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February 10, 2019


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Island visitor William McQueen donates to Hope Haven
US-retiree and long-time island visitor William McQueen presented a US$10,000 donation to Hope Haven Center Children’s Shelter located in San Pedro Town. The money donated to Hope Haven will go towards the different programs they currently operate, which include counseling, a literacy program at Holy Cross Anglican School, Colleen’s Kitchen Food Bank, SHINE Girls Group, Women Artisans Project, Preschool ballet and the Kid’s Club. McQueen told The San Pedro Sun that he has been visiting the island for almost 19 years, and he wanted to give back to the community he loves so much. “I recently inherited some money, so I wanted to give to San Pedro since I have been vacationing here for the past 19 years. I am aware of the great work Hope Haven does in the community, so I decided it would be good to help them,” he said.

Chef Chris Aycock brings sushi to Grand Caribe Resort
On January 1st the Grand Caribe Resort family opened the doors to their newest restaurant, Aqua. With a culinary team lead by notable island chef, Chris Aycock, Aqua has brought an elevated seafood dining experience to north Ambergris Caye. Serving Japanese style sushi with a Caribbean twist every Wednesdays and Fridays, visitors and locals are welcomed to enjoy a dining experience unlike no other. From blackened shrimp salads to local charred octopus, Chef Aycock creates each dish to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Nevertheless, his true mastery in the kitchen shines during Aqua’s Sushi Nights.

Meet the San Pedro Invaders 2019
Belize’s National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) Closing Season 2019 began on Saturday, February 2nd, and for the first time, sees the participation of a female team from San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce to you the players that form San Pedro Invaders female team. They will be competing for this season’s championship. The San Pedro Invaders is currently being coached by Mario Chimal, who is from San Pedro Town and is a well-known footballer. Manager, Arnold Kuylen is assisting him. The San Pedro Invaders faced Corozal Scorpions for their season opener on Saturday, February 2nd at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. The island team fought hard for victory but had to settle for a 4-4 draw.

Misc Belizean Sources


Cultural day in the Maya village of Patchakan(Corozal)
Maya villagers of Patchakan and the Maya group To'one Masehualo'on showing thier culture to Students of Saint John's. Nuestra cultura Maya Yucateca sigue vivo el norte de Belize. Pictures courtesy of Nojoch Mak Jeremias Tzul.

First Scarlet Macaw count in Belize
Hey friends in Belize. The First Scarlet Macaw count in Belize is coming up very soon! Next Weekend! Please reach out to Charles Britt or Roni Martinez if you have interest in participating on the east side of the divide (check out the map below for locations). You can contact Boris Miguel Arevalo if you want to help out in the Chiquibul. If you can participate all three days then that would be great. However, one or two days is great as well. The counts are in the mornings so you can have the rest of the day to take care of things or go birding!

Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival

The Reporter

Belize Warned of Being Blacklisted, Unless…
Belize is among six territories which the European Code of Conduct Group (CCG) has written to, asking each one to update our preferential tax measures or face the possibility of being blacklisted. The request gives Belize and the other five territories, Curaçao, Mauritius, Saint Lucia, Barbados, and the Seychelles several months to commit to replacing our respective ‘harmful’ tax practices and seek alternative measures.

Belizean Police Seek Guatemalan Police Assistance to Capture Shooter
Belizean Police authorities have turned to their Guatemalan counterparts to ask for the capture of Anibal Avila after he reportedly shot indiscriminately at the Immgration/Customs building at the Benque border when he was denied entry into Belize early Thursday morning.

Farmers will save Belize
By Neferetary Marin. Being raise on a producing cattle ranch and farm, I learned to work hard and efficiently before and after school to accomplish all that needed to be done to keep the family business running smoothly through both prosperous and hard times.

Police & Business Sector Offer Cash Reward for Arrest
The Belize Police Department, with support from the business community, is offering a cash reward for relevant information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for Thursday evening’s robbery and deadly shooting upon a Japanese family off the Philip Goldson Highway.

Senior Citizen Shot in the Head; Critical
A senior citizen is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City after he was shot in his head while he was riding in Buena Vista Village, Cayo where he lives.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize named among best adventure destinations
Belize has been named among the world’s best sport and adventure destinations by TripAdvisor. According to the world renowned travel site, ‘adrenaline experiences’ are on the rise, trending up nearly 20% year-on-year as more travelers search for more exciting and daring experiences.

Shell to host Love Expo in Santa Elena town
Shell gas station in Santa Elena town is hosting a Love Expo on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Participating businesses for the expo include Wine Smith Ltd., Bowen and Bowen, The Wine House, A and S Covers, Auto Select and Castellanos Imports.

Cool weather to continue
A slight moist Northeasterly airflow prevails over the country. Sunny clouds with some cloudy spells and a few showers are expected. The sea state will be choppy to moderate.

Christian Concert to be held in San Antonio Saturday night
Villagers in San Antonio, Cayo are hosting a Christian concert tonight. The event will take place at the San Antonio village Central Park and is set to start at 6:00 p.m.


Solo Female Travel in Mexico — Is it Safe?
Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in Mexico? ABSOLUTELY. Mexico gets a undeserved bad reputation for travel, particularly in the United States. Much of this is due to the cable news environment with its exaggerated narratives that Mexico is full of drug cartels and murderous immigrants. This is not what Mexico is actually like. In fact, the real Mexico is so different that you’ll be stunned. My name is Kate and I write about solo female travel for a living. And I’ve spent a lot of time traveling in Mexico. Even though I’ve been to 77 countries and all seven continents, there’s something about Mexico that pulls me back again and again. I literally got back from my last trip two weeks ago and I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back next!

The ATM Cave in Belize : Everything You Need to Know
There's such a wealth of historical and natural landmarks in Belize that it can be hard to know which to fit into your schedule, but the ATM Cave - or Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave - is a possible contender for Belize's most stunning attractions. Located close to the town of San Ignacio, the ATM Cave is the most popular cave tour in Belize. Its vast network of underground chambers is known as being a treasure trove for archaeologists but also for its diverse ecosystem of bats, crabs, crayfish, and tropical fish. Here's everything you need to know before you start planning a trip to the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave.

International Sourcesizz

Japanese man shot to death trying to save father in Belize robbery
A Japanese man has been shot to death and his father critically wounded by two armed men in Belize, according to the Japanese Embassy in Belmopan. The incident happened in Belize City, nation’s largest city, at around 6 p.m. Thursday, embassy officials said. Local media identified the man who was killed as Masaki Yanai, 19. His father, Takayuki, 53, runs a Japanese restaurant in Belize City. The two men attacked the father when he returned home from shopping and was unloading his car.

I Traveled Solo to a Romantic Private Island Resort and I Don't Regret a Thing
The thing about gorgeous private island villas is that you don’t usually stay in them alone. On my flight down to Belize, there were seemingly no other solo travelers; the couple sharing the row with me was heading to their friends’ vow renewal ceremony. When I told them I had plans to stay (by myself) at Turneffe Island Resort, a private island 30 miles off the coast of Belize City, they both nodded vigorously and smiled at me in the way people do when they’re at a loss for words. My villa had an outdoor shower roughly the size of my kitchen at home, a view of the Caribbean Sea, a hammock, a personal palapa, and its own little stretch of private beach. Was it abundantly clear why it would’ve been appealing to honeymooners? Yes. Was it weird to have it all to myself? Not even a little. The phrase “villa for one” might not be super common, but it should be, because sleeping diagonally in a king-size bed and sprawling your toiletries out over two bathroom sinks is truly luxurious.

The murder epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean
Latin America and the Caribbean make up only eight per cent of the world's population but accounted for almost 40 per cent of the murders committed worldwide in 2017. The average murder rate in the region was 24 per 100,000 — almost five times the global average. Jamaica ranked third in the world at 60 per 100,000. Somewhat surprisingly, the US Virgin Islands came in fourth at 47 per 100,000. Of the 10 countries with the highest murder rate in the world, nine are from the region, five of which are Caricom states. Of the 50 cities with the highest murder rates, 43 are to be found in the region.


  • The Placencia BTIA Sidewalk Arts Festival!!, 42min.

  • BEL’s contribution to the expansion of the Philip Goldson and George Price Highways and construction of a new road to the international airport, 1min. We thank our dedicated teams who worked diligently throughout the day and into the night on February 8 to complete BEL’s contribution to the expansion of the Philip Goldson and George Price Highways and construction of a new road to the international airport. Thanks also to customers for your patience and understanding during the scheduled outage necessary for the safety of our crews. We apologize again for the extension caused by damages from other heavy equipment.

  • More on the water dining in Belize, 1.5min. Charles's Fine Dining Over the Water.

  • Bark Beetle field research in Belize, 15min. The University of Florida Forest Entomology team sets out to explore tropical bark beetles at a remote field station in Belize, and finds biological treasures, human history and a connection with the landscape.

  • Carnival Glory - Belize 2018, 9.5min. Carnival Glory - July 3rd, 2018. Our stop in Belize for a little zip lining @ Chukka Jaguar Outpost.

  • Caye Caulker Belize 2019 / Caye Caulker Beach Hotel, 7min. This is day 7 of our Belize trip and our final stop before heading home on day 11. We loved Caye Caulker the moment we stepped foot on the white sand. The slow pace of life and extremely nice people made it an instant favourite. The food , the drinks, and the heart beat of this island is a must visit for any traveler. The no shirt, no shoes, no problem motto is easy to get accustomed too. We stayed at the Caye Caulker beach hotel. The location was incredible, and the price was right! The room is extremely small but had everything we needed for the short time we were in it. The split was a super chill place to hang out. The snorkelling with the local tour guide Ish was absolutely amazing. He even invited us to his place for dinner after! He cooked up the fish we caught during our tour. I can’t wait to return to this magical little island.

  • Whale Sharks Belize, 5min. Two whale sharks about 25-30 feet in length off Gladden's spit Belize. June 2005 D for Danger : D for Danger and Company.

  • Dive Belize: Glover's Reef Atoll, Blue Hole, Half Moon, 7.5min. Diving at Off the Wall, Glover's Reef, Blue Hole, Half Moon Wall. Loggerhead, Spotted eagle rays, creole wrasse, green moray, trumpetfish, scorpionfish, spiny lobster, basket sponges, reef sharks, nurse sharks, bone fishing, and one lonely Portuguese man of war. Visibility over 100 feet. Water temp around 82 degrees. Inland exploring at Black Rock Lodge!

  • Catamaran up a River! - Belize's Sittee River, 20min. We're up a River with lots of paddlers if need be! Tricky navigation continues as we motor up the Sittee River, past the silty shallows of the river's mouth where we worry about getting stuck, to a tropical and chilled out marina near the town of Hopkins Belize. This is our first time taking Saltair 3 up a river and it's a gorgeous trip!

  • El Classico! Bandits SC vs Verdes FC | PLB 2018-2019 Closing Season, 52min.


    February 9, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Commissioner of Police Chester Williams hosts a public meeting in San Pedro Town
    Newly appointed Commissioner of Police Chester Williams held a public meeting in San Pedro Town on Thursday, February 7th to discuss the Belize Police Department’s plans regarding crime, domestic violence, policing and strengthening the relationship with the community. Williams was flanked by high ranking officers of the police department, including Deputy Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster and Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Coastal Executive Unit (San Pedro and Caye Caulker) Superintendent Reymundo Reyes. Held at the Central Park, the meeting drew several islanders who not only got to hear Williams’ agenda but were also able to voice their concerns.

    5-A-Side Football Tournament plays on in Ambergris Caye
    Several matches in the 5-A-Side Football Tournament took place at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium in San Pedro Town between February 2nd and 3rd. The football action began on Saturday, February 2nd, with Blue Sharks winning 5-1 against The Wolf at 7PM. E &L followed with a 10-6 defeat to Castillo’s, and San Mateo and Captain G’s game ended in a 3-3 draw. The last match of the night saw Scorpions winning 3-0 over Boca Jrs. The 5-A-Side Football Tournament continues this weekend, starting on Saturday, February 9th at 7PM. Games continue the following day starting at 11AM at the SPHS auditorium. All islanders are invited to come out and enjoy some great football action this weekend.

    Annual Kelly McGuire birthday concert benefits Saga Humane Society
    American award-winning country singer/songwriter Kelly McGuire returned to his dream island Ambergris Caye, and once again celebrated his birthday Saga-style at the Palapa Bar and Grill. The birthday celebrations were held on Wednesday, February 6th, and included a fundraiser concert benefiting San Pedro’s Saga Humane Society. Country music fans not only enjoyed the best of McGuire’s hits but also participated in live auctions and had the opportunity to win fabulous prizes that were raffled throughout the evening. The highly anticipated event drew a large crowd, who danced and sang along with McGuire songs like ‘Boat in Belize,’ and ‘Blame it on Buffet.’ The popular singer took a chance during intermissions to ask patrons to support Saga by participating in the live auctions and raffles.

    SPHC and NICH board members hold a public meeting in San Pedro
    The San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC) along with the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) board members held a public meeting in San Pedro Town on Monday, February 4th. The meeting saw the attendance of NICH President Sapna Budhrani, Director of the Institute for Social and Cultural Research Nigel Escalante, Director of the Institute of Archaeology Doctor John Morris, Director of the Institute of Creative Arts Gregory Vernon, Director of the Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture Alexis Salazar and SPHC President Guillermo ‘Mito’ Paz. The purpose of the meeting was for the NICH directors to listen to thoughts and concerns of island residents on keeping culture and traditions alive on Ambergris Caye.

    SPTC addresses road conditions and infrastructural projects for the island
    The much-needed renovation on streets in the sub-divisions around San Pedro Town has finally begun. Some of these areas include San Pedrito, San Pablo, and DFC, and heavy machinery has been observed grading deteriorated streets that had been posing a challenge to students walking to school and those commuting to work. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has also announced infrastructural projects in drainage and paving of streets. Mayor Daniel Guerrero said that with the absence of rains, they can now get to work and fix streets. “We have put three barges of hardcore material at the DFC area, and more is coming,” he said. “Additionally, we will be adding white marl, which is coming from the quarry up north.”

    FFB honors U-15 & U-17 youth footballers
    Denissa Maerena of San Pedro High School was honored as the Best Goalkeeper of the national Under-17 female inter-district football tournament organized by the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), when they held an awards ceremony to recognize the best players of national Under-15 boys, Under-17 girls and Under-17 boys’ tournaments at the Marion Jones Sports Complex last Saturday morning, February 2. Maerena had committed to a tournament that day and could not attend the ceremony.

    Ambergris Today

    New Commissioner Of Police Brings Promising Plans For San Pedro
    On Thursday, February 7, 2019, Belize Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams and his Senior Command Team were in Caye Caulker and San Pedro as part of the Commissioner of Police's Eastern Regional Tour to carryout Inspections of the Police Officers, to listen to the Police Officers' concerns in these islands, challenges, suggestions and present the strategy of his way forward for the Belize Police Department. The San Pedro Police Formation met with Chester Williams at the San Pedro Lions Den for inspection and for a formal meeting. Later in the evening, Commissioner of Police and his Senor Command Team held a public meeting at the Central Park where he also presented some strategy points on how and what the department is working on.

    Margaritaville Holdings Announces New Condo Resort On Ambergis Caye
    Margaritaville Holdings, the global lifestyle brand synonymous with fun and escapism, announced on Thursday, February 7, 2019, a new condo resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize's largest island. Opening in 2020, Margaritaville Resort Belize is located on the unspoiled northern end of the island and within the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean, the resort will be comprised of 71 residences, two pools, signature Margaritaville food and beverage concepts and more.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Let us ALL help keep La Isla Bonita Clean!
    And the work continues....Part of our team was in the San Pedrito area clearing high grass and picking up trash. Also, our trucks were spreading some material on some streets that needed attention. The San Pedro Town Council asks the public to practice cleanliness. Please throw your garbage in a garbage drum. Keep your garbage drums INSIDE your yard/property, and somewhere were animals such as dogs, cats or raccoons can't tamper with it and make a mess.

