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July 31, 2017


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Apathy should be a crime
Last night, July 24th, at approximately 7pm, I heard a horn. I thought the horn got stuck at ‘ON’ but no one turned it off or dealt with it. I then thought it might be an alarm, so I called the San Pedro Police and reported it. Our call dropped, but the police had the location information. At 8:30pm the horn continued, but I had to go to bed. When I awoke at 2:20am, the horn was still blaring. (I did not call the police at that hour) At 5:30am when I awoke for my work day, STILL the horn was blaring. At 6am, I again called the police to inform them that the horn had been ON for 11 hours and it probably was not a golf cart but an ALARM. They told me they would check on it again. I

Wolfe’s Woofer: Wood Leg Pedro
“Mario called while you were out,” Sherry said. “He wants you to hire one more worker to help him put up the fence in the back yard.” “There’s no chance of that.” I said. “He already has one helper. If you have one worker you get things done. If you hire two workers you get things half done. If you hire three, you usually end up doing it yourself.” Mario, my sometimes yard worker, showed up a few minutes later. “Mr. Dennis, will you give me a ride to meet Pedro at the taco place?” “Do you mean Wood Leg Pedro—the guy with a wooden leg?

Letter to the Editor: Our Children are one of our Greatest Assets
In 1990, Belize became the fifth country in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of a child. In doing this, Belize hoped to provide children with the protection necessary to be raised in an environment that will enable them to become well- rounded, and productive citizens. The CRC contains 54 substantial articles that speak of the human rights of children. In an effort to disseminate these rights they were broken down into 4 general categories: Survival Rights, Developmental Rights, Participation Rights, and Protection Rights. In reviewing the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child nearly ALL if not ALL the Rights of the Child for Faye Lin Cannon and her siblings were broken. In this paper, I will seek to address some weaknesses that may exist on the island from an Educational stand point in respect to keeping children safe and in school.

Doctor Love: SHM and Curious
Dear Doctor Love, The recent murder of a girl in San Pedro has people emotionally on edge and very angry. I feel the outrage myself. I don’t understand how people on social media have quickly turned on each other and innocent bystanders are getting hurt. Racist remarks, name calling and accusations against the adoptive father are rampant on every Facebook post. Even the newspaper has been attacked for sharing police reports. Why do people say things to hurt others when they have no proof or knowledge? Nobody thinks of how the surviving children feel to read accusations that are untrue unless they are proved. Is there no sense of responsibility when posting publicly on a sensitive issue? /s/SMH

Misc Belizean Sources


Public and private sectors discuss ways to ensure sustainable development in Belize
Top executives from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) visited Belize last week to discuss with key government officials and representatives of the private sector ways of deepening their partnership and cooperation to ensure the country’s sustainable development. IDB executive vice president Julie Katzman, accompanied by IDB country representative Cassandra Rogers and Annette Killmer, a key advisor in the bank’s climate change and sustainable development sector, met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and members of the Cabinet during a three-day visit July 24-26.

Miss Belize for Miss Costa Maya 2017
Mr. Michael Arnold, National Director for Miss America Latina Belize, proudly announces Michelle Estrella Nuñez as Miss Belize Costa Maya 2017. Michelle is from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and she aims to become the first Sampedrana to capture the Costa Maya crown. The 26 year-old, 5’6” (1.68m) beauty was a past Miss San Pedro (2014). She also represented Belize last year at Miss America Latina del Mundo in Mexico, where she not only captured the award for Best Original Costume but also gave Belize our highest and thus far only placement in this pageant. She placed 4th Runner-up (out of 19), besting delegates from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, among others.

Fake $100s used in San Pedro nightclub
Video shows suspects but police "unable to do anything." So Last Night We Had One Of The Bad Experience In Our Business "DaddyRock Nightclub" $500 Belizean FAKE MONEY!.. We Reported Already To San Pedro Police & They Said There Was Nothing to Do!.. Here We Have The Evidence Of The People Who Are Spreading This Fake Money Around!.. As Far As I'm Concerned We Are Not the Only Business & Nightclub Who Receive This Fake Money Last night Here in San Pedro!.. If Anybody Could Identified This Individuals Feel Free To Inbox Me!

10th Annual Lucky Dube Tribute
Red Stripe and Dara Cyber Home Theater present the 10th Annual Lucky Dube Tribute only at Birds Isle Restaurant and Bar on August 6th, 2017 from 4 P.M until!! Entrance is $10, all proceeds go to Dara's Feeding Program. Red Stripe. It's Whats Good.

Copper Thief Killed by Security Guard
At 3:35 a.m. on the 30th of July, 2017, Police Officers visited the Independence Poly Clinic where they saw the body of a man with multiple pellet wounds to the upper part of the back and behind the head. The body was pronounced dead on arrival. At 11:48 p.m. A security guard, Gerardo Coc was on duty at pond #14 of Aqua Mar shrimps Farm armed with a licensed 16-gauge shotgun when he saw two male persons dressed in dark color clothing advancing towards him with a machete. Coc raised his shotgun and the two male trespassers began running away. However Coc fired a single shot at both intruders injuring one of them who fell to the ground. He was transported to Independence PolyClinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Big mess left in Rainbow Park in Corozal
This is how Rainbow Park looks on a Sunday afternoon. We need to clarify that the Corozal Town Council had nothing to do with it. Last night's event was private but on public property. Please clean your trash after your hype and fun. There is nothing wrong in providing entertainment but can you have some civic pride towards your community? Clean your trash!

International Costa Maya Festival 2017 - San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize!
Having an absolutely amazing Sunday aboard the Island Dream Tours - YOLO boat with the beauties of Costa Maya! Sandbars never looked better!

Belize represented at Tihosuco Quintana Roo
For the first time the Yucatec Maya people of Belize were represented at Tihosuco Quintana Roo(Mex) in the commemoration of 170 years from the Maya up rising which started July 30,1847 which lasted until the 1930's. Nojoch Mak Hugo Carrillo Cocom presented a little documentary called The consequences from the Caste War in the border of Northern British Honduras today Belize in the Caste War museum at Tihosuco . Nojoch Mak Hugo Carrillo Cocom is a Belizean Yucatec Maya and member of the Northern Maya Association of Belize.

This Day in History
July 30, 1823, Royal approbation of the Settler's conduct to the Poyaisian Emigrants. P.S. This relatively insignificant post in the Honduras Almanack of 1829 hides a story of deceit, suffering and death. This post is in reference to an investment deal made by a Mr. Gregory Macgregor in the 1820's whereby he used his status to enticed some British People (Poyaisian Emigrants) to invest and move to a dream colony on the Mosquito Shore he called Poyais. 1822 MacGregor published a 350-page guidebook entitled Sketch of the Mosquito Shore, including the Territory of Poyais, descriptive of the country, supposedly written by one Captain Thomas Strangeways. It described the Poyais with glowing terms and mainly concentrated on how much profit one could get from the country's ample resources. Poyais was said to be a very anglophilic region with already existing infrastructure, untapped gold and silver mines and large amounts of fertile soil ready to be settled. The region was even free of tropical diseases. The book also claimed that British settlers had founded the capital of Poyais, St Joseph, in the 1730s.

Kids In Action
Thanks to all Tour Operators that assist us and contributed for this year program. Ambergris Divers, Tuff-E-Nuff, Belize Ocean Divers, Ecological Divers, Scuba Schools Belize, Aqua Scuba Belize, Belize Pro Divers, Belize Diving Adventures, Sea Star Belize, Blue Havens Divers, Amigos Del Mar, Chuck & Robbie, Reef Adventures, Island Divers, Seaduce By Belize and Ramon' Village Divers. Thanks to Blackadore Cayenne Group and Oceana

The Reporter

Man shot dead in Independence village
A man was shot dead in Independence village, Stann Creek on Saturday night. Police have identified him as Wilfred Malcolm, Jr. Malcolm was shot in the back and back of head sometime before midnight on Saturday at Aqua Mar shrimp farm, where he and another man reportedly went to steal copper wire an allegedly attacked a security guard.

Queen’s Baton coming to Belize
In preparation for the Commonwealth Games, the Queen’s Baton Relay is coming to Belize on Wednesday. The Queen’s Baton is passing through Belize from August 2- 6, having made its way through African and Caribbean countries. The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (BOCGA), Area Representative Beverly Williams, Jorge Espat. CEO of the PGIA, and Dian White, chairperson of Ladyville, will be on hand at the Philip Goldson International Airport to welcome the team bringing the Baton. After a brief ceremony, the Cycling Federation of Belize will start the first leg of the relay, headed to Belize City. Cyclists will ride the Baton from the PGIA to the flag monument, where Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, will start the running section of the relay onto Freetown Road.

FCD finds more gold panners in Chiquibul
Rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), the organization which co-manages the Chiquibul National Park, found two illegal gold panners in the Ceibo Chico region of the park this weekend. FCD said they found the men, 40-year-old Thomas Gomez and 37-year-old Domingo Pana from Naranjon, Dolores Peten, sleeping in a makeshift camp at around 7:00 a.m., on Saturday. The men had six live Halcon brand 16 gauge cartridges; however, the Rangers did not locate the firearm. The men also had a black plastic bag with marijuana and an assortment of tools for gold panning.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Security Guard at Aqua Mar Shrimp Farm shoots man
Sometime last night there was a shooting reported on the Southern Highway. When police visited the Aqua Mar Shrimp Farm they were informed that the security guard there had shot an unidentified man.

Friends party hard in San Pedro using counterfeit cash
Last night a Belize City man and his friends went to the Big Daddy’s night club in San Pedro town where they had a blast.They group of friends bought dribks and partied the night away, however, they were doing so using counterfeit Belizean hundred dollar bills. At the end of the night the proprietors of the night club were left with five of the fake bills. Fortunately, the big spender and his friends were caught on camera.

Guatemalans busted gold panning in Chiquibul
According to reports from Friends For Conservation and Development (FCD), yesterday morning around 7 while conducting an early patrol in the Ceibo Chico region of the Chiquibul National Park, 5 FCD park rangers encountered two Guatemalan nationals sleeping under a camp located 6 km inside the Chiquibul National Park.

San Ignacio police rescue children in Cristo Rey Village
According to reports, yesterday three young men were trapped in strong current waters in Cristo Rey village. A video on social media shows PC Daniel Choc in the river with a rope, trying his best to bring the young men to safety.


Why Summer Really is the Best Time to Escape to Belize
If the middle of winter is the best time to visit Belize, then you might think the middle of summer would be the worst time. Comparatively speaking, it may be, but that’s much like saying that milk chocolate is the worst chocolate. That is, it’s still darn good! So, dismiss the idea that the low season is a bad time to be in Belize. In fact, we think it might really be the best time to go. Read on, and see if you don’t agree. Although not quite equatorial, Belize does not experience dramatic seasonal temperature changes. The average daytime temperature in along the coast ranges from the 80s to, well, the 80s, thanks to the moderating effects of trade winds off the Caribbean. They help keep temperatures and humidity from getting out of hand. That’s not to say it doesn’t get hot. Temperatures will slip into the 90s on a regular basis during the summer months. In the jungle, you will feel the humidity, and find it hard to escape. When you venture into the rain forest and Mayan ruins, you will be a little warmer but, on average, still in the 80s. It will definitely feel hotter thanks to the humidity, though. And in the southern highlands, it will be distinctly cooler year-round.

International Sourcesizz

CTO receives financial boost from Caribbean Development Bank
The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s continued efforts at promoting service and business excellence in the region’s tourism and hospitality sector has received a financial boost from the regional financial institution that focuses on harmonious economic growth and development in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), through its Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) Network is providing US$223,312 in support of the two key components of the Hospitality Assured (HA) Caribbean certification programme managed by the CTO as part of its product development and service quality thrust.


  • Kitesurf Belize, 4min.

  • San Ignacio, Saturday market, Belize (HD), 4min. A visit to the saturday market in San ignacio, Belize

  • Belize Study Abroad (UNG Summer 2017), 6min.

  • Belize Summer 2017, 10min.


  • Great Blue Hole! Belize!, 6min. Dive 135 feet into the Great Blue Hole in Belize. Swim with sharks and through stalactites. An awesome experience!

  • Scuba diving in Belize at Shark Ray Alley, 1min. Amazing scuba diving trip in Belize. This was taken on Caye Caulker island at Esmeralda and Shark Ray alley. Thanks to Frenchies diving for an amazing experience!

    July 30, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    David and Anke Doehm are escorted by police officers to the San Pedro Belize Express water taxi in San Pedro Town
    he couple arrived on the island earlier today as part of the continued investigation into the death of Anke's adoptive daughter 13-year - old Faye Lin Cannon. They are seen here departing the island with what appears some personal belongings.

    The boutique Rubi Moon, appears to be open after owners David and Anke Doehm arrived on the island this morning
    The couple was escorted by police to their boutique. According to official sources, they are back on the island as part of the continued investigation into the death of Anke's adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon. The Doehms are the main suspects in the little girl's death.

    United States Acting Chargé d’Affaires, J. Nathan Bland, Hands over 9 Vehicles and Additional Forensic Equipment to the National Forensic & Science Services
    On July 26th 2017, United States Acting Chargé d’ Affaires, Nathan Bland handed over 9 Ford F-150 vehicles and additional forensic equipment valued at over US $800,000 to the Belize National Forensic Science Services. This donation is one part of the overall effort by the U.S. Embassy to assist the Government of Belize in improving the capability and the capacity of the National Forensic Science Services (NFSS) Scenes of Crime Unit to efficiently and effectively process crime scenes. The donation of the vehicles will provide greater mobility to each of the Scenes of Crimes offices throughout Belize enabling them to arrive at crime scenes faster – almost anywhere in the country. This donation also includes various forensics related equipment stocked in each vehicle, including crime scene kits, lights and a generator for night scene processing, cameras, emergency equipment, fire arms identification kits, and several other items.

    Projects Abroad and DFC Eco Rangers take on school garden project
    In an effort to tackle various gardening and recycling projects, the ‘Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Eco Rangers’, along with Projects Abroad Belize, combined forces on Wednesday, July 26th. Dedicated to addressing the issue of excessive garbage, the DFC Eco Rangers was formed by a group of grade-school children with the mission to clean and beautify their residential area in DFC. Projects Abroad, one of the largest volunteer abroad organizations in the world, focuses on areas of teaching, care, conservation and environment, medicine and healthcare, sports, culture and community. Since the DFC Eco Rangers are dedicated to eco-friendly and clean-up initiatives, Projects Abroad thought they would be the perfect partners to help beautify their floating garden at New Horizons Seventh Day Adventist School (NHSDAS).

    Residents ask relevant authorities to address noise pollution
    Whether it’s blaring music, noisy bars, or house parties, several San Pedro Town residents have complained that excessive noise at night continues to cause disturbance. Furthermore, they claim that their attempts to resolve the issue peacefully have been fruitless. Thus, they ask respective authorities to step in. As noise is defined as any unwanted or inappropriate sound; noise pollution is noise that interferes with normal activities, such as sleeping and conversation, and disrupts a person’s quality of life. Since noise pollution is generally treated as an environmental health matter, the Department of Environment (DOE) is tasked with overseeing noise pollution regulations. In a press release issued on June 28, 2017, the DOE stated that noise abatement legislation has been on the books for a quite long time. “The Pollution Regulations speak to ‘permissible levels’ of noise and the pre-requirement of ‘soundproofing’ of establishments producing noise. There are measures that can be put in place to reduce the level of noise so it does not affect the quality of life [of] surrounding neighborhoods.”

    Cautious with Crocs during hatching season
    With the onset of hatching season for the saltwater tolerant American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus, the people of Ambergris Caye should be cautious around Belize’s shores. Although typically a shy timid species, some American crocodiles around this time of year tend to be more aggressive to protect nests and young. ACES places our highest priority on public safety and governs a country-wide problematic crocodile program to respond to croc calls regarding specific croc-human concerns. While there are currently numerous researchers in Belize studying crocodiles, ACES is Belize’s only crocodile rescue and research program operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Belize Department of the Environment: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development. ACES works diligently to keep locals and visitors safe by educating on how to coexist with these amazing and eco-important apex predators.

    Ambergris Today

    David and Anke Doehm traveled back to San Pedro this morning
    This time with an entourage of police protection. Official sources tell us they are on the island as part of continued investigation. We will have more updates as they become available.

    Mahogany Bay Village hosts Costa Maya Delegates as they interact with toddlers and teens making them feel like a princess!

    Costa Maya delegates enjoy a lovely dinner at Finn and Martini!

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Three Detained for Murder in Orange Walk Town
    On the 29.07.17 at 6:15 a.m. Orange Walk police responded to a report of a body at the entrance of the D Star Victoria Hotel parking lot. Upon arrival officers found the lifeless body of 24 year old Daniel Sosa lying face down with one gunshot wound to the left temple that exited the top of his head. The body of was transported to the morgue. Police have 3 persons detained pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Queen of the Bay
    Join us in congratulating Miss Esmeralda Cal on winning the Queen of the Bay - Orange Walk 2017-2018 crown at last night's pageant. Miss Esmeralda Cal, may you reign with the grace and eloquence that you displayed during this competition. We have our District representative now for the national pageant later this year. To all our sponsors, your contributions was an integral part in making last night a reality.

    Costa Maya delegates at Elvi's!
    What a wonderful fun evening! On behalf of Ms. Elvi, Management and staff we thank you for visit, it is always a pleasure! Looking forward to 2018! Good Luck to all the beautiful delegates. Let's all go show them our support on Thursday!

    Connectivity project between Mexico and Belize
    Connectivity project between Mexico and Belize by El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) continues to have progress. Over 200 tagged bonefish were recovered in half a day of seining in Ambergris Caye. This research started over a year and a half ago and has been possible thanks to Omar Arceo (Omar's Freelance Fishing) and Chepe Polanco from Blue Bonefish of San Pedro. These areas where bonefish and permit have been tagged and recovered will be proposed to the Belize Fisheries Department for a possible protection from threats to the resource base and it's habitat. If this gets through, it will mean a better fishing for many anglers and an overall improvement to the fly fishing industry.

    BTIA Chapter meeting in Corozal Aug. 2
    All our tourism stakeholders in Corozal are cordially invited to our upcoming Chapter meeting. Corozal House of Culture (NICH)

    Match between two Pok Ta Pok teams from Belize
    History in the making....the first ever match between two Pok Ta Pok teams from Belize. Yo Creek Ek Balam vs Xaibe Team. Great match. Yo Creek 30 points and Xaibe 8 points. Great match and thanks for all of the support from the fans.

    Wildfire Introversion Extroversion Performance
    The performance art at Wildfire Artmosphere was a unique experience, with 3 different vignettes through the evening. Jamaul Roots' performance ended the evening, incorporating dance and music, and drumming. Pictures on fb.

    On Friday, July 28, 2017, Defence Minister Hon John Saldivar joined Chargé d’Affaires from the US Embassy Adrienne Galanek and Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis (Belize Coast Guard) as they presented awards to members of the Belize Coast Guard and Belize Defence Force who were victorious in the 2017 Annual Wonder Woman Challenge which took place in May. They handed out medals and gifts to the groups who took first, second and third place in the competition. The presentation of awards was followed by a luncheon. The Annual Wonder Woman Challenge is a competition among women of the security forces. It’s a two day event featuring four physically demanding challenges, including a six-mile relay, a run-swim-run competition, the BCG Medley in which the teams must run while carrying four different burdens, and ending with the obstacle course competition. It is meant to foster teamwork and good sportsmanship, and to encourage the recruitment of women into the security sector.

    Toddlers, Teens & Tiara Event, Costa Maya
    A Few Day 3 Moments ... more to come ...

    The Reporter

    Murder in Orange Walk
    Orange Walk police have three people detained in an ongoing investigation into the shooting death of 24-year-old Daniel Sosa. Officers responded to a call and headed to the parking lot of the D Victoria Hotel in Orange Walk town, where they found Sosa lying face down in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to the temple. That gunshot also caused an exit wound at the top of his head.

    Bert Vasquez gets 10 years
    Bert Vasquez, the man accused of murdering 13-year-old Jasmine Lowe, will be spending 10 years in jail for a conviction of ‘forcible abduction’ and ‘indecent assault’. Justice Adolph Lucas sentenced Vasquez yesterday, giving him three years less than the maximum sentence allowed for the ‘forcible abduction’, and three years for the ‘indecent assault’. The sentences will run concurrently (both counting at the same time) which leaves him with a total of 10 years.

    Altercation turns fatal
    Police are investigating an altercation in the west on Friday night, which escalated into one man suffering from chop wounds, while another died from gunshots. San Ignacio police went to a business establishment at the corner of Eden Drive and the George Price Highway shortly after 9 p.m., to find one Jose Leonardo Nunez Castellanos, 37, a Honduran construction worker of Santa Cruz Area, suffering from gunshot wounds. They took him to the San Ignacio Community Hospital, where he died from his injuries less than an hour later.

    The Belize Times

    There is an old adage that goes - “A man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client.” This is the truth in the case of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, a legal counsel at the Pitts and Elrington firm, who represented himself in a very troubling matter before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The CCJ has ordered Elrington to return all titles and transfer documents belonging to Progresso Heights Limited within the next 30 days. Elrington, for his part, has maintained that he is not in possession of any of those documents. Furthermore, he claimed he had never received them. However, in his written submissions to the CCJ, Eamon Courtenay S.C., established that the company had made deposits to Elrington’s account at the Bank of America in Miami Florida. These deposited cheques contained parcel numbers which corresponded with the parcels sold and needed to be transferred by Elrington. Additionally, Courtenay was able to establish that Elrington had received the documents via registered mail receipts.

    Bar Association Moves on CJ Benjamin
    The Bar Association of Belize has moved against the Chief Justice of Belize, Hon. Kenneth Benjamin over outstanding Supreme Court judgments he has failed to deliver in reasonable time. It was reported last week that at its Annual General Meeting on Friday, the Bar would have voted on the issue which is a matter of grave concern. High on their leaked agenda was the over two dozen outstanding judgments. The backlog is between two and five years or more but it appears that the two sides have come to an agreement that will see the CJ work feverishly to deliver those judgments by a certain deadline of some 90 days. That was one of the less dramatic course of actions on the table at the Association’s AGM. Other proposals on the table included asking for the head of the Supreme Court’s voluntary resignation or calling for his removal.

    Anke Doehm Shunned in San Pedro
    Suspected child-killer Anke Doehm was in San Pedro for a couple hours this weekend, but there was no warm welcome for the once popular fashion boutique owner believed to have murdered her adopted child, Faye Lin Cannon, 13. After learning that she had left for the island via ferry from Belize City at 10:30am on Sunday, a delegation of islanders waited for her. According to our colleagues from Ambergris Today, persons followed Anke Doehm and an unknown woman as they walked up the beach and made their way to the apartment at Grand Caribe which investigators say was the murder scene. There Doehm packed up several bags and left the island on the 4:00pm ferry. As she walked and even as she waited for the boat, several persons followed, taking pictures and videos, hurling verbal taunts and invectives at her, accusing her of murdering her own daughter.

    PUP Defends Cane-farmers – NO CUT in Fuel Subsidies
    The news went out just last week that the vindictive, uncaring Barrow administration was considering cutting fuel subsidies to cane-farmers in Belize. How heartless could this government be, cutting the only subsidy cane-farmers get at the exact time those farmers have to deal with the loss of preferential markets. If this were to happen, it would cripple the industry because of the exorbitantly high-cost of fuel and production. What is the Barrow administration thinking?

    The Best is Yet to Come
    The people of Belize have been betrayed by the United Democratic Party, voted in on an anti-corruption platform in 2008. It is impossible to reconcile the reckless, feckless, brutally, unabashedly corrupt and worthless Barrow Administration of today with that bold yet humble, humanitarian, righteous, pious Barrow Administration of 2008. It frankly boggles the mind to experience today the possibilities that we never imagined back in 2008, so caught up in Mr. Barrow’s hype. The now doddering Prime Minister is so much less of a man than he appeared back then when he was wildly swinging that two-sided machete – rhetorically, that is, because that machete, if it ever existed outside of the mind of this man desperate for power, disappeared on Election Day, never to be seen again. The duplicity of Dean Oliver Barrow almost defies comprehension. On December 13th, 2016, the Prime Minister was presented with documents chronicling only one example of blatant corruption by his close friend and former Deputy Gaspar Vega.

    Man Beats Friend to Death
    Marlon Peters, 38-year-old employee of the Ministry of Works, was brutally beaten by his friend and co-worker on the evening of Friday, July 14th, 2017. According to sources close to the family, Peters and his co-worker Errol Smith left work at 2:00pm and were socializing together but later that evening something went wrong and shortly before 5:00pm, the men got into an altercation.

    Sugar Industry at a Crossroads
    The Sugar Industry Zafra in the North ended on June 16, 2017. Twenty-three thousand tons less of sugar cane were milled compared to last year but 11,000 tons more sugar was produced. This is a clear indication that the quality of sugarcane delivered by the farmers exceeded last year’s quality. The final price for this year’s crop, $60.55, is a slight increase compared to last year’s price. This however is far less than what Mexican cane farmers received for their sugar price. Mexican farmers received payment of 747.80 pesos per ton of sugarcane, which is equivalent to $99.70BZD. Reports are that Belize’s next door neighbours, Guatemalan cane farmers, also received payments far above the price paid to Belizean cane farmers. So, while it appears that Belize ranks among the best in sugar cane quality in the region, farmers are being paid the lowest price in an environment of regionally excessive high cost of production.

    Senate Hearings Cancelled
    This week’s Senate Hearings on Immigration were cancelled by the Senate Select Committee after they could not determine through consensus that the witnesses summoned should testify. These were the audit team members who went into the Immigration Department and pored over their records to find the mass irregularities which the Auditor General Dorothy Bradley detailed in her reports. Those Audit team members, who were scheduled to testify on Wednesday, included Zelda Hill, Jennifer Myvett and Shane Reneau. They showed up as did the entire press but the Senate Select Committee held a pre-hearing meeting to discuss whether or they would hear them or not.

    No Arrests in Baby Dumping Case
    Belize City Police are still trying to find out the identity of the parents of a baby which was dumped into the canal separating the East and West Canal streets. The nation looked on in horror and dismay when it was learned that the authorities retrieved the baby’s body from a bag after it was fished out of the canal itself. The baby’s body was found on Thursday morning, July 20, at around 8:30 a.m., by a City Council employee whose job it is to clean the canal. He told the press that he was already making his rounds when he removed a first bag of garbage. He said that he spotted a second bag, and when he picked it up, it felt a little heavy. He thought that someone had thrown away a dead dog, but when he opened the bag, he realized that it was a new-born baby.

    If Dah Noh Soh…
    There’s this guy who’s always with the bloated Minister from Belmopan. He’s the same fellow who came up big in Immigration and is still going to Church every week to thank the good Lord his name didn’t come up in the Auditor-General’s report. Don’t know how they missed him. Anyway, this is the fellow we hear has been paying visits to the fat Minister’s BFF in Belize Central Prison lately. Very interesting. Maybe this guy is going on his own accord to find out what prison’s like in case he every goes there for an extended stay (still a very distinct possibility). Maybe he’s gone there to arrange another photoshoot for the fat Minister. That picture in Mason’s bed was a big hit, I hear – although maybe BIG is the wrong word to use in this context. Anyway…I’ll be digging into this just a lil bit more. Trust me I’ll be getting back to you.

    Questions to Ministers
    Would the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister please provide an update on the implementation of UNCAC in Belize? Could he say if there has been any REAL progress or if this commitment to teachers was just another of his famous rhetorical flourishes? Would the Member for Orange Walk North and disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister please provide an accurate listing of land parcels appropriated by himself, his wife, his brothers, their wives and extended family members while he was Minister of Natural Resources? Would the Member for Corozal Bay and Minister of Health please say if his new wife and daughter of his colleague from Cayo West will remain as Director of the Drug Inspectorate in the Ministry of Health, since he has for months now been advised that it is a conflict of interest?

    It’s Official: Bradley’s GONE…
    Darrell Bradley has been playing hard to get in Belize City, ignoring deadlines to submit his name for the mayoral seat. Unfortunately for Bradley, and certainly for the UDP, his hard to get stance has made him hard to want. And after he embarrassed the Prime Minister last week by refusing to take his calls, Barrow seems to have had enough. In an interview Tuesday, Barrow made his position clear – “The date for applications to have come in is gone. Mr. Bradley did not put in his name. so as far as I’m concerned that’s it.”

    U.S. Sent Castro a Message
    After almost two months of having to hear absolutely ridiculous explanations for why the US yanked UDP Minister Edmond Castro’s Tourist and diplomatic Visas, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington finally provided some clarity this week, which included throwing his colleague completely under the bus. At the end of May this year, Minister Castro announced quite casually that the US revoked his Visas. He and the Prime Minister then tag-teamed to downplay the obvious indictment of the Barrow Cabinet. They pretended that the visa-facilitating minister had no need to go to the United States – EVER – and that the Americans chose to revoke the minister’s visas two months BEFORE they expired just because…

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Taiwan secures Belize’s loyalty
    During his two-day visit to Belize, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China Taiwan, Dr. David Tawei Lee, said that Belize has reaffirmed its commitment to his country. Lee wrapped up his two-day visit on Friday, saying that he was pleased with his visit overall, and with Belize’s pledge to remain allies with Taiwan, which is running low on friendly nations.

    Belize City man charged for burglary in Santa Elena Town
    According to police reports, this morning around 2, San Ignacio police were on mobile patrol in Santa Elena when they met Selvin Linares, 19, of Belize City. A search on Linares resulted in the discovery of a cash pan and a safe.

    Eyewitnesses say Santa Elena incident was cold murder
    On Thursday night, a Honduran national was gunned down while eating at a restaurant in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District. Jose Castellanos “ El Chele” was shot multiple times in front of his friends around 9 pm at Restaurante Comida Latina y Belicena on the George Price Highway. Yesterday, the police report stated that an altercation ensued between Castellanos and a 31 year old man.

    Accused murderer walks
    The man accused of the shooting death of Hansel Garcia on April of 2014 is now a free man. From his hospital bed, Garcia told police that while he was walking through an alley he was shot multiple times by Dangriga resident, Nisani Garcia.

    Daniel Sosa murdered in Orange Walk Town
    This morning around 6:15, Orange Walk police responded to a report at the entrance of D Victorian Hotel parking lot in Orange Walk Town where they saw a man lying face down with one gunshot wound to the left temple that exited the top of his head.

    Two convicted for murder of Sylvan Roberts
    Justice Antionette Moore has found Donovan Casildo, 26, and Bryan Clarke, 21, guilty of the 2011 murder of Sylvan Roberts. In the trial-without-jury, held in the Belmopan Supreme Court, Moore considered evidence presented such as finger prints and blood from the accused which police recovered from the scene.Moore remanded the men to the Belize Central Prison until September 29, when she will hear their mitigation pleas.

    Attorney General doesn’t want to know who will replace Chief Magistrate
    Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte is taking a hands off approach to who will replace Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. Peyrefitte said that he is staying out of the process, and is only concerned with the end result, when a recommendation is made to the Prime Minister for a replacement. “I purposely do not want to have any knowledge of the proceedings or what’s happening there, because I do not want it to even be said that somehow the government is trying to influence from the very beginning this selection process by the judicial and legal services commission,” Perefitte said.

    Early morning murder in Orange Walk
    According to reports, a man was gunned down early this morning in Orange Walk. The body of the victim was found in the parking lot of a hotel in Orange Walk town. Details are sketchy but preliminary information is that the man was socializing with a friend (close associate of a powerful former minister) when they got into an altercation and the friend shot him in the head.


    My July Wrap-Up: The Highs, Lows, Animals, Favorite Tours and Eats
    July is coming to an end – and things during the summer and autumn in Belize tend to slow down. The slow season, the off-season, the low season**. Despite that, I’ve had a busy few weeks…just after I returned from my yearly trip to the states, my friend arrived for 10 days. And then, with a one day overlap, she departed and family arrived.

    Horse-riding to Xunantunich with Hannah Stables
    San Ignacio in Belize, close to the border with Guatemala, has plenty of things to do, from exploring caves with Mayan skeletons, to tubing, swimming and eating delicious street food! One of my favourite activities in San Ignacio was horse riding to Xunantunich. Xunantunich, also known as the Mayan ruins that no-one can pronounce, are actually closer to the Belize-Guatemala border than San Ignacio, near the town of Benque. It is easy to reach by public transport from San Ignacio, just hop on a bus to Benque and get off by the ferry that crosses the river. I was considering doing that, but then found Hanna Stables, which offers horse-riding excursions to the Maya site. Hanna Stables offers half day horseback riding tours in Belize that include pick up from San Ignacio, the ride to Xunantunich, entry, guided tour, the ride back, and a delicious home cooked lunch, before a lift back to San Ignacio.

    It was pitch black. I closed my eyes, then opened them again. It made no difference, I still couldn’t see anything. The only sound was the dripping of water, and my nervous breath. Then a voice rang out in the cave…… The ATM cave tour in Belize was an experience like no other. The caves themselves are spectacular, and to be able to see Mayan artefacts just millimetres away was truly unique. I joined Carlos the Caveman on a guided tour of the ATM caves, and was whisked away to another world. Tours to the ATM caves in Belize, officially known as Actun Tunichil Muknal (the cave of the stone sepulchre), can be easily arranged from San Ignacio, the closest major tourist town to the caves. There are several operators who run the ATM cave tour, and all have good Tripadvisor reviews. I later learned that 49 potential guides took the test proposed by the NICH, the National Institute of Culture & History in Belize, but only 23 passed. Now, not all of these guides are active, but there still seems to be a lot of companies in San Ignacio offering tours to the caves.

    International Sourcesizz

    Unraveling the Mysteries of the Miskitu Kingdom
    Few people have ever heard of the Central American nation of the Miskitu Kingdom (Miskitu Coast), nor are they aware of the severe suffering that is taking place in this region of along the Caribbean Sea. The history of the Miskitu nation predates Christopher Columbus. Their struggle to regain their rights to exist as a nation has been drowned out with publicly disseminated false information released by many of America's most prestigious in order to quell their claims and human rights abuses. These originated with a simple papal decree issued against the New World peoples and nations. Unraveling the mysteries of the Miskitu Kingdom is as simple as looking at the facts with an open mind. In 1502, during the third voyage of Christopher Columbus, his son Fernando described the Miskitu people as “almost Negroes in color,” while Columbus believed them to be "great sorcerers" and "very terrible."


  • 3 dolphins in the lagoon this afternoon, Maya Beach, 1min.

  • Longnosed batfish under a pier in San Pedro, 1min.

  • Look at the blenny scratching and the Hogfish feeding under coral nursery tables at LBC, 2min. At Laughingbird Caye National Park

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 4min. Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley -- off Ambergris Caye, Belize. July 2017. Tour company: Tuff E Nuff Dive Shop.

  • Belize Home Coming, 6min.

  • Belize Honeymoon 2017, 5min. Coco Beach Resort and Sleeping Giant Lodge in Belize.

  • Belize 2017, 5min. Documented my recent trip to Belize and calling it "amazing" is truly an understatement. The weather was nice, the food was good, the people were welcoming, everything went perfectly sans the insane sunburn I got from snorkeling.

  • Belize Trip 2017, 17min.

  • Belize Anniversary Trip, 2017, 10min. Josh and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in Belize this past May. Starting in Caye Caulker, then 3 days sailing down the Great Belizean Barrier Reef with Liberty Tours camping and snorkeling along the way, and finishing at Jungle Jeanie's in Hopkins.

    July 29, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Children encouraged to sign up for SPTL’s summer math camp
    The San Pedro Town Library (SPTL), in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), USA, and Projects Abroad Belize will be introducing two math programs from Tuesday, August 1st to Thursday, August 3rd. With plenty of space available, volunteers are asking parents to sign their children up for a fun, interactive math camp. This camp is geared for students struggling in the subject, and aims to give them an academic boost. From 1PM to 3PM, student’s aged 8 to 12 are welcome to come and get assistance from UNCW volunteers. For children aged five to seven, Projects Abroad will be offering help from 3PM to 4PM. Pam Young, a UNCW volunteer, states that math is an important aspect of life. “Math is just more than numbers—it’s everywhere! You cannot take a step forward without using the concept of math. We want campers to implement math strategies, while helping them to enhance their math skills,” said Young. SPTL reminds all parents to register their children at the library.

    WestJet announces new direct flight to Belize
    On Monday, July 24th, WestJet announced its new non-stop weekly service between Calgary, Canada and Belize. Effective November 3, 2017, weekly direct flights will be departing Calgary on Fridays at 9:15AM and departing Belize at 3:45PM. This service is part of the airline’s 2017-2018 winter schedule, which includes more flights from Calgary to Vancouver, Toronto, Fort McMurray, Kelowna, Brandon, Grande Prairie, Kitchener, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. WestJet will now operate an average of 700 daily flights to 93 destinations: 37 in Canada, 22 in the United States, 33 within Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, and one in Europe.

    Miss Honduras Andrea Nicolle Salinas Godoy arrives
    The final contestant for La Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant is here! Miss Honduras Andrea Nicolle Salinas Godoy arrived today along with reign Miss Costa Maya 2015 Gabriela Vanessa Salazar Valle.

    Reina de la Costa Maya delegates officially sashed
    Seven of the eight beautiful Reina de la Costa Maya contestants were officially introduced at Fido’s Courtyard during an official sashing ceremony held on Thursday, July 277th. Miss Belize Michelle Nuñez, Miss Costa Rica Glennys Medina Segura, Miss El Salvador Iris Yazmin Guerra, Miss Guatemala Lesly Fernanda Flores Sagastume, Miss Mexico Ximena Cardoso Gutierrez, Miss Nicaragua Danielle Nicole Hodgson Joseph and Miss Panama Maria Fernanda Jaspe were hosted to a delicious dinner courtesy of Fido’s, after which they introduced themselves and received their official sash from Manager Brian Cook.

    Police Report
    Sexual Assault: A 13 year-old female student of San Pedro Town visited the San Pedro Police Station along with her mother and reported that sometime in December 2016, at about 5PM, her grand uncle went into her room and fondled her indecently. Police has since detained one person pending charges.
    Rape: On Saturday, July 22nd, a 24 year-old female tourist visited the Caye Caulker Police Station and made a report. She indicated that the incident happened around 4AM on the same day. According to her statement, she was awakened by a male person who was on top on of her holding a knife to her face

    CEO Ruth Meighan Deputizes for Hon Edmond Castro, Delivers Address at Opening of 39th Central American Port Forum
    The Central American Commission for Maritime Transport (COCATRAM), in collaboration with the Belize Port Authority (BPA), Port of Belize and Port of Big Creek, is currently holding the 39th Central American Port Forum at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. The purpose of the Central American Isthmus Port Meeting (REPICA) is to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences through the discussion of port issues. It runs from Tuesday, July 25 until Friday July 28, 2017 and is attended by over 80 participants from the region. The Main address declaring the conference open was delivered by CEO in the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management (with responsibility for Ports) Ruth Meighan, who spoke on behalf of the Minister, Hon Edmond Castro.

    Sugar Cane Farmers seek to re-negotiate commercial agreement with ASR/BSI
    The sugar industry in northern Belize has closed a record-breaking and successful sugar cane milling season this year. The results were beyond the industry’s projection, with more than 140 thousand tons of sugar milled despite the low volumes of sugar cane available during the season. As a result, American Sugar Refinery (ASR)/ Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) is planning an investment of $22 million US dollars for the enhancement of the sugar factory in Orange Walk. However, before anything is done, there are a couple of hurdles ahead for the industry, the first being the loss of quota in the European market for cane sugars. Then there is the issue of Belizean cane farmers requesting wider re-negotiation of the industry’s commercial agreement. The commercial agreement signed in 2015, contains a clause related to a strategic development plan, which allows the associations or BSI to cancel the agreement beginning January 19, 2018. The agreement also states that if there is no contract for the purchasing and sale of sugar cane, by law, BSI will not accept cane from any farmer without a signed contract.

    Ambergris Today

    2017 Costa Maya Delegates Officially Sashed
    Costa Maya delegates were officially sashed on Thursday July 27th, 2017 at Fido's Courtyard and Pier. They enjoyed a fabulous dinner and got to mingle and interact with locals and visitors of the island. Enjoying the music of the band while taking pictures and dancing was how the night ended. Costa Maya is scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at the Hon. Louis Sylvester Sports Complex. Congrats and good luck to all the contestants vying for the title of Miss Costa Maya 2017.

    Ministry Investigates Illegal Mining And Dredging On Ambergris Caye
    The Ministry of Natural Resources has received complaints of elevated illicit mining and dredging activities within the marine environment surrounding San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The Mining Unit, along with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Staff, is investigating these activities to confirm the extent and those involved. Based on the outcome of the investigation the Ministry will take the necessary steps to address any infringement of regulations. The Ministry of Natural Resources reminds the Public, specifically persons engaged in mining and dredging activities, that it is an offense to mine, prospect and/ or remove minerals without first obtaining a permit or license from the Mining Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Any person who is found carrying out these activities without the requisite permit or license commits an offense and will be held liable on conviction to fines and/or imprisonment under the Mines and Minerals Act Chapter 226, Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000-2003.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Taste of Belize Cuisine Festival Kicks Off in Taiwan
    Belize cuisine is gracing the tables at The Cafe Restaurant of Shangri La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei from 27th July through 13th August 2017. The Event, the Taste of Belize Cuisine Festival, is presented by the Embassy of Belize in Taiwan in partnership with the Central American Trade Office (CATO) and the Hotel. The Taste of Belize opened at lunch time on July 27th to a packed restaurant of specially invited guests from the Diplomatic Corp, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Taiwan, public and private sector entities, and regular customers. Vice Foreign Minister H. E. Jose Maria Liu, Shangri La's Resident Manager Alexander Paul, and Embassy of Belize's Ambassador H.E. Diane Haylock spoke at the ceremony and broke ice along with CATO's Director H.E. Ingrid Hsing, and Belize's own celebrated Chef Jennie Staines of Elvi's Kitchen on San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

    Through its technical units of BelizeINVEST and the Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), BELTRAIDE is pleased to announce its first ever Talent Fair 2017 to be held at the BTEC Enterprise Room on the ITVET Compound on Freetown Road in Belize City on August 17, 18 and 19, 2017 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The aim of the Talent Fair is to enable potential employees to join BELTRAIDE’s employment database through a brief registration and interview in an effort to better match talent capacity with potential existing and future investments in Belize.

    Cocono Bwai, Denise Castillo, the Belize Dance Company and Project Inebesei represent Belize at Expo Astana in Kazakhstan
    Expo Astana is an International Exposition which began on June 10 and ends on September 10, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. 100 countries and over 10 international organizations will partake in discussions on this year’s theme, “Energy of the Future” to share in the development of a plan to control energy consumption around the world and to minimize damage to the environment. Hosting 100 countries in one location and with an expected 5 million visitors, the expo embraces the ability to showcase more than intellect and grants the attending countries the opportunity to showcase themselves in areas of Destination/Tourism, Trade in Goods & Services and Culture. EXPORTBelize, BELTRAIDE is proud to be working with the selected Artists and Musicians to develop their craft and showcase their talent as a business in an international arena.

    Corozal NICH workshop painting the Jade
    Here's an youth mural painting workshop done by the Corozal NICH.

    Queen of the West 2017 Presentation
    The Queen of the West presentation is tomorrow night at CK's Sports Bar. The 5 contestants will be there for pictures and autographs from 8:00pm until 10:00pm. "Queen of the West Presentation at CK Sports Bar & Restaurant Saturday July 29th 2017 at 8:00 PM! Come on out, meet and greet the contestants! "

    Last night was Reef ecology presentation
    Thanks to Hol Chan Marine Reserve

    We here at Belizean Legends celebrate the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development thirty-two years ago in Los Angeles, California. We honor those legendary Belizeans who stood the test of time and organized for Belize's development at home while resisting the backlash of vicious immigration laws since then that was imposed by one United States president after the next. Now as the new president of the U.S., Donald Trump, has imposed more aggressive and draconian immigration laws, it is unclear what the Belizean diaspora agenda have become almost two decades after the demise of the Belizean consortium.

    The legendary black Belizean woman, Myrna Manzanares has transcended Belizean social work, poetry and struggle from the Los Angeles Belizean diaspora community to her repatriation to Belize in the mid 80's to continue her never ending work of giving to people and country with all her being and sincerity. Her dynamic work in the Belizean community in Los Angeles has compiled volumes in terms of her contribution to Belizean organizing in the diaspora, and her relentless 'open packie' and outspoken way of telling it like it is. Myrna was a force to be reckon with as an organizer in the Belizean diaspora, and transfer her knowledge as an expatriate Belizean to Belize to further her quest for black identity, and to become an instrumental figure in the Belize Creole Council in Belize.

    Tribute To The Legends: Samuel Haynes!. Apart from the poem that became Belize's national anthem today, "Lands of the Gods", one of Belize's most astute renaissance man and international ambassador, Samuel Haynes also wrote other poems like the ones seen here in this expose we here at Belizean Legends call, "Tribute to the Legends: Samuel Haynes!" Check it out!

    Activities to Commemorate Emancipation Day in Belize
    ISCR and the Museum of Belize are collaborating with the UBAD Educational Foundation in their hosting of Activities to Commemorate Emancipation Day in Belize. Yes Slavery was also a part of the Belizean Story. We must not forget. We are here because they were here. Please feel free to join in on any of the activities beginning on July 31st,2017. The highlight will be a lecture by Dr. Patricia Rodney!

    Women's Empowerment Seminar
    July 29, 9am-12pm, UWI Auditorium, Belize City

    For the third year in a row the Belize Film Commission - NICH has hosted an event in Southern California that focuses on wooing Hollywood producers and investors to Belize and connecting with members of our Belizean Diaspora willing to support Belize’s film industry. During the successful luncheon held on July 22nd at the Pacific Palisades home of Belizean-Americans, Dr. Yvonne Goff and Mr. David Fairweather, guests were treated to a virtual reality experience by CEO Ryan Moore of Experience 360° using VR headsets, the screening of Yochi, the winning short film at the 2016 Belize International Film Festival directed by Ilana Lapid and shot entirely on location in Belize; and, a surprise unveiling of a painting of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize by artist, John Barge III.

    Costa Maya Delegates enjoy a night of dancing, laughter, pictures and a delicious Mayan Buffet by Elvis Kitchen!

    World Breastfeeding Week Photo Contest
    Interested persons can email their pictures to [email protected] World Breastfeeding Week is August 1st - 7th, 2017. In commemoration of World Breastfeeding Week, the Ministry of Health in partnership with PAHO/WHO Belize and INCAP will be offering prizes for photo submissions depicting the beauty and support in breastfeeding.

    A day spent on the new market in Finkasolana Corozal
    This products are sold cheaper than the usual price at the Corozal Market. I saw menonites selling, a tent that sets up from 2am, new building. I saw coconuts, watermelon, mangoes, papaya, cucumber sold for 1$ a pound, 2$ a pound for plantin, @ lots more. This tents are set up every friday and monday.

    Today is the big opening of the New Odettes Home Center here in Corozal!
    Music, giveaways and discounts in store. We are now located at Corner 5th Avenue and 2nd Street South formerly known as Sky Top! See you there. Come out and check what odettes has in store.

    Raptor Certification Program
    Our Raptor Certification Program application deadline (August 1) is approaching. We have received a number of applications, but would like to have more. Please submit your applications ASAP! Please spread the word to all Belizeans. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. There is no certification program like it in Central America. Also, we cover your costs. Submit your application to [email protected]

    Cacao demonstration plot
    Ya'axche's Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator Eugenio Ah visited farmer Vicente Makin to begin establishing a 1-acre cacao demonstration plot on a slope that was once used to grow corn. Vicente along with his sons Paul, Sebastian and dog Delia are identifying the contour of the slope using an A-frame. Vicente's ingenuity and vision of adopting and modifying smart farming techniques are inspiring!

    Channel 7

    10 Years For Bert Vasquez
    Bert Vasquez, the accused girl killer who was convicted of forceable abduction and indecent assault, will spend 10 years in jail for those crimes. That's the sentence that Justice Adolph Lucas handed him this afternoon at the conclusion of the mitigation hearing. You'll remember that about 2 weeks ago, a jury of 9 found him guilty of kidnapping a girl - who was 16 years-old at the time - at gunpoint. She testified that he forced her to enter his vehicle near the Pound Yard bus stop in Belize City. He then drove her to Ladyville, where he assaulted her, humiliated her, and forced her to perform sexual acts on him at gunpoint.

    Justice For Sylvan's Senseless Murder
    In December 2011, Sylvan Roberts Jr. was murdered in front of his wife and kids at their Santa Elena home - all for just $50. The 2 accused murderers were found guilty today when they appeared before Justice Antionette Moore in Belmopan. They are Hillview area residents 26 year old Donovan Casildo in the long sleeve brown shirt and 21 year old Bryan Clark in white. They were remanded into prison until September 29th for mitigation. Both men allegedly broke into the Roberts' residence while they were asleep that night in December. They gained entry by breaking the living room window. Roberts was awakened by that sound and when he went out to check, he was shot to the armpit. Robert's wife came out afterwards but raced back to the room where her daughters were when she saw the masked men.

    Doehm's Domicile Under Scrutiny In Port Loyola
    American couple David and Anke Doehm may have moved out of San Pedro - but they continue to face harassment. Today's Amandala reports that they are staying at this non-descript home in the Port Loyola area and residents of the area want them out. We spoke to one resident who says the community wants to organize a protest - but police have asked him to hold it down for the time being. Police have instituted hourly patrols in the area. The resident told us that there are "about 50" children living in the area and their parents are concerned for their safety.

    Taiwan's Foreign Minister Got What He Came For
    Taiwan's Foreign Minister, Dr. David Lee wrapped up his 48 hour visit to Belize this morning. It's the longest stay of any Taiwanese Official since Vice President Wu Den-Yih visited in 2012. And Lee came at the right time: 6 weeks after Panama dumped Taiwan and switched its alliance to mainland China. So Lee came to Belize to sign a big money agreement, and to make sure that this country was still confidently in Taiwan's camp. At the end of the trip, he told us he is satisfied.

    Comparing Belize/Guatemala and Taiwan/China
    And while Lee was here shoring up alliances, he has plenty of worries back home in Taiwan. That's because his government - which is seeking independence - has enraged China - which still claims the island nation. So, in a sense, just like Belize and Guatemala, Taiwan has a territorial problem with its neighbor. Now, China is one of the world's great powers, Guatemala is not anywhere near - but we asked Lee where Taiwan comes down on the Belize-Guatemala issue - not surprisingly, he was right in the middle:

    What Cutbacks? Foreign Minister Says ICDF Program May Be Extended In Belize
    And we also got to ask the foreign minister about the Taiwan ICDF program. Every year about two dozen Belizean students receive scholarships to Taiwanese Universities which includes a round trip economy class ticket, accommodations, tuition fees, credit fees, insurance, textbook costs, and a monthly allowance. It's the best scholarship program on offer but recently we've heard Belizean students in Taiwan express concern that they are scaling back some of the benefits of the program, like that round trip ticket home. We asked the Foreign Minister today of there are plans tow downscale the programme:

    Man Fatally Shot In Santa Elena, Was It Self-Defence?
    A man used his licensed weapon to shoot and kill another man who was chopping him. It happened last night at 9:00 in Santa Elena, Cayo. 31 year old Nevis Bethancourt got into a fight with 37 year old Jose Nunez Castellanos at a restaurant at the corner of Eden Road and the George Price Highway - which is a few hundred feet up from the Santa Elena Roundabout. Police report that Nunez-Castellanos chopped the Bethancourt's right hand, and raised his machete to chop him again - and that's when Bethancourt pulled this licensed 9 millimeter pistol and shot him multiple times.

