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April 10, 2018


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The San Pedro Sun

Armando Trapp shot in DFC Area
25-year-old Armando Trapp was shot in the DFC Area of San Pedro Town on Sunday, April 8th at around 7:30PM. According to an official report, he received wounds to the lower butt cheek, groin area, right and left leg and right knee. Trapp was immediately transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where he was stabilized before being airlifted to Belize City for further medical treatment. According to the report, Trapp went downstairs of the building for his bicycle when he was approached by a male person who fired several gunshots in his direction. The suspect made a quick escape before he could be identified. While police have no leads on this latest shooting incident, it is alleged to be linked to the March 26th shooting of Guillermo Salazar.

No arrests as yet on Lee Roy Haylock’s murder
San Pedro Police continue looking for leads in the murder of 22-year-old Lee Roy Haylock. Haylock, a maintenance worker from the San Mateo Subdivision was killed on Friday, April 6th on an empty lot north of San Pedro Town. He sustained three stab wounds to the lower left abdomen, three stab wounds to the left side of his chest, one stab wound to his back, two stab wounds on his hand and a slashed throat. Since the discovery of the body at around 12:30AM, a motive is yet to be established. According to some of his friends, they believe he was lured to the area by some friends where apparently a brawl took place in which Haylock was killed.

Ambergris Today

Rise And Shine 5K Run
Mark your calendars! 5k run! Saturday, April 21, 2018 Meeting point at Hope Haven! Registration at 5am – Run starts at 5:30am Sign Up Today at 630-2560 or email: [email protected] Get registered now! Run for empowerment!

Celebrity Spotting: Bill Gates In San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
It is now news that celebrities love coming to enjoy some sea and sun while vacationing in our beautiful Belize. One of the world’s wealthiest people and American business magnate, investor, philanthropist an author – Bill Gates was on Ambergris Caye earlier this week playing tennis.

Belize Water Services Update On San Pedro Water Supply Issues
Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) is aware of customer complaints from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, regarding recent water restrictions on the island. In San Pedro, unlike all other service areas, BWS does not produce, but only distributes, potable water. This is due to a long-term binding contract (2004 -2026) with Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL) for the supply of bulk potable water. This contract was negotiated with, and agreed to by, the foreign investor, Cascal BV, who held the majority ownership of BWS from 2001 to 2005.

Misc Belizean Sources


South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch
Wednesday APRIL 11TH @ 7:00pm at LONE STAR GRILL AND CANTINA. Agenda: (subject to change) 7:10 Treasurer’s Report 7:20 Introduction of a Patrol Officer 7:30 Incident Report 7:40 Neighborhood Updates 7:50 New Business 8:00 Open floor PLEASE ATTEND AND BRING A NEIGHBOR! MARK YOUR CALENDAR: APRIL 14TH, SATURDAY IS SACNW TRASH CLEAN UP DAY!

Mother's Day Extravaganza 2018
Save the Date! Our annual Mother's Day Extravaganza is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex! Details coming soon!.....You will not want to miss this show!

Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) is aware of customer complaints from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, regarding recent water restrictions on the island. In San Pedro, unlike all other service areas, BWS does not produce, but only distributes, potable water. This is due to a long-term binding contract (2004 -2026) with Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL) for the supply of bulk potable water. This contract was negotiated with, and agreed to by, the foreign investor, Cascal BV, who held the majority ownership of BWS from 2001 to 2005.

For the month of April, we are excited to feature Mr. Kentin Flowers as our Exceptional Belizean!!
In 2010, Kentin Flowers experienced a major spinal injury that changed his life forever. After the accident, he spent two months in the hospital and endured three major surgeries in an effort to return to his normal life. Kentin spent the next two years in a wheel chair. Kentin’s injury later lead him to visit a rehabilitation institution in El Salvador by the name of Instituto Salvadoreño de Rehabilitación Integral (ISRI). There, doctors and physical therapist examined him and recommended he undergo an aggressive therapy program. Being overly determined to regain his mobility, he completed his therapy after four months and left ISRI walking with the help of a leg brace and elbow crutches. With the ability to move more freely, Kentin focused on bettering himself through education.

Festival of Cultures
We invite you to celebrate with us to honor Belize`s beautiful cultures and help to raise money for the San Pedro House of Culture! We will be located on the beach (North of Palapa Bar), offering live music, a variety of traditional meals, cold drinks and a fashion show inspired by the traditional clothing of Belize`s cultures!

Music Week 2018
Mark your calendars!

2018 Chocolate Festival of Belize
Punta Gorda, Belize hosts the annual Cacao Festival May 18-20, 2018. The two main “Tourist” events are the Saturday/Sunday Wine and Chocolate and Grande Finale. The Friday street fair is a great day, just less attended. The pre-bash on Friday is anticipated to attract a more local crowd. X-Band will be performing. The event is the a co-creation of BTIA Toledo in partnership with Punta Gorda Town Council.

Book Week organized by the Belize Book Industry Association (BBIA)
The Belize Book Industry Association is an organization that represents all the professions and industries related to the book sector such as authors, publishers, book traders, distributors, and librarians. Our membership is also open to anyone involved in reading and writing. In commemoration of International Book and Copyright Day, every year, the Association organizes Book Week. The activities include an International Book Fair, a publishing workshop, a Book Exchange coordinated by the National Library Service, storytelling, cultural presentations, copyright workshop, face painting, book repair workshop and a literary evening where writers read aloud to the public. This year the activities will be held in Caye Caulker on the 18. April and at the Cayo Welcome Center in San Ignacio on the 20. and 21. April.

Corozal Historical Society General Meeting
Open call to Corozal's historians, history buffs and community members. The Corozal Historical Society aims to retrieve, document, preserve and promote the diverse history of Corozal Town and district. .

New Mural in Corozal
Artist and educator Miss Vianay Bautista Alpuche's beautiful mural adorning Corozal's Gabriel Hoare Market. Amazing artwork from our Corozal Street Art Movement(CSAM) member. Congratulations on creating art for all to enjoy!!

Rescheduled to Thursday, April 12, from 6:00am to 2:00pm, power outage to affect entire Placencia Peninsula
ndependence, Maya King, Santa Cruz, Georgetown, San Pablo, San Roman, Santa Rosa, Maya Mopan, Red Bank, Cow Pen, San Juan, Monkey River, San Isidro, Bella Vista, Trio and surrounding areas. BEL to conduct maintenance of transmission system, Independence Substation and Savannah Switching Station; including climbing inspections, pole replacements, and equipment testing. A power outage will also affect the entire Toledo District from 1:50pm to 2:00pm to facilitate these works.

Eastern Division G.R.E.A.T CUP 2017/2018 Volleyball Competition
Congratulations to the Ladyville Cadets males and females who took first place in Eastern Division G.R.E.A.T CUP 2017/2018 Volleyball Competition. Precinct One females and Precicnt Four males took second place and Precicnt Two males and females took third place. Special thanks to, Insp Elroy Carcamo and his team, the U.S. Embassy Belize for the tremendous support , and finally thanks to all those who assisted in making the GREAT Cup a success.

Channel 7

Belmopan Robber From Bze. City Gang Remanded
On Friday we told you the brazen Belmopan heist turned highway accident. It happened on Friday afternoon around 1:15 when a gunman held up a Travelers Liquors delivery man at gunpoint in the Cohune Walk area of Belmopan. He stole over $24,000 in cash. But as we told you, police set chase after the gunman and the driver, and their SUV flipped at mile 26 on the George Price Highway. During this chase both suspects - who are from Belize City - were apprehended - and one of them, Shane "Mud" Harris was shot to the leg. Police told us more. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector, CIB: "Belmopan police responded to a robbery in the Cohune walk area where they discovered 70 year old Luis Sutherland, a security guard and truck driver who reported that he was approached by a brown skin male person and was ordered to open the door for the vehicle he was in, a van and upon refusal the person drew a firearm and with that he opened the door of the vehicle he was in and that said person then relieved him of a bag containing $24,785 in cash, the person made good their escape..."

Wil Maheia Spurned On Sarstoon Again
In less than a week, Guatemalans will vote in a referendum on whether or not to go to the ICJ. And while that court seeks a civil solution - military force continues to be the currency used most often by the Guatemalan military on the Sarstoon River. It reared its ugly head again yesterday morning when Wil Maheia and a group from his Belize Progressive Party tried to go down the Sarstoon River. He told us via phone today why the experience was particularly galling: Wil Maheia, Deputy Leader, BPP: "When we were approaching the Sarstoon less than a mile from the mouth of the Sarstoon from Belize side we encountered no less than 20 Guatemalan fishing vessels and they were setting nets and by the time we got to the mouth of the river we and the Guatemalan both started to fire up its engine and when we tried to go around the island they intercepted our boat, they say we are not going around the island today..."

Guat President: Belizeans Have “neighbor who loves them…”
And while the Guatemalan Navy was flexing on the Sarstoon, President Jimmy Morales was in Peten waxing poetic about his love for Belize. According to the Prensa Libre, Morales is touring the country to promote the ICJ referendum. He is quoted as saying, "The message I send to Belize is that they have a neighbor who loves them and respects them."

PG Footballer Leray Simon Alleges Brutality
This is how Leray Simon looked today after PG police viciously beat him in the cell block last night. According to PLUS TV, he tried to give a statement on PG against the officers who beat him - and they wouldn't take it. They have also allegedly refused to give him a medico legal form to take to his doctor. And then he went to the Belmopan Headquarters and the Professional Standards Branch and claims that they too refused to take his statement.

President Mose?
The Christian Workers Union held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, and the highlight of the event was the election of a new president. Dale Trujeque, who won last year's election in February, only served a little over 13 months until he stepped down due to personal reasons. So, the post became vacant, and 3 candidates emerged. They were Wilmore Staine, who ran for the post last year against Trujeque, former COLA President Moses Sulph, and popular radio and tv personality Evan Mose Hyde. You'll know Hyde as the host of the KREM morning television talk show, WUB. He's been a big supporter of the Belize National Teachers Union, and on Saturday, he joined them as a fellow trade unionist when he won the presidency.

Will Mose Run in Collett?
Hyde's entry into the elections for CWU presidency was unexpected, and immediately after that, rumors began circulating that he had intentions of getting into politics - where his brother Cordel is PUP Deputy leader. The rumour is that he is supposedly eying the Collet Division. We asked him point blank: Does he really have aspirations for elected office? He told us categorically, that he does not. Here's how he explained why:

President Mose Sticking With Stevedores
But, as Hyde was suggesting, he does have his hands full with the business of the Christian Workers Union, and entire membership, whose labor rights he must attempt to protect. One such group who he will answer to are the stevedores who worker at the Port of Belize. You'll know very well that the stevedores are hard bargainers, who can become inflexible when they agree on a sticking point, and they certainly are not to afraid to take industrial action when they deem it necessary.

Will CWU Finally Get CBA With PBL?
So, while getting the stevedores to play nice with the employees of Central Bank, City Hall, and, Social Security, will Hyde be able to the finally get the stevedores an agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement with the management of the Port of Belize? A completed CBA between the workers and the owners of the Port has famously been the most stalled set of negotiations - probably in the history of trade unions in Belize. Audrey Matura, who is an attorney, was not able to complete the process. Dale Trujeque, who is a labour specialist, left without that objective completed. So, will Hyde succeed where these two past presidents could not?

Mayor Wagner’s First Controversy
And while Mose Hyde just getting his feet wet in the trade union thing - his brother in law - Mayor Bernard Wagner is learning about the rigors and scrutiny of public life. On Friday he admitted to us that he writes checks on the council's account to himself to distribute as social assistance. He admitted it was irregular but said he personally accounts for the funds. When we challenged him on that he says the holy Bible is his guide in public life.

Wagner Says Transparency Will Be His Council’s Hallmark
But Mayor Wagner is most like unfazed. Last week he told us that he is convinced that his council will make its name for transparency and accountability:... Bernard Wagner - Mayor, Belize City: "It has been extremely challenging coming from the private sector and now being in the public-sector administration, things are run different. Obviously, things are run different, but every challenge gives you an opportunity and I feel that with the right people in place, we have the right council, we have the right mind-set, we want to do things the right way..."

San Pedro Murder Unsolved
Turning now to crime, Police are still trying to crack the San Pedro murder case. As we told you on Friday, 22 year old Lee Roy Haylock was stabbed to death on the island. At this point, police haven't laid any charges as yet. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector, CIB: "Police responded to a body found in the Tress Cocos area of San Pedro. Upon arrival police found the body of Leroy Haylock, 22 year old resident of San Pedro with cut wounds to the neck and to the various parts of body which include his abdomen and lower back. One person has been detained for that murder. No one has been charged."

San Pedro Man Shot Up to Lower Body
And while that murder is yet to be solved, there was a shooting on San Pedro. It happened last night when Armando Trapp was shot multiple times outside his house as he went to get his bicycle. Police told us more. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector, CIB: "There was a shooting incident on San Pedro on Sunday sometime around 7:00pm. Police visited the polyclinic on Sa Pedro where they discovered one Armando Trapp, 25 year old resident of San Pedro. He lives in the DFC area of San Pedro town. He was seen with 6 gunshot wounds. One to the groin and several to the left thigh and right thigh of his body. Investigation so far revealed that around 7:30 pm he had went downstairs of his residence to retrieve his bicycle and in the process he heard several shots and realized that he was injured as a result of those gunshots. One person has been detained. No one has been arrested in regards to that matter."

Coro Cops Shot A Man
Police shot a machete-wielding man in Corozal. Yesterday police responded to a domestic abuse case but it escalated pretty quickly where police say they had to subdue the complainant's brother. Here is more. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector, CIB: "Police responded to a domestic report at a residence in Corozal. The report was that a female was being beaten by a male. Police arrived at the residence and dealt with the matter. However the brother of the female was not satisfied with the matter that police dealt with the report."

Canadian Woman Raped By Belize City Man
A Canadian woman was raped in the city on Thursday. The report is that she was hanging out at her apartment with her boyfriend and friends. She fell asleep and was later awakened by a man having raping her. Police say they are looking for the culprit. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector, CIB: "We received a report from a Canadian national. She reported that on the 5th of April she was at a residence on Fabers Road where she was raped at that location. That matter is under investigation, no one has been arrested. One person is wanted in connection to that incident."

Simon’s Story
At the top of the news we told you about Leray Simon, the victim of alleged police brutality in Punta Gorda. Here now is his account of what happened courtesy Plus TV. Simon explained that he plays football in PG and had just won a game, when police broke up the victory party, Leray Simon, Alleged Victim of Brutality: "I was playing my game Sunday and afterwards I was socializing with some of my teammates. The police came, crashed us up and took us. I was handcuffed, beaten, gun butted me, chipped my teeth, locked me in a cell, and didn't want to take a statement from me or anything. This morning they let me go, so I came down here to try and get assistance up this side. It's the same thing over this side here too."

Woman Sent To Jail For Disrespecting Court
A woman was charged for snatching someone's phone in a fast food joint - but she got into trouble when she tried to pull a fast one on the Magistrate. Today 29 year old Tina Herbert appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser and pled not guilty to the theft charge. Frazer denied Herbert bail and remanded her into custody until Friday, April 13. This is after she tried to blame her son for stealing the phone.

Lending Emotional Impact To Community Policing
Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett took over in Belize City as the new commander of the Eastern Division South three weeks ago, and since then, he's been deploying his community policing model which he perfected in Belmopan. This morning, he met with civilians from the activist organization, One Struggle, which was founded by Phillip Willoughby. It's a support group for the survivors of violence, who want to turn their unfortunate circumstances into something positive. So, they've partnered with the new top brass of Eastern Division to help youths living the gang neighborhoods of Belize City's Southside to realize that street life is not something they want to pursue.

Is Community Policing Turning The Tide In City?
Senior Superintendent Gillett is hoping that this type of community policing will keep yielding results, such as the past 2 weekends, in which the gang related violence has calmed down considerably. Gillett told us that the communities in Belize City have been receptive to their efforts so far:

Caleb Slams Human Dev Office For Irregularities
Activist Caleb Orozco says that the Human Development Department is not doing its job. Orozco along with his team say they have gotten a number of complaints from women about their 'less than optimal' experiences at the department. One woman claims one of the male human development officers was trying to sexually exploit her. Orozco drafted a letter outlining these alleged abuses and negligence within the department. He says he sent it to CEO Judith Alpuche. We caught up with Orozco today and he says the department needs to do more to protect women and children.

Two Sides of The Cotton Controversy
Three weeks ago, you saw American businessman Chad Eckert appear on the news explaining his side of a dispute with his former employee, Gustavo Cardenas. They were involved in a venture to grow Sea Island Cotton in the Orange Walk District. But things went south, and Cardenas sued Eckert, claiming the US businessman jilted him and stole his precious cotton seeds. It's come to light because Eckert is now the lead figure in the outfit that's privately managing the City Center. Tonight, we have both sides of the dispute:.. Chad Eckert, Belize Sea Island Cotton: "You will terminate them just like you would terminate any employee if they aren't working out well. We did that." Gustavo Cardenas, Cotton Farmer: "I can tell you that at no point in our relationship did he come to be and said 'you know what Mr. Cardenas, you are failing here and there and because of this you need to take certain actions'. At no time did he come to me in that regard. I was under the impression that we were going to conclude this matter."

US Says Belize Is Major Illicit Drug Producing and Major Drug-Transit Country
The US State Department has released its 2018 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report - and Belize is designated as one of 22 major Illicit Drug Producing and Major Drug-Transit Countries, along with all other Central American Nations - and three Caribbean nations. Belize is also designated as a Major Money Laundering Country - in a very long list of those. The report finds, quote, "Belize is a transit country for illicit drugs destined for the United States from source countries in South America.

Channel 5

U.S. Raps Belize’s Drug-Fighting Efforts Again
The United States Government has dealt another blow to Belize on the heels of a previous decision to rank Belize on tier three of the Human Trafficking Report, which also [...]

April 15th Referendum Will Go On
The P.U.P. has reacted to a statement made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington to this station on April fourth. Elrington said that he had been advised that according [...]

Jimmy Morales Wants More than Half of the Jewel…
Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales has hit the road in the last lap of his country’s campaign for the I.C.J. before the April fifteenth referendum. On Sunday, he was in Petén, [...]

Guat Army Turns Back B.T.V./B.P.P.
As President Morales was touring the Peten area, the Belize Territorial Volunteers attempted to travel to the Sarstoon, where Belizeans now require permission from Guatemala to traverse. This weekend, the [...]

Ladyville Man in Coma after Stabbing
There were no murders recorded this weekend. But in Ladyville, there was an almost fatal stabbing. Douglas Bowen is tonight hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in an induced [...]

Elderly Driver Robbed in Belmopan
Just after one on Friday afternoon, police responded to a robbery in progress on Zennia Street in the Cohune Walk area of Belmopan. A cargo truck parked in front of [...]

Police Catch At Least 1 Culprit in Belmopan Robbery
Police quickly got into action and set up a checkpoint between miles thirty and thirty-one on the George Price Highway to intercept the getaway car, identified as a Dodge nitro [...]

“Mose” Tops C.W.U. after Election
Three candidates vied for the presidency of the Christian Workers’ Union during Saturday’s annual general meeting at the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Center in Belize City: activist Moses Sulph, media executive [...]

Finally, a C.B.A. for “Essential” Stevedores?
A top priority for the new president, as it has been for his predecessors, is settling the long-standing dispute between the Port of Belize Limited and the stevedores represented by [...]

Anke Doehm Headed to Supreme Court
Anke Doehm was committed last month to stand trial in the Supreme Court on a charge of child neglect in the death of her thirteen-year-old adopted daughter Faye Lin Cannon. [...]

Mom Held Without Bail after Cell Phone Theft
A Belize City mom is behind bars tonight over a stolen cell phone. According to Robert Powell Junior, he visited Alicia’s Shop on Pitter Street to buy on Friday and [...]

Police in P.G. Accused of Beating Young Man
Leray Simon of Punta Gorda Town is tonight hoping someone, anyone, in the Belize Police Department will listen to his complaint of alleged brutality. Information reaching News Five is that [...]

Gov’t Appeals to Maturity and Good Sense of Belizeans in Awareness Campaign
Eight million dollars is to be budgeted supplementary for the upcoming I.C.J. awareness campaign, nearly all from international sources. But on the ground, Foreign Minister Elrington says it has been [...]

Borders Will Mitigate Chiquibul, Sarstoon Issues
Elrington concedes that even if the dispute is settled in the I.C.J., Belize and Guatemala will continue to have issues with border incursions. The difference, he said, will be the [...]

I.C.J. Vs U.H.S.
The Government and the Belize Bank Limited continue to await the highly anticipated Caribbean Court of Justice decision on whether the former must be forced to pay the latter thirty-six [...]

1 Held for Leeroy Haylock Murder
On Friday, we reported on the murder of the Leeroy Haylock which happened in San Pedro. The twenty-two-year-old was out socializing with friends when he was slashed to the throat [...]

Shooting Reported on Isla Bonita
The violence spilled over into Sunday night in San Pedro where a man was targeted for an unknown reason. Armando Trapp reported that he was outside his house around seven-thirty [...]

Domestic Dispute Gets Violent in Corozal; 1 Shot
An internal investigation is ongoing up north in Corozal where a San Andres villager was shot by police over the weekend. Twenty-five-year-old Alejandro Dominguez was reportedly under the influence of [...]

Canadian Woman Reports Being Raped at Home after Party
Police are currently looking for a Belize City resident as investigations continue into reports of an alleged rape on the south side of the Old Capital. A thirty-year-old Canadian woman [...]

A Closer Look at Farming Operations in Maskall
On Friday, we took you to Maskall in the Belize District to see a group of city youths interacting with farmers. They learned much about what it takes to manage [...]

The Best of the Sporting Weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities….]


Police arrest one person for Belmopan heist
On Friday afternoon shortly after one o’clock, police were called to the scene of a robbery in the Cohune Walk Area if Belmopan where they found 70-year-old Luis Sutherland, a security guard and truck driver who told police that he had been robbed of thousands of dollars by a brown complexion male person. He was …

San Pedro resident shot multiple times in his yard
One man remains hospitalized after being shot multiple times while at his house on San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City said the incident happened on Sunday night. Insp. Wilfred Ferrufino, Crimes Investigations Branch: “Sometime around 7PM Police visited the poly clinic in San Pedro where they discovered …

GAF stops Belizeans from going to Sarstoon Island, again!
While the Guatemalan President was convincing the Peten population over the weekend to vote in favor of taking the country’s claim to the ICJ, his armed forces were preventing Belizeans from visiting Sarstoon Island. The Sarstoon River has become a place where tensions rise between Belizean civilians and Guatemalan Armed Forces. On Sunday morning, tensions …

Guatemala ramps up referendum campaign
The Guatemalan Governments has intensified its campaign to take its territorial, maritime and insular claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice, ICJ. Six days from today, on Sunday, April 15, more than seven million eligible Guatemalan voters will decide whether they want the dispute to be resolved at the ICJ. The Guatemalan Government’s …

Can new CWU President successfully negotiate a new CBA for stevedores?
The Christian Workers Union represents fourteen entities, one of which is the stevedores. For more than a decade the CWU has been unable to successfully negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Port of Belize Limited. Negotiations have been held over the past years but both parties have been unable to agree on certain …

Domestic dispute ends in police shooting
On Sunday a domestic dispute in San Andres Village, Corozal ended with police shooting 25-year-old Alejandro Dominguez. While he has been treated and released, police are yet to press charges. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City provided more details of the incident at this morning’s press briefing. Insp. Wilfred …

CWU elects new President
On Saturday, talk show host, Evan Mose Hyde Junior was successful in his bid to become the President of the Christian Workers Union. He bested his opponents Wilmore Staine and Moses Sulph by a large margin. Most of the votes were cast by proxy at the CWU’s Annual General Meeting which took place in Belize …

US based Company seeks investors to boost soursop export in Belize
TKO Farms Inc., a company based in Tustin, California, has announced through a press release that it is in the process of acquiring over five hundred acres with a proposed expansion of four hundred acres in Belize. The company plans to plant over two thousand soursop trees which are expected to yield nine thousand soursop …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Mayor Wagner’s controversial first month
Since Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner was sworn into office on March 10, he has […]

Book Industry Association to host week of activities
The Belize Book Industry Association (BBIA) is calling on authors, publishers, and book lovers to […]

Belize on list of top beach spots to retire
San Pedro Ambergris Caye continues to capture the eyes of many visitors for its pristine […]

PUP calls out Elrington
The People’s United Party (PUP) is demanding that Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, withdraw statements he […]

Man shot by Corozal police after he attacks them with machete
Yesterday afternoon, Corozal police responded to reports of a domestic dispute in San Andres Village. There, […]

San Pedro man shot at his home
Last night around 7:50, police visited the San Pedro Poly Clinic where they saw Armando Trapp, 25, suffering […]

USA names Belize as a major drug trafficking and money laundering country
The 2018 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) prepared by the US Department of State […]

Bill Gates vacations in San Pedro
Founder of the world’s largest software business, Microsoft, billionaire investor Bill Gates […]

Guatemalan armed forces intercept group heading to Sarstoon
Yesterday, some members of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), led by Wil Maheia of the […]

Galen University signs agreement with UN Immigration Agency
Galen University has signed an agreement with the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) to offer a […]

International Sourcesizz

Ancient Maya Sacrificial Cave Revealed in Rare Footage
Deep in the jungles of Belize, a sacred site has begun attracting tourists that are willing to hike, swim, and climb their way to reach it. The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, a place of great significance for ancient Maya, was discovered in 1989. After years of research by Belizean archeologist Jaime Awe and his team, the site was opened to the public in 1998. The site is home to dozens of skeletons, including the famous Crystal Maiden. Although the cave now draws much interest from adventurous tourists, it is still not widely seen: a few years ago, photography and video were banned. In 2017, Awe visited the cave again with National Geographic during filming for the new series One Strange Rock. “They're portals to the underworld, to where important gods resided," Awe says, highlighting the cave's importance to the Maya civilization and the world. "We also see human sacrifice. Things must have been really difficult for the Maya to be doing this. The Maya certainly contributed to their own demise.”

US names Jamaica, Belize among 4 major C'bean drug producers
At least four Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have been named by the United States as major illicit drug producing countries. In its 2018 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, the State Department noted that the Bahamas, Belize, Haiti and Jamaica were also described as major drug-transit countries. According to Washington, a major illicit drug producing country is one in which 1,000 hectares or more of illicit opium poppy is cultivated or harvested during a year; 1,000 hectares or more of illicit coca is cultivated or harvested during a year; or 5,000 hectares or more of illicit cannabis is cultivated or harvested during a year.

John "Jay" Perry McDowell, 71 passes away
John “Jay” Perry McDowell, 71, died immediately and unexpectedly on Wednesday, March 28, just hours before getting ready to leave for Disney World with his wife and two grandsons. Born April 11, 1946, in Pittsburgh, Pa., he was the son of the late Dr. John E. Dubnansky of Charleroi, Pa., and the late Phyllis J. McDowell of Martinsburg, W.Va. Jay’s number-one pastime was music. He picked up the guitar later in life after a layoff of some 40 years. He loved playing in local open-mics with his music friends. He loved traveling to San Pedro, Belize, on an almost yearly basis since 2002 to sit in a picking circle to play guitar, sing, and swap stories with beloved FFLs (Friends-for-Life). He loved attending OKOM (Our Kind of Music) festivals in Texas, Tennessee, and New Mexico.


  • Caleb Orozco - Belize (TCEN), 4.5min.

  • Diving Glovers Reef, Belize, 2min. Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world! I spent 3 months here and decided to go for a 2 week dive trip to Glovers Reef Atoll. It is one of many cays off of the coast of Belize and the diving was incredible. I stayed in one of their over-the-water bungalows, took outdoor showers from the well, and enjoyed fresh fish and coconuts everyday. It was very rustic and close to nature, which is my faV.

  • Grace Flava with a Beat returned with a Mackerel and Sardine Breadfruit Taco recipe, 23min.

  • Dogs Grooming Service, 20min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Travellers Cocktails, 11min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The Guatemalan National Referendum on the I.C.J. takes place on Sunday, April 15th, 2018., 56min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The Social Security Board - 52 students who will receive scholarships for the upcoming academic year, 20min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Belize!, 4min. Spring vacation video from 2018. We went diving, got certified, saw AMAZING stuff, and had a blast in Long Caye, Lighthouse Reef

  • Belize Diving trip, 12min. San Pedro, Great Blue Hole, Belize April 2018.

  • Belize Dive Trip 2014, 11min.

  • Free Diving Ambergris Caye, Belize, 4min. Snorkeling through the wonderful reefs and life at Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    April 9, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Hotel Maintenance
    “I’m starting to get worried that they won’t make it,” Sherry said. “They’ll be here. Cruise ships are always on time,” I told her. We were sitting in the lobby of the Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City waiting for Bruce and Becky, our friends from Texas. We had a room at the Princess because they were on the Carnival ship Breeze out of Galveston and we planned to spend the day with them. As we waited in the lobby a tourist and his wife walked past, arguing loudly. They went up to their room and a few minutes later the man came rushing back down.

    Letter to the Editor: Shameful Performance of WASA
    I’m sure that this is only one of myriad complaints concerning the totally pathetic performance of our water suppliers. We live at Mile Marker 3 South, and have been living without even semi-decent water supply and pressure for over 5 days now. We have to bathe out of a bucket, wash our dishes out of a bucket, and flush our toilet with water from a bucket. We are residents of 6 years standing, and taxpayers for 20 years standing. We pay all of our bills on time, and contribute considerably to this island’s economy. It is quite distressing to be treated this shabbily by a seemingly uncaring service provider. We have called repeatedly, and are always told that servicemen will be dispatched to check out the problem right away, but, (really huge surprise here), we have yet to see these purported technicians. Our water pressure gauge is still bottomed out, as usual. To add to this absurdity, strangely enough, some of our neighbors to our north, and some to our south, seem to have semi-decent water supply, but not us.

    Doctor Love
    Dear Doctor Love, I am a divorced woman in my late forties and I have a nineteen year-old daughter who will start college in the fall. I have decided to sell everything and move to San Pedro once she is settled and comfortable in her new environment. The problem is that both she and my ex-husband are angry with me for leaving. She says I am abandoning her and he says I am neglecting my parental duties. Her dad and I divorced over ten years ago and he is remarried with two young children but they are close and he lives very near the college she will be attending.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Belmopan Cancer Walk
    Every year the Belmopan Cancer Society does a Cancer Walk in May, Cancer Awareness Month, as we "support the Fighters, admire the Survivors, honor the Taken and Never, ever give up hope" for those affected by Cancer. This year the Cancer Walk from Camalote Community Center to the DFC Parking Lot in Belmopan will be on 12th May. During the Walk we focus on awareness and raising funds to support our activities during the year. Join us this year. More information later as we complete our organization.