    For the month of February, we are excited to feature Crystal Samos as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur!
    Crystal is a young 25 year old female entrepreneur that has been beating all odds and making great strides as a businesswoman. At the age of 21, Crystal relocated to Cayo where she decided to follow her new found passion in the Hospitality Industry. It is during this time that she started her very own business "Capio,” selling her coffee scrubs on social media, which can now be found at gift stores, boutiques and spas countrywide. In 2015, her original product gave Crystal the distinction as the 2015 Female Entrepreneur of the Caribbean and Most Innovative Product at the Sustainable Development Entrepreneurship Conference in Grenada. In that same year she was also awarded the Innovation Award by the Youth Department and the 20,000 Strong Woman award.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Overlord, Can You Ever Forgive Me? Mortal Engines, Robin Hood.

    Inga edulis trees
    MGL Farmer Santiago Cus of San Miguel has pruned a few rows of trees in his Inga Alley Cropping plot and planted beans in the alleys – a first for him! We are working with farmers, like Santiago Cus, to plant the amazing and fast growing Inga edulis trees in rows which produce nitrogen, loads of leaves and branches to fertilize the soil. In this farming system, the Inga trees are pruned after 2-3 years. The plot can be used year after year.

    Internship Opportunity at OPANAL
    Internship Opportunity at the OPANAL Secretariat in Mexico City for Belizean graduate and postgraduate students in the fields of International Relations, International Law and Political Sciences.

    Arenal Village water back
    The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hereby informs residents of Arenal Village, Cayo District that water has been restored back to normal. The village has been without water since Thursday, February 7th resulting from a rupture in the riser pipe. The Ministry has purchased and installed a new pipe so that the residents can access water today.

    The Ministry of Investment, Trade & Commerce Facilitates Exchange Investment Missions between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize
    The Government of Belize, through the Ministry with responsibility for Investment, Trade and Commerce, along with the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), continues to strengthen bilateral relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan) through the facilitation of two (2) exchange investment missions between both countries. The objectives of the missions are to increase foreign direct Investment in priority industries that will contribute positively to Belize’s macroeconomic growth.

    Corozal - Football Action this Saturday
    February 9th at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium

    6 Belizean Legends
    This are 6 Belizean Legends you will hear between the Yucatec Maya(Máasewal) of Northern and western Belize. The famous X'tabay is the most known. The Alux or Aluxo'ob(Plural) who are guardians of the milpas. The Nukux Tat also known as "Tata Duende" the protector of the forest and animals. The Wáay also known as Huay are sorcerers who can transform into animals. For example the Huay Peek' is a sorcerer who transform into a huge black dog. The Huay k'eek'en the sorcerer who transforms into a huge pig. K'aak'as iik' also known as "mal aire".

    Ride to the Reef 2019
    2019’s Reef Week is almost here! The sixth Ride to Reef is the perfect way to motivate you to keep up with your New Year resolutions! Oceana’s Ride to the Reef will start at Independence Hill (National Assembly) at 6:30 AM and end at the BTL Park on the coast in Belize City. This year we ride to support all the continuous efforts by Belizeans to protect our reef because when we come together, we make waves. Registration is free and basic servicing will be included. For more information, email [email protected] or call us at 822-2792/822-2799!

    Channel 7

    Japanese Father Critical, Son Dead in Ruthless Robbery
    Last night, we had late breaking news of a shooting in the Buttonwood Bay Area - where a father and son were injured.  Tonight we can confirm that 19 year old Masaki Yanai is dead, while his 53 year old father, Takayuki Yanai is clinging to life at the KHMH tonight. 19 year-old Masaki Yanai, son of 53 year-old Takayuki Yanai, passed away last night at the KHMH after he was gunned down for simply trying to come to his father's rescue, in an attempt to fight off armed criminals. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "Yesterday, just after 6:20 p.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they observed 2 male persons, one by the name of Takayuki Yanai, and Masaki Yanai..."

    Restauranteur Remembers Humble Family
    So, while the Yanai Family mourns the loss of the well-loved Masaki, they continue to worry about his father, Takayuki. Best reports say that he remains in a critical condition tonight. Today, we spoke with Senate President Lee Mark Chang from Chon Saan who was Takayuki's first employer when he came here about 15 years ago. Chang told us that this tragedy has been visited upon one of the humblest families he knows: Hon. Lee Mark Chang - Friend to the Yanai Family: "I knew the Yanai family since they came to Belize, at I think about 14-15 years ago. The family is very religious, and they came to do volunteer work in Belize, and just to work on the side. So, they've been doing those volunteer work from as far as I know, from ever since."

    15 Years For Killing 60 Year Old
    2 months ago, we told you about 20 year-old Roberto Rodriguez and 25 year-old Clive Geban. They were charged with murder for the 2013 killing of 61 year old Ervin Morales in Maskall Village.  In December of last year, they pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Well today, Justice Colin Williams handed down their sentence. He has decided that they should spend 15 years in jail for the the crime.  Justice Williams noted that both men showed remorse by asking his family for forgiveness, and by covering Morales's body with a blanket - after they had left him with 19 wounds.

    Bail Denied: Peruvian Cries in Court, Again
    He cried in court last week when his bail hearing was adjourned - and today 24 year old alleged bank skimmer Peruvian Louis Marroquin cried again when Justice Herbert Lord denied him bail.  In his ruling Justice Lord said that if no preliminary inquiry is held by the end of March, might consider granting Marroquin bail.  Marroquin's attorney, Dickie Bradley, submitted that Marroquin had no connection to the ATM skimming equipment found with his other co-accused, A Chilean and a Colombian.

    Bad Business, BEL! Thousands Inconvenienced By Epic, Extended Power Outage
    Thousands of people across a large swathe of the Belize District has been immersed in a power outage since 8:00 this morning - and at this hour, it is still ongoing! That means all residences and communities from Mile 1 to 37 along the Philip Goldson Highway and Mile 1 to 25 on the George Price Highway. The outage was announced earlier this week and it was to have gone from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, but the work to install and relocate power lines took longer than expected, and those areas are still under blackout.  

    Coast Guard Evicting Squatters On Southern Islands
    The Coast Guard is evicting squatters from small islands in Belize's southern waters, and it's causing a stir. Some of the fishermen who occupy these small islands say they have squatters rights and are being unlawfully ejected.  
    That's what is alleged to have happened one week ago on a shoal that is called "Sanbore" area - 16 miles southeast of Placencia, north of the Sapodilla Cayes. We say it is called that because the tiny shoal is too small to even show up as an island on the map - and it is not registered as property at the lands department.   But, the occupants claim they have been there for 12 years - that is until one week ago when the Coast Guard came in and forcefully evicted them.

    Ministry Says Zabaneh Got Notice of Land Acquisition
    As we reported two nights ago, the dispute over parcel 4670 in the Buttonwood Bay Area has reached an unexpected conclusion.  It seems to have been a dispute over nothing at all since the Ministry of Natural Resources has confirmed that they acquired the parcel - which is on the seabed - in 2007.  This was gazzetted in 2006 and 2007.    But it seems the person who thought she was the owner, Primrose Gabourel and her son Dion Zabaneh never knew about that acquisition - and, 12 years later, they put tens of thousands of dollars of material into the sea to fill a property, which, it turns out, is not theirs.

    Elderly Man Survives Shot to Head in Buena Vista
    Tonight, 66 year-old Alfredo Gonzalez, a resident of Buena Vista Village in the Cayo District, is hospitalized at the KHMH after someone shot him in the head and left him to die on the street. Police say that at around 9:00 last night, villagers heard gunshots. When the cops arrived, they found Gonzalez on the ground bleeding from his wounds to the left side of his head, and his left ear. Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, the officer commanding the Criminal Investigations Branch in Belize City, shared more with us at a press briefing today:

    Old Beef Leads to Lord's Bank Chopping
    So, while police suspect that that Gonzalez was targeted by someone he had a dispute with in Buena Vista Village, they say that they are sure that 44 year-old Enrique Pandy was chopped yesterday by someone with whom he had old beef. Pandy, a resident of Lords Bank, told police that he was riding his bike yesterday evening, when a man stopped him and started an argument. Assistant Superintendent Cowo told us that this assailant then pulled a machete and chop Gonzalez several times, almost several times to the body, and almost severed his left index finger.

    CDB Funding Cultural and Creative Industries
    Last night, we showed you the Caribbean Development Bank's Annual Press Conference, from St. Michael's Barbados.   And while that 90 minute session was a morning event, in the evening, the CDB held a reception for a new initiative called CIIF Connect. CIIF is short for the Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund - and it's an attempt to harness the significant cultural creativity in the Caribbean as a driver of employment and economic growth.   Director of Projects Daniel Best explained at last night'S reception in Christ Church Barbados:

    CDB Says Belize's Debt Overhang Unhealthy
    Yesterday in Barbados, the President of the CDB also discussed Belize's high national debt.  Of the 19 Borrowing Member Countries of the CDB, 10 of them showed a decreasing debt to GDP ratio, while that ratio was above 60% in 9 of them - including Belize - where debt is close to 100% of GDP.   That high level of debt is considered unsustainable - and President Smith told Courtney Weatherburne it will limit Belize's growth. Dr. William Warren Smith, President Caribbean Development Bank: "I think that Belize in many respects a good story, the debt is a risk but I don't think at this particular point in time it is a tremendous risk but it is...

    Can Tourism Bouy Belize's Economy?
    And while debt will continue to limit growth, on the upside, Belize's growth in tourist arrivals was the strongest in the region last year.  Smith said tourism alone can power Belize's economic growth: Dr. William Warren Smith, President Caribbean Development Bank: "As you get more and more of tourist arriving in your country, it provides more potential for integration into your agricultural sector, into your creative industry sector. As we were speaking this morning about this new fund that we have launched. So the possibilities are almost legion in Belize because of the diversity of your culture. If you are doing as well as you are doing today, Belize has the potential to really boom on the basis of that industry alone."

    Youth Unemployment High in Caribbean
    And while tourisms is a driver of growth across the Caribbean, it has to get more young people working. In a stunning statistic, Dr. Smith told yesterday's press conference that one of every four Caribbean youths are unemployed:.. Dr. William Warren Smith, President Caribbean Development Bank: "Youth unemployment continues to be a challenge for Caribbean policymakers. The International Labor Organization estimates that one in every four young persons is not able to find work.

    Ambulance Knocks Down and Kills Staggering Man
    A man was knocked down and killed by an ambulance in southern Belize last night at around 9:00. It happened near San Isidro Village between miles 43 and 44 on the Southern Highway.  The ambulance was transporting a patient from the Punta Gorda Hospital to the Southern Regional in Dangriga when the driver ran over 22 year old Francisco Rash - who died on the spot.   27 year old driver Manuelito Garcia claims Rash was staggering almost in middle of  the highway.

    Men Charged For Pair of 'Pistolas'
    On Wednesday night's news, we told you about the 4 guns that police took off the streets of Belize City. 2 of them were deposited as found property, but police say they caught 2 men trying to dispose of  the other 2 weapons, Those men are 19 year-old Herman Solis, and 23 year-old Dean Williams, and today, they were arraigned before Magistrate Emerson Banner.  They are charged with 2 counts of keeping a firearm without a gun licenses, and keeping ammunition without a gun license. Williams has been separately charged with another count of keeping unlicensed ammunition. They pleaded not guilty and were remanded to Prison until April 30th, 2019.

    Huge Help for Helpage
    Helpage Belize yesterday received a fifty thousand dollar donation from Food For The Poor in Florida, their partner for the past two years.  Their Executive Director was elated and said 200 persons will benefit. Ivorine Bulwer - Exec. Dir, HELPAGE Belize: "You know I'm very excited. Why am I excited? Because we have received quite a number of donations for our older persons and they include assistive devices. These assistive devices is for comfort. Why comfort? You know we have older persons with arthritis, older persons who have limitation with movement and so these devices, commodes, walkers, wheelchairs, bath chairs, grab-bars, all these are protective devices that can help the comfort level for older persons..."

    Was Guate Cartel Underboss 'Catch and Release' in Belize?
    It was big news in Guatemala on Wednesday when police there - working along with the DEA - capture alleged drug trafficker Byron Ariel Pérez Payeras.  He is believed to be directly link the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico.  It's news in Belize because 7news investigations show that "Payeras" who is known as "El Commanche" had been held in Belize by police some years ago for involvement in a 6 figure drug deal.   He was reportedly intercepted on a boat.

    CitCo Asks Police For Help with Protecting Students
    The City Council has asked police to send out extra patrols along Princess Margaret Drive and other areas to protect students who go to school at night.   According to a letter sent yesterday from the Council to the Commissioner of Police, two SJC students were attacked and robbed while making their way home form night classes.  Councillor Micah Goodin - who wrote the letter - told us that the students didn't report it - but it happened close to the college.  He is asking the Commissioner for extra patrols near SJC,, Wesley and UB for the night time students.  

    Dara Does It Again
    Dara Robinson - the man whose feeding program has assisted hundreds of kids continues his effort this weekend with his Bob Marley tribute. As per tradition, the food drive and concert coincides with Marley's February 6th birthday.  This year, Dara says, there will be a live band:.. The event is on Sunday 10th February, from 4:00 pm until at the Bird's Isle.

    Mason Back to Court With Senior Security Detail
    There was a lot of excitement and a heavy GSU security presence at the Belmopan Courthouse on Wednesday.  It was all for William Danny Mason - the high profile murder and kidnapping suspect. As his attorney explained, it was a bit of an anticlimax since he was only there for case management which was adjourned: Richard "Dickie" Bradley: "Mason brought down under heavy security in relation to 2 matters. You know that Mr. William Danny Mason aka other nomenclatures and the other persons, they are not accomplices because they are all charged jointly in the matter for the murder of Pastor Lu and in that matter what is referred to case management was to continue today.

    Outage Extended
    And there's worse news for customers along the Phillip Goldson and George Price Highways in the Belize District at this hour. A power outage that's been going from 8:00 this morning has been extended to 10:00pm due to broken pole caused by an excavator in the new airport road construction area. But, on the upside, news reaching us at this hour says power has been restored to some areas and population centers like Ladyville.

    Channel 5

    Father and Son Fatally Attacked During Armed Robbery in Buttonwood Bay
    A father and his only son came under attack on Thursday night at around six thirty during a brazen armed robbery. The son, a well-liked student of University of Belize, [...]

    Freetown Gyal Bex over GSU Raid
    A GSU raid this evening on a cluster of homes at a property on Freetown Road quickly turned into mayhem when the officers conducting the swoop opened fire into the [...]

    Belizean Shot in U.S. in Drug Deal Gone Bad
    A man believed to be Belizean was shot on Thursday afternoon in Erie City, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  Investigators suspect that it was an upper-level drug deal gone bad which led to [...]

    Pandy Almost Loses Finger in Lord’s Bank Chopping Incident
    A heated verbal exchange between two men in Lord’s Bank Village ended with forty-two-year-old Enrique Pandy almost losing a finger from his left hand.  Pandy reported to police that he [...]

    Quick Thinking Saves House of Shotokan from Fire
    A major disaster was averted at midday thanks to quick thinking on the part of several tenants who also occupy the House of Shotokan building on Princess Margaret Drive.  All [...]

    Peruvian Luis Marroquin Denied Bail
    Peruvian national, Luis Miguel Marroquin, one of three visitors accused of preparation for a crime of theft at a Dangriga ATM, was denied bail in the Supreme Court of Justice [...]

    The Benefits of a Migrant Community: Spanish Lookout
    An O.A.S. 2015 reports shows that Belize is the Central American country that has had the highest immigration since the early 1980’s. The foreign-born population in 2013 represented a little [...]

    Agriculture Minister Says Local Potato Farmers Not Disregarded
    Potato farmers in San Carlos, Orange Walk are worried that thousands of dollars in investments and a huge amount of red potatoes will go to waste. That’s because imported white [...]

    Fisheries Administrator: “We did not force ourselves on that board”
    On Thursday, TASA responded to what it describes as ‘mischievous allegations’ made by the Belize Federation of Fishers. The B.F.F. is alleging that the current composition of the TASA Board [...]

    An Elderly Man is Shot in Buena Vista Village
    An elderly resident of Buena Vista, Cayo was seriously injured during a shooting incident on Thursday night.  According to Alfredo Gonzalez, he was riding a bicycle along a backstreet in [...]

