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September 10, 2016


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The San Pedro Sun

Ian Pou called to train with Belize’s U- 17 football selection
Belize is preparing to participate in the FIFA Male Under-17 World Cup Eliminations taking place on November 17-26, 2016 in Costa Rica. San Pedro’s Ian Pou is once again on the list of 29 selected players from across the country chosen by the Football Federation of Belize (FBB). The players were called for training at the FFB headquarters in the City of Belmopan from September 9th to the 11th. This is not the first time the talented Pou has represented Ambergris Caye and Belize internationally. Pou also had the honour of representing the country at the Central American Football Union Male Under-16 Tournament held from November 17th to November 23, 2015, in Managua, Nicaragua. Pou’s family has expressed their happiness to see their son once again heading to Belmopan for the trials and have the opportunity to represent the country at the regional tournament. They stand behind him support his dream to become a great footballer one day.

Anteater rescued in downtown San Pedro
Another Collared Anteater was rescued in the downtown area of San Pedro Town on Thursday, September 8th. A group of neighbours on Angel Coral Street spotted the creature, also known as Tamandua, around midnight, and safely kept it until dawn before handing it over to the veterinary clinic at the San Pedro Saga Humane Society. At the clinic, the suffering Tamandua was found ill and appeared scared and in pain from an injury to its right arm. After an evaluation, the Tamandua was flown to Belize City where a wildlife surgeon did further check-ups on the creature before sending it to the Tamandua Refuge located at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. According to the findings from the team at Saga, it is believed that the Tamandua was someone’s pet and had been abandoned after Hurricane Earl. They said the creature was very friendly with anyone it came in contact with, adding to its vulnerability. A few nights before it was captured, it was reported that while attempting to climb a light post, it received an electrical discharge which caused an injury to its right arm. The injury disabled its ability to climb trees properly, which leads them to believe that the Tamandua may have experienced a few hard falls while attempting to climb trees.

3rd annual Bart’s Bash sailing event is on!
The 3rd annual Bart’s Bash Sailing event is been scheduled to take place worldwide on Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th. Organizers in San Pedro have planned to make the most of that weekend by holding an open regatta on Saturday, and the qualifying sailing regatta on Sunday. The location for the event will be at the beach side at the Caribbean Villas Hotel just south of San Pedro Town. The event is a highly entertaining race, where sailors from all over the world in every kind of imaginable sailboat take to their home waters on the same day and at the same time. The sailors are connected together through a computer program that is operated by the Bart’s Bash Committee, while another computer program handicaps all the various boat classes involved in the event.

SPTD promotes road safety during the new school season
The SPTD currently counts with ten traffic wardens tasked with keeping order on the busy streets of San Pedro Town. In an effort to alleviate the congestion in the early hours of the day when students are heading to school, certain restrictions have been put in place to avoid jammed streets. Head of the SPTD, Chris Nuñez explained that certain vehicles are not allowed on main streets during the rush hours of the day. “Large vehicles are not allowed to be around during the time when students are heading to school, this includes high school students as well,” said Nuñez. “Our wardens are stationed by the different schools where traffic is an issue. There they direct traffic in a safe way, while students get to their classrooms.” After school begins in the morning, large vehicles are then allowed to transit the town core area for a couple of hours, until lunchtime, when students are picked up. Restrictions on large vehicles are once again exercised, until classes begin again.sptd-promotes-road-safety-1

Zika officially classified as endemic in Caye Caulker
According to Dr. Javier Zuniga, Regional Manager, Central Health Region, there was an increase in the number of persons visiting the health facility on Caye Caulker with symptoms similar to that of Zika in the previous week. “The outbreak in Caye Caulker led to interventions for vector control activities, which we are still doing at the moment. Now, Caye Caulker has been classified as an area endemic to Zika, which means that the disease is now there and it will be present for years to come. We will have sporadic outbreaks, just like dengue. So in some seasons, you might have an increase in the number of cases and other seasons you might not. People who are appearing with these symptoms, we know now that it is Zika that is affecting the community,” said Zuniga.

Ambergris Today

Are We Drowning Our Future? Oceana Belize Fights Gillnet Fishing
The Belize Ministry of Health (MOH) is spraying all schools in San Pedro and Cay Caulker for mosquitoes this week in order to prevent the spreading of the Zika virus. The MOH is very concerned about the Zika virus spreading as the disease has now been classified as an endemic on Caye Caulker. This does not mean that there is a Zika ‘epidemic’ in Caye Caulker; it only means that the disease is now present on the island and that it will be present for years to come, according to Dr. Javier Zuniga, Regional Manager, Central Health Region.

Are We Drowning Our Future? Oceana Belize Fights Gillnet Fishing
As part of ongoing advocacy efforts to promote the use of sustainable fishing gear in Belize’s marine environment, Oceana launched a social media component in the ARE WE DROWNING OUR FUTURE? | #stopthenets campaign. The photographs feature Belizean social media personalities and are designed to highlight the indiscriminate nature of gillnetting at sea. Gillnets compromise the health of commercial fish stocks, the abundance of protected and/or endangered species and the economic benefits of both commercial and recreational fisheries. The gear also threatens the overall health of the reef system, which is a major source of employment, enjoyment and food for the people of Belize. The photo shoot took place in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Once a sleepy fishing village, Ambergris Caye is Belize’s number one tourism destination and a hotspot for recreational fishing. The photos were taken by Oceana’s Alex Ellis and feature models Joyjah Estrada and Emaun Hyde entangled in a gillnet; in the same way many charismatic, protected and economically important species are trapped in this destructive gear.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

2016 Familiarization (FAM) Trip for Mexican Travel Agencies
The Embassy of Belize in Mexico partnered with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA), to organize a Familiarization (FAM) Trip for Mexican travel agencies from 29th August to 6th September 2016. The eight participating agencies represent some of the largest and more established companies in Mexico. During their stay, the travel agents visited Belize City, Butterfly Falls, Caracol, Dangriga Town, Hatchet Caye, Hopkins, Lubaantun, Mountain Pine Ridge, Rio on Pools, San Ignacio Town, Silk Cayes, South Water Caye, Placencia, and Punta Gorda Town, where they were hosted by participating BTIA and BHA members. The event is part of the Embassy’s on-going programme aimed at actively promoting the Belizean tourism product in Mexico. This effort includes a Facebook campaign that has earned almost 140,000 likes to date and events, such as FAM Trips, that serve to promote business-to-business (B2B) contacts between the two countries’ tourism sectors.

Youth Connection Band at Orchid Bay
This Sunday, September 11th! Come celebrate the holiday with the Youth Connection Band at Orchid Bay! This will be an all day event on the beach. SMART will be on hand giving double up and promotions, Pig Roast, Beach Volleyball, fun and sun! From Mid day until sunset. Free Admission...No Coolers Allowed! Don't miss this bash! Drink Specials All Day Long! If you haven't been out to Orchid Bay, this Sunday is the day to be here!

Tropic Air: $21 tickets countrywide on Independence Day
Let's celebrate Independence Day with $21 tickets countrywide, only with Tropic Air. Special conditions apply. Check with your local Tropic Air office for details. Per Segment, each way + rider fees. Excludes Belize Int'l Airport and International routes.

Caye Caulker Community meeting on Zika
The Caye Caulker Community is cordially invited to a public meeting to address the concerns of the ZIKA virus. DATE: September 15, 2016, VENUE: Community Center, TIME: 7:00 PM. Spokesman: Javier Zuniga MD, MIPH, Regional Manager, Central Health Region, Ministry of Health.

This past Monday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, H.E. Nicolás Maduro Moros, formally received the credentials of H.E. Ambassador Lou-Anne Burns Martinez alongside Ambassadors for Belgium, Burundi, Holland, Jordan, Kuwait and Malaysia, and Nepal. The President described the event as the reaffirmation of diplomacy based on peace. Also present for the ceremony were H.E. Delcy Rodriguez, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, H.E. Jesus Salazar, Minister to the Office of the President, H.E. Luis José Marcano, Minister of Communication and Information, and significantly, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Yanez who previously served Venezuela in Belize. During his speech, at the Palacio Miraflores, President Maduro assured that the diplomacy envisioned by Commandant Hugo Chávez “consolidates cooperation and complementarity.”

Children SAFETY: Our Priority
The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC), launched in 1994, is the lead national agency and major advisory body to the government on families and children issues. With that said, NCFC takes this opportunity to wish all Belizean families and children a safe and happy 10th September celebration 2016, as well as peace and safety throughout all the September festivities. In line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Children have the right to safety and protection and therefore, we call on all adults to be mindful of their actions while celebrating and ensuring the safety of your children. NCFC also calls on the Carnival Committee as a gentle reminder to be vigilant and ensure the safety of all children participating in the carnival road march.

Letter: BPP responds to Belize PM's press conference
This past week, the prime minister of Belize held a press conference that was “vintage Barrow”, in terms of the contemptuous, yet crafty manner in which he sought to place, under public scrutiny, the auditor general’s report that detailed the scathing irregularities that have occurred during his watch. It was a noteworthy political performance yet, to the discerning public, it was clearly devoid of substance in terms of how the leader of this nation should function. Instead of commending the auditor general, the PM squandered yet another opportunity to demonstrate genuine leadership and to show that consecutive victories at the polls, translate into respectable, national stewardship. We at the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) implore Belizeans from all walks of life, whether resident in Belize or abroad, to sift through the theatrics and white noise of the PM’s recital and focus on the substantive issues that were not addressed.

Why shoot a monkey?
Can you see what is wrong in this picture? Sorry for having to be drastic but when we expected a quick monkey check over we saw another shocking case and sad example. This ex-pet monkey had "skin issues" and "lumps" were felt under the skin, and when we examined she turned out to have 6 rifle pellets and 2 broken bones by gun shot (aside very low body conditions, depression and infection of one of the gunshot wounds). The message: Please do not accept monkeys for pets because this is how these amazing, endangered and protected animals are entered into the pet trade: either the mom is killed or mom and baby are shot to obtain the animal and if they survive they are often presented as a "rescue" or sold as "orphans" :( Fortunately for this monkey she was rescued, we removed the gun shots, treated the wounds and casted the broken bones and she is in the amazing caring hands of Wildtracks so that hopefully one day in the not so distant future she can return to the wild where she belongs.

Pan Yaad 2016 was a great musical event!
The most festive month is here! Sovereign & Strong Together as one!

Channel 7

The Christian Concession: GOB Will Appeal Section 53 Judgment
On Monday, the Prime Minister met with Church leaders to discuss the appeal of the Chief Justice's Section 53 judgement. Some of the Churches want a full appeal, but the Prime Minister made it clear that his Government is only prepared to make a narrow appeal of the Chief Justice's interpretation of the word "sex" to the constitution to mean "sexual orientation". Both sides agreed to return to their constituents and then come back for a follow up meeting today. That happened today, and after 2 hours of discussion, the two sides came out and held a joint press conference. The news coming out of the meeting is that the Government of Belize is ready to launch an appeal of the section 53 judgment. Now government says it's not a full appeal, and that it's an important differentiation for the churches and which is why the Prime Minister says he's going to challenge it:...

With Appeal, Churches Can Also Challenge Ruling Decriminalizing Adult Anal Sex
And while the differentiation between the words "sex" and "sexual orientation" may be important, such an appeal would also open the door for an interested party to challenge to the other substantial part of the judgment, which is the de-criminalization of anal sex between adults. Now that not academic at all, that's the really controversial part of the judgment which has many Christian fundamentalists in an uproar. Today the PM conceded that Government's appeal does open the door to that:... Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "Government's appeal on the limited basis, government's appeal of just the one aspect of the ruling that has to do with the extension of the definition of word "sex" in fact opens the door to all who are interested parties in the court below to make submissions across the board. The Roman Catholics as an interested party can now make submissions in the appeal and they can go beyond where government is prepared to go."

Churches Cheer As PM Placates
And what accounts for the reversal of position from then to now? Maybe we can call it the moral suasion of the various church bodies: between the mainline churches and the evangelical groups, they used both soft and hard power, public demonstrations and quiet diplomacy to bring the government around. And today, these Christian soldiers cheered the government for making the compromise:... Bishop Philip Wright, Anglican Diocese of Belize: "The Anglican Diocese, we were an interested party in the whole case and perhaps one of the ways to understand why we're where we are is because we were interested party, we recognize the implications of the verdict of a case such as this. Our church does not intend to appeal the decision of the Chief Justice in total. But in saying that we also made known that we continue to have an interest in parts of that decision."

Rising Down, GOB Agrees To "Church State Commission on Public Morality."
And in a move that is sure to make the LBGT community wince in distress, the Barrow Administration has gone one step further in its renewed partnership with the churches. Government has agreed to set up a "Church State Commission on Public Morality. " Now, if this sounds like some Orwellian concoction, the Prime Minister today told the media that it's not anything that serious, just a logical continuation of their dialog from Monday and today:... Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "We will set up a church state commission to be cheered by the Deputy Prime Minister to in fact look at issues having to do with public morality and its role in our society, having to do with the institution of marriage and safeguarding that institution. Government believes, it's a shared position of all of us that marriage is between a man and a woman. The whole question of how to protect family values in an inclusive society. All those weighty matters would be within the provenance of the work of the commission which would undertake studies guided by lawyers and which will consult the general public."

Caleb/UNIBAM Wants To Be On Morality Commission
But no one is going to police Caleb Orozco's morality. He today stressed that as a citizen he is entitled to certain inalienable individual rights. He added that if the Government is determined to be fair, the Prime Minister will invite him and members of UNIBAM as members this Church State Commission:... Daniel Ortiz, 7news: "You and your lifestyle is considered very much outside what is considered morally right in this church environment, so why would they want to invite you and your organization as a member to make your concerns heard?" Caleb Orozco - UNIBAM: "If we still live under the ideals of the constitution which recognizes the diversity of groups, it's only fair to invite the most marginalized to the table to carry out a dialogue which benefits all Belizeans. If we were to be excluded, then it is important to remember that the ministers, be religious and political have their own moral closet which they need to look into and I need not speak very hard or too far about what their issues are. If it's a process of building peace and understanding and its value about building peace and understanding, we will be included without question."

Churches Cheer, Caleb Jeers
And while the churches cheered for the PM today, Orozco and the LBGT community is in more of a mood to jeer. Three weeks ago when government said it wouldn't appeal, they were the ones doing the cheering, and today UNIBAM President Caleb Orozco told us that he is prepared for round 2... Caleb Orozco - UNIBAM: "Philosophical, it was expected of this that he would consider the narrow effort in clarifying the term 'sex' and that he would sought to appease the religious lobby that was before him. While I'm disappointed that his word is difficult to embrace within any confidence, I'm also cautiously optimistic that he is able to navigate the process in such a way that ideals of our constitution is not thrown under the bus." Daniel Ortiz, 7news: "Were you hoping that he would hold out against the churches?" Caleb Orozco - UNIBAM: "I am always hopeful that a politician would defend basic principle and decency about what their word means. The reality is that he had to deal with fanatical thinking, he had to deal with a set of people who had no understanding of the law."

ZIKA On The Rise
The Zika virus is spreading throughout the country and residents of the Belize district including the Cayes, need to be on high alert. So far there have been 10 confirmed cases of Zika on Caye Caulker and health officials say there will be more. Regional Manager for Central Health Region Dr. Javier Zuniga told us more about the Caye Caulker Zika situation among other areas. Zuniga also explained that one of the major challenges in curbing these cases is community involvement. Dr. Javier Zuniga, Reg. Mgr., Central Health Regional: "In Caye caulker yes, we had about 10 cases being confirmed positive but we have stopped doing tests in Caye caulker unless they are high risk patients. What do we mean by high risk? Well we're speaking about pregnant women, children under 5 years old, folks over 65 years and chronic patents. These are the only people we'll be testing for Zika now. We have confirmed that there is local transmission in Caye Caulker which means that basically then it becomes endemic in one way. there will always be cases appearing now and again in the future and in some cases we might have small outbreaks but that is how infectious diseases work and vector borne diseases. We continue to do vector control activities in Caye Caulker, we monitored those closely and are also monitoring our pregnant mothers very closely because of course they are the ones most at risk."

PUP Lobby Church Support For Second Senate Motion
Since last week Wednesday's Senate meeting, we have been closely following the political commentary after the Barrow Administration outmaneuvered and defeated the PUP's motion for a Senate Select Committee to inquire into the Auditor General's Reports on Immigration practices. Prime Minister Barrow proposed that a Joint Select Committee, made up of members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, would do a better job than a Senate probe. The PUP condemned that as the Government attempting to cover-up and protect the UDP Minister's whose names are called in those 3 reports. Well, this morning, we met the Leader of the Opposition, and the senior PUP Senator at the Biltmore. They were there to meet the churches before going into that meeting with the Prime Minister. The PUP leaders told us that even though their motion was defeated last week, and even though the Senate rules don't allow for a defeated motion to be brought twice, they're going to try anyway.

PM Says PUP Should Try A Thing In Senate
Later on, we asked the Prime Minister if his Government would try to block the PUP from doing this, since government controls the numbers in the senate. He said that, subject to Cabinet's approval, he might be willing to withdraw his proposal for a Joint Select Committee, and let the PUP get their way, provided that the Senate probe has the right amount of UDP Representation: Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "Listen, we have no difficulty with the public hearings. We genuinely felt that a bicameral procedure would better serve. I heard people say 'oh, it is so that we can put members on the joint select committee, ministers whose names have been called.' We would never do that. But the bottom line, we are very clearly in support of an inquiry and if it is going to be such a big deal, this argument that it should be senate select committee as opposed to a joint senate select committee, I would ask cabinet to re-look at the position. Doesn't much matter to me, because either way the objective of having the public hearings will be achieved."

Chamber Writes Another Letter To PM
Today, the Prime Minister also said the Chamber did not reverse its position as was reported by Channel 5. Well, tonight, reports say the Chamber is sending him another scolding letter, basically, for speaking out of turn. Past President Arturo Tux Vasquez told us today that he was in that meeting, and what the PM said today, is not what was said yesterday:... Arturo "Tux" Vasquez - President, BCCI: "I was at the meeting yesterday and really the Prime Minister today should be getting a letter from the chamber, whereby the chamber would really be explaining to him that following the meeting he had with them before where there was a suggestion of going along with the bicameral committee he had suggested. After we had got legal advice, it appears from the constitution that by doing a bicameral group like that would not be within the constitution and as a result the chamber has now decided that they will go towards and they have gone back to think that the senate select would be the best investigative body for this type of thing. So that's really where the chamber is. That's my understanding from the meeting that I attended yesterday."

PM Says Mayor Bradley Should Have Conferred First
And so now while the Chamber is supporting the PUP's motion for a Senate Inquiry, and the opposition is lobbying the churches to do the same, you could say they're just following the lead of UDP Mayor Darrell Bradley who dramatically broke ranks with his party on Wednesday when he also endorsed the PUP Senate Inquiry. That caused a lot of blowback within the UDP - but today the Prime Minister gave only a mild rebuke: he said the mayor could have at least told him so:... Daniel Ortiz, 7news: "Will there be any political consequences for that position which he says its principle?" Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "I don't know whether there will be political consequences. There will certainly not be any attempt by the party to discipline the mayor. He is entitled to his view, opinions in the society are sharply divided, and I think we have to respect the way he feels and concede that it's a position genuinely held and one that we might have to consider, especially seeing that he has taken such a public stance."

Darrell Being Darrell
Indeed Bradley's interview with 7News on Wednesday made the biggest headlines this week, and today the rest of the media caught up with him to ask if he stands by his endorsement of a Senate Special Select Committee, or if he is waffling in the face of strong blowback from his party. And in a case of Darrell just being Darrell, he enthusiastically embraced both sides of that argument with equal zeal: Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City: "Something's in there are very troubling as a Belizean. I'm a UDP. I love my country. Tomorrow morning i will be giving a speech in relation to the National Day - we're raising flags we're talking about patriotism we're speaking about honoring Belizean patrimony and I think that a, a way that we must show that we are honoring that heritage, those who have gone before us, George price, Phillip Goldson, those who have gave their lives in the struggle for Belizean sovereignty is that we must ensure that government works for the people."

City Shootings Continue
There were 2 more city shootings last night. The first happened after 6:00 on Mckay Boulevard in the red-hot St. Martin's area. 37 year old Jason Longsworth was talking to his girlfriend at the steps of their home when 2 men on bicycles passed by and shot at Longsworth hitting him in the leg and back. Southside Commander Chester Williams gave us more details. ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "Sometime around 6pm last night, police were called to the area of McKay Blvd. where on arrival Jason Longsworth was seen suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg and back. He was transported to the KHMH where he is currently admitted in a stable condition." Reporter: "That area was actually where the last murder took place, is this a retaliation for what happened to Mr. Nicasio Zuniga?" ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "No it is no retaliation, we're trying to find out what happened, and the person who is a victim at this time is from Hattieville. We understand that he has a girlfriend who lives in that area but there is no evidence at this time to suggest that it has anything to do with the shooting death of Mr. Zungia."

Tenth September, Suicide Day
More working men are committing suicide. Now that might come as a shock since we mostly hear about the sad cases of young children or teenagers taking their lives but based on the statistics, there is a rise in suicide among men between the ages of 20 to 35. Now we know most of you are in the celebration mood and will be out tomorrow with your flags, your red, white and blue suits watching the 10th Parade in the city, but Mental Health practitioners are also calling on everyone to be as involved and enthused about World Suicide Prevention Day which is also observed tomorrow. So as to not take away from the September Spirit nor to ignore the importance of suicide prevention, a flag raising ceremony was held at the Battlefield Park today instead, to commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day. Counselor Juliet Simmons told us more about the Ministry's strategy to reach out to this vulnerable group.

Two weeks ago, we told you about the results of the investigation by the OAS Independent Investigation Team. These forensic experts from the US and Mexico did an exhaustive inquiry, and their findings vindicates the Belizean Lawmen in the fatal shooting of 14 year-old Guatemalan Julio Ruano. As you are well aware, the Guatemalan Government called it murder, and even after this investigation, they have not eased up. They are questioning the report, calling it inconclusive at best, even though the experts found evidence that the family fired shots at the Belizean patrol. Moreover, the experts unearthed the attempts by members of the Guatemalan Army to try to suppress crucial evidence. The Prime Minister commented that their Government should apologize to Belize, and those remarks incensed the Guatemalan officials. The OAS Secretary General's Special Representative, Magdalena Talamas, also remains under intense pressure from the Guats, for comments she made in their media. They're calling for her removal from the post, and they also indicated that they would complain about Prime Minister Barrow.

Carnival Fever Catching, Waist Winding Symptomatic
As you heard earlier Zika is spreading, and it's a high priority public health concern; but, thankfully, it's not spreading as fast as Carnival Fever - for which the main symptom is excessive waist winding - and that's usually good for public health. We tracked the epidemic last night at five Mas Camps - including the Senior Champs, the very road ready Soca Mocha:... The Mas Camp visits continue next week - and our team of Codie Norales and Wilson Grinage will be there in their Soca shoes….

Port of Belize Invests In Megabucks Vessel For Marine Pilots
The Port of Belize Limited may be in receivership - but the Ashcroft Affiliated Management has pumped millions of dollars into Port infrastructure. Three million more has been invested into a highly specialized vessel called "Oliver 108." The 54 foot vessel is for the Port's Marine Pilots, who have to go out at the height of the night to pilot in the big ships coming in to the Port of Belize. Today we found out why the Port is making such a big investment:.. The vessel comes from Chesapeake Virginia and is powered by two large Cummins Diesel engines.

RCCL And Port of Belize, Possible Partnership?
And we also asked Vasquez about a report in today's Amandala that Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is crafting a business plan for the possible cruise port at the Port of Belize. That's a project that's been going from back burner to front burner since 2004 with no results, but now the Ashcroft Allied Waterloo group has resuscitated it. The article suggests that Royal Caribbean which currently owns half of the Fort Street Tourism Village would be involved in the business plan for the new cruise port. Today, Vasquez stressed that it's just an exploratory idea at this time:.. Arturo "Tux" Vasquez - CEO - Port of Belize: "It is not Royal Caribbean that is the partner. Waterloo is doing a business plan and working with the government of Belize to see what it would take to put a cruise docking facility. That's a requirement by the Prime Minister last year when he spoke to our company asking for us to see what it would take to do a cruise. So what we've been doing is we will be working on that business plan. Royal Caribbean is not a investor in that. Royal Caribbean is providing some expertise, giving us information as to the size of ships and that kind of thing."

BPP "Bavs" On Referendum Date
In last night's newscast, we showed you the press conference held by the Belize Progressive Party, to discuss national affairs. But, one thing they couldn't say much about is when they actually intend to launch their People's Referendum. This is an effort to gauge out how the public is reacting to the idea of taking the Belize/ Guatemalan territorial dispute to the ICJ, and whether the Government should legalize marijuana. So, when will the party actually launch their people's referendum? That's what we asked, and Chairman Paco Smith was unable to give a straight answer: But, they've been running a poll with the help of Belize Breaking News where some 900 persons have already participated online. Now online polls are notoriously skewed, but the BPP take it to be a quick reading of the public pulse. Here's the Communications Director talking about the questions and the responses they've gotten:

Restrictions On Public Drinking In Effect This September
Tomorrow is the Tenth of September, and police are preparing for all kinds of - shall we say….recreational excess? That means plenty or partying and booze, but the cops stress, if you're drinking in public, you've got to bag it or put it in a plastic cup. ACP Chester Williams went over the rules one more time for us:...

Channel 5

G.O.B. to launch partial appeal on Section 53 decision
There is a major development in respect of the ruling on Section Fifty Three.  Government and the religious community, including the Belize Council of Churches, have arrived at a mutual [...]

Hardline evangelical community to join appeal as interested parties
In the days that followed the Supreme Court decision, the National Evangelical Association of Belize, NEAB, and the Alliance for Defense of the Natural Family were extremely critical of the [...]

Patrick Menzies issues kudos to Government for forward steps
Firebrand religious and social activist Patrick Menzies has been leading the charge in demanding that government appeals Section Fifty-three.  As the head of the Alliance for the Defense of the [...]

Time ticking for appeal; ruling on sex definition was not asked for
The decision of the Supreme Court on Section Fifty-three was perfected on August twenty-sixth, effectively commencing a twenty-one day period during which government, as well as the churches, can challenge [...]

P.M. steps back; now has no problem with Senate select inquiry if approved
The Prime Minister has been advocating for a joint select committee to investigate the special audit on immigration irregularities. That position is changing very quickly because the motion for a [...]

Barrow insists Government’s majority must be respected
The composition of the parliamentary committee to investigate the Immigration Department remains a contentious matter.  The Prime Minister went on record earlier today to state that personally he has no [...]

P.U.P. will have to re-introduce motion for inquiry
Will President Lee Mark Chang allow the Senate to reintroduce a motion to vote for a Senate Select Committee?  It’s a question that can only be answered at the next [...]

Belize City Mayor endorses Senate Select Committee
At the last senate meeting, the Belize Chamber of Commerce as well as the unions and the P.U.P. voted for a Senate investigation. But that motion was defeated and the [...]

Opposition meets with Council of Churches on Senate inquiry
Leader of the Opposition John Briceño and Senator Eamon Courtenay met with Reverend Roosevelt Papouloute and Bishop Phillip Wright this morning, ahead of the churches’ meeting with the Prime Minister.  [...]

Is Joint Select Committee legal?
Senator Eamon Courtenay explained that for a defeated motion to be re-introduced in the Senate they would have to approach the president and ask for a suspension of the rules.  [...]

Mayor says issues with audit report touch on Belizean nationalism
Earlier we heard from Mayor Darrell Bradley supporting the senate select investigation. Today, he was asked about the immigration irregularities that were exposed in the audit, for which an investigation [...]

Elected officials cannot court corruption, Mayor insists
Bradley took a strong position in respect of corruption. The mayor believes that elected official have to stand against corruption.   Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor “I was very, very [...]

Mayor Bradley brushes off backlash, says society must tackle corruption
After his comments on the audit report earlier this week in support of a senate select investigation, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley was criticized over the airwaves of his own [...]

Prime Minister says Mayor should have consulted party before public statement
But will Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley be sanctioned by his party for his candid position on calling for a Senate Select Commission?  The outspoken head of municipal government has [...]

Is industrial action on the table for teachers?
During his interview on Thursday evening following the nationwide meetings of the ten branches of the Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU), National President Luke Palacio brought up a phrase that [...]

Port of Belize launches state-of-the-art pilot vessel
The “Oliver,” the Port of Belize Limited’s first-ever pilot launch boat, was christened this afternoon at its compound in Belize City. C.E.O. of the Port, Arturo Vasquez, shares details of [...]

Man shot in troubled area of Southside Belize City
There were two shootings over the past twenty-four hours. The first took place sometime around six o’clock on Thursday evening on south side Belize City. Thirty-seven year old Jason Longsworth [...]

Former Hofius employees freed of theft charges
Back in April of this year, two former Hofius employees were charged with forty-nine counts of theft for allegedly stealing about two hundred and eight-seven thousand dollars from the downtown [...]

Mexican-Belizean granted bail for drugs
A Mexican/Belizean now living in Mexico was busted in Corozal back in July of this year, allegedly in possession of eight hundred and seventy-six grams cannabis. This morning Jose Carlos [...]

Awareness and outreach on prevention of suicides
Saturday, September tenth, is celebrated as World Suicide Prevention Day. The World Health Organization has been building awareness about this issue since 2003, encouraging persons to reach out to people [...]

Mayor addresses support for vulnerable persons in society
The global theme for the prevention of suicide is “Connect, Communicate, Care.” Depression is a main factor in instances where people take their own lives. Mayor Darrell Bradley is advocating [...]

Mas camps continue; five bands present diverse themes
The second night of mas camps took place on Thursday on south side Belize City. Five bands were judged for the creativity of their costumes as well as for the [...]


Church Leaders Grateful for Dialogue with PM on Section 53
Cool heads prevailed today as the Government and the Churches came to a consensus that a portion of Section 53 would be appealed by the Government while the ruling in its entirety will be challenged by the Catholic Church. It was a lengthy meeting held this morning at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The media […]

PM Explains Terms of Meeting with Churches
After waiting for an hour and a half to hear what the decision was that came out of the meetings and after getting the initial reactions from a few of the Church leaders that were in the meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went into detail of the decisions made while explaining the rationale along the […]

PM Says He Is Open to Senate Inquiry
The controversy over what transpired last week in the Senate when the People’s United Party’s senator motion for a senate inquiry into the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration and Nationality Department was defeated, has been the source of much discussion. Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow had somewhat of a change of heart and has […]

PM Speaks on Guatemala’s Request for New Investigation
Earlier we have reported that the Guatemalan government is unhappy and dissatisfied with the report submitted by the Organization of American States as it relates to the shooting death of the 13-year-old, Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano. The report has cleared the Belizean military of any guilt and has reported that the minor had been previously […]

Education Speaks on HFLE Curriculum
Patrick Menzies of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders has harped on several occasions, his discontent with the HFLE curriculum in schools as it pertains to sex and gender education. Present in today’s meeting with the church leaders was Education Minister, Patrick Faber who told the media that the issue did come up this morning; […]

Bradley Stands by His Statements on Senate Inquiry
We spoke with Mayor Darrel Bradley about statements he made this week, supporting the Senate Inquiry into the Audit reports on the immigration and Nationality Department. The Audit reports have fingered more than a dozen Ministers for issuing questionable recommendations for individuals to get Belizean passports. Bradley says he is standing by his statements. […]

Bradley and the Backlash for Expression
As we said, Bradley’s comments did not sit well with some within his party. He was asked if he has received any backlash for his comments. According to Bradley, the inquiry into the Audit Reports should be a completely non partisan issue.

PM Says Mayor Bradley Should Have Expressed Views Internally First
And while Mayor Bradley said he has not received any backlash for his comments, today Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that he would have preferred if Bradley had gone directly to his party and express his views.

Shooting on McKay Boulevard
A man remains hospitalized following a shooting incident around six o’clock on Thursday evening on Mckay Boulevard. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, Officer commanding Eastern Division South, spoke about the ongoing investigation. The suspected shooters were riding bicycles when they approached Longsworth.

Police in Southern Belize Makes Firearm Arrests
Police anti-crime operations have resulted in two persons detained in connection with two weapons found in their possession in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


GOB cannot investigate itself!
In an exclusive interview on Wednesday night with 7 News, Mayor Darrell Bradley took a firm position against the move by Prime Minister Dean Barrow to supplant a Senate inquiry into irregularities at the Immigration and Nationality Department with the appointment of a bi-cameral committee to look into the issue. In his interview, Bradley not only expressed his support for the march against corruption organized by the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) on Wednesday morning, but he also made clear his support for a Senate inquiry into the findings of a special audit by Auditor General Dorothy Bradley into the issuance of Belizean passports, visas, and nationality by the Immigration Department. Bradley’s support for a Senate inquiry goes against the wishes of his Party Leader, PM Barrow, and the Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Minister Godwin Hulse, who, during the last Senate meeting, voted a motion tabled by the Opposition for a Senate inquiry into the explosive findings of the Auditor General on massive corruption in the Immigration and Nationality Department, and who, instead, said that the inquiry into the findings of the audit should be held by a joint select committee drawn from the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Did police tamper with Dean Dawson’s blood specimen?
Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, the commander of Belize Rural Eastern Division, confirmed to Amandala this evening that police are investigating the apparent alteration of a blood specimen that was taken from accident victim Dean Dawson. On the night of Sunday, April 30, Dawson, a mechanic and resident of Gardenia, lost his life when he was knocked down by a Government of Belize Isuzu Rodeo that was being driven at the time by Dorian Pakeman, the Director of the Government Press Office. On Monday, September 5, ACP Broaster told the media that the file concerning the accident had been sent to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. In a telephone interview on Monday night, Broaster confirmed that the blood specimen that police took from Dawson could not be used in the investigation because it had been tampered with. Now why would anyone tamper with the blood specimen of an accident victim? It appears that whoever tampered with Dawson’s specimen wanted to show that he was under the influence of alcohol.

BNTU ready to rumble!
Teachers from across the country are considering what action they will take in addressing burning national issues, such as the call for an inquiry into the recently unveiled Immigration audits, following polls taken across the 10 branches of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), which met on short notice today, in defiance of objections raised by the Ministry of Education and the Belize Association of General Managers of Pre and Primary Schools. Militant union leaders are now slated to meet this Saturday, September 10, symbolically, on the day commemorating the battle which changed the fate of Belize, to discuss what, if any, industrial action should be taken. Some teachers were polled on whether they would actively participate if industrial action—such as a sickout, go-slow, work-to-rule, picketing, demonstration or strike—becomes necessary.

Chamber position firm on Senate Inquiry into Immigration scandal
The defeated motion for a Senate Select Committee inquiry into the recently unveiled Immigration audits, tabled by the Opposition People’s United Party at the last Sitting of the Senate, remains high on the agenda of the social partners even as the Barrow administration is promoting an alternative inquiry by a joint committee of parliamentarians from the House and the Senate. There are concerns that such a joint committee would be skewed in favor of the ruling party, which some critics say would defeat the whole purpose of such an inquiry. Today, executives of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), which had told Prime Minister Dean Barrow in a meeting held last Thursday that they would support the joint committee mechanism under certain specified conditions, met for the first time at a formal sit-down today with executives of the Belize Business Bureau, to discuss the matter of the inquiry.

Jarrell Velasquez and Devin Daly “Belize’s top two basketball prospects”
Belize’s basketball future appears brighter than it has ever been since the glory days of Milton Palacio, Alex Carcamo, Orlin Simplis, Kent Bennett, Clinton Fuller’s and Kenroy Smith. It truly is an exciting time for Belize’s National Basketball Program as we look toward competing both regionally and internationally in the near future. You may ask, why the optimism? And my answer would be “it’s all in the numbers”. The numbers being the quantity and the quality of “homegrown” Belizean basketball talent that are currently either in structured basketball programs internationally, or whom have completed such programs and now are developing and toning their individual skill sets, while gaining invaluable experience competing and learning abroad in the United States, Europe and Asia. Two such individuals that this article will focus on are graduates, Jarrell Velasquez of Galen University and Devin Daly of Lake Superior State University in Michigan.

3rd Annual Bart’s Bash Sailing Event announced
Bart’s Bash 2016 Sailing Event will take place worldwide on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18. The organizers in San Pedro have decided to make the most of the weekend by holding an open regatta on Saturday, and sailing Bart’s Bash on Sunday. Bart’s Bash has been a highly entertaining, one-of-a-kind sailing race, in which sailors all over the world and in every kind of sailboat imaginable have taken to their home waters on the same day and sailed courses that have been designated as comparable by a computer program in the hands of the Bart’s Bash Committee. Another computer program handicaps all the various boat classes involved. It has been a fully legitimate regatta. Guinness Book of World Records formally recognized the inaugural Bart’s Bash (2014) as the largest boat race in history. Having secured that record on the first try, the Committee has loosened the all-on-the-same-day rule, and made the world-wide Bart’s Bash an all-on-the-same-weekend sailboat race. Bart’s Bash should attract even more boats than it did its first 2 years; they averaged in excess of 16,000 boats.

Sugar City Hoops Week 2 schedule
Here is the Week 2 schedule for the Sugar City Hoops Basketball Tournament games being played at the East Sports Center: Friday, September 9, starting 7:30 p.m. Game 1 – (17&Under) Muffles Bobcats vs Ever Ballaz Game 2 – (25&Under) One Love vs Belize Road Bullets It’s an alcohol/drug free event! Entrance – children under 12 years – FREE; teens – $2.00; adults – $3.00.

Dangriga sports stats
The U-13 Mundialitos Competition 2016 came to an end over the weekend at the Pomona New Site football field. On Saturday, there were the semifinal matches. In game 1, Spain from Pomona and Belize Young Jaguars both ended up nil-nil in regular time and went into penalty shootout. Hilton Borland for Spain was the only one who scored, to lead Spain to the finals. In game 2, Barcelona from Dangriga won over Argentina from Steadfast, 5 goals to 1. Demille Flores scored a hat trick, and Zion Ramos and Darnel Chavez got one apiece for Barcelona, while Freddy Cho got Argentina’s only goal. Sunday was the day for the big Finals. Game 1 was the third place match, and saw Argentina from Steadfast winning over Belize Young Jaguars to take third place. In game 2, the championship game, Spain from Pomona and Barcelona from Dangriga both ended 1-1 in regular time. Demille Flores hit for Barcelona, while Adrian Nunez hit for Spain. The finals went to penalty shootout, and Barcelona from Dangriga was crowned the champion; Spain from Pomona took second place; and Argentina from Steadfast was third place.

Mundialito results from Orange Walk
The Orange Walk Mundialito finals were held today at the Louisiana Football Field. The third place game was won by Holland of Guinea Grass, 1-0, over Mexico of San Estevan, on a goal by Angel Yco. And in the championship game, it was 0-0 in regulation between Colombia of Palmar and Belize of Louisiana Area. In the ensuing penalty kicks, Colombia of Palmar won, 6-5, over Belize of Louisiana Area. Making good on penalties for Colombia were Izhar Carrillo, Allen Eiley, Andir Chi, Nazir Torres, Jaheim Augustine and Indalecio Caceres; while scorers for Belize were Michael Cruz, Marcos Alvarez, Axel Alamilla, Edrei Alamilla and Jason Cowo. The following awards were distributed after the game: Top Goleador – Axel Alamilla of Belize (18 goals); Best Goalkeeper – Charles Tillett of Holland; MVP – Alexis Chan of Mexico; Fair Play – Portugal of Trinidad Village.

Editorial: The village
A couple decades or so perhaps, it became fashionable in Belize’s intellectual circles to quote an African proverb which says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” The village of Southside Belize City has been wracked by civil war for more than two decades. Sometimes that civil war crosses the Haulover Creek to include Northside Belize City, and sometimes that civil war actually moves outside the city, to Ladyville. Sometimes it even travels west to Roaring Creek, or south to Dangriga. George McKenzie, Jr., was buried in Belize City on Monday, September 5, and after the funeral there was a lot of gunfire in the old capital. One youth was killed, afterwards another was critically injured by gunfire, and later on there was yet another youth shot, though he was listed in a stable condition. Nine years to the night before George McKenzie, Jr., was stabbed to death at a concert on Saturday night, August 27, his father, George “Junie Balls” McKenzie, a charismatic gang leader, had been shot dead on North Front Street in front of Pinks Alley.

From the Publisher
In our midweek issue, Amandala began publication of an article by Jeffrey Blankfort which was run online by on Monday, September 5. The article is so long that it will have to be continued in this present (weekend) issue of our newspaper. It is entitled: Congressional Black Caucus: Deep in the Israel Lobby’s Pocket. This is an important article for serious Belizeans, at home and abroad, to study, and I urge you to take the time to read it. African Americans are perhaps 12 percent of the population of the United States of America, and when I went to the U.S. in August of 1965 to attend Dartmouth College, black Americans (as “Negroes” were beginning to call themselves) were waging a struggle for their civil and human rights which had begun ten years earlier with the Rosa Parks bus incident in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1964 and 1965, during the Democratic Party presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who had succeeded the assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November of 1963, there had been pieces of legislation passed which increased the civil rights of black Americans, such as the Voting Rights Law, so that significant gains were being made by black activists with respect to racial integration and equality in America.

Of abalones and fake sincerity
Dear Editor, The bureaucracy of politics in Belize is truly a sight to behold. I’m mystified as to how much more compelling evidence is necessary before Belizeans wake up to just how completely corrupt and how little truth emerges from the various ministerial fiefdoms that are the linchpin of politics in Belize. The power behind the throne, these ministries exhibit malfeasance that would make a dictator blush. You gotta be kidding … these are people who are the LEAST WORTHY of a citizen’s respect, but like an abalone clinging to its rock, prying them loose can be difficult and takes effort. There’s a saying in Hollywood: “Once you learn to fake sincerity, the rest is easy…”

Alfonso C registers a complaint
Dear Editor, I have been following the three days bash that the Belize Brewing Co. has been hosting in Belize city for the last years. I do honestly believe that the concept is an excellent one but the implementation is very short-sighted and unbalanced. Having three days of festivities basically beer drinking and music in the same venue is a win-win situation only for Belize Brewing Co. Ltd. I have been a bar and club owner for almost fifty years and I have seen and felt what those three days do to neighborhood clubs and entertainment spots in the old city. For three days, clubs and other outlets are basically put into an “induced coma” by this event. On these nights we do minimal business, and at twelve midnight, when the event is over, the patrons who leave [the bash] visit the clubs, but are so intoxicated that many places would rather just close for the night than entertain them.

Of necessary checks and balances
Editor Sir: In theory, a democratic government guarantees the free and equal representation to all its citizens in determining the rules and manner in which they are governed. In practice this ideal is never achieved. Often thought of as a model of democracy, the United States limited the vote, for much of its history, to white, property-owning males. Election to public office in that country requires huge campaign budgets and the corporations and special interest groups that provide those funds are represented to a far greater degree than the individual voter. Belizeans can be proud that they have a form of government in which each individual can have his say through his vote and through a remarkably accessible media. But power and greed seem to be part of human nature and to keep the power from being concentrated in the hands of a few, a system of checks and balances must be kept actively in place.

Guatemalan squatters at El Retiro exploited OAS relocation program
Hundreds of Guatemalans have been relocated, and given lands and houses, in a program led by the Organization of American States (OAS) to peacefully address incursions and encroachments into Belizean territory, particularly in western and southern Belize. Over the course of the past year, a number of reports have surfaced, claiming continued squatting by Guatemalans on Belizean soil, including inside the Chiquibul National Park, which has strict protective status. However, latest reports from Belize Defence Force Commander, Brigadier General David Jones, indicate that all those squatters have vacated Belize, the most recent ones being a group of about 15 which have left El Retiro, where they had built 5 buildings which they have since dismantled. Three other buildings closer to Valentin camp had also been vacated, Jones indicated. We had reported on that discovery last December, when we were informed that two had been found in the region of Cebada and a third in the Valentin area, straddling the Belize-Guatemala border.

Janus: The Elected Senate
In 1776, the Declaration of Independence of the British colonies in America was proclaimed. On April 30, 1789, George Washington took the oath of office as the first President of the United States, inaugurating the greatest ever experiment in governance. Before these historic moments, the voice of a king, queen, or dictator determined the fate and behaviour of persons and the masses. Their legitimacy was styled “The Divine Right of Kings”. In America, however, the will of the people expressed by voting in elections would form the only true basis of the legitimacy of all authority. The voice of the people would now become the voice of God. The American Constitution also gave effect to the doctrine of the separation of powers. Article 1 declared all legislative power to be vested in Congress. A single person could not now do what kings and queens used to do. Through Article 3, the third great branch of national government was established. The judicial power of the United States was vested in a Supreme Court.

Don’t “jokey” Belize!
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala seem to be reading from the same page out of the same instruction manual when it comes to their individual reactions to recent official independent reports that they find unfavorable, Belize’s Auditor General’s immigration audit spawned by the Penner/Castro passport/visa scandals in the one instance, and the OAS report on the investigation into this year’s death of a Guatemalan youth by gunfire from a Belizean military/forest ranger patrol which occurred on Belizean territory. Both investigations were requested by the respective governments, the Belizean Senate in the audit case, and President Morales himself through his Foreign Ministry in the shooting case. Both Barrow and Morales had uttered words prior to these investigations which have come back to haunt them. They have now resorted to undermining the respective reports and shooting the messengers, smearing their abilities and credibility.

Findings from Spanish archives on the Battle of St. George’s Caye.
With the 218th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye days away, historians from Mexico and Belize have collaborated to present findings transcribed from Spanish archives on the historic battle. On Wednesday morning, the Bliss Centre was packed with students and historians who attended to hear a national lecture entitled: “Spanish Reports on the Battle of 1798: Preliminary Findings,” which was hosted by the Belize History Association (BHA). According to panelists, a 1,200 page record of the battle had to be painstakingly translated from 18th century Spanish to modern Spanish. Also, the panelists had to reconstruct the timeline of the battle. However, while there were no new major findings in the Spanish version of events when compared to accounts from the Baymen, there were minor differences in the details surrounding the planning and execution of the invasion and the justification for the Spanish retreat.

Benque taxi operators demonstrate against Melchor van and taxi operators
About 80 taxi drivers of 5 taxi associations of Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town, Cayo District, converged yesterday on the Benque Viejo Town Hall, where they staged a demonstration in front of the Mayor’s Office, demanding that the council take action against a van from Melchor De Mencos, Guatemala, and Melchor taxi drivers. The taxi associations say that the van is transporting students from Melchor to schools in Benque Viejo, and that the Melchor taxi drivers put Belize taxi license plates on their cars, and after dropping off the students at the schools, offer taxi services, picking up people in the town, and taking away their jobs. The angry taxi drivers say that the Melchor taxi drivers obtain their Belize taxi license plates from the transport authorities, and they are demanding an end to such a practice. The taxi drivers reported that this van is the 7th bus that is transporting the students from Melchor to Benque, and that they, the Belizean taxi drivers, are losing potential income as a result of the arrangement.

The Reporter

GOB agrees to limited appeal on Chief Justice ruling
After a follow-up meeting with representatives from various church organizations, the Government of Belize has agreed to appeal only the portion of the Chief Justice’s ruling on Section 53, which pertains to the constitutional definition of sex. Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced today that after […]

Western bus companies implement new fares; Transport Dept. says not so…til October
Bus fares along the western stretch of Belize increased on Monday but only lasted for four days, until a meeting among the bus operators, Minister of Transport Edmund Castro, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), and Transport officials ended with a few new stipulations. Those […]

Murder in San Pedro
A resident of Dangriga is dead following an altercation with another man in San Pedro on Thursday. Officer commanding the San Pedro police station, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmoth told the Reporter late Thursday that sometime after midday, two men gbecame embroiled in a fierce machete […]

PUP senators make demands
The Senators for the opposition People’s United Party (PUP) this week continued their call for a Senate inquiry into the incidents of illegalities cited in the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department. Senators Michel Chebat, Valerie Woods, and Paul Thomson, held a […]

Guatemalan officials target OAS representatives
Government officials in Guatemala are calling for the removal of two representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS), because they are dissatisfied with the results of the independent investigation into the April 20 shooting incident in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, […]

Belize receives US $109,000 from Taiwan for ICT project
Belize has received US $109,000 from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to play a meaningful role in e-governance in Belize. Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, Benjamin Ho presented the cheque to the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) of the Government of Belize for the bilateral ICT […]

July exports down almost $34 million
Belize’s exports for the month of July fell by $33.9 million, according to the latest data published by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). The SIB’s External Trade Bulletin showed that Belize exported $30 million worth of goods. The figure represents a 53 percent drop from the […]

Police now say Troy Davis’ shooting death was “accidental”
Police are saying they have changed their position on the shooting death of Tyrone Davis, 30, who they initially said was murdered. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Sand Hill village near mile 20 in the Belize district while Davis was lying in a […]

Nicosia Zuniga gunned down in Lake I
Police are looking for two men in connection with a homicide this week, which claimed the life of 22-year-old Nicasio John Zuniga. Officer Commanding Police Rural Division South, ACP Chester Williams, explained that Zuniga (known as DJ General) was shot once to the face in the upper […]

Unidentified man killed in RTA
The Rural Eastern Division of the Belize Police Department are trying to find the identity of a man that died in a road traffic accident this week. Thirty-nine-year-old Margendon Conorquie from Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District, reported to police that shortly before 5:00 a.m. on […]

Spanish archives corroborate Battle of St. Georges Caye
Belize, September 7, 2016 Spanish military records and other documents in Spain’s historical archives have corroborated and shed new light on the events leading up to the Battle of S. George’s Caye and the Spanish forces’ subsequent retreat, which were presented to Belizean schoolchildren, university students and other researchers at […]

Santa Elana Town Council suspends employees over Facebook video
The Santa Elena Town Council suspended two of its senior employees this week, after a video of them utilizing the council’s vehicle for personal use ended up on Facebook. Mayor of Santa Elena, Earl Trapp, explained on Monday that the council suspended both employees for two weeks, […]

GOB agrees to increase BERT subvention
The Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) is on its way to financial rebound, after the Government of Belize agreed this week to increase its monthly subvention. BERT and representatives of the government met in Belize City on Monday to negotiate the ministry’s assistance and they agreed to […]

We Stand For Wildlife – tackling the illegal trade in Belize
Illegal Wildlife and Timber Trafficking is having a devastating effect on many species across the globe. This trade, which can be defined as the illegal gathering, transportation, and distribution of plants and animals (and their parts), is undermining legal local livelihoods, weakening the rule of law, fuelling corruption, and providing […]

The Audit Report prepared by the Belize Audit Department under Ms.Dorothy Bradley is the most painstaking, most meticulous, most complete audit we have seen in many years. It is a monumental work, compiled by professionals and it puts the spotlight where it belongs – on various ministers without fear or […]

BNTU considers industrial action
The Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU), held a countrywide emergency meeting on Thursday evening to consider industrial action against the Government of Belize. The BNTU is upset at the Prime Minister’s request to delay their scheduled pay raise because of damage caused by Hurricane Earl. […]

Mayor supports PUP supports Senate inquiry despite backlash from UDP
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, voiced his support this week for a Senate Inquiry into the findings of the Special Audit Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department, released by the Auditor General. Bradley said that having read the law, and listening to the senatorial […]

PUP leads thousands in demonstration
By Marion Ali Assistant Editor The sights and sounds in Belize City were different on Wednesday when the People’s United Party (PUP) led a demonstration through some of the principal streets of Belize City, with people flaunting their party’s traditional blue and white colours and showing placards denouncing corruption. Supporters […]

Pregnant woman shot dead by home visitor
By Marion Ali Assistant Editor Jahida Briceno, 22, a pregnant mother of two young children met a violent death Tuesday night when she opened her door to see who had just called her name. Her home is located on Boundary Road in Orange Walk town. Briceno was with her injured […]

MOH observes World Suicide Prevention Day
Today, Belize joins with other member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) to observe World Suicide Prevention Day. In commemoration, the Ministry of Health, held a flag raising at the Battlefield Park in Belize City, to honour those who have died from suicide, the […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ambassador Lou-Anne Burns Martinez Presents Credentials to President of Venezuela
On Monday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, H.E. Nicolás Maduro Moros, formally received the credentials of H.E. Ambassador Lou-Anne Burns Martinez alongside Ambassadors for Belgium, Burundi, Holland, Jordan, Kuwait and Malaysia, and Nepal. The President described the event as the reaffirmation […]

Government agrees to challenge part of Section 53 ruling
As previously indicated, the Government of Belize and the religious community, including the Belize Council of Churches, have reached accord to appeal part of the amended criminal code which also interprets sex to include sexual orientation, following a series of meetings between the church […]

A Guatemalan flag on a September 10th parade?
A video posted on social media this morning shows a Guatemalan flag in a student parade for the Battle of St. George’s Caye celebrations held today in the Capital City of Belmopan. The video has gone viral on Facebook and is causing uproar since […]

Man fatally shot at his home in Belize City
Marvin Ottley, 35, was shot to the left hand in a shooting incident that happened last night in Belize City. Ottley was at home and heard someone calling his name and when he exited his house and went downstairs, he saw two male persons […]

Half a million dollars in fantasies
What would you do with half a million dollars? That – almost – is how much Carmen Gamboa from Concepcion Village in the Corozal District won in the most recent Fantasy Five jackpot collected on Thursday. The draw, for 494 thousand dollars was the resulted […]

Why September is police’s least favorite month
As the countdown begins to the first major weekend of the September Celebrations, spare a thought for the men and women in khaki, white and blue. The Police Department will be working overtime and then some to regulate the excesses of alcohol, sex, and […]

Police Commissioner waiting for personal copy of Audit report; denies Valdez allegation
Police Commissioner Allen Whylie says he cannot start an investigation until he has formally received copies of the Auditor General’s Special Reports on Immigration, which he has not as yet. Whylie said he has briefed the head of National Crimes Investigation Branch (NCIB) “to […]

Who lost Pakeman cocaine test for DPP?
Police Commissioner Allen Whylie commented on the report from the DPP’s Office that when police sent over the Dorian Pakeman accident investigation file, it did not include the forensic lab’s positive test for cocaine. That would be a rather conspicuous omission – and yesterday […]

Tourism Minister “come again” on Auditor General’s reports
Far from his previous comment that he will not lose any sleep over the Auditor General’s report on Immigration, Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. must now explain how it is he cultivated what the report calls “a special connection” with the Lebanese Honorary Consul […]

Belize prepares to celebrate the Battle of Saint George’s Caye
Every year on September 10, Belizeans celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Saint George’s Caye. In the 1500s, the Spaniards made constant attempts to control the region of the Yucatan coast, which included the country of Belize. In the mid-1600s, shipwrecked British sailors […]

Man shot in Belize city
Jason Longsworth, 37, was shot in Belize City on Thursday night. Last night Longsworth was speaking to his common-law-wife at the front door of their home when they were approached by two male persons who fired several shots causing injuries to Longsworth’s lower back […]

Man killed in San Pedro
Yesterday afternoon Elton Polonio, a 32-year-old resident of San Pedro town was inside Maya hardware store where he got into an altercation with another person who stabbed him. Polonio was taken to the San Pedro poly clinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival. […]

Ministry of Education blasts BNTU in press release
Yesterday evening the Ministry of Education and the Managing Authorities of the Pre and Primary Schools sent out a daunting release to the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU). In the release, the Ministry expressed extreme disappointment and concerns for the lack of sufficient notice […]

Prime Minister to hold a Press Briefing on meeting with church leaders
Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be hosting a press conference this morning at 11:00 to give an update on the outcome of his meetings with church leaders. PM Barrow met with the council of churches on Tuesday following several protests and demands made to […]

1 injured in traffic accident on George Price Highway
BBN has received confirmed reports that a traffic accident happened this morning on the George Price Highway. According to reports, the accident happened around 6: 30 a.m. and involved a Westline bus and an SUV. One person was injured and fortunately no life […]

Minor raped in Cayo; police looking for suspect
Police officers in San Ignacio Town are looking for a man who raped a 17-year-old minor from Santa Familia village in the Cayo District. According to police, the Belizean minor accompanied by her mother, both of Santa Familia Village, Cayo District reported to them […]

Ministry of Transport resolves issues with Benque Viejo Taxi Operators
Yesterday afternoon in Belmopan, Minister of State for Transport Hon. Edmond Castro, Chief Transport Officer, Tirsio Galvez, and other officials from the Transport Department met with taxi operators from Benque Viejo to discuss issues affecting them. According to a release that BBN received, an […]


How Does a Travel Agent See Belize? A Look at a Recent “FAM Trip”
I LOVE to research a trip on the internet…to thumb through travel guides…it has never once occurred to me to visit a travel agent. And while the industry has consolidated considerably since people have been so easily able to buy airline tickets and hotel rooms on the world wide web, it still remains the primary way to book cruises and package tours. I also imagine that agents are used heavily by high end clients and for business travel. All that said, I have always been very curious about how they are used to book vacations in Belize. SO…when Luigi of Magnum Belize Travel asked me if he could send me photos and a summary about his most recent FAM trip (a familiarization trip to get a look at a region) with a bunch of travel agents, I said sure. Though I have never met him or worked with his company (and no…I did not get anything free for this post) – here is a look at the trip. Maybe if I’m interested, others are too? How does your agent see Belize?