    TIDE catches illegal Guatemalan fishers in Belize Waters
    While many Belizeans sleep at night/early morning, our marine resources are being raped by illegal fishers of neighboring countries! At 2am we responded to a call from PHMR rangers on a night patrol with the Belize Coast Guard who arrested 2 Guatemalan fishers caught in our waters north of PG! See pictures of catch including 2 Permit that contribute significantly to the sport fishing industry! I commend the TIDE marine team and personnel from the Belize Coast Guard for protecting our marine resources even at night! Thanks for your bravery and commitment to Belize! We await results from trial and will share with our audience!

    Going to the ICJ with Guatemala will not end the territorial dispute but it will die over time
    By Wellington C. Ramos. Since the British buccaneer Peter Wallace made an emergency landing at the mouth of the Belize River in 1638, Spain and Guatemala still see Belize as their territory in 2018. Both of these countries fail to acknowledge that, before they became nation states, the indigenous Maya people and the other indigenous ethnic groups had their empires on this soil for centuries until they came to take their land away from them in 1493 with the Treaty of Tordesillas that Spain and Portugal signed. It should be the indigenous people taking the Spanish and the Guatemalans to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), for the genocide Spain committed and Guatemala continues to commit against the Maya people, from the time they landed on their land up to this day. The nations of the world have been standing by watching, while the Guatemalan government continues to violate the fundamental human rights of the indigenous Guatemalan citizens, with torture at times.

    San Pedro Lagoon cleanup
    I am a proud Sanpedrana born and raised in the island. Doing my part in participating for clean up up day. Wish I had seen more of the locals get involved. I see lots of Facebook posts of people complianing of trash but don't see them taking action! MJ Leslie we all need to inspire more people to make a change there is so much to clean. Till next clean up day...

    Sugar Industry Newsletter
    Download a copy of our new Sugar Industry Newsletter by visiting or by clicking on the following links: English Version: Spanish Version.

    Fourteen year old Griselda Linares has been reported missing by her family. The teenager went missing on Friday from her home in Black Man Eddy Village in the Cayo District. If you have any information that can assist police and the family in location the girl you are asked to contact 6059682.

    CEMJC AUDITORIUM taking shape at Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College
    Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College (CEMJC), San Roman/Cristo Rey, Corozal - Shakuntala Davi once said that "Education is not just going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about LIFE". So education is not just preparation for life but it is life itself. Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College is a tertiary level institution funded by both the Belizean and Mexican Governments; it is located in the Corozal District of Belize. Currently it is in its 6th year of operation as a public school under the motto of 'Creating more access for higher education'. The school is strategically situated in a rural area of Belize to cater to, but not limit its services to rural students with the desire of continuing their studies in a Vocational Technical Institution. Together, the staff run five two year programs all with a combination of classroom instructional techniques as well as hands on application of knowledge; namely, the programs are Associates Degrees in Biology/Natural Resource Management; Tourism Management, Agriculture Business, Mathematics and Information Technology.

    “BARBARIANS AT THE GATE “ I could not believe these were the derogatory words Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner used to describe the same city voters who just 30 days ago handed him and his team of councilors one of the most shocking victories in recent political history. Wagner and his team of councilors campaigned on change and rebirth however his first 30 days at city hall have been anything but, instead what we have witnessed is the same old PUP lawless, corrupt ways that saw land hogs Joe Coye, Johnny Briceno, Dan Silva and Julius Espat take tens of thousands of acres for themselves. I’m not one of those politicians who is such a dogged partisan that i despise all PUPs, i consider myself a “neo political idealist” in simple terms i strive to be objective and have no problem supporting someone who is doing right by the people of Belize even if they are from the opposition. I thought Mayor Bernard Wagner was a new breed of politician, after all he is historically a UDP voter who crossed party lines to run as a PUP which falls in line with my “neo political idealism” thus I was very much hopeful that Mayor Wagner would usher in this new era of political leadership that would see all Belize city voters/residents benefit.

    Malix Peek' (Stray Dog)
    Belize let's learn Maya with a Malix Peek'. Last time they ask us what does Malix Peek' means. Malix or Malix Peek' is a common Maya word used in northern Belize to refer to street dogs or common dog . Malix is a Maya(Yucatec Maya) word which means "Common,ordinary or mix" . The word Peek' means "Dog". So Malix Peek' can be "Common Dog". The plural of Dogs in Maya is "peek’o’ob". Let's protect and love this dogs most of the time they are not appreciated as a "Full breed dog" and end up being a stray Dogs. so why buy a $500 Dog when you can have a Malix Peek'? This dogs are very resistant,Good hunters,good guard dogs,awesome family pets etc .

    The Reporter

    Mose Hyde wins by a landslide
    Evan “Mose” Hyde is the new president of the Christian Workers Union.Mose weh noh pose The CWU held elections at its annual general meeting held yesterday, at the Bishop Sylvester Stadium in Belize City. where Hyde went up against Moses Sulph and Wilmore Staine for the post. Some 439 members, roughly half the CWU membership, cast a vote in the elections. At the final tally, Hyde had received 328 votes, more than the accumulated score of both his opponents. Staine managed to get 72 votes, while Sulph walked away with 39 votes. Hyde succeeds former CWU President, Dale Trujeque, who resigned last October, leaving the union to run without a president for six months.

    SBDC to host business startup workshop
    The Small Business Development Center, a unit of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), is hosting a training session for entrepreneurs in the north. The workshop is scheduled for April 12, to be held at the La Immaculada Credit Union Training room in Orange Walk Town. The workshop is free and is geared towards equipping participants with knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to start a business. The content will also cover the necessary steps finalizing a business idea as well as the necessary steps to formalizing a business in Belize.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    “We are fighting for what is ours”, Jimmy Morales tells Guatemalans
    Guatemala will hold their national referendum in seven (7) days time. As a result their Foreign Ministry has intensified their campaign encouraging Guatemalans to vote YES for Belize and Guatemala to go to the International Court of Justice to resolve Guatemala’s long standing territorial claim for Belize. […]

    House destroyed by fire in Dangriga
    Crescencio Ramos of Wageirale area in Dangriga Town reported that about 10:30 a.m. yesterday, whilst working, he was informed that his house on Nurse Thompson Street was on fire. […]

    Guatemalan fishers caught in Belizean waters
    This morning, the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) informed that at around 2:00 a.m., rangers at the Port Honduras Marine Reserve on the night patrol with the Belize Coast guard found 2 Guatemalan fishers. […]


    Corozal House of Culture held their Full Moon Concert "Benque Marimba"
    On a monthly basis we engage, learn and share our new learning and review music note reading with Professor Alejandro a musician by profession with speciality in bass guitar from Guatemala City; It is a fun way to embrace and expand our learning to obtain high standards in music. Music notes a universal language for our young musicians, we are humbled and proud of all the efforts by and for our Youths. On Saturday night April 7, 2017 Corozal House of Culture presented to the Public "Full Moon Concert Benque Marimba Los Hijos Del West" got invited to play live music for the public in Corozal. It all took place infront of the Corozal House of Culture where a number of people filled up the sits. At 7:30pm Ms. Debra Wilker did a short ceremony thanking everyone who came out to support Benque Marimba's Los Hijos Del West event.

    Lagoon Clean-Up Mobilizes San Pedro Residents…Everyone Can Help
    Yesterday lovers of San Pedro united to start a lagoon clean-up. Kids and businesses, locals and expats, visitors and our police and town council met up at 7am to pull plastic and trash from the water and mangroves around this incredibly important waterway. Saturday morning rockstars, Crocodile Chris and Christina of ACES and MJ Leslie of The Reef Angels and PassionKite, organized a hugely successful clean-up. In the stretch of water from Boca Del Rio park, under the bridge to the back side. We met. We picked up trash. Some in the water, some at the water’s edge. We talked about the new ban of single serve plastic bags and plates recently enacted by the Belize government (starting April 2019) – the awesomeness of it and the immense challenge. We picked up hundreds of straws and bottle caps and way more. Here are some of the pictures. Thousands of pounds of crap that the town council came to pick and bring to the dump.

    International Sourcesizz

    Archaeologist who has unearthed Mesoamerican civilizations to speak at MSU
    An archaeologist who discovered an ancient city in Belize and mapped Mayan ruins in Mexico is coming to Minnesota State University. Edwin Barnhart, director of the Maya Exploration Center, will be at MSU Thursday and Friday. He's giving public presentations about ancient Peruvian religion and art, and the Tarascan civilization in central Mexico. He'll also visit with students about his work for the Mexican government mapping the ancient Maya city of Palenque. An archaeologist for more than 20 years, Barnhart discovered the ancient Mayan city of Ma'ax Na in Belize and has mapped the onetime locations of over 4,000 ancient structures.

    Living Legend Pen Cayetano Has Arrived to New York City!
    GALENT is pleased to announce the arrival of the Garifuna Living Legend Pen Cayetano to New York City where he will receive a Garifuna Music Lifetime Achievement Award. The recognition will take place during the 2018 Garifuna Music Awards on April 7, 2018 at Maestros Caterers 1703 Bronxdale Avenue, Bronx NY 10461. Garifuna Living Legend Pen Cayetano, is a painter, singer, songwriter, percussionist and guitarist. He is the leading cultural revivalist and ambassador for the Garinagu. He is a self-taught painter and musician and mostly inspired by his Garifuna heritage. His task is to conserve the culture and give a consciousness to the people and the youth. Pen is recognized as the creator of the Punta Rock, the first contemporary Garifuna Rhythm. In November 1978 Isabel Flores was leading a group with his drummers and singers when some young folks started to sing vulgar songs in Garifuna. Nobody could stop them so the elders with Isabel Flores took his drums and left the youth doing their own thing. Pen realized that something had to be done for the younger generation.


  • Enjoying San Pedro Ambergris Caye to the max!!!, 11min. In this video we head to an island and did a fish BBQ while we were fishing hope you enjoy this video.

  • Morning Matters with Mrs Vaughn, 58min.

  • Masani.Live Art Show Belize, 20min. Masani.Live Art Exhibit Opening in Belize.

  • Belize Trip, 58min. The following is a highlight reel of all the dives throughout the whole week. I did all the available dives for the week long trip and got the Iron Diver award.

  • Travelogue in Pictures of My Trike Ride Through Belize and Guatemala, 7min. Highlights of my trike ride through Belize and Guatemala in pictures and video from my Samsung mobile phone

  • 3 Foot Barracuda Catch in Belize!, 1min.

  • Blues DoGS leading a Blues Jam in Belize, 6min. The story behind this is great....ask me sometime !! We grabbed island musicians and raised $1500 for a local Christian School. The talent was fantastic and playing 20 feet from the beach at Estels in San Pedro. We gotta do this again....

  • Belize 2018, 5min.

  • BELIZE/ZIP LINING + CAVE TUBING/Gopro Hero5, 5min.

  • Belize Bird Rescue, 4min. Clips of birds and wildlife in and around Belize Bird Rescue, Belmopan Belize.

  • Trade Winds Belize, 4min.

  • Verdes FC vs Belmopan Bandits SC, 2.5hr.

    April 8, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    BEL Proposes to Recover Increase in Cost of Power
    The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) Company submitted a request to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to increase electricity rates for the annual Tariff Period from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. In a press release issued on Wednesday, April 4th, BEL stated that an increase is needed to cover the cost of power purchased from power producers. The company is, therefore, proposing an increase of 7.1%, which is an increase in the Mean Electricity Rate of $0.39 cents per Kilowatt hour (kWh). This is an increase of .0262 cents added to the current $0.36 cents per kWh, which is expected to impact the rising cost of living in Belize.

    Tacogirl launches battery recycling project on Ambergris Caye
    Thanks to an initiative by Laurie Norton, AKA Tacogirl, island residents can now properly dispose of their old batteries. The project requires residents to drop off their old batteries at the recycling containers located at any of the following businesses; Castillo’s Hardware Ltd, SP Hardware, and Harmouch Hardware. The type of batteries that are being accepted includes alkaline, lithium, nickel cadmium and rechargeable ones. Since the placement of the containers about four months ago, Norton says they have collected a total amount of 20 pounds of dead batteries. Currently, the batteries are just being collected as the proper paperwork needs to be drafted by the correct authorities to safely export the batteries to a recycling center by sea and ground transport. Once shipping/export has been secured, Norton foresees the project broadening its slope to other areas of Belize.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    San Pedro Lagoon Clean Up
    So proud of our island! We had an incredible turn out at the San Pedro Lagoon Clean Up hosted by ACES and Reef Angel MJ Leslie! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! We removed everything you can think of from the lagoon - fridges, golf cart frames, thousands of bottles and bottle caps, rusted metal sheets and frames, a very old dell computer monitor, broken glass, plastic bags, an 8-inch long dread lock, piles of wood with nails sticking out, washing machines, bar chairs, fishing line... etc. The list goes on! Not only did participants clean up the areas most seen and traveled, trash was even removed from deep inside the mangroves and deep into the sea grass where wildlife inhabit.

    Job Opening at Namaste Cafe on Caye Caulker
    Please come by and ask for Brad... no calls, messages

    The Belize City Downtown Rejuvenation Project
    A part of the rejuvenation of downtown under the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project is the rebuilding and repairing a few historic buildings and sites in downtown. One of these sites is where the Paslow once stood. For those of us who are not familiar with the history of the Paslow or the man that it was named after, below is some information.

    Pavel Ythjall on Ambergris Caye
    Pavel Ythjall just visited our beautiful island and this was his office... We'll wait for you to be back, Pavel Ythjall

    Two power outages scheduled for Wednesday, April 11 to affect entire Placencia Peninsula, Independence Village and surrounding areas
    From 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and entire Toledo District from 1:50 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. BEL to conduct maintenance and testing of equipment at Independence Substation and Savannah Switching Station; and conduct climbing inspections, replace poles carrying transmission lines and conduct maintenance on transmission system.

    3rd Annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride
    BEL’s CEO and Megawatts Cycling Club participated in the 3rd Annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride on Saturday April 7. The Cancer Treatment Center in Dangriga will receive BEL’s $2,000 donation towards this fundraising effort.

    Birding Weekend!
    So after 4 lodges, Caves Branch, Chabil Be, Bocawina, Farm Inn and Baldy Beacon MPR in between, we have successfully recorded 280 species of birds. It was arduous and very painful at times with the sun, but was worth it.!! Now a little break and tommorow we head down to Turtle Inn for the continuation.!!

    Delegates from the Maya Leaders Alliance
    (Mopan & Kekchi Maya) , National Garifuna Council, Northern Maya Association of Belize(Yucatec Maya), Tumul Kin Center of Learning and the student Maya Club at University of Belize - Belmopan attending the human rights training in Carillo Puerto, México.

    Channel 5

    Three candidates who were up for the presidency of the Christian Workers Union: Moses Sulph: 39 votes. Wilmore Staine: 72 votes. Mose Hyde: 328 votes. We will have the full story on Monday at 6:30 p.m on News 5.

    The Reporter

    Guatemalan play gives racist depiction of Belizeans
    This weekend Guatemalan performers dawned the racist art from known as “black face” for a play called “Goodbye Belize.” The play, which opened on Thursday and will close on Sunday, is a proclaimed musical comedy where the actors overly darken their skin and exaggerate the size of their lips while satirically dancing to Belizean “bruk down” and other Caribbean music. Throughout the play a map of Belize is often in the background, with only the Corozal and Orange Walk districts in tact. Gerardo Palala, stage director and choreographer, said that the play is “based on an investigation made by González Dubón that exposes what happened at the time when the secession of national lands was made.” Notably, the practice of black face ended in the United States with the Civil Rights movement, because of it’s promotion of negative stereotypes.

    Cayo woman critical after traffic accident
    A 33-year-old woman from Cayo is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following a road traffic accident in the Orange Walk district yesterday. Police say that when they responded to the report of an RTA between mile 50 and 51 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, the found Victoria Garcia, a domestic worker of Progresso Village in the Cayo district, unconscious with cuts to her forehead and face. Garcia was travelling with another passenger, Carlos Arturo Santos 21-year-old Belizean Labourer, also of Progresso, who said that he was suffering from lower back pain. Police found Garica’s vehicle off the road with its four wheels in the air and extensively damaged.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Mose Hyde is new president of CWU
    After almost 6 months without a president, the Christian Workers Union (CWU) has selected talk show host Evan “Mose” Hyde as its new president. When the final votes were tallied he walked away with 328 votes. In second place was Wilmore Staine who snatched 72 votes […]

    Social media, email, and telephone history may soon be required for US visa applications
    Thousands of Belizeans may soon be affected by a new visa application policy proposed by the United States of America (US). According the Associated Press, applicants may soon be required to submit their social media histories, previous email addresses, and phone numbers whenever they apply for a US visa. […]

    Canadian national raped in her apartment
    Police in Belize City are investigating a rape incident that happened on Wednesday, April 4th. According to police reports, a 30 year old Canadian National residing in Belize City reported that on Wednesday night while she was socializing at her apartment with her boyfriend and others friends […]

    Guatemala’s referendum campaign intensifies
    By BBN Staff: With only eight more days until Guatemala’s national referendum, their Government and people have intensified their campaign encouraging Guatemalan residents to vote in favor of taking the long standing dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) […]

    Standing up for Carrie Tripodi – A tribute to La Isla Bonita
    By Lisa Shoman: I want to pay tribute this morning to San Pedro. Yes, that San Pedro, La Isla Bonita […] San Pedro tends to get a terrible reputation for insularity, for wanting to be its own republic, for being a fleshpot of sin and iniquity that constantly wants to kick people off the island -and it deserves all that.

    Storm names released for 2018 Hurricane Season
    This week, the Colorado State University hurricane researchers released their projections for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season. According to the report, this season will be slightly above-average […]


    Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018
    Summer is almost here, and Chaa Creek is accepting essays for their Eco Kids Summer Camp. "The annual Eco Kids summer camp is drawing near, & the Lodge at Chaa Creek urges young Belizeans between the ages of 9 & 12 years old to get on board early! It's is a great opportunity for young Belizeans to learn about their natural environment & develop skills while having fun during a week-long jungle adventure."

    Your Two Cents
    Literally, your two cents really is needed. $45,000 is a lot of money to raise but a Hematology Analyzer for the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic will be very far reaching to our island and is well worth the effort. Hematology Analyzers are used to count leucocytes, red cells, and platelets in our blood. They also determine hemoglobin and hematocrit levels and are extremely important for disease detection and help catch blood disorders and malignancies. Hematological tests can help diagnose infections, anemia, hemophilia, blood-clotting disorders, and leukemia. Every Penny Counts: If everyone pitches in a little (or a lot if you have it to spare) we can help the Blue Water Grill Restaurant meet their goal faster. If you are willing and able to support this advancement for Ambergris Caye healthcare – we need your help. Aside from booking your Tropic Air flights with flight code horizon for an automatic donation at no extra cost, you can make a contribution while on vacation and enjoy Blue Water, The Phoenix, Red GInger or Wine de Vine. For those not currently in Belize but wish they were here to help, there is an easy online donation option.

    Bill Gates, World’s Second Richest Man, on Ambergris Caye
    Earlier this week, Bill Gates – the 2nd richest man in the world – arrived on Ambergris Caye, Belize to perfect his tennis game. Helicoptering in 3 times over 3 days from his offshore yacht, Gates met and practiced with a tennis pro at Belizean Shores Resort – 3 miles north of San Pedro town. (Pictured with Doug Penland, CEO of Sandy Points Resorts.) Bill Gates is very serious about tennis. Just about a month ago, he teamed up with Roger Federer for a charity match.

    International Sourcesizz

    The drop that makes a vase overflow: Understanding Maya society through daily water management
    Water is an important key to understand Maya society, especially water availability within a context of climatic changes. Increasing drought would have pushed the Maya water systems into collapse. This paper studies the Maya water systems from an actionoriented perspective, in order to understand what challenges the Maya had to overcome when dealing with water. The systems found at Tikal serve as main example, allowing comparisons with other Maya sites. In this analysis, hydraulic and agentbased elements are combined in a model to investigate the performance of the water system within extreme weather conditions and changing human agency. The results suggest that the Tikal water system was able to cope with most of the extreme situations. Furthermore, model results allow proposing that the Maya did not anticipate on shortterm changes in external conditions. Generally, in Tikal surpluses of water may have been as important as shortages of water.


  • On the road with the 3rd Annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride, 2.5min.

  • On the road with the 3rd Annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride, 5min.

  • Corozal House of Culture Marimba event, 9min. Marimba all the way from Benque Viejo.

  • Belize bird's taking baths, 2min. Today was really humid so I setup my camera facing the bird bath to see what I'd get

  • Howler monkey in rain forest of Belize, 1min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 15min.

  • Java Relief and Hope Haven, Belize, 3min. Java Relief connected with a ministry called Hope Haven in San Pedro, Belize. It's a shelter for children at risk that was built in an old strip club. The staff and volunteers at Hope Haven provide a literacy program, individual and group therapy, hot meals and a safe place for neglected and abused children.

  • Swimming with sharks in Belize, 15min.

  • Belize Honeymoon 2018, 4min. Enjoy a Short Video of our Honeymoon in Belize. We had a great time and can't to go back.

  • Java Relief Coffee. Serving meals at San Petro Food Bank in Belize., 2.5min. We were blessed to be able to purchase and serve a meal for 120 moms and children at Hope Haven in San Petro Belize. A shelter for children at risk that was built in an old strip club. The staff and volunteers at Hope Haven provide a literacy program, individual and group therapy, hot meals and a safe place for neglected and abused children.

  • Going to Belize, 9min. We got to go on a really cool vacation to Belize, a country in Central America! Caves Branch and Roberts Grove

  • Verdes vs Dangriga Dream Ballers, 2hr50min.

    April 7, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Glanbrook Veterinary Service hosts CPR training for pet owners
    The Glanbrook Veterinary Service, from Hamilton, Canada hosted a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) seminar for pet owners at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town on Tuesday, April 3rd. The CPR training saw participants being educated by Doctor Heather McGowan and Rebecca Sand on how to perform CPR on their pets, as well as life saving techniques and basic first aid. The seminar began at 10:30am, with Dr. McGowan explaining the importance of CPR and how you go about doing it. According to Dr. McGowan, first you check if the pet is breathing by blowing into their nostril and observe if the airways open, or you can call them by their name to see if their respond. If still there is no response then you proceed with CPR.

    Robert Mariano, new Commander of the Eastern Division North, visits San Pedro
    The new Commander in charge of overseeing the Eastern Division North (Northside Belize City and the cayes), Assistant Commissioner of Police, Robert Mariano visited San Pedro Town on Wednesday, April 3rd, where he met with members of the San Pedro Police Formation. Mariano discussed with San Pedro Police a plan of action to deter criminal activity on the island. At the end of the session, Mariano, along with Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit, Superintendent Henry Jemmott, presented awards to three police officers for their outstanding work during the past three months.

    Belize participates in the UNCAF Beach Soccer Cup 2018
    The Belize National Beach Soccer Selection team participated in the Central America Football Union (UNCAF) 2018 Beach Soccer Cup that took place in El Salvador from Thursday, March 29th through Saturday, March 31st. Among the players representing Belize were three island athletes; Rugerri Trejo, Highking Roberts and Sean Mas. The other players on the team were Frank Lopez, Jermaine Jones, Byron Usher, Jones Brandon, Keiton Dyer, Eugene Martinez, Jose Galdamez, Raymond Rivas, Marlon Meza, Evan Mariano, Jeromy James, Byron Ferrel, Jonard Castillo, Richard Omoruyi and Edwani Munoz. Belize played its first match in the tournament on Thursday, March 29th, against El Salvador. At the end of the game time, El Salvador came out victorious with a 5-1 point score.

    Arlene Torres finds San Pedro Sun eggs!
    13 eggs were hidden in the Easter issue of The San Pedro Sun last week and Arlene Torres’ eagle eyes managed to find them all by the day’s end on Thursday, March 29th. Every year for the past 13 years, we have been hiding eggs for a fun ‘egg hunt’ in our paper. The prize for this year’s hunt was a $100 gift certificate from Rapidito Loans. Hoping to walk off with this prize, Torres set out to search diligently, finding 12 almost immediately. Egg #13 was the challenge, but once she located it, she happily called into the office with her finds. Congratulations Arlene, and enjoy your prize!

    The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge hosts Easter Egg Hunt
    The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge (ACML) held their first ever Easter Egg Hunt at the San Pedro High School (SPHS) in San Pedro Town on Monday, April 2nd. The event saw a large group of families and children enjoying the fun-filled activity. Children and parents armed with colorful Easter baskets, arrived early at the SPHS, eagerly waiting until the gates of the school opened. At 12PM the large crowd quickly made its way inside to begin the hunt for Easter Eggs. 1,000 Easter eggs were hidden all over, from under the seats of the auditorium to under plants and objects found at the high school compound. After the Easter Egg Hunt, children got to play with their friends while enjoying the fruits of their hunting labor.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Signs Cooperation Agreement With Panama
    On Friday, April 6, 2018, the Governments of Belize and the Republic of Panama signed a Cooperation Agreement aimed at promoting and deepening the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Panama was Her Excellency Marta Irene Boza, Ambassador of Panama to Belize.

    Maintenance Worker Found Dead In Empty Lot In San Mateo Area
    At about 12:30a.m. on Friday, April 6, 2018, San Pedro police responded to reports of noise coming from an abandoned lot in the San Mateo Area, north of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. Officers observed the lifeless body of Lee Roy Haylock, 22, maintenance worker of San Mateo San Pedro Town.

    Kim Simplis On Gender Based Violence In San Pedro
    The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow has been following the case of Ms. Carrie Tripodi who was severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Russel Casimiro on the night of April 1, 2018. Mrs. Simplis Barrow feels the need to release a statement, as she is extremely appalled and dissatisfied by the negligent way in which the case is being handled by law enforcement officers. The Special Envoy is concerned about details that have emerged regarding the handling of the case namely: a) Assertions that the medico - legal report that documents the extent of the injuries sustained by Ms. Tripodi was apparently lost by the Police and so the Magistrate was not permitted a fair opportunity to assess the extent of the damage caused by Mr. Casimiro to Ms. Tripodi.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Jim Patterson passes away
    It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the death of Jim " Capt. Easy " Patterson. He came ashore in San Pedro on his sailboat The Diversion in 1990 or there about. He fell in love with the island and purchased land in S. San Pedro. The best builder, Mr Graniel sat down and on a bar napkin designed his home. A great residence came to be which reflected Jim at his finest. Casa Manana. So many occasions to recall. His marriage to Sharon, the wedding there, their lingerie party, way too many to list. I know he will be remembered by many.

    San Pedro Lagoon Clean Up
    Today, Saturday! Meet at the bridge at 7AM, the more help the better! Let's keep La Isla...BONITA! Join us in clean sweeping our beautiful San Pedro Lagoon and mangrove waterways. Don’t be late! We are meeting under the bridge. Let’s clean up our mangrove river! We will have some boats available for people hop on, but if you want to bring your own means of transportation (anyone got kayaks?), then that's more room for garbage! There are also some spots accessible by land if you don't want to go out on the water! Bring dive boots/water shoes and some hand cleaner disinfectant, maybe a pair of scissors for snipping fishing line from mangrove.

    Minister of National Security Tours Southside Belize City Police Precincts
    The Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security, in an unannounced visit, toured Southside Belize City Police Precincts on April 5, 2018. The purpose of the Minister's visit was to get a first-hand impression of the operations being carried out by the police department in the city and to salute the men and women who patrol the city streets every night to ensure citizens' security. The Minister was accompanied by Chief Executive Officer, Felix Enriquez; the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie; Deputy Commissioner of Police, Clyde Chester Williams; Southside Commander, Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett; and other senior officials of the Belize Police Department.

    Belize Signs Cooperation Agreement with Panama
    April 6th, the Governments of Belize and the Republic of Panama signed a Cooperation Agreement aimed at promoting and deepening the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Panama was Her Excellency Marta Irene Boza, Ambassador of Panama to Belize.

    Professional Development and Wellness Workshops
    The Peace Corps is having a series of wellness workshops tomorrow at the SISE HoC. They'll have everything from wellness seminars to nutritional cooking sessions to yoga classes. Registration starts at 8:00am, and the fun begins at 9:00. Thanks, Peace Corps! "Happening on Saturday April 7th, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Free Professional Development & Wellness Workshop at the San Ignacio & Santa Elena House of Culture (NICH)! The House of Culture will host presentations centered on improving your life through healthy choices and healthier living. These workshops are done in collaboration with Joshua Fuller of the Peace Corps. Topics to be discussed will be centered on the benefits of exercise for pregnant women, ways to increase health and fitness, and having healthier bodies by eating healthier foods."

    SBDC Workshop: Start Up Essentials
    Presented by: Ms. Sarita Bejerano, Business Advisor SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: La Inmaculdada Credit Union Training Room, 5 Park Street, Orange Walk Town. Workshop Date: April 12, 2018. Time: 9am to 12:00noon. The workshop aims is to equip participants with knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to start a business on the right foot, taking the necessary steps to formalization as well introducing them to steps and activities to finalizing their business idea. Through this workshop attendees will be competent individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to choose a feasible business idea and start a business that has taken the necessary steps to formalization with the aim to protect their investment and abide by the legal guidelines in Belize. Free of cost.

    Prime Minister Departs the Country for Medical Appointment
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, April 6th. The Prime Minister is attending a previously scheduled medical appointment. He will return to Belize on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. During his absence, the Hon. Hugo Patt, Minister of Local Government, Rural Development, Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities, will act as Prime Minister.

    Two Females Shaken, After Armed Home Invasion in Corozal
    On Wednesday March 28th, 2018 about 3:30 p.m. Beth Laseter a retired expat reported that she came home with her female friend Jasmine, who stays with her. After reaching home, she noticed that her dogs were not around, so she called them and there was no response. Jasmine went to the rear of the house and called them but still there was no response. Beth and Jasmine proceeded to enter the house and whilst in the kitchen, a man grabbed Beth by the throat, put a choke hold on her and a gun to her head. The bad hombre asked her to go with her but she refused, so he dragged her down the hall and pushed her inside the bathroom and tied her hands together. Stolen was $2,400 in US currency, $500 Belize currency, 2,500 Mexican pesos and an assortment of jewelry.

