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March 31, 2018


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

DJ Smallz participates in national DJ competition
After conquering the district preliminaries of the Belikin Belize DJ competition in San Pedro Town on March 11th, DJ Smallz went to Belize City where he proudly represented the island at the National DJ Tournament. Held on Friday, March 23rd at the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel, the event saw eight DJs from across Belize competing for the grand prize. Smallz may not have won the grand title, but, he is happy for the experience and the opportunity to represent his hometown island. In the championship round, the audience was the judge. Each participant was challenged to briefly play one song that would captivate the crowd and make them dance away. DJ Downa was good with his mixing, but DJ Kad drew louder cheers from the crowd, eventually turning up the house and winning the top prize.

Disputed San Pedro Municipal Elections Trial Begins in Supreme Court
The first court hearing on the controversial results of the 2018 San Pedro Town Municipal Elections took place on Wednesday, March 28th at the Supreme Court in Belize City. No members of the recently elected United Democratic Party (UDP) Pedro Town Council or the People’s United Party (PUP) candidates present. No arguments were heard and different attorneys on the case were only advised on what other documents they need to submit. The case has been adjourned for the 14th and 15th of May.

U.S. Embassy Recognizes Outstanding Belizean Women
U.S. Embassy Belmopan recognized Staff Officer Rhea Rogers as the U.S. Department of State International Woman of Courage award nominee for Belize and Ms. Anna Silva as the Embassy’s Woman of the Year 2018. Both awards were presented at the 13th Annual Outstanding Women’s Awards Ceremony hosted by the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Women’s Department yesterday, March 28, 2018 at the Belize Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel.

Considered the greatest single threat to the Caribbean, Sargassum is blamed for dead fish on Ambergris Caye
The influx of Sargassum seaweed has been accumulating along the coast of Ambergris Caye and nearby islands for the past several weeks. The thick accumulation of these sea plants on the coastline is apparently causing detrimental effects on certain fish species as residents have reported dead fish along the shores. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve was made aware of dead fish and considered that the excess of Sargassum in certain areas of the island might be the cause of their death. According to Hol Chan’s Manager Miguel Alamilla, last year they recorded a number of dead fish due to a large amount of Sargassum accumulating on the shores of the island. He also explained why fish near the shore end up dying.

Misc Belizean Sources


Tag Teaming Caye Caulker
Chef Myron and Ainsley, Saturday and Sunday.

Wayo's Opens in new Location
Saturday is the beginning of something great when we open Wayo's over the water in our new home. It's not a grand opening or a soft opening it's simply an opening so come by and say hello!

Let your travelling feet take you to our beautiful and scenic Sarteneja Village this Easter April 1st 2018. It will be a day for all the family to build wonderful memories and have lots of fun.

During the nineteenth century the subject Maya population of the Yucatan revolted against the Hispanic overlords who kept them in servitude. The conflict, known as the Caste War of the Yucatan in 1847 . Soon the Maya had nearly succeeded in driving the Hispanics out of the peninsula, driving them back to one final refuge, the city of Merida in the north of the peninsula. However, the Maya abandoned their seige of the city when the season for planting corn came. That allowed the Hispanics to bring in new troops. The Hispanics with the new force push back the Maya deeper to the Jungle . When the Maya was losing the war a miracle happen .

Labour of Love!
Good Friday in Benque!

Water Shortages During Peak Easter Brea
Belize Water Services informs customers in San Pedro that there will be intermittent interruptions in the water supply tomorrow, Saturday, March 31, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The entire San Pedro Water Distribution System will be affected. These intermittent interruptions are the results of ongoing works at the Pumping Station. Customers may experience low water pressure and/or discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these areas in San Pedro are advised that water supply should return to normal by 5:00pm. If they experience water supply problems after that time, they should immediately call BWS' hotline at 0-800-CALL-BWS (0-800-225-5297) to report it. BWS apologizes for any inconvenience these intermittent interruptions will cause to our customers in San Pedro.

The Reporter

Missing man found dead
A man who went missing in Teakettle village on Wednesday was found dead on Good Friday morning. Dristen Reyes, 21, was last seen in the village around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon. His decomposed body was found during a search in the village about 500 yards off […]

Construction worker stabbed to death
A construction worker of the Collet division in Belize City was stabbed to death on Holy Thursday night. Police say that they were summoned to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital shortly after 10:00 p.m., and saw Manuel Canalez, 40, a construction worker of Antelope Street […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Guatemalan murder suspect may be heading to Belize

Guatemalan authorities believe that a man wanted for murder in Peten may be heading to Belize. […]

Body of Teakettle man found
Yesterday, the family of Dristen Reyes, 21, a Teakettle villager reported to police that he was […]

Belize city man stabbed to death
Earlier BBN reported on a stabbing incident on Antelope street extension in Belize city last night. Police have […]

Belize to host 90th cross country race
Tomorrow Belize will host its 90th annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. The race, […]

Man stabbed on Antelope extension
A man was reportedly stabbed on Antelope street extension in Belize city sometime after 11:00 last […]

Orange Walk police investigating Otro Benque road accident
Last night around 9:40, Orange Walk Police responded to a report of a road traffic […]


Easter In Belize – What To Do And Where To Go!
In this blog, we bring you the 5 standout activities everyone must have on their itinerary this weekend! 1. Religious festivities in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. 2. Cross-country bicycle race. 3. Burrell Boom Horse race. 4. Beach Parties on the islands (and Placencia). 5. Restaurant Hop for local delights.

International Sourcesizz

Kenyon students electrifying presence in Belize
Kenyon College students and faculty used their Spring Break holidays to give back in a global way. Visiting professor of Mathematics, James Skon, led an international service trip to Belize, where students and staff installed solar panels in local schools. The idea for this trip was born out of Skon’s annual trips to the country. Skon has been traveling to Belize for 30 years, at first providing laptops for computer labs for schools, then wireless technology for local schools and now solar power.


  • Sawdust masterpiece from San Pedro, 1/2min.

  • Belize Catamaran Tour, 1.5min. Our tour of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize.

  • Sawdust carpets in Benque, 6min. We have been blessed to have the commitment, passion and love of our Volunteer team that have been working on their masterpieces from 11:00 p.m. till now, this is the Spirit of the Team!

  • British forces in Belize – A military partnership in Central America, 7min. After the closure of the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize, the UK reopened its installations in Belize and is increasing its training exercises in the Central American country. Belize and the UK enjoy a close relationship that has its roots in the British colonisation of the Caribbean and nearby regions. Formally known as British Honduras, the territory located on the east coast of Central America became a source of increasing British interest in the eighteenth century opening the...

  • Arriving in San Ignacio, Belize during Semana Santa, 4min. I arrive to my last stop in Belize, San Ignacio during Semana Santa. This is the most important holiday of the year and it is traditional to travel during long weekends. Some towns can be very hard to find accommodation or anything open. I planned to be in San Ignacio because it is touristic, has more hotels and there is lots to do. I'm also planning how to get to Tikal in Guatemala and then Palenque Mayan Ruin sites in Mexico.

  • vacaciones en familia en Belize, 13min.

  • Plongées Belize et Xcalak Fevrier 2018, 13min. Vacances Mexique fevrier 2018 avec des amis ?

    March 30, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Red Cross hosts Blood Drive in Caye Caulker
    The Belize Red Cross, San Pedro Branch (BRCSPB) hosted a blood drive on Saturday, March 24th in Caye Caulker. From 10AM to 3PM a total of nine pints of blood were collected at the Caye Caulker Polyclinic. While island residents made their way to donate blood at the clinic, members of the BRCSPB also held a dollar drive on the main streets of the island, where they collected a total of $63. Blood donors were provided with healthy snacks afterward and recommended to take some rest. The BRCSPC states that it is very important for communities to donate blood and build a blood reserve with the Belize Blood Services. The blood collected at these various blood drives are for the sole use of the community from where it is donated.

    Invasion Latina helps island resident Miguel Ayala
    The second edition of Invasion Latina took place on Saturday, March 24th inside the San Pedro Lions Den. The event was filled with live entertainment and for a fee, patrons enjoyed the music of DJ Super Mario, DJ Flex, and island band Rompe Raja. This time organizers of the event took a different approach and offered 10% of the proceeds to help disabled island resident Miguel Ayala and his son. Ayala lost both of his legs in a train accident when attempting to cross into the United States of America a few years ago. Now he lives on the island where with the help of the community, takes care of his son.

    BVA Volleyball Tournament 2nd Stop begins on Ambergris Caye
    The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) 2nd Stop Volleyball Tournament commenced this past weekend at Pirates South Beach Café and Pub south of San Pedro Town on Sunday, March 25th. The tournament saw nine female and 11 male teams competing for the championship. However, due to time constraints, no champions were selected at the end of the day. The BVA thanks all teams that participated, spectators, sponsors and Pirates South Beach Café and Pub for hosting them. The BVA Volleyball tournament 2nd Stop is expected to resume sometime next month in Belize City, with no specific dates issued as yet.

    National budget 2018-2019 debated and approved
    After the BZ$1.83 billion 2018-2019 national budget was announced on March 9th, it was debated from Thursday, March 22nd to Friday, March 23rd at the House of Representatives. On Tuesday, March 27th, the Senate responded and approved it. During both sessions, the budget proposed by the current administration of the United Democratic Party (UDP) was heavily criticized by members of the Opposition and sternly questioned by some of the members in the Senate. The sentiment was that the budget is ‘more of the same,’ with little incentives for the poor or the growth of the country’s economy. After the two days of debate, the Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), Honourable John Briceño characterized the budget as one that had very little for the needy of this country. He pointed out that domestic debt has gone from $321 million to over one billion dollars.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Hotel Association Showcases Its New Belize Map At Tradeshows
    The Belize Hotel Association is excited to be able to offer the new BHA maps, at all of the trade shows they have recently attended. This item is a much requested and very important piece of collateral, for the Association and for potential visitors to Belize. Each year, the map is updated to include new members, and, along with the hotel guide, it is distributed at all the shows BHA attends worldwide. The new BHA map was a joint effort between Cubola Productions, Anthony Hunt and the Belize Hotel Association team. Together, they created a fresh, new and modern design, which highlights, by region, all the exciting activities in Belize, the wildlife, the archaeological sites, and of course all of the Belize Hotel Association's Hotel, DMC and Allied members.

    Belize Tourism Board Enhances Beaches At Caye Caulker And Punta Negra Villages
    As a part of the continuous effort of The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) to achieve the goals of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and enhance the tourism experience of our visitors, the organization recently embarked on a self -sustainable revenue generation program to develop the leisure product in Caye Caulker and Punta Negra destinations. In this light, BTB has enhanced the beaches to create an encouraging and relaxing environment to promote picnics and family activities that will allow destinations to offer a more relaxing experience while at the same time generate funds for the community to continue investing in the tourism industry. Furthermore, this product development has created additional activities for tour operators to add to their itineraries.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Self-Sustainable Revenue Generation Program – Caye Caulker and Punta Negra Villages
    As a part of the continuous effort of The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) to achieve the goals of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and enhance the tourism experience of our visitors, the organization recently embarked on a self-sustainable revenue generation program to develop the leisure product in Caye Caulker and Punta Negra destinations. In this light, BTB has enhanced the beaches to create an encouraging and relaxing environment to promote picnics and family activities that will allow destinations to offer a more relaxing experience while at the same time generate funds for the community to continue investing in the tourism industry. Furthermore, this product development has created additional activities for tour operators to add to their itineraries.

    Coming Soon to Corozal - Tortuga Grill & Paddle Lounge
    We will not be just another restaurant. We will be a fusion of Caribbean Taste. Through a shared commitment to excellence on what we do, Tortuga Grill will be your Belizean experience; owned and operated by Belizeans. An awaited family oriented surf and turf Caribbean Cuisine exotic locale, with a twist and passion of our Corozal flavours and food culture is COMING SOON! TG will be providing job opportunities to many Corozaleos in food, beverage and management positions. Our foods will be infused with local spices. We will offer spectacular views of the Corozal Bay and Rainbow Beach with a sip of your favourite Tropical beverage and imported wines set in our chiller. TG will prepare the tastiest, mouth watering banana boat seafood ceviches "a la" (island style). Our regular menu will be Brunch (Sundays), Lunch, Dinner and Kids Menu.

    Belize's Outstanding Women 2018
    Congratulations to all the amazing women who were recognized last night as Belize's Outstanding Women! Keep up the fight! Recognized were: Ms. Juliana Dominguez, Ms. Maura Justina Logan, Nurse Emiliana Osorio, Mrs. Marie Louise Aleman, Ms. Ophelia Pop, Ms. Shartel Casimiro, Mrs. Joan Carolyn Reynolds, Mrs. Sandra Cadle, Ms. Rhea Rogers, Mrs. Anna Silva, Ms. Kimone Zuniga, Mrs. Sonia Lenares, Mrs. Alice Gibson, Ms. Carla Banner, Mrs. Enelda Rosado, Ms. Muriel Neal, Mrs. Christeline Garcia (Chris Garcia), Ms. Virginia Echols, Mrs. Dorothy Menzies, and Mrs. Kathleen Esquivel.

    Belize Woman of the Year 2018
    U.S. Embassy Belize recognized Staff Officer Rhea Rogers as the U.S. Department of State International Women of Courage award nominee for Belize and Ms. Anna Silva as the Embassy’s Woman of the Year 2018. Both awards were presented at the 13th Annual Outstanding Women’s Awards Ceremony hosted by the Office of the Special Envoy Belize and the Women’s Department yesterday, March 28, 2018 at the Belize Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award annually recognizes women around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equality, and women’s empowerment, often at great personal risk. Since the inception of this award in 2007, the Department of State has honored over 120 women from more than 65 different countries. Staff Officer Rhea Rogers was chosen for her tireless advocacy for women’s full participation in Belize’s development and promoting equity and equality for Service Women in Belize.

    Hetzmek between the Yucatec Maya of Belize 2018
    Hetzmek some may refer to this Maya ceremony as the Maya baptism. The Hetzmek for the male infant is performed at 4 months of age. This month Yucatec Maya people from San Pablo,Cristo rey,San Narciso,Patchakan and others came together in a focus to preserve the maya traditions and spirituality with the hetzmek ceremony of this new Maya warrior baby name Iktan Chuc. This ceremony is a rite of passage in which the infant becomes familiar with all the various objects that are necessary for him to have a solid foundation as he makes his passage through life. The ceremony was conducted in Maya and spanish by Nojoch Mak Faustino Yam and witness by some Maya elders .

    Sawdust Masterpieces in San Pedro
    The San Pedro House of Culture invites you to join us & elaborate Creative Sawdust Masterpieces on Good Friday starting @ 7 am in front of the Catholic Church!

    Prime Minister Departs Country on Personal Leave
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, Thursday, 29th March 2018 on personal leave. The Prime Minister will return to Belize on Tuesday, 3rd April 2018. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, will act as Prime Minister. The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber is presently on leave.

    Garbage Drums in Corozal
    A Thumbs Up moment for a wonderful initiative by this news shack and our volunteers. We can only fulfill our community's plans and projects by supporting and being part of them. Let's all give a drum roll to our good friend Dari Bartz for donating these four drums. Thank you for being an ambassador of our initiatives to keep our community safe and clean. Other donours will be recognized, as we prepare and set up the bins at various parks, playgrounds and locations. Thank you to Mayor Rigo Vellos, Deputy Mayor Otto Riverol and the councilors of the Corozal Town Council for giving us the permission and support for this great cause.

    UNICEF Community Project Funding Opportunity
    UNICEF is providing funding for innovative solutions to end violence against children. Children's Month is almost over, but community service projects can last forever. If you have any ideas, now's the chance to start them. "OPPORTUNITY for YOU!!! Is your group or organization working in your area to reduce violence against children!!!! Here is an opportunity for you to get financing. UNICEF and our various national and international partners are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions that reduce or end violence against children. The purpose of this call is to infuse new thinking and approaches to child protection that build on the evidence-informed interventions striving to create and sustain safe streets and other protected environments for children and families in Belize.

    Grace Primary School of Belize City visited the Chiquibul Forest
    Thank you for visiting us and we hope you have returned back with memorable experiences.

    Social Security Board's Scholarship Program
    The Social Security Board, in its continuous effort to positively contribute to the nation’s development, will be offering a total of fifty-two (52) scholarships for the 2018 school year to successful applicants. Of the fifty-two scholarships, thirty (30) will be for High School, four (4) will be for Vocational Technical, sixteen (16) will be for Sixth Form and two (2) at the Bachelor’s level. SSB has automated the scholarship application process. For the upcoming 2018 school year and onwards, all interested applicants will be required to submit their application packages ONLINE via their Scholarship Portal on their website under “Online Services”.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    The Commuter, Insidious: The Last Key, Game Over Man! All the Money in the World. Happy Easter!

    Channel 7

    Grown Man Murdered In The Middle of A Warzone
    44 year old Emmerson Anderson is the latest murder victim. He was shot and killed last night around 8:00 at the long Barracks on Ebony Street - which is an area well known for warfare between rival gangs. Anderson was hanging out with friends when a gunman barged in and opened fire. Residents say they heard as many as 10 gunshots ring out. I found out more. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: Today, panades vendor "Money" went on his usual run but he wasn't at ease after last night's shooting: "Money", Friend: "I heard gunshots and I people screaming and I got down on the ground." 'Money' and 3 others including 44 year old Emmerson Anderson were all hanging out in this Ebony Street yard when a gunman opened fire on them - hitting Anderson in the stomach. Money says he didn't see the attack coming.

    Boatmaker Guerrero’s Alleged Killer Charged
    Mario Guerrero's suspected killer 40-year-old Allen Russel Felix turned himself into Belmopan police on Tuesday night. Well, today the forty-year-old was charged with the murder of the 64 year old boat-maker when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Felix was remanded into custody until May 31st. Police have also established that the motive for the murder was robbery. Guerrero apparently had a large sum of cash on him because when his son found him his pockets were turned out. Felix also allegedly tried to steal his vehicle, but couldn't figure out how to work the key.

    DPP Wins First Criminal Appeal To Go To CCJ
    Today, while most were having a light workday, getting ready for the 4-day Easter Holiday weekend, the judges of the Caribbean Court of Justice were putting in work. This afternoon, they produced two judgments in appeal cases that they have already heard. We start first with their decision in the appeal of Gregory August, who's been serving what was originally a life sentence for murder. As we told you, he was convicted in November 2012 of the murder of 73 year-old Alvin Robinson. The elderly disabled man was fatally stabbed 9 times in the face and neck in 2009, and, in 2012, August was found guilty and sentenced to life behind bars.

    CLICO Policyholders Lost, And CCJ says GOB Doesn’t Have To Compensate Them
    So, after the CCJ handed that judgment down, they went unto another case of great public interest. That;S the one where 54 Belizeans are suing the Government of Belize for 4 million dollars in life insurance policies they collectively lost when CLICO went belly-up. They asserted that the Government should not have allowed CLICO to carry on the business of life insurance , because they were not in full compliance with the Insurance Act. As we've reported, under this act, CLICO was required to establish statutory fund which was supposed to be equal to the liabilities to the all the Belizean customers - to protect them in the event of a bankruptcy.

    Police Hunt For Humes’ Killers
    Yesterday evening, Jamal Humes' family finally laid him to rest - with a hasty burial for his decomposed remains. It certainly is not the end they wanted for their loved one but finding his body after three desperate months of searching at least brought them some closure. Police told us what they know so far in this case. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Acting upon information received Ladyville police visited an area about 2 miles off the George Price Highway, 8 miles where in an open area they found the remains of a human hand on the surface of the ground as a result police and scenes of crime personnel and the forensic department dug out the area and retrieved from the area the decomposed body of a person."

    Mayflower “Trouble-Man” Witzil Remanded
    Police have charged 19 year old Mayflower Street resident Christopher Witzil with 3 counts of attempted murder. This is in connection with the Sunday night's Mopan Street shooting where 3 persons were shot including a woman and a minor. Police told us about Witzil's charges. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "For the shooting of Tariq Myles, Natisha Tillett and Derrick Pineda on yesterday date police arrested and charged Mr. Christopher Witzil for 3 counts of attempted murder."

    Police Try to Figure Out Island Shooting
    Last night we told you about the execution style shooting in San Pedro on Tuesday night. A hooded, masked gunman dressed in full camouflage shot 26 Year old Guillermo Salazar in his back as he arrived at his home in the San Pedrito area. Police say his wife was along with him at the time: ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "San Pedro Police visited the San Pedro polyclinic where they observed Mr. Guillermo Salazar with apparent gunshot wounds to his back and to the front of his stomach area. He was admitted there in a critical condition. He was flown to Belize City and he is in a critical condition at the KHMH. What we understand is that Mr. Salazar was walking on the San Pedrito road with his wife when about to approach his yard, a male person came out from the nearby area and fired several shots at his direction causing the above mentioned injuries."

    Cops Seeking High Profile Suspect
    The police are also asking for the public's assistance in looking for a high profile suspect, named Kevin Bodden. He is 5 foot 6 inches tall, dark skinned with low cut hair and brown eyes. If you have seen him or know of his whereabouts you are asked to immediately contact the police at 911, or the nearest police station, or if you want to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers at 0-800-922-TIPS.

    Get-Tough Crime Laws Has Provision For Witness Protection
    Last night, we showed you the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Bill, which was passed by the Senate on Tuesday Night. These were included as part of a raft of new touch anti - crime legislation. Tonight, we take look at 3 more amendments which fall under the Police's National Crime Fighting Strategy 2018-2020. The first is the Protection of Witnesses Act of 2018. Regularly, we report on criminal trials that fall apart because of witnesses who refuse to cooperate, fearing for their own lives.

    Sol. Gen. Wants Business Senator To Retract His Harsh Words
    That huge raft of legislation comes out of the Attorney General's ministry - but at Tuesday's Senate meeting, the business Senator Mark Lizarraga openly questioned the function and productivity of the AG's Ministry. He suggested that their allocation in the budget was not justified, and AG Michael Peyrefitte took offense and asserted that he owes the employees of this ministry an apology for dismissing their hard work. Well, the Sol Gen, whose office falls under the Attorney General's Ministry, agrees with his boss. Here's how he explained why he wants the Senator to recant those comments:

    PUP’s May Day Petition
    We also asked the Solicitor General about the latest developments with the PUP's election petition. You'll remember that the Opposition is challenging the results of the municipal elections in San Pedro Town. They've filed a petition pointing to what they see as major discrepancies which, they say, should cancel the UDP victory in that town. The Sol. Gen told us that the case is set tentatively for a date in May:

    GDP Grew in Fourth Quarter
    Yesterday, the Statistical Institute of Belize presented its most recent statistics on the performance of Belize's economic sector. The most anticipated figure is the GDP - which tells us how well or poorly the economy is doing across all sectors. And for the last three months of 2017, all sectors showed improvement over the previous year. Jefte Ochaeta told the press more:... Jefte Ochaeta, Statistician 1 - SIB: "For the period of October - December for the year 2017 which is the 4th quarter of the 2017 year. The gross domestic product increased by 2.8% meaning that the economy produced a total of 695.8 million dollars which is an increase of 19.2 million dollars."

    Exports Were Down in February
    The news is not so encouraging for exports in February of this year. The total value of Belize's domestic exports went down by $3 million dollars compared to the February 2017 total. Statistician Tifanny Vasquez told us why: Tiffany Vasquez, Statistician 2 - SIB: "This overall decline was predominantly the result of decreased exports for 3 of Belize's major commodities sugar, banana and marine products. Nevertheless, the first two months of the year saw notable export gains from citrus products and crude petroleum. Exports of sugar fell by 7.5 million to 6.1 million. This was due entirely to the timing of shipment of bulk sugar. While in January - February 2017 period included a bulk shipment of significant value. The first shipment of bulk sugar for the year 2018 of an even greater value is scheduled for March."

    Negative Inflation in February
    The Statistical Institute of Belize also had the latest figures on the Consumer Price Index. That measures the cost of all items in the average shopping basket and determines whether prices were going up or down. They found that in February of 2018, prices were trending down. Here's more: Jacqueline Sabal, Statistician 2 - SIB: "The national increasing rate for the month of February 2018 was at -0.5%. Meaning that on average, prices were 0.5% lower than they were than in February of 2017. The food and non-alcoholic beverages category decreased by 0.4%."

    Parlaying Volleyball Skills Into School
    Briercrest College and Seminary, it's in Canada and that's where two young Belizean volleyball players will be studying for the next couple years. Bryton Codd and Karym Coleman were recruited by the school's volleyball coach. They both got full scholarships to study at the school and play on their team. It's a big break for Codd and Coleman who have been working towards this goal for some time. We found out more about how this opportunity came about. Mark Usher, President, PROTO Foundation: "Both were playing for Belize in a competition in Panama and a coach from Canada the same school in Canada they were doing scouting at the event and they saw Bryton and so they got in touch with Bryton and they asked Bryton do you have an opposite, they call it opposite in volleyball, opposite means someone with similar skills and he automatically said yes there is Karym Coleman also."

    Outstanding Women Recognized
    Last night, 20 outstanding women from diverse backgrounds were recognized for their noteworthy contributions to their communities, organizations and country. Among the Outstanding women recognized were Kathy" Esquivel, Rhea Rogers, Dorothy Menzies, Virginia Echols, Carla Banner and Nurse Emiliana Osorio. The event was organized by the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Women's Department. The U.S. Embassy Belmopan recognized Staff Officer Rhea Rogers as the U.S. Department of State International Woman of Courage award nominee for Belize and Anna Silva as the Embassy's Woman of the Year 2018. They chose Anna Silva as Woman of the Year for her "lifelong commitment to empower women and girls, inspiring accomplishments, and notable contributions to her community."

    The Man Called “Juniour” Is Acting PM
    The Prime Minister is traveling for his Easter Break. His office today confirmed that he left today on personal leave. The PM returns on Tuesday, and in his absence, we have a new acting Prime Minister. Manuel Heredia, the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, will act as PM since Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is presently on leave.

    Easter Plans to Stay Home
    And while the PM is headed to the US, where will you go for Easter - and will you just take the break relaxing at home with family? Today, Sahar Vasquez hit the streets and found that many are doing just that, chilling like an Easter Bunny who's already laid its eggs. Interviewee 1: "We are going to the beach. We will be relaxing with the air and everything. We have many plans." Sahar Vasquez: "Where are you going to?" Interviewee 1: "I live in Sarteneja and we are going to our beautiful seaside."

    Police Crime Prevention Tips
    And while some might be staying home, many are traveling - which can be an opportunity for burglars looking for vulnerable homes. Today, police stressed some simple security measures that you can take to secure your property from Easter burglars:...

    Good Friday Fish Finders, 2018
    Holy week - as it's called - is one of the biggest selling times for fishermen. As a part of to religious tradition, fish seekers turn out in heavy numbers to get their fresh fish for Good Friday. This morning we stopped by the Conch Shell Bay Fish to get a feel for what's in supply and demand. The price today was around $10 a pound. Some vendors went as low as $8 a pound. The regular price is 3.50 per pound. Cross Country Calls The Smart, Not The Swift And while fish is what's cooking on Good Friday, come Holy Saturday, bicycle tires will be sizzling on the George Price Highway. Over 100 riders will race from the City to Cayo and back in the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic, a race rich in both history and prizes. Kwame Scott told us what to expect in to 90th riding of Belize's biggest sporting event:…


    Wrong man killed in Belize City shooting
    Shots rang out once again in Belize City and one bullet found its mark on a man who police believe was not the intended target. The homicide took place shortly before eight o’clock last night. 44-year-old Emmerson Anderson was gambling and socializing with some friends inside the yard of a long barracks on Ebony Street, …

    PM leaves the country for Easter Vacation
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today on personal leave. He is expected to return after the Easter vacation on Tuesday April 3. Since the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is on leave, Tourism Minister, Manuel Heredia will act as Prime Minister.

    Plan for customary Maya land rights needs more work
    The issue of Maya customary land rights remains before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) which three years ago ordered the Government of Belize to create an effective mechanism to identify and protect Maya lands in accordance with Maya traditional governance. Both parties agreed that a work plan is needed but the appellants, Maya Leaders …

    Belize’s economy grew by 1.2% in 2017
    Latest figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize reveal that for the fourth quarter of 2017, Belize’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 2.8 percent. The fourth quarter saw Belize’s total value of goods and services produced at six hundred and ninety-five point eight million dollars, which is an increase of nineteen point one million …


    Belize Aquaculture Limited lays off 100 employees, citing disease and high cost of operating
    Belize Aquaculture Limited (BAL) which has its operations at Mile 4 on the Placencia Road, in the Stann Creek District, was forced to make redundant 100 employees. The company cited the high cost of operations and the onset of disease at its shrimp farm. The company made the announcement via a Ministry of Labor press release last Friday, March 23. Although the company promised to rehire the affected workers at a later date, it remains to be seen if this will happen. The Ministry of Labor press release said: “The Belize Aquaculture Limited (BAL) has informed the Ministry of Labour of its intention to make redundant approximately one hundred (100) employees at the company’s operation at Mile 4, Placencia Road, Stann Creek District.”

    Mayflower Street/Ghost Town and GSU rumble
    The weekend of Saturday, March 17, was the bloodiest weekend so far for the year. In Belize City alone, five persons died from gunshot injuries, and a sixth murder was reported in the Orange Walk District. Notable among the murders in Belize City was that of the Ghost Town gang leader Kendis Flowers, 26, who was laid to rest on Sunday. Reports are that gunshots were heard during and after the funeral ceremonies. When Flowers’ family members and friends and affiliates returned to Mayflower Street for a repast, all hell broke loose when the police’s Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) showed up and attempted to make an arrest. The presence of the GSU triggered outrage from Flowers’ family members, mostly the female members of the family, who were in a yard at #5 Mayflower Street.

    Barrow jacks up fuel prices for Easter
    As the long Easter holiday weekend approaches and record numbers of Belizeans prepare to take to the nation’s highways, the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow has decided to cash in with a uniform increase in all fuel prices. At midnight, the new fuel prices came into effect. The price of premium gasoline shot up by fifteen cents, from $11.24 to 11.39. The price of regular gasoline got the biggest increase of forty-three cents. The new price for regular gasoline is now $10.61, up from the previous price of $10.18.

    Mario Guerrero, 64, murdered in Sunset Park
    Well-known businessman, Mario Guerrero, 64, a cruise tour operator and owner of the Manta Ray boats, died after he was beaten in his home on Sunday. Guerrero was hit in the back of the head with a heavy frying pan, and when he fell forward, he was beaten on his head with a stool, which broke during the attack. It is believed that after Guerrero was beaten, he was robbed. The two men who assaulted him, reportedly stole his phone and his vehicle keys. Surveillance video shows the men trying to steal the vehicle, but they were unsuccessful, so they ran out of the yard on foot. Nothing was stolen from the house. Information to us is that Guerrero had a lot of money in his pocket, but a friend who went to the scene said his pockets had been turned out.

    Jury acquits Hilberto Perez, 50, of manslaughter
    Hilberto Perez, 50, a businessman of Perez Road, Ladyville, was found not guilty of a charge of manslaughter today in the court of Madam Justice Marilyn Williams. The jury of 9 women deliberated for almost 4 hours before arriving at a unanimous verdict. The charge against Perez was for shooting Daniel Trapp in the left side of his chest with a pellet gun. The incident occurred around 1:15 p.m. on May 9, 2015 at Perez’s residence. Trapp, according to the evidence that was presented at the trial, went to Perez’s yard and climbed up his mango tree to steal mangoes.

    2018-2019 budget debate ends Friday night
    On the other side of the House, some Opposition PUP members tried to keep the debate focused on the analysis of the figures and what they mean. The Opposition members lambasted the Barrow government for its lack of emphasis on the people, and more than once the price of kerosene was used as an example of the government’s lack of sensitivity, due to the heavy tax placed on this commodity. The member for Corozal North, Hon. Pablo Marin, who is also Minister of Health, took some flak for the condition of the roof of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, which led to the main referral hospital having to trim its functions in some areas. Marin explained that the roof was impacted by the seismic effect of the 7.8 earthquake which hit the Caribbean region in January.

    Foreigners outnumber Belizeans; American Jadine Riley – 29th Women Cross Country Champion
    Six Belizeans, six Americans and one Mexican took off from Columbus Park in San Ignacio yesterday morning in the 29th running of the Women Cross Country Cycling Classic, where the defending champion was Belizean Alicia Thompson, in a race that had seen Belizean women taking the garland in the last 8 consecutive years, since 2010. That string of Belizean winners was broken, as American Jadine Riley rode in alone to take the garland. Only one of the 13 starters (American rider Joan Hanscom of Amy D Foundation) failed to complete the 73-mile journey in bright sunshine to BTL Park in Belize City.

    Beach Football National Team delegation travelling today
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is proud to present the National “A” Beach Football Team. The Team has been in preparation for the past 4 weeks in Hopkins Village. The team will be participating in the COPA CENTROAMERICANA DE FUTBOL PLAYA in El Salvador. The delegation leaves Belize at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 27.

    Mayor’s 8-Ball Tournament in Cayo – Luis Usher, Champ!!!
    The single-player 8-Ball Tournament in Cayo, being sponsored by Mayor Earl Trapp, Jr., concluded on Sunday, March 25, at CK Sports Bar. The first round of the tournament started with twenty-two players being placed in two groups of eleven playing a single round-robin format. At the second round, it was down to the top ten players, as five players from each group advanced; and then to the top four players. The top four who clashed were Erwin Woodye (seeded #2) vs Luis Usher (seeded #3), and David Fernandez (seeded #1) vs Johnny Betancourt (seeded #4).

    E.P. Yorke girls and San Pedro High boys are NSSSA high school softball champions 2018
    The four zone champions of female and male high school softball converged at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town over the weekend, where the New Hope High School hosted the National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) softball championships. The tournament followed a simple knockout format, with the losers on Friday playing for third place on Saturday, while Friday’s winners played for the championship on Saturday.

    Editorial: Disrespect, and reaction to disrespect
    A Sunday evening, March 25, confrontation between armed members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) and the Mayflower/Banak community could have become a bloodbath. It is a small miracle that it did not. Seven members of the GSU marched into the Sandra Uter yard on Mayflower Street which was the center of the post-funeral mourning for Kendis Flowers, Sandra Uter’s grandson and a leader of the Ghost Town Crips. The GSU had come to apprehend an individual they believed had fired shots into the air during Kendis’ funeral by way of a gun salute to the young deceased. When one of the GSU aggressively grabbed that individual, the Mayflower/Banak community reacted violently in his defense.

    From The Publisher
    I felt I had to produce a column for Easter Week, one reason being that, through the years and decades, the Easter column has always been a favorite of mine. That is because writers write in order to be read, and what happens at Easter is that Belizeans take their newspapers along with them when they leave, mostly on Holy Thursday, for their vacation destinations. The Easter newspaper is read more thoroughly than other newspapers because most readers have almost four days of leisure before they begin returning home on Easter Monday. When Belizeans have nothing to do during those four days, they will read. So, you are advised to be good when you write for Easter. It is ten weeks or so since I have written a column, whereas I have continued to produce most of the Amandala editorials. Early in September last year I had set myself a six month schedule leading up to the March 7 national municipal elections.

    Advice for parents from Dwight Brown
    Dear Editor, Considering everything that has been happening in our little country Belize, I began searching for an answer but I couldn’t find any. Then this question came to my mind. What makes a good parent? I came up with a few examples as I observed my own parents and parents in my surroundings. First of all, I believe that being a good parent requires selflessness — for example, giving up of time, opportunities, money, and even sleep, just to name a few.

    The other Bernard’s tough job
    Bernard Wagner just picked up the toughest job in Belize. He is now the Mayor of Belize City and the government of the day is from the other party. That other party is notorious for being bad-minded. The last Mayor of Belize City who belonged to a party that didn’t control the national treasury was Ms. Zenaida Moya. This was between 2006 and 2009. For a little more accuracy, Ms. Zenaida, a UDP, started her reign under the PUP and somewhere near midterm/a little past midterm, the government changed and the party she belonged to took charge.

    Saldivar must go!!!
    I started by saying I was not going to weigh in on this issue. The distasteful attack of Senator Elena Smith in the usual misogynistic style by the “Honourable” Minister of National Security on his Facebook page and the subsequent comments he has endorsed, jerked me out of my slumber and back to reality for several reasons, some cited above and for the following. I found the trend most distasteful and reeking so of bullying that I too took to Facebook and posted my position along with pictures and news article to give the good Minister the evidence needed to support the basis upon which the Senator stated her disagreement with his re-appointment to said post.

    CSSPAR’s Gibson suggests way forward if there’s a negative outcome on the ICJ referendum
    The Coordinator of the CSSPAR (Center for Strategic Studies, Policy Analysis and Research), Ambassador David Gibson, presented a paper to the students and faculty of UB, at the Jaguar Auditorium, on Thursday, 22nd March, 2018, for the purpose of highlighting Belize’s need to be ready for the next step in the event the referendum for going to the ICJ comes out negative. The CSSPAR believes the next step is an “internationalization strategy” with the objective of mobilizing UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) member state support for an ICJ advisory opinion, a “declaration on the validity of the treaty.”

    National disgrace
    As far as we know, the Belizean people showed little concern about the weak performance of those athletes Belize sent to the 2016 Olympic Games last month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A few weeks before the games, this newspaper had tried to motivate the public to investigate and condemn the injustice perpetrated upon our best athlete, the sprinter Kaina Martinez, by the local sports power structure. Disgrace in regional and international sports events weakens our morale and national dignity as a young nation-state. That is why sports matters have always concerned us at this newspaper. Many years ago, when Belize was still the colony of British Honduras, during the time when we began to think of self-rule and agitate for same, there was a Belizean who fought with great honor in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

    Eva Middleton, activist and manager for BAPDA, dies
    Well-known activist for the Belize Association of People with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA), Eva Narcisa Middleton, 65, died Saturday morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where she was hospitalized after she suffered a massive stroke about two weeks ago. Information to us is that her condition had been improving, and she was to have been released, but things took a turn for the worse and she passed away. Eva Middleton, who was born in Punta Gorda, was a career teacher, a Girl-Guide leader, and one of the founders of the NGO, Breast is Best. She was active in the church, and in her community in Lake Independence, Belize City.

    Alfred Seguro, 64, missing 6 days and counting
    Alfred Seguro, 64, of Biscayne, has been missing for 6 days and counting, and search parties are trying to find him. So far the effort has been fruitless. The Seguro family said that he left home Thursday morning, March 22, and has not returned. They became worried when he did not return home at least on Friday, because he is a man who does not stay away from home in that manner. If he would stay out, he would return early the next day, they said.

    PUP challenge validity of the San Pedro Town Board election in Supreme Court petition
    The March 7, 2018 municipal elections have come and gone and those elected in the municipalities across the country are busy at work trying to fulfil the pledges they made to the voters who elected them. In San Pedro, however, the Town Board that was sworn in on March 13 is being challenged in a Supreme Court election petition filed by the Opposition People’s United Party. The PUP filed their election petition on Thursday, March 22. On election night, when the results were being announced, the PUP slate in San Pedro was announced as the winner. Something happened, however, when a recount of the ballots was ordered and the incumbent United Democratic Party emerged as the winner and were subsequently sworn in office.

    Alejandro Lauriano charged for shooting deaths of two women
    Alejandro Lauriano, 19, an electrician of 6831 Aloe Vera Street, was arraigned on 2 counts of murder today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Lauriano was remanded into custody until May 30. The charges are for the deaths of Teresita Flowers, 64, and Delcia Blanco, 17, Flowers and Blanco were shot around 7 p.m. on March 18 while they were at Flowers’ residence, located at 7642 Tibruce Street. Police reported that two persons entered the house and began shooting. Blanco was shot in her forehead, while Flowers was shot in the left side of her back and the left side of her buttocks.

    The Reporter

    Man shot dead while socialising
    Police have another murder on their hands to solve. It occurred around 7:30 on Wednesday night at the corner of Ebony and Sibun Streets in Belize City. Police saw the victim, Emmerson Anderson, 44, of Ebony Street suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, when […]

    Car washer dies of gunshot wounds
    Car washer, Favio Paredes, 42, who was shot in both legs on Saturday morning on the north side of Belize City, died on Wednesday from the wounds. Paredes, who resided on Berkeley Street on the south side of the city, was reportedly socialising with friends […]

    Traffic accident in Orange Walk leaves men injured
    A traffic accident on the Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk around 9:40 p.m., Wednesday night has left a man injured. Police say that when they arrived at the scene, they observed a badly damaged Lifan brand motorcycle off the road and a Lincoln Zephyr car […]

    Save lives by adhering to traffic safety rules during Easter Holidays, advises Transport Department
    The nation’s highways and access roads are busy thoroughfares during the Easter holidays and the Department of Transport urges motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to save lives by adhering to traffic safety tips. When on the road, drivers should only overtake other vehicles if the road […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Senate approves tough anti-gang laws
    The Senate, this week, approved the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Bill, which introduces […]

    PM Barrow departs country on personal leave
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs that PM Barrow departed the country today, Thursday, […]

    U.S. Embassy recognizes Outstanding Belizean Women
    The United States Embassy in Belmopan recognized Staff Officer, Rhea Rogers, as the U.S. Department […]

    Allen Felix hands himself in to police
    Mario Guerrero, 64, was killed at his home in Sunset Park, in the mile 8 […]

    What happened to Jamaal Humes?
    Jamaal Humes was reported missing in December, 2017. Several search parties were organized in an […]

    Rudolph Bell found dead at sea
    The body of Rudolph Eric Bell, 60, was found at sea but recovered and brought […]

    Exports and imports take a dive in February
    Belize earned less revenue from imports but spent slightly less money on exports for the […]

    Delford Slusher walks free
    Yesterday, Delford Slusher, 35, went home a free man. Slusher had been on remand for […]

    SIB releases last quarter GDP estimates
    Belize’s economy grew by 2.8 percent for the last quarter of 2017, according to the […]

    Man shot dead on Ebony Street
    Police have released an official report on a shooting incident which claimed the life of […]

    Belize’s Sustainable Development Practices – Goals Vs. Achievements
    By Jacob Williams: Belize is one of the world’s most idyllic holiday destinations, representing a hidden gem of […]


    What to Expect from Easter on Ambergris Caye: 2018
    Today is Holy Thursday and the beginning of the holiday shut-down around Belize. We are in the midst of the holiest week – leading up to the holiest day – in the Christian calendar. It’s a huge celebration around the world. Religion aside, it’s also a vacation week for lots of the world’s kids. And a long weekend for many. Belize, in the British tradition, makes it a REALLY long respite from work. Thursday is often a half day, Good Friday, a national holiday…as is Holy Saturday and Easter Monday. And if you do go to work, hourly employees are compensated for it. According to Belize Labour Laws, you get 1.5x pay to work on Easter Saturday and 2x pay on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

    Talking Sunshine at Poco Locos Food Court and Growing Solar Power in Belize Schools
    I am starting with the last excitement first and working my way back to the big event. We recently received a great benefit from the Kenyon College Belize School solar installation project on Ambergris Caye – interested people are making contact. Dan Shifley, owner, and contractor at Dogwood Solar found me and reached out. He was coming here on a family vacation and wanted to know more about Solar in Belize, the electric company and, the volunteer-driven solar panel installations. At my request, he also gave a link to where to help the high school get quality educational materials. Doug Karl’s (one of the volunteers) recommendation was – “Solar Electricity handbook 2017 addition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy.” He recommended it because it is appropriate for use at a high school level with some algebra, some practical, etc.

    International Sourcesizz

    Caribbean Guide to Wellness & Rejuvenation
    In honor of 2018 being the year of Rejuvenation, Belize has been featured in the esteemed digital publication "Caribbean Guide to Wellness & Rejuvenation"! Check out all the sections Belize is in.


