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September 20, 2016


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The San Pedro Sun

Carnival Road March 2016: A parade of Patriotism and Culture!
Heavy rain just minutes before the commencement of the annual Carnival Road March in Belize City, did not dampen the spirits of thousands of patriotic Belizeans on Saturday September 17th. The event is part of the September Celebrations and it started pre-dawn with the annual jouvert, culminating in the afternoon with a grand carnival parade, complete with elaborate, glittery and feathery costumes. The morning jouvert set the bar high for the afternoon carnival road march, which left the Yarborough Area south of Belize City, and made its way along Central American Boulevard, culminating on Marine Parade at the BTL Park. From steel pan bands mounted on large double deck trucks, to blaring speakers playing Soca beats, the atmosphere was celebratory and filled with color and fun, as hundreds of dancers lit up the carnival route. The gruelling temperature and humid atmosphere did not faze the thousands of spectators lining the parade route as they cheered on the dancers as they made their way to the BTL Park. Stationed at strategic points along the way were a set of judges, awarding points to the carnival groups for some fabulous prizes.

BNTU protests with “Stand Up For Belize” campaign
On Monday, September 19th, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) staged a massive demonstration to highlight issues of national importance within the education system of Belize. As part of the “Stand Up for Belize” solidarity campaign, over 2,500 BNTU members gathered in Belmopan City, wearing their signature green t-shirts. The protest is in response to Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow’s government decision to defer their 3% salary adjustment until April 2017. Not only does BNTU want their salary increase now, but they are also demanding good governance for the country, after all the recent corruption scandals within the Government of Belize (GOB). On September 19th, through confirmation from the MOE, classes were officially canceled. In San Pedro, nearly all of the teachers of San Pedro High School were absent, 28 teachers from the San Pedro Roman Catholic School and 16 teachers from Holy Cross Anglican Primary School left the island to participate in the protest.

Ambergris Today

Alex Noralez Elected President of National Garifuna Council San Pedro Branch
“I am humbled that you entrusted the affairs of our people to me and pledge to work arduously along with the new elected officials and our community as we strive to unite our people and to promote our culture to the max,” stated Noralez. National Garifuna Council San Pedro Branch include: President - Alex Noralez, Vice President - Virginia Melendez, Secretary - Eden Velasquez, Asst. Secretary - Elsy Guity, Treasurer - Elroy Castillo, Asst. Treasurer - Amanda Martinez.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

National Service Day
"I would like to be known as a good Belizean, one who went through life in a pilgrimage and left the world a better place than he found it." --- George Cadle Price (January 15,1919 - September 19, 2011) On this day, 5 years ago, Belize lost its Father of Independence, the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price. Today, in his honour, Belizeans across the country remember Belize's first Prime Minister through community service acts as we celebrate National Service Day. We join the nation in remembering the man who fought for the independence we celebrated for the first time 35 years ago. Thank you, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price!

Teacher strike photos
Thousands of teachers gather on the steps of the National Assembly as they continue their planned demonstration against several national issues and the deferral of their salary adjustment. The BNTU says this is a continuation of their "Stand Up for Belize" campaign.

PUP's submit statements of assets and liabilities to Integrity Commission
Annually, elected officials of Belize are to submit a statement of assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission, satisfying the requirements of the Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act. The 12 elected representatives and three senators representing the People's United Party PUP today delivered theirs on National Service Day, the anniversary of the party's paramount leader, George Cadle Price, passing on five years ago. The Commission's board of supervisors remains unappointed following trouble with certain provisions insisted on by international bodies targeting those referred to as PEP's or politically exposed persons

Cayo Independence Parade 2016
Wednesday is the big parade. Happy 35th, Belize! Parade Route Map. "The route for the 21st September parade is as follows... from Santa Elena to San Ignacio: Basketball court at La Loma Luz Boulevard - George Price Highway - Hawkesworth Bridge - Burns Avenue - Savannah Area, Joseph Andrews Drive - concluding at the Macal Park. Starts at 1pm. 'Sovereign and strong - Together as one' See you there... !!!"

Rotaract Go Green Project
The Rotaract Club of Benque celebrated National Service Day yesterday by participating in their annual Go Green Project. Thanks, Rotaract! "Today we participated in the 2nd Annual Go Green Project. Where clubs are welcome to participate and plant and make the environment a better place and improved nature for a better tomorrow."

Pirates in Belize Exhibit
A great morning at the House of Culture as we launched the Pirates in Belize Exhibit. Thank you to our invited guests, Standard 5 & 6 students and teacher of Corozal Nazarene School, our key note speaker Mr. Roy Rodriguez, and community members. This dynamic exhibit will be on display through to May 2017 as part of our educational objectives. We kindly extend an invitation to you to visit the House of Culture where you can learn about past pirates in Belize.

There's something about that Jouvert mud!
By the way, if you can't get enough, you can get your mud on AGAIN at Orange Walk Jouvert on Sept. 21!

National Colours Day
On this National Colours Day, we take inspiration from these patriots! How are you showing your Belizean pride?

Song of the People...composed by Francis Reneau
Congratulations to Francis Reneau and his team, and all the musicians and performers!

Extraction of a Maya relic in the Chiquibul
Last week FCD’s Karst Unit and the Institute of Archaeology organized an expedition for extraction of a Maya relic in the Chiquibul. The aim was to safeguard the precious maya artefact before any looter could reach and steal it. Expedition was a success.

The BTB's Northern Border Kiosk sharing the September spirit!

Have you submitted your Fed Post Card Application to vote in the upcoming presidential election?

he attractiveness and appearance of your product, attitude and style of the seller is as important as the product itself. The objective of this training is to stress the importance of selling, branding, labeling and packaging in marketing your product. Cost: $30.00. Includes snacks and refreshments. Presented by: Mrs. Vicky Heredia, Manager and Business Advisor SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: La Inmaculdada Credit Union Training Room, 5 Park Street, Orange Walk Town. Workshop Date: September 29th, 2016. Time: 9am to 12noon.

Belize to Improve Solid Waste Sites
. The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and the General Manager for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Central America, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic Country Department, Ms. Gina Montiel, today signed an IDB loan agreement to finance investments to improve the transport, recovery and final disposal of solid waste in towns and villages in Belize’s northern and southern corridors as well as in Belmopan. Through the five-year program, which is valued at US$10 million, major tourist destinations in Belize will be provided access to a sanitary landfill. The project will cover the expansion of the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill, including the construction of a new cell for final disposal; the closure of six (6) existing dumpsites which will be replaced with transfer stations; and the strengthening of the Solid Waste Management Authority (SWaMA) as the lead agency in the waste management sector. The Government of Belize will provide US$200,000 in local counterpart funding and the executing agency is SWaMA.

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Caye Caulker Independence Day schedule
Come out and celebrate independence eve and independence day with us. Come be a part of our block party. Get you floats ready to win fabulous prizes!

Presentation of Credentials to the Governor General of Belize
Four ambassadors presented their credentials to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young today, Monday, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. The Governor General welcomed and received the credentials of H.E Jorge Roza de Oliveira, Ambassador of Portugal; H.E. Margriet Leemhuis, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; H.E. Malgorzata Wasilewska, Ambassador of the European Union; and H.E. Lee In-ho, Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea. The Governor General also welcomed H.E. Muktesh Pardeshi, High Commissioner of India to Mexico, who paid a courtesy call.

Photos from Carnival 2016
Here are just a few photos before the Carnival started as the revellers prepared to pound the pavement just before the rain.

2016 Carnival Road March
A few photos from the 2016 Carnival Road March in Belize City! Celebrating the patriotic month, with vibrant colors and soca music!

Channel 7

Carnival Carried on In Memory of Reveler Who Lost Her Life in Mas Camp Building Collapse
Schools across the country were closed today - as thousands of teachers converged on Belmopan to send a message of dissatisfaction to the Barrow Administration. We'll have that's tory for your shortly, but, first, we turn back to Friday's headline story. It was about the house that fell on Dolphin Street in Belize City at 4:00 on Friday evening. That house was the headquarters for the Soca Moca Mas Camp and as many as twenty persons were underneath working when it collapsed. Six of them had to be hospitalized with mostly minor injuries. Only Deborah Humes was seriously injured. The 39 year old mother of three ran in the wrong direction, and her midsection took the full weight of one corner of the falling house. She died at 9:30 Friday night - 12 hours before her beloved Soca Moca Band was to take to the streets - but after losing a long time member so tragically the band just didn't have the "ganas" to go out on the road the next day. But then, a quite remarkable thing happened, the Carnival community bonded together and turned all that sadness into positive energy - because the lifetime reveler Debbie Humes would have wanted them to carry on, regardless. They did so in her name - making for an unusual Carnival day:

Mass Hysteria Created When Off Duty Cop Fired Shot In Crowded Area On Carnival Route
And while there was that accidental death before the Carnival - the road march itself passed without incident. But there was a serious case of public terror when a shot or shots were fired as the tail of the carnival passed Nazarene High School on Princess Margaret Drive. All kinds of crazy accounts went out on social media - even one that three persons were killed by a grenade! And another that a two year old child was shot. But police say none of that actually happened. Here is their account of a single shot fired by an off duty police officer:... ASP Desiree Phillips, OC - Eastern North Division: "Police officers met an off-duty police officer identified as Chris Staine who is a member of eastern division south and he was armed with his licensed firearm. According to him, he fired one single shot from his firearm as a result of bottles being thrown at him. With that, the officer was taken in, brought into custody, his firearm was retrieved from him. The entire process was done in terms of sealing the firearm. He is being dealt with at this time internally through our police act disciplinary."

Teachers Take Multitudes And Muscle To The Capital
And now, to the teachers…there was no school across most of the country today - as teachers paid no heed to warnings and remonstrations from the Ministry of Education and went right ahead with their national rally and demonstration in Belmopan. The BNTU is the most powerful and organized union in the country, and today in the capital, they surely showed their muscle and their anger at the Barrow Administration - first by shutting down the education system and second by flooding the capital with thousands of protestors. Closed windows, chained gates and an empty play ground - that is what you found at most schools across the country today. At other schools, the classrooms were open but the kids were just idly hanging around on the compound. That's because teachers from all over country were protesting in the streets of the capital city.

But it's fairly widely accepted that the Unions brought out more than the PUP did a few weeks ago in Belize City. And that's why the Leader of the Opposition is with them 100%. John Briceno told us this morning that the PM made them a promise he couldn't keep - and now they should hold him to it:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "They have every right to demand the raise that was rightfully promise to them. I don't think they were even asking for it, but the Prime Minister in his quest to get a third term, went overboard and made all kinds of promises and he made a promise to the teachers and now he is using an excuse about Hurricane Earl, that it has caused I am told millions of dollars of damages. It is so ironic in this world. They say when you spit up in the air, it falls on your face. That's exactly what is happening to the Prime Minister. Because remember the PUP had 5 storms and hurricanes and whenever we gave the extent of the damage, he was the first one saying that it was being inflated. Now in this case, it was just a category 1 storm or hurricane and he is saying we lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet people are not seeing any kind of benefit that he is getting from supposedly the efforts that or his government has been doing."

What Next For Teachers? More Industrial Action?
But the Teachers Union isn't into symbolism, not one bit, because right now they are dealing with direct action. And what's the next direct action for the teachers? Well there's a meeting with the Prime Minister on Thursday to try and find common ground. But the teachers aren't softening up - far from it, they're gathering ammunition to take on their own Ministry of Education. President of the BNTU Luke Palacio told the media what's next:... Luke Palacio, President - BNTU: "We have written to the Prime Minister asking him to meet with us on Thursday. I don't know if he has given a response because I haven't seen that, but we intend to meet with him on Thursday and then on Friday we will say to our members what our next move is. Since the Prime Minister has responded and asked us to a meeting, we are asking our teachers okay lets us put on hold the original plan we had, so that on Thursday we give that opportunity for the Prime Minister to meet with us, respond to the issues we have raised with him. He has provided some response, but we are prepared again as a professional organization to meet, to discuss and then on Friday we will instruct our members as what's out next move."

BATSUB Soldier Ran Over and Killed Diner Patron
Early on Sunday morning, a British Military Officer ran over and killed a man at a nightclub. It happened at mile one on the Northern Highway at the Dream Like City nightclub. 41-year-old British Sergeant Lee Humphreys, attached to BATSUB was driving an F150 pickup and appears to have put it in the wrong gear - he thought it was in reverse, but it was in drive, and when he hit the gas, he ran over 43-year-old Salvadorean Jose Chinchilla Molina and his three friends who were socializing at Sonia's Diner, which is just outside the nightclub. Chinchilla was crushed under his wheel and died on the spot. Sargeant Humphries was taken into custody and his vehicle was impounded. Today police told us it is not a regular criminal prosecution:...

What Happened At Sarstoon Island This Time
On Saturday, while the rest of the Country was focused on the Carnival Road March in Belize City, a small group of Belizeans participated in the first ever Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge. It's the latest idea from Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers in their continued agitation for greater awareness of the Sarstoon Island. The volunteers set up a Kayak and Canoe race from the Barranco Village pier, to the Mouth of the Sarstoon, around the Sarstoon Island and back. With the help of our colleagues from PGTV, Maheia's television station, we have some images of that event. Here's how it looked out on the southern waters this Saturday: Though the event went mostly without incident, viewers just saw how the Guatemalan military vessels positioned themselves almost to stop the Belizeans. There may have been one or 2 which were definitely in Belizean waters at while they waited for the racers to get there. That will have to be verified by the Belizean law enforcement officers who were also observing. One observer who is questioning why nothing was done about the Guatemalan military that day is Belizean American Mario Lara. He's a former US Army soldier, who says that activities like this shouldn't be taken lightly. Lara was out on the Sarstoon in one of the boats as a sort of technical assistance staff for the race, should anything go wrong, He says that the Guatemalan military had intentions of trying to stop them. He explained via phone that the driver of his boat had to disregard the Guatemalan warning not to enter the Sarstoon to:

PUP Makes "Symbolic" Filing With Integrity Commission
Today was National Service Day - an observance created to honor the memory of National Hero George Price - who died six years ago today. The PUP laid a wreath on his grave, but they also put deeds into action by going to declare their assets and earnings to the non functioning integrity commission. He explained it is a symbolic gesture indicating his party's commitment to transparency - but he wasn't so transparent when we asked if they would publicly release the documents:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "I think it is something symbolical, a symbolic gesture on our part to be able to present it even though we don't have an integrity commission we are going to go to Belmopan." Jules Vasquez, 7News: "We know that there are ways of concealing assets and incomes. In terms of one can, for example, benefit from a company, but it's a shell company or it's in your family's name or there are ways obfuscating your true earnings. For example, you or your family is the owner of one of the largest telecommunications enterprises, but from a cable perspective as well the footprint of family's cable company, it has a monopoly from Ladyville up to into Corozal Town and the cable company continues. It's a huge company, it's a huge enterprise."

Hon. J. Espat Says Integrity Commission is Intrinsic To Good Governance
And one representative who's hell bent on forcing the government to be accountable is PUP Cayo South Representative Julius Espat. He also made his integrity filing today and he told the media that even if it's only symbolic, the gesture is important:... Hon. Julius Espat: "We have what it takes to show the Belizean people that we are not afraid to be held accountable for what we are and it's not that we are inventing the wheel, it is in the laws of Belize. Every elected public official should declare their assets. You know why? Because if you come in with $10, we want know how much you come out with minus how much salary you get. It's a basic formula. We just want to have a little idea. We want to know if the cheese was properly spent or not."

Espat Got Docked Because Of House Suspension, PUP Objects
And Espat's filing should be a little lighter because after he got suspended from the House of Representatives, government stopped paying him as a representative. Today Espat's party leader told us it's wrong in principle because the people made him a representative, and government he says can't take that away:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "The question we need to ask the Prime Minister, as a representative, you get paid to go to house meeting or you get paid to represent your people? Because if it only to go to a house meeting, we have about 3-4 house meetings a year and I certainly don't think that the people of this country would be happy to find out that you are being paid just to go to house meetings. I believe that we've been paid to be representatives 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and on leap year 366 days a year. So I want to put that on record, that we believe that it is wrong what they did and the Prime Minister needs to clarify that. Is he saying or is he suggesting that we are being paid to go to a house meeting or are we being paid to be a representative. Because no Speaker, no Prime Minister have the right to remove any of us as representatives of the people in the area that we represent."

Espat Explains His Interpretation Of House Suspension
You all will remember the explosive and historic house meeting in August where Cayo South Representative Julius Espat was suspended and then forcibly carried out by officers. Well Espat has said that the suspension was illegal and he would still be present for the next house meeting. But while Espat isn't taking the suspension seriously, the clerk of National Assembly does and today Espat gave us an update. Reporter: "Have you gotten any response from the clerk?" Hon. Julius Espat: "From the clerk, no. but I got a copy of a letter written by the Financial Secretary to the Clerk explaining to him that what he said was erroneous; that he had no authority to stop the payment of the constituency vote and to stop payments of the assistance to office because that comes from the Ministry of Finance. The only authority he had was on the salary or anything that has to do with the National Assembly. So that was clarified a couple days after by the Financial Secretary with instructions from the Prime Minister."

PUP Senators Clamor For Expedited Senate Meeting
And while the PUP's house lineup is unclear because of the Julius Espat situation, the focus right now is on the PUP Senators. They're hoping to bring back their defeated resolution for a Senate Inquiry into Immigration irregularities and are now pressing the President of the Senate to set a meeting to do so. Today, the PUP Leader told us they do not accept the Barrow administration's version of a Senate Select Committee:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "Okay the cabinet finally agree that we are going to do a senate like he is doing us a favor. But then he is saying, he is already saying what is the composition going to be for the senate. He does not have that power and to determine that it cannot be the senator from the private sector. That is something that is solely at the discretion of the senators themselves. At most he should do is to let the senate call a house meeting. And I am calling out on the president to call a senate meeting as soon as possible for them to decide what is the composition and for them to decide who's going to be the chairman and I hope that they follow the convention or follow the precedence that has been set under the PUP government, that it should be 5 members; 3 from social partners; 1 from opposition; and one from the government."

Maria Marin's Version, The Final Chapter
And keeping on the subject of immigration irregularities, here now is part 3 of our interview with former Immigration Director Maria Marin. She rejects many of the conclusions in the Auditor General's reports, but here's what she said about what went wrong in the department. "It's clear that other people, corrupt individuals elected and unelected, private and public officers were involved in a corrupt enterprise, facilitated through the immigration department." "Were you under pressure to help out the elected officials who may have needed or felt whatever obligation to assist people who came to them when you received a letter that says I recommend so and so, please assist this person?"

Remembering The Hero
As we told you earlier, today is the sixth anniversary of the death of Father of the Nation, George Price. As is traditional on this day, the PUP held a wreath laying service at his grave site at Lord's Ridge Cemetery. Price's family, and his political family gathered to remember the old man. PUP Leader John Briceno explained why Price's message remains relevant even after his passing on:...

Catholics Commend Barrow Admin. For Making Concessions To Christian Agenda
On Friday, we showed you how the National Evangelical Association of Belize went to the Court to file their written notice of Appeal to the Section 53 Judgment. Well, the Catholic Church has confirmed that it did the same, and tonight they're applauding Government for following through on their promise to make sure that the Court of Appeal will hear this case. The Statement from the Catholic Diocese says, quote, "The Roman Catholic Bishops express their appreciation to Government for appealing the decision, even if on a limited basis, to revisit the national gender policy and to support the position that marriage should be between man and woman only. The Bishops also express their gratitude to the Honorable Opposition Representatives who supported the Church's cause for appeal and who provided commitments to vote for Constitutional Amendments with a view to safeguard our children against the advance of an agenda that is not consonant with our collective public morality and our religious teaching." End Quote.

Jouver't, the Monster Mash of Mud and Masses
The Carnival is the culmination of everything that makes September so special: it has music, dancing, colour, patriotic themes, and, yes, for better or worse, it also embodies that spirit of excess that's a part of the celebration season. But for most folks - finding the money to pay for a carnival costume isn't easy, and for those thousands who just want to "go on bad" in the streets, jouver't is the answer. No costume required, it's a full on party in the streets! Our Codie Norales was out there with Wilson Grinage and here's what they saw:

Carnival Winners Are Repeat Champs From Veteran Camps
And from jouver't it was right into the carnival Road March. This year the route was about three quarter mile shorter; it finished at the Marion Jones Stadium and not the BTL Park. But when it was done, the winners were two old favourites: Jump Street Posse for the Juniours, and Soca Moca for the Seniors. As you heard earlier, it was an almost impossible outing for Soca Moca, because their camp headquarters had a structural collapsed on Friday, less than 24 hours before they went on the road. Still, they made it out unto the road in high spirits, and won for the second year in a row. Critics say it is a sympathy vote, but today the bandleader told us that all that prettiness you se eon the street is only a part of the score that leads to a winner:..

Culture Minister Shows Love To Grieving Soca Moca
And today, Minster of State for Culture Elodio Aragon made a gesture to donate to the family of deceased Soca Moca member Deborah Humes. We met him at the Camp Headquarters where he told us why it was important:

September: The Season For Soca
And while Carnival may be gone, the Soca music plays on on the 20th night. That's when a Byron Lee and the Dragonaires reunion concert will take place at the ITVET compound in Belize City. While "the Byron" is now playing with the big band in the sky his former front line performers Oscar B, Lima Calbio and Leon Caldero are performing together in his name. Earlier today we spoke to some of the, about the concert: Oscar B: "Well, it's nice to be back in Belize again. To all the listeners and viewers, it's Oscar b, yours truly, from Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, formaly. And it's nice to be back in Belize and we having a big convert happening this Tuesday at the ITVET compound. It's going to be a Soca jazz, Byron lee reunion with a sprinkle of some new and upcoming and fresh faces, that you will ever see that we're kind of launching out to the Belizean public; so it's going to be fun, it's gonna be exciting, I'm excited and the whole crew excited to be here."

Farewell, Carnival 2016
And we leave you tonight with highlites from our live Carnival coverage on Central American Boulevard. Our cameras caught all the shaking, sashaying, and shimmering costumes as they passed our live transmission site. Enjoy and join me back here tomorrow:…

Channel 5

Teachers Rally by the Thousands in Belmopan
The Belize National Teachers’ Union has gained quite the reputation for bringing the heat to Government leaders on both sides of the political divide. And while rain may have changed [...]

Belize City’s Schools Shutdown Due To Protest
With most of the nation’s teachers away in Belmopan, students in Belize City got a day-off. Our tour of the Old Capital found that many schools, like Saint Joseph’s R.C. [...]

Paul “Chicken Dread” Ferguson Detained by Police at End of Protest
The teachers’ appearance on Independence Hill was peaceful and without trouble, but what happened after its conclusion wasn’t. Belize City vendor and noted P.U.P. supporter Paul “Chicken Dread” Ferguson decided [...]

B.N.T.U. Prepares for Meeting with Prime Minister
The Teachers’ Union is preparing for a busy week ahead, and not just in the classroom. According to National President Luke Palacio, they have invited the Prime Minister to a [...]

Teachers’ Union President Threatens Court Action Over “Union-Busting”
The Belize National Teachers’ Union is not in the very least pleased with the Ministry of Education after what it considers attempts to undermine the activity of the Union. The [...]

P.U.P. Says It Has the Teachers’ Back
The People’s United Party was in Belmopan today on another mission which coincided with the teacher’s rally. While its rank and file generally stayed away, the parliamentarians did not miss [...]

Briceño Blames Economic Contraction for Salary Adjustment Deferral
According to Briceño, PM Barrow is unable to dole out the final three percent salary adjustment due to teachers for several reasons. Briceño points out that the economy is contracting [...]

P.U.P. Parliamentarians Deliver Statements to Integrity Commission
One of the events by the People’s United Party to mark National Service Day was the handing over of reports on assets and liabilities held by Opposition parliamentarians. It is [...]

Is P.U.P. Serious About Reviving Integrity Commission?
But the Integrity Commission has not been functioning for five years. So who receives the reports? P.U.P. Leader John Briceño says that the Secretary of the Commission will be handed [...]

On 5th Anniversary of His Death, George Price Party & Nation Pay Tribute
The Father of the Nation George Price passed away five years ago. Price led the People’s United Party for four decades from the days of a colonial outpost, to self [...]

Julius Espat Gets Back Part of Monies For Constituency
Last week we reported on the attempt by the Clerk of the National Assembly to withhold Cayo South area representative Julius Espat’s salary, community vote and office allowances following his [...]

Will Revamped Public Accounts Committee Work?
The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives has been the subject of much debate – but not among its members, who can barely agree on anything. The Committee [...]

Celebrations Commission Donates for Funeral of Crushed Carnival Reveller
Deborah Humes died on Friday night after she was crushed by a house that collapsed atop her on Dolphin Street where the Soca Moca Carnival Band was preparing for the [...]

Rookie Cop Avoids Criminal Charges on Discharging Firearm during Carnival
A rookie cop who discharged his licensed firearm as the carnival road march was winding down on Saturday is facing disciplinary proceedings. Police Corporal Kris Staine is accused of firing [...]

2 Year Old Child Sustained Laceration, But Was Not Shot
Pandemonium broke when the shot was fired, but many persons on the ground claim that more than one shot was fired and that it was not only the cop. Reports [...]

Family’s 4-Year Ordeal over 2 Bullets Ends
Turning to the courts…forty-seven year old Romie Anthony and her two children – twenty-eight year old Amir and eighteen year old Brea – are finally free from jail after charges [...]

Romie Anthony Speaks About Agony as She Reveals Plans for Lawsuit
Anthony went to trial and told the court that she was on her way home when police arrived at her house and the bullets were found under her house after [...]

Former P.M. Musa Would Have Taken Tougher Hand on Danny Mason Affair
Former Prime Minister Said Musa spoke today on the William “Danny” Mason affair and he did not hesitate to say how he would have handled it. Mason is behind bars [...]

Guatemalan Gunboats Menace Participants In BTV’s Sarstoon Eco-Challenge
The first ever Sarstoon Eco-Challenge proceeded in the waters of the national southern boundary on Saturday morning and afternoon. There was preoccupation that the event would renew hostility by the [...]

Carnival 2016: The Mas Reaches Climax
Months of preparation gave away to the Carnival Road March 2016 this past Saturday in Belize City. The parade of the bands got off to somewhat of a slow start [...]

Sports Monday with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The premier league of Belize continues to roll and the Belize City fans were treated to a rather entertaining [...]


PUP Submits Statements Of Assets And Liabilities To Integrity Commission
Annually, elected officials of Belize are by law required to submit a statement of assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission, satisfying the requirements of the Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act. Today, on National Service Day, the anniversary of the passing of the party's leader, George Cadle Price, the 12 elected representatives and three senators representing the People's United Party delivered theirs. Aside from commemorating National Service day, the party felt it important to deliver their report at this time when the Belizean people are concerned about the level of corruption in our country, says leader of the opposition- Hon. John Briceño. Honorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party: “We are going to go and handed over to the secretary and he is going to take it until the time a new Commission I appointed and we hope that from there then the process can start.”

PUP Honors The Father Of The Nation
"I would like to be known as a good Belizean, one who went through life on a pilgrimage and left the world a better place than I found it." Those words were echoed by the Father of the Nation the Right Honorable George Cadle Price who passed away five years ago on this very same day September 19th. Deemed as the Father of the Nation George Cadle Price is described as great man, a man who fought for the country’s Independence, a man who believed and lived by the philosophy of the Peoples United Party. Honorable George Cadle Price died on September 19th 2011 at the age of 92, in a medically induced coma at Belize Healthcare Partners Hospital after surgery to remove a blood clot. In order to commemorate the life, work, dedication and service of the late Rt. Hon. George Price, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development declared September 19th as “National Service Day”, a day set for Belizeans to carry out community service projects in order to make a positive change through hard work and service. On this day the leaders of the Peoples United Party as well as supporters visit the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City where George Price now rests to lay wreaths at his grave site and this year was no exception. After the special ceremony the media spoke to the Leader of the Opposition the Honorable John Briceno who spoke about the importance of keeping Price’s legacy alive especially among our younger generation.

Another Meeting Set With Prime Minister and BNTU
Hundreds of teachers avoided their classrooms today to gather in the City of Belmopan for a demonstration led by the Belize National Teachers Union. While we will show you how that went, first we report on the trading of demands and responses between the BNTU and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Last week Monday, the Union wrote Prime Minister Barrow listing out demands on his Government. The Prime Minister responded the day after, pointing out that his Government has done enough on the issues raised by the Union. The PM also asked for a meeting and over the weekend, the BNTU Council of Management held a special meeting to discuss their next move. National President Luke Palacio explained.


Thousands of Teachers Traveled to Capital City for Protest
The Belize National Teachers Union gathered in solidarity today in the nation’s capital clamouring for good governance from the Barrow administration. Love News was there from start to finish; here is Renee Trujillo with a report.

Opposition Party Gives Thumbs Up to BNTU
Thousands of teachers demonstrated today in Belmopan. The Belize National Teachers Union, aside from demanding their three percent salary adjustment, is asking for good governance. People’s United Party Leader, John Briceno says that the BNTU has the support of the PUP. JOHN BRICENO “We had an executive meeting last week Friday and at that meeting […]

Briceno Calls Julius Espat’s Situation, ‘Curious’
Last week Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat, was informed, that his funds for his constituency had been cut off as well as his stipend. Today we got a reaction from Espat’s leader and the leader of the People’s United party, John Briceno, who said that the situation is rather curious. JOHN BRICENO ” Espat […]

PUP Leader Says Support of Section 53 is an Individual Choice
Last week Friday, the Government of Belize through its Attorney General Office filed an application to partially appeal the Chief Justice’s decision on Section 53. This made it possible for the churches, in particular the Roman Catholic Church and the National Evangelical Association of Belize to file an application to appeal the CJ’s decision in […]

Brit Knocks Down Man Outside Dreamlike City
A fatal traffic accident left Salvadorian National Jose Chinchilla Molina dead in the early hours of Sunday morning. The accident happened outside of the Dream Light City Night Club at mile and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Eyewitness accounts are that a F150 blue pickup truck with British license plates and being driven […]

Traffic Incident Leaves Victim Critical
A villager of Roaring Creek remains hospitalized in a critical condition following a road traffic accident on Saturday. We hear more in this report from correspondent Fem Cruz. FEM CRUZ “A 38 year old laborer of Roaring Creek Village is in a critical condition at the KHMH following a late evening traffic accident. Love News […]

Senator Smith Is Prepared to Vacate Seat
As we mentioned earlier in our news, Senator Elena Smith was at today’s BNTU protest. She is the Senator representing the civil society and unions but for love of her country, she says she is ready for the title of Senator to be taken away. ELENA SMITH ” Love News had received reports that Senator […]

Territorial Volunteers Organize Sarstoon Eco Challenge
Twenty nine participants were a part of the first ever Sarstoon Eco Challenge that was held on Saturday morning. Organizer of the race and leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers, Wil Maheia stated apart from the constant Guatemalan Military presence that accompanied them throughout almost the entire race, the event was a success. WIL MAHEIA […]

Kayak Race Disrupted by Guatemalan Military at the Sarstoon
The first ever Sarstoon Eco Challenge was held on Saturday morning. Twenty nine kayakers participated in a race to Sarstoon Island. When we spoke with organizer of the challenge and leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers, Wil Maheia he stated that the kayakers were in good spirits. However, upon reaching the mouth of the Sarstoon […]

Police Clarifies Post-Carnival Rumors
After a shooting on Princess Margaret Drive at the end of the Carnival Parade on Saturday evening, a number of rumors and allegations surfaced. This morning Police office at the Eastern Division North called a Press Conference to discuss the shooting and clarify allegations. Assistant Commissioner of Police Dezeree Phillips explained what happened. DEZEREE PHILLIPS […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

IDB and Belize sign loan agreement
The General Manager of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for Central America, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic country department, Gina Montiel and Prime Minister Dean Barrow signed today an IDB loan agreement to finance investments to improve the transport, recovery and final disposal […]

“Chicken Dread” held, released in Belmopan during teachers’ protest
At the end of the BNTU-sponsored protest in Belmopan, Belize City vendor and noted PUP supporter Paul “Chicken Dread” Ferguson decided to speak his mind about the issues of the day, with much to say about the current administration. But his remarks rubbed some […]

Ambassadors present credentials to Governor General
Four ambassadors presented their credentials to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young today, Monday, at the Belize House in Belmopan, according to a Government of Belize press release. H.E Jorge Roza de Oliveira, Ambassador of Portugal; H.E. Margriet Leemhuis, Ambassador of […]

Churches file Section 53 appeal
The Roman Catholic Church entered its appeal as an interested to the Section 53 ruling on Friday. In a press release, the Catholic Bishops thanked the government for appealing the decision, “even if on a limited basis”. The Church also thanked representatives from the […]

House burglarized in Orange Walk, thieves take $4,000 in cash
Police in Orange Walk are investigating a burglary that happened yesterday in the Louisiana area of Orange Walk. According to reports, Ettienne Hutchinson, 33, of Savannah Street, Louisiana area, reported to police that between the hours of 1:00 and 8:30 p.m. on September 18, […]

BATSUB Sergeant involved in fatal traffic accident; 1 person dead
Police are investigating a fatal traffic accident that happened yesterday near mile 1 ½ on the Philip Goldson Highway, which has claimed the life of one person. According to reports, police visited mile 1 ½ on the Philip Goldson Highway on the compound of […]

PUP’s submit statements of assets and liabilities to Integrity Commission
Annually, elected officials of Belize are to submit a statement of assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission, satisfying the requirements of the Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act. The 12 elected representatives and three senators representing the People’s United Party PUP today […]

BNTU rally in Belmopan rain
President of the Belize National Teachers Union has warned that the Government may face court action for attempting to “bust” the union by maneuvering to keep schools open today ahead of the protest which is now underway in Belmopan. Speaking at the Belmopan Civic […]

Belizeans commemorate the Father of the Nation
Today, September 19, marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of the father of the nation, the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price. In commemoration, as has become a tradition, members of the People’s United Party (PUP) and the wider public have gathered at […]

Over 6,000 teachers show up in Belmopan to demonstrate
Over 6,000 teachers are currently demonstrating in the Capital City of Belmopan. The teachers came from all across Belize to not only demand their 3 percent salary increase but also to demand good governance, transparency and accountability in government. A BBN staff reporter […]

U.S. Embassy in Belize issues security message to US Citizens about planned demonstration today
The U.S. Embassy in Belize has issued a security message to U.S. citizens about the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) demonstration that is taking place this morning in Belmopan. “The U.S. Embassy Belize informs U.S. citizens that a demonstration is expected to take place […]

Belize teachers to stage massive protest today
A massive protest is scheduled for this morning at Independence Hill in Belmopan by the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) despite government assuring parents and students that schools countrywide will be opened. The BNTU says that the demonstration is not only about the […]


Road tripping with Crystal Auto Rentals…have wheels will travel
When on Ambergris Caye, my means of transportation include a golf cart, bicycle and on foot, all very pleasant ways to get from point A to B, but when headed to the mainland I’m just itching to put the pedal to the metal and hit the road! As the pilot of your own destiny, you have the luxury of spontaneous travel. You can stop where/whenever you want for that great photo op, a quick bite along the way, or yes, brake at roadside plant stands! Why not venture off-road into unfamiliar territory for a little look-around? Your possibilities are endless when you have your own wheels. My go-to rental company is Crystal Auto Rentals. Owner Mr. Jay, along with Rina and staff are the nicest, most accommodating folks around, and their vehicles are well maintained, newer models with low mileage. You can choose from a variety of sedans, trucks, vans, SUV’s or even a mobile home if you want! I love that they’ll pick you up (and drop you) from wherever you are arriving/departing, via water taxi, Municipal or International Airport, and what’s a road trip must…a cooler of course. Crystal Auto not only provides you with an ice chest, they even have cell phones available if you need one!

Cayo Frances Farm & Fly is Officially Open! Explore the Other Side of Ambergris Caye
A new, very different business on the Leeward side of Ambergris Caye is finally open! Cayo Frances Farm and Fly. A flyfishing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, S’more eating, lobster grilling, book reading camp on the BEAUTIFUL west side of Ambergris Caye. 2 cabins for guests. A bunch of Boteboard SUPs and NuCanoe kayaks – both rigged for fishing. And a 3 acre farm. Called that because it is almost all black dirt – a rarity on this limestone and sand caye. The first guests arrive in less than one month. For any and all information about this new serene destination, a new way to see this nation with no imitation …check out Jeff’s website, Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

Salsa Verde Hamburgers
These hamburgers are spicy and juicy. When served with some corn tortilla chips alongside the left over dip it is so delicious.

Crazy Fun Chetumal Mexico Shopping
As many of you know, a group of us took advantage of the big Tropic Air seat sale and took a mini vacation to Chetumal last month. Our road trip crew consisted of Aimee, her daughter Tori and boyfriend Ryan, her mom Cheryl, Sandie, her son Logan and I. Everyone would agree it was mission accomplished for Mexico shopping and eating. That was the heart of why we, and most people living in Belize cross the border to Chetumal. Shop till you drop was a huge success for all of us and everyone ended up with a lot more than we planned on due to the wide variety of choice. So much so for me that I had to by a very large duffel bag at Coppel and reusable shopping bag at Chedraui, both big Mexican department stores at Plaza Las Americas. There was no way it was all going to fit in my knapsack especially a big cake I could not resist. Thankfully I managed to get home without squishing it.

International Sourcesizz

Belize’s IFSC Flags TradeFxp License as “Complete Forgery”
The Belize financial watchdog has issued a warning stating that a company calling itself TradeFxP is falsely and fraudulently claiming to hold a trading in securities license issued by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The update was released by IFSC Director General Neri J. Matus, who last issued a warning against TRADE24 Investments in June for a similar offence. In its latest case, Matus said that all persons concerned should exercise extreme caution and note that the aforementioned entity is not licensed by the IFSC or any other competent authority in Belize to carry out any type of trading activity. Furthermore, the certificate of incorporation on its website under the url is a “complete forgery”.

TIFF 2016: Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee Review
Remember when just about every computer would come pre-installed with McAfee antivirus software? Perhaps you’ve already heard the crazy story of its outlandish inventor, but after watching Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, I don’t know how I hadn’t. John McAfee made his fortune from creating the first commercial antivirus software in the late 80s, and though he sold his stake in that company to Intel in 1994, the software still bore his name until 2014 when the events examined in this documentary caused them to rebrand. Director Nanette Burstein (The Kid Stays in the Picture) at first paints a picture of what seems like your garden variety eccentric rich genius. After retiring from the computer security business, McAfee became a Yoga guru, writing several books on the subject and hosting free Yoga retreats. It was after he lost most of his fortune in the 2008 crash and moved to Belize that the real story began. Here McAfee lived like a Central American crime boss. He bought a huge compound, hired ex-cons as armed guards, buttered up local police, and kept multiple teenaged girlfriends. Fuelled by narcissism, hubris, and paranoia, McAfee used his money to wield power and intimidation over this small impoverished town before becoming a ‘person of interest’ in a murder case, forcing him to seek refuge in Guatemala.


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  • DIVING BELIZE. AGGRESSOR III LIVEABOARD.SEPT 2016, 10min. Buceando en Belice en un crucero vida a bordo con Aggressor Fleet y con gente majísima

  • ziplining through the rainforest in Belize, 9min.

  • Belize Day 3: Adventure to a Cave Waterfall Hike., 2.5min. Chris and Leah spend their day hiking a cave waterfall that's about 4 miles round trip. They face complete darkness, wading through chilly water, and bats... lots of bats.

  • TARPON TIMES TWO ~ El Pescador, Belize, 2min.

  • Here is the route for the 2016 Independence Parade in San Pedro! starting at 10 a.m., 2.5min.

  • My First Time in BELIZE!, 10min. My first two days in Belize. AND I LOVE IT!

  • Belize Carnival 2016 #2, 6.5min. The Belize City Carnival 2016.

  • J'ouvert 2016 Belize, 8min.

  • Belize City Carnival 2016 video 1, 22min.

  • Belize City Carnival 2016, 8min.

  • Belize City Carnival 2016, 4min.

  • Belize City Carnival 2016, 13min.

  • Belize City Carnival 2016, 22min.

  • Belize Trip 2016, 8min. Diving and Exploring Ambergris Cay, Cay Caulker, January 2016.

    September 19, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Tropic Air Gives Back to Liberty Children’s Home
    Tropic Air, The Airline of Belize, has announced the August results of its 2016 nationwide #TropicGivesBack charitable fundraising campaign. For every ticket bought at the month’s selected station, $1 is donated to an organization chosen by our staff stationed in that community. August was the chosen month for Belize City Municipal Airport. Even with the effects of Hurricane Earl, Tropic Air business partners, staff and Customers joined efforts and raised $635 for the Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville. A check was presented to Agatha Valentine of the organization by station manager Rudolph Perez, and staff member Francis Trujeque, on Wednesday, September14th.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: The Boss of the House
    “Hey, Mr. Dennis. Could you do me one favor?” “Sure, Mario,” I said. “What do you need?” “My wife is having one of those parties for her friends today. I always seem to do something that makes her mad when she has these parties. I want you to come visit me. We’ll sit on the porch and talk and maybe I don’t do nothing to vex her.” “I don’t know, Mario. Your wife has a mighty sharp tongue,” I said. “I don’t want her angry at me.” “Oh, don’t worry about that. I’m the boss in my house.” At the party Mario and I were sitting on the porch when his wife called him. “Mario! Bring that cake from the kitchen table!” ‘I’ll be right back,” he said to me. A minute later I heard a lot of female voices squealing and shouting from the living room.” “Mario! Idiota! You dropped the cake,” his wife yelled. “You go into that hall closet and stay there until the party is over.” “Si, mi amor.”

    Police Report – Found Drugs
    On Friday, September 9th, acting on information received, a joint team of the Criminal Investigative Branch and San Pedro Police conducted a search near the residence of a known drug dealer in the Bayside Area, San Pedro Town. The search was conducted behind the residence in the lagoon area, and led to the discovery of a small paint bucket containing a parcel wrapped in plastic with (512) grams of Cannabis (Hydro). No one was found in the area and the drugs were labeled and deposited as ‘Found Property’

    Doctor Love: Still Crazy
    Dear Doctor Love, When I was twenty-one I was crazy about my first real love. We were together for a year and a half when I went through a hard time at work and lost my job. I started getting crazy jealous and suspicious for no reason and she eventually left. That was ten years ago. I think of her all of the time. I found her on Facebook and learned that she is in Los Angeles in the U.S. Her profile says she is single. A Belizean friend in L.A. says he runs into her at every festival held by the LA/Belizean Association. He called and said that he saw her and that she is planning to go to the Gilharry 7 concert for the Belizean Independence Day celebration. I am dying to get in touch with her so I can apologize and try to make things right. I thought of contacting her on Facebook but I feel like it would be easier for her to just ignore me. Should I just contact her that way? I got this wild idea that if I went to LA for the concert I can find her there. Right now I am planning to be in Los Angeles for the concert. Am I fool for doing this? Please advise me. /s/ Still Crazy

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Today is National Service Day
    National Service Day honors the memory of the Rt. Hon. George Price.

    Belize teachers to stage mass protest today
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) has announced plans for a mass demonstration today, even as the government assured parents that all schools will be opened. The Ministry of Education, in a statement, informed parents, teachers and students that in compliance with the education rules, managing authorities will take necessary measures to make certain that schools and institutions are kept open for classes today The BNTU said it has asked its membership to wear signature green T-shirts as part of the ‘Stand Up For Belize’ solidarity campaign on matters of urgent national importance. BTNU President Luke Palacio said his union would not be joining other trade unions, including the Public Service Union and Association of Public Service Senior Managers, for talks with Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Friday.

    Letter: Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition - the classic case of a bankrupt entity
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is “The New Political and Social Consciousness” of Belize. That is evidenced via our fresh approach toward not only pointing out the issues, but more importantly, providing viable solutions. Neither side of the PUPD non-divide can make such a principled claim. Bearing this in mind, we realise that although we are focused on solutions, there are occasions when we must clearly identify for the Belizean public, just how futile it is for you to place your hope in any of the two political albatrosses that continue to pick away at the carcass of what was known as Belize’s economy. A case in point involves the recent article entitled, “Free-Fall Recession”, that was listed as being “contributed” to a column presented by Gee Michael Reid in the 18th September 2016 edition of the opposition’s mouthpiece, The Belize Times.

    Belize School of Outdoor Leadership Training
    Would like to congratulate all 13 students who completed their Cave and Swiftwater Rescue course over the weekend. BSOLT is very proud of you all. Great Job all. Thanks to our members who attended and assisted in making this training successful.

    Belize Fishing Report, Sept. 4th – Sept 10th, 2016
    Congratulations to John for a Grand Slam to start off the week! He was on cloud nine never even dreaming this may be possible for him. Wohooo! Our friend Hugh was able to soft slam (we count that over a whole week), day one he got his first bonefish, day 3 his fist permit and day 4 a tarpon. Greg from NRA Outdoors landed a permit , bonefish and tarpon during his stay with us ( returning after a visit eight years ago.)

    One of the best experiences...ever
    hanks to Philip Balderamos, Roni Martinez (our Birding gurus) the awesome ladies from Belize Audubon - Dominique Lizama, Dareece Chuc and countless others at the various destinations we travelled to. But most of all I thank all the participants who selflessly helped each other along the way to make sure we all advanced together.

    Great thanks to Belize Audubon Society
    5 weeks of intense, technical, ornithological training with some of Belize's top names in birding, to get everyone on a regional level. Its been a roller coaster of emotions, sacrifices and joys. Worth every single minute of it. This course will not likely be repeated again anytime soon, so, im just glad this was all done by Belizeans and for Belizeans. Birders from abroad can now come to this country and enjoy not only the birds, but also pleasant guides with a legitimate passion for conservation and deep knowledge of the birds of Belize. Congrats birders, I am truly proud of you!

    Belize Screen on the Green - Dangriga
    Please joing us for the Belize Screen on the Green in Dangriga! We will be featuring the movie "Sarafina. " The movie is free and open to the public. Thursday, September 29 at 6 PM - 9 PM, Circle of the Drums - Dangriga

    Belize Screen on the Green - October
    Belize Screen on the Green is featuring the move "Little Shop of Horros" for October! Bring the family and enjoy this classic. As always, movie starts at dark and popcorn and refreshments will be served for free (while they last). See you there! clock Thursday, October 13 at 6 PM - 9 PM, Governor General Field Ring Road, Belmopan, Belize

    The Reporter

    Police constable reportedly attacked during carnival; fires warning shot on Princess Margaret Drive
    A police constable reportedly had to fire a warning shot from his licensed handgun during the carnival parade on Saturday when he came under attack by a group of men. Police say that at around 5:20 p.m., on Saturday, they were summoned to a location on Princess Margaret Drive where PC Kris Staine, who is attached to Eastern Division South, reported that while he was watching the carnival parade near Nazarene high school, “unknown persons” threw several bottles at him. Staine said he drew his licensed 9 millimeter pistol and fired a warning shot in the air. This triggered a panic and the crowd ran for cover, assuming that they were in the midst of gun violence.