    Special Constable Tried To Intervene Got Stabbed
    And keeping it in Cayo, a police special constable was stabbed yesterday morning when he tried to break up a fight. Yesterday morning at 6:30, 45 year old Eusterio Verano COC was on his way to the bus stop in San Antonio Village when he saw Amir Tzib assaulting another man with a machete. Coc went to take away the machete from Tzib and was asking away with it when Tzib stabbed him with a knife. Coc swung around with the machete he had just taken away and cut Tzib. Special Constable Coc then ran away to get medical attention while Tzib was arrested pending charges.

    The Twist In The Jaguar's Tale
    Yesterday we told you about a problem jaguar that was caught in the Northern Lagoon area in the Belize District. The farm owners held the cat long enough for the Forest Department to extract the jaguar, and deliver it to the Belize Zoo for rehabilitation. However, once there, things did not go quite as expected. Alex Courtenay reports on the terrible twist in this jaguar's tale. Over the last few months, this farm in the Northern Lagoon area has served as a hunting grounds for a mature, male jaguar. According to the farm's owner, dozens of sheep, cows and geese have gone missing since the predator set up shop. In an attempt to stop the jaguar from feasting on the livestock, a trap was set up on the outskirts of the farm, and after three days, the jaguar was caught. The Forest Department and Belize Zoo were then called to the scene to extract the problem animal.

    More Vega-Vice?
    Taken in isolation, each of land cases all appear above board, but as a collective, the suggest that land ownership was being funneled to members of the Vega family. So, here's how it works. There are a number of recurring names of private citizens who keep showing up in the documents. It appears that between 2014 and 2015, when Gaspar Vega was the Minister in charge, these persons went in to the Lands Department and applied to purchase parcels of land in the Spanish Creek area of along the Belize River. They were then granted the option to buy the land, which they did, for a few thousand dollars. The land documents say that within a few months, these new land owners then sell their title to 2 members of the Vega family. Other documents say the same thing was done with Ramsey Caye, which is in the Belize District, but a few miles south of Belize City. Again, people went in applied to buy different parcels of land on Ramsey Caye. They were granted permission and paid several thousand dollars. A few months later, the land was transferred over to these same members of the Vega family.

    Cocono Bwai Da Kazakhstan!
    Performers Denise Castillo and Cecil "Cocono Bwai" Jenkins Jr are a long way from home - in Astana, Kazakhstan which is in Eastern Europe. They are part of the EXPORTBelize, BELTRAIDE contingent at Expo Astana, where Belize is one of a hundred countries welcoming an expected 5 million visitors. They left Belize on Sunday July 23rd, and will return on Wednesday August 2nd after performing cultural music in 30 minute performances, 3 times a day, for 3 days.

    A Sports Camp For Hundreds In Their Own Hoods
    The National sports council hosted over 200 children at sports camps featuring volleyball, basketball, football and softball over the past two weeks. But this year, they did things differently; they took the camps to the kids. The acting national sports coordinator and the sports director explained:

    Getting Ready For CODICADER
    We also got to ask Jones about the upcoming CODICADER games in Honduras. As we reported 10 days ago - Belize managed to avoid a two year ban and has been invited to participate. So, the sports council is getting ready to take a full contingent of student athletes to Tegucigalpa Honduras on August 20th. This was finalized at a technical meeting in Honduras earlier this week. Jones told us how many:... Ian Jones - Director of Sports: "We have been doing all the paper works in terms of getting the athletes information together, the school information, send it back to CODICADER. So far we have commitment from all the major disciplines and now it's a matter of putting everything together, putting the resources behind it..."

    Taiwan and Belize Meet In The Middle
    As we've been reporting, the Taiwanese Foreign Minister, Dr. David Lee left Belize today after a 48 Horus visit. He got what eh came for - which is an assurance that Belize will stick with Taiwan, and Belize got a 60 million US dollar package of loans and grants. But, for the Taiwanese - it really is about more than just money. They have invested plentifully in giving Belize technical assistance in areas such as agriculture, aquaculture and information technology. But, to be honest, many times their programs don't catch on, because Taiwan is too advanced for Belize where the pace of adaptation and change can be slow.

    Dara Does It Again for Hunger
    On Sunday, Joel "Dara" Robinson is organizing his 6th Annual Ride for hunger. Now, you've seen Dara on our newscast for years as he struggles to raise the funds for his feeding program. He and his team work to keep underprivileged children fed so that they can go to school and actually learn, instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from. He's hoping that those supporters of his Ride for Hunger will come out and contribute so that he can keep the program alive. And today, his co-organizer, Kwame Scott, stopped by to ask that the public come out. Here's what he had to say:

    Channel 5

    10 Years for Bert Vasquez on Abduction, Sex Charges
    Last Friday, Bert Vasquez, convicted by a jury on July tenth of forcible abduction, sexual assault, and harm against a sixteen-year-old minor, which occurred back in May of 2011, continued [...]

    Fatal Altercation in Santa Elena: Man Shot to Death, Victim in Hospital with Chop Wounds
    There was a fatal shooting overnight in Santa Elena Town that claimed the life of a Honduran construction worker. Thirty-seven-year-old Jose Leonardo Nunez Castellanos was found lying face down under [...]

    Dangriga’s Nisani Garcia Acquitted of 2014 Murder Charges
    Also from the Supreme Court, on Wednesday Dangriga resident Nisani Garcia was acquitted of a murder charge following trial before Justice Denis Hanomansingh. He was accused of the shooting death [...]

    Recreational Marijuana User Takes Additional Jail Time
    He says he uses marijuana to relax his mind. But Aaron Flowers was sentenced to further jail time on a charge of possession of controlled substances after changing his plea [...]

    Northern Fishermen Co-Op Workers Up in Arms Over Minimum Wage
    Last week you heard Opposition member and Lake I Representative Cordel Hyde say that living on the minimum wage is killing the poor people in Belize. He spoke of the [...]

    Taiwanese Foreign Minister in Belize; Decries Relations with People’s Republic
    Taiwanese Foreign Minister David Lee concluded a three-day working visit to Belize this morning, his final stop being a tour of the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence on Mahogany Street.  [...]

    Taiwan Hopes for Peace between Belize and Guatemala
    Foreign Minister Lee also shared his thoughts on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, stating only that it is Taiwan’s wish that both countries eventually arrive at a peaceful solution to the [...]

    Taiwanese Hail Agricultural Partnership
    On Thursday, Doctor Lee headed west to Central Farm where he toured the agriculture and tilapia hatchery facilities headed by the Taiwanese Mission.  He shared his reaction to what he [...]

    TIDE, MARFUND Wrap Up Million-Dollar Project in South
    The Meso American Reef, like many other coral reef systems, is vulnerable to a number of threats, including coastal development, habitat loss, overfishing and unsustainable fishing. Similarly, climate change increases [...]

    Pathlight Prepares Teachers and Administrators for the New School Year
    For the first time in ten years, an annual teacher training conference, previously organized and held in the west, was hosted at the Radisson in Belize City. Pathlight has been [...]

    Belize’s Artistic Future on Display at ICA Summer Camp
    The annual Creative Arts Camp organized by the Institute of Creative Arts culminated today with a routine showcase of what the young performers have learned at the camp. Over the [...]

    Belizean Artists to Astana International Expo
    Cocono Bwai, Denise Castillo, the Belize Dance Company and Project Inebesei are tonight in Kazakhstan representing Belize at Expo Astana. The international trade show began on June tenth and ends on September tenth, 2017, with [...]

    “Dara” Robinson Sets Off on Ride for Hunger
    Popular Belizean philanthropist Dara Robinson is preparing once again for the school year ahead by hosting the sixth annual Ride for Hunger.  The event takes place this Sunday where the [...]

    Preview of Lucky Dube Tribute Concert Next Weekend
    Isle where Dara and friends have organized the tenth annual Lucky Dube Tribute.  As usual, fans of reggae music and those wanting to contribute to the feeding program are being [...]


    Belize’s Bright Future in Agriculture
    In a recent report presented by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), it had reported positively on the agriculture sector for Belize. Agriculture Minister, Godwin Hulse told Love News that SIB was accurate as he gave us an update on the progress of the agricultural sectors. GODWIN HULSE “That is absolutely good news because that […]

    SSB Lending Rates: A Little High For Citrus Farmers
    On July 3 we told you of the ten million dollar facility that the Social Security Board had established for citrus growers. According to SSB, they are keeping with its strategy to participate in responsible, productive domestic investment aimed at growing and sustaining the fund and to contribute to the long term sustainability of the […]

    SSB’s Consultations on Increased Contributions Conclude
    Earlier this year, the Social Security Board embarked on a nationwide consultation with stakeholders. The purpose was to get feedback in regards to a possible increase of social security contributions for employees who are earning between 300 and 500 dollars per week. The consultancy concluded and today the SSB presented the findings to its stakeholders […]

    CWU’s Agreement Almost Finalized with SSB
    In May we told you about the walk out staged by employees of Social Security Board who are also members of the Christian Workers Union. Those employees protested over the impasse on their collect bargaining agreement. Fast-forward two months to tonight and it seems that both parties are on the same page. CEO Dr. Colin […]

    TIDE Reaps Fruits Via The Mar Fund
    On Thursday the German Embassy showcased some of the accomplishments of the MAR Fund German Cooperation project which is implemented by the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE). Executive Director of MAR Fund, Maria Jose Gonzalez gave an overview of the regional MAR Fund German Cooperation Project in the region. MARIA JOSE GONZALEZ “We […]

    The Struggles of a Small University Like UB
    Yesterday Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat was officially installed as the President of the University of Belize. During his almost hour long speech, Professor Sankat spoke about what he has experienced at the University and what he plans to accomplish as the head of the country’s national university. Professor Sankat also spoke about the challenges facing […]

    New Programs … New Fees At UB
    The University of Belize is offering new programs in the upcoming academic year but it will come with an increased cost. According to the President, Clement Sankat, the new programs include Business Management, Medical Laboratory, Early Childhood Education, Pharmacy and Agriculture. Sankat explained that the fees are necessary to keep the university operational. CLEMENT SANKAT […]

    13 Years for Bert Vasquez in Abduction Case
    Thirty three year old Bert Vasquez was sentenced today by Justice Adolph Lucas. Vasquez was sentenced to ten years for forcible abduction which carries a maximum prison sentence of thirteen years. He was also given the maximum sentence of three years for the crime of aggravated assault of an indecent nature. The sentences are to […]

    Guilty Trio Sentenced on 8th Anniversary of James Young’s Homicide
    Three men were sentenced to prison today for the 2009 murder of taxi man, James Young. Pauline Soberanis Tillett has the details. PAULINE SOBERANIS TILLETT “Three men 34 year old Sherlock Myvette of Esperanza Village, 32 year old Matthew Gentle and 26 year old Ricardo Tzul both of Roaring Creek Village appeared before Magistrate Antoinette […]

    Julius Advises PUP To ‘Go For The Kill’
    Municipal elections are about six and a half months away and the machinery for both main political parties are beginning to rev up as they enter campaign mode. For the People’s United Party, we spoke with Cayo South Representative, Julius Espat who told Love News that he is not assisting any of the western municipalities […]


    Froylan Gilharry’s “Pyrrhic victory” at the CCJ
    In a decision handed down yesterday, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ordered the Government of Belize to immediately make advance payment of $40,000 to former bus operator, Froylan Gilharry, Sr., of Corozal Town, towards the cost of pursuing litigation following a dispute with transport authorities over cut-backs in his runs dating back to 2011. Amandala could not reach Gilharry for comment on the latest development, but his attorney, Fred Lumor, SC, told us that the ruling is a “Pyrrhic victory” – won at too great a cost to the victor. Lumor noted, though, that the CCJ awarded to Gilharry costs on an indemnity basis, which means that all his legal expenses have to be paid, which, he said, is hardly ever done.

    Heart disease is top killer in Belize District for Jan-June 2017
    The leading cause of death in the Belize District, the country’s most populous district, where roughly 30% of the national population resides, is heart disease, according to a bulletin just released by the Ministry of Health for the Central Health Region. Heart disease is also the 4th most common non-communicable disease (NCD), after hypertension, diabetes and asthma, but right next in line is chronic renal failure, which may also be associated with diabetes. For the most common NCD (hypertension), 55 new cases have been reported for the district for the first half of this year, while new diabetes cases amounted to 43.

    Arguably the most hated persons in San Pedro, Anke and David Doehm, have relocated to Belize City because San Pedranos have told them in no uncertain terms that they are not welcome to remain on the island after the brutal death of a 13-year-old girl who was in their care. Tonight, however, residents of Reggae Street on Belize City’s southside contacted Amandala to express their discomfort and displeasure with their new neighbors. The Doehms moved in at around 10 o’clock this morning, but neighbors want them to move out immediately, because they fear that their presence might disrupt the peace in their community.

    The end is near, says Chairman Aldo Salazar
    The UDP-led Senate Select Committee cancelled its session today and announced that it would suspend further sittings until September, the most festive month on the Belizean calendar, when hardly anyone would be paying attention to the hearings because they are held on Wednesdays, which in one case would be the eve of the September 21 Independence celebrations. We asked the UDP-appointed Senator and Chairman of the Senate Select Committee, Aldo Salazar, why today’s sitting was cancelled, although four members from the audit team who assisted in the audit of the Immigration Department were present.

    G-G signs proclamation to defer re-registration to July 2018
    A national re-registration exercise was to have been initiated this month, July 2017, but a statutory instrument has been passed to push back the exercise to next July, 2018. Governor General Sir Colville Young has signed a statutory instrument and proclamation, dated and published in the Government Gazette on June 30, 2017, to extend the timeline within which the re-registration of electors exercise is to be carried out. He cites section 3 of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 9 of the Laws of Belize, which, he said, “provides that the Governor General may at any time by proclamation published in the Gazette, either generally or in respect of any division, alter, vary or extend all or any of the dates on which or the periods within which” an action is to be taken under the specified law.

    From SJC Valedictorian to physicist: The odyssey of Sydney Taegar (Part 3)
    late morning sun was beating down, making Kremandala chairman Evan X Hyde’s office uncomfortably hot, but when he offered to turn on the air conditioning, Dr. Taegar told him, “I prefer the window open. I don’t care too much for AC.” Hyde left shortly after to bring someone he told Dr. Taegar he had to meet. When he returned, he introduced Dr. Taegar to Ya Ya Marin Coleman, the chairperson of the United Black Association for Development, Education Foundation (UEF). The UEF building houses the Library of African and Indian Studies and is also the home of the Dr. Leroy Taegar Institute of Learning, and the high-energy Ya Ya Marin Coleman is in charge of that part of the Kremandala operation.

    Mayor’s Cup finals
    Here are the results from the Dangriga Mayor’s Cup 2017 championship finals last Sunday at the Carl Ramos Stadium, where thousands of football fans from all over the country of Belize and elsewhere turned out in numbers… sold out bleachers, hundreds of standees, sold out Carl Ramos Stadium in drinks and food! Coming to the games, in the third-place match-up, DYFA won over Department of Youth Services, 4 goals to 1. In game two, which was the big championship showdown, it was a wonderful, beautiful game between both teams; but at the end of regular time, the Belize Coast Guards proved to everyone they are the better team throughout the Mayor’s Cup Tournament by winning the Mayor’s Cup championship final over Harrison “Cafu” Roches’ team, the Pomona Warriors, by a score of 3 goals to 1.

    “In the Paint” – Interoffice Basketball update

    Belikin 8-Ball Billiards report from across the country
    Belmopan teams finished their semifinal round yesterday. BRC Shooters beat Rising Stars with a total score of 6-0, while The first round of the finals is set to commence this Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. at Chino’s Sports Bar. Special Effects and Rising Stars will fight for 3rd place at Mike’s on Sunday, July 30, at 12:30 p.m., followed by the championship game, BRC Shooters versus Salvapan Shattaz, which is also to be played at Mike’s Cue Club on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

    Ahmadiyya U-19 basketball team are Copa Cancun Champions 2017
    The Ahmadiyya Basketball League sent two teams to the Copa Cancun 2017 tournament, which was held in Cancun, Mexico from the 20th – 23rd July. The teams where U-17 and U-19 males, and they had to compete with teams from all over Mexico, as well as teams from Guatemala. Our U-17 team played 6 games, won 5 of them, and lost in the semifinal round. Our U-19 team also played 6 games, and won them all, including the explosive championship game against the more favored team from Cancun. Our home-boys brought home the championship hardware and represented us well; and for that, let us congratulate the team coaches, Mr. Dion Ramclam and Mr. Jamel Wagner, Mr. Brads Neal and all our sponsors.

    Editorial: Class prejudice, ethnic bigotry
    In our lifetime we have seen two peoples from widely separated parts of planet earth, the Vietnamese and the Cubans, make some unbelievable and bloody sacrifices in order to achieve and maintain independence, sovereignty, and national dignity. The lesson we learned is that such a desire for the said independence, sovereignty, and national dignity can be an awesomely powerful emotion and energy in a people. In the case of Belize, there was a point in April of 1968 when the United States of America denied an acceptable standard of independence, sovereignty, and national dignity to our nation, Belize, and offered us a satellite status to Guatemala in the Seventeen Proposals of Bethuel Webster. The generation of black Belizean youth growing up in the 1960s had considered Hon. George Price to be less macho than we preferred in our Maximum Leader, but Mr. Price’s response to the Seventeen Proposals eventually proved to be extraordinary, courageous, even adventurist. Once Mr. Price realized in 1968 how opposed the Belizean people were to the Webster Proposals, he rolled the dice.

    The battle against offshore oil drilling not over, says San Pedro resident
    Dear Editor, As an active member of San Pedro, I would like to personally commend you on behalf of the entire community for keeping the issue of oil at the forefront. Communicating urgency is often very difficult when the surveying ships are not actually in Belizean waters. Your editorial “The Reef, The Oil, and the Politics” helps us to express how urgently this matter needs to be addressed. We are tired of reiterating our standpoint and having it fall on deaf ears. We understand the economic constraints the country faces at the moment, and that is exactly why our standpoint is so strong. As you’ve outlined, the Resource Curse is a very real thing. Let’s not play the fool and think we will be shielded by the negative effects of this natural “resource”. We can develop sustainably, as outlined by the government’s own Growth Strategy document!

    An open letter to Evan X
    Dear Evan X, I could recall as a child, when I was around 7 or 8 years old down there in Dangriga, I was always playing hop scotch, marbles or skipping when a man would pass with some papers in his hands shouting, “AMANDALA!! AMANDALA!!” I could also recall running to the gentleman out of a skipping contest and saying, “Sir, what is that you are selling?” “AMANDALA,” he replied. “Yes,” I said, “I hear you, but what is that, that thing called AMANDALA?” “It is a paper that some people in Belize City are writing and I am selling it for them,” he said.

    Anything goes in the Tower of Babel …
    Sometimes I feel like I’m living in an alternative universe, one where there is no such thing as objective truth, and all facts are merely viewed as matters of opinion. An OPINION—which we all have about things in general—and which is formed by our knowledge of and experience in the world, is different than a FACT, which is commonly thought of as a thing that is indisputably the case: reality—what goes up, must come down. We’re entitled to our own opinions, but we are not entitled to our own FACTS. A man might think that ambitious men and women view a career in the legal profession as a good way to climb the ladder of financial success and heightened social status—I suppose that’s why there’s so many of them.

    The sad case of the missing culverts at San Jose, Toledo
    Dear Editor, I write today for two things: one to congratulate the people of the Maypen community for their spanking new bridge and two, to talk about the discrimination against the Maya people here in Toledo. You see, while I applaud the opening of the new Maypen Bridge, which costs well over $100K, I also want Belizeans to be aware of the discrimination that is taking place against the Maya people of Southern Belize. If this is not discrimination, then I don’t know what to call it. For more than ten years now under the PUDP administrations, two culverts which are valued at less than $20K have been washed out because of the inferior work that was done to put them in just before elections. Because of this neglect the Maya people of San Jose now have to travel an extra fourteen miles daily on some of the worst roads in this country!

    Right to the Point
    It takes a lot to kill a child. The issue of domestic violence has many tentacles because, as I wrote before, there are various forms of domestic violence as defined by our laws. These forms being physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse and financial abuse are likewise comprised of their own variations and how each is practiced. It needs to be clear that there can be a combination of these abuses and more often than not the one form of abuse that accompanies each is the psychological abuse, because abuse no matter the form has an impact on the psychology of the person. The psychology having to do with the mind.

    Janus II
    It is interesting that a joke, crude and very local, should nudge my spirit to start writing this column. When two daughters of Simon Lamb visited the market, the one from the great land of the diaspora (note: accent, emphasis on the ‘i’, not the ‘o’,) should point to the great fruit mami, (accent on ‘a’ and ‘i’) if she wants to be an authentic Belizean. The diasporan’s correction “oh, you mean ‘mother’”suggested to me that the fruit really reminds you of mother’s breast, so much so that we call it mami. Remember accent on both the ‘a’ and the ‘i’. The incident merits mention because it elicited from me the connection I have with the original diaspora and how I came to be who I am. My maternal grandfather came to Belize at a very early age; family legend places that arrival at about fifteen. This is about the time in Europe when the first Great War had been fought and an unknown corporal of the German army started to make Nazi noises. Aldous Hurley had visited British Hond

    Two would-be church burglars denied bail
    Two residents of Wagner’s Lane were remanded to the Belize Central Prison this morning after they were arraigned on a charge of attempted burglary. Shaquille Martinez, 23, a self-employed yard cleaner, and Terel Moreira, 21, a construction worker, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who read the charge to them. Both men pleaded not guilty, but the court prosecutor, Corporal Christopher Smith, objected to the court granting them bail on the ground that the prosecution has a strong case against them.

    Mario Galvez tries to protect ex-girlfriend, but DPP says case will proceed to trial
    Three adults and a minor (who is still remanded), who are facing charges in connection with an alleged aggravated burglary that occurred at the home of businessman Mario Galvez on Wednesday, May 24, appeared this morning in the Magistrate’s Court before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. The virtual complainant, Galvez, also appeared. Galvez’s purpose for appearing at court today was to inform the presiding magistrate that he “came to drop the case.” Esther Garcia, 28, an ex-girlfriend of Galvez, is facing a charge of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary. No one else has been charged for the conspiracy along with Garcia.

    UEF celebration of Emancipation Day August 1
    The UBAD Educational Foundation has put together a series of activities to commemorate the 179th anniversary of Emancipation Day on August 1. Amandala spoke to UEF Chairperson YaYa Marin Coleman and member Pambana Bassett on the significance of Belizeans observing Emancipation Day, the abolition of legal enslavement. Bassett said that they are excited because this is the fourth year that UEF has planned activities for Emancipation Day. “It is 179 years since the legal proclamation that ended the legal enslavement of our African Ancestors in Belize by the British imperialists, formerly British Honduras, which was colonized brutally by the British. For this year we have a number of activities.

    Relocation of Belize buses to ADO Terminal is putting a hurt on the vendors at Lazaro Cardinez Market
    After agreeing to abide by new regulations and traffic laws in Chetumal, Belizean bus operators have now been informed that they must relocate their buses while in Chetumal to the ADO Bus Terminal and they are no longer permitted to park at the Lazaro Cardinez Market bus stop. This relocation is having a negative impact on the revenue of the market vendors and business owners at the Lazaro Cardinez Market (New Market) in Chetumal, which was the popular bus park for Belize buses for years. The business owners are unhappy because there is a decline in their sales. According to a report, the business owners at Lazaro Cardinez Market have seen a decline of about 70% in their revenue and they are lobbying Chetumal City officials to address the situation, because the Belize buses were relocated without consultation with them. They are seeking for the move to be reversed.

    The Reporter

    Transport Board suspends J&J Bus Line over reckless driving
    The Department of Transport has suspended the road service permit for J&J Bus Line after an amateur video, posted on social media captured the driver driving recklessly on the George Price Highway. Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez explained that J&J will be suspended for a month following the incident, which happened earlier this week. He assured commuters that during the month that J&J’s permit is suspended, the Department will make alternate arrangements to ensure that there is no disruption of service. Galvez also said that the Department is looking into having the driver charged with reckless driving, which carries “a serious penalty under the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Bert Vasquez gets ten years in prison
    The man accused of killing Jasmine Lowe, has been found guilty in another incident and sentenced to ten years. He is Bert Vasquez, 35. Six years ago a minor told police that Vasquez abducted her from pound yard in Belize City and drove her […]

    Man who burned Deputy Prime Minister’s vehicle out on bail
    The man accused of burning Patrick Faber’s vehicle last October will stand trial next October. He is Allen Martinez who was caught on camera in the early morning blaze. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith during a preliminary inquiry on Thursday morning ruled that the evidence against […]

    Machete fight in San Antonio Village leaves two persons injured
    According to police reports, yesterday morning around 6:25, San Ignacio Police visited an area in San Antonio Village, Cayo District where they saw Eusterio Verano Coc, 45, Belizean Special Constable suffering from apparent stab wounds. Coc was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital for […]

    Man shot and killed in Santa Elena, Cayo
    Last night around 9:04, San Ignacio Police visited the corner of Eden Drive and George Price Highway in Santa Elena Town where Jose Leonardo Nunez Castellanos, 37, Honduran Construction worker of Santa Cruz Area was seen lying face down under a business establishment . Castellanos […]

    Will PM Barrow testify before the Senate Select Committee?
    Ady Pacheco had previously told the Senate Select Committee that Cabinet had made a decision to stop background checks on persons applying for visas and passports.When asked, Prime Minister Dean Barrow could not recall and had to double check before confirming. Will he be […]

    Vega and Pitts haven’t returned tax payers’ money
    Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts have not yet returned the $400,000 that they had each received from former minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega following a shady land transaction.The Government of Belize filed a claim against them since last December but the matter is […]

    Anke and David Doehm move to Reggae Street
    Anke and David Doehm have relocated from San Pedro following the death of their adopted daughter, Faye Lin.The American couple yesterday moved into a bungalow house on Reggae Street in Belize City. A source told BBN that neighbours want them out of the community […]

    IDB, Government, and private sector discuss ways to ensure Belize’s sustainable development
    Top executives from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) visited Belize this week to discuss with top government officials and representatives of the private sector ways of deepening their partnership and cooperation to ensure the country’s sustainable development. IDB Executive Vice President Julie T. Katzman, […]

    Taiwanese delegation visit Tilapia Hatchery Center
    The Agriculture Department yesterday hosted a visit at the Tilapia Hatchery Centre in Central Farm by the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Taiwan, H.E. Dr. David Lee and the Secretary General of the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), Tien-Yi Hsiang. The […]

    Cost of living inches up slightly for June
    Belizean households paid an average of 60 cents more for goods and services for the month of June, according to the lasts Consumer Price Index released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). “The ‘Transport’ index was the single greatest contributor to the overall […]

    Sugar drives export increase for first half of 2017
    The sugar industry was Belize’s single largest revenue earning export for the first half of 2017, contributing largely to a 19.2 percent increase in revenue earned over last year, according to the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). The SIB’s latest trade statistics showed figures […]


    Caye Caulker: the right day-trip destination
    Smaller in size to Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker is naturally more laid back. Considered a back-packer’s haven in Belize, everything is within walking distance and there is hardly any traffic. Island life is centralized to either along the beach or on the main road. Wherever you land, you’re sure to experience the best of Caye Caulker in no time! My suggestions? Well, as the office party connoisseur, I highly recommend tasting the deliciously refreshing, famously strong Lizard Juice at Sip N Dip! Once your tongue has turned the classic vibrant green, head over to the crystal clear waters of the legendary Split – one of the most sought-after locations by both locals and visitors. Lounge in the sunshine or swim in the ‘split’ where the island has been cut in two.

    Thinking About Your Next Vacation? Here’s Why It should be San Pedro Belize
    Popular food and travel bloggers Megsy and Tommo from Food, Fun, & Travel recently stayed with The Phoenix and had a great time exploring, eating, photographing their way through Belize. It's a great introduction to anyone considering a trip to Belize or for those wanting to live vicariously through two seasoned travelers who know how to have a great time while on the move.
    Needing a break from reality? Dreaming of eating fresh seafood on a white sand beach? Seeking a little bit of luxury – you deserve it after all. But also after a place that’s easy travel, no drama, no worries….. Well, Stop Dreaming – we’ve got the perfect place for you! We recently took a vacation to San Pedro in the Ambergris Cayes of Belize, admittedly we chose San Pedro as we had to do a visa run from Mexico and it was easy to get to. What we didn’t realise, is that we would step into a world that was honestly quite difficult to leave. The people, the beaches, the food, the chilled out way of life, the fascinating Ambergris Caye excursions and experiences like no other. This place swept us up – and left us wanting more.

    Belize Visa And Residence Information
    As with many other countries, Belize requires visitors to have sufficient funds to support themselves, a return ticket, and a passport valid for at least three months beyond the date of arrival. As a citizen of the U.S. or Canada you can stay in Belize for up to one month without a visa. If you want to stay longer you’ll need to go to the Immigration Department office in Belize City, Belmopan, or one of the outlying districts, for a visa extension. You can easily renew your visa monthly for up to six months, for a renewal fee of $25. At the end of a six-month stay you must leave the country, but after two weeks outside of Belize you can return and re-start the process. Until recently, a small number of expats extended their visas every month for years. Immigration officers have recently become stricter, but the law has not changed. There’s been inconsistency between regions in terms of whether they will extend visas beyond six months. It’s safest to assume that you may be asked to leave the country after a six-month visit.

    Live In Caribbean Belize For $60 A Day Or Less
    From sun-kissed islands surrounded by the crystal clear Caribbean Sea…to charming villages nestled in the foothills of the Maya mountains, surrounded by pristine rainforest jungle…Belize is a diverse country of natural wonders. Travel through it and all over you’ll meet content expats who are living their dream lifestyle. Some have opted to live by the beach…others prefer a hillside setting in the rainforest or jungle, with birds and beasts for neighbors… The real beauty of Belize is that a variety of lifestyles are available, with varied sticker prices. If you pick one of the less touristy regions where expats settle—such as the Cayo, Corozal, and Toledo Districts—you can readily spend less than $52 a day. In contrast, during the last few years the cost of living has crept up in the most popular coastal tourism hot spots—Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and Placencia. But even in these regions there are expats living comfortably on $60 a day.

    The BEST cheap eats in Placencia Village!! (with guest writer Dave)
    Much of travel surrounds eating. Meals out, new experiences, delicious exotic dishes - travel and food go together like rice and beans. And while Placencia has a number of restaurants that I think can go toe to toe with any international travel destination’s finest dining options (Ricks, Rumfish, Maya Beach Bistro) wherever I am, I gravitate to the cheap eats. No doubt, my favorite part of travel. Below is a quick sampling of my favorite cheap eats, and how to do it like a local!

    Ancient Origins Highlights the Wonders of ATM Cave
    On July 23, 2017, the popular history website Ancient Origins published an article about the mysterious Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave in Belize. Located deep in the jungle of Belize's western Cayo District, ATM Cave is a vast underground labyrinth that was once used for sacred Maya religious ceremonies including human sacrifices. Abandoned and forgotten for more than 1,000 years, ATM Cave was only rediscovered in the 1980s. Once inside, archaeologists were amazed to discover a treasure trove of undisturbed artifacts including obsidian weapons, ceramic pots still containing food offerings, and a large altar carved from the native rock. But it was the discovery of the Crystal Maiden, the complete skeleton of a young woman whose bones have fused with the minerals in the cave, that make the cave so interesting. According to Ancient Origins, the ancient Maya believed that ATM Cave was a portal to Xibalba, a frightening underworld of monsters, demons, and evil spirits. Only priests were allowed to enter the sacred space in order to perform spells and rites in an effort to appease the gods.

    International Sourcesizz

    Would You Dare to Visit an Ancient Maya Cave of Human Sacrifice? If So, Head to Belize
    Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Natural Monument, or the “Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre,” in Belize is where archaeologists have uncovered evidence of human sacrifice rituals dating back to 3rd century AD. According to the Belize Audubon Society, the ancient Maya people believed that caves were home to gods who controlled agriculture and rain. The Maya saw caves as portals to the underworld, referred to as “Xibalba,” which translates to “the place of fear or fright.” They often believed that evil spirits, demons, and monsters were guarding the underworld, and therefore only elites and priests would be permitted access to the cave; no commoners were allowed. And yet in modern times the cave is open to any tourist willing to plunge into the underworld. In the past two decades, archaeologists have unearthed more than 1,400 fragments dating from 250 to 909 AD at the ATM cave. It was first discovered in 1989 and has remained mostly unchanged. In the main room, called the “Cathedral,” seven adults and seven children can still be seen, their bones cemented to the floor over the centuries. The skeletons range in age from one-year-old to 45-years-old.

    Sankat installed as University of Belize president
    Professor Clement Sankat, former pro vice chancellor and campus principal of the University of the West Indies St Augustine campus, has been installed as the seventh President of the University of Belize (UB) Belize. Sankat, a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, who took up the position in February, was officially installed in a ceremony on July 27 at the St John’s Anglican Cathedral of Belize, Belize, that included an academic procession and musical interludes that included an ensemble by UWI academic and conductor Jessel Murray.

    Agricultural Policy Forum analyses strategies in the Caribbean
    The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says the ministers of agriculture of Suriname, Guyana, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, as well as representatives of the ministries of Agriculture of Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, and t he Bahamas have been analysing agricultural policies in the region. In a statement on Thursday, the IDB said delegates participated in the IDB-sponsored Caribbean Agricultural Policy Forum here earlier this week, which looked at the impact on the performance of the sector. Additionally, delegates also analysed the challenges they face, including the vulnerability of small producers to price volatility in the global market, and the impacts of climate change.

    Mesoamerican Reef gets global attention
    In a first, Central America’s Mesoamerican Reef, home to more than 500 species of fish and marine species, including large populations of whale sharks, has got global attention with over 65 national and international agencies joining hands to conserve it through a multi-institutional effort. The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative to conserve the Mesoamerican Reef was launched on the concluding day of the five-day 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB 2017) on Thursday. More than 2,000 conservation professionals and students were gathered here for initiating steps in conservation of biodiversity.

    Forecastle Foundation successfully ran their three day Festival in Kentucky, U.S. featuring the Chiquibul Forest through a 65 ft. art wall
    Over 65,000 young people joined as part of the event. We are thankful to Forecastle for supporting Chiquibul as one of 5 global hotspots.


  • Sight casting fishing in clear blue waters of BELIZE, 8min.

  • Esmeralda, Belize - Nurse Shark Paradise, 2min. Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in central America and also part of the mesoamerican barrier reef system. Second largest Barrier Reef after the great barrier reef in Australia. Teeming with aquatic life and beautiful corals this area is an absolutely must for any diver.

  • Belize Cacao Consortium Group Tour May 2017, 2min. Check out our first group tour where we took our attendees around our farms and all the way through the chocolate making process. From "seed to bean to finished chocolate product". Or as we like to call it "from dirt to dollars"

  • Grace & You, 15min.

  • Flavaz Entertainment 8th Annual Soca Madness, 25min.

  • Social Media for the People & Sarina Cafe Talent Show, 28min.

  • The Reina de la Costa Maya contestants enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the one and only Elvi's Kitchen!, 2min.

  • Miss Guatemala, Miss Panama, Miss El Salvador, and Miss Costa Rica singing Despacito!, 3min.

  • Highlights Belize November 2016, 6min.

  • Cayo...Adventures in Belize (Cayo Day 2017), 6.5min. As seen on Cayo...Adventures in Belize. Produced by Steve ODell. GFX by Roseanna ODell. Broadcast in Belize on PlusTV.

  • Belize 2017, 13min.

  • Belize Shark Alley, 1.5min. Highlight of our recent trip to Belize. Enjoy!

  • Belize 2008, 18min.

  • Belize Iguana Hatchery, 1.5min. San Ignacio Belize Iguana Hatchery.

  • Noro M En Vivo - Concierto en Belize (Orange Walk ), 20min.

    July 28, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ministry of Natural Resources investigating Illegal Mining and Dredging in Ambergris Caye
    The Ministry of Natural Resources has received complaints of elevated illicit mining and dredging activities within the marine environment surrounding San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The Mining Unit, along with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Staff, is investigating these activities to confirm the extent and those involved. Based on the outcome of the investigation the Ministry will take the necessary steps to address any infringement of regulations. The Ministry of Natural Resources reminds the Public, specifically persons engaged in mining and dredging activities, that it is an offence to mine, prospect and/ or remove minerals without first obtaining a permit or license from the Mining Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Any person who is found carrying out these activities without the requisite permit or license commits an offence and will be held liable on conviction to fines and/or imprisonment under the Mines and Minerals Act Chapter 226, Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000-2003.

    San Pedro Traffic Department to implement new registration system for drivers’ licenses and vehicles
    The San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) is in the process of joining a nationwide network which will provide all municipalities with a database of all registered drivers’ licenses and vehicles. The initiative is expected to take place in the upcoming months and will seek to standardize the current system. The effort is expected to thwart the many violations committed by drivers across the country as well as the theft of vehicles. Chris Nuñez of the SPTD welcomes the idea, saying it will help the Department in accessing any information that might be needed regarding any particular case. “If someone has been issued a ticket in Cayo, we will be able to pull out that information over here in San Pedro and know whether it has been paid or not,” said Nuñez. If not, then the person can be penalized. The new system will also provide access to the drivers’ background, and it is believed that it will assist in the enforcement of the traffic regulations as well. So far, the only municipalities with these type of records are Belize City and Belmopan City.

    Miss San Pedro 2017-2018 contestants presented at official sashing ceremony
    In hopes of being the island’s next beauty ambassador, five lovely young ladies began their journey to become Miss San Pedro 2017-2018. On Wednesday, July 26th, the contestants were presented to their sponsors during an official sashing ceremony at El Patio Restaurant and Lounge. This year’s contestants and sponsors are: 18 year-old Vivianna Paredes (Jaguars Temple Night Club), 18 year-old Tanisha Rhaburn (Fido’s Courtyard and Pier), 17 year-old Nurian Trujillo (Castillo’s Hardware), 18 year-old Virginia Vasquez (Ramon’s Village), and 20 year-old Nailea Kotch (La Sirene Resort Spa and Marina). The five contestants then made their official walk on stage, and introduced themselves to the audience. All ladies shared their joy in being part of the pageant, sharing some of their future aspirations with the gathered crowd. Representatives from Jaguar Temple Night Club, La Sirene Resort Spa and Marina, Ramon’s Village, Fido’s Courtyard and Pier, and Castillo’s Hardware then picked their contestant’s name from a jar. After learning who their sponsor was, each girl was officially presented with her sash.

    Eduardo Aguilar called to the Bar of United Kingdom
    On Thursday, July 20th, the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn officially called San Pedro resident Eduardo Aguilar to the Bar for both England and Wales in the United Kingdom (UK). The practice of law in the UK is divided between solicitors and barristers, and Gray’s Inn is one of the four Inns of Court that includes barristers and judges in London, UK. 29 year-old Aguilar told The San Pedro Sun that his path to becoming an attorney began at the age of 18. In 2008, he graduated from the University of the West Indies with an Associate Degree and First Class Honours in Paralegal Studies. Afterwards, he decided to attend law school in England, where he graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors in Law (LLB) from the University of Warwick. In 2014, Aguilar returned to Belize to gain legal experience and also ventured into the fashion industry by opening Foreva Fancy Boutique.

    Ministry of Natural Resources confirms that gated docks are illegal
    The San Pedro Sun contacted the respective authorities to weigh in on the matter. Representatives from the Physical Planning Department (PPD) at the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) explained that in Belize, all land up to 66 feet from the high water level is considered national land or “Queen’s Land”. This means that docks are to be kept accessible to the public. The Department at the MNR indicated that by denying access, dock proprietors can lose their building permit and may be ordered to dismantle the structure. “Whenever a permit is granted, the erection of the structure on National Lands does not mean ownership, and no gates or barrier structure shall be placed on the dock,” said a spokesperson at the Ministry. “The public should be able to access the pier between the hours of 6AM and 6PM.”

    Ambergris Today

    Miss San Pedro Contestants 2017 Announced
    The quest to become San Pedro’s next beauty ambassador has began as five beautiful young ladies were officially announced and sashed as the Miss San Pedro 2017 contestants on Wednesday, July 26, at El Patio Restaurant. Each of the delegates was presented with their official sash bearing their sponsor’s name and was addressed by Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and outgoing Miss San Pedro 2016 Miss Lisandra Novelo.

    Chef Jennie Staines Shines In Taiwan's Taste Of Belize
    Chef Jennie Staines of Elvi’s Kitchen in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, is currently in Taiwan showcasing cuisine from Belize and Central America. She is participating in the Taste of Belize culinary event taking place at the Shangri-La Hotel. “The Rice & Beans came out perfect,” commented Chef Jennie on one of her Facebook posts. She is one of Belize’s best chefs and a true pride of the country. Congratulations Chef Jennie; you make us all proud!

    $60M From Taiwan To Belize, Foreign Minister Visits
    H.E. Dr. David Lee, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is undertaking a three day visit to Belize, 26-28 July 2017, on the invitation of Hon. Wilfred P. Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize. On Wednesday Minister Lee signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation, through which Taiwan will provide $60M to Belize, one third in grants and the remainder in loans which will be disbursed over the next four years. This support will contribute directly to the development of Belize.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Forensic equipment valued at over US $800,000 donated
    Yesterday, the United States Acting Chargé d' Affaires, Nathan Bland handed over 9 Ford F-150 vehicles and additional forensic equipment valued at over US $800,000 to the Belize National Forensic Science Services. This donation is one part of the overall effort by the U.S. Embassy to assist the Government of Belize in improving the capability and the capacity of the National Forensic Science Services (NFSS) Scenes of Crime Unit to efficiently and effectively process crime scenes. The donation of the vehicles will provide greater mobility to each of the Scenes of Crimes offices throughout Belize enabling them to arrive at crime scenes faster – almost anywhere in the country. This donation also includes various forensics related equipment stocked in each vehicle, including crime scene kits, lights and a generator for night scene processing, cameras, emergency equipment, fire arms identification kits, and several other items.

    Maya Research Program
    Maya Research Program: Session 4 2017

    Costa Maya candidates take Sunset Cruise
    Thank you to Island Dream Tours - YOLO for the sunset cruise. The Costa Maya 2017 delegates enjoyed every bit of it

    Costa Maya Festival 2017
    Day 1

    Belize Telemedia’s new service, DIGINET
    On Friday, June 23, 2017, the CEO of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), Mr. Rochus Schreiber and his team were in San Pedro Town, where they made an official visit to Mayor Daniel Guerrero to coordinate future works that will be taking place for the installation of Belize Telemedia’s new service, DIGINET. DIGINET is a new service that promises to offer Superfast Fiber-based Internet up to 100Mbps for your home or business, and the island of Ambergris Caye will be the first in the country of Belize to experience it. If everything goes as planned, San Pedro Town will be fully connect by August 2017. The BTL team will be out in San Pedro Town in the upcoming month to promote its new service prior to the official launch. The CEO, Mr. Schreiber expressed his excitement for the launch of this new service and stated that the island of Ambergris Caye will be the first to experience DIGINET because it is the top destination for tourism in Belize. He asks for the community’s support during the time of installation as works will be very aggressive in order to fully execute the service as planned.

    Department of Transport addresses apparent Reckless Behaviour by Bus Driver captured in Amateur Video Recording
    The Department of Transport has been made aware of and has viewed an amateur video recording circulating on social media, which captures what appears to be reckless behaviour on the part of a driver for a bus company which operates on a road service permit issued by the department. The bus in question is owned by J and J Bus Line which originates in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. The video, captured from inside a bus belonging to another company which operates on the same route, shows the driver of the J and J bus deliberately and consistently impeding the other bus from overtaking.

    Opening of the New Belmopan Weekend Farmers’ Market
    The Ministry of Agriculture is pleased to announce the opening of its new Belmopan Weekend Farmers’ Market on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds. The market will include over 150 stalls offering fresh local and imported produce, nursery plants and seedlings, prepared foods, arts and crafts, dry goods and clothing, free parking on site, a kid’s park, clean restroom facilities, and an onsite bus stop and pickup station. Opening hours for the Farmers’ Market starting Saturday, July 29th, 2017 and every weekend thereafter are as follows: Saturday: 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Illegal Mining and Dredging
    The Ministry of Natural Resources has received complaints of elevated illicit mining and dredging activities within the marine environment surrounding San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The Mining Unit, along with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Staff, is investigating these activities to confirm the extent and those involved. Based on the outcome of the investigation the Ministry will take the necessary steps to address any infringement of regulations. The Ministry of Natural Resources reminds the Public, specifically persons engaged in mining and dredging activities, that it is an offence to mine, prospect and/ or remove minerals without first obtaining a permit or license from the Mining Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Any person who is found carrying out these activities without the requisite permit or license commits an offence and will be held liable on conviction to fines and/or imprisonment under the Mines and Minerals Act Chapter 226, Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000-2003.

    Police tour the country
    They pledge to serve and protect,and that's exactly what our police officers are doing across the country from,up North to down South ,Inland and the Cayes our police officers are meeting with all communities hearing their concerns and they continues their efforts in making Belize a safer place for all.

    Jennie Staines at Taste of Belize in Taiwan
    A born and raise SanPedrana Jennie Staines is well known in San Pedro Ambergris for her excellent food At Elvi's Kitchen. Chef Jennie Staines of Elvi’s Kitchen in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, is currently in Taiwan presenting her cuisine from Belize and Central America. She is participating in the Taste of Belize culinary event taking place at the Shangri-La Hotel Taiwan.

    Miss Popularidad | Miss Costa Maya 2017
    1. Like the page | Sigue a la página. - Belize Pageant Updates 2. Like photo of delegate | Dar like a la foto de su candidata 3. Like photo on Instagram | Dar like a su foto en instagram (@belizepageants) 4. Comment & share | Comenta y comparte Ends | Termina: August 2 (9pm ET) Voting does not influence page

    Street Vendors of Caye Caulker need Peddler's License
    The Caye Caulker Village Council advises all vendors that effective July 31st 2017, all vendors will need to apply for a Peddler License. Applications can be picked up and filled at the Caye Caulker Village Council office. Application must be submitted for approval with all required documents at the CCVC Office by August 8th 2017.

    Physiotherapy Outreach Clinic
    The Inspiration Center has pictures from the Physical Therapy Outreach Clinic that was held at Hode's and the Physiotherapy Clinic. Thanks to everyone that made this possible. "A special thank you to the Barnabas Bar Petra Team for once again providing excellent service to those we serve!!!!! This year's outreach clinic was held in the Cayo District under the leadership for our Cayo RFO, Ms. Fay Madrid. Medical and Therapy services were offered to our clients and others in need of such. The clinic was freely housed by Hode's Place and the Physical Therapy Center. Once again, our sincerest gratitude to this team, for another successful visit to Belize, to our accommodation sponsors and finally, thanks to the wonderful parents for their interest, patience and dedication to their child(ren) well being!!!"

    Tapir (mountain cow) found floating on the Chalillo regionn, Chiquibul
    Two small punctures were observed: one on the girth (behind the elbow) and the other behind the leg. Cause of death - uncertain.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    King Arthur, Snatched, Diary of a Weepy Kid, Killing Ground.

    International Congress for Conservation Biology
    Thanks to the Protected Areas Conservation Trust for funding the participation of Ya'axche's Science Director and Protected Areas Progam Director at the International Congress for Conservation Biology. Today is the last day of the congress. They had an amazing time sharing the work of Ya'axche, learning and making connections with scientists and conservationists from around the world. #ICCB2017

    Costa Maya 2017- Arrival Day

    Guest chef dinner series
    Guest chef dinner series resumes this weekend at Blue Water Grill. We're excited to have Ryan Lachaine of Riel Restaurant, Rich Parente of Clock Tower Grill, and Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic joining our chef Chris Aycock in our kitchen this Friday, July 28 & Saturday, July 29. Here are some items they're planning: Grilled plums, crispy shallots, chicken skin, almonds, herbs, yuzu kosho Curry leaf blackfin tuna, coconut curry, tomato, bacon jam Snapper crudo, citrus, fennel soubis, prosecco Hudson Valley seared foie gras, guava, lychee, flat bread, micro greens Apple wood smoked pork belly, blueberry mustarda, field pea summer succotash, bacon braised collard greens

    Channel 7

    Rogue Bus Line, Reckless Driver Caught on Commuter Camera
    Tonight a Benque Viejo-based bus line is under pressure - after one of their drivers was caught on cell phone camera driving recklessly on the George Price Highway. Now, for commuters, this type of Mad Max driving is nothing new - it's par for the course between competing bus lines. And all commuters can do is say a prayer and hold unto the edges of their seats. That's because enforcement on the highways is, at best, lax, and rash bus drivers rule the roadways with demolition derby antics. But, this time, on Wednesday morning coming out of Belmopan someone caught it on camera. Jules Vasquez reviewed the shocking video:... The video shows a Sylvan Bus trying to over take a J and J bus - both of them eastbound to Belize City. The J and J driver is deliberately hogging the road - using two lanes - so the Sylvan cannot overtake him.

    Transport Is Swift With Decision To Suspend
    And the video is so disturbing that the Department of transport had to respond with urgency. The Transport Board met today and this afternoon the Chief Transport Officer said that the bus line's road service permit has been suspended and the driver will be charged:... Tirso Galvez, Chef Transport Officer: "Type of behavior could have lead into a serious fatal accident, both having passengers from both busses and other road users getting injured or ending as I said with fatal injuries." "The board has decided that the suspension would be for a month and that the suspension for that company and the two runs that that company has and the board will be providing another bus service to provide that service."

    Home Invasion On Riverside Street
    2 city residents are still shaken after they were held up at gunpoint and robbed in their own home. Early yesterday morning 55 year old Phillip Ramos was asleep upstairs in his Riverside Street home. His tenant Amilcar Garcia was asleep in the downstairs flat. Today Garcia told us he was awakened by Ramos knocking at his door. But when he opened the door, Ramos wasn't alone. Garcia recounted the frightening hold up. Amilcar Garcia, Resident: "I was sleeping when I heard the noise and the knock on the door. He, the landlord knock on the door and I opened it, because it was him. He says open it for him please - I have something to tell you. When I opened it the gun man pushed me in with the gun and he started to assault me. He choked me and hit me in my forehead with a machete and from there everything started. They stole all my belongings like TV, laptop, phone, assortment of things. But it was a frightening timing."

    Accident Victim Christian Conteras Succumbs
    On Saturday night, 25 year old Christian Contreras was seriously injured when he was flung off his motorbike after a collision with a van. It happened near the Burrell Boom junction and the 30 year old driver of the van, Ismael Castillo who was returning from a christian concert in the city - says Contreras swerved into his lane. Contreras received severe injuries to his head and face and was listed in a critical condition.

    Alleged Arsonist Allen Martin Will Stand Trial For Fire On Faber's Ride
    He is accused of torching Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber's vehicle and Allen Martinez, will stand trial for arson in the Supreme Court. This morning a preliminary inquiry was held in the magistrate's court where the police prosecutor tendered into evidence a number of statements along with a the widely circulated video surveillance of the fire being set.