Why you should go south when visiting Belize | Southern Belize
Almost all international visitors to the country arrive in Belize City with plans to head to some of the crowded attractions in the north like Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker or sites out west in Cayo District. However, theThis unique culture is an amalgam of African and native Caribbean influences, still preserving much of their heritage like drumming, boat building, and craftsmanship in villages like Hopkins and towns like Dangriga. southern part of Belize offers savvy travelers a chance to get off the beaten path to explore some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches, nature reserves and top attractions of the south. There are seven parks in southern Belize and world-renowned sites like the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve offer visitors a chance to see waterfalls, hike through pristine rainforests, and marvel at exotic wildlife like howler monkeys, giant iguanas, jaguars, toucans, and parrots. Belize was the epicenter of the ancient Maya Empire, and today visitors can explore famous sites like Nim Li Punit and Lubantuum in southern Belize.

The Work Life Balance (Part 1)
Long hours facing a computer screen, towers of papers at every corner of your desk, endless errands from dawn til dusk, meetings with business personnel, phone calls from family, assignments for courses studied, house chores – did you just picture your life routine? Well, here’s the great news – you’re not alone. Whether it’s reporting to the workplace, studying for another degree, managing your own business or raising children – there is always WORK! So when do we actually take some time out of our busy lives to actually do LIFE? How do we maintain the “work life” balance? Maintaining a healthy work life balance doesn’t mean the number of hours assigned to your work tasks must equal the same number of hours spent on personal activities, as this would be unrealistic and perhaps more stressful. Life in itself is and should be fluid and adaptable to the inevitable changes that occur daily. Thus, in simple terms, the balance exists exactly where your self-fulfillment is met through both working and living life.

International Sourcesizz

Belize will not support second probe into death of Guatemalan teen
Belize has ruled out supporting another investigation into the shooting death of a Guatemalan teenager earlier this year after Guatemala City rejected the findings of an investigation carried out by the Organisation of American States (OAS). Guatemala had originally asked the OAS to carry out the probe into the incident that had threatened to escalate its border dispute with Belize. “I can tell you with full certainty that will not happen. This is our country. An incident occurred within our borders. It is the responsibility of our authorities to do the investigation. We had acceded to the suggestion that we get experts because we wanted to make it clear that we had nothing to hide,” said Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington.

Bohart Museum’s open house features thousands of new moths
Probably not what a group of scientists from the Bohart Museum of Entomology did. They journeyed to Belize to collect insects for the museum and brought back about 100,000 specimens. Entomologist Fran Keller, a museum associate who received her doctorate from UC Davis, co-led the tour. She is now an assistant professor of zoology at Folsom Lake College. Insects collected ranged from orchid bees to morpo butterflies to moths. The contingent to Belize included Steve Heydon, senior museum scientist at the Bohart Museum; entomologist Jeff Smith, who curates the moth and butterfly collection at the Bohart; and entomologists from the doctorate level to graduate students and undergraduate students.

Caribbean countries meet in Grenada ahead of COP22 in Morocco
Grenada is hosting the CARICOM Climate Change Negotiators and Ministerial preparatory meeting in preparation for the Conference of Parties (COP) for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will be held in Morocco this year. The three-day conference, which began on Monday, is being attended by representatives from 12 countries as well as the Belize-based Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the Guyana-based CARICOM Secretariat. The objectives of the preparatory meeting are to provide ministers and negotiators with a forum to prepare for COP 22 to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco from the 7th to 18th November 2016 and to develop the regional positions for the Caribbean states.


  • The flag!, 3min. Made in Belize by Ms. Sandra Mai of Orange Walk

  • 10th of September Song, 3min.

  • Watch Krazy Kimberlin take on Marie Sharp's - Smokin Marie Hot Sauce!, 7min.

  • BONEFISH RUSH HOUR ~ EL PESCADOR LODGE, BELIZE, 1.5min. On our afternoons off we rented a golf buggy and followed the map given to us by El Pescador lodge where we were staying ~ in this particular "mill pond" spot we cast to the other side and sunk our green weighted clousers for approx 10 seconds and stripped until we felt a tug... great sport for a few hours!

  • The Great Father of Belize George Price mingling with investors in Los Angeles about Belize., min.

  • BPP Press Conference September 8th 2016, 50min. ITEMS DISCUSSED: - Growing Dysfunction in Belize's Governance - Auditor General's Report - Fiasco at the Sitting of the House - Sitting of the Senate - The People’s Referendum - Salary Increase for Teachers - The State of the Economy - Upcoming BPP Initiatives - UNCAC/POCA - BPP Outreach...

  • Belize 4k, 10min. Our trip to Belize in the summer of 2016.

  • Convencion Nacional belize 2016 rev Guztavo Chay, 83min. Movimiento Misionero Mundial.

  • AARON FRANCIS: THE MAKING OF A DYNAMIC BELIZEAN-AMERICAN SCHOLAR!, 25min. My coming across this outstanding young man in the Belizean-American Community and diaspora in Los Angeles was most astounding. Through the kind courtesy of a good friend, Orlin 'Proxy' Lewis, who prompted me on the dynamic youth achievement that this promising Belizean-American young man was contributing to his community, family and people, yours truly was moved by such rare sense of consciousness in our young people today, not to mention Aaron's incredible academic achievements, having to come straight out of South Central Los Angeles.

  • MISSION BLUE DR SYLVIA EARLE w/ Michael, 5min. Actual Date June 2013-The opp to be in the water exploring with Sylvia... words can't express, made a differance in my objectives and focus at sea as Sylvia later labeled me as an Eco Warrior. Just do what you can do and pay it forward, share it out.... Thanks MD

  • Soca Moca Senior Carnival Mas Band, 3.5min.

  • Fantasy Explosion Senior Carnival Mas Band, 5.5min.

  • Belizean Jewels Senior Carnival Mas Band, 1.5min.

  • Collett Royal Revellers Junior Carnival Mas Band, 1/2min.

  • Black Pearl Junior Carnival Mas Band, 1/2min.

  • A short clip of the Fire Engine Parade in San Pedro Town, 1/2min. As everyone is getting ready to bring in the 10th and celebrate the 218th anniversary of The Battle of St. George's Caye! Happy September Celebrations!

  • Nosotros Unidos Con Belize, 2min. Cecilia Bográn habló con representantes de Honduras y Belice sobre la participación de estos países en el Desfile por la Independencia de Centroamérica que se llevará a cabo este fin de semana.

  • Fire engine and emergency vehicle parade. Belize City 2016, 3min.

  • Billy and Rose take on the Western Carribean!, 4min. Adventures in Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

  • Belize Annual Fire Engine Parade 2016, 2.5min. Fire engine parade; carnival.

  • 2016 08 Belize Caye Caulker Snorkeling Shark Ray Alley, 4min.


  • Chan Chich Resort in Belize, 2min. The Chan Chich Lodge in Northwestern Belize may be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Situated in the plaza of an ancient Mayan village, its accommodations and food are fabulous and lush landscape is incredible.

    September 9, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Stabbing incident takes the life of Elton Polonio
    32-year-old Elton Polonio, a resident of San Pedro Town, was fatally stabbed in the chest after a heated altercation in broad daylight. Despite efforts to assist and transport him to the San Pedro Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II, he died while undergoing treatment. Polonio’s body has since being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City where it awaits a post-mortem examination. More than one eyewitness version claims that Polonio allegedly received the fatal injury at Central Park. They also claim that Polonio then proceeded to Angel Coral Street, where he went inside a hardware store in search of machete. He came out flinging it as if looking for his assailant, when he collapsed on the street bleeding profusely before being picked up and taken for medical assistance.

    Belize’s agriculture industry is in crisis
    The agriculture and tourism industry are both synonymous to Belize’s economy, and are in fact, the main source of livelihood for many generations. Unfortunately, Hurricane Earl has significantly affected one: Agriculture. The loss of revenue from this industry is causing the Belizean economy to falter. According to a Parliament report by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Friday, August 26th, the damages caused by Hurricane Earl is now estimated at $183.6 million. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche explained that agriculture alone suffered $100 million. “What we have right now indicates millions worth of damage, because when we factor in the main affected subsectors – bananas, corn, and vegetables—corn, as I had said, was in the region of $49 million worth of losses, bananas will probably be within the region of about $40 million, and the rest takes us over $100 million in damages,” said Alpuche.

    National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan affirmed by GOB
    An innovative idea from the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI), known as the National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan was affirmed at the House of Representatives on Wednesday, August 31st. It is the first plan of its kind in the Central American and Caribbean region, and it aims to support the distribution, sustainable use and planned development of Belize’s coastal resources. Approval of the plan by affirmative resolution is an extraordinary step forward for sustainable coastal resource use and management in Belize. This motion by the Government of Belize (GOB) solidifies its commitment to fulfilling the national agenda for growth and sustainable development. The affirmation of the plan puts an end to four years of consultations involving many environmental agencies and other relevant stakeholders from multiple sectors, including the private sector and civil society. In the last phase, the Plan had to go through a required 60-day public inspection period before it was affirmed. It was then widely circulated for it to be reviewed and commented on by stakeholders to verify its credibility, precision and social acceptability.

    GOB and BERT reach emergency service agreement
    After threatening to shut down its services, the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) has finally agreed to continue operating in the Belize District following an agreement with the Government of Belize(GOB). As a result, GOB through the Ministry of Health (MOH), has agreed to grant BERT $45,000 per month for the next six months, while the two organizations continue negotiating long-term financial sustainability. According to an announcement by BERT, they indicated that as of September 1st they would be pulling out their land ambulance operations in the Belize District. This has been the result of an issue between the MOH and BERT which flared two years ago, when several of BERT’s emergency medical technicians left the service for better opportunities with the Government. The organization lobbied GOB for additional funding in order to keep operating. However, a series of misunderstandings with the Government almost led to a halt of the services, which would have compromised emergency medical services to the district.

    Ambergris Today

    Man Collapses on Busy Back Street in Bizarre Stabbing Incident
    A pool of blood staines the pavement in front of Super Buy store on Angel Coral Street (Back Street) this afternoon as a man who was stabbed, at approximately 2p.m., collapsed in the middle of the busy street. Police have blocked the street and the victim has been taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriquez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. Eye witnesses account the very bizarre incident that apparently started on Barrier Reef Drive at Central Park. According to eye witnesses, the man (identified as Elton Polonio) was stabbed in the park area where he proceeded to run to Maya Hardware Store across from Super Buy, on Back Street. It was there that he purchased a machete and upon exiting the store (swinging the machete as to locate his assailant) he collapsed on the street where he bled profusely from a stab would to his chest, before being picked up by authorities.

    San Pedro Dog Whisperer Heads to California and Utah for Advance Training
    What do you normally do when you reach a milestone anniversary - you put on a celebration (party), right? Well not Katia Marin of Pampered Paws; she just works even harder. Those who know Katia, aka Kathy, see her as a workaholic and animal lover who puts her ALL in her business. This month she celebrates Pampered Paws’ 15th Anniversary. Instead of putting on a huge party, Katia Marin, Dog Behaviorist, Master Dog Trainer and owner of San Pedro’s number one training, boarding and grooming facility, heads to Ontario, California to attend the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Animal Education Conference in a week. September not only commemorates the 15th anniversary of Pampered Paws, it marks yet another journey in breakthrough animal behavior and advanced training for Kathy. “It is one of the highlights of my year to attend the IACP,” says Marin. “I meet and collaborate with the leaders of animal behavior; greats like Cesar Milan, Joel Silverman, Jeff King and Heather Beck.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    September Celebration Activities on Caye Caulker
    Activities for this weekend September Celebration includes: 1) Fire Engine Parade Friday begins at Central Park at 6:00 pm. 2) Family Day Saturday at Palapa Garden at 9:00 am. 3) Powder Party and Wet Fete Sunday at Palapa Garden 3:00 pm. Come Out and be involved and have some fun. Happy St George's Caye Day to All!!

    Ministry of Transport and Bus Operators Reach Agreement on Bus Fares
    The Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, Transport and National Emergency Management, along with Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ruth Meighan and Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, have just concluded a meeting in Belmopan with bus operators from the West regarding proposed adjustments in bus fares which had reportedly been arbitrarily implemented by some operators. It has been agreed that all bus fares will revert to the rates that existed prior to such arbitrary increases. The Ministry of Transport and the bus operators have discussed and agreed in principle on proposed rate adjustments, which will be considered by the Belize Transport Board and must first be approved by Cabinet and authorized via a Statutory Instrument before they can be implemented.

    Belize Crime Observatory Logo Design Competition Winner!!
    On the 11th of April 2016, the Ministry of National Security launched a nationwide “Logo Design Competition “tour. The team visited all the tertiary level institutions in the country of Belize. This is a first glance at the expected functions of the Belize Crime Observatory thus beginning the sensitization process. Entries were received the following institutions: Ecumenical Junior College, Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, The University of Belize, Wesley Junior College and Saint John’s College Junior College. There were a total number of eleven (11) submissions. The winner of the Logo Design Competition was Mr. Gabriel Nah, a student of Saint John's College Junior College in Belize City.

    Over 400 Villagers of Aguacate, Toledo District Now Have Continuous Supply of Safe Water
    Men, women and children of Aguacate, now have access to the continuous supply of safe water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking; thanks to the Government of Belize who financed the Aguacate Rehabilitation and Extension Water System at a cost of BZ$323,633.73 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. Equally important, the completion of the water supply sub-project will also contribute significantly to the reduction of water, food, vector, and communicable diseases in Aguacate. The Government of Belize in this context, is making critical achievements in improving the wellness, and quality of health of villagers of Aguacate, surrounding communities and by extension, the country of Belize.

    September Celebrations 2016: PGIA Kiosk
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) Hospitality Team, sharing the September excitement with guests at the PGIA!

    Back to School Drive
    The Special Envoy, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, visited all 9 children's homes countrywide to distribute school supplies to disadvantaged children as part of her back to school drive.

    As part of ongoing advocacy efforts to promote the use of sustainable fishing gear in Belize’s marine environment today Oceana launched a social media component in the ARE WE DROWNING OUR FUTURE? | #stopthenets campaign. The photographs feature Belizean social media personalities and are designed to highlight the indiscriminate nature of gillnetting at sea.

    Aerial views of huge crowd at PUP Protest

    Belize Carnival Mas Camp Map
    Belize Carnival Mas Camp visits continue tonight and next week! Check out this map for dates and locations. Slight change to the route for tonight (Thursday, Sept. 8) as follows: Black Pearl-JR 88 West Street Belizean Jewels-SR 134 Euphrates Avenue Collet Royal-JR Iguana Street Extension Fantasy Explosion - SR 9 Yound Street Soca Moca -SR 11 Dolphin

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    The Secret Life of Pets, The Conjuring 2, Central Intelligence, X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Rotary 11th Wine & Cheese Fundraiser
    The Rotary Club of Belmopan is having their 11th annual Wine and Cheese fundraiser. It'll be at the George Price Centre on Saturday, October 1st. They'll have a silent auction, and raffles. "The Belmopan Rotary Club has published the date for their wonderful wine and cheese fundraiser, October 1. Tickets are on sale now."

    Channel 7

    Teachers Union Calls Emergency Meetings Nationwide To Discuss Pressing Matters
    This afternoon, you may have had to make arrangements to pick up your school children a little earlier than usual. That's because teachers all across the country were called to emergency meetings with their Union's Branch Leadership. These meetings were activated under emergency provisions because the leadership wanted a mandate on how to proceed on a number of issues, including the request by the Prime Minister for the teachers to hold off on their final 3% increase for their salary adjustment. Now, according to the Ministry of Education this meeting was called at the last minute, and that caused them to fire off a scathing press release basically scolding the union for not giving due notice. We'll get to that later, but first, we waited outside the emergency meeting for the Belize City Branch, and we got an opportunity to speak with National President Luke Palacio. He told us that neither he nor Belize Branch President Kathleen Flowers could get into the details of today's discussions because there is protocol that they must follow. They must first report back to the Union's Council of Management before there can be any public disclosure.

    Ministry Blasts Union For Giving Insufficient Notice
    So, here's that the ministry had to say about this evening's emergency meeting. A joint press release from the ministry and the General Managers of Pre and Primary Schools says, quote, "The Ministry along with Managing Authorities hereby expresses their strong disappointment with the approach taken by the (BNTU) leadership in their calling of branch meetings at such short notice. The lack of sufficient notice does not contribute to enhancing industrial relations between the BNTU, the Managements and the Ministry. Furthermore, it shows a total disregard for children and their parents affected as a result, specifically through the loss of instructional time, right at the start of the new school year, and the alternative arrangements parents have to make for their children on such short notice. We therefore express our serious concerns about the lack of sufficient notice and the consistent failure on the part of the BNTU leadership to abide by the agreed upon conditions for union meetings." End quote.

    Hon. Heredia Rejects Auditor General's Findings
    Turning now to the Auditor General's report – that's still a hot button issue – and Tourism Minister Manuel Juniour Herredia is in the hot seat tonight. Two weeks ago he breezily volunteered to us that he won't lose any sleep over what's in the Auditor General's reports because there's nothing in there to implicate him in wrongdoing. Well since then a whole lot has surfaced, especially in the nationality report, where the man called Junior almost got a whole chapter dedicated to him – and if that chapter had a name, it would be "A Whole Lotta Harmouche's". That's because the Rural South Area Rep seems to have enjoyed a special relationship with this particular Lebanese family in San Pedro. The Auditor General concludes, quote, "We observed that there appeared to be a special connection between the Honorary Consul of Belize in Lebanon, Khodr H. Harmouch and Hon. Manuel Heredia in order to have…three members of the Harmouch/ Harmouche family acquire Belizean nationality." It also notes that in one case, quote, "Minister Heredia requested File for processing a year before applicant had qualified for Nationality based on his file."

    COMPOL Whylie, Waiting Patiently For Auditor General's Reports
    Indeed, there's a whole lot of wrongdoing in the Auditor General's reports to look very seriously into – but the police have not launched an investigation. Today, Commissioner Allen Whylie told us that he's waiting for the Auditor General to send him the reports:… Reporter: "Do you believe as the Commissioner of Police that an investigation should now be opened and be full-fledged?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "What I believe in is material. I haven't received any copies from the Auditor General. I have been kept aware to some degree via the media pronunciation but I'm certain that whenever we get those things we will look at it, we will read it and I'm certain the DPP will also look at it and read it and we go from there."

    Whylie Denounces Claims By Retired Cop
    And while Whylie is moving slow on this reports, he was quick to denounce an allegation made by retired Superintendent of Police Julio Valdez. He was tasked to investigate passport irregularities and called a morning talk show to say that he was directed to only focus on how PUP Attorney Arthur Saldivar had come into possession of a trove of immigration documents. Whylie said there was no such directive – and surely not from his office:.. Reporter: "Mr. Julio Valdez has come out and said now as was indicated back then that you had called on him to forget about the other line of investigation that had to do with wrong doing on the part of officials within the immigration department and involvement from minister." Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "Well if Mr. Julio Valdez said that about me then I can't categorically deny that allegation and tell you he is telling a lie and if I have confirmation that he has said that about me then my attorney will definitely contact and speak with him because I categorically deny what he has said."

    Whylie Says Pakeman's Posiitve Test Was Lost By Cop
    We also asked Commissioner Whylie to comment on the report from the DPP's Office that when police sent over the Dorian Pakeman accident investigation file, it did not include the forensic lab's positive test for cocaine. That would be a rather conspicuous omission – and today Whylie told us that it's the fault of a police officer who never delivered it to the DPP:… Jules Vasquez: "Sir are you able to speak on the Pakeman cocaine test? It was not sent to the DPP along with the police file. The DPP's office came upon it quite by accident. Was there deliberate suppression of that cocaine test?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "No I have spoken to Mr. Broaster who's actively following up that issue and he has indicated to me and this information you can confirm with him that they became aware of that certificate after the fact and they had received a copy and he had directed an individual officer to take that certificate to the DPP. He later learned from the DPP that had not been done and he is addressing that issue. As a matter of fact I believe that they have a meeting with the DPP today."

    San Pedro Stabbing Turned To Murder After Midday
    A man was stabbed to death in San Pedro town this afternoon. According to the San Pedro Sun, 32 year old Elton Polonio got into a fight with another man inside a hardware store. Things escalated quickly and the man stabbed Polonio in the chest. Polonio ran form the scene but collapsed on the street a short distance away. He died while receiving treatment at the Island polyclinic. Apparently, Polonio and the suspect had been in fights before. Police have the main suspect in custody tonight.

    Bus Fare Hike Rejected By Ministry
    Last night we told you about the proposed increase in bus fares for the Western corridor. But turns out it wasn't any official increase, West line and BBOC bus lines took it upon themselves to implement the hike in prices without informing the public or consulting with the Transport Department. It was a bold move by these bus operators to turn the government's attention to the struggles they face but it's also one that enraged the public. Several commuters reached out to us saying that for the past 2 days the express buses from Belize City to Belmopan has gone from $5 to $7 and they are simply not having it. And so to address all these issues the Minister of Transport Edmond Castro met with several bus companies today at his NEMO office in Belmopan. We start off with a comment from the owner of the Shaw's Bus Company, Thomas Shaw. He told us although he agrees with the increase, he does not support the way the other companies approached the issue. We also asked him if the bus companies were considering the commuters who would be paying more for a sub-par service. Thomas Shaw - President, BZ Bus Association, Shaws: "The main purpose of this meeting is basically it was a hike in bus fares that actually took place about 2 days ago of which the department didn't really approve but it was something that was in the pipeline for quite a while and the operators felt well they should make a move."

    Border Cabbies Have Issues With Guatemalan Buses
    And from bus operators to taxi associations. Right after that meeting with the various bus companies, Minister Castro had a separate meeting with the Western Border taxi groups. They too have their own complaints. President of the Mopan Taxi Association Arsenio Panty told us more about their plight. Arsenio Panty - President, Mopan Taxi Association, Western Boarder: "Right now no bus, no taxi, no minivan could go into Guatemala side to conduct business but the Guatemalans they come here the bus, minivans and taxi drivers too conducting business here in Belize. We are in a 5 association based at the border in total we are about 125 taxi drivers and we are suffering a lot that we are just seeing how they are carrying the tourists and we are not doing nothing. They just pay a fee at the border and they come into Belize."

    Keon Killed Nicasio, Why?
    22 year old Nicasio Zuniga was killed on Monday night not far from his home in the St Martin's Area. Today police charged the alleged gunman, 20 year old Keon Usher. Officer Commanding Southside, Chester Williams told us about the rivalry that led to this murder:… ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "Yesterday we formally arrested and charged one Keon Usher for the crime of murder." Jules Vasquez: "Okay sir explain to me what forces are at play here in terms of what was Keon Usher's motive to kill Mr. Zuniga who was just returning from the shop." ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "Like I have said before in previous interview we believe that the shooting was gang related. While Mr. Zuniga may not have been one of those person who are actively out there in gang activities he do associate himself with person who are involved in gang activities and I believe he was targetted for those persons that he associate himself with."

    Family: Nicasio Was No Gangster
    And this confounding, randomized violence is just what Nicascio Zuniga's sister spoke about when she gave us an interview two nights ago. Her brother was shot in the head on the way home from the corner store, a stone's throw from home – his sister Keish said it's all about where he was born:… Kesha Zuniga - Sister: "So let me put it out clear to the public and the police officers that are saying that my brother is gang related, Jules he's not, he is not. He may be hanging out with people who are affiliates of gangs but he wasn't a gang member." Jules Vasquez: "Is that what your brother faced last night; just because of where he's from they say well we wa get you." Kesha Zuniga - Sister: "Yes that's it because he's from here or he's from this area where they call I dunno give me the slang."

    COMPOL Whylie Rejects Mason Connection
    When we met Police Commissioner Allen Whylie today, it was the first time the Media has gotten a chance to question him since the Pastor Lu murder on July 15th. Whylie had been on leave when it happened – and since then all sorts of allegations about Lu's alleged killer, Danny Mason and the police have emerged. Since Mason was a friend to so many Police officers, we asked Whylie if he was one of them:… Reporter: "Did you have any relationship with the man?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "No (laugh)... I think most of Belize has been asking that question. I can categorically deny, I don't know Mr. Mason, I have never met Mr. Mason, I have no relationship with Mr. Mason."

    Whylie Says Mason Never Infiltrated Police Department
    But did Danny Mason or Ted Ouelette infiltrate the police Department? That's the bigger question since legitimate issues have arisen with how Mason seemed able to befriend persons as big as the minister of national security – and ingratiate himself to police officers of many different ranks. Whylie rejected the word "infiltration:" Jules Vasquez: "Are you able to accept especially units like the SPU, we know they responded and they refused to assist in the arrest. Are you of the opinion that he infiltrated in a deliberate way high levels of your police department?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "I haven't heard Mr. Mason said that. I have learned that he was friend with some police officers including some members of the Special Patrol Unit but I don't know if I could draw the conclusion that he had infiltrated the higher échelon of the police department." Jules Vasquez: "Sir the former commander of the GSU was seen at his house in an embrace, he said he was under cover. We know that the current commander of the GSU has some type of relation with him; we are told that it's a security consultancy, something like that. Are you aware of these things?"

    Commissioner Says Flowers Was Not Undercover, At Least Not On His Order
    Now you heard Whylie mention Superintendent Mark Flowers – the former GSU Commander who claimed he had befriended Danny Mason in an undercover capacity. He said he didn't know Flowers was on an undercover mission: Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "I didn't know, I can say I didn't know, honestly I did not know I was out of the country; but he has said otherwise, he has said otherwise and I'll leave it at that because it's there in the public. I can say that Mr. Flowers enjoyed my full confidence as the commander of the GSU and what he said, he said that is what he felt, that is what he believes and those are matters I believe you need to pursue with Mr. Flowers and not myself."

    COMPOL Says Lessons Learned From House Meeting
    We also asked Commissioner Whylie to comment on all that happened at the House of Representatives two weeks ago with Julius Espat. He said it was regrettable, but also unavoidable:… Reporter: "Do you believe that the police acted as it should have? Was there force that shouldn't have been used? Optically it looks bad." Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "Well optically it looks bad but of course you must understand that the police operates on the instructions of the speaker and whilst I believe that you police excercised great restraint in terms of not having to resort to force it was obvious that force was required because the member refuse to comply with the speaker's instructions or refuse to comply with the police directive in terms of several officers having speaking to him. I think that on both sides perhaps a little bit more dialogue or rational could have been used."

    Police Reject Unruly Protestors
    And what about the protest outside that House Meeting – which got out of hand and caused a jumpy police officer to discharge his weapon. He told us that the cop wasn't wrong, but there'll be no more guns at the House Meeting:… Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "I can tell you that the house meeting when some persons wanted to give trouble and the security forces were firm in terms of apprehending some person. Mr. Brackett was quick to deny in terms of instigating or those person been a part of his group. I want to tell you that we are committed; we will maintain law and order. We will do whatever is necessary within the law to ensure there is minimal breach of the peace and indeed we are reviewing all footage that we have and where we are able to make a case against anybody, we will be pursuing those matters." Jules Vasquez: "Will you all bring a sanction against the police officer who panicked, the one on the stairs of the national assembly who panicked and fired what we believe was a live round as a warning shot in the air when he saw some of the protesters approaching the stairs?"

    Utility Unions Commend PM
    Two weeks ago, we told you about the utility unions supporting the Evangelical Churches in their call for Government to appeal the Section 53 judgement. Well this evening, they released another statement applauding the Prime Minister for meeting with the churches on Monday. The statement says, quote, "We want to publicly commend the Prime Minister of Belize for engaging in direct consultation with the Churches. Our unions are closely monitoring the entire situation, and even though we still have reason to be concerned…" End quote. But, just to make it clear, the utility unions added that they are advocating for peace, and no discrimination, especially against the LGBT community.

    The Press Conference Party Holds Forth
    At the top of the news, we told you how Police Commissioner Allen Whylie is waiting for his special copies of the Auditor General's reports to decide whether or not a criminal investigation should be launched. Well, Belize's third party, the BPP, has been looking on while the PUP and the UDP point fingers at each other, because each has had its own immigration scandals. Today, the BPP held a 47 minute press conference to talk about their positions on a laundry list of national issues, including the Auditor General's Report. Not surprisingly, they don't agree with the Prime Minister's decision for joint select committee from the entire National Assembly to look into the reports. BPP Chairman Paco Smith explained why:

    New Rides For Tourism Police
    Tonight you’ve seen a whole lot of news from the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Tourism. And it all came from a relatively minor news event: the handing over of two new pickups for the Tourism Police Unit. The Mazda Trucks valued at 150 thousand dollars will be assigned to San Pedro and Hopkins – we found out why:… And while Hopkins will get even more police officers when the new intake passes out, what about San Pedro? Unlike Hopkins, it’s not an up and coming destination; in fact, it’s THE number one destination in Belize. But does it get enough respect? That’s’ what we asked the area representative today:..

    Fantasy Five Winner Gets Half A Mil, Almost
    Tonight, Carmen Gamboa from Concepcion Village in the Corozal District has an the kind of problem most of us would love to have: she has to figure out what to do with half a million dollars. She won the money in a Fantasy Five Draw. The jackpot was 494 thousand dollars and after taxes she takes home 15% less, about 420 thousand dollars. It was a double stroke of luck since she cashed in on a jackpot that had been abandoned and put back into the pool :… After taxes, she walks away with 419 thousand, 9 hundred dollars.

    Mas Camps, Come Een!
    Carnival season is underway – and last night four of the Mas Camps invited in the public and the media to see what themes and designs they have put together. It’s an event for the media, but also for the neighbourhoods where the camps are based to come out and see what months of late night toiling has produced. 7News was there for the flesh and the flash:… The Mas Camp visits continued tonight and our team is out there right now. Tune in for more tomorrow.

    September, Chester’s Least Favourite Month
    And while the revelers and the onlookers have a fine time celebrating September, for the police it's just more work – in fact, the most work they do in any given month. And that's why for the Southside Commander, September is stress month:.. Jules Vasquez: "Is September your least favourite month as in so far as it's the perfect storm of alcoholic excess, celebratory excess, excess of sexiness because you know where ever scantily clad women are men will follow. Men with alcohol, sometimes men with gang affiliations they will encounter other men with gang affiliations in pursuit of this sexiness. Is September a big policing problem because of this?" ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "My brother Jules you always come with some bwai I no know (laugh).. But yes Jules September is indeed our most challenging policing month, September then December and again it's because of the festiveness of the city; December is the unital season you know people preparing for Christmas and lot of shopping and so forth but September is celebration month and we know celebration come with alcohol and with alcohol comes violence right. So the police have to be extra vigilant in the month of September."

    Channel 5

    Chamber of Commerce drops support for bicameral Immigration inquiry
    There are major developments to report in tonight’s newscast. But first, the Belize Chamber of Commerce met in an emergency session this afternoon and reversed course on a bicameral investigation [...]

    Belize National Teachers’ Union calls emergency branch meetings to discuss major issues
    There was another emergency meeting held this afternoon. The ten branches of the Belize National Teacher’s Union met to debate and take decisions on the scheduled delay of Government’s salary [...]

    Union President says permission from Ministry is not needed
    But the Ministry of Education is at odds with the B.N.T.U. over the convening of today’s meeting without following protocol. The Ministry issued a release prior to the meeting, which [...]

    Did Ministry’s sentiments sway turnout at meetings?
    President Luke Palacio was asked whether the Ministry’s suggestions affected turnout to the meeting. He said he could not say for sure, but he believed that teachers were ready and [...]

    Man murdered in love triangle stabbing in San Pedro
    A thirty-two year old unemployed man from the San Mateo area of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye is dead tonight. Police in Ambergris Caye told us the evening that the [...]

    Belize City man charged in murder of Nicasio Zuniga
    A Belize City youth was gunned down in the city on Monday night minutes before the live news broadcast. Today, three days after his execution style murder, Belize City police [...]

    Speaker of the House has right to sue over Auditor General’s Immigration Reports
    The Auditor General’s special report into the issuance of passports, visas and Belizean nationality names quite a number of elected officials, including Prime Minister Barrow himself.  He is cited in [...]

    F.C.D. will not get independent commissioners’ report from Government
    The deadly shooting of fourteen-year-old Guatemalan minor Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano in the Chiquibul Forest involved B.D.F. soldiers, as well as rangers from Friends of Conservation and Development.  The Belize [...]

    Foreign Minister rules out another investigation of Julio Alvarado death
    As for another O.A.S.-commissioned investigation into the fatal shooting, Elrington says that government is quite satisfied with the results of the initial inquiry.  All things considered, there will not be [...]

    Police Commissioner says he did not know William Mason – but knew of alter ego
    Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was away on leave for some time; in fact, he was out of the country when the entire saga involving accused murderer William “Danny” Mason [...]

    Commissioner Whylie does not believe Mason infiltrated upper echelon of Police
    Accused murderer William Mason returns to court in the next few days, but he once boasted that he had a number of officers on his payroll, including members of the [...]

    Police completing Mason file for D.P.P.
    In terms of the criminal investigation, ComPol Whylie says he was briefed by the Acting Commissioner Mister Blackett, and was assured that the police were on top of the case. [...]

    Bus fares to go up on October first; operators agree with Government
    As we reported on Wednesday, bus fares unexpectedly went up in for commuters travelling westbound on Westline, Guerra’s, B.B.O.C. and J and J. The hike in price was as much [...]

    G.O.B. also meets with taxi operators from Benque
    Following a meeting with bus operators in the west, Minister of Transport Edmond Castro met with the Mopan Taxi Association.  For months now, the group has been clamoring for the [...]

    Police Commissioner says he is waiting to receive Auditor General reports
    This is the second audit that has been conducting by the Auditor General on the Immigration Department. Given the obvious widespread irregularities committed by persons and all that has been [...]

    ComPol: my officers complied with Speaker’s instructions, but it looked bad
    The House Meeting held two weeks ago, by all scope of the imagination, was epic. Cayo South area rep., Julius Espat was literally picked up and carried out of the [...]

    B.P.P. reveals results from online “People’s Referendum”
    This morning, the Belize Progressive Party gave the media an update on their ongoing People’s Referendum poll on social issues. The poll takes two forms: an online poll being conducted [...]

    Progressive Party plans nationwide tour of villages
    The Progressives are also planning, among other initiatives, a nationwide tour to take their message to the Belizean people. We hear more from the party’s chairman, Paco Smith.   Paco [...]

    Time to Mas! Carnival camps open for judging
    Wednesday night was day one of the annual mas camps that leads up to the carnival road March on September seventeenth. A record number of bands are taking part in [...]

    Healthy Living: What pregnant women must know about Zika
    The first case of Zika in Belize was confirmed in May of this year. The sample which was sent to the CARPHA lab in Trinidad verified that the mosquito borne [...]

    After twenty years, P.U.P. marches in Belize City
    The People’s United Party has not shown its muscle in the city for long years, but today it did and impressively so. The crowd was massive as the national protest [...]

    Opposition Leader repeats call for Government to appeal Section 53 decision
    News Five spoke exclusively with the Leader of the Opposition following this morning’s rally. First on our list of questions was his reaction to the divide among Belize’s churches on [...]

    Briceño says Guat Foreign Minister “a fool” about Alvarado report
    The P.U.P. stepped out of bipartisan bilateral talks with Guatemala for some time now.  They said it was in protest of the Barrow administration’s mishandling of the situation and that [...]

    P.U.P. not yet ready to return to bipartisan handling of Guatemalan claim
    Briceño says the P.U.P. can contribute to the discussion on Guatemala, but the government must come to them in seriousness. He also addressed the question on whether Guatemala would grant [...]

    Dorian Pakeman sent on unpaid leave; Opposition says he must not get special treatment
    At Tuesday’s Cabinet sitting, a decision was taken in respect of the Director of the Press Office, Dorian Pakeman. Pakeman had hit and killed Dean Dawson, a resident of Gardenia, [...]

    22 year old pregnant woman viciously murdered in Orange Walk
    There was a horrific murder in Orange Walk Town just before seven on Tuesday night. A young woman was shot and killed in front of her two children, one seven [...]

    Man charged for pound of weed by Orange Walk police
    An Orange Walk resident was busted on Tuesday with over one point two pounds of suspected cannabis. According to Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, Superintendent Selvyn Tillett, the accused was [...]

    One of two men accused of robbing minor brought to court
    In the court today, Jamaal Michael Warrior, a tour guide and resident of Orange Walk, was arraigned on a charge of robbery. There was heavy objection because of the use [...]

    The Battle of St. George’s Caye from the Spanish perspective
    A slightly different perspective on the Battle of St. George’s Caye was the subject of today’s annual National History Lecture in Belize City at the Bliss Center for the Performing [...]

    Why new documents help us understand what happened 218 years ago
    Other collaborators in the project include the Belize History Association which is the formal host of the lecture; the Institute for Social and Cultural Research; the Belize Archives and Records [...]

    C.O.L.A. participates in P.U.P. march
    Blink and you may have missed them, but Geovannie Brackett led members of his Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action and other activist organizations in their own section of the [...]

    PUP Party Leader says The Barrow administration is beleaguered by a number of successive scandals
    One last thing from the Leader of the Opposition…The Barrow administration is beleaguered by a number of successive scandals, the latest being the findings of the Auditor General’s special report [...]

    Youths awarded in BTB-FCCA poster and essay competition
    Reuse, Recycle and Renew are environmental issues that are well-known in Belize, but it was also the theme that participants expounded on in this year’s Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s poster [...]

    Bus fares going up in West; operators to meet Minister tomorrow
    Beginning earlier this week, commuters on the four major bus lines operating in the western corridor – Westline, Guerra’s, B.B.O.C. and J and J – are paying about fifty cents [...]


    BNTU Orange Walk Calls for Industrial Action
    Could the Belize National Teacher’s Union be preparing for industrial action? That’s the general sentiment from teachers around the country and the action supported by a majority of Union members at emergency meetings held simultaneously by all branches today. The teachers are upset that the Barrow Administration has not been able to follow through with a promised 3% salary increase which was due to them since July of this year. Here in the Orange Walk District, over 300 teachers walked out of their classrooms to attend today’s meeting this afternoon at the Gala Lounge. The Orange Walk BNTU members had previously rejected the Government’s proposal to delay the salary increase until next year. And today, the militancy continued when the majority of members agreed that if the Government fails to meet their promise, they will take action.

    One Detained For Questioning In The Murder Of Jahida Crawford
    Last night we reported on the barbaric murder of 22 year old expecting mother of two, Jahida Crawford, who was shot execution style inside her home on the corner of Rio Bravo and Boundary Road on Tuesday night. As previously reported, Crawford was inside her home accompanied by her father and two children when she was called out by someone who she apparently knew, upon opening her front door to meet her visitor she was met with two bullets which caused her death a short while later. Today while Orange Walk Police are still trying to ascertain the motive behind Tuesday night’s deadly shooting CTV3 News understands that they have detained one person for questioning, but were unable to confirm if the individual detained is the same person police were previously in search of.

    Protesters Calls For Government Resignation
    Over 5,000 protestors turned out and walked side by side Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno and PUP representatives in a march through the streets of Belize City yesterday. The aim was to send a strong message to the Government that Belizeans have had enough. After walking through the streets, the throng of supporters gathered at the BTL Park for a two-hour rally. There, the speakers addressed the issues which have become flashpoints for the UDP Government only ten months into their third term. Honorable Rodwell Ferguson - PUP Deputy Leader: “We want our country back and the time to save Belize is now.”


    Western Bus Operators Engage in Unauthorized Price Hike
    Commuters who utilize public transportation have been calling our newsroom for the last two days questioning the recent increase in bus fares in the western corridor. We have been making efforts to get a comment from the Transport Department and were told yesterday by the Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, that they have been made […]

    Transport Department Takes On Concerns from Taxi and Bus Operators
    Minister Edmond Castro has his hands full as issues surrounding the transport industry seem to piling up within the last week. Earlier in this newscast we told you of the increase of bus fares in the western corridor and earlier this week we told you of the taxi drivers of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo […]

    BPP Prepares for Countrywide Anti-Corruption Tour
    The Belize Progressive Party held a press conference this morning to discuss current issues affecting Belize and the party’s launch of a country wide tour. According to the Chairman of the BPP, Paco Smith, the tour would be carried out later this month. PACO SMITH “As the only viable solution to the red and blue […]

    Stabbing Incident Leaves One Man Dead
    An altercation between two male individuals around two this afternoon has left one dead on the island of San Pedro. Deputy Officer commanding the San Pedro police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Henry Jemoth said thirty two year old Elton Polonio was socializing with a friend when there appeared to be an argument between them. […]

    William Mason’s Farm-Hand Recalls July 15, 2016
    55 days ago the head of Llewellyn Lucas was uncovered in the pan of a pickup truck belonging to Raj Teddy Oulette better known as William ‘Donny’ Mason. The discovery sent shock waves around the country as pockets of society screamed for justice in the tragic homicide. The discovery of Lucas’ head, however, was only […]

    Fin Sec Orders Abuse of Government Vehicles to Stop
    An internal document has reportedly been circulating on the internet over the last week surrounding the use and abuse of government vehicles by public officers. The internal memorandum is dated August 29, 2016 and comes out of the office of the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Joseph Waight. It is a four paragraph […]

    The Guardian

    No Steam in PUP Demonstration - No pay for demonstrators
    Wednesday of this week. The day was supposed to be the day that the PUP were supposed to put the type of numbers on Belize City streets, the likes of which we had never seen before. We at the Guardian were imbedded inside the PUP camp from as early as 7 am. Our day started with just moving around and observing their movement. As time moved by it became obvious that the PUP were having problems. It was 8 am and the only positive movement we had seen by then was the arrival of 3 portable toilets, but there was nobody there to use those 3 toilet unless Wendy Castillo and the PUP gentleman and the lady with her were going to use one a piece. Next came the first music system blasting the PUP battle cry WELCOME TO THE PARTY. At 8:37 a group of around 40 persons arrived from Orange Walk. This was about the same time some frantic phone calls were being made to push back the start time of the parade to 10 am. Not one of the PUP leaders had arrived at this point. It seemed that they were either ashamed or afraid to make their grand entrance with such a group of people present. The first member in any leadership position to arrive was Kareem.

    200 new homes to be built after Hurricane Earl
    Philip Willoughby has announced that by Thursday 6 new homes would have been completed in Belize City following the destruction caused by Hurricane Earl. This is 6 of 200 new homes which will be constructed by the time the National Emergency Management Organization completes its work in bringing people’s lives back in order after the hurricane. Willoughby told the Guardian that they have assessed 1,350 houses which were affected in Belize City alone but there are still those that have not yet been reached. He says that as a result of trying to get to everyone who was affected, 17 students from the Engineering department at the University of Belize have been taken on to conduct further assessments to wrap up the work in Belize City over the next three weeks. He noted that so far 486 cases have been dealt with.

    CRUCIFY HIM!!! Wade’s “Church” Looking for Blood
    How can men who call themselves Christians – sit down comfortably for days in front of national television and chastise, demonize, and ostracize a fellow leader of the cloth? If the Christian community can treat Pastor Ashley Rocke the way they do, what judgment do they reserve for the rest of us sinners? Since Pastor Rocke, Senator for the Church, opted to vote no to a motioned destined for failure in the Senate and chose to support a bi-cameral inquiry into the findings of the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration Department, Plus TV and “Christians” alligned with that business have declared war against him. If Senator Rocke had voted in favour of the motion, there would have been six votes in favour and six votes against the motion. The President of the Senate, Hon. Lee Mark Chang, would have had to cast the deciding vote. He would have voted no and the motion would have failed. Despite this fact, Louis Wade, who seems to have assumed the Voice of God in Belize (we remember Joan of Arc here), has since accused Pastor Rocke of being in support of the LGBT agenda and not being against corruption in Government. Along with other “christian” leaders on Plus TV’s morning show, Wade has publicly called for the pastor’s head.

    Taiwan donates USD $109,000.00 for ICT project
    The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho has presented a cheque of USD 109,000.00 to the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) of the Government of Belize for the bilateral ICT Project on September 2nd, 2016. This 5-year project is budgeted at USD 1.82 million, with USD 1.5 million funded by the Government of the ROC (Taiwan), and the rest covered by the Government of Belize. The aim of this project is to pave the way to achieve e-government in Belize to benefit the government and the general public.

    American-registered vessel grounded in Belize waters
    The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. Onboard the vessel were three (3) Colombians, four (4) Guatemalans and one (1) American citizen. The incident reportedly took place on the Belize Barrier Reef around 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 3rd and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department.

    Another shootout between BDF and Guatemalans
    The BDF continues to do their job dutifully, and mostly unnoticed by the rest of the population. Once again, however, their job became very dangerous when they came under fire inside the Chiquibul National Park. That incident took place on Wednesday, August 31, in the morning at a part of the Chiquibul known as “El Retiro”. For the BDF soldiers, that’s within walking distance south of the Valentin Conservation Post, in an average time of about an hour and a half. The BDF went to that location to follow up on an Order to Leave (OTL), issued by the Immigration Department, on 20 Guatemalans who had been squatting in Belizean territory. The BDF first discovered this illegal settlement on a patrol June 1, 2016. The area is just under 200 meters east of the Belize/Guatemala border, and the settlement was hidden from view due to the fact that it was located on the western side of a hill. The assumption was that the hill was very close to the border, so more than likely, since there was nothing on the eastern side, there would be nothing on the western side of it.

    Benque taxi drivers block taxis coming from Melchor
    Taxi drivers gathered in front of the Town Hall in Benque Viejo del Carmen on Tuesday expressing concern that they are losing income as a result of vehicle operators coming from Guatemala. This is after a group of them had also gathered in front of the home of Benque’s Mayor Heraldo Ramcharan Junior asking for an audience to express their concerns. Mayor Heraldo Ramcharan told reporters that the taxi drivers are concerned about the tourist buses coming into Belize. Chief Transport Officer Tirso Galvez, who was visiting Benque on Tuesday has said that if a person does not reside in Belize, then his vehicle is considered a foreign registered vehicle and must abide by permits to do runs. He also clarified that road service permits are being issued by the Transport Board and that entity will not approve a road service permit for any person who does not live in Belize and who is not a Belizean.

    PM announces composition of investigation team into misdeeds at Immigration department
    The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, on Thursday September 7 held a press conference in which he announced the composition of the special bicameral accounts committee. He explained that after meeting with the Chamber of Commerce the composition of the committee will be such as to have 6 representatives from the government, 3 from the social partners and 2 from the opposition one of which will hold the chairmanship. PM Barrow explained that government accepted that the report paints a sorry picture and that Belizeans should be legitimately alarmed with the findings. He went on to, as the leader of government, apologize to the nation that things went so wrong during the period covered by the report. Even so, however the PM explained that it is not the first time that such damning information has been put out. He reminded Belizeans of the PUP administration's time when all manner of requirements were waved for the acquiring of nationality and leading to the loss or theft of 7.5 million dollars. Nonetheless he accepted the findings of and accepted responsibility.

    PM to meet with churches again on Friday
    On Friday, September 9, Prime Minister Dean Barrow will hold a follow up meeting with the leaders of the different churches. At that meeting, he will return with the answer from his Cabinet colleagues as to how they will move forward on the Chief Justice’s Section 53 judgment. Some in the church want an appeal of that judgment which changes the Criminal Code which made “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” a criminal offence whether it was consensual or not. That included - but was not limited to - gay sex, which is now no longer a crime. The Prime Minister has indicated that while he is not prepared to appeal the entire judgment, he is prepared to consider an appeal of the portion of the judgment in which the Chief Justice interpreted the word “sex” in the constitution to mean “sexual orientation”. Those and other range of options were green lit by the Cabinet for the Prime Minister to present to the Church Leaders. That’s what he did, on Monday evening, September 5, when he met with the Catholic Bishop, the Anglican Bishop, the President of the Methodist Churches, the Presidents of the two Evangelical Church Associations, and the President of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders.

    Bi-cameral investigation into immigration and nationality departments
    Last Wednesday PUP through it's lead Senator, as indicated by it's Leader Johnny a few days earlier, tabled a motion in the senate. This motion sought to have the Senate call for a Senate investigation, into the recently released Auditor General's Report. Had this motion been passed, it would have mandated the Senate to set up a 5 member tribunal to investigate alleged wrong doing being highlighted on the Auditor General's Report. The way the 5 member team would be selected would have been, one senator each from the government and opposition and the three social partner senators. This motion appeared to be well on it's way for a tie vote on the floor with all three opposition senators and three social partners arguments being in favor and all six government senators against. Such a vote would have forced the President of the Senate to cast a vote to break the deadlock and the motion would have been defeated.

    Save Belize for the PUP
    By the time the effects of the liquor has worn off, and the $25 has long been expended, that PUP rent-a crowd would have long forgotten what it is they were marching for on Wednesday. PUP operatives were all over the country recruiting willing souls brave enough to brace the scorching heat to be victims of yet another ruse. Agents were very visible in the banks cashing rent-a crowd checks into stacks of $5. So desperate are the PUP that they will try any trick to give off the perception of muscularity. This appeal for support seems to be the slim whisper of hope the die hards have been so desperately gasping for. They have been jumping around in jubilation as if though they’ve won the lotto.

    Spanish records prove Belize’s Great Battle of 10th of September
    The 2016 Belize History Association’s lecture focuses on extremely interesting information that should not be limited to a 90 minute discussion. The lecture is entitled “Examining the Spanish Archival Records on the Battle of St. George’s Caye” and brings together a super panel of history scholars from Belize and Mexico. The first lecture was held at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 07, to audience mostly comprised of upper level primary school and secondary school students. The researchers who were part of the lecture are Dr. Angel Cal from the University of Belize, Dr. Herman Byrd of the Belize Archives and Records Services, Dr. Gustavo Alfaro from la Universidad de Quintana Roo, Dr. Martin Ramos from la Universidad de Quintana Roo, Dr. Juan Castillo of la Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo and Mr. Giovanni Pinelo of the Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR).

    Gang shooting claims life of 22 year old
    22 year-old Nicasio John Zuniga, a resident of Jones Street in Belize City, became another victim to the city’s gang violence when he was murdered execution style. At this time, there is no explanation for his senseless killing. It appears, however, that he was murdered for simply living in a neighborhood, that is the turf of one gang currently in a dispute with another, which is located nearby. Police say that according to their investigation he was at a shop on Complex Drive at around 6:20 p.m. on Monday, September 5. He had reportedly just left after buying some drinks. The cops think that he was heading back to socialize with his friends, but he never made it. 2 unknown young men rode up on bicycles while Zuniga was on his way. One of them pulled out a handgun and shot him once to the right cheek; that bullet exited the back of his head. By the time the cops arrived, there was nothing much they could do for Zuniga, except try to rush him to the KHMH.

    Judge shows mercy to weed offender
    Alejandro Gonzalez, 57, is lucky to be a free man after he was almost sent to prison on Thursday, September 1, for being busted with weed while in arrears for old fines. Gonzalez is self employed. He repairs shoes and belts at the foot of the Swing Bridge. Allegations are that he was busted by police around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday with 3.1 grams of weed. PC Manuel Caliz was on foot patrol on Cemetery Road when he saw Gonzalez standing suspiciously in front of the Salvation Army School. The officer decided to conduct a search on him and found the green leafy substance rolled up in his right pants foot. Gonzalez was arrested and charged with possession of a control drug.

    Edward McKay remanded for robbery and stabbing
    Edward McKay, 26, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned on three charges: one count of robbery, one count of dangerous harm and one count of using deadly means of harm upon Tyrone Scott. Scott reported to police that he had just exited a bus in Ladyville Village on Thursday, September 1, when he was approached by McKay, someone he has known for a while. According to Scott, McKay held him at knife point and demanded that he hand over his belongings. Fearing for his life, he gave McKay a bag containing his cell phone, a litre of Caribbean Rum, a bottle of Sprite, a 7 inch tablet, a bluetooth speaker, a memory card, a Polo shirt, two pants, a flash drive and $17 cash. The total value of the items is approximately $1,036. Adding injury to insult, Mckay stabbed Scott several times to the body after he handed over the bag and fled from the scene.