  • A family of three received the keys to a new house in Burrell Boom Village on March 28, 2018, 1min. Belize Electricity Limited, partners with Hand in Hand Ministries for the 6th year to support the “Building for Change” program.

  • Girl’s of Columbia Village, Belize, 6.5min. Listen to Maya Mike interview the girls of Columbia Village, Belize. Learn about their favorite things to do.

  • Mikey Garcia Reveals Details From His Trip To Belize, 7min.

  • Caribbean Beach Drumming Experience, 8min.

  • San Pedro River Gondola Ride | Columbia Village, Belize, 4.5min. Follow Maya Mike & Benji Bliss on their journey 2 miles upriver to the MMRF Maya Mountain Research Farm base camp

  • Tour MMRF Basecamp Belize, 4min. Maya Mike visits Irena at the Maya Mountain Research Farm | 2 Miles upriver Columbia Village, Belize

  • Voyage au Belize, 2min. Josiane et Michel sont partis à la découverte du Bélize. Petit pays d'Amérique Centrale encore méconnu, le Bélize est une magnifique destination à la culture archéologique très riche. La flore y est luxuriante et les voyageurs y découvrent la plus belle barrière de corail du monde.

  • What SWIMMING with WHALE SHARKS is like! BELIZE vs. OSLOB, 4.5min. If you've ever wanted to swim with Whale Sharks in their natural habitat, here is a little taste of what it's like and what's involved. I love this planet and I am all about the beauty it contains, so making sure we are keeping eco tourism in mind when crossing things like this off our bucketlist, is very important. You've probably heard of swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, Philippines but here are my reasons why you should go somewhere like Belize instead.

  • Biking Belize (Episode 48), 5.5min. After breakfast, we rented bikes and rode every part of the island we could find. We played with the dogs and cats at the animal shelter, and discovered the prettiest swamp you've ever seen.

  • Curious Eel in Belize, 20sec. Seeing a free-swimming moray eel became the norm while diving in Belize. I had only seen one or two free-swimming throughout my diving career previous to this trip so it was a strange experience. As we swam by the morays den it would come out toward us and often even follow us.

  • ts Hot Cross Bun time, the expert from Orange Walk town explains how to make it , 6min. While for many, Easter is about Easter baskets, swimming and traveling with the family; a popular Easter tradition which has been passed down from generation to generation includes eating hot cross bun which is basically the main menu for Good Friday in households across the country. The art and skill of making these cross buns however, is not one which many of us can say we have the privilege to have. In one kitchen here in Orange Walk Town however, hot cross bun is the specialty. So, for those who are eager to learn how to make the Good Friday bun we invite you to join us as we revisit Miss Betty Lopez and her hot cross bun.

  • YWCA Water safety, 35min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The Hopkins International Paranda FolkArt & Music Festival, 31min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Spiritual Reflection - Significance of the Easter, 25min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The 90th Annual Cross Country Classic, 35min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries, 4min.

  • Santi Tire Service, 1min. Professional tire repair service. Located in Cattle Landing village.

  • Belize-2016 Fagin Family Adventure, 9min.

  • Joshua & Kayla Belize Wedding Film, 12min. by Jose Luis Zapata

  • Belize 2017, 21min. This is some footage of my Study abroad trip to Belize in June 2017.

  • Belize Tobacco Caye, 2min.

  • Belmopan Bandits SC vs Freedom Fighters FC, 2hr47min.

    March 29, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize wins friendly football match against Grenada 4-2
    Belize’s National Football Team (Jaguars) hosted Grenada’s National Team (Spice Boyz) in a friendly match at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan City on Thursday, March 22nd. Among the players selected to play for Belize National Team was San Pedro’s Jesse Smith. The match saw both teams showcasing skills but when the long whistle was blown, it was a 4-2 victory for the Jaguars. The match began at 8PM with Grenada determined to take the victory, with Rickey Modeste scoring their first goal within the first two minutes. Belize’s Michael Salazar then responded with a goal at minute 11. The early score had fans in a frenzy, and at minute 24, Jarret Davis added to the excitement by scoring another goal for Belize. The match then saw both teams controlling the ball equally, until minute 40, when Elroy Smith netted another goal. At halftime, the Jaguars were roaring to the break with a 3-1 lead.

    Guillermo Salazar shot in San Pedrito
    Around 10:30PM on Tuesday, March 27th, 26-year-old Guillermo Salazar was attacked and shot in front of his house in the San Pedrito Area by a lone gunman. He received gunshot wounds to his right hand and the left side of his back. Salazar was immediately transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where he was stabilized and later airlifted to Belize City in a critical condition. According to residents, as many as nine gunshots were heard, and a few allege that he was chased all the way to the gate in front of his house. Some witnesses shared that Salazar is an easy going person who is not known to be a troublemaker. They are baffled as to why anyone would want to harm him.

    Busy NEBL weekend lands San Pedro Tiger Sharks’ second loss and a tight All-Star Game
    With three games on Friday, March 23rd and the annual All-Star Night on Saturday, March 24th in Orange Walk Town, the NEBL had a busy weekend. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks took on the Smart Belize Hurricanes on Friday, losing 80-68 against the Belize City team. Despite this loss, the 2017 Sub-Champions continue to lead in the League with a total of 18 points. At the All-Star Night, Tiger Sharks’ coach Rico Black suffered another loss as his team, dubbed the Local Team, fell one point short to the Imports/Belizean American squad. The winning team was coached by Isaac Rhys from Dangriga Dream Ballers. Other games on Friday, March 23rd saw Belize City Defenders defeating Orange Walk Running Rebels 81-61, while Dangriga Dream Ballers ran over Belmopan Bandits, taking the victory home with a final game score of 83-75.

    ABC Preschool’s Easter Extravaganza ushers in the season
    ABC Preschool hosted their 3rd Annual Easter Show at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, March 24th. The show saw a large number of families enjoying the live entertainment that featured some of the children’s beloved TV and Disney characters via actors from Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico. Opening the show was the San Pedro Dance Academy with an energetic performance. They were followed by the Easter Bunny and his friends, who entertained the children with giveaways and dances. The San Pedro Dance Academy came back after intermission with a modern dance selection. They were followed by “La Gallinita” and her friends doing a musical performance, while the main show star’s prepared for the stage.

    Police Report Shooting Victim Identified as Guillermo Salazar
    On Tuesday the 27/3/18 about 10:30pm Guillermo Salazar, 26 year-old Construction worker of San Pedrito San Pedro Town area was walking home. Upon reaching in front of his gate he was approached by a person dressed in full camouflage with a hood over his head and a rag over his face. The person fired a shot at which caught him in his right hand. He then turned around and the person fired another shot which caught him on the left side of his back and exited his left lower chest. He was transported to the KHMH in a critical condition. Police investigation continues.

    Ambergris Today

    Guillermo Salazar Shot In The San Pedrito Area
    On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at about 10:30pm Guillermo Salazar, 26 year-old Construction worker of San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town was walking home upon reaching in front of his gate he was approached by a person dressed in full camouflage with a hood over his head and a rag over his face. The person fired a shot at which caught him in his right hand.

    Lime Shortage Hits Belize Again
    It has come to our attention that lime is scarce and the cost of lime has skyrocketed to a staggering $1.25 per lime and in some cases $2.00!! In an interview with News 5 Belize, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche informed that the Belize Marketing Development Corporation (BMDC) has applied for a permit to import lime. According to the report the importation of lime will aid in the shortage the country is currently experiencing especially since there is great demand in the local market and tourism industry.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    February 2018 External Trade, CPI & 4th Quarter 2017 GDP
    For the month of February 2018, the Statistical Institute of Belize reported that the All-Items Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at 104.5, a decrease from 105.1 in February 2017 (see Figure 1). For the first month since December of 2015, the average Belizean household experienced an overall drop in the cost of regularly purchased goods and services compared to the same month of the previous year, reflected in an inflation rate of negative 0.5 percent. Nonetheless, for the first two months of 2018, consumer prices were up slightly by 0.2 percent. For the month of February 2018, Belize imported goods valuing $136.8 million. This represented a 2.6 percent or $3.7 million decrease from the same month in 2017, when imports totalled over $140.4 million. This overall decline was largely caused by a drop in the imported quantities across all types of fuels.

    Mexican military in free zone for holidays
    If you’re heading to Mexico, you will meet the military. They are addressing contraband in the free zone distributed by fayuqueros.

    Department of Transport Advises Public on Traffic Safety during Easter Holidays
    The Department of Transport takes this opportunity to remind all motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians of the following traffic safety tips for the Easter Holidays in an effort to minimize or prevent any traffic incidents which may result in fatalities and/or injuries. • Check your vehicle properly that it is road worthy. • Ensure that all lights (head lights, signal lights, brake lights, park lights, I.D. plate light) are in perfect working condition (no unauthorized LED lights will be allowed). • Ensure that your brakes are in perfect working condition (check brake fluid compartment for possible signs of leakage).

    Ministry of National Security to Host Nationwide Consultation
    The Ministry of National Security will embark on a nationwide consultation with stakeholders to discuss, and share ideas and possible strategies to address the crime situation in Belize. The Ministry has extended invitations to meet with the Belize National Teachers Union on April 11th, 2018, and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Belize Council of Churches, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize on April 13th, 2018.

    The Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary needs your help to find this recently stolen boat. It was stolen early Saturday morning, 24 March, from Gales Point Village. During the night, heavy chains securing the boat were cut and it was pulled from dry land into the water of the Southern Lagoon. The skiff may be in Belize City, Colson’s Point area near Dangriga, or Punta Gorda. DESCRIPTION: It is a 25ft skiff, white with green bottom, and blue & red lines. Name is “Pearl of the Sea”, registration # SC 0341. The boat has a grey/red Yamaha 85 motor, current license. It is also carrying a 40hp outboard stolen from another fishing guide’s boat nearby. Boat has center steering console and 4 passenger benches. If you have any information on this stolen boat, please contact Dangriga Police.

    New mural in Corozal
    CSAM artist Vianay Bautista Alpuche working on her mural at the Market! If you have artistic talent and would like to paint your own mural contact the House of Culture. We have secured wall space, as well as donated paint and materials for community members who would like to express their self and help beautify our beloved Corozal Town!

    Ice Cream Truck in Corozal
    Come enjoy the Ice Cream Truck in Corozal. Comes to Corozal every Sunday. We love to please our valued customers in Corozal and Orange Walk. Check out ER'S Icy Treats for our routs and wonderful flavors we offer.

    How the Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Race Started
    With the Annual Cross Country Race coming up in a few days, It is only fitting that we know the history of how the race started. The Cycling Association should consider naming the first place trophy after Captain Metzgen. We are rooting for a Belizean to win the Garland in the 2018 Monrad Metzgen Annual Cross Country Race! Ask any cycling enthusiast who came in first in the first Annual Cross Country Race in 1928 and they will probably tell you Elston Kerr. If you asked them who came in second, you might just get a blank stare because no one remembers who came in second and so if you asked who came in third, now that is asking for trouble. In this case, third place is signigficant because it was Captain Monrad Siegfried Metzgen. He not only organized the race, but he completed the race in 30 and a half hours.

    Available now from the Cycling Federation of Belize the 2018 edition of the Tradition magazine
    Get your copy from the Secretariat upstairs Doonys store on Albert St Read about the upcoming female cyclist Taralee Ordonez check out Palas top ten Belizean hopefuls who he think can win the garland .Was Johnito Miguel the greatest of the famous Miguel Brothers ? It's all these stories and much more in this edition.Get your copy before its all gone

    Job Readiness Training
    From the 9th to 12th April 2018, the Department of Youth Services will be hosting a Job Readiness Training at our main office in Belize City. If you or someone you know is interested in enhancing their skills in job preparedness, tag them in the comments below! There are 20 spaces available, so sign up today to secure your spot! Last day to apply for this training is April 6, 2018. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

    BEL and Hand in Hand Ministries Partner to Provide a House for a Family in Burrell Boom Village
    A family of three today received the keys to a new house in Burrell Boom Village. This is the 6th consecutive year that Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has partnered with Hand in Hand Ministries (HHM) to support the "Building for Change" program. Ms. Pamela Reyes and her two daughters are the recipients of a 16' x 20' wooden house complete with electricity, plumbing. furniture and appliances valued at approximately $22,000. The house was donated by BEL and constructed through volunteer work of over 40 BEL employees along with Hand in Hand, Ms. Reyes and her extended family. "I am grateful for this new beginning." said Ms. Reyes. "My desire to have my two children under one roof and share family time is now a reality. My two girls can now grow closer together as sisters should."

    Mrs. Lydia passes away
    A Belizean icon passed away yesterday. As one of the founders of the Belize Audubon Society, Mrs. Lydia was intimately involved in lobbying efforts that resulted in the creation of Belize's first natural monument, Half Moon Caye, and other protected natural areas in the 1980s. Mrs Lydia managed the BAS library and served as its Board Secretary for many years until retiring in the mid-1990s. I had the privilege of working with her at BAS, and will always treasure the countless discussions that we had back then. Mrs. Lydia was an avid birding enthusiast; I became an amateur birder because of her. I learned a lot from her, and for that I will be forever grateful.

    The art of Sawdust
    Thanks to Norte Vision for hosting us today to demonstrate the art of Sawdust for Good Friday. Thanks to the viewers and see you all on Good Friday.

    Channel 7

    Jamal Humes Found Dead, Three Months After He went Missing
    Tonight the family of Jamal Humes finally has closure. The 28 year old Belize City mechanic's remains were found buried in a shallow grave on a road off mile eight on the George Price Highway this morning. He had gone missing from December 20th and weeks of intensive, relentless searches by his family, the police and Coast Guard turned up nothing. But today when the family heard that human remains had been found near mile eight, they knew it had to be his. Jules Vasquez was there and tells us why:.. Jules Vasquez Reporting: This is the site of the shallow grave where the decomposed remains were found. The umbrella and the caution tape are what police left there, but this morning, a resident of Western Pines was going to fish in one of the many ponds back here when his dog caught a sent and went sniffing around the area - and came upon the skeletal remains of a human hand sticking out from the shallow grave.

    Two Possible Motives For Murder
    And so why would anyone want to kill this auto mechanic? Well police have no firm answers on that, but activist Jose Uc Espat who was a leading part of the search for him and the investigation into his disappearance, said there are two possible motives:.. Jose Uc Espat, Searcher: "There are two motives I was looking at, as I said at several press conferences I had before. The main one would be that he was an eyewitness to a murder that occurred on Faber's Road. The other was that there was allegedly some sort of money mismanagement and there are several police officers' names that have been called. So those are the two main motives that we have been looking at from the onset of the investigation."

    Allen Felix Turns Himself In, Will Be Charged For Guerrero Murder
    And while police currently have no suspects or strong leads in that Humes case, another murder - which happened about half a mile from where this body was found - is just about to be closed. 64 year old boat maker Mario Guerrero was murdered at his own house in Sunset Park at dawn on Sunday morning - and, last night, police arrested the final two suspects. One of them was found at his home on West Street, while the main suspect, Allen Felix turned himself into Belmopan police last night in the presence of his attorney.

    Alleged Cop-Killer Acquitted
    An alleged cop-killer is at home tonight - free of a murder charge. 35 year-old Delford Slusher, who has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison for over 5 and a half years, was acquitted of murder today before Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial without jury. Back in July 2012, Slusher was was identified as the man who perpetrated a home invasion at a house in Hattieville. The assailant reportedly broke into the house and held 2 females hostage at gunpoint while he searched for valuables. Police Corporal Victor Lima and other officers responded to the crime in progress, and as soon as he opened the door, the burglar shot him twice in the chest. He succumbed to his injuries days later.

    Shooting Victim Dies, Another Murder
    Belize City has another murder victim tonight. 42 year old Fabio Paredez died this morning at 6:15 - three and a half days after he was shot on Kelly Street. He was shot in the legs but his main artery was badly damaged, and he succumbed to his injuries. The incident occurred last week Saturday night when Paradez was socializing with a group of friends. Two men on bicycle rode up and opened fire on a small street that has seen a number of gang related murders.

    Southside Supercops Go To Mayflower Hot Zone To Make Peace
    Last week we told you about the police meet and greet session on Aloe Vera and Tibruce Streets. Those areas had been witness to three murders and a number of shootings in just two weeks. And this week, southside police went into another hotspot. Actually, it's probably the most volatile zone right now: we're talking about the Mayflower area. Police were there for today's meet and greet. Now if you are wondering why in the world would police ever step foot in that area again after the big GSU blowout on Sunday … the Southside commander and his team say they simply can't give up or ignore these residents no matter how tense the situation. Courtney Weatherburne has more on the hostile encounter.

    Southside Commander Says GSU Move Was Correct
    Now as you saw, the residents are not open to hear the police's version of the story. They are still wrapped up in pain and rage. But Commander Gillett says he hopes that the community does come around and see that the GSU were only doing their job on Sunday. Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett: "On that day, in particular, the police had a lawful authority to be here. The report was that gunshots were being fired and we had to be here to respond to it because, whether licensed or not, nobody has any authority to be shooting any 21 gun salute. So that is a no-no, nobody must have that idea that it is okay to be doing that and if we have sufficient information to tell us who did it then we would take action through the courts."

    DCP Chester Committed To Peace-Making in Mayflower
    Commander of Operations Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was also on the ground with Gillett. Now Williams is known as sort of a hero on the Southside. He is well respected for his work in reaching out to the community and curbing crime in the city. But today in the Mayflower area there was no love for Williams. As the commander of operations, he's the one who gave the order, sending the GSU to Flowers' residence on Sunday, and the community is very bitter about that. Williams says he holds nothing against the residents. He committed to working with them and looking at how police, especially the GSU can be more effective in their duties.

    Lime Scarcity Produces Controversy
    There's a lime shortage this easter - and there's a controversy about how the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation is trying to remedy it. Reports say that the BMDC and BAHA have agreed to import a small amount of limes from Mexico. This has got the Citrus Growers Groups up in arms because they say limes are indeed scarce, but they are available on the market. Secondly, they say that BAHA is not doing a proper pest risk analysis to ensure that there is no risk of pests or diseases coming in with the Mexican limes. The PUP's shadow minister for agriculture Jose Mai - who is an agronomist by training - has been following developments closely. Today he told our colleagues at CTV-3 in Orange Walk that the idea of importing limes is ridiculous:...

    Parliament Passes Draconian New Anti Gang Laws
    Last night, we took you inside the Senate's budget debate in Belmopan - or a portion of it - since the debate went for almost 12 hours. But after the budget, the Senate debated the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Bill, which is one of the police department's latest get-tough-on-crime initiatives. Last month, The Ministry of Home Affairs unveiled the department's National Crime Fighting Strategy 2018-2020. It's a comprehensive set of changes that police want to make, to counter crime and violence, specifically gang related crimes.

    When Will “Emergency Areas” Be Activated?
    Now, that is separate and apart from the Government's response to the spike in crime last week in which 64 year-old Theresita Flowers and 17 year-old Delcia Blanco were murdered in their home. In an effort to curb crime in Belize City, the Government has decided that different parts of the Southside will be designated as emergency areas. The Police will also have the authority to detain key gang members and hold them beyond 48 hours without any charge. Taking a brief pause from the Senate Meeting, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte granted 7News an interview discussing it. Here's what he had to say about the progress with that initiative at this time:

    Can Police Handle Power Without Accountability?
    So, with the Government giving so much more authority to the Police, we wondered if there were any checks and balances to minimize abuse of that authority. Regularly on this newscast, you've seen persons come here to complain bitterly that police are harassing them, or abusing their authority. It's certainly has some members of the public a bit uneasy that police will be able to lock up persons they deem to be gang affiliates for 48 hours without any charges. They can simply justify it with the explanation that they were trying to prevent that the detained person from participating in any kind of crimes. With the 4-day Easter Holiday weekend almost here, we asked the Attorney General if there is any oversight to the new police powers. He said that everyone will have to trust that the police will be honest:

    Government Will Ignore US Court Crowfoot Ruling
    We also asked the Attorney General about the Ashcroft Alliance's victory in the US District Court of Colombia. As we told you last week, the court has granted an enforcement order against the Government of Belize to crowfoot it's assets to settle a judgement in that court. The Attorney General told us that from the Government's perspective at this time, that US Court's decision is an empty judgment which, as far as they can see, has no effect: Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "Yes I am aware of the judgement. We expect to go the way it did. We don't expect the American courts to rule in our favor. They have demonstrated a pattern that they don't even respect the CCJ which is our final court. So it's no surprise to us. But we have, as far as I know we don't have any assets to crowfoot. I am also aware of the fact that they've been trying to do this for some time and we expected that at some point they will attempt to do this. So, like I said it comes as no surprise, but we don't have any assets abroad that they can crowfoot and I pretty much would like to see that it's an empty judgement."

    AG Says He’s Ready To Go To Jail
    But, while the Attorney General can interpret that US Court order as mostly a non-event, he can't say the same thing for the CCJ decision that is pending at this time. The court has ordered the Government to pay the award, but the Barrow Administration's stance is that they must get parliamentary approval to take the payment from the consolidated revenue fund. And now that matter is back before the CCJ. One of the major considerations that the court has on its hand is the doctrine of the separation of powers between the executive - in this case, the Ministry of Finance and the Attorney General; and the legislature, in this case, Parliament.

    “Fayuqueros” Fired Up, Block Mexican Side of Border
    Many Belizeans are planning to go across to the Mexican side for Easter, and that's why today it was worrisome for many when for about an hour, the Northern Border with Mexico stood at a standstill. The Chactemal border crossing on the Mexican side was blocked with tree branches placed there by a group of protestors. The protest group was made up of about 100 residents of the small Mexican border town of Santa Elena, which is just across the old Subteniente Lopez Bridge.

    Another Execution Attempt In San Pedro
    There has been another execution style shooting in San Pedro - but this one didn't kill the target, but he is in critical condition tonight. 26 year-old Guillermo Salazar was shot by a man who ambushed him last night while trying to get inside his house in the San Pedrito area. Police say that at around 10:30, Salazar arrived at his front gate, and as soon as he was about to open it, a shooter, dressed in full camouflage, with a hoodie pulled over his head, and a rag over his face, snuck up on him.

    Close Call With Big Bullet In Ladyville
    There was also another shooting last night, and this one happened in the Milpa Area of Ladyville. This is the same part of the village where 2 warring group of young men live, and the last major incident that happened in that area was the double murders of Casey Lozano and Marlon Spain. Police say that at around 9:10, shots were fired in the area. Police found 1 expended shell for a .45 bullet - which is a high powered, prohibited type ammunition. The officers spoke with residents in the area who would only confirm that they heard when the shots were fired.

    BEL Hand In Hand With Needy Mother For New House
    Today a family of three in Burrel Boom received an early Easter present. Hand in Hand ministries and BEL worked together to give Pamela Reyes a brand new furnished home. We caught up with the generous donors and the happy recipient today. Sahar Vasquez reporting: Last year Pamela Reyes realized that living in her small, confined home was far from ideal for her two daughters, so with nothing to lose she went into Hand in Hand Ministries to inquire about a home.

    Free Lunch For Quick Cops
    Last week Southside Commander Howell Gillett said he would reward four different police officers that took two guns off the street. And just as promised, he took them to lunch today. The officers were rewarded with a five-course meal at Chon Saan. It's a modest but important goodwill gesture, and Gillett explained why it's important: Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, Southside Commander: "Getting firearms off the street is part of the policing role in the society or in the community but what we want is for other officers to emulate what they did. We know that recently there was an upsurge in crime by the use of firearms so that is the message we want to take off the street so we will reward officers. We are recognizing four of them. The commissioner will be here very shortly to speak with them on a one on one basis. We want other officers to follow."

    Sobering Prison Visit For Kids
    And while he's incentivizing the police for good work, Senior Superintendent Gillett is also confidence building on the southside by working with the youths. Today he did just that. He took 22 youths from the Saint Martin's area to visit the last place they'll ever want to end up, that's the Belize Central prison. He told us more about the visit today.


    Delford Slusher acquitted of murder, again
    Thirty-five year old Delford Slusher, charged with the murder of 35 year old police corporal Victor Lima, was acquitted today by Justice Adolph Lucas in a ruling he delivered in a trial without a jury. Lima was shot twice in his chest on July 23, 2012, when he went to a house in Hattieville in …

    ‘Fayuqueros’ block entrance to Mexico, temporarily
    Persons knows as “hormiquitas” or “Faruqueros” temporarily blocked one of the official entrances into Mexico this morning. For years these persons have been involved in the informal trade, smuggling merchandise from the Corozal Free Zone and into Mexico. Customs officials from both sides of the border have been collaborating to put a stop to this …

    PUP Senator zooms in on referendum budget
    On April 15, more than seven million eligible voters in Guatemala will decide whether their government will take its territorial, maritime, and insular claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice, ICJ. The Guatemalan government has embarked on an extensive education campaign that has covered months of work and a large percentage of its …

    Fabio Paradez succumbs
    The Belize Police Department has confirmed that 42 year old Fabio Paradez succumbed this morning while receiving treatment at the KHMH. Paradez was shot while at the corner of Kelly Street and Hunters Lane on March 24. He was socializing with some friends when two men on bicycles approached them. One of the men pulled …

    Allen Russel Felix captured
    Forty-year-old Allen Russel Felix is in police custody. He is considered as a person of interest in the murder of businessman Mario Guerrero. A woman is also in police detention. Guerrero was found dead under a tent in his yard on Sunday night at Sunset Park, at Western Paradise located at mile eight on the …

    Senator Lizarraga takes on Senator Peyrefitte
    In his budget debate presentation yesterday, Senator for the Private Sector, Mark Lizarraga, focused a few minutes on the Attorney General’s Office. Lizarraga pointed out that the budget makes no provision for the Attorney General’s office with respect to UNCAC. He asked the Attorney General, Michael Peyreffite, who doubles as a UDP Senator, what his …

    SIB: “Consumer price down by 0.5%”
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) released its latest figures for February 2018, which shows that consumer prices are down by point five percent, when compared to February 2017. Jacqueline Sabal, Statistician II explains. Jacqueline Sabal, Statistician: “As we look at the major categories affecting the inflation rate; the food and nonalcoholic beverages category decreased …

    Church Senator supports Budget
    Also contributing to the budget debate was Pastor Henry Brown who temporarily represented the Churches as Senator Ashley Rocke’s alternate. In his presentation, Senator Brown praised government’s infrastructural achievement while also questioning Government’s focus on women and children. Senator Ashley Rocke: “I’ve heard a lot today bout the budget and some of its discrepancy but …

    Police not welcomed by Mayflower Street residents
    This afternoon, the commander of Southside Belize City, Howell Gillett, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and a number of other police officers visited the Mayflower Street residents as part of the Department’s weekly Meet and Greet sessions. Their visit, however, was met with rejection. Only three days after burying Kendis Flowers and their subsequent …

    Unidentified body found on the George Price Highway
    Today, another body of a man was found near the eight miles community along the George Price Highway. The discovery was made at approximately 9:30 this morning. Police did not release any further information as the investigation is ongoing. This is the second body this week that has been found in the general vicinity. Police …

    The Guardian

    Johnny Briceno and family own more land than most Belizeans
    The Guardian Newspaper was provided with a sheaf of documents that proves that Johnny Briceno and his family may be among the largest landholders in the country. The revelation first came to light during the Budget debate during which Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow refuted Briceno’s claim that the UDP was the most corrupt government. To prove this the PM pulled out a number of documents and pulled no punches when he exposed both Briceno and Julius Espat as being among the largest land holders in the country. While the PM enumerated the large masses of land which the duo own, Briceno hung his head in shame while Espat had a half-hearted defense.

    Alejandro Lauriano arraigned for the murder of Theresita Flowers and Delcia Blanco
    Over the weekend, police were able to pick up and arrest someone that they say was involved in the double murder of Theresita Flowers, 64, and Delcia Blanco, 17. That man is Alejandro Lauriano, a 19-year-old fisherman/electrician and son of Bernadine Lauriano, who was shot and killed in her home on Aloe Vera Street days before Flowers and Blanco were killed. The murder is one that stunned the nation. Police visited a home on Tibruce Street, the home of Flowers, where they saw the body of 17-year-old Blanco. She had a gunshot wound to the center of her forehead. After walking into the house, they then saw the body of Flowers with gunshot injuries to her back and buttock.

    Mario Guerrero’s murder caught on tape
    Mario Guerrero Sr., 64, the well-known business man and boat man from the company Guerrero’s Charters, was found dead at this home in Sunset Park. He was reportedly beaten to death with one of his own bar stools at his home. At this time, it is uncertain why he was killed, but his friends and family members have reason to suspect that his attacker may have wanted to steal from him. Police say that on Sunday, March 25, at around 9:30 p.m., they visited the residence at #1234 Sunset Park. On their arrival, they found Guerrero’s body under a tent in his yard. He had suffered multiple injuries to the head and body. Beside him, they found the broken bar stool, which they believe was used as the weapon to beat him to death.

    First National Research Conference in Belize
    Belize’s First National Research Conference ended on Thursday of last week at the University of Belize, leaving in its wake a trail of important papers on Belize’s development agenda. In one of those presentations made by David Gibson from the Centre for Strategic Studies, Policy Analysis and Research CSSPAR, he posits that there is need to do a comparison analysis in international relations. In such an analysis of the Guyana-Venezuela and Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute, David Gibson attempts to come up with various parallels. In doing so, David Gibson also comes up with a guide to “…support the review of Belize’s diplomatic strategy to end the dispute at this juncture of its existence.”

    Evidence of the work in the Cayo North Division
    Work has recently commenced on the re-surfacing and paving of three streets in the Cayo North Division, adding to the numbers that have already been paved. Ongoing work during this phase includes Thornley Street, 23rd Street and Bishop Desmond Street. The Representative for the Cayo North Division Dr. Omar Figueroa reports that he is certain that residents and motorists alike will immediately reap the benefits from these improvements. “The work of transforming Cayo North continues!,” he writes.

    Belize National Teachers Union holds rally in Belmopan
    On Thursday of last week, the Belize National Teachers Union BNTU flexed its muscle in Belmopan, bringing out some five hundred teachers with a series of new demands. The march by teachers started from in front of the Belmopan Comprehensive High School and ended at the Belmopan Civic Center where some noted speakers were present. Among those speakers were Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children, who said she was honored and thankful for being invited.

    Cassava processing demonstration center opened at Gulisi
    On Monday March 26th a building was inaugurated at the Monument Site/Gulisi Community Primary School in Dangriga to house a Cassava Processing Demonstration center. Financed by a number of agencies, the building will serve as a means by which the Garifuna Culture will remain relevant in Belize. Under the stewardship of the National Garifuna Council (NGC) the new building will serve to demonstrate how cassava is converted from a tuber to bread (Ereba). As a staple in the Garifuna diet, Ereba remains an integral part of the Garifuna culture and in an effort to keep it alive the center will feature every aspect of cassava making, from grating to straining to the final product.

    Evidence of Briceno’s Hustle at Lands Department
    The United Democratic Party condemns the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno. It is common knowledge that when Briceno served as Minister of Natural Resources between 1998 – 2008 he participated in the wholesale, cheap sale of thousands of acres of government land to his family members, PUP cronies – some of whom are currently elected representatives, and to bogus companies owned by himself and family members. In the UDP’s view, that is corruption. Acting in this way, Briceno carried on a tradition similar to when his father served as a member of the PUP cabinet in the 1980s.

    Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation has relocated
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation hereby informs the public that effective April 3, 2018 the new location for the Human Development Office in San Ignacio is on 3rd floor of the new San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Hall building located on No. 28 Maya Street, adjacent of Falcon Field, San Ignacio Town. The public is further reminded that the office’s telephone number remains the same which is 804-2098.

    Keynote Address by Doctor Joseph Palacio
    Former Resident Tutor of the University of the West Indies School of continuing studies in Belize City. Made during the first day of the Belize National Research Conference on March 21, 2018 I am grateful to Nigel Escalante for inviting me to give this Keynote Address. He is the Director of the Institute for Social and Cultural Research and a member of the Working Group that is hosting this First Belize National Research Conference under the theme “Research and Development in Belize”.

    Bullet penetrates roof of KHMHA
    Belize City, Belize - On the afternoon of Sunday 25th March 2018, just before 3pm, a bullet penetrated the roof of the KHMHA building at our Accident and Emergency Department. The KHMH is highly concerned about the safety of our patients, visitors and staff and while no one was injured, the outcome could have been gravely different. As a health institution we directly see the horrific damage that bullets cause to persons and we condemn all forms of gun violence which are destroying lives and causing an unnecessary strain on the limited resources of our health system.

    Ministry of Labour Issues Statement on Belize Aqua Culture Ltd. Employee Layoff
    The Belize Aqua Culture Limited (BAL), has informed the Ministry of Labour of its intention to make redundant approximately one hundred (100) employees at the company’s operation at Mile 4, Placencia Road, Stann Creek District. The company states that the reason for downsizing is due to the incursion of significant costs in the fight against a disease outbreak that is affecting the entire shrimp industry. Substantial efforts are underway to rebuild and make its operations profitable in Belize, with a view to re-employ affected employees at a later date.

    Municipal Officials Orientation Training
    The Ministry of Local Government held a two-day workshop for the newly elected cohort of municipal officials and town/city administrators on the 22 & 23 March, 2018, under the theme: “Promoting Good Governance & Integrity in Political Office for Local Government in Belize”. All elected officials from the nine municipalities were present. The training commenced with an opening ceremony and introduction of the participants from each municipality by their respective mayors. This was followed by a host of presentations to sensitize municipal leaders on the roles and functions of the Ministry of Local Government and by agencies and organizations that contribute to governance processes within municipalities.

    Ministry of National Security to Host Nationwide Consultation
    The Ministry of National Security will embark on a nationwide consultation with stakeholders to discuss, and share ideas and possible strategies to address the crime situation in Belize. The Ministry has extended invitations to meet with the Belize National Teachers Union on April 11th, 2018, and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Belize Council of Churches, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize on April 13th, 2018. It is the intention of the Ministry of National Security to meet with all interested stakeholders over the next few weeks.

    Section 18 of the Constitution
    On Sunday March 18th at a Press Conference held after a weekend of unbridled criminal activity the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize declared that, “We will under section 18 of the Constitution of Belize ask the Governor General to designate certain clearly demarcated areas on the Southside of Belize City as emergency areas.” While that has not been implemented as yet it is important for the public to know the details of such a proclamation. This section is invoked in times of public emergency where the state deems it necessary to give the authorities the appropriate tools to deal with these types of crises. Section 18 of the Constitution reads as follows: 18.-(1) In this Part “period of public emergency means any period during which - (a) Belize is engaged in any war; or (b) there is in force a proclamation by the Governor-General declaring that a state of public emergency exists; or

    Special Areas
    On page 9 of this edition of the Guardian we outlined Section 18 of the Constitution and what it means for our residents. Subsection 4 of said section 18 makes provision for “emergency areas”. The Crime Control and Criminal justice Act Chapter 102 Part IV of the Laws of Belize Revised edition 2000 speaks on the areas. A “special area” means any area of Belize not exceeding one square mile in which the provisions of this Part have effect by virtue of an Order made under section 12 below. 12.-(1) Where the Minister has reasonable grounds to believe that in the interest of public safety or public order, or for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime, it is requisite so to do, he may, by Order published in the Gazette, with the concurrence of the Crime Control Council, declare that the provisions of this Part shall, during the continuance in force of the Order, have effect in relation to any area of Belize not exceeding one square mile specified in the Order.

    Campaign to plant 10,000 trees
    The Forestry Department in Belize has joined with other local and global partners to commemorate International Day of Forests, which was celebrated on March 21, 2018. In lieu of this day and this year’s theme “Forests and Sustainable Cities”, the department is partnering with countrywide municipalities to plant more than 10,000 trees by 2020. The Belmopan City Council is the first municipality that the department has teamed up with. The council has a campaign for a greener city and through this partnership, over 1,000 trees will be planted in and around the Belmopan area. Several carefully selected tree species will be strategically placed for beautification, providing shade, cooler temperatures and oxygen, and promoting health and well-being.

    UB discusses solutions to crime and violence in Belize
    Belize’s top minds met within the Jaguar Auditorium at the University of Belize’s main campus in Belmopan on Tuesday evening to issue a series of policy recommendations to address the recent spate of crimes. For the education sector, among these recommendations were that primary and secondary education should be free of cost to all our children. Another recommendation was for there to be a country-wide assessment of specialized courses and disciplines to fulfill the needs for clinical psychologists and other specialties. Also that the authorities provide scholarships for allied health and social services. Another group also gave recommendations that members of the police receive psycho-social support as they have also been affected by trauma. Experts also advised that there be more transparency in the selection process of police officers. Another recommendation was that the professional standards branch take preventative measures on crime.

    Hilberto Perez walks away from accusation of manslaughter
    Hilberto Perez, a 50-year-old businessman of Ladyville, learned his fate on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 for the May 9, 2015 shooting death of Daniel Trapp. Perez appeared before Justice Marilyn Williams where he was represented by attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley. Trap was accused of stealing mangoes from Perez’s residence on more than one occasion and on May 9, Trapp would be shot in the chest with a pellet gun which Perez used. The question into trial stood: was Perez provoked by the intruder, who was armed with a machete and refused to leave the yard, or was it an intentional act to harm Trapp? According to Perez, he was protecting his yard when he drew the pellet gun which he used to shoot cows.

    Burglary in Belama
    Krysten Maura Zayden, a 20-year-old student of Belama Phase 1, reported that on March 23, 2018 at about 5:00 p.m., she left her apartment and upon arrival back home about 9:30 p.m., she discovered that her home was burglarized. Zayden noticed that several items were stolen, approximating over $6,500. Such items included a gold chain with a cross medal valued at $550, a pair of silver earrings with a diamond stone valued at $250, 2 gold bracelets valued at $225, a white gold jewelry set consisting of a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a chain with a pearl medal valued at $2,500.

    Family feud keeps claiming lives
    The dispute between the males from the Louriano family and the Flowers family in Lake Independence, Belize City has most likely resulted in yet another murder. 28 year-old Justin Emmanuel Orellana, was shot and killed inside his home in Lord’s Bank. All indications are that the killers executed him while he was asleep in his bed. Police say that on Sunday morning, March 25, they were called out to a plywood house on Edwin Parks Street in Lords Bank. On a bed inside the house, they found Justin Orellana’s lifeless body. He was found under a blanket on the bed; and most unusually, he had a machete in the right hand. On closer inspection, the cops found gunshot injuries to the left hand and the chest. He was already dead by the time the cops were able to transfer his body to the KHMH.

    8 years later Ibrahim Smith pleads guilty to manslaughter by negligence
    Almost eight years ago, a sawed off shot gun went off and 17-year-old Shenaine Reyes was fatally injured. The Sadie Vernon student was shot once to the upper left chest area and died on the spot. On the night of November 16, 2010 at around 8:00 p.m. on Sibun Street at the house of Reyes, Smith, Reyes, and a male person were socializing when Smith took out a sawed off shotgun to show them. During the handling of the gun, it went off and hit Reyes. A post-mortem conducted on the body revealed that she died from exsanguination due to internal and external bleeding caused by gunshot to the chest.

    John Muschamp accused of aggravated assault
    John Muschamp, a compliance officer, is out on bail after being accused of aggravated assault with a vehicle upon Leon Flowers. The incident is said to have occurred on March 26, 2018 on Cleghorn Street in Belize City. Muschamp, who was represented by attorney Velda Flowers, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. Muschamp pleaded not guilty and given that there was no objection to bail, his case was adjourned for May 28, 2018.

    Gun fire Salvo lead to GSU action in the Mayflower area
    Following an eruptive evening in the Mayflower Street Area, there is tension between the residents of that area, as well as other Belizeans, and the Gang Suppression Unit. Kendis Flowers was murdered in the wee hours of Saturday, March 17, 2018 and on Sunday, March 25, 2018, he was buried but this did not go without being an event all its own. After the funeral, a barrage of gun fire let off to bid the gang leader farewell and this caused GSU personnel to be deployed into the Ghost Town/Mayflower area. According to several reports, residents in the area were becoming fearful and made several requests for police intervention.

    Kept firearm without a gun license
    On Saturday March 24, 2018 at about 11:30 p.m. while officers were conducting a mobile patrol on Cemetery Road, their attention was drawn to a man who was identified as Mark August, a 20-year-old resident of a Mahogany Street address. He was seen riding a bicycle on Cemetery Road. The officers informed him that a search would be conducted on him. He then took an object from his pants pocket and threw it on the side of the street. Upon taking a look at the object, the officers noticed that it was a Smith and Wesson .38 Snub Nose revolver with six rounds of ammunition.

    Shooting incidents
    Sometime after 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, 2018, police responded to reports of shots being fired at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Ceasar Ridge Road. Upon arrival on the scene, police found Felicito Cho, a 45-year-old truck driver, with an apparent gunshot wound to the left foot, wrist, and forehead. Initial investigation revealed that Cho was inside a truck with his wife when they were approached by the owner of the truck, Khaled Jamil El Turk. Turk and Cho got into an altercation with Turk hitting Cho with a stick. Cho reportedly came out of the truck to defend himself and that is when Turk drew his licensed firearm and fired approximately 6 shots, resulting in Cho’s injury. Cho was transported to the KHMH.

    Trio villager stabbed to death
    On Sunday, March 25, 2018 at about 4:50 p.m., Independence Village police visited Trio Village Road about 4 miles from the junction with the Southern Highway. There, they observed the body of a male person of Hispanic decent in a drain, dressed only in a pair of boxers. They body was already in its first stage of decomposition and was seen with multiple apparent stab wounds to the chest area. The body was later identified as that of Mario Oddulio, a 36-year-old Guatemalan of Trio Village.

    Remanded for unlicensed firearm
    Ignatius Williams, a 24-year-old native of Dangriga Town who now resides in Belize City, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on two firearm related offenses on Friday, March 23, 2018. Williams, who was unrepresented, appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser where he was read two criminal offenses of kept prohibited firearm and kept prohibited ammunitions after he was found in possession of a .45 Taurus brand firearm along with 6 live rounds of .45 ammunitions.

    Jadine Riley wins 29th Annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic
    The Cycling Federation of Belize sponsored its 29th Annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic on Sunday 25th March, 2018. The 73 miles event started out in San Ignacio Town where it travelled the full length of the George Price Highway, then into Belize City for the finish at the BTL on the Newtown Barracks. This year’s event attracted some 13 riders the most field in any given female race in the country. At the end of 3:49:43 it was American Jadine Riley who rides for MD Endurance that was the first rider to cross the finish line to lay claims to this year’s Women’s Cross Country Title. The second rider to cross the finish line was Kaya Cattouse of C-Ray Cycling Team in a time of 3:52:47 and she was followed by last year’s champion Alicia Thompson who rides for the Belize Bank Swoosh in a time of 3:57:41.

    Belize Rural Central Basketball competition opens
    The 2018 Belize Rural Central Basketball competition which is being sponsored by the Area Representative the Hon. Beverly Williams commenced on Friday 16th March. There are 12 teams competing in the competition which is divided into two divisions. The teams that competing are: Division 1 – Hard Rock, Lord’s Bank Warriors, Ladyville Heatz, Lord’s Bank Eagles, Street Kings and New Release. Meanwhile, the teams in Division 2 are: Boom, Airport Terror Squad, Gorilla Cutz, Mayan Man Warriors, DigiNet Assassins and B-Wood.

    Smart Belize Hurricanes stop the soaring San Pedro Tiger Sharks in the Pepsi National Elite Basketball League play
    The 2018 Pepsi National Elite Basketball League competition continued on Friday 23rd March, with three games on the schedule. At the St. Catherine Academy Mercy Centre in Belize City, the former champions the Smart Belize Hurricanes defeated the San Pedro Tiger Sharks by the score of 80-68. The top scorers for the Smart Belize Hurricanes were Akeem Watters who scored 20 points to go along with his 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 steals; Glency Lopez who also scored 20 points, 2 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals and Tyson Reynold who scored 15 points and 6 rebounds for the win. Meanwhile, the top scorers for the league leading San Pedro Tiger Sharks were Martevuius Adams with 24 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals, Raul Roches with 10 points and 2 assists and Jihard Wright with 9 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals.