    Another Education Grant Issued
    We have reported on the grant request of almost two hundred thousand dollars for Paulette Elrington to proceed on study leave even though Elrington is not on established staff with [...]

    Gillnets Task Force on a Information Gathering Mission
    The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, and Sustainable Development is now accepting submissions from the public relating to the use of gillnets in Belize. The conservation society has called [...]

    Fisheries Administrator Says More Enforcement Needed to Save Nassau Grouper
    Fisheries Administrator Beverly Wade also commented on the status of the Nassau grouper. Earlier in the week, the Wildlife Conservation Society highlighted a report from the International Union for Conservation [...]

    New Fisheries Bill to be Tabled Soon
    As for the proposed amendments to the Fisheries Bill, Wade says that it will be tabled in the House of Representatives in the next couple of months. The bill contains [...]

    Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse Comments on Refugee Programme
    In 2018, fifteen persons were granted refugee status in Belize. Applications are reviewed by the Refugee Eligibility Committee which was activated after several years of dormancy. Dozens of applications have [...]

    TALLY System: Transitioning to Traceability
    The National Fishermen Cooperative and the Nature Conservancy, along with support from the government, today presented the Tally, an electronic seafood traceability system. Stakeholders of the industry believe that through [...]

    How Residents and Businesses Cope with Long Hours of Blackout
    A scheduled blackout for ten long hours affected City residents beginning at Mile two and a half on the George Price Highway. Now, almost everything runs on electricity so the [...]


    Karate School saved from Fire
    The North Side of Belize City has experienced grief on Monday with the highway accident; shoot out excitement on Wednesday with the Allen cousins, a murder in Buttonwood Bay on Thursday and karate club fire on Friday. Just after midday today, House of Shotokan, which is run by Shihan Ray Kelly caught on fire. Mr. …

    Sadie Vernon’s Career Day
    It was the 90’s singer Whitney Houston who said “I believe the children are our are future, Teach them well and let them lead the way.” And that’s what our educators across the country challenge themselves to do in a climate where our youth are more invested online and in cyberspace. But for the 8 …

    Son dies trying to protect his father in Robbery turned Murder incident
    Just after 6 pm on Thursday night a father and son were shot. The police department is offering seven thousand dollars leading to the arrest of the people responsible for Masaki Yanaai’s murder. The crime happened in a residential area of Belize City in Buttonwood Bay, near one of the inlets with the Northern Highway. …

    Fisheries stakeholders asked to weigh in on gillnets
    Stakeholders in the fisheries sector are being asked to submit their concerns, inquiries and recommendations on the use of gillnets. The call is being made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration. Fisheries Administrator and the Fisheries Department, Beverly Wade says these will be taken into consideration by the …

    Fisheries Administrator Beverly Wade responds to BFF accusations
    Over the last few days we have carried the story where the Belize Federation of Fishers, BFF, accuses the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association, TASA, of kicking it off its board of directors and further alleging that the composition of the board is illegal. While representatives of both organizations have addressed the matter, another name that …

    Where is Belize on refugee applications?
    It has been well over two years that the Refugee Eligibility Committee was formed to process applications for refugees in Belize. So far, we understand that about fifteen persons have been granted refugee status and there are hundreds of applications more that are left to be considered. Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse says the situation …

    Minister of Agriculture says potato situation is not an oversight
    Minister of Agriculture, Godwin Hulse today said that the allegation of potatoes saturating the market is misleading. While admitting that imported white potatoes are still on the market, it was not an oversight by the Ministry. Meanwhile, Orange Walk vendors say that they are depleting their stocks of imported potatoes and have begun buying and …

    Fisheries sector adopts trace-ability technology
    Members of the National Fishers Cooperative, in collaboration with other partners in the fishing industry are now using electronic traceability as a way of improving their product as well as fisheries management. The work is a collaboration with the Fisheries Department and the Nature Conservancy which started in 2017. It employs the use of tablets …

    Flip Mode on Newtown Barracks
    There was an accident on Newtown Barracks in Belize City this morning. Just before midday, a white SUV driven by a woman, swerved and flipped on the side of street across from the Institute of Mexico. Luckily, the driver was not injured. The police came shortly after to process the scene. A bystander noted that …

    Environment Ministry Speaks of work completed under Pro Tempore Presidency
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, in collaboration with the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD), held the Pro Tempore Presidency from July to December 2018. During Belize’s Presidency, the Ministry led the review and update of the 18-month CCAD work plan as a roadmap for institutional …


    Japanese youth, 19, shot dead on Park Street
    Takayuki Yanai, 53, and his son, Masaki Yanai, 19, Japanese residents of Park Street, Buttonwood Bay, near Tile Palace, were both shot in their yard by one of two gunmen who escaped after shooting the father and son. As result Takayuki is in a critical condition and is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), while his son, Masaki, tragically, died almost immediately after being shot.

    Mexican potatoes causing problems for local growers
    Mexican potatoes should have disappeared from the Belizean marketplace three weeks ago to allow local potato farmers a chance to sell their produce, but it’s bad news for our local farmers, as the market is presently still saturated with potatoes from Mexico. Hon. Abelardo Mai, area representative for Orange Walk Southeast, said that a meeting was held with the farmers on January 11, and the farmers were informed that the last permit to import Mexican potatoes was issued on January 11. This permit was for 2 week, and the produce imported should have been consumed by January 28, leaving the market open for local potatoes for the next 8 weeks.

    Allen brothers, Clifton and Ulide, remanded for allegedly shooting at police
    Two brothers, Clifton Allen, 23, and Ulide Allen, 21, were charged with attempted murder and four other offences when they appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. The other charges were use of deadly means of harm, and two counts of aggravated assault and wounding.

    Gas prices on the rise again
    Belizeans were recently celebrating after all gas prices fell below $10 on January 17, but now those prices are on the rise again. Effective today, February 6, diesel and kerosene prices will rise 66 cents and 63 cents respectively. This follows a 24-cent rise in the price of premium gas, which occurred on January 29, and a 20-cent rise in regular gas prices on January 25.

    ComPol Chester meets the media – requests a better relationship
    Newly appointed Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, held a meeting yesterday with members of all the major media houses in Belize City in an effort to strengthen the sometimes strained relationship between the media and the police department. In the meeting, the ComPol asked for more reciprocity between the police department and the media, claiming that they have not been reaping as many benefits from the relationship as the media has. He laid out some suggestions on how the media should move forward when reporting stories relating to crime.

    CitCo holds its first public meeting in Port Loyola
    Yesterday, February 6, the Belize City Council held its first public meeting since coming into office in March of last year. It took place at the St. John Vianney Primary School in the Port Loyola area. Mayor Bernard Wagner, the first to speak, told the gathering that the Council held its first meeting in that constituency because that is where they first launched their manifesto. The main focus of the meeting was to inform Port Loyola residents of the types of public works that will be conducted in the constituency. Over 100 residents turned up at the meeting to listen and voice their concerns.

    Cricket Corner – BDF took first place in Marathon
    Hello, all cricket fans, supporters and well-wishers! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Bowen and Bowen/ Harrison Parks 2019 National Cricket Competition kicked off last Saturday and Sunday in Bermudian Landing with a Marathon that saw six teams – BDF, Easy Does It, Berlan, Western Eagles, Rural Mix and Summer Fever – battling each other for the top prize of $1,000.00. At the end of Saturday’s matches, three teams made it to the playoffs – Western Eagles, BDF and Summer Fever.

    Ahmadiyya Basketball League Week 2 results
    Sunday, February 3, was another hectic day of basketball action at the SJC gym, where Week 2 of the 2019 Ahmadiyya Basketball League (ABL) Belize tournament comprised a total of 18 games played – 5 each in the U-15 and U-19 categories, and 8 in the U-23s.

    Belize to participate in 2019 Central American U15 & U18 Table Tennis Championships
    The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) will be sending a delegation consisting of 10 players, 2 coaches and 1 delegate/parent to participate in the 2019 Central American U15 & U18 Table Tennis Championships to be held in Cancun, Mexico from February 6th to 9th.

    Corozal FA kicks off Closing Season Tournament with Grand Parade and Opening/Awards Ceremony
    This past weekend, Sunday, February 3, the Corozal Football Association (CFA) embarked on its 2018-2019 Closing Season Tournament. It started with a parade from the Miami Beach to Ricalde Stadium. Most of the participating clubs walked with us; this was one of its kind, and a positive experience for the community. Following the parade, the opening ceremony started, and we are grateful that Mr. Philip Marin, Technical Development Director from the FFB, joined us along with the Organizing Committee (OC) Chairman, Mr. Melhem Williams. It is an honor to have the continued support from the parents and clubs towards sports development in Corozal. Thank you all for a job well done this week.

    Editorial: When will GoB announce new date for ICJ referendum?
    One of the hosts at the government’s radio and television station, Wave, made special effort on Monday to explain why a delay in the delivery of new voter registration cards will have no effect on the referendum set for April 10. The host, Mr. Joe Bradley, pointed out that it is standard practice for voters to turn up at the voting booths without their voter registration cards, and that nobody gets turned back if their names are on the registration list. Mr. Bradley’s point that nobody gets turned back if their “papers” are in order is absolutely true. We don’t recall if it was mandatory to produce your voter registration card in the 1998 general election, which was held shortly after a re-registration of citizens was completed that same year. It is quite likely that it was, but maybe it wasn’t enforced.

    Open letter to P.M. Barrow
    Dear Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, In October 2016, the teachers of Belize went on strike for eleven days. One of the main issues for the strike was Proposal 22, which speaks to full pension for teachers of secondary grant-aided schools. The said pension has been one that the teachers feel is their due. Why should teachers in government high schools receive full pensions and their counterparts in the granted-aided schools not receive such pension? They work as hard as the teachers from government schools. Where is the natural justice?

    Compton replies to Lindsay
    The hypothesis espoused by Mr. Lindsay Belisle regarding the 1859 Treaty as presented in the Amandala of January 25, 2019 is fundamentally flawed. As I read the article I immediately recognized the work of the Guatemalans as presented in their White Book regarding the opinions of the Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ignacio Mariscal, in 1882 prior to signing of the boundary treaty between the United Kingdom and Mexico in 1893, delimiting the Belize/Mexican boundary. However, between 1872 and 1884 when the British severed diplomatic relations with Mexico they made it known then that the Yucatecans had controlled the Icaiches Indians whom the British called (a savage tribe) from going into Belizean territory pillaging and destroying the town of Orange Walk. Minister Mariscal lectured the British telling them that they should stop selling and supplying arms to these Indian raiders.

    “We never meant this to happen; and there will be an awful row; …”
    First knight : “We know perfectly well how things will turn out, King Henry — God bless him — will have to say, for reasons of state, that he never meant for this to happen; and there is going to be an awful row; and at the best we shall have to spend the rest of our lives abroad.” The words are by Sir William de Traci, after joining with three others in the murder of the priest Samuel Becket, on behalf of King Henry II of England, in T.S. Eliot’s Play, MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL.

    The Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) Government of Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow has committed Belize to vote in a referendum on April 10 on whether or not to submit the Guatemalan claim (territorial, insular and maritime) to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, (ICJ) the judicial arm of the United Nations, for a final, binding settlement. If Belizeans vote yes to going to the ICJ, the case will go to the ICJ based on the protocols of the Special Agreement (Compromis) that both countries signed in December 2008, and which became a treaty with Guatemala when it was ratified some eight years later by the Belize Senate, in December 2016.

    No shame in USA’s marijuana game
    When you think on all the stress, and all the violence (we’re talking violence in its worst form), and all the ignorance that was spread and all the hypocritical things that were said and all the liars the USA’s fraudulent weed law made out of honest people, ih mek yu feel like cry. Have you ever had a stick of weed in your pocket, one lee stick, and you look up and see a police officer walking toward you? I haven’t, but I daam well have enough love in me to know that it was no happy feeling for a brother in such a position. Many a productive person’s life got disrupted, even derailed, because of possession of a stick of marijuana. Many got taken to detention cell, many had to pay hefty fines, and quite a few actually went to jail.

    William Danny Mason and co-defendants taken to court for kidnapping case
    Last May, the Senior Magistrate in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, Merlene Moody, conducted a preliminary inquiry and ruled that there was sufficient evidence to commit William Danny Mason and his four co-accused to stand trial in the Supreme Court on kidnapping charges. Yesterday, Wednesday, under heavy police escort, Mason and his co-accused were transported to the Belmopan Supreme Court. Police charged Mason along with Ernest Castillo, Keron Fernandez, Ashton Vanegas and Ryan Rhaburn for the May 2016 kidnapping of Mennonite businessman Lloyd Thiessen and his wife.

    Wanted gunman surrenders to police for Coney Drive shooting
    A wanted gunman has reportedly turned himself in to police a day after he became a wanted man for shooting and wounding a police officer on Coney Drive. Constable Leon Hijinio, 25, was shot in his right upper shoulder while trying to apprehend a man who was fleeing from police yesterday afternoon on Coney Drive, Belize City. Police said that at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, they were patrolling the Philip Goldson Highway between Belize City and Brodies Supermarket on the highway, and while approaching the second roundabout near Brodies Agrochemicals (the first roundabout is the Flag Monument), they saw two men who are well-known to them, traveling on a motorcycle, going in the same direction in which they were heading.

    3 Guatemalan farmers busted in Chiquibul
    According to a press release from the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), three Guatemalans farmers were detained after they were caught in the Chiquibul National Park on Friday, February 1. The release says that the farmers were caught during a joint patrol conducted by members of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and the FCD in the area of Cebada in southern Chiquibul. Those personnel discovered the farmers in civilian clothes working on an agricultural field located 600 meters inside the national park.

    Pyromaniac on the rampage in Punta Gorda
    Two vehicles were set on fire and another was almost damaged by fire yesterday, February 6, in Punta Gorda. Police believe that the three incidents are connected. The first report about a vehicle in flames was made by Christon Foster, of a Joe Taylor Creek address. Foster told police that he parked his grey Ford Fusion inside his yard on February 5, and the next morning when he woke up, around 5 a.m., he saw smoke coming out of his vehicle and realized it was on fire.

    The Reporter

    Editorial – February 8th.
    By Mr. Henry Lawrence. Belizeans respond generously to calls for help in times of trouble. We responded generously after reports showed that the Guatemalan volcano el Fuego had erupted and killed hundreds and left thousands homeless last year. But Belizeans are strangely unresponsive to their own country’s call for help to defeat the Guatemalan threat, aimed at destroying Belize borders at the Sarstoon and on the western frontier.

    Belize First, Belize Second, Belize Third!
    By Major Lloyd Jones. I currently represent the PUP on the Belize Referendum Commission and I have been doing so since shortly after Mr. Briceńo became the Leader of the PUP. However, since the Commission’s meeting of October 1, 2018 somebody tried to have me removed as the PUP’s representative to the said Commission.

    Man Killed By Ambulance on Southern Highway
    A man from the Toledo District was knocked down and killed by an ambulance on the Southern Highway last night, February 7th. Police say that Francisco Rash, 22, was walking on the highway a few minutes past 9:00 last night when somewhere between miles 43 and 44, an ambulance which was travelling the opposite way from the direction of San Isidro Village towards Bella Vista Village knocked him down. He died at the scene.

    Police Say Murderers Got Away With Cash
    Police say the men who shot and killed Japanese national, Masaki Yanai, 19, and critically wounded his father, Takayuki, last evening got away with Takayuki’s waistbag containing an undisclosed amount of cash. At a press briefing today, Police said that Takayuki Yanai, 53, had just closed his restaurant in Belize City and gone to a store to shop before going home on Park Avenue in the Buttonwood Bay area sometime after 6:00 pm.

    PSU and Mayor Belisle Discuss Hilltop Property
    Members of the Public Service Union (PSU), including its president Doreth Cayetano Obermayer, met with Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle recently to discuss plans to re-acquire the Hilltop property used as the union’s headquarters...

    Wanted Hungarian Located in Belize; Deported
    A coordinated effort by local Police and Immigration personnel and InterPol authorities has led to the apprehension and deportation of a Hungarian man wanted for a number of offences in his country.

