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May 10, 2016


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The San Pedro Sun

A bird’s eye view of the Belize Blue Hole
Tropic Air has begun offering this new aerial tour to observe the giant sub marine sinkhole “the way it was meant to be seen…from the air”. The entire tour was an experience in itself. I could see the break where our barrier reef ensures our island’s protection, and I could only marvel at the various shades of blue that stretched as far as the eye could see. The one-hour ride took us over the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, turning to the Lighthouse Atoll…which meant the Blue Hole was getting closer. But even before the star of the morning could be revealed, I along with other guests in the plane oohed and awed over the change in scenery. That stunning turquoise and clear waters of the atoll that make snorkelers’ hearts sing…the unmistakable drop off where divers can delight nearby, and unspoiled islands. My heart nearly stopped at the sight of a lone kayaker just paddling away.

Still no arrests in murder of Melvin Almendarez
The San Pedro Police Department continue their investigation in the murder of 31-year-old local athlete Melvin Almendarez, Honduran National. At the crime scene, investigators were unable to find an expended shell from the presumable weapon used in the murder. As to the motive for his murder, that remains a mystery, as the police are still trying to put all information together on the incident. “So far we have been unable to establish a motive as the investigation is very young,” said Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit Superintendent Sandra Bowden. “We have some information we are working on, however, at this time there isn’t much that we would be able to reveal in terms of what has been done so far and where are going with the investigation.” Bowden indicated that no evidence was found that could point to any illicit activity that would have led to the murder. She also mentioned that Almendarez was not known to be a trouble maker to the police, and in fact, was well known in the community as a talented football player.

Ambergris Today

NASA Astronaut Gives Belize the Ultimate Shoutout from Space
“Good Morning! Beautiful Belize coastal waters, where Central America meets the Caribbean Sea,” stated NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams in this ultimate shoutout to Belize from outer space. He included six pictures of Belize on his Facebook post from his spaceship on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Jeff commented that spotting coral reefs is a fun past time of his.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Helpage Belize honoured Dr. Jane Usher
Helpage Belize honoured Dr. Jane Usher in its first Citizen Recognition Gala. Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow had the pleasure of addressing the gala. Here's an excerpt from her remarks on amazing accomplishments of Dr. Jane Usher: "Dr. Jane Ellen Mary Usher nee Price is a Belizean grand dame. A woman who is owed much recognition and gratitude for all the nation building work that she has done and continues to do even at the very tender age of 98. Just a casual perusal of her biography or even if you were to just recall what you were taught in primary school social studies, it is patently clear that Ms. Jane is one of the matriarchs of political, economic and social life in Belize. Ms. Jane has served in two of the three branches of government. In the executive branch as a Deputy Minister; sitting as the lone female voice in a Cabinet of men. She also served in both chambers of the legislative branch as both a government and then opposition Representative in the lower house. She was the President of the Senate in the upper house.

Government Announces Limited Access to Sarstoon
The Government of Belize (GOB) rejects the demand made by the People's United Party for the immediate rescission of the Sarstoon Prohibition Regulation. At the time of passage Government gave two rationales for the Regulation. One was to avoid the possibility of any harm coming to Belizeans going to the Sarstoon in organized numbers to make a political point, given that tensions had reached a fever pitch with Guatemala. The latter's armed forces, especially its navy at the Sarstoon, were on a declared hair-trigger mobilization. The second reason for GOB's position was to allow an opportunity for Belizean diplomacy to work. We felt confident that Guatemala would be obliged, under the confidence building measures, to change its stance and negotiate with us over the Sarstoon on the basis of respect for our rights. We believe that we have now obtained objective 2, and we expect formal bilateral negotiations, in which we invite the Opposition to participate as equal partners, to start shortly.

Cayo Cancer Walk 2016
The 2016 Cayo Cancer Walk is this Saturday, and it goes from Camalote, starting at 5:15am, to Belmopan. "This is our official Cancer Walk Poster. Walk is on 14th May from Camalote to Belmopan. For more information please call 634-4254 or 604-1441."

Rotaract Delivers Fruit Basket's
Mother's Day was celebrated with something special at the Wester Regional Hospital, thanks to the Rotaract Club of Belmopan. Thanks, Rotaract! In related news, they recently attended the 2016 Bidistrital Conference in Panama City. "The Rotaract Club of Belmopan delivered fruit baskets to the mothers' at the Western Regional Hospital for Mother's Day. On behalf of the Rotaract Club of Belmopan, we wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day!!!!"

Basic equipment used by Gold panners to crush rock
These operate at altitudes of 900 meters in the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains.

Geology 101 for Belizean Students and Investors
I have decided late this Sunday evening to extract a small portion of the content in the Geography section of Belize Facts and Figures and write a brief post on the geology and to a lesser extent, the geologic resources of Belize. The accompanying map was created by Mr. Jan Meerman. I am fascinated with the geology of this country because there may be opportunities to attract investments for the creation of high value tiles and table tops from granite or pink limestone. One company tried but did not do the necessary ground truthing to find the correct type of unfractured granite. The geological resources of Belize include oil, clays, barite, sand and gravel, granite, gypsum, quartz sand, dolomite and limestone. There are indications that Belize may have deposits of molybdenum in the Maya Mountains. Sites with high quality silica deposits have been identified. A few rubies are said to have been discovered in the south of the country during colonial times. Oil has been extracted from the Spanish Lookout Reservoir since 2006. This oil is located at a depth of 3,000 feet.

Belize’s Cacao Industry
A pleasant Sunday morning to all you friends and family. I was in the south last Friday and stopped off to buy some original organic Belize chocolate from Mr. Julio Saqui in Maya Center Village. This chocolate is great. The flavor is exceptional. Here is a snippet of the Cacao Industry section in my book, Belize Facts and Figures. Hopefull this book will be out by January or February 2016: Belize has had experience in the global cacao supply chain since the 1950s. The price crashed in 1991, but by 1994 Green and Blacks launched Maya Gold chocolate bars in the United Kingdom Fairtrade market. This was the world’s first organic certified chocolate bar and was made from organic cacao supplied by farmers of the Toledo Cacao Growers Association (TCGA).

My new book Belize Facts and Figures: Landmarks of Belize – San Luis Rey Roman Catholic Church, San Antonio Toledo District
In my new book, I have an extensive section featuring the landmarks of each district. I refer to landmarks as man made (women included) sites that all Belizeans should know about and visit. I will feature some of these sites in internet posts over the coming months until January or February when the books are printed and are ready for sale. Here is the first landmark of Belize which I feature. Located on a hill in San Antonio village, Toledo District is the San Luis Rey Catholic Church. This church was constructed in the 1940s by villagers of San Antonio who brought stones from the surrounding landscape. Construction of the church which has old and unique stained glass windows was organized by Father William Urlich, a Jesuit priest. The stained glass was donated from a church in the United States.

U.S. Embassy Belmopan Announces Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program!
Entrepreneurs! We are looking for you! The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is looking for 250 young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to bring to the United States for business and social entrepreneurship training in October and November 2016. YLAI Professional Fellows will become part of the larger YLAI Network, an online space to obtain resources and make regional connections necessary to foster positive change in their local communities. 2 U.S. EMBASSY Belmopan, Belize Office of Public Affairs

Hands Across the Sand 2016
Next Saturday, May 21st, Oceana is doing their Hands Across the Sand initiative, and they'll be in Cayo, at the wooden bridge. Be there at noon if you wish to participate. Say 'no' to offshore oil. Thanks, Oceana! "Join Oceana and our Wavemakers as we host the second annual countrywide 'Hands Across the Sand' in Belize on May 21st at 12 noon. Find your community's designated location on the flyer and come join hands as we stand in solidarity against offshore oil development in Belize's economically important marine environment!"

FREE online college fair for international students Wednesday May 11th
Learn more about studying in the U.S.! Register for this free online college fair NOW! There’s still time to register! Sign up here:

Channel 7

Bulgarian ATM Scammers Busted in Belize
Tonight, two Eastern European men are being held by Belize City police in connection with a massive ATM scam. Now, don't panic - because from what we've learned so far, they didn't scam local accounts, but here's what they did do. The two men from Bulgaria stole ATM pin numbers in another country, then created their own ATM cards, and came to Belize to make huge withdrawals on those cards. As we understand it, all the cards they scammed were international bank cards - meaning they can make withdrawals from any bank, anywhere in the world. And how did they steal the pin numbers? Well, our information says they installed hidden cameras on the ATM's - and got the pin numbers. Again, that did not happen in Belize - those pin numbers were stolen internationally - the scammers just came to Belize to make the withdrawals. According to our information, they conducted hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent transactions - and all that money was withdrawn from the Belize banking system.

Popular Footballer Killed In San Pedro
Police in San Pedro are investigating the murder of Melvin Almendarez, an island football star. He was found dead in the Mosquito Coast Area of South Ambergris Caye. Original reports were that he was shot once to the head, and that the cops had detained a Canadian national for it. But no arrests have been made. And the community is left to speculate, and grieve for the well-loved footballer. Today Emanuel Pech traveled to San Pedro to find out. This is Melvin Almendarez- a 31 year old Honduran National, who moved to Belize over a decade ago with the woman who became his wife and mother of his three kids. He didn't have a regular 8 to 5 job. He worked in San Pedro as a freelance artist and did just about anything to sustain his small family. But if there is anything that Melvin will always be remembered by it is his passion and love for football.

BNTU's Black Friday Rally To Demand That GOB Rescind Sarstoon S.I.
Three weeks ago, the Teachers Union launched its "Stand Up for Belize" education campaign in Benque Viejo. It's a forum on all things related to the Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute, and on Friday, the campaign comes to Belize City. But, this time, the focus is laser sharp on the "Sarstoon SI," which restricts movement of Belizeans through the River that forms Belize's southern border. The Government says that it's just a temporary measure to not jeopardize the fragile negotiations with Guatemala over a peace keeping protocol for the Sarstoon. But the BNTU says, "Baloney!". Belize's most powerful union today joined the PUP and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize in calling for the law to be rescinded. That, and other issues related to the territorial Dispute, are scheduled to be discussed at a rally that the Teachers will hold this Friday. Today, the Leaders of the BNTU called a press conference to inform their membership that the plan has changed for Friday's Teachers Day.

Prensa Libre Says Guat Military Did Weekend Operations on Sarstoon
And while the teachers want the law rescinded - it seems the Guatemalans are just fine with it as is. The Prensa Libre today reported that this weekend, the Guatemalan Army's Caribbean Naval Command and the Marine Brigade did operations in the Sarstoon to, quote, "be prepared for any eventuality in the region." The article explains that go-fast vessels were used to quote, "protect the waters" of the Sarstoon. It adds that the Guatemalan Army had intelligence that NGO's from Belize would go into the Sarstoon on Sunday to plant a flag on the island, so the military was in place, to, quote, "check foreign vessels approaching national waters." The article adds that Guatemalan immigrant and tax officers were also on hand to process any Belizean arriving at the river, to ensure that they had their travel documents.

PUP NPC Makes Demands Of GOB
Well, they might have to get ready to see the PUP - because on Saturday the opposition held a National Party Council meeting - and various party officials made it clear they want to challenge the government and the Guatemalans and go to the Sarstoon. The meeting was held at the Belize Elementary Gym and when it was over, the party chairman gave us a synopsis of the resolutions:... Henry Charles Usher, Chairman - PUP: "The resolution has 6 faucets to it. First of all we condemn the Guatemalan escalation of troops at the border and we require that the Guatemalans de-escalate that immediately. 2.) We demand that the government of Belize rescind the unconstitutional Sarstoon law immediately. 3.) We have gotten approval of the national party council to re-engage with the government when it comes to the national effort, but it has to be done on an item of respect - terms of respect, requirement that the law be rescinded. 4.) That if the law is not rescinded, the People's United Party National Party Council has resolved to travel to the Sarstoon." "In terms of the rescinding of the law, that takes immediate effect. We are requiring or asking or demanding that the government rescinds the law immediately." Jules Vasquez: "And if they don't rescind it, the PUP is going to the Sarstoon. When is there a timeline for that?>"

GOB Tells PUP "No"
The Government issued a response to the PUP resolution this afternoon. It says GOB rejects the PUP demand for the SI to be rescinded. Now, government says that through diplomatic measures, quote, "the military tensions regarding the Sarstoon are no longer as explosive as they were when we passed the Regulation." But the release adds, "until the negotiations actually begin, we are not comfortable enough to conclude that all danger has been eliminated regarding large-scale, civilian political expeditions to the Sarstoon." End quote. But, the release adds, quote, "all non-political, legitimate Belizean civilian traffic into the restricted area will immediately be given lawful proceed. The only requirement for this is that they check in at our Sarstoon Forward Operating Base so that our military can confirm the legitimate nature of their use of the river." End quote. The release adds that on Tuesday, the BDF went upriver to do its normal change-over at Cadenas.

Bustillos Will Be Charged For Double Murder
Andy Bustillos was released from the hospital this evening and, tonight, he has been charged for two counts of murder. The Anchor Security Guard allegedly murdered his ex-common law wife Miriam "Betty" Mai and her sister in law Daisy Miralda on Saturday April 30th. It happened inside Betty's Beauty Salon in Cayo. Mai and Miralda and some friends were inside the salon when Bustillos came in around 5:00 and handed Mai a bag. She refused the bag and he threw it on the floor and shot and killed both Mai and Miralda. He also tried to shoot their other persons in the salon, but the gun jammed and they were able to dash away. Bustillos then shot himself in the head in an apparent suicide attempt. But he survived, and is expected to be arraigned at 10:00 am tomorrow in Cayo.

The Curious Case Of Canadian John Burke
Canadian John Burke is in custody of San Pedro police tonight, and he's a person of interest in an ongoing investigation. But, first, he's been charged for drug related charges. Police say they found an undisclosed amount of drugs on him when he was taken into custody on Saturday night. Information to channel 7 is that he was offered bail but could not meet it, so he remains in custody at the San Pedro Police Station.

Island Cops Say San Pedro Drugs Moving South
And while John Burke may have to answer for other crimes, San Pedro police already have enough on their hands with the island's drug gangs. Last week Tuesday they came up big when they arrested three men for drugs and fire arm offences in the Mosquito Coast Area, at the Southend of the Island. They are 20 year old Christian Espat, 19 year old Rene Kumul Jr., and 20 year old Jose Armando Guillen, all three of them well known to police. Supt. Sandra Bowden - O. C. San Pedro/ Caye Caulker: "Police was patrolling in the south, where they received information of suspicious persons in the area. They visited the area where they detained 3 male persons. They conducted a search on a knapsack which lead to the discovery of 7 -12 gauge cartridges. It also lead to the discovery of a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, 4 other 12 gauge cartridges and one MP-40, 9mm submachine gun. Like I said 3 persons were detained at the time and they have since been arrested and charged for kept prohibited firearm, kept unlicensed firearm without ammunition and also for drug trafficking."

Garbage And The Int'l Cruise Port
Last week Thursday, the management of the Fort Street Tourism Village sent a curt email to its tenants saying abruptly: "the Fort Street Tourism Village is no longer working with the Belize Waste Control." That's after FSTV management told Waste Control not to come back into the village, and to remove their containers. Tenants were told that if they wanted to get rid of their garbage, they would have to do so themselves. That's after a blow-up between FSTV and Waste Control - one that got pretty heated from what we are told. Well today, it seems saner heads prevailed as both sides had in a cordial meeting. But, they still had one big issue: who's going to pay for the 330 cubic yards of garbage generated at the village every month? Waste control says the garbage load far exceeds what the village is paying for - and BWC claims it is losing major revenue every month. Today we spoke to Phillip Willoughby who acted as a mediator:.. Phillip Willoughby, City Councilor: "We came up with a remedy to remedy this impasse between FSTV, the tenants and Belize Waste Control Limited." Jules Vasquez: "Now one week ago you were basically driven from in here. Today you went in here for meetings. Would you say that there's been any type of breakthrough?"

Brown To Face Trial For Castro Headshot
39 year-old Frank Brown, a taxi driver from Belize City, will have to stand trial for the near fatal shooting of 33 year-old Albert Castro which happened in June 2014. A preliminary Inquiry was held today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. That's when the police prosecutor provided the court with all the witness statements and other pieces of evidence that the DPP's Office intends to use against him in the trial. He did not contest any of that evidence, and after the Senior Magistrate reviewed the documents, she ruled that there is a case against him. With that she committed him to stand trial in the June Session of the Supreme Court, which will start on June 21, 2016.

The Update On Refugees
For the past few months, Belmopan Residents have probably seen hundreds of persons lined up in front of the Help for Progress Office on Forest Drive. That's because they've been signing up for refugee status to try to get regularized so that they can legally remain in Belize. For a few months now the Government's own Refugee Committee has been activated after years of dormancy. It has been reviewing applications from persons seeking the refugee status in Belize. But, there are questions coming forward following reports that the refugee application process has been conducted with very little screening, even for persons who have lived illegally in Belize for years. So, for clarification, on last week Thursday, we asked Beverly Castillo, the new Minister responsible for the Immigration Department, about daily influx of persons at the Help for Progress Office. Here's what she had to say on the topic, which up until last week, had not been discussed publicly before. Reporter: "Do we already know how many refugees are currently in Belize?" Hon. Beverly Castillo, Minister Responsible for Immigration: "I am pretty sure that we do not have the precise number and that's the reason for reactivate the Refugee Committee to look at those and that is why you see an influx into the office for the applications. The office last year - was reactivated earlier this year and so that is now where you see the influx."

Maria Marin Moves Over to Refugee Dept
The Head of the Refugee Department which is handling the applications coming in is Maria Marin, who happens to be the former Acting Director of Immigration. As we told you last week Wednesday, she was replaced by Career Foreign Affairs Officer Diana Locke. Marin reported to work at her new post on Thursday, and in the evening, we asked her new boss, Immigration Minister Beverly Castillo, about the need for the change. She told us that the change is an infusion of new blood, and is not in any way a demotion for Maria Marin: Hon. Beverly Castillo, Minister Responsible for Immigration: "I believe that with all that has happened in Immigration, I know that we are in the media spotlight on that matter and for me as the new minister responsible I thought we should inject new blood, bring new focus and move forward in a positive way in trying to restructure, to enhance and to build on what we have in Immigration for improvement of service delivery." Daniel Ortiz: "Can you talk to us about the conversations you've had with Ms. Marin and what was the sentiment she had when you informed her of your decision that a change would be in your mind appropriate?"

The Ride Of Their Lives For A-List Politics And CEO's
We have covered several Cancer awareness rides all across the country but the ride on Saturday was the first of its kind. That's because it was all the CEO's from the various government ministries riding for cancer. The Big Deal CEO Caucus Challenge Ride started at Mile 24 on the George Price Highway and ended at the Agriculture Showgrounds in Belmopan. A few of the participants discussed the importance of this ride and their personal connection with this cause. The CEO Caucus raised $56,666 and the money was divided between the Belize Cancer Society, the Belmopan Cancer Society and the Dangriga Cancer Center. The Caucus plans to make this an annual event.

Woes For Sandhill Mother of Three
A woman and her kids spent Mother's Day in a desperate search for a place to stay after their house was destroyed in a fire. 35 year old Sandhill resident Kafi Davis went to spend Mother's Day in Corozal. But her weekend plans were cut short when she got the call about her burnt house. She and her kids lost everything, and she suspects it was triggered by a domestic dispute. Courtney Weatherburne went to SandHill to find out more: This morning, a small flame still danced among the scorched debris where Kafi Davis's house used to be. Davis moved from Lords Bank to live here on her mother in law's land in Sandhill. She lived with her husband and 3 kids. But during their 9 years of marriage, she said they have been through a lot and he just recently moved out of the house. Voice of: Kafi Davis, House Burnt Down: "We just could not see eye to eye because of his alcohol abuse. We've been together almost 10 years, 9 years. In that 9 years we had a lot of difficulties, a lot of ups and downs like a rollercoaster ride." According to Davis all those "up's and down's" are what led to her house being burnt down early Sunday morning, luckily neither she nor the kids were in the house.

Yoga Instructors Trained
Yoga, its proponents tell us that from ancient times, it's been providing physical, mental and spiritual wellness. And, now, yoga is gaining popularity in Belize, and along with that comes a demand for more trained instructors. And that's why today, The Om Shanti Belize Yoga School, based in Belize City, was excited to graduate its first cohort of internationally trained instructors. We stopped by and found a familiar face among the 4 graduates. Here's what they told us about the milestone they achieved: As you heard, these 4 newly certified instructors will be able to teach Yoga anywhere in the world.

Channel 5

B.N.T.U. to Stand Up for Belize on Teachers Day
There is mounting opposition against the controversial Sarstoon Law, which came into effect on April twenty-ninth and was essentially designed to prevent an expedition of the Belize Territorial Volunteers. But [...]

Teachers Union Demands the Immediate Withdrawal of Sarstoon Law
While the union has only just formulated a position to repeal the Sarstoon Law over the weekend, it is prepared to return to its executive should the Barrow Administration refuse [...]

What’s the Next Step for B.N.T.U. if G.O.B. Refuses to Rescind Statutory Instrument?
So, with all the talk of parading through the streets of Belize City on Friday, what else is on the union’s itinerary for Teachers Day?  Palacio told the media this [...]

P.U.P. National Party Council Meets in Belize City Over the Weekend…
Still on the issue of the controversial Sarstoon Law….as we said, the People’s United Party held its first National Party Council meeting at the Belize Elementary Auditorium. The N.P.C. discussed [...]

N.P.C. Demands Rescission of Contentious Sarstoon Law
In his press conference last week Prime Minister Dean Barrow claimed that if the P.U.P. goes to the Sarstoon it could undermine all the progress that has been made in [...]

G.O.B. Rejects P.U.P. Demand to Remove Controversial Legislation
The government of Belize has rejected the P.U.P.’s demand to rescind the Sarstoon Prohibition Regulation, via a release interestingly titled Government Announces Limited Access to Sarstoon. The release clarifies that [...]

Guatemala Customs & Immigration Deployed to Sarstoon
Government says it is cautiously optimistic about progress to solve the situation at the Sarstoon. But the Guatemalan military is not indicating any such optimism. Over the weekend, press reports [...]

A Football Player is Slain on La Isla Bonita
The last time we reported on a murder in San Pedro AC was back in March of this year. It appeared that violence and crime were on pause, but on [...]

Drugs and Firearms Seized on San Pedro, Several Persons Arrested
Also on the island, police have made a significant firearm bust. Last Tuesday, a high-powered MP-Forty submachine gun was found south of San Pedro Town in an area known as [...]

Alrick Smith Targeted by Gunman in Ladyville
He has been in the news in recent months for a number of criminal offences, including attempted murder and drug trafficking. But on Friday night, the notorious Alrick Smith, aka [...]

Belize City Taximan to Stand Trial for Attempted Murder
A Belize City taxi driver will stand trial in the June session of the Supreme Court for the attempted murder of a taxi operator. At the end of a preliminary [...]

Guatemalan Tour Guide Arraigned for Theft of Vehicle in Benque Viejo
A brazen thief stole a 2014 Mazda pick-up truck from Police Superintendent Selvin Tillett who heads the Orange Walk formation. The incident happened back on February fourteenth; Tillett was robbed [...]

No Charges for Arenal Seven

The Story of Refugees and Amnesty in Belize
Last week News Five delved into the story of local refugee slash amnesty program which has been in effect since November of last year, completely under the radar. We got [...]

N.T.U.C.B. President Says He Learned About Amnesty Program on the Local News
There you have it…a refugee program with exceptional oversight from a committee which includes the social partners – Churches, unions and business sector. So we decided to check with the [...]

What’s the Union’s Role on Refugee Committee?
Mora promised to conduct an immediate internal check to determine the union’s role, if any, on any committee dealing with the registration of refugees under any current refugee program.   [...]

BWC and FSTV Mend Fences…
On Thursday, we reported of an impasse between the Fort Street Tourism Village and Belize Waste Control Limited, involving the cost of garbage collection from tenants at FSTV.  BWC complained [...]

Garbage Collection to Resume at Fort Street Tourism Village
According to General Manager George Lamb, BWC was in the process of ironing out the details of a new arrangement with FSTV.  He told News Five that services would have [...]

Football and Basketball Stats in Weekend Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Game 2 of the NEBL Championship series saw Smart Belize Hurricanes confidently sail to scenic San Pedro Saturday night [...]


Is Commercial Free Zone On The Verge Of Closing?
A report issued recently by the Mexican news page ‘La Verdad TV’ alleges that entrepreneurs from the Corozal Free Zone have been informed by the government of Belize and the administration of the free zone, that they face the imminent risk of the commercial area closing down, due to the difficulties being faced at the time by the banking sector as it relates to closing ties with US correspondent banks. According to the report, the Central Bank of Belize has lost correspondents with at least three major banks in the United States, including City Bank and Chase Manhattan, which handled transactions of merchants with their suppliers in the free zone. In the report the reason given for the loss of correspondent banking is, because Belize is recorded in the 2013 Red List of the Financial Action Task Force (GIFE) in Central America and the Caribbean, on suspicion of money laundering.

Drunken Brawl Nearly Leads To Death
Tonight twenty five year old Linsford Daniel Rabateau, a resident of #2 Otro Benque Road, is tonight recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was stabbed with an ice pick. Reports are that at about 7:00 on Saturday night, Rabateau along with three other friends were playing checkers at a residence located in the village of Trial Farm in Orange Walk and were consuming alcohol when an altercation broke out between Rabateau and twenty six year old Ruben Perez. CTV3 News understands that both men were arguing about issues concerning their respective jobs and that is when the situation escalated as Perez inflicted a stab wound to the right side of Rabateau’s chest puncturing his lung. Rabateau was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he underwent surgery for the punctured lung. He was then transported to the KHMH where he is currently listed in a stable condition.

Has Tensions De-escalated At The Sarstoon?
In their release issued this afternoon responding to the PUP’s demand to rescind the Public Safety Act regulations introduced on Friday, April 29th, GOB makes mention that they are of the opinion that the military tensions regarding the Sarstoon are no longer as explosive as they were when the Sarstoon law was passed. But have tensions really de-escalated? We question that statement especially after reading a report issued by La Prensa Libre of Guatemala. The newspaper reports that immediately after receiving word that Non-governmental organizations from Belize were planning to visit the Sarstoon this past Sunday with the intention of installing a flag on the Sarstoon Island, members of the Guatemalan Navy, and soldiers were deployed to the area. Similarly, employees of the Directorate General of Migration and Tax Administration arrived at the area to check on the visitor’s relevant documentation for their immigration status. At the end the report states that the Navy received word that the NGO’s would no longer carry out the trip to the Sarstoon out of respect for the Sarstoon Law imposed by GOB for one month but organize differently to accomplish its mission.

PUP Passes Six Motion And Demands That The Sarstoon Law Be Rescinded
On Saturday the people’s United Party held its first National Party Council meeting under its new administration since the national convention, and the main topic of discussion was Guatemala’s claim over the Sarstoon and GOB’s decision to implement the statutory instrument that impedes Belizeans from entering the Sarstoon. During their meeting the People’s United passed a very important resolution that includes six main points that essentially highlights their disapproval for the Public Safety Act regulations introduced on Friday, April 29, restricting movement in the Sarstoon and calls on GOB to rescind the law. Henry Charles- People’s United Party Party Chairman: “A very critical resolution was passed this morning and the resolution has six faucets to it; first of all we condemn the Guatemalan escalation of troops at the border and we require that the Guatemalan de-escalate that immediately. (2) We demand that the Government of Belize rescind the unconstitutional Sarstoon Law immediately. (3) We have gotten the approval of the National Party Council to reengage with the government when it comes to the National Effort when it has to be done on items and terms of respect, the requirement that the law be rescinded. (4) That if the law if not rescinded the People’s United Party, Party Council has resolved to travel to the Sarstoon and finally the amendment made this morning was that the Area Representatives of the People’s United Party be respected in their various constituencies and that the system of caretakers be abolished immediately.”

OWTC To Celebrate Mothers Day
Tomorrow Belizeans will celebrating Mother’s Day…..a special day that is set aside to honour and cherish all mothers for their continuous support and unconditional love. Here in Orange Walk the town council will be hosting their annual Mother’s Day Program tomorrow at the Central Park where a number of activities are scheduled to take place in which mothers will have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes. Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town: “Every year we try to do something to celebrate with our mothers, you know our mothers are very special to every children in this world, they come from a mother, one that cares one that has nurtured us and so the Council feels that it is very important that we continue again in the tradition, what we will be doing tomorrow is having a short mass at five o’clock...”

BNTU Scraps Teachers Day And Plans Rally
The People’s United Party is not the only one that wants the Sarstoon law to be revoked……so does the Belize National Teachers Union. Following a heated discussion, the BNTU’s council of management agreed to scrap its annual Teachers' Day celebrations and replaced it with a rally as part of its ongoing "Stand up for Belize" campaign in Belize City. Luke Palacio – President of BNTU: “The Belize National Teachers Union and its council of management meeting held out on Saturday decided that instead of celebrating our teacher’s day in the manner that we had originally planned we are going to continue the stand up for Belize campaign with a rally here in Belize City on Friday march 13th. Our council has agreed that this time instead of celebrating teachers day the way we usually do, and let me make it absolutely clear, the discussion was lengthy and heated because a number of our branches had already had plans as to what they would have been doing for teachers day but none the less they have agreed by the majority to come to Belize City for this rally that we intent to have on Friday.”

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Leaves Country To Seek Medical Attention
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to attend a medical appointment. According to the Press Office the P.M is scheduled to return to Belize on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. During his absence, the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development will act as Prime Minister.

GOB Says Sarstoon Law Stands But Makes Exceptions
And GOB did adhere to the PUP’s demands…..well….at least when it comes to the request for an immediate response. Before one this afternoon fired off a release where they are rejecting the PUP’s demand for the immediate rescission of the Sarstoon Prohibition Regulation. While the Sarstoon Law remains in vigor, GOB does state in their release that all non-political, legitimate Belizean civilian traffic into the restricted area will immediately be given lawful authority, under the Regulation, to proceed. But there is a requirement and that is for Belizeans to check in at the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base so that the military can confirm the legitimate nature of their use of the river.

Zumba Invasion Raises More Than Five Thousand Dollars For Cancer Group
On Friday the Crystal Palace Auditorium came to life as hundreds of Orange Walkenos came out for the 2016 Zumba Invasion dance party. As we reported, the event was organized with the main objective being to raise funds to offer assistance to the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group. Today, organizers of the event proudly handed over a check amounting to five thousand two hundred and eleven dollars to the president of the Orange Walk Cancer support group, Badhra Coleman, who expressed her immense gratitude at the generous donation that will greatly assist many individuals who are currently in the fight against cancer. Badhra Coleman- President- Cancer Support group “I am very happy that Margie and Divas Under Construction took out this time to do this fund raising for us and you know that every little bit counts and five thousand dollars is a lot and it is going to go a long way with our patients.”


Belize District Teachers Meet in Prayer at Bird’s Isle
Teachers within the Belize District converged at the Bird’s Isle Court this afternoon to join in their annual Ecumenical Service as part of Education Week 2016. Katherine Flowers is the head of the Belize District Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union; in speaking with Love News, she noted that this event is crucial for […]

Guatemalan Gold Panners Continue to Desecrate the Chiquibul Reserve
Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) reported this week that Guatemalan Gold Hunters, known in Spanish as ‘Oreros’ have devised creative ways on how to reach gold reserves higher in the mountain. FCD reported that on April 16, a resident of a Guatemalan Village, El Naranjon, Juan Che Zuc was detained and he confessed that […]

45-Year-Old Home Collapses in the City
This morning a house on Racecourse Street, Belize City, collapsed. A family of three had been residing in the home. One person was in the home when it collapsed, luckily no one got hurt. One of the occupants of the house, Dennis Lucario told us the building had been there since 1971. He told us […]

Teachers Will Rally for Belize’s Sovereignty
Coming out of last Saturday’s meeting of the Belize National Teachers Union is the organization of a rally in Belize City with the participation of teachers from around the country. It is an event being planned against the tradition of having the teachers getting some sun and fun but President Luke Palacio says it was […]

Coronado and Prado Face Drug Charges
Nineteen year old Darwin Prado, a construction worker of Marage Road, Ladyville, charged with drug trafficking for two hundred and thirty four grams of cannabis, was fined ten thousand dollars today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he pled guilty to the charge. Prado was given until September 30 to pay. If he defaults on payment he […]


Police update on Camalote double murder investigation
Police say they have someone detained in relation to the Camalote double murder that claimed the lives of [AKEEM THIMBREL PIC] cousins Akeem Thmbrell and Shawn Lopez. [SAHWN LOPEZ PIC] The two men were gunned down as they walked on a street in Camalote village on Sunday night. Police say they have made some headway they believe and have boost patrols in the Camalote area which led to the discovery of two weapons in the Camalote area. Sr. Supt Howell Gillett, OC Belmopan Police: The specialized units of this area have taken off two guns off the street, an AK47 and a pump 12 shot gun, so we’re happy for those two recovery of weapons from the streets, that makes it a lot safer. Both weapons have been packaged and they will be sent to the forensic laboratory for testing. They will be tested against those ballistic information that were gathered from all those previous murders to compare them for comparison purposes.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

After Shyne’s house broken into, man accuses police of brutality
A few days ago, the home of the Prime Minister’s son, Shyne Barrow in the Buttonwood Bay area of Belize City was broken into. Officer Commanding Precinct 4, Senior Superintendent Lynden Flowers said police are still investigating and have detained some persons for questioning. […]

New Magistrate sworn in
This past Friday, new Magistrate Emmertice Emmerita Anderson, a native of Roaring Creek, Cayo District, was sworn in by Chief Justice, Kenneth A. Benjamin. Anderson is the ex-wife of former Belize Director of Public Prosecutions, now judge of the Jamaican Supreme Court, Kirk Anderson, and is currently common law wife of Richard Flowers […]

Tropic continues to give back
Making its way across the country and giving generous donations along the way, Tropic Air’s fundraising campaign entitled “#TropicGivesBack”, handed over a check of $450 to the Octavia Waight Centre in San Ignacio, Cayo District. The check was handed over last Friday after $1 […]

Girl, 14, reported missing since Saturday evening
Kimberly Mejia, a 14-year-old student of Progresso Village in the Cayo District, was reported missing00 on Saturday evening, his daughter left home and has not been seen or heard from […]

BNTU gives up Teachers’ Day over Guatemala claim
Following a heated discussion, the Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) has agreed to forgo its annual Teachers’ Day celebrations in favor of a rally as part of its ongoing “Stand up for Belize” campaign in Belize City. The Union has also called for the […]

Guatemalan tour guide remanded to prison for robbery
A Guatemalan tour guide of Melchor de Mencos has been remanded to prison after being arrested and charged by police for robbery on Friday. Bryan Geovanny Corado, 21, reportedly held Superintendent Selvin Tillet at gunpoint on February 14th and stole his Mazda pickup truck […]

Belize’s coral reef captured from space by NASA astronaut
NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, who is currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS), posted stunning images and video of the bright coral reefs off the coast of Belize City to his social media page over the weekend. “Good Morning! Beautiful Belize coastal waters, where Central America […]

“No” for now to removing Sarstoon restriction, says GOB
While rejecting the demand made by the People’s United Party (PUP) for the immediate rescission of the Sarstoon Prohibition Regulation, the Government of Belize has announced that, quote, all non-political, legitimate Belizean civilian traffic into the restricted area will immediately be given lawful authority, […]

Is the Belize Tourism Board dysfunctional?
What is tourism? There are several definitions, however, I am going to use this definition – “the promotion of tourist travel, especially for commercial purposes.” The Minister of Tourism is the elected official, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. According to the Ministry of Tourism, […]

Police investigate latest San Pedro murder
Investigations into the death of San Pedro resident, Melvin Almendarez, are ongoing after his body was discovered near a sports bar south of San Pedro Town. It was on Friday night at around 11:39 p.m. that police received information of a body being found, which was […]

Man arrested for weed in Belize city
Police on motorcycle patrol Saturday morning in Belize City, stopped and searched 27-year-old Carlos Roland Coronado who was seen walking on Armadillo Street with a cream plastic container in his hand. Inside that container, officers found two black plastic bags with a total of […]

Man stabbed with ice pick in Orange Walk
An Orange Walk man was detained by police on Saturday night for the stabbing of 25-year-old Linsford Daniel Rabateu, with an ice pick while socializing at a friend’s residence. Officers visited the Northern Regional Hospital at around 7:15 p.m. and saw Rabateu with a […]

Ryan Alvarez, Patrick Castillo to be tried for murder
Almost a month ago, 22 year old Devon Sankey, on remand for six months for the murder of 55 year old Edward Albert Robinson, and the attempted murder of notorious street figure, 33 year old Jamil Betancourt which occurred on October 20, 2015 in the North […]


Jalapeño Cheese Bagels
No Stand mixer needed. This is the easiest way to make fantastic Jalapeño Cheese Bagels. You will be making these or a variation of these over and over again.

How About a Shout-out for Belize’s Community Baboon Sanctuary?
If you’d like to meet Belize’s most enigmatic primates, plan to spend time at the nation’s Community Baboon Sanctuary. Bermudian Landing is the site of the main sanctuary, but the Creole villages that have joined the effort to nurture Black Howler Monkeys include Flowers Bank, Double Head Cabbage, Scotland Half-moon, Isabella Bank and Big Falls/St. Paul’s Bank. The reserve runs along the banks of the Belize River and it’s the pride and joy of landowners who have committed to maintaining this area for this species and other local wildlife, flora and fauna. The Sanctuary is located just 30 miles from Belize City. Ask your lodgings host to arrange a formal tour that includes transport to and from the site, or you can rent a car to make the 30 mile drive. With an estimated 1500 howlers roaming the 20 square mile epicenter of the CBS, you’ll probably hear them before you see them!

Ever heard of the Forest Trust of 1922?
By the early 1900s, it was commonly known that the primary hardwoods such as mahogany and cedar had been cut over multiple times on many mahogany works in Belize. A report commissioned by the Colonial Research Committee between 1920 and 1921 (The Hummel Report of 1921) confirmed that much of the accessible Crown lands of the colony were seriously depleted of mahogany and that the chicle industry was in decline because of unsustainable tapping methods. A four-pronged forest policy elaborated by the Hummel Report included efforts to (1) decrease the costs of extraction using better logging methods, (2) use silvicultural management of mahogany in favourable areas, (3) develop the secondary species and (4) improve communication in the colony through more systematic exploitation and less “hand-to-mouth” forestry. In line with these new goals, the Forest Trust was established in April of 1922 with Cornelius Hummel as the first Conservator of Forests. Shortly after, five forest reserves were declared: Silk Grass Reserve, Punta Gorda Reserve, Belize Pine Reserve, Sibun-Stann Creek Reserve and Tillett’s Pond Reserve (adjacent to the Botanical Garden in the Belize District). The Freshwater Creek Reserve was added in Corozal in 1926. These reserves were created to improve the sustainability of wood extraction and implement the first attempts at forestry science in Belize. The first effort in scientific forestry was the devising of a method of mahogany silviculture at the Botanical Station on the Belize River. These initial experiments were the basis for further research in the area of mahogany and sapodilla improvement in Belize. Apart from the Botanical Station, efforts in scientific forestry extraction focused on exploration, silvicultural improvements, secondary species and fire control. The Forest Trust eventually became Belize’s Forestry Department.

THE National Tapir Day Party at the Belize Zoo – Cake, Chocolate and, of couse, Tapirs
Badass Auntie here, reporting for San Pedro Scoop. It’s an honour and a privilege to be bringing you the story from Belize Zoo’s celebration of National Tapir Day, or as I like to call it – the day I get peed on by a mountain cow. I had more than one badass mission to complete though and the most important was a delivery of handmade chocolate tapirs from The Belize Chocolate Factory in my special chicken bag. More about those later. Let’s start like normal people do – from my arrival at the zoo. Something about this bus made me think I was in the right place. I must admit that I’m a bit of a Belize Zoo groupie and so I was excited to be greeted by the first caged animal I always see when I arrive, Edson, the every cheerful guy who will sell you your tickets into the best little zoo in the world. Although it was a tapir jubilee at the zoo today, I have the sneaking suspicion they don’t have any tapir outfits in which to dress unsuspecting volunteers. For people, who I know were fast on their way to dehydration, they were having a little bit too much fun on the bouncy castle. Seriously, as soon as adults are in a country that doesn’t ban them from the children’s play areas, this is what happens.

International Sourcesizz

Forgotten Mayan city 'discovered' in Central America by 15-year-old boy
A 15-year-old boy believes he has discovered a forgotten Mayan city using satellite photos and Mayan astronomy. William Gadoury, from Quebec, came up with the theory that the Maya civilization chose the location of its towns and cities according to its star constellations. He found Mayan cities lined up exactly with stars in the civilization's major constellations. Studying the star map further, he discovered one city was missing from a constellation of three stars. Using satellite images provided by the Canadian Space Agency and then mapped on to Google Earth, he discovered the city where the third star of the constellation suggested it would be. William has named the yet-to-be explored city in the Yucatan jungle K'aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire. Daniel De Lisle, from the Canadian Space Agency, said the area had been difficult to study because of its dense vegetation.

Local team gets radar training in Belize
A local team comprised of Technical Engineer Michael Carey from Cayman Islands National Weather Service, Earl Lindo from the Cayman Islands Airports Authority and Danny Salmon from Aviation Communication was sent to Belize to partcipate in a training workshop for technical support of the Weather Radar from 14-15 April. The workshop was facilitated by the Belize National Weather Service and funded by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The training was provided by SELEX, the manufacturer of a number of weather radars installed across the Caribbean. The week-long training session was repeated over two weeks and afforded the opportunity for the Cayman representatives to participate in hands-on training utilising the Belize Weather Radar.

ELC worth supporting
To say that I have not traveled widely is an understatement. At home in the West for 60 years, I have been east of the Rockies on only one occasion and barely across our southern border on two others. Some 10 years ago when financial fortune smiled on me, however briefly, I took my family to Belize. Why Belize? Three reasons: coral reefs, tropical forests and because English is the official language there. You see, I am a "cultural chicken." I don't want to go anywhere that I can't understand what people are saying about me and where I can't easily convey my immediate needs. Just too scary, it's vacation after all. Yet every year, thousands of brave people from all over the world come to America not for vacation, but to escape poverty, war and repression, to find economic opportunity and to give their children a chance at a better life through education and hard work. Cultural chickens they are not. Key to their success integrating into our communities is learning our language, and English is a very difficult language to learn, especially for adults.


  • Belize trip 2016. Creative Tours and Coco Beach, 15min.

  • Belize taxi drivers, 1.5min.

  • Belize Audubon Society Activities 14, 4.5min.

  • Belize Zoo Celebrates National Tapir Day, 1min.

  • Diving in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Belcampo Belize, 2min. Take a tour of Belcampo Belize, located in Punta Gorda, Belize and watch how coffee goes from a bean to your cup. Coffee experts will take you through the process of roasting to brewing. After your tour, enjoy a pound of coffee that you roasted yourself.

  • STD 5 STUDENTS DEBATE ON THE LONG STANDING TERRITORIAL AND MARITIME DISPUTE TO THE ICJ, 3.5min. One of the most controversial and most discussed topics at this moment is the long standing territorial and maritime claim that Guatemala has over Belize and whether this claim should be settled at the International Court of Justice. As a mean of educating their students on this topic of national importance and in commemoration of education week, teachers at the San Jose Government School organized a friendly debate among the standard five students.

  • LA VOZ KARAOKE 2016 - WEEK 4 GROUP B, 2.25 hours.

  • Humpback Whale Necropsy, Belize, 2min. The Toledo Institute of Development and Environment investigates why the first ever humpback whale to be spotted in Belizean waters has died.

  • The Beer Diaries World Tour: Belize - Belikin Full Tour, 21min. The Beer Diaries is proud to present The Beer Diaries World Tour: Belize, a series dedicated to using beer as an introduction to history, culture and the geo-political state of countries around the world. In this episode, host Mike Mann tours Belikin Beer with Nolan Michael, Head Brewer of Belize Brewing Company, discussing his journey, the art of brewing and the beer portfolio of The Beer of Belize. Additionally, Mike visits with Shelly Bowen-Stonesifer, Head of Marketing for Bowen and Bowen/Belikin, about the origins of the companies name, along with the social responsibility her company has to the people of Belize.

  • Randy ' house San Pedro Belize, 3.5min.

  • Diving South Water Caye Belize, 7min. First honeymoon dives at Caribo and Jason's Wall near South Water Caye on May 2nd 2016. 70 ft. dive and 60 ft. dive 45 mins.

  • Belize Night Snorkel 2016 Hol Chan, 3.5min. Night Snorkel at Hol Chan. 1-4-2016.

    May 9, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Letter to the Editor: Leaving us in the dust
    Dear Editor, We had booked several miles South of San Pedro. We had a 5 minute dirt road drive. Over and over, we and all other golf cart tourists had to endure speeding vehicles and by masses. Cars, small trucks, large 8 cylinder SUVs and taxis left us behind in dust clouds caused through their speeds of up to 50 miles, all on a dirt road. These drivers had no regards for us and clearly showed no respect for us tourists. Plus there were large sand trucks again and again, all day, ALL with too high speeds and ALL developing even much more dust. This is not only unhealthy but plainly “disgusting” during a vacation. Only our 11 year old found that extremely cool: “Mommy, this is like in “Mad Max Fury Road” he smiled when a large sand truck passed us with about double the speed than our golf cart could go, forcing an extremely huge and dense dust cloud on us. Yes, if just all your tourists would be as young and naive as our boy. Unfortunately for you, we “the adults” had long decided that such unhealthy conditions we would never want again for another vacation. We are disgusted about these ugly conditions forced on us defenseless tourists. But we tourists are not all defenseless: Our ratings on all travel related online media will be our pay back. We have already planned out next trip to the tropics (Holbox Island, Yucatan Mexico), to a real golf cart island with no cars or trucks during main business hours.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: The Arms of Another Woman
    “Hey, Mr. Dennis. Can you help me out?” “Sure, Pascal,” I said. “I’ll help you if I can.” “I do a lot of things with the Lion’s Club. Back home in my village I am the president of the chapter. Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s a really big deal where I live. I usually only speak to forty or fifty people at the Lion’s Club but on Mother’s Day all eight hundred people in the village will be there. I need some help with my speech.” “How can I help you?” “I need a joke for Mother’s Day but I can’t remember jokes and I tell them really bad. You got any Mother’s Day jokes?” “How is this?” I asked. “Start your speech by saying, ‘The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who was not my wife.’ You stop for a minute and then say, ‘She was my mother.’”

    Police Report
    Found Property: Fire Arm. On Saturday, April 30th, the San Pedro Police, supervised by Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott, Police Constable (PC) Lewis #2063 and PC Magana #2070, acting upon information received at 6:50PM, visited an open area on the right hand side of the first street in the San Mateo Area, San Pedro Town. PC Magana discovered a Smith and Wesson .22 revolver, 10 shooter with white ivory handle, to which the .22 revolver was wrapped up in a pink kitchen cloth.
    Found Property: Controlled Drugs. On Saturday 30th April 2016 around 5:50pm, Police Constable (PC) Tyrell Lewis #2063 and Eduardo Magana were conducting foot patrol in the San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town. PC Lewis observed a black plastic bag near some lumber in an abandon lot located at the back street of San Pedrito area. PC Lewis retrieved the black plastic bag and opened it, where he observed some green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis.

    Doctor Love: Stuck
    Dear Doctor Love, I have been living in Belize for nearly five months. I met a lady soon after I got here and we had a brief relationship but I could tell from the first that it was not going to last. It’s not that I am looking for something permanent but I do like the idea of having a steady girlfriend. Four weeks ago I met a Belizean girl and we went out altogether five times. Two weeks later she showed up on my doorstep with a suitcase. She said that she can’t afford to stay in her apartment anymore and she wants to stay with me. It is either that or she has to move back to the mainland. I told her that she is welcome to stay with me a couple of weeks until she finds something else. So far she hasn’t even been looking for another place. She seems to have settled in quite nicely in mine. She cooks and washes clothes and generally makes herself useful around the place. To be honest it is kind of nice having her around the house. Now, a friend of mine is telling me to be careful. He says she is trying to get her hooks into me. According to him if she lives with me for even a short time she can claim common-law marriage. She will have rights just like a wife so if she gets pregnant I will have to pay alimony and child support. Also, she is entitled to a share of my property if we split. This shakes me up. The last thing I want is to get married. Is what my friend tells me true? How can I get rid of her with the least bit of bother? /s/ Stuck

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Mother's Day Dinner at DuPlooy's on Tuesday
    Happy Mother's Day! DuPlooy's is having a special Mother's Day dinner on Tuesday, May 10th. Celebrate your mother, and make her day special.

