trip, each person attending must find at least five prayer partners, raise the necessary financial support, prepare their chosen ministries in which they will lead in Belize and attend the required preparation meetings.

    First-of-its-kind Marine task force deploys to Central America
    Marines with the Corps' first rapid-response task force to be based in Central America will begin deploying this week ahead of the June start of hurricane season. The 280-person unit will to be headquartered at Soto Cano air base, Honduras, officials with Marine Forces South said. Called Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force South, the unit will be tasked with a variety of missions ranging from humanitarian infrastructure projects to military partnership training in the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility. Upon arrival, about 180 Marines will remain in Soto Cano as the task force headquarters element, while the remaining 100 will be dispatched to locations throughout the region to work with local militaries, officials said in a news release. The Marines will travel to El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala and elsewhere in Honduras in teams of 10 to 20 to conduct partner exercises and "train the trainer" programs, said Staff Sgt. Earnest Barnes, a MARFORSOUTH spokesman. This work is a continuation of a partnership training mission Marines have been carrying out throughout Central America.

    As Oil Prices Fall, Caribbean Economies Begin to blossom
    Thanks to sustained low oil prices and the region’s recovering tourism industry, the Caribbean economy has begun to break free of the shackles of debt incurred in the aftermath of 2008 global financial crisis. Economies in the Caribbean registered average growth of 1.5% in 2014 and Moody’s says that growth will extend to 2% this year. “Government debt, which rose following the financial crisis, is slowly stabilizing or in some cases declining,” stated the US ratings agency, in a note to investors. Debt ratios are stabilizing in Belize, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bermuda, St. Maarten and Trinidad & Tobago. Debt pressures are easing in the Cayman Islands, Moody’s added, although they are increasing in Barbados and St. Vincent. Tourism is the central pillar of the economy in most Caribbean countries. Barbados, Belize, the Bahamas and St. Maarten are among the most dependent on tourism. With the US and UK economies gradually returning to normal, the tourism industry in the region foresees a brighter future.

    Why Does Your Chocolate Taste So Bad?
    Walk into any upscale market and you’ll see an array of high-end chocolate bars labeled with food industry buzzwords: artisanal, small batch, fair-trade. They’ll probably have slick packaging and presentation. But they’re mostly a sham. Most consumers can’t taste the difference between often costly fine chocolate and supermarket staples. Some believe chocolate-makers can’t really differentiate between the two either. That’s why leaders in the industry have created the Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) initiative. It’s a joint effort between the Fine Chocolate Industry Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service, and an outgrowth of the booming artisanal chocolate business. The program is utilizing the industry’s most discerning palates, along with genetic analysis, to identify—and hopefully preserve—the fine-flavored cacaos of the world. HCP’s purpose is to increase the availability of quality cacao and encourage farmers to grow it in a market that’s currently overwhelmed by flat-taste, high-yield varieties. “The chocolate industry has lost sight of its fundamentals, which include flavor,” says Mark Christian, founder of the C-spot, a go-to website for chocolatiers and passionate connoisseurs, who is involved in the initiative. “Most chocolate people don’t know good chocolate.”


  • UPDATE FROM THE FIELD, 3min. Dr Rebecca Foster recounts the story of the Old Man, a jaguar who shares his range with Ben the Jaguar in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Belize - Diving the Blue Hole, 20min. April 28, 2015. Diving Belize's Great Blue Hole. Reef sharks and underwater cavern formations

  • IXCACAO, 22min. XCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate is a Small Family Operation in the Beautiful Country of Belize, in the Community of San Felipe Village. established since 1985 under the name Cyrila' Chocolate.

  • Barracuda, 1min. Swimming up to a barracuda, who was initially curious about me, then decided to casually swim away. Belize Aggressor III, May 2015.

  • Sailing and Snorkeling in Ambergris Caye Belize with Reset Retreat, 3min.

  • Jim and I Floating Down The River Belmopan, Belize, 2min. Ahhhh this is the life floating down the river with Jim without a care in the world on and inner tube :)

  • The caress of Ticks...., 2min. Near Despair Cairn, Roni Martinez provides his views on ticks versus horse flies.

    May 26, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    The San Pedro Sun

    Road Mapping Workshops for the Coconut industry development set to continue
    The second phase of the Road Mapping workshops for the European Union (EU) funded “Coconut Industry development in the Caribbean” project is set to continue later this month. Project partners the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the Geneva based International Trade Centre (ITC) will engage with industry stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Belize and Suriname to formulate road maps for market led development of the coconut and coconut products sectors. Utilizing a participatory approach stakeholders across the coconut value chain in each of the project countries will come up with road maps to address critical areas such as market options, production and productivity, support services and the policy environment among other areas.

    Letter to the Editor: Val Long on unsafe swimming areas
    Dear Editor; We are amongst the more affluent tourists, blessed with double income and therefore able to afford to vacation for up to a full month each winter, sometimes split up by visiting two travel destinations per year. We are able to choose from various tropical destinations from Hawaii, the Caribbean to the South Pacific. Our (enclosed) picture shows what our resort on your island was able to offer as the secure & safe swimming area in the ocean for guests. That was at one of the top locations on the island. At the beginning we were cautioned to swim within a confined area secured and surrounded by buoys, an area in size smaller than our living room at home. Both resort pools were even larger in size. Like many other travelers we do not like to use pools due to chlorination. And using a pool would defy our desire to swim in a warm ocean while on vacation. The other safe option offered was to swim in knee to hip deep waters between docks; also an area where we could not been hit by boats.

    Brother and Sisters Unite after 47 years
    “Dear Editor, I am writing as I am looking for any family that I may have in Belize. My name is Raymond Willis Oliver. I live in England and was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, to a woman named Dorothy Willis who was born on 2nd Feb 1941…Dorothy, Thaddeus, Juanita and Tanya went to Belize in 1968…” That was the email that started it all: a brother from England hoping to connect with his sisters after they were separated 47 years ago. He wrote to The San Pedro Sun, and in turn we printed the letter and even posted it online on our popular Facebook page. As we all know, everyone knows someone in Belize, and within a DAY, he had already gotten a response! First, one of Juanita’s step-nieces was alerted through the Facebook post, and then the printed version ended up in the hands of someone at Corozal Community College, where Tanya works. Thanks to the coconut wireless that is Belize communication, Raymond was alerted that his sisters were alive and well, and living in Belize. He excitedly wrote us back, indicating that he would be making a trip to Belize soon, and unite with his long-lost relatives. According to Raymond, he’s known of his sisters’ existence since he was 18, which is when the state released information to him. He had been left in hospital by his mother Dorothy Willis, and he was placed into foster care, eventually being raised by his foster parents. Upon turning 18, he tried to find out more about his sisters, but was told that the information he had was too little to go by.

    11 Police Officers join the Coastal Executive Unit
    The Coastal Executive Unit, which is made up of the San Pedro Police Department (SPPD) and Caye Caulker Police Department (CCPD), now has the extra man power of 11 police officers. The new graduates of the Belize Police Academy, three Women Police Constables and eight (male) Police Constables, were deployed to their first assignment on Monday, May 18th. SPPD welcomed eight officers, while three were assigned to the CCPD. Officer in Charge of Coastal Executive Unit, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott, welcomed the officers with a brief speech on expected conduct and the importance of upholding the law. The police officers were then assigned roles within the department. PC 1932 Ediberto Patt, PC 1853 Dyron Chan and WPC 1895 Tifany Hamilton were assigned to serve in Caye Caulker Village. SSPD saw the intake of WPC 1963 Monique Usher, PC 1849 Amir Carillo, PC 1858 Jashimir Cob, PC 1939 Malcolm Ramirez, PC 1846 Nestor Campus, PC 1867 Harold Deijo, WPC 1871 Ashley Ferguson and PC 1955 Reydel Teck.

    Licks Beach Side Café wins Tapas Cook-Off
    But is wasn’t all about the food. Patrons also had the chance to enter Saga’s grand raffle or purchase some fun souvenirs all for a worthy cause. Luna Loca prepared some great Saga themed drink specials and even donated 20% of all bar proceeds to the initiative. Other significant donors of the night included Dave and Susan Plank who donated $200, Wolfgang Wind who donated $300, and a generous anonymous donor of $1000. Kudos to them for opening their pockets to a great cause! Special thanks goes out to Anne’s Pastries, the Toucan Stores, LC Distributors, SandBar, Island Daiquiri, Black Orchid, and Belizean Breezes. A big thank you to the Saga volunteers who made the event possible: Kevin and Heather Smith, Dawn LoCascio, Katia Marin, Sandie Betz-Eisenberg, Eileen Jamison, Iliana Paj, Grant Crimmins, Bill and Debra Milstead, Rene Steinmetz, Diana and Bruno Nobrega, Geovanni Martinez, and Steven Pound. Last but not least, Saga thanks all the supporters who came out to the fundraiser.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Do you know that the excavation for the Benque Archaeological Site is currently happening?
    It is possible that this site dates back to the early Classic period, not certain as yet. From here you can see Xunantunich, the Arenal mounds. We really thank the people who are working there diligently and the ones who make this project happen, especially Mr. Subrata Basu. If you are interested in visiting the site, please call the Benque Viejo Town Council at 803-2020.

    Belize Ten-day Weather Outlook
    An analysis of the 10-day GFS and GFS-MNSPRD models prediction indicate that a fairly strong subsidence inversion in the East – Northeast trade wind flow will support only isolated shallow convection across Belize during the rest of May and through most of the first week of June. Therefore, expect little in the form of significant rainfall over the next 8 to 9 days which could increase the moisture content of the soil. The models are resolving an energetic, eastward-moving upper level shortwave trough over the central Gulf of Mexico and southern Mexico on June 4-5. This feature, along with low pressures over northern Central America will induce a marked increase in convection over Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize and western Honduras. Vigorous outbreaks of showers and thunderstorms will begin to move across SW Belize on Friday, June 5, then spreading across the rest of Belize through Saturday and Sunday June 6-7, 2015. This activity is expected to persist through most of the second week of June. The GFS 288-hr. precipitation forecast map (Figure 1 below), shows rainfall rate of 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch/24hr in SW Belize for the morning of Saturday, June 6, 2015. The daily rainfall rates will increase over the rest of the weekend through most of the following working week. This event will very likely mark the onset of the 2015 rainy season in Belize.

    Corozal: Town Hall Meeting USA Embassy
    Attention U.S. citizens! The U.S. Embassy Consular section is hosting a town hall meeting in Corozal Town. Date: Tuesday June 02, 2015 Place: Jam Rock Grill (Large palapa on the bay) 1st Ave, Sea-Front Corozal Town Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. BELIZE TIME Embassy staff that provides assistance to U.S citizens in Belize will discuss public services the U.S. Embassy offers, hurricane preparedness, and answer your general questions on our services. Limited consular public services will be offered - accepting adult U.S. passport renewal and additional visa pages applications (applicants or authorized representatives will need to be able to pick up their passports at the U.S. Embassy later), limited notary services (no real estate closings or certified copies).

    The Reporter

    Traffic officer shot
    Traffic Officer, 34 yrs old Calvin Cumberbatch was shot on Monday night in Belize City. Cumberbatch was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is receiving treatment. Just before that, Mark Gentle, 26, of 7189 Ceasar Ridge Road suffered several gunshots to the body and rushed to the hospital for treatment.

    Protection needed for reef fish?
    Marine experts are calling for Caribbean countries to pass legislation that will protect fish populations which are vital to the survival of coral reefs. In a new study published this month in the journal PeerJ, researchers with the University of North Carolina Wilmington, identified fishes that live among the reef as a key factor in keeping sea sponges from destroying corals. The study which surveyed 12 Caribbean islands, including Belize, pointed out that these fish are the natural predators of the sea sponges, making their existence an important part of the reef’s survival. Lead researcher for the study, Dr Joseph Pawlik said that, “Caribbean nations can now base their fishing policy decisions on the clear connection between overfishing and sponge-smothered corals. Coral conservation requires a healthy population of reef fishes.” Pawlick noted that while corals have protected status, the fishes are not making their populations susceptible to being diminished by over-fishing.

    SIB to present latest data
    The Statistical Institute of Belize is presenting its latest publications this week. The SIB, at a press conference scheduled for Wednesday at the Central Bank of Belize conference room, will present the First Quarter Gross Domestic Product for 2015, as well as the consumer price index and external trade bulletin for the month of April. The first quarter GDP will provide a snapshot of the country’s economic performance from January to April, while the ETB will show the amount of imports and exports Belize has made during the same period. The CPI will show to what degree, if any, the prices of commodities and services have either decreased or increased for the month of April. The SIB, the statutory body responsible for collecting compiling and disseminating this form of data, periodically presents the results of these and other forms of surveys, the most recent being the National Child Activity Survey 2013, presented on May 8.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Two people injured after shooting in Yabra Area
    Information reaching our news desk is that two persons were injured this evening in a shooting incident that occurred in the Yabra Area. According to reports, the two men have been rushed to the KHMH where they remain in a critical condition.The victims have been identified as Mark Gentle and […]

    Belize: More Equitable Land Distribution Vital For Reversing Growing Inequality
    Belize’s total land mass is 2,275,353 hectares (5,620,121 acres)…with 1,434,119 hectares (63.36%) owned by government…and 841,234 hectares (36.64%) owned privately. – Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010). Of 841,234 hectares that is privately held it is estimated that less than 1% of the population (approx. 3,500 persons) […]

    Guatemala and Belize sign agreement over territorial dispute
    Although the topics were not made known, the meeting took place amid a Government crisis stemming from corruption allegations involving government officers, including Roxanna Baldetti, who resigned as the country’s vice president on May 8th. This will be the last meeting of Insulza as Secretary General of the Organization of […]

    Police respond to two instances of gun violence in Belize City this weekend
    Information reaching our news room is that there have been two more reports over the long weekend of gun violence in Belize City. The first incident played out on Saturday, May 23rd on Amara Avenue in Belize City where the windshield of a vehicle was damaged. Fortunately no one was […]

    16-year old arrested for keeping ammunition without a gun license
    Cayo Police have arrested a 16-year old minor from Camalote Village for keeping ammunition without a gun license. According to reports, on May 22, 2015 around 5:20 p.m. police were on a mobile patrol on a feeder road in Camalote Village when their attention was drawn to a group of […]

    Three men caught trying to steal boat in San Pedro
    Three men are under police custody after they were caught red-handed snatching a vessel worth close to $47, 000 dollars. According to reports, Thomas Vidrine from # 1 Crocodile Drive in San Pedro Town reported to police that his boat was being stolen from the dock where he had it […]

    CDB approves loan to better education in Belize
    Five years ago the Government of Belize asked the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for assistance in bettering education and making it more accessible for children in every district of our nation. That call for help has been answered as the GOB’s loan request was approved by CDB at a meeting […]

    Mainly fair and windy conditions to prevail
    The general weather situation calls for mainly fair, windy and warm conditions to prevail in the next couple days. Today’s outlook is mostly sunny with a few cloudy spells during the day and partly cloudy tonight, Showers will be isolated. Winds will blow to the South East at 10 to […]


    Why is Sustainability Central?
    Sustainability is central to humanity. The existence of humanity, and all its associated activities, relies on the life support systems provided by the environment in which we all live. We exchange goods and services amongst us, with economic systems guiding the processes involved. Our health, including mental and physical, is vitally important to each of us. We are social animals, living in groups, with complex interactions amongst us, and social systems providing structure to these interactions. Thus there are four pillars of sustainability: environment; economics; health; social. Humanity relies on continuance of such sustainability. Sustainability is also a legacy, something we potentially “hand down” to our kids, grandkids and subsequent generations. The rhetorical question, famously posed by Groucho Marx, “Why should I care about future generations? What have they ever done for me?”, surely misses the point. It is obvious that we care about future generations, especially our kids and grandkids, who most of us will know as individuals. They, as well as our future generations, are our biological contribution to the future.

    The 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-Challenge Was the Closest One Yet!
    For the last 11 years, two-man or woman teams of kayakers take to the water for a 42 mile, two day kayaking marathon. The event highlights reef conservation and environmental friendliness and is just a super fun competition for those paddling (wishful thinking on my part) and for those on shore enjoying a Belikin and cheering them on. The event started Saturday at the old football field…7pm was the time but thing got moving a bit slowly. The paddlers race up the back side of the island, through lagoons, sometimes carrying their kayaks in shallow water. They paddle the canal, Bacalar Chico, dug by the Mayans between Belize and Mexico and then camp over night… On Sunday morning, they head back down to Central Park. I made it to town to see the EXHAUSTED winners…and a huge crowd out to greet them. It’s a super fun town event. The wind was strong…up to 25 mph from the east and then south east and the day hot and hazy.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize and Guatemala en route to solve territorial dispute sponsored by OAS
    Belize and Guatemala signed on Monday the Protocol to the Special Agreement which will allow the governments of both nations to separately hold public consultations with a view to submitting their territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. The signing for the amendment of the Agreement the two governments signed in 2008 took place at the Organization of American States headquarters with Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza attending the ceremony, probably his last act in such a post since on Tuesday 26 May Luis Almagro from Uruguay will be taking over as the new OAS chief. Other participants included the foreign ministers of Guatemala, Carlos Raúl Morales, and Belize, Wilfred Elrington. In his speech, Secretary General Insulza recalled that the role of facilitator and mediator in the Belize-Guatemala that has been played by the OAS is “one of the most important tasks of the Organization and one to which we have assigned the highest priority in the General Secretariat.”

    World War G Reaches Mopping Up Phase: Belize
    Belize is a country of 331,000 that’s a backwater even by Central American standards. But the Eye of Sauron has now turned its attention upon Belize. From a giant article in the New York Times Magazine: The Lonely Fight Against Belize’s Antigay Laws Can one challenge to a statute criminalizing sodomy create a domino effect in the Caribbean? … Opponents made much of the fact that Unibam receives all of its budget, around $35,000 a year, from foreign governments and foundations, including the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, the Swiss Embassy in Mexico City and the Open Society Foundations. “Is Unibam being used for a foreign gay agenda?” one news station asked. The Amandala, the nation’s largest newspaper, published a page-­long editorial under the headline “UNIBAM DIVIDES BELIZE.” “Homosexuals are predators of young and teenaged boys,” wrote the editor in chief, Russell Vellos.

    In diesen Traumhotels flittern die Stars
    In purem Luxus schwelgen, sich rundum verwöhnen lassen und sich ganz und gar dem oder der Liebsten widmen können ... Wer wünscht sich das nicht für die Flitterwochen? Hollywood-Stars und andere Prominente machen uns vor, wir das geht. Sie checken in die exklusivsten Hotels der Welt ein und genießen den perfekten Honeymoon. Schauspieler Benedict Cumberbatch und Regisseurin Sophie Hunter haben gerade erst Ja gesagt – und es sich anschließend im Four Seasons auf Bora Bora gut gehen lassen. Die Experten des Reiseportals „Travelzoo“ verraten, welche berühmten Pärchen wo flittern. Von Badeurlaub auf Hawaii oder den Seychellen bis hin zu Safari-Urlaub in Tansania wählen sie natürlich nur die edelsten Absteigen.

    Explainer: What is the List of World Heritage in Danger
    The List of World Heritage in Danger has recently come to the attention of Australians, as the World Heritage Committee considers whether the Great Barrier Reef belongs there. What is the list, and what does getting onto it mean? The World Heritage Convention and the ‘in danger’ list The World Heritage Convention is an international convention adopted by UNESCO aimed at conserving the world’s most outstanding heritage sites. The convention covers 190 countries that voluntarily participate in it. Identifying potential world heritage places is the responsibility of each participating country. The World Heritage Committee – a 21-member body established by the convention but with membership elected by the member states – decides which sites make the list (there are currently 1,007). Countries have to protect, conserve, communicate the value of, rehabilitate and transmit the sites to future generations.

    Central America panel seeks ways to slash region’s sky high electricity prices
    In the United States, electricity costs 10¢ to 12¢ per kilowatt-hour (kwh), while in Costa Rica, it’s 15¢ per kwh and considerably higher in Honduras and Nicaragua, Central America’s poorest countries. Yet a top State Department official said the region — which relies heavily on diesel and fuel oil for power generation — is now in an ideal position to cut costs by introducing alternative sources like natural gas and renewable energy. “Things that five years ago were not even possible are available today. Some methods of transporting containerized natural gas have come down in cost considerably,” said Robin Dunnigan, deputy U.S. assistant secretary for energy diplomacy. Dunnigan said the Central American Electrical Interconnection System (SIEPAC) already links 37 million people in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. SIEPAC, which has been discussed since 1987, includes a 1,790-kilometer, 230-kV transmission line as well as improvements to existing systems. It cost $320 million without proposed interconnections with Mexico, Belize and Panama.


  • Belikin Beer Chocolate Stout drinking contest!, 1/2min.

  • Belize 2014, 15min.

  • Climbing Victoria Peak Belize, 4min. Even though we were unable to make it to the summit because of the rain we really did enjoy our trip.

  • Belize Mountain Pine Ridge, 1000ft Falls, Big Rock Falls Pt.3, 4min.

  • Belize it or Knot 2015, 7min.

  • Belize 2015, 6min. Bow High School's 2015 trip to Belize consisted of going into the jungle at Martz Farm and the Cockscomb Basin, then heading out to Caye Caulker Island at the Anchorage Resort

  • Diving with Scuba School Belize, 3min.

    May 25, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    WUHS Hosts Prestigious White Coat Ceremony
    Washington University of Health and Science held its prestigious White Coat Ceremony on Sunday April 19, 2O15. This unique event took place at “Jerries Hall” located on Campus. Attending the Ceremony were the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture Hon. Manuel Heredia and wife; the Mayor of San Pedro Mr. Daniel Guerrero and wife; Dr. Javier Zuniga M.D. and professor of Medicine and Representative of the Ministry of Health; Mr. Pedro Salazar, Manager of Caribena Enterprises Ltd. and wife; Mrs. Conchita Flota, Vice-Principal of San Pedro High School and husband; Mrs. Flor Nunez, Manager of Belize Bank International; other invited guests; faculty, staff, parents and students. The Prestigious “White Coat Ceremony” initiated at 11:2Oam by Miss Peggy Allen, Vice-President of the University giving the Welcome Address and followed by the Singing of both the Belizean National Anthem as well as the US National Anthem. TheCeremony continued with an address given by Dr. Javier Zuniga M.D.

    Letter to the Editor: Public Transportation System Needed!
    Tourists don’t feel very comfortable while driving in a small golf cart often jammed between trucks and taxis. They don’t feel safe and high traffic during high season counteracts to tourists’ need to relax while on vacation. How about a Public Transportation System? Rather than expanding our current taxi service, a system of small buses could be the solution or at minimum be part of a traffic solution for our beloved Ambergris Caye. Any expansion of the current traffic situation would be hindering growth of tourism. A loss of reputation would be followed by less visitors as the result. A public bus system with electric powered, small to medium sized buses would be pleasant for everyone, locals and many tourists alike. Tourists would pay $5 or $7, locals/residents $3, kids would be free for the ride.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Is The Beer Talking?
    “Hey, Raul. How is it going?” “Oh, it’s going pretty good,” he said, “But when it’s going good that means I’m tired from tending bar.” We brought the last of the equipment into Fido’s and began setting up the equipment for our gig. “Bartender, bring me another beer,” called a tourist who was sitting at a table near the bandstand. “The last thing you need is another beer,” his wife said. “You’ve already had six and besides, beer makes you fat.” Raul brought the beer and the tourist said, “Bring me two more, please.” “You miserable worm!” his wife said, as he gulped his beer. “My mother warned me that you were an alcoholic.” Raul delivered the next two beers and the tourist started working on them.

    Police Report
    On Monday, May 18th San Pedro Police responded to a shooting in the Escalante Sub Division at around 7:20AM. Jose Flores reported to police that while riding his bicycle toward Mosquito Coast along with Pablo Kumul, a male person wearing dark ¾ pants, red t-shirt and his face covered in a red rag came out of nearby bushes and fired four shots in their direction from a small black gun.
    On Tuesday, May 12th at about 3:21PM, 46-year-old Desmond Berry, Chief Security Officer for Sandy Point Resort, visited the San Pedro Police Department to make a report. He indicated that on Thursday, May 7th at about 5PM, May Dalguise who is the Guest Service Operation Manager brought to his attention that the night Audit Clerk, namely Ludric Wilfred Goff, was transferring money which was to be refunded to their customer into his personal Atlantic Bank Account.
    On Wednesday, May 20th at about 2:40AM, San Pedro Police stopped and searched 24-year-old Nelson Osvaldo Ventura on Lake Street and found a black magazine containing six live 9mm rounds and a 9mm Lugar-GPL round inside his pocket. Ventura failed to present a valid gun license and was arrested and charged for “Possession of Ammunition without a Gun License”.

    Doctor Love: Friends
    Dr-LoveDear Doctor, Why is it that some people just like to stir up trouble? I have a friend who spends a lot of time gossiping and it causes a whole lot of trouble. She has been beat up because of it. She has been embarrassed and all of her friends have been embarrassed but it is like she can’t quit. One time she almost caused one of my friends to get a divorce and then the friend found out that the whole thing was just a tale that had no truth at all. The other friend was repeating the story and adding a little bit to it each time she told it until it got all blown out of proportion. She is not really a bad person but it is like she needs attention so bad that she will say almost anything to get it. Last week she said something that is causing me trouble and I am thinking that it is time to get rid of her myself. Do you think there is any way to change her or should I just drop her? /s/ Still A Friend

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Beach trash collecting
    Quick pic taken this morning before our garbage collection crew headed south along the beach collecting trash as far as Diamante and Blue Water Grill and then back along Front St. and Middle St. Big thank you to all our volunteers for coming out again to assist us. It was great to see some new faces. As the saying goes "Many hands make light work."

    11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge!!
    Congratulations to team 'Hole Mi Title' for taking 1st Place in the 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge!! 2nd Place went to team BCG (Belize Coast Guard) and third place, we are so proud to announce, are team 'Bull Dog', sponsored by The San Pedro Sun/Belize Pro Divers!! Whoot whoot!! Awesome job guys!!!

    LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, May 24, 2015: First: 7090 Second: 6520 Third: 3096 Missing: 1, 4, 8

    A Little-Known Tax Benefit Of Belize
    Furniture to fill their new home…shop and car repair tools…TVs…scuba diving gear…a brand-new computer…decorative tiles…and “too many clothes” for the warm, tropical climate and their relaxed lifestyle. When Barry Munson, 60, and Dena Carey, 58, joined Belize‘s Qualified Retired Persons program five years ago, they brought a shipping container full of household goods and possessions. And it was all tax-free. It’s one of the major features of the QRP. You can also bring in a car less than three years old, a boat, or a light aircraft without paying the high import duty—a savings of thousands of dollars for most who take advantage of the perk. The retired couple is thankful they were able to bring in so much without paying taxes. To join the Qualified Retired Persons program, there are some basic qualifications—being officially retired isn’t one of them. To qualify, you must be at least 45 years old, spend at least a month a year in Belize, and show a monthly income of at least $2,000. Applications are processed and the program run by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB).

    Bike thieves on Caye Caulker
    I want everyone to be aware of this young bwai known as Ketchi. He and another friend of his are big time bike thiefs on d island. Yesterday my sister-in-law's bike was stolen out of her yard and she made a report to Ofc. Nunez but d officer told her that he doesn't have time and there is nothing he can do about it!

    The Reporter

    CARICOM moving towards regional integration with 5 year plan
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is moving forward with its efforts to unite its member countries, guided by its Strategic Plan 2015-2019. The plan, geared at regional integration, was formed with specific outcomes including: economic development and poverty reduction, improved quality of life for citizens in member states, and the reduction of environmental vulnerability. Ridley added that the four main pillars of the community are: economic integration, foreign policy coordination, functional cooperation and security. CARICOM has launched numerous projects within member states to sensitize their populations on the integration. In Belize the general secretariat concluded a two-day workshop on Friday, geared towards training high school teachers on how to present information on the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME) to students in an interesting and engaging way.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Taxi Driver Accused of Raping Woman
    Reports reaching our news desk is that a woman in Cayo is accusing a taxi driver of raping her. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

    Hijacking in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District
    Information reaching our news desk is that there was a hijacking at a Chinese establishment on Bishop Street in Santa Elena just now. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

    Historic first ever family day held in Santa Elena, Cayo
    For the first time in history, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District held a fun filled Family Day. The event started off with a run-a-ton from Hawkes Worth Bridge down to La Loma Luz Boulevard and then continued to George Price Avenue and ended at the Macal River by the […]

    One man dead, another man recovering after shootings in Belize City
    On Friday, May 22nd around 6:35 p.m, Belize City police visited the KHMH where they saw 33 year old Lyjon Franklyn, and 20 year old Aaron Flowers suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. According to police reports, Franklyn and Flowers were socializing inside a yard on #7011 Iguana St. Extension when […]

    Stabbing in Belize City sends one man to the hospital
    This morning around 3:15 a.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw 24 year old Shawn Pascasio of Muhammad Ali Street, Belize City suffering from multiple stab wounds. According to police report, Pascasio was on the side walk across from a popular night club on Newton Barracks socializing […]

    Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration Placed on Administrative Leave
    Information reaching our news desk is that Candelaria Saldivar-Mortar, the CEO in the Ministry of Immigration, Labour, Local Government and Rural Development has been placed on administrative leave. According to reports, the decision was made by Cabinet on Tuesday, May 18th 2015 after a department head within the Ministry complained […]


    A Busy Holiday Weekend in San Pedro, Belize
    This is a holiday weekend in many parts of the world. Monday is Commonwealth Day here in Belize, Memorial Day in the US, Whitmonday in France…it’s the unofficial start of Summer. Get out those barbecues (always out in Belize), white shoes and pants…SUMMER! Here in San Pedro, kayak teams took off early yesterday morning for the 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge. I chose to help out with the Phoenix Resort’s weekly trash clean-up instead…I wouldn’t make it one mile in that kayak race. You can check their facebook page for more information but 8am Saturday mornings, keep the town beach clean…always a good idea. And they have their staff, friends and visitors come out to help.

    The Jungle Road in Belize
    With one step off the jetliner, this California Golden Boy became a foreigner for the first time. Rolling green hills covered in golden poppies, fields upon fields of vegetables or fluffy white cotton, and multi-lane interstates stretching over the horizon – they do not exist here. This was the jungle. The Belizean air was heavy and moist. Thick, gray storm clouds gathered in the west, consuming the final rays of the setting sun. The road forward was in darkness. My path, however, was clear. With my brunette bombshell at my side, I slipped behind the wheel of a golden lance. My weapon for this quest: a Trooper, sturdy and powerful, yet intractable. Its handler offered a modern-day talisman: an emergency beacon to shine bright in the darkest shadows of this land. Foolishly, I declined, and hold up my crudely-drawn map in the day’s fading light. My overconfidence may be my downfall.

    Not everything goes as planned...Marcia's Blog
    I volunteered at Wildtracks during April 2015, but my preparations started long before this. I am from the UK and have volunteered at several in-situ projects during the last few years. Whenever I apply for any volunteer work I spend a lot of time researching the organisations to ensure they are reputable, have a clear vision and the skills needed for success. Wildtracks certainly ticked all the boxes and I couldn't wait to start work there. I wanted to be an asset from day one and hit the ground running, to make as much of a difference as I could during my 1 month stay. I had a plan to achieve this:- 1. Save money 2. Quit Job 3. Grab trusty friend to come with me (thanks Leanne) 4. 6 week fitness regime (including joining a gym and healthy diet) 5. Self-teaching Spanish basics course 6. 2 weeks travel in the Yucutan to acclimatise to the heat beforehand All this went to plan perfectly. I arrived at Wildtracks, raring to go. The team already there were so welcoming and the tour with Paul and Zoe just proved to me I had made a great choice in Wildtracks. The knowledge, passion and success rate were amazing, I wanted to be a part of this, if only for a short time. My allocated sections were Spider Monkeys (one of my favourite primates) and Peccaries. Together with regular manatee swims, I was very happy with this but then had the added honour and pleasure of assisting Laura with feeding Rameses. What better way to end each day than to give Rameses his evening formula bottle. I was in heaven. The times spent with the manatees became my most precious memories as I had never worked with them before, had very little knowledge of them but had been fascinated by these gentle creatures for several years. You cannot describe the feeling of swimming with a manatee, just the two of you, in their world. Beautiful and a real privilege.