    Inconsistencies on Pakeman’s urine test - ACP Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural
    Based on declarations made by ACP Edward Broaster on Monday September 5th, Dorian Pakeman the director of the Government Press Office has been placed on unpaid leave. The decision was made by the Prime Minister following a meeting he held with Pakeman on Wednesday September 7. In a release by government it states that “the Office awaits the decision of the Director of Public Prosecution on whether to bring charges of whatever nature against Mr. Pakeman arising out of all the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident in which he was involved.” On March 30 Pakeman was heading towards Ladyville from Orange Walk when he knocked down and killed Gardenia Mechanic, 45 year old Dean Dawson Jr. who was riding a bicycle on the Phillip Goldson Highway in Biscayne village between miles 22 and 23. Immediately after the accident Pakeman gave a urine sample for testing to police.

    Security guard caught stealing from employer
    KBH security guard Glenroy Reynolds, 36, was convicted of handling stolen goods in 2015 and he has struck again. This time Reynolds was brought before the court on three counts of theft after he was caught on surveillance camera stealing dresses from his place of work, Pink Boutique. Allegations are that on three separate occasions, on August 30, 31 and September 1, 2016, Reynolds took two dresses valued at $68.00, two dresses valued at $100 and two more dresses valued at $106, property of Pink Boutique. On Friday, September 1, Michelle Leslie, the Operations Manager at Pink Boutique, visited the Queen Street Police Station and reported that Reynolds was stealing from the store. Leslie said that she had been receiving reports that Reynolds and a female were involved in the stealing of items from the store so she set up a sting operation with an internal technician.

    Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy Cayo Softball Champions
    The Cayo Softball Association 2016 Raymond Garbutt Softball Competition came to an end on Sunday 4th September, 2016. In the third and final game in the championship series, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy defeated Unitedville Rebels United by the score of 8-4 to repeat as the Cayo Softball champions. Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy scored 2 runs in the top of the 1st inning added another 2 in the 2nd inning, 1 in the 6th inning and 3 more in the 7th inning for the win. Meanwhile, Unitedville Rebels United scored all 4 runs in the bottom of the 4th inning.

    Stann Creek Softball Competition enters final round
    The Stann Creek Softball Association 2016 Senior Female Softball Season will enter its final round on Sunday 18th September, 2016, with the top three playing in the Double Elimination Format round. The final round will feature Silk Grass Royale Girls, Independence PALS and Independence United. On Sunday 4th September, in the first game played, Independence United defeated Seine Bight Flames by the score of 14-3. The winning pitcher was Desiree Gordon. And in the second game, Silk Grass Royale Girls defeated Independence PALS by the score of 12-9. The winning pitcher was Sandy Depaz and the losing pitcher was Leona Coe.

    The future of Abimael Josue is uncertain
    Primary Schools across the Country opened on Monday of this week, but for one small family in Santa Elena Town, in the Cayo District it ushered in an array of new challenges, in addition to their daily need to survive. For 5 year old Abimael Josue, the future is uncertain as the newly opened Baptist Primary School in the Bradely’s Bank Area of Santa Elena reports that it is now full to capacity. Josue’s emaciated mom Irma Janesis had recently approached the school with her desire for her second son to attend there. The Eden Primary School in Santa Elena also reports that they are unable to take in the child. The Principal tells the Guardian that they were robbed of $4000.00 dollars last year so they are unable to assist Abimael Josue. The hard realities for Irma Janesis is that she will need $60.00 for her to register her son at the Eden Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, something she does not currently have.

    Young pregnant mother killed in Orange Walk
    Jahida Briceño, a 22 year-old, pregnant, single mother of 2, was murdered on the verandah of her home. That terrible incident happened in the presence of her 2 kids, and within earshot of her disabled father who was powerless to help her. At around 7 p.m., on Tuesday, September 6, Briceño was at her Boundary Road home in Orange Walk preparing supper for her 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter. She heard someone calling for her, and when she answered, someone fired several gunshots, hitting her in the back and face. It is believed that the first shot hit her in the face, and that’s when she tried to run into the house. The other struck her in the back, and that injury was the one which caused her to collapse on the ground.

    Belmopan September Calendar 2016 launched
    With multicolored streamers almost everywhere, the Belmopan September Calendar 2016 was launched at the Mae Gordon Park in Belmopan last Friday evening. There to welcome everyone was Jacklyn Burns, Chairlady of the Belmopan Celebrations Committee who has been working behind the scenes incessantly to ensure that all the activities run smoothly. Several groups of young people were also present to position themselves behind the steel drums of the Panerrifix Steelband. Without missing a beat, the very young also took their turn with the drums, with mothers watching with great pride as the September celebrations themed music were being played.

    Belize Association of Evangelical Churches

    Food and Drugs Amendment Act
    In an effort to further strengthen the regulation of food and pharmaceuticals in Belize, the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin presented new amendments to the House of Representatives on the Food and Drugs Amendment Act of Chapter 291 of the substantive Laws of Belize revised Edition 2011. This will make provision to empower the making of regulations for the establishment of a drug registry and give effect to the provisions of the Act regarding the labeling of food or pharmaceuticals. With the provisions in this amendment, the Ministry of Health will be able to address regulatory responsibilities, such as the granting of licenses to establishments involved in the sale of food and medicines and to enhance the importation requirements for these. It also seeks to establish proper record keeping including the sale of medicines in books or registers and to allow for the removal of expired food and medicines from selling points..s.

    Helicopter training for BDF
    For the past 2 months, the Belize Defence Force has been receiving training on how to fly and maintain their own helicopters. Though it has been only a short time, they have already conducted successful airlifting operations, and their instructors tell the press that they are exemplary students. The unit which is learning to fly the helicopters is the BDF Airwing, which has dutifully served the nation with its fleet of fixed wing aircraft since 1993. With the Taiwanese Government’s Donation of two UH-1H helicopters, and the Belize’s Government’s acquisition of an abandoned Bell 407 helicopter, the BDF has 3 rotorcrafts at its disposal to do emergency airlifting operations. So, to become self-sufficient and properly fly them, perform timely maintenance, and to be able to train future pilots, 4 of the BDF’s Airwing pilots, and the entire Airwing’s maintenance staff have been receiving extensive instruction.

    Way forward on PAC, Anti-Corruption Act and Integrity Commission
    Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has turned over the search for a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission over to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This was a decision on the way forward agreed upon by PM Barrow and the Chamber at the conclusion of a meeting held last Wednesday when the Integrity Commission was discussed along with the reconfiguration of the Public Accounts Committee and the signing of the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention. During the meeting, the Chamber’s own chartered accountant confirmed what the administration has been saying about the difficulty in finding a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission. Serving on the Integrity Commission means being listed as a Politically Exposed Person. PEPs are subject to extreme scrutiny. Their assets and activities are monitored closely by local and international regulators. By relation, their family members become PEPs as well and are subject to the same level of scrutiny which they have not signed up for.

    Way forward on PAC, Anti-Corruption Act and Integrity Commission
    Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has turned over the search for a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission over to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This was a decision on the way forward agreed upon by PM Barrow and the Chamber at the conclusion of a meeting held last Wednesday when the Integrity Commission was discussed along with the reconfiguration of the Public Accounts Committee and the signing of the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention. During the meeting, the Chamber’s own chartered accountant confirmed what the administration has been saying about the difficulty in finding a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission. Serving on the Integrity Commission means being listed as a Politically Exposed Person. PEPs are subject to extreme scrutiny.

    PM announces composition of investigation team into misdeeds at Immigration department
    The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, on Thursday September 7 held a press conference in which he announced the composition of the special bicameral accounts committee. He explained that after meeting with the Chamber of Commerce the composition of the committee will be such as to have 6 representatives from the government, 3 from the social partners and 2 from the opposition one of which will hold the chairmanship. PM Barrow explained that government accepted that the report paints a sorry picture and that Belizeans should be legitimately alarmed with the findings. He went on to, as the leader of government, apologize to the nation that things went so wrong during the period covered by the report.

    PM to meet with churches again on Friday
    On Friday, September 9, Prime Minister Dean Barrow will hold a follow up meeting with the leaders of the different churches. At that meeting, he will return with the answer from his Cabinet colleagues as to how they will move forward on the Chief Justice’s Section 53 judgment. Some in the church want an appeal of that judgment which changes the Criminal Code which made “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” a criminal offence whether it was consensual or not. That included - but was not limited to - gay sex, which is now no longer a crime.

    Bi-cameral investigation into immigration and nationality departments
    Last Wednesday PUP through it's lead Senator, as indicated by it's Leader Johnny a few days earlier, tabled a motion in the senate. This motion sought to have the Senate call for a Senate investigation, into the recently released Auditor General's Report. Had this motion been passed, it would have mandated the Senate to set up a 5 member tribunal to investigate alleged wrong doing being highlighted on the Auditor General's Report. The way the 5 member team would be selected would have been, one senator each from the government and opposition and the three social partner senators.

    Save Belize for the PUP
    By the time the effects of the liquor has worn off, and the $25 has long been expended, that PUP rent-a crowd would have long forgotten what it is they were marching for on Wednesday. PUP operatives were all over the country recruiting willing souls brave enough to brace the scorching heat to be victims of yet another ruse. Agents were very visible in the banks cashing rent-a crowd checks into stacks of $5. So desperate are the PUP that they will try any trick to give off the perception of muscularity. This appeal for support seems to be the slim whisper of hope the die hards have been so desperately gasping for. They have been jumping around in jubilation as if though they’ve won the lotto.

    Charity organization assists hurricane victims
    In response to the call of Belize Government for Hurricane Earl disaster relief supplies, Ambassador Benjamin Ho of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize delivered some five hundred cartons of relief material shipped from SimplyHelp Foundation, a Taiwanese NGO based in Los Angeles, to 11 Belize charity organizations on August 30 and 31 including the Belize Red Cross, Cayo Village Councils, Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center, Helpage, iServants.Com International Servants, Liberty Children’s Home, Mental Health Resource Center, Salvation Army, Samuel Haynes Institute, SOL Pregnancy Resource Center and St. Vincent De Paul Society. These relief supplies include housewares, shoes, bags, clothes, hats, basketballs, stationary, toys, bath items, baby items, hair bands and gift boxes. The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) kopes this timely donation can help those in need through local charities.

    Teacher Campbell charged for knocking down police officer
    Teacher Kevin Nigel Campbell, 42, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate Court on Tuesday, September 6, for driving into a police officer. Allegations are that at about 1 a.m. on Saturday, September 3, Campbell knocked Police Constable Adonias Gonzalez, 32, off his motor bike while driving a grey Isuzu Axiom. PC Gonzalez told police that he was responding to reports of a woman being physically assaulted by a man in front of the national bus terminal when the accident occurred. According to the officer, he was riding on Cemetery Road heading towards the scene at West Collect Canal when Campbell came speeding from Magazine Road. Campbell did not stop at the intersection of Magazine Road and Cemetery Road and, as a result, Gonzalez ran into the front of the Isuzu.

    Couple charged for burglarizing their own property
    A Belize City couple is out on bail after they were charged for burglarizing their own property and harming a tenant. Ernest Tillett, 41, and his common-law wife, Paulette Flowers, 41, appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Monday, September 05, to answer to charges. Both were represented by attorney Brian Neal. Tillett was charged with one count of burglary and one count of harm. Flowers was arraigned for burglary with intent to commit harm. Allegations are that as trespassers they entered the home of Melissa Yolanda Bradley at Miles 2 ½ George Price Highway on Saturday, September 3. While inside, Tillett caused an injury to Bradley with a light bulb. A doctor classified her injuries as wounding.

    Jamaal Warrior accused of robbing man at knife point
    Tour guide Jamaal Michael Warrior, 32, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand for a charge of robbery after a 16-year-old reported to police that he held him up at knife point and took away an I-phone valued at $600. Warrior appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Wednesday, September 07, to answer to the single charge. He was unrepresented in court and pleaded not guilty to the offense. The prosecutor in the case, Sgt. Claude Pitts, had heavy objections to bail. Objections were based on the fact that the victim is a minor attending high school; Warrior may try to interfere with the victim; and the crime was committed with the use of a deadly instrument, a four inch knife. With that, Magistrate Mendoza ordered that he be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until Friday, September 9, when bail will be considered.

    Football, Football, football
    Football in Belize continues to attract fans every week. This weekend on Sunday September 4, the recently constructed Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga was the venue for a matchup between the young and upcoming upstarts Orange Walk United and the veteran, tested Wagiya FC. It was fireworks from the start and the young OWFC held their own for most of the first half until they were overcome by Wagiya’s experience. They fought a valiant fight but in the end lost to Wagiya 6 to 2. This young team has been together for just under a month and has been baptized by fire. The team is the brain child and effort of Orange Walk East Constituency area rep. Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. Mr. Aragon who also happens to be the Minister responsible for sports and has been instrumental in the formation of the Police Football Club which is now representing Belize internationally and he did this several years before he got involved in politics. This speaks volumes of the man’s love for sports.

    Belize Bank Bulldogs 2016 Firms Basketball champions
    The Belize District Basketball Association 2016 Firms Competition came to an end on Saturday 3rd September, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium with the third and final game in the championship series between the Belize Bank Bulldogs and Infotel. In the final game played, the Belize Bank Bulldogs showed that it was the better of the two teams and win handily when it defeated Infotel by the score of 80-68 to capture the championship title. The top scorers for the Belize Bank Bulldogs were Brian White with 25 points, 24 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals; Duane Staine with 15 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal and Rupert Brown with 14 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists and a steal.

    Jumanji opens Sugar City Hoops competition with a win
    The 2016 Sugar City Hoops competition opened on Friday 2nd September, at the East Sports Centre in Orange Walk Town. In the Senior competition game played, Jumanji defeated Devils by the score of 82-50 to opened the senior campaign. The top scorers for Jumanji were Wayne Arnold with 17 points, Charlton Flowers with 16 points and Michael Shaw Jr. with 13 points. For the Devils, the top scorers were Vicente Avila with 15 points and Leonard Jones with 12 points.

    Belmopan Bandits halt the Placencia Assassins FC
    The Premier League of Belize Opening Season Competition continued over the weekend with a number of games played across the country. On Saturday 3rd September, 2016, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village, the defending national football champions of Belize, the Belmopan Bandits handed the host team Placencia Assassins its first defeat of the young season by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Marlon Meza in the 83rd minute of play that gave the Belmopan Bandits the win. Out at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the Police United defeated Freedom Fighters by the score of 3-1.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Murder reported in San Pedro
    Police in Ambergris Caye have a murder on their hands tonight. The victim has been identified but at news time his family has not been informed. He is a thirty-two year old unemployed man from the San Mateo area. Police have confirmed that the […]

    BNTU Cayo Branch votes in favor for industrial action
    The Cayo Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) has voted in favor for industrial action to be taken by the union. A meeting was held this afternoon at the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio and BBN was able to confirm that […]

    Ministry of Transport and Bus Operators Reach Agreement on Bus Fares
    According to a GOB press release, “The Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, Transport and National Emergency Management, along with Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ruth Meighan and Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, have just concluded a meeting in Belmopan […]

    How I got my first job
    I had just turned 18 when I graduated from Belize Technical College Sixth Form (junior college)…..where I had a great educational and life experience with highly motivated teachers and classmates with whom I made lifetime friendships….we worked hard and raised the level of […]

    Hoteliers claim hotel standard amendments ‘insane’
    Belizean hoteliers are questioning proposed changes to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB)’s National Classification System for Accommodation. Hoteliers who spoke to TravelPulse and the San Pedro Sun say some of the proposals extend beyond area of safety, security, health and operational competency straying into […]

    BPP enjoying response to “People’s Referendum”
    As of this morning, more than 1,000 responses have been made to the Belize Progressive Party’s non-binding People’s Referendum which started last month. The Party has created a list of questions to be asked to the Belizean people, with polling to be completed on […]

    Bus fares hike along western route, rates not approved by the Transport Board
    Belizeans who commute between Belize City, Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque yesterday saw a a one-dollar increase in bus fares by 2 bus operators, namely Western Transport and the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative (BBOC), including for stops in the villages along the route. The […]

    Police arrest two young men in PG for keeping firearm and ammunition without license
    Punta Gorda police have arrested two men for keeping firearm and ammunition without license. According to reports, on September 7th 2016, police conducted a search in the Joe Taylor Creek area of Punta Gorda on 20-year-old Devon Wendell Pratt of Cattle Landing Village, Toledo […]

    Motorcycle stolen from parking lot in Belize City
    Ascuncion Bol, 40, has made a police report that his motorcycle was stolen in Belize City. According to reports, Bol of # 31 Marage Road, Ladyville Village, Belize District reported that between the hours of 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 and 4:25 a.m. […]

    Garifuna Celebrations theme announced
    Rísiti, Pántati, Gabafuti, Iúnrahowa meme la (English): Rich, Proud, and Powerful let us continue to preserve it. So reads this year’s selected theme for the celebrations leading up to the observance of Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19, as announced by the National Garifuna Council (NGC) […]

    Woman stabbed in Placencia Village
    Cynthia Medina, 20, was stabbed in Placencia village by another woman on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. According to police reports, Medina was working at E&E Chinese restaurant in Placencia village when a young female entered the establishment and had an altercation with her. As […]

    Mayor Bradley supports Senate inquiry
    Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley raised some eyebrows yesterday when, in an interview with Channel 7 news, he said he supported the People’s United Party (PUP) motion for a Senate inquiry into the Auditor General’s Immigration report instead of the joint House/Senate select committee […]

    ADO bus avoids possible highway robbery
    BBN has received reports that last night around 7:00, an ADO bus left Belize City to Chetumal, Mexico and upon reaching a bump in Ladyville, three men emerged from the side of the road and threw a black substance on the windshield. A source […]

    Over 400 villagers of Aguacate in Toledo District now have continuous supply of safe water
    Men, women and children of Aguacate, now have access to the continuous supply of safe water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking, according to a Government of Belize (GOB) press release. The completion of the water supply sub-project […]

    Tropical Wave moving across the western Caribbean
    AccuWeather Meteorologists are monitoring a tropical wave near the Cabo Verde Islands that is producing an area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms. According to Meteorologist Ed Vallee of AccuWeather, conditions will be more favorable for development as this feature continues to move west-northwestward into […]

    Ladyville Police Now Say Tyrone Davis’ Death Was Accidental, Not Murder
    On Monday, we reported that thirty year old Tyrone Davis of Sandhill was murdered, shot in the throat and arm while in a hammock at his home. Police were already baffled as to a possible motive for a murder but according to Regional Commander […]

    Sir Colville visits Mexico for first time
    Belize’s Governor General visited Mexico from August 29 to September 2nd as a guest of Anahuac University. It is his first visit to Mexico in the capacity of local representative for the Head of State. Sir Colville Young lectured university students on Literature of […]


    15 Books that Make Me Want to Travel NOW
    My idea of THE ULTIMATE is laying in a hammock on a breezy balcony reading a great book. Or travelling to experience some place new. Love of travel or wanderlust or itchy feet or vagabondage (that’s a real word!) is tough to shake. So…if you can’t get out there and travel at this very moment, here are some books that make you feel like you’ve visited a new place. You can plan the actual trip later. Here are some of my favorite books that really make me want to travel.

    Belize In December: Best Reasons To Visit (2016 Update)
    For many, December is a time synonymous with family, a time to share in the company you might not usually get other times of the year, or in Belize at-least. For children it’s a time for good food, favorite cousins and whether we like to admit it or not; Christmas and all the cool things attributed to it! The holiday season is a time of wonder and a time to wander for everyone who’s frequently bitten by the travel bug.

    International Sourcesizz

    Sixteen animals racing against extinction in 2016
    They are hunted for their bodies, trawled from the bottom of the sea, and captured for personal amusement. Although we are starting to understand the consequences of our actions, we still have a lot to do to mitigate our impact to the environment. While the IUCN Red List has multiple tiers of conservation status, this article profiles those classified as Critically Endangered – meaning that the species has a high risk of extinction in the wild. Here is a list of 16 animals that are classified as Critically Endangered in 2016 in no specific order.

    Help Save the Flats of Belize’s Blackadore Caye TODAY!
    We posted back in February about the proposed development of Blackadore Caye, in the middle of the fantastic fishery of Belize’s Chetumal Bay. Local residents and anglers—including guides from El Pecador Lodge—have been protesting both the process of the development, which involves dredging, and the intent to build overwater structures above sensitive flats. Here’s how the biologists at Bonefish & Tarpon Trust have characterized the project: A development project proposed by developer Delos and actor Leonardo DiCaprio will have negative impacts on the flats near Ambergris Caye, and would set a dangerous precedent that would threaten the flats habitats throughout Belize. This proposed project, Blackadore Caye Restorative Island Project, would construct extensive piers on the flats with over-water houses and hotels on them. Not only would this fragment the flats habitat, but it is also in violation of the rules governing the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in which Blackadore is located. Blackadore Caye is under serious threat, and we should do what we can to stop this kind of reckless development. Check out the video below to see how local voices are being ignored in this debate.

    Xunantunich Ruins Wedding
    Great title, depending on how you read it, of course. Rock and Roll Bride gives Xunantunich the credit it deserves, and Belize's Conch Creative captured some amazing photos. Congratulations to the new couple! "Michael and Sandy were married in Belize at the Xunantunich archaeological site. The couple are both fascinated by the ancient Maya culture and love visiting sites throughout Central America so saying their vows there was really special to them both."

    Hidden gems if you want to retire overseas
    Always dreamed of retiring overseas? It may be cheaper than staying in the United States. Just make sure to consider the cost of living, taxes and health care before making a permanent move. These categories, along with nine others, were included in the most important criteria that retirees should review when shopping the globe for the best places to live, according to Live and Invest Overseas, a company that publishes an annual index of the best places to retire abroad. In Belize's Cayo District, you'll notice that nearly everyone speaks English — it's the official language in the small, Central American country. Plus, your money will go further because the Belize dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar at a fixed rate of 2 to 1. The cost of living is about 21 percent lower than the U.S., according to, another collaborative website that compares the cost of living in different cities. With Belize's Qualified Retired Persons visa, which you can get as long as you are over age 45, you can be granted permanent residency, which will give you an exemption from the country's income, capital gains and estate taxes.

    Grad students partner with Central American village to harness free sustainable energy source
    Clemson graduate student engineers are part of a collaborative multidisciplinary team working with the people of a small rural village in Belize to provide “free” sustainable energy for the village by converting food waste into fuel for cooking. Shakira Hobbs, a PhD candidate in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering, first visited Sittee River Village in Belize while she was an undergraduate at the University of Maryland studying abroad. “I stayed in touch with one of the community leaders, Shelmadene Robinson, via Facebook, and she asked me several times to come back and do a sustainability project with them,” Hobbs explained. Hobbs traveled to Sittee River this summer, along with Clemson University industrial engineering PhD candidate Myrtede Alfred and Arizona State University sustainable engineering PhD student Evvan Morton. “Our goal for this trip,” said Hobbs, “was to determine how much food waste was produced in the village and the resorts nearby, and how much of the waste could be converted to methane.” The villagers currently use butane, which is non-renewable energy source and relatively expensive. By converting food waste to methane, the village would be less dependent on fossil fuels, and the residents would not have to spend as much of their income on fuel.

    Thrill-seeking photographer risks life and limb as he swims alongside a ten-foot-long crocodile in Cancun
    Stunning pictures show Mexican underwater snapper Rodrigo Friscione getting up close and personal with the 200lb predator. Rodrigo Friscione pictured the 200lb predator in clear water, offsetting its instinct to attack him by ambush. The 10-ft monster was filmed in the waters off the coast of Mexico and Belize


  • Gillnet Documentary, 14min. From Oceana Belize

  • Black substance on the bus window, 1min. Las night the 7:30 ADO bus left from Belize city. While passing through Ladyville at a bump, 3 men came out of no where and threw this black substance on the windshield with hopes the driver would stop to clean it; assuming so thy can rob it. Unfortunately for the delinquents the driver was smart and continue driving until he was far out of reach from the men then he stop to clean it.

  • Great barracuda, 1min.

  • Belize Mission Trip 2016, 12min. I can't wait to be back in San Ignacio!

  • Belize HOSKA MMA 3.. Williams O Nduka VS Eddie Pech e.t.c, 30min. Videos of prestigious MMA fighters in Belize and some Mexican Fighters such as Alberto Galera VS Jameel Iceman, Joel Meyers, e.t.c exhibiting and competing for either The champion belt or Bragging Rights... Hope you enjoy these fights. These fights were fought under The House of Shotokan Karate Academy MMA.

  • Belize Adventure with the Beaney's - August 2012., 8min. Morgan Beaney, Kyle Hardy in Belize with Kim and John!

  • Summer in Belize, 4min. A sunny summer week in Belize!

  • Morning Matters with Alida Sharp, 62min.

  • Diving Belize Mexico, 4min.

  • Calypso rose performance at Belize day 2016 NY, 6min. Calypso Rose performance after LilJune at Belize Day 2016 NY.

  • LilJune 3rd Performance at Belize Day 2016 NY, 2.5min. LilJune third performance getting more interactive with the crowd before calypso rose comes on stage.

  • 2016 08 Belize Caye Caulker Diving Long Caye Aquarium I, 2.5min.

    September 8, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Prime Minister Barrow commits to investigate Immigration Audit findings
    After a three hour press conference on Thursday, September 1st, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the Government of Belize (GOB) will commission an investigation into the various irregularities revealed in the recent audit of the Immigration Department. Such findings in the extensive report presented by Auditor General Dorothy Bradley detail multiple cases of fraud in the Immigration and Nationality Department. Accompanying Prime Minister Barrow at the press conference were Director of Immigration Diana Locke, Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Beverly Williams, and Minister of Police Goldwin Hulse. At the gathering, GOB informed that they will appoint a joint select-committee of the National Assembly and not from the Senate as it had previously been requested. “The hearings will be held in public, televised and broadcast live,” said Barrow, “The feeling is that the joint select-committee should reflect the balance of representation we have agreed for in the reconfigured public accounts committee.”

    American-Registered Vessel Grounded in Belizean Waters
    The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel, registered in Delaware, USA, was grounded on the Belize Barrier Reef in the area of Hatchet Caye, located east-northeast of Placencia on Saturday, September 3rd. Onboard the vessel were three Colombians, four Guatemalans, and one American citizen. The incident reportedly took place around 5 PM and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Belize Fisheries Department. The Government of Belize (GOB) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed with Guatemalan Authorities that the vessel left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala bound for Big Creek, Belize sometime after 10:30 AM on Friday, September 2nd.

    Shooting incident in Chiquibul National Park continues to strain border relations
    Another shooting incident involving the Belize Defense Force (BDF) and Guatemalans occurred on Wednesday, August 31st within the Chiquibul National Park. The Government of Belize (GOB) issued a press release on Thursday, September 1st, stating how an BDF reconnaissance patrol came under fire upon approaching an illegal settlement approximately 259 meters east of the Belize-Guatemala border. No one was reportedly injured, but incidents like these continue to put a strain on the relationship between the two countries. According to Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones, the purpose of the patrol was to follow-up on an official Order to Leave (OTL) that was issued the previous week to 15 illegal settlers within the Chiquibul. It was reported that when the BDF patrol approached the location of the illegal settlement, unidentified persons initiated gunfire. In self-defense, the BDF patrol returned fire and withdrew to safety. However, Jones stated that he couldn’t confirm if the open fire came from the illegal settlers, or if the shots were fired from persons hiding in the bushes.

    Ambergris Today

    Pic of the Week - Titans Mas Band Takes King & Queen of Belize Carnival Titles
    The King and Queen of Belize Carnival were selected over the weekend as September Celebrations in Belize kick up in high gear. The main attraction of the month-long celebrations is, of course, the Belize City Carnival Road March Parade that will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2016. The Titans Mas Band Carnival Group has proven to be a top contender for the Carnival King and Queen competition as they rose to the top once again for a consecutive year. The group’s King Karkinus and Queen La Sirene have been selected as the winners of this year’s competition in the Seniors Division under their theme of Secrets of the Sea.

    Belize to Join in World Suicide Prevention Day
    On World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), the Belize Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization invites the public to join in promoting suicide prevention and demonstrating joint responsibility to save lives that would otherwise be lost to suicide. In the spirit of this year’s theme - Connect, Communicate, Care - the WSPD flag will be raised on September 9th, 2016 to connect with the Belizean public on the issue of suicide prevention, to communicate with those who need assistance, and to show that the country cares about this very important issue. Flags will be raised in noticeable places in all districts. In Belize City, a flag raising ceremony will be held at the Battlefield Park on September 9th starting at 9:00 am.

    Steps Taken to Strengthen Food and Drug Regulations in Belize
    In an effort to further strengthen the regulation of food and pharmaceuticals in Belize, the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin presented new amendments to the House of Representatives on the Food and Drugs Amendment Act of Chapter 291 of the substantive Laws of Belize revised Edition 2011. This will make provision to empower the making of regulations for the establishment of a drug registry and give effect to the provisions of the Act regarding the labeling of food or pharmaceuticals. With the provisions in this amendment, the Ministry of Health will be able to address regulatory responsibilities, such as the granting of licenses to establishments involved in the sale of food and medicines and to enhance the importation requirements for these. It also seeks to establish proper record keepings including the sale of medicines in books or registers and to allow for the removal of expired food and medicines from selling points, as well as random sample taking of medicines for quality testing.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Bus prices up in time for independence celebrations!

    The Secretary of Culture and Education, MX invites all Belizeans for a dynamic reggae concert and program free of charge happening this weekend in Chetumal, Mexico. Featured reggae artist straight out of Jamaica for the second time in Chetumal this Friday night September 9th - KY-MANI MARLEY!!! Other Jamaican entertainers and artists will include Ce'cile, Inner Circle, Delroy Wormbass Nevin. Gondwana from Chile will make its appearance. Local Belizean singer Tanya Carter will make her debut. Local Mexican Artists include Mahima Son La Urraca/Chan Santa Roots, Korto Circuito/Roots and Flowers Collective, Ganja. This is a must attend concert. See event program for details and dates. See you there!

    I Got the Voice Season II
    I Got the Voice season II starts next Friday at the Princess Casino. It runs for 13 weeks. Best of luck to all the contestants!

    New Book: Perspectives on the Ancient Maya of Chetumal Bay
    Focusing on sites ringing the bay such as Cerro Maya, Oxtankah, and Santa Rita Corozal, the contributors to this volume explore how the bay and its feeder rivers affected all aspects of Maya culture from settlement, food production, and the production and use of special goods to political relationships and social organization. Chetumal Bay is central to discussions of ancient Maya politics, warfare, economy, exchange and communication because of its unique location. Although the ancient Maya invested prodigious amounts of labor in the construction of road systems called sacbeob for communication and trade, recent archaeological discoveries around Chetumal Bay in both Belize and Mexico reveal an economic alternative to these roads: an extensive network of riverine and maritime waterways. Focusing on sites ringing the bay such as Cerro Maya, Oxtankah, and Santa Rita Corozal, the contributors to this volume explore how the bay and its feeder rivers affected all aspects of Maya culture from settlement, food production, and the production and use of special goods to political relationships and social organization. Besides being a nexus for long distance exchange in valuable materials such as jade and obsidian, the region was recognized for its high quality agricultural produce, including cacao, achiote, vanilla, local fruits, honey, and salt, and for its rich marine environment. The Maya living on the fringes of the bay perceived the entire region as a single resource procurement zone. Waterborne trade brought the world to them, providing a wider horizon than would have been available to inland cities dependent only on Maya roads for news of the world. The research reveals that trade relations played a central role in the organization of human social life on Chetumal Bay.

    Full Moon Concert
    Mark your calendar..Friday September 16th.. Full Moon Concert at the Santa Elena Basketball Court.

    Thanks to the Mayor for hosting the Miss Belize delegates!
    The Belize City Council hosted a luncheon at City Hall for the Miss Belize Delegates 2016.

    Grant Opportunity
    The U.S. Embassy, Belmopan, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, invites qualified candidates to bid on a grant opportunity entitled “Citizen Security through Neighborhood Watch”, which seeks to expand and improve National Citizen Security through Neighborhood Watch Programs in Belize by creating and strengthening self-sustaining community neighborhood watch groups. This grant opportunity is opened to U.S. not-for-profit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or U.S. based educational institutions subject to section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code; Foreign not-for-profits/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or Foreign based educational institutions.

    2016 Carnival Senior Queen Competition
    Here are some of the photos that we captured for the 2016 Carnival Senior Queen Competition. Carnival Senior Queen 1st Place - Queen La Sirene – Titans Mas Band

    2016 Carnival Senior King Competition
    Here are some of the photos that we captured for the 2016 Carnival Senior King Competition. Carnival Senior King 1st Place - King Karkinus – Titans Mas Band

    2016 Carnival Junior Queen Competition
    Here are some of the photos that we captured for the 2016 Carnival Junior Queen Competition. Carnival Junior Queen 1st Place - Queen Renata – Jump Street Posse

    2016 Carnival Junior King Competition
    Here are some of the photos that we captured for the 2016 Carnival Junior King Competition. Carnival Junior King 1st Place - King Fayah Bun – Jump Street Posse

    The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, (BELTRAIDE) was among over 200 exhibitors at EXPO BELIZE 2016, the flagship networking event of the year of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), which was held on September 3rd & 4th 2016 at the ITVET Compound on Freetown Road in Belize City. Visitors to our booth had the opportunity to sample and purchase products from six Belizean companies, all clients of the Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize), who were part of our booth. SBDCBelize, is a unit of BELTRAIDE. These included Fibber’s and Marvilleous sauces. Those with a sweet tooth enjoyed the wide range of jams and jellies from Belizean Home Made Jellies from San Ignacio. Also on display were products such as handicrafts from Kimberly Gottoy, repellents and beauty from Jerusalem Beauty products and K & K respectively.

    9th Annual San Pedro Fire Truck Parade
    Friday, Sept. 9, starting at 7pm.

    Caye Caulker Village Council Family Fun Day
    The public is invited to our very first CCVC FAMILY FUN DAY!!!! WHEN: Saturday, September 10th 2016! Place: Palapa Gardens Time: 9am All families that wish to participate, please contact Ms. Liz at 630-3652!! Have fun!!! Win Prizes!!! Drinks and food will be on sale!!!! Come on out and support our Family Fun Day!!!! Music by DJ THUNDA VYBZ SOUNDS!!!

    Miss Belize Fashion Show Behind the Scenes
    Some of the behind the scenes pictures from the Miss Belize Fashion Show held at Midas Resort on Saturday.

    Biological monitoring of scarlet macaws for the 2016 has concluded
    14 of the 21 chicks fledged successfully from their natural cavities. FCD is thankful to all the persons involved including the FCD research team, Forest Department staff, Scarlet 6 staff, volunteers, Dr. Isabelle and our funders.

    Black-cheeked woodpecker rescued
    This black-cheeked woodpecker was found among the devastation of hurricane Earl by the wonderful people at Caves Branch. Thankfully not injured, but he was young and had probably been in a cavity nest that was destroyed in the storm. He has always been a very eager pecker, although as with all babies he did not always peck at appropriate objects! He was flying around very soon after we got him and eating almost everything offered. After a couple of weeks of practice, the time came for him to try to fend for himself, so we took him back to Caves Branch for release. Ella Baron and two of her wonderful staff joined us, guiding us to the best and most appropriate release site. He flew up onto an old cohune tree and happened to land on the other other side of bark from a tree frog, which he promptly started pecking. The frog did not seem too happy about that, but our inappropriate woodpecker was having fun. Even if the frog wan't overjoyed about the new neighbour, we enjoyed returning him to his home and watching him start his life there. Thanks to Ian, Ella and the Caves Branch crew once again!

    FCCA Poster and Essay Competition Winners 2016

    Channel 7

    PUP Swarm The City
    Today, the opposition PUP swarmed into Belize City. The plan to send an emphatic message to the Barrow Administration by blanketing the country's largest population centre in blue. Now, General Elections were held less than a year ago – and some might say it is too early to push so hard for a regime change – but the PUP feels that between the Danny Mason debacle, the BTL compensation, the Immigration Scandal and everything else in between – the Barrow Administration is vulnerable. The party poured its supporters and its resources into the City today to build political momentum out of public resentment. Did it work? 7News was on the ground to gauge the pressure and Daniel Ortiz reports:… PUP supporters from all over the country converged this morning at the Constitution Park, blocking the area off from its usual morning traffic. Specialized police teams were on guard, and the officers watched vigilantly from a distance, making sure that there would be no civil unrest.

    Mayor Supports PUP Push For Senate Inquiry
    The PUP took a number of issues to the street – and one of the most prominent ones was the call for a Senate Inquiry into irregularities in the Immigration Department. That caught the Belize City mayor's ear. He's a UDP mayor and a UDP Standard Bearer but he says he supports the protest and the call for a commission of inquiry – even if his party leader is pushing another plan:… Darrell Bradley - Mayor Belize City: "I didn't have an opportunity to see the March. I don't support the politicizing in relation to an issue like this but I support the spirit of it that Belizeans would March against corruption and would March against things which ought not to go on within our society and I have watched the issue the discussions going across the floor in terms of the dialogue and I support a Senate inquiry. I think that the Senate has the constitutional mandate in relation to making inquiries of this nature I think that the Senate would be a more well positioned and objective body having representation from the social partners and a stronger voice from the opposition. I don't see how a joint committee where you have persons who are themselves named in the report itself who could give it the kind of credibility that an inquiry needs to be, so that if I would give my voice to this I would have to say that I support a senate inquiry."

    Director Dorian Sent Home For Positive Cocaine Test
    Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman has been in very hot water since Tuesday when police disclosed that his blood sample had tested positive for cocaine. That came out when a sample was taken after an accident where he knocked down and killed mechanic Dean Dawson. Well, tonight he's gone from hot water to being put on ice, as in suspended without pay. Today, the Government Press Office, which he normally heads, sent out a press release from Prime Minister, who he directly answers to. It says, quote, "following a meeting today between the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and the Director of the Press Office Mr. Dorian Pakeman, Mr. Pakeman is being placed on immediate unpaid leave. The Office awaits the decision of the Director of Public Prosecution on whether to bring charges of whatever nature against Mr. Pakeman arising out of all the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident in which he was involved."

    Pregnant Mother Of Two Killed Execution Style In Orange Walk
    A young, pregnant mother was shot and killed in Orange Walk Town last night. 22 year old Jahida Briceno was at home with her family last night around 7:00 when a visitor called out for her. Jahida came out to see who it was and instead of a friendly greeting, she was hit with 2 gunshots. It was an execution of the rarest kind – because killers don't usually target women, particularly a mother of two with one on the way. We travelled to Orange Walk today to find out more about this ruthless murder. Jahida Briceno lived here with her 2 children and her father. She brought her dad to live with her in June after he had injured his leg in an accident, leaving him unable to walk. They all lived comfortably together here at their Boundary Road home. But everything changed last night when Jahida was lured out of the house to her death. Her father gave us the shocking account off camera.

    Man Remanded For Knifepoint Robbery
    Tonight, 23 year-old Orange Walk resident Jamal Warrior is on remand at the Belize Central Prison. That's because a young man accused him of a knife point robbery. The incident happened yesterday at around 11:15 a.m. A 16 year-old minor was walking on Meighan Avenue when he was approached by 2 men on bicycles. One of the men grabbed him, placed a knife at his neck, and robbed him of his iPhone. The men rode off, but the victim's father called the police, and they both set chase. They detained one of the men later identified as Jamal Warrior. He was searched, but he did not have stolen phone on him. The cops did find a small quantity of marijuana. They charged him for the robbery, and drug possession.

    Mayor Slams His Former Deputy Eric Chang
    Earlier, you heard Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley speak with uncommon boldness and candor about why he supports the PUP in their call for a Senate Inquiry – and why he does not support the Prime Minister's alternative, which is a joint select committee. And you also heard him discuss corruption in public life and amongst elected officials. But corruption is not so easy to root out: first, it's hard to prove definitively, and when you're dealing with elected officials, they can't be so easily fired because they have a mandate. The mayor himself learned this when former Deputy Mayor Eric Chang was caught right up in the middle of the Citizen Kim scenario. The Auditor General's report reproduced an email form the then Ambassador Cherie Nisbet which showed that Chang was pressing every angle to get Kim's passport situation regularized, and he even sought to use his office as deputy Mayor to visit Kim in a detention facility. But for all that Chang still served out his term as a city councillor. Today we asked the mayor about that:

    Sugar City Cops Caught Weed
    Orange Walk police busted a man with a pound of weed yesterday. Police searched the man's home in the San Lorenzo housing site and found his stash in a cooler. Police told us more about this bust. ASP Selvin Tillett - OC, Orange Walk Police: "Yesterday also Orange Walk police were patrolling San Lorenzo housing sight sometime around 5:30 yesterday evening where they saw a male person with a red and white ice cooler acting suspicious in a yard. Police entered the yard and when they searched the cooler it contained leafy vegetable susbstance suspected to be marijuana; the drug parcels were brought back to the Orange Walk police station where a total of 550 grams."

    "What did the Spanish See at St. George's Caye?"
    History Association added new grist to the dispute when it revealed the preliminary findings of a research project between academics in Belize and Mexico. They pored over the Spanish Archival Records on the Battle of St. George's Caye, to find out what the Spanish thought of the event. They presented their findings to students today at the Bliss centre and at the University of Belize. Here's what we learned at the Bliss Centre: Dr. Herman Byrd - BARS, Belize: "I think we've accomplished a gigantic task and that is we've completed the transcription of these 1,200 pages and as you'll see in a moment we have been able to kind of reconstruct a timeline of the battle from the point of view of the Spanish officials who were involved in it." Dr. Angel Cal - UB: "What we presenting this morning is preliminary. There is no new major finding unknown to us in Belize from British or archival sources."

    Mayor Meets Queens
    Today before he served up some serious putdowns for his UDP, the Mayor served lunch to the Miss Belize Delegates. Nine of the ten contestants showed up to city hall for some Turkey Dinner catered by the council. The Mayor hosted them for lunch and told us they make good lunch dates, and role models:… The Miss Belize pageant will be held on Saturday at the Bliss Centre:..

    New Bus Rates For Western Corridor
    If you’re a regular commuter like I am – you’ll know that just the suggestion of a fare increase at the current level of sub par service, would be enough to make you faint! Well, hold on to your seats because that’s what the western bus line are promising. They say they only make 11 cents per mile while the other runs make 14 cents. The minister says he will be discuss it with them tomorrow.


    Jahida Remembered As A Great Softball Player
    In addition to being a super mom to her two kids, as described by her family, 22 year old Jahida Crawford was known locally for being a softball icon. Playing the sport from a very young age, Jahida was the best catcher in Orange Walk- the hardest position to play in softball, according to her aunt and longtime coach. Jahida Aunt – Softball Organizer: “I have been playing softball for a number of years, I was the pitcher for my team and she was the catcher and we played well together and we played a lot of games and she did excellently and I was really surprised that she turned out to be a really good catcher because that is one of the hardest spots...”

    BSCFA And ASR To Meet Face To Face In Court
    Approximately two months ago the Sugar Industry suffered major loss as three thousand nine hundred tons of molasses found in storage tank number one at the Sugar Factory had reportedly become damaged by Maillard Reaction. BSI/ASR attributed the reaction to a combination of factors including abnormally high level of reducing sugars and the weather and ambient temperatures. The company then demanded that cane farmers share the loss of revenues amounting to four hundred thousand dollars. The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, BSCFA, completely disagreed with the company for two specific reasons. The first being that once a delivery has been made to the factory, it automatically becomes property of ASR and second that there is absolutely no agreement which states that farmers must participate in the sharing of losses that occurred during the process of sugar making. The BSCFA is also of the position that the Maillards reaction occurred as a result of negligence by the company in following proper procedures as it relates to the boiling process.

    BNTU To Hold On National Consultation On National Issues
    On Friday the National Teachers Union will be meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow where they will put fort their official position as it relates to the deferral of the Salary adjustment for teachers proposed by PM following hurricane Earl. According to President of BNTU Orange Walk, Otilio Munoz- the position of the Belize National Teachers Union going into Friday’s meeting is a clear cut one. Otilio Munoz – President of BNTU Orange Walk Branch: “There is a meeting schedule for Friday where the three Unions will be expressing their position; I can tell you that BNTU position is NO to the deferral, the teachers want their salary adjustment which ever month, September is already going once it is the 15th it will be hard on getting it on September but whatever month retroactive April and that is the stand of Belize National Teachers’ Union.”

    Press Officer Placed On Leave Without Pay
    On Monday we reported that the long awaited results from the urine sample that was taken from the Director of Government Press Office, Dorian Pakeman following the traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway which claimed the life of forty five year old Dean Dawson Sr. back in March indicated that Pakeman was under the influence of cocaine as traces of the drug was discovered in his bloodstream. After information surrounding the result of the sample was publicly announced by the Belize Police Department, Pakeman made a post on social media in an attempt to defend himself from the allegations made against him, stating that it is completely untrue.

    Orange Walkeno Detained For Robbery In Belize City
    Jamal Warrior, a resident of Orange Walk Town is tonight in police custody after he was brought before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza earlier today on charge of robbery after he reportedly assaulted a sixteen year old minor yesterday morning. The minor reported to police that at around 11:15 a.m. he was approached by two men on bicycles while walking on Meighan Avenue in Belize City. He also told authorities that one of the individuals placed a knife to the left side of his neck while the other took his Apple I-phone from the right pocket of his pants, then both men immediately rode off on their bicycles.

    OW Police Confiscates Drugs Found Inside Of Ice Cooler
    A routine street patrol carried out by the Orange Walk Police Formation yesterday in the San Lorenzo Housing Site area proved successful for authorities as they removed a total of 550 grams of cannabis from the streets of our town. Selvin Tillette – Commanding Officer Orange Walk Branch: “Police was patrolling San Lorenzo Housing Site somewhere around 5:30 yesterday evening where we saw a male person with a white cooler acting suspicious in that area, the police entered the yard and when they search the cooler they contained green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana, the drugs was brought to the Orange Walk police station where a total of 550 grams.”


    Protest in Benque
    We have reported on the bus war between BBOC and Mexican owned bus line, ADO as it relates to additional runs given to the Mexican bus line, a run that BBOC cuts into their customers since ADO is allegedly picking up passengers along the highway. While that is still all being worked out, we understa...

    Man shot multiple times in Belize City
    There was another shooting incident in Belize City on Monday night. 21-year-old Adrian Dyer of a George Street address was shot multiple times to the thighs .ACP Chester Williams gave the details. ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South) Sometime after ten last night one Adr...

    Third Monday night shooting
    There was a third shooting in Belize City on Monday night. Sometime around 10 o’clock last night, police responded to shots being fired at the corner of New Road and Victoria Street, Belize City. 19-year-old John Orozco of Belize City had been shot to the right forearm. Orozco told police that he ...

    Edward McKay is remanded to prison after alleged to rob man then stabbing him
    A man was robbed and stabbed in the Ladyville area and tonight his attacker is behind bars on remand at the Belize Central Prison. 26 year old Edward McKay recently got out of jail but is headed back there after being charged with robbery, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm upon Tyrone S...

    Teacher is charged with knocking down a police officer in the city
    42 year old Teacher, Kevin Nigel Campbell, of Belize City, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate Court for driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention and negligent harm upon a police officer, Police Constable, 32 year old Adonias Gonzalez. Campbell knocked down P.C. Gonzalez on Sat...

    Mason’s Home in Belmopan Burglarized says wife
    The wife of accused murderer and kidnapper, William Danny Mason, has reported that their home on the hill was burglarized. The 48-year-old Canadian woman, Melissa Ferguson , reported the matter to police saying that between 11:00 p.m. on Friday 15th July 2016, and 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday 17th August...

    Girl arrested for drug trafficking
    19 year old woman was arrested yesterday by San Pedro police for drug trafficking. Tracy Betancourt was reportedly was intercepted by a joint team of Special Branch and CIB personnel as she was travelling in a yellow Mazda Protégé taxi at the corner of Caribena Street and Barrier Reef Drive in San P...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BNTU holds nationwide consultations on various national issues
    All 10 district branches of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) are holding consultations with their members tomorrow, Thursday, September 8th to discuss issues of national concern, over and above PM Barrow’s proposal to defer their salary increase. While the district branches fine-tune plans […]

    P.U.P. march in Belize City
    Close to five thousand persons from across the country, in the party’s colors of blue and white, swelled through downtown Belize City from Constitution to B.T.L. Park in a show of force not seen by the People’s United Party (PUP) in the Old Capital […]

    BDF helicopter pilots in training
    The Belize Defence Force’s Air Wing is busy learning the use of the two helicopters obtained in different circumstances in recent times. Two Hueys from Taiwan and a Bell ‘copter abandoned in Orange Walk form the basis of the helicopter corps and the pilots […]

    D.P.P.: Office still reviewing Pakeman file
    Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal has told the media that her office has issued no directions on charges for Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman in relation to the fatal traffic death of Dean Dawson in March. The reason for that […]

    Police arrest three men for drug trafficking
    Police have arrested Jose Luis Guerra and two other men for drug trafficking. According to reports, police visited Guerra’s residence where they conducted a search in a red and white ice cooler that was floating in a creek in his back yard. Police discovered […]

    Director of Press Office Placed on Unpaid Leave
    A press release issued by the GOB press office just now is reporting that the Director of the Press Office, Mr. Dorian Pakeman has been placed on immediate unpaid leave. The release reads: The Office of the Prime Minister announces that following a meeting […]

    Police find marijuana on the Placencia Peninsula
    An anti-drug operation was conducted within Placencia and Seine Bight villages by K9 personnel, Special Branch, CIB and Seine Bight Police which yielded 286.9 grams of cannabis. The operation took place on September 6th between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30 a.m. Police have […]

    Massive PUP protest in Belize City
    Supporters and members of the People’s United Party (PUP) are gathering at the Constitution Park in Belize City to stage a protest against corruption in Belize. According to the PUP, the purpose of the ‘Save Belize Now’ march is to stand up for the […]

    Police Are Investigating the Fatal Shooting of a Woman in Orange Walk
    Police in Orange Walk are investigating the murder of a young woman that happened in Orange Walk last night. According to reports, police visited the corner of Rio Bravo and Boundary Road in Orange Walk Town where inside the living room of a cement […]


    Celebrating September in Belize
    It’s that time of year again – September Celebrations. September 21, 2016 marks Belize’s 35th anniversary of becoming an independent country (from Britain), and September 10 is the day it gained independence from Spain in 1798 after winning of the Battle at St. George’s Caye. With two big events in Belize’ history occurring in the same month it’s no wonder that many of the approximate 368,000 people of this tiny country celebrate pretty much throughout the month. This year’s theme is “Sovereign and Strong – Together as One” Belizeans will show their pride throughout the month. Both private citizens and businesses will be decorating their cars, bikes and homes with Belize Flags and our Country colors – blue, white and red.

    “Bad Boys” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,Belize.
    Well if you read the previous edition you’ll know that Rose, Ziggy and I got through Hurricane Earl with very few problems and we felt confident that we could cope with the three , yes three, hurricanes that were due to ‘hit’ Ambergris Caye on 7 August. We’d known that Hurricanes Alfie, Louie and Frankie (I know that these names don’t appear within the list of hurricane names for 2016) were going to ‘hit’ Ambergris Caye since August last year. We just didn’t foresee that they would arrive just four days after Hurricane Earl. When Rose and I sat down (on many, many occasions) to lay out the design for the house we planned to build on Ambergris Caye we had a clear consensus that it would include a clearly defined and separate area that family and friends could use if they (and we hoped that they would) came to visit us. Eventually we decided that the best way (well for us at least) was to incorporate a two bedroom/two bathroom, self-contained apartment built on the ground floor. Well actually if I’m truthful it started out as being a one bedroom/bathroom apartment but we changed our minds (and the design) mid construction.

    St. George's Caye
    Named after the patron saint of England, St. George’s Caye (pronounced “key”) is a small island located a few miles off the coast of Belize City. Although this tiny island is inhabited by just two dozen people, it played an enormously important role in the history of Belize. St. George’s Caye is located approximately eight miles east of Belize City. With several hotels, bars, and restaurants, it’s always a good time to visit this picturesque island. But definitely don’t miss the festivities surrounding St. George’s Caye Day every year on September 10 when a re-enactment of the naval battle takes place in the waters off of the island. There are no commercial routes that go to St. George’s Caye, however several private water taxi operators offer regular service from the docks at Belize City both to the island as well as other nearby cayes. Currently, there is no air strip on the island so the only way to get there is by water.

    Beautiful Belize scenery...and ugly construction pics!!! :)
    I was thankful last weekend to get a last minute invite to join some friends on a boat trip to Ranguana and Silk of the great joys of living here - it isn't long before you get these invites from new friends, as so many have access to boats! We had heard that there was perhaps some damage to Silk Caye from Hurricane Earl, so we were all anxious to see it, as this is a HUGE draw for guests here. was absolute paradise. We had a laugh as the word "paradise" tends to be overused here.....but, check out the pics below....if this isn't paradise than I truly do not know what is, we all agreed that this is it! Also, if you want to take these excursions while you are here - Silk Caye is very easy. From about $75-115us you can go with almost any tour operator. There are booths all throughout the village and this couldn't be easier to set up.

    “I Love Belize Bad” by Samuel Sabido
    To all Belizeans, dah home or dah Farren, I love Belize Bad I love Belize like Johnny love Orange Walk I love Belize like Darrel love BTL park I love Belize like Agric love Pan I love Belize like city people love Jam Roll Man I love Belize like Belizean love Quarrel I love Belize like Belizean love One Barrel I love Belize like Swing bridge love swing I love Belize like Jo grind love married thing I love Belize like old folks like cuss I love Belize like people love Serano’s bus I love Belize like Belize love Lee Chee I love Belize like they now name Key Lee I love Belize like Maya Island Air love the sky

    Coconut Pie
    (at 20 minutes they start discussing Clip art for some reason...)

    International Sourcesizz

    NOAA Outlook for Central America September 8 – 14, 2016
    In late August and early September, a widespread distribution of moderate to locally heavy rainfall accumulations was received over much of Central America. According to satellite rainfall estimates, the highest weekly accumulations (>100mm) were registered over western Guatemala, with pockets of comparable amounts over southern Honduras, and the Gulf of Nicoya regions of Costa Rica. Since early August, changes in the Postrera rainfall performance have been observed. Increased and more frequent rainfall has been observed over central portions of Guatemala and central Honduras, which has helped to alleviate residual dryness and moisture deficits resulting from the suppressed rains during the Primera season. Conversely, strengthening moisture deficits have been observed throughout southern and eastern parts of El Salvador. Although satellite rainfall estimates have depicted low and unseasonably erratic rains throughout central and western Nicaragua, ground reports indicate no negative impacts on cropping activities in Nicaragua.