    Bird rescue in under 12 minutes
    Neighbor called me. They have an injured bird. I arrive, its a Pygmy Owl.

    The Reporter

    CARICOM signs energy MOU
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is making steps towards cleaner, more sustainable energy within the region, through a new Memorandum of Understanding signed with three partner organizations. CARICOM signed the MOU this past week with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the United States Department of Energy (USDoE). According to the IDB, the MOU is geared towards to increasing energy security, reducing energy vulnerability, and promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon technologies in the region. As a part of the agreement, CARICOM member states will receive non-reimbursable technical assistance and programmes to promote knowledge exchanges, capacity building activities, and to help mobilize technical expertise The MOU will be followed by an action plan, where the four institutions will detail specific actions and timelines for each, along with planned collaborative activities and success indicators.

    HelpAge fundraiser honors Dr. Jane Usher
    HelpAge Belize, in collaboration with the Belize Social Security Board and Holy Redeemer Credit Union, held a fundraiser dinner honoring outstanding Belizean, Dr. Jane Usher. Funds raised at the event, held at the Old Belize Jungle Pavilion on Saturday night, will be used to sustain one of HelpAge’s most vital services, its Home Care Program. Chairman of HelpAge’s Board of Directors, Evan Dakers, explained that the service is important because their staff goes into the homes of elderly persons, many of whom live alone, to provide assistance they would have otherwise not had access to. “The staff goes into the homes and provides things like baths and first aid, they help to move the persons so they don’t get pressure sores from lying in bed too long, and things like that,” Dakers said. He added that while the organization charges a minimal fee, it does not refuse anyone who cannot pay, which makes the fundraiser all the more important. HelpAge conducts the home care program four times a week.


    Snapshots Around Belize – There is Always a Ton Going On
    I take a TON of pictures…you probably see about 5%…or less. And you are lucky for that. But here are some random others, from some great photographers on Instagram and from me, of what’s going on in Belize. It’s part of my love affair with Instagram…search for the keyword #Belize…and you can find out what tons of people are up to. Many with gorgeous photos. The company Boteboards just left Ambergris Caye yesterday but they had four amazing days with a SERIOUSLY fantastic photographer and film crew fishing and SUPing (is that a verb?) both sides of our caye.

    Kids Will Go Wild Over Belize’s Green Iguana Conservation Projec
    Who says you have to take the kids to expensive 3D films to see what life on Earth looked like millions of years ago? Save the cash and use it to bring them to Belize to meet the relatives of these scale-covered creatures in person at the Green Iguana Conservation Project instead. You’re welcome to accompany them and share the journey back in time, and if your trip to Belize happens to stimulate your kid’s brains, don’t be surprised if they actually look forward to geology and science classes in the future. This landmark conservation project has no equal in the Caribbean, so you get to see the fleshed out image Miriam Roberson and Daniel Velasquez had for an Iguana refuge back in 1996. Concerned that these reptiles were decreasing in alarming numbers, these two ecological seers launched a movement that culminated with the establishment of the Green Iguana Conservation Project headquartered at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Years have passed. As Iguana populations are restored, the behaviors of these scaly creatures have been chronicled, showcased and explored at what is currently ranked the #1 attraction in San Ignacio! If you’re flush, fly into San Ignacio via Belize City with Tropic Air. Alternately, rent a car and take the fully-paved Western Highway to San Ignacio. Be prepared to traverse one-way bridges coming and going. You can try the bus system from Belize City, but if you prefer a less-crowded option, taxis, rental cars, minivans and shuttles are good transportation choices.

    Pool Project - Week Eight
    It was estimated at the onset of this project that work would be completed by the end of last week. The crew is very close, but holidays and whatnot have pushed the end date to sometime this week. And even though this was a short week (Monday was a holiday), the crew accomplished quite a bit. Most of the wood frames for the screens have been assembled. We should start to see them going in tomorrow. Gutters have been made and installed. They are made from PVC pipe and, if you look closely at the top picture, the guys cut a narrow channel on the top. Water collects from the roof, but minimal debris. Pretty clever. Painting is almost done, including the exterior and interior of the pump house.

    International Sourcesizz

    I Met Belize’s Next Dictator
    It all began one afternoon. I had just gotten on a plane leaving Belize, when a woman sat down next to me... with a one year old baby. At first, I was worried the child would be an issue, but it turned out that the kid, Ajax, was a dream — the woman was a nightmare. She began asking me about my major, my school, my future, my trip to Belize. I tend to maintain a healthy distance from my flying partners, but I responded politely; I told her I was a cognitive science major at UCLA with no plans for the future, visiting Belize for the first time. I returned her question in kind: “Is this your first time to Belize?” No, she had a home with her husband there; they visited often. She told me she had, in fact, given birth to both Ajax and Lisa, her daughter, in Belize. When I asked her why, she answered that she wanted them to have dual citizenship, just in case “anything went south” in America. This seemed strange, but potentially logical to me. When I asked her why they had chosen Belize, she said that they almost chosen Bolivia, but Belize was closer. Additionally, Belizean officials were incredibly corrupt and easy to buy off; they would do almost anything for $1,000. In fact, her husband and his friends were sure the government could be overthrown with “200 people or less”.

    Nonstop Flights to Belize
    Bursting with lush and diverse wildlife both under the sea in its coral reefs and above white sand shores in its rainforests, Belize is the ideal destination for travelers who love to explore. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of non-stop flights to help you get there, so that you can start planning your adventure today. Delta Airlines flies from Los Angeles to Belize on Saturdays in January-August and October-December. Delta offers one daily flight from Atlanta to Belize year-round, as well as two other flights that depart on Saturdays only. United Airlines has two flights from Houston to Belize year-round. United flies from Chicago to Belize on Saturday year-round.

    Release your inner Robinson Crusoe and find your very own paradise
    Banded by coral reef, Bird Island — a 20-minute boat trip from Placencia on the Belize coast — is a nature-filled haven. Swim, snorkel, paddle-board, fish or just flop about. INSIDER TIP: The owner, Fred, is on hand to offer tours of the area. DETAILS: Bird Island, Belize costs £249 per night, three nights minimum stay Price includes boat travel from Placencia. It accommodates up to six and has wi-fi. It’s self-catering and supplies are available in Placencia. Flights to Belize City via Houston cost from £539 return,

    New World Oil To Move Away From Energy And Into Data Services (ALLISS)
    New World Oil & Gas PLC Monday said it may be moving away from the oil and gas sector after signing an agreement to potentially complete a reverse takeover of a data services company, in a deal which could include a fundraising. New World Oil underwent significant change in the second half of 2015 after a shareholder action group successfully called for a board reshuffle and the company has been quiet after admitting there had been no new developments on its onshore oil project in Belize since last October. The Blue Creek project is New World's only significant asset and the licence was extended in late 2015, the same time when the company decided to relinquish its licenses in Denmark. However, the deal Monday suggests the company is hoping to offload Blue Creek and move away from the oil and gas sector entirely.

    Mahahual fishing tournament
    Belize team "Aaliyah Marley" makes Mexican headlines for topping first day of Mahahual fishing tournament. Final results at the end of the day.


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  • Belize coastline and barrier reefs. - NASA, 45sec. Set sail down the Belize coastline, enjoy the coral reefs along the way.

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  • Belize, 4min.

  • VLOG: Belize, 6min. Moving back to Belize. This is the start of the rest of my life.

  • 2016-04-22 Belize, 4min. Visiting Ambergris Caye, Belize with my brother Sean and his wife Christine. We dove Hol Chan, snorkled Shark Ray Alley and Mexico Rocks, and did some fishing and dined on our fresh catch on a private beach. Do yourself a favor and visit Belize.

  • Belize, 5min. Flying above Belize City on our way to San Pedro Island.

  • Joy Ride in Belize, 7min. Join us for a humorous, suspenseful story of our road trip in Northern Belize.

  • The Crew Episode 42 [ Belize ], 5min. The Crew re-organises for their next job in Belize. New crew members are introduced but not before a long transit to San Ignacio.

  • Eagle Rays Belize, 1.5min. 4 Eagle Rays in Belize.

  • Eagle Rays Belize, 1min. 4 Eagle Rays in Belize.

  • Belize Shark Dive, 2min. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize - Shark Ray Alley.

  • Belize Air Boat Ride, 2min. Taking a tour on an air boat thru the swamp waters of Belize.

  • Belize Scuba Highlights Video, 3min. Highlights from scuba diving off Caye Caulker, Belize in January 2016. You'll go down into the Great Blue Hole with me, and then keep an eye out for the green turtle, green moray eel, two spotted eagle rays, grouper and trumpet fish. Enjoy!

  • The Guatemala invasion, 7min. A little taste of Belizean history through d eyes of the British...

    May 8, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    National Elite Basketball League finals
    The San Pedro Tiger Sharks have defeated the Smart Belize Hurricanes in game two of the National Elite Basketball League finals... One more game to go!

    Millennium Development Goals – Belize’s successes and failures
    In the year 2000, 147 world leaders converged at the United Nations to sign the Millennium Declaration. Belize was part of this signing, adopting eight goals aimed at making life better for all Belizeans. The goals were to be accomplished by the end of 2015, focusing on developing areas like health, education, economic growth, poverty alleviation and gender equality. After 15 years, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) report stated that Belize made great progress, however, it failed to reduce the nation’s poverty level. The MDG report stated that despite the gains in education enrolment, Belize still did not utilize its domestic capacity effectively to significantly grow its economy. “Poverty in Belize is increasingly geography-specific, gendered and generational. Belize’s real economic growth, which has consistently exceeded regional averages, has not necessarily translated into tangible reduction in the poverty levels,” pointed out the MDG official report. The eradication of extreme poverty and hunger was the main goal Belize was committed to accomplish. This MDG was aimed to halve of the number of people earning less than $2 a day. The other half was targeted at the unemployed and those suffering from chronic hunger. The goal was basically to generate opportunities for Belizeans in order for them to earn and generate income to meet their basic food needs. However, the country was said to be off-target in meeting this first outlined goal.

    Consumer Prices Increase in March by 0.1%
    On Wednesday, April 27th, the Statistical Institute of Belize released its latest figures on prices and external trade for the country. The report indicates that prices increased for the month of March, on average, by 0.1%. The Consumer Price Index from March 2016 stood higher at 102.9 compared to 102.7 of March 2015. After more than a year of decreased prices, January 2016 recorded its first increase. However, the first quarter of this year’s inflation rate is gradually decreasing from a high of 0.4% since January. Due to a 4.4% increase in fruits, the prices from the “Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages” category recorded an increase of 1.6%. Animal products continue to increase as eggs increased by 8.2 percent, beef and veal increased 16%, and pork increased by 5.5%. Sugar also increased by 29.5%.

    New San Pedro Justice of the Peace chapter holds first meeting
    The San Pedro Association of Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of the Supreme Court held their first meeting on Wednesday, May 4th as they begin to rebuild the San Pedro Chapter. The meeting took place at the San Pedro Town Council Conference Room and was attended by many Justices of Peace (JP), including invited guests speakers Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit Superintendent Sandra Bowden and Deputy of the Coastal Executive Unit Henry Jemmott. Welsh declared the meeting a success, and stated that the committee plans to meet on the first Wednesday of each month. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 6th, 7PM, at the Fidos Courtyard Conference room. In his closing remarks, committee member Pedro Salazar Sr. encouraged all members to step up to the plate to perform their sacred duties for the circulation of peace and justice, not just for the local community, for the country as a whole. He also encouraged those in attendance to start spreading the word to other JP members who are not fully active to come to the meetings and continue building up the local chapter.

    Island footballer found murdered on South Ambergris Caye
    San Pedro police are investigating the murder of local athlete Melvin Almendarez, who was killed Friday night, May 6th. Almendarez’s body was found in the Mosquito Coast Area of South Ambergris Caye shortly after 10PM with a single gunshot wound to the head. The events that led to the murder are not yet known, but San Pedro Police have confirmed that a Canadian National has been detained in relation to Almendarez’s death. According to official reports, members of the South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch (SACNW) were startled when they heard a gunshot in their neighborhood around 10PM. They immediately notified the San Pedro Police Department. Upon the arrival of the police to the area, a search was conducted to determine the source of the gun shot sounds. Around 10:30PM Almendarez’s body was discovered lying in a pool of blood across from the Belize Consolidated Water Services lagoon.

    Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge celebrates first anniversary
    On Saturday, April 30th, the Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge No. 5 celebrated their first anniversary in grand style. Members of Masonic Lodges from around the country and even from the Mexican State of Quintana Roo, convened at the San Pedro Lions Den for a social night. Before the celebration began, each member representing their respective lodge was introduced. They all expressed their delight in visiting the island for such an important occasion. After the formalities, the jubilee anniversary celebration started with a banquet for the distinguished invited guests. Serenading the special occasion was San Pedro’s number one band, ‘Rompe Raja,’ who played their most popular hits into the wee hours of the night. The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge looks forward to serving the community of San Pedro Town wherever necessary and would like to inform all island residents that they are here to look after the betterment of the island.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Summer is a great time to visit Belize!
    Most tourists travel to Belize during the high season that runs from November through March, when the weather is generally dry and cool, but summer can be a good time to visit Belize. Accommodations are cheaper, by as much as 40%, airfares are lower, tourism operators very eager to please, and yes, it is generally less crowded. Summer in Belize is a time when you can find more local events and cultural festivals, and local families are out and about enjoying the time when school is out. One of the most popular gastronomic events of summer in Belize kicks off when the official lobster season opens in June – Lobsterfest time. Lobster season in Belize opens on June 15 and closes February 15. There is so much lobster available during the summer that prices for this treat are at their lowest.

    Prime Minister Departs the Country
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, May 7th to attend a medical appointment. The Prime Minister is scheduled to return to Belize on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. During his absence, the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development will act as Prime Minister.

    Illegal gold panning is a serious problem
    Trenches show how gold panners are searching for the bedrock, which then is crushed to find the gold.

    Belize Bird Rescue Anniversary
    April was our 13th was our anniversary! The time has really flown by. We thought we'd share a few pictures of the week to celebrate.


    Clinic refused aid to gunshot victim, who later died in KHMH
    Troy Cole, 26, of Crooked Tree Village, was ambushed on Gibnut Street while riding his bicycle towards Curassow Street at about 9:30 this morning. A gunman came out of a yard and fired at him, but initially the gun jammed. Cole, said to be affiliated with one of the city’s gangs — the “123rd Street” gang, jumped off his bicycle and pounced on his attacker, with whom he struggled, but the gunman managed to shoot him in the chest and abdomen, and then escaped. The mortally injured Cole ran to the nearby NHI Belize Integral Family Center, but he was refused entry. Police who responded to the shooting took him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he died about 2 hours later, at about 11:30 this morning.

    11 murders in 10 days
    Yesterday evening at about 6:45, police went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and saw Johan Justin Cocom, 21, of an Adams Lane address in Belize City, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the body. Police say that Cocom was riding his bicycle on Prince Street, contrary to the flow of traffic, when someone from a car parked about 30 feet away shot him. Cocom, said police, succumbed to his injuries at about 7 o’clock that evening, making him the 11th murder victim in 10 days, beginning with the double murder on Thursday, April 28, that occurred on the San Francisco road on the George Price Highway, in which two Guatemalans were found shot to death. Police say that they found Santos Ramon Gomez, 52, and Orlando Antonio Garcia Calletal, 37, on a farm road with gunshot wounds to the back of their heads. Police believe that it was a drug deal gone bad because a 25-kilogram scale was found beside the bodies.

    Security guard fails at suicide after killing 2 women in front of customers
    Two popular women, beauticians of Santa Elena Town, were shot to death in Betty’s Salon in Santa Elena, where they worked, at about 5:20 Saturday evening. Their alleged killer is now in a stable but serious condition, under police guard, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police say that on their arrival at the grisly scene at about 5:30 on Saturday evening, April 30, they saw Andy Bustillos, 35, a security officer of Anchor Security Company of Belmopan, who was wearing his uniform, lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head. He had a black CZ 9mm pistol in his hand, and he was still breathing. Two women were also lying on the floor. Miriam Mai, 40, a beautician, the owner of the salon, had been shot in the side of the neck, and the other beautician, Daisy Carmita Miralda, 29, of West Street, San Ignacio, had been shot in the forehead and the right side of the head.

    Guatemalan threat caused Barrow to “blink”
    Meetings were held yesterday, Thursday, in Punta Gorda Town between government officials from the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who attempted to persuade the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) leader, Wil Maheia, not to go to the Sarstoon River to celebrate the signing of the 1859 Anglo-Guatemalan border treaty. Following the meeting, Maheia insisted that the BTV trip was still on. Today, the government respondedlegislatively when it hastily passed Statutory Instrument (SI) 46 of 2016, effectively amending Section 2, Chapter 142 of the 2011 Public Safety Act of the Substantive Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2011. The Public Safety (Prescribed Area) (Movement) (Restriction) Regulations, 2016 seeks to prevent Belizeans from going, “without lawful authority,” to the Belize side of the Sarstoon River, beginning at its mouth, and including Sarstoon Island. The SI is a prohibition against individuals who intend to “(c) carry out or threatens to carry out any act of intimidation, violence or other disorderly conduct within, or in relation, to the prescribed area.”

    Belize: faster internet, greater possibilities
    Today, Wednesday, April 27, at 2 p.m., the Belize Internet Exchange Point (BIXP) held its official launch at the University of Belize (UB) in Belize City. The formation of BIXP, a newly registered NGO, was spearheaded by the Public Utilities Commission in collaboration with all of Belize’s internet service providers. These internet service providers are Net King Solutions Ltd., Inter Networks Ltd., Speednet Communications Limited, Alliance IP Ltd., Broadband Belize Ltd., Centaur Communications Corporation Ltd. and Alternative Network Ltd. — which collectively want to make internet faster, more efficient and reliable. As a result, they have all freely donated physical infrastructure to a special lab at the University of Belize in Belize City. The value of the current infrastructure sitting at UB is estimated at a conservative BZ$100,000.

    Curfew enforcers have picked up 25 minors so far
    A curfew was implemented in March on the southside of Belize by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, in an effort to curb crime, particularly in light of the fact that two recent killings had allegedly been committed by minors. This latest initiative in the police department’s crime fighting efforts was met with mixed reactions, with some institutions outspokenly opposing it, but a little over a month since the curfew’s implementation, it is still in effect. Williams said that the program is ongoing and the Community Rehabilitation Department, which comes under the Ministry of Human Development, is assisting his department in this initiative. Starla Bradley, director of the Community Rehabilitation Department, told Amandala that the picking up of these minors is done during routine police patrols. Bradley said that since the program started, they have taken 25 minors: 23 males and 2 females, into their temporary care until their parents could be contacted. Bradley added that the majority of the minors, who were found on the street, after the curfew cutoff -time come from single-parent homes and their ages range between 11 and 17.

    Belmopan Bandits FC is the PLB 2015-2016 Closing Season Champion
    FFB) 9th Annual Congress continued struggling to elect a new president at the Princess Ramada Hotel in Belize City on Saturday, April 30, football action kicked off a half hour later than the 7:30 p.m. scheduled start of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) championship finals game 2 at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium between home standing Belmopan Bandits and the visiting Placencia Assassins. Bandits goalkeeper, Shane Moody Orio (Member) had been elected on an early vote, along with Marlon Kuylen (Senior Vice President) and Darlene Vernon (Member); and Shane had been excused from the on-going Congress, in order to return to Belmopan for his game. So, Belize football has a new champion, Belmopan Bandits FC, and a new face in the FFB president’s position, Marlon Kuylen. Congratulations all!

    New FFB leadership, Marlon Kuylen to act as FFB President until next Ordinary Congress
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) elected a new Executive Body during its 9th Ordinary Congress, held at the Ramada Princess Hotel on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The Congress included an election process in which 14 District Football Association members and 6 members from the Premier League of Belize voted to elect the new Executive Body as follows: Marlon Kuylen – Senior Vice President; Shane Orio – Executive Member; Darlene Vernon – Executive Member. Following 22 rounds of voting resulting in a tie each time, a new president and vice president for the FFB could not be elected. Vying for the post of president were former President, Ruperto Vicente and former Vice President, Sergio Chuc. The vice president post was contested by Jaime Perdomo and former Executive Member, Cruz Gamez.

    Darwin “Puppy” Leslie was huge in victory against his former team in game 1 of NEBL Finals
    On Friday night, two-time defending champions, San Pedro Tiger Sharks traveled to Belize City to face off against their opponents, Smart Belize Hurricanes, in game 1of the NEB Finals. This is the third straight finals appearance for San Pedro Tiger Sharks, and the first for Smart Belize Hurricanes, as both teams are shooting for the NEBL championship. As game 1 tipped off, Smart Belize Hurricanes jumped out to an early lead, ending the first quarter with an 18–16 advantage. At halftime, the Hurricanes still maintained a marginal 31–28 lead. In the third quarter, there were many lead changes and ties, until the Hurricanes extended the lead to 9 points at the end of the third quarter, to take a 63-54 advantage. In the middle of the fourth quarter, San Pedro Tiger Sharks was able to cut the lead to three points, but the home squad then extended the lead down the stretch, to secure game 1 of the best-of-three finals, with a score of 93–84.

    Dangriga sports stats
    Boys & Girls U-13: Here are the results from the Dangriga Cancer Centre Boys & Girls U-13 semi-finals over the weekend. New Site won over Pomona, 2 goals to nil. In game 2, Umadagu vs Silk Grass was a big controversy. That game will be played over this Sunday, which will be a 15-15, 30 minutes of action. Immediately after that will be the finals. The loser of the Umadagu vs Silk Grass game will play Pomona for third place; and the winner will play New Site in the finals. U-15 Top-8 playoffs: Mr. Mar and Griga Yaad Cleaning U-15 Top-8 playoffs will get under way this Sunday also at the Ecumenical football field. The winner advances; the loser “goes home.” Here are the standings: Wagiya 25 pts; Hopkins 22 pts; Wagierale 20 pts; Umadagu 16 pts; Pomona 13 pts; 3G 13 pts; Montise 10 pts; Hope Creek 9 pts. This Sunday game 1 at 1:00 p.m. – Wagiya vs Hope Creek; game 2 – Hopkins vs Pomona; game 3 – Wagierale vs 3G; and GAME 4 – UMADAGU VS POMONA.

    Glitter and Guate-liath
    To the best of our knowledge, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, an increasingly ambitious bureaucrat/diplomat who spent most of the 1990s posted at the Guatemalan Embassy in Belize, and ended up marrying a Belizean wife, is the only Cabinet Minister who survived last year’s change of government in Guatemala City from the presidency of the disgraced, imprisoned Otto Perez Molina to that of the inexperienced, compromised Jimmy Morales. Four days after the new Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales, made a dramatic, disturbing call to Guatemalan arms on Thursday afternoon, April 21, 2016, following the unfortunate and tragic shooting death of a Guatemalan minor in Belize’s Chiquibul forest about sixteen hours before, the Belize Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, claimed that the tension at the borders between Belize and Guatemala was de-escalating, following the buildup of the republic’s military in the Peten and at the Sarstoon. The following day, Foreign Minister Morales went on national television in Guatemala to declare categorically that no such easing of tension was taking place and that Guatemala continued to demand justice for the death of 13 year old Julio Alvarado Ruano.

    From the Publisher
    As late as the 1930s, there was a St. George’s College where Anglican and Methodist teenagers went to secondary school together. Sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s, St. George’s College split up into an Anglican component – St. Michael’s College, and a Methodist component – Wesley College. The Anglicans also established a secondary school for girls, which was called St. Hilda’s College, and so their secondary education separated the sexes, St. Michael’s being a school for boys. Wesley College became a co-educational school, which is how I met it in September of 1971. (Some twenty or so years ago, St. Michael’s and St. Hilda’s were amalgamated to form the co-educational Anglican Cathedral College.) All the Anglican and Methodist high schools were located on the Southside of Belize City, whereas Roman Catholic St. John’s College for boys, established by the Jesuits in the 1880s, has been located on the Northside of Belize City ever since their Loyola Park campus on the Yarborough seaside was destroyed by the 1931 hurricane. The Roman Catholics had also established a high school for girls (on the Northside) in the 1880s. This was St. Catherine’s Academy.

    Let us organize a massive protest …
    Dear Editor, Fellow Belizeans you are aware that the present political system of one party rule is against our national interest. It has left the Belizean people with only two alternatives – unconditional submission to the tyranny of an iron fisted Prime Minister with absolute power, or a decision to resist to establish freedom and equality to all Belizeans in all manner and form in the near future next general elections. Belizeans, the Guatemalan claim and threat will never end unless the political directorate commences to behave and act in all respects as a sovereign nation at home on the western border, the southern border at the Sarstoon, and on the world stage. The prohibiting act of April 29, 2016. made in a haste by the UDP Government against industrious and patriotic peaceful Belizeans to use and move freely in the Sarstoon, guaranteed by our constitution, is an abominable and treacherous, illegal act against the well-defined and permanent laws of our Constitution.

    Los Angeles Belizeans demonstrate against Guatemalan military aggression
    A most impressive group of some forty-five Los Angeles Belizeans from the Los Angeles Belizean community across the state of California came out today in Los Angeles to protest the Guatemalan military oligarchy’s invasion, annexation, and aggression of Belize Sarstoon River and Island at the Guatemalan Consulate in Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard at the busy downtown cross section of the Wilshire District in Los Angeles. The group carried banners and posters that read, “Stop Guatemalan Aggression Against Belize”, “Stop the Annexation of Belize’s Sarstoon”, “Tell The Guatemalan Military To Leave Belize Alone”, “Guatemala Stop Being A Bully”, “Belizean Lives Matter: Justice for Danny Conorquie & Staff Sergeant Lambey”, and “Belize Is For Belizeans”. They also shouted slogans like, “Belize is For Belizeans”, “We No Want No Guatemala”, and “Guatemala Get Out of Belize”.

    Commonwealth insists on Belize’s sovereignty and integrity
    Belizeans have “an inalienable right” to self-determination, independence and territorial integrity. This ‘rock solid’ principle is enshrined in a series of 5 consistent resolutions issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) from 1978 to 1980, the eve of our nation’s independence. Today, 35 years after our independence and admission to the UN as a sovereign nation state, Belize continues to be the target of an unfounded territorial claim by Guatemala—which now claims to be exercising sovereignty over the Belize portion of the Sarstoon River while also refusing to recognize our western and southern borders with that country. On Friday, even as the Government of Belize imposed new legislation to stop Belizeans from making a trek to the Sarstoon River in commemoration of the April 30, 1859 Boundary Treaty between Britain and Guatemala, in which Belize’s southern border is clearly defined to include the portion of the river north of the mid-channel, Baroness Patricia Scotland, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, 53 states, most of them former British colonies, emphasized that: “it’s clear that the integrity of and sovereignty of Belize is something which must be upheld.”

    Guatemala did not inherit Belize from Spain, because Spain never occupied, owned or settled Belize!
    Guatemala claims to have inherited a Spanish claim to Belize based on the legal doctrine of UTI POSSIDETIS — a doctrine that is NOT by any means universally recognized in international law. Consequently, Pope Alexander VI, one of the most controversial Popes, issued on May 4, 1493, a papal bull granting official ownership of the New World to Ferdinand and Isabela of Spain. (By the way, Pope Alexander VI was a Spaniard. He was from Jativa, a town near Valencia, Spain.) To these monarchs, the Pope declared: “We of our own motion, and not at your solicitation, do give, concede, and assign for ever to you and your successors, all the islands, and main lands, discovered; and which may hereafter, be discovered, towards the west and south; whether they be situated towards India, or towards any other part whatsoever, and give you absolute power in them.” He also included Portugal, giving a portion on a specifically demarcated zone.

    Guat Congress tells citizens to avoid travelling to Belize
    Guatemala’s Congress has launched a public relations offensive against Belize in a decision announced today to dissuade Guatemalans from coming to Belize, because of the “danger” seemingly posed by Belize’s military—an advisory which Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow said “is most unfortunate and entirely unwarranted.” With 86 votes in Guatemala’s Congress, 6 more than the required 80, that legislative body approved in a plenary session today a resolution (#7-2016), through which they are recommending that Guatemalans abstain from traveling to Belize due to the recent killing of Julio Alvarado, 13, at the hands of the Belizean military at Cebada in the Chiquibul Forest in the Cayo District. Guatemalan Congressman, Erick René Lainfiesta Cáceres, deputy of the party, Encuentro por Guatemala, proposed the motion, citing the shooting of Alvarado last month. Their Congress notified via a tweet earlier today that Lainfiesta would present a privileged motion to alter the orders of the day and make a call to Guatemalan citizens not to travel to Belize because of the “mistreatment” of Guatemalan citizens in that country.

    An analysis of the 1859 Boundary Treaty, U.K./Guatemala
    Here is an analysis of the 1859 border treaty between Great Britain and the Republic of Guatemala which established the boundary line between the settlement of Belize (British Honduras) and Guatemala on April 30, 1859, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. To properly understand this treaty one should know the context of the circumstances surrounding the chief players when the treaty was signed. There were four main players on this stage: The first player was William Walker, the American adventurer (filibusters). It was in 1855 that William Walker came to Nicaragua with 57 men and offered his services to the Liberals who were fighting against the Conservatives He eventually ended up as the President of Nicaragua in 1856 and brought to Nicaragua 2,500 more Civil War veterans from the U.S.A. He declared Nicaragua a slave state and changed the official language to English. It was then recognized as a nation by the U.S.A.

    A dog story
    There exists a growing public perception that the Belize City Council is failing to establish proper pest control mechanisms that would see a reduction in stray dogs, rodents and even mosquito breeding grounds. From time to time, it is necessary to control the population of stray dogs because they breed prolifically and pose a real danger to pedestrians, apart from their destructive habit of overturning garbage cans and strewing their contents on the streets and in the drains. When female dogs are “in heat”, the male dog population goes almost berserk, and the noise made because of their fighting is a terrible nuisance, keeping many a citizen awake until the wee hours of the morning. The dogs are normally eliminated by being fed beef laced with strychnine, a highly toxic and colorless poison. This process has been referred to as “The Last Supper” by employees at the Sanitation Department of the Belize City Council, but it is viewed by most individuals as extremely inhumane, because of the terrible suffering the dogs experience before they die. At one point in our country’s history, stray dogs were detained before eradication in a building, at the well-known Pound Yard on Cemetery Road. Dog owners were given up to three days to recover their pets from the Pound Yard after paying a small fine.

    Belize looking for international diplomatic shield to guarantee its territorial integrity
    The killing of a Guatemalan teenager who was in the company of others who fired upon a joint Belize Defence Force (BDF) and Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) patrol in the Chiquibul National Park has been used by the Guatemalan authorities to increase the tension between the two countries, even as the Guatemalan military continues to violate Belize’s territorial integrity at the Sarstoon River, on the southern border. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has embarked on a diplomatic quest in hopes of securing support for Belize’s territorial integrity, he reported to the nation today, Tuesday. PM Barrow made the remarks at a press conference at the NEMO Building in Belmopan when he briefed the nation about the progress of ongoing bi-lateral talks being held in Washington DC, between Belize Foreign Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales. The talks, which have been brokered by the Organization of American States (OAS), are being held without the participation of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP).

    The Reporter

    CEOs exceed $50,000 target for cancer awareness fundraiser
    The Caucus of Chief Executive Officers of the Government of Belize raised $56,000 in funds for local cancer-related organizations, with their first ever CEO’s cancer ride. “The Big Deal” CEO Caucus Challenge 2016: Cancer Awareness Ride” started at mile 24 on the George Price Highway, and ended at the Agricultural Show Grounds in Belmopan. Modest estimates were that the event gathered some 200 supporters to the event. At the closing ceremony, CEO of the Ministry of Human Development, Judith Alpuche, explained that while the number of pledges and donations had exceeded $56,000 there were still outstanding pledges left to be added. The CEOs raised funds for the Belize Cancer Society, the Belmopan Cancer Society, and the Dangriga Cancer Center, all of which would receive a donation of more than $16,000.

    Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund holds food drive
    The Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund, held a food drive on Saturday in honor of the fallen journalist and the values he believed in. Representatives from the Fund gathered at K-Park Supermarket, as well as Brodies, both on Albert Street and Philip Goldson Highway, to receive donations of canned foods and dried non-perishable food items. The donations will go to the St. Joseph feeding program and the feeding program run by community activist Joel “Dara” Robinson. The food drive is the first of two, scheduled for this year. Since mid-2015, the fund has held several activities, including donating school bags for back to school and holding similar food drives. The fund was established after the July 6 murder of Kareem Jabbor Clarke, better known as “Reemo,” who was shot five times at around 1:00 a.m. on Vernon Street. Clarke was shot to the left side of his forehead and to the back of his head, along with shots to the abdomen, right upper back and middle of the back.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man shot in Ladyville
    There was a shooting incident reported in Ladyville last night. Police have confirmed that Alrick Smith was shot in his leg at his residence in the village but managed to escape and head to Belize City for treatment. More on this story as it […]

    Murder reported in San Pedro
    San Pedro police are investigating the murder of local athlete Melvin Almendarez, who was killed Friday night, May 6th. Almendarez’s body was found in the Mosquito Coast Area of South Ambergris Caye shortly after 10PM with a single gunshot wound to the head. The […]

    Kareem Clarke Memorial fund food drive reported successful
    10 months after the untimely death of beloved KREMANDALA Journalist Kareem Clarke, his colleagues of the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund today their first of three events this year in his honor. Fund Secretary and KREM News Editor Marisol Amaya told us this evening as of […]

    PUP National Party Council maintains demand for rescinding of Public Safety Act regulations
    At today’s National Party Council meeting in Belize City, the People’s United Party passed a resolution stating that it would rejoin the diplomatic effort to resolve the Guatemala crisis – if, in turn, Government rescinded the Public Safety Act regulations introduced on Friday, April 29., […]


    HOT DAMN! It’s SO BEAUTIFUL Out Today on Ambergris Caye, Belize
    Excuse my language but it is an absolutely perfect May day. As soon as I took Elsie out this morning, I had to run right back in for my phone. Cooler and clear with gorgeous puffy white clouds…the water sparkling…today is THE PERFECT DAY. I was getting a ride to the water taxi to pick up RYE BREAD, pastrami and sauerkraut from Ian Anderson’s Farmhouse Deli!!!!!!!!! But as soon as we started going over the bridge, I HAD to hop out…and hold up traffic. Just too darn beautiful. Every way you looked. Here are some pictures I took this morning. Looking towards the lagoon side (the other side of the bridge). Caye Casa and her dock. A massage tent fluttering in the breeze… I ran into Ishmael…who is having a grand re-opening and fundraiser for the San Pedro Food Bank. He finally got his name back legally – Sandy Toes.

    OAS to Host Forum on Migration and Development in the Americas
    The Organization of American States (OAS) will hold this Friday, May 6 the Forum “Migration and Development in the Americas: towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda” with the participation of foreign ministers, experts and senior officials working on the issue in the hemisphere. The inaugural session will feature the participation of the Vice President and Foreign Minister of Panama, Isabel De Saint Malo de Alvarado; the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro; the Executive Director of the Young American Business Trust (YABT), Valerie Lorena and the President of the Committee on Migration Issues (CAM), Daniel Cámara. WHAT: Forum “Migration and Development in the Americas: towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda” WHEN: May 6, 2016, 10:00 am EDT (14.00 GMT) WHERE: Hall of the Americas, Organization of American States, 17th Street & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20006.

    International Sourcesizz

    New Orleans Jazz Fest - “When Doves Sing not Cry”
    Don’t cry for New Orleans. While it was a time to mourn the loss of a great talent, Prince, the New Orleans Jazz Fest was a confirmation and celebration of the reincarnation of the City many had written off as dead a decade earlier. New Orleans is again playing the music of “we” and serving-up the multiplicity of seeds, roots and flowers that are America. It is a welcome, even desperately needed resonance when fear and exclusion have come to dominate from political rhetoric to cultural xenophobia. America needs New Orleans to remind us of not only where we have come from but also where we can go. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival delivers and brings into harmony the melody of diversity. This year’s Jazz Fest brought to town some of the biggest global names in music, from Pearl Jam, Stevie Wonder, Elle King, Herbie Hancock, Mystical..... There was a cultural and musical platform for the small country of Belize. Dede Saint-Prix and his band from Martinique delivered an energetic Caribbean beat performance in French. The African ancestral communities of the Garifuna people were featured in their crafts, foods and culture. However, according to organizers, 90% of the artists came from New Orleans and the extended region which has given life to jazz, blues, zydeco.....


  • Diving Belize 2016, 12min. Dive trip to Belize, January 2016

  • Paradise in the making/Heavenly Belize, 4min. 150 years of Guatemala wishful claims on Belize. Belize is a soverign and Independent Country in the common wealth of nations. Another Falklan situation? That would be suicidal for Guatemala..

  • Belize, Buceo Blue Hole, Lighthouse Atoll, 8.5min.

  • Belize, Halfmoon Caye, Lighthouse Atoll, 7min.

  • Aquarium, Belize, 5min.

  • Belize punta, 1.5min.

  • Tour Belize - Bocawina Rainforest Resort and Zip line, 3min. The shots used in this video were shot at the Bocaina Rainforest Resort and Zip line. The people in the video are Bocawina employees, and Texas Tech students studying abroad in Belize.

  • What Happens To You When You Lose A Bet In Belize!, 3min. Thanks to Ben from The Truck Stop for sharing his video! On Friday, as part of the comedy show at Sandbar San Pedro, Joe Chung and I had a Worst Possible Playlist Contest -- AND MY PLAYLIST WAS THE WORST! Since I won, the punishment for Joe was that he had to walk around the island with a big-ass boombox, blasting my terrible playlist -- which we filmed for the following night's show.

  • Vacaciones en Belize 2015, 4min.

  • Belize Nurse Sharks Rays and Turtles 2016, 7.5min.

  • Dancing Byron Lee Footsteps Belize 1999, 3.5min.

  • Die neuen Paradiese Belize Land zwischen Dschungel und Korallen, 43min.

    May 7, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Rotary Club sponsors book drive
    Do you have books that are collecting dust? Why not help out the San Pedro Public Library (SPPL) by donating your unwanted or unused books? As the Rotary Club’s mission is to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world, the recently formed Ambergris Caye (RCAC) chapter has launched a book drive and will continue until the end of May. The club encourages the community to donate new and/or gently used books, and magazines to support the San Pedro Public Library. Drop boxes are currently placed at the following businesses around San Pedro: Casa Pan Dulce North, Sandbar, Coconut Carts, A&R, Crazy Canucks, Social Security Board, Stella’s Smile, Banyan Bay, and Victoria House.

    SPTC says Bowen and Bowen not abiding by delivery regulations
    In an effort to alleviate the traffic congestion on the island, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) launched an experimental project that would regulate delivery trucks’ hours of operation. The pilot project applied to all large- delivery vehicles within San Pedro downtown and the regulation mandated all deliveries be done between the hours of 2AM and 7AM. Despite some opposition, the project officially began on Monday, April 11th, and one of the sole supporters was the multi-national Bowen and Bowen distributor. However, a few days after, the company abruptly defied the regulation, and is back to its normal delivery schedule.

    Five-a-side football tournament keeps kicking!
    Only two more rounds of football action remain in the Five-a-Side Football Tournament, then it’s on to second round. The San Pedro High School (SPHS) and Island Citizen Sporting Club (ICSC) continue delighting fans with heated games as the first round finale draws near. The different matches played on Sunday, May 1st saw players once again competing in four exciting categories. The football action continues this weekend with games set for Sunday, May 8th at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium starting at 11AM.

    GOB’s restriction on Sarstoon River met with disapproval
    In an effort to prevent further confrontations between Belize and Guatemala armed forces and civilians, the Government of Belize (GOB) has implemented a temporary restriction on movement in Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River. The restriction was announced on Friday, April 29th and is to last for one month. While GOB claims the restriction is being done to safeguard the Belizean populace, many are not happy about it. Among those protesting the restriction are the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) who were stopped from conducting an expedition to Sarstoon Island this past weekend. According to GOB, after consulting with the Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow, His Excellency the Governor General of Belize made the regulation under Section 2 of the Public Safety Act, Chapter 142 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, RE 2011. “The regulations prohibit persons and vessels, without lawful authority, from entering into Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River.

    8-Ball Pool Tournament goes to semi-finals!
    After last weekend’s tight games played at One Barrel Bar, the semi-finals for the Pre-Season 8-Ball Pool Tournament are finally happening this weekend. Four teams will be competing for the chance to advance to the finals and walk away with the top prize. They are Team Amigos, AJ Snipers, Hitman Recruits and Solid. Pool fans are encouraged to come out and support their favorite teams during these very important matches.18 Pool tournament According to the scores from the games this past weekend, these are the scores for each team and again Team Amigos continues in the lead with 136 points. The semi-finals will take place on the beach at Cholo’s Bar. Games start on Sunday at 2PM.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Headline Sponsor 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards
    Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has cemented its commitment to responsible tourism with its sponsorship of the World Responsible Tourism Awards. In a statement announcing the partnership, the BTB highlighted the importance of a joined up approach to sustainability to ensure that the local economy is stimulated and benefits from tourism, and natural resources are protected. The comment comes as part of the announcement that Belize will be the headline sponsor of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM London, and is an extension of Belize’s national Sustainable Tourism Masterplan, which stipulates how to grow tourism in a sustainable manner. The winners of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards will all be organizations which have been recognized for their leadership and for the replicability worldwide of their projects and initiatives.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Assist the people of Belize who are up against Guatemala's aggressive military border encroachment and intimidation.
    We need more signatures especially by USA citizens on this petition please pretty please! The Belizean–Guatemalan territorial dispute is an unresolved binational territorial dispute between the states of Belize and Guatemala, neighbours in Central America. The territory of Belize has been claimed in whole or in part by Guatemala since 1940. Recently Guatemala has taken a very aggressive military approach to the claim and has repeatedly encroached into Belize Waters in the Sarstoon River; arresting and confining civilians in Belize waters and threatening Belize Military Forces in the Sarstoon area. Recently they responded to CARICOM (Caribbean Community) that they have taken control of part of Belize's territory. We are asking that the Obama Administration be vigilant of the growing tensions and condemn Guatemala's actions.

    The CEO Caucus of the Government of Belize takes this opportunity to inform the general public of “The Big Deal” CEO Caucus Challenge 2016: Cancer Awareness Ride” which takes place on Saturday 7th May 2016. The Ride will start at Mile 24 on the George Price Highway and concludes at the Showgrounds in the City of Belmopan. Those who have not registered as yet but would like to participate can do so on the morning of the Ride. Registration begins at 5:30 a.m. sharp at Mile 24 and the ride commences at 6:30 a.m. If you have not received your T-Shirt before the ride, it can be picked up at the showgrounds after the ride. Participants from Belize City are advised that a bus will be at the Western Avenue Bus Stop from 4:45 a.m. to load its passengers and will depart sharply at 5:00 a.m. enroute to the starting point for the ride.

    Statement by the Honorable Dean Barrow on meetings at OAS Headquarters in Washington and the planned trip to the Sarstoon by the PUP
    We greatly appreciate the OAS Secretary-General's statement last night, following his meeting with Belize and Guatemala, which makes clear that both nations are to "adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River". In other words, the two countries are to agree an operational protocol regarding the Sarstoon, and the statement commends their willingness to do this. As the SG put it, he "welcomed the readiness of both parties to advance in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism" for the Sarstoon. GOB regards the results of the Washington meeting as something of a breakthrough. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome to the Sarstoon negotiations that have now been mandated between Belize and Guatemala. And we cannot rest content until those negotiations have been finally concluded and there is a formal agreement in writing.

    U.S. Embassy Belize PHOTO CONTEST!!!
    World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future.This year the U.S. Embassy is accepting submissions for a photo contest in honor of World Oceans Day 2016 and The State Department's Our Ocean Conference next September. Please send us digital photos of groups or individuals standing/jumping/swimming with a sign(s) saying “Our Ocean, One Future” or writing it on the sand at the beach in Belize. First place winner's photo will be featured on the Embassy's website and our Facebook page and the winner will receive an inflatable sea kayak for two as a prize. Second place winner's photo will also be featured on the Embassy's Facebook page and the winner will receive a deluxe reclining beach chair.

    U.S. Embassy Belize - Diversity Visa Lottery
    Use your confirmation number now to check if you were selected to interview for the Diversity Visa Lottery! Remember, we will NOT send you an email. If you get an email saying that you won, it is a fraud!!!

    NICH Music Week 2016!
    This year Music Week 2016 will include music industry development seminars, peer-to-peer sessions, and performances. May 16-21. Save the date!

    11th Annual Northern Belize Reef Week 2016
    May 16-22 in San Pedro

    The Cabinet Subcommittee on Investment visits with BNE!
    The Cabinet Subcommittee on Investments (CSCI) visited Belize Natural Energy (BNE) along with the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in exploring energy investment opportunities on May 6th, 2016. In attendance included the Chair of the Subcommittee, Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton, Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce along with Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Hon. Vanessa Retreage, Attorney General at the Attorney General’s Ministry. The BNE team provided the delegation with a very insightful tour of the facilities including the components on oil and gas.

    FCD meets with Asociacion Balam
    FCD met with Asociacion Balam team of Peten, Guatemala today at the FCD office to forge forward added steps of collaboration across borders. The joint effort continues.

    Channel 7

    GSU Accused of Southside Beatdowns, But No Arrests
    All this week we've been reporting on the spike in southside crime - where we saw three murders in one week. Southside Commander Chester Williams is quick to point out that the murder figure for the southside is still 8 fewer than it was at this time last year, but he also acknowledges that police have to curb the gang activity that's spurring the violence. And so last night just as news was starting, it seems some kind of operation was launched. We know this because our phones here at 7News started ringing off the hook from the Yabra and East Canal areas where residents say the GSU descended on those neighborhoods with great fury. Daniel Ortiz has the story:... Chaos was unleashed when the GSU descended on the Yabra Area last night. While a few officers stood guard, others mercilessly beat down as many as 6 men. But what's strange is no one was arrested, no one detained: the police truck rolled off and left its victims on the ground.

    GSU Also Punished Yabra Residents
    And while those men were from the Waxhouse area on East Canal - before the GSU got there, they descended on the Barracks at the Corner of Ceasar Ridge and Faber's Roads in the Yabra area. The M.O. was the same in that neighborhood: 6 officers swooped in, they beat up a handful of men, and leave them there to tend to their wounds. We spoke to an area resident by phone - and have footage from that area last night: Voice of: Eye Witness: "They came in 3 trucks and just started to swing. My brother was one of the young men. He does not give any trouble; he is a business man. My brother was knocked out/passed out on the ground. These things are not right because they have ways in dealing with things. They have to realize that there are children out here. They have families and all they do is frustrate men and bring out more anger in them. We as women, we are hardworking, we abide by the rules but the way how they come and treat people, this isn't right. They don't say why, when we try to come in they push my mom and I away. They just came and started to swing and kick; those things are not right. They are in pain; they can't even move when they were done. Those things aren't right, I think those guys have families, how will you be beating up a man like that? Taking men and throwing them in mud and water like that, those things are not right."

    Gold Out Of Stone: Guatemalan Gold Rush Is Denuding Chiquibul
    Last night we told you about the travel advisory against Belize that the Guatemalan Congress approved. It warns Guatemalan citizens not to travel to Belize because their human rights are likely to be violated by the BDF. Well, minus the BDF nonsense, the Friends For Conservation and Development who co-manage the Chiquibul National Park probably wish that information would get to those communities adjoining the Chiquibul, Guatemalan villages like La Rejoya and Monte Los Olivos. That's because residents of those villages keep pushing over into Belize to illegally extract resources from the Chiquibul Forest. And according to the FCD, right now it's worse than ever with the gold panning. Guatemalan gold panners have dug these trenches to get to the gold. In the past, they would pan gold from the streams, but now they dig trenches, take out the stones, and then crush those stones to get out the gold which may be embedded within the stones. They can get 250 Quetzales or 74 Belize dollars for a gram of gold - which might not seem like much but for Guatemalan peasants, it's a windfall.

