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September 30, 2017


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The San Pedro Sun

Conservationist’s call out Minister of Foreign Affairs, comments against offshore oil drilling moratorium
“We can’t pay for hospitals, we can’t pay for education, we can’t pay for schools, but yet we aren’t supposed to touch the petroleum. We can’t even find out what is there because the attitude is ‘don’t touch it’. I don’t know why it is being left there. History has shown that you can exploit petroleum and do it quite properly, but we are not even to find out what we have because somehow that is going to hurt us, that is going to destroy the reef. In this day and age, we have to think for ourselves. That worries me, because if we are starving, it is content for us to starve, so as to ensure that fish are there, that the manatees are going to survive, while the humans are dying. I can’t rationalize it.” Those were the words of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington on Monday, September 18th, while addressing students and lecturers at the University of Belize. He expressed his disagreement on the offshore oil moratorium as he discussed the issues of Belize’s security threats. In his words, Elrington believes that some Belizeans would prefer to save marine life, over their own people.

Ambergris Caye Actors debut at ‘Torch’ Film Premiere in California, USA
Ambergris Caye will once again be represented in the international arena, thanks to the acting talents of two well-known San Pedranos. Featured in the pilot episode of La Isla Bonita Telenovela (Soap Opera), Horacio Guerrero and Shelley Huber will now appear on the big screen in Christopher Coppola’s film ‘Torch,’ set to premiere on Sunday, October 8 th at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco, California USA. A good portion of the film was shot in the jungles of southern Belize during the summer of 2015, where the islanders, among other talented Belizeans, landed several supporting roles. While the production also features an international cast, such as Debra Cara Ungar, Vincent Spano and John Savage among others, Belizean actors were given the opportunity to fill in supporting roles. For Huber, of San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye, it was a monumental achievement and a great privilege to represent her hometown and Belize in this prestigious production. She shared with The San Pedro Sun that she loves acting, and will continue working hard to do what she loves to do. Huber plays the role of Eleuia, a Maya lady very close to Clara.

Open autopsies and biomedical waste burning has Ambergris Caye residents highly concerned
Residents in southern Ambergris Caye remain concerned at the manner in which biomedical waste continues to be disposed on the island. Now, the alarm has risen over the fact that unknown to them, open-air postmortem examinations are being done near the cemetery in the same vicinity. After this grisly discovery, residents now call on the local authorities to address the issue as soon as possible. The other main concern is the open air autopsies that have been witnessed by the nearby neighbourhood. The waste from those autopsies is burned in an open fire and the rest buried. According to health standards, medical waste should be incinerated. An incinerator would generate the required temperature of over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to destroy any toxins and other hazardous substances that may survive the heat of an open fire which burns between 500 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Residents believe that authorities on the island can arrange for the acquisition of such equipment without much difficulty.

Misc Belizean Sources


Ocean Academy cleanup
Ocean Academy students and teachers cleaned up Caye Caulker's beach trail, parks and trash hot spots. Tourists and community members joined the effort. Once the Caye Caulker total trash collection is tallied we will post the data results. Well done Caye Caulker youth!

This classic and historical photograph of the 1974 Belize basketball team that competed in the Central American & Caribbean Games in Santo Domingo along with the "Golden Girls" of Belizean softball that won Belize's first ever gold medal in history at that tournament in 1974, comes through the generous courtesy of the legendary Belizean basketball athlete, Marion Usher. But if it was not for "Belizean Legends" most supportive consultant and legendary athlete, Beverly "Bunny" Rhamdas, it would not have even be possible. We here at this documentary series have championed more than all other the triumph of sports in Belize through the world class performance of Belize's women in softball in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and have not realized that Belize did enter an outstanding basketball team in the same games that same year that its women made international sports history winning a gold medal for Belize. If we look at the caliber of basketball athletes here, we immediately realized that these were the best in Belize at the time, and truly made up a solid Belizean basketball national team.

There are so many stories that the late legendary Belizean goalkeeper, Rupert "Canalayte" Anderson told me about his most famous defensive football player, Russel "Cheesy" Hulse. Hulse who became one of Belize's most respected football players of the 1960s and 70s Belize football greatness continued to play some incredible football after his emigration from Belize. The Belizean football defensive player earned himself a soccer scholarship from Los Angeles Trade Technical Junior College in Los Angeles, California where he attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He also played on many Belizean local football teams in the Los Angeles Belizean Community.

The classic long overdue history of Belizean musicians past and present finally came through Tony Wright's touching rendition in narratives of Belize's most celebrated musical artists and musicians of all times in the book, "Belize Musicians past and present". It's been recently since yours truly luckily got a copy, earlier than was expected, through the kind efforts of my cousin, Elena Babb, who purchased it and sent it through my sister who had just returned back to Los Angeles from Belize for the September celebrations. Browsing through it almost immediately, the colorful photos of some of my favorite Belizean artists, bands, and musicians made me smile and brought me back to the days of my teenage musical explorations in Belize when receiving a top vinyl album through the Belize post office of one of my favorite musical artists or bands from the States. Tony's acclaim book of Belize's musical best touched my heart as the copy touched my hands. Fresh off the press in Belize, the work pulled me deeply in a solitude moment of one automatic reading of every story page by page. In reflecting on its content, Wright had produced a masterpiece of Belizean musical anthology that will be the best Belize will ever see from a homegrown Belizean social revolutionary in a long time.

In its ongoing efforts to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework in Belize, the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”) formally announces an immediate six-month moratorium (“moratorium period”) on the granting of new licences in Trading in Financial and Commodity-based Derivative Instruments and Other Securities (“No 7 Licence”). This moratorium is subject to extension, should the IFSC determine that is necessary. No licence applications will be considered or licences granted during the moratorium period. This moratorium applies only to this category of licence issued by the IFSC. The IFSC also announces a new compliance programme for licensees holding the No. 7 Licence. With immediate effect, all licensees holding a No. 7 Licence are required to complete a “Declaration of Compliance” (“the Declaration”) certifying to the IFSC that the relevant licensee has operated and continue to operate within the Standard Conditions of the Licence for Trading in Securities.

Chef Jennie at See & Taste Belize
See & Taste Belize returns Chef Jennie from Elvis Kitchen by popular demand preparing Belize's traditional "Spanish" and Creole cuisine with a twist such as her delectable Pork Tacos, Conch Ceviche and Rice & Beans with Stewed Chicken!

Tropic Air Customer Appreciation Day
Hey Caye Caulker Residents! You are invited to our Customer Appreciation Day at our terminal at the airstrip in Caye Caulker on Saturday, September 30th, from 8AM to 5PM. Stop by and say hi.

Un Gran Anuncio
Nuestra Reina de Miss Estereo Amor Belice, Joannie Cantun, representará a todo el país de Belice como Miss América Latina Belice en Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca, México el Sábado 7 de Octubre. Ella dejará Belice el sábado 30 de Septiembre y ha expresado lo orgullosa que está de representar a Belice y espera poder mostrar a Belice en este concurso internacional.

Sharks and Rays management and conservation initiatives in Belize
The Belize Fisheries Department in partnership with the Florida International University, the Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit and with the support of the Central American Fisheries and Aquaculture Organization (OSPESCA) is pleased to announce some recent and significant achievements pertaining to the Sharks and Rays management and conservation initiatives in Belize. 1. A National Shark Working Group (NSWG) that was first established in 2012 was reactivated in 2016 and was given the responsibility for the revision and updating of the National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks (NPOA – Sharks). The updated NPOA – Sharks now provides the framework for management of the domestic small-scale shark fishery that operates in our territorial waters and for the Belize-flagged fishing vessels that operate in the high seas (international waters).

Buckets of Herbs removed from the streets
San Ignacio Police conducted a Pre-dawn operation between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. on the 29.09.2017 comprising of members from ; QRT, SB, and the K9 unit. As a result officers intercepted a blue Nissan car on Maya Street in San Ignacio Town, after observing occupants of the car throwing a black bag through the window of the car. The bag was retrieved and contained 675 grams of cannabis. 34 year old Patrick Gordon and 28 year old Darren Lanza 28 of #50 George Price Highway were in the car. Both men were arrested and charged with drug trafficking

"25 Acts of Green" - ACT 2:
Distribution of reusable bags and promotion of "3Rs" on market day in San Ignacio. Take a bag everywhere you shop, reduce pollution and make Belize clean again!!

Channel 7

Butcher Lured To His Death on Valley Road
There are two murders to report to night, and in an unusual coincidence, both victims are butchers who died in separate shooting incidents, in separate parts of the country. We start first with the murder of 46 year-old Luis Sierra, who was shot and killed in the Valley Community yesterday, on a property located at mile 18 on the Hummingbird Highway. He went to a farm with his side-man, 30 year-old Ramon Teck, to speak with the owner. They had been discussing business over the course of several weeks. Sierra intended to buy cattle from this man, who is now a suspect in his murder. He went to the man's farm to inspect these cattle for himself, to make sure that he was getting value for money. But in the middle of the inspection, at around 2:00 in the afternoon, a gunman came charging out of the bush, as if he was waiting for the right opportunity, and shot Sierra in the abdomen.

Another Butcher Cut Down
So while that butcher was killed when he was going to look for some cattle in the Stann Creek District, another was killed while going to his farm here in the Belize District. This morning at 5:45, 62 year old Marcel Samuels and his wife got off the bus at mile 19 and a half on the George Price Highway to walk into their cattle farm which is in the Butcher Burns area. When they were about half a mile down the road, a pair of men on motorbike pulled up - and one of them shot Samuels in the head. After that they hit his wife in her head with a machete - but she escaped without serious injury.

Charged for Chow Mein Shenanigans
The police corporal who allegedly refused to pay for a chicken chow mein at New Asia Restaurant on Tuesday night and instead pulled his gun on the restaurant owners, a patron, and the security guard went to court today. 39 year old Steven Parham was charged with aggravated assault and discharging a firearm in public when he appeared today before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. Parham who was in Belize City for training in the GREAT program is attached to the San Ignacio police station. He pled not guilty to the charges but because it is a firearm offence, he was remanded into custody until November 22.

Chinese Stage Sunday Shutdown In Silent Protest
A shockwave went through the Chinese Community on Monday night when 58 year-old Bainan Wu, was killed inside his store on Vernon Street in Belize City. It was the first Chinese shopkeeper to be killed in Belize City in more than 4 years, but with a recent spike on armed assaults on Chinese Grocers, sadly, it was only a matter of time. And so, on Sunday the Chinese community has planned a nationwide shutdown of all Chinese businesses. Today, President of the Belize Chinese Association Edmund Quan says it's not a protest as much as an act of mourning:

Terrifying Videos of Hold-Ups Incense Chinese Community
Now, as we noted, there has been a spike in armed assaults on Chinese storekeepers recently - especially in the Lake Independence area. Two security videos circulated recently show armed holdups of Chinese businesses. Two men are seen brandishing weapons at storekeepers, the first on Santa Barbara Street, and the second at the corner of Causarina and Poinsettia Street - which are close to each other - and the scene of Monday nights murder of Bainan Wu is right between those two stores. The images are truly terrifying - and Quan said they have asked police to do more:...

Cops Questioned Over Queen Square Ruction
Last night we told you about the uproar in North Creek Alley where residents say that police stormed in and roughed them up. Well, the police have a very different version of events. They say that 2 residents aggressed them. Members of the Special Branch and Special Assignment Team say that they were on Armadillo Street searching for drugs and firearms in an open lot when they saw 2 men leaving the area. Police approached the 2 men to search them but one of the men Delbert Palacio allegedly started to curse the officer. The other man allegedly tried to aggress the officer and protect Palacio.

Another Queue At Corozal Crossing
Earlier this week, we showed you those extended lines of vehicles on the Belize side of the northern border which were noticed on Friday September 22nd. And this afternoon - one week later, the queue was long again - stretching for a least a mile unto the Northern Highway. Earlier this week, the Director of Immigration Diana Locke told us there are 25 staff members there, with 1 on maternity leave. She said she is working on getting more staff for that station, but staff isn't what's causing the lines. According to Director Locke, the delay was caused by computers at the booth being down and the staff had to operate manually. That was on September 22nd - we haven't gotten an answer yet as to what caused today's lines. Director Locke told us she is hoping to get everything in order for the 12th October holiday weekend!

Money Changer Robbed
Police are reporting tonight that Belizean money exchanger from Corozal was beaten up and robbed of several thousand dollars. It happened at around 5:00 yesterday morning at his home in Ranchito Village. He was inside his vehicle, parked in front of his house, and that's when 3 men popped up and demanded money from him. He told them that he didn't have any, but they didn't believe him. The 3 men then put a beatdown on him, and then robbed him of almost 13 thousand dollars in Mexican Pesos and Belizean currency.

CARSI Divvies Up Donations
The US Embassy donated a total of $1.75 million US dollars in grants to 5 organizations today. It is part of the embassy's Central America Regional Security Initiative known as CARSI. This donation will advance many of the organizations' existing programs and help to start up others. A ceremony was held today at the embassy in Belmopan and Charge d Affaires Adrianne Galanek along with the grant recipients told us more about the significance of this donation. Adrianne Galanek, Charge d'Affaires - US Embassy: "Today we signed 6 different grants to support civil society for their work with the Government and the people of Belize in the areas of mutual support and mutual interest." "The Central America Regional Security Initiative or CARSI funds different initiatives to advance citizen security, democracy in governments and economic prosperity in mutual work and support of the Government and people of Belize as well as other governments in the region so in Belize these grants focus on working with civil society and government on mutually agreed upon goals."

Open House Antidote For Visa Phobia?
But the grant ceremony wasn't the only event at the US Embassy today. They held their first ever Consular Open House. Now many Belizeans are all too familiar with the formalities and strict rules at the US Embassy. Not to mention the intimidating security glass separating the visa applicant and the officer and the anxiety that takes you over when sitting in the waiting area - waiting patiently for your visa to be approved. Well that atmosphere was completely different today - the Consular office was transformed into a cocktail room with the consular/visa officers mingling with guests. We were not allowed to get footage of the open house but we got to speak to the consular chief Yomaris Macdonald. She told us more about the open house and gave us more insight into the visa application process.

Mahogany Mover Made To Pay
Earlier this week, we told you about the trunkful of illegally harvested Mahogany logs that police caught on the Old Northern Highway. Well, the Forestry Department has successfully prosecuted the man responsible for those logs. He is 47 year-old Pablo Valladarez, from Guinea Grass in the Orange Walk District. He now has to pay a fine of $22,838. A joint team of police and forestry officers intercepted him and 3 others on last week Sunday, September 24th.

Buckets Of Weed In Western Bust
This morning before dawn, San Ignacio Police went on an early morning operation with the K-9 unit. They intercepted a Nissan on Maya Street in San Ignacio Town, where the driver threw out a black bag with one and a half pounds of weed. 34 year old Patrick Gordon and 28 year old Darren Lanza were inside the car and they were charged with drug trafficking. Additionally, that same police team found three buckets of weed on the Macal Riverside in Santa Elena town. The weed weighed 22 and a half pounds.

Students Ready to Rumble, Ministry Says Go Right Ahead
While there are many questions about the Kelvin Usher saga, one thing that's not being questioned, is that there is a portion of the student body at SJCJC which is ready to mobilize in protest against what they see as an uncaring police department and government. Only days to come will tell if it proves to be a real headache for the government - but today, the Chief Education Officer said that - as a matter of principle - they encourage independent thinking and critical thought:...

GOB Contracting Judges To Help Out Embattled CJ
And while students were ready to march for Kelvin before and after he re-appeared, the Bar Association is also engaged and ready to take it to the wire with the Chief Justice. They say if he can't keep to a strict timeline in delivering long delayed judgements he should be removed for "misbehaviour in office." Yesterday the Prime Minster said that the government is paying for help to have those judgments delivered on time:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "So where the Chief Justice has agreed to accept assistance from two retired judges from the Caribbean, these are persons found by Sir Dennis Byron, the president of the CCJ, assistance that we have to pay for, of course..."

PM Praises College Buddy's Credentials As Appeals Judge
And while the Bar association is scolding the head of the judiciary with one hand, it also scolded the head of the executive, the Prime Minister with the other. The Bar isn't happy with the Prime Minister's choice for a new Justice of Appeal, Franz Parke. The Bar says he is not qualified and does not meet the requirements for appointment set out under the constitution. The Prime Minister - who is an old college buddy of Parke's - says that the Bar is wrong, and Parke suits the bill just fine:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "I understand the basis for the objection; I really don't agree with it. Let me explain. Mr. Park, who was a classmate of mine, extremely bright, came to law after he had already qualified as an accountant, he had a bachelor's degree in accounting. He did law the same time I did, graduated the same time I did, practiced in Jamaica for five years, where he is from, then he moved to the states where he got yet another qualification."

Referendum Revolving Door
One other item coming out of yesterday's press conference is the date for the Belize - Guatemala referendum on the ICJ. Guatemala will hold their one first, and there and been suggestions that it would happen before the end of 2017. But, that won't happen - and Foreign Minister Elrington gave the media the updated, ever-moving timeline:... Reporter: "The Guatemalan's won't be holding their referendum until sometime next year. Can you give us any official information since you are the minister responsible for Foreign Affairs?" Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs: "No, I can't add anything to that. The suggestion is that they won't be doing it until February."

BNE Trust Lighting the Way At Lady Of The Way
In April we told you about the arson at the principal's office at Lady of the Way RC School in Ladyville. They lost a whole lot of key office equipment, amounting to over thirty thousand dollars including computers, photocopiers, and files. The BNE Charitable Trust heard the principal's pleas for help and came in today with a donation of equipment. John August told us more:...

Scotia Donates to Literacy Program
Keeping it on donations, SCOATIABANK today gave three computer systems to the Ministry of Education. Its part of ongoing support for a National Literacy program which the Chief Education Officer and the Bank's country manager told us more about:

Housing Sector Systemic Failure?
And since we rarely get to talk to Bank Managers, the media also asked about all this property foreclosures that take up so many pages of the newspapers every week. It's heartbreaking and clearly suggestive of deeper problems in the housing sector - but Shaw said that form the perspective of Scotiabank - those are in the past:... Michael Shaw, Managing Director, Scotia Bank: "The truth is that those houses that are up for sale, we are not seeing that level of default currently. What you are seeing is I would say house that maybe in the market for maybe greater than 5 years, that have now gone through the auction state. What I would want to assure you is that our stance on it..."

Women Bringing Power to Toledo
Last week Friday we showed you how rural electrification worked in rural Stann Creek - adding life and power to the banana farming community of Cowpen. But, for villagers in the remote Santa Elena village in the Toledo District - rural electrification is a far off dream. The village has been in existence for 80 years, and they have never had power. That's why they have to go solar, and women will lead the way. Today, Miriam and Cristina Choc from Santa Elena left to the Barefoot University in India for six months training in solar repairs and installation. They got a grant from the Global Environment Fund and Mark Miller, the executive director "Plenty" the local NGO which applied for the grant. He spoke to Will Maheia about the mission:

From Calcutta to CANTO
Jo-elisa Clark is another female who's excelled at a non-traditional pursuit. In June she won the 11th CANTO WTISD regional video competition. She's from Calcutta Village in the Corozal District and on Wednesday night she took center stage at the BTL AGM where she was asked to talk about her winning video: Her prizes included a trip to the 33^rd Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for two; $1000 US in cash and a tablet.

The Telephone Times They Are-A-Changin'
And Jo-elisa Clarke is one of the youths in a changing telecommunications landscape who rarely use direct calls on cell phones or text messages - they use data to communicate. At that same AGM, BTL;s CEO discussed this changing telecommunications landscape: Rochus Schreiber, BTL CEO: "The world has changed. The way our business runs is different than it was before. 10 years ago if anyone's phone here rang, beeped or made any type of sound, we knew with 100% certainty that one of two companies was making money. It was either us or SMART. Now, 10 years alter, if you look at your SMART phone and you look at the history of transactions for one day..."

Channel 5

After Son’s Return, Cameron Usher Sr. ‘Goes Off’ on Police
It’s more than twenty-four hours since seventeen-year-old Kelvin Usher emerged from the bushes near Lucky Strike where he went missing and returned to his family in the city.  While Belizeans [...]

A Hero’s Welcome at Vigil Turned Celebration
To the cynical, the events of Thursday and indeed this entire week seem to have played out like the most sugary movie script this side of the Hallmark Channel or [...]

G.S.U. Officer’s ‘Friend’ Provided Tip on Marijuana Plantation
Another major question being posed in the aftermath of Kelvin Usher’s disappearance and return is what business did the Gang Suppression Unit have in Lucky Strike on Sunday? It’s very [...]

Marcel Samuels Shot Dead in Butcher Burns
A well known butcher and jeweler was executed this morning as he went to his farm in the area of a favorite swimming spot, Butcher Burns. Sixty-two-year-old Marcel Samuels was [...]

Luis Sierra Lured to Death Near Valley Community
There is another fatal shooting in which two suspects have reportedly been detained.  The shooting incident turned apparent murder occurred outside of Valley Community on the Hummingbird Highway. Dead is [...]

Another Chinese Shutdown on Sunday
There will be a country-wide shut down of the Chinese community on Sunday, October first so get your groceries and boledo before then. Chinese businesses will close its doors in [...]

P.M. Says No Spark for Further Protests
The Kelvin Usher story appears to be over for now. But prior to his safe recovery, tension on the streets had ratcheted up considerably. Students from Saint John’s College Junior [...]

Man Charged for Assaulting Sp. Assignment Officer
On Thursday we reported on a video that shows a man and a police officer engaged in a physical altercation. Well, that man has since been charged with a slew [...]

Cop in Court for New Asia Assault
Also in court this morning, Santa Elena resident Steven Parham, a Corporal of Police, was arraigned for discharging his firearm in a public place and for the aggravated assault upon [...]

Corozal Money Changer, Shortchanged by Burglars
A money exchanger from Ranchito, Corozal District got robbed and beaten near his home on Thursday morning. Sixty-three-year-old Everaldo Magaña was inside his vehicle in front of his residence in [...]

Big Fines for Illegal Logs in Orange Walk
Earlier this week, we reported on the interception of four men from Orange Walk who were found in possession of illegally harvested mahogany logs. The Forest Department says that on [...]

School to Stay Open Despite Pink Eye Threat
On Thursday, News Five received information that a school in Ladyville had been affected by the ongoing outbreak of conjunctivitis, commonly known as “pink eye.” The viral or bacterial infection [...]

Progress Brings Problems with New School Curricula
Since 2007, the Ministry of Education has been rolling out revised curriculum for schools to reflect on the changing knowledge in the various subject areas, including health and science, mathematics, [...]

Scotiabank Avoided Problems with Correspondent Banking
The International Monetary Fund in its latest country report noted that Belize remains affected by issues with correspondent banking. The IMF cites the withdrawal of correspondent banking relationships and low [...]

Mortgaged Houses a ‘Legacy’ of Economic Problems
A sign that the economy is sluggish can be seen by a flip of the pages of local newspapers. Weekly, there are long lists of houses and properties on the [...]

Scotiabank Donates to Ministry of Education
Scotia Bank Belize is supporting efforts to promote literacy among the population. Today, the bank handed over a set of computers as well as a cheque to the Ministry of [...]

SAGICOR Walk/Run to Benefit Healthy Lifestyles
It is not intended to be competitive but the five-kilometer walk and run organized by SAGICOR insurance in Belize City on Saturday evening is intended to be both fun and [...]


Man loses toe in traffic accident
A traffic accident on Wednesday evening left 42 year old Bryan Vasquez and 23 year old Jose Rivera with injuries. Fem Cruz has the details. Fem Cruz, Love FM “Two persons are hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan following a two motorcycle collision. Love News understands 42 year old Brian Vasquez a special […]

Miss Estereo Amor 2017 departs for Mexico to represent Belize
Miss Estereo Amor, Joanni Cantun, will participate in an international pageant next week. The pageant is Miss America Latina del Mundo and will take place in Mexico. Cantun spoke to Love News. Joanni Cantun – Miss Estereo Amor “It takes a lot of preparation because we have to take into consideration that it’s an international […]

Police give to Senior Citizen
Personnel of Toledo Police Formation presented a food hamper yesterday to an elderly inhabitant of Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung reports. Paul Mahung, Love FM On behalf of Toledo Police Formation the presentation of the food hamper was done by Punta Gorda Community Policing Unit personnel PC McKenzie Cal. PC McKenzie Cal “It is that time […]

Police Officer’s misconduct lands him in prison
A police corporal, one of three officers who refused to pay for chow mein they got from New Asia Restaurant, was charged with aggravated assault and discharging a firearm in public when he appeared today before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. He is 39 year old Steven Parham who is attached to San Ignacio Police Station. Parham […]


2017 pink-eye cases already exceed last year’s tally
This week has seen an escalation of new cases of conjunctivitis, commonly known as “pink eye,” with 696 cases having been reported since this week began. Last week, a total of 872 cases were reported, following an initial spike of over 100 cases reported since September 10th. National Epidemiologist Dr. Ethan Gough told Amandala that while last year, Belize recorded 3,190 cases of pink eye, already for 2017, they have documented 3,958 cases – well in excess of last year’s tally. He went on to say that almost half of those cases were reported between September 10 and today. “This is definitely unusual,” said Gough. He told us that the mass gatherings held during September could have helped to drive the spread of conjunctivitis more quickly.

BTL to pay out $9.4 million in dividends
Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) held its annual general meeting last night. At the meeting, the company declared that it would pay dividends of 19 cents per share, for a total payout of $9.4 million, of which the Government of Belize, the largest shareholder, is to receive roughly $5 million. This was reported to us by BTL’s Chief Financial Officer, Ivan Tesecum, who said that the dividend payout amounts to roughly 46% of net income. He said that last year, the company paid 28 cents per share or $13.8 million. The company will begin to make the dividend payments for the last financial year, ending March 2017, on October 16, Tesecum said.

Even taxi drivers are hustling off Immigration Department!
UDP political personalities, including sitting ministers, have all been documented in the special audit of the Immigration Department for their far reaching and unlawful interference in the work of the Immigration Department. During today’s sitting of the Senate Select Committee, Director of the Immigration Department, Diana Locke, who appeared cool on the stand, revealed that cab drivers were also involved in the “grab tub” hustling so embarrassingly prevalent in the department.

Kelvin Usher, 17, found alive
This morning, family members of Kelvin Usher were preparing to embark on another day of search for the missing 17-year-old, who disappeared in the bushes around Lucky Strike on Sunday after he fled when Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) police raided a marijuana plantation on which he and his father had been seen, when social media began buzzing with the good news that the St. John’s College Junior College (SJCJC) economics major was found alive. Shortly after 8:00 a.m., Usher’s mother, Karima Williams, 40, began receiving calls on her cell phone from people wanting to know if it was true that Kelvin had been found somewhere in the vicinity of Mile 41, in Santa Martha Village on the Old Northern Highway.

Ex-UDP ministers still hustling at Immigration Department
The special audit of the Immigration Department has named thirteen past and current UDP Cabinet ministers for their intervention in the works of the Immigration Department for the period 2011-2013. Those interventions might have led to money launderers, human traffickers, international criminals and other unqualified persons receiving Belizean passports and visas. Although the audit has been aired publicly, with all its unsavory revelations, it appears that past UDP ministers, amazingly, continue to frequent, and intervene in the services the department offers, with one minister in particular reportedly spending nearly as much time at the department as regular employees.

Michelle Trapp sworn in as magistrate
Attorney Michelle Trapp was sworn in today as a magistrate by the Chief Justice, Hon. Kenneth Benjamin, in a short ceremony that was held in his chamber. She said she doesn’t as yet know where she will be assigned, but her appointment comes at a time when the court is short of magistrates. Before her appointment, she worked as a Crown Counsel for the Legal Advice and Services Center, aka, “Legal Aid”, for about 4 years. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in International Human Rights Practice in York, England, which is being financed through a Chevening scholarship, she obtained from the British High Commissioner.

“In the Paint” – Interoffice Basketball
After being held by the Belize Bank Bulldogs to just 34% from the field on 25-of-74 shooting last Friday night in game 1 of the 2017 Interoffice Basketball Championship series, and eventually losing by the final score of 87-72, the Dragons, fortunately, were able to regroup quickly and bounce back on Saturday night with the huge 86-73 win, thus sending the series to a third and decisive game tonight at Swift Hall Auditorium in the St. Martin De Porres area. The third and decisive game is now set for tonight, as the Bulldogs seek the three-peat championship, while the Dragons look to record their first such championship.

Dangriga sports stats
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) 1st Division Cup Tournament kicks off this weekend at the Carl Ramos Stadium. There 12 teams set for this tournament, and they are divided into two groups of 6 teams each as follows: Group A – Ecumenical High; Delille Jaguars; Hope Creek Pumas; Hopkins Black Lyons; Dangriga Young Footballers Academy (DYFA); Pomona Warriors. Group B – Silk Grass Warriors; Wagiya; South Side Warriors; Conquerors; BDF Delta Devils; Bowen & Bowen Land Sharks.

Bom, a few troubles
There have been some troubling days lately for former football star goalkeeper, Wayne “Bom” Jones, who has had a number of visits and short stays at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Bom is one of the Majestic Alley fire victims earlier this year, who were relocated by the Human Services Department to an upstairs dwelling on Handyside Street. But in his weakened state, Bom, an HIV survivor, has been having great difficulty climbing the stairs; and on some days he also needs home care. Despite some good treatment by KHMH staff last week, Bom was discharged when they deemed he was well enough, KHMH now being an emergency hospital.

Belize City football is on the rise
It’s been a long time coming, and finally, thanks to the CYDP sponsors, First Division football has returned to the MCC Grounds. It’s an interesting mix of old and new talent, where some wily veterans, with past semipro football experience, get to rub elbows with some bright young talents just breaking into their own, after developing their skills and confidence at the Smart 13 & Under Mundialito for a few years, followed by the brief Under 15 and Under 17 tournaments hosted by the Belize District Football Association (BDFA). Some of the familiar names from the Smart 13 & Under that are already surfacing in the scoring columns of the just commenced CYDP Peace Cup include Dion Cacho, Tyrique Muschamp and Orlando Velasquez, although Velasquez was barred, due to being a few weeks overage, from participating in the inaugural Smart Mundialito a few years ago.

Editorial: An angry Wednesday afternoon
Student activism is one of the phenomena which repressive governments fear most, one of the reasons being that in many cases the students are the children and the grandchildren of people who support these repressive governments, or may actually be functionaries in that government. We are not saying that the United Democratic Party (UDP) government is a repressive government. We do know that theirs is a corrupt government. It does appear to be the case, however, that there are things happening frequently on the domestic law enforcement and security landscape which are in brutal violation of basic human rights. There is a definite divide in Belize between those young people who go on to tertiary education and those who have to enter the streets as young teenagers. We are talking about children who are contemporaries, children who may even be neighbors, or actual relatives. Belize is a small place, but the socio-economic differences between contemporary children usually become manifest during the high school years, when half of our children are not enrolled in secondary schools.

From The Publisher
The last three weeks have been emotionally wrenching for Belizeans, mostly because of Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Many of us have relatives and friends in Houston, Texas, and in Miami, Florida, for sure, and many of us are not only admirers of the Cuban people, Belize has been benefiting for several decades from educational opportunities offered to us by the Cubans. The matter of vital pre-1981 Cuban support for our political independence and territorial integrity is historically documented. Then, there were the Eastern Caribbean islands like Antigua and Barbuda, which were devastated by Category 5 Irma, and the US and British Virgin Islands, and the Turks and Caicos. Finally, there came Puerto Rico. In the midst of all this, two major earthquakes struck in southern Mexico which claimed hundreds of lives and caused billions of dollars in structural and infrastructural damage.

Major Lloyd discusses Guats’ strategic patience, coercive diplomacy
As we come to the end of the celebration of our 36th year of independence I thought that I should share my views on the events of September 16, 2017 and the attendant policy/strategy being employed by Guatemala with respect to its unfounded claim to Belizean territory. It appears to me that the Guatemalans have embraced a policy of strategic patience undergirded by a strategy of coercive diplomacy. In employing this approach they have completely and shamefully outmanoeuvred and outsmarted Belize’s foreign policy “experts”. The practical effect of Guatemala’s strategic outlook has been the annexation of the Sarstoon and a foolhardy commitment to the very narrow ICJ pathway. Belize as a result finds itself in the most precarious position it has ever been since its independence.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied
1.The above quote was taken from the Court of Appeal decision of Abraham Teck v Keila Teck in which Blackman JA delivered the leading judgment. Frankly, the case involved an appeal of both custody and maintenance orders made in favor of the respondent mother by Benjamin CJ on November 13, 2012.The case was fairly routine. Unbelievably, at the time of the hearing of the appeal there was no written judgment forthcoming from Benjamin CJ even though three years had elapsed from the date when the orders were given. 2.This abject state of affairs has prompted my necessity to write. The written judgment is the foundation upon which the common law has developed; the medium through which judges express their decision and provide the legal rational underlying such decisions.

Should we still claim only 3 miles of Territorial Sea in the South?
The Maritime Areas Act was the product of an important moment in the history of the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory, when what was at stake was the recognition by Guatemala of Belize as an independent State. For years of negotiations with both PUP and UDP governments after independence, Belize had remained firm in not agreeing to consider land cession, but was prepared to make certain concessions in Belize’s southern waters in return for ending the claim and Guatemala recognizing Belizean sovereignty over all its land and island territory. In January 1991, Jorge Serrano assumed the Presidency of Guatemala, and proved himself ready to seal the deal with great speed. By mid-August his government declared that “it recognizes the right of the people of Belize to self-determination” and two days later the Maritime Areas Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives. On 5 September 1991 the Government of Guatemala announced: “the recent decision by the State of Belize to limit its territorial sea and its hereditary EEZ makes it clear to the government of Guatemala that [its] right to its own territorial sea on the coast of the Caribbean and to its own EEZ is guaranteed”. It then declared that “the Government of Guatemala expresses its willingness to continue direct negotiations with the independent State of Belize”. On 11 September, the governments of Belize and Guatemala announced their decision to establish full diplomatic relations with immediate effect and to exchange Ambassadors at the earliest opportunity.

He’ll eat those new words yet
The history books, or the epitaph, will say that this man never quit. Poor us, we’ve learned so many new words since he got the title in Pickstock, our little brains are fit to bust. We’d go crazy if we tried to figure out which one takes the prize. One thing for sure, these border lessons are so stuck in our heads you’d have to be really IGNORANT, or ARTIFICIAL like a plastic man, to not RECOGNIZE that in the south and the west we don’t have any. Someone who really likes flights into intellectual fancy wanted to know what’s with Guatemala and their harassment of Belizeans on the Sarstoon. The word choice from the great man was as painful as any he had selected to teach us before. Those of you with the tape recorders to pull out whenever he takes the podium, just-in-case, just-in-case, have him down verbatim. I’ve got just a mas o menos, until he hibs the word gas on the fire. You know, St. Michael’s College must be congratulated for all these local fellows with the fluid speech. We know they didn’t bother to teach them much math, but bohgaz they can speak!

Chinese community angry about continued violence against their businesses
–Edmund Kwan, president of the Chinese Association, and members of the association, have reacted to the continued violence being experienced by Chinese business owners. Between Friday and Monday, three Chinese stores were held up and robbed, and a store owner was killed in an attempted robbery in Belize City at about 8:30 Monday night. Baiman Wu, 58, who has been living in the city for about 20 years and was operating his store at the corner of Vernon and Santa Barbara Street, was shot in the right side of the head by a thief who escaped empty-handed. Wu was rushed immediately to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but died shortly after while doctors were trying to treat him.

The Belize Civic Center: Stinking to the high heavens?
There is a medical condition known as catatonia, which is a state of unresponsiveness to external stimuli in a person who is apparently awake. As it relates to Belize, you don’t have to think too hard to know where this is going, do you? By any stretch of a prognosis, our form of catatonia is quite possibly malignant. It’s like we see danger coming towards us, but shaking off this paralysis, this stupor, getting out of the way of that danger, is impossible, so we simply reel from one aggravation to the other, accepting our fate, all with our eyes wide open. In recently developed colloquial parlance, we take our ‘bukut’ and then after, sedate ourselves with phrases like “only in Belize” and “what did you expect.” The increase in fuel prices announced last week is a crippling hit to the economy and, if you gauge by the reactions on social media, there are signs that this uppercut may be unwittingly serving as shock therapy for our catatonic symptoms. Luckily for those intent to keep us in our catatonic state, fuel prices are malleable and can be blamed on anything, so any signs of waking from our slumber can be easily reversed by simply reducing pump prices, which should put us back to sleep.

Imports exceeded $1 billion up to August
The gap between what Belize imports and what it exports continues to be high, with imports more than tripling exports for the first eight months of the year. According to information just released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), merchandise imports for the eight months January to August 2017 totaled $1.2 billion, representing a 5.8% or $74 million decrease from the same period last year. The SIB said that imports declined markedly across five categories over the period by a combined $115.2 million. They include ‘Machinery and Transport Equipment’, ‘Commercial Free Zones’, ‘Food and Live Animals’, ‘Export Processing Zones’ and ‘Other Manufactures’. Imports in the ‘Machinery and Transport Equipment’ category saw the biggest decline—by $74 million—from $318.7 million to $244.5 million, during the eight-month period.

So there is Immigration hustling at the Western Border as well!
During today’s sitting of the Senate Select Committee, the Director of the Immigration Department, Diana Locke, made a very troubling confirmation. She confirmed that there was an ongoing hustle at the Western Border Station. In the hustle, Central Americans were told to pay border personnel up to BZ$120 to cross over into Belize, although the law makes no provision for this. If those persons refused to pay, they would be denied entry into the country. When Senator Mark Lizarraga asked Locke for further comment, she revealed that she had in fact received complaints of such hustling. However, she never addressed the matter, as the complainant was unable to provide the name of the person who was subjected to this corrupt act.

Government will review the role of the GSU
In April 2010, the Belize Police Department added an elite unit which burst on the scene in camouflage paramilitary uniforms; faces covered with masks; and a bold acronym, in white, on the backs of their uniform – GSU, for Gang Suppression Unit. Since its formation, a little more than seven years ago, the unit has acquired a reputation for brutalizing citizens, a fact buttressed by several Supreme Court rulings against them for the violation of citizens’ constitutional rights. It appears that things are about to change, since the unit came into the public spotlight this past Sunday after it carried out an operation to destroy a marijuana plantation on a farm in Lucky Strike. In the operation, the GSU used gunfire, which terrified a 17-year-old minor, Kelvin Usher, a student of St. John’s College Junior College, and caused him to flee in the bushes, where he became lost until this morning when he was found.

The Reporter

Man who goes to buy cattle shot dead
A trip by two men to buy cattle at a ranch in the Valley community on the Hummingbird highway, Thursday evening, resulted in one of them being shot and later found dead. Police say that at around 2:00 Thursday evening, Luis Sierra, 46, a naturalized […]

Robbers flee with bus conductor’s moneybag
A bus conductor who was waiting on a bus belonging to the company for which he works discovered on Tuesday morning that two thieves were studying his movements and pounced when he least expected. Carlos Cawich, 33, who works with Morales Bus Line told police […]

Farmer shot dead in front of wife!
Police are investigating a horrendous murder of a farmer who was shot dead in front of his wife early this morning. Marcel Samuels, 62, of Cemetery Lane, Belize City, was reportedly walking with his wife to their farm off the Butcher Burns road, Belize district, […]

Cops, cocaine, and conspiracy 26 parcels go missing from evidence
Several police officers attached to the Special Patrol Unit are being investigated for criminal behavior, following allegations that they stole a substantial quantity of cocaine, recovered from a drug bust and submitted into evidence. Acting Commissioner of Police, Noel Leal, explained this week that the […]

Integrity Commission calls for declaration of finances
The Integrity Commission has called for all Persons in Public Life to declare their assets and liabilities under the Prevention of Corruption in Public Life, Act 21 of 2007. The Commission issued a notice on September 20, calling on all persons in public life to […]

Gas price protest coming to Belize City
The community activist group Belize Leaders for Social Justice is calling for Belizeans to join together in peaceful protest against the incredibly high gas prices in Belize. The organization is planning to host the demonstration on Thursday, October 5, beginning at the Constitution Park on […]

Exports takes major downturn in August
Belize lost a great deal of revenue from domestic exports for the month of August, according to the latest External Trade Bulletin produced by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). The data showed that exports had plummeted, falling by as much as 61.8 percent during […]

NEMO conducts disaster simulation exercise
The low-lying bridge that connects San Ignacio and Santa Elena in Cayo was the scene of a simulated catastrophe, with personnel from the country’s essential services and BECOL joining the National Emergency Management Organization’s (NEMO) team, carrying out a rescue effort in the event the […]

GOB to get $48.5 Million slice of BTL pie
The Government of Belize is to acquire $48.5 worth of preferential shares in Belize Telemedia Ltd. BTL shareholders approved the issuance of the new shares by a more than 75 per cent majority vote at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in […]

ASR-BSI invests $20 Million to expand production of direct consumption sugars
Belize sugar producers loses all protected access and export quotas to the European Union next month, and Belize sugar will have to compete with cheaper beet sugar produced in Europe. Beet sugar is cheaper because European nations subsidize their domestic sugar production. The American Sugar Refiners and Belize Sugar Industries […]

The Billion-Dollar Question: How to fill Belize’s SME Credit Gap? Part 3
As was briefly noted in last week’s “The Business Perspective”, the problem of Micro, Small, Medium-sized businesses’ constrained access to credit is hardly a problem unique to Belize. With an estimated global and regional credit gap of approximately US $1.2 trillion and more than US $200 billion, respectively, there is […]

Woman stabbed, robbed and tied up during home invasion
Last Friday a woman was attacked inside her home by two masked men who stabbed her multiple times to her neck, tied her up and made off with her flat screen television. Around 4:45 a.m on September 22nd, 45-year-old Romie Anthony of a La Croix […]

Sudden death case re-opened, foul play now suspected
New evidence based on the postmortem results done on the body of Karl Leslie, 78, who was found dead inside his home, has prompted police to re-open the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. According to police, on September 14th, around 9:10 p.m. Hattieville […]

Belama man doesn’t return from early morning walk
The family of a Belama man, Daniel Leal, 24, continues their search for him after he left home for an early morning walk last week and has not returned since. Leal, of a Belama Phase One address was reported missing by his mother, 52-year-old Martha […]

Chinese grocer murdered in the City during armed robbery
The Chinese business community in Belize is on edge following the Monday night assassination of one of their own, who was killed during an armed robbery at his shop located at the corner of Vernon and Santa Barbara streets in Belize City. Around 7:30 p.m, […]

Last Sunday evening the Gang Suppression Unit raided a farm in the Village of Lucky Strike and destroyed more than 140 marijuana plants. The raid was deliberately timed to catch the plantation owner by surprise, and in this it succeeded. The GSU captured the landowner, 47-year-old Cameron Usher, but his […]

Kelvin found! But questions linger
Kelvin Usher, the teen whose disappearance on Sunday sparked intense public outrage and conspiracy theories, was found alive and well on Thursday morning. Despite being found, members of the public remain unsatisfied with the official account of events surrounding his whereabouts. Five days of tireless […]

Youths take to the streets
Youths from various schools, community organizations, and concerned citizens took to the streets this week, protesting a myriad of social issues affecting Belize. What started as a planned protest for the safe return of Kelvin Usher, transformed into a social justice demonstration after Usher was […]

GREAT Program – Worst Behavior Cops skip tab and hold security at gunpoint
Three police officers working with the Gang Resistance and Training Program (GREAT) are under investigation by the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) after they allegedly pulled a gun on a security guard at New Asia restaurant in Belize City because they refused to pay for a […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Missing Bullet Tree man found dead
This morning, BBN reported that a man from Bullet Tree Village in the Cayo District is missing after he, along with two other men were shot at by a gun man on Valley Community on the Hummingbird Highway, Stann Creek District.

Armenia Village recruits new Cadets
Yesterday, the Belmopan Police opened a new cadet Corp in the Village of Armenia in Cayo District. Twenty one youths were present at the inaugural meeting along with their parents.

PM Barrow: Fuel costs to reduce mid October
The cost of fuel should be decreasing by mid October according to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. In a press conference on Thursday, PM Barrow explained that the hiked prices were due to instability in Venezuela, our fuel provider.

Businessman from Santa Elena missing
According to police reports, yesterday morning around 10:28, Stephanie Albaranez visited the San Ignacio Police Station […]

Jimmy’s Wireless donates a year of meat to Belmopan feeding program
The Belmopan police feeding program continues to expand with the assistance of the Belmopan business community.

Chinese businesses plan national shutdown
Chinese businesses across the country will not open on Sunday, October 1. According to a statement from the Belize Chinese Association, the nationwide shutdown is to stand in solidarity with Bainan Wu, 58, who was executed on Monday night...

Belize~How to pay down fuel price
By Richard Harrison: In his annual budget speech 2017, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance said he would require “the government outside the government”…..a.k.a. statutory bodies, such as BTB, NICH, BAHA, BAA, BMA, PACT, etc… start contributing 10% of their ever increasing revenues to the central government.

$17,000 stolen from Small Enterprise Business Investment
Yesterday morning around 6:30, acting on information of a burglary at Small Enterprise Business Investment (SEBI) located at #69 Vernon Street, police visited the scene.

BTL reports a decrease in profits in 2017
Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017. At the AGM, BTL reported less profits in 2017 when compared to 2016.

Money changer robbed of over $12,000 in Corozal
Everaldo Magana, 63, a Belizean money exchanger of Ranchito Village, Corozal reported to police that yesterday around 5:10 am, while inside his vehicle in front of his home, he was approached by three men who demanded money.

Gunmen rob bus conductor of $500 in Orange Walk
Carlos Cawich, 33, a Belizean bus conductor for Morales Bus Line reported to authorities that on Tuesday morning around 6:10, after collecting from the passengers travelling from Orange Walk Town to Belize City, he came off the bus at a speed bump in Carmelita Village.

Amy Forte still hasn’t made a police report
Despite support from Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Amy Forte has still not come forward to give police an official statement with respect to an alleged forgery involving the son of ex-Lands Minister Gaspar Vega.

Kelvin Usher thanks everyone
Yesterday, seventeen year old Kelvin Usher who went missing since Sunday was returned home. His disappearance had triggered protests in the streets of Belize City and a walk out from his peers at Saint John’s College Junior College.


11 Reasons That YOU Should be in Belize in October
September celebrations are over. Sigh. And it is officially FALL – or so says the calendar. September, October and November are typically the “low season” in Belize. It’s hurricane season. I understand. Everyone is getting back to school, summer is over and it’s time to buckle down… October on Ambergris Caye, Belize It may seem like an odd time to travel but there are TONS of reasons to visit Ambergris Caye in the month of October.

What's new/what's closed for low season in Placencia, Belize??
Things change a lot in Belize - there are many, many businesses here that stay open and can be relied on year after year, and then there are others that shut down for low season, or shut down and sometimes we don't know why! Placencia as a village runs on Facebook, so a lot of people get their information from different Facebook groups. Unless you are a frequent visitor, it is very hard to keep up with changes, so here are some updates you may have missed! Casino reopened - The Placencia Casino up in the northern part of the peninsula has reopened, HERE is their Facebook page - always smart to check here to make sure they are open the night you want to go. Sometimes they have shuttles from the village as well.

Belize Independence Day in Placencia, 2017!!!
What a fun day...many people said this was the biggest and best parade ever! Our guests had a blast tailgating at the parade, and then some followed the party down to the pier later at night. Here is a sampling of pictures from the day to give you an idea of what to expect, it is a very fun time to have a vacation here!