    Churches appeal CJ’s ruling on Section 53
    Twenty-one days and on the final day open to appeal Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling in favour of the LGBT community on Section 53, the Churches filed their appeal. Pastor Lance Lewis, president of the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB), explained that the application was filed by himself and Pastor Scott Stirm on behalf of the Churches that are part of the Association. He said the Association is seeking permission to join in the appeal because it was not previously a listed interested party. The Roman Catholic church has also filed its appeal and that is an appeal of the full ruling, which also includes that adults can now engage in sexual activity that are not confined to conventional practices; and that sexual orientation can now be defined as sex.

    Teachers plan to demonstrate, despite meeting with PM Friday
    Teachers plan to demonstrate on Monday, despite a meeting between their national leadership and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who offered an additional proposal to them to abort the protest. The teachers, represented by their union, the Belize National Teachers’ Union ((BNTU) refuse to agree with the government to defer payment of their salary increase until next year on government’s reason that Hurricane Earl has brought with it unexpected expenses that make meeting that payment impossible at this time. Barrow explained to reporters after the meetings that the session was useful and constructive. “There is a proposal government has offered as a way of trying to break the stalemate where two unions have voted one way and the BNTU have voted the next. The BNTU has promised to take that proposal back to its membership and give us a response as soon as they’ve been able to consult and that’s where things now are,” Barrow explained.

    The Belize Times

    BNTU TO PM – GODWIN HAFTO ROLL! – Unions Mobilize for Industrial Action
    The powerful Belize National Teachers Union, after consultations, is preparing to mobilize in a massive protest against corruption in Government. The Belize Times has been able to confirm with the BNTU that a letter has been sent to Prime Minister Barrow in which the Union provides a list of demands. Prominent on that list, and critical to the future of the GOB/BNTU relationship is a request that Senator Godwin Hulse recuse himself from any matters in the Senate involving the proposed Senate Inquiry into the Auditor-General reports. BNTU President Luke Palacio told the Belize Times this afternoon that it would be impossible to have an impartial, fair and effective Inquiry if Senator Hulse is involved in any way. We have been informed that the letter to the Prime Minister goes further than that to call for the removal of Senator Hulse as Minister of Police, a position he recently assumed after disgraced Minister John Saldivar was removed in the wake of the William Mason scandal. That demand from the BNTU is one which has been voiced repeatedly by the People’s United Party, the Social Partners and other individuals and entities who have banded together to demand a REAL Senate Inquiry free from political interference or manipulation.

    Cocaine, Connections & Corruption
    CEO in the Ministry of Police Ret’d Colonel George Lovell has confirmed to the Belize Times that he has directed Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie to commence an immediate investigation into appalling allegations being made in the now sensational Pakeman case. Likewise, an investigation has been ordered at the National Forensic Science Service which handled the specimens in question and produced lab reports both for Dorian Pakeman, head of the Belize Press Office and RTA victim Dean Dawson. That investigation has become absolutely necessary only because five months after the accident, just two weeks ago, the media has learned that a lab report confirming that Pakeman had cocaine in his system the night of the accident was mysteriously “disappeared.” It was received by Ladyville Police, but curiously when the DPP was given the file to for her decision on whether to charge Pakeman, the only lab report she received was one which confirmed that Pakeman had no alcohol in his system. The Belize Times has since learned that ACP Broaster, Rural Eastern Division Commander in whose jurisdiction the accident happened, is claiming that he sent a Police Officer to the DPP with that particular lab report but somehow it got lost.

    The Prime Minister of Belize has been forced to bend and bow under tremendous, sustained pressure from the People’s United Party, social partners and many other Belizeans who have taken a stance against corruption. Last week thousands of Belizeans took to the streets, on a weekday, and marched to show Dean Oliver that the people are fed up of the unchecked raping of our systems by his Ministers and cronies given almost unlimited power by the UDP. Since that march and pressure from all corners, Mr. Barrow has been forced to “backer-up” in a hurry or be moved out the way by the power of the people. Following a regular meeting of his Cabinet on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, a release from the government of Belize informed the nation that Cabinet will support a Senate Select Committee rather than the unconstitutional Joint Select Committee Mr. Barrow had tried to push down the throats of Belizeans. The Prime Minister seems to have fallen down that proverbial rabbit hole into a wonderland where he feels that it is the Cabinet which decides when and if and how corruption in that same Cabinet should be investigated.

    Dean Barrow has run the country as a tin-horn tyrant. It is a one-man government that has served him, his family and cronies well, but has ruined the young nation of Belize. For those who thought the Said Musa government was a disappointment, multiply that twelve time twelve and you have the biggest disappointment of all. Since becoming Prime Minister Mr. Barrow has produced not one single reform in the vast public service which is the engine that performs the government’s work. The Customs Department is more corrupt than eight years ago. Worse so is the Ministry of Lands, thoroughly infested and rotten to the core. The Immigration Department, always a hustlers’ paradise, has become a den of thieves for Ministries and an assortment of crooks. The Police Department is no more. It has morphed into little fiefdoms of over a dozen sections, all breaking the law and subservient to politicians and drug lords.

    The Winds of Change
    There was a time when Mr. Barrow would have been able to spin manure into gold where the follies of his administration are concerned. As has happened in so many scandals in the past, the Prime Minister would let loose with meticulously rehearsed rhetorical flourishes and gestures, spinning and spinning until wrongs became right and outrage became confusion and then acceptance. There were times when more than a carefully crafted spin became necessary and then suave, sophisticated Barrow morphed into bully Barrow. This was the man then who would state in no uncertain terms that it was his way or the highway – no dissension allowed, end of story. It was a different approach, but no less effective. Just ask the unions who were told that they missed the boat where any oversight into the spending of Petrocaribe monies was concerned. That boat never came back for them.

    Peyrefitte Scandals Himself
    The bombastic and crude Michael Peyrefitte who Prime Minister Barrow made a Speaker of the House of Representatives has made a spectacle of himself once again. Peyrefitte is the subject and object of some of the worst insults and scornful treatment on Facebook. His blunder and heavy-handed behaviour in the House of Representatives in over-reacting to Hon. Julius Espat have not improved his image. He is the worst Speaker to have held such a position. Peyrefitte’s name is in the Auditor’s General’s Report on the Immigration Department. The Report says he signed an application form which he was not authorized to sign. He took to Channel 7 to lambast the Auditor-General and the Report. He even followed up his outburst with a letter threatening to sue the Auditor-General for “defaming and smearing his character.” Tsk! Tsk!

    By Gilroy Usher, Sr. When will the National Emergency Manage-ment Organization (NEMO), Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Anthony “Boots” Martinez – Area Representative for Port Loyola raise the house of Miss Marva Hamilton which fell off its post due to Hurricane Earl? Miss Hamilton is a single mother with diverse ability. Due to problems with her sight she has to walk with the aid of a stick. Her home is a small, yellow, wooden house on Custard Apple St. which is just a stone’s throw from the office of “Boots” Martinez in Port Loyola. Due to the hurricane Miss Hamilton’s house is almost 45 degrees to the ground which makes it unsuitable for living.

    On Morality, the ‘Morality Commission’ & Kleptocracy
    By: Norris Hall. Belize is not a theocracy. It is a democracy, or it should be. The government has a responsibility to be all things to ALL people. The Prime Minister, in an act of desperation, has bowed under pressure to create a “Morality Commission” under the Chairmanship of one of the most amoral (by church standards) government officials, the Deputy Prime Minister. That is the first farce. Outside of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, outside of Chapter Two of the Belize Constitution, and outside of the laws of Belize and the challenge to those laws, no church, none, has the right to even try to calibrate my moral compass. If this is allowed to happen then the Church and the “Morality Commission” will soon be able to tell me that I MUST go to church, which church I must attend and which God I must worship. This is wrong. Very wrong!

    Submitted By: Eduardo Santos. Corruption, in one form or another, is a worldwide phenomenon. But everyone admits that corruption is something ugly, immoral and detestable. Unfortunately, in our country, corruption has become a part of life. It has entered the very roots of our society. Corruption, nepotism and dishonesty have tarnished the very fabric of our social life. Our ministers are corrupt, our officers are corrupt and may of our people are corrupt. Even our anti-corruption departments fall as easy prey to the vilest of the corrupt persons and they let them go scot free after minor punishment. The law of the land is too weak to deal with the corrupt elements with an iron fist. The vested interests rule the roost. Everybody feels helpless in such a state of affairs. Some people have even started talking of the nationalization of corruption in the country. They argue that we should frankly admit that we are a corrupt nation and that we cannot do without it. It is a matter of shame and regret for all those who care to hear the call of their conscience. One feels like crying out with Shakespeare.

    By Kevin Bernard. Just like that September 10th came and went, and everybody’s saying that this could very well be one of the worst Septembers in recent memory where attendance and spirit are concerned. People are posting on Facebook that they’re in Belize City still waiting for the parade to pass, still waiting for the jump up and flags waving and that joy which usually signifies that the September “celebrations” are underway. As much as it grieves me to say it, they’re right. As a municipal administration we are trying so hard to bring back the happiness and pride which makes this a special time for all of us. But people, on a whole, are not feeling it. They are saying that it is difficult to have a September celebration when there is so very little to celebrate. And it’s true. As Belizeans we should be feeling a sense of achievement in how far we have come together and in what we have achieved in our own lives and for our families, but things are really, really bad right now. Everything is getting much more expensive and it is getting harder to put food on the table. And while the cost of everything keeps going up, including our utility bills, our people aren’t making more money to compensate for those increases.

    By Dolores Balderamos Garcia. Last week I was reading a very keen analysis of how Dilma Rousseff’s Presidency of Brazil became undone. In the article from the BBC News online, was this statement: “It is believed that the overriding concern of Brazil’s well-heeled political elite is to find a way of shutting down or emasculating the corruption investigation before it goes any deeper.” I said to myself – Isn’t this just exactly what is happening now with the Dean Barrow administration??!! The article on former President Rousseff says that she was never implicated in the corruption and self-enrichment of the Petrobras scandal, but she paid dearly for “political” missteps. She did not want to cut deals or form alliances, and as well the economy was in recession. The article concludes that, as a result of Rousseff’s impeachment and removal from office, Brazilian democracy was damaged and sullied in the eyes of many due to back-stabbing, betrayal and, as always, corruption.

    Happy September Celebrations to all Belizeans and those visiting us from abroad. Over the 10th weekend the Wonderer wandered on the Placencia peninsula for a short weekend. While wandering I was impressed with all the development taking place. Development is good when it is responsibly done. Saw some lots near the lagoon that are barely 60 feet from the roadside to the lagoon side. Where is the 66 feet reserve? Is it only a myth or are some land-owners more special than others? I wonder if the officers in charge of all departments are aware of many infractions occurring or they are doing like their political boses? If you di do I wan do too! Two projects aroused my curiousity. While having lunch at “The Placencia” I noticed dredging occurring within their so called marina (see photo 1 taken Friday 9th) built some years ago. There were structures of rock (A, B, C) placed in the sea partially encircling the pier. Before the marina was built lots of people used to enjoy swimming at the Placencia. The beach was sandy and you could swim out as far as possible.

    Meet Griga’s Rebecca Rath – Miss Belize Universe!
    The judges’ decision was extremely difficult, but in the end the Culture Capital’s lovely Rebecca Rath was crowned “Queen of the Jewel” by Miss Belize 2006 Maria Jeffery. A 23-year-old University of Houston graduate, Rebecca was the complete package – an athletic beach volleyball player, she exuded health and vigor and answered perceptively on social issues. She won ‘Top Model, Beach Beauty’ and was voted the People’s Choice on the pageant’s Facebook page. Her cultural costume represented the habanero pepper and Rebecca was quite eloquent in her monologue on the subject. Rebecca’s prizes include a university scholarship from the Ministry of Education but she won’t have much time for that just yet as she leaves for Los Angeles next month to begin her training for the Miss Universe pageant, which will be held at the Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017. She’ll go up against close to 100 other beauties, of which 61 of her rivals have already been confirmed. Belizeans will be rooting for Rebecca to be crowned as the successor to reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines.

    Free-fall Recession
    Our last recession in Belize occurred in 2009 as a consequence of the bursting of the Housing Bubble that occurred in the United States commencing in the last quarter of 2007. The U.S. Housing Bubble was created when very poor and questionable decisions were taken in the U.S. housing market to spur housing growth. Buyers who were from the outset unable to repay their new housing loans were lured in by unscrupulous lenders. This was a scheme based on greed and total disregard for the welfare of those borrowers. In the case of Belize, the Barrow Administration cannot blame any external factors for the two consecutive quarters of economic contraction (January – July 2016), now clearly an official recession of our economy. Even after benefiting from the bounty of taxes on the windfall from BNE when world oil prices were high, and from PetroCaribe largesse, their short-sighted and politically motivated economic policies have backfired with a clear burst.

    William Mason Back in Court
    William Danny Mason, aka Rajesh Ouellett, the Guyanese born fraudster and apparent mastermind behind one of Belize’s most gruesome crimes, the beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court this morning along with his four co-defendants who were all scheduled to receive disclosure today. The specific charges that brought Mason and his co-defendants to court today was the murder charge in connection with Pastor Lucas and the kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping. Mason is being represented by attorneys Herbert Panton, Dickie Bradley and Oscar Selgado. As the Court convened, Panton who was not attired in his attorney’s garb squared off with the prosecutor in the case, attorney and Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.

    Barrow is AFRAID of Senator Lizarraga
    On two separate occasions, Thursday, September 1, 2016 and Friday, September 9, 2016, Mr. Barrow has stated categorically that he would never entertain a Committee into UDP corruption being chaired by private sector Senator Mark Lizarraga. He has not given a reason why, even though the question has been put to him, except to say NO! Why is the Prime Minister so afraid of Senator Lizarraga? The fact of the matter is that if there is no corruption to be unearthed, and if the Prime Minister and his Ministers named in the Audit Reports are as pure as the driven snow, then there is no reason to be. If the Prime Minister and his UDP have nothing to hide, then it doesn’t really matter if God chairs the Committee (God, not Godwin). If there is no evidence of wrongdoing or outright corruption, one would think that the Prime Minister would be happy to invite the most intense scrutiny and to open the gates wide.

    The life of 17 year-old Belize City resident Deandre Nembhard, 17, was cut short when he was gunned down and killed at the start of the Saint George’s Caye Holiday. It happened on Croton Lane, just a few blocks away from his Nutmeg Street residence where he was socializing with his family members at the home of his aunt and uncle. They were bringing in the 10th of September holiday when he was gunned down and killed. He had been enjoying the company of friends and relatives all the way past the midnight hour on Friday. Unfortunately, at around 2 a.m., a vehicle pulled up and an unknown gunman jumped out. He immediately opened fire on the group hitting Nembhard several times. Police can’t say that he was the intended target, but his family has told the press that there can be no doubt that it was him.

    PM Bows Under Pressure from Churches
    After a relentless campaign by different sections of the Churches, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been forced to backpedal. He will now be appealing the Chief Justice’s ruling on Section 53 of the Criminal Code which made gay sex (among other acts of carnal intercourse against the order of nature) legal. But what’s the context of his sudden change of heart? The reality is that this is a moment when the Government is under intense pressure from all quarters. Some of the Churches think it is wrongheaded not to appeal. The unions and the business community are looking at the Auditor General’s reports which point to glaring irregularities, if not outright corruption. The teachers, who are also concerned about the integrity of elected politicians, are due the last 3% increase for their salary adjustment and the Barrow Government has requested that they wait until next year. So, there is a lot of public resentment all around, as shown by the massive PUP protest mounted last Wednesday.

    Police Officers Forced to Live in Inhumane Conditions
    Despite many requests for assistance and consideration, Police Officers stationed in Caye Caulker have been forced to live in a completely dilapidated, rundown and decrepit dorm. As one officer told the Belize Times just this week, “we are sure that if the Police Minister has a dog, his dog doesn’t live like this.” We dug into the archives and were able to confirm that the conditions of the Police dorm on the island came to light in November, 2014. Officers then complained bitterly that apart from the aesthetics of the building which is falling apart, it is a danger to them because the structure in some places is at the point of collapse. And to add insult to possible injury, the facilities they were forced to use were barely functional and certainly not sanitary.

    Guatemalans Assert Sovereignty over Sarstoon Island
    A small group of Guatemalan civilians continues to make trips to Sarstoon Island, which is part of Belize’s territory, to claim ownership of the island. The group calls the activity “Independence Expedition” and plants Guatemalan flags and posters depicting maps that include Belize as part of Guatemala, sings the Guatemalan national anthem, and makes declarations of one day “recovering” what they consider “lost territory”, referring to all of Belize’s territory. In their most recent trip to the island, on Saturday September 3rd, the group launched attacks on the Organisation of American States and their expert investigation into the shooting death of Guatemalan minor Julio Alvarado Ruano in Belizean territory. The findings of that probe have vindicated the Belize Defence Force, whom the Guatemalan Government had accused for the tragic death and against whom they had launched an international smear campaign.

    If Dah Noh Soh!
    In love with the Coco! Really swear to God I tried to resist but lerd help me I couldn’t. I’ll probably lose friends over this crap and I know if the swarthy sour one gets his/her hands on me I’m doomed. Check this out. That Pakeman cocaine thing is no joke. But it’s gone way past him now. That lab report was deliberately withheld from the DPP by Police. Nobody wants to hear crap bout some officer being ordered to take it to her office but it got lost or never did reach. That’s bullshit. Broaster needs to come better than that. And this is the part that really pisses me off. This guy Dawson is already dead. His family is grieving. It’s a terrible tragedy. And then somebody screws with his blood specimen to make it look like he was drunk to give credibility to the story that he was riding in the middle of the road.

    Questions to Ministers
    Since he is very familiar with the concept of electoral fraud, could the Member for Queen Square say if the Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte, may be guilty of that when he continues to vote in Queen Square even though he lives in King’s Park? Could the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister say what part of the Constitution gives him the right to dictate the composition of the Senate Inquiry into the rampant corruption in Immigration by his Ministers revealed in the Auditor-General’s Reports? Could the unelected Minister of Police provide a status report on the investigation into William Danny Mason, and say whether that investigation covered allegations that he and many of his colleagues were engaged in impropriety and wrongdoing in regards to influence-peddling and other shady services? .

    UDP ‘Chances’ People of Cayo South
    Two weeks ago Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat was illegally suspended from the House of Representatives and dragged out by Police on the instructions of Speaker Michael Peyrefitte. That day will go down in history as BLACK FRIDAY when democracy was trampled by the UDP who used the Police to bully and rough up duly elected Members of Parliament. But Mr. Barrow and his government are not satisfied with that farce. They have decided to go further and punish the people of Cayo South. Clerk of the National Assembly Eddie Webster has written to Carla Alpuche of the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) to inform her no monies are to be paid to Hon, Julius Espat “until there is a resolution of the House in accordance with Section 44(7) of the Standing Orders.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    One man charged for drug trafficking in Benque
    This morning Special Branch personnel in Benque Viejo arrested two men who were caught with suspected cannabis along the George Price boulevard in Benque. Charges have been levied on Francisco Aldana for drug trafficking because he was found in possession of the drug. The other […]

    Teen commits suicide in Benque Viejo Del Carmen
    BBN has received reports that a 15-year-old student of Mopan Technical High School in Benque Viejo Del Carmen committed suicide last night. According to reports, the teen was suicidal and last year had attempted to commit suicide with other students from her high school. […]

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize's growth program bucks the trend of the Caribbean sugar industry
    With the abolition of EU sugar production quotas looming in October 2017 there is the general expectation that some of the big EU producers will start producing more beet sugar than they have been able to do under the current regime.

    Tour de Turtles Journey from Cuba to Florida
    This past Summer, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Maria La Gorda, Cuba, the far most western tip of Cuba as part of the Sea Turtle Conservancy Sea Turtle Expedition. While the core part of our trip was to tag sea turtles to be entered in the upcoming Tour de Turtles race, the trip also provided a wonderful introduction to Cuba. Beginning with a two night stay at the Historic Hotel Nacional and a tour of the five plazas in historic Old Havana, we then left Havana for Maria LaGorda. This is important new research as there has been little tracking of sea turtles in Cuba. Already through the tracking devices we have seen one turtle Esperanza nest in both Cuba and Mexico traveling first to Belize and then hugging the coast line around the Yucatan. This is the first time a sea turtle has been documented as nesting in two different countries in the same season.



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  • Local Voices for Climate Action: A Message from Maya Leaders Alliance of Southern Belize, UNDP Equator Prize Winner, Belize, 1.5min. This film is one in a series to highlight the contribution of indigenous peoples' and local communities’ traditional knowledge to climate action. It is a part of a broader social media campaign designed to raise awareness of indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ solutions to global problems – especially climate change – while global leaders attend “Climate Week” events in New York City during the time of the 2016 United Nations General Assembly.

  • Local Voices for Climate Action: A Message from Maya Leaders Alliance of Southern Belize, UNDP Equator Prize Winner, Belize 2, 1.5min.

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  • Belize 2016, 5min. The Rabbon family spend 2 weeks in Belize for our family vacation in 2016. We spent 1 week in the jungle and 1 week on the beach. I would like to thank Papa Rabbon for planning such an amazing trip and Mama Rabbon for being so adventurous with us. I hope you enjoy. ( :

  • Snorkeling in Caye Caulker, Belize, 2min.

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  • Spring Hill College ISIP Alumni Trip Belize City 2016, 3.5min. In July 2016, eleven Spring Hill College alumni came together with Fr. R.V. Baylon, S.J., in Belize City to build a house for Natalie and her six children. Special thanks to SHC Campus Ministry and Alumni Offices as well as Hand in Hand Ministries for coordinating our service efforts. Thank you to the Garifuna dancers for sharing their wonderful music.

  • Belize, mi amor, 4min. Just a few snippets of my trip to Belize this past September. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!

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  • Belize Day 2: Chris and Leah Adventure to Tikal Ruins in Guatamala, 4min. Chris and Leah adventure to the Tikal ruins in Guatemala with friends they met along the way.

  • Belize Carnival 2016 -Belize Carnival Full HD, 3min.

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  • Arnotts in Belize 2016, 3min. hort video of a trip to Belize and Guatemala with my parents earlier this summer

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  • A PRESENTATION BY BELIZEAN-AMERICAN SCHOLAR AARON FRNACIS ON "IDENTITY"!, 9min. The presentation was made at the Kennedy School of Government's Center for Public Leadership in Boston, Massachusetts.

    September 18, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    PUP protests to “Save Belize Now”
    On September 7th, the People’s United Party (PUP) made their presence known when thousands of PUP members and supporters marched through the streets of Belize City. The “Save Belize Now” protest was intended to spark an initiative to end corruption in Belize, and the PUP focused on exposing the recent scandals involving the United Democratic Party (UDP). The PUP provided free bus transportation and had a diversity of countrywide supporters. The crowd gathered at the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) Constitution Park around 9AM, and marched to the BTL Park on Newtown Barracks. With the high presence of the police, elected PUP representatives were in control of the crowds to make sure they did not cause civil unrest, but rather, send out a strong message.

    Vivian Noralez to represent Belize at Miss Teen Earth
    The 5th Annual Miss Teen Earth Pageant will be taking place on Wednesday, September 28th, and lovely Vivian Noralez will be the first to represent Belize at the pageant. For the third consecutive year, the event will be hosted in Panama City, Panama at the Continental Hotel, and will see the participation of several beauties from Latin America vying for the crown and title. 17 year-old Noralez is a former contestant in the Miss San Pedro Pageant in 2015. She decided to participate in the upcoming international pageant, declaring that she is more than ready to take on the challenge. “The excitement I received from the franchise in Panama is unbelievable. Panama City is waiting to see what Belize has to offer. I am more than ready and proud to display my Belizean culture and environment with class and poise,” said Noralez.

    CrossFit Wolf has opened
    Ambergris Caye has a new spot for fitness, and it is CrossFit Wolf. Located on Crocodile Street, Collin Clark Subdivision past San Pedrito, CrossFit Wolf is owned and operated by Rene Reyes Jr. The official inauguration was held on Wednesday, September 14th after a brief invocation. The new ‘Wolf Pack’ will be working out in a spacious, well-equipped box, complete with personalized gear, shower, lockers and even a few non-CrossFit staples for those who may have to modify their workouts. A boxing station, manned by Michael ‘Boxer’ Soberanis Sr. will also be available for those looking to do some extra cardio. CrossFit classes are from Monday to Friday, at 5, 6, 8 and 9AM, then at 5:30 and 6:45PM. Saturday class is at 8:30AM only. Open gym workouts will take place from 2PM – 5PM and 7:45PM – 9PM. Boxing classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:45PM. Head coaches Rene Reyes Jr., Liliana Nuñez and Assistant Coach Gian Rivero welcome you to CrossFit Wolf.

    Gabriel Nuñez Jr is a member of Belize’s National Volleyball Team
    For the first time ever, Belize will be hosting the International Volleyball Federation’s World Championship qualification tournament taking place on September 24th through the 30th in Belize City. On Wednesday, September 14th, the Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) introduced Team Belize to the entire country via a press conference. Team Belize will be representing the Jewel at the high level competition. One of the key players on the team is San Pedro’s own Gabriel Nuñez Jr. Volleyball has always been Nuñez’ sport of preference, and as captain of the San Pedro High School Volleyball Team, helped his team win many regional championship titles. That leadership and excellent performance in the discipline has now given Nuñez the opportunity to represent Belize at an international level. The tournament is the first stage in an international competition to earn a place in the Volleyball Men’s World Championships, which according to the BVA’s President Allan Sharp, is the equivalent of the FIFA World Cup. Belize will be hosting teams from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. All seven teams will be competing in a round robin tournament; 3 matches per day for 7 days, for 21 total matches of world class volleyball.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    As Belize’s Colourful Celebrations Grow, So Do The Ways To Join In
    With Belize’s September celebrations underway, The Lodge at Chaa Creek says now is a perfect time to explore the little Caribbean country – and if you can’t make it in person, visiting online is a viable and entertaining option, according to the Belizean eco-resort’s social media administrator. “With so many things going on and so much enthusiasm throughout the country, September has always been a great time to experience Belize,” Jared Bradley said, “And now, thanks to the internet and social media, people from around the world can participate online,” he added. Mr Bradley also said that while Belize’s month long September celebrations, which include St George’s Caye and Independence days, are becoming increasingly attractive to a global audience, they resonate particularly strongly with North American travellers. “People who visit Belize during September are struck by the colourful events, the music, dancing and enthusiasm the celebrations generate throughout the country, and for people from North America it seems to really strike a chord. That’s not surprising, considering how much we have in common, such as being English-speaking former British colonies sharing big independence days and other celebrations like Christmas and even Thanksgiving, ” he said.

    Lone Wrasse Carnival Road March 2016
    Look out for "Lone Wrasse" in Carnival 2016 and on a beach near you. "Lone" because at the rate we're going (3 billion pounds annually) plastic might soon be the only thing you see in the sea. And "Wrasse" because plastic confuses marine life (plastic bags look like jelly fish; bottles look like other fish; etc) and they end up ingesting it. Several types of (the real) Wrasse are found along Belize's barrier reef. This art piece was made using marine debris from coastal and island beaches across Belize. Pollutants destroy aesthetic beauty, threaten, harm and kill marine life and pose hazards to humans through contaminated seafood.

    Beautiful aerial views of the reef
    I spent a terrific hour earlier today with a team from WWF to view and take photos of some of our spectacular marine wonders, including Half Moon Caye Natural Monument and the world-famous Blue Hole -- part of our Belize Barrier Reef System World Heritage Site, which is on the WHS Danger List. We must do all in our power to protect our awesome natural heritage for our present and future generations -- for Belizeans and for the world. All in all, a terrific morning.

    Sarstoon Island Expedition
    We are headed back from Barranco Village to Cayo after an exciting and overwhelming day. As soon as I have a chance I will post a more complete summary and more pictures. Thanks again to all donors and supporters. I would say overwhelmingly that our mission to PEACEFULLy assert Belize's territorial integrity was accomplished. We still have a lot of issues and work to do. I will write more later. Several kayaks and canoes successfully circumnavigated Sarstoon Island, not without some tense moments due to Guatemalan Military clearly overstepping their boundaries. But, thankfully, everything remained peaceful and we had a successful event.

    Highlights of Carnival 2016
    Lots of great photos!

    National Service Day 2016
    Monday is National Service Day! The Benque House of Culture is doing a beautification of Centennial Park. "Belize, with the help of God and the support of its people, will stand upright and will do its duty and help bring peace,stability and prosperity to our region and to wider circles of our planet earth. Join us this Monday as we continue the beautification and upkeep of our Centennial Memorial Park. You can bring your rakes, paint brushes but most of all, high energies!!"

    Photos of Carnival!!!!!

    A colorful display of unity and celebration!

    Jouvert 2016!

    "Investigative Journalism II."
    Congratulations to Mr. Izani Cayetano, Senior Reporter, Great Belize Productions, Channel 5 that will be participating on the International Leaders Visitors Program (IVLP): "Investigative Journalism II." During his program he will participate in a combination of meetings, site visits, federalism briefing, panel discussion, and cultural events in different states in the U.S. The Program will examine the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy and the principles and laws governing the press in the United States; gain an understanding of the evolution, current status and trends in investigative journalism in the United States; explore unique aspects that distinguish investigative reporting from traditional journalism and gain an understanding of the role that investigative journalists play in U.S. society by raising awareness of issues of social concern or by reporting on illegal, irregular or abusive actions on behalf of government, politicians or corporations. and assess the impact of social media, new communication technologies, citizen journalism and alternative forms of investigative reporting.

    Global Fishing Watch
    Oceana, SkyTruth and Google today launched the public Beta of Global Fishing Watch, a new online technology platform that allows anyone in the world free access to monitor and track the activities of the world’s largest commercial fishing vessels in near real-time. By providing the first free global view of commercial fishing*, Global Fishing Watch delivers a powerful and unprecedented tool that can help to rebuild fish stocks and protect our oceans, which are threatened by global overfishing, illegal fishing and habitat destruction. The announcement was made in conjunction with the Our Ocean Conference in Washington, D.C., an international gathering of ocean leaders hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry. Global Fishing Watch uses public broadcast data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS), collected by satellite and terrestrial receivers, to show the movement of vessels over time. Every day, more than 20 million data points are added to AIS. Global Fishing Watch uses this information to track vessel movement and classify it as “fishing” or “non-fishing” activity.

    The Reporter

    Woman who was crushed when house collapsed dies
    Deborah Humes, who was crushed when a house fell on her Friday evening has died. Humes was one of the Carnival revelers making final preparations for the road march today. She was at Soca Moca’s base on Dolphin Street when the house the house collapsed at around 4:00 p.m. Humes suffered severe injuries to her pelvic area and lost a lot of blood. She was one of several people rushed by ambulance to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where she died at 9:35 p.m. Humes is the second person to die during preparations for this year’s September evrnts. On Thursday night, Juan Carlos Meskita, a welder, was crushed to death when strong winds broke a flag pole he had just installed for a ceremony at the Corozal Town Central Park.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Jimmy Morales’ son and brother banned from leaving Guatemala
    The office of the Guatemalan attorney general announced on Thursday that a judge has barred a son and brother of President Jimmy Morales from leaving the country pending an investigation into their role in a case centering on irregular payments. Last year, Morales won […]

    Ten Reasons Why Teachers Are Not Important To Society (Or me)
    They say those who can’t, teach. In this article, I would like to share ten reasons why teachers are not important to society. (Disclaimer: This article is not for the satirically impaired) Teachers are only responsible for the education of the upcoming generation. […]


    Belize Vacation Rain Explained
    Often people who are planning a Belize vacation are checking the weather and worried about rain ruining their trip. It is very rare that we have all day, every day rains here. In the 10.5 years I have lived here there was only one year that we got hit very badly during rainy season where that was the case, but it is definitely not the norm no matter what the weather forecast says. Since we had a lot of rain predicted this past week, I decided to track the weather for a couple of days and checked in every so often to see what the chances were. As you can see in my bullet points below, the predicted thunderstorms kept getting bumped later and later. Although there was a forecast 60 to 80% chance of rain both days which is high, we got very little rain and no thunderstorms. It rained once very late at night and a light drizzle one early morning.

    Just Across the Border From Blue Creek, Belize A Different World – La Union, Mexico
    When we in Belize think of Mexico, we think of cheap prices! tacos and Mexican beer! big city shopping at Walmart! crowds of people! CANCUN! but just across the Rio Hondo in Northwest Belize, the town of La Union is really none of those things. Well…except Mexican beers. In this neck of the woods, La Union stands in stark contrast to that view of Mexico and equally stark contrast to her prosperous neighbor, separated only by a fairly narrow river, the Mennonite villages of Blue Creek. Where one side is gorgeous open pasture and farm land including Circle R, the largest producer of rice in Belize, the Mexican side rises up on a scrubby cliff side (an escarpment) and the town clings to the side of it. A bus does go to Chetumal (the capital of the state of Quintana Roo) and you could take the winding Rio Hondo that way as well, but it seems light years away from the city. In fact, La Union is so far from the city the residents use Belize cell phone service – Digicel and Smart phone credits were on sale at the small local shops.

    What is there to do, smack in the middle of low season in Placencia, Belize? Plenty!!
    Many guests will write me asking if it is worth it to come to Belize in low season - low season being defined as (arguably) anywhere from May-end of June, through end of Oct or even into November. I have lived here through a couple low seasons and I can confidently say there is PLENTY to do during a visit. In fact, you can't possibly do it all in one trip - there will be plenty left on the table when you leave for your next trip! Throughout the blog I am posting pictures from Placencia What's Happening to give you an idea of what's actually happening this week! (link at the bottom if you want to join this group!) What is shut down?? OK right now in the village, Barefoot Bar is closed for about 2-3 weeks as they are renovating. Yes, everyone is grieving this as this is one of the most popular spots. But, last weekend we just went next door to Tipsy Tuna where there was live music and plenty of fun! And, right down the street, Yoli's was having music, and Fusion Beach was having a party. One of the most wonderful things about vacationing here - you KNOW where to go to have fun - you will have a handful of choices, always, but not such an overwhelming matrix of events that you feel a bit flooded and feel like no matter what you pick, you are missing out. Plus, in the village at least, you can walk everywhere, so you don't need to zip across town in a cab (unless you are staying way north of the village!) -- just follow the music and you will find the people :)

    Slices of Life in Belize - Septermber 15, 2016
    Some sad news to report. We recently had to put our dog, Sam, down. He contracted tick fever back in January, but thanks to the ministrations of our vet, Dr. Charles, Sam made a recovery. But we were warned that a relapse could happen at any time. On a happier note, September in Belize is like a never-ending party. Why? Because 21 September is Independence Day and every district in the country uses the entire month to host various festivities. This year Belize turns 35 years old and this is this year's theme: And our small village of Ranchito has a bevy of events slated for next Wednesday including a children's parade, the crowning of the Queen of Ranchito, family friendly festivities and a free dance. Pictures of all the fun will be posted on the Ranchito Village Council Facebook page.

    International Sourcesizz

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, The Shallows, The Secret Life of Pets.

    Five poisonous snakes of the Yucatan Peninsula
    The Yucatan Peninsula has a variety of flora and fauna that make it a unique place in Mexico. As an example of this, within the peninsula there are 134 species of snakes, 18% of which are considered endemic, which means that they can only be found in this region. 24 endemic species live in Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche, and these are included in “at risk” categories in the Mexican Official Standard NOM- 059- Semarnat for the protection of Mexico’s native flora and fauna. Specifically in the Yucatan peninsula there are five species of snakes that are lethal to humans. Four of them belong to the family Viperidae while one belongs to the Elapidae family. Snakes or viperids have a pair of long fangs at the roof of their mouth and exposed when they need to attack their prey. The venom of snakes is generally haemotoxic, affecting blood cells and vascular tissues, leading to internal bleeding.


  • Carnival Road March 2016, 3hr. Saturday was the annual Carnival Road March in Belize City and once again thousands of eager spectators came out to enjoy a fun day at the colourful event which highlights Belize's Caribbean culture! Here is a clip of the day's festivities.

  • International Zoological Expeditions Belize - A story to be told, 3min. A brief interview with the founder of IZE Belize

  • Caye Caulker Belize, 2min.

  • San Pedro Belize, 1.5min.

  • life in belize, 5min.

  • Children's Independence Celebration in Punta Gorda, Belize, 1/2min.

  • Ziplining in Belize, 3min. Ziplining in the Belizean jungle.

  • In Belize at a chocolate factory, 10min.

  • Mayan cave tubing Belize, 11min. J.T. & ROY Cave Tubing though the Mayan Underworld in Belize. 2nd Anniversary Trip

  • Marie Sharp's, 9min. Belizean hot sauce. The story...

    September 17, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island authorities put a halt to unauthorized boat yard
    A stop order was issued to an unauthorized boat yard operated by Geovanni Marin with immediate effect on Thursday, September 1st. The clandestine establishment was operating at the end of Tarpon Street on the lagoon side of the island. Authorities at the Ambergris Caye Local Building Authority (ACLBA) were unaware of such activity until they received reports from concerned residents. After consulting with Area Representative Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr, they proceeded to address the issue right away. The said establishment was in the process of expanding when it was stopped. Marin allegedly approached Heredia regarding the operations at the boat yard, but Heredia specifically told him not to proceed. According to Fidel Ancona from the ACLBA, Marin has been instructed to go through the proper procedures and apply for a permit in order to continue operating his boat yard. Ancona also mentioned that as far as he is concerned Marin did not commit any felony by his actions. “He was reclaiming Government land without a permit,” said Ancona. “But he has agreed to apply and go through the process.”

    Guatemala demands second investigation into shooting death: Belize supports initial report
    After a shooting death of 14-year-old Guatemalan minor in the Chiquibul National Park, the Governments of Belize and Guatemala asked the Organization of American States (OAS) to launch an independent investigation to determine if indeed the minor was shot by the Belize Defence Force (BDF). The OAS completed their investigation on August 18th and within the 22-page report indicated that the minor, as well as his brother and father who suffered minor injuries, were not shot by the BDF, but by weapons that were used by the Friends for Conservation Development (FCD) Park rangers. Since the release of the findings, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has criticized the report as ‘inconclusive’, demanding a second investigation into the incident. Belize’s Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow, however, states that the OAS report is a clear exoneration for the country. “It is clearly a vindication, we are very pleased; we always knew, that that was in fact the position,” said Barrow. He states that the OAS report exposed the falsity of the position taken by President Morales and Guatemalan Foreign Minister, adding that Belize deserves an apology. “I am hoping that they will be mature enough to accept that they were wrong; that the allegations that they made against the BDF were utterly unjustified, and that they owe Belize an apology. Well, we can’t compel them to give us an apology, and it doesn’t surprise me that they refuse to,” said Barrow.

    BWG donates to the San Pedro Kids Club
    The San Pedro Kids Club is a new after-school program being introduced to La Isla Bonita on Monday, October 3rd. Spearheaded by Founder Brittney O’Daniel, the club will take place after school hours at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Complex. To help with the initiative, Blue Water Grill made the club the August recipient of their monthly donation program. O’Daniel received $1,612 to purchase sporting equipment that will be used to keep the kids active. She thanks BWG for their generous donation! O’Daniel has stated that the kids club is seeking volunteers to help coach, tutor, or assist in arts and crafts from Monday to Thursday, 2:30PM to 5:30PM. A general volunteer meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 27th. To sign up or for more details on how you can volunteer, you may contact O’Daniel at 630-1241.

    Belize to sign UN anti-corruption Convention
    Belize is one of three countries in the region that has yet to sign the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). After the latest news of corruption found within the Immigration and Nationality Department through a Special Audit, Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow has announced the Government of Belize’s (GOB) commitment to finally sign the convention. The announcement came following the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) meeting with Barrow on August 31st to discuss the importance of the UNCAC. The BCCI has been working diligently to implement systems and policies that would assist in the prevention and criminalization of corruption in Belize, even after countless rejections from the Prime Minister to sign the convention in the past. Now that Barrow has finally agreed to come onboard, the organization will form a committee consisting of BCCI representatives and Government officials that will work closely with the Attorney General’s ministry.

    Ambergris Today

    Chantal Chanice Guy Prepares for Miss Earth Pageant in Philippines
    Miss Earth Belize Organization and Mr. Michael Arnold, National Director for Miss Earth Belize is hereby pleased to announce that Miss Chantae Chanice Guy of Belmopan City will be representing Belize at Miss Earth 2016 contest to be held in the country of Philippines between the 6th – 31st October, 2016. Miss Guy is a beautiful model with a height of 5 feet 10 inches. She has earned an Associate’s Degree in Mathematics and is perusing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Science. Miss Guy also holds the best record at Miss World Contest for Belize in its history. In 2012, Miss Guy placed in the top ten finalists in the Top Modeling segment competing with more than 100 other countries at the time. Miss Chantae Guy hobbies are exercise, community service, swimming, traveling, and fashion modeling. She will also be highlighting the protection of the Belize Environment and climate change at Miss Earth 2016 contest by creating a video clip and doing voluntary work.

    Director of Tourism Elected Vice Chairman in Caribbean Tourism Organization Board
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to announce that the Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, has been elected a Vice Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). This took place during the events of the State of the Industry Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), which is currently on-going in Barbados.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Chantae to rep Belize at Miss Earth 2016
    Today the Miss Earth Belize Organization, through director Michael Arnold, announced that Chantae Chanice Guy of Belmopan, Cayo was selected to represent Belize at Miss Earth 2016. Chantae is a 24 year-old model and student and is no stranger to the pageant world. She previously represented Belize at Miss World 2012 in Ordos, China PR where she placed Top 10 in the Top Model challenge event (Belize's first and so far only such achievement). A month later, Chantae represented Belize at Miss Continente Americano 2012 (now known as Miss United Continents) in Ecuador.

    Power interruptions in Corozal on Sunday, September 18
    6:00am to 9:00am - entire Corozal District. 6:00am to 2:00pm - entire Corozal Town, Altamira, San Antonio, Santa Rita Heights, Vivas Layout, Paraiso, Chula Vista, Consejo, Ranchito, San Andres, Xaibe, Canlum, Patchakan, Carolina, Calcutta, San Joaquin, Pueblo Viejo, Saltillos, Copper Bank, Chunox, Orchid Bay and Sarteneja. BEL to replace transmission structure, conduct critical maintenance and testing of equipment at Corozal Substation, replace arrestors and power transformer at Free Zone Substation and conduct line clearing.

    BEL Safety & Health Open Day
    BEL thanks our partners, participating schools and visitors to our 2nd Annual Safety & Health Open Day held on September 15 at our Corporate Headquarters.

    Diversifying environmental partnerships between Belize and Guatemala
    FCD signed today a grant contract with the British Embassy in Belize for implementation of a project titled, ”Diversifying environmental partnerships between Belize and Guatemala”. Despite the adversities, FCD will continue promoting collaborations. We are thankful for the ongoing British Embassy support.

    Angel Coral street in San Pedro will be closed Sat. @1pm
    The public is advised that Saturday the 17th of September Angel Coral street will be closed to all vehicles by Hon Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex from 1pm. Drivers should take an alternative route.

    School parade. Caye Caulker, Belize.

    First Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Belize
    Medical History was once again achieved at Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center! Congratulations to Dr. Alba Mendez Sosa, Dr. Mauricio Navarrete, Dr. Lucio Ellington and Dr. Manuel Gutierrez for performing the first Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Belize! To Dr. Irvin Gabourel and the Belize GI team thank you for continuously improving and providing new medical advances for Belize.

    Once again, the Ministry of Education, under the directive of Ms. Nelma Jones, organized the Children's Rally which inlcuded presentations by each school to show their patriotism. On the official part of the program, students of the New Horizon S.D.A. School opened the event with the Belize National Prayer, followed by a flute rendition by the San Pedro High School students. Mistress of ceremonies, Faith Edgar, invited a student from ACES to offer the welcome address which was followed by guest speaker, also former valedictorian alumni of SPHS, Miss Virginia Vasquez, where she gave a few words of inspiration to the students present. Following Miss Vasquez, was the keynote speaker, Councilor Ruben Gonzalez, who challenged the students to be a better Belizean and to further promote their patriotism and love for their country with their friends, family and visitors.

    Poets Corner: We are one!
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Sovereign and strong Together as one Is a rhetoric question We are one in stamping out corruption We are one in demanding a senate investigation We are one in demanding the killer of Pastor Lue found We are one in demanding better education We are one is not accepting the 311 Senate inquiry composition We are one in our claim to the Sarstoon Island We are one in believing Belize is a Christian nation We are one in demanding Godwin Hulse not be a part of the senate investigation We are one in holding this administration accountable We are one in taking this Guatemala matter to the UN Security Council We are one in appealing section 53

    Corozal Art in the Park
    7th Anniversary - Block Party Follows!

    Miss Jane Usher receiving the Order of Distinction at Thursday's Tribute to Belizean Patriots
    She was born in 1917. Today Mrs. Jane Usher, fondly known as "Miss Jane," remains at the helm of Holy Redeemer Credit Union after a lifetime of service, beginning as a clerk! Did you know she was a driving force behind the credit union movement in Belize? She also spearheaded a strong wave of women's political involvement and served as a member of the House of Representatives for the Pickstock Division. Here is Miss Jane receiving the Order of Distinction at Thursday's Tribute to Belizean Patriots. In one of the pictures, you can can see fellow honouree H.E. Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of Taiwan, looking on.

    Miss Belize 2016
    Miss Belize was on the Battle of St. George's Caye night, and it was well attended. Congratulations to all the lovely ladies, and especially Rebecca K. Rath, who won the pageant, and Marcia Moody, who placed 1st runner up. Got some pictures of some great photographers in there, which was one of the goals. Will Moreno, Dorian Nunez, Tony Rath Photography.

    Business Hackathon 2016
    Beltraide is having their 2nd annual Hackathon over the next 2 months. They are inviting teams of 4, with 2 of the 4 having to be students, to enter the competition. The deadline to enter is Monday. Your team could win $3500. The winners will get to attend EntreCon.. Check out their website for more details on the competition. Good luck!

    Jouvert 2016!!!!!! Happy Carnival day Belize!!!

    Tourism Enterprise Development Plan for the Chiquibul Forest
    Thanks to PACT, FCD has received from Neil Rogers and Company the much awaited Tourism Enterprise Development Plan for the Chiquibul Forest. We are excited to embark on this new enterprise, which promises to bring together a new set of partners and help generate funds for management of this amazing forest.

    Brazil TMLA Show 2016
    Romy Rancharan and Althea Sebastian representing Belize in Brazil for TMLA 2016.

    Meet one of Belize's YLAI Fellows!
    Congratulations to Stephen Daniel Diaz, one of 250 individuals who have been selected to participate in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative - YLAI Professional Fellowship this year! Mr. Diaz is the Executive Director of Belize Youth Empowerment for Change, a youth-led organization that strives to represent the voices and dreams of young Belizeans with a focus of LGBT youth and empowerment. Stephen participates in five active NGOs as a volunteer to support capacity building and empowerment. He supports sexual and reproductive rights and gender equality.

    Battle of St. George's Caye Exhibition
    at Pedro House of Culture, Launch is today, Sept. 17th at 6pm

    Channel 7

    Carnival Collapse, House Falls on Soca Moca Band
    Tragedy struck the carnival community this evening when a house fell on as many as 15 persons preparing costumes for tomorrow's road march. They were at the Dolphin Street Headquarters for the Soca Mocha Senior band when the house came crashing down off its stilts unto everyone who was working in the open area directly beneath the house. We do know that 39 year old Deborah Humes was very seriously injured. 7News arrived there shortly after the fall - and here's what we saw:... Jules Vasquez, 7News: "How many people in all were injured?" Victim #1: "A lot of people, about 15 people were underneath there doing costumes for the carnival march tomorrow." Victim #2: "I'm not worrying about carnival though, people lives come first. I had a member that was trapped under the house, he ended up breaking his back but we got him out."