    The Hitchhiker From Hell
    A driver who picked up a hitchhiker is recovering from his wounds tonight after the passenger turned out to be a knife-wielding robber. Sometime after 7:00, 33 year old Adan Perez was driving a white Kia 14 seater van from Franks Eddie Village to Belmopan, and picked up a hitchhiker between Cotton Tree and Harmonyville. The passenger sat in the passenger seat beside Perez and he wasn't shy. In no time, he snatched a black purse with $210.00 dollars from the dash board. Perez tried to grab the purse back from his passenger, but the man pulled out a knife and and stabbed Perez once to the chest, and under arm, and twice to the right abdomen.

    To Catch A Problem Jaguar
    Jaguars are one of Belize's most elusive, yet recognizable animals. As apex predators, jaguars generally get their choice of prey when in the wild, but every once in a while, a jaguar comes across a farm, and learns that it can get an easy meal. When left to feed on livestock for long enough, some jaguars may have trouble reverting back to hunting, and can need to be relocated or rehabilitated. And tonight, that's what's happening to a jaguar caught on a farm in the Northern Lagoon area. Personnel from the Forest Department and the Belize Zoo went out to the farm to extract the jaguar, and we were there to document the process. Here's what the Forest Department's Jaguar Officer had to say about this rare event...

    Taiwan Foreign Minister At Fish Farm
    Taiwanese Foreign Minister Dr. David Lee's Magical Mystery Tour of Belize continued today. We say mystery because we still know very little about the itinerary of his trip. But, the government press office has sent a release and video of his visit to the Taiwanese-funded Tilapia Hatchery Centre in Central Farm, Cayo District. The Centre was created through the work of Taiwanese professionals and volunteers in the field of aquaculture, plus $2.5 million US dollars to fund it for the first five-years. The Centre is now operated by the Aquaculture Unit of the Agriculture Department.

    Anne Marie Rolls, Who Will Be New Chief Magistrate?
    The name Anne-Marie Smith is in the news - if not every night - then every other night. As Chief Magistrate she deals with dozens of cases every month, and since her tenure in Belize started in 2011, she has gained a well-earned reputation as fearless, no-nonsense, and quick to hand down sentences and sips of matters. But, after almost 6 years in Belize, Smith - who is a Jamaican - is moving on to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in St. Lucia. It's a promotion for Smith and she will join Belize's Godfrey Smith who is also a judge on that court. But who will replace her as the head of Belize's lower court. When we asked the Attorney General two days ago, he didn't know who would replace her - and was happy to not know:...

    Senate Faces Procedural and Propriety Questions
    Last night, you told you why the Senate Select Committee canceled yesterday's hearing at the last minute because they could not agree on whether or not they should question the Auditor General's team. There were members on the Senate Committee who did not think it was proper to question the auditors about the reports. But there are other questions about procedure and propriety. The press asked the chairman ask about the Opposition Party's swapping back and forth between Senators Eamon Courtenay and Michel Chebat, whenever Courtenay was unable to make it for the meetings. There are concerns about whether or not that affects the legal standing of the inquiry. The press asked the Chairman if that action could render the 8-month proceedings useless, should someone bring a civil claim against the Senate Select Committee for that...

    Willoughby's Major Mayflower Makeover
    The major Mayflower Makeover is complete. City councillor Phillip Willoughby and his team succeeded in removing the garbage mound that had settled there. The residents say that for years, they had no proper way to get rid of their garbage so they used their waste as land-fill. Well, yesterday, all that garbage was cleared out. Willoughby and residents told us more about the impact of this initiative. Phillip Willoughby, City Councillor: "I think by now we have capped the garbage with the clay material and then another layer of material after the clay has set will be put in place on top of that and the residents should be fine in the Mayflower area."

    PUP Politicians Advises Cane Farmers Don't Revisit Bagasse Price Formula
    And turning back now to the standoff in the sugar industry - we re-visit a position of the interview with PUP Orange Walk South Representative Jose Mai. He is a politician, a cane farmer and a member of the BSCFA. As we've been reporting, the BSCFA has lots of issues with the proposals put forward by ASR/BSI to lock them into a commercial contract for 8 years. And one of the issues that the BSCFA wants to first revisit is the price they get for bagasse - which is the by-product of sugar. Mai advises them to abandon that argument:...

    Richard Holder Is Back Putting Regular People In Social Media
    Richard Holder is a celebrated Belizean photographer. One of his most provocative pieces is his interpretation of the Last Supper - in it, Jesus and his disciples are all Rasta men. Holder said he gathered his Rasta wash-men and snapped the photo of them. Well Holder went out into the streets again for his latest exhibit. He calls himself the Original Ice-man. He has been selling these snow cones all over city streets since 1997. And she is known as Cemetery Road's best for Belizean food - Dorla. We buy from these people and see them around almost every day working hard and selling their specialties. But really these vendors aren't highlighted or appreciated as small business owners.

    Farmer's Market For Belmopan
    The capital city of Belmopan will have its own Weekend Farmers Market. The idea is to put farmers and consumers directly in touch with each other. The Ministry of Agriculture is promising 150 stalls with fresh produce. The market will include over 150 stalls offering fresh produce, as well as nursery plants and seedlings. We found out why it will be situated at the national agricultural and trade show grounds.:... The market's first day is this Saturday, July 29th when it opens from 5:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m..

    Classical South Indian Dance Being Taught In Belize
    Bharat-Nat-yam : it is a South Indian dance and you can get a chance to learn it in 6 weeks if you join the class. Lead dancer Dwayne Murrillo told us more today. Dwayne Murrillo, Bharatnatyam Dancer: "Bharatnatyam is actually a type of Indian dance, classical Indian dance that was created in the temples of Tamil Nadu which is in South India so it was basically done in these temples but eventually it came out of the temples into the theaters of India."

    Channel 5

    Transport Suspends J & J Bus Runs over Highway Confrontation Caught on Tape
    Tonight, the Department of Transport has come down on a bus company operating out of the west, following the release of a video exposing dirty tactics by a driver on [...]

    Guatemala Still Resists Sarstoon Protocol
    The realization of the Sarstoon Protocol has been up in the air ever since the Guatemalan government suspended negotiations with Belize, following the death of Guatemalan minor Julio Rene Alvarado [...]

    New Ambassador from Guatemala to Belize
    There will be a new Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize.  While that individual has not been named officially, Guatemala is already in talks with a replacement for Manuel Estuardo Roldan Barillas. [...]

    Congress Gets to Decide before Guatemalan I.C.J. Referendum
    To go to the ICJ or not to go the ICJ? It is a question that Guatemalans may be deciding on very soon. Earlier this year, we reported that Guatemala [...]

    Taiwan Cements Formal Relations with Belize as Foreign Affairs Minister Visits
    Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Doctor David Tawei Lee and his wife, Chih Lin arrived in Belize on Wednesday and were hosted at an event in Belmopan. While the media [...]

    U.B. Formally Welcomes Clement Sankat as New President
    The University of Belize, its faculty and staff, student body, as well as the country, formally received its new president this evening here in Belize City.  It was an installation [...]

    Natural Resources Warning on Mining from San Pedro
    The Ministry of Natural Resources has received complaints of increased illicit mining and dredging activities within the marine environment surrounding San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. In a release issued today, the [...]

    Trial for Accused Arsonist of Patrick Faber’s Government Vehicle
    Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith today committed thirty-year-old Allen Martinez to be tried in the Supreme Court on an arson charge. He is accused of setting afire a silver Mazda car [...]

    Flowers Family Broken after Zacaranda Street Arson; Help Needed
    A Belize City family is tonight seeking public assistance to recover some of what they’ve lost, following a fire that destroyed their home and all its contents three weeks ago. [...]

    36 Years of Success for B.C.V.I.
    Approximately one thousand, three hundred persons countrywide have conditions that may lead to visual impairment, whether total or partial. The top causes are removable cataracts, irreversible glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy [...]

    TIDE and MARFUND Show Off Successes Down South
    We’ve shown you the Port Honduras Marine Reserve down south. It’s an economically important piece of the south, but it is also a nationally protected marine reserve. One of the [...]

    How the Ports of Central America Will Work Together
    On Tuesday, the thirty-ninth Central American Port Forum opened in Belize. The annual event is being hosted by Central American Commission for Maritime Transport in collaboration with the Belize Port Authority, the Port of [...]

    Visually Impaired, But Big Dreamers Dominate BCVI Camp
    For this next story, close your eyes and sit down in front of your television set to watch the news. Think about any of the things you do normally. Now [...]

    The Y Makes Summer Better
    Over three hundred and seventy students successfully completed the annual summer classes at the YWCA. It featured primary and high school students taking on additional work during their annual break [...]

    Belize Out of Medals at Commonwealth Youth Games
    The Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas have been completed and Belize’s team of five athletes returned on Tuesday. Their results were less than stellar, with track runners Joshire Stanley [...]

    Athletes Encouraged, Vow Better Performances
    For the youngsters themselves, this was no time to hang their heads. Lino, Ysaguirre and Stanley are scheduled for further competitions this year – in fact, Stanley was due to [...]

    Healthy Dieting, Healthy Living
    The truth about fad diets and super foods. Fad diets are targeted at people who want to lose weight quickly without exercise. Some fad diets claim that they make you [...]


    Murder Trial Against Gian Guerra Gets Underway
    The trial against Gian Guerra, the man charged for the murder of Belize Defence Force soldier Rafael Rivas, is currently being heard at the Northern Session of the Supreme Court. The trial began on the 10th of July, 2017, before Justice Herbert Lord and a ruling is expected to be handed down sometime soon. CTV3 News understands the prosecution is being represented by Shanidie Chell while the defendant is being represented by Attorney Leslie Hamilton. The case is expected to resume on Tuesday August 1st.

    Bilateral Agreement Signed Between China Taiwan And Belize
    Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), H.E. Dr. David Lee arrived in Belize yesterday on a three day visit scheduled from the 26th to the 28th of July on the invitation of Belize’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Wilfred Elrington. However, Minister Lee’s arrival in Belize went completely under the radar as no press release or agenda was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding his visitation… At least not until late yesterday sometime after 7:00 p.m.

    CCJ Rules In Favour Of Gilharry Bus Line
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Wednesday delivered judgement in a matter between the owner for former bus company, Gilharry’s Bus Line from Corozal, and the Transport Board of Belize. The regional court declared that the Transport Board did not properly consider the renewal of Gilharry’s application and frustrated his legitimate expectation to operate his business. Despite operating buses along the northern route in the country for almost 40 years, in 2008 when the Barrow Administration took office, and introduced new policies in the transportation system which were objected to by bus operators, transport officials granted temporary road service permits for three months to all bus operators in the north who had applied for, and paid, the requisite fees.

    Dangerous Bus War On George Price Highway
    A week ago we reported on the race war on the Phillip Goldson highway between buses belonging to Valencia and Morales bus companies. Commuters travelling on the Valencia bus that left Corozal Town at 2:45am reported that a Morales bus attempted to run them off the road. Well, it seems the bus wars have spread to the George Price highway as a commuter on the Western Road has posted recently taken video on social media with evidence of a dangerous attempt by a bus to block another bus from overtaking. The video shows a J&J Bus line bus moving to the center of the road and applying the brakes every time a bus traveling behind attempts to overtake. To make matters worse, the video shows that the road is wet from rain which is a recipe for tragedy and disaster on the road.


    Taiwan’s Foreign Minister on 3-Day Visit to Belize
    His Excellency David Lee Ta-wei has been serving as Taiwan’s Foreign Minister since May 2016. The 67-year-old has visited several countries over the course of his 20 year career in politics and diplomatic relations and is now in Belize where he is being hosted by his counterpart, Minister Wilfred Elrington. Ta-wei arrived in the country […]

    Hulse Says Fuel Subsidy Doesn’t Benefit Cane Farmers
    On Tuesday, the People’s United Party sent out a release speaking of the possible cut of the fuel subsidy for sugar cane farmers by the Government of Belize. CEO Jose Alpuche had indicated that there is pressure from international financial institutions to have the subsidy removed while Prime Minister Dean Barrow noted that he is […]

    Agriculture Minister Is Hopeful BSCFA Will Sign
    It has been seven months now since the Belize Sugar Industries and ASR had presented a plan to the sugar cane farmers that would see BSI investing twenty two million dollars and the cane farmers making a bit more on their deliveries. It seems like a practical proposal as two of the sugar cane farmers’ […]

    Transport Catches Up With Reckless Bus Driver
    A video posted on Facebook yesterday shows two buses racing each other to pick up passengers. Regular passengers have voiced their discontent about the behaviors of the drivers stating that their action put their lives at risk. Hipolito Novelo has more. The Department of Transport is aware of the situation. The Chief Transport Officer Tirso […]

    The DPP Will Have the Final Say in Senate Investigation
    The Special Senate Select Committee has questioned a number of people as it continues its work prying deep into the findings of the Auditor General reports on Nationality, Passport and Visa Immigration. Several revelations have been made and several interesting witnesses have appeared. One of those witnesses is Barton Middleton. Before his appearance, he was […]

    Inconsistencies With the Special Select Senate Committee
    The Senate hearing into the auditor general’s report began in November last year. Six senators sit on the committee. Most of the senators have been absent for at least one session and in the case of the PUP Senator, Eamon Courtenay, when he is absent, Attorney Michelle Chebat sits in for him. We’ve seen that […]

    Minister Hulse Is Ready to Appear Before the SSSC
    Minister Godwin Hulse is the substantive minister for Immigration. Prior to Minister Beverly Williams overseeing the day to day operations of the department, Hulse was very much involved in the ministry and was the one who had reported to the Prime Minister, the irregularities found on the Wong Hong Kim passport and Elvin Penner’s involvement. […]

    25 Years with IADB
    On Wednesday evening, the Inter American Development Bank, IDB held a panel discussion on sustainable development. It also simultaneously celebrated the 25th anniversary of Belize’s membership in the IDB. The panelists spoke about their experiences and challenges as it relates to moving forward while promoting sustainable development. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of […]

    Two Years Later: Lands Department Processes Title for Valley Farmers
    Back in June 2015 Santander Farms handed over one hundred and sixty acres of farm land to Valley of Peace farmers after they had taken them to court over crops destroyed due to aerial spraying by Santander Farms, known at the time as Green Tropics. All this was over two years ago. Fast forward to […]

    Salvador’s Criminals Seeping into Belmopan’s Outskirts
    About ten days ago, an article was published online that spoke of Belize as a haven for Central American countries particularly, El Salvador. The article cited Valley of Peace Village, Cayo District as being one of the popular areas for these refugees to seek safety from the murderous street gangs such as MS-13 and Barrio […]

    A Boost For Forensics in Belize
    Over one million US dollars’ worth of items were handed over yesterday by the US Embassy to the Belize National Forensic Science Services. The items which included nine Ford-150 vehicles and crime scene kits along with firearm identification kits and night gears were given as part of the efforts of the United States to help Belize improve the capabilities of its forensics unit. Since 2008, the United States Government has provided US $40 million through the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) to improve and enhance citizen security and rule of law in Belize. This donation is the latest example of this longstanding cooperation and demonstrates the continued commitment by both the U.S. Government and the Government of Belize to improve Belize’s justice sector.

    The Guardian

    GOB received $1.4 Million in donation
    The Government of Belize was today the proud recipient of a $1.4 Million donation. The donation made by the US Embassy of behalf of the US government consists of nine Ford F-150 pick-up trucks equipped with forensic crime scene investigation equipment which will be used by the scenes of crime units country-wide to enhance their crime scenes’ processing capabilities, along with other miscellaneous equipment and gear for the forensic firearms unit, which will be utilized to better enhance their capabilities in the analysis of firearms such as serial number restoration, and an X-ray machine which will be utilized by the medical examiner’s office for location of bullets in gunshot victims to save them time when conducting autopsies.

    Sick sexual abuse of little girls by their step father
    On June 6, 2017, a 10-year old female student of Corozalito Village, in the presence of her mother and a Social Worker, reported that on December 28, 2016 while she was at home along with her stepfather and her little sister, she was in her room drying her skin when he pushed open the door. The minor was in the nude and he complimented her private area and left the room. The complainant then went to the kitchen and while she was washing some dishes, he kissed her on the mouth and told her that he loved her. He then proceeded to fondle her.

    Friend beats friend to death
    After being hospitalized for 8 days, Santa Elena Resident Marlon Peters died from a savage beatdown he reportedly suffered at the hands of his friend. On Wednesday, July 26, the man who beat him to death was charged for manslaughter. Peters, a 38 year-old employee of the Ministry of Works in Cayo, was socializing with his friend and co-worker, Errol Smith, on the evening of Friday, July 14. Neighbors don’t know exactly why the two got into an argument, but they told the media that they heard the alleged assailant railing and cursing at Peters.

    Belize signs 60 Million dollar memorandum with Taiwan
    H.E. Dr. David Lee, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is undertaking a three day visit to Belize, 26-28 July 2017, on the invitation of Hon. Wilfred P. Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize. Today Minister Lee signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation, through which Taiwan will provide $60m to Belize, one third in grants and the remainder in loans which will be disbursed over the next four years. This support will contribute directly to the development of Belize.

    Golden citizens receive grocery packages
    Over 100 Golden Citizens have been recipients of grocery care packages as part of Councilor Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar and Councilor Kevin Singh’s program “Because We Care.” The duo took to the homes of many of the citizens to personally deliver the hampers on Wednesday, July 26, 2017. The deliveries will take place every two weeks. The councilors consider the hampers as gestures of appreciation for “treasured residents, the elderly.”

    Young people converged in Belmopan this week
    Young people from across Belize have converged in Belmopan during the past few days, and for the remainder of this week, to learn lifelong skills via positive action. These activities are being supported by a cross section of the community, with the involvement of various Government Departments. Official opening ceremonies were held at the Hill Top Basketball Court in Belmopan last Friday for the 8th annual Youth Summer Camp, which is sponsored by Hon. John Saldivar, the Belmopan City Council and the Ministry of Sports. The camp consists of eight sporting disciplines namely: tennis; chess; football; softball; basketball; volleyball and flag football. The fun activities of tennis, chess and football have been running throughout this week, until July 28th. The other disciplines will begin on July 31st and so parents are now being encouraged to sign up their children.

    Over and over and over and over the fence tells the people that they care for them…the only ones….nobody else!! So, the agenda is to brainwash with repetition: for example, ‘the white supremacy’, ‘imperials’, ‘oligarchy’, ‘capitalist’, ‘royal creoles’ [not the Hydes-everybody else, though] - are the BUZZ words that they repeat over and over and over again. A brainwash is their agenda. These individuals continue to be hypocritical to the country. The flat line of X has told the youth over the many years that basketball and football is their solution. In other words, telling them, the youth that their ONLY talent is to play basketball and football.

    …and the work continues in the East
    The tireless leader and Area Representative for Orange Walk East, Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. has delivered once more. The well-travelled road which was once the Northern Highway and part of the Pan-American route is now known as the “Old Northern Highway”. This road which leads from Carmelita through several villages including Santa Martha, Maskall, St. Anne’s, Santana, Corozalito, Lucky Strike, Boston and re-enters the Phillip Goldson Highway at Sandhill Village was in the early days the only route by which to reach Belize City and the rest of Central America by road.

    Police minister continues countrywide tour in Benque
    Belize’s Minister for the police recently conducted a tour of the Western Region. On Friday the 21st July, the Hon. Elodio Aragon Junior continued with his tour of the Cayo District Police Formation with a visit to the Benque Viejo Police Station. There, Hon. Aragon took the opportunity to inspect a guard of honor and met with the entire detachment personnel.

    Hijacking protests
    The protest against granting of bail to David and Anke Doehm , the two American adopted parents, of the dead American child Faye Lin Cannon, has now gotten political. On Friday while the couple were in court, appearing before Justice Hanamansingh, a small crowd of residents from San Pedro Ambergris Caye had gathered outside of the Supreme Court to make their displeasure known, about the fact that, there was the possibility that the couple could be granted bail. Under our laws persons who are charged for criminal offence(s) are guaranteed the right to apply for bail and to be given such bail. If said persons can satisfy the court that they will show up to court to face trial. However some of the protesters sounded like they would have preferred if the two accused persons were just sent to prison without even a trial. They sounded like they wanted them to be punished even though they were not convicted or even tried for any crime.

    Partners in Sustainable Development - IDB and GOB
    “Partners in Sustainable Development”, a panel discussion, was held on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 in the context of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Belize as an IDB member. The discussion came about as collaboration between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Belize. The discussion sought to promote what they called a “high-level” discussion on the challenges and outlooks for sustainable development and growth as in accordance with Horizon 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 2016-2020.

    The truth behind the 2012 election numbers
    For a long time now the PUP have been making the allegation that the UDP stole the 2012 elections by illegally naturalizing persons in January 2012 and then getting them registered in time to vote for the General Election of 2012 . We deliberately did not pay their chatter any attention even though we had in our possession the information that would blow their argument out of the water. However after Misho Chebat tried to directly implicate, the Hon Rene Montero in some sort of vote getting fraud we decided that enough is enough. They have been getting away with this sort of thing for way too long. Perhaps in a way we must take some of the blame for allowing, them to get away with their wild allegations. It is now time to put an end to that sort of thing. We will show you our readers the information we have in our possession. In so doing we hope to expose the PUP as the hypocrites they really are. The PUP as you may be well aware of by now are well known for accusing us of the very things they themselves are guilty of.

    Remanded for inappropriately touching a boy
    A Belize City man of the Baymen Avenue area in Belize City was accused of molesting a boy under the age of 16. He is 41-year-old Orlando Cho, a laborer. Cho was accused of touching the minor inappropriately on two separate occasions. The first occasion allegedly took place on July 18, 2017 where the boy was touched inappropriately on his genitals. The second occasion took place later that day, when Cho again touched the minor, this time on both private parts.

    One man critical after accident at Boom Junction
    On July 22, 2017 about 10:30 p.m., police responded to a road traffic accident near the Burrell Boom Junction. Upon arrival, they observed a van with L/P C- 06342 insured with Atlantic insurance on the left hand side of the highway facing Sandhill Village with its front portion extensively damage. The driver of the van was Ismael Castillo, a 30-year-old Belizean truck driver of Orange Walk Town. Also in the middle of the highway was a black Meilum motorcycle with L/P MC 4261 seen with its front portion extensively damaged. A Hispanic male person was seen lying face up on the left side of the highway in an apparent unconscious state. That person was observed with a large cut wound below the chin and was bleeding from the head.

    15 thousand netted in burglary
    On July 21, 2017, Ada Delgado of Buena Vista Village, Corozal reported that between July 15 and July 21, 2017, her home was broken into while she was away. Cash and jewelry were stolen all to a total value of $15,380. Some items were recovered and police investigation continues into this matter.

    Trevaun Chee killed by a teenager with a bat
    A 17 year-old minor was picked up and questioned by police for the murder of 22 year-old Belize City resident, Trevaun Chee. This Mahogany Street youth was clubbed across the head with a metal bat, and he later died. At around 2 p.m. of Friday, July 21, police had to rush Chee to the hospital after they found him bleeding from the mouth and an injury to the head. He was in the near proximity of his Mahogany Street extension home, and according to police, he encountered the minor. Police say that the two had a confrontation, and that’s when the young man pulled a bat and struck him several times with it over the head. Police say that the minor pulled the metal bat, and that was the weapon he used to assault Chee with.

    Chetumal Street bridge damaged by driver
    On Sunday July 23, 2017 at about 3:20 p.m., police responded to a traffic accident on the Chetumal Street Bridge in Belize City. Upon arrival on the scene, police observed a Chrysler minivan bearing license plate number BC-D-8489 on the right hand side of the bridge facing a North Western direction with half of the vehicle on the walkway of the bridge. The right railing of the bridge was also observed with extensive damages.

    Teenager and man charged with drug trafficking
    On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., Corozal Police were on a mobile patrol on the Phillip Goldson Highway, in the vicinity of San Pedro Village, when they stopped and searched 34-year-old Albert Humes of 4th Street, Altamira area, Corozal Town and 19-year-old Shanice Reyes of Raccoon street, Belize City. In a grey school bag that was between them, police found 3 packages wrapped in transparent plastic containing a total of 3,174 grams of cannabis. As a result, police arrested and charged them for the offence of drug trafficking.

    Fatal traffic accident in Seine Bight
    Dorla Flores, a 39-year-old cook of Seine Bight Village, was knocked down in Seine Bight Village on July 20, 2017 by a gray Silverado being driven by 19-year-old Obed Isaac Mojano of Blackman Eddy. Mojano was travelling in the direction from Seine Bight Village to Placencia Village. When he reached the end of the football field, he lost control of the vehicle.

    Cecil Gill remanded to prison for murder
    After two nights in police custody, 36-year-old Cecil Gill, who had surrendered to police on July 18, 2017 pending a charge of murder for the alleged stabbing of his friend, Phillip Michael Samuels, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on July 21, 2017. Gill appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser where he was read a single charge of murder.

    Froylan Gilharry gets relief at CCJ
    Belizean bus owner Froylan Gilharry Sr., has won a judgment against the Belize Government at the Caribbean Court of Justice. The final court of appeal in Belize has ruled that the Transport Board did not properly consider the renewal of Gilharry’s application to lawfully operate his bus business, which frustrated his legitimate expectation to operate his company. This CCJ win is the first that Gilharry has gotten, because both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal rejected his claims.

    High speed chase leads to drug bust and $10,000 fines
    Patrick Petillo, a 23-year-old Belize City resident of Lovely Lane, is in debt to the court but lucky to be home after he took the rap for a large amount of weed found inside an SUV. While the SUV is owned by him, it was being driven by another man, Ronald Michael, at the time of the bust. Petillo, along with well-known individual, 28-year-old Ronald Michael, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Monday, July 24, 2017 where they were charged jointly with one count of drug trafficking. Michael has been before the court on numerous charges, including drug trafficking.

    Butane truck driver held up in Monkey River
    Ernesto Blanco, a 42-year-old truck driver for Lucas Gas station of Bella Vista Village, Toledo, reported that on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. while in the vicinity of Monkey River Village driving a butane truck accompanied by his co-worker Winder Paredez, two male persons came out of the nearby bushes armed with a machete and demanded money. During the process, Paredez was inflicted a cut wound to the left side of his head. As a result he handed over a purse containing $1,800. Both assailants made good their escape. Police are investigating.

    Medicine man robbed in Lake Independence
    Hildardo Rosado, a 36-year-old Belizean Medicine Collector, reported that on Friday, July 21, 2017 at about 1:30pm, he was riding his motorcycle on Flamboyant Street, Belize City when he stopped to ask for direction and was approached by 2 men. One was riding a green BMX bicycle and took out a grey .9mm pistol and pointed it at him demanding that he hand over his backpack and proceeded to take it off his back. The men rode off in separate directions.

    13 year old girl sexually molested by a man
    A 13-year-old female reported that on July 15, 2017 about 11:40 a.m. upon arriving home, she discovered the house door open. While inside, a male person she knows as Arsenio Cano grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. They struggled and she managed to escape. Police have since arrested and charged Arsenio Cano, a 26-year-old Belizean laborer, with burglary, attempted rape, and sexual assault.

    Wife walks away from aggravated assault charge against her husband
    In December, a Japanese national Asako Solis, who has been living in Belize and married to Belizean businessman Elvis Solis, was accused of committing an aggravated assault with a firearm upon her estranged husband. The trial against Solis began three weeks ago before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser but has come to an end after Elvis Solis indicated that he did not wish to pursue the matter. On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, he told the magistrate that with his ex-wife in prison, their children would be without their mother. With that, prosecutor in the case Cpl. Christopher Smith discontinued offering evidence against the accused. As a result, Solis was free to go.

    Costa Rica 3 peat as Central American U- 20 Female Volleyball champions
    The XVII Central American U-20 Female Volleyball championship that was being hosted by the Belize Volleyball Association and played from July 19-22, 2017, at the St. Catherine Mercy Centre in Belize City came to an end on Saturday 22nd July with the final game played between Belize and Nicaragua. In the final match of the championship, Nicaragua defeated Belize in 3 sets by the score of 25-22, 25-23 and 25-16. With the loss to Nicaragua, Belize finished in the 5th position behind Costa Rica who repeated as the Central American U-20 champions, Honduras who finished in 2nd place, Guatemala in 3rd place, Nicaragua in 4th place, El Salvador in 6th place and Panama who finished in the 7th position.

    Ahmadiyya Basketball League represent in Cancun
    Ahmadiyya Basketball League Sent two teams to participate in the Copa Cancun 2017 Basketball Tournament that was held in Cancun, Mexico, from the 20th - 23rd July 2017. The teams that represented were of the U-17 and U-19 categories and both in the male division. They competed against teams from all over Mexico and also from Guatemala. In the U-17 division, Team Belize played 6 games, while winning 5 of them. The only defeat came in the semi-final round.

    Independence United wins again in Stann Creek Softball competition
    The 2017 Stann Creek Softball competition continued on Sunday 23rd July with 2 games played out at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. In the first game played, Sittee River Lucky Stars defeated Hopkins Beach Girls by the score of 14-13. The winning pitcher was Pinky Andrews and the losing pitcher was Delaine Aranda. In the second and final game of the day, Independence United won handily over the Silk Grass Royale Girls by the score of 9-1. The game was called at the end of the 5th inning when the Run-Ahead Rule came into effect.

    Digicell number one seed into city softball playoffs
    The regular season for the Belize City Softball Association Senior Women’s Competition will come to an end on Friday 28th July, 2017, when Beacon will go up against the number one seed into the playoffs Digicell. Digicell continued its dominance of the competition when on Monday 24th July it defeated the defending champions the Belize Bank Bulldogs by the score of 12-4. On Tuesday 25th July, Belize Bank won over the Beacon by the score of 12-2. The winning pitcher was Renisha Richards and the losing pitcher was Hortence Thurton.

    Hurricane Facts & Tips - Atlantic Hurricane Season
    During 1851- 2016 there were forty-eight (48) Atlantic July cyclones during 21- 31 July. Thirteen (13) formed in the Atlantic Ocean Main Development Region (MDR), eighteen (18) in the Gulf of Mexico, fourteen (14) in the vicinity of the Bahamas and along the U.S. eastern seaboard and three (3) in the Mid Atlantic Ocean. It is noteworthy that zero (0) cyclones formed in the Western Caribbean Sea. Hurricane Anna was the only cyclone that affected Belize and its coastal waters during 21 -31 July. Anna was the first storm of the 1961 Hurricane season and the single July cyclone for 1961. In 1961 there were eleven (11) cyclones, nine (9) Hurricanes and two (2) Tropical Storms. In 1961 there was 1 CAT 1, 3 CAT 3 and 2 CAT 5 Hurricanes and 2 Tropical Storms. There was no June nor August cyclones in 1961.

    Little to no chance
    I can recall that in the nineteen seventies OWT featured weekly on the front page of several newspapers, and once even blazed the cover of a popular magazine with the caption, “money, murder, guns and drugs” or something like that. You will also recall that the same seventies saw the best prices yet for sugarcane, so money was rolling in Sugarland those years. Many people got rich and many people died trying to get rich or to stay rich. During that same period I was attending Muffles College and could only stare in wonder at the rich kids in school. They had everything in life while I was dirt poor. That is why the other day when I saw one of those former rich kids with a shovel in his hand my flabber was ghasted. I mean, this guy had it all! A Big mansion with Brazilian tiles on the floors and bathrooms. There were color TV’s connected to motorized antennas in several places in the castles. In the front lawns were top-of-the line, tinted, air-conditioned vehicles and large tractors to tend to expansive cane fields. One such big time lit his Piccadilly cigarette with a crispy 20 dollar bill right in front of me even as I could not afford to order another brew.

    You Say I Should do what Now?
    Today exists the largest generation of young people ever known. Technologies like mobile phones and social media have created a generation that is better connected than ever before, awakening in us a new sense of power and potential. Young people are providing the energy, creative ideas and determination to drive reform and create a world that we want to live in. But young people also face challenges. Social exclusion, lack of rights, poverty and many other issues must be overcome before we are able to fully exercise our potential. Volunteerism is one powerful way for us to gain a strong sense of civic engagement and stake claim in our communities, our countries, our world.

    Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
    In 1 Corinthians 2:12-13 the Apostle Paul wrote: “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Spirit teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.”

    Scotiabank presents scholarships to students
    On Friday July 21, 2017 at the Punta Gorda branch of Scotiabank, six students were presented scholarship grants from the bank. The grants and school supplies were presented to primary school students. The staff and management who made it possible were thanked for their effort, interest, and assistance in the educational development to all students, past and present ones, who have been affected by the program. Along with the students, their parents and the principal of Pueblo Viejo School, Steven Sho, were also present.

    Social Security Board awards 43 scholarships
    The 16th Social Security Board Scholarship Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at the George Price Center in Belmopan. At the ceremony, 43 students were scholarship recipients. Of the 43, 30 students were awarded high school scholarships, 12 sixth form scholarships, and 1 vocational. The students were chosen based on academic performance as well as economic need. The scholarship program relies on the contributions of employers and employees. The Board’s objective is to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Belize and, according to Dr. Colin Young, C.E.O., S.S.B., the best way to do so is by investing in the educational opportunities of young people in the country.

    Caribbean musical groups welcomed in San Ignacio
    The University of the West Indies Arts Chorale, in a perfect synchrony with the UWI steel, has given a remarkable performance on Sunday evening at the Cayo Welcome Center in San Ignacio Town. Originating from the UWI Saint Augustine Campus, the unique musical ensemble delivered songs such as “Freedom is Coming”, “Deliver Daniel” and the Spanish delight “Besame Mucho” to the much enjoyment by attentive listeners. In his opening address on Sunday, Deputy Mayor of the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena George Boiton welcomed the organizers and members of the delegation from Trinidad and Tobago on behalf of Mayor Earl Trapp Junior.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Bandits FC getting ready for CONCACAF champions league game
    The Belmopan Bandits Football Club (FC), winner of both the opening and the closing season of the Belize Premier Football League (BPFL), are getting ready to represent Belize in the ScotiaBank CONCACAF Champions League 2017. Their first game will be held on August 3, […]

    Transport department issues statement on reckless bus driver
    The Department of Transport today issued a statement saying that it has viewed an amateur video recording circulating on social media, which captures what appears to be reckless behaviour on the part of a driver for a bus company which operates on a road […]

    Armenia villager robbed and stabbed multiple times by hitchhiker
    Last night around 7:32, police visited the Western Regional Hospital where upon arrival they observed Adan Perez, 33,a Belizean bus driver of Armenia Village, Cayo District suffering with four stab wounds. Perez had one stab wound to the chest, two to the right abdomen, and one […]

    Important notice on illegal mining and dredging
    The Ministry of Natural Resources has received complaints of elevated illicit mining and dredging activities within the marine environment surrounding San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The Mining Unit, along with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Staff, is investigating these activities to confirm the extent and […]

    Belmopan opens new weekend farmers’ market
    The Ministry of Agriculture today announced the opening of its new Belmopan Weekend Farmers’ Market at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds. The market will include over 150 stalls offering fresh local and imported produce, nursery plants and seedlings, prepared foods, arts and […]

    US Embassy donates 9 vehicles to National Forensic Service
    Yesterday, the United States Embassy in Belize donated almost $1.4 million worth of vehicles and equipment to the National Forensic Service. The donation included nine Ford F-150 pick-up trucks equipped with forensic crime scene investigation equipment. Present at the handing over was Elodio Aragon […]

    Belize prepares for Costa Maya Festival 2017
    Photos © Jose Luis Zapata Photography The international Costa Maya Festival 2017 kicks off next weekend in San Pedro Town. From August 3 to August 6, islanders, visitors, tourists and delegates will celebrate the annual Costa Maya Festival with cultural presentations and the annual pageant. […]

    Foreign Minister of Taiwan visits Belize
    H.E. Dr. David Lee, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is undertaking a three day visit to Belize – July 26-28, 2017, on the invitation of Wilfred P. Elrington, Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Today, Lee signed a Memorandum of Understanding on […]

    Women empowerment seminar to be held this weekend
    This Saturday, July 29, 2017, a women empowerment seminar will be held in Belize City. The Women Empowering Seminar will be held at the UWI Auditorium and will run from 9 am to 12 pm. Attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd will be sharing legal rights of women […]


    La rápida destrucción de bosques en Centroamérica amenaza a las comunidades y fauna locales
    Los bosques más grandes de Centroamérica están desapareciendo a una velocidad precipitada debido a la ganadería ilegal, las plantaciones de aceite de palma, y otras actividades humanas, todas los cuales están poniendo a las comunidades locales y las especies de fauna silvestre de la región en alto riesgo. Un nuevo estudio realizado por Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), titulado "La Huella Humana y el Impacto de la Ganadería", fue presentado este mes a grupos indígenas, agencias de áreas protegidas y organizaciones de la sociedad civil de nueve países para su validación y evaluación. Esto impulsó el desarrollo de un compromiso conjunto denominado "La Declaración de Petén". Firmada por 25 de las organizaciones participantes, la declaración reconoce las causas de la pérdida de bosques y se compromete a acciones concretas para abordarlas.

    Belize to save the Coastal Zone
    A mangrove is a shrub or small tree that grows in coastal saline or brackish water. The term is also used for tropical coastal vegetation consisting of such species. A coastal zone management plan designed to safeguard Belize's natural assets has produced a win-win opportunity for people and the environment, providing a valuable framework for other coastal nations around the world where overfishing, development, and habitat degradation are increasingly serious problems. The new research, published in the International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, is both community-driven and science-based and serves as a revolutionary example showcasing how integrated planning can be beneficial for both nature and people.

    International Sourcesizz

    Project to save the Belize coast provides valuable framework
    A coastal zone management plan designed to safeguard Belize's natural assets has produced a win-win opportunity for people and the environment, providing a valuable framework for other coastal nations around the world where overfishing, development, and habitat degradation are increasingly serious problems. The new research, published in the International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, is both community-driven and science-based and serves as a revolutionary example showcasing how integrated planning can be beneficial for both nature and people.

    DC McMaster School group conducts Belize vision screenings
    Defiance College’s McMaster School for Advancing Humanity has been working with partners in Belize and recently performed nearly 1,200 visual acuity scans in four schools. Participants included, from left: DC students Catlyn Pavel of Van Wert, Madelyn Homan of Sidney, Zachary Roush of Nashville, Ind., Zackary Reed of Beaverton, Mich., and McMaster School dean Mary Ann Studer.

    Heights business donates school supplies
    Educational Outfitters is embarking on one of the business’ largest donations of school supplies ever to the country of Belize through the Grateful Samaritan program. This is the second time they have donated items to Grateful Samaritan. Cindy Schoel told the Herald that the paper, flash cards, decorative outlines for bulletin boards, art supplies, games and more equals to about $4,000 worth of education materials that will be used in the schools of Belize.

    Mesoamerican Reef gets global attention
    In a first, Central America's Mesoamerican Reef, home to more than 500 species of fish and marine species, including large populations of whale sharks, has got global attention with over 65 national and international agencies joining hands to conserve it through a multi-institutional effort. The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative to conserve the Mesoamerican Reef was launched on the concluding day of the five-day 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB 2017) on Thursday. More than 2,000 conservation professionals and students were gathered here for initiating steps in conservation of biodiversity.

    Refugiados de El Salvador encontram paz no Belize
    Juan Barrera* foi forçado a fugir de El Salvador sozinho quando tinha apenas 16 anos. Isso foi em 1990, durante a guerra civil do país. Juan rodou pela América Central por anos, sobrevivendo como pôde, até que um tio lhe falou sobre um recanto de paz localizado próximo à fronteira da Guatemala, em Belize, pequeno país anglófono banhado pelo mar do Caribe. O salvadorenho encontrou a cidade, juntou dinheiro suficiente para comprar um lote de terra e começou a se dedicar à agricultura de subsistência. Quase 30 anos depois, Juan vive confortavelmente, plantando repolho, pepinos, tomates e outros vegetais para vender em Belmopan, capital do Belize. Um de seus filhos já foi para a universidade e uma de suas filhas está prestes a seguir o mesmo caminho.


  • University of Belize Graduation June 24 2017 Belmopan, 3hr. The June, 2017 UB graduation ceremony is available to view on YouTube.

  • The National AIDS Commission discuss Advocacy and Legal Training for Human Rights, 35min.

  • Belize Honeymoon 2017, 7min. Hamanasi

  • Diving Belize 2017, 7min. SCUBA Diving in Belize with Splash Belize

  • Young artist from Corozal District are engaged in a summer program, 6min. Young artists from Corozal District are engaged in a summer program that will see colour and a significant cultural emblem added to Corozal Town as a mural. Today we caught up with the art crew as they prepared to complete their project.

  • Talk Ah Di Town July 27, 2017, 31min.

  • San Cas & Angelus Press Extravaganza, 22min.

  • Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay, 24min.

  • UWI Open Campus Guild Executive, 19min.

  • DARA' s Feeding Program - 6th Annual Hunger Awareness Ride, 18min.

  • Costa Maya delegates having fun at Fido's Courtyard & Pier!, 1min.

  • UWI Arts Chorale and Steel with Belizean Drummers "Hallelujah Chorus", 4min. at Official installation of Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat as the 7th President of the University of Belize taking place at the St. John's Anglican Cathedral in Belize City.

  • Chris Sookhoo and Anton Williams perform "How Great Thou Art", 4.5min. at the Official installation of Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat as the 7th President of the University of Belize taking place at the St. John's Anglican Cathedral in Belize City.

  • Scuba Diving Belize - Blake Bergeron Senior Trip, 6.5min. Filmed throughout 26 dives along the Lighthouse Reef near Long Caye and Half Moon Caye Belize in June 2017.

  • ADVENTURES IN BELIZE!!!, 12min. In this video, I go down to Belize for a week long vacation and saw some remains of mayan cities, saw howler monkeys, and enjoyed time with family and friends.

  • Belize, 7.5min. Dangriga Town, Stann Creek, Belize

  • Belize And The Lizard of Terror, 2min. What do you do when you're on your honeymoon and you find a lizard living in your wicker headboard? Why you destroy the bedroom of course.

  • Belize Sailing Trip,3.5 min. We took a day sailing trip on a catamaran. The trip was awesome sailing and we went to two great snorkeling locations. We came home with one lobster and one crab to eat that night! It was a great day!

  • A boecontra catch on tape in Belize cayo district, 2min.

  • The History of Chocolate, 4min. Not everything about chocolate is sweet, including its history: If you look closely enough, you can see some Maya artifacts with paintings of people gathering, preparing, or drinking cacao.

    July 27, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Delegates for the International Costa Maya Festival arrive on La Isla Bonita!
    Activities for the biggest international festival in Belize, the International Costa Maya Festival, began on Wednesday, July 26th, with the arrival of the delegates for this year’s Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant. The pageant will officially open the festival on Thursday, August 3rd, with eight contestants from the seven Central American countries and Mexico vying for the title and crown.

    Miss Honduras delegate Andrea Godoy to replace Kerelyne Webster at Reina de la Costa Maya
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the International Costa Maya Festival® has announced that Miss Honduras Kerelyne Isell Campigoti Webster will no longer be participating in this year’s Costa Maya Pageant. However, Director of Miss Honduras Mundo Belleza Nacional, Eduardo Zablah, is pleased to present the new delegate vying for the title of Reina de La Costa Maya 2017-2018: Miss Andrea Nicolle Salinas Godoy. 19 year-old Godoy is 5’ 7’’, and loves to swim, play volleyball, and plays the piano. She is trilingual, speaking Spanish, English, and Portuguese! She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

    San Pedro Sailing Club relocates to Banyan Bay Suites
    On Sunday, July 16th, the San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) enjoyed its first day of ‘Sunday Sailboat Racing’ off the waters of the beachfront at Banyan Bay Suites, the club’s new permanent location. The SPSC’s decision to seek out the Banyan Bay Suites as a new home were based on the resort’s open beaches, its proximity to the best sailing and training waters in Belize, and a joint passion between the resort’s owners and the SPSC to provide free instructional sailing to Belizeans, both young and old.

    Ambergris Today

    Miss El Salvador, Miss Mexico, Miss Panama, Miss Nicaragua and Miss Costa Rica have arrived!
    Miss Honduras and Miss Guatemala will be arriving tomorrow to join Miss Belize and the rest of the contestants on their journey towards the crown of the prestigious Miss Costa Maya International pageant that will take place on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at the Hon. Louis Sylvester Sports Complex.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    June 2017 External Trade & Consumer Price Index
    During the month of June 2016, the All-Items Consumer Price Index stood at 104.4, an increase from 103.7 in June 2016. The prices of goods and services regularly purchased by Belizean Households were, on average, 0.6 percent higher than they were in the same month of 2016 (See Figure 1). For the first six months of 2017, a year-to-date inflation rate of 1.5 percent was recorded. Belize’s total imports for the month of June 2017 were valued at $154.7 million. This was a decrease of 4.9 percent or $8 million from imports for June 2016, which totalled $162.7 million, and was as a result of reduced imports across several of the major categories of goods.

    Presented by: Ms. Monique Usher, Business Advisor & Ms. Sarita Bejerano, Client Management Officer, SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE. Location: San Pedro Town Council, Training Room. Workshop Date: August 3rd, 2017. Time: 9am to 3pm. Customer service excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a tough and increasingly uncertain business climate. In today's customer-oriented business environment, "people skills" are critical for personal and organizational success. How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team's and company's performance. This training seminar on providing good customer service gives you the skills you need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage through customer service excellence. Cost: $75.00, Includes Lunch Snacks and Refreshments.

    Say hello to Miss Panama, Miss Mexico, Miss Belize, Miss Costa Rica, Miss El Salvador, & Miss Nicaragua
    The first Miss Costa Maya Delegates to arrive to the island. Stay tuned for more photos

    US Embassy looking for gardeners
    The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for two (2) Gardener positions. The successful candidates will be required to obtain a security clearance and undergo a medical examination. WHO MAY APPLY: Anyone who is eligible for appointment under Belize’s local laws. Applicant must be in possession of a Belize social security card valid for employment and/or a resident/work permit. The U.S. Mission in Belize provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

    H.E. Dr. David Lee, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is undertaking a three day visit to Belize, 26-28 July 2017, on the invitation of Hon. Wilfred P. Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize. Today Minister Lee signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation, through which Taiwan will provide $60m to Belize, one third in grants and the remainder in loans which will be disbursed over the next four years. This support will contribute directly to the development of Belize. On the Ministerial visit, Minister Elrington conferred the Order of Distinction on Minister Lee, in recognition of the friendly relations between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and of the valuable contributions that Taiwan has made to Belize over the nearly three decades.

    The Central American Commission for Maritime Transport (COCATRAM), in collaboration with the Belize Port Authority (BPA), Port of Belize and Port of Big Creek, is currently holding the 39th Central American Port Forum at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. The purpose of the Central American Isthmus Port Meeting (REPICA) is to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences through the discussion of port issues. It runs from Tuesday, July 25 until Friday July 28, 2017 and is attended by over 80 participants from the region. The Main address declaring the conference open was delivered by CEO in the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management (with responsibility for Ports) Ruth Meighan, who spoke on behalf of the Minister, Hon Edmond Castro.

    Letter: Dialogue with UN advisory mission concerning the Belize-Guatemala referendum
    By Belize Progressive Party. The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to thank the UNDP for affording the opportunity to dialogue with its UN Advisory Mission that is currently in country, concerning the upcoming referendum with Guatemala. We welcome the inclusion of the UN in the process and respect the purview of its involvement concerning this matter of national significance. With this in mind, the BPP voiced the immediate need for: (1) the GOB to commence and ensure that a transparent re-registration process is conducted prior to any referendum, (2) an unbiased and inclusive education effort through which all views on the matter are acknowledged and given due deference and (3) technical support to be provided to civil society and interested entities toward fostering the necessary dialogue, via an awareness campaign geared toward providing a full-scope of the options which are available to Belize on this matter of critical importance.

    BTB & JG Black Book East-coast Roadshow 2017.
    The BTB and JG Black Book East Coast Roadshow...the first stop, Pennsylvania

    15th Annual National Tourism Awards
    We've extended the due date for all nominations to August 11, 2017.

    Belizean Patriot: Gwendolyn Margaret Lizarraga
    Gwendolyn Margaret Lizarraga, MBE (11 July 1901 – 9 June 1975) commonly known as Madam Liz, was a Belizean businesswoman, women's rights activist and politician. She was the first woman elected to the British Honduras Legislative Assembly (now the Belize House of Representatives) and the first woman to serve as a government minister in British Honduras, now Belize. Gwendolyn Margaret Smith was born on 11 July 1901 to Sidney Smith and Guadalupe Baeza in Maskall Village, British Honduras. Lizarraga was a businesswoman, who operated a successful chicle and mahogany farm. As she conducted her business inspecting the chicle and mahogany camps, Lizarraga ignored convention, driving a land rover, wearing pants, carrying a gun, and smoking cigarettes. She was very outspoken and authoritative, and not intimidated in her dealings with big companies such as Wrigley’s, Castillo and Thurton. She was also known as a compassionate employer and one who supported equal pay for equal work. She urged inclusion of protections for women laborers and equal wages.

    Channel 7

    Today's Senate Hearings Cancelled, Here's Why
    The Senate Hearings of Immigration were supposed to continue as normal today, but the witnesses who were called, showed up only to find out that the Committee no longer wished to question them. Those witnesses, as we told you last week, were supposed to be the auditors from the Auditor General's team. These were the ones who actually went in and inspected the Immigration Department's records, to unearth all the irregularities. So, they showed up to testify, but after the Committee completed their pre-hearing deliberations, they decided against calling them. The Chairman of the Committee explained it in a briefing this morning:

    How Much Longer For Hearings?
    The press also asked the Chairman if the Committee has an estimate of how much longer the hearings will continue, before the entire inquiry comes to a close. The Senate investigation began in November of last year, and is now completing it's 8th month. As we've showed you, Chairman Aldo Salazar thinks that the hearings should have ended already, and today, he said that the Committee has only a few more witnesses to be called. Here's his answer to that question:

    Hon. Godwin Is Coming
    The Senate Committee is going to take a break for the entire month of August, until the 30th, when the Senators will visit the Immigration Department, which they planned a few months ago. Some of the remaining witnesses will be called before the Committee to discuss measures which have since been implemented to strengthen the Immigration Department. You will remember that before the hearings started, Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse publicly discussed a number of changes that were put into place after the Elvin Penner/Won Hong Kim broke in 2013.

    Fire In Freezone
    There have been some historic fires in the Corozal Free Zone - that have taken down multiple buildings - but a fire early this morning only destroyed one building. That is the Menandros Store in the Corozal Free - which is one of the oldest stores in the zone - established 12 to 15 years ago. The Fire Department says they responded around 1:00 AM, and found the building engulfed in fire. They managed to contain it but the building was completely destroyed - and eventually caved in. Menandros is Mexican - owned and sold all kinds of items from clothing to groceries. The value of the losses has not yet been ascertained but both the building and the stock were destroyed. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined and the investigation is ongoing. Today, the officer commanding Corozal told the media that the building is still cooling off, so it is too early to know the cause of the fire:

    Errols Smith Charged and Remanded For Friend's Murder
    Errol Smith, the man who beat his friend, Marlon Peters to death in Santa Elena has been charged with manslaughter. Smith had turned himself in on Monday morning in the presence of his lawyer. The brutal beat down happened on Friday July 14th. Smith and Peters were hanging out that Friday afternoon when they had some misunderstanding one that sent Smith into a rage where he attacked Peters and left him thrown in a Maxi Street yard unconscious. Peters survived but he couldn't hold on anymore and he died a week after, on Saturday. Smith was remanded to prison until September 22nd 2017.