    International Sourcesizz

    Education in Belize to benefit from CDB loan
    MORE CHILDREN are expected to gain access to education in Belize with the construction of 35 new schools and the provision of 5 300 additional places across pre-primary, primary and secondary levels. These are among the benefits to flow from a US $35 million loan and a US $461 000 grant approved by the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to the Government of Belize at their meeting in Basseterre, St Kitts. The funds will also help in the provision of furniture and equipment and consultancy services to prepare detailed designs and supervise construction. This is part of an overall attempt to increase access to basic education as well as help improve the planning, management and delivery of services. Among the planned programme components are improvements in the learning environment through the development of an early stimulation and emergent learning (ESEL) programme; review of the school feeding programme; development of a schools’ maintenance policy and plan; development of an Early Identification System (EIS) for children at-risk of educational and societal failure; and development and implementation of a public education and communications strategy.

    Belize inaugurates Taiwan-backed tilapia hatchery
    Belize's agriculture minister Caspar Vega, and Taiwan's ambassador to Belize H.E. Benjamin Ho, inaugurated a new tilapia hatchery in Central Farm, San Ignacio, on Wednesday. The hatchery, built with $2.5 million in funds from Taiwan’s International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF), is part of a five-year project started between ICDF and Belize in February 2012. According to the initiative's website, the hatchery will have the capacity to produce 110,000 fingerlings a year, which will be increased to up to 1 million tilapia fingerlings a year within five years. The initiative also includes five tilapia farming training workshops for 540 participants, assistance towards developing on-growing, small-scale tilapia farming operations.

    “There Is a Future for the Caribbean as a Financial Services Hub”
    The annual Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ (STEP) Annual Caribbean Conference brings together companies, attorneys, and individuals in key market sectors such as Company Incorporations, Trusts, Funds, Foundations, and Captive Insurance to discuss the role of the Caribbean as an international financial centre. We took some time at this year’s STEP conference in St Maarten to get the take of Carlyle Rogers’, this year’s chairman, on the future of Caribbean Financial Services. How would you describe financial services in the Caribbean right now? If one starts with the issue of banking, then this is an area which is experiencing some challenges. From Jamaica in the north and west straight to the east through Anguilla and then down to Trinidad and Guyana in the south, banking is experiencing some consolidation as the larger banks, especially the Canadian ones, are taking some heavy losses and thus reducing staff and their footprint in the region. In terms of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, again we are seeing banks take write-downs on their balance-sheets due to poor loan performance which is causing liquidity problems. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has had to intervene to take control of two domestic indigenous banks in Anguilla and one in Antigua and watching briefs are being done on the entire sector. The Monetary Council of the Central Bank has recently proposed changes to the Union’s banking legislation and other measures to shore up governance of the banks for which it has regulatory responsibility.


  • Taking Giant Strides from the Dive Deck of the Belize Aggressor III, 2min.

  • Bone Fish In Belize, 2min. Anne Bollick Catches Her First Bone Fish On A Fly Just Blind Casting Off Cayes Near Hopkins Belize.

  • Frank's 51st birthday SAN PEDRO BELIZE, 5min.

  • Belize , snorkeling, HD, 6min. caribbean, coral reef, beautiful.

  • Begin je eigen digitale collectebus en red het koraalrif in Belize, 2min.

    May 24, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    39th Annual Garifuna Convention
    The Garifuna Collective on stage tonight in honor of the 39th Annual Garifuna Convention being hosted in San Pedro Town. What a treat to enjoy these musicians live!!!

    The Phoenix Resort spearheads cleanup campaign
    Garbage is a major issue, one that is unpleasant and unsightly, yet easily solvable. Ambergris Caye’s residents and visitors alike have complained about the trash that seems to crop up everywhere, to the point that it has affected our tourism product. But complaining about the issue is one thing; another is actually doing something about it. The Phoenix Resort recently started a clean-up initiative to help combat the problem. The first cleanup took place on Saturday, May 9th, and saw the participation of six people. By the time the second clean-up rolled around on May 16th, participation had really amped up, with nearly 40 people joining in. “Trash is…something very preventable, and if not prevented, also something very treatable,” said Mark Maggiotto, General Manager of The Phoenix. Beach Cleanup The Phoenix-4“Like most things, it needs resources and attention to solve, and hopefully with all of us helping, we can make a meaningful difference…” The Phoenix will keep up the campaign, and invites all those interested in tackling the trash to join them on Saturdays from 8AM starting at the resort beachside. Organizers would like to thank the staff of The Phoenix, Blue Water Grill, Sol Spa and the volunteers from Victoria House, as well as the schoolchildren who volunteered as part of their school’s community service duties.

    Letter to the Editor: Corry McDermott on islands Medical Facilities
    About 12 years ago I got International Actors Guild of New York to send down to Belize the first X-Ray Machine freely being the only one of a modern nature in Belize. Now I had an X-Ray machine that Mayo Clinic was to send down but instead they revitalized it and sent it to their new clinic in India. The Belizean government has given many of our tax dollars to build some of the best staffed hospitals around this country but so far didn’t help us finish the polyclinic that Ramon Nunez and I got $1,000,000 in contributions to build the first floor and when asked to complete the second floor they only built part of it for a dental office. People of San Pedro and our good friends from abroad I ask you to look in your hearts and then in your pocketbooks to help Dr. Danny finish his clinic that will benefit all of us. We need to send emails to our government officials such as Manuel Heredia to get government to give back part of the millions they receive in taxes from us to help us create better medical facilities and more physicians. Belize has just created the Belize Tourist Medical Association so let’s push for medical facilities and doctors and nurses that the rest of Belize has better than us.

    San Mateo fire may have been arson
    On Saturday, May 16th at around 1:30pm, the San Pedro Fire department (SPFD) was alerted to a fire underway in San Mateo. Firefighters visited the residence of 48 year old Daisy Cacho and quickly had the fire under control. Cacho claims that her common law partner, Linsford Polonio, had purposely burned all her clothes and other belongings. However, according to the firefighters, the fire was later disregarded as arson since it happened outside of the house and it was observed as a normal fire instead. According to the SPFD, in order to be considered arson, the fire needs to happen in an area where it does not belong, for example inside the house where it can cause damage. San Mateo Fire-2The San Pedro Police have arrested and charged Polonio with arson and common assault. Polonio will be remanded to the Belize Central Prison in the coming days.

    Reef Week 2015 closes off with a challenging Triathlon
    Activities for the 10th Annual Reef Week culminated on Sunday, May 17th with the annual Reef Triathlon. Island athletes of all ages converged at the Boca Del Rio Park for an intense morning of swimming, cycling and running. Organized by Kent “Bob” Gabourel and Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the triathlon was divided into three categories: juveniles, juniors and seniors. At the end of the competition, three champions rose, and they were Michael Cobo, Dixon Paguada and Kent Gabourel. In the juvenile category, 12 boys under the age of 12 tested themselves in the arduous race. The young athletes had to swim about 20 yards in the Boca Del Rio channel, then race to their bicycles at the entrance of the park. The boys then cycled one mile up the Northern Ambergris Caye Road and back. This was followed by a run to Ocean Tide Beach Hotel and back to the Boca Del Rio Park. Taking first place with a time of 12 minutes and 15 seconds was Michael Cobo. In a close second was Michael’s brother, Adrian Cobo. Josue Valle finished off in third, with Leroy Arzu taking fourth, while Cameron Zetina rounded up the top five.

    SICA Women’s Seminar Aims to Empower Victims of Abuse
    The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), which is a new unit of The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), is hosting a training seminar for women on Ambergris Caye. The seminar is being held in collaboration with the Women’s Department of Belize and the Central American Integration System (SICA) and kicked off on Monday, May 18th. Held at the San Pedro Town Council conference room, the seminar is being coordinated by Jorge Aldana, SICA Coordinator for San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Titled Project B.A.1, the training seminar targets victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, in an effort to assist them in personal development. Project B.A.1 consists of four phases. Currently 45 women are enrolled in the first phase which is expected to last three weeks. In the first phase, particulars will learn necessary skills in life planning and personal development. “B.A.1 is being implemented in all coastal areas of Belize. It was launched two years ago when SICA member states signed a convention on prevention of violence against women. The project seeks to contribute to the reduction of violence against women, trafficking in women and femicide (crime involving the violent and deliberate killing of a woman), but through interventions to address the factors that lead to it,” said Aldana.

    Ambergris Today

    Day 1 of Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
    11 photos

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Celebrating the Maya Culture
    During the opening of the Maya House of Cacao and Chocolate Museum there were various cultural presenttions.

    Saga Humane Society is NOT For Sale
    Saga Humane Society gets the kick-start they needed to make the next generation of quality and affordable animal care and well being a reality for Ambergris Caye As the for sale sign was posted at Saga Humane Society on Sea Star Street early Saturday morning, the rumor mill in San Pedro dubbed the “coconut telegraph” was so hot it nearly caught flames. Speculation that Saga Humane Society was for sale circulated, as did its’ potential closing for most of the day until Saga issued a Facebook post and a release to the media that all is well for Saga Humane Society and that expansion is on the horizon, not closure. Saga Humane Society Board Member Kevin Smith commented, “No Saga is not for sale, and No Saga is not closing its doors. We were notified by the landlord that she and her partner have made the decision to sell the property for personal reasons. We have good open communication with the landlord and the real estate company and will have plenty of time to make arrangements for all of the animals that we will continue to care for”.

    National Manatee Working Group
    Wildtracks Update: Never a dull day....and yesterday was no exception. A morning in Belize City as part of the National Manatee Working Group was interrupted by a howler monkey call-out at Lamanai. By pure chance, two Wildtracks volunteers were visiting Lamanai on their day off, and came across a sub-adult howler monkey injured on the ground - suspected spinal injuries from a fall. They called the report in and we diverted from Orange Walk to Lamanai to pick they and the monkey up. Many thanks to all those at Lamanai and IoA that helped with the rescue, and Joel Verde, from SACD for the driving! From its reaction to humans, it's possible that someone had this monkey as a pet, then released it...if you want to release a monkey, do it properly. Send it to Wildtracks! Without building its climbing and feeding skills before release, IT WILL NOT SURVIVE IN THE WILD. Don't condemn it to a slow death...we're here to help make sure these monkeys can return to the wild successfully.

    La Isla Cariñosa Academy
    La Isla Carinosa Academy would like you to pay for their new school building. The line that says "There are no other schools on the island" on the GoFundMe page is misleading. I don't know if that was an advertent or inadvertent error.

    The 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge Kayak Race got underway early this morning in San Pedro
    May 23 - May 23 - The 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge Kayak Race got underway early this morning in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Taking part in the two day grueling race are local and professional international kayakers from all over the world. Organizers have been hard at work for the past months, preparing all details for the iconic kayak race that takes participants through San Pedro’s lagoons and sea in a test of endurance and strength. Of course, teams also look forward to the amazing prizes, including a grand cash prize for the first place winners. The mission for the kayak race is to challenge the body and expand the mind by taking all participants on a challenging adventure race throughout the inner lagoons, creeks, wetlands and mudlands around the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. The adventure then leads the race along the largest reef in the northern hemisphere with breathtaking views of the island and Caribbean Sea. The goal of the race is to bring awareness to our fragile system so that in turn we can preserve it and protect it for future generations!!

    Public Service Information Day at the Corozal Central Park
    Yesterday was observed as Public Service Information Day at the Corozal Central Park. Many students and youth participated in yesterday's event. The Corozal community extends its gratitude to all our Public officers who participated and willingly shared information for each Public Service Booth to the general public.

    International Museum Day at Benque HoC
    The Benque House of Culture celebrated International Museum Day right, by inviting everyone out to learn about sustainability. "International Museum Day was celebrated at the Benque House of Culture under the theme 'Museums for a sustainable society' this year as an annual awareness and education experience it was very well attended and it full filled its mission to educate and empower our society with all supporting partners. Images thanks to FCD,Belize Training & Development Institute & Belize Audubon Society"

    The Reporter

    Agricultural sector getting upgrades
    The Government of Belize this week announced that it is making strides to improve the country’s agricultural sector, through international cooperations. The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS), called out to agricultural sector representatives this week to attend its upcoming “National Dialogue on the importance of Quality Infrastructure (QI-Standards, Metrology, Testing, Certification and Accreditation) to the Agriculture sector in Belize.” The event is to be held on June 16 in collaboration with the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) with support from the German Metrology Institute, Physikalisch-Techische Bundesanstalt (PTB). According to Rudolfo Gutierrez, consumer protection liaison officer with the BBS, participants will be able to share with the Bureau what are some of the much needed areas of importance and support that they will require from the Bureau as the body responsible for the provision of QI services.

    Caribbean youths need jobs – females hit the hardest
    Youths in the Caribbean, particularly females, have among the highest rate of unemployment in the world, according to a new study released by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). In their report, “Youth are our Future: The Imperative of Youth Employment for Sustainable Development”, presented at the final day of the 45th Annual General Meeting of the CDB’s Board of Governors, the bank showed that nearly 25 percent of youth, for the countries which were surveyed, were unemployed. Females were found to be more affected than their male counterparts having unemployment rates of 30 percent, 10 percent above males. Belize was one of the eight countries surveyed, and one of three cited to have experienced a spike in youth unemployment since 2007: the others being Barbados and the Bahamas. Trinidad and Tobago was the only country surveyed which showed any reduction of youth unemployment, which was seen between 2006–2010.

    The Belize Times

    Wicked, Wicked Castro!! – UDP Representative Deep in Scandals
    Major scandals have emerged involving Edmond Castro, the United Democratic Party’s Minister of State in the Ministry of Works and area representative for Belize Rural North (BRN). The most recent of Castro’s long list of dilemmas is that he is accused of illegally occupying land in Santa Martha Village, which is situated in the Orange Walk East constituency, bordering Belize Rural North. The accuser is realtor Emerson Burke who says that Castro’s involvement in the unlawful use of the land has caused major losses for his clients. Castro does not deny that he is involved in the use of the land. He told the news media on Wednesday that he “cultivates” cane on the land. He might not be aware but cultivate means plant and grow. Castro also admitted that he is well aware that the land is not his and that it is privately-owned. Yet, he said he still encouraged farmers to use the land and grow vegetables and fruits on it. Stubborn and confused are the best ways to describe Castro. Facey and pathetic would fit as well. He refused to accept that he was doing anything wrong.

    Barrow NOT committed to moratorium on offshore oil drilling – PM will lift embargo “if conditions are right”
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow continues diametrically opposed to marine conservationists and environmentalists with his pro-offshore oil drilling stance. In his last media interview, on Friday May 15th, 2015 Barrow reiterated that the moratorium placed on offshore oil drilling is only temporary and will be lifted by him “if conditions are right”. The problem with this statement is that, firstly, it is Barrow who said it. The Prime Minister has demonstrated to be deceitful with his promises, vowing to do one thing, but changing positions and ignoring his pledges. Take for example his 2008 election promise that he will appoint a 13th Senator if he had won the elections. He has been Prime Minister for seven years (two terms), and he is relentlessly blocking the call for a 13th Senator. Another example is the Government’s so-called moratorium on the sale of Rosewood a few years ago. Days after issuing the notice, we learnt that the moratorium was lifted secretly to allow the Deputy Prime Minister’s family an exclusive right to export the prized wood. Is this the kind of “right conditions” which the PM refers to?

    Petrocaribe Act Amendments are “Cosmetic”, says Mose Hyde
    KREM Wake Up Belize morning show host Mose Hyde was livid on Tuesday morning as he discussed the proposed changes to the Petrocaribe Act by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Hyde said the amendments are “cosmetic” and not adequate considering the dangerous aspects of the law. “The changes are cosmetic. The changes do not alter the spirit of the law. My position is not an anti-UDP position, it is not an anti-Barrow position, it is anti ripping down of the very democratic ideals of this country. You cannot just write a law to cover behaviour from another law,” commented Hyde on the radio show on Tuesday morning. PM Barrow told the media last week that he was making changes to the Petrocaribe Act in an attempt to ease the tremendous pressure coming from groups who oppose the legislation. These include the Opposition People’s United Party, the National Trade Union Congress, the Belize National Teachers Union, the Christian Workers Union, the Chamber of Commerce and the Council of Churches.

    PUP No Deh with Sedi
    The Leader of the Opposition the Honourable Francis Fonseca after consultations has decided that the People’s United Party will not participate nor be a party to any amendment of the Special Agreement made between Belize and Guatemala. While the PUP has always been an active participant in all discussions, negotiations and meetings as part of a national bi-partisan approach to the Belize-Guatemala differendum, the Party has always done so on the condition that Belizeans must at all times be kept fully informed and consulted on all critical matters. Last month Prime Minister Barrow advised the Honourable Francis Fonseca that the Government was considering a request by Guatemala for amendment of the Special Agreement in order to allow for Referenda to be held in Guatemala in November of this year during their second round of elections. Accordingly the Special Agreement would need to be amended to allow for Referenda to be held separately instead of simultaneously.

    Think About It
    Only last week the Minister of Police was scolding the media for coverage of the crime conditions. He even highlighted that there was a decrease in certain crimes. Tell that to the families of four more persons murdered over the weekend. And the scores of families and friends of those who have met their untimely deaths by the cold hearted killers who are taking lives each week. The score card for the Minister and his government has to reflect a big failure when it comes to sheer inability to solve the problem of violent crimes and the root causes of murders.
    Eamon Courtenay’s appearance on Dickie Bradley’s Monday night show on Channel 5 was an eye opener in relation to the Belize/Guatemala issue. His comments made the government look shallow and without any strategy. Guatemala’s foreign Minister arrived in Belize on Saturday, 16 May 2015. He came and went and Belizeans are none the wiser. We are told he came to inform our Foreign Minister on what will happen next week when Mr. Elrington goes to Guatemala. Minister Elrington is to sign a change in the Special Agreement to allow Guatemala to hold a separate referendum on whether or not to go to the I.C.J.
    The Prime Minister, who shocked the nation with his Petro Caribe law, the mother of all acts of arrogance, which puts him above the National Assembly, the Courts and all manner of accountability; was at it again. Last week he announced that he would make the changes that the nation had been insisting he must make or face street protests. Given how the Prime Minister lied to Belizeans that he would change the unjust and draconian sections of the gun law that arbitrarily puts innocent persons in jail; we cannot trust his word.
    Remember all those big announcements about the building of a grand headquarters for the National Bank, near the new Chetumal Bridge. That has been scrapped. A former government building on Regent Street, Belize City, which fell into the hands of a certain Espat has been purchased from him by the government for a whopping three plus millions of dollars. That will be the new National Bank building.

    The Master of Games
    A while ago, journalist extraordinaire Glenn Tillett told me a story that has resonated over time. According to Glenn, there was a farmer who lived out in the country on a farm with lots of animals. Eventually, the farmer met a girl and they got married. Unfortunately, the house in which he lived, while okay for him, was way too small for his new wife’s liking. He promised her that he would build a bigger house but as time went by, the wife realized that her husband had no intention of making good on this promise. She began to constantly complain and her incessant nagging began driving the old farmer insane. One day, after listening to his wife carry on seemingly without end, the farmer went outside and brought the cow into the house. Well, as could be expected, the wife went berserk since the already teeming quarters had now become even more cramped. She increased her nagging and the next day the farmer went out and brought in the horse. The more she complained, the more animals came into the house; he brought in the pigs and after that the chickens. This of course, meant that there was now hardly enough room in the house to move and the wife wondered if her husband had totally lost it. They lived like that for a couple of weeks and all the while the wife kept on complaining and complaining. One day the husband came home and without warning, moved all the animals out of the house. The wife was relieved and extremely grateful for the much needed space in her home. She thanked her husband for being so considerate and kind and they lived happily ever after in the same tiny little shack that was once so impossible to live in.

    It’s A No, No!
    Belizeans were given an insight into the low lever of incompetence that is the hallmark of the present Government Unfortunately it involved the more important national issue facing the nation. None other than the “artificial” Foreign Minister of Belize is at the center of this quiet storm. On Saturday, 16 May 2015, the Guatemala Foreign Minister flew into Belize to hold an unannounced meeting with the Belize Foreign Minister. There was no press briefing, nor were there any questions or answers for the visiting Foreign Minister especially given the timing of his visit. On Monday, 25 May 2015 Belize Foreign Minister will be in Guatemala to sign an amendment of the Special Agreement or Compromis of 2008. The amendment will change a fundamental plan of the Special Agreement. The section to be hanged is that rather than holding a referendum in Belize and in Guatemala on the same day, the holding of the simultaneous referenda can be done separately. This change is expressly at the request of Guatemala. The Belize government, without thinking it through has agreed.

    Michel Chebat’s “Copa del Verano 2015” – A Huge Success!!
    “I believe that Sports can be a channel to keep our young people out of trouble and engaged in positive development,” remarked Michel Chebat, the People’s United Party’s Standard Bearer for Cayo North. This past weekend, over 200 sports enthusiasts including football players, coaches and managers participated in the first ever “Copa del Verano 2015” football competition, organised and sponsored by Mr. Chebat. After eight weeks of rigorous but fun competition, the football tournament came to end at the Bullet Tree Falls Football field on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The champions, Peñaroll, received a trophy and the first prize of $600. In 2nd place was Warriors F.C. who received a trophy and $400 prize.

    Holy Redeemer girls & boys lead primary school football
    The Holy Redeemer RC School girls and boys remain undefeated as they lead the Belize City primary school football competition which continued at the M.C.C. Grounds last Thursday, May 14. The Holy Redeemer girls blasted the Wesley Upper School girls last Thursday. Yu Ting scored 2 goals; while Wareyni Gillett converted a penalty and Amani Allen scored a 4th goal. The Holy Redeemer held the undefeated Wesley Upper to a 0-0 draw last Thursday.

    Alicia Thompson wins 2015 Female Cross Country Cycling Classic
    Team Belize Bank Swoosh’s Alicia Thompson won the 26th annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic, a 68 mile ride on the George Price Highway from San Ignacio to the finish line by Leslie’s Imports in Belize City on Sunday. Team Westline’s Keirah Eiley had won some station prizes as she led the race at the start, but by Mount Hope Alicia made her move and shook off the chasers at Old Man Hill in Teakettle Village extending her lead to 4 minutes by the time she reached St. Matthew’s Village. The chase group could not catch Thompson because Shalini Zabaneh and Kaya Cattouse were playing a strategy game of cat-and-mouse. Shalini unwilling to take Kaya to the tape, knowing Cattouse was the stronger sprinter, while Cattouse making no effort to catch up with Thompson.

    Brown Suga wins 2015 Strongman Competition
    Victor Valencia a.k.a. “Brown Suga” retained the title of “Belize’s Strongest Man” by winning the Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation’s 2015 Strongman contest held at the BTL Park last Saturday. Valencia, who had won the 2014 Belize Body Building Fitness Federation (BBBFF) Strongman competition, represented the Body 2000 Gym in a competition with seven other men. He won the $1,000 1st prize by winning the bench press with a lift of 385lbs, in which he tied with Theo Gentle and he was 1st in the “clean and press” with 25 repetitions. He was also 2nd in 3 other events: carrying logs contest in 47 seconds, 2nd in Tractor Tire flip in 47 seconds; and he had the 2nd best time for the SUV pull at 29 seconds. He also won 3rd place in the squats and 3rd place in Hercules Hold at 48 seconds.

    Kareem Grant executed on Periwinkle Street
    The gun violence continued in Belize City with shooting murder of 26 year old Kareem Grant on Periwinkle Street in the Lake Independence Area on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Grant received multiple shots his body and face. He was inside a fenced yard when he was ambushed by a gunman. Police have found several 9mm expended shells on the scene. Grant was on the news as recent as December 2014 claiming that members of the Gang Suppression Unit had violently beaten him and another friend with a metal pipe during a search of a home on Periwinkle Street. The men made a public complaint before the Professional Standards Branch of the Police Department, and the matter was reportedly under investigation.

    PUP OW Town Council – All About Hard Work & Progress!!
    The Orange Walk Town Council made, and has maintained a commitment of transparency and accountability in managing the affairs of the town. The OWTC has also implemented a policy of positive partnership and interaction with the residents we serve. Guided by that, Mayor Kevin Bernard and the Council are pleased and proud to provide an update on the results of prudential, responsible financial management by a team with integrity. Upon assuming office in 2012, we met and were burdened by an unexpected and crippling debt left by the administration leaving office. This included almost $300,000 in old bills. That has now been settled. In 2012 we met an unserviced bank overdraft to the tune of almost $150,000. That has now been paid off. We met unpaid critical bills – $72,000 to the Social Security Board and $22,000 in Income Tax. We have brought those commitments up to date. And we have paid more than $100,000 in gratuity owed to employees who have left the Council. There is a balance of less than $30,000 remaining.

    Belizean makes history at Duke University graduation
    Last week, Belizean Kara Nisbet graduated from Duke University with an LLM concentrated in banking and finance law. She is the first Belizean to attend the Duke University School of Law, which is ranked 8 in the United States. Kara also attained an LLB with first class honors from the University of Buckingham (United Kingdom). While there, she also received the Butterworths Prize for the student with the best performance in Part 2 examinations and the prize for the best performance in the June 2013 part 1 examinations. She also holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in international studies from the University of South Florida.

    PUP Cayo Central youth hold successful camp fire
    Over 40 young persons from Cayo Central participated in a first of its kind Youth Campfire organised by the PUP Cayo Central youth leaders. The event was held on Saturday, May 16th, on Orchid St. in Santa Elena Town. During the gathering, there were team-building games and activities surrounding the theme “I have power”. One of the activities was to answer questions such as “If I were the Prime Minister of Belize what would I change”, to which the responses were, “I would stop spending Petrocaribe money crazily” and “I would let teachers get pay on the 15th and ending of month”. Another question asked the participants how they could make a difference in their community. They said that forming youth groups and carrying out community service were key ways. One of the PUP Cayo Central youth leaders, Zoila Palma, expressed a positive message to the participants saying “It is important for you to know that working together WE as youths have power! Our main goal is to empower young minds! Build a better future for Belize! It is important that we are counted in as well”.

    Southside – A Sad State of Affairs
    I have written numerous articles regarding the senseless crime and violence that have engulfed the old capital, especially the area that has been labelled “Southside”. I have identified several root causes drawing on contributions from various sources even the American journal of psychiatry, which suggested that some people may be born with brain deficiency because of lack of proper nutrients making these individuals prone to violence. Unless a solution is sought the next phase of the gang culture and the wave of violence could be catastrophic for Belize. As I embark on this article my fingers are getting numb, my ink is running out and my voice is getting weary. The “Southside” is being crushed to a violent degradation and no one seems to care. The church seems intent in remaining silent to the issue of crime and violence “behind the anesthezing security of stained glass windows”. The Minister of National Security John Saldivar seems content on “putting more boots on the ground” and waging a war on gangs and the southside community “smothering them in the air tight cage of poverty”. The United Democratic Party has lost two great opportunities to tackle this problem: their victory in the 1984 general election when the gang culture was at its nascent stage and their 2008 victory and the availability of the Petrocaribe funds. As the body count continues to rise, the UDP’s sole concern is holding onto national power and becoming a third term government instead of stopping the haemorrhaging of the inner city youths killing each other.

    WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – Everybody’s Business?
    Just this past week we have seen the spectacle of the mostly silent Commissioner of Police finally breaking that silence to say that crime is everybody’s business. Of course this followed the ranting of the Minister of National Security as he addressed police recruits apparently at a passing-out parade. Major crimes are down, the Minister said!! Now, what are major crimes? I believe these would include grievous harm, large scale thefts and robberies, rapes and other serious assaults on persons, etc. But the most ‘major’ crime must be murder. Perhaps other reported major crimes are down so far this year 2015. But, alas, the biggest crime – murder – is definitely way up. Over fifty murders have been reported since the beginning of the year, with as many as four or five in one weekend, and alarmingly for me, several of them in Ladyville. I think it is asinine for the Minister to be scolding and hectoring the media and telling them that they are sensationalizing the crime situation in our country. I saw Pastor Louis Wade yesterday telling television viewers that he travelled from the Belmopan to Belize City to attend a meeting in which the media were being asked to ‘bury’ crime stories deep into their newscasts, no doubt so that authorities can sugar-coat the real situation of crime in Belize. Again, silly I think.

    Rejuvenated Hope in Dangriga! – PUP Soldiers Rally with PUP Standard Bearer Anthony Sabal
    There is a wave of hope and renewed vibrancy stirring in the bowels of the greatest political party in Belize. As this revitalization makes its way across the nation, a sense of hope and confidence is building throughout the various sectors of the PUP. Dangriga is of no exception. Following on the heels of the PUP Leadership press conference held last Wednesday to announce a new Standard Bearer for Dangriga, a meeting was held on Monday May 18th with PUP Executive Members from Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek inclusive of the new standard bearer for this division Mr. Anthony Sabal for on a one-on-one session to discuss the roadmap for victory in the constituency. The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Dangriga Executive Committee, Davis Marshall, Regional Campaign Manager, Dr. Henry Canton, National Executive Members from Dangriga, Members of the Order of Distinguished Service, former mayor Cassian Nunez, former councillor candidates, campaigners and supporters of PUP Dangriga.

    PUP Northern Caucus rejects quota reduction for cane farmers
    The People’s United Party Northern Caucus is greatly concerned over the events that have recently unfolded in the sugar industry, namely the significant reduction of sugar cane delivery quotas for each of the 18 branches, accompanied by a stunning inverse quota increase only for Cane Growing Project (CGP) and Research, which are both owned by American Sugar Refining (ASR)/Belize Sugar Industries (BSI). This latest blow to the cane farmers of Orange Walk and Corozal demonstrates the failure and ineptitude of this UDP government in the management of the sugar industry. Once again, the Dean Barrow administration and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Gaspar Vega have allowed ASR/BSI to ride roughshod and trample over the rights of our Belizean cane farmers. Let us remember that in January of this year, the UDP government joined forces with ASR/BSI in executing certain manoeuvres and manipulations to force the cane farmers into signing a contract with ASR/BSI, that allows ASR/BSI to seize ownership of the sugar cane at the moment that the cane reaches the weighing scale, without the farmers receiving a single dollar yet for their sugar cane produce. Now, the UDP government is condoning the reduction of 172,000 tons in the sugar cane quotas of the farmers, to brazenly accommodate an increase in delivery quota for ASR/BSI only. This is an alarming trend.

    Fuel prices shoot up – Premium back to $10.01 a gallon
    Commuters will be making a lot of fuss the next time they fill up their vehicles’ gas tanks and this is because they won’t be expecting the depressing news that fuel prices have gone up once again. This week the price of Diesel increased to $8.04 per gallon. Regular fuel increased from $8.88 per gallon to $9.39, while Premium fuel increased from $9.36 to $10.01 per gallon. This is a 51 cents jump for Regular fuel and a 65 cents hike for Premium gas. There was no warning from the Government about the increases in fuel prices. They seem to have lost the sense of responsibility to keep Belizeans informed. The increases come as a big surprise, since on the world market crude oil prices continue at a mid-low point. Light, sweet crude for July delivery settled at U.S. $58.98 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Brent, the global benchmark, stood at U.S. $65.03.

    Six Acres and a Fool!
    Dear Editor, The question that the poor people living on the land behind Gungulung should ask the UDP Lake I representative is: who facilitated the chiney man to get six acres of prime land in Lake I? They should also ask him how did the chiney man get this piece of land and who in the Ministry of Lands helped him to get it? Was it the Lands Minister? Or was it King, who asked for the Minister’s help? It is a tragedy and shame for the people who have occupied the land for many years to be removed. I can only imagine the level of fear which the mothers and children there are living in. It’s already bad that the UDP Government is protecting the interest of rich foreigners. Now, King has admitted to be protecting the interests of his UDP cronies first, and then Belizeans last.

    Kismet’s Cry: Stop Hopkins Beach Erosion!
    Dear Editor, Just the other day I was told by a local man that the illegal jetty was completely removed and the beach in Hopkins was already coming back. He said it was true, when I said not true, so we walked over and he was WRONG!! Hopkins Harbor Resort did one day of removing the tip of the jetty while BTB and Lands Department officials were here, after being ordered to remove the jetty they built years ago. The building of the groin/jetty, along with the dredging and cutting of the black mangroves caused massive erosion of Hopkins’ shore line. When the officials left the site, the removal work stopped. Can anyone tell me why? The jetty is still in place blocking the sand flow. My coconut tree is now going quickly straight into the sea. That means the beach is still losing sand, eroding the shore. So much for the court order to take down the jetty to conserve the beach and stop erosion. Here at Kismet, I do not see 1 inch coming back, especially my way. I would just like it to stop, to slow down the caving of my sea wall. I have lost over 100 feet of beach leaving me 45 feet of yard to my front step.