    All Or Noting
    By: Assad Shoman – Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from a presentation in Dangriga on the ICJ by Assad Shoman. Shoman has been clear in his conviction that Belizeans should vote YES to the ICJ on Referendum Day, April 10, 2019.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    John Briceńo and Jose Mai visits Zamorano, the most recognized agriculture school in the Americas
    Opposition Leader, John Briceńo and Deputy Leader with responsibility for agriculture, José Mai, are currently […]

    $7K reward offered for arrest of suspects that killed Masaki Yanaai
    Chester Williams, the Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) today informed that the Belize Police Department in collaboration with […]

    Water restored in Arenal, Cayo
    The Ministry of Labour, Local Government, and Rural Development inform residents of Arenal Village, Cayo that water […]

    Multiple areas in Belize District affected by power outage
    Today, the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) informed customers in the Belize District that two power outages would affect […]

    Ministry of Investment, Trade & Commerce facilitate Exchange investment missions between Taiwan and Belize
    The Government of Belize, through the Ministry with responsibility for Investment, Trade and Commerce, along with the […]

    Police: Man dies after being knocked down by ambulance in Southern Belize
    A road traffic accident last night claimed the life of a man from Toledo. Around 9:03 pm, […]

    Police: 66-year-old man in critical condition after shooting in Buena Vista
    Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in Buena Vista, Cayo. Around 8:30 pm, […]

    Police investigating murder of 19-year-old Masaki Yanai
    Police are investigating the murder of nineteen-year-old Masaki Yanai that occurred last night. Investigations revealed that Takaya […]

    Quick response saves building from fire in Belize City
    Moments ago, a quick response from building tenants and the Belize Fire Department saved a building on […]

    US Authorities investigating ‘drug deal gone bad’; Belizean man reportedly involved
    American law enforcement officials were called out to an active shooting at Marriott Erie Bayfront Hotel in […]

    Party Leadership and Prime Ministership
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. By […]

    Minister of Investment, Trade & Commerce tours companies in Stann Creek
    Minister of Investment, Trade, and Commerce, Tracy Taegar-Panton, along with a delegation from the Ministry including the […]

    Is Belize facing a possible drought?
    Just as the National Meteorological Service of Belize determined that two-thirds of the country is […]

    CDB projects positive economic growth for region
    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is projecting that Belize and other borrowing member countries in the region […]

    The Elimination of our Men!
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. By […]

    Man dies after being hit by ambulance in Southern Belize
    Last night there was a fatal road traffic accident in southern Belize. Francisco Rash was somewhere near […]


    Kidtopia: An exceptional child care option for vacationing families!
    If you find yourself vacationing on Ambergris Caye, there is a great option: Kidtopia! The recently opened children’s club offers a safe and fun option for parents to drop off their precious ones for an hour or two. Complete with playground area, arts and crafts station, kitchen, mini library, and video game station, Kidtopia offers a place for your children to just be kids and time to be with other children as well. With fun themed activities such as slime making and martial arts training, children will have a blast.

    Independent Tikal Tour Guide Review
    We had the pleasure of using an independent tour operator. Yes, we took a chance on this one man show. His name is Genny Reyes, a Guatemalan, young yet impressively knowledgeable and of course, licensed. We were staying in Belize, so we drove to the border, parked, then walked through customs and met up with Genny on the other side. There he was with my name on his sign and a big beautiful smile welcoming us to his country. From that point on Genny handled all the details with the border agents and park officials with professionalism.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mexican company converts avocado pits into completely biodegradable plastic
    When you think of Mexico, you think of tequila and guacamole, says Scott Munguia. If he has his way, you might also be thinking of something else made from the avocado: plastic made from the seed. As plastic straws and disposable cutlery fall out of favor for their potential to inflict environmental damage, a company with an alternative that uses avocado pits is getting more attention. Morelia, Michoacán-based Biofase is manufacturing biodegradable cutlery and straws made out avocado seeds using a process whose beginnings date back to 2012.

    Belize’s IFSC Publishes List of ‘No-Longer’ Licensed Brokers
    Belize’s financial watchdog (IFSC) today issued a list of asset managers, FX and binary options brokers that effective January 1, 2019 are no longer licensed by the International Financial Services Commission. Following its expulsion from the regulator’s roster, these firms in case they continue providing professional investment services to domestic clients without proper authorization, the practice will be considered a criminal offense. According to the regulatory manifest, however, there is no one-size-fits-all reasoning that the IFSC gives for lapsing these licenses. IFSC warnings on those domains come hot on the heels of Alpari’s move to close down its subsidiary in Belize.

    Vancouver submariner ventures into world's largest underwater sinkhole (PHOTOS)
    After almost three weeks and more than 20 dives, a team of explorers have completed a successful expedition of the Blue Hole — the world’s largest underwater sinkhole. Located at the centre of the Lighthouse Reef, 40 miles from the Coast of Belize, the Blue hole is 1,043 feet (318 metres) in diameter and 407 feet (124 metres) deep, and large enough to swallow two entire Boeing 747s.

    Bipartisan Caribbean Trade Bill introduced in US congress
    US Reps. Terri Sewell (D-AL) and Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) have introduced legislation to reauthorize the US Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA) until 2030. Since 2000, CBTPA has allowed for the duty- and quota-free import of goods made with US yarns, fabrics and threads from Caribbean countries. “Extending the US Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act will expand the United States’ trade with Caribbean basin countries and increase our nation’s economic growth,” Sewell said. “Improving trade with countries like Haiti and Jamaica by reauthorizing CBTPA encourages future investment, promotes job creation and lays the foundation for long-term economic development.”

    CDB increases disbursements by 20 percent in 2018
    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) disbursed a record US$280 million in project funding to its borrowing member countries (BMCs) in 2018, a 20 percent increase compared with 2017. The bank disbursed US$233 million in 2017 and US$206 million in 2016. Speaking at CDB’s annual news conference, the bank’s director of projects, Daniel Best highlighted factors contributing to this, in particular a CDB-led initiative to improve implementation at the country level.


  • Belize Now, 22min. In tonight’s headlines: Marching Band Breathes New Life into Ladyville, Ministry of Rural Development Donates Vats to Unitedville, and Preschool and Town Council to Benefit from Japan’s Grant Assistance Program. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, February 8th, 2019!

  • Belize 2019 : Let's do this while we're young., 11min. Dans le cadre du cours d'intégration en biologie du Cégep Sainte-Foy.

  • Belize 2019, 6min. Couples trip to Ambergris Cay.

  • Phasing out single-use plastics in Belize, 7min. The Government of Belize is in the process of finalizing legislation to commence a phasing out of single-use plastic and styrofoam.

  • Bandits vs Tiger Sharks | UB Gym, Belmopan City, 2hr.

    February 8, 2019


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize prepares to ban single-use plastic and Styrofoam products by April 2019
    Belize is preparing to completely ban single-use plastic and Styrofoam items by April 22, 2019, to reduce the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution. The Government of Belize (GOB) has taken this environmentally friendly path after taking note of the alarming increase in pollution and garbage caused by non-biodegradable items like plastic bags and Styrofoam food containers. This move is welcomed across Belize, including Ambergris Caye, where the eradication of plastics is strongly supported, particularly about food utensils and shopping bags that are a main source of pollution in both terrestrial and coastal environments.

    Maya Island Air airplane experiences a flat tire upon landing at Corozal airport
    On Wednesday, February 6th, a Maya Island Air Cessna plane reportedly experienced a flat tire while taxiing on the Corozal Municipal Airport in Corozal Town. According to reports from the airline, ground personnel pushed the aircraft off the runway by hand to avoid obstructing the airstrip. No one was inside the aircraft, and nobody on the ground was hurt. A press release provided by Maya Island Air indicated that the aircraft did not run off the runway as previously reported. The release explained that a Ferry flight 2M4021, from San Pedro Town to Corozal Town, experienced a flat tire while on the runway. It is not certain whether it was caused by debris on the runway. The tire was replaced by Maya engineers and the plane was returned to service.

    San Pedro Cancer Society elects new board
    A new board of directors was elected for the San Pedro Cancer Society (SPCS) to continue the good work of the organization for 2019. The new board members include Pamela Zetina as President, Miguel Perez as Vice-President, Wendy Portillo as Secretary, Undina Graniel as Assistant Secretary, and Claudia Miranda as Treasurer. The election of the new officers took place during a meeting in December 2018 and was officiated by outgoing President, Delsie Graniel. Newly elected president Zetina is honored to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity. She shared with The San Pedro Sun that she feels privileged to continue helping her community as the head of such an important organization.

    Football teams bring intensity to the fourth week of Copa San Pedro 2019
    Five intense matches were held during the fourth week of Copa San Pedro’s Closing Season 2019 at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. The first set of matches were held on Thursday, January 31st, starting at 7PM with Los Catrachos F.C demolishing Island Sharks F.C with 13-1 score. In the next match, Fambo Boys F.C defeated G Strikers F.C 2-0. The following day, the tournament saw two matches ending in a draw. The first match featured Vince Assassins and Captain G F.C, which ended 1-1. Ambergris Hopes F.C and Terror Squad’s match ended in a 2-2 draw. The last match of the weekend was on Sunday, February 3rd saw Caye Caulker Islanders F.C winning 4-3 against Genesis F.C at 5PM. Copa San Pedro Closing Season’s week five begins on Thursday, February 7th at 7PM. T

    Ambergris Today

    The First Industry Of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
    Before you begin reading, pause a moment and make wild guess. What was the first industry that that the early settlers and founders of San Pedro were engaged in? I will take you back to 1890 or about 130 years ago. At that time the villagers were living with the corn which they planted and the fish which they caught near the shores. Lots of corn tortillas and plenty of fish was an excellent supply of carbs and protein and by no means can we consider this underprivileged. This same dish accompanied by a fine sauce and some healthy veggies on the side will cost you $40BZE at any of the fine restaurants in San Pedro. Back to 1890 - At that time, some businessmen came to the island. They were in the business of cutting and exporting logwood to European markets. Logwood was a large tree that grew wildly in the forests of Belize and neighboring Mexico, especially the Yucatan peninsula, and it was valuable as a very hardwood and also for its dye. Logwood was also called bloodwood. These businessmen were looking for the Mestizo men because they had heard that they were excellent bushmen and quite adroit with the machete and axe.

    San Pedro Has Two New DAN Instructors
    Did you know that Belize has the longest continuous barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere? It’s 185 miles (298km) long!! No wonder thousands of divers splash into these warm, clear waters every year. Here’s what Divers Alert Network - (DAN) is doing to help these divers stay safe: This winter, DAN Staff flew to Ambergris Caye to visit with DAN Business members and hold DAN Safety Seminars for all local dive professionals. Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT and DAN Medic at HQ in Durham, NC and Laura Johnson from DAN World gave various dive medical and diving safety presentations at the seminars.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    CCC Senior Valentine Fair
    CCC’s Senior Valentine Fair in Corozal Central Park, with music, games, and fundraiser food and beverages, all to support CCC education

    Closing Date of Regularization Process for Accommodation Facilities
    The Department of the Environment (DOE) has been collaborating with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) for the past two years in ensuring that existing and new hotel facilities are compliant with the environmental laws of Belize. In an effort to streamline the Environmental Clearance process, the DOE made modifications to its processing requirements, including a tailored Environmental Checklist, and even adjusted the processing and monitoring fees, given the large volume of facilities undergoing this regularization process. These modifications were made to enhance efficiency.

    Submission Period Open for Public to Submit Information in relation to Gillnets
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration advises that it is accepting submissions from the public relating to the use of gillnets in Belize’s waters. The purpose of conducting this information gathering is to obtain wide stakeholder input pertaining to current gillnet usage so as to inform the consideration of socio-economic and environmental impacts in relation to fisher folk, the fisheries resources, and marine ecosystems. The information obtained through this form will be compiled and utilized by the Gillnet Taskforce, with the aid of an independent consultant, to supplement the conduct of an in-depth assessment of the benefits, risks, threats and impacts of gillnets. The findings will be relayed back to stakeholders through consultations once analyses have been completed.

    Royal Caribbean Sports Bar Karaoke Lounge Opening New location in San Pedro
    Opening On Its New Location On Pescador Drive Across The Street OF War Paint. Feb 14 at 6 PM – Feb 15 at 2 PM

    Monthly Weather Summary, January 2019
    Monthly weather summaries are prepared by the climate section of the National Meteorological Service (NMS) of Belize. The NMS of Belize maintains a network of over 25 weather stations that are situated primarily in the agricultural regions of the country. Temperature and rainfall are read at 9 am each morning and the rainfall total read at this time represents the accumulated rainfall for the previous day. January falls within the cool transition period between the rainy season and the dry season for Belize. This transition period typically lasts for about two to three months from December to about mid February or early March when the dry season sets in. January is typically cool over the country and can be somewhat wet at times. The main rainfall producers during this month are cold fronts, prefrontal troughs and shear lines.

    Vacancy for Supervisor, San Pedro Transfer Station

    Belize Represented at Consultation for Disaster Risk Reduction Actors in Guyana
    NEMO’s Central Region Coordinator (with responsibility for Cayo and Belize Districts), Al Westby, is among a team of Belizeans currently attending a consultation for Disaster Risk Reduction Actors in Guyana. The consultation seeks to develop a Protocol for the Integrated Protection of Children and Adolescents in Disaster Situations. This Protocol will support emergency units to ensure that the needs of children and adolescents are met in emergency response strategies and programs.

    Belize Hands Over the Presidency of the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD) to Guatemala
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, in collaboration with the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD), had the honour of holding the Pro Tempore Presidency for the period July to December 2018. During this time, Belize achieved several accomplishments aimed at further coordinating the regional network, strengthening the regional environmental agenda, and establishing mechanisms for improved collaboration among member countries. During Belize’s Presidency, the Ministry led the review and update of the 18-month CCAD work plan as a roadmap for institutional work, the strengthening of the agendas of technical committees and other regional technical work platforms were also promoted, and the signing of two non-reimbursable financing agreements with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) was completed.

    The Ministry of Investment, Trade & Commerce Conducts Site Tours of DPA Companies in the Stann Creek District
    The Honorable Minister, Tracy Taegar-Panton, along with a delegation from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, including the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) and the Investment Policy and Compliance Unit (IPCU), conducted its first series of site tours of several companies in the Stann Creek District. The companies that were visited are mainly agro-processors and farms that supply citrus and fruits for the export market. The main objective of the site visit was to get a better appreciation of the investments on the ground and afforded exporters/investors a chance to share any challenges that they are facing in doing business in Belize. The delegation was especially interested in the concerns investors had on the possible effects of the newly legislated Designated Processing Areas (DPA) Act which was passed into law on December 22nd, 2018 as a replacement of Belize’s Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Act to seek compliance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European Union’s Code of Conduct for Harmful Tax Practices.

    NEMO Toledo Emergency Award Luncheon & Annual Review Meeting
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Hon. Edmond Castro, was Keynote Speaker at the NEMO Toledo District Emergency Award Ceremony and Luncheon, yesterday, February 6, 2019. The award luncheon was held to recognize exemplary performance by individuals, departments and organizations throughout 2018. The Disaster Risk Reduction Partnership Award went to Humana - People to People Belize; Emergency Worker of the Year was Rashida Guzman of the Department of Human Services; the Team Spirit Award went to the Department of Human Services; Outstanding Village Emergency Committee of the Year was Blue Creek; Lyle Williams of the Ministry of Health received the Disaster Risk Reduction Lifetime Service Award; and the Emergency Operations Center Outstanding Service Award went to Giovanni Ramirez.

    Corozal Town Council repair drains and culverts
    Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council continue to do meaningful accomplishments in the Area of drains and Culverts. Restoring culverts and drains left abandoned and neglected has had a significant impact for many of our residents.

    Vacancy at BEL
    A vacancy exists for the post of Generation Planning Engineer in the Planning Division (Belize City) of Belize Electricity Limited.

    Moonlight, Music, and the Maya
    The Cayo Rotary club is having their Moonlight, Music, and Maya fundraiser at Cahal Pech! Saturday, March 16th, starting at 8:00pm. The event will have food, music, and dancing. Have a wonderully unique time while supporting a local community service project. "The Rotary Club of San Ignacio is sponsoring a fundraiser for our local service projects with a night at Cahal Pech, the Maya Archaeological Reserve, in San Ignacio. Dinner and dancing will be accompanied by a variety of musical entertainment and the moon at this amazing Maya site. Tickets are $100 and available from Rotarians and local stores."