    Development Manager Job Opportunity - Ya’axché Conservation Trust
    We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as Development Manager! In this position, you will be expected to work alongside the development team to manage and strengthen fundraising for Ya’axché’s programs according to Ya’axché’s Fundraising Strategy. Apply today!

    Channel 7

    Man Knifed To Death On San Pedro
    There was a murder in San Pedro Town last night, the first in 2 months and 1 week. 22 year-old Lee Roy Haylock, who's also been identified to us as "Brian Haylock", was found stabbed to death a few miles north of the island town. It was a very deliberate and cruel killing with multiple stab wounds and no sign of robbery. So, it appears to be a personal dispute of some kind which led to his murder. Our news team was out on the island for the most of today, looking for answers, and Daniel Ortiz found out that there were many sides of the man called "Fraud".

    Prime Minister Patt?
    Tonight, Hugo Patt is your Prime Minister. That's right, the Patchakan resident and Corozal North representative has been named acting Prime Minister while PM Barrow is out of the country. A press release from the Prime Minister's Office announced that Barrow left the country today to go see the doctor for his ailing back. He returns on Tuesday - and - until then - in what is considered to be a very surprising choice - Patt has been named acting PM.

    Robbers Flip in Vehicle After Police Pursuit
    This Dodge Nitro SUV overturned at mile 26 on the George Price Highway may look like just another road accident. But, actually, reports say it was the culmination of a police chase - where the bad guys ended up flipping and getting shot by the cops. Information is very sketchy at this time, but 7News has confirmed that at least three men were in the Dodge Nitro when they allegedly robbed a delivery truck from Belmopan.

    Immigration Sweep Nets 14 “Bargirls”
    Last night Belize City police did a major roundup of illegal bar workers in Belize City and Ladyville. An operation between Immigration and Police netted 14 women who did not have proper immigration and working documents. The joint operation picked them up from nightspots well known for hiring "bargirls" as they are called. They are expected to be charged and possibly deported. In these roundups - the women are usually screened as possible human traffic victims.

    Charges for Corozal Drug Smuggling Operation
    Last night, our headline story was the major drugs and ammunition bust which Corozal Police made at the northern border on Wednesday night. They intercepted a drug smuggling operation in progress, and the cops are reporting tonight that all 4 occupants of the 2 vehicles which were being used, have been criminally charged. Those occupants were Blancaneaux Maudel, Michelle Benguche, Kenyon Lewis, and Phylmore King, and at this time they are awaiting an arraignment in Magistrate's Court.

    Progresso Woman Critical After Accident
    There was a serious accident in Orange Walk this evening - and a woman is in critical condition because of it. 33 year old Victoria Garcia from Progresso village was flung out of this Chevrolet Tracker between miles 50 and 51. She was driving the vehicle when it had a mechanical failure with the steering, sending her plunging into a ditch on the side of the road. The vehicle flipped and she was thrown from the vehicle. She was found unconscious on the side of the road with a head injury and taken to the northern regional hospital. She was then transferred to the KHMH because of the seriousness of her condition.

    Mayor Explains Suspension of City Administrator
    As we told you last night, the Belize City Administrator Candice Miller has been suspended for a month, on full pay. This comes one month after the PUP council took office - and of course they would have a problem with Miller. She signed a multi-year contract extension just months before the old UDP council was voted out. That became the subject of much controversy and criticism during the campaign - and so it's not surprising that the PUP Council would have some difficulty working with her. But - even so - an abrupt suspension was not expected. Today was asked the Mayor for his justification:...

    Can Mayor and City Admin. Work Together?
    So, with such a negative characterization of the management style that Mayor Wagner says prevailed in the last administration - even with the City Administrator's suspension is over - can he work with her? That's what we asked him today:... Jules Vasquez: "Can you move forward with her?" Bernard Wagner: "The reality of it- we've got to be real in this business; people might say it is political victimization. The fact of the matter is that the past mayor when he undertook to give the contract to the city administrator with a term passing the life of this administration he clearly put her under significant scrutiny. It is sad, it is a sad situation..."

    Distrust: Mayor Removed City Admin As Signatory
    But even while the way ahead with the City Administrator is unclear - her role in the council had already been trimmed down. First she was removed as a signatory on all council checks - which is unusual because she is the accounting officer for the council. We asked the mayor what controls are now in place for signing checks:.. Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "You removed her as a signatory for the council's checks. Now, she is the accounting officer. How does that work? Because then who is the accounting officer? Do you become the accounting officer? I don't even understand the logistics of that. How can the accounting officer be removed from the payment chain?"

    Mayor Makes Checks To Himself For Distribution of “Social Assistance”
    And right now, moving along for the mayor means having weekly clinic meetings with city residents who are asking for social assistance. The last mayor never did that but Wagner prides himself on having a common, compassionate touch. But, as we found out, this puts him in what could be called a prickly situation in terms of accountability. Here's how he explained it:.. Bernard Wagner - Belize City Mayor: "I have Wednesdays when I meet my people and the past mayor from what I understand here did not encourage that, but I feel that as a mayor of fledgling city, you want to be able to connect with your people, you want to hear their concerns. Most of the people, a lot of them just want to enter the office and sit and talk with the mayor for a 5 minutes - tell them about their dreams and their goals, their personal goals. You will have the occasional individuals who wants a little assistance. That is what a council is for."

    Mayor Laments “Barbarians At The Gate”
    And while the Holy Bible is what he accounts to - there's also a sort of unofficial political bible - which dictates that space must be found to employ party supporters. It the reality of politics - and for the PUP - which has not held elected office in City Hall for 12 years - it's been a famine. And now they're knocking on the door of a council which already has a hard time meeting its payroll and recurrent expenses. We asked the mayor how he is managing it all:.. Jules Vasquez: "You have jumped into a moving vehicle that is racing downhill. What has it been like just trying to work administratively to regularize operations and at the same time working at the higher level dealing with your people, your supporters - that's real, but also trying to create some of the opportunities - some of the platform you were elected on. Has it been hectic, crazy and completely out of control?"

    Police Minister Visits Police
    Last night police officers working the streets of the south side got a surprise from Minister of National Security John Saldivar - who paid them an unexpected visit. Along with CEO Felix Enriquez and Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie Saldivar was briefed on the southside situation by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams and led on the tour by Southside Commander, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett. We spoke Gillett about it today and he said the visit had a positive effect on his officers.

    Teaching City Kids The Value Of Hard Work On The Farm
    These days on the news it seems that police are doing more than just law enforcement; they're doing mediation, social work, education, and now, even farming. Today, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett organized for 24 kids from Belize City to be taken to different farms in Maskall not just to learn about farming but to find out the benefits it has in promoting a positive lifestyle. Sahar Vasquez joined the field trip and reports on the farming initiative. Maskall is home to many of Belize top producing farms and today 24 city kids that rarely ever leave the city got the opportunity to spend the day visiting them.

    The Many Trials Of Woman Beater Russell Casimiro
    He pleaded guilty to wounding his ex-girlfriend, and got a small fine plus probation - but when he did that forty-year-old Russel Casimiro surely didn't know that was just the beginning of his problems. The San Pedro resident and tour guide has been blasted on Facebook for the injuries he caused to his ex-girlfriend thirty-year-old American Carrie Tripodi.

    Galen and IOM Join Forces
    The International Organization for Migration and Galen University teamed up on a migration management project. The main goal is to engage stakeholders in government and academia in the broad and multi-faceted issue of migration. Areas such as human trafficking and smuggling will be addressed in this joint effort. Here is more from the signing: Coordinator: "Today, it is a very important day. We are signing an implementation of agreement and also a general agreement with Galen University. This specific capacity building program that we have partnered with Galen University to carry out falls under two initiatives that are currently implementing in Belize..."

    Channel 5

    Leeroy Haylock Killed in Fight in San Pedro
    The forty-ninth murder victim since January is a youth from San Pedro. He was killed in the early hours of this morning on the north side of La Isla Bonita. [...]

    Boy Mauled and Disfigured by Marauding Rottweiler
    Three-year-old Jase Brown of Belmopan is in a bad way tonight, after suffering a sudden and vicious attack by a Rottweiler. He had gone out walking with his father in [...]

    B.T.B. Disowns “Tour Guide”/Domestic Abuser Russell Casimiro
    There was public outcry this week when Russel Casimiro, a purported tour guide, received what appeared to be a slap on the wrist for beating up his ex-girlfriend and leaving [...]

    John Saldivar Makes Quiet Visit to South Side Checkpoints
    Like American military officials in Iraq or Afghanistan, Minister of National Security John Saldivar, his C.E.O. and other top brass in the Police Department swooped down on the south side [...]

    P.M. Picks Hugo Patt to Act During Medical Appointment
    Beginning today and until next week Tuesday, Hugo Patt, the Minister of Local Government, Rural Development, Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities will be acting as Prime Minister. It is [...]

    Panama Shakes Hands with Belize on 2-Year Cooperation Agreement
    One of Belize’s staunchest friends in Central America since 1981 is formalizing ties in a number of important fields that will be beneficial to both countries. Today, the Ambassador of [...]

    Panamanians Take No Sides in Border Dispute
    As you’ve heard, Foreign Affairs Minister Elrington says Panama has been supporting the territorial integrity of Government of Belize since 1981.  Next Saturday, Guatemala will be holding its referendum on [...]

    Belize Granted South American Visa Waiver for COPA Flights
    Elrington says that the relationship between Belize and Panama got a further boost with the start of direct flights between both countries by COPA Airlines, which connects Belize to South [...]

    C.C.J. Will Be Allowed to Make U.H.S. Decision, Says A.G.
    The highly anticipated decision on the Belize Bank Limited versus Government of Belize in the matter of the thirty-six million Belize dollar debt, plus interest, originally granted to Universal Health [...]

    Crazy Highway Vehicle War between Robbers, Police after Robbery
    There was a daring apparent robbery on the George Price Highway this afternoon. A delivery truck for a business from Belmopan was the alleged target. Police, responding, apparently set up [...]

    Dangriga Man Bailed for Unlawful Sex Act
    Dangriga resident Hezron Ellis is out on bail of five thousand dollars, three months after being charged with having unlawful sexual intercourse with a female minor. The twenty-one-year-old was told [...]

    Man Wants to Plead Guilty but Says Drugs Aren’t His
    Fifty-four-year-old Herman Reyes of LaCroix Boulevard is out on bail for a drug trafficking charge. Police on Thursday found two separate parcels of cannabis together weighing just over half a [...]

    Police Lay Charges in Border Drug Bust
    Four persons have been charged in connection with the drug bust made at the northern border on Wednesday night. Blancaneaux Maudel, Michelle Benguche, Kenyon Lewis and Phylmore King were charged [...]

    City Kids Get a Taste of “Village Life” in Maskall
    The quiet Easter weekend in Belize City was due as much to police watchfulness as to the fact that most Belizeans left town for cooler climes like the cayes, Placencia, [...]

    S.S.B., Agric Lend Support to Gardening Program
    We have told you of the Police Department’s plan to introduce “green gardening” – agricultural greenhouses to bolster the school feeding program and specific classes to teach backyard gardening to [...]

    Help Coming for Farm Roads in Rural North
    On our visit to Maskall today we were confronted by a common problem in the agriculture sector: poor road infrastructure. While the Nago Bank Road was at least in serviceable [...]

    In C.W.U. Elections, It’s Moses Vs “Mose”
    The Christian Workers’ Union holds its annual general meeting on Saturday at the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Center. It will be highlighted by elections for a new executive after the departure [...]

    Mexico’s Pena Nieto Targets Donald Trump over Latest Threats
    In international news, U.S. president Donald Trump has signed an order to send National Guard troops to stop illegal immigrants heading to the United States. This comes on the heels [...]

    Police Land Some Jobs for Youths
    As we told you, Regional Commander Howell Gillett is bringing a new approach to crime fighting in the city by creating opportunities for at-risk youths from the city’s south side.  [...]

    Come to the Maskall Agricultural Fair on April 22
    If you liked the products we showed you earlier tonight from the Maskall area, there is an opportunity in a few weeks’ time to go get some yourself, and get [...]


    Four persons charged in Northern Border Drugs Bust
    Blancaneaux Maudel, Michelle Benguche, Kenyon Lewis and Phylmore King were charged with Importation of Drugs, Drug Trafficking, and Unlicensed ammunition. On Wednesday night, Corozal Police intercepted two vehicles at the northern border. The vehicles were returning from Chetumal. Blancaneaux Maudel was driving a Ford Escape accompanied by Michelle Benguche while Kenyon Lewis was the driver …

    Who will be the next president of CWU?
    On Saturday an election will be held to fill the post of President of the Christian Workers Union. Last year, Dale Trujeque resigned as the President of the Union and since then, the union’s Vice President, Basil Brannon has been acting as the President. The CWU will hold its Annual General Meeting tomorrow and members …

    CWU elections to take place amidst controversy
    And while the Union is preparing for elections on Saturday, two stevedores claim that their grievance hearings with the union are not being addressed. A release being circulated says since April of last year the union has constantly been undermining the process by not recognizing their rights. They claim their grievances have been treated in …

    Ministry of Health vaccinating against cervical cancer
    Cervical cancer is one of the common forms of cancer found in women. Dr. Melissa Diaz, Primary Health Coordinator at Central Health Region said that the best way to prevent this type of cancer is by getting vaccinated. Diaz said that the Human Papilloma virus vaccine is now available. Dr. Melissa Diaz – Primary Health …

    World Pediatric will hold clinic in Corozal on April 8
    The World Pediatric Project is hosting the Pediatric Urology and Spina Bifida Mission 2018 to help patients with kidney problems, spinal injuries, nephrotic syndrome and other problems. Patients can visit the Corozal Hospital on Sunday to see a specialist. Love News spoke with KhandiceTillett, Project Manager for World Pediatric Project who shared more about the …

    Murder on La Isla Bonita
    22-year-old Lee Roy Haylock, a maintenance worker of the San Mateo area on San Pedro Town was killed sometime this morning. According to police, Police on the island were alerted by a noise coming from an abandoned lot in an area north of San Pedro Town sometime around 12:30 this morning. Officers responded and when …

    Special Envoy dissatisfied with police’s handling of domestic Violence case
    The office of the Special Envoy of Belize, Kim Simplis Barrow, issued a release on Thursday in which she expressed concern over how a case of domestic violence was handled in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. That case involves Russell Casimiro who was arrested, charged, arraigned, fined a thousand dollars and later released on probation for …

    Belize City Administrator suspended pending investigations
    The City Administrator at the Belize City Council, Candace Miller has been placed on suspension. According to what we were made to understand, the move was after the discovery of several questionable transactions. Shortly after coming into office, Mayor Bernard Wagner indicated to the media that they would be doing a complete study of transactions …

    Nelson Flores charged with Drug Trafficking
    34-year-old Nelson Flores of Santa Elena Town was arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking. San Ignacio Police visited Flores’ home today where they observed him throwing a black plastic bag in the bathroom. Upon retrieval, police discovered 78.9 grams of cannabis. As a result, police arrested and charged Flores with Drug Trafficking.


    City Administrator Candice Miller suspended for one month
    Before he demitted office earlier this year, former Belize City mayor Darrell Bradley signed a 4-year contract with city administrator Candice Miller, saddling the incoming city administration with Miller for four years, one year beyond the legal life of the new city council. Notwithstanding Miller’s “good fortune” in landing such a contract, late word out of City Hall tonight is that she has been suspended for dereliction of her fiduciary duties to the newly elected People’s United Party (PUP)-controlled Belize City Council.

    71-year-old woman robbed, kidnapped and left tied up to a tree 13 miles from home
    Easter Monday night was absolute terror for 71-year-old Judith Classen, an American citizen who lives alone in Cotton Tree. Two bandits invaded her home, grabbed her laptop computer, tied her up, and dumped her into the trunk of her vehicle. The bandits then drove the vehicle to Mahogany Heights, 13 miles away. When they got there, they took her out of the trunk of the vehicle, tied her to a tree, and then drove away. The vehicle has not been recovered.

    Relentless Rottweiler attacks boy, 3; he may lose his right ear
    Three-year-old Jake Brown is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a Rottweiler guard dog despite the efforts of his father, Darren Brown, to shield him. The dog attacked from all angles, biting the boy on his ears, on his back, and on his head and arms. The doctor who is treating Jake at the Western Regional Hospital fears that he will lose his right ear. In an interview with our colleagues at Plus TV News, Darren Brown said the incident occurred at about 6:30 Tuesday evening at Mae Gordon Park, near the University of Belize entrance, in Belmopan. Brown said that he and his son were walking in the park when he saw the dog trotting towards them. He said the dog suddenly went into attack mode, and the target was his son.

    Fuel, butane gaan up, electricity gwine up!
    A release today from Government’s Press Office said that there will be another significant increase in the cost of butane tomorrow, Friday, April 6. A rise in the price of LPG (butane, propane) is never good news, especially a steep rise. The price hike is a direct blow to the stomach, a higher cost for the preparation of food, so it is never implemented without a considerable amount of grumbling. The price hike is almost always initiated by the importers of LPG, and everyone knows the effect it will have on the economy.

    Easter murder – George Hyde, 37, found chopped to death
    Easter Sunday morning brought devastation to Alvin Hyde and his family, who reside in Belmopan. His son, George, 37, a farmer of Buena Vista, was found dead on his verandah in the peaceful village at about 8:00 that morning. He had been chopped in the head, face, neck, and upper body. Information we’ve received is that people passing by the house saw him motionless on the verandah and called police. Police investigations into the vicious murder led to a man from the village who has been detained for questioning.

    Senators tackle the 2018-2019 budget in debate
    The debate in the lower chamber on the government appropriation bill and a number of other bills, continued in the upper house of parliament today, where senators from across the political divide, and the social partners, deliberated before passing the measures into law. Following some stinging presentations on the government budget by known Senate heavy-hitters such as Opposition PUP senator, Eamon Courtenay, and business community senator, Mark Lizarraga, the NGO senator, Osmany Salas, excoriated it. Senator Salas took the government to task for its position on crime, and the absence of any meaningful program in the budget to fight it.

    A joyful Easter, as Belizean Justin Williams becomes the 90th Holy Saturday Cross Country Champion
    Born in the USA to Belizean parents, 28-year-old Justin Williams has been visiting his ancestral homeland, the Jewel from his teenage years and participating in our local races, including a few Cross Country’s. He was the last Belizean Cross Country champion, in 2015, after which Guatemala’s Alejandro Padilla captured the garland back-to-back in 2016 and 2017. (Padilla did not come to defend his crown.) So, after a hectic few hours of blistering pace and many early breaks in the 90th Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic on March 31, there slowly developed a feeling of hope and guarded optimism across the land, as reports indicated that the lone Belizean rider that had successfully broken away from the lead group around Mile 35 on the return journey, had actually sustained and even opened his lead to two and a half minutes going into Hattieville. Would the garland come back home?

    Belize Beach Volleyball referee attends 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia
    The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) is pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Swasey, Beach Volleyball International Referee, has been nominated by the FIVB as one of the officials at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held from April 4-15 in Australia. It is a very big honor for Belize to have one of its referees nominated for such a prestigious world level event. The Commonwealth Games take place every four years and are the second largest world level Games, second only to the Olympics. The event comprises 18 sports and seven para-sports, with Beach Volleyball making its Commonwealth Games debut this year.

    Hopkins Scramble – Saturday, April 7, & March results
    The Belize Amateur Golf Association (BAGA) held its March 2018 monthly tournament at Roaring River Golf Course on Saturday, the 17th. The course was dry and firm, making the course play short. In fact, the course played so short that Paul Martin, the long drive winner, almost got a hole-in-one with his long drive shot. The prevailing dry conditions of late May make for interesting golf when golfers may have to contend with chasms of scorched earth. Congratulations to Sam Mathias and Kev Miller, the winners of the Gross and Net categories, respectively.

    Cricket Update from the BNCA
    Greetings once again from the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA)! There were no games played over the Easter weekend in the BNCA Sir Barry Bowen Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2018, but we had some interesting matches on March 24 & 25. In Rancho Delores, Western Eagles had a big win over Easy Does It on Saturday, March 24. It was a great game to watch, very close, and was almost a tie breaker! But the Eagles came out victorious; congrats, Western Eagles! Big Up to Casper Smith of Western Eagles; he was the Man of the Match!

    Editorial: IC of J: yes or no?
    The Republic of Guatemala is expected, despite a recent attempt in their courts to block it, to have a national referendum next week Sunday, April 15, 2018, to decide whether to submit their claim to Belizean territory to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for arbitration. If the Guatemalans vote “yes” to the ICJ, pressure will come on Belize to do likewise, that is, accept ICJ arbitration, when Belize holds its own national referendum on the matter later this year or early next year. At this newspaper, we have never considered ourselves experts on what is now referred to as the Guatemala/Belize differendum. You should know that good Belizean friends of ours immediately opposed the ICJ option from the time it emerged with the Special Agreement in late 2008. The newspaper’s humble opinion has been and remains, however, that Belizeans cannot reject the ICJ option out of hand. It will be difficult for Amandala to avoid declaring itself in favor or not in favor of ICJ arbitration once a national referendum is to be held.

    Democratic Maturity
    Dear Editor, I must be the first to confess that there is much that I do not like about the United States but will also be the first to confess that there is much I love about it. The Americans have managed to build a First World superpower in a relatively short period of time in their short 200-plus years of existence. They have done this through innovation, hard work and a vision of where they wanted to be in the future. Their leadership had their eyes on global influence and they did everything to push their national interest to achieve that. The US has always, and that’s even before this current administration’s public pronouncement, placed American interests first. Those who have not seen this are blind. While there may be those who disagree with this, I will save that conversation for another time.

    Howard A. Frankson’s advice on protecting our reefs
    Dear Sir, George Orwell in his classic novel 1984, described a totalitarian society in which innovation was discouraged, initiative was discarded and only the strictest, word-for-word interpretation of the law was allowed to prescribe life, liberty, and the pursuit of prosperity for subjects of the State, and only if you were an approved, designated Citizen. It is an unfortunate reality that young, untested democracies often adopt Orwellian interpretations of laws that in their spirit are intended to promote and advance the universal goals of the people that can only be achieved through initiative and innovation. Laws on Belize’s books that are intended to protect our coral reefs from coral bleaching due in part to global warming, from reef degradation due to overfishing and tourist activity and trophy collecting carried on by well-meaning but insensitive reef explorers, should not be interpreted to mean that ALL activity on the reef is detrimental.

    Before all hell broke loose at BTL
    In his address at the close of the debate on the 2017-2018 budget at the House of Representatives in Belmopan, PM Barrow declared that the business, BTL, is protected by the Constitution of Belize, meaning that members of the next government, be they UDP or PUP, will have a stiff wind in their faces if they want to privatize it again. We’ll really have to sleep with our own eyes on this one, to make sure that it is really so. The PUP, 1989-1993/1998-2008, had followed the Thatcher/Reagan wave, and privatized telephone, water, and electricity. The privatization of water was a near immediate failure. The buyers called it the equivalent of “puss eena beg” and our government was “forced” to take it back.

    Belize exports for February down 11.6%
    A report from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), dated March 28, 2018, shows that Belize’s domestic exports for the month of February were down 11.6% when compared to domestic exports in February last year, 2017. SIB statistics for the last six years show that domestic exports in February have been trending downward, with a steep drop recorded in February 2016. In February 2015, Belize’s domestic exports valued BZ$57.9 million, while domestic exports recorded for February 2016 were BZ$29.6 million, a 49 % drop. The fall is even steeper when we compare this year with exports in February 2013. In February 2013 Belize’s domestic exports valued BZ$63.4million, while our domestic exports for the month this year value only BZ$22.8million, a BZ$40.6million drop, or 64%.

    Mindfulness: A way to transform the collective mind-state and make Belize a much better place
    The vexing social decay that is spreading across Belize has become an increasing cause for alarm and indeed, deep concern about the future well-being of our nation. Such state of affairs gives even more compelling reasons for needing, as the theme of this Lions’ conference states, “Many hands, One Heart, All eyes” in service to others, and as the Lions Club continues to distinguish itself in doing. So much evidence continues to stare at us through reports in the mainstream and social media each day. Criminal activities and all forms of abuse and violence continue to endanger individuals, families and communities.

    Mayor Wagner: Joe Bradley’s food and drinks bill of $6,361 is “gross abuse”
    In his early days on the job as Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner has encountered a $6,361 problem that he inherited from the previous United Democratic Party (UDP) City Council led by his predecessor, Mayor Darrell Bradley. It would have been perfectly legitimate if this bill was for the benefit of Belize City residents, but it was not. The bill was racked up by Mayor Bradley’s father, Joseph “Joe” Bradley, who was eating and drinking at the Belize City Council’s expense, in what Mayor Wagner told Amandala was “a gross abuse by Mayor Bradley.”

    CCJ upholds Gregory August’s murder conviction
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) handed down a ruling on an appeal brought by convicted murderer Gregory August, who was convicted in November 2012, for the 2009 stabbing murder of Alvin Rowland, 73, who was stabbed nine times at his Sunset Park home. August had appealed his murder conviction and the constitutionality of the consequent life sentence. The appeal was spearheaded by the London-based group The Death Penalty Project, and was argued at the CCJ by attorney Eamon Courtenay, S.C. In its ruling, the CCJ dismissed August’s appeal and affirmed his Supreme Court conviction for Rowland’s murder.

    CCJ rules GOB doesn’t have to compensate CLICO policyholders who lost money when the company closed down
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) handed down a judgment in an appeal brought by 54 Belizeans who sued the Government of Belize for 4 million dollars they claim they lost when the Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) went belly-up. The Belizean litigants contended that the government allowed CLICO to continue carrying on its business of life insurance, although it was not in full compliance with the Insurance Act. The lawsuit was against Alma Gomez, the Supervisor of Insurance; the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, as Minister of Finance; and the Attorney General of Belize. Having lost at the Supreme Court in 2014, the litigants appealed their case to the Belize Court of Appeal, where they had reportedly secured a partial victory. Eventually the case was appealed at the CCJ and was argued via teleconference in January.

    Fabio Paredez, 46, loses the battle for his life after surviving 3+ days
    Fabio Paredez, 46, a well-known upholstery shop owner of Belize City, lost the battle for his life after he was shot multiple times at about 10:00 Saturday night on Kelly Street by one of two gunmen who rode up on bicycles and shot him in the leg — causing damage to one of his major blood vessels. Paredez was rushed in a critical condition to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where doctors tried to save him. His condition took a turn for the worse, however, and he died at about 6:30 this morning in the hospital while receiving treatment.