    Belize educators must rescue CXC Literature Curriculum
    Dear Editor, Caribbean people know the value of Literature and expect a more prominent place for the subject in the school curriculum, but the Literature experience will not advance in schools once CXC’s revised plan for the subject is implemented. CXC’s successive revisions of the original conceptualization of Literature teaching and learning has been so detrimental to the discipline that it is now time for teachers to advocate for another examining board to oversee the advancement and protection of the discipline. Originally, in the 1980’s English B offered schools a 3 year cycle of choice of a minimum of 5 from 12 possible set texts. What a joy it was to teach and assess the responses of students and candidates from the region! What diverse perspectives were offered and what mature discussions were generated among teachers at the marking tables. CXC’ challenge was the wide variation among the distribution of marks in the 22 optional questions. Instead of addressing the issue by developing markers’ skills in detecting and assessing the quality of the candidates’ generic skills set in interpreting the questions and responding to the texts, this ‘entrepreneurial’ regional institution jettisoned the best interest of Literature and introduced in 2006, the first major blow against the original ideal of wide reading, choice and thematic focus in Literature Study – the equally weighted three profiles of Drama, Poetry and Prose. The disaster that created in teacher self-confidence and student reaction to Literature still reverberates today.

    5 murders in 3 days
    In John Saldivar’s twisted mind, the level of crime in Belize is decreasing but the reality for most Belizeans is just the opposite. The past weekend proved Saldivar’s assertions to be completely bogus and his rationale rooted on deceit, when four more violent murders increased the murder count to 56. There were five very gruesome murders between Friday, May 15th, and Sunday, May 17th, the first which occurred during the wee hours of Friday morning. Sylvin Thomas Encalada Sr., a security guard, was found murdered at his work site at Maya Cement Warehouse in Ladyville. He had been found on the rope of the compound’s security booth with a rope around his neck, as if he had taken his own life. But the Police’s investigations ruled out suicide, after finding evidence of foul play. Bruises were found on Encalada’s ankles, and a post mortem indicated that the cause of death was manual strangulation.

    Decomposed body found identified as Denfield Bowen
    The decomposed body of a man found locked in a pickup truck through a feeder road near the Westlake community late this afternoon is believe to be that of 27 year old Denfield Bowen, Jr. Bowen went missing in late April. His common-law wife reported to the Police that he received a phone call before leaving home around 5:30 pm on Thursday April 30th and was not seen or heard from since. Bowen, a resident of Plues Street in Belize City, left home in his red two-door Mazda pickup truck with license plates BZ-C 36757. It was in this same truck that his body was found. The last time Bowen was seen, he was wearing a white T-shirt with the marking ‘RIP Kareem Lopez’ on the front and ‘Robbery’ on the back, along with a yellow ¾ pants and a pair of green Nike slippers.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize: Sanctuary from the insanity
    Bummed from burnout? Take sanctuary in Belize. There are still places in this world where you can hide from that boogie man chasing you with bills, commitments and, oh yeah, those reports you need to finish even though no one will ever read them. Belize is a place you can take sanctuary from your life and not have to be found for a few days, a week, or longer (or, if you take Heisenberg’s approach in “Breaking Bad,” make that forever). In fact, Belize is becoming the next hot spot for haven seekers noodling around for that perfect paradise to retire into and still hold onto that precious nest egg. Wedged onto the Caribbean coast between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize used to be British. That means the lingua franca is English and the political system is democratic with familiar laws that uphold the tenets of innocence until proven guilty. But this ancient Mayan land is also the land of hidden secrets – and those explorations are affordable to most Americans seeking to squeeze value from the U.S. dollar where 50 cents buys on Belizean dollar.


  • How to set and harvest tuba (coconut sap), 10min. This is a drink from ancient time

  • Trumpet the Toucan Visits WBAL, 3min. Amy Eveleth from the Maryland Zoo brings Trumpet the Toucan to WBAL-TV.

  • , 1/2min. The San Pedro 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge 2015 kicks off!!!! All the best to the competitors.

  • Start of the race this morning, 1min. Good morning San Pedro what a beautiful sight to see all the young men that are participating in the Eco challenge kayak race,,good luck to all, enjoy.

  • Belize Dive- Spring 2014 Ambergris Cay, 8min. My family and I get our scuba diving licenses in Ambergris Cay, Belize.

  • Diving in Belize, 3min. Diving at the Turneffe Atoll.

  • Our Alarm Clock in Belize., 15sec. Short video of a plane taking off from Tropic Air in San Pedro, Belize. This is our alarm clock every morning at 7:00 AM as the planes leave the runway fly across the lagoon and right by our bedroom window.

  • Scuba Diving in Belize, 6min.

  • Oak Grove UMC - Belize Trip Thank You, 4min.

    May 23, 2015


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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    When in Belize Drink like the Belizeans Do!
    There’s a tasty array of concoctions readily available if you’re ever thirsty for something local that packs a punch. While Belikin beers are a great choice, there’s a whole other realm of drinks out there including our local wines. Yep. Wines. Not your fancy vineyard, minerally tasting, unoaked/oaked wines…these are loaded with blasts of flavour. You can choose from an endless selection of local “wines” such as cashew and local black berries, or even dare to try not so usual flavors such as potato (this one might actually be vodka) , rice, craboo, pineapple , sour sop, mango, poconoboy and the list goes on. Some of the more popular flavors are the cashew and blackberry! My favorite? While I enjoy tasting what’s available- my wine of choice is definitely the berries. There’s nothing quite like hanging out with friends on sunny day at the river, enjoying blackberry wine over ice…but then again that might just be the village girl in me. ( Or for a “classy” girl like Mary, topped with sprite and sipped on the beach).

    Babb’s House takes the top prize at Holy Cross Sports Day 2015
    On a bright and sunny Thursday, May 14th, the Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS) held its annual sports day at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena. Students were grouped in houses (teams) to compete in various fun activities such as balloon toss, wheel barrow race, running races, sack races, lime and spoon and obstacle courses for children ages 7 -9, 10 – 13 and 13 and over. A trophy awaited the house with the most points at the end of the day, so the competition was really on! According to Computer Lab Teacher and Sports coordinator, Aaron Thomas, this is HCAS’s third annual sports day. “Children are just having fun today, competing against each other in all the various games. Everyone who takes part in the games gets a medal next week,” said Thomas.

    Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture addresses Northern Caye Caulker beach front dilemma
    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture has concluded their investigations regarding the Northern Caye Caulker beach reserve issue. The Ministry had launched an extensive investigation after several foreign buyers, including British retiree Sydney Higgins, sought legal action for a parcel of land they bought as perceived beach front property is not actually bordered by the seashore. In their investigation report, the Ministry stated that the matter has been resolved and that the land in question is non-existent. The issue arose after land owners who purchased beach front properties in Northern Caye Caulker back in 2005 started stating that the revised parcel maps of 2012 showed a property in front of their land. In the release the Ministry stated “Upon conclusion of investigation on the Northern Caye Caulker beach reserve, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture has determined that the parcels in question for the individuals who made the complaint are non-existent, because the surveys relating to those parcels have been cancelled since the Government of Belize learned about these cases in 2012.”

    Guatemala may hold Belize territorial dispute referendum this year: Belize yet to announce a date
    After backing down from the first scheduled joint referendum on whether the Guatemala-Belize territorial dispute should be settled at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), The Republic of Guatemala is attempting to negotiate the amendment of the Special Agreement in order to hold the referendum before 2015 is over. Guatemala, who is currently undergoing a political dispute, has officially petitioned the Government of Belize to allow them to hold the referendum in September during their scheduled General Elections. While no confirmation has been released on whether the referendum will go through this year, controversy has already started to unfold within the political parties in Belize. The Special Agreement states that the referendum should be held simultaneously in both countries and should have 60% of voter turnout in order to make it binding. Originally, the referendum was set for October 6, 2013, but six months prior to the date, the Government of Guatemala backed out of the agreement. Since then, there was little word from both governments on a new date, until now.

    Support the restoration of Women Identities at the Runway to Empowerment
    Foreva Fancy Boutique has teamed up with Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment (SHINE) and On Eagle Wings Ministries (OEWM) to organize a charity fashion show on Sunday, May 24th. Titled ‘Runway to Empowerment’, the show will be held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium starting at 8PM and aims to raise funds for the construction of an OEWM/SHINE center and home for women/girls that have been sexually, mentally or physically exploited. But the fashion show is two-fold, as it will also be celebrating the first installation of the SHINE program and the 14 young ladies that took part in it. “I am so excited for Runway to Empowerment. It will be a show like no other. Foreva Fancy has organized a great show with lots surprises and entertainment. But I think the most important is that the girls that participated in the SHINE program will get their debut in modeling. None of them have ever participated in a fashion show and they are all looking forward to this opportunity,” said Miss San Pedro and SHINE Founder Michelle Nuñez.

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks lose their last game in the Regular Season
    On Saturday, May 16th the San Pedro Tiger Sharks fell to the Orange Walk Running Rebels in their final game of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL). Luckily, the loss did not affect the Tiger Sharks, as their spot in the playoffs was already secured. Playoffs kick off on Friday, May 22nd and the Tiger Sharks will be having the home court advantage in their first match. During the past weekend’s exciting matches Cayo Western Ballaz claimed the #1 seed, entering the playoffs after defeating the Belmopan Red Taigaz in a 53-43 point match on Friday, May 17th. With the loss, Belmopan Red Taigaz fell to the #3 seed entering the playoffs. The Tiger Sharks travelled to Orange Walk Town to take on the Running Rebels. The defending champions went in confident, with a secure spot in the playoffs. After a stunning match, the Running Rebels managed to capture their second win in the season with a 91-85 point victory. San Pedro Tiger Sharks was led by Milton James who recorded another double-double with 23 points and 10 rebounds, while Ashton Edwards also scored 23 points with 3 steals. Darwin “Puppy” Leslie finished the night with 17 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. With the loss, San Pedro fell to the still acceptable #2 seed.

    Ambergris Today

    Rider Fee Increased for Local Flights in Belize
    Back in January 15, 2011 the Belize Airports Authority (BAA) announced the implementation of a Rider Fee on all airline tickets sold for local travel in the country of Belize. Passengers were obligated to pay an additional five dollar ($5.00) fee wherever local airline tickets are purchased. This week the Government of Belize and the Belize Airport Authority are announcing a $1 increment on the fee and requiring all Belizean Airlines to collect a $6 rider fee on all tickets segments. According to a press release from Tropic Air, all tickets issued after May 31, 2015, will automatically have this fee included and that the fee will be charged to every ticket issued regardless of any discount. For example: Ticket BZE - SPR - Rider Fee $6.00 Ticket BZE - SPR - BZE - Rider Fee $12.00 Ticket BZE - SPR - TZA - PLJ - Rider Fee $18.00

    San Pedro Lions Club Hosts Special Guest Malcolm Kirman
    The San Pedro Lions Club, in conjunction with the Belize Zone 59 of the Lions Organization, hosted Lion Malcolm Kirwan during his visit to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Visiting Lion brother is a past District Governor of sub-district 60B and a Past Council chairman of Multiple District 60. He currently serves as the GLT-GMT Special Area Advisor MD60, D63, Haiti and Belize. Lion Kirwan arrived in Belize on May 21. During his visit to the island, Lion Kirwan visited the Dr Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. The local clinic was initially a project of the San Pedro Lions Club and continues to enjoy full support of the local club. Kirwin also took the opportunity to visit the San Pedro Lions Club Mosquito Coast Park in the southern part of Ambergris Caye. On Thursday, May 21, Kirwin met with Lions and Leo Club members along with other special invited guests, including Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. and Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero.

    Finding Solutions to Oil Drilling, Not Only Supporting A Cause for One Day
    Dear Editor, Although I agree in theory what the people of Belize did on Saturday May 16, 2015, to show support for the "No Offshore Drilling" campaign, the photos I've seen of some of the folks that were there leave me a bit perplexed. I do consider my self somewhat of an environmentalist and think it's very important to keep the reef and the waters the pristine and way they are. To make it clear, I am "pro" No Belize Offshore Drilling, however, I wonder how many people burn oil or use things that are made from oil (and may not even realize it) in their everyday lives. I only write this because I believe it is necessary to not only have knowledge of a certain subject or cause, but to use that knowledge wisely when making a public declaration of something.... which is the only reason why I didn't go (because I'm not even close to being truly green... yet).

    Second Hyperbaric Chamber Installed in San Pedro as Private Clinic Expands Services
    “The hyperbaric chamber assures a sense of security and safety to all who visit our island,” commented Dr. Daniel. “We will be visiting dive shops and resorts to educate them about the service we provide with the chamber so that they know about the reliable and essential services we have to offer with its addition to the clinic.” Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, who owns Ambergris Hopes Clinic, is working on providing a 24-hour medical facility, the first private clinic on the island to do so. Once complete the clinic will also be providing additional medical services from maternity to dentistry and also offer X-Ray and ultrasound. The expansion will allow for more doctor offices, recovery rooms and an operating room as well. Attending the inauguration event was local businessman Corry McDermott who made a donation of $5,000 towards the second phase of the clinic expansion which includes a diagnostic center with X-Ray and ultrasound, and a maternity ward. Dr. Danny, as he is affectionately called by islanders, has big dreams for his clinic and his goal is to provide excellent medical services to the community at affordable prices. His hopes is to also acquire an ambulance to assist in medical emergencies.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Lions Club regional leader Lion Malcom Kirwan of St Kitts and Nevis visits
    The San Pedro Town Council joins the Lions Organization in Belize in welcoming regional leader Lion Malcom Kirwan of St Kitts and Nevis. Lion Kirwan was the guest of honor at the meet and greet social held on Thursday night at the San Pedro Lions Den where he had the opportunity to engage with the councilors of the SPTC.

    Scarlet macaw chicks
    The scarlet macaw chicks being hand reared are doing really well. The chicks are taken care off by FCD research team and volunteers with support from the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic and the Wildlife Institute.

    Get ready with quality planting material for the rains are coming
    Compost dried coconut made soil sold for $15 per 100lb. Can deliver to anywhere in Belize at buyers expense. Call or text 662-4577 or inbox.

    Pickup dry coconut leaf, branches and other materials
    Mayan Pride will be passing through Placencia & Maya Beach tomorrow. We can pickup dry coconut leaf, branches and other materials that a garbage truck would not take. We charge based on the size of load. Price starting as low as $25.00. We don't kill our customer. We work with them. Call 665-0043 or PM before Saturday 23, May 2015. I will have a trailer if you need to haul.

    Coming to Placencia & Maya Beach on Tomorrow Saturday 23 May 2015
    - $10.00 bag pure topsoil - $15.00 bag pure compost - $12.50 bag topsoil & compost mixed together All prices above include delivery cost. Interested call 665-0043 or PM me before Saturday to put in your order

    The Belize Zoo will once again be accepting 30 young Belizeans to explore and appreciate our natural heritage through our week long conservation camp. Zoo tours, field trips, field research, roleplays, and environmental games are some of the many activities campers will participate in, and hopefully leave equipped with conservation-minded attitudes. June 29th to July 3rd are the dates this year, so, parents, start applying! Campers must be 12-17 years of age, and come prepared for 4 nights and 5 days of activities. More info and registration forms can be requested from [email protected], or [email protected], or call the Zoo at 822-8000.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Friday, May 22, 2015: 37

    The legendary Belizean broadcaster and comic, the late Eddie 'Seferino' Coleman stands out today as Belize's most entertaining broadcaster and comedian of all times. Seferino, as he is known among Belizeans of the 1960's, 70's and 80's, rose to become one of Belize's most articulate broadcasters during the days of the defunked Belize broadcasting institution, Radio Belize. Not only could Coleman matched some of the best in Caribbean broadcasting being that he was a natural at it, but he could have stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the best Caribbean comedians of his time. Terribly funny, Coleman had the ability to move from serious journalistic presentations to an incredibly entertaining wrap-around that made him Belize's most entertaining broadcaster. He stole the hearts of many Belizeans who grew up under his voice on Radio Belize when radio became the sole medium of communication in Belize in the 1960's and 70's.

    It is a very exciting and marvelous thought that Belize's new Cross Country cycling champion, Justin Williams, could hold incredible hopes in representing Belize in all world class cycling classics like the Olympics, Pan American Games, Tour de France, and many other staged games in the cycling world. The Belizean-American cycling athlete has a courage and a passion to meet any cycling feat, and when looking at his outstanding record of achievements in the state of California, he stands out among all the present day Belizean cyclist both at home and abroad as the best that Belize will ever see right now. There is no way that Belize should allow this gem of an athlete and his strong passion for all things Belizean to get out of the country's data base of athletic recruits that Belize has been blessed with since Belizean-American NBA star, Milton Palacio, and his Belizean ballers won the gold medal for Belize in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1999.

    Belizean cycling legend, John 'Johnito' Miguel, became the third of four brothers from the Miguel family who had won four of Belize's Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classics. Johnito, as he is known in Belizean circles, and who many cycling lovers of Belize continue to talk about whenever the Belize Cross Country cycling classic would be showcased yearly, has won the 1960, 1964, 1965, and the 1968 Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic. He is seen by many Belizeans as the most outstanding of all the Miguel brothers who had won at least two of the classics, and to have rode the race. In this feature of Belizean Legends, host Bilal Morris caught up with the reigning 1960's Belizean cycling champion during the May 1, 2015 Cross Country cycling victory celebrations for his grand-nephews, Justin and Corey Williams, who had recently placed first and fifth in the annual cycling classic where riders come from Central America, the Caribbean and the United States to compete.

    Channel 7

    The Drama With Denfield Bowen's Body
    When we left you last night, the family and friends of Denfield Bowen were waiting for police to release his decomposed remains so that they could take him for burial in Manatee. It was an emotional moment - after three weeks of searching - and with so many misgivings about the circumstances of his murder - that it had supposedly been done by one of his George Street Gang allies….all that made for a volatile scene at mile 8 on the Western Highway. Monica Bodden was there and here's what she saw:.. Monica Bodden reporting The news quickly spread like wildfire - when word got out that a decomposed body had been found at a mile 8 community off the Western Highway. Family members and friends of 26 year old Denfield Bowen arrived on the scene one by one - All anxiously waiting to see if it was indeed the body of the missing Plues Street resident. But it took a while before police allowed Bowen's father into the scene to identify his belongings. Shortly after he returned to the crowd to break the news that it was the missing man.

    Rider Ran For Cover From Shooters
    And while police were still processing that scene, a man was shot in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area of Belize City. At around 7:45 32-year-old Luis Dominguez of St. Thomas Street was riding his bicycle on J.R. Street, when a man emerged from a yard and shot at him. He might've gotten killed but he scrambled into a friends yard for shelter. We spoke to one of his friends today who told us how she ran out to try and save him. Courtney Weatherburne reporting Luis Dominguez was shot near this wooden green house last night. Trying to hold on to life and escape from his shooter he managed to run to this yard where his friends live. With blood-stains trailing behind him, he entered the yard and frantically called out for help. Voice of Witness "More or less I would say about 7:50pm this happened. I was inside attending to my kids when we heard the gunshots."

    San Pedro Cabbie Murdered Because Of Inappropriate Relationship With Minor
    3 weeks ago, two San Pedro taxi men were killed in a 5 day span. Police made four arrests for the murder of Jose Beltran. And, now, they they've arrested and charged 2 men for the murder of the second taxi victim, Donicio Trujillo. Those men are 40 year-old Rafael Ramirez, a Guatemalan laborer of San Pedro, and 25 year-old Arvington Neal, a Belizean laborer of San Ignacio. Police believe that Rafael Ramirez may have been settling a personal score with Donicio Trujillo - over an inappropriate relationship he had with a minor. So, it was not drug related. The break in the case when police found the Trujillo's cell phone in Cayo with Arvington Neal. To make this happen San Pedro police networked effectively with cops in Cayo.

    GOB "Tek" Tzec Land
    Agronomist Angel Tzec was in the Supreme Court today, trying to get back land that he says Government swiped from him. The lease for Tzec's 250 acres in the Cayo District expired in 2011. Before that happened, he tried to renew it, but he claims that the Lands Department and the Minister gave him the run around, allegedly with the promise that it would be taken care of. But, it wasn't and then, the 2012 General Elections happened, and that's when the Lands Department began sharing up the land to new leaseholders, without Tzec's knowledge. When he found out, he tried his very best to get the Lands Department to reverse what he thought was a mistake. But that didn't work, so now he's suing the Government for it. That case got its day in court today, and after almost 3 hours of arguments, it came to a close. We spoke with his attorney, Said Musa, outside of court about the reliefs that Tzec is trying to get so that he can get back the rights to the land: Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Attorney for Tzec "Before it expired, he applied. Under the lease, there is clause there for him to renew. He applied for that and they put him through all kinds of changes. He had to first of all bring all his rents up to date.

    Caleb The Celeb
    Caleb Orozco may be taunted and routinely ridiculed in Belize, but tonight he's gone stratospheric as the cover boy for the prestigious and widely circulated New York Times Magazine. Orozco is profiled in the May 22nd edition of the magazine, in a five thousand word article called, "The Lonely Fight Against Belize's Anti-Gay Laws." In the article, writer Julia Scott visits with Orozco around Christmas of 2014, and walks the streets of Belize City with him, experiencing the relentless insults and humiliations reserved for Belize' most public gay man. It speaks about the quiet culture of persecution that less public gay persons face, and notes that 24 months after the constitutional case on Belize anti-sodomy law, the decision on the case has been, quote, "unusually delayed." The article notes that, Orozco's supporters hoped, that his case would establish a precedent across the Caribbean and, quote, "even create a domino effect, putting pressure on other governments to decriminalize sodomy." End quote. It notes that ten Caribbean countries still have anti-sodomy laws.

    They Dropped The Ball On Charlie Price
    The rat episode at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan which emerged four weeks ago - was enough to make your blood crawl. But while the rodent infestation in the food pantry has been contained - what's to stop it from happening again? Today we asked Health CEO Peter Allen who dropped the ball, and what's to stop them from dropping it again:.. Dr. Peter Allen, CEO, Ministry of Health "It's quite an outrageous situation frankly and as soon as the ministry heard about it, we immediately dispatched a team of our technical staff to immediately fix the problem. That problem was fixed but then some of the challenges that had perhaps led to that problem including some infrastructure problems with broken walls and inadequate roofing were identified. And the Ministry of Health then requested from the Ministry of Finance who were quick to support us with a $25,000 estimate for immediate improvements. Those improvements are being done as we speak and we can't avoid the issue of human resources.

    Western Region Ambulance
    And while the rats are gone, did they, like, leave in the ambulance? That's what a lot of Belmopan residents have been asking after they called the Hospital requesting an ambulance and couldn't get one, or if they did, it was considerably late. Well, turns out they are waiting on 2 new ambulances from the US - 2 that were ordered about 9 months ago. Why is it taking so long to reach? Well, we caught up with Dr. Peter Allen at another event today and he told us that one of the "holdbacks" is the stringent requirements for transporting these ambulances from the US to Belize. But he assured us that arrangements have been made to provide this indispensable service. Courtney Weatherburne "I understand there's been several cases where patients or people who have called at the Western Regional Hospital for an ambulance had to either, one, wait a long time for one or they simply said 'we don't have the ambulance or we don't have an ambulance ready. How are you guys coping with it? I understand that it's also an ongoing issue. How could you have a hospital without an ambulance?"

    Peter Allen On Doctor's Fight
    And they could have used one of those new ambulances to rush a "chill pill" to two doctors who duked it out at the San Ignacio Community Hospital on Wednesday. As we reported, the doctors had a disagreement about a patient, which led to a physical confrontation. Best reports say one walked away from the fight with a swollen face and the other a swollen wrist. Today, Health CEO Peter Allen said that it is unacceptable, and he's prescribing a double dose of anger management:.. Dr. Peter Allen, CEO, Ministry of Health "It's a first for me, I've never ever come across a situation where two physicians resort to fighting and especially at their place of work. So I am aware of it, it was reported to me straight away. We made sure first of all as we always do, that the patients and our clients are safe and not affected or at least as affected as little as possible. we've asked as we do for reports, I have to believe that our response must include some kind of counselling in anger management because without having seen the reports yet, it is difficult for me to understand that disagreements between professionals cannot be handle in a more constructed manner than this."

    Anti-psychotic Available
    And, the modestly good news is that if any of those doctors need the anti-psychotic drug Resperidol - it is now available. The medication, which is heavily relied upon by persons with schizophrenia and bi-polar disease had become scare to unavailable at public health clinics in March and April - seriously affecting those persons who rely on a daily dosage. Today, Allen told us it is now available at the health centers:.. Dr. Peter Allen, CEO, Ministry of Health "There were previous categories of drugs that use to be used in the past, but some of them have some side effects. And so we've been fortunate in being able to increase our budget for medical supplies and that has allowed us to procure some of the more modern drugs which are perhaps more affective and have less side effects. Respiredol is one of those and we were having a problem with the supply around about the end of March and the beginning of April, but that has been resolved. Respiredol is available and will continue to be available at all clinics. We procure them under tender, so there's a tender where different agencies bid. Some of these drugs are control drugs so they are not freely available at every pharmacy or supplier and you will need to have the proper permits and licenses."

    Weed For Cops
    The Gang Suppression Unit is reporting tonight that it made major drug seizures between yesterday and this morning. At around the start of news yesterday, officers of the GSU visited a yard at #91 Lacroix boulevard, where they searched a house owned by 31 year-old Randy Rodriguez. He was there at the time when the officers searched a clothes barrel and found 2 bags of marijuana containing a total of 471 grams - or just over a pound - of marijuana. Rodriguez was charged with drug trafficking. Half hour earlier, GSU officers were on Linda Vista Street conducting operations when they searched an abandoned lot in the street. There they found 115 grams - or 4 ounces - of marijuana and 7 live rounds of 9mm ammunition inside a black plastic bag. That bag was hidden under a garbage pile, and because no one was around at the time, the items were deposited as found property. The officers believe that the drugs and ammunition belong to a known gang member in that area.

    FECTAB Calls on GOB
    Earlier this week, we told you about the ongoing discussions about the way forward for cruise tourism in Belize. Government feels it is stuck because if it allows the Stake Bank project to proceed - it will end up having to pay head tax compensation to the owners of the Fort Street Tourism Village. So from government's position the possible compromise seems to be to encourage the owners of Fort Street to partner with Mike Feinstein - who is the owner of Stake Bank. But those FSTV owners, namely Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Diamonds International don't want to be in a minority shareholders in Stake Bank - and Feinstein refuses to concede his majority position on his project. So, things are at a standstill. But, yesterday FECTAB issued a release declaring that it quote, "completely condemns the concept of the stake bank project or any dockage project within the Belize district being sold to or developed by anyone except a Belizean developer," close quote. They say that if a cruise dockage project is developed by a foreign investor, quote, "we at FECTAB know that Belizean tourism elements will not be let in and…we would see the end of business in that sector for all Belizeans…" end quote.

    Cops Got Ammo
    Earlier we told you about the GSU operation that netted a few pounds of weed, well yesterday evening a Joint operation in Precinct One came up with a whole bunch of high powered ammunition. They found 16 sixteen live 5.56mm rounds, twenty five live 5.56mm rounds - both of them the type used in assault rifles. They also found (93) ninety three live .45mm rounds of Ammunition and (52) Fifty two live .38mm rounds.

    Cacao for All
    The Cacao festival is opening right now in Punta Gorda Town with a wine and chocolate Gala. The festival goes all weekend and will touch on all things cacao. Complementing the experience for visitors is a newly opened Maya House of Cacao. It was built with a 400 hundred thousand euro grant from the European Union - and on Saturday at the opening - the recipient and the donor explained its importance in getting out the story behind the uniquely positioned Belize cacao industry:.. This initiative is part of the European Union's Belize Rural Development Project, which has also helped in making the cacao plant more resistant to a fungus that had badly affected the crops in the area.

    Importance of Being Early
    Early education - it's the little acknowledged panacea to many social ills - and UNICEF has started a multi sectorial push to get more kids into productive preschool environments. Today they brought together the Ministries of Education youth and sports with the ministry of human development social transformation and poverty alleviation for a national forum on early childhood development. Health CEO Peter Allen told us it is about getting a strong start in life:.. Dr. Peter Allen, CEO, Ministry of Health "Early childhood development is such an important component of the work that government does. and now you see that the Ministry of Health of course and health systems all over the world have various programs which begin even before conception with the micro-nutrient supplements to young women of child bearing age and the encouragement of good nutritional practices to young adults.

    Another Murder
    We started tonight's news with a story about murder, and end with another. At about 6:30 pm two men were shot on Iguana Street near Kim's Store. One of them is deceased - and the other survived. And while his name is known to us, we cannot report it without first ensuring that his family has heard. 7news is on the scene right now and we'll have the full story on Tuesday.

    Channel 5

    LL’s Body Discovered After 21 Days of Searching
    Since he went missing on April thirtieth, the family of Densfield Bowen, feared the worst. Tonight, as they grieve, they are preparing to lay him to rest and close a [...]

    Luis Dominguez is Shot on J.R. Street
    A Belize City resident was shot on Thursday night in Belize City. Thirty two year old Luis Dominguez was riding his bike on JR Street shortly before eight last night [...]

    Caneros in Santa Marta Issued Eviction Notice for Farming on Private Land
    There is a very ugly situation brewing in the village of Santa Marta in the Orange Walk District, and it involves squatting. Thirteen farmers cleared and cultivated five hundred and [...]

    Is Clear The Land Squatting on Land in Santa Marta?
    What’s the connection between Minister of State Edmond Castro and Santa Marta in the Orange Walk District? Well, you would think none, but you would be wrong. Earlier this week [...]

    Caleb Orozco Featured in NY Times
    Caleb Orozco. He has become the face of the LGBT Community and he has been in news for years challenging section 53 of the Belize Constitution. Well, this is not [...]

    Does Spread in NY Times Benefit LGBT Agenda?
    So, what does a major spread in the New York Times do for the LGBT Community? Caleb says it is about showing just how real it is for persons from [...]

    Mix Up with Cuban Nationals in Benque Viejo
    An interesting case came up today in the Benque Viejo Magistrate Court. It involves six Cuban nationals, three men and three females, who were detained two weeks ago in the [...]

    GSU Busts Jermaine Rodriguez with Weed
    The Gang Suppression Unit conducted anti-drug operations on Thursday and this morning in Belize City.  On Thursday evening, the GSU searched a one bedroom house on Lacroix Boulevard owned by [...]

    Man Who Killed Mango Picker Granted Bail of $10,000
    A number of bail applications were heard today in the Supreme Court before Justice Troadio John Gonzalez including three are high profile cases.  Ladyville businessman, Hilberto Perez, who was charged [...]

    Two Men Arraigned for Murder of Donicio Trujillo in San Pedro
    Police believe they have cracked a recent murder in San Pedro where a well known taxi driver Donicio Trujllio, was killed. Two men have been apprehended and charged with Trujillo’s [...]

    Squatters Return to Demolished Home in Gungulung
    There are more complaints tonight against the Minister of State Mark King over the issue of squatting in the area of Holy Emmanuel. After King came under fire he re-settled [...]

    U.S. Issues Advisory in Cayo District Following Double Murder in Teakettle
    It didn’t make it in the news on Thursday, but the U.S Embassy did send out a release issuing condolences to Paul Signorino and Julian Jones, the two American nationals [...]

    Early Childhood Development Workshop Hosted by MOE
    Early Childhood Development- it’s about the comprehensive care for children up to age eight and it is something that we are tackling locally. It is a matter of great importance. [...]

    Belize Kids First Offers High School Scholarship
    Are you looking for funds to pay for your high school tuition? Well, you may just be the student that Belize Kids First Organization is looking for. Anne Palacio President [...]

    Remembering Amos Ford
    His death may have gone largely unrecognized since it happened in March of this year, but Amos Ford’s death made several UK news outlets. He was a member of a group [...]

    Looking Back… When The Compromis Was Signed In 2008
    The signing of an amendment to the 2008 Special Agreement is proceeding as planned in Guatemala City this coming Monday. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington and his Guatemalan counterpart Carlos Raul [...]


    Immigration CEO Placed on Administrative Leave
    Love News has confirmed that Candelaria Saldivar Mortar has been placed on administrative leave. Saldivar is the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration, Labour, Local Government and Rural Development. A source told Love News that the decision came after Cabinet met on Tuesday. We were made to understand that a head of department within the Ministry made an official complaint against Saldivar-Mortar, who is the sister of Minister of National Security, John Saldivar. We were told that the Head of Department complained about Saldivar Mortar’s management style. Edmund Zuniga is acting CEO. We were unable to get in contact with Minister Godwin Hulse for more details.