5 Reasons to Experience Belize’s World-Class Scuba Diving
Ever since Jacques Cousteau, the legendary French marine biologist and documentarian, visited Belize in 1971 and proclaimed it as one of his top 10 dive spots in the world, Belize has become a mecca for scuba diving enthusiasts. With crystal clear waters, a bright white sandy seafloor, and a large concentration of marine life, it's no wonder that Belize is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world. Here are 5 great reasons to experience Belize's world-class scuba diving:

SAILING BELIZE: Magnificent Villas & Magical Islands
I love Belize – the people, culture, cuisine, and her vast rainforests loaded with exotic wildlife, hundreds of species of colorful birds, ancient Maya temples and more adventures than you can shake that proverbial stick at. I also love sailing. And having cruised the world’s great oceans and many of her coastal and inland waterways can say without hesitation that Belize offers some of the best sailing to be had anywhere. Hands down. Late last year Chaa Creek raised the bar on Belize luxury accommodations with the new Ix Chel Luxury Rainforest Villas, and those magnificent villas have found their seagoing match with Belize Sailing Vacation’s awesome and beautifully appointed catamarans.

Year Three of Island Life: 365 days of adventure all rolled into one tale!
It is hard to believe that on October 2, we will celebrate our three year island anniversary. Still seems like yesterday when we were selling everything we owned and moving on to the next chapter in our lives. Year three – you were filled with more firsts, some seconds, a few inventions and fun adventures – but unfortunately some sadness as well. This was the year when it became clear that island life Is not a vacation, It’s life in a vacation spot. Here we go! We attended the SAGA Halloween party, where Dooley Bear put his “best paws forward” as always…..he strutted his vampire stuff and won “Scariest Costume” prize!

On the verge of extinction, the Hicatee turtle needs your help
Many people throughout the rural areas of our country harvest deer, green iguana, gibnut, peccary, armadillo, game birds and hicatee turtles. Hunted for their meat, eggs and shells, the hicatee turtle is now listed as a critically endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is facing extinction in the wild. It is the highest risk category assigned by the IUCN Red List for wild species, and the only critically-endangered reptile in Belize. The hicatee (Central American River Turtle) is a prehistoric survivor, with relatives dating back to the age of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. It lives at the bottom of rivers where it has the unique ability to absorb oxygen underwater, using its modified throat like a gill. Unlike most reptiles, the hicatee doesn’t bask in the sun, and they are completely herbivorous, eating decomposed vegetation on the river bottom. Adults can weigh up to 50 pounds, and their nesting period starts at the beginning of rainy season, where they often lay up to 12 eggs buried just below the water’s edge of a river or lagoon. With a hunting season that is only closed during the month on May, the hicatee have seen a swift decline in recent years, primarily due to over-hunting. They are especially consumed during the 40-day Lenten season when many Catholics and other Christian denominations commit to ‘fasting’, and refrain from eating red meat. During this time, fish and hicatee are mainstay menu items for many Belizeans.

International Sourcesizz

Tropical threats may pose hazards from western Caribbean to Florida well into October
Waters surrounding Central America, Cuba, the Bahamas, Mexico and the southeastern United States bear watching for tropical systems well into October. While tropical threats originating from the coast of Africa that spawned hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria will diminish in the coming weeks, the threat for near-coast tropical formation will increase. Multiple factors will be in place that may favor several tropical systems to come about into the middle of October. A zone of high pressure will extend from the southern Plains to off the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts. A high pressure area represents a large batch of dry air that rotates clockwise. South of this high pressure zone, the air will remain moist, but east to northeasterly winds will develop.

Despite Belize’s 36 years of independence many of our people still feel insecure about their future
By Wellington C. Ramos. Thirty-six years ago the British government granted our nation its independence on September 21, 1981, with the Guatemalan claim to our country unresolved. Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was determined to rid her people and government from all its colonial territories. She saw them as a burden to the people and government of Great Britain. Ignoring the exploitation their country was engaged for centuries in all these colonies including ours prior to their independence. Our premier at the time, the late George Price, and his People’s United Party members, wanted independence from them desperately despite the Guatemalan claim. Our Belizean nationalist, the late Philip Goldson’s position was to seek independence from Great Britain with a long term defence guarantee. He warned us that if we make the mistake and accept independence from Great Britain without a long term defence guarantee, Guatemala will become a thorn on our side for a long time.

The short-sightedness of the Belize Integrity Commission is abhorrent
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) notes that the Integrity Commission gazetted the names of those persons in public life, who are not in compliance with Section 14 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA) (No. 21 of 2007), for failure to disclose their assets, income and liabilities. Yet, in remaining true to our deep-rooted conviction for those elements which characterise good governance practises and principles, such as: integrity, honesty, transparency, equal application of the law across the board and full disclosure, we categorically state that the effort put forth by the Integrity Commission falls well short of that which should have been done.

Ancient Stone Carvings Capture Maya Ballplayers in Action
The long-lost Maya ruins of Tipan Chen Uitz in Belize are only beginning to give up their secrets, with the latest discovery being something of a home run: Archaeologists found two table-size stone panels, depicting elite ballplayers, that likely would have greeted subjects walking by the palace, according to a new study. The discovery of these two panels reinforces the idea that the Maya people would have placed a lot of importance on the ballgame, and suggests that it helped the Maya connect with different communities in their vast network, the researchers said. "[These monuments] speak to the extent to which Tipan was embedded in these very complex political relationships between ruling elites across the Maya area," said study senior researcher Christopher Andres, an adjunct research associate at Michigan State University who specializes in Maya archaeology.

Caribbean islands inspire meal
The other day I was looking for inspiration for a nice meal and started looking through cookbooks and notebooks that I have collected over the years. There were all sorts of recipes from numerous places but the ones that caught my eye were the ones that I have gathered in the Caribbean islands and countries that are connected historically or politically to those islands. The cuisine of the area has always been of keen interest to me because it is a true reflection of the many cultures that have, at one time or another, called the Caribbean and outlying areas home.

The Stunning Images From an Underwater Photography Competition
Scuba Diving magazine just released the winners of their 13th annual underwater photography competition. This year’s “Through Your Lens” contest features incredible images taken over this past year from photographers throughout the world. There were over 2,500 entries submitted this year into one of the four competition categories: wide-angle, macro, conceptual, and compact camera. Photos were allowed to have basic adjustments made to them while editing, but adding, removing, or moving any object was forbidden. It was also stated that any image appearing overly processed would be immediately disqualified. Greg Lecoeur was the winner of this year’s grand prize. His image was taken off of an island in Scotland and featured multiple gannet birds diving to feed on fish. To capture his award winning shot, he used a Nikon D7200, a Tokina 10-17mm lens, a Nauticam camera housing, and two strobes. For winning, Lecoeur received a free liveaboard scuba diving trip in Fiji and $1,000 cash.

5 cosas que quizás no sabías de Belice, el país de Centroamérica que tiene como jefa de Estado a la reina Isabel II
Geográficamente es parte de Centroamérica y tiene fronteras con Guatemala y México, pero eso no necesariamente lo convierte en parte de América Latina. Fue el último país de las Américas en alcanzar su independencia, en 1981, pero oficialmente la reina Isabel II de Reino Unido se mantiene como “soberana”, al igual que en otros territorios en el Caribe. Es Belice, uno de los países más pequeños del continente, de los menos poblados del mundo y también uno de los más desconocidos, incluso para sus vecinos. Originalmente el territorio fue ocupado por la civilización maya que construyó decenas de centros ceremoniales. Algunos, miles de años después, permanecen sin explorar.


  • "WHEN THE SEA SPEAKS THROUGH AFRICAN CENTERED ART IN SOUTHERN BELIZE!", 11min. If we step aside for a moment and ask why has there been such deep sense of consciousness that has gone into the building of this model boat here called the, "Black Star Line"; the only answer that would be warranted is that the artist, Leonides Sanchez of Belize's southern town of Punta Gorda in the Toledo District, is a Belizean artist with an African centered approach to life. Being Emancipation Day, August 1, 2017 when Sanchez completed this masterpiece in wood in commemoration of the crime against humanity that brought his African ancestors to the shores of Belize, it would not have been possible to do if we consider the patience, skill and perfection that went into this work. But it was as if this artist was fighting against the stolen time and legacy that was not afforded his enslaved ancestors, and passionately pushed his artistic brilliance to the brink of their cry across the Atlantic. For this project, Sanchez was involved in his own war for freedom, pulling wisdom from five hundred years of memory that is embedded in his Garifuna soul. Leonides Sanchez the Belizean artist extraordinaire is no typical Belizean artist relative to those like the legendary George Gabb and those among the likes of his own father, Peter Sanchez, who taught him this master builders' skill. His genes are the replica of those renowned African scholars of Mali, Timbaktu, Ghana, Egypt and Moorish Spain. His "Black Star Line" artistic phenomena in shipwright are a perfect artistic feature that reminds Belize of what its vision for freedom could have been.

  • QUEENLORNA & "AH WAYK OP LAIK DIS"! (FIRST PART), 23min. The rare and exclusive interview of the pulsating Belizean cultural dancer and instructor, Lorna Smith, of the legendary Belize-Caribbean dance troupe, Elegant Flair Dancers, is a must see and long awaiting feature for the Belizean Legends audience. Queenlorna as she is called will entertain us with her thrilling dance life and electrify us with some of the most eclectic moments in Belizean dance and cultural performances in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where she lived and performed for many years now.

  • QUEEN LORNA & "AH WAYK OP LYKE DIS!" (FINAL PART), 41min. The final of a two part series of a rare and exclusive interview of the pulsating Belizean cultural dancer and instructor, Lorna Smith, of the legendary Belize-Caribbean dance troupe, Elegant Flair Dancers, is a must see and long awaiting feature for the Belizean Legends audience. Queenlorna as she is called will entertain us with her thrilling dance life and electrify us with some of the most eclectic moments in Belizean dance and cultural performances in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where she lived and performed for many years now.

  • Ever wonder what the crocs are "saying"?, 1min. Crocodiles have various ways of communicating through body language. So what are these American crocodiles "talking" about at one of our field sites in Belize?

  • Tranquility Bay Resort at Ambergris Key in Belize, 2017, 5.5min.

  • See and Taste Belize 2017 Chef Irwin Mai, 1min.

  • See and Taste Belize 2017 Artist Keion Griffith, 1min. Meet Keion Griffith who will delight us with art masterpieces at this year’s SeeandTasteBz

  • Climate Smart Agricultural Practices In Belize, 6min. Informative mini doc produced by Out Da Box Films in calibration with ICCA and the Agriculture Department of Belize.

  • Orange Walk Carnival / Belize Independence Day 2017, 2.5min.

  • Bruk it down Jenny, 26min.

  • Diplo Skits - Comedy & Social Media, 20min.

  • Conscious Youth Development Programe (CYDP) Peace Cup, 25min.

  • Belize Now | Friday, September 29, 2017, 26min. In tonight’s headlines: Twenty-seven communities in southern Belize receive electricity, Alcaldes are sworn in by the Attorney General and See and Taste Belize gears up for its second year. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, September 29th, 2017

  • 3rd Bi-National Seminar Mexico/Belize, 2min. Jhon Florez, RLC Director speaks on 3rd Bi-National Seminar. The University of Belize (UB) in cooperation with the University of Quintana Roo, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) and the Embassy of Mexico in Belize are hosting the “3rd Bi-National Seminar Mexico/Belize.” The binational seminar takes place at the EcoSur Campus from October 4th – 6th in Chetumal. The main objective of the Bi-National seminar is to promote and enhance cooperation between Mexico and Belize. The topic for this seminar is Education and Health for the two countries. The conference is significant to the University of Belize because it is fostering the research that is being done at the UB as well as bringing together other partner institutions, such as the Ministry of Health which works in conjunction with the UB. It also allows for the possibility to establish agreements as well as Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with other institutions in Mexico. UB is also examining the possibility of increased areas of cooperation which would include student, faculty and staff exchange programs as well as partnering to implement research projects.

  • Cow butter, 1min. By Western Dairies Belize

  • Cinco De Irvine, 24min. Wedding, May 5, 2017 - Ambergris Caye, Belize

  • Mehika in Belize 2017, 10min.

  • Dans le secret des villes 17 Belize, la splendeur des Mayas, 44min.

    September 29, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Two off-duty San Pedro police officers allegedly involved in shooting incident
    A shooting incident involving two off-duty police officers attached to the San Pedro Police Formation is being investigated by the Professional Standards Branch (PSB). The incident reportedly left 20-year-old Poleto August of the DFC subdivision with a cut wound over his left eye. The official report says that the incident took place at a local bar located on Glitter Street in San Pedro Town. Investigation reveals that about 12 AM, two off-duty police officers were socializing at the bar when an altercation ensued between August and the officers. August was allegedly injured by one of the officers , and because of that, patrons inside the bar started to harass the officers, who then stepped out of the bar. The officers walked onto the street, and shots were heard, shortly after. When police arrived they found two 9mm shells on the street in front of the bar. The 9mm firearm that was allegedly fired was retrieved for testing. Minutes after, police, acting on information received, visited the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where they observed August suffering from an injury to the left eye. His injury was certified as wounding and the matter was then handed over to the PSB for investigation.

    Belize Chocolate Company announces “Go Straw-Less” campaign
    With the aim of reducing the amount of plastic straws in the marine environment, The Belize Chocolate Company (BCC) has announced that it will start a “Go Straw-Less” campaign on Sunday, October 1st. The BCC is encouraging all their customers that buy a milk shake or cold drink to go straw-less. In return, for every customer that does so, the company will be donating $1 to Oceana Belize.

    Prime Minister says Petrocaribe will re-start in October; fuel prices expected to moderate
    On Thursday, September 21st, during his Independence Day address, the Prime Minister of Belize, Right Honourable Dean Barrow announced that the Petrocaribe Program will start back up next month. The program, through which Belize had been purchasing fuel from Venezuela under conditions of preferential payments, was suspended on Thursday, September 14th, due to ‘unreliability.’ This prompted a high-level delegation from the South American country to visit Belize on Monday, September 18 th, where new arrangements were made to continue the program.

    Ambergris Today

    Health Concerns Over Burning Of Hazardous Waste In South Ambergris
    “We take proper procedures and have trained the red waste handlers on how to properly dispose and burn it,” stated Dr. Javier Zuniga. “The waste is burned at extreme temperatures to properly kill all bacteria and the smoke is taken up into the upper atmosphere where it poses no health issues to island residents.” According to Dr. Zuniga, this practice is not isolated to Ambergris Caye as many other communities around the country practice the same outdoor/isolated burning of medical waste. The only medical incinerator is located in Belize City but most medical waste from around the country cannot be properly transported for long distances. From Ambergris Caye, transporting over the water is not an option.

    Go Turtle Go!!! PIC OF THE WEEK
    “There have been a lot of turtles these days drifting by the shore line, and today will make it turtle number 3, two yesterday and one today,” commented Eric Henkis on his Facebook profile page. He posted this picture of him releasing a third sea turtle that he has found adrift on the shore. Lucky for the turtle, islanders know if the importance of protecting them and keeping them alive. It was released safely by the REEF....Go turtle, Go!!!

    BEL Assists British Virgin Islands With Hurricane Restoration
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) deployed a team of five linemen to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) on Monday, September 25, 2017, to assist the BVI Electricity Corporation with power restoration efforts following the destruction caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which battered the group of islands on August 29 and September 18, respectively.

    San Pedro / Mexico Humanitarian Fundraising Drive
    The San Pedro Town Council, in collaboration with the San Pedro Lion’s Club, Projects Abroad, Sage Brush and the San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross have embarked in a massive humanitarian fundraiser geared at providing some disaster relief to our Mexican brothers and sisters. The event is set for Saturday, September 30. For further information you can contact Jorge Aldana at the San Pedro Town Council at 226-2788 or 226-2936 or cell 634-1171/662-0143.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    San Pedro, 84 Photos

    2nd Poktapok Worldcup
    Arrival at Guatemala City for the 2nd Poktapok Worldcup! Thank you all who made this possible!

    See & Taste Belize 2017 Festival in Miami
    You are invited to the upcoming See & Taste Belize 2017 Festival, October 7th, 2017 in Miami, Florida! See & Taste Belize Inc., co-hosted by the Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Spouse of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, along with its partners, The Belize Tourism Board, BELTRAIDE and NICH, will be hosting its second See and Taste Belize Festival at the Florida International University Kovens Center, to raise funds for the Inspiration Center of Belize, who takes care for the children with disabilities of Belize.

    Reina's Pastries BBQ and Pastry Fundraiser
    Saturday and Sunday we will be doing a BBQ & Pastries Fundraiser SALE to HELP MRS.REINA PATT (meat pie lady) get a EYE SURGERY. Plz COME OUT AND SUPPORT A WORTHY CAUSE.

    Illegal Loggers Arrested & Fined for Unlawful Possession of Forest Produce
    Pablo Valladarez, a 47-year-old resident of Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District, was fined $22,838 for illegal possession of Mahogany yesterday. Police and Forest Department officials intercepted Valladarez, Catalino Copo, Nelson Mosa, and Aurelio Mai, residents of Guinea Grass and Santa Martha villages, hauling illegally harvested Mahogany on the Old Northern Highway, Orange Walk District, on 24th September 2017. The Forest Department confiscated 34 unstamped Mahogany logs, equivalent to 1268.8 board feet, and charged the four men for “Unlawful Possession of Forest Produce” under the Forest Act of 2000 and its 2017 Amendment. On 27th September, the men appeared before Magistrate A. Hoare in the Orange Walk Magistrate Court, where Valladarez pleaded guilty to the charges. As a result, Valladarez may face five years imprisonment if he is unable to pay the fine by 31st January 2018.

    Minister Responsible for Home Affairs, Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr., Opens 1st EU-CELAC Citizen Security Seminar
    Minister of State of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Honourable Elodio Aragon Jr., delivered opening remarks today at the first ever European Union- Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) Citizen Security Seminar being held from the 27-28 September 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands. Belize is currently the CELAC Co-Coordinator, along with the Republic of Panama, of Chapter 10 on Citizen Security of the EU-CELAC Action Plan; the EU-CELAC Citizen Security Seminar is the first of its kind, joining the entire Latin America & Caribbean region with the European Union in order to provide a forum where both regions can enter into discourse with the aim to share best practices and experiences, further mutual understanding, and take stock of past actions while identifying new possible avenues for cooperation.

    Free rabies clinics in Cayo
    BAHA, World Rabies Day

    Beach Party at Orchid Bay
    This Sunday, October 1st at Orchid Bay! The biggest beach Party Ever! FREE! Bring your friends and family to the beach! Relax in the shade to the sounds of the Youth Connection Band! Drink tons of Belikins ONLY $20 bz for 7 of them! Or.... Drink Caribbean Rum for only $5 bz. Don't miss an appearance by Supa G at 5 PM. Tell your friends, and don't miss this party! No outside food and drinks allowed!

    Youth Perspectives
    The Belize History Association (BHA) in collaboration with the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and other partners will host its fourth Annual September Lecture as part of the 2017 September Celebrations. The lecture entitled “Youth Perspectives on the Belize-Guatemala Dispute and the ICJ” will feature presentations by tertiary level students. They will discuss the pros and cons of submitting the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. The lecture will take at The George Price Center, in the City of Belmopan on Friday September 29, 2017 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The lecture shall be broadcasted live on national radio.

    San Pedro Magic Show
    Attention San Pedro! We're hosting our spectacular, awe-inspiring magic show again this year in partnership with Intermagia! And it's not just for kids — adults equally enjoyed our shows last year. This year we'll host three shows (instead of two) for both kids & adults at Paradise Theater: Tues, Oct 3rd 5:30 & 7:30 and Wed, Oct 4th at 6 p.m. $10 for kids and $20 for adults.

    Laugh Out Loud weekend at PRINCESS CASINO FREEZONE
    This Friday, September 29th and Saturday, September 30th with the live musical comedy show of "EDWIN CHAPASHOW" starting at 10:00 p.m. No cover! Come and have a great and fun time.

    Channel 7

    Kelvin is Safe, Sound And At Home
    Kelvin Usher has been found - and is safe at home with his family tonight. The news blazed out early this morning around 7:30 that he had been found alive on the old Northern Highway. His father is the one who collected him and brought him directly to their Sibun Street home in Belize City. That's where ACP Chester Williams was the first to go to the house to interview him. Today at a press conference called by the Prime Minister, Williams outlined the narrative that the 17 year old gave him:... ACP Chester Williams, Commander, Professional Standards Branch: "In my discussion with Kelvin Usher this morning, he confirmed that he indeed heard shots fired and subsequent to hearing the shots fired he took off in the bushes. He continue by saying that he spent the entire 3-4 days in the bushes and it was until this morning that he watch the sun rising and he decided to follow the sun, knowing that the sun will rise from the east and his way out of the farm would be east. He said in following the sun he came upon a farm road which took him to 2 other subsequent farm roads and eventually to the old northern highway in the general vicinity of where he had escaped from the police and while there waiting he saw his father vehicle coming and stopped his father, he got into the vehicle and they came to Belize City."

    PM Says GSU Is Being Looked At, For Re-purposing
    The story bears some scrutiny, but most folks are just too happy that he's been found alive to really question the narrative. For the Barrow Administration, it is a big pressure release - since the government was being blamed for letting so-called GSU killers run loose. Now that's not what happened, but the Prime Minister made it clear that the government is attuned to public sentiment which doesn't have much sympathy for the GSU. Today he said the unit may have to be re-purposed. But first he commented generally on the state of affairs:...

    Kelvin Will Not Be Charged
    Now, the question many are asking is will this youth be charged? He was with his father who was arrested for for marijuana cultivation on Sunday. Kelvin ran - and re-surfaced today - while his father was arrested and went to court on Monday. So are there pending charges for this minor? The Prime Minister said it is unlikely: Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Will there be charges for the minor since there were charges for his father and the allegation yet unproven is that he was at a place where marijuana cultivation?"

    Is Kelvin Usher Protest Really Just Venting Against Barrow Admin.?
    Now, while Kelvin is home, and he does not face criminal charges - still there's a lot of anger out there - and its directed at the GSU and the Government. Today, for example, a march for peace - that had been planned yesterday - was still held in Belize City. And right now, there is an ongoing vigil at the Battlefield Park. We asked the Prime Minister how much of this is fuel by resentment for the government of the day:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Are you concern, because I am told they still intend to have a march and vigil this evening, that there is so much built up resentment for your government that does not have any means of expression that it has all coalesce behind this issue which even though the issue has now been vacated, the groundswell remains. People want to go out and protest."

    When Kelvin Came Home
    And so the vigil for Kelvin is ongoing at this hour - our news team is there - and they tell us he has just arrived at the Battlefield Park. We'll have coverage of that later on in the news when our team returns - but the excitement started this morning when he arrived to his Sibun Street home. There was a kind of impromptu street celebration. The family asked our news team to give the family some privacy and not tape. But Courtney Weatherburne has been able to put together Facebook video and pictures to show what it was like. She also spoke to Kelvin's mother about how it feels to have her son back home:...

    PM Commits To Lower Fuel Price
    Fuel prices - no matter where you live in Belize, and no matter how much money you make, those pump prices are a killer! And that's why the Chamber of commerce sent out a release yesterday saying that taxes on fuel are too high. Well, today the Prime Minister said that those prices are coming down by mid-October. For background he explained that the inconsistency in supply form Venezuela has forced costly last minute purchase, but that will be regularized once Petrocaribe comes back on stream:... Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow- Prime Minister: "Precisely because of the instability of the supply that we were getting from Venezuela. What would happen was that at the very last minute, we would be told the amount that you ordered, Venezuela can't find. It caused, then, the importer to have to scramble to make last minute purchases to make up for the significant shortfalls. The last-minute purchases are at a higher rate than if you plan and if you place your volume orders well in advance. The last-minute purchases also meant that you had to, as well..."

    PM Comments on Stalled Amy Forte Case
    The Prime Minister also commented on the stalled Amy Forte case. He's the one who put out the release three weeks ago saying, quote, "the charge of fraud raised by Ms. Forte is credible." This is after he reviewed a preliminary report form a handwriting expert. Well, that credible charge has flopped because Amy Forte does not want to make a formal police complaint. Today we asked the PM is that's left him kind of holding the bag:... Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow - Prime Minister: "Miss Forte through her lawyer, it was only with the lawyer that I spoke, promised that there will be no difficulty in giving the police a statement. I explained when the lawyer called me that I would move immediately to instruct the police to thoroughly pursue this matter but it would have to depend on Miss Forte furnishing the police with the material. Miss Forte has not done so, the police have tried, I believe suggestions as to taking the statement outside of the ordinary course of having her come to the station were mooted and still, she has proven unwilling. The police are therefore stymied, the police are therefore stalled."

    Bad Cops and Cocaine
    And while there's no compliant in that case - there's also none in the case of 4 SPU officers who are accused of stealing a drug runners cocaine stash and making off with it. But police don't have the cocaine and the person whom it was stolen form also doesn't want to make a complaint. So, they basically have allegations of wrongdoing. Today the Commander of the Professional Standards Branch told us what they know so far:... ACP Chester Williams: "We have received information that sometime in June of this year, elements of the special patrol unit went on a drug operation in the Santa Elena area of Cayo District and that operation yielded a number of parcels of cocaine, which the officers from investigation did not turn up at the police station or at the exhibit room and neither did they charge anybody in respect of those drugs."

    Cops Who Refused to Pay For Chow Mein Will Be Charged
    But criminal - not disciplinary - charges are pending for the off duty cops who refused to pay for a Chicken Chow Mein at New Asia restaurant, and then pulled out a weapon on the security guard, the patrons, and the owners - making them outlaw malpagos. Today, ACP Williams reviewed their case and said only one of them was in the GREAT program: ACP Chester Williams: "There was only one officer who is part of the GREAT program who was a part of that and that is the Corporal, Corporal Parham. From investigations that have been conducted it revealed that on Tuesday night, the officer went to New Asia and ordered food. Having obtained the food there was a dispute because ..."

    Problem Pair of Pistolero Police on Pedro
    And Williams also discussed the case in San Pedro town where two off duty police officers got lawless in a bar. They got into an altercation, and when the crowd RUSHED THEM, THEY WENT OUTSIDE AND ALLEGEDLY DISCHARGED A FIREARM. Williams told us what police know so far:... ACP Chester Williams: "There were 2 officers who went to a club on Glitter Street and while inside the club they had a dispute with one Rolito August. That disagreement ended up in the officer allegedly causing injuries to August to the extent of wounding. And August had made a report to the police in San Pedro and that report has been forwarded to my office. It is also allege that after the incident occurred with August that the officers were attacked by patrons of the club and that resulted in officers discharging their weapon. So the report has been obtained and I will be reviewing the file tomorrow and give a directive where that is concerned, but more than likely from what I have read and what I had been briefed the officers should be charged for wounding the least, hopefully sometime next week."

    Why Was Scenes of Crime Technician Shot?
    And in the police news, tonight, Brian Lopez, a Scenes of Crime technician, is recovering at his home in Ladyville after he was shot in the head last night by an assailant wielding a shot gun. Now, Scenes of Crimes technicians are the civilian staff members who work alongside the police whenever there is any evidence gathering that needs to take place at a crime scene. Just before midnight, Lopez was walking on Mamie Road in Ladyville. He was on the way home, after a colleague dropped him off by vehicle. That's when a dark-skinned man appeared out of the darkness and fired a shotgun blast at his head and fled the scene. Some of the pellets struck him in the head and neck, and he was rushed to the KHMH.

    Kelvin Speaks Publicly For The First Time
    At the top of the news, you've heard from everyone but Kelvin Usher, the 17 year-old young man who went missing near Lucky Strike Village for 4 days. His case even prompted Prime Minister Dean Barrow to call a press conference to announce the good news today. So, what does the man about the country's collective concern for his safe return? Well, he spoke for the first time at a candle light vigil held in his honor in the Battlefield Park. Our news team only just returned, and we have his comments mostly unedited for you: Kelvin Usher" "Everybody who mi di look out fu me, who went out deh and search fu me, I neva mi know people mi love me like this [crowd cheers]. I love all of uno, I mi a do di same thing fu all of uno. Just give thanks."

    BTL Making Investment in Future, But It Will Cost In Short Term
    Last night at the Biltmore, BTL held its 11th annual General Meeting. The company paid out 45% of its 20 million dollars in profits, amounting to 10 million dollars in dividends. That's about 19 cents per share - down from 23 cents the year. That works out to a return of just under 4% annually - which is better than the commercial banks - but far from the company's heyday in the 90's when it had a monopoly and paid as much as a 25% annual return. But the 1990's are long way from 2017, when long distance communication, phone calls and text messaging have been replaced by data services such as WhatsApp and Viber. To compete in this changing landscape, BTL's CEO told shareholders last night that the company must make a 96 million dollar investment which will keep profits in the low side for a few years:

    BTL Profits Slip Slightly
    As we noted at the top of the story, BTL's net profit was 20.5 million dollars, down almost 2 million from the previous year. The CEO says it's because of depreciation, while noting that overall revenue went up by about half a million dollars to 148 million: Rochus Schreiber, BTL CEO: "The net operating profit, which went down a little bit to $20 million, and then the third one is the EBITDA or the cash flow. The cash flow remained very strong and is performing very well. So the net income went down because of depreciation. However, the underlying performance of the company, the revenue, and the outflows, the spent on the operating costs remained very strong."

    BTL Converting Huge Debt To Equity in Preference Shares
    But there's a very large asterisk beside that net profit figure - because BTL was on track to book a 73 million dollar debt. That's the amount arising from an arbitration award payment to the Ashcroft Alliance to settle a mortgage debenture. Government has agreed to consider waiving 25 million dollars of that - still leaving BTL with a debt of 48.5 million dollars. That would have swamped BTL in debt, but they came up with what may best be called a creative accounting treatment to convert that debt into equity. A special resolution to amend the articles of association had to be passed to make that happen. Chairman Nestor Vasquez explained the unusual transaction to shareholders:

    PM Approves Debt for Equity Swap
    Today we asked the Prime Minister about the government end of that deal, and he said he is as pleased as pie: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "What's not to like about that? The preference shares we had agreed to the servicing of the debt at rates that would not give us the return that the preference shares will give us. So, we do not see that we are in anyway selling ourselves or the nation short. But, converting to equity naturally helps the balance sheet of BTL. You know that they are launching this massive national broadband plan. And they have to borrow a great deal of money, I think ultimately like $90 million to ensure that this fiber connectivity to the home blankets the country and will be as successful as one can ever imagine."

    Ruction on North Creek
    This afternoon around 4:00, right in the midst of all the excitement of Kelvin Usher's return, North Creek Alley residents were up in arms because the police roughed them up and fired shots in the alley. The residents called us out and here is what they had to say. The Alley is right next to the Queen Square Primary School. Residents say this is not the first time their alley was raided by police.

    PM Says He's Willing to Compromise On A Senate Select Timeline
    Today, the media also got to ask the Prime Minster about the controversy over the cap on spending for the Senate Inquiry into Immigration affairs. The social partners have rejected the PM's announcement that he will give no funding past November. The Chamber of Commerce sent the PM a strong letter bitterly opposing that decision. Today he said he is willing to consider a compromise:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "I have responded to the chamber and I have pointed out to them that the position they took in their letter to me, if pushed to its logical conclusion would mean that government would be obliged to provide a blank check for the Senate inquiry and that that certainly could not be consistent with accountability and with proper budgeting."

    What About Criminal Action for Immigration Wrongdoings?
    And now back to those hearings themselves…In last night's news, we showed you excerpts from the conversation that Immigration Director Diana Locke had with the Senate on her third day as a witness on the stand. And that was a long day; 4 hours of testimony, and the Senate Select Committee still wants her return next week Wednesday for another session. They want to finish up their conversation with her on the Auditor General's recommendations which she made in the 3 volumes of her report on Immigration. And,1 key recommendation calls for the police to be activated to investigate the volumes of irregularities her report outlines. Police Commissioner Allen Whylie has already told the Senate that he is waiting for their report from these Hearings before he and the police department take action. And yesterday, the Committee wanted Director Locke's opinion on this call for criminal action into the Auditor General's findings.

    Should Fraudulent Documents Be Revoked?
    Another important recommendation from the Auditor General is that the Director should ensure the cancellation of passports and nationality certificates for every applicant who was granted these immigration documents through fraudulent means. That would be a serious and very decisive statement against the holders of these types of documents, and so, the Senate asked the Immigration Director about that. Here's here response:

    What Will Come Out Of Senate Hearings?
    And Business Senator Mark Lizarraga told the press after the hearing that these recommendations need to be followed through on to validate the Auditor General's report and the Senate Hearings. For 10 months that the nation has been watching these hearings live, there is cynical concern is that it will be a giant waste of time because nobody will be held accountable for all the wrongs at the immigration department. Senator Lizarraga, who acted as the Protem Chairman in yesterday's hearing, told us that the director's comments on these recommendations indicates more clearly who is responsible for carrying through to ensure that there is a criminal investigation - and that fraudulent immigration documents are canceled. Here's how he explained it:

    Cattle Rancher Missing After Running From Gunmen
    And finally tonight, police from the Dangriga formation have spent the past four hours or so looking for a man who was the victim of an armed assault of mile 18 on the Valley Road this evening. At around 4:30 - the man, who is a butcher from Bullet Tree in the Cayo District was in the area to inquire about a cattle purchase. They were walking to the area when two men appeared, and one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire on the pair. They ran in different directions. One of the men has been found, and he told police he saw his partner get shot. But despite intensive search efforts, police could not find the other man, and the area is a thick jungle. They retired late tonight will resume the search early tomorrow.

    Channel 5

    Vigil at Battlefield Gives Thanks for Return of Kelvin Usher
    At this time, a vigil is taking place at Battlefield Park where family, friends and peers of Kelvin Usher have gathered to give thanks for his safe return.  Usher surfaced [...]

    Mother Karima Williams Overwhelmed and Relieved
    As we said, tonight Kelvin Usher is safe at home, reunited with his family. Missing since Sunday, the teenager surfaced this morning, according to police, not far from where he [...]

    Lost Teen ‘Followed the Sun’ to Come Home
    At a press conference held by Prime Minister Barrow this afternoon, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams recounted parts of Kelvin Usher’s disappearance, following a debriefing at the Raccoon Street [...]

    No Police Involvement; G.S.U. Best Practices to be Reviewed
    During the interrogation by ACP Williams this morning, Usher was asked several questions pertaining to the incident, particularly whether he was roughed up by the officers or had been held [...]

    P.M. Absolves Kelvin – No Charges!
    So, with all the drama of Kelvin’s disappearance finally over, will he face similar drug related-charges that were levied against his father on Monday?  It’s a question that was posed [...]

    Junior Collegians Call Out S.J.C., Skip Classes
    On Wednesday, students from SJC JC took the streets in an impromptu protest seeking answers on the disappearance of a student of the premier institution.  It was a most significant [...]

    P.M. Barrow Looks for Changes in G.S.U.
    The Gang Suppression Unit, with all the flak that it has received since being established, is completely off the hook in the Kelvin Usher debacle.  Prime Minister Barrow made that [...]

    S.P.U. Accused in Latest Menace Near School
    But even as Prime Minister Dean Barrow was addressing the nation and promising reformation of the Gang Suppression Unit, members of the police department were menacing residents of south side [...]

    Fuel Prices Going Down “Soon, Soon”
    As fuel prices skyrocket, the government is sticking to its guns that its share of taxes is not responsible for the steady increases in prices and is promising a reduction [...]

    Thumbs Up for Franz Parke
    Turning to judicial matters, the appointment of Franz Parke as a Justice of the Court of Appeal is going through. The Jamaican-American has legal qualification from the University of the [...]

    Why No Statement, Amy Forte?
    Through her attorney, she approached Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s office to clear her good name in relation to a land transaction involving the son of ex-Lands Minister Gaspar Vega. But [...]

    B.T.L. Gets a Boost from G.O.B.
    After an uptick in 2016, Belize Telemedia Limited is reporting less profit in 2017 of just over twenty million dollars. At the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday evening, it [...]

    Disciplinary, Not Criminal Charges for Cops Who Stole Coke
    Rogue officers continue to make headlines after a number of cases involving law-breaking policemen have been reported.  Three members of the Special Patrol Unit are under investigation tonight and it [...]

    Criminal Charges for Corporal Who Drew Gun in New Asia Restaurant
    A wild night on the town on Tuesday will result in criminal charges being brought against two police officers who were involved in an incident inside a Chinese restaurant.  During [...]

    Bar Brawl Charges Coming in San Pedro
    While the commander of the Professional Standards Branch is busy with internal investigations, there is one more incident that’s presently being looked into.  A pair of off-duty officers were involved [...]

    Immigration to Assist Police in Criminal Investigation
    The majority of the recommendations made by the Senate Special Select Committee is either accepted or in some cases has already been implemented in one form or another. But Director [...]

    Who Will Bell the Immigration Cat?
    It has been a particular practice of Business Community Senator Mark Lizarraga to go through the Auditor General’s recommendations across her three-volume report with all of the witnesses, where possible, [...]

    Are New Belizeans Renouncing Guatemala?
    Because of the relationship between Belize and Guatemala, the road to acquiring Belizean citizenship by Guatemalans is somewhat complicated. The Guatemalan national must sign a renunciation form in Belize and [...]

    No Blank Cheques for Senate Inquiry
    There has been widespread objection to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s decision to disallow further allocations from the budget for the Senate Special Select Committee. The last allocation approved in August [...]

    Hiccups Found after Immigration Promotions
    Earlier this year, there were rumblings in the Immigration Department after twenty-nine officers were slated for promotion despite concerns about their worth. Minister of State Beverly Williams assured News Five [...]

    Healthy Living: What You Should Ask Your Pharmacist
    They are one of the key members of your healthcare team yet we very often simplify their role in our care. After seeing the doctor and getting your diagnosis; you’re [...]


    Pesero Viciously Beaten In Robbery In Ranchito Village
    A pesero from Ranchito Village was the victim of a brutal assault and robbery that occurred in the wee hours of this morning. Reports to CTV-3 news are that well-known money exchanger Everaldo Magana was leaving his home in Ranchito Village early this morning when he was ambushed by a group of three men. The men, who were armed, ordered that he hand over money that he had in his possession, and began to viciously assault him. We understand he suffered major injuries to his face and head. The robbers then left with an undisclosed amount of money.


    BTL faces stiff competition from Social Media
    The Belize Telemedia Limited, held its annual general meeting last night in Belize City. Discussed during the meeting is the performance of the company for 2016-2017 fiscal year. CEO Rochus Schreiber spoke to the media. Rochus Schreiber – CEO of BTL “Well when you look at telecommunication companies there are several metrics that you have […]

    PM Barrow comments on GSU
    As we told you earlier, the Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a press where he addressed the situation that has captured national attention and has once more placed the Police Department’s Gang Suppression Unit in the forefront and not for very constructive reasons. According to the PM, he met this morning with the Belize Police […]

    PM Barrow comments on fuel prices
    Fuel prices are at an all-time high but not for long says the Prime Minister. Importation of petroleum products from PDVSA under the PetroCaribe program was temporarily suspended. This led the government to import fuel from El Salvador, leading to the increase of fuel prices. However, today the Prime Minister told the press that fuel […]

    PM Barrow comments on Forte’s case
    Why hasn’t Amy Forte filed an official complaint with the Belize Police Department? The Major Crimes Unit of the Belize Police Department was tasked in investigating the allegation made by Forte but without her official complaint there is not much they can do. Forte named was called as the one who signed land documents. Through […]

    Police’s list of misconduct gets longer
    Police who are charged to uphold the law and keep the peace, of late, are acting in ways unbecoming of an officer. Today Assistant Commissioner of Police who heads the Professional Standards Branch, Chester Williams, spoke of an incident that took place a month ago in the western part of the country, where a number […]

    Kelvin Usher returns
    Seventeen-year-old Kelvin Usher has returned home. He was found sometime early this morning along the Old Northern Highway. (VO STARTS)He was taken to his Father’s house on Sibun Street in Belize City where a group of family, friends, and neighbors gathered while police personnel spoke with the family inside Usher’s house. In the meantime, the […]

    Citizen Security Seminar unites Latin America and the Caribbean
    Minister Elodio Aragon Jr., delivered opening remarks today at the first ever European Union – Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, EU-CELAC, Citizen Security Seminar in the Hague, Netherlands. Belize is currently the CELAC Co-Coordinator, along with the Republic of Panama. The EU-CELAC Citizen Security Seminar is the first of its kind, joining the […]

    Man remanded for rape
    Twenty-two year old Martin Martinez, a security guard of a Tibruce Street address, was charged with 4 sexual offences when he appeared today before Magistrate Aretha Ford. The charges were rape, unlawful sexual intercourse and 2 counts of sexual assault. Magistrate Ford explained to Matinez that she will not take a plea because two of […]

    Two fined over $4,000 each for illegal fishing
    Two fishermen, 45 year old Ismael Vernon and 33 year old Pedro Trujeque, were each fined over $4,000 today by Magistrate Aretha Ford after they pled guilty several fisheries offences. Vernon and Trujeque pled guilty to possession of 37 parts of Logger Head Turtles. They were each fined $3,700 plus $5 court cost for them. […]

    Man narrowly escapes death
    Brian Lopez is lucky to be alive today after he was shot to the back of the head last night. Lopez who is from the Arizona Estate in Ladyville Village reported to police that he was walking on the Maime Road, when he was approached by a man who had what appeared to be a […]

    The Guardian

    Teenager missing in bushes of Lucky Strike
    Family members of 17 year old Kelvin Usher have intensified their search for the young man and the police department officially joined in the efforts on Tuesday. Usher was reported missing on Sunday September 24. On that day, police conducted a raid on a farm in Lucky Strike village where they found Cameron Kelvin Usher, the young man’s father, supposedly cultivating marijuana. He was charged with cultivation of 121 plants of marijuana. He was offered bail in the sum of 10 thousand dollars which he met and his case was adjourned until December 29.

    ASR to distribute 6 Million dollars in shares to BSI employees
    The Guardian Newspaper has confirmed that American Sugar Refineries (ASR) the parent company of BSI declared dividends in August of this year. The declaration is the first time that such has taken place since the company bought over Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSIL) which is the sugarcane processor in Tower Hill. That acquisition took place in October of 2012. Now almost 5 years later the company has declared a whopping six million dollars in dividends to the BSI Employee Holdings Limited which holds 21 point 4 percent of the shareholdings. The 6 million dollars will be distributed over the next three weeks.

    Bail granted in 6 year old murder case
    The trial against Nelson Henry Jr. began in June 2017 for the June 2011 murder of Edward Emmanuel Lord. Henry has been in confinement for over six years but at trial on September 22, 2017, he was freed from being confined in a prison cell as he awaits the conclusion of his trial. At his most recent trial Henry Jr. appeared before Justice Lucas. The Justice offered Henry Jr. bail in the sum of $25,000 plus one surety of the same after referring to the constitution. Justice Lucas stated that the constitution gives the right to an accused person to be granted bail when he is not tried within a reasonable time.

    Attorney General leads Belizean delegation on an Official Visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan)
    Three members of Cabinet are currently being hosted on a foreign mission to the Republic of China (Taiwan) which commenced on September 24th and ends on September 29th, 2017. The Belizean delegation is led by Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte and includes Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation Hon. Anthony Martinez; Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Immigration, with responsibility for Immigration, Hon. Beverly Williams; and Director of the Government of Belize Press Office Mr. Dorian Pakeman. The official visit is intended to further strengthen the longstanding partnership between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan). On the first day of the working visit, the delegation met with the National Immigration Agency where topics such as immigration policy, border protection, and human trafficking were discussed.

    Dam break simulation in Cayo
    On Tuesday September 26, a simulation exercise was carried out involving a multi-disaster and emergency response scenario. The simulation centered on the breaking of the Chalillo Dam it included participation from Belize Electricity Company Limited (BECOL), the security forces and other departments and agencies involved in the various aspects of disaster and emergency management. NEMO National Emergency Coordinator Colonel (ret.) Shelton DeFour elaborated on the exercise as follows:

    Celebrating the 21st of September in the West
    Belizeans in the West celebrated the 35th anniversary of Belize’s Independence last Thursday. A number of events were held under the theme, “Belize - Confronting challenges! Celebrating triumphs! Renewing our resolve!” Master of ceremonies for the Independence Celebrations at the Santa Elena Sports Complex was UDP Chairman Alberto August. It was at that occasion that Representatives from the various divisions highlighted their achievements. After reviewing the Belize Defense Force guard, the Hon. Rene Montero reminded that Cayo was the largest District in the Country, with the second to the largest population, and now has the longest bridge. “The San Ignacio and Santa Elena bypass is five hundred and five feet long, forty four feet above normal water level, comes with two vehicular lanes as well as a pedestrian pathway, he said.

    Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. represents Belize in the European Union - CELAC Action Plan ‘Chapter 10’ Seminar
    Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign and Home Affairs, Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. is this week at The Hague in Netherlands representing Belize in the European Union - CELAC Action Plan ‘Chapter 10’ Seminar, which deals with Citizen Security. Honorable Aragon delivered the opening remarks as Belize is co-coordinator along with Panama for EU-CELAC. The official CELAC website describes the organization as follows: The “Community of Latin American and Caribbean States” (CELAC) is an intergovernmental mechanism for dialogue and political agreement, which includes thirty-three countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was created with a commitment to advance the gradual process of regional integration, unity and carefully balancing political, economic, social and cultural diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean, representing some 600 million people.

    Two of three Sugar cane producers support ASR investment in BSI
    In the middle of September ASR broke ground for the construction of an investment which will see Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSIL) begin the production of value added sugars in country. The investment is for 22 million dollars and has happened despite one of the sugarcane suppliers - the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) not supporting the investment. While that is BSCFA’s position two other suppliers the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association (CSCPA and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association (PSCPA) issued a press release on Tuesday September 26th, supporting the investment.

    Fires leave man in Boom homeless and other man without a business
    On Sunday September 24, 2017 about 5:55 a.m., police responded to information of a house fire at the Burrell Boom Village. They visited the area where they saw a 32 ft x 24 ft wooden structure engulfed in flames. At the back of the building, a 16 ft x 14 ft structure was also under flames. No one was in the house at the time. While on the scene, police spoke with Patty Seguro who informed them that the house was occupied by her son, Dyron Hyde, and his daughters, who were out of town.

    Training in coconut water and oil standards
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) through the Regional Coconut Development Project are holding public stakeholder sensitization sessions in Coconut Standards: Specification and Code of Hygienic Practice for Pre-Packaged Coconut Water and Specification for Coconut Oil.

    Banana farm and homes in Cowpen benefit from EU and BEL Electrification Project
    According to a representative from the Belize Electricity Limited, Vonetta Burrell, Public Relations Manager, the current coverage of BEL in the country is at 92% and is expected to reach 98% by 2020. With a GOB-EU-BEL initiative over 200 communities and a total of 5,000 households in both new and existing communities will be impacted. The project will require approximately $35 million to achieve and as a part of achieving that, residents in Cowpen have received electricity for the first time. As a part of the European Union’s mission to improve lives, as well as that shared mission with BEL, several banana farms were beneficiaries of the project. Media personnel were taken on a tour of the Go Bananas! Farm along with Malgorzata Wasilewska, EU Ambassador, to get a firsthand experience on the difference electrification has made on the lives of the residents of Cowpen, the workers on the farms, as well as the overall functionality of the farm.

    Expected moderation in fuel prices
    In the last few weeks Belize has seen a sharp increase in fuel prices due to a confluence of negative factors influencing the acquisition costs of refined fuel sourced by Belize. Such factors included a temporary irregularity in supply under the Petrocaribe Program and also limitation in supply from alternate sources due to the effects from Hurricane Harvey. The increases in the pump price were not driven by any increase in import duties or excise taxes which are fixed, specific-rate taxes, and which have not changed since the beginning of the Government’s financial year in April 2017.

    Upgrade to Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System
    Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Friday September 22nd for the upgrade of Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System. The upgrade comes under the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) 2013. The upgrade of Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System Phase 1 for a length of 3.2 km (2 miles), worth a total of BZ$ 2,688,885.10, is being financed by the European Union and the Government of Belize through funds from the BAM 2013 programme. The Hopkins Village Main Street is of major importance for the social development of southern Belize. The village main street rehabilitation includes the supply, construction, installation and completion of over three (3) kilometers of road with base material and double chip seal to pavement standards; eighty (80) meters of road concrete pavement; three hundred (300) meters of concrete culverts and nearly three (3) kilometers of V drains; over six (6) kilometers of water supply pipeline with assemblies and fittings along the road; two (2) concrete pedestrian crossings; road markings and over hundred (100) traffic signs.