    PUP Met With Foreign Minister
    Yesterday at his press conference, the Prime Minister implored the PUP not to go down to the Sarstoon, and asked them to re-engage for a bi-partisan effort on the Belize-Guatemala issue. He said as much to the leader of the opposition John Briceno in a phone call earlier in the day. And the PUP agreed only to listen. That process started this morning when PUP Leader John Briceno and the party's Belize Guatemala Representative Eamon Courtenay went to Coney Drive to meet with Foreign Minsetr Wilfred Elrington and Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala Alexis Rosado. That meeting lasted about an hour and a half and Briceno would not comment when he came down. Tomorrow, Briceno and Courtenay will report on that meeting to the PUP National Party Council. From there the Party Council will decide if they will re-engage on a bi partisan effort. They will take some convincing, since many in the PUP are bent out of shape about the Sarstoon S.I. and hell-bent on having it rescinded.

    Getting The Story Straight: FM and PM
    As we told you in our last segment, the PUP will meet tomorrow to decide on whether to re-engage in a bi-lateral effort on the Belize - Guatemala issue. But, the truth is that the PUP National Party Council won't have much to work with. And that's because the "cautious optimism" that government speaks about seems to have more to do with the spirit surrounding the talks - than the actual substance of those talks. We're told the Guatemalan Foreign Minister doesn't have much authority to negotiate. And that absence of real substance at this point, did create an unusual discontinuity in the positions that Prime Minister Dean Barrow, and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington took when they answered questions from the press. The message appeared somewhat like double speak, with the Prime Minister saying that he doesn't have enough information to get into the details of the Washington Bilateral meetings, and Elrington saying that he did. Here's what moment from the Press conference yesterday:

    Room Dis-Service Hotel UCUM
    About a month ago, we told you about a businessman and his family who became the victims of a terrifying extortion attempt in Chetumal. Well tonight, another Belizean is coming forward with her own bad experience. She claims that over the Labour Day weekend she went to Chetumal, and she stayed at the popular Hotel Ucum. She says that she and her daughter went to enjoy themselves, after properly securing their room. When they came back, they found that the hotel staff hadn't only cleaned the room, they cleaned them out completely! That's right, they stole all their personal belongings. She immediately reported it to the Mexican Police who investigated and came to the conclusion that it was not forced entry into their hotel room. Someone with a key, most likely a hotel staffer, went in, and stole their belongings.

    Leadercast Belize
    An event called Leader Cast is one of the largest one-day leadership events in the world. And if you follow the blurbs on the brochure, it's held every year to "unite citizen leaders around the world and inspire them to make a change in areas of business and family." This year's seminar was held in Atlanta Georgia today but it was broadcast live in several other locations including Belize. Dionne Chamberlain Miranda, Director and manager of Chamberlain Consulting led the initiative in Belize. She tells us why she brought LAEADERCAST to Belize. "Belize really is having a leadership vacuum at this point. However, there are a lot of people who believe that being a leader means to hold a certain position. Leadership is about people, leadership is about influence and leadership is about making a change and all of us have to make a change the world and making things matter to leave a legacy behind for ourselves and our children. so this session invites a whole group of Belizeans to come in and lets listen, learn and see what we can do for Belize following the session today."

    Fire Training For Southern Farmers
    In urban areas such as Belize City, fire is AWLAYS a bad thing, but in rural farming communities, fire is a major part of the harvesting cycle. But, you know what they say about playing with fire, and in the past three years, many of those agricultural fires have escaped and accidentally burned 6,300 acres of forests and also led to the destruction of crops and private property. So the Ya'axché Conservation Trust is teaching farmers how to use fire more effectively. It's called controlling agricultural burns, and on Thursday, Ya'axché partnered with its sister organization, Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE), to hold a one-day fire management training in Golden Stream village. 12 farmers participated and here's what they learned:

    GSU, Again?
    At the top of the news, we told you about how the GSU went to Wax House on East Canal and the Yabra area where they allegedly handed a group of men from both turfs a beatdown. Well, one George Street resident called us today to complain that on Tuesday, the GSU came to her brother's house. He's Eustace Lewis, known as "Duck", and she says that he has been living with constant police harassment. She says that the GSU took it up a notch when they destroyed his home after a raid on Tuesday. Here's how she explained it to us this evening: Voice of Family Member: "I got out of my bed, changed my clothes and came around. When I came out of my yard I saw 2 jeeps with GSU coming up the street so I just continued walking because I didn't want them to come harass my house. When I continued walking and arrived on Plues Street, a next 3-4 trucks with K9 units are out there, so I continued to walk on George Street to go check on my sister-in-law. When I arrived, I saw the gate broken down, door stomped in, back door broken up and the house well dug up. I told her 'this is a lot of craziness; the babies are sleeping'. They act like my brother is the number one criminal on their criminal list. My brother gives trouble yes, but you don't have to be acting like that. If you had any PR, you would have approached better than that. Then the next thing is they still have the tendency to beat my brother, stomp him in his side, got him on the ground, walking up on his back like he's an animal. Those things aren't right. You can't be acting like that, if you want the people and the so-called gang members respect, you have to respect them the same way as well. Not because you classify them as gang members you have to treat them like that."

    How To Win a New RAV 4
    Plenty of shoppers have been saving up their GST receipts recently, and that's because a receipt for $50 dollars or more gets you a ticket to win a brand new 2016 Toyota RAV 4. Drawing date is July 1st. So if you haven't been collecting those GST receipts well you better start now, because the vehicle is here and it is a beauty. Today we stopped by the GST office and spoke to Supervisor Cecelia Thompson. "The Department of General Sales Tax will be completing 10 years so we are celebrating its anniversary. We thought that it's a good idea, because other countries have done it, to try and get compliance from registered tax payers in the matter of issuing tax receipts. That has been a challenge for the Department, in that a lot of calls come in where consumers are saying that they go to the store and they don't want to give them their receipt. A receipt is very important if you are a consumer, you will find that something you will have to return some goods. Sometimes you reach home and you find that this item is not on your receipt, you'll have to go back to the store and your only proof is the receipt.

    7 Samples Later, ZIKA Still Not Confirmed In Belize
    6 samples have returned negative for Zika. The Ministry of Health had sent 7 samples to the Caribbean Public Health Agency last month, so only one sample remains, but health officials are hopeful that the final sample will be negative as well. In yesterday's health release it reiterates, quote, "The Ministry of Health is still not able to confirm the presence of Zika in Belize but we remain vigilant as we continue to thoroughly investigate any potential case." The samples also tested negative for Dengue and Chikungunya.

    A Life For A Life, For "Life"
    Dionicio "Life" Salazaar, in 2010, he was charged for the murder of Marlon Rivera and the attempted murder of Dean Dougal. Well, tonight we can report that the man called "Life" will serve life in prison. Salazaar was reportedly convicted in a trial without jury before Justice Antionette Moore. His attorney waived the time for mitigation, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

    Teenager For Troy Cole Shooting
    A 17 year old minor has been charged for the murder of Troy Cole, known as "Biggs". We can't show his picture, but we can tell you that he will turn 18 tomorrow. Still, he had to appear before the family court, because he is still a minor. But, he will be turned over to the Belize Central Prison by Monday since he will be 18 within the next few hours. In fact, he was taken over to Magistrate's court this afternoon, but as he entered the court, he said he was a minor and he was whisked off back into the police mobile and taken to the Belize Family Court. At 3:30, he appeared before a magistrate there and was read a single charge of murder of Troy Cole. Cole was killed on Wednesday, on Curassow Street.

    Guatemalan Cop Car Jacker Got Caught, Convicted
    5 weeks ago, we told you about how Cayo Police got back the truck stolen from Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillett. As you will remember, that's the 2014 Mazda pickup, which ended up in Guatemala after armed thieves held up the senior officer at gunpoint and stole the vehicle. Well, Benque Police are reporting tonight that they've charged 21 year-old Guatemalan Gryan Geovanny Corado. He's a tour guide from Barrio Fallabon, Melchor, and he has been arraigned in Belmopan Magistrate's Court for the crime of robbery. He's now on remand after pleading guilty.

    Creole and Cajun, Just Like Belize
    Tonight we have the last installment from the New Orleans Feature Series. We have taken you to all the big stages, and shown you the cultural displays beneath the Belize Pavilion Tent, but we have one more element which is the foundation of the entire New Orleans experience: and that's exploring the unique heritage and cultures in New Orleans. Here is that final story. Valerie Gulliet, Cultural Exchange Pavilion Coordinator: "This is the largest event in New Orleans after Mardi Gras, after carnival, so it really presents the culture of New Orleans and Louisiana to the world." Courtney Weatherburne reporting: A large part of that culture is Louisiana Cajun music. All that south western Louisiana flavor was found on the Fai Do DO stage. Now it might just sound like a regular country western song but that is just one example of the musical diversity in New Orleans. Valerie Gulliet, Cultural Exchange Pavilion Coordinator: "Something very unique to New Orleans is the Brass bands that come from the streets, very strong rhythm, definitely influenced by Africa and the Mardi Gras Indians, those are unique to New Orleans."

    SUPA G Played Jazzfest and Back Home With New Album
    We didn't get to see him perform on the festival's second weekend, but "Supa" hasn't missed a beat since returning - and he's gone from Jazz Fesitval to album launch. He stopped by our studio today to talk about his brand new album called "Undeniable." You can find the album at outlets in Cayo and in online sources like Itunes for $20.

    Kache With Griga Roots Makes The NFL
    If you know anything about Belizean Sports in the last 20 years, then you'll know who Milton Palacio is. The Belizean son of Dangriga-born parents Clifford and Rita Palacio played in the NBA and European Leagues, and most importantly won gold for Belize in the 1998 CARICOM Games. Well, now, there's a new Palacio who's making his name as a pro athlete, and it's Milton's nephew, Kache Palacio. Kache, who was born in Los Angeles and went to Washington State University where he was a standout linebacker. And though he went undrafted, the news tonight is that he;s been signed by the LA Rams as an undrafted free agent. His father Emile, who went to LA when he was 10 is also his son's personal trainer and he told us that Kache has a promising future in the NFL:..

    Man For Step-Son's Murder
    43 year-old Security Guard Patrick Castillo, who is accused of viciously chopping his step-son, 21 year-old Jose Maderos to death, will have to stand trial in the Supreme Court. A preliminary Inquiry hearing was held today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer where the prosecution submitted 21 statements from witnesses they intend to call to testify against him. Also a part of the Prosecution's case is the machete which they believe that he committed the crime with, as well articles of clothing picked up at the scene of the murder. Viewers will remember that bloody scene where the stepfather and stepson got into an altercation before the other younger children. A few of the siblings tried to stop the fight, and they got injured in the chopping.

    Indian Creek Hybrid Water System
    The villages of Indian Church and San Carlos in Orange Walk are the receiptns of a Hybrid Solar Water System. It's one of the first in the region. Here's more. About 500 residents will benefit. The hybrid project was funded by the Government of Belize at a cost of $867,000 dolalrs through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank.

    Softball Stars
    12 teams, 6 male and 6 female, went head to head in an all-day softball event at the Marion Jones Stadium. It was the national primary school softball competitions. Every year, each district brings out their best to compete at this national level and boy was the competition intense. We stopped by the Marion jones complex this morning as the games go under way. At the end of the tournament these were the top three winners in the female category. In first place it was the Crooked Tree Government School who defended their title. Second place was won by Aguacate RC of Toledo District, and third place was won by Independence of Stann Creek District.

    Channel 5

    Immigrants Line Up for G.O.B.’s New Refugee Program
    Tonight, there are many questions surrounding a very vibrant and current refugee program in Belize, and somehow answers seem very scarce. Every week, hundreds of undocumented immigrants flock to the [...]

    Belize Will Possibly Shelter Refugees Heading to the U.S.
    So why the sudden urgency for a massive refugee program, or amnesty program of sorts? Is it the result of pressure from the U.S.? It’s possible because it is joined [...]

    SATIIM Did Ask for Permission to Go Into the Sarstoon
    On Thursday, we told you about a SATIIM trip cut unexpectedly short after rangers were denied entry to the Sarstoon by the Belize Defense Force. The boat carrying rangers was [...]

    Party Council Meets to Discuss the Sarstoon and Related Issues
    At a press conference on Thursday, the Prime Minister appealed to the People’s United Party to stand down from a visit to the Sarstoon. He asked them to return to [...]

    Teenager Charged for Murder of Troy Cole
    Late this afternoon, a teenager of Antelope Street Extension was arraigned in the Belize City Family Court for Wednesday’s broad daylight murder of Troy Cole. Cole was riding his bicycle [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. Criticizes Sarstoon Law
    The National Trade Union Congress of Belize has also come out swinging against the recently enacted Sarstoon Law.  This afternoon, the N.T.U.C.B. issued a release decrying the piece of legislation, [...]

    Union Has Issues With What Law Represents & How It Was Enacted
    The N.T.U.C.B. has taken a singular position chiding government for its outwardly impulsive decision to effect the Sarstoon Law.  Its executives, however, were not all sold on the idea that [...]

    Still No Charges in Camalote Double Murder
    Akeem Thimbriel and Shawn Lopez were laid to rest today in Camalote, after they were gunned down last Sunday as they walked together in the village. The young men were [...]

    Ryan Alvarez to Stand Trial for Murder
    Almost a month ago, Devon Sankey was freed of the murder of Edward Albert Robinson and the attempted murder of notorious street figure Jamil Betancourt which occurred in October 2015 [...]

    The People Speak on the Sarstoon
    Earlier you heard the N.T.U.C.B. President come out against the amended regulations under Section Two of the Public Safety Act, which prohibits Belizeans from traveling to the Sarstoon River without [...]

    Belize & Guatemalan Ombudsmen Discuss Chiquibul Incident
    There are still few details on a meeting in Washington between the Foreign Ministers of Belize, Guatemala and the O.A.S. Secretary General. All we know is that there was a [...]

    Arzu Says Chiquibul Incident Should Be Handled in Isolation
    Now, Guatemala has been on an aggressive campaign, passing itself off as a victim and Belize as an aggressor. It has been telling the world that ten Guatemalans have been [...]

    Ombudsmen Will Continue Discussions on Critical Issues
    Ombudsman Arzu says that it is necessary to keep tabs on what his Guatemalan counterparts are up to and to keep the lines of communication open.   Lionel Arzu, Ombudsman [...]

    Cleyon Needs a Bone Marrow Transplant
    Twelve-year old Cleyon Marage continues to struggle to stay alive. So far he has undergone several surgeries in Merida to fight cancer and it appeared that his health condition was [...]

    Family Raising Funds for Expensive Procedure
    Now, the bone marrow transplant to save Cleyon’s life costs one hundred thousand dollars – money that the family does not have. So next week Saturday, May fourteenth, the Matura [...]

    Kareem Clarke Food Drive Set for Saturday
    The Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund will be holding its second scheduled food drive on Saturday in Belize City. The group was formed to celebrate the life of slain journalist Kareem [...]

    Belize Zoo Celebrates National Tapir Day
    National Tapir Day is the biggest event of the Belize Zoo’s calendar year; it is recognized every year on April twenty-seventh. But the day was commemorated this past Thursday with [...]

    Where is 13 Year Old Shinique Perez?
    Thirteen-year-old Shinique Perez has been reported missing by her mother for the past nine days.  The teenager has reportedly run away from home and was last seen in the Saint [...]


    Belize Simulcasts Leadercast 2016
    Representatives from a number of organizations participated in the annual simulcast of Leadercast 2016. The event was hosted by Chamberlain Consulting from Belize City. The simulcast brought live from Atlanta in the United States. The theme for this year is “Architects of tomorrow.” Teresita Perez Martinez, Chief Implementation Consultant of Chamberlain Consulting spoke to Love […]

    Vox Pop: Residents Weigh in on Belize/Guatemala Issue
    The Belize Guatemala issue has been in the headlines for the last few weeks. The latest we heard from officials was yesterday when Prime Minister Dean Barrow updated the nation on the recent talks held in Washington. Today Love News took to the streets to hear what people think about the issue. At yesterday’s press […]

    Vox Pop – Do You Feel Safe in City Streets?
    The last week has seen a spike in crime in the Belize and Cayo Districts. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media yesterday that the Police is making every effort to make residents feel safe within Belize City. Today Love News took to the streets of busy Belize City to ask residents if […]

    Fuel Prices Goes Up at Midnight
    April 19 marks the last report we brought to you surrounding the fuel prices. Tonight at midnight, however, you can expect some changes at the pumps. Regular is going up to nine dollars and twelve cents; that is an increase of twenty five cents per gallon. For premium, that increase is for twenty five cents […]

    CRFM Hosts Meeting to Establish New Study on Fisheries
    Belize is taking part in a series of meetings that began yesterday in Bridgetown, Barbados hosted by the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM). The meeting seeks to chart the course for a new study that will look at the impacts of rising cost factors of fishing operations. Those factors include labor, fuel, fishing gear, repair […]

    Health Sector Prepares to Celebrate Nurses’ Week 2016
    Next week will be celebrated as Nurses week, set aside to recognize the contributions that nurses make to the community. This morning on the Morning Show, Michelle Hoare, Director of Nursing Services at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital spoke about some of the activities that have been planned. Today, Love News visited the KHMH […]

    Food Drive for Kareem Clarke Fund
    Kareem Clarke is a news reporter who was gunned down on July 6, 2015 in Belize City. His brutal murder left the media circles incomplete. With a longing to never forget Kareem, the various media houses met and came up with the Kareem Clarke Fund. It is an initiative that seeks to provide for feeding […]

    Four Found Guilty of Burglarizing Philip Garbutt’s Home
    Four persons charged with a burglary in which over thirty seven thousand dollars worth of items and money were stolen, were found guilty of the charge today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Lloyd Parchue, Malik Ovado, Cilo Cherrington and Kareem Yorke. Parchue and Yorke were each sentenced to five years imprisonment while Cherrington […]

    Fined for Selfie at Chetumal Border
    Ordinarily, an incident like this would not make the local news but considering how close to home the Subteniente Lopez border is to Belize, we thought we would report on it for both the occasional and frequent traveler. According to a newspaper out of Quintana Roo , Mexico a family was returning from the Corozal […]

    Three Rural Schools Top Softball Championship
    The national Primary School Softball Championships began today in Belize City. Over a hundred students gathered at the Marion Jones Stadium from across the country to compete. Attending the event was Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Elodio Aragon. He spoke to Love news on the event. Aragon spoke on […]


    No Zika, Says Ministry of Health
    There is no ZIKA in Belize says that the Ministry of Health. Today, the Ministry of Health received results from Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on an initial case that was of significant interest in the ongoing investigation to determine the existence of indigenous transmission of the Zika ...

    Belmopan Squatters told to leave
    The Belmopan City Council has been fighting the increase in squatting in the City, particularly in the San Martin, Maya Mopan, and Las Flores areas. Some six months ago, another set of squatters were identified in the SalvaPan area and told to get off the land within a six month period. During that...

    PM says cautiously optimistic about meeting with OAS and Guatemala FM
    A press conference was called once again today to update the nation on meetings between Belize and Guatemala. Prime Minister Barrow began by reading a prepared statement. He called the meeting with the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, and Guatemala’s Foreign Mi...

    Belize Health Care Partners says Assistant Compol statement endangers them
    The Belize Health Care partners issued a press release today saying that it denies allegations made by Assistant Comissioner of Polcie to the press that the Belize Integral Health Center denied treatment to Troy Cole who was shot and killed on May 4, 2016. The Belize Health Care partners relsease sa...

    Update on Refugee influx
    Last Friday, Plus News, visited the Belmopan offices of Help For Progress, an NGO which claims to be dedicated to rural community development but also doubles as a refugee clearing house for UNHCR; United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Last week, our journalists observed lines of Hispanic men...

    24 firefighters join national service
    Today was graduation day for 24 trainees who are now firefighters for the National Fire Service.This is the first course graduation ceremony for 2016. The training the all-male group received included understanding the origin and development of fire and the specific techniques used to contain it. Ho...

    Improved access to potable water in Indian Church/San Carlos
    Approximately 500 residents of Indian Church/San Carlos villages in the Orange Walk district will now have easier access to potable water . That’s because of the installation of a hybrid solar water project which was funded by the Government of Belize at a cost of $867,333.29 through a loan from t...

    The Reporter

    href="">LGBTI community to hold human rights workshop
    The Collaborative Network of Persons Living with HIV (C-NET+), is hosting a workshop for members of the LGBTI community this month, geared towards promoting a sense of unity among community members. The workshop, a follow-up to an initial event held in late April, will be held on May 28. At the event, participants will be expected to present their results and feedback on the community engagement when replicating the information from the initial two-day workshop. The workshop forms a part of a larger project, dating back to December 2015 where C-NET+, received approval for funding from the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) Community Mini-Grants in order to engage in a project known as Empowering Individuals, Building a Community. The overall project was geared towards three (3) major interventions: Stigma and Discrimination Campaigns, Human Rights Education and Awareness campaigns and peer education.

    Leadercast 2016 comes to Belize
    More than 160 people from various organizations gathered at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Friday for the international seminar Leadercast 2016. The event, a live stream of a seminar happening in Atlanta Georgia, gathers over 100,000 participants worldwide to hear speeches reflecting the year’s theme. The 2016 theme is “Architects of Tomorrow.” The conference had four segments, two presenters per segment, followed by discussion sessions with local moderators at the end of each segment. There was also a “Mastermind” session at the end for anyone who wants to remain and discuss what actions would be taken post seminar. Participants listened to presentations from world renowned speakers such as: Steve Wozniak, Co­Founder of Apple; James Brown, Network Broadcaster for CBS Sports & News; and Kat Cole, Group President of Focus Brands. The local special moderators included Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez.

    The Belize Times

    Tek Back Sarstoon!
    PUP National Executive during meeting on Tuesday May 3, 2016[/caption] Belize City, May 05, 2016 People’s United Party Leader Hon. John Briceño announced on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 that the Party of George Price and Independence will be rolling up its sleeves and taking direction action to assert and defend Belize’s national integrity and sovereignty against the threats inside and out. Briceño revealed that the Party’s National Executive made a decision to go to the Sarstoon area in an effort to defy the Government of Belize’s attempt to restrain the right of every Belizean to move freely throughout Belize with the recent imposition of a law which prohibits travelling to the Sarstoon. The decision was also taken in light of the Barrow Administration’s consistently shameful failure to adequately assert Belize’s territorial waters in the Sarstoon, as demarcated by international law and boundary treaties. "As a national executive and members from parliament, we decided that it's important for us to show to the government and to the country that we do not agree with the law and we are going to challenge it, not only by talking but going on the ground, going to the Sarstoon River," declared the PUP Leader.

    Two Women Murdered; Shooter Attempts Suicide
    Security guard Andy Bustillos, 31, is currently under Police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital under heavy police guard. When he recovers from the self-inflicted wound to the head, Bustillos will be charged for the murders of his common-law wife, Miriam Mai, 39, and her employee Daisy Miralda, 29, as well as for attempts to kill two others. The bizarre incident happened at around 5:30pm at Betty’s Salon, owned by Mai. Eyewitnesses claim that Bustillos walked into the establishment with a bag that allegedly contained a phone. He attempted to give the bag to Mai, but she refused. That’s when the security guard, employed with Anchor Security, pulled out a licensed 9mm pistol and shot Daisy Miralda in the forehead. He then allegedly pointed his weapon in the face of a female customer and pulled the trigger, but the gun snapped.

    8 MURDERS IN 5 DAYS – Another Gang Figure Gunned Down
    On April 16, 2016 George Street boss Gerald “Shiny” Tillett was executed down as he gambled at the Wadani Shed in Dangriga. And over the weekend another gang figure, Supal Street affiliate Keon “Gambis” Williams, 38, was killed in broad daylight as he rode his motorcycle on Central American Boulevard on Saturday at around 5:30pm. According to Police, Williams was at the corner of Antelope Street and Central American Boulevard when a “whitish” four door Lincoln drove past and somebody opened fire from the open passenger side window. Williams was shot to the back, neck and shoulder and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner memorial Hospital. On Saturday Police Scenes of Crimes markers dotted the scene, and eyewitnesses claimed that as many as 12 shots were fired out of the vehicle.

    Hiding behind the skirt of the Governor General, the government rushed through a law on Friday 29 April, 2016. The purpose of the law was to prevent Wil Maheia and members of his territorial volunteers from visiting the Sarstoon River on Saturday 30 April, 2016. The law is unconstitutional as well as immoral. It is an act of cowards in government. In preventing the volunteers from going on the Sarstoon River, the Police couldn’t even invoke the stupid law. Instead they used the very same pretext used by Guatemala last March 2015, when a boat load of volunteers were towed by Guatemala navy over to Livingston in Guatemala. The excuse for this illegal action was that it was for the safety of the Belizeans who were overloading the boat. Police, BDF Soldiers and Coastguards stood on the pier in Barranco to prevent Wil Maheia and members of the Territorial Volunteers from getting on boats to go on the Sarstoon River. Even if the Volunteers had pushed the Police and soldiers off the pier, there were no boats. The Police and Coastguards had arrested/detained the boats and the captains “for their own safety” and had taken them to Punta Gorda Town.

    A Day For Mothers
    There are two days out of the year, when almost every man will put aside machismo and indulge in the noble art of chivalry. On these two days, the most macho of men might be seen ambling down the street; a tattoo on one arm and a bunch of flowers in the other. The first of these two days of endearment falls on the fourteenth of February and on the second Sunday in May. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and as we have done traditionally and collectively since way back in the days of old, mankind takes a bow to the mothers. The tradition of setting a day aside to honour mothers began early in the days of civilization. The Ancient Greeks and Romans had a day in honour of Rhea, the mothers of their gods. After Paganism gave way to Monotheism, the celebration turned to the extolment of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. The first semblance to our now Mother’s Day celebration, can be traced back to Renaissance England when young men and women who were off serving as apprentices or servants would return home for a day, bringing their mothers token gifts of appreciation. The boys would bring trinkets and the girls would bake what was called a mothering cake. The day was generally referred to as Mothering Sunday.

    Barrow’s Cowardly Act
    Last week, while senior security officials were in tense negotiations with the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) in an attempt to dissuade them from carrying out a patriotic trip to the Sarstoon area on Saturday April 30th, the Governor General on the advice of Prime Minister Dean Barrow signed into law an unprecedented legislation that placed an effective ban on travelling to the entire Sarstoon area. For the first time in Belize’s history and the history of Guatemala’s baseless claim including its recent belligerent actions against our country, the Belize Government is on the same side as the Guatemalan Government, forcefully prohibiting Belizeans from accessing Belizean territory. This was the principal effect of Statutory Instrument 42 of 2016…to “prohibit persons and vessels, without lawful authority, from entering into Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River”.

    SMART Hurricanes spanks S.P. Tigersharks in finals Gm 1
    The SMART Hurricanes battered the two-time defending champions, the San Pedro Tigersharks, in game one of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) championship finals held at the Belize Elementary School auditorium in Belize City on Friday night. The Hurricanes blew away the Tiger Sharks 93-84. Team captain Darwin “Puppy” Leslie led the attack on his former teammates with 25pts, while MVP Farron Louriano added 24pts and Leroy Louriano scored 17pts. Tiger Sharks’ Andrew “Bynum” Ortiz scored 20pts, while Douglas Valley hit 17pts and team captain Tyrone “Mission” Edwards added 13pts.

    Central Zone wins most medals at athletics championship
    athletes participated in the athletics championships hosted by Independence High School last Saturday April 23rd. The Central Zone won 22 gold, 22 silver and 14 bronze medals, while the Southern Zone was 2nd with 45 medals: 17 golds, 13 silver and 15 bronze. The Northern Zone was 3rd with 5 golds, 9 silver and 10 bronze medals. The Western zone was 4th with 5 golds, 8 silver and 10 bronze medals.

    Belmopan Bandits are 2016 Premier League Champs
    The Belmopan Bandits are the 2016 Premier League of Belize (PLB) football champions, after a 2-0 win against the Placencia Assassins in Game 2 of the championship finals at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan last Saturday night. Bandits’ Honduran import Kervin Johnson scored the first goal in the 33rd minute, picking up the rebound after Placencia goalie Anthony Williams deflected a shot from Brazilian import Amilton Filho. Randy Padilla came off Bandits’ bench to score the 2nd goal in the 85th minute and that was all she wrote for the Assassins.

    Marlon Kuylen is FFB’s Interim President
    The Football Federation of Belize held elections this past Saturday in Belize City, and in an extraordinary turn of events, after voting was deadlocked for 22 rounds, Senior Vice President Marlon Kuylen was selected by default to lead the federation for the next year. The decision was made by FIFA after the international body was contacted for advice by UNCAF and CONCACAF representatives overseeing the elections. The race for control of the organization has been a hostile one for months, with slates put up by incumbent President Ruperto Vicente and Senior Vice President Sergio Chuc – both going for President in Saturday’s elections. After two rounds of voting, Kuylen was elected Senior Vice President, along with Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon elected as Executive Members. But the twenty voting delegates were deadlocked on the selection of a Second Vice President and President, for 20 more rounds.

    Duo charged for stealing St. Martin’s De Porres Church motorcycle
    Two Belize City body works technicians were released on bail after they were arraigned on charges of theft and handling stolen goods this afternoon, when they appeared at the Magistrate’s Court. Randolph Belisle, 20, a resident of Iguana Street Extension and his alleged partner in crime, Hector Pratt, 20, a resident of Vernon Street both pleaded not guilty to one count of theft. Belisle was additionally charged with one count of handling stolen goods. The allegation against the two men is that they stole a red Lifan motorcycle which is the property of St. Martin’s De Porres Church. In court, the prosecutor Inspector Hector Rodriguez objected to granting bail to the two men. Rodriguez told the court that the evidence that the prosecution has against the two men is very strong, because their theft was captured on a video surveillance camera.

    True Belizeans Heroes
    If not for the pressure brought to bear by the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers, there would be no Forward Operating Base at the mouth of the Sarstoon River right now. If not for the BTV and the NTV, Sedi and company would still have been sipping cocktails and singing songs by the Guatemalan campfire while we lost the Sarstoon. Yet the government continues to blame the Territorial Volunteers for the mess they are in. I remember when our men, women and children from Orange Walk made the trek to the Southern Border to show their love and patriotism. They were taken out of safe Belizean waters by the Guatemalan military and forced to travel across rough, open seas to Livingston in Guatemala. Their lives were put at risk. Do you know what our government did and said? Nothing. They did nothing. Instead Sedi Elrington said that the Guatemalans rescued Belizeans and took them to Livingston for their safety – an absolute LIE. Sometimes Sedi behaves like he is more Guatemalan than Belizean.

    Remarks by Leader of the People’s United Party Hon. John Briceño on the Occasion of the Unveiling Ceremony of the Monument of the Rt. Hon. George Price
    A few blocks from here in an ordinary grave, rests a humble man. In fact every day thousands of Belizeans drive or ride by and may not even remember that it is there except on those days when people from my Party go to lay a wreath. This man never really wanted any special titles, he did not have a lot of fancy degrees, nor was he ever considered a materially wealthy man. All his life he considered himself to be a hard worker. We knew him as a humble man, who dedicated his life to our nation. Today we come to honour this worker who became the Father of our Nation. I am so happy that His Worship Mayor Bradley invited me to be a part of this unveiling ceremony, for it is a historic occasion. I believe that because of this monument, many who just ride by that humble grave every day may now have this structure as a reminder of the life and work of the Right Honourable George Cadle Price.

    Fisherman remanded on aggravated assault with a firearm charge
    A Belize City fisherman was remanded to the Belize Central Prison, after he was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm and wounding on Tuesday, May 3rd. Shane Young, 23, a resident of Pinks Alley pleaded not guilty, when Magistrate Deborah Rogers arraigned him on the two charges. Because Young was accused of committing the aggravated assault with a firearm, he was unable to obtain bail and the Magistrate’s Court, but must wait 90 days in prison before he becomes eligible for bail at the Magistrate’s Court or hire an attorney to apply for Supreme Court bail.

    Did the Police try to sabotage case against Denny Grijalva?
    Denny Grijalva, the UDP politician from Orange Walk Central, and his company DeMars have been fined $24,000 for the reckless destruction of Noh Mul, the 2,300 old Mayan site in the outskirts of the Orange Walk District. Apparently while Belizeans saw a cultural monument in Noh Mul, Grijalva’s construction company saw nothing but road material. The sentence on this case is a slap on wrist for such an irreversible and irreparable act of cultural genocide but under this animal farm-style government which the UDP has us living in, where some are more equal than others, the fact that a UDP politician was caught red-handed in criminal wrong-doing and was prosecuted to the end is a big deal. After all, the odds were against lady justice on this one. Not only is Grijalva a UDP Standard Bearer, but he’s also one who serves under Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega who wields tremendous influence over the Police in Orange Walk Town.

    Camalote Cousins Murdered Senselessly
    Belmopan Police have three persons detained, one of them a female, following the brutal killing of two Camalote youth on Sunday night. Akeem Thimbriel and Shawn Lopez, who are cousins, were walking toward Lopez’s home in the village when they were both riddled with bullets fired from a vehicle which drove up beside them. An eyewitness has said that even as the youth fell to the ground bleeding, the men, dressed in camouflage, exited the vehicle as if to make sure they were dead. But as residents started emerging from the homes the men drove off in what has been tentatively identified as a late model grey two-door Ford pickup. Thimbriel and Lopez were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital. Lopez was pronounced dead on arrival, while Thimbriel survived almost an hour and a half before passing away.

    Paumen to stand trial for Abetment to Murder
    On Monday April 25th 2016 in Belmopan, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith ruled that there is enough evidence for millionaire Dark Knight Cave Tubing owner Bradley Paumen to stand trial in the Supreme Court on 4 counts of Abetment to Murder. Paumen was accused in January 2016 of orchestrating and paying for a hit on businessman Michael Modiri, his local attorney, his bodyguard and an employee. The sensational case of murder for hire allegedly centered on a piece of land which Paumen must use to access Dark Knight’s caves located in Frank’s Eddy in the Cayo District. That piece of land belongs to Michael Modiri, who recently won a judgment against Paumen in the Supreme Court in which Paumen was found guilty of trespassing.

    GOB Sabotages BTV’s Trip to Sarstoon
    On Saturday heavily armed members of the Special Patrol Unit and uniformed police officers, along with Coast Guard personnel, refused to allow members of the Belize Territorial Volunteers to get on the wooden pier in Barranco. That dock was to have been the disembarkation point from which the BTV would head to the Sarstoon, located just fifteen minutes South from Toledo’s southernmost community and home of the legendary Andy Palacio. The dock was off-limits on that day, though, and even if it weren’t, there were no boats to ferry the BTV to the Sarstoon. Those boats had been turned back by joint Police/Coast Guard operations earlier that morning. According to BCG Commander Elton Bennett, the boats were deemed unsafe because of several infractions including a lack of life-vests and fire-extinguishers, so the Coast Guard could not allow members of the expedition to risk their lives in them.

    PM beefs up security at residence
    Security at the Prime Minister’s residence on Seashore Drive in Belize City increased over the weekend. On Saturday, April 30 through to Sunday May 1st, Police Officers set up a check point in front of his residence, while the coast guard personnel remained on vessels moored some 300 yards from the sea coast in front of the Prime Minister’s house. Reliable sources indicate that the security measures were taken after the Police “received credible information” that a group of Belizeans may have been planning to carry out a small protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence following the Government’s disruption of the Belize Territorial Volunteer’s trip to the Sarstoon area on Saturday. The BTV members were irate that the Prime Minister had introduced a law specially designed to sabotage their efforts.

    Interesting times we live in…
    All over the world fuel prices have gone down as oil prices maintain an unprecedented low of around $35 – $40 per barrel. But for some strange reason, pump prices in Belize keep going up. Right now Premium and Regular fuel cost exactly the same – about $9.06. Imagine that. Imagine something else. In a few weeks the government will probably have to pay Lord Ashcroft close to $200M. Maybe more. All because the Prime Minister thought he knew everything. He thought he was so smart that he could play in the same ring as the big boys and win. He lost. Well, actually we lost because WE will have to pay that money, not the Prime Minister and not the UDP. Can you say RECESSION? And can you say trouble in paradise? The UDP is shaking on its lightweight foundation right before our eyes. Gaspar Vega has bid farewell to politics. You don’t believe that crap about it being because of family. You see, Margarito Gaspar Vega is a businessman. He knows how to make money, and all these years he has made HUGE money and gotten wealthier like you wouldn’t believe.

    Hard Knocks
    When the Prime Minister announced on Tuesday that Sedi Elrington was meeting with the Guatemalans in Washington, there was no immediate sense of relief or confidence that Belize’s interests would be promoted. For a long time now Sedi has been a little confused where Belize’s interests are concerned. He can’t seem to see that clear line between our interests and their interests. When Sedi says all is well, it is time to time to worry, maybe even time to panic. The last round of discussions our FM had with Guatemala, he told us how great they were – really nice people, respectful and mature and oh how they love Belize and want to be our friends. And we lost the Sarstoon easy as that. This time, God forbid, Sedi might come back smiling and then we find out down the line we lost Barranco.

    Morales lashes out at Barrow
    In a strongly-worded press release issued on Wednesday afternoon, the Government of Guatemala lashed out at Prime Minister Dean Barrow for statements made at a press conference he held in Belmopan yesterday. The release accuses Barrow of deflecting attention and “attempting to justify” the shooting death of the Guatemalan national, 13 year old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano at the hands of Belizean soldiers. In the release, the Guatemalan Government informs that it has lobbied for the Organisation of American States to appoint “an ad-hoc Commission of Inquiry” to investigate the shooting. Guatemalan officials have launched severe criticism and attacks on Belize’s security forces. This campaign continued in their most recent statement.

    UB Student writes on Belize/Guatemala Dispute
    Dear Editor, I am a 20yr old Belizean student at the University of Belize in Belmopan, doing my 2nd year of studies for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I write in respect to the issue of the unfounded Guatemalan claim on Belize. I gather that the different media outlets as well as the other public forums have been inundated with public opinions and sentiments on this issue, whether the positions brought forward are ‘informed’ and supported by evidence or are just mere frustrated rants. Growing up in Belize, I always knew from primary school that there is an existing and sustained claim on Belize by neighboring Guatemala, but also understood that Belize appreciated the diplomacy with which the matter was treated, as there had not been any military advancement or any other advancement to effect or influence a volatile situation which would result in war.

    Chamber holds AGM, elects new Executive Council
    The 96th Annual General Meeting of the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry was held on Thursday, April 28th, at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina. As this is an election year, the room was bursting at the seams with attendees to support the potential councilor of their choice. The evening commenced with our anthem, prayer and welcome address by our VP of Commerce, Mr. Marcello Blake. The Year in Review video presentation displayed highlights and accomplishments of 2015 which included the successes of our members, our CRM award from the ILO valued at €20,000, participation in continued public/private dialogue, and our staple Expos. Guest Speaker, Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton delivered a comprehensive address on the ways in which the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce is working to enhance the process of doing business locally and globally. Her personal challenge was to increase and sustain the national GDP rate to at least 3% and to work with the private sector in achieving deliverables that will be favourable for a prosperous business environment.

    Sedi holds secret talks with Guatemala – No Opposition representative at meetings
    Belize’s worst Foreign Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington is holding secret talks with Guatemalan officials in Washington, U.S., this week. Elrington has been tasked by the Prime Minister to work out another compromise with Guatemala who recently ratcheted up their aggression against Belize following the fatal shooting of a 13 year old Guatemalan deep inside Belize’s western territory on April 21st, 2016. In response, Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales instructed an amassing of troops along our borders with Guatemala, and that the military take full control of the entire Sarstoon River.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Social Security Board avoids shutdown by employees
    Today employees of the Social Security Board across the country had planned a shutdown of the organization’s operations at 3 in the afternoon. In October of 2015, SSB employees had tried to get Government to attend to issues of their collective bargaining agreement, weeks […]

    17-year-old spends birthday in jail on murder charge
    A boy will become a man in the Wagner’s Youth Facility this weekend, then join the adult population at the Central Prison by Monday. And while we cannot tell you his name, we can say tonight that he was arraigned this morning for the […]

    Still no Zika in Belize
    There is still no trace of Zika in Belize but the Ministry of Health is remaining vigilant, the government informed today. GOB said the Ministry of Health has received results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) of a sample which tested negative. Another […]

    Cloudy skies and few showers today
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy or partly cloudy skies with a few light showers over the sea and in the South this morning, becoming isolated later today and tonight. Winds will be blowing from the North to Northeast at 5-15 knots and […]

    Guatemalan Congress tells citizens not to come to Belize: are they serious?
    It appears the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala has taken a stand on its citizens coming to Belize. Following a vote, a resolution was passed warning Guatemalan citizens of the dangers of traveling to Belize because of the likelihood of human rights violations […]

    NTUCB marks Labour Day, speaks out about concerns
    On Monday, Belize observed Labour Day, the celebration of workers generally and their contributions to the nation. On May 1, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) hosted a parade and rally in Belize City. President Marvin Mora tells us it was not well-attended, and […]

    City Council labours for Belize
    The annual Labour for Belize initiative of the Belize City Council took place this past weekend. For the last five years, the clean-up campaign has mainly taken place on streets and highways in the Old Capital; however, the city council decided to change locations this […]

    Police enforcing liquor license regulations
    Many store owners in Belize City say they are losing business because of the 9p.m. lockdown of businesses imposed by Officer Commanding Eastern Division South, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams in the wake of the killing of Gerald “Shiny” Tillett. On Wednesday during the weekly Meet and Greet […]


    5 Cheap Fares to Belize in June – Sink Your Claws into Tickets for Lobster Season!
    Airfare to Belize has never been cheaper. At least not in my 10 years of visiting. It is almost shocking to run your numbers for a trip…I love to use and now (remember that they are not on the consolidator sites)…to find prices under $500…under $400…to and from the UNITED STATES! So, Coconut Leo, island celebrity looks into your future and he sees…BELIZE! Take advantage of some flights! These might not match your city or schedule exactly but you are picking up what I am laying down, right?

    Belize as a whole is not trending
    If you look online, there are countless articles that detail how great the travel industry in Belize is doing. And unfortunately, a lot of people believe it. For example, see Travel Pulse’s post: Tourism in Belize is booming and has the numbers to prove it or the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Tourism Arrivals on the Rise in Belize. Honestly, what rubbish. I do not know if I was skeptical about those headlines because my cynicism increased due to grad school or because the Belize government keeps underinvesting in tourism development. So I set forth to see how well tourism is actually doing in all of Belize and in short, the results show that there are winners, losers, and huge losers. An analysis of the visitor percentage change from 2006 to 2014 shows that the leading tourism destination within Belize is Ambergris Caye with 43%. That basically suggests that Ambergris Caye is by far the greatest winner when it comes to an increase of tourism visitors, and in layman terms, that means that Ambergris Caye is making all the money. Basically, the above suggests that for the past decade, places such as Ambergris Caye and the coastal regions of Southern Belize have received a lot more tourist dollars than Western and Northern Belize. The implications of this may not seem like a huge issue, however, a lot more Belizeans are currently reliant on the tourism industry than 10 years ago. What irritates me the most is that with the growth of the tourism industry, and countless new hotels and tours operators adding to the tax coffers of the government, the Belize Tourism Board continues to do a lousy job at promoting the entire country. Someone needs to tell them that Belize is more than island and beach activities.

    Mango Yogurt Chicken
    Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Spray with cooking spray. Add onion and bell pepper; saute for 3-4 minutes, or until tender. Add garlic and mango, and cook for about 5 minutes, or until mango is tender. Season with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, mix yogurt, milk, and flour together; add yogurt mixture to sauteed mango and peppers. Cook for about 4-5 minutes, or until mixture begins to boil and thicken.

    Visiting Sarteneja in Northern Belize
    Located in the far north of the country in Belize’s Corozal District, Sarteneja is officially the country’s largest village with approximately 4,500 inhabitants. From a Mayan name meaning “water between the rocks,” the village has several freshwater wells. First settled by the Maya more than 2,600 years ago, today the village is home to a mixture of Mexican migrants from the nearby Yucatan peninsula, expats from North America, and descendants of the ancient Maya. Due to Sarteneja’s position on the Bay of Corozal, it is the only place in Belize where you can watch the sun set over water. Still the home of fisherman and lobstermen, the village is also renowned for its artisan boatbuilders. Another important local industry is pineapple farming. Sarteneja is located in the northeastern tip of Corozal District in northern Belize approximately 40 miles north of Orange Walk Town.

    International Sourcesizz

    US Embassy Guatemala's Ambassador Todd Robinson
    Along with members of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs addressed issues on transparency and justice with the Guatemalan Attorney-General and head of Ministerio Público de Guatemala, Thelma Alda and the commissioner of the CICIG – Comisión Internacional contra la Impunidad en Guatemala, Ivan Velasquez.

    A Top Conservation Funder Shifts to Give New Attention to Fisheries and Plastic Trash
    The Oak Foundation is moving away from its regional approach on marine conservation funding, recently setting up an endowment as it leaves Belize. It’s part of a shift toward a broader global conservation strategy. Oak is a big international player in environmental philanthropy, with split focuses on climate and marine conservation. It’s embarking on some major environment program strategic changes starting this year, most recently marked by the announcement of a $10 million endowment the funder is setting up as it transitions away from its work in Belize and the surrounding region. The foundation’s refocus is indicative of the huge interest right now in reforming fisheries among the world’s major marine funders, and the rising concern over accumulated plastic pollution, but also Oak’s aspirations for broader presence. As part of the change, the funder is beginning to wind down its 20-year commitment to marine conservation in Belize, which has previously racked up $46 million in grants to 78 groups. They’ve made a lot of progress in marine protected areas, species protection, and monitoring and management plans, and the foundation is shuttering its Belize offices this summer.

    Cost of fishing in the Caribbean to be assessed under CRFM and FAO study
    The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) is convening a meeting of fisheries experts to chart the course for a new study to look at the impacts of rising cost factors of fishing operations, such as labor, fuel, fishing gear, repair and maintenance, and capital. The expert working group, which met in Bridgetown, Barbados, on Thursday and Friday, included fisheries experts from CRFM member states, the CRFM Secretariat, the private sector and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the partner agency for the initiative. The consultant for the project, Claudia Stella Beltrán Turriago, an economist, joined the experts in Barbados, to agree on the best methodology to carry out the study. They also selected beneficiary countries that will be targeted for fieldwork and remote surveys, which will entail surveys of small-scale and industrial fishers, suppliers, traders and exporters. After the study is completed, a policy brief will be prepared for action by Caribbean leaders. The brief will highlight the major findings and recommendations, including policy options and strategies to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability of the fisheries and aquaculture sector, while reducing economic risks.


  • Maya Mountain Research Farm - About Us, 5.5min. This is a brief overview of the things that we do here at MMRF. If you want to visit and learn more about any of the subjects mentioned.

  • Mascarenhas Mulching Method - Maya Mountain Research Farm, 3min. Here we explain the famous mulching method that we call the "Mascarenhas Mulching Method". Using banana and plantain trunks after harvest of the fruit. Try it yourself with any biomass you have access to.

  • JUNGLE LOVE | Belize Adventure, 2min. We had an absolute blast the last day in Belize with our friends Frink & Tova. Not knowing really what to expect once we hiked a mountain, to find a little paradise hidden at the top! The view was breath taking! We could see the ocean from the top! It is an adventure we will never forget! On our way back down the mountain side, Austin spotted a BABY armadillo!

  • Belize 2015, 11.5min. Things that keep us busy in Belize.

  • Belize Barrier Reef- April 2016, 36min. Video from mine and Fritz's 9 dives in the Belize Barrier Reef, including the Blue Hole. Enjoy!

    May 6, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Commonwealth Secretary-General asserts commitment to Belize
    Recently installed Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland made an official visit to Belize from Thursday, April 28th through Monday, May 2nd. Her visit to Belize was the first leg of her official tour of the Commonwealth Caribbean countries. During her stay in Belize, she met with Prime Minister Right Honourable Dean Barrow and other senior government officials. Baroness Scotland also called an urgent meeting of the ministerial committee on the Belize-Guatemala border dispute in an immediate response to Belize’s border crisis. The decision to speed up the meeting was made after Secretary-General Scotland met with Governor General Sir Colville Young, Barrow, and Leader of the Opposition John Briceño. The committee, which includes eight foreign ministers and is chaired by Barbados, was created by heads of government in 1977 to address urgent issues of its members. As a result, the Commonwealth Ministerial Committee in Belize is expected to meet months before their scheduled September 2016 forum to discuss recent troubling developments in the boundary disagreement.