    ECD Forum: Early Childhood Development Could Lead to Less Social Issues
    A workshop geared at understanding, addressing and improving various aspects when it comes to early childhood development (ECD) took place today at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The all-day event, hosted by UNICEF had the participation of several ministries, namely, the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation as well as the Ministry of Health and that of Education. According to Education Minister, Patrick Faber, there is a misconception that early childhood development begins at preschool while that is not the case. He added that there is the need for parents to do more to contribute to an improved early childhood development. PATRICK FABER “I think there is a lot of room for public education here in Belize as it relates to ECD indeed. We still have a good many parents I believe in our country who don’t see a value in early childhood education and for most Belizeans that means preschool at 3 to maybe infant one to infant two but as the studies are showing, early childhood development and you notice we didn’t say early childhood education it needs to start from birth. The experts will all tell you as they are here telling us today that really we need to start nurturing our children from birth, giving them the proper health and nutritional care but also stimulating all around from in the home but also in the early years of their education. So yes a lot of sensitization needs to happen, yes more parents and more teachers need to get on board and yes by extension all in our society need to be more involved and need to be more sold on the idea of engaging in early childhood development from birth.


    Santander worker falls to death on worksite
    A Santander worker reportedly fell to his death while he was working on the rooftop of one of the buildings of the Santander sugar mill, in Banana Bank Area, Cayo District. The deceased has since been identified as Nelson Sotog, a 22 year old Guatemalan National. According to reports, the incident occurred some minutes before

    “Clear the Land” Castro asked to clear himself off the land
    Edmund Castro area Representative for Belize Rural North goes to convention in less than 2 weeks where he is to square off against challenger Dwight Tillett, a former campaign manager of his and a former CEO in his Ministry. And while Castro says his opponent’s chances of winning doesn’t look good, since he claims he

    Kareem Grant murdered in Belize City
    Police have two suspects in custody over the murder of Kareem Grant which occurred last night in Belize City. Around 8:25 p.m., there was gun fire heard inside a fenced yard at the corner of Mahogany and Periwinkle Streets in the St. Martin de Porres area, and Grant was found with gunshot injuries shortly thereafter.

    PUP not supporting amendment to referendum agreement
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington is scheduled to travel to Guatemala this weekend where he will sign an amendment to the referendum agreement between Belize and Guatemala at the request of the Guatemalan Government. The Amendment is to allow for a Referendum to be held separately instead of simultaneously. The reason given was that […]

    “Diabetes Nuh a Cetch Me!”
    “Diabetes Nuh a Cetch Me” That is the theme under which the Youths for World Peace Wellness Ambassadors are hosting their first ever diabetic run this Sunday May 24th starting at the Belmopan Market Square...

    Bringing CSME alive in the classroom
    Belize is routinely referred to as a Caribbean country in Central America, but few Belizeans know and understand the importance of regional integration as practiced by the Caribbean Community and particularly the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). For the last few weeks, consultants have been accompanying the local Ministries of Trade and Education and

    Cancer Care Symposium addresses long term care
    Today’s annual Cancer Care Symposium was held under the theme, “Caring, Coping, Surviving: Cancer Control – Not Beyond Us!” Presenters from Belize and other countries discussed global strategies for health and survivorship of all cancers, early detection and control, and put renewed focus on some of the leading killers including cervical, prostate, breast and skin

    Women politicians recommend changes to Representation of the People Act
    There is change coming soon to one of Belize’s oldest and most important laws. The Representation of the People Act, Chapter 9 of the Laws of Belize, is being vetted for changes to help women gain greater access to politics. The report on strengthening women’s representation in national leadership in Belize, completed after three years of

    Dangriga Shoot Out!
    There was an exchange of gunfire last night in Dangriga according to police which resulted in one person, a 17 year old minor, being shot to the leg. Authorities say that sometime around 7:45 pm on Wednesday May 20th, police were conducting patrols in the “Backatown” area, Dangriga, when they reportedly encountered two persons acting

    To gamble or not to gamble? Roaring Creek predicament
    It seems like every month there are a couple of new murders in Roaring Creek to report on. Since the start of 2015 there have been 10 murders in the crime ridden community of Roaring Creek and the nearby villages. Those frightening records have prompted police and the leaders of the affected communities to find

    VIP and PNP disdain ICJ referendum
    This morning Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) hosted the press in Belize City to discuss various national issues. Chief among them are the recently announced plans by the Government of Belize to amend the Special Agreement to allow Guatemala first crack at a referendum on going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) later

    VIP skeptical of Petrocaribe reforms
    Last week Prime Minister Dean Barrow made announcements that the recently passed Petrocaribe Loans Act, 2015, will be amended to spell out the terms of spending, subsidization to existing laws including the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act and other provisions. But the Vision Inspired by the People (VIP), long-standing opponents of the Act and of […]


    Porn problem at San Pedro High
    Four students 2nd form of San Pedro High School in San Pedro Town have been sent home on a one-week suspension from school as punishment for circulating pornography at the school – which has been reported to be images of the nude body of a female student of the school that had been altered by the students to resemble a female teacher of the school. The suspension commenced today, and the students are scheduled to return to classes next Friday, May 29. Conchita Flota, the interim principal of the high school, told News 5 that the suspension of the four students brings the total number of students who have been suspended for circulating pornographic pictures to nine. Flota explained that recently, controversy had erupted over some pornographic photos of some female students that were being circulated – a situation which the management of the school addressed, she said.

    Lake I man executed in yard on Periwinkle Street
    Kareem Grant, 26, of Periwinkle Street in Lake Independence, died after being shot at about 8:30 last night in the yard of an unused house on the street, two houses from where he lived, while socializing with his friends. His killer went to the gate and fired about 7 shots at Grant, hitting him in the head, chest, and back. The unknown killer then escaped from the area. Grant was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where doctors tried to help him, but nothing much could have been done, and he died shortly after at about 10:00 p.m. His body was taken to the morgue, where it is to undergo a post-mortem to certify the cause of his death. Police said that they recovered (5) 9mm expended shells from the scene and have since detained two persons pending investigations. His neighbors on Periwinkle Street told Amandala this afternoon that they were in their yard socializing when they saw a young man pass their yard, walking hurriedly and holding something under his shirt.

    Guats continue to “rape Chiquibul”
    The Chiquibul Forest—which spans over 400,000 acres in western Belize, abutting the Belize-Guatemala border—continues to be the target of illegal pillaging by Guatemalans; and this year, there is reportedly a spike in illegal encroachments by Guatemalans who continue to clear vast acreages for farming, and some of whom extend their cattle ranches from the Guatemala side of the border to the Belize side of the border. Last December, Belize and Guatemala signed a set of 13 agreements (which you can read about here: These include an agreement for the Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Use of Resources, which stipulates that Belize and Guatemala “will design a framework for cooperation and strategic collaboration with the aim of improving the protection and conservation of the environment and of protected areas through joint efforts.” That agreement notwithstanding, things have reportedly gotten worse on the ground. Rafael Manzanero, executive director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), said that 92 areas within Belize have been illegally cleared for planting this year, more than likely for milpa farming, and this represents a peak in those activities over previous years.

    Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez charged with torching BSI/ASR cane field
    After just over 47 hours in detention, Efrain Alpuche, the personal driver and bodyguard of PUP politician and cane farmer, Ramon “Monchie” Cervantes, Jr., and Saulito Vasquez, both of Orange Walk, were arraigned on a single count of arson before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer after 3:00 p.m. today. Because the Supreme Court was in session at the time, the arraignment was carried out in the Orange Walk Police Station. No plea was taken and the men were offered, and later met bail of $40,000 each. When the session concluded, their attorney, Marcel Cardona, explained to the media that the bail was set at that amount “given the quantum of the alleged damage to the [sugar cane] fields of Belize Sugar Industries Limited [BSI/American Sugar Refineries (ASR)].”

    Body of missing George Street man found decomposing in the pan of his truck
    Denfield L. L. Bowen, 28, the father of 5 children of a George Street address, who was reported missing since Friday, May 1, exactly 3 weeks ago, was found dead in the pan of his pickup in a state of decomposition at about 2:30 this afternoon near Mile 8 on the George Price Highway. Doctor Mario Estradabran will conduct an on-site autopsy tomorrow to certify the cause of Bowen’s death. His wife reported him missing on May 1, but efforts to find him have been in vain. This afternoon, she was called to the area by his father, who told her that his vehicle had been seen in the area and they saw his body in the vehicle. This afternoon her father-in-law was going to Manatee when a policeman who knows him told him that Bowen’s truck had been found. She said that she had not been given any other information.

    GOB proceeding to amend ICJ compromis — despite PUP boycott
    The decision by the Government of Belize to proceed next Monday, May 25, with the signing of an amendment to the special agreement for the adjudication of the Belize-Guatemala differendum at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague in The Netherlands has led to an unprecedented fallout with the Opposition, which has always been actively engaged in what had traditionally been a bi-partisan process. Amandala spoke on Wednesday with Belize’s resident Ambassador in Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado, who told us that the signing is scheduled to take place in Guatemala City on the morning of Monday, May 25, 2015, which will be observed in Belize as Sovereign’s Day, formerly Commonwealth Day. The Opposition has announced that it will stage a boycott.

    Congratulations to new national champions, Verdes FC!
    I haven’t seen the Channel 5 report yet, but I have been reliably informed by fans behind the southern goal at the Norman Broaster Stadium on Sunday, as well as those who saw the Monday Sports Report, that Jarret’s series and championship winning goal was a “professional slap into the far corner,” not a header as we erroneously reported in our mid-week issue. From midfield, near the official desk on the western sideline, where I trained my camera on the goal area, I couldn’t follow the trajectory of Shamir Pacheco’s free kick from near the eastern sideline. My Canon camera was focused on the goal area; and with Jarret’s back toward me, I missed the moment of impact, and was lucky to catch the ball in flight before it reportedly hit under the crossbar and entered the net for the 2-nil Verdes win. Because of the sudden change of direction of the ball, headers are the most difficult shots for a goalkeeper, and Jarret’s left footed volley was just as nightmarish for All Belize goalie Woodrow West, who made a great effort. It appeared to us that the Bandits had the better of play overall in Sunday’s championship final, but Verdes produced two absolutely spectacular goals, a header into the right “pigeon hole” by Brazilian Alcides Thomas (31’) in first half, and the left footed slap-volley again into the right “pigeon hole” in injury time by Jarret Davis (90+’). The 2-nil win was enough to give Verdes, the championship, after losing 1-nil to the Bandits a week earlier at the FFB Stadium.

    Well tried, Sonny
    The Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued over the weekend. Six games were played on Saturday, but one had caught my attention, that needs mention in detail. This game was played in Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District, between Suga Boys of Carmelita and Sunrise of Lords Bank. Suga Boys won the toss, but gave Sunrise the option to bat first. In my days of playing, you only gave up your toss if you have strategy. I asked Sonny Wade, the captain, why he did it. He said the team bowling in the first half on the pitch will have better advantage. OK then, I told him. I’ll see if it works out. With the excellent bowling of Perandy and Clifford Tillett, wickets started falling in this order for Sunrise. 1 for 40; 2 for 49; 3 for 51; 4 for 70; 5 for 71; 6 for 113; 7 for 134; 8 for 147; 9 for 154; 10 for 154. In that inning, Garreth Joseph scored 47 for Sunrise, while the two aforementioned bowlers took 3 wickets each.

    Alicia Thompson – 2015 Women Cross Country Champion
    She has been prominent on the cycling scene for a number of years, having taken off a few years after giving birth, and returning to once again become a prime contender in the female cycling races hosted by the Belize Cycling Association. She had posted wins in other big races, including the 2015 Krem New Year’s Classic, but the Women Cross Country, from San Ignacio to Belize City, had eluded Alicia up until yesterday, and she was determined to gain her first Cross Country win. In pre-race interviews, Alicia sounded confident and satisfied with the work she had put in to prepare for the race, revealing that she was assisted in planning her training regimen by American Masters rider Anthony Taylor, and she has been a regular with the Weekend Warriors in their weekend races, where she has held her own. Yesterday, it all paid off for Alicia. 2012 champion Kaya Cattouse was reportedly weakened by an asthma attack that saw her hospitalized in the middle of last week; so she was determined to conserve her energies. And defending champion Shalini Zabaneh, try as she might, could not “shake off” Kaya, after Alicia had made her breakaway near Camalote.

    Belize Boxing Federation holds first Sunday Knockout event at CET compound
    The Belize Boxing Federation (BBF) held its first Sunday Knockout event yesterday, May 17, at the CET compound, corner St. Thomas and St. Joseph Streets, the venue chosen by the BBF to mitigate cost. Due to some technical difficulties, the event, scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m., actually got under way around 3:00 p.m., but it had a respectable support of about a hundred fans, consisting mostly of family members of the boxers, which was very much appreciated. The bouts involved participation from a number of boxing gyms – coach Swaso Boxing Gym of Dangriga, where one of his fighters won in convincing style and the other lost showing great potential; coach Leopold Smart Boxing Gym from Belize City; coach Dereck Stewart’s Burrell Boom Elite Boxing Club; and Lion’s Den Belize City, run by coach Clinton Tucker. In the opening bout, we saw Jevan Geban, 14 yrs, vs Gordon Richards, 15 yrs, where the judges gave Gordon the split decision victory.

    Dangriga sports stats
    SCFA Wamule Cup Week 12 results The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) Wamule Cup 2015 continued with Week 12 games on Friday, May 15, and Sunday, May 17, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. In the opener on Friday, Hope Creek United clipped Wagierale FC, 2-1, with Byron Perez (52’ & 70’) netting twice for Hope Creek, while Robert Hernandez (31’) scored for Wagierale. And in the nightcap, it was New Site FC and Hopkins FC playing to a 2-2 stalemate. Daniel Suazo (20’) and Ean Luis (54’) shook the net for New Site, while Joseph Augustine (61’) and France Nunez (63’) tallied for Hopkins. Sunday’s opener saw another 2-2 draw, this one between Maya King FC and Police FC. Elser Suchite (25’ & 29’) struck twice for Maya King, while Emmerson Castillo (18’) and Francis Castillo (40’) scored for Police. In the scheduled nightcap, Benguche FC won by default (3-0) over Green Gold FC. The race to the playoff is on, and we have four more weeks of regular season games to play.

    The claim which is a land grab
    At this point in the history of the Guatemalan claim to Belize, the most important thing to understand about the republic is that Guatemala is dominated by a neo-European, elitist oligarchy which controls an excessive, obscene amount of Guatemalan land. The majority of Guatemalans, and the majority of Guatemalans are of Indigenous ancestry, are landless. In 2015, then, what the Guatemalan claim to Belize is, is a land grab. What is not clear is whether this Guatemalan land grab is intended for use as a sop to Cerberus, in the sense of acquiring new acreage to distribute to and appease the landless masses in the republic’s east and north, or whether the desired new acreage will end up where land has always ended up in Guatemala – in the maws of the oligarchy and the military with whom they are allied. In the modern world, where racism, colonialism and imperialism are internationally condemned, Guatemala can not get away with publicizing a claim to Belize which is based on Spanish rights and papal authority which originate in the fifteenth century. Guatemala needs to look her own domestic reality squarely in the eye, and that reality demands immediate land reform. Too few Guatemalans have too much land, and too many Guatemalans have too little.

    From the Publisher
    Next Friday May 29 marks the 43rd anniversary of an explosive night in the history of Belize. I’ve written about the events of May 29, 1972 several times before, but there has never been a public discussion of what happened. One of the reasons there has never been a public discussion of what happened is that less than a year after the events of May 1972, high level moves were being made to establish what became the United Democratic Party (UDP) in September of 1973. The events of May 29, 1972 suggested that the UBAD Party had become too powerful, and the traditional, consensus Opposition politicians had to take over the energy which UBAD had unleashed. UBAD, in a sense, had become too big for its own good. The UBAD decision in August of 1970 to become a political party was probably a mistake, and I have taken full responsibility for it. One of the reasons it was a mistake was because a large percentage of UBAD supporters could not even vote, the voting age not being lowered from 21 to 18 until 1978. Another reason the UBAD decision to become a political party was a mistake was because UBAD was criticizing the church-state educational system and the white supremacist curricula of its schools. History has confirmed what common sense always suggested: you cannot criticize the churches and compete politically in Belize.

    Fanon in the modern context …
    Hopefully you noticed in the previous discourse that violence goes hand in hand with power. Hopefully you noticed that the examples of violence deal with situations of poverty. Poverty is the result of power used to deny equal distribution of resources and wealth. Creating, contributing to or sustaining poverty is violence. Failure to eliminate poverty is violence. In The Wretched of the Earth, the late psychologist Frantz Fanon, a Black man born in Martinique, analyzes the psychology of the colonist and the colonized in their respective struggles for power and freedom. The first section is on violence. Now, Dr. Fanon was talking largely about physical force and confrontation, violent language, rifle butts and bayonets and bloody knives in the formation and organization of colonies and their eventual “disorganization” and decolonization. However, he may as well have been analyzing the psychologies of the rich and the poor. The parallels are striking; one has only to substitute “the wealthy” or the “ruling class” for “the colonist” or “the colonized intellectual”; “the poor” for “the colonized” or “the native” or “colonial subject” or “exploited.” In doing that exercise one gets a true picture of the plight of the poor and their relationship to the wealthy and the inherent violent acts in that reality.

    One roof, one bolt …
    Dear Editor, I am writing to bring this to the attention of the Transport Authority in Belize City. I am a regular bus rider in Belize. A few months back, due to an incident, a steel post in a bus station was damaged and has been left unattended for the last few months. Sitting in the station numerous times waiting for buses, I studied this phenomenon and found out the whole roof is supported by one bolt. Right now this can be fixed by few hundred dollars, but if it collapses, it could be thousands of dollars and maybe loss of life. Please, someone in authority arrange to fix this damaged post. Do it if not to save someone’s life, at least to save some money for government. Even the insurance company that insures for this kind of event should try to fix it: it will save them money and hassle.

    Police crime database fully digitized
    Harry Noble, who has been working with the Police Department for the past 13 years to help develop its Wide Area Networks database, has informed our newspaper that the police now have access to immediate digital information on incidences of crime, with the recent completion of the roll-out to the districts. Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo, was the last police post to be connected to the digital network about a month and a half ago. What this means is that the police are able to instantaneously track crimes occurring across the country. Noble told Amandala that all crimes are tracked in the database, but their challenge now is analyzing and disseminating the information. “All the data is linked in. Whenever you go to any police station now, it’s all computer work. Everything is digitized,” he told us. He told us that the Chief Executive Office in the Ministry of National Security has asked them to develop a webpage, where information would be readily accessible to the public. That webpage, he said, is currently being developed by the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) in Belmopan.

    Fuel prices skyrocketing again – premium over $10 a gal
    Drivers were able to breathe a major sigh of relief this January when the prices of premium and regular gasoline dipped to under $8.00 a gallon; however, the most recent price adjustments implemented last night have put the price of premium gas in Belize City at just above $10 a gallon, an increase of 65 cents on the gallon, and the price of regular gas at $9.39 a gallon—the second highest price levels since the year began. Pump prices, which are calculated and set by the Ministry of Finance, vary in each district. When we visited the gas station earlier this week, both regular and premium gasoline were tagged at $9.36 a gallon, after a new shipment of regular gas caused a price change of 16 cents on the gallon, from $9.20 to $9.36. The price edged up another 3 cents 4 days later.

    Groundings with iconic keyboard master Clinton “Junie” Crawford
    The United Black Association for Development (UBAD) Education Foundation has been holding “open-mic” poetry reading sessions at Spooner’s Café, on North Front Street for several months, to raise funds for the Dr. Leroy Taegar Institute of Learning, Literacy and Numeracy Program, located at the Library of African and Indian Studies on the Kremandala compound. Last Thursday night, May 14, poets and those who support the UBAD Educational Foundation were treated to the special sounds of one of Belize’s most accomplished and iconic musicians. Almost none of the young poets who took to the microphone were aware of who the man on the keyboard was, nor of his significance to the early Belizean beat. Clinton “Junie” Crawford, whose music was synonymous with the name “the great Lord Rhaburn”, who has entertained generations of Belizean music lovers, must have sounded different to the young people in the audience at Spooner’s, but when Sydney “Stretcher” Lightburn took the mic and belted out a jazz song, with Crawford at the keyboard, the appreciative crowd wanted more, so Crawford fed their hunger for more by playing a few more tunes.

    Belize’s Tysha Roches takes 1st place in CANTO’s video competition
    Tysha Toni Roches, 17, a business student of St. Catherine Academy, has copped 1st place in a regional video competition sponsored by the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO), for her video titled, “ICT and Me”. In a press release issued Wednesday, CANTO said that Roches emerged as the number one contender in CANTO’s 9th Regional World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Video Competition, with Belize snagging the award for the second consecutive year. William Mahler, Jr., won the competition last year. “Her video informed and enlightened viewers of the evolution of communication and how it shapes and creates an innovative environment through ICT and Telecommunication platforms,” said a statement from CANTO.

    US issues security alert on murders in western Belize
    Following the double murder of two American men in western Belize this weekend, the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of the United States Department of State has issued a security message for US citizens in the Belmopan area, citing an increase in violent crimes between the villages of Roaring Creek and Teakettle, Cayo District. It said that eleven murders have taken place since January 1, 2015 within the specific area of concern. That represents just under a quarter of the murders reported in Belize so far this year happening within a span of about 5 miles. Last Friday evening, American retirees Julian Christopher Jones, 46, and Paul David Signorino, 61, were brutally murdered in the Pineapple Hill area, of Teakettle in the Cayo District.

    The Reporter

    Fatal shooting in Belize City; another in Dangriga
    A shooting on Friday evening on Iguana Street Extension in Belize City has claimed the life of a man. The incident happened shortly before 7 p.m. We understand that there was another shooting in Dangriga shortly after 9 p.m., the details of which this newspaper is seeking to confirm.

    Stake holders meet to discuss early childhood development
    The Government of Belize this week, in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund, began working on a national early childhood development strategy. To develop a comprehensive strategy, representatives from the Ministries of Education Youth and Sports, Health, and Human development gathered at the Radisson Fort George Hotel for a one day strategy session, the first of a series of activities in the strategy’s development. Ivan Yerovi, UNICEF representative, explained that the main idea is for the three ministries to get together to start building new integrated ECD services. “The main output to come out of this meeting is to decide how they are going to start building these integrated services,” Yerovi explained, “clear guidelines, clear timelines, and clear actions so we can start building those integrated services.”

    “Kids at Work” business expo a success
    On Friday, Horizon Academy hosted its first financial literacy fair entitled “Kids at Work Business Expo.” The event, which showcased a variety of products for sale made primarily by students with guidance from teachers and parents, was held on the school’s compound at mile 3 on the Phillip Goldson highway. Principal, Diane Maheia, said that with the overwhelming support from the public, the school has decided to make the event annual. “We are hoping that the people that came today will be inspired and realize that entrepreneurship is a life style that needs to be taught to their kids,” Maheia said. “We will incorporate this activity into our learning cycles but it can’t just be a once a year thing at school.” Estela Lara, teacher of the pre-kinder, and kinder garden students, emphasized that even though her students are aged between two and four years, the children were the main drivers of the products.

    Monkey River loses more beachfront to rapid erosion
    Rapid beach erosion has been the hot topic of discussion in Monkey River Village. The village, located in the Toledo District, has been experiencing severe beach erosion since 1979. Hurricanes Mitch in 1998 and Iris in 2001 sped up the process and the result […]

    Belize has new avian veterinary specialist
    Belize has a newly-trained aviary specialist in the person of Philip DeShield, 26, who returned home last Thursday from a sponsored avian veterinary course in the United States. DeShield says he hopes to use his newly-acquired skills to assist the Belize Bird Rescue (BBR), the […]

    Near-death traffic accidents occur hours apart on same highway
    Several persons escaped almost sure death when their vehicle came to a screeching halt just feet above the Belize River shortly after 7 p.m. on Sunday. The concrete barrier on the river’s edge stopped it from careening into the crocodile-infested waters near mile seven […]

    Mom shot dead in front of family 
    A mother of three, was shot dead while heading home on the George Price Highway in a vehicle with her family. Roselia Galvez, 43, a resident of Society Hall Road, Roaring Creek, was killed around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, after enjoying an afternoon of […]

    Attempted Murder witness killed at wake
    Twenty-nine-year-old Kenroy “Bouncer” Arnold was ambushed, shot and killed on Saturday night in Ladyville as he attended the wake of another recent murder victim. His family alleges he was killed because he was supposed to testify in an upcoming attempted murder case. According to […]

    Taiwan ICDF gives Belize US$2.5 Million Tilapia hatchery
    Commercially-farmed Tilapia were first introduced to Belize more than 20 years ago in the mid 90’s through Taiwan technology exchange. This week the Republic of China on Taiwan’s Technical Mission has gave a big boost to the industry by building a US$2.5 million, state of […]

    VIP says no to ICJ and PetroCaribe Act
    The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP), at a press conference on Wednesday, expressed its opposition to the Prime Minister’s proposed amendments to the controversial PetroCaribe Loan Act and taking the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). VIP candidate Patrick Rogers […]

    BEWU denies demanding unfair salary increase
    The Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) has denied reports that it staged a “sick-out” on Monday in protest of Belize Electricity Limited’s (BEL) refusal to grant workers a salary increase. A BEWU release sent out on Wednesday, said that contrary to what was reported […]

    Boat sinks off coast of Caye Chapel
    A 14-passenger seagoing vessel named “Island Woman” en route from Belize City to Caye Caulker ,experienced problems and sank off the southern tip of Caye Chapel last Friday afternoon. Sherlette Martinez, operations manager at the Belize Port Authority, acknowledged that the vessel, registered to […]

    EU Ambassador meets with PM
    European Union) Ambassador to Belize, Paola Amadei, is on an official visit to the country this week with the purpose of visiting a number of sites to check on the progress of some of the EU-funded projects. She met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow. […]

    Basketbrawl in Dangriga
    No fans were present to cheer on the Dangriga Warriors as they won the fourth and last berth as the No.4 seed in the National Elite Basketball League playoffs: 73-68 over the Yellow Pages Hurricanes of Belize City. The game was played at the University […]

    Fibbers’ famous sauce can now be found at supermarkets
    Belizeans can now find the famous sauce of Fibbers Fast Foods in retailers throughout Belize City. Both Brodies locations, all thee Publics Supermarkets, and Caribbean Chicken now carry the Original Honey Glaze and Spicy Honey Glaze sauces of Fibbers Foods, the company formed from the […]

    Guatemala made a formal request to Belize last week to vary treaty agreements to allow her to hold her referendum on Belize along with national elections. National elections in Guatemala are scheduled for Thursday, September 6. Run-off elections will be held on Tuesday, October 20, to select the next President […]

    Minister Edmund Castro in the hot seat again!
    The wife of Minister of State, Edmund Castro, Helen Castro, is seeking to seize a parcel of land in the community of Fresh Pond, Lot #28. That parcel is currently in the name of Tricia Young, leased to her since September 2, 2013. But an eviction order issued to Young […]

    Police find decomposed body at Mile 8
    A badly decomposed body found in a remote area of West Lake, in the Mile 8 Community has raised suspicion foul play. Around 4 p.m. on Thursday, police were summoned to the Mile 8 community off the George Price Highway, where they discovered the badly […]

    Brother pleads guilty to drug trafficking allowing other brother to go free
    A plea change from not guilty to guilty sresulted in Giovanni Requeña, a maintenance worker of Neals Pen Road in Belize City being fined $10,000 for drug rafficking. Charges against his brother, Ellis were withdrawn. On July 4, 2014, police chased a pink car […]

    Cervantes’ employees charged for burning BSI canefields
    Police suspect arson to be the cause of 20 burned acres of cane in Orange Walk district. The case has resulted in Efrain Paul Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez, both employees of Ramon Cervantes’ family, being arraigned for arson before Magistrate Sharon Frazer in Orange Walk on Wednesday. The men are […]

    New ‘Rider Fee’ jacks up local airfare prices
    Belizeans and tourists, and even employees of domestic carriers, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air will have to pay an additional $6 rider fee per departure, effective June 1, 2015. The announcement came via a Tropic Air release dated May 12th which stated that “the Government of Belize and the […]

    High-school suspends students amid nude photo scandal
    Nine students from San Pedro High School have been suspended for their participation and involvement in the creation and dissemination of nude photos. including alteration of one photo in an attempt to defame one of the school’s teachers. SPHS Interim Principal, Conchita Flota clarified […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    1 Dead After Shooting in Belize City
    A shooting that happened in Belize City around 6:30 p.m. last night has claimed another life. According to reports, two men were shot on Iguana Street near Kim’s store. One of them is deceased and the other has survived. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

    Is Golency Belize a Fake Business?
    Their About Us page reads “Golency Group consists of six companies including BuyWithGolency, Golency Assets Brokers, Golency Precious Metals and Golency Investment Group. A bulk purchase is when a group of individuals work with Golency to purchase together. By purchasing as a group, each participant saves 20% – 70% or […]

    Belizean, Tysha Toni Roches conquers 1st place in CANTO’s 9th Regional WTISD
    A St. Catherine’s student, Tysha Toni Roches is the winner of a regional video competition organized by CANTO. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is spearheaded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and CANTO commemorates this day with an annual video competition on the respective ITU theme. This year’s theme […]

    Walton’s family seeks monetary assistance for Nancy
    The family of Nancy Liliana Walton is appealing to the Belizean public for monetary assistance to pay for an urgent surgery she needs after falling off a zip line. Nancy was zip lining in Playa Del Cayo in San Ignacio when the incident occurred and she suffered a severe back […]

    Caleb Orozco reveals Belizeans’ casual anti-LGBT stance in N.Y. Times Magazine profile
    Speaking to the New York Times Magazine for a personal , executive director and former president and founder of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), Caleb Orozco, has said that his fight against Section 53 of the Criminal Code that officially outlaws sexual acts “against the order of nature” […]

    Youth Empowerment Project making strides in PG
    The Department of Youth Services in Punta Gorda in collaboration with the PG Town Council and Plenty Belize, held a Youth Governance Forum on Wednesday in which youths from various schools in PG participated. The event was held at the Town Council’s Conference room which was packed to capacity with […]

    South Bend Tribune quotes Breaking Belize News
    South Bend Tribune, a daily newspaper based in Indiana, USA quoted Breaking Belize News in an article entitled “Mishawaka native shot to death in Belize”. The news article was on the murder of Paul David Signorino that happened on May 15th in the Pineapple Hill area of Teakettle Village in […]

    Do not miss this year’s Mango Fest in Hopkins
    This year’s Mango Festival in Hopkins promises to be the biggest and best Mango Fest the village has ever seen! The event is organized by Hopkins Village Council in conjunction with the Hopkins Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association and is scheduled to begin at 10a.m on Saturday, May […]

    Republic of Taiwan donates US$2.5 million for Tilapia Aquaculture in Belize
    Accredited to a promise made to Prime Minister Barrow by Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou back in 2009 that the country would aid in the development of Tilapia Aquaculture in Belize, we have received yet another donation to the industry. The aim of commercially farmed Tilapia, first introduced to Belize more than […]

    The APNU-AFC wins election in Guyana
    The APNU-AFC that won Guyana’s elections last week is uniquely comprised of Africans, East Indians, Amerindians and Dougla. They teamed up for the first time in the country’s history to draw the votes of people looking beyond race, showing a small change in the ethnic voting pattern. The People’s Progressive […]

    US Embassy issues security caution for Visitors
    The U.S Embassy has issued a statement advising American citizens to use extra caution while in the area between Roaring Creek and Teakettle in western Belize. This is a result of the rise in violent crime in that area where eleven murders have been recorded since the beginning of the […]

    Weather forecast for Friday 22nd. Mainly sunny with a few cloudy spells
    The general weather situation calls for a slightly increase in moisture over some areas of the country for the next 24 to 48 hours. Today’s outlook is for sunny weather with a few cloudy spells. Showers will be isolated with the chance of an isolated thunderstorm mainly in southern Belize. Winds will blow to the East at 10 to 20 knots and the sea state will be choppy. High temperatures today are expected around 87 degrees Fahrenheit along the coast; 95 degrees Fahrenheit inland and a comfortable 82 degrees Fahrenheit up on the exposed areas of the Mountain Pine Ridge and along the Maya Mountains in the south.


