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July 20, 2016


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Costa Maya Festival Presents: Miss Mexico & Miss Belize!
With the announcement of the final two contestants vying for the title of Reina de La Costa Maya, we are truly counting down the last days before the International Costa Maya Festival 2016 kicks off! This week, we present to you Miss Mexico, Ingrid Elizabeth Luna Solís and Miss Belize Yadira Yvette Argueta. Ingrid Solis won the title of Miss Teen Universe Puebla in 2015. She enjoys reading, traveling, modeling, spending time with family and friends and is currently studying psychology. Yadira Argueta is 22 years old and hails from Pomona in the Stann Creek District. An ambitious Belizean, Yadira is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at the University of Belize, with the ultimate goal of getting her Master’s and opening her own accounting firm. A veteran of pageants, Yadira has captured the Miss Glamour Teen of the Bay title (2009) and the Queen of the Bay crown (2012) and has represented Belize abroad at the Miss PJD2 Caribbean pageant (2014). She loves the catwalk, and her beauty shines onstage during her modeling sessions around the country.

Letter to the Editor: BTB’s Hotel Standards
Dear Editor: I want to thank Amandala for publishing the BTIA-Cayo Chapter press release in the June 29 issue. That release articulates the wide range of concerns that have alarmed many of us in the tourism industry. The beauty of Belize embraces its natural wonders and the warmth of its people. Based on the BTB proposal, our government would have us transformed into a limited series of international class five star resorts that are affordable and attractive to a small number of wealthy travellers. We would have no affordable accommodations for the average adventure travellers (BOTH FOREIGN AND LOCAL) who have been the lifeblood of the Belize tourism industry to date. Less than 15% of the proposed requirements involve health, safety or any other arguably appropriate topic of regulation. For example, BTB proposes to regulate the furnishings and decorations in hotel rooms, the role of personnel, the colour of linens, and literally hundreds of items that are beyond the purview of reasonable or typical regulation. It simply makes no sense. Lest the reader think this is merely industry whining, I offer two of the more absurd proposed requirements. (1) If a facility has a bar, bakery or pastry products must be provided. (2) As a licensing requirement, anyone that serves meals must offer a daily menu with at least 2 choices per course.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Does He Have Any Money?
A woman and a young lady sat at the table next to me at the Holiday Hotel. They looked to be mother and daughter with the daughter probably twenty years old. “Bianca, are you going to tell him or am I going to have to do it?” the mother asked. “I’ll tell him, mom,” the girl said. “I just don’t want to spoil Dad’s vacation. You know how upset he can get about my boyfriends.” “Don’t worry about it,” her mother said. “This time it’s very important that you let him know the situation.” A man, obviously the father, came to their table with coffee and cinnamon rolls for everyone. The girl said, “Dad. I need to tell you something.” The father looked at her in silence for a few moments and then said, “I hate to ask what it is. Every time in your life that you have said that to me it cost me money.”

Police Report: Drug Trafficking
On Wednesday, July 13th at around 4AM, acting on Special Branch information, a joint team of San Pedro Special Branch and Quick Response Team personnel conducted a search in an apartment in the Escalante Area of San Pedro Town. Present at the time of the search was 27-year-old Juslyn Keoma Daniels and a 17-year-old minor. The search led to the discovery of 526.1 grams of cannabis, 27.2 grams of cannabis resin and 26.1 grams of cocaine. As a result Daniels and the minor were officially arrested and escorted to the San Pedro Police Station. Daniels was subsequently charged with two counts of Drug Trafficking and one count of Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Doctor Love: Not Guilty
Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I moved here a little less than a year ago. My parents blessed the wedding, the move, our future and everything. His parents act like he is the biggest traitor that ever lived. His mom says they never see him anymore now that he has moved a thousand miles away. They blame me for taking him away from them and bringing him to some foreign place. This is so untrue. Every six weeks his job takes him back to where they live. He gets to spend a weekend with them getting his full attention. He calls at least once a week but they say it isn’t enough. I have tried to get them to come here and we even tried to buy tickets. They claim to be too old to fly that far but they are only in their early sixties. I think they are just trying to strike back at me for taking their son. What can I do? /s/ Not Guilty

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

July 28th, 2016, 9am to 3pm. Learn to create an accurate operating budget that helps your company achieve its goals. Your Immediate Takeaway: Gain tools and insights to develop a realistic budget, Get hands-on practice perfecting a budget, Use budgeting to help determine strategic direction Being responsible for the budget means you're playing a vital role in your organization's future. Your budget enables you to pinpoint critical variables that impact profit so your company can successfully pursue its goals and continue to grow. LOCATION: Audio Visual Room, University of Belize, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, West Landivar.

DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY!!!! The National Climate Change Office (NCCO) is embarking on its First National Climate Change Youth Video Competition. This competition will allow Belizean youths the opportunity to showcase ways in which they are implementing concrete actions in their communities to address Climate Change. Youths between the ages of 18-30 are eligible for entrance into the competition. See flyer attached for further information. Submission Date is Friday, July 22, 2016 no later than 4:30 p.m.

Minister of National Security Visits Volunteer Battalion Annual Camp
The Ministry of National Security wishes to inform the general public that the Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar will visit the Volunteer Battalion on 25th July, 2016 during their Annual Camp Training Exercise. Each year the Volunteer Battalion conducts a two-week training package during the month of July in different parts of the country focusing on different types of warfare. This year's focus is on conventional warfare and it is being conducted in the Mountain Pine Ridge Area. It will include First Aid, Signals, Skill-at-Arms, Map Reading, Tactics, and culminating in a Live Firing Exercise.

Community Outreach & Livelihoods Director
Are you a Belizean citizen who is independent, organized, self-motivated and a confident team player and leader? Ya'axché Conservation Trust is happy to announce this opportunity to join our passionate team as we strive to find harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both. For a full Job Description, and details of how to apply, please download the application pack from our website ( The closing date for application is July 30, 2016.

Social Media for theTravel Industry Training
Aug 10, Caye Caulker

Hon. Dean Barrow on LOVEFM this morning
Be sure to tune in to The Morning Show on Love Television or Love FM this morning! Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow will be a guest. The show starts at 7:00 a.m.

The Swiss Authorities herein offer Research, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Studies Scholarships for 2017/2018 . The application forms can be requested at [email protected] Clink link for more information. Application window will be opened from August 1, 2016 to November 18, 2016.

WCS and the U.S. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Builds Capacity to Address Illegal Wildlife and Timber Trafficking
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Belize Program and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) have teamed up with Belize Forest Department to strengthen and build capacity across government agencies that play an essential role in the fight against illegal wildlife and timber trafficking. Experts from around the world will convene to share their knowledge and experience at a three-day workshop, to be held from Monday July 25 to Wednesday July 27, 2016 in Belize City. WCS and INL expect to forge regional and international partnerships that will help Belize become part of a growing wave of enforcement against illegal wildlife trade, a threat that is rapidly growing and diversifying.

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Stann Creek House of Culture joins the Houses of Culture family
We are so proud to welcome the Stann Creek House of Culture- NICH to the Houses of Culture family! Coordinator Joshua Arana is already busy with activities for the community.

Cellula coming to Belize
The reggae band Cellula out of Panama is bringing two FREE shows to Belize!

Open Mic Night
It's that time of the month! Calling all musicians! Line it up! Only the best will walk away with $1000 cash! Pull up!

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley
Although these white-fronts are boys, one of our lovely Interns thought they bore a remarkable similarity to a certain celebrity twin-team. I shall say no more on the subject... They hate one another and have spent a very long time caged together beating up on one another. Mary-Kate is the more aggressive of the two, Ashley has very few feathers left as proof. Even though they have only been separated for a week or so, Ashley has already started to grow a fluff-ball of down feathers and Mary-Kate has green body feathers peeking through. Hopefully we will be able to show yet another great transformation simply through this change of circumstance.

Belmopan Day!
Make sure to come and checkout the Belmopan City Council's Belmopan Day on July 30th!

Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project Public Engagement Meeting #4
The General Public is invited to the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project fourth in a series of engagement meetings to create awareness of your downtown project. Please see our flyer with information relating to this meeting. Come an see the preliminary design of the House of Culture Property.

Channel 7

Pastor Lue Was Kidnapped Along With Two Others
Tonight, the 5 men charged for Pastor Lue's murder are in jail. They are William "DANNY" Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo. We'll take you to the court room for a fully detailed account of all the courtroom drama, but first, we have the full police account of how exactly Pastor Llewelyn Lucas was killed. Police revealed it today in court to convince the Chief Magistrate that there is sufficient evidence gathered against the accused men. According to police investigation, on Friday afternoon, July 15, Mennonite David Dodd, Pastor Lue, and another man all went to Mason's Belmopan Home, in the Intelco area. Dodd told police that while there, they were kidnapped by an assailant who they did not see. They were tied up, duct taped, and blindfolded. Dodd says that they were then led to a vehicle, which carried them for about 30 minutes, and when it stopped, they were taken out. They later realized that they had been taken to Mason's ranch, seen here, which is located between mile 30 and 31 on the George Price Highway.

Pastor Lu's Alleged Executioners In Jail
And, so that was yesterday evening in Belmopan…and then that leads back to the city last night where they were unable to get an audience in front of the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith due to the late hour. Our news team was at the courthouse from the moment the police van arrived from Belmopan up to when it left, and then again today when they were brought back to court for arraignment and remand to the Belize Central Prison. After racing the 5 defendants down from Belmopan to Belize City, a phalanx of police officers parked them at the footsteps of the Belize City Magistrate's Court. The door to let them out would only open if the cops were sure that they were going to be arraigned.

Deputy PM Patrick Faber Took "Congratulatory Drinks" at Mason Manor
And, so, while William Danny Mason is locked down at the Hattieville Prison tonight, it's nothing like a night six weeks ago when he hosted the newly sworn in Deputy Prime Minister of Belize at his Belmopan home on Intelco Hill. Deputy Patrick Faber confirmed to us today that after the party for his supporters at Chon Saan Palace in Belmopan he went to Mason's home for some, quote, "congratulatory drinks." Here's the full text of what Faber told us: "I have met Mr Danny Mason twice. Once in 2015 via Minister John Saldivar and again on the day of my swearing in. The reception after my swearing in…was done at the Chon Saan Palace in Belmopan…I received an invitation indirectly from Mr Mason to his home…to join him for congratulatory drinks. I accepted that invitation. That is the full extent of my relationship with the person that I knew as Danny Mason."

GSU Boss Posed Off With Mason
Mason hugging and it appears to have been taken on the sprawling top deck of that same hilltop mansion. Flowers – who enjoys heavy political connections within the UDP – seems to have been a friend of Mason, and reliable reports tell us that lead members of the GSU were even known to go for private target practice training sessions at his mile 31 ranch, the same ranch that is now a murder scene. We asked the Acting Commissioner about this yesterday – and he deflected: Jules Vasquez: "Sir the GSU used to train on his ranch, outback ranch or his farm." Russell Blackett - Acting Commissioner of Police: "Well the way it is situated I guess a lot of people would be shot in that area because it's a housing area also sir." Of course, the ranch is over one hundred acres and only the front side faces Mahogany Heights.

Complaint Points To GSU Commander
And while the picture has him on social media blast tonight, Superintendent Flowers has a lot more to worry about than a few Facebook posts. Multiple reports from sources within the police department tell us that he is wanted for questioning in connection with a carnal knowledge complaint made by the mother of a 14 year old girl. According to our reports, she alleges to the Domestic Violence Unit that Flowers had relations with her under aged daughter earlier this year. We tried to reach flowers, but he did not respond to our calls or text messages. This comes the day after Police Minister John Saldivar announced that the GSU would be beefed up to aggressively contain the gang problem in the City. Flowers was not at the press conference where the announcement was made and is said to be on leave. We'll keep following the case.

San Ignacio Stabbing Death
A man was stabbed to death last night in San Ignacio. 32 year old Edilberto Morales was at his co-worker's house yesterday evening around 7. But he got into a fight with that same co-worker and was stabbed 5 times. When it was done, Morales's body was left splayed on the road. We went to Cayo today to find out how a petty disagreement led to murder. Yesterday, after work, Edilberto Moralez and a few friends went over to Nuri Polanco's home. They were all doing some construction work on a house further up the road and decided to end the day with a few drinks. But Moralez got into an argument with Polanco over a television, a confrontation which led to Moralez's death. "Initial investigations reveal that after socialising and drinking the deceased and another individual were walking on Floyd Moro Street in Santiago layout area of San Ignacio town when they had an heated argument over a TV that one of the accused had loaned to the deceased. With subsequent resulted in a physical confrontation where the deceased received 5 apparent stab wounds to the upper part of his body."

Cayo Bomb Threat Slightly More Serious Than Average Prank
When bomb threat calls are made, they are usually bogus; just to scare people or to pull a prank. But the police can't take any chances and have to follow up on any such report. That is exactly what happened in San Ignacio last night, before police were called out to the Morales murder scene. The cops got a call saying that a bomb was placed at the Chinese store ABC Supermarket. When they rushed over and searched the area, they didn't find any bomb, only a cordial note written in Spanish pleading for $2,000 dollars. Police told us more about this curious but concerning case. Supt. Richard Rosado - OC San Ignacio: "On Monday the 18th of July 2016 a caller called the police via 911 and stated that bomb was placed inside ABC store situated on Bullet Tree Road. The K-9 Unit and the BDF bomb experts were subsequently dispatched to the building and during the process no explosive devices were found at the store."

Capital Cops Make Headway in Heist Investigation
Belmopan police are tonight reporting that they have arrested the main suspects and recovered items stolen in last week Friday's heist at the income tax office in Belmopan. As we reported, three armed men wearing camouflage stormed into the office after closing time tied up the police security, and three staffers and helped themselves to 29 thousand dollars in cash from the drawer. They also stole personal monies from the staffers. Well, police were able to make a fingerprint match and link it to an employee. It was called an inside job, and this evening we are told that the suspects have been arrested along with stolen items. The operation is still ongoing at this hour and we'll have more on it tomorrow.

Armed Men Storm OW Western Union
Police in the north are currently seeking two individuals for a broad daylight robbery that took place at Western Union on the Corozal Road in Orange Walk town. At12:15 yesterday, the money transfer business was held up at gunpoint and two men stole $500 dollars from the cashier and additional $800 from a customer. Jose Mendez - Insp. of Police, OW Formation: "Sometime about 12:15 pm today we received information of a robbery in progress at the Western Union at the Belize Corozal Road address where police visited the area where the cashier Mr. Ortiz reported the establishment was robbed at gunpoint." Reporter: "Do you have any information as to who the robber or robbers were or anything like that?" Jose Mendez - Insp. of Police, OW Formation: "Based on information we received we are seeking for two individuals at this moment. Police are still following all leads gathered and we hope by the end of today or tomorrow we are supposed to have some positive information in respect to the suspects."

Cops Accused of Shooting His Neighbor
A police constable and another man have been charged for the attempted murder of a Belize City Resident. Last week Friday we told you about the shooting involving 29 year old Nigel Castillo a resident of the St. Martin's De Pores Area, Belize City. He was shot to the lower abdomen in front of his yard, behind the Complex building, a short distance away from a police check point on La Croix Boulevard. Quick response led police to secure two firearms and subsequently detain two individuals- including a police constable. It was an easy case for police because the alleged shooters also happened to be victim's neighbors. On Monday the two accused- 19 year old PC Wallace Meighan Jr. and 21 year old Ravaun Chee- were brought before the court to be arraigned for attempted murder. Both men were also charged with dangerous harm, aggravated assault and use of deadly means of harm. They have since been remanded to prison until September 7th.

Mexicans Assist In Border Investigation
There is independent investigation still pending for the incident where BDF soldiers shot and killed the 13 year-old Guatemalan boy, Julio Alvarado Ruano inside the Chiquibul. The BDF maintain that they had come under hostile fire under the cover of darkness, and they were simply defending themselves. Well, the Mexican Embassy reports that they have deployed an expert to make a part of the team of investigators. A press release from the Mexican Embassy in Belize says that the government of Belize and Guatemala, the Secretary General of the OAS deployed a team of experts. This independent commission will consist of specialists in the area of criminal investigation, criminal law, forensics, all of whom have knowledge of the mandate of the OAS, and are bilingual. They will be investigating for approximately 2 weeks, or so. Belize has also requested that investigations be done into other cases where Belizean security officers, were killed or injured.

Ripoff Report Had The Dirt On Mason Months Ago
Over the past 2 days, we've been telling you a lot about the man known as William Mason. He and 4 other associates are now at prison tonight for the beheading murder of William Mason. Last night, we showed you the explanation that City Councillor Phillip Willoughby gave as to why this man got mixed up with the City Emergency Managment Organization. About a month and a half ago, only a few days after Mason was introduced publicly as part of the CEMO response mechanism for Belize City, an anonymous individual called our office. The purpose of that call was to alert us that this man, William Mason, may be a well-known con-artist who had been operating in Canada. That anonymous caller left very little information to go on but advised us to search the internet under a different alias. Unfortunately, we searched couldn't find the page he was trying to direct us to, but this gruesome murder has brought up that angle once again.

Hulse says Bogus Birth Certificate Can Dupe The Whole System
As we showed you last night, William Danny Mason had a bogus birth certificate, which also got him a bogus social security card, but apparently not a Belizean passport. The birth certificate is the stolen identity of a man born to Crooked Tree parents in 1970 – and according to the Immigration Minister with that document alone he could have duped the entire system. Here's what Godwin Hulse told us yesterday:… Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Immigration: "I only heard from you Jules this morning that he has some vital statistics document which of course you know if he has vital statistics document then it really has nothing to do with nationality it has to do with passports meaning he would have presented that but I have not had any opportunity to speak to any officer or indeed to follow up on it." Jules Vasquez: "Would that bogus birth certificate would he have been able to dupe the entire system and get a passport?"

On His Last Day Pastor Lue Went To Plus TV and To Chester Williams Office, Got No Audience
Indeed, Mason, also known as Danny Ouelett, who is originally from Guyana could have hidden between so many layers of deception – but his alleged victim Pastor Llewellyn Lucas could never hide. Pastor Lu as he was known – was a public man – who was always trying to make himself be known and heard for his sometimes controversial worldviews. On Friday we know he came in contact with at least two persons trying to get himself heard, first was someone at the Plus TV office in Belmopan where he want asking to go on air for their morning show. But station owner Luis Wade, said because of his often controversial and outspoken positions, Pastor Lu had been put on a list limiting his access to the airwaves:… Luis Wade - Plus TV: "We currently have a policy that certain people for libellous reasons are not able to access Plus TV without prior consent. Mr. Lucas was one such person so when he came to Plus TV Friday morning requesting to be on the staff could not give him access because I haven't given permission. My staff came to me today saying that he was preparing to do a demonstration against the LGBT."

City Mayor Speaks About Mason Connection
But police say William Mason did now the pastor and that they had business dealings, Only 7 weeks ago Mason was introduced by the City Council as Philanthropist extraordinaire, as he and his company "Belize Medical Technology," partnered with CEMO during this year's hurricane season. But just how closely associated is he with leading figures in the Belize City Council? Well today we asked the Mayor himself about his relation with the accused murderer of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas. Darrell Bradley - Belize City Major: "Before you mention that person's name I actually didn't know who you were talking about so that I have absolutely no relationship with that. I am not somebody who watches the news so that I was informed in relation to this because there was a crowd of people out of the court this morning and I don't know who that person is and the name that you mention didn't ring a bell."

Auxiliary Help For KHMH
The Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital has gotten a 7 thousand dollar upgrade to its Operating theatre waiting area. The refurbishments were made possible through the kind donations of the Belize Hospital Auxiliary, a group of donors who raise funds by selling local cook books among other things. Today the president of the Auxiliary told us more about this meaningful contribution to the national referral hospital. The organization contributes to the Hospital every year both in terms of projects like this and in assisting patients with their hospital bills.

Promising Project For Promenade Asks For Public Input
The Belize City Council is calling on all members of the public to join them at a public consultation at the Sandlighters promenade to discuss a proposed project for the construction a unique operation along the sea wall. The project is called, “Maya Cable Tubing” and it is the brain child of Raul Pelayo a Belizean entrepreneur. He plans to use a portion of the promenade along New Town Barracks to build the base for his high line water ski business. We learnt more about the proposed project at today’s press conference- which was really more of a call for public input before the City Council green lights the project. According to the developer, the project has gone through all the proper procedures including environmental assessments. Now only public approval is left. The public consultation takes place tomorrow at the Sandlighters promenade from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. You are being invited to come out and express your views and concerns, which the City Council says will be taken into account before making a final decision.

Cross Canal Confectionary House
Those of you who frequent the market area in Belize City might have noticed a cement structure that is being built over the canal on East Collet. The structure It would have looked very oddly out of place if it weren't for the Conch Shell fish market which also sits over the canal not too far from this one. But unlike the fish market, this structure is not for public use. It will be a private bakery business owned by Chinese proprietors, we are told. A few weeks ago there were some concerns expressed about the existence of the structure, but according to the mayor there is nothing at all shady about it. Darrell Bradley - Belize City Major: "One of the problems there is space and one of the things where everybody that has looked at it has looked at the fact that there is an increasing amount of pressure to allow permission for people to vend over the water; we get proposals like that all the time."

Channel 5

Witness Statement Provides Vivid Details of Harrowing Kidnapping
Tonight, fresh details have come to light on the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas over the weekend in one of the most heinous crimes in Belize. In the courtroom of [...]

Mason and Company Arraigned for Kidnapping and Murder of Llewellyn Lucas
The arraignment of William Mason and the rest of the gang proceeded in the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate with all things cleared, following a few gaffes of Monday evening. [...]

Belize City Mayor Disavows Any Knowledge of William Mason
In early June, to kick off the hurricane season, the City Emergency Management Organization held its usual press conference at City Hall to update the public on preparedness. One man [...]

Did Phillip Willoughby Recommend William Mason for CEMO?
To be fair to Mayor Bradley, he genuinely didn’t recognize Mason and told us he was recommended by Councilor Phillip Willoughby who is responsible for CEMO. Still, he maintains that [...]

Do You Believe William Mason has Political Protection?
And tonight’s question is: Do you believe William Mason has political protection? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll [...]

A Snapshot of Ted Ouelette’s Shady Past
One of William Mason’s properties is located at mile thirty-one on the George Price Highway. This is where late yesterday, the murder weapon, a knife, was retrieved from a pond [...]

DPM Faber Says Victory Drinks Were on Mason
And this last bit of information on William Mason or Danny Mason for tonight’s newscast…A while ago we received a response from DPM Faber on his relationship with Mason. This [...]

A Man is Stabbed to Death in Cayo, Suspect on the Lam
There was a homicide in San Ignacio on Monday night. Just before seven o’clock, police were called out to Floyd Moro Street in the Santiago Layout area to discover the [...]

GSU Raids Celina’s in Ladyville, Weed and Crack Yielded During Search
Four members of the well-known Celina’s establishment in Ladyville, Belize District were dragged to court today along with five friends. Their arrest is in connection with a small amount of [...]

Bulgarians Jeorji Petrov and Halid Aptula Back in Court
Two Bulgarian nationals, who were caught stealing from the Belize Bank’s ATM through a fraudulent scheme in May, were back in court today even though they have been tried and [...]

MLA Returns to CCJ for Update on Consent Order
The Maya Leaders Alliance was back in court today where representatives of the indigenous organization appeared via teleconference before the Caribbean Court of Justice.  The session this morning served to [...]

…But, Is Government Pulling Its Weight and Playing Its Part?
Additionally, Coc told the media following the session that government failed to show that it has attempted to seek international support from organizations, including the United Nations to help with [...]

Mayan Cable Tubing; City Hall Explains New Tourism Venture
There is a proposal for a new project in Belize City which would see the old capital exploring water sports at Sandlighter’s Promenade. It’s an innovative concept which has been [...]

Residents Have Final Say on Proposed Promenade Project
The project will make use of a minimal amount of space on the promenade and will not obstruct the waterway. Still, the Mayor is making it clear that if residents [...]

Mayor Bradley Refutes Claims of Missing Money at City Hall
Today, as Mayor Darrell Bradley denied knowing accused murderer William Mason, he also deflected rumors of two hundred thousand milling out of the municipal bond sinking fund. It’s a report [...]

K.H.M.H. Receives Newly Refurbished Day Room
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority was today officially handed over a newly refurbished “Day Room” at the Operating Theater of the national referral hospital. The facelift to the waiting [...]


Mason Investigated For Kidnapping Of Canadian National
Guyanese/Canadian national, Rajesh Ouellette, who presently goes by the name William Mason here in Belize is tonight behind bars and additional charges are expected to be thrown at him. Mason is believed to be one of the prime suspects in the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas after Lucas’ severed head was discovered by police in the back of his vehicle on Friday night. Mason, according to authorities, was under heavy watch as he was being investigated for a kidnapping incident that occurred about two months ago in which Mason allegedly extorted a Canadian national along with his wife to pay a sum of three thousand dollars. Yesterday during the press conference held in Belize City it was revealed that the alleged victim, a Canadian national, reported the incident to authorities; however, fearing for his life, he decided to flee from Belize and return to his native country. But why did police wait so long to detain Mason? That is one of the many questions that are yet to be completely and genuinely answered.

Four Belizeans Sentences for Scheme In Las Vegas
Back in January of this year a Belizean Family was detained in Las Vegas Nevada and were being charged with multiple felony counts, ranging from using false identities to steal almost $300,000 in unemployment funds, to mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, making a false statement in application for a passport, making a false citizenship claim, misusing a US passport and misusing a Social Security number. Today Frederick Vernon Williams along with his wife and two sisters are back on the international news as the family of four from Belize have been given their sentences. According to Las Vegas media, 35 year old Frederick Vernon Williams was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan to 87 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to pay approximately $297,000 in restitution.

BPP Demands Answers Into Pastor Lucas' Death
The recent, gruesome murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, has undoubtedly left the Belizean people in a state of shock and disbelief, as for many it represents a shift for the worse in the state of crime and violence in our country. And like many Belizeans, the Belize Progressive Party - BPP is not happy about the circumstances surrounding the death of Pastor Lucas. Yesterday the party issued a release in reference to the tragic death of Lucas and the actions surrounding the investigation of his horrific death. Firstly, the BPP extended condolences to the Lucas family on their loss and commended the officers of the Police Department who, through their attentiveness, were able to apprehend the person who is believed to have been perpetuated in this heinous crime making reference to William Mason.

Guadalupe Street Demarcated With Assistance Of Businessman
And while the works continue in the rehabilitation project of ten streets across town, today Guadalupe Street, which recently received a full upgrade, received the final touches as the entire length of road was demarcated. This much needed process, according to Deputy Mayor of Orange Walk, could not have been achieved without the generous collaboration of business owner, Abe Remple, who donated a total of eight thousand dollars that was needed to complete the delineation. Ian Cal- Deputy Mayor- OWT: “Recently the street got a much needed upgrade so what it needs now is demarcation and we are happy to inform the public that this is been carried out today but we would like to thank Mr. Rempel from RB’s he is the one that actually made the donation towards this project and at the same time it will benefit the drivers and the residence of this area and the residence of Orange Walk town because it doesn’t only help to demarcate the area but it also beautifies the area and the businesses around as well.”

Works On Streets In Orange Walk Continue In Rehabilitation Plan
Three weeks ago the Orange Walk Town council embarked in the rehabilitation project for the upgrade a total of ten heavily trafficked streets across town. Today we caught up with Deputy Mayor for Orange Walk, Ian Cal, who spoke to us about the progress already underway. Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town: “Currently we have prepared the streets, we have sealed the streets with primer so we just waiting on some final touches to be made with some other streets and then the contractor will come in and get those streets paved, we wanted to do one today but we were not sure of the weather how it would stand so we postpone it but I am seeing that by the end of this week we should see about three other streets paved and then we are moving on to the other streets that we have on the list of ten that we have signed with the contractor. We want these streets to be done properly, we want these streets to last so we are targeting at least three streets to be prepared first then we go in and pave those then we move on to the next three streets that is how we are working it but it all depends on how fast we ca move and how fast BWS can get their work done as well because it doesn’t make any sense for us to pave the streets then BWS comes in and tears it to change pipe so we want for them to go in first and change the pipes but it is a process and that takes about six weeks actually but those streets are set and it will get done and all we ask is for patience.”

PUP Demands Independent Investigation Into Pastor's Death
The People’s United Party today issued a release regarding the gruesome murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, demanding that a full and thorough investigation be launched into the case. According to the release, the gruesome discovery of the head of Pastor Lucas in the possession of politically affiliated, William Mason and four others has exposed major weaknesses in several critical government departments and an incestuous relationship between Mr. Mason, Minister of National Security John Saldivar, other Ministers of Government, UDP politicians, and several members of the Belize Police Department.


Pastor Llewelyn Lucas decapitated
The decapitated head of 47 year old Llewelyn Lucas was found in a bucket in the back of a vehicle owned by a Canadian man who has been accused of various scams internationally and who goes by several names: Danny Ramesh, Ted Quellet ,and William Mason. According to the official police report, On Fr...

Accused murderer had fake Belizean birth certificate
One of the other elements of the Llewelyn Lucas murder case is the fact that a birth certificate, issued in June of 2015, indicates that William Mason was born in Crooked Tree Village. Police say it is a fake certificate since Mason was born in Guyana and is now a Canadian resident. It is another ...

Minister of National Security explains his relationship with Mason
It has been widely circulated that the accused murderer has made connections with various Ministers of Government and may have been awarded several contracts with various Government Departments. One of the Ministers with whom he has been associated is Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar. At M...

$29,000 Stolen from Belmopan Income Tax Dept
There was a brazen robbery of the Income Tax department in Belmopan on Friday evening. It happened minutes to 6 o’clock on the 15th of the month when business taxes are due. According to the cashier at the income tax office, she was inside the office along with some co-workers when three male pers...

Girl Killed by Croc in Maypen River
An 8 year old girl was killed by a crocodile in the Maypen River in the Belize District. According to reports, on Sunday afternoon , 8 year old Adriana Moody was swimming in the Maypen River along with 3 other children and an adult, Indira Rhaburn. That is when the child was attacked by a crocodile....

Cop and city man charged with attempted murder
A sworn police officer and another Belize City man have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison, accused of the Thursday, July 14, 2016 attempted murder of 29 year old Nigel Castillo who was shot once in the abdomen whilst socializing near a basketball court in the Saint Martin de Porres area. 19...

Ronlee Petillo charged for murder
Police have made another arrest in a murder case. Roger Banner was gunned down in Belize City on the 9th July,2016, and on Monday 18th July, police formally arrested and charged 28-year-old Ronlee Petillo of a George Street address for Banner’s murder....

Man pleads to cocaine possession
36 year old Amilcar Tulcey, one of 9 persons charged with drug trafficking and 2 counts of possession of a controlled drug, pled guilty to the charges when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was sentenced to 3 years and was fined $10,000 for drug trafficking. He was given u...

Belizean stuck at airport during coup attempt is safe
A Belizean was stuck at the international airport in Istanbul, Turkey during the attempted coup in that country on Friday. Martha Carrillo, who is the Country Representative for PASMO Belize which implements health programs to prevent HIV, was travelling to Durban, South Africa to attend an interna...


One of the most shocking murders to ever happen in the country came to light when police accidentally discovered the freshly severed head of a man, Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, 47, in the trunk of a pickup truck belonging to William Mason, a Guyanese national by birth, who goes by several aliases, including Rajesh/Ted/ Donny Ouellet, when they located and detained him in an investigation about another matter, a kidnapping. Apart from reportedly holding a Canadian passport, Mason was, strangely, in June 2015, issued a birth certificate claiming that he was born in Crooked Tree, Belize District. Lucas, on the other hand, popularly known as Pastor Lue, was a Dangriga-based pastor who died without any wife or children. He was a devoted Christian who had been especially critical of the LGBT agenda and had recently made some forays into politics.

Terrible tragedy – croc kills child, 8
An 8-year-old child was swallowed whole by a crocodile on Sunday afternoon. The child, Adriana Moody, and three other children were swimming with their mother in the Maypen river, located between the villages of Gardenia and Biscayne at around Mile 25 on the Philip Goldson Highway, when the attack occurred. According to Indira Rhaburn, 24, who police told us is Moody’s mother, at around 3:25 p.m. she saw the crocodile in the middle of the river with what appeared to be Adriana’s body in its jaws. The crocodile then began to swim down the river with the child, apparently dead, in its mouth. Police reports indicate that Rhaburn began to pursue the crocodile in a canoe, striking it in its head with her paddle. According to Rhaburn, despite her efforts the reptile went under water with the child, and she didn’t spot the child or the crocodile after that.

3 years for 6 grams of crack cocaine
Nine persons were arraigned on charges of possession of an illegal drug and possession of an illegal drug with intent to distribute, but one person out of the nine decided to accept responsibility for the three separate parcels of crack cocaine that the police’s Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) found at a house in Ladyville. Amilcar Tulcey, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking and two counts of possession. For his guilty plea, he was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of $10,000 for drug trafficking. For possession of a controlled drug, he was sentenced to two three-month sentences. The sentences are to run concurrently, so he will only serve three years in prison, but if he fails to pay the $10,000 fine, he will have to spend another three years behind bars. This morning the nine accused persons appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Elcelena Tulcey, 39, and her two minor daughters 14 and 17 years old; and her brother Amilcar Tulcey, a self-employed caterer, all residents of Mile 9 ½ Philip Goldson Highway; along with Messalina Garcia, 39, a hair-braider of Heron Street, Ladyville; Danielle Gabourel, 26, a customer service representative of Parrot Street, Ladyville; Tanisha Gabourel, 30, a housewife of Parrot Street, Ladyville; James Lozano, 18, a mechanic of Flamboyant Street, Ladyville; and an individual who is a car washer and has hearing and speaking disabilities.

Four Belizeans sentenced in Nevada for US$300,000 scheme
Four Belizeans who were convicted in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in January are facing prison terms and restitution fines in connection with their conviction for a benefits fraud scheme through which the family had defrauded federal agencies of roughly US$300,000 over a period of two years. The man accused of being a mastermind in the scheme, Frederick Vernon Williams, 35, formerly of Zericote Street, Belize City, was sentenced today by US District Judge James C. Mahan to 87 months (just over 7 years) in prison plus 3 years of supervised release, and ordered to pay approximately US$297,000 in restitution, according to an announcement by US Attorney Daniel G. Bogden for the District of Nevada. Bogden made the announcement via a press release today, indicating that Williams was the 4th family member sentenced in connection with the scheme. Williams had been slapped with a total of 20 criminal counts for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, mail fraud, theft of government money, making a false statement in application for a passport, and making false citizenship claims.

Policeman and his friend remanded on attempted murder charge
A police officer and another man, believed to be his friend, were remanded to the Belize Central Prison after they were arraigned on a charge that they attempted to murder a man in the Lake Independence area on Thursday, July 14. This morning, after more than three nights in police custody, PC Wallace Meighan, 19, a resident of 1B Mahogany Street Extension, and Travaun Chee, 21, a self-employed construction worker, were charged jointly in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court with four charges — one count of attempted murder, one count of dangerous harm and one count of use of deadly means of harm with a firearm upon Nigel Castillo, 29. The two were also charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Gilbert Arana. Meighan and Chee appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who read the charges to them.

Belize’s debt hitting another high
Reports published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicate that Belize’s debt is bound to hit a new high this year, with the Government of Belize having to settle compensation payments for the nationalization some years ago of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and the Belize Electricity Limited. Belize got its debt under control with the refinancing of the Superbond three years ago, when the country’s debt hit the lowest trough in over a decade. Now, though, the debt figures are following the same trajectory as they did around 2004, when the then administration of Said Musa racked up both public and publicly guaranteed debt which, according to data published by the IMF, pushed the ratio of debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) past 100% in 2004.

Toledo 8-Ball Billiards update as of Monday, July 18
Friday, July 15, at 7:00 p.m., Knights visited Challengers at Sarstoon Bar. Saturday, July 16, at 7:00 p.m., Anaconda visited Upstairs at Upstairs Lounge. Sunday, July 17, at 2:00 p.m., Upstairs visited Knights at Sarstoon Bar. Current Standing as of July 18, 2016.

BDBA Firms Tournament games continue
The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Tournament continued over the weekend with games at Bird’s Isle on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 14, 15 and 16. In games on Thursday night, BTL defeated Belize Bank Bulldogs, 91-82; and Mayan Man Warriors crushed Atlantic Bank, 88-68. On Friday, it was Belize City Council Dragons, 80-74, over Infotel; and Central Health with the 98-75 win over Bowen & Bowen. Saturday saw BTL grounding Civil Aviation Drones, 99-78; and Belize Bank Bulldogs chewed up Atlantic Bank, 77-66. Upcoming schedule Thursday, July 21 7:00 p.m. – Atlantic Bank vs Infotel 8:30 p.m. – Bowen & Bowen vs Dragons Friday, July 22

Yabra wins, 4-2, but Lilly White got his goal
Reporting on the Over 40 game at Yabra field yesterday between Lily White Blend and Yabra Culture to celebrate his birthday, Lilly White said his squad jumped the game, but Yabra came back to win 4-2, after being tied 1-1 at the half. “Some of my guys began to get tired late in the game,” said Lilly White; “but I still feel good because I got my goal, although they tried hard to stop me from scoring.” “Gellies” and “Reno” scored 2 goals each for Yabra, while “Jose” got the other goal for Lilly White Blend. Other outstanding players on Lilly White Blend were “Mango” in midfield and “Chukuru” in goal. “We all had a real good time, with lots of food, at Tatty’s place on Barrack Road after the game,” said Lilly White.

Winty J (Vincent Johnson) – my life, Part 8
A: Weh di Mugga tell yu afta di game?… W: Afta di game, man… da man… yo know da wata side… Part 8 A: Yeah… W: If hihn ne’ev’n… hihn no play, but hihn wahn(t) wi go swim… hihn staat to jinx wi… and tek i hand and do so da mi neck…. and pupalick (summersault) every minute… (laughs) he is… hey, Chalwa, he is something else… hihn know how fi really… dis man no mek yu sad, Chalwa… yo no?… dis da di bredda, mein… mi no see no man weh da man… …hey!.. listen man… A: Di Mugga! W: i da no no angel, yo no… i just gat wah vibes weh i no how fi treat people, bredda, yo no?… and i… i respect man… and i gih respect too… becaa da no no bwai kyan kum ‘round wid no foolishness, yo no… off wid di coat or… yo no?… so… A: i no does fight, and so… W: No!… but dehn call him BEMBE!… caa i wahn beat yu… yo no?…

Editorial: Hard times
Belize is experiencing hard times, and things are about to get worse at the base of the socio-economic pyramid. There will be a flurry of government spending for the September celebrations, but the overall decline in our private sector economy will continue unabated, as the Belizean economy continues to lose jobs. We have a functional parliamentary democracy in Belize. We have a free press and an open business market. Our country is blessed with bountiful natural resources. But our economy has been struggling for years, and, to repeat, things are getting worse. What is Belize’s problem? Well, let us begin with a world view. In the twentieth century, we saw countries like Russia, China, and Cuba make major economic progress with the implementation of revolutionary political systems which featured state control of the economy. During the twentieth century, we also saw countries like India, Singapore, and Taiwan substantially improve their economic performances with political systems which were open, democratic and allowed for free markets. There is a vibrant private sector in India, Singapore, and Taiwan. For most of the twentieth century, there was no private sector, as we know it in Western-style democracies, in Russia, China, and Cuba.

From the Publisher
I went to a funeral on Thursday afternoon. This newspaper’s chief printer was burying his oldest son, a teenager. He had been killed in their Southside neighborhood. The violence, said the police, appeared to be gang-related. Gang violence in Belize City is tied in with neighborhood loyalties. Once a baby child is born and grows up on certain streets in certain areas of this town, then he is almost automatically gang-affiliated, as we would say. There were two aspects of the funeral which jumped out at me. One was that my printer is the son of a lady, now 88, whom I grew up next to on Church Street, between Albert and East Canal. Her family, a roots black family, was one house down from where I spent the first seven years of my life. During the more than six decades which have passed since I moved from that ‘hood to West Canal and Regent Street West, I lost direct contact with Bunsie and Lester and Alma, and so on, but I always remembered we had a connection from the old Church Street years.

Letter to the Editor: Belizeans, let’s have a plebiscite
Dear Editor, Has Belize done everything reasonably possible to buttress its case against Guatemala’s ever shifting claims to its territory? Guatemala found its claims upon a theory known in international law as utipossidetis, or “as you possess.” In the face of historic fact to the contrary, Guatemala asserts that such authority as Spain exercised in and over Belize prior to Central American independence was exercised through the Captaincy-General of Guatemala. In fact, such authority was asserted instead through the Captaincy-General of the Yucatán. Guatemala also conveniently ignores the historic fact that once independent, it negotiated and signed a treaty in 1859 which simply recognized and memorialized a pre-existing boundary line between British territory and the territory of Guatemala. In no sense can the 1859 Treaty be construed as ceding Guatemalan territory to Britain in exchange for a promise to build a trade route. Accordingly, Guatemala’s claim to have cause, to rescind its obligation, to have ceded land because of Britain’s failure to build a trade route has no basis in fact or in law.

Letter to the Editor: Dismembering The Jewel
Dear Editor, Recently, I have been thinking of something my mother used to tell us as children when an object of value fell and broke. She would say, “Save the pieces”. Looking back I think her reason for this request was to see if the treasured possession could be mended if the pieces were saved. Let us now turn to the topic of this correspondence. There is an overwhelming preponderance of facts and opinions from very learned and intelligent persons supporting the position that Belize has a virtually iron-clad defense for clearly defined boarders with Guatemala and sound legal title to the territory it occupies. Those who support our Government’s decision to go to the ICJ have used this argument in support of their position. I find this to be very sound reasoning and I do agree with them that we could easily prevail at the ICJ if this were the question the ICJ will be asked to decide. Unfortunately however, under the Special Agreement our leaders have made with Guatemala, this is not the case.

Forensic experts probe deadly shootings in conflicts over incursions
Belize’s western border with Guatemala is known to be a very porous border through which Guatemalans habitually come to pillage the resources east of the Petén, and particularly in the area known as the Chiquibul. The Chiquibul is Belize’s most expansive protected land mass, divided into the Chiquibul National Park, the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, where Special Constable Danny Conorquie was gunned down in 2014 while on duty, reportedly by Guatemalans who were irate over the confiscation of their horses, used to illegally extract logs from the area. The Conorquie death was never subjected to a thorough forensic probe. However, it may now be included in a broader investigation triggered by the recent shooting death of a Guatemalan minor at Cebada, within the national park, and very near to the Belize-Guatemala border. Two experts are reportedly in-country to lead that investigation, commissioned by the Organization of American States (OAS), following separate requests from Belize and Guatemala.

Europe’s financial system on verge of collapse
Last weekend, Prime Minister Renzi said that while Italy has a banking crisis that could end in collapse at any time because of the more than 360 million euros in non-performing debt; he should warn that the crisis surrounding Deutsche Bank is “a hundred times worse”. Deutsche Bank is sitting on a pile of non-performing loans and some US $ 72.8 trillion in current derivatives contracts. Germany’s entire GDP is US $ 4 trillion, and the entire European countries produce some US $ 18 trillion dollars per year. Deutsche has a leverage ratio of 40:1. Remember Lehman at the time of its collapse had a leverage ratio of 31:1. In the last 12 months, Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet fell some 48%. Now it’s at 8% of its value in the year 2007. But another bubble is about to burst in Europe. According to Bloomberg, as of Monday major real estate funds in London were facing major investors’ run; and the prospect of an imminent blowout of the entire British real estate bubble is very real. Standard Life Investments has suspended its UK Real Estate fund so as to stop investors’ pulling out money.

Impostor cops rob Income Tax of $30,000
The Income Tax Department Office on Trinity Boulevard in Belmopan was held up by three impostor policemen at about 4:30 this afternoon. The office, which is a one-flat bungalow-type concrete building, is unattached to buildings in the row on Trinity Boulevard. The robbers stole about $30,000 along with the personal belongings of the office clerks, and the cap and gun of the policeman who was on duty in the office. Police told Amandala that the clerks were balancing their books before closing when two men wearing police-type camouflage clothing on which the word “POLICE” was imprinted, and also wearing caps that matched the camouflage clothing, approached the office. The police officer on duty at the office, believing that they were police officers making checks, opened the door so that they could enter.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Stolen boat engines recovered by Placencia Police
A boat engine was reported stolen by Placencia Tour Guide Leopold Leslie, 48, on Saturday July 16th. Leslie told police he docked his 23-foot vessel with a 60 Horse Power grey Yamaha brand engine near the Municipal Pier area in Placencia Village. When he […]

Donald Trump is Republican Party nominee for U.S. president
This evening, businessman Donald Trump officially clinched the Republican Party presidential nomination after securing enough delegates during the roll call vote on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. U.S. media sources report that a rules change allowed Trump’s home state, […]

Mayor: No money missing from Bond sinking fund
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has issued a blistering response to allegations that some 200 thousand dollars is missing from the Sinking Fund held in the Central Bank of Belize, which serves as the base of repayment of the 20 million dollar municipal bond […]

City Hall disowns William Mason
The name William Mason has been all over the news since Monday, but there was a time when it was not widely known. In fact, six weeks ago, Mason appeared at a Central Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) press conference at the start of the […]

CitCo holds public consultation on seaside development
It’s common for major projects under the environmental impact assessment process organized by the Department of the Environment (DOE) to hold public consultations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a project – and engagements tend to be robust, as with the Harvest Caye […]

Rupert Myles trespass challenge gets underway
The first hearing of the connected cases of the Maya community of Santa Cruz versus Rupert Myles for trespass at the Uxbenka Maya site and Jalacte village versus the Government of Belize was heard by Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana. As the road toward […]

Mentally challenged P.G. man admits manslaughter in stepfather’s death
25 year old David Ortiz of Punta Gorda Town has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter in the death of his stepfather, 69 year old David Benguche in March of 2014. Ortiz, found to be mentally challenged, was today handed a […]

Bulgarians back in court for confiscation challenge
28 year old Jeorji Petrov, and 25 year old Halid Yuksel Aptula have already pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft and are serving a concurrent 12-month prison sentence. In May of this year, the Bulgarian nationals were caught stealing from the Belize Bank […]

Maya and GOB back to CCJ over consent order
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) this morning held a hearing via video-conference with legal representatives of the Government of Belize and the Maya Leaders Alliance/Toledo Alcaldes Association in response to recent reports on the implementation of the Consent Order it issued last April recognizing […]

Belizeans sentenced in fraud case
Las Vegas media reports say four family members from Belize have been given their sentences in a scheme to steal almost $300,000 in unemployment funds and benefits from multiple federal agencies. 35 year old Frederick Vernon Williams was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge […]

San Ignacio man stabbed to death
Edilberto Morales, 33, was stabbed to death last night in San Ignacio during an altercation. Morales was stabbed to the chest, rib area and left shoulder. The incident happened in the Santiago Juan Layout area of San Ignacio town. Morales, a resident of the […]


Marie Sharp’s is Fiery Hot!
Located along the Hummingbird Highway is an amazing operation that can only be described as ‘Fiery Hot’. Ha…okay, yes, I’m talking Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce Factory, and I promise no more cheesy jokes. Marie Sharp’s began as Melinda Pepper Sauce, and there are a lot of older generation folks who still refer to the bottles as such. Whatever you call it, the sauce remains the same, with an almost cult-like following. It is a staple on Belizean tables and a quick, easy, much-appreciated souvenir for visitors, and those who live in the US often BEG for bottles of the hot stuff. The hot sauce market is varied, and Marie Sharp’s is right there standing proud with the big guns. Japan is their #1 export client; with the green habanero sauce being their favorite. Germany and the USA are tied for second biggest client, followed closely by Switzerland and South Korea. Yes…our beloved Marie Sharp’s is smokin’ worldwide! It’s hard not to argue that point: hand-picked and washed habaneros, hand-chopped carrots and onions, all natural ingredients with zero preservatives…Marie Sharp’s has cornered the market for unique, homegrown hot sauce.

Monday Morning on Ambergris Caye’s Leeward Side: THE Sandbar
Saturday afternoon, we headed back around the island and up to the leeward side for some fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and relaxation at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly or “the camp”… Gorgeous night time photo taken by Vishal Billa. Two boats headed up. Family from California is in town… It’s been a beautiful weekend. Yesterday was perfect for a trip to the sand bar – two boats again headed out- the larger one with people, the smaller skiff towing a few paddle boards. Some went out on the Boteboards… Some went fishing… Even a drone was sent up to see it all from above. MAN those drones are cool. But after about 2 hours of paddling and just soaking, dark clouds started to move in and we were off. Bottom line? I LOVE THIS SANDBAR.