    All You Need To Know Before Visiting Belize
    Have you ever wondered where you should spend your next vacation? Ever envisioned an extended period of tranquility? Whether you just want to visit, or you have a bigger plan in mind, you will find this small Central American country a paradise, tucked away with beauty and nice experiences. Located just south of Mexico in the heart of the Caribbean Basin is this rather interesting place known as Belize, where people of different kinds meet and mix in a subtropical climate that makes their world feel like there is no other. Belize is the former British Colony, known as British Honduras, covering an area of almost 9,000 square miles, and with a population of less than 400,000 people, Belize has lots of “wide open spaces” to explore and discover. The population density is the lowest in Central American and one of the lowest in the world. The country was granted its independence from Great Britain in 1981 and is a member of both the British Commonwealth and the United Nations. In 2010, Belmopan, the capital city had a population of less than 15,000 inhabitants.

    Belize Hoteliers Question 'Insane' Hotel Standard Amendments
    Proposed changes to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB)’s National Classification System for Accommodations are disturbing some hoteliers in this once-sleepy Caribbean destination in the midst of a significant visitor surge. While BTB’s proposed changes seek to “improve minimum standards for hotels and tourist accommodations in Belize,” the amendments include language some operators find “just insane,” in the words of one hotelier. A version of the proposed changes are expected to be implemented by December said Sharyn Brinker, owner of Mariposa Jungle Lodge and member of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), which represents Belize hoteliers. BTIA chapter officials are currently reviewing the proposed changes and are expected to issue a formal response in October said Brinker. The changes are intended to amend existing regulations, not craft new ones. “The official BTIA position is we are working with BTB to create better standards,” she said.

    Peer-learning to improve urban water and sanitation practices in Belize
    GWOPA/UN-Habitat, through the regional WOP-LAC secretariat, provided instrumental and financial support for the creation and implementation of a Water Operators' Partnership between Belize Water Services (BWS), the national water and sanitation provider, and Contra Costa Water District (CCWD), a California-based water utility. Financial support was provided by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility. Staff time and other expenses were covered by the mentor and recipient partner. The WOP aimed at strengthening the human, organizational and institutional capacity of the recipient utility by adopting good practices, implementing new technology, reducing NRW and improving maintenance techniques. The activities of the WOP started with a joint diagnosis to select the training areas based on pre-identified key priorities of the mentee and expertise areas of the mentor. Partners decided to work on different strategic areas, such as safety, operations, engineering, finance, customer services, information and technology, and public outreach.

    Guatemala rejects OAS report on border dispute shooting
    Guatemala says it wants the Inter-American Human Rights (IACHR) Court to investigate the shooting death of a Guatemalan teenager earlier this year after rejecting an investigation carried out by the Organisation of American States (OAS). Guatemala had originally asked the OAS to carry out the probe into the incident that had threatened to escalate its border dispute with Belize. But earlier this week, President Jimmy Morales said that his country “categorically” rejected the report claiming that for the report to be conclusive “it should have criminal implications for those responsible”. The 22-page report by the OAS followed a decision by both countries that have had a long-standing border dispute for the hemispheric body to probe the April 20th killing of 14-year-old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano.

    CDB funds workshop to improve service delivery in the tourism industry
    For many countries in the Caribbean, a successful tourism industry is critical to social and economic growth and development. However, an increasingly competitive global tourism market has meant that Caribbean countries must find ways to differentiate themselves, in order to continue to attract visitors. One way to do this is to improve the level of service delivery that is provided by tourism-related micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). The international Hospitality Assured Certification (HAC), which was developed specifically for tourism and tourism-related businesses, promotes a culture of service and business excellence. Businesses that have attained the HAC have signaled their commitment to service delivery, business excellence and continuous improvement.

    Caribbean fisherfolk look to the future
    Leaders of the Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organisations (CNFO) met at a two-day performance and planning workshop to discuss and critically assess the CNFO’s performance since its formation almost ten years ago. They were joined in this exercise by representatives from partner organisations the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), Fisheries Division, Trinidad and Tobago, Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies of the University of the West Indies (UWI-CERMES) and Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI). The CNFO is a network of small-scale fisherfolk organisations operating in the CARICOM region, with its mission being to improve the quality of life for fisherfolk and develop a sustainable and profitable industry through networking, representation and capacity building.

    13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine
    The Grolier Codex, an ancient document that is among the rarest books in the world, has been regarded with skepticism since it was reportedly unearthed by looters from a cave in Chiapas, Mexico, in the 1960s. But a meticulous new study of the codex has yielded a startling conclusion: The codex is both genuine and likely the most ancient of all surviving manuscripts from ancient America. Stephen Houston, the Dupee Family Professor of Social Science and co-director of the Program in Early Cultures at Brown University, worked with Michael Coe, professor emeritus of archeology and anthropology at Harvard and leader of the research team, along with Mary Miller of Yale and Karl Taube of the University of California-Riverside. They reviewed "all known research on the manuscript," analyzing it "without regard to the politics, academic and otherwise, that have enveloped the Grolier," the team wrote in its study "The Fourth Maya Codex."


  • Look what my doggies found in our Anteater, 10sec. He is so beautiful and sweet.

  • "The Maya Legacy" Trailer, 1min. 'El Pilar, Preserving the Maya Legacy' is a selection at the 2016 Catalina Film Festival. Great trailer. "We are proud to present this film as an official selection to the 2016 Catalina Film Festival happening September 28th to October 2nd. See for tickets and more information

  • Thomas Stockton Belize Orphanage Program with , 4.5min.

  • African pompano, 10sec. A Caribbean reef shark and African pompano at Glover's Reef, Belize.

  • Chukka Jaguar Paw Outpost Belize, Jaguar Paw Zipline, 2min.

  • Share Random Acts of Gratitude, 2min. National Geographic Explorer Tierney Thys awards Micheal with Blue Marble "Random Act of Gratitude~The Blue Marble Project.

  • Belize Marine Life Previews, 4min.

  • Panoramic video dive Dive shrine Belize 360 vr, 3.5min.

  • THIS IS BELIZE PT1, 21min.

  • THIS IS BELIZE PT2, 7min.

  • Main Reasons I Chose Belize, 16min. The people, the mentality, the environment... "Cook your food, plant your food, and give thanks and praise.

  • Converting food waste into fuel for cooking in Belize, 1min.

  • Dance Class for the all the Singers and Dancers participating in the Creole Brukdung Project, 1min.

    September 7, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    Ambergris Today

    Fishy Art Heightens Awareness About Rising Tide of Pollutants
    The sea’s deadliest predator is trash! - Every year, it’s estimated that more than three billion pounds of plastics, styrofoam and other pollutants end up in the world’s oceans. Marine debris poses deadly consequences to threatened species like turtles and is often mistaken for food by a wide variety of marine animals, which could pose health implications to humans. Belize’s beaches, cayes and coastlines are not immune to this global problem. While a significant amount of the marine debris that washes ashore floats in from other countries, a disturbing amount of garbage generated here at home does end up in the Caribbean Sea. According the David Matus, Titans Mas Band’s Creative Director, “We’re coming at our theme this year: Secrets of the Sea, from more than one angle. On one hand, there’s beauty and wonder but on the other, there are threats like ocean pollution. We want people to realize that dirty secrets like marine debris negatively impacts the Belize we all depend on.”

    Because Every Animal Deserve a Second Chance
    Clear the Shelter September - Imagine what our world would be like if there were no homeless animals It happens about this time every year, the shelter and clinic at Saga Humane Society on Ambergris Caye, Belize fills up with unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. The tourists have left the island and slow season upon us. Pet owners often can't make ends meet and turn to Saga for help. We can't say no; it is our mission to care for the discarded, the unwanted, the neglected and abused homeless animals. The Shelter is full and we need to find loving homes for all the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Can you help us Clear The Shelter?

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    (Dedicated to all the doctors, nurses, and staff at Belize's Karl Huesner Hospital in Belize City) What moves me most about my activism for Belize is its survival as a nation and people. And in my last connection to my roots a few weeks ago, it is astonishing how some of the most moving human stories unfolded there without one even being aware that they were about to transpire. Belize and its people is a creature in search of a life. Take a simple thing like heath care that many of us Belizeans take for granted, and for many us who solemnly believe that because we use holistic forms of herbal remedies to stabilize our lives that we are in no need to see a doctor. And since we have never had one root canal, nor one cavity, that we will never ever need to face the mercy of what appears to be Belize's cursed medical institution and its hospitals countrywide.

    Bi-national Watershed public awareness campaign
    The Bi-national Watershed public awareness campaign is up and running. FCD’s educator presenting posters and other materials to the Chairman of Santa Familia village, Cayo District.

    September 15th, 2016 9am to 12noon. The overall objective of this workshop is to equip our clients with knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to start a business. Through this workshop attendees will be competent individuals with the skills and knowledge to formulate and start their business. FREE OF COST! LOCATION: Beltraide's Conference Room 14 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan. Includes - Refreshments only.

    San Pedrana Teen busted with drugs
    On Monday the 5th September, 2016 at 4:35 p.m., Special Branch and CIB personnel intercepted a yellow Mazda Protégé Taxi at the corner of Caribena Street and Barrier Reef Drive, occupied by a female passenger. 19 year old Tracy Betancourt of Bayside Area, San Pedro Town who was sitting in the front passenger side with a brown downy cartoon box in her lap. She was ordered out of the vehicle and the box was searched. It had 4 parcels wrapped in black plastic bag and further wrapped in transparent plastic which was cut open and its contents was consisted to that of Cannabis. Betancourt was escorted at the San Pedro Police Station where the drugs was weighed and amounted to 1,875 grams or 4.13 pounds. She was formally arrested and charged for Drugs Trafficking.

    On Sunday the 4th of September 2016 at 9:20 a.m., Special Branch intelligence (a joint team of Special Branch and CIB) visited the Thunder Bolt Dock located in the Saca Chispa Area of San Pedro Town. A black plastic bag containing corn masa was retrieved from off the boat. A search was then conducted within the masa which led to a parcel wrapped in brown plastic tape and green plastic bag. The parcel was cut open which revealed suspected Cannabis also known as 'green leafy like supstance'. As a result the package was taken to the San Pedro Police Station where the drugs was weighed and amounted to 120.9 grams. The drugs was labeled as found property.

    Updated September Calendar!
    Look for it in this week's newspapers, too.

    JOB POSTING! Finance Officer for NICH.

    OB POSTING! Museum of Belize (NICH) and Houses of Culture Director.

    JOB POSTING! Administrator for NICH.

    All of our baby white fronts have finally moved out of their tiny apartment
    And into a huge place with the other, older white fronts. 26 wriggly babies were caught, weighed, crated, and moved in one hectic hour. Phew! They were a little unsure at first, but after a few seconds peering out through the crate door in the new enclosure, they were flying off exploring and loving the new space. Not babies anymore, no more hand feeding, and now they are one huge step closer to life in the wild! The fluffy half-bald one is Mary-Kate who we posted about a few months back. We had to separate him from his brother, Ashley, as they were aggressive and tearing out each other's feathers. Mary-Kate can fly and is almost waterproof, so we tried him out in this group and he loves it! No aggression at all, as is almost always the case once a bird has enough space. Unfortunately Ashley is still too naked to join them but he will soon catch up. Love those white-fronts!

    Belize Fishing Report, August 27th – September 3rd, 2016
    5 Grand Slams… need I say more? Ok, how about 1 boat landed 4 tarpon in a day, another had 25 bonefish. Spectacular fishing. Marina from the UK started the week off with the first tarpon of the week and her first tarpon ever, a nice 30 pounder and she landed 2 more solid fish at 20 and 35 pounds. Marina’s beau, Edd also landed 2 tarpon on the last day and fat 70 pounder and a frisky 10 pounder. John U. landed tarpon, Keelan landed her tarpon, Josh came through with a tarpon that was part of his slam, Mike was successful, Larry landed a real big one, Ken added a tarpon to seal his slam, Peter managed a tarpon to the boat, and Matt and Will both landed tarpon on their slam day.

    World Suicide Prevention Day
    On World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization invites the public to join us in promoting suicide prevention and demonstrating our joint responsibility to save lives that would otherwise be lost to suicide. In the spirit of this year’s theme - Connect, Communicate, Care - the WSPD flag will be raised on September 9th, 2016 to connect with the Belizean public on the issue of suicide prevention, to communicate with those who need assistance, and to show that we care about this very important issue. Flags will be raised in noticeable places in all districts. In Belize City, a flag raising ceremony will be held at the Battlefield Park on September 9th starting at 9:00 am. The media is especially invited to attend.

    Dr. Pepper Scholarships
    Deadline- October 17, 2016.

    Join us this week at Crazy Canucks to paint Tortuga Beach. Fun Fact: Sea Turtles have been on Earth for more than 100 million years — even surviving the dinosaurs when they became extinct 65 million years ago.

    Santa Elena Full Moon Concert
    The SISE House of Culture is having a Full Moon Concert and Children's Talent Show at the Santa Elena Basketball Court next Friday, September 16th, as part of the September Celebrations. Thanks, NICH! Happy September! "Mark your calendar..Friday September 16th.. Full Moon Concert at the Santa Elena Basketball Court."

    Rotaract Adopt a Village 2016
    The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio visited students of the Yalbac and La Gracia, and delivered school supplies. Not only that, they have many more to distribute, and they pay the tuition for 34 of the students. Thanks, Rotaract! "Today Rotaract Club of San Ignacio members went out to La Gracia and Yalbac village to deliver bags filled with school supplies for classes from infant 1 to standard 6; the club also pays tuition for all 34 students. We still have 50 additional school bags with school supplies to distribute within this coming month."

    Department of Environment Theme Competition
    The Department of the Environment is celebrating 25 years, and they are having a theme competition. The winner will get $500. The deadline is September 23rd.

    Channel 7

    Another Martin's Murder Targets Youth From Gang Neighborhood
    Gang warfare has spiked again in the city – and last night, a 21 year old lost his life – apparently just because he came from the wrong neighborhood. Just before 6:30, Nicasio Zuniga better known as DJ General was shot in the head as he walked down Complex Drive. Today I tried to find out why this young aspiring DJ was so ruthlessly executed. Amidst the spirited choir rehearsals, A gunshot rang out on Complex drive in the St. Martins area, killing Nicasio John Zuniga. His blood, smearing the street like a carpet stain. ACP Chester Williams - Regional Commander, Eastern Division South: "Last night or yesterday evening rather sometime around 6:30 pm thereabout, one Nicasio Zuniga was associating in the vicinity of Complex Road in the St. Martins Depores area when he was accosted by two male person on separate bicycles; one of whom was armed with a firearm and fired one shot at him hitting him in the head and subsequently resulted to his death."

    Adrian In Dire Condition After Shooting
    And about an hour after Zuniga's murder, another young man was shot but he survived. 22 year old Adrian Dyer was hanging out in front of Sunny Side Bakery on Race Course Street last night. 2 men on a motorcycle passed by and one of them shot at Dyer, hitting him in the legs. While Dyer survived the blasts, he is in a critical condition at the KHMH. Today police told us that this was yet another gang related shooting, but we also spoke to one of Dyer's relatives who told us that Adrian is not involved in any gang activity. ACP Chester Williams - Regional Commander, Eastern Division South: "One Adrian Dyer was on Race Course Street Belize City when a motorcycle carrying two persons passed the location where he was and several shots were fired at him some of which made their mark to his leg. He was rushed to the KHMH where he is currently admitted. Last night he went into a state of shock due to the fact that he had lost too much blood. This incident on Race Course Street we have a basic idea who are those persons responsible and we are pursuing them at this time."

    Imprint Of A Violent Night Also On Northside
    And the last round of gunshots rang out at around 10:15 last night. This time on the northside, on Victoria Street. 19-year-old John Orozco was shot to the right forearm. He was close to home, pushing his bicycle on New Road when he heard shots ring out form nearby and realized that he had been shot. He was admitted to the KHMH in a stable condition – and police haven’t charged anyone.

    The DPP And Dorian Pakeman's Blood Sample
    In last night's newscast, we told you about the very explosive disclosure from Rural Eastern Police Commander Edward Broaster. Responding to a question from the press, he revealed that Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman had tested positive for cocaine, which suggests that he was under the influence of that drug when he knocked down and killed 45 year-old Dean Dawson on March 30 of this year. Pakeman is questioning the validity of the test, and he categorically denies the drug use that the positive test result is implying. Yesterday, Broaster told the media that the DPP has the file. So, we spoke to DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal via phone today.

    Melissa Ferguson Claims Major Heist At Mason House
    You last saw Melissa Ferguson on the news on August 15th – when she got bail for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Well now the 48 year old is telling Belmopan Police that she is the victim, not the perpetrator of a crime. Ferguson has made a complaint stating that between Friday July 15th when her husband William Danny Mason was arrested for killing Pastor Lou and August 17th – which is shortly after she got bail, their Intelco Hill home was cleaned out! She says that in that one month period, thieves stole an assortment of liquor, clothing, electronic and household and miscellaneous items all to a total of $45,428.00. Belmopan police say they are investigating, but the first thing they have to confirm is the validity of the report. Police say they are trying to establish that the mass theft did take place – since police believe that the couple had people staying in the house during their absence.

    Cops Catch "One Ki" In Roaring Creek
    But Belmopan police have no doubts about what they found in an abandoned lot in Roaring Creek Village. On Monday morning at 11:30, the Special Branch Tactical Response Squad found a black plastic bag containing four compressed parcels of Cannabis amounting to 947.0 grams – which is just about two pounds. No one was in the area and it was labelled as "Found Property".

    "Rumba" Roughed Up The Reef
    The Department of the Environment is calculating the damage caused by a US registered pleasure yacht that ran aground the reef near Hatchet Caye on Saturday. The Southern Environmental Association, known as “SEA,” has its Ranger Station nearby on Little Water Caye and Gladden Spit in the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. That conservation NGO reports that the vessel has been removed by the Belize Port Authority and the Department of the Environment is preparing a formal damage assessment.

    Karl Heusner: The Man Behind The Hospital Name
    Search the archives of any news site and the name Karl Heusner will probably come up more than any other name – including Dean Barrow, John Briceno and Chester Williams. That's because it's the name of the National Referral Hospital – and in a country with so many traumatic accidents and injuries, the biggest hospital is always in the news! But, if you look behind the name of the hospital to its namesake, you will find probably the most noted medical practitioner in Belize's pre colonial history. Karl Stanislaus Heusner was born to German immigrants on Albert Street in 1872 – in what was then called Ibo-town.

    Gina Cherrington Again!
    6 weeks ago, we told you about 32 year-old Gina Conorquie Cherrington. She was accused running a housing con on a special constable, and yesterday she was back before the court for a different complaint, on the very same bogus scheme. This time, her accuser was 74 year-old Marion Neal. She reported to police that on July 8, she gave Cherrington payment of $290 toward a house because because Cherrington told her that she was working as part of the Boots Martinez Housing Project. She said that on July 14, she gave Cherrington a second payment of $310, and on August 3, she gave Cherrington a third payment of $125 toward the house. She told police that she became worried because Cherrington had not given her a receipt, and she also did not show her this house she claimed to be able to get on her behalf.

    BDF Pilots Acing Helicopter Homework
    In last night's newscast, we gave you a small excerpt of our coverage of the BDF helicopter training session. Tonight, we have the full story, including a glowing recommendation by the instructors who are overseeing the training. Daniel Ortiz has that story: Yesterday, we found BDF Captain Mark Babalola in a training flight of one of the BDF Helicopters. His exercises involved hovering the rotorcraft just above the Helipad, and maneuvering it to familiarize himself with the precise knife-edge controls needed to pilot one the military's most prized assets.

    GG Sir Colville To Mexico For A First Visit
    Governor General Sir Colville Young made his first official visit to Mexico from August 29th to September 2nd. The career teacher gave an audience at the Anahuac University a lecture "Literature of the Caribbean". He also met with more than 30 non-resident Ambassadors from Mexico City to Belize. Both countries celebrate their independence this month, so the visit also recognizes that Mexico was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Belize on 21st September 1981. Mexico and Belize share a common border of 180 miles, where there are two formal border crossings and countless informal ones.

    The Sound Of Patriotism
    But the GG surely got back in time to participate in one of his favourite September events: the evening of Patriotic Songs and Poems at the Wesley Methodist Church in Belize City. The event is the creation of Muriel Laing – Arthurs who started it back in 2008 along with Gregory Solis, the Choir Master to the Methodist Combined Choir. The idea behind the program is to breathe fresh life into the patriotic songs of years gone by. And more than just a celebration of classics and patriotic poetry, patrons also get that celebration feel from the organizers who attempt to recreate the old-time September spirit by giving out goodies in paper bags and a drink at the end of the event – which used to happen after the tenth march.

    Channel 5

    A Murder on Monday Night in Belize City
    A twenty-two year old was executed on Monday evening in the unending cycle of violence in the city. Nicasio Zuniga was ambushed by a duo on bicycles on Complex Drive [...]

    Family of Nicasio Zuniga Insists He Was Not in Any Gang
    Late this afternoon, the family also granted News Five an interview saying that Zuniga was never affiliated with any gang, nor does he have a criminal record. The bullet, according [...]

    Shootings Reported on North and Southside Following Murder
    There were two other shootings overnight; the first exactly one hour after the execution of Zuniga. Around seven-thirty p.m., shots rang out on Racecourse Street in Belize City. Another youth, [...]

    Ladyville Police Now Say Tyrone Davis’ Death Was Accidental, Not Murder
    On Monday, we reported that thirty year old Tyrone Davis of Sandhill was murdered, shot in the throat and arm while in a hammock at his home. Police were already [...]

    The Intelco Hill Home of Danny Mason and Melissa Ferguson is Burglarized
    Melissa Ferguson, out on bail for the attempted conspiracy to commit kidnapping of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas and another, is reporting an alleged burglary at the residence she shared with incarcerated [...]

    Press Office Director to Learn Fate from Prime Minister
    The fate of Dorian Pakeman as Director of the Government Press Office was the subject of a discussion in Cabinet this morning.  News Five understands that the issue of his [...]

    Do You Support a Senate Investigation or Bi-Cameral Investigation?
    And tonight’s question is: Do you support a Senate Select Investigation or a Bicameral Investigation? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote [...]

    Will Senate or Bi-Cameral Investigation be Undertaken into Latest Immigration Scandal?
    At least thirteen U.D.P. ministers and former ministers are being named in the Special Immigration Audit for being involved in irregular practices as it relates to the issuance of passports, [...]

    Auditor General Eyes Facilitation of Alleged International Criminals to Obtain Passports
    News Five returns tonight to a review of the Office of the Auditor General’s Special Audit Reports on Visas, Nationality and Passports which are now before the House of Representatives [...]

    The Curious Case of Floyd Emmanuel Neal, Daniel Rae Morris and Passport P180550
    Back in 2013, a Belizean from Camalote appeared to lose his passport and sought to get another one. A typical process – so why is his name in the Immigration [...]

    Guatemala Foreign Minister Continues Attack on Independent Julio Alvarado Investigation
    As we reported on Monday, the government of Guatemala has flatly rejected the report of two independent experts, commissioned by the O.A.S., on the shooting death of fourteen year old [...]

    Guatemala Wants Inter-American Court on Human Rights to Intervene
    Guatemala was the first to call for an O.A.S. led investigation and had agreed to the appointment of the experts. But now the tables have turned since the report exonerates [...]

    Benque Taxi Associations Protest in Front of Town Council
    Five taxi associations in Benque Viejo Del Carmen are protesting a similar initiative by foreign, specifically Guatemalan nationals, to muscle in on their profits. The sixty drivers appeared in front [...]

    P.U.P. Gets Ready for Save Belize March on Wednesday
    The People’s United Party is hosting a national protest this Wednesday in the city. The party says enough is enough and that the government has been reeling from scandal to [...]

    Opposition Wants Belizeans to Petition for Senate Inquiry
    The P.U.P. has also organized a petition to have Belizeans sign on or to ask and encourage—either individually or organizations that they belong to—to write their area reps or directly [...]

    20th Anniversary of Expo Belize Marketplace
    The Belize of Chamber of Commerce’s Expo was held over the weekend at the ITVET in Belize City. The private sector was out in full force offering deals upon deals [...]


    More Than Forty Thousand Dollars Stolen From Intelco Hill
    Although there is currently no update on the status of the William Mason investigation into the beheading of Pastor Lu and the kidnapping of Canadian businessman Lloyd Friesen and his wife, today there is a report indicating that Mason’s hilltop home was burglarized of more than forty five thousand dollars. 48- year old Melissa Ferguson, the wife of accused murderer and kidnapper, William Danny Mason, reported to Belmopan police that her intelco hill home was burglarized of forty five thousand four hundred and twenty eight dollars in liquor, clothing, electronic, household and miscellaneous items.

    Guatemalan Press Mocks Prime Minister Dean Barrow
    Following the statement made by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister where he stated that the Government of Guatemala would not be extending an apology to Belize, Guatemala’s leading newspaper, “Prensa Libre” posted a caricature to its Facebook page responding to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s call for an apology from Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales. The cartoon features President Morales holding a garbage can which contains the OAS report on the shooting death of 14-year-old Julio Alvarado with the caption “Aqui esta tu disculpa.” In English “Here is your apology”.

    PUP Senators Continue To Push For Select Senate Committee
    During last week Wednesday’s special senate meeting the PUP senators proposed to have a Senate select committee to investigate the Auditor General’s report, GOB counter proposed their idea and won to have a bicameral house/ senate select committee, which will have membership of the social partners – but it the majority will come from the ruling UDP. Although their proposed idea did not make it out of the senate, the PUP senators are determined in pushing to have a Senate select committee. During a press conference called yesterday, they explained why. Honorable Michel Chebat - PUP Senator: "How can we have a joint or a bicameral committee when in fact the majority of the persons who would make up that committee would be as a matter of course Ministers who may or not have been named; and I think you have to realise that such a committee, whatever report, whatever they decide would first have to go to cabinet. Can you see a cabinet requiring that one of its Ministers be brought to justice?"

    Prime Minister Barrow Meets With Church Leaders, No Agreement Reach
    Since the landmark ruling was handed down for the amendment of section 53 which saw the removal of Belize’s long standing sodomy law, the churches have been in complete disarray over the issue. Yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with the church leaders in an attempt to deflect some of the pressure that's been building up following the section 53 judgment. The churches, first and foremost want GOB to appeal the judgment but furthermore they want the institution of marriage between a man and a woman protected. The Prime Minister walked into the meeting with a range of options, given to him by Cabinet, to propose to the Churches. The meeting which took place at the Headquarters of the Catholic Diocese in Belize City, encompassed the different Church leaders, including the Catholic Bishop, the Anglican Bishop, the President of the Methodist Churches, the Presidents of the two Evangelical Church Associations, and the President of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders.

    Senator Rock Willing To Resign If Necessary
    Senator, Ashely Rocke, the senate representative for the churches has been under much scrutiny after Wednesday’s surprising turn of events where he voted against the motion for an independent senate investigation into the nationality and immigration scandal after the churches’ position was seemingly in favor of the motion. The reprisal against Senator Rocke was instantaneous with the Catholic Bishop, Dorrick Wright urging the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches and the other members of the Belize Council of Churches to take steps to remove him. That call for his removal was echoed by the National Evangelical Association of Belize. Following yesterday’s meeting, with P.M Barrow in Belize City the media spoke to senator Rocke, who claims to be willing to step down if it is the wish of those he represents

    School Bags Donated To Solomon school
    As a part of the annual ‘Back to school drive’ organized by the Friends of the East group here in Orange Walk Town, one hundred school bags were gathered with assistance from the community and were then distributed to students within the area who are in most need of financial assistance. Today, a portion of the remaining school bags were handed over to the administration and staff of the Solomon Seven Day Adventist School who is now tasked with the responsibility of distributing the bags to students whom they believe are in need. Josue Carballo – Former standard bearer, Orange Walk East: “This is a part of a back to school drive that we initiated through a group of friends called Friends of the East, we went on looking for some donations and we got up to a hundred bags to assist students in the area and what we noticed is that schools starts....”

    Santa Martha Residence Are Yet To Receive Assistance For Damages Received By Hurricane Earl
    A month has passed since Hurricane Earl made landfall in Belize affecting many families and businesses across the country including the agricultural sector which took an enormous hit, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Here in the Orange Walk District, over seventeen families from the village of Santa Martha have been greatly affected by Earl specifically farmers who specialize in the production of plantain as approximately one hundred thousand dollars was recorded in the total amount of losses. In order to seek assistance from the government, a letter was sent to the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO); however, tonight we can tell you that the farmers have not yet received any response from the government. This morning we spoke to former PUP standard bearer of the Orange Walk East, Josue Carballo, who told us that this issue in particular will not be left aside.


    A UDP Stronghold Division Protests Wrong Doing
    The taxi service industry is one of the biggest if not the biggest revenue earner for families in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town, Cayo District. For the past year, these men and women have been trying to get the attention of the authorities on a concern they have as it relates to their counterparts in […]

    Who Made Peter William Dahlstrom a Belizean?
    In the PUP’s press conference dated September 5, much issue had been taken on the Belize passport that was issued to the brother-in-law of Kim Simplis-Barrow. PUP Senator, Michel Chebat told the media that the mandatory requirements were not met in the case of Peter William Dahlstrom. This very same matter was taken up in […]

    Preventing Suicide through Communication
    Figures reflecting the number of suicide incidents that occurred in Belize over the last ten years are not readily available to us but we can tell you that while we make it a point to not cover stories of suicide, we have come across quite a few reports. In just a few days, several countries […]

    Taiwan Grants Belize $1.5M Towards E-Governance
    Belize has received more monies from the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan; this time towards the bilateral ICT Project that Belize is collaborating with Taiwan on. His Excellency, Ambassador, Benjamin Ho presented a cheque of one hundred and nine US dollars to the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) of the Government of Belize last Friday. It […]

    A Granddaughter’s Tribute to Dr Karl Heusner
    Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner died at the age 88 in 1960 and up to this day, his legacy as a great healer of his time continues to live on. His granddaughter, June Heusner, has authored a book in his memory. The book is titled, “The Life, Times and Legacy of Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner” and […]

    BDF Takes Media on Fly Over Following Training on the UH-1H
    Four BDF officers attached to the Air Wing are currently being trained to fly the two UH-1H helicopters that were donated by the Republic of China (Taiwan). The training began two months ago and yesterday the media was treated to a firsthand look of the training. Our news team was taken for a fly over […]

    US Registered Vessel Runs Aground on Belize’s Barrier Reef
    A US registered vessel ran aground in Belize waters over the weekend as was confirmed by the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Reports are that the vessel was bound for Big Creek Port in southern Belize after leaving the port of Livingston, Guatemala just after ten o’clock on Friday, September 2, […]

    Unidentified and Dead: Fatal Road Incident
    A fatal road traffic accident occurred on the Boom Hattieville road this morning. The driver of the vehicle, 39 year old Margendon Conorquie from Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District told Police he saw a person sitting in the middle of the road. Eastern Division police shared the information. EDWARD BROASTER “This morning at […]

    Shooter Lay Waits Davis at His Home then Kills Him
    Tyrone Davis was lying on his hammock below his home in Sandhill Village on Saturday around four in the afternoon when, Police say a gunman emerged from an overgrown area and shot at him one time, causing his death. Police stated that they found a single twelve gauge expended cartridge on the scene but they […]


    Business owner shot during robbery in Corozal
    A businessman was shot to his shoulder during a robbery in the Corozal District. On September 2 , 48-year-old Israel Gomez, business owner of San Andres village, Corozal was shot to his left shoulder. Sometime around 1 o’clock that afternoon, Gomez and his wife were at their business place, Saint Ju...

    Four Valley of Peace Farmers detained following robbery
    Four persons have been detained pending charges following a robbery onteh Valley of Peace Road in the Cayo District. On Saturday September 3rd, . at 10:30 a.m., police responded to a robbery in progress on the road to Valley of Peace Village. Esdras Gonzales, driver of Casa Pan Dulce Bakery, report...

    Shooting Incident in Chiquibul National Park, Belize – UPDATE
    The Government of Belize (GOB) has released some follow up information following the shooting incident that took place on 31st August 2016, in Chiquibul National Park in Belize. As we reported last week, a Belize Defence Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol came under fire within the Chiquibul National...

    American-Registered Vessel Grounded on Belize Reef
    A civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the Belize barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia on Saturday afternoon. On board the vessel were three Colombians, four Guatemalans and one American citizen. The vessel reportedly left the ...

    San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council employees suspended
    Just as Minister Patrick Faber’s submerged vehicle was first featured on Facebook, so now has the vehicle belonging to the Town Council of the Twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Two senior employees of that council are now in hot water after a video surfaced on Facebook showing the two empl...

    Castro: no bus stops in Belize for ADO
    Minister of State with responsibility for Transport, Edmond Castro, has weighed in on the bus wars between ADO Bus of Mexico and the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative (BBOC). B.B.O.C. has charged that ADO’s new run at 11 a.m. daily, which started on Friday, will take away customers from them. But in spe...

    BPP joins in call for Senator Rocke’s resignation
    The Belize Progressive Party issued a press release in which it has added its voice in calling for the resignation of Church Senator Ashley Rocke. The release says, “BPP registers its utter disappointment with the decision of Senator Ashley Rocke, who represents the Church, due to his decision to in...


    4 late shootings – 1 dead, 2 injured, 1 unharmed
    Breaking news tonight is that Nicascio John Zuniga, 21, was gunned down at around 7 p.m. tonight, Monday, on Administrative Drive, located in front of the Charles B. Hyde Complex Building in Lake Independence. According to sources close to the Zuniga family, the victim had just gone to Ying Ying Shop and was making his way back home when he was shot once in the head. Zuniga died almost immediately. It is unclear what mode of transportation his attacker used to flee the crime scene. Community members tonight revealed to Amandala that while Zuniga lived in territory claimed by the Backa Lands Crips (BLC), he was not a troublesome youth.

    Carter’s Upholstery yard caught fire
    After two loud explosions, the backyard of Carter’s Upholstery, located at the corner of Cemetery Road and Elson Kerr Street, erupted in flames. The fire began sometime around 9:35 tonight, Wednesday, and in the face of great challenge, firefighters managed to get it under control by around 10:20 p.m. When the first fire truck arrived on the scene, it apparently arrived without enough water. A second fire truck was called fifteen minutes later, and it also apparently arrived without enough water. Firefighters subsequently removed the metal grill cover on a manhole in order to access water, but it was apparently dried up.

    Cocaine in Press Officer’s blood: ACP Broaster
    This morning, at a police press briefing at the Ladyville Police Station, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, who heads the Belize Rural Eastern Division, confirmed that a lab test done on a blood specimen taken from Dorian Pakeman, Director of the Government of Belize Press Office, who was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in one fatality, showed the presence of cocaine. ACP Broaster was responding to a question by Amandala about the police’s investigation of the fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of Gardenia mechanic Dean Dawson, 45. On the night of Thursday, March 31, there was a tragic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway between Miles 22 and 23, in Biscayne Village, when a government vehicle that was being driven by Pakeman, slammed into Gardenia mechanic Dean Dawson, 45, who was riding his bicycle and heading toward Crooked Tree.

    PUP plan massive “Save Belize” protest on Wednesday
    The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) parliamentarians walked out of the last House of Representatives meeting two weeks ago in solidarity with their Cayo South representative who was clumsily named by the Speaker when he tried to address the House on the blistering Auditor General’s Special Report, which highlighted massive irregularities at the Immigration and Nationality Department. Then last Wednesday, around 1,500 PUP supporters descended on Belmopan in support of the PUP senators who had tabled a motion for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the findings of the Auditor General’s Special Report. The United Democratic Party (UDP) senators, aided by a Church senator, voted against the motion to appoint a Senate Select Committee to investigate the corruption in the department. On Wednesday, the PUP plan to hold the “mother of all demonstrations” in Belize City, where the party has not demonstrated for about twenty years.

    PUP senators may seek judicial review against Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse
    The three Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) senators, Michel Chebat, Valarie Woods and Paul Thompson, briefed the media this afternoon on the possible option that they will follow in the wake of the voting down of their motion for the appointment of a Senate Select Committee at last Wednesday’s sitting of the Senate. The PUP senators have zeroed in on the nationality certificate that Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse, who is also Leader of Government Business, signed on behalf of the Prime Minister’s wife’s brother-in-law, Peter William Dahlstrom, who, according to the Auditor General in her Special Audit Report, did not qualify for Belizean nationality. Senator Chebat, who is holding over for Senator Eamon Courtenay, said that there are mandatory requirements for a person to qualify for Belizean nationality.

    Financial Secretary memo: Stop abusing equipment bought with taxpayers’ money!
    On Thursday, a memo from the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Joseph Waight, addressed to the Cabinet Secretary, chief executive officers, heads of departments and accounting officers regarding the use of government vehicles, was leaked to the media. The memo states, “Government vehicles should be viewed as belonging to the citizens of Belize and are assigned solely for the purposes consistent with providing services to those citizens…” The memo further stated, “We’ve seen cases where authorization forms were not being used by public officers travelling in vehicles after working hours, weekends and public holidays. For the most part they were not doing or providing any service on behalf of the Government to the citizens of Belize.”

    In memory of Migale – Berger 404, Belize City Champions 1974-75
    The above picture was sent to us some months aback by a football fan, Mr. Lester Arnold of Church Street, Belize City, the uncle of present Amandala printer Kent Brooks. He called it, “Sports from the past – the Mighty Berger 404 from Lake Independence,” and asked if we could “please give some highlights of these powerful guys (smile).” Today, September 5, marks 40 years since the passing of our brother, Michael Hyde, a.k.a. Toupi or Migale, who was a member of that first Berger 404 champion team. Berger 404 repeated as champions in 1975-76, but Migale had already left for Ghana, Africa in the summer of 1975, on a British Government scholarship. (Belize was still a colony, of course.) Migale was an all-around super athletic talent. I recently met Harry “P” Pilgrim at a wedding in Belize City, and he said he is writing something about that memorable 400-meter race that he ran alone against Migale in the inter-secondary schools track meet in the 1960s, which I had recently referred to as 1969.

    Wagiya on top at Week 3 of PLB Opening Season
    The Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season 2016-2017 tournament completed Week 3 games over the weekend, and the young Wagiya FC team from Dangriga has taken over the lead in the standings, while former leader Placencia Assassins FC suffered their first defeat. (See standings below.) On Saturday, starting at 3:30 p.m. at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, Police United FC registered their first victory of the tournament, as they dealt a 3-1 beating to visiting Freedom Fighters FC from Punta Gorda, all goals coming in the first half. Shaking the net for Police United were Mailson Moura (2’), Devon Makin (30’) and Danny Jiminez (47+’); while Jarren Lambey (18’) scored for Freedom Fighters.

    Belize Volleyball Association presents – International Volleyball in Belize, September 24-30, SCA Multipurpose Center
    The FIVB Men’s World Championship Qualification Tournament for the region, which was originally scheduled for August, but postponed due to Hurricane Earl, will be held September 24th to 30th at the new SCA Multipurpose Center. Belize will be hosting teams from Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. All seven teams will be competing in a round-robin tournament – 3 matches per day for 7 days; 21 matches of world class volleyball. Teams arrive on September 22nd to start on September 24th. Belize will play El Salvador on the first day at 7:30 p.m. The top 2 teams of this tournament qualify to the continental round, where the top 5 teams go to the World Championship in Italy and Bulgaria.

    Belize Bank Bulldogs repeat as BDBA Firms Basketball Champions 2016
    After losing game 1 a week ago in the best-of-3 championship series to Infotel, defending champions Belize Bank Bulldogs rebounded this past weekend to take games 2 and 3 on Friday and Saturday nights, and emerge as 2016 champions of the Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Tournament. Following the devastation of the Bird’s Isle basketball court by Hurricane Earl on August 3-4, all subsequent games in the BDBA Firms Tournament had been moved to the Belize Elementary School (BES) gym on Mercy Lane. In a high-scoring game 1 of the championship series on Saturday, August 27, Infotel had gained a close 99-97 victory over Belize Bank Bulldogs. But thereafter, the scoring was more restricted, as 80 points was enough for the Bulldogs to claim victory in both games 2 and 3 over the weekend.

    Editorial: Hold on tight, beloved
    If we were to tell the Auditor General, Mrs. Dorothy Bradley, that the general public of Belize is quite aware that all the vicious personal and professional attacks being launched against her by the ruling United Democratic Party’s (UDP) officials and attack dogs are a cynical function of UDP self-interest, it would likely be of little consolation, if any, to that brave, embattled lady. In a governance system like Belize’s, political power, beneath and outside of all the fancy rhetoric and elaborate ceremony, is fundamentally about entitlement to the use and abuse of public funds. The function of the Auditor General and her department involves the constitutional attempt to monitor and regulate said use and abuse of public funds. The nature of the Auditor General’s job places such an individual in an inevitable line of fire from corrupt administrations.

    Dangriga youth complains
    Editor Amandala Sir, Today I am here wondering as a youth of Dangriga, amazed daily by the neglect that the town faces from both government and non-government entities. While the country is focusing on the corruption and lack of civility displayed by our government leaders, Dangriga is still neglected and the youth of the community are still suffering. Unemployment is on the rise and the town’s social and cultural integrity is falling apart. The main reason I am writing to this newspaper though is that the town continues to receive the least. While Belize City has multiple state-of-the-art youth facilities, the other Districts have questionable facilities. Dangriga is no different. We might be the worst. We had a small Mennonite wooden structure that housed the Department of Youth Service that became infested by wood lice and was falling apart over the past five years.

    Letter to the Editor: Lenient pedophile sentence
    Editor Amandala Sir, Over the past months a lot of issues have surfaced in our country that currently have us very divided and in turmoil. While I concede that all of these are very pressing issues, I sincerely believe that there is something much more pressing that everyone is ignoring. The issue I’m talking about is how our legal system continually fails to do its job and bring justice to the people. The most important issue for me is that our Belizean kids continue being molested and raped by men from different countries without any just punishment. The latest one to appear in the newspaper was David Taylor, who forced four young boys into homosexual acts which he also photographed. The punishment handed down to David by the Chief Magistrate was two years. It’s so infuriating to know that a man that has made four boys do unspeakable acts that he photographed and most likely shared with other pedophiles can just get two years as his sentence.

    Guatemala petitions OAS over independent investigation into minor’s death near Belize border
    The recently appointed ambassador for Guatemala to the Organization of American States (OAS), Gabriel Aguilera Peralta, has written OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, claiming that the recently unveiled investigative report into the death of Guatemalan minor, Julio René Alvarado Ruano, is “incomplete,” according to an article published by La Hora, a Guatemalan news source. Chief Executive Officer in the Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Sylvester, told Amandala that he knows of no such letter. The investigation in question indicated that the minor, as well as his brother and father who suffered minor injuries, were not shot by the BDF but by weapons which appear to be those carried by the FCD rangers who were part of the patrol that was present at the time of the shooting.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Nationality by marriage – Is physically living in Belize for one year no longer required?
    Can a person qualify for nationality after being married to a Belizean for one year without having lived in Belize? According to former Minister of Immigration, Hon. Godwin Hulse, the answer to this question is yes, as long as the person is “older than […]

    Woman shot to death in Orange Walk
    BBN has received reports that a woman was murdered in Orange Walk last night. The victim has been identified as Jahida Briceño. According to reports, Briceno was shot and killed somewhere in the vicinity of the Boundary Road. A source told BBN that the […]

    Church Senator voted against Senate Inquiry in nation’s best interest
    Church Senator Pastor Ashley Rocke says he voted against a motion for a Senate Inquiry into the Auditor General’s Immigration report in the best interest of the nation. According to Rocke’s logic, while he supported the motion for an investigation he was of […]

    Hawkesworth Bridge and Macal River Park in San Ignacio gets improved lighting
    The Hawkesworth Bridge and the Macal River Park have both benefited from improved lighting courtesy of the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council. Pedestrians had been complaining of poor lighting when crossing the Hawkesworth bridge at night and some residents even considered it […]

    Belize: Sovereign & Strong, Together As One – This September and Beyond!
    It is only right and just that all Belizean Friends and Friends of Belize at home and abroad come together to celebrate with the greatest gusto Belize’s September Celebrations highlighting The Battle of St. George’s Caye (10th September) and Independence Day (21st September) all […]

    SMART Soca or Surrenda Raffle
    SMART, the leading most innovative telecommunications company in Belize, is holding a Soca or Surrenda raffle this month. To enter the raffle, SMART users need to send a message to UWIN (8946) and in the body of the message type: WIN. Both winners will […]

    Prensa Libre mocks Barrow’s call for an apology
    Prensa Libre, Guatemala’s largest newspaper, posted a cartoon to its Facebook page mocking Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s call for an apology from Guatemalan President Jimmy Moralez. The cartoon features Moralez holding a trash can containing the OAS report on the shooting death of 14-year-old […]

    Taxi drivers Protest in Benque
    This morning over 60 taxi drivers from five taxi associations joined in solidarity, protesting in front of the Benque Viejo Town council. The drivers are protesting because according to them, a Melchor van is being allowed to bring students from Melchor to attend school […]

    Belize: Together, The Poor is Wealthier Than The Rich
    The Central Bank of Belize annual report for December 31, 2015 shows that the aggregate capital for domestic banks stood at BZ$419.1 million, having increased BZ$39.6 million over 2014. Profitability in terms of Return on Equity (ROE) went from -2.18% in 2014, to +6.23% […] than $45,000 in household items stolen from William Mason’s House
    Police in Belmopan are reporting that $45,428.00 in liquor, clothing, electronic, household and miscellaneous items were stolen from William Mason and Melissa Ferguson’s residence in the Mountain View area of Belmopan. Melissa Ferguson reported to police that between 11:00 p.m. on Friday July 15th, […]

    Nineteen-year-old shot near Victoria Street
    On Monday at about 10:15 p.m, 19-year-old John Orozco was shot in Belize City. According to police reports, Orozco was pushing his bicycle on New Road contrary to the flow of traffic and upon reaching in front of #84 New Road Supermarket, he suddenly […]

    Man left in critical condition after being shot
    On Monday, September 5th at around 7:30 p.m., Adrian Dyer, 21 years old of George Street in Belize City was shot. According to police reports, Dyer was socializing with a group of male persons in front of #44 Raceourse Street when two male persons […]

    Latest murder victim is 22-year-old Nicasio John Zuniga of Belize City
    Police in the old capital are reporting that on Monday, September 5, at around 6:22 p.m., they visited Complex Drive, Belize City where they saw 22-year-old Nicasio John Zuniga lying motionless on the street. Zuniga had a gunshot injury to the upper right cheek […]

    Orange Walk man involved in fatal traffic accident
    Margendon Conorquie, 39, of Carmelita Village, Orange Walk was involved in a bizarre traffic accident yesterday morning as he ran over a man who was sitting in the middle of the road. According to police reports, Conorquie was driving in his white 1990 GMC […]

    San Pedro police find 120.9 grams of marijuana in boat
    On Sunday, September 4 police in San Pedro Town discovered 120.9 grams of marijuana in a boat. According to police reports, the cannabis was retrieved from a boat that was parked on the Thunder Bolt dock located in the Saca Chispa Area of San […]

    PUP to march in Belize City tomorrow
    The People’s United Party (PUP) will be holding its “Save Belize Now” march in Belize City tomorrow. The PUP announced the march last week. It will start at the Constitution Park and is expected to begin at 10:00 a.m. PUP Party Leader John Briceno […]

    Young woman arrested in San Pedro for drug trafficking
    Tracy Betancourt, 19, was arrested yesterday by San Pedro police for drug trafficking. According to police reports, Betancourt was intercepted by a joint team of Special Branch and CIB personnel in a yellow Mazda Protégé four door taxi at the corner of Caribena Street […]

    BNTU Benque Branch wants more than salary adjustment
    The Benque branch of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) wants more than just a salary adjustment. The branch is also demanding that Prime Minister Dean Barrow appeal Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling on Section 53 of the constitution, a full investigation on the […]

    Captive parrot application process closing
    The Belize Forest Department issued a press release today informing all citizens that the Captive Wildlife Permit Program for pet parrots will close on October 31. Under the program the department has registered over 300 parrots already.Hundreds of parrots were rehabilitated and returned to […]


    How To Find a Job in Belize
    I don’t want to be a dream crusher but here is the truth: GETTING EMPLOYMENT IN BELIZE IS NOT EASY. And especially employment that is going to pay all of your bills. Jobs do come up. Not often. They are usually passed along by business owners talking to friends. And why not get your name in the mix for a reliable, ready to work, FLEXIBLE go-getter. It is great that you were a qualified vet technician or a human resources compensation expert…it’s time to be flexible. Opportunities that may come up: Bar or restaurant manager, hotel manager, property management, real estate (though remember that it often is commission based)… I know the idea of moving to Belize is compelling…I’ve felt the pull. But it is extremely hard to get any job…especially well paying job in Belize if you are an immigrant.

    International Sourcesizz

    Obituary - Sammy Martinez, football fan and British Honduran forestry worke
    British Honduran forestry worker and Hibs fan Born 18th February 1910. Died 24th August 2016. Sam Martinez who has died aged 106 enjoyed a remarkable life which spanned continents and centuries.An enthusiastic Hibs fan for over 70 years, he attracted a lot of attention when he was present as a guest of the club at Hampden Park in May to witness them lift the Scottish Cup for the first time since 1902, probably the oldest fan ever to attend the Final. As far as Sam was concerned this was ‘eleventh time lucky,’ as he had previously attended 10 Cup Finals, including replays, without seeing his beloved Hibs win the much coveted trophy. His first had been in 1947 when Aberdeen defeated the Easter Road side 2-1. Brought up in the southern coastal village of Barranco in what is now Belize,he was one of eight brothers and two sisters. He came to Scotland in November 1942 as part of the 800 strong British Honduras Forestry Unit to help in the War effort. In June 1941 the government identified the need for a significant increase in home timber production to reduce reliance on shipping, timber being needed in particular for the coal industry, for pit props and to fire steel production for armaments.

    How Belize inherited steelpan music, A lively music that has made Belize its home...
    Within the heart of Belize’s melodious amalgamation lies the metallic resonance of the steelpan. This Caribbean instrument was introduced into Belizean culture by the musically-accomplished Dr. The Honorable Lennox A. Pike in 1964, a little over two decades prior to the country’s own Independence from its British Colony in 1981. He would later be honored at the “2012 Pan Yaad Steel Band Concert” for his contribution of steelpan music to Belize, by the National Institute of Culture and History’s President, Ms. Diane Haylock. Now woven into the country’s National September Celebrations, steelpan music continues to be an anticipated feature, particularly at the annual “Pan Yaad Steel Band Concert” , happening at 7:00 p.m., September 9th, 2016 at the Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City. This grand entertainment of musical perfection offers an electric genre of various local and regional sounds, all in a warm patriotic setting.

    Magnum Tours host 3rd travel agent FAM for 9 premier agents
    Magnum Tours, a premiere travel agency, recently hosted a six-day FAM for travel agents. Magnum Tours, based in the United States, is a large-scale wholesaler of comprehensive tour packages to Belize. Joining in with the likes of American Airlines, WestJet, and Southwest, Magnum Tours is an industry leader on marketing the beautiful Central American nation of Belize to travelers in North America. The company’s third annual FAM kicked off on Friday, August 5, 2016, as Magnum Belize Tours welcomed nine top flight agents to the country. Lodgings were provided by the beautiful Chaa Creek Lodge in Belize’s western Cayo District. Chaa Creek Lodge owners Mick and Lucy Fleming welcomed the agents with a delicious assortment of cocktails and snacks later followed by a gourmet dinner. The FAM continued with a trip to the nearby Cahal Pech Resort. Afterwards, the group toured the Maya ruins of Cahal Pech which gave the resort its name. A delicious repast was laid out for the group at the Mystic River Resort and delicacies like goat cheese and coconut cheesecake were savored by one and all. The day’s activities continued to Mariposa Jungle Lodge and concluded at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge where they were hosted for dinner with managing director Erik Lyoth.

    THS grad puts engineering skills to work in Belize
    Tullahoma native Danielle Kirkpatrick recently returned from Central America where she and a group of students and professors from Tennessee Technological University (TTU) constructed a composting latrine for the village school of San Benito Poite. The village is located in Belize, a nation on the eastern coast of Central America. “The latrine will serve the village school that instructs grades Pre-K through eighth,” said Kirkpatrick, a 2013 graduate of Tullahoma High School. “The latrine that they had was a pit latrine and it was almost full. We thought we could implement a new design of a latrine and the villagers would realize what a better design this was and they could reuse it if properly cared for.” The latrine Kirkpatrick and her fellow students installed will allow the villagers to put the waste collected to good use. “We constructed a composting latrine. With this type of latrine, they can re-use the waste as fertilizer, so they are not just continuously digging holes to make additional latrines.”

    Caribbean countries meeting ahead of climate change meeting in Morocco
    renada is hosting the CARICOM Climate Change Negotiators and Ministerial preparatory meeting in preparation for the Conference of Parties (COP) for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will be held in Morocco this year. The three-day conference, which began on Monday, is being attended by representatives from 12 countries as well as the Belize-based Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the Guyana-based CARICOM Secretariat. The objectives of the preparatory meeting are to provide ministers and negotiators with a forum to prepare for COP 22 to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco from the 7th to 18th November 2016 and to develop the regional positions for the Caribbean states.


  • Examining the Spanish Archival Records on the Battle of St. George’s Caye, min. Tantalizing hints! In case you missed it, check out this segment from Open Your Eyes: Mr. Giovanni Pinelo and Dr. Abigail McKay provide a preview of the lecture "Examining the Spanish Archival Records on the Battle of St. George’s Caye," presented by the Institute for Social & Cultural Research and the Belize History Association. The segment starts at the 59:00 mark. There are two chances to attend: Bliss Center for Performing Arts, 9:30 am on Wednesday OR and University of Belize in Belmopan at 2:30 pm. FREE! The morning lecture will also air live on Love FM - News and Music Power.

  • Belize Preserving the Yucatec Maya language, 7.5min. A cultural group of the village of Yo Creek(Orange Walk District) have been try hard to preserve the Yucatec Maya language and identity. Today most Yucatec Maya of northern Belize dnt speak there native language but Spanish/English,mostly elders speak the Maya language. The Yo Creek cultural group U Puksi'ik'al Maya(Maya Heart) La academia Maya of Yo Creek have been working to preserve the Maya Yucatec(Masewal) culture,language,traditions,identity and dignity . U Puksi'ik'al President is Mr.Ismael Cal .

  • Maya Children from Yo Creek Village singing the Belize Nation anthem in Maya, 1min. Yo Creek Children of Yucatec Maya descent singing the Belize Nation Anthem in Maya . Yo Creek closing ceremonies of Maya Language classes.

  • Belize Maya Ball team Ek' Balaam, 1.5min. This is the Belizean Pok Ta Pok(Ancient Maya ball game) from the village of Yo Creek(Orange Walk District) name Ek' Balaam(Black Jaguar). Most of the the Villagers of Yo Creek are from Yucatec Maya Descent.