    The Island is Buzzed!
    We were fortunate enough to have met these cool cats around town. By “cool cats”, I simply mean that I can tolerate their company and banter for a lengthy amount of time without looking for someone else to talk to in the vicinity. Upon further discussion with Gregg and Deb, we discovered that they were the new owners of Island Buzz Café and Grill. We had never been patrons of this establishment before now, so we have nothing to base our opinions on except these two great people and their FANTASTIC FOOD! Gregg and Deb hail from Texas and Seattle. You know……the place where that fancy coffee chain originated? Well, anyway, Deb LOVES coffee and knows where every major coffee joint is on the west coast. I may be exaggerating that but I think if you asked Gregg, he would have my back. They put their noggins together, bought the joint and now Deb has the ability to hook up an intravenous line of espresso to her arm (or one of the other SEVERAL flavored coffee varieties they offer), while she makes wonderful breakfast and lunch items. Gregg, however, is still in search of his favorite “beverage” on the island. I think he will persevere! By the way, I should mention that they are serving Caye Coffee at this place.

    Belize Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Lobster Medallions & Pepito Pesto!
    Heat Oven to 450°F. Cut the pumpkins in half and remove the seeds. Rub the pumpkin thoroughly with the vegetable oil, and roast in the oven for 45 minutes or until tender. Soak the pumpkin seeds in an equal part brine solution of salt and water for 20 minutes. Drain water, pat dry and roast on a hot griddle, (locally known as a comal), until toasted and smoky. May also be roasted in the oven, turning often. Store the seeds in an airtight container. Add the fish stock, carrots, onions, celery, thyme, and garlic to a saucepot and simmer. Poach whole lobster tails in fish stock for 20 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from shell and slice into half inch medallions. Scoop the flesh from the roasted pumpkin and add to the now lobster infused seafood stock. Cook on medium to high heat for 20 minutes. Purée the pumpkin and vegetables with broth in a blender until smooth. Return the purée to the pot and season to taste. Finish by adding cold butter for extra silkiness.Top with pesto and lobster medallions.

    Flying Over Ambergris Caye with Belize Parasail…DOLPHINS!
    I got an offer I could not refuse. Come meet us at Fido’s Dock in downtown San Pedro and try parasailing…just give it a try. I’d never been parasailing. I’ve seen the parachutes floating over the reef but heights? So not my thing. After a few weeks of hemming and hawing, I decided to give it a try. In the timeless words of Khloe Karadashian – YOLO! You only live once. Plus…it would make for great pictures. I can’t think of a better way to take in this sort of view of the island. Helicopter rides are fantastic…thrilling…amazing…but priced way over most peoples’ budgets. And out to the reef. Once you get to 350 feet it is absolutely silent…the rustle of wind once in a while…

    International Sourcesizz

    A trip to Belize to study tarpon … are you in?
    This August a small group of anglers from all over the USA will be traveling to the Caribbean to participate in the Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition, a partnership between anglers and scientists with the University of Miami. This expedition is a unique opportunity for folks to pitch in and lend a hand in an effort to enable global scientific research to the marine fisheries community. Research focused on Atlantic tarpon, Megalops atlanticus. For decades tarpon have taken the main stage in places like Boca Grande, the Florida Keys and Port Aransas, Texas. In fact, recent economic research studies have shown sport fishing in Florida is now a multi-billion dollar industry that exceeds the state’s citrus revenue. Those are big numbers and numbers reliant upon the success of annual fish stocks to return year after year for the longevity and sustainability of the resource. Years ago, many resource managers thought about the management of tarpon as a state’s issue, not a federal or international issue. But those beliefs may not be consistent with contemporary theories developed through the use of high-tech satellite tags that track tarpon in real time as they migrate thousands of miles annually. It’s been long thought that tarpon migrate. But, not until the last decade since Dr. Jerald Ault of the University of Miami’s, Tarpon and Bonefish Research Institute started a satellite tagging program has there been irrefutable proof that in fact tarpon do travel across regional, state and international boarders over the course of a year.

    Diving deeper into Mayan lore — and a den of human sacrifice
    Shoeless and shivering cold, I’m halfway through a subterranean triathlon of wading, swimming, and climbing through Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal, a portal to the sacred underworld according to ancient Mayan lore. Locals still call the cave Xibalba, or “place of fear,” and as I tiptoe past yet another human skull, it’s not hard to understand why. Three hours before, the cave looked welcoming — refreshing, even. A river flowed from the vine-draped grotto, and a swim across a 15-foot pool was required to access the inner depths. Jumping into the clear, minnow-filled water was the closest I and my Northeastern University classmates — volunteering in western Belize over our spring break — would get to scuba diving off the country’s Caribbean coast. Eager for semi-aquatic adventure, we may have overlooked the fact that we were venturing into what was once a den of human sacrifice. Not far from the cultural hub of San Ignacio, Actun Tunichil Muknal is closer to Guatemala than to Belize’s tourist-heavy eastern seaboard. Famous for its skeletal sovereign, a young woman whose calcified remains have earned her the epithet the Crystal Maiden, the cave is one of a number of prehistoric sites in the mountainous Cayo District, where the Mayan civilization thrived more than a millennium ago. The skeletal remains of 13 other humans, as well as many ceramic and stoneware pieces, have been discovered in the limestone abyss.

    Ecotourism a natural for Belize
    This place is hard to leave. It’s unvarnished and unhurried, where residents sell handmade goods, local organic produce, and experiences for visitors that exhibit the trophy natural wonders of Central America’s smallest country. It’s a new country, gaining independence from Britain only in 1981. So when it could do as it wished, Belize made a very forward-thinking decision: Lock down most natural resources and use these protected reefs, jungles, and mountains for responsible, sustainable tourism. My wife, Lori, and I visited Punta Gorda in February. Our odyssey started on a brilliant day. We spent the next few days fly-fishing for permit, arguably the most coveted gamefish. We were guided through Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge, a down-to-earth business run by four brothers and a sister. In their youth, the Garbutts would harvest fish from the sea and take them to market. Dennis Garbutt quickly realized that their way of life was depleting resources. “We would find that there was no way to expect that every finfish we caught and took to the market would sell; this was wasteful. Extremely wasteful. Overfishing was obvious.” So he started a guided fly-fishing company.

    Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World
    Belize is famous for their Blue Hole. Underwater sinkhole descends more than 400 feet deep below.Belize is a big choice to let divers have an adventurous experience. The barrier reef here is the second largest in the world and helps to attract a variety of marine life. You will find from a number of damselfish to the more substantial sharks and mantas. The diving spot is the home to three of the four atolls in the Western Hemisphere. The shallow waters and deep walls offer bets diving experience to try out different expertise.

    There’s something about Venice’s critically acclaimed Garifuna Film Festival that’s capturing attention from filmmakers, musicians, and artists from all over the world. The 4th Annual Garifuna Film Festival, which returns today, May 22, through Monday, May 25, at Electric Lodge, is considered an international tower of strength and a major galvanizing force for unity amongst nations. The festival’s focus has always been to give a message of hope and solidarity with conflicting countries and cultures proving they could work together both productively and creatively. The goal is to heal the divide between nations thereby transcending petty politics and borders.


  • Action Twenty24: San Pedro, Belize, 9min. Chris and Amy Bonnett, founders of Action Twenty24, share their passion for the people of San Pedro on Ambergris Isle in Belize.

  • Children Youth Community and Sport football tournament, 5min. In Corozal Town today tensions were high as parents and schoolmates were on the edge cheering on their favorite team in the Children Youth Community and Sport football tournament.

  • THE PUBLIC SERVICE SECTOR, 5min. Public Service Day intends to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community; highlight the contribution of public service in the development process; recognize the work of public servants, and encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector. Earlier this week we took a look at the work and services offered by government offices in Orange Walk town. Today, government department officials presented their work at the Corozal district.

  • Diabetes in Belize and genetics, 57min. Rise and Shine

  • Diabetes and Belize- exercise and fitnss part 1, 30min. Rise and Shine

  • Diabetes in Belize and exercise part 2, 40min. Rise and Shine

  • Belize Vacation - Hamanasi | Tree house, 26min. Trip to Belize at Hamanasi Resort to stay in their tree house -Belize Vacaction, Belize tourism. Guide to belize.

  • Secure Water - Solar Well Pump & Gravity Feed System - Maya Mountain Research Center, Belize, 14min.

  • Lionfishing in Belize, 8min. LionFish Spearing in Belize.

    May 22, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Lions
    San Pedro Lions welcome Past Council Chairperson of Lions International Malcom C. Kirwan (center - back row) to Ambergris Caye. Tonight the San Pedro Lions will host a dinner reception for Mr. Kirwan, and he will be the guest speaker at the Lions Zone 59 convention this weekend in Belmopan. Welcome to La Isla Bonita!

    Fragments of Hope: Re-seeding the Belizean Coral Reefs
    With coral reef health in Belize rapidly declining, several environmentalist have started initiatives to prevent the total loss of this valuable marine ecosystem and tourism attraction. One such initiative is called Fragments of Hope, and it aims to re-seed devastated reefs with genetically robust, diverse and resilient corals farmed in man-made nurseries. Marine Biologist Lisa Carne has been at the forefront of Fragments of Hope for the past eight years, slowly restoring the reef system at Laughing Bird Caye in the Stann Creek District. Due to her vast knowledge on coral nurseries, Hol Chan Marine Reserve invited Carne to give a special seminar as part of the 10th Annual Reef Week. Held on Thursday, May 14th at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Officer, the seminar saw the attendance of several tour operators as well as concerned citizens. Prior to Carne’s presentation, Hol Chan Manager Miguel Alamilla took time to discuss issues regarding Mexico Rocks. Among those issues was the installation of mooring buoys that will be necessary to accommodate vessels visiting the area.

    Brutalized crocodile euthanized after wandering into a residential home
    American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) has been forced to put down a crocodile which was captured at a residence in Mosquito Coast. The crocodile had wandered into the yard of Casa Tortuga and was captured by local residents who then handed it over to ACES. The crocodile had two major injuries, mostly like caused by humans that had drastically reduced its health. Due to its condition, ACES had to humanely euthanize the animal as it would not have survived in the wild. The crocodile was captured on Friday, May 15th by Jesus Galves, Luis Galves and Ismael Umaña. Guests at Casa Tortuga were surprised upon seeing the crocodile roaming in the yard and called for help. According to ACES crocodile behaviorist, Chris Summers, the capturers were lucky, as the animal posed little threat due to its condition. “It is not advised that anyone attempt to try capturing a crocodile without a specialist’s help. It is very dangerous, as crocodiles are very powerful creatures that can easily harm someone. In regard to this capture, the crocodile was severely underweight, was blind in both eyes, and half of its tail was cut off. That’s why it did not put up a fight. If it was a healthy crocodile, it would not have been captured so easily. While I applaud the persons involved in the incident for calling, they should have never attempted to capture the crocodile, but rather just made the report and let professionals safely handle the incident,” said Summers.

    Caye Note: Parasail Belize to host Beach Cleanup
    The community is invited to participate in a beach cleanup initiative on Saturday, May 23rd. The cleanup is being organized by Parasail Belize, who are mindful of the comments from guests on the accumulating garbage on San Pedro’s beaches. The initiative will encompass the cleanup of the beach area from Costa Maya resort and heading north. The date was chosen to coincide with the Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge. The initiative aims at tackling the mangrove areas on the beach, ridding such areas of disposed debris such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other unsightly items that have washed up along the northern shore. Parasail Belize is inviting anyone wishing to join in the cleanup initiative, to contact Esvin at 625-9908 or via email to the [email protected] Parasail Belize will be providing transportation to and from clean up location, as well as snacks, hydration, gloves, garbage bags and rakes.

    Exploring the Archaeological Sites of Belize’s Ancient Maya
    Belize appeals to a broad scope of travellers for more reasons than one. Whether you’re a jungle enthusiast seeking the thrill of cave tubing, jungle expeditions, crocodile tours and manatee watch or a sea loving skipper that’s been anticipating a dive into the Great Blue Hole….your reasons to visit Belize are endless. One of the many attractions that bring travellers to Belize is its Archaeological Sites, remnants of an ancient Maya civilization that once flourished in its peak. The sites are perfect for those seeking an educational yet adventurous escape. Once nestled in lush rainforests, the sites today have been excavated just enough to allow easy accessibility, preserving original structures, clay pottery, ancient artefacts and even some skeletal remains. While there are plenty to choose from, here’s a list of some of our favourite sites that you might want to check out! Day trips can be scheduled through tour agents such as No Worries Tours (Ambergris Caye), Tanisha Tours (Ambergris Caye), Seaduced by Belize (Ambergris Caye), Chukka (Belize City) or a travel operator of your choice.

    Ambergris Hopes inaugurates first phase of 24-hour Medical Facility
    The Ambergris Hopes Clinic now offers Hyperbaric Medicine treatment as they now have a Hyperbaric Chamber in the new building that will serve as a 24-hour medical facility. The Belize Chamber Project was inaugurated on Thursday, May 14th, and is the first phase of the new facility. Ambergris Hopes, located on Pescador Drive, is striving to create a facility that will offer a wide range of medical services to the community. At the inauguration event, local businessman and longtime resident, Corry McDermott made a significant donation of $5,000 which will be used for the second phase which includes the construction of a Diagnosis Center (x-ray and ultrasound) and a Maternity Ward. Operational Manager Abner Bacab indicated that once the facility is complete, the clinic will be equipped to offer all sorts of medical services, from maternity, dentistry, decompression sickness treatment and other general practices. “The new building will be connected to the building that currently houses the Ambergris Hopes Clinic. The expansion of the clinic will allow for more doctor offices, as well as specialized rooms needed for diagnosing, such as X-rays and ultrasounds. We are also working on getting an ambulance that will be used in case of emergencies,” said Bacab.

    11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge to be the biggest race yet
    All is set for the 11th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge, and it looks like it is going to be the biggest one yet! Kicking off on Saturday, May 23rd and ending on Sunday, May 24th, the iconic kayak race is one that has been eagerly awaited. Teams consisting of two paddlers have prepared for months in order to endure one of toughest races in Belize. Of course, all eyes are on the amazing prizes that will be given out. “We are ready! Even the smallest details have been taken care and now we are just awaiting the date to come. We wish all the teams the best of luck and thank them for their participation,” said organizer, Elito Arceo. The race route has paddlers taking off on Saturday at 7AM from the Sunset Boardwalk along the lagoon side of the island. Kayakers will then make their way up to the Basil Jones Area in the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve where they will camp out for the night. The second day of the race kicks off on Sunday at 9AM, with kayakers heading down to Central Park, along the eastern coast of Ambergris Caye.

    Ambergris Today

    Graduating seniors of San Pedro High School
    Congratulations to graduating seniors of San Pedro High School. Today they celebrated with the official signing of their uniforms upon learning they are graduating from SPHS!!! Much fun!!

    Rider Fee Increased for Local Flights in Belize
    According to a press release from Tropic Air, all tickets issued after May 31, 2015, will automatically have this fee included and that the fee will be charged to every ticket issued regardless of any discount. For example: Ticket BZE - SPR - Rider Fee $6.00 Ticket BZE - SPR - BZE - Rider Fee $12.00 Ticket BZE - SPR - TZA - PLJ - Rider Fee $18.00 Back in 2011 BAA Managing Director, Kenworth Tillett indicated that the small fee had become necessary as the Authority sought to secure loans to expand several airports in the country of Belize. No reason was given for an increase in the Rider Fee this time.mcas

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Throwback Thursday
    Paying tribute to Garifuna News Innovators of the 20th Century who not only taught us but also inspired Garifuna Times. The One cover missing is of Garinagu Quarterly Magazine, the First Mainstream Garifuna news outlet in the 1990's.

    Tapir found shot dead at Harris Creek along the Chalillo Reservoir
    The effort is on for tracking poachers in the Chiquibul.

    Maya House of Cacao officially opened in the Toledo District
    On Saturday, May 16, the Maya House of Cacao was officially opened in the Toledo District in the south of Belize. Through a grant of €400,000 from the European Union, together with the resources of the Toledo Cacao Growers Association, allowed the construction of the Maya House of Cacao and several other activities under the project. This initiative is part of the European Union's Belize Rural Development Project, in which the community has benefitted from job creation, skills gained as well as general improvement in the lives of the community as a whole. Besides developing the Maya House of Cacao, the project has helped in making the cacao plant more resistant to the Monelia fungus that had badly affected the crops in the area. This was important not just because of the money made from the plants, but also because the cacao plant is part of the deep Mayan culture history of the community. Many training exercises have taken place to make sure that those involved make the most of their skills and that these skills can be passed on to future generations.

    Increase in Violent Crime in the Area Between Roaring Creek and Teakettle
    Security Message: Information for Travelers and Residents, U.S. Embassy Belmopan, Belize. In light of a recent rise in violent crime, the Embassy urges U.S. citizens to use extra caution while transiting the area between Roaring Creek and Teakettle. There is no evidence to suggest that U.S. citizens are being targeted. The Embassy reminds U.S. citizens of the security best practices outlined below. The specific area of concern, where eleven murders have taken place since January 1, 2015, is highlighted in the photo featured below: We remind U.S. citizens that Belize is a country that suffers from an unusually high crime rate. U.S. citizens should exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings at all time.

    Clean up: back lagoon of San Pedro
    Kudos to Elito Arceo for his initiative to get up and also encourage others to clean up an area of the back lagoon of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Surprised how much garbage was collected floating in such a small area. Thank you Elito!! Everyday as the boats from Corozal and Chetumal arrive on San Pedro the many Travellers get a first glimpse of the island. Sadly it's a garbage filled view of the old football field and trash filled lagoon. Yesterday I asked a couple guys to help me to pick up the garbage and we collected five 55 gallon bags of garbage.

    BTL changing email providers for soon
    Google has been handling BTL’s email since 2011, they don't want to do it anymore and BTL is looking for another company to handle it. they won’t lose any email addresses. just some configurations will change when they get a new provider. they don’t handle it in house anymore. make sure all your email is downloaded, they will send directions on the news settings as the time to change over draws near...

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, May 21, 2015: 76. FANTASY 5: 11 2 33 19 18 S

    Belize Shrimp With Rice
    Fry rice, onion, garlic and celery in hot cooking oil. Add tomatoes, seasoning, shrimps, Tabasco sauce and water. Cover tightly and cook slowly for about 50 minutes, or until rice is soft, stir occasionally. Serve on large dish, decorated with pimiento strips. Makes 6 — 8 servings.


    Channel 7

    Denfield Bowen Found Dead After Being Missing For 21 Days
    When Plus Street resident Denfield Bowen left his house on the evening of Thursday April 30th, he told his wife that he would be back in a few. But her never returned. Today, exactly three weeks later, the outcome that has family has been fearing was finally confirmed: Denfield Bowen was found dead. The skeletal remains of what is believed to be his body was discovered wrapped in a tarpaulin in the back of his pickup which was abandoned in a bushy area near the Westlake community at mile 8 on the George Price highway. The discovery was made around 4:00 pm when police got a call. His family is at the scene and has confirmed to us that it is Bowen. They are currently waiting on a coffin to bury his remains immediately. They intend to bury him in his family's home village Manatee. Our news team is there right now and we hope to have some information for you later on in the news.

    PUP Won't Go To Guatemala For Compromise Amendment
    Four days from now, on Monday Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington will be in Guatemala City to sign the amendment to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala. Now, when the original special agreement was first signed back in 2008, the PUP's Representative Eamon Courtenay was right there. But this time, there won't be any PUP rep there when he signs the amended agreement. That's the position that the Opposition has taken - and they say it's because government didn't consult with them or the public about the change in the agreement. Now, if you've been following the news, you'll know that the amendment to the agreement is to allow Guatemala to have its own independent referendum on whether the dispute should go to the ICJ. Originally, both countries were supposed to do it on the same date, but when Guatemala said it wanted to go ahead in November as part of its presidential election, the Barrow administration told them, basically, that they're on their own. And, now, the opposition is telling the government the same thing. A press release issued today says that a public statement on this was to have been issued and cleared with the opposition - but that never happened.

    Kareem Grant Gunned Down And Killed
    The city witnessed another murder last night. 26 year-old Kareem Grant was gunned down last night at around 8:25 p.m. Grant was inside a yard across from his house on Periwinkle Street when he went outside to talk to a man in a vehicle that had been circling the area. Eyewitnesses tell us it seemed cordial until the man in the car fired a shot into his face. He fell to the ground, and the gunman then let off as many as ten shots on him - and then jumped in his vehicle and drive off. Grant was rushed to the hospital but died while receiving treatment. Today, the officer commanding Police Precinct 2 briefed the media about their preliminary investigation into his murder so far: Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson, O.C., Precinct 2, Eastern Division "Sometime after 8pm last night, police responded to a shooting at the corner of Mahogany and Periwinkle Street. On the arrival at that location we leant that Kareem Grant, 36 year old Belizean was inside a fence yard socializing with some friends. Shots were heard from behind the fence and shortly Kareem was seen with several gunshot wounds over his body and was taken to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and while undergoing surgery, he passed away."

    Doctors Brawling In San Ignacio Hospital?
    From time to time hear about simmering tensions in the hospital waiting room - matter of fact, the other day we reported on a patient breaking through a glass door at the KHMH. But two doctors fighting in the ER? Now that's something we don't hear about every day! But, it did happen. According to reports, at around 7:30 yesterday morning, two Doctors got in a fight at the nurses station in the emergency unit at the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Apparently, one of the Doctors sent the other Doctor's patient home without consulting him. That is what led to a physical confrontation and a nurse had to intervene to break up the fight and the police were also called in. One of the doctors walked away from the fight with a swollen face and the other with a swollen wrist. According to our sources, it happened in front of patients. We also understand that the physician accused of sending the patient home without his colleague's consultation has had workplace difficulties before. Today when we spoke to the Deputy Health Manager she told us that it was only a minor disagreement and that she couldn't say if there was any altercation between the two doctors.

    Big Tom Jailed For 6 Months
    In November of 2013, Kenneth Big Tom Flowers spoke to us as a deportee who was ready to turn his life around. But, since then, he's been consistently in trouble with the law - he says the cops are targeting him, they say it's for a good reason. Well, it seems the cops won because, tonight, the 38 year-old is spending his first night of a 6 month prison sentence after he was taken back before the Magistrate's court. This time, he was caught driving a vehicle after he driver's license was suspended. That happened 2 months ago, when Flowers went before the Magistrate's Court for a traffic offense. The outcome of that case was that his licensed was suspended for 12 months. So, when police caught him driving a vehicle at the corner of Youth for the Future Drive and Ebony Street, they immediately arrested and charged him with the traffic offence of driving a motor vehicle whilst disqualified from driving.

    Judge's Daughter-in-Law Charged For Damaging His Ride
    Tonight, 28 year-old Janicia Cadle, daughter-in-law to Justice Adolph Lucas, is out on bail tonight after being taken to court for allegedly damaging the Judge's ride! His wife reported to police that the incident happened on last week Wednesday at the judge's Belize City house. She told police at around 8 p.m., she heard a noise outside, and that's when she spotted Cadle, who had been living there for the past 5 years. She and Austin Lucas, Justice Lucas' son were having a domestic dispute, and sometime during the altercation, she allegedly damaged the vehicle. Police investigated the report, and charged Cadle with damage to property. She was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and she pleaded not guilty to the offence. Her mother told the court that Cadle has a mental problem, and she doesn't always take her medication. On her own behalf, she told the court that the family was ignoring a very urgent persona situation and sending her out on errands. She said that this made her angry, and she and Austin Lucas got into a fight.

    Minor Allegedly Shot At Griga Cops
    A 17 year old minor is in custody for shooting at police in Dangriga. Last night around 7:45, the Quick Response Team was patrolling the Back -a -Town area in Dangriga when they spotted two men - who ran off in different directions. Police pursued one of them - a minor and he allegedly pulled out a .22 revolver and fired 3 shots at the officers. The officers returned fire and caught him in the left calf. The minor was treated and taken into custody. The officers are looking for the other man. Police say that apart from the .22 revolver, the minor also had a ski mask. The police believe that these men were about to commit a robbery.

    Surviving And Coping With Cancer
    "Caring, Coping, and Surviving: Cancer control - not beyond us:" that is the message that the Cancer Society wants patients and their families to know in this cancer awareness month. That message was the focus of today's annual cancer care symposium held at the Radisson where Doctors, specialists as well as women and children battling this disease attended. Apart from the discussions on preventative measures, treatment and therapy….another key and very real issue when addressing Cancer is coping with grief and depression after losing a loved one to cancer. Today the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Lisel Alamilla was invited to address the crowd on her process of grief and coping with the death of her son. When we spoke with her this morning she told us that while it was a difficult journey, she wants people to know that there is still hope.

    Milpa Farmers Moving Away From Policed Sections Of Forest Reserves
    On Monday the Foreign Minister is going to Guatemala to sign the amended special agreement. And while there is controversy over the signing - on the ground in the Chiquibul all that mushy diplomatic talk and petty political bickering really count for nothing. The reality is that every day, poor Guatemalan farmers living on the border on look at their denuded land, and then look across to the green abundance in the Chiquibul forest - and decide to head east into Belize - for their family's survival. That leads to illegal milpa farms, cultivating corn, beans and pumpkin, most of them within two kilometers of the border. The Friends for Conservation and Development - which co manages the Chiquibul national Park has completed its most recent aerial survey of those illegal plantations - and found that the 23 clearings found in February exploded to 92 by May. Today, Rafael Manzanero told us what is driving it:.. Rafael Manzanero, Exec. Director - FCD "Agricultural incursions from Guatemala into the Chiquibul Forest is still an ongoing activity. The report indicates that there is 92 clearings that more than likely will be used for the farming of corn, beans and the pumpkin. We believe that there would be some 300 acres or so that potentially could be utilized for farming once again this year.

    CSME In The Classrooms
    The Caribbean Single Market and Economy - we hear about it every so often in the news, but for most of us, it's just those words "Caribbean Community" inscribed on the top of our passports, and not a tangible reality. But, that might change for high schoolers. Today CARICOM representatives met with high school teachers to provide tips on how to make learning about CSME fun and enjoyable in the classroom. One of the coordinators told us that it is all about capturing the student's attention. Gordon Yearwood, Coordinator "What it intends to do is spread the message of CSME and the opportunities that are available to members on the CSME, to critical stakeholders in the whole process. So media persons, persons who are in the work place or who will be employing Caribbean persons. And these particular workshops that I am involved in are focused on teachers because we know that teachers are critical in spreading this message. And we know that the students are the persons who will be living this CSME reality for years to come after we are long gone from the scene." Courtney Weatherburne "Tell us about the main message. You talk about spreading the main message of CSME, tell us about the main message that you want to be spread and of course the importance of including teachers into this discussion."

    Denfield's Family Speaks Out
    As we told you at the top of the newscast – Denfield Bowen’s remains were found this evening near the mile 8 community – three weeks after he went missing. The police are still on scene and the body has not been moved. But a short while ago Monica Bodden spoke to his common law Claudine – here’s what she said:..

    WIN Belize: More Women Needed In Politics
    A group of women want the Representation of the People's Act to be reformed. They want it to reflect and encourage more female participation in politics. Now this is an ongoing issue and WIN Belize along with other partners have organized a country wide consultation to attempt to address it. The consultation began a year ago and today a meeting was held to discuss and devise a list of recommendations to both political parties. Sheena Gentle, Program Officer, WIN Belize "in 2014 when Belize conducted a national consultation in each district in Belize, asking women on what their thoughts were in the representation of the peoples act. Most people weren't aware what it was and the function of the act. But what it does is that it governs the political process. We wanted to ensure more women's representation in national leadership. So this would be essential for us to do some reform in order to have more women be placed in a position. Some of the recommendations that came out would be to reform campaign financing, to reform the way that we look at the whole political arena when it comes to campaigning. That means all the ads that they put out, the campaign smearing and the personal attacks because it does get messy for women and most women do not want to be a part of that. So looking at these and trying to see how we can make the whole campaign process better for women or more conducive for women."

    New Tilapia Hatchery At Central Farm
    The tilapia revolution, we've been hearing about it for like a decade, but mostly, it still hasn't happened. True, Mike Feinstein's Fein Catch operation has turned things around at what used to be the Mena's Fresh Catch Fish farm - but on the micro level, all those backyard fish farm projects - which were supposed to be a source of protein and income for rural families…that project has just fizzled. But, there's fresh hope for small to medium scale aquaculture farms with a Taiwanese funded 2.5 million US dollar hatchery. The hatchery is at Central Farm, and the ribbon was cut yesterday afternoon. Both the Taiwanese Ambassador and the Ministry of Agriculture spoke about its importance. There are 16 ponds, and a larger water reservoir pond about the size of a football field which will gravity feed water into the ponds. The ambassador noted that the development of the industry has been impeded by the high cost of the input materials: namely, the fish feed, which has to be imported, and the fish fingerlings. The new hatchery reduces the cost of the fingerlings for local fish farmers.

    Tonight's profile is about a young lady named Dominique Norales -a sixth former who plays the steel pan while maintaining a high GPA in the sciences. But what makes her story special is that her ambition to do well and serve was crystallized in a mundane moment of back to school shopping. She asked her mother for a sweet but was told that the budget was so tight, she couldn't get even that. Most kids would just pout, but she forged that moment into a vocation to do better for herself. Here's her story - which starts and ends with music:..

    ITVET Students Showcase Their Marketability
    Today ITVET students got the opportunity to showcase what they have learned after 1 year of training. The ITVET Open Day was held on the school compound - which was transformed, with spa and skin treatment therapy even hotel accommodations available among many other services and displays. Today we spoke with the Acting Assistant Manager, Dean Tillett and he told us how important this day is for these students. Dean Tillett, Acting Assistant Manager, ITVET "One of the key objective is for employers to come in and well the public in general to come and see actually what the students are capable of doing. This is their day, this is the time that we put them out there. We invite people from industries to come in, people from the various ministries to come in and actually see and get a personal experience of all the skills area that the students would have acquired over the past year." Courtney Weatherburne "Hopefully employ some of them maybe so as to have a future with a business or an industry right?" Dean Tillett, Acting Assistant Manager, ITVET "Well that is our key, and this is just before they would go in job training. In a next couple of week they will be heading out for job training. so this is a good time for them to kind of show to the general public and as you mentioned specifically to industries to convince them 'hey I'm a potential employee, I'm at ITVET, I was trained at ITVET.

    Ernestine Toured Jamaica and Cayman Island
    Celebrated Soca Queen Ernestine Carballo is back in Belize after a 2 month Caribbean tour. She visited Jamaica and the Cayman islands and released several collaborations with big names in the Caribbean. Yesterday Ernestine came to our studios to tell us about the tour and how it will boost her musical career as well as take Belizean Soca music to new heights. Carballo left in March and came back in May. You can see her new music video in full on her facebook page.

    Remembering Public Service Day
    Today all across the country - the ministry of the public service set up fairs and open days. It's a chance for them to get out of the office and for the public to learn about the services they offer - even if the word "service" in public service is often a noun with no verb behind it. But still, there they were today recruiting school kids for the best job in the world with a non-contributory pension. Sherlette Neal of the National Public Service Committee told us what it's all about:..

    Channel 5

    Badly Decomposed Body Found Near Westlake Park
    Just before five o’clock today a decomposing body was found near at mile eight on the George Price Highway. Our crew is still on the scene but we can say [...]

    Family Believes Remains Are Denfield Bowen
    At the top of the newscast, we reported that the body of Denfield Bowen had been found at mile 8 on the George Price Highway. Our crew is just back [...]

    Another Youth Gunned Down In The Old Capital
    While police determine the identity of the murder victim found at mile eight a while ago, on Wednesday night a twenty-six year old Belize City resident was shot in a [...]

    Leaseholder Faces Eviction by Edmund Castro’s Wife
    Minister of State Edmund Castro has been having a warm time of it lately. He finished off last week in court, where the judge and the public had to listen [...]

    PUP Will Not Participate in Compromis Amendment Signing
    There is turmoil in Guatemala tonight where they have been mass firings of government ministers by the embattled President, Otto Perez Molina who is under pressure to resign. Still yet, [...]

    Party Condemns Lack of Public Consultation
    According to Shoman, the PUP cannot endorse government’s position to amend the Special Agreement since there has not been any input by the opposition or public consultation on the matter. [...]

    Shoman Says Amendment Does Not Benefit Belize
    During the prime minister’s press briefing last Thursday, he told the media that Belize would have an advantage were Guatemala to proceed with individual referendum in November.  Our vote, he [...]