International Sourcesizz

Suspected Canadian con artist arrested in Belize for allegedly beheading priest
On Saturday evening, outside of a downtown bar in Belize's capital, Belmopan, police peered into the bed of a pickup truck parked outside of a bar. There, police say they found cash, firearms, and a bucket. Inside the bar was William Mason. Inside the bucket was a head, which belonged to a local pastor. The truck, even his own attorney admits, belonged to Mason. One TV station has billed the murder as the "crime of the decade." Another said that the killing had "paralyzed the country." According to local media, based on interviews with lawyers, prosecutors, and police, Mason refused to cooperate with police, and officers had to break into his truck in order to continue the search. From there, they searched Mason's pig farm in a nearby town where police believe they've found the burnt remains of a body. The victim, Pastor Llewelyn "Lue" Lucas, was, according to a local TV station, "loved and respected by everyone." An image of Lucas' severed head sent to VICE News shows that it was stuffed into a plastic bag.

Mohawk Regional students hunt iguana, eat termites on Belize trip
Thirteen students from the Mohawk Trail Regional School traveled to another world this summer — to the rainforest, Mayan culture and barrier reef of Belize, a small Carribbean nation just south of Mexico. A small country of 380,000 residents that is 60 percent forest, Belize is known for its diverse ecosystems and many species of land and water animals. It was also home to the Mayan civilization, which flourished there about 3,000 years ago. “It was quite an adventure, as we spent five days in the rainforest, four days on the coral reef and an overnight at the Belize Zoo,” said Mohawk science teacher Kathleen Stier, who was one of the chaperones on the trip. The first time Stier went to Belize was in 1979, she said — and it was a trip that changed her life. “It was a rugged, unforgettable trip,” she said. “It made me want to study biology.” Since then, Stier has been to Belize a few more times. But she spoke about it so often that her Advanced Placement biology students started asking her to take them with her this summer.

10 Best Places to Retire in Belize
Belize is most certainly not the cheapest countries to retire to. If you are looking at Belize as your retirement destination, it is safe to assume that you already have taken care of the finance. That said, if you are interested in retiring to a tropical paradise, then you cannot go wrong with Belize. The country may be small compared to some other competing tropical locations, but it sure does pack a big punch when it comes to charm and scenery. Well, it must be said that there are some Latin American and Asian countries out there that offer the tropical beauty at a much cheaper package, but little perks like a great English speaking community, awesome 55+ communities in almost every locale around the country make it just a bit more attractive. Also, expats and foreign retirees living there at present have very high opinion of Belize for anyone willing to spend their golden years in peace. Also, there is a lot of fun activities to do in Belize, during both day and night. But, packing your bags and setting sail should wait till you find the right place to retire to in Belize.


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  • Duane & Isani Weekend Wrap Up on Open Your Eyes..., 26min.

  • National Epidemiology Unit on Open Your Eyes..., 23min.

  • Tribute to Pastor Lucas, 4min.

  • BELIZE A STATE OF EMERGENCY - William Mason and the Government of Belize, 3min. Anonymous Belize

  • ORANGE WALKENOS BEWARE. THE FISH IS NOT HEALTHY FOR CONSUMPTION, 1/2min. Its the kids im worrying about, yesrerday 4 kids took a bag full of fish home. Is it so coincidental that a factory is dumping spoil molasses, which the workers say gives you itching if you touch it, into their ponds and down stream by maracas the fishes are dying. can it be that maybe just maybe the fishes are dying every year around this same time because it's at this time of year the factory cleans out?

  • Belize, 4.5min.

  • Gospel Ambassadors, 5min. Zamar Student Choir shares the Good News of the gospel with evangelistic CDs and tracts on mission in the country of Belize, Central America.

  • Belize drone footage, 3min.

  • Diving in Caye Caulker, Belize, 3.5min. Saw the most amazing reef in Caye Caulker, Belize. DSLR footage by Charlotte, GoPro footage by Rayna.

  • Interview with Mr. Alpuche CEO for Agriculture in Belize, 4min. Our CEO Umeeda Switlo speaks with Mr. Alpuche about the future of the Agriculture industry in Belize.

  • Abroad to Belize!, 8min.

  • The Reefs of Belize - 360° Video, 3.5min. Take an underwater journey to Glover’s Reef Research Station in Belize and immerse yourself in coral reefs. Experience the thrills, challenges, and serendipity of wildlife photography and explore the role of visual culture as a catalyst for positive social change on our tiny blue planet.

    July 19, 2016


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    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    Ambergris Today

    Pic of the Week - Wild Underwater Encounters in Belize
    "Chill with my boy Crush, giving me some fin," says Josh Nuñez who loves to explore the undewater magnificence of the Barrier Reef of Belize. He is notorious for his wild and fun images with his GoPro camera when he goes out at sea on the job. This week he had a very cool and close encounter with a sea turtle at the Mexico Rocks dive site off Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    Belize to Launch Destination Plans at Key Emerging Tourism Locations
    Over the next few weeks, stakeholders in the tourism destinations of Toledo, Caye Caulker, Corozal and the Mountain Pine Ridge/Caracol/Chiquibul area will launch Destination Plans that reflect the collective vision for tourism development, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA). The Destination Plans identify key tourism infrastructure projects and priorities that are considered critical for further sustainable development of tourism in the respective destination. The Plans are the culmination of a process started over a year ago with the support of the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB), that brought together multiple community, private and public stakeholders to craft a common, integrated approach to tourism development. This approach follows the recommendations of the National Sustainable Tourism Masterplan 2030 (NSTMP), which highlights the need for greater involvement of multiple stakeholders in destination coordination and management, and encourages local stakeholder leadership within all facets of tourism development including planning, branding and promotion, and quality management.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Sofa/futon FREE on Caye Caulker
    Nice piece but has some stains that are washable or can be reapholstered. Send message and check it out.

    Cultural Explosion: Indian Dancers
    The participants of the Indian Dance workshop which will take place on July 27th to August 5th, 2016 in Corozal will be featured in this super event. Corozal Central Park.

    Bahamas National Youth Choir
    FREE CONCERT: The Bahamas National Youth Choir in Belize is in this week! Reserve your spot by picking up your free ticket today at Bliss Center for Performing Arts

    Tour Guide Licenses
    Please be advised that all Tour Guide Licenses expire on July 31st, 2016. Applications are now being accepted. The licensing process can take up to two (2) weeks. To avoid being unlicensed for any period of time please come in to our offices at least two weeks prior to the expiration date. Any Guide who fails to complete the entire renewal process before July 31st, 2016 and continues to operate will be seen as operating illegally. As per the Belize Tourism Board (Tour Guide) Regulations, it is an offence to operate without a valid license and a person found guilty of said offence is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one (1) year, or to both such fine and term of imprisonment.

    Last full breed miniature Schnauzer
    $350. Consejo, Belize. 1 month 1 week. Male. Dewormed and no tail. Location Corozal Town. Can be shipped country wide. Inbox or wdatsapp @ 620-0519. Parents on the view.

    The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of Beltraide is currently conducting two (2) important training sessions designed with the young and elderly persons in mind. The first training is entitled: Creating a Stronger Path to Workforce Readiness. It targets senior high schools students, especially at risk young people, as well as recent graduates and aims to provide them with introductory job preparedness training in order to build their capacity to help them to develop the self-awareness and interpersonal “soft skills” needed to be successful in the job market. The training will last for three weeks and is being held in collaboration between RESTORE Belize and BTEC.

    Scholarships; bachelor degree level. The deadline for submitting a copy of your documents (for short-listing) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NEMO Building, Belmopan has been established at Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

    1st Sir Barry Bowen Male Beach Volleyball Open
    July 23, 24.

    Miss Belize – Miss Costa Maya International 2016
    The International Costa Maya Festival is excited to announce its eight and final contestant vying for the title of Miss Costa Maya International 2016. Meet Miss Belize, Yadira Yvette Argueta. Yadira Yvette Argueta is an enthusiastic and determined young lady who is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in accounting at the University of Belize. The twenty two year old works full time in the accounting field. Her future endeavor is to pursue a Masters degree in finance and aspires to become an auditor and eventually open her own accounting firm. However, her dichotomous nature is truly revealed as she regularly trades in her office wear for the catwalk in expression of her passion for modeling and pageantry. Miss Argueta captured the title and Queen of the Bay Belize in 2012, one of the most prestigious pageants of the country of Belize . She also represented Belize in Miss PJD2 Caribbean pageant in 2014. In her leisure she enjoys dancing, singing playing sports and meeting new people. She also enjoys reading and stimulating conversation in an effort to quench her undying thirst for knowledge. “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is the proverb that has become the Motto Yadira chooses to live by. She is a mentor to many adolescents and she is always willing to lend a helping hands to those in need.

    Channel 7

    Double Arraignment For Men Accused of Beheading Pastor
    All this weekend, Belizeans were equally intrigued and horrified with the news that a Dangriga pastor, Llewellyn Lucas had been beheaded and a big money Belmopan based businessman was found with the pastor's head in the pan of his pickup truck. Not only was it in the pan of his truck, the businessman was taking some drinks at a bar when police found the head in his truck! It's the most bizarre case we've ever heard, and likely marks a disturbing first for Belize. Yes, there have been beheadings, but a pastor's perfectly intact head – stored like a trophy – in a bucket in the pan of a wealthy man's pickup truck!? It is truth stranger than fiction… We'll have all the details you need tonight, but we start with what's happening right now. Belmopan police are scrambling to arraign the main suspect. He's 46 year-old William Mason, who also has a number of aliases and assumed names including Ted Oulette. Police say that over the weekend they found Pastor Llewellyn Lucas' head in Mason's vehicle.

    Pastor Beheading Could Be The Crime of The Decade
    So that's the wrinkle late this evening – and we'll have more on it during the news, but all weekend long, just like everyone else, we've been trying to wrap our heads around it. There are so many angles to this case and that's primarily because the accused is a mystery man – and one with lots of money, and this tentacles run deep into politics and law enforcement. He goes by many names, but we'll start with William Alexander Mason. That's the name on the birth certificate for a Guyanese man who is believed to be named Danny Ouelette – or he could also be Canadian Ted Ouelette, or he could be Belizean William Ferguson…those are all the names this man went by. And if that makes your head spin – it's only the start for a man who claimed to be a vet, a pig farmer, a property developer, heck, he even said he was a chef – and he wasn't just talk, William Mason owned a mansion and a huge 160 acre ranch, among other valuable assets.

    The Mysterious "Mr. Mason"
    Indeed, it appears that William Mason had many ongoing business transactions – both licit and illicit, including two with prominent businessmen from the Cayo District who he had allegedly extorted. Both made reports to police, but one of them withdrew the complaint and allegedly paid Mason one hundred and four thousand dollars, while the other fled the country, fearing for his family's safety. That – along with his multiple bogus identities – is why he was under observation by Belmopan police – who, just by sheer luck - came upon him on Friday night – hours after Llewellyn Lucas had been be-headed. Today police discussed the cases that he was under investigation for, and why they had taken so long to arrest him:…

    Did The Well Connected William Mason Get Special Treatment?
    But, even if he was evasive and cunning, how much of the delay in tracking him down was due to the fact that William Mason was a very big man in Belmopan? In three years, he had insinuated himself into the company of many powerful and not so powerful people. Today the media asked police minister John Saldivar if he was one of Mason's many friends – even after the Minister made it clear that there would be no special treatment for him:… Hon. John Saldivar - National Security Minister: "We want to make it absolutely clear that this investigation will be conducted with the greatest openness and transparency because there are no sacred cows in this investigation and no special connection that will give Mr. Mason any special privilege." Geovannie Brackett: "Is he being well connected going to hinder the investigation? How will this be treated?" Hon. John Saldivar - National Security Minister: "Well absolutely will not have any effect, I do not know who he is well connected to and I don't know what you mean by well connected. If you're asking the question if I know Mr. Mason obviously he is a resident of Belmopan and a business man and in terms of my direct involvement with him at some point last year he had made some contributions to my football club the Bandits but that is the extent of it..."

    Mason's Gun License Suspicious
    So, no one did favours for William Mason – but does his gun license suggest that someone bent the rules for him? The slot that should have the number of his passport is blank. And, indeed, we are told that while he did have a Belizean birth certificate under the name William Mason, he never did get a Belizean passport under that name. Today the media asked police about that license:… Hon. John Saldivar - National Security Minister: "I have never done any favour for Mr. Mason with respect to gun licenses so those are all false allegations. I have never done so and as I've already pointed out to you in answering you question it is the Commissioner of Police that approves gun licenses." Reporter: "The file for Williams Mason when was applying for a gun licenses the only we are reliably informed within that file now is a police record. That police record is missing the passport number. Yes he's sighted as a Belizean citizen but his passport number is missing. There is no ID number to go by for him."

    Minister Saldivar Says He Had No Dispute With Pastor Lue
    But, if Saldivar wasn't friendly with Mason, then he surely was a friend to Llewelyn Lucas. He posted on his Facebook page today that Lucas was his childhood friend that they were altar boys and scouts together. But while Saldivar has fond reminiscences of Lucas who he calls a friend and brother, the feeling wasn't mutual. Up to the end of June, Lucas was posting on his Facebook page that Saldivar wasn't helping him with a property issue. Today Saldivar said that was a non-issue to him:… Hon. John Saldivar - National Security Minister: "I have not read his site. I will not get into the details of what I know about his issues within his family those are family issues I believe if that is the same thing you are talking about but it had absolutely nothing to do with me. I know that he had made a public plea for me to help him in his family dispute over the house but I did not see it fit for me to get involved in a family matter."

    Croc Kills 8 Year Old In Maypen Waters
    It would have been a headline on any other night…but tonight a man eating croc is in the second segment because of the Pastor Llewllyn Lucas beheading. A family from Maypen Village in the Belize River Valley is trying to come to terms with the tragic loss of a child. She's 8 year-old Adriana Moody, and she was killed by a crocodile which attacked her. Baby Adriana was swimming with 2 other kids and her aunt Indira Rhaburn. That's when the crocodile, which had been lurking in the deeper waters, grabbed her by the leg and dragged her under. The aunt shouted for her mom, Bridget Moody, who immediately jumped into a dory and set chase. She spotted the croc nearby, and without any regard for her own safety, used the paddle to strike it in the head. But, it was futile, the crocodile dove down and swam away – with the child clutched in its jaws.

    Getting It Right The Second Time: Mason & Co.'s Second Arraignment
    Just before the news, we told you about the failure of the late evening arraignment of William Mason and the other men charged for Pastor Llewelyn beheading. Well, our news team only just came back from court, and the defence attorney, Herbert Panton told us why he thinks that his clients are being mistreated by what he calls a fiasco: Herbert Panton - Attorney for Mr. Mason: "The prosecutor at the time indicated that he only needed a day and the matter was adjourned for 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon; the claim that the crime happened at the ranch at mile 31 which would place it in the Belize judicial district so the matter would have been brought before some magistrate here tomorrow. The magistrate in Belmopan also ordered that my clients be released because they had already gone way pass the 48 hour mandated by the constitution in which the police is authorized to hold them. Instead of having my clients walk out of court the police acted in breach of a court order, placed my clients back in the police vehicle, took them to the station and put in the lock up; after about a half hour of one senior officer giving one order and senior officer giving another order. It was ordered they be given their belongings and released.."

    Security Ministry Unveils New Plan For Gangs
    As you saw, today's press conference by the Ministry of National Security was dominated by news of the Pastor Llewelyn Lucas beheading. But, the truth is, the press conference had been planned a week earlier – as a response to the flare up in gang activity in Belize City. To begin the press conference, Police Minister Saldivar outlined a re-energized effort at suppressing gang activity in Belize – which has the murder rate on a record pace: Hon. John Saldivar - National Security Minister: "This year we seem on a pace to equal or exceed last year's murder count and that has to be a cause for pause by all of us. What we do know and see if a continuation of the gang warfare, a continuation or the senseless killing among our young black youths of the city. Worth of note is the alarming trend that shows an increase in gang membership from just under 800 in 2013 to over 1,000 in 2016. When we add this to the fact that since 2013 over 115 gang members have been murdered it suggest that for every gang member killed, 3 new members are recruited most of whom come from out vulnerable Belize City youth population. Cabinet is determined to take another shot at finding a lasting solution and has tasks the deputy prime minister who has responsibility for youth to lead a task force to come up with some recommendations."

    How Did Mason Get Into CEMO?
    Throughout the news, you've heard all of the angles related to William Mason, also known as Ted Oulette, among many other names. 7 weeks ago, we were introduced to him, William Mason, businessman and supposed philanthropist extraordinaire as part of the City Emergency Management Organization's rescue and evacuation response He claimed back then at the CEMO press conference that his outfit was equipped with generators which could quote, "light up a place like a football field". For reference, we re-air a portion of that interview in which he claimed to have a 25 member staff who were able to deploy a drone service at a moment's notice: FILE (June 1, 2016) Phillip Willoughby - City Council, CEMO: "Whenever we hear the term emergency management, emergency planning, yes you hear at the head from NEMO then normally you would hear directly from myself and it would always me making these comments. So this time around I want you to hear directly from the experts who will be directly responsible for providing the actual safety, the actual ground work."

    Pastor Lue Was Loved
    And while you've heard and seen so much about William Mason tonight as the supposed orchestrator of a beheading, what about the victim? Well, in between the very involved police investigation and court updates, there is Lucas's grieving family who is waiting patiently for answers as to why their loved one was ruthlessly murdered. Today his Belmopan family told us off camera that they are still trying to come to terms with his death because "Pastor Lue" as he was affectionately called, was loved and respected by everyone. Lucas' sister told us that he left Belize for New York in 1990 to work in the family business with his brother. He lived in New York for about 14 years. During that time he studied to become a pastor. Lucas had just recently returned to Belize a couple years ago and was the head pastor of a Baptist church in Dangriga. Lucas also lead sermon's here at the Belmopan Baptist Church as well as other churches across the country. His sister told us she will always remember him as a vibrant and passionate person.

    Armed Robbers Took Thousands From The Tax Office
    Belmopan police are looking for an employee of the income tax department to charge him in connection with a daring robbery that happened at that office on Friday. Three men in camouflage clothing stormed into the building at 5:50. One of them pointed a gun at a police officer who was providing security and then tied up all four persons who were in the office – also taping up their mouths. One of the robbers then snatched $29,000.00 dollars in cash from the drawer - which were the tax receipts for the day. They then took personal items and cash from the employees as well as the police officer's weapon, a 38 revolver with five live rounds and his police cap. Investigations, security footage and a matched fingerprint show that an employee is involved and police expect to make an arrest shortly.

    One Month After Beating Murder Rap, Ronlee Charged For Another Killing
    Exactly one month ago on June 17th., 7News was at court when Ronlee Petillo beat another murder rap, and scooted away from court a free man. IT was the second time he had gotten off murder – in that case for the 2011 killing of a market vendor. Well, he has been charged again – this time for the murder of Roger Banner. Banner was killed 10 days ago on West Canal in what police say was a drug related shooting. Today the officer commanding southside told us why they believe it's Ronlee again:.. Jules Vasquez: "Sir now Ronlee recently came off a murder in which he on remand I think 5 years. Are you saying that he went to a murder right after he came off of a murder?" ACP Chester Williams- O. C. Eastern South: "Well that is what we are receiving, our investigation has pointed directly towards him and so resulting from our investigation we have laid charge against him yesterday for the murder of Roger Banner."

    Ice Skating In Belize?
    Ice Skating in Belize, a tropical country which never snows? That's what the professional dance company from Russia is offering to the Belizeans who come out to see their show. These professional dancers are part of the Moscow Ballet on Ice, a dance company that has performed all over the world. They're come to Belize for the first time, and today, they gave us a preview what you could expect if you come out to see them: They'll be here for only 4 days, performing first at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. They will be there on July 30 and 31. The show then moves to San Pedro for a performance on August 3. Then, they finish up in San Ignacio on August 6. Tickets are on sale at the Bliss.

    Channel 5

    A Pastor is Butchered and Decapitated on a Sprawling Ranch
    At news time, police are transporting from Belmopan to Belize City, the prime suspect and four other men to be arraigned for the chilling murder of a pastor. The group [...]

    William Mason Financed Belmopan Bandits
    William Mason is being charged along with Terence Fernandez, Keron Fernandez, Ernest Castillo and Ashton Vanegas. Mason is being represented by attorney Herbert Panton of Lindo’s Law Firm. The brutal [...]

    Is Alleged Murderer Linked to Senior Politicos?
    Just in case you underestimate Mason’s connections, we can tell you tonight that the case is being handled under extremely tight security protocols – including heavy armed guard at the [...]

    Mason Will Likely Face Additional Kidnapping Charges
    Tonight there is a very strong suggestion that the murder of Lucas may not be the only crime hanging over Mason’s head. In fact, the reason for the preliminary detention [...]

    How Did Mason Get Belizean Nationality?
    William Mason is allegedly a dual national with ties to Canada and Guyana – but when Police seized his documents they found out that he seems to be a tri-national [...]

    Minor Killed By Crocodile in May Pen
    The Moody family in May Pen, Belize District is tonight grieving the sudden death of eight year old Adrianna Moody, whose body was retrieved this morning from the Belize River [...]

    Jaguars Threaten Livestock in Small Community
    But aside from crocodiles in the May Pen Village, there is also another threat to residents since wild cats have been spotted coming frighteningly close to the village. According to [...]

    Investigation into Chiquibul Death Finally Gets Underway
    There have not been official details on the investigation into the death of Guatemalan minor Julio René Alvarado Ruano, which occurred on April twentieth, 2016 in the Chiquibul. Today the [...]

    William Mason, AKA Ted Ouelette, is Trooped to Court
    In the latest development on the murder of Pastor Lucas, late this evening, five men, including purported criminal mastermind William Mason, were trouped to the Magistrate’s Court in Belize City [...]

    Arraignment of Alleged Murderers is Delayed to Tuesday
    Outside the courtroom building this evening, a detail of heavily armed law enforcement personnel stood guard over the vehicle transporting the alleged murderers.  Moments later, Panton informed the media that [...]

    The GSU is Back to Address Escalating Gang Tension
    The Lucas murder is certainly center stage, even if Belize does see more than its share of violent crime. In fact the press conference hosted by the Ministry of National [...]

    Saldivar Says Police Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated
    But while the GSU has the blessings of the government, it’s not exactly carte blanche. The unit has taken a bad rap, perhaps very deserved, for its militant stance when [...]

    BPD Will Also Crack Down on Quality of Life Crimes
    With the appointment of an action task force, enhanced community policing and the GSU, the Ministry of National Security is pulling out all the stops. There’s one new move which [...]

    Ladyville Police Say Burglary Tied to Domestic Situation
    Last week, we reported on a woman detained under curious circumstances at the Ladyville Police station.  Ana Villacorte, a victim of an alleged burglary, told News Five that she was [...]

    Career Criminal Charged for Banner Murder
    He recently was released from prison after five years on remand for a murder charge, but tonight, Ronlee Petillo is back behind bars after he was formally charged for the [...]

    Cop Charged for Attempted Murder
    Earlier today, a police officer and another man were placed on remand at the Belize Central Prison for last Thursday’s attempted murder of twenty-nine-year old Nigel Castillo who was shot once [...]

    Football, Basketball and Softball in Weekend Sports
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We begin with Belize District Football t the MCC Grounds where the mad dash to make the championship match [...]


    Robbers Target Western Union Orange Walk Branch
    Orange Walk Police are tonight looking for two persons believed to be responsible for the midday robbery of a Western Union Branch here in Orange Walk Town. The robbery occurred this afternoon at around 12:15 when 2 men entered the establishment, one of them armed with a firearm, and held up one employee and two customers. Jose Mendez – Inspector of Police, Orange Walk: “Today we receive information of a robbery in progress at Western Union at Belize/Corozal Road address where the police visited the area where the cashier Ortiz reported that the establishment was robbed at gun point. Based on information received we are seeking for two individuals at this moment, police at still following all leads gathered and we hope by the end of today or tomorrow we suppose to also have positive information as to the suspects.”

    John Saldivar Speaks Of Relationship With Mason
    At the heels of Pastor lucas’ death, information coming out is huge and some even indicate that Guyanese national, William Mason who also goes by the name of Rajesh Ouelet had built connections with high ranking cabinet ministers here in Belize including Minister of National Security, John Saldivar. Today Saldivar admitted that he had indeed met Mason, who assisted him with sponsorship for his football club last year but otherwise he has no affiliations with the accused murderer. Honorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security: “If you asking the question if I know Mr. Mason obviously he was a resident of Belmopan, a businessman and in terms of my direct involvement with him at some point last year he had made some contributions to my football club, the Bandits, but that is the extent of it I have not heard or seen Mr. Mason since September last year, we do not at this time have any friendship.”

    San Pablo Village Council Divided
    The village council of San Pablo is made up of a PUP chairman, three PUP and three UDP counselors who made a commitment to the people to work as one for the betterment of the village. But it seems that the San Pablo village council, much like the one in Trial Farm village is already facing disunion as on Friday the official swearing in ceremony for the team was held but the three councilors from the UDP slate were not present for the occasion. Javier Sabido- Chairman: “Yo le he mandado una carta oficial, una invitación a cada miembro del concilio, a los seis miembros electos que vengan para hacer el juramento oficial aquí en San Pablo Community Centre Hoy a las siete de la noche, lamentable mente los tres miembros electos del UDP no aparecieron aquí sin ninguna razón y se les mando una carta oficial donde se les invita que hoy iba ser el juramento oficial.” Even though an official invitation was sent to the three UDP councilors, they were a no show. Their actions, according to Chairman Javier Sabido, speaks volumes of their willingness to work for the betterment of San Pablo.

    Five Injured In Traffic Accident
    A traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway over the weekend between a pickup truck and an SUV left five persons injured. The accident occurred on Sunday evening at around 5:40. Indications are that 24 year old Roby Morales, Belizean Accountant of Santa Clara Village, Corozal District, was driving the pickup truck on the Xaibe Road heading towards Corozal Town when the SUV driven at the time by 32 year old Ramona Lewis, Belizean Income Tax Officer of San Narciso Village, Corozal collided into the pickup truck as it approached a curve at the entrance of Xaibe Village. Travelling along with Morales at the time of the accident was 25 year old Sheila Medina, Belizean Secretary of Patchakan Village, Corozal who sustained abrasions to the left side of her face. Twenty nine year old Paul Lewis, Belizean Police Officer of Ladyville Village, Belize District, who was in the SUV along with two minors sustained a cut wound over his right eye and left knee and complained of pain to his chest while the seven and two year old minors complained of pain to the right foot and hand respectively.

    Computer Classes Offered To Students In Chan Pine Ridge Village
    In keeping with their campaign manifesto to work for the progress of the community, today the newly elected members of the Chan Pine Ridge Village council launched their first summer computer course with the participation of more than 30 children from the village. According to PUP councilor, German Tzul, the course is geared at providing participant with an early start in the field of technology. German Tzul- Councilor: “First of all let me highlight that this is the first time that an initiative like this is being undertaken by the village council and we feel very good about it because from day one we promised all the people that we will be taking advantage of all the resources that we have in the village and I believe this is one of the major steps that we are taking in taking advantage of the computer lab. In this time and era as we all know technology plays a very, very vital role in many things; in communication, in education and I believe this is one of the areas that we are focusing now in terms of education because many of our students need to be prepared with technology, how to manipulate a computer, it is sad to know that many of four leaders, church leaders, political leaders, many of our educators do not know how to manipulate a computer and I believe that by teaching our students the basics, that is the first step we need to undertake is vital.”

    OWDFA Recruits Players For National Selection
    The Orange Walk Football Federation in collaboration with the Orange Walk national football team, today started the selection process for the under seventeen tournament where football teams from all across the country will face off in hope of being drafted by the Football Federation of Belize to form the national team. Nicki Ramos- Head Coach- OW National Team: “Today we are starting a session where we are going to be picking up players for the to make it to a National Team to represent Orange Walk. We have quite a few boys coming out and we are going to see what they have and based on that we are going to select a team to represent Orange Walk in the district eliminations, it’s a three day tournament that will be held in Belmopan and there we will compete against other districts.” Orange Walk has long been ignored in the field of football, something that according to Head coach for the Orange Walk selection, Nicki Ramos, must change.

    Barbaric Murder In Belmopan, Pastor Decapitated
    The death of forty seven year old Llewellyn Lucas, a pastor of Dangriga in the Stann Creek District, has left the entire nation in a state of shock and disbelief due to the gruesome manner in which he was murdered in the country’s capital. Reports indicate that sometime around 1:00 on Friday afternoon, Lucas was taken to a farm located on mile 31 on the George Price Highway owned by forty six year old Guyanese national, William Alexander Mason where he was reportedly stabbed numerous times and then decapitated. While the perpetrators might have thought that they would get away with the crime easily, what they did not know is that Mason was under police scrutiny for approximately two months in connection with a kidnapping.

    How Did Accused Murderer Obtained Belizean Birth Certificate?
    As the nation recovers from the sensational killing of Llewellyn Lucas the million dollar question is who is William Mason? What we can tell you is that numerous investigations have revealed that he is notorious for scamming a number of individuals in various countries across the world using different identities. Mason has been living in Belize for approximately three years and records show that he obtained a birth certificate which indicates that he is of Belizean nationality and was born in the village of Crooked Tree which of course, has raised many questions. During the press conference held earlier today, the Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse indicated he had absolutely no knowledge about how Mason obtained the birth certificate but it wouldn’t have been that difficult.


    Who Is William Mason?
    As we mentioned 46-year-old, William Alexander Mason was arraigned in the Belmopan Court this evening. Since the news of Pastor Lucas’ beheading circulated, many have been asking why. What we found interesting, however, is the many entanglements Mason has gotten himself into and even more interesting is the fact that he had to have been […]

    No Special Treatment for Mason, Says Deputy Compol
    The name of Minister John Saldivar has been popping up frequently since William Mason was arrested for murder. There have been reports that the minister had a very close friendship with Mason and had enjoyed certain privileges. Minister John Saldivar weighed in on those reports. JOHN SALDIVAR “Absolutely will not have any effect I don’t […]

    The Cayo Street Home for Pastor Lucas
    Prior to his death, Pastor Llewellyn Lucas had been making some posts on his Facebook posts referring to a house at number thirteen Cayo Street in Belmopan and asking Minister John Saldivar for help. He had also posted about being jilted of money from the Saint John’s Credit Union. Saldivar spoke on this issue. JOHN […]

    NEMO’s Connection with Mason
    At the opening of the 2016 Hurricane Season, the Belize City Council had made a presentation on their plans for search and rescue. During that briefing, William Mason had done a presentation on the issue and spoke of his group’s role in aiding the Natioanl Emergency Management Organization. Today, Councillor Philip Willoughby spoke of Mason’s […]

    Mexican Experts In-Country for Chiquibul Investigation
    A team of experts has been deployed to conduct an independent report on the incidents that surround the death of a Guatemalan minor, Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano, on April 20 2016. According to the Embassy of Mexico the decision came as a request form the governments of Belize and Guatemala. The independent commission will consist […]

    Income Tax Robbed of $30K
    As our newscast was winding down on Friday, we had received reports of a robbery at the Income Tax Department just after five o’clock. We had reported that over thirty thousand dollars was taken in that robbery and that police were on the case. Love News spoke with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Russell Blackett […]

    Tulcey Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking
    Thirty-six year old Amilcar Tulcey, one of 9 persons charged with drug trafficking and 2 counts of possession of a controlled drug, pled guilty to the charges when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was sentenced to 3 years and was fined ten thousand dollars for drug trafficking. He was given until December […]

    Belizean Extracted Safely from Istanbul Airport
    Last Friday, as chaos unfolded in Istanbul, Turkey, in all the confusion a delegation of Belizeans transiting through were stuck at the International Airport. Martha Carrillo was one of those Belizeans who were en-route to South Africa to attend the International Aids Conference. She was travelling alone when her flight was cancelled and she was […]

    Saldivar Says Statistics Don’t Show the Lives Saved by Police
    In today’s national security press conference Minister John Saldivar spoke of the crime statistics generally focusing more on murders and shootings. Saldivar went on to speak of the efforts being made to address the crime situation ranging from human resources to equipment. While the minister spoke of the statistics, he did note that numbers […]

    Youths At Risk Must Be Given Attention in the Fight Against Gangs
    The situation with the gangs in Belize City has put a spotlight on crime as no one really pays mind to the nature or circumstances of the killings but rather to the numbers. Minister Saldivar in his address today, stated that the at risk youths need to be paid more attention to in the fight […]


    BTB hosts digital marketing summit
    Social media has become the marketplace of the future, and in some cases, the present, as business strive to reach new customers and maintain existing ones. It is no different for the tourism industry, where every property promises a different experience for the visitor. The Belize Tourism Board, be...

    Four-way pileup in City snarls traffic
    A chain reaction, originally begun with this morning’s turnover of the Bowen and Bowen vehicle in Ladyville, resulted in two vehicles traveling into Belize City being severely damaged.Because of the Ladyville scene, traffic had slowed coming into Belize City, with cars nearly bumper to bumper up to ...

    Dangriga and Ladyville teens reported missing
    A 15 year old girl has been reported missing in Dangriga. According to the girl’s on Wednesday, 13th July, at about 8:00 p.m., her 15-year-old daughter Immani Taylor, a 2nd form student, left home to an un-known destination and up to the time of making the report, Immani had still not yet returne...

    Country wide blackout, Mexico’s CFE assists BEL to restore power
    The country of Belize experienced power outages during the course of Friday morning. According to a statement from Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), the national grid was being supplied solely by in-country generation to allow for scheduled maintenance on the portion of Mexico’s CFE’s system which s...

    Losses to Bowen and Bowen Ltd. from a traffic accident this morning ascend to over 9 thousand dollars. The incident happened near mile 8 on the Philip Goldson Highway after 4 this morning and interrupted the flow of traffic for over three hours. A dozen Bowen employees were called out early to salv...

    Boyfriend tries to prevent girlfriend who stabbed him from going to jail
    21 year old Ernestine Noralez, known as “Queenie”, originally from Dangriga Town but now residing in Double Head Cabbage, Belize District, is accused of stabbing her common-law partner once in the chest, near the heart, almost killing him as a result. That was about a month and a half ago on May 29,...

    Luis Carter charged in San Pedro confrontation
    Construction worker 23 year old Luis Carter has been arraigned for attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm upon Dwayne Hyde and for aggravated assault upon Kimberly Humes, his common-law wife, following an incident reported earlier this week on the island of Ambergris Caye. ...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Homicide in San Ignacio Town
    Police in San Ignacio Town are investigating the murder of a man that happened around 7:30 p.m. in the Santiago Juan Layout area on Bullet Tree Road, Cayo District. Details are still sketchy but according to reports, police were called to the scene shortly […]

    On Section 53, Church Senator says, ‘let us pray’
    Senator for the Churches, Pastor Ashley Rocke, has met with Pastors and representatives of the two Church associations; the Council of Churches and the newly organized National Evangelical Association of Belize. Senator Rocke said that the meeting produced a strategy leading up to the July […]

    Belizean safe after being stuck in Turkey during coup attempt
    A Belizean was stuck at the international airport in Istanbul, Turkey during the attempted coup in that country on Friday. The family of Martha Carillo, the Country Representative for PASMO Belize which implements health programs to prevent HIV, confirmed she was travelling to Durban, South Africa […]

    Girl’s body recovered from river
    The body of eight-year-old Adriana Moody, the little girl dragged underwater by a crocodile on Sunday while swimming, was recovered this morning in the Maypen area, according to police sources. The crocodile was also reportedly shot and killed. Moody’s body has since been transported to the […]

    Belize: Playground for international criminals
    The news this weekend of Pastor Llewlyn Lucas’ unbelievable death and beheading has rocked the country. It is an absolutely stunning crime, one that seems to have many layers, and it becomes even more complicated as more details begin to emerge. Investigators have pledged […]

    Western Union Agency in Orange Walk robbed
    BBN has received reports that the Western Union Agency located on Corozal Road in the Orange Walk District has just been robbed40 p.m.. This is a developing story and will be updated shortly. © 2016, […]

    Suspects charged for pastor’s murder; ringleader linked to many scams
    According to police, at 8:45 p.m. on July 15th, they visited an establishment located in the Industrial Site area Belmopan where Police conducted a search on a male person who identified himself as 46-year-old William Mason AKA Ted Ouellet, who at the time was accompanied by […]

    Little girl dragged down into river by crocodile
    An intense search by family members, volunteers and authorities is currently underway in the village of Maypen in the Belize District to search for the body of 8-year-old Adriana Moody. BBN was made to understand that sometime yesterday after 3:00 p.m., Moody […]

    Belize begins 3rd Trade Policy Review
    As a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and under the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), Belize is subject to a review of its trade policies every six years. The third such review is now on and Belize’s Ministry of Trade […]

    National Security Minister to address crime situation in Belize
    A press conference has been scheduled for this morning, July 18th 2016 by Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security to address the current crime situation and outline his Ministry and the Police Department’s renewed and retooled strategy to effectively counter it. The Press […]


    Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp 2016 – Day 1
    We started with an icebreaker – the Supreme Spherical Orb of Information, simplified to the Question Ball, where a big beach ball was thrown around. It was scribbled with questions (among them ‘where are you from’ ‘Batman or Superman’ ‘do a handstand’, to loosen up the campers and get to know them. After that, we played the Food Game – everybody picked their nickname, the only requirements being that the letter of the food started with our own, so we got Jarvin Jelly, Peter Potato, Athena Anchovy… After the games, we started on the banners – the campers were divided into the Toucans, the Jaguars, the Howler and the Tapirs. They then colored in and personalized their team flags, creating a huge mess and having loads of fun as they chased each other around with markers and crayons. So after a massive cleanup, we assigned each camper to their dorms and let them loose on Chaa Creek. Amazingly, half an hour later all the buildings were still intact and we were ready for dinner!

    Canoeing on the Macal River
    The rainforests of western Belize gently filter and purify rainwater which flows downstream from the Maya Mountains to the meandering Macal River. A beautiful natural setting teeming with birds, amphibians, and reptiles, and lushly covered in vegetation on its banks, a canoe trip down the Macal River is a unique opportunity to experience nature in Belize at its best. The Macal River starts in the highlands of the Maya Mountains of Belize and wends its way more than 200 miles (320 km) before exiting in the Caribbean Sea. While the headwaters are too turbulent for canoeing, the lower part of the river is navigable all year round with canoes. Most canoe tours use either three-person canoes or inflatable kayaks that are ideal even for beginners. With an experienced local guide on board, participants can enjoy canoeing down one of the most beautiful rivers in Belize through unspoiled scenery teeming with life. Along the way, participants can get a chance to see hundreds of species of birds, including kingfishers, raptors, orange-breasted falcons, Gray Necked Wood Rails, Mangrove Swallows, the Social Flycatcher, rufous-capped warblers, crossbills, eastern bluebirds, pine siskins, and the Black Phoebe.

    International Sourcesizz

    Purple Heart lost in the sand returned to Andover veteran
    Wondering how the medal wound up on a beach in Belize led an Army veteran to Andover. For many years Beth Settle has used her metal detector to find treasures in some unlikely places. She’s combed beaches, rivers and lakes in places such as the Cayman Islands, Aruba and Canada, unearthing foreign coins, jade rings, jewelry and even a solid gold diabetic bracelet. So when her machine began to buzz a few feet from the ocean in the tiny village of Hopkins, Belize, in June, Settle didn’t get too excited. “It sounded like a quarter,” she said. About 4 inches down, Settle saw something tattered and purple and thought it was a toy. When she cleaned it off, however, the Army and Air Force Reserve veteran knew she’d found something special. It was a Purple Heart, the military decoration given to those who have been killed or wounded in combat. There was a name on the back of the medal, and lucky for Settle, it was unique: Terrance Rybarczyk.

    Fourth family member from Belize sentenced in fraud case
    A Belize man who was one of four family members convicted in a scheme to steal almost $300,000 in unemployment funds and benefits from multiple federal agencies, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan to 87 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to pay approximately $297,000 in restitution. The announcement was made by U.S. Attorney Daniel G. Bogden for the District of Nevada. Frederick Vernon Williams, 35, was convicted by a jury in January of 20 counts total, including conspiracy to commit mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, mail fraud, theft of government money, making a false statement in application for a passport, and making false citizenship claims. At sentencing, the judge found that he had been an organizer and leader in the scheme to defraud the agencies.

    UA's Brooks Ellis and his summer in Belize
    However one distinction Ellis seems to have clinched. As a pre-med student, he is the only Razorback that joined his fellow biology class students experiencing a summer internship in the Central America country of Belize. Ellis was asked about his Belize experience as he and senior defensive tackle Deatrich Wise of Carrolton, Texas and senior tight end Jeremy Sprinkle of White Hall joined Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema during the Razorbacks’ Wednesday session of SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala. It literally was a hot time, Ellis said. “I stepped off the plane, and did not stop sweating the entire time,” Ellis said. “Three nights I had no AC and that was probably the worst nights of my life, I need some AC to sleep. But it was a great time, learned a lot, great experience.” And a sobering one experiencing a country of have-nots trying to muddle through.

    IMF chief: Loss of small-country bank access risks ‘systemic’ disruptions
    The loss of correspondent banking relationships in developing countries as major banks try to limit risk exposures could marginalize small economies and cause “systemic” disruptions to their financial systems, the head of the International Monetary Fund said. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said in prepared remarks at the New York Federal Reserve that regulators in both major financial center countries and small countries need to do more to help banks maintain these relationships. “I am concerned that all is not well in this world of small countries with small financial systems. In fact there is a risk that they become more marginalized.”


  • Belize Mission Trip June 22-June 30, 2016, 6.5min.

  • Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2016, 14min. Nazaly Young brings to life the exciting Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2016 interviewing lobster vendors, visitors and residents on the rustic island of Caye Caulker in Belize.

  • A Day in San Pedro, Belize, 3min.

  • BCCI Expo Belize Market Place TV Ad 2016 (Short), 1.5min. 20th Anniversary of the Expo Belize Market Place!

  • Belize 2016, 16min.

  • Belize Scuba diving, 4min.

  • BELIZE July 2016, 4.5min.

  • Mexico And Belize Fun, 4.5min. This is from my 2016 YWAM Denver Boarders DTS outreach to Mexico and Belize. Aside from all the amazing work that was done.

  • Belize 2016 video, 8min.

  • Mayan Jungle ride Belize 2016, 6min.

  • Belize Aggressor III, 8min. Liveaboard highlights from 9-16 July 2016.


    July 18, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Last day of the Lionfish Tournament
    Today was the last day of the Lionfish Tournament it was excellent. Would like to thank everyone who made this day possible; Oceana Belize Pan American Development Foundation - Belize Department of the Environment - DOE Belize Fisheries Department, Blue Ventures, and Sarteneja Fishermen Association. Also would like to congratulate the winners of the Lionfish Fish tournament the Piggy Bank group who won first and second for a total of $3500,as well the only female diver and the youngest diver and the third place group was Tobacco Strikers. These events are what we should support events that bring the youth and the community together. While out there majority of these boat captains and divers were youth you could have seen the positive excitement in their faces that they where given the opportunity to compete positively. I beg of you give the youth a chance they deserve it they need it and they will appreciate it forever.

    Mr. Michael Arnold, National Director for Miss America Latina Del Mundo Belize 2016, hereby introduces MISS MICHELLE ESTRELLA NUNEZ, of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, who is the designated contestant to represent BELIZE at this prestigious event. Presently, the crown is held by Miss Karla Monje who represented the United States of America. Miss Michelle Nunez is a graduate of St. John’s College in Belize City with an Associate Degree in General Studies. She is also a past title holder of Miss San Pedro (2014-2015).

    Suspect with head of Pastor Identified
    On Friday 15th July 2016, at around 08:30pm, William Mason who was been sought by Belmopan CIB for the purpose of an ongoing investigation was spotted at an undisclosed location in Belmopan. Police then conducted a search on him which led to the discovery of a .9mm pistol with five (5) live rounds of ammunition. A further search was also conducted on his black Ford F150 pickup truck without license plates which was when Mason started behaving in a strange manner and started giving excuses that he can’t locate his vehicle keys. As a result, a search was conducted in the trunk of the vehicle which resulted in the discovery of a black bucket containing a white sack with a freshly cut human head covered up with duct tape. The driver side window of the truck was then broken and entry was gained into the vehicle where police found a magazine containing four (4) .9mm live rounds, a pump action shot gun and a pouch with eight (8) live cartridges of ammunition. The vehicle and Mason were then taken to the Belmopan Police Station as investigations continue.

    International Book Fair in Guatemala
    Belize is represented at the International Book Fair in Guatemala-XIII FILGUA 2016 The Belize Book Industry Association is attending this book fair from July 14 to 24 in Guatemala City. We come in peace united by our culture of reading. The exhibit includes the works of various members- publishers,authors, booksellers,illustrators and non-members such as photographers and musicians. We thank our sponsors for their support both financial and moral. National Institute of Culture and History(NICH), Belize National Library Service and Information Systems (BNLSIS), Belize Embassy in Guatemala.

    The Reporter

    Police search for body of decapitated pastor
    The Belize Police Department is widening its search outside of Belmopan to try and find the body of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police Formation, Superintendent Howell Gillett, explained that Lucas’ head was found in the pan of a black pick-up truck near Builder’s Hardware in Belmopan on Friday night. Police say that initially, they had one man, a Canadian national, detained for the incident, because Lucas’ head was found in his vehicle. Since then, three other men have been detained, and all have been giving false information about where the body could be found. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

    Capio Belize hosts rising entrepreneur gala
    To celebrate the successful first year of the Carpe Diem and Armand coffee-based skincare products, Capio Belize hosted the rising entrepreneur’s gala at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Saturday night. Crystal Samos, owner of Capio, explained that the red and black themed gala, was used as a fundraiser to help generate seed capital to assist another entrepreneur with starting up a business. At the event Samos presented a cheque to the winner of an entrepreneurship competition, which her company held earlier in the year. “I know what it feels like to be told that your business idea won’t work, so I wanted to support another crazy idea by another entrepreneur bold enough to try something crazy,” Samos said.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police reveal details of gruesome beheading
    Social media has been abuzz this weekend with news of the senational death and apparent beheading of well-known pastor Llewlyn Lucas from Dangriga. Police have since released the name of the suspect and details of his detention. According to police, on Friday at around […]

    BCCI, NTUCB and the Belizean People should demand BTL inquiry
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), and all Belizeans, in fact, should demand an inquiry of Belize Telemedia Ltd. This past week the government made the first half of its payment for the […]


    Saturday in San Pedro: A Farmers’ Market & Crocodile Hunting
    We started our morning with a class in chocolate making at Belize Chocolate Factory. Lots of tasting and then buying of souvenirs. I JUST wrote about this super interesting morning class a few days ago. You definitely should check it out. We then headed up to The Truck Stop for some lunch, some ice cream and the bustling farmers’ market. There were some additions to the vendors. Like Brooklyn Brothers’ Bagels… Amy and her gorgeous daughter Gabby from Wild Mango’s with cakes one might kill for. The coconut lime cake is absolutely ridiculous. At only $5bzd a slice, I thought I’d try three. JUST THREE!

    5 Affordable Caribbean Islands to Live On… and 2 to Avoid
    English-speaking Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize at 25 miles long and a little over a mile wide, and San Pedro is its only town. About 30 years ago, Ambergris became a hotspot for divers and fishermen thanks to the Belize Barrier Reef, just a half-mile offshore. This natural wonderland of living coral supports a dizzying array of marine life, and it’s the main reason Ambergris has seen its recent (and significant) growth. Until just a few years ago, San Pedro was a little fishing village that catered to adventure tourists coming for the scuba-diving and deep-sea fishing. The main motorized transportation on Ambergris Caye at that time was golf carts (which remain popular, though there are many more cars on the island today). San Pedro is now the second-largest town in Belize District with more than 15,000 people, surpassed in size only by the former capital, Belize City.

    International Sourcesizz

    Hybridization between Morelet's and American crocodiles
    A recent publication by our Mexican colleagues illustrating even further that hybridization between Morelet's and American crocodiles is common. The Crocodile Research Coalition in southern Belize has discovered an admix population of hybrids. As we continue with the research, this will likely result in new conservation management of American and Morelet's crocodile and result in a change of conservation status, not just in Belize but for the whole region!


  • Belize 2016, 6min.

  • Xunantunich, Ancient Maya Ruins in Belize, 2min. Visited Xunantunich, an ancient maya site in western Belize. Xunantunich name means "Stone Woman" in the Maya language.

  • Ruins in Belize !!, 3min. San Ignacio was our next destination in Belize. We visited the ruins on our first day. The ruins site is called Xunantunich and also it was really hot.

  • Belize Scuba Compilation, 15min. Diving compilation of our trip to Belize.

  • Ziplines 2016 Belize, 2.5min.

  • Belize blue hole diving, 3min.

  • Juan Miguel Moreno- Villuver BTB's Digital Marketing Summit 2016, 1min.

  • George Fiddler- Olson BTB's Digital Marketing Summit 2016, 1min.

    July 17, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Campers graduate from Coral Reef Ed-Ventures
    Coral Reef Ed-Ventures is a children’s education program held annually in San Pedro. The main focus of the program is to teach children about reef ecology, conservation and preservation of marine habitats. This year’s Coral Reef Ed Ventures camp ended with a fun graduation ceremony on Wednesday, July 13th. Over 80 campers and their families filled the Lions Den at 7PM for this commemorative event, which included a variety of presentations, skits, videos, and projects that showcased what the graduates learned during the camp. Graduates included campers from both the youth camp (ages 9 through 12), and advanced camp (ages 12 through 17). After the presentations, each student was called on stage to receive their “Expert Card”, which represents that they successfully completed the course.