    BTB in Mexico City

    Birds of Belize Exhibit at the Museum of Belize
    Guess what? The Museum of Belize is celebrating its 17th anniversary this month! As part of the celebration, we have teamed up with Belize Audubon Society to present a brand new bird exhibit, and some lucky students have gotten a sneak peek! Birds of Belize will officially open to the public on Friday February 15th, 2019!

    Channel 7

    Lawless Cop Shooter Surrenders
    We begin tonight's news with a breaking story. Just a short while ago two men were shot at a grocery story. We're told it is the Chinese shop across from Mirab on the Northern highway. Reliable reports say a Father and son, both Chinese nationals were shot. Up to date information says they are at the hospital getting treatment. Our team is on the scene and we'll have more information as the news continues. But, back to the regular news... Last night, you saw the shocking video of how police chased down a gunman on motorbike. He jumped off the bike, and bolted down a much trafficked street in the early afternoon, all the while firing at police. He grazed one officer in the shoulder and escaped - while police held his passenger on the pavement. It was a crazy and dangerous scene as police fired back - terrifying passers-by, as more than a dozen shots rang out. Fortunately, only one car window was shattered.

    No Charge Yet for Driver Who Ran Over Teacher
    On Monday, we told you about the accident which claimed the life of 23 year-old Marlena Mortis, a teacher from Belize City. At around 6:00 on Monday morning, she was attempting to cross the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 2 and 3, near DK Supermarket. She was climbing over the barriers and then dodging oncoming traffic to get to the other side, but she ended up in the path of a driver heading towards Belize City. She was hit and died on the spot form her injuries. At today's police press briefing, the media asked police if they have charged the driver. Here's what ASP Alejandro Cowo had to say.

    Hungarian Human Trafficker Arrested in Belize
    A Hungarian fugitive was whisked out of the country today. 52-year-old Gabor Zsolnai was wanted in Hungary for Human Trafficking, Living off the earnings of prostitution and Drug Trafficking, amongst other charges. An Interpol "red notice" was issued for his arrest in December 2018. A press release says a joint investigation was conducted between, INTERPOL Belize and Belize Immigration officials, who found Zaslnai. They have not said where they found him. Nonetheless, today, INTERPOL Belize escorted Zsolnai to the Phillip Goldson International Airport, where he was handed over to INTERPOL Hungary.

    Opposition Leader Lashes FM for Nepotism
    Today, Leader of the Opposition John Briceno joined the Public Service Union called out Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington for nepotism. As we have reported, Paulette Elrington - who is the Foreign Minister's daughter - made a request for leave to go study law, with full pay and all her allowances. If approved, she would reportedly be earning just under 192 thousand dollars per year - her current salary as Foreign Officer at the Permanent Mission of Belize in New York City. Today in Orange Walk, the Leader of the Opposition said it is a typical case of nepotism:

    Educ. Min. Says Scholarship for Sharon and Jackie on the Level
    And while two more scholarship grants which have come to our attention might not be filed under the heading of nepotism, there may be some cries of favoritism. Documents sent to 7News show that two senior public officers who are also active in the labour movement have received forty thousand dollar scholarship grants to pursue specialized studies. On January 11, 2019, Sharon Frazer and Jacqueline Willoughby both received letters from the Education department saying that they had received the grants.- approved by Minister Patrick Faber.

    A Small Fire at Civic
    The Belize City Civic Center's fire response mechanism was tested early this morning when a small blaze broke out at the multi-million dollar facility at around 1:00 am. The Fire department, whose Cleghorn Street headquarters is a stone's throw away, dispatched a team of firefighters who quickly put it out. Today, police told us that the fire did no structural damage to the building: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "This morning, just before 1, police were called to the Civic Center, where upon arrival, they met personnel from the Fire Department, and police observed a small room - a storage room - on the first floor of the Civic Center, which old drums and other materials inside of it..."

    Caribbean Economic Growth: Improves, but Trails Developed Nations
    Are Caribbean economies thriving? And if not, what can be done to improve performance? That was the underlying theme at this year's annual Caribbean Development Bank news conference in Barbados. Now, there are some bright spots in some Caribbean countries including Belize, while there are the many shortfalls and challenges. Our Courtney Weatherburne is in Barbados for the event and here is a snippet of the topics discussed including GDP growth, the projections for 2019 and Belize's region-leading increase in tourist arrivals.

    Coastal Road, Helluva Highway
    Now Belize has benefited significantly from many CDB funded infrastructure projects, and one that Belizeans are especially looking forward to is the upgrading of the Coastal Road. The project will transform the dreadful dirt road into a proper highway. The Director of projects at CDB, Daniel Best told Courtney more about the project and all the fancy features the new Coastal Highway will have. Daniel Best, Director of Projects - CDB: "The project was approved by our board of directors. We are quite excited for that. The feasibility study is completed, the designs have been completed as well and so road works would start at the end of 2019..."

    CDB Wants Safer Roads in Belize
    Still on the topic of road infrastructure, the CDB has approved another road safety project for Belize at a cost of USD 5.9 million dollars. You may remember the 6 year road safety project that focused on making the western corridor from Belize to Belmopan safer for drivers. It has significantly reduced the number of fatal accidents on that road, and Director Best discusses the success of the first project and highlights the importance of the second road safety project. Daniel Best, Director of Projects - CDB: "So the second road safety project has now been approved. Unfortunately, as it relates to road fatalities and serious injuries, Belize leads all member countries. This is something that we identified and we are determine that we are going to focus on with all interventions in the country..."

    CDB Keeps Hope Alive for Troubled Community Center
    And one CDB funded project that has veered off track is the Lake Independence Resource Center. Ground was broken in 2016 and the project should have been completed in 2018 but the contractor had major cash flow issues, and it still hasn't been completed. Well, the Project Director says the CDB has not given up on the project and is doing all it can to ensure it is completed soon. Daniel Best, Director of Projects - CDB: "So with that project we are pleased to report is approximately 95% completed. We have liaise close with the ministry of finance. We have to ensure that contributions is provided to the workers..."

    It Ain't Easy Doing Business in the Caribbean
    And that stalled Lake I Resource Center may be a victim of just the kind of "SNAFU" common to so many government systems in Belize. And those types of difficulties, where there are no predictable outcomes from government processes, are part of the reason Belize cannot move up on an important index. It's called "The Ease of Doing Business" - compiled annually by the World Bank - and Belize has been stuck at around 120 and falling for many years now. Today at the Press Conference, the CDB's Director of Economics said it is a region wide problem:

    Opp. Leader Says Protect Potato Farmers
    For the last two nights, we've been reporting on the plight of the potato farmer sin Orange Walk south. They have thousands of pounds of potatoes but have no market to take it to - because cheap Mexican potatoes are still on the shelves. Today, Opposition Leader John Briceno said Government and the public has to put local produce first:.. Hon. John Briceno- PUP Leader: "The Ministry of Agriculture has, and if they don't have they are being negligent in their duties..."

    Border Hostility: Melchoreno Shot at Customs
    Right now, police are are looking for this man. He's Anibal Avila, a Guatemalan National who reportedly lives in Suchitan, Melchor, and according to police, he attempted to cross over into Belize from the Benque Border at around 2:30 this morning. When he was refused by customs officials, he reportedly pulled out a weapon and fired several bullets at the Customs Department's office at the Border. Police told us told they intend to bring criminal charges against him for the incident, as soon as they can locate him: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "This morning, sometime around 2:30 a.m., customs officials at the Belize Western Boarder reported that around and about the same time, 2 Hispanic males approach the customs building..."

    A PG Pyromaniac?
    Right now, police investigators from Punta Gorda Town are trying to get to the bottom of 2 separate vehicle fires which were intentionally set by mischievous arsonists. The vehicle owners parked their vehicles at their home, believing that their property was safe. Bu they were awakened to find their vehicles being destroyed by fire. A third vehicle owner in PG would have suffered the same fate, but fortunately, his dogs woke him up in time to put out the material which was lit on fire and placed near to his vehicle's tire, by someone who was trying to set it ablaze. Assistant Police Commissioner Joseph Myvette, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch told us more about the incident at today's press briefing:

    Japanese Father and Son Shot
    As we told you at the top of the news - two men were shot this evening at about 6:20. It happened within Belize City limits in the Buttonwood Bay Area at mile 2 on the Phillip Goldson Highway - across from Mirab,. Early indications are that two men were shot - but it was not in a grocery store as we were originally told - it happened at a residence - and the men are Japanese, not Chinese. The men are father and Son, and unconfirmed reports say the son has died, while his father is critical. We'll have the full story for you on tomorrow's news.

    Opp. Leader Says Bze Ambassador Misspoke
    Opposition Leader John Briceno today weighed in on the Venezuela issue. It's a complicated one - and tonight Belize's Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is with his CARICOM counterparts in Montevideo, Uruguay trying to find a peaceful way forward for Venezuela. It's a diplomatic tightrope, with the suffering of the Venezuelan people on one side, and the imperial ambitions of the US on the other. Belize's Ambassador to the OAS, Danny Guttierez has been trying to walk that tightrope - and today the opposition leader scolded him for mis-speaking in a recent address:

    Still Looking for Driver in Fatal Hit and Run
    On Tuesday, we told you how police were finally able to identify a hit-and-run victim who was died after he was knocked down very early on money morning between 78 and 79 on the Philip Goldson Highway. 61 year-old Carlos Galvan, a Mexican Belizean from Xaibe Village in the Corozal district, was riding a bicycle on the road, when he was hit from behind by a vehicle. The impact caused him to suffer serious head and bodily injuries, and he died where he fell. Police didn't know who he was until the following day when he family learned about his death on the evening news. They've been trying to find the person who knocked him down, and today, the head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch told us that they still need the public's help to solve the case:

    Finnegan Says Mesop Voters Will Say Yes to ICJ
    Turning now to the ICJ, we've already told you how the UDP has voted unanimously for a "yes" while the PUP has made a declaration telling Belizeans to vote "NO". So, how does that translate on the ground? Is any campaigning for either position really being done? With only weeks to go before the April 10th referendum, we asked one senior UDP Representative:... Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "Are the divisional representatives or caretakers or standard bearers, are they mobilizing people towards a yes?"

    Finnegan Has Funds for Education
    Finnegan's political office is in our area - and today, once again, we saw a long line outside his office. Now, if he is really retiring next year, why is he still holding political clinics? Finnegan told us he has services to deliver to his voters right up until the very end of his term: Hon. Michael Finnegan- UDP Mesopotamia: "Yes, although I am retired, I will continue or I have continued to work for the people on a daily basis. I continue to go at my office on Thursday. I was on a three-week holiday three weeks ago and I was back at the office today and I will continue to go to the office and I will work out my term as representative for the people..."

    Japan Donates Trash Compactor to OW City Council
    Yesterday, you saw the Non resident Japanese Ambassador handing over a grant for a preschool in the Belize River Valley. Today, he was in Orange Walk for to hand over $168,000 dollars in Grant funding to the Orange Walk Town council for a trash compactor. The Mayor said it will be very useful:

    Channel 5

    Breaking News: 2 Chinese Nationals Shot to the Chest & Rushed to the K.H.M.H.
    Just before news time, a shooting took place at a private property on Park Avenue in Belize City.  Our news team reports that a father and son were injured by [...]

    Cousins Ulide and Clifton Allen to be Charged for Coney Drive Shootout
    A pair of cousins is behind bars tonight for a wild shootout on the heavily trafficked Coney Drive in Belize City. On Wednesday afternoon, twenty-one-year-old Ulide Allen beat a hasty [...]

    Guatemalan Anibal Avila is Wanted for Overnight Shooting at Western Border
    Guatemalan national Anibal Avila is wanted by Belizean authorities, following an incident at the western border this morning during which he reportedly opened fire in the direction of the customs [...]

    3 Vehicles Torched in PG in Apparent Arsons
    A string of automotive fires in Punta Gorda on Wednesday morning has residents on edge and investigators working diligently to crack these most recent cases of arson.  Vehicles belonging to [...]

    Parcel 4670 is Crown Land, Not Property of Primrose Gabourel
    The case of Dion Zabaneh continues to play out in the news. He is the businessman, who along with his mother, Primrose Gabourel, was taken to court for offenses relating [...]

    Monkey River Fishermen Say No to Gillnets
    The topic of gillnets is one that we have covered extensively on the news. As you know, the fishing gear has sharply divided sectors of the fishing industry and conservation [...]

    Was the B.F.F. Forcibly Removed from TASA’s Board of Execs?
    The Belize Federation of Fisheries is at odds again with the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association. The B.F.F. fired off a press release on Wednesday to call out TASA’s board for [...]

    B.F.F. Claims that TASA Shouldn’t Be Awarded Grant Funds
    The B.F.F. fired off a press release on Wednesday about monies TASA received from PACT because it feels that TASA’s board doesn’t have the right composition and should not have [...]

    Small Fire at Civic is Quickly Contained by Firefighters
    A fire erupted inside a storeroom at the Civic Center shortly after midnight on Thursday.  When police responded to the scene, they met personnel from the fire department in the [...]

    Charges for Driver who Knocked Down Marilena Mortis Still Pending
    Primary school teacher Marilena Mortis was knocked down and killed on Monday morning, as she attempted to cross the busy Phillip Goldson Highway near DK Supermarket. The mother of two [...]

    A Public Appeal to Identify Driver in Deadly Hit & Run Up North
    Sixty-one-year-old Carlos Galvan, a resident of Xaibe Village, Corozal District, lost his life in the wee early hours of Monday morning during a hit and run incident.  The accident happened [...]

    Opposition Leader Says Belize’s O.A.S. Ambassador Misspoke
    Tonight political and economic tensions continue to grow in Venezuela. According to online reports, Venezuelan soldiers have blocked a crossing with trucks and shipping tankers ahead of an aid delivery [...]

    John Briceńo Opposes Request Made by Paulette Elrington
    Opposition Leader John Briceńo also joined the Public Service Union in condemning a request for advice for a recommendation made on behalf of Paulette Elrington, the daughter of Foreign Minister [...]

    Opposition Leader Says Small Farmers Should Be Protected
    Opposition Leader, John Briceńo, also weighed in on the concerns raised by potato farmers in San Carlos Village. Farmers have complained that they cannot sell their locally grown, red potatoes [...]

    Agriculture C.E.O. Says Farms Must Produce Quality, Consistency
    On Wednesday, C.E.O. in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, told News Five the ministry is attempting a new approach to assist farmers. Alpuche says they are finding ways to [...]

    OWTC to Purchase New Garbage Compactor Truck
    The Orange Walk Town Council is getting a new garbage compactor truck courtesy of the Japanese Government. The cost for the truck is more than one hundred and sixty thousand [...]

    A New School Building for Bishop Martin High School
    Bishop Martin High School was also a recipient of a financial grant from the Japan Embassy through the Grassroots and Human Security Programme. In 2017, the Japanese Embassy and the [...]

    Healthy Living: Cervical Cancer Treatment
    In 2014, we featured the Belize Family Life Association for the work they were doing in detecting and treating cervical cancer in women. It was a novel step of introducing [...]

    Shooting in Belize City
    Just before news time, a shooting took place at a private property on Park Avenue in Belize City. Our news team reports that a father and son were injured by armed robbers and rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The victims are Chinese nationals, who were shot on the chest and taken to the hospital by first responders.

    Robbery Turns Fatal
    19 year old Masaki Yanaai was shot dead earlier tonight. He and his 53 year old father, Takayuki Yanaai were ambushed by two men. The father and son had just arrived at their home on Park Avenue, Buttonwood Bay, when the assailants pounced on the unsuspecting father. The son attempted to assist but both Japanese men where shot multiple times and the son died at the KHMH.

    Fatal Traffic Accident in San Isidro
    Reports emerging from the Toledo District are that a fatal traffic accident occurred tonight in San Isidro Village. We understand that one man lost his life.