    Wagiya FC puts brake on the Belmopan Bandits SC
    The Premier League of Belize Closing Season continued on Saturday 24th March with three games on the schedule and on Sunday 25th March, 2019, with a single game. On Saturday 24th March, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, Wagiya FC edged out the Belmopan Bandits SC by the score of 2-1 to pick up its 2nd win of the Closing Season campaign. The host team Belmopan Bandits SC was the first onto the scoreboard when Khalil Velasquez scored his team’s only goal of the game in the 10th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The Belmopan Bandits SC defence was able to protect the slim lead, and at the end of the first half of the game it was a 1-0 lead affair in favour of the Belmopan Bandits SC.

    One Struggle Despair and Hope in Belize City
    We walked out the hospital and back into Willoughby’s vehicle and we were off again… heading to Nurse Sea Street… it was actually Nurse Findley’s Crescent! Again, Shefaun Domingo got into the passenger’s seat of the vehicle and awaited for Willoughby to re-engage the engine. By this time I had known what to do, I took Shefaun’s wheel chair and placed it in the back of Willougby’s vehicle. It had become almost an instinctive maneuver by now. As we headed to Nurse Findley’s Crescent, Willoughby continued his narration of what he intended to do. The senseless crime that is in the process of overtaking the city had to be halted stated the former councilor. Shefaun being living testament of the devastation that crime is capable of inflicting would only agree.

    Environmental crime by large truck
    The Department of the Environment (DOE) has released two photos relating to the illegal dumping of waste by a large truck. The unknown truck was last seen dumping old tires off the George Price Highway on Saturday, March 17, 2018. According to the DOE, this is the only picture a passerby took of the truck. A post by the DOE states: Let’s continue to keep an eye out to protect our beautiful country and hold polluters responsible; take down license plates if possible or any other identifying information that we can use. The Department of the Environment urges the public to be on the alert for such environmental crimes.

    Easter- Fisherman’s Christmas
    Easter means fish! And because of that, fishermen consider Easter their Christmas. Why wouldn’t they? The price of fish at this time of year goes as much as 12 dollars a pound. It is a yearly routine: fisher folk raise their price and consumers complain. But as much as there are complaints, there are those willing to pay the price. Fish is an absolute necessity during Easter, as essential as ham is during Christmas. This is the only time of year when the fisher folk have their way and can demand high prices for their products. In any other time of the year, they are subject to the hard-nosed negotiations of consumers who could care less what it is that they have to go through to bring in their catch. The Guardian newspaper sits smack in the heart of fish central - Conch Shell Bay, and we more than most are exposed to the goings-on at the Bay. Every day, fisher folk dock their boats with their catch for the local market and every day the buyers patrol up and down the canal side between the Vernon Street Bridge and the docking area for the boats. There they go about looking for the best and tastiest deals of the day. But what does it take to venture into the waters for the prized sea produce? I thought I might find out.

    2 die following separate road traffic accidents
    On Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at about 8:20 p.m., police officers responded to a report of a road traffic accident between miles 11 and 12 on the Stann Creek Valley road. Upon arriving on the scene, the officers observed a gray Toyota Hiace van with extensive damages to the front portion and a female lying motionless with head and body injuries about 7 feet away from the van. Police also observed an extensively damaged white Toyota Rav4 on the side of the road. Initial investigation revealed that Oscar Gomez, a 32-year-old Belizean security officer of a Las Flores address, was traveling from Dangriga to Belmopan in the Toyota Hiace and upon reaching between miles 11 and 12, a Rav4 that was traveling in the opposite direction made a left turn and collided into the driver’s side of the van.

    Aimee Flores leads research groups at UCLA
    Aimee Flores, a Belizean native, is making the nation proud with her groundbreaking research into stem cells. Flores currently resides in the United States where she is a biochemistry researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). At UCLA, Flores is finishing a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and is currently conducting a research on how to treat a specific form of skin cancer. She has taken the lead of a group of UCLA researchers who are attempting to find a new way to activate the stem cells in the hair follicle to promote growth and is working to develop a compound that will do just that.

    Better Values... Better Society
    Growing up in a Christian household, I was raised with strong Christian values. Living in a Christian society; most of us were brought up with some degree of exposure to Christian values. Even if you did not attend church, a religious school or did not grow up in a bible believing family, I would assume that we’ve all heard of the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Stories like, “The Tortoise and The Hare”, and “The Ugly Duckling”, which we all grew up with, helped to shape our values at a very young age. We might have forgotten these stories but their teachings in some way or the other have contributed to what we call our moral and values systems.

    Whe wrong with that??
    That was the challenging question which the PUP OW South area representative, Hon. A. Mai, bellowed at the Prime Minister across the aisle during the PM’s closing remarks at Friday’s budget debate in the Honorable House of Representatives. The PM was listing the amount of properties which the Honorable Leader of the Opposition had allegedly granted himself, his family, and his cronies when he was Deputy Prime Minister and was charged with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). We will discuss what’s wrong with that… as it pertains to Orange Walk. For those of you who are not familiar with the OW District, I was told by a cane farmer that the same Miller’s Bight Registration section from which some 1,700 acres were granted to one PUP family member begins almost immediately after you cross the San Estevan Bridge: It is situated in the direction of the Doubloon Bank bridge and Honey Camp Lagoon.

    On Monday I visited the United Nations website Suffice it to say that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime has its work cut out; the task is daunting. Remember that before Christopher Columbus, the Western Hemisphere really did NOT have a problem with tobacco or cocaine. The old World knew opium and marijuana. The Opium Wars arose from China’s attempts to suppress the opium trade. You will definitely be shocked, down to your toes, when you study the history further! In 1839, England went to war with China because it was upset that Chinese officials had shut down its drug trafficking racket and confiscated its dope! Stating the historical record so plainly is shocking — but it’s true… Focus on the phrase “drug trafficking racket” for a few minutes, before you read further… Whenever you hear “drugs” and “trafficking” make that trip down Memory Lane.

    Words of Life With Pastor Barry Fraser
    April the first is Resurrection Sunday, the Christian celebration which arises from the Jewish Passover. Passover began on April 31, so we observe our festival on the first day of the week closest to that date. The Apostle, missionary, and prolific letter writer Paul penned these words in Colossians 3:1-4, as he meditated on the meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus. “If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.

    The Reporter

    Police charge man for murder of businessman, Mario Guerrero
    Police today arrested and charged Allen Russell Felix, 40, for the murder of Sunset Park businessman, Mario Guerrero. Felix, also a resident of Sunset Park at the Mile 8 community off the George Price highway, was taken into custody on Tuesday. Police believe that he […]

    Body of missing mechanic, Jamal Humes found at Sunset Park off George Price highway
    The body of mechanic, Jamal Humes, was discovered shortly after 9:00 a.m., today in the Mile 8 community off the George Price highway, some three months after he was reported missing. A passerby in the area about two miles off the highway saw what looked […]

    Churches discuss social breakdown and pray for healing
    The churches last week weighed in on the problems surrounding crime and the social issues affecting Belize, and their role in helping to solve those problems. Bishop Phillip Wright of the Anglican Diocese has said that representatives of the church were planning to meet with […]

    Belizean delegation prepares for Commonwealth Games
    Belize is preparing to send two teams of athletes to compete in the XXI Commonwealth Games, set to take place in Gold Coast, Australia from April 4-15. The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association announced that Belize’s Chief of Mission, Giovanni Alamilla, left Belize on Friday, March […]

    Belize celebrates World Tuberculosis Day
    Belize joined with all other World Health Organization (WHO) member countries over the weekend to celebrate World Tuberculosis Day, under the global theme “WANTED: leaders for a TB-Free World”. The Ministry used the opportunity to highlight the work Belize has done in Tuberculosis prevention and […]

    Four Seasons Hotel coming to Caye Chapel
    Four Seasons, the international luxury hotel franchise, has announced that it will open a new hotel in Caye Chapel in 2021. For the massive project, called “Four Seasons Resort and Residences Caye Chapel, Belize,” Four Seasons is collaborating with three Mexican real estate development companies: Thor Urbana, […]

    Businessman murdered at home
    Businessman, Mario Guerrero, 64, owner of Guerrero’s Charter Services – a boating company that offers private tours on charter – was murdered on his property in the mile 8 community on Sunday. One of his children discovered his badly beaten body body under a tent […]

    Murder suspect is granted bail in the sum of $25,000!
    “Supreme Court judge, Denis S. Hanomansingh granted bail to Aaron Bailey on remand for the 2013 murder of Gary Pratt” By Anita Nembhard/Flowers A Belize city resident on remand for four years got bail on Friday, March 23rd, through the supreme court for the sum of $25,000. He is 28-year-old […]

    One dead several injured in Stann Creek Valley road accident
    A traffic accident last Wednesday night on the Stann Creek Valley road involving a security van and a private vehicle has left four people injured, while killing an elderly woman and leaving another woman severely injured. According to police, the accident was caused by a […]

    Man released from hospital after beating, not cooperating with police investigation
    Caye Caulker resident, Shawn Magana, was released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Sunday – five days after he was first rushed there with serious head injuries from a beating in the head. But while the 23 year-old father of a toddler is recuperating, […]

    7.5 million Guatemalans registered to go to the polls in April 15th vote on Belize
    A middle-aged Guatemala man recently visited Belize and I had the chance to have a brief chit-chat with him about the upcoming referendum scheduled for 15 April 2018. I asked him how he intends to vote on the question of whether they agree to have […]

    Drought watch in effect for parts of Belize Belize lacks a national drought plan
    A drought watch is in effect for northern and southeastern Belize, according to an April 2018 bulletin released by the Caribbean Drought & Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN). The bulletin said that, “Water resources in the ABC Islands [Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire] and north and south-east […]

    Republic of China (Taiwan) funds renovation of BDF family quarters
    Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldiers at the Price Barracks compound in Ladyville are now able to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a newly renovated and retrofitted family association building courtesy the Republic of China (Taiwan). Taiwan funded the upgrades to the tune of $120,000, […]

    And then it all makes sense!
    “It is not the responsibility of government to hold the hands of the productive sector. That is what got us into trouble with the UHS…The productive sector must stand on their own feet, and whenever they enter into obligations they must be prepared and capable enough to manage their affairs […]

    Second Chances or Recycling
    During the height of the US-Iran hostage crisis in 1979, US President Jimmy Carter saw no other alternative but to use military force to free the US hostages who were held captive in the US Embassy in Tehran. His Secretary of State at the time, Cyrus Vance Sr., the father […]

    Two gang-related incidents last week show the emergence of city-based gangs to be forces to be reckoned with. The funeral last Sunday of slain gang leader Kendis Flowers was a staged event, calculated to show the community that life with the gangs is a life to which many of our […]

    Gas prices up just before Easter
    Belizeans traveling for the Easter holidays can expect their journey to come at a higher cost following the fourth announced price increase on fuel in 2018. The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) announced this week that effective March 27, the price of Premium, Regular, Diesel, […]

    Ghost Town gang funeral ends in chaos
    A funeral procession to send off reputed Ghost Town gangster, Kendis Flowers, on Sunday quickly spiraled out of control when gang members fired gunshots into the air as a tribute to Flowers; however, when the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) was dispatched, chaos erupted. According to […]

    Restore Belize expands program to reach at-risk youth
    In an era where increasing levels of violent crime are being driven up by youth, Restore Belize, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders, is using the Early Warning System project to keep children away from crime by keeping them in school. […]

    Community activist, Eva Middleton, passes
    Belize, this week, lost a former educator, community activist and executive member of the Belize Assembly for Persons with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA), Eva Middleton. Ms. Eva, as she was affectionately known, died on Saturday night after she suffered a stroke two weeks ago that rendered […]

    Joe Bradley racks up $6,000 tab New Mayor refuses to pay
    Several vouchers surfaced this week revealing an unpaid tab racked up for social activities by members of the previous City Council, totaling more than $6,000; however, new Mayor Bernard Wagner has refused to pay the bill. The vouchers, which total more than $6,300, were made […]

    Facebook friendship results in unlawful sex involving minor
    A Facebook friendship between a man and a minor has reportedly resulted in unlawful sexual relations between them. The girl’s father reported to San Ignacio police on Tuesday that his 14 year-old daughter left home without permission and that he could not locate her. Police later found […]

    Man critical from gunshot wounds
    A construction worker is in a critical condition after he was shot twice on Tuesday night in San Pedro town. Police say that around 10:30 p.m., Guillermo Salazar, 26, was walking towards his house in the San Pedrito area on the island when a man dressed […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    3 months after; remains of Jamaal Humes found
    This morning around 9:30, police visited 8 miles on the George Price Highway and about […]

    Statistical Institute of Belize: Cost of living falls in Feb as transport and food prices decline
    During the month of February, Belizeans paid less for goods and services for the first […]

    Use of ozone depleting chemical and conflict of interest characterizes lime imports
    Information leaked to BBN earlier today is that the final green light was given for […]

    Southside commander meets with community stakeholders
    Southside Commander, Howell Gillett continues to meet with members of the business community to discuss ways on […]

    Man succumbs to gunshot injuries
    Berkeley street resident, Fabio Paredes, succumbed to his injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital […]

    Ministry of National Security to host Nationwide Consultation
    The Ministry of National Security informed today that it will embark on a nationwide consultation […]

    Hungarian politician accused of hiding money in Belize
    Hungarian elected politician and Secretary of State, Zsolt Szabó, has an estimated 1.2 billion dollars […]

    Cable operators warn PM about applying GST on Internet
    The Belize Cable Television Operators Association (BCTOA) have written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow urging […]

    Protest happening on Mexican side of northern border
    According to reports, there is currently a protest being staged on the Mexican side of the […]

    Belize’s Sustainable Development Practices – Goals Vs. Achievements
    By Jacob Williams: Belize is one of the world’s most idyllic holiday destinations, representing a hidden gem of […]

    Belize – Guatemala’s Referendum on ICJ
    By Richard Harrison: On April 15, 2018, Guatemala will hold a national referendum to decide whether to take […]

    Police respond to shooting in Ladyville
    Last night around 9:13, police responded to reports of shots being fired in the Milpa […]

    Missing San Ignacio teen girl found
    Yesterday, a woman reported that on Monday, March 26, her 14-year-old daughter left home without permission […]

    Police seeking murder suspect on the run
    Allen Russell Felix, also known as “Dhadi” is wanted for the murder of businessman Mario […]

    Agriculture Ministry plans to import lime
    Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche in an interview with News […]

    Three more shot in ongoing gang rivalry
    On Sunday night, three people were shot on Mopan Street in Belize city. Derrick […]

    Gas prices going up at midnight!
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) has just issued new gas prices effective midnight tonight. Premium, […]

    Two police officers injured in Ghost Town incident
    The Ministry of National Security today issued a statement informing that it has reviewed the […]


    Honoring La Semana Santa: The Holy Easter traditions of Belize
    Around the world, Easter is a time for families to come together, often taking a vacation and reveling in the sun – even if it’s just for a weekend. This year, Easter weekend begins on Friday, March 30th with Belize’s top tourism destinations already gearing up for fabulous beach parties, sporting events, and entertainment for all ages. Beyond the revelry, however, Easter is also a commemoration of La Semana Santa (Holy Week) for the religious communities in Belize. From Sunday, March 25th to Saturday, March 31st, Christians across the country observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through a weeklong series of Easter activities. The week begins with the Domingo Ramos (Palm Sunday Procession). Roman Catholic Churches in several municipalities re-enact Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Holy Monday’s Procesion del Silencio and Holy Tuesday’s Procesion de Encuentro reflects Christ’s teachings.

    Easter 2018 Activities in Western Belize
    No need to be on the islands to enjoy some of the most popular Easter events in Belize-- if you’re in Cayo, here are some you Benque Viejo del Carmen, the closest town to the Belize-Guatemala border, is an ancient township well known for keeping many traditions alive—and Easter is no exception. In fact, this season is one of the most celebrated weeks in the otherwise quiet community and people from all over the country travel here to participate or experience the religious events. At the break of dawn, Benqueños begin filling up the streets to create the “Alfombras de Acerin”, Spanish for sawdust carpets. These vibrantly colourful and creative carpets can be found throughout Benque Viejo del Carmen starting at midday; the flooring decorates the town so beautifully and acts as a guide for the re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross.

    International Sourcesizz

    CARIFORUM council of ministers meeting underway in St Kitts-Nevis
    The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), also known as ‘Brexit’, is an emerging trade issue that is of paramount concern to the Caribbean region. Against this backdrop, a number of government ministers and delegates from the Caribbean Forum of African Caribbean and Pacific States (CARIFORUM) countries are currently in St. Kitts-Nevis attending a two-day special meeting of the CARIFORUM council of ministers. The meeting concludes on Tuesday. CARIFORUM Director General, Percival Marie, said that the meeting was timely and extremely vital. “The meeting is held at a crucial time when post Cotonou negotiations between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of States and the European Union are about to commence. This meeting is also held when the European Union and the United Kingdom are in discussions on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union,” said the director general.

    Easter in Belize
    While some enjoy spring break, in Belize we celebrate Easter. With a large portion of the population belonging to a Christian denomination, holy week is the longest holiday of the year. The 4-day weekend for many begins at end of day on Thursday and ends on Monday. Locals take advantage of the much needed rest days. What seems like the entire population travels to neighboring Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, or head to the cayes, rivers and other bathing locations. Swimming is such an Easter time activity that there is a time specific Belizean myth that one mustn’t swim on Good Friday as you will be turned into a dolphin or mermaid. Needless to say, many take the risk and recharge their batteries in the healing waters of Belize.

    Medical mission from Slidell to Belize marking 30 years
    For a team of 22 volunteers, spring break is a time to pack duffle bags and head to the jungles of Central America. The team is part of the Dos Amigos Dental Medical Mission that was founded 30 years ago in Slidell to provide dental and medical services to people in the Toledo District of Belize. It started when dentist Joe Lindsay heard two missionaries to Belize speak at his Slidell church. “I asked if they needed a dentist,” he said. When they told him there were no dentists in the remote area, Lindsay volunteered. “My wife called my daughter to see if she could talk me out of it, but she wanted to go, too,” he recalled. He conducted the first Dos Amigos Dental Medical Mission in 1989, and many of his children and grandchildren have accompanied him over the past three decades.

    Belize: New project launched to foster banana production
    The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the European Union (EU), the Banana Growers’ Association (BGA) and the University of Belize (UB) launched a new project that will promote and foster social and economic development in the banana belt area of Belize, leading to the reduction of poverty by focussing on workers, their families and communities. The Banana Belt, which generates a significant number of jobs in the region, comprises 10 growers and 23 farms of relatively large holdings of plantation farms that are located in the southern Stann Creek and northern Toledo Districts. The BGA is the statutory body representing these growers.

    12 Things to do in Harvest Caye, Belize
    One of the newest ports in the western Caribbean cruise itinerary for Norwegian Cruise Line guests is the brand-new Harvest Caye Port. Opened to the public in November 2016, the 75-acre island features plenty of facilities and activities to have fun on. Such as the 15,000 square foot swimming pool. A 1300-foot-long zip line which is 136 feet above the ground and a beautiful 7-acre white sandy beach. It’s no wonder there are so many things to do at Harvest Caye. Owned exclusively by Norwegian Cruise Line, this cruise port justifies the $50 million and the 4 years of hard labor that was spent creating it. The non-tendering port could be one of the most authentic Caribbean cruise port there is. And probably the reason why it was voted the best new cruise port in the Caribbean in 2017.

    Locals to leave a legacy abroad
    Whitehouse residents and former residents are creating legacies in foreign lands through their connections and work with Wonder Voyage, a non-profit organization that creates personalized pilgrimages and voyages. Twenty years ago, Michael Fleming, pastor of Whitehouse First Assembly, was introduced to the organization before it was officially established. Fleming participated in one of the first of such projects in Belize. “There is a creek right outside of YWAM where we stayed, Youth with a Mission, that the whole community comes down in and bathes; washes, plays. It’s a huge hill and if it’s wet, it is almost impossible to get down there because it’s muddy. We had a team come in there and build concrete steps and a railing that now the entire village and community around there can safely walk down to the creek.” Twenty four members of Whitehouse First Assembly, along with 11 members of a church in Rowlett, will be returning to Belize June 23-29. The group will be participating in a number of events and projects including remodeling a kitchen, building a stage and providing Vacation Bible School and soccer camps.


  • Telenoticias Guatemala report on the border and consultation, 11min.

  • Mexican military in free zone for holidays, 10sec. If you’re heading to Mexico, you will meet the military. They are addressing contraband in the free zone area distributed by fayuqueros. This is the cause of the last border uproar.

  • BELIZE // Relaxing Sunrise Feels, 3.5min. This is the visual story of a 12 day trip with my family and friends through Belize. We will be 5 days in a catamaran out in the ocean and then another 4 on land exploring the tropical jungles and local culture. Expect some heavy travel feels and visual vibes...

  • Belize Service Learning Project 2018, 5.5min.

  • BEST OF BELIZE - Caye Caulker, 3.5min. Dans cette vidéo, on te fais découvrir en quelques minutes nos plus belles images et nos plus beaux moments du Belize. Nous avons passé deux jours incroyables sur le petite ile de CAYE CAULKER, aux portes de la 2ème plus grande barrière de corail du monde !

  • Belize - Chartered Tropic Air Flight, Golf Carting around San Pedro (Ambergris Caye), 8min. Video of our chartered flights to/from Belize City to/from San Pedro, and our adventures driving around San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) in a rented golf cart. Amazing place!

  • Masculinity and male violence in Belize, 53min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Mexican film, Tragic Jungle, 21min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Community Oriented Policing, 41min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Belize, 5min.

  • Biking Belize, 6min. After breakfast, we rented bikes and rode every part of the island we could find. We played with the dogs and cats at the animal shelter, and discovered the prettiest swamp you've ever seen.

  • A Day Trip to Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye, Belize, 4min. Our one day with the golf cart and we visited Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye. It wasn't much of a secret but it was a SUPER bumpy ride in our zero-suspension golf cart. The Secret Paradise Beach Bar let us chill out on their lounge chairs in exchange for buying food and drinks from them. A fair trade!

  • Rio Blanco- Belize!, 4min.

  • Boujee in Belize, 16min. Just a few nurses, dieticians, and midwives helping out in Belize and having a great time

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize Parasail March 18, 2018, 14min.

  • Small Plane landing in San Pedro Ambergris Caye Belize, 1.5min. We took a small Plane from Belize City to San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye. March, 2018.

  • t’s Manatee Awareness Day!, 2min. BELIZE IS WHERE IT'S AT! : We have the largest population of the Antillean manatee worldwide! THEY'RE WATER NOMADS: Manatees utilize rivers, lagoons, cayes, and coastlines. THEY'RE TOTAL VEGANS! : Manatees were hooked on veggies way before veganism became a trend. Food includes: sea grass, mangrove leaves, water hyacinths, and macro-algae. If you see one of these gentle giants in need of our help or want to get involved in manatee awareness, email [email protected] or call 615-3838. Special thanks to @FarahGuerrero for sharing these videos taken from her Belize City backyard (hence the dog barking in background). How cool is that? Manatees in our canals does highlight the need for all boaters to respect no wake zones!

    March 28, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    SPHS boys win 2018 NSSSA Softball National Tournament; SPHS girls take sub-championship
    The San Pedro High School (SPHS) male and female softball teams returned to the island as champions and sub-champions, respectively, from the 2018 National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) Softball Nationals. The tournament took place in Orange Walk Town from Friday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 24th at the People’s Stadium where the best secondary schools from the north, central and south regions of the country convened for a weekend of fun and intense competition. Immediately after, individual awards along with trophies and medals for the winning teams were presented. SPHS players shone with awards at the short ceremony. Aaliyah Pilgrim was awarded for the Most Stolen Bases, while Sueny Vasquez was recognized for the Most Strikeouts. Christian Trejo took the prize for the Most Runs Batted In, while Christian Orellana scooped the Most Wins, Most Strikeouts, and Most Valuable Player (MVP) prizes. The San Pedro Sun joins the entire island in congratulating the SPHS male and female softball teams on a job well done at this year’s Softball Nationals.

    Businessman Mario Guerrero found dead in Belize City
    Belizean businessman 64-year-old Mario Guerrero, with family ties in San Pedro Town, was beaten to death in his backyard over the weekend. His lifeless body was found on Sunday, March 25th, and Police are now looking for two men, who apparently were seen socializing with Guerrero the day before. The official police report indicates that on Sunday at 9:30PM police visited #1234, Sunset Park, where Guerrero lived and upon arrival they saw his motionless body, lying face down under a tent with injuries to the head. Guerrero’s death is being treated as a murder after a broken stool was found which is believed to have been used to cause the deadly injuries to his head.

    BDF dominates San Pedro Pirates F.C 4-0
    For the 11th week of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB), the Belize Defense Force (BDF) F.C hosted the San Pedro Pirates F.C at the MCC Grounds. With BDF controlling the match from the beginning, it was a clear victory for them with a 4-0 point score when the end whistle was blown. The match began at 4PM, with BDF controlling the match and scoring the first goal at minute 34, courtesy of Jaren Lambey. The game continued with crosses and passes and the first half come to an end with no more goals. In the second half, BDF aggressively returned and within the first minutes, Trimayne Harris netted another goal for his team. Not satisfied as yet, three minutes later, Harris scored another goal. The match then saw San Pedro Pirates responding with close attempts to score but none successful. In the three extra minutes given, at minute 93, BDF’s Kelker Palacio scored another goal for his team. The long whistle was then blown with the victory going to the home team with a 4-0 score.

    Ambergris Today

    Ambergris Caye Braces For Extreme Water Shortages During Peak Easter Break
    Water shortages before and during the Easter break is nothing new to island residents, but it is something that is recurring more often and island residents are pretty much fed up with the water utility company. Certain areas of the island have been experiencing low water pressure for months now and just recently the Belize Water Services Limited has been issuing notices on social media that there will be intermittent interruptions in the water supply because of ongoing works at the Pumping Station. Water never seems to be fully restored when stated and to make things worse they cut off the water supply at nights without explanation.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

    New Basketball Rim at Boca del Rio Park
    The San Pedro Town Council would like to thank Mr. David who donated a basketball rim and four basketballs for the use at Boca del Rio Park. With the help of Juan Carlos, Kahlen and Alexius, the rim was quickly installed for children to use. Thanks again guys! Thanks to Delva Corina Alvarez for the great pictures!

    Dear Prime Minister, We write on behalf of our members of the Belize Cable Television Operators Association. With regards to your recent budget speech on the application of GST on Internet. We are hereby requesting your reconsideration of this proposed increase. The application of GST on this technology would affect the most under privileged in our society, the most remote residents and businesses in our country, the young entrepreneurs needing to communicate with the international market, students research and studies, farmers in remote areas connectivity and the family communications.

    San Pedro well represented at SCFM conference!

    Easter Holiday weekend
    Good Friday, Friday March 30th, Holy Saturday, March 31st and Easter Monday April 2nd will be observed as Public and Bank Holidays. Have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable Easter Holiday weekend.

    Join the Ya’axché team as GIS Specialist!
    Join our team as GIS Specialist! The GIS Specialist is expected to oversee the geospatial and sustainable land use activities according to Ya’axché’s Strategic Plan and will work under the Protected Areas Management Program. Apply today!

    Thank you to her female civilian staff and female police officers
    On 27.3.2018, in collaboration with Women’s Month , Officer commanding Precinct No. 1, Supt. Marcia Moody said thank you to her female civilian staff and female police officers. A total of 20 female's were awarded. Congrats to Supt. Marcia Moody from recognizing the females under her command, and congrats to all those that received an award.

    Police Awards in Corozal
    Today March 27th, the Corozal Police Formation, held it's monthly general meeting, but before commencing the meeting , Officer in Charge, Sinquest Martinez conducted a physical inspection of officers uniforms and appearances. The meeting was concluded with an award ceremony where six officers were awarded for their outstanding performances for the months of October 2017 to March 2018. Police officer of the year 2017 was awarded to WPC No. 1377 Belky Gilharry.

    Women’s Month outreach at Central Prison
    To commemorate Women’s Month, on March 15, the Embassy held a motivational outreach with inmates at the Belize Central Prison. We engaged perpetrators of crime and violence to help self-identify the root causes of violent behavior and to share the resources available for rehabilitation, stressing the importance of support networks. Chargé d ’Affaires Adrienne Galanek spoke about the U.S. Government’s assistance to the Government and people of Belize through the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). Guest speakers Ms. Dianne Finnegan & Mr. Emil Pulido delivered motivational speeches. Belizean singer Shans Moir shared an inspirational song. The Embassy thanks Mr. Virgilio Murillo and his team for the partnership and hopes that programs focused on motivation and rehabilitation will become part of the holistic approach and ongoing programs by the local government and NGOs.

    Roy Hale Live Concert in San Pedro
    March 28 – April 1 in San Pedro. Roy Hale Live Concert on San Pedro kicking off. Wednesday: March 28th Palapa Bar and Grill 6pm-9pm, Thursday: March 29th Marbucks Coffee House 4:30pm-7:30pm, Saturday: March 31th Banyan Bay Suites 1pm-4pm, Sunday: April 1st Palapa Bar and Grill 1pm-4pm, Sunday: April 1st The Dive Bar 6pm-9pm.

    Channel 7

    Boatmaker Killed By Friends
    Tonight, police say this man, Allen Russell Felix, known as "Dhadi" is wanted for the murder of Mario Guerrero at his home in Sunset Park. Felix is believed to be the man captured on security camera beating Guerrero repeatedly with a barstool right in the driveway of the 64 year old's home. That happened at 5:00 am on Sunday morning. Sahar Vasquez tells us that what ended up as murder - started off as a night of socializing:...

    Shot And Killed Man For stealing Mangoes, Perez Gets Off
    Ladyville resident Hilberto Perez got off a manslaughter charge in court today. Perez shot 60 year old Daniel Trapp with a pellet gun in 2015 because Trapp was stealing mangoes - Trapp died later that day. A jury of 9 women deliberated for almost 4 hours and they found Perez not guilty of manslaughter. The incident happened on May 9, 2015 at Perez's Ladyille residence. Trapp went to Perez's yard to steal mangoes. Perez hollered at him and told him to leave otherwise he will call the police. But according to Perez Trapp refused and that's when Perez fired hi pellet gun - hitting Trapp in the left side of his chest.

    Senate Spars Over Budget
    Last Week Thursday and Friday, we brought you coverage of the marathon, 2-day, Budget Debate in the House of the Representatives which went all the way past 11:00 on Friday night. Well today was the Senate's turn to take a go at it, and they were no less thorough. Each of the senators pored over different elements of the budget, exploring - or, as the case may be - magnifying the strengths and the weaknesses. On one side, there were the opponents of the budget who say that the increase in taxes and the deficit financing will make it the next fiscal year very hard times. Then, there were the supporters of the budget who acknowledge that there will be a deficit, but they assert that public spending will continue to remain stable for the most part.

    Honourable Gentlemen, Mike and Mark Face Off
    So, as you saw just now, UDP's Michael Peyrefitte called out Business Senator Mark Lizarraga on his suggestion that the Government needs to be reducing the amount of public officers hired at this time. That sounds a lot like a call for retrenchment, even though Lizarraga didn't exactly say the dreaded "R" word. Well, that wasn't the only time that the two clashed. In his budget presentation, Lizarraga publicly questioned the function and budget of Peyrefitte's ministerial portfolio as the Attorney General, and the UDP Minister responded saying that he took great offense to that. Here's how that one went:

    Cable Operators Plead For No GST on Data
    In a few days when the new fiscal year starts, your internet bill will probably be going up. Whether you buy two dollars mobile data from your corner store - that is now expected to be $2.25, or if you buy one of those slick, high speed Diginet packages at home, for, say, 20 megs: instead of $179.00 monthly, that is now expected to be $201.00 dollars monthly. The pricing hasn't been finalized yet, and those figures are projections, but either the price, or the amount of data you get for it has to change because - for the first time - GST will now be applied to internet and data sales.

    Violence Expert: Targeting Women For Murder Is Worrying Next Level of Warfare
    Today, the University of Belize and the Ministry of Home Affairs finished up a 2-day Seminar with a big theme. It was called Understanding Masculinities and Male Violence in Belize. That misunderstood masculinity is what's driving the epidemic of violence in Belize - and one of the experts who was brought in to try and decode it is Jamaican violence anthropologist, Dr. Herbert Gayle. He's written the definitive study of male violence in Belize - which was released as a book in 2016. But today we tracked him down at the airport to ask him about the violence that we've recently seen indiscriminately targeting women and children. As we've reported three women and one male minor have been murdered, while others have been shot in the city in the last two months.

    Gayle: Emergency Areas Can Only Work For So Long
    But, before he left, we also asked Gayle about the "Public Emergency Areas" which the Ministry of National Security plans to declare in certain - still unspecified - crime ridden areas of Belize City. This draws a parallel to Jamaica where a state of emergency has been declared in two crime ridden provinces since January - using legal provisions similar to the ones they plan to use in Belize. We asked Gayle whether this is an effective means of containing gang warfare:

    Ministry of National security Wants To Talk About Crime
    And, hopefully, before it activates those emergency areas, the Ministry of National Security will consult. That's what it plans to do when it embarks on a nationwide consultation with stakeholders. A release says the Ministry plans to, quote, "discuss, and share ideas and possible strategies to address the crime situation in Belize." The release adds that the Ministry has invited the BNTU to meet on April 11th, and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Belize Council of Churches, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize to meet on April 13th, 2018.

    Man Loses Everything When Trailer Home Burns
    Tonight, 77 year-old Lionel Williams, a Belize City resident, is homeless after his trailer home on Jabiru Street burnt this morning. He says that he was right in the yard doing a bit of work when it suddenly caught on fire, which quickly raged out of control and destroyed all his belongings. Here's how he described it: Lionel Williams - Fire Victim: "I was the yard cleaning it up and then all of a sudden, I see some smoke coming from the front there and afterwards I told the guy, where is this dust coming from? He said no, it's not the dust, it's the smoke and that's how it started."

    Cayo Cops Got A Stolen Sawed Off
    Cayo cops took a big gun off the streets. This morning at about 6:45 a joint anti-crime Easter operation led by San Ignacio Special Branch Unit, the Tourism Police Unit, and staff personnel rolled out. They searched a number of areas, but had the biggest find at an abandoned house in the Santiago Juan Layout in San Ignacio. The found a sawed-off 20 gauge shotgun that had been reported missing in a burglary two weeks earlier. At another location, they also found a plastic bag in a culvert with 73 grams or 2.5 ounces of cannabis. And, in a bushy lot, they found another plastic bag with 354 grams or three quarter pound of weed.

    An Early Warning System To Avoid A Human Disaster
    EWS stands for Early Warning System - and it's something you would normally associate with natural disasters and the like. But, Restore Belize is using a EWS to avert another kind of disaster - the human kind, when a kid drops out of primary school. A few years ago Restore Belize put the program into action and integrated it into five pilot schools along with the Ministry of Education. Today we spoke to two educators from one of the pilot schools and they told us how this program designed to keep kids in school has made them better teachers, and turned possible dropouts into star students. Sahar Vasquez reports:

    Aggravated Assault With A Fast Car?
    John Muschamp is accused of trying to run over another man with his car. The Compliance Officer appeared in court today charged with aggravated assault with a vehicle. It allegedly happened almost a year ago in May of 2017 on Cleghorn Street in Belize City. Sales Representative Leon Flowers told police that he was walking on Cleghorn Street in Belize City when he heard something coming behind him. He swung around and saw a black vehicle barreling towards him.

    Shrimps Situation Not Too Bad Without BAL
    On Friday we told you that one of the biggest shrimp farms in the south was laying off 100 workers due to continuing problems with Early Mortality Syndrome, a disease that has been affecting the shrimp industry since 2015. Well, the Belize Shrimp Growers Association says that does not affect the overall industry output because of the 7 million pounds of production that the Industry anticipates this year, Belize Aquaculture's contribution represents less than 3%.


    Belize Cable Television Operators Association Writes GOB On GST On Data Services
    Last week, stakeholders in the agro-productive sector successfully lobbied against a proposal for 12.5% general sales tax to be charged on land preparation for agriculture, harvesting, and crop dusting services by taking their concerns directly to the Prime Minister. On March Thursday March 22nd, following that same script, another group, this time in the cable and internet sector known as the Belize Cable Television Operators Association wrote Prime Minister Dean Barrow, requesting that the same consideration be taken with the Government’s plan to charge GST on data services

    Gaspar Vega A No Show At Budget Debate
    For the two days of budget debating that took place last week Thursday and Friday in Belmopan, we noted that only 30 members of the House of Representatives showed up. The missing member is of course no other than Orange Walk North politician Gaspar Vega, who has developed a truant style ever since falling out of grace with his own party and resigning from Cabinet in October 2016. Vega missed most House Sittings last year, and so far has not shown up this year, not even for the all-important budget debate. But that doesn’t mean his name didn’t come up. Caribbean Shores’ area representative Hon. Kareem Musa raised concerns that the Government still owes $70 million in land compensations in instances including where the deals are corrupt and illegal such as the $800,000 that were paid to Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts.


    Fire leaves man homeless
    Seventy-seven-year-old Lionel Williams is seeking help from the public after his home was destroyed by fire this morning. The fire started sometime after nine at Williams’ home on Jabiru Street in Belize City. Williams told Love News that he lost everything in the blaze. Lionel Williams – Fire Victim: “Well we were in the yard …

    Early Warning System to help at risk children
    RESTORE Belize and the Ministry of Education has collaborated on an Early Warning System program that targets at risk children. The objective of the program is to prevent students who are struggling from dropping out of school. Rosalyn Bradley, Consultant with the Ministry of Education explains. Rosalyn Bradley – Consultant, Ministry of Health: “Basically we …

    UWI Open Campus Council holds meeting in Antigua & Barbuda
    This year is the tenth anniversary of the University of the West Indies Open Campus. The Open campus gives those employed, who are unable to sit in a classroom, access to education online. This morning UWI Open Campus held its annual open campus council meeting under the theme “Opening Doors to Life-Changing Learning”. The meeting …

    A crime fighting strategy that involves all stakeholders
    Over the past few weeks, major crimes in Belize City have increased to a shocking level, prompting the Government to immediately institute crime fighting strategies. But crime is a problem that the Government itself cannot effectively address and solve. The Ministry of National Security says it stands ready to work with all factions of the …

    Caribbean countries owe US $250 million dollars to UWI
    At today’s Campus Council Meeting, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, pointed out that two-hundred and fifty million US dollars is owed to the University of the West Indies by the Governments of the Caribbean. Love News asked the Head of UWI Open Campus, Jane Bennett, whether Belize …

    Shyne Barrow to inaugurate new resource center for Mesopotamia children
    The Shyne Barrow Mesopotamia Resource Center will open next week in Belize City and will cater to students and children in the division and surrounding areas. Today we spoke with the man who pushed and collaborated with several other persons to have the center fully furnished. Shyne Barrow told us that he has always been …

    Private Sector Senator says budget lacks fiscal discipline
    Senators today debated the General Revenue Appropriation (2018/2019) Bill. The first to contribute to the debate was Senator for the Private Sector, Mark Lizarraga. Senator Lizarraga’s debate was about an hour, about 15 minutes above the allowed time frame to make his presentation. He did so by focusing on facts contained in the budget. Lizarraga says …

    Budget is a cocktail of “barrow-nomics”, says Lead PUP Senator
    Following Senator Lizarraga’s presentation, Lead PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay made his presentation. Senator Courtenay says that the budget has no vision and no plans. He says it is a prime example of a UDP administration of nothing more than a cocktail of “barrow-nomics”. Eamon Courtney, Senator: “A visionless budget Mr. President. Misleading figures, unsatisfactory program …

    Attorney General expresses support for Barrow’s Budget
    While Senators Mark Lizarraga and Eamon Courtenay pointed out what they say is everything wrong with the budget, UDP Senator and Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte, rose to support his administration’s fiscal strategy. For the most part, Peyrefitte confined himself to matters relating to his office, saying that he did not get everything he asked for. …

    Senator Duncan says we are better of under a UDP Government
    Joining his colleague in praising the Prime Minister’s Budget was UDP Senator Stephen Duncan. Senator Duncan compared the economy realities under a UDP administration to that of a PUP administration. He mainly focused on social and infrastructural programs. Stephen Duncan, UDP Senator: “As we run a deficit there is a marked difference between the deficits …

    One arrested another sought for murder of Mario Guerrero
    Police have detained a woman as they continue investigating the murder of businessman Mario Guerrero. They are also looking for forty-year-old Allen Russel Felix, a resident of Western Paradise Village and have put out a wanted poster for him.

    Belize Cable Television Operators ask Prime Minister to reconsider internet tax
    The Belize Cable Television Operators have written to the Prime Minister Dean Barrow seeking a reconsideration of the proposed tax on internet. According to the Association, the new tax will completely wipe out benefits to customers and worse, the adverse effects will result in an increase in costs of several internet supported services to Belizeans. These include communication, on-line banking, access to on-line degrees, on-line training, research, and telecommunicating.

    Union Senator speaks on Ministry of Education budget
    The unions were not consulted during the preparation for the 2018/2019 budget. This is according to Union Senator, Elena Smith. Senator Smith told her colleagues that while they were part of the process last year, they seemed to have been forgotten this year. At the start of her budget debate presentation, Smith who is also the National President of the Belize National Teachers Union, focused on the allocation made to the Minister of Education.


    Looking to have a unique, off-the-beaten-path experience in Placencia? Here are some ideas!
    There are some excursions and adventures that are well traveled and well known in Placencia- such as snorkeling at a caye, visiting a private island, hiking or seeing waterfalls, etc. Belize gets so many repeat visitors that our awesome tour guides are always coming up with new tours to keep guests coming back for more and more intense experiences! Here are some of the off-the-beaten-path experiences that are NOT on everyone's radar....yet.....but should be! Also great for repeat guests, or for those that live here - here's a way to really blow your guests away with adventure :) (all pics from provider websites)

    C is for Crocodile….it’s good enough for Me! A fun and educational tour with ACEs
    ACES (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary) is a non-profit organization in San Pedro, Belize that is dedicated to educating the public about crocodiles and conserving crocodiles and their habitat. ACEs offers a fun and interesting tour as part of their crocodile education program. On the tour, you drive around the mangroves at night on their boat, the “swamp thing”, and search for crocodiles while learning all about them. Here is the incredibly cool ACEs team: Christina and Chris. (I didn’t have a picture of them so this is borrowed from their facebook page) On the day of our scheduled tour, there was a problematic crocodile who was located in a neighborhood that needed to be relocated. So our experience was just a little different than their typical tour.

    International Sourcesizz

    5 Best Affordable Caribbean Islands to Live On...and 2 to Avoid
    Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico all offer islands off their Caribbean coasts—islands that share the same turquoise-blue waters and powder-white beaches you expect when you hear “Caribbean”—only you won’t pay a fortune to live on any of them. Read on to find out more about five Caribbean islands that won’t break the bank…and two that just might… 1. Ambergris Caye, Belize: English-speaking Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize at 25 miles long and a little over a mile wide, and San Pedro is its only town. Expats give up little living on Ambergris Caye. Power, water, cell phone coverage, and internet are reliable…and you can buy most necessities for daily living on the island. Regular water taxis and flights make it easy to take a quick shopping trip in Belize City, or Chetumal, Mexico. The selection of quality restaurants and bars is constantly expanding.