    Taiwan grants $3Million for new MOFA headquarters
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has acquired a new $3 Million headquarters building in Belize City, purchased with a US$1.5 Million grant from the Republic of China on Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, H.E Benjamin Ho joined Foreign Minister Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington in inaugurating the ministry’s new location at the seaside Villa Fiori mansion at No.10 St. Mark Street in the Hone Park neighbourhood on Tuesday evening, July 12. Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Sylvester in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed the purchase agreement to acquire the building from the Habet family, witnessed by both Elrington and Ho. Minister Elrington promised that Belize will not always remain a small economy, and with the acquisition of this building it was preparing the way for Belize to step into a brighter future. He explained that his ministry has been borrowing space from the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) and other ministries in Belmopan for years now, and so had been setting aside funds each year while it looked for a new home.

    Donations Needed for Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish
    The official dates for the third annual Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish have been announced. Camp Starfish is a free two week camp that caters to children with mental and physical disabilities. Camp Coordinator Dalia Alamilla is more than excited to be hosting the camp at the Lions Den, which will run from July 18th to the 29th, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Thanks to the $3,252 donation from the Blue Water Grill and The Phoenix, Camp Starfish will be offering activities that include sessions of coloring, singing, dancing, arts and craft, table games, and occasional outdoor activities. According to Alamilla, Projects Abroad will also be volunteering their time to tend to the children this year. In addition, children from different districts will be attending the camp, making the experience even more fun for everyone. However, there are more materials needed. Alamilla is asking for kind donations of the following: play dough, paper plates, paper towels, paper bowls, water paint, markers, crayons, construction paper, white typing sheets, poster boards, band-aids, clorox wipes, and plastic storage containers. Additionally, the camp needs a number of the cardboard toilet paper/ paper towel rolls. They ask to please collect them around your home and bring them to camp on the first day.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Lion fish Tournament in Dangriga
    These are some pictures of today at the Lionfish tournament in Dangriga, this is one of the competitors catch. The tournament continues tomorrow. Come out tomorrow to see Lionfish artworks and taste some excellent Lionfish dishes. Also tomorrow they will have Punta Extravaganza.

    Want to plan ahead for the next Belize Screen on the Green in Belmopan?
    Check out the full 2016 calendar here posted on the U.S. Embassy's website:

    The Reporter

    Murder in Belmopan
    Belmopan police have detained a Canadian national in connection with a decapitation that happened on Friday. Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police Formation, Superintendent, Howell Gillett, explained to the Reporter that around 9 p.m. Friday night they observed a suspicious character at a bar and searched […]

    Atlantic Bank holds back to school loan fair
    The Albert Street Branch of Atlantic Bank held it’s fourth annual Back to School Loan Fair on Saturday. It offered special rates on loans for parents to help with the expenses of the incoming school year. Those seeking loans would only need a proof of […]

    Churches pray for God’s favor in section 53 challenge
    Senator for the Churches, Pastor Ashley Rocke is calling on all churches countrywide to hold a national day of prayer in preparation for the Supreme Court’s decision on the challenge to Belize’s sodomy laws. Rocke is calling for churches to assemble at seven venues on […]

    The Belize Times

    Barrow Broke the Law?? – Illegal use of $350 million plus $550 million?
    Did the Prime Minister of Belize commit a criminal offence when he was secretly spending and abusing millions of dollars from the Petro Caribe funds? Under the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act of 2012 an Amendment states “……every person who contravenes or knowingly permits or suffers any other person to contravene or instigates any person to contravene any provision of this Act or any regulations made thereunder, SHALL be guilty of an offence and SHALL be liable on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both such fine and term of imprisonment”. The Constitution of Belize and the Finance and Audit Act makes it mandatory for public funds to be safeguarded by doing certain things. All monies, such as Petro Caribe monies must be deposited in the Consolidated Revenue Fund and must be checked and protected by the Accountant General and the Auditor General. If there is a specific purpose for using public monies, there must be special deposits into a Development Fund. Permission must be obtained from the National Assembly.

    Where is the Big Deal!!
    With gun violence erupting over the past weeks, and reports of murder after murder from gang rivalries and gun violence filling up the evening news and gripping our community with fear, one must ask the where is the Minister of National Security John Saldivar and why is he so silent over the terrible situation in our country? Just two short months ago, ahead of a political convention for a big position in the UDP, Saldivar couldn’t help himself as he hogged up every possible chances to be on the television every night. He was all over the country meeting UDP delegates and had television ads ad naseaum, with campaign songs and jingles that advertised the slogan “The Big Deal”. Saldivar was backed by a senior Ministerial team of cheerleaders who preached to anyone that Saldivar is the man who will solve the nation’s growing problems. Well, where is the big deal now?

    PUP Stands Strong in Village Council Elections
    The Hon. John Briceño and the People’s United Party (PUP) commends and thanks all who participated in the democratic process during the recent Village Council Elections. Even though the United Democratic Party abused its authority by utilizing government resources during the elections, the PUP won just over 40 percent of the villages. This is a significant improvement from the 26 percent three years ago and coming just eight months after a general election. The successes for the PUP in the Village Council Elections can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the men and women who believe in the principles and rich history of the Party. In contrast, the rapid decline of this UDP government is as a result of their corruption, arrogance, incompetence and mismanagement of the people’s resources.

    Guat civilians assert ownership of Sarstoon
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington has not indicated if the Government of Belize will submit an official protest note to the Government of Guatemala following the unwanted and illegal presence of an organised group of Guatemalan civilians in the Sarstoon River. Considering Sedi’s “let’s be friends/give peace (or he meant piece?) a chance” stance, it is highly doubtful that there will be any form of protest. The small group of seven Guatemalan nationals travelled onto Sarstoon River in what they claim was a symbolic move to assert ownership of “Guatemalan territory” on Saturday, July 9, 2016. Video footage of the expedition has been posted on at least two Facebook pages, the main one is under the offensive name “Belice Es De Guatemala”. The video shows the group of Guatemalans on a vessel, travelling along the southern channel of the Sarstoon. From the video, it appears that the Guatemalan vessel is moving along Belize’s side of the channel. A male person is heard speaking loudly, voicing his sentiments about “territory which they have taken from us”.

    Think About It
    Over seven thousand primary school children sat the primary school leaving examinations this year. They have now graduated from primary school. The immediate question should be how many of these children are going to college in September 2016? The answer should be that everyone will be enrolled and will attend a high school. Not so. More than half will not see the inside of a college. They will never have the opportunity of obtaining a college education. This sad situation, more than anything else, represents one of the worst events in the life of our young nation. There is no plan, nor is there any commitment on the part of the government to bring this human tragedy to an early end. How can Belize continue to turn its back on its young people in this cold-hearted fashion? Without a college education the chances of surviving and being able to provide for one’s self and family are drastically curtailed.

    Going down a slippery slope
    Belize seems on pace for another record setting year as far as murders are concerned. Over the past week, there have been no less than seven murders; three of these happened in the space of less than five hours. Considering from whence we came and considering our small size, this is unthinkable and unacceptable. The trained experts as well as the armchair sociologists have been scrambling for answers but so far, not coming up with much that is practical. We are continually told that crime is going down but the only ones that seem to believe it are those political cronies who are afraid that the reality will hurt the image of their party. This administration did come into office with grandeur promises and after three full terms in office, very few if any of those have been fulfilled. They were going to create jobs but unemployment remains sky high. They were to address poverty but the figures remain at an alarming forty plus percent. And does anyone remember the “double edged machete” that would be wielded at the first sign of corruption? And the grandest promise of all; they were going to address crime. That one has turned out to be the biggest joke of all.

    Black Lives Matter has become an important protest slogan spawned by the ongoing shootings of young black men by white police officers across the Unites States of America. The three words are not just a slogan and an urgent cry for justice, but the words have become the name of an equally important protest movement seeking to call national attention for solutions to a situation in the land of the free and home of the brave. America is still very much in the grips of racism. Last week in the USA, three incidents gave renewed attention to the issue of Black Lives Matter. A young man travelling in a vehicle with his fiancé and her little daughter were stopped by a white police for a traffic check. He ended up being shot to death. The fiancé had filmed most of the incident on her cell phone. It went viral on the internet. Within days another cell phone video surfaced. White police officers again fatally shot another black man. More outrage in the black communities.

    Bulldogs, Central Health & Bowen & Bowen win in BDBA basketball
    Defending champs Belize Bank Bulldogs (3-3) posted their 3rd win in the Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms competition at Birds Isle on Saturday evening. The Belize Bank Bulldogs humbled Heritage Bank 82-71, led by Roscoe Rhys with 21pts while Lincey Lopez added 16pts. Heritage Bank’s Felix Martinez top scored with 24pts. Kurt “Chengo” Burgess had scored 9pts before he was thrown out of the game for fighting. Central Health scraped past Infotel 98-95. Travis Bernardez top-scored with 31pts, while Delroy Faber added 11pts and 15 boards. Infotel’s Earl “Bolo” Johnson had 29pts.

    City Boys win 2016 SMART Mundialito champs
    The City Boys won the 2016 SMART Mundialito championship at the MCC Garden on Sunday, outgunning the Brown Bombers 6-5 in a penalty shootout. With regulation and overtime ending in a nil-zip draw. In the first round of penalties, City Boys’ Ken Galvez, Kayia Requena, Devin Thurton and Cyril Jones scored their penalties; while Bombers’ Michael Bradley, Keyden Bowen, Eldon Reneau and Jonathan Casimiro converted. The shootout went into sudden death penalty, and Darnell Gonzalez and Talvon Gibson scored for City Boys, while only Jaylen Whyte scored for Bombers. City Boys’ goalie blocked Bombers’ 7th try.

    Team Belize wins Gold at CODICADER Games
    Belize’s Taye Parkinson and Devesh Hukmani won Belize’s 1st gold medal in the CODICADER Central American U-13 students’ table tennis Doubles at the Belize Elementary Auditorium on Friday July 8th. They won 2-0 against silver medallists Johnny Vasquez and Steven Aguilar of Costa Rica. They had also won over Honduras and Panama. Parkinson won a 2nd gold in the table tennis singles on Sunday afternoon, winning the final against Panama’s Sebastian Mendoza: 11-4, 11-9. Belize’s table tennis female ranked 5th.

    True Hope for Belize
    Dear Editor, I have to take the opportunity this week to express my deepest appreciation to the people of the People’s United Party – and I mean all of you, all of us who fought in the trenches during the past six weeks of Village Council elections. In the end the PUP emerged victorious in 40% of those communities, but the figures aren’t the most important thing. What was important, and is important, is the story of battle in the trenches of a Party united and a people who have new hope in their hearts. The people of our great Party were fighting against all odds. Week after week we saw the government using all their resources against us. We saw powerful UDP ministers trying to intimidate voters. We saw money passing hands. We saw government vehicles providing support for the UDP slates and carrying voters to the polling stations. We saw the usual promises and threats which have come to symbolize every election under this corrupt UDP government. They have everything at their disposal but still they could not break the PUP’s spirit.

    Coastal erosion is a natural process and also man made. Some 40 years ago when I was a kid and wandered around Belize when tourism was not much in existence coastal erosion was mostly due to storms or hurricanes. Ambergris Caye at that time had about 2 small hotels and Placencia had one very small hotel. Caye caulker had none. We practically had to use sailboats or big dugout canoes with a small engine as the only means to access these islands. I wondered why there is so much erosion lately, so much coast disappearing or being washed away so I decided to wander around the country. I went from north to south and everywhere they are fighting erosion. All sorts of methods being used, some work and some create more erosion. We found out that perpendicular groins to the coastline creates more problems than benefits. It usually benefits the property to the north of the groin but damages the property to the south. You see our sea currents inside the barrier reef are mainly from north to south and the sand shifts usually in this direction. The sand is caught on the northern section benefitting this property but usually creates damages to the property next door even if it has vegetation. Not a good idea. Useless idea in Belize.

    Ms. Yvonne, Lady Fearless
    The name Yvonne McCalla Sobers is familiar to me. First of all, she is the mother of my old law school classmate Hilaire Sobers, who now lives in Washington D.C. I remember being extremely impressed by the strength and warmth of her personality when I met her in Jamaica many years ago while in law school. Next, Ms. Yvonne has worn and still wears many hats. She is perhaps best known for being one of Jamaica’s strongest, if not the strongest, advocate for human rights. She is also Chairperson of e-Learning Jamaica Limited, a company dedicated to encouraging young people to embrace new forms of technology so as to achieve a quality education. She is additionally an aquaponic farmer, having earlier been a history and mathematics teacher at Jamaica College. Her tiny stature belies the power of her presence and demeanor, as she takes on a multitude of causes, usually in defence of the rights of Jamaica’s most vulnerable persons. Recently, she took on then Education Minister Ronnie Thwaites, who supported the decision of many school principals to send home students who wore tight pants and short skirts or were otherwise “inappropriately dressed for school.”

    The value of Lobster to the nation
    Spiny lobsters, also known as langouste or rock lobsters, are a family (Palinuridae) of about 60 species of achelate crustaceans, in the Decapoda Reptantia. Spiny lobsters are also, especially in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Bahamas, sometimes called crayfish, sea crayfish, or crawfish (“kreef” in South Africa), terms which elsewhere are reserved for freshwater crayfish. Commercial lobster production (harvesting) in Belize started around 1950, peaking around 1984 when production reached around 1,000 metric tonnes. The value of exports peaked around the year 2000 at around BZ$18 million, for around 293 tonnes, when the average international price was around US$29 per kilogram or around US$13 per pound. The Fisheries Act of 1948, and its Amendments, Regulations and its Subsidiary Legislation regulate fishing for lobster. It is illegal to harvest:

    Banner Executed Because He Owed Money for Drugs
    On Saturday night at around 9:15pm Roger Banner, 29, was sitting on the canal rail talking to his girlfriend on West Collet Canal, near Publics Supermarket, when he was approached by three persons. One of those persons, Police say, took out a firearm and fired multiple shots at Banner, hitting him in the head. He died on the scene. Police say that the brazen murder was a hit on Banner by somebody he owed money for drugs. According to ACP Chester Williams, Commander of Eastern Division South, “there were three persons together, but only one of them was armed with a firearm. Nonetheless, if our investigation or our evidence points us to all persons based on the doctrine of joint enterprise we believe that we’ll be able to charge all three with his murder. We believe that he was indebted to somebody for some drugs and that person was the one who put the hit on him. So that is what our investigation is revealing at this time”.

    U.S. fugitive busted in Belize
    A retired American soldier, who over stayed his visit to Belize by nine months, was busted by immigration officers at the Philip Goldson International Airport on Sunday, July 10th. Tarry Eugene Rhodes, 46, a resident of the U.S. state of Ohio appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers this afternoon. He told the Magistrate that he had not been given a chance to call an attorney, but Rogers told him that the offense for which he was before the court is a strict liability offense and that an attorney would be of very little help to him now. He pleaded guilty to the charge of failure to comply with a visitor’s permit and was fined $1,200 plus $5 cost of court which he was ordered to pay forthwith.

    2011 murder trial crumbles – Key witness failed to identify the accused
    Another man accused of murder walked free on Monday July 11th when the prosecution’s main witness failed to say with certainty that the accused man was the man he had identified to police almost 5 years ago. Sanjay Lino, 22, was indicted for the October 2011 murder of Sand Hill grocer Ernesto Myvette, who was shot and killed during a robbery. After being almost 5 years on remand for the murder and waiting for a trial, Lino walked out of the Supreme Court freed of the charge when the Crown’s case collapsed.

    Two gang-affiliated men remanded on murder charges
    Police investigators have charged two men for two out of the three murders that occurred last Wednesday evening. The men, who are believed to be affiliated with Belize City gangs, were brought to the Magistrate’s Court during the morning and afternoon sessions and the murder charge was read to them, after which they were remanded to prison to await their trial-day. Valentine Baptist, 27, who is a resident of Castle Street, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser in the morning session of her court.

    ‘Buzzard’ Murdered on Plues Street
    Police have few leads in the brutal murder of popular security guard Kariem Hafiya, 40. Hafiya, affectionately known as ‘Buzzard’ had just left his post at NICH after working the overnight shift, and had arrived at his apartment on Plues Street at around 4:00am when he was shot to death by an unknown gunman. Police recovered as many as 15 expended shells in the area, though they would not confirm how many shots hit Hafiya. Gang tensions have escalated in past months and have resulted in continuous bloodshed in the city, but Police say that they have no reason to suspect that this killing is related to ongoing gang warfare. Hafiya was not known to have any gang affiliations.

    Hard Knocks
    Quo Vadis Barrow? Y’all saw that fancy jet flying over Belize City early this morning? Well that was the debt collector, Lord Ashcroft, come to pick up his two hundred million pounds of flesh from his bally Dean Oliver. I gotta say it again – TWO HUNDRED MILLION! That’s $200,000,000.00. And it’s only a first payment. Just a part-payment. Just half! You know if I were a more skeptical fellow and if I didn’t swear by this wonderful, saintly politician, I’d want to think that some really secret, lucrative deals were made when the Lord and King Dean sat down in Miami together last summer. But not Dean Oliver. He would never. So anyway, fun and joke aside, the Lord wants his cheese, and the Prime Minister is reportedly MIA. That’s Missing in Action for the uninitiated – as in nowhere to be found. The last time we checked the PM and loyal Joe were talking paper in all shapes and forms and notes, but the Lord don’t want no paper – he wants cash! And he wants it TODAY. That’s the DEADLINE. Can you just imagine that vein in the side of the PM’s head looking to pop? Talk big again mih bally. Lord Ashcroft got the medicine fu you!

    Orange Walk Town Council – Hard at Work!
    Dear Editor, I must speak on behalf of my town and mayor. I can sincerely say how upset I am at how this government has treated our beloved town and district as a whole. The Orange Walk Town Council asked for help from Central Government to assist in dealing with staggering debts left by past UDP administrations. They asked for any assistance they could get and were ignored. They tried the Ministries of Finance, Works, Local Government and even the Office of the Prime Minister. But the truth is simple. Once the UDP is not in charge of the municipality, the UDP Central Government will not help. I’m not the only one saying it. I remember Prime Minister Dean Barrow saying it when he came to Orange Walk just before the last municipal elections. He told the people that if they wanted anything to be done in the town, they would have to vote in the UDP. Imagine that, from the leader of this country.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Pastor found decapitated; accused suspect linked to online scams
    Pastor Llewelyn “Lue” Lucas of Dangriga is the alleged victim of a reported decapitation murder in Dangriga, media sources report. The head of a man identified as Lucas, as well as a large sum of cash and several licensed firearms, were found by Belmopan police […]

    Belize: La Feria De Benque Viejo Del Carmen
    I was invited to go to the Feria de Benque Viejo del Carmen Thursday night….I have not been to the fiesta in a while…although I used to go every year during my younger days. There are beautiful girls all over Belize….but Benque Viejo has a […]

    Income Tax Department in Belmopan robbed Friday
    The Income Tax Department’s office in Belmopan was robbed Friday afternoon at the close of the business day while cashiers were reconciling the day’s collections. The employees at the department were also robbed of their personal belongings including cell phones. The robbers were dressed in camouflage uniforms […]

    Murder in Belmopan; man held
    It has been confirmed that a murder was reported in Belmopan this morning. We are told that a Canadian national is being held at the Belmopan police station. Reports reaching us are that he was supposedly found with a human head in his vehicle. We […]

    Pokémon GO! Craze Reaches Belize
    In just ten days since its release, an old favorite has quickly become a new addiction. We are talking about Pokémon Go, the mobile app that is re-introducing the original Pocket Monsters – Pokémon for short – to a new generation. The app was released […]


    One Day in Belize City for the BTB Digital Marketing Summit
    I made my way over to the Biltmore – a few miles and $15bzd by taxi. As always, if I like the taxi man, I take his name and number. You never know when you are going to be in a rush for the boat, in need of a ride! He promised he’d be back at my beckoning. I was a bit early but there was a good crowd at the marketing summit. We were given some folders, marketing materials and a few extras…and the meeting got started with a whirl wind of presenters. I am certainly not going to go through it all here – I’m not sure I could if I wanted to. But here is what grabbed me. Technology is growing exponentially. No, you do not need to be on the cutting edge, but you should be moving forward. If you are not, you are slipping back. Millennials (you are allowed to groan if you are sick of hearing that word) – the people that reached adulthood around 2000 – can not be ignored. Sure they might have the stigma of being self centered and glued to their technology, but they are also a HUGE group with disposable income LOOKING ACTIVELY for experiences. Experiences exactly like those that can be found in Belize. People now trust a friends’ recommendation (a real friend, a virtual friend, a blogger friend) much more then they trust a logo. Copa Airlines talked about an extremely successful marketing campaign – to ‘sell Panama’ – with bloggers from around Latin America and the USA. Not just travel bloggers but lifestyle, fashion and adventure. They knew their objective, who they want to reach and they went after it.

    The Sky is not falling, the system is imploding!
    When the United Democratic Party (UDP) won National elections in 2008, they rode in on a promise of accountability and change. The Barrow administration made bold promises to change the system of governance. The Peoples United Party (PUP) was overshadowed with accusations of corruption, squandering of public funds and increased taxation. Barrow differentiated himself, to a populace grown weary of the Musa’s administration, by making a bold statement “As soon as it [corruption] rears its ugly head, I personally will cut it off…” Fast forward 2016 and Belize is still faced with the exact same systematic deficiencies. Accusations of corruption, squandering of public funds and increased taxation, only now the people of Belize are apathetic and cynical about the political process and government. In fact, most cannot distinguish between political parties and government. The lines have been completely erased. People have absolutely no trust in the government and it shows. Sadly, the PUP lacks the credibility to address many of these issues because eight years later, they have refused to bring new blood into the party and the message is dead on delivery. The UDP continued success at the polls correlates with PUP failing to regroup and distance itself from the personalities that created their demise.


  • Belize Trip - My Second Home, 5min. My very first attempt to capture my traveling addiction, and what better place to start than my home away from home - Belize!

  • Belize, 8min. The trip of a lifetime.

  • Honeymoon at Hatchet Caye, Belize, 15min.

  • Day 9 - Cayo, Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Recipe for Tamarind Juice, 1min.

  • San Pedro Island Diving, Belize, 7min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize's Shark Ray Alley with the sting rays, 2.5min.

  • Scuba Diving in Mexico Rocks in Belize with a sea turtle, 3min.

  • Time Lapse of Xunantunich Mayan Ruin Belize, 1/2min.

    July 16, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Crime up by 5% according to Police National Statistics Report
    The official police statistics for the first half of 2016 has been released, and it indicates that major crimes are up as high as 4.9%. The main contributors to this figure were incidents relating to carnal knowledge, while the minimal crime activity recorded was rape. The report showed that most of the incidences of major crimes did not happen in Belize City, but elsewhere in the country. Just in Ambergris Caye, there was a rise of crime at the beginning of the year, registering five (5) murders since the beginning of 2016. The San Pedro Police Department has revamped its presence in the various hotspots of the island in order to tackle any spike in crime. In terms of murder countrywide, there was a marginal increase from 73 recorded for the first half of 2015 to 74 recorded for the first half of 2016. The difference may seem very minimal, however what is alarming is that there was a drastic shift in where the majority of the murders occurred. The Belize District recorded 13 less murders between January and June of this year, a decrease of 27.6%. While elsewhere in Belize the number of murders increased from 24 to 40, a large increase of 53.8%.

    Dog owner take park in Saga’s 3D Workshop
    Saga Humane Society has been working alongside Heather Beck, owner of K9 Lifeline to host a 3D Workshop, ‘Dealing with Difficult Dogs’. Participants from Canada, Mexico, Saga, Pampered Paws, and across Belize attended the three day course at San Pedro High School from Monday, July 11th to Wednesday, July 13th. This course was geared at teaching dog trainers the basics and practical approaches that help to improve human/dog relationships. Beck has been teaching all over the world, and her expertise is in behavioral approach. This method focuses on the dog’s primal drives and instincts to better communicate. According to Beck, owning a dog is more than just having a pet. “I feel that this workshop is important because I want people to be responsible dog owners. I think that through Saga, they’ve made a lot of changes on the island, but that focuses is on the health aspect. We are focusing on the humane part of owning a dog,” said Beck. The workshop included both educational presentations and interactive sessions.

    SPTC tests its beach reclamation project
    Following a visual assessment to determine the level of erosion on the beaches on Ambergris Caye by experts of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the Pan American Development Fund (PADF), The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has embarked on a project to save the island’s coast line. During the inspection which was done on April 13th, different factors were pointed out as the cause of the island’s fast beach erosion. According to Carianne Johnson from the PADF, seawalls are the major culprits for the erosion currently taking place. She commented that most of the seawalls along the shoreline are not properly built, and instead of protecting the beaches, they are actually speeding the erosion process. Likewise, Keith Nichols from the CCCCC stated that the solution is not an easy one. According to him it will required a set of studies to learn the movement of the currents in order to start a reclamation project.

    BTB implements New Minimum Standards for Hotels
    The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), along with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), have been conducting a comprehensive review that seeks to improve the minimum standards for Hotels and Tourist Accommodations in Belize. As proposed by the Hotel Act (No. 12 of 1997), the BTB is visiting different chapters to inform them about the updated National Classification System for Accommodations. The most recent consultation was held on Thursday, June 23rd in San Ignacio, Cayo, where BTB’s proposal was met with disapproval. A total of 45 hoteliers from the Cayo District met to discuss the new minimum standards, and the general consensus was that this adjustment would have a ripple effect on the tourism industry. Judy duPlooy, President of the BTIA-Cayo Chapter, expressed her concern over the new proposed standards. “No one is opposed to regulations pertaining to health, safety and emergency measures. However, the new proposed Minimum Standards, which total 532 items for the hotel category far exceed reasonable requirements for an extremely diverse marketplace. Furthermore, many of the items on the checklist are not relevant criteria for renewing or obtaining a license,” said duPlooy.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    New Caye Caulker Village Council slate sworn in
    At 1PM on July 15th, Chairperson Mrs. Enelda Rosado and councilors Seleny Villanueva, Miguel Angel Neal, Hans Badillo, Elizabeth Usher, Myrna Vanina Sosa, and Juan Gabriel Cantun took their oath to serve a three-year term in the island village of Caye Caulker. Congratulations to the new council!

    BEL Restores Power Supply with Support from CFE
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), with the help of in-country generation and Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), restored power supply to the country following two power interruptions earlier today. This morning, the national grid was being supplied solely by in-country generation, to allow for scheduled maintenance on the portion of CFE’s system which supplies Belize. However, the demand on the units for the generating plant in the south were higher than normal and exceeded the protection for that part of the country, resulting in an outage to a major portion of the system. Power supply was lost to the Corozal, Orange Walk, Cayo and Belize Districts at 8:19 a.m. Within 15 minutes, the Company commenced sectionalized restoration of power supply. However, at 9:53 a.m., the entire country lost power supply when the fault condition reoccurred. The fault condition was identified and corrected, and BEL commenced restoration to the Central, West and South. As a mitigation measure, BEL also arranged to reconnect with CFE to assist with restoration of power supply to the North of the country. Full restoration was achieved at 11:23 a.m.

    Belize Blood Donor Service In San Pedro Saturday
    The blood you donate could save a life! If you can, donate at the San Carlos Medical Clinic on Pescador Drive tomorrow, starting at 9:30AM!!

    Summer camp for the kids in San Pedro!
    Action 2024 and Hellfighters footsoldiers would like to invite all kids age 5 to 12 for a summer sports camp. JULY 18-21dont miss it , it going to be awesome Action 2024 y Hellfighters footsoldiers les invita a un campamento de deportes para ninos de 5 a 12 anos el 18-21 falten ,estara buenisimo.

    Miss Mexico – Miss Costa Maya International 2016 Contestant
    The International Costa Maya Festival is excited to announce its seventh contestant vying the title of Miss Costa Maya International 2016. Meet Miss Mexico, Ingrid Elizabeth Luna Solís. The Mexican beauty won the title of Miss Teen Universe Puebla in 2015. Ingrid enjoys reading, traveling, modeling, spending time with family and friends and is currently a student of psychology.

    Breakdancing Workshop
    The Wildfire Gallery is teaming up with the SISE House of Culture to bring a Breakdance workshop to Cayo next week. It starts on Monday, July 18th, at 9:00am, at the SISE HoC.

    Digital Marketing Summit of Belize 2016!
    Day One of the Digital Marketing Summit

    Channel 7

    DOE Tells ASR/BSI to Quit Dumping Spoilt Molasses In Ponds
    The Department Of Environment issued a stop order against ASR/BSI today - telling the company that it has to quit dumping spoilt molasses into ponds. As we've been reporting for the past two days, a large volume of molasses went bad in storage tanks at the Tower Hill Factory in Orange Walk. For the company and the farmers it's a loss of revenue, but it's also a major disposal problem since molasses poses major threats to waterways. Yesterday, ASR/BSI's Environmental Health & Safety Superintendent told the media that the molasses have been moved out of the tanks and into ponds: Brittany Meighan - Environmental Health, BSI: "Firstly, I wouldn't consider the molasses contaminated because the molasses is no longer molasses after this reaction. Its a completely different product and the way we are storing it is by having everything contained. There have been no breaches to water bodies. Everything is contained and there's been no spillages." Reporter "So, the molasses are still in the tank as we speak?" Brittany Meighan - Environmental Health, BSI: "No, currently we have them temporarily stored in ponds that are contained. We are still waiting for the department of the environment to give us some more confirmation to make sure that our method of disposal is appropriate and abides by all regulations."

    Man Shot In City Over Petty Feud, Possibly With Cop's Gun
    A man was shot to his lower abdomen last night behind the Complex building in the St. Martin's area. According to 29 year old Nigel Castillo, a little before 9 yesterday evening, he and another person were at a nearby Chinese store when he suddenly found himself in the middle of an argument between a group of young people. Hoping to avoid any problems he returned home. But that is when one of the young persons, the step father of a police constable, allegedly discharged a police firearm at him for no apparent reason. Castillo was released from the hospital earlier today and he recounted the story to us. Nigel Castillo - Shooting Victim: "Last night what happened was, me and my partner came from the shop and when they were already drinking, 2 guys just came and tried to get in our conversation and we just told them that we didn't want to hear anything. He just tripped then they came with their gun because he and I are neighbors. So, the same time when I heard them say that they will go for their guns, I walked home. They ran from across the other yards straight into my yard. The man had a gun and he pointing it at the crowed because an entire crowd was out there, at least about 12 of us were out there. The man pointed his gun and shot me."

    "Wizz" Was Remanded
    Last night we told you about the charges San Pedro police brought against Luis Wizz Carter for allegedly shooting Dwayne Hyde. Well today the 23 year old Carter, a construction worker of San Pablo, San Pedro, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Carter was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. He was remanded into custody until August 30. On the morning of July 13th, Carter allegedly shot his one time associate, 30 year old Dwayne Hyde at his home. Hyde received a serious injury and he used a screwdriver to fight off carter, leaving him with minor injuries.

    Coke Truck Overturned, Soda Bottles Smashed On Highway Shoulder
    If you were traveling on the Phillip Goldson Highway heading into Belize City this morning, you most definitely encountered a serious traffic jam during the rush hour. That's because a Bowen and Bowen Truck ended up overturned at around mile 8. It was loaded with countless crates of soft drinks which ended up strewn and shattered on the side of the road. When we arrived on the scene, the Bowen employees were trying to salvage what they could. Today, Ladyville told us what they've learnt about the cause of the accident: Sgt. Leon Hewlett - Sergeant In Charge, Ladyville Police: "Information was received at the Ladyville police station of an accident on mile 8 on the Philip Goldson highway. Based on that information received, Ladyville police visited the scene where upon the arrival they observed a white international brand truck bearing license plate number A3521 overturned on the left hand side of the highway while traveling toward Belize City."

    18 Year Old, Stalked And stabbed By Deranged Ex, Calls On Cops
    A city woman is terrified tonight, after her ex boyfriend allegedly almost killed her on Sunday. 18 year old Amber Grenardo came to our studio today pleading for help. She told us she and her boyfriend separated a couple months ago after 3 years of abuse. But Grenardo says he simply does not want to let her go and early Sunday morning around 1:30, while she was asleep, he went into her JR Street house, stabbed her 5 times and chopped her in the head. Here is her horrifying story. Courtney Weatherburne "Tell us what happened early Sunday morning, you were asleep when you were attacked?" Amber Grenardo, Stabbed by Jealous Ex: "Yes and then when I woke up I saw him right at the door and I grabbed my machete and he fought me for my machete and he chopped me in my head, then after that he bit me over this side here and afterwards he went and got my kitchen knife and he stabbed me here and here. Hos I escaped, I jumped through the window and I went and called my sister who lives across the street. Then 15 minutes after the police came and took me to the hospital. When I reach at the hospital, they called my mom and told her that the house was on fire. That's all I remember from then."

    Remanded For Role Reversal In Domestic Dispute
    And a similar story went to Belize City Magistrate's court today and it shows that domestic abuse goes both ways - and it can take months before an arrest is made. 21 year old Dangriga resident Ernestine Noralez, was charged with attempted murder after he common law husband said she stabbed him in the chest. 26 year old Jordan Jones told police that on the night of May 29th, he and Noralez were at a house in Double Head Cabbage when they had a misunderstanding. She left the house and walked away, and he claims that when he went to follow her, she took out a knife and stabbed him in the his chest. After that, she left Double Head Cabbage and went to Dangriga where she was apprehended on July 12. Today in court, she appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser where she was charged for attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. She was remanded into custody until August 30th.

    Customs Officer Shot On Highway
    A man was mysteriously shot in the shoulder as he was driving along the Southern highway. 34 year old Customs Officer Jose Acevedo was heading to his Hope Creek home last night at after 8:00. But as he slowed down by a speed bump, a man emerged from the side of the road and shot at Acevedo in the shoulder. He was transferred to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment.

    Balam Believes In Carlos Raul
    Last night, we brought you part one of our coverage on the press conference held by the Executive Director of "Asociacion Balam." He's the Guatemalan conservationist, Byron Castellanos, who heads the Guatemalan counterpart to Friends For Conservation and Development. They basically try to preserve the forest environments in Guatemala close to the border which make up a part of the Chiquibul National Park. As one of the key persons trying to preserve the Chiquibul biosphere across the border, he works closely with FCD to tackle the root causes of the Guatemalan incursions into Belize. That's poverty and organized crime, and yesterday, he had a very frank conversation about the realities which continue force Guatemalan campesinos to enter Belize illegally to get at the rich resources of the Chiquibul. Both he and the FCD Executive Director, Rafael Manzaneros, agree that in the last 2 years, the illegal activity in the Chiquibul has decreased drastically. It's partly due to the enforcement efforts on both sides of the border, but more so because of the intervention methods that Balam and their Guatemalan partners have been making.

    A Real Summit For The Virtual World
    A two-day event geared at enhancing the online presence of tourism stakeholders concluded earlier this afternoon at the Biltmore Plaza. The initiative known as the Digital Marketing Summit has been spearheaded by the Belize Tourism Board for the past two years. Nearly 150 persons attended the event and learned more about topics like: Digital Content Strategy, Creative Strategy, Travel Trade in Digital, Insights and Video Marketing. The discussions were facilitated by international leaders in the digital marketing field including experts in creative marketing strategy. The event was also joined by a member of one of the leading online booking sites- Expedia. We learnt more about the summit this morning and its relevance to today's modern world. Minor Larrieu, Digital Marketing Mgr., BTB: "We have a lot of hotel airs and tour operators in the room learning and it's going to inspire them to do a lot more with the resources they have with the new technology available and also to challenge them to have a stronger online presence." Michael Chatfield, Creative Strategist, Presenter: "Last year at the digital marketing summit I presenting destructive creative strategies, it was called 'rock the boat'. It was all about standing out, being different and changing the game in your favor."

    Big Multimillion Dollar Tourism Plan For Small Destinations
    Last night we told you about the very strong tourism figures coming out of the first half of 2016. But while tourist strongholds like San Pedro, Cayo and Placencia always perform well, it's not quite the same for the lesser known tourist spots. And that's why over the next few weeks places like Corozal, Toledo, Caye Caulker, and the Mountain Pine Ridge/Caracol and Chiquibul area will launch their own Destination Plans. These plans will identify key infrastructure projects that are considered critical for the development of tourism in those areas. But it's not just a n exercise in paperwork, there's multilateral money behind the initiative. Investments will be made under the Sustainable Tourism Program II, a five-year 15.5 million US dollar IDB program for sustainable and resilient tourism development.

    Future Starts At Summer Camp
    About 75 children from all across Belize City had been attending the Future Football Club's summer camp for the past 2 weeks. For 5 years now, the organizers have been using football as a means of outreach to these at-risk kids, and today, we stopped by to see the awards handed out to the most outstanding participants. Lead facilitator Edon Rowley told us that he and the other instructors help these children focus their energies in a positive manner: The organizers thanked the Belize Bank, BTL and the other sponsors who made the camp possible.

    Channel 5

    Breaking News: Robbery at the Income Tax Department in Belmopan
    And there is breaking news from Belmopan tonight. We have been able to confirm that the Income Tax Department was robbed this afternoon at the close of the business day [...]

    B&B Eighteen-wheeler Flips on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Soft Drinks Everywhere!
    For hours this morning, traffic was backed-up on the Phillip Goldson Highway.  A tractor-trailer loaded with products from Bowen and Bowen overturned near Mile Eight where road works are ongoing. [...]

    Five-car Pileup in the Aftermath of Overturned Delivery Truck…
    A chain reaction originally begun with this morning’s turnover of a Bowen and Bowen vehicle in Ladyville in which two vehicles traveling into Belize City were severely damaged. Because of [...]

    …was the Collision Preventable?
    While no one was injured during the accident, those involved exchanged insurance information to sort out damages.  As a motorist who commutes along the thoroughfare daily, Swasey told News Five [...]

    Belize City Man is Shot Near La Croix Boulevard, Cop is Detained for Questioning
    Twenty-nine-year-old Nigel Castillo was shot on Thursday night in the vicinity of La Croix Boulevard in the old capital, a short distance away from where police have established a checkpoint.  [...]

    DOE Team Meets with BSI Personnel to Discuss Molasses Disposal
    Up north, a team of officers from the Forest Department, as well as the Department of the Environment, visited Tower Hill this afternoon to continue an assessment of the current [...]

    Is Burying Burnt Syrup a Practical Suggestion?
    Among the suggestions that are being considered is the burial of the large quantity of molasses into a pit. To do so, they would have to identify an ideal location [...]

    Pregnant Woman is Arraigned for Stabbing Her Boyfriend During Domestic Row
    There was an unreported violent incident between a man and his girlfriend in the village of Double Head Cabbage, Belize District, in May of this year. This morning, the twenty-one [...]

    Wizz is Remanded for Attempted Murder in San Pedro
    Also in the Magistrate Court today, a construction worker from San Pedro Ambergris Caye, was arraigned for a mid-week shooting on the island.  Twenty-three year old Luis Carter, also known [...]

    Digital Marketing: BTB Hosts Conference for Online Advertisers
    The marketplace of the future inarguably has its origin in social media.  In fact, many businesses are presently striving to reach new customers and maintain existing ones by interacting with [...]

    Where do Millennials fit Into Digital Marketing?
    Larrieu says there is more to come on this score. In terms of reaching target audiences, Patrick Lawrence’s New-York based Yo Group advertising agency says cost is no object for [...]

    Pokémon GO! The New Craze Reaches Belize
    There is a craze that has taken over the world; it is “Pokémon Go.” All over, fans have become addicted to the gaming phenomenon which is played through a mobile [...]

    Moscow Ballet on Ice Comes to the Jewel
    Ballet on Ice at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts is a must-see ice skating show that will be performed by a band of Muscovite dancers visiting Belize from [...]

    Bitten By a Tommy Goff While Vacationing in Belize
    A report of a fifteen-year old girl of the Bay area, California, who was bitten by a fer-de-lance while vacationing in Belize is making international news tonight. Audrey Benton and [...]


    An Improved Structure for the Elderly
    Over the last few weeks, Help Age Belize and Sister Cecilia home have seen renovations to their buildings. Love News spoke Ivorine Bulwer, Executive Director of Help Age Belize spoke about their recent renovations. Bulwer made an appeal to the public for help to improve the facilities. Bulwer added a message for youths […]

    Belizeans In Turkey Amidst Coup
    There is currently a civil unrest taking place in Istanbul, Turkey where the military has taken control of the administration of the country in a reported effort to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and the general security it says had been taken away. It is a dire situation involving […]


    St. Martin de Porres to have parish hall in next year
    Belize City and particularly Southside has few places where youths or indeed anyone can safely congregate to have fun and enjoy themselves. The Roman Catholic parish of St. Martin de Porres aims to change that with a brand new Parish Hall now under construction at its corner Vernon and Partridge Str...

    Belize loses 60 spots in FIFA World Ranking
    Last two months, the Belize National Football Team made it for the first time to the 114th spot in FIFA World Ranking, but this month took a downturn. Belize currently holds the 164th spot in the latest FIFA World Ranking which was released the 14th of July 2016. This has been the worst ranking sinc...

    Accused contrabandista walks from drug charges
    On February 5, 2016, 34 year old Roland Raheem Rivers was busted inside a burgundy Ford Escape vehicle with 14 pounds of marijuana and contraband beer, and was also accused of various traffic offenses. But the single charge of drug trafficking was dropped after Magistrate Deborah Rogers, preparing t...

    Student charged with robbing bus conductor
    A bus conductor got robbed at the old Novelo’s Bus Terminal on West Collet Canal on Tuesday, and today a junior college student was accused of the crime. 35 year old Elroy Hemmans Junior, student and part-time accountant, pleaded not guilty to a charge of robbery before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraz...

    Belize Continues to Deliver Impressive Tourism Results
    “We have passed the half-way mark of 2016, and tourism in Belize is doing better than ever”. So begins a press release from the Belize Tourism Board. According to the BTB statistics, overnight arrivals for January to June, 2016 has seen 213,430 visitors to Belize. That represents a 16.5% increase ov...

    Belizean and Guatemalan conservation groups team up
    Friends for Conservation and Development, F.C.D, has teamed up with Guatemalan conservation group BALAM to fight for the conservation of the Chiquibul Forest against encroachers and poachers. The Chiquibul reserve landscape goes beyond the Belize border into Guatemala and is now being used more f...

    First 190 million paid in BTL arbitration award
    On Wednesday, GOB had to cough up some 190 million dollars for its first payment in the Arbitration Award for the B.T.L. nationalization. The total award is over half a billion dollars which includes interests at eight point three-four percent accumulated over the past seven years. Government paid 6...


    Dr. George Gough loses medical malpractice suit
    Belizeans can be tolerant and forgiving in so many areas of life that many times professionals, who should know better, take advantage, but one woman who has been through pain and suffering because of two botched surgical procedures decided that the best route of redress to follow was through a medical malpractice lawsuit, an unusual area of civil claim in Belizean litigation. On Tuesday, July 12, Claim Number 154 of 2013 between Alice Arana-Gillett, the claimant, and Dr. George Gough, the defendant, concluded in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel, who ruled in favor of the claimant and awarded general and special damages to her totaling $52,520.24. Apart from the damages, Justice Abel also ordered Dr. Gough to pay 50% of the claimant’s cost of court, which still has to be agreed upon or assessed, and six percent interest from the date when the claim was filed. Attorney Nazira Uc Myles, who represented Gillett in the claim, told Amandala tonight, “It is gratification for my client, because it hasn’t been an easy journey for her because she was discouraged at several stages.”

    Michael Baptist remanded for attempted murder
    A 20-year-old man, Michael Marvin Baptist, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison this morning after he was arraigned on attempted murder and related charges for a stabbing incident that occurred last Wednesday, July 6, at a home in Los Lagos. The stabbing victim, Eugene “Fatback” Webster, who is the stepfather of the accused man, was in a coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) earlier this week. Webster’s wife, Caret Webster, told Amandala tonight, however, that he came out of the coma yesterday evening and has been showing signs of improving. Mrs. Webster said that she wants to thank all the people who are praying for her husband’s recovery. The accused did not have to make any pleas after Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser read charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm to him.

    Chiquibul exploited for organized crime: Asociación Balam
    There have been many reports of Guatemalan laborers being nabbed for incursions and illegal activities inside Belize, but the invisible and presumably well connected hands controlling what is allegedly an organized regime remain elusive, according to a Guatemalan agency which partners with Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) in Belize to combat environmental crimes in the area. “There is a perverse alliance between poverty and crime. They finance people to come across the Belize border to illegally take [Belize’s] resources. The sad story is that the poor people are in jail, and those who pay, are in the cities. That is one thing we have to change, make those who finance pay for their crimes,” said Bayron Castellanos Romero, executive director of Asociación Balam. Castellanos joined FCD’s executive director, Raphael Manzanero, at a press conference held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City Thursday morning. The parties called the press conference to inform the general public about the bi-national efforts which are underway to address Guatemalan incursions into Belize. The parties have extended their cooperation agreement with a new accord spanning 2016 to 2021.

    “Another World” accused killer, 18, arraigned
    At about 2:30 Sunday afternoon, as Maleek Norris, 19, a resident of Roaring Creek, was walking on the road in the Another World area of the village, he was blasted in his lower abdomen with a homemade gun that fires shotgun cartridges. The shooter was a teenager of the village with whom Norris had been in several altercations. Norris died shortly after at the Western Regional Hospital. Police arrested Ashton Felix Puerto, 18, of Another World, Roaring Creek, and charged him with murder, keeping a prohibited firearm and use of deadly means of harm. He was taken to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today, where he was arraigned on the offences. Puerto was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until Wednesday, September 28, when he will be returned to court.

    Belize Barrier Reef remains on danger list
    The Belize Barrier Reef, inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 but put on the danger list in 2009 due to threats arising from the sale and lease of public lands for development leading to habitat destruction, will remain listed, following a decision announced by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee at its 40th Session being convened from July 10 to 20 in Istanbul, Turkey. Last December, the Government of Belize announced a new policy for a partial ban against offshore drilling at the site, as well as within a buffer area spanning 1 kilometer from the site, but its promise to bring into force new legislation to buttress the ban has yet to be fulfilled. Present in Istanbul was Nadia Bood, WWF-Belize Reef Scientist. Bood said in a WWF press release issued Tuesday that: “We are moving in the right direction with this decision, but it’s a long road to ensure that both the reef and the people who rely on it are protected into the future. WWF welcomes an expert monitoring mission by the end of this year to assess the government’s progress.”

    GOB raising funds to pay Ashcroft from treasury notes and bills
    The Government of Belize is raising funds on the domestic market to finance the payment of the arbitration award amounting to nearly half-a-billion dollars to the Ashcroft group of companies, whose shares the Government of Belize assumed when it nationalized Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) back in 2009. As we reported last week, the balance, after subtracting the $65 million paid as an initial installment last September, is roughly $395 million, and half of that is due by today, July 13, 2016. The Government of Belize is making use of the increased liquidity in Belize’s financial system—but this would also translate to a marked increase in the public debt stock, from about 82% last year to about 92% by the time the payments are settled. We asked Ervin Perez, Managing Director, Legacy Fund, for the current liquidity data. Citing the Central Bank’s Weekly Monetary Aggregates, Perez told us that as of June 15, 2016, the amount of excess liquidity (in terms of hard cash) in the system is $451,802,000, up about $81 million from the same time last year.

    C-Ray Youth Summer Series 2016 Week 2 results
    –Here are the results of Week 2 cycle races, held yesterday on Marine Parade Boulevard in the C-Ray Cycling Club’s Youth Summer Series 2016. (Every Sunday in the month of July, races start at 1:30 p.m. on Marine Parade in front of Celebrity Restaurant. Registration is free. Bikes and helmets are provided for those who do not have. Weekly, winners are given ribbons; and for the finale, they receive a C-Ray T-shirt, school bag with school supplies, medals and other prizes. Similar to the High School Cycling Series, points are given according to the order in which the participants finish; at the end of the 5 races, the participant to accumulate the most points wins overall.)

    Smart 13 & Under Mundialito – City Boys are champs again!
    The fifth annual Smart 13 & Under Mundialito football tournament culminated in dramatic fashion on Sunday afternoon at the MCC Grounds in front of a handsome crowd of fans that included many parents and relatives of the young athletes; and after a scoreless draw in regulation and overtime in the finals, City Boys prevailed in sudden death after seven penalties were taken, to dethrone Brown Bombers, and become the champions for 2016. Both the third place game and the championship final were played with 25 minute halves, and 5 minutes intermission. In the third place preliminary, Ladyville Rising Stars edged Hattieville Riverside Boys, 1-nil, on an early second half goal by Caesar Garcia (26’).