    Integrity Commission publishes names of politicians who failed to declare their assets
    The Integrity Commission of Belize, in accordance with the Prevention of Corruption Act #21 of 2007, hereby informs the public that the Commission has duly informed all those persons in public life of their duty to file their declaration of their financial affairs for the year ending 31st December, 2016. The Commission further informs the public that these persons in public life were further reminded to adhere to Sections 10 (1), 10(2) (b), and (c); Sections 14(1), (2), and Section 19.

    Johnny’s desperate speech
    If one did not know better, after listening to the Independence Day Address delivered by Belize’s Constitutional Leader of the Opposition, Hon John Briceño, one could have easily assumed that nothing positive, was going on in Belize. His speech was full of negatives. And to put it blankly, we don’t even know if many of those negative things that he spoke of are really factual. We don’t know who wrote the speech for Johnny this year, but what we suspect, is that there is a mole/speech writer in Johnny’s camp. That person is perhaps someone who Johnny trusts, but that person is also friendly to the Musa faction of the PUP. Whomever that person is, he or she, was used to set up Johnny and thus make Johnny look bad .We suspect that the task of setting up Johnny was not a difficult job to accomplish because Johnny was a very easy mark. He is not one of the sharpest knives in the drawer. In fact he may be right down there at the bottom of the drawer with persons like Raddo and other notable PUP dull knives.

    Pink eye affects entire country
    As of September 10 there has been a countrywide outbreak of conjunctivitis, commonly know as pink eye, the ailment is caused by a bacteria or virus irritating the eyes. As of Tuesday September 26, a total of 1,666 cases have been reported to medical authorities. According to the Ministry of Health, there were 655 cases in Corozal; in Orange Walk there were 231; in Belize City there were 423; the Cayo district saw 272 cases; the Stann Creek District had 67 and the Toledo district 18. Symptoms of conjunctivitis include: Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid; watery eyes; thick yellow discharge that crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep; itchy eyes; blurred vision and increased sensitivity to light.

    PM Barrow’s Independence Day address
    Before I begin my address proper, I wish to offer condolences to our sister countries in the Caribbean on the destruction and loss of life suffered in consequence of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Belize will join the rest of Caricom in doing whatever we can to help. I also extend solidarity to our northern neighbor Mexico, as that great country seeks to recover from the double blow of two earthquakes in as many weeks. Last year at this time I lamented what appeared to be the fractious state of political and social relations in our Belizean democracy: the two major political parties were going at it hammer and tongs; the religious community was split; and the labour movement polarized.

    Cops accused of jacking Chinese store and stealing cocaine
    According to the acting Commissioner of Police, Noel Leal, a multiagency investigation is being conducted by the Professional Standards Branch in relation to allegations that several Special Patrol Unit Officers stole cocaine. The report was made less than a month ago in the western part of the country and since then an operation has been conducted. The drugs were to be submitted as evidence in an investigation but the officers misappropriated the drugs for their personal use. So far, only one of the four officers that have been accused of the crime is cooperating. In light of the situation, the police received preliminary reports and are presently seeking legal advice. The matter might be headed to the court but in the meantime, the officers are not on indictment and are presently on duty.

    Sense Out of Nonsense
    The unexplained disappearance of a promising young man has hit the Belizean consciousness like a wrecking ball. Rumors running wild and conspiracy theories cooked up by the minute are doing very little to help in locating the young man or at the very least establish what might have occurred. These are a few of the “facts” that are known at this time. Members of the GSU (five officers) acting on information visited an area in the Lucky Strike Village where they came upon a farm where cannabis was being cultivated. Upon arrival, according to the police they saw two persons in the middle of the field, one of whom ran away into the bushes. The police say they fired three to four rounds into the air.

    Belize’s first TechExpo hosted by BTL
    The first ever TechExpo in Belize is a two-day event at the Best Western Biltmore Hotel on September 27 and 28, 2017. At the event, which was powered by Belize Telemedia Limited, 17 businesses showcased their products and services to the general public and anyone else that attended. According to Ingrid Juarez, Senior Public Relations Representative, BTL, the purpose of the expo was to show the public what BTL, a telecommunications company, has to offer as it pertains to the latest in technology trends as well as bringing together local, regional, and international companies with the same purpose in mind.

    Strange death of Belizean American in Hattieville
    For 13 days now, police have been unsure about the questionable death of 78 year-old Karl Leslie. He’s a Belizean American retiree who lived in Hattieville, but his family and friends are asserting to the press that he was murdered. His body was discovered inside his home in Hattieville on Thursday, September 14, and since then, police have been trying to determine if he was killed, or if he died of natural causes. The police press office has released information saying that the doctor’s post mortem showed that Leslie died of a fluid in the brain - most likely blood, and that his spinal cord was broken in two places. They are currently referring to it as a “death investigation”.

    Road traffic accident claims life of 12 year old
    Daphnie Polanco, a 12 year-old resident of the Stann Creek District, was killed in a traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Independence Day. Her family got into a traffic accident with persons who were rushing to get out in front of the heavy traffic after the Orange Walk Carnival Road March. The two vehicles in the accident flipped multiple times before coming to a complete stop. It happened some time before 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 21, 2017, at mile 26 and a half. Daphnie Polanco, was traveling with her family members in a blue Mazda 4X4 pickup. In the vehicle with her at the time were David Polanco, Darcie Lopez-Polanco, Davina Polanco, Davisha Polanco, and Tyrone Parham. They were heading in the direction of Belize City, when they were hit by a grey Toyota Corolla car which was also heading in the same direction.

    Remanded for attempted murder
    A teenager was arraigned on Friday, September 22, 2017 in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on criminal charges for the shooting in which Aaron King was the victim. He is 18-year-old Moses Anthony Babb. Babb appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford where he was read three criminal charges: one count of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm with a deadly weapon, and kept unlicensed firearm without being granted a gun license.

    Police take 4 guns in 4 hours, one family says they were tricked
    Police from the Special Assignment Team (SAT) have removed 4 weapons and 37 rounds of ammunition off the streets over the weekend. The first major seizure happened on Saturday night, September 23, at around 8:30. That’s when the SAT searched an alley off Lakeview Street, and they discovered a black plastic bag near a fence. Inside this bag, the officers found 14 live rounds of .38 ammunition, and an additional 22 rounds of Aguila brand ammunition. Nobody was present at the time of the search, and so they were deposited as found property.

    Gun lands man in prison
    Santiago Romero, a 23-year-old sales person of Libertad Village, Corozal, was allegedly busted in Belize City in possession of a prohibited firearm. He appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford on Friday, September 22, 2017 where he was read a single charge of a kept prohibited firearm. He was found with a .45 calibre pistol. Romero pleaded not guilty to the charge but due to the nature of the offense, he was denied bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until November 30, 2017.

    Stabbed by brother-in- law in Orange Walk
    Police visited the Northern Regional Hospital on Friday, September 22, 2017 at around 4:45 p.m. There they saw Ajit Ramclam, a 34-year-old man of Orange Walk Town, with stab wounds to the back and a cut wound to the right hand. He was admitted to ward in a stable condition. Investigation revealed that Ramclam visited his girlfriend’s house located on Marcelino Tun St.where he got into an altercation with her brother who reportedly inflicted the stab wounds with a knife. Police investigations continue.

    Belmopan Police charge persons for robbery
    On the eve of the 21st, two individual minors reported to Belmopan Police that they were robbed of their electronic devices. The robbery occurred while they were walking on the Central Walkway in Belmopan at night. As a result of these two incidents, two separate investigative teams were formed to focus on these robberies. Such an approach by police has produced dividends as most of the items have been recovered and persons charged. Andre Cho has been charged singularly for the first report of robbery while Sanjay Casey and Steven Harris were charged jointly for the second report.

    Woman is stabbed and her television is stolen from home
    On September 22, 2017 at 4:45 a.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw 45-year-old Romie Anthony of La Croix Boulevard, Belize City suffering from stab wounds to her neck. Investigations revealed that earlier that morning, Anthony was at her home when she was awoken by noise coming from the hall. Upon making checks, she saw two men dressed in dark clothing with masks covering their faces. They were trying to remove her flat screen television from the wall. The men grabbed her and one stabbed her to her neck with a sharp object and then took her to her room where they tied her with an electrical cord. After the culprits left, she managed to untie herself and noticed that her television was missing. Police are investigating.

    Woman damages ex-husband’s new partner’s car
    A woman was charged with damage to property after she visited the home of her ex-husband’s lover and damaged her parked vehicle. She is Shelly Pacheco, a resident of Princess Margaret Drive and a manager. Pacheco and her estranged husband have been having problems in their relationship and the allegations against her are that on May 27, 2017, she damaged the rear light and the right side of a Toyota Camry, property of Anna Benitos. Benitos requested court action and as a result, Pachecho appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser on September 20, 2017.

    Chinese grocer shot and killed on Vernon Street
    Bainan Wu, a 57 year-old a Chinese Belizean businessman, was shot and killed inside his grocery store in the Lake Independence Area of Belize City. It is believed that he was killed in an armed robbery gone bad. He is the first Chinese business owner to be murdered in the City in 4 years. It happened sometime around 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 25, at his business place, Xi He Li, located on the corner of Santa Barbara and Vernon Streets. It is unclear what exactly happened in those moments, but reports to the press are that Wu was waiting as he normally does for customers to come in and buy his merchandise. Unfortunately, on this night, an armed robber walked into his shop. That man, who remains unidentified at this time, reportedly ordered him at gunpoint to hand over all his money from the cash register. That would have been the day’s sales, and Wu reportedly refused to comply.

    Dragons and Belize Bank Bulldogs even in Firms Basketball Finals
    The Belize District Basketball Association Firms Competition commenced its championship round on Friday 22nd September, 2017, with the first game in the best of three finals at the Swift Hall in Belize City, between the Belize City Council Dragons and the Belize Bank Bulldogs. In the first game played, the Belize Bank Bulldogs defeated the Belize City Council Dragons by the score of 87-72 to take the first game of the series. The top scorers for the Belize Bank Bulldogs were Brian White with 34 points, 9 rebounds and an assist; Roderick Williams with 17 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists and a steal and Dominique Guzman who contributed 12 points to go along with his 2 rebounds. The third and final game, which will be for all the marbles will be played on Friday 29th September at 8:00 pm.

    Belize Athletics Association to hold Annual General Assembly
    The Belize Athletics Association will hold its 2017 Annual General Assembly at the Edward P Yorke High School, Princess Margaret Drive, on 21st October, 2017 at 2:00 pm. All members are required to pay their 2017 annual dues by the 16th October, 2017. All members are asked to please bring along their identification cards. The highlight of the General Assembly will be the elections of officers for the executive.

    Verdes FC whitewashed San Pedro Pirates FC in Premier League competition
    The Premier League of Belize Opening Season competition continued on Sunday September 24, 2017, with four games on the schedule. At the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, Verdes FC blanked the visiting San Pedro Pirates FC by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Denmark Casey in the 68th minute of play to give his team the victory. At the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga Town, the defending champions and the current leaders of the Opening Season competition Bandits Sports edged out the host team Wagiya by the score of 2-1.

    Ladyville FC leads Leal’s Football Cup Tournament
    The 2017 Leal’s Football Cup Competition continued on Sunday 24th September with 4 games on the schedule. In the first game played, Ladyville FC and Lucky Strike FC played to a 2-2 draw. The goals for Ladyville FC were scored by David Ramos and Raheem Swaso while the goals for Lucky Strike FC were scored by Elvis Godoy and Travis Heredia. In game two, HVYSC defeated Sandhill New Site Warriors by the score of 6-1. The goals for HVYSC were scored by Marcus Lewis (3), Tylon Dyer, Carlton Rogers and Jadon McGregor. For Sandhill New Site Warriors, the only goal of the game was scored by Elan White.

    National Track and Field Championship set for October
    The Belize Athletics Association invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will take place at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on October 7-8, 2017. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned back to the Belize Athletics Association via email [email protected] or from their Facebook page (Belize Athletics Association) or at the Marion Jones Sports Complex.

    Conscious Youth Development Programme Peace Cup 2017 start
    The 2017 Conscious Youth Development Programme Peace Cup Football competition commenced on Saturday September 24, at the MCC Grounds with three games on the schedule. In the first game played, Kelly Street defeated Police United FC by the score of 10-1. The goals for Kelly Street were scored by Steven Baizar (4), Kennen Lopez, Tarique Muschamp, Delroy Andrews, Robert Sutherland (own goal), John King and Naim Wilson. Meanwhile, the only goal of the game for the Police United FC was scored by Jeremy Archer. The competition will continue this coming weekend at the MCC Grounds.

    One of the definitions that the Urban Dictionary gives to the phrase ‘Freudian slip’ is: A typographical error, misspelling, or slip of the tongue of which is thought to reveal a hidden subconscious emotion. On Monday, September 18, 2017 Channel 7NEWS classified Wil much more eloquently than I could ever hope to! Concerning the word “ass” in their text, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to trying to figure out what exactly was the thinking of the journalist! The idiots who continuously provoke Guatemala – and the pack of donkeys that bray them on, could not be more correctly categorized! Belize does NOT need Wil or the stupidly named ‘Belize Territorial Volunteers’ to irritate our aggressive foe. Wil is not Foreign Minister, patriot or hero; he will get Belizeans hurt or killed. The very deliberate and wise actions of the British Foreign Office way back in the 1850’s are directly responsible for securing this Territory. Said Musa is right in saying that we have an “iron clad” case. So let’s march the Guatemalans into court! The greedy PUP wants to derail the process for partisan political gain.

    Warring like the Greeks
    While our wars in Belize are not against gods or heroes, they are wars nonetheless; wars against our brothers, against our communities, and often times against ourselves. Working in the news field for the last six months has opened my eyes to many issues I used to shrug my shoulders at. Rape and murder have always left a sour taste in my mouth but now robbery, drug wars, and other social injustices irate the black woman in me. More often than not, a black man is the perpetrator in these crimes and at times he is even the victim. It is easy to criticize and to pass judgment. It is even easier to become angry. For the last six months, that is all I’ve felt toward the plethora of crime stories that has racked up; anger, disappointment, and all things negative.

    Youth Talks - Is Karma really real
    Why do bad things happen to good people? Just last night on the evening news we were reminded of travesties that are happening all around us. As young people, we are constantly trying to make sense of our world. As we try to establish our own principles and values in life, sometimes things happen, that shake our beliefs at their core. Does justice prevail? Do good things really come to those who wait? Is honesty really the best policy? One that I’m sure we’ve all heard before is, “what goes around comes around” or maybe you’ve seen a person get what was coming to them and thought, “That’s karma for you.” But these according to the Social Science of Psychology, are shades of what is known as the “Just World Fallacy”.

    Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
    Our theme this week is “It is Finished.” In the Gospel of John, chapter 19, verse 30, we read: When He had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, He bowed his head and gave up His spirit. There is a lot of activity going on in the spirit world, in response to our prayers. When Jesus went to the cross His last statement was, “It is finished.” He was letting us know that what He did has released all the power and anointing we will ever need to change the world. But these things are hidden for us and not from us. For example if you have an expensive piece of jewelry you will hide it in a strong place for safekeeping, so that no unauthorized person will get access to it.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Demonstration despite Usher’s return
    Protestors who had originally planned to demonstrate for the safe return of Kelvin Usher, still took the street today even after Usher’s return. A gathering of over 350 people, mostly youths from various tertiary education institutions and community groups, marched from Save-U to the Battlefield Park in downtown Belize city, to register their discontent with various social issues, including corruption and high gas prices.

    BPP says Integrity commission “falls short”
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) issued a release today stating that they noted that the Integrity Commission gazetted the names of those persons in public life who are not in compliance with Section 14 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA) (No. 21 of 2007), for failure to disclose their assets, income and liabilities.

    Illegal loggers arrested & fined for unlawful possession of forest produce
    Pablo Valladarez, a 47-year-old resident of Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District, was fined $22,838 for illegal possession of Mahogany yesterday. According to a release from the Forest Department, police and Forest Department officials intercepted Valladarez, Catalino Copo, Nelson Mosa, and Aurelio Mai, residents of Guinea Grass and Santa Martha villages, hauling illegally harvested Mahogany on the Old Northern Highway, Orange Walk District, on September 24th, 2017.

    BBN to receive ASUS laptop from Taiwan Embassy
    Breaking Belize News (BBN) has been selected to receive a donation of an ASUS laptop from the Embassy of the Republic of China-Taiwan. One of the world’s top three consumer notebook brands, ASUS has a foundation that donates notebooks aimed to bridge the digital gap through non governmental organizations and schools.

    Imports down, exports way down in August
    While Belize lessened its expenditure on imports by 9.5 percent for the month of August, the country’s exports fell by 61.8 percent in the same month. The latest external trade bulletin produced by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) showed that the country spent $143.2 million on imports in August, a $15 million drop compared to last year; however, the country only made to $22.7 million in exports. The decline in exports represents a $36.7 million loss when compared to last year.

    Home Affairs Minister opens 1st EU-CELAC Citizen Security Seminar
    The Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon Jr., delivered opening remarks today at the first ever European Union- Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) Citizen Security Seminar being held from September 27-28, 2017 in Hague, Netherlands.

    Kelvin Usher found
    According to confirmed reports from Kelvin Usher’s family, the seventeen-year-old boy who has been missing from Sunday has been found alive. Usher’s disappearance had triggered public outrage after he went missing and members of the family and public felt the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) had been withholding information regarding his whereabouts. A protest was held yesterday by students, family and friends demanding answers.

    Kelvin Usher and the GSU – More questions than answers
    Belizeans are irate, and rightfully so, over the circumstances surrounding the strange disappearance of Kelvin Usher. His name, prayers for his safe return and support for his family has dominated social media over the last few days.

    Immigration Director says former ministers still agents in Immigration
    Yesterday, hearings resumed for the Senate Special Select Committee and Diana Locke, current Immigration Director, was called to testify. Locke had already testified during two sessions but the committee still had other questions for her.

    NEMO dam simulation exercise in Cayo
    Yesterday, a simulation exercise was carried out involving a multi-disaster and emergency response scenario in San Ignacio town. It included participation from Belize Electricity Company Limited (BECOL), the security forces and other departments and agencies involved in the various aspects of disaster and emergency management.

    Belmopan police hosts movie night
    Last night, the Belmopan Police formation hosted a movie/ice cream night for the kids of Maya Mopan, San Martin and Salvapan.

    Belize~ Depression within a depressed Economy
    By Richard Harrison: The economy of Belize is depressed….and August to October are the slowest months of the TOURISM INDUSTRY….upon which the entire country increasingly depends….as the other traditional agricultural industries are either compromised in sales….or in profits….mostly because the UDP government have stuck with economic policies of the colony of British Honduras…refusing to adopt and adapt new economic policies for an independent, competitive and productive Belize.

    No air condition for over 3 months at San Ignacio Hospital
    Breaking Belize News has confirmed that the San Ignacio Hospital has been without air condition (AC) for over 3 months now. The hospital was designed with little natural ventilation as a centralized AC system was to ventilate and maintain a comfortable temperature in the main hospital building and the wards where patients are kept.


    Celebrating World Tourism Day with the Best of Belize
    Having recently celebrated its 36th Independence anniversary, today’s Belize is a country of diversity with tourism as its leading industry. Looking back to the days before independence, Belize was not regarded as a place to travel due to lack of infrastructure to cater to mass tourism. However, this little jewel, nestled in between Central America and the Caribbean, was always bound to be one of the top travel destinations in the area. From sandy beaches with crystal waters, to lush jungles with cascading waterfalls and even a touch of mystery left behind by our Maya ancestors, “the land of the free by the Carib Sea” seems to have it all!

    Actualizing a Dream Moving From Colorado to Belize
    So many people are trying to find their way to paradise and looking at how to make it happen when they retire, or in some cases like mine, earlier. Some come with the intention of buying an already operating business or starting their own while others find their way within the existing work world. This guest post comes from a guy who knew what he wanted and took the chance to make it happen for his family. Hey everyone, My name is William Narod, AKA, the “Paradise Guy” and I came to Belize in early 2015 with a dream and a vision for our future. Although I had been successful as an agent, broker-owner, and investor in the Colorado Real Estate market for the last 26 years, I had also always dreamed of a life by the sea in a warm tropical destination. Beyond the perfect climate, friendly people, close proximity to North America, white sandy beaches, and 80+ degree crystal clear waters, exposing my children to a diverse culture was also a big priority. Additionally, investing in the Belize real estate market made a lot of sense after analyzing leading indicators like tourism, increased flights, and steady long term real estate appreciation.

    Two dozen questions on living in Belize — and not one is answered just ‘yes’ or ‘no’
    The e-mail said, we have a few questions about living an expat life that we would like you to answer. And it shouldn’t take more than five minutes . . . that’s when I knew the e-mail was from an editor. No writing should take anyone more than five minutes to complete, according to every editor for which I’ve ever worked. That’s how editors think. That’s their job. So, three hours later, this is what I came up with. I’ve said it before, I like these questionnaires. They are lazy work for the person who sends them out, but they can prove enlightening for the person who must reach down inside and come up with some answers — about 24 of them in this case.

    International Sourcesizz

    JU nursing prof, Army vet, heads to Belize as Fulbright Scholar
    Jacksonville University nursing professor Carla Fry was going to take a sailboat to Belize in December, where she will teach and research for a semester as a Fulbright Scholar. Enter Hurricane Irma: The boat was docked in Key West and was badly damaged in the storm. So it might be time for Plan B. But she’ll get to Belize somehow — the latest step in a journey that goes back almost 33 years, to when she was growing up in Canton, Ohio, 17 years old and not quite 100 pounds. She had her eye on college, but that would be tough financially in a working-class family where no one had gone past high school. That’s when she told her family she was joining the Army. She even brought a recruiter by the house.

    How the most important city in Central America was abandoned and then rebuilt
    TOMORROW is the 300th anniversary of one of the most destructive earthquakes in the history of the Americas, yet few people other than students of the area and period will know of it. That’s because Guatemala was and is one of the most earthquake-ridden countries in the world, and the population are so inured to quakes that they reserve the name earthquake for only the biggest ones, and dismiss most quakes as tremors – “temblores” in Spanish. The earthquake on September 29, 1717, levelled the city now known as Antigua Guatemala, then the country’s capital, and began the process of the capital being built anew – what we now know as Guatemala City. Incredibly, in a dreadful coincidence, Guatemala City was itself hit by a horrendous earthquake almost 200 years to the day after the 1717 quake. The people of Guatemala are thus marking the two historical disasters.


  • Independence Day Jump Up Parade, 1min. Here it is! The Independence Day Jump Up Parade Highlight video! Thanks to Ben & Joana from Island Films for creating capturing these moments and to Ernestine Carballo for a great song to go with it!

  • Aerial overfly of downtown San Pedro, 1min.

  • Students Lead Lunchtime Protest in Belize City, 4min.

  • Peaceful demonstration organized by the People United Party Northern Caucus ended in chaos, 8min. Yesterday’s peaceful demonstration organized by the People United Party Northern Caucus ended in chaos at the Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk. In an impromptu move the Leader of the Opposition and other representatives of the party along with a group of supporters decided to block the toll bridge. This action quickly escalated into a full blown riot as PUP leaders, supporters and members of the media were tear gassed and manhandled by members of the Belize Police Department. Today Minister of Police Elodio Aragon together with Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster held a press conference where they spoke about the incident and admitted that the Riot Act was not read before any action was taken by authorities.

  • Family of Kelvin Usher, 48min.

  • Tide Fisherman Festival, 25min.

  • Belizean Story time Book Launch, 24min.

  • Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry Senate Select IMF Report, 42min.

  • Belize National Library Services, 16min.

  • Bravo Motors Opens New Branch Office, 15min.

  • Men roughed up by police, 5min. Shots fired. And angry women make police back out of Belize City Neighborhood. Judge for yourself who is right or wrong? Is it police work? Or police wrong?

  • Planting banana trees in Belize, 1min. My neighbor Emmeth showed me how easy it is to plant fig bananas. He's offered to plant bananas, cassava and pineapple all over my acre of land. He is wise. He said, "I don't believe in clearing land without planting something." A simple, beautiful principle to live by, when you're a farmer.

  • BELIZE DEFENCE FORCE, 2.5min. September 9 ,2017 military parade.

  • Meet Jennie Staines who will delight us with her culinary Belizean infused cuisine with us at this year’s SeeandTasteBz, 1min.

    September 28, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Legends F.C and United F.C currently led the 2017 Copa San Pedro Football Tournament
    The first game began at 7pm, with G Strikers facing Boca Bombers, and winning 5-2. At 9pm, Sandy Point defeated One Shot One Kill, with a sound 7-0 final score. Copa San Pedro continues this weekend with six more games. On Thursday, September 28th, One Shot One Kill face Martha’s Ice, and Boca Bombers face Victoria House Jr. On Friday, September 29th, the first game starts at 7pm with Legends F.C facing Assassins F.C, and at 9pm Terror Squad takes on San Mateo F.C. The last two games for the fourth week of Copa San Pedro are scheduled for Sunday, October 1st, starting at 5pm with Jokers F.C facing on G. Strikers. The last game will be at 7pm, with Sandy Point challenging United F.C. All islanders are invited to come out and support their favorite team this weekend.

    Conjunctivitis spreads across Ambergris Caye
    Conjunctivitis – or ‘pink eye” – has spread across the country. After numerous cases reported, the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a press release on September 20th, stating that the Northern and Central Health regions were most affected. San Pedro Town is in the Central Health Region, and according to Belize District Primary Health Care Coordinator Dr. Javier Zuniga, there have been an alarming number of cases reported at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II.

    Ambergris Today

    SP Police Investigate Off-Duty Officers Involved In Wounding At Local Bar
    The San Pedro Police Department is investigating the happenings at a local bar on Ambergris Caye, that left one local resident injured allegedly by two off duty police officers. Shots were fired and 20-year-old Poleto August of DFC area suffered from a cut wound over his left eye. Investigations revealed that about 12:00a.m. two off duty police officers were socializing inside the bar when an altercation ensued between August and the officers. August was allegedly injured by one of the officers. Due to the alteration, patrons that were at the bar started to aggress the officers who then went outside of the bar onto the street where shots were heard, shortly after. Police reports indicate that acting on information received of shots fired in front of a bar located on Glitters Street San Pedro, Belize District, they visited the San Pedro Poly Clinic where they saw 20-year-old Poleto August of DFC area suffering from a cut wound over his left eye.

    See & Taste Belize Festival For Children With Disabilities Of Belize
    See & Taste Belize Inc. will once again celebrate Belize’s vibrant and diverse culture in South Florida represented by a fusion of foods spanning its Mayan, Garifuna, Creole and European heritage. Renowned chefs and artists from Belize will be there to share their gastronomical and artistic talents at a one-day festival. Guests will also enjoy samplings of Belize’s local rum from renowned Traveller’s and Cuello’s as well as our famous Belikin beer, while listening to the tune of the coveted Garifuna Collective. In honor of this Belize Day in Florida, the See & Taste Belize festival will kick start with a Welcome Reception on Friday, October 6th at 6:00 p.m.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    We are so grateful to all our supporters who have helped us reach the $60,000 mark on our CrowdRise campaign; we are almost there! Recently, our colleagues at Panthera-Belize and the Environmental Research Institute (University of Belize) installed trail cameras around Zoo and on the land parcel to be purchased. What they captured in photographs was incredible; our “neighbourhood” is teeming with wildlife roaming freely in search of food, homes, and mates. We were particularly happy to see that they all look so healthy, as well! Below are some of the stunning images for you to enjoy. We are so proud to share them with you, and hope you feel the same pride that your invaluable assistance will help safeguard their critical habitat in the Central Belize Corridor! Please continue to share the CrowdRise campaign far and wide as we continue to rally more support and donations to reach our $100,000 target:

    In the last few weeks Belize has seen a sharp increase in fuel prices due to a confluence of negative factors influencing the acquisition costs of refined fuel sourced by Belize. Such factors included a temporary irregularity in supply under the Petrocaribe Program and also limitation in supply from alternate sources due to the effects from Hurricane Harvey. The increases in the pump price were not driven by any increase in import duties or excise taxes which are fixed, specific-rate taxes, and which have not changed since the beginning of the Government’s financial year in April 2017.

    New stamp Issue – “Belize - Mexico 35 years of Diplomatic Relations and Friendship”
    The Belize Postal Service and the Embassy of Mexico are pleased to announce the release of a new set of commemorative postage stamp. The new set of postage stamp which is being release today, Wednesday, September 27, 2017, is to commemorate thirty-five (35) years of diplomatic relations and friendship shared between our countries, Belize, and Mexico. While the friendship shared between our two countries goes much beyond thirty-five (35) years, this release symbolizes the strong ties of friendship and cooperation that unite the peoples and the governments of both countries. The release of the two stamps also represents the official closing ceremony of the events organized on the occasion of the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Belize and Mexico.

    Open Casting Call for Channel 5
    Saturday October 7, 2017, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, @Channel 5 on Coney Drive

    Annual Walk for a GREEN Belize highway clean-up
    Join the green movement this October 14th, 2017 in the annual Walk for a GREEN Belize highway clean-up event! Help us keep Belize green by cleaning a mile along the George Price Highway. Calling all volunteers, organizations, businesses, and groups to register today! For questions, concerns and more information, kindly contact us at [email protected] or 223-5004 today!

    Chef Kevin Chi at See & Taste Belize 2017
    AND next....introducing another Chef making his entrance to See & Taste Belize 2017! ... Chef Kevin Chi, an up and coming young talented Belizean Chef who is the winner of the 2017 BTB "Taste of Belize" Amateur Chef Competition and sponsored by BTB! Chef Kevin will be merging exotic flavors on a pepitos encrusted fish with grilled tangerine and mojo sauce as well as prepearing a mainstay of our Belizean classic, Pork Dukunu!

    BTB & JGBB Georgia | Carolinas Road Show 2017

    August 2017 External Trade & Consumer Price Index
    For the month of August 2017, Belizean consumers experienced a 0.7 percent increase in the average cost of goods and services frequently purchased by households, when compared to August of 2016. The All-Items Consumer Price Index for the month stood at 104.4, an increase from 103.6 in August of 2016. For the first eight months of 2017, a year-to-date inflation rate of 1.3 percent was recorded. Belize’s total imports for the month of August 2017 were valued at $143.2 million. This was a decrease of 9.5 percent or $15 million from imports for August 2016, which totaled $158.2 million.

    BEL deploys team of linemen to British Virgin Islands
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) deployed a team of five linemen to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) on Monday to assist the BVI Electricity Corporation with power restoration efforts following the destruction caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which battered the group of islands on August 29 and September 18, respectively. As a member of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC), BEL responded to the call for assistance in support of CARILEC's Disaster Response and Restoration Plan for Member Utilities. “Our collective hearts bleed for our Caribbean family, whose lives and way of life have been destroyed by these hurricanes. BEL is joining forces with other CARILEC member utilities and will be sending teams of linemen to support their restoration efforts as thousands of customers are without proper shelter, potable water and electricity among many other basic amenities,” says Mr. Jeffrey Locke, Chief Executive Officer of Belize Electricity Limited and Vice Chairman of CARILEC.

    Mopan River Clean Up 2017
    The Rotaract Club of Benque is teaming up with Oceana to clean up the Mopan river from Benque to Succotz. In related news, Oceana Belize is organizing river and coastal clean ups all over Belize on Saturday. They have a few in Cayo. "Join us for the river clean up campaign on September 30th 2017 at 6am at the Centennial Park. The route from Benque Viejo by "La Bomba" to San Jose Succotz by the ferry."

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Beguiled, Cult of Chucky, My Pet Dinosaur

    Channel 7

    Students Protest For Kelvin
    Where is Kelvin Usher? That is the question on everyone's mind tonight - searches continued today in the Lucky Strike area yet there is still not trace of the 17 year old Sixth Form Student 72 hours after he bolted from police. And the public is growing impatient and angry: today about 90 protesters - led mostly by Kelvin's students and peers - gathered on the Belcan Bridge to demand answers from authorities, mainly the GSU. There is a thick cloud of speculation that the GSU had something to do with Usher's disappearance. The group expressed that sentiment with bitter anger today. Courtney Weatherburne reports.

    Protestors Say They Won't Stop
    The protest ended on the Belcan Bridge around 3:00 - under a strong police presence who kept a very firm presence on the Belcan Bridge. But according to Usher's friends this is just the beginning. They plan to head back out on the streets tomorrow with more force. We caught up with Justin Usher and COLA's Giovanni Brackett after the demonstration and they confirmed as much. Justin Usher, Friend: "Surely we are not ending this protest toady we will start again tomorrow and we want more people to come out tomorrow - all of Kelvin family, friends, everyone that knows him, we want everyone to come out tomorrow because unity is strength."

    GSU Commander Says Shots Were Fired, "Warning Shots"
    And half hour later, the Ministry of Home Affairs convened a press conference at the new Belize City headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event was chaired by Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington who brought the commander of the GSU and the acting commissioner to take all questions. And there are some very tough ones out there - mainly did the GSU fire shots that could have wounded Kelvin Usher and led to his death? Today, the Commander said that when the team decide don the Lucky Strike Plantation, only four warning shots were fired:

    Why Did The GSU Enter The Plantation Gun Ablaze?
    We note that while police say that four shots were fired (and can offer no evidence of it), in his statement to police, Kelvin's Father, Cameron Das Rueben Usher said that 15 were fired. He said he ran in one direction, while his son ran in the other. But, whether 4 shots or 15, why did shots need to be fired at all? From our experience working with the BDF on burning marijuana plantation stories - it is NOT AT ALL standard procedure to enter a marijuana field firing a weapon. From what we have observed first hand, such operations are usually done in stealth, with the team moving as quietly as possible. But, Makin differs. He says that's how they do it - entering with guns blazing:...

    Were Police Covering Up The Fact That Shots Were Fired?
    But, why are we just officially hearing about these shots that were fired - today - which is 72 hours after the incident? It was not in the official press release that was sent out on Monday and police did not make any disclosure until today - which is after the family and friends already put it out there. So were police trying to do a cover up? That's what the media asked today:... Reporter: "Why did the department fail to mention that shots were fired at the scene in their initial report given to us on Monday morning? And secondly, why did they fail to make mention that another person was at the scene for the most of the time? And thirdly, why did they fail to say that it was a minor in fact who was missing?" Deputy ComPol Noel Leal: "I believe that the press release that was sent out the Monday morning was based on information they had received the previous day and, to be honest with you, that had been the same information that I had received as well. I was briefed real time and there was no indication, in the briefing that I got, that shots were fired. We knew that someone had escaped, but we couldn't say if it was a minor, the father was not forthcoming as yet."

    Police Did Not Know Minor Was Involved
    Now, a big part of the story is that Kelvin Usher is a minor - so how could the GSU fire what they say are warning shots, see him take to the bushes, and then just leave him out there? Well, police say they did not know he was a minor and his father, Ras Ruben made no mention of it when he was arrested. Making says he found out about the missing minor later that night through unofficial sources: Reporter: "You said that late at night you got information about the minor, what exactly were you told?" Supt. Andres Makin: "I was told that it was brought to the attention of my superior officer that the person who had fled the scene was a minor and if I was aware that he was a minor. I then related to him that I did not know he was a minor. The information I had gathered from my unit was that a male individual had fled the scene but they couldn't have even identified who the person was."

    Police Minister says PM Will Make Statement
    And that minor is still missing tonight. It is a community crisis, and a political red zone for the Barrow Administration. Indeed, the GSU has been a very costly political albatross for the ruling UDP - and today, Police Minister Elrington stressed repeatedly that the Prime Minister is watching closely and will make a statement:... Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs: "We will deploy whatever resources the government needs to deploy with a view to try to find him. The Prime Minister intends to have a meeting tomorrow morning with the senior commander of the police force as well as myself to be fully briefed on the matter on all that is transpiring up to tomorrow morning. And he is proposing to make a public statement to the public in due course. So, he is leaving no stone unturned. He is very concerned about this matter. This is a matter that is being monitored momentarily by the Prime Minister. He is very concerned about it, he wants to get to the bottom of it and if it is necessary that we bring in foreign experts to look into it, he's also committed to doing that."

    Kelvin's Mom Is Holding Out Hope
    In our first segment we showed you the street protest to demand answers for missing 17 year old Kelvin Usher, and the police response to this very troubling case. So far they have only found his hat, a granola bar wrapper, and a few footprints. However, the search for Kelvin has not let up. Today his family and more than a busload of friends and concerned Belizeans joined in for day four of the search. His mom told us a little about today's search plan. Karima Williams, Mother: "We are going to do different areas now um going to look the other side we are going to Biscayne. We are going to search different areas because we have done that exact perimeter where he was last seen. That whole area so we are going this side we are trying to do other else places we are exhausting all angles are everything noh." "We have outpouring people have been calling me from last night."

    PUP Deputy Leader Has Deep Connection To Usher Family
    Today PUP Deputy Leader and Lake I Representative Cordel Hyde joined the search for Kelvin Usher in the Lucky Strike area. He wasn't there for political posturing; he's a longtime friend of the family, and voiced grave concerns about the dodgy police effort so far: Hon. Cordel Hyde, Lake I Area Representative: "We need answers mien this can't be just another case we need answers these kind of things are happening way too often in our society just if anything happens to this youth. If we don't find him or if we find him the wrong way this is on the GSU they have to give a lot of explanation and people who are responsible have to be held accountable. We can't just have this as another case of a missing youth and we have all kinds of wild speculations but nothing happens."

    Father of Missing Boy Ras Ruben Fears Vast Conspiracy
    Ras Ruben the father of Kelvin Usher may have been the last person to see him. Ruben told police that when 15 shots rang out from the GSU guns, he ran in one direction, and his son ran in the other. The young man has not been seen since. This morning Was Ruben made an appearance on KREM's Wake Up Belize and said he fears that he's caught up in something much larger: Ras Ruben, Father: "My son was with me when these people conspire against. This is a conspiracy." "The policemen that were on the scene are doing the search Monday. It was the same men that came on the scene and shot several shots and nobody is talking about a number of shots but I am trying to explain to you all now that these people can't kill my son."

    Karl Leslie Family Says Police Must Investigate His Death As A Murder
    Last night, we told you about the questionable death of 78 year-old Karl Leslie, the Belizean American retiree who was living in Hattieville. He was found dead in his house, on the evening of Thursday, September 14. Police are tip-toeing very carefully around this case, suggesting that he may not have died from any physical violence. But, his family is 100% convinced that he was murdered, and they are demanding that the police treat the case with that level of urgency. As we told you, the family believes that he was killed by a person or persons he knew, who then proceeded to steal his belongings. Just before news time, we got a chance to speak with his common-law wife, and she told us about the very strange activities she encountered at his house the day after he died.

    Ex Ministers As Immigration Agents?
    After a 1 week pause for the Independence Day celebrations, the Senate Hearings on Immigration resumed today with the current Immigration Director, Diana Locke, as the returning witness. Now, as viewers will remember, she has already given testimony for 2 sessions, but the Senate Special Select Committee still had many questions for her today, and she had another marathon 4-hour conversation with them. Again, most of it was housekeeping matters, but there were several items which caught our attention. The first is that the Senate Committee has learned that 2 former UDP ministers are still in the business of immigration services. Now, if you'll know very well that a recurring theme in these Senate hearings is that immigration agents are a corrupting influence at the Department. It was flagged by the Auditor General numerous times in her reports, and changes at the Department have been instituted to fix the loopholes in the systems at Immigration Department that these agents abused to get document for persons who didn't qualify.

    Taxi-men Undermining First Come First Serve At Immig. Dept
    So, while the Immigration Director continues to be concerned that these 2 former Ministers may try to exert influence on her staff to engage in unethical behavior, a new hustle appears to have started up at the Immigration Department. Since these type of public services are of a first-come, first serve basis, persons have been queuing up at the Department as early as 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning. They are hoping to be the first in the line, yet, somehow, they are somehow put in the queue at a much later time. It turns out that taxi drivers have somehow been getting hold of earlier numbers in the Department's numbering system. That's how the Department determines who gets served first. Well, these taxi drivers have been selling the earlier numbers to persons willing to pay to jump the line. Here's what the Senate, which has received complaints from persons who fallen victim to this, had to ask Immigration Director Locke:

    Immigration Demoralized
    Another issue that the Immigration Director is concerned about is that there are some immigration officers who are long overdue pay raises and increments that aren't being immediately addressed. The concern is that these officers who are owed may be more prone to outside influence from persons who would be willing to pay them to break or been the law. Here's how she explained it to the Senate when it was brought up today: Mark Lizarraga: "We've heard recently from staff members who have been complaining about having received a promotion and not having received their pay. This, of course, we all know is not the very best for morale if you are trying to insist that your staff be professional and that they comply to this new environment. You would expect that they would be properly compensated and compensated in a timely manner. Is this true?"

    Police Minister Defends GSU
    Tonight, the ever-controversial Gang Suppression Unit is in the crosshairs of public scrutiny. Straight up, many folks don't buy their story of just 4 shots fired - and that the expended shells just magically disappeared. And right or wrong, many in the public feel - intuitively, instinctively - that the GSU knows exactly what happened to Kelvin Usher. Btu today, the Police Minister stood by them; he said that by all outward indications, their conduct has been above reproach. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Home Affairs: "In this particular case I have read all the statements that had been given and I did not detect anything which suggested that the GSU had acted improperly in this case. So based on what is available I see no evidence that they have acted improperly and I would like to say to the public that they need not be alarmed by those who in the society, in my view, would like to see some kind of social discord evolving from this particular incident...

    Cops Roving Through City Drunk
    But the conduct of the GSU officers in that incident are under investigation tonight by the Professional Standards Branch - led by ACP Chester Williams - who was conspicuously kept away from the microphone today. Instead the Commander of the GSU was allowed - basically - to cover for his officers. Bur Williams hands are very very full. That's because there are at least there complaints of serious criminal misconduct being leveled against the police tonight. When we looked into the first, we found Police parked outside the New Asia Restaurant today - but they weren't there to get any of that famous fried chicken - they were there to take a statement from the owner. That's because last night at 9:00 three drunken patrons refused to pay for a large chicken chow mien which cost $13.75. The problem is, the three patrons are believed to be off duty cops - and when the security guard tried to stop them on the way out - they pulled a gun on him. They didn't fire, but walked away and left the unpaid tab.

    Did Cops Steal Cocaine?
    And there's an even more disturbing report coming out of Cayo and it involves the Special Patrol Unit. Yes, the same SPU that rose to national prominence there weeks ago when they unleashed tear gas on a gathering of PUP Leaders, supporters and media that were blocking the Tower Hill Bridge. Well tonight, they're in the headlines once again, this time for a serious allegation of criminally corrupt behavior. As many as 4 SPU officers are being investigated for the disappearance of what we are told is a substantial quantity of cocaine. This reportedly happened in Cayo one month ago, where drugs were intercepted but were not deposited as evidence. Today Acting Commissioner Noel Leal didn't want to say much about it: DCP Noel Leal, Acting Commissioner of Police: "I have gotten preliminary reports with recommendations and we are perusing them and we will be seeking legal advice as to how to proceed with that case. I won't want to discuss it too much, because it might end up being a matter for the courts or some other authority to decide, so I wouldn't want to prejudice anything."

    Cops Disturb The Peace In San Pedro
    And the next case of police lawlessness is in San Pedro. Last night at around midnight, there was a fight at a bar on Glitters Street. Two off-duty cops got into it with one Poleto August of the DFC area. The altercation caused other patrons inside the bar to also become aggressive towards the officers. The officers then went outside the bar onto the street and fired their weapons. Police later found two 9mm expended shells on the street in front of the bar. No one received any gunshot wounds but after the altercation, August had to be taken to the San Pedro Poly Clinic for treatment of a cut wound over his left eye. The firearm that was allegedly fired was retrieved for testing and the matter is being investigated by the Professional Standards Branch.

    Cops Looking Into Shayanne Castro Complaint
    One more case that the police are looking at closely is the one where Shyanne Castro's mother alleges that police extorted her family to get four guns in exchange for dropping the charges against her daughter. The police still pressed drug trafficking charges, and yet four guns magically appeared as found property. The acting commissioner was cagey when speaking about this one: DCP Noel Leal, Acting Commissioner of Police: "In regards to the details of that operation where the drugs were found and Miss Castro was charged and subsequently other firearms and so was given up. I don't have all the details into that, but we are preparing a case file and I believe that will be brought to the public as soon as we have the facts. But as we stand, yes some firearms were found and there is said to have been negotiations where an attorney was involved, but the attorney is denying that. So we will have to look at the facts in writing and decide well who is telling the truth and what the result of that case will be."

    Wilfred Walks With Whylie
    And with all this mess in the police department - where is their leader, the Commissioner Allen Whylie. He's been out of office for more than a month on personal leave followed by sick leave. Today the Minister said he's back and his job is secure: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Home Affairs: "With respect to the Commissioner, he was not feeling well. He was off on medical leave, but it is my understanding that he is now back in the country - should be back today. So, I have not heard the rumor that you have heard that he is going to be replaced. My understanding is that he is back in the country today."

    BEL To The BVI
    And in other utility news, BEL is sending a team of linesmen to the hurricane ravaged, British Virgin Islands. We've been reporting almost exclusively on fellow CARICOM member Dominica - which was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. But, before that, Hurricane Irma devastated the British Virgin Islands with winds of 175 miles per hour. The country lost everything. As a member of the Caribbean Electricity Utility Service Belize Electricity Limited is joining forces with other Caribbean countries to assist with power restoration so people can have access again to the basic amenities that make life easier. The project will also assist other nations of Barbuda, Anguilla, and Dominica.

    BTL Talks Tech
    And, finally, taking a break from all that police news, today BTL hosted its first Belize Tech Expo. Many different companies came out to exhibit what they had to offer ranging from energy efficient LED lights to modern website design. We stopped in to see what it was about: Ingrid Juarez, Senior Public Relations Representative for BTL: "We want our public our people to be aware of the latest in technology, the latest trends in the market." "We have approximately 15 companies. We have a different level of sponsorships and we have coffee sponsorships also." "We have both local, international, and regional companies here with us today." Trevor Reneau, Assistant General Manager of Fultec: "Well its main focus is bringing a lot of the different devices that would collaborate with BTL's diginet on a whole. We do have different ranges of products on a whole. We want to emphasize a whole lot on the wireless products that we have that would complement the fiber."

    Channel 5

    G.S.U. Not Immediately Aware of Missing Kelvin Usher
    The disappearance of a young Belize City student since Sunday has gripped the nation and galvanized persons from every walk of life.  A massive search and rescue operation to locate [...]

    Elite Unit Questioned on Operating Procedure
    In the face of specific details being provided by the GSU Commander, there are a number of inconsistencies.  Firstly, Superintendent Makin states that his men fired only three to four [...]

    P.S.B. Begins Investigation; P.M. to Make Statement
    One person we haven’t heard from is the Prime Minister, but that will change when he addresses the press on Thursday, according to the Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington. [...]

    Students Lead Lunchtime Protest in Belize City
    On the streets of the Old Capital, temperatures are rising among the younger population, which is demanding answers and action on the mysterious disappearance of one of their own. At [...]

    Search Continues in Lucky Strike
    For the fourth day, the bushes of Lucky Strike were scoured by family and friends looking for Kelvin Usher.  The family holds hope alive, but every passing minute is critical [...]

    Police Say No Relation Between Castro Bust and Firearm Recoveries
    Back to this afternoon’s press conference. Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington has gone on record to say that neither Cameron Usher Senior nor Kelvin is known for run-ins with the [...]

    Cordel: G.S.U. Accountable for Kelvin
    From all accounts, fingers are pointing in one direction in the disappearance of the bright and well-liked Kelvin Usher, the SJC JC student who has not been seen by his [...]

    P.U.P. Deputy Warns Society is ‘Sick and Tired’
    There is a widespread call for a thorough investigation into the disappearance of Kelvin Usher and on what went wrong on Sunday when the GSU descended on the youth and [...]