    Minister Aragon Encourages Gang Mediation From All Parties
    Last week, Southside Commander Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal raised eyebrows when he said that gang mediators Dianne Finnegan, ACP Chester Williams and Nuri Mohammed should join in with an institution like the CYDP - rather than pursing their own agendas as independent mediators. Dianne Finnegan bristled, while ACP Williams put up a Facebook post saying he was with an institution, one called the Police Department. So what does Minister of State with responsibility for Home Affairs Elodio Aragon think? He was a former Eastern Division Commander himself and he echoed Dianne Finnegan in saying, the peace effort needs all the help it can get:

    Taiwanese Foreign Minister Visits, GOB Says Nothing
    The Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. David Tawei Lee and his wife, Mrs. Chih Lin arrived in Belize this afternoon. We cannot say much about the visit, because - in a sure sign of imminent institutional collapse - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn't even send out a press release, or an itinerary. All we got was this video of the formal welcome at an undisclosed location:

    Grand-Uncle Accused of Molestation
    In just the past five days, police have circulated reports of 6 sexual assault cases involving minors. The sixth was reported today: it is a case on San Pedro where a man is accused of fondling his 13 year old grand-niece. According to the girl, her grand uncle fondled her in December 2016. Police has detained one person in this case.

    "Sick" Stepdad To Court
    And, in more disturbing news, the man who allegedly molested his 2 step daughters was charged with 9 sexual offences when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was charged with 3 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with his 10 year old stepdaughter, 1 count of sexual assault and 1 count of assault on a child by means of penetration. He was also charged with 3 counts of sexual assault on his 8 year old stepdaughter and 1 count of assault on the child by means of penetration. The incidents allegedly happened between December 2016 and May 2017. The step dad was remanded into custody until September 28.

    City Man Shot In Chest In Front Of Home
    A Belize City man is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the chest late last night. Sometime before midnight, 27 year old stevedore Leroy Gladden was in front of his residence on Black Orchid Street socializing with friends. That's when two men pulled up, and one of them fired several shots at him.

    Chinese Grocery Robbed In Vista Del Mar
    Last night between Ladyville and Vista Del Mar - a Chinese grocery store was robbed at gunpoint. At around 8:45, a man ran up on 58 year old storeowner Zheuchu Wu and demanded that he opened the door for his business, Mike's Store. Wu refused, and the man took out a black object resembling a gun, and again demanded that he open the door. He complied and that's when another man who was already in the shop hopped over to the cash register and snatched an undisclosed amount of money. Police are investigating and reviewing security camera video.

    "Badman" Business at Bella's Backpack
    On Monday we told you about a Scandinavian tourist who was raped at a hostel on Caye Caulker. Well, tonight the news is about another hostel, this one in San Ignacio. 21 year old Daniel Nicholson, the manager of Bella Backpack Guest House on Galvez Street said he was at work at about 1:00am this morning when he walked into his room and 3 men in dark clothing and with rags tied over their mouths and caps on their heads ambushed him.

    US Donates To Forensics Office
    We hear about many cases that had to be thrown out of court because of lack of evidence. So yes properly collecting and securing evidence especially in high profile cases like murder is a really big deal murderers can walk free without it. That is why all the pressure is on the scenes of crime team to ensure that a scene is not tampered with in any way. Well the scenes of crime team got major help today when the US embassy donated $800,000 US dollars in equipment and vehicles. Courteny Weatherburne has more

    The Vera Black Eye Shadows The Forensics Dept.
    And while the Forensics team has gotten a major upgrade with this donation, it also got a major black eye last month when its ballistics expert Orlando Vera was convicted of abetment to pervert the course of justice. In the course of the trial it was revealed that he was offering an accused person to use his skills to get a case thrown out - all for a fee, or a bribe. So how does this important unit guard itself against that sort of expert corruption? The Minister today said there is only so much they can do:

    Bus Judgment From CCJ
    For almost 40 years, Froylan Gilharry's company has been operating buses along Belize's Northern route. That is, between the Mexico/Belize border and Belize City. In 2008, an injunction was filed and the Ministry of Transport halted the renewal of bus permits, however they made an agreement with Gilharry to allow him to continue running as usual, despite having an expired license. The Ministry allegedly also agreed to consider the renewal of Gilharry's bus permits once they were accepting applications again.

    Bringing Women Into Ports
    Last night we told you the 39th Cnetral American Port Forum. It is being hosted in Belize and the 80 delegates from 8 countries are discussing a number of topics. One of those topics is about the role of women in the port sector. Now there is some level of involvement of women the Commisioner of Ports is a female as well as the CEO of Ministry of Transport is a female. But the Commisioner says more has to be done to get more women on board.

    Westjet Starts Another Seasonal Flight From Canada To Belize
    Canadian airline Westjet has announced a new flight to Belize. After the success of its twice weekly seasonal flight from Toronto, the discount carrier has now announced a new flight from Calgary, Canada. It's a non-stop once weekly seasonal service which started on November 3rd, 2017. The price for a one way ticket is estimated at 279 Canadian Dollars.

    Accused of Pulling Gun On Husband, Asako Walks Free
    Six months ago, she was accused of committing an aggravated assault with a firearm upon her husband by allegedly pulling his own gun and pointing it at him, but yesterday Asako Solis was declared a free woman. Her husband Elvis Solis says he must look at the bigger picture so he chose not to continue with case against his estranged wife.

    IDB Looking For Partners In Sustainable Development
    This evening the IDB held a panel discussion titled "Partners in Sustainable Development". The panel, which was comprised of experts in various different fields ranging from environmental research to economic development, discussed the challenges Belize faces when it comes to sustainable growth, and how the IDB can be used to help Belize overcome those obstacles. IDB's Executive Vice President, Julie Katzman, told us more...

    What's The Way Forward In BSI/BSCFA Dispute?
    Last night you heard the Prime Minister and the PUP's shadow Minister of Agriculture comment on the current impasse between ASR/BSI and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. The PM says the parties have to work it out, while the opposition says the Government has to do its part as regulator. Today, Orange Walk East Representative Elodio Aragon - who has many cane farmers in his constituency - took the PM's line, he says both sides have to sit down:

    A Difference Over Two Dollars Per Tonne
    And one of the four major issues that's keeping the Cane Farmers Association away from the table is the two dollars per ton that BSI is proposing to pay for direct consumption sugar. That's the higher grade product which BSI wants to produce and export to the Caribbean - but it will have to first invest 22 million dollars to upgrade the plant. And for that it wants a long term agreement from farmers. But the BSCFA is asking how did they arrive at two dollars per tonne. The PUP's Jose Mai - who is himself a cane farmer - explained their concern:..

    GSU, Missing Money or Innocent Inquiry?
    And while that's two dollar per tonne - what about the $60,000 in intelligence gathering money that was supposed to have been unaccounted for at the GSU? We've seen a letter from the CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs expressing concerns about how that fund is used. Today the Minister said its much ado about nothing: Hon. Elodio Aragon - Minister of State, Home Affairs: "There's no investigation going in any kind of misappropriation of funds that is where the ministry of home affairs was asking about the information funds."

    Minister Disagrees That He Agrees With Health Stats
    We also asked Aragon about statistics from the Ministry of Health which show that homicide is the second leading cause of death in the Belize District for the first half of 2017. He said he disagrees, when really he agrees: Hon. Elodio Aragon - Minister of State, Home Affairs: "In terms of that information, I nearly want to think the opposite. I nearly want to think that non-communicable diseases are the leading cause of death in this country. Because murders, we only have about, what? Right now we only have about seventy-odd for this year so far. But I'm thinking that, it might be the opposite."

    Bandits For CONCACAF
    The Belmopan Bandits Football Club will make its first appearance in the 2017-2018 CONCACAF Champion's League. That's after qualifying for the tournament as 2016 opening Champion, and the 2017 Closing Champion of the Premier League of Belize. They are going up against Nicaragua in their first match, and they will seek to undo the embarrassment that the Belizean football clubs have been put through in the last 2 tournaments. That's no easy feat, since they are a semi-pro league, while the other clubs from the other countries are professional football clubs. Nevertheless, the Bandits feel that they are up to the challenge, and today, the management introduced the team to the nation in a press conference. 7News was there, and here's what the principals of the football club had to say:

    Channel 5

    Senate Public Hearing Canceled over Dispute about Audit Team Witnesses
    Those tuning in to Channel Five this morning expecting to see our live coverage of the Senate Special Select Committee’s public hearings will have been disappointed to see that they [...]

    After Break, Godwin Visits Committee; What about P.M.?
    The Senate Select Committee is now scheduled to go on break for the entire month of August. Chairman Salazar told reporters that their visit to the department is scheduled for [...]

    A Small Slice of Drama from Part Two of Committee Hearings
    The Senate Special Select Committee has been watercooler talk across Belize since hearings resumed at the end of April. For better or worse, it has been dominated by the behavior [...]

    More from Your Paycheck for Social Security
    Will there be an increase in the amount of money that comes out of your paychecks for social security? That is yet to be seen, but on Tuesday, S.S.B. C.E.O. [...]

    S.S.B. Wants Stable Investment Options
    According to Doctor Young, the investment income of the S.S.B. in the utility companies, the private sector and the agricultural industry has been keeping the fund buoyant over the years. [...]

    Fire Destroys Free Zone’s Oldest Store
    There was a massive fire inside the Commercial Free-Zone in Corozal during the early hours of this morning. According to a late report from the police, around one a.m. Corozal [...]

    B.S.I. Looks Forward, Wants Farmers to as Well
    This week, Belize Sugar Industries Limited’s managers and senior officials are in meetings in Orange Walk Town, reviewing the recently gone sugar cane milling season. It was a record-breaking and [...]

    BELCOGEN: ‘Piece of Junk’ or Worth Saving?
    Seven years ago, the Belize Co-Generation Energy Project kicked off at Tower Hill, Orange Walk. It uses bagasse from milled sugar to provide up to twenty-five megawatts of electricity for [...]

    Slight Increase in Inflation; Exports Rebound
    The Statistical Institute of Belize has released new figures for the month of June, recording a slight increased of point six percent on the All-items Consumer Price Index.  Goods and [...]

    Police to Get to Bottom of B.D.F. Uniform Mystery
    The story of the used B.D.F. uniforms…everyone has weighed in from the respective government ministries, including home affairs and defense.  Those worn military garbs were all listed for destruction by [...]

    It’s over for Darrell Bradley, but Not for U.D.P. in City
    It’s now official: Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley will not run for a third term in office. A decision not to contest the coming internal convention for the United [...]

    C.S.I. Belize: Equipment and Wheels for Scenes of Crime, Forensic Service
    Over a million and a half Belize dollars in forensic equipment was handed over to the Ministry of Home Affairs today. The donation, gifted by the US Embassy, is to [...]

    Leroy Gladden Shot in Belize City
    Twenty-seven-year-old Leroy Gladden is fortunate to have escaped grave injuries after coming under gunfire on Tuesday night.  The stevedore, of a Black Orchid Street address, was standing in front of [...]

    Stepfather Charged in Brutal Sex Assault
    A fifty-year-old man was arraigned today in the Belize Magistrate’s Court after he was arrested and charged with six counts of sexual assault and three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse [...]

    Ministry Queries G.S.U. Funds but No Investigation
    There have been reports that some sixty thousand dollars were unaccounted for from the GSU’s budget. But today Junior Minister Elodio Aragon says that the funds are not missing from [...]

    ‘Banditos’ to Storm Nicaragua; They’ll Be Wearing New Gear
    The Belmopan Bandits won the Premier League of Belize and that qualified them as the team to represent the Jewel in the 2017 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League. In its first [...]

    Kaina Martinez and Future Athletes Run the Track in Seine Bight
    Over two hundred children, ages five to seventeen, registered with Kaina Martinez’s annual track and field games held over the weekend in Seine Bight Village on the peninsula, catering to [...]


    Senate Committee Not Seeing Eye to Eye
    Every Wednesday since November last year we have been bringing you the highlights of the Senate Hearing into the auditor general’s reports. Like last week, we intended to do the same tonight however, today’s hearing was cancelled. That’s because committee members were not able to reach a consensus regarding the three witnesses scheduled to testify […]

    Did Ady Pacheco Lie to Senate Committee?
    And before that happens, will Prime Minister Dean Barrow be summoned to testify? Throughout the senate hearing, several questions have been asked that witnesses have not been able to answer appropriately or in full. One of those questions has to do with the stop order given to discontinue security clearance checks for visa applicants, specifically […]

    SSSC Takes a Month Off
    There is no telling when the Senate hearing will come to an end. It has been going on for about eight months. Chairman of the committee, Senator Aldo Salazar says he believes it is winding down. ALDO SALAZAR “For my part I have been wishing to wind it down from very early. I have my […]

    SIB Releases June Figures on Belize’s Cost of Living
    The prices of household goods are still high according to the Statistical Institute of Belize. On average, goods and services went up by 0.6 percent. While food and non alcoholic beverages, which the SIB says have remained relatively stable since late 2016, saw a small increase of 0.6 percent, the highest inflation was recorded in […]

    Free Zone Store Destroyed by Fire
    A well-known business establishment inside the Corozal Free Zone was gutted by fire last night. The two storey structure known as Menandro’s Company Limited specialized in the sale of clothing and apparel and has been in existence for over a decade. Officer Commanding the Corozal District, Superintendent Sinquest Martinez furnished us with the preliminary findings. […]

    Hotel Manager Beaten and Robbed of $20K Plus
    In San Ignacio, police are investigating an aggravated burglary. According to police, 21 year-old Daniel Nicholson, the manager of Bella Backpack Guest House on Galvez Street in San Ignacio was at work when he was attacked. He told police that around one o’clock this morning, when he was entering his room, he was approached by […]

    Home Invasion in Belize City Leaves Two Injured
    Two Belize City residents were injured in a home invasion that happened last night at a residence on River Side Street. Love News understands that sometime after three this morning at least five men broke into a home while the owner of the house was asleep. The men forced their way through a screen door […]

    Peters’ Suspected Murderer Remanded to Prison
    29-year-old, Errol Smith of Santa Elena Town, Cayo District was arraigned on the charge of manslaughter earlier today and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 22, 2017. Smith was detained earlier this week after 38-year-old, Marlon Peters passed away following a physical altercation with him. The altercation occurred on Friday, July 14, […]

    Minor Admits to Injuring Chee; No Charges Rendered
    On Monday we told you that a minor was in police custody after it was alleged that he had beaten 22-year-old, Trevaun Chee on Friday afternoon. Love News has been reliably informed that the minor was released and no charges were laid against him. Chee’s mother was notified by the police this morning of the […]

    UB’s 7th President Speaks of First 5 Months in Office
    Earlier this year it was announced that Professor Clement Sankat would head the University of Belize. Since his appointment, Sankat has been running the university as the seventh president. His position will become official tomorrow when he is installed at a ceremony in Belize City. While in Belmopan, our news team caught up with the […]

    Belize Takes VP Seat at CSUCA
    The University of Belize has been invited to join the Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano, CSUCA. In fact, through its President, Professor Clement Sankat, UB is asked to take up the post of vice president of the regional body. CSUCA is a consortium of Central American universities which promotes the development of scientific, technological and humanistic […]

    Family Feels Jilted Following Not Guilty Verdict In Dangriga Murder Trial
    A family from Dangriga is up in arms after a verdict of not guilty was delivered in a murder case that occurred in 2014 in that municipality. Correspondent Harry Arzu was outside the courtroom and has the story. HARRY ARZU “

    CCJ Tells Transport Board to Pay Up
    Belize’s Transport Board has been ordered to pay forty thousand dollars forthwith to businessman, Froylan Gilharry Sr. The order came from the Caribbean Court of Justice earlier today as it finalized the case between both parties. The case dates back to 2008 when the Barrow administration had sought to revamp the public transportation system resulting […]

    Athletes Return From Commonwealth Games 2017
    WRITTEN BY RENEE TRUJILLO A Belize delegation returned from the Bahamas today after local athletes competed in several disciplines. The media met up with them at the airport earlier today and spoke with the head delegate, Orson Butler. ORSON BUTLER “The team was five athletes and two officials. Tricia Flores, she is responsible for the […]

    GSU Gets Drugs and Firearms
    GSU Officers searched a residence on Apollo Street, Belama Phase Four where they found thirty seven grams of marijuana. Present at the time of the search were twenty two year old Shawn Wade and two females. Initially the trio was arrested and charged for possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply. When they appeared […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man robbed at gunpoint at work; Thieves take about 20K in cash
    A man was robbed at gunpoint in Cayo this morning. Police reports reveal that shortly after 12 this morning, 21 year old Daniel Nicholson, a Manager at Bella Backpack Guest House on Galvez Street in San Ignacio town was about to enter his room […]

    Man found dead in his apartment
    This afternoon, the body of a Belize City man was removed from his apartment on Gill Street. He has been officially identified as Henry Terry. According to the police press office, police are treating his passing as a case of, “sudden death.” © 2017, […]

    Senate Select Committee pauses until September
    The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee, Aldo Salazar, and various of his colleagues in the UDP have expressed their desire to bring the hearings into the Auditor General’s report to an end. Today, Salazar told the media that the hearings of the committee […]

    Early morning fire in Corozal Freezone
    At around 1 a.m. today, there was a fire inside the Corozal Freezone. Reliable information to BBN is that one of the oldest duty free stores in the zone, Menandros Co. Ltd., was ablaze. Reports to our newsroom are that the building was devoured by the […]

    Social Media For The People by Richard Holder
    Richard Holder is presenting his new exhibition entitled “Social Media For the People” (#SM4TP) at The Image Factory Art Foundation in Belize City. The exhibition opens on Friday, July 28, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm. The artist will be available for interviews tomorrow at 10:00 am for a preview of […]

    Grocery Store robbed in Ladyville
    Last night around 8:50, police visited My Store located on Manta Ray Boulevard, Ladyville Village where Zheuchu Wu, 58, reported that around 8:45 pm, a male person approached him at his store and demanded that he opened the door. Wu refused and the man then took out […]

    Senate Select Committee cancels meeting today
    The Senate Select Committee today convened in Belmopan. However, the hearing was cancelled because the committee could not reach a consensus on interviewing the audit team. According to the Chairman of the Committee, Aldo Salazar, he believes that the Auditor General herself should testify […]

    Granduncle sexually assaults minor
    A 13 year old female student of San Pedro Town visited the San Pedro Police Station along with her mother and reported that sometime in the month of December, 2016, her grand uncle went into her room and fondled her indecently. Police detained one […]

    Belize City man shot early this morning
    This morning around 12:05 a.m., Belize City police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where cops saw Leroy Gladden 27, a stevedore of an Orchid street address suffering from a gunshot wound to the right side of the chest. Initial investigations revealed that Gladden […]

    Errol Smith charged for “manslaughter”
    On Monday, Errol Smith, 29, had handed himself over to police in the presence of his attorney. Smith and Marlon Peters were socializing on Friday, July 14 when they got into an altercation which led to Smith beating Peters unconscious. Peters was taken to […]


    Stunned On Caye Caulker, Belize – The North Side’s Biggest New Development
    On our return to Ambergris Caye – after swimming and eating in Caye Caulker – we stopped at the new beach club/restaurant/lounge/bar and more on the North side of the island. The side that until very recently was basically undeveloped, the side that only got electricity in the last year or two. The new place is called Koko King. And to stay that I was STUNNED is an understatement. This patch of mangroves just a few hundred yards north of the split (on the calm leeward side of the island) has EXPLODED! Perhaps the most impressive thing to me is that THEY HAVE THEIR OWN WATER TAXI! It picks people up every hour and a half in Caye Caulker town. As long as you spend $10bzd at Koko King, it is free.

    Statistical information about tourists visiting Belize
    Tourism in Belize has grown considerably recently, and it is now the second largest industry in the nation. Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow has stated his intention to use tourism to combat poverty throughout the country. The growth in tourism has positively affected the agricultural, commercial, and finance industries, as well as the construction industry. The results for Belize's tourism-driven economy have been significant, with the nation welcoming almost one million tourists in a calendar year for the first time in its history in 2012.

    International Sourcesizz

    'Visionary' project to save the Belize coast provides valuable framework
    A coastal zone management plan designed to safeguard Belize's natural assets has produced a win-win opportunity for people and the environment, providing a valuable framework for other coastal nations around the world where overfishing, development, and habitat degradation are increasingly serious problems. The new research, published in the International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, is both community-driven and science-based and serves as a revolutionary example showcasing how integrated planning can be beneficial for both nature and people. Belize's coral reefs, mangrove forests, and seagrass meadows support a high diversity of marine species, and are also critical to the economy, with more than 60% of the population depending on ecosystem services such as tourism, food, and coastal protection. Ecosystem services are the benefits people can obtain from nature. Unchecked development, overfishing, and offshore oil exploration have put these ecosystems and the benefits they provide at unprecedented risk and in 2009, the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System was added to UNESCO's List of World Heritage in Danger.

    Hollywood Meets Belize: New Found Hub for Blockbuster Productions
    In a robust display of style, class and culture, the Belize Film Commission held its’ 3rd Annual luncheon to connect industry executives in Hollywood with key members of the Belizean Diaspora to offer Belize as a core nucleus for the motion picture business. Producing far more than its sultry “Caribbean” flare, Belizean representatives say the Afrocentric Country is the perfect backdrop for Hollywood film production. At the intimate gathering, held in the backyard of a swanky Pacific Palisades home, the Sentinel spoke with Belizean actor, producer, and film commissioner for Belize, Nigel Miguel. Miguel says the continued endeavor to bring Hollywood to Belize benefits its’ natives both directly and indirectly. “Belize is a production friendly county with incentives and rebates and we have what we believe is the prettiest backdrop for your story or live event,” he said.

    Belize launches next phase of payment overhaul
    The Central Bank of Belize has launched a new electronic cheque clearing system which will form part of its larger Automated Payment and Security Service System (APSSS), allowing for payments to be processed within 24 hours. The central bank began reforming its national payment system in 2010, when it developed an information system – the APSSS – which connected banks into a data-sharing network. “APSSS allows participants to operate using technologically advanced features and security, includ


  • Hangout with Belize Tourism, 25min.

  • Day 4 Dive 1 Part 1 Belize A lot of Sharks and Cave Swim Through, 2min. Day 4 Dive 1 Part 1 - Shark 0:00 - Shark Pet 2:15 - Shark 7:00 - Cave 7:40 - 13:30 Shark - Shark 16:00 -Shark 1800 - Shark 19:10 - Spotted Fish 12:15

  • The fundamentals of singing with Sandra Bradshaw, 26min.

  • Conferring the Order of Distinction of Belize on Dr. Hon. David Tawei Lee, Foreign Minister of Taiwan., 2.5min.

  • Bus driver's disregard for safety, 4min. This is a video here showing what's happening every single morning with J &J Bus Line on the road. This happend this morning before Rio Coco before. These people don't have conscience honestly they don't give a dam about peoples lives. They think that this is a game playing on the road daily daily.... hanging on the other busses schedule then when they see that the bus is behind the drive on the other side of the road not letting the other one go and overtake them. Just because they feel like doing it. Then when they see people thats how they park blocking the whole highway so that they would pick up the passengers. People from those areas Cotton Tree and St. Matthews are aware of what'shappening there they pass through this daily.

  • Mangrove Park Tour, 2min. This morning the Friends of Corozal United for Sustainability (FOCUS) invited everyone to come “face to leaf” with Corozal’s mangroves. It commenced from 9am-noon, at Mangrove Park. There was activities to help you learn more about the importance of these wonderful trees in our life, and their role in fighting climate change. We took the children in an adventure of discovery (tour) of our very special Mangrove Park, including red, black, and white mangroves, and their allies, the Buttonwood.

  • Belize Honeymoon 2017, 7min.

  • Tech Monkeys Belize, 1min. Offering professional graphic design and printing services.

  • Belize Adventures, 4min.

    July 26, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Hundreds celebrate Jesus Christ through Festival of Hope
    The 2017 Festival of Hope was the first celebration of its kind, bringing together hundreds of both denominational Christians and non-believers from across Belize municipalities of Belize, San Pedro, San Ignacio, Stann Creek, Punta Gorda, Corozal, and Orange Walk. The free Christian festival began on Tuesday, July 18th, and featured a week filled with fun activities, crusades, fellowship, music and surprises. On Tuesday, July 18th, the Festival of Hope made its debut in San Pedro with a Men’s Conference at the Living Word Church. In hopes of sharing the word of God, Evangelist Keith Cook preached inspirational messages and offered valuable advice to the men who attended. A Women’s Conference was held the following day with Cook preaching and encouraging women of all ages to put God first and to never give up on God when faced with struggles.

    Mesoamerican Reef Leadership hosts final workshop in Belize
    The Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program (MAR-L) hosted its fourth week-long workshop in Belize City from Saturday, July 15th to Saturday, July 22nd. The MAR-L is an initiative of the Mexican Fund for Nature Conservation (FMCN) geared to strengthen the capacities and leadership skills of 12 conservationists from across Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Representing Belize was: Julio Maaz of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Isabel Martinez of the Belize Fisheries Department (BFD), Areli Perez of the Belize Aquaculture Ltd, and John Burgos of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA). The Mesoamerican Reef is the world’s largest transboundary barrier reef with an approximate length of 1000 km, which starts in Quintana Roo, Mexico and ends in the Bay Islands of Honduras. The reef shelters more than 65 coral species, 500 fish species and is home to emblematic megafauna such as turtles, whale sharks, manatees, dolphins and sharks. Since it is estimated that around 2 million people depend directly from these ecosystems, MAR-L Program’s main goal is to accelerate conservation efforts to help protect marine life.

    San Pedro Lions and Leos Install New 2017 Board of Directors
    A grand ceremony for the San Pedro Lions installation of their new 2017-2018 Board of Directors was held on Saturday, July 22nd. Hosted at the Lions Den in downtown San Pedro Town, invited guests, local club members and members from Lions Clubs of Belmopan, Belize City and abroad, kicked the evening off with a social hour that began at 7PM. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to mix and mingle, and around 8:30PM, Master of Ceremonies Eiden Salazar called the installation program to order. After the National Anthem was sung by all, Father Scott from the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church led the invocation. Salazar then asked for a moment of silence to remember recently departed Lion members. San Pedro Lions Queen Erica Bodden gave the welcome address, and Belize Zone 59 Chairlady, Zoe Zetina of Belize City, had the honor of installing the new Board of Directors for both the San Pedro Lions and the San Pedro Leos Club.

    Ambergris Today

    San Pedro To Have Fastest Internet In Belize
    San Pedro, Ambergris Caye will boast the fastest internet in the country, being the first to make use of the DIGINET service that promises to offer Superfast Fiber-based Internet up to 130Mbps for home or business. Belize Telemedia Limited has already sent out notices to its customers advising them that as of September 1, 2017, the company will be turning down the existing High Speed Internet service in San Pedro as it transitions to the new DigiNet Fiber product that will be launched on August 1, 2017. The company is advising customers to make the transition before the latter service is taken down to avoid losing any internet service.

    WestJet Announces New Non-Stop Flight Between Calgary And Belize
    WestJet announced new non-stop weekly service between Calgary and Belize, effective November 3, 2017. The service is part of the airline's seasonal schedule for the winter of 2017-18 which includes more flights from Calgary to Vancouver, Toronto, Fort McMurray, Kelowna, Brandon, Grande Prairie, Kitchener, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Maintaining a steady and brisk growth path, the Belize Tourism Board states that overnight tourism arrivals have again registered a positive trend for the first half of this year. There was also an overall growth of 7.8% in tourism overnight arrivals for the second quarter of 2017. This is a clear affirmation that Belize continues to attract an increasing number of travelers as a ‘must visit’ destination.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Athletics Schools
    by Abdul Marin Nunez. Camps! Camps! Camps! How has our children advanced? Instead of making strides we’re becoming redundant Our youths have raw talents Any play they see they can re invent From Stephan Kerr to Messy Belizean youth have talent like crazy Discipline is their handicap Its time that we have this chat

    In honor of the baby turtles that have been hatching on the north side of the Island come paint "Sea Bound" this thursday at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar! Sign up at or click on the sign up button on the page.

    Today the Government of Belize recognizes the birthday of our National Hero, the late Hon. Philip S. W. Goldson
    Hon. Philip Goldson will always be remembered as a champion for labour rights and social justice, and a patriotic, principled statesman. He dedicated his life to advocating for the best working conditions for his countrymen, promoted our culture through his writing, and enhanced our political system through his political activity.

    Belize Infrastructure Limited seeks partners for the operation of the Belize Civic Centre
    The new Belize Civic Center Sports Complex is nearing completion. With international standard volleyball and basketball courts, bleachers, concession rooms, locker facilities, stage venue, ticket booths, a skateboard park, gym area and exterior five-a-side football pitch and many other amenities, the complex will help transform Belize’s sporting and cultural life. The Government of Belize, through Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), will soon be looking for an experienced and dedicated private partner to take on the maintenance and operations of the Belize Civic Center Sports Complex. Belize Infrastructure Limited will therefore be inviting potentially interested and qualified parties – with the technical capacity to deliver the full scope of services and the financial capacity to fund the necessary outfits as well as any capital improvements – to express their interest in participating in the procurement for the Management Contract.

    Fiestarama to be held this weekend in Orange Walk at People's Stadium

    Job Opening at BEL
    A vacancy exists for the post of Security Supervisor in the Security Section of Belize Electricity Limited.

    Belize Eco-Kids: Camp is in Full Swing!
    Read the account of the first half of this year's Eco-Kids Summer Camp. The kids were kept super busy once again, learning about the Maya, traditional medicines, and conservation. "We started early today, while the sun was rubbing its eyes and the bids were stretching. By the time the sun was truly up and about, so were we, and we started off with camp songs before a great breakfast of eggs, bacon, and fruit. Then, after cleaning up the plates, we had a quick fun game of John Wayne – a Dodgeball-esque game – and then moved onto Arts and Crafts.

    Coconut Drive from TropicAir to Tarpon Street closed
    Urgent announcement. Starting today Wednesday the 26th the section of Coconut Drive from TropicAir to Tarpon Street, will be closed to all South bound Traffic, to allow for urgent repairs. South bound traffic will use Trigger fish Street (El Fogon). North bound traffic will follow the normal route. South bound traffic please follow the detour signs. Thank you for your understanding and co - operation.

    Museum of Belize's Summer Arts Program 2017
    'Reproduction Art Level -2' Workshop wrap up, here are a few highlights from last week's session.

    Costa Maya Full Program and ticket outlets

    Channel 7

    Attorney General Urges Moderation Between CJ and Bar
    The Bar Association fired a sharp shot across Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin's bow on Friday. The Bar's main topic of discussion at its Friday night Annual Meeting was whether they should ask for the CJ's voluntary resignation, or ask that he be removed - among other more conservative options. That Bar's frustration stems from the fact that the CJ has 29 outstanding judgements - some delayed for more than five years, the others between two and five years. And as they say, justice delayed is justice denied, so the bar put to its members that, quote, "at the very least, there is a presumption of a breach of the Constitutional right of the litigants to a fair hearing within a reasonable timethe delayneeds to be justified by the Court."

    PM Reluctant To Wade In to Bar/CJ Minefield
    We also got a chance to speak with Prime Minister Dean Barrow about this and several other topics today at the airport after he returned from personal leave. When we asked him about the Bar Association's issues with the 29 delayed judgments from the Chief Justice, the Prime Minister was less forthcoming than the Attorney General. Here's our attempt to question him on it: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "While I was away I still read and I saw the electronic news this morning and the fact is according to what you reported, apart from having been scolded by the bar for sensationalizing the story and coming into unauthorized possession of their documentation. How much you reported it seems that they have reach some kind of understanding and that the bar association has decided to back off and to give the chief justice a chance to complete dealing with the backlog. So, I don't know that there is anything more to be said."

    Was PM's Ministry of Finance Responsible for Missing Uniforms?
    The Prime Minister was more willing to discuss the "serious breach" within his Ministry of Finance which allowed for nearly 100 BDF uniforms to be stashed away at a home in Orange Walk. As we told you, that happened earlier this month when the Ministry of Finance contracted a gang of workers to destroy 1,200 uniforms and other BDF items that were written off. All these uniforms were supposed to have been burnt, but instead, law enforcement found a trove of them and other equipment at Sarco Torres's home. Torres was one of the men contracted by the Ministry - according to the Financial Secretary.

    Police Shoot 17 Year Old, Say He Was Threatening Them, Mom Says It's a Lie
    As we reported last night, Dangriga police shot a 17 year old male over the weekend. It happened on Sunday night when the cops say they were responding to a "burglary in progress." Police say that at about 8:50pm they were called to an area on Ecumenical Drive where they saw four males in a yard near a vegetable shop. The police say they ran behind a building, and the police pursued. They claim that's when one of the males, 17 year old Ashton Augustine went from running to threatening. One of the constables say that "one of the young men advanced towards him with an object in his hand, and didn't stop when ordered to do so, so the cop fired a shot from his rifle hitting Augustine in the leg."

    How To Clean Out The Credit Union Using the "Jack and Chak" Technique
    In the early morning hours of June 9th, a pair of persistent thieves broke into the safe at the Toledo Teachers Credit Union in Bella Vista Village, and stole $116,575.00 Belize dollars, and seven thousand US dollars, along with a Glock pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun. Since then, no arrests have been made. The last time we reported on it, police had one man detained and were waiting to see if his fingerprints would match those found on the scene. They didn't, and so the investigation remains opened.

    Nine Pounds Of Weed In An SUV
    2 men have been charged with drug trafficking in relation to a hefty weekend drug bust. On Saturday afternoon, police were on mobile patrol on the North side of Belize City when they got information to look out for a white Nissan Murano SUV. Well, they spotted the vehicle on the Phillip Goldson Highway and set chase after it into the city. They finally caught up with the vehicle in front of the Superstore on Central American Boulevard. Police searched driver 28 year old Ronald Michael and his passenger 23 year old Patrick Petillo and found nothing on them.

    Visiting ASR Vice President Makes Sugar Pitch
    Today, the Vice President of the ASR Group Celestino Ruiz flew in from Corporate Headquarters in Florida to have a meeting with company executives at BSI. He did have a chance to speak to CTV-3 in Orange Walk and explained why the company sees it as a matter of urgency to get the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association to make a long term commitment to the current commercial agreement - which BSCFA indicated they may want to re-visit. Ruiz say ASR/BSI needs that to make a 22 million dollar investment in direct consumption sugar:..

    The PM Urges Sugar Interests To Find a Way Forward
    And the Prime Minister is hoping that the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association will come around and allow the existing contract with all 3 associations to run its course, instead of forcing re-negotiations, at a time when the industry can least afford it. Today, he reminded all concerned Belize's sugar industry must withstand the change in the European market, as well as the competition on the world market. Here's how he explained it: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The agreement was to last a certain time, but BSCFA was able to negotiate and opt out at the year 3 or whatever it is and that was the point that we are reaching so they are talking about a renegotiation."

    PUP Says Government Must Play Its Role In Sugar Dispute
    Today the PUP Representative for Orange Walk South said that government cannot take a hands-off approach on this issue. Jose Mai says they have to get involved as regulators:... Hon. Jose Mai, PUP OW South Area Rep.: "Government cannot pretend to say oh these are 2 big business men and let them fight it out. The sugar industry control board is the regulator, it is the Mediator. So when there is a stalemate they need to come in and do their job."

    PUP Accuses GOB Of Threatening Fuel Subsidy, PM Says Bogus
    And the PUP also issued a press release yesterday attacking the Government for even considering ending fuel subsidies for cane farmers. Now, to be fair, the Barrow Administration never actually said that it would revoke those subsidies, but in an interview with CTV3 News last week, Agriculture CEO Jose Alpuche said that government is, quote, "coming under tremendous pressure by the International Financial Institutions to end the subsidies" end quote. The main subsidy is for fuel to the farmers. The PUP rather dramatically says, quote, "This is another nail in the coffin for cane-farmersThe PUP condemns Government's position of always targeting the small man while protecting big business" End quote.

    PM Has To Check The Record
    And the press also asked the Prime Minister about whether Cabinet suspended, or completely discontinued the security checks for persons applying for visas and nationalities. It's one of those issues that have come out of the Senate Hearings on Immigration. Witnesses have told the Senate Select Committee that the Police's Special Branch stopped doing background checks into applicants from countries deemed to be of security concern. Immigration Officer Ady Pacheco has told the Senate Committee that the security checks were discontinued, and that it was "a Cabinet decision".

    GOB Waiting For October At The CCJ, But Is The Tab Running On Interest?
    Government is preparing for another battle with the Ashcroft Alliance in the Caribbean Court of Justice. As we've been reporting it's for the legal costs arising from the settlement of the BTL acquisition. The Alliance put those costs at 95 million US dollars, and government says that's way, way too high. So they've taken the case to the CCJ, and it was supposed to argue in July, but that has now been set back to October. Today the Attorney General discussed the case, and we asked if the meter in the interest keeps running while the months tick away waiting for the case to come up to trial:... Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "When they first put their amount which was 200 million dollars or some ridiculous figure than that, we ask for justification of that figure and if you have audited reports, audited financials and you are saying my bill is 200 million dollars for certain things, then where are your receipts? Where are your whatever documentation you have to back up that. They refused to provide that to the government of Belize. So I don't know if they were expecting that they would just pick an arbitrary figure 200 million dollars and expect us to just pay. Absolutely not."

    Did PM Miscalculate With Ashcroft?
    So, while another court battle is about to be waged at the highest court in the land, over the deal which should have ended all fighting over BTL, we asked the Prime Minister if he miscalculated. When the Prime Minister disclosed the terms of the BTL settlement, he told the nation that although the total value the nation would be paying is close to half a billion dollars, 60% of it would go to the benefit of the Belizean people. Well, after court battles, only 50% is on the table, and if the Ashcroft Alliance would have their way, almost the entire portion of that 50%, would be paid to them in legal fees. Here's how we challenged the Prime Minister on that:

    Buh-Bye Mayor Bradley
    So, while the Government prepares to fight that case in the CCJ, the UDP it appears, must go into the Municipal Elections next year without Mayor Darrell Bradley as a Candidate for Belize City. The 2 term Mayor distinguished himself as a local Government Leader, but it appears that he doesn't intend to offer himself for re-election. Today, we asked the Prime Minister if his party would allow him to submit his candidacy late, like he did before the last election. The Prime Minister said, that from his perspective, the Belize City slate will just have to move on without him:

    A Sickening Case Of Sexual Assault of Stepdaughters
    Last night we told you about the man who was charged for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl. Well, there are 2 more appalling cases to report. First, up North, a man is accused of molesting his 2 step daughters - one 8 years old and the other 10. It happened on several occasions. The 10 year old girl reported that it started off in December 2016 with the stepfather making crass sexual remarks at her. Then on other occasions he kissed her on the lips and groped her. The abuse continued and in January of this year when the stepfather raped her. Sometime in February of 2017 he threatened to kill her family. The stepfather allegedly fondled her 8 year old sister as well in May of this year.

    Regional Port Bosses Meet In Belize
    Belize is hosting the 39th Central American Port Forum. It started this afternoon at the Biltmore. 80 delegates from 8 countries representing port managers and administrators traveled to Belize for this event. There will be a series of panel discussions throughout this conference. We dropped by to find out more about how these talks can impact port operations in Belize and in other countries.

    Dengue On The Rise In Bze District
    Yesterday the Central Health Region released its Health Bulletin for the Belize District for the first half of this year. The bulletin provides statistics about what's making people sick in the country's most populous district. According to the bulletin, the top cause of death so far in 2017 is cardiovascular disease, followed by homicide and cancer. The report also contains statistics about vector borne diseases - like Dengue, Malaria and Chik-V. As of June, there have been no diagnosed cases of malaria or Chik-V, and we have seen 5 less cases of Zika compared to last year. On the other hand, the dengue rate has sky rocketed. In June 2016, there were 17 known cases of classic dengue, whereas this year 46 have been recorded - we stress in the Belize District.

    GSU Gotta Lotta $5 Weed Bags
    This morning at 5:00, the GSU descended on a home in the Belama Phase 4 area on the northside. Police searched the residence at 172 Apollo Street and found 37 grams of high grade weed, broken down into many small bags which sell for five dollars each. Three persons: 19 year old Elizabeth Williams, 18 year old Kelsie Williams - who has chicken pox - and 22 year old Shawn Wade were arrested. They were charged for Possession of Control Drugs, with intent to supply.

    Social Security Scholarships
    Today the Social Security Board awarded 43 students from around country with full scholarships for the upcoming school year. Students pursuing secondary, tertiary and vocational education sent in applications to nearby SSB branches, and were then selected based on financial need and academic performance. Today we spoke to a few scholarship recipients as well as SSB CEO, Dr. Colin Young, about the awards... Dr. Colin Young - CEO, Social Security Board: "Today we are here for the 16th Social Security Board Scholarship Awards ceremony where we are awarding 43 recipients of the scholarship. 30 high schools, 12 six forms and 1 vocational scholarship."

    The Upshot OF Social Security Consultations
    At the beginning of this year, the Social Security Board began a round of public consultations throughout the country to speak to stakeholders about increasing benefits and, in turn, increasing contributions. Since its inception over 3 decades ago, the Social Security Fund has only seen one major change in it's contributions structure. Now, as the number of pensioners continues to increase while the amount paid in as contributions has stayed relatively stagnant, the Board is looking to make a change. We spoke to SSB CEO, Dr. Colin Young, about the results from those consultations:

    H.E. Danny G. To OAS
    Today Daniel Gutierrez was officially sworn in as the Permanent Representative of Belize to the OAS. In a ceremony this morning, Gutierrez presented his credentials to OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro in Washington DC. In his address, Gutierrez pledged Belize's support to the OAS stating, "Belize is unflinching in its desire to contribute to the design of an OAS that withstands the test of time and galvanizes the support of our regional and hemispheric stakeholders."

    CCJ Rules On Wilfred's Legal Tangle
    We've reported several times on the private litigation that Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington, and his law firm has been tied up in, since 2010. It's a business dispute that he and his former business partners have had, and on Friday, he lost that case in the Caribbean Court of Justice. The Corozal based real estate company, Progresso Heights Limited, was once a client of Elrington's when he was a practicing attorney. They got into a business relationship with him back in 2004, and he later became a minority shareholder. That's until 2009, when Elrington and the principals of Progresso Heights had a dispute. They parted ways, but Elrington's Law firm, Pitts and Elrington was supposed to process 18 land titles on their behalf, but somehow, the titles were never done.

    Will SSB Put More Money In Citrus?
    One of those SSB investments Young was talking about in the citrus industry. Two weeks ago we told you about the steady decline in citrus production. Major industry stakeholders met to figure out a strategy to help the industry bounce back, and most agree that a major cash injection will be needed. Here's what Young had to say about SSB's stake in citrus. Dr. Colin Young - CEO, Social Security Board: "SSB has investments in the citrus industry, and you're right whenever there's an impact on the productivity, that will have impact on the ability of the borrowers to repay. However, you may have seen in the public notice that we put out whenever there's an investment that the Board has allocated another $10 million facility as a credit facility to qualify borrowers to come and access funding to transform the citrus industry."

    Channel 5

    Second payment made for B.T.L., but will Belize get some money back?
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow returned to Belize from personal leave in the United States around lunchtime today. Reporters met him at the Philip Goldson International Airport for an extensive briefing [...]

    Was P.M. Barrow hoodwinked in Miami?
    Does the Prime Minister claim to be hoodwinked by Lord Michael Ashcroft following their 2015 conference in Miami, Florida, where the details of what became the Settlement Agreement were hammered [...]

    Attorney General: Dunkeld et al. must prove expenses aren’t ‘ridiculous’
    Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte also weighed in on the matter from a legal perspective.  According to the AG, the case will go before the CCJ in October.  The crux of [...]

    P.M. defies international financiers on fuel subsidies for sugar; P.U.P. agrees
    On average, four and a half million dollars is spent by government annually as it relates to subsidies on diesel fuel for the sugar industry. It is shared among all [...]

    B.S.I. warned it can’t eat its cake on commercial agreement
    The Opposition People’s United Party has been closely following the sugar situation. Following a record-breaking crop year and in advance of an expected downturn in prices with the leveling of [...]

    Raise cane, says Jose Mai; the more the merrier
    Mai does have some suggestions for the commercial agreement. He wants it ironclad that, with the accompanying investments in the sugar mill, that not a stalk of cane is left [...]

    P.M. asks B.S.I., Cane Farmers’ Association to mend fences
    The Prime Minister also weighed in, reiterating the importance of ASR’s investment in the industry and particularly in the Tower Hill sugar mill to introduce production of direct consumption sugar [...]

    Dangriga teen at odds with police after being shot
    The family of Ashton Augustine in Dangriga says they want answers from the police because the seventeen-year-old boy was shot under what they consider an excessive use of force. His [...]

    A.G. says C.J. will clear up outstanding court judgments
    Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has come under fire recently from the Bar Association of Belize for failing to deliver in a timely manner, judgments on at least twenty-nine pending cases.  [...]

    Judicial and Legal Services Commission would take up ‘worst-case scenario’
    While the Attorney General, upon his return to the country, has spoken with the Chief Justice, he had anticipated a similar conversation with attorney Priscilla Banner, President of the Bar [...]

    Judges are coming to speed up court service
    Since taking his seat on the bench as presiding judge of the high court, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has spoken of the existent backlog within the judiciary, particularly  in his [...]

    P.M. will not intervene for now
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow had a little fun with the Bar Association’s scolding of the press on Monday for what it called ‘sensationalizing’ its discussion of overdue court judgments on [...]

    43 to receive scholarships from S.S.B.
    The sixteenth Social Security Board’s Scholarship Award Ceremony was held today at the George Price Center in Belmopan. A whopping forty-three students from across the country were the lucky recipients [...]

    Port of Belize collaborates with Central American partners
    The Central American Commission for Maritime Transport in collaboration with the Belize Port Authority, the Port of Belize and the Port of Big Creek is hosting the thirty-ninth Central American Port Forum. Over eighty delegates from [...]

    Negotiations for stevedores’ CBA continue, but are they really needed?
    A few weeks ago, we told you about the call a few stevedores were making to ask CWU President Dale Trujeque to step away from the negotiations table. The stevedores, [...]

    It’s Disco Night for KTV the Remix
    In less than an hour, the Bliss auditorium will come alive as week five of KTV the Remix takes place. In this round of the competition, two more competitors will [...]


    PM Unaware On Vegas Latest Land Scandal
    Only five days ago we reported on newly-revealed documents which show that the Vega family acquired even more land than the large sections of property about half mile from the entrance to Carmelita Village here in the Orange Walk District during the term when Gaspar Vega was the Minister of Lands. The documents show that the same was done in the Spanish Creek area of the Belize and Cayo Districts. The documents show that the Ministry of Lands sold land to individuals who shortly after, sell all the property to members of the Vega family. Today the media met with P.M Barrow has he landed in Belize at the PGIA and asked him to address the matter. His response was…he was unaware of the situation.

    Investigation Into Stolen BDF Uniforms continues
    There has been no explanation by authorities of the discovery of over a hundred old BDF uniforms and old outboard engines and parts at a private home on Baeza’s Alley here in Orange Walk. The discovery was made when a joint BDF and Mexican military patrol found a Mexican national with an unknown quantity of uniforms. He was detained and led the authorities to the home in Orange Walk belonging to Sarco Torres. But the Mexican national and Torres, while held for questioning, were eventually released.

    New Regulations For Relocation Of Buses Causes Economic Impact On Mexicans
    Last week we reported on the new bus regulations that were implemented by Mexican authorities involving the relocation of Belizean buses from the new market in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, to the old parking area for the ADO buses. As we had told you, the new protocols were agreed upon during a special meeting held on July 14th which was spearheaded by the transport department in Chetumal along with municipal authorities in the presence of Belizean Bus Operators and owners.

    Belize's Permanent Representative To The OAS Presents Credentials
    Belize’s newest Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS), Daniel Gutierrez, presented his credentials to the Secretary General, Luis Almagro, earlier today during a special ceremony which was held at the OAS headquarters in Washington D.C. During his speech, Ambassador Gutierrez underlined Belize’s commitment to the OAS and the need to continue fortifying the OAS, so as to serve and respond to the needs of the people in the region. Here is a short excerpt of his speech.

    Proposed Amendment Sugar Commercial Agreement Continues To Be Debated
    The Sugar Industry remains in debate tonight following a proposal made by BSI/ASR to invest twenty two million dollars into upgrading the sugar mill in order to produce more direct consumption sugars in preparation of the coming changes in the EU market regime in October 2017. In order for this investment to follow thru however, ASR is proposing to amend the 2015 cane purchase agreement to cement the current revenue share agreement as well as the payment formula for bagasse.


    Where Is the Baby’s Mama? Police Seek Answers
    Investigators at Precinct Three have identified a woman who is suspected to be the mother of the baby boy whose body was found at the canal’s edge just off South Street in Belize City on Thursday, July 20, 2017. While they are awaiting the results of several tests to ascertain the mother’s identity, they are […]

    No Monies Missing at GSU; Former Head Seeks Legal Recourse
    About four days ago, a story was reported on the local media of unaccounted monies earmarked for the Gang Suppression Unit via the information gathering fund. The story reportedly surfaced following the leak of an internal memorandum from the Office of the Chief Executive Officer for Home Affairs. The memorandum, dated, June 7, 2017 at […]

    John Zabaneh Files Suit Against US Treasury Department
    Belizean businessman, John Zabaneh is taking legal recourse against the US Treasury Department for the closure of his banana farm. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 in DC Federal Court. According to an article in The National Law Journal, Zabaneh’s lawsuit is based on his belief that he was unjustly categorized as […]

    Anke Doehm Faces Harassment on Ambergris Caye
    Love News has confirmed that Anke Doehm checked in at the Queen Street Police station in Belize City today as required by her bail conditions. Doehm managed to meet her ten thousand dollars bail on Friday while her husband, David Doehm is still on remand at the Belize Central Prison. The American couple was charged […]

    Murder Suspect Surrenders to Police
    San Ignacio police have detained one man for the murder of thirty eight year old Marlon Peters. Peters was involved in a physical altercation with one of his coworkers on Friday, July 14. Eight days after, Peters succumbed to the injuries he received and now police are investigating his murder. The prime suspect alleged to […]

    Chee Dies Two Days After Assault
    A 17-year-old young man is in police custody following the death of Trevaun Chee on Sunday, July 23. Chee was assaulted with a stick three days ago while he was walking on Mahogany Street in Belize City on Friday afternoon, July 21. Whilst on the street, Chee had an exchangewith the minor which led to […]

    Bar Chastises Media, Softening Stance on Outstanding Judgements
    Reports surfaced a few days ago of a possible hard stance that the Bar Association of Belize would be taking against the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin due to outstanding judgments that have been pending for years. That hard stance was reported as being a possible call for Benjamin’s voluntary resignation or the undertaking of the […]

    Sedi Welcomes Locals Abroad to Run for Office
    Last Thursday, “Belizeans United for Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora”, BUFERHD was launched. It’s a movement being spearheaded by Derek Aikman as its president and its aim is to close the gap between Belizeans living at home and those living in the diaspora. One of the primary objective of BUFERDH is to remove […]

    What Did Castro Do to Ire the US?
    On May 30, Minister Edmund Castro, announced that he had received a communication from the US Embassy here in Belize informing him that his US tourist and diplomatic visa had been revoked. Back then Castro said he received no specific reason why his visas were revoked and he has no intention of travelling to the […]

    Majority of Church Leaders Boycott Belize/Guatemala Meeting
    An educational campaign on the Belize Guatemala referendum is currently underway countrywide. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been meeting with different groups of society. A meeting with the clergy of Belize had recently been scheduled. But after everything was planned, only five representative showed up. Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, explained. WILFRED […]


    Hon. Sedi Elrington must return land titles worth almost $1 million to former client, orders CCJ
    Trevaughn Chee, 23, a security guard of a Mahogany Street Extension address, who was attacked and beaten in the head with a bat while he was walking on Mahogany Street Extension in Belize City at about 2:30 Friday afternoon, died yesterday morning in the Intensive Care Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to police reports, Chee was walking on Mahogany Street Extension when he was approached by a man, with whom he became involved in an argument. Chee began to walk away, and that was when the man hit him with a bat multiple times, including in the head, causing him to fall. When police arrived on the scene, they found Chee lying unconscious on the road. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where doctors tried to save him, but he succumbed to his injuries at about 3:30 Sunday morning.