    The Reporter

    Belize and Panama sign agreement
    Today, the Government of Belize and the Republic of Panama signed a Cooperation Agreement geared towards strengthening the relationship between the two countries. The agreement, signed in Belmopan signed at the Laing Building in Belize City, is aimed at promoting and deepening the mutually beneficial cooperation by […]

    Authorities confiscate drugs and ammo at Mexican border
    A large border smuggling operation consisting of suspected cannabis and ammunition making its way into Belize, was snuffed and halted at the Mexican Border on Wednesday night by officials and led to the subsequent arrest of four Hattieville residents. The drugs, a total of 39 parcels, were […]

    US Embassy recognize two outstanding Belizean women
    The United States Embassy in Belize recently recognized two outstanding Belizean women for their contributions to and advocacy aimed at empowering young women and girls in their respective communities. Staff officer, Rhea Rogers, was selected as the U.S. Department of State’s International Woman of Courage and Anna […]

    UNDP helps UB academics seek end to Male violence
    Social workers, educators, law enforcement officials and justice department workers joined the academics at the University of Belize in a two-day brain-storming session to work out a way forward for effective intervention to brake and end young male violence in Belize. “Understanding Masculinities and Male Violence in Belize”was the subject […]

    Special Envoy comes down on San Pedro Police
    Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow, has condemned the manner in which the San Pedro Police handled the brutal home invasion involving Carrie Tripodi and her ex-boyfriend Russel Casimiro on the night of April 1. Barrow issued a statement late yesterday saying she was concerned […]

    Yes, it has reached this far!
    Dear Editor: I must first publicly offer my condolences to the Guerrero family. While I am too young to remember the family when they were living in PG, the way they have conducted themselves indicate that they were grounded and are hardworking, entrepreneurial, upstanding citizens of Belize. They exemplify the […]

    Expanding Export Opportunities for Belize’s Music Industry
    In early 2014, Linda Schmid, an Independent Trade and Development Consultant prepared a Workplan and Roadmap for the music sector here in Belize under a CDB- funded – Cartfund Project: “Strengthening & Capacity Building of the Belize Coalition of Service Providers (BCSP)”. The workplan was designed to assist the Music […]

    CEO’S ride for cancer
    The Caucus of Chief Executive Officers of the Government of Belize, is holding its annual ride and fund raiser on April 7, under the 2018 theme “In it to End it”. This year’s ride will highlight childhood cancer, with tall the proceeds from the event going to […]

    Ladyville Police embarrass scofflaw bus operators
    The enforcement of traffic laws and Department of Transport regulations caused some embarrassment for the operators of shuttle bus services to Ladyville and Burrell Boom on Tuesday, April 4, when some operators were found to be not in compliance with the terms of their road […]

    No deterrent against gender-based violence in Belize
    When a man terrorizes an ex-lover by forcing entry into her home, demanding her personal phone and beating her repeatedly – hard enough to cause her to be visibly bruised and requiring bandaging/stitches – the penalty ought not to be equal to that meted out […]

    Guatemalans challenging referendum, will Belizeans be next?
    Citizens in Guatemala have mounted a legal challenge against its upcoming referendum to take the territorial dispute with Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and Belizeans may be getting ready to mount a challenge of their own. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington […]

    Single mother and teen daughters gifted new house
    Two organizations and their staff members came together to build a house for a single mother and her two teen daughters. The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and Hand in Hand Ministries joined forces for the sixth consecutive year under the “Building for Change” program to […]

    US $11,000 reward offered for murderous fugitive
    San Diego, California police are offering a US $11,000 reward for information leading to the capture of a former U.S. Marine accused of murdering his girlfriend in 2016. The fugitive is believed to be hiding in Central America, living between Belize and Mexico. U.S. authorities […]

    Man breaks into ex-girlfriend’s home, assaults her
    An American woman living in San Pedro reported to police that on Easter Monday, her ex-common-law-busband broke into her home and assaulted, for which he has been arrested and charged. According to Carrie Tripodi, 30, around 12:15 a.m. on Monday, her ex-boyfriend, Russel Casimiro, 40, […]

    Former customs broker murdered, stuffed in sofa, left on farm
    Former customs broker, Eleazar Chan, 42, became one of the Easter holidays’ murder victims when his decomposed corpse was discovered cased inside a red sofa in an open cane field in the Corozal district on Easter Sunday morning. Chan, a resident of Louiseville village along […]

    Man known to police hacked to death in Buena Vista, Cayo
    Another man was killed in the Cayo district over the Easter holidays – this time in Buena Vista village near Spanish Lookout, by machete wounds – and he had a history of run-ins with the law and also had a number of altercations with other […]

    Young man goes to repair motorcycle; found murdered
    A young resident of Teakettle village, Cayo was found murdered and buried one day after he went missing, just before the Easter holidays. The family of Dristen Reyes, 20, reported him missing on Holy Thursday after he left his house in the village the day […]

    Proposed legislation introduced last week in the House of Representatives has set out long jail sentences for gang leaders and gang members who break the law, and lighter sentences for anyone who intentionally hides a gang member or offers him sanctuary from the law. Sentences can run anywhere from 3 […]

    Cost of living skyrockets!
    Since the start of 2018, the cost of living has been steadily climbing in Belize, with the new fiscal year ushering in a number of price increases on Internet services, gas, butane and electricity with more increases to goods and services expected to follow. Increases […]

    GOB gets tough on guns and crime
    In the spate of recent criminal activity, the robbers have often targeted and captured the victims’, businesses’ and/or security guards’ licensed firearms, making the removal of these guns from the street a top priority for the Police Department in their fight to reduce gun violence. […]

    City Administrator suspended from CitCo
    Belize City Administrator, Candice Miller, has been suspended from the Belize City Council for a month as a result of an ongoing investigation into discrepancies regarding certain financial transactions carried out by the previous Council. According to reports and documents shown to the Reporter, Miller was suspended, in part, for […]

    Southside Commander tackles crime with help
    Since taking over as Commander of South-side Belize city, Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett has been busy at work implementing a number of community-based initiatives geared at curbing the crime situation, which recently peaked. Among these efforts, are plans for a gun amnesty and a new […]

    Tornado of trouble for Belize’s ‘Lova Boy’
    Punta Rock sensation and self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Belize’, Daniell “Lova Boy” Cacho, known for hit songs such as “Tornado” and “You da wife” is in big trouble in the state of California, USA, facing two charges of rape and kidnapping of a minor. Cacho was […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Delivery truck hijacked, Belize city gang reportedly involved
    Breaking Belize News has been reliably informed that this afternoon, police responded to a report […]

    Near fatal accident reported up north
    This evening there was a near fatal road traffic accident reported in northern Belize. Around […]

    UB launches innovative Bachelors in Agriculture and other new programs
    The University of Belize (UB) will be adding four new courses to its list of […]

    Kids from Southside Belize City visit farms in Maskall
    Today, Commander of Eastern Division South, Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett and his staff took 25 […]

    Santa Elena boy reported missing
    This morning, 17-year-old Francisco Elenterio Requena Jr., of Hillview area, Santa Elena town was reported […]

    Minister of National Security tours Southside Police Precincts
    Yesterday, John Saldivar, Minister of National Security toured South-side Belize City Police Precincts. The purpose […]

    After Easter bukut; fuel, butane, electricity and Internet prices all going up!
    On March 26, just as Belizeans planned to travel to different destinations for their Easter […]

    Belizean born CNN journalist receives prestigious White House award
    Evan Perez is a Belizean born journalist who made his way up the industry in […]

    Phillip Willoughby defends Joe Bradley’s $6,000 ‘food and drinks’ spree
    It dominated social media yesterday when news broke that Belize City Council Administrator, Candice Miller, […]

    PUP calls for full disclosure of Civic management contract with APEX
    The Opposition, People’s United Party (PUP) issued a release yesterday saying that they have confirmed […]

    Girls wreck dorm at Youth Hostel
    According to reports, on Wednesday night, some girls from the Youth Hostel locked up one […]

    Attempted arson on Antelope Street?
    Around 3:10 am yesterday, police responded to a house fire on Antelope Street Extension, Belize City where they […]

    Popular DJ’s vehicle set on fire
    Popular DJ, Justin Scott Williams,28, reported to police that around 12:35 am yesterday, his 4 door Toyota […]

    House destroyed by fire in Belize City
    On Wednesday, April 4, around 2:40 am, police responded to reports of a house fire on […]

    Early morning murder in San Pedro town
    An early morning stabbing in San Pedro town has left one man mortally wounded. He […]


    ACES – protecting the threatened American Crocodile through education
    Since its establishment in 2006, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) has focused on educating communities about the conservation of crocodiles in Belize. Founded by Vince and Cherie Rose in Punta Gorda, Belize, ACES has spent numerous years protecting crocodiles from people, and people from crocodiles. Over the years, ACES has become home to numerous ill and/or injured crocodiles, as well as problematic ones deemed too dangerous to be left in the wild. Permitted by the Belize Forest Department, the sanctuary provides a second chance at life for crocodiles whose only other option is death, keeping both the crocodiles and communities throughout Belize safe from dangerous, unwanted conflict.

    International Sourcesizz

    12 Things to Know When You Cruise to Belize
    Excited about your cruise to Belize? Well, you should be. Belize cruise port is a growing attraction among cruise-goers with over 200 ships now visiting this small Caribbean country yearly. With more than twice its population visiting the port, it’s evident that Belize is truly a special place. This small country, in fact, the second smallest in Central America, features a surprisingly unique combination of precious ecosystems. Starting from the second largest barrier reef in the world, to rainforest jungles, not forgetting some of the most important Mayan archeological sites. To add to this, the country is uniquely half Caribbean and half Spanish. Bringing the diverse cultures of Kriols, Garifunas, Mayans and the Spanish people together in one place. Resulting in a beautiful culture that will have you enjoy the food, music, and practices of this diverse country even the more.

    Junior the Belize Zoo jaguar loves 'Obsession' by Calvin Klein
    Zoo keepers have discoverd that the Calvin Klein fragrance 'Obsession' turns largest wildcats into affectionate animals, as seen in the video from Belize Zoo where Junior the jaguar rubs and sniffs a log sprayed... A jaguar's favourite scent is Calvin Klein's fragrance 'Obsession for Men' according to scientists who say the big cats can't get enough of the alluring smell. When sprayed near camera traps, the 'musky' scent makes wild jaguars want to hang around and rub themselves in it so much that scientists can observe them. The use of Obsession has even led to the researchers being able to capture footage of jaguar's mating rituals, something rarely seen before the perfume was used.


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  • Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge Documentary (2001), 11min. Another throwback from our video archive - this documentary covers the early days of the Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, an intense 3.5 day paddle race through some of the most beautiful parts of Belize. Once again the video quality doesn't hold up to today's standards, but we thought it would be interesting for race enthusiasts to look back and see how the Ruta Maya has evolved over the past two decades.

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    April 6, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Mateo resident's throat slashed north of San Pedro Town
    The lifeless body of 22-year-old Lee Roy Haylock was found by police in an abandoned lot after midnight on Friday, April 6th north of San Pedro Town. Haylock, a maintenance worker of the San Mateo subdivision, was observed laying on the ground with what appeared to be cut wounds to the throat. The San Pedro Police were called to the area around 12:30AM, after residents reported noises originating from the abandoned lot. According to the police report, when officers arrived to the area ,they observed Haylock's body face down with cut wounds to the throat. In the immediate area officers retrieved a small knife stained with blood, which is suspected to be the murder weapon.

    BNTU protests against crime and violence in Belize; GOB not pleased
    Due to an increase of crime and violence in the country, that has unjustly claimed the life of several women and children, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a protest rally through the main streets of Belmopan City on Friday, March 23rd. The aim of the protest was to stand in solidarity with citizens that have lost a loved one as well as to submit a list of demands from the Government of Belize (GOB) that will hopefully help reduce these issues. At 8AM, teachers from across the country gathered at Belmopan City and peacefully marched through the main streets of the Capital. With the majority of teachers wearing their symbolic green shirts and carrying posters, they made their way to the Belmopan Civic Center. At the center, attendees were addressed by many speakers. Special Envoy for Families and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow was among the speakers who thanked the BNTU for standing up against crime.

    San Pedro Tour Operators host first meeting of the year
    The San Pedro Tour Operators Association (SPTOA) hosted their first meeting of the year on Monday, March 26th at the Sunbreeze Hotel Conference Room. At the gathering, attendees were addressed by guest speaker Valentine Rosado who spoke about the importance of leadership, membership and enforcement from governmental authorities to protect the marine resources. The meeting also included an open dialogue in which the SPTOA called on individuals and businesses on the island to deter from engaging in illegal activities, such as providing excursions or other services without a proper tour operator’s license. Rosado welcomed everyone that attended the gathering starting his presentation shortly after 7PM. He explained the need to improve the credibility and proven leadership of the Association in the community.

    San Pedro celebrates Easter with beach parties galore
    San Pedro once again saw lots of parties along its beaches during this year’s festivities. Thousands of residents and visitors arrived by air and water taxi to the island ready for some major fun. Under the hot sun during the day and in the cool of the night, revelers had the time of their lives enjoying the refreshing waters, food and drinks, contests and the best in music by local and international deejays. After 24 hours without alcohol in observation of ‘Dry Friday’, midnight brought Jaguars Temple Nightclub’s third edition of Easter Glow Madness. There were many giveaways, including glow gear, as well a light show and excellent music by DJ Debbie, DJ Smallz, DJ Fast and Aktion 1 Sounds.

    Horse Shoe tournament held at Corona del Mar
    The team consisting of Le Roi Hyde and Kenny Hernandez won the top prize at the first Horse Shoe Tournament held at Corona del Mar Beach Hotel on Sunday, April 1st. Organized by Horse Shoe aficionado Frank Edwards in collaboration with the San Pedro Sports Committee, the event saw several teams joining the competition which started shortly after midday. Each team consisted of two players, who competed hard to earn a spot in the championship match. For hours participating teams battled to stay on top of their games, but in the end, only one team could win the coveted first place. After several heated rounds, only four teams remained. The team of Edwards and Ivan Staines managed to clinch to fourth place prize, while the team of Timothy Okos and Carlos Vasquez snatched the third place prize.

    Ambergris Today

    Free Eye Exams By BelizeKids.Org At The Lions Den is a non-profit organization focused on helping kids in Belize. Currently they are only on our beautiful island of Ambergris Caye but plan to expand to help kids throughout the country. Doctors are back on the island and are offering free eye exams in collaboration with the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI). Free Eye Exams by BelizeKids.OrgFree eye exam! Doctors from Stanford Date: Sunday, April 8 to Thursday, April 12, 2018 Time: 8:30am- 4:00pm Place: Belize Vision Clinic @ Lions Den Bring along Social Security Card or other I.D. Bring your sunglasses to use after eye exam

    Lova Boy Arrested In Los Angeles For Kidnap And Rape
    Belizean Punta Rock artist, Daniel Cacho most famously known as ‘Lova Boy’ is in prison in the United States after being accused of kidnap and rape of an underage girl. Daniel Cacho was charged with two counts of rape of a minor and two counts of kidnapping. Lova Boy is being held without bail in a Los Angeles detention center. Lova Boy was arrested by Los Angeles County Sheriffs on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 and made a court appearance on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 before being sent back to jail.

    Higher Light Bills Coming For Belizeans
    Belizeans keeping getting bad news; first the tax implementation on internet data and now higher electricity rates! On a press release dated Wednesday, April 4, 2018, The Belize Electricity Limited announced that it has made its submission to the Public Utilities Commission requesting a change in electricity rates for the Annual Tariff Perios July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. This request for a change in electricity rate is a result of increase in the cost of power purchased from power producers.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Mr. Ralf Strumberg passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the friends and family of Mr. Ralf Strumberg. We hope you find the strength in loved ones to overcome this loss. May his soul rest in peace.

    Caye Caulker Village Council Notice on Sargassum
    At this moment, our island is invaded by sargassum sea weed and there is little that can be done by our CCVC workers. The Caye Caulker Village Council, is asking all residents, hotels and business owners to assist the CCVC to overcome this problem by collecting it into piles on a section of the beach area which will later be picked up tomorrow and monday to be disposed of by the CCVC workers. The sargassum will be taken to the Sports Complex Area in Bahia to be used as landfill for our project. There are however some other uses for this sargassum: it can be used as landfill, with time it turns into a material that can be used as a natural fertilizer!

    The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Commerce is hereby informing the general public that effective Friday, April 6th, 2018 there will be a new controlled price for the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The new controlled prices per 100 lbs. cylinder of LPG by locations are shown below.

    Corozal Police make large marijuana bust at northern border
    About 9pm on Wednesday, April 4 2018, Corozal Police intercepted 2 vehicles at the Northern Border. The vehicle were heading back into Belize from Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Searches were conducted on both vehicles. Found inside the spare wheel of a white Ford Escape SUV driven at the time by BLANCANEAUX MAUDEL and accompanied by MICHELLE BENGUCHE, were 24 parcels of suspected cannabis amounted to 20.4 kilos. Also found in the vehicle were twenty eight 380 Aguila rounds of ammunition. Inside the spare wheel of a Kia Car were 6.1 kilos of suspected cannabis. The Kia was driven at the time by KENYON LEWIS accompanied BY PHYLMORE KING. All four persons are presently detained at the Corozal Police Station pending charges.

    Earth Day 2018
    University of Belize, Belmopan Campus. April 26, 9am-4pm

    Tza-ten-a-ha by yasser musa
    Holding a bamboo stick, 79 year old Jorge Verde, took his own stage, a small room with a big mural, overlooking the green blue waters of Sarteneja. He stood ready, in front of forty members of the history club of St. John’s College. And for thirty-five minutes he masterfully sanctioned the spirit of charm, charisma and passion. He danced with words, giving a gripping narrative of his people who in the mid-19th century fled blood and fire from the Caste War raging to the north near Tulum, Mexico. Earlier that morning, before the sun broke, we journeyed by bus from the swamp of Landivar in Belize City three hours north, though cane fields, past San Estevan, through sorghum, past little Belize, then Chunox, until we navigated a rough road shadowing the Shipstern Conservation Area toward the north-east coast.

    CEO Caucus Cancer Awareness Ride 2018: “In It to End It”
    he public is informed that the third annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride will take place on Saturday, April 7th, 2018. This year’s theme is “In it to End it”. The Ride will spotlight childhood cancer and the proceeds will be donated to the Dangriga Cancer Centre. The Ride’s route is from Mile 25 on the George Price Highway to the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds in Belmopan. Participants are asked to arrive at the starting point at 6:00 a.m., where registration and an opening ceremony will take place. The ride will commence at 6:30 a.m.

    OC Howell Gillett says, " Eastern Police Division South was pleasantly surprised by the visit of Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar and CEO Felix Enriquez. Both leaders were briefed on the current situation in the City and all the efforts being employed to keep crime at a manageable level. After the briefing, both leaders visited the police officers and BDF soldiers at all the different posts, foot patrols and checkpoints. The troops warmly welcomed the team which included Commissioner of Police Mr Allen Whylie, Deputy Commissioner Mr Chester Williams, myself and other senior officers from the south side. This, in our view, is a motivator for the men and women who toil on a daily basis to keep our residents safe."

    Come join us in Corozal at the Scotia Bank Car Show
    We will be showcasing our selection of powerful, dependable and trustworthy vehicles such as: The Jac T6, Sunray, Suzuki Outboard Motors, Hino Supply Trucks and utility trucks. Location: 1st Avenue, Corozal along the Bay. Date: Saturday April, 7th 2018. Time : 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

    Let us "Reminisce" for a while with poet Glenn Blease in the way it use to be in the old days
    I Remember when, Belize was so Peaceful and Beautiful Back then, I am hoping you too could help me Remember them-When.... Tablada with no Gun, just a Baton, used to keep the Law and order... Like Pupa Curley in his song Remember, I too Love those days then, When.. Rice and Beans, Chicken and Salad used to be the Sunday Dinner, not a Ramen Noodle, Do you Remember those days then? When... There were Palace, Majestic, Eden, Bel Rio Cinemas, no Computers or Cellulars Do you Remember those days then Belize? When... Reporter, Amandala Belize Times used to be the leading Newspapers, not El Diario nor La Prensas- Do you Remember those Days then Belize? When..

    Profession Development and Wellness Workshop at the SISE House of Culture
    The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through the Museum of Belize and The San Ignacio - Santa Elena House of Culture in collaboration with Wellness Outreach alliance and Peace Corps Volunteer Joshua Fuller invites the general public to a Professional Development & Wellness Workshop happening at the San Ignacio - Santa Elena House of Culture on Saturday April 7th. The sessions will focus on understanding and initiating a Holistic approach to wellness, creating a new awareness of self and our surroundings, and creating growth in our individual lives.

    Channel 7

    Butane Going Up - Was There a Pre-Election Political Pact?
    The political pundits said butane prices would go up right after the municipal election - and so it has.  One month after the March 7th election, the price of butane, or LPG, has gone up by almost 10%. The new prices go into effect tomorrow - and they show the price of a hundred pound cylinder going up by 10 dollars per hundred pound cylinder across the country - that’s up to 114 dollars in Belize City to 119 dollars in Punta Gorda.   This increase comes three months after the last price hike in January, 2018.  At the time, LPG importers were so unhappy with the price set by the Supplies Control Unit that they threatened to go on strike and started limiting the supply of LPG.  But an emergency meeting was held between the importers and the political brass where they hammered out, quote, “a successful agreement with the importers of LPG…the supply of LPG to Belize will remain uninterrupted…

    Smuggled Weed In Spare Tyres
    Last night at the Northern border, Corozal police made a major drugs and ammunition bust. The cops intercepted around 26.5 kilos of marijuana, and a parcel of 380 bullets which were being smuggled into Belize. The cops got information on the criminal operation and at around 9:00, a group of officers intercepted two vehicles returning to Belize from Chetumal. The officers searched the vehicles and found a total of 25 parcels of weed - weighing a total of 59 pounds and a separate parcel with 28 live rounds of 380 ammunition.  The occupants of the 2 vehicles were later identified as Blancaneaux Maudel, Michelle Benguche, Kenyon Lewis, and Phylmore King. At today’s bi-weekly police press conference, Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, shared a few more details on the case, including the interesting way in which the drugs were concealed inside spare tires:

    Girls Gone Wild At Youth Hostel
    It was like ‘girls gone wild’ at the youth hostel last night. A group of about 10 girls went rogue and trashed the place. The report is that around 8:30, the girls locked up the relieving officer in one of the rooms and then ransacked and damaged all the items in one of the dorms in the female section: the sofa set, flat screen TV, DVD player, Laptop, computer monitors, ironing boards, ceiling fan, among a number of other items were all destroyed by the time the Chief Supervisor Anthony Lino came to the dorm. The girls reportedly destroyed over $12,000 in equipment. Our information is that the girls were also hostile to the the BDF cadet who came over to control the situation. Authorities did not comment today. We will keep following this story.

    KHMH - When Will Normalcy Resume?
    As we told you on Tuesday, things are slowly starting to normalize at the KHMH. The clinics have re-opened - and the hospital admissions office is scheduling consultations for those patients who had pending appointments. But a lot still needs to be done to restore all services and the final report from a team of Mexican engineers will assist in moving forward. Today Health CEO. Dr. Ramon Figueroa gave us an update on the engineer’s assessment and what the Ministry of Health is doing to help the KHMH. Dr. Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health
    "The Mexicans did come and they promised to submit a complete report. We got a preliminary feedback on what they thought was being done there and I have been told today the report should be coming in either today or tomorrow. To be frank with you with the feedback that I've gotten there is nothing different from what was already..."

    Crazy Cotton Tree Kidnapping
    Belmopan police are investigating a home invasion turned kidnapping which happened on the night of Easter Monday in Cotton Tree village.  A 71 year-old American retiree, who’s been living in Cotton Tree for the last 11 years, was tied up, and thrown in the back of her own vehicle, after 2 men broke into her house to burglarize it.  The brazen thieves then drove her to Mahogany Heights, where they left her after tying her to a tree. This morning, the cops shared a bit more details with the press:

    Lova Boy’s Last Stand
    As we told you last night, the popular Punta Rock artist Lova Boy, legally known as Daniel Cacho is being held in a Los Angeles jail without bail on a felony charge. Reports say he is charged for two counts of rape of a minor and two counts of kidnapping.   Cacho was arrested on  April 14th in Los Angeles and appeared yesterday in the Compton Courthouse.   It is not the first time Cacho has faced such charges. In 2012, a report emerged that he’d had inappropriate sexual contact with a 13 year old minor.  At the time, Lova Boy strenuously defended himself:

    Belize City Admin. Suspended
    Belize City Admin. Candice Miller has been suspended with full pay.  Reports say she got her letter from the Mayor Bernard Wagner today - one month after he took office.  According to reports, the issue is a $6361.00 dollar payment issued to Joe Bradley to pay for food and liquor at a Chinese restaurant just across from City Hall on North Front Street.  Mayor Wagner has said that he will not pay it because there is no documentation to back it up.  Well, it turns out the payment was authorized by the former Mayor Darrell Bradley and City Administrator Miller and the cheque was prepared and signed by the former mayor. 

    Chopping Looks Like Murder, Police Say “Death” Investigation
    Police say George Hyde’s case is being treated as a death investigation; they are not calling it murder at this point. He is the Buena Vista resident that was chopped to death on Sunday morning. Apparently he was socializing at a friend’s house in the village when he was attacked and left for dead. Information is that he was involved with the woman who lived at the house and that may have fueled the deadly confrontation. Police haven’t confirmed this motive as yet but they say they have already released the 3 men who they had detained. They continue to investigate.

    Guns Off The Street
    Police have taken two guns out of circulation. Last night around  10:00, a resident of Southside Belize City gave Deputy Commissioner Chester Williams a 9mm Taurus Pistol loaded with 7 hollow point rounds. The firearm will be sent for ballistic testing. And this morning around  4:00 Independence police conducted an Anti-Drug Operation. They found (1) 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol with 2 rounds of ammunition, and 162.1 grams of cannabis in  the Cemetery and Trench Town Area respectively. All items were labelled and deposited as found property.

    Fire On Flamboyant Guts Bungalow
    Yesterday morning at about  2:40 am 43-year-old Joseph Gabrouel woke up by the smell of smoke in his home on Flamboyant Street. Upon checking he saw smoke coming from one of the rooms in the three-room bungalow. Gabrouel escaped unharmed but lost all his belongings. Station Officer Orin Smith told us more. Orin Smith - National Fire Service, Station Officer: “On arrival, a twenty by thirty plycem structure was seen engulfed in flames. The fire was later extinguished by fire personnel. The investigation revealed the fire originated in a room on the southwest of the structure."

    Foul Play Led to Car Fire
    Yesterday a little after  midnight Belizean DJ Justin Williams parked his car in the parking lot of his apartment on University Drive. Shortly after Williams went inside the complex he was alerted that his vehicle was on fire and it seems that the blaze may have been the result of foul play.  Police investigation so far has revealed that two men of dark complexions were seen riding a motorcycle. One person reportedly got off and went towards the vehicle and ran back to the motorcycle before the fire started.  Today station officer Smith said that they did receive reports of accelerant found nearby.

    Elridgeville Blaze
    On Easter Monday at around 4:00 pm, a family of four in the Eldridgeville in the Toledo District lost their home to a fire. No one was at home at the time but the house was completely destroyed. Orin Smith - National Fire Service-Station Officer
    “The Punta Gorda branch of the National Fire Service was notified of a structural fire which occurred on the 2nd of April around 4pm in the village of Elridge. It was 16x18 wooden structure and bungalow. No one was at home at the time of the incident.

    PM’s Wife Critical of Island Cops
    On Tuesday night we told you about San Pedro resident 30 year old Carrie Tripodi who was beaten by her ex boyfriend 40 year old Russel Casimero.  He pleaded guilty and was released with a fine and probation.  Now, cases of domestic abuse in Belize are widespread and appalling in their numbers - but most victims stay away from the limelight - but in this case, her story has been raging on facebook, and picking up social steam. Today that drew some strong words for police from the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Barrow.  A release sent from her office blames police for losing the medico legal report explaining the extent of Tripodi’s injury -  denying the magistrate was not granted a fair opportunity to asses the extent of the damage Casimiro caused.

    PUP Says Civic Centre “Guarantee” Shady
    The PUP have made it no secret that they do not support the construction of the Belize Civic Center, which is the most expensive public building in Belize’s history, at a total price tag of just under 33 million dollars. Well today, they sent out a release criticizing what they say is a violation of the Finance and Audit Reform Act because of the Center. It is directly connected to the operational cost of running the facility. At the March 19 announcement of the new managers of the Civic, Christy Mastry, the General Manager of BIL, said that the Government was backing 1-year operation of the Civic with a total of $850,000 dollars. That's just in case Chad Eckert and Apex Belize is unable to generate enough revenue to cover the cost keeping the facility open.

    “Future Shock” Basketball Team Present For Honours
    This afternoon, the National Sports Council held a ceremony to recognize a group of young men from Belize City who have been on an amazing winning streak for basketball tournaments in Belize and Mexico at the U-15 level. They’re the Belize Future Shock Basketball Team, headed by basketball legend Clinton “Pulu” Lightburn. He’s put together a team of young men from troubled neighborhoods who have been diligently practicing. They currently have a 40-0 record, beating all the teams they’ve faced so far, and the latest tournament they won is the Campeche Cup in western Mexico.

    Riding For Cancer
    Saturday is World Health Day and the Ministry of Health is planning a CEO caucus ride. Now the ride is usually to raise awareness about cancer but this year, the message goes beyond cancer. Health CEO Figueroa told us more. Dr. Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health: “It is a day that was selected by the World Health Organization. A day to promote and remind all countries and police makers about the overall goal of Universal Health coverage.” “So on Saturday April 7th it is going to be a day where globally people are reminded of this commitment to drive towards universal health coverage the theme is actually universal health coverage everyone, everywhere is entitled to get the necessary health care without incurring financial disaster.”

    Commonwealth Team Ready
    Last night we showed you a few amateur interviews with the young Belizean athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. The team is participating in Track and field, cycling, table tennis among other disciplines. One day into the competition, here is another update on how the games have been going so far for a few of the athletes. They spoke to Chief Of Mission Giovanni Alamilla The games continue into the weekend.

    Independence Items Found
    Over the Easter Weekend homeowners in the Independence area were victim to a few burglaries. As a result, police stepped up efforts to recover the items and find the perpetrators. They found several laptops, tablets, jewelry, and other items. They also arrested Independence residents 19-year-old Selvin Linarez and 25-year-old Gregory Flowers for burglary and handling stolen goods. If you were a victim to any of the burglaries the commanding officer for the Independence Southern Formation is asking that you visit the Independence Police Station during work hours to claim stolen items.

    Belizean-American Journalist On Tracking Down Trump
    US President Donald Trump is now into his second year in office, and we’d say there aren’t too many Belizeans who have met him.  But CNN Justice Correspondent and Belizean born and educated Evan Perez just might - when he receives the Merriman Smith Award at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner at the end of this month. Trump blew off the event last year - but he might be there this time. Perez is posted at CNN’s Washington Bureau and via phone yesterday we asked him what its like covering the Trump Administration:..

    BNE New Boss
    Belize Natural Energy has gone through changes with its depleting oil field, and now they have a new boss. Marlowe Neal is the new Chief Executive Officer, and succeeds Dr. Gilbert ‘Gilly’ Canton who is leaving BNE to pursue other opportunities in the energy industry. Marlowe was Assistant General Manager (Chief Risk Officer) with the Development Finance Corporation and has held leadership roles in the public and private sectors.

    Channel 5

    Butane Gas Going Up by $10
    There is no reprieve for consumers as prices for essential goods keep going up. Fuel went up just before the Easter and your light bill is likely to go up [...]

    American Suffers Home Invasion in Cotton Tree, Found Tied Up in Mahogany Heights
    A horrible home invasion took place in Cotton Tree, Cayo District. The victim is an elderly U.S. national who moved to the village more than a decade ago. While Judith [...]

    Police Name Kevin Bodden as Suspect in Kendis Flowers Murder
    A wanted poster was issued today by the Belize Police Department for twenty-five-year-old Kevin Bodden. According to police, he is the prime suspect in the murder of Ghost Town boss, [...]

    Double Vehicle Bust of kilos of Marijuana at Northern Border
    There have been a number of anti-drug operations around the country. Up north at about nine p.m. on Wednesday, Corozal police were tipped about two vehicles at the border heading [...]

    Hattieville Suspects Reversed Flow of Controlled Substances
    All four detainees are residents of Hattieville, Belize District, but police say that they are not known as drug peddlers. In this case, the cannabis is coming from Mexico because [...]

    Fire Destroys Poor Man’s Home
    There were two house fires in Belize City in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Around two-thirty that morning on Flamboyant Street, a fire broke inside the home of a [...]

    Fin Sec Says No Gov’t Guarantee for Civic
    The Government’s chief financial officer has confirmed that there is no such thing. So what did General Manager of Belize Infrastructure Limited, Christy Mastry, intend to convey when she said [...]

    City Administrator Candice Miller Suspended as Crooked Deals Emerge
    Tonight, the Belize City Council has confirmed that City Administrator, Candice Miller has been sent home on suspension. Miller will be at home for one month after being accused of [...]

    Sedi Says Nothing Wrong with Voters’ List or Guats Turned Belizeans Voting in Referendum
    In July, more than one hundred and ninety-thousand registered voters will take part in an exercise first established in 1997. It has been postponed twice due to both financial issues [...]

    The Plans to Fight Crime and Crack Down
    Also aiding to G.O.B.’s crime fight is a series of bills first introduced in the House during the Budget presentation and passed by the Senate last week. The new Protection [...]

    Eldridgeville Family Home Burns
    Aside from the two house fires in the city, there was another blaze, but this time in Punta Gorda.  A small family home was completely destroyed around four on Monday [...]

    Popular DJ’s Vehicle Burnt; Suspected Arsonists Seen
    ….and from house fires to a vehicle fire. Sometime after twelve-thirty on Wednesday morning, fire-fighters were called out to the parking lot of an apartment complex on University Drive, Belize [...]

    More Illegal Fishers in mid-South
    Three Honduran fishers are behind bars tonight after they were charged for fishing illegally within a marine protected area. Southern Environmental Association and Belize Coast Guard were on a joint [...]

    B.S.I. Cuts Estimate for Sugar Prices Due to Slumping Market
    The 2017-2018 sugar cane season is winding down and targets are close to being met. But the worry for cane farmers tonight is whether they will see any profits. ASR/BSI [...]

    Belize Seeks New Markets as E.U. Maintains Contract
    While prices for their sugar are out of the farmers’ and ASR/B.S.I.’s control, Belize still retains a working relationship with Tate and Lyle of the United Kingdom, which continues to [...]