    FCD Issues Release on Guatemalan Milpas in Belize
    And if you think this is the only issue with Guatemala, just ask the Friends For Conservation Development. They’ve been documenting the illegal activities inside the Chiquibul for years and [...]

    Did Guatemalan Poachers Kill Belize’s National Animal?
    And from milpas to wild animals- the pressures inside the Chiquibul are numerous. And the FCD has been working tirelessly to put a stop or to mitigate in some cases. [...]

    Requena Brothers Charged for Drug Trafficking
    Brothers Giovanni and Ellis Requena appeared in court today for drug trafficking. In mitigation plea, Ellis Requena maintained that he wasn’t guilty and was set free to go when Giovanni, [...]

    Belize City Man Will Serve Six Years for School Burglary
    A Belize City resident is tonight  starting a six year prison term for burglarizing a classroom at the  All Saints Primary School in Belize City. The burglary occurred this past [...]

    DJ Says Police Do Not Want to Arrest Minister’s Nephew
    On April eleventh, a man identified as Shadir Marin allegedly pulled a gun on another man, Edison Usher, in front of witnesses at a fund-raising event in Belize City. The [...]

    Annual Cancer Care Symposium Held in Belize
    During the month of May, the Belize Cancer Society annually holds events to bring attention to cancer. The society and its partners held the annual cancer care symposium in Belize [...]

    CSME Conducts Workshops on Membership Opportunities
    One of a series of workshops to train teachers to become effective communicators of Caribbean Single Market And Economy took place in Belize City today. The CSME Unit partnered with [...]

    Guatemalan Government Rocked By Corruption Allegations
    As you heard earlier, the opposition will not be present in Guatemala on Monday when the government proceeds to sign an amendment to the special agreement. But tonight the situation [...]

    Healthy Living Takes a Look art Yoga and Technology
    No time to get to the gym, no babysitter to watch the kids while you squeeze in some exercise. Then, this segment of Healthy Living is just for you. Tonight [...]


    Minister Shares Her True Story With Cancer
    Present at this year’s symposium was Minister Lisel Alamilla who shared her experience with cancer on caring, coping and surviving. LISEL ALAMILLA “I was invited to present on my experience on grief and loss. I had a child who died of brain cancer eight years ago and so I came to share my experience of […]

    Cancer Society Focuses on Outreach and Awareness for Women and Children
    The Belize Cancer Society in collaboration with UNESCO, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, the Belize Cancer Centre in Dangriga and the Ministry of Health is holding its annual Cancer Care Symposium. This year’s theme is “Caring, Coping and Surviving Cancer; Control – Not Beyond Us”. Laura Tucker Longsworth, President of the Belize Cancer Society says that […]

    Loyal Opposition Will Not Partake in Signing of Special Agreement with Guatemala
    The Opposition, People’s United Party has decided to not be a part of the signing of the amended Special Agreement in Guatemala on Monday, May 25. Opposition Senator, Lisa Shoman spoke of why her party made the decision. LISA SHOMAN “The Leader of the Opposition made it very clear to the Prime Minister that Belizeans […]

    US Embassy Warns American Visitors to Take Caution When In Western Belize
    A security message has been issued to Americans who are in Belize or who have intentions of traveling to the country to be alert and use extra caution while transiting through the area between Roaring Creek and Teakettle Villages in the Cayo District. The message expresses great concern over the statistics as they pertain to […]

    Dangriga Police’s Quick Response May Have Deterred a Robbery
    A teenager who was shot last night in Dangriga is expected to be charged with attempted murder and firearm offences. Correspondent Harry Arzu has more on the story. HARRY ARZU “Residents of this municipality were alarmed by the loud sounds of gunshots that were heard clearly in the ‘Bak-A-Town’ Area at about 7:45pm last night. […]

    Gun Violence Claims Father of A Toddler and An Unborn Child
    The family of a 26-year-old Belize City man is looking for answers after he was gunned down in the Lake Independence area last night. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has more in this report. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “Belize City police are yet investigating another murder. This time the victim was 26 year old Kareem Grant.” SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT […]

    Police Suspects Body Found to Be Densfield Bowen
    A body suspected to be that of a Plues Street resident was found this evening at around five o’clock in the vicinity of the West Lake Residential Community at mile eight on the George Price Highway about four hundred yards through a feeder road. The decomposed body who police suspect is 27-year-old, Denfield Bowen Junior […]

    The Guardian

    Petro-Caribe Act Amended to Provide for Quarterly Reporting
    Prime Minister Barrow will introduce an amendment to the Petro-Caribe Loan Act at the next Sitting of the House of Representatives that will specify the usage of the funds and make requirements for quarterly reports of acquisition and spending of Petro-Caribe funds. Though the anti-Barrow dooms-day prophets have been making the rounds on national television and radio to tell boogey man tales about the Petro-Caribe Loan Act, the people of Belize have not been swayed. The support for this Government’s use of Petro-Caribe funds is too strong and the evidence of effective spending is too concrete for people to believe any accusation of improper motive against Prime Minister Barrow. The main and obvious reason there has been no traction in the campaign against the Petro-Caribe Loan Act is because the person being accused of having ill-intention, Prime Minister Barrow, has proven time and time again to be a leader of impeccable character and the people doing the accusing have cookie crumbs all over their hands. Though it is abundantly clear that the majority of Belizean people support the Petro-Caribe Loan Act as it is, Prime Minister Barrow will adjust the language of the law for members of society who have expressed legitimate concern. The changes that will be introduced may seem to be cosmetic but, for institutions like the Churches, certain clarifications and/or specifications are extremely important safeguards. From speaking with one representative of the Council of Churches, the thought process is “nobody is accusing Prime Minister Barrow of ill-intention but what if a future Prime Minister chooses to abuse the provisions of this Act”.

    BSI cane fields burnt - PUP operatives charged for arson
    Orange Walk Police have charged 2 men for allegedly burning sugar cane fields belonging to the factory owners, Belize Sugar Industries Limited, and their majority shareholder, American Sugar Refining. Town residents Saulito Vasquez, and Efrain Alpuche were both charged with the crime of arson on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. To understand the context of this alleged arson, one has to look back to Friday, May 15, 2015 when the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC) decided to cut sugar quotas for the different reaping groups in the sugar industry. The SCPC is the body which oversees sugar cane harvesting and delivery, and this body decides which section of the farmers’ associations goes next, making the process as fair as possible. There is more cane in the fields than the factory can handle, and so the SCPC made the decision to cut down on the quotas of sugar they will allow some farming groups to deliver, while increasing some quotes for other groups. There are only 7 weeks to go, and one of the groups which benefited from this decision to re-apportion sugar cane quotas is BSI/ASR. They got a significant bump in quota of sugar they will be allowed to deliver, and so less of their cane would have ended up wasting if the decision of the SCPC was enforced. This made a large number of cane farmers very angry, and the standard act of retaliation in the north is to burn another person’s cane. This forces the owner to have to deliver at a quicker date than if the cane was in the ground. It causes the cane to spoil faster if it is burnt, and the owner is pressured to get it to the factory for grinding.

    Pat Andrews is new Belize’s New Ambassador to the U.S.
    Veteran banker Pat Andrews recently retired from the banking industry, and now, he is being chosen to become a diplomat for Belize. H.E. Nestor Mendez served Belize as the Belizean Ambassador to the US, but on March 18, 2015, he became elected as the first Belizean to serve the Organization of American States as the Assistant Secretary General, the second-most senior position in the Hemispheric organization. So, the post of Belizean Ambassador to the US was left vacant, and the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, has made the decision that Andrews will become the new ambassador. Although Andrews has no experience in diplomacy, he has 41 years as a leader for Scotia Bank, serving as country manager for Belize. He has served the bank in positions in the Caribbean, Central America, and Canada. With this appointment he will be one of the most senior diplomats at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

    Public Sector Workers’ Trust – Loans at 15% Interest!
    In 1995 the Government of Belize was grappling with very difficult financial circumstances and as a result implemented a salary increment freeze thru to the year 1997. In 1996 after much negotiations andre-negotiations certain agreements were arrived at. One of these was the offer of 480,000 “B” Ordinary Shares in the Belize Telecommunications Limited to be held in trust as compensation for the increment freeze. In a Ministry of Finance Circular No. 9 of 1996 which had as its subject “GOB Wage Adjustment Proposal Issued September, 1996” and dated the 21st October, 1996, the Financial Secretary wrote about the wage adjustment and compensation proposal for government workers. The ending portion of the circular reads,“In addition to this wage proposal, the Government of Belize has also made an offer to the Unions of 480,000 “B” Ordinary Shares in the Belize Telecommunications Limited to be held in trust for all government paid workers. It is proposed that the income from these shares be used to fund various projects for the benefit of all government employees. This offer was made in compensation for the suspension of the award of increments to public officers and teachers in April, 1995. At the estimate current market value of $4.00 per share, the total value of shares to be held in trust would amount to $1,920,000 while the income from the shares based on last year’s earnings of BTL would have been approximately $200,000. Both Unions have accepted this offer in principle, and the Government is currently awaiting the establishment of the trust and for the project proposals to be funded from the future income of the Trust so that the transfer of shares may be effected.”

    The Belize City Senior Female Softball Competition continued on Wednesday 13th May, 2015, with a game played between BTL and the Beacon at Rogers Stadium. The Beacon was looking for its first win of the 2015 senior campaign while BTL was trying to extend its undefeated streak, however, that was not to be as the Beacon rallied in the bottom of the 7th inning to edged BTL by the score of 5-4 to pick up its first win of the year. BTL batting in the top of the 3rd inning scored its first run of the game when second baseman Kemani Williams opened the inning with a double. She advanced to third base on centre fielder Lydia Cacho’s infield hit and then scored when Barbara Cadle reached on an error committed by Beacon’s second baseman Licia Ferguson. The Beacon then batting in the bottom of the 5th inning scored its first run of the game when right fielder Tamara Ramsey reached on a hit by pitch. Ramsey was then lifted for pinch runner Clarencia Jones who advance to second base on a fielder choice and then scored on Centre Fielder Astrid Jones run producing single.

    National Elite Basketball League regular season ends
    The regular season for the National Elite Basketball League came to an end on Tuesday 19th May, 2015, at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan between the Dangriga Warriors and the Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes. In fact, the game was a continuation of the controversial one that took place in Dangriga on Saturday 16th May. At the conclusion of this game it was the Dangriga Warriors that defeated the Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes by the score of 73-68 to advance to the playoffs round. The top scorers for the Dangriga Warriors were Daniel Nolberto with 21 points, 3 assists and 3 steals, Edgar Mitchell with 17 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal and Brandon Flowers with 11 points, 9 rebounds and 1 assist. For the Belize Yellow Pages Hurricanes, the top scorers were Ty Bradley with 27 points, 4 rebounds, and a steal, Winston Pratt with 15 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 steals. The Dangriga Warriors will now face the number one seed into the playoffs the Cayo Western Ballaz on Friday 22 May, 2015, at 9:00 pm at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio Town.

    Three students awarded in Belmopan
    Three young artists have been recognized by the Anti Trafficking in Persons Council (ATIPS) on Friday of last week, during a brief ceremony at the George Price Center for Peace and Development, where the winning logo was also unveiled. First place winner was Keron Tzul, from the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, second place went to Cindy Acevedo from Belmopan Baptist High School and third place winner was Donovan Lisbey from Mopan Technical High School. Judith Alpuche, CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation handed both Keron Tzul and Cindy Acevedo a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 whilst Donovan Lisbey got a Moto E Global GSM 4G Phone. The winning logo for ATIPS is a convergence of work done by both Keron Tzul and Cindy Acevedo, showing a figurine stretching a hand, where there exists both a sun and cloud with a Belize map alongside it. In Cindy Acevedo’s interpretation of the logo “…human trafficking has no regards to human life and aims to destroy the precious value of life.”

    Woman killed in an ambush near Belmopan
    Rosalie Galvez, a 43 year-old resident of Camalote Village, who recently moved from Roaring Creek, was shot and killed by a gunman who has a very precise aim. Galvez is the common-law wife of Russell Hyde, a man who has had a number of run-ins with police. It happened on Sunday evening, May 17, at around 6 p.m. when Galvez was returning from a trip with her family, which included her husband, Russell Hyde, their 2 children and 2 other people who were all in a Toyota single cab pickup. They were heading in the direction of Roaring Creek, and as soon as the vehicle arrived in front of Guanacaste Park, a gunman fired 2 shots at the vehicle, as soon as it slowed down. The weapon used appeared to be a rifle. Of all 6 person in the vehicle, Galvez was the only one who was injured, and one of the bullets hit her in the right side of the head.

    Americans killed in Teakettle
    Two Americans, Julian Jones and Paul Signorino, both of whom were living in Belize were found dead in Teakettle Village, Cayo. Their bodies were found on Jones’ estate in the Pineapple Hill area of the village on Friday, May 15, sometime after 5 p.m. It appears that criminals robbed the property, chopped Jones to death, and shot Signorino twice in the head. They were found by Jones’ ex-wife, 59 year-old Laura Jo Lambert who returned to the house and shouted for him. When no one answered, she became concerned, and that’s when she went around and found the lifeless body of her 46 year old former spouse first. He had suffered chop wounds to the head. She then checked other rooms in the house and found 61 year-old Signorino, who is a resident of Valley of Peace Road, with 2 bullets to the head. The place was ransacked and the two vehicles belonging to the Americans were also searched. After doing an inventory of any possible missing items, police discovered that two licensed weapons which belonged to Jones, namely, a 9mm Beretta pistol, and a .22 rifle are missing.

    Alfredo Trapp remanded for San Pedro taxi driver’s murder
    The body of 42-year-old taxi driver Jose Rigoberto Beltran was found inside his van off a dirt road on the island of San Pedro on April 28, 2015. Beltran was shot once to the back of the head. Police believe he was likely killed because they wanted to use his van to perpetrate another crime. Three persons were initially charged for the murder and police have now arrested and arraigned a fourth. On Thursday, May 14, San Pedro police charged 18-year-old Alfredo Trapp with murder. Trapp will now answer for the murder along with fisherman Luis Campos, 23, laborer Mark Arzu, 20, and Santos Garcia, 18. On Thursday Trapp was represented by Simeon Sampson when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Due to the nature of the offense, no plea was taken and bail could not be granted. He will be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on June 30. At that time he will appear with the others charged for Beltran’s murder.

    Watchman killed at his worksite
    Watchman, 68 year-old, Sylvin “Cruz” Encalada reported to work at the Cemento Maya compound on Thursday, May 14, as per normal. A few hours later, at around 6 a.m. the following morning, he was found dead, with evidence posed to try to mislead observers into thinking that he killed himself. The medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide. Cruz has been working at the compound, located on Perez Road, for almost 20 years, and on Friday, May 15, when he was found, a string was tied around his neck. It is believed that he was killed in the late night hours, when there were no witnesses.

    Benque Viejo Police Formation working to establish new partnerships
    Benque Viejo Police continues to undertake various initiatives in order to operate more effectively. Some $24,000.00 of Government of Belize funds has just been spent on tiling the floors at the Benque Viejo Police Station and comfortable chairs added to its main room thanks to the Central American Regional Security Initiative CARSI. While this takes place, Benque Viejo Police also continues to forge new alliances with the community as well as across the border line. Police in Benque recognize that working closely with the community will help in the crime fighting efforts. “We try our best to form neighborhood watches,” says Stanley Bowden, Inspector of Police and Deputy Officer Commanding the Benque Viejo del Carmen Police Formation. Benque Viejo Police also maintains an active program for cadets, to keep the young usefully occupied. Several members of the community have also volunteered to serve as special constables under the Citizens on Patrol Program COPS.

    Matura and Mose trying to confuse teachers
    Love news announced that the Dangriga Branch of the BNTU was having a membership meeting to educate its membership on the Petrocaribe ACT. Presenters were announced as Matura, Senator Lizarraga and Mose Hyde who would be speaking on the social effect of the ACT. Obviously the Dangriga branch will not leave that meeting with any objective input. But this also explains why Matura was able to pass off a bogus income statement on the CWU members at that February AGM. The guest speaker there was the very same Hyde who seems to be in cahoots with Matura. Hyde seems to be the newest PUP. Like a suckling pup he seems to be following Matura all over the place hungry for milk.

    Monchie’s Twilight Zone episode
    Monchie seems to have a very creative mind. Or he has entered into some kind of Twilight Zone. Some time ago he miraculously produced a recording of the alleged murderer of his father one Castillo. On that recording Castillo was heard to be saying that he was shot and then he fell in a river. When he woke up, he was in Mexico. Imagine the possibility of an unconscious body floating from Orange Walk to Mexico against the current. Only in the Mind of Monchie. Now his body guard was intercepted in a vehicle belonging to Monchie in which a crime was allegedly committed. Monchie was not there, but he produced an outlandish alibi for his driver. During an interview carried on almost all local news channels he came up with an outlandish story of the pickup, a mennonite and a water pump. The story was so twisted that it is impossible to make heads or tails out of it. It really is a Twilight Zone-like creation.

    Tilapia Hatchery Center officially opened in Central Farm
    A Tilapia Hatchery Center THC, which is to benefit small and medium sized farmers across Belize, was officially opened this evening in the Baking Pot Area of Central Farm. The THC is a tilapia farm, which has been built by the GOB-ROC Aquaculture Project. The project is a joint collaboration between the Government of Taiwan through its Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) and the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture. In his welcome address, H.E Benjamin Ho said that the Tilapia Hatchery Project was another striking manifestation of the cooperation between Belize and Taiwan for sustainable development. Also joining in was the Hon. Gaspar Vega, the Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Natural Resources & Agriculture, who applauded his colleague the Hon. Rene Montero for having previously signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan that had brought the THC to reality. Hon. Vega also recognized Taiwan for providing expert advice and funding to improve the socio economic environment of Belize. He added that the Government of Belize was committed to the continuation of the Tilapia Hatchery Project. “We have the natural resources, the ingredients to develop [it],” he said.

    The Embassy of Mexico and the Youth Apprenticeship Program working together for the benefit of Belizean young people
    As part of the cultural activities organized by the Embassy of Mexico, a group of 35 Belizean members of the Youth Apprenticeship Program -initiative of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Belize- traveled to Chetumal to enjoy the city and to become acquainted with Mexican culture and way of life. This initiative was intended to benefit one of the most important sectors of Belize, its young people, mindful of the importance of providing youngsters with the tools to turn into future leaders. The idea is to offer them wider cultural and educational perspectives to become better citizens, and Ambassador Carlos Quesnel-Melendez appreciates the leadership and enthusiastic support of Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow and Minister of Education Patrick Faber to the Embassy’s project, which was made possible thanks to the assistance of the Mexican Navy, in particular the Commandant of the 11th Naval Zone, Vice Admiral Romel Eduardo Ledezma Abaroa, and Mexico’s Naval Attaché to Belize.

    Verdes FC National Football Champions
    The Premier League of Belize Closing Season Tournament came to an end on Sunday 17th May, 2015, at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town. In the second and final game of the championship series, the home team Verdes FC blanked the defending champions and the competition’s favourite the Belmopan Bandits by the score of 2-0 to capture the National Football Title and the right to represent Belize in the CONCACAF Champion’s League to be played later this year. The Verdes FC got on the scoreboard when Alcides Thomas scored the 1st goal of the game in the 31st minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The budding champions took that lead into the half time of the game. In the second half of the game, Verdes’ defence maintained its composure and defended its lead well into the second half of the game when it was assured the victory when Jarret Davis scored his team winning goal in the 90? minute of the game for the 2-0 win.

    Lets Talk Water Belize!
    Abolish Village Water Boards and Establish Regional Water Utilities Recently and once again there is an increase in the reports on the operations of the Village Water Boards (VWBs). Annually these concerns are the result of naturally reduced water availability associated with the onset of the dry season. Village Water Boards are peculiar creatures and there are many across Belize. The main operators within Belize’s Water Industry are the Water Utilities, the Village Water Boards or Rural Water Systems, and the Bottled Water or “Purified Water” Operations. Belize Water Services Limited, (BWS) is licenced by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to provide adequate water supply and sewage collection, treatments and disposal services within its thirteen Authorized Service Areas in Belize. The rural water supply is provided by the one hundred and one (101) Village Water Boards (VWBs) or Rural Water Systems that are operated as community owned water operations with the villagers as the main shareholders. Privately operated and unregulated water operations supply other rural areas that are not served by the rural water systems. The VWB is not required to repay the initial water infrastructure costs, but are simply required to operate and maintain the water operations. Economic regulation of these VWBs is by the Ministry of Rural Development under authority of the Village Councils Act, and its associated regulations for the establishment and operation of VWBs.

    Youth Talks
    Healthy Relationships tend to help in supporting or motivating life. Healthy love relationships are meant to improve your life in many aspects. However, if the relationship isn’t working, it can also bring complications to your daily life. Teenagers have the wrong concept that being with someone is what happiness is all about. when in reality it’s not. It’s like a business you invest in. The more you put in, the more you can get back. Healthy love relationships require a lot of investment but it’s all possible to achieve once you know what to do. So what makes a healthy relationship? Communication is one of the most essential things when it comes to relationships. If you can’t communicate with your partner then the relationship is already not healthy. Communication is not about “talking” every day. You could be talking to your partner everyday but that does not mean you are actually communicating or interacting.

    Belize flag flies at Duke University School of Law
    A beautiful red, white and blue flag was flying high above the prestigious Duke University School of Law during the institution’s latest graduation exercise but this flag was not the “Stars and Stripes”. This was the “Sub Umbra Floreo” inscripted Belizean flag flying in recognition of St. Joseph Primary’s very own, Kara Nisbet, who graduated from Duke University and now holds a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.), specializing in banking and finance. Nisbet will now be recruited by the top international law firms. Her goal is to perform impressively enough to make partner so that she can be in a position that will enable her to create opportunities abroad for Belizeans in the legal field. However, dearer to her heart is a plan to start a scholarship program for Belizeans who may not have the financial resources but have the talent to better the country. Nisbet says, “I believe that an education is the most valuable asset that a person can have because it can never be taken away.”

    Three students awarded in Belmopan
    Three young artists have been recognized by the Anti Trafficking in Persons Council (ATIPS) on Friday of last week, during a brief ceremony at the George Price Center for Peace and Development, where the winning logo was also unveiled. First place winner was Keron Tzul, from the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, second place went to Cindy Acevedo from Belmopan Baptist High School and third place winner was Donovan Lisbey from Mopan Technical High School. Judith Alpuche, CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation handed both Keron Tzul and Cindy Acevedo a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 whilst Donovan Lisbey got a Moto E Global GSM 4G Phone. The winning logo for ATIPS is a convergence of work done by both Keron Tzul and Cindy Acevedo, showing a figurine stretching a hand, where there exists both a sun and cloud with a Belize map alongside it. In Cindy Acevedo’s interpretation of the logo “…human trafficking has no regards to human life and aims to destroy the precious value of life.”

    Making Education Relevant to Belize’s Economy
    Numerous consultations are taking place simultaneously in Belize as the Ministry of Education is drafting its Education Sector Strategy with a goal to make education in Belize relevant to the economic development needs of the country. “One investor could not come to Belize to open a call center service because we could not produce 100 computer programmers,” says Derrick Satchwell, Deputy Director of Tertiary and Post Secondary Education Services. Satchwell used this example to make the point that there is a bounty of opportunities available for Belize if the human resource is focused on areas of need. Satchwell appeared on Wave Radio’s “Fus Ting Da Mawnin” with Dr. Margarita Gomez, Director of Employment Training and Educational Services, on Tuesday, May 19, to brief the public on the Ministry of Education’s goal of developing a dynamic system. Dr. Gomez says, “For the first time there is a structured approach being taken in Belize in order to bridge the gap between education and employment.”

    Mothers in the Cayo North Division treated to a Mother’s Day event
    About one thousand mothers from the Cayo North Division came out to continue the celebration of their mother’s day event on Sunday of this past weekend at the Octavia Waight Convention Hall in San Ignacio Town. Music was provided by the Jade Band and numerous gifts, including stoves, washing machines and refrigerators were given out to mothers. In his brief address to mothers, the Representative for the Cayo North Division, the Hon. Omar Figueroa, recognized Joe Moreno from the Jade Band, for his outstanding contribution to music. “His contribution to music is unmatched,” said the Hon. Omar Figueroa. Mothers enjoyed the games of chance, music as well as food at the Octavia Waight Convention Hall in clear appreciation for their lifelong contributions in the upbringing of their families. According to Deputy Mayor Bernadette Fernandez, this is the first time that the Conventional Hall had been packed to capacity for any single event.

    Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young Concludes an Official Visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan)
    At the invitation of the Republic of China (Taiwan), H.E. Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize and Mr. Alan Slusher, President of the University of Belize, concluded a productive five-day visit to Taiwan. H.E. Sir Colville Young and Mr. Alan Slusher called on His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou, President of the Republic of China, His Excellency David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as His Excellency Timothy Yang, Vice President of the National Policy Foundation where both parties discussed areas of continued cooperation. The Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young and Mr. Alan Slusher also visited the Kaohsiung Public Library and the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) where the delegation was briefed on the ongoing projects between the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Belize. H.E. Sir Colville Young and Mr. Alan Slusher also took the opportunity to meet and engage with some Belizean students studying in Taiwan.

    Hot mix reaches Ladyville
    Perhaps the first road in the country to have been paved with hotmix was the stretch of road that takes drivers to the Philip Goldson international airport- it is in Ladyville. That must have been at least 15 years or more ago. Since then, the residents of Ladyville had only that road to boast about. That of course is until Wednesday of this week, when the paving of Scissors tail street started in Ladyville. Through constant lobbying by UDP standard Bearer for Belize Rural Central, Beverly Castillo, 8 streets including Scissors Tail will be hotmixed. According to Castillo, Woodpecker, Ocean Jack Avenue, Mantaray Boulevard , Perez Road Poinsettia Street and Pigeon Street will be similarly paved using hotmix. The project is being carried out by Rodla construction and Belize Roadway company. Castillo explained to the Guardian that the streets were selected in consultation with residents of Ladyville based on various criteria. Among these was the need for the streets to be upgraded and the overall social benefit which it will bring to residents on these streets. Consideration was also taken on trying to decongest the stretch of the Philip Goldson Highway in front of the Guadalupe R.C. school with the paving of Mantaray Boulevard.

    Matura and Mose trying to confuse teachers
    Love news announced that the Dangriga Branch of the BNTU was having a membership meeting to educate its membership on the Petrocaribe ACT. Presenters were announced as Matura, Senator Lizarraga and Mose Hyde who would be speaking on the social effect of the ACT. Obviously the Dangriga branch will not leave that meeting with any objective input. But this also explains why Matura was able to pass off a bogus income statement on the CWU members at that February AGM. The guest speaker there was the very same Hyde who seems to be in cahoots with Matura. Hyde seems to be the newest PUP. Like a suckling pup he seems to be following Matura all over the place hungry for milk.

    Second attempt on Kenroy ‘Bouncer’ Arnold claimed his life
    After almost 2 months after someone attempted to kill him, 29 year-old Kenroy Arnold, “Bouncer”, was murdered early on Sunday morning, May 17. Whoever killed him snuck up on him at a wake being held for another very recent murder victim. Information to the press is that Arnold was at a residence at #20 Perez Road in Ladyville village, and he was having a drink with a few associates at an informal gathering in memory of 68 year-old Slyvin “Cruz” Encalada. A few of Encalada’s relatives left for a few minutes to take home one of their friends. He was alone. There is a faulty light on the lamp post in front of the yard. The suspicion is that as soon as the light malfunctioned, 3 men who were hiding in the bushes behind the house emerged and started shooting at Arnold. He tried to run, and that’s when he met up with another gunman who reportedly cut him off. 3 shots were fired at him at that time, but he managed to take cover in one of the rooms.

    CEO of the Benque Viejo Free Zone escapes injury
    Alfred Sattler, Chief Executive Officer of the Benque Viejo Free Zone escaped unhurt on Thursday of last week after a single slug ended beside him, inside a white Ford Escape L/P BVO that he was driving. However; for Henrri Quiroa, an 18 years old salesperson at the Benque Viejo Free Zone, who was a passenger, was not as lucky as the same bullet entered his upper right shoulder and exited behind his neck. Henrii Quiroa, was immediately taken to the Mopan Clinic and then transported to the Western Regional Hospital in a stable condition. At the time when the shot was fired, Guatemalan National Henrri Quiroa was a passenger sitting on the front passenger seat, travelling in the white Escape on the George Price Highway towards the Belize Western Border. Alfred Sattler was driving the vehicle about a quarter mile away from the Western Border, between mile 75 and 76 and in an area known as Pugas Gate, when both men heard a single gun shot.

    Family fined for undersized conchs
    Four members of the Rangel family of fishermen from Chunox Village, Corozal were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, May 14, for separate fisheries offenses connected to undersized conch. Brothers Jaime Rangel, 38, Mike Lin Rangel, 39, and Leandro Rangel, 53, were charged along with their brother-in-law Isidro Patt, 43, for being in possession of undersized conch. On May 7, 2015 the men were making a delivery at the Northern Fishermen Cooperative when Fisheries Officer Rodney Castillo inspected their catch. Jaime was found in possession of 146 fully processed undersized conch. Leandro was found in possession of 195 undersized conchs. Mike was found in possession of 98 undersized conch. Isidro Patt was found in possession of 265 undersized conch.

    Zaccheus Martinez busted with neighbour’s missing property
    Delivery Supervisor of Bowen and Bowen, Zaccheus Augustus Martinez, 32, is out on bail after he pleaded not guilty to burglarizing his neighbours’ house. Sometime between February 12 and May 18, 2015 the home of Lesvia Betancourt at #35 Fabers Road was burglarized and stolen were a number of household items; including, a brown sofa set valued at $750, three light fixtures valued at $12 each, an Acros refrigerator valued at $250, a black double board deck and mattress valued at $1,200 and other items totalling $4,716. Police investigations resulted in the recovery of two items. The Acros refrigerator and one of the light fixtures were found inside the home of Betancourt’s neighbour, Zaccheus Martinez. Police arrested and charged Martinez with burglary and handling stolen goods.

    Patrick Swasey on bail for kissing a boy
    Patrick Swasey, 23, is out on bail after he was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Monday, May 18, and charged with one count of aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a male minor whom he allegedly kissed on the lips in December of 2014. In a report to police on Saturday, May 16, the child’s mother says that on Friday, May 15, she checked her son’s Facebook chat history with Swasey and saw that he had sent her son nude pictures of himself and other females. She then went next door to where Swasey was and confronted him about the Facebook conversation he had with her son. She said Swasey tried to explain but she asked her son if he had ever molested him. That was when her son told her that Swasey had kissed him on the lips back in December of 2014.

    Beacon clips the high talking BTL
    The Belize City Senior Female Softball Competition continued on Wednesday 13th May, 2015, with a game played between BTL and the Beacon at Rogers Stadium. The Beacon was looking for its first win of the 2015 senior campaign while BTL was trying to extend its undefeated streak, however, that was not to be as the Beacon rallied in the bottom of the 7th inning to edged BTL by the score of 5-4 to pick up its first win of the year. BTL batting in the top of the 3rd inning scored its first run of the game when second baseman Kemani Williams opened the inning with a double. She advanced to third base on centre fielder Lydia Cacho’s infield hit and then scored when Barbara Cadle reached on an error committed by Beacon’s second baseman Licia Ferguson. The Beacon then batting in the bottom of the 5th inning scored its first run of the game when right fielder Tamara Ramsey reached on a hit by pitch. Ramsey was then lifted for pinch runner Clarencia Jones who advance to second base on a fielder choice and then scored on Centre Fielder Astrid Jones run producing single.

    Alicia Thompson is the Female Cross Country Champion
    The Cycling Federation of Belize sponsored its 26th Annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic on Sunday 17th May, 2015. This year’s event attracted some 8 female cyclists that started from in front of Columbus Park in San Ignacio and concluded in front of Leslie’s Imports at Mile 2 on the George Price Highway. There was a break -away of some 4 riders that included the new champions Alicia Thompson and former champions Fiona Humes-Castillo, Gabrielle Lovell and Estefany Cruz. At Mile 52 or just outside Camalote Village, Alicia Thompson rode away from her competitors and she never looked back. At the end of 4:10:56 seconds, Alicia Thompson crossed the finish line to lay claims to her first ever Cross Country Title. She completed the 68 miles event some seven minutes before her main competitors.