    Statement by the Honorable Dean Barrow on meetings at OAS Headquarters in Washington and the planned trip to the Sarstoon by the PUP
    We greatly appreciate the OAS Secretary-General’s statement last night, following his meeting with Belize and Guatemala, which makes clear that both nations are to “adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River”. In other words, the two countries are to agree an operational protocol regarding the Sarstoon, and the statement commends their willingness to do this. As the SG put it, he “welcomed the readiness of both parties to advance in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism” for the Sarstoon. GOB regards the results of the Washington meeting as something of a breakthrough. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome to the Sarstoon negotiations that have now been mandated between Belize and Guatemala. And we cannot rest content until those negotiations have been finally concluded and there is a formal agreement in writing. But there is no doubt that progress has been made. And that progress vindicates, among other things, the recent actions of our Government in placing a temporary ban on civilians going to the Sarstoon.

    2016 Hurricane Forecast Released
    It’s never too soon to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, as it officially begins on June 1st and runs through November 30th. With the impending season, accredited meteorologists have released a 2016 Hurricane Forecast indicating a “Near-normal” to “Hyperactive” season. With 13 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes predicted, 2016 is expected to be the most active season since 2012. In recent years, meteorologists have continuously predicted “Average” or “Below Average” seasons due to the El Niño effect, but with the La Niña effect currently in play, 2016 could bring in a higher number of hurricanes. La Niña is characterized by unusual cold ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific, compared to El Niño, which is characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific. In fact, this year has already seen an out-of-season hurricane. Hurricane Alex was the first Atlantic hurricane of 2016 which formed in the Bahamas back in January. While Alex did not cause any major damage, it did bring heavy rains to the region. The remaining tropical storm and hurricane names for this year are: Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Igor, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tomas, Virginie, and Walter.

    UDP Convention set to elect new deputy leader
    As Deputy Prime Minister Gasper Vega is set to retire, the United Democratic Party (UDP) held a critical meeting to determine the date for the convention that will elect the first deputy leader. The UDP Deputy Leadership Convention is scheduled for May 29th at the grounds of the Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ITVET) in Belize City, where voters across all thirty-one constituencies are expected to cast their ballots. The party’s application process was officially closed on Friday, April 22nd, and Minister of Education and Collet Area Representative, Honorable Patrick Faber, and Minister of National Security and Belmopan Representative, Honorable John Saldivar, are the only confirmed candidates to run for deputy leader. In hopes to win the election, both candidates have launched their campaigns and are actively seeking support.

    FFB elects New Executive Body
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) elected a new Executive Body during its 9th Ordinary Congress meeting on Saturday, April 30th. The election process was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City, with members of the Belize football community, as well as FIFA, CONCACAF and UNCAF representatives present. At the end of the night, Marlon Kuylen was selected to be the acting President of FFB after voters were unable to decide between outgoing vice-president Sergio Chuc and incumbent President Ruperto Vicente. The Congress included an election process in which 14 District Football Association members and six members from the Premier League of Belize voted to elect the new Executive Body. Positions up for election were President, Senior Vice President, Vice Presidents and two Executive Members. The positions for Senior Vice President was uncontested, with Marlon Kuylen taking up the position. Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon were voted as the executive members by round two over Celso Carcamo and Phillip Marin.

    OAS Secretary General Almagro meets with Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala
    On May 5th the Secretary General of the Organization of American States(OAS), Luis Almagro, met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River. To this end, Secretary Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances which resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone. Recalling Annex C of the Confidence Building Measures in force on the Guidelines for Public Statements, Secretary Almagro urged its strict compliance by the Parties.

    Marie Sharp is officially inducted to the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame!
    On Saturday, April 23rd, long time Belizean entrepreneur Marie Sharp became part of the New York Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. Sharp, who is the owner of Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd, was presented with an award at the 2016 New York City Hot Sauce Expo. The prestigious recognition also included a red jacket and a class ring engraved with her name that commemorated the occasion. Sharp sees this recognition as a milestone achievement, not just to her and the company, but for all the hard work she has put into the fiery food industry. The dedication she put in her now famous hot sauce, which she started in her very own kitchen in 1981, has paid off. “This means a lot to me. It means I have achieved something that very few people have. It makes me feel good that for all the years that I have worked at my company, working hard for my country, I am now awarded for it,” said Sharp. During the Expo in New York City, New York USA, Sharp was the only woman entrepreneur to receive the award among four other business entrepreneurs. She was also the only foreigner to be selected for the induction into the New York City Hot Sauce Hall of Fame 2016.

    “Travel Curious”- BTIA reals new theme for Destination Belize
    On Monday, April 25th, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), along with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and McNab Publishing Limited, unveiled the new theme for 2016-2017 Destination Belize. This year’s publication is titled “Travel Curious: This Journey Will Change You”, is taking a step into the future, promoting adventurous traveling. Since 1995, Destination Belize has served as the country’s leading tourism magazine. Besides unveiling the new theme, the mixer also served as a venue to announce the winner of BTIA’s “Capture the Cover” competition. Earlier this month, the BTIA created the photo competition allowing Belizeans the opportunity to submit inspiring photos that will be published in the magazine. Eight photographers were acknowledged and recognized for the following categories: Sea: Juan Carlo Menzies and Wesley Witt; Land: Monica Gallardo and Scott Houston; Heritage: Melvin Diego Jr.; Wildlife: Hannah Montero; Well-being: Cynthia Giovagnoli; and Public’s Choice: Scott and Jodie Harnish from Palapa Bar.

    Ambergris Today

    Why is Gumbo Limbo Called the Tourist Tree in Belize?
    It grows to become a magnificent tree, tall with open limbs reaching to the skies; but its bark does something very interesting – it peels. The bark of a Gumbo Limbo tree looks like peeling skin from a sunburn, hence why Belizeans name it the ‘Tourist Tree’; well pretty much like the skin of tourists who get sunburned the most while vacationing in Belize. Its bark is green, but the outer layer flakes red; hard to miss while venturing the coastline of Belize. Interestingly enough, the tree is used to treat sunburns. How About That!? Yes, this herbal healer has anti-inflammatory properties that are excellent to treat sunburns and rash from poison wood (locally known as Chechen in Maya). Many a times, you find yourself looking for over-the-counter medication to heal a sunburn or that nasty rash you get when rummaging in the jungle. It happens a lot living in the tropics, but an added advantage of being in the tropics also means finding home remedies that are as efficient and even more readily available for instant relief.

    Belize Declares Free of Local Transmission of Zika
    A press release from the Ministry of Health this morning, Thursday, May 5, 2016, indicates that although new and compelling factors may indicate the presence of Zika in Belize, the Ministry is still NOT able to declare that there is a first local transmission case of Zika in Belize. This week the Ministry received results from Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on an initial case that was of significant interest in the ongoing investigation to determine the existence of indigenous transmission of the Zika virus in Belize. The sample from that case came back with a negative result for Zika. As a result of the investigation and heightened surveillance, Belize sent an additional seven (7) samples for testing during the weeks following April 12th, 2016. The results for six of the seven additional samples were all negative for Zika. The samples from this subsequent batch also tested negative for Dengue and Chikungunya. The Ministry will ensure that any pending result that is of interest to the public as it relates to Zika will be reported forthwith.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch May Meeting at Island Time
    Our regular monthly meeting will be held at Island Time this month. Lone Star is doing a bit of fixing up and will be closed next Wednesday. Thank you Island Time for hosting!

    The May 1, 2016 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

    The April 17, 2016 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

    Norwegian Getaway Makes First Call to Belize
    On April 27, 2016 , Belize welcomed the Norwegian Getaway in its first call to Belize. The ship arrived with 4,360 passengers, which is considered double occupancy. The customary plaque exchange ceremony took place on-board the ship between the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and Captain Rune Myre of the Norwegian Getaway. Miami’s Ultimate ship, the Norwegian Getaway combines the most magnificent amenities Norwegian has to offer with The Waterfront, an innovative, industry-first open-air promenade designed to connect guests with the ocean like no other cruise line. It hosts twenty eight (28) dining options, five water slides, and three levels of action-packed activities in the sports complex. The excitement and entertainment continues with Illusionarium, a surreal magical experience and Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet.

    Press Release # 3 – Zika Situation in Belize
    The Ministry of Health has received results from Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on an initial case that was of significant interest in the ongoing investigation to determine the existence of indigenous transmission of the Zika virus in Belize. The sample from that case came back with a negative result for Zika. As a result of the investigation and heightened surveillance, Belize sent an additional seven (7) samples for testing during the weeks following April 12th, 2016. The results for six of the seven additional samples were all negative for Zika.

    Grand Mother's Day Promotion at Quality Poultry Product in corozal
    Grand Mother's Day Promotion tomorrow Friday May 6th at Quality Poultry Products "Dis Da Fi Wi Chikin"

    Belize's Wonder Women! Margarita Mena
    We recently announced that each month we will highlight individual stories of Belizean women from all parts of Belize doing their part to make this country great. For the month of May we are proud to annouce that Mrs. Margarita Mena is our Belize Wonder Woman! Margarita Mena started “KLIC” (Kids Learning Imagining Creating) in her backyard patio for community preschoolers. Her school has grown in attendance is such a way she built a classroom in her backyard. Her teachings are much diversified and include field trips throughout Belize to teach her students about the beautiful country of Belize. She always has parties to celebrate holidays and to teach her students the meanings behind the holidays. Margarita makes learning fun for her students. Margarita has always gone above and beyond to help one and all without any hesitation. Her willingness to help others is one of her most outstanding qualities. Her latest accomplishment was participating in the 2016 La Ruta Maya. She is a fearless competitor and never gives up.

    Statement by the Honorable Dean Barrow on meetings at OAS Headquarters in Washington and the planned trip to the Sarstoon by the PUP
    We greatly appreciate the OAS Secretary-General's statement last night, following his meeting with Belize and Guatemala, which makes clear that both nations are to "adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River". In other words, the two countries are to agree an operational protocol regarding the Sarstoon, and the statement commends their willingness to do this. As the SG put it, he "welcomed the readiness of both parties to advance in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism" for the Sarstoon. GOB regards the results of the Washington meeting as something of a breakthrough. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome to the Sarstoon negotiations that have now been mandated between Belize and Guatemala. And we cannot rest content until those negotiations have been finally concluded and there is a formal agreement in writing.

    Raul is 33-years old, he grew up in Caye Caulker, Belize and is the Assistant Manager at Rain Restaurant in San Pedro, Belize. Raul is currently in the Intensive Care Unit in Clinica de Merida, Merida, Mexico. He is being treated for severe pneumonia and has a good prognosis. We are raising funds to help assist him and his family with the mounting medical bills incurred by the hospital. Your participation is greatly appreciated! Buy your tickets at: Superbuy, Candle garden, Caribbean villas, Pedro's inn, Rain restaurant, Rick's golf carts, Wine de vine.

    BTEC completes its Job Preparedness BPO Training Program
    The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), today, completed its “Job Preparedness BPO Training” which provided participants with an introduction to customer service, telephone etiquette, handling customer complaints, rapport building, sales and other skills to make them better equipped for employment in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry. To celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the eighteen (18) successful participants, the Belize Training and Employment Centre held a certificate ceremony at The Belize Training and Employment Centre, Enterprise Training Room on May 5th 2016.

    National Classification System for Accommodation Stakeholder Consultations Schedule

    Channel 7

    PM Briefs Press On Washington Meetings
    Last night, we told you that the Foreign Affairs Ministry was supposed to hold a press conference on Friday. The purpose was to update the public on the meetings held between Belize and Guatemala in Washington through the weekend, all the way up to last night. But the press conference was pulled up to this evening, even though the man with the most information, Foreign Minister Elrington himself, was still on the flight back home. So, the Prime Minister started off the press conference to talk about the meetings, and here's how he put it: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "I must first of all apologize for the absence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Sedi Elrington. His flight was to have landed in Belize at 12:25 this afternoon and it was delayed to the point where that flight is only now just touchdown at the Philip Goldson International Airport. We greatly appreciate the OAS Secretary General's statement last night, following his meetings with Belize and Guatemala which statement makes clear that both nations are to "adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River." In other words as I understand it the two countries are to agree an operational protocol regarding the Sarstoon and the statement commends their willingness to do this. As the Secretary General put it, he "welcome the readiness of both parties to advance in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism." for the Sarstoon."

    PM Implores Opposition: Don't Go To Sarstoon, Let's Talk
    And one of the most significant developments coming out of this evening's press conference is that the Prime Minister is urging the opposition not to go down the Sarstoon as it has promised to do. The PUP say they want to challenge the controversial Statutory Instrument put forth by the government. The Prime Minister asked them not to do so at this delicate stage of the negotiations over the Sarstoon:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "I especially concern over any development that could undo the diplomatic start that has been made and it is in this context that we view the planned visit of the People's United Party to the Sarstoon. That visit if it proceeds would very likely undermined the position reached yesterday at the OAS and all our painstaking work could go for north. To our mind, it is therefore imperative that no group should go to the Sarstoon before we would have had a chance in the remaining 3 weeks that the law is enforced to conclude our negotiations with Guatemala..."

    Opposition Willing To Listen To PM
    So the Prime Minister extended the olive branch halfway across the table, by inviting the opposition back to bi partisan negotiations, and imploring them not to go to the Sarstoon. So what is the PUP response? It seems they are willing to reach across to get that olive branch, and stand down on the Sarstoon plan, but with conditions. Late this evening, the party's representative in the Belize Guatemala talks, Eamon Courtenay outlined the formal position:... Eamon Courtenay, PUP Rep., BZ, Guatemala Relations "The appeal by the Prime Minister today, that the People's United Party re-engage. We regard that as a very positive development, because the party has always treated this as a national and not a political issue. Having spoken to the Party Leader Hon. John Briceno, he has indicated his position to me as follows: first of all that he will take this matter to the national party council which is meeting on Saturday. Secondly, he will encourage the national party council to look favorably upon the appeal by the Prime Minister for us to re-engage. But in order to do that, we need two things; first we need an agreement by the government that the negotiations and cooperation between the opposition and the government will be full and frank and continuous and in real time and secondly, we need to be briefed on what happened in Washington.

    OAS Statement Makes It Clear, Kind Of
    So, PUP leader John Briceno still has to get permission from his National Party Council, and the party still has to get a full briefing on exactly what was discussed in Washington. Some hint of that came last night in a press release from the OAS. As we told you at the tail end of the news, Government said that it was cautiously optimistic about the Belize-Guatemala meetings in Washington. OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro met with Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, and his Guatemalan counterpart Carlos Raul Morales as well as the US Ambassador to the OAS, Michael Fitzpatrick. Seen here in these photos, Morales, Almagro, and Elrington discussed the recent border incidents, and Almagro informed both sides that a deployment of a group of experts is imminent to the Cebada area of the Chiquibul. They will be there to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances which led to the death of 13 year-old Guatemalan, Julio Alvarado Ruano. The OAS Statement says, quote, "The OAS Secretary General further called on the Parties to adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River so that both the peoples and governments of Belize and Guatemala can refocus on strengthening their good neighborly relations." End quote.

    Guatemala Tells Citizens: Don't Go To Belize
    In related news, the Guatemalan Congress today took an unusual vote, issuing a sort of travel advisory for Belize, urging Guatemalans not to go over to the Belize side of the border. According to Guatemalan press reports, the Congress warns Guatemalans citizens of the dangers of travelling to Belize because of the likelihood of human rights violations committed by the BDF. Of course, the Belizean conservation community would be only too happy if the Guatemalan citizenry took that advisory to heart, and indeed stopped crossing over into Belize. And that's because all the danger, losses of life, gunshot injuries, and widespread outlaw activities in the Chiquibul are caused by Guatemalans making unlawful incursions into Belize, and more specifically into a protected area. Today, Senator Courtenay called out the Congress for playing children's games:...

    Johan Slain On Prince Street
    Last night we showed you the crime scene from a murder that happened during the news. Well, tonight, more is known. At 6:41, 21-year-old Johan Justin Cocom was killed as he rode up Prince Street - residents say they had seen a strange car circling. Well, apparently they were looking for Cocom. So was he the latest victim of ongoing gang warfare? Here's what police have on that investigation so far. Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "From our investigation, it's showing that sometime around 6:30 PM last night, Johan Cocom, a 21-year-old was riding his bicycle on Prince Street contrary to the flow of traffic. When reaching its intersection with East Canal, a gun man from a vehicle that was parked right at the lane fired several shots at him which subsequently resulted to his demise. The vehicle then made its way down Prince Street according to the flow of traffic and made a sudden turn into Albert Street."

    Johan Family Says He Was No Gang Banger
    So very reluctantly, the commanding Officer for the South Side division told us that indeed this is likely gang related. And in fact, we know from our police sources that they believe he was linked to the George Street gang. But, according to his family, that couldn't be any further from the truth. They believe he was either a victim of an indiscriminate shooting or a mistaken identity because they say Cocom was never involved in any gang activity. A family member spoke to us off camera: Voice of Sister of Johan Cocom: "He went to Publics to purchase some food items and when returning back home, that was when he encountered the gun man. It's a shock to us because Johan is in no type of gang. It's really sad, if anyone know who is Johan, he is a fun, loving and caring young man. What they did to him was senseless and uncalled for." Emanuel Pech: "Recently we've been seeing a lot of activity in terms of gun violence. A lot of it, police are saying, is attributed to gang activity. Was he ever involved in the street life?"

    Southside Cops Say Crime In Hand, Not Out Of Hand
    So if Cocom was gunned down innocently - as his family claims, what does that say for public safety? And what does it say for the continued success of ACP Williams's community friendly approach? Since Gerald Shiny Tillet's murder two and a half weeks ago, there's been a spike in gun violence. There have been 4 city murders, and many other shootings in the 19 days since then. But when we asked ACP Chester Williams today, he insists that the situation- that flared up in the wake of Shinny's death is contained. Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "From the death of Gerald Tillet, we have anticipated that there would be a spike in violent type crimes on South Side, Belize City. You all know that the nature of South Side, Belize City is such that it is prone to violent crimes because of the fact that we are heavily gang infested. We are dealing with a set of young people who seemingly have serious issues and to some extent, some of them have no regards to their own life. But we have been doing a lot and you would be able to say first of all that we have been able to contain the level of violence since Gerald Tillet died. When we compare the current situation to what normally happens in the past, I still think that we are doing much better. One life lost is one too much."

    Commander Downplays Gang Angle
    But South Side Commander Williams won't talk about the raging gang war. Now even though beef between Gangs on their turf makes certain areas of the city unsafe, ACP Williams won't talk about it. The media challenged him on it today. Jules Vasquez: "In terms of the spike, it's important while you wish to sanitize the public information by no longer discussing gang affiliations or the life which you are happy to discuss just a few months ago but because now....." Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "Jules, I will have to stop you again. From I came, and the other media houses can attest to it, every time I am asked about the gang affiliation of any person who has been shot or the person's criminal history, I have always refuted to give that information. So do not tell me about sanitizing. Murder is something we cannot hide and I do not intend to hide. The public have a right to know what is taking place among them and that is the reason why from day one when I came, I have been more than accommodating to the media because there is certain information that the public must get, they have a right to that. I am not going to withhold any information the public needs to know. So to say that we are sanitizing anything, again, you are being very unfair to us."

    17 Year Old For Troy Cole Killing
    So while the South Side Commander is refusing to divulge any of the gang related information, one gang area that we know for sure is a current hotzone is the area of One Twenty Third. That's where Troy Cole was shot and killed yesterday morning. Today police are one step closer to solving that crime. It is believed that the one who pulled the trigger on Cole was in fact a 17 year old boy. Today police gave us an update on that investigation. Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "In reference to the murder of Mr. Cole, we have the person of interest in custody. He was apprehended last night and he should be arrested and charged by the end of the day today or tomorrow morning. So we will be making an arrest in that particular incident. The person is a 17-year-old and is from the area of the Antelope Street Extension." Reporter: "So there has been conflict? Because I know yesterday a definitive motive could not have been determined. So now do you guys have the motives?" Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "We do have a motive, but to tell you the motive, will be going into the deceased past and I do not do that."

    Integral Healthcare Challenges Chester's Version
    And following up on that murder, yesterday, a part of our story was the report coming from the family of Troy Cole that the Belize Integral Health Center denied him treatment when he ran to their entrance after being shot. He died 2 hours later, and that accusation was given additional credibility by ACP Williams, who said that he did his own inquiry and found out the very same thing. Well, late this evening, the Belize Integral Health Center, which is a part of the Belize Healthcare Partners Hospital, sent us a statement refuting that claim. Their statement says, quote, "Our investigation reveals that shortly before 9:00a.m. Security personnel at the Clinic heard gunshots and reported what they had heard to two Police Officers who were among many patients seeking medical treatment at the clinic. One of the Police Officers went outside to try to determine from what direction the shots were coming. At the same time, patients who were outside began rushing inside, and a patient shouted that a gunman was coming. The other Police Officer instructed the security guard to lock the door. The security guard complied and went quickly to report the same to the Clinic Administrator.

    SATIIM Tried Sarstoon Patrol
    The Sarstoon SI - it looks like the PUP won't challenge it after all - but it still doesn't sit well with many. At a press conference earlier this week, the Prime Minister explained that the S.I. does not restrict ordinary travels in and out of the Sarstoon. He said that the purpose was to stop any civilian from making a political statement which could jeopardize the negotiations for the Sarstoon Peace Keeping Protocol. Well, the NGO, SATIIM, attempted to go into the river today to conduct a regular patrol of the Sarstoon Temash National Park. We are told that the BDF stopped them from going in, but they reportedly saw two Guatemalan vessels in the river. Now SATIIM was stopped after making a formal request from National Security CEO George Lovell, seen here in this letter, leaked to the media. So, did Government change their minds on the class of persons prohibited from entering the Sarstoon, or was there a miscommunication which caused the BDF to stop them, since they should have a legitimate purpose to travel into the Sarstoon. Here's how the Prime Minister answered that question which it was put to him by the press today:

    Anchor Security Says Not Responsible For Double Murder
    Miriam Mai and Daisy Miralda were killed on Saturday in Santa Elena by Anchor security guard, Andy Bustillos in a crazed fit of jealousy. Today Anchor Security Services issued a statement saying they take no responsibility for what their employee Andy Bustillos did. As we have reported, the Mai and Miralda families say their loved ones were murdered because of the company's lack of care and attentiveness to Mai's plea for help. Mai's sister told us that Mai had gone to speak with Bustillos's boss about the abuse and had asked him to take away Bustillos's gun. But she said, the boss simply ignored Mai's request and left Bustillos with the company weapon. The family also says that it was the same boss who bailed Bustillos out the first time he was taken in by police for beating Mai. Well this evening, Anchor Security Services sent out a release condemning Bustillos's actions. It states "The tragic and untimely passing of Miriam Mai and Daisy Miralda by way of domestic violence is one that the management of Anchor Security condemns in all its forms".

    Cops Looking For Car Carrying Keon's Killer
    Police are looking for the car involved in the Saturday murder of Keon "Gambis" Williams. Williams was riding his motorcycle on Central American Boulevard over the weekend when he was shot by a gunman inside a passing vehicle. Police have gotten a description of the car, but have not been able to find it. Here is what they have so far on that investigation. Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "As it relates to the murder of Mr. Williams, we continue to look into that matter. We have not been able to locate the vehicle that we're looking for and I would appeal to the public that is they know any person who have a grey 4 door Lincoln, to give us a call or call the 0-800-922 Tips number. We will need to bring in that vehicle and interview the owner. The vehicle may have a dealers plate on it, because from the incident took place it had a dealers plate on it but they might have removed it after the incident so once you know of anyone who has one, please give us a call."

    Women, Politics and Possibilities
    The Development of Belizean Women in Politics: that was the topic discussed today at the St. Catherine's Academy Assembly Hall. The Belize Women's Political Caucus organized this talk with the students this morning to educate them on the role of women in society and the importance of involving more women in politics. The President of the Belize Women's Political Caucus told us about the impact she hopes this conference will have on these young girls. We also spoke to the students to get their reaction. Dorla Bowman, Pres., BZ Women's Political Caucus: "The Belize Women's Political Caucus decided to work with young women in order to groom and encourage the younger generation to consider a political career. We decided on the format of having an exhibition which today is opening, is featuring women from all over the country from all the political parties who were elected to the House of Representatives. Who were elected to town boards, town councils, city councils in Belize. We also, as a part of this exhibition, highlighted the campaign memorabilia, so they could get a better understanding and political literature. This is done in an attempt to provide them with information, inspire and to encourage them."

    Top Teachers Get Thanks
    While the Belize Women's Political Caucus wants to inspire and train young girls to be future political leaders, the Ministry of Education wants to encourage teachers to keep working hard in the classrooms. Today an awards ceremony was held to recognize all those outstanding teachers and school leaders across the country at all educational levels. There were 29 nominees overall and there was a special presentation at the Bliss Center to celebrate this achievement. We stopped by to find out more. Jeanie Garbutt Franklin, Edu. Ofc., Teacher Edu. & Dev. Services: "Today we are recognizing those persons who have demonstrated excellence in the teaching profession. We are looking at two categories, teachers and school leaders. It has been a very collaborative process that we've been true to be able to say that these persons are persons we really want to recognize because they've stood out in education. As part of its mandate, the ministry of education is very concerned about the quality of teaching in our classrooms and for us this is an opportunity to showcase some of those good practices that have been happening in the classroom. We know that school leaders and teachers are critical to this process."

    Fighting The Good Fight
    Today the National Fire Service increased its number of firefighters by two dozen. After 15 weeks of grueling training, 24 recruits passed out at a ceremony this morning. This brings their total number of firefighters up to 86. There are plans to increase those numbers even more, and it started today with the 1st of 2 passing out ceremonies the department hopes to have for the year. Emanuel Pech was there and has the report.

    Fighting For The Fire Department
    The last intake of firefighters was done in 2012. That alone should give you an idea of the department’s limitations- a small staff, with limited resources. But according to Hon. Edmund Castro, who is the Minister of National Emergency Management, he is lobbying at the cabinet level to allocate more resources to this department. He was at the ceremony today to address the recruits. We spoke to him and the training officer for the fire department who also agree that more needs to be done for this department.

    Violin Visitors
    For many Belizeans, it's quite easy and natural to be consumed by the Garifuna Collective's rich cultural performances or by Ernestine Carballo's energetic Soca Madness Shows. But how about a classical music presentation? Sure, it's not Belize's taste of music but the visiting violin duo says anyone can understand and appreciate the subtle and delicate sound of the violin. Today we met the duo at the Bliss Center and they explained how that specific sound tells a story of emotion and passion. And the duo wants to pass on that love for music by teaching kids how to play the violin. Austrian Violinist Daniel Auner told us about some of the techniques and values these kids are learning. The duo is training 50 city kids for 4 days. Now if you just want to experience classical violin music you can head over to the Bliss Center tomorrow night at 7 to see Galante and Auner perform. They have performed in Belmopan and Orange Walk.

    Channel 5

    Prime Minister Calls Press Conference to Provide Update on Bi-lateral Meetings
    The Prime Minister of Belize called a press conference this evening, ostensibly for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to report on meetings held with Guatemala and the O.A.S. in Washington. [...]

    PM Implores PUP to Desist From Planned Sarstoon Trip
    To conclude his five minute statement, the Prime Minister uses the podium to publicly appeal to the Opposition People’s United Party to desist from going to the Sarstoon. Even as [...]

    Senator Eamon Courtenay Responds to PM’s Plea
    Late this evening, People’s United Party Senator Eamon Courtenay responded to the prime minister’s appeal for the P.U.P. to stand down from its planned journey to the Sarstoon this weekend.  [...]

    PM and FM Unable to Report on Washington Meetings
    Now here is the thing. There is, according to the Prime Minister, a breakthrough coming out of the meetings in Washington, but he can’t tell us what that breakthrough is. [...]

    So What Really Happened in Washington?
    If all that leaves you shaking your head, we’re in the same boat. But the media persisted, very interested in hearing details about all the splendid progress, and especially interested [...]

    PM Ask Opposition to Re-engage
    Since we were obviously going to get nowhere on the meetings in Washington, News Five asked about a timeline heading forward, particularly where the Opposition is concerned. Talks of a [...]

    Why Did BDF Stop SATIIM at the Mouth of the Sarstoon?
    This morning, a boat containing rangers from SATIIM was denied entry to the Sarstoon, not by the Guatemalan Armed Forces, but by the Belize Defense Force. SATIIM co-manages the Sarstoon [...]

    PM Responds to Guatemalan Congress Resolution
    The report of a breakthrough is interesting, especially in the light of a resolution passed by the Guatemalan Congress today. That resolution was the approval of an advisory warning citizens [...]

    Belizean and Guatemalan Ombudsmen Meet at Adjacency Zone
    It mostly went under the radar, but Guatemala’s Ombudsman Jorge de León Duque, was on visit on Wednesday. According to online information, de Leon Duque met with his local counterpart, [...]

    Another Murder in the Old Capital
    Gang warfare is intensifying in the Old Capital and bodies are piling up; there have been eight murders in five days; three of them in the city and four in [...]

    Minor to Be Charged for Murder of Troy Cole
    Less than twelve hours before the murder of Cocom, a well known street figure, Troy Cole, was gunned down near his home on Gibnut Street in south side Belize City. [...]

    BHPL Responds to Allegations in Wake of Murder
    The murder of Troy Cole on Wednesday morning in Belize City is mired in controversy, particularly because Cole’s family and the Belize Police Department are alleging that he was refused [...]

    No Updates in Gambis Execution
    But in the murder of Glen “Gambis” Williams, police say that they need the public’s assistance in finding a grey four-door Lincoln that was used by the shooter in the [...]

    ACP Williams Speaks on Murder Spike
    According to our records, to date, there have been fifty-three murders since the start of the year; thirteen of those homicides were in Belize City and all but on one [...]

    Outstanding Teachers Recognized for Academic Excellence
    Eight educators were today recognized for their exceptional contributions to the academic field.  Teachers and school leaders were nominated in a number of categories from pre-primary to Special Education and [...]

    BWC and FSTV Part Ways over Garbage
    The Belize Waste Control is at odds with the management of the Fort Street Tourism Village over the cost of collecting garbage from the facility.  BWC recently pulled the plug [...]

    BWC Says Revenues Are Half What Should Be Collected
    The crux of the matter, according to Lamb, is that vendors are refusing to defray what they consider an additional expense.  As a result, B.W.C. is realizing a little over [...]

    National Fire Service Celebrates New Firefighters
    This morning, the National Fire Service held its passing out ceremonies at headquarters in Belize City. Twenty-four have made the cut, surviving a very intensive training course to prepare them [...]

    Healthy Living looks at signs of Domestic Abuse
    Domestic violence is a very complex issue. It is one that numerous agencies and departments work tirelessly to address. It is a public health issue – like all other forms [...]


    Orange Walk COP Charged For Police Brutality
    Last week Thursday we reported that a forty three year old resident of Temash Street here in Orange Walk Town was allegedly brutalized severely by authorities as he was taken into police custody. The family of the victim told us that sometime at around midnight on Tuesday the 26th of April, the victim was walking in the company of a friend on Gravel Lane when they were approached and stopped by police officers. Family members recounted that a search was conducted on both individuals; however, only the victim was transported to the Orange Walk Police Station where he was placed inside a cell, stripped off his garments and was hit continuously and severely. When we spoke to the Officer in command of the Police Department here in Orange Walk, Selvin Tillett, he informed us that an investigation would be carried out and it did….leading to the arrest of one police officer.

    Orange Walk Teachers Receive Outstanding Awards
    In commemoration of education month which is celebrated in the month of May, the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports holds an annual event where educators from across the country are celebrated in a National Outstanding Teachers Awards which recognizes individuals for most outstanding teacher and school leader among others. This year three of Orange Walk very own outstanding educators were awarded, including Teacher Bernadette Codd from Carmelita Government School was bestowed the Outstanding Teacher of the year award at the Preschool Level. Teacher Olivia Mesh from Saint Peters Anglican School won the Outstanding Teacher of the year award at the Special Education Level while Teacher Sergio Cal from Muffles Junior College won the Outstanding Teacher of the year award at the Tertiary Level. Today when we spoke to District Education Manager for Orange Walk, Karla Alvarez, she told about the immense joy she feels at having three of our very own be recognized.

    New District Orange Walk Football Association Promotes Sports For High Schools
    The newly elected members of the Orange Walk Football Association have planned an under eighteen football tournament targeting students from the different high schools here in the Orange Walk District. A meeting was held on Tuesday to finalize the name of the schools that will be participating as well as the schedule and agenda that will be used throughout the entire competition. Hector Morales – Executive member, OWFA: “This tournament is geared towards the high school students so we started planning about two weeks ago and this Tuesday we finally met with the Sport Directors and we worked on the schedule of the games, matches and also the days that it would be played so at this point it is closed and this is going to be an eighteen and under high school tournament only for male students so that will kick off this Friday at the Louisiana field and we will have two games one will start at four o’clock and the other one will start at five thirty in the afternoon.”

    BPP Speaks On Sarstoon Restriction
    Today marks six days that the Belize Territorial Volunteers and a group of about 85 Belizeans were denied access to the Sarstoon as a result of the Sarstoon Law passed by the Government of Belize which restricts any vessel or civilian from navigating the River for one month without proper authority. But even though days have passed the issue continues to be a hot point of contention. Today, the Belize Progressive Party expressed disappointment over Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s action which the party claims intentionally imposes upon the rights of Belizeans to move freely on the Sarstoon River. In the release issued today by the party they express their commitment to the Belizean people to ensure that such disrespectful treatment of the Belizean people shall not be summarily dismissed. According to the BPP there are four key areas of concern as it relates to what they describe as Belize’s constant submissive reaction to Guatemala’s claim over Belize’s sovereignty. First, PM surrendering sovereignty over the northern portion of the Sarstoon River, by way of enacting the S.I., in light of Guatemala’s current, physical control of the area, and Guatemala’s response to the issue, must be assessed.

    Belize Remains ZIKA Virus Free
    Belize apparently remains free of the Zika Virus and the Ministry of Health intends to keep it that way. On April 26th we told you that the Ministry of Health had received the results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency, CARPHA, on an initial case that was of significant interest in the ongoing investigation to determine the existence of indigenous transmission of the Zika virus in Belize. The sample from that case came back with a negative result for Zika but positive for Dengue. As a result of the investigation and heightened surveillance launched after the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US reported that a woman started showing signs of Zika after visiting Belize, the Ministry of Health sent an additional seven samples for testing. The news tonight is that the results for six of the samples were all negative for Zika. The samples also tested negative for Dengue and Chikungunya. In a release issued today the Ministry of Health assured the public that any pending result that is of interest to the public as it relates to Zika will be reported forthwith.

    Meet And Greet Program Leads To Less Crime
    Every so often in our community we meet people who are struggling to make ends meet and are most definitely in need of assistance to improve their standard of living. In an effort to offer a helping hand to these individuals, members of the Orange Walk Police Formation along with the leaders of the Pasadita Area Neighbourhood Watch Group took the initiative this morning to visit a mother of three in order to present her with a basket of supplies. Corporal Isidro Yam – Orange Walk Police Formation: “It’s a pleasure for me as an officer representing the Belize Police Department to come here and to give a small token to Mrs. Sarita who is a very needy person in this community and also we are working with the Pasadita Neighbourhood Watch Group which is headed by Mr. Mandy Valdez and so what is happening is that this is a constant meet and greet and also a selection of different people from different communities that the neighbourhood watch along with the police select to assist them with a little basket of food to show them our appreciation and care that we have for them.”


    PM Briefs Media on Current State of Affairs with Guatemala and OAS
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow called a press conference today at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza where he apprised the media of the recent meetings held on the Belize/Guatemala issue. There was no great revelation coming out of today’s conference but Prime Minister did say, it was called in an effort to keep the country […]

    PM Appeals to PUP to Rethink Expedition; PUP Responds
    Responding to the Prime Minister’s appeal to the Opposition to rethink their plans for an expedition to the Sarstoon, Senator Eamon Courtenay who sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee for the PUP spoke to Love News on the Prime Minister’s Request. EAMON COURTENAY “With respect to the opposition we have received the request that was […]

    Who Stopped SATIIM? GAF or BDF
    Love News has been reliably informed that a patrol boat belonging to SATIIM was blocked from conducting their routine patrols on the Sarstoon River recently. According to our source, the vessel was sent back upon their arrival at the Forward Operating Base and subsequent to that, two boats belonging to the Guatemala Armed Forces moved […]

    Guatemala Congress Warns Against Travel to Belize
    As you heard earlier, the Prime Minister is confident that tensions will ease and the diplomatic process in settling Guatemala’s territorial claim on Belize will go back to normal. It is a sentiment consistenly being expressed by Belize’s officials as they harp on the importance of a peaceful resolution. Guatemala, however, continues on their aggressive […]

    Belize Is ZIKA Free
    The long awaited results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is in and came via a press release earlier today. That release reads, quote, “The Ministry of Health has received results from Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on an initial case that was of significant interest in the ongoing investigation to determine the existence […]

    Murder #11 In Seven Days
    The murder of Troy Cole yesterday morning was still being covered, when another deadly shooting claimed the life of 21-year-old Johan Cocom at around six thirty Wednesday evening. Cocom was shot multiple times, allegedly there were 10 shots fired at him of which 8 hit him on the chest, shoulders and legs. Today Assistant Commissioner […]

    Investigation Updates on Gambis and Cole Murders
    Today at a press conference with Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, he gave an update on the two recent murders that occurred between Friday and yesterday. Police has one person pending charges in the Troy Cole murder and is looking for a vehicle in the murder of Keon ‘Gambis’Williams. CHESTER WILLIAMS “

    Outstanding Educators Recognized for 2016
    This morning, several teachers from across Belize were awarded in the annual Outstanding School Teacher and Leader Awards ceremony held at the Bliss Institute. In this ninth such event, awards were given following submissions made by different school of their most competent teachers. Genie Garbutt Franklyn officer in charge of Teacher Education and development Services […]

    New Immigration Director Installed; Marin Moves to Refugees
    On November 23, 2015, we first brought the story of Diana Locke being looked at to take up the post of Immigration Director. Now, almost six months later, the announcement was made with Locke being confirmed to the post. Love News spoke with Chief Executive Officer, Edmund Zuniga. EDMUND ZUNIGA “Ms.Diana Locke who is a […]

    Improving the Public Service with Guiding Principles and Policies
    The Public Service conference is in progress with discussions surrounding a charter for the Public Service Commission which seeks to draft best practices to improve public administration. The drafted document is a regional document across CARICOM and will be presented in Freya Parham-August for government approval. FREYA PARHAM AUGUST “This morning we are having one […]


    Guatemalan Government “deplores” and “rejects” Prime Minister Barrow’ s press statements
    The Government of the Republic of Guatemala issued a press statement saying that it “deplores and rejects the unfortunate statements made by the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, in a press conference yesterday.” Those statements being rejected, we gather, was the Prime Minister’s comment that...

    Territorial Volunteers disagree about need for SI
    As PlusNews reported before, the Government of Belize passed a Statutory Instrument to prevent The Belize Territorial Volunteers from accessing the Sarstoon. Some in the public believe the SI to be dictatorial while others find it to be necessary, but it is interesting to note that even among Territ...

    Murder victim was refused medical treatment, say Police
    26 year old Troy Cole is Belize City’s latest victim of murder. He was shot this morning at the corner of Curassow and Gibnut Streets, not far from the scene of an unrelated incident reported this weekend which resulted in two men being injured. Police are seeking one person of interest. Cole, unfor...

    Wil Mehia speaks about Coast Guard issue
    Though the Government of Belize enacted legislation in the form of a Statutory Instrument sometime between late Thursday night and Friday morning to prevent the Belize Territorial Volunteers from going to the Sarstoon, it was another maneuver by the Coast guard, acting upon instructions from the po...

    Lloyd Robateau Murdered in Ladyville
    A resident of Ladyville was murdered last night and it is suspected he was the intended target. Police say that an argument between 31 year old Lloyd Robateau and some other men a few weeks ago may have led to his untimely death. Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, ACP Edward Broaster, told ...

    Police investigate whether dead fetus in Belize City was a concealed birth
    Police say a Belize City mother told them to a 4-month fetus buried in a shallow grave in the Jane Usher Boulevard area which was found this morning. However, police are still investigating whether a crime was committed, as we hear from Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: ACP C...

    Eric Patnett Arrested for Controlled Drugs
    On Tuesday May 3, members of the Special Branch Tactical Response Squad were on special operations and executed a search warrant for drugs at the residence of Eric Patnett in Saint Mathews Village, Cayo District. Three prersons including Eric Patnet were at home at the time of the search. In the ou...

    The Guardian

    Failed trip to the Sarstoon
    Despite the Prime Minister’s warning that it would do diplomatic harm to this country, and additional counsel of the Military leaders against it, Wil Maheia and his group of provocateurs attempted to go down to the Sarstoon River on Saturday April, 30. Fortunately, the Coast Guard, Police and BDF soldiers stepped in and intercepted the handfull of persons who showed up in Barranco Village in the Toledo District. The vessels which had been hired to take the group out were not seaworthy, so the Coast Guard impounded them for safety reasons. On Friday, the day before their trip, the Government enacted a Statutory Instrument prohibiting civilians from going into the Sarstoon without permission from the Government. It’s intension was to block the civilians from making a political statement of patriotism. Normal travel in and out of the Sarstoon is still unrestricted for purposes of travel, conservation, or for the preservation of livelihoods. The class of prohibited persons, if found guilty can be fined up to a $1,000 or sentenced to a year in prison.

    City Council unveils bust of Prime Minister Price
    “As political and national leader, no one could surpass Mr. Price,” says Rt. Honourable Prime Minister Dean Barrow. That statement is open for debate, but what is unquestionable is the fact that Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price is the architect of Belize’s Independence. The road leading to the political capital of Belize bares his name and now every time someone accesses the George Price Highway from Belize City they will see a bronz image of the “Father of Nation” on top of a monument at the intersection with the Central American Boulevard. The Belize City Council unveiled the George Price bust on Tuesday, May 3, with a host of relatives and friends in attendance. “Prior to this bust there was no statue of George Price anywhere in any public place throughout Belize City,” says Mayor Darell Bradley. The Mayor says that monuments are not just to honour the dead but also to encourage the living. “We need to celebrate his legacy and we need to encourage the values and principles that he lived by: humility, selfless service, love of country - devout faith in God.”

    National Agricultural and Trade Show held in Belmopan
    With visitors from across Belize, the National Agricultural and Trade Show has been successfully held in Belmopan. Under the coordination of the National Agriculture and Trade Show Committee and under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development, the three day show started with an official opening last Friday evening and continued on both Saturday and Sunday. The three day show has been transformed to be agricultural and trade oriented with many entrepreneurs coming out with a variety of Belizean products from the Tambranero sauce mix in the Corozal District to special concoctions of juices and other mixes. All the major cellular hardware providers were out at the show grounds, driving cellular phones to rock bottom prices. A cellular phone from VIP Wireless, Go Wireless Direct, and Cellular World was going for $39.99, $49.00 and $45.00 respectively. One of the exiting features of the Agriculture show were the rodeo shows held on both Saturday and Sunday with families coming out to view it for themselves.

    Government of Belize Cautiously Optimistic about Meetings in Washington D.C.
    The meeting among the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, the Belize Foreign Minister, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, the Permanent Representative of the United States to the OAS, Michael Fitzpatrick, and their respective delegations just concluded at the OAS Headquarters in Washington. The discussions covered the overall bilateral relations between both countries including the Sarstoon River. The Belize delegation are cautiously optimistic of the results and expect a statement to be issued later tonight by the Secretary General. The Belize delegation returns to the country tomorrow afternoon and the Government will provide details of the meetings in a press briefing on Friday.

    500 residents of Indian Church/San Carlos, now have access to potable water
    The Indian Church/San Carlos Hybrid Solar Water System is now allowing residents of that community to have access to potable water. Approximately 500 residents of Indian Church/San Carlos villages will now have easier access to the continuous supply of reliable quality potable water to meet their daily water needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking. The hybrid solar water project was funded by the Government of Belize at a cost of $867,333.29 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. It represents the unwavering commitment of the Government addressing the basic needs of Belizeans, in the areas of water, sanitation and health. Furthermore, the water project will significantly contribute in the reduction of water-borne, food borne and vector borne diseases in addition to communicable and non-communicable diseases for residents of Indian Church/San Carlos, and by extension, the people of Belize. Thus the completion of the water project also demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the Government of Belize to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals, as it relates to water; which is to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water.

    Man found murdered in Camalote
    A male has been discovered dead near a farm in the Cayo District. At about 1:25 am last Friday, Belmopan Police visited Cattle Ranch situated in Camalote Village, Cayo District, where on arrival they observed the lifeless body of a Hispanic descent male person lying face down. He was found to be wearing a blue shirt with black stripes, long blue jeans pants and a pair of black shoes. The body had several injuries, such as a large cut to the neck and apparent gunshots behind the right ear, on top of the head, above the left ear, and two to the left shoulder. The body of Gelion De Leon was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead by the doctor on duty. The body of De Leon lies at the Western Regional Hospital Morgue, awaiting a post mortem examination.

    Two cousins killed in Camalote
    Two men have been shot and killed in Camalote Village. On Sunday May 1, 2016 about 7:23pm, reports were made of shots were being fired in Camalote Village. Belmopan Police responded and learnt that the two victims had been transported to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment. Twenty four year old Akeem Thimbriel a Belizean electrician of Camalote Village was observed suffering from gunshots to both arms and chest. He was pronounced dead at 7:49 pm by the doctor on duty. Another person, Shawn Lopez, a Belizean from Teakettle Village, Cayo District, had also received gunshot injuries to the upper body and later on Sunday succumbed to his injuries.

    Man found in Creek near Belmopan
    A body was found in the river at Mile 28 on the Hummingbird Highway on Saturday morning of this past weekend. The body is that of Emmanuel Rivera 33 year old Salvadoran laborer, whose abode was some 200 yards away. He was found in a creek about 5 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet in depth, lying face down and naked. No signs of violence were observed on the body. The body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue, where it awaits a post mortem examination. According to his uncle Manuel Rivera, a 59 year old Guatemalan farmer, sometime around 6:00 am on that same day, Emmanuel Rivera had gone to the creek by himself. He noticed that Rivera had not returned and upon further checks about 6:35 am, he saw him lying motionless in the shallow creek. Emmanuel had been diagnosed as an epileptic patient and had been on medication ever since.

    Drive by shooting in Belmopan
    A man was shot in Belmopan from the back of a vehicle with tinted windows. On Tuesday of last week at about 10:05 pm, Belmopan Police visited the Western Regional Hospital where they observed Jose Alberto Marquez Jr. with an apparent gunshot wound to the left side of the chest and an exit wound to the left side of his back. The 24 year old Guatemalan naturalized Belizean is a resident of Spain Street, in the Salvapan Area, Belmopan City. Initial investigation reveals that about fifteen minutes earlier, Jose Marquez Jr. was riding his bicycle on St. Peter Street, in the San Martin area of Belmopan City, when a grey in color, heavily tinted, four-door Toyota Four Runner came from his opposite direction. As the vehicle was passing him, the rear window behind the driver’s side was lowered and someone fired a shot at him. The occupants in the vehicle fled the scene.

    City men busted with gun and ammo
    Ervin Ellis, 23, of #76 Cemetery Road and Dwight Hulette, 20, of #64 Cemetery Road, are at the Belize Central Prison on remand after they were busted over the weekend with a firearm and ammunition. According to police, at around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 1, officers set chase behind Ellis and Hulette and caught up with them in an open lot on Woods Street. Police apprehended the men and executed a search of the area. About a foot away from the men, police found a 9 millimeter pistol loaded with ten live rounds of 9 millimeter bullets. Hulette and Ellis were arrested and charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

    Two young lives taken in Belize City, hours apart
    Gun violence spiked once again in Belize City claiming the lives of two young men on Wednesday May 4. In the first shooting, 26 year old Troy Cole was riding his bicycle towards Curasow Street from Central American Boulevard at around 9a.m when he was attacked by a gunman. Reports are that he struggled with his attacker who carried a gun. Cole was unable to defend himself as he was shot twice by the assailant after which he made a mad dash for his life to the nearby Universal Integral Clinic. Assistant Commissioner of police, Chester Williams, told the media that while Cole managed to get to the entrance of the clinic he was refused entry into the health center leaving him on his own outside. Williams says it was police who had to take Cole to the KHMH where he later died. Williams regrets the actions by the institution claiming that in the moments after the shooting, the clinic could have stabilized Cole and probably saved his life. Police are at this point looking for one suspect in this shooting incident.