    Mexico, Belize and Guatemala seek creation of the first trinational Protected Natural Area for jaguars
    Alejandro del Mazo, head of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) explained that Mexico reported that it seeks to create the first trinational Protected Natural Area (ANP) to conserve the jaguar and the Mayan jungle, shared with Belize and Guatemala. During his participation in the International Jaguar 2030 Forum held at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), commented on the cultural and ecological value that keeps the figure of this feline animal for the country, this from the pre-Hispanic era.

    UNC student studies a Caribbean species of coral's possible resistance to climate change
    Although disease outbreaks and climate change have caused an 80 percent decline in coral cover in the Caribbean since the 1970s, a UNC Ph.D. student in the Department of Marine Sciences discovered that some species of coral in Belize grow faster in the harsh environment along the coastline than they do farther from shore. Justin Baumann, the leader of the project, said he studied two species of coral: the massive starlet coral (Siderastrea siderea) and symmetrical brain coral (Pseudodiploria strigosa) that seemed to grow faster in a particular coastline environment in Belize, despite the prevalence of human interference and runoff that could harm them. “We’ve identified a stress-tolerant coral, and we've identified that in the near shore areas of the reef — closer to shore, further from the open ocean and further from the main reef structure — these corals are subjected to conditions that allow them to essentially acclimate to climate change or just stress in general,” Baumann said.


  • New Basketball Rim at Boca del Rio Park in San Pedrp, 15sec.

  • Yo Soy Guille - Bufalos Latin Band-Belize Band Fest 2018, 15min. Participacion en el Belize Band Fest 2018, en Corozal, Corozal, Belize.

  • Square in center of San Pedro in Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1/2min. Try the tacos at the street stalls. Cheap and delicious.

  • Scooby Doo Pa Pa & Chocolateh by Corozal Community College in Belize Band Fest 2018, 1min.

  • Collaborative Research on Bats in Belize, 69min. This presentation by Dr. Nancy Simmons was given at the American Museum of Natural History on March 21, 2018. It describes some of the field research on bats conducted by Simmons and her collaborators and students over 8 years in and around Lamanai Archaeological Reserve in Orange Walk District, Belize.

  • BELIZE: Diving with sharks, manatees (sea cows), eagle rays and turtles, 4min.

  • Swim Thru - Half Moon Caye Wall - Belize, 1.5min.

  • Belize 2018, 2min.

  • BELIZE TRAVEL DIARY | Kloee Kartchner, 12min. Here is all the video footage I took while in Belize. We did so many fun things and this isn't even half of it

  • Belize 2018, 3min. Our spring break trip to Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye in Belize.

  • San Pedro Belize, 4min. Fun in the sun! (a/k/a: How we spent our Spring vacation.) FYI: Belize has the world's second-largest barrier reef, just offshore of Ambergris Caye.

  • How to change a truck tire in minutes!!!, 7min.

  • UNCAF Beach Tournament, 4min. Belize's Beach Football National Team, departs today to Costa Del Sol, El Salvador to play Costa Rica, Panama and Salvador in the upcoming days from the 29th - 31st of this month.

  • Police CheckPoint, 55min.

    March 27, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Caye Caulker 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby competition shows a decrease in the invasive species
    Caye Caulker’s 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby Competition, held on Saturday, March 24th at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar and Grill, assisted in reducing the population of the invasive species in local waters. The competition saw the following 10 teams competing to win prizes in four categories; Contour, Sagebrush from San Pedro’s Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop, Scuba Sensation, Belize Diving services, APBX, Lions Fish Hunters, Miguel, French Angel, Los Locos and Caye to Happiness.

    Marco Gonzalez Spring Equinox Event a Grand Success
    A very successful Spring Equinox event was held at the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve on March 18th and was wrapped up on Tuesday with La Sirene General Manager Greg Pisarczyk and Daniel Matusiak, Director of Marketing/Sales, presenting a Gold Sponsor check of $2,000 to Jan Brown, Chairman of the Board, MGMSAC, Ltd. “We are delighted to be the best of neighbors with La Sirene to our south,” said Ms. Brown. “They have been a sponsor before and we appreciate this wonderful donation.”

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Math
    "Thanks for the ride home, Mr. Dennis,” Mario said. “I would like to ask you one more favor, though.” “Maybe,” I told him. “When will you pay me back?” “Oh, no. I don’t need to borrow money this time. I need some advice about wiring up the electricity for that room I just added on my house. We’ll sit on the porch and I’ll get Consuela to bring us a beer.” “What’s wrong with you?” he asked Consuela, when she brought our drinks. “You look all vexed.”

    Guest Editorial: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall
    by Lisa M. Shoman. The KHMH is not even 23 years old. Its doors were opened in September of 1995. It’s probably a good thing Dr. Karl Heusner isn’t alive to see what the edifice named after him has become, and I can only imagine the embarrassment it is to his living relatives. When we build a home, we certainly expect it to last in excellent condition (with some sensible maintenance and repair) for at least 25 years. Apparently, we were not entitled to assume the same for the building which houses nation’s primary referral health institution. We Jewelizeans love to run mean jokes about what the acronym KHMH stands for, but the truth is, for all save the wealthy 1%, the KHMH is the frontline for saving lives in Belize.

    Doctor Love: Name Withheld
    Dear Doctor Love, In October you gave some advice to a woman whose boyfriend would not take the last step in their relationship and marry her. Your answer was that she should accept the level of commitment he was willing to give her or break up and find a man who would sign on the dotted line. In your words, “The doctor likes to think that a marriage of the heart and mind is more important than the ring and the paper.”

    Ambergris Today

    Amigos Del Mar Takes Lionfish Tournament In Caye Caulker
    The Amigos del Mar Dive Shop Team, San Pedro, came out victorious at the 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby held in Caye Caulker on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Teammates Anita, Shamir, Mikey and Maverick managed to dive and catch 121 Lionfish and the first place trophy. The tournament is sponsored by the Barrier Reef Sports Bar in Caye Caulker in collaboration with Oceana Belize. Prizes were given out for the most lionfish caught, the smallest lionfish and the largest lionfish. Congratulations to Amigos del Mar of San Pedro and all other participants/winners at the 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby.

    SJC & SCA Classes Of ’78 Celebrate 40 Year Reunion
    After several months of planning, the combined classes of Saint John’s College and Saint Catherine Academy alumni ’78 held its 40th reunion at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Saturday, March 10, 2018. Over 100 alumni, friends and teachers came from all over the United States and Belize to fill the beautifully decorated Caracol Room and enjoy an evening of entertainment and fellowship. Present at the event were both former SJC and SCA headmaster and principal. Father Timothy Thompson, SJC Headmaster ‘78, opened the event with a prayer and during a time of sharing Sister Mercy, SCA principal ’78, recalled the special times she had with her “girls”. Several other former teachers in attendance including SCA teachers Mrs. Alice Castillo and Ms. Eloisa Reyes and current SCA principal Mrs. Salome Tillett and her spouse; and former SJC teachers Mr. Jorge Pelayo, Mr. Eric Neal, and Mr. Manuel Esquivel and spouse. Also in attendance was current President Mrs. Mirtha Peralta and her spouse. The alumni committee recognized each teacher with a gift basket.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Maya Day 2018
    It was beautiful seeing all of the activities and people at Maya Day 2018. Tomorrow we begin planning Maya Day 2019. We want to see more people involved. The Kekchi Maya,Mopan Maya and Yucatec Maya together for Maya day celebrating our culture,heritage and identity as Maya of Belize .

    Maya Day 2018
    From the far north of Belize came our Yucatec brothers and sisters. You inspire our people with the amazing dances and ball game. We will reciprocate the visit soon. Thank you to the Northern Association of Maya Yucatec

    Ministry of National Security Statement on Incident in Mayflower Street Area, Belize City
    The Ministry of National Security has reviewed the facts surrounding the confrontation, which occurred on Sunday, March 25th, between security personnel and residents of the Mayflower Street Area. The Ministry is satisfied that there was justifiable cause for security personnel to enter the area as there were multiple reports of gunfire in the vicinity, which created a state of fear and panic among residents in the area. Furthermore, the Ministry is satisfied that the authorities exercised great restraint in the face of verbal and physical attacks on them. The incident resulted in the injury of two (2) Police Officers.

    2 DAY FREE EVENT !!!!! Who's ready for the Easter weekend? Higher Levelz Promotions and the San Pedro Town Council have partnered to bring you a line up of some of the best DJ's and performers in the country! Over 15 performers! See you on Saturday, March 31 and April 1st at Nook's on the beach!

    CARPHA and EU Team Up To Train Regional Laboratory Technicians
    Under the auspices of the European Union, the laboratories of the Caribbean Agency for Public Health (CARPHA) offered a basic course in the updating of serological diagnostic techniques for the Zika virus. Thirteen participants from the Trinidad and Tobago Public Health Laboratory (TPHL), Insect Vector Control Division (IVCD), Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre (EWMSC), and some technicians from the Regional Health Authorities, were trained in the detection of human antibodies against Zika Virus. This training will have a positive impact on the strengthening of laboratory capacities in Trinidad and Tobago and will be repeated in 5 CARPHA member states".

    Earth Hour 2018
    FOCUS sends a huge thank you to the CYEN Belize, Oceana Belize, Corozal Town council, CJC Eagles and CEMJC pioneers for working together to make this event successful. Also, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Omar Vasquez and Mrs. Ruth Shoman for the sponsoring of the new Earth Hour banner.

    Caye Caulker Easter Traffic Note
    The Caye Caulker Traffic Control Committee is hereby informing the general public that the following portions of Avenida Hicaco Street: from Fantasy Dining to Bambooze Restaurant and 7 Days store to Amigo’s Restaurant, will be blocked between the hours of 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. This will also continue on all other weekends as well. NO VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED TO CUT THROUGH BARRICADES IN THIS AREA. Police & fire department are the only ones allowed. Please respect blockage area.

    Vamps Ice Cream in Corozal
    1st Avenue, Corozal - "Now you can get your Vamps Ice Cream in cones, shakes, sundaes and banana splits. You can still buy our packaged Ice Cream in stores but we're offering you ambience with your favorite ice cream. We're excited to invite you to our opening this Thursday at 10 a.m."

    Thunderbolt Water Taxi:- Easter Schedule:
    Monday, 26th March through Thursday, 29th March:- Corozal to San Pedro 7:00 am. San Pedro to Corozal 3:00 pm. Stops in Sarteneja 7:30 am and 4:30 pm. Good Friday 30th March NO RUNS. RESUME regular runs on Saturday, March 31st.

    Human Development Office in San Ignacio Relocated
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation hereby informs the public that effective April 3, 2018, the new location for the Human Development Office in San Ignacio is on the 3rd floor of the new San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Hall building located on No. 28 Maya Street, adjacent of Falcon Field, San Ignacio Town. The public is further reminded that the office’s telephone number remains the same which is 804-2098.

    On Saturday, March 24, 2018, The San Pedro Town Council held its first Movie Night at Central Park: Easter edition, showing Hop. It was definitely a fun night as the kids had their face painted and took pictures with the colorful Easter frame - even the adults got in the fun! While watching the movie, the children were treated to popcorn and juice.

    Another mural is under way as part of the Corozal Street Art Movement (CSAM)
    Artist and educator Vianay Bautista Alpuche is spending part of her Easter break creating something very special!

    Travel Advisory to Mexico this Easter 2018
    This information is published as a service to Belizeans to inform travellers as to Mexican laws and regulations so that they can adequately prepare for their travel to Mexico and avoid unnecessary difficulties. It is updated as new information becomes available or to provide clarification. Have a safe and happy Easter! A. IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS 1. Belizeans do not require a Visa to visit Mexico. This applies to the entire country - from Chetumal to Tijuana. 2. Only Passports and “Border Cards” (Tarjeta de Visitante Regional - TVR) are valid for entry to Mexico.

    Let your travelling feet take you to our beautiful and scenic Sarteneja Village this Easter April 1st 2018. It will be a day for all the family to build wonderful memories and have lots of fun. We will be there so we will see you there.

    Realize Belize Easter Drop-in
    Realize Belize had their pre-Easter function at Hode's on Saturday. "Thanks to all the individuals with disabilities, and children, parents and families who came out to our Easter drop-in today in San Ignacio - thanks for sharing your time with us! It was great to see so many people - old friends and new...we look forward to seeing you again at another Realize event!"

    Channel 7

    Street Style Gun Salute for Slain Gangster Leads To GSU/Ghost Town Showdown
    The funeral for notorious gang figure, 26 year old Kendis Flowers funeral was held yesterday in Belize City. As we've been reporting, Flowers was a senior member of the Ghost Town Crips and yesterday, as a send off, some of his fellow gang members rendered a street version of the 21 Gun Salute. Now, that kind of salute is reserved for state funerals, but yesterday the streets did their version, and it sent chills through the Mayflower Street neighborhood - near Vernon Street. After the funeral and the procession were finished, the GSU went in to arrest those who they believed were discharging firearms indiscriminately in public. But they stepped into a volatile situation of a grieving family who believes that same GSU killed their loved one!

    Crazy Vendetta Killing Extends Cycle of Retaliation
    And from lawlessness in Ghost Town, we turn now to the weekend murders, starting with the one which happened in the Lord's Bank Village. Over the past 2 weeks, we've been showing you the street feuds in the Lake Independence Area of Belize City that have claimed the lives of 2 older women in 2 separate families. 52 year-old Bernadine Louriano was murdered in her home on Aloe Vera Street. It is believed that she was targeted by her son's enemies in an attempt to get at him. Then, a week later, 64 year-old Theresita Flowers and 17 year-old Delcia Blanco, were shot and killed in their home on Tibruce Street, which is only 1 street away from Lauriano's home.

    Louriano Charged For Double Murder
    And while Orellana was killed in Ladyille, his relative, 19 year old Alejandro Louriano was today charged with last weekend's double murder of 17 year old Delcia Blanco and 64 year old Theresita Flowers. Louriano appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford today where he was remanded into custody until May 30th. Louriano allegedly shot and killed Blanco and Flowers in their home on Saturday, March 18th. 2 others were injured in this brazen shooting as well.

    Businessman Murdered In His Yard
    And while that large imprint of violence defies comprehension, far from the center of Belize City violence, a well known businessman was found murdered last night in a residential neighborhood at mile 8 on the George Price Highway. 64-year-old Mario Guerrero was found dead in his own yard at Sunset Park. Sahar Vasquez has more: Mario Guerrero Senior was a talented sea captain known for his skill in traversing calm or rough waters. The 64 year old owned the popular boat service named Guerrero's Charter Service, but his mastery of the seas was of no help last night when two men pounced on him in his yard at Sunset Park.

    Killing On Trio Road, Toledo
    And the weekend's third murder happened in the Toledo District. A Trio Village man was stabbed to death and robbed over the weekend. 36 year old Guatemalan Mario Oddilio Loyo was last seen on Friday when he went to cash his pay cheque. But Loyo's body was found yesterday evening around 5:00 in a drain on the village road with nothing but his underwear. Today police told us what else they found. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Information was received by Independence police and as a result police went to an area that is about 4 miles from the junction of the southern highway into Trio road where upon arrival they observed the motionless body of a male person lying face down inside of drain."

    Fatal Accident On Southern Hwy
    A man was knocked down and killed on the Southern Highway this weekend. It happened yesterday before midday near Bladden Village. Guatemalan Jose Cac was drunk and he was staggering across the highway when Elisabelia Gilharry, who was heading to Bella Vista in her car, slammed into Cac. He died shortly after. We spoke to an eyewitness and she told us what she saw. Kayla Cadle, Eyewitness: "We were inside and then we just heard a hard knock and all three of us ran out and when we came out we saw the man on the ground but the car stop and we just run out to try and help the man but he was already dead."

    Fuel Prices Going Up For Easter
    Fuel prices are going up at midnight - so if you are driving anywhere for Easter, you might want to fill up that gas tank right after the news. Premium gas is going up by 15 cents to $11.39 per gallon; Regular is going up by 43 cents to $10.61 per gallon; while diesel is going up by 25 cents per gallon to $10.13 per gallon. Kerosene is increasing by 24 cents per gallon.

    Gunshot Falls From The Sky through KHMH Roof
    At the top of the news we told you about all those shots fired in Mayflower Street in the gun salute for slain gang member Kendis Flowers. That happened during the Flowers funeral at around 3:00 pm. And, by very strange coincidence - right around that time a bullet came down out of the sky and went right through a piece of zinc roofing at the KHMH emergency room. A release from the hospital says, quote, "a bullet penetrated the roof of the KHMHA building at our Accident and Emergency Department… and while no one was injured, the outcome could have been gravely different." End quote. From our understanding, the bullet came from above the hospital.

    Shotgun Hunter Thought He Saw A Racoon; It Was His Friend and Sons
    Last week we told you about a hunting trip gone wrong where a man and his two sons were shot. Fortunately it wasn't fatal. It happened last week Sunday night in the New Road Area of PG. Farmer Santos Cucul went hunting for raccoons in his cornfield. Cucul saw what appeared to him like the raccoons eye and fired his shotgun injuring his friend Raphael Choj Sr. and his two sons. Well, this weekend our team met with Choj's daughter and Cucul to get both sides of the story. We start off with Esmeralda Choj who explained what caused the confusion. Esmeralda Choj, Daughter: "This last Sunday that past my father and two brothers went out hunting but actually they found a little creek and they love to fish so they went down and start to fish in the creek. Then my brother told me because they were the first ones I spoke to, they told me that they saw when the man went into his farm."

    The Search For Seguro
    Tonight, a family from Biscayne village in the Belize District continues to worry about the wellbeing of 64 year-old Alfred Seguro. He left his house last week, and hasn't been heard from for 5 days and counting. His family tells us that he's a stroke victim, and ever since that event, he's had a habit of wandering around the village, but he has never gone missing for more than an overnight. This morning, we found his family and police searching in the bushes behind Biscayne. His niece told us today that they are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst possible outcome:

    Shootings in City This Weekend
    A Lebanese business owner shot at a man on Saturday evening. Fortunately it wasn't fatal. There was some dispute between businessman Khalid El Turk and Felicito Cho at the corner of Central American Blvd and Ceasar Ridge Street. Turk pulled out his gun and fired at Cho. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "There other 3 shooting incidents in the city. The first one occurred on Saturday the 24th of March 2018 sometime after 5:00 pm. Felicito Cho a truck driver was inside of his truck which was parked at the corner of Central American Blvd and Caesar Ridge Street when he was approached by the owner of the truck businessman namely Mr. Khaled El Turk where a confrontation ensued between the two of them, Khaled pulled out his license firearm and fired several shots at Mr. Cho injuring him on his right wrist and receiving abrasion to his left foot and forehead. Police at the scene detained Mr. Khaled."

    Gang Rivalry Led To Mopan Street Shooting
    3 city residents - including a minor and a female were injured in a Sunday night shooting. 17 year old Tariq Myles, 27 year old Derrick Pineda and 32 year old Natisha Tillett were hanging out at a Mopan Street house when two gunmen rode up and shot at them. Police say it may be as a result of an ongoing gang rivalry in the area. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Police were called to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where they saw 2 male persons and a female suffering from various gunshot wounds. The first male person was identified as Tariq Miles, he had a gunshot wound to the right side of his buttocks. The other person was identified as Derek Pineda..."

    Kelly Street Shooting Leaves Man Critical
    Police are also looking at gang rivalry as a possible motive for a Kelly street shooting that has left one man critical. It happened on Saturday night where well-known car washer Fabio Paradez was struck to his legs. Police told us more: ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Police responded to shots fired at the corner of Kelly Street and Hunters Lane and as a result upon arrival they were informed that a shooting victim was at the KHMH, upon checking at the KHMH police observed Fabio Paradez, Belizean laborer of Berkley's Street suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to both legs. Mr. Paradez was admitted in a critical condition and still is in a critical condition at the KHMH.."

    Guat Snorkler Drowns At Hunting Caye
    Yesterday evening police found the body of a Guatemalan woman near Hunting Caye in Belize's southern waters. The information is that she went snorkeling in the area and drowned. Here is more from the briefing. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Information just came in a while ago that a female, a Guatemalan female was snorkeling at one of the Cayes around there, I think it is Hunters Caye and she disappeared and as a result Coast Guard was called in and they conducted a search in the area and they recovered the body of a Guatemalan female."

    Crime Solvers Catch A Revolver
    A 20 year old man was caught with a 38 Special in Belize City on Saturday night - and he's in jail tonight because of it. Around 11:30 on Saturday night, Police saw August riding a bicycle on cemetery road and pulled him over for a stop and search. They say that he took a gun from his pocket and threw it on the ground. Police retrieved the gun and found that it was a .38 revolver with 6 live rounds. Police say August told them he found the revolver on Partridge Street. August was charged with Kept Firearm without a Gun Licence and Kept Ammunition without a Gun Licence.

    Chad Eckert, In His Own Defence
    Up to one week ago we hadn't heard the name Chad Eckert - but that's when he appeared as the principal of Apex International, the private company that has gotten the contract to manage the Civic Center. It's the most costly public building ever constructed in Belize - and immediately the private management contract came under scrutiny. And Eckert himself came under fire, as the details of an October 2017 lawsuit against him was fed to the press. Turns out that Eckert - who is married to a Belizean - was the owner of Belize Sea Island Cotton which was producing cotton in Northern Belize. Well, his former manager Gustavo Cardenas was suing him claiming that Eckert wronged him in many ways.

    A March For Healing
    On last week Friday's newscast, we told you about the Light Our Hearts Rally that organizer Shakera Young was putting together as a sort of support group for the grieving families who have lost loved ones to crimes, and gun-related violence. Having lost her son in a tragic murder herself, she understands what the mothers and grieving family members of these victims have been enduring. So, she and her church ministry put together this event in her effort to help these families through the slow healing process they must go through. We stopped by and spoke with her as well as a few of the participants affected by the street violence:

    Rt. Hon. Dean Dices and Slices In Budget Wind-Up
    The house meeting didn't end until 11:35 on Friday night - an excessively marathon two day event. But the Prime Minister wound up the budget debate about an hour before that. Even thought it was late in the evening, the PM finished on a combative note - taking the Opposition Leader and the Deputy Leader for the west to task for their private land holdings, and those belonging to their families. Here's just some of what he listed and the reaction it elicited:..


    Alejandro Lauriano charge with murder of Teresita Flowers and Delcia Blanco
    While police investigate the murder of 28-year-old Justin Orellana, the nephew of Bernadine Lauriano, this morning police reported an update into the double murder of 64 year old Teresita Flowers and 17 year old Delcia Blanco, who police say were killed in retaliation for the Lauriano homicide. ASP Alejandro Cowo said a nineteen-year-old family member …

    Businessman attacked and killed outside residence
    Police are also investigating the murder of businessman Mario Guererro, whose body was found outside his residence in the Sunset Park area of Western Paradise Village after nine o’clock on Sunday night. ASP Cowo says Guerrero appears to have been attacked with a stool, but authorities are still working on establishing a motive. ASP Alejandro …

    Bernadine Lauriano’s nephew killed
    The weekend saw a total of three murders, but not on the street of Belize City as two of incidents happened in Rural Belize and another in the Toledo District. There were also three separate shootings in which five people were injured. We start our coverage of the weekend crime with the murders that were …

    Justifiable force was used says Ministry of National Security
    The Ministry of National Security says that GSU officers exercised justifiable force during the chaos which exploded on Sunday evening on Mayflower Street. A release from the Ministry states that quote, “there was justifiable cause for security personnel to enter the area as there were multiple reports of gunfire in the vicinity, which created a …

    Guatemalan killed in Toledo, an apparent case robbery
    Also on Sunday, sometime after six o’clock in the night, police responded to a call of a body found about four miles into the road that leads to Trio Village in the Toledo District. Police say they found 36 year old Mario Loya, a Guatemalan national who lived in Trio Village, in a drain. He …

    BTL worth $729 Million
    On Thursday, Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, spent some time during his budget debate presentation on what he termed as “Barrow’s BTL Fiasco”. Briceno criticized the government’s move to nationalize Belize Telemedia Limited, saying that it is not worth a billion dollars as the Prime Minister claimed. Briceno says that as real value based …

    PM Barrow shift focus on “Anti-corruption apostle”
    And after he was done with PUP Leader John Briceno, the Prime Minister shifted his attention to Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat. Like with Briceno, the Prime Minister outlined several land transactions involving Espat, who he described as a supposed “Anti-corruption apostle”.

    Prime Minister calls out Opposition Leader over land transactions
    On Friday night, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow closed the 2018 budget debate. Earlier this month the Prime Minister presented the budget he entitled “Maintaining Steadiness; Consolidating Stability; Advancing Growth.” The Opposition, People’s United Party, was given two weeks to prepare for the budget debate. With parliamentarians from both sides of the …

    Five injured in Belize City shootings
    Three separate shootings left five persons injured over the weekend. The first incident happened around five o’clock on Saturday when 45 year old Felicito Cho was shot in his foot. Police report that Cho was inside a white tow truck with his wife when they were approached by the owner of the truck. The owner …

    Advocate Eva Middleton dies
    The Belize Assembly for Persons with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA) has suffered a great loss as a result of the death of its Manager, Eva Middleton. She passed away at the hospital on Saturday night after she suffered a stroke about two weeks ago. Middleton was known for work in advocating for the rights of persons …

    Chaos erupts on Mayflower Street
    Things turned ugly on Sunday on Mayflower Street in Belize City as the GSU descended in the area in an attempt to detain a ‘Ghost Town Gang” affiliate. The crowd was not having it and chaos erupted with shots being fired and bottles thrown and broken. If you are on Facebook you might have already seen videos of the incident, showing the pandemonium that unfolded following the funeral of Kendis Flowers.

    Bullet penetrates KHMH roof
    A bullet penetrated the roof of the KHMH on Sunday afternoon. At around three o’clock the bullet pierced the roof above the Accident and Emergency Department. No one was injured, but the KHMH today expressed concern about the safety of its patients, visitors and staff.

    Health Minister addresses KHMH’s roof issues
    During the budget debate, Minister of Health Pablo Marin addressed the issues facing the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. As we have reported, the KHMH is facing structural problems which have caused it to operate at fifty percent capacity.

    AMJ inviting youths to shot some hoops
    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (AMJ) is hosting a basketball camp scheduled to take place from March 25 to March 30. The Ahmadiyya Muslims have chosen basketball as a means to reach the youths of Belize. Love News spoke with Naveed Mangla, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Belize about the basketball camp. Usman Jamil, …

    Deputy Mayor speaks about plans for old capital
    We also had the opportunity to speak with the newly elected Deputy Mayor of Belize City, Oscar Arnold. He told Love News his financial background will help him to effectively execute his duties. Arnold said that while campaigning residents brought to their attention the problem of the drain covers across the city. He added that …

    DJ Competition Climax
    The Belikin Belize DJ Championship was held in several different districts and tonight those district winners will compete in the national competition. A total of eight deejays will be competing. Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow shared with the media the categories the deejays will be judged on. For the Belize district competition, DJ Puffy was in …

    Mayor Vellos shares vision for Corozal
    The March 7 municipal elections, ushered in many new faces that now sit on town and city councils. As we reported yesterday, the Ministry of Local Government put together a two-day conference to get the newly elected leaders acquainted with their roles and responsibilities. One of those new faces is Rigoberto Vellos, the Mayor of …

    McKenzie feels he is the right man for the job
    Ashton McKenzie, the newly elected Mayor of Punta Gorda feels that given his experience as a past councilor he is the right fit for Punta Gorda and can bring about the change the town needs. McKenzie shared with Love News his plans to help the development of that municipality. McKenzie said that his council …

    Taxation is natural, says Minister Wilfred Elrington
    Parliamentarians are at this hour still debating the 2018/2019 budget. The second day of debate began with a lengthy presentation by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Pickstock Area Representative, Wilfred Elrington. Elrington focused on the need to emphasize efforts in providing quality education to at risk youths in order to reduce major crime in the …

    It’s a “no meat in the ham” budget- Julius Espat
    Following Minister Wilfred Elrington’s presentation, Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat, rose to contribute to the debate. Espat criticized the Government’s budget as one which has fiscally fatigued over this past decade. Espat says that the best tools to effectively root out corruptions are the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Integrity Commission while taking …

    It’s a “barrow-gant’ budget, says Kareem Musa
    The next parliamentarian to make his contribution to the budget debate was Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Kareem Musa. Musa began by describing the budget as a “barrow-gant” budget.

    ‘Boots’ goes on the offensive
    Anthony Martinez is the Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. He began his budget presentation by speaking out against the recent spike of crimes against women and children. This issue, he says, is not one that can be solved by the Government, much less by a single Ministry. Martinez says that this …


    Repair Work Starts on the Road, North Ambergris Caye
    As you head north from San Pedro town…over the bridge… The road is paved for about 3.5 miles. And then unpaved. Over the past year…through the rainy season…and traffic, including the non-stop (from 6am to 5pm) running of dump trucks from the quarry to town…the road has become bad. And then it became worse. And then it became a chiropractic situation. Our daily golf cart jaunt from our home at 7 miles north to San Pedro town turned into a MAJOR grind. 30 minutes turned into almost an hour with jagged rocks exposed and deepening holes. But…just two days ago…REJOICE! The grader is here. The road roller is here. And in the two days that it has been working, it has smoothed the road between Belizeans Shores, passing Las Terrazas Resort and is already up to Portofino.

    7 Great events you don't want to miss in Belize
    From scuba diving to hiking up Mayan ruins or caving like Indiana Jones, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Belize. You’re probably thinking that you’ve been there and done that in Central America—perhaps in Costa Rica or Mexico. But more than likely, you haven’t experienced what makes Belize unique from its neighbors: its fusion of Caribbean, African, Latin and Mayan cultures. From a West-Indian style carnival in Belize City to lobster feasts, Garifuna John Canoe dance contests and chocolate celebrations in Punta Gorda, planning a visit around one of the following seven local festivals in Belize will give you unique insight into its melting pot culture—the kind you won’t experience across the border.


  • 3rd ANNUAL LION FISH DERBY, 3min. Join us on our epic journey as we share the day with a crew at the 3rd Annual Lion Fish Derby. The lion fish is an invasive species hardly any known predator other than the spear. This event was hosted by Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill

  • On Friday, March 16th, The Prime Minister delivered the closing statement for the 2018 Budget Debate, 48min.

  • Corozal Historical Walk Places to visit in Corozal, 3.5min.

  • Belize 2018 - El Pescador Lodge Fly Fishing, 4min.

  • Belize 2018 | Ambergris Caye, 6.5min. We made it to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. It was an amazing pay off to save the beautiful beaches, Cayer Caulker Island, shark diving, amazing new friends, golf cart riding and fresh seafood till the end of our Belize adventure.

  • Hooping at Big Rock Falls, Belize, 1min. ocation: Big Rock Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize Hooper: Nikki.

  • Belize Ocean Club Resort and Belize Underwater March 2018, 12min. We had a great trip at this resort. Best diving I've seen in the Caribbean. Staff were great, awesome food, a really pleasant visit and break.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize 2018, 21min. Cave tubing in Belize was an amazing experience! The rainforest scenery leading up to the cave was simply amazing. The tour guide that guided us through the cave was full of knowledge and educated us about the cave and the history of Belize.

  • Real talk from Belize, 7min.

  • Corozal Community College 2018 Field Show Belize Band Fest, 14min.

  • Belize Estel's Dine By the Sea!, 1.5min. Great place to eat in San Pedro, Belize!

  • Belize Tour of San Pedro Town, 4min. Ride through San Pedro Town, Belize.

  • Shark Ray Alley Belize, 4min. Nurse sharks and sting rays everywhere.

  • Aquarium dive site Belize, 4min.

  • Half Moon Caye Belize, 5min. Diving half moon caye, there were a lot of reef sharks hanging around.

  • Belize Original #1 Pupusaria, 2min.

  • Belize Hol Chan, 3.5min. Diving with a Manatee at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize!

  • Belize Eel Whisperer!, 2min. Scuba diving with eels!

  • Sea turtles Belize, 12min.

  • Corozal Community College 2018 Belize Band Fest, 3min.

  • Cave Tubing ?!? The best travel, MUST SEE in Belize!!, 7min.

  • BDF FC vs San Pedro Pirates FC, 2hr15min. Sunday March 25, BDF Wins 4-0

  • Morning Matters at Caribbean Tire, 67min.

  • New Commander of Eastern Division South, 50min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Introductory lesson on the basics of CPR and First Aid, 35min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Belize 2018, 5min. Trip to Belize 2018 - Ambergris Caye and the Lamanai Mayan archeological site.

  • Nzinga Waite hosts Dr. Doudou D. Faye in Belize, 30min. #2 of 3-video with information regarding the many uses attributed to the natural healing elements of the Neem, Moringa and Shea trees.

  • 2018 Belize City Tour, 26min.

  • 2018 Belize port area, 17min.

  • VISIT OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH TO BELIZE., 50min. 30 years ago, 1985. Here is a recording for those of us who love Royalty. This video recording however, is more than just royalty, it recalls an historic event just 4 years after Belize attained it's Political Independence from Great Britain. Those of us who were 10 years old at the time are now fully grown adults. those of us who were 30 years old are now senior citizens. Amazing and interesting to see once again, so many faces at a time when Belize was in it's infancy and those people and faces such as policemen, soldiers, civil and public servants, teachers, school children and more, all who were a part of that historic chapter in the existence of our beloved Belize.

    March 25, 2018

    I will be unable to do the daily news tomorrow, Monday morning March 26. I will return on Tuesday morning.


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Human Trafficking continues to pose a challenge in Belize
    Human trafficking continues to affect the country of Belize, and on Ambergris Caye it is no exception. Evidence of this was seen on November 2, 2017, when 25 Honduran women were arrested by the San Pedro Police Department and Immigration Officers after inspecting three bars on the island. In January 2018 Belizeans felt international pressure when the USA banned the issuing of temporary work visas following the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) latest evaluation where Belize received a low rate on the U.S. State Department’s 2017 Human Trafficking report, resulting in the removal of Belize from a list of 80 countries approved for the temporary work visas. Several agencies have attempted to provide assistance to Belize to combat this issue.

    The PUP almost ready to file a petition for new municipal elections in San Pedro
    The People’s United Party (PUP) are making final preparations before heading to the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the San Pedro Municipal Elections held on March 7th, where the United Democratic Party emerged victoriously. The final detail before taking the case to court is to have all of the candidates from the PUP’s slate sign the petition that points out inconsistencies in the electoral process and the unaccountability of 275 ballots. The leader of the PUP, Honourable John Briceño claims that certain boxes were not tallied, thus, over 200 ballots cannot be accounted for. According to PUP Senator and Attorney at Law, Eamon Courtenay they have 21 days to present the case to the court after the official results are published in the Government Gazette. Courtenay also indicated that there is a provision under the Town Councils Act allowing for petitions such as the one they are preparing to present to the country’s highest court.

    Mangrove Study shows positive results for Belize
    A study conducted by the Belize Audubon Society and carried out by Emil Cherrington, Research Scientist at the University of Alabama to determine how mangrove cover has changed in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site and across Belize between 1980 and 2017 has been released. After three months, on Tuesday, March 20th the findings showed a positive turnout, as minimal clearing of mangroves has occurred within the Barrier Reef Reserve and with only one of the protected areas showing changes in mangrove cover. With these new findings, there could be a chance that Belize’s Barrier Reef will be removed from the UNESCO in-danger list. “The idea of the study was because we wanted to know the status of the mangroves within the Belize Barrier Reef in a bigger and wider context. They are submitting it now to the UNESCO in our state of conservation report where we are now saying that since the inscription till now, for the past seven years, we have seen negligible or minimal mangrove change,” said Executive Director of Belize Audubon Society, Amanda Burgos Acosta.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Bryton Codd and Karym Coleman earn scholarships
    The Belize Volleyball Association congratulates Bryton Codd and Karym Coleman on their successes in earning volleyball scholarships to pursue further education in Canada. These athletes have both achieved high levels of performance both personally and professionally, and we wish them the very best as they continue on their journeys of greatness.

    Enjoyed the band fest today
    I would say Corozal is proud of CCCs performance today.

    R.I.P. Mrs. Lydia Vega
    May you Rest In Peace and rise in glory. A wake will be held in Caye Caulker on Monday at 6:00 pm with a Novena . Funeral services will be held on Tuesday at 2:00 pm at the Roman Catholic Church in Caye caulker . she will later be laid to rest at the Alamina family Cemetery there after.

    Get to know 2018 Outstanding Women Awardee: Mrs. Enelda Rosado
    Mrs. Enelda Rosado was born on September 7,1956 to Mr. Faustino Canto and Mrs. Lillian Canto in the beautiful island of Caye Caulker located in the Belize District. She completed her primary education at the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School and pursued her secondary education at St. Catherine's Academy. Wanting to give back to her community, she entered into the teaching profession and taught from 1973 — 1984 and 1991 — 2011. She served her community as Principal of the primary school from 1995 until she retired in 2011. She received her teachers training at the Belize Teacher's Training College. Mrs. Rosado is dedicated to her community and is always willing to volunteer her service wherever and whenever she can.


    On 23.3.2018 about 5:29 p.m., Daisa Robinson, 41 year old , Belizean Cook of Biscayne Village, reported that her farther Alfredo Segura, 65 Year old, Belizean retiree of the same address, left home on 22.3.2018 and up to the time of making this report he has not returned home. Alfredo Segura is about 5' 5'' in height, slim built, brown complexion, bald headed with white facial hair. He was last seen dressed in a black jersey short pants, a dark blue -shirt and black slippers. If seen kindly call: 911, 922 or the nearest Police

    Band Fest 2018
    Congratulations to our Corozal Community College Marching Band Champions. Your hard work has paid off once again. You have certainly earned this win and the entire Corozal community is proud of your spectacular performances. A special congratulations to all those behind the scene, who played an important role in this victory.

    Sarteneja Tour Guide Association will soon be providing Water Taxi Service to Corozal
    Sarteneja Tour Guide Association will soon be providing Water Taxi Service to Corozal. Prices will be (Belize Dollar). Adults One Way $20.00 Round Trip $35.00, Minors One Way $10.00 round trip $15.00. Students One Way $15.00 and round trip $25.00.

    Illegal to fish for parrotfish
    SEA would like to remind the general public that it is illegal to fish any species of parrot fish from Belize's waters. Parrot fish are important reef grazers, who have teeth specially designed to scrape algae from coral and rocks. Without such fish species, the health of reef could possibly deteriorate due to excess algal growth. Fishermen are also reminded that it is illegal to land fish fillet without a skin patch of 2 inches by 1 inch on each piece of fillet. SEA appreciates the support of the public and encourages everyone to continue being good environmental stewards of our natural resources!

    Photos of yesterday's OPEN DAY at Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College (CEMJC)

    Band Fest 2018 Parade

    TransFormed Exhibit Launch
    The Wildfire Atrzmosphere will be launching their next exhibit, entitled TransFormed, next Saturday at 6:30pm. The exhibit created by Masani Live, will feature tapestries created from woven metals and quilts.

    The Reporter

    Southside cops and new commander busy at work
    Since taking command of the Police Eastern Division South on Monday, Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett has hit the ground running, trying to curb the crime situation which recently peaked with several murders over the last week. Yesterday, Gillett reported that Precinct One officers patrolling on Vernon street saw a suspicious man, later identified as Ignatius Williams, 24, and conducted a search resulting in the discovery of a .9mm pistol loaded with six live rounds. Williams was taken to the Precinct One police station and was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Gillett said the officers who made the discovery will be rewarded at a ceremony next week.

    100 employees fired from southern shrimp farm
    Approximately 100 employees who were employed at the Belize Aqua Culture Limited (BAL) shrimp farm, located at mile 4 on the Placencia road, Stann Creek district were laid off on Friday. The company says it is downsizing due to the incursion of significant cost in the fight against a disease outbreak affecting the entire industry. The company says substantial efforts are underway to rebuild and make its operation profitable in Belize with a view to re-employ the affected employees at a later date. The Ministry of Labor, via a release, said it is working closely along with the company’s management and affected parties to ensure that the legal requirements under the labor laws of Belize are complied with to ensure that wages and benefits due to employees are paid.

    Agriculture, foreign exchange, and health debated on Budget day 2
    Day two of the budget debate for the fiscal year 2018/2019 raged on in the House of Representatives in Belmopan on Wednesday and pushed way until 10:30 p.m. while several members from both political parties addressed various national issues. After news broke on Friday that Belize Aqua Culture Ltd. had laid off 100 employees, Orange Walk South area representative Jose Mai complained that in recent years Belize has seen several industries closed, including papaya while the shrimp industry is facing a crisis. He said if the situation is not addressed, the citrus industry will eventually stagger to a halt. Mai added that after looking at the new budget he saw no mechanisms or finance put into place to strengthen either industries. Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, Tracy Taegar Panton rebutted that the agriculture industry continues to be a booming industry for foreign earnings. According to Panton, in 2017 sugar was the top export performer, followed by bananas which showed a 17% increase from its 2016 figures, followed by the citrus industry, which despite a decline from 88 million in 2016 to 64.7 million in 2017, emerged as the third largest export earner.

    Elderly Biscayne retiree reported missing
    A retired, elderly Biscayne resident’s family are desperately searching for him after he left home on Thursday evening to an undisclosed location. Relatives told the Reporter that on Thursday, Alfredo Segura, 65, who suffers from memory loss and seizures, left his home without informing anyone where he was going. One of Segura’s daughter said earlier in the week, her father believed he had to go to work as a watchman at the BTL towers, however, they did not think much when he left home because he would return back home.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Patrick Faber slams Cordel Hyde
    After PUP’s Lake Independence Area representative, Codel Hyde’s budget presentation yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber responded to Hyde’s comment on crime, violence, poverty and education in Belize.

    Canadian arrested on money laundering charges with ties to Belize
    A Canadian man, Ferhan Patel, 37, was arrested and charged in Detroit, Michigan in the US this past week on charges of conspiring to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business and money laundering through a series of companies, one of which has ties to Belize.

    Belize Aqua Culture Ltd. lays off 100 workers
    The Belize Aqua Culture Limited (BAL) issued a release today stating that it has informed the Ministry of Labour of its intention to lay off approximately one hundred (100) employees at the company’s operation at Mile 4, Placencia Road, Stann Creek District. The company states that the reason for downsizing is due to the incursion of significant costs in the fight against a disease outbreak that is affecting the entire shrimp industry.

    Budget rounds out with debate on number of issues
    Day two of the Budget debate for fiscal year 2018/2019 rounded out yesterday with debate on a number of issues including education, health, finance and the agricultural industry. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington kicked off day two of the debate endorsing the government’s new budget and, like much of the rest of the day’s proceedings, chastised the opposition on matters not related to the budget.

    Finnegan – Misogywhat?
    By Lisa Shoman: Not because it is Women’s Month – but it still IS Women’s Month – I am giving my mouth (and fingers) “full license” to talk about and write about issues affecting women. Yesterday, Michael Finnegan, Member of the House of Representatives for the Mesopotamia Division, (to give him almost his full title) during the budget debate, on the floor of the House, rose to his feet while another Member was speaking on a “point of order” and the following exchange ensued:


    Dogs (and Cats) of Havana
    Dogs of Caye Caulker recently took a trip to Havana, Cuba and had a great time meeting Cubans of all types, including Canine. Here are some photos of our new friends. Mostly I found Havana to be a place where more questions got asked than answered. This was true with the dogs too. There were street dogs, but not a lot of street dogs. And most looked pretty healthy. Most males were intact but there were not tons of puppies running around. Unlike on Caye Caulker there were cats lounging everywhere, completely unmolested by the dogs. And the dogs didn’t bark – not at night, not as you walked past their yards. They were all quiet and friendly. People clearly cherished their pet dogs. None were tied on short leashes. I never saw anyone being mean or unpleasant to a dog, stray or owned. In many yards I saw chickens and little baby chicks rooting around, not fenced in in any way. Yet the cats and dogs did not bother them.