    Cricket Corner: Western Eagles puts away Wicked 11
    Hello to all cricket players, fans and families!Thanks to this year’s sponsors,Belikin and Smart, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Competition playoffs continued over the weekend, with Easy Does It going up against Sunrise at Rancho Dolores, and Wicked11 up against Western Eagles in Lemonal. In the game at Rancho, Easy Does It took to bat first. At the fall of the first wicket and a score of 28,the game had to be stopped due to heavy rain. That game will continue, hopefully, on Sunday, the 17th, at the same venue. The game for the day was at Lemonal between Western Eagles of Rancho Dolores andWicked11 of Flowers Bank. These two teams are tied. Today one, advances to the semifinals, the other will, well, maybe just watch other teams continue to do battle. The Wicked11 boys arrived first, then the Eagles. When the Eagles players took a look at the field, they said that the condition of the field was not in anyway prepared for any playoff game.

    Mundialito and Softball Marathon in O.W.
    n Mundialito games played at Louisiana Football Field on Sunday, July 10, Croatia of Black Water won, 1-0, over Spain of Progresso, with a goal from Shamir Basto. Colombia of Palmar got a goal each from Jared Gonzales and Nazir Torres, to drop Portugal of Trinidad, 2-0. Mexico of San Estevan edged Belize of L.A. area, 2-1. Sheehan Blanco and Joan Bull shook the net for Mexico, while Axel Alamilla scored for Belize. And Holland of Guinea Grass got the 1-nil win over Argentina of Yo Creek with a goal from Jason Vanegas.

    The sacred cow
    Amandala welcomes this week’s statement from the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on the national financial catastrophe which the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) has become. It may be that the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has also weighed in on the BTL crisis, but any such statement may have been lost in the shuffle. The point we wish to make is that when Belize experiences these crises wherein all the leaders of the two major political parties – the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People’s United Party (PUP), do is point fingers at each other, the BCCI and the NTUCB become the nation’s most important socio-politico-economic factors. That is because they represent arguably the two most disparate, and at the same time vital, elements in our democracy, these being capital (BCCI) and labor (NTUCB). Ideally, of course, there should be a commission of inquiry into just how our nation’s most profitable and cutting-edge technology public utility, built over decades by thousands of talented, dedicated Belizean workers, ended up as the source of the largest ever hit upon our foreign reserves and consolidated funds. Commissions of inquiry are expensive propositions, and it does not appear that any of the two major parties is eager for a BTL inquiry. Such an initiative, we submit, would require a joint effort by BCCI and NTUCB, in the first instance.

    From the Publisher
    Needless to say, I appreciate the fact that people still want to read what I have to say, but I do try to place myself in as realistic a perspective as possible. In a situation such as mine, one cannot afford to take one’s self too seriously; in fact, one sometimes has to fight against a feeling of being irrelevant, a sense of futile déjà vu, of having been here before and not having been able to effect change. In the United States, they refer to citizens born in the years right after World War II (I man was born in 1947) as “Baby Boomers.” It is said that people in our part of the world were so happy that the war had ended in 1945, and that the so-called Allied nations had won, that they were making a lot of babies – a baby boom, hence “Baby Boomers.” The generation known as Baby Boomers in America essentially was the generation which challenged and confronted the power structure in different areas during the turbulent decade of the 1960s. The decade opened with various attempts by young black Americans, supported by progressive young whites, to integrate public transportation and various public facilities in the Confederate states (Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and so on) of the United States, the Deep South states which practiced segregation, which was known in South Africa as apartheid.

    Letter to the Editor: Fool’s paradise …
    Dear Editor, China has just said it will reject and ignore a ruling at the International Court in The Hague regarding its territorial claims in the South China Sea, which was not in its favour, and brought against it by the Philippines. It also said that it will continue to defend its claim. China claims 90 per cent of the South China Sea. The ruling was binding, but the Court has no power of enforcement. Both China and the Philippines are signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the ruling was made by its arbitration tribunal. Other countries which have claims are Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. However, the Philippines is the first to take China to court. The South China Sea is a lucrative trade route and unusually rich in natural resources.

    Letter to the Editor: BQ, Jr. answers Norman
    Dear Editor, During my perusal of the online edition of your publication, I came across the feature article dated 29 June 2016, entitled “When will Belizeans/New Yorkers take a stand?” by Norman Fairweather. With your permission, kindly permit me to respond and put on record a clarification of what appears to be a misinterpretation and misconception of the Belize City Council’s (BCC) delegation’s visit to New York in June. Let the record show that the BCC’s delegation’s visit was on invitation via retired U.S. Army Lt. Gerard Placide; with the primary focus of networking and relationship capacity building in the areas of municipality management, religious outreach and possible investors. It is a fact that on the itinerary for the BCC’s delegation there was a meeting with Belizean-Americans inclusive of members of the Belize International Solidarity Movement (BISM) on June 13th, 2016. It was the only scheduled meeting with them. The meeting was predominantly an open forum designed to address the needs and concerns of the individuals present; hence the direction the discussion took and the matters discussed were those that the audience found most important.

    A call for Belizean self-reflection and unity
    The British monarch, the day following Brexit when many in Britain, Europe, and around the world spoke as though the end-of-the-world draweth nigh, memorably declared, “I’m still alive.” Some news outlets reported this was merely a jest, a joke. The shock of Brexit is now receding. The stock markets have adjusted and largely recouped their losses (regardless of who won or who lost). The tone of the anti-British EU factions have been effectively silenced. The President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, amongst the loudest anti-British EU voices, has been disciplined by her biggest political advocate, Germany’s Angela Merkel. For Germany, it’s not ideology or Brexit-no Brexit that rules, but rather it’s what’s in the self-interest of the German nation that must prevail. Truly great nations, or better phrased—truly resilient and progressive nations—know not just how to survive, but also to thrive, regardless. I subscribe to the adage, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond.” This is the story of my own life.

    Of gang intervention through education
    There is no need for the Belizean people at home and abroad to try to make it appear that the exploding violence presently engulfing Belize City and the surrounding villages in Belize District is not about the Belizean black youth that is in crisis. Since 1989 when Belize’s gang violence exploded, all statistics have pointed directly to the black Belizean population as being the ones annihilating themselves through gun violence. I think it is a good thing for some Belizeans at home and abroad to be asking what can be done about the violent crime rate that has brought about a state of emergency in Belize. Belizeans at home and abroad need to understand that Belize’s gang problem was exported from abroad, from the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles and other United States cities where black Belizeans migrated and resided. It was also exported through the arrival of American television in the 1980’s through films like New Jack City and Colors.

    Ban gill nets, says Coast Guard
    A gill net is a large fish net that hangs vertically in the water. Floats line the top of the net, while weights line the bottom. The net is made of transparent material, so fish and other animals are unable to see it. The mesh size (or size of the net holes) that a fisherman selects, depends on the size of the specie they want to capture. Small mesh sizes are used when targeting small species and large mesh sizes are used when targeting large species. The mesh size or net holes are designed to be large enough for the head of the fish to pass through it, but not its body. As a result, when fish swim into the net they are entangled by their gills, and they drown. Some nets stretch up to 40 miles long, in the open ocean, while other gill nets stretch for one to two miles (which is still long), and they are typically 10-50 feet in width. Fishermen may leave these nets in the water for a few hours to a couple of days.

    When Government betrayal of youth in Belize creates Black On Black crime!
    In the memory of Karim Yasin Hafiya (Keon Gentle) The Barrow administration is squarely to be blamed for the carnage we see on the streets of Belize with this explosion of black on black crime. They have gone out all the way since their coming to power in 2008 to make sure that Belizeans in the diaspora, who returned to make a difference, were not afforded the opportunity to do so, especially the ones that had challenged them in the past since their coming to power in 1984 through the Esquivel administration. There is a whole history of strained relations between this particular government in power today, and some Belizeans abroad who resisted the draconian policies in which they continue to use to govern Belize today. And the same thing can be said of that regime that is now called the Opposition. It has got to be known that BREDAA’s chairman, Nuri Akbar Estrada, made a significant contribution in Belize in 2008 in lending his skills and expertise in youth development, whereby addressing the crisis of black Belizean youth disenfranchisement and marginalization when he worked in the Youth Cadet Core in Belize as an organizer for the program.

    Spoiled molasses posing a problem for ASR/BSI
    Another crisis is fermenting around the sugar industry, and it involves the industry’s supply of molasses, which is derived after tons of sugar cane have been processed. There are many ways in which molasses can be used, for example, in horticulture to feed microorganisms which improve the quality of soil, to make fertilizers and in the production of rum. As a result, molasses production, too, is a source of financial benefit to the north of the country. ASR/BSI, the owners of the sugar mill, issued a release this week saying that there’s been a case of what is referred to as a Maillard Reaction. Maillard Reaction, named after the French chemist Louis-Camille Maillard, who discovered the process, is somewhat similar to the process of caramelization, where carbohydrates like sugar turn brown when heated, according to However, when this process occurs, it can leave a carbon residue, which can become lethal if not properly removed.

    GOB cites Santander Sugar for environmental breaches
    The Government of Belize has cited Santander Sugar, a Guatemalan company which recently started sugar production in Belize, for alleged environmental breaches, after officials had conducted assessments which they said confirmed that the company altered White Water Lagoon, which is considered a sensitive area. Dr. Colin Young, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, told Amandala when we interviewed him on Wednesday that about 6 weeks or so ago, they received information of some alleged breaches by Santander of their Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). Amandala understands that the Government was alerted by civil society after it was discovered over more than a month ago. Young said that he then sent a team to investigate, comprised of officials of the Department of the Environment, the Fisheries Department and the Forestry Department. The team, Young said, visited twice and reported that Santander had violated its ECP.

    The Reporter

    SIB raising the bar on delivering quality statistics
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) is taking the lead on improving the national statistics system, which will improve the quality of all government departments which provide stats for decision making. Deputy Director General of the SIB, Diana Castillo-Trejo, explained on Friday that the Institute […]

    HelpAge calls for vigilant self checks for diabetics
    HelpAge Belize is calling for diabetic patients, particularly those who are elderly, to be more vigilant in checking for health problems associated with diabetes. Executive Director of HelpAge, Ivorine Bulwer, explained on Friday that she has noticed increasing incidents of diabetes-related strokes, blindness, amputations, and […]

    Ministry of Foreign affairs gets new office
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this week, showcased its new office building, paid for by the Government of the Republic of China/Taiwan (ROCT). The ROCT paid some US $1.5 million for the lavish three story structure, which has just below 10,500 sq.ft, and sits on a half […]

    CARICOM countries pass treaty to extradite fugitives wanted back home
    Heads of governments who attended the Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) 37th Regular Conference in Guyana have voted to begin extraditing fugitives wanted in their respective CARICOM countries to face trial for various crimes. CARICOM Chairman, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told reporters following the conference that […]

    Belize and Guyana sign framework agreement
    The government of Belize and the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, last week, signed a framework agreement aimed at increasing cooperation between the two countries. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington signed the agreement on Belize’s behalf, along with Vice-President Carl B. Greenidge, signing on […]

    Security guard executed on arrival at home
    Kareim Hafiya, 40, also known as “Buzzard”, met his death where most people consider their safest place to be – home, on Plues Street just before 4:00 a.m., Saturday. The security guard worked at the House of Culture by day and at Bottom Dollar by […]

    Roaring Creek loses second resident to weekend gun violence
    Maleek Norris, 18, became the weekend’s second victim to die by gun violence over the weekend. Norris left his house at around 2:30 Sunday afternoon en route to a friend’s house. Somewhere along the way, in the Another World area, however, he encountered someone with […]

    Kent Brooks passes away
    Eleven days after being severely wounded from a gun shot wound to the chest, 18-year-old Kent Brooks, died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) this week. Brooks died on Sunday July 10, at around 10:00 a.m. after being shot to the chest on La Croix Boulevard […]

    Another Belize City murder; Roger Banner dead
    Roaring Creek resident, Roger Banner, 19, was gunned down as he spoke with his girl on East Canal near Public’s Supermarket shortly after 9:00 p.m., when another man rode up to him and shot him in the head. Banner was reportedly sitting on the yellow […]

    Belize pushing for Schengen Visa waver
    The Government of Belize is working with the member countries of the Schengen area of Europe to get the country on the list for Schengen Visa waivers. Sources within the ministry of Foreign Affairs explained this week that Belize has reached out to Schengen members through the […]

    Dip in value of euro and British pound has immediate impact on Belize
    The recent dip in the exchange rate with the British pound and the European Union’s (EU) euro currencies has had immediate effect on Belize’s. This is because our dollar is pegged to the US dollar, and the pound and euro have lost value compared to […]

    Away with gill net fishing
    The outlawing of gill nets can result in the addition of hundreds of millions of dollars into Belize’s economy, increasing employment in the fisheries industry. The movememt to outlaw gill nets had its inception in 2004. It had an exceptionally good start and progressed until it […]

    Lova Boy performs at the Los Angeles Cultural Festival
    Lova Boy performed at the 2016 Los Angeles Culture Festival in Hollywood as the headline performer on June 25. The six-day carnival celebration held on Hollywood boulevard featured Lova Boy’s performance on the fourth day. The carnival was celebrated under the theme ‘Parade of the Bands’, as he energetically entertained […]

    Teresa May is Britain’s new P.M. Smoothest transition in a sea of turmoil
    Former British Home Secretary, Theresa May is now Britain’s second female Prime Minister. She was sworn in on Wednesday in one of the smoothest transitions in recent years amids’t some of the most unsettling times, after Britain voted to leave the European Union. She became the only legitimate candidate after […]

    Santander Sugar’s ECP violation liable for DOE fine
    Santander Sugar, the US $175 million sugar cane growing and processing facility built on 20,000 acres in Valley of Peace, Cayo District, will be liable for a fine levied by the Department of the Environment (DOE) for two drainage ditches dug on Santander land […]

    In recent weeks Oceana Belize has been engaged in a vigorous campaign to end all forms of gill net shing in Belize. This is the most important problem facing Belizean sheries today and we hope that our new Minister of Agriculture, who has shown himself to be energetic and conscientious, […]

    Get serious about Chiquibul! Say conservationists to officials
    Two conservation groups that co¬manage the extensive Chiquibul Forest, which cuts across the Belize/Guatemala western border have joined efforts to appeal to the two governments to give more serious assistance to protecting the reserve. Concerned by the level of encroachments that have been occurring on both […]

    BSI-ASR molasses consumed by Maillard reaction
    Belize Sugar Industries and its parent company, American Sugar Refiners (BSI-ASR) have been exporting its molasses soon after the crop started at Tower Hill Sugar Factory in Orange Walk, but this week announced that due to an unprecedented phenomenon called a Maillard reaction, the […]

    GOB makes first payment to Ashcroft
    The Government of Belize paid over $190 million to the Ashcroft Alliance this week as part of the arbitration award for the nationalization of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). On Tuesday, 10 days after the three¬member Permanent Court of Arbitration handed down its ruling, GOB paid the money, most of it […]

    FALSE ALARM! Chester did NOT resign
    Sharp comments on Facebook this week by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Chester Williams, which were interpreted to mean he was leaving the Belize Police Department and take up law practice full¬time drew immediate response from his sympathizers. This prompted Williams to clarify in a […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police Youth Cadet finishes 19th annual Summer Camp
    The 19th annual Belize Police Youth Cadet Summer Camp was held over the past week and today organizers and participants held an official closing ceremony. The 277 youth cadets from across the country, including San Pedro, Ambergris Caye took part in a small parade through […]

    The 50th Benque Viejo Fiesta is both cultural and religious in origin
    Being celebrated this weekend, it is the official veneration of the patron saint of the village, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The commemoration begins with a solemn religious celebration – Las Alboradas. The loud bells signal the daily early morning service leading up to the 16th […]

    Four-way pileup in City snarls traffic
    A chain reaction originally begun with this morning’s turnover of a Bowen and Bowen vehicle in Ladyville resulted in two vehicles traveling into Belize City being severely damaged. Because of the Ladyville scene, traffic had slowed coming into Belize City, with cars nearly bumper to […]

    BTB hosts digital marketing summit
    Social media has become the marketplace of the future, and in some cases, the present, as business strive to reach new customers and maintain existing ones. It is no different for the tourism industry, where every property promises a different experience for the visitor. The […]

    When a man loves a woman…
    21 year old Ernestine Noralez, known as “Queenie”, originally from Dangriga Town but now residing in Double Head Cabbage, Belize District, is accused of stabbing her common-law partner once in the chest, near the heart, almost killing him as a result. That was about a […]

    Luis Carter charged in San Pedro confrontation
    Construction worker 23 year old Luis Carter has been arraigned for attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm upon Dwayne Hyde and for aggravated assault upon Kimberly Humes, his common-law wife, following an incident reported earlier this week on the island of […]

    More drugs and a firearm off Punta Gorda Streets
    Punta Gorda Police and the K-9 Unit conducted operations in that town and confiscated 562 gram of cannabis on Wednesday. The first batch of 156 grams was found at the residence of Anthony Johnson. Police have arrested and charged Anthony Johnson, 36, Sean Garcia, 25; […]

    Multiple car collision in Belize City
    There was a five-vehicle collision on the Philip Goldson highway near mile two and a half in Belize City this morning. There were no reports of anyone being seriously injured but several vehicles were damaged. More details coming up shortly. © 2016, This article […]


    Pokémon Go frenzy makes its way to Ambergris Caye!
    I have been a fan of the Pokémon Franchise for as long as I can remember. I have watched every single season of the anime, watched all the movies and specials, played all the games – as far back as Gameboy Color – and even own Pokémon merchandise. So there was no doubt that when Pokémon Go by Niantic was announced, I went completely nuts! And now that I’m playing it, I can clearly say “I will become the greatest Pokémon master of them all!” Within the first 24 hours of its release the game blew up – so much so, that it’s raised Nintendo’s (part owner of Niantic and one of the few companies that hold copyrights to Pokémon) stock value by $7.5 billion since its launch on Wednesday, July 6th. As of July 13, 2016, Pokémon Go has an estimated 15 million downloads – impressive! Everyone was jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon, and being the nerd and Poke Lover I am, I downloaded it the first opportunity I had.

    Taste of Belize 2016 was held over the past weekend (July 9th and 10th) in Orange Walk Town and Rain Rooftop Restaurant was well represented, taking home third place in the Master’s Chef Competition. 27-year-old, Chef Samuel Gonzalez was the representative for Rain in the competition and we were super excited to sit with him and chat about his first time experience competing in such a high profile culinary competition in Belize. Samii, as he is known by those around him, started cooking less than four years ago. He started off as a dish washer at what was then Wet Willy’s Smoke House Restaurant. Shortly after, he jumped at the opportunity to cook when they were short staffed. This was the beginning of his Chef story. In November of 2014 Samii started working at Rain as a Kitchen Assistant. After 4 short months at Rain, Samii became sous chef, then quickly worked his way to becoming a head chef in training. Samii spoke about his experience: “As the competition began they started reading out the bios of all the different chefs competing. They all had over 7 years’ experience and some of them even owned their own restaurants. I was really nervous.”

    Welcome to Belize, suitable for framing
    This is a photo of my back yard — or front yard, depending on your penchant for pedantry. I must confess it has been really really hard to take a bad picture of this. And it is quite stunning to watch the composition shift with the introduction of weather, sunrises, strolling people, boats, storms and even the careless placement of a wheelbarrow and ladder (as you can see above). The hardest thing to do is incorporate the lovely birds and butterflies that soar in and out of this composition. No picture has yet done justice to the hummingbirds, orioles, pelicans, blackbirds and yellow butterflies in migration that fill me with joy every day. However, I have a completely new way of looking at this scene. You might call it “through artists’ eyes.” My friend Ben Popik discovered this new app, called Prisma which takes the annoying image filters of Instagram, iPhones, etc. to a whole new level of quality. And a whole new way of seeing your own world. Ben is an artist, a film maker and he transformed a sweet photo of his wife, Joanna, holding baby chicks into a most artful and appealing portrait, using Prisma.

    Your Belize Cooking Guide: How to Make Black Relleno Soup
    Relleno – in Spanish, the word means “stuffed or filled!” In Belize, locals have grown accustomed to using the term Relleno, when referring to a black soup consisting of vegetables and chicken stuffed with pork and boiled eggs. The soup gains its dark colour, from the black Recado paste that is added which is made of local roasted peppers. This dish (like many other popular dishes in Belize), is common to Mestizo households of Northern Belize and is typically prepared for special occasions such as birthday parties, graduations and weddings. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find it anywhere else though, as the dish is now a common lunchtime meal at restaurants across the country and usually costs around $12 Belize dollars.

    International Sourcesizz

    Compact, diverse Belize an easy gateway to Central America
    Typically, toucans don't show up at breakfast unless it's on a box of Froot Loops. Croaking like frogs, the four of them are eyeing my huevos rancheros from the branch of a vine-entangled tree beside the hotel balcony that also is a favorite hangout for a yard-long, lime-green iguana. Ninety-three miles away, rainbow parrotfish wait for snorkelers while bobbing around a world-class coral reef. A 30-minute drive from there, spider monkeys shriek from a jungle eternally trying to cover the ninth century ruins of a square-mile Mayan city. A country as diverse as any of its neighbors - and that you can drive across in 90 minutes - tiny Belize might be the easiest sampler for Central American first-timers. Add on that English is the primary language, the convenient location just south of Mexico, the good roads and a handful of excellent little airlines on which to hopscotch around, and the metaphor starts to seem obvious.

    Should the Caribbean and Latin America should integrate more ?
    Caribbean nations could work more closely together to promote trade and tourism and battle climate change and can integrate more closely with Latin America, say top politicians. Dr Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, speaking at the seventh summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) in Havana, Cuba, says integration in Latin America and the Caribbean is realistic and would help the region face common challenges.



  • Action in the streets of San pedro, 1min. Film crew shoots commercial in San Pedro for Parkour/Freerunning company Tempest.

  • New Tunes, 3min. Check out this reggae track from a Belizean brother. It's Free the Youths.

  • Full Moon Concert in full swing. Sambai Dancers, 1min. Here's a look at Thursday's Full Moon Concert at Stann Creek House of Culture

  • Flying over the Blue Hole in Belize!, 5min. This was such and amazing experience flying over the amazing piece of nature. I highly recommend this flight! it is filled with not just a beautiful view but lots of adrenaline.

  • Belize city 1990, 48min.

  • Observing and Driving and interacting with the locals of Belize in 1990, 48min.

  • The GreaGeorge C Price Father of Belize Talking to the world media about the Future of Belize., 48min.

  • Belize and Roatan 2002, 17min. Much of my enjoyment comes from scuba diving.

  • Belize dive 2016, 5min. Scuba/freedive/snorkeling Belize 2016! Snuggling shark!

    July 15, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    CARILED drafts economic profile for San Pedro
    In an effort to draft the local economic profile for San Pedro Town, Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED), along with The San Pedro Town Council, held an interactive consultation on Wednesday, July 6th at the Town Conference Room. CARILED is a six year project aimed to develop and test models of Local Economic Development (LED) across the Caribbean, and San Pedro is the only municipality in the Caribbean that has signed on to the second phase of the project. In attendance were stakeholders from the San Pedro Cancer Society, Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye, Belize Tourism Industry Association, San Pedro Lions Club, The San Pedro Sun, Amber Isle Taxi Association, Tour Operators, and San Pedro Taxi Federation.

    Brodie’s Pharmacy hosts Health Fair
    Brodie’s Pharmacy is based in Belize City as part of the James Brodie and Company Conglomerate. It counts on San Pedro residents as frequent shoppers, and such, decided to give back the community by hosting a Health Fair on Saturday, July 9th at the San Pedro Lions Den. The fair provided free blood pressure testing, glucose testing, and skin analysis by a Neutrogena Specialist. Samples of medications, Johnson & Johnson products, Neutrogena skin care products, and other promotional items were given away. Brodie’s Pharmacy is located on Regent Street in Belize City.

    Inter-office Football competition continues
    The Inter-Office Football Competition began six weeks ago, and 26 registered teams continue giving their all every week at the Honourable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex. This past weekend was no exception and games were back in full force after a slight hiatus due to Town’s events. Once again, fans gathered at the sporting venue eager to support their favourite teams. The next matches are scheduled from Thursday, July 14th through Sunday July 17th at Complex starting at 7PM. Fans are encouraged to come out and support their teams as the competition continues.

    Caye Notes
    The San Pedro Town Public Library is hosting two programs this month: Literacy Camp 2016 and a Summer Tutoring Program 2016. All activities are free and the public is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to have their children progress and learn new skill. Adelle’s International Outreach Program in San Pedro, together with the Human Rights Commission of Belize Belmopan is organizing a very important seminar that will take place on the 15th & 16th of July and is inviting the public to attend. The seminar will take place at the San Pedro Lions Club from 9am to 4pm on Friday, and 9am to 3pm on Saturday. There will be a variety of presentations. On Friday topics will include covering introductions and objectives of the workshop, what is the role and mandates of the Human Rights Commission of Belize and what are the rights of vulnerable groups such as women, children, disabled, and migrant individuals.

    Taiwan donates towards scarlet macaw conservation
    For the second consecutive year, the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has provided financial assistance towards to the conservation of Scarlet Macaws in Belize. On Wednesday, July 6th, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture donated $20,000 to the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD).

    Five-a-Side Tournament heads into semi-finals
    As always, fanatics gathered at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium on all four game nights to cheer on their favorite teams. In this phase of the competition, eliminations were only for the senior category, due to the size of the group; all little leagues and female teams remain in the tournament until the semi-finals. With the second round of games over, organizers tallied the points and announced the senior teams that had made it to the semi-finals. They are: Los Catrachos, Pro Divers, Scorpions FC and Boca Bombers. Organizers would like to congratulate all the teams that will be participating in the semi-finals. Special thanks goes out to E & L, Los Dorados, Island Pure Boys and United FC for participating in the tournament. Organizers would also like to wish all the eliminated teams the best in their sporting endeavours, and extend an invitation for them to sign up for future tournaments. The next round of games takes place from Friday, July 15th and Sunday, July 17th.

    Ambergris Today

    Pic of the Week - Stunning Pictures of Belize by Photographer Ravi Vora
    Los Angeles based commercial and travel photographer Ravi Vora displays stunning images of Belize while he vacationed around the country to celebrate his girlfriends birthday. On his Instagram account, Ravi posts beautiful images that he captured while visiting, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and Mainland Cayo district. Here are some of the ones we really liked:

    Belize Continues to Deliver Impressive Tourism Results
    In a press release today, July 14, 2016, the Belize Tourism Board announced that tourism in Belize is doing better than ever as the year reaches its half way mark. Overnight arrivals for January to June, 2016 has seen 213,430 visitors to Belize. This is an incredible 16.5% increase over the same period of 2015. Never before has the first six months of a year seen figures surpassing 200,000. All six months of 2016 have seen double digit increases, with January having the highest increase at 24%, followed by May, with a 19.6% increase. The US market continues to hold the highest share of travelers to Belize, making up close to 70% of our travelers. The first half of 2016 has seen 25.9% increase in US travelers. The European market has the second largest market share, making up 10.4% of visitors to Belize. Thus far, 2016 has had 22,109 European travelers, which is a 3.9% increase over the same period of 2015. The cruise industry has seen an overall increase of 2.6% for the first half of 2016. There has been an increase 16.1% in the 2nd quarter alone, with the months of May and June accounting for increase of 41.4% and 28.8% respectively.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    San Pedro Town Council Summer Camp 2016
    Sign up your kids now! Exciting activities: Swimming, Football, Softball, Basketball and Taekwondo! ALL FREE OF COST! Sign up at the San Pedro Town Council or by calling Kent "Bob" Gabourel at 604-9013.

    Costa Maya 1998!
    Blast from the Past!

    Ascenthium at Deja Vu
    It's Benque Fiesta time, and it's the golden Benque Fiesta too. Ascenthium will be rocking the night away this Saturday, July 16th, at Deja Vu nightclub to celebrate the occasion. Their new tracks from Ghost Highway are wicked! If you missed them at Metal Haven, they you'll want to catch this show. If you saw them at Metal Haven, then you must see this show.

    Montage of Miss Belize Winners
    How many Miss Belize title holders can you name? Mark you calendars for this year's pageant: Sept. 10, 7 p.m. at Bliss Center for Performing Arts!

    Belize Theatre Company presents "The Adventures of Tikky Blood"
    A comedic play. July 14, 15, 16, Bliss Centre for Performing Arts

    Percussion for Kids
    July 18-29, Bliss Center. Perfect for energetic, creative children!

    Cayo Art Collection 2016
    July 22, San Ignacio

    Classical Music Recital, Young Chamber Orchestra of Honduras
    Great event at Il Baretto this Sunday, July the 17th from 7:00pm, Caye Caulker

    Sugar Fest 2016 is near!
    Join us on July 23rd at the BSI Field in Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town! Event kicks off at 9 am! Free entrance and all proceeds going towards participating charity groups!

    Summer Art Wave 2016
    Students of the Summer Art Wave 2016's Music Starts Here program are in their final days of instruction and rehearsals for Saturday night's performance at Art in the Park! You are kindly invited to the 7:30 pm performance!!!

    "To The Mountain", Maya Children's Story
    The Fajina Archaeology Outreach's 'To The Mountain' is available online for free. It's the story of some Classic Maya kids and their adventures around Xunantunich. It's in Yucatec Maya, Spanish, and English. Thanks, Fajina Outreach! "In these pages, you will find a story about two fictional Maya kids living during the Late Classic Maya period (600 - 900 CE) around the archaeological site of Xunantunich, Belize. Originally, Xunantunich was known as Katyaatz Witz ( Katyaats’ Wits’ ) or Clay Mountain. While fictional, this story is based on documented archaeological information and many cultural aspects of the ancient Maya. For example, the building illustrated on pages 33 and 37 is part of El Castillo acropolis and known as Structure A-6-2nd. Its stucco frieze still survives in part at El Castillo today."

    World Culture Band at Cayo Welcome Center
    The World Culture Band is playing at the Cayo Welcome Center this Saturday, July 16th, starting at 8:00pm. They had some great sets at D Catch on the 4th. Bring the entire family out for this free concert.

    Digital Marketing Summit of Belize 2016!
    Day One of the Digital Marketing Summit

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Keanu, Sing Street, The Boss, Criminal

    Channel 7

    Guatemalans Push Into The Chiquibul Because They Are Hungry
    Faithful viewers of 7News have seen us taken trips time and again into the beautiful but dangerous Chiquibul National Park. By now, even the casual viewer probably known a thing or two about this reserve which is under sustained pressure from illegal Guatemalan encroachments. But, one question that appeared to elude the public, is why do the Guatemalans continue to push in, and how do we stop it? Well, today, a Guatemalan Conservationist sat down with the media to discuss the widespread hunger and poverty which cause the Guatemalan living along the border to risk everything to push into the resource rich Chiquibul. 7News was there, and today, Daniel Ortiz takes a closer look at the answers provided:

    Santander Gets Stop Order For Violating Environmental Compliance Plan
    Santander paid one of the largest environmental fines in history in 2012 when the company coughed up one hundred thousand dollars for a massive trench they dug in the central corridor of the Belize district. Well now they've been flagged for another set of environmental violations - which includes the unauthorized damming of the whitewater lagoon - an area the company had been told specifically not to dam in its environmental compliance plan. Not only that, but the lagoon is a very unique eco-system which had been highlited in the Environmental Impact Assessment. Today the CEO in the Ministry of Environment Colin Young told 7News that they have issued four enforcement orders against Santander. These are also known as stop orders - but he stressed that there is no stop order against the company which continues operations. The enforcement orders are for breaches of their environmental compliance plan, for which the company will be fined under the penalties set out in the Environmental Protection act.

    Overnight Tourism Shows Strong Growth
    The tourism figures for the first half of 2016 are out and they are impressive. Between January and June of 2016, overnight tourist arrivals to Belize increased by 16.5% over 2015. A total of 213 thousand visitors travelled to Belize in the first half of the year - which is a record high, and thirty thousand more than the same period last year. January was strongest month with a 24% increase, and while that is the high season May - which is the low season - also showed strong growth with a 20% increase. And while there is increased airlift from South America with COPA, most of the increased visitors come from the US - in fact, there was a 25.9% increase in US travellers between January and June.

    The Bank To Go To School
    Today the Belize Bank held its 5th annual scholarship grant ceremony. Emanuel Pech found out how these scholarships touch lives. For many of us, going to high school has become something that it is taken for granted. But the reality in Belize is that on average, only a third of the number of students who enroll in primary school do so for high school. That's according to data from the Ministry of Education published last year. Now while there are many factors contributing to this daunting statistic one of the primary factors is money- or the lack of it. That is why several organizations invest heavily in student scholarship programs, and Belize Bank is one of them. Today at a ceremony inside the Radisson Hotel in Belize City. Some 18 deserving students were granted full high school and sixth form scholarships. Judith Parham is one of those lucky recipients. Judith Parham - Scholarship Recipient: "I'm so happy that I received this scholarship because due to my father's illness, it was really hard to find the money to go to high school. But now that I received this scholarship I have the opportunity and the chance to be a better person and further my education to serve my beautiful country Belize."

    Wizz For Attempted Murder
    Police have charged one man for a shooting yesterday morning on San Pedro. 30 year old Dwayne Hyde was shot by a man he used to associate with. He is Luis Manuel Carter known as Wizz - and Hyde stabbed him in the scuffle. San Pedro police today charged the 23 year old for attempted murder. Hyde received a shot to the midsection and remains in a serious condition tonight.

    Accused of Stoning A Bus Driver
    A 35 year old student of St. John's Junior College is in police custody tonight after he was unable to meet his bail for charges related to robbery. According to bus conductor Samir Martinez, Hemmans stole $300 dollars from him. Martinez says that he was at the bus terminal parking lot on Tuesday when Hemmans approached him from behind and stoned a rock at him. His purse fell and that is when Hemmans allegedly picked it up and ran. Officers from the Strike Team later apprehended Hemmans, who was taken into the police station to be charged. In court today Hemmans gave an entirely different account of the story. He told the court that he was the one who was aggressed. He explained that while riding the bus he was insulted by the conductor and further berated for being short of a dollar. He explained to the court that the only reason he ran was because the conductor called the driver and together both of them set chase after him.

    K-9 In Punta Gorda
    After a 2 day search, PG Police and the K-9 Unit found 1 pound of weed and a shot gun. Between yesterday and Tuesday the team charged 4 men after they found 5 ounces of weed at one of their homes. They are 36 year old Anthony Johnson, 25 year old Sean Garcia, 38 year old Denbigh Dwight and 34 year year old Gary Cooper. Later on they found 7 ounces in an abandoned lot on Jose Maria Nunez Street, not far from Johnson's home. They also found another 7 ounces at another abandoned lot on that same street. In total police found 1 pound of weed. The men were all charged for drug trafficking. Now apart from the weed, police also found a 12 gauge pump action shot gun in Indianville, Punta Gorda.

    BSI Coming To Terms With The Molasses Meltdown
    Last night we told you about the situation at ASR/BSI - where the molasses which is a by product of sugar production had - basically - gone bad, due to a very unusual chemical reaction - one so unusual that it's never happened before. It's consequential because these molasses still have export value - and now that value is lost, plus there is a disposal problem. Today our colleagues at CTV - 3 found out more from the technical experts at BSI: BSI Representative "We are determined that the only material that had been compromised was the material that was inside the Number 1 Molasses Storage Tank. As soon as we were aware that the reaction was taking place, we moved quickly in an effort to try to remove that material from the tank in order to preserve the integrity of that tank. All the steps that were taken were done in an environmentally friendly manner to ensure that we do not compromise the environment in the process of removing that material from the Number 1 Tank. We also put cooling water on that tank to try to slow the rate of the reaction and then we were constantly monitoring the material inside that tank and we have determined that the reaction has been completed and therefore poses no threat at this point in time."

    De-Risking Doing-In Belize
    Banks in the Caribbean continue to suffer the effects of de-risking. It is all due to the US Treasury Department and its anti money laundering measures. As a result corresponding banks in America have been pulling out of the Caribbean, making it difficult to impossible to process payments to foreign companies in US dollars. The Belize Bank was on of the first to be affected when the Bank of America - cut ties with them earlier this year. So how is the bank subsisting? We asked them the Chairman of Belize Bank today. Lyndon Guiseppi- Chairman, Belize Bank Ltd.: "Belize has been impacted significantly, but I hastened to add, it's not a Belizean phenomenon. Most of the countries in the Caribbean, from Trinidad in the south to Jamaica in the north, have had the loss of corresponding banks in the last two years. Belize is peculiarly juxtaposed in Central America between Mexico and Guatemala, have found itself I guess at the tip of the spear. But what I would say is that we are finding solutions to work around that and that while the crisis hasn't come to an end, the banks in Belize, certainly Belize Banks - we are finding ways to provide the corresponding banking services to our clients for them to get their money out of the country and to allow money to come into the country. We are extremely optimistic that this matter is going to be resolve in the short term and we are already on the road to recovery."

    Reuters Reports on effects of De-risking in Belize
    But the Belize situation is much bigger than just the Belize Bank. In fact it's so big that Reuters - one of the largest news agencies in the world recently zoned in on Belize - to illustrate how widespread the problem is in the entire Caribbean. Here's the brief video report they put together:... That story is just the brief video counterpart to an in depth print story - which you can find a link to at

    Roland Rivers Rolls
    A man who got himself in an accident and was busted with weed back in February was freed of charges that could have landed him in jail for three years. 34 year old Roland Rivers was reportedly driving a burgundy ford escape on February 5th between miles 16 and 17 on the Northern Highway when he got into an accident. Traffic personnel responded to the scene where they found the vehicle extensively damaged and River's apparently intoxicated. Inside the Vehicle police discovered 14 pounds of weed and a stash of contraband beers. He was arrested and charged for drug trafficking. But in court today it was revealed that Rivers never got full disclosure from the prosecutor and as a result the matter was struck out.

    Housing Help For Helpage
    HelpAge members will now enjoy their recreational center without the ceiling leaks and mold. The Executive Director Ivorine Bulwer called us over today to see their brand new roof. It only took about a week to complete and Bulwer told us how these repairs will make the center a more welcoming space for the elderly. Ivorine Bulwer - Executive Director, HelpAge "This building has been around over 50 years. Initially, it was called the poor house. It was handed over to HelpAge Belize in 1984 and over the years the building started deterioration and we were having quite a number of challenges with the rain and last year with the torrential rain, we had experience some losses with our equipment and we had submitted a claim to the Insurance Corporation ICB. The claim that we made had nothing to do with the torrential rain.

    Channel 5

    George Gough Liable for Medical Negligence
    Chairman of the Belize Medical Council and Laparoscopic Surgeon George Gough has been found liable for negligence in a medical malpractice lawsuit brought against him in 2013 for a gallbladder [...]

    ASR/B.S.I. Assess Impact of Molasses Phenomenon
    Tonight, ASR/B.S.I., along with the Department of Environment’s technical personnel, is working around the clock to contain a large quantity of molasses. How that will be done, is yet to [...]

    Santander Works to Contain Molasses Spill
    As ASR/B.S.I. deals with its molasses woes and tries to assess the financial impact, Santander is dealing with its own problems where that excessively sweet by-product is concerned. In their [...]

    Santander Says No Stop Order Issued
    Santander, the mega-million dollar investment in sugar cane growing and milling, has been issued with a stop order by the Department of the Environment. News Five brought you that story [...]

    Company Has Remedied Environmental Breaches
    Burke says that during a routine site visit by the Department of the Environment, they were informed that those works should not have been done without the express permission of [...]

    Representative Says Minor Glitches Aside Company is Boon to Country
    The state of the art facility, set on twenty-thousand acres in Valley of Peace, is one of the largest investments in Belize, close to two hundred million dollars. Burke says [...]

    Chairman Says Belize Bank is Recovering from Derisking Woes
    For the past two years, correspondent banks in the U.S and Europe have been cutting relations with banks across the Caribbean. Since 2015, the U.S. has been putting the squeeze [...]

    Poverty is the Cause of Illegal Chiquibul Incursions
    The Chiquibul National Park and the preservation of the bountiful resources within its boundaries are once more in the forefront.  The uphill struggle to monitor, manage and defend this huge [...]

    Organized Crime Funding Guatemalan Communities Rape of Chiquibul
    According to Castellanos the illegal incursions are caused by poverty, but that poverty is used to great effect by organized crime cartels which reap the lucrative dividends of the illegal [...]

    Is Your Financial Data Really Safe?
    The banking system is among several private and public institutions that deal with highly confidential or very sensitive personal information.  In this case, it is restricted data regarding individual and [...]

    Local Banks Meet to Discuss Security of Restricted Information
    According to Cory Caseres, it is necessary to continually invest in training and development to ensure that banks are able to safely store sensitive information across local IT landscapes.   [...]

    Roland Rivers Freed From Weed Charges
    On February fifth, 2016, Roland Raheem Rivers was busted inside a Ford Escape loaded with fourteen pounds of weed.  He was also allegedly found in possession of contraband beers but [...]

    Sixth Form Student in Jail for Robbery
    A Belize City man has been unable to post bail and is in police custody accused of committing a broad daylight robbery against a bus conductor on Tuesday at the [...]

    Belize Bank Provides 22 High School/Sixth Form Scholarships
    Twenty-two students were today granted high school and sixth scholarships. It is the fifth year in a row, that the Belize Bank has stepped up to the plate to ensure [...]

    B.T.B. Hosts Digital Branding Conference
    Day one of a two-day conference on digital branding took started this afternoon at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. The Belize Tourism Board is hosting the country’s second annual [...]

    Tourism Stats Up for 2016
    The 2016 tourism stats for the first half of the year are in and the numbers are consistently up. There is a twenty-four percent increase from January to June, with [...]

    B.T.B. Manager Says Stats Will Surpass 2015 Figures
    But while the U.S. market continues to hold the highest share of travelers to Belize, making up close to seventy percent of visitors to the Jewel, Gamero says that the [...]

    Healthy Living: Are You Affected with A.D.D.?
    Have you been told repeatedly that you’re disorganized? Do you have problems with procrastination? Do you struggle with deadlines? How about being consistently late, no matter how early you wake [...]


    Opposition Leader Weighs In On First Payment Made For BTL
    Yesterday the government of Belize delivered the first half of the over half a billion dollar settlement for the nationalization of the Belize Telemedia Ltd, as set by the permanent court of arbitration. Information is that of the almost two hundred million dollars paid, one hundred and forty million dollars was paid in Belize currency and thirty-eight million dollars was paid in U.S. currency. The entire nationalization of B.T.L. is an elaborate scheme, one which Opposition Leader John Briceño says is costing taxpayers over $500 million for a company that is worth far less than what is being reported by the Prime Minister, something that will untimely bring about more hardships to the Belizean people.

    Opposition Leader Stands In Agreement With BBCI on BTL Negotiations
    On Tuesday the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BBCI) issued a release chastising the Government of Belize on the nationalization of Belize Telemedia, stating that the acquisition was not made under the parameter of the law, also adding that GOB’s prolonged negotiations will create a negative impact on all Belizeans. Today Leader of the Opposition spoke on the release issued by the BBCI commending them for their stand on the matter and supported their stance that the acquisition was not made in the best interest of the Belizean people and in the end the entire process was a concession on the part of GOB towards the previous owners of Belize Honorable John Briceno – Opposition Leader People’s United Party: “I am happy that the Chamber of Commerce finally came out, they would tell you that they were careful, trying to be cautious and they wanted to look at all the facts, they met with the Prime Minister and they met with us and then they took out their Press Release, their position as to the whole fiasco in the Nationalization of BTL. The chamber has always has always been cautioning the government on this, on the acquisition of BTL and saying that they must follow the law because they have not been following the law...”

    Orange Walkenos getting Value for Money
    Currently the Orange Walk Town Council is investing one million dollars in the rehabilitation of ten streets that are heavily trafficked by Orange Walkenos and visitors on a daily basis. Today it is evident that progress is being made as the work continues. And attesting to that is San Andres Street which received its first coat of primer earlier this afternoon in preparation for the actual paving of the street in a few weeks to come. The council will also be applying a coat of primer on San Francisco and Stadium Street sometime next week, therefore, residents are advised once more to be extra cautious when walking in these specific areas.

    Sport of Volleyball A Huge Hit At Summer Camp
    As we told you at the top of the newscast, today marked the fourth day of the annual Summer Sports Camp here in Orange Walk Town sponsored by the Honourable john Briceno. The sports camp gives participants an opportunity to learn more about football, volleyball and basketball. Today we caught up with one of the facilitators from the volleyball category, Benedicto Ramos Sr. who stressed on the significance of teaching the children how to acquire the basic skills and techniques that are essential to play that particular sport. Benedicto Ramos Sr. – Facilitator “What we’re are doing is cool volleyball and this is really beginners volleyball, it is not the high level volleyball that the adults play this one we are trying to teach the children the basic rules for example, the three touches one, two and three and over the net and then we don’t put them to do overhand pass or underhand pass they do catch and toss and this is the beginning sets for volleyball and we’ve been doing it for two years at this camp and some of the kids are coming back because they see that it is to develop skills.”

    Party Leader John Briceno Speaks on Guatemalans Trip To The SarstoonSince Monday we have been reporting on the trip to the Sarstoon taken over the weekend by a group of Guatemalan civilians. The Guatemalans who belong to a social media group called “Belice es de Guatemala” claimed to have circled the entire island venturing well into Belizean territory, bearing Guatemalan flags and Guatemalan maps including Belize as part of their territory. On Tuesday Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke about the trip, saying that he was not surprised at the presence of the nationalistic civilians, today leader of the opposition Hon. John Briceño shared his input on the situation, stating that he is not at all taken aback by the FM’s response to the alleged intrusion since his reaction to the entire Guatemala Claim has always been concessionary towards them.
    Since Monday we have been reporting on the trip to the Sarst


    Tourism Arrivals Exceed Past Figures
    Tourism continues to be one of the top revenue generators for Belize and it is expected to become even greater with the upcoming Harvest Caye Port in southern Belize. For now, however, tourism is booming and the Belize Tourism Board has sent out the statistics on tourist arrivals describing them as being impressive. With the […]

    Chetumal Records Increase in Belizean Visitors
    And while, the Belize Tourism Board is boasting of the large number of visitors from the US and Europe coming to Belize, the officials in Chetumal, Quintana Roo are speaking of an influx of Belizeans crossing the border. According to the publication, La Jornada Maya, there has been a significant increase in locals heading over […]

    Maillard Reaction – A First for Belize Sugar Industries
    For the first time in its history, Belize Sugar Industries is dealing with what is called Maillard Reaction in one of their tanks. Maillard Reaction is a chemical reaction signaled by froth fermentation caused by the quality of the cane delivered at the mill which contains high levels of reducing sugars. The company issued a […]

    Chiquibul Continues to Be Raped by the Guatemalans
    Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) in Belize has teamed up with Balam Association of Guatemala in combating the territory war that is currently ongoing in the Chiquibul Forest. The Chiquibul Forest Reserve landscapes goes beyond Belize’s boarder into Guatemala which then becomes Montas Mayas Biosphere Reserve. Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends for Conservation […]

    Belize’s Foreign Minister Yet to See The Chiquibul
    One of the main reasons for incursions as reported by the Balam Association of Guatemala is poverty and the abandonment of the adjacency zone communities by the Guatemalan Government. While most of the projects being worked on are not funded by their Government, Byron Castellanos Executive Director of Balam Association says they are confident that […]

    US Embassy Calls for Applications for the Humphrey Fellowship Award
    Assistance from the US State Department through the US Embassy is nothing new to Belize as they have been engaged in several programs geared at promoting the enhancements in education, culture and technical cooperation. One such program is the Humphrey Fellowship Award which is currently open for applications as explained by the US Ambassador, Carlos […]

    Moving Up in the Digital Age in Tourism
    Dozens of stakeholders in the tourism industry attended an all-day session on digital marketing hosted by the Belize Tourism Board at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. Presentations were made by representatives of Expedia, The O Group, Gravity Media, among others. Maynor Larrieu has responsibility for the digital media unit at the Belize […]

    US Ambassador Tours Belize’s Youth Services
    With various programs currently ongoing at the Department for Youth Services in Belize City, the US Ambassador, Carlos Moreno paid a visit to the institution today, where he witnessed first-hand what the young persons are learning over the summer holiday. Sabrina Daly is the Public Relations officer for the Regent Street based facility. According to […]

    GOB’s Financial Adviser Talks BTL Arbitration
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry shared its perspective on the BTL arbitration award yesterday. In its release the BCCI questions the delay in reaching a settlement. Today, Love News sat down with Government’s Technical and Financial Advisor, John Mencias who addressed some of the concerns that have been floating in the general public, […]

    The Guardian

    How Did 7 Year litigation with Ashcroft impact Government Coffers?
    The usual suspects have flocked the airwaves to criticize Government’s execution of the BTL nationalization. They claim that the administration cost Belizeans millions of dollars for dragging out the legal battle with the Ashcroft Alliance. This argument is based on the fact that Government must pay $191 million in interest for the seven years that has passed since the acquisition of shares belonging to the alliance in August of 2009. If Government had compensated the previous owners of BTL immediately after the takeover, the country would have saved all this money. NOT TRUE. The truth is that if Government compensated the former owners of BTL immediately after the nationalization it would have taken hundreds of millions more out of its account to do so. | Government’s Financial Advisor, John Mencias, and BTL’s Chairman, Net Vaquez, appeared on Love Television’s “The Morning Show” on Wednesday, July 13, to make their best attempt at explaining the compensation so a child may understand. If Government wanted to compensate the previous owners immediately without litigation they would have had to agree to the value being claimed. The former owners were claiming $10.23 per share of BTL. They owned 95 percent of the company, 45,199,961 shares.