    Belize is experiencing a shortage of critical medication
    Belize has been experiencing a shortage of critical medication since 2015, and the situation isn’t improving. In that year, those affected were mental health patients, primarily those who suffer from schizophrenia and were in need of Risperdal to treat their condition. For a while now, Amandala has been aware of a shortage of other critical medication, namely, Metformin for sugar or diabetes, Amlodipine for blood pressure, and Ventolin solution for asthma. Each time the matter was raised with authorities, they dismissed the allegation. But patients, who are in need of medication have contradicted those official statements.

    Hon. Sedi Elrington must return land titles worth almost $1 million to former client, orders CCJ
    Controversial Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, has been ordered by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to return close to a million dollars of land titles owned by his former client, Progresso Heights Limited, within the next thirty days. Attorney Eamon Courtenay, S.C., who is representing Progresso Heights Limited — a Corozal-based real estate company, told the media last week that Elrington had begun representing Progresso Heights Limited in 2004, but in 2009, things went sour between them. According to Courtenay, Elrington had received 18 land title transfers from the company for processing, but refused to return them because of a “personal grudge.”

    Doehms released on bail; San Pedranos furious !
    American couple, David and Anke Doehm, who were remanded to the Belize Central Prison after they were arraigned on the charge of cruelty to a child in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court last Thursday, appeared in the Supreme Court this morning along with their attorneys, Ellis Arnold S.C., and Dickie Bradley. The couple’s appearance in court sparked a protest by a small, spirited group from San Pedro who were across the street, in Battlefield Park. They railed against the idea that the couple was before the court seeking to be released on bail. Notwithstanding their protest, however, Supreme Court Justice, Dennis Hanomansingh, heard submissions from the two attorneys representing the Doehms and Crown counsel Jackie Willoughby, who had argued in opposition to the court granting bail on the sole ground that the two are flight risks. Justice Hanomansingh then ruled to release David and Anke Doehm on $10,000 bail and one surety each in the same amount.

    Bar Association considers call for Chief Justice’s resignation over extensive backlog
    The Bar Association fired off a scolding press release after 5:00 this evening, taking umbrage at “the media” for reporting on a hot-button issue leaked on Friday evening just prior to its annual general meeting—a proposal to call for the resignation of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin over extensively delayed judgments, some of which have been outstanding for more than 5 years—and while the press release was mostly directed at the messenger, so to speak, it dealt to a lesser extent with the core issue at hand. In a terse comment included in the press release, the Bar conceded that, “The facts are that there are outstanding judgments and the Bar is duty-bound to do all within its statutory powers to seek the delivery of those judgments.”

    From SJC valedictorian to physicist: The odyssey of Sydney Taegar (Part 2)
    Dr. Taegar expressed his view that, “science is an expression of truth and beauty. It is a manifestation of our humanity, just like art is a manifestation of humanity.” “So for me, science is one facet of our humanity,” he said. He went on to explain that technical breakthroughs in science require imagination. “Earlier you said that you were not in science right now, break down for me what you mean by that,” I prodded. “When I finished my PhD, I was on the verge of coming home to Belize. What I wanted to do was come and work with UB. I had established a relationship with Fermi Lab, because I had a lot of contacts there,” Dr. Taegar replied. At this point Evan X Hyde, who had walked into his office about 5 minutes before and was greeted by Dr. Taegar, who told him, “you look good!” said to him, ‘Yu pa no mi wan agree to that.”

    BDFA Interoffice football Week 2 results
    The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) Interoffice Football Competition 2017 continued last week with games on Wednesday and Thursday nights at the MCC Grounds. In the opener on Wednesday, July 19, Tourist Village/Transparent BPO dropped Los Alcones, 2-0, with goals from Anthony Arnold (23’) and Wendell Esquiliano (30’). In the nightcap, Belize City Council clipped Fiscal Attraction FC, 1-nil, on a goal by Mario Chimal (65’). Thursday’s opener saw BWS drilling KHMH, 3-zip, with goals from Charles James (19’ & 50’) and Denroy McCord (56’). And in the nightcap, BTL outgunned Customes, 5-2, with goals from Sean Moreira (9’ & 29’), Rasheed Pollard (12’ & 59’) and Jay Chavarria (67’); while Customs’ goals were by Akeem Godoy (16’) and Egbert Thompson (42’).

    Double Head/Excellence are champs again!
    Reports out of the Belize River Valley on Saturday were that Excellence of Double Head Cabbage had clinched the Harrison Parks National Cricket Championship 2017 when they defeated Summer Fever of Bermudian Landing for the second straight week in their best-of-3 games championship series. Former 3-peat champions, Easy Does It of Lemonal, who had dethroned Excellence to become champions, were knocked out at the semifinals this year by Summer Fever. We will have details of the championship final in our Friday issue.

    OWFA Amateur Opening Season Week 4 results
    The Orange Walk Football Association (OWFA) Amateur 1st Division Opening Season 2017 continued over the weekend with 4 Week 4 games played at the People’s Stadium on Sunday, July 23. In game 1, San Estevan FC and Desert Storm Jr. played to a 1-1 draw. Arnold Henriquez (8’) gave Desert Storm the early lead, but Edwani Munoz (45’) equalized for San Estevan. In the game 2 slug fest, Trial Farm Athletics FC prevailed, 8-3, over Crystal FC. Sharing the scoring for Trial Farm were Hughson Baptist (7’, 20’, 26’ and 58’), Darren Petillo (62’ & 80’), Emil Usher (13’) and Oliver Hendricks (67’); while Crystal got a goal each from Nazim Nair Aldana (18’), Jahein R. Augustine (62’) and Osman Chan (85’). In game 3, Progresso FC got the 5-3 win over Progresso United.

    Editorial: Independent or incandescent?
    Just about forty years ago, the then ruling People’s United Party (PUP) made a decision to invest in this newspaper. Led by then Senator Said Musa, PUP personalities bought 50 percent of the shares in a limited liability company called Cream Ltd., which was capitalized at $50,000. Evan X Hyde and two family members owned the other 50 percent of Cream Ltd. In 1977, Amandala was eight years old, but printed on ancient letter press technology, while The Reporter, founded by Chamber of Commerce luminaries a decade earlier, had introduced modern printing technology and was the undisputed newspaper leader.

    From the Publisher
    The UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) and Belize prepare to welcome Dr. Patricia Rodney next week for Belize’s fourth annual celebration of Emancipation Day, Emancipation Day being the August 1 day in 1838 when all slaves in the settlement of Belize (and other British possessions) were legally freed. Whereas there has been a major annual celebration in British Caribbean possessions ever since then, it was a quirk of Belize’s history that the event merited no public recognition until the UEF initiative began in 2014. In British Honduras, it was always all about the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798. Securing Dr. Rodney as their guest speaker next week is a notable coup for the UEF, and congratulations are in order for Ya Ya Marin Coleman and her team. I didn’t know anything about Dr. Rodney apart from the fact that she had been the great Dr. Walter Rodney’s wife before and when he was murdered in Guyana on June 13, 1980. I therefore had to “Google” Dr. Patricia before I wrote this on Sunday morning, and her basic credentials are Ph. D. MPH, RN, and Adjunct Professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Wow. Maximum respect.

    Defending institutions in the fight for citizen security
    Dear Editor, Over the past week, the discourse on citizen security, particularly on mediation, has been revived. This should have everyone pragmatic about the way forward. The exchange has surely put into perspective longstanding issues of policing and intervention efforts. So, if I may, I would like to briefly contextualise, without speculating the personal or professional motives of parties involved, as to why the institutionalisation of all mediation is nondebatable.

    A plea from and for Sarteneja
    Dear Editor, Good morning. I’m not sure if I am the one that should be contacting you to ask for help in Sarteneja but the village is in desperate need of getting the village officials to help with the clean-up action with the garbage. The road to the new dump has been closed for almost a month and there is nowhere to throw the garbage. Some people are throwing the trash into ditches and the woods. Others are just burning the plastic and the smell is overwhelming. I posted a few pictures on our Friends of Sarteneja FB page and the village people are outraged that the elected village officials are not doing anything about it. So a few people asked me to contact you and see what our options are.

    Are shotgun owners unfairly treated by the law?
    It was not the first time, the story of two friends running afoul of the Firearms Act, Chapter 143, Revised Edition 2000. Hopefully it is the last. It can be, if we made the effort to educate, inform farmers. Unfortunately, some people feel the best education is a cruel example. It was cruel, two friends going to jail for a licensed shotgun that was not very far from its owner. In the story, David Estrada, the shotgun owner, went into the bushes a short time, for whatever. The police came upon his friend, Manuel de Jesus Gonzalez, on the roadside, with the gun beside him. Both men were taken in. It is not impossible that the two men were plotting to execute a foul deed. But if we follow the odds, that is unlikely.

    Yasser Musa’s “Tea with Trump” inside Katie Usher’s “Lab 4”: a space within a space, the concentric circles of creation
    For the past four years artist Katie Usher has been opening and sustaining, for two weeks in July, her “Lab”, a space inside the Image Factory Art Foundation open for artists to create new work and experiment with their imaginations and have it documented and published on the Image Factory website. The “Lab” is a generative and open process. Usher puts out an open call for artists to come and create and the artists have come, creating a wide range of art that challenges and pleases. Katie Usher’s “Lab” is an oasis of imaginative thought, a supportive space for art creation and a window into the contemporary moment of art in Belize from painting to performances, from poetry to song, from video to visions, Katie Usher’s “Lab”, like the rings of a tree, has grown and developed and enriched the cultural space in Belize.

    Justice Lord rules against recusal application
    Orlando Vera, the convicted Deputy Director of Belize’s National Forensic Science Service who is appealing a two-year sentence for abetment to pervert the course of justice, appeared in the Supreme Court of Justice Herbert Lord this afternoon for a ruling on an application he instructed his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, to make on his behalf last Friday. On that occasion, Vera had asked Justice Lord to recuse himself from hearing Vera’s appeal after the judge had issued several orders that were not carried out, and had continued to rule against Vera’s bail application.

    Belize introduces quick alternative to pap smear in fight against cervical cancer
    Health authorities say that cervical cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women in developing countries such as Belize, and if it is not detected and treated early enough, it can prove fatal. Routinely, the Pap smear has been the test employed in screening women for precancerous and cancerous cells. However, Belize is now rolling out an alternative screening method which, for most patients, would allow them to get instant results and on-the-spot treatment if their results are positive. Researchers say that the screening procedure called VIA — Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (or vinegar) — is a practical alternative to the Pap smear which is cost effective. When the acetic acid is introduced to the cervical area, lesions on the cervix will become visible as white patches.

    Marlon Peters, 38, succumbs
    One week after Marlon Peters, 38, a laborer of Perez Street, Santa Elena, was beaten and stabbed while socializing with an unknown friend in Santa Elena on the afternoon of Saturday, July 15, he died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Friday morning in the Intensive Care Unit. Police have launched a murder investigation into Peters’ death. Police said that at about 4:45 that Saturday afternoon, they were called to Perez Street, where they found Peters lying on a driveway.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    17 year old shot in Dangriga by Police
    On Sunday, July 23, 2017 about 8:50 pm police were called to an area on Ecumenical Drive in Dangriga Town where on arrival they observed four male persons in a yard near a vegetable shop. According to police reports, the guys immediately ran behind a building. The police pursued the individuals where according to one of the officers one of the young men advanced towards him with an object in his hand.

    Stepfather sexually assaults 2 step daughters; rapes one
    There is a disturbing report of sexual assault in the Corozalito Village. On June 6, 2017, a 10 year old female student of Corozalito Village in the presence of her mother and a social worker reported that on December 28, 2016 at about 4:00 pm whilst she was at home along with her stepfather and her little sister in her room, she was drying her skin when her stepfather came and suddenly pushed open the door.

    Queen’s baton to arrive in Belize next week
    The Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR), which heralds the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in the Gold Coast in 2018, will arrive in Belize some time next week after it passes through Canada. The QBR, which is currently in Bermuda, arrives in Canada on Thursday. On Friday it will be carried to Tim Hortons Field, which sits on the same parcel of land that the first ever Commonwealth Games took place in 1930. The QBR will also pass through Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver (all cities that have hosted the Commonwealth Games) before departing Canada for Belize.

    New group to unite Belizeans at home and abroad
    Belizeans United For Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora (BUFERHD), a newly created group which aims to bridge the divide between Belizeans at home and in the diaspora, was officially launched last Thursday in Ladyville, according to Channel 5 News. BUFERHD President, Derek Aikman, says the goal of the organization is to establish an equal playing field for all Belizeans while lobbying for equal access to education, employment, health care, housing, land distribution, and economic opportunities.

    Bar Association backpedals
    The Bar Association of Belize has changed its tune on after local media houses reported on a leaked document showing that the association was considering to try and have Chief Justice (CJ) Kenneth Benjamin removed from his post. The Bar Association had circulated a memo among its members, on a list of options they were pursuing to deal with a backlog of pending judgments by the CJ, which included asking him to resign or using the relevant authorities to have him forced out.

    Ladyville man beaten with gun
    Last night around 8, Edward Quilter, 52, of Ladyville reported that on Friday, July 14,2017 around 11:00 pm whilst walking on Egbert Quilter Avenue in Ladyville and upon reaching in front of a shop, he was approached by two Hispanic men.

    In Defense of Institutions
    By Greg Nunez: Over the past week, the discourse on citizen security, particularly on mediation, has been revived. This should have everyone thinking pragmatically about the way forward. The exchange has surely put into perspective longstanding issues of policing and intervention efforts. So, if I may, I would like to briefly contextualise, without speculating the personal or professional motives of parties involved, as to why the institutionalisation of all mediation is nondebatable.

    Armed robbery in Belize City
    On Monday, July 24th 2017 about 12:30 pm, police visited #6391 Tibruce Street in Belize City where Deslou Li, 41, reported that around 12:20 pm, whilst at his shop, a man wearing a white t-shirt covering his face and armed with a 9mm pistol entered the store and demanded money.

    Philip Goldson would have been 94 today
    Today, the Father of Belize’s Democracy, Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson, would have celebrated his 94th birthday. Goldson, a noble statesman has been credited with the founding of the two major political parties in Belize -the 1950s PUP, and the 1970s UDP. He even served as the Area Representative of the Albert Constituency.

    Gun stolen from parked car in Santa Elena, Cayo
    Yesterday, Robert Guzman, 33, reported that between 7 am and 1 pm yesterday, his license .380 Taurus brand pistol (SN 44116A) valued at $1,500 was stolen from the glove compartment of his white Toyota Corolla .

    15 year old minor sexually assaulted in Belmopan
    Last night around 6:48, a 15 years old minor of Belmopan City reported that around 4 pm yesterday, whilst at home, a man named Ferdy grabbed her from behind and hugged her demanding a kiss.

    Marlon Peters died of head trauma
    Marlon Peters,38, was beaten by one of his co-workers after socializing together on July 14, 2017. Peters was taken to the San Ignacio Community hospital then later transported to the KHMH where he succumbed on Saturday , July 22, 2017. Yesterday, Errol Smith handed himself over to the San Ignacio police in the presence of his attorney.


    Blue Water Grill creates a stir with Guest Chefs Dinner Series
    As Blue Water Grill (BWG) owner Mukul tells me all the time, I am “Sooo lucky!” I am; I really am. You see, this invitation was not for any ordinary date-night dinner. I would not be ordering my beloved Ahi Poke Tuna salad. Instead, I’d be picking three items of guaranteed deliciousness, from a pre-fixe menu. Whatever item I chose would have been cooked by one of four chefs: Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic in Austin, Texas, Ferrell Alvarez of Rooster & the Till in Tampa, Florida, Dave Santos of Good Stock in New York, NY, and Chris Aycock of Blue Water Grill – San Pedro, Belize. One thing you can count on from BWG owners Kelly and Mukul Kanabar, they are never boring. They are truly having fun with their establishment, bringing new and exciting things to lucky patrons every time. For four nights only, over the course of two weekends, six chefs present their tasty offerings.

    New WestJet Direct Flight Calgary to Belize
    WestJet does it again! Last year, the snow birds of Canada were delighted to have seasonal, direct flights from Toronto to Belize, which begin again on Wednesdays and Saturdays starting November 1, 2017, and go through April 28, 2018. This year, they have announced their direct flight from Calgary to Belize. One can only imagine the joy my fellow Canadians (and U.S. friends who live near the Montana/Alberta border) will experience when this favorite airline launches their service from Calgary. Commencing on November 3, 2017, WestJet will inaugurate non-stop service to Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (Belize City – BZE). The flight departs at 09:15 and arrives at 15:51 local time – a 5 1/2 hour flight when time zones are considered. Their current price is listed at $280 CAD one way for several weeks in November, December, January with a $100 increase in the ticket price for February, March, and April. This direct flight is only available on Fridays.

    A view from Corozal Town: Why Visit this amazing place
    Corozal Town is a town in the nation of Belize, a capital of Corozal District. Corozal Town is located about 84 miles north of Belize City, and 9 miles from the border with Mexico. Corozal Is a retired community for more Americans and Canadians. Corozal District is the northernmost district of the nation of Belize. The population was 33,335 in 2000. The district capital is Corozal Town. Pre-Columbian Maya ruins are found in Corozal at Santa Rita near Corozal Town, and at Cerros.Corozal District includes Corozal Town and the villages of Buena Vista, Calcutta, Caledonia, Carolina, Chan Chen, Chunox, Concepcion, Consejo, Copper Bank, Cristo Rey, Estrella, Libertad, Little Belize, Louisville, Paraiso, Patchacan, Progresso, Ranchito, San Andres, San Antonio, San Joaquin, San Narciso, San Roman, San Victor, San Pedro, Santa Clara, Sarteneja, Xaibe, and Yo Chen. In addition, the island of Ambergris Caye is geographically closer to Corozal District than the district in which it is administrated, Belize District.

    The 4th Annaul Spartan Body Building Classic
    The General Public was invited to attend the 2017 Spartan Body Building Classic Contest was held on Saturday July 22, 2017 inside Corozal Civic Center. Bodybuilders athletes from around Belize and Mexico represented their athletic Muscular Bodies. six Men Body Builder and two women competed against each other to win over their points to move on to the last category. A number of Judges from around Belize and Cancun came out on the show to Judge the Winners by categories. Bodybuilders are judged on the overall quality of their muscular development. Judging is based upon the presentation of:

    International Sourcesizz

    Business owners in top Belize destination want increased mangrove protections
    Walking the shore of San Pedro provides a solid picture of the tension between natural resources and the economy in this, the top tourist town in coastal Belize. White coral sand gives way to several hundred feet of stunningly deep blue water out to where Caribbean waves strike the Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second longest barrier reef, which stretches from Honduras in the south to its Mexican terminus to the north. Just below swooping frigatebirds stands a phalanx of hotels, ranging from funky and low slung to sleek, new, and relatively tall. Bars, restaurants and dive shops elbow right up to the water’s edge, too, where one can sit in a plastic chair drinking local rum while dangling your feet in the warm tide at establishments with names like “Sandy Toes.”

    EU students discover international culture in Belize
    The Journalism and Public Relations major was looking for an opportunity to see the world and to develop her interviewing skills. Thanks to an annual trip for honors students hosted by Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), McDonald realized that opportunity with an educational experience in Central America. McDonald and Colleen Michaels, who studies Social Work at EU, joined honors students from 12 other PASSHE schools on a 15-day adventure to discover the history, lifestyle and culture of Belize. “It opened the door to the world for me,” McDonald said about her summer travel. “I learned so much about the people we met, my fellow students and myself. You don't start learning until you start moving, and this trip gave my life the motion I needed.”


  • Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism celebrates 94th Birth day of Philip S.W. Goldson, 25min.

  • BSI Investment, 32min.

  • Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), 25min.

  • Belmopan Police and the Ministry of Agriculture Team Up for a Summer Youth Camp, 6min. On Tuesday, July 11th, at a press briefing, the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie reported a reduction in crime statistics for the first half of 2017 - a decrease attributed to an increase in various efforts made by the Belize Police Department. In Belmopan, one such initiative between the Belmopan Police Department and the Ministry of Agriculture is targeting at-risk youths in the community.

  • New Permanent Representative of Belize to the OAS Presents Credentials, 2min. The new Permanent Representative of Belize to the Organization of American States (OAS), Daniel Gutierrez, today presented his credentials to the Secretary General, Luis Almagro, the credentials that accredit him to the hemispheric institution. At the ceremony, that took place at the OAS headquarters in Washington DC, Ambassador Gutierrez spoke about the need to continue strengthening the OAS, to serve and respond to the needs of the people of the region. "Belize is unflinching in its desire to contribute to the design of an OAS that withstands the test of time and galvanizes the support of our regional and hemispheric stakeholders. In our very own corner of the woods, in our very own corner of the Americas, the OAS has proven its relevance by providing a mechanism by which neighbors can deal with border disputes in a manner that is congruent with international law and order," he said.

  • Miss Costa Maya 2017 Delegates, 3min. Voting for Miss Popularity is from July 26 to August 2, 2017 on Facebook & Instagram. Voting does not influence pageant results.

  • E-TEXTBOOKS AVAILABLE AT UB’S BOOKSTORES, 1.5min. UB has begun to make the transition from physical books to eTextbooks. Watch this video featuring Dr. Elma Kay for great reasons to make the switch. Students can download eBooks on devices (tablets/phones/laptops) used to redeem the code or they can read the eTextbooks on any computer with Internet access. Online tutorials on how to access Bookshelf and redeem your codes are available at:

  • UB 1st President's All Inclusive Endowment Fete, 1/2min. The Soca affair features Oscar B and the Gilharry 7 Band. More artists will be announced soon. All proceeds from this fundraiser goes towards scholarships for well deserving students.

  • Harpy, 51min. National Geographic documentary

  • Belize V1, 5min. Scuba diving

  • Schnorcheln bei Laughing Bird Caye • Belize , 8min. War waren schnorcheln vor der Insel Laughing Bird Caye in Belize! Von Placencia sind wir dorthin gefahren und sind untergetaucht!

  • Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize, 4min. Video postcard: MayaWalk Tour with Goldborn - Rio Frío Cave & Big Rock Falls, Belize.

  • Belize Airport Authority Documentary Long Version, 7min.

  • You Better Belize It, 14min.

  • The Ants Go Marching - Belize, 1min.

    July 25, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Maya and Tropic Air planes clip wings at San Pedro airstrip
    On Monday, July 24th, a Maya Island Air and Tropic Air plane reportedly clipped wings around 9AM this morning at the San Pedro airstrip. Although it was confirmed by the Belize Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) that no one sustained injures, the collision has allegedly put both planes out of commission. According to Lindsay Garbutt, Director of Civil Aviation of the BDCA, information regarding the incident is currently being gathered. “I have sent two inspectors to check on the matter, and I am just waiting on the report. Afterwards, [we] will sit down with the entities that manage that specific airport, which is the Belize Airport Authority, and look at measures to ensure that incidents like this does not happen again,” said Garbutt. “Tropic Air was taxiing to the gate at the airport when our airline’s wings collided. However, no one was injured,” stated John Grief III, President of Tropic Air, who confirmed that the incident did occur.

    Out on bail, Anke Doehm makes brief stop on Ambergris Caye for belongings
    After being granted Supreme Court bail for the charge of ‘cruelty to a child,’ on Friday, July 21st, David and Anke Doehm were one step closer to walking free. The couple continue to be the prime suspects in the death of Faye Lin Cannon. David could not meet his $10,000 bail and was thus remanded to the Belize Central Prison. However, Anke met bail and by Sunday, July 23rd, she was back on Ambergris Caye. Accompanied by an unknown young lady, Anke was only on the island for a couple of hours before heading back to Belize City. After an eyewitness reported seeing Anke boarding a 10:30AM boat from Belize City to San Pedro Town, word quickly spread and protesters lined up on the beach to wait for her. The unhappy group of persons followed Anke calling her ‘murderer’, ‘monster,’ ‘killer,’ and more. Anke silently walked to Barrier Reef Drive where she boarded a taxi to her condo on Northern Ambergris Caye. Residents nearby observed her packing her belongings and making her way back downtown.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Ambassador To USA Meets President Trump
    H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez presented his Letters of Credence to the President of the United States of America at the White House, thus making him the tenth Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America. In his remarks to President Trump, Ambassador Gutierez expressed heartfelt greetings from the Prime Minister the Right Honorable Dean Oliver Barrow and the Belizean people. He underscored the friendly, and long-standing bilateral relations existing between both countries.

    Anke Doehm Packs Up And Leaves Ambergris Caye In Four Hours
    On Sunday, July 23, eye witnesses reported seeing Anke Doehm boarding the 10:30a.m. Ocean Ferry Water Taxi leaving Belize City with destination to San Pedro. Word quickly spread around San Pedro Town and residents lined up to confirm her arrival on Ambergris Caye. Chanting “You Murdered Faye”, those who gathered followed her as she walked on the beach, to Central Park, where she crossed over to Front Street (Barrier Reef Drive) to meet the nearest taxi past her store Rubi Moon. Shortly after, Anke and her companion returned to the water taxi and left the island on the 4p.m. boat. Ambergris Today met up with Anke at the Ocean Ferry Belize City terminal where she was seen assisted by three more people, reportedly all Belizeans, who helped her with her luggage and drove her away.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Phillip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson
    Tuesday, July 25th is the Birthday of this great Belizean Hero. Here is a short version of his life, courtesy of Hector Silva Phillip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson was born on the 25th of July 1923, in Belize City. He was the second son of Mr. Peter Edward Goldson and his wife Florence Matilda Babb Goldson. He attended St. Mary's Primary School and although he never had the never had the opportunity to go to high shool he studied at night and successfully obtained the Cambridge University Overseas Junior Certificate in 1939 and Senior School certificate in 1941.

    Vacancy at BELTRAIDE – IT Officer
    Vacancy exists at Belize Trade and Investment Development Service for the post of IT Officer. Kindly see the attached vacancy notice below and, if interested, apply no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 27th, 2017..

    Half Moon Caye & Blue Hole Trip
    This July, visitors got a chance to experience these spectacular sites, first-hand with BAS! The Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Natural Monuments are a part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site. Both sites are co-managed by the Belize Audubon Society. It all started with the boobies! Located 55 miles east of Belize City, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument is infamously home to the Red-footed Booby Bird. Gazetted in 1928, HMCNM is not only Belize's oldest site for wildlife protection, but also the first designated protected area in Belize since 1982. A few miles away lies the Blue Hole Natural Monument, a fascinating geological formation adorned with coral and cave formations. The tranquil abyss measures 1,000 feet across and approximately 415 feet deep.

    In preparation for their CONCACAF Champions League football debut, Belmopan Bandits SC had an impressive nil-nil draw in their first international friendly against Inter Playa, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. On Thursday, August 3, 2017, they play their first Champions League game in Nicaragua against CD Walter Ferretti. The following Thursday, August 10, 2017, the return match takes place at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. The Belmopan Bandits have already made Belize proud and, with the entire country behind them, we are confident they will take that national pride to a new level. Go Bandits! Go Belize!

    International Costa Maya Festival's Sashing Ceremony Thursday July 27th
    Get ready for the Sashing Ceremony at Fido's Courtyard!

    Car wreck by Banana Beach
    Crazy morning, This happened by Banana beach in San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

    Have a bee infestation on Caye Caulker?
    Notice: any problems with bees in your yard or close to your home? Any bee infestation??Please let us know. Persons are here who are going around to spray and get rid of them.

    Toddlers, Teens, & Tiaras
    Mahgany Bay Village Resort, Ambergris Caye - "Toddlers, Teens, & Tiaras - Mahogany Bay Village invites you to a very special public event on Saturday, July 29th from Noon – 2:00 p.m. at Shaken Sunset Bar, Mahogany Bay Village in south San Pedro. Bring your princesses (and princes!) to meet and take a photo with the International Costa Maya Festival 2017 Pageant contestants from neighbouring countries that share our Maya heritage. Admission is free, and there will be special-priced offerings of all-ages snacks and drinks to enjoy. Also making an appearance will be the young women enrolled in local non-profit program SHINE, an empowerment group for teenagers at San Pedro High School. Part of the event proceeds will directly benefit SHINE."

    According to Routesonline, WestJet plans a NEW weekly (Friday) #NONSTOP FLIGHT from Calgary, Alberta to Belize City, Belize. Flights start November 3rd and will complement the existing twice weekly flights from Toronto. The new Calgary flights are also timed for easy connections from Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. So, now there are even more options to get to your Belize Vacation.

    Kaleidoscope: Thru The Eyes of a Child
    The Wildfire Artmosphere will be having an exhibit of the art from all the student workshops Rony Jovel has had over the last few months. They've been renovating Wildfire for the exhibit, and it's ready. The exhibit is Saturday, July 29th, at 7:00pm.

    Belize Fishing Report July 17th - July 23rd, 2017
    Lots of happy anglers and tons of fish coupled with an awesome staff and great food. Who needs anything else? “Tons of Tarpon” is the common theme this week. There are so many hungry tarpon around. Michelle managed to hook up with five in one day. Freda, a first time tarpon angler also landed two nice tarpon, with one of those weighing in around seventy pounds. If you have never experienced it, watching a tarpon jump out of the water while one is on the end of “your” line is a sight to see and something every angler should be able to put on their catch list. Come and put it on “YOURS”.

    UWI ARTS CHORALE & UWI ARTS STEEL ensembles in Belize
    Joyful 2 concert in Belmopan at the UB Jaguar Auditorium. It's at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25th. $10 per person and $5 with student ID. They are hosting workshops and concerts across Belize since last week, but they are wrapping up their tour this week with two more events. On Tuesday, July 25th, they will be in Belmopan at the University of Belize for a paid show. And on Wednesday night they will be at BTL Park in Belize City where you can catch them in a free concert!

    Job Opportunities at the Corozal Free Zone!!
    Openings at Princess Casino Free Zone

    Miss Estereo Amor Pageant
    The Miss Estereo Amor Belize Pageant will be happening at the Sacred Heart Auditorium on Saturday, August 19th. Rossy War will be performing. Giselle Rodriguez will be representing San Ignacio, and Carmelita Lara will be representing Benque. Will Moreno took their glamour shots. "Mark your calendars! The most awaited event of the year is almost here! Miss Estereo Amor Belize pageant followed by the grand concert featuring Rossy War! This one you do not want to miss!"

    World Youth Conference Coming to Belize
    The 2017 World Youth Conference will be held in Belize. This is a first, and they've made a short 'Welcome to Belize' video for the occasion. You can register for the event on their website. "For the first time in the Western Hemisphere the World Youth Conference is coming and it's all happening IN BELIZE! Check out our website and register! Registration closes July 31st , 2017. Globally Running to 2030 ; becoming sustainably strong!

    This Day In History
    July 24th, 1822, The principal inhabitants of Belize, address a memorial of their grievances against Colonel George Arthur (Superintendent of British Honduras 1814-1822), praying he may never resume the Superintendency of the Colony.

    Channel 7

    Bar Scolds Media, Tries To Makes Nice With CJ
    The Bar Association has decided that it will give Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin until the end of September to deliver the backlog of 29 outstanding judgements that have been pending between 2 and 5 years. That's according to unofficial reports - but there'll be no press release from the Bar Association Executive confirming or denying it. That's because the Bar Executive is mightily displeased that their internal documents reached our news desk on Friday. This evening, the Bar sent a press release scolding 7News for releasing the documents on Friday's news. The release says, quote, "the report...sought to portray the a sensational and wholly inappropriate manner." End quote.

    The Harassment of Anke Doehmn On San Pedro
    On Friday night's news, we showed you how the Americans Anke and David Doehm got Supreme Court bail, despite the howls of protest outside of court, and the objections from the DPP's Office. Both the prosecutor and the public believe that they are a flight risk, after being charged with cruelty to a child for the death of their adopted daughter Faye Lin Cannon. Anke Doehm met bail that same day, but her husband, David, didn't and, so he was taken back to prison. It was expected that he would be able to meet bail today, but we've confirmed that he is still on lockdown tonight.

    Man dies In Cayo, Cops Say His Co-Worker Is The Suspect
    A man who was savagely beat down last Friday in Santa Elena died on Saturday. 38 year old Marlon Peters was hanging out with his co-worker and friend Errol Smith on Friday July 14th. But something went terribly wrong that Friday afternoon when Smith pounced on Peters and beat him unconscious. Courtney Weatherburne has more details on this street fight turn murder. Marlon Peters and Errol Smith worked together at the Ministry of Works in Cayo. They were also known to be friendly with one another outside the workplace. But last week Friday July 14th, a cool friendly outing between the two led to a deadly brawl on Maxi Street.

    Man Hit With "Two By Four" Succumbs
    So, while San Ignacio Police are investigating the fatal beatdown of Marlon Peters, Belize City Police are investigating the murder of 22 year-old Trevaun Chee. It is believed that he was hit in the head by a "two by four." It happened at around 2:00 on Friday afternoon when Chee was walking on Mahogany Street. Police investigations say that he was a short distance from his Mahogany Street Extension Home when he encountered a 17 year-old male. The two had some sort of confrontation, which escalated when the minor grabbed the plank of wood and lashed him in the right side of the head. He was rushed to the KHMH, but his medical condition deteriorated, and on Sunday, he passed away.

    Police Detain Alleged Mother and Sister For Discarded Baby
    Over the weekend police detained two women for the baby that was found in East Canal last Thursday. The women are the suspected mother and her sister - who works at the hospital - and is believed to have delivered the baby. Our reports say the mother refused to say anything - and have both gotten an attorney. The mother was released, and today, Police told us the very little they could about the person they have detained: Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Investigator - CIB Precinct 3: "What I can say is that we have spoken to persons of interests and there is one person in custody at this point. Nobody has been charged and the investigation continues."

    Man Flung Off Mangled Motorbike In Accident
    At about 10:30 Saturday night, Ladyville police responded to a traffic accident near the Burrell Boom Junction. Police say they found a white van on the left hand side of the road with the front end extensively damaged. Police also found 25 year old Christian Contreras lying in the middle of the road next to his black motorcycle, which was also mashed up. Contreras was unconscious and had received severe injuries to his head and face. An ambulance arrived not long after and took him to the KHMH where he is currently in critical condition.

    Cops Shot An Underaged Teen In Griga
    The Police Press Office hasn't released any details but 7News has received reports from Dangriga saying that the cops shot a 17 year old in that southern town. Sketchy information says police pulled up in an area of the town and one of the officers got jumpy and shot the teenager. He was taken to the Southern Regional Hospital, where he is stable. Civilian sources tell us that the shooting was unjustified.

    Scandinavian Tourist Raped on Caye Caulker
    There was a rape on Caye Caulker this weekend. The story the police press office put out says a 24 year old female resident of Caye Caulker reported that at around 4:00am on Saturday morning while sleeping she was awakened by a man who was on top of her holding a knife to her face. He threatened to harm her if she resisted, and he proceeded to rape her. Well, when we looked into the story, we found that the victim was not a resident of Caye Caulker - as police had said, but a tourist from the Scandinavian country of Denmark. Our sources tell us that she was staying at one of the many hostels on Caye Caulker - which do not have optimal security. Island police are looking for a suspect.

    Cayo Man's ruthless Sexual Assault
    26 year old Arsenio Cano has been charged for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl. The minor reported that on Saturday July 15th Cano broke into her house, grabbed her and tried to rape her but she fought him off. San Ignacio police gave us more on this troubling case. ASP Daniel Iche, Deputy Officer, San Ignacio: "A thirteen-year-old female of Santa Familia Village reported that on Saturday, July fifteenth at about 11:40 a.m., she arrived home, she found the door open and she went inside and was grabbed on her arm from behind by someone. She began to wrestle with the person and she recognized the male person to be one Arsenio Cano. During the struggle with Cano he apparently pulled down her pants and touched her inappropriately. An investigation was carried out and Arsenio Cano, twenty-six-year-old Belizean laborer of Santa Familia Village was subsequently charged for the offenses of burglary, attempt rape and sexual assault."

    Police Having A Hard Time With Portillo Case
    While police has solved that sexual assault case, they are having some difficulty solving the Maynor Portillo murder case. Portillo was shot and killed in mid-June. His body was found at the Novelo's Convention Center in Santa Elena. Police told us more about this difficult case. Reporter: "Have you made any arrest of Maynor Portillo?" ASP Daniel Iche, Deputy Officer, San Ignacio: "No, not as yet."

    Pawnshop Owner Complains, City Council Says He's Confused
    Tonight, a businessman says City Hall is harassing him for no reason, and running him down for money he doesn't owe. That man is Gilroy Usher Jr., and in late 2014, he moved his Belize City business, First Stop Speedy Money, from Cemetery Road to King Street. The location on King Street is significantly smaller than the previous building he was renting, so he sent in an application for City Council to reassess his trade license fees. According to Usher, Citco did not complete the reassessment until early 2016, but was still charging him based on the assessment of when his business was on Cemetery Road. The confusion has led to a multitude of problems for Usher, who received a stop order from CitCo this morning. He explained the situation to us today...

    No Albert Reciprocity For Philloughby?
    On Friday's news, you may have heard UDP Mayoral aspirant Phillip Willoughby waxing poetic about why he's the best UDP candidate for the job. But things hit a little rough patch when we asked him about the last time he stepped aside as a candidate to make way for someone else. That was in the Albert Division in 2015 - when he abandoned his candidacy for that division to let Tracey Teagar-Panton run. The man we lovingly call "Philloughby" took one for the team, and in return he was supposed to get a diplomatic posting in Chicago - which never worked out. So, at least, you'd think he could expect some reciprocity from Taegar-Panton. So then you can imagine our surprise when we saw her on Facebook with her committee hugging up with Willoughby;s opponent, Dion Leslie.

    Chetumal Bridge Takes A Banging
    Over the last several months we've reported on the deterioration of the Lake Independence Boulevard. And while we have told you about the constant renovations taking place on the new road, today renovations are needed on the bridge that connects it to Chetumal Street. According to reports, at around 3:00 yesterday afternoon, a blue minivan crashed into the side of the bridge. So far, investigations reveal that Enrique Cuellar was driving in the direction of the George Price Highway when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the bridge's railing. The impact caused severe damage to the barricade, almost completely dislodging it from the bridge.

    GSU Gets Weed And Weapon
    The GSU has gotten another stash of weed and weapons. On Saturday afternoon, the unit conducted Operations on Police Street in the Saint Martin's De Porres Area, where they found 6 9 millimeter rounds, one home-made firearm and 11 grams of weed broken down into bags for sale.

    Johnny Gabs Takes Kingpin Case To US Court
    For almost 5 years now, Stann Creek businessman John Zabaneh has been battling with king pin designation from the US Treasury Department. The Treasury Office of Foreign Asset's named him as an associate of the Mexican drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, and the Sinaloa Cartel. Well, American press reports say that he is now fighting back. His US attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department The designations under the King Pin Act "prohibits US persons from conducting financial and commercial transactions with these individuals and companies, and also freezes any assets they may have under US Jurisdiction."

    A Strange case Of Murder, Or Was It Suicide?
    In December 2014, we told you about the shooting death of the American Retiree, 66 year-old Timothy Patrick McNamara. He was found dead on the verandah of his home on the Old Northern Highway. He was shot in the head with a 9mm pistol belonging to his American wife, Tracy McNamara. She told police that they had been talking in the house about some money problems that they were having. He then went on the verandah, and shortly after, she reportedly heard a gunshot. She told the police that he shot himself, but police weren't so sure about that at the time. Here's what the then Rural Executive Officer had to say at that time:

    The Civic Shelter is For Those Who "Man The Fort"
    Last week, we took you inside the Civic Center - to see the very decked out interior of the most expensive public or private structure ever built in Belize. And while ti will serve as a sports facility and concert venue, it's also a hurricane shelter. But, as the designer explained off camera - its not necessarily meant to serve as a shelter for regular folks running from the storm. Here's how he put it:... Voice of: Daniel Arguelles, ARCHITECT - I.E.: "No more than two thousand occupants should occupy the building during the event of a hurricane - and that is simple for the fact that although we have 90,000 gallons of water, 20,000 gallons back up plan water in the roof."

    Another For Big Money Robbery
    The messenger at UNO Bel China gas station was robbed of almost 16 thousand dollars in February. Five months later, police have arrested a second person for the well orchestrated robbery. He is 33 year old Arthur Humes, a resident of Curassow Street. Humes pled not guilty to the charge when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was remanded into custody until August 15. The incident occurred around 9 a.m. on February 7. In March, 24 year old Lloyd Leslie was charged with the offence.

    Belize Volleyball Girls Got Fifth In Regional Tournament
    After four grueling days of competition, the U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship wrapped up this weekend. Belize hosted 6 other teams from Central America, in a tightly packed schedule that saw the teams playing two matches in one day. After the final match on Saturday, Costa Rica walked away with the Gold medal, with two of it's players receiving individual awards. Team Captain Edya Espinoza won Best Attacker and Best Receiver, while her teammate was named Best Defender. Honduras finished in second place, with Ruth Aguilar winning Best Service, and Nathaly Perez being named the Highest Scorer, with 99 total points. Guatemala rounded out the Top 3, followed by Nicaragua, Belize and El Salvador, and Panama in the bottom spot.

    Channel 5

    Marlon Peters Succumbs to Beating; Friend and Assailant Detained by San Ignacio Police
    San Ignacio Police tonight have another apparent murder on their hands. The incident that precipitated the death of thirty-eight-year-old Marlon Peters took place ten days ago; however, the investigation has [...]

    Minor Detained in Alleged Retaliation Killing of Trevaun Chee
    There was a second murder recorded over the weekend, similar to that of Peters. Twenty-two-year-old Trevaun Chee was hit multiple times to the head and body allegedly with an aluminum [...]

    The Bar Wants End to Overdue Court Judgments, But No Fuss
    Is Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s job under threat for outstanding delivery of court judgments? For now, no because at a meeting of the Bar Association of Belize on Friday night, [...]

    Teenager Fights Off Would-Be Rapist in Santa Familia
    A teenage minor of Santa Familia Village was sexually assaulted over the weekend by someone who broke into her home on Saturday morning.  The thirteen-year-old-girl had just got home, only [...]

    Detention Reported in East Canal Baby Dump Case
    A forty-two-year-old has been detained for her alleged involvement in the disturbing discarding of a newborn baby boy last Wednesday in East Canal in Belize City. While that person is [...]

    Ex-G.S.U. Commander Glenn Caliz Not a Target Of Investigation into Fund Stealing
    Former GSU Commander Glenn Caliz…his name has been mentioned on two occasions last week in respect of an investigation reportedly being carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs into [...]

    Second Half of B.T.L. Arbitration Headed to C.C.J. in October
    One year ago, the Government of Belize began making payments to Dunkeld International, the B.T.L. Employees’ Trust and British Caribbean Bank Limited for the settlement of costs for the double [...]

    Minivan Driver Crashes into Rail on Chetumal Street Bridge
    There were several traffic accidents over the weekend. The Chetumal Street Bridge opened for traffic over two years ago and it took some four point five million dollars to do [...]

    Van and Motorcycle Meet, Cyclist Injured at Boom Junction
    A road traffic accident at the Burrell Boom Junction on Saturday night has left one man hospitalized. Around ten-thirty that night, police responded and upon arrival, saw an extensively damaged [...]

    E.U., U.B. Partner to Train Teachers in Early Childhood Education
    The European Union has been implementing its Accompanying Measures for Sugar program in Belize for some time now. While one of the key targets has to do with road construction [...]

    G.S.U. Collect Homemade Gun, Ammo, Weed from Police Street
    The Gang Suppression Unit was busy this past weekend as personnel from the agency descended on Police Street on Saturday afternoon.  No arrests were made but the officers were able [...]

    Second Man Charged in UNO Gas Station Robbery
    A second man has been charged with the armed robbery of businessman Robert Pickwoad at the Uno Gas Station on February seventh. He is thirty-three-year-old auto body works mechanic Arthur [...]

    2 Charged for 9 Pounds of Weed in a Vehicle
    Twenty-three-year-old Patrick Petillo and twenty-eight-year-old Ronald Michael were jointly charged with one count of drug trafficking when they appeared in court today. Police report that on Saturday, July twenty-second, they [...]

    Uniting Belizeans at Home and Abroad
    Belizeans United For Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora – it is a group that is aiming to create a movement under one banner that will bring about the [...]

    Jamaica’s Peter Morgan Wants Belize to Consider Dual Citizens in Parliament
    Another matter that the movement hopes to see change is the matter of dual citizens in parliament. It is a controversial topic – but BUFERHD maintains that they will not [...]

    Sports Monday’s Sporting Highlights
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of weekend sporting activities...]


    LICU Reports More Than Half A Million Dollars In Cash Shortage To Its Membership
    After two years since the controversy between the La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited (LICU) and its former general manager as it relates to serious allegations which were brought against her regarding breaches of financial policies, the LICU held its 67th and 68th annual general meeting at the Muffles College Auditorium. The presentation to members included the institution’s financials, declaration of dividends, as well as other progressions which fall under the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 fiscal years.

    Anke Doehm Moves Out Of San Pedro
    After receiving Supreme Court bail at the sum of ten thousand dollars last Friday, Anke Doehm, the adoptive mother of thirteen year old Fay Linn Cannon returned to San Pedro over the weekend, causing havoc with infuriated islanders. Doehm boarded a ferry from Belize City en-route San Pedro yesterday morning. Word seemingly spread around the town and residents lined up to confirm her arrival to the Caye. Chanting phrases like ‘You murdered Faye’ and ‘Murderer’ the angry mob followed Doehm throughout San Pedro, as can be seen on this video provided to us by our colleges over at ‘Ambergris today’

    GOB Will Push For Removal Of Dual Citizenship Ban On House Of Representatives Again
    Last Friday, Foreign Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington responded to a chain of questions on a number of pertinent issues including the Senate hearings and the revocation of his Cabinet colleague’s visa. One other very controversial matter raised by Elrington is a second attempt at the removal of the dual citizenship restriction currently on members House of Representatives. The matter is a major point of contention for members of the diaspora, as it is for Belizeans living in Belize. According to Elrington, the Barrow Administration wants to placate the diaspora.

    Will OW People's Stadium Be Ready For Annual Fiesta Rama
    Fiesta Rama 2017 is just around the corner. It’s an event that will see two days of activities kicking off on Saturday July 29th at the Orange Walk People’s Stadium. But will the area be ready for the event? If you have visited the stadium recently you might have noticed that the fence is currently being replaced. The work is being carried out by the National Sports Council and it is the hope of Mayor Kevin Bernard that the entire fence will be up before Saturday.

    Upgrade Of San Francisco Street Continues
    As part of their mandate to pave and upgrade a vast majority of streets in Orange Walk the town council is currently engaged in the reconstruction of San Francisco Street. Today as the project moved into its second stage we visited the area and caught up with Mayor Kevin Bernard who had a message to share with Orange Walkenos when it comes to traffic safety in the area. Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council: “It’s a very lengthy road and I would want to plea to drivers that when this road is completed, please this is not a highway, it’s a residential area people live in these areas and you need to respect the speed limits and we need to understand the traffic laws specifies what your speed limit is we will need to replace some pedestrian bumps I think at the back coming of the boulevard into this narrow lane...”


    Robbers Target Belmopan Businessman
    Belmopan Police are investigating a robbery that occurred on Saturday night. We hear more in this report from correspondent Fem Cruz. FEM CRUZ “Belmopan Police are investigating an armed robbery that left a Chinese businessman of Belmopan injured. Love News understands that a little after 9PM this past Saturday night 35 year old Zing Hue […]

    Second Suspect Nabbed for Armed Robbery
    A second person has been charged for the robbery of fifteen thousand eight hundred and seventy eight from Robert Pickwood. He is 33 year old Arthur Humes, a resident of Curassow Street. Humes pled not guilty to the charge when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was remanded into custody until August 15. […]

    WestJet Is Coming to Belize
    There are plans for the expansion of the Philip Goldson International Airport as we had reported some weeks ago considering the constant increases in arrivals and the number of flights coming to Belize. Another airline looking to make a stop to the PGIA is WestJet. They have announced their direct flight from Calgary in Alberta, […]

    Mother of abandoned baby still unidentified
    On Thursday sanitation worker Julian Jimenez found the lifeless body of a baby boy as he cleaned out garbage from the canal near South Street Bridge. Authorities were called and a full investigation into the incident was launched. This afternoon, the only statement from police on the matter is that the mother of the child […]

    David and Anke Doehm out on bail
    Since the homicide of 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon, her adoptive parents, David and Anke Doehm who had been charged with cruelty to a child, had been held in police custody and on remand at the Belize Central Prison until this morning. The Doehms were granted bail by Justice Dennis Hanomansingh. Their attorneys were […]

    San Pedro residents protest at Doehms’ bail hearing
    Meanwhile just in front of the Supreme Court buildings, a handful of protestors gathered at Battle Field Park. They were there to protest the Doehm’s bail hearing. They were shocked when they learned that David and Anke Doehm received bail. Protestor 1 “As a mother it hurts me and I know what is justice system, […]

    New Belize Ambassador to the US presents credentials
    His Excellency Francisco Daniel Gutierez has become Belize’s tenth Ambassador to the US. Ambassador Gutierez takes over from His Excellency Patrick Andrews. Gutierrez presented his letters of credence to the President of the United States of America at the White House. In his remarks to President Trump, Ambassador Gutierez expressed greetings from Prime Minister the […]

    PM on personal leave
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today for the United States on personal leave. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington will act as Prime Minister until his return on July 25.

    Minister Wilfred Elrington says he knows of no Cabinet decision to halt security clearance for nationality applicants
    During her testimony to the Senate Special Select Committee, Immigration Officer, Ady Pacheco stated that Cabinet directed applicants for Belizean nationality, especially Chinese, no longer go through the security clearance process. Minister Wilfred Elrington says he does not know of any such decision. Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs “I am not aware of […]

    Foreign Affairs Minister speaks on increased security at PGIA
    We also asked the Foreign Affairs Minister about the recent travel advisory that the Government issued. In that advisory, the government announced additional security measures that it has been implemented on outbound passengers flying from Belize to the U.S. Minister Wilfred Elrington says it is because of the US Muslim ban. Wilfred Elrington – Minister […]

    Bert Vasquez maintains his innocence
    Bert Vasquez who was found guilty of forcible abduction and aggravated assault was to have been sentenced today by Justice Adolph Lucas. But his sentencing was adjourned to next week. His attorney Oscar Selgado told the court that he would not submit a mitigation plea. As he was being escorted back to the holding cell, […]

    Mayflower area gets facelift
    The Mayflower area in Belize City is getting much needed attention. Residents in the area have had to live in very unhealthy conditions but with some assistance, the area is getting cleaned up. The work is headed by Councilor Philip Willoughby. Today he was in the area along with the South Side Police Commander Senior […]

    Governor General visits troop at BDF Volunteer Camp
    Paul Mahung reporting… “The visit facilitated by Commanding Officer of the BDF Volunteer Battalion Lt. Ellison Ogaldez.” Lt. Ellison Ogaldez – Commanding Officer, BDF Volunteer Battalion “In the beginning of the tour he met officers and men of the battalion and inspected a guard of honor by Women Belize Defense Force Volunteer Battalion led by […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    New WestJet flight builds on positive tourism outlook for Belize
    WestJet’s new direct flight from Calgary, Canada to Belize adds to the already positive outlook for Belize’s tourism industry. According to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the country had already seen a marked growth in visitor arrivals for the first half of 2017 from both overnight and cruise ship passenger arrivals. Overnight arrivals grew by 7.8 percent for the first half of 2017, while cruise passenger arrivals went up by 3.1 percent.