    Smart Belize Hurricanes a win away from capturing National Elite Basketball League title
    The National Elite Basketball League championship round for 2016 commenced on Friday 29th April, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium in Belize City between the two-times defending champions the San Pedro Tiger Sharks and the number one seed into the playoffs the Smart Belize Hurricanes. The championship series is utilising the best of three format. Game 1 opened with the top seed, Smart Belize Hurricanes jumping out to an early lead, which at the end of the first quarter of the game stood at 18-16. At halftime, Smart Belize Hurricanes maintained a 31-28 lead. However, during the third quarter of the game, there were many lead changes and ties until the closing minutes of the quarter that the Smart Belize Hurricanes extended its lead to 9 points for a 63-54 advantage.

    Belmopan Bandits regain National Football Title
    The Premier League of Belize 2016 Closing Season Tournament came to an end on Saturday 30th April, 2016, when the second and final game in the home and away championship series was played out at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in the City of Belmopan. In the second and final game of the series, the Belmopan Bandits defeated the Placencia Assassins, by the score of 2-0 to recapture the National Football Title that it loss two seasons ago. The Belmopan Bandits got onto the scoreboard when Kervin Johnson scored the 1st goal of the game in the 29th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The first half of the game came to an end with the Belmopan Bandits defence protecting its slim lead. For much of the second half of the game it seems like the game would have ended 1-0 but it was not to be as Randy Padilla was able to penetrate the Placencia Assassins defence and scored his team’s final goal of the game in the 83rd minute of play for the 2-0 victory and the championship.

    Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition open
    The 2015-2016 Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition opened on Wednesday 4th May, 2016, at the MCC Grounds. In the girls’ competition there are ten schools that are competing in this year’s competition. The schools are divided into two groups. The schools that are in group a consist of Belize Elementary School, Unity Presbyterian School, Wesley Upper School, Holy Redeemer School and St. John Vianney. Meanwhile, the schools that are in group b consist of St. Martin De Porres School, Salvation Army School, Bethel Primary School, St. John’s Primary School and St. Mary’s Primary School. In the boys’ competition, fourteen schools have signed up to compete in this year’s competition. The boys like the girls are split into two divisions. In group a, the schools are All Saints Anglican School, Belize Elementary School, Unity Presbyterian School, Wesley Upper School, St. John Vianney School, St. Ignatius School and Holy Redeemer School. In group b, the schools are St. Martin De Porres School, Salvation Army School, Muslim Community School, Ebenezer Methodist School, St. Joseph School, St. John’s Primary School and St. Mary’s Anglican School.

    Marlon Kuylen Acting President of the Football Federation of Belize
    The Football Federation of Belize held its 9th Ordinary Congress on Saturday 30th April, 2016, at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City. The congress, which received the report on the performance of the Football Federation of Belize from President Ruperto Vicente, as well as the Financial Report of the federation had as its highlight the elections of officers for the 2016-2020 period. The congress had the participation of 14 District Football Association members and 6 members from the Premier League of Belize. At the end of the 1st round of voting, Marlon Kuylen was elected Senior Vice President, while Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon were elected as Executive Members.

    Prison officers fed up with Kolbe
    Prison officers have just about had as much as they can take at the Kolbe Foundation. Here at the Guardian, we have had complaints from officials at Kolbe before. Their beef is usually about unilateral decisions made by management of the institution. The officers often feel disrespected. They say they are treated more like errand boys than partners. Unfortunately for the prison officers, the recent rule passed down by management puts them in a class far beneath that of an errand boy. They are now being treated more like criminals than rehabilitation officers. Prison officers are now subject to searches upon entering the prison compound and before leaving. Not even convicts are searched before leaving the prison. One prison officer says the new rule is demoralizing. He says anyone can understand the logic behind conducting searches upon entrance because there have been reports that prison officers smuggle in products for certain inmates. However, there is no reasoning behind searches when leaving the compound. What is there to smuggle out of a prison?

    Training in Taiwan for Belizeans in reproductive and breeding technology in small ruminant
    The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that two technical officers from Central Farm will be dispatched through the project ‘Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project in Belize’ to take a training course on reproductive and breeding technology in small ruminant, which will be taking place in Heng-Chung Branch, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute located in South Taiwan during May 17th - 26th, 2016. Belize has the highest potential in small ruminant production in Central America/Caribbean Area, but unfortunately, good breeds of sheep and goat are still in short supply in the country. The agreement between the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Government of Belize on the above-mentioned project had been signed on December 2nd, 2015 for the assistance in expanding the infrastructure at the National Sheep and Goat Breeding Center in Central Farm, improving software and hardware, introducing quality breeding stocks to the center and improving production techniques, productivity and the integral development of the sheep and goat industry in Belize.

    Teachers complete training in Early Childhood education
    Over 30 teachers of Kuxlin Ha Government Primary School in Belmopan who successfully completed training in Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Quality Child Friendly School will received their Certificates of Completion at a ceremony held at the school on Wednesday May 4, 2016. The teachers are now competent with the skills and knowledge to significantly contribute in making a positive educational impact in nurturing the development of children; the future leaders of Belize. The training project aimed to ensure that students and pre-schoolers have the opportunity to develop a healthy holistic child socially, culturally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and intellectually as well as improve the Learning Environment to provide Quality Primary and Early Childhood Education Services for Children of Kuxlin Ha Government Primary School. Topics covered during the 10-week training included sensitization on what early childhood education is and its importance, Child Development, Learning through play, discipline, Pre-school curriculum, Assessment booklets, Pre-school learning centres and Developing and setting up a pre-school centre etc.

    Double Murder in Santa Elena, Cayo
    There was a double murder at Betty’s Beauty Salon in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District on Saturday evening of this past weekend. Responding to the scene, San Ignacio Police saw two females and a male on the floor of the salon. Andy Bustillos 31 year old Belizean employed with Anchor Security was in his security guard uniform, still breathing, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the right side of his head and was on the floor in the salon. He had in his hand a black in color CZ 9 mm pistol bearing serial number A266508. The other body was identified as Miriam E. Mai, a 39 year old Belizean cosmetologist of Santa Elena Town, who was seen face down suffering from an apparent gunshot wound under the chin and bleeding profusely. The other female body was identified as Daisy Carmita Miralda, a 29 year old Belizean Businesswoman of West Street, San Ignacio Town, who was lying face up and also bleeding profusely with a gunshot to the forehead and right side of head.

    Accused of stealing motorcycle from Catholic Church
    Hector Pratt, 29, and Rudolph Belisle, 20, are in trouble for allegedly stealing a Lifan motorcycle from the Saint Martin De Porres Church. Allegations are that on Saturday, April 28, the duo walked into the church’s compound and walked out with a red motorcycle. All this was caught on surveillance tape, according to police. Pratt and Belisle were taken before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Tuesday, May 3, where they were read two criminal charges of theft and handling stolen goods. The men both pleaded not guilty to the charges. Belisle was additional charged with committing a mischievous act. Police say that he filed a report about the theft of the motorcycle which turned out to be untrue after they checked out his story. Belisle pleaded not guilty to that charge as well.

    Glen Williams, 38, also known as Keon “Gambis” Williams, was the third of five murders over the Labour Day weekend. Readers may remember his name from back in 2010 when he was accused of sodomizing a 14 year-old boy. He was tried in the Supreme Court and in June of 2013, he was acquitted. In the nearly 3 years that followed that acquittal, he continued on with his life, reportedly staying clear of the gang life. His mother says that he was a moneylender, and most of his clients were members of the waterfront workers. Police say that a few days prior to his street slaying, he reported to police that he spotted a vehicle following him. His family also recounted to the press that he had received death threats. His mother said that he even expressed a fear of sleeping at his home. On Saturday, April 30, at around 5 p.m., he left his mother’s house on Supaul Street on his motorcycle. He was riding at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Antelope Street.

    One Legged Senior Citizen in Jail for Weed
    La Democracia Village resident, John Williams, 68, also known as “Sadman”, is at the Belize Central Prison for drug trafficking. Williams is an amputee who was busted with 67.57 grams of marijuana on Wednesday, April 27. According to police, acting upon information received officers visited a yard in La Democracia where they saw a man with crutches. When the man saw the officers he threw a bag into some nearby bushes, about two feet from where he was. The officers retrieved the bag and opened it in front of him. The bag contained green leafy material suspected to be cannabis. The man, who identified himself as John Williams, was arrested and taken to the police station where the suspected cannabis was weighed in his presence. It amounted to 67.57 grams of marijuana. Therefore, he was charged with drug trafficking.

    Robert Mejia charged for throwing blunt away
    Robert Mejia, 36, of Hattieville Village, may have gotten himself into more trouble when he tried to get rid of a joint in front of police officers on Thursday night, April 28. According to Police Constable Wayne Trapp, he was conducting foot patrol around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday when his attention was drawn to Mejia while on Ysaguirre Boulevard. Mejia was hanging out in the area, allegedly smoking a joint at the corner of Myrtle Street. PC Trapp walked up to him and asked what did he have in his hand. That was when Mejia threw what he had into some nearby bushes. PC Trapp tried to recover the object from the bushy area but he couldn’t find it. Since he could not retrieve the joint, Mejia was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

    San Antonio man chopped for no reason
    A man from San Antonio Village was chopped by another for no apparent reason. On Thursday of last week at about 9:50 pm, San Ignacio Police encountered a vehicle that was transporting a Hispanic man identified as Amir Tun. The 35 year old is a Belizean laborer of San Antonio Village, who was suffering from four deep chop wounds to the face. Tun reported that whilst walking past the community centre in San Antonio Village he was approached by Amir Tzib from the same village, who chopped him with a machete for no apparent reason. Tun is in stable condition and admitted to ward at the San Ignacio Hospital.

    Two drug related murders in Western Belize
    Gun violence spiked once again in Belize City claiming the lives of two young men on Wednesday May 4. In the first shooting, 26 year old Troy Cole was riding his bicycle towards Curasow Street from Central American Boulevard at around 9a.m when he was attacked by a gunman. Reports are that he struggled with his attacker who carried a gun. Cole was unable to defend himself as he was shot twice by the assailant after which he made a mad dash for his life to the nearby Universal Integral Clinic. Assistant Commissioner of police, Chester Williams, told the media that while Cole managed to get to the entrance of the clinic he was refused entry into the health center leaving him on his own outside. Williams says it was police who had to take Cole to the KHMH where he later died. Williams regrets the actions by the institution claiming that in the moments after the shooting, the clinic could have stabilized Cole and probably saved his life. Police are at this point looking for one suspect in this shooting incident.

    Two young lives taken in Belize City, hours apart
    Gun violence spiked once again in Belize City claiming the lives of two young men on Wednesday May 4. In the first shooting, 26 year old Troy Cole was riding his bicycle towards Curasow Street from Central American Boulevard at around 9a.m when he was attacked by a gunman. Reports are that he struggled with his attacker who carried a gun. Cole was unable to defend himself as he was shot twice by the assailant after which he made a mad dash for his life to the nearby Universal Integral Clinic. Assistant Commissioner of police, Chester Williams, told the media that while Cole managed to get to the entrance of the clinic he was refused entry into the health center leaving him on his own outside. Williams says it was police who had to take Cole to the KHMH where he later died. Williams regrets the actions by the institution claiming that in the moments after the shooting, the clinic could have stabilized Cole and probably saved his life. Police are at this point looking for one suspect in this shooting incident.

    Softball Federation calls junior female softballers to training camp
    In preparation for the XV Central American Junior Female Softball Championship that is scheduled for August 26-28, 2016, at the Rogers Stadium in Belize City, the Belize Softball Federation is calling all junior female softballers, 19 years and under, to its training camp scheduled for Saturday, 7th May, 2016, at 9:00 am at Rogers Stadium. Junior female softballers in the Cayo and Stann Creek Districts are encouraged to come out and try out for the team. Junior female softballers who will turn 20 years in September of 2016 are encouraged to try out for the National Junior Female Softball Team. Junior softballers are asked to bring along an ID card, to verify date of birth, and their own softball glove.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    CEO’s to ride for cancer
    The Government of Belize is supporting the Belize Cancer Society with a special cycling activity involving chief executive officers on Saturday. The CEO Caucus of the Government of Belize are participating in “The Big Deal” CEO Caucus Challenge 2016: Cancer Awareness Ride” which starts at Mile […]

    PM: PUP must “hold on” on Sarstoon
    Warning that any visit to the Sarstoon area might undo the “progress made” in diplomatic negotiations held this week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has asked the People’s United Party (PUP) to postpone its planned visit to the Sarstoon and rejoin the diplomatic process. Speaking this […]

    Turning point for energy security in the Caribbean
    Caribbean countries have quietly started a green revolution and are now leading the way for other small islands developing states in the global effort to limit the rise of global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius. While […]

    AK-47 found in Camalote Village
    While conducting drugs and firearm operations in Camalote, Cayo police’s Tactical Response Squad found an AK-47 with a black barrel and magazine containing 19 live rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammunition. The officers were on My Refuge Road when they heard a single gunshot […]

    Two murders in Belize City, police investigate
    Belize City Police are investigating two separate murders that happened yesterday on Gibnut and Prince Streets where Troy Triston Cole and Johan Justin Cocom were killed respectively. Cole, 26, was riding his bike on Gibnut Street after 9:00 Wednesday morning, when a gunman approached […]

    Cold front setting in today
    A weak late season cold front affecting the country supports cooler and relatively moist conditions the next 24-36 hours. The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy skies and cool weather with a few showers, periods of rain or an isolated thunderstorm mostly […]

    23 firefighters graduate training
    Today was graduation day for 23 trainees who are now firefighters for the National Fire Service. This is the first course graduation ceremony for 2016. Fires are not simply put out, and Fire Chief Ted Smith noted that the training the all-male cadre received included […]


    Cerros Ruins: See the Longest-Occupied Mayan Site in Belize
    There are secrets to be found at Cerros Mayan ruins, but you would require diving gear to unearth them! This waterfront historical site is now partially underwater, but no worries—there’s lots explore if you wander the 40+ acres of hillside to take in two ball courts, a central plaza, pyramids and the piece de resistance, the main, towering temple standing 64-feet above ground level. See painted masks and stucco walls that have retained traces of splendid decorations, despite erosion and time. Cerros is located 84 miles north of Belize City at the mouth of the New River and near the Bay of Chetumal in Corozal District, the northern-most Belize territory. Your lodging host can arrange a private boat or book a tour that may also include land transport to and from the dock. This journey is fairly fast; it only takes about 15 minutes to reach the ruin. A ferry departs Orange Walk Town for Cerros, but first, you must drive 55 miles along the Northern Highway from Corozal, traveling past villages like Chunox, Progresso and Copper Bank, and then another couple of miles inland. Your best bet is that boat!

    OAS Secretary General Almagro Met with Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala
    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, met today with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River. To this end, Secretary Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances which resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone.

    What Guatemala does not want the world to see
    While the Government of Guatemala burns through the budget on lavish lifestyles, keeping an unfounded claim on our independent nation of Belize, swarms of families live below extreme poverty and live their lives in the garbage dumps. Guatemala would do good with starting to address the basic human rights of their citizens before they look for more expenditures elsewhere but then again, the Oligarchy does not suffer so they do not care.

    Get in a vacation mood!!! Top 10 favorite images recently posted, in Placencia, Belize!!
    Just like the title says - check these out if Spring is slow to get to your hometown (like in mine, of Cleveland, OH, where on Cinco de Mayo, everyone is still wearing winter coats!) Nothing like looking at tropical and fun images to get you in a summery, vacationey mood!!! :) If you want even #placencia and select images, or search that hashtag on Instagram to see the latest photos that people are posting!!

    Why Visit Belize in May
    May is a great month to visit Belize because numerous resorts, hotels, and tour companies offer huge discounts on accommodations, tours, and all inclusive vacation packages making it affordable for travelers to enjoy an exquisite and amazing Belize vacation. The weather is also fantastic in May and there are endless activities that you can partake in such as scuba diving with whale sharks, exploring the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, bird watching in the rainforest, and taking a dip at Belize’s top waterfalls like Big Rock and Rio on Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge. Another big reason to visit Belize in May is that there are fewer tourists in the country and thus you can enjoy all of the top attractions thoroughly and without rushing.

    Fish Ceviche a la Veracruzana
    Place the fish in a glass or plastic bowl with lemon juice and vinegar, cover and refrigerate for 20 min. Remove and make sure all fish has become white. Remove the liquid, add the ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste and finally the oil without beating more since that would change the texture. Refrigerate for 2 hours to blend the ingredients and serve.

    Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce
    Blend the ingredients for the sauce, pour into a bowl with chicken and marinate 1 hour in the refrigerator. Insert to form kabobs cubes on sticks, heat a griddle over medium heat, spread a little oil and cook 6 minutes total turning every 2 minutes. Put the rice in a pan add oil, onion and garlic and cook for 30 seconds. Add celery, carrot and cook for 1 minute. Add the pineapple, soy, oyster and cook 30 seconds. Add rice extinguish the fire and mix the cilantro. Place kabobs on a mound of rice and serve with roasted peanuts and chopped chives.

    Foodie Friday: Fruti de Mare, great recipe to try at home!
    Delight yourself right at home with this surprisingly easy to make Belize Fruti de Mare recipe! For this segment we will explain one of our favourite recipes, which is also remarkably easy to make, it is called the Fruti de Mare or Fruit of the Sea, it is very versatile and so easy to do at home you will wonder why you haven’t done it already. Seafood – clean and shell the shrimp and conch to get it ready for cooking. Fish – Scale (if whole) and fillet. Fettuccini – place it for 8-10 minutes into a pot of boiling water, once complete you drain the pasta and add salt and a light amount of olive oil to taste.

    SAGA Brings a Team of Volunteer Vets to the Island: Let’s Get Our Pets Out There
    Yesterday I followed a pick-up truck filled with dog and cat carriers and veterinarians into the DFC area just south of town. A TEAM of volunteers are here to help the animals of Ambergris Caye – to provide much needed spay and neutering and more. The team of vets and vet techs and some SERIOUS equipment are here and seeing dogs and cats –> Yesterday May 4th in the DFC area, Today, May 5th from 9am to 4pm in San Pedrito and May 11th and 12th in San Mateo. PLEASE DROP IN! But let me pause for a moment and just mention a FEW reasons why it’s a good idea to fix your pet – both your cats and your dogs, the females and especially the males. Fixing your Dog Can Fix up San Pedro. Keeping dogs and cats in happy homes, keeps them off the streets…and from pooping on the streets…and from perhaps biting anyone. We have enough cute “street dogs” in San Pedro – fixing your animals (and find these strays homes) is the only way to keep the numbers in check. If you are calling the Mayor’s office to complain about strays in your area and your male dog is not fixed, you may be CONTRIBUTING to the problem.

    International Sourcesizz

    OAS issues press release on meeting held with Belize & Guatemala
    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, met today with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River. To this end, Secretary Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances which resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone. Recalling Annex C of the Confidence Building Measures in force on the Guidelines for Public Statements, Secretary Almagro urged its strict compliance by the Parties. The OAS Secretary General further called on the Parties to adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River so that both the peoples and governments of Belize and Guatemala can refocus on strengthening their good neighborly relations. The Secretary General welcomed the readiness of both Parties to advance in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism and urged the Parties to avoid future incidents such as those that have recently occurred.

    Update on Coral Reef Bleaching and Possible New Remedies
    Coral reefs are crucial to ocean ecosystems — providing food and shelter to a quarter of all marine life. They also support food stocks that feed more than a billion people. This year, reefs around the world are threatened like never before: At Christmas Island near Australia, scientists estimate more than 80 percent of all the coral is now dead. And at the Great Barrier Reef, a similar story is unfolding: More than half of the reef’s coral has died. Scientists point to warming ocean temperatures and successive El Nino events as causes. For this month’s Environmental Outlook, the threat to coral reefs worldwide and what it will take to save them. Guests: C. Mark Eakin coordinator, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Coral Reef Watch program. Kim Cobb Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology. Ruth Gates researcher, ocean science, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.

    Norwegian Getaway’s First Belize Trip
    Belize has welcomed the Norwegian Getaway in its first call to the Caribbean destination. The ship arrived with 4,360 passengers last week and hosted an on-board plaque exchange ceremony between the Belize Tourism Board and Captain Rune Myre of the Norwegian Getaway. The 1,068-foot Getaway was built in 2014 and hosts 1,640 crew on board. It sails seven-day Western Caribbean cruises from Miami and is expected to make 22 more calls to Belize between May and December 2016.

    OAS to deploy experts to investigate shooting incident in Belize-Guatemala adjacency zone
    The secretary general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, on Wednesday met with the ministers of foreign affairs of Belize and Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River. To this end, Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances that resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone. Recalling Annex C of the confidence building measures in force on the guidelines for public statements, Almagro urged its strict compliance by the parties.


  • G.R.W.A Vol. 1: Belize, 6min.

  • Loggerhead Turtle tries to shake some Remoras, Turneffe Atoll, Belize, 40sec. A loggerhead turtle tries to shake some pesky remoras by thrashing around and then darting off. This footage was taken near the Turneffe Atoll in Belize

  • Belize 2016 / Caye Caulker / San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, 8min.

  • San Antonio Mayan Gift Shop Belize, 3min. Trip through the village of San Antonio is a little gift shop.

  • Hol Chan Belize Reef. Creative tours San Pedro, 4.5min.

  • BELIZE 2016, 6.5min. Jeff and I had the best time with our buds Mike and Amanda in Belize last week! I had to make a video of our fun travels! Although it doesn't even showcase HALF of the fun things we did together like hiking the ruins, and cave exploring, diving, and tubbing, and the list goes on and on, but at least this is a little taste of the magic that is Belize.

  • DAY 4 - THE CITY OF BELIZE, 7.5min. Check out my visit to Belize city. Excursions in Belize are absolutely amazing, the city..

  • Caribbean Reef Octopus - Caye Caulker, Belize, 13sec. A Caribbean reef octopus spotted on a night dive off Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • BTB The Taste Of Belize Official Ad, min.

  • Larubya.drummers from Belize city, 6min.

  • Larubya.drummers from Belize city(1), 5min.

  • Fly Fishing Belize: Permit On The Fly, 2.5min. Fly Fishing for Permit of the coast of Southern Belize with legendary fly fishing guide Lincoln Westby.

  • People of San Pedro - UNCW Belize Documentary, 9min.

  • Belize waterslide 1, 23sec.

    May 5, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    First ever labour Day beach bash at ‘Secret Beach!’
    Perhaps the most anticipated beach parties in the entire country of Belize take place on Ambergris Caye. The island is already well known for its festive vibes all year round, and for this year’s Labour Day weekend celebrations, DJ Chabo along with DMad 1, Dehydration Mighty Soud took party lovers to a different level of beach partying. Sponsored by My Beautiful Belize Visitor Guide, Green Lizard Juice, and Belikin Beer, the first-ever beach bash brought island residents to the not-so ‘Secret Beach.’ The location was unknown to me. I heard about it a few times, but in reality had no idea where it was, other than ‘a couple miles up the coast’ of the island. So the day came and I was excited to be at this new spot that everyone had been talking about. I mean, no one wanted to miss this first beach bash at the Secret Beach. It was the inauguration of an annual event and was definitely a ‘be there or nowhere’ event! After a good drive, the beach came into view and soon I was in the middle of the live jamboree. People lined the beach and danced to the tunes of DJ Chabo.

    Potential Zika case returns back negative
    On Wednesday, April 27th, the Ministry of Health (MOH) shared some highly anticipated news after receiving the results from one of several blood samples sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad to be tested for the Zika virus. The MOH confirmed the result from the first patient to be negative for Zika, but was tested positive for Dengue—another leading disease that is carried by the same Aedes Aegypti mosquito. After Belize was listed under the “Center for Disease Control” (CDC) list of travel advisories, speculation to whether or not the country has Zika raised concern locally and internationally. In April, southern districts of Belize had several outbreaks of potential cases and samples were collected and sent out for additional testing. Because Belize does not have equipment to properly detect mosquito-borne diseases like Zika, Dengue, or Chikungunya, the waiting period take weeks.

    “Experience the Power of Plants” at SPHS Science Fair
    From coconuts to carrots to coffee beans, the healthy benefits of Belize’s plants were creatively demonstrated at San Pedro High School’s (SPHS) annual Science Fair on Friday, April 29th. The Angel Nuñez Auditorium showcased thirty-three vibrantly decorated booths that focused on this year’s theme of “Experience the Power of Plants.” SPHS is never short of talent, whether it be sports or academics, and these students showcased their creativity and uniqueness. The SPHS student body, teachers, parents, and community members visited the different booths, evaluating, and critiquing each group’s performance. Belize is known for its abundance of exotic plants, fruits, herbs, and roots which have many healing properties. Students excelled at utilizing the array of flora that are readily available in the country for their projects. Each group brainstormed brilliant ideas, and came up with products in the form of teas, juices, oils, food, and pastries. The ultimate purpose of these products was to help boost the immune system, support weight loss, reduce hypertension, cholesterol, anemia, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    SPRC says good-bye to Shirlee Arnould
    After six plus years of dedicated work as the Branch Coordinator of the San Pedro Red Cross Branch (SPRC), Shirlee Arnould left the country on Sunday, May 1st, bound for a new adventure in her professional life. To commemorate her time in office, the SPRC, along with close friends, held a farewell dinner party for Arnould on Wednesday, April 20th at El Divino Restaurant. Before the party started, Arnould was acknowledged by the entire SPRC staff for her hard work and dedication to the organization. The Media and Communications Officer of SPRC, Laurie Norton thanked Arnould for her unconditional assistance to the organization and commended her for always maintaining the branch up to date with its daily functions. At the meeting it was also announced that while a new Branch Coordinator is chosen, Aimee Fearneyhough will remain responsible for the First Aid/CPR Training functions of the branch. All inquiries are to be directed to her at [email protected] or via phone at 629-8707. When it comes to Blood Drives and Blood Requests, Heidi Simmons will be responsible, and she can be contacted via [email protected] or via phone at 605-8798. All other SPRC related inquiries should be directed to the Chairman, Eiden Salazar at 610-0597 or via email at [email protected]

    3 males detained for possession of drugs and firearms
    On Tuesday, May 3rd, three Hispanic males were detained and arrested for the possession of drugs and illegal firearms. Police Constable (PC) Genero Samos #1025, along with (Corporal) Cpl Jose Blanco #400 were conducting mobile patrols on Sea Grape Drive in San Pedro Town, when shortly after, information was received that the South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch personnel had detained three male persons at a dock located at the Mosquito Coast Area, approximately one mile south of San Pedro Town. PC Samos walked toward the beach to a dock, where they saw three men detained by three security officers of the South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch. The men were identified as 20-year-old Christian Espat of San Pedrito area, 19-year-old Rene Kumul of DFC area and 20-year-old Jose Armando Guillen, Salvadoran of Sea Grape Drive, all in San Pedro Town. The security officers also brought forth a black knapsack that the detainees left after attempting to escape.

    First ever Labour day weekend bash at ‘Secret Beach.’
    Belizeans across the country celebrated the Labour Day Weekend with a variety of fun activities. From the popular Agriculture and Trade Show in the capital city of Belmopan, to sporting events and beach parties, the entire country was in a celebratory mode. Ambergris Caye was no exception, and on Sunday, May 1st, island residents enjoyed a great beach party at the popular spot known as “Secret Beach” located north of San Pedro Town. The all day bash began shortly after 10AM, with a huge crowd of people making their way to the beach area within the Grand Belizean Estates development. People arrived via boat, golf cart, motorbike and even bicycles, nobody wanted to miss this one of a kind event. Revellers danced the day away to the finest tunes brought by DJ Chabo, DMad 1, and Dehydration Mighty Sound. Bartenders kept the drinks coming, including the famous ‘Green Lizard Juice.’ Fabulous prizes were raffled during the event, and drink specials were announced at the end of every hour. Before the event wrapped up, Karma and Nitro performed on stage, to the delight of the attendees.

    Fundraiser held for Frank Panton
    The island community never fails to lend a helping hand. On Friday, April 29th, a coin drive, and food and bake sale was held to raise funds for Winston Frank Panton. Panton, an active member of the community, is in need of financial assistance following his cancer diagnosis. As such, long-time friends of Panton, volunteers from Red Cross, and students from La Isla Bonita Elementary gathered to raise money for Panton’s medical expenses. If you would like to assist Frank Panton with donations to help finance his medical costs, please contact him at 628-2542. The San Pedro Sun would like to acknowledge Frank Panton in this difficult time, along with his great achievements and efforts that have helped the community of San Pedro. A visit to the doctor led to the discovery of Panton having an advanced state of cancer. The disease has spread to his spinal cord, and he now needs immediate medical attention. Marisa Salazar, a long-time friend of Panton, willingly assisted the drive and invited people to stop by and make a donation. “We are trying to raise funds so he can get treatment. Even though we are showing support, he needs a lot of prayers too,” said Salazar.

    Faith Edgar crowned Miss SPHS 2016-2017
    It was a night of beauty and elegance on Saturday, April 30th as San Pedro High School (SPHS) hosted their annual ‘Miss SPHS’ pageant. Hundreds packed the Angel Nuñez Auditorium for an exciting show comprised of many entertaining segments, and of course, the election of the 2016-2017 SPHS beauty ambassador. After one last performance, the lovely ladies made their final appearance onstage dressed in beautiful gowns. But, beauty went beyond looks in this category as it also consisted of a “Q & A” segment. All four contestants were challenged with randomly selected questions based on community and social issues. Each contestant answered her question with grace and to their best intellectual ability. The pressure in the auditorium escalated as the announcement of the winner finally arrived. But before announcing the winner of Miss SPHS 2016-2017, Nuñez announced the winner for the side categories. Lisandra was named Miss Popularity, while the titles of Miss Photogenic and Ms. Congeniality were both awarded to Janelly, and Miss Amity and Miss Eloquence went to Norma Lopez. The first runner-up was Janelly Aban, and the new Miss SPHS, Faith Edgar, was crowned by the outgoing Miss SPHS Shelia Chi. The crowd cheered loudly for Faith, who graciously waved from onstage. Among many prizes, Faith received a one-year scholarship to SPHS, a one-day sailing tour with 15 friends, various gift certificates, and a grand prize from Warpaint.

    Ambergris Today

    Atlantic Hurricane Season Predictions for 2016 - Always Good to be Prepared
    The Season’s Activity Highly Depends on a COLD BLOB in the North Atlantic - Did you know that 2016 already had a hurricane developing outside of the Atlantic Hurricane Season? Hurricane Alex developed in January, becoming the first hurricane for 2016, breaking normal records of storms developing within the hurricane season. So the first storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season will be named Bonnie. Hurricane predictions for this year has a forecast of a slightly above average season. Not to scare anybody, but the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be the most active since 2012, according to a forecast released by The Weather Company, an IBM Business. This still has it at an average season when it comes to storm activity.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    FREEKS WILD WORLD to Film in Belize in May!
    Dr. Freek Vonk is world famous in the Netherlands for his television programs, in which he shares his love for wildlfe with his viewers on his popular documentary series FREEKS WILD WORLD. SECOND NATURE, is a collaboration between Dr Freek Vonk and TVBV, creating high-quality productions, combined with a lot of passion and a great fascination for nature and animals. Recent titles include 'Freeks Wild World', 'Freek Vonk in Latin America' and a series on wildlife crime in South Africa. Dr. Freek Vonk is an internationally renowned Dutch biologist with a PhD in snake venom from Leiden University. He works at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden and has 15 years of experience in handling reptile species, and published in prestigious scientific journals like Nature, Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. He is a writer for National Geographic Magazine and a host/presenter for several successful TV-documentaries about evolution and biodiversity. Besides the program Dr. Vonk is active in many other media like, radio, magazines and has many followers on social media. FREEKS WILD WORLD is broadcasted on the Dutch public channel NPO3, in a series of 20 episodes of which 5 episodes will be filmed in Belize in May! The upcoming series will be aired in the fall of 2016 and the show is expected to reach over 500,000 viewers per episode. For his upcoming shoot in Belize, the Belize Hotel Association and our representative in Europe, Sander Langeveld, were instrumental in securing accommodations at our member properties and assisting with other logistics that were required. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Freek Vonk and the Second Nature team to Belize this month!!

    Letter: Egregious and dictatorial move by Belize PM, from Belize Progressive Party (BPP)
    Amid the egregious and dictatorial move by the Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow, to intentionally impinge upon the rights of Belizeans to move freely on the Sarstoon River, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) commits to ensuring that such contemptuous treatment of our citizens shall not be summarily dismissed. We contend that accountability must be ensured. We draw the attention of the public to the following points, which are imperative, moving forward, so as to not afford the willful despotism of the political directorate to go unchecked. These include: • Assessing the response of the Guatemalan Congress, regarding the PM’s surrendering of sovereignty over the northern portion of the Sarstoon River, by way of his enacting the S.I., in light of Guatemala’s current, physical control of the area

    Costing & Pricing Workshop
    Presented by: Mrs. Vicky Heredia. Date of Workshop: May 12th, 2016. Time: 9am - 12 noon. PRICE: $25.00. Location: La Inmaculda Credit Union's Training Room, 5 Park Street, Orange Walk Town, Belize. Objectives: The overall objective of this training is to equip our clients with knowledge, skills and capabilities to determine all costs related to the production of their goods or services and to consequently apply an adequate price that encompasses all the costs and allows them to make a profit while still being feasible for customers. Objectives of the training is to enable participants to better understand the importance of costing and pricing, acquire information about techniques used to calculate costs, acquire information on how to adequately price a product or service, participate in exercises that allow to engage in costing and pricing. Expected outcome: Competent individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively calculate cost of producing their product and service and to implement pricing that will allow their business to be profitable.

    Life of a Yogi with Alexandra Santos, on Caye Caulker
    Coming this June 3,4,5! This workshop will teach you about nutrition , your body and Yoga!

    San Pedranos with drugs, ammo. and Sub Machine Gun
    On Tuesday the 3rd of May, 2016 while police were conducting mobile patrols on Sea Grape Drive San Pedro Town they were handed over three men who were detained by the South Neighborhood Watch personnel at a pier located at Mosquito Coast area approximately 1 mile south of San Pedro Town. The men were identified as 20-year-old Christian Espat of San Pedrito area, 19-year-old Rene Kumul of DFC area and 20-year-old Jose Armando Guillen Salvadoran of Sea Grape Drive. The security guards also produced a black knapsack which they indicated the male persons left behind after attempting to run away containing 11 shotgun cartridges and three rounds of 6.75mm ammunition. At the pier also was a vessel with a 115 h/p outboard engine with the name SUPA D. A search of the vessel yielded a large yellow plastic which contained 978.8 grams of Cannabis. A search of the area also led to the discovery of one 12 gauge pump action shotgun Mossberg Maverick model S/N 9127L black in colour, loaded with four 12 gauge cartridges and one black MP-40 9mm Sub Machine gun with retractable/folded butt bearing number 3200 along two empty magazines. All men were jointly charged with Drug Trafficking and (2) counts of Kept ammunition without a gun license, Kept Prohibited Firearm and Kept a firearm without a gun license.

    Eco-Kids Camp 2016, Chaa Creek
    Chaa Creek's #Eco-Kids summer camp gives 24 lucky primary school children the opportunity to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with fun and learning for 7 Days at our Macal River Camp Contact Jared Bradley via [email protected] for entries and more information or visit

    Guatemalas Military action in Belize affects Indigenous People
    Guatemala is notorious for its modern day attempt at Genocide of indigenous people, during their civil war, for which many of the perpetrators of the Genocide have not yet been brought to justice. Guatemalas claim to fame is the slaughter of indigenous people. True to form and fulfilling the worlds expectation of them their policy of not allowing Belizeans in the Sarstoon river affects only indigenous people who immediately felt the result of that policy. They cannot provide for themselves in their traditional way. That right to provide for themselves in their traditional ways are rights protected under international law. Another right they violate is using the Sarstoon River which borders Belize and Guatemala without the free prior and informed consent. The Guatemala Military is so powerful one wonders if their Government which is supposed to be civilian is not a case of the Military tail wagging the dog. Their policy to be overly aggressive in the Sarstoon affects indigenous people the day it was crafted. The Guatemalan government never cared for indigenous people their history proves that and their current situation as well. The Guatemala Armed Forces backed this current President. He needs them to stay in power. But the policy of keeping Belizeans out of the Sarstoon river is one that affects the indigenous people on their ancestral lands. It must immediately end. I urge the Garifuna Nation to address this issue!

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Deadpool, Hail Caesar!, Dirty Grandpa, Zoolander No. 2.

    Tribute to Mama Show
    TUNE INTO Tribute to Mama Show on Sunday, May 8th from 10:30am - 12pm. Live on KREM.

    Fantasy Dining "wine n' dine on island time," Caye Caulker
    Looking forward to hosting the karaoke that night!! Hoping our hard working Moms can make it out for a fantastic night, I can guarantee the entertainment will be lots of fun!

    Belize belongs to Belizeans
    By Wellington C. Ramos. The Guatemalan claim to Belize, like all the claims that exist among the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, has its roots in the Treaty of Tordesillas that was signed between Spain and Portugal in 1493 and approved by the then Catholic Pope Alexander VI of Spain. Neither Spain, Portugal nor the Catholic Pope had the right to come all the way to this part of the world to take away the land of the indigenous people of this planet. Such action is deemed as genocide committed by all those who were involved in this inhumane act. All territories taken by these individuals must be returned to those who were there at the time they came to use force to wage an unjustified war against these people's nation states. In addition, all titles to land obtained by these Europeans must be voided and the lands must be handed back to the true owners – the indigenous people who live in these countries today. Just look at the way Spain treated the Mayas in Guatemala from the time Alvarado conquered that nation state in the 1500s. It is the same way that the Guatemalan people and government have been treating the Maya people since Guatemala became independent in the 1820s.

    Saga Humane Society in San Pedrito today
    Saga Humane Society will be in San Pedrito today offering free spay and neuters. Don't miss the chance to fix your more unwanted puppies equals happy mama dog

    Government of Belize Cautiously Optimistic about Meetings in Washington D.C.
    The meeting among the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, the Belize Foreign Minister, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, the Permanent Representative of the United States to the OAS, Michael Fitzpatrick, and their respective delegations just concluded at the OAS Headquarters in Washington. The discussions covered the overall bilateral relations between both countries including the Sarstoon River. The Belize delegation are cautiously optimistic of the results and expect a statement to be issued later tonight by the Secretary General. The Belize delegation returns to the country tomorrow afternoon and the Government will provide details of the meetings in a press briefing on Friday.

    500 residents of Indian Church/San Carlos, Orange Walk District Will Now Have Easier Access to Quality Potable Water
    Inauguration of Indian Church/San Carlos Hybrid Solar Water System will be held at 10 a.m. on May 5 in Indian Church/San Carlos, Orange Walk District. Approximately 500 residents of Indian Church/San Carlos villages will now have easier access to the continuous supply of reliable quality potable water to meet their daily water needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking. The hybrid solar water project was funded by the Government of Belize at a cost of $867,333.29 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. It represents the unwavering commitment of the Government addressing the basic needs of Belizeans, in the areas of water, sanitation and health. Furthermore, the water project will significantly contribute in the reduction of water-borne, food borne and vector borne diseases in addition to communicable and non-communicable diseases for residents of Indian Church/San Carlos, and by extension, the people of Belize. Thus the completion of the water project also demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the Government of Belize to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals, as it relates to water; which is to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water.

    Elisa Espinosa Gomez and Mingo Tor nuptials
    The International Costa Maya Pageant committee sends congratulations to Elisa Espinosa Gomez and Mingo Tor for their wedding day this Saturday.

    BEL is working to restore power supply to portions of Belmopan and portions of the Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts
    Currently experiencing power interruptions as a result of bad weather in those areas.

    BEL is repairing fallen high voltage lines, responsible for power interruption affecting Pueblo Viejo, Saltillos, Copper Bank, Chunox, Orchid Bay, Sarteneja, Joseito Layout and Dominguez Layout since 8:02pm Wed May 4
    BEL apologizes for the inconvenience while our crews work diligently to restore power supply as soon as possible.

    Crocodilian research
    FCD research staff learn about crocodilian research. Thanks to Dr. Vellez, Dr. Isabelle and others that have made this collaboration possible.

    Flock of 86 Leucophaeus pipixcan
    Colleagues, I present a pleasant surprise. During the Southern Big Day on May 2nd, we encountered a flock of 86 Leucophaeus pipixcan, migrating along the southern coast of Belize. This is perhaps the first photo-documented evidence of this species migrating through Belize in these numbers. Previously the species was only known from one or two poorly documented records. This sighting brings new light to our understanding of the migratory patterns of this species. Keep your eyes open.

    Channel 7

    Shots Rang Out In Japan Area of Ladyville
    Murder is making headlines again tonight – except this time it's not in the Cayo District. There are two more killings to report – both in the Belize District. The first happened last night in an area of Ladyville, known as Japan – which is in the same general area that has witnessed two other murders this year. The victim is 31 year old Lloyd Robateau – not known to police as any kind of troublemaker, but he was shot multiple times in what appears to be a very deliberate execution. Emanuel Pech has the story. This wooden bungalow located about two hundred yards inside an overgrown in the Japan Area, is where 31 year old Lloyd Gerald Robateau was gunned down last night. He had been living here by himself for the past year. This was his refuge after a long day's toil. However last night, this same refuge, turned into a violent crime scene. Witness- Murder on Ladyville: "I mi deh inna my house the sit down on the sofa." Emanuel Pech: "What did you hear?"

    Man Gunned Down On Dangerous Block, Clinic Reportedly Denies Him Admission
    And then this morning, there was a murder in the city. It happened on Gibnut Street – in a gang area known as "123rd". As we found out today, the victim Troy Cole ran into the nearby NHI clinic for rescue, but – not wanting trouble - they shut their doors on him. 7News was out there shortly after the shooting:.. Shots rang out at about 9:00 this morning on Gibnut Street. The victim this time is 26 year old Troy Cole. Police say he was on riding this bicycle towards Curassow Street when a single gun man opened fire. Eyewitness - Troy Cole Murder: "I just hear about a couple shots at least 4 or 5 shots but when I run out and I come out I just see a young boy on the ground and then he get up back and run. I see he get back up and run come this way and when he run come this way I see a next one jump on bike and gone so and that's the only thing I see you know."

    Southside Commander Blasts NHI Clinic
    As you heard, the family is very angry with the NHI Clinic which allegedly closed its doors to Cole. And the Southside Commander, ACP Chester Williams joins them. He say Troy Cole's death could have been prevented if the Clinic employees would have acted differently. Williams, condemned the hospital for what he says is a shameful act. ACP Chester Williams- OC, Eastern South Division: "After the shooting took place, Mr. Cole ran to Universal hospital which is right nearby and when he went to the hospital, he was refused medical treatment at that hospital. He was put out and the door was locked on him. He was left outside to bleed until the police vehicle arrived and took him to the hospital. That is unprofessional of a medical institution. Doctors and medical institutions have a legal obligation to treat injured person who they come into contact with. And I have said to the administrator of the hospital that I'm going to write them about what took place today because it is a shame. So what they did is uncalled for and it must be condemned and it does not matter who the person is, it could be the worse criminal, they still have an obligation to treat every person they come into contact with."

    Was Child Raped By Cop? Benque Police Investigate
    Benque Viejo police are investigating the report of a minor who was raped in that Western Town. Reports tell us that the alleged suspect is a police constable. But, speaking today with the Deputy Commander for Benque Viejo police, he told us, he cannot confirm if it is a police officer or not because no identification has been made When we asked if a police officer has been named in the compliant, again he said he cannot confirm. The Cayo Commander Senior Superintendent Andrew Ramirez told us that it is only an initial investigation at this time. The minor is reportedly form the Stann Creek District.

    Immigration Director Maria Marin Moves On After Three Turbulent Years
    A new Director of Immigration has been named, and she's getting ready to take office. Career Foreign Affairs Officer Diana Locke takes up the post of Director Of Immigration and Nationality Services tomorrow. Locke confirmed it to us today saying, quote, "I look forward to my new challenge and serving the people of Belize in another capacity." Locke had been at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 24 years – much of that spent involved with Immigration work for Foreign Affairs – so she is very familiar with the Department. She takes over from Maria Marin, who was at the helm from early 2013, during the Penner and post-Penner era, some of the most administratively difficult and most publicly scrutinized times in the Department's history. It emerged that something like a shadow department had been in operation during this period, facilitating nationality documents for phantom applicants of dubious origin.

    Cops Investigate Discarded Fetus Found In House
    City police are investigating another death. But this one is a little more complicated. According to police they responded to reports of a discarded fetus at a Jane Usher Boulevard address this morning. The area was marked off as a crime scene, and here is what police had to say about it: ACP Chester Williams- OC, Eastern South Division: "I have not obtained sufficient information about the fetus but from what I have been briefed by the investigators is that sometime last night they had received information of a female who might have had a miscarriage of a 4 month fetus and she apparently had disposed of the fetus in a shallow grave in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. So what the police did this morning was to basically go into the area of Jane Usher and to see if they can find and exhume the fetus and there after we'll be looking at the possibility of probably concealment of the birth of a child or as the case may be. So we're looking at that and we do not know if it is a medical termination of a pregnancy or it was one that was deliberately done but if it was one that was deliberately done then that is a crime. So we'll look at it when we have obtained all the necessary information that we need then we will see how we progress with that investigation."

    Cayo Family Getting Ready To Bury Two Mothers
    Tonight the Mai and Miralda families are setting up and preparing the family home for a wake. Miriam "Betty" Mai and her sister in law and close friend Daisy Miralda were killed on Saturday evening inside Betty's Beauty Salon. It was a regular Saturday for the girls, they were hanging out with a few friends in the Salon as Mai finished blow drying a customer's hair. But the history of Mai's violent relationship with her ex common law husband Andy Bustillos, crushed everything that day. Bustillos walked into the salon and shot and killed both Miralda and Mai. He also tried to shoot their other friends but the gun jammed and they were able to run away. That's when Bustillos shot himself in the head. Yesterday the family told us that they didn't know Bustillos was abusing Mai and that they wished Mai had said something so they could try to save her. But, the family now has to find a way to cope with this reality. Mai's mother Maria Rodriguez told us yesterday that the hardest part now will be raising all the kids that Mai and Miralda left behind.

    Police Find Suspected Truck Used In Camalote Double Murder
    Police have found the grey truck and the weapon they suspect was used in the Sunday's Camalote double murder. They found both in Belize City. As we told you, Akeem Thimbrel and Shawn Lopez were both shot up near Thimbrel's home in Camalote on Sunday night. Akeem had just come from visiting family members when he met his cousin and close friend Shawn Lopez. Lopez was drunk and Thimbrel was taking him home when gunmen pulled up in a truck and opened fire on them. Now, as we told you, neither Thimbrel nor Lopez were the targets. The hit was reportedly sent for a friend who lives close to where the young men were shot. Residents say that the girl who is in police custody is the one who sent the hit. That is after a confrontation she, her boyfriend and the intended target had earlier that Sunday. The girl, her boyfriend and the suspected shooter are detained. Now, that is only one element to the story, the communities' pain and outrage after the murder of these boys is still simmering. So much so that the police will meet with the Camalote Chairman and residents tomorrow to avoid any other retaliatory acts. We say ‘other' because as we told you, a group of angry residents torched a vehicle, which they say, belongs to the person who sent the hit. Yesterday Belmopan police told us about their community approach.

    Gelion De Leon Was Robbery Turned Murder
    Police say 55 year old Gelion De Leon's killing was a robbery turned murder. As we told you, De Leon was killed early Friday morning about a mile away from his home in Camalote. His body was found in front of the Cedar Hill Ranch. Reports are that he left his house on Thursday evening, and about 8 hours later, the watchman at the farm heard the guard dogs barking. Shortly after that, he heard several gunshots. The police were then called in, and they found De Leon's body at the corner of the fence right next to a white vehicle. De Leon was cut to the neck, and he had gunshot wounds to head and left shoulder. Yesterday Belmopan police told us they have one person for questioning. Supt. Howell Gillet, OC, Belmopan: "Just over this weekend I think it was yesterday we brought somebody into custody who was last seen with the victim before his death. So we're going through the process now of interviewing him to see what we could come up with. As with the investigation proceeded we've learned now the wallet from the deceased was missing and his licensed firearm was also missing. So that tells us clearly it's a case of robbery which turned to be murder also."