    Investing on the Southside - Cumberbatch field reconstructed
    The Belize City Council is closely working with the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation in the implementing of what is called the Youth and Community Transformation Project. Among other investments to be made is the rehabilitation of the Wilton Cumberbatch field located in the Yarborough area. The contract which was awarded to SM Construction Limited is for BZD$905,879.04. Supervised by Young's Engineering and Project Engineer Esther Ayuso, the project will feature the complete upgrade of the facility to include the rehabilitation of the field as well as the basketball court. The entire park will be more user friendly with better lighting facilities as well as play areas for children.

    New office Building for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taxpayers save money
    Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington, H. E. Benjamin Ho, the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, and H. E. Lawrence Sylvester, held a modest opening ceremony of the new headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It’s a 3 million dollar residence located at #10 Saint Mark Street, and the purchase document was officially signed on Tuesday, July 12. The property is called Casa De Fiori, and not one cent of the 1.5 million US dollar cost is coming out of the pockets of Belizean Taxpayers. It’s all being afforded from money that the Taiwanese Government had been giving to Belize to strengthen its Foreign Affairs Ministry, as one of the SICA countries. With the purchase of Casa De Fiori, this very important ministry now has its own offices for the first time in its history of existence. Previously, the Foreign Affairs Ministry was being housed at the NEMO building in Belmopan. That arrangement was inconvenient to the NEMO Ministry, since it has need of that space.

    CODICADER 2016
    Three months ago, Elodio Aragon Jr., Minister of State, Ministry of Youth & Sports introduced CODICADER to the Belizean Public, “This is the first time ever Belize will hold the under-thirteen CODICADER Games for primary school students. It has not been an easy task because at the end of the day everything comes down to resources. But I’m proud to know that we have come together at the level of the Ministry, at the level of the National Sports Council, stakeholders and businesses in Belize to make this a reality. This will become a reality for Belize and I know that we are all anxious for this to happen here in July. This will be a great social and economic opportunity for Belize.” And so is was that Belize was this year, for the first time since its inception, the host for the “Under 13 CODICADER games”. CODICADER is the CENTRAL AMERICAN council of Sports and recreation. It was created on the 6th October, 1992 ironically in Guatemala City by state officials of the sports and recreation organizations of the Central American countries.

    Taiwan’s donates to September Celebrations
    The Republic of China (Taiwan) has once again made a contribution towards Belize’s September Celebrations. On Tuesday, July 12, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, handed over a check for BZE$40,000 to the Co-Chairperson of the September Celebrations Commission, Diane C. Haylock at the House of Culture in Belize City. In his presentation, Ambassador Ho voiced his pleasure in being able to contribute to the 35th anniversary of Belize’s Independence and the 218th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye. In accepting the donation, the Co-Chair of the September Celebrations Commission expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Chair, Hon. Manuel Heredia, Jr., to the embassy for their continued show of friendship and solidarity to the people of Belize and conveyed that the money will be used to enhance various cultural activities on the calendar of events this year.

    Attending the health needs of Cayo Central
    Two teams of doctors and nurses from Boston attended to patients from both Santa Elena and Buena Vista in the Cayo Central Division this week. The Headquarters for the Cayo Central Division became a temporary clinic on Monday as both doctors and nurses prepared their shift to attend to the health needs of local residents. Medications were also given out free of charge by the attending doctors to all patients. For Arita Lemus, it was a special occasion as her oncologist Dr. Steve Stokes, who had successfully treated her in the past was among the team of visiting medics. Dr. Steve Stokes and nurses were also attending patients in Buena Vista. The Hon. Rene Montero, Representative for the Cayo Central Division was recently in Buena Vista to greet the medical team.

    Mexican Navy helps Belizean Coast Guard recover
    The Mexican Navy has been very generous with an injured Belize Coast Guard Officer who lost a limb due to an unfortunate accident. He’s Petty Officer Class 3 Kevin Diego who accidentally shot himself in the left foot back in April 2016. He was on-duty and reports are that he was clearing his weapon when it went off. He was rushed to the KHMH for medical care, and due to complications, the doctors started recommending that he would have to amputate the left foot. There were medical complications which threatened his life, and that’s when his Coast Guard commanders contacted their counterparts from the Mexican Navy. They airlifted him to the Mexican Navy Hospital in Mexico City. There, the medical professionals saved his life, they performed the amputation. They assisted him with the healing process, and with the rehabilitation phase which accompanied the medical procedure.

    Byron Pope’s test revealed four banned substances
    For an athlete to challenge a suspension for doping they would have to make an application to the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland. Top Belizean cyclist Byron Pope is unlikely to do so after the National Anti-Doping Association (NADA) handed down a two year suspension on Thursday, July 7, for doping in the 26th Annual Krem New Years Cycling Classic. According to NADA, “The cyclist tested positive for the In-competition prohibited substances: Androstanediol Androsterone, Epitestosterone, Etiocholanolone, Testosterone all included as Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroid.” With this amount of banned substances in his system, it is difficult to believe Pope accidentally used performance enhancers. He is now the second top finisher to be suspended for samples taken from the 26th Classic.

    Pittsology 101 - I Am Him, He is Me
    Every time I hear sirens howling from a distance through the city streets, I can imagine that the lifeless body of a young, black man from Southside Belize City is being hauled away. I know that his mother is being assaulted by the memories of his first step, his preschool graduation, the potential she saw in him, and quite normally, she reflects on the first time he started giving trouble. I know that his father feels a sense of guilt, wishing he was around more. I know his girlfriend wishes he had spent the night next to her instead of on the unforgiving street side. I know that the lifeless body in the rusty pan of a police mobile was, one or two hours ago, powered by vibrations, illuminated by a smile covering the hopelessness, fear and anxieties of the young black man. Most importantly, I know that I am him and he is me. Our stories are all the same. I grew up on Pen Road in the heart of the South Side of Belize City. Hardly anyone on my street had a father present in the household, and most of us depended on a grandparent to serve as babysitter while our mothers would clock in extended hours at work to make ends meet.

    Universal Postal Union and Belize Postal Service hold training sessions in Belize
    The Universal Postal Union (UPU), in cooperation with the Belize Postal Service, held two separate training sessions in Belize, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The initial training, which ran from Monday, July 11th to Tuesday, July 12, 2016, covered the “Quality of Service Fund” (QSF). This is a special fund which is administered by the Universal Postal Union to finance projects aimed at improving the quality of letter mail to enable speedier, reliable, and secure national postal services and international mail flow. The second training which will be on the topic of “Postal Reform” will run from Wednesday, July 13th to Friday, July 15th, 2016. The objectives of the trainings are: - To inform participants of the new rules and regulations governing the Quality of Service Fund, and the procedures in accessing the said fund. - To assist participants in the development of a framework that can be used as a tool to implement reforms to their various postal sectors.

    Beware of roaming charges
    BTL has recently implemented a program where persons travelling outside of Belize are automatically put on roaming. While many customers are grateful for the service, what does it cost to roam? One customer who benefitted from the service brought it to the Guardian’s attention that customers need to be mindful of the cost of roaming. The customer provided us with a copy of her bill where she noticed that there was a charge for roaming. While on an ordinary month the rates of BTL are very well priced, she noticed two additional charges on her bill. One of the charges was for Roaming SMS charges and the other for Roaming Calls charges. She says that her roaming charges are actually almost 24% of her entire Post-Paid bill. She says she remembers visiting Melchor de Mencos and receiving one call and making two calls, all told it must not have added up to more than 5 minutes total, and sending just a few text messages, however her bill came at a staggering $28.76.

    World Bank funds Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation Project
    The Government of Belize under the leadership of Minister of State in the Ministry of the Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities Hon. Frank Mena and CEO in the Ministry Dr. Peter Allen; along with the Energy Director Mr. Ambrose Tillett, completed negotiation with the World Bank which agreed to provide funding for the Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation Project (ERCAP). An integral component of Belize’s national development agenda is to develop strong sustainable energy policies and programmes that underpin the national economy. It is for this reason that since its formation in 2012, the Energy Unit of the Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities has been working towards integrating energy in national development planning and decision making to catalyze sustainable development in Belize.

    Mayan Man Warriors lead the Firms Basketball Competition
    The Belize District Basketball Association Firms Competition continued over the weekend at Bird’s Isle with a number of games on the schedule. On Saturday 2nd July, 2016, in the first of three games played, Infotel defeated Belize Telemedia Ltd., by the score of 93-79. The top scorers for Infotel were Earl Johnson with 34 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal; Darwin Elijio with 18 points, 2 rebounds and an assist and Evan Rene who contributed 14 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, dished out 5 assists and had 5 steals towards the win. For the Belize Telemedia Ltd squad, the top scorers were Mark Swift with 18 points, Jason Vasquez with 15 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals; Devon Lozano with 14 points and an assist and Lupito Acosta who also scored 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 steals.

    West Line Female Football competition enters Quarter Final Round
    The 2016 West Line Female Football Competition entered its Quarter Final Round on Sunday 3rd July, with two games. The competition which is being sponsored by Mr. Sergio Chuc is played out at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town. In the first game played, Real West Strikers defeated Gentle Touch by the score of 2-1. The first goal of the game was scored by Vicky Ponce in the 27th minute of play to give Real West Strikers an early 1-0 lead. However, that lead was short lived when Blanca Lopez scored an auto goal in the 37th minute of play. The final goal of the game was scored by Vicky Ponce in the 55th minute of play to give her team a 2-1 victory. The Quarter Final Round will continue this coming Sunday 10th July at 1:30 pm with 7 Starz going up against Belmopan Lightning Strikers and this will be followed by game 2 at 3:00 pm between Belize Coast Guard and Infinites.

    Michael Salazar shines with two goals in first start for Montreal
    MONTREAL—Michael Salazar got to live out his dream in his first MLS start for the Montreal Impact. Drawn into the lineup with superstar striker Didier Drogba sidelined by a leg injury, Salazar scored his first two goals in six league games for Montreal, which overcame a two-goal deficit for Saturday’s 3-2 victory against the New England Revolution at Stade Saputo. “Yeah, no pressure,” said Impact coach Mauro Biello. “He knows it’s about understanding your defensive responsibilities and expressing yourself offensively, play simple and get in the box. He scores in practice and I’m glad he was able to score tonight.” Salazar, selected in the second round of the 2016 MLS SuperDraft (No. 24 overall), scored his first goal 40 minutes in, cutting New England’s lead to one after Revolution striker Kei Kamara’s brace left the Impact trailing 2-0 in the 33rd minute.

    Seine Bight Flames win slug fest game in Stann Creek Softball competition
    The Stann Creek Softball Competition continued on Sunday 26th June, 2016, with three games on the schedule. The games were played at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village and as was also used as part of the celebration activities for Olympic Day. In the first game played, Independence Pals defeated Hopkins Beach Girls by the score of 15-0. The winning pitcher was Leona Coe Linarez and the losing pitcher was Verna Lewis. In the second game of the day, Seine Bight Flames and Sittee River Lucky Stars were involved in a slug fest that lasted almost 4 hours and had to utilise the Tie Breaker Rule. At the end of the game, Seine Bight prevailed over Sittee River by the score of 28-22. The winning pitcher was Shannon Augustine and the losing pitcher was Pinky Andrews.

    Conscious Youth Development Programme U-15 competition continues
    The Conscious Youth Development Programme U-15 competition continued on Tuesday 5th July with a single game in the football competition. In the only game played, Thurton FC defeated Carlson FC by the score of 4-2. The goals for Thurton FC were scored by Akeem Sutherland (3) and Denroy Lopez. Meanwhile, the goals for Carlson FC were scored by Kenrick Ortiz and Cion Augustine. The competition then continued on Monday 4th July, 2016, with two more games on the schedule. In the first game played, Survivors and Mahogany Heights played to a 4-4 draw. The goals for Survivors were scored by Eyean Reid, Terrell Estrada, Jamel David and Mike Baltazar. For Mahogany Heights, the goals were scored by Adrian Usher (hatrick), Jian Augustine and Eric Thompson.

    The saga of the turtle, chopped rooster necks, burning black candles and capturing shadows in bottles
    I remember characters extremely eager to tease others but who cried bitterly whenever attention was focused on them. I could spend hours having fun at the turtle’s expense – but that would not be using my time wisely! Nowadays, I need only shout:” PUP da big thief, ‘liad’ Said, $3.34 M Eamon, baby voucher specialist Cordel, squeaky rat Johnny, dumdum Mose, disingenuous X,- etc., etc., etc…”and I am then quite happy to move on. I will abandon the above title and spend my time helping the good-government crowd! The more good things that PM Barrow and his Ministers do for the citizens of Belize the worst the thieving, lying, and scurrilous PUP feel. For sure, the majority of them are broke, hungry and mad (Ralph and Said tricked the PUP, pocketing the entire moolah). Let’s keep the Criminal Gang out of power for the next hundred years! Enough is enough – I will not waste any more time with the turtle or the big thieves! There are many more interesting sagas out there…

    The PHD Man
    In a previous article I fleetingly commented on the sharp price tag which came with the nationalization of BTL, without getting into any detail. Since then Belizeans have had the opportunity to listen to all the arguments, for and against, related to this important subject, thanks to the various talk shows hosts and guests. While a few of these shows have tried to be factual and informative, some have really gone overboard in bias and sensationalism. Even after the Prime Minister’s press conference which focused on this topic, some of the more lurid hosts like Hyde and Wade keep elevating the final cost of the acquisition by a few hundred million dollars each time they speak, so much that at this time the cost is close to a billion dollars, which is far from accurate. I will touch on that shortly. The one tactical error made by one of the more prominent media outlets is to have invited a certain Brackett to discuss the BTL issue and the IMF report on their morning show. Now I may be a simple, unlearned man, but I have never heard of Brackett having earned a graduate degree in economics, management or any other financial field for that matter, so I don’t know who gave LOVE the bright idea to cater to this empty drum. Brackett may own a PHD, but we Creole would call that one a post-hole digger.

    Belizean youth in Cayo gunned down with crude weapon
    An 18 year old construction worker of Roaring Creek Village, Maleek Norris, was gunned down with a crude weapon on Sunday of this past weekend in the Another World area. His alleged attacker was sitting on a sofa under a house when the incident occurred. The pellets hit Norris on the hip and arm. Norris was picked up by the Special Patrol Unit and was taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he passed away during treatment. Belmopan police would later retrieve the homemade firearm, in less than 12 hours from a farm on the Young Bank Road. They were also able to capture the suspect during that time frame. According to Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett the demise of Maleek Norris was as a result of a stabbing incident that Norris may have been involved with the accused about a week or two ago. Police have since picked up and charged Ashton Puerto with the crime of murder.

    Jason Almendarez in contempt for cursing Magistrate
    Jason Almendarez, 26, was getting off easy when he appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers on Thursday, July 7, for a drug possession charge but he made things much worse on himself for opening his dirty mouth. Almendarez appeared in court for being in possession of 17 grams of weed. He was unrepresented when he appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers and pleaded guilty to a single charge of possession of a controlled drug. Magistrate Rogers imposed a non-custodial sentence in a fine of $400 which he was ordered to pay immediately. Before he could get off however, court records showed that he owes the court $810 from a prior conviction. The fine has been outstanding for quite a while and the magistrate ordered him to pay all his old fines before he could go home. This caused Almendarez to explode and he said, “f... you b...h.” He was held in contempt of court immediately. That matter has been deferred for a later date.

    Life in Prison for friend who killed friend in Cayo
    Linsbert Bahadur who was charged with the killing of his own friend, Albert Wade was found guilty of murder in the Supreme Court in Belmopan on Wednesday July 13. Bahadur had originally been charged along with Benjamin Peters and Samuel Neal in the killing of Wade. On Friday April 14, 2006 the body of 32 year old Albert Wade was found inside his Toyota Camry off the Negro Man Road in Benque Viejo, he had been shot to the left side of his face. Police quickly apprehended the suspects but the charges against Peters and Neal were dropped after they turned crown witnesses. Four years after the original charge however on September 2, charges against Bahadur were withdrawn with the prosecution entering a Nolle Prosequi after forensic pathologist Dr. Mario Estradabran was unable to testify as he was out of the country.

    Banner killed because he owed for drugs
    Roger Banner, a 29 year-old resident of Roaring Creek, was murdered on Saturday July 9th, 2016, at around 9:15 p.m. That was about 17 and a half hours after Karim Hafiya was killed. Police believe the killings to be unconnected, we note also that the area where Banner died is also not too far from where Hafiya was gunned down. In fact, investigators believe at this time that Banner’s street slaying is not a part of the recent spike in gang violence. They suspect at this time that he may have been killed due to his alleged connection to underworld activities in Roaring Creek. Reports to the press are that Banner was socializing with his girlfriend on West Canal Street when 3 men walked up to him. One of those men pulled out a gun and immediately fired multiple shots at him, injuring him several times in the head and body. He died on the spot. It is believed that he was executed as a result of him owing for drugs.

    Brandon Bennett cleared of attempted murder charge
    Just before 4 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12, a jury of nine men and women in a unanimous decision found Brandon Bennett, 23, not guilty of use of deadly means of harm upon Kent Moss. Bennett was arrested and charged with attempted murder in September of 2011 after a group fight at the Belikin Fest in Memorial Park resulted in the stabbing of Moss. Both men were hanging out with a group of friends when the fight broke out. The two eventually got tangled up and Moss ended up being stabbed but the two share different tales about how the incident went down. In court, the prosecutor had to first get Moss to cooperate in trial. He refused to show up to court after being summoned. Justice Adolph Lucas had to issue an order for him to be arrested and taken to court by force. Once in court, Moss made it clear that he does not wish to testify. Prosecutor Sherigne Rodriguez treated him as a hostile witness.

    Jareth Crawford convicted of shooting at a Police Officer
    Jareth Crawford, 30, is serving a three year sentence after he was convicted of shooting at police corporal Barrington Flowers during a robbery attempt on September 5, 2015. Cpl. Flowers reported that he was acting on information received of a robbery in progress at a Chinese grocery store on Canada Road off Fabers Road when he ran into the assailants. Flowers met Crawford exiting the shop with a gun. He identified himself as a police officer, since he was in casual wear, but Crawford opened fired at him and ran. He chased after Crawford who stopped running, turned around and fired at him again. Flowers was able to see the shooter on those two occasions before he ran into a bushy area and disappeared. Shortly after the shooting, two other robbers exited the Chinese shop and Flowers ordered them to freeze. One armed with a knife did not stop and he ran away. The third robber was detained. Police eventually charged six individuals in connection with the robbery for conspiracy, robbery and handling stolen goods.

    Customs Officer, Emmerth Flowers, acquitted of firearm charges
    Emmerth Flowers is no longer in trouble with the law after he was acquitted of two firearm related charges on Thursday, July 7. Just about two years ago, on July 31, 2014, police charged Flowers with the offenses of altering a firearm without the permission of the Commissioner of Police and for being in possession of a firearm that was not licensed. Allegations made by police is that Flowers had a license for a 16 gauge shot gun but on July 31, 2014, he was busted with the shot which had the barrell cut to make it a sawed off shotgun. Police informed Flowers of the offense, arrested and charged him.

    Davon Guzman busted with gun minutes after shooting
    Quick police response resulted in the apprehension of a teenager a couple minutes after he attempted to execute Errol Flores on Lakeview Street. According to police reports, at about 5:25 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12, officers responded to reports of shots being fired in the Lakeview Street area. Upon arrival they observed a male riding a bicycle on Sarstoon Street with what appeared to be a firearm in his hand. As the mobile unit got closer to him the individual sped up and threw the object in an empty lot. Officers acted quicly to detain and take him to the area where the object was thrown. A search was conducted and resulted in the discovery of a .38 revolver with black electrical tape on the handle. It was loaded withone live round of .38 ammunition and three expended casing. As a result, the youngster was arrested and taken to the police station. He was later identified as 19-year-old Davon Guzman of #4 Moya Street in the St. Martin de Porres area. Guzman was charged with “Keeping a Firearm and Ammunition without a Gun License”.

    Karim Hafiya killed for unknown reason
    Karim Hafiya, 40, a security guard working for the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), was shot and killed in front of his home on Plues Street. It happened on Saturday, July 9th, in the early morning hours, sometime after 4 a.m. Residents of Plues Street were awaken to the sound of around 10 to 15 gunshots, and when the police responded, they found Hafiya’s body, riddled with multiple gunshot wounds. From their investigation, the hard-working security guard was heading home from work, and he was just about to open the back gate to his residence. That’s where the assailant or assailants ambushed him from behind and shot him to death. Police believe that a possible motive for his killing was retaliation because he made a complaint to the cops which landed a young man in jail. The complaint came after he had been robbed. Another angle may be related to an argument which he had with a woman some time earlier.

    Lionel Kelly arraigned for killing Tevin Palmer
    A teenager of Mayflower Street, Lionel Kelly, 18, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand after he was arraigned for the murder of 19-year-old Tevin Palmer. Palmer was gunned down and killed in a house on Castle Street at around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6. He was socializing inside the house when someone pulled out a gun and fired a shot at him. He was hit in the head and died on the spot. Kelly appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Friday, July 8, and was read a single charge of murder. He was unrepresented in court and no plea was taken from him since the charge of murder is an indictable offense which will be tried at the Supreme Court. Due to the nature of the offense, Kelly was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on September 8, 2016.

    Kent Brooks succumbs 11 days after being shot
    In last week’s edition of the Guardian Newspaper, we reported on the Belize City shooting which killed 20 year-old Kieran Morrison and landed 18 year-old Kent Brooks Jr. in the hospital in a critical condition. After 11 days of clinging to life, Kent Brooks has unfortunately passed away. His family, who had been worried sick about his injuries, were contacted by the KHMH staff, that they should rush to the hospital because his health had taken a turn for the worst. His father recounted to the press that they arrived 6 minutes too late. He had only just taken his last breath on Sunday, July 10, at around 8:40 a.m.

    Sanjay Lino cleared of Ernesto Myvette’s murder
    Sanjay Lino, 22, is a free man after the prosecution’s main witness in the murder of Ernesto Myvette developed a case of amnesia during trial. Myvette, a Sandhill Village businessman, was shot and killed at his place of business on the night of October 4, 2011. He was at his store located at the entrance of the Old Northern Highway when three men walked into his store and shot him 4 times. He sustained two gunshots to the midsection, once to the chest and once to the back. Myvette’s gun, a 9 millimeter pistol, was stolen during the incident. Shots were also fired at Myvette’s son Jermaine, who was in the store but escaped uninjured.

    Blood samples taken for DNA testing in shooting death of Michael Lopez
    In last week’s edition of the newspaper, we reported on the Wednesday spike in gang violence which led to the killing of two young men in less than an hour and a half apart: 20 year-old Tevin Palmer, and 19 year-old Devin Parham. The spike didn’t end there because about 3 hours later, 22 year-old Michael Lopez Jr. was gunned down at around 7:30 p.m. On July 6. Police inquires revealed that Lopez was walking on Jones Street, and he was heading in the direction of Lawrence Avenue. That’s when 2 assailants on a motorcycle sped past, and they immediately opened fire on him. Lopez was injured to the right side of the head, and first responders were quick to rush him to the KHMH. The doctors tried to save his life but at around 9:40 p.m., he succumbed while undergoing treatment.

    American Veteran charged for immigration offense
    Retired United States soldier Tarry Eugene Rhodes, 46, is at the Belize Central Prison after he pleaded guilty to an immigration offense in Belize and will be deported to his country once he pays the fine handed down by Magistrate Deborah Rogers on Monday, July 11. According to police reports, Rhodes visited the Phillip Goldson International Airport to pick up a friend on Sunday, July 10. That was when immigration officials approached him and asked to see his documents. When authorities made checks into his passport, they found out that his visitor’s permit expired since September 29, 2015, almost 10 months ago. He was arrested and charged with failure to comply with a visitor’s permit.

    Police grab Fat Back’s step-son for his stabbing
    Police have arrested and charged 20-year-old Michael Marvin Baptist for attempting to kill his step-father, Eugene Webster, known to the public as “Fat Back”. Webster was attacked while sleeping at his Los Lagos residence on Wednesday, July 6. According to reports, he was in a relationship with Baptist’s mother a few years ago but maintained a relationship with the youngster. He reportedly would give Baptist chores to earn a buck. On Wednesday it appeared Baptist wanted a bigger cut with far less effort. He visited his step-father and asked to stay the night. Webster agreed to provide lodging but in the middle of the night he woke up with Baptist on top of him with two knives in hand. Webster fought off his attacker but not before he was stabbed multiple times to the body. ACP Edward Broaster, Regional Commander for Eastern Division Rural, told the media that when they responded to the scene Webster was alone in the house bleeding profusely on the ground with stab wounds to the back, arm and neck area. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial where he is in a coma.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Fitness Dance comes to the City
    Fitness is becoming all the talk in several parts of Belize these days and instructors from broad have been coming to Belize to conduct some work out sessions with interested Belizeans. One of these sessions is set to take place on July 16th at two in the […]

    Accused contrabandista walks from drug charges
    On February 5, 2016, 34 year old Roland Raheem Rivers was busted inside a burgundy Ford Escape vehicle with 14 pounds of marijuana and contraband beer, and was also accused of various traffic offenses. But the single charge of drug trafficking was dropped after […]

    Student charged with robbing bus conductor
    A bus conductor got robbed at the old Novelo’s Bus Terminal on West Collet Canal on Tuesday, and today a junior college student was accused of the crime. 35 year old Elroy Hemmans Junior, student and part-time accountant, pleaded not guilty to a charge of robbery […]

    Hamanasi is Finalist in 2016 Eco-Excellence Awards
    Hamanasi Dive and Adventure Resort in Hopkins, Stann Creek District, is honoured to be selected as one of the Finalists in the Travel Category in NCW Magazine’s 2016 Eco-Excellence Awards. Voting for the winners is open to the public with voting commencing on June 29, […]

    Belize loses 60 spots in FIFA World Ranking
    In the last two months, the Belize Men’s National Football Team made it for the first time to the 114th spot in FIFA World Ranking, but this month took a downturn. Belize currently holds the 164th spot in the latest FIFA World Ranking which was released […]

    Two charged for drugs on La Isla Bonita
    Authorities searched and apartment on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye where they discovered three different kinds of drugs at around 4:00 this morning. The joint team of Special Branch and the Quick Response Team of the Police department on the island acted upon receiving information and headed to […]

    TOURISM STATS: Overnight arrivals in new record
    Belize’s overnight tourism industry has set a new record for arrivals in the first half of 2016, shaking off the after-effects of a torrid few weeks following several attacks on tourists in January. According to the Belize Tourism Board, for the first time ever, more […]

    GOB makes 1st payment for BTL
    The government of Belize has made its first of two payments as settlement for the nationalization of Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL). Government officials have been mum for the most part regarding the details of the first payment. Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, Central bank Governor Glenford […]


    Belize Bean to Bar: Learning to Make Chocolate at the Belize Chocolate Company
    Luckily…so luckily for us, we have AMAZING hand crafted Belizean chocolate right here on Ambergris Caye. A lovely couple, Jo and Chris, who created the Belize Chocolate Company and who take chocolate seriously for us…so that we can just enjoy AND EAT. And now learn. Yesterday I stopped by the shop because they are doing a new chocolate making classes at 930am and 1030am each morning. $10bzd and you really get the full experience, you can ask one million questions (it’s super interesting) and taste chocolate at each and every stage. Rub off the shell and you have the nibs, the essence, the taste of the chocolate. Chris showed us how it is ground down with stone. In the traditional method. They still use stone but on a much larger scale. The beans are ground between two huge stones for 2-3 DAYS to produce a silky smooth liquor. That when tasted is INTENSE…bitter and incredibly chocolatey.

    10 Perks of Retiring in Belize (That You Never Considered Before)
    Often overlooked by showier destinations in Mexico or Costa Rica, Belize is a sparkling gem in Central America with hundreds of miles of gorgeous coastline, more nature preserves and parks than any other country in the region, and just 355,000 residents. With a stable, peaceful democracy and some of the friendliest and most tolerant people on the planet, Belize is a top retirement destination. Mainland Belize is approximately the same size as Massachusetts and is home to a staggering diversity of cultures, including Mestizos, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese and Maya. The harmonious combination of low population density and a melange of different peoples, languages, cultures and identities make Belizeans extremely tolerant of their neighbors. This plus a business-friendly government translates to few regulations or restrictions on businesses, property ownership or investments. Below are just 10 of the perks of retiring in Belize:

    Belize Continues to Deliver Impressive Tourism Results
    Overnight arrivals for January to June, 2016 has seen 213,430 visitors to Belize. This is an incredible 16.5% increase over the same period of 2015. Never before has the first six months of a year seen figures surpassing 200,000. All six months of 2016 have seen double digit increases, with January having the highest increase at 24%, followed by May, with a 19.6% increase. The US market continues to hold the highest share of travelers to Belize, making up close to 70% of our travelers. The first half of 2016 has seen 25.9% increase in US travellers. The European market has the second largest market share, making up 10.4% of visitors to Belize. Thus far, 2016 has had 22,109 European travelers, which is a 3.9% increase over the same period of 2015. The cruise industry has seen an overall increase of 2.6% for the first half of 2016.

    On the road again, with a bicycle: Where green is the new black
    It was time. I’ve been waiting since March for Mario to return my bicycle and here it is mid-July. I don’t think it’s coming back. Not that I was expecting to see it again. Mario used to work for the complex where we live. When he started showing up for work on foot I was kind of surprised and concerned. I knew that he lived over behind the airport and that is a bit of a hike to be taking twice a day. It turns out that his bike frame had rusted in half. It happens a lot. We’re an island surrounded by salt water. Nothing metallic survives for long. Walk down most any road and you can count the number of rusty broken bike chains, coiled like withered snakes off to the side. They rust. They snap. They drop off and are abandoned.

    International Sourcesizz

    You’re Probably Throwing Away ‘Expired’ Food That’s Totally Fine To Eat
    Up to 40 percent of the U.S. food supply goes uneaten every year, according to a widely cited 2009 study of food waste. Nearly 20 percent of food waste in people’s homes is caused by the confusing date labeling system, according to Niki Charalampopoulou, managing director of Feedback. Simply making date labels easier to understand would avoid 398,000 tons of wasted food every year, one study found. The vast majority of food is safe to eat even after it passes the date on the label, Broad Leib said. “The worst that happens if you eat something spoiled is it doesn’t taste good and you’re like, ‘That was gross,’” she added. “But we’re starting to realize we only prioritize safety and we draw a halo around safety — then we end up throwing away food.”

    Climate change department killed off by Theresa May in 'plain stupid' and 'deeply worrying' move
    The decision to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change has been variously condemned as “plain stupid”, “deeply worrying” and “terrible” by politicians, campaigners and experts. One of Theresa May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to move responsibility for climate change to a new Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Only on Monday, Government advisers had warned of the need to take urgent action to prepare the UK for floods, droughts, heatwaves and food shortages caused by climate change. The news came after the appointment of Andrea Leadsom – who revealed her first question to officials when she became Energy Minister last year was “Is climate change real? – was appointed as the new Environment Secretary. Kyte, a British national who until recently was head of climate change at the World Bank, was speaking to Climate Home at a business summit in London on 28 June. Appointed yesterday, UK’s new prime minister Theresa May has so far offered little indication of her plans around the country’s climate change and development budgets.

    UN energy chief urges UK to maintain climate funds
    The UN’s top energy official has urged Britain’s new government to remain “open and outward looking” and maintain its development budget commitments. Rachel Kyte, chief executive of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative said the UK still had a critical global role to play despite a vote to leave the EU.

    Belize trip a sobering experience for Ellis
    Arkansas senior middle linebacker Brooks Ellis enters the 2016 football season with two distinctions apart from his Razorbacks teammates. The three-year starter from Fayetteville is the only current Razorback on the preseason Butkus Award watch list honoring in December college football’s best linebacker. However, one distinction Ellis seems to have clinched. As a pre-med student, he is the only Razorback that joined his fellow biology class students experiencing a summer internship in the Central America country of Belize. Ellis was asked about his Belize experience as he and senior defensive tackle Deatrich Wise of Carrolton, Texas, and senior tight end Jeremy Sprinkle of White Hall joined Arkansas coach Bret Bielema during the Razorbacks’ Wednesday session of SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala. It literally was a hot time, Ellis said. “I stepped off the plane, and did not stop sweating the entire time,” Ellis said. “Three nights I had no AC and that was probably the worst nights of my life, I need some AC to sleep. But it was a great time, learned a lot, great experience.”

    Medical tourism promotion spurs Yucatan health sector
    In 2016, SEFOTUR is participating in two international specialized Medical Tourism fairs. The first is called Destination Health, in Ottawa, Canada from September 9 to 11. The second is organized by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) in Washington, D.C. in the United States, and will take place from 25 to 28 September. In both events, the state of Yucatan will be present as “Yucatan Healthcare” to promote the state as a competitive world-class medical tourism destination. SEFOTUR is also preparing a campaign to promote medical tourism worldwide including video and photography shoots, a catalog featuring a medical directory, and a strong communication campaign on social networks, among other actions, in order to get ready to attend these important international fairs.

    Latest FIFA Rankings
    Belize dropped 50 places to 164th


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  • Belize land movie October 14 17, 2015, 7.5min. Movie showing our fun adventure in Belize. There were 10 of us that stayed for 3 days at the Hidden Valley Inn in the back country going to historic sites and having fun doing things like hiking and ziplining. Afterwards we boarded the Belize Aggressor for 7 days of fun diving. We had lots of rain and some stormy weather but it still turned out to be an exceptional trip!

  • Belize mini slide show, 4min. Short slide show to show all the fun we had on our Belize adventure in late Oct. 2016.

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  • "Scarface" and his mate -- Caye Caulker, Belize, 4.5min. The baddest crocodile on Caye Caulker. Scarface lives in a privately owned lagoon on the far North side of the split.

  • Last day in Belize. Vegan food rant #VLOG 183, 10min. Such a good time but it all comes to a end. Time to go back home. Or at least go back to the United States. Our are winding down. But wait before we jump on a plane and leave maybe we should have breakfast first.

  • Belize. Half Moon Caye Natural Monument (Part 1), 13min.

  • Human Foosball in Belize, 1/2min.

  • Buceo Belize Turneffe, Ligthouse Reef Atolls and Paradise Canyon Feb-2016, 2min. A trip in the incredibly clear waters on the reefs of Belize. Diversity of fish in coral , eels , eagle rays among others .. ideal for macro shots as have much time around the coral or deep Blue Hole ring.

    July 14, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    BEL holds public meeting regarding power outage issues in San Pedro
    After the frustration of San Pedro Town’s most recent 18- hour power outage, an important public meeting was held by the nation’s electricity provider Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). A large delegation of BEL employees, including senior staff members, addressed a small group of residents on Monday, July 11th at the San Pedro Lions Den. Also present at the meeting were local authorities, including Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr.

    Canary Coves donates eye screener to San Pedro Lions
    Through a request from Lion Members Melanie Paz and Jan Brown, Canary Coves Resort handed over a Plus Optix eye screening device to the San Pedro Lions Club on Friday, July 8th. Since November 2015, the San Pedro Lions Club has conducted an “Eye Screening Program”, and has screened over 1,500 children on Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and Corozal. On hand to receive the donation was President of the San Pedro Lions Club, Fatima Graniel, who was grateful for the much needed equipment. “We are so thankful for this donation. We have two eye screeners, but we have to rotate them between Belize City, Belmopan, and San Estavan. Now that we have our own, it is more convenient to carry out the screening here in San Pedro,” said Graniel. The Lions are committed to providing eye glasses for free to children who need them, and parents/guardians who cannot afford them. Up to the month of April 2016, over 180 children in San Pedro and Caye Caulker have been referred to obtain eye glasses.

    Two men injured during shooting incident in Escalante Subdivision
    Dwayne Hyde, a 30-year-old mechanic from the Escalante Subdivision of San Pedro Town, is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City after being involved in a shooting incident. Police responded to reports of a shooting in the said area early on Wednesday, July 13th, and also discovered a second person suffering from stab wounds. According to the official report from the police, about 12:30AM, 22-year-old Kimberly Humes reported that while at home, she heard a knock at her door. When she opened it, it was her common-law husband, Hyde, who stated that someone wanted to kill him. Shortly after, two male persons reportedly entered the yard of their home; one of them was identified as 23-year-old Luis Manuel Carter from the San Pedro area who is mainly known as ‘Wizz.’ He approached Hyde and after a brief exchange of words, an altercation ensued, resulting in Hyde being shot in his abdomen. During the struggle, Wizz also sustained stab wounds to the neck, mouth and abdomen.

    Yerbaklan set to perform at Costa Maya
    The entertainment lineup at the International Costa Maya Festival has gotten more exciting as the Honduran group Yerbaklan is set to perform for Tropical Night. On Friday, August 5th, the most recognized and established urban duo from Honduras will be adding to the fun onstage. Cesar Castaneda (Csarec), singer/songwriter of San Pedro Sula, Honduras and Jaime Colindres (Jimmy James) singer/song writer of Tegucigalpa, Honduras are no strangers to Costa Maya, having brought their energy to the stage in 2010. Now they will be back with some new and exciting originals. Together they have performed on the best stages locally and internationally, with artists like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Mark Anthony. Yerbaklan has even performed at the Latin Billboard Awards! One of their greatest hits, Meneando La Cintura, has surpassed the million-view mark on YouTube. The tropical tune was done in collaboration with Panamanian artist Mr. Saik. Their collaborations also include “Ahora Marchate” with artist Nicky Jam.

    Bucket Brigade Fundraiser a grand success
    The event was organized by entertainment group, Higher Levelz Promotion. For a fee/donation of $5, supporters enjoyed a full slate of entertainment starting at 10PM. DJ Boss, Shuga Vybz, Fyah Statah , DJ Patron, DJ Smallz, Top Ranking, No Fear Deejays, and 5 Star Int’l kept the dance floor full. Live performances from Andidre of Corozal and Punta King Supa G added to the fun. Traveller’s Liquors and Carib Beer were busy keeping everybody refreshed, and they even donated half of their sales towards the Fire Relief Fund. Corozal adds to the Fire Relief Fund: On that same day a similar event took place in Corozal Town. Organized by DJ Callie Promotions and Euphoria 21 night club, the event was called ‘Relief for San Pedro fundraiser event,’ with its proceeds sent to the island to be added to the Fire Relief Fund.

    Ambergris Today

    American Airlines to Introduce New London to Belize Flight in November
    The biggest inconvenience travelers face when traveling to Belize form Europe is the overnight in the United States of America or Mexico, but American Airlines is changing all of that with a new flight that launches in November 2016 from Heathrow Airport in London. Although the flight is not a direct connection from London to Belize, the new afternoon flights departing from London Heathrow will have a few hours' connection in Miami onto Belize City. Factors as flight delays, long TSA lines my be a factor when balancing a few hours for connecting flights, but it is understood that PGIA in Belize may also have to activate extended hours of operation to accommodate the new flight.

    Parkour/Freerunning Athletes Film Commercial in Ambergris Caye
    Tempest, a US company dedicated to the support and development of Freerunning and Parkour, is in Belize this week working on a commercial shoot. Ambergris Today spotted their film crew in downtown San Pedro as parkour/freerunning athletes performed for the production. Top athletes in the sport/lifestyle including Mich Todorovic, stuntman Richard King, Cory DeMeyers and Luci Rumberg all have posts on their individual Facebook profile accounts about their experiences in Belize that include photos and videos.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Paint N Splash
    Join us to paint "Crab in a Net. For our regular customers please bring your detail brush. Sign up here

    Job opportunity at The Belize Zoo for an Environmental Educator
    TBZ will soon be saying farewell to Deidra, our excellent Environmental Educator. She is off to pursue an exciting new chapter in her professional career, and goes with our very best wishes and deepest thanks for all her hard work at the Zoo! TBZ is now looking for another bright young Belizean to take up the position of Environmental Educator. This post requires the minimum of an Associate's degree in Natural Resource Management, Biology, or a related field. Responsibilities include: Delivering on-site and outreach environmental education programs developed for local school groups and communities. Conducting natural history tours, presentations, and animal encounters. Contributions to design, preparation, and distribution of zoo education resources. Assisting with logistics and preparation for public zoo events. Interested applicants can contact the Zoo's Education Director at [email protected] for more details and with formal queries.

    Vocal Training for Kids Day Camp
    July 16-23, Government House

    Belize Screen on the Green in Belmopan
    How's your week going? Take a break, and LET IT GO this Thursday at the Belize Screen on the Green in Belmopan at GG Field. We will be featuring the movie "Frozen." Movie starts at dark and as always it's FREE.

    Commentary: Race can influence police officers in carrying out their duties
    By Wellington C. Ramos. Before I came to the United States, I served five years in the Belize Police Force and was assigned to the Patrol and Criminal Investigation branches in Belize City, NCO i/c Criminal Investigation Branch Orange Walk District and NCO i/c Hattieville Police Station Belize District. I joined the Belize Police Force on April 23, 1973, and was enrolled at the Police Training School in Ladyville Village with about 40 trainees for six months. At the school we learnt; police duties, criminal law, traffic law, immigration, rules of evidence, first aid, self defence, drills, weapons training and physical training. Belize is a multi-ethnic country that is populated by Creoles, Mayas, Mestizos, Garifuna and other ethnic groups. Most of the people that had the highest ranks in the Belize Police Force at the time were Creoles and a majority of them came from Belize City. They were the ones who controlled the Police Departments including the Police Training School. Some of them were prejudice towards people from the other ethnic groups and districts throughout the country of Belize.

    Corozal Destination Launch
    The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Inter-American Development Bank, in partnership with the Corozal Town Council, cordially invite you to the Destination Launch of the Corozal Tourism Development Plan and the Sustainable Tourism Program II. Date: Saturday July 16, 2016. Time: 3:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. Place: Corozal Town Hall. Free bocas and refreshments will be offered after the event. This is an important event for Corozal, so no excuses not to be there! Please share with all stakeholders!

    Taste of Belize 2016 With a Cup of Victory
    Congratulations, Kevin Chi! The San Ignacio Resort Hotel cook took 1st place in the Anateur Cook category at the BTB's Taste of Belize competition, which was held in Orange Walk this year. Way to go, Kevin! "For the competition, he prepared a delicious Pan Seared Belizean Duo consisting of beef fillet and shrimp accompanied by coco mash, string beans, drizzled with wine butter reduction sauce, and seasoned with his mystery blend of herbs and spices (because we can’t give away all the secrets!) ;) YUM!"

    Barefoot Skinny 25th Anniversary Concert
    Barefoot Skinny is celebrating 25 years of playing in Belize this Friday, July 15th, at Bamboo Bar. They'll have some great BBQ there too. "Hey folks! It's on this Friday with Barefoot Skinny and friends! BBQ on sale and cold Drinks will be served! Live music starts at 6pm! Tell your friends!"

    All that jazz!
    The Belize International Jazz Festival is back!

    Channel 7

    GOB Finances Strain to Cough Up 190 Million For Ashcroft Alliance
    190 million dollars – that's how much the Government of Belize had to pay the Ashcroft Alliance today as partial payment for the BTL final settlement. The government had announced that half would be paid within 10 business days of the decision from the Permanent Council on Arbitration. Government paid 60% - or 114 million dollars of the total in Belize currency and 40% in US dollars – amounting to 38 million US dollars. The Belize currency was raised through the selling of government treasury bills and notes, while the US currency came out of the Central Bank Reserves. It's a serious strain on government's finances and hard currency reserves – and they'll have to do the same thing in a year's time when the final 190 million is due.

    Michael Baptist Remanded
    Last night, we told you about how Corozal Police captured Michael "Wani" Baptist, the stepson of Eugene "Fatback" Webster after we put his picture on the news. Well tonight, he's at prison after he was taken to court on charges related to Webster's stabbing. He was arraigned this morning of the offences of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm. Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer did not take any plea, and did not grant him bail. He was remanded to prison untilSeptember 2. The stabbing happened in the wee hours of last week Wednesday morning at Fatback's Los Lagos home. He allowed Baptist to sleep at his house, and according to Webster, he was asleep when Baptist attacked him and stabbed him with 2 different knives. The family says that Baptist was trying to rob him.

    Molasses Meltdown At ASR/BSI
    Molasses is one of the by products of sugar production – and, locally, it is usually sold as an animal feed supplement, or to rum distillers. It's also exported, likely as a key element in ethanol. But something has gone very wrong with the molasses stored at ASR/BSI. The company issued a release today saying that for the first time in the history of cane production in Belize, there's been a case of what is known as a Maillard Reaction. It's a chemical reaction which heats up the molasses and sort of cooks it, into a blackened solid. BSI says it has only affected one tank so far, but the quantity of molasses affected is not known. Now, this affects ASR/BSI's bottom line since the molasses cannot be sold – and that means less money for farmers. And now, it's an issue for the public because disposing of the blackened mass could prove problematic.

    Sharp Cops Get Gun And Suspects Quickly
    Belize City Police made an effective weapons bust yesterday evening at 5:30. Police responded to reports of shots fired in the area of Lakeview Street, and saw a man feeling on bicycle with a gun in his hand. When the police closed in on him, he threw the gun into an empty lot. Police caught him and took him back to where the object was thrown and they found this.38 revolver loaded with1 live .38 round and 3 expended .38 casings. 19-year-old Davon Guzman, of #4 Moya Street St. Martin de Porres area, Belize City was arrested and charged for the offence of “Keeping a Firearm and Ammunition without a Gun License"and aggravated assault with a firearm. In court today, he pled not guilty to the charges. He was remanded into custody until September 13.

    Cops Waiting For DNA Results In Lopez Murder
    So, while Southside police have that case neatly wrapped up, they aren't getting the same kind of success with several the recent murders in their jurisdiction. The murder of Karim Hafiya continues to be investigated with no luck so far, and the double murders of Kieran Morrison and Kent Brooks Jr remain uncertain because eyewitnesses won't come forward. The investigation into the shooting death of Michael Lopez, the third murder which happened on last week Wednesday, hinges solely on scientific evidence at this time. The two suspects who were caught in the St. Martin's area have been detained, thoroughly questioned, and they have been released without any charges. The cops say that the results of the DNA samples taken form their shirts stained with what police believe to be Lopez's blood is away being tested. Today, Eastern Division South's Deputy Commander told us that they're in a holding pattern for this investigation until the results are in:

    Man Shot On San Pedro, Cops Say Could Be Drug Business
    A man is struggling to stay alive after he was shot on San Pedro. 30 year old Dwayne Hyde was heading to his common law wife's home this morning at around 12:30. But he wasn't alone, he was being followed by 3 men. As soon as he got to the house, he saw the men in the yard. That is when Hyde and one of the men, who he knows as Luis ‘Wizz" Carter got into a fight. Carter drew his gun and shot Hyde in stomach but Hyde got a chance to grab a screwdriver and stabbed Carter 4 times. Today police told us what they know so far. Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood - PR, Eastern Division North: "Something around 12:30 am Mr. Dwayne Hype ran home and he had to bang on his door because he was in hot pursuit by some persons that wanted to harm him. By the time his common law wife opened the door to their residence he was shot somewhere in the abdomen and he was transported to the KHMH where is undergoing treatment as we speak. How the stabbing came about we believe that one of his assailants was stabbed with a screwdriver. We cannot determine as yet who inflicted that wound to one of the assailants but we know that one of the person out of the 3 attackers was known to the victim and the common law."

    City Police Hope Victim Cooperates
    And while San Pedro cops got the community's help, City police are only hoping for the cooperation of the victim of a recent shooting. As we told you last night, 26 year-old Clifford Anderson was shot in the abdomen while he was on the Penn Road Basketball Court on last week Friday night at around 10. He's since been taken off life support, and the doctors are hoping that he will make a full recovery. In fact, the police are hoping that not only will he recover, but that he will be able to name his shooter so that they can prosecute the gunman:

    Mayor: Don't Know Jack About Joe
    Yesterday we told about the "Joe" situation in the Belize City Council. Now, we aren't talking about any average Joe, we mean Joe Bradley, UDP mouth piece and City Council employee, under his son, Mayor Darrell Bradley. Bradley works in the City's PR department, but he could be in a disciplinary pickle because, according to reports, he berated and threatened the City Engineer. We understand that a disciplinary complaint was made by the City Engineer but when we asked the Mayor about this today he told us he told us he learned of it on the news:… Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor: "In relation to any disciplinary hearing that's not something that comes to my desk and it's not anything that I would have direct knowledge of or involvement in. Actually I became aware of that issue because I saw it on Channel 7's news last night much to my surprize." Emanuel Pech: "But I mean you must be keeping tabs on the doing of the..." Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor: "I do not keep tabs of any staff, no. Human resource is not something that the mayor is involved in. One of the reasons why we created a human resource regulation is to depoliticize any kind of hiring or any kind of firing...."