    PM Meets Labor Unions
    Today, at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spent almost the entire day in meetings with 6 different trade unions. This comes after the announcement from the Belize National Teachers Union that they will demonstrate on Monday. Today the PM conceded that he is seeking to put out fires before they merge into one concentrated effort to pressure his Government. He met first with the light, water and telecommunications unions, which we'll tell you about shortly, but first we report on his afternoon meeting. That conversation was with representatives from the Joint Unions Negotiating Team. The Public Service Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers are willing to accede to the Prime Minister's request to defer the third tranche of their salary adjustment until next year. The BNTU isn't, and so, the Prime Minister, the Financial Secretary, and the Labour Commissioner all met with the unions to find out if a compromise can be reached. We spoke with the Prime Minister before and after the one and a half hour session, and here's what he had to say:

    PM Meets Utility Unions
    As we told you, the Prime Minister met with the Utility Unions earlier in the morning. It's about the Section 53 judgment which the Barrow Government initially did not want to appeal, but has now agreed to appeal - an appeal which was reportedly filed today. Making sure that these unions don't have other urgent grievances, the Prime Minister had a lengthy discussion with them on topics of urgent national interest, and when he came out, he talked to us about how that went: Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "This was a meeting that was arranged before the resolution of the section 53 issue. Remember that the utilities unions had in fact come out with a public position, with a press release supporting the churches and after the first meeting with the churches, the Monday meeting, had come out with another press release commending the dialogue and encouraging a resolution. I had promise that after we had the second meeting with the churches, I would make myself available to them so that any unresolved questions they had in their minds could be answered and so that is the genesis of and reason for the meeting. Of course while we had a long discussion on section 53 and all its implications, the meeting was not confined to that."

    They Shall Not Be Moved, Teachers Hold Hardline With PM
    So, what's his fix for the Teachers Union? As we showed you last night, they are not relenting on their stance against corruption in public life, and on Monday, the union will stage be a mass demonstration in Belmopan - which means many teachers will be out of their classrooms. Today, the Prime Minister was careful not to put down the BNTU, but he said that he does not agree with their drastic action: Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "While as I said I respect their right to strike, certainly it occurs to me that the issues agitated by that campaign do not constitute a labor dispute. I would therefore feel and go on record as saying that they should address those issues by way of demonstrations, by way of protests meetings, public ways of showing their discontent or concern. But they should not shutdown classes, they should not discontinue teaching our children. Precisely because, in any case, whatever the rationale for the teachers deciding to become militant, always we have to ask that the view as paramount the interest of the children. But especially because it appears that the concentration of their focus and effort is on these social issues, these political issues. I would ask that their response, that their mobilization, that their actions stop short of not teaching the children."

    PM In Damage Control Mode
    So, is the Prime Minister doing all this shuttle diplomacy between the social partners….the churches one week, the unions the next…to put out fires of discontent before they blaze into an inferno of unrest? He today conceded that this is exactly what he is doing, to ensure that that the grievances of the different unions don't merge into a collective frustration with the Government to force the mass protests. Here's that conversation: Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize" "We also need to separate the purely political from what is legitimately a concern of social partners. And that's precisely what we are trying to do. We are seeking to address each of the areas of concern and trying to reach some sort of resolution."

    PM Wont Cave On Composition Of SMTE
    So, as we've showed you, the Government has backpedaled on its stance not to appeal the Section 53 judgment. The Barrow Administration has also backed off on its push to get a Joint Special Select Committee to investigate the Auditor General's reports. They've even agreed that Senator Godwin Hulse will not serve as a member of the Senate Select Committee to investigate the reports to eliminate any appearance of a conflict of interests. So, is the Government prepared to go that final step and reduce its membership on that committee from 3 to 1? That's what the PUP and the BNTU want because it's the same formula that was used when the UDP was the opposition back in 2005. At the time the UDP's position was that any inquiry should be firewalled against influence from the then Musa Administration. Today, we asked the Prime Minister about that reversal now that a UDP government is being investigated. He told us that he has conceded quite a lot, but he cannot agree to fewer than 3 UDP Senators on this committee :

    Evangelical Churches Appeal Section 53 Judgment
    Today was the 21st day after the section 53 judgement was perfected. That means all appellants had to file their appeals today. We're told that included the Government of Belize, the Catholic church and the National Evangelical Association of Belize. The Association is asking to be joined as an interested party and we met the heads of that organization and their attorney at the Supreme Court Registry today when the filing was made: Pastor Lance Lewis, President - NEAB: "We are here to sign the document that says we are appealing the decision by the chief justice to remove the sodomy law in Belize." Dickie Bradley, Attorney: "That filing of that document is an application by Pastor Lance Lewis and Pastor Scott Stirm on behalf of the churches that are part of the evangelical association, that they are seeking permission to join in the appeal in relation to the now famous or infamous section 53 ruling today. This is because the national association of evangelical churches was not an interested party, not listed, they have to seek permission from the courts to be allowed to go and argue their position in relation to the matter. The Roman Catholics have also filed their appeal today challenging just about all the decisions that came out of the chief justice's decision handed down on the 10th of August. So this means the battle is joined, you yourself have commented and Pastor Lewis Wade have commented that whomever wins at the first round, there will be a rematch and that this will end up in the Caribbean court of justice eventually."

    PM Niece Recovering After Gunshot
    You've seen a lot of the Prime Minister on the news so far after he spent the day meeting with the Unions. That encounter with him also gave us the opportunity to ask about his niece, Candice Anderson, who was shot yesterday. She was at a yard on 7th Street with other persons. That's when a man opened fire on the crowd and injured her twice. Today, we asked the Prime Minister about her condition: Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "As far as I know, she had surgery and the prognosis is that she would make a full recovery so we are very thankful for that." Daniel Ortiz, 7News: "Sir, do you know the extent of her injuries?" Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "My understanding is that…when I went yesterday evening, she was still sedated, but my understanding is that she sustained two gunshot wounds; one in her leg and one in what was described to me as her flank. I'm not quite sure what flank means in that context, but that's what I was told."

    Vendors Vex Over CITCO Shakedown
    This morning we were urgently called out to East Collet Canal in front of the Bus Terminal where a pair of sidewalk vendors said they were being pushed around, shaken down and taken advantage of. They said they pay the city council 25 dollars monthly for a vendor's license but still get harassed by city enforcement staff:... Mario Chan, Vendor: "I come to sell in Belize but they told me to take out a trade license to sell. I took it out, I paid $25 and now I'm paying $25 every month to sell. They moved me from the next side. I went to the city council to ask them if I can sell on this side and they told me yes whole day you can sell your fruits there. Now they're trying to move me, but they haven't told me anything, from yesterday they should have told me. When we already packed up our things to sell, they're trying to move us. They were trying to tell us from yesterday that we need to move to the next side, when we have our things packed up their trying to move us. That is not fair because we're paying every month to sell here when we're selling in the front of the market, they told me 10:30. When I went to the city council and showed them my card they told me I can go to the next side by Malik and sell whole day. The city council working here by the marker, their trying to move me, harassing me and roughing me up."

    Kids Rally At Holy Redeemer
    Every September for the School Children's Rally, we are used to hearing all the cheering and singing from the kids at Birds Isle. Well as you know Hurricane Earl wrecked the court and so this year the celebration was held at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall. Sure it's not the same but the city kids still made the best out of it. Courtesy TNC 10, here is an excerpt of a couple of the performances and Minister of State Elodio Aragon's speech.

    Soca Or Surrender
    Wet Fete to J'Overt to Carnival right? …or, hold on… S.O.S then Wet Fete to J'Overt then Carnival?? No matter what order you put them in, they are all happening tonight in the city and you will have to choose which event you're going to and which you're willing to miss out on. And the organizers of the "Soca or Surrender" (SOS) Concert say, you surely don't want to miss theirs. They came to our studios to give us a little taste of what is to come later tonight. It starts at 8 pm tonight and goes until 4 at the Marion Jones Stadium.

    Tonight, on the eve of Carnival 2016, a dark shadow hangs over the Carnival Community after over a dozen Soca Mocha Camp workers were under a house that fell at their camp headquarters. At least three persons were hurt, one of them seriously. But tomorrow, the show will somehow still go on - just as it did last night - on the last night of the Carnival Mas Camps. Codie Norales and Wilson Grinage visited Sunshine, Mystical Version and Mother Nature...

    WILSON GRINAGE, Mr. September
    And you heard Wilson Grinage doing interviews for us in that story. Indeed, you could call him Mr. September - because in this celebration season, he's everywhere from taking first place in the national song competition, to serenading the beauties at the Ms Belize Universe Pageant, and tomorrow you can see him hasting our Carnival coverage right here on Channel 7. And if you miss all that, he'll still be performing in the Carnival;. Yes, he's everywhere - and he's capitalizing on that success by releasing a new song and video, just in time for carnival. It's called "Soca Session" and Grinage told me today that it took about 2 weeks to complete.

    Justin Hyde Couldn't Hide
    Three weeks ago, we told you about Justin Hyde, the alleged home invader and gunman who got off all 6 charges because police could not produce the file. Well, he's been re-arrested and charged for those same offences. Hyde was charged yesterday when he appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, the same person who had struck out the charges after the prosecutor told her that the case file was unavailable. Hyde was remanded but his imprisonment was only for one day because today his attorney, Tricia Anderson, got bail for him at the Supreme Court. Justice Antonette Moore offered him a bail of $10,000. In April, 2015, Hyde was accused of storming into the home of Wendy Lambey and firing about 10 shots, hitting two persons. Hyde also faces a charge of use of deadly means of harm for an incident which occurred in May.

    Channel 5

    Woman Perishes as House Collapses with Carnival Revellers
    Going into the carnival weekend, a tragic incident took place this afternoon at the site of the Soca Moca Mas Camp, last year’s Carnival Champs. The members were tying up [...]

    N.E.M.O. Accused of Delay to Fix Leaning House
    Marsha Smith and her family have been living on the Dolphin Street property since 2003 and it is where the mud used for the J’ouvert is cooked…all that has been [...]

    Impasse Remains on Proposal to Defer Salary Adjustment
    Ahead of Monday’s demonstration, a marathon session of meetings was held today at the Biltmore where Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with leaders of the various unions that comprise the [...]

    Union Representatives Will Go Back to Their Membership to Discuss Proposal
    The B.N.T.U., the Association of Public Service Senior Managers and the Public Service Union remained in session well after the PM’s departure.  When they emerged from that extended discussion, B.N.T.U. [...]

    P.M. Wants Clarification From Teachers on Issues with Government
    Ahead of this afternoon’s meeting with the Joint Union Negotiating Team and Monday’s planned demonstration in Belmopan by the Belize National Teachers’ Union, the Prime Minister had a warning: the [...]

    Fifth Demonstration in Belmopan Coming Up; Government Tries to Resolve Disputes
    Monday’s demonstration by the Belize National Teachers’ Union will be the fifth in less than a month in the nation’s capital and sixth overall in that time span including the [...]

    Is Union’s Action Political Motivated?
    Expanding on his separation of the politically motivated activities of the past month from the purely civic-minded concerns, Prime Minister Barrow placed Monday’s demonstration in the latter category, though he [...]

    Despite Misgivings, Prime Minister Still Wants to Meet with Teachers’ Union
    The Prime Minister continued to extend the olive branch to the Teachers’ Union, promising a further meeting at some time. But he said he wants to know that the Union [...]

    NEAB & the Roman Catholic Church Appeal Section 53 Decision
    The government has agreed to appeal a section of the ruling on Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code on the issue of sexual orientation. That has opened a window for [...]

    PM Reacts to Shooting of His Niece as 3 are Detained by Police
    On Thursday, we brought you the early developments in the shooting of Candice Anderson, the thirty-one year old daughter of Denise “Sista B” Barrow, who is the sister of Prime [...]

    Barrow Says Shooting Will Not Deter Government’s Crime Fight
    The Prime Minister said that he could not speak to why Candice Anderson was at the house where she was shot on Thursday. As it relates to the fight against [...]

    4 Missing Children From Child Care Center Back Home Safe
    News Five has confirmed tonight that four children reported missing from the Buttonwood Bay Primary School on Wednesday have been found and returned safe and sound to their residence, the [...]

    Teachers’ Union Does Not Agree with Other Unions on Salary Adjustment
    During Thursday’s press briefing in Louisville, Corozal, addressing the matter of the three percent salary adjustment now in its third and final tranche itself, B.N.T.U. president Luke Palacio said the [...]

    B.N.T.U. Pres. Says Government Should Not Interfere in Senate Select Committee
    Like the Opposition People’s United Party and others, the Belize National Teachers’ Union believes Government is trying to save its own skin by attempting to control the composition and chairmanship [...]

    B.N.T.U.’s Executive Secretary Clarifies Decision-Making Process
    There are some, especially Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, who wonder whether the Belize National Teachers’ Union’s president, Luke Palacio, is calling the shots himself.  Palacio [...]

    Corozal Teachers Address Problems at Start of School Year
    During Thursday’s press briefing in Louisville, Corozal District at the end of the Belize National Teachers’ Union’s Annual General Meeting of the Corozal Rural Branch, national president of the B.N.T.U. [...]

    Utilities Unions Meet with P.M. on Wide Range of Issues
    Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow was kept busy with a back to back schedule of meetings with the three unions representing workers from the utility companies this morning and [...]

    Barrow Says Meeting was Extensive & Productive
    The Prime Minister was a bit more expansive than Mora, explaining that this meetings arose primarily out of the social issues raised at the time of the Supreme Court’s Section [...]

    Public Hearing on Immigration Could Still Work with Bicameral Committee
    On Tuesday, Cabinet revisited the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report on the Immigration Department.  While Prime Minister Barrow was in favor of a bicameral committee, due to mounting pressure from [...]

    P.M. Says a Bi-Cameral Committee Would Have Enlarged Scope of Investigation
    So, was it difficult for PM Barrow to backpedal on his original position?  He says no, but holds firm that a Joint Select Committee would have provided a broader scope [...]

    P.M. Barrow Says It Is Not Unreasonable for G.O.B. to Insist on More Members of Committee
    The long and short, according to PM Barrow, is that the National Assembly would be taking action on a report that was initially tabled at the House of Representatives.  As [...]

    Eastern Division North Police Prepares for Busy Weekend
    With all the activities planned for this weekend, Police are preparing for any eventuality. There are two different concerts that will be happening across the city; the wet fete, the [...]

    Get Ready to Soca Or Surrender!
    One of the big ticket items for tonight is the Soca or Surrender Concert being held at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City. It will feature big names in [...]

    Final Night of Mas Camps as Carnival 2016 Draws Near
    The spectacular carnival road march takes place this Saturday in Belize City. City residents, visitors and others will be lining up the route to view the display of color and [...]


    Custom Officer Shoots His Attacker
    A suspected robber is currently recuperating at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight after a custom officer shot him inside his yard here in Orange Walk sometime after 8:00 last night. According to reports, the custom officer parked his vehicle inside his yard and while walking towards the main gate of his property, he encountered two male persons standing inside his yard, one who was in possession of a firearm and pointing it towards him. Inspector Jose Mendez – Orange Walk Branch Commanding Officer: “Yesterday evening, police responded to a call on a shooting incident in the Belize/Corozal road where 43 year old Custom Officer, Jose Luis Acevedo reported to the police that a male individual while he was at his residence in his yard a male individual approached his gate and noticed that the male person had a firearm and aiming to attempt upon seeing his actions ran into his yard tumbled down and manage to grab his 9mm licensed firearm and fired one single shot after the individual which caught him in his leg.”

    Godwin Hulse Says Unnecessary Action For BNTU To Demonstrate
    The Barrow Administration has been facing yet another tough political week. Last week it was the Opposition who took to the streets in the old capital in the thousands to demand immediate reform or that the Barrow Government resigns. It was undoubtedly a factor in the Government’s sudden decision to switch support from the Bi-Cameral Joint Committee to the Senate Select Committee. Today, it is the Belize National Teacher’s Union who is making demands on the Government. The Union has announced plans to march on the streets of the city of Belmopan to show that they are serious. In response, the Prime Minister has called the BNTU to the discussion and negotiating table. Meanwhile, senior Ministers in the Barrow Administration have gone on a public campaign against the BNTU. Yesterday it was Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber and Minister of Housing Hon. Michael Finnegan, and today it was Senator/Minister Godwin Hulse who took on the BNTU, for what he said was an unnecessary action.

    BNTU President Defends Teachers
    While senior UDP Ministers have been clearly attempting to convince the teachers not to follow their Union leadership, all indications are that the Union decision to march on Monday is final. Memos have been sent to all branches and schools, calling on the teachers to stand up. Yesterday when BNTU National President Luke Palacio met with Orange Walk teachers, he defended their actions saying it isn’t political and that the teachers are being called to be true patriots. Luke Palacio, BNTU National President: “Our teachers go beyond the call of duty, our teachers are at school early in the morning because their parents would go to work and they need to drop off their children at school and our teachers are there, our teachers stay back at school after parents who are employed and knock off at five o’clock and six o’clock because their children are still at school...”

    Godwin Hulse Says Senate Regulations Calls For A Government Majority
    The debate whether there should be an investigation into the findings of the Auditor General’s special audit on immigration led by a Bi-Cameral Joint Select Committee or a Senate Select Committee is over. The Church, Chamber of Commerce, Unions and even the Government are supportive of the Opposition’s proposal. But, it’s not all game. There is now controversy over the make-up of the investigative body. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet prefer 3 Government Ministers along with 3 Social Partners reps and 1 Opposition. The Opposition does not agree and has called for there to be one representative from the Government and Opposition, and three from the social partners. Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse commented on the matter, saying all Senate regulations call for a Government majority.

    Master's Of The Road, A Huge Success
    The annual Masters of the Road competition hosted by Muffles Junior College kicked off earlier this evening in the centre of town and saw the participation of almost half of the student body. The race officially commenced at 3:45 p.m. where approximately one hundred eighty five students, each representing their respective sporting teams took off from the starting line with one aim…to become the 2016 Masters of the Road Champs. Arturo Acosta – Organizer, MJC: “This year the competition was intense we have some very fit students as you can see they did the race like in half an hour so the competition was very fair this year. Muffles is known to develop the full person and the physical aspect of the person is important so we give them a chance to express their talent as you see we have some very good talented students here when it comes to physical activity and during the September celebration everybody is in a festive mood so this is how we celebrate we do something healthy and so we give them the chance to do that. This year we had the biggest turn out that we’ve ever had, we had about 185 athletes competing and that is about half of our school and that was excellent and we like the participation and that is how we celebrate.”

    Bus Owners Discusses Affecting Issues With Authorities
    The Minister of state in the Ministry of Transport met today with Northern Bus Owners to discuss and address issues affecting the Public Transportation industry in this area. The meeting was held in Belmopan and was attended by Minster Edmund Castro and Chief Transport Officer Tirsio Galvez along with several Northern Bus owner. The meeting held this morning is part of a nationwide review and restructuring of the transport industry, including the rationalization and regularization of rates, as well as the improvement of the quality of service provided to the public. Several changes and adjustments were proposed in today’s meeting which will be taken to Cabinet and the transport Board for finalization and implementation.

    OWTC To Recognize Members Of The Community
    In keeping with the September celebration spirit, the Orange Walk Town Council will be hosting its fourth award ceremony under the management and office of Mayor Kevin Bernard in which prominent and hard-working individuals from the community will be recognized. This year the awards were divided into two categories including the Patriotic Servants Award and the Mayor’s Award. The ceremony is scheduled to take place tomorrow at the town hall commencing at 2:00 in the afternoon where all recipients will be formally acknowledged in the presence of the organizers as well as invited guests. Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town: “Every year ever since I become Mayor of this town we have decided to award Citizens with the patriotic servants award and we also identified individuals that they believe have contributed to the community or assisted the council in one way or the other and I give them the Mayors’ Award....”

    Its Official, BNTU Will Demonstrate On Monday
    The Belize National Teacher’s Union made it official today – they WILL be holding a demonstration in the city of Belmopan on Monday September 19th – just two days before the 35th anniversary of Independence celebrations. The BNTU and the Barrow Administration have been at loggerheads over the payment of a 3% salary increase to their members. The third payment was due July, but Government missed that due date and in August, they sent signals that they won’t be able to pay it when the Prime Minister proposed to push it back until next year. But Monday’s demonstration has nothing to do with Government’s proposed delay for that salary adjustment and the Union’s demand for the payment to be made. Today the President of the Belize National Teacher’s Union Luke Palacio came to town to address the members and discuss their new campaign for an end to corruption and reform and why it may just take the efforts of the teachers to clean up things. Palacio then held a press briefing and told us more.


    Application for Appeal of Section 53 Filed by Churches
    Paperwork to appeal the controversial Section 53 ruling has been filed at the registry of the Supreme Court of Belize. The Office of the Attorney General of Belize has filed an application to partially appeal Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling on Section 53. The Government’s application to appeal solely deals with the word “Sex” and […]

    Freak Accident Leads to a Welder’s Demise
    A number of Corozal residents were left in shock last night when a man lost his life is what has been described as a freak accident. Residents had gathered at the Corozal Town Central Park for what was called “College Night” but before the festivities got underway, a freak accident claimed the life of forty […]

    Soca Moca HQ Collapses on Carnival Eve
    This afternoon, a house on Dolphin Street, Belize City, fell due to heavy damages sustained during Hurricane Earl. The house was the base used for the Carnival Group, Soca Moca. Seven people lived in the house, five adults and two children. Five of them were inside and sustained injuries when the house fell. The house […]

    A Fearless BNTU Will Abandon Classes to Demonstrate
    The teachers will take to the streets of Belmopan on Monday and the Ministry of Education is doing all it can to keep classes open. The Ministry blasted off a release late yesterday evening in which it reminded teachers, especially those who will demonstrate on Monday, that they might not get paid for that day. […]

    Teachers Want Int’l Experts to Investigate the Lucas Homicide
    In its letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the BNTU made eight requests one of which was to conduct an international investigation into the Danny Mason case including the beheading of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. The BNTU believes that the Government Ministers and some public officers have apparent connection and involvement in this scandalous matter. But […]

    Love Foundation and MIRAB Provide Reprieve to Victims of Earl
    Today Mirab partnered with Love Foundation to donate much needed furniture to five families affected by Hurricane Earl. Spokesperson for Mirab, Carla Ayres Musa told us that the initiative is part of a larger campaign called “We are one”. Through this campaign, Mirab plans to donate furniture to more hurricane affected families. Ayres Musa tells […]

    Children Rally at the Parish Hall
    Several schools were represented this morning at the annual Children’s Rally that makes up a part of the September celebrations calendar. The rally had just under two hours of entertainment and speeches conducted for the primary school students who came out from Wesley, Grace Primary, All Saints, St Luke’s, Holy Redeemer, among others. Minister of […]

    Belize Carnival Not Suitable for Children?
    A thought provoking post was placed on social media yesterday as it pertains to Carnival and its consumption by children. The post reads, in part, quote, “Carnival is not for children. It glorifies alcohol consumption; it degrades women (with their own participation); it approves sexual harassment and even assault; it promotes inappropriate sexual behaviour. I […]

    Song for The People with Frankie Reneau
    This weekend will be the busiest one since the September festivities began. There will be celebrations in numerous locations as Belizeans get ready to celebrate in the name of independence. One event that will not require much energy but rather just an appreciative ear for music is the concert, Song for the People, taking place […]


    PM Barrow’s niece shot in “weed peddler’s paradise”
    Candace Anderson, age not given, the niece of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was shot while socializing in a yard that the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), in a report on Tuesday, September 14, alleged to be a “weed peddler’s paradise.” At around 2:30 p.m. today, Thursday, two men on a motorbike pulled up to the residence of Arthur Higgs, Sr., on 7th Street in Kings Park. One of the men got off the motorbike and proceeded to the back of the yard where a crowd had gathered. The unidentified man, of Creole descent, then drew a 9mm pistol and fired three shots, one of which hit Anderson in her right leg. Anderson, who works in the Financial Supervision Sector Department (FSSD) at the Central Bank of Belize, was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) for treatment by police who arrived on the scene, and has since been listed in a stable condition.

    BNTU calls troops to battle in Belmopan
    Teachers are not backing down from their plans to hold a massive march on the nation’s capital, Belmopan, on Monday, September 19, in what the militant Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), which has over 3,000 members, says is a national demonstration “to send a message that we are serious about the changes that we are demanding” in a lobby which the union contends is intended to bring “good governance” to Belize. This evening, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports fired off a 3-page press release taking a firm stance against the closure of schools Monday for the demonstration, which it calls a “strike.” The Ministry contends that there is no labor dispute and as such teachers who do not show up to work without cause can have their salary docked, and principals who suspend classes without proper authorization can face disciplinary action. School buses will operate as normal on Monday and parents are urged to send their children to school as schools will be open for classes, the Ministry said.

    Cayo South monies iced
    Cayo South area representative and member of the Opposition People’s United Party, Hon. Julius Espat, has received notification of a decision to freeze his monthly salary of $3,600 which he receives for sitting in the House of Representatives, as well as his allowances of $2,300 for his constituency office and $4,000 as community vote, to support his constituents—a decision which he is threatening to challenge in court along with what he says was an unlawful suspension from Parliament on Friday, August 26. “I have instructed my attorneys to take the case to Supreme Court so that our case can be heard and so that we know where we stand,” said Espat. Amandala has confirmed that the Clerk of the National Assembly, Eddie Webster, has sent a letter today indicating that Espat, who was suspended at the last sitting of the House, should not expect his salary at the end of September or the constituency funds usually disbursed at the start of each month.

    Teachers issue ultimatum to PM Barrow
    Teachers met at an emergency meeting last Thursday to consider what actions should be taken to press the Barrow administration on key demands they have put on the table, including their insistence that the Government should not defer their 3% salary adjustment until next April and their push for a Senate inquiry into the recently unveiled Immigration audits. Although no official statement has been released by the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), Amandala is reliably informed that a letter is being dispatched to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, and if the demands that the teachers have put on the table are not met by Friday, the teachers are likely to stage a demonstration early next week. Last Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the press, “I can’t for the life of me fathom how it is the BNTU could be talking about industrial action! There is no dispute!”

    Shot in the waist after ambushing Customs officer
    A Galen University student, allegedly attempting to shoot and rob a Customs officer, reportedly was shot in the waist after his gun jammed. According to police reports, today, Thursday, the Orange Walk Customs officer was attempting to make his way into his home at around 8 p.m., Wednesday, when Belmopan resident Nigel Galvez, 21, and another unidentified man ambushed him. Reports further reveal that Galvez purportedly pointed a firearm at the Customs officer but when he pulled the trigger, the gun jammed. Thereafter the Customs officer drew his licensed .9mm pistol and shot Galvez once near the waist. Galvez’s alleged accomplice fled the scene.

    Outstanding Belizeans honored at Tribute to Belizean Patriots ceremonies
    The Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts was full to capacity tonight as the pre-Independence anniversary celebrations continued with the annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots. His Excellency, Governor General, Sir Colville Young, the Head of State, presided over tonight’s ceremony, at which 21 outstanding, sterling individuals were honored, some posthumously, who have contributed to Belize’s national development in various fields. The Governor General was assisted by members of the Belize Defence Force and the Director of Immigration, Diana Locke. The emcee for the occasion was Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez. Among the 19 persons who were awarded with Belize’s Meritorious Service Award was Daniel “Danny” Conorquie, who was honored posthumously. Jean Glennis Conorquie, Danny’s mother, received the award in his honor.

    Belize Volleyball Association presents Team Belize
    At a press conference yesterday afternoon at Radisson Fort George Hotel lobby, Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) President, Allan Sharp presented the National Male Volleyball Team that will represent the Jewel in the upcoming FIVB Men’s World Championship Qualification Tournament, being hosted in Belize at the newly completed St. Catherine Academy (SCA) Multipurpose Centre. Participating teams in the tournament are: Belize, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. They will compete in a round-robin tournament – 3 matches per day for 7 days, with the top 2 teams qualifying to the Continental Round, from which the top 5 teams go on to the World Championship in Italy and Bulgaria. Matches are at 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. daily. Belize plays the final match at 7:30 p.m. each day, except on Thursday, September 29.

    Reality check or blunder in Belize; Pachuca 11-0 Police United
    We’re still trying to come to terms with the 11-0 blowout of Police United on Tuesday night at the FFB Stadium, at the hands of Mexican champions Pachuca, who had only managed to win 3-0 at altitude in their home game on August 23 in Pachuca, Mexico. The goals came at the 23rd, 27th, 30th, 35th, 44th, 51st, 69th, 73rd, 79th, 85th and 89th minutes. What went wrong? Is the level of our football in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) so far below that in the rest of CONCACAF, or is there some other explanation? Normally in professional sports, and certainly in the Mexican league, a record setting debacle like what transpired on Tuesday would be seeing some immediate changes in team personnel at the top level. The statistics (from show that Pachuca was almost as dominant in Tuesday’s 11-0 shellacking as they were in the 3-0 game a couple weeks ago; but the major difference was in the final score. In Mexico, they took 29 shots to Police United’s 3, and they had 74 per cent possession to Police’s 26 per cent. On Tuesday in Belize, they took 23 shots to Police United’s 5, while they maintained 67 per cent ball possession to Police’s 33 per cent.

    National disgrace
    As far as we know, the Belizean people showed little concern about the weak performance of those athletes Belize sent to the 2016 Olympic Games last month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A few weeks before the games, this newspaper had tried to motivate the public to investigate and condemn the injustice perpetrated upon our best athlete, the sprinter Kaina Martinez, by the local sports power structure. Disgrace in regional and international sports events weakens our morale and national dignity as a young nation-state. That is why sports matters have always concerned us at this newspaper. Many years ago, when Belize was still the colony of British Honduras, during the time when we began to think of self-rule and agitate for same, there was a Belizean who fought with great honor in Madison Square Garden in New York City. This was during the mid-1950s, even before we achieved self-government in 1964. But Ludwig Lightburn’s exploits in the United States, even as those of Hankin Barrow and Roy “Slim Terror” Cadle in Panama a few years earlier, gave roots Belizeans pride and confidence in our Belizean selves.

    Especially for you, Miss Belize
    Especially for you, Miss Belize With pretty bright eyes, beauty and style, wearing that lovely dress and beautiful crown, she graciously walks round and around, Lovely Miss Belize. As we sit here and see how enchanting she looks, makes us proud to be Belizeans. Miss Belize — she is the symbol of our heritage, Miss Belize — she is the symbol of our togetherness, peace and love. Miss Belize. she is the one that brings pride and joy to all of us as she represents us abroad. Miss Belize will reign for years to come, for she is here to stay. She is in our hearts and in our minds. Lovely Miss Belize. God has blessed us with this land of the free and Miss Belize. With pretty bright eyes, beauty and style, wearing that lovely dress and beautiful crown she graciously walks round and around, As we sit here and see how enchanting she looks, making us proud to be Belizeans. With our own heritage, togetherness, peace and love, God has blessed us with this land of the free and Miss Belize.

    Teachers, unite!
    Dear Editor, I must say, though, in reference to comments made about Price’s campaign for ‘Christian Democracy’, that back then it was soon figured out to be a farce. For that reason the Public Service Union joined forces with the British Honduras Unions of Teachers (BHUT) to form the TUC or Trade Union Congress which allied itself with the non-Catholic independent unions that supported Phillip Goldson. Pollard’s NFCTU was crumbling and it finally did after the Pauling strike in 1969. It is still historically difficult to understand how Price won the 1969 general elections. But before I stray away, the point I wish to make is that the BNTU was already a powerful force to reckon with in 1966. I personally feel that the Unions are very skeptical about religion; most of the followers are not pro-Catholic anymore, even though the majority may still be from the Roman Catholic schools. There are today many Government schools and those teachers are more militant than the Catholics….me think so.

    According to a summary produced by the group, Transparency International, the United Nations Convention against Corruption’s (UNCAC) main focus is aimed at promoting the prevention, detection, sanctioning and criminalization of corruption. The convention, which was adopted in 2003 by 111 nations, has increased since then to now 177 of the 196 nation states in the world. Belize would be the number 178th nation if the convention is ratified. While the UNCAC contains eight chapters, generally speaking, it has four core pillars, with emphasis on prevention, criminalization, and more importantly international cooperation, and asset recovery. Stapled to the convention, is the fundamental principle of accountability and transparency; of citizens and civil society, holding governments, public officials and officers accountable by internationally agreed standards, as it pertains to anti-corruption performance at both the public and private sector level.

    Tony Wright’s Belize Musicians past and present launched today
    Tony Wright is the author of a book that will forever immortalize Belizean artists and musicians who emerged between the early 1950s and present day. The book, entitled, Belize Musicians Past and Present, was launched at 10 a.m. today, Thursday, at the Image Factory on North Front Street. The audience at the event, mostly consisting of celebrated Belizean icons such as Lord Rhaburn, Radiance Thompson and the Super Furia band, among others, today witnessed the launch of a book that is aimed at preserving and promoting Belizean arts and culture. Yasser Musa, whom Wright credited for providing instrumental support in this endeavor, described Tony Wright as a legendary culture warrior doing everything to preserve a culture that is bombarded by strong external influences.

    The Reporter

    Welder crushed to death by flagpole
    The preparations for this year’s September celebrations will not go without fatality as a welder lost his life while working for one of the ceremonies Thursday night. Juan Carlos Meskita, 40, of Consejo Road, Corozal was installing a metal flag pole at the Corozal Town […]

    Several carnival revelers injured when house collapses
    Several people were rushed by a number of ambulances to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after a house collapsed where they were making final preparations for tomorrow’s Carnival road march. The incident happened on Dolphin Street in Belize City where the Soca Mocha Mas Band […]

    Hulse refuses to be removed as Police Minister; has PM’s blessing
    Minister of Police/Senator Godwin Hulse, on Thursday morning, said despite calls from the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) for his removal as police minister, he isn’t going anywhere. “Not because a minister is named in the report means he is guilty man. Give the process […]

    Julius Espat loses funds for constituency . Stipend also!
    Julius Espat, the People’s United Party (PUP) Area Representative for Cayo South who was unceremoniously removed from the last House Meeting by police, has now been stripped of the funds to run his constituency office and his stipend.. He has also lost his Assemblyman’s stipend. […]

    Liberty Children’s home recieves $600 cheque from Tropic Air
    Tropic Air, as part of its #TropicGivesBack charitable fundraising campaign, raised over $600 and donated it to the Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville. At a handing over ceremony held on Wednesday, Agatha Valentine represented the Liberty Children’s Home and received the cheque, which was presented by Tropic’s […]

    Oceana steps up anti-gillnet campaign
    Oceana Belize, as part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of gillnet fishing and promote more sustainable fishing gear, launched a social media component to its “ARE WE DROWNING OUR FUTURE?” campaign entitled “#stopthenets”. The social media component features photographs of Belizean social […]

    CDEMA and IDEA International Awarded Silver Medals for Management program
    The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency ( CDEMA) and the Institute for Development in Economics and Administration (IDEA International), were recently awarded silver medals for their collaborative work in Management for Development Results (MfDR). The award was sponsored by the International Development Bank (IDB) and was presented […]

    Russian hackers accuse star US Olympic athlete, Simone Biles of using banned drug
    Russian hackers have leaked confidential medical files of star US Olympic athletes, including Simone Biles, the 2016 US Olympic star gymnast who has Belizean roots. A group calling itself “Fancy Bears” has claimed responsibility for the hack of a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) database. The […]

    Cabinet caves- endorses Senate Inquiry
    The Government of Belize, after weeks of mounting public pressure, has decided to endorse a Senate-led inquiry into the findings of the Auditor-General’s Special Audit Report of the Immigration and Nationality Department. In a brief statement issued on Monday, GOB said that it is prepared to support […]

    Energy savings to pay for Climate Change adaptation
    Savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced costs which can add up to more profits on the balance sheet, were identified when government and business representatives planned out the financing for measures to help Belize adapt to and to mitigate or buffer the […]

    BBR appeals for financial assistance
    The Belize Bird Rescue (BBR) Sanctuary is appealing to the public for help so it can continue carrying on the work it does to rescue, rehabilitate and release birds that can survive on their own in the wild. Aside from this, the sanctuary also needs […]

    Father arrested for raping 15-year-old daughter
    Belmopan police have arrested and charged a man for allegedly raping his 15-year-old daughter! The girl, accompanied by a social worker along with her mother, reported to police that she was raped by her father. The incident allegedly took place sometime in the month of […]

    Police charge recruit with unlawful carnal knowledge
    A 21-year-old police recruit Constable has been arrested and charged with ‘unlawful carnal knowledge’ upon a 15-year-old girl of Roaring Creek Village. The girl went to Belmopan police in the company of her mother and told investigators that the incident happened on June 3rd. She […]

    Traffic accident claims life of family man
    Guillermo Molineros Jr., a self-employed man of Pomona Village, Stann Creek district, became the latest victim of a traffic accident on Sunday night. Molineros, originally of Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala, spent most of his life in Belize, where he was educated and later became employed […]

    Bus conductor shot dead near home
    Raul Medina, 29, a bus conductor was shot to the head, neck, chest and and abdomen at around 9:30 Tuesday night as he was heading to his house on Jabiru Street in the Port Loyola area of Belize City. The incident happened at the corner […]

    Now that it has been decided to have a Senate hearing into irregularities at the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality, the stage is set for the most explosive investigation of senior government officers in the history of Belizean politics. The Senate when it begins its hearings will have authority to […]

    Strike! BNTU headed to Belmopan
    Two weeks after the official opening of the school year, the Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) is headed to Belmopan for industrial action against the Government of Belize, despite calls from GOB to not do so. The BNTU announced this week, that teachers are planning […]

    PM’s niece shot in leg. Cops say others were intended target
    By Marion Ali Assistant Editor Candice Anderson Barrow, the niece of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and daughter of Denise “Sister B” Barrow, is in a stable condition after she was shot in the right thigh shortly after 1:00 Thursday afternoon in Belize City. Anderson, an employee of the Central Bank […]

    Bus fares going up in most areas! Down in others
    Bus fares will be adjusted countrywide, if not by October first, then in the days to come after discussions involving Minister of Transport, Edmund Castro; officials of the Transport Board; and bus operators from the northern, western and southern routes. Castro told the Reporter on […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    One woman dead after house collapses
    A woman who underwent surgery after sustaining severe injuries from being inside a house that collapsed this afternoon on Dolphin street has passed away. The house was hub to the Soca Moca carnival crew. The crew were preparing for their participation in this years […]

    P.M. wants meeting with BNTU after demonstration but issues warning
    Ahead of this afternoon’s meeting with the Joint Union Negotiating Team and Monday’s planned demonstration in Belmopan the continued education of our children cannot be compromised or halted beyond normal controls. He asked […]

    Shooting of P.M.’s niece will not deter crime fight
    On Thursday we brought you the early developments in the shooting of Candice Anderson, the 31 year old daughter of Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s sister, chief campaigner and surrogate in the Queen’s Square Division, Denise “Sista B” Barrow. Police today announced that Candice Anderson […]

    PM Meets with Utilities and Public Sector Unions
    Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow was a busy man today, scheduling back to back meetings with the three unions representing workers from the utility companies this morning and meeting with representatives of the Joint Negotiating Team of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), […]

    The PUP needs cooking lessons
    The current United Democratic Party (UDP) government is a ship trying to navigate its way through rough and murky waters at this point and unfortunately for them, it seems as if the seas are only going to become increasingly violent as waves of scandals […]

    4 kids missing in Belize City; police need your help in finding them
    Four children were reported missing00 p.m. that day when classes were over at the Buttonwood bay primary school, the four children did not come home. The children’s names are Keniesha […]

    3 detained in connection to shooting of PM Barrow’s niece
    Yesterday around 1:30 p.m., police visited the Belize Medical Associates where they saw Candace Anderson, 31, suffering from gunshot wounds to the left leg and abdomen. According to police reports, Candace was inside a yard on 7th Street, Belize City socializing with several persons […]

    Cloudy skies on the horizon
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy skies with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms mostly over the South and coastal areas this morning moving inland this afternoon and over the South tonight. Winds will be blowing to the East from 5-15 […]

    The teachers need the people and the people need the teachers
    The Belize National Teachers Union is demanding action in areas of national interest….going over and beyond their narrow special interest….they have come to realize that pay raise in the context of an increasingly corrupt environment is for naught…the raise is rapidly taken back through […]

    Vision Inspired by the People supports BNTU’s national demonstration
    The Vision Insired by the People (VIP) issued a release expressing its full support for the Belize National teachers Union (BNTU) national demonstration to protest government’s proposal for the deferral of agreed upon salary increases and also to make demands on burning national issues. […]


    The many faces of Belize!
    As a traveler, you most probably have had the joy of ticking off a box wherein you try to define what ethnicity you are. I am not going to get into the deep, underlying issues within those definitions, but I can tell you that in Belize, we’d have at least 7 boxes to tick off. Belize has the Mestizo, Maya, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonites, and Chinese ethnic groups. Although, if our forays into the local schools’ cultural presentations are any indication, we may soon include the North American and Lebanese ethnicities as part of our cultural landscape! Throw in multiple races/ethnicities, and it’s one big party, or, as we grew up calling it, a MELTING POT! All these fabulous faces make up one incredible population of 350,000 across 8,867 square miles of Belize.

    The Heartland of Belize: Blue Creek, Orange Walk and My Visit with Reinland Meats
    Just on the border of Mexico and Belize, lies that village of Blue Creek. A town founded by Mennonite settlers over 50 years ago (who had left Chihuahua, Mexico to find land even more remote). The Mennonites have a long history of moving, looking for open land and governments that will leave them to their own way of life. Once through the gate, the road is beautiful, there is no litter at all…green pastures. Much of that has to do with Quirk #2: Blue Creek Village is all private land. The roads are all built by the community and maintained by the community. Speed limits and traffic regulations of Belize don’t apply here – they set their own. I headed over to Reinland Meats which is under new ownership for the past four years. Albert Reimer, the owner, is a man passionate about the beef and this land. I really enjoyed spending time with him…seeing his huge operation and asking about 1000 questions. I first went through the processing plant. I am from suburban NJ and NYC…my knowledge of animal husbandry and meat production was pretty close to zero.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize Climate Resilience Gets a Boost
    Belize will strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector with the help of an $8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility . The World Bank Board of Directors approved the grant this week. “A major concern we often grapple with is extreme weather,” said Frank Mena, Belize’s Minister of State for Finance, Public Service, Energy & Public Utilities. “The impact of such events often leads to major setbacks to our development progress.” Belize is located in the direct path of many tropical storms and hurricanes, resulting in many human casualties and widespread infrastructural damage. The impact of Hurricane Dean in 2007 resulted in $80-100 million in damages, equivalent to 6-8 percent of GDP, and a nearly nationwide power blackout.

    Fishermen: Our Best Hope for Abundant Oceans That Feed the World
    What is the future for billions of people around the world who depend on seafood for nutrition? Many experts will tell you that wild fisheries collapse is on the rise, and that fishermen are trying to get more from the oceans today, leaving a lot less for the future. If nothing changes more than 80% of fisheries will be in need of recovery by 2030. But this dismal scenario doesn’t need to be our future, and in fact, fishermen and women are our best hope for healthy, abundant oceans that can feed a lot more people. Secure fishing rights are showing promise on other shores too. In two communities in Belize, illegal fishing dramatically declined, coral reef health improved, and communities saw a better future ahead. Word quickly spread and fishermen demanded more. The government began implementing fishing rights nationwide in June, showing the world that there can be a better tomorrow for fishermen and fish in small-scale, developing world fisheries too. Similar stories of hope are beginning to unfold around the world.


  • Monday, September 19th, Minister of Education Honorable Patrick Faber has announced that school will go on as normal, 1min. Here in San Pedro Town parents of school children from all institutions are being informed that Monday, September 19th will be a normal school day and the school will be opened as advised by management and the Ministry of Education. While the majority of teachers will not be at the schools due to the protest, there will be personnel present to ensure the students safety.

  • Miss Belize 2016 Swim Suit Competition, 1.5min.


  • Aaron Duncan In Belize At More FM Studios, 2.5min.

  • Go Fish Belize, 2min. Fishing mangroves, and bays on Ambergris Caye in Belize with Steve Lessard, and Capt. Abbie Marin.

  • Punta Gorda, Belize, 1min. If you like clear water and watching the moon set mingling with the oceans waves, you'll love PG!!

  • Video from National Geographic that opened the 2016 OurOcean Conference, 6min. This beautiful video from National Geographic opened the 2016 OurOcean conference this morning. Life on Earth depends on the ocean. A healthy ocean is central to human well being. The ocean feeds billions of people, employs millions of workers, and generates trillions of dollars in the world economy.

  • EnviroConnect Belize Competition (Season 1, Episode 3), 51min. Green Economy: Alternative Energy Production

  • Belize 2016, 3min.

  • Why Belize? Kanantik, 3.5min.

  • Belize, 3.5min.

  • PRIMARY AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS PAY TRIBUTE TO BELIZE, 8min. Students from across the country got a jumpstart on Independence Day festivities, with displays of patriotism and pride in full effect with the annual school Parade. Here in Orange Walk the streets of town were invaded by a sea of red, white and blue as hundreds of students geared up to celebrate the jewel’s birthday.

  • Spotted Eagle Ray's "Six Pack"- Turneffe Atoll Belize, 2min. Sept 16, 2016 Diving Turneffe Atoll Belize. One minute into the dive to look over the wall and be greeted by the six pack of Spotted Eagle Rays. Great way to start the morning. Dive Site- Jack Barrow

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize 2016, 4min. Get away to San Pedro, Belize with some road trip friends from Tulsa, OK. The small town of San Pedro is on the island of Ambergris Caye, off the coast of Belize.

    September 16, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Missing person found
    San Pedro Police have located 26-year-old Maria Elena Yah Cano, after a missing person report was made. The search for Cano began after 55-year-old Enrique Flores visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that he hadn’t seen or heard of Cano since the previous day, September 13th. According to the official police report, Flores stated that Cano was last seen leaving from a beachfront hotel located on Barrier Reef Drive, boarding a golf cart to go to her sister’s house. Police have since found the golf cart abandoned in the San Pedrito area road that leads to a dumping area. It was speculated by her family members that she was kidnapped by two unknown males.

    GOB to implement a Public Morality Commission
    Following a Supreme Court ruling on Section 53 in August 2016, Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow has established a “Church State Commission on Public Morality” that will change the interpretation of “sex” in the Constitution to include sexual orientation. The decision came after receiving legal advice from the Attorney General, and consulting with representatives from various religious organizations. Prime Minister Barrow mentioned that the Human Rights Trust, not Caleb Orozco (who was the Section 53 plaintiff), made the request for the definition of sex to be reinterpreted. He also reiterated that the GOB’s position in the ruling remains unchanged, but the ruling where it decriminalizes sexual acts committed between consenting adults is not supported by the GOB. “We do not have any faith in an appeal striking down the ruling on Section 53, but we are prepared to appeal on that very limited basis. We simply cannot support the criminalization of sexual acts between consenting adults and we are positive that that is what Section 53 did,” said Barrow.