  • Belize National Anthem in Maya Yucatec, 3min. The Yucatec Maya are mostly found in Corozal District,Orange Walk District and Cayo District. Today mostly elders speak the Maya language the younger generation now speak the Spanish/English language. The Belize nation anthem is sung by the Yucatec Maya cultural group U Puksi'ik'al Maya(Maya Heart) from the village of Yo Creek(Orange Walk District). The Yucatec Maya in Belize identify themselves depending on the individual as "Maya, Masewal , Yucatec Maya,Maya Masewal,Indio or Maya-Mestizo" .

  • The belize float on the parkway, 2min. Suga candy mas rep belize good luck ladies

  • Press Conference on Auditor General's report, 53min.

  • Special on the Hummingbird Highway, 4.5min. CNN did a special on the Hummingbird Highway, and all its beauty. it's a few years old, but has been trending in the news lately. St. Herman's Cave and the Blue Hole are shown, as well as Caves Branch Lodge.

  • Scuba diving Belize, 8min.

  • Scuba diving Belize 2, 7min.

  • Barracuda fish prep in Belize, 11min.

  • Drake University - Belize 2016, 17min. An experience abroad in a rural part of Belize can change a life. Here is my attempt at expressing that experience in 17:00 minutes. Enjoy!

  • IS BELIZE ABOUT TO WITNESS THE BEGINNING OF THE BELIZEAN SPRING?, 6min. The Opposition People’s United Party will take to the streets of the old capital tomorrow as it kicks off its “Save Belize” March, in defiance of the Barrow Administration. The demonstrators will gather at the Constitution Park at 9am and walk through the streets of Belize City, along a route that will take them downtown and then to the BTL Park where they will listen to speeches by leaders of the Party. While we will know the results of the Opposition’s initiative tomorrow, with talks of possible protests by the Teacher’s Union, the Evangelical Church leaders and COLA, we ask the question, is this the beginning of the Belizean Spring?

  • Belize, Central America 2016, 18min.

  • Updated Skincare Routine | Belize In You, 3min. Hey Everyone! In today's video, I'll be showing my updated skincare routine using products from Belize In You.

  • 2016 08 Belize Caye Caulker Coral tunnels Half Moon Caye Wall, 3min.

  • Home is Here! Season 1 Episode 3 - Belize, 30min. In this episode we explore the wonder country of Belize with Kerri & Dave.

  • Belize clips, 14min. Scuba diving in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    September 6, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Marisha Thompson is Miss San Pedro 2016-2017
    San Pedro selected a new beauty ambassador, and she is 16-year-old Marisha Thompson. On Saturday, September 3rd, Thompson captivated and charmed the judges and audience during the 2016 Miss San Pedro Pageant. Competing for the coveted title were Heidi Sorto, Karina Requena, Marleni Diaz, Beverly Rodriguez, Marisha Thompson, and Lisandra Novelo. During their introductory segment, each contestant they shared a little about themselves and their aspirations in life. With poise, beauty and elegance they provided yet another memorable show. After an intermission presentation by Grupo Crash, the young ladies modelled their swimwear, fuelling much applause from the audience. They then transitioned to the most anticipated part of the show: the evening gown segment. Each candidate awed the crowd with their stunning gowns, shinning onstage like true superstars. The shiner of the dresses added to the glitz and glamour of the event, further compounded by the bright smiles of the young beauties.

    Ambergris Today

    American-Registered Vessel Grounded in Southern Belize Waters
    The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. Onboard the vessel were three (3) Colombians, four (4) Guatemalans and one (1) American citizen. The incident reportedly took place on the Belize Barrier Reef around 5:00p.m. on Saturday, September 3, 2016, and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department. The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed with Guatemalan Authorities that the vessel left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala bound for Big Creek, Belize sometime after 10:30a.m. on Friday, September 2.

    Pretty in Pink, Marisha Thompson Selected Miss San Pedro 2016
    Sixteen year old Marisa Thompson won the hearts of the judges and the audience at the Miss San Pedro Pageant that was held this past Saturday, September 3, 2016, in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. She shared the stage with five other contestants who put in a great show of beauty, elegance and intelligence as they vied for the coveted crown. Miss Lisandra Novelo was selected as first runner-up while Marleni Diaz was awarded Miss Photogenic and Karina Requena was awarded Miss Congeniality. Other contestants included Heidi Sorto and Beverly Rodriguez. Outgoing Miss San Pedro 2015 Iris Salgero was present during the pageant to give her farewell speech and assist with the sashing.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Ride for a router?
    Are you coming to Caye Caulker in the next week or two? We need someone to carry down a wifi router for our high school. It weighs 4.8lbs and is 10x6x13 inches. Message here with your mailing address and phone, and we will ship it asap to you (via Thank you, in advance, from Ocean Academy.

    The Government of Belize (GOB), following up on the shooting incident that took place on 31st August 2016, where a Belize Defence Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol came under fire within the Chiquibul National Park upon approaching an illegal settlement approximately 259 meters east of the border, informs that the official Order to Leave given by the BDF to the illegal settlers of that settlement has been complied with – the area has been vacated and existing structures dismantled. Furthermore, investigations continue in identifying the person(s) involved in this recent shooting incident.

    Carnival King & Queen Competition
    The night in pictures!

    Pan Yaad 2016
    Sept 9, 7:30pm Marion Jones Sporting Complex. See you there!!

    The Benque House of Culture 15th Anniversary
    The Benque House of Culture (NICH) is celebrating its 15th Anniversary, and you're invited to join the festivities!

    "Song of the People," with Francis Reneau
    JUST ADDED! Mr. Reneau presents his original composition dedicated to the Belize in honor of 35 years of independence. FREE EVENT! Sunday, September 18 at 6 pm, at Bliss Center for Performing Arts.

    Belizean Extravaganza!
    An evening of cultural classics. Sept. 8, 8pm, Bliss Center

    Illumination, patriotic Festival of Light
    Friday in Corozal!

    American Vessel Grounded in Area of Belize Waters
    The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east north east-northeast of Placencia. Onboard the vessel were three (3) Colombians, four (4) Guatemalans and one (1) American Citizen. The incident reportedly took place on the Belize Barrier Reef around 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 3rd and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department. The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed with Guatemalan Authorities that the vessel left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala bound for Big Creek, Belize sometime after 10:30 AM on Friday September 2nd. The Belize Coast Guard has secured the area and a task force comprising of the Department of Environment, Immigration and the Belize Port Authority deploys today, Monday, September 5th to further examine the scene and determine what further actions will be taken.

    Let's Clear the Shelter in September!
    It happens about this time every year, the shelter and clinic at Saga Humane Society on Ambergris Caye, Belize fills up with unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. The tourists have left the island and slow season upon us. Pet owners often can't make ends meet and turn to Saga for help. We can't say no; it is our mission to care for the discarded, the unwanted, the neglected and abused homeless animals. The Shelter is full and we need to find loving homes for all the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Can you help us Clear The Shelter? Your $50 donation today will help us feed our shelter animals and provide medical care as we work to Clear The Shelter in September. Become a Saga Sponsor today. Be a Saga Life Saver. Share our message and Donate Today!

    2016 Bart's Bash Regatta
    Bart's Bash 2016 Sailing Event will take place worldwide on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18. The organizers in San Pedro have decided to make the most of the weekend by holding an open regatta on Saturday and sailing Bart's Bash on Sunday. Bart's Bash has been a highly entertaining, one-of-a-kind sailing race, in which sailors all over the world and in every kind of sailboat imaginable have taken to their home waters on the same day and sailed courses that have been designated as comparable by a computer program in the hands of the Bart's Bash Committee. Another computer program handicaps all the various boat classes involved. It has been a fully legitimate regatta. Guinness Book of World Records formally recognized the inaugural Bart's Bash (2014) as the largest boat race in history. Having secured that record on the first try, the Committee has loosened the all-on-the-same-day rule, and made the world-wide Bart's Bash an all-on-the-same-weekend sailboat race. Bart's Bash should attract even more boats than it did its first 2 years; they averaged in excess of 16,000 boats.

    Commentary: Restructuring of political constituencies in Belize
    By Wellington C. Ramos. Last year, just before the general elections were held in our country, a group of Belizeans got together to raise the issue of unequal representation in Belize’s constituencies, which is a legitimate concern for many, including me. They even went to the court to see if they could have gotten an injunction on the elections until this major issue was addressed by the UDP government. They failed to get the court to agree with them because the time was too short and the elections were held. Now is the ideal time for these same individuals to organize themselves again to deal with this important issue. In Belize there are some constituencies that have twice the amount of registered voters that is required by law, such as Toledo East, Toledo West, Dangriga, Stann Creek West, Belmopan, Cayo West, Cayo South, Cayo North East, Lake Independence and Belize Rural North. This is compared to most of the constituencies in Belize City that have an average of about 3,000 registered voters. Fort George Division is the least populated division in the whole country of Belize.

    Captive Wildlife Permit Application Period to Close
    The Forest Department announces that the application period for the Captive Wildlife Permit program for pet parrots will close on October 31st, 2016. Since the program began, the department received more than 2,000 applications and registered over 300 parrots already. Hundreds of parrots were rehabilitated and returned to the wild when inspections revealed that: (a) the parrots were found to be less than one-year old and; (b) bird owners failed to meet strict compliance standards. Parrots represent the largest group of captive wild animals in Belize. Thousands of wild birds have been and continue to be illegally captured and traded on the domestic and international market to meet the demand for the pet trade. This has devastating impacts on Belize’s parrot species population, particularly the scarlet macaw and yellow-headed parrots now threatened by extinction due to habitat loss and illegal capturing.

    Food and Drugs Amendment Act
    In an effort to further strengthen the regulation of food and pharmaceuticals in Belize, the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin presented new amendments to the House of Representatives on the Food and Drugs Amendment Act of Chapter 291 of the substantive Laws of Belize revised Edition 2011. This will make provision to empower the making of regulations for the establishment of a drug registry and give effect to the provisions of the Act regarding the labeling of food or pharmaceuticals. With the provisions in this amendment, the Ministry of Health will be able to address regulatory responsibilities, such as the granting of licenses to establishments involved in the sale of food and medicines and to enhance the importation requirements for these. It also seeks to establish proper record keepings including the sale of medicines in books or registers and to allow for the removal of expired food and medicines from selling points, as well as random sample taking of medicines for quality testing. This amendment includes regulations for the registration of all medications in our National Drug Registry and the further establishment of lists of medicines to further aid proper sales control in establishments such as pharmacies and supermarkets.

    People's United Party Senators call press conference at Independence Hall in Belize City
    - Speaks on qualification to acquire nationality through marriage. Specifically to the case of Peter William Dalstrum, the brother-in-law of the Prime Minister's wife, Kim Simplis Barrow, who received nationality not having lived in Belize and contrary to the requirements of the Nationality Act - calls for the revocation of Dalstrum's Belizean documents - recalls for a Senate Select Investigation as opposed to a bicameral investigation. - Calls for the resignation of Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police

    Benque HoC Celebrates 15 Years
    Happy 15th anniversary, Benque HoC. They are doing the soft launch of the Pillars of Benque HoC exhibit tomorrow morning. They'll have fun for everyone. "Celebrating and commemorating the 15 Years Foundation of our Benque House of Culture, Tuesday September 6th, 2016. Soft viewing of the Exhibition: Pillars of the Benque House of Culture Personalities"

    "Road To Belize Independence" exhibit
    The "Road To Belize Independence" exhibit is now open for viewing at SISE House of Culture.

    Managing spiny lobster resources for livelihoods and healthy marine habitats
    The Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), Argus from the Greek meaning “watchful guardian”, is a conspicuous and critical resident of coastal waters throughout the region and functions as both predator and prey in the complex world of coral reefs. Spiny lobsters emerge from their shelters at the end of the day to forage on a variety of crabs, snails and urchins on reefs and surrounding seagrass beds and sand flats, returning to the protection of crevices and overhangs as the sun begins to rise. Their sheltering on the reef, often in small groups, is critical as they are prey to a number of other animals including groupers, snappers, triggerfish, octopus, turtles and the green moray.

    Channel 7

    PM Goes to Meet Catholic Bishop
    Today, the Prime Minister met with the churches – and like the mountain going to Mohammed, he went to Bishop Dorrick Wright's residence to do so. It's an attempt to release some of the pressure that's been building up after the section 53 judgment. The churches want that judgment appealed – but more than that, they want the institution of marriage between a man and a woman protected. The Prime Minister said Cabinet gave him a range of options to propose to the Churches – and today at around 2:30, at the Headquarters of the Catholic Diocese in Belize City, the Prime Minister met with the different Church leaders, including the Catholic Bishop, the Anglican Bishop, the President of the Methodist Churches, the Presidents of the two Evangelical Church Associations, and the President of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders. That discussion lasted for a little over an hour and a half, and this evening, we were right outside to talk with the Prime Minister and the Church leaders when it was done. Here's what they had to say:

    In Defence Of Senator Ashley
    While we were at that meeting, we got a chance to speak with Church Senator Ashley Rocke to get a response on the call for his resignation or his removal. As we showed you on Thursday, the retribution against him was swift when Catholic Bishop Dorrick Wright urged the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches and the other members of the Belize Council of Churches take steps to remove him. That call for his removal was echoed by the National Evangelical Association of Belize. Even though they had no say in his appointment, they say that they speak for the vast majority of churches who were once a part of the BAEC. So, we couldn't reach him last week, but before he entered the meeting with the Prime Minister, he granted us a few brief comments saying that he is perfectly ready to step down should the people who put him there decide do so. Pastor Howell Longsworth, the President of the BAEC, which was pivotal in his instalment, said that Senator Rocke has nowhere to go:

    Press Office Director Positive For Cocaine
    Back in March, it made headlines when Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman knocked down 45 year-old Gardenia Villager Dean Dawson. Pakeman, who answers directly to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was heading home after a day on official work business, when his government-issued pickup collided with Dawson, who was riding a bike. Now, as viewers will remember, the events which preceded that accident are greatly disputed by the two parties. Pakeman told us that Dawson was riding in his lane, close to the middle of the road, going in the same direction, heading towards Belize City. He said that he saw Dawson in his high beams, and he blew his horn. He said that he tried to go around Dawson on the right side of the highway. Dawson panicked and tried to swerve off the road, and that's when the collision happened, even though Pakeman reportedly tried to do everything to avoid the accident.

    PM's Problem With Pakeman
    Now Pakeman answers directly to the Prime Minister – in fact he usually emcee's press conference for the PM. So what did Barrow have to say about it in this time when he can hardly take another scandal? Here are his remarks today:… Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "I've just - I've heard about it and I certainly have to look into that. I don't know enough at this juncture but that is a very serious disclosure and I certainly have to look at that." Daniel Ortiz: "Sir would you support actions to be taken if it's proven?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "Lord Man... It's a serious disclosure and if it is true it raises very problematic issues for Mr. Pakeman and for government. Can I leave it at that until I've had a chance... Look we've been talking about natural justice, I have to hear from the man, I have to see what the evidence is but for sure it's not something that will be ignored and not dealt with."

    PUP Senators Kep Up The Push For A Senate Probe
    And while the Prime Minister has all that on his plate – coming up on Wednesday he also has a mass demonstration led by the PUP. And the party is not letting up on the passport that his brother in law Peter William Dahlstrom obtained. The auditor general said it was irregular – and last week Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse explained why it was not. Today the PUP Senators held a press conference to say Hulse was wrong, and that he should resign and let the police investigate:… Hon. Michel Chebat - PUP Senator: "Minister Godwin Hulse on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and his wife Kim Simplis Barrow approved the application for Belizean nationality of Peter William Dahlstrom a native of Sweden. Granting him and signing a Belize national certificate for the Prime Minister's brother in law even though he did not meet the legal qualifications as required by the nationality act."

    A Sandhill Slaying
    A man was murdered in Sand Hill over the weekend. 30 year old Tyrone Davis was shot to the throat and arm as he was hanging out at a house in Sand Hill. Courtney Weatherburne went to try and find out why. 30 year old Tyrone Davis would normally hang out at this Sand Hill home near mile 20. It was a popular spot and he and his friends would sometimes spend all day there. But on Saturday afternoon Davis was shot and killed right in front of his favourite spot. ACP Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural: "Rural Eastern Division received reports of a death in the San Hill area where police visited Mile 20 and found the lifeless body of one Tyrone Davis 30 years of the said village suffering from gunshot wounds to the throat and arm."

    Man Sitting In Road Run Over
    There was a bizarre accident this morning around 5:00. A man was run over and killed as he sat in the middle of the road. 39 year old Margendon Conorquie was driving his white Chevy Suburban on the Boom road when he saw a man sitting in the middle of the road, he tried to swerve but it was too late. Who was this man? and why was he sitting in the middle of the road ? Police don't know at this point but they gave us what they have so far. ACP Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural: "This morning at about 5 AM we received reports of a traffic accident, a fatal one at that on the Boom-Hattieville road about 2 miles into the Boom Road off the Phillip Goldson Highway where one Mr. Conorquie reported that whilst he was driving on the Boom-Hattieville Road approaching a curve he saw a dark skinned male person sitting in the middle of the road and unavoidably hit him causing him to deceased on the spot. That individual has not been identified as yet and we're seeking to obtain his identity at this time."

    Island Cops Got Guns
    San Pedro police used a serious piece of intelligence to bust a gun that was coming unto the island. On Saturday, they got intelligence that two residents of Hattieville were coming over to the island to commit a robbery. The police were waiting and intercepted an adult and a minor, both males, when they arrived on the island. The police searched their luggage and found a .38 pistol with 10 live rounds. They have charged the adult, Akeem Augustus with possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Turns out he is wanted for questioning in other crimes in Belize Rural – so he will be turned over to them.

    Pilfering Pink Security Guard To Court
    On Friday we told you about the Security Guard who was caught shoplifting form the very boutique he was tasked to protect! Well today 36 old KBH security guard Glenroy Reynolds was sentenced to 6 months by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after he pleaded guilty to 3 counts of theft. Reynolds committed the thefts on August 30, August 31 and on September 1 while he was working as a security guard at Pink Boutique, in Belize City. He stole dresses valued at $274 dollars and he was caught on surveillance camera taking the items from off the rack and taking them to a garbage can. Reynolds was sentenced to 6 months for each count with the stipulation that the sentences are to run concurrently. Reynolds will serve an additional sentence of 6 months for defaulting on a payment of $900 for a conviction of handling stolen goods in 2015. Notable that the security firm hired a person recently convicted for handling stolen goods – so much for background checks!

    BDF and the Art OF Shooting Safely
    Every night on the news – guns dominate the news: from persons shot with guns to those caught with them. On Saturday we were at an event all about guns, but no one got harmed in anyway. It's the BDF's annual pistol shooting competition – and we found out how properly used weapons can make for great recreational sport:… The BDF pistol competition, for the past almost 20 years, it's been a test of true marksmanship for the armed forces, security firms and this year, even the US Marines: Major Ben Steiner - US Marines: "So really it was an opportunity for us to come out and partake in some of your guys training events and obviously a pretty big deal as far as national competitions. So we're really pleased to be able to come out here and shoot alongside the Belizeans." "Honestly, there's a lot of good shooters out here and I don't expect to win by any stretch; so a lot of the gentlemen here are doing very very well, so I'm very impressed."

    Vessel Runs Unto Reef
    An US registered vessel is stuck on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. The Fisheries Department reports that vessel was grounded around 5:00 on Saturday. On-board are three Colombians, four Guatemalans and one American citizen. The vessel had left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala on Friday morning headed for the Big Port Creek. A task force comprising the Department of Environment, Immigration and the Belize Port Authority has been deployed to investigate.

    Guatemalans Removed, Despite Resistance
    Last week we told you how the BDf came under fire when they were ejecting Guatemalans squatters form an area within the Chiquibul National Park. That happened on August 31st., but after regrouping and reporting the incident the BDF reports that the official Order to Leave has been complied with – the area has been vacated and existing structures dismantled. A press release says investigations continue into who fired the shots.

    Guatemalans Reject OAS Report
    But if that investigation is by the BDF, it's going to run into trouble on the Guatemalan side. That's because the Guatemalan Government has officially rejected the last investigation - that one into the shooting death of 13 year old Julio Ruano. President Jimmy Morales made it official at a press conference today. Appearing alongside his Vice President and the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Morales said "the report is inconclusive and it should have had criminal implications for those responsible for the death of Guatemalan child." They point to what they call "inconsistencies" and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Raul Morales said that he will ask the OAS to remove Magdalena Talamás who dealt with the report for her organization.

    BDF Trains For Helipcopters
    On last Friday's newscast, we told you about the training that the Belize Defence Force soldiers are currently involved in so that they can fly and maintain their own helicopters donated to them by the Taiwanese Government. Well, rather than tell us, the BDF decided to show us their soldiers in action as they learn to maneuver the aircraft. In tomorrow's newscast, we'll have that full story for you. But tonight, we have an excerpt with the BDF Airwing's Commanding Officer discussing his excitement to see his subordinates slowly mastering a type of aircraft they had very little experience

    8 BDF Saved 56 in Hurricane
    And in one more story on the BDF tonight, we spoke to General David Jones about the little told story of BDF heroism on the night that Hurricane Earl hit one month ago. In an under-publicized mission, eight BDF soldiers left Price Barracks – which was taking a battering from the storm – and went to Vista Del Mar where they braved extreme and life threatening weather conditions to save 56 people who were being flooded out of their homes. We have the interview subtitled, since our microphone was having technical difficulties: Brig. Gen David Jones - Commander - BDF: "Where we got the call that people were in danger of drowning and needed rescue; so, we sent the soldiers there during that strong wind, the strong rain and debris flying all over the street in the area." "And there was a lot of water, the water had risen pretty high, so they were walking up to chest height, water was going into people's homes. For the most part electricity was gone, so the people that were rescued, some of them, if it wasn't for them having flashlights, and torches, flashing them up in the air, the soldiers wouldn't have known where they were."

    Expo Drew Slightly Smaller Crowd
    In its 20th year, the Expo Belize Market Place pulled over 15 thousand visitors. 96 companies participated in 178 booths. Last year, 16,500 attended.

    King and Queen of Carnival Crowned
    And we leave you tonight with footage of the weekend;s other big evetm the carnival King and Queen comeptiiton which took place at the Marion Jones stadium. Enjoy and join us back here tomorrow…

    Channel 5

    Breaking News: Murder Reported in Lake Independence
    There is breaking news: Police are at this time processing the scene of a murder in Lake Independence, Belize City. A few minutes ago shots rang out behind the Complex [...]

    Council of Churches Endorses Church’s Senator Vote on Senate inquiry
    The controversial ruling by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on Section Fifty-three remains in the headlines tonight. And this morning, the Belize Council of Churches met in an extended session to [...]

    Council’s Decision is Final; Catholic Request Overruled
    According to the President of the Belize Council of Churches, the call for Senator Rocke’s resignation came from other areas of the religious community but was never sanctioned by the [...]

    Ashley Rocke Defends Vote as Being “In Nation’s Best Interest”
    Pastor Rocke, who has kept a low profile in the wake of the controversial vote, was candid earlier today when he explained to News Five the rationale behind the vote [...]

    Howell Longsworth on Comments by Pastor Wade
    On Thursday, the president of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches was castigated by Pastor Louis Wade who claims that Pastor Howell Longsworth is a functionary of the U.D.P.   Wade [...]

    P.M. Meets With Churches; Another Meeting Planned for Friday
    Section Fifty-three…will it be appealed by the churches?  It’s a position that is yet to be formalized following a meeting today with Prime Minister Barrow. This afternoon, representatives of the [...]

    Director of Press Office Had Cocaine in his Blood During Fatal March Accident
    Dorian Pakeman, he is the Director of the Government’s Press Office and a familiar face at Government press conferences and other official events. But earlier this year he became part [...]

    Prime Minister Plans to Look into Dorian Pakeman Case
    This afternoon, Prime Minister Dean Barrow reacted to the news, stating that once he has looked into the matter, action will be taken if appropriate.   Prime Minister Dean Barrow [...]

    P.U.P. Questions Defense of Nationality Grant for Peter Dahlstrom
    The People’s United Party senators called a press conference at Independence Hall in Belize City this afternoon and they went straight to the point.  According to Senator Michel Chebat, there [...]

    Opposition Sticks to Demand for Senate inquiry
    According to Special Audit, Dahlstrom applied for nationality on the fifth of April 2012 and noted on his application that he “eventually wants to reside in Belize.” He was recommended [...]

    U.D.P. On Record Calling for Senate Inquiry in S.S.B. Scandal
    One other issue that is a priority for the P.U.P. is their call for a senate select investigation. That motion was presented in the senate, but defeated seven to five. [...]

    Murder in Sandhill; Motive Unknown
    Police have very limited leads to go on in the Saturday afternoon murder of a Sandhill resident. While the end came quickly for victim Tyrone Davis, answers as to who [...]

    Traffic Accident Victim Sat in the Middle of the Road
    Police are investigating a fatal encounter between a resident of Carmelita, Orange Walk and an unknown man who chose to sit in the middle of the Burrell Boom-Hattieville road early [...]

    Intoxicated Cayo Town Council Employees are Suspended as Mayor Apologizes
    A pair of employees of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council is in big trouble tonight, after being caught on video sleeping off a drunk bender after completing official duties [...]

    P.U.P. Demand Minister of Immigration Resign and Recuse Self from Investigation
    The Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse is persistently coming under the microscope.  At the sitting of the Senate Meeting last Wednesday, the P.U.P. senator requested that he recuse himself from [...]

    Senator Representing Trade Unions Records Support for UNCAC Signing
    Signing on to the United Nations anti-corruption convention is picking up steam. Government maintained for some time that it would not; but last week, there was a softening of position [...]

    Majority of Teachers Demand Salary Adjustments Now
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow has met with the three unions to discuss delaying the final salary adjustments for teachers and public officers as agreed to by the Joint Negotiating Team [...]

    Trevor Vernon Held at Canadian Border Over Genuine Passport
    According to former Ministry of Foreign Affairs official and journalist Trevor Vernon, he was denied entry to Canada on Saturday after border authorities there reportedly declared that his passport was [...]

    Guatemala Officially Rejects O.A.S.-backed Report on Julio Alvarado Death
    Guatemala today officially, but not surprisingly, rejected the report of two independent experts in respect of the shooting death of fourteen year old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano in the Chiquibul [...]

    American Vessel Grounds on Belize Barrier Reef
    A U.S. registered vessel was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia over the weekend. Eight persons were onboard the civilian vessel: [...]

    Carnival King and Queen Returns to Marion Jones Stadium
    Carnival 2016 is getting off to an excellent start and it all reads up to the highly anticipated road march on September seventh.  The number of bands has increased this [...]

    Latest Sporting News with James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Infotel went into Game II of the BDBA Firms Division 3 game Champion Series needing only a win to [...]


    Romanians Detained By Corozal Police
    There is a strange case to report tonight involving a group of Romanians who were intercepted by the Police travelling north on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Friday morning. Sources tell us that Corozal Police, responding to a tip-off about strange immigrants moving through the country, set up an interception point at the Libertad junction. As suspected, eight Romanians travelling in two separate taxi vehicles with Benque Viejo Del Carmen license plates were seen and stopped. Our information was that when the Police searched through their documents, they were not satisfied that all was in order, they called in Immigration officials. But this is where things get a bit strange. The Police cannot say what happened with the visitors, because it turned into an Immigration matter. As for Immigration officials, when we contacted the Northern Border office, no one was able to share any info since their supervisor was not in office today.

    Employees Of San Ignacio Town Council Suspended After They Fell Asleep In Government Vehicle
    Last week the Financial Secretary of Belize, Joseph Waight issued a memorandum to Chief Executive Officers, Heads of Departments and Accounting officers ordering the enforcement of the policies governing usage of all government vehicles. In that communique the Fin Sec advises that effective September 1st all vehicles, except those authorized for twenty-four hours use, should be garaged at the end of each day, on weekends and on public and bank holidays at a secure designated location. Well it appears that the memo was not taken seriously by certain government workers. Over the weekend a video was leaked on social media starring two San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town council employees sleeping inside a white pickup truck, bearing Mayoral license plates, on the side of San Felipe road, seemingly intoxicated.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man murdered in Lake Independence
    A murder happened early last night in Lake Independence, Belize City. The murder took place behind the Complex Building where gun shots rang and a man was shot and killed. Police are investigating. © 2016, This article is the copyrighted property of Breaking […]

    Press Office Director under influence of cocaine during March accident
    Dorian Pakeman, the Director of the Government’s Press Office, earlier this year knocked down and fatally injured 45 year old Dean Dawson, a popular mechanic and father of ten children from neighboring Gardenia village in the vicinity of Biscayne, Belize District. Pakeman’s fate rests […]

    Police investigate Sandhill Murder; 19-year-old detained
    On Saturday, September 3, police received information of a murder in Sandhill Village in the Belize District. According to police reports, officers visited an area between miles 20 and 21 on the Philip Goldson Highway where they saw 30-year-old Tyrone Bernard Davis lying in front […]

    Man assaults common-law-wife because she asked for her phone
    Stephen Nunez, a 53-year-old San Pedro resident, has been arrested for assaulting his common-law-wife after he pulled an unlicensed firearm on her because she asked for her cell phone. Dorianny Perez, 42, of the San Pablo area reported to police that while she was looking […]

    Corozal businessman shot during robbery; two young men arrested and charged
    Corozal police are investigating a robbery that happened on September 2 in San Adres Village in the Corozal District in which a popular businessman was shot. According to police reports, officers visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw 48-year-old Israel Gomez, a business owner […]

    Illegal settlement where BDF came under fire cleared
    The illegal settlement in the Chiquibul National Reserve where BDF soldiers came under fire last Wednesday has been cleared, according to a press release from the government. GOB says that the official order to leave has been complied with and the illegal structures in the area […]

    San Ignacio Town Council employees suspended, Mayor apologizes to residents
    Two senior employees of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council are being reprimanded for insubordination and inadequate behavior after having been featured in a video shared with Breaking Belize News and posted on Facebook on Saturday, September 2nd.. In the video, the 2 employees […]

    Guatemalan vessel grounded in area of Belize Waters
    A press release from the GOB Press Office is reporting that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded this weekend on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye in southern Belize. According to the press release, onboard the […]

    Caribbean monitoring tropical wave
    Tropical wave 92L has passed the Eastern Caribbean island chains and continues to move west at 12 mph into the central Caribbean sea. It is expected that gusty weather will gradually decrease in the Eastern Caribbean islands today while a chance of enhanced showers and […]

    Man shot and killed in Sand Hill
    BBN has received reliable information that a man was shot and killed on Saturday in Sand Hill. According to reports, the victim has been identified as Tyrone Davis and the incident happened late Saturday evening. Family members of Davis from the USA had reached […]

    Fatal traffic accident near the junction of Burrell Boom
    BBN has received reports that a fatal traffic accident happened this morning near the junction of Burrell Boom in the Belize District. According to reports, the accident happened a short while ago and the accident has claimed the life of a man. The body […]


    Pop’s Restaurant: The search for the best fry jack in Belize has ended
    Ladies and gentlemen, I am a snob about a lot of food-related Belize things. Raised by someone who believed food should be fresh and homemade daily, I was treated to fresh free-range eggs, avocadoes from our tree when in season, stewed beans, and my mother’s hot, crispy fry jacks almost every morning. She would even make me sugary ones as treats, setting the bar high when it comes to food and fry jacks. Well, that bar has been matched…I will even say surpassed, as Pop’s Restaurant in San Ignacio, Cayo District, has been consistently producing fluffy, airy, crispy puffs of deliciousness daily for hungry customers. I first discovered Pop’s a year ago. I know. I am, as always, late to the party! The tiny diner was jam-packed the entire time, from when we arrived and waited a good ten minutes for a table, till we left shortly after to find more people lining up. A good sign right? I ordered the fry jacks, while she, ever the rebel, got the waffles.

    Flights to Belize: Infographic & Flight Schedules
    If you’re a traveler interested in coming to Belize, then surely you’ve poured over the research on flights to Belize. You’ve probably looked up all the attractions, done your fair share of reading on and about hotels (or a Belizean Eco Lodge), found a good rental car and maybe you’ve even packed your bags! But the one thing missing from your itinerary is your flight. Flights to Belize should be easy to find, it’s a small country, there’s one international airport but as other travelers would tell you, finding your flight here could be just as challenging as flying anywhere else.

    International Sourcesizz

    Caribbean Tourism Weathering A Stormy History
    In several years of covering the Caribbean on land and sea, I have somehow avoided the island-rattling wrath of a storm or tropical hurricane. But every year Caribbean residents, visitors and tourism stakeholders cast a wary eye on the horizon and ponder severe weather’s impact. Last year Dominica found itself in the eye of the storm, literally, as tropical storm Erika dumped 12 inches of rain on the island causing extensive flooding, loss of life and more than $200 million in damage to homes, businesses and public and tourist facilities. In August it was Belize’s turn to face nature’s wrath as Hurricane Earl caused significant damage countrywide. While there were, fortunately, no reports of fatalities, the small Caribbean country’s public and tourism infrastructure suffered a significant blow, just as the country is building a growing tourism profile.

    The Maya Were Tracking the Planets Long Before Copernicus
    An ancient Mayan text captured the moment when a royal astronomer made a scientific discovery about the movement of Venus across the night sky. The text, called the Dresden Codex, contains laborious measurements of the rising and setting of Venus. Based on these recordings, historians can now place this astronomer within a 25-year span within the first half of the 10th century. "We can see the moment when this person puts it all together," said Gerardo Aldana, a science historian in the Department of Chicano Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a co-author of a new study describing the findings. The Dresden Codex is a gorgeous Mayan text of 39 double-sided pages with a murky and fascinating backstory. The document somehow made it out of the Yucatan Peninsula and into the Royal Library in Dresden, Germany by the 1730s, according to the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies. Then, in the late 1800s, Ernst Förstemann, a German mathematician with no background in Mayan history or culture, came upon a table of Mayan numerals on page 24 of the codex. Förstemann deduced that the table contained measurements pertaining to Venus, even though no one at the time could decipher Mayan hieroglyphics.


  • Ceremony to inaugurate Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project, 7.5min. The official ceremony to inaugurate Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project was held at Gardenia Community Centre on August 31, 2016. Residents of Gardenia/Biscayne, Belize District now have continuous supply of reliable and safe quality water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking thanks to the Government of Belize who financed the Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project at a cost of $999,408.49 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank, and implemented through the Belize Social Investment Fund.

  • Punta Gorda, Belize Tropic Air, 2min.

  • Don't drink and drive, 2min. Caught on candid camera at around 8:00pm Friday night in Southern Orange Walk returning from La Union. The twin town Mayor's official vehicle.

  • Carnival King and Queen, 2min.

  • Hummingbirds and Hurricane Earl: Advanced Field Projects in Belize, 1min. The aim of this module is to allow students to carry out an extensive field-based research project on a specific topic related to their main area of study.

  • Troop 1102 takes on Belize, 4min.

  • Gurlz Camp Testimonies, 22min. Belize 2016

  • Gringo Bob in Belize, 4min.

  • Belize, 3min. First solo trip to Belize - August 2016. Caye Caulker, Placencia, and Hurricane Earl

  • Downtown Belize The Way We Were, 3min.

    September 5, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Lost Husband
    “Why do you have a Belize driver’s license, señor?” the Mexican policeman asked me. “My home is in San Pedro, Belize,” I told him, “but I spend so much time seeing my doctor in Chetumal that I bought a car here. I didn’t think I needed a license.” Half an hour later Sherry said. “I guess we should consider it lucky that we didn’t get a ticket.” We were at the main Chetumal police station filling out the papers for our driver’s licenses. Two middle aged ladies came in and sat on the bench next to us. “No, Yasmin,” one said. “I do not want to bother the police with this.” “But you must, Beatriz,” her friend said. “They might think you disappeared him.” Beatriz reluctantly went to the front desk and said, “I want to report that my husband is missing.”

    Doctor Love: Odd One Out and Concerned Mother
    Dear Doctor Love, When I was growing up my father abused me and my sister. The abuse was both mental and physical. At age nine I started doing dishes. By age eleven I also washed the clothes and my sister helped me in cleaning the house. During our high school years, while other kids were doing typical teenaged things we were doing yard work or helping our father in his constant remodeling and building on to our house. If we complained, he physically punished us with whatever was handy and he even kicked me twice. I left home at seventeen. I have been married for nine years to a wonderful man. Recently we moved back to my hometown and I tried to reestablish a relationship with my folks. Sadly, nothing has changed. My father is still nasty and abusive and my mother is still an aggressive and mean alcoholic. Whenever my husband and I are around them they spend the time criticizing us and trying to make us feel bad over nothing. I think it is not good for me to be around them but I don’t want to carry any guilt. What should I do?

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    RESULTS: Carnival King & Queen
    JUNIOR WINNERS! Queen: Jump Street Posse King: Jump Street Posse SECOND PLACE Queen: Trenchtown Masqueraders King: Pickstock Carnival Band

    RESULTS: Carnival King & Queen
    SENIOR WINNERS! Queen: Titans Mas Band King: Titans Mas Band SECOND PLACE Queen: Sunshine Masqueraders King: Mother Nature

    Belize Expo
    Here are some pictures from Day 2 at the Expo with the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. Our visitors played games based on our History and won prizes. Alll in all the project team enojoyed meeting our visitors and even the Taiwan Ambassador dropped by.

    September Celebrations 2016
    Cecil Cocono Bwai Jenkins Jr.

    The Placencia Breeze September 2016
    Pg 3 Placencia Saltwater Fishing Tournament Info Pg 5 BTIA news Pg 7 Farmers Market / Going Green Pg 9 Hurricane Earl Pg 10 Our Amazing Reef Pg 11 Lionfish Recipes Pg 13 Placencia Humane Society News Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA Members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 19 September 10th Red, White & Blue Parade Pg 20/21 Placencia Peninsula Guide Pg 22 SEA Volunteers / Fishing Tournament Prizes Pg 23 Seafood Guide for Belize / In Memory of Big Al Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 In Memory of Ranny Villanueva / In Memory of Pow Egbert Cabral / Tour Guides & Tour Operators / Pg 28 Message of Thanks from Sarah Aly / Tropic Donates to Placencia Rotary Club / Turtle and Croc Posters Pg 29 BTIA Hosts Travel Agents from Mexico / The Placencia Carnival Parade / Where in the World is the Breeze Pg 30 Placencia Peninsula Happenings Pg 31 Calender of Events

    The Reporter

    Man murdered in Sand Hill; businessman robbed, shot in Corozal
    A man was murdered in Sand Hill village on Saturday. Police have given a preliminary report that Tyrone Davis was killed and that one person is in police custody pending investigations. In related news, there was a robbery and shooting in Corozal town. Police have not yet named the victim, but they have indicated that the victim is a businessman, and that he was robbed and shot in his place of business.

    New drug discovered to fight Alzheimer’s
    Medical scientists have discovered an experimental Alzheimer’s drug that may have brought them one step closer to preventing the disease altogether. The new drug targets, then destroys and removes plaques, toxic proteins that form together and build up in the brain. Most aging brains have these build-ups, but not nearly at the level linked to early-onset Alzheimer’s. Biogen pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts developed the drug, aducanumab, and funded the study. Researchers remain “cautiously optimistic” due to the small trial size, acccording to neurologist and study co-author, Stephen Salloway. “This is the best news we’ve had in 25 years of doing Alzheimer’s research.” Some 165 people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s participated in the study, and were given a monthly intravenous dose of either aducanumab or a placebo. Over one year, 103 patients received varying doses of the drug and PET scans revealed that those who received the highest dose showed the largest degree of reduction. Forty patients did not show any changes.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Godfrey Smith writes “definitive biography” of Michael Manley
    Belizean politician and Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith has spoken to the Jamaica Observer about “The Biography of Michael Manley,” published by Ian Randle Publishers Limited and hitting bookshelves next month. Smith, who previously wrote the biography of late PUP leader and Father of the […]

    Belizean denied entry into Canada
    Belizean Trevor Vernon reports that he was denied entry to Canada after authorities reportedly declared that his passport was not genuine. According to reports, the official he spoke with asked him for a different passport. It is not clear whether he successfully made it […]

    Defense Minister and new CEO tour command centers
    On Thursday September 1st, the Minister, his CEO and Brigadier General David Jones visited the BDF Headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The Minister and his CEO were given a full tour of the facilities at Price Barracks including command and training centers, living quarters and […]

    Politics, leadership and passports: The Belizean dilemma
    [The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.] In 2007 I applied for a visa to go to Canada to visit two of my cousins who had invited me for years before […]


    Construction on Ambergris Caye: From A Boutique to a New Gas Station
    September, to me, marks the official beginning of the low season. September through November things, tourist-wise, slow down considerably and quite a few bars and restaurants close down for clean-up, a bit of renovation & construction and just vacation. Don’t worry if you are coming down to take advantage of the great deals on lodging and air fares…there is always plenty open. There is also LOTS of construction going on in town…and I know many projects are geared to finish in December. It’s all a bit overwhelming…especially to those who like to picture the San Pedro of their youth…or the one they first fell in love with (me in 2006). Progress brings change – both good and bad. SO…here’s a ride around town and some of the changes.

    International Sourcesizz

    92L growing more organized
    Satellite images on Sunday morning showed that the moderate level of heavy thunderstorm activity associated with a large tropical wave passing through the Lesser Antilles Islands on Sunday (Invest 92L) had increased in intensity and organization since Saturday. The storm was bringing winds near tropical storm-force to the Lesser Antilles on Sunday morning. La Desirade (Guadeloupe) reported sustained winds of 38 mph, gusting to 57mph at 9 am Sunday in a strong rain band that dumped 0.14” (3.6 mm) of rain; at 11 am, winds had decreased to a sustained 27 mph at the site. Some rotation of the storm’s echoes was apparent on Martinique radar, so we have to watch this tropical wave today to monitor it for further signs of development.

    Costa Rica hosts Caribbean investment conference and export expo
    The third Conferencia International de Inversionistas y Expo Caribe Limon was held in the port city of Limon, Costal Rica, on 29-30 August 2016. The conference attracted participation from a number of countries from Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the main highlights of the event was the participation of Luis Guillermo Solís, the president of Costa Rica. In his address, Solis emphasized the importance of strengthening relations between Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Such a relationship, it was emphasized would be mutually beneficial to both Costa Rica and the Caribbean and will form the basis for the increase in trade and goods and services between Costa Rica and the Caribbean.


  • ONLY EENA BILEEZ, 4.5min.

  • The Blue Hole, 3min. While visiting Ambergris Caye in Belize, we chartered a plane to take us to the Blue Hole. In about an hour we got our fist glimpse of the Blue Hole.

  • Belize 2016, 3.5min.

  • Sunrise in Caye Caulker Belize Island, 6min. Sunrise in Caye Caulker Belize Island. Caye Caulker, located 21 miles northeast of Belize City and 11 miles south of Ambergris Caye, is the second largest of the Belizean cayes. The island is about 4 miles long, but the town is only about a mile long. Like Ambergris, Caye, Caye Caulker was primarily a fishing community; but its economy has become increasingly tourism-based. Caye Caulker is a popular destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, anglers, and tourists who just want beach-oriented relaxation at budget prices. Although in the past it was a sleepy fishing community, this fun loving isle is today known more for its party and night life than diving or fishing.

  • Fish of the Upper Bladen River, Belize, 10min. elaxing compilation of videos recorded using a GoPro Hero. Most videos were recorded just upstream of the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE). Featured fauna include black belt cichlids, blue eyed cichlids, firemouth cichlids, false firemouth cichlids, yellow belly cichlids, tetras, mollies, machaca, a neotropical river otter, invasive African tilapia, and others. The neotropical river otter makes a quick appearance at 3:30 (with slow-mo instant replay!)

  • Paddle to protect Belize's Barrier Reef and Marine Ecosystems, 4min. the reason why I took the challenge to paddle Belize's Barrier reef from rocky-point of Ambergris caye north to lime caye south 180 miles.

  • Marine Life Previews, 4min.

  • Exploring Belize Blue Hole- Formations & Sharks, 5min.

  • Belize Carnival King and Queen Competition, 1.5min.

    September 4, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Marbucks’ High Tea Party raises funds for women’s shelter
    On Saturday, August 20th, island ladies donned their best frocks and fun hats and headed to Marbucks Coffee Shop, where a fabulous High Tea party awaited. Held to raise funds for a women’s and children’s home, the party was truly spectacular and very successful. Organizers Rachel Brock and Marlene Houghton thought of every detail, from the elegant white tent to the beautifully mismatched china. Gorgeous bouquets of hydrangeas (a wonderful donation from Brock’s family), white roses and greenery added a touch of whimsy to the tablescape. Casa Picasso’s servers poured champagne and rosé liberally as the ladies enjoyed delightful nibbles from the Island Chef featured scones, mini beef wellingtons, salmon and cucumber sandwiches and more. Of course, there was tea to spare!

    Motion for a Senate Inquiry into Immigration scandal not approved
    Following the chaotic sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday, August 26th, a motion for an independent investigation into the Audit Report was placed before the senate by the Opposition, the People United Party (PUP) on Wednesday, August 31st. After a long day’s session, the votes were cast, and the motion for a private investigation was defeated with just five votes in favour out of seven. One of the votes that made a huge difference in regards to the request for a Senate Inquiry came by the churches representative Senator Ashley Rocke, who first indicated he would support a Senate selected inquiry, but then voted against it. Before Rocke’s devastating vote against the motion, all indications were that the PUP was going to get their request. However, Leader of Government Business Godwin Hulse came to the attack as the debate continued. Hulse asked the PUP to remove the motion and proposed something new. In his efforts to divert the topic of an independent investigation, Hulse proposed a joint public accounts committee involving members of the social partners. “It would be a bi-cameral committee, meaning it will comprise of members of the Senate, the House of Representatives who will investigate the reports,” explained Hulse.

    Season 3 of 5-a-side football tournament comes to an end
    The island’s love for football proved true as the San Pedro High School and Island Citizen Sporting Club crowned six champions during the finals of the third of Five-A-Side Football Tournament on Sunday, August 28th. A large crowd attended the marathon at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, cheering and rooting for favored teams to claim the championship title and bragging rights. Teams that rose as champions in their respective divisions were, Juventus Jrs. (Under 11), Juventus (Under 13), Manchester (Under 15), Central Strikers (Under 17), Las Catrachas (Female), and Los Catrachos in the senior category. The finals began at 10AM with El Pescador FC Under 11 taking on Bayern Munich U11. El Pescador propelled and won 5-1, along with the third place prize and trophy. Battling for the first place in the Under 11 was Juventus Jrs and PSG U11. Juventus Jrs was crowned the champions with a victory of 3-0, while PSG U11 settled for second place.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Miss San Pedro 2016
    Congratulations to San Pedro's new beauty ambassador - Marisha Thompson the new selected Miss San Pedro 2016/2017! We wish you all the best in your reign!!

    As Minister of Defense, Hon. John Saldivar and his new Chief Executive Officer, Felix Enriquez, have commenced a tour of BDF command centers and installations countrywide. Yesterday, September 1, 2016, the Minister and his CEO, accompanied by BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones, visited the BDF Headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The Minister and his CEO were given a full tour of the facilities at Price Barracks including command and training centers, living quarters and the force’s hospital, which is gradually being upgraded to meet NHI standards and serves the needs of BDF soldiers and personnel as well as civilians from surrounding communities such as Ladyville and Lord’s Bank. They also inspected physical damage to residences and facilities on Price Barracks caused by Hurricane Earl.

    Seniors pre-judging at Carnival King & Queen

    Did you know that the Howler monkeys are among the largest and loudest of the New World monkeys and one of only a few nest-building monkeys. The U.S. Embassy staff visited the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Bermudian Landing in the Belize District and had the most wonderful experience having up close and personal with Howler Monkeys. The sanctuary is on family owned land and they've made a commitment to preserving and educating. The monkeys are in their natural habitat and can move around freely. They have a very small gift shop with Belizean made artifacts and also serve health and organic Belizean lunch. The most exciting part of the tour was when the staff had the opportunity to feed the Howler monkeys. They were coaxed by the owner and then they came down for the food.

    The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project
    Some pictures from our Booth at the Expo yesterday. We will be out there again today so stop by and participate in some of our History focussed activities and win prizes.

    The Reporter

    More residents receive grocery from Independence police
    Two families benefitted from donations of grocery items from Independence police this week. Officer Commanding (OC) Independence police formation, Reymundo Reyes, along with Inspector and Deputy OC, Sherlett Ramclam and Constable Raul Pop of the Community Policing Unit delivered food hampers to the two needy families. The initiative started when Reyes took over as OC and encouraged the officers to purchase one grocery item each pay day towards the effort. This is the third time that the officers of the Independence police station have given to needy families in its jueisdiction.

    Taiwan helps Belize again with Hurricane Earl relief
    The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has made a second donation to Belize towards hurricane relief efforts. This week, in response to a request by the Government of Belize, Taiwanese Ambassador Benjamin Ho delivered 500 cartons of relief material shipped from SimplyHelp Foundation, a Taiwanese NGO based in Los Angeles. The donations were given to 11 charity organizations in Belize, including the Belize Red Cross Society, village council in Cayo, the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center, Helpage Belize, iServants.Com International Servants, Liberty Children’s Home, the Mental Health Resource Center, the Salvation Army, the Samuel Haynes Institute, SOL Pregnancy Resource Center and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The relief supplies included housewares, shoes, bags, clothes, hats, basketballs, stationary, toys, bath items, baby items, hair bands and gift boxes.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Transport Minister says ADO runs in Belize limited; international buses not allowed to pick up Belize passengers
    Minister of State with responsibility for Transport, the Honorable Edmond Castro, has told Breaking Belize News that ADO Bus of Mexico’s new run at 11 a.m. daily is limited to specific stop points in Belize before entering Mexico. He has also said that apart […]

    BPP responds to PM’s press conference
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) issued a press release in response to the Prime Minister’s press conference held on Thursday. The BPP refers to the PM’s conference as being “Vintage Barrow”, describing the manner in which he placed the Auditor General’s report under public […]

    Mother Theresa to be Canonized
    One of the highest honors in the Roman Catholic Church is the canonization as a saint and it will be bestowed to Mother Theresa on Sunday, September 4, 2016 in Rome. Throughout her life, Mother Theresa devoted her time to missionary and charity work […]

    San Ignacio town council employees found allegedly intoxicated in Mayor’s vehicle
    Two senior employees of the San Ignacio Town Council were found sleeping, and by their appearance, allegedly intoxicated in the Great Wall pickup issued to Mayor Earl Trapp. The vehicle was found parked near the Belize High School of Agriculture in San Lazaro, on […]

    Speaker of the House of Representatives threatens Auditor General Dorothy Bradley with lawsuit
    On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, Michael Peyrefitte, the Speaker of the House of Representatives wrote a letter to Auditor General Dorothy Bradley stating that his name was erroneously listed in the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report on Passport and Immigration for recommending someone for […]


    Thinking of Belize? Some Cool Gifts for YOU (and I guess Others) Until Your Next Trip
    When I lived and worked in the States, I basically lived from vacation to vacation. Sure there was a stressful job in between…but as soon as I returned from a vacation (usually somewhere warm and sunny), I was off planning the next trip. It wasn’t until I first visited Belize in August 2006 – HOLY MOLY 10 YEARS AGO!!! – that I wanted to immediately repeat a vacation. I was back in Belize less than 2 months later – and living here less than one year later. There was something about Ambergris Caye that just felt right…even for a single 33 year old New Yorker. And I know there are lots of people out there that feel the same way. But even if moving here is not in the cards…or it is but not for a while… …or if visiting once a year is enough…here are some cute things I found on the Internet that will keep you thinking about Belize while at home. Want to remember your first trip to Belize or another meaningful trip in your life…honeymoon? This is pretty great. You can customize the colors and the paper. LOVE.

    International Sourcesizz

    Teacher jailed for molesting young boys in Belize
    A magistrate has jailed a British-born naturalised Belizean for two years after he pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault of the three boys between the ages of 10 and 13 years nearly four years ago. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith sitting in the Independence Magistrate Court said that the case against David Taylor warranted the maximum sentence because of the tender ages of his victims. She said he was also placed in a position of trust when he deceived and molested the boys in such heinous way. She noted in her oral ruling that Taylor was their remedial teacher and he invited them over to do school work.

    Why Vultures Matter - And What We Lose If They're Gone
    Vultures. Cartoon characters in parched deserts often wish them to disappear, since circling vultures are a stereotypical harbinger of death. But, joking aside, vultures in some parts of the world are in danger of disappearing. And according to a new report from University of Utah biologists, such a loss would have serious consequences for ecosystems and human populations alike. The primary threat to vultures, according to the report published today in Biological Conservation, is the presence of toxins in the carrion they consume. On many continents, vultures are the unfortunate victims of poisoned carcasses -- especially impactful because dozens -- or even hundreds -- of vultures can feast on a single carcass. Populations of most vulture species around the world are now either declining or on the brink of extinction. Losses of vultures can allow other scavengers to flourish. Proliferation of such scavengers could bring bacteria and viruses from carcasses into human cities.

    This Mayan-Language Film Is The Best Thing In Theaters Right Now
    “Ixcanul” is an arresting story about two strong indigenous women. Go see it. You’ve almost certainly never seen a film made by Guatemalans. But then, neither have most Guatemalans. Turns out we’re all watching the same stuff. “People here are obsessed with American blockbusters,” says Jayro Bustamante, writer-director of Guatemala’s most award-winning film. “All of the TV is American, all of the fashion is American, the cities are constructed like in the U.S. People think that Miami is the capital of our country!” Bustamante’s film “Ixcanul” (which translates roughly to “volcano” in the Mayan dialect of Kaqchikel) presents something different. It is the story of two strong indigenous Mayan women, mother and daughter. Currently enjoying a 100 percent critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it arrived in U.S. theaters this month.


  • Miss San Pedro 2016, 2hr 30min.

  • Miss San Pedro Pageant 2016/2017 has begun!, 1min.

  • Miss San Pedro Pageant, 1min. Grupo Crash from El Salvador entertaining the audience during the intermission

  • Ty Linares’ “Summer Sun Medley” Gets Music Video, 1min. There’s a new music video that has gone viral on social media in Belize. Summer Sun Medley is the new single of Belize City artist Ty Linares featuring Et Dan and upcoming female artist, Dajah. The track was produced by King Kosa and the video was shot locally by Dream Light Studio. Linares says that this latest project saw him expand his range and step outside his genre of comfort, hardcore rap.

  • Our Love in Belize, 4min. Honeymoon

  • BELIZE, 4.5min.

  • Lamanai New River Safari Belize, 2min.

  • Gurlz Camp Belize 2016, 4min.