    St. John Vianney School wins again in primary schools football competition
    The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association is pleased to announce that the 2015 Edition of its Annual Olympic Day Run is set for Sunday 31st May, commencing at 6:30 am from in front of James Brodie on Regent Street in Belize City. The run is being held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and the Belize Olympic Committee, and also under the management of the Belize Athletic Association. The first 100 participants registered on the morning of the run will receive a Commemorative T-shirt and also a certificate in recognition of their performances will be given out to all. Medals and ribbons will be distributed to the winners at the end of the race.

    St. John Vianney School wins again in primary schools football competition
    The Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition continues at the MCC Grounds with a number of games being played. On Tuesday 19th May, 2015, in the first of three games played in the boys’ competition, Holy Redeemer School edged out St. Joseph School by the score of 3-2. The goals for Holy Redeemer School were scored by Anthony Usher, Dani Fabro and Claishan Lewis. Meanwhile, the goals for St. Joseph School were scored by Sergio Andrada (2). In game two, Belize Elementary School continued on its winning path when it blanked James Garbutt Seventh Day Adventist School by the score of 1-0. The goal for Belize Elementary School was scored by Ajani Vaughn. And in the final game of the day, Queen Street Baptist School blasted Hummingbird Elementary School by the score of 6-0. The goals for Queen Street Baptist were scored by Keenan Rowley (3), Shaquan Gabourel (2) and Eshack King.

    Belize Bank Bulldogs to defend Charles Solis Memorial Title
    The Belize Softball Federation will be hosting the VII Annual Charles Solis Memorial Softball Tourney on Sunday 24th May, 2015, at Rogers Stadium. The Charles Solis Memorial Tourney utilises the Double Elimination Format and the games are played in its abbreviated format. The teams that will participate in this year’s tourney are the Belize Bank Bulldogs, BTL, Orchid Girls from Burrell Boom, Camalote Spokane and Unitedville Rebels United. The games will begin at 9:00 am and the Tournament Director is Mr. Edison Parks, 2nd Vice President of the Belize Softball Federation. The Belize Bank Bulldogs is the defending champions.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    The Big Game
    By G Michael Reid: A while ago, journalist extraordinaire Glenn Tillett told me a story that has resonated over time. According to Glenn, there was a farmer who lived out in the country on a farm with lots of animals. Eventually, the farmer met a girl and they got married. Unfortunately, the house in […]

    Bringing CSME alive in the classroom
    as practiced by the Caribbean Community and particularly the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). For the last few weeks, consultants have been accompanying the local Ministries of Trade and Education and CARICOM/CSME personnel in promoting CSME among the secondary school teachers’ corps to teach it to Belizean […]

    Cancer Care Symposium addresses long term care
    Today’s annual Cancer Care Symposium at the Radisson Fort George Hotel was held under the theme, “Caring, Coping, and Surviving: Cancer Control – Not Beyond Us!” Presenters from Belize and other countries discussed global strategies for health and survivorship of all cancers, early detection and control, and put […]

    Public servants host fair
    To pay tribute to the yeoman’s work done by public servants in Belize a fair took place at the BTL Park with booths from every department imaginable – Education, Health, meteorology, police, income tax, and many others. Customs Clerk I in the Customs and Excise Department, Geovany Tzib, […]

    Women politicians recommend changes to Representation of the People Act
    Change is coming and soon to one of Belize’s oldest and most important laws. The Representation of the People Act, Chapter 9 of the Laws of Belize, is being vetted for changes to help women gain greater access to politics. The report on strengthening women’s representation in national […]

    Belizean Kara Nisbet graduates from Duke Law School
    For many years the most famous Belizean at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, United States of America, was professor of physics and mathematics Dr. Arlie Petters. A 27 year old working in a different field now hopes to emulate his achievements and blaze her own trail. Kara […]

    PUP pulls out of Special Agreement signing
    Today the People’s United Party (PUP) sent out a press release announcing that it, quote, “will not participate nor be a party to any amendment of the Special Agreement made between Belize and Guatemala.” End quote. This follows the PUP’s understanding that Belizeans would be consulted before any […]

    Body of Denfield Bowen Discovered
    Information reaching our news desk is indicating that the body of 27 year old Denfield Bowen was discovered this afternoon in the neighborhood of 8 miles on the George Price Highway. Bowen was last seen on Thursday, April 30th around 5:20pm and both police and members of his family believed […]

    PUP announces its non-participation in Special Agreement Meeting
    Honorable Francis Fonseca and the People’s United Party has decided that they will not be attending the meeting between Guatemala and Belize’s Foreign Ministers to amend the Special Agreement, which is scheduled to be held on May 25th in Guatemala City. Fonseca, the PUP’s leader, has decided that the party will […]

    Dangriga Police investigates shooting incident in that municipality
    Dangriga Police are seeking for one person for questioning into an incident that occurred in the Backatown area in that municipality. According to authorities, whilst they were on patrol in the “Back town” area they observed two men acting suspiciously and upon approaching the two individuals they ran away. Police […]

    Alicia Thompson is Belize’s 2015 Female Cross Country Cycling Champion
    n Sunday, Belize Bank’s Alicia Thomspon captured the garland at the 26th running of the Annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic. Hundreds of Belizeans rejoiced when Thompson crossed the finish line from a competition of 8 female riders. At 8am on Sunday, the cyclists kicked off the 68 mile journey from San Ignacio Town to Leslie’s Imports on the George Price Highway in Belize City. Alicia started off the race strong and relentlessly held up the pace, separating from the crowd just before Mile 53, where she ran solo from thereon taking all the remaining station prizes as she made her way to the City.

    Belizean Artists Lighting Up the Bliss
    The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) is hosting hundreds of Belizean Young Artists at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts. The official ceremonies began at 10 a.m with Ms. Diane Haylock, President of NICH addressing the congregate along with other speakers like Mr. Joseph Stamp. Some outstanding students were awarded certificate of achievement for work in Art. The Jamboree has the students making some joyful noise to the performances from students at Gulisi Community, Gwen Lizarraga High School Marching Band, Lirahuñu Satuye Dance Company, San Jose Nuevo Palmar Dance Group, and Noe Agrida (Poet).

    Government of Belize funds Summer Programs
    The Government of Belize officially announced its Summer of Sports Program which will be funded by PetroCaribe. The goal is to offer monies to existing sports summer programs in an effort to provide opportunities that engage youth and children in positive learning activities during the summer holiday. BZ$500,000 has been set aside for this summer initiative and because it is not possible to fund all summer programs throughout the country, this year’s sponsorship will focus on sporting programs only, since sports and physical education are important to the early development of youth.

    Poachers Kill Tapir at Chalillo Reservoir
    riends For Conservation and Development (FCD), the environmental organization that manages Belize’s largest protected area and some of the nation’s most prized landscape and natural resources posted this morning on their Facebook page that they found a dead tapir at Harris Creek along the Chalillo Reservoir. FCD is now on a mission to track down the poachers that killed the tapir, which is the national animal of Belize.


    SAGA and the Bowl of Pudding
    The event of the day - SAGA Humane Society was having a cook-off! Looking back at the handy dandy FaceBook event dealie-whopper I see they had free shots...not sure how I missed that...but I did. These fine folks do a lot of good for the 4 legged...actually we have to really just call them cats and dogs around here cause I've seen more than one that doesn't have 4 legs...friends. You should totally like their FaceBook page and stop by to walk some dogs! Was I rolling at the VIP table? No. Did I want to be? No. I got to sit with my pals, in the corner - nice deep bench with fabulous cushions. Luna Loca is a cool venue. Spent some time there over Easter weekend and had a good time then too. Friendly staff, good drinks, fun specials...good place to check out. I don't get there much cause it's outside this hermits 3 block radius - but you should check 'em out. On to the meat of the cook-off...and really the main reason I went. First, I really need to apologize, I'm about to say things that will not be appreciated (especially by my biggest fan the unnamed travel writer that loves me so very much); won't mention who these dishes belonged too, and I certainly won't hold it against them beyond the confines of this event. I was last in line (too much time chatting), and these fines folks gave of their time and resources to help this great event - so kudos to them!! But I still have to critique, so on to the "what the heck did you come to a cook off with out enough food awards" - #1 - Bacon Wrapped Dates, #3 - Ginger Peanut Butter Sauce and Carrots (to be fair I got some carrots), #5 - Tropical Cheese Meatballs, #6 - Chicken kabob with Peanut Butter Sauce. Yeah 1/2 the field failed to make it to end of the race.

    Winter. Chicago.Blah. Time for a sun break! It just so happens that I have family in Belize – and they have a small B&B on Ambergris Caye, Belize – right on the edge of the magical turquoise Caribbean sea. Done and DONE! Ambergris Caye is a long, narrow strip of an island, about 20 miles east of Belize’s mainland and practically touching the Yucatan Peninsula directly north. Anchored by the town of San Pedro to the southern end of the island, it’s the most visited of the cayes (islands). It’s an idyllic, relaxed barefoot tropical place, bordered just ¼ mile offshore by the hemisphere’s largest barrier reef, which makes it a world class diving, fishing and other watersports destination. When I first visited San Pedro in 1999, the streets were sand, there were barely any cars and most people walked around barefoot and drove golf carts. Over the years, tourism and development have continually changed the island, but it remains at heart a waterfront village, full of palapa bars and boat docks pointing the way to the waters beyond. Upon landing at the airport, my stepdad picked us (my husband, 8-month-old daughter and I) up in the golf cart. After some talented luggage wrangling, we were off on our 2-mile journey north. The busy town center quickly dissipates, and as you cross north of the river cut, the road winds past private homes and condo buildings flanked by lush bougainvillea, palms and tropical lilies. After about 25 minutes, we pulled into the narrow track at Blue Wave Villas – and into a marvelously lush jungle.

    Belize Fish Serre
    Brown fish slightly in cooking oil. Dice fat from pork an fry on low heat; add onion and brown slightly. In a separate contain( grate plantains, mix with a little coconut cream and salt and form into small dumplings. In a large pot, bring coconut milk and water to boil, add oil from fried diced pork fat, onion, pepper and garlic. Add fish and then drop in plantain dumplings one at a time. Cook for 15 minutes longer. Serve hot with white rice.

    Gorgeous Day, Best Ceviche in Town And A Busy Weekend Ahead
    I stopped into Lily’s Restaurant to confirm the best classic ceviche in town. Confirmed. The conch is just so fresh…and delicious. On to the weekend – there is quite a bit going on across the country. In the south, the amazing Belize Chocolate Festival. Check out my posts from last year below. FUN…and such a magical part of the country. Here in San Pedro – it’s the 11th Annual Lagoon-Eco Challenge. The brutal 2 day 42 mile kayak race around the island that ends Sunday late morning in Central Park. There is a party in Central Park to celebrate and…Estel’s Dine by the Sea is a HOT ticket Sunday morning. Please save me a seat! If memory serves me correctly (and it rarely does), the first guys come in around noon. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also…Saturday night is a HUGE EVENT. The Garifuna Collective – a group that can bring me to tears within a few minutes and have me busting with pride to live in Belize – is performing in San Pedro.

    International Sourcesizz

    Guatemala Central Bank Boss Arrested as Investigations Widen
    Guatemala central bank President Julio Suarez was arrested Wednesday as multiple corruption scandals spark increasing demands for President Otto Perez Molina’s resignation. Suarez was one of 16 people arrested for fraud as part of a probe into 116 million-quetzal ($15.1 million) contract issued by the Social Security Institute to Drogueria Pisa de Guatemala S.A., according to Ivan Velasquez, chief of the United Nations’ crime-investigations unit in Guatemala. The director the country’s Social Security Institute is also under arrest. “The people awarding this contract weren’t qualified to review the proposals,” Velasquez said, adding that the company lacked “infrastructure” and “experience” in performing dialysis.

    Belize, From Jungle To Reef
    Belize is a small country with much to offer. In just a few hours, you can get from the jungle interior, with wildlife, caves and Mayan ruins, to an idyllic Caribbean island with a Rasta vibe, perfect for snorkeling or diving the nearby Belize Barrier Reef. Your first step is to fly into Belize City and head for the interior. At this point, you can rent a car or pay for a transport van. Driving yourself around is cheaper but less relaxing, as many sites are on unpaved and unmarked roads. Plus, given that the local economy is heavily dependent on tourism and you've got the cash to get down here in the first place, you may as well spring for the comfortable van ride. Many of Belize's lush jungle lodges are in the Cayo District, near the Guatemalan border. There are plenty to choose from, but one small lodge stands out for its tranquility, outstanding food and sustainable practices. You’ll want to get out to the reef as soon as you can. You can see it breaking waves from the shore. As you get closer, the water gets shallow and clear, and well-populated with rays, nurse sharks, tropical fish and the reef itself. Belize has made admirable efforts in protecting its most famous natural resource, and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is just one of the beautiful spots where that effort clearly pays off.

    Mishawaka native shot to death in Belize
    A Mishawaka native has been found dead from gunshot wounds to the head in the small Central American country of Belize. Belize police are investigating the murder of Paul David Signorino, 61, after finding him May 15 in a house in the Pineapple Hill area of Teakettle Village, according to the website, “Breaking Belize News.” Also in the house, police found 46-year-old American Julian Christopher Jones dead from multiple “chop wounds” to the head. Police had no suspects in the case, the website reported on Wednesday. Signorino graduated from Penn High School in 1973, according to his Facebook page, and later moved to Alaska. He had two adult children, a son Jeff and daughter Amireah, who live in Alaska, according to their Facebook posts and comments they made on the Breaking Belize News website.

    The Lonely Fight Against Belize’s Antigay Laws
    Rozco! Love you, hon!” cried a man in baggy jeans. His shout, insincere and taunting, was aimed at the back of Caleb Orozco, a 41-year-old man walking along a row of tarp-covered souvenir stands near one of Belize City’s ferry terminals. Orozco’s only acknowledgment was to walk a little faster, car keys clutched in his hand. It was a hot December afternoon, a week before Christmas, high season in the city’s tourist zone. Two policemen appraised Orozco but said nothing as more taunts flew. “Saw you on TV!” a woman dressed in white jeered from her craft stand, where she sold carved wooden boats. Farther down the sidewalk, two men snickered. “Caleb! You done rub too hard!” leered a man in a blue baseball cap, pointing to Orozco’s crotch. “Batiman!” someone called from the shade of a food­-cart umbrella. In Belize — a small Anglophone Caribbean nation tucked into the eastern flank of Guatemala and Mexico — “batiman” (Creole for, literally, “butt man”) has long been the supreme slur against gay men, the worst possible insult to their personhood and dignity. But now another slur is beginning to take its place: “Orozco.”

    How Facebook helped catch paedophile ‘Big Dave’
    DAVID Thompson was a 49-year-old social studies teacher with a predilection for young girls. He spent his nights sending perverted messages to children in Belize via Facebook. The social network proved to be both his enabler and his eventual jailer. While the teacher from Florida was grooming two underage girls for sex, the United States’ Homeland Security’s Cyber Crimes Center was monitoring his sickening game. Thompson created another persona, a Belizean girl called Iris Levy, who introduced the 13-year-old and 15-year-old to “Big Dave” from Tampa on Facebook. He began chatting with them, promising them gifts and money if they would let him take their virginity, the Tampa Tribune reported. Meanwhile, his alter-ago, Iris, told the girls: “if u give yourself to dis man ... he will neva forget dat and b there for as long as u want him,, Save it for him cause d man take care of u.” Thompson was stopped trying to enter Belize for his sordid trysts in March 2014, his tenth trip to the country since 2011, and denied entry. Officials found condoms and Cialis (an erectile dysfunction drug) in his suitcase upon his return.

    Can You Fail At Being An Expat?
    Over our years of living abroad, we've talked to more than a few people who have a secret fear. It's a fear shared by people just beginning to think about retiring or working abroad and by folks who have already made the move. The secret fear is this ... what if I fail? This raises a great question. Can you fail at being an expat the same way you can fail a math or driving test, or fail at becoming a nurse or a pilot? Our answer is "no." Here's why. There isn't a standardized test for being a successful expat. There are as many ways to retire or retry your life abroad as there are people who do it. Swinging in a hammock in Belize, beachcombing in Mexico, organic farming in Ecuador, running a B&B in Colombia, doing online consulting from Panama ... there really is no typical way to be an expat, just as there is no such thing as typical retirement or employment anymore. Almost anything is possible, almost anywhere.

    Guide to Essential Books on Expat Life: From How-Tos and Memoirs to Fiction
    Time to get reading. There are books for just about every stage of the expat lifecycle: books for those who are thinking about moving abroad, for those who are already expats and trying to make sense of their worlds, for those who are raising Third Culture Kids, for those who are considering retiring abroad, and for those who are struggling with re-entry. In fact, the world of books by and for expats is enormous and growing by the day. The how-to books alone could fill a small library. Add to that first-person memoirs, plus endless numbers of novels and works of poetry using the expat life as fodder. Some books combine memoir with how-to, others reflect on expat worlds of earlier times, and some tap into the financial benefits of life abroad. We have sampled numerous books and found a cornucopia of information, cautionary tales, and chatter about food, language and culture shock. Here is a sampling of reading material for those with wanderlust:

    Belize does it again!
    Belize cops first place in CANTO’s 9th Regional WTISD – Video Competition for the second consecutive year. Last year the competition was won by Mr. William Mahler Jr.; this year it was his female countryman, Ms Tysha Toni Roches who edged out the competitors with her video titled ‘ICT and Me’. Her video informed and enlightened viewers of the evolution of communication and how it shapes and creates an innovative environment through ICT and Telecommunication platforms. See video here: The seventeen-year-old who attends the Saint Catherine Academy in Belize had this to say on her success: “I feel excited and I am proud of myself that I could create something so good. I have experience in videography and participated in other competitions in Belize before, but I wanted to see how I (material) would be viewed outside of Belize”.


  • Summer of Sports Program, 1min. The Government of Belize is pleased to announce its Summer of Sports Program, which will be funded by PetroCaribe!

  • Secure Water - Solar Well Pump & Gravity Feed System - Maya Mountain Research Center, Belize, 14min.

  • Feeding the Eel Invasive Lionfish in Belize, 39sec. Feeding speared Lionfish to the eel with Luis, Glovers Reef

  • Remembering Public Service Day, 1min. Today all across the country - the ministry of the public service set up fairs and open days. It's a chance for them to get out of the office and for the public to learn about the services they offer - even if the word "service" in public service is often a noun with no verb behind it. But still, there they were today recruiting school kids for the best job in the world with a non-contributory pension. Sherlette Neal of the National Public Service Committee told us what it's all about:..

  • Mission Trip to Belize 2015, 3min. Charis Bible College

  • Hopkins Belize Permit Fly Fishing Experience, 1min. Permit Fish Is The Most Difficult To Land On A Fly Rod In Belize Jack Trout Can Show You How since 1994.

  • BigAls Does Belize, 4min. Nice video with lots of the fish of Belize highlighted, complete with labels to help learn which is which!

  • The Amazing Sea Life of Belize! | Big Al's Does Belize, 4min. Our aquatics expert, Thomas, visited Belize in May 2015. Armed with a GoPro and sunscreen, he captured some incredible sea life in the ocean and the mangroves. Which one is your favourite?

  • Belize Educational Projects 2014, 16min. Belize Educational Projects 2014 A 16 minute video includes St John's Elementary School, Darcy Ucles at her college, local cultural scenes and some interviews.

  • Florida and Belize Bird Songs, 27min. Keep your cat happy while you are out.

  • Diabetes in Belize: Footcare for diabetics, 49min.

  • 2015 Fieldworkers Club Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition HD, 4.5min. This coming August at El Pescador in Belize there are a few spots still open for the Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition. Year 4 of a multi-year partnership between tarpon anglers and the scientists of the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. There are 3 parts to the expedition, world class tarpon fishing, advancing science and learning. The scientific goal is to place very sophisticated satellite tags on large adult tarpon that migrate through Belize waters each summer. Doing this should put us one step closer to learning how to ensure the success of the tarpon we hope to see in Belize for years to come.

  • Belizean Cycling Legend John 'Johnito' Miguel!, 9min. Belizean cycling legend, John 'Johnito' Miguel, became the second of four brothers from the Miguel family who had won four of Belize's Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classics. Johnito, as he is known in Belizean circles, and who many cycling lovers of Belize continue to talk about whenever the Belize Cross Country cycling classic would be showcased every year, has won the 1960, 1964, 1965, and the 1968 Belize Cross Country Cycling Classics. He is seen by many Belizeans as the most outstanding of all the Miguel brothers who had won at least two of the classic, to have rode the race. In this feature of Belizean Legends, host Bilal Morris caught up with the reigning Belizean cycling champion during the May 1, 2015 Cross Country victory celebrations for his grand-nephews, Justin and Corey Williams who had recently placed first and fifth in the annual cycling classic where riders come from Central America, the Caribbean and the United States to compete. Duuring Johnito's time, the race was highly intensive than it is now, being that the 144 miles course to the western Belizean district of Cayo and back, was more rugged, and difficult to transverse on a bicycle. Miguel's compelling story reminds the Belizean cycling enthusiasts that in their time of cycling, the Belize Cross Country was not only more difficult to ride than it is now for today's riders, but that present day cyclists from all over the world would not have been able to make the record times that are making now. Miguel also champion his two cycling brothers, Arthur and Edward Miguel, who preceded him, and spoke of them as two of the greatest pioneers of the race that he had looked up to in becoming one of the best Belizean cyclists that had ever ridden the gruesome Central American cycling classic. Belizean Legends celebrate this outstanding Belizean athlete, and the example he has presented for future generations of Belizean cyclists.

    May 21, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    SPHS suspends students after incriminating photographs surface
    On Wednesday, May 20th rumors surfaced of a mass expulsion of students at the San Pedro High School (SPH) due to the alleged distribution of pornographic images. While it has been confirmed that there has been no such event, The San Pedro Sun has received official confirmation that several students were suspended in regards to the same matter. A SPHS Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 19th to decide the course of action and punishment for students involved in the disseminating and even those who were the subjects of the pornographic images. SPHS Vice-principal Conchita Flota clarified to The San Pedro Sun that up to press time nine students had been suspended. “Like in any school there are rules, and if broken, those responsible are punished. This is exactly what has happened. Over the past few months there has been controversy over some pornographic images that were circulating. Some of those pictures where so called ‘nudes’ of some female students. While this is a sensitive matter we had to address it,” said Flota. Flota also explained that mass expulsion of 45 students was never even considered by the SPHS Board of Directors, and that the rumors were unfounded. “We do not know who started the rumors, but they are completely false. We addressed the matter as best as we could and suspended the students involved. We had to discipline both the person spreading the pictures and well as the ones that, unfortunately, were in the pictures. Incidents like these happen at schools across the country and it’s not the first time it has occurred in San Pedro,” stated Flota.

    SHINE hosts Mayan Magical Night Fundraiser
    Reigning Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez has been working on a youth enrichment program for young girls through SHINE (Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment), and for the past year of her tenure has changed the lives of several young ladies. With the help of On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) and many individuals, the hope is to see a SHINE Center built where at-risk women and young girls can have a safe haven to turn to. In an effort to make the Center closer to reality, Nuñez hosted a Mayan Magical Night Fundraiser to present the plans for the center and to share a little more knowledge about the program. Held beachside at Ramon’s Village Resort, the beautifully decorated setting brought an aura of magic indeed. The wonderful sounds of renowned flutist Pablo Collado filled the air, and all around, conversation and laughter indicated a good turnout of support. First to speak at the event was Deputy Mayor Gary Greif. He praised the works of OEWM and SHINE, thanking Michelle for the initiative and pledged his support to the wonderful cause. Leading the invocation was Clive Welsh, then Emily Fitchpatrick spoke on the works of On Eagle’s Wings Ministries.

    Celebrating the island’s teachers and nurses
    The 11th annual Teachers and Nurses Dinner was held on Thursday May 14th at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. The event was sponsored by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) in collaboration with Area Representative and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. Teachers, nurses and doctors of the island were treated to an evening of entertainment, drinks, food and fun, all in appreciation of the valuable services they provide to residents of Ambergris Caye. The attendees had the opportunity to mingle and socialize prior to the event, which kicked off around 8PM, and promised to be full with entertainment. Master of ceremonies Councilor Severito Guerrero Jr., along with Miss San Pedro, Michelle Nuñez, ensured that the night’s program was as enjoyable as possible. After the welcome address, by Deputy Mayor Gary Greif and vote of thanks by Councilor Ruben Gonzalez the event officially started, with different fun games that everyone was dared to participate in. Each game was baited with fabulous prizes, from dinners for two at La Palmilla Restaurant at the luxurious Victoria House, to 24 – hour golf cart rentals, grocery certificates, Travellers’ liquors products, wines, cash and more. The fun activities included musical chairs, trying to whistle after eating soda biscuits, modeling, karaoke, and one of the most challenging games, sliding an Oreo Cookie from the forehead to the mouth. There was much loud cheering when contestants were dared to show their dancing skills to the popular beat of “El Cerrucho”.

    New Patroness for HelpAge Belize: Marie Elena Sylvestre, BA
    HelpAge Belize is delighted to introduce our new Patroness, Marie Elena Sylvestre. We are looking forward to working with her to further create awareness on older person’s rights and to address issues that marginalized their access to healthcare and housing, income security, family care and support. Maria Elena Sylvestre has recently been appointed to the position of Honorary Consul for the Russian Federation in Belize. She has served in many distinguished positions such as the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belize, the Chairperson for HelpAge Belize, and as a member of the National Trade Negotiating Committee, which provided support and guidance to the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Mrs. Sylvestre also pioneered the concept of Duty Free retail shopping in the Country of Belize. In 1972 she established the Belize Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. and its subsidiary, the Belize Diagnostic Center. Mrs. Sylvestre, along with her husband, the late Honorable Louis Sylvestre and assisted by the European Union, conducted research to produce superior cashew nuts that would benefit future cashew farmers in the country.

    Island students participate in Reef Week Trivia Competition and Fair
    This year’s Reef Week kicked off from Monday, May 11th to Sunday, May 17th under the theme “Protect our Belizean Sea; Keep the Reef Alive and Free”. Highlights of the week’s activities included the 10th annual Trivia contest which saw the participation of students from schools in San Pedro and Caye Caulker. The contest began at 2PM on Wednesday May 13th at the San Pedro Lion’s Den. A total of 13 students participated from San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS), Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES), Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School (CCRC), Isla Bonita Elementary School (IBES), New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School (NHSDAS), and the Island Academy. The purpose of the competition is to test the students’ knowledge about the coral reef environment, the marine life, the protected areas and threats and damages to our coast line and reef. Ultimately the competition promotes reef and marine life conservation awareness through education.

    Five Things to Do On a Rainy Day in Paradise
    Okay, so you pack up for your fabulous vacation in paradise, swimsuit- check! Sunblock-check! Daydreaming of warm afternoons spent lounging by your resort pool or on the beach; only to your surprise, when you finally do arrive, it’s raining! That splendid Belizean sunshine you’ve been anticipating, well, it’s lost in the clouds for a bit! It’s the tropics, so chances are it very well may happen. So what do you do then, when your snorkeling trip of the day has been cancelled and cozying up in your hotel room all day just isn’t for you? Well, we got you covered! Here’s a list of five things you can do to still enjoy your time in paradise (until those rays of sunshine come peeking through those clouds- probably within the hour to be honest). 1: Coffee at Rum and Bean: 2: A day of Yoga at Ak’bol 3: Visit the House of Culture 4: Be a Chef for a Day 5: Paint and Splash with Melody Wolfe.

    Ambergris Today

    Miss World Belize 2014 Featured in Chetumal Magazine
    Ambergris Today got hold of Revista XOC a monthly magazine of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico, published by local radio station La Poderosa 99.3FM in which Miss San Pedro 2009/Miss Belize 2014 Raquel Badillo of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, is featured on the front cover. The magazine published photos taken of Raquel by Jose Luis Zapata Photography in their style and fashion section. Ambergris Today was happy to see a local Belizean beauty gracing the cover of a magazine in our neighboring city of Chetumal. Congratulations Raquel!!

    25 Years Ago - A Look Back at Old Fashion Cooking In San Pedro Village
    After sharing the story of the old fashioned irons for ironing clothes, Ambergris Today received quite some interesting reviews with requests for more gadgets along the same line. Well folks, here are a few more just because you asked for it. THE COMAL OR HOT PLATE: The ‘Comal’ came in various sizes and shapes and were extremely useful in every household. A comal is a smooth, flat griddle typically used in Mexico and Central America, and that included San Pedro, to cook tortillas, toast spices, sear meat, and generally prepare food. The most popular use was to make flour tortillas and corn tortillas as well. They were placed under a pot in which rice was being cooked to prevent it from cooking too fast and from burning, of course. The ‘Comal’ was used to re-heat food, any kind of food, dry or moist. Onions, peppers and tomatoes were roasted over the comal. Now take a look at this one which came with sort of a cooking compartment in which one could cook several items at the same time. Now this is really gourmet cooking twenty five years ago in San Pedro.

    Governor General of Belize Launches Chinese-language Edition of Belizean Book
    Governor General of Belize, H.E. Sir Colville Young, just recently concluded a productive five-day visit to Taiwan where he officially launched the Chinese Edition of his Belizean book “Pataki Full: Seven Belizean Short Stories” at a press conference hosted by H.E. David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The book was launched in Taiwan to help Taiwanese learn more about Belize who has become one of the country’s diplomatic allies. It is believed that this translation marks the first time that a book by a CARICOM writer has been translated into Chinese. As such, this is a historic occasion and marks a notable strengthening of the ties of culture and friendship between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize. The idea of a Chinese edition of the book was brought up in December last year. Minister of Foreign Affairs David Lin said that when he visited Belize at that time, he received the English edition as a gift from Young. At that time, Young also expressed his desire to share the book with Taiwanese and “suggested that it be translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan,” Lin said.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Home and Grid Energy Storage Gains Momentum
    Worth a good read, as it goes into the viability of battery storage..... Tesla’s recent entry into the home and grid storage market may be well timed, but the automaker is hardly alone in its quest to bring new sources of electrical power to consumers. Other suppliers, including A123 Systems, Saft, Ambri, Prudent Energy, and Tesla’s sister company, Solar City, are pursuing many of the same applications. Experts say their strategies make sense, especially in light of the fact that coal and nuclear plants face an uncertain future in the US. “If you flash forward into the future, we are all going to desperately need an inexpensive way to store lots of energy,” Jeff Chamberlain, executive director for the Joint Center for Energy Research at Argonne National Laboratory, told Design News. For most of the players, the strategy is also tightly coupled with the growth of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. Because wind turbines and photovoltaic cells need some form of backup if they’re ever to play a significant role on the grid, huge battery packs are increasingly looking like a good idea. That will be especially true when renewables reach a level of about one-fifth of the overall available energy, experts say.

    The OAS Department of Human Development and Education and the Centro de Desarrollo y Asistencia Técnica en Tecnología para la Organización Pública (Asociación Civil)-TOP-Argentina, under the Partnerships Program for Education and Training–PAEC-, are offering scholarships for the course: “Evaluación Institucional de Organizaciones Públicas (EIOP)” This is an online course and will be delivered in Spanish.

    Todos los ingredientes tienen que estar crudos. Lava todo muy bien y desinfecta cada ingrediente. Coloca todo en un extractor o licuadora ¡yvoila! Tómalo cada mañana y combínalo con una caminata de al menos 30 minutos al día. Tendrás resultados en 1 semana y tus jeans te quedarán como antes!

    Conch Soup
    Clean conch with lime juice. Place on cutting board and pound with meat mallet. In a saucepan drop conch in boiling water for one minute only. Discard water. Heat oil, add flour and stir until brown making a roux. Add 3 cups of water, a little at a time, stirring constantly. Add salt to taste, and thyme, diced coco, potatoes, carrots and sliced plantain. As soon as soup comes to a boil, turn down heat to medium. Cover pot and let simmer. Now prepare dumplings made from the green plantains. Grate plantains and add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of shortening. Form into little balls and drop into soup. Stir pot occasionally. As soon as vegetables in soup are just about tender, add coconut milk and conch. Cook and simmer for an additional 15 minutes. Serve piping hot.This is a hearty and wholesome soup that can stand on its own. You can add a side serving of white rice or hot corn tortillas. Conch season opens in October and runs to June so this is a great soup for cold weather!

    2015 National Song Competition
    Sign Up!

    Thursday (May 21) is the last day to get tickets for the Wine and Chocolate Night at the Chocolate Festival of Belize from The San Pedro Sun office.
    In three days can be in CHOCOLATE PARADISE! Get your tickets now! Few remaining!