    Showgrounds Crowd Slightly Down, But, Still, a Stabbing
    Food, drinks, entertainment, a variety of plants, agricultural produce, even deals on toilet paper and fruit juices – all that and more were found at the Agriculture and Trade Show grounds over the past weekend. While all that attracts Agric Showgoers, in the middle of all of that, violent commotions are not uncommon. 2 men were stabbed on Saturday night at the Showgrounds near the exit. Both men got into a fight over a women and one of them, 28 year old Jaime Torres was stabbed to the chest, head and chin. Torres stabbed the other man but he wasn't seriously hurt. Torres was taken to the hospital but he discharged himself. Now police say they have to follow up on this incident because it could escalate since none of them want to press charges.

    Epilectic Drowns On Hummingbird
    An epileptic drowned early Saturday morning near his home. 33 year old Emmanuel Flores went swimming in a creek near mile 28 on the Hummingbird Highway, but apparently he got a seizure and drowned. Police told us when they found the body there were no signs of harm on Flores' body. Supt. Howell Gillet, OC, Belmopan: "This incident with the drowning that occurred on Saturday morning; sometime around 6:30 we received information that there was a possible body seen in a creek around mile 28 on the Hummingbird Highway. As its customary we proceeded there and we did confirm that it was the body Mr. Emmanuel Rivera Flores. He was 33 at the time and he was a Salvadoran labourer of that area. We also found out from family members that he was an epileptic patient and he might have gone to the creek to swim as is customary of him to do on a daily basis and he might have had a seizure while swimming there. There is was no visible or other signs of trauma and we the police we don't suspect any wrong doing or any foul play." Police has ruled this case a sudden death.

    Late Evening Murder
    There was another southside shooting half an hour ago near our studio- and reports say it was fatal. It happened at the corner of Prince Street and East Canal – just around the corner from 7News. We know that police rushed a male victim to the KHMH – and multiple credible reports say he was pronounced dead on arrival at the KHMH. No identity is confirmed at this point. Those on the scene tell us that the victim was a teenager. We’ll have more details tomorrow.

    GOB Confident About OAS Talks
    What is the future for Belize and the Sarstoon? That is what was being discussed in Washington DC for the past two days. And tonight, the Government says it is cautiously optimistic. The meeting included OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, Belize Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, Guatemala's Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, and the Permanent Representative of the United States to the OAS, Michael Fitzpatrick. Government sent a release a forty minutes ago saying, the meetings "just concluded at the OAS Headquarters in Washington." The release adds that, quote, "discussions covered the overall bilateral relations between both countries including the Sarstoon River. The Belize delegation are cautiously optimistic of the results and expect a statement to be issued later tonight by the Secretary General." There will be a press briefing to discuss it on Friday.

    Guats Hold The Hardline In Statement
    And while government says it is cautiously optimistic, the Guatemalans – in their public pronouncements are keeping up the hard line. Today, the Guatemalan Foreign Affairs Ministry put out their own statement in reaction to the Prime Minister's comments yesterday. The Guatemalan Government summarizes Prime Minister Barrow's comments as failed attempts to justify the killing of 13 year-old Julio Alvarado Ruano to the media and the international community. As you are aware, they believe that the BDF hunted the 13 year-old down and callously shot him to death. The BDF say that they were shot at in the Cebada area of the Chiquibul, under the cover of darkness, and they returned fire to defend themselves. Once again the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry describes the shooting as an inexcusable act of violence perpetrated by irresponsibility and lack of professionalism.

    PUP's Plans
    Last night, we told you about the meeting which the PUP National Executive held to discuss Government's Sarstoon Law. They have decided to actively defy it by going to the Sarstoon themselves. They say that this trip will take place sometime within the 30-day ban to demonstrate that they believe it is an unjust restriction of movement of Belizeans. But, there were 4 resolutions coming out of yesterday's meeting, and during his press conference, Opposition Leader John Briceño explained each: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "Well on the first one what we're saying is we believe that it is an unjust law, the Sarstoon law. We in effect are preventing citizens to go in an area that clearly belongs to us as Belizeans and what in effect the government has done over the next 30 days is that preventing us from going there yet the Guatemalans have impeded access to the entire Sarstoon River even on the section that clearly belongs to Belize. Secondly where I believe that we have always felt that when it comes to defending the territorial integrity of our country that this should be a national effort, that we should not play party politics on this; that is why when I was elected the party leader I decided immediately that we are going to cooperate and work with the government. The government has assured us that we are going to be partners with them and that we're going to be consulted every step of the way when it comes to issues pertaining to Belize-Guatemala. Unfortunately certain actions that the government has taken have shown that they no longer believe in this bi-partisan effort."

    PM: PUP Exclusion Not Deliberate
    As you heard in one of those 5 resolutions, the PUP is calling out the Government for excluding the Opposition's Representative in the recent bilateral talks. They've interpreted that as a "suspension" of the bipartisan effort on the Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute. Yesterday, when the Prime Minister was asked about the absence of the Opposition Leader's Representative in the Bilateral Talks happening in Washington DC, he said there was nothing sinister about it. According to the PM it was only that the Government wasn't given any kind of notice to make arrangements: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Now we had been trying before Monday in fact pretty much all weekend to set up the meeting and the Foreign Minister who was to overnighted in Miami on Sunday and to come back to Belize on Monday was asked to hold on in Miami so that we could make certain that we would get these meetings. He was then once the meetings were confirmed asked to go directly from Miami to Washington. Alexis Rosado was in Guatemala and I think I spoke to him either Saturday or Sunday at which time again the meetings were not confirmed but I nevertheless told him to make preparations to be immediately available for travel should the meetings be confirmed. That is the reason why in such an incredibly fluid moment by moment situation we did not get a chance to involve the opposition."

    Belize Complained Of FM Morales Harsh Words
    Earlier in the news, we told you about that strongly worded press release from the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry which continues to condemn the fatal shooting of their 13 year-old national Julio Alvarado Ruano. If you follow the letter of the Confidence Building Measures, statements like that are not permitted. On last week Friday's newscast, we showed you how Guatemala's President, Jimmy Morales, Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, and Ambassador Manuel Barillas have been undermining the Confidence Building Measures with their provocative statements in the press. They are on record condemning the shooting and accusing the BDF of human rights violations Well in the Prime Minister's Press Conference, he was asked about the Guatemalan Foreign Minister's assertion to the Guatemalan Press that his Belizean counterpart came to an agreement that no Belizean would visit the Sarstoon Island.

    Southside Police Try To Keep City Cool
    At the top of the news, we told you about the City Murder of Troy Cole and just now you heard about tonight's apparent murder on Prince Street. Plus, there are the recent murders of Keon "Gambis" Williams, and the Dangriga killing of George Street Boss, Gerald "Shiney" Tillett. So, the Police weekly meet and greets is timely to try to hold down escalating Southside violence. Today, we met Assistant Police Commissioner Police Chester Williams on Regent Street West. He and his officers were greeting the residents on that street and the surrounding areas. One specific hotspot was the Taylor's Alley, which is the base of one of the City's most notorious gangs. Williams told us that he has a plan for this area and the neighbouring George Street:

    City Rivalries Real
    So, is Eastern Division South making interventions to ensure that there are no retaliations for "Shiney", "Gambis", and now Troy Cole? That's what we asked, and Commander Chester Williams said that he and his team have been doing everything they can to reason with the key players connected to these men. Here's how he explained his conversations with them: ACP Chester Williams- OC, Eastern South Division: "We do our utmost best to see how best we can reach out to these people because violence is not the answer. If one person is killed, to go and kill another will not solve the problem, it will make the situation worse. As I've said to the crowd from George Street if you love Shiny so much, if his life is worth something to you; now that he has passed on, the right thing for them to do is to assist his parents in raising his 10 children that he has left behind. Send them to school, help them get an education..."

    Channel 5

    Guatemala Takes Aim at Prime Minister Dean Barrow
    The government of Guatemala is incensed at comments made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow at a press conference held in Belmopan on Tuesday. So incensed that today Guatemala issued a [...]

    Was the Sarstoon Discussed in Washington?
    That very interesting and passionate release from Guatemala also took another turn, in between furious rant and commitment to peaceful resolution. It makes reference to the bi-lateral meeting between Belize [...]

    Refused Medical Attention – Gunshot Victim Succumbs
    The murder count went up by another two in the past twelve hours but since Saturday, a total of seven persons have been brutally murdered in the Belize and Cayo [...]

    Ladyville Resident Ambushed and Executed
    The second murder took place on Tuesday night in the Ladyville area where gunshot blasts were heard as early as nine o’clock in the night. A resident of the Japan [...]

    Police Investigate Fetus Buried on Jane Usher Blvd.
    An expecting mother whose pregnancy was terminated under dubious circumstances remains at the center of a police investigation tonight.  Police were notified late Tuesday that a fetus had been discarded [...]

    Security Guard to Be Charged for Double Murder
    Turning to the weekend murders….Today, postmortem examinations were conducted on the bodies of thirty-nine year old cosmetologist Miriam Mai and her sister-in-law, twenty-nine year old Daisy Miralda. The duo was [...]

    Cayo Police Conduct Intensive investigation into Alleged Drug Killings
    The double murder of Mai and Miralda in Santa Elena occurred two days after the bodies of two Guatemalan nationals were discovered off a feeder road between mile sixty-nine and [...]

    Belmopan Police Seize Vehicle Used in Camalote Murders
    Tonight, Belmopan Police are tentatively one step closer to a breakthrough in the weekend murders of Camalote youths, Akeem Thimbriel and Shawn Lopez. The friends were gunned down as they [...]

    Akeem Trapp to Stand Trial for Murder
    Nineteen-year old Akeem Kirklin Trapp Junior will stand trial at the June session of the Supreme Court for the murder of eighteen year old Ian Adolphus which occurred on February [...]

    Diana Locke is Newly Appointed Director of Immigration
    There is a major change at the Immigration Department which has been persistently rocked by scandals involving the issuance of illegal visas and passports including the very public case of [...]

    From Sarstoon Sovereignty to Sarstoon Protocols
    On Tuesday, we brought you the highlights of the Prime Minister’s press conference on the very volatile state of events between Belize and Guatemala. But there was much more of [...]

    The P.U.P. Is Going to the Sarstoon
    The People’s United Party announced on Tuesday that it plans to proceed with a scheduled trip to the Sarstoon River, despite an existing Statutory Instrument forbidding travel to the river [...]

    Will the P.U.P. Be Allowed at the Sarstoon?
    So the P.U.P.’s National Executive and delegates of the Party Council may head to the Sarstoon sooner, rather than later. But as the BTV found out on Saturday, heading to [...]

    PM Barrow Says New SI Won’t Affect Guatemalan Fisherfolk
    And speaking about fishing, since the Coast Guard and Police are so diligently enforcing the laws in the Sarstoon and surrounds where Belizeans are concerned, will they do the same [...]

    The P.U.P. Rejects Law Prohibiting Movement of Belizeans in the Sarstoon
    The P.U.P.’s position on the recently enacted SI is fairly simple.  From the onset, the party has flatly rejected and continues to criticize the knee-jerk piece of law, banning local [...]

    ACP Williams Ramps Up Outreach Following Increase in City Gang Violence
    Since the shooting death of reputed George Street boss Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett several weeks ago in Dangriga, there has been a spate of gun violence in Belize City.  The series [...]

    Police Head to Taylor’s Alley for Community Interaction
    Officers from Eastern Division continued their weekly meet and great sessions in Belize City this afternoon.  Assistant ComPol Chester Williams led a team of policemen and women into Taylor’s Alley [...]

    GSU Under Fire for an Aggressive Search
    Over the past few days, a number of residents have come forward to complain about police brutality.  Martha Phillips and her sons claim that they were manhandled by police officers [...]

    Police Clamping Down on Alcohol Supply in the City
    There has been a sustained clampdown of businesses selling liquor after nine p.m. that are not restaurants or nightclubs.  For the past few weeks, the police department has been actively [...]


    Orange Walk Police Inter-reacts With The Community
    The Orange Walk Police Formation continue to carry out their ‘Meet and greet’ program aimed at building a connection with the community by forming neighborhood watch groups to combat criminal activities. Today our news team caught up with members of the police department as they visited the homes of residents from Cristock Street in the Pasadita area here in our town. The response from the general public was quite positive as many individuals took the opportunity to voice their concerns to authorities and propose ways in which they can address each issue as they continue to rise. Zenubio Coc – Sergeant of Police: “Some of the response that we gathered is that some youth are been seeing late in the night which is a no, no for us we as adults, police officers, parents we need to become more involved in the lives of the youths, we need to enroll them into something positive so it is about finding time that the parents get with law enforcement officers and we will also partner with other agencies to work closely with us and we can enroll thee youths into something positive probably engaging them into some sporting activities, probably counselling so we need to enroll these youths and have them busy especially during the weekend.”

    Corozal District Education Officer Speaks On Allegations Made Against Teacher From Corozal
    On Thursday April 28th we told you about the strong allegation made against a teacher carrying out her duties at a school in the Corozal District. The teacher was transferred to another classroom after she was accused of slapping a nine year old student three times during class. The father of the child alleged that after the incident he reported the matter to the principal of the school but nothing was done. He then sought assistance from the Ministry of Education but according to him, this also proved to be a dead end so he decided to take his two children out of school until the matter was resolved. When we contacted the Corozal District Education Department for answers we were told that the matter was under investigation. Today Corozal District Centre Manager, Jahmore Lopez verified that statement by telling us that while the father of the child might have gotten the impression that the serious matter was not being dealt with, it was.

    Guatemala Fires Off Release In Response To PM Barrow Press Conference
    In their statement today, the Government of the Republic of Guatemala categorizes Prime Minister Barrow’s statements as “failed attempts to justify to the media and the international community, by trying to justify the inexcusable act of violence perpetrated by elements of the defense forces of Belize against the child Julio Rene, just 13 years old, who lost his life due to irresponsibility and lack of professionalism, after being hit by eight shots from a high powered rifle of exclusive military use - four of which were in the back - while other shots found their mark on the bodies of his father and brother.” The statement from Guatemala goes on to mention that the factor which generated the response of the Government of the Republic of Guatemala were the same inexcusable, unjustifiable and execrable actions from the soldier or soldiers of the defense forces of Belize. The release continues by stating that the Government of Guatemala will continue its efforts to ensure that justice is served in this case and adds that they have asked the Secretary General of the Organization of American States to form an ad-hoc commission of inquiry, consisting of experts to shed light on what happened and that the results of that professional investigation, will be used in the judicial process against the perpetrator of the crime against the child Ruano.

    Students Take The Stage For Festival Of Arts
    Today primary school students throughout the Orange Walk District got the opportunity to showcase their talent in the annual festival of arts which was held at the football field of Louisiana Government School. A total of sixteen schools participated in the event and at the end of the day a sum of forty seven items were presented. The coordinator for this year’s festival of arts, Lisa Carballo, highlighted that apart from allowing the students to display the abilities that they possess, the event is also organized with the aim of embracing expressive arts as part of the curriculum in the educational system. Lisa Carballo – Coordinator, Festival of Arts: “Today we have 47 items being showcased different schools; we have 9 rural schools this morning and 7 town schools in the afternoon showcasing all their items now during this festival or arts they can receive a golden, a silver, or a bronze award and they get a certificate, it is something that is happening every year and the students pretty much prepare so much for this festival of arts, it’s an annual even and they look forward for this date to showcase their talent. It’s very important that we know that the curriculum is not only content, it is not only knowledge but also talents our skills that we have and expressive arts is part of our curriculum so we are celebrating part of our curriculum and it is important that these students start to showcase their talents and express their talents in this very early age.”


    Morales Commits to Protecting Sovereignty at All Costs While Thousands Protest for Water and Healthcare in Guatemala
    The Guatemalan Government issued a press release today that continues to harp on the incident where a Guatemalan minor was killed on Belizean soil in an exchange of fire and the fact that they want the shooter to be brought to justice. The release comes following a press conference yesterday with Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean […]

    NTV Sees Logic on Statutory Instrument for the Sarstoon
    The announcement of the Statutory Instrument prohibiting persons and vessels from traversing the Sarstoon for thirty days brought on much criticism and opposition as many Belizeans were saying that in doing this, the Government may just be acceding Belize’s territory to Guatemala while in other instances it was being said that the Belize Government is […]

    Murder in Japan, Ladyville
    Another murder has been reported in the Belize District. At around nine o’clock last night, thirty one year old Lloyd Robateau, a resident of Japan area in Ladyville, was gunned down at his home. Reports are that Robateau was heading to his outhouse to shower when the culprit fired several shots at him killing him […]

    Another Homicide in the Old Capital
    This morning gunshots rang out on Gibnut Street in Belize City this morning. 26-year-old Troy Cole, a resident of Curassow Street was shot twice while he was riding his bicycle on Gibnut Street. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke to us about the shooting and the ongoing police investigation. He said they have detained […]

    Integral Health Care Shuts Out Gunshot Victim
    After Troy Coleman was shot he made a desperate attempt to save his life by running to the closest clinic in the area. However when he arrived there, he was locked out of the clinic. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke about the actions by the staff of the institution and what he intends […]

    Garbutt’s Falls Expedition was A Success
    Orlando de la Fuente is one of the leaders for the Northern Territorial Volunteers and had joined his brother Philip de la Fuente in taking a group to Garbutt’s Falls on Saturday, April 30. Their trip was also aimed at commemorating the 157th anniversary of the signing of the 1859 Treaty. Their expedition, however, didn’t […]

    Fetus Found In Shallow Grave
    This morning the police was given information about a four month fetus that was buried in a shallow grave in an area in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams explained what the police were able to find out. CHESTER WILLIAMS “I had been briefed by the investigators that sometime last […]

    The Commonwealth Asserts Its Support for Belize’s Sovereignty
    The Commonwealth is an association made up of fifty three independent and equal sovereign states with over two billion citizens. Its mandate is to provide guidance on policy making, technical assistance and advisory services to its member countries while promoting democracy, rule of law, human rights, good governance and social and economic development. It is […]

    ACP Williams Appeals for the Violence to End
    The murders of Gerald ‘Shiney’ Tillet and Keon ‘Gambis’ Williams kept the police on watch for retaliations by affiliates as has been proven by previous pattern. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, made a public appeal to family members and friends of both men, to desist from fighting fire with fire. CHESTER WILLIAMS “Violence […]

    Williams Takes on Another Initiative in Curbing Crime
    The Police Department continues its efforts to lessen crime within Belize City. On Tuesday, ACP Chester Williams spoke about another program he was planning to implement to that end. Some months ago he spoke about closing businesses at nine o’clock nightly; but there was some discussion still to take place between the Liquor licensing Board […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Teen apparently murdered in Belize City
    This evening there was an apparent murder in Belize City. The victim had been identified as a teenager but no other information is available. More on this story later. © 2016, This article is the copyrighted property of Belize Media Group. Written permission […]

    Police tackle Taylor’s Alley in latest Meet and Greet
    For the latest installment of the Eastern Division Police Department’s weekly meet and greet in Belize City, police officers visited the upper reaches of the Albert and Mesopotamia Divisions, stretching from Orange Street to Regent Street West and centering on Taylor’s Alley. That alley […]

    Police investigate whether dead fetus in Belize City was a concealed birth
    Police say a Belize City mother told them of a 4-month fetus buried in a shallow grave in the Jane Usher Boulevard area which was found this morning. However, police are still investigating whether a crime was committed. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams […]

    Cancer Awareness Month activities begin
    May is Cancer Awareness Month and the Belize Cancer Society kicked off its planned activities on Sunday, under the theme “I can, we can – understand that early detection saves lives.” Senior administrator for the society, Heather Reneau says the society will be busy […]

    Murder victim was refused medical treatment, say Police
    26 year old Troy Cole is Belize City’s latest victim of murder. He was shot this morning at the corner of Curassow and Gibnut Streets, not far from the scene of an unrelated incident reported this weekend which resulted in two men being injured. […]

    Belize sponsors Responsible Tourism Awards
    The Belize Tourism Board is headline sponsor of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards. The BTB highlighted the importance of a joined up approach to sustainability to ensure that the local economy is stimulated and benefits from tourism, and natural resources are protected. Nominees […]

    Teachers complete early childhood education training
    More than 30 teachers received certificates in a ceremony held at 3:00 this afternoon, after they successfully completed a training organized by the Ministry of Education, conducted through its District Education Center in Belmopan. Those teachers, all from Kuxlin Ha Government Primary School in […]

    Police charge three men for weed found in yard
    Three men were jointly charged for the offense of ‘possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply’ yesterday after a police search in a yard they were in, resulted in the discovery of cannabis. The owner of the home, Eric Patnett, 59, along […]

    Ladyville man murdered at his residence
    Last night around 9:40 p.m., Ladyville police visited a residence in the Spanish Town area where they saw the body of Lloyd Robateau, 31, lying motionless on the ground with gunshot wounds. Initial investigation revealed that the victim had texted two friends to take […]

    San Pedro men facing gun, ammo and weed charges
    Three San Pedro men are facing serious penalties after being charged for the offenses of ‘drug trafficking’, two counts of ‘kept ammunition without a gun license’, ‘kept prohibited firearm’ and ‘kept firearm without a gun license’ yesterday. Christian Espat, 20, of San Pedrito area; […]

    Shooting reported; fetus found in Belize City
    Information reaching Breaking Belize News is of a shooting incident this morning in the area of Gibnut Street near the Integral Health Clinic in Belize. The victim is reportedly Troy Cole. Cole was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) and his condition is not […]

    Looking back at the BTV’s botched Sarstoon trip
    The Guatemalan to Belizean territory has become more intense with a series of events unfolding over the last two years but what many Belizeans are finding even more disturbing is the government’s approach to handling the heightened tensions specifically as it pertains to Guatemala’s claim […]


    Affordable Living in Tropical Corozal
    A growing number of expats are relocating to the Corozal District of Belize, on the Bay of Corozal. It’s high on their list due to the affordable cost of living and the welcoming expat community. Only one other Belizean coastal town is as affordable as Corozal. That’s Punta Gorda, at the extreme southern end of Belize. But Corozal offers significantly more amenities and convenience, as well as easy access to Mexico. Another big difference is that Corozal receives only 60 to 70 inches of rain per year versus Punta Gorda’s 140+ inches per year. Expats who own their own home in Corozal can live comfortably on less than $1,500 a month. Budget for $1,700 a month if you plan to rent in town, though. Those who prefer more privacy and open space head to the attractive, well manicured bedroom communities such as Consejo Shores and Mayan Seaside. Both are well located on the Bay of Corozal, with lovely sea views. You’ll pay a bit more there–about $1,600 or more a month if you who own a home, and $2,200 a month if you rent.

    Babies in Belize: Our First Family Cruise!
    We recently returned from our family vacation. This was our very first cruise! Last year, a girlfriend and I took a vacation that was remarkable which was appropriately named “Bitc#es in Belize.” I decided to keep the same theme going this year and drove my children insane by referring to the vacation as “Babies in Belize.” Although, to be clear, we only spent a very small time in Belize, but whatever. Here are the top 10 reasons why we loved this trip: 1. NO PASSPORT REQUIRED 2. ICE CREAM 24/7 3. SEASIDE THEATRE

    Belize with Kids – Things you can do
    Planning on traveling to Belize with kids? Here are some kid-friendly activities to keep your little one/s busy! Belize is becoming a top family destination, and with good reason! The country offers a variety of kid-friendly activities that are close to each other for convenience. 1 Building sandcastles: With so many islands and so much coast-line your family and more so your little ones have enough space to frolic, create and use their imaginations under the balmy Belizean sun, and what’s better than seeing children having good clean fun? 2 Riding horses: Horses are gentle and intuitive creatures, even considered relaxing to be around. In addition to their kind nature, it is a real treat to be perched atop one where the world suddenly looks small to someone who has always seen everything as so large. 3 Swimming at the reef: We here in Belize are proud to say that our country is host to the longest, healthiest barrier reef system this side of the world, it’s only dwarfed by the great barrier reef in Australia and fortunately for those of you with the sudden compulsion to go there with your families, you most certainly can. 4 Meeting monkeys:Howler monkeys and spider monkeys were probably Belize’s first locals in the truest sense, fortunately for us, and you, they still call the canopies of Belize home. There are many places where these cute simians may be seen such as the community baboon sanctuary in Boom Village and The Belize Zoo along the George Price highway, and most impressively, yes, in their natural wild habitats.

    LOVE your Body!
    I never judge people after their appearances and I never choose my friends by how beautiful their body is. But when I meet someone, who’s kind, thoughtful, with a good heart and I see how much she changed her body and lifestyle, without getting a natzi about it, no full day in gym, no crazy diets, just discipline and healthy eating, I can only brag about it… People like this inspire me in getting better. Me, personally, I am not fully happy about my body but Molly inspired me to finally do something I am saying from years I want to do: start the gym and eat healthier and my husband to eat less :) Every person in this world has it’s own charm, no matter how their body look… most of my friends have curves… some bigger than others, but this never made me look at them different.

    The continuing adventures of Plastic Trash Man in Belize
    When we first met Plastic Trash Man he was wrestling a wild conch atop a post on the edge of the shore in northern Ambergris Caye. I spotted him as I was walking down the coast toward home and, well, why not, I took a photo. Hey, it was found art on a well traveled path. Or maybe it was just good theater, frozen in time, waiting for a script. The picture made it into an early April blog post, sharing space with a lizard sitting on top of an abandoned motorcycle helmet. It was kind of a weird walk. I traveled that same path about a week later and naturally the conch and Plastic Trash Man were gone. I did not take a picture of the bare post. And thought nothing more of it.

    International Sources'

    Hurricane Preparedness: Building Your Hurricane Kit
    I wanted to dedicate a few posts this month to discuss different aspects of hurricane preparedness, including building a hurricane kit, hurricane preparedness for your pets and hurricane preparedness tips for marine interests. So, let’s start with building a hurricane kit: Hurricane Kit/Ride Out Items (Hurricane preparedness kits can be purchased from the following websites:,, 1. Flashlight(s), Lantern(s) (1 per person). Make sure you buy a cheap small flashlight for small children. They will want your flashlight and will scream during an already stressful time. 2. Extra bulbs for flashlights / lanterns. 3. Collapsible water containers (enough for 7 days at 1 gal/day per person). Good source to buy water containers: . 4. Portable radio and/or TV. 5. Weather radio. 6. At least 2 sets of extra batteries for all electronic devices.

    Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed May 14
    If you are in the San Antonio Texas area, or plan to be, then check out the Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed exhibit which begins on May 14th, at the Witte Museum. Witness an exhibit that showcases one of the most sophisticated and powerful civilizations of all time, also featuring ancient treasures from Belize.

    Jimmy Morales gives Belize (and the PM) another tongue lashing
    Let's hope Baroness Scotland can rally the Commonwealth to intercede on our behalf. We desperately need allies. Page 2. "The Government of the Republic of Guatemala regrets and denounces the unfortunate declarations made by the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, at a press conference yesterday. The Government of the Republic categorically states that Prime Minister Barrow is trying to justify through social media and to the international community this inexcusable act of violence perpetrated by the BDF against the minor child Julio Rene, barely 13 years of age, who because of the irresponsibility and lack of professionalism (of the BDF) lost his life as a result of being shot eight times. The shots are proven to have come from a high powered rifle used exclusively by the military. Four of the bullets entered the child's back after he was already dead, while other shots hit the bodies of the child's father and his brother.

    OAS to Investigate Incident in Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone
    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, met today with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River. To this end, Secretary Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances which resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone. Recalling Annex C of the Confidence Building Measures in force on the Guidelines for Public Statements, Secretary Almagro urged its strict compliance by the Parties. The OAS Secretary General further called on the Parties to adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River so that both the peoples and governments of Belize and Guatemala can refocus on strengthening their good neighborly relations. The Secretary General welcomed the readiness of both Parties to advance in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism and urged the Parties to avoid future incidents such as those that have recently occurred.

    The Bucket List: 7 Reefs for Underwater Adventures
    The earth’s oceans are teeming with natural beauty and there’s no better way to appreciate it than to experience it up close. Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or first-time snorkeler, these seven reefs are among the best in the world. From the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to those off the Florida Keys, these underwater ecosystems are bursting with color and life begging to be observed. Belize is considered one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world. Its famous Great Blue Hole, a perfectly circular and massive submarine sink hole, and the surrounding Lighthouse Reef rank high on any diver's list. The entire UNESCO World Heritage Belize Barrier Reef is 185-miles long and covers 237,962 acres.

    7 Crazy Empanada Fillings You Need to Try
    You’ve experienced the classic chicken or steak empanadas, a dough pastry filled with goodness. But the fillings of these seven empanadas have a slight twist — they are made with an unexpected combo of ingredients. From sweet to spicy to surprising, these empanadas are worth a try. Panades. In Belize, empanadas are called panades and they are sold as street food. They are made with corn dough and deep fried. Filled them up with fish, beans or your favorite protein. They are then topped with cabbage.

    Whip Waterspout to Cancun and Playa
    A strong waterspout hit the afternoon of Wednesday in Cancun, causing havoc in shops, falling trees, damage to vehicles and floods all over the city. The bad weather affected other destinations in the area north of quintana roo where also fell a downpour accompanied by an electrical storm. According to preliminary reports, due to a wind that according to civil protection reached 80 miles per hour, around 15:30 hours, part of the roof of sheet of the department store wal mart of the grand plaza broke off And fell on one of the main avenues of Cancun, causing panic among dozens of customers. In this place, located on avenida nichuptè with technological avenue, in the superblock 507, it was reported, in a preliminary way, at least one person injured and several cars were damaged by the fall of the sheets. In the interior of the store, the merchandise was watered down the halls of the most damaged.

    The heavy rain in Cancun causes fall of trees and other structures...
    Hoping the best for our friends to the north along the Yucatan coast. One heck of a storm!

    US-based Caribbean bank under consideration
    The region is being urged to look into the feasibility of establishing a Caribbean bank in the United States to address the loss of correspondent banking services being experienced by banks in the Caribbean. Deputy governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Trevor Brathwaite said that’s an option that can’t be ignored, WINN reported. “In London there are a number of banks that are owned by foreign nationals from other countries and so it’s doable. The feasibility study ought to say once you look at the terms of reference for the feasibility study the modality for establishing a Caribbean bank let’s say in New York, it could be an outright purchase or maybe a second tier bank or the establishment of a bank by private interest collectively,” Brathwaite said. ECCB governor Timothy Antoine said the option is not a far-fetched one. Caribbean governments, indigenous banks and offshore banks located in the Caribbean are extremely concerned about the withdrawal of correspondent relations from Caribbean banks by banks in the US.


  • PoliceCheckPoint 3rd May 2016, 98min. Police Checkpoint with host PC Shane Casimiro. Guests: San Ignacio/Santa Elena Liquor Licensing Board and Senior Superintendent Andrew Ramirez.
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  • Grace Kennedy Belize Launch their Creative Cooking 2016 Calendar, 25min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Representatives of the Belize Central Health Region on Primary Health Care in Belize, 32min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Ya'axche Conservation Trust on the Ya'axche Farmer's Expo, 24min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Help Save The Hicatee Turtle, 1.5min. Daniel Velasquez Films. Additional footage by Carol and Richard Foster.

  • Representatives of Oceana, MarAliance, and Belize Game Fishing Association, 37min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Ruperto Vicente, President of the Football Federation of Belize, 30min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • The National Agriculture & Trade Show 2016, 7min.

  • Belize 2016 Adventure Two, 5min. Adventure Two in Hopkins, Belize. It's about birds this time. We had the best birding guide in the area, Charlton Castillo, born and raised in Hopkins.

  • Dolphins in Belize, 1min. Dolphins following our boat leaving Belize.

  • Longest Ziplines in Belize! | Belizean Adventures Part 5, 2min.

  • Adriana Smith and Chelsea Johnston on 'Delusions' Art Exhibition, 15min.

  • 67seconds on Caye Caulker, Belize, 1.5min. Caye Caulker is not only the perfect hub for flying over the Blue Hole but also a laid back piece of paradise to recharge your batteries.

  • BELIZE PLEASE Heaven, Zero, 13min.

  •, 8.5min. Scuba Diving the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef from Ambergris Caye With Dive Shop Reef Adventures.

  • Guile Branco's Belize Archaeological Adventure Part Two: Cahal Pech, 3min. Follow Guile Branco on his Cahal Pech expedition - the oldest Mayan settlement in Belize dating back to 1200 AD (not BC like he said on the video - he is an airhead)

  • Belize Hermit Crabs, 8.5min.

  • St. George Caye Belize Rescue, 2.5min.

    May 4, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Tiger Sharks fall to Smart Belize Hurricanes in first NEBL Finals match
    For the third consecutive year, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) finals looking to claim the championship yet again. But before they can be crowned NEBL 2016 Tournament Champions, the Tiger Sharks must defeat the Smart Belize Hurricanes in a best out of three game series. The first game of the finals was played on Friday, April 20th at the Belize Elementary School gymnasium in Belize City. As the game tipped off, Smart Belize Hurricanes jumped out to an early lead, ending the first quarter with an 18 – 16 advantage. At halftime, Smart Belize Hurricanes still maintained a marginal 31 – 28 lead. In the third quarter, there were many lead changes and ties until Smart Belize Hurricanes extended the lead to 9 points at the end of the third quarter, to take a 63 – 54 advantage. In the middle of the fourth quarter, San Pedro Tiger Sharks was able to cut the lead to three points, but the home squad then extended the lead down the stretch to secure game one of the best-of-three finals, with a score of 93 – 84.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Receives More International Support on Guatemala Issues: PM Barrow Says
    At the press conference last week Monday, April 25, 2016, Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow, attempted a detailed review of the crisis situation that had arisen following the incident at Cebada where a Guatemalan minor lost his life in consequence of an exchange of fire after a BDF/FCD patrol had come under a nighttime attack. Today, Tuesday, PM Barrow issued another statement during a press release in which he indicated that Belize has even more international support on the Guatemalan territorial dispute and that government’s decision to restrict civilian entry to the Sarstoon area was to maintain diplomacy and the protection of lives.

    Faith Noel Crowned Miss San Pedro High 2016
    From the very first opening segment of the Miss San Pedro High Pageant 2016, Faith Noel won the heart of the audience and indeed of the judges. The audience was ecstatic and in continual support of the four young ladies and even more so when Faith took center stage. The pageant included an opening segment with a dance and introduction. Then there was a costume competition, professional attire, sports ware and the formal dress segment with questions and answers. Throughout the evening there was entertainment and dancing by the high school students accompanied by the new sensational Band Caribbean Kings. Miss Janelly Aban, who although had tremendous audience support, won First Runner Up as well as Miss Congeniality, and Miss Photogenic. Miss Lisandra Novelo won Miss Popularity (the audience's choice), and Miss Norma Lopez, won Miss Eloquence. The main title of the night awarded by the judges was jubilantly received by Miss Faith Noel, Miss San Pedro High 2016.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    First Friday Of May Roadside and Beach Trash Pick Up
    Please join us on Friday, May 6th, for our monthly community trash pick up. We meet at 9 am at the Paradise Theatre, just north of the bridge. Gloves, bags, trash pickers and water will be provided - please bring your island spirit! Our efforts are making a difference!

    Six budding Belizean entrepreneurs displayed their products at this year’s National Agriculture and Trade Show !
    As part of its mission to assist small business owners to become more competitive, Beltraide established a booth at the National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan, which allowed several locally owned businesses to market and sell their products to a wide market of Belizean consumers. Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to sample Fibber’s sauces, a variety of jams from Belizean Home Made Jellies, Tambranero sauces, mosquito repellent and beauty products from Jerusalem Beauty Company, beauty products from Cocoa & Company and Che’il Mayan chocolates.

    The Placencia Breeze May 2016
    INSIDE May 2016 Pg 3 BTIA news Pg 7 Laru Beya Restaurant Spotlight Pg 9 Seine Bight Girls Running Club Pg 10 Restaurant Guide Pg 11 Point of View / Dawn's Grill Pg 12 Marie Sharp Hall of Fame Pg 13 SanPedroScoop Belizean Food Guide Pg 14 Where in the World is the Breeze Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 24 Police & Fire Department Community Day / PIA Earth Day/ St. Aphonsus Printer / Blood Drive Pg 25 Oceana Belize Investigates Death of Humpback Whale / BTB Ocean Cruising Curacao to Belize Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 PHS News Pg 29 Lobsterfest Art Contest Winner Pg 30/31 Paid Listings / BTB Visits

    Belize Tourism Board: “Sustainability should go hand in hand with Tourism Strategy”
    Belize Tourism Board has today cemented its commitment to responsible tourism with its sponsorship of the World Responsible Tourism Awards. In a statement announcing the partnership, the Central American country highlighted the importance of a joined up approach to sustainability to ensure that the local economy is stimulated and benefits from tourism, and natural resources are protected. The comment comes as part of the announcement that Belize will be the headline sponsor of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM London, and is an extension of Belize’s national Sustainable Tourism Masterplan, which stipulates how to grow tourism in a sustainable manner. The winners of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards will all be organisations which have been recognised for their leadership and for the replicability worldwide of their projects and initiatives. The destination is no stranger to the Awards, with two organisations based in Belize recognised for their work in recent years. In 2011 community organisation ‘Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development’ was awarded ‘Best in a Marine Environment’ for its campaign for locally owned tourism development in the face of planned cruise tourism in the Placencia Peninsula of Belize. The judges were impressed that “After uniting the community to preserve the authenticity of the Peninsula, they have continued to promote collaboration between local tourism organisations and the village council to proactively develop sustainable tourism”.

    Paint Party Events
    Come join us this Thursday to paint "Casa Blanca". Hope to see you there! Starts On :May 5, 2016, 2:00 PM

    2nd Annual Frenchie's Offshore Open
    Time to get ready for the 2nd Annual Frenchie's Offshore Open fishing tournament out of Caye Caulker!

    Statement by Honorable Dean Barrow, Prime Minister Press Briefing Tuesday, May 3, 2016
    At the press conference last Monday, I attempted a detailed review of the crisis situation that had arisen following the incident at Cebada where a Guatemalan minor lost his life in consequence of an exchange of fire after a BDF/FCD patrol had come under a nighttime attack. All the world now knows of the unjustified, disproportionate and incendiary response of Guatemalan officialdom to the unfortunate death of their citizen. That response precipitated the crisis in which it appeared that a fundamental breach of the peace between Guatemala and Belize was an imminent possibility. In the circumstances, I set out what Belizean diplomacy had done and would continue to do to avert the chance of military hostilities. In the circumstances I also made a foursquare appeal for the Belize Territorial Volunteers to call off their planned trip to the Sarstoon, which had become the hottest of spots and a particular powder keg in the sharply deteriorated climate that had overtaken Belize/Guatemala relations. This was in contradistinction to, for example, Garbutt's Falls where the situation is not the lightning rod that the Sarstoon is. Thus, we had no fear for the safety of the Northern Territorial Volunteers and their planned visit to Garbutt's Falls on Saturday, the same day that the Belize Territorial Volunteers wished to go to the Sarstoon. Indeed, the NTV proceeded with that visit and it went off without a hitch.

    Channel 7

    PUP Will Go To Sarstoon, Dares GOB To Arrest Them
    Tonight, we have a packed newscast for you. Over the 3-day weekend, there were two double murders in the Cayo District, also, a well-known street figure was slain in the city. But we start tonight with news from the Sarstoon River. On Saturday, the police stopped the Belize Territorial Volunteers from going on their trip to the Sarstoon River. Our news team was there when the Belizean lawmen blocked them from even leaving the Barranco Pier. We'll show you that later in the news, but first to the reaction from the PUP to the controversial Statutory Instrument which stops any Belizean from going into the Sarstoon for a month. The Governor General signed that into law on Friday and made it a criminal offence punishable by a two thousand dollar fine or a year in jail. Government said it's only to give them time to find a diplomatic solution for the Sarstoon situation. But, today, the PUP held a meeting of the National Executive, and decided to defy the Government, and the possibility of being confronted by the Guatemalan army, and go to the Sarstoon.

    PM Says PUP Will Be Handled Just Like BTV
    A few hours after that PUP Press Conference, the Prime Minister called his own press conference at the NEMO Conference Room in Belmopan. It was to update the nation that a delegation of Belizean diplomats, minus a representative from the PUP, were in Washington DC. They had already made a jump-start in trying to negotiate a protocol for the Sarstoon River, while the 30-day ban is still in effect. We'll get to that, but when the Prime Minister took questions from the Press, we asked about the PUP's bold announcement to go to the Sarstoon. He told us they will be treated just like the BTV were this weekend: Daniel Ortiz: "The People's United Party announced via a press conference that they intend to go to the Sarstoon to put on display the government's intention to enforce this law. Will the state enforce the ban against them?"

    GOB and BTV Playing Chess In Barranco
    And so while the government says that it did what it had to do on Saturday - and it will do it again, if necessary, the Territorial Volunteers said the same thing. Beefed up by heavy support from civil society, on Saturday, they were determined to make the journey, even after meeting with the commanders of the armed forces, and learning that they could be risking a $2,000 fine or a year imprisonment. Our news team followed them this Saturday to Barranco Village, Toledo, when they attempted to take to the Caribbean Sea for a boat ride down to the Sarstoon. The Security Forces were determined to stop them, and our cameras caught all the action. Daniel Ortiz has that story: Daniel Ortiz reporting: Early on Saturday morning, the Territorial Volunteers and their civil society affiliates boarded a bus to Barranco Village.

    Bze. And Guat. Holding Bi-lateral Talks In Washington
    So, to the big news of the Prime Minister's Press Conference this afternoon. He told the media that now that the 30-day ban in the Sarstoon is in effect, Belize is hard at work, through the diplomatic channels, to negotiate a peace keeping protocol for the Sarstoon River. According to the Prime Minister, a high-level delegation from Belize has been in Washington since this weekend. They been conducting bilateral talks with Guatemala today, and those sessions will continue tomorrow. Here's how Prime Minister Barrow explained the urgency with which his Foreign Affairs Diplomats are acting during this 30-day cooling down period in the Sarstoon: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Foreign Minister has been dispatch directly from the Bahamas to Washington where we have succeeded with the help of the Americans in arranging a number of meetings. These are with the OAS, with the State Department and that meeting with the State Department took place at 11pm Washington time morning. It was with the Under Secretary of State, Ambassador Shannon, who I believe is the number two to Kerry. So there was that meeting this morning at 11 and another meeting takes place just about now, perhaps started about an hour or so. That was schedule for 4pm Washington time - a bilateral meeting between Belize and Guatemala."

    Criticism For S.I. From The Expected Quarters
    And while the diplomats are talking in Washington, and trying to hammer out that protocol, in Belize, at best, public opinion is split on the Statutory Instrument, and there's been very vocal opposition to it. Wil Maheia and the territorial Volunteers say that they intend to conduct surveillance for themselves to make sure that the SI is enforced across the board, on everyone, including the Guatemalans who travel and fish on the Belize side of the river. While we were in Barranco, we spoke to a few of the participants to get feedback on this law. Not surprisingly, the majority of those we spoke to are disappointed that the Government took this step. Here's how they explained it: Geovannie Brackett - President, COLA: "That law against - if anyone had any ill views of the government and how they've been handling this situation, it shows clearly that this government is more concern again in yielding to Guatemala unfounded claim. That law we believe is unconstitutional, it is a symbol of power and it's a symbol of a lack of faith and hope and that's what we think about that law."

    BPP Supports S.I.
    One man who's choosing to look at the Statutory Instrument as a positive outcome is Patrick Rogers, the Leader of the Belize Progressive Party. Now, if you've been following the opinions that Rogers and those within his party have shared on the Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute, you'd know that they are hyper-critical of the Government's decisions. So, we were a little surprised when Rogers told us that from his perspective, the Government, in trying to block the BTV, did a good thing to advance Belize's claimed sovereignty over the northern portion of the Sarstoon River. Here's how he explained why: Patrick Rogers - Leader, Belize Progressive Party: "All is not lost Belize. We are taking the line that they have given us and make lemonade, because what they have effectively done is re-assert sovereignty over the northern section of the Sarstoon now, by passing this law to restrict us for going there for 30 days. Over the next 30 days we need to mount a constitutional challenge based on discrimination if Guatemalan fisher folks are seen in the northern side of the Sarstoon or worst, the Guatemalan Armed Forces."

    PM Deflects Criticism On Soft Sarstoon Position
    So, back to the topic of the Sarstoon SI which stops Belizeans from entering the Sarstoon without permission from the Government. As we said, there's been vocal criticism of it, and today, we challenged the Prime Minister on it. Here's how he answered when we asked if this 30-day ban is an indication that the Government is being too passive: Daniel Ortiz: "A popular sentiment, a critic coming out of this in the wake of your SI that was passes is that this in some way is a proof positive that the government in handling of the Sarstoon River situation. Can you respond to that?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "It's hard to respond to what is an opinion. People are perfectly entitled to their opinion and I certainly will not engaged in any debate with them. I will merely repeat that government must at all times bear well in mind, the larger picture and the country's overriding national interest."

    Gambis Gunned Down
    Gun violence loomed over the streets of Belize City on the Labour Day weekend, with two separate shootings which left one dead and two injured. We start first with the murder of 38 year old Keon "Gambis" Williams, a well known resident of Supal Street Belize City. Williams was gunned down on Saturday evening on the Central American Boulevard. He's a well known name in Belize City streets and he made national healdines back in 2010, when he was accused of sodomizing a 14 year old boy, a charge he eventually beat. But this weekend, the father of three, was unable to escape an apparent vendetta killing. It is a complicated scenario that, according to his family, involves a week long stake out. Emanuel Pech reports. Despite his somewhat troubling past, 38 year old Glen Williams, also known as Keon Williams or "Gambis," was a free spirited individual. He spent a lot of his free time at popular gambling spots like the one by the Fish Market at West Collet Canal. In fact the last thing his mother heard from him on Saturday was a joke.

    Keon's Family Claims Cops Swiped Cash From A Dead Man's Pockets
    The body of 38 year old Keon Williams now lies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital awaiting a postmortem examination. However, even before a proper autopsy has been concluded, the family says there is already something shady surrounding the scene and the way it was processed. According to his family, Gambis Williams had a substantial amount of money on him when he was gunned down. However when the family checked his body at the hospital his money was gone. The family says they feel even more disrespected at the thought. So who would steal a dead man's money? Here are the two sides of that story. Voice of: Family member: "I told them that "Gambis" had lots of money on him, because "Gambis" took the rental vehicle. Other people say that he was gambling at the fish market. But the guy who he was gambling with say that he did have X amount of money on him and the police say that whenever they put him in the morgue they will search him. They searched him and the only thing he had on him was $2 in his pocket, because they had already robbed him. People are saying that the police robbed him. I don't know, because I wasn't out there. He had his watch, his phone and everything else he had. Only $2 he had in his pocket."

    Other City Shootings Not Fatal
    And while Gambis Williams was killed on Saturday, the weekend city shootings continued on Sunday night. At about 8:25, two men, 25 year old Shane Valdez and 30 year old Anthony Arnold, were gunned down at their house on Antelope Street. Valdez was shot to his right thigh and Arnold was shot to his right ankle. There are no known suspects for the shooting at this time however authorities believe that the incident might in fact by related to the murder of Gambis Williams. ACP Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South: "We do believe that that was a retaliatory shooting to the death of Keon Williams." Reporter: "Could you give us more detail about what happened there and where it happened?" ACP Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South: "The two young men that were shot were socializing in the yard and an unknown gun man came and fired several shots in their direction and both persons were shot in their feet. They were taken to the hospital and they were admitted in a stable condition."

    FFB Stalemate: No President Elected After 22 Rounds
    In February, a very private fight in the FFB Executive went public. That's when, as viewers may remember, the then President, Ruperto Vicente, had to fight off an attempted suspension orchestrated by the members of his executive committee. Sergio Chuc, Cruz Gamez, and Marlon Kuylen orchestrated what might be called a Palace Coup, because they say Vicente had been bad for football over his 4 year tenure as president. But FIFA over-ruled that suspension - pushing the contest for maximum power in the FFB to an election on Saturday April 30th. It's the FFB's 9th Ordinary Congress - and it started around 10:00 am and finished at midnight - that's right, 14 hours later, after, get this: 22 ties to see who would be President, Ruperto Vicente or his challenger, Sergio chuc. And even after 22 rounds of voting, there was still a tie! Meaning that tonight, no new president has been elected Our news team was the Princess Ramada Hotel up to the 11th round, without selecting a new president and a 2nd Vice President. We spoke to Kuylen who told us that it's the first time something like this has ever happened:

    Rt. Hon. Price: From Mayor To Prime Minister
    He's the most revered figure in Belize's history - and now National Hero, George Price will have a fitting monument at the start of the highway that bears his name. This morning, the towering George Price bust was unveiled at the Cemetery Road roundabout leading. It was a bi partisan affair as PUP Leader John Briceno, Price's relatives, and the UDP Mayor all joined in praise for Price:.. The bust was unveiled by Price's younger sister Katherine - who is 85. The donation for the bust came from the Holy Redeemer Credit Union. Price was a former Belize City Councilor and the late 1940's and then he became Belize City Mayor in the mid to late 1950's. The current mayor says that the bust is perfectly located - right in line with Phillip Goldson's one at the Flag Monument roundabout:….