    Leader of Opposition denounces Paullette Elrington’s request for salaries while on leave
    On Wednesday the Public Service Union condemned the request of Paulette Elrington to continue receiving allowances for housing, furniture, child’s education and others, even though she will be on study leave. Paulette, the daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, is currently employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but is on study leave. Leader …

    After Reward posted, Cop Shooter Surrenders but doesn’t collect the Bounty
    Ulide Allen, the 21 year old man that ran a very fast sprint through the Transparent BPO’s yard from Coney Drive in Belize City yesterday, became the subject of a very short manhunt that started with 500 dollars being offered by the COMPOL, Chester Williams. Private donors raised that amount to 2,000 throughout the night …

    TASA says BFF is Inaccurate regarding Board Composition and Status
    The Executive Director of TASA, Valdemar Andrade says that the Belize Federation of Fishers is misinformed. Not only is TASA in good standing, the BFF continues to be a stakeholder on the board of TASA and was not ejected as it had asserted. Andrade told Love News that the BFF had attended 90 percent of …

    Case File sent to DPP for accident that killed Marlena Mortis
    Monday morning’s tragic accident that claimed the life of a teacher, 23 year old Marlena Mortis in Belize City is not a footmark in the history of the highway. Mortis had attempted to cross the highway between miles 2 and three, near DK Supermarket. The Ministry of Works has two crossings, one near the roundabout …

    Anibal the Assassin Avila – Guatemalan Shoots at Customs
    There was a cross border shooting incident that occurred in the early morning hours. Customs Officials at the Benque Viejo border with Melchor, Guatemala called the police at 2:30 this morning to report that after denying entry to a Guatemalan National, Anibal Avila, who had been arrested before for gun and ammunition, the man went …

    The Reporter

    Japanese National Killed During Robbery
    A terrible robbery of 2 Japanese nationals occurred just outside their home near Creative Tiles on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The victims have been identified as Japanese nationals Takayuki Yanaai, 53, and his son Masaki Yanaai, 19. Yanaai and his family had just reached their home on Park Avenue in Buttonwood Bay.

    Early Morning Fire At The Civic Center
    An early morning at the new CIVIC CENTER which has been one of the pride of Belize for its modern sporting facilities and word class arena was quickly extinguished by the local fire department.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    One dead; one injured in home invasion
    An Asian family fell victim to a home invasion tonight that claimed the life of a […]

    Court throws out case against Dion Zabaneh
    The case brought against Dion Zabaneh by the Department of the Environment (DOE) because of […]

    Understanding ICJ jurisdiction in relation to Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute
    Belizeans countrywide are counting down to Decision day 2019, when Belizeans will vote in favor of […]

    Man chopped near Lords Bank
    Our newsroom has received information about a chopping incident. We understand that it occurred minutes ago […]

    NEMO Toledo hosts Emergency Award luncheon
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro was the keynote Speaker at the NEMO […]

    Belize represented at Consultation for Disaster Risk Reduction Actors in Guyana
    NEMO’s Central Region Coordinator (with responsibility for Cayo and Belize Districts), Al Westby, is among a […]

    Public invited to submit information in relation to Gillnets use
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Immigration advises that it is […]

    Two Asian nationals shot on northside Belize City
    Our newsroom has received reliable information about a shooting in Belize City. Two Asian business […]

    Guatemalan man shoots up Customs office at Western border
    A Guatemalan man who was refused entry into Belize is in deep trouble. After Customs Officials […]

    Margaritaville Holdings announces new condo resort on Ambergris Caye
    Margaritaville Holdings, the global lifestyle brand synonymous with fun and escapism, today announced a new condo […]

    Councilor Goodin writes to ComPol for increased police patrol for evening students
    Belize City Councilor with responsibility for Youth and Sports, Micah Goodin, today wrote to Commissioner of […]

    Belize~ Remittances to Guatemala
    By Richard Harrison: In 2017, Belize sent out US$200 million in remittances….and received US$90 million. Of the US$200 million sent out….US$125 million was sent to Guatemala. This is around US$312 per Belize citizen per year. […]

    15-year-old student missing in Orange Walk
    Aura Villela of Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk reported to police that yesterday around 4:30 pm, her […]

    Common law wife allegedly stabs husband in Saint Matthew’s
    Police are investigating a stabbing incident that occurred last night in Saint Matthew’s Village, Cayo […]

    Young male manatee found dead in Placencia
    On February 5, 2019, the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) received reports of a dead manatee […]

    Reward offered for culprit who shot police officer
    The Belize Police Department with the assistance of business owners is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone […]

    Crisis in Venezuela continues as Venezuela’s military blocks bridge to halt US humanitarian aid
    The Venezuelan army has blocked a bridge at the border of Colombia and Venezuela to halt […]

    Countdown to Decision Day 2019! Yes or No to the ICJ?
    With just 62 days away from decision day 2019, proponents of the ‘Yes’ to the ICJ […]

    Bob Marley would have been 74 years old today
    If he were alive, Bob Marley would have celebrated his 74rd birthday today. However, on May 11, 1981, he died from a skin related illness. Despite […]


    Belize was once the home of the Maya Indians. Historians believe these Maya disappeared around 1,000 years ago but some of their ancestors remain. The Kekchi and Mopan Mayas in the south, and the Northern Maya who have a Yucatec heritage. Belize also has a strong history of British and African cultures dating from the colonial period. This has led to a Belizean Creole culture. Many Central American based backgrounds from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, as well as the Spanish, have created a mix with Mayan Indians that is known as Mestizo. There is also a Garifuna culture that has African roots, mostly in southern Belize. Out in Cayo, Belize, you’ll find generations of German-based Mennonites who have made their way over from Europe and then North America, to make Belize home. You’ll also find a strong population of Chinese, Arab, and East Indian cultures here, too.

    Marie Sharp's Culinary Class
    If you are in the San Ignacio area while visiting this amazing country, Belize Happy Adventures has a “must do” for you -- the Marie Sharp’s Tourist Center and Culinary class, conveniently located right in the heart of town at the Rainforest Inn. This quaint little spot looks very unassuming, but the food, the people and the experience is fantastic! Upon arriving at the Inn, you are greeted by the chef and his assistant -- who, in our case, happened to be the granddaughter of Marie Sharp herself! They walked us through the menu for the night, which, appropriately, featured Belize’s most traditional and beloved dish -- Chicken with Rice and Beans! That was not all however. Our meal consisted of 3 delicious courses. The first course was a fry jack appetizer served up with fresh local honey. The second course was the traditional stewed chicken with homemade potato salad, rice and beans and a vegetable medley. Lastly, the bread pudding for dessert fully satisfied our sweet tooth.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize foodie guide: where locals eat and drink
    Some call Belize a melting pot of cuisines, but those who live there prefer to call it a fruit bowl, choosing the best bits of each to create their own. Nudged between Mexico and Guatemala, and influenced by significant immigration from seven different cultures – among them China, Taiwan, India and Indonesia – it’s no surprise that the food landscape in Belize is as varied as its geographical terrain. There are no food franchises in the country (fried chicken is the closest you’ll come to fast-food) so locals steer themselves instead to roadside shacks in hues of bubble-gum pink, burnt orange and deep turquoise serving made-to-order tamales and salbutes.

    Looking for something fun to do during the weekend? Mark your calendar! The Placencia Sidewalk Art and Music Festival will be taking place on February 9th and 10th. This year marks the 16th year of celebration for this artistic festival hosted by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA). This vibrant creative scene depicts the culture of locals in this Peninsula. As a matter of fact, people from all over the world come to this narrow street to be a part of this festival. This quaint fisherman’s village comes alive as artists and local craftsmen line the sidewalk of Placencia to showcase their work. Vibrant painting showcasing tropical and local community scenes, handmade jewelry, intricate wood work and other local crafts make the sidewalk a colorful promenade. That’s not all, don’t miss out on the Ixcacao Maya Belizean chocolate making demonstration. Whether shopping, browsing or just going on a stroll, the Placencia Sidewalk Art and Music Festival will for sure leave you entertained for the day.

    Aquatica Submarines Completes Historic Expedition to the Blue Hole of Belize
    The new year has brought a time for reflection as Aquatica Submarines celebrates a highly successful expedition to the Blue Hole of Belize. Spending almost three weeks onsite from November 27th – December 13th, 2018, the team was able to safely conduct over 20 dives into the Blue Hole taking a variety of people down to experience its splendor. The world was able to share in this experience through a two-hour live broadcast from the Blue Hole on The Discovery Channel that featured Sir Richard Branson, Fabien Cousteau and Aquatica's Chief Pilot, Erika Bergman. The team also supported the production of a forthcoming documentary featuring the Expedition by INE Entertainment, to be released in late spring 2019.

    Caribbean has becomer much drier, says climate change group
    The Barbados-based Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF) says since December last year, many parts of the Caribbean have become drier. “Major concerns exist in the southern Caribbean, including from northern Guyana to Barbados and west to the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) for short-term drought that can impact small rivers, streams and ponds, by the end of April 2019,” CariCOF in its February issue of the Caribbean Drought Bulletin, released here on Tuesday. It said that significant concerns also exist over long-term drought that can impact large rivers and reservoirs, and groundwater by the end of May 2019, in parts of the eastern Caribbean, Jamaica, Hispaniola and southern French Guiana.


  • ViLLaGe ArT, 1min. Walking through this neighbourhood in Corozal Town, the once forsaken fence and crumbling empty lot, is now sprouted by these murals bringing joy to our community. Kindly share our short but sweet video.

  • Belize Snorkel, 3min. Compilation of my Belize snorkeling trips to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, and Mexico Rocks

  • My son and I zip lining in Belize with Flighthouse Zipline, 8.5min.

  • Chabil Mar: An Award Winning Belize Luxury Resort in Placencia Belize, 3min. Full-Service On-Site Amenities - Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Concierge, 400 Ft. of Caribbean Beach, Private Pier, Two Infinity Pools, Roaming Butler Services

    February 7, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island community comes together for annual cancer awareness walk
    A large number of island residents and even visitors joined the San Pedro Cancer Society (SPCS) on Monday, February 4th for their annual cancer awareness walk. The event to honor those who continue to fight, have lost the battle of or have overcome the deadly disease, started at 6PM sharp starting at Central Park. Led by the San Pedro Roman Catholic School marching band, the group walked through the main streets of downtown San Pedro. The annual walk saw the participation of the island’s business community and many islanders who have been affected by cancer or show compassion for those who do. As they marched to the San Juan roundabout and then back to Central Park via Pescador Drive, they carried posters featuring loved ones, with words of encouragement for those who are still fighting the disease.

    SPHS female football team are the 2019 Northern Regional champions
    On Saturday, February 2nd, the San Pedro High School (SPHS) female football team became the Northern Regional Football Champions for the third time at the National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) competition. The competition was held at the Louisiana Field in Orange Walk Town, where both male and female football teams represented SPHS. The male team was able to grab third place, while the female players not only won first place but also secured a spot in the National tournament to be held on February 15th in the Cayo District.

    National Amateur Women’s League Closing Season Begins
    Belize’s National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) Closing Season began this weekend at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, February 2nd. The match saw both San Pedro Invaders and Corozal Scorpions playing hard to start the new season with a victory, but at the end of the game, it was a 4-4 draw. For their next match, San Pedro Invaders will be traveling to Orange Walk Town to face Orange Walk Gladiators on Sunday, February 10th. The game is scheduled to start at 3PM at the People’s Stadium.

    San Pedro Pirates win 1-0 against Assassins Altitude F.C
    In the fourth week of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) Closing Season 2019, the San Pedro Pirates F.C traveled to Independence Village, Stann Creek District to face Assassins Altitude F.C. at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium on Saturday, February 2nd. The match saw the island team claiming a 1-0 victory. For their next match, San Pedro Pirates will be playing at home against Wagiya Sporting club on Saturday, February 9th. The game is scheduled to start at 7:30PM at the Ambergris Stadium. Everyone is invited to come out and support the island team.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Commission Of Police To Hold Public Meeting
    The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chester Williams and other high ranking police officers take this opportunity to invite the general public to a public meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to listen to the public’s concern and suggestions on how we can better the Belize Police Department. Date: Thursday, 7 February 2019. Time: 7:00 pm. Place: Central Park on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town.

    Processing Of Voters’ Identification Card
    The Elections and Boundaries Department informs that contrary to false information being circulated in the public, the Department is working diligently to process Voters’ Identification Cards for issuance to all qualified electors. Electors in the rural communities are notified to expect scheduled visits for the issuance of the cards in their area. Processing of the cards is taking longer than anticipated; however, the Department is committed to completing the processing of all cards well in advance of the Referendum date.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Tony's Inn 47th Anniversary
    February 8th, 2019 marks 47 years Tony's Inn has been serving our community and to celebrate this achievement Cielo Restaurant will be offering a 10% discount on meals. Join us this Friday, February 8, 2019 at 10 AM – 10 PM to celebrate with us!

    Food Handlers Class February 7 on Caye Caulker
    All Individuals that are interested in obtaining a Food Handlers Certificate, please note that the next class will be on February 7th, 2019 at 9:00 a.m, Caye Caulker Library. Please bring along your Social Security card and (1) one passport size picture if you're applying for the first time.

    FCD in San Jose
    FCD staff shared lessons learnt and interventions used in Chiquibul to villagers of San Jose, Toledo. This community is located nearby the Columbia River Forest Reserve.

    Sargassum removal downtown in San Pedro
    Today we caught up with our employees hard at work with the every day upkeep of our town. The Sargassum seems to be making an early comeback, but our team already started tackling it. In the DFC Area, the street sides were being mown. Our grader was playing hide and seek, but for sure he was in the DFC area grading the road leading to the Marina, so we did not manage to get a pic of him.

    Go Green Business & Community event on Caye Caulker
    Come on out this Saturday and see what all the fuss is about! Information will be available about the ban on Single use Plastics and Styrofoams with Ryan from Oceana, not to mention an opportunity to meet your Support Team with Zebra Remedies and Mama Lowe's, and to get amazing ideas from the new Project Manager for ZR's *DIY Belize Project*, Deona, the owner of Feet 2 Soles! Understand how this ban fits into the broader world-wide effort to change our habits and products into sustainable solutions!

    Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Mission
    Sunday Feb. 24th, 8am at KHMH.

    This is the legend of a beautiful princess whose hair resembled the wings of a swallow. She was called Cuzán, the Maya word for this bird. She was also the favorite daughter of Ahnú Dtundtunxcaán, the Great Lord who was submerged in the skies. As soon as Cuzán was old enough for marriage, her father arranged a union with the son of Halach Uinic of the great city of Nan Chan. Her fiancé was the prince Ek Chapat, future lord of the kingdom. But one day, when the princess went to thank her father for the treasures he had plundered in a recent war which he had given to her, she found her father accompanied by a handsome youth named Chalpol, which means red head, so named because of his flaming red hair.

    Channel 7

    Crazed Gunman Opens Fire On Police
    A police constable recovering from a graze to his shoulder. It happened during a wild, broad daylight exchange of fire with a gunman who had no fear of firing at the cops or anyone else. We've pieced together surveillance and cell phone video to show you what happened this afternoon at 2:00 pm on Coney Drive:... Jules Vasquez reporting: This surveillance video captures the moment police forced the gunman on motorbike to the ground on the side of Coney Drive. After that, the gunman bolts, firing at police at he sprints away - that's when PC Higinio was hit. The gunman's mad dash led him to the fence of BPO which he scaled with ease - and was gone.

    DOE Vs. Dion Is Anti-Climactic in Court
    A week ago, we showed you the arraignment of 43 year-old Dion Zabaneh, and his mother, 73 year-old Primose Gabourel, at the Magistrate's Court. The Department of Environment charged them with 4 offenses for Parcel # 4670 in the Buttonwood Bay Area of Belize City. If you've been keeping up with the news for the last few weeks, you'll know that this property has been a subject of dispute between Zabaneh and the Department for about 13 years now. This 1.3 acre parcel is on the seabed, and for the past few weeks, Zabaneh has been filling it up, at a torrid pace.

    Bombshell: Primrose Does Not Own Parcel 4670
    So, with the Department of the Environment out of the way - for now at least - Zabaneh and Primrose Gabourel's attorney seemed to suggest that his clients will continue to fill parcel 4670. The 1.35 acre lot is already about 80% filled, which represents tens of thousands of dollars in material. But, the bombshell tonight is that it may have all been filled in vain! Why? Because the Ministry of Natural Resources says that Primrose Gabourel does not own the land, it was acquired for a public purpose 12 years ago. This is a follow up to what we first reported 10 days ago when we saw a copy of an entry in the February 2007, Government Gazette which says that the land had been acquired for a public purpose.