    Rain a Setback for Sugar Crop
    In the letter to farmers, ASR/B.S.I. makes a conservative estimate that one point two-eight million tons of cane will be milled and they will realize one hundred and thirty-three thousand, [...]

    Honoring Campeche Champions Future Shock
    Belize’s youth athletes continue to impress on the international stage. Tonight we feature a group of young ballers from the City, known as Future Shock. Their opponents in the recent [...]

    Belize Athletes Take it Down Under
    For the next eleven days in Gold Coast, Australia, the focus will be on sports as the members of the Commonwealth of Nations meet in friendly sporting combat. Belize is [...]

    Police to Bring Green Gardening to South Side
    Regional Commander of Eastern Division South, Howell Gillett has hit the ground running. Among the many initiatives he’s undertaking in the city, there is one with the Ministry of Agriculture [...]

    Help Wanted for 8-Year-Old with Terrible Illness
    An eight-year-old boy from Ladyville needs your help. Paul Leal has been sick for about a year. When he started throwing up blood clots, he was taken to doctors and [...]

    Om Shanti Yoga Expands to Vegan Cafe
    There’s a new place in town to have an array of vegan and vegetarian foods. Only one month since its opening, Om Shanti Cafe is an expansion of the well-known [...]


    BMHS Partners With OWTC To Carry Out Street Pavement Project
    In mid-January of this year, the Orange Walk Town Council under its ‘Partnership with the People Program’ embarked on a project in collaboration with Muffles College High School to renovate the school’s principal street which runs from the entrance gate to the laboratory building located at the back of the school. Whilst the project was fully financed by the school’s administration, the Council provided the necessary labor to complete the job.

    Butane Prices To Increase By Ten Dollars
    Over the past few weeks Belizeans have been saddled with constant increases in the price of fuel which have driven most commercial fuels over the ten-dollar mark at the pumps. Of course we cannot forget the most recent blow to all Belizeans delivered by the 12.5% GST which was applied to data services on April 1st which drove prices for internet even higher, but if you think the bad news ends there then you might want to think again as today GOB announced yet another hike in the price of Butane, the second since the start of 2018.

    Corozal Police Detains Four Persons In Drug Burst At Northern Border
    Four persons are in very hot water tonight and in Police custody, after they were caught transporting suspected drugs and ammo across the northern border on Wednesday night. Shortly after 9pm, Corozal Police intercepted two vehicles which were heading into Belize from neighboring Chetumal, Quintana Roo. A White Ford Escape with Belmopan license plates C08416 was driven by Blancaneaux Maudel and with passenger Michelle Benguche.

    Popular Belizean Artist Behind Bars
    One of Belize’s most popular Punta Artist is tonight behind bars in the United States on rape and kidnapping charges. Thirty-six-year-old punta rock artist Daniel Cacho, known to all as “Lova Boy” was arrested and charged with two counts rape of a minor and two counts of kidnapping by Los Angeles County sheriffs on March fourteenth. Reports are that Cacho appeared in court yesterday and was remanded to an LA county prison without bail. Information is however that this is not the first time such allegations are made against the Punta Icon as back in 2012 he was accused of sexually molesting a female minor, thirteen years of age, dating back to when she was ten.

    OWTC Continues To Invest On Street Infrastructure
    The Orange Walk Town Council team is preparing to resume the infrastructural works that have been in the Council’s pipeline over the past three years. This includes the rehabilitation of over sixty heavily trafficked streets that have been completed across town. And while some of these streets located in different areas have received their first coat of paving over the past few months, the Council is preparing to finalize the job by applying the second and final coat of paving which include Cemetery Street, Liberty Avenue and Pineapple Street among others.

    Guatemala Debuts "Good Bye Belize" Musical Theater Show
    It is expected that in 10 days Guatemala will be holding their referendum to decide whether or not to take their claim over Belize to the International Court of Justice, and all indications are that the campaign for a yes vote is heating up. The Government of Guatemala led by President Jimmy Morales has become so self-invested in the process so much that President Morales, Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel and other ministers have engaged in a tour of rural areas, lobbying to residents to come out and vote in support of the referendum.


    First Prediction: It will a busy 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season
    The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season could be as busy as the previous season. This is what experts are predicting. The season begins on June 1 and Colorado State University is predicting a slightly higher than normal hurricane season. A total of 14 named storms, seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes are expected this season. Though …

    Southside Police Commander wants to introduce farming in schools
    The Commander has also met with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture to replicate a farming project he had piloted in Belmopan with a number of schools. That was a success and on Wednesday Gillett says he believes it can work for Belize City and he is close to obtaining funding for the project. …

    LPG prices increase
    Last night we told you that the cost of power will be going up in the next few months after Belize Electricity Limited made an application to the Public Utilities Commission for an increase. Tonight we can report that yet another necessary item will see a hike. This one takes effect at midnight. Liquid petroleum …

    Fire official confirms DJ Jago’s car was torched
    Police are investigating an arson that left a 2002 Four Runner, belonging to 28 year old Justin ‘DJ Jago’ Williams, destroyed. Williams told Love News yesterday that he has no idea who would want to torch his vehicle as he does not have any problems with anyone. Today police confirmed that two men were seen …

    Flamboyant Street fire leaves father and son homeless
    Forty three year old Joseph Gabourel and his seventeen year old son were left homeless yesterday after a fire destroyed all their belongings. It happened around 2:30 yesterday morning on Flamboyant Street in Belize City. Hipolito Novelo has the story. A fire broke out at around 2:13 yesterday morning at a residence on Flamboyant Street, …

    Cancer: The fifth cause of death in Belize
    In 2017, cancer was the fifth cause of death in Belize. Some of the common forms of cancer are breast, cervical, colon, and prostate cancer. Cancer occurs in the body when cells deviate from its normal way of forming and start to reproduce abnormally. Dr. Javier Zuniga, Regional Health Manager for Central Health Region explains. …

    CEOs ride for Cancer
    This Saturday the CEO in the various government ministries will be participating in a worthy cause as they ride to raise funds for cancer. The ride will commence from mile 24 on the George Price Highway and end at the Agriculture Show Grounds in Belmopan. Love News found out more about the race from CEO …

    ISF police recover stolen items
    Over the long Easter break, police officers of the Intermediate Southern Formation conducted several house searches which yielded several items. Officers recovered jewelries, laptops, tablets, and other types of electronics. If you have been a victim of robbery or burglary in that jurisdiction you are asking to visit the Independence Police Station to claim what …

    Police still seek Kendis Flowers’s killer
    The murder of Ghost Town Gang General, 27 year old Kendis Flowers was one of the six murders recorded during the most violent weekend in March. He was fatally shot while he was on Mahogany Street in Belize City. Following the weekend’s multiple fatalities, Government quickly announced crime fighting measures. Flowers’s family, however, still believe …

    Kendis Flowers’ family is not convinced police are innocent
    While the Police Department have gone on record to say that a surveillance video they obtained after the murder exonerates a particular police officer who had been named, Flowers’ family insists a cover-up is in play by the department. The family also requested to view the video, and according to reports, they have seen it. …

    Future Shock shines at 2018 Basketball Campeche Cup
    The members the Future Shock basketball team was awarded today for their exemplary performance at the 2018 Basketball Campeche Cup Championship games that took place last week in Mexico. The team was recognized and highly praised for their win by the National Sports Council of Belize in a short ceremony today that was followed by lunch. Their Coach, Clinton “Pulu” Lightburn says that since the team came together, they have not lost a single game and he couldn’t be more proud.

    Fire in Eldridgeville leaves family homeless
    The National Fire Service is also investigating a fire which occurred in Southern Belize. On Monday evening a fire gutted a 16 by 18 wooden structure in Eldridgeville, Toledo District. A cause for the fire has not been established as explained by Station Manager, Oren Smith. Orin Smith, Station Manager, National Fire Service: “It was a 16 by 18 wooden structure Bungalo, no one was at home at the time of the incident. The investigation for that particular fire is still presently ongoing so I have no information as to the cause of that fire. Understanding a family of four father, mother and children.”

    Police operations yield results
    Two separate operations conducted by the police yielded drugs and ammunition. The operations were conducted yesterday in Independence Village, Stann Creek district, and in the Los Lagos Community, Belize District. In Independence Village police found one 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol, one magazine containing two rounds of ammunition, and one hundred and sixty two point one grams of marijuana.

    Police Command wants to take care of their own
    Since he took over Command of Southside Belize City, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett has been making his rounds enlisting the support of various sectors of the community to boost policing efforts to address the crime situation. In an interview with the media on Wednesday, the Commander said these efforts have been quote, “extremely successful”. Among those he has met with are representatives of Scotia Bank, and other partners. And while his focus is to address crime in the City, Commander Gillett says he is also focused on improving the working conditions of his officers.

    Robbed, kidnapped and left tied to a tree
    A US national was robbed, abducted and left tied to a tree on Monday night. 71 year old Judith Classen is still recuperating from a terrifying experience after two men broke into her home in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District. The men stolen her vehicle and laptop and after tying her up, abducted her and left her tied to a tree in Mahogany Heights, along the George Price Highway. She was found by residents of the area and taken to the police station to file a report. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino says police are looking for two persons of interest.

    Big Bust at Northern Border
    Last night, Corozal Police intercepted two vehicles returning from Chetumal at the northern border and conducted searches on them, which led to the discovery of drugs. At this morning’s Police press briefing Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino shared the details. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, C.I.B, Belize City: “Last night on Wednesday the 4th Police from Corozal or Corozal Police visited the northern border where they intercepted two vehicles. One a Kia Manty this is a car, the two occupants one Kenyon Lewis and Philmore King. The vehicle was searched and from that search it resulted in 15 parcels of what was suspected to be cannabis, that would be somewhere around 13.5 lbs.”

    PUP calling for full disclosure of Civic’s contract
    The People’s United Party is calling on the Chamber of Commerce and the Unions to join in the call for full disclosure of the recent agreement signed for the management of the Civic as well as the financials for Belize Infrastructure Limited. They claim that Financial Secretary Joe Waight has confirmed that contrary to what was said at the official signing ceremony last month, there is no guarantee agreement between the Government of Belize and Apex Belize Ltd.

    The Guardian

    What is Phillipa Cadle doing with 131.543 acres of land?
    Last week, the Guardian Newspaper published our headline article titled, “Johnny Briceno and family own more land than most Belizeans,” under the article we published, two documents bearing the name of Phillipa Cadle. One of them was as a person certifying signatures as a justice of the peace and the other was as a person under who’s name along with Jaime Briceno and Neri Ramirez a parcel of land at Millers Bight was transferred. Since our publication, it has come to our attention that the very Phillipa Cadle has had quite a significant amount of land which she has held, all while Johnny Briceno was minister of Natural Resources.

    Marking bullets to curb crime
    Several measures are being taken by the Government of Belize through the Ministry of National Security and the Police Department to address the recurrent crime situation which is plaguing the city and nation at this time. Everything from enacting new legislation to administrative policy is being considered at this time. Pursuant to this, on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, Sr. Superintendent of Police Howell Gillet met with a number of authorized and licensed gun dealers in Belize. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss some of the issues related to the purchase and sale of ammunition to licensed gun holders. It is intended that in the near future ammunition will be serialized to make it easier for law enforcement personnel to identify and track the source of these ammunition. It is a widely known fact that criminals source their ammunition from legitimate gun license holders as it is easier to get it this way.

    Phillip Willoughby takes up the post of NEMO Operations Officer
    Former Belize City Councilor Phillip Willoughby will be taking up the post of Operations Officer with the National Emergency Management Organization. Willoughby has been involved with NEMO since 2006 when he was first elected as a councilor and has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of disaster and emergency management. Willoughby says that he is happy and grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the country and people of Belize in this new capacity. His appointment takes effect immediately.

    Wanted American may be in Belize
    The public is being asked for help in locating Raymond “RJ” McLeod, a former U.S. Marine who is wanted for murder. It is believed that he may be using the aliases of Matt or Mateo, and is believed to be on the run in Central America or Mexico. “His last reported location was in Guatemala in March 2017, but he has also been spotted in Belize and in Mexico,” said Steve Jurman, U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force Commander. On June 10, 2016, San Diego police officers responded to a 911 call of a woman not breathing in an apartment in the block of Mission Gorge Road in San Diego. The woman, later identified as 30-year old Krystal Mitchell from Phoenix, Arizona, was pronounced dead at the scene by medics.

    Mr. Nemo is now Phillip Willoughby
    Readers of this newspaper will recall our very first issue and it’s headline captioned “MUSA FLEES MITCH.” In that issue we covered the aftermath of the CATASTROPHIC Hurricane Mitch. Although the hurricane did not strike Belize directly, we still felt the wrath of its outer bands that produced TROPICAL STORM FORCE winds and a lot of rainfall in certain parts of the country causing havoc and destruction, which caused many persons to have been displaced. The job of assisting those persons affected by the storm was to be done by NEMO. However like with all other things involving a PUP Administration, there was mass confusion, miscommunication, mismanagement and hustling, that caused people extreme and unnecessary hardships. One of the things we remember quite clearly, was when a journalist asked a lady who was affected by the hurricane, whether she had been visited by NEMO, her immediate response was “NO SAH ME NO SEE MR. NEMO AT ALL.”.

    Belize economy shows growth in last quarter of 2017
    The Statistical Institute of Belize is reporting that for the three months of October to December 2017, the total level of economic activity in the country of Belize increased by 2.8 percent. The Institute estimates that the total value of goods and services produced during this period was $695.8 million, an increase of $19.1 million from $676.7 million produced in the fourth quarter of 2016. All three sectors of the economy recorded increases with the secondary sector experiencing the highest rate of growth at 5.1 percent, followed by the tertiary sector at 3.1 percent. The primary sector was almost unchanged during the period, growing by a marginal 0.1 percent.

    BEL requests price increase after 5 years
    Belize Electricity Limited announced on Wednesday April 4 that they have submitted to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for a rate increase. The submission is being made under the Annual tariff Period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. The request is being made as a result of increases in the cost of power purchased from power producers. BEL, in a press release stated that, “During the 2016 – 2017 rate review period, actual cost of power was $3.8 million higher than the Reference Cost of Power approved by the PUC.” The company says it financed this last year but notes that this year the cost will go up to $4.8 million higher than what was approved by the PUC for 2017-2018. With that the company is asking for a 7.1% increase in the Mean Electricity Rate to $0.3954 per kilowatt hour from $0.3692 per kilowatt hour.

    BSI prepares for falling sugar prices
    The third estimated cane payment has been issued to cane farmers and the numbers are much lower than last year’s, but this is no surprise to BSI representatives whose stakeholders have been bracing for the drop, particularly because of the loss of the EU preferential prices. Each year, cane estimates are issued on a monthly basis during the crop season to present revisions on the sugar market. The first issued estimates reflected a US $355/ per ton on the EU market but now stands at an estimated US $332.50/ per ton, a difference of US $22.50.

    BTL holds off on GST implementation
    BTL, which is Government owned and controlled on behalf of the people of Belize, will be absorbing the new GST cost for all their internet related services. They are doing so by offering BTL customers special promotional rates to keep your telecommunication bill at the same amount. During the March 9, Budget speech, for the 2018-2019 Budget, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced, “GST is to apply to the purchase of data services by telecom clients.” This change took effect on April 1, which means that all BTL customers who buy 4GLTE data for their cellular phones, or those who have high speed internet at their homes or business places, are now taxable. When the BTL promotion on these services end, customers will be required to pay the 12.5 General Sales Tax to the Government of Belize.

    Fishy business in Caribbean Shores
    Area representative for Caribbean Shores, Karim Musa has done absolutely nothing in the area in the 2 and a half years since being elected to that office. And it is not because he does not have any resources, the reality is that every month almost 7 thousand dollars is allotted to each constituency for the establishment of an office as well as to assist constituents in their needs. This however seems to mean nothing to Musa, the only time you see him around is Easter time. This year was no exception, he loaded up a pickup truck full of poopsies (very very very small fish), and drove around the constituency offering the people fish in bags. One person we spoke to explained that the fish were so small they could not even be gutted, much less scraped. She opted to feed the neighborhood cats with it.

    More community outreach by Sr. Spt. Howell Gillett
    On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 22 young people from the St. Martin’s de Porres area were taken on a visit to the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville to get a firsthand account of the life of an inmate. According to Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, O.C., Eastern Division South, this was done with the intent of dissuading the children and their peers from wanting to participate in crimes that could land them in prison. “The presentations made by the inmates were real and serve as a deterrent.” In one of the presentations, the children learnt that the liberty of the inmate is restricted and small cells are shared with many others. They also learnt that the use of electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and game consoles, are prohibited.

    KHMH Reactivates its Specialists Clinics
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has had structural problems which led to the deactivation of several parts of the hospital. A structural review of the KHMH Authority physical plant was commissioned following an incident in which debris fell from the ceiling. A preliminary assessment identified and inspected multiple areas in the hospital and a press release was issued stating that the structural problems affected the functioning of the hospital in the Operating Theater, Central Sterilization Unit, Imaging Department, Specialist Clinics, Pharmacy, and Dietary Services.

    PG tackles Gulf Weed problem
    Sargassum or Golf Weed is becoming more and more a problem in coastal communities. Every year around this time, tons and tons of the seaweed wash up on shore and communities have to contend with either leaving it where it lands or clearing it. For Punta Gorda, the decision was simple, it had to be cleared up to avoid the stench and the possible health hazard that it poses. With that, Punta Gorda Mayor, Ashton Mckenzie gathered a group made up of a number of volunteers. On his Facebook page Mayor Mckenzie posted this: “where hands are many, burden is light. Beach Clean Up. It is indeed a pleasure to be engaged in such an initiative. Big respect to our partners Department of Youth Services. Community Policing Unit. BoneVille Community Church. Oceana. Residents of Punta Gorda Town.”

    Self-Sustainable Revenue Generation Program reaches Caye Caulker and Punta Negra Villages
    As a part of BTB’s effort to achieve the goals of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and to enhance the tourism experience of visitors to Belize, they have recently embarked on a self-sustainable revenue generation program to develop the leisure product in Caye Caulker and Punta Negra. The beaches in these locations have been enhanced to encourage relaxation as well as family-forward activities while still giving the businesses in these areas the opportunity to generate funds. Furthermore, this product development has created additional activities for tour operators to add to their itineraries.

    PUP’s pointless petition
    Now that the PUP has filed their election petition in court, certain things won’t be discussed here, regarding the case. However, what we will discuss is what they are trying to achieve through claim number 189 of 2018. Over this weekend we had a chance to speak with a few persons who were in the counting room in San Pedro during the counting process. The persons are from both sides of the political spectrum. According to what we gathered there are no ballots missing. What we do understand is that the ELECTION AND BOUNDARIES COMMISSION introduced a new system of reconciliation of ballots for the recent Municipal Elections.

    Woman from San Ignacio recognized by the United States Embassy
    U.S. Embassy Belize recognized Staff Officer Rhea Rogers as the U.S. Department of State International Women of Courage award nominee for Belize and Ms. Anna Silva as the Embassy’s Woman of the Year 2018. Both awards were presented at the 13th Annual Outstanding Women’s Awards Ceremony hosted by the Office of the Special Envoy Belize and the Women’s Department on, March 28, 2018 at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award annually recognizes women around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equality, and women’s empowerment, often at great personal risk.

    Belizean Youth Ambassadors in Washington
    Nine lucky Belizean students, along with a mentor, Golda Mejia, were selected as a team of Youth Ambassadors to travel to different parts of the United States of America to participate in a three-week long leadership program. The Youth Ambassadors Program is a U.S. Department of State sponsored, youth exchange, designed to strengthen the leadership skills of young people from Central America and the United States. This multi-national exchange also builds bonds of friendship and understanding between people of Central America, the Dominican Republic, and people of the United States.

    Critical after being shot in San Pedro
    An act of gun violence in San Pedro has left Guillermo Salazar in a critical condition at the KHMH. The shooting incident happened around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 in the San Pedrito Area in San Pedro. Salazar was walking with his wife on San Pedrito Road when a male person, who was dressed in camouflage clothing with a hood over his head and a rag over his mouth, came out of some bushes and fired several shots in his direction. Salazar was shot to the right hand as well as to the left side of his back with the bullet exiting through his lower chest area.

    Anthony Reyes on remand for the murder of Emmerson Anderson
    Over the Easter weekend, police were able to arrest and charge the man they believe is responsible for the March 28, 2018 murder of Emmerson Anderson. Anderson, a 44-year-old resident of Belize City, was shot and killed on Ebony Street. As a result of police investigation, police arrested and charged Anthony Lloyd Reyes, a 20-year-old barber of Mayflower Street, Belize City. Reyes was charged with murder and was read that charge when he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Because it is an indictable offense, no plea was taken and no bail was offered. As a result, he was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until May 30, 2018.

    BDF woman granted bail after insulting a police officer
    A Woman Belize Defence Force soldier was before the court on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 to answer to charges of obstructing a police and using insulting words. She is 25-year-old Sarita Gonguez, a BDF soldier of a Belize City address. Gonguez was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser where she pleaded not guilty to the charges. The allegations are that on Friday, March 30, 2018 while on Curl Thompson Street, she obstructed WPC Tamara Longsworth in the execution of her duties as well as used obscene words toward her. The officer and other officers of the GSU were conducting patrols on the Jane Usher Boulevard when WPC Longsworth’s attention was drawn to two women arguing. The officer approached them and that is when a woman she had known for the last 10 years turned around and insulted her.

    Buena Vista resident chopped to death
    George Hyde, a 36 year-old resident of Buena Vista, was chopped to death at a friend’s house on Easter Sunday. It is believed that he was killed by a man with whom he had past conflicts. 4 persons are now detained, and are being investigated for his murder. Police say that on Sunday, April 1, at around 8 p.m., they visited a house in Buena Vista Village, where they found Hyde’s lifeless body on the verandah. He had suffered chop wounds to the neck, the left shoulder and the face. His body was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital, where it currently awaits a post mortem.

    Domestic dispute leads to discovery of illegal drugs
    A Belmopan woman called for police assistance over a domestic dispute with her common-law husband and that led to that man being charged not only for harm but also for the possession of an illegal drug after he was discovered to have illegal drugs on his person. On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, Monica Flores, a housewife of a Belmopan address, reported that while returning from Botes, Mexico, she and her common-law husband Omar Mejia got involved in an altercation.

    Evyn Ardon is remanded for the murder of Manuel Canales
    Manuel Canales, the 40-year-old victim of a stabbing incident, was a naturalized Belizean who lived on Antelope Street Extension and worked in construction. He met his untimely death on Friday, March 30, 2018, Good Friday, after being stabbed to the stomach on Thursday, March 29, 2018. Canales was receiving treatment for his wounds at the KHMH when he succumbed to his injuries.

    1 thousand dollars for hitting woman in the face
    On Monday, April 2, 2018, police formally arrested and charged Russell Casimiro, a 40-year-old dive master, for wounding. He was charged based on a complaint made by Carrie Tripodi, a 30-year-old American bar manager of a San Pedro address and Casimiro’s estranged girlfriend. On the day of his arrest, Tripodi reported that while at home at about 12:15 a.m., she was getting ready to go to bed when Casimiro knocked on her door and instructed her to open the door. She refused and Casimiro climbed up the side of her house and broke into the balcony and entered the house through an unlocked door.

    Franz Hamilton remanded to prison for sexual abuse
    Franz Hamilton, a 58-year-old Belize City laborer, is back behind bars after the alleged victim of his sexual case has accused him of harassing her over the case. Hamilton appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser at his arraignment on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 where he was read a single charge of attempted suppression of evidence. The allegations against Hamilton are that on Thursday, March 29, 2018, he attempted to instill fear into his victim by telling her that it appears she won’t live long enough to testify. According to him, he did not say anything like that to her and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Hamilton was denied bail and remanded to prison until May 22, 2018.

    Corozal man killed and left in a sofa
    Eleazar Chan, a 42 year-old resident of Louisville Village in the Corozal District, was found dead at a gruesome crime scene outside of the neighboring village of San Pedro. His assailants murdered him, and then hid his body inside a sofa. Police say that on Easter Sunday, April 1, they were called to an area on a cane road just outside of San Pedro. In between 2 cane fields, they found a sofa, and within the sofa, the cops found Chan’s body wrapped inside his favorite hammock, and garbage bags for good measure. An-onsite post mortem examination revealed that he died of blunt force trauma to the face and asphyxiation.

    Killed because of stolen horses
    The decomposing body of 21 year-old Dristen Justin Reyes, a resident of Teakettle Village, was found buried in a shallow grave near a farm in Camalote Village. He was last seen alive on Wednesday, and it is believed that he was killed and his body was dumped on Holy Thursday. He was supposed to celebrate his birthday with his family, but he went missing before that could happen. On that same Thursday last week, family members had made a report to police that Reyes had gone missing. Police say that on Friday, March 30, 2018, officers accompanied by villagers from Teakettle Village finally found him in the roaring river area of Camalote. His decomposing body was located about 500 yards off a feeder road.

    Workman kills former boss on Holy Thursday
    Manuel Canales, a 40 year-old Naturalized Belizean living in Belize City, did not live to enjoy the Easter vacation like he and his family had planned. Canales was stabbed to death by a man identified as a former workman of his. Police say that on the night of Holy Thursday, March 29, they had to visit the KHMH following a report that a man was injured in a stabbing on the street. When the officers arrived, they found Canales suffering from a stab wound to the stomach area.

    Justin Williams captures 90th Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic
    The Cycling Federation of Belize sponsored its 90th Edition of the Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic on Saturday 31st March, 2018. Before the official start, there is a ceremonial ride through the city called a lead - out - it’s a slow cruise through some of our principal streets where the fans get to view their favourite riders at warm-up speeds. The official start numbers reveal that there are 101 riders starting, this included 87 Belizeans, which included 10 junior riders riding in their first ever cross country, 14 foreigners which included 8 Mexicans, 5 Americans and one Jamaican - notably, no Guatemalan riders showed up. At a few minutes past 6:00 at Leslie’s Imports they’re off. The riders then made their way to Columbus Park in San Ignacio Town and then back to Belize City where the race concluded at the BTL Park on Newtown Barracks.

    Belize Beach Volleyball International Referee Attends Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia
    The Belize Volleyball Association is pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Swasey, Beach Volleyball International Referee has been nominated by the FIVB as one of the officials at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held from April 4-15 in Australia. Participating Beach Volleyball Referees are chosen by the FIVB, the international governing body, from among the commonwealth countries. It is a very big honor for Belize to have one of its referees nominated for such a prestigious world level event.

    Belize participates in 21st Commonwealth Games
    The Commonwealth Games is the second largest multi-sport games apart from the Olympics and is commonly referred to as “The friendly Games.” Belize is among the 71 nations and territories of the British Commonwealth that are competing in the 21st Commonwealth Games which are taking place in Gold Coast, Australia. The games started on Wednesday, April 4 and began with the official Opening Ceremony with cyclist Alicia Thompson bearing the flag of Belize. Events that the Belizean competitors will be taking part in, include cycling, track and field (athletics), table tennis, and triathlon. The participants had a 17-hour flight before they made their way to Gold Coast. There, the Belizean table tennis players will be competing against those from Nigeria, who rank between 6th and 7th on the world stage of table tennis.

    Belize Rural Softball competition to commence 2018 season on April 8 in Lord’s Bank
    The Belize Rural Softball Association is pleased to announce that the 2018 Softball season will commence on Sunday 8th April, at Lord’s Bank with the Traditional Showcase Marathon. The marathon competition will commence at 9:00 am. Registration will take place before the commencement of the marathon.

    Wagiya FC white wash the Police United FC in Premier League Football competition
    The Premier League of Belize Closing Season competition continued over the Easter weekend with three games played. On Sunday 1st April, at the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga Town, Wagiya won its second game in as many weeks when it blanked the Police United FC by the score of 2-0. The first goal of the game was scored by Jonard Castillo in the 35th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The lead was further increased when Shanty Castillo scored the 2nd goal of the game in the 65th minute of play to give his team the 2-0 victory. Meanwhile, out at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town, the national defending champions, Verdes FC blanked the San Pedro Pirates FC by the score of 1-0.

    Celebrating Easter in Benque
    For the folks of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Easter brings forth both colorful and serious tones and it is shown publicly. Group elaboration of sawdust tapestries began as from 1:00 a.m Friday under night lanterns; on the streets at various locations by the Centennial Park. By mid-day the spectacular and colorful tapestry results became evident as teams of Benqueños made their final touches. Motorists and pedestrians have customarily showed their greatest respect for this type of street artistry. Artists also came out to perform the “Passion of the Christ” later on Friday at the John Paul Sixth Form at Chapel Hill. At the tertiary level institution, Jimmy Leslie played a leading role as Pontius Pilate. Jose Blas undertook the special role as Jesus, where he was led down the Juanito Gongora Street and then ‘crucified’ at the Mount Carmel Church.

    DJ Jago’s 4-runner set on fire
    Popular Dj, Justin ‘Jago’ Williams is irate after his vehicle, a black Toyota 4-runner was torched on Tuesday night, April 3. Williams says that he and his girlfriend were awaken from their sleep at their Bachelor’s Avenue apartment by the smell of smoke. When they made inquiries it was his vehicle which had been set ablaze. Jago, one of the most easy-going individuals at Wave Radio, says he is unaware as to any reason why his vehicle would be set on fire. A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible.

    We eating ‘Guana’ out of season!
    In the weeks and days leading to and after the Easter Holidays many Belizeans take great pride in posting pictures of them eating Iguanas and their delicious eggs. Facebook is littered with persons posting the delicious stew of meat and eggs accompanied with decadent coconut rice. When we see these we can’t help but to water at the mouth imagining enjoying a plate of the tasty food. While no one can fault someone for eating the reptile, Iguanas in Belize are protected under law, especially during their breeding season. A flyer from the Forestry Department highlights the game meat and when it is out of season to consume it. For iguanas it is February 1st to June 30th, smack dab in the middle of the breeding season and smack dab in the middle of Easter. So, the next time your taste buds are tantalized by a yearning for iguana and their eggs, remember, it has a season when it is illegal to consume.

    1 dead 1 injured in separate road traffic accidents during long weekend
    On Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 5:45 p.m., police observed the lifeless body of a male person between miles 28 and 29 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. That body was lying face down with a helmet still on its head. Near the body, the officers noticed a silver motorcycle with minor damages to it. The deceased was later identified as Endhir Guerra, a 46-year-old Belizean truck driver of Orange Walk Town. Initial investigation revealed that Guerra had left his workplace at Bowen and Bowen Ltd. in Ladyville sometime after 3:00 a.m. on March 30, 2018 when he lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown off. The accident resulted in him sustaining injuries to the neck. He died on the scene and his body was found in an advanced state of decomposition.