    Special Patrol Quartet Fingered for Cocaine Theft from Operation
    A team of four officers attached to the Special Patrol Unit is under investigation tonight for reportedly taking a quantity of cocaine from evidence during an operation in the Cayo [...]

    Cop Trio’s Behaviour Not So GREAT at New Asia
    A trio of police officer, each from a different part of the country, is in detention in Belize City tonight after a wild night on the town on Tuesday.  The [...]

    Senate Inquiry Returns; New Home Brings New Procedures for Immigration
    The Senate Special Select Committee resumed after a one-week holiday break with Director of Immigration, Diana Locke, continuing her testimony. For the past two sessions she has been extensively reviewing [...]

    Was Immigration Involved in Border Entry Scam in West?
    Another example of supposed hustling extends beyond Immigration to the Border Management Agency under the Ministry of Tourism. There have been reports that officers of that agency have assessed extra [...]

    Ex-ministers Called Out for Immigration “Agency”
    Several current Ministers of Government have been faulted for offering and signing recommendations to facilitate persons getting passports, visas and other services.  Some have gone even further, from couriering to, [...]

    Immigration Director Careful About Canceling Passports, Nationalities from A.G. Report
    Among the recommendations by the Auditor General in her report is the complete revocation, pending investigation, of all nationality certificates and passports issued to the persons named in the report [...]

    Mark Lizarraga Condemns ex-Ministers Turned Immigration Agents
    Business Community Senator Mark Lizarraga acted as chair of the Senate Hearings today in place of Aldo Salazar, whom he said had a prior commitment. On the matter of the [...]

    Reformation of Personal Behaviour Important to Clean-Up of Immigration


    BCCI Calls On GOB To Reduce Fuel Prices
    With the entire country of Belize seething at the recent increase of fuel at the pumps which is now well above the eleven dollar mark, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) today issued a strongly worded release calling on the Government to act immediately to minimize the negative impact of high prices on Belizeans. According to BCCI, tax applied to this essential commodity is largely responsible for the prices being within pennies of what they were in 2014, at a time when the “landed cost” per gallon of fuel was at least 20% higher.

    Goods And Services Continue On The Rise
    The Statistical Institute of Belize issued its most recent figures on consumer prices and external trade for Belize throughout the month of August. We begin by taking a look at the statistics for Consumer Price Index (CPI) which illustrates that in comparison to August of last year there was an increase of 0.7 percent in the average cost of goods and services regularly purchased by households this year. The All-Items CPI for August 2017 stood at 104.4 compared to August of 2016 which stood at 103.6. For the first eight months, an inflation rate of 1.3 percent was recorded.

    Exports Figures Decline
    Turning over to the total amount of exports for August 2017, statistics show that Belize’s total domestic exports currently stands at $22.7 million. This marks a significant decline of 61.8 percent or $36.7 million as opposed to last year which stood at $59.3 million. Sugar exports plummeted this year due a difference in the timing of bulk sugar shipments. While Belize managed to export $34.1 million in bulk sugar last year in the month of August, this time around, sugar exports were comprised only of bagged sugar which was valued at a minimum of $0.6 million.

    Importation For The Month Of August Plummets
    At the top of the newscast we showed you the country’s recent consumer price index and exporting figures for the month of August and now we take a look at importation. SIB figures show that the total amount of imports was valued at $143.2 million which saw a decrease of 9.5 percent or $15 million from that of last year in 2016 as it stood at $158.2 million. The largest recorded fall in imports was observed in the ‘Commercial Free Zones’ which fell by a substantial 35 percent or $9.1 million to almost $17 million. The ‘Machinery Transport Equipment’ and ‘Other Manufactures’ group also saw notable reductions this year decreasing by $6 million going from $39 million to $33 million. Additionally, the ‘Beverages and Tobacco’ category was down by more than one half, decreasing from $3.4 million to $1.5 million.


    BCCI says high gas prices are hurting the economy
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCI, is calling on the Government of Belize to adopt a policy that minimizes the negative impact on consumers, the private sector and economic growth efforts caused by the cripplingly high pump prices. In a release, the BCCI states quote, “the tax applied to this essential commodity is […]

    Ministry of Finance says gas prices could soon go down
    In response the Ministry of Finance has fired off a statement. The statement reads quote, “the increases in the pump price were not driven by any increase in import duties or excise taxes which are fixed, specific-rate taxes, and which have not changed since the beginning of the Government’s financial year in April 2017.” Government […]

    Business held up at gunpoint
    A robbery occurred today in Belmopan. Pauline Soberanis Tillett tells us more in the following reports. Pauline Soberanis Tillett, Love FM “Based upon information received just before 12 p.m. of an armed robbery, Love News visited Lisa’s Store located in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan. According to Wei Ji*, the owner of the establishment, […]

    Tech Expo held
    A two-day tech-expo is being held at the Belize Biltmore Plaza that focuses on the emerging technology. The tech-expo is being sponsored by the Belize Telemedia Limited and features various companies who offer technological advance services. Love News spoke with Ingrid Juarez, Public Relations Officer of BTL who tells us more. There is technology available […]

    Four Men were arraigned in Orange Walk Magistrate Court for illegal logging
    Yesterday four men appeared before an Orange Walk Magistrate who arraigned them for the crime of illegal logging. The men, Aurelio Mai, Catalino Copo, Pablo Valladarez and Nelson Mosa, were caught with 32 pieces of mahogany logs on Sunday September 24. The men were granted bail of two thousand, five hundred dollars each plus one […]

    Fabrigas’ Sale Representative wanted for theft of over $18,000
    A sales representative from Fabrigas Belize Limited is being sought by Belize City Police for the crime of theft. According to the project coordinator of Fabrigas, between the months of April and September, the sale representative had collected $18, 501.35 from various businesses and persons throughout the country on behalf of the company. That sales […]

    Police investigate two of their own
    The Professional Standards Branch headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is investigating a shooting incident involving two police officers. Love News has confirmed that on Tuesday, September 26, at around 12:30 am, San Pedro police were called out to a bar located on Glitters Street. According to police, an altercation ensued between two […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BEL assists British Virgin Islands with hurricane restoration
    By BBN Staff: The Belize Electricity Ltd. (BEL) deployed a team of five linemen to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) on Monday to assist the BVI Electricity Corporation with power restoration efforts following destruction caused to the island by hurricanes Irma and Maria.The hurricanes battered the islands on August 29 and September 18 respectively.

    Special Envoy joins call for “transparent investigation” into Kelvin’s disappearance
    By BBN Staff: The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow issued a press release a short while ago on the disappearance of seventeen year old Kelvin Usher. The release says that Barrow joins the nation in calling for the safe return of Usher and a “transparent investigation into his disappearance.”

    Peaceful protest held today for Kelvin Usher
    By BBN Staff: Family and friends walked today in peaceful protest in Belize City, demanding justice and answers in the disappearance of 17-year-old Kelvin Usher. Usher was last seen on Sunday in Lucky Strike village as the Gang Suppression Unit raided the property and arrested his father for cultivating marijuana.

    Protest planned for next Thursday
    Belize leaders for social justice have planned a demonstration to be held next week Thursday, October 5, 2017 in Belize City. The protest is being called for Belizeans to express their discontent with the recent hike in fuel prices.

    Sales representative goes missing with almost $19,000
    Yesterday around 5 pm, the project coordinator for Fabrigas Belize Limited located at 2 ¼ mile on the George Price Highway, Belize City reported that between the months of April and September 2017...

    GOB says fuel prices to be “moderated”
    In a release issued today, the Government of Belize (GOB) says that in the last few weeks Belize has seen a sharp increase in fuel prices “due to a confluence of negative factors influencing the acquisition costs of refined fuel sourced by Belize.”

    Chamber calls out GOB on gas prices, GOB says prices should “moderate” in October
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), in a release issued this morning, called on the government to adopt a policy that minimizes the negative impact on consumers cause by cripplingly high pump prices. Shortly after the Chamber’s release, GOB issued its own release saying that with the new arrangement under the PetroCaribe program, prices should “moderate in the weeks ahead”.

    Belize and Mexico mark 35 years of diplomacy with new stamps
    The Belize Postal Service and the Embassy of Mexico are pleased to announce the release of a new set of commemorative postage stamp.

    Belmopan teen missing
    Yesterday, the administrative assistant of Marla’s House located on Hill-top lane in the Mountain View area of Belmopan reported that on Monday around 7:00 a.m., 15-year-old Janet Juarez left home to attend classes at the Methodist High School in Belmopan.

    NGC raising funds for Hurricane Maria aid in Dominica
    The National Garifuna Council (NGC) is asking for public support in raising funds to donate toward rebuilding and relief efforts in Dominica. The NGC says it is disheartened about the devastation in Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and in particular, the Kalinago community there. The NGC has pledged $1,000 from its annual Gala, which will be held on October 7.


    We Can Totally Do It: Cleaning up Belize
    Awareness is growing…the MOMENTUM is happening in Belize. I’ve written about some of the trash issues that we have…things ARE moving in the right direction. Sometimes 4 steps ahead, 3 back but the forward movement is there! Belize is SOOO incredibly unbelievable ridiculously beautiful. It’s why people visit in droves and a huge part of why we love living here SO much. Let’s all work to keep her this way. Here’s what is happening and some ways EVERYONE can help. Oceana Belize Clean-Up THIS Saturday Morning, Sept 30th

    Famous Halloween Party at Holiday Hotel San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
    Its that time of the year to dust off your bustiers and thongs and let's get ready for Halloween! Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (or the related guising), attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films. In many parts of the world, the Christian religious observances of All Hallows' Eve, including attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead, remain popular, although elsewhere it is a more commercial and secular celebration. Some Christians historically abstained from meat on All Hallows' Eve, a tradition reflected in the eating of certain vegetarian foods on this vigil day, including apples, potato pancakes, and soul cakes. In Belize, the month of September Red, White and Blue has been replaced by the month of October. And, we welcome October's best halloween events held in Belize.

    Say No to Plastic in Belize
    They come in crazy, bendy, and color-changing varieties. And, while many people use them daily, their 20 minutes of convenience have major hidden consequences. I’m talking about drinking straws. Humans have been using “drinking tubes” for over 7,000 years. Mesopotamians used straws made of reeds or gold to filter beer, and the Chinese used tubes to sip on cloudy rice wine. In Egypt, one inscription shows that straws prevented the accidental slurping up of insects while drinking at night. The Guaraní people of South America drank yerba mate, a caffeine-loaded infusion, with filter straws called bombillas long before the arrival of Spaniards in the 1500s. And, in the 1800s in Europe and North America, dried wheat shafts and rye straws became popular until the invention of the paper straw in 1888.

    Projects Abroad Launches Literacy Program At New Placement In Belize
    A successful first year for Projects Abroad‘s literacy program in Belize has inspired the opening of a second project placement this month. Since September 2016, volunteers have been working with children from Holy Cross Anglican School on Projects Abroad’s Teaching Project in Belize, and from this month onwards will also be able to work at New Horizons Elementary School. In twelve months Projects Abroad’s Teaching Project in Belize has benefitted 60 children between the ages of four and fifteen who struggle to read and write. Four students have managed to graduate entirely from the program, twelve have graduated to a higher level, 85% have mastered two or more sections in their level, and 98% of students have improved. The creative mind behind the literacy program in Belize is Susan Barkhouse, a Canadian who has been living in Belize since 2013.


  • Farmstay in the jungle of Belize, Moonracer Farm, 6min.

  • Cavebranch belize nice enjoyable day, 5min. fun with Suya Tours.

  • Temples of Lamanai, Belize., 10min. Trip to Lamanai, once a major city of the Maya civilization, located in the north of Belize. Ride on the New River.

  • Die Insel Harvest Caye liegt vor Belize und doch in einer ganz anderen Welt Sie können es nicht ign, 3.5min.

  • Ambergris Caye | Belize, 2min. sland Life on Ambergis Caye, Belize.

  • Costa Rica- Belize, 51min. Campeonato Panamericano de Sóftbol Másculino

  • Costa Rica - Belize 2, 40min.

  • Consejo Belize, min. A walk through of some of Consejo village

  • 'Dent' the Keel-Billed Toucan - Rescue Highlight, 3min. Dent was successfully released, but before he was, Scarlet Studios stopped by Belize Bird Rescue to make a little video about his short recovery time there. Thanks, BBR! "While passing through the Belize Bird Rescue earlier this year, I had the chance to meet this curious little keel-billed toucan with a dent in his beak, and even got the opportunity to feed him! Dent has since been re-released thanks to our friends at the Belize Bird Rescue, and is doing well! As with all toucans, the bill of the Keel-Billed Toucan is specially designed for eating fruit efficiently, while maintaining a light weight to accommodate flight. The inside is reinforced with a crisscross of lightweight rods made of bone. The “tooth-like” protrusions help toucans catch and grasp food in the bill."

  • Farmstay in the jungle of Belize, 2017, 7min.

  • Great Blue Hole Of Belize,3 min. The Great Blue Hole is a world-class destination for recreational scuba divers attracted by the opportunity to dive in crystal-clear waters and see myriad species

  • Ziplining San Pedro Belize (September 27, 2017), 1.5min.

  • Belize Snorkelling with David and Mandy, 2min. To our wonderful new friends David and Mandy, Thank you for giving us a dream ending to our incredible honeymoon!

  • Belize independence parde, 4min.

  • Landing Belize City Municipal Airport C-208B, 1min. Landing at the Belize City Municipal Airport Lansing strip Cessna 208 grand caravan.

  • Travel in Belize 2 (Orange Walk & Corozal) GoPro whit Zhiyun Smooth Q, 3.5min. Ahora fuimos hasta Orange Walk (Sugar City) y a Corozal, a disfrutar del mar y la comida china cortesía de Kung Fu Restaurant.

    September 27, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Islanders celebrate Belize’s 36th Anniversary of Independence
    In commemoration of the 36th anniversary of Belize’s Independence, a series of activities were held on Wednesday evening, September 20th at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. Under the theme ‘Belize: Confronting Challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve!’ activities included an official Independence Eve ceremony, followed by the midnight flag raising ceremony and a spectacular fireworks display. It all concluded with a fun after-party featuring Walshy Fire of Major Lazer and the Caribbean Kings, right through the early hours of September 21st. The night’s official ceremonies began shortly after 10PM as hundreds of attendees gathered for the patriotic activities. Master of Ceremonies Eiden Salazar Jr., invited Mayor Daniel Guerrero to give his speech, which highlighted the importance of the occasion. Guerrero started his address saying that he hopes this would not be his last Independence Day address, giving the fact that municipal elections are scheduled for March 2018.

    PLB’s first round concludes: San Pedro Pirates lose 1-0 against Verdes F.C
    The first round of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) concluded on Sunday, September 24th, with three matches taking place in different parts of the country. On Sunday, the San Pedro Pirates F.C. travelled to San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District where they faced Verdes F.C. Both teams gave their best in a tight match that saw the strength of the island squad, but when the time was up, it was a victory of 1-0 for Verdes F.C. Pirates’ Sean Mas has stated that the team will continue working hard, and hopes to do better in the upcoming home games on the island during the second round of the PLB. The current standings of the PLB has Belmopan Bandits leading with 16 points, followed by Verdes F.C and BDF F.C with 13 points. Police United F.C has 12 points, while San Pedro Pirates have eight points. Placencia Assassins and Wagiya F.C both have seven points, and Freedom Fighters F.C have three points. The second round of games begins on Saturday, September 30th, when the San Pedro Pirates face the Belmopan Bandits at the Ambergris Stadium. The game has been scheduled to start at 3PM sharp.

    San Pedro Veterans win semi- finals against Benque Veterans
    The San Pedro Veterans hosted the Benque Veterans Football Club at the Ambergis Stadium in San Pedro Town, on Saturday, September 23rd, for the second round of semifinals of the Over-40 league. Both San Pedro Veterans and Benque Veterans sought a win, but at the final whistle, it was a clear 9-1 victory for the home team. The San Pedro Veterans now advance to the finals for the Over-40 League. On Sunday, October 1st the team will travel to Independence Village in the Stann- Creek District to take on the Mango Creek Veterans in the first round of the finals. The Mango- Creek Veterans recently defeated the Belize City Kulture Yabra 4-0. The game is scheduled to start at 4PM at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Chocolate Company Boutique Announces “Go Straw-Less” Campaign
    On October 1, 2017, Belize Chocolate Company (BCC) will start its “Go straw-less” campaign. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic straws that end up in our oceans and on our beaches, BCC will be encouraging all their customers to “Go straw-less” when buying a milkshakes or cold drink. In addition, Belize Chocolate Company have launched a “Go Straw-less” poster competition, open to all Primary school and High School Children of Belize. The poster which must use the words “Go Straw-less” will be used in all publicity and posted in Belize Chocolate Company Boutique. Prizes of gift certificates for chocolate for $75Bz, $50BZ and $25 BZ will be given for first, second and third prize. For more information and rules email [email protected]

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Blood Drive
    Saturday - Ocean Academy students are volunteering with this worthy event. Please come support the Blood Donor Drive.

    Congratulations to Mystic Mas Band on winning this year's Best Group Category for this year's Independence Jump Up Parade 2017!

    Perspective's of our Past presentation
    Mark the dates! Community members are invited to attend this year's Perspective's of our Past presentation with oral recounts from our elders. We have all had a fascination with the grand old house beside the House of Culture -the Hall's residence. Mrs. Acosta spent thirty years living there and will share her memoirs from that time. Mr. Gegg will tell it like is, or as it was, with classism and Corozal in the mid 1900's. Join us October 3rd and 10th at the Corozal Junior College Conference Room.

    Annual State Reception
    The U.S. Embassy, Peace Corps and Military Liaison Office are grateful to have been part of Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young's Annual State Reception on the eve of Belize's 36th Independence Anniversary.

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of Sept. 18th - Sept. 24th, 2017
    We are happy to welcome and be part of the continued support that Orvis shows the lodge. Cynthia Harkness, the host of a women's group and Jose Delgado who is hosting groups the next two weeks and all participants who have traveled from different parts of the United States, have been reeling in the bonefish. Lots of double digit days.

    Goldson House Open House
    The Goldson House For Democracy and Patriotism is having an Open House next Tuesday and Wednesday. "Help spread the news, The Goldson House For Democracy and Patriotism is having An Open House Celebration!"

    See & Taste Belize Inc., co-hosted by the Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Spouse of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, along with its partners, The Belize Tourism Board, BELTRAIDE and National Institute for Culture and History, will be hosting its second See and Taste Belize Festival on Saturday, October 7th at the Florida International University Kovens Center. This year’s event will raise funds for the Inspiration Center of Belize, the first of its kind to care for children with disabilities in Belize. The last See & Taste Belize Festival enjoyed immense success thanks to the support of its sponsors and the Belizean Diaspora who came from all over the USA to enjoy and celebrate Belize, and all the wonderful things they love and miss (friends, food, music, art, rum and beer)! This gathering offered an amazing opportunity to raise over US$60,000.00 towards the building of the first Neo-Natal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Belize.

    Attorney General Leads Belizean Delegation on an Official Visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan)
    Three members of Cabinet are currently being hosted on a foreign mission to the Republic of China (Taiwan) which commenced on September 24th and ends on September 29th, 2017. The Belizean delegation is led by Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte and includes Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation Hon. Anthony Martinez; Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Immigration, with responsibility for Immigration, Hon. Beverly Williams; and Director of the Government of Belize Press Office Mr. Dorian Pakeman. The official visit is intended to further strengthen the longstanding partnership between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan). On the first day of the working visit, the delegation met with the National Immigration Agency where topics such as immigration policy, border protection, and human trafficking were discussed. A courtesy call was made to the Embassy of Belize where the contingent met a group of Belizean students enrolled in universities in Taiwan.

    Smart's Unlimited Internet services in San Pedro
    It's wireless home internet, competitive in price to the BTL diginet. 4mbs - $55, 8mbs - $80, 16mbs - $136, 25mbs - $175. Perfect for the slow season. Free installation and first month FREE. No rental or maintenance fee! All clients that already have this service will see double in speed and drop in price as per table above.

    Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), its members, local and international stakeholders will convene in Belize City for the FIRST ever Technology Exposition. Key local, regional and international partners will be presenting their solutions and displaying their latest products and services at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza. Come check out the latest trends and see how you can benefit from these home/business products. Don't miss it!

    Corozal October 7th Full Moon Concert
    Let the good vibes continue....Dynamics of Belize will be the featured artists at our October 7th Full Moon Concert!

    See & Taste Belize 2017
    Joining us this year at See & Taste Belize 2017! is Chef Sylvia Eiley from the beautiful "Isla Bonita" from Wataview Vacation Home Belize, Chef Sylvia will be sharing her scrumptious Stewed Chicken Skewers with ripe plantain as well as coconut curry fish chowder with green plantain dumplings!

    What to expect on the upcoming Belize Pelagic this Oct. 9th and 10th...

    Channel 7

    Chinese Grocer Killed in Robbery: First In Four Years
    A Chinese Belizean businessman was murdered in an armed robbery attempt last night. He's 58 year-old Bainan Wu, and our archives say that he is the first Chinese business owner to be killed in Belize City in 4 years and 3 months. Police say that he was shot sometime around 7:30 inside his grocery store, Xi He Li, which is located at the corner of Vernon and Santa Barbara Streets where he is well known and liked. Wu took all precautions he could to protect himself and his business, but last night, a robber killed him because he reportedly refused to hand over his hard earned money.

    Family of 78 Year Old Found Dead Say It was Murder
    So, while police are certainly treating the shooting death of Bainan Wu as a murder, it appears that the police press office isn't so sure about 78 year-old Karl Leslie, a Belizean American retiree living in Hattieville. He was found dead in his home 12 days ago, and since then, police have been doing all they can to make it look like it's not another murder. They are calling it a death investigation. So today, we reached out to his family, and they told us that the post-mortem reveals that the elderly gentleman - who had recently retired to Belize - died from blunt force trauma to the head, meaning that someone clubbed him. They told us that someone also broke his back in 2 separate places.

    The Search for Kelvin Is Getting Desperate
    Yesterday we told about 17-year-old Kelvin Usher who was reported missing on Sunday evening. He ran off on Sunday when the GSU arrested his father Cameron "Ras Ruben" Usher for marijuana cultivation in Lucky Strike Village. But the case is not exactly straightforward - there are reports that the GSU fired on Kelvin Usher and others who Feld form the plantation. And that is why today there was a sense of urgency and alarm when a homegrown search party went to Lucky Strike on the old Northern Highway to try and find him. 7News was there and Sahar Vasquez reports: Sahar Vasquez reporting: Today, day three of the search for young Kelvin Usher continued. It was an army of people ranging from family members close and distant, to concerned classmates who took the day off from school to help in the search. Even villagers of Lucky Strike came out to assist in navigating the bush. And the police K-9 unit also came in. Usher's mom and uncle were one of the many people who stood strong in organizing the search teams and more importantly keeping the faith that Kelvin is alive.

    What if The Dam Breaks? This is What Happens Next
    We have been following the aftermath of the two massive earthquakes in Mexico and the wreckage that Hurricane Maria left behind in the Caribbean, especially in the island nation of Dominica. Well, NEMO and its partners want to ensure that if any such disasters hit Belize or nearby, they will be as ready as they can be. Today NEMO along with Belize Electricity Company Limited (BECOL) staged a multi-disaster simulation in Santa Elena and San Ignacio. It was a complete run through of their disaster plan from early morning warning messages to monitoring, and, of course, on the ground response. Courtney Weatherburne and cameraman Codie Norales went out west to be a part of the action. Here is that story.

    What's With the Long Lines at the Northern Border?
    Interests in the Corozal Free Zone are complaining about the excessive lines that were building up at the Santa Elena border in Corozal last week. As this video shows the line to cross over into Mexico stretch for more than half a mile and this was on Friday at a time which is not considered the rush hour. They complain that only one immigration officer was checking the huge line - and that was causing the delay. We were unable to get comment from the Immigration Department.

    Some Stand Together In Sugar Industry
    The standoff between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and ASR/BSI continues and even with the opening of the cane harvest just a few short months away, neither side looks to be backing down from their position. But, there is some consensus in the sugar industry - and that was evidenced today in a joint release from the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association. They congratulate ASR/BSI for the ground-breaking ceremony on Monday of last week where they will invest 22 million dollars to increase the production of direct consumption sugars. They note that this was, quote, "made possible due to the commitment our two associations…to the future of the sugar industry of Belize by agreeing to see out the current cane purchase agreement." end quote.

    Belize Delegation Cementing Friendly Ties In Taiwan
    Three cabinet ministers are presently on an official visit to Taiwan. They are led by Attorney General Mike Peyrefitte, and he is accompanied by Minister of Human Development, Anthony "Boots" Martinez; and Minister of State with responsibility for Immigration, Beverly Williams. They arrived there on Monday and the trip ends on Friday. They are meeting with Taiwan's National Immigration Agency, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, and the Workforce Development Agency in the Ministry of Labour. Before returning to Belize, the delegation will meet with representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Examination, and the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration.

    An Overview of the Dominica Situation
    The severity of impact that Hurricane Maria has had on Dominica becomes more apparent every day. The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States - of which Dominica is the poorest member - has gotten a firsthand assessment of the devastation in Dominica and has pledged to assist and is calling on others to do the same. In a press conference today, the Commissioner of Grenada to the OECS detailed the horrific reality on the island - from the complete destruction of homes, schools, medical centers even roads have disappeared, not to mention the brutal effects on agriculture. Here is an excerpt from that briefing.

    Sustainable Tourism Project - What It's Doing On Caye Caulker
    The IDB Funded Sustainable Tourism Project II - launched in 2016 is all about implementing the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan in new and emerging destinations such as Corozal District, Toledo, the Mountain Pine Ridge, and Caye Caulker. Last week in Caye Caulker, the IDB and the Ministry of Tourism launched a signage project for the village - Country Manager Cassandra Rogers explained how it will work. Cassandra Rogers, IDB Country Rep., Belize: "A program which supports the improvements, restoration and diversification of local destinations such as Caye Caulker. We believe this is the right way to go in order to optimally harness Belize's tourism potential for wealth creation and sustainable growth and also to make sure that whatever is done is done in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. I feel confident that through this program we shall realize the possibilities that flow from strengthening destination planning and management and to ensure as much as possible that tourism is a benefit to the local community. Very important, and the local economy."

    Diego and Frida, Love Beyond Politics
    About a half an hour ago, the Mexican Embassy opened a double art exhibit, which they are inviting Belizeans to come out and enjoy. The first is called "Frida & Diego: A Smile at the Crossroads", and it is a nod to two of the well-known Mexican artists artists whose work represents a key part of Mexican History. Frida Kahlo was a world-renown painter, who with her husband, Diego Riviera, who is Mexico's most celebrated muralists. they were also communists, using their art to push for social change. But this latest shows doesn't focus on their politics, it instead looks into the lives of two powerful personalities. We stopped by and spoke with the Mexican Embassy's Counsellor for Legal Affairs and Press. Here's what he had to say about this first exhibit:

    Hon. Faber Learned Hard Lessons In September
    And our last two items tonight - are a sort of farewell to the September Celebration season. First, we look at the remarks made by Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber who chaired the September Celebrations Commission for the first time this year. On Independence day, he conceded he had learned some tough lessons - including not to have the tenth day jump - up and parade on a Sunday:... Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "When I took in this task I had no idea what I was signing up for. I certainly thought it would have been on the easier side of the workload, but as it has turned out it has proven to be one of the more challenging segments of work. Such challenges included the need to amend the route of the carnival, hearing the church's plea for not celebrating the 10th on a Sunday and of course the Queen of the Bay debacle. But less you think that I am complaining on day when we ought to be celebrating, let me say that I am proud to have presided over an extensive lineup of patriotic events under the theme "Confronting challenges, celebrating triumphs - renewing our resolve.""

    The Crown Thief
    And of course you can't say Sayonara To September without re-visiting that Queen of the Bay craziness. That's when the double crowning happened - with Aaliyah Ysaguirre being crowned Queen at the front of the stage, while Pageant Committee Chair Zenaida Moya was crowning Esmeralda Cal simultaneously at the back of the stage. It was a first, but it wasn't the most audacious crowning comedy we've ever seen. For that we had to go back in our archive to September of 2013 in Succotz Village when the queen of the Ms Independence Day pageant Yancy Bautista, attended the crowning ceremony, and chose not to participate because she got jilted out of her winner's package. She told on the side until she snatched the crown from the runner up just as they placed it on her head, and she ran off, breaking it. The Moya affair has nothing on that one.

    Channel 5

    Kelvin Usher Remains Missing; Family and Friends Fear Worst
    A desperate search continues for missing seventeen-year-old Kelvin Usher.  Family, friends, students as well as the police searched an area in Lucky Strike off the old Northern Highway for hours [...]

    Did G.S.U.’s Behaviour Contribute to Situation?
    In Belize City, attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley, who is defending Cameron Usher Senior and considers him a close friend, says the bigger tragedy than the discovery and burning of the [...]

    First Chinese Grocer Murdered in Old Capital in 4 Years
    Police are not providing details on the deadly shooting of a Chinese grocer in Belize City. Shortly before eight o’clock on Monday night, a robbery attempt turned fatal for Bainan [...]

    Illegal Mahogany Loggers Out on Bail
    Earlier today, a group of four illegal loggers appeared in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court where each man was formally charged for unlawfully harvesting as many as thirty-two pieces of [...]

    Karl Leslie Death Remains Mysterious
    Was an elderly resident of Hattieville murdered or did he die of natural causes?  The family of Karl Leslie believes that their loved one may have been killed by someone [...]

    Guns for Freedom?
    Police making a routine traffic stop in Belize City on Saturday encountered twenty-seven-year-old Shayanne Castro, a Port Authority clerk, and her husband Wasani, found no evidence of firearms or ammunition [...]

    Marijuana Law Subject to Misinterpretation
    After introducing for a first reading the bill to decriminalize possession of ten grams or less of marijuana in the House of Representatives in August, Prime Minister Dean Barrow indicated [...]

    Fine for ‘Draw’ Possession
    That proposed marijuana amendment came up in court today when Errol Garbutt, a heavy equipment operator living on Racoon Street, Belize City who is planning to relocate to the US, [...]

    Father Avoids Charge for Beating Daughter & Wife
    Francisco Mejia of Santana village, Belize District, is lucky to avoid a criminal charge after his wife elected to withdraw charges of harm and threatening words. The charges arise from [...]

    How to Avoid the Contagious ‘Pink Eye’
    Severe cases of conjunctivitis remain on the rise across the country, as infections among adults and children continue to spread.  Pink eye, as it is commonly known, is a swelling [...]

    Hygiene and Prompt Treatment Important
    Prevention of pink eye is partly by hand washing and treatment depends on the underlying cause.  In the majority of viral cases, there is no specific treatment; however, most cases [...]

    Mexico Says Thanks for Earthquake Help
    Two devastating earthquakes struck central and south-western Mexico in succession between September seventh and nineteenth. Between them they have caused more than four hundred deaths and extensive material damage. As [...]

    In Cayo, NEMO Prepares for Multi-Disaster Scenario
    The National Emergency Management Organization led a simulation exercise for a multi-disaster and emergency response scenario involving a break in a dam along with other scenarios happening at the same [...]

    The Ordinary Lives of Extraordinary Artistes Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo
    At this hour, the Mexican Embassy in Belize is unveiling two separate photographic exhibits at the Mexican Institute of Cooperation in Belize City as part of their year-long celebration of [...]

    A Trip Through Mexico’s Exotic Architecture
    The other exhibit is photographs of major infrastructure in ten Mexican cities from Zacatecas in the north to the capital, Mexico City, to Campeche in the south. These are the [...]


    Belize Strengthens Ties With Taiwan
    A Belizean delegation comprised of Attorney General, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Anthony Martinez, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Immigration, Hon. Beverly Williams and Director of the Government of Belize Press Office, Dorian Pakeman travelled to the Republic of China in Taiwan on an official visit to further strengthen the longstanding partnership that exist between both parties. On Sunday September 24th, the delegation met with the National Immigration Agency where issues involving immigration policy, border protection, and human trafficking were discussed. A courtesy call was made to the Embassy of Belize where the contingent met a group of Belizean students enrolled in universities in Taiwan.

    CSCPA And PSCA Congratulate BSI/ASR For 22 Million Dollars Investment
    Nine days after the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association announced its intention to move forward with its proposed twenty two million dollar investment to expand the tower hill factory to increase the production of Direct consumption sugars and broke ground for the new three hundred thousand ton storage unit, the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers association today issued a joint press release congratulating BSI/ASR for their commitment to Belize’s Sugar Industry. Viewers may remember that following the ceremonies held last week both the CSCPA and the PSCPA refused to give comment as the two associations who had openly accepted the proposed investment by agreeing to see out the current cane purchase agreement, and did not do so until today’s release.

    Belizean Film Selected For An Oscar
    “Yochi” a Belizean Film and the winner of the best short film at the 2016 Belize International Film Festival has been selected for an Oscar- Qualifying theatrical run, making it the first film ever made in Belize to be considered for an Academy Award. ‘Yochi’ is a short film written and directed by award- winning new Mexico film maker Llana Lapid and entirely filmed in Belize featuring an entirely Belizean Cast. The short film is a story with a strong wildlife conservation message in which the growing issue of poaching is highlighted in a small country like Belize.


    Teenager Missing, Family Concerned
    The family and friends continue to struggle with how the police have been handling the investigation into the incident that led to the disappearance of seventeen year old Kelvin Usher. Another detail that has them puzzled surrounds a phone call that Usher’s sister, Leniqua Usher received on Monday. She says a police officer from the […]

    Armed robbery leaves Chinese businessman dead
    Fifty eight year old Bainan Wu was shot to the left temple last night. It happened at around 7:40pm while he was in his store on Santa Barbara Street in Belize City. He was rushed to the KHMH where he died. Investigators believe that the motive was robbery. This is the second armed robbery of […]

    Leslie Family still seeking answers
    The family of 78 year old Karl Leslie believes that he was murdered and robbed by someone he knew. Leslie was found dead in his bedroom at his house in the East Windmill Area of Hattieville shortly after nine o’clock in the night on September 14th. As we have reported, the police initially said that […]

    Is BELCOGEN experiencing financial problem?
    The preferential rate that Belize has enjoyed over the years from its biggest consumer, the European Union EU, will come to an end when the EU changes its sugar regime at the end of this month. In preparation for that, ASR/BSI held a ground-breaking event last Monday to demonstrate their commitment to meeting the challenges […]

    Cane farmers associations back ASR/BSI to overcome sugar challenge
    The Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association are congratulating ASR/BSI on its strategic step to help address the challenges the Sugar Industry will face in a week’s time when its loses its preferential rate with the European Union. The strategic step referred to by both associations is last week’s […]

    Immigration Director to appear for the third time before the Senate Hearing
    The Senate Hearing resumes tomorrow after taking a week off. Two persons are scheduled to make an appearance. The current Immigration Officer Diana Locke is set to make her third appearance and she is expected to be followed by the current Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration, Edmund Zuniga. It is expected that […]

    Belize Delegation in Taiwan
    Belizean delegation led by Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte is in the Republic of China, Taiwan. Peyrefitte is joined by Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation Anthony Martinez, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Immigration, with responsibility for Immigration, Beverly Williams and Director of the Government of Belize Press Office, […]

    Ministry of Education puts schools on alert
    In yesterday’s newscast, we told you that conjunctivitis better known as pink eye is increasing at an alarming rate. To date, the Ministry of Health has recorded a total of 1,108 cases. In light of the high amount of cases, the Ministry of Education today issued a memorandum to all teachers, reminding them that they […]

    Search for Kelvin Usher continues
    Seventeen-year-old Kelvin Keyon Jahiem Usher remains missing and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance have raised numerous suspicions of foul play on the part of the police. For starters, Usher was along with his father 41-year-old Cameron Kelvin Usher who was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana on Sunday. Now while the police issued a […]

    Honoring our Elders
    The elderly’s toil and sweat afford us the comforts we enjoy today. Yet on some occasions they receive little appreciation for all they have done. Many are abandoned and forgotten while others become the target of crimes. Helpage of Belize is urging all Belizeans to be kind to our senior citizens, especially during this week […]


    Father, 41, arrested for weed field; son, 17, missing
    Police report that members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), acting on information about a marijuana plantation at Lucky Strike in the Belize District, travelled to the area shortly before midday on Sunday. On arriving there they allegedly found Cameron Kelvin Usher, 41, a chef who resides on Sibun Street in Belize City, standing in the middle of a marijuana plantation, which contained an estimated 150 plants measuring an average of 4 feet. The GSU destroyed all the plants and the equipment on the farm, and they arrested Usher, who was taken to the Queen Street Police Station and charged for “cultivation of cannabis plant.”

    Contagious pink-eye plaguing Belize
    The Ministry of Health has issued an alert about a rise in cases of conjunctivitis, better known as “pink eye,” which it says has especially been cropping up in northern and central Belize. The concern with “pink eye” is that it is a communicable disease, easily spread from person to person. Symptoms include redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid; watery eyes; thick yellow discharge that crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep; itchy eyes and blurred vision; and increased sensitivity to light. There are ways to reduce the spread of conjunctivitis. According to the Ministry of Health, precautions against the spread of pink eye include frequent hand washing with soap and warm water, especially before and after cleaning infected eyes, or applying eyedrops or ointment to the eyes; and minimizing the touching or rubbing of infected eyes, which can worsen the condition or spread the infection.

    Shayanne Castro, 27, arraigned for drug trafficking
    The family of NEMO and Transport Minister, Edmond Castro, is back in the news again. This time it is his daughter-in-law, Shayanne Castro, 27, the wife of his son, Wasani Castro, who has run afoul of the law. She was today arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate Court, where she appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser and pleaded not guilty to the charge of “possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply.” She was offered and met bail of $9,000 plus one surety of the same amount. Additionally, she was ordered to surrender her travel documents. She is to return to court on December 22.

    3 years for punching fellow detainee in the mouth
    Jamal Ifield, 19, a fisherman of 138 North Front Street, was sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment today by the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, after he pleaded guilty to wounding. Before she sentenced Ifield, Chief Magistrate Fraser asked him why he punched the complainant, Jose Salvador, 22. Ifield’s reply was that it was done for no reason. That was when Chief Magistrate Fraser decided to send him to prison. She had already told him that the maximum sentence for wounding is 7 years. Ifield and three other persons were detained at the Queen Street Police Station on Sunday, September 24, when the incident occurred. Police had intended to charge them with disorderly conduct.

    Premium gas now up by 93 cents on the gallon
    Three days after pump prices spiked for regular gasoline and diesel, there was another price change at the pumps, with the price of premium gasoline increasing by 93 cents on the gallon. The announcement was made by the Belize Bureau of Standards that the price of premium gas, which was actually 14 cents less per gallon than regular gas since the price adjustment of September 20, would increase from $10.99 a gallon to $11.92 a gallon in Belize City. Last Wednesday, the price of regular gasoline, which had been tagged at $10.21 since August 16, increased by 92 cents on the gallon, to $11.13. The price of diesel increased from $9.26 to $9.63, an increase of 37 cents on the gallon. However, the price of kerosene remains at $5.68 a gallon in Belize City.

    Corruption and crime, hot topics at Independence Day ceremony
    Corruption and crime—two of the hottest topics in Belize’s national discourse—were featured prominently in remarks delivered at this year’s Independence Day ceremonies held in Belmopan to mark the 36th anniversary of Belize’s independence from Britain. Held under the theme, “Belize: Confronting Challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve!” – coined by Janine Sosa, the event customarily affords a platform for both members of the ruling party, in this case the United Democratic Party, and the Opposition, the People’s United Party, to address the nation on matters ripe for national reflection. Belmopan mayor Khalid Belisle said in his welcome remarks that the rise in crime is no coincidence.

    Tennis News – Youth Tournament
    This past Saturday (September 16), the Belize Pickwick Club Tennis Courts were filled with kids from ages 7-13 vying in the first competition for the new school year in Orange level and Green level categories. Both levels played round-robin style to increase play time. Fourteen children competed. In the Green Category, Daniel Musa took first by defeating Errol Ferguson in a tight match, 15-12. Ferguson was awarded the 2nd place medal. In the Orange Category, first place went to Corbin Avila; second place to Zachary Musa; third place to Sakir Pott; and fourth place to Victoria Quan.

    Primary school basketball tips off at Gateway Center
    The Belize City Primary Schools Basketball Tournament 2017 got underway today at the Gateway Youth Centre in Belize City. There are twelve (12) teams participating in the male division and four (4) in the female division, these are: MALE (M) – Division A – St. Ignatius, Belize Elementary, Queen’s Square Anglican, Muslim Community, Central Christian, and Wesley Upper; Division B – St. Martin De Porres, All Saints Anglican, St. Joseph RC, St. John Vianney, Bethel Primary, and Ephesus SDA. FEMALE (F) – Central Christian, St. Martin De Porres, St. Joseph RC, and Muslim Community.

    No surprises in Over-40 semifinals game 2; San Pedro vs Mango Creek in finals
    There were no surprises this past weekend in game 2 of the semifinals home-and-away series of the National Over-40 Tournament 2017, where the same game 1 winners prevailed. On Saturday at the San Pedro Stadium, it was 9-1, San Pedro Veterans over Benque Veterans. Sharing the scoring for San Pedro were Jacinto Pinelo (55’ & 63’), Alex Garcia (65’, 69’ & 81’) and Orlando Pinelo (74’, 78’, 86’ & 89’); while the sole tally for Benque was by Julio Ayala (80’). (San Pedro had taken game 1 by a 3-1.) And on Sunday at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, Mango Creek Veterans came away with a 1-nil victory, courtesy of a 9th minute blast from close range by right wing Wayne Castellanos. It was a game of many missed opportunities, most by Mango Creek, who had won by a 4-0 score in game 1 last week in Independence.

    CYDP Peace Cup 2017 regular season under way at MCC
    The Conscious Youth Development Programme (CYDP) kicked off its Football Peace Cup 2017 regular season over the weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday at the MCC Grounds. According to the tournament schedule, the 13 teams are divided into two groups of 7 and 6 teams, respectively, with each group playing a single round-robin regular season, followed by the playoffs. Group One teams are: Police United FC, Kelly Street FC, Face of Belize, BDF Warriors, Tut Bay FC, FC Elite, and Kingspark Strikers; while Group Two consists of: Third World FC, Police Street FC, Survivors United, RG City Boys United, Stars Academy, and Ebony Lake FC.

    Editorial: The wasteland
    Many Belizeans do not realize that the nation’s population center, Belize City, does not presently have a franchise in the semi-professional football league. In Belmopan, by contrast, the four-time area representative, Hon. John Saldivar, was controlling three semi-pro football franchises – Belmopan Bandits, Belize Defence Force (BDF), and Police (in his capacity as Minister of National Security where BDF and Police were concerned), until he lost the Police section of his Ministry after the William Danny Mason/Pastor Lue scandal last year. Today, Mr. Saldivar controls the Bandits and BDF franchises. In a situation such as the one that has existed for more than a quarter century in the old capital, a situation akin to civil war among the youth from different neighborhoods in Belize City, one would have thought the politicians of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) would have ensured Belize City’s representation in the semi-pro football league. Remember now, the Southside of Belize City, where the UDP controls six of the seven political constituencies, is the ruling party’s stronghold.

    Romel “bigs up” Officer Chi
    Dear Editor, I would like to big up Officer in Charge of Orange Walk Police, Mr. David Chi, for the wonderful work being done to control the public intoxication in our town and villages. We no longer see people walking around visibly “under the influence” and urinating all over the place. The shop/bars no longer have crowds consuming alcohol in public view. Our lovely town looks lovelier and the villages are much more peaceful. Thank you very much.

    Marijuana smokers need to know …
    Dear Editor, I need some help here. Does decriminalization of 10 grams of marijuana mean that you can legally possess this amount? Or only that you will not be criminally charged in court, but have a fine to pay if caught with it? Am asking because on some talk shows some people are insinuating that you are legally allowed to have it but not smoke it in public. Although I am not one, consumers need to know.

    Our classroom shall be the streets …
    This weekend, postings in social media in Guatemala went viral denouncing the decision of Congress in favor of legal reform which would shield politicians from future investigations for illicit campaign financing. Hashtags have been posted from Saúl Bistro, one of the most exclusive restaurant chains in Guatemala City which have declared non-grata the 107 congressmen who voted in favour of the reform, stating “…we don’t accept people that nurture impunity”. A popular barber shop company has joined in the protest, stating that it will not give services to the parliamentarians. A nationwide shutdown has been called for by social activists on Wednesday of this week. The social unrest in Guatemala makes me look at happenings in Belize and how we as a people react to situations in our own backyard. We are not an aggressive people. Nonetheless, our history is replete with stories of resistance whereby our people stood up to fight in defense of their dignity and pride.

    Belize on its 36th Birthday
    On September 21, 2017, Belize marked its 36th year of independence. To listen to the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño, and the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon Dean Barrow, it is a tale of 2 countries. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is prepared to remove their party- political lenses and analyze the speeches for their content. A review of the past speeches on Independence Day under the 10 years of the Musa administration and the past 9 years under the Barrow administration will validate that it is always an essay in two distinct perspectives of the country. The Leader of Opposition presents the weaknesses and realities of the nation state and the Prime Minister celebrates his government’s achievements. Barrow as Opposition Leader did no differently. It is what is done to provide a balanced view of the state of the nation.

    More Queen of the Bay fallout
    Sometimes you just have to fold your arms and shake your head. Now who was the responsible person who decided that Miss Estereo Amor should make a grand entrance at the crowning of the Queen of the Bay? Sure, the young lady is beautiful—and she must have charm and style and class too, to win that prize. But this show was for the beautiful young ladies who vied for the title, Queen of the Bay. The story here is PRECEDENT. Belize will grow. What happens if the organizers of other beauty contests decide to parade their queen too? Now, to this gentleman who reportedly said that no Mestizo girl can be his queen—Hn! And it wasn’t this man’s show ataal. He was there as a judge. He was supposed to follow the company’s rules and he, it is reported, did his own thing.

    RIGHT TO THE POINT: Turning 36! – Belizeans need to mature for Belize to mature
    Uncertainty: Then there is now an uncertainty as to who are all the judges, because when Dr. Candice Pitts read her version of the proclamation she read names of ten, not seven judges, and I have gone over the recording several times to ensure I heard well, so who are the three additional judges now? The seven judges on the night of the pageant were: Sharon Frazer, Luanne Daniels, Ed Williams, Alma Gomez, Frank Tench, Clayton Grinage, and Rashida Hoy, but the additional names are: Marie Louise Murray, Sherlett Perriott and Orenko Akabuleh (not sure of spelling). How come they are judges? When were they appointed and by whom and under what rule? Thus, I keep demanding to see a copy of the new sign-off form signed by the judges making this new score valid and forming the basis of the new results? Why can’t we see the evidence? Why?

    BTL reports $20.6 mil in profits
    Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), which the Barrow administration nationalized back in 2009, is scheduled to hold its annual general meeting this Wednesday evening when it plans to declare dividends to shareholders, which include the Government of Belize and several minority shareholders. Documents released in advance of the meeting indicate that the company, which reported revenue of $147.9 million for the financial year ending March 2017, made a profit of $20.6 million during the period. That’s a decline of roughly 7% from the $22.1 million earned for the year ending March 2016. BTL said that the fall in profit was due to expenses incurred for system upgrades. The company’s asset base is worth $334 million, and shareholder equity is $272 million.