    Siltation, And Other Hydraulic Problems
    In another matter related to city hall, the silt buildup in the Belize harbor is gone – well, almost anyways. For months we've been documenting the buildup of silt in the Belize harbor. It was turning into a real disaster as the silt continued to push further across the mouth of the Belize River almost clogging the entire canal and making passage rather tricky. But it seems that behind us for the time being, because shortly after the dredge began ploughing into the silt, immediate change was apparent. Today the waves are once again crashing against the seawall and the Foreshore sea-view is restored. But the effort to find a more sustainable solution to the problem is still on. We spoke to the Mayor about this today.

    Mayor On Mass Manhole Substitution
    And while the mayor may have his hands full with flood mitigation, another project that is surely keeping him busy is the 3 month initiative to replace 3 thousand 6 hundred manholes and drain covers in the City. If you or anyone you know has ever fallen in one then you'd understand the urgency of these works. But the project has been experiencing setbacks because of the rains and other technical complications. The works started about three weeks ago and have 12 weeks to go before they should cover all the manholes as proposed by the project. Mayor Bradley gave us an update today. Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor: "We've seen much improvement in relation to how it looks. Actually I did an inspection in relation to some of them and you can visibly see the fact that you in many cases have old sidewalks with these brand new manhole covers. And one of the reasons that we decided to do this is because of the interest in wanting to make Belize City more child friendly and more safe and secure and we upgrading a significant amount of the carriage way but one of the areas which I would concede that we have neglected is sufficient attention to drainage and also sufficient attention to the sidewalk and the manhole covers and we just wanted to ensure that when kids for example are walking on the streets it's a safe walk for them."

    NEMO And San Pedro's Fire Needs
    On Friday, we told you how relief efforts on San Pedro have raised 225 thousand dollars to aid the 98 residents who lost everything in the June 27 fire. The residents have been getting help from generous donors, the Emergency Operations Committee, the Belize Red Cross and other NGOs. The NEMO Ministry has also chipped in to help out, but the victims are short of as much as 700 thousand dollars to cover the total losses. So today, we asked the NEMO Minister how much aid can the residents reasonably expect the Government to provide them. He told us that he has to balance the need against his Ministry's resources: Hon. Edmond Castro - Minister of State, NEMO: "From the get go within the first 3 hours NEMO was out there assisting those victims with basics such as food, hygiene and we followed up with some of the other hardware such as stoves, gas tanks, bed, bedding, mattress and so on. NEMO has played a significant role in terms delivering of those good and services to the people affected in that fire."

    Belmopan Woman Found Man In Her House With Knife
    A Belmopan woman got a terrifying surprise on Monday afternoon when she found a man in her house. 22 year old Marlin Maldonado got to her home on Venezuela Street at about 1:30. She noticed that someone had moved her laptop and tablet that she’d left on her bed. Maldonado searched her room and found them in a black plastic bag and that is when a man with a knife emerged from the bathroom and tried to grab her. She dashed out of the apartment and the man escaped with her $250 dollar tablet. Police are looking for the burglar.

    Island Vice
    Regularly on the news you hear about police finding wholesale quantities of marijuana. But, San Pedro police came up with an Island twist on that everyday drug. At 4:00 this morning, based on special branch intelligence, the quick response team did a few raids and hit the jackpot when they found cocaine, hashish, ecstasy and cannabis at an apartment on Sea Grape Drive. Police arrested 27 year old waiter Juslyn Daniels and a minor. They have been charged with two counts of trafficking for one pound of cannabis, AND 26.1 grammes of cocaine, and possession of controlled drugs for the 27.2 grammes of hashish and 0.7 grammes of ecstasy.

    Youths Leading Youths
    We're well into the summer break that means that school children will be attending all kinds of camps. Today, we found one in the Fabers Road Area. It's a sports camp organized by the YMCA, and though the organization's staffs are in charge, they're using teen coaches to run it. We spoke to the YMCA Executive Director about the benefits of utilizing youths to help at-risk kids: Dr. Clara Cuellar - Exec. Dir, YMCA: "There are lots of reasons to build youth coaches. One I think that in the volunteer world it's more difficult sometimes for adults to find a time given how busy our society is and so this way I can have an adult come in 1 hour a day during my training session for 5 days they can find that time more experts and we did that. And then there are teen coaches, they love sport so now they are giving back in an area or learning how to teach in something they enjoy. So it's fun for them but while it's work at the same time and we just find that lots of our youths out there don't have a summer job but want a summer responsibility that allows them to grow without feel laborious. After all it is a break from so they join our camp, we train them, they do a week of training and then every day they come an hour early so we go over the daily plan and after a year of this they are ready to start teaching another group and two, three years we can certify them of coaches on their own by the time they are hitting 17."

    From Hollywood To Our Neck Of The Woods
    For most of you, whenever you want to watch a really good movie, you'll head to the DVD store, or surf the web or Netflix and load up, let's say …"The Hangover" or "Neighbors" for comedy and "The Conjuring" if you are in the mood for horror. Well, the Belize Film Commission hopes that one day, people all over the world will stream and enjoy a fully Belizean produced high quality movie. Now, that hope might not seem all that realistic but Belize Film Commissioner Nigel Miguel says that through more exposure and connections with the right people in the US film industry, Belize can reach the next level. And one of the ways in which Miguel plans to promote Belize, is by hosting a meeting with movie producers and directors in Santa Monica, California. Miguel told us more about the significance of this meeting The first meeting was held in March 2015. This year's meeting will be held on July 21st. Miguel also told us that HBO and HBO Latino are working on 2 projects in Belize. Representatives and producers from these global powerhouses plan on coming to Belize to scout in August.

    Crumbling Cement Street Gets Major Surgery
    Earlier we told you what the city council is doing with manhole and drain covers, but they’re also trying to fix one the failed concrete streets. Cemetery Road and Orange Street were among the first to get paved three years ago, but the much trafficked streets were also among the first to start breaking down. Well, a section of the street on Cemetery road near the junction with Euphrates Avenue is currently locked off as it is being jackhammered in preparation to have it re-casted. And while that portion of the street is already getting serviced, there is another portion of that same concrete road, about 100 yards from the current working site that seems to be caving in. The problem that persists in that area according to the city council, is that it is flood prone. That compounded with the heavy traffic tends to cause the concrete road to deteriorate quickly. Those in the industry point to unsuitable cement work.

    Going Postal On Amazon
    On last night's news, we told you about the opening of a week-long training which leading officials from the Government Post Offices all across the Caribbean are participating in. They're trying to improve the postal services in the region, but we wondered today just how relevant the postal service is at this time. Email, mobile phones and social media apps have taken over modern communication – and letters are mostly only sent by older persons who love the written word and lawyers who love paperwork. So, how does this Government Department continue to remain relevant? Well, Belize's Deputy Post Master General told us with competition that the internet brought, it also opened online shopping and E-commerce. The post offices all around the world have tapped into that market. Here's how he explained it: Hon. Edmond Castro - Minister of State, NEMO "Not just Belize that is challenged facing difficulty with the post but the entire region and the world and if you listen to critics' 10 years ago they had predicted that the post would have been out of service by now. That is not the case; the post is here to stay."

    Cops And Community
    And lastly tonight, we were with the police as they did their north and southside meet and greet today. We found the Eastern Division Southside team on La Croix Boulevard and nearby St. Martin’s area. There was a recent double murder on that boulevard, and another street killing believed to be connected to gang activity in the area. So, when we met the Eastern Division South's Deputy Commander touring that area, we asked him about the feedback from residents in the wake of these homicides. Here's what he told us:

    Northside Going Through Changes
    While the South side meet and greet session went as usual, northside police made theirs a bit different. And that is only because there is a new commander for precinct 3. So it was not only to go out and meet residents but it was for the community to meet the new Superintendent. He is Hilberto Romero, former Officer Commanding CIB for the Eastern Divison. Romero takes over from Inspector Suzette Anderson – who made a hasty exit, we are told. But Romero’s introduction as commander certainly did not take away from the real purpose of this initiative. We asked Northside Public Relations Officer Fitzroy Yearwood about today’s session and if the current state of southside gang violence has northside police on edge.

    Channel 5

    Santander Issued with Stop Order for Environmental Breaches
    There is big news tonight coming out of the largest new industry in the west of the country. Santander, located in Valley of Peace in the Cayo District, recently started [...]

    Ministry of the Environment Assessing Fines for Company
    The stop order was not to close the factory down, but rather to give the company strict notice that it must act immediately to remedy what in some cases were [...]

    G.O.B. Comes Up With First Payment to Ashcroft Group
    Has the Government of Belize made the huge first payment in the approximately four-hundred-million-dollar bill outstanding in the Arbitration Award for the B.T.L. nationalization? Today was the deadline as set [...]

    San Pedro Resident Critical After Shooting
    Turning to crime…A shooting just after midnight on Tuesday on La Isla Bonita San Pedro has left two persons hospitalized; one who is fighting for his life at the Karl [...]

    Guzman Arraigned for City Shooting
    The violence in the streets of the Old Capital continues.  There was a shooting incident on Tuesday evening and fortunately no one was injured during the spray of bullets.  Sometime [...]

    Police Await Forensics Results to Lay Charges in Lopez Murder
    Last Wednesday, twenty-two-year-old Michael Lopez was slain in front of his home on Jones Street, a few hours after a pair of unrelated murders in the Old Capital.  Immediately following [...]

    Anderson Still Hospitalized after Shooting
    Also in the crime blotter…On Monday, we reported on the shooting of Clifford Anderson in an alley off Neal Pen Road Extension in Belize City. The twenty-six year old was [...]

    San Pedro Police Seize Drugs on the Island
    At around four o’clock this evening, a joint operation conducted by officers attached to the Special Branch and Quick Response Team in the Escalante area of San Pedro Town yielded [...]

    Woman Detained in Curious Circumstances in Ladyville
    A victim of an alleged burglary has had the tables turned on her and ended up in lockdown.  On Tuesday night, Ana Villacorte, an employee of B.T.L., arrived at her [...]

    Villacorte Claims that Detention Is Related to Domestic Situation with Arthur Saldivar
    Villacorte says she believes that what has transpired is related to an ongoing custody battle with her common-law husband over the couple’s two children.  They too are in the United [...]

    Baptist Arraigned for Stabbing ‘Fatback’
    Last Thursday we reported on the attempted murder of Eugene “Fat Back” Webster at his Los Lagos home off the Phillip Goldson Highway. Webster had been stabbed multiple times to [...]

    Haulover Creek Dredged to Alleviate Siltation Situation
    Since the start of the year, silt and filth accumulated in the Belize City Habour between the Fort Street Tourism Village and Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. But today, [...]

    B.S.I. Release: Maillard Reaction Affects Molasses Tanks
    Earlier we told you about the fines being imposed against Santander for the breach of environmental compliance. The other sugar factory in the north is also facing its own challenges. [...]

    CDB Approved Funding for Crooked Tree Causeway
    The Crooked Tree causeway has been a source of constant consternation for residents of the community – just about every rainy season. Prior to recent seasons there has been some [...]

    North Side Cops Meet Residents of Pickstock
    The Belize Police Department continues to ramp up its community policing efforts, primarily by going out and meeting people – finding out their concerns and just generally showing them a [...]

    Yearwood Says Effective Policing Is Responsible for Northside Peace
    There is always a clear differentiation between the north side of the city and the south side – sort of an assertion that bad things happen in the latter, while [...]

    Southside Cops Visit Residents in CET Site
    Community policing initiatives were also ongoing in the south side of Belize City. Today, a team of officers from Eastern Division South visited the CET Site, a neighborhood within the [...]

    Sr. Supt. Dawson Explains Checkpoint on La Croix Blvd.
    According to Senior Superintendent Dawson, the need for a checkpoint on La Croix Boulevard arises out of its distance from the nearest police substation, as well as the crime situation [...]

    Deputy Postmaster General Provides Update on Financial Misappropriations
    The training workshop for regional Postal service personnel continued in Belize City today. We’ve reported comprehensively on it, but tonight there’s another angle. The Belize Postal Service has come under [...]

    Applications Invited for NSC Summer Camp
    Softball, volleyball, football and basketball are the four disciplines that will be featured in the National Sports Council’s 2016 Summer Sports Camp. The annual activity will commence on Monday, July [...]


    Five Women and One Minor Detained After Altercation In San Pablo
    Yesterday at around 5:00 in the evening an altercation broke out between two rival groups from the village of San Jose which led to the detention of several women and one minor of the village. According to Daniele Valladarez, daughter of one of the women detained, the reason behind the altercation between the two groups of teenage boys is unknown but has been ongoing for some time now. Daniele Valladarez: “Hay un grupo de chamacos haya en San José que se creen maleantes, tienen apenas diez y seis años y tienen un crowd cada que los reportan acá nada hacen los policías y ahora que de un de repente que empezó el pleito que ellos venían de trabajar tenían piedras en su bags y empezaron a tirotear a los chamacos ahora cuando...”

    Did Guatemalans Navigate Into Belizean Waters?
    Over the weekend a group of Guatemalan civilians carried out an expedition to the Sarstoon Island in an excursion geared at exercising their sovereignty over the area. Yesterday Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke about the trip taken, saying that he was not surprised at the presence of the nationalistic civilian. But the question tonight is…..did the group enter Belizean waters? That is still not certain because according to the C.E.O. in the Ministry of National Security, George Lovell, the B.D.F. stationed at the base were unable to determine the identity of the civilian vessel or their intentions due to the increment weather that was experienced at the time. Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security: “I was made to understand that on Saturday there was such a patrol that went out there. I was in dialogue with the commander of the Belize Defense Force this morning and he reported that on Saturday around four p.m. or so, there was in fact a vessel out there and it was raining very hard and it was difficult for them to really identify if it was just normal Guatemalans who were out there on a day-to-day basis versus these ones who went out there, in my understanding, to show their sovereignty of the area.”

    No Coast Guard At Forward Operating Base As Yet
    In April of this year GOB inaugurated the joint military forward operating base that stands at the mouth of the Sarstoon River which was intended to house the Belize Defense Force and coast guard personnel. Three months after its launch, the base is still only being used by the B.D.F. with no presence by the Belize Coast Guard. According to C.E.O. in the Ministry of National Security, George Lovell, there is a plan being put together to see how best a coastguard team can be accommodated at the F.O.B. Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security: “Well, nothing went wrong actually. My understanding is that the coast guard needs to have a team that can operate as a team at that location. I am currently working with the commander of the Belize Defense Force to see how we could accommodate that. They had initially two people placed out there but they cannot operate with two people, that is the coast guard. They cannot operate with two people. And certainly it is the Ministry of National Security’s intention for us to have a joint base as we had intended for it to be in the first instance.”

    Women Summit Discusses Challenges In Women Of Today
    The Women Leaders’ Summit is delivered in collaboration with the Women of the World Festival, Southbank Centre, Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Royal Commonwealth Secretary with the aim of bringing together women and men from diverse backgrounds to set targets in order to address gender inequality in the Commonwealth. This year’s Summit will be held on Thursday at Marlborough House where female leaders from government, business and civil society from all parts of the commonwealth will assemble in order to discuss three major topics which include Violence against Women and Girls, Women in Leadership and Women’s Economic Empowerment.

    Government of Belize Meets First Payment For BTL
    Today the government of Belize made their first payment for BTL in the sum of more than two hundred million dollars. The total award is over half a billion dollars including interest at 8.34 percent over the seven years. We understand the payment was made through treasury notes made to the central bank. More Information on the first payment was hard to come by since it was deal with under high discretion.


    Belize, Correspondent Banking and Forecast
    In the newscast for July 12, we brought back the issue of correspondent banking and we spoke with Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington who recently returned from a CARICOM session in Guyana where the matter formed a part of the meetings’ agenda. Minister Elrington has conceded that not much progress has been made in getting […]

    The Parallel of Belize/Guatemala to the Philippines and China
    For months now we have been hearing the Foreign Affairs officials speak of amending the Referendum Act and we have heard of the plans to hold a referendum. The monies spent, however, on travel and accommodations for meetings between Belize and Guatemala are undoubtedly in the hundreds of thousands; yet when you look at it, […]

    Elrington Explains Trade Agreement with Guyana
    On July 7, we told you of an agreement that Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, signed onto with Guyana as it relates to trade and commercial cooperation. While the Government’s release on the signing didn’t get into any details of the document, a Caribbean publication did note in its article that the agreement does not […]

    Belize Coast Guard Absent from FOB – CEO Says It Is Unintentional
    When the announcement came from the Government of Belize regarding the construction of the Forward Operating Base, the intentions expressed were to have both Belize Defense Force and Belize Coast Guard personnel manning the fort. It has been some months now since the base was officially opened and according to a source from within the […]

    Island Men Scuffle with Gun and Screwdriver
    A man was reportedly attacked in his yard in the DFC area of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. An exchange of words ended in two persons being injured. Thirty year old Dwayne Hyde was shot to the abdomen and twenty three year old Luis Carter was stabbed to the neck, mouth and abdomen. Love News spoke […]

    Suspected Murderers Released Pending Lab Results Sent Abroad
    Last Thursday, twenty two year old Michael Lopez was shot and killed near his home in the St. Martin de Porres area. Minutes after the incident, members of the Gang Suppression Unit caught two of the suspected gunmen on a motorcycle speeding off. When they were intercepted, police found blood on their clothes. Senior Superintendent […]

    Suspected Shooter Apprehended Minutes Later
    19-year-old Davon Guzman has been charged for keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun licence. Police say about five twenty five yesterday evening they responded to reports of shots fired in the Lake View Street area where they found Errol Flores suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Minutes later police observed a […]

    Elrington Stresses for Cooperation from Media and Citizenry
    During the recently concluded Caricom Heads of Government meeting, Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington delivered an address regarding the border dispute brought on by Guatemala against Belize. He made several points regarding the support of the citizenry as the Government seeks a resolution. The news in Guyana quoted him as saying that the local media […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Retired American soldier overstayed time, is wanted in U.S.
    46 year old American national Tarry Rhodes, retired from the U.S. Army, was charged with failing to comply with the conditions of his visitor’s permit when he appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. Rhodes pleaded guilty to the charge. He was fined $1,200 and he […]

    Police: Not going back to crime control provisions yet
    Amidst heavy concern over crime, in November of 2012, Government invoked a provision in the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act, declaring five specific sections of Belize City – all within the Lake Independence area – “crime ridden areas.” As reported by the Amandala at the time, […]

    More surveillance cameras coming to Belize City; originals working, but “antiquated”
    Several years ago, the Police Department in Belize City introduced surveillance cameras in six locations across Southside Belize City. These were at the foot of the Pound Yard Bridge; corner of George and Dean Streets; corner Fabers Road and Central American Boulevard; south end of […]

    Kent Brooks Jr is latest murder victim
    Added to the toll of murders reported over the weekend is 18 year old Kent Brooks Junior, who was shot along with Keiran Morrison on the night of June 29th on Lacroix Boulevard. Brooks died in hospital after being removed from life support on Sunday. Brooks is […]

    Michael Baptist charged for attack on Eugene “Fatback” Webster
    20 year old Michael Marvin Baptist, Belize City resident, was in court this morning accused of the attempted murder by stabbing of former stepfather Eugene “Fatback” Webster of the Los Lagos subdivision of Ladyville. Baptist was also read charges of use of deadly means of […]

    Belmopan police seek brazen burglar
    Belmopan Police are currently looking for one man of interest in connection with an aggravated burglary. Twenty-two-year-old Marlin Maldonado, reported to police that on Monday a little before 1:30 that afternoon she arrived at her apartment located on Venezuela Street and noticed that her laptop and tablet she had […]

    FM challenges Guyana, Belize citizens, media to support their country
    Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Honorable Wilfred Elrington has told a Guyanese media agency that the citizens of both Guyana and Belize must support their nation’s cause as they fight back on territorial disputes with neighbors, and that the media has a role to play […]


    My Pokémon Pic in Belize is Better than Yours
    Happiness is everywhere if you take the time to look, and apparently so are Pokémon! These virtual creatures have been flooding social media feeds for the past week. Pokémon Go, a new augmented reality game available on iOS and Android devices is seemingly taking over more than just the internet. In the past couple of days I’ve read everything from “it makes people go outside and move more” to “it’s helping people with depression and anxiety”. My first reaction to this was that I didn’t need another app on my phone taking over my life. I have no problem going outside, I live in Belize! I swim with sharks, I zipline the jungle, I bike, I hike, I tube, I sail, I explore! Still, curiosity got me again and the app now has a home on my phone. The idea of augmented reality just had me wondering how it all worked and more importantly: “Would it work in Belize?” Yes, it sure did and in true iTravel Belize fashion, the family and I set out to the nearest amazing destination to test out the app. Altun Ha was the perfect place, lots of open space and plenty of hiking and beautiful views.

    A Beautiful July in Belize
    I love being in Belize and taking photos – especially when I get to go on amazing trips like snorkeling with sharks, visiting Caye Caulker and Lamanai Mayan site in the Orange Walk district. But Instagram is the best travel brochure out there…my world bucket list has grown exponentially since I signed up…and it’s a brilliant way to see what people are doing around Belize. LIve vicariously. Here are some pictures I took and some other great Instagram shots during the last few weeks…with summer fully upon us, the lightening storms at nights and the passing dark clouds seem to make things more beautiful. Take a look…

    Updated : The perfect itinerary for 3, 5, or 7 days in Placencia, Belize!
    After checking in to your hotel (preferably in the village for short trips, as this saves you a lot of time and hassle of shuttling or renting a car to get to the village - within the village means - south of the water tower, which makes the village totally walkable) walk the "loop" of the village. You can't get lost here, and if you can get your hands on the village map (go to the BTIA office /tourist office by Remax, or get it from your hotel) follow the loop starting either on the main street or the sidewalk. This loop allows you to see the whole village and get a feel for the tour booths, shops, restaurants, and bars that draw you in. Decide on at least one excursion to do for your 3 days and book it on your walk for Day 2. The highest rated/unique to Placencia outings are the following: Monkey River (check out, you can book online), snorkeling at Silk Caye/Laughingbird Caye, or Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve with Doyle at DTourz. Another newer option is a day trip to Ranguana Caye, a gorgeous private island. You can walk around and book snorkeling at any tour booth - the tours here are all good, so you can be assured a consistent positive experience.

    International Sourcesizz

    Theresa May appointed as new Prime Minister
    Theresa May has been appointed the new Prime Minister. Mrs May will make appointing a Brexit cabinet minister a top priority, and has already asked civil servants to find a suitable 'Brexit House'.

    A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects
    Alice Samson (University of Leicester) and Angus Mol (Stanford University) are issuing a call to all who wish to talk at the next meeting for the Society of American Archaeology in Vancouver (March 29-April 2, 2017) about an object from the Caribbean islands which crosses past and present. Papers will be presented at a special forum that will be recorded and published as a series of episodes in A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects. More information in the link below.

    NOAA Outlook for Central America July 14 – July 20, 2016
    In the last seven days, rains have been seasonably distributed. However, totals remained below average for several already anomalously dry regions. The highest weekly precipitation accumulations (>300mm) were received over a large area of eastern Nicaragua. Similarly large amounts of rain were observed in the Gulf of Belize region. Heavy rains (100-200mm) were also observed in southern Guatemala and western El Salvador. Other areas received lighter and below-normal rainfall, notably in central Honduras and through western Nicaragua. The Gulf of Fonseca region observed nearly no rainfall. Since the end of May, seasonal dryness remains entrenched across many central parts of Guatemala and Honduras.

    Thanks to the skilled hands of surgeons and the generosity of strangers, a 10-month-old boy facing a life-threatening ailment is on the road to recovery. Little Edwin and his mother Anita are from Belize, a country lacking in the specialized medical treatment Edwin needed to survive a heart condition. But thanks to the non-profit called HeartGift, he was able to come to Houston and received life-saving surgery at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. "HeartGift works with Children's Memorial Hospital to serve six patients every year right here in Houston," said Rachael Wright, Executive Director of the HeartGift Houston Chapter. Edwin had successful surgery on June 30th. He and his mother return home next week.

    Hendrix students study biology in Belize
    Eleven Hendrix College students visited Belize this summer to experience firsthand the environments and organisms that they studied in Jenn Dearolf’s marine biology course this spring. In the course, students study rocky and soft bottom intertidal zones, estuaries, and the open and deep ocean, but the focus is on mangroves and coral reefs in order to prepare them for what they will see in Belize. Belize has one of the largest barrier reefs on the planet, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and mangroves serve as a nursery for many of the organisms that live on and around the reef. This year, Hendrix students designed a study to investigate the environmental parameters that encourage and support elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) growth on the reef.

    Gloucester chiropractor helping Belize athlete prepare for Olympics
    When competing in events like this summer’s upcoming Olympics, athletes often look to achieve advantages in training or preparation to gain a leg up on their opponents. Triple jumper Brandon Jones, a member of this year’s Belize Olympic squad, is turning to Gloucester Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Center, Hayes, believing their treatments will help him compete at a higher level. Jones ran track for the first time at the age of 9, but his competitive career began at Salem High School in Virginia Beach where he competed in the triple jump and seven other events. After graduating from Salem High School, Jones attended Hampton University where he was a member of the track and field team.

    Caribbean countries entangled by U.S. financial crackdown
    Burdened by chronic back pain, Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow avoids traveling abroad, his colleagues say. But in January, he flew to Washington and visited one government agency after another on a singular mission: reconnecting his country to the U.S. financial system. A U.S.-educated lawyer, Barrow made his case before agencies with chief oversight of American banks, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the U.S. Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. His Belizean delegation described how their country had been shunned over the last year by large, reputable American banks, a trend that threatens its tiny economy. As banks scrub their books of potentially risky businesses amid a tightening regulatory noose, major U.S. financial institutions have ended relationships with regional banks across the Caribbean in the last four years, Caribbean officials and bank executives say.

    Threatened World Heritage Sites Must Be Protected Warns UN Body
    The future of some of the world’s most important natural World Heritage sites was determined yesterday at a UN session representing 192 countries. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to keep the Belize barrier reef and Selous Game Reserve on the List of World Heritage in Danger. The reef was kept on the list due to continued threats from oil exploration, damaging coastal construction and pollution. While the decision on the Belize barrier reef recognises commitments by Belize to protect the reef by promising to ban oil exploration in the World Heritage site, the committee asked that such promises be enacted in law. Nadia Bood, WWF-Belize Reef Scientist commented: “We are moving in the right direction with this decision, but it’s a long road to ensure that both the reef and the people who rely on it are protected into the future. WWF welcomes an expert monitoring mission by the end of this year to assess the government’s progress.

    11 Hauntingly Beautiful Underwater Sites
    We live in a beautiful world, but some of the most mesmerizing sites take a little digging (or diving) to find. From shipwrecks to sculptures, these underwater attractions are the perfect combination of eerie and alluring. The Great Blue Hole is a 1,000-foot-wide, perfectly circular sinkhole in the middle of Belize's Lighthouse Reef, as well as a famous spot for divers. The limestone shelf surrounding the vertical cave sits about 40 feet below the surface, and then it’s a straight jump down into the unknown. The further down divers go, the clearer and more beautiful the massive underwater stalactites and stalagmites become.

    Live and Invest Overseas Offers 10 Intriguing Retire Abroad Picks
    I’m always curious to see the latest best places in the world to retire rankings from expat experts. But I have to tell you: Some of the Top 10 spots on the new 2016 Retire Overseas Annual Index, from Live and Invest Overseas, made my head spin like a globe. Below is the Top 10 list, followed by an explanation of how the creators came up with it. You’ll note that four in the Top 10 are in Europe, three are in North America and the Caribbean (two of those are in Mexico); two others are in Central America (both in Belize) and one’s in Asia. And nearly all are not just peachy, according to Live and Invest Overseas, but beachy.

    This map claims that a Chinese Muslim beat Columbus to it. But is it real? In 1405 a Chinese Muslim eunuch, Zheng He, launched the first of seven voyages west from China across the Indian Ocean. Over the next 30 years, in command of the world’s largest fleet and funded by the Ming emperor, he sailed to the east coast of Africa and deep into the Persian Gulf. That much, we know, is true. But some people believe he went much farther—and this map is one reason. Entitled “General chart of the integrated world”, it is apparently an 18th-century copy of a 1418 map which claims to show the world that Zheng He discovered. If it is real, it rewrites history, for it shows that he circumnavigated the globe and—most provocatively—that he discovered America more than 70 years before Columbus. The map came to light in 2001 when a Shanghai lawyer, Liu Gang, says he bought it from a local dealer for around $500. He believes it proves that Zheng navigated the waters around both poles, the Americas, the Mediterranean and Australia too. In 2003 Gavin Menzies used it as evidence for his book “1421: the year China discovered the world”.


  • Making Tortillas, 1.5min.

  • THE ENERGY OF NATURE VS. THE NATURE OF ENERGY - Part 1 (Nadia Bood), 17min. Nadia Bood is a Marine Scientist and Climate Change Adaptation Advisor for the World Wildlife Fund’s Mesoamerican Reef Ecoregion. She has spearheaded scientific research programs geared at coral reef and mangrove restoration, conservation and management in Belize.

  • THE ENERGY OF NATURE VS. THE NATURE OF ENERGY - Part 1 (Dr. Alex Tewfik), 17min. Dr. Tewfik has been living and working in Belize since 2014 when he became Country Director of the scientific and technical aspects of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s marine program in Belize. WCS, originally the New York Zoological Society, is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the world, having been founded in 1895.

  • The Hol Chan Experience by Miguel Alamilla, 22min. Since 1997 Miguel Alamilla has managed one of Belize's most popular marine destinations, Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Using his Hol Chan experience, Mr. Alamilla highlights the practical, scientific, and economic benefits of conserving coastal and marine protected areas.

  • Discovery while filming in a Cave in Beliz, 3min.

  • U.S. bank exodus hurts Belize, 1.5min. Carribean countries get cut off from the international banking system as U.S. banks pull out due to tighter controls and risk aversion. Colette Luke reports.

  • Bay Area Girl Survives Bite From Deadly Snake In Belize, 2.5min. 15-year-old Audrey Benton, from American Canyon, is lucky to be alive after she was bitten by a Fer-de-Lance -- one of the world's most poisonous snakes -- in Belize.

  • El Pilar 20th Celebration, 3.5min. They had a special celebration at El Pilar after the BAAS, at which there were multiple presentations on El Pilar. There were dancers and speakers during the event, which celebrated 20 years of El Pilar being an Archaeological Site.

  • 2015 OCEAN HERO - Romaldo “Romi” Badillo, 8.5min. Oceana has celebrated Ocean Hero Awards since 2009 as a way to recognize and honor leaders in ocean conservation, education, and advocacy from around the world.

  • 2015 OCEAN HERO - Miguel Alamilla, 6.5min. Since 1997, Miguel Alamilla has been managing one of Belize’s most popular marine protected areas, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. As a part of his responsibilities, Miguel has also been leading a monitoring program in order to protect the highly vulnerable marine turtles that live and nest on the shores of Ambergris Caye. Officially declared a reserve in 1987, in February 2015, Hol Chan was expanded, largely in part from Miguel's lobbying efforts, from 21 square kilometers to include more than 131 square miles of reef, shoals, sea, lagoon and wetlands.

  • Belize Snorkeling Trip 2016, 6.5min.

  • Caribbean whiptail stingrays, 1min. Thanks to Earthwatch and Vulcan, Inc. our MS student Gina Clementi and volunteers captured this footage at South Water Caye Belize.

  • Mangrove Reforestation: Laughing Bird Caye Belize, 1.5min. Reforestation efforts at Laughing Bird Caye will become a model example of how mangroves and coastal vegetation are used as a form of coastal adaptation to climate change.

  • Living life in Caye Belize, 5min.

  • What's the BIG deal? Chicken Chow Mein & Caribbean Slaw from Belize, 4min. A weekly video cooking blog. One recipe per week.

  • Belize 2016, 8min.


    July 13, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    International Costa Maya – it’s a party!
    The 2016 International Costa Maya Festival is here, and there is some Caribbean excitement in the air! That’s right; the committee has secured the performance of the undisputed Queen of Soca: Alison Hinds. In case you can’t tell…I am beyond excited! On Friday, August 5th, Costa Maya is elevating our Caribbean roots once again, so you know the party is going to be till the morning. Belizeans and visitors…GET READY TO WINE! But the Friday night fun is not over there, also performing on that night is the Honduran group Yerbaklan. Cesar Castaneda (Csarec), singer/songwriter of San Pedro Sula, Honduras and Jaime Colindres (Jimmy James) singer/song writer of Tegucigalpa, Honduras are no strangers to Costa Maya, having brought their energy to the stage in 2010. Now they will be back with some new and exciting originals.

    Ambergris Today

    Chef Eva Longsworth Wins Belize Master Chef 2016 Title at Taste of Belize
    On Saturday, July 9, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held its signature culinary event, ‘The Taste of Belize.” For the first time, the event took place in “Shuga City,” Orange Walk Town. The all-day event was filled with competitions, as well as lots to eat and drink. Below is a breakdown of the competitions and the winners for each.

    Ambergris Caye’s Rapid Growth Puts Stressful Demand on Electrical Consumption
    There was electrifying news from Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) at a public meeting held on Monday, July 11, 2016, at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town. A large delegation of BEL employees, both national and local, addressed a small audience of San Pedro residents on all issues pertaining go the smooth delivery of electrical services to the Island. Present at the public meeting were several senior managers/engineers of the electric company to include Mr. Gomez, Mr. Reneau, Mr. Andrade and Mr. Davis. San Pedro engineer, Ernesto "Neto" Gomez gave a general overview of the company's operations on the island. The public learned that electrical power comes from four hydroelectric companies and from Mexico. Interesting was the explanation of the five main causes of failure in the system: The engineers explained that the increased number of blackouts being experienced during the past three years and even more recently is due to the rapid growth of San Pedro and the high demand of their services. San Pedro is growing at a rate FOUR TIMES FASTER than the rest of Belize. This puts a lot of stress on the system and thus the need for upgrading.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Coconut Production Technology Training
    The Ministry of Agriculture is hosting a one-day workshop today on Coconut Production Technology at the George Price Center in Belmopan. The objective of the workshop is to train farmers in good agricultural practices and integrated pest management in coconut production. The main stakeholders participating at this workshop are coconut producers, investors, Extension Officers and technical personnel of the Ministry of Agriculture. Facilitators for the workshop are Dr. Campton Paul and Dr. Evans Ramikhelawan from the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). The workshop is being funded by the European Union (EU) through the Coconut Development Project for the Caribbean. The implementing agencies are the International Trade Center (ITC) and CARDI in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Forest Department’s 2nd Annual Savannah Summer Camp
    The Forest Department is hosting its 2nd Annual Savannah Summer Camp at the Savannah Forest Station in Independence Village from July 25th to 29th, 2016. The summer camp aims to foster greater awareness and appreciation for the importance of Belize’s key biodiversity areas and sustainable forest management initiatives. The Savannah Summer Camp 2016 is being held under the theme: “Changing Young Minds for a Greener Future. This year, more than 80 youngsters, ages six to twelve years, will participate in forest adventure group activities and will be guided by more than 20 team leaders representing the Forest Department, Community Based Organizations and local schools. Each adventure group will be involved in daily learning exercises that will help them to build community spirit, understand the value of sustainable forest management, and engage in hands-on activities that will demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of our forest resources.

    The Government of Belize to Receive Funding from the World Bank to Aid the Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation Project
    The Government of Belize under the leadership of Minister of State in the Ministry of the Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities Hon. Frank Mena and CEO in the Ministry Dr. Peter Allen; along with the Energy Director Mr. Ambrose Tillett, completed negotiation with the World Bank which agreed to provide funding for the Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation Project (ERCAP). An integral component of Belize’s national development agenda is to develop strong sustainable energy policies and programmes that underpin the national economy. It is for this reason that since its formation in 2012, the Energy Unit of the Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities has been working towards integrating energy in national development planning and decision making to catalyze sustainable development in Belize. This sustainable energy roadmap has five (5) pillars: (i) Energy Efficiency - mainstreaming rational energy to end-use (ii) Renewable Energy - diversifying electricity and heat (iii) Clean Production – industrialization of the agro forestry cluster (iv) Governance – strengthening national capacity for sustainable energy (v) Infrastructure & Access - building resiliency and achieving universal access to modern energy carriers.

    On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, the San Pedro Town Council hosted the opening ceremonies for the Día de San Pedro festivities. The opening ceremonies included a blessing by Bishop Christopher Glancy, the welcome address by Mayor Daniel Guerrero, remarks by Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., keynote remarks by guest speaker, Mr. Francisco Verde and closing remarks by Councilor Hector "Tito" Alamilla. Opening night was all about the kids! After the speeches the mascots from Fiesta Mundo from Belize city gave a spectacular show for the children with their favorite characters, Caillou, Elsa, Peppa Pig, Minnie & Mickey Mouse. Following the show, Ozzy the clown was next on stage with his magic tricks! He also had some moms dancing on stage with their daughters - the fathers weren't so brave.

    ACP Chester Williams resigning?
    It would seem that ACP Chester Williams intends to resign his post with the police department in order to pursue a career practicing law. This is according to a post seen earlier on his facebook page. News 5 reporters have been trying to get in touch with the top cop and those around him for confirmation. We'll have more on this story in tonight's newscast.

    Costa Maya 1997!
    Lots of great photos!

    Farmers Market at The Truck Stop
    This Saturday is the Farmers Market at Truck Stop!

    The BCCI’s Perspective on the BTL Arbitration Award
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI), having reviewed the details of the BTL arbitration award, maintains the position it has held since 2009 that any nationalization should be an act of last resort since it undermines investor confidence. Further we reiterate our view that the BTL accommodation agreement was an egregious document and that no government should make such a commitment ever again. While the decision to negotiate the settlement of the acquisition of Belize Telemedia Ltd. is applauded, the BCCI cannot support the manner in which the negotiations were conducted. A decision of such magnitude that affects all Belizeans should have had the benefit of consultation with the people of Belize. The BCCI also regrets that it took the government seven years to decide to negotiate. The extensive delay in settlement has cost this country in excess of BZ$150,000,000 in interest at a time when it can least afford to take on any further debt.

    Belize's Table Tennis Champ
    by Yasser Musa. Taye Parkinson is a player that thinks about what he does on the table. At eleven years old he has become the talk of the Belize table tennis community. Why? Last year he was named the player of the year. He has won tournaments in every category offered – 12 and under, 15 and under, 18 and under, C division, B division and yes he recently won an A division tournament. Over the weekend the Central American tournament known as Codicader was hosted in Belize for the first time. And yes Taye Parkinson delivered. First he and his partner Devesh Hukmani defeated the Costa Rican duo Johnny Vasquez and Steven Aguilar in the U- 12 Boys Doubles. And in a fitting poetic singles final Taye faced the formidable Sebastian Mendoza of Panama. In front of his home crowd Taye displayed a relentless attack game measured with precision serving. The audience erupted in jubilation as Taye delivered the U -12 Boys’ Singles victory for his team and for Belize.

    Rotary Club of Corozal selling Raffle tickets for a new Verizon tablet
    Tickets are $5 for one or 3 for $10. Available at Office Solutions (Fred Orio) 4th Ave, Dr. Marc Nadreau's office next to Frye's, Shipley's Coffee Lounge and Frank's Meats, and members of the Rotary Club. The Raffle will be held 8:00 P.M. at Art in the Park this Saturday, July 16th. You do not need to be present to win but just make sure your name and phone is on our copy of the ticket. Every ticket purchased supports Rotary and all they do for Corozal.

    Power interruption 6:00am to 9:00am, Sunday, July 17: entire City of Belmopan
    BEL to install new voltage regulators at the Belmopan Substation.

    50th Flor de la Feria Pageant
    The 50th Flor de la Feria Pageant is Thursday, July 14th, at the Cancha Marshalleck. "Are you ready? We are! It's the event of the year! July 14th, 2016 Cancha Marshalleck It's and event you don't want to miss!"

    A gift to Belize from Taiwan
    H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho of the Republic of China (Taiwan) visited NICH offices in Belize City to present a generous donation in support of September Celebrations.

    CODE’s 2017 Burt Award For Caribbean Literature Open For Submissions
    Established by Canadian education NGO CODE with the generous support of the Literary Prizes Foundation and in partnership with the Bocas Lit Fest, CODE’s Burt Award for Caribbean Literature celebrates the literary achievements of Caribbean authors while improving young readers’ access to engaging, entertaining and relevant books. Now in its fourth year, this annual award recognizes three English-language literary works for young adults (aged 12 through 18) written by Caribbean authors. A first prize of $10,000 CAD, a second prize of $7,000 CAD and a third prize of $5,000 CAD will be awarded to the winning authors. Publishers of winning titles will be awarded a guaranteed purchase of up to 2,000 copies, which will be donated to schools, libraries and literacy organizations throughout the region. To date, more than 15,000 copies of winning books have made their way into the hands of Caribbean youth.

    "From Binational Identity to Binational Model—Unearthing Colonial Roots to Effective Management of the Chiquibul National Park, Belize."
    William Evans from the University of Virginia presented during the recent Archaeology Symposium a paper titled, “From Binational Identity to Binational Model—Unearthing Colonial Roots to Effective Management of the Chiquibul National Park, Belize.” The paper indeed uncovers the beginning of FCD remotely to 1989 and before those times. Thank you Will for the research on FCD.

    Congratulations to The Embassy's U.S. Exchange Program Alumni Mr. Ted Mckoy for being the newly elected Chairman of Hopkins Village! In 2009, Ted participated in the Institutions (SUSI) Student Leaders Program in Amherst, Massachusetts. Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs) for Scholars and Secondary Educators are post-graduate level academic programs for mid-career foreign scholars, faculty, practitioners, and secondary educators whose purpose is to strengthen curricula and to improve the teaching about the United States in academic institutions abroad. SUSIs for Scholars are six-weeks long; SUSIs for Secondary Educators are five-weeks. These Institutes are comprised of a four to five week academic residency and a one to two week educational study tour to a different region of the United States. During the Institutes, scholars engage in rigorous academic coursework and panel discussions, interact and establish networks with American scholars meet with experts in respective disciplines, visit civic institutions, and in some cases, participate in research symposia and conferences.

    Belize Hotel Association in Salvador - Expovaciones 2016
    The Belize Hotel Association, represented by Marketing Director Tessie Duran Tonaco and Office Administrator, Lourdes Moore, participated at the Expovacaciones 2016, held July 9 and 10 in San Salvador. The event, in its 13th year, was held in Pavilion 8 at CIFCO (Centro Internacional de Ferias y Convenciones de El Salvador). Expovaciones is a consumer tourism fair that is open to the Salvadoran public. It is aimed to promote international destinations, packages and tour operator services , and related products for recreation and travel. The event opens one month prior to the main travel period for Salvadorans in August 3-8 for the long holiday weekend celebrating Dia de San Salvador. Statistics have shown large group excursions from Salvador, sometimes up to 275 persons at a time, traveling to Belize, in August as well as Easter and December, over the past years . Their main destination has been Belize City, but recently groups have been visiting Placencia, Cayo, the Cayes as well as doing snorkeling, cavetubing, and ziplining tours. Salvador is proving to be a viable market with much potential especially taking into consideration, the recent decrease in airfare between Belize and Salvador. The Belize Hotel Association received over 400 visitors to the booth, requesting information aboutBelize and promotions available during the summer months. We also received extensive media coverage, including television and radio interviews during the show.

    Presented by: Mrs. Nilda Riverol and Mrs. Vicky Heredia. Post/Teaching Description: Manager and Business Advisor SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: La Inmaculdada Credit Union Training Room, 5 Park Street, Orange Walk Town. Workshop Date: July 21st, 2016. Time: 9am to 3pm. Customer service excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a tough and increasingly uncertain business climate. In today's customer-oriented business environment, "people skills" are critical for personal and organizational success. How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team's and company's performance.

    Inaugural ceremony for the building which will house the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister, and the Special Envoy of Belize

    Another Mayan artifact unearthed
    Confirmed! another section of the panel at Xunantunich was found on the Right side of Structure A9

    ART IN THE PARK - Saturday July 16th - Corozal Central Park
    Special Raffle by the Corozal Rotary Club - All for a good cause. See you there!

    Stann Creek Lionfish Tournament
    Dangriga this weekend come out and see a great competition, be educated as to how to deal with this invasive Lionfish, and be entertained for a fun filled weekend.

    Channel 7

    7 Guatemalans Stir Controversy On the Sarstoon
    Over the past year, we've covered many of The Belize Territorial Volunteer's patriotic expeditions down the Sarstoon. Well, this weekend a small group of Guatemalans were the ones going down the river. And while the Belizean Territorialists always demand that government enforce its sovereignty over Belizean territory as set out in the 1859 treaty, their Guatemalans counterparts weren't so modest: they want their government to claim the whole thing! A seven-member team posted a video on their "Belice es de Guatemala" page which would be vexing, if it weren't slightly comical. Emanuel Pech translated some of tirade - and here's what they said:... Guatemalan spokesperson (translated): "We are showing you what is the Belizean territory, a territory that belongs to Guatemala in light of the International Court of Justice, in light of the doctrine of International Rights, of the reality of the story, of the truth because it is a territory that was cowardly encroached by the English Crown, and then cowardly by the United Nations in declaring Belize a Guatemalan territory. This Guatemalan territory has to be newly incorporated into what is the national territory."

    Sedi Says Guat Civilians Not Ready
    This evening, we asked Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington about the escapade. He told us that he also has been briefed of this trip: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "I heard about it. Somebody told me about it yesterday or the day before. But it is not surprising to me. As I have said to most Belizeans, as I have said publicly over and over Guatemalans have been claiming the entire since 1939 - it's nothing new, the Sarstoon situation is nothing new. It is just that some Belizeans seem just to have found out about it really recently a year or two ago and they have sought to make a big issue of it. But I grew up dealing with this issue, as I told you I was in fact arrested and charged for opposing Guatemala's claim to o0ur country. That was in 1968. So it is nothing new. I am fully aware of it and have been opposing it since the early 60s and I continue to do that and will do that until I die. Because this country belongs to us." Daniel Ortiz: "Isn't this particular situation sort of proof positive of why the government of Guatemala may be very careful where it on the diplomatic stage says one thing and on the ground doing something differently, because it does not want to lose the support of this extreme Guatemalan electorate?"

    But, Did They enter Belizean Waters?
    Today, we also got an opportunity to speak with the CEO in the Ministry of National Security. We asked him if the BDF patrol stationed at the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base could verify if the group entered Belizean territorial waters. Here's what he had to say: George Lovell - CEO, Ministry of National Security: "I was made to understand that on Saturday there was such a patrol that went out there. I was in dialogue with the commander of Belize Defence Force this morning and he reported that on Saturday around 4pm or so, there was in fact a vessel out there. It was raining very hard and it was difficult for them to really identify if it was just the normal Guatemalans who were out there on a day to day basis versus these ones who went out there in my understanding to show their sovereignty of the area." Daniel Ortiz: "Did the BDF in any way try to stop them or to question them as is the norm or has been the norm in the past where the Guatemalans do that to the Belizeans?" George Lovell - CEO, Ministry of National Security: "The troops from my understanding did not do anything of that sort. They observed and the report that I received this morning is that it was difficult for them at the time to say if it was in fact the routine sort of activities in the area versus this specific incident that you are referring to."

    Police Say 19 Year Old Killed 18 Year Old In Roaring Creek
    19 year old Ashton Puerto has been charged for the murder of Maleek Norris. Norris had just left his Roaring Creek home on Sunday afternoon to visit a friend when he passed Puerto on the way. Puerto was sitting under his aunt's home and as he saw Norris, he thought Norris would have attacked him and that is when Puerto grabbed his homemade shotgun and fired at Norris, hitting him in the hip and arm. Norris was rushed to the hospital and Puerto darted away. Police found a knife at the scene believed to be for Norris. Police are looking at two incidents that might have triggered this deadly confrontation: one that happened on Saturday night where Norris allegedly took Puerto's bike and $10 dollars; while the other happened a couple weeks ago where Norris reportedly stabbed Puerto. Yesterday the police told us that they were able to bring quick justice to Norris's family because of the help and cooperation from residents. Puerto will be arraigned tomorrow morning in Belmopan.

    "Fatback's" Stepson Apprehended After 7News Bulletin
    Eugene Fatback Webster remains in a coma at the KHMH tonight, but his family is feeling some relief after the man who allegedly stabbed him is in police custody. As we told you last night, Micahel Wani Baptist has been at large since the stabbing, and was wanted by police for attempted murder. But the family says the cops weren't doing anything to find him - so they turned to 7News - to ask us to put his picture out there. We did, and 7News viewers in Corozal immediately called police to say they had seen Baptist in their area. He was quickly picked up and by 8:30 this was the picture of him taken at the police station.