    PSU Pillories Paulette and Dad, Hon. Wilfred
    Several weeks ago, news broke that Paulette Elrington, daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington, and contract officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a request for study leave, with her full pay and all her allowances. The Amandala Newspaper broke the story 3 weeks ago, that a leaked internal memorandum from within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Paulette Elrington is seeking to study law at UWI. The issue that she is also seeking her full pay and allowances, while on study leave, and if it is approved, she would be reportedly be earning just under 192 thousand dollars per year - her current salary as Foreign Officer at the Permanent Mission of Belize in New York City.

    Gun Snapped In City Shooting
    There was a shooting last night in the city - and thanks to a gun that snapped, the victim only got a minor injury. Around 9:00, 25 year old Kishawn Dennison was at the corner of Antelope St. with a group of men when a gunman pulled up. The head of CIB told us what happened next: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "Last night just a minute before 9, police visited the hospital and there they observed Kishawn Dennison, a 25 year old suffering from gunshot wounds..."

    Compol Calls On Media For Reciprocity
    We spoke to Cowo at a special session the new commissioner of police held with the media. Commish Chester Williams laid out his plans for what he wants to be a comfortable, but not too cozy relationship. And the main thing he wants is a greater degree of reciprocity for the police. Basically, he wants more opportunities for the police to be featured in positive news stories. And to lead the way, Williams has appointed Douglas Hyde as the Director of Media and Public Relations in his office. Hyde told us what will be the way forward:

    Cops Take High Powered Rifle Off The Street
    And in their first post-media-meeting attempt to get some prop police news out, Belize City police are reporting tonight that they've taken 4 guns off the street, one of which was a rifle with a silencer attached. Now, it has the appearance of a sniper rifle, but the cops aren't jumping to conclusions just yet, since the caliber of weapon is one that civilians are able to get a gun license for. Still, it's a major find, and this evening, the Department's legal advisor called a press conference to discuss each of the 4 guns. Here's what he told us several hours ago: Sr. Supt. Bart Jones, Legal Advisor, Belize Police Department

    Hakimi Haven Environmentally Compliant Says Developer
    Last night we showed you our tour with the Turneffe Atoll Trust. They showed the media concerns with mega-developments in that fragile ecosystem and pointed us to Hakimi's Dive Haven, a hulking hundred room resort on ropewalk Caye. It does not have an environmental impact assessment. The concern is the volume of dredging that was done around the flats surrounding the island and the the solid waste disposal plan for the mega development. He adds that they had an environmental audit, and are compliant with environmental requirements.

    Harmony and The Land of The Rising Sun
    The village of Bermudian Landing is receiving a donation of 108 thousand US dollars from the Japanese Government for the construction of a school building for the Harmony Preschool. The donation comes under the Japanese Government's Grassroots Human Security project, and it will allow for children living in the Belize River Valley area to start their early childhood education at the only institution of its kind in the river valley. Currently, the preschool is occupying the village community center, but the hope is that within the next few months, they will have their own facility.

    The Problem With Potatoes in San Carlos
    Last night we showed you a brief clip of the problems potato farmers are having in Orange Walk South. basically, they are ready to harvest their red potatoes, but they are in peril of losing all they invested because Mexican potatoes are still on the market. Now whether this is so through permits or contraband, is almost impossible to determine - but the fact is these farmers face serious potato problems - right at the peak of their harvest. Here's more from the area of San Carlos village:... Jules Vasquez reporting: Like a buried treasure, these potatoes are gems to the farmers who have lovingly cultivated these starchy tubers.

    Ran Off Runway
    Some Maya Island Air passengers were shaken up this morning when the Cessna Caravan they were in experienced a blowout at the Ranchito Airstrip. The plane ran off the runway and ended up on the shoulder. This is reportedly due to a blowout.

    Channel 5

    Wild West on Coney Drive: Police and Suspected Thief Eena Shootout
    Coney Drive here in the city was in mayhem and traffic backed up this afternoon after a shootout between police and two men known to the law. Police were on [...]

    Keshawn Dennison is Targeted by Gunman
    There was another shooting just before nine o’clock on Tuesday night in Belize City. Twenty-five-year-old Keshawn Dennison was among a group of men gathered at the corner Laura Dunn Street [...]

    Danny Mason et al Taken to Court for Arraignment for Kidnapping of a Mennonite Couple
    The head of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas was found inside a bucket in the pan of the truck of the notorious William “Danny” Mason in the parking lot of Barrio Fino [...]

    DOE Withdraws Charges Against Developer Dion Zabaneh
    Private developer Dion Zabaneh is free to proceed with filling lot number 4670, after charges against him for infractions that were purportedly committed in defiance of the Environmental Protection Act [...]

    P.S.U. Condemns Request by Paulette Elrington
    A package of allowances and salary to the tune of one hundred and ninety-one thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars annually was requested for approval from public funds on behalf [...]

    CARICOM Proposes Montevideo Mechanism to Address Venezuelan Crisis
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington departed the country on Tuesday for Uruguay, along with Ambassadors Daniel Gutierrez and Lou-Anne Burns as well as former O.A.S. Ambassador Lisa Shoman to participate in [...]

    Belize Does Not Support U.S. Interference in Venezuela
    So while the statement at the O.A.S. by Belize was sanctioned, according to DPM Faber, Belize will not support any type of intervention or interference from any international superpower, such [...]

    U.D.P. Leadership Convention Set for February 2020
    On January twenty-sixth, the United Democratic Party’s National Party Council decided that its leadership convention will be held in February 2020. Up to date, there are only two known candidates [...]

    Minister Faber Expresses Confidence in FM Elrington
    While we had the minister, we asked him about another statement from cabinet colleague Elrington in an interview with this station. When asked to respond to the P.U.P.’s umpteenth call [...]

    A Challenge to the Validity of the Compromis Soon to be Filed
    In the next few days, a group of attorneys are set to file a constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court. The group will be challenging the validity of the Compromis, [...]

    Should Belize Go to the I.C.J., Not Knowing the Extent of Guatemalan Claim?
    The challenge comes less than two months before the April tenth referendum when voters are to decide on whether or not to take the claim to the I.C.J.  It’s been [...]

    Why Was Former Mexican President Vicente Fox in Belize?
    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was in the country last week. He was not on official business for the Mexican government, but held a brief meeting with Prime Minister Dean [...]

    Las Flores Resident Drowns
    Today, the Lemus/Vargas family of Las Flores in the outskirts of Belmopan laid their loved one to rest. Thirty-four-year-old Angelino Lemus was discovered dead on Monday in the river near [...]

    Year 2 of Education Expo a Success
    The Ministry of Education today hosted its second annual B-TOO Education Expo. High school students from across the country filed into the Belize Civic Center to get first-hand information from [...]

    Agriculture C.E.O. Addresses Potato Farmers’ Concerns
    On Tuesday, we reported on the mounting worries of dozens of potato farmers in San Carlos Village, Orange Walk. The farmers are concerned that they will not be able to [...]

    Fishermen Claim That They Were Unfairly Removed from “Sandbore Caye”
    A group of fishermen from Sarteneja Village says that they are being targeted by the Belize Coast Guard. According to the fishermen, last year the Coast Guard removed them from [...]

    Captain Bennett says Coast Guard Acted within its Purview
    When we reached out to the Belize Coast Guard, they had a different version of the story. According to Captain Elton Bennett, they have offered multiple notices to the occupants [...]

    More Firearms are Taken Off the Streets
    The Belize Police Department has taken a number of weapons off the streets in the last few days. Some of the weapons were found in abandoned lots and two were [...]

    B.P.D.’s Mobile Interdiction Team Continues to Tackle Cross-Border Firearms Trafficking
    And while the police department is happy to remove the guns off the streets, they know that it takes more than searching suspicious persons and combing empty lots. So, what [...]

    ComPol Meets with Reporters to Strengthen Media/Police Relationship
    Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is still settling into his seat as the new top cop in law enforcement and part of his familiarization entails revisiting the sometimes difficult relationship [...]

    An Explanation for a Sometimes Challenging Partnership
    Hyde explains from the police’s point of view why the relationship with the media has been strained in the past.   Douglas Hyde, Director, Media & Public Relations, BPD “The [...]

    Belmopan CitCo Garbage Truck Spills Trash across Hummingbird Highway
    Today, a driver along the Hummingbird Highway captured a flow of garbage near mile forty-nine. The garbage wasn’t litter along the road; it was garbage being transferred to the dump [...]

    Pook Brothers Out on Bail for 2011 Murder of Taxi Man
    A trio of brothers, who had been behind bars for the 2011 murder of taxi man Errol Ferguson, was released today on bail. Though they have not been found guilty, [...]

    Choice Bank Takes G.O.B. to Court
    The Government of Belize, via the Minister of Finance, is being sued by Choice Bank Limited after operations were shuttered in June 2018 when its international banking license was revoked.  [...]

    Still No Charges for the Driver that Knocked Down and Killed Marilena Mortis
    There are still no charges for the driver of the vehicle which knocked down and killed twenty-three-year-old Marilena Mortis. Mortis had just visited with her mother on Dolphin Drive in [...]


    Police and Media promise to get along
    The relationship between the police and the media can be described in most generous terms as tumultuous but it resembles and abusive relationship in which people would say either party can’t live with and can’t live without the other. The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams’ voice has been very accessible to the media as he …

    The Stench in Belmopan. PUP Standard Bearer asks DOE to Intervene
    General Elections may be in 2020, but it has not stopped the PUP Standard Bearer, Oscar Mira from working with the community. This morning Mira wrote to Martin Alegria, Chief Environmental Officer in the Department of the Environment about a foul stench that had allegedly emanated from a local alcohol distillery and permeated through the …

    Cops remove several weapons from City Streets in 2 Days
    As a reflection of the new found love between the police and the media, Senior Superintendent Bart Jones made himself available this evening at Raccoon Street Police Station to tell us about the firearms the department has confiscated over the last forty eight hours. Sr. Supt. Bart Jones Police Press Officer: “On Tuesday at …

    Shooting Victim surprisingly Positive about life, the morning after
    Kishawn Dennison could have been the latest murder statistic. But last night, the gun that his assailant had didn’t fire when he was within inches of his face. Though he ran, he was injured. Today we spoke to the police about the investigation as well as the shooting victim, Dennison who was in good spirits …

    Mother is told to pay hospital bill first to be able to register new born
    Josephine Jacobs recently gave birth to a baby in Dangriga. Coupled with her joy is the stress she is undergoing as she is unable to register her child’s birth. Jacobs contacted our news centre today and explained the troubles she is having at the Vital Statistics office at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga Town. …

    History Teacher says be informed as Belizeans head to the polls on April 10
    During our interview with CEM-JC’s History teacher, Nancy Leiva, we asked her about her position on the ICJ Referendum. Leiva says that she has re-registered and will be voting on April 10. Nancy Leiva History Teacher: I think it is important because it is an opportunity that I see for me to be able to …

    CEM-JC students vote “Yes” to the ICJ
    The education campaign on taking the Belize Guatemala Dispute to the International Court of Justice is ongoing. Several educational institutions have organized their own sessions and several more have worked in collaboration with the Referendum Unit. In the Corozal District, the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, CEM-JC has done this and like Saint Catherine’s Academy, …

    Cops and Shottaz: Gunplay and Chase on Coney Drive
    The news of an officer being injured in a shootout on Coney Drive went viral this afternoon. Messages flooded our inboxes at the news centre and a news team made their way to the scene. Love News arrived on the scene shortly after it happened. Jose Sanchez: “At 2:20 PM Police were patrolling the Philip …

    Ministry of Education showcases educational opportunities
    The Tertiary Options and Opportunities Educational Expo was held at the Civic Centre in Belize City. It is an opportunity provided to upper secondary level students to learn of various options to further their education. Deryck Satchwell, Acting Director of Tertiary Unit in the Ministry of Education says it is a way to encourage students …

    BFF asks to restrict TASA from accessing PACT Funding due to irregularities
    The Belize Federation of Fishers (BFF) has, in a press release today, asked that access to funding granted to the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association, TASA, be restricted. That funding was granted to TASA by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT, for the implementation of a program titled, “Enhancing Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association’s Management of the

    The Reporter

    Intense Manhunt – After Chase and Shootout
    Police are looking for the man who allegedly shot PC Leon Higinio during an exchange of gunfire this afternoon. According to sources Police were on routine patrol when they saw two men on a red motorcycle near Renco Battery on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Police chased the men who stopped on Coney Drive.

    Zabaneh vs D.O.E Saga Continues – Seaside Development On Hold ?
    Chief Environmental Officer Martin Alegria has written to the Court requesting that charges against Dion Zabaneh and his mother, Primrose Gabourel, be dropped. After weeks of tension and hostilities over the filling of a ‘sea lot’ on Seashore Drive, the Department had charged Zabaneh and Gabourel with failure to obtain environmental clearance prior to development activity ...

    Big Guns Secure William Danny Mason’s – Arraignment
    With the prospect of any attempt to escape, and because of the fact that William Danny Mason has been a very mysterious and elusive figure ever since he showed up in Belize, to the fact that he being able to acquire several false identity documents, the law enforcement and prison officials are taking no chances.

    Shooting On Antelope St. Ext. Leaves 1 Man In Critical Condition
    There was another shooting just before 9pm tonight (Feb. 5th.) in Belize City. Preliminary investigations have revealed that Kishawn Dennison, 25, was standing in a group at the Cor. Laura Dunn Street and Antelope Street Extension when a man approached and fired at him.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Bob Marley would have been 74 years old today
    If he were alive, Bob Marley would have celebrated his 74rd birthday today. However, on May 11, 1981, he died from a skin related illness. Despite […]

    Belize City Council holds public meeting in Port Loyola
    Tonight the Belize City Council held its first public meeting. The event was held at St. […]

    ComPol meets with media
    Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, hosted the media at the Queen Street police station this morning […]

    PUP Standard Bearer calls on Department of Environment to address health concern
    Standard bearer for the People’s United Party (PUP) in Belmopan, Oscar Mira has written to the […]

    UNDP and the Ministry of Health extend their partnership for HIV and TB services
    The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Belize and the Ministry of Health signed a new agreement […]

    Policeman grazed in Belize City shootout
    Breaking Belize News (BBN) has received reports that a police officer was injured during a shoot out […]

    Belize Federation of Fishers requests hold on TASA’s access to $1,045,500 PACT Award
    The Belize Federation of Fishers (BFF) is a legally registered and duly constituted non-profit organization formed […]

    Tight security in court for “Danny” Mason hearing
    There was heavy police presence this morning as accused murderer, William “Danny” Mason, and four others appeared in court […]

    Rural Development informs of water restoration to San Antonio village today
    The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development informs residents that it is currently working on the restoration […]

    Fair weather to continue
    Fair weather conditions will continue over the next couple of days. Sunny skies with some cloudy […]

    Bermudian Landing Preschool coming soon
    On February 5, a signing ceremony took place in Bermudian Landing, Belize for the construction […]


    Belize Packing List: What to Pack and What to Wear For Your Trip to Ambergris Caye
    Ambergris Caye has SO much to do. So many restaurant, beach bars, snorkel sites, dive shops and more. But packing for your trip to Belize should be very simple. I’ve put together some information – a guide to packing for Belize – for a week long trip. This can be scaled up or down but the basics stay the same. You want to stay cool and comfortable and you also don’t want to be running around town searching for something you forgot. So I started with an overview – the local style and the weather and then started my list. I am writing from MY personal experience. I would sooner be caught dead in convertible pants – the ones that zip from long pants to shorts – but for those spending the day on the water flyfishing, they can be lifesavers! So use this just as a guideline.

    International Sourcesizz

    CAWS Highlighted in Us Magazine
    The Cayo Animal Welfare Society, along with ATM, Xunantunich, Hanna Stables, and Ka'ana, was featured in Us Magazine's latest issue, in an article written by Jon Huertas. "Belize has horses! I love to ride and try to do it as often as I can so when I found out that I could ride horseback to the famous Belizean ruins of Xunantunich, I said, 'Let’s do this!' We were driven about 10 minutes away from the property to a small horse farm called Hannah stables. That is what life is all about: sometimes, we can do what seems like the smallest thing that somehow inspires a good deed. This model can only lead to a positive change in the world...