    78-year-old man found dead; police now believe he was murdered
    A 78-year-old man is dead, and police now believe he was murdered. According to police reports, at around 9:10 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, they visited the East Windmill area of Hattieville, where they saw the lifeless body of Karl Leslie, 78, lying on the floor of his bedroom. Twenty one minutes later, his body was checked for a pulse by a nurse at the Hattieville Health Center, and none was found. Leslie was then taken to the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

    4 persons reported missing—from Belize City, Trial Farm, Dangriga, and Santa Cruz
    Four persons in Belize have been reported missing since Wednesday, September 6. Shaun Bennett, 35, of Dangriga, was reported missing by his wife, Valerie Williams, a babysitter of the Wagierale area in Dangriga Town. Ms. Williams told police that at about 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon, September 6, Bennett left home to go to an unknown destination, and he has not been seen or heard from since. Bennett is described as being of dark complexion, and about 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has a low haircut and has a tattoo of the name “Helen” on his right arm. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of blue, knee-length Dickies pants. Martha Leal, a teacher of Belama Phase One, told police that her son, 24-year-old Daniel Leal, left home to go for a walk in the Belama area at about 7:00 Tuesday morning, September 19, and that was the last time she saw him. The devastated mother told police that her son had been acting strangely for the past two weeks, as if he was experiencing some type of mental instability.

    Girl, 12, dies in road traffic accident at Mile 26, Philip Goldson Highway
    A young Belizean female, 12-year-old Daphnie Polanco of Dangriga, lost her life in a road traffic collision that occurred at Mile 26 on the Philip Goldson Highway, Belize District, at about 8:30 Friday night. Police said that Polanco was traveling with her family from Orange Walk Town to Belize City in a 4-door Mazda pickup when a car rear-ended them. The impact caused the pickup’s driver to lose control of the vehicle, and it overturned. Polanco suffered massive head injuries and reportedly died immediately. Traveling at the time in the double cab pickup when the collision occurred were five other persons—David Polanco, Darcie Lopez, Tyrone Parham, Davisha Polanco, and Davina Polanco.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Chinese businessman shot and killed in attempted robbery
    Last night around 7:40, Bainan Wu,58, a businessman of corner Vernon and Santa Barbara Street was seen with a gunshot wound to the left side of the temple.

    Police issue missing person report for Kelvin Usher
    Today, BBN reported that Kelvin Usher,17, was reported missing by family members. Family members and residents organized search parties to comb the area where Usher was last seen.

    Chamber writes PM Barrow: Let the Senate hearing continue
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow has indicated that after November, the government will no longer be able to fund the Senate Select Committee carrying out an investigation into allegations of corruption at the Immigration Department.

    Taiwan’s allies show support at UN
    Belize was among the 15 diplomatic allies, which spoke in support of the Republic of China (Taiwan) at the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

    Pinkeye outbreak reported
    Last week, the Ministry of Health issued a release on a reported outbreak of pink eye in Belize. Ministry of Health officials believe that this is one of the more severe outbreak cases since 2005. This is because in only three weeks, there has been 1,108 reported cases countrywide.

    Hurricane Maria headed for North Carolina
    This morning, the center of Hurricane Maria was located near latitude 33.6 North, longitude 73.1 West. Tropical storm force winds are nearing North Carolina outer banks. Maria is moving toward the north near 7 miles per hour and this general motion with some decrease in forward speed expected through tonight.

    Illegal loggers busted up north
    Four men have been detained by police after they were busted with 32 illegally harvested mahogany logs on the Philip Goldson highway.

    Search for Kelvin Usher continues
    Yesterday, BBN reported that Cameron Usher was charged for cultivating a weed plantation in Lucky Strike village off the Maskall road.

    Businessman shot in attempted robbery
    An attempted robbery has left one person hospitalized in Belize City. BBN has confirmed that at around 8:00 last night, a dark complexioned man entered a Chinese shop on Vernon street and demanded cash but when the shop owner refused […]


    Divine El Divino
    After years of looking around for the most happening, loudest party spot, I’ve come to the realization that I prefer to take it a lot slower these days. I know…shocking isn’t it?! Nowadays, there’s nothing more inviting than to leave the comfort of my couch and head to El Divino’s Lounge area. We’ve even stretched our experience into an all-day event: start with breakfast, followed by a crazy delicious late lunch, dip in their pool afterwards (during the slower months of the year), and grab some take-out and head back home, feeling thoroughly spoiled. The morning we decided to splurge on breakfast, we were so surprised at the amount of food we ended up with. Oops! Not that it stopped us from eating every last bite, but yes, you can start your day with a breakfast fit for a king! Fryjacks, bacon (lots and lots of bacon!), eggs, beans, fluffy waffles…all the delicious things you want to start your day with.

    Mahogany Bay to open this December in san Pedro Ambergris Caye
    The highly anticipated Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, Curio – A Collection By Hilton, will begin welcoming guests in December. The first luxury resort from a global brand to open in the country, Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club is being built from the ground up on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Set on 60 acres and nestled in a grove of tropical foliage, the resort is designed for those seeking relaxed adventure, offering 205 charming cottages and villa-style accommodations. At the helm of this new Belizean experience is industry icon, general manager Niklaus Leuenberger and Edward Donaldson as director of sales and marketing. With nearly 50 years of combined hospitality expertise, they will spearhead the December opening.

    GAIA Riverlodge: Belize Balance in a Rainforest Getaway
    Set next to a river and waterfalls in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, this secluded woodsy-chic lodge is 22 km from Rio Frio Cave. Rustic rooms and cabanas with wood floors and furniture offer views of the waterfalls, the gardens or the mountains. Cabanas are screened and have thatched roofs, and some are set beside the river. There's also a riverside villa with a kitchenette, a living room and a screened porch with hammocks. There are no TVs, phones or Internet-access. Amenities include a restaurant/bar with outdoor seating on a veranda overlooking the waterfalls. There's also access to tranquil pools in the river for swimming.

    International Sourcesizz

    Potential threats within the Caribbean is discussed at IMO conference to highlight risks to port security operations
    The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) took part in a three-day conference in Belize City looking at identifying and dealing with potential threats to port security operations at the Belizean ports. The event was organised by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in conjunction with the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) based on the framework of the Agreement of Co-operation between the IMO and the Organization of the American States (0AS). Port State Control Officer at the MAJ Lieutenant Commander Leighton Miller spoke at the event where he highlighted that Caribbean nations are ideally geographically located as an important transhipment centre.

    Scientists Believe St Helena Is Where Whale Sharks Go To Mate
    One of the missing pieces in the global jigsaw in understanding whale sharks has been discovered around the isolated island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. Marine biologists from Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, USA, had been studying whale sharks since 2005, mostly around the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, where up to 400 individuals gather together in the largest whale shark aggregation known to science. These coastal aggregations, however, tend to be comprised almost entirely of juvenile males, Dr Alistair Dove, Georgia Aquarium’s vice president of research and conservation, told DIVE. The team wanted to look further afield for ‘the missing parts of the demographic pie,’ said Dr Dove. ‘Where are the really big ones? Where do they mate? Where do they pup? The kind of basic questions that we didn’t have answers for.’


  • Prime Minister's comments on offshore oil, Independence Day 2017, 1min. The Prime Minister's commitment to legislate an indefinite moratorium on all offshore oil activities takes us one step closer to getting #Belize OFF the #UNESCO in danger list. Factors which would ensure Belize's safe status include:

  • Justice of the Peace Association of Belize, 40min.

  • Belize Humane Society Pawty in the Park Dog Show 2017, 34min.

  • Youth Prespective on Guatemala Dispute and the ICJ, 28min.

  • Kelvin Usher Missing, 9min.

  • Belize's First Line of Defence | Episode Two, 19min. If you thought Episode one was interesting, then you definitely don't want to miss this Episode because things get a little exciting!

  • "WHEN THE SEA SPEAKS THROUGH AFRICAN CENTERED ART IN SOUTHERN BELIZE!", 11min. If we step aside for a moment and ask why has there been such deep sense of consciousness that has gone into the building of this model boat here called the, "Black Star Line"; the only answer that would be warranted is that the artist, Leonides Sanchez of Belize's southern town of Punta Gorda in the Toledo District, is a Belizean artist with an African centered approach to life. Being Emancipation Day, August 1, 2017 when Sanchez completed this masterpiece in wood in commemoration of the crime against humanity that brought his African ancestors to the shores of Belize, it would not have been possible to do if we consider the patience, skill and perfection that went into this work.

  • Belize Tech Expo, 1min. Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), its members, local and international stakeholders will convene in Belize City for the FIRST ever Technology Exposition.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show Sept 26, 60min.

    September 26, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Town’s “Return to Happiness” Program receives donations
    On September 20th, Dede Gordon, Jason Burris, alongside Karen Brodie presented donations to the “ Return to Happiness” program being run under the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) at the San Pedro Town Council( SPTC). The donation included school supplies donated by Gordon and Burris, puppets by Jamie Cozby, 30 books donated from a past visitor of the island Rosleyn Pierce, and 10 story books gifted by Cori Sterrenberg. The program aims to help children who have had traumatic experiences to find happiness once more. The SPTC is responsible for the program and accepts puppets, books, crayons, and other miscellaneous children’s items to assist their mission. The program trains volunteers that are willing to work with children, so they can provide adequate care to those who have suffered trauma.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize On Its 36th Birthday By Valerie Woods
    On September 21st, 2017, Belize marked its 36th year of independence. To listen to the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno and the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon Dean Barrow, it is a tale of 2 countries. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is prepared to remove their party political lenses and analyze the speeches for their content. A review of the past speeches on Independence Day under the 10 years of the Musa Administration and the past 9 years under the Barrow administration will validate that it is always an essay in two distinct perspectives of the country. The Leader of Opposition presents the weaknesses and realities of the nation state and the Prime Minister celebrates his government achievements. Barrow as Opposition Leader did no differently. It is what is done to provide a balanced view of the state of the nation.

    Belizean Short-Film Selected For An Oscar-Qualifying Theatrical Run
    Yochi,” a short film written and directed by award-winning New Mexico filmmaker, Ilana Lapid, is one of ten films selected for “SHORT FILMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD,” a week-long Oscar-qualifying theatrical run presented by ShortsTV. After this theatrical run, “Yochi” will be qualified to submit to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in consideration (alongside approximately 135 other films from around the world) for a 2018 nomination in the Live Action Short Film category. “This will make “Yochi” the first Belizean short-film qualified to submit for consideration for an Academy Award,” said “Yochi” producer and Belizean filmmaker, Daniel Velazquez.

    BTIA Congratulates Fisheries Department On Off-Season Conch Bust
    The Belize Tourism Industry Association sent out a press release congratulating the Fisheries Department on their recent sting operation that resulted in the confiscation of 8,980 pieces of off-season conch. As reported on the media, last week, about 1,500 pounds of conch was found within different fishing camps in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll this past weekend. It is believed that this type of illicit fishing activity is not a one-time operation. It is very organized and supports the illegal trade with Honduras.

    Belize Proposes Increase In Firearms Fees To Tackle Gun Control
    Firearm fees are going up! The Ministry of Home Affairs and Belize Police Department has announced and advised holders of Firearm, Gun Dealers’, Sport Hunters Licenses, and the general public of the proposed increase and application of new fees and the requirement for firearm certification. This is in an attempt to minimize the number of illegal firearm and ammunition currently on the streets and proposes to make increases by over 100%.

    Watch Out For Pink Eye!
    The Ministry of Health reports that there is an increase in the number of reported conjunctivitis cases (more commonly known as “pink eye”), particularly in the northern and central health regions. Conjunctivitis is an irritation of the eye, which is very uncomfortable, caused by bacteria or viruses which can spread easily from person to person.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Regional Coconut Development Project
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) through the Regional Coconut Development Project hereby informs the public that stakeholder sensitization sessions will be carried out for the following standards: 1. Coconut Standards: Specification and Code of Hygienic Practice for Pre-Packaged Coconut Water. 2. Coconut Standard: Specification for Coconut Oil. Stakeholder sensitization sessions will subsequently be held during the following dates with the morning session commencing at 8:30 am to 12:00 noon catered for processors/packagers of natural coconut water and in the afternoon commencing at 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm for processors of coconut oil. Stakeholders are to note relevant session and one in most proximity to their establishment.

    Tide 20th Anniversary Awards Concert
    Inviting everyone from near and far to celebrate with us at the TIDE 20TH ANNIVERSARY AWARDS AND CONCERT on Saturday October 7, 2017 during the TIDE Fish Fest weekend! Tickets for this event are $50 each and are available at the TIDE Headquarters in Punta Gorda. You can email [email protected] or call 722-2274 for more information.

    For those of you who are sponsoring a golf hole for this weekends event. PLEASE READ!!! You will be allowed to starting setting-up and decorating your assigned hole at 10am on Saturday, September 30th. The event will start at 12 noon. There are awards for the Best Drink and most creative hole. You also have the ability to establish the rules for how the hole is played...Played putt backwards, sitting down, or what ever else your creative mind comes up with. CONTACT PATRICK AT THE FLYING PIG IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. I would also suggest visiting Laru Beya to see where your hole is located to help with planning and setup.

    Goldson House Open House
    The Goldson House For Democracy and Patriotism is having an Open House next Tuesday and Wednesday. "Help spread the news, The Goldson House For Democracy and Patriotism is having An Open House Celebration!"

    International Leaders Visitor Program
    Mayor Fern Gutierrez is currently participating in the International Leaders Visitor Program (IVLP): "State and Local Government." The Program consists of meetings, site visits, training, and cultural events across the United States. This Program enhances the development of democratic institutions supporting the State Department’s strategic goal of building democracies. Participants explore the functions of state and local governments in a time of rapid change. They also explore the interactions between these entities and the federal government. Participants examine the separation of powers and the cooperation between the levels of public sectors, and explore the responsibilities of state and local government in public outreach and administering public services such as elections, the justice system, health and education.

    Channel 7

    Wasani's Wife Shayanne's Shady Deal With the Cops
    Over the weekend, police got 4 firearms and 37 live rounds of ammunition off the street. It was all done by officers of the Eastern Division's Special Assignment Team, who also seized 12 kilos, or 26.5 pounds of marijuana. Normally, that would have been reported as great police work. Except tonight, a Belize City family is crying foul. That's because the 26 pounds of marijuana was found at the home of 27 year-old Shayanne Castro's parents. She's the wife of Wasani Castro, minister Edmond Castro's son. On Saturday evening, the couple were going to her mother's house on Sarstoon Street, when police stopped them. Her family says that they convinced her to open her mother's house, and they searched it. That's when they found the 26 pounds of marijuana, and because she was the only one there, they charged her with drug trafficking.

    GSU Bust Ras Ruben On A Plantation
    He's a devout rastafarian, a staunch advocate for the legal use of marijuana, and a well known chef who owns the Vegan Bites food business. But, the GSU caught 41-year-old Cameron Kelvin Usher, known as "Ras Ruben" at a marijuana plantation in rural Belize yesterday - and have charged him for Cultivation of Cannabis Plant. Yesterday at 11:20 am, the GSU descended on the plantation in Lucky Strike Village where they allegedly found Ras Ruben in the middle of a spread with 150 marijuana plants between three and four feet high. Police destroyed all the plants along and some farming equipment. Ruben was arrested and charged with Cultivation of Cannabis Plant. He appeared in court today where he was charged for cultivation of 121 plants, not 150. He pleaded not guilty and was offered bail of $10,000 dollars which he met. His case was adjourned until December 29.

    Ras Ruben's Son Disappeared During Bust, 30 Hours Later, He's Still Missing
    And while Ruben has met bail, the concerns tonight are for his 17 year old son, Kelvin. He was reportedly at the plantation with his father, and when the police came, everyone scattered, disappearing into the bushes. But Kelvin has not re-appeared since - and it's been more than 30 hours. Today, we spoke via telephone to his mother - who has been leading searches in the Lucky Strike area: Karima Williams - Mother: "Well, it wasn't until today that we did that missing person report. I wasn't made aware of it until after six yesterday that he is missing. When we found out after six, almost seven, a team went to look for him last night at the site. It was raining, everybody looked as much as they can, it was dark. We had flashlights and stuff but it wasn't much and it started raining so we decided to leave it and start it again today. We found his hat. He had on a gray hat, we found that along the way. We found that, we found, apparently...

    PINK EYE...
    As we told you last week, there have been a number of cases of conjunctivitis also known as pink eye in Corozal, and Orange Walk Districts, and Belize City. And the news tonight is that it is way more serious than we thought. In fact, health officials are calling it one of the most severe pink eye out breaks since 2005. In just 3 weeks, there have been about 1,108 cases reported country wide. That's alarming, and today head of Epidemiology Dr. Ethan Gough gave us the breakdown in cases by district and advised what those infected should do.

    Police Pop Peddler
    The GSU caught a person they claim is a known drug peddler who operates in the Conch Shell Bay area. On Saturday morning the unit chased 37-year-old Jason Orosco down an alley beside New Asia restaurant on Vernon Street. They ran him down and claim to have found him with three parcels of cannabis amounting to three ounces. Orosco was arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking. This is not the first time the GSU has arrested him for drug-related offenses.

    Weed On the Roadside
    And there was one more GSU bust where they got over 8 pounds of weed. At around 4:00 yesterday evening, the unit was called out to mile two and a half on the George Price highway where they found this bundle of weed stashed in the bushes. It weighed 8.1 pounds. It was deposited as found property.

    78 Year Old's Death Being Looked At More Closely
    Police are looking more closely at the sudden death of a 78 year old after they found out that he had a broken neck. Karl Leslie was found lying dead in his home in Hattieville 11 days ago - and because of his advanced age, and the fact that there were no signs of violence, forced entry or theft, police thought he died of natural causes. But, a post mortem showed that he had a broken neck and that has police taking a second look at the case tonight. Village police are trying to determine if he had a bad fall or if he was choked. So far, there are few leads into the case. We'll keep following it. Leslie lived alone.

    Illegal Mahogany On the Move
    On Sunday, Police busted a cargo truck stuffed with illegally extracted Mahogany. The cops stopped the Isuzu Freight Truck with 32 mahogany logs inside. Four men were inside. They had no license for the wood, which also did not have any forestry stamps. All four were detained and the truck plus cargo was handed over to the Forestry Department. They will be charged tomorrow in Orange Walk magistrate's court.

    Holdup At Arwing
    A Santa Barbara Street Chinese store was robbed on Friday evening after 4:00. Store attendant, Wen Wei Yang reported that she was inside the Arwing Shop when a man walked in, pulled out a gun and demanded money. Yang gave up over $1,500 dollars in cash. The man then fled. Yang says a police officer lives upstairs but he was out at the time. Everything was caught on surveillance camera.

    Three Year In Jail For "Nothing"
    He told the court that he punched a man for "nothing" - and Jamal Ifield will spend three years in jail for it. The 19 year old fisherman appeared before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, where he pled guilty to wounding. Before she sentenced him, Chief Magistrate Fraser asked Ifield why he punched 22 year old Jose Salvador. Ifield's casual reply was that it was for nothing. That's when Chief Magistrate Fraser decided to give him a custodial sentence.

    Live Rounds Taken Off Street
    At the top of the news, we told you about the controversy surrounding the seizures of 4 guns and that garbage bag of weed that the Special Assignment Team seized over the weekend. Well, officers from that police unit also came upon a large stash of ammunition - and this one has no controversy attached to it. It happened on Saturday night at around 8:30, and the police report that officers from the Team searched an alley off Lakeview Street. That's where they found a black plastic bag, with 36 live rounds of ammunition, 14 rounds for a .38 special revolver, and 22 rounds for a .9mm pistol.

    Village Fire Leaves Family Homeless
    Yesterday morning at around 6:00, there was a house fire in the village of Burrell Boom. The Ladyville fire station along with police did respond but by the time they got there, it was too late: The two houses on the compound were burnt down to the ground. The house belonged to Dyron Hyde who would usually occupy it with his daughter and girlfriend, but at the time of the fire, none of them were there. We spoke to Hyde and the Station Officer for the National Fire service about the blaze. Dyron Hyde, Resident of burnt down house: "Somebody called me and told me when I find out and check the number when I checked the number and when I called back it as my mom that called and told me that my whole house burnt down. Two houses went to nothing. I did not save anything."

    Premium Prices Peak
    While you were sleeping off that September celebrations hangover on Friday night, fuel prices went up again at midnight. This time, only premium increased. It went up by 93 cents, erasing that anomaly where it was briefly cheaper than regular gas. Premium is now prohibitively priced at almost 12 dollars a gallon.

    PM Skerrit's Hurt and Heartfelt Plea To The UN About Climate Change
    Hurricane Maria's death toll on Dominica is 27 tonight, and more casualties are expected because 18 persons are still listed as missing. As much as 80 percent of the island nation's buildings have been damaged and there's no phone service or electricity. Food and water are scarce, and officials and aid workers say it could take months, if not years to rebuild what has been destroyed. All that must have been weighing heavily on the mind of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit when he went to the United Nations General Assembly to address the plenary session on Saturday morning. While the world news followed the antics of Trump and his Rocket-man, Skerrit gave a sobering address on the devastating effects of climate change on small island states:...

    Did You Hug Your Pharmacist Today?
    Today, September 25th is celebrated as World Pharmacist Day and Pharmacists all of the country gave back to the community through patient consultations. We found out more about what was done today: Samira Gongora, Drug Inspector, Pharmacy Department: "Well today which is actually pharmacy day we are having a brown bag day at all public health facilities where the pharmacists will be doing consultations. The public is invited to bring out all the medication they had or have had and the pharmacist will assess it to see what is viable, what is still good and what doesn't need to be taken again and they will also be doing a continuing education to the patients that are waiting to see the doctor today."

    Channel 5

    Shayanne Castro Charged for Drugs; Did Police Try to Extort Her Family?
    Tonight, another member of the Castro family is in the news, this time for drug trafficking. Twenty-seven-year-old Shayanne Castro nee Rosado, wife of Wasani Castro, was arraigned and pleaded not [...]

    Firearms, Believed to be Linked to Castro, Taken Off Streets
    Back to the story involving Shayanne Castro…Police have confirmed that it recovered four high-powered weapons off the streets, along with ammunition. However, no arrests were made and the firearms were [...]

    City Man Charged over Marijuana Plantation; His Son is Missing
    There were other marijuana busts over the weekend.  The largest one took place in Lucky Strike village off the Maskall Road in the Belize District on Sunday morning following the [...]

    G.S.U. Makes 2 Busts for Drugs
    In the other busts by the Gang Suppression Unit over the weekend, thirty-seven year old Jason Orozco was arrested and charged for drug trafficking on Saturday morning. He was captured [...]

    4 Busted with Illegally Cut Mahogany Logs
    An illegal logging operation in northern Belize District has resulted in the arrest of four men who were found with as many as thirty-two pieces of mahogany logs in an [...]

    Pain of New Gas Prices Settling In
    Fuel prices have increased as many as four times in two months; twice in August and twice in September. The surprise increase sneaked on Friday sent premium prices rocketing at [...]

    Belizean Recounts Mexico Earthquake Experience
    Millions have been affected by the massive seven point one earthquake that hit Mexico City on the nineteenth of September. Over the weekend, two other quakes were experienced even as [...]

    Charles Brown Charged for Rape of a Child
    There is a disturbing report of rape of a minor by a man three times her senior.  Thirty-nine-year-old Charles Alexander Brown of Madam Liz Avenue, Belize City is remanded to [...]

    Business Senator Defends Pace of Senate Committee
    Member of the Senate Special Select Committee, business community Senator Mark Lizarraga, was a guest of Channel Five’s Open Your Eyes this morning. The Committee has been meeting since last [...]

    Pink Eye Attack in North and West
    There is an outbreak of pink eye that is spreading quickly across the region.  While the rash of conjunctivitis has taken hold in neighboring Mexico, dozens of cases are also [...]

    Tests Ordered to Determine Cause of Conjunctivitis
    Health officials believe that they are dealing with a viral case of pink eye, which proliferates quicker than a bacterial outbreak.  Dr. Gough says that samples will be sent to [...]

    Pharmacists at Your Service
    World Pharmacist Day was celebrated in every corner of the globe today.  The day is set aside to expose the work of pharmacists in improving health care to all. There [...]

    Arson Suspected in Burrell Boom Fire
    A fire consumed a property in Burrell Boom, Belize District, early on Sunday morning. The caretaker of the house was not at home when the fire broke and he and [...]

    Police Re-Open Investigation into Death Of Karl Leslie in Hattieville
    Police are revisiting the recent death of a retiree from the village of Hattieville. The lifeless body of seventy-eight-year-old Karl Leslie was found on September fourteenth on the floor of [...]

    Dominica P.M. Calls for Climate Change Fight
    The Eastern Caribbean island nation of Dominica continues to recover from the ravages of Category Five Hurricane Maria which struck a week ago tonight. Its prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has [...]

    A Look into the World of Sports
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


    MOH Monitoring Closely The Epidemic Of Conjunctivitis In The Country
    So just how serious is the outbreak of infectious conjunctivitis in our country at this time? The Ministry of Health is currently engaged in a nationwide campaign monitoring the situation. Head of the Epidemiology Unit in the Ministry of Health, Dr Ethan Gough today highlighted the results of their investigation so far. Dr. Ethan Gough- Head of Epidemiology Unit: “Last week we were made aware of a report from Chetumal that they have been seeing an increase on a number of cases of conjunctivitis as well I think it was a media report also reported about two thousand three hundred cases in Chetumal so overall for last week we had a total of eight hundred and seventy cases reported country wide and the majority of them are in Corozal 379 cases are reported from Corozal last week and so that supports the idea that perhaps a lot of the cases are seeing coming from the proximity to Chetumal, the other districts that are affected; Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo are reporting around 160 cases of so Corozal is the highest number of cases reported so far.”

    Armed Robbers Target Chinese Store In Corozal
    Corozal Police are investigating a robbery of a Chinese-owned store on College Road in Corozal Town that occurred in broad daylight on Sunday, September 24th. Reports are that about 3:30pm, store-owner of Huan Huan Supermarket, 46 year old Meinyan Wu, a naturalized Belizean, was at her store when two male persons wearing masks and dressed in dark clothing entered her business. One of the men, who was armed with a knife, ran behind the counter while the other who appeared to be armed with a pistol, remained by the door. Reports we received is that a Police officer standing guard at the store was forced to the ground and tied up along with the store owner. The armed robber then went behind the counter and took approximately $2,200 from the cash register and two cell phones. The men then climbed on bicycles and rode away.

    Four Men To Be Charge For Illegal Logwood Operation
    Four male individuals are tonight facing serious charges from the Forestry Department after they were caught by Orange Walk Police with over thirty pieces of illegal Mahogany wood over the weekend. On Sunday September 24th Orange Walk Police were conducting patrol on the old Northern Highway when they came upon a white Izusu freight truck with four male occupants. A search on the vehicle resulted in the discovery of thirty two illegal mahogany logs. All individuals were detained and subsequently handed over to the forestry department.

    PM & Opposition Leaders Addressed Good Governance Effort In Independence Day Speeches
    The speeches delivered by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader John Briceno on Thursday, September 21st at the official Independence Day ceremony in Belmopan will be better remembered for their differences in view points and conclusions. As we reported last week, it was almost as if the two leaders were talking about two Belize’s and the state of the economy and social conditions. Another area where there was a difference of opinion had to do with the level of effort by the Government to get good governance ,watchdogs such as the Public Accounts Committee and the UNCAC, functioning.

    Men Accused For Robbery At Rapidito loan Unable To Make It To Court Due To Pink Eye Infection
    Back in November 2016, Police detained four men in relation to the attempted robbery of Rapidito Loans located downtown Corozal. The incident occurred in broad-daylight, but the assailants had to abort once the security guard retaliated and shot after them. The men jumped inside an awaiting vehicle which sped away but they were followed by a Police Officer who had been nearby the scene. They were caught all the way in San Jose Village, heading in the direction of Orange Walk Town.

    PUP Condemns The High Price Of Fuel
    Last week Friday, the September celebrations mood was seriously dampened by an increase in the price of fuel, which took the cost of a gallon of premium fuel past the $12.00 mark. This was the fourth increase in just two months, and the second in just three days, as the last increase was done on September 19th, affecting regular and diesel fuel. The Opposition has been monitoring the upward change in prices and on Friday they issued a strong-worded press release, calling on the Government to immediately reduce the taxes on fuel in order for the price to fall.


    Over a thousand cases of pink eye reported in Belize
    Last week, the Ministry of Health issued a release warning that conjunctivitis cases, more commonly known as pink eye, is on the rise. The release went on to advise the public to take precautionary measures in order to avoid contracting the illness. Further, it stated that those who have reason to believe that they may […]

    The conservation of the coral reef to be discuss at upcoming workshop
    Belize is part of an international coalition tasked with advancing the interests of the Mesoamerican reef system. The Sistema Arrecife Mesoamericano (SAM) board includes representatives from México, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, the countries directly associated with the Mesoamerican reef system. The board has been put together to better establish communication between sectors of both government […]

    Business Senator says Petrocaribe funds need to be accounted for
    During his Independence Day Speech, Prime Minister Dean Barrow officially announced that Alba Petrocaribe will continue to import petroleum products from Petróleos de Venezuela, PDVSA, under the PetroCaribe Agreement. While it is good news, Senator representing the business community, Mark Lizarraga says that the Petrocaribe money must be accounted for. Senator Mark Lizarraga “My issue […]

    Will the Public Accounts Committee be reshaped?
    In his address Prime Minister Barrow also spoke about the implementation of the UNCAC saying it is moving full speed ahead, with multiple stakeholders participating in this national process. Barrow also said that the Integrity Commission is functioning and has already published a list of those politicians who failed to comply with their obligations under […]

    Chamber says Senate hearings must continue
    Last week the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCI, wrote to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow, expressing concerns over the Government’s decision to no longer financially support the Senate Special Select Committee past November 2017. According to the President of the BCCI, Nikita Usher, Government’s decision to no longer fund […]

    Attorney for woman charged with drug offence says she was set up
    Twenty-seven year old Shayanne Castro, the wife of Wasani Castro, was arraigned for the charge of drug trafficking today. According to Police, early on Saturday night, the Special Assignment Team searched Castro’s residence on Sarstoon Street in Belize City. Inside, officers found two large parcels of marijuana. They first found a black garbage bag containing […]

    Week set aside to celebrate the elderly
    This week is being observed as Older Persons Week. Patroness of Helpage Belize, Maria Elena Sylvester delivered the opening address. Maria Elena Sylvester – Patroness of Helpage “Help Age Belize has never wavered in working towards its goal of alleviating situations that many older persons experienced as the ageing process takes it toll on their […]

    Pharmacists take center stage
    Today is being observed as World Pharmacy Day. This was an initiative of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, which felt it was necessary to bring awareness to pharmacies and the positive benefits they offer, when it comes to health. Love News spoke with the President of the Pharmacy Association of Belize, Beverly Coleman, who tells us […]

    Another house goes up in flames
    An early morning fire on Sunday destroyed a wooden house in Burrell Boom Village. Police report that Patty Seguro told officers that her son, Byron Hyde was staying in the house but he was out of town. Neighbors told police that they got up at around 5:45 that morning and heard crackling outside and soon […]

    Spanish Lookout business destroyed by fire
    On Sunday night, police visited Midwest Lumber Yard on Center Road Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District where they saw a zinc structured building completely engulfed in flames. Investigation revealed that 50-year-old Allan Reimer, a Mennonite businessman and owner of Midwest Lumber Yard, was at home when he received a call that the Lumber Dryer […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    President Trump issues new travel ban
    United States President Donald Trump has signed a proclamation imposing strict restrictions on travelers from eight countries, five of which were included in his previous expiring travel ban.

    Conch Shell Bay drug peddler arrested
    Police say a known drug peddler is off the streets after the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) busted 37-year-old Jason Orosco for drug trafficking.

    GSU finds cannabis on George Price highway
    At about 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) visited mile 2 1/2 on the George Price Highway and conducted a search in some nearby bush where cops found a white sack containing three parcels in transparent paper wrap and black plastic bag.

    Suspected ganja farmer charged
    On Sunday just before midday, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) received information of a marijuana plantation in Lucky Strike Village.

    Thugs stash Glock at the cemetery
    With increased penalties for offenses involving firearms, criminals have become more creative in concealing their weapons. Police, however, have strengthened their intelligence gathering techniques and on Sunday afternoon, acting on intelligence police found a Glock .9mm pistol at the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City.

    Minister Castro’s daughter-in-law busted with 26 pounds of weed
    Shayanne Castro, 27, the wife of Wasani Castro, son of Transport Minister, Edmund Castro, was busted with over 26 pounds of marijuana in her home over the weekend. According to police, around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday night, cops visited her residence on Sarstoon street and conducted a search.

    Fire in Spanish Lookout last night
    Sometime around 10 p.m. last night, police visited Midwest Lumber Yard located on Center Road in Spanish Lookout Village situated in the Cayo District.

    Corozal supermarket robbed with a knife and a gun
    Corozal police are investigating a case of armed robbery in that northern municipality. According to police reports, Meinyan Wu, 46, was alone inside her store, Huan Huan Supermarket, on College Road at about 3:15 yesterday when two masked men dressed in dark clothing entered the establishment.

    Lamanai Women’s Group Gift Shop burglarized; Thieves take over $6000 in items
    On Saturday morning, Blanca Esquivel, 57, a businesswoman of Indian Church Village in the Orange Walk District reported that her shop, was burglarized. Sometime between the hours of 3:00 p.m. on the 21st of September, 2017 and 07:30 a.m. on the 22nd of September someone made their way into Friends of Lamanai Women’s Group Gift Shop...

    Moist conditions to prevail
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly moist and unstable conditions to prevail. Cloudy skies with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected over most areas. The wind will blow at 10-20 knots.

    Regional Coconut Development Project sessions commence tomorrow
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) through the Regional Coconut Development Project informs the public that stakeholder sensitization sessions will be carried out for the following standards:

    No justice yet for Danny Conorquie
    By Zoila Palma: Today marks three years since the death of 20-year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie. Conorquie was a SC of the Tourism Police Unit (TPU), who was gunned down execution style at the Caracol archeological site where he was stationed. At the time of the incident, tourists and tour guides were at the site.


    Style in Belize: Designer Rebecca Stirm is Going to Be Famous…Seriously
    Born and raised in Belmopan, Belize, Rebecca Stirm is BURSTING with talent. Rebecca is the creator of the beautiful Belizean brand Twig and Pearl. She designs and manufactures hangbags, accessories, clothing and more from sustainable materials here in Belize. Yesterday I met up with the young designer for the first time to chat – and I am absolutely smitten. Rebecca – never Becky – just like me. Only 24 years old, she has lived such an creative, interesting, thoughtful life so far, I am super excited to see what’s next. It’s an easy prediction to make but I’ll put it down in print officially. My Prediction? BIG THINGS.

    International Sourcesizz

    “Shameful” move by St Kitts-Nevis following Hurricane Maria
    A press release issued on Saturday by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) in St Kitts and Nevis announcing a drastic 50 percent cut in the investment requirement for its citizenship by investment (CBI) program, ostensibly to create a “hurricane relief fund”, has drawn widespread condemnation, including one CBI consultant who described the move as shameful. “This is a truly shameful move by St Kitts,” said Mahdi Mohammed, CEO of Guide Consultants. “This is simply a ploy, a blatantly opportunistic move to improve the competitiveness of the St Kitts and Nevis CBI program at the expense of their Caribbean neighbours,” he continued.

    Belizeans still feel insecure about their future
    By Wellington C. Ramos. Thirty six years ago the British government granted our nation Belize its independence on Sept. 21, 1981 with the Guatemalan claim to our country unresolved. Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was determine to rid her people and government from all its colonial territories. She saw them as a burden to the people and government of Great Britain. Ignoring the exploitation their country was engaged for centuries in all these colonies including ours prior to their independence. Our premier at the time, the late George Price and his People’s United Party members, wanted independence from them desperately despite the Guatemalan claim. Our Belizean nationalist the late Philip Goldson’s position was to seek independence from Great Britain with a long term defense guarantee. He warned us that if we make the mistake and accept independence from Great Britain without a long term defense guarantee, Guatemala will become a thorn on our side for a long time. The members of the People’s United Party use to laugh at him and said he was crazy and was against independence. He is now dead and gone but his words, vision and prophecy is now a living truth.

    Disdain for the lack of depth
    Following Thursday’s speeches by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to express its disdain for the lack of depth displayed in each of their addresses, regarding the wide expanse of governance-related issues and the subsequent, detrimental impacts on Belize. Of note, the BPP is not disappointed, for the utter lack of leadership demonstrated by these purported “leaders” is well documented. Coupled with the reality of the two-party system that both sides of the PUPD non-divide supports and maintains, it is no surprise that Thursday’s presentations were devoid of true and honest explanations as to issues such as to (1) the ongoing, naked aggression by the Guatemalan military against innocent, unarmed Belizean citizens, within Belizean territory, as well as (2) their mutually intentional avoidance of adhering to the rule of law, particularly as it relates to the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA), of which the requisite fines incurred by those who have failed to declare their assets, can go a considerable way toward creating work and development opportunities for the ever-increasing number of our citizens who are in need.

    Migration In the Caribbean: Current Trends, Opportunities And Challenges
    In 2007, the Caribbean emigration rate was four times higher than Latin America’s overall emigration rate. The Caribbean emigration rate has somewhat slowed, but the region nevertheless remains an area of net emigration. Guyana and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines show the strongest emigration movements: 9.65 and 9.6 per 1000 people respectively were emigrating in 2013. Of the countries included in this study, the only confirmed2 net recipients of migrants are Antigua and Barbuda and Suriname, with immigration rates of 2.23 and 0.57 per 1,000 respectively for 2013 (CIA World Factbook, 2015). In absolute terms, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti have the largest diaspora communities: over a million emigrants each, with most living in the United States (World Bank, 2015). Guyana and Haiti are, in absolute terms, the primary countries of origin of intraregional migrants. In relative terms, Guyana and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have the most emigrants. Respectively, the emigrant population is 58.2 per cent and 55.5 per cent the size of the population living at home (World Bank, 2015).

    Are you a US Citizen who would like to become a diplomat?
    REMINDER! Don't miss the deadline: September 27, 11:00 a.m.! The Embassy of the United States of America hereby announces that applications for the position of Foreign Service Officer (FSO) are now being accepted from U.S. citizens by the Department of State. One of the first steps in becoming an FSO is to take the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT), which is offered worldwide at various locations and only to U.S. citizens. The FSOT will be offered in Belize at the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan on Tuesday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 4, 2017. The registration deadline for candidates intending to test overseas is September 27, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.


  • Diving in Belize, 1.5min.

  • Morning Matters at the Zoo, 65min.

  • Grace & You Chicken encrusted with Corn Beef, 18min.

  • Musical Guest Wilson Grinage, 25min.

  • Cool Apps for Back to School & Professionals, 35min.

  • Senate Select Committee, 43min.

  • Belize Pharmacists Association, 20min.

  • Sagicor Walk / Run 2017, 18min.

  • The 2 Belizes of Independence Day 2017, 6min.


  • Island Time in Belize, 4min.

  • The best Ice cream in Belize, 1/2min. Western Dairies Ice Cream.

  • Off grid homestead in Belize, Central America, 5min. Join me on a quick walking tour of my thatch roof house in the tropical jungle of southern Belize, where I've been living for the past five years.

  • Homegrown Belize: San Pedro, Ceviche & Michelle Nuñez, min.

  • Homegrown Belize: Cayo, BBQ & Quilz Tamay, 6min.

  • Homegrown Belize: Belize City, Rice & Beans, & Tanya Carter, 8min.

  • Placencia Belize Humming birds, 2min. Sitting on our deck Castillo Mio in Placencia Belize.

  • Sitting on our deck Castillo Mio in Placencia Belize., 2.5min. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold locally here in Punta Gorda, southern Belize at the market as well as on the street by small family farmers like Vicente and his family. I enjoyed meeting them today and eating juicy watermelon by the Caribbean Sea!

  • Meet Sylvia Eiley who will share here gastronomic delights at this year’s See and Taste Belize, 2min.

    September 25, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Siamese Twins
    “Good morning, sir.” “Good morning, sir.” As I sat drinking my coffee at a table on Fido’s deck a set of twins took the table next to me. They weren’t ordinary twins, though. They were conjoined at the hip. “Good morning, guys,” I said. “We’re Ronnie and Johnnie, the McClain twins from Canada,” said the one with glasses. “I’m Ronnie.” I introduced myself and asked, “Is this your first trip to Belize?” “It sure is,” he said. “For fourteen years we’ve never been anywhere on vacation except to England.”

    Doctor Love: Anon
    Dear Doctor Love, I am twenty-two years old and I am very fortunate. I have a good paying job and still live with my parents in the house my father built. They don’t have any debts and have never let me pay them rent so I have saved most of my salary and contribute only to groceries and utilities. Recently they have been considering selling the house and moving to Orange Walk. I am horrified at the idea of selling my childhood home. Not only will I not see my mom every day, someone else will have our house. I am sick with worrying about this. I know this is a decision for my parents but it would break my heart to lose my home. /s/Anon

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Police bust woman with cannabis
    On September 23rd, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. the SAT searched the residence of 27 yr old Shayanne Castro at 26 Sarstoon Street. No one else was inside the house. The search led to the discovery of a black garbage bag containing a total of 11,900 grams of cannabis. A further search led to a knapsack that also contained 128 grams of cannabis. Both combined weighed 12,028 grams or 12.028 kilograms. She was subsequently arrested and charged for one count of Possession of a Controlled drug with intent to supply to another.

    House Fire
    On Sunday September 24th 2017 about 5:55 a.m. police responded to info of a house fire at Burrell Boom Village. A wooden structure measuring about 20ft x 20ft was engulfed in flames and to the western side of the building, a 10ft x 10ft structure was also ablaze. Patty Seguro informed them that the house was occupied by her son Byron Hyde, who was out of town. The house doesn't have electricity and at the time of the incident no one was at home. At 6:22 a.m. the Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene to extinguished the flames.

    Pink eye
    In an effort to to inform our People about Pink Eye the following is a poster from MOH!

    The Reporter

    Fire destroys house in Burrell Boom
    A house was destroyed by fire this morning in Burrell Boom village. Police say they were alerted of the blaze sometime before 6:00 a.m., and saw a wooden house measuring 20 by 20 engulfed in flames. Another smaller structure a few feet away was also on fire. Police say Patty Seguro informed them at the scene that her son Byron Hyde, who was out of town, occupied the house. Neighbours reported hearing a cracking sound at around 5:45 a.m., and saw the fire when they got up to check outside. They called personnel from the Fire Department, who extinguished the blaze.

    Police charge man for rape of a child
    A man from Belize City faces a charge of rape of a girl. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon at the victim’s home. She told police that she was at home in the company of her aunt, a special needs person, when a man from the neighbourhood entered the house and raped her. Police say a medical examination on the girl certified her injuries as “grievous harm.” The man, Charles Alexander Brown, 39, has been charged with “rape of a child.”

    Powerful aftershocks scare Mexicans
    Mexicans in the south of their country endured two temblors on Saturday, causing more fright to those grappling with the impacts of two strong earthquakes earlier this month. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred Saturday morning near Oaxaca, 275 miles southeast of Mexico City. The epicenter was between the centers of this month’s two violent earthquakes – a 7.1 magnitude temblor on Tuesday close to Mexico City, and an 8.1 magnitude that struck on September 8, near Chiapas. Then a 4.5 magnitude temblor hit Oaxaca Saturday night. Some highways and a bridge that had been damaged during the September 8 earthquake collapsed.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Mexico: Several Earthquakes later
    As tropical systems continue to devastate our Caribbean brothers and sisters, our neighbor to the north, Mexico, has also been devastated but by earthquakes. At the start of this month, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico followed by a 7.1 magnitude last week and a 6.1 magnitude on Saturday.

    Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage calls out Elrington
    Last week, Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington made a presenation to students from the University of Belize on the issue of security threats to Belize.

    Hurricane Maria leaves death and destruction in Dominica
    Hurricane Maria, the second major storm to hit the Caribbean in one month, has left 15 people dead and more than 20 missing since the Category 5 storm made landfall last Monday night.

    Belize City police find shotgun
    This morning around 10:45, members of the Special Assignment Team searched an empty lot on Sarstoon Street, Belize City where a black 12 gauge...

    Police find guns and ammo in Belize City
    This morning, members of the Special Assignment Team conducted searches in an abandoned building located at the corner of Mahogany Street and Sittee Street, Belize City where a .38 special Smith & Wesson revolver with a wooden pistol grip was found inside a black plastic bag.

    Belize City police find ammo in alley
    According to police reports, last night at around 8:30, members of the Special Assignment Team conducted searches through an alley off Lakeview Street where a black plastic bag was found near a fence.

    Burrel Boom house destroyed by fire
    The Police and Fire departments are investigating a house fire in Burrel Boom village, Belize district after receiving reports and responding to the scene around 5:55 a.m. today.

    15-year-old girl reported missing
    Lisseth Margarita Garrido, 39, a Guatemalan national of Santa Cruz village, Stann Creek reported that on Wednesday at 7:00 a.m., her daughter Sharon Jasmin Garrido...

    Asian shop robbed
    On Friday, September 22, 2017, Wenwei Yang, 32, reported that around 4:20 p.m., while in his shop, Arwing Shop located on Santa Barbara Street in Belize City, a man armed with a gun entered and demanded money.


    “Hot Enough To Fry An Egg On A Golf Cart”
    The rooster next door gave one loud crow at 10:40 reminding me that while the 10:00 am Independence Day Parade was likely on Belize time, the clock was ticking and I better get my one errand done and get to the festivities. As I was heading down Back St. in my sensible black t-shirt and athletic skirt, I thought how this event is like Halloween in reverse. 11 years ago I started out wearing cute or sexy sporty color themed September Celebrations outfits. Now I have transitioned to comfortable and sun protection for parade day wear. The reverse part – in Canada as I got older the Halloween costumes got less skimpy and more cold weather practical. In San Pedro it is huge, (Annual Holiday Hotel Halloween Party) and being as we are never under the impending doom of winter, we can wear anything and not worry about freezing our bits off.

    International Sourcesizz

    New international board created to better represent reef system
    An international board of members has been created that will better represent the interests of the Mesoamerican reef system. The board has been put together to better establish communication between sectors of both government and non-government environmental organizations involved with the reef. This includes academics, entrepreneurs, individuals and foundations who will all contribute to the conservation of the coral reef system. The Sistema Arrecife Mesoamericano (SAM) board includes representatives from México, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, the countries directly associated with the Mesoamerican reef system.

    In the Caribbean, colonialism and inequality mean hurricanes hit harder
    Hurricane Maria, the 15th tropical depression this season, is now battering the Caribbean, just two weeks after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in the region. The devastation in Dominica is “mind-boggling,” wrote the country’s prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, on Facebook just after midnight on September 19. The next day, in Puerto Rico, NPR reported via member station WRTU in San Juan that “Most of the island is without power…or water.” Among the Caribbean islands impacted by both deadly storms are Puerto Rico, St Kitts, Tortola and Barbuda. In this region, disaster damages are frequently amplified by needlessly protracted and incomplete recoveries. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan rolled roughshod through the Caribbean with wind speeds of 160 mph. The region’s economy took more than three years to recover. Grenada’s surplus of US$17 million became a deficit of $54 million, thanks to decreased revenue and the outlays for rehabilitation and reconstruction.


  • Go Slow - You Better Belize It, 5min. A Dream about Caye Caulker, Belize

  • Belize AggressorIV 092017, 22min. Belize Aggressor IV trip from Septemer 16-23, 2017.

  • Belizeans in Inglewood celebrate Belize's Independence, 8min. Over 5 thousand Belizeans came together in Ingelwood to celebrate their Independence day. It was a beautiful indeed..

  • Belize Independence day celebration was held in Inglewood CA. Sept 17th 2017, 14min. Belize Independence day celebration was awesome, lots of music, friendly people, great food and drink,Arts and crafts

  • AZIATIC BELIZE'S PUNTA ROCK SUPERSTARR, 9min. Belize Independence day celebration in Inglewood ca. approaches..

  • Let the celebration begin Belize's Independence day Celebration 2017, 3.5min. A British Crown Colony since 1862, Belize was declared an independent nation from on September 21st, 1981 and celebrations run from ‘St Georges Caye Day’ on September 10th right up until Independence Day.