    September 3, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    After a hurricane: What happens with the trash?
    The San Pedro Sun contacted the Solid Waste Management to find out. Emerson Garcia explained the process of gathering debris after a natural disaster, as well as the recommendation that were given to San Pedro. “The whole idea was for all the municipalities countrywide to put all of the debris in the transfer station. Once it is in the station, it was going to be cut into three or four pieces and then moved to the mainland’s landfill. The majority of debris in San Pedro was used as landfill. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) went ahead and collected it. It was used to put in some lands or roads as landfill. First, we didn’t advise them to do that because it could be a problem in the future when it starts to decompose. Even though we recommended them to store it temporarily in the station, the SPTC took the initiative to use the debris as landfill,” said Garcia.

    Island Invasion Volume 7
    King of the Island and Hypastatic entertainment invaded San Pedro Town on Saturday, August 27th with another segment of Island Invasion. Under the theme “Cheap Thrills”, the event was held at the Lions Den, and featured a premier DJ lineup. Doors were opened at 10PM, and ladies had free admission up until 1AM, while men were admitted for $15. Light and Sound was provided by DJ Tracks, with musical entertainment by DJ Callie, DJ Julian Blue Wave Sounds, DJ Hypastatic Sovereign Sounds, and DJ Biggz Air Invasion Sounds. The music drew in hundreds of people, looking for the best in the latest dancehall, soca, reggae, hip hop, pop, and techno tunes.

    Local Church Organizations urge the Government to appeal Section 53
    The decision from the Government of Belize (GOB), not to appeal the recent ruling by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin which overturned Belize’s sodomy law, or Section 53 of the Criminal Code, has disappointed the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) and the Roman Catholic Church. In separate letters addressed to GOB, both religious organizations urged Prime Minister Dean Barrow to appeal the decision for the well-being of the future generations of Belize. The NEAB claims to represent 280 churches in Belize and even though they have not formally said that they will appeal the court ruling, they mobilized their members for what they called a prayer patrol around the National Assembly and government administration buildings in the City of Belmopan. The first protest was organized on Tuesday, August 23rd followed by a second one on Tuesday, August 30th, while Cabinet was in session.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Soldiers Come Under Fire at Chiquibul Park by Illegal Poachers
    The Government of Belize has issued a press release informing the nation that on August 31, 2016, a Belize Defense Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol came under fire within the Chiquibul National Park, approximately 259 meters east of the border. The purpose of the patrol was to follow-up on an official order to leave that was issued on August 22, 2016, to illegal settlers within the Chiquibul National Park. It has been reported that unidentified persons within the Chiquibul initiated gunfire as the BDF patrol approached the location where the illegal settlement was discovered. The BDF patrol returned fire in self-defense and withdrew to safety. No military personnel have been reported to have sustained any injury and no indication of any casualties have been discovered.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch: No September Meeting
    This is the time of year when the island gets quiet and when we traditionally skip the monthly general meeting of the members. As in the past, there will be no general meeting in September - but hold on to your hats . . . . October 1 we will be holding our annual potluck get together at Caribe Island. You bring a dish, beverages will be available for a small (or generous) donation. Yes, adult beverages! You will get a separate email with details as the date draws near. Remember - you can make your regular donation from the comfort of your home by clicking this link. It will take you to our online donation shopping cart - which is in Belize dollars. Enjoy your month of September celebrations where ever you are!

    Presented by: Mrs. Vicky Heredia, Business Advisor, SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Workshop Date: September 08th, 2015. 9am to 12pm. Free of cost. The purpose of this workshop is to help participants understand what the elements of a business plan are. The time constraints of the session, and sensitivity of private client information, do not allow the participants or the facilitator to actually draft any component of the business plan during the workshop. However the workshop instead should be lead as a brainstorming session to allow participants to be thinking of what would be included in their specific plan. Then later they would write their business plan using the ideas generated during this workshop. Therefore the class should be very informal and mostly discussion based. The manual provides pointers, but it is up to the participants to come up with their own specifics. Trainer should actively engage the participants throughout the workshop to be sharing ideas and thinking of how each element of the business plan comes into play in their specific business.

    Safeguard Our Cultural Patrimony
    As September comes around and we focus on our Belizean culture and identity, let us not forget our heritage and patrimony. Help us fight looting and the illicit trafficking of our past. Report all looting activities, do not buy or sell antiquities. Let's keep the history of our country vibrant by keeping the pieces and stories here.

    Belize Bird Rescue partnering with Reimers Feed Mill
    We want to give a HUGE thank you to Reimers Feed Mill who have just launched a nation-wide partnership program with us! Starting today in the Belmopan branch, and soon throughout the rest of the country, you can donate supplies desperately needed at BBR through Reimers. With certain purchases we will give you a free book or gift pack as a thank you for your help! Today and Tomorrow are the opening days for Reimers in Belmopan with discounts and give-aways. Go check it out. Support them, and support us and even get something cool to take home for yourself!

    Probability, Coral Bleaching Thermal Stress for Sep-Dec 2016
    We're growing concerned about the potential for Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean this year. 4-Month Outlook looking a lot like 2005. Coral Reef Watch.

    Ministry of Health and Belize Emergency Response Team Agree to a Temporary Resolution
    The Ministry of Health and the Board of Directors for Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) have agreed to a temporary resolution. Negotiations will continue with all involved to come to a permanent conclusion in the way forward to sustain the management and essential services provided by BERT. A formal letter of agreement was issued today by the Ministry of Health which stipulates the Government of Belize commitment to a grant of $45,000 per month. The grant will be for a maximum period of six months while negotiations continue over the long term financial sustainability of BERT land services. The Ministry of Health on behalf of the Government of Belize and BERT are committed to ensure quality emergency services continue to serve the people of Belize.

    As Minister of Defense, Hon. John Saldivar and his new Chief Executive Officer, Felix Enriquez, have commenced a tour of BDF command centers and installations countrywide. Yesterday, September 1, 2016, the Minister and his CEO, accompanied by BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones, visited the BDF Headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The Minister and his CEO were given a full tour of the facilities at Price Barracks including command and training centers, living quarters and the force’s hospital, which is gradually being upgraded to meet NHI standards and serves the needs of BDF soldiers and personnel as well as civilians from surrounding communities such as Ladyville and Lord’s Bank. They also inspected physical damage to residences and facilities on Price Barracks caused by Hurricane Earl.

    BPP officially launches the People's Referendum Initiative
    Amid the dysfunction that occurred on Friday both inside the National Assembly, as well as outside, which involved a few who saw fit to go beyond the ambit of the law, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) was hard at work, touching base with the people. Unfortunately, the media chose to highlight the sensational spectacle and virtuoso performance put on by the PUDP. Additionally, they acknowledged that the effort of the Church was hijacked. In case you were unaware, the BPP launched its effort – The People’s Referendum – Friday August 26th in Belmopan, outside the National Assembly Building, during the sitting of the House. Simultaneously, the effort was also launched online. By way of this undertaking, unlike any other political party in the history of Belize, the BPP wants to hear from you!

    Poets Corner: Stand
    By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez. Taking our country back Means the people must have the Auditor General‘s back If it is she is being threaten to be sack If it is she’s being authorized and what not Her resolve is that she is truly brave Her resolve is that integrity will not be fazed Her resolve is that she’s about transparency Her resolve is that she’s loyal to country We need to all be practical The AG is a public official Working in the midst of scoundrels The country standing by her is critical She has made official What we’ve long been sceptical Of corrupt officials For doing her job she’s on trial Let’s not make this political Her safety must be protected Her position must be respected Her position must be tenured

    Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release no. 378; Mexico City. This is the first visit of Sir Colville Young to Mexico since he was appointed as Governor General of Belize by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young is visiting our country from August 29 to September 2nd, 2016, invited by Anahuac University where he gave a lecture on "Lectures on Literature of the Caribbean". During his visit he also met with more than 30 Ambassadors from Mexico City to Belize. In recognition of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belize and Mexico, the Governor General visited the National Museum of Anthropology, toured the Historical Diplomat Archives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and met with the Undersecretary, Ambassador Socorro Flores Liera, with whom he discussed the excellent level of bilateral relations between the two countries. In this context, Undersecretary Flores endorsed the friendship and closeness of our country to Belize.

    Bamboo Bar Grand Reopening
    From - September 2, 12:29 PM Bamboo Bar had a wild grand reopening party. Lots of good, and loud, music from some great artists. BBQ too. Bamboo Bar got a lot of great pictures. "Ascenthium, Eddie Allen, and Barefoot Skinny played at Bamboo Bar's Grand Reopening, and it made for an amazing day, and night. What a rain there was, too."

    Channel 7

    Belize Bus Cooperative Blocks Mexico's ADO Buses
    When ADO buses started running from Belize City to Cancun and Merida in August 2011 - there were concerns in the public transport industry that the luxury buses would try to squeeze in on the local market, and take away passengers from the buses which run the northern routes. But those fears were never substantiated because the ADO buses ran straight to the Mexican side of the border. But, five years later, those same fears have resurged. According to the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative's workers, the ADO bus is jeopardizing their business by running during their paid run. That caused a commotion this morning when the BBOC tried to stop them from leaving the terminal. 7News was on the scene from before the commotion started and Courtney Weatherburne has the story:...

    Cops Arrest One For Unlawful Protest
    Police did hold one man for the illegal protest - and today the Deputy Commander for Southside told us that he will be charged:.. Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson - Deputy OC, Eastern Division South: "I spoke to the persons who were standing in front of the ADO bus who were employees of BBOC and for the most part the majority of them cooperated and moved from in front of the bus. We had on person who we had to arrest, because he was not cooperating with us and we subsequently move the buses that was causing the obstruction and the ADO bus went on its way." Reporter: "Can you name that person and is he still is custody and what charges will he faced?" Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson - Deputy OC, Eastern Division South: "The person is in custody and he will be charge before the day is finish. There will be at least 3 charges."

    Pink Caught Clerk and Security Guard Red Handed
    A security guard and a sales clerk have been detained for doing a number on Pink Boutique in Belize City. The allegation is that the pair teamed up for at least a month to slowly siphon out a substantial amount of inventory - valued in the thousands of dollars. Here's how they did it; the clerk would collect the stolen items during the course of the day, then she would put it in a bag and hand it over to the security guard - because, who would distrust a guard, right? He then waited for the Security company's Transport to arrive nightly to do its contracted work of securely locking up the mega - boutique. From there he would hop in the security vehicle, and leave out safely with the stolen items. But, they were caught on security camera, and picked up last night. Tonight, they remain detained but no charges have been brought.

    Cops Trying To Catch Kidnapper
    Last week, we told you about 9 month-old Baby Aiden Matus, who was kidnapped from his mother in Bella Vista Village. A few hours after the story hit the evening news, the kidnapper or kidnappers abandoned the baby in the Belize City. The cops found him in the Lord Ridge Cemetery area, and since then, they've been trying to find the men who stole him from his mother. But they're having some difficulties, and they need your help with decoding a clue. That clue is the recording of a phone call which the mother made to one of the kidnappers frantically pleading with them to give her proof that the baby was still alive. In the tape, the kidnapper is demanding a ransom for his safe return, and you'll hear that now. The cops are hoping that you will recognize the man's voice. Here's that moment when the mother is pleading for picture evidence that he is still alive so that they can agree to pay the money:

    BERT And The Ministry of Health Compromise
    Last night we told you about the deadlock between the Ministry of Health and the BERT Ambulance Service. Well, just half an hour ago - the Ministry of Health announced that they have agreed to a temporary resolution with BERT's Board of Directors. The release discloses that a formal letter of agreement was issued today by the Ministry of Health which commits the Government of Belize to a grant of $45,000 per month. This will run for six months while, quote, "negotiations continue over the long term financial sustainability of BERT land services." The release says, quote, "The Ministry of Health…and BERT are committed to ensure quality emergency services."

    A Press Conference About Punching Holes, Not Filling In Blanks
    Two hours, forty-nine minutes - that's how long the Prime Minister's marathon press conference lasted yesterday. It's just about the longest press conference we can recall him having - but that's because it featured presentations from the Department, and the Ministers of Immigration. And while it dealt nominally with the Auditor Generals reports, the press conference was more about punching holes in those reports that it was about filling in the blanks. Last night we presented some of what was said, tonight - with the luxury of time to put it all together - we have a broader overview:...

    House Speaker Threatens Auditor General With Lawsuit
    And House Speaker Mike Peyrefitte is one who says he will be suing the Auditor General. On Wednesday, Peyrefitte wrote the Auditor General Dorothy Bradley scolding her for wrongly listing him as someone who recommended a passport when he was not authorized to do so. Peyrefitte is a member of the house, so he was authorized. Plain and simple, it's a mistake, but Peyrefitte is not letting it slide. He tells that Auditor General that she has caused a quote, "huge stain" on his character and he demands an immediate written apology and an amendment of the report. He warns Bradley that if she does not do so, he will quote, "have to exercise any legal means to clear" his name.

    BDF Explains Ejection of Guatemalan Poachers
    In last night's news, we only had a short briefing from the Government on the latest shooting in the Chiquibul. We've since learned that it happened on Wednesday morning in the El Retiro area, which is about an hour and a half walk south from the Valentin Conservation Post. That's where the BDF were going to enforce an Order to Leave on some 15 Guatemalan campesinos who were found in July illegally occupying Belizean territory. They had built this small settlement of 5 houses, right near the border on Belize's side. The settlement was tucked on the western side of a hill, which is hidden from view. Because it is concealed in the lay of the land, the BDF almost missed it the first time. It was only due to a vigilant soldier who climbed the hill just to be thorough. He spotted the houses, and alerted his superiors. They checked, and confirmed that by GPS coordinates, these people were within Belizean Territory.

    Does The BDF Want An Apology From Guat Officials
    So, the BDF dodged the bullet in that incident, and they're also looking to move forward from the fatal shooting of the Guatemalan minor, Julio Ruano. They've been exonerated in an OAS independent Investigation, but as we showed you, the Guatemalans are not accepting the findings. So, does that make things difficult for cordial relationship between the BDF and the Guatemalan Armed Forces to continue? That's what the press asked the BDF Commander today: Reporter: "Magdalena Talamas who is the OAS secretary general's representative on Belize-Guatemala affairs has said that they do not pronounce themselves on individual incidents, yet they put out a release repudiating the death. As the commander for the force who has been maligned by the Guatemalan president, foreign minister, etc., do you expect that the OAS would have put out a statement on what were the findings so that this is disseminated?"

    BDF Whirly Birds Coming Along Fine
    But, while the Commander is looking for that tense moment to pass, he's excited that his soldiers are right on schedule for the training to fly and repair their very own helicopters. As viewers will remember, the Taiwanese handed over those helicopters in April. The Commander told us that the soldiers who are being trained, have already been conducting aerial missions with the trainers, sort of like student drivers, with the trainers monitoring their control of the aircraft:

    Mejia To Jail For Gun
    19 year old Stephen Mejia is in jail tonight after he was charged for an illegal weapon. Yesterday morning, police were patrolling on Dunn Street when they saw two men on bicycles acting suspiciously. One of them allegedly threw a black object over a fence and sped off. When the police caught up with him, they brought him back to the area and found a 9 millimeter pistol with 9 live rounds. Mejia was arrested and charged, and today in court Magistrate Carlon Mendoza put him under mandatory remand until October 26th.

    Disaster Money From Mexico
    To whom much is given, much is required and that's what the Red Cross has been dealing with in the aftermath of Hurricane Earl. The humanitarian organization has received donations from various agencies and embassies and today the Mexican's did their part with 50 thousand US dollars in cash, as well as some material donations form the Mexican private sector. The ambassador told us more today:... The Mexican private sector also donated 2400 bottles of water.

    Undaunted By Cabinet Demotion, Saldivar Tours BDF
    Minister John Saldivar had his portfolio downsized due to his connection to William Danny Mason, and since the Auditor General's Reports have been issued, his name has been ringing in the news for signing some suspect via recommendations. But, undaunted, Saldivar is picking up with defence right where he left off with police. According to a release, Saldivar and his new Chief Executive Officer, Felix Enriquez, have commenced a tour of BDF command centers and installations countrywide. Yesterday, that took them to BDF Headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville where they toured the facilities which took a battering during hurricane Earl. Notably, the force hospital, will be upgraded to meet NHI standards open to soldiers as well as civilians from the surrounding communities of Ladyville and Lord's Bank.

    PM Explains Special Select Cmte
    Last night we told you about all the furor which was raised when Senator for the churches Ashley Rocke voted in favour of a joint select committee - proposed by the government - to investigate the Auditor General's reports. Forget about all that forgiveness and mercy stuff, the Churches called immediately and in unison for his removal. But what really is this new creature: A joint special select committee comprised of membership form both the Senate and the House? And who would lead it? The Prime Minister explained yesterday:... Rt., Hon, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The proposal sir is for that joint select committees membership to reflect what we have agree in terms of the public accounts committee which is to be reconfigured, that there would be all 3 of the social partners on the joint select committee, 2 opposition, so that together they would make 5 and 6 for the government side. The chair of the committee come from among the social partners. Obviously if you're Mr. Questioner have anything to do with it, that chair could never be Senator Rocke and we will never agree to Senator Lizaragga. So I think Ms. Elena Smith better get prepared to step up."

    An Accountant APB!
    And while the Prime Minister has agreed to reform the Public Accounts Committee and hold public hearings on the Auditor General's reports, setting up the long inactive Integrity Commission is not so simple. That's because it requires the membership of an accountant, and that person would have to submit to the stringencies of becoming a Politically Exposed Person, or PEP. Now, PEP's have to disclose all their sources of income, all their earnings…basically, all their business. The Prime Minister has complained for years that he can't find an accountant who's willing to do this - and eh told the media that a member of the Chamber's of Commerce's Board of Directors - who is an accountant - confirmed the same in a meeting with the business community yesterday:..

    Free Zone Still Needs Immigration Check
    And you won't find many politically exposed persons at the Corozal Free Zone gambling or looking for cheap liquor. But, Belizeans regularly visit those zones in the north and west looking for a weekend break. Many are peeved when they have to check in with Immigration since the Zones are within Belize. Well, yesterday, the Director said, like it or not, it is the law: Diane Locke: "We are also enforcing the law to ensure that all persons including Belizeans who are departing and arriving in Belize are recorded into the system, with special emphasis on persons who travel through the northern and western border to visit the free zones. I think we have a habit in the past of going across the border and not checking in. These are requirements by law and we are enforcing them, so I am sharing that information with you that you will know that you need to check in at immigration department the moment you try to depart beyond the station."

    Channel 5

    Police Release Recording Of Kidnapper of Baby Aiden Matus
    An infant was kidnapped last week from his home in the village of Bella Vista in southern Belize. There was little information to go by at the time because the [...]

    Bus Wars Erupt; Driver Charged as Bus Cooperative Goes to War with ADO
    The Belize Bus Owners Cooperative (BBOC) and ADO bus company of Mexico have escalated a rivalry over a key bus run in the North of Belize. Beginning this morning, ADO, [...]

    Police Say Situation Could Have Been Handled Differently
    The driver faces charges of obstruction, assault of a police officer and disorderly conduct. Senior Superintendent Dawson explained that apart from transport issues, the police were mostly interested in restoring [...]

    “Surprised” Trade Union Congress Wanted Senate Inquiry on Immigration
    The Senate on Wednesday rejected a motion for a senate select investigation into the Immigration scandal. On Thursday, the Prime Minister announced that the Chamber of Commerce would support a [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. President Wonders: Will Prime Minister Make Joint Committee Appointments?
    Trade unionist Elena Smith is the last senator standing among her social partner colleagues, based on an informal process of elimination conducted by Prime Minister Barrow on Thursday.  During a [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. Frowns on Senator Ashley Rocke’s Change of Heart
    Senator Ashley Rocke has come under intense scrutiny from the churches, whom he represents in upper parliament, since voting against the Senate Select Taskforce.  In the aftermath of that critical [...]

    P.M. Barrow Insists He Will Not Throw Auditor General under the Bus
    News Five tried today to seek comment from the Office of Auditor General Dorothy Bradley concerning the Immigration Special Audit Reports. But she was unavailable. However, we have received reliable [...]

    P.U.P. Comments on Barrow Press Conference
    The People’s United Party has reacted to the Prime Minister’s press conference held on Thursday. The P.U.P. had tabled a motion for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the Immigration [...]

    Government Makes Compromise with BERT; $45,000 for 6 Months
    The Government, in a press release this evening, announced it has reached agreement for the continuation of emergency services by BERT. G.O.B. has committed to grant Belize Emergency Response Team [...]

    B.D.F. Commander Confirms Guatemalan Settlement in Chiquibul is No More
    Today, Brigadier General David Jones, Commander of the Belize Defence Force, issued an update to last night’s report about a group of soldiers who went to verify that Guatemalan citizens [...]

    Crooked Tree Health Center’s Verandah Collapses; Health Ministry Promises Replacement
    In the village of Crooked Tree, Belize District, health authorities had to take matters into their hand when part of the building housing the clinic caved in. The facility was [...]

    British-Belizean Pedophile Pleads Guilty to Indecent Assault of Placencia Boys
    Back in December 2012, David Taylor, a naturalized Belizean was accused of molesting four young boys in Placencia.   Tonight, he is behind bars serving a two-year prison term imposed [...]

    Strike Team Finds Youth With Unlicensed 9-Millimeter Pistol
    Also behind bars tonight is nineteen year old Stephen Mejia, an unemployed resident of Antelope Street Extension, after being busted on Thursday with a nine millimetre pistol loaded with nine [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. President on Complaint Letter from Unions
    Back to the N.T.U.C.B… internal memo criticizing the General Council of the Congress for its style of management was leaked to the media earlier this week.  In the communiqué, signed [...]

    Immigration Minister Cites Higher Visa Payments from Chinese Nationals
    Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse insists his troubled department has not tried to keep its records secret in relation to the issuance of visas, especially to Chinese nationals. It turns out [...]

    Are Recommendations for Visas Really Important?
    The Immigration Minister also defended the purpose of recommendation of persons to receive visas. He says it’s about who knows you, not who you know.   Senator Godwin Hulse, Minister [...]

    P.M. Questions How to Conduct Immigration Investigation
    Thursday’s three-hour press conference included a live walk-through presentation by Immigration Officer Diego Bol covering the entire immigration process from start to finish. It was not taped, but it was [...]

    Mexico Chips in With Hurricane Earl Donations
    It’s been exactly one month since Hurricane Earl hit south of Belize City and swept through Belize and Mexico. While there were no casualties in Belize, in Mexico up to [...]

    Red Cross Continues to Distribute to Affected Families
    According to Ambassador Quesnel, the amount was determined following assessments from the Government and the Belize Red Cross. The Red Cross has helped approximately five hundred families across the Belize [...]

    Zika is Now Endemic on Caye Caulker
    Earlier this week, we told you about an increase in the number of persons visiting the health facility on Caye Caulker with symptoms similar to that of zika. So far, [...]

    Belizean-American Boxer Returns Home with Championships
    Fans of boxing on the Showtime Network are quite familiar with the name Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller.  He’s the larger than life Belizean athlete who is taking the sport by [...]

    Ty Linares’ “Summer Sun Medley” Gets Music Video
    There’s a new music video that has gone viral on social media in Belize. Summer Sun Medley is the new single of Belize City artist Ty Linares featuring Et Dan [...]


    Audit report questions nationality certificate signed by Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse
    The brother-in-law of Kim Simplis-Barrow, wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has been approved for a Belizean passport, which was highlighted in the Special Audit of the Immigration Department, because the auditors contend that he did not qualify for Belizean nationality. Both Prime Minister Barrow and his Immigration Minster, Senator Godwin Hulse, who signed the passport, insist, however, that Peter William Dahlstrom, a Swedish national, who resides in London, UK, qualified to receive such a passport due to his marriage to a Belizean. Dahlstrom applied for the passport on April 5, 2012 and gave his address as 61 Southern Foreshore. The necessary police report was waived, and his application was marked “urgent ok,” the auditors found. Dahlstrom was recommended by Erle Grinage of 7 Poinsettia Lane, who stated that he has known the applicant for two years.

    Pastor Ashley Rocke stabbed churches in the back!
    Senator representing the Churches, Pastor Ashley Rocke, is in hot water for voting down an Opposition PUP motion to appoint a Special Select Committee to investigate the illegal or irregular issuance of over 55,000 passports and other immigration documents between 2011 and 2013, the period the audit covers. In an interview with Amandala this morning, Pastor Rocke said that he voted against the motion because the counter-proposal which was suggested by the Leader of Government Business, Senator Godwin Hulse, made more sense to him. However, Senator Hulse never formally introduced a counter-motion, which remained as just a suggestion, during yesterday’s senate meeting, Amandala asked Rocke if his decision to vote no was in his personal interest or in the interest of the churches he represented. Rocke, however, abruptly ended our telephone interview.

    UDP blocks Senate inquiry 7-5
    The Senate will not appoint a Special Select Committee to investigate the findings of the recently tabled Auditor General’s report on corruption in the Nationality and Immigration Department for the years 2011-2013. During Wednesday’s Senate meeting, the Government commanded a majority who voted against that Opposition-sponsored motion. From the onset of the Senate meeting, it appeared that the social partners would have supported the motion in hopes of arriving at a 6 to 6 deadlock, triggering the President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang, to have to cast the tie-breaker vote. However, that situation never arose because Senator for the Churches, Pastor Ashley Rocke, who had risen earlier in support of the Opposition’s motion when it was initially introduced, had a change of heart.

    Pedophile gets 2 years for indecent assault of 3 young boys
    A British-born man, who became a naturalized Belizean, pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault today when he appeared in the Independence Magistrate’s Court, and was sentenced to serve two years in prison. David Taylor and his attorney, Ellis Arnold, S.C., appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who imposed the prison sentence for the first-time offender after he changed his not guilty plea to guilty. Taylor’s case has been before the court since December 2012. This past June, he hired Arnold to represent him in his trial. The evidence against Taylor was so overwhelming that he threw in the towel and apologized to his victims, who are three minors.

    Guatemalans open fire on BDF again, says GOB report
    Guatemalans opened fire on a Belize Defence Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol at around 11:25 on Wednesday morning, August 31, when the team was headed to El Retiro to check if a group of 15 illegal Guatemalans settlers—11 adults and 4 children—who were issued an order to leave (OTL) just over a week ago, had actually left the country, according to Commander of the Belize Defence Force, Brigadier General David Jones. Jones told Amandala tonight that they do not know whether the people who opened fire on the BDF (while they were within the Chiquibul National Park, approximately 259 meters east of the border) are the illegal settlers. He said that the shots were fired by persons who were hiding in the bushes and the BDF returned fire and retreated. An official statement just released by the Government of Belize explained that, “It has been reported that unidentified persons within the Chiquibul initiated gunfire as the BDF patrol approached the location where the illegal settlement was discovered. The BDF patrol returned fire in self-defense and withdrew to safety.”

    Barrow and wife named in immigration audit
    Of the 55,000-plus Belizean immigration documents issued with major irregularities, one is currently held by Peter William Dahlstrom, brother-in-law of Kim Simplis Barrow, wife of Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow, according to the recently published audit by the Auditor General. According to the audit, “Peter William Dahlstrom, a native of Sweden, did not qualify for Belizean nationality and was issued nationality certificate number 28265/12.” Dahlstrom applied for Belizean nationality on the basis of his marriage to a Belizean and submitted a copy of his marriage certificate which proved that he did marry Sherrette Normandeen Simplis in 1994. The audit into his nationality application further revealed that on April 5, 2012, Dean Barrow and his wife, Kim Simplis Barrow, “stated that they had known the applicant for 20 years.”

    City Boys/Shell U-10 & U-15 Football Summer Camp ends at Yabra
    Yesterday afternoon at the Yabra football field, there were a few dozen kids, from around age 8 to 15, all geared up in their uniform jerseys and shorts, football “boots” and socks, and having the time of their lives playing football games under the supervision of camp coordinator, the legendary Jerome “Peeloff” Mejia, along with veteran Yabra star Reuben “Postman” Crawford and Steve “Gellies” Young. The two-week camp, which ended yesterday, as the kids are about to return to school, was conducted each day from 3:00 in the afternoon. The event was organized by City Boys team manager Leaton St. Clair who secured the sponsorship of Shell Belize through former semipro star Rufino Lind. Leaton said that most of the equipment used at the camp – cones, footballs, uniforms and footwear for the kids – were provided by Chicago based Belizean Terrence Lord, who has been a regular contributor to the annual Yabra summer camps.

    Excellence of Double Head to L.A. for friendly cricket matches
    The Excellence Cricket Club of Double Head Cabbage will be travelling today to Los Angeles to take part in two friendly matches against a Southern California team. So said veteran Excellence player, Sylbert Martinez, this morning. “We will be joining up with Jason and Kene Broaster, and also Lloyd ‘Froggy’ Flowers, Jr. This will be Excellence at its best,” said Sylbert, who maintains that the team was not up to full strength in the recently completed championship finals in which they were beaten two games straight by three-peat champions, Easy Does It. “We defeated Easy Does It twice in regular season,” declared Sylbert, “but three of our main players are now in Los Angeles.”

    Belize’s Woodrow West playing “Big” in CONCACAF
    Belize’s Police United goalie Keith Allen was named CONCACAF Champions League Goalkeeper of the Week for “Week 3, August 23-25,” after his heroic performance in Mexico against Pachuca in a 3-0 loss to the Mexican champion on August 23. Allen stopped 15 of 18 shots on goal by a dominant Pachuca, while his Police United squad never threatened their opponents’ goal. (See page 21 of Amandala for Wednesday, August 31, 2016.) But another Belizean goalie, national team goalkeeper Woodrow West, in goal for former Honduran champions, Honduras Progreso, has also been stellar between the sticks in Champions League action. West was instrumental in securing a 1-1 draw recently in Trinidad against W Connection.

    Dangriga sports stats
    Here are some results from the Pomona Village Council Mundialito football tournament that was played at the Pomona New Site football field. The games were all played on Saturday. In the opener, Spain from Pomona won over Argentina from Steadfast, 3 goals to nil, with Ashton Smith, Ornell Reyes and Tyray Estero getting 1 goal apiece. In game 2, Barcelona from Dangriga walked over Brazil from Pomona, 5 goals to nil. Khalydia Velasquez, a female player, scored 2 goals; Zion Ramos also got 2 goals; while Demille Flores got the other. Spain topped the Group A regular season with 9 pts, while Argentina finished with 6 pts.

    Editorial: Danny’s place in Belize’s galaxy
    After the Special Constable Danny Conorquie, a young native of Georgeville in the Cayo District, was murdered in cold blood at the Caracol Maya site by a group of Guatemalans on September 25, 2014, the reaction of the Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs was strange, and unsatisfactory. He said that we didn’t even know if it was Guatemalans who had killed the Belizean youth. In the aftermath of Danny Conorquie’s ultimate sacrifice, it emerged that the Belize Commissioner of Police had been advised in writing a few months earlier that there was growing danger at Caracol posed by precisely those groups of Guatemalans who shot down Danny. The police high brass apparently ignored that written advisory. That is a story in itself, beloved, and a sad one it is, especially when you link it to the reaction of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs after Danny’s heroism. As the months went by after Danny Conorquie’s death in the line of duty, it became clear that the official position of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Government of Belize was that they wanted Danny’s murder to “blow ova like wahn lee breeze,” as former Prime Minister Said Musa famously said in Ladyville at the time of the G-7 rebellion against Ralph Fonseca in August 2004.

    Rough letter from San Narciso PUP
    Editor Amandala Sir, Thanks to Dean Barrow, we are now known throughout the world as “the only English speaking country in Central America with one of the highest levels of corruption in the world.” “We da wa important country.” Kudos to you, Barrow. You did it. Help for our people due to the ravages of Hurricane Earl was slow in coming and in small amounts. The international community is well aware of the situation in Belize. They are hesitant in giving money to this present government since they are not sure if the money will be used for the needs of the poor people, or just to fatten the UDP’s pockets. The funny part in all this is that if the (UDP) was to call an election tomorrow, they would win hands down. Okay, let me explain. Belize people are so messed up and in need that come election time they vote for the person/persons who pay them the best. It’s a trend both parties started and now they have to live with it. The UDP has perfected this art.

    Celebrating Belizean Conservation hero Bartolo Teul
    Dear Editor, Belize is blessed with a wealth of natural wonders and amazing people who serve to protect them – one of those people is Bartolo Teul. Bartolo Teul of Big Falls Village, Toledo District, served in the Belize Defence Force for 15 years. During his assignment at all corners of Belize, he realized the need to protect the spectacular forests of Belize. That opportunity came from Philip Balderamos (who recently retired from the United Nations Development Program in Belize) in 1997 to establish a non-governmental organization. Ya’axché Conservation Trust was then established in 1998 to protect the newly purchased 15,000-acre Golden Stream Corridor Preserve which connects forests of the Maya Mountains to that of the coastal plains.

    Neri’s follow up letter to the Olympic Committee
    Dear Mr. Martinez, Following up on correspondence dated July 4th, 2016 to Thomas Bach, President of the IOC and to you dated August 21st, 2016 which were also subsequently published in the weekly edition of the Amandala in Belize, Central America, please see attached signed copies of said correspondence. By affixing my signature to the correspondence, it should dissuade any belief that the correspondence was not genuine or probably written by another person. Please consider this as an official correspondence to your organization with an expectation that some type of reply will be forthcoming. Your organization is the duly registered organization in the country tasked with representing our nation nationally, regionally and internationally with all things Olympics, and as such if you are representing us, then the people that you represent also want answers. As a citizen of Belize I can ask for nothing less.

    Should Senators named in AG’s audit have voted on Senate inquiry?
    At yesterday’s Senate hearing, the Opposition alternate senator, Michel Chebat, an attorney and senior counsel, had asked Senator Godwin Hulse, Leader of Government Business, to recuse himself from voting on whether the Senate should appoint a Senate Select Committee to investigate the findings contained in the Auditor General’s Report, because Hulse’s name appears in the report. From a legal standpoint, the perception is that at least two of the Senators on the government side should not have voted in yesterday’s Senate vote. Then there is the fundamental principle of natural justice — “Nemo Judex En Causa,” translated: “A man/woman cannot be a judge in his/her own cause.” The Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Senator Godwin Hulse, has signed, according to the report, a nationality document and passport for an applicant who did not qualify under the law.

    High rate of C-sections in Belize
    More Belizean women are having babies via Caesarean section, according to a report just released following a joint study, the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2015, conducted by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), in collaboration with the Government of Belize and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The report indicated that more than a third of Belizean women ages 15-49 years (an estimated 34.2%) delivered their babies via Caesarean section. The data is applicable to women who delivered babies within the past two years. Previous MICS reports have indicated that 28.1% of women in Belize had been delivering their babies by C-section. Data published by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the years 2007 to 2014, and which quoted the rate of C-sections among Belizean women at 28%, put the global mean at 19%—still higher than what WHO deems to be the ideal rate.

    Belizeans, I bring you good tidings
    Our beautiful Belize is a country that’s in crisis. We are facing a severe financial and economic crisis where our sources of foreign exchange have fallen by some 15% in the first six months of this year. We have lost most of our access to US banks, and our excessive money printing is putting the exchange peg in trouble – our open economy depends on foreign exchange. We have several serious crime/social problems as leading members of our government have been implicated in the biggest immigration scandal in the history of Belize; a beheading of a pastor allegedly by a crime gang/syndicate headed by a person with connections to the highest levels of government. A neighbor (Guatemala) who keeps threatening our country with invasion; and a population that is very angry because of the Chief Justice’s recent ruling to change the meaning of the word “sex.” Before I deal with Belize’s problems, the good news is that a sea-change, an earthquake is occurring in Asia. September 2nd will see the start of three successive international summit meetings in Asia, which will establish the new reality that China, Russia, and India— not Obama and NATO—are creating and shaping that future.

    Was Hon. Julius Espat properly suspended from the House of Representatives?
    Last Friday, at the sitting of the House of Representatives, the Member for Cayo South, Hon Julius Espat, used un-parliamentary language that was critical of the impartiality of the Speaker of the House, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, who immediately asked for a minister to “name this person.” The Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, the Member for Pickstock, answered the Speaker’s request, which was made a number of times. Elrington’s motion, however, did not name Hon. Espat by name, nor was it followed by the necessary voting of the House, which would have sealed Hon. Espat’s fate. What followed next was a full-scale exercise of the power of the Speaker over his House. Police moved in and cleared the galleries, and not even the media was spared, then, Hon. Julius Espat was forcefully dragged out of the House’s chamber by police, who, it was later confirmed, were carrying out the orders of “Mr. Speaker.”

    Belize economy continues to shrink
    With a decline in production from major contributors to the national economy, Belize’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) continues to contract, with the tertiary sector, and primarily tourism, helping to buffer the negative effects of declines in sectors such as agriculture and fishing. Overall, the Belize economy contracted by $22 million (or 1.5%) for the first six months of 2016, spanning January to June 2016. Jefte Ochaeta, SIB Statistician, announced at a press conference held today that there was a record 26% decline in the primary industries, led by sharp declines in the sugar, crude oil, banana and marine products. The official data indicate that the Belize economy has contracted for the second consecutive quarter, with a decline of 1.6% for the second quarter following on the heels of a reported 2% decline for the first quarter of 2016. The statistical reports do not account for the impacts of Hurricane Earl, which struck in August.

    The Reporter

    Mexico assists Belize with hurricane relief
    The Mexican government this morning contributed $50,000 towards the Belize Red Cross Society’s Hurricane Earl relief efforts. Mexican Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnel told the Reporter that even though Mexico was also affected by Earl, his country saw the need to assist Belize, with whom […]

    PM agrees to sign UNCAC as Chamber mounts anti-corruption campaign
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced on Thursday that he has met with the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and has agreed to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). The announcement comes just as the Chamber prepares to mount a massive public […]

    Crisis averted! Ambulance service still running for Belize District
    The Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT), despite earlier indications that it would discontinue ambulatory services for the Belize District, is still responding to emergency calls. BERT Financial Operations Manager, Andre Carrillo, explained that as of Thursday, the organization and the Ministry of Health have reopened […]

    Public corruption and Immigration scandals haunt Senate debate on GOB spending 2016-17
    The repercussions of the secret 2005 BTL Accommodation agreement guaranteeing BTL’s former owners a 15 percent profit continues to haunt the UDP administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and figured in the debate on supplementary budget appropriations inside the National Assembly in Belmopan on Wednesday, […]

    July was the hottest scorcher yet
    By Marion Ali, Assitant Editor July 2016 was the hottest month on record yet, according to an analysis of global temperatures which scientists from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). The findings reveal that because the seasonal temperature cycle peaks in July, […]

    National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan affirmed
    The National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan, the innovative idea of the Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute (CZMAI), received “affirmative resolution” in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Being the first of its kind in the Central American and the wider Caribbean region, “the Plan” aims […]

    BNCF awards over $75,000 to YCT and APAMO
    The Belize Nature Conservation Foundation (BNCF), this week, awarded over $75,000 in grants to the Ya’axche Conservation Trust (YCT) and the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) to assist them in the conservation of the protected areas. On an annual basis, BNCF gives grants of up […]

    BCCI moving against corruption
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the body representing Belize’s private sector, is mounting a massive public education campaign on the harmful effects of corruption to Belize’s development. The BCCI is calling on all private sector partners, including the media, to become a part of […]

    Guatemalan Ambassador questions OAS investigation
    Guatemala’s Ambassador to Belize, Estuardo Roldán, told the media in his country that he has doubts about the accuracy of the independent investigation commissioned by the Organization of American States (OAS), into the April 20 shooting incident near the Adjacency Zone. Roldán, who was recalled back to […]

    Junie Balls’ son stabbed to death on ninth anniversary of dad’s murder
    Two men with evil intent used the Soca Madness concert at the IT VET compound on Freetown Road early Sunday morning to carry out a plan to target and kill George McKenzie Junior, the son of the notorious former Pink’s Alley gang leader, George “Junie […]

    Missing woman found dead in abandoned building
    The decomposed body of Desiree Denise Gladden, 49, a resident of Oleander St. in Belize City, was found hanging in an abandoned building on the corner of Church Street and Bullet Tree Road on Sunday morning in San Ignacio. For days, residents in the area had been […]

    OAS announced investigation into Conorque and Lambey shootings
    The Organization of American States (OAS) announced that it will commission an independent investigation into the shooting death of Special Constable Danny Conorquie, and the non-fatal shooting of Belize Defense Force Sergeant Richard Lambey. OAS special Representative for Belize/Guatemala Affairs, Magdalena Talamas, announced on Saturday that the […]

    If Belize had a Pulitzer Prize for TV-journalism it should go to Mr. Jules Vasquez of Channel 7 for his principled stand in refusing to abandon his work of recording the uproar at last Friday’s House meeting. Thanks to his tenacity and good judgement the Belizean public got a front […]

    Barrow promises investigation into findings of Immigration Audit
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced this week that the government will commission an investigation into the various irregularities cited in the recently published audit report on the Immigration and Nationality Department. Barrow, flanked by Director of Immigration Diana Locke; Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration […]

    BDF come under fire again!
    On the heels of the Organization of American States (OAS) report that vindicated Belize in the shooting death of 14-year-old Guatemalan Julio Alvarado, BDF soldiers once again came under fire in the Chiquibul forest on Wednesday night. According to a release from government issued on […]

    Speaker VS Auditor General
    By Marion Ali Assistant Editor Less than a week after the damning 2016-2017 Auditor-General’s Report on corruption in the Immigration Department was tabled; the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peyrefitte, has demanded an apology from the Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley on grounds that the report has defamed his character. […]

    Church activists say ‘Rocke must roll!’
    Reverend Ashley Rocke is the representatives of the Churches in the Senate, but vocal elements from within the Churches are now calling for his immediate resignation. Just before 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday evening in what was a marathon Senate session, Reverend Rocke voted “No” when a motion for a Senate […]

    The Belize Times

    On Friday, August 26th, in what was an illegal, criminal and unconstitutional display never before seen in the House of Representatives, the UDP administration used the Police to brutally muzzle the Opposition members in the House. Members of the Special Patrol Unit, batons in hand, were instructed by Speaker of the House Michael Peyrefitte to enter the gallery and to remove Member for Cayo South Julius Espat using excessive force. Speaking on the adjournment, the Hon. Espat was about to delve into what has been on the minds of right-thinking Belizeans for the past weeks – UDP Ministers, officials and cronies exposed in the most disturbing, distasteful and criminal chronicles of corruption in Belize’s political history. At least thirteen UDP Ministers have been named in a pervasive, lucrative and systematic raping of Belize’s nationality processes – accused by the Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley of intervening ILLEGALLY in the facilitating of Visas, Nationality and Belizean passports for many, many foreigners who did not provide supporting documents and DID NOT MEET REQUIREMENTS.

    PUP March on Belmopan
    Today the People’s United Party marched on Belmopan in a show of support for their Senators fighting in the House against a Government side which has demonstrated time and time again that rather than do what is right, they will stick to the Party line. True to the UDP tradition of intimidation the Police set up checkpoints and barriers but the will of the people would not be deterred. It was a day of unity for Party supporters as the PUP gathers its troops for a massive march in Belize City next week Wednesday, September 7th. The time is NOW. The people must stand up to the dictatorship which is on the brink of destroying the country. Inside the House PUP Senators Valerie Woods, Paul Thompson and Michel Chebat, acting for Senator Eamon Courtenay stood strong for the people of Belize, aided by business Senator Mark Lizarraga who has been a champion for accountability and transparency in the management of the People’s money.

    The Opposition People’s United Party has issued a demand for Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peyrefitte, to be removed from that post immediately. That demand came at a press conference held at Independence Hall on Monday, in response to the disgraceful debacle in the House Friday. In issuing the call for the head of Peyrefitte, PUP Leader Briceño asserted that “the Speaker showed his bias, and unrestrained acts of intimidation against members on the Opposition. He disgraced the office of the Speaker; he brought the House into disrepute; he is a complete disgrace.”

    Thrill on the Hill
    The obstreperous goings-on at last Friday’s House meeting in Belmopan were disgusting, disgraceful and distasteful. They were not however, surprising. Those of us who have been observing the style and pattern of this UDP administration over the past eight years or so have become quite familiar with the tactics employed. We would or should have known what to expect and the real surprise is that the Hon. Julius Espat didn’t. He allowed himself to walk into a trap. Julius is relatively new to the game of politics; I mean, when compared to the likes of Dean Barrow, Michael Finnegan and even a few members on his own side of the House. Relatively speaking, Julius is but a babe in the woods. Those woods into which this babe has ventured, however, are full of some very wily, devious and bloodthirsty jackals; they play their game at a very high level.

    The Bell Tolls for Thee, Mr. Barrow
    Mr. Barrow must cringe when he looks in the mirror. From imagining the possibilities of greatness, he has become a man whose legacy WILL BE tainted by the stink of unprecedented corruption, a man who must now run and hide and dodge, rather than face what he and his United Democratic Party have come to represent to the Belizean people. The bold Barrow of years past is no more. Through arrogance and hunger for power, he has created his own hell. We have called the leader of the UDP many things, with good reason, but we have never had occasion to call him stupid. We credit him with intelligence enough to know why we are where we are, and why we cannot continue to go down this path. Mr. Barrow must find what former UDP Mayor Zenaida Moya once claimed he lost, and must do the right thing.

    Orange Walk & Cayo win 1 each in football friendlies
    Orange Walk and Cayo district selections won a game apiece in women’s and men’s football friendlies organized by the New Horizon Sporting Club which hosted a pair of football friendlies at the Louisiana Government School field after Mundialito semifinals on Sunday afternoon. In Game 1, the Orange Walk women stomped the Santa Familia females of the Cayo district: 7-0 with Frenelly Barillas and Katie Jones scoring 2 goals apiece, and a goal apiece from Rhona Cocom. Aliyah Leiva and Mariely Flores.

    Infotel wins Game 1 of BDBA Firms Basketball Finals
    Infotel took the Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms championship finals Game 1 against the Belize Bank Bulldogs: 99-97 at the Belize Elementary auditorium on Saturday night. Infotel was led by Earl “Bolo” Johnson with 36pts, 10 rebounds; Eyan Rene Augustine added 18pts, while Darwin “Dawgy” Elijio drained 4 treys for 15pts. Stafford Young put up 13pts and Elton Anderson – 10pts, Bulldogs’ Brian “Brybo” White scored 30pts, 19 rebounds; Roscoe Rhys hit 5 long treys for 20pts, and Marcel Orosco added 16pts, while Lincey Lopez had 10pts. Duane Staine posted 9pts, Rupert Brown chipped in 7pts and Christ McGann – 5pts.

    Belize & Columbia win thru to OW U-15 Mundialito Finals
    The Orange Walk Under-15 Mundialito organized by New Horizon Sporting Club is into the Finals, where ‘Belize’ of Orange Walk Central will take on ‘Colombia’ of San Jose Palmar at the Louisiana Government School field in Orange Walk Town on Sunday, September 4. In the semifinals on Sunday in Game 1, Belize eliminated ‘Holland’ of Guinea Grass: 2-1 with goals by Edrei Bobadilla in the 1st half and Axel Alamilla in the 2nd half to lead 2-0, while Armand Chirinos scored a late consolation goal past Belize goalie Kate Jones.

    GSU Terrorizes Mayflower Neighbourhood
    The Gang Suppression Unit continues to be a feared Police presence on the street, not because they are especially effective at combating gang-related crime but because they have become notorious for abusing citizens while they conduct their police “raids” on homes. That’s the unit for which the Barrow Government has paid George Street residents, including known gang members, almost 200 thousand dollars of taxpayers’ money after being sued for GSU excess. The PUP is on public record as calling for the disbanding of that unit, which incensed its now disgraced former commander, Superintendent Mark Flowers.

    Media Assaulted by Police
    Speaker of the House Michael Peyrefitte, at the House of Representatives last Friday, also instructed the Police to forcefully remove media professionals from various media houses in attendance to record the House proceedings. Several were pushed and aggressed by the Police, while Channel 7’s Jules Vasquez was assaulted by members of the Special Patrol Unit, carried out of the gallery. It is the first time in memory that the media has been attacked in the House in this fashion, and the instruction was given solely to allow Police to move on Member of Parliament the Hon. Julius Espat without that dubious, shameful moment in history being recorded by the media.

    OW Resident Gunned Down
    Popular Orange Walk resident Kevin Flowers, 28, was killed by a gunman who shot him several times right in front of his yard. It happened just after 5:00a.m. on Sunday, August 28 on Smithsonia Street in the town. Police investigations reveal that he had only just arrived home on his bicycle. He was about to open the gate and enter when an unknown assailant ambushed him. The man shot him several times in the forehead, the back, the neck, and the left forearm. Flowers collapsed right on the street in front of his home and unfortunately, that’s where he took his last breath.

    While pressure groups may undermine the normal method of political participation in Belize’s representative democracy their existence may strengthen pluralist democracy. This is achieved by pressure groups encouraging the general public to participate in politics and improve the government’s policy-making through better information and scrutiny. However, while some pressure groups certainly do lead to a more democratic outcome, others may do little to improve democracy because of elitism and an overly-narrow focus resulting in ‘tyranny by the minority.’ It will be argued that, overall, pressure groups do not generally undermine democracy. The most well-known pressure groups are usually those that have engaged in direct action, often using controversial ‘civil disobedience’ stunts which hit the news headlines e.g. the cane farmers’ demonstrations or the shutting down of the highways by certain bus companies’ campaign to prevent the creation of rules that could have affected their livelihood adversely; or the BNTU/NTUCB demonstration against the wage freeze by the government..

    Thinking Out Loud
    Months ago I mentioned that the UDP will fall to pieces – so said, so done. What we saw in the House of Representatives on Friday was a disgraceful manifestation of a government which is crumbling – shock after shock after scandal and the Prime Minister is holding on by his very fingernails. What we saw on Friday will get worse as the UDP struggles to hold on while the people get angrier and angrier and more frustrated. Truly, for the UDP, the worst is yet to come. I sat in that honourable House on Friday and I watched the Speaker use our Police Officers against us. In all my years in and out of politics I have never seen such shameful behaviour. Imagine a Member of Parliament roughed up in the people’s House by the Special Patrol Unit under instructions from the Speaker of the House. Imagine our media personnel – not thugs but respectable media personnel – hauled out of the House by the Police, again on instructions of the Speaker. What have we come to when that becomes acceptable behaviour? Where do we go from here?

    In my column just two weeks ago I wondered when the report of the OAS-requested investigation into the death of the Guatemalan minor in April this year would be delivered. We didn’t wait too long afterwards, and late last week it was released. There has to be some level of relief and positive thinking on our part as Belizeans, but I would not use words like satisfaction or vindication, although I am pleased with the content thereof. The Belize Defence Force, yes, must feel some satisfaction to be cleared of direct blame, but a child was killed and most likely by shots fired by Friends for Conservation & Development rangers. There is no celebration here. Do not get me wrong though. I have to feel good that Belize has emerged from this episode reinforced in our position that Guatemalans continue to raid our natural resources and illegally trespass in our country. This has been plainly seen internationally once more. Just looking at the facts from this case, we see that the father of the minor lied repeatedly, and that at the time of his death it surely was not the first time the minor had illegally trespassed. He was even detained by Belizean authorities the month prior to the fatal incident. In addition, what must vex Belizeans is the revelation that various Guatemalan entities tampered with the scene and removed important evidence of what transpired.

    It is now a matter of public record that a number of Cabinet Ministers were frequent guests at the home of Mr. William “Danny” Mason on Intelco Hill in Belmopan. These included the then Minister of National Security John Saldivar, the former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, the present Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, the Minister of Trade and Investment Erwin Contreras, the Minister of State Frank ‘Papa’ Mena, the Minister of State Elodio Aragon and certainly at least on one occasion Minister Godwin Hulse who in the streets has been dubbed Godwin Lighthouse (who says he does not drink but did have one lighthouse beer when he attended the infamous victory party of the Deputy Prime Minister Faber at the Mason house.

    The Party Leader Tours BRN
    The Party Leader, Hon. John Briceño toured the Belize River Valley on Thursday August 18, 2016, only to find that many residents are still waiting for the elusive Mr. NEMO, in the person of Area Representative Edmond Castro. Accompanying the Party Leader was Major Lloyd Jones and Carol Williams, Chair of the PUP Belize Rural North constituency. The Party Leader saw firsthand the damage suffered by the people of BRN and the poor response of the Government, especially Mr. NEMO. From talking to residents it was clear that Castro and the UDP cannot put politics aside, even in the aftermath of such a national disaster. Little relief has reached the people most affected by Hurricane Earl as Castro has handpicked his rabid party supporters to act as agents of NEMO. Those agents have chosen to ignore known supporters of the PUP, telling them nonsense such as “let the PUP help unnu.”

    Miss Stann Creek Crystalline Castillo Wins 2016 Queen of Bay
    Miss Stann Creek Crystalline Castillo became the 2016 Queen of the Bay designate, with the most votes from the judges in the 71st Queen of the Bay pageant at the Bliss Institute Saturday night. Crystalline was also voted Miss Talent for her cultural performance in BDF battle-dress as she advocated to protect the Chiquibul Forest and Belize’s many other natural treasures. She aced the question and answer segment, calling for a reduction in the high crime rate and for Belize to become a place of peace, love and unity – a Jewel for all! She won a 4-year scholarship to Galen University, a Samsung Galaxy phone with DigiCell internet, $1,000 cash from the Office of the Prime Minister, a one-year membership at the Neal & Gordon’s Gym, and an HP laptop from Fultec Systems.

    On Guatemala, Guatemala’s Special Assistant and the OAS….
    Late last week the OAS presented its report on an incident which happened in Belizean territory in the Chiquibul in April. The independent investigation, demanded by irate Guatemalan officials, was conducted by two eminently qualified experts in forensic science and criminal investigation from the United States and Mexico. The results have vindicated Belize’s military elements involved in that incident, stating that there is evidence that BDF and rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development were fired on by the Guatemalan involved, and only returned fire. The reactions to the OAS Report are not surprising…least of all the position by Sedi Elrington who has shown that he is in Guatemala’s corner. Sedi says Guatemala owes Belize no apology.

    KHMH: A Dangerous Story of Neglect
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (a statutory body) has the responsibility for the operational management of Belize’s premier public hospital. It serves as the country’s national referral hospital, providing tertiary health care for all of Belize, in addition to serving as the secondary care hospital for the Central Health Region. In fiscal year 2016/17 the Dean Barrow Administration allocated $23.51 million or 18.6% of the Ministry of Health’s budget (or a mere 2.5% of the total national budget) to KHMH. In effect, this represents $65.85 for each and every Belizean for the entire fiscal year or less than 20 cents ($0.018) a day. Now remember that Dean Barrow pays his brother $1,000/hour for ‘legal services.’ Notice the difference? Twenty cents a day for your health care but $1,000 an hour for his brother!