    Bandfest 2018 Parade was held in Corozal
    Corozalenos and people from around the country came out to witness the Bandfest 2018 right here in Corozal. It started on college road right into To 7th avenue and towards the roundabout entrance (by old social security), up to 4th avenue, Towards radio Bahia and turn by civic to the Ricalde Stadium. This about 13 bands came out to parade around Corozal town. SSD, Corozal Church of Christ Primary School, Uprising Drum Core, Mahagonny Heights, Corozal Community College, Orange Walk Central Drum Core, Belize Police Cadet Active Youth, Westly College Marching Band, Southern Sounds Marching Band, St. Luis Purple Spirit Marching Band, Guatemala Marching Band, Band Escolar Ciencia Y Tenico and Mexico Police. Judging was made in front of Jammrock during the Parade. This after at 1pm, all of the team will come out and compete by Categories. At the end of the Event, the judges will choose who will be the winner of 2018 Bandfest. Come out and at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal to witness this year's Bandfest.

    International Sourcesizz

    Now concerns about drought in the Caribbean
    The Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) says concerns exist for both long - and short-term drought over the Guianas, in particular northern Suriname. It said that water resources in Belize, particularly the north and south-east of the country, should also be monitored over the possibility of developing drought. “Copious rainfall during the wet season of 2017 and no large deficits having been built up since the start of the Caribbean dry season in most places,” the CDPMN said, noting that south-eastern Haiti is under a long-term drought. According to the CPDMN, mixed conditions were experienced in the islands of the eastern Caribbean for the month of February.


  • SPHS male softball team champions of the 2018 National Secondary School Tournament!, 3min. SPHS female softball team sub-champions in the female division!

  • Final Results Part 2 of the Bandfest 2018, 10min. 3 place was won by Youth cadets. We are sorry that our broadcasting was ended earlier on the Bandfest 2018.

  • Bandfest 2018, 2.5min.

  • BELIZE HEALIN ARTZ BANDFEST LIVE TOUR 2018 - COROZAL, 12min. Just as every Bus, Truck, Car and Bike has to pass by the WACPtv Roundabout at the Bay, so does every Parade. Check out this one and enjoy.

  • Lamanai Mayan Ruins near Orange Walk, Belize, 3min. I took a day to explore the area a bit. I went on a wonderful boat tour out to the Lamanai Mayan Ruins. The boat dock is near Orange Walk. The boat ride took about 45 minutes out the ruins stopping when there were interesting birds, animals and plants. I saw crocodiles, turtles, bats, howler monkeys and lots of different birds.

  • Hopkins Bay Belize Fishing, 9min. Interesting but not great DIY fishing at this pleasant resort just south of Dangriga in Belize.

  • Belize 2018, 16min.

  • Belize Chicken Drop, 1min.

  • Skyview flying out Belize, 2.5min. Sky view of the beautiful green sea water as I fly out of Belize City

  • Zip line fun in Belize, 6min.

  • Rumble in the West, 3hr. 4 Professional Fights! Mecanico Esquivel vs Francisco Luna, Max Pain Williams vs Fabian Martinez, Edwin Ramirez vs Wilmer Canales, Frencho Medina vs Brujo Perez. At the Octavia Waight Center, San Ignacio, Cayo.

    March 24, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    GOB takes steps to ban single-use plastic and Styrofoam products
    During the sitting of the Cabinet on Tuesday, March 20th, the Government of Belize (GOB) approved a proposal to ban single-use plastic bags, Styrofoam products, and plastic food utensils in the country by April 22, 2019. The bill was proposed by the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development; Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce; and the Ministry of Tourism, who led a collaborative taskforce comprising of the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, Beltraide, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management. Many conservationists across the country welcomed this great news as garbage pollution continues to be a main concern in Belize’s terrestrial and marine environment.

    PM Barrow confirms funds for new schools in Ambergris Caye; money for island hospital yet to be secured
    A new pre-school, primary, and high school are expected to be constructed north of San Pedro Town before the next general elections in 2020. The project had previously been announced by Mayor Daniel Guerrero on March 3rd and was confirmed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Saturday, March 17th in San Pedro Town. Barrow stated that funds for such schools have been secured, however, the Government of Belize is still seeking for additional funding for the island’s hospital.

    Belize secures lower interest rate against Belize Bank $36 million award
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled in favor of Belize in its application to reduce the interest rate on a $36 million arbitration awarded to the Belize Bank contained in a certificate issued by the court. The ruling took place on Wednesday, March 21st at the CCJ headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. The certificate was made following an arbitral award against the Government of Belize (GOB) in which a 17% interest rate per month was initially awarded in 2013. The arbitration award was made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against GOB on behalf of the mentioned bank.

    Minister Heredia denies the sale of Boca del Rio Park
    Rumors that the Boca del Rio Park located north of San Pedro Town had been sold to a local investor have been refuted by Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. Heredia expressed surprise upon being told of the allegations, reiterating that the park is public property, and under no circumstances should or would it ever be sold under his watch. A call was placed to the Lands Department in Belmopan City, who corroborated Heredia’s statement. They indicated that no such transaction has taken place and as far as they know the park continues to be a public area. The park has seen numerous renovations throughout the years and indeed is a popular area for leisure activities and is a favorite family spot on Sundays. Many of the recent renovations include the construction of gazebo style palapas, each with its own picnic table, a new and complete playground set, and the painting of the basketball court. Other additions have been the installation of basketball nets and the planting of several flowers and shrubs around the park.

    Ambergris Today

    Municipal Officials Orientation Training
    The Ministry of Local Government held a two-day workshop for the newly elected cohort of municipal officials and town/city administrators on the 22 & 23 March, 2018, under the theme: “Promoting Good Governance & Integrity in Political Office for Local Government in Belize”. All elected officials from the nine municipalities were present. The training commenced with an opening ceremony and introduction of the participants from each municipality by their respective mayors. This was followed by a host of presentations to sensitize municipal leaders on the roles and functions of the Ministry of Local Government and by agencies and organizations that contribute to governance processes within municipalities. The Orientation Training provided a space for the exchange of information among councils and the ministry.

    Weather-Ready, Climate-Smart - World Meteorological Day 2018
    World Meteorological Day is celebrated all across the world by the member states of meteorological organizations every year on 23rd of March. It is an annual event being commemorated yearly by the almost 191 meteorological organization members as well as the meteorological communities worldwide. Each year, the day is commemorated under the banner of a particular theme that reflects the importance and relevance of these services to mankind. “Weather-Ready and Climate –Smart” is the theme of World Meteorological Day.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    TODAY is the BIG day!
    EarthHour 2018 is finally here! How are you going to celebrate? We'll be at the BTL Park in Belize City at 7pm. Come early and bring your candles and sparklers! Switch off and #Connect2Earth - you’ll be part of the largest environmental movement for our planet, and every person makes a difference. It's not too late to put events on the live map: Events countrywide are being hosted in: Belize City at the BTL Park 7pm, Corozal at the Central Park 7pm, Belmopan at the Mae Gordon Park 6pm, Punta Gorda, Central Park 6pm.

    The 2018 Belize Bandfest Parade will assemble at the junction of 3rd Street South - College Road and 7th Avenue. The parade will proceed on 7th Avenue heading south then turning left onto 1st Avenue and into 4th Avenue, and head north. Left on 5th Street North and right on 5th Avenue and proceed into the Santiago Ricalde Stadium.

    Puppy Day with the Institute of Archaeology
    Today is all about those fury and not so fury canines. As today is puppy day, let us examine dogs in the world of the ancient Maya. We know dogs were used as hunting aides, played important parts in some rituals, but they also supplied protein and were thus a food source. Remains of dogs have been found at all time periods of the ancient Maya. While breeds of dogs cannot readily be told from examining the remains, we do know that the Mesoamerican hairless dog is known to have been the predominant one. The Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolo for short, was also used by the Toltecs, Zapotecs and Aztecs.

    Mar. 12th - Mar. 18th, 2018 Belize Fishing Report
    The weather has finally settled and with it comes lots of fish on the flats. Every angler gets to feel the drug of the tug when a bonefish is on the line. If you are planning a trip, be sure to work on your casting and double haul so you can feel it too.

    A Night of Rotary Membership & Trivia
    Learn about how Rotary is making a difference on Ambergris Caye and consider joining. Membership Drive taking place on Saturday; see you there.

    Ministry of Labour Issues Statement on Belize Aqua Culture Ltd. Employee Layoff
    The Belize Aqua Culture Limited (BAL), has informed the Ministry of Labour of its intention to make redundant approximately one hundred (100) employees at the company’s operation at Mile 4, Placencia Road, Stann Creek District. The company states that the reason for downsizing is due to the incursion of significant costs in the fight against a disease outbreak that is affecting the entire shrimp industry. Substantial efforts are underway to rebuild and make its operations profitable in Belize, with a view to re-employ affected employees at a later date. The company intends to effect the lay-off proceeding today, March 23rd.

    Municipal Officials Orientation Training
    The Ministry of Local Government held a two-day workshop for the newly elected cohort of municipal officials and town/city administrators on the 22 & 23 March, 2018, under the theme: “Promoting Good Governance & Integrity in Political Office for Local Government in Belize”. All elected officials from the nine municipalities were present. The training commenced with an opening ceremony and introduction of the participants from each municipality by their respective mayors. This was followed by a host of presentations to sensitize municipal leaders on the roles and functions of the Ministry of Local Government and by agencies and organizations that contribute to governance processes within municipalities. The Orientation Training provided a space for the exchange of information among councils and the ministry.

    GOOD FRIDAY IS DRY FRIDAY: Establishments cannot sell liquor on Friday, March 30, 2018 up until the next day (24 hours). Grocery stores that have liquor bottles on display MUST conceal all liquor products and avoid sale of these products. ONLY Liquor License holders with a Restaurant and Hotel Liquor License are allowed to sell liquor to their guests. Restaurant License Holders can only sell liquor to guests with the consumption of food. CLOSED: The San Pedro Town Council will be closing its offices on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. We shall resume to regular working hours on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Have a Safe and Happy Easter!


    Aimee Flores at Anglican Cathedral College
    Aimee Flores, Belizean stem cell and cancer biology scientist and PhD student at UCLA in California, shared her experience and motivated students at Anglican Cathedral College this morning. “Be brave, take risks, and put your dreams into action! Ask for help, talk to people, and don’t be afraid.” Thank you, Principal Mr. Requena and Vice Principal Ms. Pascascio, as well as the Belize District Education Officer Ms. Yvonne Davis for your partnership and warm welcome!

    Channel 7

    Wilfred Stirs Opposition With Education
    The Budget Debate is the biggest event on the parliamentary calendar - and at this hour, the second day of debate is still raging on, with Belize RuraL North Representative Edmond Castro making his presentation. But while it looks like it will go until late tonight, day two started 9 and a half hours ago, at 9:00 this morning with UDP Pickstock Representative Wilfred Elrington opening up for the UDP. He started off endorsing the budget and then went onto the topic of free Education and that stirred the opposition. Here's that exchange:...

    Wilfred’s War Of Words On UHS
    And from free education, to publicly guaranteed private healthcare - Elrington's extended presentation ranged on to a thorny issue: the Universal Health Services debacle. Now, that doesn't have anything really o do with the budget - but the PUP side brought it into the conversation yesterday - and today Elrington struck back. He pounced on PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay - who is also the lead attorney for the Ashcroft Alliance - for playing and being paid on both sides of the fence: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "This UHS guarantee never saw the light of any resolution, they fought tooth and nail against it."

    Hon. Julius: Bare Bones Budget
    And the subject of "poor people" is one much discussed in the two days of debate - with both sides claiming the moral authority to speak for them. PUP Cayo South Representative Julius Espat said it is a case of the government sucking them dry:.. Hon. Julius Espat, PUP Cayo South Rep.: "This budget now a days Madam Speaker is all bone, all bone, no meat in the ham." "The national debt is approximately $3.5 billion dollars. The external public debt is approximately $2.5 billion dollars and this amounts to about 66.8% of GDP. Our domestic debt amounted to about $1.026 billion dollars which is about 27.2% of GDP. We add this up and this year we have approximately 93.8% of GDP Madam Speaker which is more than last year and it keeps increasing. This is quite alarming. It is alarming because we keep borrowing to be able to try and grow this economy."

    Hon. Kareem: A “Barrow-gant” Budget
    Caribbean Shores Rep. Kareem Musa also weighed in on the budget calling it a "lame duck farewell budget" among many other things. Here's how he put it: Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores Area Rep.: "Madam Speaker, I begin by declaring this a "Barrow-gant" budget during a state of emergency. "Barrow-gant" because it lacks creativity and imagination. It lacks energy. It is a budget in a coma. A lifeless body of fancy words that do not in any way reflect the true Belizean reality of struggle and hardship. A lazy excuse of a budget that was prepared without any effort or vision, no consultation with private sector partners like the Belize Chamber of Commerce. No engagement with social partners like the teachers union and other community groups. Sure signs that this is a lame duck farewell budget."

    Personal Vs. Political: Boots Steps Over The Line
    Now apart from the budget presentations and speeches, there were a number of other issues raised - which had nothing to do with the budget, but a whole lot to do with political slander and name - calling. One that got everyone's attention is when Port Loyola Rep. Anthony Boots Martinez called out his opponent, PUP's Gilroy Usher Sr. for spousal abuse. Well Caribbean Shores Rep. Kareem Musa didn't let that one slide and he fired back. Hon. Anthony Martinez, Port Loyola Area Rep.: "As a nation we have been greatly disturbed by the horrendous cases of child abuse and domestic violence that have come to the national attention over the past month or so. Particular the cases that resulted in the tragic deaths of baby Allyssa and Linda Emmanuel. Eradicating violence against women and children will take all faucitis of society, working together."

    100 Laid Off At BAL Shrimp Farm
    Belize's shrimp farming industry is rebounding from some tough years, with entire farms wiped out by disease. Aquaculture interests have had to adapt entirely new methods of raising shrimp. And one of the biggest, most heavily capitalized shrimp farms, Belize Aquaculture Limited on the Placencia road has had it the toughest. Industry insiders tell us that their transition to new techniques is going to be more complicated and expensive there than at other farms. One month ago, BAL told the Shrimp Growers Association that it would have to restructure and refine the technology to manage disease incidents.

    PUP Petitions To Strike Down San Pedro Election Result
    The PUP has formally filed an election petition in the Supreme Court - asking the court to strike out the election outcome in San Pedro - where the UDP won by a fairly close margin. The petition points to a a number of what the PUP says are significant irregularities with the balloting. The Courtenay Coye law firm made the filing and the 9 page document argues that the election was not carried out in line with set regulations and the non compliance affected the outcome of the election.

    Autism: Anguish Turned Into An App
    Autism is a condition we are hearing more and more about but what really is it? Well, autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects the way a person relates to their environment and people. It does not make its presence known with a runny nose and high fever. It presents itself in tantrums, hitting, and biting to name a few of the varied manifestations. The condition is not curable but it is manageable. And it's not all bad. Autistic people often have brilliant minds and excel in many skills from a young age. But, taking both the good and the bad, it is daily challenge for families to manage a loved one who perceives the world and responds to stress triggers in a totally different way. Today we learnt that a family's journey on the autistic trail can be arduous and frustrating but, it can also be magical and surprising. Sahar Vasquez has Jayden's story:

    A Rare Bail For Murder
    Supreme Court bail for accused murders is one of the rarest things offered to defendants, but today, Justice Denis Hanomansingh did so for 27 year-old Aaron Bailey. He has been on remanded since October 2013, awaiting trial for the murder of 28 year-old Gary Pratt. He was represented by attorney Leeroy Banner who submitted to the court that his client has been in custody for over 4 years, which amounts to an abuse of process. Crown Counsel Sherigne Rodriguez objected to the grant of bail, but she did have to concede that Bailey has been in jail for a long time.

    Flight Risk Or Not, He Got Bail
    53 year-old Jose Alfredo Guerra, the Guatemalan truck driver who was charged with manslaughter for allegedly running over a man at the Western Border, is out on bail tonight - even though he would appear to be a flight risk. His attorney, Hurl Hamilton, presented his bail petition to Justice Denis Hanomansingh today. After hearing from Crown Counsel Sherigne Rodriguez, the judge granted him bail of $5,000. As we've reported, On March 9, Guerra's 18-wheeler truck ran over 38 year-old Guatemalan Marcus Zabaleta, who's mangled body was found between the truck's wheels.

    Teachers’ List of Demands On Crime
    Last night, we gave you extensive coverage of the march, the rally, and the protest against crime which the teachers held in Belmopan on Day one of the Budget Debate. But, one part of the event which we didn't get a chance to share with you is a list of demands that the Belize National Teachers Union is making of the Barrow Administration to address crime and violence against women and children. Now, if you'll remember, last year, when the teachers made demands of the Government, those were mostly to address good governance. And those demands culminated into a 11-day strike from classes. At this time, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that things will escalate to that point, but these are demands, and here's what the teachers think will help to improve the fight against crime:

    Aimee: From UCLA To ACC
    And while the teachers were making demands, students were most likely thinking about the Easter break. But, the high schoolers at the Anglican Cathedral College in Belize City got a special sendoff today with a guest speaker address by Aimee Flores. She's the Belizean pursuing a Ph.d in Stem Cell Research and Bio-chemistry at UCLA whose groundbreaking research on a possible cure for baldness has been published in a top US medical Journal. Today she shared her journey with the ACC students, to try and encourage them to open their minds to the sciences:.. Aimee Flores - Guest Speaker: "I think it's really important for the students to meet people, Belizeans who are out there doing different things whether it's the sciences or anything else just to encourage them to follow up on what they might be interested in seeing that Belizeans can do that."

    High Powered Pistol Recovered
    Last night police searched 24-year-old Ignatius Williams on Mosul Street and found that he was packing a high powered pistol. At around 10:45, they were on mobile patrol when they saw Williams riding a bicycle. They followed him, and as soon as he spotted them, he sped up and tried to escape. The chase went on to Mosul Street, where the officers saw Williams throw away an object. They caught up to him, escorted him back to the area, and found a .45 pistol with 6 live rounds of ammunition.

    Turning Hurt Into Healing
    Yesterday we told you about "One Struggle", a support group where grieving families come together to bond over their losses. We heard from Phillip Willougby who is an integral part of the group, and today we have the input of the mothers and victims who have found great comfort and camaraderie in a fraternity of hurt and healing. Sahar Vasquez reports: In 2011 Marcia Argalles lost her precious nine-year son Joshua Abraham to gun violence. Abraham was innocently dancing around outside when he was killed. Argalles was left in a deep state of sorrow and shock. She would never be able to hold her little boy again. As devastated as she was, the mother found a way to cope. The colossal loss made her realize that no one is really there for the family that has lost a loved one. Most people can't relate to their pain. This realization inspired her to start a support group uniting all those that have been in her shoes.

    Shakera: Loss Into Leadership
    And another mother of a son lost to violence who is coping with grief, and trying to offer some healing to the community in her own way is Belize City resident Shakera Young. Yesterday at the Teachers rally against crime, she gave a very revealing testimonial to the general public about what she has been enduring since the tragic murder of her innocent son, 7 year-old Tyler Savery, which happened back in November of 2016. Since then, she has decided to turn the tragedy into something positive, and so, she's organizing an event called the Light Our Hearts Rally, to give mothers and other grieving family members of slain loved ones an outlet to express that grief and rage. We caught up with her this morning to discuss the second rally being held in Belize City tomorrow evening:

    KHMH - Toughest Job In Healthcare
    Tonight, the KHMH is going into its second week in crisis mode. The hospital's roof is caving in; 120 support posts have been installed to hold up the main beam, and 50% of the hospital is closed off. It's the last, very tough stand for the outgoing CEO Dr. Adrian Coye. He's a highly specialized cardio-thoracic surgeon by training, but he pursued the CEO's post in the hopes of advancing healthcare in Belize. Three and a half years later, he's resigning what he calls the toughest job in healthcare. He spoke to Jules Vasquez about it earlier this week:...

    Glazer Looking For Razor Sharp DJ’s
    Tonight is big for Belize's best DJ's. The champion selectors from each district will battle out in the Belikin DJ Championship Final Round. And they will be judged on an international standard, by Max Glazer, who is the concert DJ for Chronixx and Rihanna,. Event organizer Shyne Barrow and Glazer told us what they are expecting to see and hear tonight. Shyne Barrow, Belize Music Ambassador: "The international superstar DJs are not overseeing they are just contributing to flow. They have experience outside of Belize. Again while we have a Father Stone and Dj Dalla who are icons in Belize it is important in what my vision is and my vision is to create a global, versatile, dynamic DJ, the best DJ that can go out there and win the Redbull competition. That can go out and perform in any part of the world. It is important to have people like Max Glazer who have toured with Rihanna and Chronixx. Who is out there in the world in the region apart from Belize to give his perspective."

    No Glory For Grenada in Friendly
    As we've been reporting this week, Belize's National Football Team is getting ready to participate in a new regional tournament called The CONCACAF Nations League. The Jaguars played their first warm up game last night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium In Belmopan. It was an international friendly against Grenada - and Belize dominated. Belize finished the night with a four to two score. Grenada scored first, in the third minute, but Belize equalized in the 12th minute, and then went on to take the lead with a goal in the twentieth minute. And then they scored a spot kick in the 40th minute, and in the 53rd minute, Grenada scored to bring it to three to 2. But Belize iced the game with a penalty in the 74th minute.

    Khiya Found
    Last night at the end of the news we told you about, Khiya Smith, a 3 year old who was taken from her home yesterday morning. Well, the good news is that 2 hours after the news at 9:45 pm, she had been located and was in police care.

    Islam Inside The Paint
    Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at has been in Belize for only 4 years, but in that time, they've already established themselves as a religious based community outreach organization that caters to children. One of their major focused has been to give youths an opportunity to participate in basketball training and big tournaments. So, on Sunday morning, they're organizing an all - star basketball tournament to showcase some of the young talented athletes they've worked with for months now. They are hoping that the general public will come out to the games on Sunday at the SJC gymnasium.


    Budget lacks fiscal responsibility, says Opposition Leader
    The leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, announced that the People’s United Party (PUP) does not support the 2018/2019 General Revenue Appropriation Bill. Briceno says that the budget does not contain anything that can stimulate the economy. Two weeks ago when the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow, proposed the 2018/2019 budget, he …

    BNTU proposes solutions to fight crime
    While the Government of Belize and the Opposition Party have made proposals on how to effectively prevent and reduce major crimes, the Belize National Teachers Union, today made their demands. The BNTU’s demands focused on attacking the root causes of crime. The union’s National Secretary Ruth Shoman, laid down the demands.

    Teachers flex muscles in Belmopan
    From across the country, from all its branches, BNTU members descended on Belmopan to take a stance against the recent spike of crime committed against women and children. They marched from in front of the Belmopan Comprehensive School to the Belmopan Civic Center. They did this to increase awareness and influence policymakers and those in …

    National Defence Minister vs BNTU National President
    As a response to its new crime-fighting strategy in the wake of a spate of crime over the weekend, the Government of Belize decided to consolidate the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs and re-create the Ministry of National Security. That Ministry is being headed by John Saldivar, the Area Representative of …

    PUP supports the BNTU
    After the teachers finished their rally inside the Belmopan Civic Center, they made their presence known in front of the National Assembly Building. Inside the building, were parliamentarians debated the 2018/2019 General Revenue Appropriation Bill. The Leader of the PUP, John Briceno, and his colleagues joined the teachers for a few minutes. Briceno says that …

    Workshop prepares new elected officials to govern
    On March 7, Belizeans went to the polls and elected a new cohort of officials to govern our municipalities. Today was the first of a two-day workshop held by the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development. At the workshop, the elected officials are being familiarized with the processes and procedures that are relevant …

    World Tuberculosis is being observed on March 24
    World Tuberculosis Day is being observed on March 24 and today a health fair was held at the Battlefield Park to sensitize people to the signs and symptoms of the disease. Love News spoke with Kevin Mendez, HIV and Tuberculosis Adherence Counselor at the Ministry of Health about the disease. Many persons may have the …

    CROSQ holds 32nd TMC meeting in Belize
    The Belize Bureau of Standards in collaboration with the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards & Quality (CROSQ) held its thirty-second Technical Management Committee meeting in Belize. The CROSQ Technical Management Committee is a Special Committee that is responsible to foster the development and coordination of regional standards and technical regulations for goods and services produced …

    Arson linked to death of Alvin Montero
    Police are still investigating what led to the murder of 24 year-old Alvin Montero. Montero’s body was found floating in the river in the area of Roaring Creek known as “Another World” on Tuesday, some 72 hours after he had first gone missing. Police gave an update on the investigation today saying the case also …

    Kearny Thompson succumbs to injuries, case upgraded to murder
    31 year old Kearny Thompson has succumbed to injuries he had sustained in a shooting incident that happened on Saturday March third. Police had reported that Thompson was sitting on the verandah of an apartment complex on Vernon Street when a man who came from behind the yard, fired two shots in his direction. Thompson …


    PUP trashes Barrow’s $1.83 billion budget
    It was anticipated that the budget presentation of Lake I’s PUP area rep, Hon. Cordel Hyde, would have been powerful, and indeed, it was. Hon. Hyde was replying to the BZ$1.83 billion 2018-2019 budget speech presented by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Friday, March 9. Before Hon. Hyde rose to address the House, however, PUP Party Leader Hon. John Briceño began the party’s attack against Barrow’s budget, which the party characterized as a budget that had very little for the poor and the needy.

    BNTU march on Belmopan to protest crime
    The most powerful union in the country, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), flexed its muscles this morning when hundreds of teachers descended on Belmopan for an anti-crime rally which got underway shortly after 9:00 a.m., when teachers, decked out in their lime green T-shirts with the logo “Teachas got yu back” emblazoned on the back, paraded from Belmopan Comprehensive High School, around the ring road, to the Civic Center, where the rally got underway. BNTU National President, Hon. Senator Elena Smith and Vice President Luke Palacio led the parade in which many teachers carried placards decrying the violence against women and children.

    TB an “epidemic” – Ministry of Health
    Belize’s Ministry of Health marked World Tuberculosis Day, which is observed every year on March 24, with a health fair which was held today, Thursday, at the Battlefield Park in Belize City. The ministry noted in a press release that the “negative impact of tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries continues to be of significant concern as it is associated with high mortality rates in HIV positive persons,” and called on “everyone to lead the efforts in improving the response to ending TB.” The Ministry of Health describes the tuberculosis reality in Belize as an “epidemic.” According to the ministry’s press release, in 2017 there were “a total of 117 new cases of TB diagnosed nationally, of which 114 were pulmonary tuberculosis, and three were extra-pulmonary tuberculosis” and “the most affected age group continues to be between 20-49, as has been the case in previous years.”

    Villagers say hundreds of pounds of cocaine from drug plane were dumped in the Rio Hondo
    Belizean media have reported on a story that appeared in a Mexican newspaper, Diario de Quintana Roo, which claims that villagers who live near the Rio Hondo, on the Mexican side, saw massive dumping of parcels from a plane that was in the area about the time a plane went down nearby in Belize. The villagers, after seeing pictures of the downed plane in Orange Walk in the Belizean media, noted that the plane that flew low over the Rio Hondo and dumped cargo, is similar to the one that ended up on the ground in Belize. In his story in the Amandala about the discovery of the plane in Orange Walk on March 15, Micah Goodin reported that according to police, no cargo was found onboard the plane. There was a lot of suspicion surrounding the downed plane, which reportedly was discovered by a joint patrol of police officers and soldiers of the Belize Defence Force.

    GOB signs $1 mil management contract for Civic with private, foreign company
    The bold nationalism that the Dean Barrow-led United Democratic Party (UDP) government espoused at the time it nationalized the telephone company, Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), appeared to have been cast to the winds when on Monday, March 19, the government signed a 1-million-dollar contract for the management of the CIVIC, the sprawling $33 million sporting complex at the foot of the Belcan Bridge, with Apex International Services, LLC, a company registered in Florida, U.S.A. Apex International, which will engage in profit-sharing with the Government of Belize for the revenues generated by the activities at the Civic, was recommended by a Washington-based company, ING Rebel.

    “You can’t put di rat fi mind the cheese,” says BNTU prez
    Following their 11-day strike in October 2016, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) made a list of demands to the Barrow Government, among which was a call for an international investigation to look into the beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, whose head was found in a vehicle owned by Danny Mason, a man who appeared to have had a close connection with Hon. John Saldivar, the Belmopan area representative and then Minister of Police. Mason and others were subsequently arrested and charged with Lucas’ kidnapping and murder. At the time of the kidnapping/murder of Pastor Lucas, when it was revealed that Mason had a business association with Saldivar, Prime Minister Barrow removed him as Minister of Police, citing the “optics” of the situation, and explaining that Saldivar had been put in an “untenable” situation because of” public perception.”

    Belize clips Grenada, 4-2, in Int’l Friendly
    With a revamped, younger mix of players, the Belize National “A” Team clinched a 4-2 win tonight against the Grenada National Team at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. According to reports, Belize held a 3-1 first half lead with goals from Michael Salazar (8’), Jarret Davis (22’) and Elroy Smith 32’. Grenada closed the gap to 3-2 early in second half, but Elroy Smith converted from the penalty spot to make it 4-2 at the 62nd minute, and that’s how it ended. It was the first in what is hoped will be a number of practice matches for the Belize national team, in preparation for a series of CONCACAF League qualifiers beginning in September of this year, against Bahamas, Montserrat, Puerto Rico and Guyana.

    Cricket News
    Greetings from the BNCA (Belize National Cricket Association)! We had some interesting matches played over the weekend (March 17 & 18)! The undefeated Rural Mix met their match on Saturday against Easy Does It in Lemonal, where the three-time champions took them down with 7 wickets to spare. However, Rural Mix rebounded quite nicely and took down the 2017 champion, Excellence of Double Head Cabbage, on Sunday with 5 wickets to spare in a match played at Isabella Bank.

    City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots – All Star 2018
    Good morning, Football Family! The City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots All Star 2018 was held on Saturday, March 17, at the Yabra Green. The 8 teams participating in the regular tournament each selected 7 players from their respective teams along with the top 4 goalkeepers. We then divided the 60 players into 4 teams to participate in a double elimination Marathon. The 4 teams selected were – Black Orchid, Mon-Stars, Defenders, and Strikers. All Star Marathon 2018 results: Game 1 – Black Orchid 0-2 Mon-Stars.

    UB females and Sacred Heart JC males are 2018 ATLIB Football Champions
    Over the weekend, male and female tertiary level football teams, zone champions from across the country, converged at the MCC Grounds for the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) national football championship. The four zone champions for female and male junior colleges participated in a simple knockout format on Saturday, with the two losers on Saturday playing for third place on Sunday, while the two Saturday winners met on Sunday for the championship in both female and male categories.

    Editorial: April 29, 1968
    Where Belize is concerned, the most important document to be published in the last half century, except perhaps for the Constitution of Belize in 1981, was the Webster Proposals of April 29, 1968. The United Kingdom and Guatemala had agreed to have the United States of America mediate their territorial dispute over British Honduras, and the Americans had named a New York City attorney, the one Bethuel Webster, to prepare proposals which would enable British Honduras, which had become a self-governing colony in January of 1964, to move forward to political independence. Those documents which followed the Webster Proposals with the similar intent of settling the spurious Guatemalan claim to Belize, such as the Heads of Agreement in 1981 and Ramphal/Reichler in 2002, were mere variations on a theme which the Webster Proposals had introduced: the United States of America, the dominant Western Hemisphere, and indeed world, power, wanted an independent Belize to be subservient to, and guided by the wishes of, the Republic of Guatemala.

    Of course it’s about the money
    Dear Editor: In both World Wars the United States started neutral, that is, in World War I it did not join the Allied or the Central Powers initially and the same held true in World War II when the Allies and Axis were fighting. The United States would eventually join Allied forces in both great wars on what was widely believed to be a matter of principle and a mission to defeat tyranny. What is not widely known is that in the first war, one of the primary motivations behind US President Woodrow Wilson’s decision to enter was that France and England owed the US a combined $2 billion and the US realized that if the Central Powers were to win, this debt would remain unpaid.

    Saldivar must go!!!
    I have been super busy meeting deadlines and getting my paid job done, thus I have not been able to write my timely thoughts for readers. But trust me when I say that the issues of all the crimes, especially those against women and children, have hit home very hard. I cannot find words to express comfort to the families and this nation or to even express the personal grief I feel at the loss of yet another layer of humanity in our small nation. I have had time to reflect on the issue of violence over the past years of my professional life, and I have had the good fortune to even draw on my personal experience to understand why our society is so broken and so violent and so abusive and why we are so disrespectful and why collectively we cannot see that leadership at the top has caused this marginalization of those at the bottom. We cannot speak of true equality in this nation because those in power work to keep power, not serve the people, and those with authority bully those below them and those with control over the money rob those without access of said money.

    The OSH delay: a commentary on the OSH Bill
    We see it all the time. We see a Belizean pushing a lawn mower, and they are wearing cha-cha-cha on their feet. We see people riding motorbikes, and they have no helmets on, no proper shoes on, and improper clothing on. We see people driving cars and trucks on the highways, and they have no seatbelts on. At the least, the passing of the OSH Bill (Occupational Safety and Health Bill) into law would create awareness in the Belizean populace about the need for safety on the job, at work for an employer or for self. The bill that was introduced in 2014 is a lot more ambitious than that. Maybe it is too ambitious. Maybe that’s why it has been sitting on a desk between the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) ever since.

    Wi done pay (thru wi nose) fu BTL, Troy
    I am aware of some third party leaders who didn’t agree with the nationalization of BTL. Their argument is that the Public Utilities Commission could have regulated the business so that monopoly didn’t trample on the rights of Belizeans. If we go back to PUP 1998-2003, we see that government “introducing” a new telephone company, the Intelco. The government argued that Belize’s schools needed internet, and the country needed internet that was more affordable, and BTL, under the ownership of Michael Ashcroft, was not providing same.

    KHMH’s “multiple organ failure” and violent crime: a portent?
    1. I got up (at 2 a.m.) to do some important work for my startup company (Echo Stethoscope Academy), but this “multiple organ failure” description re: the KHMH in this 7 news link (KHMH: Navigating crisis at country’s biggest hospital), disturbed me greatly. 2. Twice, I began writing in response to Belizean FB postings about the violent crime wave, but twice I decided against posting (because it was a bitter pill that the patient was likely to spit out). Plus writing (well) takes up much time. In one sentence: The escalating violent crime wave in Belize is just one symptom of a very sick society. It requires intensive care by multiple specialists. (But the Belizean patient is very stubborn … very “aaze haard”. You memba weh deh seh bout hard-a-hearing pickney?)

    The CCJ drops interest rate from 17 % to 6% for Belize Bank debt
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) met at its Port of Spain, Trinidad headquarters yesterday, Wednesday, and via a teleconference hearing between its headquarters and Belize, it handed down a ruling in a government of Belize application for the $90 million judgment debt that was awarded to Belize Bank. The Government of Belize had filed an application at the court challenging the 17 percent compounded interest rate that the arbitration panel had affixed to the judgment in favor of the Belize Bank. Government had asked the court to lower the interest rate on the judgment to the statutory 6 percent that the laws of Belize call for. The CCJ’s Hon. Adrian Saunders explained the court’s decision to lower the interest on the $90 million judgment debt.

    Kearney Thompson, 31, succumbs to gunshot injuries
    The condition of Kearney Thompson, 31, a laborer of Belize City who was at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in a critical condition after suffering from gunshot wounds in the lower right side of the back and in the left lower abdomen, took a turn for the worse, and he died at the hospital yesterday morning while undergoing treatment. Information to us is that at about 7:00 Saturday evening, March 3, Thompson was sitting on a verandah in an apartment complex on Vernon Street, where he lives, when a gunman invaded the yard from behind and shot him.

    Missing man, 23, found dead in Belize River in Roaring Creek
    The body of Alvin Montero, 23, who was reported missing on Sunday in Roaring Creek, was found floating in the Belize River at about 9:30 this morning. Montero, who is from Santa Elena, Cayo District, had moved to Roaring Creek from his hometown of Santa Elena to be the caretaker of a house in the Another World area of that village. The body was found by two women who were part of a search party that were out looking for him. The women raised the alarm and they were heard by two men who were working in the area. The men went over to see what was happening and saw the body, floating face-up, in the water.

    The Reporter

    ‘Guacamole Suppression Unit’ was out of line, says Deputy ComPol Chester Williams
    Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, has condemned the actions of several police officers who appeared on a widely circulated video which purportedly showed the brutalizing of an avocado vendor. Williams said that the entire situation was regrettable and should have been handled differently for various reasons. […]

    Indigenous groups recoil, restrengthen
    The groups that make up the Belize National Indigenous Council (BENIC) have met to discuss ways to restrengthen in order to address concerns about the environment, the economy and social challenges, The Garifuna, along with the Q’eqchi’, Mopan, and Yucatec Maya people believe that the […]

    Belize moves up in World Happiness Report
    Belize has moved up one space in the World Happiness Report commissioned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, moving up from 50th last year to 49th place currently. The report, which ranks 160 countries, goes beyond citizen satisfaction, and analyzes country scores in six major […]

    Belize going green, phasing out plastic bags and foam plates
    Cabinet, this week, approved a proposal to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development; the Ministry of Investment, Trade and […]

    Bloodbath in Belize City
    Belize city is still reeling from a surge in gun violence over the weekend that claimed the lives of five residents in a matter of hours. Victor Gibbs, Kendis Flowers, Theresita Flowers, Delcia Blanco, Denroy Alvarez, were all shot and killed between March 16-18, with each incident telling a […]

    Two acres of marijuana found in the Chiquibul
    During a routine joint patrol, rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) and the Belize DefenSe Force found a marijuana plantation in the Chiquibul National Park, which spanned two acres. FCD reported that the joint patrol found the plantation, which had marijuana plants averaging around five […]

    Man hospitalized after attack in Caye Caulker rendered him unconscious
    A man was seriously wounded and remains in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was attacked and beaten about his head on Sunday night in Caye Caulker. Shawn Magana, 23, was reportedly leaving the Island Queen bar on the Back Street (Avenida Mangle) on […]

    Missing Dangriga swimmer found dead in river
    Early on Monday morning Dangriga police recovered 45-year-old Brian Gregory Valerio’s body from the South Stann Creek river after he went missing while swimming on Saturday evening. According to police, Valerio’s body was found after 7:30 a.m. on Monday by family members searching in the area. The […]

    Oscar Arnold is new Belize City Deputy Mayor
    Oscar Arnold, a career banker of about 20 years, was chosen this week among his fellow elected Councilors as Belize City’s new Deputy Mayor. Arnold, who was sworn in last week Wednesday along with the new People’s United Party (PUP) Council, will serve in that […]

    US-based company gets managing contract for Civic
    It has been more than a year in the workings – a management contract for a company deemed fit to operate and maintain the newly-built Belize Civic Centre and keep it in the mint condition in which it is being handed over. That contract was […]

    Belize expanding mutton production with Taiwan’s help
    Belizeans who enjoy curry goat and mutton stew will be happy to know that Belize farmers throughout the country are improving the blood line of their sheep and goat herds to expand production and access export markets with certified quality and consistent quantity of supply […]

    Singapore police reported 135 total days without crime in 2016
    by Adele Ramos, Freelance Report I wrote some weeks ago about our Central American neighbor, Honduras, who made a dent in its terrible crime profile with decisive leadership action that included cleaning up corruption within the ranks of their police force. No country in the […]

    The black tide of gangland murders (6 persons dead in Belize City in one week) has quite overwhelmed Belize City, forcing the Prime Minister to invoke emergency powers of search and detention under the Constitution for certain areas of Belize City where gang influence is high. The gangs have consolidated […]

    PUP slams UDP budget – “Elections now!”
    Briceño closed by saying: “If you’re tired, quit; if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Call the Elections now!” By William Ysaguirre Freelance Reporter “Call the Elections now!” Opposition Leader John Briceño exhorted Prime Minister Dean Barrow, when the debate on the Barrow administration’s proposed budget […]

    B.N.T.U. marches on Belmopan
    Incensed by the reinstatement of Belmopan area representative, John Saldivar, as Minister of National Security, with responsibility for both the Police and the Belize Defence Force, some 600 teachers responded to the call of their leaders in the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) to march […]

    UHS court battle rages on, GOB gets partial win
    After repeated losses in the complicated court battle over the Universal Health Services (UHS) debt guarantee, the government of Belize finally obtained a small victory at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) this week with respect to the application of interest rates. The CCJ made […]

    PUP anti-crime proposals call for removal of ComPol Whylie
    Opposition Leader, John Briceno has called for the removal of Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie as part of a four-pronged proposal to improve Belize’s crime-fighting mechanism. The People’s United Party (PUP) leader and his deputy leader, Cordel Hyde called a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in Belize City to speak […]

    KHMH’s roof in critical condition; No word from engineers
    Up to press time, the Ministry of Health could not provide a definite date on when the team of Mexican engineers would be coming in to do the structural assessment of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Chief Executive Officer in the MOH, Dr. Ramon Figueroa, explained that the team […]

    Three-year-old kidnapped! Police asks public’s help…
    The police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating 3-year-old Khiya Smith, who police say was taken from her home in the St. Martin’s area of Belize City on Thursday morning. She has short, curly hair and was last seen wearing short jeans pants, a purple blouse and white slippers. […]


    Marine biologist Lisa Carne cultivates coral for a healthier reef
    As a young girl growing up in California, USA, Lisa Carne knew at a tender age that she was in love with the creatures of the sea. “I must have been 11 years old when I touched a dolphin in captivity. The dolphin was in a small, shallow holding tank racing in tight circles with crowds of people and no ‘supervisor’-it was horrific, and when I touched it, I knew the whole set up was wrong and that the animal should have been in the ocean where it belongs. Flash forward to 1994: on my first trip to southern Belize I swam with wild dolphins for over 90 minutes, and that was just one of many reasons I knew Placencia would be my home forever.” Lisa moved to Belize in 1995 and her first ‘job’ was ‘volunteer research assistant’ at Carrie Bow Caye, the Smithsonian field station.

    Caye Caulker Go Slow lifestyle
    Caye Caulker has always had a few families for about 10,000 years. The island sits in the middle of a natural feeding grounds and migratory routes for many fish, the conch and lobster industries. These grounds run about 8 miles in any seaward direction. So Caye Caulker’s official motto is “Go slow.” This is probably directed at your need to operate on Caribbean island speed but might also refer to the fact that Caye Caulker, Belize has two cemeteries and zero hospitals.The island of Caye Caulker takes up a total of six square miles. What makes Caye Caulker so charming, is that, the fact that all the island’s power is generated by a couple hundred iguanas on hamster wheels.

    International Sourcesizz

    New project launched to foster banana production
    The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the European Union (EU), the Banana Growers’ Association (BGA) and the University of Belize (UB) launched a new project that will promote and foster social and economic development in the banana belt area of Belize, leading to the reduction of poverty by focussing on workers, their families and communities. The Banana Belt, which generates a significant number of jobs in the region, comprises 10 growers and 23 farms of relatively large holdings of plantation farms that are located in the southern Stann Creek and northern Toledo Districts. The BGA is the statutory body representing these growers. The project entitled “Productivity enhancement of banana farms through integrated soil fertility management in the banana belt area of Belize” is a joint action of the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) 2013 programme, to provide financial assistance to this country’s banana sector.

    How the ancient Maya reared dogs for food
    The Maya, a civilization that thrived in central America for almost two millennia, were skilled farmers, famed for developing highly technical irrigation systems, managing the tropical climate, and cultivating protein-heavy crops to feed their dense urban populations. But they did not stop at squash, beans and maize. A new chemical analysis of animal bones found in a 3,000-year-old city in modern-day Guatemala provides the earliest picture yet of how the Mesoamerican civilization -- that stretched across Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and peaked between 250 and 900 AD -- bred and traded dogs, and may even have raised some for ceremonial purposes. It suggests that the Maya in the city of Ceibal kept big cats in captivity, and not only ate dogs but also transported them long distances as early as 400 BC.