    Mayor Bradley Not A Fan of Controversial S.I.
    And of course, being at a George Price event in the current climate of tensions between Belize and Guatemala, a few words had to be said about the Sarstoon SI - the statutory instrument which prevents Belizeans from going into the river which forms Belize's southern border. We asked the mayor what he thinks about the SI - and htough he played it cagey, it's clear he's not a fan:… And during the ceremony to unveil the Price bust, George Price's Nephew Francis Usher also made his family's position known:…

    New Measures For CITCO Guns
    And we also asked the mayor about those four guns stolen from the City's Commercial Center one month ago. They haven't been recovered - but the mayor says they have changed their security protocol to make sure there is no recurrence:... Police have not made any arrests in this case, but also suspect that it was an inside job.

    Abusive Security Guard Killed Ex, Co Worker And Then Tired To Kill Himself
    A brutal double murder on Saturday has left Santa Elena residents shaken. 40 year old Miriam Mai and her sister in law Daisy Miralda were both shot and killed inside Betty's Beauty salon. But it wasn't as a result of a robbery or mistaken identity, they were killed by Mai's abusive and jealous ex- common law husband. We went to Cayo today to find out more about this troubling case. Courtney Weatherburne reporting On Saturday evening, Cayo residents gathered behind the barricade tape at Betty's Beauty Salon. There were there looking on as the police scanned the area and processed this grisly scene. 3 bloodied bodies lay on the floor inside the salon - the woman on the far right near the table was 29 year old Daisy Miralda. The woman sprawled on her stomach was her sister in law 40 year old Salon owner Miriam Mai affectionately called Betty. And the man in the middle is Mai's ex common-law husband, Andy Bustillos - who is the suspected murderer. The incident happened on Saturday evening after 5:00. Miralda and a few friends were hanging out at the Salon as Mai was blow drying a customer's hair. That's when Bustillos came in with a present for Mai. We spoke with one of the friends who was there and she gave us the shocking account.

    Bustillos Had History of Abuse
    And the police say that there had been a documented history of violence where Betty Mai reported Bustillos many times for abuse. Here's how they explained it today...

    Cayo Cops Working On Other Double Murder
    San Ignacio Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the double murder of two Guatemalan men, 52 year old Santos Gonzalez and 37 year old Orlando Garcia. Last week Thursday the two men were found dead around 2 pm on a feeder road off the George Price Highway. Police say that at least one of the men is a known drug trafficker. So while police have an idea of the motive for this deadly double killing, they have no clear suspect at this time. But they are hoping to advance their investigations through the use of video cameras at the Benque Border. Police say they are dividing themselves into rural and urban Cayo so that they can have more boots patrolling these known drug drop off zones. And while we spoke with authorities in Cayo we asked them for an update on the Amir Tzib case. He is a mental patient who inflicted several chop wounds to Amir Tun last week Thursday. Tun was walking past the community centre in San Antonio Village when Tzib attacked him for no apparent reason. Superintendent Rosado, told us how they are proceeding with that investigation.

    Mistaken Identity In Camalote Killing?
    And there was another double murder in the west, this time in Camalote. 2 young men were gunned down - residents say innocently. Akeem Thimbrel and Shawn Lopez were both shot up near Thimbrel's home in Camalote. Akeem had just come from visiting family members on Sunday night when he met his cousin and close friend Shawn Lopez. Lopez was drunk and Thimbrel was taking him home when gunmen rode up to them and opened fire. We spoke with Thimbrel's father and the police about this incident. 2 persons from the village have been detained. As you heard neither Lopez nor Thimbrel were the targets. Sources say the hit was sent for one of their friends Sanjay Casey who lives close to where the shooting happened. Now when we spoke to residents, they told us that the girl who is detained is the one who sent the hitman for Sanjay Casey but the shooter or shooters somehow mistook either Thimbrel or Lopez for Casey. Residents also told us it all started with a confrontation between the girl who is in custody, her boyfriend and Casey. We will keep on following this very messy murder case.

    Channel 5

    Bilateral Meeting between Belize and Guatemala in Washington
    Last Friday, the Government of Belize passed a most controversial law to prevent the Belize Territorial Volunteers from entering the Sarstoon, over which the Guatemalans are now in full control. [...]

    PM Barrow on Discussion Topics at Bilateral Meetings
    There are many issues on the table between Belize and Guatemala, including what the Prime Minister has termed a crisis averted. But even before that crisis following the Chiquibul incident, [...]

    P.U.P. Will Test the Controversial Sarstoon Law
    As we said a little later, an expedition planned by the Belize Territorial Volunteers for the Sarstoon this past weekend was halted by elements of the Belize Coast Guard and [...]

    What’s the Next Step for Belizeans in the Sarstoon?
    With the Sarstoon under lock to Belizeans by both Guatemalan and Belizean law enforcement, all eyes are on the diplomatic channels being maneuvered. That hasn’t worked out so well to [...]

    PM Says Guatemalan FM is Wrong: There’s No Extraordinary Agreement on Sarstoon
    In one of his recent interviews condemning Belize, Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales claims that he has an agreement with his counterpart, Wilfred Elrington, in which no Belizean would [...]

    P.U.P. Will Challenge the Sarstoon Law in Court
    Hours prior to the Prime Minister’s press conference in the capital, the People’s United Party briefed the media in Belize City. The National Executive approved five measures that the party [...]

    Briceño says Bipartisan Approach to Guatemalan Dispute has been Lost
    You have heard the Prime Minister say there was no time to invite the representative of People’s United Party to the discussions to be held by Minister Elrington in Washington. [...]

    BTV’s Expedition to the Sarstoon Stopped in its Tracks
    The passage of an unprecedented law on Friday restricting Belizeans from traveling to the Sarstoon has been met with opposition. But the Belize Territorial Volunteers were undeterred to trek to [...]

    Should G.O.B. rescind the new Sarstoon Law?
    And tonight’s question is: Do you believe G.O.B. should rescind the new Sarstoon Law? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on [...]

    Double Murder in Santa Elena Claims the Life of 2 Women
    There were as many as five murders over the weekend: two double murders in the west and another in the City where a Supal Street affiliate was murdered; all within [...]

    Another Double Murder in the West; 2 Cousins are Gunned Down
    The community of Camalote in the Cayo District is grieving and angry. They demand justice for the cold-blooded, brutal murders of Akeem Thimbriel and Shawn Lopez on Sunday night. Thimbriel [...]

    Were Police Involved in the Shooting Death of 2 Camalote Youths
    In addition to the already disturbing indication of an execution summoned to settle an altercation earlier Sunday, there is also the allegation that police officers may have been involved very [...]

    Gambis Williams is Murdered in the City
    A fifth person was murdered over the Labor Day weekend. It happened on Iguana Street where Glen “Gambis” Williams was gunned down after he had purchased barbecue. Williams is a [...]

    2 Men Shot in the City
    In the wake of the murder of Glen ‘Gambis’ Williams on Saturday evening, it is strongly believed that factions within the Supal Street Gang may have triggered a spate of [...]

    Marlon Kuylen, the New Acting President of the F.F.B.
    The Football Federation of Belize met on Saturday in Belize City where anticipated elections for five senior posts within the national sporting organization were being held at the Princess Hotel [...]

    Part 2 of the P.S.E.
    Day two sitting of the Primary School Examination occurred today; over seven thousand two hundred students from across the country were tested in Mathematics and Social Studies. The exam targets [...]

    A Bust of George Price is Erected at the Entrance of the Old Capital
    The unveiling of a bust in honor of Right Honorable George Price, Father of Belize’s independence, was held this morning in Belize City.  The idea of placing a sculpture at [...]

    Weekend Fire Leaves 2 Families Homeless
    A concrete and wooden two storey house went up in flames on Saturday night just after nine o’clock in south side Belize City. Two families and their six children were [...]

    The National Agriculture & Trade Show 2016
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show took place over the weekend at the show grounds in Belmopan. The annual event drew thousands looking for deals in goods and services. This [...]

    Weekend Sports Update with James Adderley


    Northern Territorial Volunteers Visit Garbutt Falls With Out Any Incident
    Saturday April 30th 2016 marked the 157th anniversary of the treaty that was signed between the governments of the United Kingdom and the republic of Guatemala in the year 1859. The main purpose of signing the treaty was to distinguish the border that lies between Belize and its neighboring country Guatemala. In an effort to commemorate this significant and important day, the Northern Territorial Volunteers traveled to the Garbutt Falls Border Monument located in Benque Viejo where a short ceremony was held to honor the validation of the agreement. The leader of the Northern Territorial Volunteers, Giovanni De la Fuente, was quite satisfied with the support that the NTV received, not only from civilians but also from the members of the Belize Police Force who were out there to ensure the safety of all Belizeans that were present for the trip.

    Hundreds Join The Fight Against Cancer
    Over the weekend, hundreds of northenos took part in the 8th annual cancer walk organized by the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group celebrated under the theme ‘I can, you can, we can stand against cancer. As is the case every year, the walk commenced at 5:30 in the morning from the San Martin Gas Station and the objective was the same: to raise awareness about the disease, to pay tribute to those who have lost the battle and to show support for those who are currently fighting the dreadful disease. Makeda Anderson: “This is the first time I am participated and I’ve lost a family member due to cancer and my workplace and also the Youth Council wanted to come out and support so that we can bring awareness to the people. I feel very good about it because it is always nice to support others and cancer is something very difficult for any family member especially when you have lost some one due to cancer so it is a very good feeling to come out and support others.”

    FFB Reaches Deadlock During Election
    A new Executive Body for the Football Federation of Belize was elected over the weekend during FFB’s 9th Ordinary Congress which was held on Saturday in Belize City. The Congress included an election process in which 14 District Football Association members and 6 members from the Premier League of Belize voted to elect the new Executive Body. During the elections selected by the congress as, Senior Vice President was Marlon Kuylen, while Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon were elected as Executive Members. Seeking the post of president were former President, Ruperto Vicente and former Vice President Sergio Chuc while the vice president position was contested by Jaime Perdomo and former Executive Member Cruz Gamez and following 22 rounds of voting, ending in a tie each time, a new president and vice president for the FFB could not be elected.

    Belizeans Describe Barrow's New Law As Draconian
    But the People’s United Party is not the only one that wants the law to be revoked. Belizeans here at home and abroad have also voiced their disapproval of the SI which is being described as draconian since it impedes Belizeans from claiming their sovereignty. Giovanny Bracket – President of COLA: “That law against the mince, if anyone had ill views of the government and how they have been handling this situation it shows clearly that this government is more concern again in yielding to Guatemala unfounded claim, that law we believe it is unconstitutional, it is a symbol of cowardice and it is a symbol of lack of faith and hope, that is what we think of that law.” Dickey Bradley: “No magistrate will enforce that law, it is a fool, fool law in Jamaica they would say it is an idiot, an idiot; the law itself is signed in an legal error but somebody asked an important question, the Opposition must go to the Supreme Court and strike that down, just show the haste with which; you can’t reason with us, you can’t us hear what happens so and so and so, everybody here is a reasonable people but they are not happy something is happening, you were here in this river, and you see how Guatemala behave.”

    Belize Seeks Support From International Counterparts In This Belize/Guatemala Issue
    During today’s press conference Prime Minister Dean Barrow aside from revising GOB’s actions to alleviate tensions with Guatemala, also outlined steps that are being carried out in the diplomatic front to ensure support from Belize’s international counterparts as it relates to Guatemala’s claim over Belize’s territorial lands and waters. Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: “The commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland was also very forthright in reiterating her organization’s position that Guatemala must respect our 1859 borders, she will now convene a meeting on the Commonwealth Standing Committee on Belize so that they might step up their monitoring on the Belize/Guatemala situation, then on Friday in Free Port, Bahamas our foreign minister got support for us from CARICOM and from United Kingdom. Belizeans should note that these results so far make clear that our position our calls is understood and accepted by the international community in other words they know that our security personnel came under attack yet again this time under cover of darkness from Guatemalan civilians squarely in our territory, they know that these civilians were engaged in their continuing illegal activity which in the Chiquibul alone has cost this country tens of millions of dollars in plundered resources and environment degradation, they know that the BDF small in number strapped with resources and facing almost impossible odds continues to waged are your struggle to protect and preserve Belizean Patrimony.”

    Commonwealth To Discuss Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute
    Last week the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland visited Belize as part of her official tour to the Commonwealth Caribbean since taking office on April 1, 2016. During her three day visit Secretary-General Scotland met with Governor General Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, Opposition Leader Jonny Briceño and other ministers and senior officials where she reaffirmed the commitment made by the Commonwealth’s 53 governments at their 2015 summit, to fully support Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in sight of the Guatemala’s continuing claim to Belize’s territory.In a release issued today by the Commonwealth, Secretary-General Scotland commended Belize’s actions when dealing with the territorial dispute saying Quote “I welcome the cooperation between Belize’s Government and Opposition on this issue, which is affecting their entire population, and commend the facility that they give to the hundreds of children who come from Guatemala daily to attend school in Belize. I have responded positively to a request from the government and the opposition to convene the Commonwealth Ministerial Committee on Belize, ahead of the scheduled September meeting.” End quote

    PUP Prepares To Challenge Sarstoon Law
    While Prime Minister Dean Barrow is sticking to his guns when it comes to the new Statutory Instrument that denies Belizeans access to the Sarstoon for the next month, the People’s United Party is demanding that the Government rescind the regulations immediately. But not only that, the PUP is preparing to challenge the law. The announcement was made today after a meeting of the party’s National Executive this morning. Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader of People’s United Party:“The National Executive has considered and has approved the following:(1) The PUP, on behalf of the Belizeans demands that the government immediately rescind the unjust Sarstoon law;


    PM Has No Regrets on Sarstoon’s SI
    The much publicized expedition to the Sarstoon Island organized by the Belize Territorial Volunteers did not materialize over the weekend. This is after security forces prevented the BTV and supporters from boarding their boats on Saturday morning at the pier in Barranco Village. Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said they were forced to enact the […]

    Belize Territorial Volunteers meet with blockage at dock
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers’ Sarstoon expedition to commemorate the signing of the 1859 Treaty which defines Belize’s borders, garnered wide public attention with the Government trying to dissuade leader of the BTV, Wil Maheia from carrying out the expedition but Maheia forged on. On Friday, government introduced a Statutory Instrument making it illegal for any […]

    PUP’s Executive Drafts Five Resolutions on the Sarstoon Issue
    The People’s United Party called an emergency meeting of its national executive where five resolutions were agreed upon. Following that meeting, the party summoned the media to present those resolutions. JOHN BRICENO “The National Party council of the People’s United Party will meet in Belize City for discussion and approval of the discussions and approval […]

    PM Barrow says there is support for Belize
    During the press conference, Prime Minister Barrow said they have been working on the diplomatic front. He provided an update. DEAN BARROW “You’re all aware of last week’s resolution of the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) in support of Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Scotland was also very forthright […]

    Double Murder in Camalote Village
    This weekend western Belize saw a series of fatal shootings. The latest occurred in Camalote Village on Sunday night. Akeem Thimbrel and Shawn Lopez, residents of Camalote Village were gunned down under a tree sometime before seven that night as Thimbrel was helping Lopez get home since he was intoxicated. Unfortunately, after both men died, […]

    Mayor Bradley Says SI May Send The Wrong Message
    And while the People’s United Party is taking steps in expressing their outrage and opposition to the recently signed SI and the Government’s approach, Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley weighed in on the issue saying that the Statutory Instrument may be sending the wrong message. DARRELL BRADLEY “In respect to the statutory instrument that’s something […]

    Mayor Bradley Speaks on Public Safety in the Sarstoon
    While the Mayor spoke of a wrong message being sent, he also spoke of the Government’s responsibility to keep its citizens safe. DARRELL BRADLEY “I think it is two fold. One as a leader it is always incumbent on you to ensure the safety and security of every Belizean so that we would not want […]

    Gov’t Disengages with Opposition on Belize/Guatemala Issue
    One of the crucial steps that John Briceno made when he took over as the Party Leader for the PUP, was extend a hand to the Government in working together on the Belize/Guatemala issue. For the last weeks we have seen the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington attending meetings with the then representative for the Opposition, […]

    Man Kills Estranged Spouse and Her Worker in Western Belize
    Families in Santa Elena Town were devastated as Miriam Elizabeth Mai was shot in a crime of passion while Daisy Miralda who was with Mai turned collateral damage and lost her life as well. 32- year-old, Andy Bustillos, Mai’s ex-common-law allegeldy murdered the two friends in Betty’s Salon on George Price Avenue in Santa Elenta […]

    Police following various leads in ‘Gambis’ murder
    On Saturday, April 30, many Belize City residents witnessed the murder of Supal Street figure Keon “Gambis” Williams as he was gunned down at the corner of Antelope Street and Central American Boulevard. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke on the incident. CHESTER WILLIAMS “Over the weekend the murder of one Keon Williams was […]


    Government of Belize Places Temporary Restrictions on Movement in Belize’s Portion of the Sarstoon River for One Month
    The Government of Belize, in an act of desperation to try and stop the Belize Territorial Volunteers from heading to the Sarstoon on Saturday , has made a new statutory instrument that in effect bans Belizeans from the Sarstoon River. This historical move was announced today, Friday April 29, via ...

    Community in uproar over new law
    Many have also begun to make comments on the new SI via their Facebook posts. Former PUP Senator and Attorney Lisa Shoman says that “The Government’s brand new “public threat” riverine SI promulgated under S.2 of the Public Safety Act, will severely affect and contravene the right...

    Camalote man murdered
    A man from Camalote Village was shot and killed early Friday morning about one mile from his home. The incident happened shortly after one o’clock Friday morning, in front of Cattle Farm situated in Camalote Village, Cayo District. The victim, 55 year old Gelion de Leon, a nationalized Belizean fa...

    Update on Benque murder
    Police have issued a report on the murder of two men in the Cayo District on Thursday. The incident happened just before 2 p.m. on April 28 between miles 69 and 70 on the San Francisco road area off the George Price Highway, Cayo District. The bodies of the two Guatemalan nationals were found on a f...

    BDF/ GAF encounter caught on video
    As Belizeans adjust to the new statutory instrument that restricts our own people from traversing the Sarstoon River, the Guatemalan fishermen and Guatemalan Army boats still have free, unimpeded access to the entire Sarstoon. In fact, as revealed in a video on Channel 5’s newscast on Thursday nigh...

    Belmopan police detain suspect in drive by shooting
    Belmopan police have detained one person in connection to the drive by shooting that happened in Belmopan on Tuesday. As we reported, on Tuesday 26th April 24 year old Jose Alberto Marquez Jr. , a Guatemalan naturalized Belizean of Salvapan area, Belmopan City, was shot to the left side of his ch...

    San Antonio man chopped in the head
    On Thursday 28th April 2016 about 9:50 p.m., San Ignacio Police met a vehicle that was transporting 35-year-old Amir Tun of San Antonio Village who had four deep chop wounds to the head. He reported that while walking pass the community center in San Antonio Village he was approached by a Hispanic m...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Two men shot in city on Sunday
    A shooting incident in Belize City on Sunday night injured two men as they sat on the steps of a house on Antelope Street. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at around 8:30 p.m. and saw Shane Orlando Valdez, 25, as well as […]

    Police investigation into Glen Williams murder continues
    Saturday evening around 5:20, Glen Michael Williams, 38, was fatally shot in Belize City as he rode a motorcycle on the corner of Central American Boulevard and Antelope Street. Initial investigation revealed that Williams was shot by an occupant of a vehicle that drove […]

    Andy Bustillos under police guard at hospital after double murder on Saturday
    Andy Bustillos, 31, remains under police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after shooting his common law wife, another female and himself on Saturday inside Betty’s Beauty Salon. Police reports state that around 5:30 p.m. that day, Bustillos entered the salon in […]

    Gun and ammo stolen in Roaring Creek
    Police are investigating a burglary in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo, reported00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on Friday of last week, his home was broken into and […]

    Teenager charged for illegal gun and ammunition
    Acting on information received yesterday afternoon, Benque Viejo Police visited the free zone where upon sight of officers, Anibal Avila, 19, attempted to run from a parking lot. He was apprehended and a quick search of his person yielded a .38 Taurus brand revolver […]

    Police seize weed in Roaring Creek
    Last Friday around 11:15 a.m., members of the police Tactical Response Squad conducted a search in an open lot in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo, which resulted in the discovery of cannabis. Inside a black plastic bag, officers found almost a pound of weed, equivalent […]

    PUP challenges “Sarstoon Law”
    The People’s United Party intends to challenge what it calls the Sarstoon Law – regulations prohibiting travel in the Sarstoon River. Not only is the party demanding that the Government rescind the regulations immediately, it plans to mount a Constitutional challenge to the regulations. […]

    Political parties unite to honor Rt. Hon. George Price
    It turns out there is one thing both major political parties can agree on – that the late Right Honorable George Cadle Price was and is a great man. Thus, Leader of the opposition John Briceño and Mayor Darrell Bradley, along with members of […]

    Man stabbed in fight at Agriculture Show Grounds
    Police were called to the exit of the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds on Sunday, where officers saw 28-year-old Jamie Torres with multiple stab wounds to his chest, chin and head area. Torres had been involved in a fight, during which he was […]

    Two persons detained for Sunday night double murder
    In the wake of a Sunday night double murder in Camalote Village, Cayo District, police have detained a man and woman who are pending investigations. On Sunday night around 7:23 p.m., police responded to shots fired in the village and were re-directed to the […]

    Warm and dry conditions expected today
    Mainly fair, warm and dry conditions will prevail for the next 24 to 36 hours and then the approach of a weak late season cold front will bring some changes on Wednesday night. The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies […]


    A Holiday Monday: What A Great Day to take a Three Legged Dog Paddle Boarding in Belize
    Yesterday, we took the boat to the back side of Ambergris Caye to do some final work on Cayo Frances Farm & Fly before the first official visitors arrive AND to teach Elsie, the tripod, to sit on a paddleboard. It was a gorgeous day and Elsie had on her uniform. I am hoping you don’t get too sick of “the farm” but it’s where I spent my last two days…and in my estimation, it’s so beautiful. Plus, if you actually ADMIT to being bored by a three legged dog then you are just…a monster! Through the cut. And since it was Labour Day yesterday – May 1st Holiday celebrated yesterday – there were tons of families and kids out swimming and fishing. And about 10 miles north, to the small cut into Cayo Frances lagoon. Elsie and our chauffeur, Jeff. Incredibly shallow, we putt up to the camp. A quick look around…things are being readied for friends.

    Here at Grand Caribe Belize, we are always looking for more options to offer to our highly treasured guests. We look for quality activities, by professional guides on top notch vessels to assure that our guests always have an experience that they will want to rave about to their friends and family members; where memories of a lifetime can be created! The newest player in the game of tours and excursions has gone above and beyond in providing just what we are looking for!! We had a chance to experience the YOLO – and have to admit, we are very pleased with the services they offer. The YOLO is a 40 foot motorized catamaran offering sunset dinner cruises, snorkel cruises, booze cruises, private boat charters and pretty much anything you’d want to do on the water, under the sun, moon and stars – they can customize a trip for you. The boat is super spacious, comfortable and its stability on the waters itself, is quite astounding. There’s ample comfortable cushioned seating option – including couches or lounge chairs – all covered and shaded from the sun. If you’d like to have more sun – not a problem, the YOLO’s retractable roof provides the option to have half the boat covered and half exposed to the elements. This is also a very welcoming feature during the sunset cruises. Oh, and the restroom facility is awesome – they even have a vanity!!! (where you can freshen up your make up – or simply powder your nose). All the trips offered on-board the YOLO include an open bar with limitless booze. Choose from a menu of over 15 hand crafted fresh fruit cocktails, which include local Belizean rum, vodka, gin, tequila and ice cold local beers. And for that lover of the even finer things in life – they also have a nice selection of wines!

    St. John’s Cathedral – The Oldest Church in Belize City, Belize
    Located in the heart of Belize City, St. John’s Cathedral is one of the few physical legacies of the long period as a British colony. Built in 1812 as the Church of England’s headquarters in Central America, the cathedral was once used to crown four different native kings of the Miskito tribe in lavish ceremonies matching the pomp and circumstances of coronations in Europe. Today, the cathedral is the oldest surviving building constructed by Europeans in Belize. Using the enormous ballast stones brought over from Europe, English colonizers in what was then known as British Honduras erected the mighty St. John’s Cathedral as the power base of the Church of England in Central America. Visitors today can marvel at the well-preserved architecture made from sapodilla and mahogany wood, an antique pipe organ and tombstones of English colonists from the earliest days of the settlement of Belize City. In Belize City, head to the historic downtown area. Located at the southeastern part of the city just a few hundred feet north of the coastline is a large plaza at the south end of Albert Street and the east end of Regent Street. The cathedral is directly across from the House of Culture.

    On Caye Caulker, “Go slow” is beginning to sound like a plea rather than a way of life
    So Monday was a national holiday — Labor Day. Lots of our favorite places are closed for the day, and some, like The Truck Stop and Casa Picasso for the entire week. And there is family in town. So, naturally that calls for a water taxi ride to Caye Caulker. Shockingly, neither Rose nor I have been to that island since last year’s Lobster Festival. And “shockingly” doesn’t begin to sum up the changes that have taken place. The island mantra — Go slow — now feels more like an admonition. Backpackers still seem to outnumber Silicon Valley vacationers. The Split is still filled with the languid young and beautiful, lolling on the docks like white beached seals, rapidly morphing from pink to scarlet. The Lazy Lizard has endured just enough spiffing up to stay fresh while keeping its funky vibe. It remains the best place to jump into the water and let the current sweep you away when you are done basting on the dock. Still, it must be feeling the heat from the citrus wonderland that is Mara’s Sip and Dip, just down the beach. And new restaurants like Paradiso and Pizza al Taglio, pressing from within The Split compound.

    Pool Project - Week Seven
    Well, the crew faced some challenges this week, but was still able to achieve a number of milestones. As you may recall from my Week Five post, the crew spent a great deal of time rendering the columns and walls to create a smooth finish. Once all the surfaces were cured, Mr. Mario went around and started tapping the columns and walls. It seems that on another project he has going, the crew ran into a problem with the final coats of cement not adhering properly. Sure enough, he identified a bunch of spots on our structure that had the same problem. As a result, those hollow spaces needed to be chipped out and redone. And while it was a bit of a setback, we were glad that Mr. Mario took the time to check into it. The last thing anyone of us would like to see are cracks. With that work out of the way, the crew started installing the zinc roof panels.

    Flying to Caye Caulker on a Mission and 3 Travel Light Tips
    I figured since it was Labor Day holiday and I could not get the stuff done that I needed to yesterday, I would travel instead. So I emailed Tropic Air Reservations at 7:48 am to what the the availability was to fly San Pedro to Caye Caulker. Did I mention I love living so close to the airport? While waiting for a reply I finished what I was doing and packed my travel bag – a black cooler. After I found out they had space, I sent a fast book me please reply as I was walking out the door for the airport. In the 7 minutes it took me to reach the airport from my house, they had already confirmed my booking and I was in the system – now that’s fast service. Knowing I was considering the trip, my friend Kendall gave me 4 Caye Caulker restaurant recommendations to try or get a picture of: Mike’s Margaritas, The Fair, Aladdin and Pizza and Gelato Italiano. Since I was not in the mood for a virgin Margarita, Mikes got a pic and a bit of video – looks like a fun spot. Right next door The Fair happened to be closed so that put my plans for a corn dog on hold. Instantly I became a homing pigeon for pizza, as I made my way to the split area to find the pizza place.

    3 of the Best Beach Communities in Belize
    Belize is a small country situated on the Caribbean Sea, best known for the World Heritage Barrier Reef that parallels its 240 mile coastline. Several areas of Belize’s coastline, and many of its cayes, have lovely sandy beaches that co-exist with mangrove forests that protect its coastline. Below are the top three beach communities that offer both inviting beaches and a desirable Caribbean coastal lifestyle. If you’re a beach buff, these are the hot spots to check out if you’re dreaming of moving to a beach community in Belize. 1. Placencia: 17 miles of Diverse Beaches and Caribbean Charm, 2. Ambergris Caye: A Lively Island with Amenities Galore, 3. Hopkins Bay: A Traditional Garifuna Village.

    More dancing in the breeze in Belize
    Recently, as I walked north along the eastern coast of Ambergris Caye, I encountered a lovely bit of eco-pagentry. Colorful silken curtains on a beach pavilion were tossing and twisting in the wind, forming beguiling shapes for split seconds at a time. An endless permutation of form, shape shifting on every fluttering gust of wind. Walking back home, the palm trees swayed and sashayed in the breeze, the exotic choreography of a chorus-line of palm fronds, full of rustle and bustle. On Caye Caulker, on Monday, it was a different sort of dance all together, albeit to the same music: a gentle moist breeze, seed pod dancers twisting and turning. The dancer mobiles were for sale at a little art shop on the main drag. Spellbinding.

    International Sourcesizz

    Il Belize Blue Hole, un misterioso quanto suggestivo spettacolo naturale
    In realtà non ci sono grandi misteri attorno al grande Blu Hole della barriera corallina al largo della costa del Belize nell'America centrale ma a molte persone piace immaginare che dietro la spiegazione scientifica della sua formazione ci siano delle storie ancora sconosciute. Tutto comincia milioni di anni fa ed è una storia di "continente", li dove adesso c'è l'oceano infatti c'era la terraferma ed un banco roccioso di origine calcarea come ce ne sono in ogni parte del pianeta. Il carsismo e lo sviluppo di una rete di gallerie sotterranee proprio come avviene ad esempio sull'altopiano del Carso ha nel tempo scavato la roccia nel sottosuolo finché, un bel giorno circa 150mila mila anni fa, il soffitto di questa rete di gallerie è crollato dando origine a quello che gli americani chiamano sinkhole ma che noi conosciamo meglio come "dolina carsica".

    Building the Caribbean’s muscle to ensure safe seafood and to protect and grow US$400 million in fisheries exports
    Caribbean countries have a living bank of marine resources from which they collectively cash out hundreds of millions of dollars a year to support emerging national economies by providing good jobs, food and foreign exchange, among other benefits. However, in order to remain active and competitive in the global marketplace, countries have had to find ways to surmount the challenges posed by stringent international standards called sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, for food safety and for protection against diseases carried animals and plants. Under an EU-funded SPS Measures Project, the ability of Caribbean countries to effectively address those challenges is being strengthened through initiatives such as specialized training for those gatekeepers who help to ensure the safety of both imported and exported foods.

    Commonwealth Secretary-General Scotland reaffirms commitment to Belize
    Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has declared her intention to call an urgent meeting of the ministerial committee on the Belize-Guatemala border dispute. The Commonwealth Ministerial Committee on Belize is expected to meet months before their scheduled September forum to discuss recent troubling developments in the boundaries disagreement. The group of eight foreign ministers, chaired by Barbados, was created by heads of government in 1977. The decision to bring forward their meeting was made after Secretary-General Scotland met with Governor General Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, Opposition Leader Jonny Briceño and other ministers and senior officials during a visit to the country. Last week Prime Minister Barrow called a special meeting of the National Security Council to deal with the issue, and yesterday enforced a month-long restriction on movement in Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River. This follows the death of a 13 year old Guatemalan boy, who was killed in the Adjacency Area.

    Bookbag Santa seeks musicians for Belize trip
    There is an opportunity for one or two local musicians to add a Caribbean tour to their resume. Bookbag Santa is a Roanoke nonprofit that takes school supplies to Belize every summer. We always try to get a musician to come down as part of the group, and for 2016, we have five gigs scheduled at the end of July and just need a name to plug into the calendar. If you’d be interested in taking an almost-break-even vacation and doing a good deed at the same time, visit or contact Bookbag Santa President Gary Hunt at 342-2083 or [email protected]

    The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program Application is now open!
    Will you be one of the 250 entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean selected to participate in a 5 week U.S. fellowship focused on networking and learning new skills? Visit to learn more information and start your application today! Stay tuned for updates and tips for submitting a strong application.


  • Alexandra Cousteau PSA - OCEANA, 4.5min.

  • A visit to the Belize Blue Hole, 12min.

  • BELIZE! Vlog: Blue Hole, diving, San Pedro, 5.5min. Check out our trip to San Pedro, Belize!

  • Pelican Reef Villas in Belize, 2min. A Day in Belize at Pelican Reef Villas.

  • MSD Dive Belize 2015 - Tres Cocos, 3.5min. A dive at Tres Cocos off Ambergris Caye, while on Minnesota School of Diving's Caye Caulker, Belize dive trip March 2015.

  • Iconic megafauna, 15sec. Monitored by Wildlife Conservation Society and collaborating scientists at Glover's Reef Atoll.

  • Footage of the 30 feet whale shark spotted today., 1min. Seahorse Dive Shop

  • LA VOZ KARAOKE 2016 GROUP A - WEEK 3, 120min.

  • Crooked Tree Village Council and Belize Audobon Society on the Crooked Tree Bird and Fish Festival, 23min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Belizean Musician Brad Pattico, 25min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Belize Mission Trip. 100 University Students., 4.5min. Our Belize Mission Trip team of 100 University students from a Church in Texas serving with International Servants and Dr. Paul Whisnant in our Children's Ministry and doing Mission construction projects.

  • Belize Audubon Society Activities 10, 4.5min.

  • Dancing in the breeze in Belize, 1/2min. On Caye Caulker, a gentle breeze set these dancers in motion at a roadside stand on Monday, May 2, 2016.

  • Full-Circle Project: Belize, 5.5min.

  • Scuba Dive - The Aquarium, Belize [1], 4.5min.

  • Scuba Dive - The Aquarium, Belize [2], 3min.

  • A tree full of bats in Belize, 1.5min.

    May 3, 2016


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    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Printing equipment for sale, Caye Caulker
    For sale, t-shirt printing equipment, plus printer plus trader paper for $600 belize dollars.

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of April 24th – April 30th, 2016
    “Oh, it is another bonefish” with a slightly disappointed tone. Some permit had just been seen, and although the cast was good the bonefish snuck in front and ate his fly first. It brings to mind how many bonefish are in our waters that an angler whose primary goal of the trip was to catch his first bonefish, now is looking at them like they are nuisance now that he sees a permit! I guess it is a great problem to have, and I constantly remind myself how precious these bonefish are. Our furthest flung guests were Jacqui and Barry. They came all the way from the UK for 2 weeks specifically fish our bonefish and they were not disappointed. Everyone who went out regardless of ability got some bonefish with the biggest reporting in at 6 pounds! Double digit days were common before the wind set in later in the week.

    The Reporter

    PUP criticizes GOB for enacting law banning Belizeans from entering Sarstoon
    The People’s United Party (PUP) has criticized the government’s move to ban Belizeans from visiting our portion of the Sarstoon. The PUP says it is appalled by the announcement. Leader of the Opposition John Briceno informed Prime Minister Dean Barrow during a meeting on Friday that the PUP does not support the “draconian measure.” “The PUP views this as a retrograde and highly prejudicial step for the following reasons: In the face of Guatemala’s assertion of sovereignty over the entire Sarstoon River, this Regulation with the specific objective of preventing Belizeans from entering Belize’s portion of it this may be viewed in law as acquiescence by Belize to Guatemala’s assertion of sovereignty over the entire Sarstoon,” the PUP states in a press release. The Opposition also says that “in the face of growing Guatemalan belligerence and aggression, the regulation only serves to embolden Guatemala and harden its resolve to assert sovereignty over the entire Sarstoon.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Double murder victims confirmed
    There still hasn’t been any formal report issued from the police about last night’s double murder in Camalote Village, Cayo District but the names of the victims have been confirmed as Shawn Lopez and Akeem Thimbriel. As of now, a motive for the shooting deaths of these young men has still not been determined and details of the incident are still limited.

    Double murder in Camalote Village; Cayo District
    Information reaching our newsroom is that there was another double murder in the Cayo District. Reports are that 2 men were fatally shot while sitting under a tree in the village of Camalote. This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


    Service Vacations and Volunteering in Belize
    How about working with Belizeans to provide care to the needy, medical help for the sick, and protection for fragile ecosystems? If you think that all of these sound good, then consider volunteering during your stay. Service vacationing has boomed in popularity over the years, and with some research and good planning you can enjoy Belize’s beauty while making connections with its people and environment. Below is a list of a few prominent organizations that offer short and long term opportunities. Some are free, some you will have to pay for, some are for professionals, but all are ways to experience Belize and give back as well.

    Quiet Luxury on South Ambergris Caye, Belize: Pelican Reef Villas
    Friday, about mid-day, I walked south to Pelican Reef Villas located in quiet, lovely South Ambergris Caye, Belize. It’s a walk I haven’t taken in TOO LONG – here’s an outline of the 1 mile walk that ends in some coconut dragons – and it’s as lovely as ever. Mostly residential and colorful… Don’t be frightened by the name of the neighborhood. I walked through the beach-side entrance…with a quick walk out onto the dock. Perfect for lounging and swimming. nd then into the pool area…where I was met by Michela, the concierge, with a welcome drink and MY FAVORITE…an iced cold towel. How’d they know I was DYING for one after my walk? Lunch on my patio? That sounds perfect. I headed into my suite…2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, A WHIRLPOOL BATHTUB and a gorgeous ocean view.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize, Guyana and the Iron Lady
    Following the recent shooting incident on the Belize-Guatemala border and the subsequent buildup of Guatemalan troops in the area, Amandala (described as Belize’s leading newspaper) published a scathing editorial, highly critical of the perceived passivity of the government in Belmopan, under the headline “A Battle for Belize”. According to Amandala, when Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales began the troop buildup on the border with Belize, the nation of Belize went into shock because of the suddenness and ferocity of the Guatemalan president’s threats. The indications are that the Belize government was caught completely off guard by Morales offensive, the newspaper said. “Last week we did not respond, either at home or abroad, to a direct threat to our national security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity… If you were a Belizean nationalist/patriot over the last week, it was difficult to find cause for energy and optimism. “The United Democratic Party (UDP) government of Belize was wide awake in a dream,” the newspaper concluded.

    Green Globe recertifies GAÏA Riverlodge in Belize
    Green Globe congratulated GAÏA Riverlodge and property owner Daniel Lighter, on its recent recertification for the second consecutive year. GAÏA Riverlodge is one of Belize's most celebrated eco-tourist destinations situated in the scenic Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the resort with its beautifully landscaped gardens filled with indigenous bushes, trees, and flowers overlooks spectacular waterfalls located right on the grounds of the property. Nigel Richards, General Manager at GAÏA Riverlodge said: “Sustainability should be inherent in human behavior. If we embrace this concept as a way of life, the well-being of our natural and cultural heritage will be guaranteed for the future. It is important to protect both the tangible and intangible resources.”

    Would you DARE take a dip in Shark Ray Alley?
    HUNDREDS of manta rays and sharks are attracting daredevil divers from across the globe. Shark Ray Alley isn’t overrun with tourists yet, but it’s becoming very popular with divers and animal lovers. Despite the dangers of shark diving, this odd little area in the Caribbean is attracting a lot of attention. Situated off the coast of Belize’s biggest island - Ambergris Caye - it’s already got a name for itself as a diving hotspot, thanks to Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It’s towards the end of the reserve where you’ll find Shark Ray Alley. As the name might suggest, it’s full of Nurse Sharks and Southern Sting Rays. The spot was something of a manmade accident. Local fishermen had cleaned their boats here for years and the sharks soon realised that it was becoming a brilliant spot for a free dinner. Realising that they could get an easy feed, they started turning up in huge numbers. The visits from the sharks and rays became so regular that the spot was turned into a diving area.

    How the Maya built their pyramids, buildings
    You wanted to know "How did the Maya people make Chichen Itza if there were no vehicles to carry the rock?" asked a young patron from the Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire. These monumental structures were built without use of metal tools or wheels to transport large limestone blocks from the quarry to the building sites. The Maya didn't have access to ores used to forge iron, so instead they devised chisels from black jadeite and obsidian used by artisans to create facade designs and to chunk out the stone blocks that supported awe-inspiring buildings and bridges. A base-20 math system allowed architects to calculate higher level construction methods, including open span interiors using arches for support and a long-span bridge. The Maya people of Central America did not have pack animals to carry rocks or other heavy items. "The Maya did not use the wheel nor draft animals, so they transported the building materials using person-power from the quarries to the building site," Tulane Professor of Linguistics and Anthropology Judith Maxwell said of the Maya method for transporting heavy materials. Large building blocks were rolled on logs. Roads, called sakbe (singular) or sakbeob (plural), were made of rock base covered in cement mixed from heated limestone. Most roads connected neighborhoods within cities and some connected the city-states. Today, many ancient Maya pyramids still stand and some sakbeob remain intact.

    Jazz Fest first weekend – Around the world and home again
    The Belize Pavilion became increasing popular throughout the Fest’s first three days. Vocalist, harmonica player and guitarist Brad Pattico backed by the Talla Walla Vibrations, a group of conga players and vocalists, was a swaying way to kick off the festival. The ensemble began its set traditionally performing a style called sambei that is a rhythm that originated in Gales Point, now called Manatee, located on an extremely narrow peninsula in the Southern Lagoon in Central Belize. It was once explained that it was the place that runaway slaves established a community. Later, the Pattico and Talla Walla dug into the more modern brukdown style that remains popular at dances around the country. Drummer/vocalist Shannon Powell not only put together an all-star band for his tribute to the late, great drummer Smokey Johnson but also presented a well thought out program to represent Johnson’s contributions to New Orleans music. The band played tunes written by Smokey and producer/arranger Wardell Quezergue like “Did You Heard What I Saw” and, of course, their hit “It Ain’t My Fault.” The group with pianist/organist David Torkanowsky and horn players trumpeter Kevin Louis and saxophonist Roderick Paulin (to name a few) worked on tunes from some of the many bandleaders with whom the legendary drummer played and recorded. They included Fats Domino, guitarist/vocalist Snooks Eaglin and vocalist Jessie “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” Hill.

    Building Caribbean resources to ensure safe seafood and protect and grow fisheries exports
    Caribbean countries have a living bank of marine resources from which they collectively cash out hundreds of millions of dollars a year to support emerging national economies by providing good jobs, food and foreign exchange, among other benefits. However, in order to remain active and competitive in the global marketplace, countries have had to find ways to surmount the challenges posed by stringent international standards called sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, for food safety and for protection against diseases carried animals and plants. Under an EU-funded SPS Measures Project, the ability of Caribbean countries to effectively address those challenges is being strengthened through initiatives such as specialized training for those gatekeepers who help to ensure the safety of both imported and exported foods. The project has reached a new milestone, as a group of professionals from CARIFORUM states -- the countries which make up the Caribbean Community, as well as the Dominican Republic -- has just concluded a sanitary and phytosanitary management course. The intensive two-week training, held at the United Nations University – Fisheries Training Programme (UNU-FTP) in Reykjavik, Iceland, was organized under the capacity building component of the project.

    PM Christie highlights UK/Caribbean bond
    The Bahamas, in particular, Grand Bahama, was the chosen venue for the 9th United Kingdom (UK) – Caribbean Forum, a biennial forum which was last held in London in 2014, is held in a effort to continue the partnership between UK and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), one which has, and continues to develop ties to promote growth and development for all parties involved. On Friday, at the Grand Lucayan Resort, the two-day forum was officially opened. Various members of CARICOM nations as well as officials of the UK assembled for the forum, under the theme, ‘Building a strong partnership for sustainable growth and development.’ Moderator for the event was His Excellency Picewell Forbes, Bahamas High Commissioner to CARICOM. Prime Minister of the Bahamas Perry Christie offered the keynote address during the ceremony while Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and The Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the UK both shared opening remarks.

    Presencia de 400 militares en zona de adyacencia será permanente
    La fuerza militar que el ministerio de la Defensa desplegó en la zona de adyacencia con Belice estará allí de forma permanente, para evitar algún conflicto o más incidentes que podría dejar a personas heridas o muertas. El ministro de la Defensa, Williams Mancilla, explicó que la protección se da en dos vías: prevenir acciones contra vecinos que viven en el área, y evitar conflictos con las fuerzas armadas beliceñas. Además, Mancilla precisó que son 400 soldados los que refuerzan la protección de la soberanía guatemalteca. El presidente Jimmy Morales reiteró que nunca fueron tres mil militares los que se enviaron a la zona de adyacencia. “No hubo movilización, sino redoblamiento”, agregó.


  • Belize April 2016, 6min. Nancy and Andy's trip to Belize

  • Cruise with your toddler they said…, 5min. My family's 2016 Carnival cruise vacation aboard the Triumph 4-08-16

  • Ms. Burns in Belize 2016, 4min. Full Circle Project - Part 2.

  • Belize Blue Hole, Half Moon Wall, Lions Den, 5min. Trip to The Blue Hole, Half Moon Wall and Lion's Den from Caye Caulker, Belize

  • Going to Belize and Honduras, 13min.

    May 2, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Police Report
    On Sunday, April 24th, around 10:40pm, the Quick Response Team (QRT) received information that a Hispanic male person with a machine gun was in the San Pedrito Area near a local bar. A patrol was immediately conducted in the area, where a person wearing a black shirt was seen standing across from the said bar. Upon reaching the area, the person ran into a yard, and police conducted a search for the male. However, his whereabouts were unknown. A further search in the area led to the discovery of a white duffle bag, which was found beside a zinc fence. The bag contained a brown in color rifle and live rounds. The bag was taken to the San Pedro Police Station for further inspection, which revealed a brown rifle with an extended magazine and 79 .243 win live rounds. The rifle, along with the live rounds, were labelled as “Found Property”.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Mail Order Bride
    “Mr. Dennis, come have some beers with us,” Luis called to me. I had just walked out onto the deck at the Holiday Hotel. I went to the table where he sat with Pedrito and said, “I think I’ll stick with my coffee this morning but I will join you. How are you guys today?” “Ooh, pretty rough, boss,” Pedrito said. “We been drinking all night. I got so drunk that I drank myself sober.” “Hey, Pedro,” Luis said. “Check this out.” Two ladies at the next table had paid their bill and left a couple of Victoria’s Secret catalogs on the table. Luis handed one to Pedrito and they leafed through them. “Man, look at this,” Luis said. “I heard about them mail order brides that you can send away for. That must be what this catalog is.”

    The Phoenix renovates basketball court
    The Phoenix Resort embarked in another community project, revamping Boca Del Rio’s basketball court. With the help from Blue Water Grill and Canary Cove, The Phoenix staff installed two new basketball rims, refurbished the back boards, and repainted them. Local basketball players will surely benefit from these upgrades. A big thank you to these companies for their donation to San Pedro!

    Doctor Love: Every Day People and Western Girl
    Dear Doctor Love, We have a couple that we like a lot. My husband and I socialize with them along with several other favorite couples. We spend a lot of time having barbecues and just hanging out. We go out to dinner together often and then spend time partying in the bar afterwards. Like my husband and I they have been married for about five years. There is one thing about their company that I have always found annoying and it keeps getting worse all the time. They are always at each other and it is over the stupidest things. They do things like fight over the details in a story, they interrupt each other’s conversations and often make the rest of us uncomfortable. What can we do that will keep them as our friends but will stop them from this behavior? /s/ Every Day People

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Fees for local businesses to export
    I have been trying over the last few years to get the post office in Belize to bring down fees for local businesses to export If you can please go to my website, sign up for an account, you will receive an email from me and asking you how I can help glad you came to website etc Can you please email me back with something to the effect I would love to buy your products but the shipping is jsut too expensive or I put 75 dollars worth of stuff in my cart and it was 35 dollars to ship....etc With enough emails, I can then present this to the minster... but I need alot of emails Doing this for all the small businesses here in Belize!!! So each one will help me more than you know! Thanks Hope you are all having a great weekend!!! Love Lib and Rio

    Ocean Academy Internship Program
    Mr. Rico Novelo Sr. is a mentor in the Ocean Academy Internship Program and is sharing his valuable knowledge about mechanical repairs with Lorence (Form 2). Thank Mr. Novelo, for teaching and encouraging our young students.

    Double Murder in Camalote
    Two men murdered in Camalote have been identified as Shawn Lopez and Akeem Thimbriel. The motive for the shooting deaths is unknown.