    September 24, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize’s neighbouring countries affected by natural disasters
    Over the past few weeks the 2017 hurricane season has been devastating for the Caribbean region. On September 9th, Hurricane Irma departed for Florida USA after leaving a path of destruction for residents living on the islands of St. Thomas, Anguilla and Barbuda. A few days later, Hurricane Maria emerged taking over Irma’s path, flattening several of the tiny islands that had recently been battered. Meanwhile, Mexico has suffered two devastating earthquakes in as many weeks, leaving hundreds dead and many homes and buildings destroyed. The Government of Belize (GOB) answered the call for help, and on Tuesday, September 19th via a press release, offered to join the relief efforts for Dominica. “The Government of Belize stands ready to join with other CARICOM nations to coordinate and support relief efforts in any way possible within our human and financial resources,” said the GOB. It also encouraged all Belizeans who are able to offer some form of assistance to the Government and people of Dominica to do so by supporting local relief initiatives.

    Doehms’ court case once again adjourned
    The ‘Cruelty to a Child’ case against American couple David and Anke Doehm continued on Wednesday, September 20th when they returned to the Magistrate Court in Belize City. The prosecution was expected to provide the rest of the evidence, which seeks to prove that the duo is criminally liable for the death of Anke’s adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon. That evidence, which includes results from forensic tests, was not ready to be disclosed, and as such, the case was adjourned until October 17th. After being in police custody for a few weeks, they were each granted bail of $10,000BZ, which they met, and were then set free. Under the terms of the bail, the couple is to report to the Queen Street Police Station every Monday, in Belize City, while the murder investigation continues. A preliminary inquiry is set for October 5th in San Pedro Town. However, since the forensic evidence is not available as yet, it is not certain if that date will change.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Bike Repair Workshop on Caye Caulker
    14 Ocean Academy students gained skills today in bike maintenance and repairs. Instructors Carlos Leal, Jarod and Ian were impressed with the students' attitude, teamwork and results. At the start of the workshop only 2/14 students had experience and confidence repairing a bike all by themselves. Afterwards, all 14 reported an increase in their repair skills and confidence.

    Miss Independence Corozal
    On September 21st 2017, I handed over the Miss Independence Corozal title and crown to the beautiful Miss Sharissa Dominguez I am sure that she will wear that crown and sash with Respect, Patriotism And Dignity. My year of reign was beyond amazing and I must say it was an honor being your Miss Independence my beautiful Corozaleños. Although I may be living away from home due to studying at Galen University I will always be here with full support to my home town. I Hope you all had the most amazing September Celebrations and may God bless you all, with love yours truely Miss Independence 2016 - 2017

    Congratulations to our Telenovela actors who were cast in a Coppola film, TORCH! TORCH
    The movie was shot in Southern Belize and will premiere October 8th, 2017 in California at the Mill Valley Film Festival! You can get your tickets at…&

    Belize History Association Members and Friends: Call for Papers - Conference 2018
    The National Institute of Culture and History, The University of Belize, Galen University, and the University of the West Indies officially announces the hosting of the First National Research Conference to be held on March 21 and 22, 2018 at the University of Belize, Belmopan Central Campus, Jaguar Auditorium. The Conference theme is: Research and Development in Belize. Belizean and international researchers, professors and graduate students are invited to submit abstracts of scholarly papers related to the theme. Undergraduate students are also invited to submit proposals for posters related to the theme. The deadline to submit abstract of papers and proposals for posters is Friday, October 20, 2017. The Call for Papers can be downloaded at this link:

    The Reporter

    Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage rejects minister’s comments
    The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage has rejected comments which Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington made this past week to university students. Elrington was addressing University of Belize students on the issue of security threats to Belize. Elrington, a proponent of offshore oil-drilling, suggested that some Belizeans prefer to save the marine life, rather than humans. “Two weeks ago, one Guyanese minister was here in the country; he said ‘Mr Elrington, we just found an additional two billion proven barrels of oil offshore in Guyana. That means that we now have four billion (barrels). We can’t pay for hospitals; we can’t pay for education; we can’t pay for schools, but we’re not supposed to touch the petroleum. We can’t even find out what is there because the attitude is don’t touch it.

    Belize’s economy looks promising, Prime Minister indicates
    In his Independence Day address, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said the implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) is moving along, with multiple stakeholders participating in the process. This should discourage politicians from engaging in corruption or from avoiding transparency and accountability. “The Integrity Commission has been reconstituted, is working, and has already published for public knowledge and further action the names of those politicians who failed to comply with their obligations under the law. How so-called responsible people can claim to be unaware of these activities and strides, defeats me. “Government, I should say in this context, is still agreeable to the expansion of the PAC (Public Accounts Committee), though the logistics of its conversion from a House to a bi-cameral entity are proving challenging.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Sedi calls out United Nations on injustice
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, known for making controversial remarks at home, has called out the United Nations for selectively applying its own principles on injustice. Elrington, speaking at the General Debate of the 72 Session of the United Nations General Assembly, spoke up in defense of Belize’s longtime ally, the Republic of China, Taiwan pointing out that the country undergoes pressure without UN support.

    Accused murderer makes Belizean history
    Thirty-year-old Nelson Henry, who stands accused of the murder of Edward Lord Jr, made Belizean history this week by becoming one of only four people to ever get bail while on trial for murder. Justice Adolf Lucas granted Henry bail this week following a submission by Henry’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, claiming that his constitutional rights had been violated.

    Belize and the EU hold third “Article 8” political dialogue session
    As part of Belize’s Diplomatic Week and Independence Celebrations, the third political dialogue session between the European Union (EU) and Belize took place in Belmopan on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017. The cordial and constructive dialogue offered a platform for consultations over a broad range of bilateral, regional and multilateral issues, as well as an opportunity to take stock of progress made concerning ‘essential elements’ of the Cotonou Agreement, including respect for human rights, democratic principles and good governance.

    BPP condemns GOB and Opposition for Independence Day speeches
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has condemned the Independence Day speeches of both Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader John Briceño for the way they addressed Guatemala’s continued aggression in the Sarstoon. Both presentations came days after the Belize Territorial Volunteers got harassed by Guatemalan military personnel; however, neither the PM nor the Leader of the Opposition made any statements regarding the matter.

    Mexico hit by new 6.1 magnitude earthquake
    About an hour ago, a new earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hit Mexico. This comes just days after another horrific tremor left 295 people dead. According to the US Geological Survey, the quake was centered about 11 miles south-southeast of Matias Romero in the State of Oaxaca.


    5 Perfect Days in Ambergris Caye
    For this year’s annual birthday trip we decided to take a more relaxing route and chose to spend five perfect days in Belize. We absolutely fell in love with Ambergris Caye and have already been recommending it to everyone. On the first day, we arrive in Belize City on a flight from Atlanta. It sounds like most flights from the United States come from there or Houston. Their international airport is tiny, but has food options, a bar, rum tastings, and plenty of knick knack souvenirs to buy. We were through customs and waiting for our puddle jumper flight to Ambergris Caye in no time. There are two airlines that fly to the cayes – Tropic Air and Maya Island. We found cheaper rates on Maya (around $60 one way) and took the easy 15-minute flight over. You also have the option of taking a taxi ($25 – 30-minute ride) to the ferry (about $15 one way – 90-minute ride) but since we had limited time we opted for the slightly more expensive flight – plus the views from the plane are amazing.

    International Sourcesizz

    After the hurricanes: What to know before retiring abroad
    Yet despite weather risk and vulnerable infrastructure, overseas retirement is growing in popularity — about 400,000 American retirees live abroad, according to the Social Security Administration, and that number has climbed 17% between 2010 and 2015. Some choose islands and Mexico, while others go to Germany, Japan and Canada. More baby boomers are expected to leave the workplace, and then the country, in the next 10 years. “People have a romantic notion of what it’s going to be like to live somewhere,” said Ken Moraif, a financial adviser at Money Matters, a financial advice seminar and podcast in Plano, Texas. Moraif suggests people planning to move abroad for retirement test it out first. He had one couple as clients who wanted to sell their home and move to Belize, where they could relax and deep-sea fish, but Moraif suggested they rent a place for six months to try it out.

    Belizean Anthropologist Speaks
    Joe Awe is a Belizean activist, entrepreneur, anthropologist, mayanist, tourism lecturer at a local junior college, and also one of Belize’s top tour guides. I met with him over coffee last week to talk about the future of Belize and I insisted that he needed to share his knowledge and ideas on Belize to the world. The conversation led to the birth of this interview where he shares some interesting facts and ideas on Belize’s history, culture, ecotourism, economy and sustainable development. Please tell me about yourself and where you were born? How has Belize changed since your youth? I was born in San Ignacio, the first of three children. Belize inevitably has changed very much since I was a child. There are more opportunities; more educational options; more infrastructural development; a robust tourism industry; the development of oil extraction, and there is also a tremendous effort in guiding the country to be more compatible with the fast-changing times to keep us competitive and relevant in the region.


  • Belize Independence day celebration, Inglewood ca. 2017, 4.5min. Dell Smart performing onstage

  • Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize 2017, 2min.

  • Belize- A Paradise for all, 1min. Drone footage taken on our last trip to Belize. Thatch Caye Resort.

  • Scuba Belize La Strega, 17min. We worked as manager/dive instructors on a live-aboard (M/V La Strega) in Belize in the Western Caribbean. Diving was quite good .

  • Scuba Belize La Strega part 1, 15min. my sister and i scuba diving in belize 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Ziplining Belize 2017, 4min.

  • Belize Vacation 2017, 10min. This video is a compilation of videos and images from my vacation to Belize in May 2017. We planned this vacation for months, foregoing the simplicity of a one-stop resort for the sake of getting to see as much of this beautiful country as possible. We traveled by plane, water taxi, golf cart, bicycle, public bus, and prop plane during our adventures. For activities, we snorkeled (twice), paddle boarded, and made our own chocolate from scratch. Some of my favorite things were seeing crystal clear blue ocean water, snorkeling, the sounds of the jungle, and tropical smoothies by the pool. Victoria House (1st stop), BlueBelize (2nd stop), Belcampo (3rd stop), Swan Villas (4th stop)

  • Belize Independence day, 3min.

  • Belize 2017, 4.5min.

  • The World of Belize, 7.5min. 12 Guys, 3 Chaperones, and a whole lotta fun along with a transcending experience of friendship and service.

    September 23, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize suspends Petrocaribe program
    After over four years, the Government of Belize has suspended the Venezuelan Petrocaribe program. Under this program, Belize was being supplied with oil from the South American country on conditions of preferential payments, which saved the Belizean economy hundreds of millions of dollars. The program also generated over $400 million in funding to the current administration as part of an economic cooperation agreement. However, due to the economic instability in Venezuela, obtaining fuel has been becoming increasingly difficult, affecting the demand (and price) in Belize. Thus, the program remains in limbo for the time being.

    Firearm license fees to increase
    In an attempt to minimize the number of illegal firearm and ammunition currently on the streets, the Government of Belize has proposed a new schedule for gun license fees. The announcement was made last week Thursday, September 14th, and proposes to make increases by over 100%. The increased gun license fee will be from zero to $300, while a gun repair license will see an increase from zero to $50 dollars. A special protection license will increase up to $225 dollars, and the fee for shotgun holders will change from five dollars to $25 dollars. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Belize Police Department, these increases are expected to come into effect in the coming months. The Ministry also stated that they are seeking ways to also increase penalties for certain firearm related offenses. They are optimistic that this initiative will deter the amount of persons having access to firearms.

    BNTU threatens to strike if Government ends Senate investigation
    The Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) has informed the Government of Belize (GOB) that it plans to go on a nationwide strike if they cease to allocate funds to the Senate Special Select Committee. In a letter from Prime Minister Dean Barrow to the clerk of the National Assembly in early August, the PM stated that disbursement of funds to the Committee would discontinue after November of this year. The instructions from Barrow state that after Government makes two more supplementary payments of $165,552 the committee will no longer receive additional funding. The note explains that GOB cannot afford to fund the Committee after November. Prime Minister Barrow stated that government is hard-pressed to find extra budgetary allocations to fund the newly reconstituted Integrity Commission and implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) to which the county signed on December 9, 2016.

    Ambergris Today

    Pedro Salazar Sr. Honored At Tribute To Belizean Patriots Award Ceremony
    The Tribute to Belizean Patriots Awards Ceremony 2017 was held on September 14, 2017, at the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts in Belize City. The event is held every year as a part of the official September Celebrations activities. It's an occasion to honor Belizeans who have dedicated their lives to serving the country. Twenty-two Belizeans were honored for their service to Belize over the years. Twenty of the honorees received a Meritorious Service Award, while two received the Order of Distinction. Among those honored was Mr. Pedro Salazar Sr. of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Tour Guide Training starts on October 2nd
    Total instruction hours is 90 days – Three (3) hours per evening, five (5) days per week; Internship – Two (2) weeks; Course Fee of seven hundred dollars ($700.00) is to be paid in full upon application and is non-refundable VENUE: Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School – drinking water will be provided...

    Beach BBQ every Sunday at Portofino
    A great weekend beach barbecue option.

    Machel Montano arriving in style with Tropic Air

    The 1970s Belizean politics saw the rise of one of Belize's most powerful politicians of all times, the Lawyer/politician and a former National Independence Party (NIP) of Belize politician, Dean Lindo, who broke away from the NIP and pioneered the formation of the United Democratic Party (U.D.P) that continues to dominate party politics in Belize winning three consecutive elections since 2008 to become Belize's only three times government ever in the history of politics in Belize. Minister Dean Lindo also defeated another powerful Belizean politician, the Peoples United Party's (PUP) Said Musa in Belize City's "Fort George Division" in the 1984 Belize general elections that brought him to exceptional acclaim as not only one of Belize's most creative political gurus, but also as one of the 1960s opposition's NIP/UDP first elected politician to Belize's Central Government after the outstanding Minister Philip Goldson.

    The incomparable Belizean musical band of the 1960s and 70s Belize music scene became one of Belize's best bands of all times. The "Harmonettes" was the brainchild of the legendary Belizean musician, Godfrey McGregor, of the 1950s and 60s Belize musical accomplishment when Belize's "Big Band" sound dominated the music scene. At that time these bands played only instrumental. Later on, "D-Mack" as he was called, pioneered the Belizean musical revolution, and like the legendary "Lord Rhaburn Combo", he ventured off into a solo career and formed the "Harmonttes". They became one of the Belize's best bands that won musical competitions and created many Belizean musicians and vocalists.

    Belizean legendary DJ, Wayne "Red Boy" Luther of the 1970s Belizean music and entertainment scene!

    The legendary Belizean long distance athlete, Eugene Muslar, rose to become Belize's most accomplished long distance runner of all times. He won many of the best long distance meets that included the "Mile", 400M, and the 800M in the 1970s and 80s before he emigrated out of Belize where he represented Belize in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his family where he went on to win many 10Ks in the 1980s as he continued his passionate training right up into the 1990s. Big respect "Muslar"!

    Belize and the EU Hold Third “Article 8” Political Dialogue Session
    As part of Belize's Diplomatic Week and Independence Celebrations, the third political dialogue session between the European Union (EU) and Belize took place in Belmopan on Tuesday, 19th September 2017. The cordial and constructive dialogue offered a platform for consultations over a broad range of bilateral, regional and multilateral issues, as well as an opportunity to take stock of progress made concerning 'essential elements' of the Cotonou Agreement, including respect for human rights, democratic principles and good governance. The two sides discussed the progress of the EU/Belize development partnership and renewed their commitment to partnering on health, energy and public finance management in Belize.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hosts Annual Diplomatic Briefing
    On Wednesday, September 20th, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Honorable Wilfred Elrington addressed the diplomatic community gathered in Belize City to participate in the events scheduled in celebration of the 36th Anniversary of Belize’s Independence. At the gathering, Minister Elrington expressed the Government of Belize’s deep condolences and sympathies to the nations and victims affected by the recent devastating natural disasters. The Minister also presented the most recent activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the current development agenda of the Government of Belize, recent economic and political developments in Belize, priority areas of international cooperation, and regional issues. The Minister further expressed the government’s gratitude for the staunch support it has received from its diplomatic allies around the world.

    New signs on Caye Caulker
    Today was the launch of the signage portion of the Sustainable Tourism Project 2. Thank you International Developmebt Bank and Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation for making this project a reality. C.C.V.C. looks forward in collaborating in the near future to get more done for our beautiful home.

    BVO Torch Run 2017
    Department of Youth Services Benque in collaboration with Benque Viejo town Council for the second year organized the annual Torch Run from Belmopan to Benque. 60 Youths from the surrounding communities participated in this event to exercise their patriotism, making it a success.

    UB Celebrates National Service Day
    The University of Belize (UB) students, faculty and staff joined donors on September 19th, 2017 to beautify the different Campuses as a tribute to National Service Day, a day commemorated across the country in honor of former Prime Minister, the Right Honorable George Cadle Price who passed away on this date in 2011. At a ceremony held on the grounds of the main campus, Belmopan Mayor, His Worship Khalid Belisle delivered the keynote address. Mayor Belisle reminded the students that National Service Day honors Price, who started the peaceful, constructive revolution in 1950 that led Belize to Independence on September 21st, 1981. His life, dedicated to the country, led to several distinguished titles being bestowed upon him including: the “Order of National Hero”, Belize’s highest honor and “Father of the Nation.” Not only was he a man of deed but also of humility. As he travelled the country, he offered his service to communities. He contributed in a selfless manner to uplift the country and people of Belize.

    San Pedro Power out Friday
    BEL crews have been dispatched to Maskall Substation to identify and rectify cause of power interruption affecting entire San Pedro Town since 2:21 p.m., Friday, September 22.

    DYS Celebrates National Service Day
    The Benque branch of the DYS teamed up with Alvin Young high school to clean up and refurbish a Succutz park. Thanks, DYS! "The Department of Youth Services Benque Viejo in collaboration with Alvin Young Nazarene High School conducted its National Service Day clean up campaign at one of the parks in San Jose Succotz where we refurbish the swings, clean and cut the grass, and painted the benches. We would like to thank Benque Hardware for their kind donation of materials for the swing."

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    The Book of Henry, The House, Despicable 3, Berlin Syndrome. So many people requested us to bring back Despicable Me 3 ... so for those.. enjoy! Spiderman Homecoming next weekend...

    Channel 7

    CJ Keeps to Schedule, Puts Out Four Judgements In A Week
    On Monday, we told you about that stern resolution that the Bar Association passed at their meeting a week ago. It's a unanimous decision to call for Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to resign if he cannot deliver judgments on a schedule he put out last week. He had 28 judgments outstanding, some of which have been pending for over 5 years, and tonight, we can report that has delivered 4 of them this week - on schedule. He delivered a judgement on Monday, and another on Tuesday, and today he delivered 2 more. The first case is one brought by the major construction company, International Environments - which is building the 32-million dollar Belize City Center. They sued the Commissioner of Income Tax, and that case concluded in July of 2012, about 5 years and a month ago. Then, he delivered a judgment in the case of Western Development Limited, and that company's lawsuit against the Attorney General.

    Bail For Alleged Murderer - 4th Time in Belize History
    On Wednesday night, we told you about 30 year-old Nelson Henry. He's the accused murderer who has been remanded for 5 years waiting for a Supreme Court trial. Well tonight, he's out, and he's becomes the 4th person in Belize's judicial history to be released on bail while still facing a murder charge. As we told you main witness, former police officer Catherine Perteau refused to cooperate with the prosecution. That caused trial delays, which Henry's attorney, Oscar Selgado seized upon. He made an application to Justice Adolph Lucas that Henry should get bail because his constitutional right to fair trial within a reasonable time had been breached. After considering his application, Justice Lucas came back today and issued a surprising decision. He granted Henry bail of $25,000 with the conditions that he must not interfere with the prosecution's witness, and with a curfew. So, the accused killer gets to go home for the first time since July of 2011, when he was first arrested and charged for the murder of Edward Lord Jr.

    Young Girl Dies In Traffic Accident
    A 12 year old girl from Stann Creek was killed in an accident last night. It happened around 9:00 at mile 26 and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway. 12 year old Daphnie Polanco was traveling along with her family members David Polanco, Davisha Polanco, Darcie Lopez, and Tyrone Parham. They were all in a blue Mazda pickup heading to Belize City. Jadiel Usher and Dion Skeen were also traveling towards Belize City in a Green Toyota Corolla. Police reports are that the driver of the Corolla hit the Polanco's vehicle and both lost control and overturned. Daphnie died on the spot as a result of the impact.

    Moses Babb, From Hospital, to Courtroom, To Jail
    A suspect has been charged for the Aaron King shooting that took place at a house on Sunday night in the Buttonwood Bay area. Today, Moses Babb - who was also shot - went from the hospital to court and appeared before Magistrate Aretha Ford and was charged with attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and kept firearm without a license. He pled not guilty to the firearm offense - and no plea was taken for the other two charges because those will be dealt with at the Supreme Court. Because it is a firearm offense, no bail was offered and he was remanded until November 27th.

    Political Leaders Clashed On Independence Day
    After three weeks of festivities, the September Celebrations are over. The official climax of the month came yesterday in Belmopan where the official ceremonies were held on the National Assembly stairs. The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition were the stars, but some hecklers also gathered the limelight. Jules Vasquez was there:... Khalid Belisle, Mayor Belmopan: "I call on you my countrymen to keep the goodwill of September year round." Jules Vasquez reporting: But they couldn't even keep the goodwill on Independence Day. This was activist. Ronald Rivers as he got thrown out during John Briceno's speech. Both Briceno and Barrow seemed amused. And Barrow hardly looked up when Fitzharris Howard got thrown out during his speech. Maybe Deputy PM and chair of the September Celebrations Commission Patrick Faber didn't see either because he's watching the future:

    PM Takes Glancing Blow At Social Partners
    The Prime Minister also had some remarks for the social partners who keep issuing statements saying that the Integrity Commission is inactive, and that he hasn't kept true to his promise to reform the Public Accounts Committee. Here's how he put it:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The Integrity Commission has been reconstituted, is working, and has already published for public knowledge and further action the names of those politicians who failed to comply with their obligations under the law. How so-called responsible people can claim to be unaware of these activities and strides, defeats me." "Government, I should say in this context, is still agreeable to the expansion of the PAC, though the logistics of its conversion from a House to a bi-cameral entity are proving challenging."

    The Pain of PM Skerrit
    And while Belize's Prime Minister spoke glowingly of the future, one of his CARICOM Colleagues can hardly see past the present. That's Dominican PM, Roosevelt Skerrit. Three years ago, he was in Belize for the September 21st Ceremony, but 2017 finds him trying to manage the aftermath of the catastrophic Hurricane Maria on his small island state. As we've reported, Skerrit had to be rescued from his own home after his roof blew off during the storm. But, that was just a small snapshot of the devastation that Maria wrought all across Dominica. Tonight 15 people are dead and many others missing. Yesterday in an emotional interview with ABS Television in nearby Antigua, Skerrit revisited the horror of Hurricane Maria.

    Dominica's Destruction Takes A Toll On Citizens
    So, while the Prime Minister of Dominica gave a broad overview of the damage that Hurricane Maria caused, our colleagues from ABS Television and Radio in Antigua and Barbuda went on the ground for an up-close look. Here's what a number of the hurricane victims told that news team about the massive rebuilding efforts they must undertake: Hurricane Maria has 175 mile an hour winds when it hit Dominica. The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility - will make a payout of 19 million US dollars to Dominica for Hurricane relief. As viewers are aware, CCRIF SPC acts sort of like an insurance company, but specifically for CARICOM Nations.

    Cops Shot A Man In Griga, Get 6 Lbs. Weed
    Police have shot another man in Dangriga - the last case was in July when the cops shot a teenager and didn't charge him for anything. In this case, the cops found their suspect with 6 pounds of weed. On Wednesday night at around 9:25, police on mobile patrol near Castillo's Alley saw 38-year-old Adolpho Nunez. Nunez ran away when he saw the patrol but one of the officers identified himself and ordered Nunez to stop. Nunez then allegedly threw a black bag of weed at the officer. They then started to fight and that's when the officer shot Nunez to the leg. The bag had 6 pounds of weed. The shooting is currently under investigation - while Nunez is in the hospital pending charges.

    TV Thieves Tied Woman Up
    A woman was stabbed to the neck and left tied up in her home by two men who were stealing her television. It happened on La Croix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area this morning. at 4:20 AM, 45-year-old Romie Anthony was awakened by noise coming from the hall. When she went to check what was happening, she saw two men in dark clothing with masks removing her flat screen television from the wall. One of them grabbed her, and one stabbed her to the neck with a sharp object. They then took her to her room where they tied her with an electrical cord. 20 minutes after the burglars left with the television, she freed herself and called the police. No arrests have been made.

    Man Stabs "Bra'anlee"
    This evening in Orange Walk town, a man allegedly stabbed his sister's boyfriend. It happened at around 4:45 when 34 year old Ajit Ramclam was visiting his girlfriend. He and her brother got into a fight, and the brother stabbed Ramclam in the back and hand with a knife. He was admitted to ward in a stable condition.

    The Passing Of Patrick Grant, The Constant Gardener
    Patrick Grant - he's the very senior citizen who was viciously beaten down and robbed at his Fern Lane home in December of 2015. His neighbor Chester Noralez was charged for dangerous harm and burglary. Well we have some sad news: he died yesterday. According to his family, he was not feeling well and was hospitalized on Monday. After several tests, the doctors found that his kidneys were failing. Relatives say he had no known kidney ailment. Patrick Grant was 95 year old. After the 2015 incident we had been following Grant's progress and recovery. And 7news handed him a brand new weed whacker to replace the one that had been stolen. Here's how he reacted then, in January of 2016.

    PUP Demands That GOB Lower Fuel Tax
    The PUP is demanding that government lower fuel prices by reducing its tax take. A late evening release quotes Party Leader John Brice as saying, quote, "the People's United Party will not stand on the sidelines and just watch the government saddle the backs of the Belizean people with these exorbitant fuel prices." Briceno says forty-three percent of the pump price is collected by Government in the form of taxes." A statement says "The PUP is calling on the government to immediately reduce the taxes on fuel."

    Cowpen Connected to Power Grid
    A few weeks ago we told you about a rural electrification project that the European Union along with the Government of Belize and Belize Electricity Limited implemented. The project brought Electricity to 500 households, 27 communities, and 13 farms in the south. Today we met the European Union Ambassador to Belize at one of those newly electrified banana farms in Cowpen. Sahar Vasquez has the story: In Cowpen Village, residents in these humble homes had become accustomed to living without electricity. But through a partnership between the European Union and Government along with BEL helped change the way of life for these people by installing safe and reliable electricity. Candalari Cal, Resident: "16 years I don't have and now I have which is good. Everything is changing. Right now my children are happy for us to have TV and light at home.

    Elrington At UN
    The United National General Assembly runs from September 12 to the 29th - but the real action started this week with the general debate - where presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers present their views to the plenary session. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington made his 9th presentation for Belize - and he told the gathering Belize is trying to bring Guatemala to the table:... Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Likewise, when Belize's territorial integrity was at stake, Belize turned to the UN to defend its sovereignty over its land and for as long as we have been a dutiful Member State, we have had peace. We want that peace to endure and so we have taken every measure to bring Guatemala to the table of justice in respect of its unfounded claim on our territory."

    Wilfred, Diplomatically Speaking
    And before he went to New York, on Wednesday Elrington addressed the diplomatic community that gathered in Belize City for the celebration of Belize's Independence. According to a release, Elrington presented the most recent activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the current development agenda of the Government of Belize, recent economic and political developments in the country, priority areas of international cooperation, and regional development.

    The Flag at 36
    To close off the September festivities we leave you with Thursday night's flag raising the 36th time Belize's flag went up at midnight

    Channel 5

    Premium Fuel Hiked Again; Fourth Increase of Gas Prices in 2 Months
    Independence Day in Belmopan was full of invective from both sides of the political spectrum, and there is a major announcement on Petrocaribe to report tonight. But we begin with [...]

    P.U.P. Condemns ‘Historic’ Fuel Prices – Says Taxes Should Go Down
    At news time, the Opposition People’s United Party has sent a release calling for Government to immediately reduce taxes on fuel, to alleviate the recent increases in fuel prices. The [...]

    The 2 Belizes of Independence Day 2017
    Now to Independence Day…independent now for thirty-six years, is Belize any better off?  According to the Prime Minister, the country appears to be shaking off the malaise of recent years [...]

    Petrocaribe is Back – in October
    “Petrocaribe will roll it once more,” Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed Thursday morning during his Independence Day address. This follows a meeting with a delegation of Venezuelan officials who arrived [...]

    Support for PAC Expansion and Lands Reformation
    The Government faces no end of scandal in many of its Ministries, from Immigration to Health, Education to Works to Finance. But the hot button issue of the moment is [...]

    O.W.’s Kevin Bernard Refutes “Erroneous” Integrity Commissions Statement
    On Wednesday, the Integrity Commission announced that it forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution the list of persons in public life who failed to submit their declaration of assets, [...]

    Rare Bail for Accused Murderer at Supreme Court
    It’s a rare occasion for an accused murderer to be granted bail by the Supreme Court; in fact, it has only happened three times before. But tonight, twenty-eight-year-old Nelson Henry [...]

    Moses Babb Brought to Court for Shooting of Aaron King
    Eighteen-year-old Moses Anthony Babb has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being arraigned earlier today on a slew of charges resulting from a near fatal shooting on Sunday.  [...]

    The Lights are Turned On in Cowpen
    Cowpen is a small village located in the heart of the banana belt in southern Belize. It is populated by workers of the industry, who toil the fields or package [...]

    12-year-old Killed Instantly in Highway Accident
    Just before nine o’clock on Thursday night, as many Belizeans were returning home from the carnival road march in Orange Walk, a fatal road traffic accident occurred around mile twenty-six [...]

    Father and Daughter Struck by Hit-and-Run Vehicle
    Meanwhile another staff member is the victim of a hit and run in the city. Master Control Operator Alvin usher and his daughter Brianna are lucky to be alive after [...]

    Single Mom Robbed and Stabbed at Home
    A forty-five-year-old single mother of Belize City is tonight recovering from multiple stab wounds to the neck following a home invasion at her La Croix Boulevard house in Lake Independence. [...]

    Where is Daniel Leal, Missing Since Tuesday?
    The family of twenty-four-year-old Daniel Leal is seeking public assistance in locating their loved one who has been reported missing since September nineteenth.  According to Martha Leal, a teacher of [...]

    Suspected Drug Trafficker Brought Down by Police
    A suspected drug trafficker is recovering at the Southern Regional Hospital from a gunshot wound to the leg.  Adolpho Nunez, also known as Sand, was in the vicinity of Rear [...]

    Franz Parke Close to Appointment as Appeal Judge; Did Classmate P.M. Help Him Out?
    The Governor General has received the instrument of appointment for Jamaican-American attorney Franz Parke to the Belize Court of Appeal for a five-year term beginning in October.  Parke was previously [...]

    Foreign Minister Reports to U.N.
    This afternoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington addressed the United Nations. Last year, he earned rave reviews for a speech he gave in New York at the General Assembly [...]

    New Management for Queen of the Bay?
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Patrick Faber addressed the Independence Day ceremonies for the first time as co-chair of the September Celebrations Commission. His [...]

    Faber Says the Youth Shall Inherit Belize
    The deputy P.M. made reference to the coming of new, younger leadership as the older generation, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, departs. Faber addressed the importance and necessity of change [...]

    Help on the Way as P.M. Recounts Maria Terror in Dominica
    The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility has announced that Dominica will receive a payout of over nineteen million U.S. dollars following the passage of Hurricane Maria as it begins the [...]

    Mexico Red Cross seeks donations for earthquake victims
    It’s been three days since a seven point one earthquake hit Mexico City, killing two hundred and eighty-six persons and hundreds more remain missing, at last count. Those numbers continue [...]


    Elrington takes crisis of correspondent banking to UN
    The annual General Debate of the seventy second session of the United Nations General Assembly began on September 19. The debate presents an opportunity for world leaders to discuss global issues at the UN Headquarters. This afternoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington made his presentation. Elrington stated that Belize, as a middle income country, […]

    Opposition Leader slams Government in his Independence Day address
    Belize celebrated its 36th anniversary of independence yesterday. The official ceremonies which took place at the foot of the National Assembly building saw members of the diplomatic corps, members of the parliament, the judiciary and others gathered. As is customary, the Leader of the Opposition delivered an address. Earlier this week Leader of the Opposition, […]

    Scandals have eroded public trust says Opposition Leader
    The Opposition Leader said the Barrow administration has been plagued with numerous scandals which have eroded the confidence of the Belizean public. Opposition Leader – John Briceno “Truly when we see this administration overwhelmed with scandal on top of scandal involving high ranking ministers, elected representatives and their cronies we are compelled to agree that […]

    Prime Minister says economy on right track
    Earlier this month the IMF completed its Article Four consultation with Belize and stated that Belize’s macroeconomic outlook remains weak. It said Belize’s economic growth is expected to rebound however the medium term outlook is relatively weak with high debt, and large external imbalances. In his address yesterday on the occasion of the nation’s 36th […]

    Petrocaribe to continue rolling in Belize
    On Wednesday we reported that the Petrocaribe agreement appeared to be back on track. Yesterday during his address, Prime Minister Barrow made it official. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “At the end of last week, however, we announced the suspension of the PetroCaribe fuel and financing arrangement. This had to do with a number of issues […]

    Decriminalization of small quantities of marijuana to come into effect
    During his address the Prime Minister made several announcements including the impending decriminalization of small quantities of marijuana. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “We celebrate now the imminent passage of the marijuana decriminalization Bill. This is a first step in ameliorating conditions that saw principally the already marginalized ending up in jail for weed possession. Weed […]

    Agriculture sector bouncing back after Hurricane Earl
    Prime Minister Barrow said the Agriculture sector is recovering from the damages sustained during Hurricane Earl. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “We see that the recovery has been steady and confidence in the sector high. Our officials have been busy securing market access to CARICOM for poultry, beef and direct consumption sugars. Arrangements for duty free […]

    Major infrastructural works on the horizon
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow highlighted several infrastructural projects that are to be completed across the country. Prime Minister – Dean Barrow “Next month I sign the OFID loan for the Haulover Bridge replacement, and this will top off the ongoing Highway upgrading between Belize City’s Buttonwood Boulevard and the PGIA junction- and how beautifully this […]

    Belize Progressive Party unimpressed with Independence Day speeches
    The Belize Progressive Party was not impressed with the addresses made by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition at yesterday’s Independence Day ceremony. The BPP says both lacked depth regarding the wide expanse of governance-related issues and the subsequent, detrimental impacts on Belize. It goes on to say both were devoid of […]

    Young girl killed in road traffic accident
    12-year-old Dafnie Polanco died in a road traffic incident which occurred last night at mile 26 ½ on the Phillip Goldson Highway. According to police reports, at around 9:00 p.m. they visited the scene where they saw a blue Mazda pick-up truck in the drain facing the direction of Orange Walk Town while a Grey […]

    The Reporter

    Family feud results in stabbing
    A dispute between two brothers-in-law ened up with one being stabbed and the other being detained. The incident happened some after 4:00 p.m., this evening in Orange Walk Town. It happened when Ajit Ramclam, 34, visited his girlfriend’s house on Marcelino Tun Street, and became embroiled in an altercation with her brother, who reportedly produced a knife and stabbed him. Ramclam was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital with stab wounds to the back and a cut wound to the right hand. He is admitted to ward in a stable condition. Police have detained the suspect pending investigations.

    Girl, 12, dies in traffic accident
    A 12 year-old girl died in a traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway on Thursday night. Police say the incident happened between miles 26 and 27 sometime around 9:00 p.m., and involved a blue Mazda pick-up and a gray Toyota Corolla. Travelling in the Mazda pick-up was David Polanco, Darcie Lopez, Tyrone Parham, Daphnie Polanco, Davisha Polanco and another person only identified as Davina; while travelling in the Toyota Corolla was Jadiel Usher and Dion Skeen. Police say both vehicles were travelling in the direction from Orange Walk towards Belize City when the Corolla clipped the Mazda, causing both vehicles to overturn. Daphnie Polanco suffered severe injuries and died at the scene.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PUP condemns the hike in fuel
    The People’s United Party (PUP) is gravely concerned and dismayed by the recent increases in fuel prices that have occurred over the past two weeks in Belize. According to a release issued a short while ago, these new pump prices with premium gasoline reaching almost twelve dollars per gallon are among the highest in history, even though the cost of crude oil on the world market is hovering around fifty dollars per barrel.

    Belizeans to feel the pinch; fuel price for Premium increases tonight
    Two days ago, the Belize Bureau of Standards announced an increase in fuel price. Regular gas went from $10.21 to $11.13. Today, the Bureau announced that effective midnight, premium gasoline goes up by 93 cents.

    12 year old boy missing in Spanish Lookout
    A twelve year old child from Spanish Lookout is reported missing. According to reports, Peter Dyck, a Mennonite boy residing with his parents in Spanish Lookout was last seen last night at his home.

    World Pharmacist’s Day to be celebrated next week
    On Monday, September 25, 2017, World Pharmacy Day will be celebrated. The theme for this year’s Pharmacy Day in Belize is ” Belizean Pharmacists Contributing to Improved Health and Wellness of our Communities.”

    Remote areas in Banana belt get power
    European Union Ambassador, H.E. Maltorzata Wasilewska visited several areas in southern Belize today to mark the conclusion of a $4.5 million dollar project in collaboration with Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), to supply power to remote communities.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts annual diplomatic briefing
    On Wednesday, September 20, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington addressed the diplomatic community gathered in Belize City to participate in the events scheduled in celebration of the 36th Anniversary of Belize’s Independence.

    Bahamas extend congratulations on Belize’s 36th Independence anniversary
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Bahamas issued a statement congratulating Belize on its thirty sixth anniversary of its Independence. “Belize has been our diplomatic partner since for 36 years, and our countries have continued to maintain friendly and cooperative relations. We are confident that these relations will be further strengthened and enhanced in the years to come,” the statement read.

    Masked men attack, rob, and stab woman in her own house
    This morning around 4:45,police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they saw 45-year-old Romie Anthony of La Croix Boulevard, Belize City suffering from stab wounds to her neck.

    Dangriga man shot by police while attempting to escape
    Around 9:25 p.m. on Independence eve, police were conducting a mobile patrol along Rear Pine Street and Castillo’s Alley in Dangriga where they attempted to search Adolpho Nunez, 38, aka “Sand” who ran away upon seeing them.

    13-year-old girl reported missing in Trial Farm, Orange Walk
    Yesterday morning around 7:40, Silvia Marina Guillen,33, of Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk District reported to police that on Independence eve, her 13-year-old niece, Kenia Estelita Briceno went missing from Orange Walk Town, while working at the fair with her relatives.

    Libertad man stabbed while socializing
    On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Corozal Police responded to a report in Libertad Village, Corozal District around 10 PM. Police saw Juan Rosado,33, Belizean laborer of Libertad village suffering with multiple stabbed wounds to the upper portion of his body.

    Traffic accident on Burrel Boom road leaves three hospitalized
    On Wednesday, September 20 around 12:10 pm, Ladyville police responded to a road traffic accident on the Burrell Boom, Hattieville Road about a quarter mile after the Fresh Pond junction. There, police saw a blue jeep patriot that was driven by Raymond Garbutt parked across the road with its entire front portion damaged.

    Dominica to receive US $19 million for Hurricane relief efforts
    Today, CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) announced that Dominica will receive a payout of US $19,294,800 under its tropical cyclone policy following the passage of Hurricane Maria on September 19. This payout will be made within 14 days of the hurricane.

    Canadian woman accused of kidnapping son has case adjourned until November
    A Canadian woman accused of kidnapping her son and absconding to Belize for three years had her case adjourned until the end of November. Robin Leanne Greenway-Trockstad, 33, had taken her son and fled to Belize. According to an article from Lethbridge News, the Crown prosecutor says it handed over many documents to the defence and needs time to review them.


    Attempting to master Bocawina Falls
    Through the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), I, along with a group of media colleagues spent a weekend exploring Hopkins and trying new and exciting adventures. Out of the 19 of us, 9 decided to brave the falls. I watched as everyone calmly took to the ropes and began their slow descent. Our guides Victor, Victor and Israel were more than clear with the instructions, but even they had seen enough people panic at the first step and forget the rules completely. The roar of splashing water as it gushed down the rockface reminded me that there was a 100-foot distance to the ground and pools below. When my turn came, I tried to remember the instructions. Slack on the left hand, pull with the right hand, wide-legged stance, lean back…back…LEAN BACK! The secret was really in leaning backwards. I slipped twice, but the time-tested ropes held, and this time, I picked myself up and kept going. The cold rushing waters actually felt refreshing, because trust me, I broke a sweat in those few minutes of effort!

    San Pedro’s 2017 JUMP UP Parade Celebrates 36 Years of Independence
    Happy Independence Day! 36 years ago yesterday, an official ceremony was held. At the stroke of midnight, the UK’s Prince Michael of Kent (representing the Queen) lowered the Union Jack and Belize’s first Prime Minister, the Honorable George Price raised Belize’s flag. September 21st is celebrated EVERYWHERE in the country with fireworks, 21 gun salutes and lots and lots of dancing and parading. San Pedro holds the JUMP UP parade. It is always BLAZING HOT (why do countries always seem to declare independence in the hottest months?) and SO MUCH FUN. It is one of my favorite days of the year. Our 2017 parade may have been the smallest one I’ve seen. Next year is an election and the parade seemed…politicized. It started with the UDP (the Red party and the current governing party) and ended with a HUGE PUP display (the blue).

    Fun Facts for Kids about the Amazing Belize Rainforest
    One of the most mysterious and least explored places on Planet Earth, the vast rainforest in Belize is home to an astounding variety of beautiful flowers, colorful birds, and exotic wildlife. Here are some fun facts about Belize's rainforest: It's Huge! More than half of mainland Belize is covered in rainforest. A rainforest is like a regular forest except that it gets lots and lots of rain (as you'd expect), meaning that plants and animals really love it. There are hundreds of different kinds of trees in the rainforest but also fragile, beautiful flowers like orchids. Did you know that the Black Orchid is the national flower of Belize?

    Be Like Dooley Bear! When in Belize, call the hotline to report child abuse
    Raise Me Up is an amazing non-profit organization here in San Pedro, Belize. They are always holding fundraisers to help the island children. In addition to running the food bank and the literacy programs, they are building the first women’s and children’s shelter here in San Pedro. They asked us if we could design the countrywide ad campaign to get the word out on how to report and hopefully stop child abuse. Of course, we were ready to help!

    Operation Black Phoebe Blog #4
    From I began birding I've always wanted to see a Black Phoebe. Something about this bird had me drawn to it, I mean it's a black flycatcher with a contrasting white belly who loves rapids a strange combination but cool none the less. I had some free time so I decided to use it to search for the Phoebe. This first step was to find where this little bird would be so I went to my trusty friend called eBird to look for recent sightings. As seen on the map above the Cayo district is definitely the place to go for Mr Phoebe. The latest sighting at that time was at the Xunantunich ferry so I was planning to go there but then I realized it's like a 3 hr bus ride which wasn't a problem I mean it's a Black Phoebe. To be sure I checked with the chief Roni to see if I had a good chance at Xunantunich. He told me to try Guanacaste National Park instead and if I wasn't successful there to try Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. So I adjusted my plans, I contacted my friend Jose from Guanacaste and we were set to meet up in the morning and start operation Black Phoebe.

    International Sourcesizz

    Over 100 artists to perform for One Island Hurricane Relief concert
    Over 100 artists will be performing at a concert and telethon on Sunday to raise funds for those affected by recent hurricanes in the region, One Island will be held at the Queen’s Park Oval from 1 pm to 1 am on Sunday, September 24, Republic Day. Speaking at the launch of the event on Tuesday, media personality Errol Fabien who initiated the concept, said he was encouraged to begin a movement for Barbuda after seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. “Having visited Barbuda and many of the islands up the Caribbean, I remembered always seeing products from Trinidad and Tobago readily available and sold in these countries, I knew then that we, T&T had to come together to help our brothers and sisters as we are all One Island," he said.

    The Garifuna Collective, Featuring Umalali, to Perform at Flushing Town Hall
    Flushing Town Hall will present The Garifuna Collective and Umalali on Friday, October 6. The Wall Street Journal calls their performances "a completely irresistible groove," with songs that celebrate the history and traditions of the Garifuna people, a unique culture based on the Caribbean coast of Central America that blends elements of West African and Native Caribbean heritage. The Garifuna Collective is a multi-generational ensemble featuring some of the most accomplished musicians of the Garifuna community. They aim to tell the stories of the women and daughters who, while working to support their families, sing traditional songs to pass some of their heritage down to future generations. Umalali, the Garifuna word for "voice," is a moving ensemble that captures the beauty and power of Garifuna female expression. The Garifuna Jazz Ensemble, led by Lucy Blanco, will open the show with joined by a cast of well-seasoned musicians. The Garifuna people are struggling to retain their unique language, music, and traditions in the face of globalization, and Garifuna artists are fighting to preserve their culture.

    After Maria and Irma: Caribbean Tourism, Island by Island
    Will increased cruise ship tourism without sane regulations in place to protect our dwindling manatee population spell their demise in Belize?
    After two major hurricanes tore through the Caribbean in less than two weeks, some of the most idyllic — and tourism-dependent — destinations have been devastated. Ferocious storms are nothing new to these islands, but Hurricanes Maria and Irma were some of the most powerful Atlantic basin storms ever recorded. Cities, and some islands, are almost entirely in ruins. Puerto Rico and St. Croix, two places that were in good enough shape after Irma to be relief hubs for their neighbors, were subsequently pummeled by Maria.


  • Travel Vlog | Belize 2017, 2min. Enjoy two minutes of the best summer ever in Belize!

  • Swimming with Sharks at Shark Ray Alley In Belize, 2.5min. In July 2017 Gavin and I took an 8 day long vacation to Caye Caulker,Belize. We did an all day excursion which included swimming with stingrays and sharks at Shark Ray Alley and also stopped to see all the beautiful coral.

  • Belize Independence Day Parade San Pedro, 2min.

  • Johnny Cakes, 1min. Get 'em while they're hot! Fresh Johnny Cakes! Grab the recipe here:

  • Casava pone, 1/2min. Yuca Cake! Grab the recipe here ->

  • Belize: An underwater world of mystery and danger, 1.5min. Belize has some of the most spectacular and thrilling scuba diving in the world. Its reef is home to sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, eels, octopus and an endless assortment of beautiful fish. those daring enough to venture beneath the waves will get to truly experience the wonder and mystery 60 to 80 feet down. Imagine sharing this world with sharks and sea turtles that are curious enough to approach and interact with visitors. It is peaceful and almost silent among the coral. For almost an hour, these divers saw the creatures of the reef up close and looked into the eyes of animals that most people will only see in pictures.

  • Magnolia Warbler, 2min.

  • White-collared Manakin, 3min.

  • The Birds of Belize, Version 12, 234 species, complete DVD, 57min.

  • Pinnated Bittern, 1.5min.




  • Help a soul day Belize, 3min. Have an inside look at our day here at PHS. This video shows how the Siene Bight Outreach Program functions and showcases all the fantastic volunteers. Would you like to help out PHS?

  • Belize PSA, 1min.

  • Scuba Diving Belize, Shark Ray Alley, 2min. Scuba diving and snorkeling in Belize between Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye at Shark Ray Alley, January 27, 2015.

  • Los Cayos de Belice | Belize, 2min.

  • Lamanai Mayan Ruins | Belize, 2min. I went to Belize and Guatemala with EF tours over my last spring break and the Lamanai Mayan Ruins was just one of many stop!

  • San Pedro Belize Sept 21st 2017 Parade Bruk Down, 1min. Go ladies! Independence Day Parade.

  • The Great Blue Hole, Belize footage 9/9/2017, 10min. Mike Bletsch and I on another adventure to the Great Blue Hole of Belize.. Amazing place.. Bucket list dive. Did it.. Great Experience going to 140 feet to see the gigantic Stalagmites that they take you to on this dive.

  • Independence day in Belize. Parade-masquerade in San - Ignacio, 5min.