    Protecting our Scarlet macaws
    Yes the chicks are protected! It takes a huge effort to protect our Scarlet macaws from being poached but thanks to the FCD Chiquibul Rangers (shown here, sorry I dont have all the names), the FCD Research Team, Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team, countless other voluteers and the cooperation with BDF and Police, hopefully this year no Belizean Macaws will be lost to poaching, and at least one (group of) poachers will be detained, charged and sentenced to deter future poachers. Fingers crossed all stay safe!

    Summer of Sports Program
    Application forms outlining the eligibility criteria, including the terms and guidelines for the Summer of Sports Program, are available at the National Sports Council in Belize City and can also be obtained electronically via the Government of Belize web portal at For more information kindly contact: Patrick Henry National Sports Council 227-2092 or 227-7051

    Government of Belize Summer of Sports Program 2015
    The Government of Belize is pleased to announce its Summer of Sports Program, which will be funded by PetroCaribe. The government recognizes that each summer individuals, schools, community groups, government bodies and organizations throughout the country sponsor and manage summer camps in an effort to provide opportunities to engage youth and children in healthy, safe, and stimulating learning activities during the summer holiday. In recognition of these efforts, the government has set aside BZ$500,000 for the summer of 2015 to assist existing organizers with funding for their summer sporting programs. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is keenly aware that sports and physical education is fundamental to the early development of children and youth; and the skills learned during play, physical education and sport contribute to the holistic development of young people. However, since it is not possible to fund all such programs, this year’s sponsorship will be focused on sporting programs only.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, May 20, 2015: 40

    31st Annual Garifuna Convention
    Here are the details! don't miss out!

    Belize Lobster Thermidor Recipe
    METHOD: Boil lobster, keeping shells whole. Remove meat, and cut into small pieces. Heat butter, add onion and mushrooms and cook over low heat until soft, but not browned. Stir in flour. Slowly add milk and cook, stirring constantly, over low heat until thickened. Add cream and seasoning. Stir a little of the hot sauce into the slightly beaten egg yolk, stir into remaining sauce.

    Commentary: The politics of intimidation fear and victimisation in Belize
    In my country of birth Belize and many other so called democratic countries in the world, the citizens of these nations continue to experience intimidation, fear and victimisation by their current governments. This is despite the fact that most of these countries pride themselves as democratic nations. The people that are affected mostly by these types of infractions are the poor and the working class citizens who are dependent on the government for employment and programs. When the constitutions of these nations were written, there were clauses written in them guaranteeing their citizens full fundamental rights. In addition to these rights being spelled out, the representatives who are elected to serve take an oath of office to abide and execute these rights to their citizens. However, some of these representatives after they swear to their oaths tend to forget or ignore the reasons why they were elected to serve.

    How to properly spend a day in Caye Caulker, Belize. At all moments you’re encouraged to “go slow.” If I’m not at the Split, drinking Belikin beers and swimming in the turquoise waters, I’m here instead, comfy in my hammock. snapchat – adventurouskate.

    Tapir from 60 feet
    Its not every day you get the Belize Forest Department's Wildlife Officer and Protected Areas Officer to go on a field day with you. Plus, its not every day you can show them a Tapir from 60 feet within the first hour of the trip, Macaws in between, a River Otter during lunch and a Solitary Eagle to top it off. Right? Usual stuff in the Chiquibul...

    Messy Church!
    Everybody invited! FREE! Looking for something great to do with the family? Something fun, healthy and bond building? Then why not give Messy Church a try? On Saturday 23rd May, from 3pm to 5pm, come to St Ann's Anglican Church, Unity Blvd, Belmopan, and enjoy an hour or so of crafts and games, followed by a short praise service with favourite songs, and then a delicious meal together. You can be of any faith, or none, all are welcome to a safe, warm, casual atmosphere. Children, mums and dads - we even have an elders' corner with games and crafts. On the menu, sweet and sour chicken and fried rice, the craft is flame head-dresses, Terry the Toucan will be there, all welcome of any faith or none. FREE!

    Presentation and assemble of moorings for Recreational Area at Mexico Rocks.

    Coastal Cleanup Campaign on the Turtle nesting Beach at Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve.

    HCMR Reef Week 2015: Lisa Carne presented her project "Fragment of Hopes" and Coral Reef Nursers to tour guides and operators in San Pedro.

    Thanks to all the organizations who took the time to set up informational booths for the 2015 Marine Fair, and thanks to all the schools for coming out.

    Channel 7

    Northern PUP Politician's Driver Arraigned for Cane Field Arson
    For the past 2 nights, we’ve been reporting on the allegation against 2 men who were suspected of burning cane fields belonging to ASR/BSI. Well, today they went to court charged for arson. They are Orange Walk residents Saulito Vasquez and Efrain Alpuche, the security guard for PUP politician Ramon Cervantez Jr. They were formally arraigned this afternoon, and our news team was in Orange Walk Town to get all the facts straight about this very serious allegation. Daniel Ortiz reports: Daniel Ortiz Reporting…. After just over 46 hours on police locked down, Efrain Alpuche was finally allowed to leave the station a free man. He's now charged with arson for a fire he asserts he didn't commit. Efrain Alpuche Jr. - Accused of Arson "It's good to be out after 48 hours.” Daniel Ortiz "Do you maintain your innocence in this?" Efrain Alpuche Jr. "Hell yes, I an innocent until proven guilty."

    Pedagogue Porn or Schoolboy Prank?
    Today word went out on facebook and through the rumour mill that there had been mass expulsions at San Pedro high school after a female teacher shared a nude picture with a male student – who then circulated it throughout the student body. But, that turned out to be a major exaggeration: tonight 3 second form boys are suspended after they circulated a bogus nude picture claiming it was a female teacher, when, in fact, it was not. Today we caught up with the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber and he told us that in cases like these, the responsibility rests not with the ministry, but with the school's board of management. Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education "If it is happening in a high school I keep saying to all concern that the first line of authority - and probably in many cases the final line of authority is the school's board of management. So we're hoping that they will be acting on the matter promptly as we. We have to be concern but again it goes with the time and what's happening in the larger world. We cannot expect that situations like this won't occur. If we're living in a time when technology is blowing out of proportion - this is why we need to be careful. We need to move with the change and we need to make regulations that go along with that change in order to keep things in line. Yes I'm very concerned but I'm not alarmed, it's not happening in any alarming manner just as yet and I'm confident that given the mechanisms we have now, that we're able to deal with these situations. I'm pretty sure they won't stop, given the environment we're living in now."

    Castro's Very Bad Week Continues With Squatting Claims
    Since Last week Thursday, Belize Rural North Area Representative Edmond Castro has been having a very tough time politically. His lawsuit against Channel 5 and Alvarine Burgess last week was – to put it nicely – very uncomfortable, where he was cross examined on every political scandal he’s been involved in while in elected office. Then, he had to sit through several hours of Alvarine Burgess testifying under oath that he took bribes to sign recommendation letters for Asians trying to apply for Belizean Visas. All this while he has a convention coming up in 11 days, and he must convince the people of Belize Rural North that he is the man to represent the UDP once again as standard bearer. And tonight, the political pressures keep mounting. Realtor Emerson Burke wrote a letter, dated May 13 in which he accused Castro of squatting on Lands in Santa Marta Village which he uses to cultivate sugar cane. It’s an activity which a number of farmers have been doing for years. Burke categorically states that this activity by Castro and the other farmers has cost his clients millions of dollars in cancelled sale agreements. Burke’s letter says, quote, “you are in fact complicit in squatting, an illegal action, and an act (that) the Cabinet has expressed vehemently its zero tolerance toward.”

    Castro on Alvorine's Sworn Allegations
    After his defamation lawsuit was finished on Friday, Castro didn’t stick around for the press to approach him for an interview. We got the chance today to ask, if given that his standard bearer’s position is up for grabs, should he have just left well enough alone and dropped the suit? He made it clear that he wasn’t going to discuss that with the press at this time. He refused to answer, even though it is arguable that he took a political hit from Alvarine Burgess’ allegations in open court: Daniel Ortiz "Bad timing for you as a convention candidate.” Hon. Edmund Castro - Belize Rural North Area Rep "My friend, I cannot discuss that case, that case is in front of the judge and I can't discuss that." Reporter "Do you still expect the prime minister to support you given what transpired in court?" Hon. Edmund Castro "Did I say that matter is in front of the court? So if it's in front of the court." Daniel Ortiz "Political consequences."

    Family of Slain American Speaks Out
    The family of slain 61 year old American Paul David Signorino has spoken out. Signorino and 47 year old Julian Christopher Jones were murdered in Jones’s home on Friday night in Teakettle. While we were able to gather a few scraps of information about Jones in Teakettle, we were not able to get much background on Signorino. Well, his daughter who lives in Alaska, Amireah Signorino sent out an email in response to the brutal murder of her dad. Today she spoke with us via phone about her dad and the fond memories that she and her family will cherish. Amireah Signorino - Daughter "He is from Alaska, he's lived here all his life and his mother passed away 2 years ago and at that time he moved to Belize and decided to retire there. The Belize police called me and they said he's dead, they killed him. That's what they called and said to me, that’s all they said. He was always giving out kind words, always had a smile. He'll always tell everybody live life simply, your family is the important thing."

    BEL Workers "BEX" with 7News
    Since Monday we’ve been trying to get comment from BEL’s Belize Energy Workers Union about rumblings of discontent in talks with management – and they have steadfastly refused. But last night we reported – based on information we had received – that they were asking for a raise of 12.5% per annum per year for years – and, boy, did that ever draw them out! Today the union sent out an angry release “railing up” with this station. That’s fine with us, but then they go unto simultaneously disclaim the exorbitant raise request, while backhandedly taking credit for the sickout. And 650 words later, they still haven’t said what kind of raise they are requesting. Here’s what the release says about the 12.5% raise request we reported: “For the record the Union has never asked for such an outrageous salary increase nor for anything closely resembling this…” And about our information that they want 12.5% per annum over four years, the release says, quote, “The BEWU wants to categorically deny this statement. We find out that all the misleading, twisted comments and statements, made by this seemly irresponsible channel, are aimed at discrediting the reputation of the non-management employees of BEL and their Union.”

    Summer of Sports Means Grants For Summer Sports Programs
    Government today announced the details of its Petrocaribe funded Summer of Sports programme. GOB will make five hundred thousand dollars available to assist sports summer camp organizers with funding grants for their summer sporting programs. It’s limited to ten thousand dollars per programme, and only programs that have been in existence for three years will qualify. Eligible programs must cater to children ages five to 17, must have at least 30 children in the camp and must have secured sporting facilities with rest areas and restrooms. The release stresses that for this year, only sports camps will be awarded grants. So for all those summer camp organisers – where do they line up? Well, it will be administered through the Sports Council – and you can pick up the two page form there, of check the government of Belize web portal at

    VIP Not Content With Petrocaribe Changes
    It’s a good break for folks like Deon Williams, who is struggling to scrape together funding for his long-standing Third World Football camp. He told us he will be picking up his form tomorrow morning. But, don’t tell that to the VIP political party – properly known as Vision Inspired By The People. When it comes to Petrocaribe borrowing they say the Barrow administration is tending towards tyranny. That’s because the VIP has been trying to gain some third party traction with their strident criticisms of the Petrocaribe Loan Bill. And at a press conference today, they added another cause to their crusade: the change to the special agreement between Belize and Guatemala. We start with Petrocaribe; they say even though the Prime Minister has promised significant amendments to make the law less controversial, the party is unconvinced: Patrick Rogers - VIP "We’re saying that the cosmetic changes that we have heard over the media coming from the prime minister doesn't do anything for what we want to address. And yeah at the end of it we will reach the street Mr. Barrow cause we not hearing anything significant is coming out of those amendments that you said in the media.

    Castro Clears the Road
    In January, we told you how the Old Northern Highway was getting paved after years of neglect. Area Representative Edmond Castro was able to convince the Cabinet that it is very much needed at this time, and for the past 5 months, the first 5 miles of the road was being worked on. That was finally completed, and now funding for 7 more miles of road has been approved. Today - just in time for his end of May convention Belize Rural Castro held a ceremony to note its importance. Here’s what he told us about his plans to get the entire Old Northern Highway paved eventually: "We were able to secure out of the petrocaribe funds - I think was last year the paving of the old northern highway, which the prime minister was gracious enough to give us access. So we have paved the first 5 miles which we are here to inaugurate the first phase, which is the first 5 miles. Then we were also able to secure the paving of another 7 miles, which will take us close to King's College - which will cover a little bit over half the paving to maskall. I think what I would like to do is once we complete that other phase, I will lobby my colleague again, I will lobby with the prime minister and see if we could get the other pavement section; which would take us to Maruba resort.

    Youths Will Be Lounging At Their Department
    The Department of Youth Services today cut the ribbon for a game room, lounge and a recording studio at the Belize city office on Regent Street. It’s part of an effort to be more relevant to their young clientele. 7News was there when they cut the ribbon today and we found out more:… There will also be a Computer Resource Learning Centre, and a Free wi-fi Hotspot.

    Channel 5

    OW Police Charge Two Men for Arson
    Just after three this afternoon Orange Walk Police charged and formally arraigned Efrain Alpuche and Saul Vasquez on a single charge of arson. The men had been in custody since [...]

    Police Say There Was No Truth to Firearm Allegation
    Today at least six members of the Scenes of Crime Squad huddled around the blue Mazda pickup allegedly used by the men accused of burning the BSI fields. They were [...]

    Alpuche Out on $40,000 Bail
    Just before five this evening Efrain Alpuche managed to secure his bail, and spoke to the media as he exited the Police Station. He maintains his innocence and says he [...]

    Nine Students Suspended for Nude Photos
    A group of high school students find themselves in plenty of trouble tonight after school authorities discovered that they were circulating nude photographs on social media. That was offensive enough [...]

    Faber Speaks on Mass Suspension
    When we spoke with Minister of Education Patrick Faber, he said it was the first time that he was hearing of the incident. He told the media that according to [...]

    Government Implements New Small Carrier Fees
    Effective June first, commuters using Tropic Air or Maya Island Air will pay six dollars more per departure on domestic flights. It’s something called a Rider Fee, and was conceptualized [...]

    Municipal Airstrip “Safer” After Renovations
      As we told you, there has been major upgrading of the Municipal Airstrip which, to the minds of the carriers, was long overdue and sorely needed. It is widely [...]

    Tropic Air’s Upscale Facility Nearing Completion
    One year ago there was a serious land dispute between Tropic Air, the Feinstein Group of Companies and the Ministry of Lands. Tropic stood to lose millions, since they had [...]

    Grieving Daughter of Teakettle Murder Victim Speaks
    Who killed the two American nationals in Teakettle Village? It has been a couple days since forty six year old Julian Jones and sixty one year old Paul Signorino were [...]

    Hattieville Man Charged for Unlawful Sex with Minor
    Enrique Pook Junior, who resides in Hattieville, is accused of having sex twice in 2014 with a thirteen year old minor.  In October 2014, a month or so after the [...]

    Five Persons Charged for Drug Trafficking
    This afternoon, three men and a sixteen year old minor were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for Drug Trafficking after  a bag containing one hundred and forty two [...]

    VIP says PM Barrow’s Amendments to Petrocaribe Act are Artificial
    In the wake of the Petrocaribe Act 2015, dubbed the god-maker in some quarters, there has been a sustained outcry from virtually all sectors. There’s really no problem with the [...]

    No Re-Registration Before Elections
    The VIP is undertaking to carry out an education and awareness campaign on Petrocaribe, and one organization which has already signed on is the BNTU. But today’s press conference was [...]

    ITVET Hosts Annual Open Day
    The Belize City ITVET will be hosting its annual Open Day on Thursday. It’s an opportunity for students to show the skills they’ve acquired through displays of goods and services. [...]

    G.O.B. Plans Summer Of Sports Program Through M.O.E.Y.S.
    The government has come under considerable fire for the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act. Last week, the Prime Minister announced there will be amendments taken to the House.  Still yet, G.O.B. [...]

    BPD Implements New Program to Fight Crime
    The police department is embarking on a new program that will see senior officers guide young recruits to improve their policing skills. This is all part of a strategy to [...]

    DYS Holds Open Day
    The Department of Youth Services held its open day today, and they were showing off major developments. After months of trying to install a music studio in Collet Division, Education [...]


    Efrain Alpuche speaks Out And Claims He Is Innocent
    And upon meeting bail of $40,000 and after spending two nights in jail, the man of the hour, Efrain Alpuche emerged with his usual graceful stance and smile from the police station. Alpuche was first to meet bail and was greeted by his family. Outside the station he did not run away from the media instead he answered all our questions. Here is that exchange. “Well it’s good to be out after 48 hours and I really can’t say anything at this moment I don’t want to pressure the case and but it is good to be out and I don’t know what is case about no am innocent until proven guilty.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “It was both of you that were jointly charged but I just see you coming out?”

    Students Of san Pedro High School Suspended For altering Pornographic Material
    This morning on La Isla Bonita, the San Pedro High School was the talk of the town after the schools board suspended several students and a teacher who found themselves in hot water. That decision comes following a meeting with the Directors over pornographic pictures that were shared via social media, presumably from a female teacher. While there hasn’t been any official report from the school, reliable information from the island’s media indicate that the teacher is not under investigation but that 9 students were suspended. It is alleged that the students altered the images that were posted on Social media. The report also added that the Ministry of Education is confirming that the board did meet and are looking into suspending more students. The MOE is advising students in San Pedro Town, that if they have any information, material or evidence of any teacher suspected of wrong doings to visit the Ministry of Education and provide the necessary information to conduct a proper investigation against any teacher suspected of wrong doing.


    Third Party Rejects ICJ’s Involvement in Territorial Dispute with Guatemala
    One of the issues the VIP addressed what that of the latest development as it relates to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala. An amendment will be signed before the month’s end between both countries’ foreign Ministers agreeing that the referenda will not be held simultaneously as originally agreed. In this case, Guatemala will […]

    VIP Party Says Prime Minister Violated the Constitution
    The Vision Inspired by the People, VIP, held a press conference this morning to update the public on its position on critical issues currently affecting the country. Patrick Rogers, first dealt with the Petro Caribe Loans Act and the amendments that Prime Minister Dean Barrow says will be introduced at the next sitting of the […]

    3 Students Suspended Following Mischief with Photo of a Nude Woman
    Three male students have been suspended from classes at the San Pedro High School following mischievous acts involving a nude photograph. According to the Acting Vice Principal, Giselle Flores, it is a situation that was reported to the District Education Officer, the Board of Directors as well as an attorney that the teacher, who was […]

    5 Miles of Paved Road in Maskall Inaugurated
    The Maskal Road otherwise known as the Old Northern Highway has undergone major rehabilitation with a five mile stretch of newly paved road. It is the first phase of an ongoing project to completely cover the 20 mile road with hot mix pavement. The initiative comes through the Minister of State, Edmund Castro, who is […]

    Resident Says Hopkins Village Has No Police Presence
    Yesterday we brought you the story of a Russian national who lives in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District whose home was invaded by three masked men in late April. We also brought you the story of an American national whose home was invaded last week as well and in early April there was an incident […]

    Southwest Airlines Confirms Belize As a Destination
    Belize has been listed as a confirmed destination for Southwest Airlines following dialogue between representatives of the carrier and an official delegation from Belize. Reports are that a press conference was held at the Houston City Hall in Houston, Texas, USA. In that conference, the airline’s Chief Executive Officer, Garry Kelly announced that the daily, […]

    Pump Prices Reach Double Digits
    In recent years, drivers and vehicle owners were grateful when they were given some relief at the gas pumps as the cost of fuel had dipped as low as seven dollars per gallon. It was indeed a relief as the then prices were heading to the 13 dollar mark. But as the years progressed; that […]


    Crooked Tree holds Cashew Festival
    From humble origins in 1985 as an agricultural show the Crooked Tree Cashew Festival has evolved into an annual showcase for the isolated island village’s humble cash cow – the cashew. Cashew trees are in bloom from March to June and thousands of pounds of seeds are harvested, most of which are made into various delicacies

    SICB Suspends Restructuring of Quotas
    The Decision taken by the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC) to reduce the sugar production estimates from 1.46 million tons to 1.29 million tons hit hard with the cane farming community of the North. The decision was based on a survey conducted by SIRDI and financed by BSI.That decision lead farmers to protest in front

    ICJ Referendum, Guatemala First
    Last week the Minister of Foreign Affairs in a press conference with a few media houses announced that he will be travelling to Guatemala to sign an amendment to the referendum agreement with Guatemala. In the restructured agreement Guatemala will go first in conducting a National referendum to decide whether or not to go to

    Darrel Carter’s 7th conviction for non payment to GST
    Darrel Carter is back in the news and once again it is for non payment of GST. In fact, this is his 7th conviction for the same crime. Today in court, Businessman Darrell Carter pleaded guilty and sparred himself a trial. Prosecutor for GST, Jacqueline Meighan asked the court not to impose the minimum fine

    BSI Fields on Fire. Politician Involved?
    In related news, the body Guard of Munchi Cervantes was detained in connection with arson. According to reports yesterday BSI’s cane fields were set on fire. BSI security guards responded to the scene and reportedly saw a blue Mazda pickup driving around the area. Shots were reportedly fired and the BSI security guards set chase

    Home invasion in Hopkins
    In the village of Hopkins, there was a home invasion, legally referred to as aggravated burglary. 62-year-old Ralph Porter, American of Hopkins Village reported that on May 15 about 7:30p.m,. while he and his wife were at home, he heard his dog barking outside. When he went outside to investigate, he saw three men of

    NTV goes to Garbutt’s falls
    The Northern Territorial Volunteers, ventured to Garbutt’s Falls on Sunday May 17th for their 7th excursion to the edge of the border with Guatemala. Official Numbers say 198 people travelled with the delegation from Orange Walk, besides several other people who went in private vehicle; probably their largest expedition since the Belize Territorial movement first […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Benque Viejo Police seizes 400 grams of Cannabis
    Benque Viejo Police conducted a search in an area on A-Street on May 9th which resulted in the discovery of 400 grams of Cannabis. Police reported that around 5:45p.m. They searched inside the cemetery area in that municipality where they made the discovery of a black and red school bag […]

    San Pedrano arrested and charged for Ammunition
    24 year old San Pedro Resident, Nelson Osvaldo Ventura has been charged for possession of Ammunition. According to the report in the wee hours of Wednesday, Ventura was walking on Lake Street in San Pedro Town when police on patrol saw him acting suspiciously and decided to conduct a search […]

    Mariposa Jungle Lodge suffers fire damages
    The Mariposa Jungle Lodge located on the Mountain Pine Ridge road, in the Cayo District, owned by American Nationals James and Sharin Brinker, suffered fire damages around mid-day on Saturday May 16. The Lodge’s General Manager reported that around 12:10p.m while she was doing her duties as per normal, she […]

    European Union funds “Coconut Industry development in the Caribbean” project
    In recent years, the demand for fresh coconut produce and coconut based health and beauty products have skyrocketed on both the regional and world markets but many coconut producing Caribbean countries have been unable to satisfy the growing demand. To combat this problem and help maximize revenues grossed from […]

    Horizon Academy 1st ever Business Expo
    The Horizon Academy is a small, privately owned primary school that opened its doors back in September of 2009. Today the fully functional primary school comprises of thirteen full time teachers, one principal and an enrolment of 108 students. Horizon Academy’s mission is to meet the goals of its founding […]

    2 men charged for Arson of BSI/ASR Cane Fields
    Late this afternoon, two persons namely Efrain Paul Alpuche (Ramon Cervantes Driver & Body Guard) and Saulito Vasquez (resident of San Roman Rio Hondo Village, Orange Walk District) were arrested and charged for the crime of arson that occurred at the BSI/ASR Cane fields in San Lorenzo area on Monday […]

    Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez charged for arson of BSI Cane Fields
    Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez were charged today for the crime of arson of BSI’s Cane fields which happened on Monday, May 18th 2015. Alpuche and Vasquez appeared before the Orange Walk Magistrate who read them a single charge of arson for which they were jointly arrested and charged. Because […]

    Energy Workers’ Union wants apology from Channel 7
    We reported earlier this week that workers from Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) missed work on Monday, even as negotiations progress on a possible increase in salary between 10 and 12.5% under the collective bargaining agreement. Neither side is allowed to speak about the progress of the negotiations, but […]

    No re-registration, will third parties boycott?
    Members of the third parties and alternative movements have long been calling for the exercise of re-registration, originally legislated to take place every ten years but delayed by successive administrations. Without it, the parties argue, the voters’ list which is key to the fairness of any election has […]

    VIP and PNP disdain ICJ referendum
    This morning Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) hosted the press at the Belize Institute of Management (BIM) in Belize City to discuss various national issues. Chief among them are the recently announced plans by the Government of Belize to amend the Special Agreement to allow Guatemala first […]

    Police say they have gathered enough evidence that implicates Alpuche to the burning of acres of cane fields belonging to the BSI/ASR group of companies in the San […]

    Mass Expulsion of Students at San Pedro High School
    Reports coming out of Ambergris Caye are that a mass expulsion of several students has taken place at the San Pedro high School this morning. The move according to reports is based on a decision taken by the board of directors over pornographic images of a female teacher that were […]

    VIP holds Press Conference
    The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) are hosting a press conference in Belize City today to give their views on national issues including the Government’s decision to allow an amendment to the Special Agreement or compromis to facilitate Guatemala going first in a referendum on taking the […]

    The Politics of Intimidation, fear and victimization in Belize and our world democracies
    By: Wellington C. Ramos. In my country of birth Belize and many other so called democratic countries in the world, the citizens of these nations continue to experience intimidation, fear and victimization by their current governments. This is despite the fact that most of these countries pride themselves as democratic nations. […]


    7 things that will make Belize the next country on your bucket-list!
    I don’t really need an excuse to travel and explore. I just suffer from a very bad case of wanderlust and the only cure is visiting more and more places. It would be easier for me to make a list of countries and places I don’t have a particular interest in seeing, because pretty much any country catches my attention for some reason – whether it is fabulous nature, incredible beaches, interesting cities, millenary cultures, tasty food and kind people. Yet, Belize never was on my bucket list. That’s until I visited it on a work trip, and I fell so completely in love with it that I wish to go back as soon as possible. Belize is a tiny country. Imagine that only 350,000 people live there; the biggest city, Belize City, has less than 60,000 inhabitants and the capital Belmopan around 16,000. But, for as small as it is, Belize has literally everything to make it a special place to visit, perfect for any kind of traveller. So, here are seven things that will make Belize the next country on your bucket-list: Beautiful nature, Impressive archeological sites, Superb beaches and coral reef, Tasty food, Kind people, Good climate, Chaa Creek Ecolodge and the Macal River Camp.

    Life after Actun Tunichil Muknal, Belize
    As someone who can struggle with motion sickness, a 30 minute bus ride along a muddy and bumpy road seemed like a nightmare at the start of my adventure into the jungles of Belize. In a few short hours on our return trip, that ride would seem like a pleasure cruise. It’s amazing what a little Dramamine and some perspective can do for an outlook on life. The bus ride was just the first of many challenges on a group trip to Actun Tunichil Muknal. A local Belizean who ran a tour company sold my husband on what was billed as an adventure of a lifetime. It’s a sales pitch perfected over time: “It’s an easy walk!” the promised. Sure, you’ll walk through some water, but it’s always warm: “so warm!” They lied. The first part of our cave adventure doesn’t start at the parking lot. These elements are left off the tour guide’s sales pitch. First, there are the three river crossings in murky water and a healthy hike along a trail where large cats could be lurking behind the next corner. Finally, we arrive at camp only to be told the adventure is NOW beginning. So, we leave behind everything we’ve carried along this early part of the adventure, and walk straight into the mouth of a pitch-black cave with a river running through it.

    Solo Travel Destination: Hopkins, Belize
    Hopkins is a small, friendly, seaside town. It’s a great location to meet the locals and immerse yourself in Garifuna culture while doing so, escaping the tourist trail and flocks of westerners that make a beeline for Caye Caulker. Hopkins has a more laid back, relaxed vibe and travelers and locals mix easily at the funky Driftwood Beach Bar, which buzzes at night with live music and gossip between locals and backpackers. The Funky Dodo is the main hostel in town, with a bar to chill out and meet other like-minded backpackers. It’s central location is easy to find, and makes a great base for exploring the huge range of activities nearby, such as diving and snorkeling, (I almost saw a whale shark while diving. It swam above us but no one noticed, only the boat crew saw it!) The local lagoon is a beautiful place to go kayaking, meandering down mangrove tunnels, keeping your eyes peeled for sunbathing crocodiles. Visit at night to see the magic of bioluminescence, take a night time dip, and glow in the cool waters. Drive or hitch to the Mayflower Reserve to do some short hikes, swim in the natural pools to cool off, and, if you’re lucky, have a free fish foot spa (it’s a scratchy, tickly feeling). Or, if you prefer something a bit cooler, take a tour to St. Herman’s Cave and try out cave tubing, which is by the far the best way to explore underground caverns.

    Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery launches the Dangriga Culture Map
    This past Friday, May 15th 2015, saw the launch of the Dangriga Culture Map – the Guide for the Culture Capital of Belize, at the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery in Dangriga. The event was attended by several business representatives, sponsors, special invited guests and politicians. After a brief welcome by renowned Belizean Artisan and Musician - Pen Cayetano, guests were addressed by Mayor Francis Humphreys, who shared his thoughts on the map and various projects underway to further develop the town. Guest Speaker and Institute for Social & Cultural Research Director – Nigel Encalada, then spoke about the significance of the Culture Map to the citizens of Dangriga and to the nation; serving as a guide for information and exploration for both locals and tourists alike. Final remarks were done by Ingrid Cayetano (wife of Pen Cayetano), who shared her gratitude to everyone who attended the event and played an integral role in the production of the map. There will be 5000 copies of the Dangriga Culture Map available FREE of cost throughout Belize, so be sure to pick up your copy today! Get your copies of the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery Brochure, Dangriga Culture Map and Pen Cayetano Art Gallery and Studio Tour Catalogue from our Dangriga Terminal.

    International Sourcesizz

    Moody's: Caribbean sovereign credit quality stabilizes, boosted by tourism and low oil prices
    Regional growth in the Caribbean will accelerate in 2015-16 as a result of the recovering tourism industry and sustained low oil prices, helping the credit quality of the sovereigns in the region stabilize following negative pressure in 2014, says Moody's Investors Service in the report "Sovereign Outlook -- Caribbean: Sovereign Credit Quality Supported by Recovery in Tourism, Low Oil Prices." Median growth in the Caribbean was 1.5% in 2014 and should accelerate to 2.0% in 2015. In addition, government debt, which rose following the financial crisis, is slowly stabilizing or in some cases declining, putting average sovereign debt metrics on par with those in Latin America. Debt ratios are stabilizing in Belize, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bermuda, Saint Maarten and Trinidad. However, debt pressures are increasing in Barbados and St. Vincent, while they are easing in the Cayman Islands. Nevertheless, the overall stabilization in debt levels in the region will help support current rating levels over the next 12-18 months.

    An Extraordinary Glimpse into the First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds
    In an attempt to better understand exactly what happens as a bee grows from an egg into an adult insect, photographer Anand Varma teamed up with the bee lab at UC Davis to film the first three weeks of a bee’s life in unprecedented detail, all condensed into a 60-second clip. The video above presented by National Geographic doesn’t include commentary, but Varma explains everything in a TED talk included below. The primary goal in photographing the bees was to learn how they interact with an invasive parasitic mite that has quickly become the greatest threat to bee colonies. Scientists have learned to breed mite-resistant bees which they are now trying to introduce into the wild. Learn more about it in this video:


  • SHARK ATTACK: BELIZE SPORT FISHING, 3.5min. Buck & Max visit Belize for some fast & action packed sport fishing for Dorado, Tuna & Sharks. Featuring underwater footage of a shark attacking our fish

  • Crossfit San Pedro Belize, 1/2min.

  • An attempt at Jaguar Yoga, 36secs. Yoga is really quite tough, but this jaguar in Belize gives it a good go! * Belize Wildlife Centre

  • Guatemala/Honduras/Belize Trip (2015), 8 - minute slide show backed by Guatemalan marimba music

  • Wandering in Belize, 4min. Spent a week wandering around the beautiful country of Belize. Shot with the GH4 and Phantom 2+ with Hero 3+ Black. Mayan Ruins: Altun HA, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Caracol City Scenes: San Ignacio, Belize City Beach/Island scenes: Caye Caulker

  • Shark in Belize!, 3min.

  • A Trip To The Museum Of Belize, 4min.

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