    Huawei and BTL launch subsea cable system
    Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL) and Huawei Marine announced the launch of BTL’s new trategic Evolution Underwater Link (SEUL). The project will bring fiber-optic submarine cable connectivity to San Pedro in northern Belize, enabling super-fast broadband speeds to the island. Rochus Schreiber, CEO of BTL said: “The SEUL project is an important element of BTL’s transformative Network Evolution Plan, and its delivery permits world class high-speed network connection between Belize and the island of Ambergris Caye, which will significantly enhance the prospects for economic development on the Caye – and eventually throughout the country.

    NCL called out for exploiting Big Red on Harvest Caye
    One Green Planet, the largest publishing platform on eco-sustainability, in a recent post condemned Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) for its “exploitation of wild species” in Belize regarding the cruise line’s captivity of a rare scarlet macaw named Big Red. Big Red was rehabilitated for release back into the wild and was reportedly in perfect health. Unfortunately, with approval from the government, Big Red was “spirited away under a veil of secrecy” and is now living in captivity on Harvest Caye, alongside other animals that One Green Planet insist are being exploited.

    PUP to hold convention for San Ignacio/Santa Elena Mayoral candidate
    The People’s United Party (PUP) will be holding a convention to elect a Mayoral candidate for the 2018 municipal elections in San Ignacio and Santa Elena towns. Three mayoral candidates will be vying for the post on August 13. The open convention will be held at the Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio town.

    Errol Smith detained pending charges for murder of Marlon Peters
    Marlon Peters, 38, was beaten badly on July 14 after socializing with his coworker, Errol Smith. The incident occurred shortly before 5:00 that evening when police were called to the scene on Maxi Street in Santa Elena town. Peters and Smith had gotten into an altercation in front of Smith’s home with Smith inflicting fatal wounds to Peters.

    Belizean artists represent at Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan
    Two Belizean artists are in Astana, Kazakhstan a country in Central Asia, representing the country at Expo 2017. Cecil “Cocono Bwai” Jenkins and Denise Castillo, left the country on Sunday, to perform at the expo, which is expected to draw a crowd of between 3-4 million people.

    Woman detained for disposal of baby
    Today police held a press conference where they revealed that the child died of acute respiratory syndrome. Police further revealed that a forty two year old woman was detained pending investigations.

    Port cooperation workshop held in Belize
    Photo: International Maritime Organization Last week there was a port workshop held in Belize from July 18-20. The purpose was to identify and deal with potential threats to port security operations. The event took a closer look at security needs and associated risks. […]

    Rivers free to flow, case thrown out
    Firebrand community activist Raymond Rivers and Belize City Councilor Philip Willoughby, who have been locked in a court battle since last November regarding claims that Rivers threatened Willoughby, had the matter thrown out last Friday. Willoughby had alleged that Rivers threatened to kill him, […]

    Results of PUP convention in Dangriga
    On Sunday, the PUP in the town of Dangriga held an internal convention to select their municipal slate that will contest the next town council elections scheduled for next year in March. When the final ballot was counted the victorious were Derrick Velasquez for […]

    Van crashes into Belama bridge
    The Government of Belize will have to spend more tax payers’ dollars repairing the bridge near Chetumal Street in Belama. Yesterday evening a man driving a blue van on the bridge lost control and crashed into the metal railing. No one was hurt but […]

    Man hit with bat dies
    BBN has confirmed that Trevaun Chee also known as Devon Chee is dead. He passed away at the KHMH while receiving treatment. He had been hospitalized in a critical condition since Friday afternoon when he ws hit to the back of the head with […]

    More flight routes from Canada to Belize and Mexico
    WestJet has just announced new flights to Mexico and Belize. Those flights leaving from Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver are scheduled for later this year and at the start of next year. The schedule is as follows: Calgary – Belize City eff 03NOV17 1 weekly WS2216 YYC0915 – […]


    Heavenly Hammocks!
    We enjoy lounging in hammocks so much that July 22nd is designated National Hammock Day. Of course, we aren’t complaining – Belize and hammocks are like two peas in a pod, and our travels across Belize have led us to many a relaxing hammock. From cabaña porches, to sleepy beaches and under the shade of the jungle canopy, we have snoozed in some of the best. There are many places to hang your hammock in Belize, and here are some of our favorites:

    International Sourcesizz

    This Has to Stop! Cruise Line Steals Exotic Birds From the Wild to Display Them in Captivity
    It seems like cases of wildlife exploitation for the sake of profit and entertainment can never be far from one’s mind. Recently, it was discovered that Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is using wildlife from the rain forests of Belize to entertain their exclusive passengers on the private island cruise ship port of Harvest Caye. According to a Care2 petition launched to raise awareness for and fight the disturbing practice, a number of wild animals currently live in captivity on this “tourist playground” – among them, keel-billed toucans, iguanas, snake, butterflies, and scarlet macaws. One of the wild-caught macaws, less than two years old, was rehabilitated for release back into the wild, fortunately being in perfect health. However, the release day never came for the beautiful bird – the macaw, known as Big Red, was “spirited away under a veil of secrecy” and is now living in captivity on Harvest Caye, alongside the other animals.

    WestJet announces Calgary service to Belize
    WestJet has announced new non-stop weekly service between Calgary and Belize, effective November 3, 2017. The service is part of the airline's seasonal schedule for the winter of 2017-18, which includes more flights from Calgary. "WestJet will increase service from Calgary by 52 weekly flights this winter," said Brian Znotins, WestJet Vice-president, network planning, alliances and corporate development. "As the carrier with more flights from Calgary International Airport than any other, we have designed our Calgary flight schedules to deliver 55 percent more connecting itineraries, which will help to launch new flights in future seasons and further expand our presence in YYC – a key driver in economic and employment growth in the city."

    Why Yuca Should Love Cassava
    Whether you’re full-on gluten free or Paleo, or you’re just looking for simple ways to avoid so much wheat, chances are you’ve come across cassava. And if you haven’t yet, you will soon. Cassava (pronounced kuh-SAH-vuh), also known as yuca, is a shrubby root native to South America that is also grown in Malaysia, the Philippines and parts of Africa. It behaves similarly to wheat, giving good texture and neutral flavor to crackers, bread, pasta and chips, and it’s nut free. (Another popular alternative starch, tapioca, is part of the same plant.) “Cassava … creates a neutral flour, which can be used in various forms of baking,” holistic chef Daniella Hunter tells Clean Plates. “Cassava starch (tapioca) goes even further in that it can help to create a smooth consistency, and can, in a small way, help to mimic gluten. It’s not nearly as ‘glue-like’ as gluten, but it helps when formulating gluten-free baked goods.”

    Caye Caulker – Belize – duiktrip
    Alweer de eennalaatste dag van onze rondreis door Mexico, Guatemala & Belize, en dit was de dag waar ik het meest naar uit had gekeken. Duiken in Belize. Met een gezonde dosis spanning op zak en een volle tas met zwem- en duikspullen zitten we langs de waterkant te wachten op de rest van de groep, alvorens we koers zouden zetten naar Eagle Ray Wall met ‘Menippe’. Toch nog maar wat foto’s maken om de wachttijd door te komen. Een kwartier later vaart ‘Menippe’ onder begeleiding van de kapitein de haven uit en ik schat een uur later gaat hij voor anker, duikstek nr. 1 is bereikt. De duiksets zijn opgebouwd, de groepen zijn bekend en veiligheidsprocedures zijn doorgenomen. Nu is het een kwestie van aantrekken/opzetten, buddy-check en te water.


  • Belize NOW | Episode 27 - Friday, July 21, 2017, 32min. In tonight’s headlines: Ambassador Gutierrez presents credentials to President Trump, Maypen Village gets a new bridge, Ministry of Agriculture launches its Belmopan Farmer’s Market, Belmopan Police and the Ministry of Agriculture team up for a youth summer camp and Department of Youth Services Launches World Youth Council 2017. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, July 21st, 2017!

  • Belize Caste War project by SJC, 2min. The history of the Maya of northern Belize today known as the Yucatec Maya . This is the stories of Maya of Orange Walk who are telling their story from their Grandparents about the Guerra Social Maya "Caste War" . The Caste War was a Maya rebellion where the Yucatec maya fought against the Spanish and British . This expo is coming soon to northern Belize!!!!

  • New strategies for the Sugar Market, 6.5min. It can't be business as usual in the Sugar Industry. Remaining static in the face of mounting global changes is not an option. New strategies are necessary to move forward and grow markets and opportunities. Expanding Direct Consumption Sugars (DCS) is just one of our strategies.

  • Belize 2017 from Oak Ridge Baptist Church, 7min.

  • Echo Middleton - Road Runna " 2017 Soca " (Belize), 3min.

  • spotted eagle ray in close up - Belize, 1min.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize Visuals Part 1, 4min.

  • Turneffe Flats Fly Fishing Belize, 3.5min.

  • KTV the Remix (July 11, 2017), 2.5hr.

  • The annual Spartan Bodybuilding Classic was held on Saturday night in Corozal town, 2.5min. The annual Spartan Bodybuilding Classic was held on Saturday night in Corozal town, featuring some of Belize’s most promising fitness athletes. This year our local fitness buffs were challenged by a team of Mexican athletes as well as an experienced American fitness athlete.

  • SMART READING, 6min.

  • Talk Ah Di Town July 6, 2017, 30min.

  • Good Governance, 42min.

  • The National 4H Foundation of Belize, 18min.

  •, 29min.

  • Ministry of Agriculture to Launch Belmopan Farmers' Market, 4.5min. Earlier this year, we featured the National Agriculture and Trade Showgrounds in Belmopan, where the Ministry of Agriculture has made millions of dollars in infrastructural improvements. This week, we visited the grounds to learn about a new initiative being implemented by the Ministry. Here’s more on this …

  • May Pen Village Gets A New Bridge, min. For some time now, residents of the village of May Pen have had to confront undesirable and at times, unsafe conditions to get in and out of their village. High water levels in the Black Creek would often result in residents being trapped inside or locked outside of their village, as the 34-year-old wooden bridge had run its course and was no longer safe. Residents of May Pen now have cause for peace of mind – and even celebration, as a new, all-weather, metal bridge has been constructed.

  • 24 Hours In Belize, 3min.

  • Belize 2017 from UMC of Steamboat Springs, 11min. Images from the high school service trip to Belize June 24-July1

  • Discover Belize, 4min. Small & Big Country...From reefs to jungles to beaches to the mysteries of ancient Maya, you can truly experience it all here. Just make sure you schedule some time to relax.

  • BELIZE'S 2015 NATIONAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS IS ST. CATHERINE'S "STAR VOLLEYBALL CLUB"!, 7min. While a very vibrant volleyball tournament that continues to engage Belizean youths in sports is presently underway in Belize, this expose and documentary on the Belize "Star Volleyball Club" that won Belize's High School Championship in 2015 comes to you the Belizean Legends audience two years later.

  • Belize Trip - Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, 5.5min. Our trip to Belize - July19-23 2017! Flew into Belize City, took a water taxi to San Pedro on the Ambergris Caye. We stayed at the Caye Casa right near the center of town. We snorkelled the Shark/Ray Alley and Hol Chan Reef. We ate amazing Caribbean food! We had an amazing time and look forward to our next trip!

  • Belize 2017, 9min. My week of Diving Belize 2017.

  • Barton Creek Höhle • Belize, 7min. San Ignacio ist im Grunde das Zentrum der meisten Aktivitäten in Belize - heute sind wir zur Barton Creek Höhlen gefahren!

  • American Airlines 737 800 landing in Belize city, 15min.

  • Estels Dine by the Sea! San Pedro, Belize, 2min. A great place for breakfast in San Pedro, Belize on the island of Ambergris Caye!

    July 24, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Paddy McKaw
    “You’re naked, old man. Put some clothes on.” “Are you talking to me?” Sherry called, from the kitchen. “No. It’s Paddy McKaw, that damn parrot again.” Three weeks ago, in a moment of stupidity, I bought a blue and gold macaw from a friend of Mario’s. Someone had taught that parrot to swear like I do when I hit my thumb with the hammer. Even worse, he commented on everything he saw. “You look like you got drunk last night,” the parrot said. “But then, you always look that way.”

    Doctor Love: Concerned Mother
    Dear Doctor Love, My sixteen-year-old daughter has asked me to let her go on the birth control pill. Because of irregularity, she has to be careful to avoid having embarrassing accidents. She has terrible pains during that time and I understand that it can help manage the irregularity of her cycle. She is a good student and a good daughter and she says she is not sexually active. I believe her because she doesn’t have a boyfriend. My concern is her father. He has never had a big input into the daily upbringing of the children and he doesn’t like to talk about these things so, do I tell him or take her to the doctor as she has asked and leave it between us? I don’t like to keep secrets from my husband but I think he does not need to know. /s/ Concerned Mother

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Anke Doehm leaves the island!
    As protesters continue to call her murderer for the death of her 13-year-old adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon , Anke boards a 4PM vessel to Belize City.

    Anke Doehm Arrives in San Pedro
    This morning eye witnesses reported seeing Anke Doehm boarding the 10:30am Ocean Ferry Water Taxi leaving Belize City with destination to San Pedro. Work quickly spread around San Pedro Town and residents lined up to confirm her arrival on Ambergris Caye. Chanting “You Murdered Faye”, those who gathered followed her as she walked on the beach, to Central Park, where she crossed over to Front Street (Barrier Reef Drive) to meet the nearest taxi past her store Rubi Moon.

    Accident on Chetumal bridge
    Just happened on Chetumal bridge Belize City,this fool just ran into the rails of the bridge and damaged not only the bridge rail but vehicle as well. Drunk as a skunk, can barely stand up ,leaning on the rail of the bridge.

    A collection of new urban imagery by Richard Holder
    Friday, July 28 at 6 PM - 9 PM. Image Factory Art Foundation, 91 North Front street, 501 Belize City. SM4TP is a conceptual project that gives voice to Belize's Street Vendors via social media and the creative platform of Belizean Visual Artist, Richard Holder. Admission is Free!

    Banana Bank Horse Camp 2017
    Pictures from the 2017 Banana Bank Horse Camp. "Every year in July we host a Horse Camp for all ages and this year was as fun as all the past years since 2006."

    Belize Hawk Watch Project
    We have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for our 5th Annual Hawk Watch Project and 2nd Raptor Certification Program! Every dollar helps us to reach our goal. Please consider donating to this cause. You can read about the project below. Thank you for your support. Help us make the 5th Anniversary of this Program a success!

    The Reporter

    Man rendered critical after attack
    A man lies critically wounded in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following a misunderstanding in the Mahogany Street Extension area on Friday. Devon Chee of Belize City was found with head injuries at around 2:00 p.m., in that area after he had a misunderstanding with […]

    Traffic accident leaves man critical
    The tranquility of Caye Caulker turned into horror for a woman who was raped in her house at knife-point. The victim, a 24-year-old woman told police that at around 4:00 Saturday morning, a man awoke her in her house, wielding a knife in her face […]

    Man dies of injuries inflicted during fight
    A man has died of injuries he suffered at the hands of someone in Santa Elena Friday evening. Police say at around 4:45 that evening, Marlon Peters, 38, of Perez Street, Santa Elena town was found beaten in a driveway. Perez was transported to the […]

    Police investigate two incidents of rape
    The tranquility of Caye Caulker turned into horror for a woman who was raped in her house at knife-point. The victim, a 24-year-old woman told police that at around 4:00 Saturday morning, a man awoke her in her house, wielding a knife in her face […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Anke Doehm met by angry residents
    The circumstances surrounding the death of 13-year-old Faye Lin Cannon has shocked Belizeans countrywide as scrutiny has fallen on her adopted parents, David and Anke Doehm, who were granted bail despite arguments from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). As Anke exited a water taxi, she was met by angry residents in calling her a murderer, cruel and evil person. Anke was escorted by an unknown Belizean woman.

    Thousands celebrate Christ at Festival of Hope Belize
    Belizeans across the nation rejoiced at the Festival of Hope 2017 Christian event last night at the BTL Park in Belize City. It was the first event of its kind in Belize. Last week, international Evangelists and Christians visited Belize to share the word of God.

    Bandits make away with $1,420 in items
    Carmen Flores of Belama Phase two reported to police that her home was burglarized yesterday sometime between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

    Man critical after being beaten with stick
    On Friday, July 21, Devon Chee, a Belize City resident was found unconscious with head injuries around 2:00 p.m. in the Mahogany extension area. Information revealed that Chee was involved in an altercation with another man, who beat him with a stick, causing the injuries.

    Motorcycle rider critical after collision with van
    There was an ugly road traffic accident near the Burrel Boom junction just before 11:00 last night. Police visited the scene where cops saw a white van on the left hand side of the highway with its front portion extensively damaged. The van was driven by 30-year-old Orange Walk resident, Ismael Castillo.

    San Ignacio man charged for sexually assaulting minor
    According to police reports, a 13-year-old minor reported that on July 15, when she arrived at home, she found the door open. The minor said that when she went inside, a man known to her Arsenio Cano grabbed her and sexually assaulted her.


    A Look Back at The Split on Caye Caulker, Belize
    The small island of Caye Caulker was split in two by infamous Hurricane Hattie in 1961. The storm also caused thousands of people to evacuate the then capital, Belize City. Hattieville, now a village (and home to the Belize prison), was set up as a refugee camp for over 10,000 people. Today, on Caye Caulker, there seems to be some disagreement about the Split’s origins – if a smaller passage was made larger by the hurricane or if it was man-made after the storm. Either way, ever since I moved to Belize – and for many years before that – the beach area at the split has been a centerpiece for those living on and visiting Caye Caulker. A place for swimming, enjoying the sun and sand, for water sports, for beer and music. The main users were the many backpackers and international budget travelers, often people in their 20s, and the locals. The Lazy Lizard Bar is probably the most visited in Belize.

    International Sourcesizz

    Port cooperation and maritime security in Belize
    Identifying and dealing with potential threats to port security operations was at the core of a three-day workshop in Belize City, Belize (18-20 July). The event took a closer look at security needs and associated risks. Through interactive presentations and discussions between participants the workshop helped identify opportunities for increased collaboration between government agencies and port owners/operators as well as assessing port security training priorities. The workshop also discussed specific issues around Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSAs) in keeping with the international requirements in IMO’s International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, for example, identification and evaluation of important assets and infrastructure which are to be protected.

    Mansfield leads state system honors trip to Belize
    Every summer, one of the 14 universities from Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education organizes a trip abroad exclusively for honors students. This year, Mansfield University volunteered to host the trip. Twelve of the universities, including Mansfield, selected two honors students to enroll in the program. The destination was a place where Mansfield University is becoming well known, thanks to Political Science professors Jeff Bosworth and Jonathan Rothermel, the small Central American country of Belize (population: est. 380,000). For the last three years, Bosworth and Rothermel accompanied Mansfield students for a short-term, study abroad program in Belize. This summer they took the State System honors group.

    Bronx rapper climbs hip-hop ladder with millions of followers
    One Belize-born artist is climbing the hip-hop ladder, attributing his inspiration to the streets in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Rising Bronx rapper Safa Gaw is 21 years old and produces and records music out of a Williamsburg studio. His most recent song “Dangriga” has over a million views. The artist says music has been in his life for years. His mother is a professional piano player. “I don't really care about anything else other than just speaking my feelings in my music,” he says.


  • Anke Doehm is off the island!, 1min. She arrived earlier today to Ambergris Caye , but after collecting her belongings, she took a 4PM vessel enroute to the mainland. Angry protesters continued calling her out, as they believe she played a role in the death of her adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon.

  • Anke Doehm in San Pedro, 2min. As protesters called her murderer, Anke Doehm, accompanied by an unknown young lady, walked along the beach and onto Barrier Reef Drive. She was able to find a taxi and then made her way to northern Ambergris Caye, where she currently lives.

  • Anke Doehm Arrives in San Pedro and Received by an Angry Group of Residents, 3min.

  • San Pedro in Belize, natural paradise, 3min. video of San Pedro,Belize, the beutiful paradise in America

  • CAYE CAULKER The Best Island in BELIZE, 10min.

  • My trip back home to Belize 2017 part 2, 10min. Here are some of the foods I ate while back at home in Belize. I had fun eating my favorite - CRAB! I was in heaven!!!

  • AGRIman greetings Belize 4H campers, 3min.

  • Approach and Landing at Caye Caulker - Belize, 1min. Island hopping in Belize with a small 6 seat plane on Maya Island Air.

  • Festival of hope Belize 2017 - Papa San [live concert], 3min.

  • 3rd Annual Belize Duck Race 2017, 2.5min. The Rotary Club of Belize holds its 3rd Annual National Belize Duck Race on Saturday July 22nd 2017 in San Ignacio Macal River

    July 23, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    SPTC starts summer sports camp
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), in collaboration with Projects Abroad and the Department of Youth Services, is currently hosting its second annual, four-week summer sports camp. On Monday, July 17th, more than 20 youngsters kicked off camp with beach soccer activities at the Honorable Louis Slyvestre Sporting Complex (Saca Chispas). With three full weeks left, SPTC Councilor of Sports, Hector Alamilla, is still encouraging parents to register children aged five to 12 years old to join in their upcoming sporting activities. Since the camp is sponsored by the SPTC, Alamilla states that children do not need to bring along any equipment, and that water is provided. The remaining camp schedule is as follows: Monday, July 24th to Friday, July 28th—softball at Saca Chispas. Monday, July 31st to Friday, August 4th—basketball at San Pedro High School or Boca Del Rio Park. Monday, August 7th to Friday, August 11th—martial arts at Belize Fitness on Coconut Drive at 9AM to 11AM. Those wanting to swim can meet in front of Mayan Princess on Barrier Reef Drive from 2PM to 4PM.

    IDB’s Investment Corporation offers Belize tourism funding
    Belizean tourist destinations and resorts who may wish to expand their infrastructure or energy systems to become climate resilient, perhaps through a photo-voltaic solar cell array, can now access the necessary financing through the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The IIC opened its doors for business at IDB’s Belize City office on Monday, July 17, and the IIC’s General Manager James Scriven was in town to promote the IIC’s business initiatives. Scriven invited investment proposals from Belizean businesses when the IDB hosted a business mixer at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City on Monday evening, July 17.

    Vivian Noralez to represent San Pedro at Miss Estereo Amor Pageant
    On Saturday, August 19th, eight beauties from around Belize will be competing to earn the title of Miss Estereo Amor Belize. Representing San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is the lovely Vivian Noralez. The other seven contestants are: Carmelita Lara (Cayo), Ederline Green (Corozal), Gissell Rodriguez (Cayo), Joannie Cantun (Orange Walk), Julissa Gilharry (Corozal), Kayla Awe (Corozal), and Selena Urias (Belize City). The philosophy behind the Miss Estereo Amor Pageant is to select a young woman that best represents the culture, values, language, traditions, and the beauty of the Hispanic/Mestizo/Latino culture. This can be conveyed through their etiquette, professional presentation, eloquence, attitude, confidence, personality and knowledge of a wide variety of topics relevant to this prominent culture of Belize. The competition, which will be held at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio, Cayo District, will feature swimwear, eveningwear, and talent segments.

    Diabetes in San Pedro: What is it, are you at risk, and what can you do?
    Type 2 diabetes is an illness that stops the body from using insulin effectively. This causes a person’s blood sugars to rise high above the healthy levels and leads to many serious health problems such as heart attacks or strokes, blindness, kidney dysfunction and even loosing a limb such as the leg or foot. Belize, and especially San Pedro, has seen an increase in the rate of diabetes, as well as risk factors such as obesity. Type 2 diabetes is almost completely preventable. You can protect yourself and your family from developing the illness through both diet and physical activity. Diets that are high in processed sugars, such as soft drink or candy, simple carbohydrates- such as white rice and breads, or include high levels of alcohol consumption are at serious risk of causing diabetes within the body.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Summer Experience 2017 is the module CYDP, BFLA, Samuel Haynes, Red Cross, Ahmadiyya, MOE Gateway and the BDF and City Council Multiple disciplines willing and able Together we are attempting to make the impossible possible Each learning from each other for the betterment of young people NGO and Government di huddle Walking with the youth through the puddle

    "Mr. Morris , my father Mr. Rogelio Mendez from Benque use to love softball and Sports in a hole . I have this picture that is a very precious one that I can't identify the very good team of softballers and I want u to have it since U are familiar with . PRICELESS PIC." This classic photograph comes to Belizean Legends through the kind courtesy of Belizean footballer, Cesar Mendez, from the Facebook page called, "Sports". We invite you to check out this sports page. We also welcome Cesar's addition that will enrich our archives here on the "Golden Girls of Belizean Softball Hall of Fame".

    New Home for San Pedro Sailing Club
    On 16 July 2017, the San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) enjoyed its first day of Sunday sailboat racing on the waters just off the beachfront of the Banyan Bay Suites, the club’s new permanent location. The SPSC’s decision to seek out the Banyan Bay Suites which is about a mile south of town as a new home were based on the resort’s open beaches, its proximity to the best sailing and training waters in Belize, and a joint passion between the resort's owners and the SPSC to provide free instructional sailing to Belizeans, both young and old.

    Police Youth Cadet Summer Camp
    Police Youth Cadet from across the country embark on their annual summer camp that is being held in Belmopan City from Saturday 22nd to Saturday 30th July,2017.

    Belmopan Weekend Farmer's Market
    Starting Saturday, July 29 and EVERY weekend thereafter! At the National Agriculture and Trade Fairgrounds.

    Cover structures in the Vaca Forest
    In the Vaca Forest Reserve, FCD has helped Belizean farmers with cover structures in order to improve their vegetable production and reduce their agricultural expansion on the land.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Alright guys we've been running into some bad luck for movie selection and equipment malfunctions but we're gonna try it anyways .. Tonight and tomorrow We're showing: First Kill at 7, Sleight at 9, Rock Dog at 7, Phoenix Forgotten at 9. Not exactly sure which screens we are showing which movie yet and yes we know we've played Rock Dog a while ago .. but it was a busy weekend in San Pedro during that one and not many people saw it even though it's quite entertaining and fun.. So there you go .. check the comments section for the trailers and if you know anyone coming from the states next week please let us know .. We are in dire need of fresh new lamps for the projector on screen 1..

    The Belize Times

    The UDP is in crisis mode in the city, which promises to be the municipal battleground, after Mayor Darrell Bradley has missed consecutive deadlines to submit his name in the race. Credible reports to the Belize Times are that Bradley left the country on vacation for three weeks and has refused to take calls from Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Sources close to the PM say that this past weekend Barrow was desperately trying to reach his hormonal Mayor with no success. It’s something the Mayor has done before – in fact leading up to the last municipal election – and even back then veiled threats from Barrow did not sway him. It is no secret that the relationship between the two has been souring for years and it has even played out in public where both have been critical of the other. Bradley has openly condemned the Barrow Administration’s handling of issues including blatant corruption, and Barrow has retaliated by basically calling the Mayor a liar after comments he made about zoning regulations going before Cabinet.

    Enough is Enough: JAIL HIM
    The Belize Times has received more documents leaked out of the Ministry of Natural Resources, documents which show the unbridled greed of the Vega family. Of course, this will be nothing new to our readers or to Belizeans in general who have been disgusted by the revelations coming out of the Vega’s hotbed of corruption, operated like a private family business. We’ve revealed scores of documents showing prime land all over the country given to family members of the then Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega. We have shown you the documents chronicling how millions were paid out in an organized compensation scam which benefitted cronies and family members of Vega, including his son Andre who has yet to give back the $400,000 his daddy took from Belizeans and gave to him. By now you have seen the documents which show that an associate of Vega paid $6000 for a piece of land and was compensated $1M when that land was taken away.

    Police Investigator Found Rampant Corruption – Did ComPol Whylie Deliberately Cover It Up?
    Retired Police Superintendent Julio Valdez was called to testify before the Senate Select Committee, and he confirmed to the Senate that the Police top brass knew about the hustling at immigration from late 2013 and early 2014. That was 2 years before the Auditor General’s team produced their findings, alerting the nation to the rampant corruption within that department. Yet, nothing was done, despite one investigator’s attempt to get to the bottom of the entire situation.

    Darker Days Ahead for Cane-Farmers
    Stakeholders in the Belize sugar industry are trying to prepare for the fast arriving October 2017 liberalization of beet sugar production in the European Union market. That will usher in an end to higher sugar prices enjoyed by the Belizean cane farmer. Currently, sugar world prices are already over 40 percent lower than 2016. As if more bad news is needed, agriculture CEO Jose Alpuche has already warned that the fuel subsidy currently enjoyed by the farmers might be up for review. Earlier this week he stated, “I know for a fact that Government is coming under tremendous pressure by the IFIs to end the subsidies that they provide to sugar.

    Something Wrong with Us
    By: Mike Rudon Jr. Last week I had a story in the newspaper about another scandal with former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega at the center. See, what Vega would do is facilitate the transfer of land to pre-selected persons who would receive title immediately and then transfer that title to Vega’s brother Eduardo and his wife Alma. There are a lot of these documents involving hundreds of acres of prime property in Cayo, and a bunch more documents in which Eduardo Vega and his wife got ownership of a large caye. It’s institutionalized corruption, and we’ve seen it before. The same thing happened with 1600 acres of prime property in Carmelita in the Orange Walk district. Gaspar Vega got ownership of that ranch by granting title to selected persons while he was Minister. Those persons then immediately turned around and transferred all that land back to Gapi’s brother German and Gapi’s wife, and of course that land ended up in Gapi’s hands.

    In 2008 the UDP under Mr. Barrow represented a bright light, a ray of hope. Oh that fellow was a brilliant politician, Mr. Barrow. He said all the right things. He made all the right promises. With carefully practiced gestures and phrases he told the people of Belize everything they wanted to hear. He would fix everything that was broken, right every wrong. Seated on his white charger he would lead an army of the righteous in Cabinet. He would stamp out corruption. He would grow the economy. He would save this little corner of the world, our jewel Belize. What a sick, cruel joke that turned out to be. What a sick, cruel joke Mr. Barrow turned out to be. From those glorious days of chest-beating and pontificating we have now reached to the point where scandals and corruption are the orders of the day. Think back to that shameful, disgraceful, repulsive showing in the Senate two weeks ago where two Senior Ministers of Mr. Barrow’s Cabinet behaved like unabashed thugs, and realize that they are an integral part of Mr. Barrow’s army of the righteous. These are two of the stars of Mr. Barrow’s Cabinet, if you can imagine that.

    Inside Katie Numi Usher’s LAByrinth
    by yasser musa, lab documentalist. What is her drive? Why is Katie Numi Usher’s LAB so significant to the shift in how we experience art in our community? It dawned on me that Katie Numi Usher has single handedly overthrown the orthodoxy of how we appreciate, consume and interact with art in Belize. Since 2014 Katie Numi Usher has organized LAB, a unique and never before attempted approach to planning and exhibiting a variety of arts within a site-specific time frame, and in so doing she had to knockdown many assumptions and traditions.

    According to the Natural Disaster Hotspot study conducted by the World Bank, disaster wise Belize is the 61st country with highest exposure to relative mortality risk from an array of world hazards. They also concluded that we ranked 8th from 167 countries for climate risk. The report claims that we are located in one of the most active hurricane areas of the world. Belize’s population of only 300,000 is hit by a major storm on average every three years, over 50 times since records began in 1871. Between 1935 and 2005, 11 hurricanes killed an average of 168 people per event, injuring 52 and causing an average annual loss of US$5.5 million (in constant US$ of 2000) to its economy of approximately US$1 billion GDP.

    Connected – Women on the Move – Dolores Balderamos Garcia
    An outstanding woman leader and past-president of the United Women’s Group is Dolores Balderamos-Garcia. Mrs. Dolores is a true champion for women empowerment and has contributed significantly to the development of Belize and women’s rights. She was successfully elected twice to the House of Representatives, first in 1998 as the representative for Port Loyola and the second time was in 2012 as the area representative for Belize Rural Central. In doing this, she was the first woman to have represented two uniquely different divisions in the House of Representatives– one rural area and one urban area. She served as Belize’s Minister of Human Development, Women and Civil Society. She represented her constituencies with grace, grit, intelligence and respect, unlike the current occupant of Port Loyola Minister Anthony “ Boots” Martinez.

    Thinking Out Loud
    By: Mayor Kevin Bernard. While I was doing my rounds of schools, there were several groups of students who asked me about being Mayor. They asked me about the challenges because even as young as some of them were they understood that it is not easy to be involved in politics in this stage of Belize’s history. They also asked me what kept me going when the work got overwhelming and when politics gets nasty, as it invariably does. The answer I gave then is still true today. What keeps me going is being able to make a real difference in the lives of our residents. What motivates me is a positive word from a member of our community who has seen the work being done and whose life has been impacted positively. What makes this all worthwhile is being a part of a team which has done good things in Orange Walk, a team that has served well and continues to serve our people with everything we are.

    I have just finished reading the book “The Life, Times, and Legacy of Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner.” Knowing that I needed something to keep me occupied while traveling, I picked up a copy of this text in Brodies downtown Belize City, and I must say that I was fascinated from beginning to end. A granddaughter of Doctor Heusner, June Amelia Heusner, is author of the book. She was born in 1946 to Charles and Fermena Heusner, and it appears that she lives in Belmopan. The book is very well researched, and Ms. June acknowledges that it was a family effort. BRC Printing of Benque Viejo del Carmen did the printing honors, and my Auntie Meg, better known as Alice Margaret Craig of Regent Street provided a Foreword.

    Speednet and PUC Rumble Again
    Speednet Communications Ltd., the parent company of SMART has taken the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to Court over its attempt to charge the company more than $1 million in spectrum frees (fees for the use of a portion of the radio frequency spectrum). The matter dates back several years ago when Speednet was rolling out its LTE technology and needed to use a portion of the 700MGHertz spectrum. It applied to the PUC to be assigned that part of the spectrum but it was already assigned to broadcasting and would need to be reassigned to mobile services. Speednet’s attorney, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay said PUC told the company that until that happened, it could not charge Speednet.

    No Belizean Buses Past Northern Border
    Beginning on Saturday July 15, 2017, Belizeans using public transportation to travel into Mexico met with a different – and hassling – procedure to get all the way to the downtown area of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Rather than being transported by the Belize buses to the usual parking lot at the Lazaro Cardenas market, they had to disembark at the old Belize-Mexico Bridge then walk over to the Mexican Immigration booth and take “combis” or taxis to continue their journey. That not only raises the cost of travel but is greatly inconvenient because shoppers have to themselves carry their purchases through Mexican Immigration and across the bridge on the return to Belize.

    No Clinic for Santa Elena Town Yet
    Before the 2015 general elections, UDP Cayo Central Area Representative Rene Montero promised residents a brand new clinic equipped with medical staff to provide services to the residents of Santa Elena Town. Montero moved the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation building to another location and selected their building to house the new clinic. The renovations began just before elections but after elections, the work on the clinic ceased. In February of 2016, Montero announced that the clinic will be opened soon and the residents continue to wait. The contract was awarded to prominent UDP supporter Luis Avella at a cost of allegedly close to $500,000 and was expected to be completed in 16 weeks from signing date.

    The Clueless & Comatose ComPol
    Readers probably did not expect much from the testimony of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, so you would not have been too disappointed with his appearance before the Senate Special Select Committee on Wednesday. Throughout his term as ComPol, Whylie has been seen as more a political puppet than a Policeman, and that seems quite clear following his testimony. Almost a year after their release, Police Commissioner Allen Whylie has finally started reading the Auditor General’s reports, about two weeks ago he says. He’s only just seeing for himself why Belizeans are outraged at institutional corruption within that Department that the Audit Team’s investigations have unearthed. But, instead of diving right in, better late than never, the Commissioner is still not ready to direct that a criminal investigation be launched into the findings.

    If Dah Noh Soh…
    Big Bolas…. Darrell Bradley has big, shiny brass bolas. I figure he found them after Zenaida revealed that Dean Oliver has lost them. I hear the man nearly made DOB cry this weekend because he refused to take his calls. So what’s the fuss all about? Well apparently Darrell will run as Mayor, but is holding out because he wants DOB to approve a multi-million-dollar loan from the Heritage Bank which has been held back. See, lending agencies don’t generally make large loans to municipal administration which would not be paid back within their term of office. But the Mayor is looking to have this loan disbursed later this year, only a few months before the term would end. Bradley knows the UDP higher-ups don’t take either Dion Leslie or Phillip Willoughby seriously so he’s not concerned about taking a three-week vacation and ignoring the deadlines to submit his name. He may look like a lil wuss and talk funny, but the bolas on the fellow.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Albert Constituency reportedly backs Leslie over Willoughby
    The UDP City Council Convention is more than a month away but there are already rumblings in two camps jostling for leadership. That is because Councilor Dion Leslie posted to his Facebook page that he has the support of the UDP’s Albert Constituency Executive and the Area Representative, Tracy Panton.

    Succotz student raped by motorcyclist
    Police in Cayo are investigating a case of rape. Today a 16 year old female student of Succotz village told police that about 5:45 pm on Friday she caught a ride with a Hispanic male on a motorcycle on the Benque Viejo Road.

    Another motorcycle stolen
    Police have also not made any arrests in the series of motorcycle theft which continued over last night. 30 year old Leon Flowers, a Belizean Gym Attendant, told police that between last night and this morning someone stole his red and black Lifan motorcycle valued at over 3000 dollars.

    Broad daylight robbery in the old capital
    Belize City police are investigating a case of armed robbery which occurred shortly after midday yesterday. 36 year old, Hildardo Rosado, a Medicine Collector told police that he was riding his motorcycle on Flamboyant Street when he stopped to ask for directions.

    BSI and BSCFA in tension
    The committee of management of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association issued a press release stating that in a recent press release the Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) made alarming and untruthful statements regarding the commercial relationship between themselves and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA).

    Corruption in the GSU?
    $60,000 has gone missing from the Gang Suppression Unit. Information to BBN is that those monies were a part of an “intelligence gathering fund,” in which informants to the GSU were to be paid. We understand that whenever payments were made to informants, a GSU officer would normally sign so as to have some degree of accountability.

    Woman raped in Caye Caulker
    A twenty four year old woman was raped early this morning as she slept in her home in Caye Caulker. She told police that at around 4 o clock she was in her bedroom sleeping when she was awakened by a man on top of her.

    Bandits get away with $15K in Buena Vista
    Yesterday, Ada Delgado of Buena Vista Village, Corozal reported that between July 15-21, her home was broken into while she was away.

    NEMO working in Toledo to mitigate floods
    As part of its general nationwide Flood Mitigation Program, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has deployed equipment to the Toledo district where it is currently engaged in excavation and clearing of drains. Work is currently taking place in the Magoon and Indianville areas, and will soon extend to Hopeville and other flood prone areas.

    No answers from police about baby found in canal
    The news of a dead baby found floating in East Canal on Thursday morning has shocked residents across the country. Julian Jimenez, a sanitation worker was cleaning the area when he came across a plastic bag in the canal. Jimenez took out the bag and opened it. He immediately stopped a police patrol that was in the area when he realized he had pulled out a dead child.

    Badly beaten man dies from injuries
    According to police reports, on Friday, July 14 at around 4:45 p.m., Marlon Peters, 38, of Perez street Santa Elena town was found on a driveway badly beaten.

    Civil war: Bar Association vs. Chief Justice
    Frustrated with a backlog of cases spanning over two years, the Bar Association of Belize is considering either asking Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to willingly resign, or using the system to force him out. Channel 7 reported that it received leaked documents, detailing the Bar’s frustration, and how the association was considering approaching the situation. The document explained that the CJ had failed to deliver around 30 pending judgments, spanning a year and a half.

    International Sourcesizz

    'Sound' research shows slower boats may cause manatees more harm than good
    Slower boat speeds reduce risks to manatees. Or do they? Not exactly, according to new research. In fact, the very laws enacted to slow down boats in manatee habitats may actually be doing more harm than good. Slowing down boats makes it more difficult for manatees to detect and locate approaching boats. An innovative alerting device is proving to deliver a better solution.


  • Belize: Snorkeling à Hol Chan, 3min. Condensé d'une journée de snorkeling.

  • Belize: paddle et kayak à Caye Caulker, 3.5min. Pas de drone au Belize, mais heureusement ça ne manque pas d'activités!

  • Belize vs Nicaragua ( U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship ), 2hr. U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship Live From SCA Multipurpose Center, Belize City.

  • Spider monkey on New River Belize on Boat to Lamanai Mayan Ruin, 3min.

  • Lion fish and eel Belize, 2min.

  • Belize sunrise Chillout, 7min. Watching the Sunrise from the San Pedro shore in Belize.

    July 22, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Supreme Court grants David and Anke Doehm bail; Residents say the justice system failed
    Following the tragic murder of 13 year-old Faye Lin Cannon on July 3rd on Ambergris Caye, her adoptive mother, Anke Doehm, and step-father, David Doehm, have remained the preliminary suspects of her death. Although the Doehms have not been charged for the crime of murder, they were both arraigned for “Cruelty to a Child” on July 12th. After remanded to the Belize Central Prison for several days, the couple sought bail at the Supreme Court of Belize on Friday, July 21st. Despite protesters peacefully demonstrating on Battlefield Park during the hearing process, Honorable Justice Denis Hanomansingh granted the Doehms bail of $10,000bz each. David Doehms’ Attorney, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, explained why the Doehms were given bail. “David Doehm was denied bail at the Belize Magistrate Court [on Thursday, July 13th] on the grounds that he was a flight risk, along with the seriousness of the charge. However, it has been the law of this country that bail is a right, and not a privilege—under the Constitution of Belize, Section V, Sub-section V.

    BTB Holds Annual Digital Marketing Summit
    On Friday July 14th, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) hosted its third annual Digital Marketing Summit. Aimed primarily at the hotel industry, it featured presenters discussing such topics like Travel Trade in Digital, Creative Digital Content, Social Media and Digital Strategy. Ten presenters took turns discussing a variety of ways the tourism industry in Belize can capitalize on the tools available to capture new clients and lifelong fans. Each panelist reiterated the same basic idea: think of potential customers not as consumers, but as people. Stakeholders were urged to step back from the bias of one’s own business and look at it from a consumer perspective. From the first click online through the final booking, businesses must take matters in their own hand to engage the customers from beginning to end.

    Enhanced security measures to be implemented at international airport
    An increase in security checks at the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport is being required for all travellers bound to the United States of America. The official announcement was made by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation on Tuesday, July 18th. Passengers are now advised to be at the airport at least two hours prior to their departure to avoid delays or missed flights. The new rule became effective Wednesday, July 19th, and it requires that passengers be in compliance with U.S security requirements. Additional security measures will be implemented on outbound travellers flying from Belize to the United States, and are a direct requirement from the United States Department of Homeland Security. It calls for an increase in security protocols around aircraft and passenger areas, and the use of advanced technology, expanded canine screening along with the establishment of additional pre-clearance locations.

    Building materials stolen from Hope Haven
    Currently under construction to assist victimized children and women on Ambergris Caye, Hope Haven organizers have sadly had to report three counts of theft since Saturday, July 15th. After taking count of inventory and reviewing camera footage, the following building materials were stolen: 2X4X14 boards, zinc, sheetrock, along with other construction materials. Hope Haven Organizer Brittney O’Daniel stated that her team is doing all they can to identify the persons involved. “Aside from Saturday, we were broken into on Tuesday, July 18th, and Wednesday, July 19th. I just want people to stop breaking into the place. So far, camera footage has revealed that a burgundy pickup truck was hauling materials, and we are still reviewing footage. We have also filed a police report,” said O’Daniel.

    SPPD to enforce liquor license law on vessels serving alcohol
    Whether you’re on a day cruise, sunset cruise, or even on a snorkeling tour, more often than not, alcohol is served at some point on your trip. In a recent meeting between Chairlady of the San Pedro Town Council’s (SPTC) Trade and Liquor Licensing Board, Jennie Staines, and Officer in Charge (OC) of the Coastal Executive Unit, Superintendent Henry Jemmott, it was mandated that San Pedro Police will now enforce the law that requires tour operators who supply alcohol on their vessels to obtain a liquor license. According to the ‘Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act’, Section 21, Chapter 150 (3), Revised Edition 2011, of the Substantive Laws of Belize, “there shall be granted under this Act the following kinds of licenses permitting sale of liquor in the premises and by the person described in the license: (i) a vessel license for the sale by the master of the vessel of liquor to passengers for consumption on board the vessel.”

    Ambergris Today

    Defense Attorney Says Prosecution Failed To Convince Judge In Doehm Bail Hearing
    David and Anke Doehm were granted Supreme Court Bail of $10,000 each for the charges of Cruelty to a Child in the death case of Faye Lin Cannon. Angry protesters from San Pedro chanted "Justice for Faye" while the court was in session in Belize City. Needless to say, everyone was disappointed at the outcome of the court hearings as the Doehms walk free for the time being. Bail conditions include that the Doehms surrender their personal documents to the US Embassy, report to the Queen’s Street Police Station every Monday and the usual conditions that bail garners. The judge ordered the Doehms not to leave the country, otherwise they would be immediately detained with bail removed. It was the position of the prosecution that the Doehms were a flight risk.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    This "Belizean Legends Athletes All Stars" comes through the courtesy of the publication "The Genesis Agenda 2003", of Belize called, "Champions of Belize". The magazine and calendar publication that was produced in Belize in 2003 honored twelve of Belize's most outstanding athletes from the past. We here at "Belizean Legends" expresses a deep sense of gratitude to the Belizean publication for chronicling the sports history of some of the most important Belizean athletes in Belize's history. We hope to compliment and extend the work that they have done since 2003, and look forward to bring you the Belizean Legends audience a second part in this documentary series on Belizean sports and athletes.

    Emancipation Day
    United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation (UEF) has been collaborating with other community partners in recognition of Emancipation Day on August 1, 2017. If you would like to volunteer and participate in this communal effort you may text or call 671.8050.

    It has been quite an honor for yours truly to have been in the presence of the humble and dynamic Belizean "Gold Medalist" and softball player, Sonia Buller-Davis, during a long awaited exclusive interview with her in the Belizean Legends studio in Los Angeles, California. Sonia Buller-Davis' journey to the shores of the Cayman Islands after her emigration from Belize in the early 1970s is a story within itself, and before her rise to fame in Belize as one of Belize's most spectacular athletes in the historical Belizean softball era of 1968 to 1976. She finally culminated her journey to tell her story of Belize's softball greatness on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 where we had one of the most informative discussions on Belize's softball sport history.

    The historical documents left behind by the legendary Belizean historian, Ismael Omar Shabazz is research in volumes of the other chapter in Belizean history that remains uncovered even up to day. And one of his most noteworthy work in Belizean pre-colonial history is his unfolding of the African and Muslim presence before Christopher Columbus arrival in the Caribbean and Central America. Shabazz reveals the historical excavations that was founded by a Canadian archeologist, Dr. Pendergrass, who conducted excavations at the Mayan temple of Altun Ha in Belize and found the solid stone structure of this Muslim worshipper seen here in the photo and in kneeling (sujud) position in one of the caves that the Mayas used in their worship. Shabazz reiterated in his research that from the historical research and analysis of Afrocentric scholars like Ivan Van Sertima and Dr. Henry Clarke that Africans came to the Americas before Columbus. He also established that the indigenous peoples, the Mayas, once worshipped the images of these Africans seeing them as gods.

    H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez Presents Letters of Credence to the President of the United States of America
    H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez presented his Letters of Credence to the President of the United States of America at the White House, thus making him the tenth Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America. In his remarks to President Trump, Ambassador Gutierez expressed heartfelt greetings from the Prime Minister the Right Honorable Dean Oliver Barrow and the Belizean people. He underscored the friendly, and long-standing bilateral relations existing between both countries.

    BWRC Manakin Maya Mountain Marathon
    Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Manakin Maya Mountain Race! Please tag yourselves in these pics! Thank You to very much to the prize sponsors: San Ignacio Resort Hotel, Calico Jacks, Hode's Place and BWRC. Thank you for the water stations kindly contributed by Crystal Paradise, Table Rock and Wildlife Institute students! Thanks to all who came, participated or helped. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as well as the beautiful Maya Mountains. We hope to see you again in the future. Now back to our "real job": caring for some animals at the clinic"

    Crocodile Street in 'San Pedrito closed July 25 8-5
    Please be advised that the main street in San Pedrito (Crocodile Street) will be closed to all traffic 8:00am- 5:00pm Tuesday 25th of July, this is to allow WASA to make a connection to the new apartment building on the corner of that street. ALL heavy vehicles must use alternative route, golf carts and motorcycles can pass following the diversion signs.

    Joy Estrada making big waves in the United Kingdom
    Joygiie for Urban Outfitters UK. I'm all over their home page.. mee, little ol' me. PS. this project was why I got braids, they were going for the @zoeisabellakravitz look and I think we nailed it!

    NEMO Flood Mitigation in Toledo
    As part of its general nationwide Flood Mitigation Program, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has deployed equipment to the Toledo District where it is currently engaged in excavation and clearing of drains. Work is currently taking place in the Magoon and Indianville areas, and will soon extend to Hopeville and other flood prone areas. NEMO Toledo District Coordinator Kenton Parham says they are familiar with the major problem areas, most of which have been confirmed by the recent rains. He says they are confident that the works being done will significantly alleviate the situation, enabling the water to run off quickly when it rains excessively.

    The Central American Commission for Maritime Transport (COCATRAM) in collaboration with the Belize Port Authority (BPA), Port of Belize and Port of Big Creek will be hosting the “7/21/2017 to 7/31/2017IX Central American Port Forum, REPICA” to be held during the period 25th -28th July 2017, at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City, Belize. The purpose of the Central American Isthmus Port Meeting (REPICA) is to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences through the discussion of port issues. The meeting will be attended by well over eighty (80) delegates from eight countries representing port managers & administrators, representatives of Ministries of Transport, port authorities and other related entities along with major players in the Belize port sector.

    Prime Minister Departs Country on Personal Leave
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the public that Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow will depart the country to the United States of America today, Friday, July 21st, 2017 on personal leave. During the Prime Minister’s absence, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington will act as Prime minister. The Prime Minister returns to Belize on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017.

    H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez Presents Letters of Credence to the President of the United States of America
    H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez presented his Letters of Credence to the President of the United States of America at the White House, thus making him the tenth Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America. In his remarks to President Trump, Ambassador Gutierez expressed heartfelt greetings from the Prime Minister the Right Honorable Dean Oliver Barrow and the Belizean people. He underscored the friendly, and long-standing bilateral relations existing between both countries. Ambassador Gutierez applauded the role of the United States in the preservation of peace and the respect for Belize’s borders given the unfounded Guatemalan claim, and President Trump in his remarks underscored that a secure and stable Central America contributes to the safety and prosperity of the United States. Ambassador Gutierez also mentioned the loss of correspondent banking and dangers posed therein.