    Caribbean Association of Banks concerned about EU’s “Blacklist”
    The Caribbean Association of Banks Inc. (CAB) is deeply concerned about the recent inclusion of Caribbean territories on the European Union Commission’s (EU) list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The list names countries which have not displayed sufficient commitment to the tax standards identified by the EU. Blacklisting has debilitating effects on our Caribbean economies, specifically: · It exacerbates the perception of our Region as ‘High Risk’ and consequently, negatively affects the risk profile of regional financial institutions and the willingness of correspondent banks to do business with them; · It severely reduces critically-needed development funding from the EU and limits the ability of Caribbean territories to pursue their development goals; and · It makes the region vulnerable to future sanctions and financial penalties, which may be levied against “blacklisted” jurisdictions.


  • Eric Neal, Indigenous Peoples in Belize: Guaranteeing Security and Rights for All, 22min. Belize National Research Conference 22 March 2018

  • 2 HOURS IN BELIZE | Caye Caulker, 4min. The best few days in Caye Caulker, Belize! It is the most gorgeous, heavenly island I've ever been to. I swam with turtles, baby sharks, a manatee and sting rays, I watched the sunset from a white sand beach, I had amazing food, a few too many rums, and want to go back and live there!

  • Zip line fun in Belize, 6min.

  • The Road to Hopkins, 11min.

  • Belize NIFA, 7min. The US Department of Agriculture has funded The University of Tennessee for cross exchange programs focusing research in the Vaca Forest Reserve. The work of UT students highlights the many areas of learning in the Vaca.

  • false killer whales off belize, 1min. false killer whales on way to goffs caye.

  • Talk Ah Di Town March 22, 2018, 32min.

  • Grace & You Coconut Satay Conch, 27min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Yoga, 28min. on Open Your Eyes

  • BTIA, 16min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The Belize Road Safety Initiative, 39min. on Open Your Eyes

  • San Pedro will be buzzing with activities for the Easter Break, 17min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Caye Caulker Belize, 2.5min. Lets tour Belize. A Unique and adventurous place. Not the biggest or most populated country in the world but we are a multi-culture community. Enjoy the beginning of I Tour Belize.

  • Kristyn Tillet Professes at 20,000 Strong Rally, 5min. Ms. Tillet delivered one of the best poems ever on empowerment. Seeing her do this live was incredible! Tears welled up in many of our eyes. She will be leading Belize some day, and more power to her. This video should be played in every school, every class, every semester! "On Friday, March 16th, Kristyn Tillet, a first form student of Corozal Community College transmitted a powerful and chilling poem on the empowerment and participation of adolescents; a poem which resulted in a standing ovation from everyone in attendance at the 20,000 STRONG Women’s Empowerment Rally. Kristyn was one of 9 dynamic speakers whose voices were heard that day."

  • Double-Toothed Kite; Belize, 2min.

  • Dj Competition Belize, 5min.

  • Belize Cave Tubing Excursion Norwegian Cruise Line NCL Carnival Royal Caribbean - Chukka Butts Up, 3min. Belize Cave Tubing Excursion on Norwegian Cruise Line NCL. This Excursion was run by and it was fantastic. Other cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess may use Chukka for this excursion or one of the other tour companies like Butts Up. The location is about 1.25 hours from the cruise port in Belize City. We went by tour bus on a scenic drive through the country and jungle. After a 30 min walk you get to enjoy a breathtaking tube ride through the mountain on a river. It was wonderful. Our excursion also included lunch. There were also options to add zip lining to this excursion.

  • Ride from Corozal to Orange Walk, Belize, 5min. My 1st impressions of Belize. This country is so different than what I expected or imagined. I thought it would be similar to Mexico and Guatemala but it isn't. So interesting. The national language is English, the population is mostly Black and everyone speaks with a Jamaican like accent. There are big Jehovah Witness, Morman and Mennonite communities as well. The grocery stores are all owned by Chinese. Belize is a fascinating place. Today, my ride to Orange Walk was about 35 miles which is my favorite distance. There was a nice breeze and it wasn't as hot.

    March 23, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Plastic Recycling Campaign launched on Ambergris Caye
    To reduce the large amount of garbage on the island, a plastic recycling campaign has been spearheaded by island residents. The project consists of adopting large garbage barrels where people can discard plastic bottles. The lids of all bottles are being recycled and used by Belize Interlocking Bricks & Pavers to make bricks and the bottles are sent to a recycling facility located in Ladyville Village, Belize District where they are shredded and repurposed. According to Ray Tyree from Belize Pro Dive Center, who is spreading this project, about three months ago he had the chance to meet with Gus Tabonay in San Pedro Town, who has a plastic facility in Ladyville Village where he recycles plastic bottles. He then gave him a tour of the island to see the garbage issue that the island is facing. Tyree then came up with the idea of having barrels at several businesses where people could dispose of their plastic bottles.

    PM Barrow introduces a plan to tackle crime escalation in Belize City
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced the intentions to demarcate areas on the south side of Belize City and designated as emergency areas. The 48-hour limit for detention will be expanded as part of an effort to avoid any retaliatory violence and other criminal activities. A new maximum time-span for detention was not specified. During Barrow’s presentation, he stressed that he wanted to immediately provide some degree of reassurance to the public. “The Belize Defence Force has been asked, on a continuing basis, to assist the Belize Police Department with the ongoing campaign to curb this absolutely horrific and disgusting phenomenon and clearly this means more boots on the ground,” said Barrow. He believes that through the joint efforts of the military and the police, the reconstitution of them to be under one ministry is necessary. Such ministry is expected to become operational in a few days, along with the approval of the emergency designated areas in the south side of the city, after the Governor General, Sir Colville Young signs these new orders.

    20,000 Strong Women Rally brings together thousands of Belizean women
    The Special Envoy for Families and Children along with other related organizations held the Annual 20,000 Strong Women Rally under the theme: “Nurturing the Next Generation #press for progress” in Belize City on Friday, March 16th. The 20,000 Strong movement serves as a way to showcase the many roles that women play in society and a reminder that 50% of the population cannot be ignored. The rally started in the morning from the Memorial Park in Belize City to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex where a ceremony was held. Led by marching bands, the parade consisted of students, representatives of different organization and businesses sporting the movement’s symbolic orange t-shirt.

    Kenyon College installs solar panels at SPHS and NHSDAS
    More schools on Ambergris Caye are now harvesting solar energy thanks to Kenyon College from Ohio, USA. From Monday, March 12 through Wednesday, March 14th a group of professors and students from Kenyon College installed solar panels at San Pedro High School (SPHS) and New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School (NHSDAS). With assistance from the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch member Laurie Norton, the team installed a total of eight solar panels at each school that were purchased via donations. According to Dr. Skaon, the installation of these solar panels will have a positive impact on both schools. “A benefit of solar panels is that they are a way to capture ‘free’ energy from the sun and convert it into power, which is then sent to the building allowing the school to use less power from the electrical grid. The school will then save money as less will be paid to the electricity company.

    Ambergris Today

    Young Minds Expand At Isla Bonita Science Fair
    We had the opportunity to see all the excited faces of students and visitors of Isla Bonita Elementary School's third annual Science Fair that was held last week, March 16, 2018. Held under the theme "Discovering a New World through the Window of Science", the different classes from all levels displayed their projects from a range of topics under the elementary school's science curriculum. The lower levels delighted with their knowledge of living things, matter, forces and energy, while the upper levels presented their experiments about simple machines, mixtures & solutions and light & heat. The students put together amazing projects and presentations that excited all guests of the science fair. Congratulations to the students of Isla Bonita Elementary School on their great creativity!!

    Forest Department Launches Campaign To Plant 10,000 Trees Countrywide
    The Forest Department joined other partners locally and around the globe in celebrating International Day of Forests on March 21st, 2018. In commemoration of this day and this year’s theme, “Forests and Sustainable Cities”, the Forest Department is partnering with local municipalities countrywide to plant more than 10,000 trees by 2020. The Forest Department officially teamed up with the first municipality, the Belmopan City Council, in support of their campaign for a greener city. In doing so, the Forest Department will deliver more than 1000 trees over time for planting in and around the Belmopan area. Several carefully selected tree species will be strategically placed for beautification, providing shade, cooler temperatures and oxygen, and promoting health and well-being.

    Four Seasons Announces Plans For Luxury Resort In Belize
    Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the world's leading luxury hospitality company, announced plans for the development of Caye Chapel, a private island in Belize featuring magnificent oceanfront estates, private residences and overwater bungalows. Scheduled to open in 2021, the project is in partnership with Thor Urbana, Inmobilia Desarrollos and GFA Grupo Inmobiliario, three leading real estate development groups based in Mexico. The 280-acre (113 hectare) island is outlined by 6 miles (9.7 kilometres) of white sand beaches and turquoise waters, and is located 16 miles (26 kilometres) from Belize City, either 30 minutes by boat or 10 minutes by flight. The island's marina and airstrip can accommodate private boats and planes for easy access by owners and guests arriving from further afield. A destination in its own right, the island also acts as a convenient base to explore the nearby cultural and natural sites of mainland Belize and surrounding cayes.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Forest Department Launches Campaign to Plant 10,000 Trees in Municipalities Countrywide
    The Forest Department joined other partners locally and around the globe in celebrating International Day of Forests on March 21st, 2018. In commemoration of this day and this year’s theme, “Forests and Sustainable Cities”, the Forest Department is partnering with local municipalities countrywide to plant more than 10,000 trees by 2020. The Forest Department officially teamed up with the first municipality, the Belmopan City Council, in support of their campaign for a greener city. In doing so, the Forest Department will deliver more than 1000 trees over time for planting in and around the Belmopan area. Several carefully selected tree species will be strategically placed for beautification, providing shade, cooler temperatures and oxygen, and promoting health and well-being.

    World Tuberculosis Day 2018
    World Tuberculosis Day is observed every year on March 24th. The negative impact of tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries continues to be of significant concern as it is associated with high mortality rates in HIV positive persons. The Ministry of Health is inviting the public to come out and learn more at its TB health fair on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at the Battlefield Park in Belize City starting at 9:00 a.m. This year’s theme, “WANTED: leaders for a TB-Free World” calls on everyone to lead the efforts in improving the response to ending TB.

    Why is no one doing anything about these fisherman from Corozal that are killing out all the reef fish that are grazers?
    Here is a very concerning story by Devin Lozano - There were about 15 grey angel fish under their boat yesterday and one scrawled file fish. My local people, please let's respect our laws and don't support these fishermen that are killing these fish from north to the south of our country. Last time I check, fillet is suppose to have a patch of skin still on it. I have also seen sea turtle shell under there boat but did not have a camera at the time for proof. Thanks to my guest for these photos. Their regristration number of their boat is in the photo and this is not the only boat doing it. When was the last time anyone saw a rainbow parrot fish, these culprits are responsible for that".

    Band Fest 2018 this weekend
    Let your travelling feet take you to the beautiful Town of Corozal this weekend, to enjoy our Band Fest 2018 competition, and the many amenities Corozal has to offer along our emerald green bay. Bring the whole family and host of friends. Here is an invitation to our brothers and sisters from Orange Walk, San Pedro, Belize City, Cayo, Dangriga, Punta Gorda, Caye Caulker and all our immediate surrounding villages. No reason to stay home this weekend. It is too hot. Come out and enjoy our Corozal Bay and Marching Band Competition.

    San Pedro: Front Street closed Sunday for Palm Sunday Procession
    The public is advised that on Sunday the 25th March, Barrier Reef Drive will be closed to all vehicles from 7am to allow for the Palm Sunday Procession from the RC School to the RC Church. NO VEHICLES or BICYCLES will be allowed on Barrier Reef Drive until the Procession has reached the RC Church. Thank you for your co-operation.

    Production of honey within Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve
    Last week, we shared highlights of our work with beekeepers on the production of honey within Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve with the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Office. We talked about bee-keeping and possibility of collaboration to expand the bee-keeping industry.

    On-going works at the Caye Caulker Airstrip Reconstruction Project are as follows:
    - Installation of geogrid for ground stabilization - Filing with approve material/subbase - Field testing (compaction)

    Earth Hour in Corozal
    Let's Turn Off The Lights. EARTH HOUR 2018 - We cordially invite everyone to our Corozal Central Park on Saturday, March 2018 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for a night of fun and performances. Free snacks, giveaways and pledges. "Let Nature Shine" - Friends Of Corozal United For Sustainability (FOCUS)

    The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Warehouseman/woman
    The U.S. Mission in Belize provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs. Submission deadline of applications for this position is April 5, 2018. Applications will not be accepted after deadline.

    The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Human Resources Assistant!
    The U.S. Mission in Belize provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs. Submission deadline of applications for the Human Resource Assistant position is April 3, 2018. Applications will not be accepted after deadline.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Greatest Showman, I Kill Giants, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Insidious. *Please Note: Star Wars starts at 6:50 and not 7 .. Insidious: The Last Key 9:15*

    Channel 7

    BNTU Rallies Against Crime
    The Belize National Teacher’s Union has rightfully earned a reputation as an activist union - one not only concerned with its own benefits and salaries - but actively involved in public affairs, agitating mightily - and successfully - for transparency and accountability in government.   This week the country’s most powerful union turned its attention to crime - especially the recent rash of crimes targeting innocent children and women.  Today they had a rally and protest in Belmopan to key in on the issue and press for a concerted community effort to put a stop to the senseless killings.  Daniel Ortiz found that the messages and the messengers ran much deeper than politics - here’s his report:.. Getting an early start at 8:00 this morning, about 450 or so teachers countrywide took to the streets of Belmopan for a march against the violence recently visited on women and children.

    Blue Briceño Says Things Dread Under The Red
    The teachers’ rally and demonstration was timed to coincide with today’s budget debate. And during the house meeting as they gathered on the National Assembly stairs, making their songs and chants heard inside the house chamber. And we mean heard above the din of name calling and insults flying across the house floor.  As might be expected for the budget debate, things did get pretty heated today.  And, opposition leader John Briceño set the tone with his cutting response to the Prime Minister’s budget presentation.  Here’s how he put it: Hon. John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition: "Our nation is in crisis, violence has overtaken the Southside of Belize City and crime is rampant in every municipality in our nation. Our national hospital has been so neglected that the roof is literally falling down, we are a nation on the edge..."

    UDP Saldivar Challenges PUP Leader on Facts
    And, as they’ve been doing for the last 10 years, the UDP put Belmopan’s John Saldivar to reply to the Leader of the Opposition.  He said Briceño has it wrong on crime and on things being dread:.. Hon. John Saldivar - UDP Minister, Belmopan: "Right off the bat as he started, he said one big untruth, that all areas of this country, all municipalities of this country are experiencing rampant crime. I don't know where he got his statistics from because I can tell him that here in Belmopan under the able leadership of Senior Superintendent Howell Gillet who we have now loaned to Belize City...”

    PUP Deputy Hyde Says It’s All About Lifting People Out Of Poverty
    PUP Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde was next - and the Lake Independence Representative was quick to point out that what Saldivar calls a massive victory did not include Belize City: Hon. Cordel Hype - PUP, Lake I: "I just want to say that the elections were on March 7th and that's history and PUP win Belize City. This budgets fails on the mightiest internal struggles of our time madam speaker, it offers nothing to end poverty. It offers no new jobs, no new homes, no antidote for the cost of living, no staunching of rising unemployment, no increase in the minimum wage, no increase in social programmes, no answer to the crime problems, no fundamental change in the way we do business, absolutely no new ideas. Madam speaker this budget as presented will not cut it, cannot cut it, it is not designed to cut it."

    DPM Faber Says Hyde Forgets His 10 Years in Gov’t
    And responding to Deputy Hyde’s dystopian view of the UDP’s policies, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber said the Lake - I rep is more a part of the problem than the solution:.. Hon. Patrick Faber - UDP, Collet: "Madam speaker while I listen to my friend from Lake Independence I had to wonder if he is a different person from the person that we knew or that we've come to know over the years that he has been in this honourable house and also even a minister. If you listen to the way he describes things just know you would never have believed that in fact he was once the minister of education. You would never believe that he was once the minister with responsibility with sports and youth. You would never believe that he was once the minister of housing. He has held these very important positions and yet he has not been able to deliver on some of these very same things which he is now criticizing the government for not doing in it's term.”

    “Pot Di Cuss…”
    So, while much energy was spent on personal attacks and counter-attacks - things got really sticky when the issue of corruption came up.  As you might expect, both sides accused the other of being the most corrupt government ever:.. Hon. John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition: "This UDP administration came into office 10 years ago on a platform of zero tolerance on corruption and is going out as the most corrupt government ever. This is why I said earlier that they have become the very thing they once scorned and mocked in the public's square, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt." Hon. John Saldivar - UDP Minister, Belmopan: "He's talking about this side of the isle, this UDP government being the most corrupt government ever, I have to ask him who on this side stole 200 million dollars which bear sterns in their report, I think more close to 180 million."

    Is A Bi-Partisan Crime Kumbaya Possible?
    But, through all that disputation - both sides did seem to find one thing - and only one - that they could agree on - and that is crime.  They agreed that a concerted national effort is needed: Hon. John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition: "Too many unnecessary deaths, too much tragedy, too much destruction. We have spoken over and over about this and as recently as 2 days ago we laid out some plans on a way forward and once again, once again we stand ready to work with the government in a meaningful way to bring about and end to the violence." Hon. John Saldivar - UDP Minister, Belmopan: "Let me close by extending the hand of cooperation to all institutions bodies, unions, organizations, groups, individuals who are genuinely interested in a collective and collaborative approach to finding a solution to the crime crisis to join me, my ministry and the police department..."

    DPL Faber Dismisses Mark King, King Rants, Threatens on FB
    The UDP lost the Port Loyola division in the recent municipal elections, and the Party Leader announced that there would be a new standard bearer in there sooner rather than later.   Well, former Lake I area rep Mark King has enthusiastically stepped into the breech.  He’s been running an aggressive Facebook campaign  - complete with a video commercial - saying he’s the man to save Port Loyola for the UDP.   But, at today’s house meeting - just as an aside - Deputy Party Leader Patrick Faber casually dismissed him as persona non grata in the UDP:..

    GOB Withdraws Tax On Farmers
    And one thing that didn’t have to be debated in today’s budget, was the amendment for the GST to be charged on land preparation for agriculture, harvesting, and crop dusting services.  On Tuesday  PUP Leader John Briceño called the tax change a “stupid idea” - after meeting with various farmers groups. Well, those same groups got their message to the Prime Minister, who met with the Executive Members of the Belize Agro-Productive Sector (BAPS) Group, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce. A government release states, quote, “the Government…has agreed not to proceed with the Statutory Instrument that would have standard-rated for GST purposes (at the rate of 12.5 %) Land Preparation for Agriculture, Harvesting, and Crop Dusting Services.

    Fatal Accident On Valley Road Involves 17 Year Old Driver
    A woman was killed in a traffic accident on the Stann Creek Valley Road. 32 year old Las Flores resident Oscar Gomez was heading to Belmopan in his grey Toyota van. His passengers were Maria Esther Guillen, Kenroy Gomez, Christina Utiz and a 10 year old student. Between miles 11 and 12, a 17 year old who was driving a Rav4 heading to Dangriga swerved into Gomez’s lane, causing the collision. As a result Gomez’s passenger Guillen died. His other passenger Urtiz is in a critical condition. All other persons were treated and released. The 17 year old miner was issued with an Notice of Intended Prosecution.

    No Murder Arrests, But Close In Kendis Case
    Turning now to the spate of violence that left five dead in the city over the weekend, police still haven’t made any arrests in any of the murders.  The only one investigators are making some headway in is the Kendis Flowers’ killing. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head of CIB: “We are still following the murders that we have not made an arrest. I know there is a possibility that we might be doing one as soon as we locate a suspect that we are seeking but at this point we have not found him but I believe as soon as we find him we can do an arrest for one of the shootings on the Weekend. That will be for the Kendis Flowers shooting.”

    Kearney’s Casualty May Have Been Collateral Damage
    And there is one more city murder to investigate this week.   As we told you last night Kearny Thompson died after 17 days in the hospital. He was shot on March 5th. So now, it’s a murder investigation. Today at the weekly press briefing, police told us that Thompson may just have been caught in the middle of a gang rivalry. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head of CIB: "Reference the shooting incident with Mr. Kearny Thompson which occurred on the 2nd March 2018 where he was allegedly shot at an apartment on Vernon Street. We regret that he passed away yesterday while receiving treatment at the KHMH." Reporter: "Where are we now in that investigation now that it is a murder?"

    No Motive In Montero Murder
    Police are still trying to establish a motive in the murder of Roaring Creek resident Alvin Montero. He was chopped to death and thrown into the river. His house was also burnt down - likely to destroy evidence. Police told us the little they know so far on these elements. Reporter: "Have you been able to establish when that structure was burnt?" ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head of CIB: "We understand it was burnt either the Saturday night or early Sunday morning."

    Aimed For A Raccoon, Shot Three Males
    And in a shooting that was not a murder, a man and his young sons were shot in a strange incident in PG. 57 year old New Road Area resident Santo Cucul, was out in the bushes on Sunday night when he spotted a pair of glaring eyes. He thought it was a raccoon and fired his 16 gauge shotgun, injuring all 3 males: a 12 year old, a 14 year old and their dad, 44 year old Raphael Cho. Police gave us an update on this case. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head of CIB: "I know that the victims that were injured, it was three of them, two of them have been discharged. One is at the Southern Regional Hospital in a stable condition. I know the investigation is still continuing and there is a possibility that the person involved, some charges may be laid against him.”

    The Story of CITO
    Yesterday we told you about the CEO caucus training on Microsoft Office 365. It was held at the Central Information Technology Office in Belmopan. Now, that training is only one of the many functions and responsibilities of the office. They are the government’s IT arm. So while you may think that it’s just a bunch of techy guys or computer geeks in those offices – they play a crucial role for the government. Acting Director Francisco Gonzalez told us more. Francisco Gonzalez - Acting Director, CITO: "I know this building was built in conjunction with help from the Taiwanese Government. When it was built it was only a two story building and then when we took it over and when we joined with what was then the National ICT Center we build on top of it, we expanded the server room and we built a third floor, which explains why it is now a three story building. With that we also inherited new responsibilities for E-governance."

    Municipal Newbies Trained in Good Governance and Public Admin.
    It’s a tradition in the Ministry of Local Government that once a new slate of officials is elected, they attend a session of good governance training focused on their duties and responsibilities, as elected officials.  Today was the first day of training, and we found that for some, it is just a refresher but for the newbies, it is an important lesson in public administration and accountability: Kerry Belisle - CEO Ministry of Labour, Local Government, & Rural Development: "The training component will include areas of responsibility not only for councilors but also to update them on some of the initiatives that had been conducted by the ministry or by those councils so that there is a level on continuity. We believe that we are then fulfilling our mandate to ensure that the environment in which councils operate is one that will be up to the requirements of our own policies and law. Information is the best way to make sure that happens so that is what this training is all about today..."

    Will PUP council Work With UDP Contractor to Finish Streets?
    Last November the Belize City Council signed a contract with UDP friendly contractor RJB construction for the repair of nine streets. East Canal and West Canal are complete but Eyre Street, Chancellor Avenue, Racoon Street, Ebony Street, Gibnut Street, Third Street, and Allan Pitts Crescent are far from done.  So, now that the UDP is out and the PUP is in city hall, will those streets ever be finished? Well, we spoke to Mayor Wagner and he said he was not happy about the contract, but there is hope for completion. Sahar Vasquez:
    "I know the UDP had a contract with RJB to do a lot of streets and they were working on a credit system. Will they still be hired? You still have streets like Raccoon Street that was in the works. Will that be finished by them or will you all hire someone else? How will that work?"

    Belize City Council Distributes Portfolios
    And while the PUP Council tries to figure out how to work with that one, it’s also getting down to the nuts and bolts of administration.  Today the council announced the council portfolios. Mayor Bernard Wagner is responsible for Finance & Administration, Human Resources, Anti-Corruption and CARILED.  Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold is responsible for Budgeting, Municipal Court & Special Constables while Councilor Javier Castellanos will head the Economic Development, Small Business, Trade & Investment portfolio; Councilor Ryan Elijio is responsible for Tourism, Zoning & Planning, Local Building Authority. Councilor Aisha Gentle is in charge of the Market, Citizen Engagement, Park & Beautification portfolio, Councilor Micah Goodin  is responsible for MIS, Staff Development &Training, Youths and Sports, Councilor Deltrude Hylton is in charge of Public Health, Councilor Michael Norales is in charge of Sanitation, CEMO, Security, Flood Mitigation & Climate Change while Councilor Dr. Candice Pitts will head the Women & Children, NGO’s After School Programs & Foreign Affairs.  Councilor Allan Pollard Jr. is in charge of the Traffic, Community Participation, Public Relations & Special Events portfolio and finally Councilor Albert Vaughan is the head for Works.

    “One Struggle” Support Group Meets With Cops
    So, while the new PUP council gets its footing, one former UDP councillor is staying in the public eye.   Phillip Willoughby has re-engaged his "One Struggle" support group, which is aimed at supporting mothers, fathers, and victims that have either lost a loved one, or been the target of crime. The group wasn't organized by the police or a government agency; it was started by victims that have felt the loss. They also got help from Willoughby who has been working with them for two years.  Today, they met with the Eastern Division Commander at the Raccoon street Station, and this evening we found out more from Willoughby:

    Police Need Your Help To Find Missing Baby
    Police say they need your help to track down a baby that was taken this morning. Police are asking the public to help them find Sarita Reyes who may be able to assist them in locating baby, Khiya Smith, a 3 year old who was taken from her home this morning in the St. Martin’s Area, Belize City.  Khiya was last seen wearing a long pink pants, white and pink graphic tee and a green and pink sandals. Sarita Reyes  has long brown hair,  fair complexion,  medium built and is about 5ft in height. If seen please call 911, 922, 0800-2929-688 or contact the nearest Police Station.


    Councilors assigned portfolios
    Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner has assigned portfolios to his new council. Wagner has responsibility for finance, administration, human resources, anti-corruption and CARILED. Oscar Arnold is the Deputy Mayor with responsibility for budgeting, municipal court and special constables. Javier Castellanos is Councilor with responsibility for Economic Development, Small Business, Trade & Investment; Ryan Elijio has …

    Insurance Institute hosts anti-money laundering conference
    In its 2016 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, the US State Department identified Belize, as one of fourteen countries that is a major money laundering nation due to being a transshipment point for marijuana and cocaine. The financial sector is making efforts to equip itself with the tools to recognize money laundering activities. This week, …

    Sexual health workshop for the elderly
    The National Council on Ageing advocates for the elderly to ensure that they enjoy quality of life. Today, the National Council on Ageing held its second annual Sexual Health and Ageing workshop for women fifty and over. Ix-Chel Poot, Executive Director at the National Council on Ageing explained that contrary to popular belief, the elderly …

    The Guardian

    New management for the Belize Civic Center
    On Monday March 19th, Hon. Patrick Faber Minister of Education Youth, Sports and Culture along with director of Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) Christy Mastry, signed on to a management agreement with Apex Events Services Belize limited and its principal, Chad Eckert for a 3 year management contract for the New Belize Civic Center. Apex is a U.S. based entertainment management company which was incorporated in 2008 and now brings on Belizeans Reynaldo Malic as the Assistant General Manager who will be handling all the affairs of the management in Belize along with Jamaican Garth Godfrey who will coordinate events. They are joined by Lucinda Castillo who will be the human resources manager for Apex Belize. The facility is expected to be opened by the end of April and under the management, Reynaldo Malic noted that the secret to success is using the facility to generate revenue 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

    Baby Gregory Mena on the road to recovery
    At the behest of former councilor Philip Willoughby we spent most of the afternoon with him on Tuesday March 20th as he went about doing work with a two year old NGO he helped to establish called One Struggle (see more on page 5). The brightest spot in our visits was one we made with baby Gregory Mena and his mother Kayla Stevens. We met the spritey toddler with his mother, he was breastfeeding and the ever playful Willoughby pulled him from his suckle to have a bit of fun with him. He was put on the ground and he quickly walked back to his mother where he was once again placed back on his mother’s breast and all was good.

    Another murder in Roaring Creek leaves two children fatherless
    After being missing for around 3 days, police have found the body of 24 year-old Alvin Jason Montero, a resident of Roaring Creek Village. He was retrieved from the river in an advanced state of decomposition; it has been determined that he was chopped to death. Montero’s sister, Loretta Montero, told the press that he visited her last Friday in Cayo, and that his family last saw him the following day, Saturday, March 17, in Roaring Creek. Because he wasn’t answering any calls to his cellular phone, another of his sisters sent her son, his nephew, to go check on him. They soon discovered that the small house where he was staying was completely burnt down.

    Women... now targets in city rivalries; two dead, two injured
    Two women, 64 year-old Theresita Flowers, and 17 year-old Delcia Blanco, were gunned down and killed execution style in what looks to be a gang retaliation. It appears to be a kind of statement between rivals that not even innocent family members are safe in this escalation in the continuing street war. On Saturday, March 18, at around 7:10 p.m., police responded to a shooting at #7642 Tibruce Street, which happens to be the home of Theresita Flowers. The officers entered the home and came upon Blanco’s body on the ground at the entrance of the house, she had a toothbrush in her mouth. Further into the house, they found Flowers’ body, where she had collapsed after being shot in the back while trying to flee for her life.

    KHMH built broken by the PUP
    There is a lot of talk about our major referral hospital the KHMH. Apparently there is a problem with sections of the facility’s roof that was made public about two weeks ago. According to what we’ve been told, debris fell from the ceiling and that forced the KHMH’S management to do some assessments following which some temporary remedial repairs were done to try to reinforce the roof from inside the facility by installing some temporary columns. The KHMH Authority also made the decision to close off certain sections of the facility. The closure of those sections have led to the cut back of some services that the KHMH provides. However, plans are underway to augment some of those services by conducting them elsewhere, places like the various health centers, district hospitals and at the private hospitals.

    After experiencing the heinous crimes of carnage as explained by PM Barrow at his press conference on Sunday March 19, 2018 at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Belizeans are left shaken. What happened can only be labelled as an act of terrorism. The Government of Belize must seriously consider classifying gangs and gang violence as terrorist activity. The Laws must be amended to reflect this with the requisite adequate punishment/sentence. While most Belizeans viewed this situation with grave concern, there is this one individual, a former Ambassador and Minister of Foreign Affairs who seems to have taken delight in what is happening. That individual trolled the PM throughout the entire press conference. That individual all of a sudden became the brightest chandelier in Belize, having all the solutions and answers to the problem.

    Attorney General swears new Justices of the Peace in Florida
    The Attorney General of Belize, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, had the responsibility of swearing in five Justices of the Peace. The swearing in took place on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at the Consulate of Belize in Florida. Each of the five persons that were sworn in, including Tracy Gomez, Deborah D. Duncan, Glenda Lewis, Jason Guild, and Phillip McKay, are all Belizeans residing in Florida. Their service will help to facilitate Belizeans in Florida who need urgent assistance in authenticating documents. The newly sworn-in Justices of the Peace will receive additional minor training in immigration and land-related matters so as to reduce delays.

    Belize Defence Force Receives $120,000 Donation from Republic of China (Taiwan)
    The Family Association Building of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) at Price Barracks in Ladyville has been fully renovated thanks to a $120,000.00 BZD donation from Republic of China (Taiwan). The building, which was in dire need of repair, has now been converted into a welcoming and safe space for the families of the soldiers. As a result of the renovations, all structural beams, slabs, columns, retaining walls, ceiling, and floors were reinforced. Electrical fixtures were upgraded while all gutters, faucets, and plumbing were properly sealed to avoid corrosion. The building was also retrofitted with twenty hurricane shutters and its exterior and interior walls repainted and caulked.

    Belize Attends SICA-Spain Meeting in the Dominican Republic
    On Friday, March 16, 2018, H.E. Patrick Andrews, CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led a delegation in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. There, the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Central American Integration System (SICA) met with H.E. Alfonso Dastis, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. At this meeting, the SICA Foreign Ministers thanked Spain for their continued support in the regional integration movement especially in the fields of institutional strengthening, human rights, poverty alleviation, and security. They also signed the fourth phase of the SICA-Spain Fund which will support the region’s commitments to the 2030 Agenda.

    Colombian Foreign Minister Visits Belize
    Today, a delegation from Colombia headed by Foreign Minister, H.E. Maria Angela Holguin, met with Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Hon. Elodio Aragon, and representatives from the Ministries of Education and Trade. The purpose of the visit was to discuss ways to strengthen the bilateral agenda. The main focus of the meeting was the review of the existing cooperation programme between the two countries. Colombia shared information on opportunities they are presently offering in the areas of security and education from which Belize may benefit, and further committed to continue its sharing of best practices in both areas. Both sides also agreed to revitalize the existing mechanism to increase trade and investment.

    Community Health workers at the forefront of healthcare
    A two days workshop ended last Friday at the Banana Bank Lodge with the Technical Advisor for the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau HECOPAB, Mrs. Kathleen Azueta-Cho and thirteen health educators from all the regions across the country. The objective of the workshop was to engage on the program’s current priorities and targets, to access the current monitoring tool to evaluate its effectiveness and to discuss strategies to build better partnership with the communities they serve. At the conclusion of the two days, Mrs. Azueta-Cho shared that much work was accomplished and the main objectives were met with an aim to not only be accessible along with Community Health Workers in the health needs of the community but also to empower these communities to take ownership of their overall health and wellness needs.

    Corozal Free Zone to be re- purposed
    On Thursday, March 15, 2018, the Government of Belize along with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched a Technical Cooperation Project titled “Support for Export Led Development in the Corozal District and Repurposing of the Free Zone.” The project is estimated to cost US$150,000 and will be executed via a consultancy administered by IDB’s Trade and Investment Division. This project is a shared collaboration between the Ministry of Investment Trade and Commerce and the IDB.

    More Guatemalan men caught Gold Panning in Chiquibul
    After being caught gold panning in the Ceibo Chico Area in southern Chiquibul, two Guatemalan men are in police custody. The men, and a third man who managed to escape, were caught on Saturday, March 17, 2018 while the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Chiquibul National Park Ranger and BDF Personnel conducted a joint patrol in the area. According to an FCD release, the men were working on the river approximately 6.5 kilometers inside the park when each of them were searched and a plastic vial containing what appeared to be gold was found. In the immediate area, the search team also found shovels, plastic basins, iron bars, and a bag with marijuana.

    Good and Bad News for Mangrove Research
    A new study on mangroves is being undertaken to decipher how the mangrove coverage in Belize has changed in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site, as well as across Belize, between 1980 and 2017. The three month research finally ended on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 when the researchers presented their findings. Researchers used NASA satellite imagery to study the changes within the mangrove ecosystems. According to researcher Dr. Emil Cherrington, Belize maintains about 96% of its mangrove cover from 1980. The good news is that within the Barrier Reef Reserve System, there has been minimal clearing of mangroves with only one of the seven protected sites, the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, showing changes in mangrove cover. The bad news is that there are still some coastal areas outside of the reef system that show a significant decrease in mangrove cover because of development, and according to Dr. Cherrington, these areas include Belize City, Ambergris Caye, and Placencia.

    No Tax on Agricultural Land Clearing
    The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of General Sales Tax (GST), the Executive Members of the Belize Agro-Productive Sector (BAPS) Group, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce met at the Office of the Prime Minister on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. After this meeting, the Government of Belize agreed not to proceed with the Statutory Instrument (S.I.) that would have standard-rated for GST purposes (at the rate of 12.5 %) the services of Land Preparation for Agriculture, Harvesting, and Crop Dusting.

    Works continue in Orange Walk East
    The work is ongoing in the Orange Walk District particularly in the Orange Walk East constituency. Staying true to his pledge Honorable Elodio Aragon Jr. remains committed to his people. This indefatigable representative has been working since he was a standard bearer and has not stopped since. At the moment works on the streets in the Pasadita Area and Palmar Boundary Rd. Area are ongoing. So far work has been done to rehabilitate Father Larry St., Father Franco St, Mon y Mel St, 6th, 7th, and 8th St. and Audinette Alley. Work was also done to upgrade the Chan Pine Ridge Rd. and the road at the entrance of Palmar Village was upgraded as these were in urgent need of repairs.

    Protecting the environment plastic bagsand styrofoam to be banned in a year’s time
    The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development; the Ministry of Investment, Trade and, Commerce and the Ministry of Tourism led a collaborative taskforce to take a proposal to the Cabinet to reduce pollution through the phasing out of one-use plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, and plastic food utensils. This first phase is estimated to be done by April 22, 2019 and was done through the collaborative efforts of the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, BELTRAIDE, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management Authority. Cabinet approved the proposal of Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

    Preventative detention was a thing 10 years ago
    Back in 2008, one of the first things that the new government headed by first time Prime Minister Hon Dean Barrow did was to do something about the high murder rate and other violent crimes. The first thing they proposed was to bring in a special prosecutor from Jamaica, who would help to improve on the very low conviction rate, when it came to cases of murder and other violent crimes. That was coupled with the idea of bringing a former Jamaican Superintendent, Mr Harold Crooks, to work as a special advisor to the Police Department. The other response was to come from the legislature.

    PUP victimization begins in Corozal
    Two weeks after being elected to the office of Mayor in Corozal town, the new head of the team is displaying the ruthless victimization nature of the PUP. On Wednesday the Guardian Newspaper was presented with a letter in which an employee of the council was unceremoniously fired. The letter is addressed to Isaac Sajia and is dated for Monday March 19th. The curt letter does not give an explanation as to the reason for the termination simply saying that the person was terminated effective immediately. Signed by one R. Campos as the Town Administrator, the letter goes on to state that Sajia was entitled to 4 weeks notice pay and vacation if any.

    Putting research at the forefront of development
    Belize’s first National Research Conference opened at the University of Belize in Belmopan on Wednesday, charting a new course in National Research. This first conference is designed to gauge the cross-section of research that has been conducted in Belize by both Belizean and International Scholars. Such a research conference is a collaborative effort of the University of Belize, Galen University, the University of the West Indies as well as the National Institute of Culture and History serving as a catalyst. Some of the major sponsors for this year are the United States Embassy, Bowen and Bowen, the Development Finance Corporation and others, who all have cooperated to bring about some stellar results.

    Better Sheep and goat stocks for Belize through good Taiwan relations
    In continuing the good relationship between Belize and Taiwan, a long-standing “Sheep and Goat Genetic Improvement Project” was officially launched last Thursday in Central Farm. So too was the National Sheep and Goat Breeding Center, now located at the center of Belize’s agricultural research initiatives. Present for the launch and unveiling of a plaque was Jose Alpuche, Chief Executive Officer within the Ministry of Agriculture, who said that the project should increase production as well as provide systems of traceability. He also said that there are now sheep and goat markets in Mexico and Guatemala and efforts will be made to open legal trading routes to those countries.

    World Water Day celebrated in Belize
    Official opening ceremonies were held towards World Water Day on Monday in the Jaguar Auditorium at the University of Belize in the Nation’s Capital. At the earliest, Dr. Javier Zuniga, Regional Manager for the Central Region was handed a certificate of appreciation by the World Water Day Committee from the Ministry of Health. Belize joins with other Countries to Celebrate World Water Day under the theme, “Nature for Water.”

    Henry Cornejo is acquitted of murder
    Another man accused of a daylight murder was set free on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 after the office of the DPP was forced to enter a nolle prosequi due to insufficient evidence. In this case, 27-year-old Henry Cornejo learned his fate before Supreme Court judge Collin Williams. Cornejo was accused of gunning down Marvin Glenford Nunez in front of Saint Ignatius Primary School just after midday on December 7, 2012 as he dropped his stepdaughter to school.

    Charged for murder of baby Alyssa Nunez
    Everal Martinez was briefly and quietly arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford on Friday, March 16, 2018. Martinez was read three criminal and indictable charges including the capital crime of the murder of Alyssa Nunez, his 17-month-old stepdaughter who he is believed to have sexually molested before she succumbed to her injuries on March 4, 2018. Martinez was also read one count of attempted rape and one count of harm, which is alleged to have occurred on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. No plea was taken and bail was not offered given the nature of the offense. As a result, he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until May 18, 2018, the day set for his next appearance.

    Brian Welch is shot on Gibnut Street
    On Saturday, March 17, 2018 as 30-year-old Brian Welch was walking on Gibnut Street toward Curassow Street, he was approached by two men on motorcycle and was shot at. He sustained injuries to his chest and arm and was transported to the KHMH where he is listed in a stable condition. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, Welch gave the police descriptions of his attackers and since then, two persons have been detained for questioning. There is no indication that he was attacked as a result of gang rivalry but no other motive has yet been established.

    Anti-crime measures
    This past weekend was one of the most murderous weekends in Belize City’s recent history. Several persons were fatally shot, leading to an atmosphere of utter helplessness and despair. The city was thrown into a virtual state of emergency. Emergency meetings were called and on Sunday, Prime Minister Honorable Dean barrow held a press conference to map the way forward. One of the major steps taken was to place the Ministry of Home Affairs back under the National Security Ministry. As a result, the Minister of Defense, under which the Belize Defense Force falls, became the Minister of Police. The Prime Minister explained that, “It is necessary, it makes sense for us to reconstitute one umbrella Ministry of National Security, with one National Security Ministry now there can only be one National Security Minister and that Minister will be the Honorable John Saldivar.”

    Farmer shoots at eyes in the dark leaving three injured
    While several murders and shooting incidents happened in Belize City, an isolated case in Punta Gorda has left three people wounded. On Sunday, March 18, 2018, police responded to a shooting incident at the New Road area in Punta Gorda and found Raphael Choj Sr., a 44-year-old farmer, along with Raphael Choj Jr., a 12-year-old student, and Ernesto Choj, a 14-year-old student, suffering from gunshot wounds.

    Jealousy leads to murder
    Denroy Llewellyn Alvarez, a resident of Central American Boulevard in Belize City, was shot and killed during the weekend when there was an explosion of violence in the City. He’s the 4th City Council employee to be killed in 5 weeks, and he was also a son of the retired police Superintendent Simeon Alvarez Sr. Police say that at around 8:45 p.m., on Saturday, March 17, they went to the KHMH to follow up on a report that there was another shooting about an hour and a half after the double murder of 64 year-old Theresita Flowers, and 17 year-old Delcia Blanco. At the hospital, they found Alvarez who had passed away from multiple gunshot injuries to the body.

    Ghost Town gang leader shot and killed
    Kendis Flowers, a resident a Mayflower address, and member of the Ghost Town Crips gang, was laid to rest on Tuesday March 20 at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery. Flowers was shot and killed on Mahogany Street. His murder was the second in Belize City, in less than 8 hours. Police say that at around 3 a.m., on Saturday, March 17, they visited an area on Mahogany Street that’s a short distance away from Sittee Street. That’s where they found Flower’s body on the street; he was allegedly found with a black Daewoo brand 9mm pistol in his right hand. By the time the cops arrived on the scene, he was already dead, and they later transported his body to the morgue.

    Murder in Orange Walk
    Elmer Alexi Palma Arzu, a 27 year-old Honduran who had been living in Orange Walk Town, was found dead inside his taxi car on the Chan Pine Ridge road over the weekend. Palma Arzu was living in Belize for a year, and he recently started his own taxi business. Police say that on Sunday, March 18, at around 9 p.m., they went out to an area on the Chan Pine Ridge road, where they found a white GEO Prism taxi car on the shoulder. Inside they found Palma Arzu’s body. Someone had shot him multiple times to the head and body. A resident found him about a half hour earlier, and the cops were then called in to take control of the crime scene, and retrieve his body.