    Harsh Discipline
    In these modern times in the Belizean household, a noncompliant child is often corrected by ordering a short “time-out” followed by “The Talk” to reflect on some misbehavior and hopefully decide not to repeat it. However, with the onset of the young person’s adolescence, parental correction can literally take a harder turn as they may take away privileges or personal belongings to penalize an infraction. So the parent decrees: “You’re grounded!” “I’ll have your smartphone for a week!” “No driving the car until further notice!” At an age when independence is more prized by the adolescent, temporary loss of that freedom can feel like losing the breath of life, injurious that way. It socially and emotionally hurts. For this reason, parents can treat deprivation of freedom as the strongest punishment they have in their arsenal of influence, to rely on when all other efforts of persuasion and correction fail to convince.

    Words of Life With Pastor Barry Fraser
    We need to encourage our youth who are striving to be good members of society and useful participants in Church. I cannot think of any better advice than that given by the Missionary Paul to his son in the Gospel, young Pastor Timothy, found in First Timothy, chapter 4, from verse 12. “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. Devote yourself to public reading of scripture, to exhortation, to teaching. Do not neglect the gift you have. Practice these things, immerse yourselves in them, so that all may see your progress.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Elderly woman robbed, kidnapped and tied to tree
    Reports to BBN is that 71 year old Judith Classen, a US national, was robbed and […]

    Candice Miller suspended from City Hall
    Our newsroom has confirmed that Belize City Administrator, Candice Miller, has been suspended for one month. […]

    Seine Bight minor raped and now pregnant
    On Tuesday, around 2:00 p.m., a 14-year-old Belizean student of Seine Bight village reported to […]

    An infestation of litter bugs? Keep Belize Clean, environmentalists say
    Over the long Easter weekend, many Belizeans traveled all over the country to spend time […]

    Moses Sulph running for CWU Presidency
    He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Belize and since then he has […]

    Independence police recover stolen items
    Over the weekend, the Intermediate Southern Formation conducted an operation and several house searches which […]

    ACSEAL~Access to Legal Education in the Caribbean
    ACSEAL (The Association of Caribbean Students for Equal Access to the Legal Profession), in its thrust to highlight the unfair admission policies administered by the Law Schools throughout CARICOM […]

    Butane prices going up tomorrow!
    The Government of Belize has recently increased the cost of fuel, introduced new taxes on data […]

    South-side Commander meets with Director of Scotiabank
    This week, Police South-side Commander, Howell Gillett continued on his rounds with the business community […]

    Domestic abuse – A manifesto for Carrie Tripodi too
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

    Belize~The Economic development of Belize City
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

    Four Belizeans busted with 57 pounds of weed and ammo
    Last night around 9:00, Corozal Police intercepted two vehicles at the northern border, heading back […]

    Lova Boy accused of kidnap and rape
    Belizean entertainer, Lova Boy, whose real name is Daniel Cacho, is behind bars in the […]

    A murderous March – 17 people, including 4 females murdered
    A total 17 murders were recorded last month in Belize. Twelve of the murders were […]

    Philip Willoughby is new NEMO operations officer
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) announced today that its new operations officer is former […]

    Belizeans could be looking at higher ‘light bills’
    At a time when the cost of living continues to rise, Belizeans could be looking […]

    Rhea Rogers is US Embassy’sWoman of the Month
    Rhea Rogers is the United States Embassy’s Belize Wonder Woman of the month and the […]

    Honduran fishermen caught in Belizean waters
    On Monday, April 2, 2018, three Honduran nationals were caught fishing illegally in Belizean waters. Mario […]


    Trying New Things: Over the Water at Secret Beach and Live Comedy
    Perhaps it is the new theme for my website. Writing a 3-5 times a week about new businesses and new events on Ambergris Caye…. There is so much building, so many new ventures…just SO MUCH GOING ON. SO here is my second installment of the week. Let’s call it “Keepin’ Current on the Caye”. Today’s webisode includes live professional comedy AND a new over-the-water bar! Let’s get started… Earlier this week I got to explore a new bar and restaurant JUST south of Secret Beach on the West Side of Ambergris Caye. It’s called Blue Bayou Bar & Restaurant and it first came to my attention as the first over-the-water structure on the West Side of the island.

    Western Belize Cultural Tours
    Belize, considered a melting pot of cultures, has an array of different traditions and customs that represent the beautiful diversity found within our Jewel. Visitors to the former British Honduras are swayed by this unique assortment and luckily for travelers of the Cayo District, our Belize luxury resort offers 3 educational, hands-on and fun-filled Belize cultural tours that will allow travellers to get a glimpse of some of Belize’s best.

    International Sourcesizz

    Former Nobleboro Man Admits to Defrauding Investors of $1 Million-Plus
    Million plus fraudster would remain at large for almost 12 years, living for several years in the beach resort of Placencia, Belize, on the Caribbean Sea in Central America. A former Nobleboro man who defrauded local investors of more than $1 million, then sold his business and home, divorced his second wife, and moved to the Caribbean, was sentenced to 18 months in prison Wednesday, Aug. 9, more than 12 years after his disappearance.

    2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be slightly above-average, researchers say
    The Atlantic hurricane season will be slightly above-average this year, Colorado State University (CSU) hurricane researchers predicted Thursday. The researchers cited a "relatively low likelihood of significant El Niño" conditions as a main factor. In total, the team believes there will be 14 named storms. Hurricane researchers predict seven of the storms will become hurricanes and three will reach "major hurricane strength with sustained winds of 111 miles per hour or greater."

    How to spot untrustworthy resources on the Maya
    Since the ancient Maya have been added to the Key Stage 2 national curriculum for History (non-European Study) in the UK, there’s been a ‘mushrooming’ of online resources covering the topic, most of which are downright awful! After the recent flawed news story about a teenager finding a Maya site, I thought it an apt moment to let both teachers who are teaching the Maya and the general public know what they need to be looking out for to confirm a resource’s unreliability. Beware! Here are 10 tell-tale signs that expose unknowledgeable sources


  • Swimming with Sharks and Stingrays in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Antelope Falls, Belize, 1min. hiking Antelope Falls in Belize, crazy awesome.

  • ZIMM and Florida A&M University COPPS Medical Mission Trip | Belize, 5min. Some students from Florida A&M University COPPS Program got a chance to partner with Zion Medical Minister to participate on a medical mission to help those in underserved communities in Belize manage their diabetes. Watch as the students talk about their experience.

  • Junior buddy Belize Jaguar experience, 2min.

  • Ambergris Caye Parasailing & Jet Ski Adventure, 6min. Watch as Ger and Sean enjoy a parasailing and a thrilling Jet Ski Adventure. Explore some of the adventures Ambergris Caye Belize - San Pedro have to offer.

  • Patricia Ramirez Splash Dive Center, 8min. Sean & Ger have a one on one with Patricia Ramirez, who mentions some of the challenges and what keeps her motivated in the Dive Industry specifically in Belize and Placencia

  • Laughing Bird Snorkeling Experience, 8min. Wondering what Southern Belize has to offer? Visit Laughing Bird Caye where you can snorkel and explore the many marine life Belize has to offer! Travel like local and meet cool folks like "Ras Mary"

  • Drumming by the local music group D Maroons, 1/2min.

  • BSI ASR WEEKLY CROP REVIEW 2018 WEEK - 16, 3min.

  • Morning Matters with Drummer Dan, 60min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries, 4min.

  • Need help in figuring who the person on the bike, 1/2min. he has been stealing in our neighborhood... that bike and cooler is stolen goods. He lives in Boca del Rio or San Mateo Area... we are eager to capture him and show him some much needed community love!

  • Belize in 2 Minutes, 2min. First Presbyterian Midland

  • This is Belize: Cave tubing Part 1, 12min. An amazing experience cave tubing with friends in Belize after a fun day exploring the rainforest.

  • This is Belize: Cave tubing Part 2, 12min. An amazing experience cave tubing with friends in Belize after a fun day exploring the rainforest.

  • Scuba Highlights Belize 2018, 5min. Scuba diving highlights from a March 2018 trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize. Shot at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley.

  • Belize Diving 2018, 12min. Diving the reefs of Ambergris Caye, Belize 2018.

  • Nurse Sharks at Shark Ray Alley, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Shark Attack Scuba, 5min.

  • Tubing in St. Herman’s Cave, Belize, 1.5min. Drive inland to the Blue Hole National Park in Belize. Then journey to a cave.

    April 5, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Roman Catholics celebrate Easter on Ambergris Caye
    Easter is considered the holiest time of the year among many religious communities around the world, particularly celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. In San Pedro Town, the Roman Catholic Church observes the occasion every year with many scheduled events to honor Christ. This year, besides the special church activities, the San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC) joined the celebration by creating elaborate sawdust carpets in front of the Catholic Church. Religious events began on Sunday, March 25th, with the observance of Palm Sunday. The event included a procession at 7AM from the Roman Catholic Primary School and a mass along with a Passion Play at 8AM. On Thursday, March 29th there was another mass at 7PM, followed by a Eucharistic procession along with a silent adoration that ended at midnight.

    U.S. Marshals expand manhunt beyond USA for former Marine wanted for murder: Reward of up to $11,000 offered for information leading directly to suspect’s arrest
    The U.S. Marshals are asking for the public’s help to locate Raymond “RJ” McLeod, who is wanted for murder. McLeod may be using aliases of Matt or Mateo, and is believed to be on the run in Central America or Mexico. “His last reported location was in Guatemala in March 2017, but he has also been spotted in Belize and in Mexico,” said Steve Jurman, U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force Commander. “Marshals are asking anyone with information to come forward so McLeod can be arrested, returned to San Diego, and held accountable for his brutal crime.”

    San Pedro Pirates lose last home game of the regular season
    The San Pedro Pirates F.C lost their last home game of the regular season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, March 31st. The island team fought hard to win against the current champions of the PLB, Verdes F.C, but when the long whistle was blown it was a victory for them with a 1-0 point score. The second half once again saw both teams going on the offensive with neither team allowing the next to score. Fans loudly cheered, demanding a goal. It wasn’t until minute 54 that Verdes’ Alcides Thomas met the fans demand and nailed the first goal for his team. With the visiting team on the lead, the Pirates’ responded with several close attempts but all were unsuccessful. When the long whistle was blown it was a 1-0 victory for the Verdes F.C.

    Ambergris Today

    $11,000US Offered In International Hunt Of Ex-Marine Wanted For Murder In USA
    Raymond McLeod, an Ex US Marine is wanted by San Diego Police for the murder of his girlfriend in 2016. An international search for the U.S marine is ongoing as he is believed to have spent time in Southern Belize in 2017 or may still be in the country. San Diego Police are offering $11,000US for information leading to the arrest of 34-year-old Raymond McLeod from Arizona suspected of murdering his girlfriend two years ago while visiting friends in San Diego.According to Fox 5 San Diego, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan and other local law enforcement officials made an international plea on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, for help in finding Raymond "RJ" McLeod, who is accused of killing his girlfriend Krystal Mitchell in 2016. He is believed to be in Central America or Mexico.

    GOB To Apply GST To Internet – Cable Operators Say No!
    The Prime Minister of Belize on his latest budget speech stated that the Government of Belize plant to charge 12.5% GST on internet, something that would affect everyone in the country except for schools. The Belize Cable Television Operators Association (BCTOA) made a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to reconsider this proposal which would come in effect as of April 1, 2018.In the letter addressed to the Prime Minister the BCTOA states that the application of GST on this technology would affect the most under privileged in our society, the most remote residents and businesses in our country, the young entrepreneurs needing to communicate with the international market, students research and studies, farmers in remote areas connectivity and the family communications.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Dermatologists in San Pedro Town on July 9, 10, 11, and 12
    The San Pedro Lions Club will be hosting a group of dermatologists on July 9, 10, 11, and 12. Anyone with skin disorders or issues please call 620-1281 for an appointment. They will be doing examinations for skin cancer, removal of warts, moles and skin tags. Persons with acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin lesions, rashes, etc are all welcome.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

    Team Belize at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
    Good luck Team Belize. A winning team already.

    Keeping Caye Caulker streets cleared of signs,tables, etc.

    Reef Week Hol Chan 2018
    Its that time of the year again when we come together to celebrate the reef.

    Carpet designs with sawdust in Benque on Good Friday
    Beautiful work on the streets as they prepare for the procession later that evening.

    The classic Belizean Balladeer, melodic singer and musical artist, Harry Shaw, comes to us at "Belizean Legends" with great fanfare and excitement since he will be honored on Sunday April 8, 2018 at the Bombay Lounge at the Little Belize Restaurant & Bar in Inglewood, California. Harry Shaw has not changed one bit in terms of such a funny and vibrant Belizean artist who wrote the book on Belizean style ballads. As we discussed so much "Belize" and his musical career across Belize and Central America that transcended generations of Belizean musical artists, vocalists and musicians, it became apparent that Harry Shaw was the best of them all.

    It's is amazing to us here at "Belizean Legends" of the guts, brain, and bran that Belize Cross Country legend in the making, Joel Borland, showed in the 2016 88th Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Race. He is our champion here today, since Belize did not win the Cross Country. But Borland's third place is like first place for us here. He made us all proud at home and abroad for his relentless strength he endured being 'double benk' by two serious Guatemalan brothers cyclist who appeared to have come to Belize to win by all means necessary. Joel Borland was impressive to us here from this side of the world. We had hoped for a repeat of the 2015 Belize Cross Country Champion, Justin Williams win here, but it was not meant to be.

    The four times Belize Cross Country Cycling Champion, the legendary Kenrick 'The King' Halliday who won four Belize Cross Countries has gone down in Belize sports history as one of the few Belizean cyclists who had won four Cross Countries like Aston Gill, Jefferey O'Brien, and Johnito Miguel before him. It appears that no other Belizean Cross Country champion had repeated four wins as these four legendary Belizean cyclists, and Kenrick Halliday has gone down as one who had accomplished this phenomenal record in Belizean cycling. From his book, Sports, Sin & Subversion, the acclaimed Belizean writer, Evan X Hyde wrote: My Uncle (Buck Belisle) is always arguing that Hutchinson would have continued to beat Halliday on Holy Saturday, but I'm not so sure of that. I loved The Tank, but Halliday just kept getting better and better, and he and Alfred Parks ruled the remainder of the golden seventies.

    The legendary Belizean Cross Country cycling champion of the 1980 Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic has died. Vasquez who rode to prominence in winning the most popular Belizean sporting past time the Belize Cross Country was found dead in his sleep according to family sources in Los Angeles, California where the former Belizean cyclist lived since his migration from Belize in the 1980's. Belizean Legends wish to expresses its condolences to the family of Alexander Vasquez who throughout his life and his struggles have always been a very kind and beautiful brother in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where he lived and became an activist at one time in the Belizean organization called, The Winners. Yours truly spent some quality time with Vasquez in 2014 while trying to make a documentary on his life as a Belizean cross country champion. Though it didn't materialize, my many conversations with the legendary Alexander was refreshing as he chronicled the highlights of that very race in 1980 when he went against some of the best and won. Vasquez would allude that he knew that very day that he was going to win, and that he was the best of them all that year being that he knew how much training went into his race.

    SAVE THE DATE. MAY 18TH AND 19TH 2018. MAYA SYMPOSIUM IN COROZAL. BELIZE. Sponsored by To'one Masehualoon and The Northern Maya Association of Belize.

    Philip Willoughby is New NEMO Operations Officer
    Taking up the post of Operations Officer with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is Mr. Philip Willoughby.A former Belize City Councillor with responsibility for the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO), Willoughby has abundant knowledge and experience in the area of Disaster and Emergency Management.Willoughby, who is 40 years old, has been involved with NEMO since 2006 when he was first elected as Belize City Councillor, and says he is happy and thankful for the opportunity to continue serving the country and people of Belize in this new capacity. His appointment takes effect immediately.

    Sargassum sea weed
    Every year around this time, our island is invaded by sargassum sea weed and there is little that can be done. The San Pedro Town Council, residents and resorts/hotels daily try to overcome this problem by collecting it into piles and later disposing of it. There are however some uses for this sargassum: it can be used as landfill, with time it turns into sand, and can be used as a natural fertilizer! Here is a graphic to help spread awareness with our friends and visitors. Check it out!

    National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) 2018
    Looking for something to do this month? Why not visit the National Agriculture and Trade Show happening this year on April 27th, 28, and 29th of this month in our Capital City of Belmopan.If for some reason you have never visited the show, here are some facts about the Show:The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) which was established in the year 1970, is an annual public event that is held in Belmopan city, which is the capital of Belize. It is a family oriented event created in order for farmers as well as numerous businesses and organizations to showcase and sell their products to the Belizean public. Approximately 40,000 to 45,000 individuals visit the Trade Show over the three days.

    Nohoch Che'en Archaeological Reserve
    Assessing, monitoring and planning for the trail project.

    Channel 7

    BEL Wants Rate Increase, Says Cost of Power Going Up
    The PUC will have to decide whether an increase in your light bill is justified - because that's what BEL is asking for. On Saturday March 31st., BEL asked the PUC for an increase of about two and a half cents per kilowatt hour. BEL says that from 2016 to 2017, the actual cost of power was $3.8 million higher than projected. And while the company absorbed that increase, the problem is that the cost of power to BEL is only going up. The company says that the cost of power for the 2017-2018 review period will be almost five million dollars more than what the PUC approved.

    How The Cops Kept Easter Peaceful In City
    As we told you last night - there was no gang warfare in the city over the long Easter weekend. But, what's behind the peace? Were the gangs just taking a holy weekend break? Or was it effective policing? Or was it effective mediation. We spoke to the commander of operations and the commander of the southside to get their perspectives:...ACP Chester Williams:"I must thank all those who made the past weekend a success for us, that includes the police officers and those members of the public who were there with us to ensure that whatever activity they had observed within their neighborhoods were reported to the police in a timely manner. With that, we were able to respond to avert anything major from occurring."

    Police Morale Boosted By Scrapping of “Emergency Areas”
    And so while community policing and mediation were factors that made for a peaceful weekend, it was enough for the political directorate to hold off on those "Emergency Areas" that were supposed to be declared in Belize City. It would have been like a state of emergency in those zones - but the government now seems confident good, effective policing can contain the crime in those areas. Deputy Commissioner Williams commented:ACP Chester Williams:"Well I am happy to see that the government does have confidence in the work of the police and the fact that that has been done is a feather in the police's cap to show that we are quite able and competent to take a grip of the crime situation."

    The Conundrum of Kendis’ Killing
    But there's no amount of police diplomacy that can allay the concerns of Kendis Flowers' family. They've seen the security video police speak about - which the cops say shows that the GSU didn't kill the Ghost Town General. And they're not satisfied that it establishes anything. Williams said he understands:..Jules Vasquez, reporter: "They say in their mind it is far from conclusive. It does not exculpate the GSU - in their minds. I know you have seen this video as well and certainly you had to be aware of the fact that the family was being allowed to see the video. What do you make of this conclusion that they have reach that? In fact they still feel the GSU was involved."

    Punta Artist "Lova Boy" Daniel Cacho in Jail Without Bail
    His legal name is Daniel Cacho but as an artist, he’s known as “Lova Boy” - one of the biggest names in Punta Rock in the last 10 years. And Lova Boy got that name partly through his popularity in Los Angeles where he lives. But, tonight, reports from Belize’s music industry say that 36 year old Daniel Cacho has been charged for a felony and is held without bail in an LA County jail. According to jail records from the PITCHESS DETENTION CENTER SOUTH FACILITY which we’ve found on the internet, Daniel Cacho was arrested on 14th March for kidnapping and is currently being held without bail.

    BTL Holding Off On Applying GST on Data
    At the top of the news, we told you how Belize Electricity Limited is asking the Public Utilities Commission to increase your electricity rates.The PUC will have to review that request to see whether or not it is justified, but one utility bill that you will see an increase in is your telecommunications bill. If you are a customer who buys data for your cellular phone, or you have an internet connection at your home or business, you are now expected to pay 12.5% General Sales Tax on it. That was the decision which Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced as part of the budget for 2018-2019. All data services, whether it's 4G, or high speed internet access, are taxable as of April 1.

    Willoughby, From Superman To Captain NEMO
    He may have lost in his fifth bid to be a city councillor - but Phillip Willoughby still has political capital for the ruling UDP - and the man we used to call Superman has now re-emerged as Captain NEMO. He made his name when he was with CEMO - but now he's gone national and was officially handed the reins today as NEMO's Operations Officer. We caught up with him today where he told us what he will be doing: Phillip Willougby, New NEMO Operations Officer: "I am grateful the work that I have put in since 2006 has rewarded me with the opportunity to continue serving in this new capacity. It is larger than just working for the Belize City jurisdiction it now encompasses working for the entire country so it will give me another opportunity..."

    Belizean Born Evan Perez is Top CNN Journalist
    Late last year, Belizean-born Kendis Gibson from ABC News visited Belize to share his experiences as a journalists and television personality as an inspiration for school kids, and an instructive influence for the Belize media. Evan Perez is another born Belizean who's now a big name US television journalist. He can be seen on CNN as the Justice Correspondent almost every day - breaking news about the Trump administration. Indeed, Perez is a major presence on the cable news network - and he's one of the key journalists assigned to cover the ever changing landscape at the White House and Pentagon.

    Easter Weekend Was Rough For Manatees
    Three manatees were killed over the course of the long weekend. One was killed in Belize City and the other two were found dead down south. We spoke to manatee expert Jamal Galvez who said this is an unfortunate trend seen around Easter. Jamal Galvez, Progam Coordinator Sea to Shore Alliance "From the three that were reported I know for sure that one was from a watercraft collision, the other two were too decomposed to have determined what the cause of death was. I was just able to see the one at the Radisson which was really decomposed so those will be ruled as undetermined.""It was from a really big boat judging from the size of the chop wounds from the photographs. It had to have been some sort of dive boat or huge boat that could have caused such impact to that animal."

    Belize District Buses Impounded For Road Service Permits
    Commuters from Burrell Boom and Ladyville may have noticed that the companies such as Haylock's Buses and Stuart's Buses were not doing their usual runs today.That's because the Ladyville police cracked down on them for lack of a road service permit. This permit, which is given by the Department of Transport allows, is legally required by all bus operators to conduct business, but we understand that about 2 weeks ago, officers from Ladyville Police started stopping these buses passing through Ladyville.

    Southside Commander Proposes Gun Amnesty
    Gun Amnesties - over the decades - we've covered at least three of them - but, here we are in 2018 - and there are more guns than ever on the streets. Because of the random nature of violence, no one can say for sure if amnesties work - but the Southside police want to try again. Today the commander told us that he's gotten interest from sponsors:...Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South:"There are still guns on the street, that need to be taken off the street. As a matter of fact just this morning the Belize Chamber of Commerce and the Scotiabank is talking about a gun amnesty. It's something that would be forwarded to our superiors in Belmopan to see if that's something that we could do. The business community, I believe will be sponsoring this and they are showing their support for us. So if that's the way to go I believe, I hold the opinion that yes indeed that is something that we should do, but again I'm not the one who will make that final decision that way."

    Community Calls On Police For Equity
    We met Senior Superintendent Gillett today as he did his weekly meet and greet - this time in the Neal's Pen Road area. He told us that the community wants to work with police - but in a fashion that puts equity and justice first:...Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South:"The number one issue people wanted that the relationship between the police and the community to improve and to do that we have to show the public that we are doing our side of it. The police, we have to minimize the number of cases of abuse, corruption has to go immediately and for the past few weeks we haven't heard anything about corruption coming out of the south side and we are very pleased for that."

    Cops Will Get Something Better Than Tents
    And so while citizens - even lawbreakers - should be afforded basic human decencies, what about police who have to toil at checkpoints for hours at a time - oftentimes without a restroom or proper shade? Gillett said they too must be treated better:...Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South: "We are going to change from some of the tents that they are under and we will build some booths so that they are able to weather rain or sunshine. That will send the right message that we do care and I believe we will get optimum performance if we do so. If we are to fight crime in a meaningful way, the officers who work for us have to be happy working for us. It is just doing our part to have them do their part."

    Wanted US Man Could Be In Belize
    The US Marshals need your help in locating this man: Phoenix national Raymond McLeod. He is a former US marine. He is accused of killing his girlfriend Krystal Mitchell in San Diego in June 2016. The San Diego District Attorney's Office charged McLeod with murder, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Authorities have been trying to find him since. He was seen in Guatemala in March 2017, but he has also been spotted in Belize and in Mexico. There is an award of $11,000 for anyone with information leading to McLeod's direct arrest. US Authorities say they have expanded their manhunt.

    Former Politician’s Home Cleaned Out
    Burglars made off with over $66,000 worth of items from an Orange Walk house. 59 year businessman and former UDP politician Orlando Burns reported that someone broke into his house over the easter break - between 4:00 am on Good Friday and yesterday at midnight. Apart from cleaning out the house, the thieves also snatched $4,372 in cash.

    Robber in Hope Creek
    Before the break we told you about a home cleaned out by robbers in Orange Walk. Well, there was also a robbery down south. This time it was at a store in Hope Creek. 41 year old Barrington Young was closing his shop around 8:00 last night when 5 armed masked men stormed in and fired several shots. They made off with Young's licensed 9mm pistol an about $300 in cash.

    Domestic Abuse Turns Into Drug Bust
    A domestic abuse case turned into a drug bust in Orange Walk. Yesterday evening around 6:00, Belmopan resident Monica Flores and her common law husband Omar Fransisco Mejia were returning from Botes, Mexico. They got into an argument and Mejia hit Flores in the head. Flores called the police. The police responded and searched Mejia only to find 21.2 grams of weed, 1.5 grams of cocaine and 1.6 grams of crack cocaine in his pants pocket.

    Belize Contingent To Commonwealth Games
    A Belize contingent of 12 athletes, nine males and three females are at the 2018 Commonwealth games in Gold Coast, Australia. Cyclist Alicia Thompson carried the flag during the opening ceremony - which looked like this - with video provided by team Head of Mission Giovanni Alamilla:...

    Triathlete Is Ready
    Belize is participating in track and field, cycling and table tennis and triathlon. That event was held today in Australia which is 12 Horus ahead. Here's what our lone competitor said about his preparation:..

    Promising Youths For Table Tennis
    In table tennis Devesh Hukmani, Rohit Pagarani and Terry Su were also preparing to play Nigeria - they spoke about the match:...

    Cops Want Farming and Feeding Program
    And finally for some more police news tonight. As you've been seeing, in only his first few weeks on the job, the new Southside commander is changing his mode of engagement with the community, the private sector and the public sector agencies. One group he's reached out to is the Ministry of Agriculture - for an urban farming and school feeding project. He told us why:...Sup. Howell Gillett- O. C. Belmopan Police Station:"There are many kids who go to school without having breakfast and sometimes lunch. Some naysayers might say: well what do the police have to do with feeding programs or farming in school? But of course we have a lot to do with it because if we don’t look after these kids at this current moment then it may well become a police issue..."

    Scotiabank Wants To Help Cops
    And while he met with the Ministry for the public sector side of the equation - he met with the bank manager at Scotia for the private sector side of the story. Gillett says there are also promising opportunities there:Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South:"Number one would be, We want to have a Chaplain for the police because people take it for granted that when a police officer goes on a crime scene that everything is okay, but not so, because it affects the brain. It affects the family because when he is reminiscing or remembering what occurred, it affects not only himself but his colleagues and family. We want to help. When an officer goes on a murder scene, we want to do some counseling shortly after where applicable."

    Channel 5

    What Really Happened to Kendis Flowers?
    By News Five’s unofficial count, there have been forty-eight murders in the span of three months and a few days, or on average sixteen per month. One of the more [...]

    Police Say They Know Who Killer Is – and It’s Not G.S.U.
    Police have denied involvement. Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett this afternoon reiterated that the critical surveillance footage in their possession vindicates the GSU and that police had intended to show the [...]

    Government Puts Gangsters on Notice after Halting Plan for Public Emergency Areas
    In the aftermath of a horrifically violent weekend in March, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced a package of anti-crime measures. Under Section eighteen of the Constitution, the Governor General was [...]

    P.U.P. Proposed Special South Side Development Zone
    The Opposition People’s United Party had objected to the calling of any state of emergency or declaration of public emergency areas by the Governor General, accusing the Prime Minister of [...]

    Legislation Not Enough, Says Dickie Bradley
    Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley has also weighed in on the matter of emergency zones. He says had the public emergency declaration gone through, the government could have opened itself up [...]

    Time for Another Gun Amnesty?
    With close to fifty murders so far this year, the new Regional Commander of the Eastern Division South, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, is making his rounds – meeting with religious [...]

    Gun Suppliers Linking Up with Police
    Still on the topic of guns, Gillett also met with the licensed arms dealers in Belize City to discuss issues related to the availability of ammunition. According to the Regional [...]

    “Lova Boy” Accused of Rape, Kidnap in L.A.
    There is breaking news tonight that thirty-six-year-old punta rock artist Daniel Cacho, known to all as “Lova Boy”, is behind bars. The artist is being held without bail in a [...]

    B.E.L. Wants to Raise Your Light Bill
    Just in time for the Easter holidays, the prices of fuel went up driving the cost of living further up. The news tonight is that the cost of another utility [...]

    Sedi Says Guats Insisting on 2 Referenda
    On April fifteenth, a referendum is scheduled to take place in Guatemala on taking the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. But should Belize be worried about the [...]

    FM Elrington: We Will Monitor, But Not Worry
    In December of 2016, Belize’s Senate, which has sole responsibility for ratification of treaties, protocols and other official documentation, ratified along party lines the 2008 Special Agreement and 2015 amendment. [...]

    Belizeans Considering Similar Court Challenge…
    But Minister Elrington could not have known that earlier, we were made aware of just such plans by a group of litigants. They took their plans to attorney Richard “Dickie” [...]

    Can Local Lawsuit Against Compromis Succeed?
    So if the Guatemalan lawsuit succeeds, could it give a boost for opponents of the process in Belize? Bradley reminded that the Sarstoon River and Sarstoon Island remain effectively under [...]

    $8 Million Wanted for Public Education Campaign
    There was consternation in the Senate with news that only forty thousand dollars was in the recently passed Budget for the public education campaign for the referendum on settling the [...]

    Belize Turns to International ‘Friends’
    So where will the funding come from? The Government aims to use a mix of local funds, contributions and donations, and funding from several identified international partners. These range from [...]