    8th annual Youth Summer Camp
    Official Opening ceremonies were held today for the 8th annual Youth Summer Camp which is sponsored by Hon. John Saldivar, the Belmopan City Council and the Ministry of Sports. The camp consists of 8 sporting disciplines namely: Tennis, chess, football, softball, basketbal, volleyball and flag football. Presently tennis, chess, football and softball are currently running until Friday, 28th July and spaces are still available if you want to sign up your child/children. The other disciplines will begin on Monday, 31st July.

    New BECOL Headquarters breaks ground
    It is official: BECOL had their ground breaking ceremony with construction on their state-of-the-art headquarters slated to begin in August. Be a part of San Ignacio's exclusive neighbourhood.

    The Belize Duck Race
    BELIZE DUCK RACE IS TODAY (Saturday)! See you there! Call 615-3233 for tickets!!!

    2017 Spartan BodyBuilding Classic
    July 22, Corozal Civic Center

    BTL is looking preferably for recent graduates (within the last two years) or current junior college students with a major in the field of Journalism, English, Marketing or related fields, to fill the post of “Public Relations Intern” in the Sales & Marketing Division in Belize City. The Public Relations Intern’s Main Duties include: • Drafting of letters, press releases, and presentations • Assisting with the planning of BTL events • Coordinating BTL team initiatives

    Nominations for 15th Annual National Tourism Awards
    Nominations are Open!

    Belizean Patriot: Zebedee Augustus "Sonny" Pitterson
    Unsung hero and philanthropist Zebedee Augustus "Sonny" Pitterson (1931 - 2014) had raised himself up from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful Belizean businessmen in the City, operating Sunnyside for 55 years. In 1952, the first of Sonny’s businesses, Sunnyside Saloon, opened on West Canal, specializing in pastries. Opened with savings of $68, Sunnyside quickly established a second branch on Racecourse Street on the lower flat of Pitterson’s home, and emerged as a competitor to Dit’s Saloon on King Street. Shrugging off the disaster of Hurricane Hattie in 1961 (during which he lost almost everything and yet was able to shelter and feed 33 people and mix 900 sacks of flour, by hand, to make bread for the hungry populace in the aftermath of the hurricane), and fires caused by overheating ovens in 1995 and 2002, Sunnyside Bakery has stayed alive.

    Standings after the third day of competition in the U20 Central American Women Championship
    Here are the standings after the third day of competition in the U20 Central American Women Championship. Tomorrow is the last day of competition. If Belize is to get into the medal round they wouuld have to win their last two games and Guatemela would have to lose their last two games. The way Guatemala has been playing it is a long shot and it doesn't seem likely. However, Belize has a good chance to win both of their games tomorrow and move up to a tie with Nicaragua for fourth place. Belize will play at 12:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at the SCA Gymnasium. $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for Children. Come and cheer on our girls. See you there!

    Maya Language and Folkloric Dance Summer Program
    A gentle reminder to sign up for FREE Maya Language starting on Monday, July 25th from 9:00 am-11:00 am. Come and learn Maya Language with facilitators from Universidad Intercultural de Quintana Roo. Mexico.

    Ti-Tai Art Level-1 workshop
    There's still space available to register your child in our Ti-Tai Art Level-1 workshop! Participants will learn the history and skill of the tradition of Ti-Tai weaving. Call 223-4524 for more info.

    Channel 7

    Bar Declares War On CJ For 29 Pending Judgements
    In the next half hour, the Bar Association of Belize will hold its second annual general meeting and it could be pivotal for the judiciary! That's because the Bar is fed up with a backlog of over two dozen judgments which are sitting on Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin's desk. And tonight, the Bar is considering the option of calling for, quote "(the) voluntary resignation of the Chief Justice on the basis of a lack of confidence in his ability to deliver outstanding decisions." Failing that, another option is to, quote: "Make a formal complaint to the appropriate body for the removal of the Chief Justice from office for misconduct, that is, the manifest failure to deliver timely decisions in breach of the constitutional right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time."

    Bail For US Couple Accused of Cruelty To Deceased Child
    Last night, we told you how a group of San Pedro residents intended to stage a protest in front of the Supreme Court. They were there to demand that Americans David and Anke Doehm to remain in jail while the await a criminal trial related to the death of their 13 year-old adopted daughter Faye Lin Cannon. A small group of protesters showed up to the Battlefield Park, and chanted loudly, making a peaceful but disruptive stance at the courthouse. But, though they disturbed the business of court, they still couldn't prevent the judge from ruling that the couple should be released, while they await trial for the offense of cruelty to a child.

    Baby Found In Canal Was Premature
    Last night, we told you about the body of the baby which was found in the Canal at the corner of the South and East Canal Streets. Well, tonight, police have more questions and answers, and have yet to release any official information on the case. We have learned that no post-mortem has been conducted on the child's body. Investigators are still trying to find out who parents are, and and why the baby was stuffed in a plastic bag and abandoned. But, while the cops are searching for those answers, the social media rumor mill is in overdrive. There is a picture a woman being circulated on Facebook saying she is the mother who abandoned the baby. The press has asked the police about that, but they remain tightlipped about the case.

    GSU Got A Gun
    The GSU found a weapon and ammunition on Kelly Street this afternoon. Acting on information received, they conducted a operation in the area where they found a .25 pistol, two 9 mm Luger brand of ammo and thirty four .223 rounds of ammunition. They were all deposited as found property.

    Top Shelf Liquor On the Down Low
    Yesterday we told you about the contraband confrontation on Yo Creek Road. Well there was another contraband seizure this morning but there was no confrontation. Police found 10 bottles of contraband alcohol, including vodka, Jack Daniel's and Bailey's in a knapsack on the cargo of a Maya Island Air flight in San Pedro.

    Police and Politicians Descend on Mayflower 'Hood
    Today, City Councilor Phillip Willoughby called us out to the heart of the Mayflower Street neighborhood. Now, he's a municipal politician who's trying to be mayor - so for him to call out the media is not surprising. But when we got there we found that he also had the Southside commander Marco Vidal with him. Now we know that Vidal - as the former head of the GSU - is a feared figure in Mayflower - which is the heart of the Ghost Town Crips. But, today we found him in community policing mode - here's how it looked.

    Philloughby Wants Your Vote
    And as you saw in the story, we did ask Councillor Willoughby whether he's positioning himself politically with this latest effort. As we told you a week ago, he's offering himself for UDP Mayor - which puts him in a contest with fellow councillor Dion Leslie. Today, we asked him if he intends to go all the way:... Phillip Willoughby - UDP Mayoral Aspirant: "God willing and the people support that they see my name, they recognize my tenure at City Hall since 2006, the work we have put in collectively with the media. you see me administrate over projects that cost excess of 10 million US dollars, the flood mitigation project, you have seen us work with the downtown project, you have seen us work with the transfer station project, administration, running hurricane, taking care of the disaster is my forte Jules. Its every morning 5am, getting on the ground around the city, looking at what needs to be done and doing that daily and that I have done."

    Radisson Refund Guests Because Of Noisy Night Club
    But, if he wants the support of residents in the Fort Street area - he'll have to solve their latest nightclub problem. The Jungle Restaurant and Bar opened across from the Fort Street Tourism Village a few weeks ago - and the management of the Radisson says it's become a nuisance to guests at the Villa Wing. We asked him about it:. Jules Vasquez: "Mr. Jim Scott told me last week that he had to be refunding guests and relocating guests on the Villa side, because the noise from the Jungle Nightclub which you personally investigated was too much. Response?"

    Juge Refuses Vera (Again)
    A week ago, we told you how the convicted police firearms examiner, Orlando Vera, made an application for Justice Herbert Lord to recuse himself from hearing his appeal. That's after refusing 3 applications for bail that Vera made. Well, today, the judge had one more refusal: he refused his application. Court reports are that the judge said in his decision that he doesn't think Vera has established any legal basis to ask that he recuse himself. From there, the judge announced dates for the start of the case, and he has scheduled the full hearing of the appeal, which is scheduled for August 15.

    US Helping BDF Hospital
    The BDF medical officers will be operating out of a new hospital in early October. That is when renovations on one portion of the hospital at the Price Barracks should be complete. That section is rundown and has needed serious work for some time. Well, the US Marine Corp will be doing all the repair work. We stopped by today to find out how important this upgrade is to BDF officers as well as surrounding communities. Major Elfryn Reyes - Force Medical Officer: "The BDF Hospital is mainly an outpatient hospital. We are limited in services so what we do is try to cure what is within our means and whatever we cannot handle we referred to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Due to the maintenance of the hospital over the years or the lack of maintenance I should say, the infrastructure has dilapidated and needed some urgent attention. We were urgently on that half side of the hospital, but moved to this side that the British had left. So it is not in use right now and that's the side the marines are going to work on."

    Au Revoir, Ramsey
    And the man behind most of these US Army initiatives is Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ramsey. It is his last day in Belize and today he gave us an overview of his involvement in some of the projects in Belize. Lt. Col. Robert Ramsey - Senior Defense Official, US Embassy: "I have been here for about almost 2 years serving as the defense attache. Some of the projects that stand out are obviously Beyond The Horizons here from April or June. We did 5 projects, but the one that really stand out for me was Western Regional Hospital, that's the one I felt like I was able to impact a little bit with some initiatives that I started and some that aren't complete yet for example the emergency room that was built. We have the funding and the personnel and we have the materials on order which actually connect the hospital to the emergency room. So that worked will begin sometime in mid-August. We are looking forward for that to be complete. I'm sorry I won't be here to see it but I'm so happy it's getting done."

    New Bze Ambassador To US Meets Trump
    Belize has a new Ambassador to the USA. He is the former Ambassador to Caricom, Daniel Gutierez. Yesterday he presented his Letters of Credence to US President Donald Trump. Gutierez becomes the tenth Ambassador of Belize to the USA and - according to an official release - in his remarks to President Trump, quote, "he expressed heartfelt greetings from the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Belizean people. He underscored the friendly, and long-standing bilateral relations existing between both countries." End quote. The statement says he also applauded the "United States in the respect for Belize's borders given the unfounded Guatemalan claim.

    PM On Personal Leave
    Prime Minister Barrow also traveled to the US today. According to an official release, he is on personal leave, and during his absence, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington will be acting Prime minister. The PM returns on Tuesday, July 25th.

    Belize Girls Succumb to Fatigue
    In the third day of the Under 20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship, Team Belize faced off against rival Guatemala. Coming off a tough match last night, where they lost to Costa Rica in 5 sets after beating El Salvador earlier that day, Team Belize was noticeably tired, and couldn't quite keep up with Guatemala's face paced play style, losing in three sets. We spoke to one of Team Belize's coaches and players about their performance, and how they will prepare going forward...

    A Camp For Kids To Go To The Next Level
    For the last two weeks, SMART has been hosting children from all over the city in its annual Youth Stars Summer Camp. Kids of all experience levels were invited to participate and learn the fundamentals of the game. The camp ended today and an award ceremony was held to recognize some the top performers. We went out to the ceremony and spoke with the camps organizers about its success... Of the more than 100 kids that participated in the summer camp, a select few of them have been chosen to travel to Miami to participate in another, more advanced training camp. Here's what the SMART camp coordinators and instructors had to say about the opportunity... The kids going to Miami will be participating in the prestigious FC Barcelona Soccer Camp.

    Gunny Money Business At GSU
    Police have launched an investigation to find out where sixty thousand dollars went - that was supposed to be used to GSU informants. These monies are in what's called an "intelligence gathering fund" and would be paid to persons who provide information to the GSU. When the intelligence officer gets the money, he would usually sign for it - thus proving some accountability. But it seems that was missing with thousands earmarked for the GSU in the past year. On June 7th, the CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs wrote to Special Branch and the GSU expressed concerns about the use of the fund.

    Dianne Says It's About Peace
    Last night we had a portion of mediator Dianne Finnegan's reposes to Southside Commander Marco Vidal. He told her and her co-mediators Chester Williams and Nuri Mohammed to join the CYDP, or quite mediating because they are pursuing personal agendas. In part two of her response to Vidal, Finnegan says the only agenda is peace:... Vidal declined to comment on her response today.

    Police Minister Tours
    This week Police Minister of State Elodio Aragon went on a tour of the Cayo substations. It is sort of like a meet and greet session but it's with police officers. Aragon told the media just how meaningful these tours are. Aragon's countrywide tour began in May. He has visited Orange Walk and Corozal police formations as well.

    COMEX Cares
    International paint manufacturer Comex has partnered with the City Council to give back to the community. They will sponsor paint for a public structure and a school. We learned more about the alliance yesterday.

    Channel 5

    Bail for David and Anke Doehm; Court Unconvinced They are Flight Risks
    This morning, the American couple accused of cruelty and neglect of thirteen-year-old Faye Lin Cannon appeared before Supreme Court Justice Denis Hanomansingh, seeking bail. David and Anke Doehm got it [...]

    Attorney Reminds that Denial of Bail Should Not Be Used as Punishment
    For those upset with the decision of the court, Bradley offered a timely reminder that bail is not a privilege, but a right, and that a person’s liberty cannot be [...]

    San Pedranos/Belizeans Protest Outside Court
    While the bail hearing was taking place before Judge Denis Hanomansingh, outside the Supreme Court, a group assembled to protest against David and Anke Doehm.  The group travelled to the [...]

    Dickie Bradley Says Guilt of Clients Should not be Prejudged
    Bradley also addressed the protestors outside the Court in Battlefield Park, saying he empathizes with the situation, but upholds the right of his client to be free while awaiting trial. [...]

    Police Minister to Inquire About Alleged G.S.U. Funds Misappropriation
    On Thursday, News Five broke the story of an ongoing investigation into missing monies from the Gang Suppression Unit’s headquarters on Newtown Barracks.  The funds were initially set aside for [...]

    Discarded Baby in East Canal Suffered from Breathing Problems
    The discovery of a dead baby, its umbilical cord still attached, found floating in East Canal on Thursday morning, has stunned residents of Belize City.  The baby boy, discarded inside [...]

    P.M. Departs to U.S. for Personal Leave
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is on personal leave in the United States, according to a release from his office. The PM departed the country today and is scheduled to return [...]

    City Center Will Double as Emergency Management Shelter
    The most expensive public building in the country is located on Central American Boulevard, across from Belize Water Services.  On a tour on Wednesday, the media was shown the impressive [...]

    Cecil Gill Charged for Murder of Philip Samuels
    After two nights in police custody, Cecil Gill was finally arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for the murder of his friend Phillip Samuels. Gill was taken to court [...]

    Bert Vasquez Claims Innocence, but Will Be Sentenced Next Week on Abduction Charge
    Also in court was Bert Vasquez, who was convicted by a jury on July tenth of forcible abduction, sexual assault, and harm against a sixteen-year-old minor, which occurred back in [...]

    Threatening Words Case between City Councilor and Activist Tossed
    Activist Raymond Rivers also appeared in court today for an incident that goes back to November 2016 involving U.D.P. Councillor Phillip Willoughby. Willoughby accused Rivers of using threatening words against [...]

    Wilfred Elrington Baffled by Case of Missing Documents; C.C.J. Says He Must Return Them
    Senior Counsel and Government Minister Wilfred Elrington has been taken to the Caribbean Court of Justice in respect to his personal handling of a case for a company, Progresso Heights [...]

    The Army to Benefit from New Hospital Construction
    The Belize Defense Force is getting a new hospital through collaboration with the United States.  A team from the U.S. Marine will be carrying the necessary construction to bring up [...]

    Daniel Gutierrez is Belize’s Man in Washington
    Former ambassador to CARICOM, Francisco Daniel Gutierrez has moved up to Washington D.C. where he presented credentials to President Donald Trump as ambassador before the State Department. Gutierrez replaces Patrick [...]

    Ex-gangsters in Mayflower Hoping to Turn Over a New Leaf
    South Side Commander Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal was in the Mayflower/Ghost Town area today on a walking tour, meeting with residents and gang networks in that area.  One of those [...]

    Residents Clean Up Mayflower/Ghost-Town Neighborhood
    The Ghost Town and Mayflower area usually makes the news – and most of the time, it is not for positive stories.  But the crime-ridden neighborhood was getting a good [...]

    Philip Willoughby Addresses Mayoral Candidacy; Albert Rep Supports Opponent
    Just now you heard Willoughby on the garbage in Ghost Town and the cleanup efforts.  Today while the City Councilor was out, he was questioned whether his appearance was a [...]

    Smart Stars Football Summer Camp Culminates at the MCC Grounds
    The Smart Stars Football Summer Camp culminated today at the MCC Grounds in Belize City. The annual football summer camp has been taking place for over ten years and this [...]

    How to Help Children in Disasters Return to Happiness
    A week-long workshop by the Ministry of Local Government in collaboration with UNICEF concluded today at the Biltmore Plaza. Representatives from both private and public sector agencies and organizations that [...]

    A Disney Show to Raise a Thousand Smiles at Bliss
    A first of its kind Disney show will be held this Saturday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, featuring international and local artists. It is a fundraiser to [...]

    Get Saved with Papa San and Company at Festival of Hope
    Christian music fans and evangelicals are awaiting the climax of the week-long Festival of Hope on Saturday at B.T.L. Park in Belize City.  After several days of evangelism countrywide, the [...]

    Belize Challenging for Medals at Youth Volleyball Tournament
    The under twenty-one Central American Female Volleyball Championship is underway in Belize City at the SCA Gymnasium. Belize is hosting the regional competition which ends on Saturday night. Team Belize [...]


    Newborn baby’s body retrieved from canal
    This morning, shortly before nine o’clock, a sanitation worker from the City Council found the body of what appeared to be a full term baby boy. He discovered the baby’s body in a canal near the South Street Bridge. The child had been disposed of in a black plastic bag. Dalila Ical reporting… Julian Jimenez, […]

    BSCFA refutes statements made by BSI/ASR
    Today the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) responded to BSI’s release issued yesterday, and it is says that BSI has made “alarming and untruthful statements regarding the commercial relationship between themselves and the BSCFA,” and has misinterpreted the Association’s intentions. BSCFA is saying that while it agrees that BSI’s proposed investment will bring benefits […]

    Woman knocked down and killed in Seine Bight Village
    A nineteen year old is being investigated after hitting three persons and killing one of them while he was driving in Seine Bight Village. Police report that shortly after six o’clock this morning, Obed Isaac, a resident of Blackman Eddy Village was driving a grey Silverado from Seine Bight Village to Placencia Village. When he […]

    Corozal Junior College students win regional techonology competition
    Belize placed first in the Canto Code 3.0 Hackathon. Corozal Junior College has announced that three of its students placed first in the Canto Code 3.0 held in the Dominican Republic. LXJ Code Belize hacked their way to the top with a ‘new and innovative communication platform to assist with natural disasters and national emergencies.’ […]

    Julio Valdez points out irregularities in issuance of nationality certificates
    In 2013, the now retired Assistant Superintendent of Police, Julio Valdez, was in charge of investigating the case of eight missing visas from the Immigration Department in Belmopan. During his investigation, Valdez figured out that someone took the documents from the Immigration Department to the house of Attorney Arthur Saldivar who refused to give a […]

    Valdez said security at Immigration Department was very week
    During his investigation, Julio Valdez, could not determine who took the documents from Immigration Department and how. He did make an observation when he visited the offices in Belmopan. Valdez told the Senate Committee yesterday that the room where the documents were being stored was easily accessible and it was poorly secured. Julio Valdez – […]

    Compol questioned on status of Immigration investigation
    Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, told the Senate Select Committee yesterday that he did not instruct retired ASP Julio Valdez to only keep investigating Arthur Saldivar. Whylie said he told Valdez to continue investigating Saldivar and the irregularities he had uncovered in the Immigration Department. But that side of the investigation could not be completed […]

    Compol speaks on Wong Hong Kim case
    Police Commissioner Allen Whylie was ordered by the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to investigate the Wong Hong Kim matter. The People’s United Party successfully applied for a writ of mandamus compelling Whylie to investigate Elvin Penner and his involvement in the Wong Hong Kim scandal. That subject was brought up by Senator Mark Lizarraga during […]

    Judge reserves judgement in Speednet versus PUC case
    At the beginning of the week, a trial involving Speednet Communications, SMART, and the Public Utilities Commission, PUC, was tried in the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana. That trial surrounded a fee of more than one million dollars which the PUC says Smart owes. Smart was represented by Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay who […]

    Child protection discussed
    The workshop being facilitated this week by UNICEF in partnership with the Government and other nongovernment organizations focuses on what communities can do to help children reestablish normalcy during and after natural disasters and what their needs are. The workshop focuses on a technique called “Return to Happiness”. Diana Shaw of the Child Development Foundation […]


    Valdez refused to “call name!”
    At the Senate Select Committee investigating the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration Department for the period 2011 to 2013, one of the highlights of the testimony of retired Superintendent of Police Julio Valdez, who appeared before the committee this morning, was his refusal to say who instructed him to stop investigating the irregularities found in some Immigration Department documents that the attorney, Arthur Saldivar, handed over to the police in October 2013. In the wake of the Won Hong Kim fiasco (which came to light in September 2013), and the 2012 general elections, prior to which there had been large scale issuance of approvals for the granting of nationality to thousands of immigrants in Belize, corruption at the Immigration Department became a hot, national topic. Somehow Saldivar had gotten his hands on a trove of Immigration Department documents.

    Two cops charged with extortion
    Two police officers who had been arrested and charged with extortion, were brought to court today by Crimes Investigation Branch police officers so that they could be arraigned on the charge. Corporal Marvin Salam, 37, and Constable Anthony Blair, 28, both pleaded not guilty to one count of extortion when the charge was read to them by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. There was no objection to the offering of bail to the two accused cops and Magistrate Mendoza released them on bail of $3,000 each plus one surety each in the same amount.

    Newborn baby found in East Canal
    The body of a full-term, newborn infant was recovered from the East Canal near the South Street Bridge at about 9:00 this morning. The infant was declared dead on the scene by a doctor of the Forensic Unit, who was called to the scene by police. Police believe that the baby was about two hours old, and an investigation has begun to find the mother. In an interview with us this morning on the scene on South Street, a resident said that he was at his house when a City Council sanitation worker called him to come out and see something. He thought that he was calling him to see a dead dog, and he hesitated, but the worker insisted, and he went.

    Keith Yearwood alleges GSU brutality
    Keith Francis Yearwood, a younger brother of Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood, a Police Press Officer for Eastern Division North, told Amandala this evening that he suffered an unprovoked beating by four police Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) officers last Thursday night, July 13. The self-employed taxi operator was in his car with his teenaged daughter when he allegedly was pulled out of his car by his dreadlocks. The vicious officers even ordered his daughter to come out of his car at gunpoint, despite his protest to them that she is a minor, according to Yearwood.

    Traffic accident claims woman’s life in Seine Bight
    At about 6:30 this morning, a Silverado F 350 pickup, being driven at the time by Obed Isaac Mojano, 19, a driver of Blackman Eddy, Cayo District, on its way to Placencia, on the Placencia Road, hit two women and a man who were standing on the road near the Cultural Center in Seine Bight. Mojano apparently lost control of the pickup, which then slammed into a lamppost, breaking it, but the post stopped its forward movement.

    From SJC valedictorian to physicist: The odyssey of Sydney Taegar
    I have not seen Sydney Taegar for a number of years. When I began visiting his home on Regent Street, around mid-1981, when Sydney was still in primary school, it was for the teachings of his father, the late, great Dr. Leroy Taegar. It was with Dr. Taegar’s guidance that I was able to navigate my way out of the storm that my life had become, after my stance in the Public Service Union strike against the Heads of Agreement in April 1981. The education that I received from Dr. Leroy Taegar was the first substantial training I received as an aspiring writer, and it continued for many years later, when I lived in a kind of exile in New York. Though I had not seen Sydney Taegar in decades, I had heard about his remarkable journey in education and how he had earned a PhD and had become a physicist.

    “In the Paint” – Interoffice Basketball round-up
    BTL used a 25-15 fourth-quarter run against Tuff e Nuff to overcome a 60 to 55 five-point third-quarter deficit, ultimately winning the game, 80-75, to secure the big bounce-back win after losing last week to the Kings. BTL shot 41% from the field on 30-of-74 shooting, with most of those points coming inside the paint and in transition. Lennox Bowman continued on his tear, hitting for 25 points in 34 minutes of play. He also contributed 4 rebounds 2 assists and 2 steals. Jason Vasquez also gave good account of himself, as he totaled 24 pts 5 rebs 4 assists and 2 steals. BTL’s veteran, Jason Lamb chipped in with 11 pts 2 rebs in the win.

    Belmopan 1st Division football semifinals results; finals begin on Sunday
    It was another weekend filled with excitement and memorable comebacks, as the Belmopan Football Association (BFA) completed its 2017 First Division Closing Tournament best-of-2 games semifinals series on Sunday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Both eventual finalists, Madrid FC and AC Milan, had to battle from behind, to the surprise and entertainment of a crowded Isidoro Beaton Stadium on Sunday. Both games did not disappoint, with AC Milan and Winz FC wrapping up the evening in extra time, after their two-game series ended 5-5 in regulation time.

    Kulture leads at completion of First Round in National Over-40 Football Tournament 2017
    With still a back-match in hand, undefeated Kulture Yabra Veterans lead the National Over-40 Football standings at the completion of the first round-robin; while their fellow Belize City squad, Pickstock Lake-I, who share the backmatch with Kulture, are still winless at the bottom of the standings. (See standings below.) 8 teams are in the double round-robin competition, and Week 7 games this past weekend completed the first round-robin, with 1 back-match remaining between Kulture Yabra and Pickstock Lake-I. Week 7 consisted of 3 Saturday games and 1 on Sunday.

    Belize registers first win in U-20 Female Central American Volleyball tournament at SCA Multipurpose Gym
    Central American countries are participating in the U-20 Female Central American Volleyball Championship being hosted in Belize this year at the SCA Multipurpose Center; and, after losing our first outing yesterday to Honduras, a reliable source reports that Belize gained our first victory today when we defeated El Salvador. Congratulations, ladies! As we go to press tonight, Belize is scheduled to meet powerhouse Costa Rica, who shut out Panama yesterday, 3-0. Belize is scheduled to play Guatemala tomorrow, Friday, starting at 12:30 p.m. Belize all the way!!

    Editorial: Hopelessly corrupt
    With each passing day, the people of Belize are seeing that we are living in a country which is hopelessly corrupt. Why is this so, when our citizens, by and large, are God-fearing and peace-loving? Belize is hopelessly corrupt because we Belizeans are the prisoners of a constitutional system of governance which is not dedicated to truth, honesty, and justice, but which was designed, in the first instance, to ensure that elected governments survive their five-year term of office, no matter what. All the mechanisms, structures, and institutions of public office and service, function to protect the elected government and to intimidate those who would wish to challenge it. The goal of whoever crafted Belize this constitution was to ensure political stability. The price we have paid for that political stability is hopeless corruption.

    From The Publisher
    A recurring theme in the plays of William Shakespeare is the matter of constituted, legitimate authority, and the societal implications and impacts of attempts to question, challenge, subvert, defy, or even overthrow that constituted and legitimate authority. Shakespeare, the greatest playwright ever in the English language, wrote during the reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603) in England. This was a time of much turmoil in England, because English Catholics, encouraged by the Pope and supported by the King of Spain, were challenging the authority of Elizabeth, who was the head of the English Church because her father, Henry VIII, had made such a constitutional change in 1534, declaring that the king (or queen) of England would henceforth be the head of the Church of England. For all the previous centuries, England had been a Roman Catholic country wherein the Pope of Rome ruled in religious matters.

    Vista del Mar, Phase 1, needs help!
    Dear Editor, Vista Del Mar in Phase 1, not sure if this place is a forgotten part of Belize, from what I see, the people, residents, through no fault of their own, are suffering and reaping the consequences of the war between the Blue and the Red politics in Belize. I have never seen a government and opposition so callous or hard, indifferent towards its people in this area. The so-called streets – very rudimentary, mud holes, Perez Road area near the canals as well, “bruk up”, you cannot walk or drive a car. The politicians do everything in their power to avoid this rural area.

    Stiffen the perjury laws!
    Dear Editor, One good thing about true democracies is that they have an informed populace. Clearly, Belize is not yet one of those true democracies. For one, the Constitution – the boss law of the nation state Belize, excludes every Belizean, except elected lawmakers or area representatives and appointed Senators from joining the Prime Minister in Cabinet to manage our government Ministries. (See The Belize Constitution Chapter 4, Part 5, Section 40, Subsection 2). And two, the boss law in the nation does not require any sitting Cabinet Minister to give semi-annual or annual public testimony under oath about their Ministry, or anything else of Belizean public interest, to the people and their elected representatives.

    BCA’s Debbie Curling answers Cedric Flowers
    Dear Editor, In response to a featured article in the Amandala, Belizean Diaspora – No Representation without Taxation!, written by Cedric Flowers, published July 19, 2017, Belizean Citizens Abroad (BCA) wishes to respond by saying that we find this article egregious in so many ways. Instead of bridging the gap that divides us, Mr. Flowers continues to feed into the divide by fanning the flames that exist between us. Firstly, he negatively defines us as “agitators” rather than “advocates” fighting for our rights. Secondly, by deductive reasoning, it appears Mr. Flowers believes that in addition to boosting the economy of Belize by sending home remittances to our families, contributing to the education of many at home via scholarships, and the myriad ways in which Belizeans in the diaspora contribute, HE is now “agitating” that WE should be taxed at home!

    Your citizenship
    The identity of an individual and their citizenship in a given nation are probably two of the most important identifying marks any person can have. Being able to identify one’s self is part of the hallmark of who we are. It gives you that status of being a human being; it gives gender and I am not talking about the alphabet soup mixture of gender identity being promoted by the LGBT community. I mean the mechanism to be able to vote, travel, pay taxes, receive benefits, the ability to work either for one’s self or another party. You carry your identify from cradle to grave and is probably the last thing that is used to register your passing and to record that indeed you once walked the face of the earth.

    Right to the Point
    Continuing on our issue of domestic violence, I want to address the rights of a child, and young persons in “relationships/courtships”, under the Domestic Violence Act Chapter 179, Laws of Belize (herein DVA). This is important, especially since for all intents and purposes a child cannot access protection under the DVA on his or her own and young persons in “relationships/courtships” are not adequately addressed as having any protection. Ironically, however, children and young persons are the most vulnerable under the DVA and yet the most voiceless…. In many ways I believe the DVA fails these two most vulnerable groups and this has got to change.

    Fire destroys 3 houses; 9 people homeless on Supaul Street
    At about 3:30 yesterday morning, while most people were sleeping, fire engulfed and destroyed three houses in a yard on Supaul Street, leaving 9 people homeless. All their household furnishings and other possessions were destroyed. One of the houses which were destroyed was a plywood house measuring 15 ft. by 25 ft. that belonged to Devon Sankey, 24, a construction worker. Another house located in the same yard, also made of plywood, measuring about 20 ft. by 30 ft., belonging to Shern Williams, 40, was partially damaged, because a part of it is made of concrete, and a third house in the yard was also destroyed completely.

    US-bound travelers face tighter security screening; terrorism cited
    As of today, US-bound travelers departing from Belize via American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, the four airlines currently providing direct flights from Belize to the USA, will be subject to additional screening measures, following a decision announced by the US Department of Homeland Security late last month to step up screening of electronic devices larger than a cell phone which could be used by terrorists to conceal bombs. On Tuesday afternoon, Belize’s Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation issued a traveler advisory saying that, “Air Travelers departing the Philip S.W. International Airport en route to destinations in the United States of America are advised that effective Wednesday, July 19, 2017, in compliance with US security requirements, additional security measures will be implemented on outbound passengers flying from Belize to the U.S.

    Cecil Gill hands himself in to police
    Cecil Walton Gill, 36, a computer technician of Boots Crescent, Belize City, has been arrested and charged, pending arraignment at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, for the murder of his friend and neighbor, Phillip Michael Samuels, which occurred on Monday night. After being on the run from police since stabbing Samuels on Monday night, Gill went to the Racoon Street Police Station at about 12:30 this morning and surrendered himself to police.

    ComPol Whylie “did nothing!” about glaring evidence of wrongdoing in the Immigration Department
    Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, former CEO in the Ministry of National Security before he became Commissioner in 2013, was in the witness chair for the afternoon session of the inquiry by the Senate Select Committee into the Auditor General’s Special Report on the Immigration Department between 2011 and 2013. Whylie was the subject of a Supreme Court application for a writ of mandamus that was successfully filed by the then Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), Hon. Francis Fonseca, and Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin had instructed the Commissioner of Police to investigate the Won Hong Kim passport scandal (involving the issuance of a Belizean passport to a South Korean criminal in a Taiwanese prison) which had blown up under disgraced former UDP Minister of Immigration, Elvin Penner.

    From SJC valedictorian to physicist: The odyssey of Sydney Taegar
    I have not seen Sydney Taegar for a number of years. When I began visiting his home on Regent Street, around mid-1981, when Sydney was still in primary school, it was for the teachings of his father, the late, great Dr. Leroy Taegar. It was with Dr. Taegar’s guidance that I was able to navigate my way out of the storm that my life had become, after my stance in the Public Service Union strike against the Heads of Agreement in April 1981. The education that I received from Dr. Leroy Taegar was the first substantial training I received as an aspiring writer, and it continued for many years later, when I lived in a kind of exile in New York. Though I had not seen Sydney Taegar in decades, I had heard about his remarkable journey in education and how he had earned a PhD and had become a physicist.

    The Reporter

    Protesters believe Doehms are flight risk persons; defense attorney says bail is a right
    About 20 protesters gathered in front of the Court House this morning to object to the Supreme Court granting of bail to American nationals, David and Anke Doehm, both 56, and jointly charged with ‘Cruelty of a Child’. But while the protesters, bearing the Belizean […]

    Mac and cheese dinner may cause birth defects, new study suggests
    The staple meal many Belizeans like, packaged macaroni and cheese is linked to birth defects caused by harmful chemicals, a new study reveals. Phthalates, which chemicals said to be in the powdered cheese, can be harmful to an unborn baby, according to research by the […]

    Supreme court grants bail to dead teen’s step parents; San Pedranos picket courthouse
    The Supreme Court has granted bail to the step parents of Fay Lin Conner, the Chinese girl who was discovered dead earlier this month at her house in San Pedro. While the bail proceeding took place, a group of San Pedro residents carried out a […]

    Belize City Centre on target to be completed by December
    With the installation of its wooden court, certified by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) the Belize City Centre is well under way to be completed by the end of this year. The court is being installed by Conner’s Flooring and Design Company, which specializes in […]

    Gas price goes down
    Belizean drivers can find more relief in the latest gas price change as the cost of both regular and diesel fuels went down this week. The latest price change took effect on Wednesday, July 19, when Regular Fuel went down by 30 cents from $10 to $9.70. […]

    Taking note of bladder cancer symptoms
    Although bladder cancer is normally diagnosed in its early stage, it tends to return after treatment. Bladder cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the inner lining of the bladder – the organ that stores urine processed by the kidneys. The main types of […]

    Tropical Storm Don weakens after causing flash-flood
    Tropical Storm Don has weakened after it dumped heavy rains over the Windward Islands on Tuesday night. Heavy rains south of the storm caused flash floods and landslides in Trinidad and Tobago. Don passed southeast of Barbados and just south of Grenada during its final […]

    John Zabaneh sues US Treasury Department over sanction
    Banana farm owner, John Zabaneh filed a lawsuit against the United States Treasury Department this week, claiming that the Department had unjustly sanctioned him over suspicion of being connected to Mexican drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Zabaneh filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in the […]

    CARDI and UB sign MOU to strengthen the agricultural sector
    The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), and the University of Belize (UB) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), to provide training and support toward the development of the agricultural sector. The MOU details that the two institutions will collaborate in areas of knowledge sharing, […]

    DYS begins promoting World Youth Conference
    The Department of Youth Services (DYS), this week, began its public awareness campaign for the upcoming World Youth Conference, with the launch of a new song and video. The DYS officially released the song and video, to be aired on local radio and television stations, on Monday, […]

    Belize City man stabbed in Roaring Creek village
    A weekend visit to Roaring Creek village in the Cayo district has left a Belize City man recovering from multiple stab wound injuries he sustained during an altercation with two village men. The victim, identified as an attendant in the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner […]

    Toddler falls into pit and drowns
    A family from the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan City is grieving the death of a female toddler after she fell into an outside latrine pit and drowned late last Thursday evening. At around 5:00 p.m. on July 13,17-month-old Teresa Coy was playing with some of her […]

    US citizen dies in weekend traffic accident
    An 18-year-old American national who was vacationing in Belize died over the weekend after he was involved in a traffic accident on the Southern Highway. Devin Robert Merrell died around midday on Saturday, July 15, near the junction to the Bocawena National Park in Silk Grass village. […]

    Man loses life while trying to defend female friend
    A Belize City man is dead after he was stabbed once to the left side of his chest with an 11 inch blade while trying to assist a female friend who was involved in a dispute with another man. Phillip Michael Samuels, 31, was socializing with a […]

    This week Belize had the satisfaction of hearing from the Inter American Investment Corporation, which came to tell us that it wants to help us to expand the private sector. The Inter American Investment Corporation, a member of the Inter American Development Bank, is committed to the development of Latin […]

    Newborn thrown away in canal!
    A newborn infant boy, wrapped in plastic with his umbilical cord still attached, was thrown into the canal and discovered floating in the dirty water on Thursday morning near the corner of South and West Canal streets. A City Council worker, Julian Jimenez, who was […]

    Blood bank drying up, No blood for patients
    The supply of blood at the Belize National Blood Transfusion Service, (BNBTS) otherwise known as the blood bank, is critically low, and health authorities say it will potentially affect patients in need of a blood transfusion if the situation gets any worse. In a memo […]

    Increased security measures for US-bound travellers
    Travellers flying from Belize to the United States via the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) will have to undergo increased security checks, following a new policy being implemented by the United States. The increased security measures, put in place in the US government’s continued push […]

    ComPol answers to Senate Committee
    Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie was one of two senior officers who appeared before the Senate Special Select Committee this week. While Whylie’s name did not appear in the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report of the Immigration and Nationality Department for any wrong doing, the […]

    Seine Bight woman killed in early morning accident
    A woman was killed in an early morning accident near Seine Bight village on Thursday, while two others were injured and a teenage boy has been served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution for causing the accident. Around 6:00 a.m., on Thursday, 39-year-old Dorla Flores; […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PM Barrow departs country on personal leave
    The Office of the Prime Minister issued a press release this afternoon informing the public that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will depart the country to the United States of America today, Friday, July 21st, 2017 on personal leave. During the Prime Minister’s absence, Minister […]

    Belize Ambassador to US meets President Trump
    H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez, Belize’s ambassador to the United States, presented his letters of credence to President Donald Trump at the White House, thus making him the 10th ambassador of Belize to the US. In his remarks to President Trump, Ambassador Gutierez expressed heartfelt greetings […]

    Protest held outside court while Doehms given bail
    David and Anke Doehm, the American nationals under investigation for allegedly killing their adopted 13-year-old daughter, Faye Lin Cannon were granted bail this morning as outraged citizens organized and held a small protest outside the Supreme Court. The Doehms were granted bail of $10,000 […]

    ComPol threatens to sue
    Commissioner of Police Allen Wylie threatened to take legal action if he is accused of ordering an end to the investigation into bogus nationality applications. Retired Superintendent of Police, Julio Valdez, testified to the committee that he was conducting a high leave investigation and […]

    Seine Bight cook dies in fatal traffic accident
    BBN reported yesterday of an early morning traffic accident that claimed the life of a woman. The victim has been identified as Dorla Flores, 39, a cook of Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek District. Police reports are that Obed Mojano, 19, of Blackman Eddy […]

    Rugby kicks off tomorrow at Kolbe Foundation
    In March last year, the first ever event for the sport Rugby was held in Orange Walk Town and was organized with the assistance of Belize City’s Community Policing Unit, as well as a Rugby Intern from a university in the United States. The […]


    Experience Ambergris Caye
    Often enough, when travelling, you’re challenged with making the most of the little time you may have. Even if you only have one day, here are some great options for your Ambergris Caye experience! 8am – Start your day with an activity we are known for, snorkeling! Most tour companies headed to our renowned marine reserves of Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley depart at 9AM. The colours and sights of the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea are sure to get your day off on the right track.

    A Walk Around Gorgeous Caye Caulker, Belize
    Caye Caulker is an easy affordable water taxi ride from San Pedro, Belize. 25 minutes and you are walking down the center of a sand road lined with coconut trees…passing pastel wooden buildings, locals grilling lobster and that gorgeous sea view. I don’t make it over there enough. The last time, in April of this year, I discovered some new things – like huge tarpon and tiny sea horse and changed at the famous Split in the caye. I visited them yesterday too.

    International Sourcesizz

    Resorts in Mexico suspected of drugging tourists
    The scene at the swim-up bar at the Mexican resort where Abbey Conner was pulled listless from the pool in January was full of young tourists last month when an attorney hired by Conner’s family showed up. It wasn’t surprising. It was a typical scene at an all-inclusive five-star resort where foreigners from both sides of the equator flock to escape their cold winters. But as he watched, the attorney noticed something disturbing. “They serve alcoholic drinks with alcohol of bad quality and in great amounts, mixing different types of drinks,” he wrote in his native Spanish. That single paragraph, buried near the end of a four-page report summarizing how 20-year-old Conner drowned within a couple hours of arriving at the Iberostar Hotel & Resorts' Paraiso del Mar, offers a possible lead in the investigation into her death.

    Belize Study Abroad: Worland resident goes on medical mission
    Myself, eight fellow students, and a faculty advisor traveled to Punta Gorda, Belize from May 14 to May 28. While in the country, we were given the opportunity to live with local families, immerse ourselves in the Belizean culture, while also learning about their country. Even though our trip began in May, preparation began in January. It took a lot for us to prepare for this trip. We had monthly meetings where we discussed the mission work we would be doing as well as other activities we would be participating in. At our last meeting we put together boxes for us to take of all the donations we received from surrounding businesses. I was also fortunate enough to receive support and donations from a local Worland business as well, McDonald’s.

    Port Cooperation and Maritime Security in Belize
    Identifying and dealing with potential threats to port security operations was at the core of a three-day workshop in Belize City, Belize (18-20 July). The event took a closer look at security needs and associated risks. Through interactive presentations and discussions between participants the workshop helped identify opportunities for increased collaboration between government agencies and port owners/operators as well as assessing port security training priorities.

    Bossom combines love of travel, teaching
    Q: Did you study abroad? A: Yes, twice! (Three times if you count my Alternative Winter Break (AWB) trip to Belize I took after having a class there!) The first time I have ever been out of the country (aside from right over the Minnesota border in Canada) was my sophomore year for a Comparative Education class in San Pedro, Belize. We got to work in a few different schools and had so many opportunities to learn and reflect on our own education system. The next year I was fortunate enough to lead an AWB trip to the same school I worked in for that class—seeing the teachers and students again was so much fun and we had great feedback from the community.


  • SAMANTHA DIRKS---BELIZEAN-AMERICAN ATHLETE & GOLD MEDALIST!, 25min. This documentary feature on the outstanding Belizean-American athlete, Samantha Dirks comes to the Belize Legends audience after her incredible victories at the 2017 Central American Athletic Championship in Honduras, Central America in mid-July of 2017. Dirks won three Gold Medals for Belize in the 200 and 400 meters, as well as the 400 x 100 relay. She also won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award at the Central American Championships as well as winning the Best Female Athlete Award at that Central American championships.

  • Protest at the bail hearing...Justice for Faye!, 1hr.

  • Protest in front the Supreme Court building in Belize City, 1min. San Pedro residents gathered in protest of Anke and David Doehms and their bail hearing.

  • Guatemala vs Belize (U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship ), 2h4. U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship Live From SCA Multipurpose Center, Belize City.

  • Belize Red Cross's Hygiene & Sanitation Poster Competition 2015, 6min. A total 180 students from 7 of Belize Red Cross's RITA Project communities participated in a Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) poster and logo competition held in December 2014 . A total of 11 murals using the competition entries were painted in the 8 project communities by students from San Antonio, Santa Cruz, Louisiana and Trial Farm. The mural was guided by Belizean artist, Mr. Teryl Godoy and completed on the 16th and 17th of April 2015. The objective was to showcase lessons learnt in PHAST in terms of good and bad hygiene practices and the importance of proper hand washing and solid waste management. An award ceremony held in the Corozal Town on February 20th, 2015.

  • Coral Reef Awareness Week, 1.5min. SHARE: Have you ever wondered why some coral reefs are a kaleidoscope of colors? In honor of Coral Reef Awareness Week, take a look at this vibrant ocean ecosystem, and learn why we can't afford to lose it.

  • Pallottine Sisters are faced with a challenging situation as their current home is no longer safe for them to live in, 5.5min.

    The Pallottine Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate have been serving the Belizean public for more than ten decades but have been living in a three story convent which has been existence since the year 1953. Tonight, the Pallottine Sisters are faced with a challenging situation as their current home is no longer safe for them to live in. This is because over the years, the building has been deteriorating and is on the verge of collapsing… compelling the Pallottine Sisters to demolish the building and seek funds to reconstruct a new one.
  • Mayan Secret Holistic Healing Syrup,22 min.

  • The Embassy of Mexico to Belize, 23min.

  • The Belize Fisheries Department and the Wildlife Conservation Society, 35min.

  • Caribbean Motors and COURTS Belize launched their Whirlpool Campaign, 23min.

  • Bruk it Down Jenny, 34min.

  • Indian Dance Bharatanatyam, 31min.

  • David & Anke Doehm Bail Court Hearing, 5min. David and Anke Doehm were granted Supreme Court Bail of $10,000 each for the charges of Cruelty to a Child in the death case of Faye Lin Cannon. Angry protesters from San Pedro chanted "Justice for Faye" while the court was in session in Belize City. Needless to say, everyone was disappointed at the outcome of the court hearings as the Doehms walk free for the time being.

  • Compliments of Ceiba Resorts, 4min. A small taste of the amazing beauty and nature of Belize. You will want to come back...and maybe stay!

  • Belize wood master art of bowls, 13min. Making a wooden bowl from a junk of wood

  • Mariposa Jungle Lodge Belize, 3.5min. Mariposa Jungle Lodge Belize, this is our second visit to MJL and the resort has gone through a few upgrades, same great staff and excellent food. New roofs and AC in every unit, virtually unlimited hot water and wi fi everywhere .. what could be better

  • Rainwater Harvesting Belize, 2min. Rainwater Harvesting is the only source of fresh water on Turneffe Island in Belize. During our family vacation, we were fortunate enough to explore their system.

  • Belize vacation 2017, 5.5min.

    July 21, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    David and Anke Doehm apply for bail; David Cannon seeks custody of his daughters

    5-a-side Football Tournament heads to Championship games
    On Thursday, a total of six teams competed in the Under-10, Under-13, and Under-15 category. At 7PM, Belize Pro Dive suffered a loss against Pirates Manchester U-10, 1-2, while San Pedro Pirates U-13 triumphed over FC Larubeya, 3-1. U-15 teams, Caribeña Strikers and San Pedrito Strikers then took to the pitch for the last match, ending the game in a 1-1 tie. The final playoff games of the weekend continued on Sunday, July 15th. Los Catrachos and Rough and Tough were initially scheduled to play, but due to their participation in the Quadrangular Football Tournament, Jokers FC and Terror Squad took to the pitch. After a tight match, Jokers FC took the win with a 3-2 final score. Games will continue on Wednesday, July 26th with four away games:

    “More alike than different”; Camp Starfish begins
    The fourth annual Camp Starfish is back on La Isla Bonita as of Monday, July 17th at the Lions Den. The free two-week camp not only focuses on children with learning and physical disabilities, but it also provides them with an outlet to explore their creative abilities. Under the theme, “We are more alike than different”, campers are excitedly learning and enjoying camp for summer. During each camp day, children and volunteers meet from 9AM to 11:30AM for a morning packed with fun and interactive activities. On Monday, July 17th, campers were able to explore the theme of “Healthy Habits”, where children were allowed to draw and color fruits and vegetables, learn about good hygiene, make healthy fruit platters, and even play freeze tag. “Under the Sea” was the theme for Wednesday, July 19th, and campers made jellyfish arts and crafts, colored print outs of marine animals, listened to a story about dolphins, and had fun blowing bubbles.

    Atlantic Bank updates customers on its services on Ambergris Caye
    General Manager Karen Lopez welcomed everyone, briefing invited guests on ABL banking services. Lopez stated that due to the challenges and demands in the international arena, Atlantic Bank is making changes and upgrading their system in order to enhance their customers’ daily banking services. The new changes in the banking system include the addition of the Automated Payment and Securities Settlement also known as APS3. This new service allows customers of Atlantic Bank and other commercial banks to transfer their funds between banks and accounts by utilizing online banking services. According to personnel from Atlantic Bank, this new service will make transactions faster, and safer anywhere within Belize.

    Ambergris Today

    TEDxBelmopan To Celebrate Ideas In 2017
    After a successful first event in 2015, the TEDxBelmopan team is delighted to announce that it will be hosting its second TEDxBelmopan conference on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 in Belmopan. For this year's conference, the platform is "CELEBRATE!", aimed at highlighting positive developments, stories, and ideas worth spreading in Belize. TEDxBelmopan 2017 event will celebrate the achievements of Belizeans – thinkers, visionaries and the most fascinating teachers, young and old - while providing a cross-disciplinary platform where they can inspire and share their narratives.

    Mesoamerican Leadership Reef Program
    The 2016 cohort of the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program is currently meeting in Belize City for their 4th workshop. 12 Fellows from Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico are learning about project design, how to speak with media, sustainable business plan, economic impact analysis, small scale fisheries and resource mobilization. Fellows are sharing their project advances, experiences and meeting Belizean Fellows from previous cohorts, strengthening relationships and forming a vibrant network of professionals.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Plans are underway to protest the Supreme Court bail hearing for Anke and David Doehm tomorrow morning in Belize City
    San Pedro people, tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear the bail application for the adopted parents of Faye Lin. We should mobilize ourselves and come to Belize City and protest outside the courthouse. Let us Send a clear message that these people should be kept in jail! UPDATE- Permission (Bond) to protest opposite the Supreme Court is being secured. Assemble at 9AM and disassemble by 3PM on Battlefield Park on Regent Street opposite the Court House.

    It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development that unknown persons have been attempting to scam money from the general public under the pretense that homes have been approved for them in a housing project purportedly being executed by the Ministry in the City of Belmopan, Cayo District. A copy of one such letter on the letterhead of the Housing and Planning Department was brought to the attention of the Ministry on July 20, 2017. The public is advised that the person who purportedly signed the letter does not work in the Housing and Planning Department or the Ministry and that the letter is fake and has no validity.

    A new bridge on the access road to May Pen Village in Belize Rural North was inaugurated yesterday, Wednesday, July 19, 2017. The bridge, a one-lane foundation structure, is the result of a donation from United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) and an investment of $256 thousand by the Government of Belize. Mr. McCulloch explained, “We’ve been waiting for this for a lot of years now because the old bridge got messed up, rotted. They fixed it, it broke again several times. So, for about the last ten years, we’ve been at a position where no dump-truck could go in and dump the road, so it was in horrible condition. Even four-wheel-drive vehicles couldn’t make it during the rainy season.”