    Golf Cart theft on the rise on Ambergris Caye
    The San Pedro Police Department is advising residents to be on high alert, as there is an increase in stolen golf carts on the island. The first of these incidents include the remains of a four-seat golf cart that was found abandoned off a dirt road in Southern Ambergris Caye on Wednesday, September 7th. The vehicle was stripped and left without a roof, wheels and most of the parts from its engine. As a result the police have launched an investigation, with the aim to put a stop to these robberies. Around the same time, another golf cart belonging to Ultimate Golf Cart Rentals went missing. The management at Ultimate Cart Rental advices their customers to always lock the carts and not to leave them unattended in public parking lots, especially during night hours. The company reported that in past incidents, they have had windshields and batteries stolen from their carts.

    Director of Tourism Karen Bevans Elected as a Vice Chairman
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to announce that the Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, has been elected a Vice Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). This took place during the events of the State of the Industry Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), which is currently on-going in Barbados. Minister of Tourism for the Bahamas, Obie Wilchcombe, has been elected the Chair of the CTO. In addition to the election of the chairman, vice chairs were elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors to represent various sub-groups – Curacao representing the Dutch Caribbean, Martinique representing the French Caribbean, Barbados and Belize representing the Independent CARICOM countries and the Turks & Caicos Islands representing the British Overseas Territories.

    Ambergris Caye’s ‘Ground Zero’ zone in recovery
    In late June of this year, a huge and devastating fire almost wiped out an entire block on Pescador Drive in downtown San Pedro. 11 buildings that served as homes and businesses to a total of 88 residents were destroyed. Four months later, the first building is being erected at the site dubbed ‘Ground Zero’ and it is expected that by December of 2016, most of the buildings will be reconstructed. One of the first buildings under construction is the residence and business of Abel Dorado, who operated his grocery store ‘El Dorado’ at the site where the fire began. Dorado had to relocate after losing his home and business in the blaze, and is now happy to see his new building coming to life. He expects to relocate to his previous spot on Pescador Drive as early as November.

    Oceana launches “Are we drowning our future” social media campaign
    Over the years, gillnets have been increasingly considered a predator of the sea. They pose a serious threat to many marine animals such as fish, sharks, dolphins, turtles, and even manatees, who can become entangled within them. In an effort to ban the continuous use of gillnets and promote sustainable fishing gear/equipment, Oceana Belize has launched a social media photo project titled, “Are We Drowning Our Future”, to portray the indiscriminate nature of gillnetting, as well as to highlight the negative impacts it has within the country. The set of four photographs were taken in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye by Oceana’s Alex Ellis. Ambergris Caye is Belize’s number one tourism destination, and is known for recreational fishing. The photos feature models Joyjah Estrada and Emaun Hyde entangled in a gillnet to demonstrate how in the same way, protected marine can be trapped in this harmful gear.

    Ambergris Today

    Local Sanpedrano Makes Belize National Volleyball Team
    The Belize Volleyball Association held a press release on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, to introduce its team that will be representing Belize in the FIVB Men's World Championship Qualification Tournament. Earning a spot in the team is local Sanpedrano Gabriel ‘Gaby’ Nuñez, Jr. (front row, 2nd from left). Belize will host six other teams who will face off in a round robin tournament. This tournament is the first stage in an international competition to earn a place in the FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championships which, according to the BVA President, Allan Sharp, is the equivalent of the FIFA World Cup. Cuban coach Delio Arruebarrena told the Belize City media that the team needs more international practice matches, but that their preparation has been very good. The team participated in the Copa Cancun and also the Under-23 Central American Championship which allowed the team to develop skills. Coach Arrueberrena has been with the Belize Team since since February of this year.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Pampered Paws 15th Anniversary Give-away
    Our 15 Years Aniversary is right on the corner, which means that the drawing date for our photo competition is getting closer and closer by the minute. Who will be our grand price winner of one year free grooming services, we are near to find out. All ends September 17,2016. It's not to late to join, so keep sharing and promoting your photos. Remember the original picture with the most likes becomes our winner! (sharing and commenting gives publicity to your photos in order to get more likes). To determine our winner we will be focusing on the original pictures with the most likes.

    Director of Tourism Elected as a Vice Chairman for the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Board of Directors
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to announce that the Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, has been elected a Vice Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). This took place during the events of the State of the Industry Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), which is currently on-going in Barbados.

    Cayo River Clean Up 2016
    Oceana Belize is organizing a Belize-wide clean up campaign for Saturday, September 24th. It starts at 9:00am, and is usually around the low lying bridge. This is the 25th anniversary. Thanks, Oceana. "Show your patriotism this September by helping to rid our beautiful Belize of pollution and trash! The global 2016 River and Beach Clean Up is happening countrywide on Saturday September 24th! Be a part of Belize's solution, not pollution! For more information contact Kimberly Bowman at [email protected] or Amelita Knowles at [email protected], or call our office at 822-2792"

    Stann Creek House of Culture- NICH
    Gulisi came to view exhibit yesterday afternoon.

    Mas Camp Day 2 - Soca Moca Senior Carnival Mas Band
    Mas camp visits continue tonight.... and THEN IT'S ON! Jouvert and Carnival Road March are on Saturday.

    Urban Bird Watch 2016
    Do you enjoy observing birds? If yes, Urban Bird Watch 2016 is here once again! Come and learn about the birds of Belize!!! No registration needed just meet us at 6 a.m. sharp at the different meet- up points! Spread the word!!

    BTL bandwidth
    It took some time but we finally got what we paid for...They told us all kinds a rubbish that we couldnt get 100Mbps and only 80Mbps because they didnt know what the problem was and it was not on their end. Of course they visited us and did a million and one inspection to try to find a fault but everything was so neatly wired & labeled they let and never came I told them the problem was simple, you guys either have us connected to a switch that can only support up to 10/100 and not 10/100/1000 or this line you claim is fiber is probably copper to your DLC...They said "No Man! Everything is setup right" 2 weeks ago they had no way to hide that they are running fiber to their DLC....couple days ago we hit the 100Mbps mark which can clock up to about 165Mbps/25Mbps.........On a more serious note BTL seems to have lay off about 15 BTL employees and brought in about 25 Guatemalans permanently to work...dont know the validity of this info but its from very reliable sources and also disturbing. But in the end the truth always comes out

    Employment Opportunity at Rain Restaurant in San Pedro
    Apply online at

    Pink Boutique
    Don't Miss out on the Grand Opening of Pink Boutique in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. THAT'S TODAY!!!

    Teachers Demands, PM's responses
    The President of the Belize National Teachers' Union (BNTU) in a letter to the Prime Minister, dated September 12, 2016 put forward eight (8) demands. The Prime Minister in a letter to the President of the BNTU, dated September 14, 2016 responded to each of these demands.

    Images from Our Ocean Summit
    US President Barack Obama delivering his address. Hon. Elrington meets with CARICOM Ministerial colleagues.

    A meeting was held in Belmopan this afternoon in which Northern Bus Owners sat down with Minister of State for Transport Hon. Edmond Castro and Chief Transport Officer Tirsio Galvez to discuss and address issues affecting the Public Transportation Industry in that zone. This is part of a nationwide review and restructuring of the industry, including the rationalization and regularization of rates, as well as the improvement of the quality of service provided to the public. This meeting with the Northern Bus Owners is a follow up to an earlier meeting with the Chief Transport Officer. Hon. Castro says the proposed changes and adjustments agreed upon in principle will be taken to Cabinet and the Transport Board for finalization and implementation.

    Belize Prepares to Participate in the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly
    September 13th, 2016 marked the opening of the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The General Assembly, under its current Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, will meet from September to December and will resume for a part of January until all issues are addressed. The General Assembly is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations and the only one in which all member nations have equal representation. Its powers are to oversee the budget of the United Nations, appoint the non-permanent members to the Security Council, receive reports from other parts of the United Nations and make recommendations in the form of General Assembly Resolutions. The theme of this session is “The Sustainable Development Goals: a universal push to transform our world”. This theme refers to the General Assembly’s emphasis on ensuring that implementation of the new global development goals, adopted by its 193 member states, is well underway. Additionally, the Assembly will focus on the plight of refugees and migrants, as well as efforts to bring the Paris Agreement on Climate Change into force. These issues will be addressed at a high level meeting, a leader’s summit and an event from 19-21 September. Finally, on 1st January 2017, the 71st session will welcome the ninth Secretary-General.

    Ministry of Education on strike
    The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture (MoEYSC) hereby informs all parents, guardians, students, teachers, principals, and the wider public that in accordance with the Education Rules, Managing Authorities will take necessary measures to ensure that schools and institutions are kept open for classes and to ensure that there is safety for students and teachers present at a school or institution during the industrial action planned by the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) for this Monday, September 19, 2016. Parents, guardians, students, teachers, principals, Managing Authorities and school bus operators are informed that school buses will run their normal schedules on Monday, September 19, 2016. The Education and Training Act, No. 3 of 2010 Laws of Belize is the Act that governs education generally and the employment, management and discipline of teachers.

    The Government of Belize in partnership with UNDP Launches the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Project in Belize
    The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) is a global partnership that seeks to address the biodiversity finance challenge in a comprehensive manner and define biodiversity finance needs and gaps with greater precision through detailed national-level assessments, determining the challenges and opportunities for resource mobilization, and build a sound business case for increased biodiversity investment. In Belize BIOFIN is a $530,000 USD project, which main objective is to develop a Sustainable Resource Mobilization Plan for Biodiversity Management. It is being implemented by the Government of Belize with funding from the European Commission and the Governments of Flanders, Germany and Norway, and managed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

    Tony Wright book on Belize Musicians Past and Present
    The Association for Belizean Artists First is pleased to announce the public presentation of a book Belize Musicians Past and Present by Tony Wright on Thursday 15th September 2016 at 10:00 am at the Image Factory Art Foundation on North Front Street in Belize City. Tony Wright known to his many fans as the Lovable Mr. T has since February 1995 hosted the popular Krem radio Thursday night show Belizean Musicians Past and Present. He is an icon of our time in the cultural arena especially as it relates to the promotion and preservation of Belizean music. He is a cultural activist who has fought for the rights of Belizean artists at home and abroad with unwavering commitment and loyalty. This publication is a bold effort by Mr. Wright to scan several decades of Belize’s music history starting with the Mighty Lord Rhaburn and his combo from the 1950s reaching into the landscape of today’s music scene. The writer captures snippets and memories of important musicians from Nadia Cattouse to Ernestine Carballo from Wilfred Peters to Nello Player. He also takes us back to the days where live bands ruled the day like Deep Harmony of 1965, Glen Bood and the Telegrams of the 1970s.

    When you look at these model boats designed by the legendary and late Garifuna artist and seaman, Peter Sanchez, of the southern town of Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize, and his talented son, Leonides Sanchez, they appear simple to do from the naked eye's perspective. But that has become the most interesting thing about art forms in that it is not always what they appear to be. And this kind of work in wood that duplicates an original form into a miniature one tells a lot about the patience and skill of the artists who build them. The building of boat models that resembles the real sailing boats or boats as the classic ones like the historical Heron H was, has become a typical Belizean art form over the years. It is not one that we would frequently find around Belize, but it is a unique style that those like Peter Sanchez in Belize had mastered since his early years as a sea man in the Southern waters of Belize, and then later passed down to his son, Brother Leo, (Leonides Sanchez) as he is called in Belizean quarters.

    You meet unexpected artists in some of the most unexpected places, and yours truly recent vacation trip to Placencia in Belize allow me the opportunity to have come across one of Belize's most prolific underground artists, Belizean, Edwin X Jones, who through a most vivid explanation of his genre of art work in wood, made me realize the Belize has some of the most talented artists hidden beneath the surface of a lucrative tourist market. It wasn't whether these Belizean artists are been given the exposure they need within Belize's blinded folded million dollar art industry, but whether they will be able to showcase their unique and creative style to a nation much less to the world around them. But seeing Edwin X's transcending passion in wood in which he would carve out any art form that one has in mind almost immediately with a machete is art that you figured could not be imagined. You just have to think about it and he can carve it out right there for you with skill and craft of unprecedented genius.

    Punta Fuego Road Show
    It's the first ever Punta Fuego Road Show in Sarteneja, Corozal; Saturday September 24, 2016.

    Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. alongside BTB's Director of Tourism
    Mrs. Karen Bevans paid a courtesy visit to roughly 50 Belizean students studying in Barbados tonight. These students are Belize's ambassadors and they were excited to have been afforded the opportunity to meet with our Director and Minister of Tourism.

    Channel 7

    Tough Talking Teachers Reject PM's Response, Commit To Demonstration
    On Monday, teachers from all over the country will converge on Belmopan to demonstrate against the Government, and the Ministry of Education says it will have to take action. We'll tell you what the Ministry will do to keep schools open a little later, but, first, to the reasons for the demonstration. As we told you, the teachers don't want their salary adjustment deferred, but on the list of priorities, that's very far down. That's because they are demanding good governance from the Barrow Administration. With all the scandals that Government has faced this year, the teachers say that they have to stand up for Belize to make a statement against corruption of any kind. As you saw last night, the Deputy Prime Minister, who's also the Minister of Education, made an impassioned plea to the teachers to stand down for the sake of the children. Well, this evening, we got an opportunity to speak with the National President in Corozal. He was there along with the Executive Secretary for an Annual General Meeting with the members of the Corozal Rural Branch of the union.

    Ministry Rings The School To Keep Classrooms Open On Monday
    And while the teachers blasted the government today, the Government is blasting right back. In an effort to keep schools open on Monday - and to keep teachers away from the rally and demonstration, the Ministry of Educiaotn sent out a stern press release this evening. It says, quote, "in accordance with the Education Rules, Managing Authorities will take necessary measures to ensure that schools and institutions are kept open for classes and to ensure that there is safety for students and teachers present at a school or institution during the industrial action planned by the BNTU for this Monday." It goes unto say that school buses will run their normal schedules on Monday. And the release also refers to the education rules where Rule 102 says, quote, "If a labour dispute results in industrial action by teachers or instructors, salaries and wages of persons undertaking such action may not be paid for any day or portion of a day during which they are on strike."

    Union President Not Impressed With GOB Version of Senate Inquiry
    We also asked the president about the Government backpedalling on the issue of allowing a Senate Probe to look into the Auditor General's reports on corrupt immigration practices. He told us that he is not impressed because the composition should resemble what it was during the SSB and DFC inquiries of 2005. Here's how he explained why: Luke Palacio, National President, B.N.T.U.: "It is common knowledge that whenever something of this magnitude happens in this country, the Prime Minister will make every effort to try and see how he can quell it but to his benefit. The constitution is clear. There should be a senate select committee to investigate those matters."

    Is BNTU Sweating PUP Fever?
    Earlier you heard the action that the Ministry will take in response to the Teachers Union's demonstration, and last night we showed you how Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber believes this to be a purely political exercise with no real grounds. Today, we got a chance to ask BNTU President Luke Palacio for a response to the direct accusation from the DPM that he is leading the union into a cause for the Opposition. He dismissed that out of hand, reminding Faber that he once stood beside them back in 2005, even being roughed up by the police. Here are his comments:

    BNTU Braces PM
    As we showed you last night, the Prime Minister has written back to the BNTU to respond to their demands about good governance. He has carefully explained what the Government's plan of action is to address all 8 of their demands, and he even gave his reasons for refusing to remove Godwin Hulse as the Police Minister. So, what do the unions think about that response? That's what we tried to find out today, but the National President said that it will be addressed in a meeting by the members of the Union. Luke Palacio, National President, B.N.T.U.: "First of all there were no deadlines and no conditions set as it relates to the plan of action the BNTU has. A letter was sent to the PM asking and making certain demands and we gave him up until Friday to respond, and he has done so; he responded yesterday, that has been reported to our membership, that has been reported vastly in the media."

    Teachers, Is It All About The 3%
    So, the bottom line is that - to hear the teachers tell it - the third tranche of their salary adjustment is the lowest priority for the planned demonstration Monday. But, money is always an issue, and as we showed you, while the BNTU is refusing the Prime Minister's request for a deferral to next year, the other two unions, the Public Service Union, and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers, have decided that they will agree to the deferral. That's two-thirds of the union negotiating team which does not agree with them, and today we asked the President if that minority position has swayed them somewhat. He told us that it does not, and here's how he explained why:

    Customs Officer Shoots Armed Attacker
    Last night in Orange Walk Town a 34-year-old Customs Officer narrowly escaped death. Jose Acevedo arrived home at 8:00 pm when he was ambushed by two armed men. One of them held a .45 caliber weapon, and the gunman pulled the trigger, but the gun snapped. Orange Walk police told us what happened next: Insp. Jose Mendez, OW Police: "Well he was at his residence in his yard and he approach the gate and notice that the person had a firearm aiming at him. Upon seeing his actions, ran into his yard, tumble down and manage to grab his 9mm license firearm and fired 1 single shot after the individual." When police responded, they found the assailant turned shooting victim lying on the ground with a loaded .45 pistol beside him. That's a prohibited firearm and considered one of the deadliest handguns in the world. He was taken to the hospital and identified as 21 year old Nigel Galvez from Belmopan. He was shot in the pelvis area and transported to the KHMH where he is stable. His mother says that police have it all wrong and that he is the victim, who was shot by two men who were trailing him. According to family and friends, he would never do something like this.

    PM's Neice Shot
    The Prime Minister's niece was shot this afternoon in Belize City. It happened in the King's Park area where Candice Anderson was in a yard among other persons when shots were fired into the group. She was the only one injured. Police on the scene told us more:... Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C. Precinct 3, Belize City Police: "Information as gathered that female, Candace Anderson was shot to the leg and was transported to the K.H.M.H. hospital and she is presently there in a stable condition. She was at a house at this yard on 7th Street and that is where she was shot." Jules Vasquez, 7News: "I know that the GSU had recently raided a home on 7th Street which they said was used by drug peddlers - marijuana peddlers in the area. Might that have any relationship to what happen here today?" Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C. Precinct 3, Belize City Police: "We will look at all angles to see where this investigation takes us."

    Maria Marin Says She Drove Away Penner
    Last night you saw the first part of our interview with former Director Of Immigration Maria Marin where she denounced the unilateral process that the auditor general undertook, and questioned the findings she arrived at. Tonight, in part two we asked Marin about her encounters with former Minister of State Elvin Penner:.. Tune in tomorrow for part three of our interview with Marin.

    Oral History of Belizean Music Finally Written
    Tony Wright never got blessed by an institution of higher learning, but ask any musician and they will confirm that the man is a musicologist of the highest order. For 21 years, he has hosted the show Belize Musicians Part and Present on KREM Radio - a product of his conviction that Belize's musicians must be recognized, appreciated and honoured. In that time he has laid down the blueprint for the oral tradition of Belize's music history, and now, he has turned that spoken word story into a written history, with the launch of his first book. Just like the show it's called Belize Musicians Past and Present and it was launched today at the Image Factory. Co-Publisher Yasser Musa told us why the book matters:..

    KHMH Is 21
    For most of you, the KHMH isn't the first place you think about going in the case of a medical emergency and if you do, you won't be all that comfortable. That is because the hospital has suffered some serious blows to its reputation in recent years but, today at the hospital's 21st anniversary celebration public relations officer Tylon Tillett told us that all those challenges are behind them and they have improved. KHMH CEO also discussed a few of their health care accomplishments. Other health events will also be held throughout this week including a staff retreat.

    DPM, Let All Voices Be Heard, Caleb's As Well
    Last night, we showed you the Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber's press conference. He wanted, among other things, to clear up that the Church State Commission is merely a forum for the churches to share their concerns on any topic, not only matters of public morality. He was also making the point that the Commission does not have the power to make policies based the church's position; it only will have the ability to advise the Government on what course of action they should take, on different issues of national interest. So, we asked him if in the Government will allow Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM a similar opportunity to be heard in very same way that Church is being allowed. He told us that he has committed to Orozco that this dialog will happen. Faber added that personally, he would want to see the minority groups get more than an opportunity to dialog; he would want there to be some mechanism to address their concerns. Here how he explained why:

    Mas De Mas Camps
    Mas Camps - they're a kind of controlled craziness mixed with any reason to go on bad in the street. Last night we visited four more camps - where the Carnival spirit was in full effect; here's what we saw:… The Mas Camps wrap up tonight.

    Falling Flagpole Kills Construction Worker In Corozal
    A man was killed this evening in Corozal's Central Park. Juan Meskita, an employee of Botes construction company died on the spot when a flagpole fell on his head. Here's how it happened: the Town council contracted Botes Construction to erect a flag in the Central Park. The company chose to do so without a crane, instead they used a forklift. But the forklift snapped when it was hoisting the flagpole which came tumbling down. Everyone scattered - including Mayor Hilberto Campos who was 5 feet away from where it fell. But Meskita ran forward instead of sideward, and the pole fell directly on him. He died instantly, traumatizing onlookers. The town council had to cancel College Night due to the tragic accident.

    No Road March Without Tumblers
    After the 16 junior and senior carnival bands jump and wind on Saturday, the road march still wouldn't be the road march without the grand finale from the tumblers. They've been gracing the streets with their pavement gymnastics for more than three decades, and the hardest part is that they're always training new recruits. We caught up with the group training at the Fred Westby Park this evening and by the looks of things, they are more than ready to sail above the pavement on Saturday, but the trainer did say that some extra help from the community would take them an even longer way. There are about 35 to 40 tumblers in the group.

    Wet Fet De Ya!
    So while the tumblers are getting road ready for carnival day, many of you are getting ready for Wet Fete tomorrow night. A group of DJ's and performers from Trinidad will be bringing a new flavor to the Soca vibes. A few performers along with the Caribbean Soul Events organizer dropped by our studio to tell us just how Wild and Wet, this year's Wet Fete will be . Tickets will be $35 dollars at the gate before 1:00 am.

    Channel 5

    Belize National Teachers’ Union confirms mass demonstration in Belmopan
    It is now official: a massive demonstration of teachers will take place in Belmopan on Monday September nineteenth.  The convergence on Independence Hill comes just two days before Independence Day. [...]

    B.N.T.U. president makes case for fifth demonstration in a month in capital
    In making the case why the demonstration – the fifth in less than a month in the capital city – has to happen, Luke Palacio said the B.N.T.U. is fulfilling [...]

    Senator Godwin Hulse hopes Government can reach compromise with unions
    Former Minister of Labor Godwin Hulse has also interjected on the present situation with teachers and the demand for the final tranche of their salary increase.  Ahead of a scheduled [...]

    B.N.T.U. wrong to consider industrial action, says Hulse
    As for a call for industrial action, Hulse, like Minister of Education Patrick Faber, admits that there really is not a labor dispute that would warrant teachers taking to the [...]

    Teachers say, “It’s not just about the three; it’s about country!”
    On Wednesday, we shared the strident response of Minister of Education and Youth Patrick Faber to the goings-on with the union. He insists that there is currently no labour dispute [...]

    Education Minister reminded of his actions in 2005
    The battles between the powerful union and the second most powerful man in Belize revolve mostly around their disagreement on how far the union is taking its issues. But Faber [...]

    Ministry of Education promises schools will be open on Monday
    Late this evening, the Ministry of Education issued a press release informing parents, teachers and students that in compliance with the Education Rules, managing authorities will take necessary measures to [...]

    Prime Minister’s niece is shot; stable in hospital; police look for shooter
    This afternoon, there was a rare occurrence in the quiet residential community of King’s Park – a shooting incident. But more than that is the identification of the victim, Candice [...]

    Embattled Immigration and Police Minister will not give in to critics
    Senator Godwin Hulse represents government business in upper parliament.  While he will not be sitting on the soon-to-be constituted task force to look into the findings of the Auditor General’s [...]

    Godwin Hulse concedes wrongdoing in Audit Reports and gives support to Auditor General
    As for the composition of the assigned working group, the fact that government will have three seats on the Senate Select Committee has raised concerns in other corners, particularly from [...]

    Former U.D.P. Minister, Melvin Hulse, weighs in on national affairs
    At an event held earlier today, we got the opportunity to speak with former U.D.P. Minister Melvin Hulse. The Stann Creek resident says that the district is least involved in [...]

    Call for Godwin’s removal is to ensure transparency in investigation
    The unions as well as the P.U.P. have been asking for the removal of Senator Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police. We also got Melvin Hulse to give his take [...]

    Twenty-one years for Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital celebrated its twenty-first anniversary today. An anniversary church service under the theme, “We Care For You,” saw board members and staff as well as members [...]

    Will constitutional challenge pave the way to “legalize” marijuana?
    Is a constitutional challenge in the making to decriminalize marijuana? The government had set up a committee to consider the decriminalization of a small quantity of cannabis, but the recommendations [...]

    Attorneys plan move against “elite” Bar Association
    The Government moved legislation in September of 2014 to amend the Legal Profession Act. It removed mandatory membership in the Bar Association, paving the way for attorneys to form or [...]

    Tony Wright releases compendium of Belize Musicians, past and present
    Tony Wright is perhaps best known as president of the Association for Belizean Artists First and host of the popular radio show “Belize Musicians Past and Present”. But he was [...]

    Movement continues to gain recognition and support for Belizean artists
    According to Wright, the book has two aims: to recognize the many men and women who have entertained us for decades, and to bring awareness to the need to preserve [...]

    Fifteenth annual Soundfest takes over House of Culture on Friday
    Earlier you heard Tony Wright speak about Soundfest, the premier production of the Association for Belizean Artists First, established in 2002. The fifteenth edition takes place on Friday night and [...]

    Third day of Mas Camps ahead of Carnival
    The final night for carnival mas camps is tonight with three bands being visited by a team of judges.  On Wednesday night, our news team had the arduous task of [...]

    Healthy Living and the illnesses of September
    By now, all primary school children have begun to settle into their new classes in the different schools across the country. This is good news for parents as they can [...]


    Custom Officer Shoots His Attacker
    A suspected robber is currently recuperating at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight after a custom officer shot him inside his yard here in Orange Walk sometime after 8:00 last night. According to reports, the custom officer parked his vehicle inside his yard and while walking towards the main gate of his property, he encountered two male persons standing inside his yard, one who was in possession of a firearm and pointing it towards him. Inspector Jose Mendez – Orange Walk Branch Commanding Officer: “Yesterday evening, police responded to a call on a shooting incident in the Belize/Corozal road where 43 year old Custom Officer, Jose Luis Acevedo reported to the police that a male individual while he was at his residence in his yard a male individual approached his gate and noticed that the male person had a firearm and aiming to attempt upon seeing his actions ran into his yard tumbled down and manage to grab his 9mm licensed firearm and fired one single shot after the individual which caught him in his leg.”

    Godwin Hulse Says Unnecessary Action For BNTU To Demonstrate
    The Barrow Administration has been facing yet another tough political week. Last week it was the Opposition who took to the streets in the old capital in the thousands to demand immediate reform or that the Barrow Government resigns. It was undoubtedly a factor in the Government’s sudden decision to switch support from the Bi-Cameral Joint Committee to the Senate Select Committee. Today, it is the Belize National Teacher’s Union who is making demands on the Government. The Union has announced plans to march on the streets of the city of Belmopan to show that they are serious. In response, the Prime Minister has called the BNTU to the discussion and negotiating table. Meanwhile, senior Ministers in the Barrow Administration have gone on a public campaign against the BNTU. Yesterday it was Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber and Minister of Housing Hon. Michael Finnegan, and today it was Senator/Minister Godwin Hulse who took on the BNTU, for what he said was an unnecessary action.

    BNTU President Defends Teachers
    While senior UDP Ministers have been clearly attempting to convince the teachers not to follow their Union leadership, all indications are that the Union decision to march on Monday is final. Memos have been sent to all branches and schools, calling on the teachers to stand up. Yesterday when BNTU National President Luke Palacio met with Orange Walk teachers, he defended their actions saying it isn’t political and that the teachers are being called to be true patriots. Luke Palacio, BNTU National President: “Our teachers go beyond the call of duty, our teachers are at school early in the morning because their parents would go to work and they need to drop off their children at school and our teachers are there...”

    Godwin Hulse Says Senate Regulations Calls For A Government Majority
    The debate whether there should be an investigation into the findings of the Auditor General’s special audit on immigration led by a Bi-Cameral Joint Select Committee or a Senate Select Committee is over. The Church, Chamber of Commerce, Unions and even the Government are supportive of the Opposition’s proposal. But, it’s not all game. There is now controversy over the make-up of the investigative body. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet prefer 3 Government Ministers along with 3 Social Partners reps and 1 Opposition. The Opposition does not agree and has called for there to be one representative from the Government and Opposition, and three from the social partners. Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse commented on the matter, saying all Senate regulations call for a Government majority.

    Master's Of The Road, A Huge Success
    The annual Masters of the Road competition hosted by Muffles Junior College kicked off earlier this evening in the centre of town and saw the participation of almost half of the student body. The race officially commenced at 3:45 p.m. where approximately one hundred eighty five students, each representing their respective sporting teams took off from the starting line with one aim…to become the 2016 Masters of the Road Champs. Arturo Acosta – Organizer, MJC: “This year the competition was intense we have some very fit students as you can see they did the race like in half an hour so the competition was very fair this year.”

    Bus Owners Discusses Affecting Issues With Authorities
    The Minister of state in the Ministry of Transport met today with Northern Bus Owners to discuss and address issues affecting the Public Transportation industry in this area. The meeting was held in Belmopan and was attended by Minster Edmund Castro and Chief Transport Officer Tirsio Galvez along with several Northern Bus owner. The meeting held this morning is part of a nationwide review and restructuring of the transport industry, including the rationalization and regularization of rates, as well as the improvement of the quality of service provided to the public.

    Its Official, BNTU Will Demonstrate On Monday
    The Belize National Teacher’s Union made it official today – they WILL be holding a demonstration in the city of Belmopan on Monday September 19th – just two days before the 35th anniversary of Independence celebrations. The BNTU and the Barrow Administration have been at loggerheads over the payment of a 3% salary increase to their members. The third payment was due July, but Government missed that due date and in August, they sent signals that they won’t be able to pay it when the Prime Minister proposed to push it back until next year.


    Education Ministry Throws Book at Teachers
    The tension is getting thicker between the Belize National Teachers Union and the Government of Belize. The teachers have planned a demonstration for Monday but the Ministry of Education is not having it. Late this evening the Ministry fired off a release in which it assures the public including the teachers and students that the […]

    Union’s Prepared to Meet with PM But Who Will Chair Senate Commission?
    As has ben reported, the membership of the Belize National Teachers Union has agreed to stage a massive demonstration in Belmopan on Monday. And while initially teachers were unhappy that Government had requested that their three percent salary adjustment be deferred to April of next year, now they say it is so much more. They […]

    Is the BNTU Giving the Process a Chance?
    The Belize National Teachers Union has called for the removal of Senator Godwin Hulse as Minister and Senator. Today, Hulse had his chance to weigh in on what the BNTU has been saying as it relates to the planned demonstration; he says that the BNTU should give the process a chance. GODWIN HULSE “There was […]

    Senator Hulse Says Auditor General Should Not Be Attacked
    The Auditor General’s report has brought much pressure under the Government of Belize as it has cited numerous irregularities as they relate to foreigners receiving Belizean passports and nationality. Fingered in those irregularities are both Cabinet members and public officers. Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse says he has read the documents page by page and […]

    There’ll Be no Hijacking of Senate Commission, Says Senator Hulse
    Senator Godwin Hulse was on The Morning Show this morning speaking on various issues surrounding immigration and nationality. His presence on the program comes at a time when the Belize National Teachers Union is calling for good governance; the opposition party is asking for the signing of the UN Convention against corruption as well as […]

    Melvin Hulse Says Removal of Godwin Is For Comfort
    Today, Love News met up with former Cabinet Minister, Melvin Hulse who says that he has been observing the happenings in the country and has maintained dialogue with those in Stann Creek. Here is how he feels about the request by the BNTU to remove Senator Godwin Hulse. MELVIN HULSE “I heard the explanation from […]

    Melvin Hulse Speaks on Inquiry and Mason Saga
    Melvin Hulse is a former Cabinet Minister and former Area Representative for Stann Creek West. Despite his exit from the forefront of politics, he remains in tune to the national issues include the recent discussion of the Senate Inquiry. Today, he spoke on the importance of an inquiry into the Auditor General’s reports. MELVIN HULSE […]

    Elrington In DC for Ocean Conference
    Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, is in Washington DC attending the third annual Our Ocean Conference. The conference began today and its aims to inspire and empower a new generation to come up with ideas to protect and conserve oceans and the massive amount of resources that it contains. Issues discussed at the Our Ocean […]

    Karen Bevans for CTO’s Vice Chairman
    Karen Bevans, the Director of Tourism was elected as Vice Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, CTO. According to a release from the Belize Tourism Board, Bevans was elected as Vice Chairman during events at the State of Tourism Industry Conference which is ongoing in Barbados. The Chair of the […]

    Educators are Serious About Good Governance
    In their letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the Belize National Teachers Unions outlined seven demands to which the Prime Minister has responded. Overall, the BNTU is demanding good governance from the Government and their demands include the institution of the Integrity Commission, the Public Accounts committee, and the thirteenth Senator. To this the prime […]


    PUP Condemns GOB Attacks on Auditor-General
    The People’s United Party has issued a press release condemning what they call the “ vicious and completely unwarranted personal attacks on Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley”. The release says, “Since the release of the Auditor General’s Reports revealing widespread and pervasive corruption at the h...

    Father arrested for incest in Belmopan
    A father from Belmopan has been detained for the crime of incest. A 15 year old girl, in the company of her mother, reported to police that sometime in the month of February 2015 her father had sexual intercourse with her against her will and then again on September 2, 2016. Medical examination was...

    Police United eliminated out of the CONCACAF Champions League
    It was a historic night on Tuesady where Belizean champions Police United lost eleven to zero against Mexican champions Pachuca. The highest score in a CONCACAF match before last night was 8-0 also received by a Belizean team. Only half of the stadium was filled but those in attendance witnessed his...

    Youth and community transformation project: Second cohort of drum making classes closing ceremony
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, the executing agency for the Youth and Community Transformation (YCT) Project, hosted a closing ceremony for the drum making classes at the Larubeya Drum School in Belize City. The closing ceremony is the culmination o...

    Tropic air gives back to Liberty Children’s home
    Tropic Air has announced the August results of its 2016 nationwide Tropic Gives Back charitable fundraising campaign. For every ticket bought at the month’s selected station, $1 is donated to an organization chosen by the Tropic Air staff stationed in that community. August was the chosen month for ...

    The Guardian

    Unions can’t agree to defer or take third salary increase
    The Belize National Teachers Union is alone in its insistence that the third tranche of the salary adjustment for teachers and public officers must be paid now. The Public Service Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers have both agreed to the Prime Minister’s request for it to be deferred until next year. Everyone is acutely aware that Hurricane Earl has devastated the country, causing over 183 million dollars in losses. The Government is trying assist those affected persons to get back on their feet, and because of the tough financial times, Prime Minister Barrow has asked for the 3 unions to hold off for a few months. The Public Service Union’s President, Eldred Neal has told the press that they agreed to the deferral after considering the Hurricane damage and the fact that it could help avoid retrenchment and an increase in taxes. The President is hoping that the BNTU will soften its position since they were a one-third of the Joint Unions Negotiation Team.

    Bexx is the New Miss Belize
    Hudut and sahou loving Dangriga resident, Rebecca Rath, 23, is the first woman to be crowned Miss Belize in ten years. The young elite volleyball player, friends affectionately call “Bexx”, is trading in her shorts and tops for swimsuits, costumes and evening gowns to represent Belize in the Miss Universe Pageant on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. The Ecumenical High School and Junior College alumnai was crowned on Saturday, September 10, after an extremely competitive Miss Belize Pageant at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts. Ten exceptionally gorgeous and intelligent young ladies offered themselves for the coveted title of Miss Belize. However, only five remained after competing in the national costume, swimsuit and evening gown rounds. Those five were Rebecca Rath of Dangriga Town, Neidy Rodriguez of Belize City, Dianira Rivera of San Pedro, Misty Swazo of Libertad Village and Marcia Moody of San Ignacio. The final round was the question and answer segment.

    Police recruit accused of having sex with 15 year old girl
    A 15 year old female student of Roaring Creek Village visited the police accompanied by her mother to report that she was sexually molested by a police recruit. The teenager reported that on 3rd June 2016 around 12:00pm, whilst at her residence, her boyfriend who she had known for seven months, had sexual intercourse with her. A Medical Examination was conducted on the under aged girl, which certified that she had been carnally known. Belmopan Police have since arrested a 21 year old Recruit Police Constable of the Cayo District for the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse. Belmopan Police are also seeking two other male persons who have had sexual intercourse with the same 15 year old female.

    DPM welcomes new Church-State partnership
    In Prime Minister Barrow’s recent meeting with religious leaders, a proposal was made to keep an open line of communication between the administration and the Church. This led to the idea of the Church-State Commission which would meet often to discuss national issues. The commission was labeled the “morality commission” because the main topic of discussion between the two parties at the moment is the Section 53 ruling and its potential impact on the moral fabric of society. However, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, who was tasked by Prime Minister Barrow to head the commission, says that the committee is not being formed to act as a morality panel but to provide an opportunity for the religious leaders of our country to share their opinions on all national issues.

    Taiwan donates to keep OAS at work in Belize Guatemala dispute
    The Government of Taiwan has generously given a donation to the Organization of American States. It will go toward the continued operation of the OAS Adjacency Zone Office at the Benque Viejo Town. The Taiwanese Ambassador, H.E. Benjamin Ho, handed that donation over on Saturday, September 10, to Belize’s CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Sylvestre. The ceremony was witnessed by Starret Dickson Green, the Representative of the OAS in Belize. It comes as a result of a joint request submitted to the Taiwanese Government by Belize’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, and Guatemala’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Carlos Raul Morales.

    Rise in Bus fares deferred until October
    Last week commuters from the western part of the country were complaining that some of the bus operators were raising their fares without previously warning or even having approval from the Ministry of Transport. In response to the complaints, on Thursday September 8, Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, Transport and National Emergency Management, along with Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ruth Meighan and Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, met with bus operators from the West regarding arbitrary hikes in bus fares. At the conclusion of the meeting it was agreed that all bus fares were to revert back to the rates that existed prior to the hike. At the meeting the Ministry of Transport and the bus operators agreed in principle on a proposed rate adjustments. This adjustment will be considered by the Belize Transport Board and must first be approved by Cabinet and authorized via a Statutory Instrument before they can be implemented.

    Minister of State for Transport Hon Edmond Castro meets with representatives from Galen University
    Minister of State with responsibility for Transport Hon Edmond Castro has met with representatives from the faculty and student body of Galen University to discuss matters relating to public transportation. The Representatives from the university were led by Sherry A. Gibbs, Dean of Arts and Science; and Martin Cuellar, Dean of Student Life, Student Enrollment and Admissions. They discussed matters of public transportation affecting faculty members and students of the university who regularly commute to and from school. They also discussed the possibility of the university setting up and executing research to gather relevant data on public transportation that would greatly assist the Ministry and Department in sound decision-making.

    Construction continued this week on two bridges in Cayo
    Work continued this week on the two bridges that will connect San Ignacio to Santa Elena, across the Macal River. When completed these two bridges will provide a relief from the current traffic congestion in the twin towns. With the passage of Hurricane Earl, the temporary wooden bridge had been partly destroyed. As a result traffic has had to go only through the Hawkesworth Bridge, creating frustrating delays for commuters. Work commenced precisely at 7:00 am last Friday on the wooden bridge and it is being undertaken by both the Ministry of Works in cooperation with the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council.

    They’ll get their Senate hearing
    Coming out of this week Tuesday’s Cabinet Meeting , was the announcement that Cabinet has decided in favor of a Senate Select Committee to do a probe into the allegations of perceived wrong doing, that may have taken place, in regards to Passports, Visas and Nationalities, at the Immigration Department and as layered out in the recently tabled Auditor General’s report. This probe will be in the form of public hearings where persons will be summoned to testify on record before the Senate Select Committee, as was done in the Social Security probe some years ago during a past PUP administration. A few weeks ago the government along with the Churches and Business Community were not in favor of a Senate Select Committee, but was instead in favor of a Joint Select Committee, which would have been a larger committee and would have been able to draw a wider consensus from it’s wider composition, that would have come from both chambers of the National Assembly. Even though Cabinet was still of that opinion, it is now going in favor of the Senate Select Committee because the Social Partners being the Churches and Business Community are now also in favor of a Senate Select Committee.

    San Ignacio Police receives training in shelter management
    Ten police officers from the San Ignacio Police Formation are now fully trained to conduct shelter management; especially during disaster situations. Jose Zuniga, a Disaster Risk Management Specialist conducted the training along with Corporal Ciriaco Medina, a community policing officer, on Monday and Tuesday of this week at the San Ignacio Police Station. The trained officers were also handed their Certificate for completing their course in shelter management this week by Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Formation, Anthony Richard Rosado. The trained officers will now have a dual role, providing security services as well as assisting in shelter management.

    Calling on the International Community to Support Taiwan’s Meaningful Participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization
    To align with international aviation safety standards, Taiwan has actively strived to gain participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization. Indeed, for many years, Taiwan has worked with other countries around the globe to improve the quality and efficiency of international air services. Taiwan’s participation in ICAO would lead to closer cooperation in the international civil aviation industry and boost its development, thereby contributing to the ICAO goal of achieving a safe and seamless sky. Taiwan is located in the busiest section of airspace in East Asia. In 2015, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was ranked 11th and sixth in the world in passenger and cargo volumes, respectively, according to the Airports Council International. In the same year, 74 airlines offered services to and from Taiwan, operating scheduled passenger and cargo flights on 301 routes and connecting 135 cities around the world. And the Taipei Flight Information Region—administered by Taiwan—provided over 1.53 million instances of air traffic control services and handled 58 million incoming and outgoing passengers in 2015, serving as an indispensable part of the global air transport network.

    Are teachers being misguided by Luke?
    It appears that like Shylock wanted to collect his pound of flesh from Antonio in the Merchant of Venice, so do the teachers want the third tranche of their raise. We expected this was coming right after the PUP started to agitate to try and gain back power. You see, sitting at the head of the Teacher’s Union is the PUP, in the persons of some PUP operatives such as Luke Palacio a FORMER PUP CANDIDATE and ELECTED OFFICIAL. The PUP is so desperate for power that they will do anything and use anyone to gain it. A few weeks ago they were piggybacking on the churches, but now that the churches and the government are trying to work out their differences the PUP has shifted course. We at this newspaper are in support of the teachers getting the third tranche of their promised raise, but we realize that is not possible at this time. We suspect that most of the teachers know that the raise is not possible at this time also, but they have allowed themselves and the process to have been hijacked by the PUP infiltrators. Teachers are the people who shape the mind of this nation and as such are intelligent people.

    Tenth of September Celebrations in San Ignacio and Santa Elena
    Ceremonies to commemorate the Battle of St. George’s Caye Day was held at the Falcon Field in San Ignacio on its official day, September 10th 2016. Guests for this day were the Hon. Omar Figueroa, Representative for the Cayo North Division, the Hon. Rene Montero, Representative for the Cayo Central Division and his Lordship the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, Earl Trapp Junior. Opening the ceremonies on Saturday was a Guard of Honor furnished by members of the Second Infantry Battalion and regular force from the Belize Defence Force. At the helm of the Guard was second Lieutenant Raphael Andres Gordon, parade sergeant Major William Majano (Warrant Officer class 2), Right marker Sergeant Evaristo Choc and Left guide Corporal Mark Chen. Gracefully handing over her crown to the Queen of the West 2016—2017 Shameka Armstrong, was Samantha Harrison. In accepting her new title, Shameka Armstrong said that she was proud to say that we are a sovereign strong and Independent Nation.

    Elwin Pollard on remand for robbery
    North Creek resident, Elwin Pollard, 20, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was denied bail for allegedly snatching Doris Soriano’s gold link chain valued at $1,200. Allegations against Pollard are that he held up Soriano with a knife on Monday, September 12, and took away her gold chain with a hand design gold medal. Pollard was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser just before lunch on Wednesday, September 14. He was unrepresented in court and read two criminal charges of robbery and harm upon Doris Soriano. Pollard pleaded not guilty to both charges.

    17 year old raped in Cayo
    A teenaged girl accompanied by her mother, both of Santa Familia Village, Cayo District, has reported that she was raped. The minor reported to police that on Tuesday 6th September 2016 about 2:00 pm a man with bald head, who she had met in the area of Dibary Store on Burns Avenue, offered her a ride on his blue motor cycle. The tall brown skinned male person took her to her sister’s residence in the vicinity of Rolson’s Cocina and Cantina Restaurant as he was headed in the same direction. The 17 year old female further stated that her transporter passed the entrance to her intended stop and took her instead to an area known as Mosquito Ville. It was there where he stopped in front of a green and red cement house. He then took her inside where he took off her clothing and forced her unto a bed in the living room area and had sex with her against her will. A medical examination has been conducted on the young person and San Ignacio Police are looking for the male person.

    Keon Usher arraigned for murder of Nicasio Zuniga
    Police have arrested and charged 20-year-old Chancellor Street resident Keon Usher for the murder of 22-year-old Nicasio Zuniga. On Monday, September 5, Zuniga, a resident of Jones Street, was murdered execution style. Police say that according to their investigation he went to buy drinks at a shop on Complex Drive around 6:20 p.m. and he had just left to go socialize with his friends when two men on bicycles approached him. One of the men pulled out a handgun and shot him once to the right side of the face. The bullet entered his cheek and exited the back of his head. By the time police arrived, there was nothing much they could do for Zuniga except rush him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Pachuca blank Police United while sitting record
    On a record-setting night, Pachuca (3W-0D-0L, 9 points) edged closer to a place in the 2016/17 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals, racing Tuesday to an 11-0 win over host Police United (0-0-3, 0) at FFB Stadium. Hirving Lozano scored a SCCL-team record four goals as the Tuzos set new tournament marks for most goals scored in a single game and the largest margin of victory. Police United was officially eliminated from contention, while idle Olimpia (1-0-1, 3) remains the only team with a hope of finishing atop the Group E table. Mateus Goncalves opened the scoring in the 22nd minute. The 21-year-old Brazilian dribbled down the middle of the field and completed a give-and-go with Franco Jara, before firing home from the left side of the box with his left foot from 14-yards out.

    Sugar City Hoops Competition continue in Orange Walk
    The Sugar City Hoops competition continued in Orange Walk Town on Friday 9th September, 2016, with two games on the schedule. In the 17 and U competition, Ever Ballaz edged out Muffles College Bob Cats by the score of 28-25. The top scorers for the Ever Ballaz team were Tyrique Dawson with 12 points, Emmanuel Torres with 12 points and Rasheed Reneau with 4 points. For the Muffles College Bob Cats the top scorers were Kristian Cabrera with 9 points, Cesar Justin Vasquez with 5 points and Dickerson Li with 4 points.

    A laptop for reading the most books during summer
    In an effort to promote reading, RESTORE Belize, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, the National Library Service, and Handy Tools LTD: Learning Resources for Teachers and Students sponsored a READ-A-Thon over the summer. The objective of the exercise was to have young persons read as many books as they possibly could over the summer. To participate in the read-a-thon students were invited to visit the nearest library in Belize City. In so doing, they went to either the Port Loyola Library, the Lake Independence Library, the Turton Library on North Front Street or the Leo Bradley Library to sign up and pick up books of their choice to read. After completing each book the students were required to complete a reading response log which was handed in every time they returned the book. The exercise attracted the participation of 55 students and last week Wednesday during the International Literacy Day the prizes were distributed to the winners.