    "SIKE!": Chester's Fake Facebook Farewell
    In the past few weeks fans of the evening news, have seen the many faces of ACP Chester Williams, from fatalistic, to exasperated, to downright "glassy"...indeed, he is a man under pressure - not just from the criminal element on the Southside, but also from his own department, who he says isn't giving him enough materiel and manpower to truly hold down crime on the southside. And this afternoon around 2:00, if you heard something snap, it was Chester, the supercop, super frustrated. He threw up a facebook post saying, quote, "I am delighted to see that a number of experts have emerged and are speaking out on the issue of crime and violence. In light of this I have decided to step aside and leave this type of work for the experts and will be going into the practice of law…." Ok, so…he's a lawyer, right..? And going into the practice of law, well that can only mean private law practice, right. Wrong!

    Foreign Affairs, Finally A Space To Call Their Own
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the news very regularly, especially when the topic of the bilateral relations with Guatemala comes up. But, you'd be surprised to know that this very important Ministry didn't have an office of its own - in the city, it had to be sharing one with the Prime Minister and his wife the Special Envoy for Women and Children, and in Belmopan, it was stealing space from NEMO. That's until today when the Foreign Affairs Ministry signed documents to purchase a 3 million dollar building in Belize City. It's a luxury residence called Casa de Fiori, and it's located at #10 St. Mark's Street. The best part is that Belizeans taxpayers did not spend a dollar for the purchase. It's all a gift from the ever generous Taiwanese Government. This evening, the Foreign Affairs officials opened it officially with a small ceremony, and 7News was there. Here's what the Foreign Affairs Minister had to say about it:

    Schizophrenic Stabbed On Saturday
    75% of the news last night was about crime and violence, so we left out a few stories, which we're reporting on tonight. First, 22 year old Byron Jeffords a resident of Wagner's Lane in Belize City was stabbed on Racecourse Street with a broken pint bottle. The family told us that sometime around 6:45 pm on Saturday, he went to a shop on Racecourse Street to purchase some cigarettes for a friend. It was then that he was jumped by several individuals who stabbed him several times. He is currently at the KHMH suffering from three stab wounds: one under his arm, one beneath his heart area and one on his chest that injured his lungs. He is admitted in a stable condition and doctors say he is going to make it out alive, but the family fears for the time when he does come out, because according to them, this is not the first time that Jeffords has been targeted with violence. Tiffara Wallace, Sister of Stabbing Victim: "In 2011 when he was 17 years old, he was gunned down on our street Wagner's Lane at the corner whereby he took 9 of them if his foot. His tibia and fibula bone was broken. We never got any assistance or anything to fix back his feet. Them before that when he was about 15 years old, he was kidnapped whereby they tried to cut his throat, they stabbed him in his hand and now in 2016 where we are in, that's when they attempted again to kill him."

    Pen Road Basketball Court Shooting
    And in the weekend's other act of senseless violence, on Friday night at 10:00, 26-year-old Clifford Anderson was shot to the abdomen on the Pen Road basketball court. Police spoke to us about it on Saturday:.. ACP Chester Williams- O. C. Eastern South: "Police were called to the basketball court on Pen Road Extension and upon arrival they met one Clifford Anderson who was suffering from a single gunshot wound to the hip abdomen area. He was transported to the hospital and he was admitted in a critical condition. The doctors were saying that he had bled internally and that is a difficult issue, hence the reason he had to go into surgery immediately last night. He went through surgery last night and is currently listed in a critical condition at the hospital." Jules Vasquez: "You all know what motivated it?"

    Why No Coast Guard At Forward Operating Base?
    In our first segment we told you about the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base, where we've learned that there's no Coast Guard presence. That facility was introduced as the Joint Forces Forward Operating Base, but since it was officially opened, we understand that the Coast Guard doesn't have a regular patrol placed there. Now, the Coast Guard is responsible for enforcement of the laws on the territorial waters. That includes curbing the illegal fishing which continues unchecked on Belize's coast just north of the Sarstoon Base. So, we asked the National Security CEO if and when the Coast Guard will have a regular deployment at the base. Here's how he answered that one: Reporter: "The Forward Operating Base at the mouth of the Sarstoon River, we understand only accommodates for the Belize Defence Force personnel as well as a single police officer. There seems to be no room for the Coast Guard. Can you explain to us what went wrong there seeing as though it was built as a joint operating base?"

    Coast Guard Explains Why No Gillnets Is Good Policy
    Last week Thursday, we showed you the push by OCEANA Belize for an eventual ban on gill net fishing. That's after they canvassed a wide range of organizations, all who agree that this ban is in the best interest of sustainable fishing. The Coast Guard was among those recommending the ban, and today, we asked the Coast Guard Commandant explain why they support it: Admiral John Borland - Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: "Gillnet fishing in my opinion, and my opinion goes back more than 25 years working in the environment, is that its destructive and indiscriminate practice, where the end results are more detrimental than they are beneficial. so that's the coast guard's position and it's not only my position, there are other people in the coast guard that are as equally as competent and trained and educated as I am in the marine environment and dealing with best practices. We don't just do this off the top of our heads, there's a lot of research, analysis and interpretation that's been put into it and so absolutely we are against gillnet fishing."

    Hope for The Harbour As Waves Wash In
    For months we've been showing you the terrible state of the seafront near the Bliss Center on southern Foreshore. Well, we've been monitoring it for the past few days after we saw a dredge in the area, and it's like Moses pulled back his staff from the red sea. The change and the contrast is remarkable. This picture taken at high tide, shows the water flowing back to the seawall. There is healthy and steady wave action - no doubt to the dismay of the Pelicans and Seagulls who had taken the muddy sea bottom as easy hunting grounds. Now, it's still a work in progress as we also saw a small amount of siltation building up later in the evening. But it's progress, and seawall walkers are glad to see it…

    Did Joe Bradley Behave Badly Towards The City Engineer?
    The Mayor of Belize City already has a tough job, and it's probably made more so by the fact that he has to be his father's boss. His father, you might say, is no regular Joe - he's Joe Bradley the hard charging, outspoken UDP talk show host. And, according to sources inside city hall, Joe Bradley used that hard talking style on no less than the city engineer - in which he berated and threatened him. It was a dispute on the phone, so no "Joe-blows" were thrown, but insult was surely taken, and we understand that Joe Bradley was written up for misconduct. Well, observers in city hall have been waiting for a disciplinary hearing, but it this has been delayed for some time we are told. In the meantime, the mayor would not return our requests for a comment.

    Tune in to Channel 7 For Olympics
    The Rio-Olympic-hype is picking up some serious momentum as we near the starting date for what is arguably the most anticipated international sporting event in the world- next to the World Cup. And the good news for Channel 7 viewers is that we will be airing the full length of the games as we did in 2012 - with the same Caribbean flavor, only with a little more polish. A new organization called CANOC Broadcasting Incorporated signed an agreement with the International Olympic organizers to broadcast the games in a way that highlights our Caribbean athletes without all that American bias you'll see on the family of NBC channels. The CEO of CANOC broadcasting Incorporated flew into Belize for one day to finalize the broadcasting arrangements with the two carriers of the games - Channel 5 and channel 7- the sole rights holders for the Olympics in Belize. He told us about the vision behind the coverage:

    Post Masters Converge On Belize
    For the rest of the week, the lead officials from the Government Post offices all across the Caribbean will be in Belize for a series of workshops. They're all trying to improve service delivery to their citizens, and so the Universal Postal Union organized a 2 day session explaining how these post officials could access the Quality of Service Fund. All the Countries who are members of the Universal Postal Union contribute to this fund. But, to access it for financing of improvement projects, they have to go through a very rigorous and transparent process of applying - which sounds to us about as slow moving as that Christmas card that arrived in March! So, the Universal Postal Union, and it's Caribbean subsidiary, the Caribbean Postal Union, set up this session to explain to its members how they can make the process less cumbersome and tedious - kind of like express mail!

    More Thanks To Taiwan
    Earlier on we told you how the Taiwanese had donated a whole new building for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - well that was after lunch; after breakfast they also gave $40,000 to the National Celebrations Commission. Today a short handing over ceremony was held at the NICH office on the corner of Regent Street and Rectory Lane. Both the Co-chairperson of the NCC and the Taiwanese Ambassador spoke about the significance of this donation. As you heard, the funds will be put towards the Pan Yaad Steelband Contest and the Carnival King and Queen Competition.

    Table Tennis Phenom Captures Gold
    Last night we showed you the CODICADER closing ceremony and gave you an overview of the Belize's performance. Perhaps the most memorable was in the table tennis tournament. The males won 1st place in the Singles and Doubles games and 2nd in the Team Category. Today we met the team at Body 2000 training hard for the next level of competition in Costa Rica. The winning boys and their coach told us all their work, dedication and passion paid off. In 2 weeks, the team will be traveling to Costa Rica for the Central American Games.

    Mexico Aided Belizean Officer
    For the past 6 weeks, Coast Guard Petty Officer Class 3 Kevin Diego has been struggling to cope with a change of life. His doctors had to perform a below-the-knee amputation after he accidentally shot himself with own gun while he was on duty. The accident almost claimed his life due to medical complications, and it was the generosity of the Mexican Navy which allowed for him to seek medical treatment, free of charge in their country. Today, he was airlifted home, and we got a chance to meet him and his family. He and his commandant told us about the very long recovery he's going through to remain a member of the Coast Guard: Admiral John Borland - Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: "Petty Officer Diego had an unfortunate accident back in April, to be specific, on April 19th where he got shot in his lower left leg. He spent the better part of 2 weeks here in Belize in the medical facility where his situation deteriorated so rapidly that they were discussing to remove his leg on day 3. I had begged them not to because I thought his leg could be saved. We got the Mexican navy involved around day 5. He went to Chetumal for some checks and examinations, somewhere around day 14 he was airlifted again by the Mexican navy to the Mexican navy hospital in Mexico City. He's been there for 2 months, eventually he lost his leg, and he was tremendously infected with gangrene almost to the point where he could have lost his life."

    Channel 5

    Guatemalan Civilians Claim the Sarstoon
    Sometime over the weekend, a group of seven Guatemalan civilians – actually the Guatemalan version of the Territorial Volunteers – claim to have circled Sarstoon Island well within Belizean waters.  [...]

    C.E.O. Lovell Says B.D.F. Did Not Interfere With Guat Civilians
    The appearance of the militant civilians in the Sarstoon was also raised with C.E.O. in the Ministry of National Security Retired Colonel George Lovell. He explained that the B.D.F. stationed [...]

    No Room for Coast Guard at Sarstoon F.O.B.
    The forward operating base at the estuary of the Sarstoon River was erected as a joint military installation to house Belize Defense Force and coast guard personnel. There was an [...]

    Lack of Coast Guard Presence Gives Illegals Fishers Free Pass
    The coastguard’s noticeable absence from the immediate vicinity of the Sarstoon River essentially leaves Guatemalan fisher folks free to operate in Belizean waters illegally.  Despite an initial presence in the [...]

    Chamber of Commerce Condemns Delay in B.T.L. Settlement
    Another issue of national importance is the recent B.T.L. Arbitration Award. The Chamber of Commerce came forward to offer impartial comment on the cost of nationalizing Belize Telemedia Limited.  Prior [...]

    B.C.C.I. Cautions G.O.B. against Raising Taxes
    According to President Nikita Usher, though, the arbitration award is a done deal so the real commentary must be on the way forward, and how Government will address very critical [...]

    Ashton Puerto Charged for Roaring Creek Murder
    Eighteen year old Roaring Creek resident Ashton Puerto was detained Sunday night for the murder of another youth, Maleek Norris, also eighteen. The two teenagers were allegedly beefing over a [...]

    No Real Update in May 1st Double Murder in Camalote
    On May first good friends Akeem Thimbriel and Shawn Lopez were gunned down in Camalote in brutal, brazen fashion. The murders shocked and angered the community which immediately pointed fingers [...]

    Silent Witnesses in La Croix Boulevard Double Murder Holding Up Investigation
    As we told you in Monday’s newscast, eighteen year old Kent Brooks Junior succumbed at the K.H.M.H. on Sunday morning, some eleven days after being shot to the lower back [...]

    Police Revisit Cameras in City Hotspots
    One initiative that is being revisited by the department to address urban crime is the usage of cameras to capture criminals in the act. Back in 2008, six cameras were [...]

    Bennett Walks Free on Attempted Murder Charge
    A jury of four women and five men stepped into the deliberating room this afternoon to decide the fate of twenty-three year old Brandon Bennett. Bennett is accused of the [...]

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belize City is Now Villa Fiore
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has swank new accommodations in Belize City. It’s called the Villa Fiore, a seafront mansion which will also house the Prime Minister’s Office. From outside, [...]

    Government of Taiwan Foots Bill for Villa Fiore
    Just in case you’re looking at all this and thinking it’s just too much, way too much for government departments in Belize City where poverty is a very prevalent reality, [...]

    Barrier Reef System Remains on Endangered List
    The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has decided to keep the Belize Barrier Reef System on the List of World Heritage in Danger.  That decision comes after a meeting today in [...]

    Injured Coast Guard Officer Receives Assistance from Mexican Navy
    With all the reports about the realities of a crime wave, there is an uplifting story that has the Diego family of Belize City smiling. Petty officer Kevin Diego was [...]

    Coast Guard Wants Gillnets Banned
    The destructive nature of gillnet fishing remains a perennial issue for the Fisheries Department.  It is also a serious concern for conservationists, as well as environmentalists, since the practice results [...]

    Coast Guard and Mexican Navy Discuss Maritime Agreement
    A delegation of high ranking Mexican naval officers met with the brass of the Belize National Coast Guard this morning to discuss the framework of a bilateral agreement between the [...]

    Channel 5 to Broadcast 2016 Olympics
    The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is coming up in August and aficionados are eagerly anticipating the games.  Today, Great Belize Productions/Channel Five struck an agreement with [...]

    Larry Romany Says Programming will Positively Impact the Region
    The overall impact of the programming, says Romany, will be felt across the region since its aim is to bring unity among athletes, fans and viewers at home.   Larry [...]

    Taiwan Donates to September Celebrations
    Today at the Office of the National Institute of Culture and History on Rectory Lane, the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize handed over a forty-thousand dollars cheque to the Co-Chair of [...]

    Ambassador Ho Says Donation is Symbol of Good Relationship
    The cultural exchanges and this donation is testament of the strong relations between the governments of Belize and Taiwan and extend beyond education and agricultural initiatives. Ambassador Benjamin Ho says [...]

    Diane Haylock Off to Taiwan
    News Five took the opportunity today to ask Haylock about her new appointment as the Belizean Ambassador to Taiwan.  Now Taiwan is a generous friend to Belize and yearly Belize [...]

    Regional Postal Service Professionals Attend Training Workshop in Belize
    Since Monday, postal service professionals from across the Caribbean have been engaged in a training program by the Universal Postal Union. Post Master Generals and their deputies convened at the [...]

    Belmopan Police to Host Farm Camp for Youths
    Community policing is taking on new life in Belmopan, where law enforcement officials are planning to host a farming camp for youths which will take them out into the fields, [...]


    Park Ranger Assaulted By Illegal Loggers
    A thirty four year old resident of San Lazaro Village and Forest Ranger at Programme for Belize here in the Orange Walk District, is lucky to be alive tonight after he was assaulted by five men over the weekend while conducting routine patrols near the Hill Bank and Irish Creek area. Today we spoke to Inspector of the Orange Walk Police Formation, Jose Mendez who told us that authorities are currently looking for a person of interest in connection with this latest incident. Jose Mendez – Inspector of Police, Orange Walk “Joel Navas, 34 year old, forest ranger visited the station and reported that on said Sunday the 10th of July sometime around 2:30pm, he along with other forest rangers were conducting patrols near the Hill Bank area routine where they came across five Hispanic male persons whereby they were conducting illegal activities which is illegal logging, they found an amount and during commotion or the tension and the normal procedures apparently one of the Hispanic male person went to an area and pulled what appears to be a shot gun and threatened the officers that said logs were not be taken, they managed somehow to take some logs and left the area, presently we are still seeking one person who was identified and we are looking for him at this moment.”

    MOF Not Surprised Of Visit Of Guatemalan To Sarstoon Island
    Yesterday we told you about the trip taken to the Sarstoon by members of social media group called “Belice es de Guatemala”. The trip was taken by 7 Guatemalans on Saturday and as we reported in yesterday’s newscast the Guatemalan expedition claimed to have circled the island venturing well into Belizean territory, bearing Guatemalan flags and Guatemalan maps including Belize as part of their territory. And according to what was posted on their social media page, the trip went without any interference and the expeditioners claim they will return as inclement weather prevented them from docking on the island. Today Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, spoke on the trip taken by the Guatemalan delegation over the weekend saying that he is not at all surprised. Honorable Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs “I heard about it, somebody told me about it yesterday or the day before but it is not surprising to me as I’ve said to most Belizeans, as I’ve said publicly over and over, Guatemalan have been claiming the entire country since 1939, it is nothing new, Sarstoon situation is nothing new it is just that some Belizeans seems to have found out about it rarely recently a year or two ago and they have sought to make a big hazy of it but I grow up with dealing with this issue as I told you I was in fact arrested and charged for opposing Guatemala’s claim to our country that is in 1968 so it is nothing new, I am fully aware of it and have been opposing it since the early 60’s and will continue to do that and will do that until I die because this country belongs to us.”

    Duly Elected Council In San Pablo Take Over Reigns Of The Community
    Village Council elections are over and here in Orange Walk similar to the rest of the country the new elected councils are preparing to take the reins in their respective villages and commence their work. Today in the village of San Pablo the past village council and outgoing chairman Victor Cawich handed over the keys to the Community Center and financial documents to the newly elected Chairman, Javier Sabido. Javier Sabido- New Chairman “Esta mañana se hizo el official handing over, del concilio anterior al nuevo concilio, se entregó las llaves del centro y se dictó ciertas cosas que el concilio va a estar responsable, se mencionó todos las cosas que tenemos para seguir trabajando y se entregó un financial report también del concilio anterior.”

    Young Football Players Head Out To Mexico
    On Thursday July 14th young football players from Orange Walk will be traveling to Chiapas Mexico to participate in a football tournament against teams from Mexico and Guatemala. The international quadrangular tournament is geared at creating stronger ties between players from neighboring countries, and coach of the Belize team participating in the tournament under the name Juventud F.C. says this tournament is a great opportunity for the young players to get exposure in an international front. Jorge Nunez- Coach “Nosotros conseguimos una invitación para jugar una cuadrangular en Margaritas Chiapas en el lado mexicano. El equipo que estamos llevando es un equipo nuevo que estoy conformando se llama Juventud FC de Orange Walk lógicamente con puro jóvenes de Orange Walk de hecho estamos de poder tratando de poner ese mismo equipo para representar a Orange Walk en el semi-professional o sea en el campeonato local de nosotros.”

    Taiwan Donates Thousands Of Dollars For September Celebrations
    This year marks the 35th anniversary of Belize’s Independence and the 218th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye with celebrations being held under the theme, “Sovereign and Strong - Together as one”. The good news tonight is that some of the highlights of the annual September celebrations for this year will be receiving extra assistance as the National Celebrations Commission today received a donation of forty thousand dollars from the Government of Taiwan. The donation was over to NICH by His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Ambassador to Belize from the Republic of China (Taiwan) in an effort to strengthen the cultural exchange relationship between Belize and the Republic of Taiwan.


    Chamber of Commerce Questions the Balancing Act of Servicing Debt and Creating Economic Growth
    The BTL arbitration award has been the topic of discussion ever since the final ruling was made late last month, indicating that Belize would have to pay approximately half a billion dollars to Lord Michael Ashcroft for the company. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a release today addressing the award. The BCCI […]

    Barrow Left Washington with Little More Than Tea and Sympathy, Says The Fiscal Times
    The woes of correspondent banking continue to plague the Caribbean countries despite several efforts and meetings held to see how best the challenges can be mitigated. When the Caribbean Community met in February in Belize, a special financial task force was put together to see how best the issue can be addressed. Five months later, […]

    Foreign Affairs Minister Speaks on CARICOM 37th Regular Meeting in Guyana
    Correspondent Banking was not the only item tabled on the agenda at the recent meetings of the CARICOM’s 37th Regular Meetings held in Georgetown, Guyana last week. Belize’s Foreign Minister is back in country and he spoke with Love News on the gist of the sessions he sat in. WILFRED ELRINGTON “I thought it went […]

    Belize Coast Guard – An Advocate for Banning of Gillnet Fishing
    Yesterday we brought an interview with Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers who travelled the Sarstoon on Sunday and found that the illegal fishing by the Guatemalans continue unabated despite the presence of Belize’s military at the Forward Operating Base. To add to the offense of entering Belize’s waters, the Guatemalans are doing gillnet […]

    Petty Officer Diego Returns Home Following Shooting Incident
    A coast guard petty officer has returned from Mexico after being treated for injuries sustained in a shooting incident in April 2016. It is with much assistance from the Mexican Navy that Diego has managed to recover, as explained by Commander of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral John Borland. JOHN BORLAND ” Love News spoke […]

    Mexican Navy and BCG Discusses Cooperation Agreement
    Members of the Mexican Navy were in Belize holding talks with officials of the Belize Coast Guard to further strengthen their cooperation in education, training and other areas. Love News spoke with the Commander, Admiral John Borland on the Memorandum of Understanding that he and his Mexican counterpart reviewed today. JOHN BORLAND “Today secondary to […]

    Foreign Affairs Relocates to Casa dei Fiori
    The Foreign Affairs Service of Belize is looking to relocate their Belize City offices from the Thurton building on Coney Drive to the Casa del Fiori on St Mark’s Street in the King’s Park area. Today a contract of sale was signed onto with the realtor of the three storey concrete structure which will also […]

    Jury Says Bennett Is Not Guilty in Stabbing Incident
    A jury of five men and four women deliberated for almost four hours today in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas before it found 23 year old Brandon Bennett not guilty of use of deadly means of harm with intent to commit grievous harm, for the stabbing of Kent Moss Jr. The jury’s verdict was […]

    Court Says Jarett Is Guilty of Assaulting a Cop
    Thirty-one year old Jarett Crawford, charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer with a firearm, was sentenced to three years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, after he was found guilty of the charge. Crawford and six others were charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and handling stolen goods in relation […]


    Weekend in Belize City: Three murders
    We now go to Belize City where three murders have been reported this weekend, while a fourth shooting victim is said to be in critical condition in hospital. The first took place around 9:00 p.m. Friday night on the Pen Road Extension basketball court during which 26 year old Clifford Anders...

    Roger Banner of Roaring Creek killed over drugs
    Police have given details of the third murder reported from over the weekend, that of a Roaring Creek man, 29 year old Roger William Banner, who police say was shot multiple times to the body and head as he sat on the canal rail speaking to his girlfriend. The incident took place on West Canal near ...

    Kent Brooks Jr is latest murder victim
    Added to the toll of murders reported over the weekend is 18 year old Kent Brooks Junior, who was shot along with Keiran Morrison on the night of June 29th on Lacroix Boulevard. Brooks died in hospital after being removed from life support on Sunday. We spoke with his father, Amandala newspaper prin...

    18 year Roaring Creek resident killed in front of several people
    Four persons were murdered over this past weekend in the nation of Belize. We start with the one that is closest to our media . Maleek Norris who was gunned down in front of children and several witnesses on Sunday afternoon. Ofouse, just a couple of miles away in the village of Roaring Creek. The...

    Belize City man stabbed with broken bottle
    Besides the three murders in Belize City this weekend, there was also a stabbing incident. 23 year old Byron Jeffords, a resident of Wagner’s Lane, was stabbed with a broken bottle while on Racecourse Street. According to police reports, on Saturday 9th July, 2016, sometime before 7 p,m, 6Je...

    Sanjay Lino acquitted of murder of Ernesto Myvette
    After almost 5 years on remand for the murder of a Sand hill resident, tonight, 22 year old Sanjay Lino is free of murder after the victim’s son told the court he is not sure of the identity of one of 3 men whom he met on their way to his father’s grocery shop in Sandhill village and who he told pol...

    Police report slight increase in major crimes for first half of 2016
    Police are reporting no major changes in terms of tackling major crimes, including murder. 50 more major crimes – defined as murder; robbery, burglary and theft; and rape and unlawful sexual intercourse (previously carnal knowledge) were reported in the period January to June 2016 – a total of 1 tho...

    After mayhem, a “mini-truce” established on Southside
    On Friday, an intervention was held with most of the major players in the current gang warfare plaguing the City. Police swept up a number of persons in an anti-gang operation on Friday morning and they were held up to late Friday night. The operation included searches at the home of known gang affi...


    “Fatback” goes into coma
    Eugene “Fatback” Webster, 50, reportedly is in a coma following a near-fatal knife attack by his stepson last Wednesday. He was stabbed many times in the neck, back and arm. Webster was listed at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in a stable condition after police found him lying in his blood at his Los Lagos home. When police went to his home on the morning of the incident, “Fatback” was still talking and was able to tell police what had transpired. Police reports had revealed that four knives were used in the stabbing after an early morning argument took place between Webster and his stepson.

    Brother vs sister on ML Street, Lake I
    Elton Audinette, 40, a resident of ML Street in the Mahogany Street Extension area of Lake Independence, and one of his neighbours, his very own sister, are currently at odds because, he says, she is laying claim to a portion of the street and is blocking access to his house from under her elevated one-flat house, and is demanding that he go around the yard to go to his home. Audinette is refusing to do that, and is demanding that she dismantle her house, which he says is located on the road, so that he can have easy access to his home. On Wednesday, Audinette visited Amandala and outlined the challenge he is facing. He said that when his mother died in 2008, she left her property, on which two houses were located, and she had given him power of attorney prior to her death. Despite the fact that he has documents for the property, his sister wants to force him off the property, and is making life very inconvenient and uncomfortable for him, he says.

    Murder in “Another World”
    Maleek Norris, 19, of Roaring Creek, died after a gunman blasted him in his lower abdomen and right arm with a homemade firearm that fires shotgun cartridges, at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon in Roaring Creek. Norris was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital, but he died shortly after. His body was taken to the morgue, where it will undergo the mandatory postmortem exam to certify the cause of his death. Reports are that Norris was walking on a road in the Another World area when the gunman came up and shot him. His neighbours rushed him to the hospital. Police, who conducted a quick investigation, arrested the alleged killer and recovered the homemade gun. Police said that they will charge him with murder and possession of a prohibited firearm.

    Guatemalans stirring waters of the Sarstoon
    Even as Belizean and Guatemalan officials have publicly committed to working out a mechanism of cooperation on the Sarstoon, to diffuse tensions at Belize’s southern border with Guatemala, reports have beeen made of increased presence by Guatemalan civilians in the area this past weekend. On Saturday, July 9, 2016, a group of persons who posted on the “Belice es de Guatemala” Facebook page, published videos of their 7-member expedition to the Sarstoon River—an expedition which they say is a start of a nationalistic movement to reclaim Belize. This evening, the Facebook page of “Kaibiles Fuerza elite ejercito de Guatemala y soldados regulares” shared 6 photos of group members with the Kaibiles. The group said that this Saturday, they were in the “adjacency zone” (the phrase the Guatemalans use because they do not want to acknowledge our borders). They said that they thought they would have had the support of those who are always talking but only 7 showed up. The group contends that they have taken the first step in starting the real fight. They signed the Facebook note “kaibil”—the name of Guatemala’s elite military, suggesting that the group may have some military ties.

    Murder on Plues Street: father of 4 shot 15 times
    Four children of Belize City, the youngest being one year old and the eldest being 20 years old, are now without their father, Kariem “Buzzard” Hafiya, 40, of Plues Street, a NICH Belize security guard, who was murdered on Plues Street at about 3:30 this morning. Police said that Hafiya was returning home after his night shift at NICH (National Institute of Culture and History), and entering his back gate, when he was ambushed. The gunman approached him and fired about 15 shots at him. Hafiya was hit in the head, chest, abdomen and other parts of his body. He died on the scene. Hafiya’s common-law wife, Arechia Flowers, told Amandala today that she was at home when she heard a barrage of gunshots. She did not look out right away because of fright, but when she did look out shortly after, she saw him by the gate. He was already dead.

    Major crimes up by 5% as incidences of murder outside the Belize District increase
    Even as Belize police make gains in tackling crime in Belize City, and particularly on the City’s southside, indications are that the incidences of major crimes have spiked elsewhere, outside the district. The official police statistics released today indicate that major crimes were up 4.9% for the first half of 2016, with the largest increase being for carnal knowledge and the largest decrease being for rape. There was a marginal increase in the number of murders, from 73 recorded for the first half of 2015 to 74 recorded for the first half of 2016. Although the number of murders nationwide remained relatively unchanged, there was a drastic shift in where the bulk of the murders occurred.

    Youth Summer Series 2016, Week 1, Sunday, July 3
    Forty two youths showed up this afternoon on the Marine Parade Boulevard for the first day of the 3rd Annual C-Ray Cycling Club’s Youth Summer Series. As our club continues to promote the development of youths who dream of one day becoming a future cycling champion, we dedicate our time and efforts into making their summers especially exciting. All races are age specific to foster healthy competition amount the participants. Similar to the High School Cycling Series, points are given according to the order in which the participants finish; at the end of the 5 races, the participant to accumulate the most points wins overall. Weekly, winners are given ribbons, and for the finale, they receive a C-Ray T-shirt, school bag with school supplies, medals and other prizes. Every Sunday in the month of July, races start at 1:30 p.m. on Marine Parade in front of Celebrity Restaurant. Registration is free. Bikes and helmets are provided for those who do not have.

    Winty J Story: Part 6
    W: Dehn bwai gaan and get dehn ting… Now, I di get bruk een now, yo no… I actually di get bruk een now… Part 6 W: Wi see wahn sax brand new… guitar brand new… base… drum.. but I have to learn now… how fi keep dehn ya ting clean… and set them up. And when a look back at it now… Chalwa, it was a, what… it was a responsible job I was doing there… A: Yeah, a mean… W: Da me haf to tek care a dehn instrument dem, yo no…. When dehn done play, dehn just pack up and dehn go…. Da me haf to go get wahn cab… move them… and set dem up eena di house weh wi wahn practice… or weh pah wi wahn play… A: Da wahn big responsibility dat, yes…

    Editorial: Leaving it to God …
    A few months ago a hard working father died in his early fifties on the Southside of Belize City. In his relatively short life, he had buried three young, grown sons at various times. We know of a mother on the Southside who has also buried three young sons. The carnage continues on the Southside, as it has continued for the last quarter century. Whereas in the beginning of these neighborhood wars in Belize City, mothers used to call for justice when interviewed for the television evening news, now there is resignation, fatalism even. The common refrain from grieving mothers involves “leaving it to God …” This is how it has been for the last several years. July is a time of year when Belizean parents, and on the Southside many of the parents are single mothers, are scrambling to prepare their children, as best they can, for the school year which begins in late August and early September. Almost all parents in Belize believe that the least they can do for their children is buy their uniforms, their underwear, their footwear, their books, their schoolbags, and pay all their school fees so that their children’s education continues and their children have some kind of a chance in life.

    From the Publisher
    CHI KU – an expression of popular Chinese culture, literally means to “eat bitter,” in order to endure great hardships. I would suggest that the first place where significant collusion involving high-ranking individuals from the two major political parties here began in the offices of a new law firm established during the latter part of the 1970s. At the time, the ruling party was the People’s United Party (PUP), and the Opposition was the United Democratic Party (UDP). In the old days, it was considered very suspicious for people from the two parties to be too friendly. This began to change amongst the Belizean attorneys in the late 1970s. Inside the offices of the late Barry Bowen’s Bowen & Bowen on King Street, a major friendship across political lines began a few years later, in the early 1980s. It was a friendship between Michael Finnegan, a confidant of UDP Leaders Lindo and Barrow, and Ralph Fonseca, who had been very close to PUP Leader, Rt. Hon. George Price, from Ralph’s childhood. Nevertheless, inside the UDP Finnegan’s loyalty was considered absolute. At Independence Hall, so was Ralph’s loyalty to the PUP.

    Britain comes first!!!
    The U.S military budget for 2016 is $521.7 billion. According to, in FY 2016 total US government spending on welfare— federal, state and local — is “guesstimated” to be $1,084 billion, including $610 billion for Medicaid, and $474 billion in other welfare. Illiteracy Statistics – statistic brain Number of U.S. adults who can’t read ……………………….32,000,000 Percent of prison inmates who can’t read………………….70 % Percent of high school graduates who can’t read………….19 % Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read (below a basic level)………..14 % According to New York City alone has the following: Each night in New York City nearly 60,000 people come “home” from work, school, job searches, food shopping, and doctor’s appointments to a homeless shelter. They have no house, no apartment; no place can they call their own.

    Belize aims to export sheep
    Currently, there is a shortage of sheep meat on the market, but Gabino Canto, project manager for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Belize, told Amandala that two projects being funded by the Government of Taiwan and the European Union (EU) are providing fresh stocks that would not only help farmers to meet an increasing domestic demand but that would also enable them to establish an export enterprise. On Friday, the Ministry of Agriculture and local farmers signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which establishes the framework for a project titled, “Promoting Agri-Business Development in Northern Belize”, funded by the EU and implemented by the FAO and the Government of Belize. The BZ$2 million project spans 30 months, from January 2015 to June 2017.

    Barrow, Saldivar and Whylie say nothing as Belize City continues to “bleed blood”
    Several gang leaders and their affiliates were today scooped up by Southside police after the city recorded three murders in one day and a total of four murders in one week. The anti-gang operation was activated at 3 a.m. and by 10 a.m. today, several individuals were in police detention. According to ACP Chester Williams, “the purpose of this operation was to conduct searches at the homes of these known gang affiliates for firearms and drugs…” He further revealed to Amandala that another purpose of this operation was to discuss the issues that had led to a surge in violence. This afternoon, an intervention with these gang affiliates was held at the Racoon Street police station. However, Amandala was not allowed to take photos or record interviews, as the nature of the intervention was said to be confidential.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Dara returns to fundraising for feeding program
    They’re still weeks away, but founder of Dara’s Feeding Program Joel “Dara” Robinson stopped by this morning to begin promoting the 5th annual Ride for Hunger to be held at the end of the month, and the Tribute to Lucky Dube concert on August 7th, […]

    Accused robber jailed for shooting at police officer
    31 year old Jarett Crawford, charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer with a firearm, was sentenced to 3 years today by the Chief Magistrate, Ann-Marie Smith, after he was found guilty of the charge. Crawford and 6 others were also charged with robbery, […]

    Jury acquits man over stabbing
    23 year old Brandon Bennett was this afternoon unanimously found not guilty of use of deadly means of harm with intent to commit grievous harm for the stabbing of Kent Moss Jr. by a jury in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas. Moss was stabbed […]

    Belize successfully hosts the CODICADER Games 2016
    The CODICADER Games 2016 concluded over the weekend and Belize fared well and also received good reviews as the host country for the event. The young athletes competed in basketball, volleyball, table tennis and football. In basketball, Panama placed in first place and Belize got […]

    Turan Transfer Speculation
    Europe’s Elite Clubs are on alert as Turan is up for sale. Turkish international, Arda Turan, is edging closer to a move away from Barcelona as the Catalan giants already made their midfielder available for transfer. The 29-year-old Turkish star signed for Barcelona last summer […]

    Taiwan gifts $40, 000 for September Celebrations 2016
    This morning Diane Haylock Co- Chairperson of the National Celebrations Commission (NCC) of the National Institute of History and Culture (NICH) received a cheque for $40,000 from Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan to Belize HE Benjamin Ho. The fund is expected to finance […]

    World Bank to aid Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation Project in Belize
    Belize has received commitment from the World Bank to fund the Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation Project (ERCAP). GOB, under the Ministry of Energy, began these discussions with the World Bank in 2014. Around the same time, it also began collaboration with the Belize […]

    Forest Department hosts second summer camp
    The Forest Department’s Savannah Summer Camp 2016 for children is scheduled to kick off on July 25th and run until the 29th at the Savannah Forest Station in Independence Village. This year’s theme is “Changing Young Minds for a Greener Future” and is aimed at increasing the […]

    Rangers assaulted at gun point by log cutters
    A Programme for Belize Ranger filed a report to Orange Walk Police that on Sunday sometime around 2:30 p.m. while on patrol with other rangers, they came across five Hispanic men between Hill Bank and Irish Creek who were conducting illegal logging. The ranger said he informed the gentlemen […]

    Showers expected to continue
    The general situation for today is for a slight increase in moisture as a weak tropical wave crosses the country. The 24-hour forecast is for some cloudy spells with a few showers and thunder storms over most areas, then mostly over the south later tonight. […]

    Ronaldo Vs. Messi
    It is 2016 and the tide has certainly changed. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo each contested a major international tournament this summer. Both managed to get to the finals! But only one came out a winner. For years, Ronaldo has been seen by many as […]

    6 ways to boost, energy and empower Belize
    “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” – Frederick Douglass The PUDP failed […]

    Belize: The Value of Lobster to the Nation
    Spiny lobsters, also known as langouste or rock lobsters, are a family (Palinuridae) of about 60 species of achelate crustaceans, in the Decapoda Reptantia. Spiny lobsters are also, especially in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Bahamas, sometimes called crayfish, sea crayfish, or crawfish […]


    Cook-off Highlights a Taste of Belize
    What is the taste of Belize and what food come to your mind when you think of a good home-cooked Belizean meal? I bet you can’t come up with one answer. Belize’s culinary diversity adds to its uniqueness, to its cultural richness, to its flavor, to its taste. In charge of delivering that taste of Belize are our country’s chefs, from the youngest to the oldest, seasoned professional chef to the amateur just learning from grandma’s cooking. The Taste of Belize is the Belize Tourism Board’s signature culinary competition geared at developing the culinary arts in the country. I discovered that the event is not only a celebration of food, but a platform for the recognition of some of the best talent in the industry. The BTB hopes that through this medium, the Belizean public will continue to appreciate and applaud the efforts of those who continue to raise the bar through their services and products. There is plenty of food to sample at the event as vendors, restaurants and food shops set up in booths, but the food prepared by the chefs in competition is reserved for the judges. Taste of Belize is more of a competition where you can witness chefs, pastry chefs/decorators and bartenders showcase their talent and skills.

    Belize Electric sees a brighter future for the power grid on Ambergris Caye
    The utility message from last night was pretty straightforward: We feel your pain (especially BEL’s chief engineer. Literally, as he lives here on Ambergris Caye and was without power and water like the rest of the community). While power outages have been much worse in the past, we’re not satisfied with where things are today. Things will be getting better, in the near future. That near future could come as soon as Sunday, when a 25 megawatt transformer is scheduled to go online in the system that supplies the island with power. What does that mean and how is that a big deal? Think back to the Christmas blackout. BEL anticipated a surge in demand and figured that it would top out at 8.5 megawatts. But when everyone lit up, apparently demand surged over 11 megawatts. The sucking sound you hear is equivalent to your cistern running dry. But followed by darkness and an eerie silence. Silent night, holy night. The 25 megawatt transformer ensures that the system will have the capacity to meet future demand for some years to come.

    Do it yourself adventure from Belize to Tikal
    Often people opt to take the road less traveled and figure out how to do something themselves instead of taking a group tour. As is the case with Doug Behm who wrote this guest post, which came at a perfect time. One of my custom tacogirl luggage tag winners Kim G wrote to give me her mailing address and followed up by asking about an inexpensive tour from Belize to Guatemala. I immediately wrote back and let her know useful information was in process of getting blogged and that could help her solve her wanderlust wondering. My wife and I recently spent nine amazing nights in Belize, and while the country has a wealth of things to do and see within it’s borders, the main attraction that drew us to the country in the first place was actually in Guatemala. Tikal, located roughly 100 miles from Belize City (as the crow flies), has some of the most impressive Mayan ruins in the world and rightfully belongs on any frequent traveler’s bucket list.

    Manatee Tours in Belize
    Belize has the most manatees of any country in Central America. These playful and gentle creatures can be found in the waters just offshore from Belize City, locations like the popular tourism destination of Caye Caulker, and in many of the country’s marine reserves. Manatees are herbivorous mammals that are commonly called sea cows. Belize is home to the West Indian manatee (trichechus manatus) that can grow up to 13 feet (4 meters) long and weigh up to 1,300 pounds (590 kilograms). Manatees enjoy lazy days in the warm waters of the rivers of Belize and the Caribbean, spending approximately half of the day resting in shallow waters with the other half slowly swimming in search of food. There are manatees found up and down the entire coast of Belize but there are currently three protected manatee areas that will give you the best opportunity to see one of these gentle giants. Northern Lagoon – located inside of the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in the northern part of the country. Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary – located approximately seven miles from Belize City. Gales Point Manatee Wildlife Sanctuary – located in the Southern Lagoon just offshore from the southern part of Belize District. The West Indian manatee species found in Belize can be spotted all year-round.

    International Sourcesizz

    Special Report: Caribbean countries entangled by U.S. financial crackdown
    Burdened by chronic back pain, Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow avoids traveling abroad, his colleagues say. But in January, he flew to Washington and visited one government agency after another on a singular mission: reconnecting his country to the U.S. financial system. A U.S.-educated lawyer, Barrow made his case before agencies with chief oversight of American banks, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the U.S. Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. His Belizean delegation described how their country had been shunned over the last year by large, reputable American banks, a trend that threatens its tiny economy. As banks scrub their books of potentially risky businesses amid a tightening regulatory noose, major U.S. financial institutions have ended relationships with regional banks across the Caribbean in the last four years, Caribbean officials and bank executives say. This so-called “de-risking” or “de-banking,” in which banks pull out of certain lines of business and even parts of the world, has intensified. Enhanced scrutiny on financial fraud and new regulations to stem money laundering and terror finance are all at play.

    Crestview food festival raises thousands for Belize medical mission
    What do Cajun red beans ‘n’ rice, Vietnamese pork tacos, Korean bulgoki, Peruvian pickled fish salad, southern peach barbecued chicken and Filipino lumpia have in common? Together, they and cuisine from several other countries raised more than $3,300 to purchase medicine for Operation Medical Care’s ninth annual medical mission to Belize. Chefs for Sunday’s International Food Festival were mostly among the volunteers who leave Aug. 31 for the weeklong annual mission. “We’ll arrive in Belize at 11:45, get our stuff to the hotel, put on our scrubs, then travel an hour and a half inland to Orange Walk,” Operation Medical Care treasurer Sharlene Cox said. “We go to see patients at two businesses and we get done about 6 o’clock that night after having been up at 4 to get to the airport.” Businesses throughout the Orange Walk District and neighboring communities donate facilities for the mission to receive patients. More than 300 people attended the July 10 International Food Festival, hosted by Bob Sikes Elementary School and raising more than $3,300 to purchase medicine to be distributed in Belize by Operation Medical Care.

    Whale sharks added to endangered species Red List
    The new IUCN Red List reveals that growing human pressures on whale sharks and slender hammerhead sharks are putting these species at an increasing risk of extinction. Both the shark species are now listed as Endangered. Numbers of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), the world’s largest fish, have more than halved over the last 75 years as these slow-moving sharks continue to be fished and killed by ship propellers. Although conservation action in India, the Philippines and Taiwan has ended large-scale fishing of whale sharks in these countries, they continue to be fished in other locations, including southern China and Oman. As whale sharks and tuna are often found together, the sharks are frequently caught by tuna fishing boats. Unregulated fishing is also behind the fast-falling numbers of the distinctive slender hammerhead shark (Eusphyra blochii), whose shape makes it easily get tangled up in fishing nets. This species has moved from Near Threatened to Endangered on the IUCN Red List.

    A tiny island in Belize was just named the best destination in Central America
    Ambergris Caye, Belize, has been named the leading destination in Central America by the World Travel Awards for two years running. Belize's largest island, which is also often considered Belize's crown jewel, is easily accessible from the mainland and holds countless opportunities for adventure, from diving at the Great Blue Hole to checking out a place called Shark-Ray Alley. Here's why this Caribbean island beat out other travel hotspots such as San Jose, Costa Rica, and Tulum, Mexico.


  • Killer land sail contraption on Caye Caulker, 1min. Dedicated to my brother, Greg López AKA Gypsy, who always wanted one of these on the island. Jacob, thank you for letting us put a hole through your deck.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize, 13min.

  • Window on the World Belize, 30min. Our Host Alecia Henson talks with Dr. Scott Wells and students Abby Finder, Blair Freed and Cicy Bentz about their recent trip to Belize. Recorded July 6, 2016 in the Ruth I. Kolpin Studios at KGCS-TV on the campus of Missouri Southern State University in Joplin Missouri.

  • Belize City to Caye Caulker Travel, 9min. Another day backpacking with Jermaine. Today we're off to Belize city then to Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is a set of islands off the coast of Belize. Very very beautiful islands. Adventures to get to those islands. First we got to get off the bus look for a taxi take a taxi to the water taxi $15 for round trip ticket that's good up to three months. Once on the water taxi they told us that it will take about an hour to get to Caye Caulker. The entire journey only seen about 45 minutes or less. Supplies we arrived a bit earlier than expected. At first I was a little nervous it look like it was going to storm outside and I found myself getting a little boat taxi.

  • Codicader U13 Girls Volleyball Belize vs Nicaragua 2016, 12min.

  • Belize 2016, 5min.

  • Belize in Under 8 Minutes!, 8min. I condensed over 1 hour of footage from my trip to Belize into a short, 8-minute movie for anyone interested in seeing the country of Belize! Enjoy :)

    July 12, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Eva Longsworth is the 2016 BTB Taste of Belize Master Chef
    After four long years of hiatus, the Belize Tourism Board’s (BTB) Taste of Belize competition was revived, and on Saturday, July 9th, Orange Walk Town hosted a heated series of cook-offs to find Belize’s top chef! Focusing on fresh, homegrown ingredients from all corners of the county, including liquors and spices, meats and seafood, fruits and vegetables, the BTB welcomed competitors with ample spirit and creativity to showcase. At the end of the night, Eva Longsworth of Corozal took the highly coveted title of Master Chef, while Mark Jacobs of Punta Gorda walked away as Bartender of the Year. Cayo’s Kevin Chi is the 2016 Amateur Chef, while Orange Walk boasts both Maria Del Carmen Urbina as Top Cake Decorator and Adrienne Young as their top Cupcake Decorator. Held at the Muffles College auditorium, the event saw cupcake and cake decorating, plus the amateur chef face-off from 9AM till 3PM. After a short break to prepare for the evening’s events, the bartending and master chef competition began at 6PM. Big cash prizes, scholarships and gifts were on the line, and each category’s competitors worked hard to impress judges.

    Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye officially chartered
    The Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye, officially became the 10th Rotary club of Belize on May 25, 2016. The unveiling came through Rotary International, making the local Club one of over 70 clubs in District 4250, which consists of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. During the official charter ceremony held on Wednesday, June 29th at Banyan Bay Resort new Rotarians were sworn in before nearly 60 Rotarians, friends, and family. They also received a charter certificate and a charter member pin, then pledged their dedication to the 4 -Way Test. The 4 -Way Test is one of the world’s most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics, created in 1932 by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor. The statement says ‘Of the things we think, say or do.’

    Ambergris Today

    Young Performers, Athletes Make a Splash at CODICADER Opening Ceremony
    Rain could not dampen on the enthusiasm and pride of young athletes from Belize and five other countries at the CODICADER 2016 Opening Ceremony on Thursday, July 7. The event was marked by exuberant performances from dancers, marching bands, steel band orchestras and singers. The highlight of the show came amid a downpour, with an intricately choreographed dance that embraced the diversity of Belizean culture. The rain knocked out electrical power at Marion Jones Stadium, which meant attendees experienced a modified version of the planned program. “Nevertheless, the show went on,” said Gregory Vernon, director of the Institute of Creative Arts. “Despite the rain, we believe the athletes and coaches from the other countries got a rich sampling of Belizean culture and hospitality.”

    Community Takes Care of Fire Victims in Aftermath of Destruction
    The San Pedro Branch of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) through the Emergency Operation’s Committee (EOC) takes the opportunity to express its heartfelt gratitude to the residents of Ambergris Caye and the people of Belize who assisted the fire victims of San Pedro Town. NEMO worked along with the San Pedro Lions Club, The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross, the San Pedro Food Bank, the San Pedro Town Council and hundreds of tourism stakeholders and donors on the island and mainland Belize to assist in the relief efforts. Within hours of the fire, all families were placed in hotels who had offered to shelter the affected fire victims. A few victims opted to remain with family members and friends.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development and Sheep Farmers in Northern Belize
    On Friday Morning, July 8th 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture hosted its opening ceremony in Northern Belize for the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between sheep farmers who will be involved in the Sheep Value Chain Project. The signing of the MOU agreement was to formalize and establish a good working relationship between the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture. Present at the event were Hon. Gaspar Vega, Minister of Agriculture Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jose Alpuche, Dr. Jerome Thomas, FAO representative for Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, Venezuelan Charg’e D’ Affairs His Excellency Mikel Castillo, Northern Belize farmers and other invited guests.

    2016 International Costa Maya Festival
    Yerbaklan's Hula Hoop! They will be playing burring Caribbean Night, August 5! Yo Quiero Chupar! Super Lamas will be playing during International Night, August 6!