    CENPROMYPE and BELTRAIDE, through EXPORTBelize commence workshop on Market Intelligence
    CENPROMYPE and BELTRAIDE, through EXPORTBelize, has embarked on a cooperation to enhance the internalization service within the business support centers through a program called ADSEP. This program is being executed through the support from the General Secretariat of SICA, CENPROMYPE, and the European Union, and consequently executed in Belize by BELTRAIDE. This training will strengthen and consolidate the service that was transferred from last year to the Support Centers in Central America Region. The workshops will be held between June and August of this year in the 8 countries of the SICA Region. The workshops will be attended by support Centers / Regional advisors.

    Confiscation of hundreds of dollars worth in contraband goods
    Police, Customs and BDF checkpoint on the Yo Creek Road in Orange Walk leads to the confiscation of hundreds of dollars worth in contraband goods. More on this story in tonight's newscast.

    CBWS Youth Conservation Camp
    What an exciting weekend introducing youths to Protected Areas through BAS' Youth Conservation Camps. This past weekend, we hiked the trails, explored the waterfalls, river-tubed and bird watched at the beautiful Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Thank you to Protected Areas Conservation Trust for making this camp possible, and to the Maya Center Women's Group for the cultural experience!

    Humanitarian assistance supplies donated to NEMO
    Yesterday, at the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Warehouse in Belmopan, U.S. Chargé d'Affaires, Ms. Adrienne Galanek, handed over approximately USD $217,000 worth of humanitarian assistance supplies to NEMO Director, Mr. Shelton Defour. The donation represents the U.S. Government's continued commitment to the Government and the people of Belize in the field of humanitarian assistance. NEMO's Director Mr. Shelton Defour said this was the largest replenishment of supplies from donors in NEMO's history.

    Kaina Martinez Track and Field Games, 2017
    Registration today (Friday 21st) at Peninsula Store in Seine Bight from 9am -4pm. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity for kids age 4-14. Event happening this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. See you there!

    Belize Reef Scorecard 2017
    Ever wonder exactly how the Government of Belize is protecting our Heritage? Every year a Belize Reef Scorecard is produced to show exactly that, giving grades on policies implemented and steps taken to protect our natural resources. The results show a story of some work being done, but much more needed to Save our heritage.

    Corozal Summer Math and Reading Program
    Summer Math and Reading Program is on again this Year. Come to the library and register your child today to prevent the summer slide! Corozal Public Library, 24th July to 18th August (4 weeks), 2:30 to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday each week. Register your child today. For information call 422-3751.

    International Mangrove Day, Wed, 26 Jul 2017
    Friends of Corozal United for Sustainability (FOCUS) invites everyone to come “face to leaf” with Corozal’s mangroves. Wednesday, 26th July, 2017, from 9am-noon, at Mangrove Park. There will be activities to help you learn more about the importance of these wonderful trees in our life, and their role in fighting climate change. We will take you on an adventure of discovery (tour) of our very special Mangrove Park, including red, black, and white mangroves, and their allies, the buttonwood. You will join us in the imitation of a Mangrove Nursery by planting the red mangrove propagules (seeds) in recycled liter size plastic bottles (please help us by bringing your own). This is a beginning toward restoring mangroves along our coast lost to develpment. It also helps raise awareness in our community. We can all play a very important active role in helping to turn around Climate Change, as stewards along the coast of the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. The location of Mangrove Park is here.

    Ancient Maya week at The Corozal House of Culture
    This has been a week of engaging and stimulating topics on the Mayas in Belize. Yuumbotik to Archaeologists Dr. Cynthia Robyns and her team of archaeological students from Northwestern University USA, to Dr. Maxine Briggs, retired Professor, Mr. Graham Sampson and Mr. Roy Rodriquez and everyone who attended this event and made it memorable. Yuumbotik Ms. Debra Wilkes NICH and Belizean archaeologist Miss Sylvia Batty. Courtesy: Adela Pederson

    LXJ Code Belize wins first place at the Canto Code 3.0
    Good Morning Belize! Join the U.S. Embassy to congratulate Team LXJ Code Belize for winning first place at the Canto Code 3.0 held at the Dominican Republic with a new and innovative communication platform to assist with natural disasters and national emergencies.

    3pm standings of the U20 Central American Volleyball Championship
    As of 3:00 p.m. today this is the standings of the U20 Central American Volleyball Championship going on at the SCA Gymnasium.

    Waterfront Development of the Yarborough Green
    We would like to share with you the proposed design for the Yarborough Waterfront Development Project to be conducted later this year as one of the projects under the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. Please note that this is only an architect's rendering based on our public consultations with the community.The final product may differ from the pictures being posted.

    World Breastfeeding Week
    World Breastfeeding Week will be celebrated from August 1st - 7th, 2017. In commemoration of World Breastfeeding Week, the Ministry of Health in partnership with PAHO/WHO Belize and INCAP wants mothers to share photos depicting the beauty and support in breastfeeding. Great prizes for top three photos! Deadline for submission in Monday, July 31st!

    IDB Group steps up its support for Belizean public and private sectors
    Visit to the country by James P. Scriven, CEO of the Inter-American Investment Corporation, highlights key economic sectors that could benefit from financing and advisory services. A Business Forum organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry attracted more than 50 representatives of the country’s public and private sectors for a discussion of investment opportunities in agribusiness, energy, transport, tourism and financial institutions. James P. Scriven, CEO of the IDB Group’s Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), explained that the IIC is increasing its local presence in Belize and intends to finance diverse sectors. “We are a development bank, and we want to demonstrate to the world that it is commercially viable to invest in a country like Belize,” he said.

    CARDI and the University of Belize to Collaborate on Knowledge Sharing, Training and Research Activities in the Agricultural Sector
    The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the University of Belize have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in the areas of knowledge sharing, training and capacity building, resource mobilisation and research activities geared towards the development of the agricultural sector. The MoU was signed by CARDI’s Executive Director, Barton Clarke and the President of the University of Belize, Professor Clement Sankat at the University of Belize Main Campus in the City of Belmopan. Witnessing the signing were CARDI Representative, Omaira Avila Rostant and University of Belize Central Farm Campus Administrator, Gordon Holder.

    Two 15 minute power interruptions 4:45am to 5:00am & 2:45pm to 3:00pm, Sunday, July 23: entire Orange Walk & Corozal Districts
    BEL to facilitate maintenance works conducted by CFE at their substation.

    Channel 7

    Discarded Newborn Found On Canal Side
    This morning, at around 8:30, area residents on East Canal came upon a horrible site on the edge of the canal at the junction with South Street. The body of a baby boy, or a fetus had been flung into the canal. The tiny body was stuffed inside a black plastic bag, and left there, a complete disregard for human dignity. The residents passing nearby were shocked that the baby was left abandoned, and they immediately began speculating about the character of the person who left it there. We got a chance to speak with the man who first found him this morning. He's City Council Employee, Julian Jimenez, and he was on the job, cleaning near the canal, when he came upon the baby's body. He told us about that moment when he thought that the child's body was that of a dead dog, only to realize this was a human being:

    San Pedranos Will Picket So That Doehms Don't Get Bail
    For the past week, Americans David and Anke Doehm have been on remand at the Belize Central Prison. They're trying to get Supreme Court bail after after being charged with the offense of "cruelty to a child", for the death of their 13 year-old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon. Tomorrow morning, they'll get their opportunity before a Supreme Court judge, and their attorneys will attempt to convince the judge why they should be released from prison while they await trial. And while that will be happening inside the courtroom, outside, residents of San Pedro will be gathered in protest to send a strong statement that they would rather they remain in prison.

    Mediator Dianne Finnegan Rejects Vidal Request To Join CYDP
    Yesterday, Southside commander Marco Vidal caught us off guard when he suggested that the Southside mediators, namely Dianne Finnegan, Chester Williams and Nuri Mohammed should join the CYDP meditation effort, or step aside. Vidal suggested that as individuals, not representing an institution - they may be pursuing their own personal agenda. An hour ago, we caught up with Dianne Finnegan and she told us she doesn't know what Vidal is talking about - but she is talking about peace:...

    Contrabandidos Confront Customs On Yo Creek Road
    On this newscast, we regularly show you all the contraband that Orange Walk Customs collects in the villages of that district. But, while we see the finished product, it's not always easy to collect - since those contraband items - whether they be beers, or sacks of Mexican Vegetables, represent an investment for the villagers who go over to Mexico to buy them. It's completely illegal, but its the norm in the north - and today some villagers clashed with Customs because of it. This confrontation, captured by a bystander, happened on the Yo Creek Road at about 11:00 am, where a group of men openly clashed with a joint patrol comprising BAH Customs, Police and BDF. The team had just sized a truckful of contraband limes, lettuce, green pepper and other vegetables from a bus that was heading to Orange Walk.

    South's Third Traffic Fatality In Five Days
    There's been another fatal traffic accident in the south: the third in five days. Early this morning, a woman was knocked down and killed in Seine Bight. Around 8:00 am, 19 year old Blackman Eddy resident Obed Mojano was heading to Placencia from Seine Bight in his gray Chevy Silverado when he lost control and hit 39 year old cook Dorla Flores. 44 year old Lavern Helen Arzu and 23 yr old Henry Augustine were also injured in the accident. Both were taken to the Placencia Health Center where they were treated and released.

    Taking A Test Drive On Proposed Carnival Route
    A month ago, we told you how health and safety advocates have been pushing for a change the Carnival route. That's because every year, the crowds block road access to the country's largest hospital and emergency room - and access to both major highways. It's a major proposed change to one of the main events of the September Celebrations, and so, the September Celebrations Commission is managing it carefully. This evening, a few carnival bands went out to test one possible new route to see if it is a change they can work with, and our news team was out there.

    The Importance Of Making A Will
    If you are 45 years and older, you should start looking into your will if you haven't already. Sure, most of you might say you are too young to be thinking about that but as you get older and your distant relatives, even kids start to snatch your hard earned assets, it will be too late. Well the National Council on Aging along with the Attorney General's Office hosted a workshop on how to prepare and secure wills and testaments. Courtney Weatherburne stopped by the Belize Institute of Management to find out more about this process.

    New Civic Will Be Ready For September
    For months now city residents have been watching the Civic Center quickly taking shape. At 55 thousand square feet and 70 feet high, it is an impressive sight on the Belize City skyline. But, how does inside look? And does it actually suit the purpose for which it was designed - which is to be a world class basketball facility? Tough questions, and the truth is that we Belizeans have learned well to look those glistening gift horses very closely in the mouth - because when it comes to public contracts, what you see, and what you should get, are very rarely what you actually get. So today, the design firm which is also the co-contractor called the media in for a two hour long walk through of the largest and most expensive structure in Belize's history. Jules Vasquez tried to figure if it's worth all those millions:.

    Alleged Murderer Taken To Court For Public ID Parade
    For the past two night we have been reporting on murder suspect Cecil Gill. He is wanted for the stabbing death of his friend Phillip Samuels. He turned himself into police yesterday, and today Gill along with several other suspects were escorted to court, where they took part in an public identification parade. The men were lined up for less than a minute before Gill was positively identified.

    Whylie Reflects On His Time As CEO
    Last night, we brought you coverage of the testimonies from the retired police officer, Superintendent Julio Valdez, and Police Commissioner Allen Whylie. They were yesterday's witnesses in the Senate Hearings on Immigration. We showed you how the Senate Select Committee cross-examined Commissioner Whylie as the top cop for almost 2 hours. But, there was brief portion of the hearing where they questioned him about his time as the CEO responsible for Immigration. Before he took up the post of Police Commissioner, Whylie was the Immigration CEO from 2009 to early 2012. They Senate wanted to find out if he had any reason to believe that there was corrupt behavior at the Department when he was in charge.

    The Mandamus Order And The COMPOL
    The Senators also questioned Commissioner While about that writ of mandamus which the Supreme Court issued upon him back in March 2014. You'll remember it as the lawsuit that the then Opposition Leader, Francis Fonseca, brought against him to force him into investigating Elvin Penner for his role in the Won Hong Kim passport scandal. After listening to the case, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin compelled the ComPol to launch that investigation. It's been more 3 years later, and Penner has not been charged by the state for any offenses related to the Citizen Kim scandal.

    Did Cabinet Give The Order To Stop Security Clearances
    One other topic the Senators questioned him on is the claim from prior witnesses that Cabinet discontinued the security clearance procedure. That's a basic background check that Special Branch performed on potential visitors, and possible new citizens. This security clearance helped the Immigration Department screen visitors for basic offences. Immigration Officer Ady Pacheco said that it was discontinued through a policy change from Cabinet. Yesterday, the Senate asked the Police Commissioner to discuss the implications of that decision, given that he has the experience of a police officer and a Immigration CEO:

    Former Head Of Special Branch Explains Practice of Security Clearance
    So, while Police Commissioner Whylie professes very little knowledge about how the security clearance procedure actually worked, we spoke to a senior police officer who knows exactly how it works. He's Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal, and before taking up his post as the commander of the Eastern Division South, he was the Officer in Charge of the Special Branch. That is the police unit that actually conducted the screening of visa and nationality applicants by doing the background checks. He explained to us his knowledge of the practice and history of screening. Jules Vasquez: "Are you aware when you were in charge of Special Branch if persons were being screened for nationality?" Sr. Supt. Mark Vidal, OC, Southside Commander: "That process changed a very long time ago. At one point Special Branch was responsible for doing the vetting for nationalities. Currently what Special Branch is doing is only vetting for permanent residency. So we are not involved in the nationality aspect of vetting."

    BSCFA Snaps Back At ASR/BSI Calling Its Statement “Untruthful"
    Last night we told you about the press release from ASR/BSI which called out the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association for standing in the way of progress for the industry. Today the BSCFA sent out its own lengthy statement saying, quote "BSI has made alarming and untruthful statements regarding the commercial relationship between themselves and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association." And what is that untruth? Well BSCFA agreed that BSI did propose to amend the existing commercial agreement and requested an urgent acceptance of these proposals by the BSCFA. And that's where BSI says the BSCFA made a counterproposal rejecting those proposals, and instead talking about payment for bagasse and other old issues.

    "New Housing Scheme" Is A Scam
    The Ministry of Housing says stay clear of anyone trying to sell you a house under a new housing scheme - It's A SCAM! In a press release sent today it says "It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development that unknown persons have been attempting to scam money from the general public under the pretense that homes have been approved for them in a housing project purportedly being executed by the Ministry in the City of Belmopan, Cayo District". The Ministry has gotten a copy of a letter with the Ministry's letterhead and it is confirmed that it was not approved by the Ministry.

    Sativa L On San Pedro Road
    Police made a drug bust yesterday afternoon near San Pedro Village, Corozal. Police were on mobile patrol on the Phillip Goldson Highway when they spotted and searched 34 year old Corozal resident Albert Humes and 19 year old Belize City resident Shanice Humes. One of them was carrying a grey school bag with 6 pounds of weed. Police arrested and charged both of them for drug tracking.

    Belize Girls One Down, One Up in Volleyball
    This afternoon the Belize team played its second game in the U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship. After losing their first match against Honduras last night in four sets, Team Belize came back to the court with a vengeance, handily beating the girls from El Salvador in four sets. After the game we got a chance to speak, Belize Volleyball Association President, Alan Sharp, and the team's captain and setter Allyanna Musa, about the team's performance...

    The Clamour of Steel Pan, The Majesty of Choral
    Most of you are familiar with the expansive elegance of Choral music, and of course you all know the hype and energy that brings the Steel pan to life. These two forms of music don't usually go together but the University of the West Indies Arts Choral and Arts Steel ensemble from Trinidad and Tobago, masterfully merges both. 46 students are in Belize to perform and also to host workshops. We caught up with the group at the Bliss as they rehearsed for their show tonight. Music Director and Conductor Jessel Murray told us just how special this blend of music is.

    GSU Found Lots Of Live Rounds
    Last night on Reggae Street in Belize City, the GSU found 7 ounces of weed and 40 nine millimeter live rounds. The unit says they were conducting operations within the area of the Southside Gang. The items were found in an open lot and labelled as found property.

    CARDI and UB Kumbaya
    The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute known as CARDI and the University of Belize have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. They intend to collaborate in a number of areas in the agricultural sector. Yesterday, in Belmopan CARDI's Executive Director, and the President of the University of Belize explained: Following the signing, a Public Consultation on CARDI's Strategic Plan was held at the CARDI office which is at the National Agriculture & Trade Showgrounds.

    Channel 5

    Who Left Baby Boy to Die on East Canal?
    Before nine o’clock this morning, the lifeless body of a baby was found by a sanitation worker at East Canal in Belize City.  The full-term baby boy, with his umbilical [...]

    San Pedranos Say No Bail for David and Anke Doehm
    David and Anke Doehm are scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court this Friday for a bail hearing. The duo is spending time at the central prison in Hattieville having [...]

    Ex-G.S.U. Boss Investigated for Fund Misappropriation
    The Gang Suppression Unit has been under the leadership of Superintendent Andres Makin since the beginning of July when transfers within the Belize Police Department came into effect.  While the [...]

    Seine Bight Cook Killed in Road Accident
    An accident early this morning claimed the life of thirty-nine-year-old Dorla Flores, a cook of Seine Bight village, Stann Creek District. According to police nineteen year old Obed Mojano of [...]

    Dianne Finnegan: Mediation Agenda is for Country
    Tonight, Youth Apprenticeship Program Coordinator and Mediator, Dianne Finnegan is lashing out at the recently installed Regional Commander of Eastern Division South, Marco Vidal. On Wednesday, the Senior Superintendent told [...]

    Is CYDP Doing Its Job?
    According to Finnegan, millions of dollars have been invested into organizations and institutions that work with at risk youths and gang members to curb criminal activities, with no success. Finnegan [...]

    Belize City Center Near Completion
    Two years after the start of construction, the Belize City Center is about to be completed. The multipurpose facility is state-of-the-art and can accommodate up to four thousand spectators. It [...]

    Julio Valdez Tells Senate ‘Anybody’ Could Have Gotten Immigration Files
    Before his investigation into Arthur Saldivar’s missing files expanded to look at their contents, former deputy of National Crimes Investigation Branch Julio Valdez was tasked with finding out how they [...]

    Valdez Questioned Immigration About Ady Pacheco Counter Work
    A few weeks ago, Immigration officer Ady Pacheco came to the Senate Special Select Committee and extensively detailed her work therein, including acting as a counter-clerk receiving applications for nationality, [...]

    Mandamus Appeal On, But ComPol Says Kim was Investigated
    Persuaded by the arguments of then-People’s United Party leader Francis Fonseca, Chief Justice of Belize Kenneth Benjamin ordered Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie by a writ of mandamus to criminally [...]

    ComPol: I Will Sue If Accused of Giving Order to Stop File Investigation
    The implication raised by ex-Superintendent Julio Valdez during his testimony on Wednesday was that someone above him suggested that he direct his energy to investigating strictly how Arthur Saldivar’s purloined [...]

    B.S.I. Vs B.S.C.F.A. on Commercial Agreement
    Will a twenty-two million dollar investment in the Tower Hill sugar mill proceed? American Sugar Refining/Belize Sugar Industries Limited and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association are butting heads over [...]

    Corozal Family Charged in Weed Bust
    There was another big drug bust on Wednesday up north in Corozal. Thirty-four-year-old Altamira, Corozal resident Albert Humes and nineteen-year-old Belize City resident Shanice Humes have been arrested and charged [...]

    Testing the Routes for Carnival in Belize City
    Last month we told you about the proposed new route for the annual Carnival Road March in September. In some quarters, the proposed route was not well-received.   There were issues [...]

    American Jailed for Hiding Money in Belize
    A Florida national is headed to jail for using hidden Belize accounts to conspire to commit tax and bank fraud. Forty-eight-year-old Casey Padula of Port Charlotte, Florida, pleaded guilty in [...]

    Housing Says No Projects Going On, Beware of Scammers
    In a press release issued today, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development says that scam artists are attempting to hustle money from the public under the pretense that homes [...]

    The U.W.I. Chorale to Perform in Belize
    The UWI Arts Chorale, the premier choral ensemble of the University of the West Indies Saint Augustine Campus, and the UWI Arts Steel, the premier steel band ensemble, are on [...]

    How to Prepare Your Will
    Organizations working with and on behalf of older persons are tackling what can be a very touchy subject for families: preparing for the end of life and final distribution of [...]

    CCU, MOE Dismiss COLA Plea on Medical Schools
    Columbus Central University School of Medicine and the Ministry of Education have issued desultory responses to Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action’s public stunt in front of the Airport Road [...]

    Healthy Living: Animals and Your Health
    World Zoonosis Day is commemorated on the sixth of July each year. Pet owners and farmers may not often think about the myriad of transferrable diseases between animals to humans; [...]


    ComPol's Memory Fails During Senate Select Committee Hearing
    Another issue which the ComPol was compelled to address during yesterday’s hearing are reports that the security clearance requirement component to visa and nationality applications which were conducted by the Police was discontinued. Once more the ComPol and former Immigration CEO could not recall if this were so, in fact, he couldn’t even recall if the security clearance is required by the law.

    Another Vega Land Scandal
    Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega and his family continue to be embroiled in major controversy involving questionable land deals. A report that appeared in the BELIZE TIMES of Sunday July 16th, reveals that the words “land grab” may be an understatement of the doings of the Vega family while Gaspar Vega was still the Minister in charge of lands.

    CJC Students Make Belize Proud
    The Caribbean Organization of National Telecommunications Organizations (CANTO) held its third annual CANTO CODE 3.0 Virtual Hackathon which was launched on June 17th and ran through to the 25th where a team of three Belizean students from Corozal Junior College who go by the name LXJ Code placed first in the competition that required them to build a mobile application.

    BSCFA Responds To BSI/ASR
    Tonight the contention continues to build between the BSCFA and BSI/ASAR, at the heels of a proposal made by ASR to invest twenty two million dollars to upgrade the factory in preparation of the coming changes in the EU market regime in October 2017. As we had previously reported for this investment to happen BSI/ASR is proposing to amend the 2015 cane purchase agreement to cement the current revenue share agreement as well as the payment formula for bagasse until 2022.

    ComPol Oblivious To Immigration Irregularities
    Yesterday we showed you parts of the testimonies of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and Retired Police Officer, former Superintendent Julio Valdez which dealt with what should have been a complete investigation by the Police Department on Immigration irregularities discovered by Valdez but which turned out to have been shelved somewhere at the Criminal Investigation Branch.


    Julio Valdez refuses to identify who made directive to stop Immigration investigation
    Retired Assistant Superintendent of Police Julio Valdez would not reveal who instructed him to desist from digging deeper into the irregularities he found at the immigration department. Valdez presented himself today in Belmopan before the Special Senate Select Committee. He was questioned about the investigation he was in charge of regarding the theft of eight […]

    Valdez speaks on irregularities within Nationality Department
    During his investigation into the theft of eight visas, the now retired Assistant Superintendent of Police, Julio Valdez began uncovering serious irregularities within the nationality department. He noticed a startling trend which allowed foreigners to be granted Belizean nationality without having qualified. He shared with the committee the troublesome abnormalities he found within the application […]

    Valdez addresses files found in possession of attorney Arthur Saldivar
    What led Julio Valdez in uncovering serious irregular practices within the nationality department was the case of the eight missing visas. At that time, Attorney Arthur Saldivar was in possession of those visas. According to Valdez, his office had received information on October 8, 2013 that there were missing documents from the Immigration Department in […]

    Compol questioned on nationality screening
    When senior immigration officer Ady Pecheco testified before the Senate Select Committee, she said the established procedures did not require employees to verify documents as part of the application process. Pacheco told the committee that the security clearance was removed for all persons applying for Belizean nationality. This, according to Pacheco, was a decision handed […]

    UNICEF conducts training on dealing with children after disasters
    UNICEF has partnered with the Government in an initiative that is focused on building resilience and facilitating recovery for children in emergencies. UNICEF is hosting a one week workshop with representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development and the National Emergency Management Organization. Denise Robateau, early childhood development and education officer […]

    BSI wants to amend 2015 Cane Purchase agreement
    As we have reported before, the BSI/ASR is propoing to produce more direct consumption sugar, a project that it assures is the best possible option for the long term viability of the sugar industry. But as it proposes the project, it is also proposing to amend the 2015 Cane Purchase agreement that was signed with […]

    Eight students receive scholarships from Courts
    This morning Courts, through its Dare to Dream Scholarship Program, issued eight scholarships to students from the Orange Walk, Corozal, Cayo and Belize Districts. Public Relations representative at Courts, Grisel Carballo says the team from the company selected the recipients from 65 applications received from across the country. Grisel Carballo PR Representative “What the company […]

    Man sought in death of friend surrenders to Police
    Cecil Gill, accused of killing his friend, thirty one year old Phillip Michael Samuels on Monday night has handed himself in to police. Today, Senior Superintendent of Police Marco Vidal, Commander of the Eastern Division South told the media that they expect to charge Gill soon. Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, EDS “We have […]

    Police Officers accused of extortion
    Thirty-seven year old police corporal Marvin Salam and twenty-eight year old police constable Anthony Blair were charged with extortion when they appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. They pled not guilty to the charge. They were released on bails of three thousand dollars each and their case was adjourned until September 27. The incident occurred […]

    New Head of Southside Police says interventions should be channelled through proper channels
    This marks the third week since the transfers within the Police Department became effective. The shift at the Eastern Division South captured a lot of attention with Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal taking over command from Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. Williams had built a record quite his own and the gang intervention initiative saw […]

    The Guardian

    Cops charged for extortion
    Two Raccoon Street Police Officers were escorted to court on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 after they were accused of extortion. They are Cpl. Marvin Salam, 36-years-old, and PC Anthony Blair, 27-years-old. Both men appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza where they were read the charge to which they both pleaded not guilty. Allegations are that on Saturday, July 15, 2017 in Belize City, while on duty a Corporal and a Constable, demanded a sum of $5,000 from Hemant and Jessica Bhojwani. Hemant, a 20-year-old student of an Albert Street address, reported that he was driving his vehicle, where he was accompanied by Garbiel Taylor and Chelsea Mitchell, and upon reaching the Western round-about, he was pulled over by a police truck.

    Friend stabs and kills friend for defending a woman
    Police have arrested Cecil Gill in Belize City who they believe stabbed and killed 31 year-old Phillip Michael Samuels. Police investigations have revealed that on Monday, July 17, 2017, at around 8:20 p.m., Samuels was socializing with his friend, at the Southside Villas Apartment. Samuels and his friend had a disagreement, and this man pulled a knife, and stabbed him in the left side of the chest. He was rushed to the KHMH for emergency treatment, but about 2 hours later, he succumbed to that injury.

    New bridge for Maypen
    The community of Maypen saw the official opening of a new bridge that will connect the village to the Philip Goldson highway over the Black Creek. The work came as area representative, Hon. Edmond Castro, consistently lobbied the Ministry of Works to have the works done. It took just under 2 years to construct at a value of 250 thousand dollars; including the approach to the bridge as well as the bridge itself, the new link will open an access route through what Hon. Castro says is one of the most scenic routes in the Belize River Valley area.

    Senate inquiry proceeds with senior cops testifying
    Police Commissioner Allen Whylie and the retired police officer, Julio Valdez were called to testify before the most recent Senate hearing on Immigration. Members of the Senate Select Committee were trying to find out how serious the police department is treating the irregularities that have been revealed in the Auditor General’s reports on Immigration. The first witness of the day was Julio Valdez, who retired with the rank of Superintendent of police in 2014. At that time, he was the deputy to Assistant Police Commissioner Russell Blackett, who held the post as the Commander of the Department’s National Criminal Investigations Branch.

    Water being provided to over 1,000 villagers in Southern Belize
    The Government of Belize, through the Social Investment Fund, made their commitment of addressing the basic needs of Belizeans in the areas of water, sanitation, and health and has recently funded solar energy water systems in Pueblo Viejo and Conejo Creek. This initiative has been made possible through a $1.5 million grant from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Water and Sanitation System Enhancement Sector of the Basic Needs Trust Fund Programme. The official inauguration will take place on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at the pump house on Conejo Creek by Hon. Erwin Contreras and Hon. Hugo Patt.

    San Ignacio being beautified
    A beautification program by the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council is now underway. Such a program is important considering that the Twin Towns with its many attractive settings is a magnet for tourists and locals alike. To inform visitors to the Twin Towns on their location, a large sign composed of foam and concrete has now been completed by a highly skilled craftsman Jorje Can. Mayor Earl Trapp Junior tells the Guardian that by the end of this week an artist will be brought in to decorate the ‘San Ignacio’ sign and hopefully make it a perfect backdrop for photographers alike.

    Reading for the summer, Mayor of Belmopan leads the way
    With the beginning of the School holidays, Libraries across Belize have increased their activities. This is a good time for our children to take advantage of those wonderful opportunities from the Belize National Library Service and Information System. The Mayor of Belmopan Khalid Belisle has recognized this and made a special guest appearance last Friday morning at the Belmopan Public Library for their annual summer reading program. At the Library Mayor Belisle read two stories to the kids and interacted with them. In his main message, Mayor Belisle urged the children to read and further their education. He said that without knowing how to read much cannot be done in the educational world.

    BTB Digital Marketing Summit 2017
    The Belize Tourism Board held its 3rd annual Digital Marketing Summit on July 14, 2017 in an effort to encourage capacity building in the area of digital marketing in Belize’s tourism industry. The one day event allowed local tourism stakeholders to engage in interactive learning with each other as well as international presenters. The topics covered in this year’s summit, Content Marketing, Digital Trends, Travel Trade, and Best Practices in Social Media, were delivered by persons from Olson Digital, Google, Travel Clicks, and other representatives. Over one hundred participants registered and were a part of the audience.

    Belizean Children will Participate in CODICADER Under 15 Games
    The National Sports Council would like to inform the public that Belize will be participating in the upcoming CODICADER Under 15 Games scheduled to be held in Honduras from August 20-26, 2017. The President of CODICADER Licenciado Gerardo A. Fajardo Fernandez today sent an official invitation to Belize to participate in these upcoming games.

    Where is Johnny going?
    “The DPP should look into that. The DPP should look into the actions of Minister Castro, or Minister Martinez, of Minister Heredia and Minister Montero. I mean we can just start there. We need to start at the very top, until we can get after the people at the very top, the people at the bottom are going to continue to follow the example of the top.” That was the statement made to Jules Vasquez late last week by Johnny Briceño. Apparently he is not satisfied with the costly Senate Special Select Committee Investigation (SSSCI). So the Leader of the Opposition, Johnny Briceño is now asking for the DPP to go on a wild goose chase.

    JP association makes donation of scrubs to the KHMH
    A hefty donation of surgical attire was made to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on July 13, 2017 by the Justice of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court Association of Belize. The California Chapter has recently been revamped following the appointment of Hon. Michael Peyrefitte as Belize’s Attorney General.

    Senate inquiry failing PUP’s intention
    Looking at the live broadcast of the Senate hearing this week, it became even clearer that the PUP is not getting the effects that they wanted out of these hearings .They have now really reduced these hearing down to nothing else but a STAGED EVENT. It has been staged in an effort to get sound bites for electioneering advertisement. During Retired Superintendent of Police Julio Valdez’ testimony and in particular his interactions with Senators Lizarraga ,who was the acting Chairman and Courtenay. It was as if his answers came from what is sometimes referred to as a cheat sheet.

    Screwdriver attack leads to remand for estranged boyfriend
    Belize City man, Keith Middleton, the ex- boyfriend of a woman attacked with a screw driver, is spending time at the Belize Central Prison after he was denied bail on July 18, 2017 when he appeared before a Belize City Magistrate on two criminal offenses. Middleton is a 30-year-old unemployed resident of Jane Usher Boulevard. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith for the offenses of aggravated assault with a screw driver and wounding of his ex-girlfriend, Muteeshe Smith. In court where Middleton was unrepresented, he was read two charges, both to which he pleaded not guilty.

    Bomba farmer on remand for sexual assault upon a minor
    A Bomba resident and farmer is behind bars after he was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on two counts of sexual assault upon an 11-year-old student of Northern Belize. He is 40-year-old Jorge Cerraras. Cerraras was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser for the two sex related offenses. He was unrepresented in court where he pleaded not guilty to both offenses. Allegations are that on two separate occasions in June 2017, he inappropriately touched the minor. The child made a police report in the presence of her mother.

    BPMS workers get bail for drug trafficking
    Two mail couriers for BPMS were busted with 25 pounds of weed just outside Orange Walk on Wednesday, July 12, 2017. The weed, which was in a large rectangular box inside the cargo truck, was, according to police, property of Garcia and Hernandez and not a package that was innocently being delivered. The duo was charged for drug trafficking and were initially denied bail in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court.

    Seven years for theft of a cell phone
    A 22-year-old Belize City man of a Belama address, Wilward Clark, is serving a 7 year sentence handed down on him after he was found guilty of the offense of burglary before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on July 17, 2017. Clark was accused of entering the home of Roy Joseph, a tour guide of Belama, as a trespasser. Clark stole Joseph’s cell phone and was caught red handed by Joseph who was asleep when he heard a noise.

    One month in prison for stealing chair covers
    Kent Vernon, a 44-year-old fisherman of Olivera Street in the Saint Martin de Pores area, Belize City is serving a one month sentence imposed on him after he stole a woman’s chair coverings from off her clothes line. His sentence started Thursday, July 13, 2017 after he appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. Vernon, who is no stranger to the court and who has a list of convictions for crimes of dishonesty, begged the court for leniency but with convictions for theft and handling stolen goods, he could not be spared jail time.

    Child drowns in pit latrine in Maya Mopan , Belmopan
    Another child from Belmopan’s Maya Mopan Area has drowned. On Thursday evening at about 5:00 pm, a nineteen month old baby was playing out in the yard with other children and went unattended for a brief period. Her mother Teresa Teul, who has four other children, was visiting a family member. One of the children then shouted that baby Teresa Coy was in an abandoned ‘toilet hole’ filled with water. The nineteen month old baby was taken out and rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where medics attempted to evacuate the fluids from within her body but the baby had died.

    Benedicto Mendez dies in road traffic accident
    Ernesto Cadle, a 48-year-old Belizean taxi driver of Cowpen Village, reported that about 7 p.m. on July 17, 2017 he was driving his Isuzu Rodeo from the Cowpen Junction to Independence Village. Upon reaching between miles 36 and 37, he knocked down Benedicto Mendez, a 62-year-old Belizean laborer of Cowpen who was travelling ahead in the same direction on a motorcycle. Mendez sustained body injuries and died on the spot.

    Man remanded for molesting 8 year old child
    An 8-year-old child is the latest victim of sexual assault after she reported that a man she knew well assaulted her using his finger to penetrate her private area. Accused of the heinous crime upon the child is 39-year-old Moises Flores, a resident of Holy Emmanuel Street, Belize City. Flores, who was in police custody over the weekend, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Monday, July 17, 2017. He was read a charge of sexual assault of a child by penetration. No plea was taken from Flores who was unrepresented.

    No jail time for man caught with crack cocaine
    A Belize City man who was busted by police with possession of crack cocaine and taken into the police station to be processed claimed that the police placed foil onto the weighing scale so that the crack cocaine which was so little and could not move the scale, be read. That man is Leo Smith, a self employed of Handy Side Street. On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, he was found in possession of 0.2 grams of crack cocaine. Besides the drugs, Smith was additionally charged with allegedly obstructing PC Manuel Caliz while he was executing his duties. Smith allegedly took the cocaine off the scale and threw it to the ground.

    Teacher remanded for unlawful sexual intercourse
    Eric Mazin, a teacher from Mopan Technical High, is on remand at the Hattieville prison. Mazin has been accused of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old female student. San Ignacio police had been investigating for some time and charges have finally been brought against the 24-year-old teacher. He was arraigned on Thursday, July 13, 2017 and remanded.

    Toldeo man charged for murder of Bangladeshi national
    A 23-year-old construction worker from Jordan Village, Toledo was arraigned on Monday, July 17, 2017 for the murder of Bangladeshi national, 29-year-old Abdush Salam. Salam was a businessman who was murdered in his Belize City home on Saturday, July 1, 2017. The man, Juan Roberto Choc, was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser to be read a single charge of murder.

    Tourist knocked down and killed in Stann Creek
    Devin Robert Merrell, 18, an American National, lost his life in a fatal traffic accident in the Stann Creek District. Merrell was riding a rented motorbike when he slammed head-on into a flatbed truck, police say. His injuries were severe, and he died after the crash. It happened on Saturday, July 15, sometime around midday at the junction of the road which leads to the Mayflower Bocawena National Park, and the Southern Highway. Reports to the press are that Merrell and his friend rented the motorbikes from Emma’s Motorbike Rentals in Hopkins.

    Central American U 20 Female Volleyball Championship opens
    he Belize Volleyball Association is playing host to the 2017 Central American U-20 Female championship from July 19-22, 2017. The games will be played at the St. Catherine Academy Multi-Purpose Centre in Belize City. At the time of this writing, the six Central American countries were all in the country thus making it the first time that the championship will have the participation of all seven Central American Countries. By the time we hit the street this morning, Team Belize would have played its first game against Team Honduras.

    Ayannah Smith No-Hit the Belize Bank Bulldogs in city softball competition
    The 2017 Belize City Softball Competition continued on Monday 17th July, at Rogers Stadium with a scheduled game between the defending champions the Belize Bank Bulldogs and Beacon. Beacon still recovering from its extra inning 12-9 loss to the Belize Bank Bulldogs on Friday 14th July, but for unknown reasons, the ghosts of softball past showed up on Monday night when Ayannah Smith hurled the season’s first no-hitter and her first shut-out win against the Belize Bank Bulldogs. Not only it was her first no-hitter of her young career, she also blanked the Belize Bank Bulldogs by the score of 12-0 in 4 innings.

    Digicell continues its mastery of the Belize Bank Bulldogs
    The Belize City Senior Female Softball competition continued on Tuesday 18th July, 2017, at Rogers Stadium with the Belize Bank Bulldogs going up against Digicell. In the game played, Digicell continued its mastery of the defending champions Belize Bank Bulldogs, when it upended it by the score of 16-6 in four innings, handing them its second straight defeat in as many days. The winning pitcher for Digicell was Shayla Dillett and the losing pitcher was Renisha Richards. In the games played so far in this year’s competition, Digicell has won a total of 4 games from the Belize Bank Bulldogs while losing once to it so far.

    Belmopan house fire
    On Thursday July 13, 2017, information was received of a house fire in the Las Flores area in Belmopan where a green cement bungalow house measuring 38’x38’ with zinc roofing was seen engulfed in flames with the fire personnel already on scene. 37-year-old Terry Coleman, a house wife of #13 Maravilla Street, Las Flores Belmopan, reported that she had put in a load of clothes in the washing machine and a load in the gas dryer and went into the kitchen to prepare food. A short while after, she heard a strange sound coming from the wash room and upon checking, she noticed that the entire room was in flames.

    The Belize Bank Awards 16 Scholarships
    The Belize Bank held its 6th Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 where 16 students from across the country were awarded. As a part of the scholarship, 10 of those students will receive full high school funding while 6 will get for sixth form. The 16 also received school supplies and will have access to a tutoring and mentorship program. According to Lyndon Guiseppi, Chairman, mentorship is an integral part of the program and as a result, managers or officers in the districts have been identified as these tutors or mentors.

    COURTS Dare to Dream Scholarship Program
    COURTS is continuing its “Dare to Dream” Scholarship Program. A ceremony was held on July 19, 2017 at the Harry Lawrence Conference Center at the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Belize City. A total of 8 students received scholarships. According to Grisel Carballo, Marketing Officer, they were chosen based primarily on their financial need and then their performance level. The students were awarded four-year scholarships in what COURTS says is their corporate responsibility.

    Ariel Rosado Foundation Awards 46 Scholarships this Year
    The Board of Directors of The Ariel Rosado Foundation, established in January 2012, is celebrating five and a half years of service to Belize and expresses appreciation to all those who made this milestone possible. The Foundation was established to celebrate the life of Ariel Rosado, an outstanding Belizean who died in a road traffic accident at age 28. This year, the secondary school scholarships have been awarded to students from 16 different secondary schools throughout the country. The Foundation is pleased to recognize the Belize Social Security Board, Belize Electricity Limited, UNICOMER (Belize) Ltd, Belize Telecommunications Limited, and the Wet Lizard Restaurant as corporate sponsors.

    House fire in Belize City
    On July 16, 2017 at 3:30 a.m., police visited No. 3168 Supal Street, Belize City where they saw a building engulfed in flames and personnel from the fire Department on the scene. A plywood house measuring about 15ft by 25ft belonging to 24-year-old Devon Sankey, a construction worker, was completely destroyed by the fire. Another house located in the same yard also made of plywood measuring about 20ft by 30ft belonging to 40-year-old Shern Williams received partial damages.

    Sometimes it appears that the local “independent” media is so focused on partisan political issues that it fails to bring larger issues to the attention of the public. The recent headlines were screaming about pedophilia and murder. Regrettably, there was not much deep discussion about permissiveness and deviance. Things that have to do with humans can be better understood if one considers a time line. Time runs continuously; while on the average, individuals live for only about eighty years (that is about 2.7 generations; if the latter is considered to be 30 years).

    Passing On
    There is a local superstition here in OW that when people start passing away in your immediate neighborhood it gets very perilous for the living in that said zone until seven persons (7 being a complete number) have gone to rest . There is no medical evidence supporting that misbelief; but I hold another belief, that when your friends and relatives at or near your age bracket start departing this world it’s time for you to start setting your house in order, so to speak. There have been several losses of life in my neighborhood, but the grim reaper just barely jumped over my house and went his way, praise God.

    Money found growing on trees!
    Belize’s economy has been in recession for more than a year. Our economy is not growing and we are becoming increasingly desperate for solutions. In our quest for a quick fix we often look toward big money foreign investors with big promises of jobs and revenue. But, as we have often seen, many of these projects have damaged our environment, not fulfilled promises of long term jobs and left us with more economic questions than answers. The solution will not be a quick fix. It requires targeted national investment in homegrown industries that takes advantage of our greatest assets, our natural resources.

    It’s yours to spend!
    Imagine you had a bank account that deposited $86,400 at the start of each day, however the account does not allow you to keep a cash balance, and whatever amount you had failed to use gets cancelled at the close of the day. How much would you withdraw from the account each day? Did you say… all of it?! I’d bet you would! You do have such a bank. We all do. But it is loaded with something even more valuable than money. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever time you have failed to use wisely. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft so you can’t borrow against yourself or use more time than you have. Each day, the account starts fresh. If you fail to use the day’s deposits, it’s your loss and you can’t get it back.

    Words of Life
    In the Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 15, Jesus said: “Everything the Father says is also what I say. That is why I said, ‘He (Holy Spirit) will take what I say and tell it to you.’ ” Jesus had a close relationship with our Heavenly Father, and the Father always showed Him everything He was doing. This foreknowledge from God always put Jesus a step ahead of all the things which will happen during the day. He was a step ahead of His critics and enemies because God revealed what was in their minds to Him. He already knew about the problems of the people He was going to meet, and had seen the solutions from the Father.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Ministry of Housing advises public to beware of scam artists
    The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, today, issued a release stating that it has come to the attention of the Ministry that unknown persons have been attempting to scam money from the general public under the pretense that homes have been approved for […]

    US Embassy donates USD $217,000 in supplies to National NEMO Warehouse
    On July 19, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Adrienne Galanek, handed over approximately US $217,000 worth of humanitarian assistance supplies to National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Director, Shelton Defour to replenish disaster relief warehouses (DRW). The ceremony took place at the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) warehouse […]

    Investigate a robbery, Find a body
    By Lisa Shoman: Yesterday, Commissioner of Police and former CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Allan Whylie went to Independence Hill, in a yellow short sleeved shirt. Why was he dressed as a civilian? Commissioner Whylie possesses a uniform. I even have seen him wearing it, […]

    Corozal police bust seven pounds of weed
    According to police reports, yesterday around 3:00 p.m., Corozal police were on mobile patrol on the Philip Goldson Highway in the vicinity of San Pedro village when cops stopped and searched 34-year-old Albert Humes of Altamira area, Corozal town and 19-year-old Shanice Humes […]

    Bandits make off with $1,800 in highway robbery
    Ernesto Blanco, 42, a truck driver for Lucas Gas station of Bella Vista village, Toledo reported that on Tuesday morning he was in the vicinity of Monkey River village driving a butane truck accompanied by his co-worker Winder Paredez when two men came out […]

    Police investigating fake $100 bill paid to BEL
    Yesterday around 11:30 a.m., 21-year-old Ari Smith, a cashier at Belize Electricity Limited, Belize City reported that on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. while working, a man approached the counter to pay an electricity bill for the sum of $225. The man handed the amount […]

    ComPol on why police have not investigated Immigration scandal
    At yesterday’s senate hearings, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie was asked about the reason the police department is not carrying out an investigation into the irregularities revealed by the Auditor General in her special report on the Immigration Department. Whylie’ssaid he was waiting until […]

    New May Pen bridge inaugurated
    A new bridge on the access road to May Pen Village in Belize Rural North was inaugurated yesterday, July 19. The bridge, a one-lane foundation structure, is the result of a donation from United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) and an investment of $256,000 by […]

    Florida businessman headed to jail for tax evasion scheme involving Heritage Bank
    A Florida businessman will spend over four years in prison for several tax evasion and fraud schemes, one of which involving Heritage Bank in Belize. According to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), 48-year-old Casey Padula of Port Charlotte will spend a total […]

    Newborn thrown away in Belize City canal
    Reports to BBN indicate that an infant child was discovered wrapped in a plastic bag in the canal near South Street in Belize City a short time ago. Initial reports had indicated the baby was a fetus, however, reports suggest the child may have […]

    Woman dies in fatal traffic accident in Seine Bight Village
    BBN has confirmed that a woman died in a fatal traffic accident in Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek District. According to reports, the driver of a vehicle lost control and hit the woman who waiting for the bus. The woman died on the spot […]

    Zabaneh fights US sanction over El Chapo connection
    Belizean businessman John Zabaneh is challenging a sanction imposed by the United States Treasury Department, over an alleged connection to Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Zabaneh, represented by US lawyer Erich Ferrari, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in D.C. Federal Court. The US […]


    Pool and Snacks at Costa Blu Resort on North Ambergris Caye
    When I first arrived on Ambergris Caye over 10 years ago, there was a large, all-inclusive dive resort way up north that seemed SO far away… 6 miles north of San Pedro town, before there was a road, was Costa Maya Dive Resort. It closed down soon after I moved here – and my first stop there was 2013. Pretty much abandoned. A few years ago, Sandy Points Resorts took over. They own/manage a bunch of resorts on the island – some of my favorites, in fact. And they did a beautiful job rebuilding and reviving… And now there is a road, a paved road for 4 miles and then a decent packed road for about 5 more… The resort is called Costa Blu Resort – and it has one of the biggest beach fronts on the island. Beach front right on the Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve – one of the prettiest stretches of reef and water off Ambergris Caye. Yesterday, with a break in the cloudy weather, I stopped in for a snack and a look around…

    International Sourcesizz

    US businessman with Caribbean offshore accounts jailed for conspiring to commit tax, bank fraud
    US Businessman is said to have concealed approximately $2.5 Million in Secret Belize Accounts... The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) says a Florida businessman with offshore accounts in Belize and the Cayman Islands has been sentenced to 57 months in prison for conspiring to commit tax and bank fraud. According to documents filed with the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Casey Padula, 48, of Port Charlotte, was the sole shareholder of Demandblox, Inc, a marketing and information technology business. The documents say Padula conspired with others to move funds for his benefit from Demandblox to offshore accounts in Belize and disguised these transfers as business expenses in Demandblox's corporate records.

    Charlotte couple writes children's books in Belize
    It was a big mail day. Carton full of children’s books. When I looked up the link attached inside the box, I got it... The books are written and illustrated by Lisa Cryier and her husband Ronnie who both used to live in Charlotte. Their website says they grew tired of the “rat race.” “We decided it was time for a major life change,” Cryier said. “We wanted to slow down, travel more and start living our lives.” So, the couple worked hard to save money and sold everything they owned in 2014. The couple then moved to Belize.


  • SARSTOON RACE AD 2017, 1.5min.

  • Social Investment Fund Takes A Tour of Southern Belize, 5min. Recognizing the critical role that Belize Social Investment Fund plays in the country’s national development; Hon Erwin Contreras, Minister with responsibility for SIF, embarked on a national tour of SIF projects.

  • Attorney General Discusses Anti-Corruption Convention, 8min. Belize has charted its way ahead to ensure its compliance as a state party to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and recently, Belize’s Attorney General sat with our Belize Now Team to discuss our progress thus far.

  • Attorney General Discusses Anti-Corruption Convention, 8min. Belize has charted its way ahead to ensure its compliance as a state party to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and recently, Belize’s Attorney General sat with our Belize Now Team to discuss our progress thus far.

  • Belize 2017, 8min.

  • El Salvador vs Belize ( U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship), 2hr20min. U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship Live From SCA Multipurpose Center, Belize City.

  • Costa Rica vs Belize ( U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship ), 2hr. U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship Live From SCA Multipurpose Center, Belize. Yesterday we witnessed a thrilling game between Costa Rica and Belize. Costa Rica was the 2016 Champions. Our girls put up a valient fight. It took Costa Rica five games to win the set. The most thrilling game came in the fourth of the five games. City.

  • Belize vacation, 10min.

  • Waterfront Development of the Yarborough Green, 12min. Final public consultation for the Yarborough Waterfront Development Project going on now at the Belize City House Of Culture.

  • The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA), 35min.

  • Child Development Foundation (CDF), 37min.

  • The Warriors FC players returned from the Rush Fest Soccer Camp held in Colorado Springs., 23min.

  • The new Belize City Civic Center is taking shape, 1min. This multi-purpose mega facility will boast: - An air-conditioned interior with a seating capacity of 4,500 - A FIBA certified wooden main court and three practice courts - Offices, media boxes and multiple locker-rooms - Another basketball court with 24-hour access to the public - Parking for 200 vehicles This $33 million investment highlights a new era of world class sporting infrastructure for the entire country of Belize.

  • Island life is for the birds…, 1/2min. Watching the birds play in the surf on Hatchet Caye, Belize.

  • I could watch this all day…, 2min. View from Hatchet Caye in Belize

  • Belize 2017, 12min.

  • Costa Rica vs Belize ( U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship ), 2hr20min. U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship Live From SCA Multipurpose Center, Belize City.

  • Belize Vacation Tuesday in Town, 7min. Our vacation rental is in town. We are only blocks away from the town of Placencia. We enjoy going into town. There are a few businesses owned by Americans that have transplanted. We enjoy buying from the locals. I needed a part for my GoPro handle. I was able to find the screw I needed and then a local welding shop to make me a new knob. Darren our local friend works at Chabil Mar which is the resort we have stayed in the past. He met us for lunch. Overall we enjoy easy going days shopping in town. Watch and enjoy.

  • Sharks at 60 Feet, Belize, 2.5min.

  • Belize Vacation Snorkeling 2017, 5.5min. After some fishing we went to a couple of shallow reefs for some snorkeling. We also hoped to find a few spiny lobsters. We did not have any luck finding lobsters even though it is lobster season. We did however find some large crab. Weston and Brian harvested several.

  • , 4min. We went out with our favorite fishing guide in Placencia which is Grayson Sierra. Grayson takes us trolling, snorkeling, crab, and lobster fishing. A day of what ever we want to do on the water and t the same time putting us on the fish. We did stay inside the reef until the water calms down.

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