    CDEMA and IDEA International Awarded Silver Medal for Collaborative Project in Management for Development Results
    The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) is the recipient of a Silver Medal award which is shared with the Institute for Development in Economics and Administration (IDEA International). The award was sponsored by the International Development Bank (IDB) and presented during the IX International Seminar of the Sub-National Governments Network (CoPLAC) held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on September 8th, 2016. Both entities were nominated for the ‘Second Competition in Management for Development Results (MfDR)’ and were placed second in the ‘MfDR in Sectors’ category. The Executive Director of CDEMA, Ronald Jackson, and the Co-President of IDEA, Frederic Martin, expressed their gratitude for the recognition. Dr. Martin said he was particularly “pleased that the CoPLAC Evaluation Committee had recognized this example of good practices in MfDR in the Caribbean region conducted with limited human and financial resources, as well as of the originality of the institutional setup based on North-South collaboration and public-private partnership”.

    Children SAFETY: Our Priority
    The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC), launched in 1994, is the lead national agency and major advisory body to the government on families and children issues. With that said, NCFC takes this opportunity to wish all Belizean families and children a safe and happy 10th September celebration 2016, as well as peace and safety throughout all the September festivities. In line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Children have the right to safety and protection and therefore, we call on all adults to be mindful of their actions while celebrating and ensuring the safety of your children. NCFC also calls on the Carnival Committee as a gentle reminder to be vigilant and ensure the safety of all children participating in the carnival road march. The committee and band leaders ought to ensure that all children have enough water and other liquids for proper hydration especially since the sun is extremely hot these days. In addition, the committee must also ensure that the children and adolescents costumes are not too revealing and provocative.

    Energy sector gets US$8 Million for Climate Change Resilience
    Climate Change is the number one national threat to Belize and Government is treating it that way. Belize adopted its first national policy on climate change in March 2015 called the National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action Plan. This policy was developed by the Belize National Climate Change Committee, established in 2010. The committee spent a year meeting with key stakeholders and incorporated all sectors of the economy; including, tourism, agriculture, water resource management, health and environment, in order to develop a comprehensive plan for climate change mitigation. Part of this plan is building resilience in the various sectors of the country. One sector received a huge donation on Monday, September 12, to implement its climate change resilience strategy. The World Bank Board of Directors approved a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for the Government of Belize to strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector.

    GOB will have limited appeal to CJ’s ruling on Section 53
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, after granting an audience to the different Churches, has decided that he’ll give the religious fundamentalists what they have been seeking. He will appeal the ruling of the Chief Justice on Section 53 of the Criminal Code. On August 17, the Prime Minister and the Attorney General carefully outlined to the public why the Government is of the opinion that appealing the ruling is not in the public interest. The reason was that the wording of the law, “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”, not only criminalized gay sex, but other consensual sexual acts between adults who were perfectly in their right to do as they pleased in the privacy of their bedroom. The Evangelists (along with their agitators), and the Roman Catholic Church have remained firm in their position that the State should appeal the decision. The Anglican Church, and the Methodist Conference of Churches have all declared that they are not in support of an appeal, but they are concerned about how the word “sex” in the constitution has been interpreted by the Chief Justice to mean “sexual orientation”.

    Senate Inquiry into Immigration and Nationality a go
    The Barrow Government has decided to give the social partners and the general public what they want, and a Senate Select Committee will be identified to look into the audit reports done on the Immigration Department. That’s the decision that the Cabinet took on Tuesday, September 13. The Government was willing to get behind this idea because the Belize Chamber of Commerce, and the Belize Council of Churches have carefully articulated why a Senate Probe would be preferred. For the benefit of readers, the distinction between the two is very important to understand. A Senate Select Committee is a committee appointed by the Senate to investigate any allegation of corruption within the Government. Only Senators will be called to serve. What the Barrow Government was recommending was a Joint Special Select Committee from the House of Representatives and the Senate. The premise was that such a committee would be fair to everyone concerned. The public would have their opportunity to get answers from the UDP ministers named in the audit reports, and those ministers would be better insulated from the Opposition, which is trying to trigger a witch hunt for political mileage.

    Killed on St. George’s Caye Day
    On Saint George’s Caye Day, when everybody was enjoying their September holiday, the family of 17 year-old Deandre Nembhard was in the grips of sorrow. Someone shot and killed him in street-style execution in the early morning hours of September 10. Nembhard was on Croton Lane at the Thompson residence, which belongs to his aunt and uncle. It’s a place he visits regularly, and his home with his parents is not too far away on Nutmeg Street. So, it was not the least bit unusual for him to be enjoying the company of a group of his family members and their companions just after midnight on Friday, September 9. It was not until around 2 a.m. that morning that the gathering turned from festive to grief striken. Someone jumped out of a vehicle which had driven up, and that person immediately opened fire on Nembhard hitting him several times. The cops can’t say conclusively that he was the target, but his family tells the media that the killer was ruthless in the attack, staying to ensure that Nembhard could not survive the attack. Two shots were fired, and when Nembhard tried to seek cover, the shooter kept unloading bullets on him until he collapsed in the yard. Those present tried to get him medical attention, and they did manage to rush him to the KHMH. Unfortunately, he passed away while undergoing emergency medical treatment.

    Anna’s Lunch Box in trouble for illegal Conch and Lobster
    Belize City businesswoman, Anna McKay, 61, was dragged to court on Thursday, September 8, for two fishery offenses that date back to July 11 of this year. The Belize Fisheries Department claims that they found her in possession 54 undersized lobsters and 12 out of season conch. According to their report, on July 11 at about 2:45p.m., Fisheries Officer Elvis Williams visited McKay’s business place, Anna’s Lunch Box Restaurant & Bar, located at Brown Sugar Plaza on North Front Street and found her in possession of the undersized lobsters and out of season conch. McKay was unrepresented when she appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza to answer to the fisheries offenses: one count of possession of undersized lobsters and possession of conch in the close season. She pleaded guilty to both charges; however, when the facts of the charge were read in court she was not in agreement with the amount of lobsters the department claims they found her in possession. She told Magistrate Mendoza that they only found her with 24 lobsters.

    Diondray McKoy and Lyson James Cacho sentenced to 5 years
    Diondray McKoy, 24, and Lyson James Cacho, 22, are serving the first night of a five year sentence at the Belize Central Prison after they were convicted of firearm offenses on Wednesday, September 14, in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. On January 8, 2013, police found the men in possession of a .38 Yama Microma brand pistol loaded with five rounds of .38 ammunitions. Neither could present a gun license for the weapon; therefore, they were charged jointly for the discovery. McKoy and Cacho in defence claimed that they were set up by police. Senior Magistrate Fraser told them that after careful consideration of the evidence before the court, she found them guilty of keeping a firearm without a gun license and keeping ammunition without a gun license. She listened to the testimony of the crown’s main witness, Superintendent Henry Jemott, who was the investigating officer in the case who busted the men with the gun.

    Gas attendant and minor charged for robbery
    Wilbert Magana, 23, a gas attendant of #127 Barracks Road and a 16-year-old minor were arraigned before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Wednesday, September 14, for allegedly taking away a Jordan slippers from Rene Machuca on Tuesday. In court, the duo were unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to two criminal charges: one count of robbery by use of force and one count of wounding upon Machuca. There was strong objection to bail by Prosecutor, Sgt. Claude Pitts. He submitted that while the offense was not committed with the use of a firearm, the two accused had a piece of lumber which they hit the victim with. Pitts also submitted that police detained the two accused and one of them was in possession of the victim’s slippers.

    Six illegal immigrants intercepted on Boom Road
    Salvadoran nationals Nelson Ariel Mata Morales, 21; Jose Alexander Bonilla Rodriguez, 28; Margin Alberto Marquez Chicas, 28; Francisco Ernesto Soriano Rivas, 23 and Jacqueline Yamileth Cruz Amaya, 22, and Honduras national Douglas Gabriel Maradiagola Sanchez, 22; all pleaded guilty to entering Belize without a visitor permit when they were taken before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Thursday, September 8. At about 10 a.m. on Tuesday, September 6, they were intercepted by police on the Boom/Hattieville road. Immigration officials’ investigation revealed that the group of five men and one woman had just entered Belize illegally through the Mopan River and had only been in the country for a couple hours when they were stopped by police and asked to present their visitor’s permit. When they were unable to do so, the police handed them over to the Immigration Department.

    Elwin Pollard on remand for robbery
    North Creek resident, Elwin Pollard, 20, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was denied bail for allegedly snatching Doris Soriano’s gold link chain valued at $1,200. Allegations against Pollard are that he held up Soriano with a knife on Monday, September 12, and took away her gold chain with a hand design gold medal. Pollard was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser just before lunch on Wednesday, September 14. He was unrepresented in court and read two criminal charges of robbery and harm upon Doris Soriano. Pollard pleaded not guilty to both charges. The prosecutor, Inspector Hector Rodriguez, objected to bail on the grounds that the crime of robbery is on the rise and the case against Pollard is extremely strong since he was nabbed by police shortly after the robbery and found in possession of the victim’s gold chain. With that, Senior Magistrate Fraser asked Pollard why she should grant him bail. Pollard said, “I am innocent, I neva burst any one chain.”

    Freedom Fighters, Police United and Verdes win over the weekend in Premier League competition
    The Premier League of Belize 2016-2017 Opening Season Competition continued over the weekend with four more games on the schedule. On Saturday 10th September, 2016, at the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga Town, the visiting Police United clip the host team Wagiya FC by the score of 2-1. Police United got on the scoreboard first when John King scored the 1st goal of the game in the 5th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The Police United defence took that lead well into the second half of the game before Harrison Roches was able to penetrate the defence of Wagiya when he scored his team’s 2nd goal of the game in the 59th minute of play to extend the lead to 2-0.

    XXVI National Women’s Softball Championship is set for the end of September
    The Belize Softball Federation is pleased to inform the softball community and the general public that the XXVI National Women’s Softball Championship will be played from September 30 – October 2, 2016, at Rogers Stadium the home of softball in Belize. The National Softball Championship is played between the champions and sub-champions of the Affiliated Associations that make up the Belize Softball Federation. The Tournament Director for the XXVI National Women’s Softball Championship is Jude Lizama while the Chief Umpire is ISF certified Joel Westby and the chief scorer and statistician is Gilroy Middleton.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Tony Wright presents “Belize Musicians Past and Present”
    Radio host and President of the Association for Belizean Artists First, Tony Wright, has presented a first look into the development of Belizean music in a book named for his KREM Radio program, Belize Musicians Past and Present. With compilation from Yasser Musa of […]

    Man dies after flagpole falls on his head
    A man in Corozal Town was killed yesterday evening when a flagpole fell on his head. The fatal accident happened in Corozal’s Central Park and the victim has been identified as Juan Meskita, an employee of Botes Construction Company. According to reports, Meskita along with […]

    Ministry of Education will ensure that Schools and Institutions stay open on Monday
    The Ministry of Education issued a release this evening informing all parents, guardians, students, teachers, principals, and the wider public that in accordance with the Education Rules, Managing Authorities will take necessary measures to ensure that schools and institutions are kept open for classes […]

    Ombudsman of Belize Welcomes Team from Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission
    A team of three officers from Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission were welcomed to Belize on September 13, 2016 by the Ombudsman. Mrs. Claudia Cristina Ibarra Reynoso, Director of International Cooperation, Dra. Helen Peña Martinez, Director of Non-governmental organizations, and Mr. Jose Leopoldo Vega […]

    PM Barrow’s niece shot in Belize City
    BBN has received reports that Candice Barrow, PM Barrow’s niece was shot in Belize City this afternoon. According to reports, the shooting took place around 1 p.m. today and she was shot on her thigh. A source told BBN that Candice is the daughter […]

    Belizean tour operators block a tour company from Guatemala from entering Belize
    This morning, displeased tour operators at Belize’s Western Border tried to block a Guatemalan tour company from entering Belize to operate tours. A source in Benque Viejo Town told BBN that the Guatemalan tour company obtained a road service permit through a minister of […]

    Julius Espat’s payment Seized
    Julius Espat, area representative for Cayo South has received a letter from the Clerk of the National Assembly informing him that he has been cut off of funds for his division as well as his stipend. Espat says that he had sent the Clerk […]

    Toledo man escapes from Police in Independence Village
    Edwardo Coc of San Pedro Columbia Village, Toledo District, escaped from Independence Police on September 14, 2016 around 5:05 p.m.. According to reports, Coc who was inside a Yaxcal Bus Line that was travelling from Jalacte Village to Mayan King Village when police stopped […]

    San Pedro Police seeking to locate missing 26-year-old woman
    Police in San Pedro Town are looking for a 26-year-old woman who went missing on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. According to reports, Enrique Flores, 55, of Copper Bank Village in the Corozal District reported to San Pedro Police that on September 13, 2016, at […]

    Suspected robber shot by custom officer in Orange Walk
    A custom officer in Orange Walk Town shot a suspected robber in his yard on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 around 8 p.m.. According to reports, the custom officer parked his vehicle inside his yard and while walking towards the main gate of his property, […]

    When are we going to talk about structural violence in Belize?
    Belize has inequality. Once you have inequality you will have conflict. Research shows that there is a new phenomena that has not been recognized in the past, called Psychosocial Stress and Structural Violence. Most Belizeans understands absolute deprivation. Which can be explained as: if […]

    Patrick Faber says no need for BNTU to strike
    In response to a letter with demands sent to Prime Minister Dean Barrow by the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), Minister of Education Patrick Faber called a press briefing yesterday. Faber called the briefing to appeal to teachers not to take any strike action because, […]


    Ernestine Carballo – Belize’s Queen of Soca
    Her stage presence is such that you can’t help but get up and dance. Ernestine Carballo will walk on stage, and traverse every inch of it, all while singing and dancing – in heels no less! The songstress has unmatched energy both on and off stage, and her smart lyrics capture an enthusiastic audience. In costume or plainclothes, her dynamic performances strike a chord, and it is easy to see why she’s considered Belize’s Queen of Soca. Singer, songwriter, professional entertainer, Ernestine is an award-winning artist born and raised in Belize City, Belize. She is the only girl in a family of eight boys, and has an additional six brothers from her father’s side. From studying Integrated Science and Arts at Wesley College, to a stint at the Institute of Creative Arts, Ernestine eventually transitioned to music, and we are all the better for it. Her name is synonymous with celebratory music, and is perhaps best known for the dynamic September songs “Carnival Is Here” and “Till the Sun Come Up”. The music and lyrics make us Belizeans feel truly patriotic, and it is our duty to shake it till the sun comes up indeed!

    Enjoy an Unforgettable Honeymoon on a Belize Island
    Belize is a country truly blessed like no other with hundreds of picture-postcard islands nestled amidst the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean. The spectacularly beautiful Belize Barrier Reef runs more than 180 miles along the coastline, a scenic backdrop for the ideal honeymoon. Just a few hours’ flying time from major cities in the United States and Canada, Belize is becoming an increasingly popular place for exotic romantic vacations and unforgettable honeymoons. Couples can walk hand in hand on sugar sand beaches, sip on fresh cocktails at a beachside bar, cuddle up on a hammock, or simply admire the strikingly gorgeous views from their own private deck, cabana, or bungalow on one of Belize’s islands.

    International Sourcesizz

    What Simone Biles loves about Belize
    For the 2016 Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, 19, a life of frequent travel is an inevitable part of her newfound fame. A record-holder in the United States for having the most gold medals in women’s gymnastics at a single Olympics, Biles recently embarked on the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions, a show touring 36 cities around the U.S., which features performances by members of the 2012 and 2016 U.S. Olympic gymnastics teams. The world may beckon, but the athlete said that her favorite destination would always be Belize, a Central American nation, where she holds dual citizenship through her mother, Nellie Cayetano Biles. The younger Biles spoke about her love for Belize while she was on her way to the airport in Los Angeles (she was in town to film the season premiere of “Ellen”) to head home to Houston for a few days before beginning her tour. Below are edited excerpts from a conversation with Biles.

    ‘Gringo’ Review: John McAfee Doc is Both Testament and Antidote to Media Manipulation – Toronto
    The troubling island exploits of pioneer antivirus software magnate offer a glimpse into how the powerful can twist a media narrative. John McAfee isn’t fooling anyone. In a documentary profile filled with damning evidence, there’s something self-incriminating in McAfee’s “You probably read about me” response to being arrested by police, all caught on squad car dashcams. It’s the opening scene of Nanette Burstein’s “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee,” a detailed look at the trail left behind by a millionaire untethered from social and legal norms. From his time as progenitor of the once-ubiquitous McAfee antivirus software, through his business ventures overseas in Belize and his recent bid for the Libertarian presidential nomination, Burstein looks at the consequences of empowering an individual to trade on his name and not his abilities. In a media landscape that hasn’t fully realized how to cover business mogul presidential candidates, “Gringo” shows what it takes to truly examine the past of a volatile public figure.

    $48 million fund to help expand marine protected areas
    Marine protected areas just got a huge boost. At the ongoing U.S. State Department’s Our Ocean 2016 Conference, in Washington, D.C., the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Waitt Foundation, the blue moon fund (bmf), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), together announced a commitment of $48 million to expand and improve marine protected area (MPA) coverage across the world’s oceans. “The investment is a combination of resources allocated by the GEF to partner governments to improve the management of MPAs,” Caleb McClennen, WCS Vice President for Global Conservation, told Mongabay. “The types of activities include science, outreach to stakeholders, working with local governments to get MPAs created, and supporting management of MPAs. This will be done by WCS-in-country staff, local partners, and the governments themselves.”


  • The song "Represent: placed second in the National Song Competition 2016 category for Carnival Song., 4.5min. The song "Represent: placed second in the National Song Competition 2016 category for Carnival Song.

  • One Girl & A Backpack, 3.5min. I set off from Vancouver to Mexico on Nov 1st 2015. Over the following 9 months I backpacked down to Belize and through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Travelling alone is never travelling alone, I was always surrounded by inspiring, strong, funny, amazing people. They shaped my journey as much as the volcanoes, deserts, mountains and oceans.

  • Our Epic Honeymoon Part 1, 15min. Welcome to our EPIC honeymoon in Belize! After flying from Alaska, we took a helicopter from the airport straight to our villa at Ka'ana Resort in San Ignacio, Belize, Central America. The next day, we took a trip on horse back to Xunantunich, a Mayan ruin site just an hour outside of our resort. On our way back, we sat down and had a private picnic on the side of a beautiful river with all sorts of interesting snacks, beautiful iguanas and howler monkeys calling to each other from just across the way. So many more amazing things happened in these first days but there's only so much we can share in one vlog, so be sure to watch the next ones! There's a lot more fun to come!

  • Our Epic Honeymoon Part 2, 15min. After climbing a Mayan temple and exploring the jungle on horseback, Kristen and I took a zip lining and cave tubing trip to cool ourselves down. Needless to say, it was awesome. Of course, so many more amazing things happened in Belize but there's only so much we can share in one vlog, so be sure to watch the part one and part three! Next stop in Belize, a small island off the coast for some serious R and R.

  • Our Epic Honeymoon Part 3, 7min. After spending a few adventure packed days in the jungle, Kristen and I headed off to our next honeymoon destination on an island off the coast. There, we spent lot of time swimming, sun bathing, drinking cocktails and just relaxing until our honeymoon came to an end.

  • Global Citizenship Belize Experience 2016 | Boise State University, 4min. Boise State University's Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility class of 2016 had an amazing experience on their spring break Service Learning trip to Belize. This trip involved teaching Literacy and Healthy Lifestyles classes to the children of Chan Chen elementary, playing futbol with them, and mixing lots of cement for the cantina extension the students built. Many thanks to Boise State's Study Abroad office, Dr. Songer and Dr. Breitkreuz, Peacework's lovely Community Partner Beth, and Principal Carlos of Chan Chen Elementary for making this amazing experience happen. Belize's beauty, and these loving children, will never leave our hearts.

  • An Urban Eco-Museum: A Celebration of Belizean Culture and Heritage", 2min. If you missed our article in last week's Amandala Newspaper entitled "An Urban Eco-Museum: A Celebration of Belizean Culture and Heritage" here is the article. This article will give you a good idea of what we want to do in our downtown to start the process of rejuvenation. I am also posting the preliminary design of the House of Culture property which will become one of the main historic sites in our Eco-Museum concept.

  • Belize Walk and Run 2016, 1/2min. Join Sagicor for the first annual Phoenix Walk and Run on Friday, April 23rd at the Coney Drive Business Plaza, Belize City. The fun starts at 6:30pm, with great prizes to be won and entertainment along the way Register on the day from 4:30 to 5:30pm at the event. Part proceeds go to charity. Family and Friends, join us for the Sagicor Phoenix Walk and Run 2016. My Life, Our Purpose

  • English Guy in Mexico - Scottys Crocodile Bar, Corozal, Belize, 6min.

  • Kukumba Beach, Old Belize City, Belize. (HD), 2min.

  • Altun Ha Ruins, Belize (part 1), 4.5min. Ruins of an Ancient Mayan city in Belize.

  • Altun Ha Ruins, Belize (part 2), 2min. Ruins of an Ancient Mayan city in Belize.

  • Andy and Myra Getting Married In Hopkins Belize, 19min.

  • Fly Fish Ambergris Caye Belize, 7.5min. Lots of small fish - many species - no need for a guide. A whole bunch of fun this way.

  • Villas at Banyon Bay Belize, 5min.

  • The Blue Hole Belize Sept 2016, 6.5min.

  • Belize featured in Central American promo video!, 12min.

    September 15, 2016


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    DOE charges American-Registered Vessel after grounding in Belize Waters
    On September 3, 2016, the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) informed that a civilian vessel ‘Rumba’, which was registered in Delaware, USA, was grounded on the Belize Barrier Reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. Following the incident, a formal Environmental Damage Assessment was made which resulted in the Department of the Environment (DOE) charging Rumba a fine of $31,500. According to a spokesperson for the DOE, Rumba damaged 3% of corals in the secured area, and the fine has been paid. This is the third vessel to be grounded in Belizeans waters this year. The DOE reminds the public that coral reefs are significant to the health of the ocean. The reef protects the shoreline from erosion, and humans from storm damage.

    Rebecca Rath is Miss Belize Universe
    After a ten year hiatus, the Miss Belize Universe pageant returned to seek its newest representative. A total of 10 lovely ladies: Neidy Rodriguez, Theotisha Hall, Shamra Palacio, Mariah Swaso, Marlaine Heron, Kimberly Price, Macia Moody, Rebecca Rath, Lyanne Reid, and Dianira Rivera, vied for the title of Miss Belize 2016 and the opportunity to represent at Miss Universe 2017 in Manila, Philippines. After competing at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City on Saturday night, September 10th, 23 year-old Rebecca Rath of Dangriga earned the grand title, and was crowned ‘Miss Belize 2016’. In an interview with Channel 5 News (Belize City), Rath expressed her love for her country, and her determination to represent Belize. She shared her pageant experience, which she believes was not stereotypical. “A lot of people think that a pageant is all about outer beauty, but you’re choosing a representative for your country. You need to make sure that that person is well rounded, confident and believes in the things that they are advocating for, and so it’s much more than what people think. It’s not just looking pretty, wearing heels and smiling for all those pictures; you want to be able to be an example for everyone.

    Belize joins the fight to save the White-Lipped Peccary from extinction
    The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) hosted a symposium at the XX Mesoamerican Society for Conservation Biology Congress that brought together the leading scientists in Mesoamerica for an emergency assessment of the rapidly declining white-lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari), known locally as ‘warree’. The main objectives of the symposium were to map the current known locations of the remaining populations of white-lipped peccary and to determine the extent of range loss for the species in the region. The white-lipped peccary has become endangered in Mesoamerica because of hunting pressure and the removal of forests for agriculture. This species is one of the wonders of the Americas, being the only large mammal that moves in large herds in forested environments. The home ranges of a herd of peccary can be up to 120 square kilometers, and the herds can number up to 200 individuals. Herd sizes like this are becoming more rare as hunting disrupts their social structure.

    Island student injured in traffic accident
    Five-year-old Alden Delgado, a student of San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School, was knocked down by a taxi cab on Coconut Drive on Monday, September 12th, as he attempted to cross the street while on his way home for lunch. The taxi driver immediately picked up the boy and took him to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where he received prompt medical attention. The boy’s family told The San Pedro Sun that they were glad that nothing serious happened to Alden. They were grateful that the taxi driver was responsible in bringing their child to the health centre, and that he made himself liable for any expenses as a result of the accident. The family was also satisfied with the service provided at the polyclinic by the nurses who quickly tended to their son. “The medical personnel at the polyclinic were very quick in taking care of my son. I want to thank them for such a great service,” said the mother. After receiving medical treatment at the polyclinic, Delgado was released with just an abrasion to his right arm. According to the medical personnel at the health centre, no broken bones or internal injuries were found during the medical examination. They expect the boy to recover quickly and be back to school in a few days.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Join us this week at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar! Thursday at 2p.m

    UP NEXT ON OUR CALENDAR....FOR THE TEENS! SOAK'A WET FETE! Please note that there will not be any liquor for sale. This is an Alcohol-free event.

    Power interruption 6:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday, September 18 Corozal area
    Power interruption 6:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday, September 18: entire Corozal Town, Altamira, San Antonio, Santa Rita Heights, Vivas Layout, Paraiso, Chula Vista, and Consejo, Ranchito, San Andres, Xaibe, Canlum, Patchakan, Carolina, Calcutta, San Joaquin, Pueblo Viejo, Saltillos, Copper Bank, Chunox, Orchid Bay & Sarteneja. BEL to conduct critical maintenance & testing of equipment at Corozal Substation & replace arrestors & power transformer at Free Zone Substation.

    Cayo September Celebration Concert
    Lord Rhaburn and Lord Laro, along with the New Sensation Band, will be playing at the Sacred Heart Auditorium this Saturday, September 17th, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Jewel.

    National Day of Service
    Reminder! Monday is Belize's National Day of Service, observed in honor of the late Hon. George Price. Do you have plans to give back on September 19?

    Vendors for Independence Countdown show
    Want to sell food or drinks at the Independence Countdown show? Visit us at the San Pedro Town Council or Call us at 226-2936 for more information!

    Sign up your Group or Float now at the San Pedro Town Council!
    You can visit us on Barrier Reef Drive or call us at 226-2936.

    On Saturday, the 10th of September of 2016, the town celebrated the Battle of St. George's Caye anniversary by hosting its traditional uniform parade with all the school and businesses. During the ceremony, Pastor Clive Welsh offered his blessings upon those that attended after the National Anthem was beautifully sung by belizean artists Missy B Herrera and Ernestine Carballo. Following the invocation was the welcome address by Mayor Daniel Guerrero where he expressed his gratitude to the Lord for blessing San Pedro Town with spectacular weather to carry out the parade and shared with everyeone a brief history on the Battle of St. George's Caye. Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism and Civil aviation was next where he also delivered some remarks in regards to the celebration with he believes is of great importance in the history of our country. As tradition, the winner of the Miss San Pedro pageant is officially coronated during this ceremony where she is presented with her cape, crown and ceptre. The parade through town followed immediately after the official coronation of Miss San Pedro and ended back at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex where the children were treated to refreshing ideals. On behalf of Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff, we would like to congratulate Marisha Thompson on her new role as Miss San Pedro 2016-2017!

    I've been on Smart's new home service for a week now...
    Good news first... it's fast. I bought the 25mbps down / 12mbps up service. I've been dying for faster upstream ever since moving to Belize 6 years ago, and even long before on my many extended visits before. I can honestly say, I'm getting the speeds I'm paying for and probably will not be able to get anything better until BTL wires the island with fiber. Skype has been clear and solid. Netflix has never been clearer. File transfers don't drop before completion. And my VPN connection is much more stable. Now for the not so good news... I've had a few problems. The first thing I've noticed is that while I get a great 15ms ping to Belize City, I'm getting 100ms to 160ms pings to the USA and Mexico. For those who don't really know what that means, connections being made to servers outside of Belize will be slow. Once a connection has been made, the data will transfer across that connection blazingly fast. Depending on the application, it will be barely noticeable or it will be frustratingly slow. If your app is making one connection and using it consistently, you will barely notice. If it makes connections, disconnects and then reconnects, you will probably get frustrated quickly.

    Miss Belize at Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College
    Miss Belize Rebecca Rath returned to her alma mater Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College for a homecoming event like no other! "Then, the most wonderful homecoming party I could imagine! At Stann Creek Ecumenical High school at 2:00 pm with the Mayor, Delille Academy and EJC students, Dangriga BTIA plus friends and family!"

    TONIGHT: The Tribute to Belizean Patriots
    The Tribute to Belizean Patriots at Bliss Center for Performing Arts! This free event begins at 7 p.m. Among the honorees are men and women who have made contributions in the areas of health, the arts, sports, education, religion and community service. Danny Conorquie will be posthumously honored for public security safety.

    September Celebrations 2016
    Will Moreno Photography

    Channel 7

    Teachers Give GOB List of 7 Demands; PM Responds
    The teachers are ready to rumble, and today they put their teachers on notice. The union says it has a mandate of industrial action from its members and sent out a memo today urging them to wear their green t-shirts as part of an event called "Stand Up for Belize: Solidarity Stand". And that's only a warm up for Monday when there will be a National Demonstration and Rally in Belmopan. Now all this stems from a letter the Union has written to the Prime Minister demanding good governance. It contains 8 demands which the union, quote, "believes will ensure at the very least, that systems will be put in place to cultivate this good governance." The union has given the PM until Friday to respond favourably to their letter and, quote, "in the absence of this response the Union intends to proceed with…industrial action." But even if the PM does respond favourably, the union is going ahead with the protest on Monday. And if they don't get the response they want, the union says it has, quote, "planned a schedule of further Industrial Actions that our Union will not hesitate to engage in, post Monday but we await the PM's response to signal activation."

    DPM Says GOB Didn't Cave in On Select Committee
    We also got a chance to ask the Deputy Prime Minister about the Government backpedalling on the House Committee that will look into the Auditor General's reports. Up until yesterday, the Government was pushing for a Joint Special Select Committee, comprising of members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, to investigate the findings of the Auditor General on immigration practices between 2011 and 2013. Yesterday, the Government, in a dramatic reversal, decided to support a Senate Select Committee as the means of the investigation into the reports. When the topic came up, the DPM disagreed that for the government to cave on this issue is a sign of weakness. Here's how he explained it: Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "It is testimony to the kind of leadership offered by the prime minister and by our cabinet that we would yield to the better judgement of these entities that have said prime minister and cabinet and Mr. Government that listen this we believe is a better way; we no see anything wrong with this mechanism. These are the reasons, we respect that you had another way but we believe even if you want to make it an argument that constitutionally - the way it is expected to go for whatever reason the government has now realised and agreed that this is what people want."

    Beloved Bus Boy Blasted by Bullets
    A well-known city bus conductor was shot and killed last night around 10:00. 29 year old Raul Medina also known as DJ Fusion was walking along Central American Boulevard when a swarm of gunmen shot him. Was Medina the intended target or was he at the wrong place at the wrong time? Well, the family is puzzled and nobody seems to have the answers. Courtney Weatherburne went out to find out more about Medina murder. The Lemoth and Sons bus was on its regular rounds this morning in the Port Loyola Area. While the bus route and stops were the same, the ride wasn't. That's because everyone's favourite bus conductor Raul Medina wasn't on it. Voice of Wendell Lemoth – Employer & Friend: "He always comes on the bus you know, always be friendly with the passengers and help the ladies with their bags. S lot of the customers really love Raul because sometimes the ladies come home from a long day of work and we play some music on the bus and Raul would dance for the ladies to give them a little entertainment you know."

    Police Clarify Details in Medina Murder, Case Promising
    Now while the street reports are that Medina was shot to the head, the police have a different account. We spoke to Southside Commander Chester Williams today and he told us that Medina was shot to the neck and stomach. Williams gave us more details about the investigation so far. ACP Chester Williams - Regional Commander, Eastern Division South: "He was approached by 4 male persons in a Mitsubishi Montero Sport and from that vehicle someone fired multiple shots at him which caught him to the neck and abdomen and he was transported to the hospital and he succumbed to his injuries." Daniel Ortiz: "Do police have any ideas at this time, any leads as to why this gentleman was murdered in this fashion?" ACP Chester Williams - Regional Commander, Eastern Division South: "Well I don't really want to go into the character of the deceased but the persons who are suspect at this time; we are pursuing them, they are the same persons who were the suspects in the stabbing at the ITVET during the Soca Fest or whatever they had at ITVET. So we are pursuing them at this time, we have one of them in custody already. The vehicle we know who the vehicle belong to, there are certain things found inside the vehicle that will lead us to other person who may have been involved and we are pursuing them at this time."

    Former Immigration Director Vexed With Audit Assertions
    Maria Marin was Acting Director of Immigration from early 2013 until mid-2016. That was a time of sweeping change in procedures at the Department – and it's also when the Auditor General's team was in there. When they left, they had no kind words for Marin, accusing her putting up resistance to the audit team, basically denying them the access needed. That single accusation is what drove Marin to our studio today to make it clear that she never denied anything to the audit team. We also used the opportunity to ask her to defend her reputation against the many alleged cases of irregularities at the Department while she was in charge. Here's her interview with Jules Vasquez:… Jules Vasquez: "In the nationality report in particular your name is in there 72 times. Just about maybe minus 4 so your name is in there 72 times involved in various irregular immigration procedures. Were you ever asked to answer well yes I can explain that or alright no comment." Maria Marin - Former Immigration Director: "At no time." Jules Vasquez: "You were never interviewed about these various…your name is mentioned 72 times in the nationality."

    Handling Mason With Case With Care, Cops Cause Court Delay
    For two months now, accused murderer, kidnapper, and conman William Danny Mason has been behind bars. He's waiting for his day in court, after being accused of the beheading murder Pastor Lucas, and kidnapping David Dodd. In the wake of that discovery, a scandal raged about his connections to members of the Barrow Government and the senior Police Officers. It eventually led to the Prime Minister removing the Police portfolio from John Saldivar and reassigning it to Godwin Hulse. Since then, the William Mason scandal has kind of died down, but he and his fellow defendants, Ashton Vanegas, Keron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo, have been on remand at the prison. They were supposed to have been given disclosure from the police, which is basically the investigators outlining what sort of evidence they have to prove the criminal case against them.

    Why Ministers Recommend...
    Just a while ago you heard our conversation with former Immigration Director Maria Marin. She's disavowed any involvement in irregularities. So, what about the Ministers whose names are called? Well, the Senate inquiry will have to look into those instances, but we wondered today about Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber. He is also one of those Minister's whose name does not so how, and we asked him about his activities trying to intervene on behalf of residents of Collet. He told us that he has encountered voters who asked him to do unethical things to assist them, and but he tries his very best to stay away from that kind of service. Here's what he had to say about why Ministers have it hard walking the straight and narrow: Daniel Ortiz: "Have you encountered situations where you feel like your constituency are demanding too much of you to take steps which you are not comfortable with?" Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "I believe that what is deemed to be corruption on the part of politicians often stem from in your constituency so by extension the entire nation that you serve; you took an oath to serve them comes from people pressing you. You have to really be strong in the business of politics to keep a clean nose you know. I'll give you some very common examples that all can relate to."

    Despicable Dad Charged for Incest with Daughter
    A man has been charged with 2 counts of incest after he had sex with his 15-year-old daughter. The girl reported to police that her father molested her in February 2015 and then again during this month. A medical examination certified that she was carnally known. The father will be taken to court tomorrow.

    Future of Transport Service, Still Under Consultation
    The meetings and negotiations on increased bus fares and improved transport service continues. As we told you last week, Minister of State for Transport Edmond Castro had met with bus operators from the west as well as taxi associations operating at the Western Border. Well, Castro has extended the discussions to operators from the south. Nothing has been confirmed or approved as yet but in a release sent today it re-iterates that “Hon. Castro is taking all the matters discussed to Cabinet and the Transport Board.”

    The Symbolism of Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge
    The Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge is planned for this Saturday. As we've told you – the event is for a canoe and kayaking race from Barranco around the Sarstoon island and back. Now, the BDF warns that the Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers are tempting fate and inviting a confrontation with the Guatemalans. Wil Maheia came by our studio today to say they are simply exercising their rights as Belizeans:… Wil Maheia - Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge: "Well I think it's a good opportunity to show the patriotism of Belizeans and the eco part of it. As you know 3 rivers empty into area the Moho, the Timash and the Sarstoon; so from an ecological perspective that area is very fragile and hence of the reasons why we as the territorial volunteers feel it is a very important area to highlight based on the exploitations that have been taking place in there." "I must say though within the last month I've been to the area no less than 6 times and everytime I've been there the BDF and coast guards have been on patrol and they have been on patrol and I haven't seen illegal fishing taken place."

    Faber: Church State Commission Is Open Door To Many Matters
    One other topic which Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber wanted to discuss is the Church State Commission. That's the working group that the Government agreed to with the different leaders of the churches last week. Well, since then, there have been concerns that this Commission is solely going to influence Government Policies on public morality. Well, Faber wanted to clear up today that the Commission will not have the mandate on decision-making. It is only a forum for the Government to be able to listen to the concerns of the church, on public morality issues, as well as anything else they may have an opinion on. Here's how he explained it: Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "The church felt that it could play a greater role in advising the government in giving its views on certain things. Not limited to any one area but you'll understand that given the chief justice's ruling and given some of the noise that was in the air at the time that this had to be one of the issues that they saw to be needed first on the agenda of this entity that has been referred to as the morality commission that I choose to term in the interim as the church state commission..."

    Police Need Witnesses For De-Andre's Murder
    Police continue to investigate the September 10th murder of 17 year-old Deandre Nembhard, and the investigators may be making headway. They have identified a person of interest, but they need witnesses who are willing to come forward and give them solid evidence to lay charges. Today, Eastern Division South Commander Chester Williams explained the difficulty that they are having: Daniel Ortiz: "Sir we understand also the investigators may have some of interest for the murder of Deandre Nembhard; what details can you share with us?"

    Major Volleyball Tournament In Belize
    Today the Belize Volleyball Association held a press conference to introduce the team that will be representing Belize in the FIVB Men's World Championship Qualification Tournament. Belize will host six other teams who will face off in a round robin tournament. This tournament is the first stage in an international competition to earn a place in the FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championships which, according to the BVA President, Allan Sharp, is the equivalent of the FIFA World Cup. As the host country there is a lot of pressure for the home team to do well, but the coaching staff is not too worried about the team's capabilities. The team has trained together since February 2016, under Cuban coach Delio Arruebarrena, who is no stranger to high level play. And when asked about what gives the Belize team the edge in a tournament with such high level players, President Allan Sharp had this to say: Allan Sharp - President: "I think the fan base will be important and that same fan base will be important in motivating our guys. We know in this tournament very few teams will beat up the next team, you will be catching a team on a bad night for somebody to just beat up the next side; it's going to be a battle."

    Today 13 city kids graduated from the Larubeya Drum School in Belize City where they learned to play and make drums. We spotted by for the closing ceremony to find out how impactful this program was. If you are interested or want to send her kids to the drum school you can call 670-0590.

    Pachuca Punished Police United FC For Historic Trouncing
    And our final story tonight is one we wish we didn’t have to report. It’s the utterly embarrassing final of last night’s Champion’s League matchup between Mexico’s Champion Pachuca and Belize’s Police United FC. When we reported on it, the score was nine to nil; well at the end of 90 minutes it was 11 to nil – a Champions League record for the all time worst beating. Here’s how the losing Coach and Goalkeeper summed it up:… Police United has been eliminated but must still go on to play Olimpia. Mexico’s Hirving Lozano scored Champions League record four goals. The Mexican Coach tried hard not to rub it in our faces, but had to admit that they only used their players from their A selection:.. The previous record for an all time worse defeat in this tournament was 10 to 1.

    Channel 5

    Government anticipates strike action by teachers – but is there anything to dispute?
    Having made concessions on Tuesday for a Senate Select Investigation on Immigration; government has another hot potato in its hands.  That’s because the Belize National Teachers Union may be gearing-up [...]

    Deputy P.M. and Minister of Education concludes action is “politically motivated”
    The flyer that the minister refers to was circulated today. The B.N.T.U. makes seven demands for good governance as part of its “Stand Up for Belize Campaign.” As we reported [...]

    Immigration minister, Godwin Hulse, is not selected for Senate Select Committee
    Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse will not sit on the Senate Select Committee to investigate the Auditor General’s Special Audit on the Immigration Department. Both the People’s United Party and [...]

    Faber says Prime Minister Barrow acted as head of Executive following receipt of Auditor General’s reports
    Does the Prime Minister have the power to name the senators who will form the Senate Select Commission?  That’s what we asked Minister Faber today, following concerns that the PM [...]

    William Mason and co-accused back in court but disclosure for murder case is delayed
    This morning, the man who befriended a long list of ministers and highly connected personalities, forty-six year old murder suspect William “Danny” Mason, of Intelco Hill, Belmopan made another appearance [...]

    Acting prosecutor in Mason case insists police doing fine without international help on Mason case
    During his post-court appearance interview, ACP Chester Williams also addressed the matter of further and direct international assistance with the William Mason case. According to Williams, police have recovered from [...]

    Cayo South representative Julius Espat stripped of pay and office stipend following suspension
    He was controversially dragged from the House of Representatives by security forces on August twenty-sixth in a heated conclusion to a battle royal with Speaker Michael Peyrefitte, after being chided [...]

    Espat confirms he will go to court over “improper procedure” in House
    Espat told us that he had written the National Assembly to inquire about his status, and he is still not sure if the letter issued today is a response. That [...]

    P.U.P. condemns attacks on Auditor General
    In other news, the People’s United Party issued a release today condemning the vicious and completely unwarranted personal attacks on Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley. It states that since the release of [...]

    Another City murder; four men detained for death of bus conductor Raul Medina
    Twenty-nine year old Raul Medina was met with a spray of bullets at about nine-thirty on Tuesday night at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Helen Middleton Street in [...]

    Suspect detained in Deandre Nembhard murder but do police have their man?
    Meanwhile, police also have a suspect detained in connection with the weekend murder of seventeen year old Deandre Nembhard. The minor was at a house on Croton Lane, a short [...]

    Two Belize City men sentenced for illegal gun and ammunition
    Two Belize City men claimed they were set up by police, but that allegation did not hold water and they were convicted in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser [...]

    In Cattle Landing, elected independent village council slate find themselves out of office
    Village council elections are just about concluded in the Toledo District where a number of independent slates contested the leadership of their respective communities.  In Cattle Landing, a satellite community [...]

    Territorial Volunteers return to Sarstoon for first Eco-Challenge race
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers are organizing a first-of-its-kind competition in which kayakers will paddle from Barranco Village to Sarstoon River, circle once around Sarstoon Island and then return to the [...]

    Illegal Logging in Sarstoon Temash National Park Still an Issue
    While the BTV is not too worried about security issues at the border point, participants are not expected to cross over into Guatemalan territory.  As far as fishing and illegal [...]

    “Morality Commission” to continue dialogue between Church and State
    The Prime Minister announced last Friday that the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is the chair of what was loosely referred to as a morality commission. That name became the [...]

    Will UNIBAM have a place on Morality Commission?
    Outspoken gay rights activist Caleb Orozco has met with Church/State Commission Chairman Patrick Faber to discuss a place for minority groups, including UNIBAM, to be represented on the task force.  [...]

    Team Belize introduced ahead of regional qualification tournament in men’s volleyball
    In sporting news, there is a major championship tournament coming to Belize next week, in the sport of volleyball. Belize is hosting the International Volleyball Federation’s World Championship qualification tournament [...]

    Coach says team is well-prepared for tournament which will be hosted in Belize
    The competition begins next week Saturday at the Saint Catherine Academy Multi-Purpose Center on Marine Parade. Belize as hosts faces a tough road to try to reach the top two [...]

    “Everything went wrong” in embarrassing eleven-nil Champions League loss
    Eleven to nil….that is the most embarrassing score of the home game between Police United and Pachuca from Mexico which was held on Tuesday night. By our records, it is [...]


    Teachers Vote Against Deferred Salary Adjustment
    The Belize National Teachers Union was the only union in the Joint Negotiating Team which voted against the consideration of the three person salary adjustment until April of next year. The Public Service Union and the Association of Principal Secondary Senioer Managers voted in favor of the deferral. BNTU President Luke Palacio spoke on that […]

    BNTU Wants Hulse Removed as Senator and Police Minister
    In the letter sent to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the Belize National Teachers Union, BNTU, demanded that the Senator representing Government Business, Godwin Hulse, be excluded from all aspects of the Senate Inquiry. The BNTU is also demanding that Senator Hulse be removed as Minister of Police. BNTU President Luke Palacio explained why they took […]

    Teachers Plan to Skip Classes for Massive Demonstration
    Teachers are skipping classes on Monday to stage a massive demonstration in Belmopan. The decision to do so was reaffirmed today during a meeting of the Orange Walk Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union. Then union is confident that all teachers from across the country will travel to Belmopan to express their discontent with […]

    Deputy PM Explains Morality Commission
    When it was announced that a Commission would be formed to look at public morality, there were a number of questions as to the committee’s mandate and jurisdiction. Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber who will head the committee, clarified what the commission is about. PATRICK FABER “I will say that I was not in the […]

    Investigators Continue Following Leads Into Nembhard’s Homicide
    Seventeen year old Diondre Nemhard was socializing at his aunt’s house last Saturday when a male individual walked into the yard and gunned him down in front of his family. One person has been detained in connection with the murder. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams stated that police cannot ascertain if he is the […]

    Raul Medina Murdered on the Boulevard
    Yesterday a shooting in Belize City left one man dead. Police say that Raul Medina was walking on Central American Boulevard at around nine thirty last night. Medina was shot by individuals in a white vehicle. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told us the details which show a connection between this latest murder and […]

    PUP Calls for Personal Attacks to Cease Against Auditor General
    The People’s United Party issued a release condemning what they say are vicious and completely unwarranted personal attacks on Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley. According to the PUP, since the release of the Auditor General’s report, a quote “shameful and cowardly campaign” has been waged against Bradley by UDP operatives. The PUP says both Prime Minister Dean […]

    Chief Magistrate Grants Adjournment in Lucas’ Murder Case
    Prosecutor in the case of Llewellyn Lucas murder, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams asked the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith for an adjournment at today’s hearing. Today was set aside for disclosure in the investigation against William Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Terrence and Kyron Fernandez and Ernest Castillo. ACP Williams explained the reason for his […]

    Education Minister Weighs In on Teachers’ Demands
    The situation between the Belize Teachers Union and the Ministry of Education continues tense. Today, as the Orange Walk Branch of the Union met, Minister of education Patrick Faber held a press Conference to discuss the ongoing issue of the deferment of salaries. Minister Faber stated that a letter was sent to the Prime Minister […]

    Julius Espat Stripped of Payment As a Result of Suspension
    Area Representative for Cayo South, Julius Espat received a letter this morning from the Clerk of Court of the National Assembly informing him that he has been cut off of funds for his division as well as his stipend. We spoke with Espat on the matter. JULIUS ESPAT “Well the letter I think is based […]


    Embattled Senator changes his mind, again!
    As we mentioned, the embattled Church Senator, Ashley Rocke has changed his mind as well on the issue of the Senate Select Committee. Rocke’s sudden flip flop in the Senate meeting where the motion for a Senate Select Committee was voted on, resulted in outcry of disbelief from the wider Church comm...