    Marshals Seek ex-Marine, Raymond McLeod, in San Diego Murder
    United States Marshals have expanded the manhunt for former marine, Raymond McLeod, who is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend, Krystal Mitchell. As we reported on Tuesday, an eleven [...]

    Landy Burns’ Home Ransacked in O.W.
    Orange Walk police are reporting the burglary of the home of well-known businessman and former politician Orlando “Landy” Burns. According to a report made by the fifty-nine-year-old victim, sometime between [...]

    More Drugs Off the Streets as 2 Arrested
    There were separate drug busts on Tuesday in the south and north. Around four p.m., officers on a mobile patrol on a feeder road near Swasey River covered by the [...]

    Willoughby Captains NEMO Operations
    Less than a month after he was beaten at the polls, former Belize City Councilor and CEMO Coordinator since 2006, Phillip Willoughby has been appointed the new National Operations Officer [...]

    Police Find Better Reception on Pen Road
    As you heard earlier in the newscast, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett is working on multiple initiatives across south side Belize City. Today we caught up with the regional commander at [...]

    Cops Will Take Care of Their Own Too
    Gillett says that while a lot is being done to curb the crime and make life safer in communities, those on the frontlines can also expect some much needed incentives [...]

    Athletes’ Christian Basketball Mission
    Building Up Nations for Christ hosted a one-day mission called “Young Athletes for Christ Camp”. The U.S. team has hosted mission camps in Belize over the years, but this is [...]


    GOB holds off on ’emergency areas’ as mediation working
    As part of its crime fighting strategy in Belize City, on Sunday March 18, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced several measures. Those measures were designed to tackle gun violence in Southside Belize City. One such measure is declaring several gang ridden areas as ‘Emergency Areas’. While the legal documentation only awaits the Governor General’s signature, …

    Someone torched DJ Jago’s car
    A 2002 Ford Runner belonging to Justin ‘DJ Jago’ Williams was torched last night. It happened at around midnight last night while he was asleep in his apartment in West Landivar, Belize City. Fire officials had to be called in order to douse the flames that destroyed the vehicle. Williams says he has no idea …

    Thieves escape with 70K in valuables and cash
    The house of 59 year old Orange Walk businessman, Orlando Burns was burglarized sometime between the hours of 4 am on March 30 and midnight on April 3. The thief or thieves made off with several household items and personal items totaling sixty six thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars and four thousand three …

    SEA busts illegal fishers
    Three Honduran Nationals were detained on April 2 for illegally fishing in Belize’s water. They are Mario Ricardo Banega, Jesus Alvarez and Jolbin Roberto Cabrera Flores. The trio was caught by rangers of the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) and members of the Belize Coast Guard during a joint patrol at the Spawning Aggregations Zone at …

    Direct Consumption Sugar may help improve cane payments by the end of the crop
    On Tuesday we told you about the third estimated cane payment that has been issued to cane farmers which stands at forty-one dollars and sixty-nine cents. The latest estimates reflect the plunging sugar prices at both the EU and global markets. The industry however had been bracing for the changes in prices. For this 2017/2018 …

    Will new legislation solve crime problem?
    On February 6, the Belize Police Department unveiled its National Crime Fighting Strategy in order to combat the escalating crime situation in Belize. Part of the strategy was to put in place legislative reform to assist in getting the crime problem under control. In this regard, the Criminal Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Act is …

    Philip Willoughby us NEMO’s new Operations Officer
    Philip Willoughby was known mostly for his work for the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) in Belize City, and while he was voted out of office on March 7, Willoughby has emerged as the new Operations Officer with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). Willoughby who is forty years old, has been involved in Disaster …

    Suspected murderer believed to be hiding in Central America
    Eleven thousand dollars is being offered as a reward for information leading to the capture and arrest of accused murderer, 34 year old Raymond McLeod. He is wanted by the San Diego Police Department in the US for the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Krystal Mitchell. She was killed on June 10, 2016 and …

    12.5% GST on data services comes into effect
    As one of the Government’s tax measures for the new fiscal year, a 12.5% general sales tax is in effect for the purchasing of data service. Despite the objection of the Belize Cable Television Operators, there is no indication that the Government will reverse its decision. The effects of this new GST are already being …

    Is Industrial Hemp in Belize’s future?
    For the first two months of this year, the country’s imports totaled two hundred and eighty point nine million dollars, an increase of one point six percent or four point three million dollars when compared to the first two months of 2017. Exports for January and February totaled forty eight point five million dollars, this …

    Marlowe Neal is BNE’s new CEO
    Belize Natural Energy (BNE) has a new Chief Executive Officer. (VO STARTS) Marlowe Neal succeeds Dr. Gilbert ‘Gilly’ Canton as the new CEO of BNE. Neal holds a Master of Science in Finance with a focus in Investments from Florida International University.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Five armed mask men rob business on Coastal road
    Last night, Barrington Young, 41, a businessman of Hope Creek village, Stann Creek reported that […]

    Manuel Canales stabbed to death
    A post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday on the body of Manuel De Jesus Canales, 40, […]

    Over $70,000 in items and cash stolen in Orange Walk
    Orange Walk businessman, Orlando Burns, 59, reported that between the hours of 4:00 a.m on […]

    Internet now costs more, GST applied on data services
    Despite outcry from cable and Internet providers about the potential negative impact on applying General […]

    KHMH re-opens services affected by structural damage
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), via a release issued yesterday, announced to the general […]

    GOB holds off on declaring ‘Emergency zones’
    In Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s press conference in March following a spike of murders in […]


    Belize to Tikal tour: A day trip to Guatemala’s ancient Mayan ruins
    It was easy to see how the ancient Mayan site of Tikal, Guatemala earned the nickname ‘Jurassic Park.’ From the lush jungle surroundings to the screams of howler monkeys in the distance that sounded more like dinosaur roars, it felt like a raptor could pop out of the dense vegetation surrounding us at any moment. Twigs snapped underfoot as we made our way along the dusty trail, as exotic creatures like Yucatan spider monkeys, oscillated turkeys and bright-billed toucans rustled around in the leafy tree branches high above our heads.Rounding a bend, the sight we’d come all this way for suddenly appeared before us: our first glimpse of Temple I, the so-called Temple of the Great Jaguar, rising nearly 50 metres toward the bright blue sky. Dramatically jutting out of the tree line, it felt like we’d stumbled upon a lost pyramid, a relic from centuries past. And as it turns out, that’s exactly what it was.

    Where in Belize will you be for Spring?
    Belizean Spring Destination Vacation is one of a kind experience! With a diversity of cultures and tropical environment, Belize should definitely be a destination vacation on your bucket list – especially during Spring! From our ancient Maya ruins and lush tropical rainforests to our white-sand beaches and islands with access to the largest living Barrier Reef in the world, it’s definitely worth a visit. Here are the places you should visit during spring in Belize:

    Craving Savings?
    As we have completed the first few months of the New Year, we look back on what good habits we practiced last year. It’s not often that we can say that savings is at the top of our list, but it should always be a habit that we practice. Saving money is important and can be a long-term beneficial practice as it plays a significant role in creating a healthy and stable future. Unfortunately, it may be a very hard habit to practice due to the economic and sometimes unexpected challenges we face. It may also be difficult because we often fail to control our bad spending habits and we may not have the proper guidance from our financial institutions. Economic crises can ruin our finances if we do not practice the art of saving. Proper saving enables us to make wiser purchasing decisions and it encourages us to consider the dynamics and reasoning in spending on something. Although it has been proven to be easier to spend money rather than save it, there are several practical ways to save.

    Students: Enjoy an Amazing Summer in Belize
    Are you a student looking for an amazing way to spend your summer? Caves Branch Lodge in Belize has a student vacation package that includes lodging, transportation, meals, and plenty of hands-on experiences to inspire and teach students to be savvy travelers.Traveling is much more than just visiting new places. Travel is also about learning new perspectives. Instead of sitting in a bland hotel or standing in line at an amusement park, a summer vacation to Belize will get you outside of your comfort zone.Belize is a small country in Central America where English is the official language, so you won't have any trouble getting around. But despite its small size, Belize is home to a world of adventure that includes lush jungles, verdant rainforests, gorgeous tropical islands, and lost cities built by the ancient Maya.

    UFO spotted near a cave in Belize; Tourists describe encounter
    A group of travelers who were at the scene described the UFO about "40 feet long, with no wings, and with a dome on top."“ I have never seen anything like this in my life. We were approaching the Actun Loch Tunich cave to do the Black Hole Drop Tour and we saw this mysterious object just hanging close to the sink hole and then it moved rapidly unlike any other thing I have ever seen in the air,” Steven Williams of Colorado, USA said.The Black Hole Drop is a unique climbing adventure where participants get lowered down through the floor of a cave that sits high above the nearby jungle canopy. As participants rappel further downward, they pass through the canopy layer until they arrive in a deep hole that looks inky black, hence the name.

    Zip-line: A Must Do Adventure Tour in Belize
    What is a zip line adventure? To put it simply, it's a series of steel cables that connect to platforms located high up in the jungle canopy. By strapping into a safety harness, visitors can get as close to possible to what it must feel like for a bird flying through the air.But zip lines are so much more than that. Zip lines are completely safe to enjoy, but they offer a unique thrill that you just can't find anywhere else. The only "danger" in zip lines is psychological, and the simple act of stepping off a platform can provide a tremendous boost to one's self-confidence. Indeed, many participants love zip lines adventures because this unique challenge allows them to overcome their fears.The jungle in Belize seems tailor-made for zip lining. Entirely powered by gravity, zip lines allow participants to see a different side of the jungle, one of the most bio-diverse habitats on the planet. More than 500 species of birds can be found in Belize, and zip lines allow participants to enter the upper world of the lush jungle canopy where birds, howler monkeys, and a huge diversity of animals and plants exist.

    The Best Time to Visit Belize for Whale Sharks
    Belize is a world-famous mecca for scuba diving and snorkeling thanks to its massive barrier reef system (the second-largest in the world), crystal clear waters, and abundance of marine life. But one of the rarest and most beautiful animals in the ocean's waters only visits Belize once a year.Whale sharks are not whales in the true sense of the word. Instead, they are the largest fish which have ever existed. Whale sharks can grow to up to 41 feet (12 meters) in length and weigh up to 47,000 pounds (21 tons), roughly double the size and weigh of a semi truck. Despite their huge size, these sharks pose almost no danger to humans because they are filter feeders.Whale sharks may be huge, but they feed exclusively on microscopic plankton and fish spawn and have enormous mouths that can be as much as five feet (1.5 meters) wide, which they use to gulp down thousands of gallons of water. Whale sharks use 10 filter pads in order to strain out their microscopic food from the water.

    The 5 Best Belize Resorts & Hotels For Honeymooners
    Belize has always been a popular choice for honeymooners due to its close proximity to the United States and amazingly beautiful beaches, islands, and natural scenery on the mainland. It's also a top choice for many Hollywood celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, who celebrated her marriage to Jim Toth with a honeymoon in Belize.If you're planning your honeymoon, here are the five best hotels & resorts in Belize:

    Belize's Culture Life
    The Kekchi Maya is originally from the Verapaz region of Guatemala. They migrated to Belize in the late 1800's after losing their land and freedom to German coffee growers. Their language is also called Q'eqchi'. Maya women wear tops—when there was a feast, when they went to mass, when they danced, or when they had their pictures were taken for them it is a tradition. But for day-to-day woman’s work around the house. The two type of dress Kechi women uses is Mopan Maya huipil and skirt and a dress with little puffy sleeves and lacy ribbons that would have been appropriate for a child. Food was masa, raw tortilla dough—dried corn soaked in slaked lime, and then finely ground, with enough water added to stick together, Tamales or Corn Tortilla with beams or Bush Veggies. Maya's use to use Corn as for Startch. They are recognized as the poorest and most disenfranchised of the ethnic groups in Belize. The system of ''alcade'' was practiced to be subsistence to slash and burn agriculture and have self-governing.

    International Sourcesizz

    2018 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Hurricane Season Forecast
    : I am expecting that the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be about average in terms of activity. One reason for this is due to the fact that we are slowly transitioning from La Nina conditions into either neutral ENSO conditions or a weak El Niño during this summer into this autumn.It needs to be pointed out that the forecast for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season is a difficult one due to the fact that it is uncertain whether we will see El Nino conditions form or whether we will see a repeat of last year where we had a failed El Nino and instead we transitioned back into La Nina conditions. If the forecasts for El Nino are incorrect and we end up with another La Nina, then we could see a much more active hurricane season than what we are forecasting right now. On the other hand, should a full fledged El Nino develop during the summer, then we could see a very inactive hurricane season with numbers that are much lower than what we are forecasting right now.In addition, I am expecting the formation of at least one tropical storm in the western Atlantic during either May or early June. In addition, I also think that we could start out “quick” with tropical storm/hurricane formation from May to August, but then slow down in activity during September with the hurricane season potentially ending early in October as El Nino strengthens and attempts to make the Atlantic increasingly more unfavorable for development.

    Penn State Shenango’s ‘Alternative Spring Break’ goes to Belize to help build a school
    At night in Belize, it is never quiet with the dogs, roosters, chickens and toucans all singing their songs.Those noises were foreign — and at times scary — to the 11 Penn State Shenango students who went on a trip to San Pedro Columbia, a Belizean village of about 700 people named for the Columbia river.“Every morning you woke up and heard a rooster and saw chickens. There were like, 80 of them. They were just everywhere,” said Freshman Sam Wadrose.The students took part in Penn State Shenango’s fifth annual service “Alternative Spring Break” trip to Belize, where they — along with about 12 men from San Pedro Columbia — worked for a week to build a school building with two kindergarten classrooms.

    Abiodun leads Nigeria against Belize, Malaysia in table tennis
    BODE Abiodun will lead Nigeria’s quest for honours against Belize and Malaysia in the first round of the men’s team event of table tennis at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, following the late arrival of Aruna Quadri and Segun Toriola in Australia.Abiodun, who will arrive early today, will lead the duo of Olajide Omotayo and Azeez Jamiu against Central American nation of Belize.Portugal-based Abiodun is expected to arrive early today just a few hours before the first game against the Belize side.

    A student from Phillipsburg aids ocean research in Belize
    A fourth-grade project piqued Emily Gallant's interest in sea creatures. A senior class trip got her face-to-face with them.The 17-year-old from Phillipsburg and a senior at an all-girls prep school in Somerset County spent nearly a week aiding ocean research in Belize last month, part of a class trip with 15 students and their adult chaperones."Not a lot of people get to see sea turtles or manatees in real life" outside an aquarium, Gallant said. "We got to see them in their natural habitat."

    Local Penn State students bring home life lessons from Belize
    While some choose to relax on a beach for spring break, a group of students from Penn State Shenango spent their week away from class much differently. It’s called Alternative Break.The group traveled to the San Pedro Columbia village of Belize where they helped to build classrooms for Kindergarten students.The students and faculty who went on the trip gave a presentation on campus about the experience - all living under one roof, with one couple, Gustavo and Catalina, who cooked for them, taught them and opened their home in ways we may never think to.

    Favourite English speaking expat hubs for those allergic to language learning
    If you’re desperate to emigrate to somewhere warm and welcoming but don’t have a talent for learning a foreign language, there’s a good selection of English-speaking tropical islands to investigate. Popular with well-heeled expats for three decades and more, Belize’s Ambergris Kaye is a hub for ocean sports and nighttime socialising. The island is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, with English its official language. It’s the only South American expat destination with English as its primary language, which is also used on its outlying archipelago of tiny islands. As it’s an emigration hub for USA citizens, Western style foods are easily found, and residency or starting a business is much less trying than in many other expat destinations. As regards cost of living, Brits need to remember the USA pension is literally four times that of the UK’s state handout, averaging around $2,000 a month, plenty enough for the good life in Belize but pricey for many UK retirees.

    “Huech” a sacred animal for the ancient Maya
    The Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is a species of mammal that is related to anteaters and sloths.It is known in different ways depending on the area, for example, in Yucatecan it is called “Huech” and in the rest of the Peninsula, Belize and Guatemala it is known as “Tatú“.Its distribution is very wide, since they can be found from the south of the United States, to the north of Argentina. Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula is part of its habitat.They are found mainly in humid areas, having activity at night, helped by their acute sense of smell and hearing.


  • SAGA Humane Society Programs, 38min. on ReefTV

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  • BELIZEAN AUTHOR JENNIFER BETSON-WLLIAMS CALL OF DUTY IN BELIZE!, 47min.The feature with Jennifer Betson-Williams highlights a candid conversation with yours truly about Belizean values that have been a missing aspect of Belizean society today. Born and raised in Belize City, Belize, Betson-Williams grew up on the Southside of Belize City to humble Belizean parents who raised their children to be God fearing and respectable citizens of Belizean society.A devout Evangelist Christian, Betson-Williams immigrated to the United States to Los Angeles, California in the 1990s, and began pursuing her dream of educational mobility and spiritual contentment. Her story here chronicles the life of a Belizean immigrant who while making considerable progress in her life making it worth-the-while but who also witnessed the disintegration of her home country Belize experiencing deep moral breakdown and spiritual lost of values among its young people who were suppose to be Belize’s future again.

  • Wednesday's early morning sunrise over our Corozal Bay, 1.5min.

  • Intense Hail Storm While Tendering to Carnival Glory from Belize February 2018, 2.5min. Experienced an INTENSE hail store while I tendering back to the Carnival Glory on my Caribbean cruise in February 2018

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  • How to Fly a Firetruck to Belize, 21min. What if you had a calling, but didn't know how to fulfill it? What would you do? Listen this week as James York III shares his inspiring story about how he never gave up. He successfully helped bring a firetruck from Columbus, OH to Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Airbender Yoga Studio is introducing Bikram Yoga to willing participants, 25min. on Open Your Eyes

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  • Gator Hunting in Belize, 7min. Jed & Brad are back at it again for a second episode of Jed and Brad's Survival Show! This was definitely a highlight for all of us on the team, and it's a story that we will be talking about for years to come. I'd like to take the time to thank our guides for showing us where the gators were, and making sure we were able to carry our own gators which made the trip 10 times better!!! I really hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did, be sure to like this video up and share it on social media to make sure everyone is able to enjoy it with you!

  • Belize in the 1980s, 11.5min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 2hr.

  • Bike Belize 2018, 3min. Partnering with The European Nature Trust (TENT) has brought a new dimension to the work of the FCD. See the video which outlines TENT’s involvement. The European Nature Trust hosted their new experience - Bike Belize - cycling through the tropical wild heart of Belize, visiting ancient Mayan ruins, exploring giant subterranean cave systems and meeting the people working tirelessly to protect Belize’s natural wonders.

    April 4, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Russel Casimero released on probation after assaulting his ex-girlfriend
    A day after San Pedro Police formally arrested and charged 40-year-old Russel Casimero for Wounding, following the beating of his 30-year-old American ex-girlfriend. Casimero was fined $1,000 on Tuesday, April 3rd and released. After pleading guilty at the San Pedro Magistrate Court, Casimero was placed on probation and given until July to pay the fine. While the woman, who works as a manager at a local beach bar, was granted a three-month restraining order. The incident took place just after midnight on Monday, April 2nd and was first made public via a Facebook post with images and details of the attack. The post immediately went viral and the business community was encouraged to share it hoping that it will lead to Carimero’s arrest. According to the Facebook post, Casimero broke into the woman’s apartment while she was asleep and savagely beat her, badly damaging one of her eyes.

    San Pedro Lions Host Annual Pancake Brunch with the Easter Bunny
    The San Pedro Lions Club (SPLC) hosted their 7th Annual Pancake Brunch with the Easter Bunny on Saturday, March 31st. The fundraiser was held at the Lions Den where children along with parents enjoyed a morning full of activities and delicious pancake breakfast. At 8AM, families started to arrive at the Lions Den to enjoy delicious pancakes for breakfast served with sausage links and a cup of orange juice. As per usual, attendees also got to top their pancakes with some of the many offerings that were on the topping table, including; syrup, jam, sliced banana and orange, shredded cheese, marshmallows and even chocolate syrup.

    Ambergris Today

    Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge Hosts Successful Easter Egg Hunt
    The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge held its first ever Easter Egg Hunt on Monday, April 2, 2018. It was a fun event where children and parents gathered at the entrance of the San Pedro High School for the gate to be opened at 12 noon sharp! As the gate opened the children ran to get their eggs filled with goodies. There were snacks on sale and even a bicycle raffle won by Lael Martinez. The ACML would like to thank everyone who helped make this event possible and a very special thanks to all those who attended. This is only the first of many charitable events that ACML has planned for the community.

    Colorful Sawdust Carpets For Good Friday
    Colorful, elaborate and creative are just a few words that can be used to describe the beautiful work of art that was displayed outside of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church on Friday, March 30, 2018. The goal of this centennial celebration is to embellish the representation of the path that Jesus Christ walked before being crucified in what is known as the 'Procession of the Holy Burial' that takes place every Holy Friday.

    Special Envoy Hosts 13th Annual Outstanding Women’s Awards Ceremony
    The Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children in partnership with the Women’s Department ended a month-long series of activities in commemoration of Women’s Month on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, where 20 outstanding women form diverse backgrounds were recognized for their noteworthy contributions to their communities, organizations and country.

    San Pedro Athletes At Commonwealth Games In Australia
    The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association has set up two teams of athletes to participate at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XXI Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Gold Coast 2018, is an international multi-sport event for members of the Commonwealth that will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, between 4 and 15 April 2018. This year two of San Pedro’s very own are part of the Belize delegation; Brandon Santos (triathlon athlete) and Kent ‘Bob’ Gabourel (triathlon coach).

    Misc Belizean Sources


    STOP Violence against Women!
    Last night (April 1, 2018), the man pictured (Russel Casimiro, San Pedro tour guide), broke into our much beloved bar manager's home (his ex-girlfriend) and beat her savagely (as you can see)! While she slept!!! We are posting this in hope that everyone will share this post until this man has been arrested. However, we are not fully confident that, even if caught, the punishment will fit the crime so we are calling on the business community of San Pedro to share this post and help make sure this man finds no work on this island! Please take a moment and imagine this happening to one of your employees, guests, customers, friends, etc...This island can not afford scum like this to be guiding tourists or any other person! This kind of crap MUST stop and NOW! Please help!

    Belize's Wonder Women! Rhea Rogers
    We are proud to share, that for the month of April, Rhea Rogers is our Belize Wonder Woman as well as 2018 International Women of Courage Award Nominee! Ms. Rhea Rogers is the Staff Officer for the Ministry of National Security of Belize. She liaises on behalf of the ministry on projects and public policy issues, including especially for women and youth, locally and internationally. She is the ministry’s gender focal point and an activist for gender equity and equality.

    Sarteneja Regatta 2018
    Great smiles, Great boats, Great people= Awesome Sarteneja Regatta 2018!!! truly blessed.

    Corozal Full Moon Concert
    April 7th, 7:30pm. As part of the Full Moon Concert Series the we kindly invite you to enjoy a night of cultural tradition with Benque Marimba Los Hijos del West. Please join us at 7:30 pm Saturday April 7th here at the House of Culture for a wonderful night of marimba music. Justice for Our Babies- Corozal Branch will be here fundraising with their delicious corn dogs and more!

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of Mar. 26th thru Apr. 1st, 2018
    The second Bonefish Bonanza of the season was very successful, and all anglers caught tons of bonefish. The last two weeks have been very sunny, with strong winds at times. Our guides are skilled at finding fish no matter what the conditions. When the wind blows, being able to double haul will make your fishing day easier so work hard on it before you get here.

    Girls Going Global
    Today we welcomed GirlsGoingGlobal to the U.S. Embassy to learn about the work we do here in Belize. Girls Going Global (GGG) was founded in 2012 with a mission to empower underserved girls ages 13-17, through travel and cultural exchange, to become global citizens and change agents. The U.S. Embassy is proud to be a part of the Girls Going Global 2018 trip to Belize. We hope the girls continue to have an excellent time exploring everything Belize has to offer and learning about the richness of Belizean culture.

    Marcus Canul was a Yucatec Maya and one of the better known leaders of the Icaiche Maya. The Yucatec Maya group known as the Icaiche Maya territory included part of northwestern Belize and southern Mexico close to the Rio Hondo. When the British arrived in Belize, they discovered mahogany and started to export it. They reported several attacks on the British camps from the Maya in 1788 and 1801. The Maya retreated to the jungle . At the time when the British wanted to expand their woodcutting operations they faced Maya resistance in Icaiche and in the Yalbac área of Belize. With the support of Marcus Canul and the Maya who had migrated to the San Pedro Yalbac area, the Icaiche led by Asunción Ek defeated the British troops in December 21,1866 known as the battle of San Pedro Yalbac.

    Channel 7

    City Contractor Stabbed To Death By Former Employee
    The 4-day Easter weekend was calm in the Belize City war zones - there was no report of gang - related violence, but still, by the time Easter Monday was done - there had been 4 murders in the Corozal, Belize and Cayo Districts. We start out with the first murder which resulted from a stabbing that happened on Thursday night. 40 year-old Manuel Canales, a naturalized Belizean from Antelope Street Extension in Belize City was stabbed to death by an acquaintance. Canales was a hard-working family man, and he and his family had plans for the Easter holiday - but he'd never see Easter - he died on Good Friday morning - hours after being stabbed.

    Ardon For Murder
    And police say that this assailant was 22 year-old Evyin Ardon, a Honduran laborer of Antelope Street Extension, the same street where Canales and his family lived. Ardon was charged with murder when he was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. There's no bail for murder, and Ardon was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. He will be brought back to court on May 29, for an adjournment in his case.

    Camalote Murder Was Especially Vicious
    That was the only murder in Belize City - but there were two killings in the Cayo District. The first was especially violent. It happened in Camalote where a family spent the Easter grappling with the circumstances under which their loved one was viciously murdered. 20 year old Dristen Reyes's body was found in a shallow grave on Good Friday morning. He had gone missing on Wednesday evening and it is believed Reyes was killed sometime on Thursday. Courtney Weatherburne has more. Lucky Dube's "Slave" was one of Dristen Reyes' favorite songs. It was always a joy hearing him sing along to the lyrics. But now this track only brings the family pain and sadness - a reminder that Reyes will no longer be around.

    Police Have Suspects Detained For Camalote Murder
    Now police didn't comment on the motive of Reyes' murder but they do have 3 persons detained at this time. Here is more from the bi-weekly press briefing. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Friday, March 30th, police responded to an information in the roaring river area, behind Camalote Village, in the Cayo District, where police officers along with villages from Teakettle conducted a search, where the came upon a shallow grave, which upon digging the grave, the body of Dristen Reyes, a 20 year-old laborer of Teakettle Village was found in an advanced state of decomposition. Dristen Reyes was last seen alive on March 28th, and was reported missing March 29th. Police have since detained 3 persons pending investigation."

    Was Jealousy The Motive For Bella Vista Chopping Death
    And another man was murdered in Cayo over the long weekend. A father of 3 was chopped to death in Buena Vista. The victim is 38 year old George Hyde. He was found outside a house in the village. Courtney Weatherburne traveled to Buena Vista and spoke to a resident who lives near to where Hyde was killed. Hyde's daughter also gave a gripping account of what she saw when she got to the scene. Julia Hernandez, Resident: "I only see, when I get up from my bed from sleep, I only see the police over there and I go call my man and I tell him the police is over there by my neighbor house and he say leave it, they were doing their job they tell me, but after more later I see the chairman come and more people are coming and I say what happened over there and I understand someone was killed over there but I didn't see anything."

    Police Say Victim Had Many Enemies
    And police say his murder may be as a result of a number of previous altercations. They told us more. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Sunday, the 1st of April, police were called to Buena Vista Village in the Cayo District, where, upon arrival, the body of one George Hyde, 36 years labourer, of the said village, was seen on a verandah with multiple chop wounds to the head and body. The scene was processed and the body was removed to the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Police have since detained 4 persons, pending this investigation, which is still ongoing at this time."

    Corozal Murder Looks Drug/Cartel Related
    And from Western Belize, we take you now to the north for a chilling murder which happened in the Corozal Village of Louisville. On Easter Sunday afternoon at around 2:00, Corozal police found 42 year-old Eleazar Chan's body in a cane field just outside the neighboring San Pedro Village. It was wrapped in a hammock, and several garbage bags, which was placed - oddly - on a sofa. An on-site post-mortem has revealed that Chan died of blunt force trauma to the face.

    Roof Still In Crisis, But KHMH Re-Opens Specialist Clinics
    There is some encouraging news coming out of the KHMH tonight. No, the structural crisis covering half the building hasn't magically been fixed, but the hospital is re-opening its specialist clinics. The clinics re-opened today - and the hospital admissions office is scheduling appointments for those patients who had pending appointments. A press release says, quote, "The KHMH appreciates the public's patience and continued support as we work to regain our full functioning as your national referral hospital." There is no timeline for when that full functioning will be restored.

    Police Quick To Charge For Anderson Murder
    On our Holy Thursday newscast, we told you about 44 year-old Emmerson Anderson, who was killed in an Ebony Street shooting last Wednesday night. Well, police believe that the gunman was this man, 20 year-old Anthony Reyes, and tonight, he's at the Belize Central Prison. As we told you, Anderson was hanging out with a group of friends at a house on Ebony Street when a shooter barged in and opened fire on the group. Those closest to Anderson don't believe that he was the target, especially since he was not known to be part of any gang. But, there are ongoing rivalries playing out in that neighborhood.

    Government Holds Off On Emergency Areas After Gang War Cools
    And just before we the start of news, we learned that the Government is going to hold-off on their new crime measures, designed to curb crimes like Anderson's murder in Belize City. Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte told us that all the legal work for those emergency zones in Belize City is done. But, the authorities are noticing that the that their initiatives such as mediation and community policing are working well at this time. As we told you there was no gang related violence this weekend.

    Family Says Child Almost Kidnapped In Chetumal Park
    This Easter weekend Chetumal was flooded with Belizeans. Lins P. Bailey, her six-year-old daughter Empress, and her mother were among the many families that were there. The trio was having a blast together until something completely unexpected happened to them. Their precious little Empress was almost abducted by a stranger while they were at the park on Sunday. Thankfully she managed to escape but the incident has left the family especially Empress shaken up. However, this did not deter the family from sharing their scary experience. They told Sahar Vasquez that they want everyone to know so that they can be on guard.

    Man Flung From Cycle Found Dead 36 Hours Later
    There was a fatal traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway over the Easter Weekend. The victim was 46 year-old Endhir Guerra, a Bowen and Bowen employee who lives in Orange Walk Town. After work, he was expected to reach home on the morning of Good Friday, but he never made it. So, his family made a missing persons report to police, and by the evening of the following day, his family and police found his body off the road, where they believe he crashed and died.