    Robert Strekler shot at on South Creek
    On Sunday, March 18, 2018 at about 9:20 a.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Robert Strekler, a 34-year-old security guard of a Belize City address, suffering from apparent gunshot wound to the lower back. Initial investigation revealed that earlier that morning, Strekler and another man were conversing at the corner of Fairweather Street and South Creek when a male person approached them and fired shots at them causing Strekler’s injuries.

    Shooter caught after being shot by target
    A businessman was shot at by a gunman who opened fire at him while he was driving at the corner of Lacroix Boulevard and Balan Street in Belize City. The gunman failed to shoot him but this did not stop the businessman, Derrol Vernon, from using his firearm to shoot at his assailant. The gunman was shot at and although he managed to escape, his freedom was short-lived.

    Esmir Garrido on remand for shooting at Reginald Garroy
    Police have been able to solve a shooting case which took place in February 2018 on East Canal near the Rocky Road Bridge. Esmir Garrido, a 20-year-old construction worker of West Canal, has been arrested and charged in that case and appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford at his arraignment on Friday, March 16, 2018. Before the magistrate, Garrido was read one count of grievous harm and one count of use of deadly means of harm with a deadly instrument upon Reginald Garoy, a taxi driver.

    Ladyville resident in court for harm and theft
    James Crawford, a 36-year-old resident of Ladyville, appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, March 15, 2018 where was read one count each of theft and harm upon Kenneth Arthurs. Crawford appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Kadeen Palmer where he pleaded guilty to the charge of harm and not guilty to the charge of theft. The allegations are that on March 11, 2018, Crawford stole a gold plated chain, valued at $90, which is the property of Arthurs. In a police report, Arthurs told the police that he was raking up a yard and after he finished, he went at a nearby shop and that is when he was approached by Crawford who asked him where his bag of weed was.

    Victor Gibbs killed, reason: UNKNOWN
    Victor Gibbs, a 30 year-old sales man of Mex Avenue in Belize City, was the first resident to be murdered over the weekend. At around 6:25 p.m., on Friday, March 16, police visited the corner of King Street and West Canal. That’s where they found Gibb’s grey Ford Escape SUV, with the engine running; the vehicle was in the middle of the street. Inside, the cops found his body in the driver’s seat of the vehicle; someone shot him several times to the back of the left ear, the left cheek, the left shoulder, and the right cheek.

    Shawn Codd is the winner of the 19th Annual Belize Electricity Ltd Junior Cross Country race
    The Cycling Federation of Belize in partnership with the Belize Electricity Ltd sponsored the 19th Annual Junior Cross Country event on Sunday 18th March, 2018. The event started at the Succotz Ferry in the Cayo District and travelled the full length of the George Price Highway into Belize City where the cyclists made a left turn onto the Central American Bouvlard over the Belican Bridge around the Round-About and then into the Philip Goldson Highway doing one lap to the Round-About at the junction of the Philip Goldson Highway and Buttonwood Bay Bouvlard and then to the Belize Electricity Limited Corporate Headquarters for the finish.

    The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Closing Season competition continued on Sunday 18th March, with four games on the schedule
    At the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, the league’s leading Belmopan Bandits SC blanked the home team Police United FC by the score of 2-0 to maintain its lead in the competition. The 1st goal of the game for the Belmopan Bandits SC was scored by Jerome James in the 38th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The lead was later increased when Rony Sanchez scored his team’s 2nd goal of the game in the 67th minute of play for the 2-0 victory. Out at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the defending champions Verdes FC halted its slippage when it edged out the Belize Defence Force FC by the score of 2-1.

    Pepsi’s National Elite Basketball League All Star Teams announce
    The Pepsi National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will be hosting its fourth annual All-Star Night on Saturday, March 24 at the Orange Walk Multi-Purpose Complex in Orange Walk Town. The league would like to congratulate all the players and coaches who were chosen to participate in the All Star Game. Rico Black from San Pedro Tiger Sharks is the coach with the best record (7 - 1) going into the All Star Weekend, so he will coach the Local Team. Isaac Rhys from Griga Dream Ballers is the coach with the second best winning record (6 - 1) so he will coach the Imports/Belizean American team.

    Belize Rural Softball competition to commence 2018 season on April 8 in Lord’s Bank
    The Belize Rural Softball Association is pleased to announce that the 2018 Softball season will commence on Sunday 8th April, at Lord’s Bank with the Traditional Showcase Marathon. The marathon competition will commence at 9:00 am. Registration will take place before the commencement of the marathon.

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks clinch first playoff berth in Pepsi National Basketball League competition
    The Pepsi National Elite Basketball League competition continued over the last week with two games on the schedule. On Saturday 17th March, at the Russel ‘Chiste’ Garcia Auditorium in Dangriga Town, in the Stann Creek District, the host team Dangriga Dream Ballers defeated the visiting Digicell Belize City Defenders by the score of 72-65. The top scorers for the Dangriga Dream Ballers were Tahj Wells with 19 points and 13 rebounds; Daniel Nolberto with 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists and a steal and Daniel Conorquie with 11 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. For the Digicell Belize City Defenders, the top scorers were Darwin Leslie with 21 points, 4 rebounds and a steal and Nigel Jones with 12 points, 12 rebounds and a steal.

    Belize City Primary Schools softball finals set for April 9
    The semi-final round of the Belize City Primary Schools Softball competition took place on Friday 16th March, 2018, at Rogers Stadium. In the first game in the girls’ semi-final round, Central Christian School eliminated Buttonwood Bay Nazarene School by the score of 8-7. The winning pitcher was Yasmin Weir and the losing pitcher was Evelyn Martinez. In the girls’ second semi-final game, St. John’s Primary School eliminated St. John Vianney School by the score of 4-3. The winning pitcher was Joyce Brown and the losing pitcher was Kiara Mohammad Ali.

    20,000 Women Strong
    The 20,000 Women Strong Empowerment Rally made its way to the Marion Jones Sports Complex from the Memorial Park on Friday, March 16, 2018 in their call to gender parity. While the march did not actually see 20,000 participants, there were hundreds of people who came out to show their support under the theme “Nurturing the Next Generation- #PressForChange”. The first 20,000 Women Strong march was held in 2014 and ever since then, Kim Simplis Barrow, first lady and Special Envoy for Women and Children, has teamed up with other agencies to make the march a success. With women and children having become the victims of sexual attacks and other forms of violence, even more recently, women, men, and children took to the streets to lend their voice to the empowerment rally.

    Local avocados cause commotion in Michael Finnegan Market
    On Thursday March 15th, what was supposed to have been a routine delivery of avocado pears at the Michael Finnegan Market turned into a surreal event as police officers of the Special Patrol Unit descended on the pear supplier to arrest him. By all appearances the man making the delivery was believed to be making a drop of illegal Mexican avocados. It caused quite a commotion as police officers pulled up and immediately bystanders began to video the event. The tape shows as officers first attempted to arrest the pear delivery man then showed them telling the man to load the pears, 750 of them in 9 crocus bags, into the pan of a police mobile pickup truck. The man refused and the task had to be done by the officers themselves. Shortly thereafter the video shows as one officer attempted to grab the cellphone of one person who was videotaping the event. Then suddenly one police officer rushed to the pear delivery man and began to try to arrest him. It was an ugly sight as the man resisted, hugging a lamp post and being hauled and pulled by the officers. It was a sight that Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams was non too pleased with.

    Body of Brian Valerio found two days after he drowns in Dangriga
    On Saturday March 17, 2018 at about 2:45 p.m., police visited South River Side Street after receiving information of a drowning. Upon arrival, it was learnt that Brian Gregory Valerio, a 45-year-old laborer of Dangriga Town, was attempting to swim across the river. When he got to the midpoint of the river, he went under and never resurfaced. Divers from the Fisheries Department and the Belize Coast Guard as well other members of the community formed a search party and conducted searches in the immediate area of the river and up to the river channel but they were unable to locate Valerio. On Monday, March 19, 2018, Dangriga police visited an area on Why-Not Island next to the river where the motionless body of Valerio was discovered.

    Buses irregular in Cayo on Monday mornings
    Over a dozen tourists and other Belizeans were stranded at about 7:00 a.m. Monday at the Cayo Welcome Center trying to get a bus to Belmopan and other parts of Belize. David Allen, who was waiting at the bus terminal with his two daughters told us that he has urgent transactions to do at the Lands Department today, but is unable to catch a bus. Traffic Officer Manuel Romero told us that difficulties in catching a bus from San Ignacio to other parts of the Country is especially so on Mondays. He advises residents to be at the terminal by 6:30 a.m on Mondays, but given the sporadic nature of the buses, their travels even then cannot be guaranteed. Romero tells us that even though there are regulations for buses to have a back up; especially when there is a delay, bus owners are not following through. While a bus from Benque was to have arrived at 7:30 a.m on Monday none came.

    San Ignacio resident is the Fantasy 5 Winner
    After purchasing a lucky quick pick Fantasy 5 ticket, a San Ignacio Town resident is the winner of the $345,000 Fantasy Five jackpot. That man, Marion Avila, stopped at the Brad’s Gaming Company Ltd. in Belize City where his winnings were handed over by Fantasy Five’s Public Relations Officer, Karil Wallace. According to Wallace, it was not until checking the numbers on Saturday, March 17, 2018 that they learnt that someone had won and where that ticket hailed from. Avila says that it is a practice of his to purchase quick pick tickets every Tuesday and Thursday and that it was a chance of luck. He felt shocked and lucky and says that he will use the money to pay for the education of his three children, to finish his home, and to hopefully save some.

    Kearny Thompson succumbs to gunshot injuries after two weeks
    Kearny Thompson, a 31-year-old man who was shot on Saturday, March 3, 2018, succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Thompson was shot while sitting on the verandah at William’s Apartment on Vernon Street just after 7:00 p.m. According to Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, Thompson was approached by a lone gunman who fired shots in his directions. He was hit by two bullets to the lower right side of the back and abdomen. Since the night of the shooting incident, Thompson remained in a critical condition of the KHMH until he perished while undergoing treatment on March 21.

    Microsoft helping Belize meet its Digital Transformation goals
    A team from Microsoft lectured Chief Executive Officers from within the Government on Wednesday morning at the Central Information Technology Office in Belmopan on the digital tools now available within Microsoft ‘s Office 365. Such educational sessions for public officers continues Thursday at the George Price Center. Microsoft and the Government of Belize signed an MOU in June of last year aimed at helping the government meet its National Digital Transformation Goals. As a result, Microsoft in collaboration with the Central Information Technology Office (CITO), conducted an introduction session on Microsoft’s Office 365 for these public officers. The partnership reinforces the Government of Belize’s effort in improving the skills of public officers by adopting the latest technology that can lead to national development.

    One Struggle Despair and Hope in Belize City
    It’s 11:50a.m. on Tuesday March 20, when I received a call from former councilor Phillip Willoughby, “I’m outside your office,” he says. We had previously arranged for us to take a tour of what has now become his daily routine, he’s no longer at the council and these days Willoughby smiles and says, “I have more time now.” I stepped into his vehicle, in the front passenger seat sat a young man, the first thing that’s noticeable is that he has no legs, amputated from the hip down.” “This is Shefaun,” says Willougby, gives me a quick glance and immediately puts the vehicle in reverse. And we’re off.

    Words of Life With Pastor Barry Fraser
    March the 25th is celebrated in many churches as Palm Sunday. On that occasion we remember the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem on the first day of his final week on earth. Matthew records this in chapter 21 of his Gospel, from verse 6: “The disciples went and did as Jesus had directed them. They brought the donkey and the colt and put on them their cloaks, and He sat on them. Most of the crowd spread their cloaks on the road, and others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road.

    Something Ominous is Happening to Our Men
    Something ominous is happening to our young men. The signs are everywhere. Are we in Belize aware of what is occurring? If you live in urban Belize, you probably know at least one young male that has been murdered by gun violence/ gang rivalry. If you are a mom or a dad you might have noticed that your daughter and your daughter’s friends are more on the ball than your son and his friends. They get better grades, they are less likely to smoke marijuana; they spend less time playing video games. They are interested in- and they pursue higher education. And of course if you follow the news you have seen a rise in not just gun violence but violence against women and children… and women are not the perpetrators. In most if not all recent cases, the offender was a man.

    Alive and Kicking
    For those of you who have a fetish for the macabre and enjoy reading novels by Stephen king and Dean Koontz, I have a creepy tale to relate to you. At around 6 am On Monday morning 19 March, I was leaning on the railing of my verandah when I saw a stray cat spring after a rat which was crossing the street. As the stealthy feline closed the gap on its prey a white cargo van appeared out of the blue and crushed both creatures under its wheels. Nothing strange there, but as the cat lay writhing on the macadam, the last of his nine lives oozing from his body, a black, green-eyed blackbird flew down from my neighbour’s flowering Cericote tree where it has a nest, and, without perching, gave the cat two quick pecks on the head then flew back to safety.


    Tipping Guide to Belize
    Never underestimate the value of tipping and how much some people rely on it to put food on their table and pay the bills. The minimum wage in Belize is only $3.30 BZD ($1.65 USD) per hour. Part of the ideology behind that is somewhat based on the fact that most workers are in the tourism industry and therefore will most likely receive tips. I was recently on a low-cost boat tour and at the start of the trip, the boat owner gave the tipping speech and reminded everyone to tip the guys at the day’s end. I was planning to give the two guys $20 to split. However, I was the last one off the boat and saw that not one person had given them anything so I quickly fished another $20 from my wallet and handed them each one. I am a firm believer in money karma and that it is good to help other people make money. For some people, I will occasionally tip in USD, because I know they save it for travel.

    Long List of Errands & A Trip to Town
    Shopping in San Pedro takes me considerably more time than it did when I lived in the States. What was easily procured in one trip to Target or Whole Foods often requires 3, 4 or even five stops here in Belize. (Here’s some information on how to Food Shop on Ambergris Caye.) I’m okay with that – and I enjoy it, weather permitting. But Tuesday, my errand list was longer and much more varied than usual. Pick up 1 lb of dark chocolate at Belize Chocolate Company, buy one habanero plant, check the air in the tires and get gas, meet for an free intro. ayurvedic consulation, provision for the camp (pineapples, corn meal and plastic wrap) and more.

    International Sourcesizz

    13 Bucket List Animal Encounters
    There’s no better way for kids to learn about the amazing creatures that share our planet than with an up-close-and personal animal experience. Kick your wanderlust into high gear with one of these unforgettable trips. Located onsite at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the Green Iguana Conservation Project teaches kids about the animals in a highly interactive environment. Founded to conserve and look after the endangered species, kids can pick up and hold the friendly lizards while being educated on the incubation, hatching, rearing and releasing process.

    Senior leads spring break mission trip to Belize for fourth straight year
    Spring break is a great time to relax and recuperate from school by going on vacation, hanging out with friends, or binging a show on Netflix, but one Bearden student has spent every high school spring break in a life-changing way. Senior Lauren Hunter has been organizing a mission trip to Belize for the past four years and has an indescribable passion for the small, overlooked country where she was called to serve at only 14 years old. Ever since middle school, Hunter wanted to go on a mission trip, but due to her overloaded cheerleading schedule, it seemed like just a dream far in the distance. When she decided to quit cheerleading her freshman year, however, she felt her dream might be attainable after all.

    Rhapsody of the Seas Live Blog Day 5 - Belize
    Our third stop is Belize City, Belize and it is just my second time going to this port. The last time was on Navigator of the Seas back in 2014, so it has been a while. Just like last time, our ship anchored off the coast and operated tenders to bring guests back and forth. The tender ride was 15 minutes each way (although I thought it was a longer ride from our past time). We set our alarm and got the kids ready. Just like yesterday, I went up to the Windjammer to bring food back to the room. The tender ride over 15 minutes and we immediately spotted our tour guide waiting for us at the pier, near all the other shore excursions.

    I rented out an entire private island for only $300 a night — here's why you should do it too
    Since Placencia is a tiny village with a tiny airport, we first had to book flights from New York to Belize City, the country's major travel hub. From there we booked local charter flights from Belize City to Placencia. For the flight from Belize City to Placencia we were in a plane with six other people (including the pilots), and while my boyfriend loved it, I was terrified. This was one of the parts of the trip I was most nervous about, but the views of Belize were stunning and the trip, though stomach-churning, was unforgettable. After arriving in Placencia and staying at a small beach resort for a few days, we eventually met Bird Island's host and owner Fred in town at the Placencia dock. First, though, we had to go to the local grocery store and get enough food (and booze) for our four days there.


  • Feeding the tarpon in Caye Caulker Belize, 1min.

  • BELIZE // Episode1 // Travel Feels, 10min. This is the start of 12 day trip with my family and friends through Belize. We will be 5 days in a catamaran out in the ocean and then another 4 on land exploring the tropical jungles and local culture. Expect some heavy travel feels and visual vibes...

  • Bicycle Touring Belize and Northern Guatemala, 13min. The roads in Belize are not cyclist friendly. Most of the time there is no shoulder on the road and the vehicles drive at crazy fast speeds. We stopped at a place called Crooked Tree and the Belize Zoo where we came very close to Jaguars, Pumas and more.

  • Belize & Corozal + 7 other moments 2018, 52min. Ambergris Caye Belize Xanadu Resort, Lamanai Mayan Ruins.

  • Chachalaca enjoying breakfast, 1min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries, 5min.

  • The Sister Reef Project, 1.5min. The Belize Tourism Board has created The Sister Reef Project, where people can donate money for the preservation of the world's 2 largest barrier reefs(ours being the biggest living barrier reef). They have 41 different prizes, and they are all over Belize, with many being in Cayo, since this is where the adventure and eco-tourism is. They have a video for every prize, too.

  • Our trip to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, 15min. Featuring Whale Sharks, Chichen Itza, Tical, Ek Balam, the Blue Hole, Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve, and a couple of Cenotes

  • Belize, 6min. This is a video exploring the natural beauty of Belize. We travel all around the district looking at how people live life in Belize. I was personally born their so I can personally say with confidence I'm proud to be from Belize.

  • Cancun to Belize, 4min. A trike ride from Cancun to Belize.

  • BREAKFAST BEACH BARS BELIZE, 6min. just an average day in three places we like to go when we are lounging around San Pedro, Estel's, Fido's and the Dive Bar. we had a great day driving around San Pedro to put this together.. and no we won't say anything other than yes there is a real secret beach.

  • DCA in Belize 2018, 16min. Senior Class Mission Trip 2018 to Belize.

  • Belize vs Grenada International Friendly, 2.5hr.

  • Budget Meeting 2018, 2hr.

    March 22, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Emergency care still available at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital despite operating at 50% capacity
    Belize’s largest and most used public medical center, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) has been operating at 50% capacity since Monday, March 19th due to the dire infrastructural conditions at the installation. It was reported on Friday, March 16th that debris started falling off the hospital’s ceilings in certain sections of the building, forcing management to cancel all clinics and switching to an emergency management mode. As assessments are being done to start the necessary repairs, the situation at the hospital is worse than expected and according to engineers, it will take a long period of time to complete the urgent renovations. However, even under these conditions, the Public Relations (PR) Office at KHMH has indicated that the hospital will still accept emergencies patients, including those from Ambergris Caye.

    Island students sit the first phase of PSE 2018
    On Monday, March 19th, Standard Six students countrywide sat the first part of the National Primary School Examination (PSE), testing their knowledge of English and Science. For students of San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker, their first phase of the PSE was held at the San Pedro High School (SPHS). The students sat the English exam first, which consisted of two sections: multiple-choice questions and a writing assignment. The science exam was given to the students in the afternoon and only consisted of a multiple-choice section. After the students were released at 1:45PM, The San Pedro Sun managed to speak to some students, who shared how prepared they were for the exams.

    San Pedro Turtles are Belize’s 2nd Annual Beach Rugby Tournament Champions
    San Pedro Turtles claimed the championship title at Belize 2nd Annual Beach Rugby Tournament 2018 held at Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill in Caye Caulker on Saturday, March 17th. The tournament saw five teams competing for the coveted championship title. All three island teams that participated did incredibly well, with the San Pedro Hammerhead Sharks placing second and San Pedro Snails taking the third place. After all the games had ended, the total points accumulated throughout the day were tallied, and the team with the most points was named the champion. With a grand total of 176 points, the San Pedro Turtles were officially named the 2nd Annual Beach Rugby Tournament Champions. “Most Valuable Player” was Ruben Olivarez of the San Pedro Turtles. In second place was the San Pedro Hammerhead Sharks, with 135 points, and rounding out third place were the San Pedro Snails, with 96 points.

    SPHS dominates the Northern Softball Regionals
    Both the male and female softball teams from the San Pedro High School (SPHS) captured the championship at the National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) Northern Softball Regional on Saturday, March 17th. The tournament took place in Corozal Town, where the SPHS teams joined the male and female teams from Belize Rural High School (BRHS), Orange Walk Technical High School (OWTHS), Corozal Community College (CCC), and Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico (ESTM) for a full day of softball competition and the chance to represent the northern region at the NSSSA National Tournament. The matchups saw the first female game ending in a win for ESTM via default after BRHS was disqualified for unknown reasons. With this win, ESTM advanced to the championship game. In the second female game, SPHS overcame the OWTHS girls, winning the match with a 29-25 point game score.

    Ambergris Today

    Fun Activities For Child Stimulation Month
    The month of March is filled with fun activities for children as they are celebrated the entire month as it is Child Stimulation Month. PreSchools have a busy month planned out for students, parents and family to participate it. Aerobics, Grandparents day, Daddy Days, Movie Days, Cultural Day and even Civic Pride Day. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy! Long live the children of our community - the future leaders of the world!

    Belize To Phase Out Single-Use Plastic Bags And Styrofoam And Plastic Food Utensils
    The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, and the Ministry of Tourism led a collaborative taskforce comprising the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, Beltraide, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management Authority to advance a proposal to Cabinet to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The proposal was approved by Cabinet at its sitting today, 20th March 2018.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    The Attorney General of Belize has succeeded before the CCJ in his application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the Court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the Government. A rate of interest of 17% compounded monthly was initially awarded in the 2013 arbitration award of BZ$36m made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against Belize in favour of the Belize Bank. In November 2017, the CCJ gave permission for the Bank to have the arbitration award enforced as if it were a judgment. Following the CCJ’s 2017 ruling, the Bank requested a certificate under s 25 of the Crown Proceedings Act from the CCJ’s Registrar to detail the amount of money owed to the Bank by Belize. The certificate was duly issued in January 2018. According to the certificate, the debt stood at BZ$91.6M as at 15 December 2017, with interest “continuing to accrue at 17% compounded monthly until the date of payment”.

    San Pedro 2018 9-A-Side Football Tournament
    April 14, 2018. U-13, U-15. Registration is Free! Get your teams ready!

    Opening at BEL
    A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Technician I in the Distribution Department (Independence).

    Cayo Easter Fair 2018
    The 2018 Cayo Easter Fair is just 10 days away. It'll be at the Macal River park on Saturday, the 31st of March, and Sunday, the 1st of April. There will be food and fun for everyone, and Miss Deb's will be there. If you want a booth, now's the time. Call the SISE Town Council at 804-2035 for more information.

    Cayo Teams Win ATLIB Football Championship
    Congratulations to the Sacred Heart Junior College Scorpions male team and the University of Belize Black Jaguars female team! They won the ATLIB Football Championships.

    financial management training workshop in Trio Village
    Ya’axché believes in strengthening the institutional capacities of community groups. Over the weekend, a financial management training workshop was held in Trio Village for the Trio Farmers Cacao Growers Association. The members of the community based organization, over the two-day training, learned the concepts of bookkeeping, financial reporting and budgeting. This workshop aims to strengthen their skills in financial management and to ensure a long-lasting functional and effective community group that contributes positively to natural resource management.

    San Pedro Lagoon Clean Up
    Hosted by ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. Saturday, April 7 at 7 AM - 11 AM at The Bridge. Join us in clean sweeping our beautiful San Pedro Lagoon and mangrove waterways. Don’t be late! We are meeting under the bridge. Let’s clean up our mangrove river! We will have some boats available for people hop on, but if you want to bring your own means of transportation (anyone got kayaks?), then that's more room for garbage! Bring dive boots/water shoes and some hand cleaner disinfectant. The more help the better!

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

    Colombian Foreign Minister Visits Belize
    Today, a delegation from Colombia headed by Foreign Minister, H.E. Maria Angela Holguin, met with Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Hon. Elodio Aragon, and representatives from the Ministries of Education and Trade. The purpose of the visit was to discuss ways to strengthen the bilateral agenda. The main focus of the meeting was the review of the existing cooperation programme between the two countries. Colombia shared information on opportunities they are presently offering in the areas of security and education from which Belize may benefit, and further committed to continue its sharing of best practices in both areas.

    Women Leading Climate Resilience
    Mariko Wallen, a resident of Placencia, attended the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) which took place at the United Nation Headquarters in New York. Wallen was chosen among a pool of many nominations around the world to share her personal experience on coral restoration and sustainable livelihood activities during the CSW62 side event titled: “Rural Women Leading Climate Resilience”. This event featured representatives of grassroots women’s organizations engaging in an insightful dialogue highlighting the importance of investing in women leadership. The event offered knowledge exchange and learning opportunities among women participants, which will contribute to strengthening partnerships and bridging knowledge gaps providing greater benefits to the communities such as increasing climate resilience.

    Calling all Belizean Youth ages 18 - 30! Highlight your talents, show your involvement in climate change and participate in the CLIMATE CHANGE YOUTH VIDEO COMPETITION 2018! More details coming soon....

    Government of Belize will not Proceed with Proposed Tax Increase on Agricultural Land Clearing
    The Ministry of Finance informs that there was a meeting this morning at the Office of the Prime Minister in Belize City with the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of General Sales Tax (GST), the Executive Members of the Belize Agro-Productive Sector (BAPS) Group, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce. Resulting from this meeting, the Government of Belize has agreed not to proceed with the Statutory Instrument (S.I.) that would have standard-rated for GST purposes (at the rate of 12.5 %) Land Preparation for Agriculture, Harvesting and Crop Dusting Services.

    Cayo Earth Hour 2018
    The 2018 Earth Hour for Cayo will be this Saturday, and will take place in Belmopan, at Mae Gordon Park. It'll be more like a festival, and Miss Deb's will be there. Happy Spring!

    Belize DJ Championship Finals

    Marine Construction Vessel in Belizean Waters
    Due to numerous messages about this vessel, please know that we continue to monitor the situation. Here is what we do know: this is the Jascon 31, a marine construction vessel; it has been in Belizean waters for approximately a month, moored near Robinson Point off the Belize District. When we contacted officials at the Belize Port Authority Belize Port Authority Belize Port Authority we were informed that the vessel is only seeking safe habour until it's next port call. It's expected time of departure was unknown. We thank the Belizean people for their continued vigilance on this issue.

    Channel 7

    “Judgement Day” Anticlimax: CCJ Gives Partial Judgment
    Today was supposed to be judgement day for the Government of Belize in the 90 million dollar case with the Belize Bank - but it turned out to be not such a momentous judgement after all. That's because the court only gave a partial decision on the rate of interest added unto that 90 million. It did not make any pronouncement on what the bank asked for, which is an enforcement order against the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General, forcing them to pay the judgment debt. So, while everyone waits on that, in the matter of the rate of interest, Government wanted the CCJ to reconsider whether the judgment should have a running interest of 17.6% compounded, or a simple interest of 6%.

    Will Bze Bank Crowfoot GOB’s Assets Based on US Judgment?
    We also asked Courtenay about a ruling out of the US District Court of Colombia which gave the Belize Bank permission to enforce a 35 million US dollar judgement - also related to the Universal Health services debacle. The US District Court order is dated, March 12, 2018, and it reads quote, "Enforcement of the Judgment is granted... It is further ordered that [the] petitioner may now seek attachment or execution of Government of Belize property to satisfy this Court's judgment..." End quote. This means that the Belize Bank can now seek to crowfoot government assets to satisfy the judgment. So, this morning, the press asked Courtenay outright if they are going to do just that:

    Still No Answer On Who Will Pick Up KHMH Slack
    As you heard last night, the KHMH is in crisis mode - managing a major structural failure that covers half the hospital. As a result, key services have had to be suspended and core functions have been locked down. And while the KHMH management tries to restore normalcy, as it waits on a Mexican engineering team, what is the response of the wider public health sector? Today we spoke to the Health Ministry CEO Dr. Ramon Figueroa and he told us that the ministry is doing its part to provide the patients with the health care they need.

    Mex Newspaper Says Drug Plane Dropped 1.5 Tonnes of Drugs Into Hondo
    A Mexican newspaper says that the King Air 200 that crash landed in the Blue Creek area one week ago made a huge wet drop in the Rio Hondo. This confirms what experts told us after seeing the black bags, rope and markers attached to it inside the plane. The Diario Quintana Roo reports that 6 boats manned by Belizean crews lifted more than three thousand pounds of illicit drug cargo out of the Rio Hondo near the Mexican village of Ramonal. Villagers told the newspaper that they saw and heard the plane circle three times over the Hondo - flying an estimated 150 feet above the water's surface. They also saw silver and brown packages tumbling out of the plane.

    City Man Days 17 Days After Being Shot
    Tonight there is another Belize City murder to report - but it started out as just a shooting. Back on March 5th we told you about a shooting at an apartment building on Vernon Street in Belize City. The shooting victim was 31 year old Kearny Thompson. He was sitting on a verandah when someone shot him in the left back and lower abdomen. He was rushed to the KHMH where he was diagnosed with major damage to his internal organs and listed in a critical condition.

    Mexican Bank Card Scammers Back To Court
    Three Mexicans appeared in Belize City Magistrate's Court back at the end of January for bank card fraud. Since then, they have been on remand pending other charges. Well, those charges came down today - but in Orange Walk Magistrate's Court. Thirty-one-year-old Belen Hernandez and Lionel Rodriguez, along with twenty-six-year-old Joscan Jafet appeared before Magistrate Albert Hoare. Belen Hernandez who was read a charge for the theft of $500 from the Atlantic Bank in Orange Walk Town, while Jafet and Rodriguez who were charged with stealing $300 dollars and $200 dollars respectively from Atlantic Bank in Corozal town. The alleged thefts occurred on January 19, 2018. All three are represented by attorney Kevin Arthurs.

    The Nuts and Bolts of Disposable Styrofoam and Plastics Ban
    We always see those Department of the Environment ads about keeping the place clean, recycling and using biodegradable products instead of those Styrofoam plates and utensils. Well, those messages are more than just public announcements now. As we told you last night, Cabinet approved a proposal to phase out single-use plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by next year April. And by "phase out'', the plan is that there won't be any of these products on the market in country. It is a major change but the CEO in the Ministry of Environment says it is necessary to keep the environment clean and wildlife safe. Dr. Percival Cho told us more about the ban and the alternative products that will replace the foam containers.

    Another Alleged Killer Gets Off After 5 Years On Remand
    Back in December 2012, it made headlines when 29 year-old Marvin "Inches" Nunez, was killed in a broad daylight shooting right outside the gate of the St. Ignatius Primary School on Euphrates Avenue in Belize City. Well, after 5 years and 3 months on remand at the prison, 25 year-old Henry Cornejo, the man charge with his murder, was told that he could go home. He was in the middle of standing trial without a jury, where 5 prosecution witnesses already testified against him. The case was supposed to continue today, but Crown Counsel Killeru Awich entered a nolle pros and informed the court that the DPP's Office no longer wished to proceed against him. That's when the newly appointed judge, Justice Collin Williams, told Cornejo that he was free to go, but that the Crown did have an option to bring the charge against him again.

    Senior Police Officers Go Into Kill Zone To Make Peace
    After a weekend that saw 6-murders, police have been trying their best to return Belize City to a relative calm. They're focusing on community policing, specifically in the parts of the city where the gang rivalries and street feuds led to killings. Today, the cops were out on the Aloe Vera and Tibruce Streets, doing their Wednesday meet and greet session. Those are of course the streets where the 3 women, 52 year-old Bernadine Lauriano, 64 year-old Theresita Flowers, and 17 year old Delcia Blanco were shot and killed in their homes - in separate incidents, one week apart.

    Eastern Division Has A New Commander
    So, while the Eastern Division's new top brass tries to defuse tensions, the stark reality is that they took over in a difficult time for the city. Both Robert Mariano and Howell Gillett are settling into their posts after a spike of crime in the city which witnessed 5 murders in 26 hours. We asked the new Eastern Division's Regional Commander about his strategy Belize City, which is acknowledged as the most difficult area to police:

    Newly Reconstituted Ministry Of Nat. Security Has Two CEO’s
    John Saldivar's appointment as the Minister of National Security has raised some public concerns - as we showed you, the PUP and the BNTU expressed their disapproval. But the PM isn't reversing his decision on the basis of these alarms. So while Saldivar's position is set, who will take up the post as CEO? Today Gorge Lovell answered that on for us and says he is very pleased with this new merger. Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "I know John Saldivar is the Minister, who is the CEO?" George Lovell, CEO, Ministry of National Security: "Myself, to answer your latter and CEO Enriquez, there are two CEO's in the Ministry of National Security. I feel good about this simply because when I was the CEO for the then Ministry of National Security before it was broken down into Defense and Home affairs we had a lot of good things going. During the time we had Ministry of National Security was when we had the formation of the National Forensic Science Service as a separate department and there are lots of good things going on there."

    CEO’s Study Hard How To Use Microsoft
    Lovell was just one of very many ministry heads at a computer training session for the Caucus of CEO's. They were learning about the many facets of Microsoft's Office 365. It's a cloud based platform which the Central Information and Technology Office is using as the backbone for e-government - and today the CEO's were learning to maximize use of it. The Acting Director of CITO told us more:..

    Sex Education For The Aging
    Usually, when you hear the words Sex Education you think about young people learning all about those birds and bees, but today we went to a session about Sexual health and aging where young people were not in the audience. Several elderly women came together to take a new lesson in sex education. We stopped in and found out what they learnt and why it is so important. Ixchell Pott, National Council and Ageing Executive Director "It is a comprehensive one-day session where we talk to women about the changes their body experiences but also how to engage in sexual activity in a safe and healthy way."

    Big Guns Gone In Stann Creek
    There are more guns and ammo on the street after a small armory was burglarized. It happened at Sanctuary Bay Reserve in Stann Creek. 28-year-old Manager Alfonso Bailey reported that on Sunday between midday and 2:00 pm, someone broke into his office which is also used as a storage armory. They stole one .223 semi-automatic rifle loaded with 30 live rounds, one - 12 gauge pump action shot gun, ten 12 gauge cartridges, (2) boxes of (5.56) rounds and an undisclosed amount of cash.

    Meet Team Belize For Football Friendly
    Last night we told you about the upcoming friendly between Grenada and Belize. We heard from a few Grenada players but we didn't get to meet our Belize Team. Well, today the FFB held a press conference and introduced a team with some fresh faces and a few savvy veterans. Sahar Vasquez asked them if they are ready for Grenada. Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "In regards to the team are you concerned that they were just put together. Do you think that will affect them in the playing of the game?"

    ISCR and UB Dig Deep
    As we told you last night, NICH wants to foster a deeper interest and appreciation for research among young people and the wider public. They hope to achieve this through their National research conference which opened today at the UB Belmopan Campus. There were a host of presentations on a number of interesting and relevant topics relating to social cultural perspectives, history and anthropology. We got the overview from a NICH representative as well as one presenter who spoke on the concept of social distance in prison.

    Major Development Announced For Caye Chapel
    Caye Chapel - just 16 miles off the coast of Belize City - is one of the most prized potential developments. Over the years we've heard about so many plans for major resorts to put down sticks out there, but none of them have materialized. And, now there's another - and it's a Marquee name. A release issued today from a Mexican group called Inmobilia Desarrollos says that the luxury franchise, Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts has announced plans for the development of Caye Cualker. They say it will open in 2021 and will be called the "Four Seasons Resort and Residences Caye Chapel, Belize".

    Communication Confusion: Police Invest Big In Cell Phones, Then Switch Back To Handheld Radios
    Recently, we've been showing you how the police department has been shifting slowly from handheld police radios to cellular phones and WhatsApp groups as the platform for their police communication system. In both Eastern Division North and the Rural Eastern Division, tens of thousands of dollars have been invested to get rugged cellular phones for officers so that they can have real - time, image based, communication with their fellow field officers, and the command headquarters.


    PUP Leader Sides With Productive Sector...Advises Tax Implementation Will Ad More Pressure To Belizeans
    Since his Budget presentation on March 9th when Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced GOB’s proposed tax measures for fiscal year 2018-2019, the agriculture sector has come out to condemn GOB’s decision long and hard, especially as it relates to the exemptions on General Sales Tax to be implemented against agricultural services such as land preparation, harvesting and crop dusting and G.S.T. being added to data services. Late last week the three sugar cane farmers’ associations came together as one to ask GOB to refrain from legislating these tax measures. The Belize Agro-Productive Sector Group among others have also complained that, if implemented, these costs will eventually be passed down to consumers. Yesterday during a press conference with the media Opposition Leader John Briceño sided with the productive sector, questioning whether GOB was properly advised prior to this announcement.

    Did Belizeans Fish Out More Than One Hundred Packages Of Suspected Cocaine From The New River?
    Almost a week has gone by since the mysterious landing of a third suspected drug plane here in the north in less than two weeks. The aircraft was found deep in the farmlands of Blue Creek in an area known as “Cuatros Lenguas.” Along with the airplane three vehicles were found in the area and a man known only as an employee of a Mennonite businessman was detained while leaving the remote area and was being held for questioning but was since released from police custody. Now…that is as far as Belizean authorities have gone in terms of information on this incident and are yet to confirm what was being transported in the abandoned plane or who the owners of the three vehicles found in the area are.

    PUP Prepares Legal Challenge To Municipal Elections Results In San Pedro
    Today makes it two weeks since the municipal elections were held throughout the nine municipalities in Belize, and while most elected officers have begun to settle into their posts, there remains a cloud of uncertainty over the elections held in the town of San Pedro. For the Opposition PUP, the results cannot be accepted and they are planning to request that the Court reviews what took place. Today the Opposition Leader explained further.

    OCEANA Belize Commends GOB For Going Green
    Yesterday, the Government issued a release announcing that it has embarked on an initiative with stakeholders to phase out single use of plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22nd 2019. Following this publication, Oceana Belize issued a release of their own commending the decision taken by GOB indicating that the decision is welcomed by thousands of Belizeans who have carried out several clean up campaigns country wide and have seen the harmful impacts on our natural resources due to the use of single use plastic and Styrofoam.

    How 12.5 Percent Tax To Data Will Affect Consumers
    Tomorrow the 31 members of the House of Representatives will meet for day 1 of the budget debate. One of the central issues of discussion will be the Government’s proposed tax measures meant to plug a forecasted $118 million deficit in the upcoming budget. Among the tax measures is the expansion of GST which will see a 12.5% tax added to data services by all internet providers. We will hear both sides argue the pros and cons of this new tax measure on Thursday and Friday, but PUP Leader began the conversation during media interviews yesterday. He explained why everyone will be affected.


    GOB wins case against Belize Bank at the CCJ
    The Government of Belize today won a major judgment at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Its application to reduce the interest rate applicable on an arbitration award found enforceable by the CCJ succeeded. This is one of three post application judgments relating to the 2013 arbitral award of over ninety one million dollars against …

    “Tune in for coming attractions.”- Eamon Courtney
    Will the Belize Bank Limited seize government properties? Last week in a two page judgment, U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta ruled that the Belize Bank Limited may now seek attachment or execution of Government of Belize’s property to satisfy the Court’s judgment in the jurisdictions where such attachment or execution is appropriate. This is …

    GOB announces plan to phase out plastic bags and Styrofoam
    Environmentalists are rejoicing today after Cabinet approved a proposal to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution. This will be done through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The Government has recognized that the phasing out of these items is a necessary pollution control measure to …

    Is there conflict of interest with the two post held my Marilyn Williams?
    On January 5, Marilyn Williams was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court. She was previously the Chair of the Integrity Commission but stepped down to take her new post as Supreme Court Justice. Many thought this would be the case with respect to her post at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital, KHMH. …

    Residents in Mexican Village say they witnessed drug smuggling before Beechcraft crash landed in Belize
    The Belize Police Department has not provided any update on the investigation into the clandestine landing of a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 in a pasture in the Cuatro Leguas area in Southern Orange Walk District, an area located behind Blue Creek Village.That happened shortly after 12:00 a.m. on March 15, and one man was …

    Government to continue its partial appeal of Section 53 ruling
    Two weeks ago, the Roman Catholic Church of Belize officially removed itself as an interested party in the appeal of the Caleb Orozco versus the Attorney General’s case. The Roman Catholic Church was appealing the Section 53 ruling in its entirety while the Attorney General is partially appealing the ruling. However, President of the Court …

    PM Barrow reverses decision to impose GST on Agricultural Land Clearing
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow has decided not to impose the 12.5 % General Sales Tax on land preparation for agriculture, harvesting and crop dusting services. This was one of seven of the Prime Minister’s tax measures he proposed during his budget speech two weeks ago. However, that tax measure will not be implemented following a …

    International Sourcesizz

    Chetumal: They downloaded the drugs into the river
    Last Tuesday, while military and police authorities deployed a large security operation throughout the Ribera del Río Hondo, a group of six boats with two outboard motors each, their crew of Belizean origin were responsible for lifting approximately a ton and a half of alleged cocaine that the Cesna-type plane threw in the waters of the Hondo River in the town of Ramonal, was what some residents of the place who witnessed the events commented. According to the comments of some of the inhabitants who were in the vicinity of the park of said town, they observed the sighting of the Cesna-type plane, which made about three overflights over the waters of the Hondo River, which was used by the aircraft as a track.

    CCJ rules in favour of Belize Government
    The Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) yesterday ruled in favour of the Belize Government in its application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the Government. A rate of interest of 17 per cent compounded monthly was initially awarded in the 2013 arbitration award of BZ$36 million (One Belize dollar=US$0.49 cents) made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against Belize in favour of the Belize Bank. In November last year, CCJ gave permission for the bank to have the arbitration award enforced as if it were a judgement.

    Four Seasons Is Expanding to Belize
    Four Seasons is opening another new property in the Caribbean as the company embarks on what appears to be a concerted expansion push in the region. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has announced plans to develop Caye Chapel, a private island in Belize, with a mix of oceanfront estates, private residences and overwater bungalows. The project, which is slated to open in 2021, is the product of a partnership with Thor Urbana, Immobilia Desarollos and GFA Grupo Immobiliario, all of which are based in Mexico. The luxury development, called Four Seasons Resort and Residences Caye Chapel, Belize, will be a mix of 50 private estates lots, 35 private residences and 100 guest rooms and suites.

    Belize government succeeds in securing lower interest rate on BZ$36 million award
    The attorney general of Belize has succeeded before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in his application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the government. A rate of interest of 17% compounded monthly was initially awarded in the 2013 arbitration award of BZ$36 million made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against Belize in favour of the Belize Bank. In November 2017, the CCJ gave permission for the bank to have the arbitration award enforced as if it were a judgment. Following the CCJ’s 2017 ruling, the bank requested a certificate under s 25 of the Crown Proceedings Act from the CCJ’s Registrar to detail the amount of money owed to the bank by Belize. The certificate was duly issued in January 2018. According to the certificate, the debt stood at BZ$91.6 million as at 15 December 2017, with interest “continuing to accrue at 17% compounded monthly until the date of payment”.


  • Opening Ceremony of the 1st Belize National Research Conference, 54min.

  • Cane workers at work, 1/2min. Our deep respect for the land and its harvest. Thanks to our Corozal sugar cane farmers for inspiring us with a powerful work ethic. This is one of the hardest jobs in Belize and the most underpaid. Power to our cane farmers in the struggle.


  • Belize - A place that is unreal., 4min. New Hampton School Project Week 2018.

  • Belize Documentary, 32min.

  • Morning Matters with Barbara Wetzel, 100min.