    September 22, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Veterans to take on Benque Vets FC in semi-finals match
    After coming out on top during the regular season of the 2017 Over-40 League, the San Pedro Veterans are in the semi-finals looking for the big win. The tournament between eight veteran football teams from across the country is winding down, with only two games left before the anticipated finals. The first round of the semi-finals matches were played on Saturday, September 16th, where the San Pedro Veterans soundly defeated the Benque Vets FC in a 3 to 1 point game. Also taking the win in their first semi-final game were the Mango Creek Veterans, who defeated the Belize City Kulture Yabra 4 to 0. In the next round, the home team will once again take on the Benque Vets FC at the Ambergris Stadium on Saturday, September 23rd. Everyone is invited to come out and support our football veterans. The game starts at 7:30PM.

    Belize commits to sustainable energy future
    On Wednesday, September 13th, Belize took a step towards the possibility of providing reliable and sustainable energy to all Belizeans, after a commitment was agreed upon between government officials and members of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room (RMI-CWR). Representing the Government of Belize (GOB) were the Minister of State in the Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities, Honourable Frank Mena, Chief Executive Officer of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), Jeffery Locke, and Chair of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), John Avery. The platform is meant to provide Belize with a reliable source of energy through participation in the Belize Consolidated Project Plan (CPP).

    Mr. Pedro Salazar Sr. honored at the Tribute to the Belizean Patriots award ceremony
    A group of outstanding Belizeans were honored on Thursday, September 14th at the annual Tribute to the Belizean Patriots Ceremonies. Among the honorees was Ambergris Caye’s very own Pedro ‘Pete’ Salazar Sr., who was bestowed with the Meritorious Service Award. The award ceremony is part of the September Celebrations, and was held at the Bliss Centre for Performing Arts in Belize City. Don Pedro, as he is affectionately called, has been an educator, politician, community activist and today remains a successful entrepreneur. After graduating from St. John’s College in June of 1963, Don Pedro became a primary school teacher at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School for about a year and a half. He soon saw an opportunity to be of much assistance to his fellow islanders, and thus took employment in the newly established Caribeña Producers Society, chartered in March of 1963. He was initially hired as a cashier/payroll master and due to his dedication and hard work, he ended up becoming the General Manager of the company. Under his guidance, the cooperative achieved its highest peaks of exportation in seafood products, such as lobster, conch, and shrimp.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Photos by Carlos Ayala
    My Belize! How much I love this Beautiful island and its People's! Happy Independence.

    Independence Day Address by Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize

    UB 1st “President’s All-Inclusive Endowment Fete”
    On Sunday, September 17th UB formally entered the Independence month celebrations calendar with the “UB 1st President’s All-Inclusive Endowment Fete” which literally rocked the roof of the Belize Bird’s Isle in Belize City. “The University of Belize Development & Endowment Fund” was recently established to assist students across the country with scholarships and bursaries and for other capital development at the country’s National University. The financial struggles of students’ families are many and the University of Belize (UB) President Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat has begun this fundraising drive, including this celebratory event in Belize City.

    Independence Day Ceremony & Uniform Parade
    Belize celebrates it's 36th Anniversary of Independence

    A fun filled Independence Day parade in San Pedro Town!
    15 photos

    Independence Day Parade in Belmopan!

    The Guardian

    Jose Carballo and the PUP refuse new High School for Palmar
    Last week we told you about the inauguration of pre and primary schools in the Toledo District. It is always good news when we hear schools are being opened across the country in line with Government’s commitment to ensuring that education is accessible to all. The Government of Belize through the Ministry Of Education’s Implementation project unit is in the process of identifying communities country-wide for the construction of 35 new institutions of learning. This week the news is not so good. Officers of the Unit responsible for conducting surveys and identifying areas where the construction of these schools will have the most impact held a presentation/consultation session in San Jose Nuevo Palmar in the Orange Walk District on Sunday September 17. After having made assessments and surveys in the Orange Walk Area it was decided that Nuevo Palmar was in a strategic position to house a High School, which would service the Louisiana area of Orange Walk Town as well as surrounding villages, where the demographics demand such an institution. Honorable Elodio Aragon who also saw the need for this High School in this area became very instrumental in trying to see that this school be built in Palmar.

    BSI breaks ground for $22M investment
    Belize Sugar Industries Limited broke ground on Monday September 18 for the construction of facilities that will see the production of direct consumption sugar in Belize. According to a press release, the company will invest Bze. 22 Million dollars in the facility. The decision comes even before the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has signed on to a cane purchase agreement with the mill. In its release BSI was unapologetic with proceeding with the investment quoting ASR Group VP of International Relations, Mac McLachlan as follows: “In this industry, the convoy cannot sail at the speed of the slowest ship. We need action now. That is why BSI, with the support of all but one of the industry stakeholders, has decided to move ahead with this significant investment for the benefit of the whole industry and nation. We sincerely hope that the divisiveness we have seen in this industry in recent years disappears with the preferential EU pricing that supported this luxury in the past.”

    Sharon Fraser appointed New Chief Magistrate
    The judicial and Legal Services Commission appointed Ms. Sharon Fraser as the new Chief Magistrate for the Magistrate’s Court on September 1, 2017. Magistrate Fraser is now tasked with the administration of the ten Magistrate’s court country wide. Also announced was the promotion of a new Clerk of Court, Mrs. Diana Hendy who was appointed by the Public Service on August 11, 2017, when Ms. Orleen Pitzold went off on pre-retirement leave. Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser is a Belizean and veteran public officer who first entered the Public Service in October of 1988 as a Customs Officer. In 1993, she applied for study leave where she ventured to fulfill her true passion and left the country to enter law school.

    Security company owner kills manager and kills himself
    A disturbing double tragedy in Belize City over the weekend has caused 2 families to be caught in the torment of grief. It happened at the Headquarters of the AAA Security Firm last Friday. It is suspected, but unproven at this time, Robert Godfrey, the owner of the security company shot and killed his employee, General Manager Delcie Smith, and then committed suicide. Police have been very delicate about the handling of the case referring to it at this time as a “death investigation”. In a police press conference, held on Monday September 18, Assistant Police Commissioner Joseph Myvette, the Head of national Criminal Investigations Branch, refused to comment on who inflicted the injuries to the victims. When asked about it, he responded, “I think at this point, based on this stage of the investigation, I do not want to answer that.”

    Grenade blasts in San Pedro
    Law enforcement authorities are reporting that a disturbing first has happened on the island of San Pedro. Someone detonated a grenade in an attempt to attack a family and cause harm or destruction. The explosive was lobbed in the yard of Amancia Martinez, who lives in the San Mateo Area of San Pedro. This particular community is about a mile or so away from Downtown San Pedro, yet, those residents who live closer to the downtown were still able to clearly hear the blast of the explosion. At around 8:20 p.m., on Saturday, September 16, 2 young men were reportedly seen throwing an object into Martinez’s yard, and hastily making a retreat. Moments later, the explosion was heard. The homeowner told police first responders that she was inside her house when she heard the detonation, and then felt her house shake. Those officers immediately realized that it was an explosive device which went off.

    Badmouthing the Civic Center
    PUP operatives are all lining up to attack the brand NEW BELIZE CITY CIVIC CENTER . Now it is Senator Bacon who is the latest Anti-Civic Center Crusader. Like all other PUPs including his leader Johnny, who has tried to attack the construction of this historical sporting complex, he is referring to the COMPLEX as just a BASKETBALL COURT. Maybe because he like his many co-crusaders are athletically challenged and may not know the difference between a Basketball Court and a Sporting Complex. So in order to teach him the difference we will direct him to first go visit Anglican Cathedral College (ACC) one of his Albert St. neighborhood schools. When he arrives there, he should look for that huge slab of concrete on the ground, that is a basketball court. He can then go to Yabra Cemetery right near the bridge to see another basketball court. Upon completing those two visits, he should go the Belize Civic Center and notice the difference. Word of advice to the Bacon Bandit “KEEP TO WHAT YOU KNOW SIR”

    Belize signs visa waiver for diplomatic and officials of India
    Today, the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of India signed a Visa Waiver Agreement for holders of diplomatic and official/ service passports as a means of deepening bilateral relations. Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington, and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of India was the High Commission of the Republic of India to Belize, His Excellency Muktesh K. Pardeshi.

    National 4H Youth Development Center holds orientation in Belmopan
    “Getting Back to our Roots with a focus on Agriculture, skills and leadership!” Such is the theme aptly coined for the National 4H Youth Development Center in Belmopan for the 2017-2018 period; as announced during orientation for both trainees and parents. Over a dozen students from across Belize showed up on Monday, September 18, to get guidance from both the staff and teachers at the educational institution that will bring the agriculture vocation as its main focus. We now “Go back to fully agriculture as well as skills development and leadership of our young people,” announced Mr. Martin Castillo, who is now the acting Manager of the National 4H Youth Development Center in Belmopan.

    Attorney General’s Ministry Reports on the status of the Implementation of UNCAC
    Since acceding to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) on the 12th of December, 2016, significant preliminary steps have been taken towards implementation. The Government of Belize through the Attorney General’s Ministry, the designated Focal Point for UNCAC, has made a concerted and devoted effort to assess the legal and institutional framework in Belize, with the aim of identifying and strengthening anti-corruption regimes in Belize. Contextually, Belize is considered as a country with an economy in transition, as such, any plans and programmes to combat corruption have to be measured in line with Belize’s capacity financially, technically and otherwise. Nevertheless, the Government of Belize on a voluntary basis has subjected Belize to the implementation review mechanism established by the Conference of the State Parties to review and monitor implementation of the UNCAC (the Mechanism). The Mechanism includes a review process that is intergovernmental in nature.

    Salvadoran men seeking asylum in Belize
    Three Salvadoran men appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford on September 18, 2017 where they were all read a charge of failure to comply with the conditions of their visitors permit. They are 25-year-old Roberto Carlos Ramirez Carpio, a vendor of Antelope Street, 32-year-old Rene Juarez, and 18-year-old Louis Chavez, both of Iguana Street Extension. Carpio has been living in Belize since he entered on August 4, 2017. He was given until September 3, 2017 to remain in the country legally while Juarez, who was issued with a visitor’s permit on July 5, 2017, was given until July 29, 2017 to remain in the country.

    Bar association threatens to remove Chief Justice
    The Bar Association of Belize met on Friday September 15 when it passed a resolution that if the Chief Justice does not adhere to a timeline he set for passing judgments on 28 matters that are outstanding for anywhere between 2 to 5 years, that they will ask for his resignation. In the resolution that Bar states that “the Hon. Chief Justice’s failure to discharge his constitutional duty to afford litigants a fair hearing within a reasonable time, constitutes misbehavior in office.” They called on Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to comply with delivery of judgments which he has undertaken. If he refuses to deliver these judgments on the stated dates they request that the CJ resigns. And if he fails to do so they will move to file a complaint to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission to have him removed on the grounds of misconduct.

    Belize Global Giving Scholarship Bursary
    The University of the West Indies, Open Campus Belize is pleased to announce the recipients of the Belize Global Giving Bursary Scholarship Awards. Awardees were selected for the following awards: • Two (2) Bursaries of BZ$5,000 each and one (1) Bursary of BZ$3,000.00:Graduate includes PhD/EDd/Masters/Post Graduate Diploma

    Alcaldes trained and sworn-in in Punta Gorda
    On Saturday, September 16th, officials from the Attorney General’s Ministry, including the Attorney General, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, and the Solicitor General, Nigel Hawke, travelled to Punta Gorda Town where a sensitization training was held for the Toledo Alcaldes Association, followed by an official swearing-in ceremony for the First and Second (Deputy) Alcaldes. Seventy-eight (78) Alcaldes and Second Alcaldes attended the training, where Solicitor General Hawke, joined by Crown Counsels Agassi Finnegan and Marcia Mohabir, presented the Inferior Court Act (the guiding law for Alcaldes), discussed the powers and limitations of the Alcaldes, and presented the way that Alcalde-initiated proceedings are to occur. After the presentations from the Ministry, questions and concerns from the participants were raised and addressed.

    Government of Belize to join relief efforts for Dominica
    The Government of Belize expresses our distress and sympathy in learning of the damage inflicted upon Dominica and the other Leeward Islands by the deadly Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this devastating storm who may have lost loved ones and who have had their homes and properties destroyed. While the level of devastation is still yet unknown, the Government of Belize stands ready to join with other CARICOM nations to coordinate and support relief efforts in any way possible within our human and financial resources.

    Kevin Bernard promotes disunity in September Celebrations
    The fiasco that was the crowning of two Queens of the Bay is something that most Belizeans would want to put behind us as quickly as possible. But this is not the case for Kevin Bernard, he continues to promote disunity in the September Celebrations. Traditionally the Queen of the Bay winner, in this case ... Ysaguirre, participates in the Independence day activities in Orange Walk with her being featured on a float during the Orange Walk Carnival. Well it seems that Bernard is totally against this and in an incendiary post on Facebook he posts as follows.

    Belize Benefits from the Republic of Korea’s Development Assistance Programme
    On Monday, September 18th, the Government of Belize received a donation of office equipment and two vehicles from the Government of the Republic of Korea through an official Development Assistance Programme for the fiscal year 2017. Presenting the donation on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Korea was His Excellency Lee In-ho, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in El Salvador, and receiving the equipment and vehicles on behalf of the Government of Belize was His Excellency Patrick Andrews, Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize.

    Coming soon: The Story of Lynam
    Most people know the story of Lynam college as an anecdote to Belize’s history. It was an agricultural college that was infamously turned into a prison. And while that may be as much as some know about Lynam, there are a group of alumni from the school who want to change the view of the learning institution turned into prison. Rudolph Bowman, one of the first graduates of the school has undertaken, along with others to write the story of Lynam and the main goal is to, “bring justice to the school and alumni.” Bowman who has spent most of his life in the U.S. is a graduate of the school and had the thought of writing the story of his Alma Mater. He said that, “Lynam became a jail and many people look back at Lynam and remember it more as a jail than as a learning institution, we want to change that perception. We want to show that there were very many good people, nation builders that came out of Lynam; in politics, in government, in agriculture, in teaching, that’s why we want to present the story and that is the story we want people to remember.”

    NEMO holds dam-breaking simulation briefing
    Deep into the Hurricane/Rainy Season, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and related agencies continue to review and refresh their emergency management plan on various fronts. On Tuesday, a briefing was held in advance of a simulation exercise to prepare for the eventuality of a dam-break in the Cayo District. The simulation exercise is to be conducted next week, and the session was to brief all participants, including representatives of Belize Electricity Company Limited (BECOL) and the Department of Environment (DOE) who will be executing the simulation, members of the Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and NEMO Headquarters staff who will be evaluators of the exercise.

    Presentation of Credentials
    His Excellency Antoine Evrard, Ambassador of Belgium, presented his Letter of Credence today to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Ambassador Evrard expressed his pleasure in being in Belize during the 36th anniversary of independence, and conveyed his country’s commitment to continue to strengthen bilateral relations with Belize. The Governor General accepted his credentials, welcomed him to Belize and expressed his gratitude to Belgium’s commitment to Belize.

    Taiwan donates to the promotion of culture
    On Friday September 15th, Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Charles Liu, Handed over a check for one hundred thousand dollars to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Patrick Faber. The money is part of the Taiwanese Government’s continued support for culture in Belize. The money will be used to support some of the September Celebrations activities as well as other culturally based events including the Mr. Peters International Bram to be held at the Central Park in Belize City during the Christmas Season. Other programs will be the gateway steel pan project where youths will be trained in learning to play the steel pan and an Art in School Program which will be extended into secondary schools with a component for teacher training added on.

    Standards implemented for new and used tires in Belize
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce has informed the public that given Section 4(1) of the Standards (Preparation and Declaration) Regulations, 1997 it proposes to recommend to the Standards Advisory Council that the following various draft standards be declared compulsory Belize Standards. Such standards include the following: As a way forward, the BBS facilitated a stakeholder consultation at its headquarters in Belmopan last Friday. There was a morning session for stakeholders of new tires and an afternoon session for stakeholders for used ones where a total of 30 persons participated from across Belize.

    Will Maheia the attention seeker - again!
    Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) were up to no-good again on Saturday, September 16, when they went to the Sarstoon Island to aggravate the Guatemalan navy. Since the BTV’s flamboyant and dangerous missions from August 2015, the Belizean public are very well aware that the Guatemalans have taken a more aggressive and unreasonable stance about the Sarstoon River. Fortunately, the volunteers had not been in the evening news for a while now. So, the attention-starved BTV and their splinter group Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) went back for the second Sarstoon Island Eco-Challenge. The premise is simple. It’s supposed to be a kayaking and canoe race from Barranco Village to Sarstoon Island, once around the island, and back to Barranco. Last year, it went off without incident, and so, the agitators among the ranks of the volunteers decided to escalate things this time around.

    Tribute to Belizean Patriots 2017
    On Thursday September 14 the annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots and awards ceremony was held. A total of 22 exemplary persons received awards of distinction. Of those, two persons received the Order of Distinction while the remaining twenty men and women received the Meritorious Service Award. The annual event was held at the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts and serves as an opportunity to recognize and honor Belizeans who have dedicated their lives to serving their country and people. In a message from the Prime Minister of Belize, the Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, the event continues to be an important part of our September celebrations and although it does not draw the crowd of the annual fireworks display, “it has developed into one of the outstanding high points to our celebrations.”

    Colombian national stays in Belize illegally, receives jail time
    Julian Gonzalez Palomique, a 43-year-old Columbian national and architect, was found living in Belize in violation of the condition of his visitor’s permit. He was taken to court where he appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford. He was read a single charge of failure to comply with the conditions of his visitor’s permit. He pleaded guilty to the charge. The allegations against Palomique are that he entered Belize on July 4, 2017 via the Belize Northern border and was granted a visitor’s permit to remain in Belize until July 21, 2017 but since that, he failed to get further extensions.

    Ladyville bus driver robbed
    On September 16, 2017 at 8:00pm, Seth Beltzasar, a 21-year-old Belizean bus driver of Marage Road, visited the Ladyville police station and reported that while driving his bus on Egbert Quilter Street earlier that night, he slowed down and two masked men armed with a firearm jump on the bus. One of them hit him with the firearm in his face causing an injury to his lip. The other male person hit him to the back of the head with the firearm and caused another cut wound. A struggle ensued between Beltzasar, the two men, and the conductor of the bus, 17-year-old Hernan Serrano, of Lord’s Bank. One of the male persons relieved the conductor of about $200 and they both made good their escape. Beltzasar was transported to the KHMH.

    Bicyclist knocked down on Coney Drive
    Police visited the KHMH on September 16, 2017 where 47-year-old Noel Reyes, a resident of a Belama address, was suffering from head and body injuries. Reyes was seen in an unconscious state. Initial investigation revealed that Reyes was riding his bicycle on Coney Drive when a vehicle hit him from behind. The driver of the vehicle did not stop to render any assistance. Reyes is presently at the KHMH where he is listed in a critical condition. Police investigation continues.

    Burglar is denied bail
    Richard Ferguson, a Belize city certified A/C Technician, has picked up another charged for crimes of dishonesty after he appeared before the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to answer to two counts of burglary. He appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford on September 15, 2017 where he was read two burglary charges. Allegations being made against Ferguson are that on September 13, 2017, he burglarized the home of two residents. He entered the apartment of Criston August as a trespasser and stole a necklace, slippers, a Casio watch, a bed sheet, and other household item, all to a total value of $315.00. He also entered the neighboring apartment, the residence of Pauline Samuels.

    One fisherman takes the rap for twelve others
    The Belize Fisheries Department was forced to take 13 fishermen to court after they were found in possession of 121 undersized lobsters on board a vessel “Luisanne” on September 6, 2017. The group of 13 appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford on September 18, 2017. The men were read a single charge of possession of undersize lobsters. The fishermen have been identified as Graciano Alfonso Tun; 41, Delcio Jeremias Tun, 31; Adalberto Galindo Mesh, 19; Adir Alexis Tun, 27; Valdir Edgaer Santoya, 31; Wilson Jeovany Santoya, 21; Bernaldo Iginio Santoya, 36; Isair Uriel Mendez, 19; Erbert Joismar Mendez, 28; Marquitos Heraldo Mendez, 37; Cesar Genaro Reyes, 30; and Alvaro Alejandro Babb, 40.

    One killed and two injured in separate shootings in Belize City
    Santos Miguel Bernardez, a 51 year-old Honduran resident of Belize was the third person to die from gun violence over the weekend. It appears at this time that Bernardez may have not been the intended target, because he was murdered by a gunman who fired into a group of people. Investigations are indicating at this stage that Bernardez was socializing with other persons in a yard on Lara Dunn Street, on Saturday, September 16. At around 9:50 that night, while he and others were playing dominoes, a gunman approached the yard and fired several shots at the group. One of the shots injured Bernardez in the head and he died right there at the table where he was sitting down.

    Honduran woman says she just wants to go home to her sick child
    Idana Swazo, a Honduran national, appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford on Monday, September 18, 2017 where she was read a single charge of illegal entry into Belize. The allegations against Swazo are that on September 1, 2017, she entered Belize illegally through the banks of the Mopan River in Cayo. The bust was made on September 16, 2017 when personnel from the Mobile Interdiction Team conducted a search at a home on Iguana Street. According to the officers, Swazo was acting suspiciously and when she was asked to produce her papers, she could not. She was escorted to the police station where Immigration officers were called to interview her.

    Richard Santiago captures annual September Cycling Criterium
    The Cycling Federation of Belize in partnership with the Belize City Council and Leslies Imports held its Annual September Cycling Criterium on Sunday 17th September, 2017, on Albert and Regent Streets in Belize City. In the female category, 1st place went to Alicia Thompson of the Belize Bank Swoosh and she was followed by Kaya Cattouse of C-Ray’s Cycling with 3rd place going to Taralee Ordonez. In the Junior category, 1st place went to Shaun Codd who is unattached, 2nd place went to Derrick Leslie who is also unattached with 3rd place going to Gian Lino of Cabral Marin Cycling Team.

    Belize Athletics Association to hold Annual General Assembly
    The Belize Athletics Association will hold its 2017 Annual General Assembly at the Edward P Yorke High School, Princess Margaret Drive, on 21st October, 2017 at 2:00 pm. All members are required to pay their 2017 annual dues by the 16th October, 2017. All members are asked to please bring along their identification cards. The highlight of the General Assembly will be the elections of officers for the executive. The closing date for all nominations, proposed motions or other items of business is the 30th September, 2017, and is to be submitted to Mrs. Liesje Chung, Secretary General, at 1440 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize or by email to [email protected]

    Dragons and Belize Bank Bulldogs in the finals of the Belize District Firms’ Basketball competition
    The Belize District Basketball Association Firms’ competition will commence its championship round on Friday 22nd September, with the first game in the best of three series at 8:00 pm at Swift Hall in Belize City between the top seed the Dragons and the number two seed the Belize Bank Bulldogs. The second game on the series is scheduled for Saturday 23rd September at 8:00 pm at Swift Hall in Belize City, and if a third game becomes necessary, that game will be played on Friday 29th September, 2017, also at Swift Hall.

    The Cayo North Sports Committee announced football winners
    The Cayo North Sport Committee has announced that it would like to congratulate all the U13 Teams that came out on Sunday and were a part of their recent tournament. Although they are all winners, congratulations have gone out to YWAM for placing 1st, Hearts Primary 2nd and Heartz FC 3rd. “We look forward for another U13 in the near future. We saw amazing talents out there and we encourage parents to support their kids in the sport,” announced the Cayo North Sports Committee. “A big Thanks to Hon. Dr. Omar Figueroa [Representative for the Cayo North Division] for always making sure that sports play an important role in the lives of our kids and youths.”

    Ladyville FC and Sandhill Blue Hawks lead in Leal’s Cup Tournament
    The 2017 Leal’s Cup Tournament continued on Sunday 17th September, with four games on the schedule in Sandhill Village. In the first game played, HVYSC defeated Sandhill Scorpions by the score of 2-1. The goal scorers for HVYSC were Curtis Young and Keaton Dyer, while the goal scorer for Sandhill Scorpions was Charles August. In game two, Ladyville FC defeated Sandhill New Site Warriors by the score of 12-0.The goal scorers for Ladyville FC were: David Solozarno (3), David Ramos (2), KevinYoung (2), Trey Everett (2), Raheem Staine, Jael Ottley and Tyrone Parchue.

    Belmopan Bandits maintains lead in Premier League Football Competition
    The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Opening Season competition continued over the last weekend with four games on the schedule. On Saturday 16th September, 2017, at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town, the home team San Pedro Pirates FC edged out Police United FC by the score of 3-2. The host team, San Pedro Pirates FC were the first to make it unto the scoreboard, when Louis Valdez, scored the 1st goal of the game in the 12th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. However, the lead was short lived when Camilo Sanchez scored the equalising goal in the 16th minute of play to tie the score at 1-1. Jesse Smith scored the 2nd goal of the game for the San Pedro Pirates in the 20th minute of play via a penalty kick to give his team a 2-1 lead. The San Pedro Pirates leas was further increase when Hector Martinez scored his team 3rd and final goal of the game in the 29th minute of play for a 3-1 lead.

    National Track and Field Championship set for October
    The Belize Athletics Association invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will take place at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on October 7-8, 2017. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned back to the Belize Athletics Association via email [email protected] or from their Facebook page (Belize Athletics Association) or at the Marion Jones Sports Complex. The registration fee to participate in the National Track and Field championship is $10.00. The events will include: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put and Discus.

    The Reporter

    Cases of “Pink Eye” on the rise
    Cases of Conjunctivitis, otherwise known as “pink eye” are on the rise, the Ministry of Health has warned. The Ministry reports that the eye infection is prevalent in the northern and central portions of the country. Conjunctivitis causes irritation and reddening of the eyes, which is uncomfortable. It is caused by bacteria or viruses which can spread easily from person to person.

    Integrity Commission reminds parliamentarians to declare assets
    The Integrity Commission of Belize has reminded people in public life, primarily parliamentarians, of their duty to declare their financial assets for the year 2016. This is in accordance with the Prevention of Corruption Act. In a press release issued Wednesday, the Commission also reminded these people to adhere to certain sections of the Act. In accordance with Section 14 of the Act, the Commission published in the Gazette, dated July 11 of this year, the list of names of people who failed to file a declaration.

    Belize celebrates 36 years of Independence
    Today Belizeans celebrate our 36th anniversary of Independence from Great Britain. The road to Independence started from the first meeting in 1950, among a group of men, including Leigh Richardson and former Prime Minister, George Price, who felt that the time had come for Belize (then British Honduras) to run the affairs of the country on her own. The men were also against the devaluation of the Belize dollar by the then British Governor. The initial gathering led to a series of public meetings locally and talks with Great Britain, which eventually resulted in Belize attaining Self-Government in 1964. This meant that Belize managed all the ministries, except Foreign Affairs and Defence. Then in 1973, the country’s name was changed from British Honduras to Belize.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    “PetroCaribe will roll it once more!”: PM to Belize
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, during his Independence Day speech today, announced that PetroCaribe will roll it once more! According to Barrow, after announcing last week that Belize would be suspending shipments of fuel coming in from Venezuela under that country’s PetroCaribe program, President Nicholas Maduro dispatched a high-level delegation to Belize to fix the problem. PM Barrow says he met with that delegation on Tuesday and were able to make new arrangements that guarantee reliability of supply for all of Belize’s fuel needs.

    Belize celebrates 36th Independence anniversary
    By Zoila Palma: Today, Belizeans at home and abroad are celebrating the 36th anniversary of Belize’s Independence from Great Britain. This year’s celebrations are being held under the theme: Belize: Confronting Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs, Renewing our resolve!

    Unhappy Independence Day to all Belizeans!
    The festive September season, beyond all its shallow liquor-infused profit motivated promotions, should be a time of reflection and evaluation; reflection on our history and the important lessons we ought to have learned and evaluating our current conditions and charting a proper way forward.

    Ministry of Health responds to increased reports of “Pink Eye”
    The Ministry of Health reports that there is an increase in the number of reported conjunctivitis cases (more commonly known as “pink eye”), particularly in the northern and central health regions.

    PUP Leader briefs diplomatic corps on state of Belize
    Today at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño briefed the Resident and Non-resident Ambassadors and other members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps in Belize on the true state of the country.


    Shopping for Your Home AND the Largest Retail Space in Belize
    When I was invited to visit Mirab’s FURNITURE Store in Belize City – I was all in. I’ve been to their home decor imporium by the water taxi/cruise ship port and I love it. It’s the Target, Macy’s and HomeGoods of Belize. (Here’s my last visit for Mothers’ Day) But it was time to visit the furniture store AND get a sneak drive by peak at the NEWEST Mirab. Located on the Western Highway not far from the furniture store – the soon to be – MEGASTORE! 3 floors, 105,000 square feet, shopping, gathering spot, enveloped in white marble. HOLY MOLY! The homegoods & department store will be open in town until after Christmas while this HUGE space is finished. That store will close when this one opens. I’m excited for the grand opening! But let me show you all of the pictures that I took around the furniture store. I can’t afford everything that I like but it’s so nice to be around beautiful inspirational stuff. I mean…I’m not one who would think of a gold chandelier but…it looks gorgeous. Who knew?

    Celebrating September Celebration in Corozal; Uniform Parade 2017 was held at Corozal
    Thursday, September 21, 2017, marked the 36th years of Independence Day held in Belize. BDF, Scouts, Students, and teachers, along with other marching Band gathered at the Corozal Civic Center for the Ceremony that commenced at 9am.. Today, schools came out with their uniform to participate in the parade and give tribute and respect our national flag. During the show, Crowning of Miss Independence, Carnival Parade, Dance where awarded on stage. Then, at 10am Uniform Parade and Citizens’ Parade walked through the town of Corozal. Similar ceremonies were held countrywide and included the traditional speeches given by Belize’s foremost parliamentarians, dignitaries and Mayors. After the parade had ended in Maimi Beach after party is being held at this moment in Corozal.

    Belize, 36 years old and still partying like a youngster
    As expected, this morning’s 10 a.m. Independence Day jump-up parade in San Pedro, Belize, began right on time: about 12:30 p.m. Once it begins, the parade is a force of nature — bodies undulate to mad beats from flatbed sound systems. Fistfulls of hard candy hurl toward scrabbling kiddos. Beers are poured and cups refilled from handy coolers. Brilliant feathers, gaudy gimlet costumery, shiny beads and brilliant smiles create a booty-shaking kaleidoscopic snake that works its way down Middle Street before rounding for home in Central Park. Baby, it’s hot out there, and the steamy weather doesn’t help either. This year, half the parade was nearly AWOL. The incumbent UDP council and its followers and floats and dancers and town employees had long since marched to the finish before the PUP and its contingent reached the end of Middle Street. Hmmm. Was there a little political cock-blocking going on? Remember what the Prime Minister said: “so let it be always: that red and white (UDP) and blue and white (PUP) in the end merge to become red, blue and white.” Ultimately, in Central Park, that is what happened, goaded on by flowing beer, cheap food and loud music. Although, PUP had its own party going on, on Boca del Rio later in the day, with live music from the Caribbean Kings.

    International Sourcesizz

    New Study Helps Improve Roadmap Essential to Baird’s Tapir Conservation
    On the eve of Independence, an important article about our beloved National Animal.
    Preventing the extinction of the endangered Baird’s tapir requires an understanding of the specific habitat currently sheltering the estimated remaining 3,000 to 5,000 tapirs across Central America. A new study from Global Wildlife Conservation, the University of Texas, the IUCN SSC Tapir Specialist Group and partners has helped provide the most comprehensive and accurate maps to date of the forests and woodlands these tapirs rely on—and highlights the collaborative spirit of a network of conservationists using these data to save the species. “As our scientific tools and methods continue to advance our understanding of the natural world, it is imperative that we use that information to develop strategies that help prevent extinctions and recover our planet’s biodiversity,” said Cody Schank, a University of Texas PhD student, GWC associate conservation scientist and lead author on the paper. “This is a great example of how cutting-edge science can be designed to inform effective on-the-ground conservation to save a species as unique, charismatic and threatened as the Baird’s Tapir.”

    Here from New York we are always in Love Belize!!!!
    Happy independence day Belize!!!!

    Albert Speer Jr., Architect and Son of Hitler Confidant, Dies at 83
    Albert Speer Jr worked on Mahogany Heights and was in Belize twice.
    Albert Speer Jr., an internationally prominent architect who sought throughout his life to distance himself from the dark legacy of his father, a member of Adolf Hitler’s inner circle, died on Sept. 15 at his home in Frankfurt. He was 83. His death was announced by his architectural firm, AS & P, in Frankfurt. It said the cause was complications of surgery he had undergone after falling at his home. Mr. Speer was the eldest of six children of Albert Speer, one of Hitler’s closest confidants. The elder Speer was Hitler’s chief architect and later his armaments minister, and was convicted of war crimes for his use of slave labor.

    Education, adventure at San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Belize
    The iguanas were clamoring on top of each other, pushing each other aside for the chance to nibble on a handpicked leaf. They surrounded us, but far from being creepy or scary, it was an enjoyable part of our experience with the Iguana Project, an on-site conservation program for green iguanas at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in San Ignacio, Belize. The program started in 1996 out of a concern for declining numbers due to overhunting. It currently has 40 iguanas and 116 eggs. "They are almost endangered, but nobody knows how many are left," said Nigel Velasquez, the tour operator for the project. The nonprofit aims to release the injured iguanas back into the wild, repopulate the species and educate the public. Velasquez noted that some people in villages eat iguanas, so one tenet of the outreach program is to educate the public about the issue.

    A Belizean Resort That Hooks You With Lures And Lavishness
    It takes a lot to run a smooth resort operation. It takes even more ingenuity to run one that’s situated so far from civilization. “We’re an hour and a half off [the mainland],” says Alain Allemeersch, who serves as co-general manager of Belize’s Turneffe Island Resort with his wife, Maya. “We know we’re never going to be on the grid for anything.” But for whatever the resort sitting 35 miles from Belize City lacks in accessibility, it more than makes up for with astonishment. Belize is the home of the world-famous Great Blue Hole, a 984-feet-wide sinkhole, and nearby Turneffe takes full advantage of its proximity by offering shark- and scuba-diving excursions at the attraction. The resort is also proud of its fishing opportunities. True anglers know the area well for its bonefish, tarpon and permit, or the elusive “Caribbean Grand Slam.” Turneffe is actively trying to lure more laymen to the property for this very reason.


  • 2017 San Pedro Independence Day Jump Up Parade, 6min.

  • It's celebration time. Independence Day Parade!! Happy Birthday Belize, 17min. San Pedro

  • Independence Day Address by Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, 37min.

  • Official Independence Day Celebration in Belmopan, 40min.

  • Itvet culture day with Cocono Bwoy, 8.5min.

  • Antorcha 2017 Belize independence succotz, 9min.

  • Machel Montano (Live) - Leave Me Alone & Fast Wine (Belize 2017), 5min. Machel Montano Live @ Soca Jazz Fest in Belize 2017.

  • Belize Study Abroad Spring Break UNL 2017, 10min.

  • Melvan McGregor and sons of Thunder, belize independence day LA 2017, 5min. Melvan Mcgregor Daughters of Juda/Sons of Thunder...Onstage at Belize independence day celebration in Inglewood ca. Sept 17th 2017

  • San Pedro Parade Part 2, 10min.

  • San Pedro Independence - sweets for all - pinata - San Pedro Style, 6min.

  • Orange Walk 21st Parade, 13min.

  • Miss Shaena Gilharry , Miss East Indian Belize, 1min. Miss Shaena Gilharry , Did a great job at last night's pre Independence celebration. We wish her all the best as she prepares to represent Belize at the International Divali queen pageant in Trinidad and Tobago on October 16

  • Lobster Diving - Belize, 1/4min.

  • Barracuda Shot - Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Independence 21st Celebration, 6min. Celebrating was a song written as a tribute to September 21st, Belize's independence day from England. Fresh off their debut album Midnight Run and their performances on MTV, the group hit their first tour of Central America with Machel Mantano and Xtatic. After 3 shows across Belize the Wooddwellas wanted to write a thank you to fans of their country for all the love and energy they experienced on tour and Celebrating was born.

  • Belize National Dance Company, 3min. BNDC Performing for Belize Independence Day Ceremony 2017.

  • Belize Independence!, 2min. Let me show you guys a bit of how we belizean people celebrate our Indepence. I am a proud brown belisean girl!

  • Canoe/kayak racing belize, sarstoon island eco challenge 2017, 2min.

  • Visiting the JUNGLE in BELIZE!, 3min. We head into St. Herman's blue hole national park to check out the amazing Belize inland blue hole and cave system! After that, we head to the Belize Guatemala border to check out rivers and rope swings. This Belize Jungle adventure was an awesome time!

  • Happy Independence Day to all Belizeans at home in the Jewel, 6min. And to those in the Hills of Scotland , the Aegean Sea in Greece , the old capital of Nija, Accra Ghana . Sydney Australia , Johannesburg South Africa , The Big Apple . Smokey London , Trenchtown Jamaica , Diego Martin TnT , Paris France , Santa Cruz Bolivia , Georgetown Guyana, Taipei Taiwan , Dubai, Haifa Israel , The West Coast , Chitown, The Big Easy

    September 21, 2017

    Happy Independence Day Belize!


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Opening the official Independence Eve Celebrations
    Speeches by Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Representative of the Opposition Andre Perez and Area Representative Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr.

    Flag raising ceremonies for Independence Celebration
    San Pedro Town counts down to Belize's 36th Anniversary of Independence.

    Island Students Celebrate Independence Day with a Children’s Rally
    With the purpose of promoting patriotism among Belizean children during the September Celebrations, the annual Children’s Rally was celebrated across the country on Friday, September 15th. San Pedro Town was no exception, with upper division, primary and secondary school students, along with educators of San Pedro Town gathering at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium to celebrate Belize’s 36th Independence. Under the theme “Belize: Confronting Challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve”, they all enjoyed musical performances, poems and drama, as well as an inspirational speech from Ismael Kay. The Children’s Rally commenced with a musical rendition of the National Anthem performed by the San Pedro High School (SPHS) music class. Mistress of Ceremonies Maryurit Trimino then invited two students from Isla Bonita Elementary School to give the welcome address. Each participating school had a presentation, showcasing their patriotism and delighting the crowd in attendance.

    Ambergis Caye Fishing Guide Association holds a consultation at San Pedro Lion’s Den
    The Ambergris Caye Fishing Guide Association (ACFGA), held a meeting at the San Pedro Lion’s Den on Wednesday, September 13th. Attending the meeting were fishermen and stakeholders who had a variety of topics to discuss. At the top of the agenda were the results from a petition that had been submitted to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) by the ACFGA, along with other fishing associations throughout Belize. The petition was submitted the month prior, and focused on some issues fishermen were facing due to their boat size, number of passengers, and requirements from the Belize Port Authority (BPA). Some fishermen claim that while aboard their ‘lanchon’ boats, whether on the job or simply running errands, they are sometimes stopped by the BPA and given a summons. The summons is a result of requirements that currently ask boat owners to have a helper on board any boat 24 feet and under, with or without passengers.

    Lina Point inaugurated on Ambergris Caye
    Lina Point Over Water Island Resort held its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday September 16th. In attendance were the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Daniel Guerrero, and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia Jr., Developer Rick Jennings, wife Chelsie and their daughters Kyla and Angelina welcomed a host of family and friends, employees and invited guests to a fun evening celebrating the start of their new venture. Construction began in 2014, and the ceremony celebrated the completion of the main building, which houses eight 1-bedroom suites, a pool, rooftop restaurant ‘Hooked’, a game room, bar and lobby. Two over-water cabañas have been completed, with six more to be built over the next year. Jennings gave a brief tour to guests, showcasing the over-water buildings designed to capitalize on the free-flowing water below, visible from the glass tiles underfoot. An outdoor plunge pool on the outdoor deck offers leeward island vistas.

    Red Cross hosts blood drive on Ambergris Caye
    The Belize Red Cross, San Pedro Branch (BRCSPB) hosted a successful blood drive on Saturday, September 16th in San Pedro Town. Held at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, a total of 15 pints of blood were collected from 9AM to 3PM. While potential donors made their way to the clinic, a dollar drive was held on the streets, collecting a grand total of $362.77. According to the BRCSPB, donors began arriving from early in the day, providing the much needed units of blood for Ambergris Caye’s reserves at the blood bank. They reiterated the importance of donating blood, which in return can save the life of someone else. The BRCSPB encourages island residents to donate on a regular basis in order to keep the stock of blood for the island at its highest level. The blood is then available for any islander who may need a blood transfusion in the case of an emergency, thus, it is important to support and donate all blood drives, which take place every three months.

    Ambergris Today

    Government Of Belize To Join Hurricane Relief Efforts For Dominica
    In a press release issued yesterday, Tuesday, September 19, 2017, the Government of Belize has expressed its distress and sympathy in learning of the damage inflicted upon Dominica and the other Leeward Islands by the deadly Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this devastating storm who may have lost loved ones and who have had their homes and properties destroyed,” stated the press release. While the level of devastation is still yet unknown, the Government of Belize stands ready to join with other CARICOM nations to coordinate and support relief efforts in any way possible within our human and financial resources.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Government of Belize to Join Relief Efforts for Dominica
    The Government of Belize expresses our distress and sympathy in learning of the damage inflicted upon Dominica and the other Leeward Islands by the deadly Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this devastating storm who may have lost loved ones and who have had their homes and properties destroyed. While the level of devastation is still yet unknown, the Government of Belize stands ready to join with other CARICOM nations to coordinate and support relief efforts in any way possible within our human and financial resources. The Government encourages all Belizeans who are able to offer some form of assistance to the Government and people of Dominica to do so by supporting local relief initiatives being undertaken by reliable agencies, businesses or organizations.

    Presented by: Mrs. Lisa Clare, Ag. Supervisor of Objection, Appeal and Training, Income Tax Department. Location: Welcome Center, San Ignacio, Cayo. Workshop Date: 28th September, 2017. Time: 9am to 12 noon. Free of cost. Income Tax was enacted in Belize in 1924 and remained in that basic form up to July 1998, when Business Tax was introduced. The Legislation is now called "The Income And Business Tax Act", with an effective date of January 1999 in its current form. The Act is divided into three parts with Income Tax under Part 1, Income Tax on Profits arising from Petroleum under Part 11 and Business Tax under Part 111. This Information session will help you understand the ACT in details.

    Exhibitions: "Frida & Diego: A Smile at the Crossroads" and "Mexican Cities: World Heritage"
    Embassy of Mexico to Belize invites you to attend the opening of the following exhibitions: "Frida & Diego: A Smile at the Crossroads" and "Mexican Cities: World Heritage" They are unveiled on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 6:30 PM at the Mexican Cultural Institute on Newtown Barracks & Wilson Street in Belize City

    Belize City Parade Participants

    Great News! Employment Opportunities! Apply Now!
    The U.S. Embassy has two job openings: Generator Mechanic and a Plumbing/Carpentry Foreman. The U.S. Mission in Belize provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

    Happy Independence Day Belize!
    by Oceana Belize. Natural colors are our national colors. Our challenges are many but our resolve is strong. By working together, we can celebrate the triumph of a bright future that includes clean energy, sustainable resource management and bountiful beauty. May God bless Belize. Happy Independence Day Belize.

    Ya'axche Institute dontaes seedlings
    Ya'axche Institute for Conservation and Education (YICE) donated 100 seedlings to University of Belize, which were planted yesterday in commemoration of National Service Day.

    Caye Caulker ready for Celebrations!

    Ministry of Health Responds to Increased Reports of Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
    The Ministry of Health reports that there is an increase in the number of reported conjunctivitis cases (more commonly known as “pink eye”), particularly in the northern and central health regions. Conjunctivitis is an irritation of the eye, which is very uncomfortable, caused by bacteria or viruses which can spread easily from person to person. Symptoms of conjunctivitis include: • Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid • Watery eyes

    Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Upgrade of Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System Phase 1
    The public is hereby informed of the groundbreaking ceremony of the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) 2013 – Upgrade of Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System Phase 1 Project, on the 22nd September 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at the Basketball Court, Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District. The upgrade of Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System Phase 1 for a length of 3.2 km (2 miles), worth a total of € 1,222,220.48 (BZ$ 2,688,885.10), is being financed by the European Union and the Government of Belize through funds from the BAM 2013 programme. The Hopkins Village Main Street is of major importance for the social development of southern Belize. The village main street rehabilitation includes the supply, construction, installation and completion of over three (3) kilometers of road with base material and double chip seal to pavement standards; eighty (80) meters of road concrete pavement; three hundred (300) meters of concrete culverts and nearly three (3) kilometers of vee drains; over six (6) kilometers of water supply pipeline with assemblies and fittings along the road; two (2) concrete pedestrian crossings; road markings and over hundred (100) traffic signs.

    CARICOM Commends Belize's Contribution to CARICOM as it Marks its 36th Independence Anniversary
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has commended the “invaluable contribution” of Belize as it marks its 36th Independence Anniversary. The Central American CARICOM Member State celebrates its independence on Thursday 21 September under the theme Belize: Confronting Challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve! In a congratulatory message sent to Prime Minister of Belize, The Hon. Dean Barrow, CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque commended his leadership in the CARICOM Quasi-cabinet for Justice and Governance. “The Community is also highly appreciative of Belize’s initiative to encourage dialogue and collaboration between CARICOM and Central America.


    Happy Independence Day Celebrations to everyone from all of us in Sarteneja!
    SACD was honored to once again be part of the Independence Day schools parade for this year. Here are some photos of yesterday's schools parade.

    Belize Fishing Report, Sept. 11th - Sept. 17th, 2017
    After a week like last week it is hard to top, but as usual, the bonefishing remains strong. All of our anglers are catching bonefish when fishing for them. There are so many bonefish around at any given time that even if you are not a seasoned angler, you will be successful. Come join us in the bonefish fun.

    Channel 7

    American Couple Accused of Child Cruelty David and Anke Doehm Back to Court
    After a month's adjournment, Americans David and Anke Doehm went back to Magistrate's Court today for the continuation of the case against them for the charge of cruelty of to a child. They're waiting for the prosecution to provide them with the rest of the evidence which will be used to prove that they are criminally responsible for the death of their 13 year-old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon. At the last hearing, Crown Counsel Jacqueline Willoughby informed the court that the prosecution was waiting for the results of forensic tests which will make up part of the evidence the Doehm's will have to face. There was an undertaking that if those results were ready, they would be disclosed to the defendants on today's date, if not, the case would be adjourned to a further date to allow for more time.

    Amy Forte's Attorney Doesn't Want To Speak
    Opposition Leader John Briceno says that he's disappointed that the police won't investigate Amy Forte's allegation that someone forged her signature in a fraudulent land conveyance to Andre Vega. The land Vega got was private, so the Ministry of Natural Resources, which was being led by Vega's father, Gaspar Vega, compensated him with 7 acres of prime real estate on Mosquito Caye. When Forte brought it to the attention of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, he cancelled the title; while Andre Vega said that he gave it back. So, it's a dubious case, but at this moment, it appears that no further action is being taken.

    Belize Coalition for Natural Heritage Takes On Elrington For Dissing Offshore Moratorium
    Last night on 7News, you heard Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington blast the entire concept of conservation and diss the idea of an offshore moratorium. He said he couldn't rationalize it in a country where there is so much need. Here's how he put it to a gathering of UB students and lecturers at a Security Symposium on Monday: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Home Affairs: "We can't pay for hospital. We can't pay for education. We can't pay for schools, but we are not supposed to touch the petroleum. We are not even to find out what is there, because the attitude is don't touch it. I don't know why it's being left there. The history has shown that you can exploit petroleum. But we are not into find out what we have. Because somehow or the other that's going to hurt us. That's going to destroy the reef. In this day and age we have got to think for ourselves. Because if you are starving, but it is content first to starve so as to ensure that the fishes are there - that the manatees are going to survive, why the human beings are dying. I can't rationalize it."

    Her Daughter Was Murdered, And Now Her House Burnt Down
    On Monday night at around 11:00 on a back street in Mahogany Heights, a bungalow house burnt down to nothing. The house belonged to tourism Police Officer, Joy Dougall. Sadly, this is not the first major loss for her. In June of last year, her 17 year old daughter Jasmine Petillo was viciously stabbed to death and now her house is gone. We did go to the scene of the fire but Dougall was not available for an interview - and when we reached her later, she declined comment. We were able to speak to her neighbor who saw the fire.