    Joint Unions’ Negotiating Team mostly in favour of salary deferral, except for the BNTU
    There was another press release from government today regarding the proposed deferral of salary adjustments until 2017. According to the press release, the Office of the Prime Minister has received the formal response of the Joint Unions’ Negotiating Team to Government’s request for cons...

    Tampering Suspected With Blood of Accident Victim
    The case of the Director of the Government Press Office, Dorian Pakeman, continues to take some interesting turns. As have been reported, Pakeman knocked down and killed Dean Dawson in March of this year. Inital reports were that Dawson may have been drunk at the time he was knocked down and killed....

    New documentary on John McCafee and his life in Belize to be released
    Remember John McCafee? Well, Showtime is getting ready to release a documentary on the eccentric millionaire who invented anti- virus software and was wanted for questioning in regards to murder on San Pedro Ambergris Caye. McCafee fled the country several years ago and has posted several videos si...

    4 walked from kept firearm and ammunition and handling stolen goods charge
    20 year old Ijaman Young of Belize City, 24 year old Parris Williams; 24 year old Kashief Gallego; and 23 year old Akeem Garcia, all of Maxboro area, Sandhill, were charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and one count each of handling stolen goods. This was in connection with a 9m...

    Taiwan donates to keep the OAS office in the adjacency zone open
    Taiwan has donated funds to keep the OAS office in the adjacency zone open. On Saturday, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, Benjamin Ho, handed over a donation to Lawrence Sylvestre, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Starret Dickson Greene, Represent...

    Belize receives grant to Make its Energy Sector More Climate Resilient
    Belize received a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility approved by the World Bank Board of Directors in order to strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector as a result of a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved today by the World Bank B...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Minister Elrington to attend ‘Our Ocean’ Conference
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release today stating that the United States of America Secretary of State John Kerry invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize, Wilfred Elrington, to attend the third annual Our Ocean Conference, held in Washington, D.C. […]

    Castro meets with transport stakeholders for industry assessment
    The public transportation system is undergoing a countrywide assessment and restructuring including the rationalization and regularization of rates. As a result of this, Minister of State with responsibility for Transport Edmond Castro met with bus operators from Stann Creek and Toledo. Castro was accompanied […]

    Simone Biles reveals she suffers with ADHD
    Simone Biles, the American Olympian with ties to Belize, revealed this week that she suffered with the condition ADHD after Russian hackers leaked her medical records online. Biles had tested positive for methylphenidate, also often known as Ritalin, the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) disclosed. […]

    Minister Castro discusses transportation matters with Galen University
    Minister of state with responsibility for Transport, Edmund Castro met with representatives from the faculty and student body of Galen University to discuss matters relating to public transportation. Sherry A. Gibbs, Dean of Arts and Science; and Martin Cuellar, Dean of Student Life, Student […]

    Julius Espat reportedly has funding cut
    This morning, area Representative for Cayo South, Julius Espat reportedly received a letter from the Clerk of Court of the National Assembly informing him that he has been cut off of funds for his division as well as his stipend. This is a developing […]

    Tropic gives over $600 to Liberty Children’s Home
    Tropic Air, as part of its ongoing #TropicGivesBack charitable campaign, donated $635 to the Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville on Wednesday morning. A check was presented to Agatha Valentine of the Liberty Children’s Home by Tropic Air Belize district station manager Rudolph Perez and […]

    BNTU takes it to the streets
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) has planned a national demonstration for Monday September 19 in Belmopan. The union is demanding good governance. They have written to the Prime Minister with a list of seven demands that they believe will cultivate good governance […]

    PUP calls for Senate Special select committee composition to be determined by Senate
    The People’s United Party (PUP) issued a press release yesterday stating the party is pleased with Cabinet’s heeding to the call of the people by now deciding to support a Senate Special Select committee inquiry into the Auditor General’s Special Audit report. The party […]

    Southside Belize City learn to make drums
    The executing agency for the Youth and Community Transformation (YCT) Project through the ministry of Human Development, Social transformation and Poverty Alleviation, will be hosting a closing ceremony for the drum making classes today at 4:30 pm at the Larubeya Drum School, 7173 Ceasar […]

    Police delay disclosure, ask for William Mason matters to be consolidated in Belize City
    This morning William “Danny” Mason and four others accused of murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping reappeared in Belize City Magistrate’s Court before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith. Disclosure was scheduled to be given but this has been delayed to November 9th, […]

    Cayo Special Constables Committee celebrates five year anniversary
    The Cayo Special Constables Committee is a group of volunteers who work hand in hand with the Cayo Police Department in combating crime. The group is actively involved in patrols, and assisting the police especially during Easter and Christmas Holidays, September celebrations and parades. […]

    Letter to the Editor: Barrow’s Bubble Bursts – The Belizean Economy in Freefall Recession
    The following is a letter submitted to the editor by the Belize Progressive Party. Our last recession in Belize occurred in 2009 as a consequence of the bursting of the Housing Bubble that occurred in the United States commencing in the last quarter of 2007. The U.S. […]

    Father rapes 15- year-old daughter in Cayo
    Police in Belmopan have arrested a man for raping his 15-year-old daughter. According to reports, the 15-year-old girl, in the presence of a Social Worker, told police that sometime in February of 2015 and on September 2 that same year, her father raped her. […]

    Two men shot in Belize City last night
    There are reports that two men were shot in Belize city last night. One was shot to the head and another to the arm. Details are sketchy but unconfirmed reports are that the men were in the same car when they were shot. Reports […]

    Officers complete emergency shelter training course
    A two day shelter management training was conducted at the San Ignacio Police station by Jose Zuniga, a Disaster Risk Management Specialist and Corporal Ciriaco Medina, a community policing officer in San Ignacio. Ten officers took the training and are prepared not only to provide […]


    Caye Caulker Belize
    Caye Caulker Belize. What can I say about this island? What pictures can I show you that really represent Caye Caulker? I’m not yet a travel writer, and my travel and vacation photography skills need some practice, but I will share with you what I can. In June of 2016, my wife and I took a cruise (not my favorite form of vacation) to the Western Caribbean. Going to parts of the world we hadn’t seen before was the only way I would agree to a cruise. Not wanting to spend my shore time with people I didn’t really want to spend time with on board, I found independent shore trips for us to take. For our Belize City port of call, I found Caye Caulker – a tiny barrier island about an hour water taxi ride from Belize City. At the end of August 2016, we spent the last of our earned annual vacation and headed back to Caye Caulker Belize. During our planning, we learned that a lot of Americans retire to Central America, so we figured we’d start looking at some homes for sale in Caye Caulker. We were amazed at how affordable it can be to live on a Caribbean Island. Add home shopping to our List Of Things To Do!

    An Unexpected Phone Call
    Brooklyn Brothers Bagel Shop: Their official menu is coming soon and an exciting announcement about the shop. For now I included a few pics below of their signs and a news paper add that show some of their offerings. Also a good reason why you should like Brooklyn Brothers Facebook page to keep informed of their specials and prize draws. Since winning I found out of two other people I know also won prizes – both gift baskets. They came with bagel chips, coffee syrup, biscotti, Caye Coffee, one got a t-shirt and the other a hat. Their storefront is located in San Pablo area in the old Sausage Factory building next to Caye Coffee. Walk drive or taxi south of downtown about a mile or so. Not long after you make the left turn past the gas station, look for Marina’s turquoise store on your left. Take a right turn just before the store, follow the road till the end and make a left – you cannot miss it.

    International Sourcesizz

    NOAA Outlook for Central America September 15 – 21, 2016
    During early September, increased rainfall accumulations were received throughout many coastal departments along the Pacific and Atlantic basins, with reduced rainfall totals observed for many interior departments, and throughout much of Guatemala. Over the past 30 days, there are several areas within Central America that have experienced both positive and negative precipitation trends and anomalies. Following a period of poor rainfall throughout parts of El Salvador and Nicaragua, increased rains during the last week has helped to alleviate dryness and moisture deficits. Conversely, strengthening moisture deficits have been observed throughout Guatemala. Although satellite rainfall estimates have depicted low and unseasonably erratic rains throughout central and western Nicaragua, ground reports indicate no negative impacts on cropping activities in Nicaragua.

    Water Security in the Caribbean
    Water security challenges in the Caribbean are unique to each country, however, common challenges have recently been identified. In the video above, Keith Nichols, the Project Development Specialist at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) speaks of the need for a strategic approach to develop the water sector, including the challenges facing the region. The GWP-C, with more than 80 partners in over 20 Caribbean territories, has developed a “Caribbean Regional Framework for Investment in Water Security and Climate Resilient Development.” The GWP-C’s Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) is executed in partnership with the CCCCC. Any entity can become a partner of the GWP-C.

    Following Hurricane Earl, ECLAC Sets The Groundwork For Disaster Assessment In Belize
    A team lead by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) sub-regional headquarters for the Caribbean carried out a mission to hurricane-struck Belize, to provide support to the government in its effort to undertake comprehensive assessment of the impact of Hurricane Earl, which hit in early August 2016, and to assist in the formulation of recommendations for recovery and reconstruction. The team included experts from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO). Hurricane Earl hit several towns, including San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belize City, Ladyville, Belize River Valley, Orange Walk and Belmopan, causing infrastructure and building damage, while many roads and streets were blocked due to inland and coastal flooding.

    How an award-winning documentarian unearthed a damning new case against John McAfee
    At the Q&A following the premiere of Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, a question came from the front of the audience: now that the film was out, was the director Nanette Burstein concerned for her safety? “We do have security here,” Burstein said, “there were some threats made by his acolytes threatening they were going to come.” It wasn’t clear whether Burstein was joking, and a patter of uneasy laughter rippled across the room. “Fortunately,” she said scanning the theater, “it seems okay.” Burstein has reason to be wary. Over the course of an hour a half, her documentary (a Showtime Documentary Film, premiering September 24th) lays out a searing body of evidence that suggests McAfee not only paid a hitman $5,000 to torture and kill his neighbor Greg Faull in Belize, but that he also had David Middleton, a local who had robbed his home, abducted, mutilated with knives and tasers, and dumped on the street to die. In addition, the film alleges McAfee drugged and raped his business partner Allison Adonizio. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, may be the most unexpectedly damning documentary since Andrew Jarecki’s The Jinx.

    A History Lesson, Served as Coconut-Seafood Soup
    When Sulma Arzu-Brown’s father traveled from his village in Honduras into the city, people pointed at him, at his black skin. When he spoke his language, people laughed. “They said, ‘Look at that monkey, goo goo gaga,’” Arzu-Brown told me. When it was time for her mother to be promoted at her job, she stood out a little too much. “Blanca,” her boss said to her, “I know you’re qualified, but I can’t give the job to you. You have family in the U.S. Go there. You’ll achieve there.” In the Bronx, where Sulma grew up speaking Spanish and English, she felt unknown. To her black friends, she was black. To others, she was Latina. “Sometimes, I’d be called Afro-Latino, but deep inside, I knew we were something else,” she said. “We were Garifuna.” Her parents, scarred from their humiliations, didn’t teach their daughter to speak their language. “But I knew we were Garifuna because we danced the punta at home,” Arzu-Brown says. “Because we ate hudutu.” Hudutu is a dish beloved by many Hondurans, but it comes specifically from the Garifuna. You can tell it’s from the tropical coast because it’s a soup of coconut milk, teeming with seafood. But its African roots seem clearer when you consider the fact that it’s always eaten with machuca, sweet and green plantains beaten to a mash that resembles the pounded yams of West Africa.

    Aurelio Martínez & the Garifuna People: A History of African Resistance in the Americas
    Aurelio Martínez laughs every two sentences, even when he describes the crimes of colonialism and slavery. Maybe, he says, it’s because Garifuna people are happy people. The Garifuna are a community of mixed-race people who inhabit Central America’s Atlantic coast, particularly in Honduras, where Martínez is from. The Garifuna people originated in the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. In 1635, the survivors of the wreck of a Spanish ship carrying people from Biafra, in modern-day Nigeria, to be sold as slaves in the Americas, were welcomed by the local Caribs. A few years later, another ship, this time Portuguese, suffered the same fate, and would-be slaves from Congo and Ghana joined their fellow Africans in St. Vincent. The Caribs, originally from nearby modern-day Venezuela, had immigrated to this island before and had killed most of the Arawak locals, but kept their women and started to have families with them. The African men and women joined them and adapted to their customs, creating a culture, which became known as Garifuna, for one of the last free islands in the Caribbean. However, beginning in 1719, both French and English troops tried to conquer the island and subject its inhabitants. The local resistance was strong, though, and the English were only able to topple the Garifuna in 1795, almost eight decades after their initial attacks. Two years later, the English decided to expel the Garifuna and ship them to Roatán, an island off the coast of what is now Honduras. From there, they expanded to their current territories.


  • Dolphins in shallow water, 10sec.

  • Jordan & Alicia Belize Wedding Film , 3min. from Jose Luis Zapata. Destination wedding in North, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Belizean Shores Resort.

  • Benque Marimba LHDW Pan yard Belize 2016!, 2.5min. Benque Marimba Pan Yard 2016.

  • Ganpati celibration 2016 in belize, 4min. Ganpati celibration vedio.

  • The Flavors of Belize, 3min. Experience the Flavors of Belize. Capture it Through the lens, through the people, through the traditions.

  • Belize Carnival 2016 -Belize Carnival Full HD, 12min.

  • Belize Carnival 2016- Belize Carnival 2017, 6min.

  • Victoria Reef off Ambergris Cay, Belize 9-12-16, 5min. My first dive at Belize reef. Monday 9-12-16 wi GoPro red filter, and new flat lens. This is the Victoria Tunnels area of reef- off Ambergris Caye diving with Ambergris Divers.

  • Mordu de la peche Belize city (Fishing), 46min.

  • Monkey Jump Fail, 1min. Monkey See Monkey Don't. At Xunantunich Mayan Ruins in Belize.

  • Panoramic video dive Dive shrine Belize 360 vr [ 360 VR Video ], 3.5min.

  • Belize Carnival 2016 - Carnival Belize 2017, 4min.

  • Belize Parrot Wall, South Water Caye, 3min. Nice wildlife underwater in Belize.

  • SARSTOON ECO CHALLENGE!, 2.5min. All roads lead to Barranco village, Toledo district this Saturday, September 17 for a one of its kind kayak and dorey race to Sarstoon Island and back.

  • QUEENLORNA & "DAT" BELIZEAN DANCE SPIN (Pt. 1), 24min. The rare and exclusive interview of the pulsating Belizean cultural dancer and instructor, Lorna Smith, of the legendary Belize-Caribbean dance troupe, Elegant Flair Dancers, is a must see and long awaiting feature for the Belizean Legends audience. Queenlorna as she is called will entertain us with her thrilling dance life and electrify us with some of the most eclectic moments in Belizean dance and cultural performances in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where she lived and performed for many years now.

    September 14, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Princess Acosta is the new Queen of Bacchanal 2016-2017
    Ambergris Caye had its share of the Carnival flair on Saturday, September 10th during the second edition of the Queen of Bacchanal Pageant. Organized by Foreva Fancy Boutique, the pageant was part of the September Celebrations. In a show full of talent, color and music, six lovely contestants from different parts of the country competed for the crown. But only one could be Queen of Bacchanal 2016-2017, and she is Princess Acosta from Belize City. Dance presentations by Yaka’s Dance Group and San Pedro Jabbawokeez kept the audience enthralled until the swim wear competition began. The crowd cheered loudly for their favorite delegate as she modelled for the judges. Once the last model walked away, the audience enjoyed dance performances from the Mystic Mas Band.

    Linden Kelly charged for Elton Polonio’s death
    Police have formally charged 32-year-old Linden Kelly for the murder of Elton Polonio, who was killed in downtown San Pedro on Thursday, September 8th. Kelly was charged on Monday, September 12th at Belize City’s Magistrate Court. Prior to Kelly’s arraignment, investigations revealed that the motive for the murder was as a result of a love triangle. Although eyewitnesses have reported that the altercation between Polonio and Kelly began at Central Park, where Polonio then proceeded to a hardware store on Angel Coral Street in search of machete, the official police report states that Polonio was injured during an alleged confrontation inside the hardware store. Polonio, also 32 and originally from the Stann Creek District, sustained several cut wounds inflicted by Kelly, including the fatal one to the left side of his chest. According to many witnesses, they believe Polonio could have saved his life if he would have sought medical assistance in the first place. Eye witnesses claimed that he wanted to continue the fight, ignoring the fact that he was already badly injured.

    Ambergris Today

    Miss Belize Universe Pageant 2016
    We witnessed 22-year-old Rebecca Rath of Dangriga, Belize crowned the new Miss Belize Universe after a ten-year hiatus of the pageant. We congratulate her and wish her the best as she now prepares to represent Belize at the Miss Universe Pageant to be held in Manila, Phillipines on January 30, 2017.

    Belize to Make its Energy Sector More Climate Resilient
    Belize will strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector as a result of a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved today by the World Bank Board of Directors. “A major concern we often grapple with is extreme weather,” said Frank Mena, Belize’s Minister of State for Finance, Public Service, Energy & Public Utilities. “The impact of such events often leads to major set-backs to our development progress,” he added.

    Mexican Travel Agencies Visit Belize on Fam Trip
    The Embassy of Belize in Mexico partnered with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA), to organize a Familiarization (FAM) Trip for Mexican travel agencies from August 29 to September 6, 2016. The eight participating agencies represent some of the largest and more established companies in Mexico. During their stay, the travel agents visited Belize City, Butterfly Falls, Caracol, Dangriga Town, Hatchet Caye, Hopkins, Lubaantun, Mountain Pine Ridge, Rio on Pools, San Ignacio Town, Silk Cayes, South Water Caye, Placencia, and Punta Gorda Town, where they were hosted by participating BTIA and BHA members.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize International Yoga Festival
    Join Belizean Yogis and MC YOGI in beautiful Belize for the First Annual Belize International Yoga Festival December 30th, 2016- January 1st,2017. December 31st- Morning Workshop:Yoga, Myths, Mantras, and Magic Concert : to bring in the new year! Ongoing yoga classes of different styles for all levels beginners to advance. Even children's yoga. Proceeds go to R.O.C Om Shanti Belize - an NGO dedicated to spreading the healing benefits of yoga, meditation and other forms of wellness throughout Belize and beyond .

    Social Media for the Travel Industry Training
    Sept. 28, 2016. 9:30-3:30pm, Caye Caulker Plaza. Please be informed that all participants are required to bring along either a laptop or tablet.

    NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN MAKING THIS HAPPEN: Kindly feel free to share and tag persons who you think might be interested in attending this meeting that will take place on Wednesday, September 14th , 2016 at RD's Diner on 4th Avenue at 7:00 P.M. Let us join and make a difference. See you there!

    Ancient Bling!
    If these artifacts could talk! The exhibit "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed" has been traveling around the United States--including Boston, Minnesota, San Diego and Denver. Now the collection of 150 artifacts is getting ready to move to the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas!

    The Road to Independence Exhibition
    The Road to Independence Exhibition is officially open. It will remain open until the 22nd of September. Worth a visit if you are in the Culture Capital!

    Tribute to Belizean Patriots
    Each year Belize honours men and women who put country and others above self. Here is the list of people who will be recognized for their contributions on Thursday at Bliss Center for Performing Arts, at 7 p.m. This event is free. ORDER OF DISTINCTION 1. H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho of Taiwan: For distinguished service to Belize 2. Mrs. Jane Usher: For distinguished service to Belize MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD 1. Sister Josefina Alamilla: For contributions to religious life and community service 2. Mr. Lucio Alcoser: For contributions to music 3. Ms. Vilma Bailey (posthumously): For contributions to nursing and health 4. Mr. Danny Cornoquie (posthumously): For contributions to public security and safety...

    Belizean YLAI Professional Fellows
    Today Ambassador Moreno had the honor of meeting with the Belizean YLAI Professional Fellows when they visited the Embassy to prepare for their upcoming trip to the U.S. next month! Stay tuned for future posts highlighting each of Belize's YLAI Fellows! About YLAI - President Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) empowers entrepreneurs and innovative civil society leaders to strengthen their capacity to launch and advance their entrepreneurial ideas and effectively contribute to social and economic development in their communities.

    Belmopan Belize Screen on the Green
    Continue your September celebrations this week in Belmopan at the Belize Screen on the Green this Thursday at GG Field! This week we will be screening the movie, "McFarland USA." As always, the movie starts at dark and is free and refreshments will be served while they last. Bring the family and enjoy a great movie!

    Section 53: A case of Adult Privacy and The best liars in religion
    On August 10th, 2016, the Supreme Court of Belize ruled that section 53 was unconstitutional and read down the offending section to say, "this does not apply to consenting sexual acts between adults in private." Wade, in his disappointment noted in a facebook commentary on August 18th that Cabinet and Caleb was Sodom and Gomorrah. This snapshot on the left reveals exactly what he said while his fundamentalist colleagues revealed solutions that included a referendum on section 53, a constitutional amendment on marriage, safeguarding the education from LGBT Agenda, among others to correct concerns about the acknowledgement of LGBT rights in Belize. Furthermore, Wade and Stirm promoted a campaign of deception with the Belize National Teachers, Utilities Union and the leader of the opposition. As a result, the Utilities Union issued a Press Release on September 8th, calling on the government to,.." mount an appeal, against the sections within the judgement which express issues of our freedom of expression, and the meaning of gender to include sexual orientation." If they had spent anytime reading the judgement, they would have known that the term to be challenged was sex not gender. Still they call for peace and no discrimination. The release further spoke to, " ensuring democracy prevails" and calls for members, "to take active measure to support the churches in our country.

    Government Receives Response from Unions on Deferral of Salary Adjustment
    The Office of the Prime Minister announces that it has received the formal response of the Joint Unions' Negotiating Team to Government's request for consideration of a deferral of the third tranche of the Salary Adjustment until April 2017. The Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM) voted yes to deferral, and so did the Public Service Union (PSU), but the Belize National Teachers' Union (BNTU) voted no, leading to a two to one split in favour of deferral. In view of the impasse among the Unions, the Prime Minister has asked for an urgent meeting to see if their differing positions can be reconciled and some common ground found. Naturally, the public will be kept informed.

    Notice to All Importers of Pharmaceutical and Herbal Products
    The Ministry of Health is currently involved in the development of a Drug Registry and it has become necessary for the Ministry to implement a moratorium effective immediately on all new pharmaceuticals and herbal products into the Belize market until further notice. Please be advised that in order to import pharmaceuticals or herbal preparations, you must be a licensed importer with the Ministry of Health’s Licensing and Accreditation Unit. The Ministry of Health is also in the process of reviewing the application for importation of medications by “Peddlers”. Please be informed that the list of items you are currently trading needs to be upgraded to include the following: Name of Product, Name of Active Ingredients, Quantities to be Imported, and Expiry Date of Product.

    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) herein advertises the Masters Degree Scholarship in “Structural and Geotechnical Engineering” developed by experts from Chile and Japan, which is open to participants of Latin American and CARICOM Countries. There is no limit to the number of applicants by country but only five (5) participants will be selected for the course. 1. Member States are invited to submit applications for the programme using the criteria set out below. (i) Applicants should have applied to the University and gained their letter of acceptance at the time of submission of applications to the Embassy. Information on the University and how to apply can be obtained at the link

    Announcement from the Cabinet
    Cabinet is prepared to support a Senate Select Committee rather than a bi-cameral Joint Select Committee inquiry into the Auditor-General's Immigration Special Report. Cabinet has taken this position in view of the reconsideration by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and by the Belize Council of Churches, both of whom were originally in favour of going the bi-cameral route. Cabinet is also persuaded by the fact that a seemingly substantial portion of the public apparently prefers the Senate to conduct the hearings, and by the further fact that the ultimate objective of holding such hearings will be served by either of the two routes on the table. There is thus no need for Cabinet to insist on its own preference for the bi-cameral method. Cabinet also agrees that one of the Social Partner Senators should chair the Senate Select Committee. Cabinet does insist, however, that the composition of the Committee reflect the balance of power in the Chamber, as is mandated by Standing Orders.

    Letter: Barrow's bubble bursts - The Belizean economy in freefall recession
    This is an official Belize Progressive Party (BPP) position paper on the economy. Our last recession in Belize occurred in 2009 as a consequence of the bursting of the housing bubble that occurred in the United States commencing in the last quarter of 2007. The US housing bubble was created when very poor and questionable decisions were taken in the US housing market to spur housing growth. Buyers, who were from the outset unable to repay their new housing loans, were lured in by unscrupulous lenders. This was a scheme based on greed and total disregard for the welfare of those borrowers. In the case of Belize, the Barrow administration cannot blame any external cause for the two consecutive quarters of economic contraction (January – July 2016), now clearly an official recession of our economy. Even after benefiting from the bounty of taxes on the windfall from BNE when world oil prices were high, and from PetroCaribe largesse, their short-sighted and politically motivated economic policies have backfired with a clear burst.

    Channel 7

    Government Supports Senate Inquiry, But Insists Membership Must Represent Political Majority
    It's official, the Barrow Administration has officially thrown its support behind a Senate Inquiry. A press release issued after Cabinet today says, quote, "Cabinet is prepared to support a Senate Select Committee rather than a bi-cameral Joint Select Committee inquiry into the Auditor-General's Immigration Special Report." It continues, quote, "Cabinet has taken this position in view of the reconsideration by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and by the Belize Council of Churches, both of whom were originally in favour of going the bi-cameral route. Cabinet is also persuaded by the fact that a...substantial portion of the public apparently prefers the Senate to conduct the hearings...There is thus no need for Cabinet to insist on…the bi-cameral method."

    PUP Rejects Cabinet Proposal For Senate Inquiry
    And while the government is using the model endorsed by the Churches - the opposition doesn't want to hear it. They say that a Senate Select Committee with three members of the government will not be independent because the Government will have too much influence over the investigation, which could cause for the Senate probe to be misdirected. This evening, they released a statement which says, quote, "... The PUP is seriously concerned that the Cabinet would take the opportunity to dictate to the Senate what the composition of its Senate Select Committee should be. That is a matter for the Senate to decide. Not the Cabinet." End quote. The Opposition goes even further to scold the Barrow Government by quoting from the Senate Standing Order.

    Barrow Once Endorsed Independent Senate Inquiry
    As you heard in our interview, John Briceño asserted the Prime Minister, and Godwin Hulse are behaving in a hypocritical manner to want that much representation on the Senate Committee. Back when the Prime Minister was in Opposition, he was asserting that the Government should not investigate itself. Indeed, that back in the bad-old days of SSB scandals, and Prime Minister Barrow was leader of the opposition, he was pressuring the Musa Government, demanding that any investigation of corruption needed to be independent. Our archives show that back on September 1, 2004, the Then Opposition Leader Dean Barrow and his party released a statement questioning the Musa's handling of the Social Security Scandal. They were recommending a Commission of Inquiry, which is totally different from a senate probe. They wanted to put the investigation completely outside of the influence of the Government being scrutinized.

    BNTU Gives GOB Ultimatum on 3% Increase, Other Matters
    And while the issue of the composition of the Senate Select Committee will be churning for days, there's much bigger news on the horizon. The Belize National Teachers Union has sent the government a stern letter demanding - among other things - that government pay up with their 3% increase as promised. That's the position coming out of a national meeting held on Saturday, September 10th. According to reports, the Teachers have demanded a favorable response by this Friday September 16th, and if they don't get it, they will hold a protest next week, and stage a national sickout next week, forcing the closure of schools. That's a very hard line - and last week Friday the Prime Minister said he doesn't know how the teachers are contemplating industrial action - and today his Party Whip backed him up:

    PSU President, Deferred Raise May Avert Retrenchment
    And while the teachers have issued an ultimatum, the Public Service Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers are not with them. They have told the government that they are willing to take a deferral of their raise - in view of the broader economic picture. So that means the three unions, BNTU, PSU and APSSM form the Joint Unions' Negotiating Team which negotiated the increases with Government - and now two of three three are saying they are willing to defer the increase. It's a very significant difference of opinion, and today in Orange Walk the PSU president told CTV-3 why his union membership has taken that position:... Eldred Neal, President - PSU: "We were tasked to go out and pool our constituent and return to a meeting with the Prime Minister to indicate whether or not public officers were about agreeing to the deferment."

    Standard VI Student Dies After Accident On B-Ball Court
    For most primary school students, last week was their first week back to school. They got to see their classmates, meet new friends and teachers and by this second week they will more or less be settled in for the new school year. But that experience was cut short for 12-year-old St. Joseph School student Daemon Garcia. He collapsed on the school court on Friday while practicing with the basketball team. Daemon's coach then rushed him to the hospital but nothing more could be done for him, Daemon died on Sunday morning. So what happened to the pre-teen? How could a young, active and spirited young boy just faint and die? Did he hit his head on the fall? According to the principal, it was not the fall that killed Daemon, in an interview this evening, she told us what happened on Friday and revealed the surprising post mortem results. She also reflected on the brilliant and athletic student Daemon was.

    Young McDonlad Had Some Luck
    Today a pregnant 19-year-old avoided jail time when the judge was lenient with her. Amy McDonald took the rap for her boyfriend Aaron Brown when they were both accused of burglary. They both pleaded guilty to entering the home of Sherman Tasher, on Iguana Street Extension with an intent to steal. They both pleaded guilty but Brown had an explanation. He told the court that he had no idea that she was burglarizing the house since she had a key for the door. McDonald told the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith that it was all her fault and that is why she is taking the rap for the burglary. Now that carries a mandatory prison sentence, but the law allows special circumstances where the court can refrain from imposing the mandatory jail term if there are extenuating circumstances as in the case of McDonald who is 3 months pregnant.

    Finnegan Suggests Electorate To Blame For Ministers' Letters
    Earlier in the news, we showed you parts of our interview with UDP Party Whip Michael Finnegan, as he was exiting today's Cabinet Meeting. He was defending his other Cabinet colleagues whose names are called in the Auditor General's reports. So, while he says that there is too much hysteria stirred up about the findings of that report, the news out of today's Cabinet meeting is that his colleagues will be investigated by way of a Senate probe. Finnegan is perfectly in the clear since he name is not called not even once in all 3 reports into the Immigration practices of 2011 to 2013. We also showed you his explanation about how he managed to stay away from being named. Today, we also got an opportunity to question him about the demands made on Area Representatives by the electorate. He told us that this culture of voters requiring ministerial involvement in so many things may account for why the names of 13 of his current and former colleagues ended up in the Auditor General's reports into the issuance of visas, passports, and nationality certificates. Here's that back and forth:

    Castro Banks At Immigration Conversation
    We also got an opportunity to talk to Belize Rural North Representative Edmond Castro about the same issue. As viewers are aware, his name is called in the reports, and as viewers would remember, his integrity was called into question when immigration agent turned whistleblower, Alvorine Burgess, accused him of selling Belize Visa recommendations to Asian nationals. So, today, we tried to discuss the points in the audits where his name is called, but playing it very safe, he stayed far away from that one, no matter how hard we pushed. Here's how that went: Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of Transport: "If you are an area representative, you are there to represent your people in that area. Hence the reason why they called you an area representative and you are there to help your people. Simple thing as tuition assistance. You are there to assist them. If they have death in the family, they expect you to assist them. So every little thing your people that elect you to serve them come to you for assistance."

    Bus Fare Hikes Could Be Coming To Your Route
    And while Castro was not willing to go into a conversation about the culture revealed in those audits, he was a lot more forthcoming when we asked him about his involvement in trying to regularize bus fares for the public transportation all around the country. As viewers will remember, the Western bus owners hiked the price up for 2 days, and when he as the Minister of Transportation found out about it, he intervened to make sure that the price went back to what it was. Today, he told us that he continues to meet with the bus owners, and that the public should expect that there will be an increase in fares in some parts of the country. He said not to worry though, the Government will balance your interest along side that of the owners to make sure that they make a fair return, while you aren't price gouged:

    GSU Arrests An Entire Home
    The GSU yesterday searched a home which they say is a weed peddlers' paradise. The home is on 7th Street in the King's Park area, and the GSU says it is the residence of Arthur HIGGS Sr. The cops found close to 11 ounces of marijuana and arrested everyone in the house, from 67 year old HIGGS Sr, to his 34 year old son Arthur HIGGS Jr. A total of four other persons were arrested. At the end of the search six men were arrested and charged for two counts of Possession of Controlled Drugs with the Intent to Supply.

    Making Hospitals Safer
    As a smart home buyer or builder, you would look for or build a sturdy home, one that can withstand storms and keep your family safe. Well, that is exactly what health authorities will be enforcing with hospitals and health facilities across the country. This is being done through what is called the "Smart Health Facility Project". The main focus is to make these hospitals stronger and safer for patients. A workshop was held in Belmopan at the Western Regional Hospital to discuss this project. The workshop runs for 4 days.

    Southern Cops Got Gun & Suspects
    Tonight, 22 year-old Independence resident George Banner continues to serve a 5-year sentence. That after he was busted with an illegal firearm used in a robbery. It happened on Monday, and the victim, a 20 year-old villager, reported to police that earlier that morning, he was at the BTL compound using the internet. That's when he was approached by 2 men, one of whom was armed with what appeared to be a .38 revolver. At gunpoint, they ordered him to hand over his valuables, and that's when, fearing for his life, he gave them his cell phone. Acting on intelligence, police searched George Banner's home. His common-law wife, 21 year-old Maria Cifuentes, was present at the time of the search, and that's when the police found a .38 revolver, the same gun that is believed to have been used in the robbery.

    Police United Got Pounded By Pachuca
    Right now Belize's Premier League Champions, Police United FC is taking a pounding form Mexico's Pachuca. In the 83rd. minute, the score is an embarrassing 9 to nil in favour of the Mexican visitors. The shellacking started in the 22nd minute and it continued from there in quick succession; Pachuca had 5 goals at the half! Pachuca's Ervin Lozano already has a hat trick scoring three of his team's 9 goals. It's a much worse outcome for Police United which lost three to Nil when they played Pachuca in Mexico in August. Police United needed to end with a score of four to nil to remain in contention and this thrashing will make their continued presence in the Champions League Tournament mostly ceremonial.

    Marine Pilots: They Rule The Night
    Last week we told you about the new three million dollar vessels that the Port of Belize's Marine Pilots would be using to go out on their late night runs. Now, this kind of vessel is even more expensive than what the Coast Guard uses - and if you're wondering why they need something so specialized - then you'd have to be up before the birds to see the quite remarkable job that these men do. And what's even more remarkable is the completely understated way they carry out this very specialized task. In 2009 we went with them on one of those late night missions; Jules Vasquez reports:... At the time there were only a handful of marine pilots; but since then four more have been trained, and on Friday they were given their licenses.

    Ras Indio In An Unplugged Version
    For those of you who follow Ras Indio, you will definitely know his defiant protest tune, "Dem a Fraud". Well Ras is bringing it back with a new acoustic flavor. He came to our studio to talk about this new version of his song and why it is important to keep the message alive. You can just go to Youtube and type in Ras Indio "Dem a Fraud" Acoustic to listen to the entire track. Those Belizeans living abroad or those planning to travel this week, can see Ras Indio perform this new version of his song in Dallas this Saturday and then in Inglewood California for a street Festival.

    Taking On The Tenth
    Last night due to time constraints we didn't have space for our annual look back at the Tenth of September. Tonight, for the record, we look at the speeches, the crowing of the Queen of the Bay and the jump up:... After the ceremony, Pocono Bwai regaled the audience with his song of the year, "Border to Border" - which had feet tapping across the aisles. And after the ceremony, ti was to the city streets for the jump up. This year, the parade made up in spirit what it lacked in numbers or size, and by the time it passed us on Albert Street - the rain couldn't stop the street jam.

    Como Agua Para Aguacate
    And while it was raining in the city, water was pouring in Aguacate in the Toledo District. As we told you last night night, the water system was inaugurated on Friday and Minister of Economic Development Erwin Contreras was there for the opening:..

    Channel 5

    G.O.B. Now Supports Senate Select Committee; Names Composition & Chairmanship
    For a second time in five days, the government has had to withdraw its position on two major issues. Last Thursday, the Prime Minister announced it would appeal a portion [...]

    Michael Finnegan Believes Inquiry Will Come to “Nada”
    The PM did not offer comments on this major concession following Cabinet today, nor did one of the most outspoken senior parliamentarians Michael Finnegan. While Finnegan pulls no punches as [...]

    Opposition Leader John Briceño Disagrees with Composition Outlined by Cabinet
    As we told the composition of the Senate Select Committee is already coming under fire. The Opposition says it is not for the executive to dictate the composition of the [...]

    The P.U.P. is Yet to Make a decision on Which Senator Will Represent Them
    Briceño told us that he is willing to sit down with the Prime Minister at any time to discuss the committee. He also told News Five that the committee should [...]

    Briceño warns Godwin Hulse He Cannot be Minister of Police and Immigration
    The People’s United Party is also calling for Senator Godwin Hulse, who is Minister of both Home Affairs – which covers the Police Department – and Immigration and Nationality – [...]

    Should Teachers Be Given Their Salary Adjustments?
    And our question for tonight is: Do you believe teachers should be given their salary adjustments? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your [...]

    Belize Police United Versus Pachuca of Mexico
    At this time at the F.F.B. Stadium in Belmopan, the Mexican Football team, Pachuca is playing against Police United from Belize in a return match in the CONCACAF Champions League. [...]

    Majority of Unions Vote to Defer Salary Adjustments; P.U.P. differs
    Another national issue that is bubbling is the final instalment for salary adjustments to teachers and public officers. This afternoon, Government also announced that a majority of two to one [...]

    Minister Finnegan Says Unions Will Get Deferred Adjustments – No Need to Strike
    In the wake of Hurricane Earl and due to the present economic climate, government has been lobbying for a deferral of the third tranche of wage increases.  That final adjustment, [...]

    Attorney Dickie Bradley Issues Warning Against Cabinet Interference with Senate
    Back to the issue of the senate select investigation…this afternoon, News Five sat down with attorney and former Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, for his [...]

    Does Government Really Want a Senate inquiry?
    Bradley too wonders if Government’s behaviour points to something more sinister – for instance, trying to manoeuvre the Opposition out of the proceedings. He drew comparison with how the P.U.P. [...]

    Aunt of Deandre Nembhard Mourns Third Family Member Lost to Violence
    Seventeen year old Deandre Nembhard was shot and kill on Saturday morning as he socialized on Croton Lane in the Saint Martin De Porres area. The minor was en route [...]

    Anita Nembhard Unsure of Justice for Latest Victim
    According to Nembhard, the death of her nephew is even more painful on Deandre’s father, who is currently living in Los Angeles, California and is unable to travel to Belize [...]

    The Strange Saga of Dorian Pakeman and Dean Dawson, Revisited
    Charges are expected to be levied on the embattled director of the Press Office, Dorian Pakeman. Back in March, Pakeman hit and killed Gardenia resident, Dean Dawson while driving his [...]

    Alleged Tampering Issues “Frightening” for Seasoned Attorney, Dickie Bradley
    The news of the positive cocaine test, alleged tampering, and fiddling with the Dorian Pakeman file has sent shockwaves through the legal community. Today defence attorney Dickie Bradley says it [...]

    Shooting Victim Calls On Police to Assist Him
    Remember Jamaal Young? The self-employed DVD salesman was unintentionally shot on March fifth on Mahogany Street, allegedly by officers in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle. “Bounty,” as he is popularly [...]

    4 Men Freed of Firearm Charges
    Today, four men were freed from two of three serious offenses related to a stolen firearm. The group was busted near the East Canal area of Belize City back in [...]

    Overhaul of Public Transportation Ongoing
    The complete overhaul of the public transportation sector, particularly where it concerns bus fares and the quality of the commuter experience, is a steady process.  Earlier this afternoon, Minister of [...]

    Health Ministry Launches Hospital Safety Index & Green Assessment Course
    The Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization officially launched the Hospital Safety Index and Green Assessment Course today in Belmopan.  The idea is to introduce locally what [...]

    Making the J’ouvert Mud for Carnival
    J’ouvert has grown into one of the most popular events that precede the carnival road march to be held this Saturday in the City. Thousands will converge at the San [...]


    Taxi Operator Accuses customs Officer Of Abuse Of Power
    Tonight a taxi operator, and resident of Orange Walk Town is extremely upset with Officials from the Customs Department. This morning Mateo Queme visited our news room, after exhausting every other means to resolve what he describes as abuse of power at the hands of Custom officials. According to Queme, the problem arose after his taxi was wrongfully impounded by members of the department. Mateo Queme – Taxi Operator: “Hace unos días, siete días me quitaron un taxi, recogí un cliente y ella tenía tres bolsitas de tomate y dos de chile dulce entonces Custom me paro y no me preguntaron ni de quien ni de nada solo me dijeron súbete a troca de Custom y me quitaron mi caro entonces cuando llegamos a la oficina la señora le dice a Custom que ella se hace cargo de las cosas que ella solo me llamo para taxi, entonces cuando Custom les dice a ella que eso no tiene nada que ver que me van a garrar el taxi y tiene siete días hasta el día de hoy peleando mi caso con ellos ya fui hasta la policía y al jefe de Custom y nadie me quiere hacer caso.”

    Cabinet Now Support Senate Select Committee
    There is finally unanimous support for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the Auditor General’s special audit findings. Cabinet announced today via press release that they have switched from pushing for a Bi-Cameral Joint Select Committee, to supporting the idea of a Senate Inquiry. This is a tremendous shift, but when one considers the factors that played into the Cabinet’s new position, one would recognize how much pressure the Barrow Administration had to face. But Cabinet’s change doesn’t mean everything is honky dory. To the contrary, there is disagreement over what should be the composition of the Senate Select Committee. At the August 31 Senate meeting, the Opposition Senators suggested that the Committee must be made up of a representative from the Opposition and Government, and 1 for each Social Partner. Cabinet does not agree, however, and has proposed that the Committee consists of 3 Government representatives, 3 from the Social Partners and 1 from the Opposition. Now, if we consider that the Church and Government seem to be holding hands tightly on issues, we could take it to mean that the Government still has a majority.

    OWTC To Recognize Members Of The Community
    In keeping with the September celebration spirit, the Orange Walk Town Council will be hosting its fourth award ceremony under the management and office of Mayor Kevin Bernard in which prominent and hard-working individuals from the community will be recognized. This year the awards were divided into two categories including the Patriotic Servants Award and the Mayor’s Award. The ceremony is scheduled to take place tomorrow at the town hall commencing at 2:00 in the afternoon where all recipients will be formally acknowledged in the presence of the organizers as well as invited guests. Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town: “Every year ever since I become Mayor of this town we have decided to award Citizens with the patriotic servants award and we also identified individuals that they believe have contributed to the community or assisted the council in one way or the other and I give them the Mayors’ Award, there a few recipients this year...”

    Canada Issues Travel Advisory To CARICOM Including Belize
    Since the first case of Zika was detected in Belize earlier in the year it has been spreading throughout the country putting locals and potential visitors on high alert. So far there have been 10 confirmed cases of Zika in Caye Caulker alone and several others in the Belize and Cayo districts, which has prompted the CDC, the US and several other countries to issue travel advisories to the jewel. Recently added to the list is the Canadian Government who updated its travel advisory yesterday to include nine CARICOM nations including Belize. The Canadian government is urging all its citizens traveling to the Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname, St. Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago, to exercise a high degree of caution due to the presence of Zika in these nations.


    Boat Owner Charged for Damages to Barrier Reef
    Fifty one year old Juan Carlos Ucros Alvarez who was born in Columbia but later nationalized in Guatemala was charged for environment damages by the Department of Environment and for negligence and carelessness by the Belize Port of Authority based on the Merchant and Shipping Act. Alvarez is the owner of the yacht named “Rumba” […]

    Melissa Ferguson Speaks on Murder of Llewellyn Lucas
    As Melissa Ferguson remains out on bail and her spouse, William Mason is on remand at the Belize Central Prison, Ferguson maintains innocence in the allegations of kidnapping and murder being faced by them. In an interview with Love News, Ferguson says that she and Llewellyn Lucas were engaged in plans for children camps and […]

    Churches Welcome Public Morality Commission
    The Public Morality Commission … the announcement of its formation has caused quite a stir in the court of public opinion. It is a body that is being put together to look at various areas including the Gender Policy with an aim at revising what is agreed upon. The commission will be made up of […]

    Energy Sector Works at Climate Resilience via World Bank Grant
    The World Bank has approved an eight million US dollar grant from the Global Environmental Facility to assist Belize to strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector. Among the results to be achieved by the Energy Resilience for Climate Adaptation Project in Belize are: improved capacity for long-term energy planning, taking into account the […]

    Tampered Blood Samples Investigated in Pakeman’s Case
    A scenes of crime technician is being investigated for tampering with the blood sample of Dean Dawson. Six months ago, Dawson was knocked down and killed by Press Office Director, Dorian Pakemen who has been placed on unpaid leave after Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster revealed that Pakeman’s blood specimen had tested positive for […]

    Guatemalans Concerned Over Migration Code on International Immunity
    While Belize is waiting for the Guatemalan Congress to ratify going to a referendum to determine how to move forward in their claim over Belize, the Guatemalan La Hora Online news is reporting that Congress is looking at their migration code instead. The migration code covers international immunity for certain members of the Guatemalan Government […]

    GSU Confiscates Drug From Suspected Peddlers
    Members of the Gang Suppression Unit rained down on a house in the King’s Park area yesterday evening where they confiscated over three hundred grams of cannabis. As a result, six men were arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled drug with the intent to supply to another. Intelligence had led […]


    Death came early 10th September morning
    The early morning of Saturday, September 10, brought heartache to the Ovado and Nembhard families of Croton Lane in Lake Independence, Belize City. Deandre Nembhard, 17, was shot in the chest and body 6 times while socializing with his two friends in his family’s yard at about 2:30 Saturday morning by an unknown gunman who fired about 9 shots at him. Although reports are that other people were in the yard, no one else was injured in the shooting. Police who were on patrol in the area responded quickly and rushed Nembhard to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where despite the attempts of doctors to treat him, he died shortly after. He has since been taken to the morgue, where his body will undergo a mandatory post-mortem exam.

    Rest in peace, “Dae Dae”
    Daemion Garcia, affectionately known as “Dae Dae,” will not be marching up the aisle for primary school graduation this year. According to family and friends, the 12-year-old standard six student at St. Joseph Primary School was playing basketball on the school’s court when sometime this week, he suddenly fainted and hit his head. Garcia was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. His mother told Amandala today, Monday, that she believes that it wasn’t the fall that caused his death, but that his “fall was the consequence of other things.”

    Teachers issue ultimatum to PM Barrow
    Teachers met at an emergency meeting last Thursday to consider what actions should be taken to press the Barrow administration on key demands they have put on the table, including their insistence that the Government should not defer their 3% salary adjustment until next April and their push for a Senate inquiry into the recently unveiled Immigration audits. Although no official statement has been released by the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), Amandala is reliably informed that a letter is being dispatched to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, and if the demands that the teachers have put on the table are not met by Friday, the teachers are likely to stage a demonstration early next week.

    Barrow urges OAS not to give in to Guatemala’s bullying
    Guatemala has stepped up its campaign against Belize in regards to the shooting death of a Guatemalan minor in the Chiquibul in April, and apart from persisting that the case should be heard by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, officials of that country are taking the Organization of American States (OAS) to task over a recently released independent expert report into the killing. Whereas it had been announced that the Secretary-General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, would have issued a statement on the report, we note that so far, none has been forthcoming and instead, his representative on Belize-Guatemala affairs, Magdelena Talamas, was dispatched to Belize and Guatemala to formally present the findings.