  • Mexican Tips on Travel / Election Day Notice, 28min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Protecting Your Skin - Sun Screen Use / Benefits, 24min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Budget Response - People's United Party, 49min. on Open Your Eyes

  • FISH and LEARN - Teaching, Travel, and Fly-Fishing, 6.5min. I spent 7 weeks in Roatan, Honduras, at Bay Islands International School working as a volunteer. I learned so much about life on this journey, and also was able to do some fly fishing in my free time. I also spent 12 days in Belize exploring and fly fishing with some of my best friends.

  • Kayaking in Harvest Caye, Belize, 1min. Quick Kayaking tour of the mangroves in Harvest Caye, Norwegian Cruise Lines Private Island

  • Belize, 7min.

  • Belize 2017, 14min.

  • Bone fish Belize second guide, 2min.

  • Belize 2018, 12min. Hol Chan Dive Belize.

  • Hawksbill turtle (echte Karettschildkröte) in Belize feeding sponge, 2min. Hawskbill tortoise feeding on sponge at Belize barrier reef.

  • The New River, Belize. Speedboat to Lamanai Mayan ruins., 2min.

    March 21, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Phasing Out of Single-use Plastic Bags, Styrofoam and Plastic Food Utensils
    The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, and the Ministry of Tourism led a collaborative taskforce comprising the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, Beltraide, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management Authority to advance a proposal to Cabinet to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019.

    San Pedro High School hosts a successful Business Fair 2018
    The San Pedro High School (SPHS) held their 9th Annual Business Fair at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium on Friday, March 16th. The fair serves as a way to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students that are majoring in business studies. Every year, the event sees a large crowd of residents supporting the various business concepts that students have developed. Prior to the Fair, a short ceremony was held to introduce the judges and officially open the day’s events. The judges with the hard task to choose the winners included Amarainy Chi from Caye International Bank, Froylan Gilharry from San Pedro Junior College, Deputy Mayor Ruben Gonzalez and Orel Trejo from St. Francis Credit Union.

    PM Dean Barrow joins UDP Victory Rally in San Pedro Town
    Following the Municipal Elections held on March 7th, the United Democratic Party (UDP) has been hosting victory rallies countrywide in each of the six municipalities that they won. In San Pedro Town, the newly elected UDP town council held their rally in grand style on Saturday, March 17th, with the added presence of Belize’s Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Dean Oliver Barrow. The celebration included a parade through the streets of the town and a program of events at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex that included official speeches, raffles, and live entertainment.

    San Pedro Pirates emerges victorious over Placencia Assassins
    The San Pedro Pirates F.C redeemed themselves in their second consecutive home game by claiming a 3-0 victory over the Placencia Assassins on Sunday, March 18th. With this win, the Pirates landed three much-needed additional points in the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) chart, and are now in the fourth position. For the 11th week of the PLB, the San Pedro Pirates will be travelling to Belize City to face the Belize Defense Force on Sunday, March 25th. The game is scheduled to start at 4PM at the MCC Grounds. For more information on how to accompany the Pirates as a fan, you may contact 629-6770.

    Another victory for the San Pedro Tiger Sharks!
    It was another great win for the San Pedro Tiger Sharks on Friday, March 16th as they netted 86-75 points over the Orange Walk Running Rebels. The game was held at the Orange Walk multi-complex, where the island team easily dominated most of the match, landing their eighth consecutive victory in the 2018 season of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL). The schedule for the upcoming games for this Friday, March 23rd is as follows: DigiCell Belize City Defenders vs. Orange Walk Running Rebels in Orange Walk Town San Pedro Tiger Sharks vs. Smart Belize Hurricanes in Belize City Belmopan Bandits vs. Dangriga Dream Ballers in Dangriga Town. On Saturday, March 24th the annual NEBL All-Stars competition will be held in Orange Walk Town. Coach Rico Black, along with Martevious Adams and Jihad Wright, will be representing San Pedro in the tournament that starts at 7:30PM at the Orange Walk multi-purpose complex.

    Ambergris Today

    Traffic Department Issues Statement After Motorist Complain About Speed Ticketing
    It is absolutely nothing new to island residents that our beautiful island is overly congested with vehicles. The topic of ‘traffic’ brings a lot of concerns and issues that needs to be urgently and strategically addressed. For instance one major problem particularly in town is that businesses are placing traffic cones everywhere so that people don’t park in front of their place creating even more parking problems in the town area. But the number one issue that faces our island concerning traffic is SPEEDING. On Monday, March 19, 2018, a resident shared his frustration on social media that he was given a speeding ticket. He explained that he was more upset at the fact that he felt targeted by the traffic officers who would also not provide proof that he was speeding. According to him, they were using radar speed guns.

    Belize Returns To The Miss Universe Pageant In 2018 Under A New Organization
    The new Miss Universe Belize organization officially announces the return of Belize to the Miss Universe Pageant in 2018. The new Miss Universe Belize will compete at the 67th annual Miss Universe Pageant. This even will be seen by a global audience of over one billion people. The organization is being led by the new National Director Mr. Romeo Escobar, a three time Emmy award winning producer. When asked about his role in finding the next Miss Universe Belize Mr. Escobar stated, “I am extremely excited to take on this new venture and grateful to be working with a great team who also shares my same vision and passion. I want to make sure things are done the right way this time in Belize. I will make sure the new organization operates with honesty and full transparency. Our goal is to ensure that the next young lady to represent Belize, both nationally and internationally, has our full support. It is important that all of us in Belize work together to make sure this is successful”.

    Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Working At 50% Due To Structural Damage
    A structural review of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority physical plant was commissioned last week March 14th following an incident in which debris fell from the one area of the ceiling of the facility. A preliminary assessment prompted the need for immediate remedial reinforcements to a section of the hospital roof. At this time, we can report that the structural areas of immediate concern have been identified, inspected and temporary measures to address immediate safety concerns have been taken. With the first written report in hand, we know that there are multiple key areas of the hospital that we can no longer utilize until permanent solutions are in place. This of course affects an aray of services vital to the functioning of the KHMH namely Operating theatre, Central Sterilization Unit, Imaging Department, Specifics Clinics, Pharmacy and Dietary Services.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Easter Palooza: Ambergris Caye Weekend Party
    SAN PEDRO WE WONT HOLD BACK NO MORE! March 31 & April 1. The biggest easter event this year! A movie you can’t miss being a part of! Check the NEW LINEUP ARTISTS!

    1st Belize National Research Conference
    Tomorrow is the start of the 1st Belize National Research Conference! Come to the Jaguar Auditorium at the University of Belize campus in Belmopan and be part of this educational venture by the Institute for Social & Cultural Research!

    We hosted 120 primary school students from the communities of Trio, Bella Vista and San Isidro because children play an important role in conservation. Ya’axché’s BioBlitz event focuses on a number of trees, birds, mammals and freshwater bugs that are found easily in the surroundings of the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. The students were shown how to use a compass for navigation when out monitoring wildlife, microscopes to identify freshwater bugs by looking at small distinguishing features, binoculars to spot and count birds, camera traps to photograph wild mammals, and identification guides to monitor plants and trees within wild places managed by Ya’axché.

    Phasing Out of Single-use Plastic Bags and Styrofoam and Plastic Food Utensils
    The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, and the Ministry of Tourism led a collaborative taskforce comprising the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, Beltraide, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management Authority to advance a proposal to Cabinet to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The proposal was approved by Cabinet at its sitting today, 20th March 2018. The phasing out of plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils, such as clamshells, flat plates and cups, is a necessary pollution control measure to protect the terrestrial and marine environment from harmful plastic contamination. Biodegradable alternatives to the plastic and Styrofoam products already exist on the Belizean market in the form of shopping bags, clamshells, coffee cups and plates manufactured from plant-based materials.

    Rehabilitation Works along the George Price Highway
    As part of the ongoing rehabilitation of the George Price Highway between Roaring Creek and Iguana Creek, works will commence on the highway and its vicinity and will continue for the next 18 months. The Ministry of Works and contractor “Tiechroeb and Sons Ltd.” are committed to keeping the highway safe and passable during this time, and therefore asks the public to please exercise extreme caution when approaching any location where work is being carried out and to be guided by the road signs and flag personnel during the execution of these works.

    Sexual Health and Ageing Workshop
    . In celebration of Women’s Month, the National Council on Ageing with the support of the Central Health Region will be holding a one-day Sexual Health and Ageing Workshop for women 50+ on March 21st, 2018 at ITVET in Belize City starting at 8:30 a.m. This comprehensive sexual health session will discuss normal changes that occur as we age and tips on how to maintain good sexual health, and educate on sexually transmitted infections. Older persons are often left out of the discussion that focuses on sexual health and this workshop offers a unique opportunity to discuss the needs of this vulnerable population. Following the workshop at 1:30 p.m. there will be free medical screenings available including breasts exam, cervical screening, and BMI checks.

    e Barracks has been fully renovated thanks to a $120,000.00 BZD donation from Republic of China (Taiwan). The building, which was in dire need of repair, has now been converted into a welcoming and safe space for the families of the soldiers. As a result of the renovations, all structural beams, slabs, columns, retaining walls, ceiling, floors, were reinforced; electrical fixtures were upgraded, while all gutters, faucets, and plumbing were properly sealed to avoid corrosion. The building was also retrofitted with twenty (20) hurricane shutters and its exterior and interior walls repainted and caulked.

    MOVIE NIGHT at the Central Park!
    FREE MOVIE!!!! The San Pedro Town Council presents MOVIE NIGHT at the Central Park! This Saturday, March 24, we will be showing HOP! Seating is at 6:30 p.m. and Movie starts at 7:00 p.m. Bring your Mats, Blankets and Pillows! We will also have food and juice on sale! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! THERE WILL ALSO BE FACE PAINTING AND ARTS & CRAFTS AT 6:00 P.M.

    Corozal Full Moon Concert
    Saturday, April 7, 7:30pm. Benque Marimba, Los Hijos del West.

    Vote for your Favorite Band!
    Who is going to be this year's Most Popular Band?Text to vote for your favorite ! Voting ends at midnight on Friday March 23.

    RET National Youth Jamboree
    Pictures from the 2018 National Youth Jamboree. "Today, March 20th, RET Belize held a National Youth Jamboree in Belmopan to celebrate the completion of their Youth Action Group agenda where they learned to practice leadership skills in their community. Eight High Schools were present at the event, and students were awarded for their excellent participation and completion in this event. DYS was happy to be a part of this Jamboree, as our Communications Officer was the Mistress of Ceremonies. Congrats to all students for their achievements!"

    BE MORE!
    Today, Ms. Rhea Rogers inspired over 100 students of Belmopan Comprehensive School to BE MORE: to follow their passion and share their passion, to make a positive contribution to their community, to do a little extra every day, and to make progress one inch at a time. “Women, Peace and Security is about bringing women into the decision-making process. They have a lot to add. Our men and women need to stand up for our girls and our women. When you disrespect girls and women, you disrespect yourself. Be responsible to yourself and the voice inside of you. Stand up and say NO to injustice and to the status quo. Be more!”

    The Yarborough Basketball Court Rehabilitation Project is progressing nicely!
    The foundation for the steel frame has been cast. This project is being brought to the Yarborough Community by the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Taiwan ICDF.

    Reef Week Belize 2018 Poetry Competition
    Congratulations to the winners of our Reef Week Belize 2018 Poetry Competition hosted in Corozal and Orange Walk. The winner of the primary school category is Yuri Revelori from the STD. 4 class of Corozal Nazarene Primary School. The name of her winning piece is "Our Dark Blue Waters". The winner of the high school category is Silviannie Awayo. She's from St. Victor Vocational High School in Chunox. Her piece is named "I Am".

    World Boxing Champion Mikey Garcia in Belize
    World Boxing Champion Mikey Garcia stopped in Belize City this morning for a quick media tour about his charitable community service in Belize. Some of the #TropicAir staff thought they could take on the champ... but figured maybe 3 against one would give them a chance

    Channel 7

    KHMH: Navigating Crisis At Country’s Biggest Hospital
    Tonight, the country's biggest hospital is suffering what a doctor might describe as multiple organ failure. As we've been reporting the roof is caving in at the KHMH - and about 50% of the hospital has been closed down and cordoned off as a precaution. This includes key areas such as the Operating Theatre, the Central Sterilization Unit, the Imaging Department, the Specialist Clinics, the Pharmacy and Dietary Services. All these essential services have been suspended until further notice. This all started last week Thursday when a piece of the cement structure holding a portion of the building together literally fell out of the ceiling at the Imaging Department - which is where you go for X-Ray's and CT Scans. Since then, multiple engineering assessments have been made and the prognosis is not great: the hospital can recover, but not immediately: a permanent solution needs to be found. A Mexican team of hospital engineers is being brought in to make an assessment and propose a fix, but until then, the KHMH is running in critical, but stable condition.

    Who Picks Up The KHMH Slack?
    But, for the time being, The functioning of the KHMH has been reduced by at least 50%. The hospital says "there will be no elective cases or admissions during this time…but it will "continue to do deliveries and Caesarean sections and other serious, life threatening emergencies." So, who picks up the slack in the public healthcare system, since the KHMH is the national referral hospital? We haven't heard anything from the Ministry of Health - and Coye said it's under discussion:..

    PUP: Petrocaribe Wasted On Political Partying, Not Hospital
    And the PUP had a whole lot to say about the KHMH. Yesterday the party put out a 500 word press release. The opposition claims, quote, "the Government of Belize and the Ministry of Health (allowed) the KHMH to have deteriorated to the point where the management authority has been advised to evacuate all persons in order to carry out critical repairs." Now, we stress, the CEO says there has been no order to evacuate. And the PUP also says, the condition of the roof at the KHMH has been documented in the minutes of many Board meetings going back to 2008. Again, the CEO says the leaky roof has nothing to do with the current structural failure.

    Another Murder, This One In Roaring Creek
    Last night's news was dominated by the 6 murders which happened over the weekend. Those 6 killings included the double murder of an elderly woman and a teenaged girl in Belize City. Well, tonight, we report on the 7th murder in only 4 days. This one happened Roaring Creek Village. After being missing for a little over 72 hours, 24 year-old Alvin Montero's body was found floating in the river, in the area of Roaring Creek known as "Another World". His family members and police officers found chop wounds to the body, the neck, and the right side of his head. An on-site post-mortem certified that he died from traumatic asphyxiation due to chop wound to his throat.

    No Arrests in Weekend Murders, But Cops Say One Of Their Own Falsely Blamed
    Tonight there are no major updates and no arrests in any of the six weekend murders, 5 in Belize City, and 1 in Orange Walk. As we've reported Victor Gibbs, Kendis Flowers, Delcia Blanco, Theresita Flowers, and Denroy Alvarez were all killed in 26 murderous hours between Friday and Saturday night in the city. And then, Elmer Alexi Palma was killed in Orange Walk on Sunday night. Like we said, there have been no arrests for any of these killings, but there is some news about the Kendis Flowers murder.

    PUP’s Crime Proposals
    Indeed the weekend killing spree jolted the government into unprecedented action. First, Cabinet met on a Sunday, and then, for the first time in memory, the Prime Minister called a press conference on that same day to outline his plan to arrest crime on the southside. But given the grave crime situation in Belize City - that comes close to a state of civil war - something had to be done urgently. Not surprisingly, the PUP is not impressed with the PM's strategy. Today, the opposition presented its own proposals at a press conference. Here's what the Leader John Briceno had to say.

    PUP Deputy Leader, Lake-I Rap Gives His Crime Assessment
    But the PUP went deeper than just proposals, the Deputy party leader Cordel Hyde gave his assessment of what is behind all the city crime. Hyde is the four term representative of Lake Independence where many of these recent murders have happened. He says the violence is driven by poverty and social and degradation of the family unit. Hon. Cordel Hyde: "Crime is not a genetic problem, and I have said this before, it is not an issue of ethnicity, it is an economical problem. It is an economical morass people are living in and if you don't get the resources to address the economic problems not much will change."

    BNTU Bex With Saldivar Appointment As Security Minister
    So, while the PUP was unimpressed with what they see as the Barrow Administration's misconceived strategy to address the crime problem, the Belize National Teachers Union takes issue with the fact that he re-appointed John Saldivar as the minister in charge of Police. You'll remember that in their 13-day strike of October 2016, the BNTU listed, as one of their 8 demands to the Government, that an international investigation be conducted into the July 2016, beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas.

    BNTU Will March On Belmopan
    So, we turn now to the reason why the BNTU called their evening press conference. They are preparing to go to Belmopan on Thursday to hold a march against the recent spike in violence against women and children that you've been seeing on the news in the last 3 weeks. They started planning it last week, and today, the BNTU president told the press that they are hoping to get major turnout from the 6 thousand teachers countrywide: Elena Smith, President, BNTU "Looking carefully you will see that the colors that we are wearing today, our colors signify that we are mourning for our children. And so, I just want to start off by getting to our teachers."

    Tomorrow Is Judgement Day For GOB and 91 Million Arbitration Award
    Government is hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst as the CCJ could come down with another hammer blow judgement against them tomorrow. The case is the matter of the Belize Bank Ltd. vs. The Attorney General - and that 90 million dollar award plus interest for Universal Health Services. We showed you arguments from both sides last week when they appeared at the seat of the Court in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Well, tomorrow is judgement day. At 9:00 am Belize time, the court will pronounce on whether it will direct the Minister of Finance directly to pay the 91 million dollar ward - which the court has said is enforceable.

    GOB Plans To Phase Out Styrofoam
    Pretty much anywhere you go in Belize, you'll find those styrofoam containers we use for food along with plastic forks and spoons. Well, a cluster of government ministries and department says they have to go - and in just a year's time! Cabinet today approved a proposal to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through by phasing out single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. This will include Styrofoam and plastic clamshells, flat plates and cups.

    The Many Mysteries of Mangroves
    And keeping it on the environment, The Belize Barrier Reef has been on the endangered list for a while now but several NGOs have been taking big steps to make a change. The Belize Audubon Society along with other NGOs like Tide, WWF, and many others came together and came up with different strategies to improve our World Heritage Site. One of those projects was a mangrove assessment. Mangroves play a very integral role in protecting our environment so they wanted to know how Belize's mangroves were doing. Today they released the assessment and it turns out the grade was not too bad. The researchers and the Audubon Society told us more.

    Found Half Pound
    New southside commander, and a few new names for police strike teams. A release says that today at about 11:30 am the "Alpha three team" along with the help of the "Rocky Road Act team" searched an empty lot on Plues Street in Belize City. They found one plastic bag containing half pound of weed, and 10 live rounds. No one was around, so all were labelled as exhibit.

    World Champion Boxer In Belize
    As we told you, 4 division world championship boxer Mikey Garcia is in Belize. He has been busy doing outreach work in the South. But he also found time for R & R. So today, met up with him during his down time at the Biltmore Best Western. He told us that for him, boxing and community outreach are equally important. We also spoke to the Director of Machaca Outreach Center down South who coordinated Garcia's visit.

    PUP Will File Election Petition For San Pedro Result
    From the day after the March 7th municipal election, we've been hearing about the contested results in San Pedro town. According to the official result, the returning UDP mayor Danny Guerrero beat his PUP opponent by only 38 votes - while the 6 UDP councillors won by a more comfortable one to three hundred votes. But, the PUP says there are a number of irregularities with the vote count - and now the party has decided to take an election petition to court. The leader of the opposition told us more today:...

    PUP Deputy Says Private Mgmt Contract For Civic Should Be Rubbished
    And while they want to take that election result to court, the PUP wants to take the private management contract for the Civic and throw it in the garbage. Today, Deputy Cordel Hyde told us why he thinks the high flying management contract is a farce:... Hon. Cordel Hyde- PUP Rep, Lake I: "I think it is incredible that the government builds a $33 million building and then looks at us and says well we can't find anybody in the public service to manage it. There are 15 thousand public officers, some people say 17 thousand public officers, some of those persons are trained in some of the most prestigious universities in all the world and you tell me you can't find one public officer or a few public officers who can manage a facility like that or learn to manage a facility like that? Something about that makes no sense."

    PUP Raising Cane About New GST On Agriculture
    And finally from the PUP tonight, the party is keying on on concerns expressed by the three cane farmers associations about changes to the GST regulations which affect farmers. Under the amendment which is included in the new budget, GST will be assessed on land preparation for agriculture, harvesting, and crop dusting services, only on those farmers who are registered for GST. But, there is widespread apprehension in the agriculture industry. The PUP Leader says he has met with the cane farmer associations, and the mennonite farmers. He says the government's tax measure is ill conceived:

    Promoting Research Culture in Belize
    The Institute for Social and Cultural Research, the ISCR is holding its first Belize National Research Conference on Wednesday and Thursday at the Jaguar auditorium in Belmopan. Communications officer Neil Hall explained that the ISCR wants to foster a culture of research awareness in Belize:… The event starts at 9:00 tomorrow.

    The Jaguars Get Ready For Grenada
    The Belize Jaguars are gearing up for their big game against Grenada on Thursday. The football Federation of Belize sent a press release today saying "the Federation is taking advantage of the official FIFA Calendar days for international training matches." this is in preparation for The CONCACAF Nations League in September. Team Grenada is also ready for game. We met them at the Biltmore settling in. They just arrived today. The game is on Thursday night in Belmopan at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium.

    Tea Party At Sister Cecilia
    Last week Unicomer companies all over the world celebrated Volunteer week by assisting people and organizations in their community. In Belize, Unicomer is COURTS and they used their week to lend a helping hand to the elderly people at the Helpage and Sister Cecilia Home of Belize City. The workers took time out of their days and did some much-needed renovation at the home. We found out more. Grisel Carballo, Unicomer Public Relations Officer: "This year we chose, last year we did HelpAge countrywide in Belize and this year we decided to partner up with them once more. We have observed that the elderly need the time to spend with them. The time for someone to say you know what let's go visit you guys and see what you're up to so this year we had started the same thing."


    First research conference in Belize
    Belize National Research Conference commences tomorrow under the theme “Research and Development in Belize”. This first of a kind conference is a combined initiative of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), Galen University, …

    BNTU opposes Minister John Saldivar’s promotion
    The Belize National Teachers Union does not support the Prime Minister’s decision to reappoint John Saldivar as Minister of National Security. Now, the BNTU has not officially met to discuss the matter, but in a press conference this afternoon where BNTU President Elena Smith addressed the rally planned for Thursday this week, she was asked …

    KHMH structural problems could have been prevented, says PUP Leader
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City is experiencing structural failures. The problem was identified when debris fell from the roof last week. Engineers were called in to inspect the 25 year old structure and found out that that there is stress failure in multiple areas of the beam network within the KHMH. The …

    KHMH’s structural failures are being addressed
    Services are expected to return to normal at the KHMH in a few weeks. This will be after the engineers from Mexico arrive, assess the damage and begin rebuilding parts of the hospital. The structural deficiencies at the KHMH has affected the functionality of the Operating theatre, the Central Sterilization Unit, the Imaging Department, Specialist …

    PUP proposes crime fighting strategy
    The bloodshed which occurred over the weekend in the Old Capital prompted Prime Minister Dean Barrow to assemble his cabinet ministers and devise a plan to combat the unprecedented upsurge in gun violence. This crime fighting strategy will focus efforts in Belize City since five of the six weekend murders occurred here. During a rare …

    PUP ready to challenge San Pedro municipal elections results
    The People’s United Party says it has compiled enough evidence to challenge the San Pedro municipal elections results. PUP Leader John Briceno says that they have identified inconsistencies with the number of ballots cast to the number of ballots counted. Today Briceno confidently said that Andre Perez won the mayoral seat John Briceno, Leader PUP …

    “This is a stupid idea that the Prime Minister came when he is trying to tax the farmers.”- John Briceno
    The three sugar cane producer associations in northern Belize are asking that the Government desist from legislating tax measures that would end exemptions for land clearing, crop dusting and harvesting. The Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association, the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association agree that this new tax measure …

    PUP criticizes Civic Management contract
    Yesterday it was officially announced that Apex Events Belize Services was successful in its bid to enter into an agreement with the Government of Belize to manage the Civic. Today PUP’s Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde criticized the move. Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP “It’s incredible that the government builds a $33 million dollar building …

    Construction worker falls off roof
    Construction worker, Jose Hernandez is receiving treatment after he fell off a building yesterday at about two o’clock in the afternoon. Hernandez was with his coworker, Santos Lopez, at a construction site at two and a half miles on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Belize City, when he fell off the roof, some 25 feet off …

    Police officer receives death threats following Kendis Flowers’ murder
    The Belize Police Department is calling on members of the public who are issuing death threats to a police officer to “cease and desist”. In a press release issued this afternoon, the Police Department said that these threats are being made against a Sergeant of Police and his family. It appears that they stem from …

    A look at Mangrove clearing in Belize
    This morning Research Scientists, Dr. Emil Cherrington and Dr. Robert Griffin of the University of Alabama presented their findings of a study conducted regarding mangrove clearings in Belize and the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System-World Heritage Site. Over a period of three months, Dr. Cherrington and Dr. Griffin used satellite images from NASA to study mangrove clearing over a period of 37 years, from 1980 to 2017. Dr. Cherrington says that the main areas of mangrove clearing were observed around Belize City, Ambergris Caye and Placencia. He says that the primary contributing factor is land development.

    Guatemalans caught gold panning in Chiquibul
    Two Guatemalan men have are in police custody after they were caught in the Ceibo Chico area in southern Chiquibul for gold panning. According to a release by Friends for Conservation and Development, FCD, the men, and a third person who managed to escape, were caught on Saturday March 17 while the FCD Chiquibul National Park Ranger and the Belize Defense Force personnel conducted a joint patrol in the area. The men were working on the river approximately 6.5 kilometers inside the Chiquibul National Park.


    PM Barrow brings in the BDF
    In the wake of a horrendous upsurge in violent crime that began on Saturday morning, Prime Minister Dean Barrow called an urgent press conference at the Biltmore at about 4 p.m. this afternoon to announce a 2-pronged attack against what he called “a sickening litany of carnage.” Firstly, the Ministries of Home Affairs (Police) and Defence (Belize Defence Force) are to be reconstituted into one ministry, that of National Security, under the Minister that was formerly in charge of this portfolio, Hon. John Saldivar. Secondly, certain clearly demarcated areas on the southside of Belize City will be designated as emergency areas, and the 48-hour limit for detention will be expanded, although the Prime Minister did not specify the new maximum time-span for detention.

    Structural problems with KHMH roof and ceiling lead to evacuation and limited service
    Last Wednesday, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s (KHMH) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Adrian Coye, fired off a memorandum to the hospital’s Board of Governors, Directors, and Head of Sections asking them to “Kindly note that due to the assessment of the structural damage in the X-Ray Department, the following directives are being issued. There is to be limited through-put in the X-Ray Department. Absolutely no CAT-SCAN will be done.” Dr. Coye’s memorandum went on to explain that: “Arrangements have been made with Belize Medical Associates and the Belize Healthcare Partners (BHPL) to facilitate the relevant emergency needs as deemed necessary by the medical professionals of the KHMH.”

    Terrible mistake: police beat vendor for what they believed were uncustomed avocados
    A local market vendor, Tim Cowo, 19, from San Victor, Orange Walk District, who was selling local avocados at the Michael Finnegan Market at about 5:30 yesterday evening, along with his sister, was beaten by police and the avocados they were selling were destroyed, causing them a loss of about $4,000, because the police thought that they were selling contraband avocados at the market. Some of the avocados were taken to the Customs Department for evaluation by police, but personnel at the department declared that the fruits were not contraband and were legal.

    A murderous weekend
    A surge of deadly shootings in the city over the weekend has claimed the lives of five people, including two women, Teresita Flowers, 64, and Delcia Blanco, 17, of Tibruce Street. A sixth murder, that of Alexi Palma, 23, occurred in Chan Pine Ridge, Orange Walk District. Besides Palma, Flores and Blanco, dead are Victor Gibbs, Kendis Flowers, and Denton Alvarez, all of Belize City. Also, over the weekend there were three more shootings, but the victims survived. The madness began at about 6:30 Friday evening. Victor Gibbs, 30, a salesman of Mex Avenue, Belize City, was driving in his Ford Escape SUV on East Canal from South Street to Orange Street when, on his arrival at the stop sign at the corner of King Street and East Canal, an unknown man rode up on a bicycle and shot Gibbs.

    Supreme Court issues ruling: Pickstock Development Association and its contractor’s negligence blamed for falling of iron-gate that injured 3-year-old girl
    On January 29, 2016, a near-tragic accident occurred at the Pickstock Development Association, which houses the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence, located on Mahogany Street, when an iron gate fell on a 3-year-old girl, Brenae Timmons, and severely injured her. Timmons had to be hospitalized for 36 days and was in an induced coma for two weeks with damage to her brain. Timmons’ mother and father claimed general damages and special damages in a lawsuit they filed at the Supreme Court in September 2016. The case was argued and this morning attorney for Timmons family, Hon. Kareem Musa, received the decision in the chamber of Supreme Court Justice Madam Sonya Young.

    My life as a sickle cell patient
    My story began at the age of three. One day I woke up with my entire body badly swollen, and my eyes were bright yellow. It was something very strange to my family, because it was the first time they saw something like that. They were all concerned and frightened, so they took me to the Western Regional Hospital, in Belmopan. When the doctors saw me, they were all shocked, so they quickly attended to me. It was no use, because they couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. They recommended my mom to go to a doctor in Chetumal, at Clinica Campestre. We went the other day, because it was a serious problem and my mom was afraid that I was going to die.

    Shawn Codd comes in solo to win the 19th Annual Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic
    A field of some 39 Junior (under 18) and Youth (under 16) cyclists, including 3 Mexicans, embarked on a 74-mile journey yesterday morning, starting at 9:00 a.m. from the Succotz Ferry and travelling all the way on the George Price (Western) Highway, through Belize City and onto the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway, to end in front of the main race sponsor, BEL, after making one lap around the Buttonwood Bay Boulevard and NAPA roundabouts. It was the 19th running of the Annual (Cycling Federation of Belize) CFB/BEL (Belize Electricity Limited) Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic, and 20 of the 26 cyclists that completed the ride, did it within the official time limit of a half hour behind the race winner.

    San Pedro jumps BDF in PLB standings; 4 more weeks to Top-4 playoffs
    All Week 10 games were played yesterday at 4 different venues across the country; and the race to the Top-4 playoffs is going full throttle, as newcomers San Pedro Pirates displaced perennial powerhouse BDF for the 4thh spot in the standings, in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Closing Season. In the early game at 3:00 p.m. yesterday at the Ambergris Stadium, home standing San Pedro Pirates got a goal each from Jesse Smith (46’), Carlos Pertuz (57’) and Highking Roberts (78’), to shut out the visiting Placencia Assassins, 3-0. The victory pushed San Pedro past BDF into fourth position in the standings. (See standings below.)

    Chief’s Weekend Warriors Race of Sunday, March 19, 2018
    31 Weekend Warriors lined up this morning for this 47-mile sojourn that took off at 8:15 a.m. from Leslie’s Imports thru Boom to the Northern Hwy Junction and back to Old Belize. Within 4 miles, a 5-man breakaway had been established with 3 Santino’s riders – Daniel Cano, Warren Coye and the Chief. Tagging along for the ride were Vallan Symns of Kulture and George Abraham, who could not hang on to the vicious pace of 30 mph being set by Daniel Cano and Warren Coye. He got dropped at Mile 8. However, the peloton was chasing fast and furious, and after 22 miles running, we were caught and all one big happy family again. This togetherness did not last long, though, since 3 riders got away a mile later while the peloton was recuperating. They were Preston Martinez of Digicell, Sean Duncan of Smart, and Vallan Symns again.

    Pepsi NEBL playoff scenarios after Week 9
    Below are the standings after Week 9, with all the games taking on more significance in the playoff race to see which four teams will battle for the Pepsi NEBL Championship. Below is a breakdown of the different playoff scenarios. San Pedro Tiger Sharks (8-1) – first team to clinch a playoff berth. Griga Dream Ballers (7-1) – will clinch a playoff berth with a win or a loss by Belmopan Bandits. Smart Belize Hurricanes (4-3) – will clinch a playoff berth if they win 2 of their remaining 5 games, with one of the wins coming against Belmopan Bandits.

    Editorial: A humanitarian crisis
    It is often said that politics is the art of the possible. By contrast, newspaper editorials, we would suggest, are normally academic exercises. In other words, nothing tangible occurs as a result of editorials. One exception was, of course, the decision of Belize City voters on March 7 to send a message to the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), as editorials in this newspaper had been urging. Belize’s municipal bodies, nine of which were elected nationwide on the said March 7, are far less powerful than national governments, as represented by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers. The annual budget of the Belize City Council, which runs the nation’s population and financial center, is, for example, in the region of $24 million. That is the largest budget of Belize’s nine municipalities. But the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers, as the executive arm of national government, control a budget in the neighborhood of a billion dollars.

    All we ask for is the truth, Mr. Oscar
    You’re not alone, Brother, but since you’re so vocal about your defense I decided to address this letter to you. I believe you and your colleagues see that all is not well in our country. The murder rate in Belize is not on a downward trend. It has been going up, up, up. Before you and your criminal lawyer colleagues were born, Belize was dubbed a tranquil haven of democracy. Belize was different from its neighbors. We were the stone the builders praised. And then it all started to crumble. A Peter H. on the web has us as the third most murderous nation on the planet. Honduras, with 90.4 murders per 100,000 citizens takes top place as the most hellish place on earth. Venezuela is second, at 53.7; Belize is third, at 44.7; El Salvador is fourth worst, at 41.2; and Guatemala is fifth, at 39.9. Belize is different from these countries in two significant ways. Belize doesn’t have a history of violence. If you look at those other four countries in the five worst, we see that they aren’t strangers to bloodshed.

    Everal Martinez, 21, arraigned on murder charge for 17-month-old Alyssa Nunez
    It was a crime that sent shockwaves across the country, especially in Belize City, where protesters gathered in front of the court buildings amidst unprecedented police security when the alleged perpetrator was first brought to court and arraigned on four sexual assault-related charges. This morning, however, there was no crowd chanting “Justice for Baby Alyssa,” and no police barriers, as a police vehicle quickly whisked Everal Martinez, 21, into the court building and he appeared before the Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford, who read new charges to him.

    Everal Martinez, 21, arraigned on murder charge for 17-month-old Alyssa Nunez
    It was a crime that sent shockwaves across the country, especially in Belize City, where protesters gathered in front of the court buildings amidst unprecedented police security when the alleged perpetrator was first brought to court and arraigned on four sexual assault-related charges. This morning, however, there was no crowd chanting “Justice for Baby Alyssa,” and no police barriers, as a police vehicle quickly whisked Everal Martinez, 21, into the court building and he appeared before the Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford, who read new charges to him.

    Court of Appeal affirms murder conviction of Dionicio “Life” Salazar
    The Court of Appeal handed down its decision in the appeal of convicted murderer Dionicio “Life” Salazar, who had filed an appeal against his conviction and the life sentence that was imposed upon him by Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore at the conclusion of his trial on May 6, 2016. Salazar was convicted for the June 2010 murder of Marlon Rivera, which occurred at Belmore Hotel in San Ignacio. Rivera was shot and killed. Court of Appeal president, Hon. Mr. Justice Manuel Sosa, along with Justices of Appeal, Hon. Madam Justice Minnet Hafiz Bertram and Hon. Mr. Justice Murrio Ducille, heard the appeal and said at the end of their 33-page judgment, “In the opinion of the Court, the appellant is entitled to be sentenced pursuant to section 106A of the Criminal Code.

    Brian Valerio, 45, drowns in the Stann Creek River
    At about 2:45 Saturday afternoon, Brian Gregory Valerio, 45, of Pen Road, Dangriga, jumped into the North Stann Creek River in that town to swim across to the other side, but about halfway across the river he began to experience difficulty, and sank under the water’s surface. Witnesses said that he came up briefly, but went under again, and never came up after that. There was an initial search to find him, but the effort was in vain.

    3 shot; hunter mistook their eyes for raccoons’ eyes
    At about 9:30 last night, three men were almost killed by a hunter who fired a shotgun blast at them when he mistook their eyes in the dark forest for those of raccoons. As a result, Raphael Choj, Sr., 44, a farmer of New Road (2); and his two sons, Raphael Choj, Jr., 12, a student of New Road; and Ernesto Choj, 14, also a student of New Road, all suffered gunshot injuries. The father and his two sons were all taken to the Punta Gorda Community Hospital, where they were treated.


    Chaya – The Maya Spinach
    Commonly referred to as Maya Spinach, Chaya is a big part of Belizean cuisine. For as long as I can remember, a chaya tree or two would always be a part of the home garden while growing up. Belizeans, especially those who grew up in villages, learned to eat from the land and some ingredients are probably only common to certain areas. Thankfully, chaya is easy to grow pretty much anywhere, not invasive and growing up to six feet in height, so it is a common staple in household kitchens. Preparing the chaya leaves for eating is very important. They should be cooked before eating, as the raw leaves contain a high content of toxic hydrocyanic acid. To safely ingest these greens, the required cooking time is 20 minutes. Once cooked, it can be added to soups, sauces, salsas and even salads. One common way that chaya is prepared is in tamales.

    How We Got to Relax and Re-energize at Rumors Resort
    The last time we stayed at Rumors Resort, to Madi’s extreme disappointment, their new swim was just not quit finished yet. Darn! But this time, as promised, we dedicated a full day by the pool so Madi could enjoy. A salt water infinity pool overlooking the San Ignacio valley is the latest and coolest addition to the Rumor’s property. But it was not only Madi who got to enjoy. Amber and I also took time to kick back, relax and sip some coladas poolside. With breathtaking view of the valley and mountains, it’s really not hard to take it easy. It was much-needed time to take a break – yes, even traveling and doing what we do can get to be exhausting. We lounged by the pool all day; Madi almost became a mermaid spending that much time in the water.

    Corozal Lifestyle
    Corozal Town is located North of Belize. Corozal Town is located about 84 miles north of Belize City, and 9 miles from the border with Mexico. Lone travelers, couples and those with youngsters will all love the excellent range of cultural and scenic attractions in Corozal. This area of Belize is home to nearly 10,000 residents. Corozal was a private estate before becoming a town in the 1840s, mostly settled by Maya Mestizo refugees from the Caste War of Yucatán. Much of the town was built over an ancient Maya city, sometimes known as Santa Rita; this may have been the original Pre-Columbian town called Chetumal. Corozal Town was badly damaged by Hurricane Janet in 1955 and was substantially rebuilt afterward.

    Looking to have a unique, off-the-beaten-path experience in Placencia? Here are some ideas!
    There are some excursions and adventures that are well traveled and well known in Placencia- such as snorkeling at a caye, visiting a private island, hiking or seeing waterfalls, etc. Belize gets so many repeat visitors that our awesome tour guides are always coming up with new tours to keep guests coming back for more and more intense experiences! Here are some of the off-the-beaten-path experiences that are NOT on everyone's radar....yet.....but should be! Also great for repeat guests, or for those that live here - here's a way to really blow your guests away with adventure :) (all pics from provider websites)

    Get To Know Belizean Folklore
    Every country has fables, some have more than others. And Belize’s diverse and vibrant cultures have contributed to one of the most unique and interesting mix of folklores. As a child, I recall spending Sunday evenings at my grandparents’ house listening to countless tales of old Belize. Stories that date back before radios or televisions, when rivers were the main form of transportation in Belize, when men rode horses to work, and logwood and chicle extraction was the main livelihood of most Belizeans. My grandmother was the storyteller; she really enjoyed telling her grandkids how different everything was when she was growing up. She didn’t only take pleasure in telling us about rural life, early Cayo days, the dense jungle and little Sacbe roads. She loved telling us about the folklore characters that were part of everyday life growing up in a small British colony. Here are the most popular Mayan, Creole and Mestizo beliefs:

    After a long, cold winter, why not warm up by heading to the sunny shores of Belize? Just a short flight away from the United States and Canada, Belize is a happy, laid-back Caribbean paradise replete with offshore islands, pristine rainforests, and an amazing assortment of wildlife. Everyone in Belize speaks English because the country was formerly a British colony. This makes it really easy to speak to the locals and learn about local cultures like the Maya, the Garifuna (an Afro-Caribbean people), Creole, Mestizos, and even a thriving Mennonite community of farmers. Here are five fantastic reasons to visit Belize in April:

    Whether you're a seasoned pro at solo traveling or are heading out into the world for the first time by yourself, one of the best places to visit is Belize. Many solo visitors like to visit Belize outside of the major holidays like Christmas and Easter. If you come during the "off season," you can save on lodgings, and airfare is often cheaper as well. Some of the best months to visit when it's less crowded are January, February, and after Easter. And don't worry about meeting people or making friends! Belize is world-famous for its friendly locals. Belize is still far enough off the beaten path that it feels like a small town. And with everyone speaking English, you'll never have any problems striking up a conversation.

    Why You Should Attend the Belize National Agricultural and Trade Show
    Belize is a relatively small country, but the National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) is definitely one of the biggest events of the year. Over 40,000 people head to the national capital of Belmopan to enjoy three days of music, food, exhibitions, livestock displays, and much more. First held in 1970 to commemorate the opening of Belize's new capital, the NATS is designed to showcase the products of Belize's farmers, craftsmen, herders, and manufacturers. Everyone who is anyone in Belize will be at the NATS to show off their goods and mix and mingle with their friends and neighbors. The NATS has now become one of Belize's most beloved events. Spanning three days, the NATS is a great chance to taste local foods, listen to live music, and enjoy a wide range of fun games. In 2018, the NATS will be held on April 27-29, and this year's theme is "Let's Get Growing."

    April and May - Two Perfect Months to Visit Belize
    In a recent article published by the San Pedro Sun, the spring months of April and May were touted as two of the best months to visit Belize. Falling just after the huge rise in tourist numbers around the Easter and Spring Break periods, April and May offer visitors a chance to explore the country without having to battle crowds. The months of April and May fall at the end of the "dry season," so called because it is when the weather in Belize is warm with abundant sunshine. April and May are also when airlines begin reducing prices as the peak tourism season winds down, opening the door for budget travelers visit Belize.

    Making the Garden Grow at Ka’ana
    “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece,” said Claude Monet. At Ka’ana, where serving delicious food and preserving our local natural habitat are two of our top priorities, we feel similarly! It doesn’t get more local than home-grown, which is why more than a tenth of our land is devoted to our onsite organic garden farm, supplying our chefs with the freshest ingredients. Our garden is run by a small but mighty team of just three individuals, including master gardener Charles May. Born in the southern Belize village San Antonio, he’s been with Ka’ana for more than six years, and has played a vital role in expanding the garden, implementing a chicken coop and sheep farm along the way (guests love visiting with sister-sheep Ceres and Rhea. They’re sweethearts).

    International Sourcesizz

    Ancient Maya Dog Trade Goes Back 2,400 Years
    Bones and teeth from a 3,000-year-old Maya site in Guatemala now offer some of the earliest evidence in the Americas for the trade in, and management of, animals. The discovery reveals that ceremonies involving the sacrifice of captive animals may have played an important role in the development of Maya society. In work presented today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers examined bones and teeth excavated at Ceibal in Guatemala. This site offers some of the earliest evidence for Maya ceremonial activity. They found dog and cat bones and teeth from areas around Ceibal's central plaza, which are dated to the Middle Preclassic period (700-350 B.C.). That’s centuries earlier than previous evidence of Maya animal management.

    A scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole in Belize
    Looking for yet another thing to add to your travel bucket list? The Great Blue Hole is a must-see spot, being the crown jewel of beautiful Belize for good reason. This aptly-named phenomenon in the UNESCO-protected Belize Barrier Reef is exactly what it sounds like: a huge blue hole, more than 300 metres wide with a 400 foot drop into the depths of the sea. Scuba enthusiasts from around the world come to explore the diving hole in the former limestone cave system, which is now a series of underwater caves and passageways. But there’s only one way to get a true appreciation for this natural wonder: a scenic fly over of the Great Blue Hole.


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