    The NICH Belize management and staff extend their condolences to the family and friends of Karim Hafiya, who died early on the morning of Saturday, July 10. Mr. Hafiya joined NICH Belize in April 2016, working as a security guard at the Belize City House of Culture (Government House). Although only with the organization for a short time, Mr. Hafiya’s colleagues describe him as a genuine, humble person with an uplifting personality, who was always willing to serve.

    A Belizean's poem about the recent loss of life to violence
    By: Felene M. Cayetano. I can't help it That this week I hugged them a little tighter Let them dictate their own bedtime stories Of being super heroes With more powers than I could remember As I narrated animated tales of killing bad guys in order to save the world By being strong in the heart mind and body. I can't help it If I warded off the tears by choosing not to watch the videos Read the articles or social media posts

    BIFF Call for Entries
    The deadline has been extended for submissions to the 11th annual Belize International Film Festival. The new deadline is this Friday. Submission PDF:

    Republic of China provideds a second year assistance for the conservation of scarlet macaws in Belize
    The Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture of the Republic of China (Taiwan) through its Embassy in Belize has provided a second year financial assistance for the conservation of scarlet macaws in Belize. FCD is thankful for the ongoing support.

    FREE SAT prep course for local students
    Interested in studying in the U.S. But don't know where to start? The EducationUSA Reference Center in Belize City is facilitating a FREE SAT prep course for local students. Today students are taking their first full length SAT practice test; an important first step in preparing for this important test and applying to schools in the U.S.

    2016 Belize Tourism Awards
    Call for Nominations: Belize Tourism Board calls on Tourism stakeholders to submit nominations for the 14th National Tourism Awards 2016. Rules and Regulations: All nominations must be in ENGLISH. Nominations must be submitted to the Belize Tourism Board by Friday, July 22nd, 2016. All companies or personnel must have been in operation for at least 3 full years. Only complete entries will be considered. Entries must be for ONE category only. Entries may be submitted via email to [email protected] Applicants and/or finalists can contact the Belize Tourism Board regarding any queries they may have about the judging process. The applicants and/or finalists are not to contact any of the members from the judging panel prior to the Tourism Awards ceremony. National Tourism Awards 2016 Email: [email protected] Website: Tel: 501-227-2420 Fax: 501-227-2423

    Belize Fisheries Department Welcomes Haitian Delegation for Knowledge Exchange Visit
    The Belize Fisheries Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will welcome an eight-member Haitian delegation from July 11 to July 15, 2016 as part of a Knowledge Exchange Visit focusing on artisanal fisheries. The delegation comprises officials from the Fisheries and Aquaculture Directorate of the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, the National Agency for Protected Areas, and the fisheries private sector. Since February 2016, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Directorate of the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture has been implementing the Artisanal Fisheries Development Program, financed by the IDB. This program aims to improve the income of small fishermen and to strengthen the management of the fisheries sector.

    Universal Postal Union and Belize Postal Service Hold Training Sessions in Belize
    The Universal Postal Union (UPU), in cooperation with the Belize Postal Service, will be holding two separate training sessions in Belize, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The initial training, which will run from Monday, July 11th to Tuesday, July 12, 2016, will cover the “Quality of Service Fund” (QSF). This is a special fund which is administered by the Universal Postal Union to finance projects aim at improving the quality of letter mail to enable speedier, reliable, and secure national postal services and international mail flow. The second training will be on the topic of “Postal Reform” and will run from Wednesday, July 13th to Friday, July 15th, 2016. The objectives of the trainings are: - To inform participants of the new rules and regulations governing the Quality of Service Fund, and the procedures in accessing the said fund. - To assist participants in the development of a framework that can be used as a tool to implement reforms to their various postal sectors.

    San Ignacio Public Library Summer Program
    The San Ignacio Public Library has had a lot going on this Summer. They've been doing Summer Art classes, and the Belize Raptor Center has been doing their 'Storytime' there. Thanks, SIPL!

    Banquitas Drama workshop
    On July 8th 2016, Banquitas closed the drama workshop whereby vibrant and energetic individuals actively participated for 3 days. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Angel Gutierrez from Panama. Thanks to BADA members such as Ms. Florencia Castillo, Beverly Swasey and Myrna Mansanarez for being the force of theatre in Belize. Four participants were given the opportunity to act at the show and to travel along with the actors of Canillita to San Pedro for the second show. We give thanks to everyone that assisted us in every way possible for the show to be successful. We thank all the volunteers, community service students,Youth Popular Front, Yahaira Vega, Yvette Torres, BTIA, Sandy Hunter Library, Ms. Aleida, Ms. Mayola Cowo, Sugah City Artisan Group and the general public for your unconditional support. Special thanks to ICA for giving us the opportunity to share this experience with our community.

    Full Moon Concert: Breaking Down Cultural Barriers, July 14
    Make a date in Dangriga Town! We are proud to welcome the Stann Creek House of Culture- NICH to our family!

    Channel 7

    Security Guard Viciously Executed Because He Made Complaint Against Robber
    It was another deadly weekend - one that saw three murders, two in the city and one in Roaring Creek. We begin in the city where residents were still shell shocked from a mid week murder spree that saw three successive killings on Wednesday evening. We went into the weekend with the news that all the gangs had taken into mediation sessions, so there was the hope for peace…but it was shattered early on Saturday morning when 15 shots were used to kill 40 year old Karim Hafiya - a security guard who was getting home after a long night shift. Police say that it was an act of retaliation for making a complaint that sent one young man to jail - two from his crew decided that was worth killing him for. 7News was on the scene on Saturday and here's the story:... 40 year old Karim Hafiya, or "Buzzard" as he was more commonly known, was gunned down in front of the gate to his apartment on Plues street. The murder happened around 4 on Saturday morning a little past the break of dawn. Police responded quickly to reports of shots being fired in the area.

    "Bad Man Business" Caught Banner In Belize City
    That was Saturday morning before the city awoke, and by the time it was going to sleep there would be another murder in the very same area. Around 9:10, 29 year-old Roger Banner was sitting on the railing of a bridge over East Canal, talking to his girlfriend when a gunman suddenly appeared and shot him in the head. Police say he was not killed due to gang violence but due to his alleged connections to drug trafficking. Shortly after the shooting on Saturday, 7News was on the scene and Daniel Ortiz reports: 29 year-old Roger Banner, a resident of Roaring Creek Village, was found murdered here on the corner of West Canal Street and Bishop Street one block from Public's Super Market in Belize City. He had suffered multiple gunshots shot to the head, injuries which killed him on the spot, right where the gunman executed him.

    18 Year old Killed with Homemade Gun in Roaring Creek
    And in the weekend's final murder, an 18 year old was gunned down yesterday in an area known as Another World in Roaring Creek. Now, despite the unrelenting city gang violence that threatens to spill over into rural areas or villages like Roaring Creek, this case does not appear to be as a result of gang warfare. Maleek Norris left his home around 2:30 yesterday afternoon to visit a friend but he bumped into a foe on the way - and shortly after he was dead. We traveled to Roaring Creek to find out why. Maleek Norris spent most of yesterday morning cleaning his house. He took down the curtains, cleaned the windows and even hired a man to clear the yard. All this fixing up was for his mom. She is returning tomorrow from her 2 week vacation in the U.S. But Maleek didn't get to finish the house as he wanted to and his mom won't get to enjoy her spotless home with her son. That's because he was shot a street away from his home yesterday afternoon. He took a break from all the housework to visit a friend and not too long after he left, his family got the shocking call.

    Teenager Succumbs 11 Days After Shooting
    18 year old Kent Brooks Jr. drew his last breath on Sunday morning after being in a critical condition at the KHMH for 11 days. He was injured when gunmen attacked he and his friend, 20 year old Kieron Morrison on La Croix Boulevard. Morrison died on the spot - and Brooks's prognosis was grim because he had multiple injuries to his internal organs, and passed away yesterday when his Kidney failed. We spoke to Brooks' father today in the wake of his passing. Kent Brooks Sr. - Father of Shooting Victim: "Sunday morning about 8:40am, the doctor at the ICU called us and told me emergency. My sister and I went to the hospital at 8:46am and the doctor told me that my son had just passed away. We went in the room and we saw him. He had just drawn his last breathe." Emanuel Pech: "How is the extended family dealing with it?" Kent Brooks Sr. - Father of Shooting Victim: "Basically everybody was praying that he recovered, because we knew the gravity of the injury. The injury was very serious. We had left everything in God hands. We accept what happened and that God had gotten him - he is resting. He will be at a resting place, than to see how he was suffering for the last 10 days. We were praying that we see him survive, but God knows best. It took an emotional toll on me, the whole family; sisters and brother. Whenever they would go see him, they would cry. We know that God knows best. We can't question God's work."

    5 Years Later, Sanjay Got Free From Village Murder Charge
    After almost 5 years on remand, 22 year-old accused murderer Sanjay Lino, is accused no more tonight. He was acquitted today in trial without jury in the court room of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Sandhill businessman Ernesto Myvette was killed on October 4, 2011 after 3 thieves pulled off a well-planned, and well-calculated armed robbery of his shop, Myvette's store. They barged into place, stole the day's sales and his licensed gun. On the way out, one of the men shot him 4 times; twice to the midsection, once to the chest, and once to the back. They then jumped into a nearby get-away vehicle, and sped off down the Philip Goldson Highway and escaped. Myvette's injuries were fatal, and he succumbed behind the counter of his store. So, that brings us to this month's trial of Sanjay Lino who had been in jail awaiting his day in court. Initially, he was jointly charged with others for abetment to murder, but as time went by, he ended being the only one charged with Myvette's murder.

    Samantha Spurned By Chetumal Cops After Vehicle Break-In
    Chetumal, it's the favourite getaway for many Belizeans - but increasingly, we've been reporting on a rising trend of criminality targeting Belizeans in that Mexican City. And one Orange Walk resident learned about it first hand this weekend. Samantha Carlos went over to watch a move and parked her truck in front of Liverpool - only to find the window smashed when she got back to it. And while that was one surprise the indifference of the Mexican police is what really shocked her:... Samantha Carlos - Scared of Chetumal: "We parked in front of Liverpool in the mall area and went inside. It was after the movie about 6:30 pm, we got out and realized that some people were standing by the truck and mall security was taking care of the vehicle for some guy he said, it was the owner. So, we had to produce papers to show the mall security that it is our vehicle. He realized that maybe they made a mistake because apparently there was a police already on the scene half an hour before we came out of the movie and the police saw the guy inside the vehicle. The person told the police that he had to go home to get his keys, but that is ridiculous.

    Village Councils: UDP Claims Victory, PUP Claims Progress
    The village council elections - they're supposed to be nonpolitical - but that's like saying church is supposed to be non-religious. Truth is, the UDP and PUP want to win anything named elections. And tonight, after 6 weeks of elections in 190 villages, the elections are finished and the UDP is claiming victory, while the PUP is claiming progress. The UDP says that of the 1,330 seats open for elections, the UDP won 60% of them. That's 190 chairpersons, and 689 village council members. The UDP says that a third of the chairpersons are independent and the other third are PUP. For the council members the UDP says that the PUP got 390, or 34%, while 61 or 5% are independent. So, the UDP claims to have won 60% of all seats, with 34% going to the PUP and 5.56% to independent candidates.

    Fatback In Coma; Family Calls For Arrest of Stepson Suspect
    5 days ago, we told you about the stabbing of 50 year-old Eugene Webster, better known as "Fatback", who was hospitalized after he was nearly stabbed to death, allegedly by a young man whom he practically raised as a son. Tonight we can confirm that the young man who police is looking for is 18 year-old Michael "Wani" Baptist. The Webster family is hoping that if you have seen him, or know his whereabouts, that you will turn that information over to police so that he can be brought in for questioning. Meanwhile, Fatback continues to be hospitalized in a coma after police performed life-saving surgery on him. Today, we met his wife at the KHMH who told us off-camera that there are a few details that she would like to clear about the story that the police gave out. She told us that firstly, this young man did not stab her husband because they of any quarrel, and it wasn't because Fatback had refused his stepson a ride. She says that according to Webster, the young man attacked him while he was asleep, and in the midst of attempting to steal from him. Here's how she explained it to us:

    Soldier of Misfortune: Tarry Rhodes Tarried In Belize Too Long
    46 year-old Retired American Soldier Tarry Eugene Rhodes is detained by the Immigration Department tonight after he was busted for overstaying his visitors permit. And, there is information to suggest that he may be wanted in his country. So, how did he turn up on the Immigration Department's radar? Well, it turns out that it happened quite by accident. He was busted yesterday at the Philip Goldson International Airport when he went to pick up another passenger at the airport. A vigilant immigration officer started to question him, and when they checked his travel history and his passport, they found out that he had overstayed his visitor's permit by 10 months. He was to have returned to the US in September 29 of last year, but he didn't do that. So, they charged him with that offence of failing to comply with a visitor's permit, and when they checked into his background they found out that he had been living off his pension from the State of Ohio. He had taken up residence in Calla Creek, Cayo.

    Haitian Fisherfolk Visit
    For the rest of the week, the Fisheries Department and the IDB's office in Belize are hosting an 8-member delegation of Haitian Fisheries Officials. They're here to exchange knowledge with the Belizean authorities on fisheries management, and how the local experts work to overcome the challenges of enforcement and conservation, an area that all small countries struggle with due to a lack of resources. Today, 7News attended the opening of their first workshop session, and we got a chance to meet the delegation. Here's what the IDB Country Representative and the Head of the Haitian Delegation had to say:

    Police Say Gangs Agree To Hold It Down
    On Friday night's news we told you about the gang mediation operation pulled off by Eastern Division southside police. The attendance of gang principals was mandatory - which means, police descended on their homes early in the morning and took them to the station where they were forced to discuss their grievances. On Saturday, Commander Chester Williams told us how it went:... ACP Chester Williams - O.C. Eastern South Division: "I can tell you that in the session, the parties agreed that they will hold it down and they will try to see how they could promote peace among themselves and those person who were not at the intervention yesterday, those who were there said that they'll ensure that the message is passed on to them and they all agree that the shooting needs to come to an end, because they all feel at risk because of it. None of them feel safe and so they think that the best thing for them to do is to stop the madness. Importantly, we are currently trying to see how quick we could develop the syllabus for the conflict resolution anger management workshops within the different area. It is critical and so as to be able to show them that solving your personal issues could be done in many different ways and use of a gun should be the ultimate resort that they should go to."

    No Justice For Grey, Police Low on Leads
    In our first segment, we told you about the murder in Roaring Creek where 18 year old Maleek Norris was shot near his home. While Belmopan police are very close to solving that case, they are having a lot of difficulty with the June killing of Lionel Gillett. Gillett also known as "Grey" was found dead on the steps of his Rivera area home in Belmopan. Although police have ruled this case a robbery turned murder, they still haven't gotten any substantial evidence or statements to press charges. Today Capital Cops told us what they have so far. Supt. Howell Gillet, OC, Belmopan: "There is no tangible update at this time. It's an open case. We will never close it until we are able to find out or bring one person or others to justice. It happened in an isolated area and we are finding some problem with that, because the neighborhood is so sparsely divided in terms of the number of houses in that area and possible witnesses and so on. But we have it as a theory that it might have been a robbery and we are investigating it from that point.

    Police need more time with CAMALOTE Double murder
    We also asked Belmopan police for an update on the Camalote double murder in which Akeem Thimbrel and Shawn Lopez were gunned down not too far from their homes. Thimbrel's father had come to our studio last week pleading for answers but more than that, justice for their slain loved ones. Police told us that they have to follow specific procedures in what they are calling a complex case, and they are asking the family and the Camalote community to have just a little more patience. Supt. Howell Gillet, OC, Belmopan: "The update to that investigation with the double murder in Camalote which occurred I think around the 1st May of this year - is that we've prepared a file, it has been sent for legal advice. It came back with some instructions that we must follow through with and from the three instructions that were given to us, I believe two have been done, complied with and we are trying to do the other one and from there we will send it back and see if there is sufficient evidence to charge. We have a great idea who did it. We are just waiting for other instructions to be complied with by our counterparts in Belize City. When that is done, we will resend it to the DPP's office and then we will await her direction from there."

    2016 Murders On Pace With 2015, Arrests Down
    And as you see on the news every night, murder continues at a torrid pace in the month of July. It is a social and statistical nightmare, and for the first six months of 2016, the number of murders was just about the same as it was in 2015. That's 74 murders nationally, when compared to 73 in the same period last year. Reports of Rape, robbery and theft were down in the first six months of 2016, but reports of burglary went up by 64. And while murders were up, arrests were down from 36 to 24.

    CODICADER, Gold For Everyone
    The Codicader games successfully concluded over the weekend and with good reviews from the visiting delegations. The activities officially closed off with a ceremony in Orange Walk and Cayo, which saw all 600 participating athletes awarded with gold medals - another initiative that highlights the importance of Codicader's under-12-tournament, which is to promote participation rather than competition. Nevertheless we do take pride in acknowledging our very own Belizean Codicader champions. In the table tennis discipline our team from Belize came out with the highest overall points, both in the male and female categories. Our kids did pretty well in the other three disciplines as well. In volleyball our male team finished second while our female team finished 3rd. In basketball, both our female and male teams finished 2nd. Football was the only discipline in which we fell a little behind, finishing 4th overall. Still the Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth and Sports says this is proof that Belize does have the capacity to host and compete in these international tournaments.

    The Science Of The Lambs
    Sheep Farmers in the North are getting a major boost through the signing of a Value Chain Project. Farmers will be trained in effective farming methods and given materials and other resources to keep their sheep healthy and ready for sale. The FAO representative for Belize as well as a couple farmers told us how this project will improve their livelihood: The project is being funded by the European Union.

    Hope through Hoops
    Earlier we told you about the southside police formation's gang mediation efforts, but they're also doing a basketball tournament between rival neighborhoods to break down some of the turf issues. It's clearly a work in progress, but the police are determined to push on with it, even as gang violence reaches its highest point in a year. On Saturday, we visited to see the hoops for hope:…

    Capital Cops Call Kids To Farm for Fun
    And while basketball is the thing in the city, Belmopan police are trying to get youths into farming. They are hosting an Agriculture seminar for youth between the ages of 9 and 15. It begins on July 25th and the kids will learn about vegetable, cheese and milk production, livestock management, among many other cultivation practices. Senior Superintendent for Belmopan Howell Gillett told us more about this positive initiative. The seminar begins on July 25th at the Agriculture Show Grounds. It ends on August 5th with a mini rodeo. 75 kids from Belmopan and surrounding villages will be participating.

    Channel 5

    ‘Buzzard’ Executed in Predawn Attack
    Another bloody weekend in Belize City has resulted in the murders of two men and a third person in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  We begin with [...]

    Roger Banner ‘Hit’ for Drug Debt
    The second murder in what has now become a series of bloody weekends happened on West Collet Canal near the Public’s Supermarket. The victim, killed in brazen fashion with a [...]

    Misunderstanding Leads to Murder in Roaring Creek
    The community of Roaring Creek is grieving in the wake of an apparently senseless murder on Sunday. One teenager, Maleek Norris, is dead while another, Ashton Puerto, awaits arraignment at [...]

    Teenager Killed With Homemade Shotgun
    The weapon used to kill Maleek Norris was crude but obviously deadly – just two pieces of metal pipe and a shotgun shell. It was found dumped on the Young [...]

    Kent Brooks Jr. Succumbs to Gunshot Injury
    No one has been detained for the murder of Kieran Morrison which took place on June twenty-ninth on La Croix Boulevard, in front of his home. Morrison was shot multiple [...]

    City Resident Critical After Weekend Shooting
    Meanwhile, another Belize City youth is tonight clinging to life at the K.H.M.H. after he was shot by a lone gunman on Friday night. Police say that around ten p.m., [...]

    Violent Crimes Up Countrywide
    Statistically, violent crimes in Belize City are down, despite an increase in murders across the country.  While the Old Capital remains the center of gang activity, homicides in the districts [...]

    Another Accused Murderer Walks Free
    Twenty-two-year-old Sanjay Lino has been acquitted of the murder of Ernesto Myvette after being on pretrial detention for almost five years.  The deadly shooting took place in Sand Hill Village [...]

    CODICADER Games Conclude
    The annual CODICADER games concluded in Belize over the weekend, after several days of competition in various sporting disciplines.  With several venues across the country hosting games simultaneously, local organizers [...]

    Head of Mission Says All Expectations Were Met
    Going into the CODICADER games, there were serious concerns about Belize’s ability to successfully the host the respective Central American countries.  Those expectations, says Sutherland, were all met.   Deon [...]

    The Jewel’s Best Sparkle at Taste of Belize in OW
    After a brief hiatus, Belize’s signature culinary event was held at the Muffles Auditorium in Orange Walk on Saturday. Taste of Belize 2016 saw great competition between culinary talents in [...]

    Eastern Division South Hosts Basketball Tournament
    Over the weekend, Eastern Division South hosted a basketball tournament on the court at the Yarborough Green on south side Belize City. The community policing initiative is aimed at bringing [...]

    Sportscaster James Adderley and the Weekend Blotter
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Friday night’s ticket of BDBA Firms basketball play surely was something to see as Atlantic Bank currently in second [...]


    Orange Walk Central Committee Launches Summer Camp
    For the past seventeen years, the Orange Walk Central Executive Sporting Committee has been organizing their annual Summer Sports Camp sponsored by Orange Walk Central Area Representative and Leader of the Opposition the Honorable John Briceno. The camp caters for children of all ages who for one week get an opportunity to learn more about volleyball, basketball and football. This morning, with a total of seventeen certified facilitators ready to offer training to the younger generation, the camp kicked off at the People’s Stadium.

    UDP Supporter Accused Of Discharging Firearm In Public
    This weekend marked the final round of village council elections and here in Orange Walk four villages took part in the final round….Indian Church, San Carlos, San Estevan and San Felipe where the people elected a spilt council formed by a P.U.P chairman, three P.U.P and three UDP councilors. Although things appeared to have ran smoothly in most villages, reports indicate that in San Felipe tensions ran high as an altercation allegedly broke out between supporters of both major parties after the official results were announced. According to reports, a crowd of PUP supports were taking part in a parade through the village…celebrating the victory…when they were stopped by UDP supporters from entering the park located in the center of the village.

    Village Council Elections Come To An End
    As we told you earlier in our newscast, the final round of the Village Council Elections was held yesterday throughout the country of Belize and here in Orange Walk four villages including Indian Church, San Carlos, San Estevan and San Felipe participated in the finishing round. According to official results, a total of seven chairpersons were newly elected along with twenty four councilors. The People’s united Party was victorious in the villages of Indian Church and San Carlos where they managed to occupy all seven seats in their favor. In the village of San Felipe, the PUP won four seats including that of the chairman while the United Democratic Party managed to obtain a total of three seats and finally in the village of San Estevan, the UDP took all seven seats as the PUP did not put up a slate.

    Murder Rates Is Down For 2016
    The Belize Police Department today released its comparative statistics for January to June 2015/2016 and the report indicates that the overall crime rate through the first half of 2016 has seen an increase from the previous year. Murders are up by one, with a total of 74 people losing their lives as a result of violence. April and June are the months with the most murders recorded this year, April witnessing 16 homicides. Last year April recorded 18 murders. In relation to other major crimes, rapes saw a decrease this year reducing from 19 logged last year to 10 this year. As it relates to unlawful sexual intercourse, the incidents have gone up this half year by 10 from 41 to 51.

    Another Belizean Robbed In Chetumal Mexico
    Some weeks ago there were a number of reports about Belizeans that were victims of robbery at the shopping malls and hotels located in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico. The series of robberies included the cloning of credit cards in the different stores as well as the stealing of cash and personal belongings in the mall’s parking lot. Since those incidents were reported an advisory was sent out to Belizeans by the Belizean consulate in Quintana Roo to be cautious when traveling to neighboring Chetumal and the number of incidents seemed to reduce to a minimum. But apparently the criminals are on the loose once more and their prey are Belizeans. Orange Walk resident Samantha Carlos visited Chetumal over the weekend but returned home with a sour taste in her mouth as her vehicle was burglarized while parked at Plaza de Las Americas. Today when we spoke to Carlos she told us more about her ordeal.


    Sunday Afternoon Murder in Roaring Creek
    The murder count increased by three this past weekend as two more murders were recorded in the Belize District and a third in the Cayo District. A community is reeling after a teenager was shot and killed on Sunday afternoon in Roaring Creek Village. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with an eyewitness as well as the […]

    Buzzad’s Murder Leaves Police Stunned
    Forty-year-old, Kariem “Buzzard” Hafiya who was a security guard at the Belize City House of Culture was gunned down while entering a gated yard on Plues Street on Saturday morning sometime around four o’clock. Hafiya received multiple gunshot injuries and died on the scene. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, told the media yesterday the […]

    Banner’s Murder Suspected to Be Drug Related
    The second shooting in Belize City occurred late Saturday night not too far from where Hafiya was shot. The victim was twenty nine year old Roger Banner. Banner is a resident of Roaring Creek. Banner who is no stranger to the police was shot and killed on West Canal near the Publics Supermarket while sitting […]

    Friday Night Shooting Has Man Critical
    There was a shooting incident on Neal Pen Road extension on Friday night where by twenty six year old Clifford Anderson was shot. Anderson received injuries to his abdomen while he was near an alley that is located by the Basketball court in the area. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke of his condition […]

    Kent Brooks Dies 10 Days After Being Shot
    Eighteen year old Kent Brooks has passed away due to injuries he received in a shooting on Lacroix Boulevard in Belize City on the night of June 29. Brooks was standing in front of a yard when he and his friend came under fire by a gun man. Brooks died yesterday at the Karl Heusner […]

    January – June 2016: 74 Murders + 449 Cases of Theft = 90 Arrests
    The Belize Police Department has issued a crime statistics comparative report for the first half of 2015 and 2016. The report has noted that for the first half of 2016, there have seventy four murders with a comparison of seventy three during the same period last year. While in 2015 thirty six arrests were made […]

    Tourism Board Joins the Fight Against Crime
    Belizeans have been expressing their concerns over the gun violence, especially on Belize City Streets. Belize has made the list as one of the countries with the highest murder rate in the world. We asked Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia how his ministry has been dealing with the rising crime rate. MANUEL HEREDIA “Definitely crime […]

    Belize’s Appeal for Delay in Paying Awards Denied by US Courts
    Belize is bound by law to pay one hundred and ninety eight million dollars as the first half of the arbitration awards in the BTL nationalization. This is not the only award that Belize is bound to pay but it is the largest so far. In May we told you of the confirmation of the […]

    Online Article Reports on Belize/Guyana Agreement as Having No Limitations on Trade
    Last week we told you of the agreement signed between Belize and Guyana that the Government’s Press Office stated was aimed at deepening commercial, economic, technical and cultural cooperation. The areas being looked at for cooperation are trade, investments, tourism, energy, marine affairs, education, agriculture, sports and culture among others. There wasn’t much else divulged […]

    Haiti Delegation Exchanges Ideas with Belize on Protecting Marine Resources
    Belize is hosting a delegation from Haiti to exchange ideas on processes, ideas and legislation to protect marine resources. Acting Fisheries Administrator, Mauro Gongora speaks about what the Haitian participants will be learning from the Fisheries Department in Belize. MAURO GONGORA ” The exchange is facilitated through the Inter-American Bank whose mandate is to encourage […]


    Southside police handed awards
    In the midst of all the violence, the South Region of the Eastern Division of the Belize Police Department took time out Wednesay to acknowledge officers and civilians as well as businesses who contribute to the efforts of the Police. Commander ACP Chester Williams spoke to how the off...

    Original Caye Caulker Lobsterfest successful
    The Caye Caulker Lobsterfest is “the original” – and, its organizers may boast, the best. As with their counterparts in San Pedro and Placencia, last weekend La Isla Cariñosa became “La Isla de Langosta” – the island of the lobster. As Romeo the cook tells us, there are many ways to sample th...

    Belize Government rated fair in protecting Barrier Reef
    Belize’s Barrier Reef has been listed on the World Heritage Sites in Danger since 2009, and is tipped to remain there when the UNESCO World Heritage Committee considering the issue meets next week. So how is Belize’s Government performing in enacting and maintaining policies that help safeguard the ...

    Valentine Baptist charged in murder of Devin Parham
    Three persons were murdered in the City during separate shooting incidents spanning about six hours and so far police have made two arrests. Today police brought to court 27 year old Valentine Baptist , a construction worker of Castle Street on a charge of murder of Devin Parham on Cemetery R...

    Lionel Kelly charged with murder of Tevin Palmer
    About an hour prior to the murder of Devin Parham, Tevin Palmer, aka “Chi-Cha” met his untimely death whilst in a yard on Castle Street. Neighbors told police they heard one shot in the area but police say as many as five may have been fired, though the fatal shot was to the head. This aftern...

    BEST cheques go missing
    Missing cheques from the Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology (BEST), were cashed for some thirty thousand dollars. Reports are that six cheque leaves went missing from a cheque book for BEST and three of them were reportedly cashed at Heritage Bank branches in Belize City and Orange Walk. ...

    SMART closes summer football camp
    Brazilian footballing legend Pelé popularized the phrase “the beautiful game” to describe football many years ago. It is also possibly the most popular sport in the world with top stars placed on equal footing with others of the world’s elite. Belizean football is on the rise, but who knows w...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Taste of Belize 2016 winners announced
    Orange Walk Town played host to the annual Taste of Belize competition at Muffles College Auditorium over the weekend. In the Amateur Cook Competition, which featured a 90-minute competition to prepare a main dish, Kevin Chi of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel beat Belize Biltmore […]

    Santa Cruz man busted with weed
    Thirty-six-year-old Melvin Salazar from the Santa Cruz Area in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District is currently in police custody pending charges for drug trafficking. According to police, on Saturday officers were on mobile patrol on the George Price Boulevard where their attention was drawn by […]

    Belmopan police investigate Roaring Creek murder
    While it was a bloody weekend in Belize City with two murders and several other violent incidents, Belmopan police also have a murder case on their hands. Just before 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, police responded to a shooting incident in the Another World area in Roaring Creek […]

    Police basketball tournament contributing to crime fight
    Due to inclement weather over the City on Saturday, The Belize Telemedia Limited/Eastern Police Division (South Region) basketball tournament, now in its fifth week of games, was moved from St. John’s Primary School court on Euphrates Avenue across from Precinct One to the Wesley College/Yarborough Green […]

    After mayhem, a “mini-truce” established on Southside
    On Friday, an intervention was held with most of the major players in the current gang warfare plaguing the City. Police swept up a number of persons in an anti-gang operation on Friday morning and they were held up to late Friday night. The operation included searches at […]

    ACP Williams reviews first year in Eastern Division (South)
    One year ago this week, a freshly-returned then-Senior Superintendent Chester Williams took command of the southern portion of the largest and most active police division in the country from now-officer commanding Eastern Division (North) Dezerie Phillips, with Edward Broaster forming the remaining third of the […]

    Belize City police have hands full with third weekend shooting
    While Belize City police are investigating two separate murders and a stabbing incident there was also a third shooting, but the victim is alive and in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Twenty-six-year-old Clifford Anderson from a Neals Pen Road address was seen […]

    Man stabbed with broken bottle
    A 22-year-old man is listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was stabbed with a broken bottle Saturday night on Racecourse Street just before 7:00. Initial police investigations have revealed that Byron Jeffords was at a local supermarket when he was approached by an […]

    Belize City police investigate first of three weekend murders
    Belize City police are currently investigating the fatal shooting that claimed the life of 40-year-old Karim “Buzzard” Hafiya. Investigations have revealed that Hafiya was about to open the back gate of his residence on #83 West Canal when he was approached from behind by an unknown […]

    Crime still on the rise in 2016, police have much work ahead
    Crime through the first half of 2016 has not seen a reduction from the previous year, according to new statistics released by the Belize police department. For this year from January to June, there has been one more murder than during the same time in 2015. The total murder count through to June is 74. There have already been several murders since the start of July, however, indicating that the murder count may be even higher in comparison to last year’s up to this point. Through to June though, the Belize district had 13 fewer murders than during the same period last year. Cayo, Corozal, Stann Creek and Toledo each had more murders than the previous year.


    BTB announces Taste of Belize 2016 winners
    On Saturday, July 9, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held its signature culinary event, ‘The Taste of Belize.” For the first time, the event took place in “Shuga City,” >Orange Walk Town. The all-day event was filled with competitions, as well as lots to eat and drink. Below is a breakdown of the competitions and the winners for each. Amateur Cook Competition: Competitors were given one hour and a half (1.5) to prepare a main dish, after which the top three winners were chosen. 3rd Place: Ms. Lucelli Sam from Crave House of Flavors, San Ignacio 2nd Place: Mr. Gurick Orosco from the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, Belize City Winner/Amateur Cook of the Year: Mr. Kevin Chi from the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, San Ignacio Cake Decorating Competition: Competitors were given ninety (90) minutes to decorate their pre-baked cakes.

    The Butterfly Migration on a Beautiful Morning Up North
    The butterfly migration has started. Flying north to south – the Cloudless Sulphur start slowly…one or two a minute passing along the beach and the sea to up to 100s at a time. With an odd black or orange butterfly joining them, it’s a wave of yellow wings. It lasts for about a week and then they are gone. They are SO hard to capture in a photo while on the move…your only chance is the red flowers that seem to attract them. Butterflies are cold-blooded creatures and move south to stay warm. In the tropics, they often move to a place for a new food supply. I have been unable to find out where these guys are coming from or where they are going to. All I know is that it is magical to sit on the balcony and watch them fluttering by. I went for a walk today – north from Xtan Ha Resort (at about 7ish miles north) to La Belize Resort (8 miles north). I took a bunch of pictures…almost each one had a butterfly going by in it. You are going to have to take my word for it. Honestly.

    International Sourcesizz

    Ease Cuba, CARICOM pleads
    CARICOM leaders say they’re happy to see the United States trying to normalize relations with Cuba. What they aren’t pleased about is that the trade and economic embargo imposed on the Caribbean nation five decades ago is still largely in place. And when they got together in Guyana for their 37th Regular Meeting this week, they called for the embargo to be lifted. Addressing the media after the meeting, Guyana’s President David Granger also said that in the new environment in Cuba, there is a need for the region to seize trade, business and investment opportunities, including those in tourism. In that regard, they agreed that every effort will be made to conclude negotiations for a Second Protocol to the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement with Cuba, to allow for it to be signed before the end of 2016.

    Plus de 140'000 mails envoyés pour sauver le Blue Hole du Belize
    A l'appel du WWF, un total de 143'951 personnes ont écrit un e-mail au Premier ministre du Belize pour lui demander de protéger le récif coralien du pays, dont fait partie le célèbre Great Blue Hole. Le WWF indique dans un communiqué publié mardi que les signataires des mails demandent aux autorités du Belize d'interdire les forages pétroliers offshore sur ce site. La section suisse de l'organisation écologique précise que 20'000 paraphes proviennent de Suisse. Inscrite au Patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco, la barrière de corail du Belize est menacée de destruction par l'activité industrielle, que ce soient les forages, les constructions côtières, la pollution de l'eau d'origine agricole ou la destruction de la mangrove.

    What Will Happen to Fortis Inc Next? The Stock Just Increased A Lot
    The stock of Fortis Inc (TSE:FTS) is a huge mover today! The stock is up 1.80% or $0.79 after the news, hitting $44.6 per share. About 194,367 shares traded hands. Fortis Inc (TSE:FTS) has risen 15.35% since December 2, 2015 and is uptrending. It has outperformed by 12.93% the S&P500. The move comes after 8 months positive chart setup for the $12.63 billion company. It was reported on Jul, 11 by We have $71.81 PT which if reached, will make TSE:FTS worth $7.70 billion more. Out of 8 analysts covering Fortis Incorporated (TSE:FTS), 7 rate it a “Buy”, 0 “Sell”, while 2 “Hold”. This means 78% are positive. Fortis Incorporated has been the topic of 13 analyst reports since August 4, 2015 according to StockzIntelligence Inc.


  • Belize, 16min.

  • Belize 2016, 4min. The youth group traveled to Belize to visit and learn from their neighbors around the globe.

  • They're dancing their hearts out!, 1/2min. Day 1 of Dance explosion summer program here at Banquitas House of Culture (NICH) was in full swing. Starting tomorrow the Dance session will be extended to 12 noon. Instructor Emmanuel Thomas Robinson teaching the kids modern dances.

  • Belize 2016, 6min.

  • Belize. VIII Juegos Deportivos Estudiantiles Codicader. Belize 2016, min. Un poco de lo que viví en VIII Juegos Deportivos Estudiantiles Centroamericanos Codicader, que se llevaron a cabo en Belize del 6 al 11 de julio de 2016. Jamás lo olvidaré. Video y edición_. Rosa Membreño

  • Codicader 2016 Volleyball Belize vs Nicaragua, 36min. Codicader U-13 Boys Volleyball - Belize vs Nicaragua.

  • Day 3 in Belize, 3min. Day 3 in Belize we visited and taught some children at the local school and also started our adventure in building bunk beds.

  • Belize Caye Caulker, 5min.

  • Blue Hole Dive - Belize 2016, 4min.

    July 11, 2016


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Remembering Clifton B. Arthurs
    After learning in early May that Cliff had fallen ill in his San Pedro, Ambergris Caye home, and after a stint in hospital in Belize had to be hospitalized eventually in Phoenix, Arizona, I assumed that the fighter in him somehow would weather it all, and he would still be here today. I was wrong. On 28th June, 2016, Cliff transited to a higher plane. And, his caring and loving wife, Joanne, his friends in San Pedro and Belize City, his relatives and friends in Fountain Hills, Arizona; Houston; Wheaton, Illinois; and New York will sorely miss his great smile, infectious bonhomie and genuinely good company. Clifton B. Arthurs was a Victoria St, Northside, Belize City native. He left Belize, then British Honduras, in the 1950s for the US, lived and worked in Wheaton, Illinois, for many years, and retired to San Pedro, Belize, in the 1990s. “Mr. Cliff”, as I knew him as a child, was one of the few, if not the only Creole owner of a truly magnificent estate in Belize. He was loved and respected by most everyone in San Pedro; and because of this and his gracious mien, his sister-in-law, Mrs. Muriel Laing Arthurs, fondly rechristened him “Mayor”.

    New Board of Trustees appointed for Hol Chan Marine Reserve
    A new Board of Trustees for the Hol Chan Marine Reserve was appointed by the Honorable Gaspar Vega, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development. In making the appointments, Minister Vega asked that the new Board focuses on continuing to build on the accomplishments of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve to make it a first class reserve by ensuring that rules of the reserves are adhered to along with continued monitoring of its marine flora and fauna. Minister Vega has tasked the new Board to also focus on marine education for both local and international visitors by initiating with private and public sectors, plans for an improved visitor center which will include an aquarium focused on the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a World Heritage Site since 1996.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Boat for Sale
    “How was it downtown?” I asked Sherry. “It was the usual for Monday,” she said. “I had to circle the block three times to find a parking space near the town board.” “I’m just glad it was you and not me,” I said. “Speaking of circling the block,” she said, “I took the shortcut home and passed Mario’s house. He has a sign out front that says, Boat For Sale. I wonder what’s up with that.” “A boat? Mario has never owned a boat. The most expensive thing he owns is that old weedwacker he uses to cut our grass.” When I went into town to pick up lunch I drove by Mario’s. Sure enough there was a sign that said, Boat For Sale. It even had a price. $175.” Mario was sitting on the front porch and he said, “Hey, Mr. Dennis. What’s up?” “I saw your sign that says Boat For Sale,” I said.

    Tropic Air gives back to Orange Walk Cancer Support Group
    Tropic Air, The Airline of Belize, has announced the June results of its 2016 nationwide #TropicGivesBack fundraising campaign. For every ticket bought at the month’s selected station, $1 is donated to an organization chosen by our staff stationed in that community. June was the chosen month for Orange Walk, with Placencia coming in July. As part of the airline’s largest charitable fundraiser of the year, Tropic Air business partners, staff and customers joined efforts and raised $400 for the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group. A check was presented to Badra Coleman of the Group on Friday, July 1st in Orange Walk. “Like many of our social impact initiatives, the innovation and inspiration comes from our staff who are volunteering in and contributing to their communities”, said John Greif III, Tropic Air’s president. “Donations from this program have made a significant impact across the country, and we intend to extend the program at least another year.”

    Doctor Love: Tired and Foolish Girl
    Dear Doctor Love, I have been friends with a girl since before high school. She has had the same boyfriend for five years now. About once a year they have a fight and split up with each other. She goes out and finds a new boyfriend and a whole set of new girlfriends associated with him. She dumps the rest of us during this time and of course the new relationship doesn’t last. After a few months she and her guy get back together and she expects everything to be the same with us. I have talked to her about it. She always says she understands but then it happens again. This has happened four times in the last five years. Now it is happening again. What should I do? /s/ Tired Of This

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Letter: Belize government rebuked over intent to amend Referendum Act
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) denounces in the most definitive of terms the announcement by the government of Belize (GOB) of its intent to amend our nation’s Referendum Act. The prime minister’s inclination, alone, reeks of a misguided and self-serving agenda, which is par for the course of his administration. To add insult to injury, his expressed intention, which negatively impacts our nation’s governance, is being done at the behest of the Guatemalans who, unquestionably, covet our sovereign territory. The expressed intent, by Mr Barrow is proof positive of the PUDP’s failed diplomacy, which persists via their “4A Policy” of: Appeasement, Acquiescence, Accommodation and Adherence. Such an egregious move by the government is inexcusable on many levels, particularly considering the dire need for a re-registration exercise, which is long overdue, in order to adequately clean the voters list. In its current state, the integrity of that all-important instrument is compromised, as it certainly contains throngs of Guatemalan nationals, who both the UDP and PUP illegally bus in to Belize during every election, in furtherance of their insidious agendas.

    Go team Belize!
    The darts team representing Belize in Barbados.

    Accountants Celebrate Clinton Castillo
    Founding member of ICA-Belize, Mr. Clinton Castillo honored at the ICAC 34th Annual Caribbean Conference of Accountants, President's Dinner on June 24, 2016 - Mr. Clinton Castillo, 80, was honored at the 34th Annual Caribbean Conference of Accountants, President’s Dinner on Friday, June 24th, at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino with the presentation of a plaque of appreciation in recognition of his dedication to the industry for more than 3 decades and his efforts as a founding member of ICA-Belize. Mr. Castillo is a founding member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Belize and one of the signatories to the incorporation of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean in Jamaica in 1988. He was one of the founding members of the Belize Association of Accountants (1976) which was incorporated as ICA-Belize in 1984.

    Ka'ana Wins Leading Boutique Resort
    Congratulations, Ka'ana, for winning, 2 years in a row, the World Travel Award for Leading Boutique Resort! Well done! That's quality customer service. "World Travel Awards is proud to announce the 2016 winner for Mexico & Central America's Leading Boutique Resort as Ka'ana Resort, Belize"

    FCD partners with Toyota to launch Chiquibul-Toyota Expedition
    This event is aimed at engaging the private sector, raising funds and promoting awareness of the challenges faced in the Chiquibul. We are honoured to partner with Toyota.

    Taste of Belize 2016
    An exquisite, culinary experience...

    SHOUTOUT to all the amateur chefs who participated in Taste of Belize in Orange Walk!
    Check out some of the highlights from the photos below. Belize has some AMAZING culinary talent!!!

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Roaring Creek man is third Belize City murder victim this weekend
    The third fatality reported in Belize City this weekend is that of a Roaring Creek man, 29 year old Roger William Banner, who police say was shot multiple times to the body and head as he sat on the canal rail speaking to his girlfriend. […]

    Euro 2016 Final Result:
    Portugal, for the first time in their history will lift the European Cup with an extra time goal from Eder (109’). It was a fast paced start by the French side, creating a few chances and setting a high tempo. After the 8th minute, Ronaldo […]

    15 Match-up Stats: Euro 2016 Final
    Well, folks, we are now only a couple of hours away from the kick-off of the Euro 2016 Final game! How do the Stats fare for this upcoming match-up? This is the fourth time these two nations meet in a major tournament. The French […]

    International Sourcesizz

    The Reign of the Terror Birds
    What has feathers, T-rex-like feet, and a hooked beak that could sever the spinal cord of a horse with one blow? It might sound like a beast from a fantasy novel or horror film, but in fact it’s a creature that actually existed - the scariest bird you can imagine, scaled up to nightmarish proportions. Say hello to the terror bird. After a meteor wiped out Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex, the terror bird family rose to occupy the niche of terrifying top predator in South America – a supremacy that lasted for almost 60 million years. During that time, 17 species in this family of lethal-beaked meatheads came and went, all the while gorging on a smorgasbord of plant-eating mammals until these scary birds disappeared about 2.5 million years ago. With few fossils documenting their existence, the behaviour of these birds is still somewhat of a mystery. What exactly did these feathered aggressors get up to, and why did they disappear? It’s a story that paleontologists have been painstakingly unearthing for over 100 years. What they’ve learned so far suggests the birds were absolutely dominant as predators, voraciously gobbling up prey across the continent.

    Guyana, Belize Sign Trade and Investment Agreement
    A pair of CARICOM countries has signed a landmark new economic agreement. Belize and Guyana have signed a new trade and investment agreement, with both sides hoping the pact can open new areas of funding and marketing for local producers. The memorandum of understanding seeks to increase joint initiatives from the private sectors of both Guyana and Belize. It does not specify any quotas on imports or exports, nor does it put limitations on products that can be traded between the two countries. “It depends on what we can produce and what you can buy. The products that are produced in Guyana could be sold in Belize, whatever quantities you produce,” said Belize Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington.

    Face to face: Karen Bevans, director of Tourism at the Belize Tourism Board
    The UK is the fastest growing and the largest market in Europe for Belize (+11.9%), holding an impressive 31% market share, so it goes without saying that it’s important for us to be present there. We are also the only English speaking country in the Central American region, and our links to Britain remain extremely strong, having gained independence in 1981. Belize has a wonderful mix of cultures, eco-systems and adventures as well as a plethora of different ethnicities, with varying traditions, languages and foods, all of which contribute to making us unique and special. We know British travellers always seek something a bit different, and we think Belize offers them that. We’re also home to an incredible array of eco-systems: from jungles full of howler monkeys, toucans, jaguars and other wild animals, through to the world’s second largest barrier reef, where visitors can dive or snorkel with reef sharks and shark whales, or simply relax on the beach, drink in hand, on one of the hundreds of tiny islands. Belize also has hundreds of ancient Mayan Temples scattered across the country, as well as the largest underwater cave system in Central America. For the adventurous, hiking, tubing and zip-lining through the rainforest are all easy to access for travellers with all levels of fitness.

    Commonwealth Jumps To CARICOM's Assistance In Debanking Crisis
    The Commonwealth, a global organisation of mostly ex-British colonies, has pledged to support the advocacy of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) against large banks in Europe and the United States ending relationships with local financial institutions without considering the consequences for the regional economies. The pledge of support from Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland came days after CARICOM leaders at a summit last week said their economies faced an "existential threat" with the ending of correspondent banking relationships (CBRs). Correspondent banking involves banks in much larger countries, typically based in North America or Europe, facilitating transactions for local banks that do not offer certain services. But the big banks are ending the relationships as part of their efforts to conform to international regulations and to safeguard their reputations against allegations of facilitating financial crimes. Scotland, speaking last Friday during a town hall at the regional headquarters of the University of the West Indies in St Andrew, said her organisation was prepared to help the countries of the region, which, because of the high dependence on inflows such as remittances and foreign direct investment, could see their economies derailed, with poverty and unemploy-ment increased. "The Commonwealth is here to help and support and to be an advocate for the small and vulnerable countries," she said.

    CARICOM to continue robust advocacy against de-risking
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is advancing its efforts to address de-risking and its effects on the region and heads of government have taken the decision to approach the government of the United States directly. Prime minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, briefed the media on the subject on Wednesday afternoon, the final day of the two-day 37th regular meeting of the conference of heads of government of CARICOM held in Georgetown, Guyana. Holness added that the meeting also agreed to increase the region’s voice in various international fora as well as to enlist the support of friendly countries. At a subsequent press conference at the conclusions of the meeting, president of Guyana, David Granger, pointed to the latest developments with respect to the loss of corresponding banking arrangements that were severely affecting member states. It remained a very serious issue that the region had to find a solution to, given its effect on financial and trading systems in particular, he said.


  • BELIZE, 6min.

  • Codicader Volleyball Belize vs Panama, 25min. CODICADER U-13 Boys Volleyball 2016 - Belize vs Panama.

  • Blue Belize, 4min. Scuba Diving the Great Blue Hole Reef, Belize.

  • Fishing Belize, 3min. Lance catching a Yellow Jack.

  • Turtle Time Belize 2016, 4.5min.

  • 3 Downed fledgling aracaris, 1min. Over the last couple of weeks we received 3 downed fledgling aracaris (toucan family) Two came via the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic, and one via a tour guide at Caves Branch Botanical Garden. All three were compromised in some way when they arrived at the facilities, but are now healthy and being raised by our resident non-releasable pair Zoe and Elmo. This is their third year of surrogacy. They are amazing parents! We will upgrade the family next week to give the little ones some flight training, then release the babies on site.

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