    Constitutional challenge in the making to decriminalize marijuana?
    Today, a man who was charged with drug trafficking after police busted him with 119.2 grams of cannabis was allowed to plead down to the lesser charge of possession. Lusby Martinez, 32, was busted by the police’s Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) on Friday, September 9, in the George Street area. The 119.2 grams of cannabis was found inside his right back pocket. Martinez appeared before Chief Magistrate Smith along with his attorney, Dickie Bradley, this morning and was fined $200. Smith ordered him to pay the fine by September 22; if he does not pay, he will have to spend two months in prison.

    Di Roo hosts Di Mugger & Gene Guild Day at Yabra this Sunday, September 18
    Arriving in Belize on Friday, September 9, was legendary Belizean goalkeeper Nelson “Roo” Robinson, who is the chief architect behind planned festivities at Yabra field this Sunday, September 18, in honor of departed football greats, Louis Garbutt a.k.a. Bembe, the Mugger, of the legendary Dunlop and Independence teams, and Gene Guild a.k.a. “the Japanese Bomber,” of Berger 404 fame. The first “Mugger Day” in Belize was held at the St. Martin’s or Third World field back on September 15, 2013. The Roo visited our sports desk this morning, accompanied by Steve White, Sr. and son Steve, Jr., to inform us of some details of the planned event.

    Pachuca is in town, and “taking no prisoners”
    Arriving in Belize via the P.S.W.G. International Airport this evening, was a full contingent of the Mexican national champions, Pachuca FC, here for their Scotiabank/CONCACAF Champions League return leg against Belize’s Police United FC at the FFB Stadium tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. And they are all business as they strode into the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel around 5:30 this evening. After checking in at the hotel desk, all the players and other team personnel promptly made their way to their rooms, leaving only their press officer and a couple players to share a few words with the waiting media representatives. One of those players spoke fluent English, and we managed to get a few comments from him. Orlando Gonzalez, who says he is the starting center back for Pahcuca, stands around six feet four inches, maybe more, and was modest and guarded in his remarks, but couldn’t escape admitting that, as fans would expect, they are here to do all the damage they can, in terms of scoring goals, to try and win their group, and make it to the coveted Hexagonal in Champions League.

    Police registers second PLB win
    Few fans give Belize’s Police United FC much of a chance going against reigning Mexican champions Pachuca FC tomorrow night at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan in the return leg of their Scotiabank/CONCACAF Champions League series, where Pachuca took game 1 by a 3-0 margin. But if the Police United team needed a confidence builder, they got it on Saturday at the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga, where they secured a 2-1 victory against a game and young Wagiya FC in Week 4 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season 2016-2017. John King gave Police the early lead at the 5th minute, and Harrison “Cafu” Roches made it 2-nil at the 59th minute, before Wagiya avoided the shutout with a late goal from Alton Carr (86’) for the 2-1 final score. Also on Saturday, it was visiting FC Belize coming away with the 1-nil win against home standing Placencia Assassins, courtesy of a first half goal by Hector Martinez. Like the Belmopan Bandits, who rested this past weekend, FC Belize has only scored a total of 3 goals in as many matches, but neither team as suffered a loss yet, and are tied in points for the standings lead along with Wagiya FC, who suffered their first loss on Saturday, but have played one more game than the Bandits and FC Belize.

    Weekend Warriors Series#2 and Overall results
    Here are the results from the 5th and last race of the Weekend Warrior (WW) 2nd Series of 2016, held yesterday in Bermudian Landing Village. The race went from Bermudian Landing field to St. Paul’s Junction, and returned to head to Isabella Bank Junction for 1 lap, for a total of 11.5 miles per lap. The “A” Class did 4 laps, while the “B” & “C” Classes did 3 laps. Top finishers by Class were: “A” Class – 1st place Kent Gabourel (Kulture Megabytes, 2:02:32); 2nd Collet Maheia (Kulture Megabytes, st); 3rd Preston Martinez (Bel-Cal); 4th Palas Joseph (Lampaz); 5th Andrew Vasquez (BFSC-El Pescador). Top 5 Overall in Class “A” after 5 races: 1st place Kent Gabourel (Kulture Megabytes, 139 points); 2nd Warren Coye (Santino’s, 119 pts); 3rd Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G, 115 pts); 4th Collet Maheia (Kulture Megabytes, 107 pts); 5th Andrew Vasquez (BFSC-El Pescador, 102 pts).

    Editorial: BNTU: incipient intransigence
    To our mind, the most significant development over the weekend was the fact that the leaders of Belize’s teachers gave up their Tenth of September holiday on Saturday to come to Belize City for a national Council of Management meeting. This followed “emergency” branch meetings of teachers on Thursday afternoon, September 8, when they left their classrooms to discuss the Government of Belize’s request for the teachers’ financial benefits to be deferred until next year. The “emergency” meetings on Thursday afternoon resulted that evening in a castigation of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) on national radio and television by the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Carol Babb. BNTU President, Luke Palacio, replied in kind, as we would say. We don’t think we would be exaggerating if we said that the economy of Belize is in a serious tailspin and that Belize’s public finances are in a mess. Belize’s teachers may be the best informed and most well-read section of our population.

    From the Publisher
    This is the time of the year when we celebrate what Belize is and who we are as Belizeans. In 2016, there is a significant amount of confusion and division in our society, and a certain quantum of such confusion and division is the result of induced ignorance, so to speak. Personally, I believe it is impossible for denominational religion to educate our citizens properly, because so much of denominational religion involves superstition and the encouragement of fanaticism. Because the education system of Belize is dominated by denominational religion, there are too many occasions when it does not matter how lucid and logical your argument may be: the power structure in place, in league with denominational religion, absolutely has the ability to ignore you and your argument, in effect to pretend that you do not even exist. This is Belize, beloved, and this is too much a part of what we celebrate every September.

    Fyah, Fuego, Sham, Ka’ak and Fire
    Editor Amandala Sir, No matter what you call it, the flames and smoke will come. Though it is rainy season now, the burning will come with dry season. Last week I flew in to Belize City and saw hurricane debris in the fire-sensitive broadleaf forest. Later on the local bus across the Hummingbird Highway, I saw the situation on the ground. I knew from lessons learned from past storms, those dead and down trees uprooted by the storm’s fury may very well bring more fire into the forest when dry season comes. Dry season will come and so will the burning. Controlling these severe human-caused fires will be challenging. The impact upon the tourist industry, livelihoods, and watersheds will, as it has been in the past, be rough. Smoke will linger and settle among the population, causing reduced visibility. Worse, the smoke will affect young and old. The impacts of severe dry season fires will affect almost everyone, whether you live back a bush or in the city. The fires will come. If you are Belizean, you have seen it all before. The sky is red at night and bare hills in the aftermath.

    Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie speaks on many matters
    Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, returned from vacation and gave reporters an extended interview this morning on some of the key issues that are at the fore in the country as a result of events that occurred while he was out of office. Whylie said he kept updated on events in the news. KREM’s Marisol Amaya asked Whylie whether he had any relationship with the man William “Danny” Mason, who is accused of kidnapping and beheading Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, and who allegedly made financial contributions to several ministers of government and public officials. Whylie replied, “I can categorically deny that I never met the man. I had no relationship with Mr. Mason.” Whylie explained that he had heard of “Ted Oulet,” but he did not know anything about the man other than what he was told about him.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PM Barrow Owes His Three Peat to Mayor Bradley
    When the Mayor of Belize, Darryl Bradley first expressed his plan to launch a municipal bond for cementing 100 Belize City streets….his own UDP party, and especially the “brain thrust” of its leadership, were putting up all kinds of obstacles and raising all kinds […]

    Strategical and tactical development of Belize City
    Belize City, Belize became what it is today because of its location. Found on the Caribbean Sea, it rests nicely at the harbor where Haulover Creek empties. Originally known as Belize Town, Belize City Belize was founded by British lumber harvesters known as […]

    BNTU votes ‘No’ to salary deferral; other unions vote ‘yes’
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced through a press release today that he has received a formal response from the Joint Unions’ negotiating team to Government’s request for the consideration of a deferral of the third tranche of the Salary adjustment until April 2017. The […]

    Ministry of Health announces new policies for pharmaceutical importers
    The Ministry of Health today issued a press release informing all importers of Pharmaceutical and Herbal products that a moratorium is being implemented immediately on all new pharmaceuticals and herbal products into the Belizean market. The Ministry says this is necessary as it is […]

    CARICOM deepens partnerships to address de-risking
    CARICOM leaders, including Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne, met with heads of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to discuss concerns over “de-risking”. Browne also met with heads of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), which also has a vested interest in addressing […]

    Canada issues travel advisory over fear of Zika
    Yesterday, the Canadian Government updated its travel advisory for nine CARICOM nations including Belize, among a list of countries around the world. The Canadian government is urging all its citizens traveling to the Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname, St. Lucia, and Trinidad […]

    GOB agrees to Senate inquiry into Immigration report
    The government of Belize has changed its position on a bi-cameral House-Senate select committee on the investigation into the claims made in the Auditor General’s Immigration audit. According to GOB, “Cabinet is prepared to support a Senate Select Committee rather than a bi-cameral Joint […]

    New documentary to chronicle John McAfee’s time in Belize
    A new documentary to air on Showtime network on September 24 will chronicle multi-millionaire anti-virus developer John McAfee’s colorful years in Belize leading up to the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull and his subsequent “escape” from the country. Based on the accounts told […]

    Fair weather expected to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be generally isolated across the country, except in the south where a few more showers or thunderstorms are likely to occur tonight. The wind will […]

    Belize to make its energy sector more climate resilient
    The Government of Belize (GOB) has received a grant of US$8 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector, according to a press release issued by GOB. The grant was approved yesterday by the World Bank […]


    My 8 Favorite Sea Creatures in Belize
    Many know Belize for the coastline, the amazing diving and snorkeling. And for very good reason. Fun fact everyone knows: Belize, you may have heard, has the second longest barrier reef in the world. Second only to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Fun fact that many people know: Coral comprise some of the densest and richest habitats in the world – home to up to 25% of the sea life on the planet (they are less than 1/4 of 1% of the entire marine environment. The reef runs all along the coast of Belize – sometimes a few miles away from the mainland and sometimes touching the coast (up at Rocky Point, Ambergris Caye)… So it is the absolute perfect place to see a wide variety of fish and all types of marine creatures. Here are five of my favorites. Ranked of course. Starting with my most favorite…the most beautiful…one that makes you want to cry into your snorkel mask for joy…

    San Ignacio Belize: 15 Epic Outdoor Adventures
    Now that you all know the best restaurants in San Ignacio Belize, the next order of business since we’re all fueled up and ready to go is; what is there to do around here? You could stick around and relax until dinner to try out the next best restaurant, but who likes sitting around all day anyway… For you adventure junkies, check out the following 17 epic outdoor activities around San Ignacio Belize: Make Chocolate The Mayan Way, Go Spelunking, Horseback Ride to Xunantunich, Splashing at Rio On Pools and Rio Frio Caves, Cave Crawl To Find Ancient Maya, River Tube Downstream, Hike The Maya Mountains in Pine Ridge, Zip-line At Calico Jack’s, Have A Romantic Sunset Dinner, Cliff Diving Off Big Rock Falls, Dirt Bike Around Town, Enjoy Organic Farm-To-Table Dining, ATV Jungle Tour, and Glamping and Camping.

    Rebecca Rath, Belize’s Newly Crowned Warrior
    I never met Rebecca Rath before the Miss Belize Universe 2016 pageant, yet I became instantly drawn to her spirit. I’m an observer. I’ve been known to overanalyse things quite a bit. Sometimes, this skill becomes a highlighter of beautiful things that would otherwise be left unnoticed. Since we now represent iTravel Belize and not just Ambergris Today, I promised myself to stay impartial at least on the outside. Still, I was totally curious to see the Miss San Pedro representative. So many people traveled from Ambergris Caye to cheer and support her. A quiet voice inside me wanted the prize for our little island. Dianira was sitting directly across from the dressing room doorway and I observed her as she got her makeup done. A beautiful woman with admirable confidence. The nerves were obvious in all the contestants as I looked around backstage. I glanced at all of them with the same fear in my heart, overthinking how devastating it must feel to loose something you’ve worked so hard towards. Nine of these girls would feel that empty space inside even though they are all beautiful and deserving of love and praise, simply for having the courage to be there. My thoughts made me nervous for all of them.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize to Make its Energy Sector More Climate Resilient
    Belize will strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector as a result of a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved today by the World Bank Board of Directors. Belize is often in the direct path of tropical storms and hurricanes, which are expected to intensify due to climate change. This has caused many human casualties and widespread damages, resulting in costly disruptions of vital public services. The impact of Hurricane Dean in 2007 resulted in US$80-100 million in damages, equivalent to 6-8 percent of GDP, and a near countrywide power blackout. Likewise, Hurricane Earl left another wave of disruptions last month. “Building climate resilience is a key priority for Belize. This project aims to support the government’s continued efforts to make energy and power systems better prepared and more resilient to storms, hurricanes and natural hazards,” said Sophie Sirtaine, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean.

    Following Hurricane Earl, ECLAC sets the groundwork for disaster assessment in Belize
    A team lead by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) sub-regional headquarters for the Caribbean carried out a mission to hurricane-struck Belize, to provide support to the government in its effort to undertake comprehensive assessment of the impact of Hurricane Earl, which hit in early August 2016, and to assist in the formulation of recommendations for recovery and reconstruction. The team included experts from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO). Hurricane Earl hit several towns, including San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belize City, Ladyville, Belize River Valley, Orange Walk and Belmopan, causing infrastructure and building damage, while many roads and streets were blocked due to inland and coastal flooding.

    Our Caribbean: Fighting or 'talking' crime?
    WHEN GOVERNMENT ministers responsible for crime and security start rejecting any blame for the increasing criminality afflicting their respective jurisdictions, the public should be on alert for worst-case scenarios while hoping for swift, enlightened responses from cabinet ministers and/or heads of government. As gun-related crimes keep afflicting CARICOM states, with current primary victims including Belize, Barbados, The Bahamas, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, this country’s Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite, and Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon have gone publicly on the defensive, with some surprising pathetic “don’t-blame-me” claims. Well, since no commissioner of police in our region would be expected to publicly accept blame for the awful spreading crime scenarios currently afflicting parishes, villages, communities or towns, it would simply mean that, in the case of both Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, finger-pointing would, inevitably, identify the political representatives sitting in the respective cabinets of Prime Ministers Freundel Stuart and Keith Rowley.

    The Oldest Book Written in the Americas Is a Mayan Guide to Astronomy
    As the Mayan civilization was in decline, a diligent scribe was working on the oldest book created in the Americas: the Grolier Codex. The book, which contains personified images of the sun, death, and other deities—all working in service of the “star” Venus—is a guide to astronomy. For a long time, experts believed it was fake. But in a surprise twist, researchers are now saying that this 900-year-old book is the real thing after all. But in the latest issue of Maya Archaeology, Stephen Houston of Brown University revisits the codex and determines that it’s real. The calendar discrepancies, he says, can be explained by regional or temporal variations in mythology of Venus, the movements of which this 104-year-long calendar predicts. In addition, no modern pigments are displayed on the codex, and the sharp cuts appear to be breaks in gypsum plaster—not markers of modern carpentry.


  • Belize 8-9-2016, 3min. Guatemala to Belize.

  • Podziemne miasta Belize Podziemie Majow Lektor PLFilm Dokumentalny, 44min.

  • Ixcanul - Trailer, 2.5min. Directed by Jayro Bustamante, Ixcanul tells the tale of coming of age, of traditions, and of the stark reality of the people who live near the volcano. This movie was shot entirely in Kaqchikel, with a few lines in Spanish, and has won 18 awards globally, including best films at the Guadalajara and Cartagena International Film Festivals.
    María, una joven maya de 17 años, vive sobre las faldas de un volcán activo en Guatemala. Un matrimonio arreglado la espera. Aunque María sueña con ver la «gran ciudad», su condición no le permite cambiar su destino. Más tarde, una complicación en el embarazo la obliga a salir al mundo moderno que le salva la vida, pero a un precio demasiado alto.

  • Pirates In Belize Corozal House of Culture, 3.5min.

  • Sea turtle begs for food from conch fisherman, 1/2min. Conch fisherman in San Pedro, Belize clean their catch at the same spot on the reef every day. One of the local sea turtles has figured this out and he convinces them to share their catch. The fishermen have even named him Scarface due to his missing eye and scarred cheek. Scarface has a voracious appetite and never refuses a meal.

  • Jacob G Hein Funeral Spanish Lookout Belize, 78min.

  • English Guy in Mexico - Stones Sea Breeze Guest-House, Corozal, Belize, 8min. I am debating on whether to swim with the crocodiles...mmmmm.

    September 13, 2016


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Ambergris Caye celebrates St. George’s Caye Day with Uniform Parade
    In commemoration of the 218th anniversary of the Battle of Saint George’s Caye, islanders joined in the country’s festivities, celebrating with much pride and patriotism. The patriotic events started with the annual Fire Truck Parade at 7PM and the Tribute to the Baymen on Friday, September 9th. Before Thompson received her crown, Mayor Daniel Guerrero addressed the crowd. He took attendees back in history as he recounted the many events and confrontations the Baymen went through before the final encounter with the Spaniards on the 10th of September, 1798, when the superior Spanish Armada was defeated by the Baymen. Following Guerrero’s remarks, the Area Representative for Belize Rural South and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr, delivered a few words. He spoke of the significance of the Battle of Saint George’s Caye and how important it was for the liberation of what is now Belize. “We are supposed to be proud of our ancestors, who really freed us and gave us this beautiful country we all enjoy today,” said Heredia.

    Safe Water for over 400 villagers of Aguacate, Toledo District
    The completion of the water project also demonstrates government’s unwavering commitment to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals, otherwise known as the Global Goals, building on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it relates to water; which is to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water. The Scope of Works included the construction of a ferro-concrete pump house, installation of a submersible pump and chlorinator unit coupled with an additional pump, new transmission and distribution lines, and four polyethylene tanks with a security fence encompassing the area. In addition, the existing distribution main was repaired and expanded; and meters were installed in households to regulate the consumption of water.

    Captive Parrot Permit Application Period to Close
    It is illegal to keep wildlife captive in Belize, which is home to numerous indigenous species. In an effort to implement the law, the Belize Forest Department (BFD) hereby informs all current parrot owners that the application period to register their parrot will close on Monday, October 31st. Since the BFD introduced its Captive Parrot Permit program in 2014, the department received more than 2,000 applications and has registered over 300 parrots to date. Since the parrot registration program is coming to an end, the BFD also cautions the public that they have increased enforcement to capture individuals who continue to engage in these illegal practices. The San Pedro Sun has been made aware of several cases of residents on the island keeping wild animals as pets. The most common wildlife held captive are the quash (Coati), parrots, iguanas, raccoons and anteaters (Tamandua).

    Ambergris Today

    Flashbacks - Longing for Beach Properties and Sandy Beaches
    Gone are the good old days when children living on the beach used to sit on the sand in their own yards and enjoy the cool of the afternoon under a coconut tree. Sometimes it was the entire family that would gather there go enjoy a relaxing afternoon while they waited for dad to return from a trolling trip with a catch of barracudas, king fish or wahoo. Today all the beach properties have been converted into hotels or business places. Gone are the good ole days when lobster fishermen would pile up their new lobster traps at one corner of their yards in preparation for the opening of the lobster season which ran June 15 to February 15. There were about 40 local lobster fishermen that worked with lobster pats and the other man were skin divers. Today there might be two or three men that still use the wood traps and the rest of men are tourist guides.

    25 Years Ago - Antique Typewriters and Irons Were Once Modern Commodities
    You know you are an Old Time San Pedro High Schooler if you remember learning to type with one of those huge and heavy manual typewriters. They had hundreds of moving parts, wheels, screws, springs, levers, reels of inked ribbons, nuts and bolts all designed to move the metal arms with the letters, numbers ,and symbols. Popular brands were Remington, Royal, Underwood, Smith Corona, and Olympia. You know you are an Old Time Sanpedrano girl if you have used an iron iron. Okay What is an ‘iron iron’? It an ironing iron made of iron; Yes, an iron used to iron clothes. LOL! This iron was placed over a hot plate which was heated over a fire or hot charcoal. When the iron was hot, one proceeded to iron the clothes and re-placed on the hot plate when it began to cool. Surprisingly it never got dirty with smoke or soot.

    Belize Has New Miss Belize Universe After 10 years
    It had been ten years since Belize had selected a representative for Miss Belize Universe, meaning that our country had not sent a representative to the Miss Universe Pageant in ten year. That long streak of absence will be broken as the new miss Belize 2016, Rebecca Rath, will represent Belize in the next Miss Universe Pageant on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. Twenty-two-year-old Rath from Dangriga was crowned Miss Belize Universe on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at a sold out Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City. Ten contestants vied for the prestige of wearing the crown in a pageant that included an opening dance presentation, cultural costume, swimsuit and evening gown competition. The question and answer segment was reserved for the top five contestants at the end of the pageant. Runners up: 1st Marcia Moody, San Ignacio (2nd place). 2nd Dianira Rivera, San Pedro (3rd place). 3rd Neidy Rodriguez, Belize City (4th place). 4th Misty Swazo, Libertad (5th place).

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Sperm whale in the area
    The most incredible experience yesterday out at sea. Sperm Whale about 50ft very very close and he hung around, came right up to our boat and slapped his tail a couple of times!

    BCCI letter to the Prime Minister
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made public their letter to the Prime Minister of Belize concerning the chamber's position on the Joint Special Select Committee to investigate the Special Audit on Immigration and Nationality Department. We've included the letter in its entirety below, but perhaps most notable is the section which reads as follows: "The House of Representatives does not have the constitutional mandate to conduct an investigation in relation to the report of the Auditor General...."

    The football team Pachuca of Mexico will be arriving at the Phillip Goldson International Airport at 4:30 p.m. today 12 September 2016. The Game against the Police United at the FFB Stadium is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m on 13 September.

    Belize Raptor Center Takes Flight!
    The Belize Raptor Center will be having a fundraiser on Saturday, October 8th, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. The BRC has been spearheading Story Time at the SIPL over the Summer. The goal of their fundraisers, there will be a concurrent one in Salt Lake City, is to build an Avian Visitor Center and Bird Theater. "Come ready to enjoy live music, raffles, drinks, good food and great company! You won't want to miss out on the special silent auction featuring local artwork and other exciting items. Guests will also have the opportunity to get up close encounters with some of BRC's amazing Avian Ambassadors. Tickets are only $40 BZ which includes appetizers and a complimentary drink. Ticket locations to be posted soon. All proceeds will go toward the creation of a Visitor Center and Indoor Bird Theater at the Belize Raptor Center.

    "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed"
    Belize history on the move! The exhibit "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed" has been traveling around the United States--including Boston, Minnesota, San Diego and Denver. Now the collection of 150 artifacts is getting ready to move to the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas!

    Miss Belize 2016
    We will be well represented at Miss Universe! Congratulations to Rebecca Rath and all the young women who competed to the crown. Belize has not participated in the Miss Universe Pageant for 10 years and now a new Queen is crowned.

    NICH is seeking to fill three key positions in the organizatio
    Deadline is Monday, September 12. Director, Museum of Belize (NICH) and Houses of Culture MORE: Administrator MORE: Finance Officer MORE:

    Deadline for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program is Thursday
    Reminder that the deadline for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program application is THIS Thursday, September 15, 2016. Last week the U.S. Embassy hosted a Q& A session to discuss more details about the program, the application requirements and procedures, and a few TIPS on completing the requirements. For questions or interested in applying please contact us by email: [email protected] or call 822-4011 ext 4370.

    2016 River and Beach Clean Up
    Show your patriotism this September by helping to rid our beautiful Belize of pollution and trash! The global 2016 River and Beach Clean Up is happening countrywide on Saturday September 24th! Be a part of Belize's solution, not pollution!

    Belize to Make its Energy Sector More Climate Resilient
    Belize will strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector as a result of a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved today by the World Bank Board of Directors. “A major concern we often grapple with is extreme weather,” said Frank Mena, Belize’s Minister of State for Finance, Public Service, Energy & Public Utilities. “The impact of such events often leads to major set-backs to our development progress,” he added. Belize is often in the direct path of tropical storms and hurricanes, which are expected to intensify due to climate change. This has caused many human casualties and widespread damage, resulting in costly disruptions of vital public services. The impact of Hurricane Dean in 2007 resulted in US$80-100 million in damages, equivalent to 6-8 percent of GDP, and a near countrywide power blackout. Likewise, Hurricane Earl left another wave of disruptions last month.

    by Hector Silva. This is a question, that many Belize City residents prefer not to be told. - But in fairness to all concerned, it would be negligent of me to take this UNTOLD story to my grave. This is a serious issue that should have been placed as a priority when those Millions were available. THIS ARE THE FACTS which are kept in some dusty shelf . In the 1960's, the then Self Government Cabinet under the Leader- ship of Premier Price,supported by an all Belizean Cabinet, reques- ted my Ministry of Public Works, to carry a FULL STUDY of the To- pography and Sub-soil of Belize City and its surroundings. WE made a request to the United Nations for the expert advice on this extensive project. - An Expert Engineer by name, Mr, Decourcy was sent and an office was established at the Ministry's Com- pound. - - Our local engineers Bob Mahler, , Dennis Gonguez and other personnel were assigned to complement this important study and a Jamaican Engineering Firm was contracted to do the SUB SOIL BORE TESTS. ( penetrating deep into the bowels of the area), - In some areas up to 70 feet deep, before they reached the rock plate. - Besides the Bore Tests,gauges were placed at various spots within the City Proper.

    Channel 7

    Another Teen Murdered in Martin's
    The gang and gun violence in the St. Martin's area continued this weekend - and another city youth was slain - this one was just a teenager. It happened in the early morning hours of Saturday, on Croton Lane, in the heart of PIV territory. 17 year-old Deandre Nembhard was inside his Aunt and Uncle's yard. It's like his second home where he was just chilling with his family to bring in the tenth. And so it caught every one off guard when a gunman jumped out of a vehicle and opened fire on him. Daniel Ortiz visited his family today to find out why he was gunned down in such a ruthless fashion. Here's that story: 17 year-old Deandre Nembhard was socializing here in this yard on Croton Lane. He was hanging out with family members just after midnight on Friday. That's when he was mercilessly gunned down.

    Brothers Chopped in Ladyville
    So, while Belize City police are investigating murder of Deandre Nembhard, Ladyville police are looking into a chopping incident which has left 2 brothers injured. It happened on the Saturday, September 10th holiday at around 2:00 in the afternoon. Brothers Frank, 34 and Leroy Tejeda, 33 were chopped up allegedly by 21 year-old Ladyville resident Jessie Mejia. Police say that the brothers were at their mother's barbeque stall across from the Lord's Bank cutoff on the Philip Goldson highway. Mejia - who had an old beef with the brothers - got into a fight with both of them.

    San Pedro Police: Kelly Killed Polonio
    Meanwhile, San Pedro Police have arrested and charged the man for that stabbing murder we told you about last Thursday. The accused is 32 year-old Lyndon Kelly, a fisherman from the San Pedrito area of San Pedro. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on the single charge of murder. No plea was taken, and he was remanded into custody until January 16, 2017. It was a broad daylight killing in the center of town. 32 year-old Elton Polonio, allegedly, got into an altercation with the accused over an old beef. Police reports say that it happened inside a hardware store, but the San Pedro Sun Newspaper reports that two eyewitnesses have recounted a different version of the stabbing.

    It's Official, Chamber dumps PM's Joint Bi-Cameral, Supports PUP
    As we told you last week Friday, the Chamber of Commerce is now back to supporting a Senate Inquiry into the irregularities at the Immigration Department. The business group made it official today with a press release. The lengthy release does note that indeed, on Wednesday, August 31, their executive met with the Prime Minister and agreed to a Joint Special Select Committee. So, why is the Chamber withdrawing its support now? Well, they say that their lawyers looked at the Constitution and the Standing Orders, to come up with the terms of reference for PM Barrow's Joint Select Committee. That's when the legal advise said that going the Government's route may be unconstitutional, since only the Senate has the authority to do what this Joint Select Committee would be attempting.

    BTV Testing Things in The Sarstoon
    Yesterday, Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers went into the Sarstoon to prepare for their upcoming event, the first ever, Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge. It's the organization's effort to demystify the island as a place of intrigue and conflict with the Guatemalans, and to make it as commonplace as any other part of the country. The BTV members report that on their mission to the Sarstoon River mouth, there was no Guatemalan military to stop them, and no Guatemalans fishing illegally in Belizean waters….what rapper Ice Cube might call, a good day. The weekend team also went on a clean-up campaign of the Barranco Pier, since eco-challenge is for a canoe and kayaking race from Barranco around the island and back. Now, the this event is on the same day as the Carnival Road March, the biggest event in the September Celebrations. So, while the rest of the country will be focused on those colourful costumes winding through the City street, the military will have to keep an eye on things in the Sarstoon.

    BDF Boat Unit Has To Contend With Riverine Border Safety
    The section of the Military which will be directly affected if Maheia's Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge provokes the Guatemalans is BDF Special Boat Unit. A week ago, we got a very rare opportunity to meet their commanders for the first time. That's when BDF General David Jones lifted the press restrictions on the soldiers, so that the media could see the BDF undergoing their helicopter training. That unit comes under the BDF Airwing, and the Commanders, Major Jermaine Burns, and Captain Jasmin Elliott, discussed their activities of trying to keep the marine and river borders secured. Here's what they told us: Major Jermaine Burns, Commanding Officer - BDF Airwing: "The special boat unit is commanded by Captain J. Elliot. She falls under my command and she's in charge of the riverine boats. We are mandated with patrolling the river borders, all the rivers of Belize and also the coast and play a supporting role to the coast guard from time to time."

    Taiwan Gives To Adjacency Effort
    And keeping it on Belize/Guatemala relations, on the Saturday the 10th, Taiwanese Ambassador Benjamin Ho made a donation to Foreign Affairs CEO Lawrence Sylvestre. That donation - of an undisclosed amount - will go directly to the work of the OAS Adjacency Zone Office. The statements from the Government of Belize and the Taiwanese Embassy both omit how much money was donated, but they note that of the OAS Representative in Belize, Starret Greene, witnessed the handing over ceremony. The donation is a response to a joint request submitted by Foreign Affairs Ministers Carlos Raul Morales, and Wilfred Elrington to the Government of Taiwan. In a statement, The Taiwanese say quote, "The Republic of China (Taiwan) firmly believes that it will be greatly encouraging if more international partners actively participate in this great program to facilitate the peaceful process between Belize and Guatemala." End Quote.

    A Conference With a Whole Lot Of Abbreviations
    So, when we went to cover our next story today, we were hit with these abbreviations: UNFCCC RCC, followed by LECB, and then NAMAs, not to be outdone, of course by the J-CCCP. What does it all mean this alphabet soup of abbreviations? Well it's about making funding available for climate mitigation actions. WE found out more from Dr. Colin Young, the CEO in the Ministry of the Environment: Dr. Colin Young, CEO Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development: "Specifically today we're talking about the capacity building and the training that is necessary for the Belizean private sector to 00:44 take advantage of the opportunity that exists in terms of financing for climate change." Diane Wade, UNDP Environmental Analyst: "The project provides some funding in that regards to set what we consider the enabling environment for national action to take place."

    Charges Dropped For Quarter Million Dollar Embezzlement
    It made big news in April of this year when former Hofius employees, Koshia Gentle, and Lydia Selina Bennett, were charged for 49 counts of theft and embezzling over quarter million dollars from the long established hardware store. They were accused of stealing varying amounts of money between November 2, 2015, and December 31, 2015. But, 5 months later, the DPP has directed that the charges be withdrawn. Why? There's no evidence to prove theft says the DPP's directive. Last week, Gentle and Bennett appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser when they learned of the DPP's memo which read, "Withdraw all charges due to no evidence to prove the charges."

    First Miss Belize in 10 Years Is Ready For Miss Universe
    After 10 years, Belize will be going to Miss Universe 2017 in the Phillipines and the new Ms. Belize Rebecca Rath says she is ready to represent. The 22 year old Dangrigan was chosen in the Miss Belize Universe pageant on Saturday night at the Bliss Center. As Rath bested 9 other contestants to claim the long inactive Crown. Today she stopped by our studio to talk about her experience in the pageant and what this means for her and for the country. Rebecca Rath, Miss Belize 2016: "I've looked back and I know that I love Belize very much and I am so proud to have represented Belize through sports and tourism, so this is just another way that I wanted to represent Belize. It's very different but it's another way I want to represent."

    POPCAAN: An Unruly Inspiration?
    Popcaan is in Belize and those of you who made it out to his concert on Saturday night got to hear his hits from "Only Man She Want" to the crowd favorite "Unruly Prayer " But he wasn't just here for the show; we met him today at Grace Primary School where he was visiting young students with an inspirational message. We stopped by this afternoon to find out what that message was. Popcaan also visited other city schools.

    Pachuca in Belize For Champion's League Match
    The reigning Mexican League champion Pachuca FC is in Belize tonight to play the return game of a Champion's League matchup with Belize's Police United. Police United got beat handily in the first game at altitude at Hidalgo Stadium in the city of Pachuca. But they did stop the home team from scoring for the first 52 minutes. And that's what had Pachuca a little concerned when they arrived in Belize today for the return match. We spoke to striker Omar Gonzalez:… Tomorrow's game kicks off at the FFB stadium at 6:00 pm.

    Literacy For Women
    World Literacy Day was observed last week Thursday. But a whole lot of other stuff was also happening, and the news was very full, so we didn't get to air a story on a literacy programme in Belize - one that's making a real difference in the lives of adult women who struggle with reading. Here's the story of Eglah's Training Center for Women:…

    Channel 5

    Dorian Pakeman’s Traffic Death Charges under Review; Will Drug Test Play a Role?
    Missing cocaine certification and tainted blood; that’s what police are investigating in the case of the Director of Press Office Dorian Pakeman, who is now on unpaid leave. Dean Dawson, [...]

    Tampering Suspected With Blood of Accident Victim
    The missing information is one thing, but police also confirmed today that there was tampering with the blood sample for Dawson that was sent for testing at the National Forensic [...]

    Deandre Nembhard Was In Wrong Place at Wrong Time – It Cost Him His Life
    A minor was murdered in the wee hours of the Tenth of September. From all accounts, seventeen year old Deandre Nembhard was not the intended target, but happened to be [...]

    “Old Beef” Leads to Chopping of 2 Brothers
    Rural Eastern Division Police are also looking Jessie Mejia; he is wanted for the chopping of the Tejeda brothers over the weekend. According to police, Mejia and the siblings were [...]

    St. Joseph School Mourns Death of Standard Six Basketballer
    The student body, as well as the faculty and staff of St. Joseph School, is tonight mourning the sudden death of a promising young athlete.  On Friday evening, twelve-year-old Daemon [...]

    Chamber of Commerce Changes Course; Supports Senate Inquiry
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry today confirmed that it has officially reversed its position and is now joining the social partners, as well the Opposition, in the call [...]

    Channel Five was Correct; Chamber’s New Position Announced before Letter to P.M.
    The letter from the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is crystal clear. On Thursday, as we reported, a decision was taken by its executive that the private sector would [...]

    Chamber to Work with Attorney General on Road to Signing Anti-Corruption Convention
    The United Nations Convention Against Corruption is yet to be endorsed by the Government of Belize.  Despite the Barrow Administration not having signed on to the agreement, UNCAC, as it [...]

    How Will Belize Treat Guatemala’s Response to Julio Alvarado Report?
    The release of an O.A.S.-commissioned report, following a forensic investigation into the shooting death of fourteen-year-old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano, has vindicated the Belize Defense Force and that has outraged [...]

    P.M. Barrow Insists Senator Mark Lizarraga Will Not Chair Senate Inquiry Committee
    In his press conference on September first, PM Barrow also went on record to dismiss the notion of the business senator as the chair for an investigation into the immigration [...]

    Teachers’ Union Plans Further Meetings as P.M. Wonders About Industrial Action
    The Council of Management of the Belize National Teachers’ Union met this past Saturday to receive reports from the ten branches concerning the emergency membership meetings held on Thursday. The [...]

    Lyndon Kelly Charged for Murder on San Pedro
    Four days after a stabbing death on the island of San Pedro, a fisherman has been charged with murder. Thirty-two year old Linden Kelly, originally from Dangriga, was arraigned in [...]

    Kelly Street Resident Warns Of Live Wires on Ground, One Month after Hurricane Earl
    Maria Alamilla, a resident of Kelly Street in Belize City, came to our studios today. Her worry is that children, specifically those going to the nearby primary school at Ephesus [...]

    Celebrating the Battle of St. George’s Caye in Belize City
    It was first actually celebrated only more than a century ago, but the Battle of St. George’s Caye has become one of the two pillars of the September Celebrations – [...]

    Rebecca Rath is New Miss Belize Universe!
    Rebecca Rath was crowned the newest Miss Belize and, after ten years, will represent the country in the Miss Universe Pageant to be held on January thirtieth in Manilo, Philippines. [...]

    Police United Prepare for Crucial Match Vs Pachuca in Champions League
    National football champions of Belize, Police United Football Club, have been off to a rough start in their maiden CONCACAF Champions League appearance. They lost four goals to nil to [...]

    Corozal Free Zone Fires Security Caught Snorting “Narcotic”
    Social media has been abuzz with numerous comments and shares over the past few days, following the posting of a video purportedly showing a security officer at the Corozal Free [...]

    Belize Territorial Volunteers Host First Ever Eco-Challenge Race to Sarstoon Island
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers have announced the first-ever Sarstoon Island Eco-Challenge event for Saturday, September seventeenth. The expedition leaves from Barranco village pier to race to Sarstoon Island and back. [...]

    Taiwan Government Donates to Keep O.A.S. Office in Adjacency Zone Open
    Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, Benjamin Ho, on Saturday delivered a donation from his government to Belize’s Lawrence Sylvestre, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of [...]


    Prime Minister Barrow Open To Support Select Senate Committee
    So now, with the call for a Senate Inquiry coming from virtually all corners, even from within the UDP, the Barrow Administration is under more pressure to give way to the Senate inquiry. The Opposition, we understand, is preparing to call for a Senate meeting in which it is expected that they will table a suspension of the Senate rules, in order to re-introduce the motion and allow another round of voting. For several weeks, the Prime Minister has been adamant that he will only allow a Joint Select Committee made up of five members of the Opposition and Social Partners and six of his Ministers. But on Friday, the PM showed the first sign of stepping back. He told the press that he doesn’t mind the Senate meeting anymore.

    Churches On Their Own To Appeal Section 53
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced last week that the Government will be filing an appeal to the Supreme Court-ruling on Section 53 of the Criminal Code which is in favour of the pro-LGBT appellants. The PM indicated that they would challenge Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s interpretation of the word “sex” which was declared as meaning “sexual orientation”. The appeal will allow the Catholic Church to join as an interested party and present their own case against the ruling. We know from a press briefing held last Friday that the Anglican, Methodist and Evangelical Churches will also join in the appeal. Sounds like UNITY right? Well, not fully. While the Catholic Church will be appealing the entire ruling, the Anglican and Methodist Churches are only interested on a limited appeal which the Government will pursue. That is not the only issue separating the Churches and where they stand, however. At the press briefing last Friday, the Church leaders declared which of them still have issues with the HFLE teachings and the Gender Policy.

    Churches Will Not Receive Any financial Assistance For Section 53 Appeal
    The Government should file the appeal before the deadline this week. Like any legal procedure, appealing a case is no inexpensive feat. It entails hours of legal preparation and then presentations by attorneys. The Catholic Church has been able to put up legal representation but the other Churches could face challenges with affording lawyers. So, will the Government offer any support? The Prime Minister made it clear that the Churches are, in a sense, on their own. Rt. Honourable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: “They were represented in these meetings by two attorneys and they were represented in the court below where they were also an interested party by I believe a couple of attorney, so we imagined that they have no difficulty in finding the legal representation to argue their aspect of the appeal.”

    218th Battle Of St. George's Caye Celebrated In The North
    On Saturday Belizeans across the country celebrated the 218th Battle of Saint George’s Caye Day. While some stayed home and made much of the holiday others decided to take part in the celebration by viewing the parade or taking part in the ceremonies. Here in Orange Walk the festivities for the Battle of Saint Georges Caye kicked off with a block party on the 9th followed by a special ceremony on the 10th organized by the Orange walk Town Council to mark the historic Battle of St. George's Caye. We must note that since they took office back in 2012 the town council, under the stewardship of Mayor Kevin Bernard, has honored the patriotic day deemed as a UDP festivity by many. But for Mayor Bernard the day has nothing to do with it being a PUP or UDP holiday, it is about honoring what our four-fathers fought for. The ceremony held at the Central Park commenced with the inspection of the guard carried out by the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Elodio Aragon Junior. Immediately after, Mayor Kevin Bernard delivered his speech in the presence of the Ambassador from the Republic of China in Taiwan, H.E Benjamin Ho, members of the Orange Walk Town Council and other invited guests.


    Community Centre Rented to Chinese Businessman; Villagers Enraged
    Last week, Love News received reports that the community center in the Village of Pomona had been rented by a Chinese businessman who had already begun setting up shop there. Villagers there have expressed their vexation and concerns on the matter to Love News saying that whoever gave permission for the renting and leasing […]

    Canada Announces New Requirements for Travelers to Its Territory
    A few weeks ago we told you of Belizean, Trevor Vernon who was denied access into Canada by immigration officials. We never got to speaking with Vernon as he had denied us an interview and so, we didn’t get to the root of that incident. Earlier this week, however, the Travel Report website, spoke of […]

    Miss Belize, Rebecca Rath Destined for Miss Universe 2017 in the Philippines
    With Rebecca Rath now wearing the crown, valued at over a thousand Belize dollars, Love News spoke with her this morning as she recounted the minutes and moments on and off stage on Saturday night that led to her life changing moment. Rath, who represented Dangriga, also spoke of her upbringing in the country’s culture

    McAfee’s Documentary Speaks of How the Gringo Greased the Government in Belize
    As if the recent reports from the Auditor General are not compelling enough to cast shadows and aspersions on the Barrow administration, there is a documentary looking to be released in about twelve days on John McAfee. For those who may not be familiar with the name, McAfee is the anti-virus inventor who led an […]

    Feast of Sacrifice in Belize
    The Muslim observance of Eid al-Adha officially began today and continues through Thursday. It’s also known as the Feast of Sacrifice or the Greater Eid. The tradition was carried out in Belize today and Hipolito Novelo has the story.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Taiwan donates to keep OAS office open
    Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, Benjamin Ho, on Saturday delivered a donation from his government to Belize’s Lawrence Sylvestre, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Starret Dickson Greene, Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS). […]

    2016 Belizean patriots named including late Danny Conorquie
    21 Belizeans are to be honored by Governor General Sir Colville Young at Thursday’s Tribute to Belizean Patriots in Belize City. Two Orders of Distinction – the third highest ranked award after National Hero and Order of Belize – will be given to Taiwanese […]

    Chamber reverses position; now wants Senate inquiry for Immigration
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is now joining the social partners, as well the Opposition, in the call for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the Special Audit of the Immigration and Nationality Department. The decision preceded a letter written to Prime […]

    Mexican football team Pachuca arrive in Belize today
    At 4:30 p.m. today, the Pachuca football team from Mexico will be arriving in the country for games tomorrow. They are scheduled to be at the Biltmore plaza at 5 p.m. and will be available for interviews. Tomorrow, Police United and Pachuca face off […]

    Man found dead in Orange Walk
    Reports reaching BBN is that a man from Orange Walk was found dead on Queen Victoria Avenue and St. Peter street in Orange walk. We will have more updates on this story as the information becomes available. […]

    Guatemalans campaign against the recognition of Belize’s border
    Ex-military personnel and attorneys from Guatemala visited the Sarstoon island near the Belize-Guatemala border on September 3, 2016. The group of about 10 Guatemalans, planted their flags on the island and declared that they would not tolerate any aggression from Belizean security forces. They […]

    One dead in fatal traffic accident near Dangriga
    One person is dead after a fatal road traffic accident that happened last night on the Stann Creek Valley Road near Dangriga. According to police reports, on Sunday, September 11 around 7:00 p.m., officers responded to a road traffic accident at mile 3 […]


    Let’s Celebrate Belize’s Independence!
    Without a doubt, Independence Day is the biggest celebration of the year in Belize, and with September 21st quickly approaching, Belizeans at home and abroad are overrun with feeling of patriotism. From the pomp and circumstance, to the 21-gun salute, and the massive carnival parades, there are so many ways to rejoice. This year’s celebrations are being held under the theme “Sovereign and Strong – Together as one”, as we observe 35 years of independence. We are a relatively young country that still faces many challenges, but Belizeans never give up, and “together as one” we are striving for a great Belize! After all, She has given us so many reason to celebrate her splendour:

    Retire Close to Home in Low-Cost Central America
    Central America is a popular choice for retirement for many North Americans. This is not surprising when you consider the great qualities the region has to offer. First off there are the practical aspects, such as its proximity to North America, and its similar range of time zones. Nowhere else in the world can North American expats enjoy their retirement overseas and still have the option of visiting their families within the space of two hours. This close proximity works both ways too, meaning that expats in Central America are regularly entertaining guests from back home. Expats are also drawn by the relaxed lifestyle that is inherent throughout Central America—a far cry from the hectic rat race that many expats experience in their working lives. On top of this, the region offers some of the most breathtaking natural beauty and scenery that the world has to offer—which is, of course, easier to enjoy when you combine it with the aforementioned relaxed lifestyle.

    International Sourcesizz

    In Search of Vegetarian Food in Belize
    There are places you know you won’t find any good vegetarian food, and there are places you think you won’t find any. Belize is the latter. The Central American nation has a lot of coast for such a small country, so fish and seafood form a substantial part of the traditional diet. Ceviche, conch and lobster are the national dishes, and the idea that a vegetarian movement would be strong here didn’t seem too likely. But Belize is veggie-friendly — far more so than I anticipated. That the diet is varied shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering Belize’s cultural and ethnic diversity. The population is made up of Mayan, Mestizo, Creole, African, Chinese, Lebanese and Latin American people (to name just a few), and the food is an amalgamation of these diverse groups.


  • Rich The Turtle & The Shark, 1.5min. Belize May-2016

  • Big Rock Falls - Belize, 7min. Drone, Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, one of the many majestic water falls.

  • Bound 2 Belize, 6min. Five days in Caye Caulker, Santa Elena, and San Ignacio.

  • Fishing Belize, 9min. Had an awesome week fishing off the coast of Belize. This should be on every anglers bucket list. I will definitely be back.

  • Exploring Belize, Tobago Cays area, 5min. Exploring Tobago Cays area, in Belize, with my friends Damien and Ed, on board of Zayann, a traditionnal Belizian sailing boat designed and owned by Ed. A life time experience!

  • Family trip to Belize 2014, 5min.

  • Scuba Diving in Belize! Half Moon&Aquarium Long Caye Wall, 6min. uceo en Belize. Zonas: Half Moon Caye Wall & The Aquarium at Long Caye Wall.