    UK-Caribbean Forum
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize welcomes the statement of support expressed by the Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom and the Caribbean during the 9th UK-Caribbean Forum held 28-30 April in Freeport, Bahamas for the initiative to cause the Guatemalan claim to be resolved at the ICJ. It further welcomes the pledge from the United Kingdom to continue its efforts to source funding for the OAS offices in the Adjacency Zone The Foreign Ministers also discussed matters of mutual interest between the United Kingdom and Caribbean Countries. In particular, the Ministers discussed issues such as Climate Change, De-risking and international financial rules, Trade and Investment, and alternative sources of energy. The Ministers made progress on closer cooperation on Energy, Education, and Security.

    Football Federation of Belize New Executive
    After 13 hours of voting the results are in. The Football Federation of Belize - FFB elected Executive, 1st VP, Marlon Kuylen (Ag. President) and Executive Members, Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon. No president was elected. After 22 rounds of voting, the vote was deadlocked for President and 2nd Vice President positions. The Elections were declared final at about 12:20 a.m. this Sunday morning. The 1st Vice President will act as President.

    Double Homicide of Women
    On Saturday, April 30, 2016 there was a double-murder in Santa Elena town. The victims, Daisy Miralda and Miriam Mai were in a salon in Santa Elena when a gunman went it sometime after 5:30 p.m. and fired shots. Both Miralda and Mai died at the scene.

    The Reporter

    Man kills girlfriend and woman who intervened, then attempts suicide
    A man shot his common-law wife to death, then turned the gun on another woman who tried to save her, before turning the gun on himself. Shortly after 5:00 on Saturday evening Andy Bustillos, 31, a security guard with Anchor Security went to see his common-law-wife, Miriam Mai, 39, a cosmetologist who owned and operated Betty’s Beauty Salon in Santa Elena town, Cayo. Police say he tried to hand Mai a phone bag, which she refused to take from him and he grabbed her by the neck and reached in his pants waist where he had a gun in a holster. He shot Mai under her chin. Police say Bustillos turned on Daisy Carmita Miralda, 29, who also worked at the salon, and who tried to help Mai. Bustillos shot Miralda in the forehead and the right side of her head.

    CARICOM countries strategize ways to ensure sustainable social security schemes
    CARICOM countries are strategizing ways of ensuring sustainable social security schemes. Representatives of various CARICOM countries met in the Bahamas on Friday for the 27th CARICOM Heads of Social Security Meeting to explore the global trends in social security, and how these fit within the regional scope, and nationally. Bahamian Minister of Labour and National Insurance Shane Gibson said, “Caribbean nations must find their own unique method to adopt the innovative strategies in management and administration that help to improve communications with stakeholders and citizen engagement, expand benefits, improve compliance levels and strengthen their governance structures, all while ensuring the sustainability of their national insurance funds.” Gibson noted that in his country, the National Insurance Fund (NIF) has reserves of around $1.8 billion, and it plays a critical role in the Bahamian economy.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    FFB executive incomplete after 22 rounds of voting
    After an unprecedented 22 rounds of voting at Saturday’s Congress in Belize City, only three of five seats on the executive of the Football Federation of Belize have been decided. We understand that Marlon Kuylen was re-elected to the executive as first vice-president, defeating […]

    Ministry of Education to focus on literacy for annual showcase
    Annually in May, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports hosts the Education Showcase, a review and planning session for education in Belize at all levels. This year the focus is on literacy, as outlined in the opening address delivered by Minister of Education […]

    Two women killed in beauty salon in Cayo
    There was a double murder in Santa Elena, Cayo District on Saturday night of two women inside a beauty salon. According to police, 31 year old Andy Bustillos, a security guard, entered the salon and approached his common-law wife, 39 year old Miriam […]

    Police News: Epileptic man believed to have drowned in creek; Farmer stabbed in fight outside Showgrounds
    Belmopan police recovered the lifeless body of 33 year old Emmanuel Rivera, a Salvadoran labourer of Mile 28, Hummingbird Highway, from a creek early on Saturday morning. Family members say he went to the creek by himself to take a bath, but when he […]

    International Sourcesizz

    The photo essay chronicles the historic protest demonstration by Belizeans in Los Angeles in the Belizean Diaspora against the Guatemalan military aggression, invasion, and annexation of Belize's Sarstoon River and Island at the Guatemalan Consulate in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 30, 2016 organized by the Los Angeles Belizean grassroots organization, BREDAA, (Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture through Alliance).


  • Belize, C.A., 3min. Took my GoPro Hero4 Black with me and my girlfriend to Belize this past April. The footage does not do the beauty of the country justice, but we had a blast and I had a lot of fun cutting this together.

  • Belize, 10min. Trip to Cayo District and Caye Caulker in Belize 2016 - involves caving, rappelling,hiking in the jungle, snorkeling, paddling, sailing, and spending quality time with my wife and kids. All with Reggae themed music.

  • BNTU AND BPP SYMBOLICALLY WALKS TOWARDS SARSTOON, 5min. Members of the Belize National Teachers Union and Belize Progressive Party powerful symbolic walk towards the Sarstoon River.

  • United 739 ground service Timelapse Belize., 1.5min. Phillip Goldson International Airport Belize, Central America. Enjoy.

  • Belize Cayes DJI Phantom 3 Profesional, 2min.

  • Belize Mission April 2016, 4.5min. Mission to Las Flores Belmopan Belize, April 17-23, 2016.

  • BELIZE gopro travel, 8min. our 10 days trip in Belize filmed by go pro 4 silver. glover's reef island caye caulker blue hole goff's caye tikal laminai san ignacio.

  • Belize 2016 (Belize Marine TREC), 6min. WRHS Tropical Marine Field Study at Belize Marine TREC on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Belize Snorkeling, 5.5min.

  • San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Belize 2016, 6min. Our Belize vacation wrapped into 6 minutes. Thank you to the amazing people of Belize for this once in a lifetime experience.

  • Shark Ray Alley Belize, 5.5min. Snorkeling Shark Ray Alley Belize April 2016.

  • Whale Shark Belize April 2016, 2.7min.

  • Sharks Belize April 2016, 4min.

    May 1, 2016


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    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Congratulations Faith Noel
    Miss San Pedro High School 2016-17!

    Forest Department to cease future parrot registrations
    Effective October 31, 2016, the Forest Department will no longer be accepting applications for ownership of parrots as pets. The announcement was made on Monday, April 25th when personnel from the Forest Department visited Ambergris Caye and conducted an inspection on different households with parrots. The inspection also served to assess the conditions and housing of parrots kept as pets by island residents. The team from the Forest Department reported a successful inspection indicating that parrot owners were abiding by the rules and the birds were in good conditions. However, the need to put an end to the issuing of permits for parrots is crucial as this practice is dramatically affecting the wild parrots’ population in the country. Effective October 31, 2016, the Forest Department will no longer be accepting applications for ownership of parrots as pets. The announcement was made on Monday, April 25th when personnel from the Forest Department visited Ambergris Caye and conducted an inspection on different households with parrots.

    Taiwan donates two Helicopters to Belize
    The highly anticipated development of a Belize Air Force is showing signs of a positive start, as on Wednesday, April 27th, the Belize Defence Force (BDF) officially received two UH-1H helicopters from the Republic of China (Taiwan). The helicopters, better known as Hueys, are the most widely used military helicopters around the world, with a capacity of up to thirteen passengers. The helicopters will primarily be used to deploy and evacuate troops along the border, crack down on illegal drug and human trafficking, and assist civilians in emergency situations. The handing over of the aircrafts took place shortly after 10AM at the BDF headquarters in Ladyville. Present at the ceremony was Belize’s Minister of National Security Honourable John Saldivar, Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, BDF Commandant Brigadier General David Jones, along with high ranking military officials from both Belize and Taiwan.

    PASA Belize Ltd cleans up spilled garbage
    Reynaldo Hernandez, PASA’s Manager, visited Ambergris Caye after the incident to ensure certain mechanisms were in place to avoid a similar incident. During his visit, he spoke with The San Pedro Sun about the issue and what they are doing to be more effective in the future. “We have come up with a backup plan in order to respond more efficiently in the future,” said Hernandez. “The plan is to bring additional equipment from the mainland to have readily available if similar events like this occur. This will speed our response to any accidents that involve the threat of solid waste materials.” He added that the plan of action is in its development stage and once complete, the local municipal authorities will be notified about it. It is expected that the idea will also allow the involvement of local authorities in working together with PASA to assist them whenever it may be necessary.

    BNTU launches “Stand Up for Belize” campaign
    On Friday, April 15th, over a thousand teachers from the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) gathered in Benque Viejo Del Carmen to launch their “Stand Up for Belize” campaign. The main focus of this campaign was to spread awareness on the Belize/Guatemala territorial claim. BNTU national president Luke Palacio suggested that in reference to the dispute, the curriculum taught in Belizean schools should be changed. “We don’t want to hear that half of the Sarstoon doesn’t belong to us anymore. What is geography? Do you still have 8,867 square miles of area? Are we still located at longitude so-and-so? We need to get these things back into our classrooms if our Belizean children will learn to love and appreciate this country.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Wil Maheia and BTV stopped
    Full contingent of battle ready Belizean troops and security personnel prevented Wil Maheia and BTV from advancing even to the pier in Barranco. Sarstoon off limits to any and all Belizeans. Our military must seek permission as well.

    Help Save the Yellow-Headed Parrot
    Want to help save a Globally Endangered Species? We have just the opportunity for you! If you know anyone that would like to help, please share.

    Channel 7

    GOB: Hell No Will Won't Go!
    The Government of Belize has shut the door on the Sarstoon River tonight. It did so by hastily signing into law a very unusual regulation – one which makes it illegal for civilians to go into the Sarstoon River for a whole month! It's a statutory instrument under section 2 of The Public Safety Act, signed and put into effect today by the Governor General. Of course, the law is all about stopping Wil Maheia and the Territorial Volunteers from going down the Sarstoon tomorrow. Now, it's the first time we have seen a law, which seeks to restrict the movement of citizens, outside of a curfew. But here's what it says: "regulations made by the Governor-General, being satisfied that a state of civil commotion which threatens the public safety is likely to arise within the area prescribed by these regulations." And the area prescribed is the Sarstoon River. The law says that for one month, quote, "No person shall…without lawful authority, enter into, move within, or exit form the prescribed area or any part thereof. Operate any vehicle or vessel within that area, carry out or threaten to carry out any act of intimidation violence or other disorderly conduct within the prescribed area."

    Will Still Set On Volunteers' Expedition
    That's a pretty stiff deterrent to those dozens of folks planning to join Wil Maheia on his Sarstoon sojourn tomorrow. But, with the law in place, will the expedition still happen? That's what Daniel Ortiz asked him via telephone today:… Wil Maheia - Leader, BTV: "I'm stunned that such a law was put in place given the fact that Guatemalans continue to use that part of the river and our southern cayes to conduct illegal activities. So I am stunned that we a peaceful group, non-violent, no arms, nothing like that. We will take with us nothing like that so I'm stunned that the law could apply against us on peaceful move." Daniel Ortiz: "Is the trip still going?" Wil Maheia - Leader, BTV: "As of now the trip is still going sir." Still going, and he's not alone. Maheia says that supporters are heading down south by the busload to the launching point at Barranco.

    PUP Pillories Government For Sarstoon Law
    But the PUP is not convinced. The Party issued a release today condemning the new law – which marks a change of course for the party after it had been taking a bi-partisan approach to Belize-Guatemala affairs. But, according to a statement from the PUP today, Opposition Leader John Briceno told the Prime Minister Dean Barrow, quote, “that the PUP does not support this draconian measure.” The statement says the party is appalled at the new law, which it calls, “retrograde and highly prejudicial.” The party warns, quote, “preventing Belizeans from entering Belize’s portion of (the Sarstoon)…may be viewed in law as acquiescence by Belize to Guatemala’s assertion of sovereignty over the entire Sarstoon.” It adds, quote, “the regulation only serves to embolden Guatemala and harden its resolve to assert sovereignty over the entire Sarstoon.” End quote.

    Baroness Scotland Met With PM About Commonwealth's Standing Ministerial Committee on Belize
    And as we told you last night, the newly elected Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Scotland, is in country. It's her first stop on a tour of the Commonwealth Caribbean. She's had a very busy itinerary of activities while in Belize, headlined by a meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Apart from exchanging courtesies, the Prime Minister used the visit to advance Belize's cause. The PM wants Scotland to convene a meeting of the Commonwealth's Standing Ministerial Committee on Belize. About 2 and a half hours ago, the Secretary General fit a quick press briefing into her schedule, and she discussed a bit of today's conversation with PM. Here's what she had to say: Baroness Patricia Scotland - Secretary General, Commonwealth: "I have had a long and in-depth very fruitful conversation with the Prime Minister. I am going to relay what is happening here in Belize to the other members of the Commonwealth. As you know there is a committee which has been created to deal particularly with this matter between Belize and Guatemala and there is an opportunity to call a committee meeting before September and I have indicated to the Prime Minister that I am willing to do that, particularly as a result of the details that I have now been able to call from this visit but also from what I've seen for myself. And so when I go back, I will be asking the committee to reform."

    Cayo District Records Third Murder in 10 Hours
    Right now, Belmopan Police are investigating the early morning murder of 55 year-old Jelion De Leon, a Naturalized Belizean from Camalote who was killed about a mile away from his home. His body was discovered just after midnight last night front of the Cedar Hill Ranch. We have been reliably informed that he left his house yesterday evening, and about 8 hours later, the watchman of this farm heard the guard dogs barking. Shortly after that, he heard several gunshots. When he looked out, he saw a white pickup parked at the entrance here. The police were called in, and they found De Leon's body, here, at the corner of the fence. He had what appeared to be a large cut wound to the neck, and gunshot wounds to head and left shoulder. The white vehicle, a Dodge Dakota extra-cab, which the watchman saw before the gunshots, was also found parked next to the body. Today, we spoke to his family who told us that they are unable to grant any interviews to the press because it is too emotional for them at this time. We've learned that De Leon was originally from El Salvador.

    Police Confirm Double Murder Victims Were Guats
    And that was the third murder in the Cayo district in 10 hours. At 2:00 pm, two Guatemalan men were executed outside San Ignacio. They are 52 year old Santos Ramon Gonzalez Gomez and 37 year old Orlando Antonio Garcia Calletel. As we told you yesterday, police found their bodies on a feeder road between miles 69 & 70 on the George Price Highway. Both men were shot to the back of the head. Police believe they were killed as a result of drug transaction gone bad. Police also told us that one of the men is a known drug trafficker from Peten who regularly smuggles drugs into Belize. In fact, this same feeder road is a known drug drop off spot. Police also suspect that these 2 men were the ones they busted a month ago with 135 pounds of weed and a pump action shotgun –but they escaped that time, leaving police with the drugs and weapon.

    Police Arrest Coro Killer
    Police in the north have arrested and charged 22 year old Angel Cahueque for the murder of Gilberto Najarro. Earlier in the week we told you about 43 year old Gilberto Najarro, a farmer of Paraiso Village, Corozal who was shot and killed while working at a cane field. It happened on Monday morning but the dispute that led to the murder began unfolding on Sunday. Two men had approached Najarro at a farm in Pariaso and accused him of stealing their bicycles. They threatened to hurt him, and it seems one of them kept his word, because the very next day one of those men returned and shot Najarro dead. 4 days later police have charged the suspected shooter. Today Angel Cahueque appeared before Magistrate Hamilton in Orange walk where he was arraigned for three charges. They are: murder, aggravated assault, and possession of controlled drugs. Police say that Cahueque had been hiding at his sister's home in Corozal. His sister was cautioned but was not charged for aiding and abetting. Cahueque has since been remanded to prison and will remain there until October when he is to return to court.

    Are Guatemalan Officials Undermining Confidence Building Measures?
    Since last week, we've been closely following the spike in tensions between Belize and Guatemala. That happened shortly after the BDF shot and killed 13 year-old Guatemalan Julio Alvarado Ruano in the Chiquibul on last Wednesday evening. The BDF soldiers say that they came under fire in the darkness, half a kilometre inside Belize; they were forced to return fire to defend themselves. Guatemala has condemned the fatal shooting as "murder" – and suggested that it was somehow a calculated act. Now, so the OAS will have to investigate and determine who is at fault. But, one element of the tensions, which we've not explored, yet is the strong language that the Guatemalan leaders have used in their comments to their Guatemalan press. It's the strongest language we've seen in a long time, but did they go too far? Today, Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the rules of the Confidence Building Measures which Guatemala's officials appear to have violated with their emotive language:

    Loggerhead Goes Long Distance For Turtle Telephone Directory
    BTL's 2016 telephone directory was released today – and this year Oceana snagged the cover page for an endangered turtle species, in this case, a logger head turtle. The media was invited for the big reveal at the BTL Office on Church Street today: Cindy Blanco - Senior PR, BTL: "This new directory is very exciting; it's one like never before. We've joined OCEANA this year in raising awareness of Belize's endangered species." Jannelle Chanona - VP, OCEANA Belize: "As we all know these books will be used in about every home, office, hotel room and schools in Belize; possibly some cars and boats along the way too. Our hope is that when you see the image about to be unveiled, you'll be inspired to do whatever you can; ask questions, get informed. OCEANA is especially grateful that this year's book includes additional material about Belize's endangered species in the all about Belize section. Speak up for those species, speak up for yourself."

    Belize's Role In The Commonwealth
    Earlier in the news, we showed you the press conference hosted by the Commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Patricia Scotland. As we told you, she's in Belize until next week Monday, and during that that time, she has a packed schedule of activities. So, what's the importance of her visit? That's what we asked, and she told us what role she sees for Belize in the Commonwealth at this time: Baroness Patricia Scotland - Secretary General, Commonwealth: "As you know Belize is a very valued member of the Commonwealth and I promised myself that as soon as I became Secretary General, Belize would be one of the first places that I would come. Belize has a proud history of in support of the Commonwealth and has been a very active member; and of course I'm very grateful for all the support that Belize has given both the Commonwealth and myself.

    The Jazzfest Jones Continues
    So you saw all the engaging and exciting performances from our Belizean musicians at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, last night you also saw the cultural demonstrators and their art displays. But what is happening back stage? What’s the first time experience in New Orleans like for these bands? That’s what we captured last weekend – here’s the story:… And tune in next week to see the final parts of the New Orleans feature series.

    Mayflower Colors Belize In a Riot Of Pink
    And in our last newscast for April, we celebrate the riot of pink that the Mayflower gives us at this time of year. Yes, the tree scientifically known as Tabebuia Rosea, and its wonderfully intense flowering period in April and May colours the Belizean landscape in varying tones from pink to purple, even fuschia sometimes. And it's hard not to notice in the city where the otherwise dreary urban landscape is punctuated by this proliferation of pink. And part of the beauty, is that it'll all be gone in a few weeks, and that evanescence makes Mayflower-power even more special to behold. So to indulge a little more in our Friday muse, we sought the professional view of Lascelle Tillett. He owns one of the longest established tour operating companies in Belize and he has learnt a lot about the majestic and surprisingly mysterious May-flower. Lascelle Tillet - Owner, S&L Tours: "The genus name is Bignoniaceae and the Tabebuia rosea commonly called Mayflower. It originated in South America but now it's very common in Central America and the West Indies. Its grows a lot for shade and the rare thing about it is most of the hardwood trees they drop all their leaves to save water so it can germinate and in the rainy season when its ready but this guy drops it leaves and put flowers out which is very rare because it should be de-seeding but it has flowers. It has a first blooming around February which is like a falls bloom and then end of April and May that's the highest bloom it has."


    Sarstoon River, here we come!
    Since Prime Minister Dean Barrow called off a Belize Coast Guard reconnaissance mission from Sarstoon Island last May, he has been faced with the pressing urgency of the Sarstoon River flashpoint, where Guatemala has been exercising de facto sovereignty by its military presence in Belizean territory. Guatemala’s military presence on the Sarstoon River and threats made that it would enforce its “ownership” of the island and river has hardly been a deterent to the nationalist Wil Maheia, founder and leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV). On Monday, no less than Prime Minister Barrow warned Maheia and his territorial volunteers not to venture onto the Sarstoon—not until some protocols are worked out, he pleaded. Today, Belize government officials; the Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Rear Admiral John Borland; Belize Defence Force Commander, Brigadier General David Jones; and Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Sylvester, met with Maheia in Punta Gorda, the home of the BTV.

    Crown loses $291,000 Treasury theft case
    Three women walked out of the Supreme Court today free of the indictments for theft and handling stolen goods in respect of $291,022.36 that had gone missing from the government pension fund of the Treasury Department between September 2007 and May 2009. Monica Escarpeta, 31, a second class clerk at the Treasury Department; her mother, Yvonne Bevans, 60; and Rhea Pennill, 34, were initially arraigned on theft and handling stolen goods charges in July 2009, and in November 2010, after a preliminary inquiry at the Magistrate’s Court. In a Supreme Court trial which has been going on for over two months now, the government’s case against the three accused women came to a screeching halt when Supreme Court Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez upheld a no case to answer submission from defense attorney Anthony Sylvestre, Jr., and instructed the 9-member jury to return formal not guilty verdicts this morning. Escarpeta, a second class clerk at the Treasury Department, was charged with the theft of $291,022.36; Bevans was booked on a charge of handling stolen goods in respect of $12, 472.30 of the missing Treasury Department pension money, and Pennill was also charged with handling stolen goods for $151,967.

    Life in prison for the murder of a young mother
    Osmar Sabido, 28, of Orange Walk Town, who was on trial in the Supreme Court for killing his girlfriend, Christy Carrasco, 22, was yesterday found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice Herbert Lord. Sabido, who was on remand for the murder since 2011, was returned to his cell at the Belize Central Prison, where he will serve his lifetime sentence. Sabido’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, told the media that it was Christy who pulled the knife and tried to stab Sabido after they had a quarrel. Sabido claimed that she stabbed herself while trying to stab him during a struggle between them. Justice Lord did not buy the self-defense story, however, and found Sabido guilty of murder. However, Selgado said that Sabido has grounds for an appeal.

    2 Guats found dead in drug deal gone bad
    Two men were found dead this afternoon on a dirt road between the community of San Francisco, in Belize, located 15 kilometers from the border with Melchor de Mencos, Petén, and Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo District. The men were Guatemalans, and one was identified as Santos Ramon Gonzalez Gomez, 59, of Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. The other man has not yet been identified. Reports are that Gomez had been shot in the head and body, while the other man was shot multiple times in the body. Belize police were called to the area at about 2:00 this afternoon. Superintendent Richard Rosado, Commander of San Ignacio police, said that they are confident that the deaths were drug-related — the result of a drug deal that went wrong.

    Chief Justice will decide if Guardian witchcraft article libeled Iris Myrtle Palacio
    The attorneys in the libel claim brought by Iris Myrtle Palacio, the former Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) Secretary General, against Alfonso Noble and the Guardian newspaper, the official organ of the governing United Democratic Party (UDP), made their final oral submissions in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this afternoon. Palacio is claiming that an article, which was captioned “PUP Secretary General endorses the use of witchcraft in politics,” along with an accompanying cartoon, captioned “PUP election preparation,” which depicts Palacio chopping off the head of a chicken, published in the Guardian December, 2014, had defamed her character. Chief Justice Benjamin has indicated to the parties that he will issue his ruling on June 29. When the case first came up and both the defendant and the claimant took the witness stand to tell their side of the story, the defense had played for the court a segment of the PUP Positive Vibes television talk show on which Palacio was a guest and had uttered certain comments that the defense pounced upon as fair comment.

    HIV-related deaths peak at 110
    For the first time in at least 4 years, HIV-related deaths in Belize have hit a triple-digit high, with 110 such deaths reported for 2015, according to a report recently released by the Ministry of Health. By comparison, 119 lives were claimed in Belize due to murder that same year, and just as murder strikes at the heart of Belize’s productive male population, so too does HIV. Health authorities hope, though, that more men could be engaged in early testing and treatment to reduce the incidences of death from the virus. Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, told Amandala that the ministry hopes to be able to engage more men in prevention and treatment initiatives and find more creative ways of reaching them after traditional work hours, perhaps meeting them at recreation spots. Manzanero also underscored the need for early detection. He said that people are showing up with the virus in later stages of infection, which makes it hard to battle.

    High School Cycling Series, Week 1 results
    The C-Ray Cycling Club’s High School Series kick-started last Thursday, April 21, inside the Marion Jones Sports Complex with eight participating high schools from the Belize District: SJC, E.P. Yorke, Sadie Vernon, Excelsior, Wesley College, ACC, Maud Williams and Gwen Lizarraga. Each school was allowed to register 18 student athletes – 9 female and 9 male. A total of 104 student athletes registered to compete in the races – 37 female and 67 male. These races came about in an effort to encourage higher female participation in the sport of cycling. Currently, the female field is very small and, hopefully, by introducing cycling as a high school sport, the numbers will grow, and the field will eventually become significantly bigger. The C-Ray Cycling Club provides road bikes for all participants who do not have one to race on, as well as helmets. There are three categories: Female Category; Male Category “A” – all students who are currently riding in junior races; and Male Category “B” – students who are not riding junior races. The male student athletes were divided so as to promote healthy competition between students who have never raced before, and not have them going up against seasoned junior cyclists.

    Flashback 1975-76! High drama at the MCC!!
    Amandala sports desk “inducts” Cristobal Mayen and Raymond Alvarez into its Amandala-Belize Football Hall of Fame. Appearing as a guest on KREM WUB this morning with host Nuri Muhammad was one Armando “Mandy” Gomez, who presently heads the Orange Walk ITVET, a model of educational excellence in its own right. It was an interesting and informative show, focusing on the upcoming Open Day tomorrow, Friday, at the Orange Walk ITVET. But what sparked some flashbacks in my football memories, was the name Mandy Gomez. That name, along with one of the most renowned football superstars of his day, Raymond “El Toro” Alvarez, is forever etched in my mind on a moment in time and space that has to be one of the most dramatic happenings in the heyday of football’s glory days at the MCC Grounds, then aptly dubbed “The Garden” by Amandala in deference to its beautifully manicured green turf, the special responsibility of full time groundskeeper Terrence “T.J.” Jones, who restricted all traffic and activity during the week except for nurturing and trimming the grass, or occasionally rolling the turf to keep the surface smooth and welcoming to the passes of football stars come Sunday and another offering of “Fire on the Barracks”.

    Central Zone tops medals count at NSSSA Track & Field Championships
    The Central Zone won the most medals, 56, when the National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) held its athletics championships, hosted by Independence High School in Independence Village on Saturday, April 23. Central won 22 gold, 22 silver and 14 bronze medals, while the Southern Zone was 2nd with 45 medals – 17 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze. The Northern Zone was 3rd with 24 medals – 5 gold, 9 silver and 10 bronze. The Western Zone was 4th with 23 medals – 5 gold, 8 silver and 10 bronze. Central Zone: Maud Williams High’s Hillary Gladden won 3 golds – in the junior 100 meters in 13.89 seconds; the junior 200m in 29.91 seconds; and she was part of the Central girls team (including Brianna Gillett, SCA’s Allyssa Ellis and Nicole Neal) who won the junior 4x100m relay in 1:01.48. Anglican Cathedral College’s Shala Smith also won 3 golds – in the junior 800m in 3:23.42; in the junior 1500m in 6:49.97; and in the 4x400m junior relay.

    Weekend Cycling
    C-Ray Cycling Club, in conjunction with Smart, held a race on Sunday, April 24. The race started and finished at Leslie’s Imports at Mile 2 on the George Price Highway. The Elite race started at 8:00 a.m. 30 cyclists travelled to Mile 35 and back. Juniors, Female and Masters raced together; 13 cyclists started at 8:05 a.m. and travelled to La Democracia and back. The results (including prizes) are as follows: Elite – 1st place Giovanni Lovell (Digicell, $350.); 2nd Henry Moreira (Smart, $250.); 3rd Tarique Flowers (Benny’s, $150.); 4th Phillip Leslie (Benny’s, $100.); 5th David Henderson (Benny’s, $75.); 6th Joel Borland (Digicell); 7th Erwin Middleton (Digicell); 8th Quinton Hamilton (Unattached); 9th Angel Tzib (Becol); 10th Mark Staine (Smart).

    Thirty Eight (38) junior tennis players competed this weekend at the Pickwick Club Tennis Courts, but this time in the red, orange and lime green categories, respectively. In the lime green category, Blake Lee played Alex Musa, and Jared Mena played Nisani Mendez in the semifinals, having scored four highest in the round robin. Jared Mena and Blake Lee made it to the finals, with Mena taking the victory over Lee, 4-2. In the orange category, Daniel Musa and Ryan Usher topped the round robin, and in the finals, Musa defeated Usher, 15-9, to take the victory. The red category had twenty (20) kids, hailing from St. Mary’s Primary School, Horizon Academy, Hummingbird Elementary School and Belize Elementary School.
    Thirty Eight (38) junior tennis players competed this weekend at the Pickwick Club Tennis Courts, but this time in the red, orange and lime green categories, respectively. In the lime green category, Blake Lee played Alex Musa, and Jared Mena played Nisani Mendez in the semifinals, having scored four highest in the round robin. Jared Mena and Blake Lee made it to the finals, with Mena taking the victory over Lee, 4-2. In the orange category, Daniel Musa and Ryan Usher topped the round robin, and in the finals, Musa defeated Usher, 15-9, to take the victory. The red category had twenty (20) kids, hailing from St. Mary’s Primary School, Horizon Academy, Hummingbird Elementary School and Belize Elementary School.

    A battle for Belize
    We had said to Belizeans in the United States a few weeks ago that they were in a mighty strategic location to assist the cause of Belize, because they were in a position to influence public opinion in the United States of America, planet earth’s superpower. The great majority of Belizeans in America are where they very much wanted to be, and where most of them would like to stay. It is in the nature of a sacrifice for Belizeans in America to get involved in the affairs of Belize, so when Belizeans in Los Angeles demonstrate this Saturday morning, April 30, in front of the Guatemalan Embassy there, we Belizeans at home must appreciate this gesture and their sacrifice. The Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs has embassies and consular offices in the major cities in the United States, and has been in the best position of any local institution to alert Belizeans in the diaspora to incidents of increasing Guatemalan aggression. When the Guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales, began a troop buildup on his nation’s border with Belize and threatened to discipline Belize because of an incident less than 24 hours before in which a 13 year old Guatemalan from the Peten was slain by Belize Defence Force (BDF) bullets, the nation of Belize went into shock because of the suddenness and ferocity of the Guatemalan president’s threats.

    From the Publisher
    One of the ways you can know when politicians are going great guns, as we would say, is when they can get away with accusing their opponent/enemy of crimes of which they themselves are guilty. The Guatemalan government scored such a great regional and international propaganda victory the last few days of last week that their President, their Foreign Minister, and their recalled Ambassador to Belize were all accusing Belize of being a human rights violator, and they were getting away with it. Imagine. More than that, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister was sailing on such a fair wind that he could become patronizing, and actually suggest that the Belize army (the Belize Defence Force) needed training from the British and the Americans. One of the big reasons Belize achieved independence in September of 1981 was precisely because Guatemala, a racist, genocidal Central American republic, had been exposed early in 1980 for what she was when the Guatemalan army and police bombed and burned the Spanish Embassy in Guatemala City with forty or fifty Spanish officials, Indigenous protesters, and university students inside.

    Letter to the Editor: Shoulder to shoulder!
    Dear Editor, Belize last faced a major military threat from Guatemala in 1977, when approximately 8,000 to 10, 000 troops amassed on the border in preparation for an impending invasion. The British troops stationed in Belize at the time and the Belize Volunteer Guard started to prepare defensive positions in order to block this invasion. Fortunately, this invasion did not materialize and an uncertain peace returned to Belize. This year, 39 years after the last major Guatemalan offensive, we are once again threatened with the buildup of troops on the Western and Southern borders of Belize. Although the numbers are not those seen in 1977, the alleged troop movement is still significant enough to cause concern among Belizeans. The only organizations that stand between the Guatemalan military and the people of Belize are the brave soldiers of the Belize Defence Force and the brave sailors of the Belize Coast Guard. These young warriors maintain vigilance on the borders every day of the year and stand prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for us, the Belizean people.

    Letter to the Editor: Eggs and tomatoes
    Dear Sir, Throwing eggs or tomatoes at politicians perceived as having behaved badly is Britain’s most traditional form of political protest. In Belize, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is our nation’s Head of State, and her representative is the Governor-General, Sir Colville Young. Belize also emulates Britain by practicing the Westminster model of government, and its parliamentary form. The list of British politicians who have either been egged or tomatoed, or both, by the British people, include Prime Minister David Cameron, his predecessors Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher (she was daffodil-ed), John Major and Tony Blair, as well as Blair’s Deputy, John Prescott. Other notable political figures incurring the wrath of the British people and subjected to similar treatment include cabinet ministers such as Michael Heseltine, Norman Tebbit, Nick Brown and Ruth Kelly. Even party leaders such as Labour’s Ed Milliband, the BNP’s Nick Griffin and UKIP’s Nigel Farage, as well as the Labour grandee, Peter Mandelson, and the politician, George Galloway, have not been immune from this very practical and eloquent form of protest.

    Battle for Sarstoon, Battle for Belize – a test of will
    Everybody knows that Guatemala can overrun Belize militarily anytime it wishes. At a cost, no doubt, both in casualties (BDF soldiers will not just lie down and surrender, and they are known sharpshooters) and in their international image, where the stark violation of international law and code of conduct in the League of Nations is concerned. Its pariah status would be effectively confirmed and broadcast to the world. But so is the image of Israel, a very close ally of Guatemala, and they seem not to be bothered by that. They still have the support of the USA. But there is something else, which has heretofore not been brought up; so said C.B. Hyde today. At the time Belize became independent, it almost immediately became a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. So that, although we say we are “independent,” the Queen of England is still our official “Head of State,” represented in Belize by the Governor General.

    We Told You So!
    In my last article to the Amandala on January 3 of this year entitled TENSION AT THE SARSTOON, I quoted from a report by Professor Paul W. Kahan who teaches constitutional law at several Ivy League universities in the U.S.A. and is considered an esteemed tutor in law. The quote was: “A state that will no longer assert power to defend its border is unlikely to continue as a state. The enemy penetrates its border.” There is no evidence that I know of to suggest that the present behavior of the Republic of Guatemala is a direct result of Belizeans who have exercised their right to move about freely within our territorial limits. However, there are an abundance of examples that this is the modus operandi of that Republic; especially when there is a change of government. Guatemala has insulted, embarrassed and humiliated Belize and Belizeans for many decades. They have issued stamps, maps, passports claiming our country as part of theirs. They have forced our diplomats out of regional meetings as they did with Belize’s High Commissioner to the U.K., Viscountess Ursula Barrow-Waverley, daughter of the late Raymond Barrow, whom the Guatemalans “forced” the Greek government to disallow Her Excellency to attend a European Union meeting of the San Jose X held in Athens 28 & 29 March 1994.

    Armed attacks upon BDF led to 10 fatal shootings of Guatemalans: Commander David Jones
    On Friday, Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement listing the names of 10 Guatemalans who had reportedly lost their lives “at the hands of the Belize Defence Force” over the past 17 years—five of the deaths occurred between 1999 and 2001 and the other five between 2012 and 2016. Belize Defence Force (BDF) Commander, Brigadier General David Jones, said at a press conference held in Belize City this morning that on every occasion, the shooting deaths were acts of self-defense. Belizean soldiers had only responded after coming under attack from Guatemalans, Jones asserted. Of note is that most of the incidents happened inside the Chiquibul, in the Cayo District—Belize’s most prized forest where Guatemalans, who enter the country illegally, are regularly caught setting up illegal dwellings, panning for gold, extracting hardwoods such as cedar and mahogany, hunting wildlife, poaching the protected scarlet macaw, and extracting xaté palm leaves—pillaging resources to the tune of millions of dollars each year for which Belize has received no compensation.

    CARICOM bloc signs and 5 member states ratify historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change
    Fourteen CARICOM nations, with only the exclusion of Montserrat, a British overseas territory, have joined 160 countries and the European Union in signing the historic Paris Agreement on Friday, April 22, according to a listing of the signing ceremony published by the United Nations. The participation of 175 signatories far exceeded the historical record for first-day signatures to an international agreement, a UN report said. “The world will have met the requirement needed for the Paris Agreement to enter into force,” said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “if all 175 Parties that have signed today take the next step at the national level and join the Agreement.” “Fifteen countries submitted their ratifications during the signing ceremony including small island developing countries that are on the frontlines of climate impacts,” the report added.

    Guatemalan wanted BDF Sergeant Lambey dead: OAS unofficial report
    On March 26, 2016, BDF Staff Sergeant Richard Lambey was shot three times as he led a patrol to a water source near Valentin Camp in the Chiquibul forest, in Belizean territory. A report dated March 31, 2016, by the BDF to the Ministry of National Security, claimed that the patrol was ambushed by 7 armed men believed to be Guatemalan nationals. On April 20, 2016, seven BDF soldiers and seven FCD rangers were destroying farms within Belizean territory in the Cebada area when they came under fire. The patrol returned fire and, unfortunately, a 13-year-old Guatemalan minor was killed. Yesterday, Wednesday, with regards to the death of the Guatemalan minor, the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, announced in a press release that, “he will proceed immediately with the identification and deployment of the appropriate experts to carry out the investigation as soon as possible.”

    Money movements by travellers to and from Belize subject to new laws
    Over the past two months, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) wrapped up two court cases in which a total of four persons were fined for attempting to leave the country with a huge stash of cash without making the necessary declarations to Belizean authorities. In the first instance, Manish Perswani had BZ$37,000 seized from him after pleading guilty on March 8, 2016, to trying to leave Belize with US$47,100, according to an official source. Perswani had declared that he was leaving Belize with more than BZ$10,000 but still violated the ban Belize has had on travellers taking more than BZ$20,000 in cash out of the country. Police reportedly nabbed him at the Philip Goldson International Airport after finding him with the money, along with smaller amounts of cash in other currencies. In the second instance, Maria Jose del Valle Rosado was nabbed along with Nair Balam and Wilfredo Catzim, before their flight out of Belize. Rosado allegedly had on her US$137,130, while Balam had on him US$9,900 and Catzim US$9,800. Initially, they pled not guilty to failure to declare their cash but returned to court on April 15, 2016 with a guilty plea.

    The Reporter

    Authorities detain boat captains in BTV excursion to Sarstoon
    Belizean law enforcement authorities have detained three boat captains who were about to take an excursion to Sarstoon Island on Saturday morning. The Belize Coast Guard detained the boat captains on grounds that they did not possess proper documentation to operate a boat. After their trip was halted, a few of the civilians who were on the excursion started to walk in the Sarstoon River towards Sarstoon Island. They returned about an hour later with a canoe, presumably used by Guatemalans to fish illegally in our waters.

    Man shot dead on CA Blvd
    Unofficial but reliabe reports reaching the Weekend Reporter Online indicate a man was shot dead on the Central American Boulevard in Belize City. The information is that the incident happened shortly after 6:00 p.m., and the victim is Keon “Gambis” Williams, a member of the Supaul Street gang.

    COLA calls for national shutdown following GOB’s ban against Belizeans in the Sarstoon
    The group, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) has condemned the government’s new legislation, banning Belizeans from visiting the Sarstoon. The group has called for a national shutdown, describing the new legislation “a ‘knee jerk’ law” and “a gross act of cowardice.” COLA views GOB’s latest action as a “lack of priority” over our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Instead of ensuring that illegal encroachments come to [a] halt, the government seeks to muzzle its citizens’ right to free movement in their own country,” COLA exclaimed in a press release. In its call for a national shutdown, COLA argued, “for far too long Belize has lacked true leadership as it relates to this issue and it is time for the citizens of Belize to rise up and demand better.”

    Police identify murdered Guatemalans
    Police have identified the two Guatemalans murdered on Thursday afternoon near San Ignacio, Cayo. The victims are 52-year-old Santos Ramon Gonzalez Gomez of Champerico Retalhuleu Melchor de Mencos Peten, Guatemala and 37-year-old Orlando Antonio Garcia Calletal of Barrio La Torre Melchor, Guatemala. They were shot in the back of their heads on the San Francisco farm road between miles 69 and 70 off the George Price Highway. Their bodies were found at around 2:00 p.m. that afternoon. Beside the bodies lay a weight scale, four expended 9 millimeter Luger brand casings, and a broken Guatemalan identification card on Gonzalez Gomez.

    GOB enacts temporary law banning civilian visits to the Sarstoon
    Effective Friday afternoon, the Government passed a temporary law under Section Two of the Public Safety Act, banning anyone from entering Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River without lawful authority. The new law will remain in force for a month and “has become necessary in order to prevent any commotion or threat to public safety that might arise in consequence of the continuing tense and dangerous standoff between Belize and Guatemala over the Sarstoon,” a government release states. Governor General Sir Colville Young, acting in his capacity as representative of the Head of State, signed the new legislation on Friday. It comes following the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ (BTV) plan to visit Sarstoon Island, despite governmental and military dissuasion.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Gambis killed in Belize City
    One man was killed around 6:00 this evening on the Central American Boulevard. Police are still processing the scene and details are sketchy at this point but best information reaching BBN is that the victim is Keon “Gambis” Williams. Williams is known to be […]

    Double Murder in Santa Elena
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that there was a double murder in Santa Elena, Cayo District a short while ago. According to reports, a security guard shot two women inside Betty’s Salon and then attempted to kill himself but he didn’t die. The security guard […]

    CitCo to unveil bust of George Price on Tuesday
    The Belize City Council is scheduled to unveil a bust of former Prime Minister of Belize Right Honourable George Cadle Price at the entrance to the highway now named after him on Tuesday. The bust is sculpted by Stephen Okeke, who had previously done […]

    Indigenous People’s Conference held in Belize City
    The Caribbean region’s first ever Indigenous People’s Conference took place this week in Belize City. Hosted by the Canadian-funded IMPACT Justice Program, it brought together indigenous people’s organizations from Belize in the west to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the east, as well […]

    1,500 refugees and counting working to settle in Belize: report
    Reports say there is a refugee asylum registration process on going in Belize, administered by the foreign organization Help for Progress. According to unconfirmed reports in local media, some 1,500 persons have registered since January. On Friday and for several weeks now, there have […]

    Commonwealth Secretary General expresses support for Belize in tour
    The Commonwealth’s position on the integrity and sovereignty of Belize remains absolutely unchanged, said Secretary General of the Commonwealth Baroness Patricia Scotland to local media on Friday as she continues a four-day visit. Baroness Scotland took over her post in April and Belize is her […]

    Farmers of the Year honored at NATS 2016
    The 46th National Agriculture and Trade Show is ongoing this weekend in Belmopan. While this May Day weekend tradition is typically dominated by the art of the deal, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development through the Agriculture Department earlier […]

    Breaking Belize News reaches 1 million visitors in 2016
    Breaking Belize News (BBN) has already reached over 1 million people as of April 2016! BBN deliver more news to more people everywhere! BBN has already seen 1,016,940 visitors to for the year. From the 1,016,940 visitors, 409,564 were unique (repeat visitors) and […]

    Police arrest boat captains helping BTV and block pier
    Local media have confirmed that one captain and other persons were detained near Orange Point, a mile out of Punta Gorda. Reports from the area say that there is heavy police presence in the vicinity of the entrance to the village of Barranco, which […]

    Belize authorities detain 3 boat captains from the Belize Territorial Volunteers
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that Belize authorities in Punta Gorda have detained three boat captains from the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) who were preparing to take members of the group to the Sarstoon area today. According to reports, the BTV boat captains have […]

    Trip to the Sarstoon blocked
    A planned trip to the Sarstoon River today by Belize Territorial Volunteers and the group's supporters did not happen after all. Security forces deployed early this morning prevented dozens of Belizeans from boarding boats destined for the area which was placed under a temporary restriction on Friday by the Government of Belize.


    San Pedro High School’s 2016 Science Fair Totally ROCKS!
    I have no personal experience with science fairs…I’m not sure that Ridgewood High School, NJ even hosted one. But I feel like I’ve been to a bunch…”Saved by the Bell” and “The Wonder Years”, the bubbling volcano on “The Brady Bunch” and “The Simpsons”. Here’s something I didn’t know…the science fair at San Pedro, Belize High School is a HUGE DEAL! A day off from school…seriously decorated booths and a theme. This year: plants. Groups of six high schoolers with a hypothesis, testing and then results and presented to the public in a catchy, engaging way. I was invited by High Schooler Becca Barkhouse (whose booth happened to win!) and was AMAZED by what I saw. A team tapping into the recently touted healing abilities of the soursop leaves.

    Why You Have to Visit Placencia Belize on Your Vacation
    Described by locals as “barefoot perfect”, Placencia is a small 16-mile long narrow peninsula in southeastern Belize with gorgeous beaches on the Caribbean side and a lovely mangrove-lined lagoons on the western side. Located just a few miles from the Belize Barrier Reef, Placencia is one of the country’s premiere spots for diving, fishing, cruising, and snorkeling vacations. Nearby on the mainland are several Garifuna villages, Maya ruins, and one of the country’s largest nature preserves complete with indigenous jaguars. With fantastic weather all-year round and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, just about any time is a good time to visit Placencia, keeping in mind that the rainy season runs from approximately June to November. Every year in February, the village hosts a Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival with plenty of entertainment options for the whole family. And every year in June, Placencia holds a Lobsterfest to celebrate the opening of lobster season. From Belize City, Placencia is about a 3 and a half hour drive south with well-marked signs along the Southern Highway. Domestic air carriers Maya Island Air and Tropic Air have flights connecting Placencia Village and Belize City.

    This is Belize: Each dancing on a different breeze
    Another walk up north, along the shore of Ambergris Caye today. Stiff breezes and high tide made some parts of the beach simply disappear. The island feels deserted. I may have run into four or five people at most, not counting resort staffs which were raking up the turtle grass and tying down the canopies and hammocks. This pavilion stood alone and empty, although a sign out front offers a boggling array of pleasures for the body and soul. Each hanging cloth was dancing its own dance in the wind. Some seem to take on shapes, fleeting sculptures of intense detail, like the prostrate one on the upper right which seems to be offering up a jug of wine? I tried to capture them all but I must go back again, when the breezes calm a bit and the dances become more balletic and less like whirling dervishes.

    International Sourcesizz

    "Guatemala is a big bully"
    Walking the talk in NYC today

    A most impressive group of some forty-five Los Angeles Belizeans from the Los Angeles Belizean community across the state of California came out today in Los Angeles to protest the Guatemalan military oligarchy's invasion, annexation, and aggression of Belize Sarstoon River and Island at the Guatemalan Consulate in Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard at the busy downtown cross section of the Wilshire District in Los Angeles. The group carried banners and posters that read, "Stop Guatemalan Aggression Against Belize", "Stop the Annexation of Belize's Sarstoon", "Tell The Guatemalan Military To Leave Belize Alone", "Guatemala Stop Being A Bully", "Belizean Lives Matter: Justice for Danny Conorquie & Staff Sergeant Lambey", and "Belize Is For Belizeans". They also shouted slogans like, "Belize is For Belizeans", "We No Want No Guatemala", and "Guatemala Get Out of Belize".


  • Belizeans in Los Angeles protest the aggression of Guatemala towards Belize., 1min.

  • Travel in Central America - oOverblaze is Backpacking (Winter 2015), 2.5min. Deux semaines en sac à dos entre le Mexique, Belize et Guatemala. Plongé en plein cœur de la civilisation Maya ou encore au long de la barrière de corail, les paysages qu'ont à offrir cette région sont à couper le souffle!

  • Belize 2016 002 Spotted Eagle Rays, Sharks and Bone Fish, 5.5min. A short video of Spotted Eagle Rays, Sharks and Bone Fish off the coast of Belize 04/2016.

  • Dive 6B - The Aquarium, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, 7min. The continuation of aborted Dive 6. After surfacing, they immediately exchanged my gear and tank and I got right back in the water to rendezvous with the group. I think a couple of divers were surprised to see me. Some nice shots of a turtle snacking on coral, a little swim through, a beautiful school of blue fish, and tiny jellyfish on the ascent.

  • Belize 2016 Snorkeling out on the barrier reef, 4min.

  • Entering the Caves - Cave tubing in Belize, 1min. A quick clip as we float down the river, entering the caves in Belize.

  • Belize Artists-Mali, Ingrid and Ibo Cayetano in Dangriga, 15min. Belize Talk Radio takes you to meet this ever so talented family from Dangriga Belize. This video takes place inside their art studio, that has some ancient history !

  • Feeding a Stingray in Belize, 1min. Ambergris Caye Belize.

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