    Man Accused of Shooting Minor Walks
    A man who Police charged in February with Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm and Dangerous Harm was cleared of those indictable offences when he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court today. The accused was told that the charges against him were ordered by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to be withdrawn due to insufficient evidence. Joseph Lopez, 20, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser who told him that he did not have to return to Court because the DPP has ordered the Court to withdraw the charges against him.

    Two Men Charged for Sensational Home Invasion
    Two men appeared in the Magistrate’s Court today to answer, separately, to charges relating to an armed robbery of a home in the Kings Park area last month, from which jewellery and a substantial amount of cash in US dollars were stolen. Police charged Trevor Guy, 23, with one count of Aggravated Burglary and one count of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm upon Salvador Garcia, while Victor Franklin was charged with one count of Handling Stolen Goods. Both men appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

    Execution Style Murder in the City
    Belize City Police continue to investigate the murder of Doyle Garbutt, 31, who was shot to death inside his van at around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 25. When officers responded to the scene they found the white van at the corner of Balan and Giles Streets in a drain; Garbutt’s lifeless body was inside with a single gunshot to the right side of the head. Police don’t have much information to go on at this time, since residents claim that they didn’t even hear gunfire, but they believe that he was shot while he was driving his vehicle, and when the bullet hit him he lost control of the vehicle and ended up in the drain.

    George McKenzie Jr. Murdered at Soca Madness
    Police have one man detained for the brutal stabbing murder of George McKenzie Jr., 24, son of deceased notorious street figure George ‘Junie Balls’ Mckenzie. The fatal injuries occurred during an altercation at the ITVET compound after midnight Saturday where revellers celebrated Soca Madness. According to reports, McKenzie was dancing when the fight started, and in a matter of seconds he had been stabbed multiple times to the chest and abdomen. He managed to run outside where he met an officer at the gate and was transported to the KHMH where he succumbed to his injuries.

    Caye Caulker Man Charged for Murder
    A Caye Caulker man who his attorney informed the Court suffers from “a prolonged history of mental illness” was arraigned on one count of murder and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court date. Donald Heredia, 51, and his attorney Darrell Bradley appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith this morning, after Caye Caulker Police charged him with the murder of Jennifer Coleman, 51.

    Baby Aiden Abandoned After ‘Kidnapping’ Scare
      Police have no update on the alleged kidnapping of 9-month old Aiden Matus, taken from his mother’s home in Bella Vista, Southern Belize, at around 1:30am Thursday morning. Fortunately, less than 24 hours after he was supposedly abducted, the baby was deserted near the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City, unclothed but unhurt except for mosquito bites. The news broke early Thursday morning via Facebook where the mother of the child, Yoselyn Ordonez, 17, posted that two men had barged into her home and taken her child. She would later state in social media messages that the men, who allegedly fled the scene in a grey SUV, had told her not to provide information to the Police or they would kill baby Aiden.

    Hard Knocks
    Gapi’s GONE… You may have noticed that when all unholy hell broke out in the House of Representatives on Friday, Gapi Vega was nowhere to be seen. In fact, he was a no-show in the House. At first I thought it was because his name came up multiple times in the Auditor-General’s very revealing audits, and then we realized, nope – this man’s got no damned shame. And then, the news started filtering in on the political grapevine. Gapi Vega is ready to throw in the towel. Apparently he’s already cleared out his desk and wants out of the UDP completely. Well, hell, who’d have thunk that the man had the cojones to walk away. Guess he found the ones that his boss lost. The man who once held the reins of all the UDP political mojo in the north has been telling people that this is the end of his Party and he’s not hanging around to go down with the rest of the crew. Imagine that, the man can barely produce a sensible sentence but he sees the writing on the wall…

    Questions to Ministers
    Could the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister or the Second Wife First Lady verify what monies have been collected, allegedly on behalf of the children of Belize…from high-priced fundraisers in the United Kingdom, Dubai and other exotic locales? Could either of the above say if there has been any accounting for those funds, what projects have been funded with those monies and who signs the checks? Could the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister explain why he held on to the damning Audit Reports until after the General Elections of 2015? Could the Member for Belmopan and new Minister of Defence confirm whether the nude photo gone viral on the internet is familiar to him? And if so, could he say whether that photo was indeed taken in the bed of William Danny Mason as has been alleged?

    Woman Killed in San Pedro
      San Pedro Police investigators have arrested and charged 51 year-old Donald Heredia, a Caye Caulker resort grounds keeper, with the stabbing murder of Jennifer Coleman, 51. Police found Coleman bleeding out from the neck in front of her home on Aventura Street on Tuesday night, August 23, at around 11:50pm. She was rushed to the island’s polyclinic, but was pronounced dead on arrival. On the scene of the crime Police found a knife which they believe to be the murder weapon. Residents told the press they suspect that she had a male visitor that evening, and that she was attacked in her home. The attacker fled, and she may have rushed out trying to get help, but her injury was too grave and she collapsed on the street, which is where Police found her.

    BCCI Stands Up Against Corruption
      The Belize Chamber of Commerce, representing the private sector, today announced that it will, almost immediately, be launching an anti-corruption initiative. According to one BCCI Representative, “we have reached that line in the sand, and if we don’t turn back…we have seen the numbers. We know we will fail.” The BCCI has gone so far as to send out at least sixty letters, in a primary move to form some sort of coalition with other pertinent entities and stakeholders who share the sentiment that there needs to be a stand against corruption in all quarters and at all levels. That first bastion will be premised on Belize becoming a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Corruption. Belize is one of only three countries in the region which have not signed on to UNCAC and it is the hope of the BCCI that with increased pressure that will come to pass.

    Early morning terrorism by the GSU on Sunday in Ghost Town has revealed the serious rift in the Police Department, caused in large part by the inactivity of a lame-duck Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie and political manipulation at the highest levels. For years the GSU has been allowed to brutalize Belizeans with near impunity, and have even allegedly been used to carry out political intimidation on behalf of UDP Ministers, but on Sunday morning they bucked heads with Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. According to reports from Mayflower Street in Belize City, the GSU descended on them without reason and with excessive force, shooting indiscriminately and injuring two persons.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Government reaches temporary agreement with BERT
    The Government of Belize in a press release issued this evening, said it has reached a temporary agreement with the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT). According to the release, GOB has offered to pay BERT $45,000 monthly for the next six months while negotiations continue. […]

    Stephen Mejia is busted with a 9 mm pistol loaded with 9 rounds of ammunition
    Teenager Stephen Mejia of Antelope Street Extension was found yesterday morning with a loaded 9-millimeter pistol by a team of officers of the Strike Team, North side, Belize City who were on mobile patrol on Dunn Street, Belize City. On Thursday at around 8:40 […]

    BBOC and ADO at war in Belize City
    A bus driver has been arrested and charged with obstruction, assault of a police officer and disorderly conduct as the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative (BBOC) and ADO bus company of Mexico faced off over a key bus run in the North of Belize. Beginning this morning, […]

    San Ignacio Police find 770 grams of marijuana
    Yesterday around 9:15 a.m., San Ignacio police made checks on an abandoned building in the Red Creek area in Santa Elena and under the steps discovered two plastic bags containing a total of 770 grams of cannabis. No one was in the area during […]

    PUP calls for Senate Inquiry and criminal investigation into AG report
    In response to the Prime minister’s press conference held yesterday, the PUP issued a statement expressing the party’s support for setting up a Senate Select committee on the Immigration and Nationalization scandal. The PUP says that what the Auditor General’s report has uncovered not […]

    B.D.F. fired on from illegal settlement
    Soldiers of the Belize Defense Force came under fire on Wednesday in the Chiquibul National Park, approximately two hundred and fifty-nine meters east of the border. The shooting at the patrol occurred at about eleven-thirty in the morning when the soldiers were heading to Retiro Camp […]

    Financial Secretary issues memo enforcing vehicle policy
    On August 29th, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight issued a memo to Chief Executive Officers, Heads of Departments and Accounting officers ordering the enforcement of the policies governing usage of all government vehicles. “All vehicles, except those authorized for twenty-four (24) hours use, should be […]

    David Taylor jailed for pornography
    British-Belizean David Taylor abruptly changed his plea from not guilty to guilty of 3 counts of indecent assault. The accused paedophile who was charged back in December of 2012 for committing extreme acts of pornographic exploitation of 3 boys on the Placencia Peninsula […]

    P.M. Formally Agrees to Sign U.N. Anti-Corruption Convention
    He says he had always intended to do so, but following a meeting on Wednesday morning between the Prime Minister of Belize, Right Honorable Dean Barrow and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry where the Chamber called on the government to accede the […]

    Belize district avoids ambulance crisis
    The Belize district has avoided a potentially chaotic crisis after the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) threatened to pull its services due to a dispute with the Ministry of Health over salaries for EMTs. BERT had announced that as of September 1 it would be […]

    Hulse tries to clear PM’s name in Immigration Audit
    At yesterday’s press conference, Minister of Police and former Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse offered an explanation in regards to the Prime Minister’s role in recommending his wife’s brother-in-law for nationality whereas the Auditor General reports that the applicant, William Dahlstrom, did not qualify because […]

    BCCI stands firmly behind the Business Senator
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has issued a press release stating that they stand behind their Business Senator, who voted in accordance with their instructions to support the Motion for a Senate Inquiry into the Immigration Audit. According to the press release, […]

    Friday’s House meeting was disgusting, disgraceful and distasteful
    [The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.] “We’re a different sort of thief here, Lamora. Deception and misdirection are our tools. We don’t believe in hard work when a false face and […]


    “Goodbye Earl” from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,Belize.
    Unlike many others in Belize Rose and I got through Hurricane Earl with relatively little trouble. We (well Rose did have some slight doubts) were confident that our house would withstand what the conditions threw at it. When we went through the final planning stages with Strukture Architects Limited in 2012 we’d been adamant that it must be designed and constructed to withstand a hurricane. This was something though that we hoped would never be put to the test. We’d chosen hurricane proof windows – and we paid reasonably heavily for this- and although we could have saved money on less cement and rebar (and labour too for that matter) we’d spurned the savings. Having a few more pounds (for non UK readers insert US dollars) in the bank isn’t a lot of good if your home is a pile of rubble on the floor. During the days leading up to the hurricane we made our preparations. We stocked up on food which we placed in iced filled (the ice making machine in our refrigerator went in to overdrive ) coolers because our intention was not to open the refrigerator doors unless we absolutely had to. I went to the Crystal Water Depot and got six five gallon bottles of water, a crate of Pepsi and two crates of Belikin (you’ve got to get your priorities right! And we stocked up on dried and canned food for Ziggy.

    What is it like to try and build in Belize? (and, first full week of the CBC build/reno!)
    My husband Dave and I have been through several builds/renovation in Belize, and it is not quite like the US! People often ask us what it is like, what do we wish we would have known, etc. When we first moved here almost 3 years ago, we pretty much expected to do the dirty work ourselves, as we didn't have any contacts or knowledge of who we could trust and work with. One valuable tool was talking with our neighbors and new acquaintances as people are generally happy to share contractors that they trust, as it is a win-win - people are usually happy to get more work to good people. You can get equally negative and positive things said about the same contractor either here or anywhere, so one thing that we highly recommend is to be ON SITE as much as possible. You are MUCH more likely to have a good outcome if you can be here. It is well known that if you cannot be here, the work is likely to take MUCH longer. If you have very little knowledge or experience of construction, it is recommended that you either buy a home that is already built that you can get some history on it, or else buy in a development-type property (which might put you farther out of the village.)

    Top Travel Photos and Videos of Belize for August 2016
    Are you ready to Celebrate September? As we unite under the theme “Sovereign and Strong - Together as One,” the month promises to be filled with activities and events to celebrate including the Battle of St. George’s Caye Day, Carnival and of course, Belize’s Independence! Whether you’re vacationing in the charming, sandy peninsula of Placencia, the vibrant island of Ambergris Caye or the bustling “Old Capital” of Belize City, there’s sure to be an activity for the entire family to enjoy. With all the expectations mounting for the celebratory month, you may have thought we forgot about August and our monthly Photo/Video blog. While the month was indeed a wet one, our team did manage to compile a list of impressive travel related posts on Instagram featuring Belize! From the thousands of travel photos and videos that were taken, we have chosen several that we believe truly highlight the Belize Experience. Without further a-do, here's our list of the Top Travel Photos and Videos of Belize for August 2016.

    St. George’s Caye: an island of history and relaxation
    St. George’s Caye is a classic destination for Belize – one that is known in almost all households for its historic significance. Yes, I’m talking about the 1798 Battle of St. George’s Caye, which solidified our alliance to Britain rather than Spain, after the Baymen successfully drove off Spanish invaders during a short military engagement that lasted from September 3rd to the 20th. But there is more to this tiny island than just its historical importance. St. George’s Caye is also a great get away spot. Back in colonial days, St. George’s Caye was a favourite weekend and summer destination for British and upper class Belizeans. In fact, many well-known Belizean families still own homes there. Due to its close proximity to Belize City, it was rather easy to get to the island, adding to its popularity. Today, the island attracts visitors from all walks of life. From locals to retirees and even honeymooners, everyone enjoys the solitude and relaxed atmosphere. There is no electricity – most residents and the lodge obtain power either from generators or windmills – but that didn’t matter. Most of the days at St. George’s Caye were spent exploring the island or swimming around the bay, while at night, star gazing and storytelling were always the best forms of entertainment. Of course, for the adults there is a bar at the St. George’s Caye Resort where one can enjoy a cocktail or two. Previously known as Cayo Cosina, the island is home to a permanent population of about 20 people. Only seven miles of the coast of Belize City, St. George’s Caye was once the first capital of British Honduras (Belize) and is the site of the Battle of St. George’s Caye that took place on the 10th of September, 1798. It was settled as a town in 1650, and was the largest settlement in what was then British Honduras in the 17th century and 18th century; however, its importance was eventually eclipsed by the growth of Belize City.

    International Sourcesizz

    Wolf Pack volunteers lead music and sports clinics in Belize
    Even in remote areas of Central America, the Jesuit ideals of compassion and respect for the world have been upheld thanks in part to Loyola Ignacio Volunteers. This summer, 11 Loyola students and alumni accompanied University Chaplain the Rev. Ted Dziak, S.J. and College of Business professor Kendra Reed in an engaging service trip to Belize, where the volunteers established both a music clinic at Delille Academy in Dangriga and a sports clinic for students of Holy Family Primary School in Hopkins village. Kendall Cousin, A’15 was one of the Wolf Pack alumni who instructed the music clinic, and felt very accomplished seeing his fellow volunteers impact education. “I am incredibly proud of not only myself, but the rest of the team to put together a program that hasn’t been done,” Cousin said. In just one week, Wolf Pack volunteers taught Delille Academy students how to write lyrics, arrange compositions, learn their instruments and both record and perform a song.

    Oldest Hibs fan's family thank club and supporters for tributes
    The family of Hibernian Football Club's oldest supporter, who died aged 106, have thanked the club and its fans after tributes were paid to him. Sam Martinez had followed the team since he first arrived in Edinburgh from Belize in 1945. He died last month having finally seen the Easter Road club win the Scottish Cup for the first time in 114 years. Mr Martinez's family said his love of Hibs had brought him "a lot of joy". A family statement said: "The Martinez family would like to thank Hibernian FC, the club's supporters and the whole Hibernian community for the warmth and friendship shown to our dad during his time following the team. His love for Hibs brought him a lot of joy, particularly in his later years.


  • BELIZE CHICKEN DROP 9/1/16, 3min. chicken drop booty blow gambling.


  • Behind the scenes of Zaara's Boutique Corozal's patriotic photo shoot with Will Moreno Photography, 1min. Take a look at some behind the scenes footage captured by Elsie Hotch as we had a full day of shooting for Zaara's Boutique Corozal.

    September 2, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Auditor General’s report unveils high levels of corruption involving elected officials
    A special audit revealing details of multiple cases of fraud in the issuance of Belizean visas, nationality and passports has caused major controversy and even the cancellation of the sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday, August 27th in the City of Belmopan. The report names Ministers, Area Representatives and prominent politicians endorsing persons seeking to become new Belizeans. According to the report, one of the ministers involved in the said scheme, is Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. The audit was published by Auditor General Dorothy Bradley, and explained how Belize in recent years has allegedly become a hideaway for human traffickers and money launderers. The audit also includes the high profile case of imprisoned South Korean national Won Hong Kim, who received Belizean citizenship without ever being in Belize. As a result, Bradley is now calling for a police investigation into 164 missing files from October 2013 regarding nationality applications from Guatemala, Honduras, China, Britain, Nigeria, Lebanon and Taiwan.

    6-a-side Interoffice Football Tournament approaching quarterfinals
    The 6-a-side Interoffice Football Tournament is winding down closer to the championship round. After 11 weeks of games, teams are accelerating on the field, hoping to become Interoffice champions. As usual, fans are welcome to support their favorite teams at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex. So far, only four teams have qualified for the playoffs, and they are: Genesis, Caya Espanto, Costa Blu, and Belize Pro Divers.

    U.S sanction affecting the Banana Industry in Belize
    It has been almost a year since the Banana Industry in Southern Belize saw the shutting down of one of its largest banana farms – Meridian Enterprises Ltd. The farm’s main buyer for years, Irish based company Fyffes, decided to cut ties after the United States (U.S) blacklisted John Zabaneh, banana farmer and exporter whose family owns the said farm. Despite allegations that Zabaneh is not affiliated with Meridian Enterprises, the US sanction still had a wider impact on the key crop, which intern severely hurt the Belizean economy. During that same year,(2012), when Zabaneh was red flagged, the Banana Growers Association (BGA) issued a statement confirming that Zabaneh and Mayan King had resigned from the trade group, and that the farm was under new ownership not connected to Zabaneh. Following this statement, Fyffes continued buying bananas from the farm for three more years.

    CONCACAF officials inspect Ambergris Stadium
    The state-of-the-art design of the Ambergris Stadium will no doubt transform the professionalism of sports on the island. With the stadium in its final stage of completion, the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) official Development Officer Rodrigo Kenton, along with Football Federation of Belize Technical Director Renan Cowo, led an inspection of the multi-purpose stadium on Friday, August 27th. Guiding the officials were the San Pedro Town’s Council’s Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Councilor in Charge of Sports Hector Alamilla, Property Tax Clerk Wilbert Magana, and Sports Coordinator Kent Bob Gabrouel. The purpose of the inspection was for the officials to examine the sporting complex, and see if they could help with further recommendations to assist development of football, not only on the island, but throughout the country. After evaluating around and inside the stadium, officials gave their feedback.

    Ambergris Today

    Norwegian Escape to Belize
    Wednesday, August 31, 2016, marked another milestone in the tourism industry as the Norwegian Escape made its second call into Belizean waters. A customary Plaque Exchange Ceremony was held aboard the ship between the Director of Cruise and Regional Initiatives, Ms. Noriko Gamero, and Captain Carl Gunnar Hammerin from Norwegian Escape. The ship’s first call to Belize was On August 17, 2016 with approximately 4,248 passengers and 1,731 crew members. The ceremony was scheduled for this date but due to weather conditions it was rescheduled. The Norwegian Escape is in the "Breakaway Plus" class of cruise ships which will include the Norwegian Escape and a second unit originally named Norwegian Bliss. The ship features many new venues and facilities not found on her smaller sister ships such as aromatic salt room, a thermal pool, sauna, steam rooms and spa treatments.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic Wildlife Clinic & Corridor Site Fundraiser
    Call me crazy but here it is: I need most urgent help in fundraising for BWRC land purchase. After 13 years since moving to Belize, 5 years of working on BWRC establishment, 4 years of having opened the clinic, it's time to get serious and step up our game now. BWRC has to move out of the rented temporary facility in an old airplane hangar. We found the site for its permanent location but it requires that we raise 150.000 US$ for the purchase... a bit too much for one full-time working vet aside my other duties (and last but not least family!). We need multiple fundraisers, campaigns in different countries and all together a "little miracle" to make this happen. With YOUR help we have accomplished so much already, and we are committed to continue. Please help, donate, share and contact us on how you can help. THANK YOU, Dr. Isabelle

    EXPORTBelize holds Trade Clinic in Belize City
    EXPORTBelize, a unit of BELTRAIDE hosted a Trade Clinic on August 31st which aimed at sensitizing private sector on regulations, requirements, export procedures and documentations and opportunities that exist under trade agreements in order to do business in the local and international market. Our partner agencies included the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) Customs Department and the Directorate General for Foreign Trade (DGFT). Topics included: Standards (labeling, CODEX, metrology, etc), Export Procedures, Trade Agreement Opportunities and Sanitary & Phyto-Sanitary Measures among many others. Some of the participants included rum producers, poultry producers, financial institutions, artisans etc. Previous trade clinics have been held in Orange Walk, Stann Creek and Cayo.

    Affirmative Resolution for the Belize Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan
    The Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute (CZMAI) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development is pleased to announce that the National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (“the Plan”) has received affirmative resolution in the House of Representatives and the Senate as of yesterday, August 31st 2016. This resolution meets the legal requirements for effectuation of the Plan as outlined in Section 23 (6) of the Coastal Zone Management Act, Chapter 329, Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003.

    The OAS Department of Human Development, Education and Employment and the Centro Internacional de Estudios Interdisciplinarios-CIESI- in Perú, are offering scholarships under the PDSP-PAEC Program (Partial scholarships) for the course: “Grant Writing. How to Write Proposals for Fund Search”. This is an online course and will be delivered in English. The deadline for receiving the applications in Washington, D.C. will be December 2nd, 2016.

    Rotaract Benque Distributes Backpacks
    The Rotaract Club of Benque had another successful Fill A Backpack drive, this was their 3rd, and they distributed 25 backpacks last weekend. Thanks, Rotaract! "On Sunday, August 28th, 2016 Rotaract Club of Benque Viejo deliver 25 bags with school supplies to primary school students from San Jose Succotz and Benque Vijeo. Selection was done based on family' s financial need. "

    Humphrey Fellowship
    We extended the deadline for the Humphrey Fellowship to September 15th and now we are providing more information! The Embassy is hosting a Humphrey's Fellowship Q & A Session on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at the EducationUSA Reference Center at Leo Bradley Library in Belize City from 6:00 -7:00 pm. Bring along your questions and RVSP by Monday, September 5 at [email protected] or call 610-0894.

    BELIZE'S WONDER WOMEN! Ms. Jacklyn Burns
    Ms. Jacklyn Burns was born on October 25th 1976 in the then new village of Hattieville, Belize. Ms. Burns spent her first decade in the Toledo district where culture, etiquette and neighborly relationships were heavy focuses. At age ten, Ms. Burns, the second of six children moved, with her family, to Belmopan where she attended the Belmopan Junior School, Belmopan Comprehensive School and UCB- Belmopan Junior College. She pursued an Associate’s degree in English and after graduating with this qualification, she became a high school teacher at the Corozal Community College. She later transferred to Belmopan Comprehensive School where she still currently teaches. Ms. Burns has taught subjects to include Caribbean History, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Life skills, Literature and English.

    A brief history of medicine in Belize
    Come enjoy the exhibit about medicine here in Belize: past, present and future. A Projects Abroad exhibition. Opening at The San Pedro House of Culture this Friday, Sept. 2nd at 1:00 pm.

    by Bilal Morris. Blocked out on a series of negative events that has engulfed the country of Belize over the last year of 2016, it was time for yours truly to make pilgrimage again to rejuvenate my soulful taste for Belize, my place of birth, and a land of beauty and spirit that has captivated many across the world to leave their own land and settle in peace and tranquility in one of the last remaining paradises on earth, the former British Honduras now called Belize. Rather than traversing the waters this time to the see Belize's awesome Caribbean Sea and onward to the spectacular Cayes, this time my family vacation found me driving across Belize's whining southern highway called the Hummingbird Highway. The journey took us across one of the most picture perfect lanscape ever seen by modern man today, Belize's southern villages and towns. They lie between some of the most green hills, mountains and valleys, and towards one of the world's most talked about travel destinations called Placencia. This was a journey that had begun to change my whole outlook again in terms of why Belize's neighbors to the west of it, has begun to lust so enviously almost to the point of claiming Belize's land in the South through one of the most unscrupulous lies ever told in colonial history. And maybe it is by the mercy of Almighty God that they have not been successful in their annexation of it, and stealing the birthright of a people that God in His Majesty has endowed upon them. Seeing this land is to remind anyone that those people called Belizeans are truly blessed.

    The Government of Belize (GOB) informs that on 31st August 2016, a Belize Defense Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol came under fire within the Chiquibul National Park, approximately 259 meters east of the border. The purpose of the patrol was to follow-up on an official order to leave that was issued on 22nd August 2016, to illegal settlers within the Chiquibul National Park. It has been reported that unidentified persons within the Chiquibul initiated gunfire as the BDF patrol approached the location where the illegal settlement was discovered. The BDF patrol returned fire in self-defense and withdrew to safety. No military personnel have been reported to have sustained any injury and no indication of any casualties have been discovered.

    Belmopan September Celebrations Calendar, Parade Route
    Here goes Belmopan, your September Celebrations Calendar!

    Happy Marcus Canul Day!!!
    Day like today but in september 1,1872 our Maya Masewal(Yucatec Maya) hero Marcus Canul and his Maya warriors made their last stand against colonialism/imperialism but who is Marcus Canul? Marcus Canul was one of the better known leaders of the Icaiche Maya. The Icaiche Maya territory included part of northwestern Belize and southern Mexico close to the Rio Hondo. When the British arrived in Belize, they discovered mahogany and started to export it. They reported several attacks on the British camps from the Maya in 1788 and 1801. The Maya retreated to the jungle . At the time when the British wanted to expand their woodcutting operations they faced Maya resistance in Icaiche and in the Yalbac área of Belize. With the support of Marcus Canul and the Maya who had migrated to the San Pedro Yalbac area, the Icaiche led by Asunción Ek defeated the British troops in December 21,1866 known as the battle of San Pedro Yalbac. The British were scared, 5 soldiers dead and 16 wounded. The British sent more troops and weapons to destroy the Maya villages burning their houses and fields. The Maya rebuilt their villages. Marcus Canul and the Icaiche continued fighting. They marched into Corozal town in 1870 briefly taking over the town. The Icaiche`s last stand was in September 1,1872 when Marcus Canul and over 150 Icaiche warriors attacked Orange walk town. Marcus Canul was mortally wounded. With their charismatic leader gone there was a lull in attacks from the Icaiche but the records indicate that their resistance continued until the end of the century.

    Metal Haven 2016
    The 2016 Metal Haven concert will be on October 29th at 9:00pm at the Cancha Marshalleck. Verge of Umbra will be headlining this year. "With the fast approaching MetalHaven Bash 2016, it is always a pleasure presenting our flyer – No Boundaries/Sin Fronteras Concert. Quite possible our last concert, we call on all followers to take the opportunity to come out and rock the hell out of it this one night. Come out and head bang, growl & scream; let’s show how alive the metal scene is in Belize. MetalHaven Bash 2016 proudly presents for the first time a band from El Salvador - Junkie Rock'n Roll , I Live For Your Death from Guatemala, ICNOS from Mexico, Verge of Umbra and new upcoming band Hypnopompia from Belize and opening the event would be local artist BrainDead! Let the countdown begin!!"

    BTL Internet Prices Slashed
    Starting this September, customers can now enjoy LOWER PRICES on High Speed Internet! Customers savings of up to 43% and reduced installation fee of only $75. Upgrade your plan today!

    Channel 7

    Churches Cast Stones At Hon. Rocke
    Last night, we told you how the PUP Senators pushed for an immigration probe by way of a Senate Select Committee to investigate the Auditor General's findings at the Immigration Department. Ultimately, the Barrow Administration outmaneuvered them. That's because when it came down to the vote, Government Senator Godwin Hulse suggested that instead of a Senate probe, a joint special select committee from both house would be better at investigating the Auditor General's reports. Church Senator Ashley Rocke - who had spoken in favour of the PUP motion - heard the Government's suggestion of a bi-cameral committee, and he withdrew his support from the PUP motion. So instead of a 6 - 6 deadlock, the final vote to end up as a 7-5 split in favor of the Government's configuration. For that vote, Rocke today came under heavy and sustained fire first form the Evangelicals and today from the Catholic Bishop, Dorick Wright, for his removal as their representative in the Senate.

    Hon. Rocke Between PM And a Hard Place
    As you might expect, the Prime Minister took a far more charitable view of Senator Ashley Rocke's decision. This afternoon at his three hour press conference, the PM chided the churches for rushing to judgment and urged them to consider that an equally harsh judgment could be made against the business senator Mark Lizarraga:.. Rt., Hon, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I for one don't understand the attack on Pastor Senator Rocke. It certainly defeats me how a fellow Christian pastor or fellow Christian pastors can treat with the matter and condemn the senator in such venomous hate-filled terms. But that's a matter for you people of the cloth. With respect to the merits though Senator Rocke made clear that he was supportive of the opposition motion for there to be a hearing with respect to the audit report."

    PM Meets With Chamber, Agrees To Reform Initiatives
    So then that brings us to the Prime Minister's breakthrough meeting with the Chamber yesterday where he committed to sig unto the UN Convention against corruption, to reform the public accounts committee and to have a joint special select committee investigate the auditor general reports. Today at his press conference, the Prime Minister outlined all three:.. Rt., Hon, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The chamber is entirely cognizant of the practical organizational and resource difficulties that will arise upon Belize accession to the UN Anti-corruption convention. We have therefore agreed, the chamber and the government to set up a working group to examine all the ramifications so as to ensure that when we accede and accede we will, we are in a strong position to effectively implement the obligations that will accompany accession. That working group is to be convene very early and certainly not later than the next two weeks."

    BDF Come Under Fire Again In Chiquibul While Ejecting Squatters
    Belizeans are only just releasing that breath of relief after the OAS Independent Investigation exonerated the BDF in the fatal shooting of Guatemalan minor Julio Ruano. But, things at the Belize/Guatemala border are tense again tonight after the BDF came under inside the Chiquibul yesterday. It happened yesterday 259 meters east of the border in Belizean territory. The patrol was out there to follow up on an official order from the Government of Belize to eject illegal Guatemalans squatters who had settled inside the Chiquibul National Park. A late evening Government release says, quote, "... Unidentified persons within the Chiquibul initiated gunfire as the BDF patrol approached the location where the illegal settlement was discovered. The BDF patrol returned fire in self-defense and withdrew to safety. No military personnel have been reported to have sustained any injury and no indication of any casualties have been discovered." End quote.

    Three Boys Tell Tales Of Taylor's Monstrous Molestation
    British Belizean David Taylor, he's the accused pedophile who was charged back in December of 2012 of committing extreme acts of pornographic exploitation of 3 boys on the Placencia Peninsula. After more than 3 years awaiting trial, he hadn't made our newscast up until April of this year when he was shot in the driveway of his new house at mile 26 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. We'll he's back in the news tonight, because he's in jail, spending his first night of a 2-year prison sentence. That's after he pleaded guilty to 3 counts of indecent assault. Now, to get to that guilty plea, Taylor forced the Police prosecutor, Inspector Dennis Miles, to provide the court with overwhelming evidence against him. That included subjecting the 3 boys he was accused of abusing to relive in graphic detail the sexual abuse that he inflicted on them. The children testified in a trial before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, that he molested them, and forced them to take pictures while naked.

    BERT - What Is It Worth To MOH?
    If you were near the KHMH this morning around 7:25, you would have seen 4 BERT ambulances rolling into the compound of the Central Health Region. Now there weren't any mass fatalities nor were there any injured persons inside, the EMT's were just showing up to their new work place - albeit with no clear directions or management protocol. This is after a fall out between the Ministry of Health and the management of BERT. Last night you heard the Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero say that BERT was asking for way more money than the Ministry's budget could handle but BERT doesn't agree with that version at all. Today we spoke to two EMT's and they explained what their demands are and why it's not too much for the line of work they do.

    PM: Passive Aggressive Takedown Of Auditor General?
    So, back to today's press conference…it was all about the auditor general's reports - and the Prime Minister was there to take a "mea culpa," but he and the senior staff of the Immigration Department were also there - you could say - to kind of muddy the waters. They say that what is contained in the report is lamentable, yes, but so are the errors. Here's how he put it:... Rt., Hon, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The government of Belize accepts that on any reckoning that report paints a sorry picture. A picture which has legitimately very much alarmed Belizeans. This is a matter of the greatest possible regret to me and as leader of the government it is my duty to apologize to the nation for the fact that things went so wrong during the period covered by the report."

    Hulse Explains Nationality For PM Brother In Law
    But, PM Barrow would most certainly not concede that he was any part of that. Thought his name is brought up in two reports in the case involving his wife's brother in law, or the person that would be called his "cuncunu", Peter William Dahlstrom. The allegation in the report is that Dahlstrom - who has been married to Kim Simplis's sister for more than 20 years did not qualify for citizenship in 2012 because he did not have uninterrupted occupation in Belize for one year. And the suggestion by the PUP is that the Prime Minister who recommended him, somehow used his influence to get an irregular nationality and passport for this person. Today Immigration Minister Hulse who signed the nationality documents stepped up to explain away any suggestion of wrongdoing:.. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Police: "At the time when I signed this nationality certificate, it never dawn on me that this was the Prime Minister's wife brother-in-law, because I never spoke with the Prime Minister. There was no need to speak to the prime minister." "A file came to me that says Swedish national Mr. Dahlstrom qualifies for citizenship under section 11 of the nationality act. He is married to a born Belizean Sharet Simpliss since 8th October, 1994 as recorded in marriage certificate blah, blah blah..."

    PM Says They Didn't Gang Up
    And Minister Hulse wasn't the only Immigration official to talk; his minister of state Beverly Castillo - who now goes by Beverly Williams - also made a representation, as did the Director of Immigration, Diana Locke along with a the Immigration staffer who runs the electronic passport system. They all explained various ways in which the audit report had erred - and it was, as we told you, a three hour press conference. So….at the end of it, with so much energy spent on clarifying various errors in the report, the press wondered, was it a cleverly orchestrated takedown of the auditor general? The PM said they did not gang up on her:.. Rt., Hon, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "There is no ganging up against the audit department. I was careful to say as was Minister Hulse that in the mean we accept that report. To accept the report though cannot mean that we are prevented from pointing out the instances in which the report went wrong. So there is no ganging up."

    Senate Meeting Revisited
    And yesterday in the Senate meeting - the government also didn't gang up on the auditor general, they just put it out there that they thought a senate inquiry was a waste of time.

    Hon. Hulse Still Angry About Accomodation Agreement
    Yesterday's senate meeting also had robust debate on the appropriations bill to allow the government to pay over 200 million dollars of compensation to the Ashcroft Alliance. That large draw down made the debate spirited:.. Hon. Mark Lizarraga, Business Senator: "We the tax payers have been burden once again with 245 million dollars that was not necessary due to egotistical and over confident negotiating and issuing of blank cheques on our behalf." Hon. Valerie Woods, PUP Senator: "It didn't need to be this messy. It could have all been avoided if back then the government just did what is seems to have taken them 7 years to realize. When you ceased somebody's property, you got to compensate them for it. So now, it's costing us far more than is needed, far more than what it's worth."

    McKenzie's Murderer Still Out There , Not Enough Evidence to Charge
    And switching now to crime news, Police are back at square one in George Mckenzie Jr murder case. Two men were detained but had to be released because there was not enough evidence or any witness statements directly linking them to the murder. Police say they will continue to investigate and follow leads. Now that is not something Mckenzie's mother Melissa Major wants to hear, she wants justice for her son! In fact, she has always been asking for justice for her son while he was alive, because according to one of several interviews Major has done with the media, she claims that the police targeted her son many times and treated him unfairly just because he was the son of gang figure "Junie Balls". Here is that April 2014 interview where Major tried to clear her son's name.

    PM Will Meet Churches, Discuss "Range Of Options"
    Government's position on the Section 53 judgment is clearly evolving. First, they said that there would be no appeal, and the judgment would stand. Then on Friday at the House Sitting, the Prime Minister indicated that he would be willing to appeal the Chief Justice's interpretation of the word "sex" in the constitution to mean "sexual orientation". And now latest reports say that Cabinet is considering an amendment to the Marriage Act to make it only between a man and a woman. Today at the Press Conference the Prime Minister only announced that he and the Attorney General would be meeting with the Churches on Monday:... Rt., Hon, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "It is clear that opinions on a particular issue of whether government should appeal are sharply divided even among the churches. The Belize Evangelical Association, one of the interested parties to the action has indicated to me its position that there should be no appeal."

    Agua Para Gardenia
    Two more communities in Belize Rural North now have running water. For years these villagers have struggled to meet basic needs like bathing, cooking and cleaning. Well those days are over because a water system has been set up in these villages. BWS Chairman Alberto August told the media more about the project and the villagers expressed how life changing this project is. Maypen, Boston and Bomba will also be getting running water soon.

    Senator Elena Under Scrutiny
    At the top of the news, we showed you how the Roman Catholic Church and the National Evangelical Association of Belize are calling for the head of their Senator, Ashley Rocke. They say that he is not representing their interest, and it appears that all is also not well with the seat of Elena Smith, the Senator for the Unions and the Civil Society. In a letter dated July 27, a group of union members from the utility unions who are members of the National Trade Union Congress, complained that members of the head table "hijacked" the organization, violated the NTUCB's Constitution and "disrespected" the leaders who also make up the union. The trade unionists say that Smith's appointment was never brought to the General Council the NTUCB, which is responsible for making decisions such as this.

    St. Martins Celebrates 50 Years
    St. Martin De Porres Parish is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this month. The Roman has scheduled a week of activities and tonight that means a Photo Exhibition at the Image Factory. The Exhibition documents the history of the Parish. Parish Priest Matt Ruhl told us more: A Dinner and Dance will be held on Saturday at Old Belize and a Jubilee Mass concludes the week's activities on Sunday.

    Rider Ready For The World
    Today, we got a very unusual visit from a Brazilian man who has been travelling around the world on bicycle. Now, it might sound as a strange thing to do but, he told us that he kind of fell into the lifestyle while trying to quit smoking, and now, he's chasing the Guiness World Record for most kilometers on the bike. Here's his story:

    Caring Like Kareem
    Last weekend, the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund, an organization set up to perform philanthropic work in memory of slain journalist Kareem Clarke held a food drive. Media workers gave of their free time on Saturday convincing normal shoppers to pick up one other item to donate to the 3rd such drive. Simply doing that for about 4 hours, the journalists raised $17 hundred dollars worth of groceries. They then handed over to grassroots philanthropist Dara Robinson. Here's how he explained how the food drive came at a very opportune time:

    Channel 5

    P.M. Apologizes to Belizeans Over Special Audit Reports
    The Special Audit on Immigration has exposed rampant corruption within the Department of Immigration. Thirteen ministers, past and present, as well as senior officers and politically connected persons have been [...]

    Barrow Nonetheless Claims Report is “Extremely Flawed”
    The audit was triggered by the scandalous Won Hong Kim fiasco involving then Minister of State Elvin Penner and has unearthed the rampant sale of Belizean nationality to persons who [...]

    Joint Special Committee Of National Assembly to Investigate Report
    At the Senate Meeting on Wednesday, the People’s United Party proposed a motion for a senate select investigation into the immigration irregularities. This is the second time that that motion [...]

    Who Will Chair Joint Special Committee? 2 Senators Excluded
    The composition of the Joint Special Select Committee also came into question during this afternoon’s press conference.  Among the concerns raised is the fact that the combined task force will [...]

    Churches Divided On Section 53 Appeal Ahead of Monday Meeting
    Another issue of national importance which has deeply divided the people is the decision not to appeal the recent ruling on Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code. The decision from [...]

    Bowing to Chamber of Commerce, P.M. Agrees to Sign U.N. Anti-Corruption Convention
    As we told you earlier, there was a meeting on Wednesday morning between the Prime Minister and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber called on the government [...]

    Prime Minister Says Belize Must Be “Serious” with U.N.C.A.C. Obligations
    A hundred and forty countries, members of the United Nations, have already signed on to the UNCAC. Barrow believes that the stringent requirements of the convention can further complicate matters [...]

    Roman Catholic Church Calls for Church Senator Ashley Rocke to Resign
    There is a pronounced rift in the Council of Churches tonight following a vote on Wednesday by Senator Ashley Rocke. Rocke first spoke in support of a Senate Select investigation [...]

    National Evangelical Association Also Wants Senator Rocke Out
    The unprecedented release from Bishop Wright was followed by one from the Executive Team of the National Evangelical Association of Belize, known as the NEAB.  The grouping says its national [...]

    Pastor Louis Wade Says Resignation Would Be “Honourable Thing”
      Pastor Louis Wade, I Want My Country Back Movement “It is very clear to us that there is a process for that; but he should do the honourable thing [...]

    Pastor Wade Accuses Evangelical Leader of Being Compromised
    Pastor Rocke heads the Lake Independence Baptist Church and is a member of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, which suffered a big split around the time of the November [...]

    Prime Minister Barrow Goes to Bat for Ashley Rocke
    With mounting pressure for his removal, Senator Rocke issued a statement this afternoon to say that his actions at Wednesday’s Senate sitting, though unpopular, are for the greater good of [...]

    BERT Workers Contemplate Future; Money Dispute Shuts Doors of Emergency Service
    Who will the former employees of Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) work for, apart from the residents of the Belize District? That is the question tonight after the ambulance emergency [...]

    Ministry of Health Agrees to Take On Salaries, But Will Not Fund BERT Directly
    This afternoon, Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero, told us the Government has reached an accommodation with the much-needed emergency service to take on the management as well as [...]

    Were B.D.F. Soldiers Fired On at Camp Valentin?
    There is a report that the B.D.F. came under fire on Wednesday in the Chiquibul National Park approximately two hundred and fifty-nine meters east of the border. The shooting at [...]

    Orange Walk Man Charged for Murder After One of His Victims Dies
    Back in June, a minor, Kian Chuc was severely wounded in a chopping incident in Yo Creek, Orange Walk District. Within four days of the incident, on July twenty-eighth, he [...]

    Mentally Challenged Woman Suffers Hideous Rape
    Rape in itself is repugnant act, but sexual violence against a person living with a mental disability is hideous. Tonight, there is one such allegation from a family in the [...]

    Prime Minister Compares Treatment of Ministers Vega and Saldivar
    Former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega has kept quite a low profile since being stripped of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the second largest portfolio in government, and losing the [...]

    Attorney General Promises J.P.’s in Audit Report Will Face Justice
    One more report on the special audit…at least for tonight…Attorney General Senator Vanessa Retreage did not support the need for a Senate inquiry into the Audit Reports on Nationality, Passports [...]

    Healthy Living Looks at the Benefits of Family Fitness
    It is no secret. Belize – like many other countries across the world – has a problem with obesity.  According to the country’s health statistics, two out of every three [...]


    Prime Minister Dean Barrow Swings Into Damage Control Goes On The Offensive On The Auditor's General Report
    Facing a political firestorm over the past weeks over the scandalous findings contained in the Auditor General’s special audit report into issuances of visa, passport and nationality during the period January 2012 and September 2013, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went into damage control mode today. Flanked by his favourite non-elected Minister Godwin Hulse, State Minister Beverly Williams and Director of Immigration, Diana Locke, the PM addressed the topics that have called into question his administration’s ability to deal with increasing corruption. Rt. Honourable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: “The Government of Belize accepts that on any reckoning that report paints a sorry picture, the picture which has legitimately very much alarmed Belizeans. This is a matter of the greatest possible regret to me and as Leader of the Government it is my duty to apologize to the nation for the fact that things went so wrong during the period covered by the report.”

    Catholic And Evangelical Churches Calls On Senator Rock Resignation
    Last night we told you about the proposal made by the opposition to vote in favour of launching a Senate investigation into the irregularities and wrongdoings as it relates to the Auditor General’s Special Audit report. We also told you about Church Senator, Pastor Ashley Rocke’s shocking and unpredicted decision to vote against the motion after it had seemed as if though he was in favour of the opposition during the time of the debate. His decision has without a doubt enraged and infuriated pastors from the different churches countrywide. Shortly after the Senate meeting concluded yesterday evening, Pastor Louis Wade expressed his discontentment with the matter in a release which stated that instead of voting for truth, transparency and accountability, Rocke made the choice of siding with the government where the level of corruption is clearly visible.

    Senator Rock Defends His Position
    And today the man in the hot seat defended himself via a public statement. In the release Senator Ashley Rocke declared that he did not go against the churches but rather ‘sided’ with the country as he is of the belief that his decision is for the betterment of Belize in a whole. Rocke states that in the Senate yesterday the leader of Government business, Hon. Godwin Hulse presented a more convincing motion than that of the member from the opposition, hence the reason why he sided with Government at the end of the debate as he believes that the counter proposal made way for a more integrated tactic to launch the much requested investigation at the Immigration Department.

    Man Accused Of Raping Mentally Ill Woman
    One man is behind bars tonight after he was accused by a 54-year-old mentally ill woman of sexually assaulting her. According to reports, the 54 year old woman accompanied by her mother visited the Orange Walk police station yesterday and reported that while inside her home located in the village of San Lazaro, on yesterdays’ date at around 7:30 in the morning, a male individual known to her as a resident of the village entered her home and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The victim’s mother reported to police that her daughter is mentally sick and is currently being assessed at the Northern Regional Hospital.

    BCCI Stands With Senator Lizarraga
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) issued a release late this evening following Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s press conference to discuss the Auditor General’s special report on immigration, tendering support to their business senator who voted in accordance with the motion for a senate Inquiry into the immigration audit. According to their release, the chamber dismisses the suggestion made in today’s press conference that Senator Mark Lizarraga was guilty of misconduct, and stands behind their Senator. The BCCI also adds that it had attended a meeting with PM Barrow to discuss the United Nations Convention against corruption, in which he suggested the Bi-cameral joint special select committee be appointed in lieu of the Public Accounts committee to review the Auditor’s general report, which the chamber did not agree upon, and would prefer the Public accounts committee at the time.

    More Good News For The Tourism Industry
    The Norwegian Escape, a cruise ship from the Norwegian Cruise Line made its second trip into Belizean waters yesterday marking a very important landmark for the country of Belize with a total of five thousand twenty passengers and one thousand two hundred crew members. While the Norwegian Escape’s customary route is to the Eastern Caribbean, they are now moving towards the Western Caribbean direction, including Belize. A routine Plaque Exchange Ceremony was held on-board where the Director of Cruise and Regional Initiatives of the Belize Tourism Board, Miss Noriko Gamero and Captain Carl Gunnar Hammerin from the Norwegian Escape made the exchange.

    The Guardian

    There will be an investigation into wrongdoings at Immigration and Nationality says PM
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed to the Guardian that there will be an investigation into the irregularities and wrong doings at the Immigration and Nationality departments. The PM confirmed this following the Senate meeting held on Wednesday August 31. During the Senate meeting the Auditor General’s Audit into the Immigration and Nationality Departments was tabled. The opposition also took the opportunity to propose that there be a Senate Select Committee set up to investigate wrongdoings at the departments. During the debate the proposal was supported by Senator Mark Lizarraga representing the business sector, Senator Ashley Rocke representing the churches and Senator Elena Smith representing the trade unions. The full support from the social partner senators however was not maintained after Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Hon. Godwin Hulse rose to make his presentation.

    OAS Representative says shooting death of Danny Conorquie and injury to BDF Sgt. Lambey will also be investigated by OAS
    Ambassador Magdalena Talamas, Special Representative of the Organization of American States Secretary General for Belize-Guatemala Affairs and charged with responsibilities for the office of the OAS in the adjacency zone met briefly at the Western Border with reporters on Saturday of this past weekend. Ambassador Talamas reported that she has travelled to both Belize and Guatemala to hand over a report of the Independent Commission, which had carried out an investigation of the incident that took place in the adjacency zone on April 20th of this year where a Guatemalan minor was killed. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs stated on Friday at the House of Representatives meeting that he had officially received the report from Ambassador Talamas on Thursday of last week. The Government of Belize had asked H.E. Luis Almagro Lemes, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) to establish an independent investigative commission to support Belize's own national investigations of the incident that occurred on April 20, 2016 involving the Guatemalan minor, Julio René Alvarado Ruano, who was shot and killed in the Cebada area of the Chiquibul National Park in Belize.

    House Speaker demands apology from Auditor General
    The Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte has written to the Auditor General demanding an apology. In a letter dated August 31, 2016 the speaker states: “I am writing to you because in one of your reports tabled in the House of Representatives at caption you defamed and smeared my character.” The letter goes on to state that the defamation occurred when the Auditor General published in the report titled Immigration and Nationality that he did not have authority to sign on form 3B of the passport application form when in fact as a member of the House of Representatives he can do so. Peyrefitte continued explaining that “I have signed off on form 3B for scores of honest, decent Belizeans whom I have known for many years who are now calling me and visiting me on a daily basis in panic because you have said in your report that was not authorized to recommend them in form 3B, and they are under extreme stress wondering if their passports will be cancelled as a result.”

    Who broke Julius’ finger?
    In the melee that ensued on Friday August 26th when Julius Espat was ejected from the House of Representatives, images began to appear on social media almost on a blow by blow basis. Some of those pictures included Julius Espat going for medical treatment after he suffered a broken right finger. Now immediately after he was taken out of the house and he cried in front of the cameras for the entire nation to see he said he was beaten by police and that caused his finger to be broken. Now thank goodness for a Channel 7’s cameraman who positioned himself outside of the National Assembly and had his camera rolling as Julius Espat double pumped, beating on one of the concrete walls inside the house with this right hand. It was as if he was shadow boxing but he actually hit the wall two times and on the third attempt he reconsidered and pulled back the punch. Well the end result of it was that he sustained a broken finger.

    PUP mischief makers attempt to hijack church protest
    Patrick Menzies has been on the news for the last few years making what can only be interpreted as empty threats because his activist approach is often more extremist than reasonable. So, maybe the Spanish Evangelical Churches, and their organization the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders, may have chosen the wrong face to get their message across. He’s the President of the Alliance, and at Friday’s House Meeting, the churches who make up the membership managed to move a total of around 1,600 persons to protest against the Government and the Prime Minister. The Evangelists continue to disagree with the Prime Minister for choosing at this time not to appeal the judgment from the Chief Justice to make consensual sex, that’s against the order of nature, legal. They want the state to continue to criminalize gay sex. So, at Friday’s House Meeting, the Evangelical Churches showed their might, moving their flocks to the steps of the National Assembly for a peaceful morning protest.

    Dickie can’t even put on his tie right!
    PUP may be trying to revive a ghost named Dickie Bradley. On Wednesday morning, in a manner almost resembling Lazarus , he made an appearance on the Channel 5 talkshow. He looked as if though he were in his casket too long. His Necktie was thrown around his neck as if though he were wearing a scarf or boa. The next thing we noticed was that, the buttons for the sleeves of his long sleeved shirt were unbuttoned. In short he was not properly groomed and looked like he came out a compressed bundle. It was as if he was a last minute addition to the show and he barely made it. Dickie it seems was there on Open Your Eyes, to discuss corruption. We don’t know if he is a corruption expert, but we will say he must be familiar with the topic ,because of the amount that took place under his watch. At this time we won’t get into much of the things that happen under his watch at the ministry of housing , but we will mention a few of them .

    Gardenia and Biscayne now have water
    Official ceremonies were held in Gardenia community center on Wednesday August 31 to officially inaugurate a newly completed water expansion project into the villages of Biscayne and Gardenia. The water expansion comes at a cost of 1.25 million dollars and was funded through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank and the Belize Water Services. In addressing those gathered UDP area representative for Belize Rural North expressed that, “I am exceedingly pleased that our UDP Government has been able to bring the very Essence of Life (Water) to some of the Country’s oldest communities in a constituency which had potable water in only 5 out of a total of 27 villages when we took office in 2008. Eight and a Half years later, only 4 villages remain, and we are working hard to complete the mission.”

    Kareem Musa just learnt the House’s Standing Orders?
    On Monday August 29 the PUP held a press conference in which Kareem Musa went to great lengths to tell the Speaker of the House Hon. Michael Peyrefitte how to do his job. He rattled on and on about the various processes that the Speaker could have followed to ensure that Julius Espat not be named and suspended from the House of Representatives. He went as far as to say that they have legal grounds upon which they will be taking Espat’s suspension to court to challenge the Speaker’s Actions. Kareem Musa read from the Standing Order as follows: “Section 44-3 deals with when something offensive is said in the house and that is called the withdrawal of the member for the day’s sitting. That is the particular section that the honorable house speaker should have applied and if I may read that section, it says “the speaker shall order any member to withdraw immediately from the house during the remainder of the day’s sitting and may direct such steps to be taken as required to enforce such order...”

    The need for rules
    There is a reason for having rules in a civilized society or organization; the reason being to prevent the anarchists from seizing control and thus creating chaos within those societies or organizations . One such organization where there are roles is our very own House of Representatives. Those rules are called the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives. Those Standing Orders have been with us since October 1966 and the duty to ensure that the members of the House of Representatives ashere to them falls solely on the shoulders of the Speaker of the House. Sure we have tweaked those Standing Orders over the years in order to reflect the times, but by and large those Standing Orders have remained the same. Members of the house who serve more than one term in the house, should be very familiar with them.

    Two day workshop to better trace foods coming and leaving from Belize
    A two day capacity building workshop on traceability systems for stakeholders in the productive sector began on Tuesday of this week at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan. Providing information on Traceability 101, was Tejas Bhatt, Director of the Global Food Traceability Center at the Institute of Food Technologists IFT based in Washington. Bhatt told the Guardian that IFT has done a lot of research on best practices around traceability, which is now being share with nine countries in the Caribbean Region. With the funding coming from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture IICA, these workshops have a goal of helping small to midsized farmers, fishermen, processors and manufacturers understand the role of traceability and how they can get value from it.

    WORDS OF LIFE with Barry Fraser
    When Jesus was in the Temple in Jerusalem, one of the teachers of the law came and asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” [Mark 12:28] Jesus answered, “The most important one is this: ‘Hear O Israel: The Lord our God is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” [Mark 12:29-31] The first commandment is found in Deuteronomy 6:4 & 5. The second comes from Leviticus 19:18. We are to love God with all our abilities. It’s a total life commitment. Both commandments are a matter of love. Love is the spirit of God’s commandments. In the Gospel of John chapter 14, verse 15, Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commands.”

    Mental case charged for Caye Caulker murder
    A psychiatric evaluation will soon be conducted upon 52-year-old Donald Heredia to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial for murder. The Caye Caulker resident is being accused of the murder of Jennifer Coleman, 51. Coleman was killed on Tuesday, August 23. Police responded to reports of a female in distress in the Aventurera Street area of Caye Caulker around 11:50 p.m. and found Coleman slumped over on the ground bleeding profusely from the neck. The officers rushed her to the polyclinic where she was pronounced dead on arrival. A knife believed to be the murder weapon was found at the scene and Donald Heredia was arrested and charged later. Heredia appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on Monday, August 29, to answer to a single charge of murder. He was represented by attorney Darrell Bradley who informed the court that his client has a long history of mental illness. Bradley requested that a psychiatric evaluation be conducted to determine if his client understands what is happening.