  • Pan Yaad 2016, 6min. Easily the highlight of the entire September celebrations

  • BELIZEAN LEGENDS SHINING STARS! QUEENLORNA & "DAT" BELIZEAN DANCE SPIN!, 23min. The rare and exclusive interview of the pulsating Belizean cultural dancer and instructor, Lorna Smith, of the legendary Belize-Caribbean dance troupe, Elegant Flair Dancers, is a must see and long awaiting feature for the Belizean Legends audience. Queenlorna as she is called will entertain us with her thrilling dance life and electrify us with some of the most eclectic moments in Belizean dance and cultural performances in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where she lived and performed for many years now. Still doing her thing in the Belizean diaspora, Sista Lorna as we refer to her here on Belizean Legends is the host of the popular Los Angeles Belizean based radio show called, AH WAKE OP LIKE DIS, on Belizean Wil Johnson's popular Radiobelizemix Internet Radio in the Los Angeles Belizean Community.

  • Belize Trip 2016, 4.5min.

  • Aguacate Water System, Toledo Belize, 4min.

  • Go Slow. Caye Caulker, Belize, 4min. "Go slow" lifestyle. Chill and laid back vibe. Friendliest locals. Fresh and cheap seafood. Stiff rum cocktails. Great company. Irreplaceable memories. Absolute blast!

  • Permit and Bonefish in Belize, 3min.

  • Belize Independence Celebration In Hollywood, 8min. Belize September Celebration have moved from Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood to The Avalon Hollywood in Hollywood California. Show is Sunday September 18, 2016

  • BEL Improving the Quality of Life - Belize City, 1min. More Belizeans are now safely and properly connected to electricity supply from BEL, through the Connecting Homes Improving Lives Program which provides assistance with getting a service entrance.

  • BEL Improving the Quality of Life - Belize City, 15min. Popcaan Saying He Beat The Dutty Funny Dread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carnival Makeup-Belize Carnival 2016, 10min. Hey guys, to celebrate my Belizean heritage in our biggest month September, I've decided to do a Belizean Celebration Series!

    September 12, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Penance
    “What a beautiful little church!” Sherry said. “This bronze plaque says it was built in 1773,” I told her. “Let’s sit here on the bench and rest for awhile.” We were in a small town outside of Merida, Mexico for my doctor’s visit. As we sat in the shade in the churchyard the doors of the church were thrown open by an old padre. He nodded to us as a young girl came in from the street to talk to him. “Hello, Father Lopez,” she said. “Ah, Estrella Benevidez,” the priest said. “Young lady, I haven’t seen you for two years. Where have you been?” “I have been away at college,” she said. “I studied gymnastics and I just came back from the Olympics in Brazil. I won a medal.” “Oh, a medal is great,” he said, “but what is this gymnastics? I have never seen it.”

    Police Report
    Drug Trafficking: On Monday, September 5th at 4:35PM, acting on Special Branch intelligence a joint team of Special Branch and Criminal Investigation Branch personnel intercepted a yellow Mazda Protégé four door Taxi at the corner of Caribeña Street and Barrier Reef Drive, occupied by a female passenger later identified as 19-year-old Tracy Betancourt. She was sitting in the front passenger side of the vehicle with a brown cardboard box in her lap. As a result, she was ordered out of the vehicle and a search was conducted inside the box which revealed four wrapped parcels consisting of cannabis.
    Found Drugs: On Sunday, September 4th at 9:20AM acting on Special Branch intelligence a joint team of Special Branch and Criminal Investigation Branch personnel visited the Thunder Bolt Dock. Police retrieved a black plastic bag containing corn masa from the boat. A search was then conducted within the masa which led to the discovery of a wrapped parcel in brown plastic tape and green plastic bag. The said parcel was cut open which revealed suspected Cannabis.

    Doctor Love: Mom knows Best and Scrooge
    Dear Doctor Love, My mother has never liked any of my boyfriends and she doesn’t keep it a secret. One was poor. One was not handsome. Yet another was too old while another was not well educated. She always manages to find fault with them. I have now been with my guy for a year and we have been talking about marriage. For obvious reasons I have never introduced him to my mother. I finally explained it to him and he is wondering why I am thirty years old and so concerned about what my mother thinks. I told him that family is very important to me but now I’m wondering if he isn’t right. Please help. /s/ Always Wrong

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Miss Dianira Rivera at the Miss Belize pageant
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate Miss Dianira Rivera for a job well done at the Miss Belize pageant. You represented San Pedro at its very best- with much elegance and poise! Great job Dianira!

    Caye Caulker September Celebrations
    Anyone wishing to join the September Celebrations Grace Kennedy and CCVC cook off on Sept 18th 2016 at 5pm please contact me! There will be 2 rounds: Round 1- appetizer made with Lion Fish. Round 2 - main dish: Belizean Dish! 2 person per team!!! Cash prizes, gift basket courtesy Grace Kennedy and so much more!!! Contact me for more details!!!

    Looking for EMT's
    Qualified EMTs, are invited to JOIN OUR TEAM! Send in your applications to BERT at 1675 Sunrise Avenue, Coral Groves Area, Belize City or email us at [email protected] APPLY NOW!

    Belize Musicians Past and Present
    You are welcome to join us for the launch of Tony Wright's book Belize Musicians Past and Present...

    Miss América Latina del Mundo
    Miss Latin America Belize 2016 Michelle Estrella Nunez will depart from Belize on September 22, 2016 to represent Belize at Miss América Latina del Mundo (Miss Latin America of the World) 2016. The pageant is scheduled to conclude in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico on September 30, 2016. Michelle, who hails from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is a past title holder of Miss San Pedro (2014-2015). She is currently a member and secretary for the Rotaract Club of San Pedro. She is also the founder and director of SHINE Girls Club.

    Ky-Mani Marley!
    Follow the One Love Movement with Ky-Mani Marley! Chetumal Reggae Fest 2016.


    Guatemalan Press Mocks Prime Minister Dean Barrow
    Following the statement made by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister where he stated that the Government of Guatemala would not be extending an apology to Belize, Guatemala’s leading newspaper, “Prensa Libre” posted a caricature to its Facebook page responding to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s call for an apology from Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales. The cartoon features President Morales holding a garbage can which contains the OAS report on the shooting death of 14-year-old Julio Alvarado with the caption “Aqui esta tu disculpa.” In English “Here is your apology”.

    Jahida Remembered As A Great Softball Player
    In addition to being a super mom to her two kids, as described by her family, 22 year old Jahida Crawford was known locally for being a softball icon. Playing the sport from a very young age, Jahida was the best catcher in Orange Walk- the hardest position to play in softball, according to her aunt and longtime coach. Jahida Aunt – Softball Organizer: “I have been playing softball for a number of years, I was the pitcher for my team and she was the catcher and we played well together and we played a lot of games and she did excellently and I was really surprised that she turned out to be a really good catcher because that is one of the hardest spots; you can find players for any position except that one, and seeing her lying there last night I said that is such a waste, a young person talented just gone, actually it give me no courage to continue for that tournament because she was by my house this year asking aunty why don’t’ you do a tournament and I told her to give me a break because I am working in Belmopan and I can’t do it from there so I said I’ll try on January because they want to play but even though I told them that I done and I give up I done at forty nine and they said but you still have a bit left, I don’t think so but I think what I can do, now to see that she is gone.”

    Press Officer Placed On Leave Without Pay
    On Monday we reported that the long awaited results from the urine sample that was taken from the Director of Government Press Office, Dorian Pakeman following the traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway which claimed the life of forty five year old Dean Dawson Sr. back in March indicated that Pakeman was under the influence of cocaine as traces of the drug was discovered in his bloodstream. After information surrounding the result of the sample was publicly announced by the Belize Police Department, Pakeman made a post on social media in an attempt to defend himself from the allegations made against him, stating that it is completely untrue. But while Pakeman’s case is presently in the hands of the Department of Public Prosecutions to determine whether or not charges will be levied against him, tonight we can tell you that after a meeting was held today between the Prime Minister and Pakeman, it was announced that the PM has placed Pakeman on “immediate unpaid leave” until after the DPP hands down its final decision on whether to bring charges of whatever nature against Mr. Pakeman arising out of all the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident.

    PUP Senators Continue To Push For Select Senate Committee
    During last week Wednesday’s special senate meeting the PUP senators proposed to have a Senate select committee to investigate the Auditor General’s report, GOB counter proposed their idea and won to have a bicameral house/ senate select committee, which will have membership of the social partners – but it the majority will come from the ruling UDP. Although their proposed idea did not make it out of the senate, the PUP senators are determined in pushing to have a Senate select committee. During a press conference called yesterday, they explained why. Honorable Michel Chebat - PUP Senator: "How can we have a joint or a bicameral committee when in fact the majority of the persons who would make up that committee would be as a matter of course Ministers who may or not have been named; and I think you have to realise that such a committee, whatever report, whatever they decide would first have to go to cabinet. Can you see a cabinet requiring that one of its Ministers be brought to justice?"

    Prime Minister Barrow Meets With Church Leaders, No Agreement Reach
    Since the landmark ruling was handed down for the amendment of section 53 which saw the removal of Belize’s long standing sodomy law, the churches have been in complete disarray over the issue. Yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with the church leaders in an attempt to deflect some of the pressure that's been building up following the section 53 judgment. The churches, first and foremost want GOB to appeal the judgment but furthermore they want the institution of marriage between a man and a woman protected. The Prime Minister walked into the meeting with a range of options, given to him by Cabinet, to propose to the Churches. The meeting which took place at the Headquarters of the Catholic Diocese in Belize City, encompassed the different Church leaders, including the Catholic Bishop, the Anglican Bishop, the President of the Methodist Churches, the Presidents of the two Evangelical Church Associations, and the President of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders.

    Orange Walkeno Detained For Robbery In Belize City
    Jamal Warrior, a resident of Orange Walk Town is tonight in police custody after he was brought before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza earlier today on charge of robbery after he reportedly assaulted a sixteen year old minor yesterday morning. The minor reported to police that at around 11:15 a.m. he was approached by two men on bicycles while walking on Meighan Avenue in Belize City. He also told authorities that one of the individuals placed a knife to the left side of his neck while the other took his Apple I-phone from the right pocket of his pants, then both men immediately rode off on their bicycles. After calling the police to inform them about the incident, both the minor and his father set chase in the father’s vehicle in an attempt to follow the assailants. However, authorities were able to capture Warrior near Finnegan’s Market and after a search was conducted on his person, it led to the discovery of 1.6 grams of cannabis. Warrior pled guilty to the ‘possession of controlled drugs’ and was fined one hundred dollars which is to be paid on the 7th of October, failure to do so will result in one month imprisonment.

    More Than Forty Thousand Dollars Stolen From Intelco Hill
    Although there is currently no update on the status of the William Mason investigation into the beheading of Pastor Lu and the kidnapping of Canadian businessman Lloyd Friesen and his wife, today there is a report indicating that Mason’s hilltop home was burglarized of more than forty five thousand dollars. 48- year old Melissa Ferguson, the wife of accused murderer and kidnapper, William Danny Mason, reported to Belmopan police that her intelco hill home was burglarized of forty five thousand four hundred and twenty eight dollars in liquor, clothing, electronic, household and miscellaneous items.

    The Reporter

    Tenth morning murder in old capital
    Police have confirmed that there was a murder on the south side of Belize City early Tenth morning. Officer commanding the Southern portion of the Police Eastern Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams said that the murder happened around 2 a.m., in the St. Martin de Porres area of the Lake Independence community. The victim is 17-year-old Deandre Nembhard and police are still investigating the circumstances which led to his death. Williams maintains that while there are established patrols in the area, the size and dynamics of the community makes it difficult to police. “I will be looking to see how we can get some additional resources in that area,” Williams said. It will be extremely difficult, but it is the area plaguing us at this time so some adjustments will need to be made.”

    Republic of China (Taiwan) donates to the Adjacency Zone
    This week the office of the Adjacency Zone received some much needed funding from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Ambassador of the ROCT to Belize, Benjamin Ho handed over the donation to Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize, Lawrence Sylvestre, at a ceremony held at the embassy’s office in Belize City on Saturday. Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Belize, Starret Dickson Greene, was on hand to witness the donation. The ROCT, made the donation in response to a joint request made by Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize, and Carlos Raul Morales, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Guatemala in March.

    Belize observes St. George’s Caye Day
    As a part of the September Celebrations line up, Belizeans observed the 218 Anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye on Saturday. Keeping with the tradition, Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, and a host of other dignitaries, gathered at the Fort George Memorial Park for the official ceremony commemorating the event, which is regarded as catalyst for the establishment of a modern independent nation. Speakers at the event included Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, who encouraged Belizeans to follow the example of their ancestors on how to live in unity; and Minister of State with responsibility for Culture, Elodio Aragon Jr. At the ceremony, Cristalyn Castillo was officially coronated as “Queen of the Bay.” Falon Cain, Queen of the Bay 2015, officially handed over the crown and scepter, while Former Mayor of Belize City and member of the Queen of the Bay steering committee Zenaida Moya read the formal proclamation. Castillo then made her first solemn pronouncement as Queen, promising to wear her new crown, robe and scepter with honor and pride.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    40,000 Mexicans protest against gay marriage
    Approximately 40,000 Mexicans protested on Saturday, September 10, 2016 against gay marriage in Queretaro, Mexico. Civil protection officers said that it was one of the largest protests in the country. The protest was due to President Enrique Pena Nieto’s proposal to recognize same sex marriage in the conservative country. The marches went throughout the day from Mexico’s far north to the Yucatan peninsula. It was organized by the National Front For the Family, a coalition of civil society organizations and different religious groups. Same sex marriage is allowed in Mexico City, Coahuila, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Nayarit, Chihuahua and Sonora. President Pena Nieto has proposed to change the constitution to allow it nationally.

    Teen murdered in Belize City; police are investigating
    A 17-year-old was shot and killed in Belize City Today. The 17-year-old has been identified as Deandre Nemhard of Nutmeg Street, Belize City. Nemhard died due to complications of multiple gunshot wounds. BBN will be posting more details on this story as it becomes available. Police are investigating.


    Hip Hip Hooray! Miss San Pedro is Officially Crowned and Kids Parade to Celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye
    September 10th is the first officially holiday of September – to celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798. The Spanish, invading from Mexico, tried AGAIN to expel the British Baymen and their slaves from Belize. The small Baymen crew was victorious. And along with Independence Day on September 21st (some 183 years later) it makes September a full month of red white and blue celebration. Yesterday, San Pedro started the day with the coronation of our new Miss San Pedro 2016-2017 and a uniform parade with school children and various organizations. Little girls on St George's Caye celebrations in San Pedro, Belize It was a beautiful SCORCHER (just like today) and by 9am (the official meet-up time) it had to feel like 95+ in the sun. (Accuweather has today’s temperature predicted as a high of 88 – “real feel 109). Let’s get to the ceremonies. The stage was set for the national anthem, a prayer, opening statements by the Mayor and our Area Representative, a performance by ERNESTINE CARBALLO (LOVE HER!)…

    Garifuna Settlement Day
    Nearly 400 years ago, the British began importing slaves from Africa to plantations on Caribbean islands like St. Vincent. Over time, these African peoples began to intermarry with local Arawak and Carib peoples, mixing traditions, languages, and music to form the Garifuna culture. After rising up against the British, the Garifuna were pursued through the Caribbean, ultimately making their ways to the shores of Belize on November 19, 1802, a day now celebrated as a national holiday known as Garifuna Settlement Day. Any visitor who has had the good fortune of traveling to villages like Hopkins or Seine Beight or the town of Dangriga knows that the Garifuna people are a unique and special contribution to Belizean society. With a strong focus on storytelling, drumming, dancing, and preserving traditional livelihoods like farming and fishing, the Garifuna have added their own special contribution to Belizean food, music, and culture. On November 19, the entire country turns out to celebrate the arrival of the Garifuna to the shores of Belize nearly 200 years ago. With exhibitions of both traditional music and styles like punta that were created by the Garifuna, the holiday is a great time to see street dances, enjoy Garifuna foods like cassava bread and hudut (fish cooked in coconut), and hear the oral history of the Garifuna people being told by village elders. Garifuna Settlement Day is a national holiday in Belize and celebrated throughout the country with a strong focus on towns and villages with a large population of Garifuna such as Dangriga, Punta Gorda, Hopkins, and Seine Beight. Garifuna Settlement Day is celebrated every year on November 19.

    A Placencia vacation through the eyes of other guests this week....since we don't don't have any right now!!
    We are missing our guests here!! If you are looking forward to your trip here, I always suggest to search Instagram and Facebook for #placencia image tags, because you can see what people are doing each day around the peninsula. I do this all the time to see what others are seeing....and thought I might put together a little photo shoot of what guests are seeing and doing around here! (these are some latest Instagram photos!) The flight into the village from Caitlin Furio.... Some great beach shots from Lucy Brown... And another from Lucy Brown, of a typical scene in the village of the supermarkets here..... A typical Belize lunch of stewed pork from Sunny Mui...

    International Sourcesizz

    Imbert cites identical FATCA legislation: Nothing new about proposed tax laws
    Proposed legislation which will allow law enforcement agencies, both here and abroad, to identify people whose income does not match their salaries is no secret to the Opposition, says Finance Minister Colm Imbert. Imbert’s statement yesterday sought to correct statement attributed to Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. It comes ahead of today’s meeting between Government and Opposition representatives to iron out an agreement for the legislation to be approved before the deadline of September 30. Failure to pass the legislation by then will result in T&T being unable to trade internationally and will also result in the implementation of a 30 per cent withholding tax on US dollar transactions in the banking system.

    Thousands march to protest same-sex marriage in Mexico
    Tens of thousands of people marched in Mexico in protest of same-sex marriage Saturday, a controversial topic in the country exacerbated by a proposal from embattled President Enrique Peña Nieto [official website, Spanish] to recognize same-sex marriage. The marches [Reuters report] were organized by the National Front for the Family, an alliance of religious organizations and civil society groups, and spanned from Mexico's far north to the Yucatan peninsula. By the early afternoon, an estimated 40,000 people had come to protest in Queretaro, and 12,000 came to protest in Puebla, 7,000 more than city police had anticipated. Earlier this year the Mexico Supreme Court held [JURIST report] that a state law defining marriage as being between a man and a woman was unconstitutional, and several states in Mexico already permit same-sex marriage, including Mexico City.


  • Queen Of The Jewel - Miss Belize 2016, 4hr.

  • Pan Yaad 2016, 2.5 hr.

  • 'Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee': Trailer, 2.5min. Looks like Belize/Ambergris Caye will be in the spotlight again when this airs on Showtime Networks on Sat. Sept 24th. Lots of familiar faces/places just in this trailer!

  • St. George's Caye Day, Belize City, 3min. The rain did not dampen the spirit of the southsiders as d parade grew in numbers as d marchers cross d bel-china bridge to d southside.. ..currently it's a gorgeous 90 degrees, feels like 105 according to weather channel, d sun is bright and skies with a few scattered clouds...let's circle and check out d yarbra field vibez...

  • Inspecting the Guard of Honor, Orange Walk, 2min. Inspecting the Guard of Honor at the official 10th Ceremony in Orange Walk Town. Sovereign and Strong. Together as One.

  • Behind The Scenes: Turneffe Island Resort, 4min. A quick look at our week in Belize shooting for Turneffe Island Resort

  • Turneffe Island Resort, 3.5min. Promotional video for Turneffe Island Resort in Belize

  • Mergulho em Belize, 3min.

  • The Elbow, Turnoff Atoll, Belize, 2min. First permit I ever felt on a fly rod. I was not ready for the power of these fish!

  • Deep Water Permit, 1/2min. Permit cruising the deep water of "The Elbow" of Turneffe Atoll, Belize

  • Belize Aggressor III 9/3 - 9/10 2016, 19min.

  • Belize Dealing with Difficult Dogs Dog Training, 1min. Video of workship in Belize: Dealing with Difficult Dogs Dog Taining.

  • San Diego State University Visits Belize With C.E.L.A., 4min. In 2016 a group of student teachers from San Diego State University came to visit Belize and they set up a special camp for the children of Succotz. This is the story of what happened

  • Caye Caulker airport Belize, 1/2min.

  • Lion fish in Belize, 1/2min. August 2016, while in Belize, Ted M. catches Chelsie S. feeding a helpless little Lion fish to a curouis shark. Even the shark knows these are bad for your health..

  • The streets of Belize City, Belize (Part 3), 1.5min. At the very edge, by the ocean of Belize City, Belize.

  • The streets of Belize City, Belize (Part 2), 6min. West and Central parts of Belize City, Belize.

  • The streets of Belize City, Belize (Part 1), 5min. The streets of the North side of Belize City, Belize

  • Belize Snorkel with sharks, 8min.

  • Belize Scuba with Sharks, 5min.

  • Belize Trip Picture slides, 15min.

  • Nurse Sharks - Belize Scuba Diving, 9min.

  • PUP Demonstration Belize City 7th September 2016, 17min. Corozal North PUP, People's United Party, John Briceño, Stand UP Belize....

  •, 4min. I spent the last 5 days in Belize learning about the culture, eating great food, and experiencing world class fishing. This should be a bucket list item for everyone.

    September 11, 2016


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Guatemalan civilians organize to reclaim Belizean territory
    A group of no more than 10 Guatemalan civilians, comprised of ex-military personnel and attorneys among others visited the Sarstoon Island near the Belize and Guatemala border in southern Belize on Saturday, September 3rd. They called the trip ‘Expedicion Independencia,’ (Independence Expedition), claiming to send a message to the Government of Belize (GOB), on their intentions to strengthen their campaign against the recognition of the Belizean border. They planted Guatemalan flags on the island and boldly stated that they will not tolerate anymore aggression from Belizean security forces, encouraging more Guatemalans to join them in their mission to annex Belize to Guatemala.

    Director of GOB Press Office Dorian Pakeman placed on unpaid leave
    At a police press conference on Monday, September 5th in Ladyville, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, who is in charge of the Belize Rural Eastern Division, revealed that the lab tests done on a blood specimen taken from Director of the Government of Belize (GOB) Press Office, Dorian Pakeman revealed traces of cocaine. The specimen was taken after Pakeman was involved in a traffic accident earlier this year, in which 45- year-old Dean Dawson was knocked down and killed. The test results came back clear of alcohol, but showed the presence of cocaine. As a result, the Government via a press release, has announced that Pakeman has been put on immediate unpaid leave.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Statue of Bob Marley goes up in Chetumal
    I truly hold sincere respect for the people of Mexico - I am impressed. Mexico has self proclaimed Chetumal as its country's principal "Reggae" destination. They certainly beat us to it. In a very special ceremony yesterday, Mexico officials including Jamaican Ambassador to Mexico, unveiled a statue of Bob Marley, a tribute to the legendary reggae star. The statue was placed conspicuously along the boulevard in front of the convention center in Chetumal along Mexico's important national heroes. A reggae concert followed featuring one of Bob Marley's son, Ky-Mani Marley and many other reggae musicians. Follow the One Love Movement.Respect!

    Queen of Bacchanal
    Congratulations to Kristen Fuentes, Queen of Bacchanal 2016-2017!!

    Miss San Pedro 2016-2017 crowned
    And today she was officially crowned as Miss San Pedro 2016-2017. Marisha Thompson was officially presented with her crown, cape, and sceptre. Minutes after the annual 10th of September Parade in observance of the Battle of St. George's Caye took place on the streets of San Pedro Town. Happy St. George's Caye Day to all Belizeans home and abroad! Hip hip hurrary!

    Miss San Pedro 2016, Marisha Thompson, gets her crown, cape and sceptre
    The newly selected Miss San Pedro 2016, Marisha Thompson, was officially presented with her crown, cape and sceptre at the opening ceremony of the observance of the Battle of St. George's Caye. A very happy parade followed through the streets of downtown San Pedro.

    Family fun day on Caye Caulker

    Patriotism personified!
    Patriotism personified! Happy 10th everyone!

    All the Queens!
    We were fortunate to have past Queen of the Bay winners, the current court AND the Miss Belize delegates in one place at the official St. George's Caye Day ceremony!

    September 10th Ceremony
    photos by Belize Tourism Board

    The true significance of Belize's celebrated Tenth of September is better expressed through the resistance that Belizeans at home and abroad has shown against the insidious and unfounded claim by the Guatemalan military oligarchy against the nation state of Belize. The Guatemalan oligarchy claim of Belize continues to terrorize the people of Belize through propaganda wars, violence, lies, and the occupation and the annexation of the Belize Sarstoon River in the South and in the Chiquibul Forrest of Belize. And It has continued to threaten the existence of the Belizean nation state through the claim of half of Belize. The Belizean people can better understand the true meaning of the celebrated Tenth of September through its continuous resistance at all times against the Guatemalan military oligarchy aggressions against Belize. -->


    PUP’s “Save Belize” protest against UDP Government corruption attracts thousands
    The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched one of its biggest protests in the streets of the city this morning, as thousands of PUP supporters from across the 31 electoral constituencies converged on the old capital in an energetic sea of blue and white, many of them carrying placards condemning the systemic corruption of the Dean Barrow-led United Democratic Party government. This morning’s protest comes exactly one week after the PUP mobilized its supporters last Wednesday in support of its senators, whose motion for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the findings contained in the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration Department for the period 2011 to 2013 was voted down by government senators. The audit report on the Immigration Department for which Auditor General Dorothy Bradley has attracted savage attacks from government politicians, many of whom are named in the report as facilitators for the issuance of Belize nationality certificates, passports and visas to large numbers of unqualified applicants, has been the catalyst in the wave of protest against the Barrow-led government.

    The Reporter

    Police assure safety during celebrations
    The Belize Police Department has assured the public that it will do all in its power to ensure that those participating in the various September celebrations will be safe while they do so. The commanders of the Police Eastern Division North, South and Rural, engaged the media to speak on the heightened security measures being taken to deter, intercept an apprehend people who would cause acts which would disrupt the public peace. Commander of Eastern Division South, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, explained that there was heavy police presence at every parade, every concert, every gathering in a public place. He noted that for the 2016 Carnival Road March, the Department would deploy additional officers, apart from those who are conducting their regular patrol duties.

    The Belize Times

    BARROW MUST GO – Thousands March Against UDP Corruption
    Thirteen of Dean Barrow’s Ministers are named in the Auditor-General’s Report which deals with hundreds of irregularities, wrongdoing and criminal behaviour. Down to Minister’s drivers are named in the report. So are Minister’s secretaries, Chief Executive Officers and cronies. The people of Belize, who have been in shock and awe over the scandals on top of scandals pouring out of Dean Barrow’s government, have had enough. ON Wednesday, September 7th 2016, thousands upon thousands of Belizeans marched in the streets of Belize City, protesting against the UDP corruption that stinks to high heavens. The protesters were led by Hon. John Briceño and leaders of the Opposition People’s United Party and had huge numbers of supporters from every district of the nation. Official numbers from the Police put the number of marchers at over 7,000. Almost one hundred buses came from the districts, not including Belize City.

    Godwin Hulse Broke the Law
    Godwin Hulse has lost his sense of shame. He has lost any semblance of fairness or of doing what is right for his country. He has allowed himself to be a pawn of the Prime Minister who is the only other person in this rotten government who is more conceited and more full of himself than Hulse is. Godwin is the pre-eminent windbag – talk and talk and talk. It is said that a man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. When the weeds being to grow the garden will overflow – Godwin’s garden has overflowed. He was appointed by the Pup Government to head a Senate investigation into the Social Security Board. The Senate Committee was comprised of senators representing the Chamber, the Unions, the Churches, a representative of the ruling PUP and a representative for the then Opposition UDP. The UDP Senator received public shame when he received a telephone call while in the Senate instructing him not to take part. The hearings were in public.

    The mountain of scandal and corruption exposed by the Auditor-General that was taking place at the Immigration Department is far worse than anyone could have imagined. On top of all the hundreds and hundreds of fraud and criminal doings, the Audit Report lists that FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND passports have been issued which are suspect, improper and illegal. It is mind boggling. 55,000 Belizean passports have been given out in a two years period from April 2011 to September 2013. Dean Barrow, what the hell kind of government you have? On top of this stinking cesspool of corruption involving no less than thirteen Ministers of government, sits the Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow. This broken, half a man who sees no evil, hears no evil and knows no evil continues to lie to the nation and try to distract attention from the horrible state of affairs. This latest immigration scandal is not the only serious scandal that has seeped out of Mr. Barrow’s Belmopan. It is as if the scandals and corruption get worse and worse. If not worserer!

    Jim Jones Koolaid
    It is really quite incredible that at his last press conference, the Prime Minister confidently and calmly explained to the nation that his government would move for a Joint Select Committee to investigate alleged wrongdoing in the recently revealed Audit Reports. With not the blink of an eye or falter in his speech, he confirmed that the Joint Select Committee would comprise one member each from the Churches, Unions and Business Sector, two members from the Opposition and SIX from the Government. In the Audit Reports, UDP Ministers, Area Representatives, caretakers, officials, cronies and a Mayor have been accused of myriad irregularities, from facilitating Visas for unqualified persons to outright interference and intervention in the nationality and passport processes. Those actions were ILLEGAL. As a result of those actions, human trafficking rings flourished, criminals seeking asylum were given Belizean nationality in a day and foreign nationals became Belizeans even before setting one foot in the jewel. As a result of those actions, Belizean documents will now come under intense scrutiny internationally, and born Belizeans with authentic documents will not be able to travel with all confidence in the integrity of those documents in the eyes of foreign nations.

    Belize Bank Bulldogs Win 2016 BDBA Firms Basketball Championship
    The Belize Bank Bulldogs won their third Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Championship: winning the third game of the championship finals 80-68 over Infotel at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday night, September 3, after tying the series by winning the second game 80-78 on Friday, September 2. In Game 1 of the finals, Infotel had won 99-97 over the Bulldogs. In Game 2 on Friday night, the Bulldogs tied the series with an 80-78 win vs. Infotel led by Lincey Lopez with 24pts, 4 rebounds. Duane Staine scored 19pts, Brian White added 13 pts., 19 rebounds and Rupert Brown tossed in 12pts.

    Palmar’s ‘Colombia’ Wins 2016 OW Mundialito Football Championship
    San Jose Palmar’s ‘Colombia’ Under-15 football team won the 2016 Orange Walk Mundialito Championship organized by New Horizon Sporting Club, 6-5 in a penalty shootout against Orange Walk Central’s ‘Belize’ squad at the Louisiana Field on Sunday afternoon. In Game 1, the consolation game for third place, Guinea Grass’ ‘Holland’ won 1-0 against San Estevan’s ‘Mexico’; when Angel Ico scored the winning goal in the 1st half.

    Contributed by: Eduardo Santos. Governance is the deliberate and conscious management of regime structures for enhancing the public realm. Governance can be viewed from social, political and economic perspectives. Indeed, good governance is pivotal to the development process. Development linked governance has been an issue much debated in the contemporary world. The term ‘governance’ has taken a much wider meaning and is no longer restricted to ‘rule’ or ‘administration’ but is used in a broader sense to imply the manner in which power is exercised. Since power can be exercised in any manner as desired, certain principles would be required in order to judge whether the discourse of the power has been made as per certain standards and norms. Such judgment can be based on several criteria – participation of citizens, upholding the rule of law, transparency of the system, responsiveness of the authority, consensus oriented policy, equity and inclusiveness of the policy, accountability of the system, strategic vision of the authority, etc.

    Thinking Out Loud
    With so much happening in rapid-fire fashion, it is difficult to know where to begin and certainly, the crumbling of the United Democratic Party and the continuous revelation of its dirty little secrets shows no sign of coming to an end soon. As a relatively young politician myself, speaking on a personal note, I cannot imagine that this is what the Prime Minister of Belize intended for his third and final term. Truly, with every day that passes, Mr. Barrow’s star falls further and nobody will ever now accuse him of going out in a blaze of glory. But let me leave the PM to his woes, because surely he has enough of those to keep him very much occupied, with more yet to come. Has anybody seen Gaspar Vega lately? I live in Orange Walk Town and I haven’t. There’s another man who will never be accused of going out in a blaze of glory and the fact is that he’s gone. All his people are already spreading the word that Gapi is saying goodbye to the UDP and people in the Ministry of Agriculture say that he has already cleared his desk and informed the Prime Minister that his departure is imminent. When he does go, very soon, Gapi will not be the same man who entered politics with such fire and fury and power. He’ll be rich – no doubt about that, but any respect or credibility he may have had is all gone.

    The theme chosen for this year’s September Celebrations is, “Sovereign and Strong. Together as One.” Indeed the recent response by Belizeans in the wake of Hurricane Earl proves our strength and togetherness. While this is cause for us to be thankful, Belizeans have never been more vulnerable. We have a Government that is falling apart, corruption is more rampant than ever before and this administration’s incompetence has never been more transparent. What we are experiencing is an economy in recession, a current crime wave and the mismanagement of Government funds.Truth is, this is the month we celebrate Belize, but what is there to celebrate? Under Barrow and the UDP, our very sovereignty has been yanked from us and future generations. Our territorial integrity which was secured by the Father of the Nation without bloodshed has been compromised as the Sarstoon was usurped by the Guatemalan military. It has been well over a year and a quarter since Barrow lost the territorial sovereignty Belizeans enjoyed for so long.

    Keeping up with current affairs today is more challenging than ever. There is so, so much happening nationally and internationally. It can boggle the mind, and so one must be selective. The abominations that fly at the Pallotti Flag Roundabout are not the Belizean Flag. Internationally, Venezuela sinks deeper and deeper into poverty, hunger and chaos. And to think that Barrow squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in loan funding from Hugo Chavez, and what have we to show for it? Life on this planet has now been proved to be a whopping 3.7 billion years old, and I could go on with all that is going on.As to the huge debacle in the House of Representatives two Fridays ago, I am sure that many people would feel that there is enough blame to go around. I must say, though, that certainly the largest share of blame must be on the Speaker who deliberately abandoned proper control of the Chamber, failed to exercise maturity and restraint, and thus unleashed this unprecedented attack on our democratic processes. He certainly has no moral authority left to chair the House. I personally experienced his bias and ill-conceived positions, and this time he really outdid himself, all due to ego and thuggish behaviour on his part, instead of a steady, upright and impartial hand in being the umpire for these crucial deliberations on behalf of our Belizean people.

    Belizeans Take a Stand – Against mismanagement and corruption
    By Gilroy Usher, Sr. On Wednesday September 7, 2016 the People’s United Party brought thousands of Belizeans from Corozal to Toledo and from Benque to the cayes to demonstrate in Belize City for justice ,transparency ,and accountability .Holding up placards and banners and not fearing victimization or worrying about some social partners who don’t have the courage to stand for what’s right in the country, the huge crowed braved the hot sun as they travelled from Constitution Park near the Pound Yard Bridge through the main streets of the city to BTL Park where they listened to fiery speeches by Party Leader John Briceño and other PUP leaders.After eight years of UDP government the people used the demonstration to vent their frustration with worsening poverty, lack of opportunities to improve their standards of living , escalating crime, the worst corruption scandals involving almost every Minister and many high ranking officers of the Belize Police Department, and daily attempts by the government to sweep such massive corruption under the rug instead of bringing the guilty persons to justice.

    Ladyville Man Remanded for Stabbing
    A Ladyville man who was recently released from prison will not be spending the September holidays at home because he was remanded back to prison, on an allegation that he robbed another man and then stabbed him. The victim remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, recovering from the attack. Edward McKay, 26, unemployed, appeared in the Magistrate’s Court today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who arraigned him on charges of robbery, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm upon Tyrone Scott.

    Kimberly Lino Finally Released on Supreme Court Bail
    A Belizean woman who is originally from Dangriga, but who is a naturalized American and residing in the United States was finally granted bail in the Supreme Court today when she and her attorney Dickie Bradley appeared before Justice John Troadio Gonzalez. Kimberly Lino and two of her sisters, one who is a US permanent resident and another who has an advanced pregnancy were all charged along with one of their minor sons for a vicious beat-down of a Dangriga woman early last month. Kimberly Lino had no idea that her entanglement in the criminal justice system would have been so costly in terms of the time that she has spent behind bars.

    BDF Under Fire in the Chiquibul
    Belize Defence Force soldiers came under fire once again in the Chiquibul by unknown persons, and though it is unconfirmed, the hostile individuals are most likely Guatemalan nationals. The incident happened on Wednesday morning, August 31, in the “El Retiro” area of the Chiquibul which is about an hour and a half hike from the BDF’s Valentin Conservation Post. The BDF patrol was heading to that location to follow up an official Order to Leave from the Government of Belize. That order to leave had been given to about 20 Guatemalans who had built a small settlement of a few houses and had already begun farming in that area.

    Titans Win Senior Carnival King & Queen, Jump Street Posse Wins Junior King & Queen
    The Titans Mas Band won both the senior Carnival King and Queen, while Jump Street Posse won both junior King and Queen when NICH and the September Celebrations Committee hosted the annual Carnival King & Queen contest as part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of Belize’s Independence at the Marion Jones Stadium last Saturday night. Six junior bands competed in the junior Queen contest and Jump Street Posse’s ‘Queen Renata’ on the theme: “Burn to Emerge”, won 815 pts. from the judges to win the $4,000 1st prize. Trenchtown Masqueraders’ “Queen Gia – Goddess of the Earth” scored 771 pts. from the judges to win the $3,000 2nd prize. Pickstock Carnival Band’s Queen Amara scored 768 pts. to win the $2,000 3rd prize.

    Our Belize – Good Cooking Done Right…
    She baked her first creole bread when she was 9. At the time Ursula Ferguson, 39, was living in Maypen with her grandmother, Jenny Reyes, 84, who taught her to cook and bake. It was a learning experience that has paid off because today she is able to make a living baking wheat journey cakes, making wheat fry jacks and cooking stew chicken and grind steak. They are some of the ingredients she uses in the breakfast she sells every morning at her residence, located at #125 Cemetery Road in Belize City. Those customers who are not interested in meat can have their fry jacks and journey cakes with egg, cheese and beans. She also makes freshly squeezed orange and watermelon juice. In addition to that she makes hot coffee and Ovaltine to go along with the food.

    BDF Pilots Receive Specialized Helicopter Training
    For the past few weeks the soldiers from the Belize Defence Force Airwing have been undergoing intense training drills to be able to fly their own 3 helicopters. The Specialists have been hired for an entire year and by the end of that time the BDF soldiers should not only be able to pilot the aircraft but also repair them. Most importantly, the graduates will be able train their fellow soldiers to attain these same skills. Currently the BDF are in possession of 2 UH-1H choppers which were donated to them by the Taiwanese Government and a Bell 407, which the Government of Belize confiscated. Readers will remember that this was the helicopter which was left abandoned in the bushes near the Belize/Mexico border in August of last year. The Government has hired the company Belize Aviation, owned by Badder Flores. He and Glis Flores, along with instructors William Malo and John Fullerton, have been working closely with 4 training pilots and the BDF Airwing’s engineering staff. Malo and Fullerton served in the US Army and their training regime is modelled off the US Army’s training systems. So, the Belize military is getting top quality tutelage.

    PUP Northern Caucus – Informing the People
    The People’s United Party Northern Caucus held the first of a series of information sessions on Saturday, September 3rd at the Corozal Community College auditorium in Corozal Town. The session focused on the age-old Guatemalan claim over Belize in preparation for the eventuality that a referendum is held to decide whether Belize will accede to taking the dispute before The Hague for final settlement. “We know that everybody will want to make a decision whether they think we should go to the International Court of Justice or not. There are treaties and legal terms that people need to know on this issue. The PUP is blessed to have the experts in this field who can provide the facts and proper information to our people so they make the right choice when the time is right,” explained Thea Garcia, Chair of the PUP Northern Caucus.

    Teenagers charged for Armed Robbery/Shooting in Corozal
    Two teenagers have been charged and remanded to prison for allegedly carrying out a brazen armed robbery of a well-known business place in San Andres Village and the near-fatal shooting of the business owner. 19 year old Alvan Nunez of a College Road address and a 17 year old minor of the Skeleton Town area have been jointly charged with Robbery, Attempted Murder and Wounding. The victim of the armed robbery, 48 year old Belizean businessman Israel Gomez, is recovering from a gunshot injury to his shoulder. Gomez and his common-law wife were in their office at the St. Jude Block Factory on San Andres Road when two young men arrived on bicycles and walked in. Gomez says he thought the young men came to do business, but quickly realised that such was not the case.

    More Bloodshed in the City
    Nicasio Zuniga, 22, “DJ” enthusiast, and a resident of Jones Street, was shot and killed on Monday night, September 5.It happened at around 6:22 p.m. when the television stations were just about to start their evening news broadcasts. Reports are he was exiting the store after purchasing a few drinks. He was on his way, most likely to socialize with his friends. Unfortunately he didn’t make it very far because while he was on Complex Drive, 2 young men, whose identities are not known at this time, rode up on bicycles. One of them was armed with a firearm, and he fired a single shot at Zuniga. That bullet struck him in the upper right cheek and exited the back of his head. He collapsed on the spot, where he died, and those men immediately rode off, making their escape.

    Hard Knocks
    Wedding Bells…While I can’t talk for the Belize Times, in this column there’s not gonna be much apologizing for anything because this dutty bunch got so many skeletons in their closet you can close your eyes, throw a stone and still break bones…know what I mean? But this week I make an exception for my bally Pablito, my favourite electrician whose hobby on the side is being a Minister of Health. A few columns ago I reported on a little cozy moment between my friend and his good, good friend Danini Contreras, who just happens to be the daughter of Erwin. Giggling like a loon I rushed to put it in the paper – hell, what’s more exciting than a little ministerial side action? But BAM, latest word is that this crap is serious…serious as a heart attack, serious as WEDDING BELLS. That’s right! Word to this columnist, a romantic at heart, is that the two lovebirds have moved in together and are looking to tie the knot. Hot damn! I love it. I wonder if Pablo calls Erwin suegro? Awww who cares, congrats to the loving (as opposed to lovely) couple!

    Questions to Ministers
    If neither the Prime Minister nor the “Special” Envoy can say how much money has been collected from fundraisers in the UK and Dubai, supposedly to benefit Belizean children, could either of them say why the decision was made to solicit monies in the Middle East? And could either of them say whether there are plans to provide any accounting for monies received and spent? Can the Prime Minister or the “Special” Envoy please clarify the terms of the ‘Trust’ which has been set up in the UK to receive monies donated for the children of Belize? And could either of them explain if there is a corresponding Trust in Belize? Can the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister of Belize please say how much money, including salaries, perks, benefits and special allowances has been paid to his son Anwar Barrow while he has been at BTL? And could the Prime Minister also say whether his son has a business relationship with the company that provides phones to BTL?

    Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work!
    Two employees of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena, in an official Council vehicle, were caught on camera in the Orange Walk District, drunk and asleep. When residents of the area came up on the vehicle Friday night at around 8:30m it was parked on the road coming from La Union, a popular watering hole across the border. The driver, shirtless, was snoring behind the wheel, obviously drunk, while his companion was sprawled in the back seat of the white Great Wall Wingle pickup fast asleep. The video of both men went viral, prompting Mayor Earl Trapp to implement immediate damage control protocols. In an interview on Monday, Trapp claimed that the two employees of the Council had gone to the area on official business, but diverted to La Union to go drinking. The men have allegedly been suspended for two weeks without pay.

    There WAS Cocaine in Pakeman’s Blood
    Head of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman has been placed on unpaid leave by the Office of the Prime Minister. That decision came after Ladyville Police revealed just this week that there was cocaine in Pakeman’s system when he was involved in a fatal traffic accident earlier this year, on March 30, 2016 – an accident which resulted in the death of Gardenia mechanic Dean Dawson, 45.On Monday Ladyville Police were queried for an update into the Pakeman investigation, five months old. That is when ACP Edward Broaster revealed that when Pakeman’s urine was submitted for testing, routine after any fatal traffic accident, the lab discovered cocaine in his blood. In response to a further query as to the status of the investigation, Broaster claimed that the file was on the desk of the DPP and Police were awaiting instructions on whether to charge.

    Mother of Two Gunned Down
    Orange Walk Police are looking for one person of interest in the Tuesday night murder of a young woman, Jahida Briceño Crawford, 22. Crawford was shot by an unknown assailant at her home at the corner of Rio Bravo Street and Boundary Road.According to Officer Commanding Orange Walk, Assistant Superintendent of Police Selvyn Tillett, officers responded to reports of a shooting at around 7:05pm. There they found the lifeless body of Crawford lying face-down in her living room. Her father, Luis Briceño Jr., confined to a wheelchair, was also in the home at the time.Preliminary investigations indicate that Crawford was at home at around 7:00pm when somebody called her name from outside. She stepped onto the verandah and that is when two shots were fired, once catching her in the face and the other in the lower back. She managed to run inside the home but collapsed.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Rebecca Rath wins Miss Belize 2016
    Belizean model and beauty pageant titleholder, Rebecca Rath has won Miss Belize 2016. Rath was crowned Miss Belize 2016 last night, September 10, 2016 at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City. “I am Rebecca Rath and I am representing the culture […]

    Police recruit charged with statutory rape of 15-year old girl
    Belmopan police have arrested a recruit police constable from the Cayo District, charging him with performing unlawful sexual intercourse on a 15 year old student who says she is his girlfriend. The teenager and her mother told police that the act took place around […]

    The Tenth of September observed in Belize City
    Belizeans continued a century-plus old tradition with the 218th observance of the anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, the catalyst for the establishment of a modern independent nation. The Old Capital’s Memorial Park hosted this morning’s official ceremony. In his opening remarks, Belize […]

    Murder reported in Belize City
    Police have issued no confirmation, but BBN understands that a young man was murdered in the Lake Independence area earlier this morning. The incident was a shooting and took place at about 2:30 in the morning. We hope to have confirmation and further details later […]

    Repairs to low lying bridge underway; work on new bridge progresses
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, the middle section of the wooden bridge, that connects the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, had been damaged by flooding, and the Ministry of Works had estimated a down time of 1 month for repairs. […]

    A Nation of Thieves
    [The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.] If you are a Belizean following any social media site, you would have seen or heard of the September Parade in Belmopan yesterday, where the […]


    Mystic River Resort: Fabulous Service and Beautiful Grounds
    If the thought of spending a few nights truly unplugged, with only the sound of tweeting songbirds and trickling waters to distract you, Mystic River Resort is a perfect choice. Set on acre after gorgeously landscaped acre, Mystic River’s individual casitas provide an oasis in the jungle. Its off-the-grid location is perfect for nature lovers who seek some adventure and a true getaway from the busy life outside. Located in the Cayo District, in between the villages of Cristo Rey and San Antonio, Mystic River offers respite to travelers in fine style. Well, how about delicious fresh food from La Ranita Restaurant? Chef prepares truly gourmet meals daily, including the best steak Tamara’s had since moving to Belize 12 years ago. That is some serious accolade, as she’s from steak country. Beyond the delicious food, the warm service truly spoils you!

    International Sourcesizz

    Hawaii Proposes Steps to Battle Coral Bleaching
    Hawaii officials have proposed steps to fight coral bleaching that's threatening the state's reefs, including new marine protected areas, limits on fishing and controls on runoff pollution. Another idea is to ban lay gill nets that fishermen leave in the water. Anderson said these types of nets are harmful because they kill all the fish caught in them, not just the species targeted by the fisherman. The nets work because the mesh is large enough for a fish's head to go through but too small for its body to escape.


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