    American Woman’ Ex Beat Her Badly, He Gets Probation
    A case of alleged domestic abuse on San Pedro has been generating quite a buzz. Just after midnight on Monday in San Pedro, forty-year-old Russel Casimiro allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend thirty-year-old American Carrie Tripodis's home. Tripodi told police that she was getting ready to go to bed when Casimero knocked on the door and demanded she opened it. Tripodi did not comply so Casimero allegedly scaled up the side of the house and broke in through the balcony door that was unlocked.

    Accused of Threatening Witness
    Sixty year old Franz Hamilton, was today charged with a rarely used offence: the attempted suppression of evidence - because he allegedly tried to intimidate a witness. When he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, Hamilton pled not guilty to the charge. The allegation is that on Good Friday, Hamilton, who was on bail for a charge of sexual assault on an 8 year old girl, told the child's mother the he does not know if she will live long enough to testify.

    Cross Country, Pedal By Pedal
    There's nothing to destroy your Easter weekend vibe like the news that a Guatemalan has won the cross country. But that's just what happened last year. Would there be a repeat this year? Codie Norales was out on the road for all 144 miles. Kwame Scott narrates the drama: 2009 Cross Country Champion Mexican Carlos Lopez, 2012 champion Giovanni Choto followed by Belize's top finisher last year, Ron Vasquez. Last year's second place finisher, American Patrick Raines. 2018 Junior Cross country champion, Shaun Codd, Quinton "the Baddest" Hamilton, 51 year old blast from the past, Fitzgerald Joseph were just a few of those at the early sign in.

    Racers React To Justin’s Dominating Victory
    And while those were the top finishers across all categories - there is only one garland - and it went on the broad shoulders of Justin Williams - the first two time champion since 2004. After the race he told us the relief he felt in knowing he'd kept the garland at home:... Justin Williams, Two time Cross Country Champ: "Today I came out early. I don't have a team so I kind of have to take a lot of risk in letting everyone race early. This year it felt pretty good. It seemed like all the Belizean guys are riding selflessly. They looked like everyone was on the same page and that's always really nice to see when I come out here and everyone is racing for the pride of the country. I didn't think I'd go solo. I thought someone would come with me like one of the Americans or Mexicans. They didn't and I'm grateful. My dad said that the Belizean guys at the back kind of just marked everyone out the race, which I'm super grateful for. I come out here every year and I have respect for those dudes."

    Justin Did It For Belize
    Many had a chance to win, but only one rider seized it - and in doing so, Justin Williams etched his name in history. This morning - before he flew back to the US - Justin discussed the personal and national significance of this victory:... Reporter: "They aren't many 2 time champs." Justin Williams, Two time Cross Country Champ: "Yes, I know, it made me feel good. It made me feel like there is a huge sense of pride to have something that is so important to the country that I am from."

    While You Were At The Beach…
    And we close tonight with some beautiful and colorful displays …known as alfombras from Benque Viejo. They are painstakingly made from sawdust, rice, beans or even coffee beans as part of the religious observance of Good Friday when the passion of Christ is re-enacted through the town's streets. So while many of you were out at the cayes enjoying the sea and sun…these Benque residents were busy doing devotion in minute detail.


    Missing man found in shallow grave
    Also found murdered this past weekend was 21 year old Dristen Reyes of Teakettle Village. He had been reported missing two days before his decomposing body was found in a shallow grave in Camalotte Village. According to the Head of NCIB, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, no motive has been established, as police are …

    Woman attempts to kidnap Belizean girl in Chetumal City, Mexico
    What should have been a relaxing Easter holiday with the family ended in a frightful experience in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico for Linda Bailey, her mother and her six year old daughter, Empress. Bailey told Love News today that her family has made it a tradition to spend the Easter break in Chetumal, since she …

    Endhir Guerra found dead along Philip Goldson Highway
    The second person who had been reported missing and later found dead was 46 year old Endhir Guerra. Police report that Guerra had died for over twenty-four hours before his body was found along the Philip Goldson Highway. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, C.I.B Belize City: “Between mile 28 and 29 on the Philip Goldson Highway they …

    Manuel Canales succumbs to stab wound on Good Friday
    There were four murders over the long Easter weekend. We have details of all four murders and tonight we begin with the first. 40 year old Manuel Canales was stabbed on Holy Thursday by a man who he thought was his friend. He died hours later on Good Friday while receiving treatment at the Karl …

    Corpse found in a sofa in a cane field
    The fourth person to be found murdered over the long weekend was 42 year old Eleazar Chan of Louisville Village, Corozal District. His body was found on Easter Sunday in a cane field in San Pedro Village, also in the Corozal District. A post mortem exam was conducted on site and the cause of death …

    George Hyde found dead with machete wounds to the body
    Four persons have been arrested in connection with the death investigation of 36 year old George Hyde. We say ‘death investigation’ because that is how investigators are treating the matter but from the details we will share with you in a few, it has all the signs of a fatal and brutal machete attack. Hyde’s …

    Third estimated cane payment dip as EU and global market prices plunge
    The third estimated cane payment has been issued to cane farmers and the numbers are much lower than last year, but BSI representatives say it was no surprise. That is because industry stakeholders have been bracing for the drop particularly the EU preferential prices. Cane estimates are issued on a monthly basis to sugar cane …

    KHMH back in operation
    Last month, we informed you that the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) had structural problems which were affecting its operations. One of those operations affected was the Specialist Clinics. Today, Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA) sent out a press release stating that, effective today, the Specialists Clinic services are operating once again. Furthermore, the …

    Man attacks ex, is charged for wounding and released
    Police have charged 40-year-old Belizean Russell Casimiro for wounding after he reportedly attacked his ex-common-law wife. The incident is reported to have happened on the morning of April 2, at the woman’s house just as she was getting ready to go to bed. She told police that she heard a knock on her door around …

    Mazda Tribute parks into wall of house in San Joaquin Village, Corozal
    No injuries were reported after a red Mazda Tribute crashed into a house in San Joaquin Village in the Corozal District. Police have not issued any details but Love News understands that the incident happened around 10:30 last night. The owner of the house, Edwardo Acosta and his family had just gone to bed when …

    The Reporter

    Caribbean animator finds success with Netflix
    Five years ago an 18-year-old Caribbean native left his home in south Trinidad to pursue a dream. Now 23, Joash Berkeley has become an example to the world of the excellence that Caribbean people can achieve when determination finds its home inside their heart. Berkeley, a freelance animator and motion […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize city burglars make off with over $30,000 of goods
    Myrna Varela, a 60-year-old woman of Ebony street, Belize city reported that her house was […]

    Fire rips through home in Eldridge village
    Yesterday evening around 5:00, police responded to a report of a house fire in Eldridge […]

    San Pedro man charged for assaulting ex-girlfriend
    An American woman in San Pedro reported to police, yesterday, that her ex-husband broke into […]

    Reward offered for suspected fugitive killer hiding in Belize
    Police in San Diego, California are offering an $11,000 reward for information leading to the capture […]

    Lookout Faber/Saldivar, Mark King eyeing UDP top spot
    Mark King, the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) former Lake Independence area representative cause quite a […]

    Deputy Police Commissioner warns of email fraud
    Deputy Police Commissioner, Chester Williams, via his Facebook page, warned the public not to open or […]


    Finding New Things on Ambergris Caye including a 1963 Unimog For Sale
    The upcoming month of May will mark my 11 year anniversary living full-time on Ambergris Caye. For those who forgot the big 10 – the tin or aluminum anniversary – no problem. Ambergris Caye is interesting in that instead of seeming smaller and more manageable the more I live here, it seems like the island grows. My first 6 or 7 years were spent in the town proper and just south of it. I then branched out to North Ambergris Caye…and now live 7 miles north of town. I also spend a bunch of my time on the leeward side of the island at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – in an area that I didn’t even know existed when I first moved here.

    International Sourcesizz

    Travel Advisories Abound, But Perspective Is Important
    A quick look at the US State Department map of travel advisories could definitely set off alarm bells. But before shredding your passport and chaining oneself to the couch or refrigerator, it’s important to have some perspective. In March, my family traveled from Los Angeles to Belize, where we stayed inland in San Ignacio and near the ocean in Ambergris Caye. We also made a day trip from San Ignacio to the Mayan ruins in Tikal National Park in Guatemala, on a small guided trip through Viator. It turns out that we were visiting two of the five countries boasting the highest murder rates in the world. While Belize, like many areas, has occasional crimes against tourists, our family felt safe there, walking or golf-carting to markets, restaurants, beaches, boat landings and bars. Tikal, too, felt safe, although seeing the Guatemalan narcoterrorism paramilitary police in their black pick-up trucks was a bit unnerving. In fact, the only crime we fell victim to was the disappearance of my wife’s sunglasses from a tray at the TSA checkpoint at Houston George Bush Airport.

    International search for killer, reward offered
    District Attorney Summer Stephan and the mother of a woman allegedly killed by her boyfriend nearly two years ago in San Diego asked Tuesday for the public's help in tracking down the former Marine from Arizona, who's believed to be on the run in Mexico or Central America. A television station in Belize reported last September that McLeod had been spotted there and in neighboring Central American countries, including Honduras and Guatemala. Wentzel told the Belize news outlet that her personal investigation had led to contacts in the small English-speaking country on the Caribbean Sea who had seen McLeod "all over Belize." She said it's believed he stays in areas near the coast, like Punta Gorda, where he can take boats in and out of the country without attracting attention. "He's a charming man from what I understand," Wentzel told News 5 in Belize last year. "I believe she was killed because she was trying to get away from him. I (have) gotten contacted by several women who said that he's very dangerous ... so if he approaches you, he would approach you with charm but he's very dangerous."

    The owner of indi chocolate followed an unexpected path to create enjoyable, and impactful, treats
    CHOCOLATE FOLLOWS a logical progression from bean to bar at indi chocolate in Pike Place Market. Visitors to the glass-walled factory-cafe in the new MarketFront addition can watch as cacao beans sourced by owner Erin Andrews move from roasting and winnowing to refining and tempering, molding and packaging. “I knew I would go back to work. I wanted something that had a bigger impact, where I could see the impact I was making.” Her children, ultimately, led her to that next transition. They asked her where chocolate came from, and she took them to Belize to see cacao beans growing on trees. In an unlikely encounter that felt like destiny, she founded a chocolate factory there with business partners she met on the trip, working directly with farmers to the point of including a slip of paper in each bar noting which person’s harvest it used.

    Youth group shares faith, sustainable living
    Seven members of Verde Christian Church’s youth group spent their spring break in a jungle in Belize, with a plan to help jungle communities better understand sustainable living, as well as to spread the word of God. In Bermuda Landing, a town that Sarah Williams described as a “small howling monkey preserve in the jungle with hot humid days,” the seniors and their four leaders made chicken coops to help secure their meat source. “Hunting and fishing are more than pastimes or leisure activities to many Belizeans,” said Williams, whose husband Robb Williams is the former pastor at the Verde Christian Church. “Hunting and Fishing is relied on as a supplemental source of sustenance to many families and the main source of protein to more than a small portion of the population today.”

    3 English-Speaking Islands Perfect for a Low-Cost Retirement
    “Whether you dream of retiring full-time to a tropical paradise, owning a second home in a beach town where you can while away a few months a year, or you simply look forward to an occasional island vacation, you have great options where English is widely spoken,” says Jennifer Stevens, International Living Executive Editor. Expats have flocked to Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye, for the last few decades. It is Belize’s center for ocean sports during the day and for socializing at night. Ambergris and the small nearby islands are not overly developed, which means they’ve maintained a laidback vibe. San Pedro is the major population center on Ambergris, a town of roughly 18,000 part- and full-time residents.


  • 3rd Annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride, 1.5min. Join us THIS Saturday, April 7th, 2018 for the 3rd Annual CEO Caucus Cancer Ride! Help us raise funds to combat cancer. Registration is FREE! See you there!

  • Amunegu trailer - CaribbeanTales TV, min. In the small village of Placencia, Belize, recent road access has meant a boom in tourism and general rise in population. Placencia is a sixteen-mile peninsula with the Caribbean on its east and a mangrove lagoon to its west. With little land available for development, some have started to remove mangrove forests and fill the area in to create their own. Those who have lived in Placencia their whole lives understand the importance of mangroves to coastal ecosystems, how they filter run off from the mainland, provide nursery habitat for juvenile fish and buffer storm energy from sweeping away land, and are pushing for the government of Belize to declare the lagoon a protected area. They hope to make an example for other communities around Belize and the world fighting to protect mangrove forests.

  • de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter landing Belize City, 1min.

  • Snorkeling in Hol Chan, Belize, 2min.

  • UNICEF Belize and the Ministry of Human Development - Violence Prevention, 5.min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Activated Charcoal –The Black Medicine, 36min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Cross Country, Pedal By Pedal, 10min.

  • Meet the turtle, 8min. Here, in real time, is the unedited video of a small group of us going nose to nose with a very tame Loggerhead sea turtle. Recorded on March 22nd, 2018, near Thatch Caye Resort, Belize. (This is a silent movie).

  • Cave Tubing Belize, 10min.

  • Belize 2018, 12min. This video is about Hol Chan Dive Belize.

  • Lazy Lizard - Caye Caulker, Belize - 2018, 3min. A wonderful stop via Carnival Cruise in Belize allowed us to stop and visit this Amazing little island! Here is some drone video I took while there. Enjoy!

  • Hawk, 5 Min Lodge Belize, 9min.

  • Police CheckPoint, 60min.

    April 3, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Team Belize has landed in Australia for the Commonwealth Games

    Masonic Lodge hosting Easter Egg Hunt Today
    The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge is holding its First Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Monday, April 2, 2018 at the Angel Nunez Auditorium! Everyone is invited to attend!

    Sak Xikin team at Maya Center village!
    Yo Creek Sak Xikin Poktapok Team

    The beauty of El Pilar
    Unexcivated Maya Plaza group at El Pilar archaeological site, Cayo Belize.

    The Reporter

    Family receives home from BEL/Hand in Hand Ministries
    A family from Burrell Boom village has received a new house from the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and Hand in Hand Ministries. The wooden structure, worth $22,000 was part of the “Building for Change” program between the two organizations.

    Man critical following traffic mishap
    A man lies in a critical condition following a road traffic accident on Easter Sunday night. Police say that sometime after 7:00 p.m., on they responded to the scene between miles 71-72 on George Price Highway and saw a blue Lifan brand motorcycle on the road. Police learned that the driver was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital. Upon arrival there, police saw Miguel Vallerano Sac, 27, a cook of Border Road, Benque Viejo town, bleeding from the head.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Robber beats woman in her home in San Pedro Town
    The manager of Sandbar in San Pedro Town was the victim of a home invasion last night. Today, Sandbar posted on their Facebook page pictures of their manager with visible bruises to the face and informed that the person who committed the crime is well-known to people of Ambergris Caye and is a repeat offender of these crimes.

    Motorcycle crash leaves man in a critical condition
    Last night around 7:45, police responded to a road traffic accident between miles 71-72 on the George Price Highway . There, police saw a blue Lifan motorcycle on the road.

    International Sourcesizz

    You Better Belize This Will Be Your Favorite Beach Vacation
    Not many places boast Mayan temples, lush rainforests, white beaches, and legendary diving all in one place. The small country of Belize is a myriad of cultures, sights, languages, and foods. Since Belize is made up of islands, knowing what you want to do and see within the country will determine your travel itinerary. Most likely, you’ll fly into mainland Belize, which is where the jungle and temples are. The capital, Belize City, is still considered third world even with the growing tourism. Recently, ecotourism has flourished in this area allowing visitors to see the extensive cave systems, raft through the clear rivers, trek through the rainforest, and visit several ancient Mayan ruins.

    Local donation aids in building Central American school
    With the donation of $700, the Daybreak Rotary Club is helping to build a new school in Belize, a donation for which Father Peter Kalunian is grateful. The Rotarian funds will be used to help build an additional three classrooms in Pomona at the St. Matthew School, where the project has provided two computer labs. “We have already completed a 50’x70’multi-purpose building for the school,” Kalunian said. Kalunian recently explained the school project in the Central American country, noting the service project to Belize has been underway for 15 years. Among the Rotary project was the completion of a health clinic at the Southern Regional Medical Center in Dangriga.

    Get ready for Taste of Caribbean 2018!
    outhern Nevada’s popular convention of Latin, Caribbean, West Indian, Diaspora cuisine, music and arts known as Las Vegas Taste of The Caribbean will be held on Friday April 20 and Saturday April 21, 2018 in Las Vegas downtown Arts District. Las Vegas Taste of The Caribbean features exquisite cuisine from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Kenya, Peru and Central America to name a few.


  • Welcome to Paradice Ice Cream in San Pedro, 1min. This is another ice cream place you can try in San Pedro.

  • Belize Medical Mission Trip 2018, 6.5min.

  • [Dangriga, Belize] Interview with Jaime of Yok Ha Resort, 3min. Learn about Belize beer with Yok Ha Resort's Island Manager, Jaime.

  • VENOMOUS SNAKES: proding a FER-DE-LANCE at Blush of Eden, Belize, 11min. Blush of Eden is a privately owned Bio-Reserve in the Cayo District of Belize, managed by Stephen F. Zitzer, Ph.D, Biology and Ecology.

  • SNAKES: RED COFFEE, video taped at Blush of Eden, Bio - Reserve, Belize, 3min.

  • SNAKES: MEXICAN VINE, video taped in Belize on the road to Blush of Eden, 1.5min.

  • SNAKES: TIGER TREE, video taped in Belize on the way to Blush of Eden, 7min.

  • My Belize Trip, 25min.

  • Snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize., 2min.

  • Snakes: Black Indigo in Belize videotaped at Blush of Eden, 3min.

  • Trip to San Pedro, Belize, 7min.

  • Jelly fish and Stingrays in Cozumel and Belize .... Goff's Caye & Mr Sanchos, 9min. Our last few days on the Carnival Freedom sailing the Western Caribbean for 7 days! We stopped went to Goffs Caye in Belize! What an amazing place! My favorite port other than St. Maarten!

    April 2, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Seasick
    “I sure am thirsty,” Vernon said. “Let’s get a beer.” “Good idea,” I told him. By chance, Vernon and I were catching the same water taxi from Belize City. We had nearly an hour before the boat departed so we popped into a little bar around the corner from the taxi terminal. As we left the bar I said, “Vernon, you’ve had five beers in the last half hour. Will they make you seasick?” “I needed them, Mr. Dennis. I’m scared of boats but don’t get seasick unless I think about it. Now, you made me think of it so I’ll probably get sick.”

    Doctor Love: At Odds Couple
    Dear Doctor Love, For forty years my husband and I planned for retirement and by the time he left his long-time employment a few months ago, we had reached our goals. We raised our kids, paid off the mortgage and invested well and saved money. I need to work another three years, then I can also retire with full benefits. Life has been very good to us. A problem came up when he decided he wanted to go to San Pedro for the summer to “relax and unwind.” I know he has been depressed and feeling adrift but an extended vacation without me seems unfair. First, the cost of maintaining a second home away from home was not part of our long-term plan and was not managed into our budget.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Murder in Corozal
    On Sunday April 1, police found a murdered man in San Pedro Village, Corozal District. The body, wrapped in a hammock and garbage bags, was identified as 42 year old Eleazar Chan. The Louisville villager was reported missing on March 31st, 2018 by his wife Ana Chan. An on site Post Mortem revealed the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the face and bronchial asphyxiation.

    Cayo Murder
    At about 8:00 am on Sunday April 1, 2018 police visited Buena Vista village, Cayo District. On the veranda of a house, they found the body of George Hyde. The body was lying face up with a large chop wound on the neck, left shoulder and face. A machete was in his hand. One person is presently detained for questioning.

    DandE's Frozen Custard
    Looking for Ice cream in San Pedro Ambergris Caye? I have been finding many place's in San Pedro, Belize. Here's a scoop where you can find Ice cream in the Island. First one, is coconut flavor at Poco Loco's located in Front Street. Second one, Ice Cream flavor is Caye Lime at DandE's Frozen Custard. Dande's is located at Middle street. Third one, is flavored Chunky Munky at Manelly's Ice Cream pallor. Manelly's Ice Cream Pallor is located on Front street.

    Belize Youth Ambassadors proudly showcasing Belize’s cultural diversity in the United States!

    The Reporter

    Elderly couple robbed inside shop
    An elderly couple was robbed at gunpoint inside their shop on Good Friday. Valentine Staine, 73, a farmer of Middlesex village and his wife, Silvia Staine, 73, year old, shop owner, reported that they were inside Silvia’s Shop at mile 25 in Middlesex village around 8:00 on Good Friday night when three armed men dressed in military-type clothing and wearing masks entered the business. The men demanded money and Silvia Staine handed over $1000. The men then stole a red Ford Ranger pick-up truck. Police are investigating.

    Missing man found murdered in Corozal
    A man from the Corozal district who was reported missing was found murdered earlier today. Police were summoned to an area in around 2:00 p.m., today in San Pedro village, Corozal where they saw the body of Eleazar Chan, 42, of Louisville village. Police say the body was wrapped in a hammock and garbage bags. Chan’s wife, Ana Chan reported him missing on Saturday after he had not returned home. An on site post mortem examination certified that his cause of death was blunt force trauma to the face and bronchial asphyxiation. Police have no suspects detained.

    Man chopped to death in Cayo
    A man was found hacked to death on Easter Sunday morning in Buena Vista village, Cayo. The discovery was made around 8:00 on the verandah of a house. The victim, George Hyde, was lying face up clutching onto a machete, and with large chop wounds on the neck, Left shoulder, and face. Police have detained one person pending investigations.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Suspected Easter weekend murder in Corozal
    This afternoon around 2, Corozal Police visited an area in San Pedro Village, Corozal District and saw the body of a man wrapped up in a hammock and garbage bags.

    Man chopped to death in Cayo
    Police in the Cayo District are investigating the murder of a man that was chopped to death this morning in Buena Vista Village.


    April Events and Weather
    This months calendar is completely full, leaving no reason to say you’ve got nothing to do and great weather to do it in. During April the temperatures on Ambergris Caye typically vary between a daily high of about 29°C / 85°F and a daily low of approximately 24°C / 76°F. Average for April is around 26.5°C / 79.7°F. The winds typically aren’t as strong as March, but still significant. April is still “dry season” but if it does rain is most likely to occur around 6:00 am. Easter in Belize is a very is a very popular celebration time and there is no shortage of fun things to do. My reason to Celebrate is a bit more earthy, so far over the holidays, my water has only gone out 3 times for short periods and power once.

    Big Dawg Beachside Sports Bar – New Folks & New Business on Ambergris Caye
    Earlier this month, I ran into a couple from Kinard, Florida just outside of Panama City. Both were VERY excited to tell me about their new business venture on the island. Meet Dwayne and Peggy, new business owners in San Pedro. And their new business – Big Dawg Beachside Sports Bar & Grill. “We first visited San Pedro years ago,” Dwayne told me, “and we immediately felt like ‘we got it’”. It was 2015 – and on that 5-day trip they fell in love with San Pedro’s quaint, small town feel. “In our first few days, we really got a feel for the place and the people here. Everyone was sooo helpful, asking us “Hey big man, what you need?” when we’d walk around town. By the end of the trip, it’s like we were treated more like locals than tourists.”

    International Sourcesizz

    Caribbean States Share Common Values & Interests with Other ACP Countries
    As the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP) girds up its loins for talks on future relations with the European Union (EU) after the Cotonou Agreement expires in February 2020, the Caribbean Forum of the ACP States (CARIFORUM) has resolved that a new pact must take into account "the inherent and exogenous vulnerabilities" of the Caribbean region as critical elements in the negotiations. A Statement of the CARIFORUM Council of Ministers, which had a special meeting in St. Kitts-Nevis on March 26-27, said that they recognized "the fundamental importance and relevance of recent global agreements including Agenda 2030, the Paris Declaration on Climate Change and International Agreements on development financing."


  • Morning Matters at Camo Cantina in San Pedro, 63min.

  • San Pedro 2018 Easter Fest!, 11min.

  • Easter 2018 in San Pedro!, 12min.

  • Easter in San Pedro, 18min.

  • Belize Boogie POPS Record jump 2018, 2.5min. 2018 Belize Boogie POPS 3 point record skydive

  • January 31 to February 15, 2018: Belize, 18min.

  • Belize Travel Diary, 3.5min. Highlights from my recent trip to San Pedro, Belize

  • Gabriel Chavez defensa San Pedro Pirates vs BDF F.C Belize, 3min.

  • Matt and Andrea Honeymoon Belize, 15min.

  • Belize ReefCI, 4min. Diving at ReefCI. Placencia, Belize (video for a family that just got certified)

  • Belize 2018, 3.5min. Family vacation in Placencia, our stay in Chabil Mar.

  • Caye Caulker to Belize City(Memorable Sailing)EP 57, 10min.

  • Over and Under Belize, 5min. The Great Blue Hole

    April 1, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Accepts BZ$28.8 M From EU For Projects In The Health and Public Finance Management Sectors
    The Prime Minister of Belize and Minister of Finance Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and the European Union Ambassador to Belize H.E. Malgorzata Wasilewska signed two Financing Agreements for a total of BZ$28.8 M for projects in the Health and Public Finance Management sectors. The signing ceremony took place at the Prime Minister’s Office at the Laing Building in Belize City. Funding for the two sectors is allocated under the 11th European Union Development Fund (EDF) to assist in the social and economic development of Belize. The proposed projects are in line with Belize’s Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy and will assist in achieving the country’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Investigation into Coye/Madrill case dismissal still pending
    When the case against San Pedro Police Officers Norman Coye and Darnell Madrill was dismissed in January of this year, many islanders were surprised, including the wounded victims. Coye and Madrill were accused of being involved in a shooting incident at Central Park in April of 2017. Their unprecedented actions caused injuries from bullet fragments to five persons, and charges of Wounding were brought against them. After their court case was continuously adjourned for months, they walked free from the offenses. This prompted the Professional Standard Branch (PSB) to investigate the case and find out why it was tossed out since the reason given was due to the absence of the prosecution.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Corona del Mar Horse Shoe Competition
    Today April 1, starting at 11am. Come out and be part of the F U N !

    Life Guards at Work. A first for Corozal
    For th first time, the Corozal Town Council is providing certified life guard services to swimmers along the Corozal Bay for Saturday and Easter Sunday. We know how popular Corozal Town's coastal waters are to visitors. The council is aware of the need for safety measures and this is one of them.

    In honor of Women’s History Month, Ms. Rhea Rogers inspired over 180 students of Saint Catherine Academy to follow their passion and share their passion
    Ms. Rhea Rogers is the Staff Officer for the Ministry of National Security of Belize. She liaises on behalf of the ministry on projects and public policy issues, especially for women and youth, locally and internationally. She is the Ministry’s gender focal point and an activist for gender equity and equality. Rhea has been advocating for women's full participation in Belize's development since 1995 and promoting equity and equality for women in the national security sector since 2003. Rhea is a member of the National Gender-Based Violence Committee and participates in a variety of government-led initiatives for gender mainstreaming of public policies.

    Creating a Sawdust and Sand Carpet (Alfombras) in San Pedro
    A Good Friday Tradition

    Marco Gonzalez Spring Equinox Celebration and Blessings

    Endurance, determination, power, and hard work are some words that serve to describe one of the sons of San Antonio and a proud son of the corn. Today I want to give credit and support to an iconic sporting figure in my village. Angel Anastacio Tzib, most commonly known as “coonsi”, is probably one of the most undervalued athletes in my community. Being the only bicycle racer in San Antonio makes him a unique character, but we tend to downplay his hard work and dedication. Every year on Holy Saturday, San Antonieros flood the street sides (where the race takes place of course) of San Ignacio and Santa Elena to identify and cheer for our hero.

    The Reporter

    Belizean American, Justin Williams snags Cross Country race
    Belizean-American, Justin Williams has won the 2018 Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, riding into Belize City some four minutes before a seven-man chase group. Williams, whose father, Calman Williams is a former Cross Country champion, collected $5,000 cash as his first prize, an an assortment of station prizes along the 34 miles back that he rode solo to Belize City. He also received several trophies, and the winner’s jersey. Placing second was American, Patrick Raines and Mexican, Rudy Rincon placed third.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Justin Williams – 2018 Cross Country Cycling Champion
    Belizean-American cyclist, Justin Williams, rode away with the garland for the 90th annual Cross Country cycling classic this morning. With a whopping four minute gap, Williams rode proudly into Belize city while thousands of Belizeans cheered him on.

    Manatee found dead
    This morning, a manatee was found dead in the Belize river in Belize City. The manatee was mutilated. It had several large cuts around its body.


    Good Friday On Ambergris Caye
    Good Friday is a low-key, solemn day in Belize. Shockingly quiet compared to the Beach Party madness that follows. I mean IMMEDIATELY follows. The night clubs open at MIDNIGHT last night – on Good Friday/Holy Saturday. And the Spring Break-like mania continues until Easter Monday when you’ll see young Belizeans, looking shell-shocked and bleary-eyed, shuffling back to the water taxi to head home. Good Friday is a DRY DAY. And as surprising that was to me on my first Easter week in Belize, it’s not this country. In fact, Ireland just legislated THIS YEAR to allow bar and shop owners to make it their choice – to serve alcohol or not. Publicans actually took the government to court!

    International Sourcesizz

    The Caribbean: Facing a Fatal Fate
    High-tide flooding is set to become an every-other-day affair in coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast of the United States of America by the year 2100. It will also fatally harm the countries of the Caribbean. This latest cause for alarm, concerning high-tide flooding, is identified in a new report from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA). According to the report, high-tide flooding in the mid-Atlantic doubled from an average of three days a year in 2000 to six in 2015.


  • San Pedro Easter 2018!, 6min.

  • San Pedro Easter 2018!, 1min.

  • Belize, Here We Come, 12min.

  • BELIZEAN AUTHOR JENNIFER BETSON-WLLIAMS CALL OF DUTY IN BELIZE!, 48min. The feature with Jennifer Betson-Williams highlights a candid conversation with yours truly about Belizean values that have been a missing aspect of Belizean society today. Born and raised in Belize City, Belize, Betson-Williams grew up on the Southside of Belize City to humble Belizean parents who raised their children to be God fearing and respectable citizens of Belizean society.

  • 2018 90th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Race Belize, 1.5min.

  • Cross country cycling classic.. 2018 BELIZE, 1.5min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 6min. Snorkeling compilation from spring break vacation off the coast from Hopkins, Belize.

  • Belize 2018 Holy Saturday Easter cycling Classic 90th Race, 2min.

  • traveling by belize highway, 9min.

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