    Boris Belisle fined for ammunition
    Boris Belisle, 22, is lucky to be a free man after he was busted with a cartridge for a shotgun at the corner of Louise Bevans Street and Jane Usher Boulevard on Thursday morning, August, 25. He was arrested and charged with keeping ammunition without a license. Belisle was taken to court later that same day. He was unrepresented and pleaded his own case before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. Belisle said that he had just left home at 8:30 to go buy at the Chinese shop. When heading back home he saw a cartridge at the corner of the street, near the drain. He decided to pick it up and that was when police moved in on him. He said he was going to take it into the police because he is not a criminal or “bad boy” figure. Belisle begged the Magistrate for leniency, saying that he has two toddler children and one on the way that he has to provide for.

    Trinidad Pineda cleared of murder charge
    Trinidad Pineda is the man police believe killed Christobal Santos in Orange Walk in March of 2012 but he is now free of murder chargeman after he was acquitted of the charge by Justice Herbert Lord on Thursday, August 25, in a trial by judge. Pineda was accused of issuing a fatal stab wound to Christobal Santos’ abdomen on March 12, 2012. Pineda told the police he stabbed Santos because they were fighting. The prosecution called 18 witnessed to testify in the murder trial. They included two female witnesses, one was the ex-girlfriend of the deceased Santos, the other was the accused’s cousin. Santos’ ex-girlfriend gave a testimony in support of Pineda. The ex-girlfriend said Santos used to curse out Pineda whenever he would see him. She also testified that on the night of the incident that Santos was the aggressor. On the night of the stabbing; Pineda went to visit his girlfriend and whilst they were talking Santos came on the scene and began to curse out and threaten Pineda’s life.

    Woman found in unfinished building
    A woman was found in a decomposing state in an unfinished building in central San Ignacio Town on Monday. Neighbors were alerted to the presence of the body on Church Street from the stench emanating from inside a cement structure. The body has since been identified as that of 49 year old Desiree Denise Gladden who had reportedly gone missing over the weekend. Her cause of death was due to mechanical asphyxia. The cement structure where the body was found is near where Mary Open Doors is headquartered. A few years ago, Mary Open Doors, which organizes shelter for women, was removed from this abandoned building and had to relocate further uphill.

    Two charged for Kings Park home invasion
    A home at the corner of Princess Margaret Drive and A Street was invaded on the afternoon of July 25 and the players got away with over $90,000 in cash and valuables. Police believe the men responsible for that robbery are Trevor Guy, 23, and Victor Franklin, 20. Both men were escorted to the Belize City Magistrates Court on Friday, August 26, where they appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. Guy was arraigned for one count of aggravated burglary and one count of aggravated assault with a firearm. Franklin was charged with one count of handling stolen goods.

    Cecil Ramirez walks from murder of Lennox Flowers
    Cecil Ramirez, 20, has been freed from the charge of murder upon Lennox Pierreze Flowers, 18, after the DPP sent directives to the Magistrate Court on Friday, August 26, that the charge should be withdrawn due to insufficient evidence. Senior Counsel Said Musa and attorney Dickie Bradley were prepared to represent Ramirez at a Preliminary Inquiry set for Friday but that was not to be since the DPP was of the mindset that she would not be able to establish a prema facie case. According to Bradley, there was a witness who placed Ramirez at the scene but no witness could say that it was him who inflicted the stab wound that caused Flowers’ death. With that, Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser informed Ramirez that he was free to go.

    Belize Bank Bulldogs eliminate Belize City Council Dragons in Firms Basketball competition
    The Belize District Basketball Association Firms Competition semi-final round came to an end on Friday 26th August, 2016, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium with the final two games played. In game one, the Belize Bank Bulldogs eliminated the Belize City Council Dragons by the score of 87-81. The top scorers for the Belize Bank Bulldogs were Brian White with 26 points, 14 rebounds and 2 assists; Rupert Brown with 23 points, 3 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals and Marcel Orosco with 21 points, 8 rebounds and 1 assist. For the Belize City Council Dragons, the top scorers were Sydney Bradley with 22 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals; Benedict Terry with 18 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal and Akeem Watters with 16 points, 10 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal.

    Infotel takes first game in Firms Basketball competition championship series
    The Belize District Basketball Association 2016 Firms Competition entered its championship round on Saturday 27th August, with the first game in the best of three series at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium between the Belize Bank Bulldogs and Infotel. In game one, Infotel edged out the Belize Bank Bulldogs by the score of 99-87 to take the first game in the series. The top scorers for Infotel were Earl Johnson with 36 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 steals; Eyan Rene with 18 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists and Darwin Elijio with 15 points, 1 rebound and 2 assist.

    Sugar City Hoops Basketball competition opens this Friday
    The 2016 Sugar City Hoops Basketball competition opens this Friday 2nd September, at the East Sports Centre in Orange Walk Town. The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 7:00 pm with game time being at 7:30 pm with the first of two games for the evening. In the first game in the 17 and under competition, East Coast Ballerz will go up against Technical High School and this will be followed by the first game in the 25 and u competition with Devils seeing action against Jumanji.

    Placencia Assassins FC blank Orange Walk FC in Premier League competition play
    The Premier League of Belize 2016 Opening Season Tournament continued on Saturday 27th August and on Sunday 28th August, 2016, with four games across the country. On Saturday 27th August, 2016, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, the defending national football champions of Belize, the Belmopan Bandits edged out Police United by the score of 2-1. The visiting Police United got on the scoreboard first when Daniel Jimenez scored the 1st goal of the game in the 14th minute of play to give his team a short lived lead. However, the Belmopan Bandits in the 25th minute of play was able to tie the score at 1-1 when Aloisio Teixeira scored the equalising goal for his team. The first half of the game ended in a 1-1 draw. In the second half of the game, the Belmopan Bandits’ Frank Lopez made it a 2-1 score when he scored what proved to be the winning goal in the 68th minute of play for his team. At the end of the long whistle it was indeed a 2-1 victory for the defending champions the Belmopan Bandits.

    Stann Creek Softball Association enters second round of competition
    The Stann Creek District Softball Association 2016 senior female competition entered its second round on Sunday 21st August, with two games on the schedule at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. In the first game played, Independence United defeated Silk Grass by the score of 6-2. The winning pitcher was Kern Andrews and the losing pitcher was Sandy Depaz. In the second game, Independence PALS won over Seine Bight Flames by the score of 15-5. The winning pitcher was Thalia Interiano and the losing pitcher was Andrea Valerio. The competition will continue on Sunday 4th September, 2016, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village.

    Charles Solis Memorial Softball Tournament set for September 18th, 2016
    The VII Charles Solis Memorial Softball Tournament has been rescheduled for Sunday 18th September, 2016, at the Rogers Stadium the home of softball in Belize. The Memorial Tournament will feature the defending Charles Solis Memorial Champions (Unitedville Rebels United), Camalote as a special invitation as issued by Charles Solis, the top team from Belize City, Belize Rural, Cayo and the Stann Creek Softball Associations. The championship will commence at 9:00 am on Sunday 18th September 2016.

    Less and less Belizeans in Melchor
    On Saturday last we had the opportunity to visit neighboring Melchor . The finding for the OAS investigation must have negatively affected the number of persons who would have visited Melchor on the last weekend before schools would have started to reopen . There was only one excursion on Saturday and we were informed that Sunday it was just a few more. In the past around this time of the year, there is usually around five excursions on Saturdays and around fifteen to twenty on Sundays. Some people go to buy school supplies and gears, while others would go for the entertainment. This year however it was not like that . Belizeans for various reasons stayed away. Some we have been told did not go as a form of protest against the Guatemalan tactics that have been recently employed by the GAF, while others stayed away because of fear of what they perceived could happen to them over there. What we do know is that for every reason they stayed away, it took a hurting on commercial activity over there. Taxis were not moving and the vendors were not doing business at the usual high rate we have become use to see around this time.

    Olympic Committee did not select athletes for ‘Rio 2016’
    The Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association issued a release on Wednesday, August 31, on the selection of track and field athletes for Rio 2016. The intent of the release was to distance itself from the selection process and point out that it is up to the National Federations/Associations to submit relevant information for their athletes on time. The release states, “[We] would like to inform the public that while we are the body responsible for registering and submitting information to the Organizing Committee we do not select the athletes…We had sent out an email to the [National Federations] requesting athletes’ and coaches’/officials’ information and had set a deadline for them to send us the requested information. We informed the Belize Athletics Association (BAA) that if we do not receive all the requested information for their athletes & coaches/officials, we cannot register them in the Rio e-Accreditation System as it does not allow us to submit incomplete accreditation. The NOC registered all athletes and coaches/officials for whom we received the necessary information within the deadline and before the e-Accreditation System shut down and became read only. As for Ms. Kaina Martinez, her information was not received by the NOC before the deadline.”

    You may be carrying a passport which the PUP says was illegally issued!
    According to the PUP over 55 thousand passports were fraudulently issued by the Immigration department and with such high numbers there is a great possibility that just about any Belizean who got a passport between 2011 and 2013 would have one of these. But even though the PUP has made much of what they read in the Auditor General’s Report the truth is that they are completely taking what was stated in the report out of context. | We at the Guardian decided to look into the report and indeed on page 39 of the ‘Special Audit - Passport’ we found the following reference: 18. We saw Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred and Seventy Nine (55,579) Passports issued to individuals without the required biometric check been carried out by the officer in charge.

    Queen of the Bay crown remains in Stann Creek
    The finalists were each asked questions about social ills in society. Nerves may have betrayed Duran and Aldeesha Castillo because they did not answer as smoothly and confidently as would have been necessary to take to the crown. The decision was clearly between three people. The scores were tallied and the results were announced before an anxious audience. Darcelle Duran was announced as fourth runner up. Aldeesha Castillo was named third runner up. Lashania Crawford was second runner up. Alisha Vernon was first runner up. Christalyn Castillo was named Queen of the Bay-Designate 2016-2017. The special awards were as follows: Miss Amity - Belize City, Lashania Crawford; Miss Eloquence - Corozal, Aldeesha Castillo; Miss Photogenic - Belmopan, Geraldine Flowers; and Most Talented - Stann Creek, Christalyn Castillo.

    Survey proves Belizeans are very happy people
    A national household survey conducted between 2015 and 2016 shows that the vast majority of Belizeans are happy and think their life is heading in the right direction. The survey, Belize Multiple Indicator Survey (MICS), was carried out by the Statistical Institute of Belize in collaboration with the Government of Belize and UNICEF. Trained interviewers visited 5,242 households of which 4900 were occupied and individuals from 4,636 homes agreed to grant interviews. 8,272 men and women were interviewed during the survey. Results of the survey shows that 96.3 percent of young women age 15 to 24 are very or somewhat satisfied with their life overall and 95 percent of men are satisfied as well. In that same age group, 94.2 percent of women and 94.1 percent of men say that they are very or somewhat happy. And, same age group, 75.3 percent of women and 71.7 percent of men say their lives have improved over the last year and they expect it to be better in the coming year.

    Two day workshop to better trace foods coming and leaving from Belize
    A two day capacity building workshop on traceability systems for stakeholders in the productive sector began on Tuesday of this week at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan. Providing information on Traceability 101, was Tejas Bhatt, Director of the Global Food Traceability Center at the Institute of Food Technologists IFT based in Washington. Bhatt told the Guardian that IFT has done a lot of research on best practices around traceability, which is now being share with nine countries in the Caribbean Region. With the funding coming from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture IICA, these workshops have a goal of helping small to midsized farmers, fishermen, processors and manufacturers understand the role of traceability and how they can get value from it.

    Police have no clue why Doyle Garbutt was killed
    Police from the Eastern Division South are trying to solve the very strange murder of 29 year-old Doyle Garbutt. It happened in the St. Martin’s Area at a time of night when there was hardly anybody around to see it happen. Garbutt, who was originally from Independence Village, was found inside his white van at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, August 24. It had run off the road into the drain on the corner of Balan and Giles Streets. When the cops checked inside, they found that Garbutt had been killed by a single gunshot to the side of the head. Though the cops don’t know much at this time, they think that Garbutt was driving around with his killer who pulled out a gun and shot him in the side of the head. For what reason, they can’t say at this time.

    Junie Balls’ son killed on anniversary of his father’s murder
    It makes for a terrible co-incidence that on the 9th anniversary of his father’s death, George McKenzie Jr., son of notorious George “Junie Balls” McKenzie Sr., was killed at a Soca concert. He was attending the event, Soca Madness, when a man stabbed him from behind, causing him to bleed out before he could seek help. It happened sometime after midnight on Sunday, August 28 on the ITVET compound. Police were called to the KHMH where they found McKenzie clinging to life after being stabbed several times to the chest and abdomen. Their investigation has revealed that at around 12:40 a.m., he got into some sort of confrontation with a man who pulled out a sharp object. The police have not specified if the weapon used was a knife. Persons who were around at the time say that McKenzie was with his brother, his girlfriend, and her sister. That’s when a group of young men approached him wanting to start a fight.

    Attempt murder charge withdrawn against Joseph Nunez
    Part time computer technician Joseph Nunez, 20, is a free man after directives were sent to the Magistrates Court for the indictable charge of attempted murder to be withdrawn against him. Nunez was accused of the attempted murder of 17-year-old Tyrone Reyes. Reyes was walking on Boots Crescent in the Port Loyola area at about 9:10 p.m. on Friday, February 12, when he was shot several times. One of the bullets struck him in the center of the back. After undergoing surgery, Reyes was able to make it out alive but still faces daily challenges.

    San Ignacio man dies after being beaten
    Thirty six year old Michael Pargett from San Ignacio, has passed away at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was severely beaten on July 31. Pargett had been found faced down and bleeding from his head in an area adjacent to the Latin Bliss Bar on George Price Boulevard on July 31st. Reports suggest that he had been severely beaten by two men. Police are investigating this incident.

    Callum Sutherland Fined $10,000 for Weed
    Callum Sutherland must pay the court $10,000 or serve three years imprisonment for a drug trafficking conviction after he was busted with 428.1 grams of weed on June 28, 2016. According to PC #1068 Tush, he and another officer were on mobile patrol in the Saint Martins de Porres area around 2:45 p.m. on June 28 when they turned unto Aloe Vera Street. There they saw a man riding suspiciously on a bicycle and decided to stop and search him. During the search, PC Tush found a transparent plastic bag inside Sutherland’s left hand and when it was opened it contain cannabis. Therefore, Sutherland was arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BDF come under fire in Chiquibul by illegal poachers
    Late this evening, GOB issued a press release informing the nation that on August 31 2016, a Belize Defense Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol came under fire within the Chiquibul National Park, approximately 259 meters east of the border. According to the press release, the […]

    Louis Wade says Ashley Rocke went back on his word
    Because he went back on his word, Senator for the Churches Ashley Rocke has lost the confidence of the church leaders and must resign. This is according to Pastor Louis Wade, leader of the I Want My Country Back Movement. Wade told us today […]

    More reforms to Immigration
    Recognizing the results of the Immigration Special Audit Reports, the Government of Belize has announced further reforms to the Immigration and Nationality Service. In addition, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced plans for a joint Special Committee of the National Assembly – House of Representatives and […]

    Roman Catholic Church of Belize calls on Senator Ashley Rocke to resign
    The Roman Catholic Church of Belize just issued a statement demanding that Senator Ashley Rocke resign from his post as a Senator. The press release reads: His Excellency Bishop Dorick Wright, Bishop of The Roman Catholic Church of Belize hereby expresses grave disappointment […]

    Man charged for murder in Yo Creek
    Larry Banner, 31, of Yo Creek Village has been charged for the murder of 13-year-old Kian Chuc which happened on June 24, 2016. According to police reports, Banner had inflicted severe chop wounds on Chuc who succumbed to injuries on June 28, 2016. Banner […]

    Mentally challenged woman raped in Orange Walk
    A 54-year-old woman who is mentally challenged from San Lazaro Village, Orange Walk District was raped on August 31, 2016. According to reports, the woman was in her kitchen which is located behind her house when a man sneaked in and had sexual intercourse […]

    Church Senator votes against motion for a Senate Inquiry into passport scandal
    Yesterday at the House of Representatives, the Church Senator, Ashley Rocke voted against the motion for a Senate Inquiry into the irregularities at the Immigration Department as pinpointed in the 700 pages of three audit reports. Immediately after the Church Senator voted against the […]


    Pimping Your Ride For Belize’s September Celebrations
    I love Independence Day just about anywhere. But Belize’s is extra special in tons of ways. Here are just a few… 1. It’s not just a day, it’s about three weeks – there are two official holidays Sept 10th and Sept 21st and events last all month long. You can see the schedule here 2. Belize is younger than I am! 35 years old this year. 3. Belizeans REALLY knows how to throw a party. And today is September 1st so I thought I’d kick off this month of partying with an official party vehicle. A bit of razzle dazzle added to the old Club Cart Carry-All. So…despite the fact that it was 90 degrees (real feel 109), I hit the town. Three different stops for red, white and blue. First stop, the Candle Garden on the very north end of Middle Street. They have moved in the past year and now have so much more than just decorations…flowers, homemade PINATAS (oh how I love a pinata), cake and paninis and real coffee.

    2016 New School Year (Students Classroom and/or Learning Challenges)
    As we start a new school year in 2016, I salute and validate the hundreds/thousands of teachers and educators in Belize who work enthusiastically everyday to help young Belizeans keep alive and glowing that spark of "wanting to learn". I will always cherish the experience of working closely with young people, starting in 1978 in Belize as a high school English and Spanish Language/Literature teacher, up to 2010-2012 as high school guidance counselor. A large part of any attempt to educate young people, in both Primary and Secondary schools, includes never ever giving up on trying to understand why/how, day in and day out, so many students must struggle so hard to learn. Why is it that some students behave so very well in school, and progress each year with hardly any problems, while others seem so hard-to-handle/teach? Why does learning just never come to some students without a multitude of problems?

    Caye Caulker Ocean Academy Honor Roll
    Honour Roll 2015-2016 (left to right): Congratulations Mathew Sandoval, Annabella Requena, Milvia Reyes and Mikhail Rosado. These students earned a yearly average of 85% or higher.

    Belize in September
    September is an outstanding time to visit Belize as airlines offer competitive rates, resorts and lodges offer discounts, and tours and popular spots are less crowded. With great weather and plenty of sunshine, September is when Belizeans come home from abroad to participate in a month-long celebration of their national heritage and history. St. George’s Caye Day – On September 10, 1798, the British won a crucial naval battle over the Spanish navy near the island of St. George’s Caye, an event celebrated every year with a national holiday. Independence Day – September 21 caps off weeks of patriotic pride as Belizeans celebrate gaining their independence from Great Britain on this day in 1981. Other September Celebrations – The country will throng with live musical concerts, parades, food fairs, street dancing, Carnival, and exuberant displays of the red, white and blue (Belize’s national colors).

    Rescuing the wildlife of Belize, one animal at a time
    As in every war, there are selfless workers on the front lines trying to minimize the damage, salvage the maimed and displaced animals and rehabilitate the wounded. Among those angels of mercy is Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC). Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand co-founded the clinic in 2011 after a somewhat itinerant career rescuing and patching the wounded and damaged in various wildlife field clinics and rehab centers from Costa Rica to Belize. The Cayo clinic has grown to include a staff of six, plus numerous volunteers, who treat as many as 200 Belizean animals a year, from monkeys to Macaws. I should say it has outgrown. The rented building that houses the BWRC operation is no longer sufficient. BWRC has its eye on a 30 acre tract of land that fronts the main road and is bordered by a stream. It is actually part of the life-sustaining wildlife corridor and would be guaranteed to remain a vital link in the migration route should BWRC raise the funds it needs to buy the land.

    The Benefits Of Belize’s QRP Retirement Program
    When retiring in Belize the first important decision an expat must address is whether to become a resident or a Qualified Retirement Person (QRP). There are major differences between these two residence options. The QRP program is certainly the more flexible program for expat retirees. An immediate benefit is that once you submit the QRP paperwork the process can be completed quickly. Recent expats have reported obtaining their QRP status within a few months of submittal. In contrast, expats aspiring to become long-term residents of Belize must spend a period of 50 out of 52 weeks in Belize during a full year. They can then complete and submit their residence application. After that it still typically takes at least a year to obtain Belizean residence. A big plus of the QRP option is that anyone over 45 is eligible to apply. No need to wait until you’re 65, as is required in the U.S. And you can include your spouse and kids in the QRP program as well, for an additional fee.

    International Sourcesizz

    Climate Change is affecting your cup of coffee
    Climate change is already putting production and cost pressures on the supply of coffee in significant parts of the world’s ‘bean belt’ of coffee producing countries. Increasing temperatures and extreme weather events will cut the area suitable for production by up to 50 per cent, erode coffee quality and increase coffee prices for consumers, according to The Climate Institute’s A Brewing Storm: The climate change risks to coffee report, released on August 29, 2016. “Without strong climate action, the areas suitable for growing coffee could halve in a few decades, pushing production upslope, away from the equator and into conflict with other land uses, such as nature conservation and forestry. By 2080 wild coffee, an important genetic resource for farmers, could be extinct.”

    Infantry Officers Put To The Test In The Jungle
    For the last three weeks 65 infantry officers have been on exercise in the Belize jungle. Exercise Grim Warrior is the final part of their Platoon Commanders Battle Course. After a year of training, first at Sandhurst and then at Brecon, the end is in sight but they can't get complacent. Everything they've done up until now hinges on them passing this final test and they're feeling the pressure. Maj Bev Allen OC of the Platoon Commanders' Division tells them: "If you can soldier well in the jungle and you can operate well in the jungle, you can pretty much operate well anywhere in the world. Being in the jungle - just living and surviving, keeping your body together - has its challenges."

    Whale Sharks and Diving
    Whale shark encounters have become very popular over the last few years. These school bus size fish are the largest in the world. While not a whale, they are bigger than many species of whales. Among other locations Mexico, Australia and the Philippines are the leader in whale shark encounters. Whale shark encounters are primarily done while snorkeling or Freediving. Many locations, such as the three mentioned, prohibit scuba diving with them. The encounters are generally shallow waters where the whale sharks come to feed on plankton and small fish. Whale Shark tourism is likely to be worth over US$42 million annually, and indicates that the industry is growing fast as a tourism niche. Some of the most popular whale shark destinations have an entire tourism industry built around the whale sharks. One of the benefits of this increased interest is that in many places those that used to hunt whale sharks are now earning more showing them off. They have become more valuable to them alive then dead.


  • Caribbean Tires & Caribbean Motors, 24min. on Open Your Eyes...

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  • National Tsing Hua University, 15min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Caye Caulker Belize Scuba Diving, 9min. No Shirt, No Shoes…No Problem.' You'll see this sign everywhere in Belize, but no place is it more apt than Caye Caulker. Indeed, nothing seems to be a problem on this tiny island, where dogs nap in the middle of the dirt road and suntanned cyclists pedal around them. The only traffic sign on the island instructs golf carts and bicycles to 'go slow,' a directive that is taken seriously. Local residents have traditionally made their living from the sea, specifically from the spiny lobsters and red snapper that inhabit its warm waters. It has also long been a budget traveler's mecca, but in recent years, tourists of all ages and incomes have begun to appreciate the island's unique atmosphere. On Caye Caulker, there are no cars, no fumes and no hassles, just balmy breezes, fresh seafood, azure waters and a fantastic barrier reef at its doorstep. The easygoing attitude is due in part to the strong Creole presence on the island, which pulses to a classic reggae beat and is home to a small community of Rastafarians.

  • Jaguar Cubs Belize, 1min.

  • Spotted Eagle Ray in Belize, 3min.

  • Fortuna Fishing Charters San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize, 1min.

  • How to CATCH and properly FILLET Dorado! Belize. San Pedro, 11min.

  • Video captured yesterday in Morales, izabal motagua river. Impressive the amount of garbage!, 1/4min. Mountains of garbage floating in the Montagua River in Morales, Izabal, Guatemala.

  • The streets of Caracas, Venezuela, demand a change of government, 1/4min.

  • NEW Belize Civic Center!, 1min. 4,500 person seating capacity, 3 wooden courts and four locker rooms are just a few of the features of the NEW Belize Civic Center! Coming soon!

  • Underwater in Belize M and K, 7min. Compilation of diving and snorkeling video clips from our honeymoon in Belize.

  • EnviroConnect Belize Competition (Season 1, Episode 1) HD, 60min.

  • The Belize Whale Shark Expedition, 1min.

  • Strong Villages (Spring 2015 trip to Belize), 3min.

  • Belize Wildlife inauguration, 10min.

    September 1, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Donald Heredia charged for the murder of Jennifer Coleman
    On the night of Tuesday August 23rd, 51-year-old Caye Caulker resident Jennifer Coleman was murdered inside her apartment complex in Aventurera Street. Around 11:30PM, while in her home, it is reported that Coleman sustained multiple stab wounds to the neck with a knife. Since then, Caye Caulker police detained one person for questioning. On Monday, August 29th, 52-year-old mentally disabled Donald Heredia appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, and was arraigned with Coleman’s murder. Heredia’s attorney, Mayor Darrell Bradley, informed the court that Heredia had a long history of mental issues. Bradley requested for a psychiatric evaluation to be done in order to determine if Heredia is of sound mind and understands what transpired. Until the evaluation is completed, Heredia was sent to Belize Central Prison, and will have his next court hearing in October 2016.

    OAS report clears Belizean security forces from the death of Guatemalan minor
    The Belize Defence Force (BDF) has been vindicated following an independent investigation into the Cebada incident in the Chiquibul National Park where a Guatemalan minor, Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano, was fatally shot. The incident took place on April 20, 2016 during an enforcement operation led by BDF and members of the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), the Non-Governmental Organization that co-manages the national park. The independent and transparent investigation was conducted by Dr. James E. Hamby, a retired Special Agent of the United States of America Army Criminal Investigation Command, and Dr. Patricia Rosa Linda Trujillo Mariel, Head of Criminalistics of Mexico’s Federal Police. The investigation was done at the request of the Organization of American States (OAS) who has been monitoring the territorial issue between Belize and Guatemala for quite some time now.

    SPBRC and BTL donate school supplies to fire victims
    Over a month ago, Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) collaborated with the Belize Red Cross and The Angelus Press in pledging $10,000 to facilitate school supplies to help the school children affected by the June 27th fire in San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Branch Red Cross (SPBRC), along with representatives of BTL, distributed the school supplies to the fire victims on Thursday, August 25th. Chairman of SPBRC Marissa Salazar stated that a total of 18 backpacks was given to the fire victims that were enrolled in primary, secondary, and tertiary school. The Jansport backpacks were personally packed based on each grade level with supplies ranging from: notebooks, copy paper, pencils, pens, markers, dictionaries, atlases, book paper and highlighters.

    Belize Police Department Officers Graduate from the GREAT Instructors’ Course
    A total of 40 police officers graduated from the Gang Resistance Education and Training Instructors’ Course (GREAT) on Wednesday, August 24th. The ceremony was held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The new GREAT instructors will now continue to apply the course’s goal, which combat gang related crime and violence, and prevents vulnerable youth from falling victim to gangs. The program was taught by five trainers from the GREAT National Program in the United States along with three trainers from the Belize Police Department. It is important component of the U.S Embassy’s collaboration with the Government and people of Belize to strengthen citizen security in Belize. This is the fourth graduation, and since it began in 2011, a total of 135 police officers have been trained as GREAT instructors. However, what has been more important is that during this time, over 11,200 children have completed the program from 52 schools countrywide. The program, which is funded by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) through the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), and has provided more than $35 million in funding for law enforcement and justice related programs since they began in 2008.

    Ambergris Today

    Pic of the Week - Menacing Storm Cloud Over Ambergris Caye
    You would think that this storm cloud would have brought a torrential downpour on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; well, islanders just got a slight drizzle from it. The menacing and creepy-looking wall cloud looked like something out of a sci-fi movie as it moved over the island on Tuesday, August 30. Belizeans are not used to seeing such sites of nature, they are very rare. As frightening as it may have seemed, it did give opportunity for some great snap shots. Images of the storm cloud popped up all around social media, this one shared with us by Tanya Musso.

    Second Eye Screener Donated to San Pedro Lions by
    The San Pedro Lions Club accepted the national challenge of Lions Zone 59 to participate in an eye screening program to test the school children’s eyes in Belize. Lion Jan Brown reports that the San Pedro Club is responsible for schools on Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and the Corozal District. “The OptixPlus Screener is a unique small machine which is easy and quick to use and fun for the children,” states SP Chairman Brown. “The child’s eyes can tested in 5 seconds for a Pass or may take longer if a problem and Refer is detected.” Until recently, the four Lions Clubs of Belize have been sharing two machines to perform their work nationwide. The OptixPlus machines were obtained through a grant from Lions International and gracious donations of local businesses in Belize. When Mr. Don Listwin, Founder of, heard about the program, the organization stepped up to the plate to donate not one, but two of the machines to the San Pedro club.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Can you help with this very important project in San Mateo?
    We are still building in San Mateo but we have run out of Zinc for roofs!!! Please help us finish these houses that were destroyed by hurricane earl!! Spread the word we still need to raise funds!!

    Close to 600 Residents of Gardenia/Biscayne, Belize District Will Now Have Continuous Supply of Reliable & Safe Quality Water
    This means that men, women and children of Gardenia/Biscayne, will now have sustainable access to the continuous supply of reliable and safe quality water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking thanks to the Government of Belize who financed the Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project at a cost of $999,408.49 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. Official Ceremony to inaugurate Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project will be held at Gardenia Community Centre at 9:00 a.m. on August 31, 2016. Equally important, the completion of the water supply sub-project will also contribute significantly in the reduction in the vulnerability of men, women and children of Gardenia/Biscayne to incidences of water-borne, food borne and vector borne diseases in addition to communicable and non-communicable diseases. The Government of Belize in this regard, is making critical achievements in improving the wellness, and quality of health of Gardenia/Biscayne residents, surrounding communities and by extension, the country of Belize.

    20th EXPO Belize Market Place
    Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry - 20th EXPO Belize Market Place is taking place this weekend, Saturday September 3rd and Sunday September 4th at the ITVET Campus, Freetown Road, Belize City.

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: August 21th – 27th, 2016
    : 3 grand slams, lots of permit, lots of tarpon and a great group mostly from South Carolina made the week go by fast. Thanks do out to Jason and Josh for hosting a great group here at EL Pescador.

    July 2016 Trade, GDP & Consumer Price Index
    The Statistical Institute of Belize’s latest statistics show that, on average, consumer prices were 1.0 percent higher in July 2016 than in the month of July 2015. The All-Items Consumer Price Index stood at 103.8, up from 102.8 in same month last year. For the first seven months of 2016, an inflation rate of 0.6 percent was recorded, as lower fuel prices in the earlier months of the year helped to keep inflation down at the start of the year. Home rental prices, a major expenditure item for Belizean households, rose by an average of 2.5 percent compared to last July. This was partly offset by a decrease in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), with the average price of a 100-pound cylinder down from $90 in July of last year to $82 in July 2016, and lower electricity tariffs in comparison to twelve months ago. As a result, an overall increase of 1.7 percent was seen in the category of “Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels”. Belize’s total imports for the month of July 2016 were valued at $173 million. This was a decrease of 8.8 percent or $16.7 million from imports for July 2015, which totaled $189.7 million.

    The Belize Hotel Association, represented by its' President Leisa Carr-Caceres and Marketing Director, Tessie Duran Tonaco, was in Peru to promote its members and the country of Belize. The Peru Roadshow was organized by Tropic Air and COPA airlines, and included other members of the Private sector that represented all that the country has to offer. Tropic Air has coordinated two successful Roadshows to Colombia and to Chile previously, following in the heels of the Brazil and Argentina roadshows that were organized by the BTB. An important note, is that the visa waiver, facilitating travel to Belize, came into effect on August 16, for the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Morocco and Paraguay, just in time for the Roadshow. The Peru Roadshow included two breakfast events for a combined total of over 60 travel agents in the main cities of Lima on August 24 and in Arequipa on August 25. Leisa Carr-Caceres of the BHA gave a very detailed presentation on Belize, which was followed by a series of questions from the agents who were very interested in promoting our country to their clients. Packages to Belize, including airfare and room and meal plans, were raffled at each event to the enthusiastic agents.

    Emmeth Young Wows at Soul Project
    "Emmeth Young and the Talla Walla Vibration Band played at the Belize Soul project space for the creative arts on Friday, and wow, was it energetic. One of the best drummers in C.A."

    BAS 2016 Summer Camps Finish
    Thanks, Belize Audubon Society, for another year of fun Summer camps for the kids. "This year's Summer Camps were a huge Success. Throughout the months of July and August over 250 children joined us as we learnt together about Nature. Merging Music and Art with Nature proved to be quite an amazing experience as the children sang, painted and became inspired by our natural environment and wildlife. We extend our sincere appreciation to the many Belizeans that joined us this year for a fun-filled Summer."

    Belmopan September Celebrations Launch
    Belmopan is having their September Celebrations Launch on Friday at Mae Gordon Park. Panerrifix will be there, as will Miss Deb's meals on wheels. "All are invited to come out on Friday, September 2nd 2016 at 6:00 pm. It's a family affair. Kids stop by wood stop, jam session by the Panerrifix Steelband."

    This Saturday at Marion Jones Sporting Complex - 7PM. New venue. Still carnival-tastic!

    European Specialist Training 2016
    Belize Tourism Board

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Blood Father, The Neon Demon, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. New Projector! Come check out the improvement in quality!

    Fishing Responsibly: Why Non-Destructive Fishing Gear is best for Belize
    With a 240 mile long coastline, Belize has a rich history of boating, fishing, and swimming in , bountiful tropical waters. Some fishing practices date back to the Maya civilization. Today Belize’s fishing industry is a major productive sector of the economy, contributing US$10.7 million annually in revenue from seafood exports and providing jobs and other benefits for an estimated 15,000 Belizeans. Given the economic and cultural significance of fisheries in Belize, it is important to ensure the sustainability of the sector. One way is to utilize and harvest marine resources responsibly so that we can ensure healthy reefs and fish populations for generations to come. Belize has also taken important steps, such as establishing “replenishment zones”, protecting spawning aggregation sites and declaring open and closed seasons for products such as lobster and conch.

    Channel 7

    PUP Senators Push For Immigration Probe, GOB Outmaneuvers, Defeats Them
    On Friday the House of Representatives descended into chaos - and while the dramatic footage of a member being ejected has dominated the news - the bottom line is that not much was accomplished in that House Meeting. And so today the heavy lifting was left to the senate with debates on the expenditure for the BTL settlement, and on the audit reports. We focus first on the audit reports. The PUP Senators pushed a motion for a Senate Inquiry into irregularities at the Immigration Department as laid out in the 700 pages of three audit reports. The government-appointed President Li Mark Chang surprisingly agreed to table the motion - and have it debated. PUP Senator Michel Chebat, sitting in for Eamon Courtney introduced the motion:...

    PUP Keep Up the Pressure on Government
    And today as on Friday the action wasn't only limited to what happened inside the house. Out on the steps a crowd of PUP supporters gathered with their posters, shouting out their demands of the UDP. Courtney Weatherburne was there to find out what the PUP' s message was. Courtney Weatherburne reporting There were no projectiles, no warning shots fired, and no brawls on the steps of the National Assembly today, just the usual spirited chants and speeches. Protestor: "We are here today demanding that the senate take this thing seriously." That is probably because there were about 30 officers standing ready to defuse any flare ups. Even the GSU bus was parked in front of the house ….with a roaming surveillance camera hoisted above.

    Man Murdered in South
    There was a murder in the Stann Creek District last night at around 7:30. It happened about a mile and a half on the Coastal Road, closest to the Stann Creek Valley Road. That's where 49 year-old Guatemalan Arnolfo Ramirez is believed to have gotten into a fight with a man. Police say that Ramirez chopped that man on the right hand, and he responded by grabbing a piece of iron, with which he used to bash Ramirez across the head. That injury was very serious, and by the time the cops got Ramirez to the hospital he succumbed due to the blow to the head. Police have detained the man, and they say that he will be charged for Ramirez's death pending charges

    GDP Going Down, Down, Down
    The Statistical Institute of Belize released its figures gauging the performance of the economy for the second quarter of 2016. They say that the economy contracted sharply by 1.6 percent when compared to the same period last year. That's not good news, and when you factor in that these statistics were taken before Hurricane Earl devastated the country, it's even more dismal. Angelita Campbell, Statistician: "The diagram in front of us now illustrates the spending pattern of the average Belizean household and that information was taken from the 2008 household expenditure survey. If we look closely at the information presented, we have housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels taking roughly about 26% of the spending. Food, non-alcoholic beverages are roughly 20% and transport is roughly 14%. Those three categories sum to about 60% of the average household spending. in the food and nonalcoholic beverages category we saw a variation in terms of prices across the board, some of which, might be went up by roughly 5%, we had vegetables and fruits going up and also sugar increasing in that category. However we saw red kidney beans going down by roughly 11% as we've been seeing since the start of this year. Chicken went down by 0.7% and we also saw a decrease in egg roughly 15%."

    Belize District Ambulance Crisis?
    Before you call on BERT ambulance, just ask yourself, is this really an emergency? The Ministry of Health is asking city residents to think about this before calling since BERT's management team has essentially terminated its partnership with the ministry, leaving the ministry with staff, resources and other equipment they now have to manage and be solely responsible for. It's an extra burden for Health officials and today Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero detailed what caused this rupture in their partnership and what will have to be done moving forward. Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: "The last note we got was perhaps the 2nd or 3rd week of August where they had suggested that they were going to discontinue that effective September 1st, given that they were requesting payment for land transfer from the government. Now BERT normally gets a monthly subvention of $18,000 plus every month. They were requesting further payment of almost every land transfer. On average it would amount to government paying them about $40,000 - $43,000 every month. So they have started a billing process for us in May, June, July. We had had a negotiation table with them to see what was the mechanism? because it's not something that's factored into our budget. When we got another alert on August 17th I think it was, we had said we have a proposal and this is where we want to go."

    Court Victory OF Sorts For Open Vote Worker
    7 months ago, we told you about Melissa Tucker. She's the Ministry of Education's school Health Coordinator who was sent home in 2013 after 17 years of Government service. Sent home swiftly because she was an open vote worker. Not satisfied with the way she was terminated, she sued the government because she believed that she was not given due process. She wanted to challenge the open vote regulations because it does not give security of tenure, which can only happen when the Public Service Commission appoints an employee to a post. She said that she was in the process of being appointed, but the rug was pulled from under her when her supervisors sent her home. Well her attorney argued her case before Justice Shona Griffith, and for the Government's, Acting Solicitor General Nigel Hawke made their defence.

    Octogenarian Attorney Disbarred
    It made big news back in February of last year when attorney Ernest Staine's integrity was called into question. That's because his former client, Rita McField, accused him of pocketing her 230 thousand dollars, monies he should have handed over for land sales he had conducted on her behalf as an intermediary. The court was in the process of crowfooting his personal possessions to repay the money that Staine owed. Well, the legal back and forth went through its process in the months that followed. We have not been able to find out if Staine actually paid McField the money she is owed, but he has lost his right to practice law in Belize. The General Legal Council announced earlier this month that he has been removed from the roll of attorneys-at-law. He has been disbarred, and his removal took effect on June 30.

    Senior PUP Parliamentarian Frowns On Espat Ejection
    We have heard most of the general comments and denouncements following Friday's Fiasco at the House meeting. But we still want to get more reactions from other elected representatives. So we spoke to four term Lake I Area Representative Cordel Hyde today and like most of his colleagues , he wasn't happy at all with how things went down.

    The Debate on BTL Appropriation Goes Right Back To Accommodation Agreement
    And keeping it in Belmopan - we go back to the senate meeting where - unlike the house - there was a robust debate on the 2016/2017 appropriation bill - which is to pay part of the bill for the BTL compensation. The cost of this bill sent the UDP members back to that old reliable touchstone of mis-governance, the accommodation agreement:

    New Cruise Ship Visits Belize
    The Belize Tourism Board announced today that Norwegian Cruise Line, made a first when it's cruise ship, the Escape, made its second call in Belizean waters. Her captain, Carl Gunnar Hammerin, was greeted by BTB Cruise Director Noriko Gamero. While onboard she conducted over a customary plaque exchange ceremony. The Norwegian Escape first came to Belize on August 17, with approximately 4,248 passengers, and just over 1700 crew members. That plaque ceremony would have been held then, but due to weather conditions, it was rescheduled. Today's call had a total of 5,020 passengers and 1,200 crew members.

    Cruise Lane Gave Relief Funds
    In other news related to Norwegian Cruise Line, on last week Wednesday, the company's Senior Vice President of Destination and Strategic Development, Colin Murphy, handed over a cheque for 50 thousand US dollars. It was the company's donation to the people of Belize to assist in recovery efforts after Hurricane Earl. The cheque was handed over to Lily Bowman, the Director General of the Belize Red Cross Society, who received it with gratitude. Murphy is quoted as saying, ""We were devastated to hear of Hurricane Earl's impact on our neighbors in Belize and are proud to support help residents rebuild and regain some sense of normalcy after this natural disaster." End Quote.

    Earl And The Brits
    As viewers would remember one other organization providing help to victims displaced by Hurricane Earl was BATSUB, the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize. They were out just days after the all clear was declared, providing food to the persons who were trapped in shelters. Little did we know that they were affected by the Hurricane very much like the rest of the country. Today, Forces TV released a story from their perspective, and tonight we have it for you:

    Channel 5

    Opposition P.U.P. Marches on Belmopan During Senate Meeting
    Another protest took place today in Belmopan, the second for this week against the government. Today’s demonstration was mounted by the People’s United Party outside the Senate where a respectable [...]

    Senate Hears Motion for Inquiry into Immigration Audits
    Just before six this evening, the senate concluded proceedings with a vote that defeated a motion for a senate investigation. It was a long session that had to do with [...]

    Trade Union Senator Lends Support to Inquiry
    That motion for a select senate investigation on the policies and processes as well as on the issuance of passports and irregularities and wrongdoings was seconded by senators representing the [...]

    Church Senator Also Supports, But Government Senator Questions Timing
    As we said earlier, Church Senator Ashley Rocke rose to support the motion on the senate floor when it was introduced to further investigate what went so wrong at the [...]

    New Minister of State for Finance Wonders Whether Inquiry is Useful
    Doctor Senator Carla Barnett did not necessarily reject an investigation, but questioned the usefulness of senate select committees. Barnett queried why the audit was not presented to the management of [...]

    Paul Thompson and Godwin Hulse Spar Over Audit Report
    While the senate meeting today had a far more respectable ambience when compared to last Friday’s House Sitting, there was some back and forth. It came when Senator Paul Thompson [...]

    Valerie Woods Continues Cross-Floor Sparring with Immigration Minister
    Senator Valerie Woods added significantly to the debate, supporting the motion for a select senate investigation. Woods said had one been held at the time of the issuance of a [...]

    Senate Debates Supplementary Bill; Business Senator Goes with Gusto
    Prior to the introduction of a motion for a senate select committee to investigate the Immigration and Nationality Department, the Senate was engaged in a debate over the Supplementary Bill.  [...]

    BERT Cedes Ambulance Services to Health Ministry in Money Dispute
    Beginning Thursday morning at seven-thirty, the Ministry of Health will assume management of ambulance services after being unable to reach an agreement with Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) for greater [...]

    Was Hope Creek Man Murdered or Was It Self-Defense?
    A Guatemalan national lost his life on Tuesday night; his body was found behind a bus shed in Hope Creek, Stann Creek District.  But it is not clear if it [...]

    Police Forced to Release Suspects in Murder of George McKenzie Jr.
    Family members of the late George McKenzie Junior are preparing to lay him to rest within the next two or three days. But police are yet to charge the main [...]

    Chamber of Commerce Pressures Belmopan to Sign UN Anti-Corruption Convention
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has begun a campaign for Government to sign the United Nations Convention on Anti-Corruption, which it believes will help Belize obtain important resources [...]

    Kay Menzies Says New Act Will Make Tackling Corruption Systematic
    The Prime Minister said last Thursday that the Government of Belize is not going to sign on to the Anti-Corruption Convention. According to the Prime Minister, signing on would create [...]

    Belize Faces Recession; Economy Contracts for Second Successive Quarter
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (S.I.B.) reports a continued slowdown in economic activity for the second consecutive quarter.  The agricultural sector registered a decline and the good news came from [...]

    Inflation up Thanks to Higher Fuel and House Rent Prices
    Rises in fuel and house rent prices are behind the average rise in the consumer price index, commonly known as inflation. Prices are up one percent from last July and [...]

    Trade Contracts, Imports and Exports Both Down
    Meanwhile, trade contracted, with imports and exports down sharply. Statistician Tiffany Vasquez says that exports are on the decline for most major agricultural products.   Tiffany Vasquez, Statistician II, Statistical [...]

    Business Establishment Survey Finds Business Are Not Making Money
    The last Business Establishment Survey conducted by the Statistical Institute of Belize was done ten years ago. This past May some four thousand one hundred businesses were polled about their [...]

    Businesses Keeping Staff Small According to Survey
    The two-stage survey also looked at the distribution of employment among the businesses surveyed. The most recent rate of unemployment is about eight percent and has been trending down for [...]


    Ex-open vote worker lost protection thanks to Government foot-dragging, Court rules
    In February of this year, the Supreme Court heard the case of Melissa Belezaire Tucker, a former Ministry of Education employee who served in the Public Service for seventeen years, from 1995 to 2013, when she was terminated. Tucker was first appointed as a teacher and then, in 1999, as the School F...

    Caye Caulker’s Donald Heredia charged with murder
    52 year old Donald Heredia, a resident of Caye Caulker, was charged with the murder of 51 year old Jennifer Coleman when he appeared Monday before the Chief Magistrate, Ann-Marie Smith. Heredia was remanded into custody until September 30. Coleman, a domestic worker, was found dead about 10:30 a.m. ...

    Last one standing contestant knocked down
    One of the contestants of PlusTV’s Game Show Competition called “The Last One Standing” was knocked down on Sunday night in the Salva Pan Area of Belmopan. He is 16 year old Isidro Lopez. Lopez was riding a red motorbike when he was knocked down by a silver Camry bearing a taxi license plate. He re...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police officer claims government muzzled Elvin Penner investigation
    In the wake of the Auditor General’s explosive four volume report on corruption in Immigration, Nationality and Visa departments an investigator assigned to the Elvin Penner-Won Hong Kim passport scandal has broken his silence and has made public allegations that the investigation was nuzzled […]

    PM calls press conference for tomorrow – Is there a surprise in store for Belizeans?
    On the heels of a myriad of scandals and the optics of a near bar-room brawl in the House of Representatives between the Speaker and the Representative for Cayo South on Friday, 26th August, Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow has called a […]

    Police find firearm and ammunition in Cayo
    Police in the Cayo District discovered a firearm in an overgrown lot in Bullet Tree Village but no arrests were made. The firearm, a black .25 auto pistol with a magazine containing three live rounds, was found around 3:00 on Sunday morning. Authorities did not find anyone in […]

    Belize City Police investigate murder attempt
    Kendale Green, 23, was stabbed on Tuesday morning but survived. Police are now investigating the incident but have very little information to go on. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) at 7:00 on Tuesday morning where they saw Green suffering from multiple stab wounds. Police report that […]

    Dangriga police have one detained for latest murder
    Dangriga Police are currently investigating the latest homicide in that jurisdiction. According to reports from the south, sometime after 7:35 last night, police responded to a chopping incident half-mile on the Coastal Road near a bus stop. Upon arrival officers saw the motionless body of 49-year-old […]

    Belize’s economy officially in recession, trade down, prices up
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) reports continued slowdown in economic activity for the second consecutive quarter. According to economic institutions such as the World Bank and other international financial institutions, an economy is officially in recession when there is negative economic growth for 2 consecutive quarters. After a 2 percent fall […]

    PUP supporters gather in Belmopan to demonstrate against corruption
    PUP supporters are currently gathering at the footsteps of the National Assembly in Belmopan to support the party’s Senators as they attempt to introduce a motion to open a Senate special select committee investigation into the passport scandals reported by the Auditor General. They […]

    Man murdered in the south
    BBN has received reports about a murder that happened last night in the village of Hope Creek. According to reports, the incident played out under a public shed in the village. The identity of the victim has not been released. Police are investigating. We will […]

    Gardenia and Biscayne get new clean-water supply
    Residents in the small communities of Gardenia and Biscayne will finally have access to the continuous supply of reliable and safe quality water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking thanks to the Government of Belize. A total of […]

    UDP Chairman of Hopkins – “No $47,000 is missing from my council”
    BBN received reports yesterday that $47,000 is missing from the Hopkins Village Council. BBN contacted village chairman Ted McKoy who said that no money is missing and that the reports are just mischief being created by the previous council. “The previous council was making the […]


    Rent On This Quiet, Laidback Caribbean Island From $600 A Month
    Walking along Caye Caulker’s coastline, wherever you look the scenery is pleasing to the eye. Along the village’s front street, an expansive soft-sand beach extends towards the multi-hued aquamarine sea. The sea breeze ruffles the plentiful coconut palm fronds and cools your skin. It’s easy to be enchanted by the beauty, charm, and tranquility of this tiny Caribbean island. Vivid purple, raucous orange, and cool lime kiosks line the packed-sand street. Funky beach bars—with names like Lazy Lizard and Mara’s Sip & Dip—tempt you to drop in for a frosty Belikin beer, or a tropical cocktail. Strolling past the Ragamuffins kiosk, a friendly tour guide invites you to sail inside the protected reef, to a pristine caye, or to join him in search of shy manatees. “Go Slow” signs, scattered around the island, are a constant reminder of the island’s motto. Locals and tourists walk leisurely along the village streets or bike to their destination. Once in a while a golf cart passes by.

    International Sourcesizz

    10 Unravelled Secrets Of The Mayan Civilization
    The Maya are perhaps one of the world’s most successful and brilliant civilizations. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated researchers and archaeologists, many secrets of this once-powerful civilization are now starting to unravel. The Maya considered a certain shade of blue to be a highly significant color. Known as Maya Blue, this color was used to cover pots, palace walls, and codices. In addition, it was also used to cover the bodies of human sacrifices. Though scientists knew the two main ingredients of Maya Blue were indigo and palygorskite, they were at loss as to what the mysterious third ingredient was.In 2008, US researchers published a study claiming that copal resin was the third secret ingredient of Maya Blue. However, a 2013 study refuted this claim. According to the researchers, their analyses revealed that the third secret ingredient is dehydroindigo and not copal resin. In addition, they suggested that the Maya knew “how to obtain the desired hue by varying the preparation temperature.”

    NOAA Outlook for Central America September 1 – 7, 2016
    During late August, heavy downpours were observed over localized areas of Central America, while light to locally moderate rain was registered elsewhere. Abundant rain fell over the Pacific Region of southern Guatemala, El Salvador, central and southern Honduras, central Nicaragua, and the Southern Caribbean. In Honduras, reports have indicated that heavy rain over the recent period triggered flooding and house damages over Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, Catacamas, and areas of the Danli municipality. for only between 50-80 percent of the average.

    Visceglia Gallery presents: Belize: Beyond the Blue Skies and Clear Waters
    The Visceglia Gallery at Caldwell University is presenting “Belize: Beyond the Blue Skies and Clear Waters”, a reflection of short-term service. This exciting exhibition features photography and written reflections on short-term service trips by Caldwell University students and faculty members. The writing and photography attempt to capture and share the sense of discovery, place and community many may not have the chance to experience. Since 2013 Caldwell University has taken small groups of students, faculty, and staff to Belize to serve in the poorest district of Belize, Toledo. The Caldwell group has stayed at St. Peter Claver Parish in Punta Gorda, a small coastal town in the Toledo District. Punta Gorda serves as the “base camp” each year from which the group travels from and to their service sites.

    When A Hurricane Interrupts Your Training Exercise...
    It’s not every day your exercise gets interrupted by a hurricane, but that’s exactly what happened to members of the Infantry Battle School in Belize. More than 100 personnel were training in the jungle when Hurricane Earl hit land earlier this month. Now back in the country, they’ve been talking to Forces TV about what it was like in the aftermath of the storm. Still smiling, but surrounded by fallen trees, 2Lt James Robson said “I think it’ll be a Grim Warrior to remember” and he’s not wrong. Personnel from the Infantry Battle School were supposed to be on a two-week exercise in the jungle on the final stage of the Platoon Commanders Battle Course, but instead, they ended up in the path of a hurricane. Hurricane Earl hit Central America on August 3rd, two days after the start of the exercise.

    New World Oil & Gas updates on Big Sofa and AGM
    New World Oil and Gas is continuing to make good progress with the possible reverse takeover of Big Sofa and directors remain of the view that this acquisition is an attractive proposition for shareholders. "Big Sofa is continuing to win new mandates from a number of leading companies and is expanding internationally, particularly in the United States where a number of its important clients are based," New World said. "As previously reported, the Company's only remaining oil and gas asset is the Blue Creek Production Sharing Agreement in Belize, which is due to expire on 31 October 2016. The Board confirms that the Company is currently seeking to dispose or relinquish this asset.


  • Power Charging Belizean Panades, 23min. Joe cooks Panades for brunch with me. We review the Winplus power charger and Jada shows how she threads her eyebrows.

  • Diving The Blue Hole, Belize, 5min. Diving the Blue Hole, Belize - hosted by Blue Sea Diving Services, Caye Caulker.

  • Belize Aggressor, 9min. Scuba diving on Belize Aggressor at Turneffe Atoll and Lighthouse Reef.

  • Guitar class with James Sanker yesterday, 1min. These classes are part of the Belize Creole Brukdung Project being sponsored by the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. The purpose of the project is to be certain that our Brukdung music will never die and be around for many generations to enjoy. We are training some 20 young people on how to play the actual instruments, sing the songs and dance to the songs. As part of the project, we will also introduce a couple of new brukdung songs never heard before by the general pulbic except in the villages where they are sung.

  • Belize 2016, 8min. from Vertical Church

  • Belize 2k16, 3.5min. A short montage of our family trip to San Pedro, Belize.

  • RELENTLESS - Belize 2016, 6min.

  • Descent into San Pedro Canyons: Ambergris Caye Belize, 2min.

  • Queen of the Bay in Belize 1987 featuring the U.D.P Party., 19min.

  • 2016 08 Belize San Pedro Diving with Nurse Sharks, 4min.

  • Belize/Caye Caulker 2014, 32min. Patty, Mary, Mark, Kathy, Joe Bad, Matt and Brian with some cameos by Linda Sue.

  • Belize Mission Trip Summer 2015, 12min. Kennewick First Presbyterian Church

  • Freak Storm Hit Belmopan, Belize | August 31 2016, 1min.

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