    OW Woman Alleges Rape, then Being Left On Road Nude
    There is a very disturbing sexual assault report coming out of the north. A 21 year old woman told police she was raped and then dumped naked on the side of the road in Orange Walk town. The woman reported to police that on Monday morning after 10:00 she got into a green taxi on Zericote Street. She says she doesn't remember anything after that. Only that she woke up naked on the side of road at the junction of Liberty Avenue and Belize Corozal Road by Zeta Auto Parts. Her clothes, phone and purse were all thrown beside her. She says she got up, put on her clothes and walked unto Riverside Street until she came up to her cousin's house. A medical examination certified that she had been raped. The police don't have much to go on at this point - the license plates are unknown and the only description the woman gave is that the man is black, slim built and he had on a cap. Police have not released any information on this report, but we will keep following up.

    Scary Motorbike Collision on Albert Street
    There was a scary motorbike collision yesterday evening at the junction of Albert and King Streets. It happened at 5:10 pm, just as everyone was heading home from work in the downtown area. As this security video from Mikado shows, a Ford Focus Sport is crossing from one side of King Street to the other, across Albert Street. The driver doesn't make a full stop, because all she can see coming is a slow moving car. So she starts to drive across the intersection, which is when this Kawasaki Motorbike whips out from behind the slow moving car, and jets into view. The driver of the car sees it racing to her, and not knowing what to do, she freezes and stops in the middle of the intersection. That's when the motorbike hits the car's front fender at high speed and the driver flies over the hood and lands on the street.

    Three Way Pile-up With Vehicle Being Towed
    There was another accident on the Hattieville Boom Road, near Fresh Pond, some time around midday today. We found the Chevy 1500 Pickup truck with the driver's side door smashed in. That's after the authorities flipped it over, because as these pictures show, the truck actually came to a stop while completely flipped over and its wheels in the air. There was also this blue Jeep Patriot with its front end extensively damaged. Police say that a Gold GMC Canyon, which was being driven by Anna McCauley, was towing the grey Chevy pickup. Francis McCauley was in the driver's seat of the Chevy pickup, and he was steering it. The towing strap gave way, and sent the Chevy pickup in the opposite lane. The Jeep Patriot, which was being driven by Raymond Garbutt, was driving by at the same time, and he couldn't avoid the pickup. They crashed into each other, the impact sent the Chevy pickup barreling off to the side of the road.

    Hurricane Maria, The Images From Dominica Show What She Did
    Tonight, as Hurricane Maria continues to churn towards Turks and Caicos, the storm has been downgraded to a Category 2. But that's after pommeling Puerto Rico and St. Crioix in the US Virgin Islands as a category 4 storm. The damages on those US territories are still being calculated, but tonight more is known of the damages to the Caribbean Nation of Dominica. At least 8 people are dead, and as these images show, destruction caused by the 175 miles an hour winds is massive and widespread. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has officially declared a state of emergency and a curfew from 4 PM to 8 AM. There are no phone services - only satellite phones, and Hartley Henry, the Principal Advisor to Prime Minister Skerrit put out a statement saying there has been tremendous loss of Housing and Public buildings. Here's what he told ABS TV in Antigua this morning:

    Death Toll Keeps Going Up In Mexican Quake
    And from that unfolding wide-scale disaster in our Caribbean sister state, to a tragedy of untold dimensions in our neighbor to the north. Mexicans in the states of Morelos and Puebla are still trying to recover after yesterday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake. This is the second earthquake in Mexico in 12 days. The first one struck off Mexico's west coast near the border with Guatemala. That was an 8.1 magnitude - one of the country's most powerful quakes in a century. As we showed you, many Belizeans felt the effects. 61 Mexicans died during that quake but yesterday's powerful tremor has caused more deaths - up until this morning it was at 220 and counting.

    Man Critical After Libertad Stabbing
    A man was stabbed in Libertad village, Corozal last night. Not much information is known at this time, all police have at this point is that at about 10:00, 33 year old Juan Rosado was stabbed to his upper body while socializing. Rosado is listed in critical condition at the Northern Regional Hospital.

    Integrity Commission Tells Politicians To File
    The Integrity Commission, of which much has been said, but from which nothing has been heard since their swearing in ceremony in January, released a statement today. They say that they've contacted all politicians elected to public office to advise them that they need to file a declaration of their financial affairs for the year ending December 31, 2016. The Commission has also reminded these elected politicians that they need to adhere to the Prevention of Corruption Act, and for those who did not file, their names were published as part of a list in the July 11 Gazette. That list of the delinquent public office holders who have still not filed a declaration of their assets has since been sent to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Bail for a Murderer?
    Last Thursday, we told you about the very shaky start to the murder trial of 30 year-old Nelson Henry. The prosecution's main witness against him is a former police officer, who is not cooperating with the prosecution. And now, Henry's attorney, Oscar Selgado, wants him released on bail. Now, in 99% of cases, defendants charged with murder aren't eligible for bail, but Selgado has made an application before Justice Adolph Lucas. He told the court that Henry is entitled to bail on two grounds. He submitted that under Section 5 and 6 of the constitution, all citizens have a fair trial within a reasonable time. In this case, Henry has been on remand for 6 years for the murder of Edward Lord Jr.

    Shooting Victim Aaron King Recovering
    On Monday we told you about the shooting involving Aaron King. King was shot a total of three times while at a party on Sunday. When last we reported on him, he was in critical condition at the KHMH on Monday. Today his sister Shakera Young told us he is doing ok and is in stable condition right now.

    Pink Eye Plentiful
    The Ministry of Health is warning the public to be on the lookout for pink eye - because there's an increased number of cases being reported, especially in the Belize, Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. By now, most of us are familiar with the symptoms of pink eye which include redness in the white of the eye, watery eyes, itchy eyes, and blurred vision. But most importantly, it's highly contagious, so if you or someone you know is experiencing any of the symptoms you should seek help from your nearest healthcare facility and stay away from public places until the infection begins to clear.

    PUP Leader Gives Ambassadors An Earful
    He may be giving his national address tomorrow, but today at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Opposition Leader John Briceno gave a preview to the Resident and Non-resident Ambassadors and other members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps on what a PUP release calls "the true state of the Nation." The ambassadors visit Belize annually for the Independence Day Ceremonies, and, it seems, Briceno gave them an earful of the world according to John! According to a PUP release, quote, "diplomats were briefed on the rampant corruption in public office, the refusal of the Government to allow the Public Accounts Committee and the Integrity Commission to perform their proper functionsthe threat to our democracy by the armed forces attacking the media and the members of Opposition at peaceful demonstrations..." you get the idea, the full blue bill and receipt. The address also referred to recent developments between Belize and Guatemala.

    When Will PUP Have a City Slate?
    So, while the Opposition Leader had a lot to say to the Diplomatic Corps about what the PUP says is "the true state of the Nation", yesterday he couldn't tell us exactly when his party is going to launch their City Council slate for Belize City. The March 2018 Municipal Elections are getting closer, and voters of Belize City, the UDP stronghold, still doesn't have an option from the PUP to consider as yet. So, we asked John Briceno what's the hold up, and here's what he had to say: Hon. John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition: "As I've been saying, over and over, Daniel, and maybe you might not believe it, but we do have more than 10 candidates. But, for us, I know that Belize City is the garrison of the UDP. I mean, they have spent over 200 million dollars of our tax payer's money in Belize City, and they want to make sure that they have an impregnable fort."

    BTIA Tells Hoteliers Not To Buy Off-season Conch
    On Monday, we show you the huge conch bust made by the Fisheries Department working with the Belize Audubon Society. Well, tonight, the Belize Tourism Industry Association is congratulating them for the confiscation of 8,980 pieces of out of season conch weighing 1,500 pounds. The BTIA says, quote, "While we are pleased with the results of this conch bust, we recognize that much more needs to be done to protect our fisheries resourcesWith only 13 enforcement officers and limited fuel, the Fisheries Department will not be able to meaningfully deter and eliminate illegal fishing over the long term."

    US Child Labour Survey Shines Red Light on Belize
    The US Bureau on International Labour Affairs today issued its 2016 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labour. Right off the bat, Belize is listed as a country that made minimal advancement in eliminating child labour. All other countries in Central America were judged to have done better. The report found that the minim age for work - which is below the age of 14 - does not conform to international standards. The international standard is 15 years. It adds that prohibitions on child commercial sexual exploitation are inadequate in Belize. The report notes that, quote "Children in Belize perform dangerous tasks in agriculture. Children also engage in the worst forms of child labor, including in commercial sexual exploitation, sometimes as a result of human trafficking." End quote. It adds that, quote, "Children in Belize are increasingly being trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation in areas frequented by tourists or seasonal workers, such as truckers and citrus workers." End quote.

    Senate Inquiry "Paying The Press?"
    The Senate Special Select Committee conducting the inquiry into immigration Irregularities is pushing for total transparency in immigration affairs. But it hasn't been operating by that same standard. We say that because last week, the Business Senator let it slip that his brother Pete's cable company, CCV was being paid one thousand five hundred dollars per session of the hearings to broadcast the event exclusively on his cable network. Now, they do a fine job - even if only their subscribers and those of their affiliates - which is about 75% of the country can see it. But, fair is fair, $1,500 per session is far below the market rate - basically, they're doing it on the cheap. But, the facts remain, no other media house was asked to bid, and as a general rule, no one else gets paid to cover meetings in the National Assembly building. And besides all that, weren't we all told in September that the business Senator's brother was not being paid to cover the meetings? That's what PUP Senior Senator Eamon Courtney said after the UDP Guardian printed otherwise:...

    Shoes For Students
    School is back in session and most kids had no problem getting equipped with all the gear they need for school. But some are not so lucky - and can't even afford a pair of tennis shoes. High School Teacher Ruby Reyes observed this and was inspired to start the change. She told us how she got over a hundred pairs of sneakers for deserving kids: Ruby Reyes, Shoe Drive Organizer: "The shoe drive is basically an initiative from what I saw in the big falls community. I thought there for four years and I saw the need for school shoes and then I left unfortunately and then I came here at SCA and SCA has this sort of charity program whereby they assist students in need like with uniform and school supplies and I wanted to do something similar like that for my community."

    Hilary's Favorite Hot Sauce
    Defeated US Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton's new book, named, "What Happened" tells all about her campaign, the eventual loss to Donald Trump and the devastating aftermath. And while that's for the fans of US politics to devour - one thing did catch our eye. On page 203, Clinton talks about her favorite pepper sauce, which just happens to come from Belize. She writes, quote, "Several of us put hot sauce on everything. I've been a fan since 1992, when I became convinced it boosted my immune system....We were always on the lookout for new concoctions....Julie the videographer came back from vacation in Belize with four little bottles of the best hot sauce any of us have ever had: Marie Sharp's. We immediately loved the red habanero pepper flavor the most. Everyone quietly jockeyed for that bottle, then handed it over sheepishly when confronted. Eventually we realized we could just order more, and peace returned."

    A Cacao Committee
    When we talk about Belize's leading industries, Cacao isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But it is thriving. In March of this year we told you just how interested Europe is in using Belizean cacao to make their chocolates. It is a huge endorsement for the industry and that means the cacao farmers have to ensure that they are ready to take it to the next level. And to make this happen, a group of stakeholders formed the first ever Belize National Cacao Committee last week Thursday in San Pedro Columbia Toledo. In a release it states "The newly-formed committee is tasked with moving the cacao industry forward in an organized and unified manner by determining the needs of the cacao industry, in consultation with stakeholders, and lobbying the government to secure policies to support those goals." One of the members told us more.

    South Korea Cares
    On Monday, the Government of Belize received a donation of office equipment and two new vehicles from the Republic of Korea..The donation is specifically for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the hope is that it increases their capacity. CEO Pat Andrews told us more: The Republic of Korea and Belize are also commemorating 30 years of established diplomatic relations this year.

    Frankie's Freedom
    And we close tonight as we always do on the 20th...with the grandeur of Frankie Reneau's extravagant, extended rendition of the national anthem. Enjoy, and stay tuned to Channel 7 tonight for all local programming which culminates in the Flag Raising at the memorial park. And join us tomorrow in Belmopan for the Independence Day Official Ceremonies... And from all of us here at channel 7 have a great Independence Day, and we'll see you back here on Friday.

    Channel 5

    Chamber Intervenes to Stop Freeze in Senate Allocation
    On the eve of independence, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has sent a strong letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, asking that he retract the financial ceiling for [...]

    D.P.P. Wants More from Integrity Commission on Late Declarations
    Earlier this year, the Integrity Commission’s decision to require declarations filed dating back only to 2016, not to 2012 as originally asked for, raised ire from the Opposition, which questioned [...]

    Foreign Minister Wants Verification of Sarstoon B.T.V. Incident
    The issues of sovereignty and territorial integrity are ever present in the minds of Belizeans at this time. This morning, the Foreign Minister of Belize, Wilfred Elrington, met with visiting [...]

    I.C.J. Still the Only Way
    There is still no protocol on the Sarstoon, even though the Foreign Minister was told by his then counterpart, Carlos Raul Morales that one would be concluded. But Elrington believes [...]

    Sedi Disparages Eamon; Says Guats Will Stay the Course
    The Foreign Minister has been a lightning rod for years. Many have called for his removal for statements he has made such as “artificial borders” and most recently, his persistence [...]

    What Does Opposition Want?
    The Opposition withdrew from talks with Guatemala because it was not kept wholly in the loop and has said that it had no confidence in the conduct of the FM [...]

    Belizeans Tell News Five What the Jewel Means to Them
    Most of Central America and Mexico celebrate independence this month. The youngest of the bunch, Belize, became an independent nation back on September twenty-first, 1981. In a few hours, the [...]

    P.U.P. Wants ‘Best’ Team for City Municipals
    The race to the 2018 municipal elections will resume in earnest in the coming weeks. While the People’s United Party has candidates in place in the north and west, all [...]

    Elrington Says U.D.P. Handling Corruption Better than P.U.P.
    Charges of rampant corruption continue to plague the Barrow administration, amid ongoing scandals involving former Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega.  But the Prime Minister Barrow has responded saying, “What [...]

    Opposition Says Dissident Ministers Must Leave Cabinet
    But Opposition Leader John Briceño believes that the current administration is the most corrupt and incompetent the country has ever seen. He says it was the antithesis of their platform [...]

    Where is the Plan to Fight Crime?
    John Briceño has unfailingly linked the issue of crime to economic activity and opportunity or the lack thereof. But with the resurgence of major crimes, particularly in south side Belize [...]

    Meetings Held, But No Resolution on Petrocaribe Stoppage
    News Five has confirmed with the local Petrocaribe office that meetings took place this week hoping to hash out a solution to delivering fuel from Venezuela under the Petrocaribe Accord [...]

    Environmentalists Hit Back as Sedi Champions Offshore Drilling
    At Monday’s University of Belize lecture on security threats to Belize, Minister of Foreign and Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington made pointed comments at the environmental lobby against offshore drilling for [...]

    Death Toll Rises in Mexico Quake; Belize Authorities Looking for Our Own
    More than two hundred and twenty people, including twenty-one school children, are dead in Mexico after Tuesday’s seven point one earthquake. The deadly quake toppled buildings and cut off power [...]

    Dominica Counts Cost of Hurricane Maria
    Within a span of fifteen hours, Hurricane Maria went from a category one to a category five storm. The catastrophic storm hit the island of Dominica on Monday night – [...]

    “The Puerto Rico and the San Juan That We Knew Yesterday Is No Longer There…”
    After the hurricane devastated that island, it moved over towards the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico where it made landfall on Puerto Rico shortly after six this morning as [...]

    Independence Eve, 36 Years Ago
    Back in 1981, the then Premier of Belize, the Right Honorable George Price’s led this country to independence and at midnight, for the first time, the red, white and blue [...]

    A Visit to the 21st Expo Belize Marketplace
    The twenty-first anniversary of the Expo Belize Market Place was a landmark event with a whopping one hundred and four companies utilizing one hundred and ninety booths. The figures are [...]


    Corozal Police Seeks Advice From DPP On charges For Fatal Traffic Accident
    Corozal Police authorities have indicated to CTV-3 News that they are awaiting on legal guidance from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution to know whether they will proceed with charges against 41 year old Francis Sharp in relation to the traffic accident that occurred on September 9th, which claimed the life of a Corozal Town mother of two while injuring two others. 40 year old Claudia Arana Martinez, one of the victims, passed away on Friday September 15th morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City due to serious injuries she sustained.

    BPP & PUP Chastise GOB For Inaction At Sarstoon
    The main Opposition, People’s United Party, also released a statement on the issue, stating its [quote] “strongest condemnation of the actions of the Guatemalan Armed Forces and the inaction of the Government following the blatant harassment of Belizeans within out territorial waters” [end quote]. The PUP notes in its statement that Guatemalans stationed at the Sarstoon have maintained operational control of the entire Sarstoon River, and the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has committed a gross error in allowing this to happen. The PUP adds that on various occasions SATIIM rangers have been turned back from routine patrols of the Sarstoon Temash National Park.

    Chunox Fishermen Charged for Undersized Lobster
    On Saturday September 16th thirteen fishermen from the village of Chunox in the Corozal District were caught by a team of officers from the fisheries department in possession of over one hundred undersized lobsters. The officers were conducting patrol around the lighthouse atoll when they spotted the vessel and proceeded to execute a search which resulted in the discovery of 121 lobsters not exceeding the prescribed 4 ounces. All thirteen men were charged for the undersized lobsters, today in court however Thirty one year old Delcio Tun, one of the fishermen caught assumed possession of the lobsters and pled guilty to the charge of possession of undersized lobsters.

    Ambassador Of Belgium Presents Credentials To GG
    His Excellency Antoine Evrard, Ambassador of Belgium, presented his Letter of Credence today to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Ambassador Evrard expressed his pleasure in being in Belize during the 36th anniversary of independence, and conveyed his country’s commitment to continue to strengthen bilateral relations with Belize. The Governor General accepted his credentials, welcomed him to Belize and expressed his gratitude to Belgium’s commitment to Belize.

    GAF Harasses Participants Of Sarstoon Eco-Challenge
    The second annual Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge took place on Saturday September 16th. This is a canoe race which sees paddlers leave from Barranco towards the Sarstoon Island. The winner is the one who circles the Sarstoon Island first, along the Belize side of the Southern Channel, and does it in the shortest time period. The event also seeks to raise awareness not only of the geographic location of the island, but also of the vulnerability of the environment. This year’s event didn’t occur with less controversy than last year as there are reports that up to five Guatemalan Armed Forces boats showed up, entered Belizean waters and intimidated the participants in the race. According to one of the Belize Territorial Volunteer leaders David Espadas, although it’s not his first time in the Sarstoon area, and neither was it the first time the Guatemalan military show their presence, it still made him a bit nervous.


    Will Petrocaribe keep rolling?
    Love News has confirmed with a high government official that PetroCaribe is back on track. According to our source, the Venezuelan delegation met with Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow yesterday and it is safe to say that the suspension is expected to be lifted pretty soon. The delegation left today and we […]

    Integrity Commission calls on elected officials to submit financials
    The Integrity Commission of Belize has still not received the full cooperation of persons in public office as many are yet to declare their financial affairs for 2016. That is what the Commission announced today in a press release. On July 15, the Commission gazetted a list of these individuals. These included ten members of […]

    Opposition Leader says Government has no clue in fighting crime
    Crime in the country continues on an upward trend and the number of violent crimes in Belize City alone has seen a surge over the last weeks. To date, there are ninety-seven murders. The statistics are concerning, but not for Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington. In his address at the University Of Belize at […]

    Opposition Leader gears up for Independence Day speech
    It is the eve of Belize’s Independence and as is customary, the country’s Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition will gather in Belmopan to address the nation at the Independence Day Celebrations. On Tuesday, Opposition Leader John Briceño explained why he missed the September tenth ceremonies. He will, however, be present for tomorrow’s […]

    UNDP host member of diplomatic corps
    Every year United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, and UN Agencies host international diplomats in Belize. The purpose is to bring diplomats such as ambassadors and representatives from cooperation agencies to discuss how to jointly advance the development of Belize. UNDP Country Representative, Christian Salazar, told us more. Christian Salazar – UNDP Country Representative “This was […]

    CARICOM Consular Corps to send aid to Hurricane victims
    As Hurricane Maria continues its destructive path across the Caribbean, some members of the CARICOM Consular Corps have mobilized in order to assist affected Caribbean citizens. The group has collected canned goods, clothing, baby diapers and toiletries. The items will be shipped immediately through the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency. The corps includes the Consul […]

    International delegation visits Adjacency Zone
    Yesterday, a delegation of European Union Ambassadors visited the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States Office in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone. The objective of the visit was to learn firsthand about the work of the OAS Adjacency Zone office and receive a briefing on the most recent developments in the process by the […]

    Prosecution not ready, Doehms’ case pushed back
    A further disclosure session was scheduled for today in respect to the case involving David and Anke Doehm. The American couple was charged for child cruelty after an autopsy on Anke’s adoptive daughter, 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon revealed that the little girl was sexually and physically abused. The disclosure session was unable to […]

    UB Professor talks about recession
    According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, Belize’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up point eight percent for the first quarter and by one point one percent for the second quarter. This is an indicator that the country is finally bouncing back from a recession with the GDP up for the second consecutive quarter in […]

    The fight for Minimum Wage continues
    The Statistical Institute of Belize noted that for the month of July, the cost of transport went up by 6.3% and the cost of water, housing, electricity, gas and other fuels by 0.4%. Dr. Leroy Almendarez of the University of Belize explained how people in the minimum wage bracket might be affected. Dr. Leroy Almendarez […]


    A murder-suicide no one can explain
    The management and officers of the AAA Security Company, located at Mile 2 1/2 on the Philip Goldson Highway, are in a state of shock and disbelief after a double death occurred in the company office at about 7:30 Friday evening. The owner of the company, Robert “Bobby” Godfrey, 66, and the company manager, Delsie Smith, 50, both died of gunshot injuries. Police believe that Godfrey shot Smith in the temple, and then shot himself in the temple. A company employee who has been working with Godfrey for over 10 years told us that he was at the office, along with Godfrey, Smith, and a female security officer (the despatcher) shortly before the shooting, and they were all talking and laughing. He said that on the surface, nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

    After 3 years, still no justice for Danny Conorquie
    It has been said time and again that Danny Conorquie, the 20-year-old Special Constable of the Tourism Police Unit who was gunned down in cold blood at the Caracol temple in western Belize on September 25, 2014, should not have died in vain, but the sad reality is that three years after his broad-daylight execution in the sight of visiting tourists and tour guides, no suspect has even been named for his murder. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patrick Andrews, indicated to Amandala today that the investigation which Belize had requested the Organization of American States (OAS) to conduct into the Conorquie execution has met a major snag – that is, the Guatemalans are “stalling,” because they want a reinvestigation into the April 20, 2016 shooting death of Julio Rene Alvarado, 14, the Guatemalan minor who was shot dead after Belizean soldiers and rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development came under hostile fire in an operation to curb illegal activities on the Belize side of the border.

    Regular gas jumps 92 cents
    The Government of Belize, via the Belize Bureau of Standards, has announced that pump prices will increase for regular gasoline and diesel as of midnight tonight. Roughly two weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance had said that there was an impending price increase due to supply shortages caused by Hurricane Harvey, which required Belize to buy fuel overland from Central America. No price change had since taken effect – that is, not until this latest announcement.

    Bar Association’s ultimatum to Chief Justice Benjamin: deliver, resign or be removed!
    The Bar Association of Belize has passed a resolution on the longstanding controversy over the extensive backlog in undelivered judgments from the bench of the Chief Justice of Belize, Hon. Kenneth Benjamin. According to the Bar, 28 judgments are outstanding, and if the Chief Justice fails to deliver any of them according to the schedule which he had sent to them on September 14, 2017, they invite his immediate resignation. The Bar says that parties have had to wait two to five years for the delivery of those judgments, which have now been programmed to be delivered between now and December 2017. Among them are the Ramon Cervantes and Gaspar Vega case; litigation between Consolidated Water and the Public Utilities Commission for the supply of potable water on San Pedro, and the challenge of Glenn Tillett to the Belize Social Security Board and its former chairman, Lois Young.

    Lennox Samuels, conflict reporter, pursued news even into war zones
    Lennox Samuels, a veteran Belizean journalist who led a very successful career in the USA, has traveled widely to pursue his stories, even into war zones. Samuels, who became a conflict reporter, told Amandala today that he has been to some 99 countries and reported from several dozens of them. The top places he likes are Sydney, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Istanbul, and New York. “I think that traveling has helped my reporting ability,” said Samuels. “The sort of research that a lot of people have to do is wired into me already,” he added.

    A chat with Cador – Belize City football star of the 1960s
    (My former Diamond-A teammate Solomon Usher informed me of his presence in the old capital, and I met Cador at his family home, corner Collet Canal and Cemetery Road, on Wednesday evening, September 13. Unfortunately, much of the recording of our football discussion was lost due to noise interference from heavy traffic in the neighborhood. But I did manage to capture a few gems. Cador, who now resides in Los Angeles, is on a one-month visit back to the Jewel.) What makes a football “star”? What qualifies one, from among the legions of actors on the football stage in any generation, to be called a “football star”? Is it, to be accomplished in all aspects of performance on the field relative to one’s particular position or assignment? To be well known by name or nickname, and highly respected across the spectrum of football fans? To be recognized and deemed qualified by the decision makers of the sport to be a member of the “All Belize” team (as the Belize City selection was known in those days)? To be one sought after by top teams to join their ranks, and then jealously held on to, and reluctant to see one lured away by another top team in the competition? Or perhaps all of the above? And then some.

    Week 6 in the books for PLB 2017-2018 Opening Season
    Already, six weeks have been completed in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Opening Season, and defending champions Belmopan Bandits SC (yes, the league says that’s their name again) extended their lead in the standings, after their second consecutive shutout victory. (See standings below) Freedom Fighters FC from PG had a promising start, winning their opening game of the season, but have faded since, losing their next five encounters. Unless things turn around quickly for the young PG squad, their playoff hopes will be fast disappearing. It’s a double round-robin competition, so one game remains to complete the first round.

    OWFA Amateur 1st Division finals game 1 results
    Both third place and the championship in the Orange Walk Football Association (OWFA) Amateur 1st Division Tournament will be decided by a best-of-two games series. First round games of the finals were played on Sunday, September 17, at the Louisiana Football Field. In game 1 for third place, Progresso United FC crushed Trinidad FC, 6-1, with goals from Alex Diaz (16’), Roque Sedacy (38’ & 58’), Ismar Bustillos (47’), Hector Carlos (75’) and Emil Carlos (86’); while the lone goal for Trinidad FC was by Ismael Tillett (24’).

    Kulture crumbles; National Over-40 semifinals game 2 this weekend
    Things fell apart for Kulture Yabra Veterans on Sunday in Independence, where they fell 4-0 to home standing Mango Creek Veterans. To make matters worse, Kulture defenders Reuben “Postman” Crawford and George “Pele” James both received red cards, and so will not be available for the semifinal game 2 this Sunday at the MCC. Mango Creek got a goal each from Benigno Espinosa (74’), Wilmer Garcia (57’), Jose Leiva (83’) and Manuel Zavala (1’); and, except for a miracle from the struggling Kulture, Mango Creek will wrap up things this Sunday to secure their spot in the National Over-40 finals.

    Editorial: Mr. Barrow’s real bosses
    On Thursday morning, September 21, 2017, which will be the 36th anniversary of Belize’s political independence, Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Dean O. Barrow, will tell a live audience of Belizean dignitaries and foreign diplomats in Belmopan, and a nationwide audience via radio and television, how good things are in Belize, relatively speaking, and how well the economy is doing. Prime Minister Barrow will highlight and extol all the investments his government has been making these last few years in constructing public buildings and improving national infrastructure. The financing for these investments in buildings and infrastructure has come mainly from the controversial Petrocaribe loan agreements, involving Venezuelan petroleum products for Belize at preferential consignment rates with extended periods for payback. Prime Minister Barrow will tell us about his three most prominent foreign investment projects over the last few years – American Sugar Refining in the north, Santander in the west, and Norwegian Cruise Lines in the south. He will speak glowingly of investment contracts recently signed for the Michael Feinstein Stake Bank cruise port project and another, more murky cruise port project just a few miles west of Stake Bank along the Belize District mainland near the Sibun River outlet to the sea.

    Queen of The Bay history from Edison Staine, J. P.
    Dear Mr. Editor, Kindly grant me the space during the celebration season to share some history with readers. The picture I took when I was 18 years old and fresh out of Wesley College. Two queens came from the Northside, Beulah Vasquez and No. 3 Effie Meighan, Barrack Road and Craig Street, respectively. Respectfully, C.E. Staine

    Right to the Point: Turning 36! – Belizeans need to mature for Belize to mature
    We have been shaken by less than a hurricane, less than a tsunami, less than an earthquake…we have been hit by small-mindedness, pettiness, bitterness and the usual lack of maturity and propriety, but its devastation is more catastrophic, and though it is not seen, it permeates our national psyche and the philosophy of entitlement by our so-called leaders. The banal egos of leaders struck again and this time it was the feature at the height of the National September Celebrations. But while our true lack of leadership, decorum and civility was exposed, it reminded me of how each person, each incident, each event, is a sober reflection of what has become the norm here and how we war with each other, become combative and unable to resolve conflict without the drama. It also highlights the male versus female ongoing battle and the attacks to humiliate and degrade each other, not realizing that in the process we also degrade ourselves, our family, our communities, our organizations and our country. We fail to analyze things and instead act on impulse, emotion, spite, malice, and the seven deadly sins! One of the criteria is being narcissistic!

    A few facts about: LAND OF THE GODS
    The lyrics for Land of the Gods were written 78 years ago in the late 1930’s by Samuel A. Haynes and set to music by Dr. Selwyn Walford Young, both now deceased. Both gentlemen were alive when Premier George Price arbitrarily decided to use their work as the national anthem of Belize. Both Haynes and Young were annoyed with the change and usage of their art without consultation or without permission from the author or composer. They have expressed their sentiments to me during conversations and also in correspondence from them. During the years when Samuel Haynes was growing up in Belize there were five major Maya cities and 32 smaller communities between the Sarstoon and the Rio Hondo. Therefore it should be to no one’s surprise that he should write about “The Land of The Gods”: the Mayas had many gods. The God of the Yucatec Maya of Northern Belize and Yucatan is Kinich Ahau, the God of the Sun, and the God of the Kechi (or Quiche) of southern Belize and the Peten is Huracan, the God of Storms, now called “hurricane”. Throughout the past centuries what is now Belize had the most hurricanes in all of Central America, and using the science of geology we can tell the appropriate dates of the most disastrous ones, e.g. 250 BC Gales Point Manatee was formed by that one or in 1465, Northern and Southern Lagoons in the middle of the country were also formed. Why is it that in the year 2017 the God of our Quiche ancestors is so mad? Is it because of global warming by humans which is causing climate change and environmental damage?

    Why infrastructure is critical
    Most Belizeans have no knowledge about political economy. Yes, we know the imperial British System of “buy cheap, sell dear” – the colonial neo-liberal system that preaches that stealing is okay and normal, that man can only get ahead at the expense of others. Belizeans really believed that they are inferior to the “bacra-man” and following “massa” think that mankind is no different from the dog-eat-dog world of wild animals. When we accept empire and geopolitics, we accept the British ideology that the common aim of mankind is impossible. We accept that human poverty and want is the normal, that China’s President Xi Jinping’s call for a “win-win” as the common aim of mankind is ridiculous and foolish. Yet, China in the last 25 years, according to the World Bank, has moved over 700 million people out of poverty. A historical record. In 1952 average wages per year in China were about USD $ 84.30/person. In Belize it was about USD $ 430/person. The United States was USD $ 5,900/person. Today (2016) it is USD $ 4,630/person in Belize; USD $ 45,780/person in USA; and some USD $ 10,945/person in China. USA increased by 7 times, Belize by 10 times, and China by 135 times.

    Belize suspends PetroCaribe fuel imports
    In an announcement made earlier this week, the Alba PetroCaribe office, a joint venture arrangement between the Government of Belize and the Government of Venezuela, announced that they had decided to suspend imports from Venezuela, as supply problems have actually been causing prices on the domestic market to remain high. According to a news release from the company, it has decided to suspend purchases of petroleum products from PDVSA (the Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company) under the PetroCaribe Agreement with immediate effect. “We have been encountering a number of problems with maintaining a reliable supply of products from PDVSA. This has, among other things, resulted in much higher unit costs of freight when Puma has been forced to make last-minute arrangements to truck products overland and when vessels are brought in half-loaded,” it explained.

    Donald Trump’s first presidential listing of major drug transit countries includes Belize
    US president Donald Trump, in a memo released two days ago, has listed Belize as one of 22 major drug transit or major illicit drug-producing countries for fiscal year 2018. This is the first list being issued under Trump’s presidency, but Belize appeared on lists previously issued by Trump’s forerunner, Barack Obama. In the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report released back in March this year by the United States Department of State, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Belize was listed as a source of precursor or essential chemicals used in the production of illicit narcotics. Belize was also listed as a major money laundering jurisdiction.

    San Lazaro woman, 45, missing since Friday
    A resident of San Lazaro village in the Orange Walk District has been missing without a trace since last week. Her family fears the worst. Miriam Vasquez Alcoser, 45, was reported missing by her husband, Juan Alcoser, on Friday, September 15. She is 4 feet 5 inches tall, weighs about 130 pounds and is of fair complexion. She has long black hair, and was last seen wearing a black blouse, short blue jeans pants and a pair of black sandals.

    Body of woman, 78, found decomposing near dumpsite
    –On Friday morning, the body of a 78-year-old woman, who had been reported missing since Friday, September 8, was found decomposing near the old dumpsite in San Mateo, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. She was buried onsite after an onsite post-mortem exam. The deceased woman, known only as Mrs. Julia, who lived alone in San Mateo, was found Friday morning by a neighborhood watch group that was searching to find her. Police said that last Friday, September 15, her neighbor, Mario Flores Peña, found items which he knew belonged to the elderly woman by the rubbish dump where he goes to feed some dogs every day. He told police that Mrs. Julia went to the area frequently, since she lived about 100 meters from the dump.

    The Reporter

    Death toll climbs to over 200 in Mexico quake
    The death toll in the earthquake near Mexico City on Tuesday has climbed to 230, with people still reported missing. At least 38 buildings collapsed in the capital alone, including a 4-storey school building, where 21 children and four adults died. The students and teachers […]

    Briceno talks PetroCaribe
    For the foreseeable months, Belize’s fuel supply will not be coming from Venezuela and this change has already seen the price of fuel increase over the past few weeks. The change came when ALBA Petrocaribe Belize Energy Limited (APBEL) announced last week that it was […]

    Taiwan gives to September celebrations
    Belize’s September celebrations usually receives a boost every year from our Taiwanese friends and 2017 is not different. On Friday, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, Charles Liu, handed over a cheque for $100,000 to Minister of Education, Patrick Faber as Chairperson of the September Celebrations Commission. […]

    Fire destroys house at Mahogany Heights
    A fire destroyed a house at Mahogany Heights on Tuesday Police sah they responded to a report of the fire on Back Street shortly after midday on Tuesday and saw an unoccupied bungalow plycem house measuring 30′ by 30′ engulfed in flames. Fire fighters extinguished […]

    Huge bust by Fisheries Department
    Over the weekend a joint raid between the Belize Fisheries Department and the Belize Audubon Society at various fishing camps on the Lighthouse Reef Cayes yielded a sizeable amount of conch. More than 1,500 pounds of out-of-season conch, found hidden in several containers. Hampton Gamboa, […]

    Sharon Fraser appointed Chief Magistrate
    The Judicial and Legal Services Commission has appointed Ms. Sharon Frazer to be the new Chief Magistrate to succeed retiring Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith. The appointment takes place with effect from September 1. Chief Magistrate Fraser is a veteran public Officer who entered the […]

    Landowner barred from his land holdings hopes Court will award him right of way
    Michael Modiri, 58 is a Persian/American businessman who owns land in Frank’s Eddy on the Sibun River. But for years he has not been able to gain access to his land because American landowner, Bradley Paumen, who controls the only road leading to Modiri’s land, […]

    Emil Gillett to visit NASA Space Center
    Belizean student Emil Gillett, a Chemistry and Biology major at Lone Star College at the University Park campus in Spring,will have the singular honor this autumn of visiting the Johnson Space Center operated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) as part of NASA’s Community College Aerospace Scholars project […]

    Hurricane Maria hammers Leeward Islands already ravaged by Irma
    Maria, a Category 3 strength hurricane, followed closely in Irma’s path and hammered the Leeward Islands on Monday evening, leaving even more widespread damage to the islands only two weeks after Irma’s wrath. Maria dumped heavy rains on Barbados as it churned pass the northern […]

    2017 among hottest years on record
    The summer months in this hemisphere went on record as the third warmest ever, with August being the second hottest to date, according to scientists from the US-based NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. August 2017 was 1.49 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average of […]

    Venezuela drops US Dollar for Chines Yuan
    The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has stopped selling oil in US currency and started selling in Chinese Yuan. Last week the Venezuelan govenrment officially printed its first set of oil prices in yuan. The price as of Firday was was 306.26 yuan the equivalent […]

    PUP concerned over SSB investments
    The opposition, People’s United Party (PUP) says it is concerned over recent revelations that over 80 percent of $458 Million of the Social Security Board’s (SSB) investment portfolio is held in government interests. In a press release last Thursday, the PUP says that upon reviewing […]

    2 UDP heavyweights speak out against corrupt Ministers
    Since the Vega land scandal re-emerged last month, two sitting senior government ministers have come out publicly to speak out against corruption and against undesirable UDP representatives. Last Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber made it clear when he told the media that there are […]

    Belize City hit and run victim in critical condition
    A cyclist remains in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after he was the victim of a hit and run accident in Belize City over the weekend. Around 5:15 p.m on September 16th, Belama resident, 47-year-old Noel Reyes was rushed to […]

    Two detained for San Pedro grenade explosion
    Two persons, including a minor, have been detained for questioning by San Pedro Police in connection with the detonation of a grenade in a residential area of the island over the weekend. The detonation of the grenade is a serious safety concern as the incident […]

    Dangriga man reported missing
    A woman from Dangriga Town is seeking the public’s assistance in trying to locate her common-law husband who has been reported missing for over a week. Reports confirm that on September 6th, 35-year-old Shaun Bennett of a Wagierale area , left his home en route […]

    The call from the Belize Bar Association for the resignation of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin comes as shocking news. The Bar Association wants to see him gone because, it says, he is too slow in dealing with the ever increasing backlog of cases in the Supreme Court. During the last […]

    Guatemalans harass Belizeans again!
    Civil society partners, political third parties, and the opposition People’s United Party (PUP) have condemned the recent harassment of Belizeans on the Sarstoon river by Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF). The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), Belize Network of NGO’s, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), and the […]

    Regular gas now a whopping $11.13 per gallon
    Just in time for the Independence Day holiday, drivers were dealt another blow this week, as Belize’s already high gas prices got another increase, sending regular fuel to over $11. The latest adjustment, effected at 12:00 a.m., on September 20, raised Regular fuel by a […]

    Remembering the father of Independence
    The sixth wreath-laying ceremony, remembering the accomplishments, life and work of the late George Price – father of the nation – this year carried with it an extra bit of fervor. It came when former Prime Minister, Said Musa, reflected on Price’s vision for a […]

    Belize City bloodbath: Five shootings, three dead, three critical
    Belize City recorded one of its most violent weekends with five shooting incidents, resulting in the death of three individuals, while three others are listed in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). In the first and perhaps most shocking murder, last […]

    IMF says Belize economy in bad shape
    The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) recently completed Article IV Consultation, shows that Belize’s economy has a weak outlook, marred by high public debt and insufficient measures to address it. In the Executive Board’s conclusions, the IMF pointed out that Belize’s macroeconomic outlook is weak, and […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    United States Department of State wishes Belize a Happy Independence Day
    The United States Department of State has issued a statement congratulating Belize on its 36th anniversary of Independence from Great Britain. The statement in its entirety is below: “On behalf of the Government of the United States, we send our best wishes to the people of Belize on your Independence Day, September 21st.

    BTIA congratulates Fisheries Department on conch bust
    The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) issued a release today congratulating the Fisheries Department on their recent sting of operations that resulted in the confiscation of 8,980 pieces of off-season conch. As reported on the media, about 1,500 pounds of conch was found within different fishing camps in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll this past weekend. The BTIA believes that this type of illicit fishing activity is not a one-time operation and it is very organized and supports the illegal trade with Honduras.

    CARICOM Commends Belize’s Contribution to the Caribbean Community
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has commended the “invaluable contribution” of Belize as it marks its 36th Independence Anniversary. Belize celebrates its Independence from Great Britain on Thursday, September 21 under the theme “Belize: Confronting Challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve!” In a congratulatory message sent to Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque commended his leadership in the CARICOM Quasi-cabinet for Justice and Governance.

    Taiwan gives NICH grant of $100,000
    On Friday, September 15, the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) was the recipient of a BZ $100,000 donation from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to assist in various programs of the National September Celebrations.

    Integrity Commission sends list of non-compliant government officials to DPP
    Today, the Government of Belize (GOB) issued a release stating that the Integrity Commission of Belize, in accordance with the Prevention of Corruption Act #21 of 2007 has duly informed all those persons in public life of their duty to file their declaration of their financial affairs for the year ending 31st December, 2016.

    Former Foreign Affairs Minister to current Minister: Shut up!
    The current and former ministers of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington and Eamon Courtenay, have publicly disagreed on whether or not Belize’s borders are internationally recognized. Current Foreign Affairs minister Elrington believes Belize’s borders not recognized internationally. Courtenay, however, believes the borders are indeed recognized.

    Police find cocaine, ammo and pipe in Belize City
    Yesterday, Belize city police conducted an Anti-Drug operation in the Belize district, which led to the discovery of 901 grams of cannabis, 0.5 grams of crack cocaine and 15 GFL .38 live rounds and a 6-inch glass pipe.

    Libertad man charged for .45 pistol
    Last night, Belize city police conducting mobile patrol on George Street stopped and searched 23-year-old Santiago Victor Romero Jr. of a Libertad Village address, Corozal.

    House burns in Mahogany Heights
    Shortly after mid-day yesterday, police responded to information of a house fire on Back Street, Mahogany Heights and visited the area where they saw a bungalow plycem structure with zinc roof measuring 30 feet by 30 feet engulfed in flames.

    Spanish Lookout Celebrates Belize Independence!
    Three schools of Spanish Lookout; Jireh Fundamental Education, EMMC School, and Rose Glenn School, came together and spearheaded the first Independence parade in Spanish Lookout on Wednesday September 20 2017 to celebrate Belize’s 36th Independence Day.

    Maria ravages Dominica; blasting Puerto Rico
    Category four hurricane, Maria, is currently tearing through Puerto Rico with flooding rain, damaging winds, and storm surge flooding. Maria made landfall after ravaging the Virgin Islands and Dominica.

    “Challenging time for Belize’s economy,” says IMF
    According to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Article IV Consultation, Belize’s economy will be going through a challenging time in the short to medium term. The IMF’s Executive Board for the consultation highlighted public debt, along with insufficient measures to manage that debt, low growth, and the loss of correspondent banking relationships (CBR)’s as key issues Belize’s economy must grapple with.


    2017 Carnival Held in Corozal
    Its Carnival Season and Belize is celebrating its 36th years of Independence Day on September 21, 2017. Festivities are being celebrated throughout the month of September in Corozal and around Belize. Today was one of the main activities being held in Corozal and that was the CARNIVAL PARADE 2017. Every year, eager spectators stop and peer down the Corozal streets while the Carnival parade is moving down the streets of Corozal. Soca music filled the air and spectators danced and enjoyed the festive spirit that filled Corozal Town. The parade went to the Corozal Civic Center for its judging. floats had various colors, creativity, music, entertainment, sweets, and more. If you haven't made it yet for tonight's event, you still have a chance to come out and enjoy Culture night and fireworks at the Civic Center. If you missed Carnival Parade here are some pictures of the event.

    Wildlife institute in Belize
    Now's the time to register for 2018 internships and clinical rotations.

    International Sourcesizz

    United States Department of State wishes Belize a Happy Independence Day
    "On behalf of the Government of the United States, we send our best wishes to the people of Belize on your Independence Day, September 21st. Our countries enjoy a long-standing and strong friendship, rooted in shared values and commitment to keeping our citizens safe, supporting democratic institutions, defending human rights, and promoting economic prosperity. On this 36th anniversary of your nation’s independence, we wish all Belizeans a peaceful and prosperous year."


  • Never seen jellyfish of this size so far. M&M dock in Placencia, 1/2min. Yea its a moon jellyfish. They grow a good size ive seen some about 10-12" across

  • Belize 2017 Vacation, 2.5min. Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize 2017 Vacation | GoPro Hero 5.

  • Settlement Day - Dangriga, Belize 2016, 9min. Settlement Day November 2016, our vacation to Belize.

  • Belize’s 36th Independence Anniversary, 3min. It’s the eve of Belize’s 36th Independence Anniversary and Belizeans are expressing their patriotism in all forms and manners. This morning we found the students of Church of Christ primary school taking their patriotism to the streets while students of Corozal Community College gathered for an annual celebration.

  • Students of Corozal Community College gatheredat the school auditorium, 5min. As for students of Corozal Community College gathered for their 19th annual Patriotic Assembly at the school auditorium.

  • Six years since the Father of the Nation, the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed away, 6min. September 19th marked six years since the Father of the Nation, the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed away only two days away from celebrating Belize’s 30th year of independence. Though Mr. Price has departed, his legacy remains and continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many Belizeans as they admire the humble and exemplary life he lived.

  • In light of Belize’s 36th birthday which is only a few hours away, 7min. In light of Belize’s 36th birthday which is only a few hours away, Orange Walkenos are pumped and ready to welcome this year’s celebration and have prepared to do so in their own unique way which for the majority, involves participating in the official flag raising ceremony, looking forward to the fireworks at the stroke of midnight and of course viewing the annual parade which will kick off tomorrow afternoon. Today our news team hit the streets and caught up with Mayor Kevin Bernard as well as a few individuals from the community who shared with us their excitement and expectations for this September Celebrations.

  • Recounting the Journey to Independence - Visual Timeline, 41min.

  • Youth & Patriotism - How to Bridge the Divide, 38min.

  • Coral Bubbles - Iced Cold Drinks for Independence Weekend, 13min.

  • Frankie's Freedom, 9min. Frankie Reneau and the "Project Orchestra String Quartet"

  • Belize Independence Day Eve Celebrations, Ambergris Caye, 47min.

  • ‘Weh Septemba Means to Me', 3min. SEPTEMBER. It's the most festive month of the year and we have already experienced a full array of events, including the Queen of the Bay Pageant, the Battle of St. George’s Caye Day and the Tribute to Belizean Patriots. Tomorrow we celebrate the most significant event of all these and that's the anniversary of our nation's independence. Belize Now went searching to find out from Belizeans, ‘Weh Septemba Means to Me'!

  • Walshy Fire is in San Pedro and is inviting every one to come out and celebrate Belize’s Independence!, 1/2min.

  • Mating Bottlenose Dolphins Belize, 2.5min. Dolphins usually appear to be having a very good time with smiles on their faces. Come with us a we swim with a couple of mating bottle nosed dolphins of the coast of Belize, for the beauty of courtship!

  • Our Belize Visit 2016, 11min. This is a revisit of our Belize Visit of 2016. The soundtrack has been updated. We visit the birthplace of my spouse in Belize every so many years and I enjoy the fellowship of family and the beautiful surroundings. We made this special visit in the Spring of 2016 to say good-bye to a cherished matriarch and visit friends and family. Salud to mi familia!

  • Celebrating our independence day 2017 Belize, 4min.

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