    Belize: A Country Whose Star Continues to Rise
    Between 2017 and 2018, the tiny Central American nation of Belize witnessed double-digit growth in tourist arrivals. That amounted to a 14.6 percent increase in 2018, bringing the total number of visitors to about 489, 261 people. Cruise passenger arrivals last year also surged, spiking by 19.1 percent over 2017, to reach more than 1.2 million. The substantial jump in arrivals could very well be the result of an increase in strategic marketing efforts undertaken by the Belize Tourism Board in recent months and years, or it may also be tied to the fact that Belize, by many accounts, is a destination on the rise. During interviews with TravelPulse, local hotel developers and the Belize Tourism Board said many factors are aligning in Belize’s favor right now to put the country on the radar of travelers far and wide.

    Caribbean Travel Photo Of The Day – Belize
    Today’s Caribbean Travel Photo of the Day of Belize takes us back to a time when the carbon footprint was less because there were not so many cars with fossil fuel and things moved at a slower pace.

    Mound House expands programs with educational trip to Belize
    Travellers could have the chance to visit the Mayan ruins of Belize and Guatemala this summer, thanks to a new program at the Mound House. Education Coordinator Penny Jarrett first fell for the crystal-blue waters of Belize 10 years ago, when she worked on a manatee research project during her time at the Cincinnati Zoo. She has fond memories of tagging manatees, creating a community photo project in a local village, and staring in awe at centuries-old ruins hidden away in the jungle. Now, she wants to take residents of Fort Myers Beach along with her to rediscover the country. "It's a small country, but its just got so many different habitats," she said.

    Guyana shortlists provisional 26-member squad for Belize clash
    Following several days of trials at the National Training Centre, Providence, under the watchful of assistant coach, Charles `Lily’ Pollard, the Guyana Football Federation [GFF], has short-listed a local senior provisional squad of 26 members. The squad, which initially featured 35 players, is preparing for the CONCACAF Nations League clash against Belize on March 23rd at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora.

    It’s time to ratchet up bonefish conservation, FIU scientists say
    Anglers are catching fewer bonefish in South Florida. FIU scientists say there are many factors that could be behind the drop in catches, with warmer temperatures, more predators, fishing and contaminants among them. FIU coastal ecologist Jennifer Rehage and a team of scientists found the decline is affecting all of South Florida, with some areas more affected than others. They examined bonefish, bonefish catches and water quality throughout Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay and the Florida Keys. They also surveyed and interviewed nearly 300 anglers and fishing guides on their fishing experiences in 2015.


  • BTOO Education Expo - Centro Escolar Mexico Feb. 6, 2019 Belize Civic Center, 3min.

  • Belize Dive Trip January 2019, 3.5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Estella Leonora Brakeman, 2.5min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - Adler Santiago Castillo, 1.5min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - Elbert Randolph Swasey, 1.5min.

  • Chinese New Year - Year Of the PIG, 74min. We learnt a bit more about the Year of the Pig and what it means for those who fall under this sign in the Chinese zodiac. We also learnt how to make dumplings which are a part of the traditional meal eaten at this time of the year. On set: Huayu Chen - Taiwan ICDF Mandarin Lecturer. Edward Yang - Taiwan ICDF Mandarin Lecturer, University of Belize.

  • CUBA Update - tornado that passed through the island in January, 33min. Cuban nationals are still recovering from the rare tornado that passed through the island in January. The relief efforts continue as they sort through the damage and begin to rebuild their communities. We spoke with Orestes Hernandez, Minister Counselor at the Embassy of Cuba in Belize, about the work in progress.

  • New Water Pump in San Antonio Village, 1/2min. A new pump has been installed in the water system in San Antonio Village, Toledo District. The water tank is presently being filled and the villagers will be able to access water today.

  • Belize: A Day In The Life, 2min. Catch a glimpse of the island life with this first-person video filmed on the island where RLT participants SCUBA dive in Belize!

  • Belize Tree Houses At Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, 1.5min. Few resorts in Belize can compare to the natural splendor of the luxury tree houses at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge. Each tree house comes with a full range of modern conveniences and comfort, including a private bathroom (with hot and cold running water), electricity, cooling ventilation, and lovely furnishings. The tree houses offer rustic flavor with an upscale dimension, allowing guests to be literally immersed in the wild, natural beauty of the Belizean jungle.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

    February 6, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Meet the San Pedro Pirates F.C. 2019
    The 2019 Closing Season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) began on Saturday, January 12th. With fresh faces across many teams, The San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce the players that form the San Pedro Pirates Football Club. This season, the Pirates have four new and 12 returning Pirates. The San Pedro Pirates F.C is currently coached by Alex Noralez, who is originally from San Pedro Town, and Jorge Nuńez, who is originally from Brazil. Both coaches told The San Pedro Sun that they are working hard to give their best this season and hopefully bring the championship to the island. Coach Nuńez was San Pedro Pirates F.C first coach when they first participated in the PLB in 2017. He is pleased to come back and bring more knowledge and experience to the team. They are assisted by San Pedro Pirates Manager Tony Maldonado and assistant coach Hugo Pineda.

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks fall to the City’s Hurricanes
    After leading with two consecutive victories, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks experienced their first loss in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) against Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes on Saturday, February 2nd. The game took place at the Civic Centre in Belize City, where the ‘Home’ team dominated three out of the four quarters, ending with a blowout 87-71 victory over the island team. Games continue this weekend: On Friday, February 8th, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks will be traveling to Belmopan City to face the Bandits. That same day, Verdes will travel to Belize City to face Mirage/Smart Hurricanes at the Civic Centre. The following day, Dangriga Dream Ballers will visit Orange Walk Running Rebels for a match at the Orange Walk Sporting Complex.

    Isla Bonita Elementary School celebrates Cultural Day 2019
    To encourage students to keep their culture and traditions alive, Isla Bonita Elementary School (IBES) hosted its annual Cultural Day at the school compound on Friday, February 1st. Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to showcase their knowledge on the country’s various ethnic groups to visitors. Some students even performed traditional dances. Attendees also had the opportunity to purchase some of the delicious traditional dishes on display.

    RCGO are the 2019 Champions of the San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament
    For the third consecutive year, Team RCGO were crowned champions of the San Pedro Co-Ed Softball competition on Sunday, February 3rd. The three-time champions overcame a tough Team Extreme during the tournament’s finals in a best out of three-game series at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. Games tipped off at 9AM with Team Rusties and Quality Reef fighting for third place. Rusties had many opportunities, but Quality Reef kept pressing on and taking advantage of their crucial mistakes. Quality Reef managed to secure the points needed to seal the game for a 5-4 victory and an honorable third place in the tournament.

    Groundhog Day Boat Poker Run Raises Money for Two Island Organizations
    What started as an annual pub crawl via boat to celebrate Groundhog Day four years ago evolved this year into a fundraising Poker Run event on February 2nd. Two worthy causes, Rickilee Rapid Response (Triple R or RRR) Water Rescue and Ambergris Caye Elementary School’s (ACES) special education program benefited from the proceeds, which totaled more than $4,500bz. Organizers Jodi and Scott Harnish of the well-known Palapa Bar and Grill spearheaded the tradition. Jodi explained their decision to host this event. “Years ago, we thought a boat pub crawl would be a fun way to celebrate Groundhog Day and we usually have around 30 people join us. This year we decided to make it a Poker Run fundraiser, and we had over 120 people! We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and money collected!”

    Ambergris Today

    Pic Of The Week - Tropic Air's Belizean Cessna Caravan
    A few weeks ago, Tropic Air Belize welcomed its newest addition, a Cessna Caravan 208B EX to its fleet. This brings their fleet to 17 aircraft, and gives the company the third largest passenger Caravan fleet (14) in the world. To celebrate this milestone, and Tropic’s 40 years of service, they have adorned the new aircraft with a special Belizean flag themed livery, and dedicated it to the people of this great nation.

    San Pedro Cancer Society Holds Annual Cancer Walk
    Upon the invitation of the San Pedro Cancer Society, Ambergris Caye, Belize, residents took time to participate in the island’s annual Cancer Awareness Walk in commemoration of World Cancer Awareness Day, February 4, 2019. Every year, the San Pedro Cancer Society holds its annual cancer awareness walk, an event which has been very well attended. This year saw the participation of many island business groups who sent their staff to show support for the cause; this included members of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union, San Pedro Lions Club, Castillo’s Hardware, Sandy Point Resort and Atlantic Bank, to name a few. Also joining these business groups were cancer survivors and people whose lives have been affected by the deadly disease one way or another.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Mark Jones a.k.a "Marky" Missing
    HELP WANTED! Family members are seeking the public's assistance in locating Mr. Mark Jones a.k.a "Marky". Mr. Jones is a mentally challenged person and it is reported that he was seen in Police custody in Corozal but was later released. Please call Viola Jones at 652-1237 if you see Mark Jones anywhere in Corozal or call our Police Station at 402-0022.

    Several beautiful days with calm winds and cooler weather made for a lot of memories for our guests. Fishing for bonefish was good from the boats and while wading. Several large bonefish were landed.

    Help us Rep.our Marimba Heritage @ Costa Rica Fest
    Benque Marimba Los Hijos del West Belize

    Over $7000 in district and finals prizes!!! The Office of the Music Ambassador kicked off the 2nd annual BELIKIN DJ CHAMPIONSHIP in the Culture capital Dangriga February 1. This was the setting for the Stann Creek district preliminaries that saw 500 people fill island breeze bar & grill to capacity to enjoy the skills of their favorite Dj’s. The competition was judged by the Iconic Fada Stone, Omar Arzu & Dangriga’s own Dj Allo. Hosted by the legendary Dj Dalla! The energy from the crowd was pure pandemonium as the Belikin drinks set in and Dj’s demonstrated their skills scratching, mixing, blending while playing the best Music! At the end of the night Dj Bass(Hopkins) was the Stann Creek district winner! He will receive $250 from Ambassador Shyne Barrow and advance to the finals where he will face off against the other district winners in the National finals to be the 2019 Belikin Dj Champion & win $3000!

    Police holding a public meeting at Central Park in San Pedro
    On Thursday, February 7th the new Commissioner of Police of the Belize Police Department Chester Williams and his management team will be hosting a public meeting at Central Park at 7pm sharp.

    Discussion on AIRBNB /VRBO properties & BTB Regulations in San Pedro
    On Friday, February 8th BTB Chairman of the Board Einer Gomez has arranged for a meeting with HOTELIERS and owners of AIRBNB /VRBO properties to discuss the BTB licensing process and discuss policies and regulations. This meeting is for INDUSTRY STAKEHOLDERS only and discussion will focus on this topic only. There will also be BTB staff in attendance to provide support. It will be a lunch meeting at the Holiday Hotel at noon. PLEASE RSVP to [email protected] Space is limited to 25 people.

    Fake Instagram Account for Minister Michael Finnegan
    A fake Instagram account purporting to belong to the Hon. Michael Finnegan, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, has been detected. The Minister has never had and has no intention to open an Instagram account. The public is advised to disregard any information published under this fake account in the name of the Hon. Michael Finnegan.

    Increase in Pump Price for Diesel Oil and Kerosene
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on February 6th, the pump price for Diesel Oil will increase by 66 cents from $9.31 to $9.97 per gallon while the pump price for Kerosene will increase by 63 cents from $6.82 to $7.45 per gallon. These price increases are due to a reduction in supplies from the major oil-producing countries in the Middle East and in Latin America, coupled with an increase in demand due to extremely cold winter conditions in North America.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “A Quiet Day”.

    Rugby Belize comes to Hopkins Village
    Saturday, February 9.

    Belize Kids Vision Clinic
    Stanford Eye Doctors will be offering free eye exams at the Belize Kids Vision Clinic at the San Pedro Lions Den. Date: February 11-15, 2019, from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Adults and children are to present Social Security cards if they have them. Please bring sunglasses to use after the exam as the eyes will be sensitive to light after the exam.

    Grand re-opening of La Beliza
    Join in the celebration of the grand re-opening of LA Beliza this Friday. Live music with Terryl Godoy, happy hour specials, and free appetizers from 3pm - 5pm. Everyone is invited!

    Back To Prom 2019
    Dig out those lovely gowns from days gone by and rock that look once again at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar this Saturday! Sure to be super entertaining! Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 7 PM. Ever wanted to relive your prom? Never went to prom? Want to just go again cause it was that much fun? Well this is your chance! Dress how you want! Wanna be funny? Pretty? Gaudy? In your “prom” era? Or just beautiful....go for it!

    The San Pedro Town Council's Co-Ed Softball Tournament 2018 came to a close on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 after a thrilling season. Competing for the Championship title were: RCGO, Extreme, Quality Reef, Rusties, Beer League and San Pedro High School. Sunday's game was filled with suspense and exciting moments as the players ran from base to base as fast as they could trying to avoid to the best of their might for them not to get outed. Tha fans were at the edge of their seats, and even though, the games are lengthy, they stuck by and witnessed an exciting game! Coming in 3rd was Quality Reef, who won the third place game against the Rustie who won 4th place, while team Extreme won the 2nd place title. And lastly, winning first place was RCGO, making it their third consecutive win!

    French Kiss At Sunset in San Pedro!
    Saturday February 16th BumSquad DJz - Belize invade French Kiss At Sunset in San Pedro! Firs tKiss, it’s a day & night beach party! Begins at 2pm in the afternoon straight through until midnight!

    Kelly McGuire’s last show at The Dive Bar
    It is that time of the year on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. You don’t want to miss Kelly McGuire’s last show at The Dive Bar this Friday, Feb 8th, 2019 starting at 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. -Seafood Specials -Cocktail & Drinks Specials -Jell-O shots -Complimentary Paddle boards & Kayaks!! Come and sing along to your favorite island music! See you here!!

    Valentine's Marimba Dinner Dance
    The Los Hijos del West will be having a Valentine's Dinner Dance to fundraise for their trip to Costa Rica. It'll be on Saturday, February 16th, at the Cancha Marshalleck. "If you are at the Twin Towns, tickets are available at the San Ignacio and Santa Elena House of Culture with Mrs.Shary Medina"

    Channel 7

    Hit and Run Victim Identified
    Tonight, a family in Xaibe Village is mourning after learning that their loved one was killed in a hit and run at 1:00 am on Monday morning. It happened near the entrance of San Joaquin Village. The body was unidentified up until last night - but after seeing the news, the family went to the police station - and identified the deceased as 61 year old Carlos Galvan - a Mexican by birth who has lived in Belize his whole life. Today his son told CTV-3 he's not quite sure what his father was doing riding on the road at that hour:...

    Waiting For A Verdict For 3 Years, Murder Suspects Get Bailed
    Three brothers: 30 year-old Michael Pook, 29 year-old Ryan Pook, and 26 year-old Adrian Pook, are out on bail for the first time in over 7 years and 9 months of remand at the Belize Central Prison. They were tried for murder 3 years ago before Justice Troadio Gonzalez in a trial without jury, but he retired and never delivered his decision. So, the accused were left in limbo, waiting for a verdict on whether they killed Errol Lighter Ferguson. Attorneys Leeroy Banner and Leslie Mendez presented bail petitions today on behalf of the Pook brothers before Justice Colin Williams. They focused on the nearly 8 years that the brothers have spent in prison, 3 of which have been due to this pending verdict.

    Alleged Rapist of a 13 Year Old Will Stand Trial
    41 year-old Charles Brown who has been charged for allegedly raping a female minor, will stand trial in the Supreme Court for the offense. The child, who was 13 years-old at the time, told police that on September 18th, 2017, she was at a home in the company of her aunt, who suffers a mental disability. She said that Brown, whose face she knew well, entered the house and raped her. Today, the police prosecutor presented the investigation file to Magistrate Emmerson Banner today during Brown's preliminary inquiry. The prosecution intends to call 8 witnesses to testify against Brown.

    Bad-Man Moreira
    It seems Belizean Santos Moreira just couldn't get enough of the United States - no matter how many times they deported him - he just kept going back. And now, he could face 20 years in a US jail because of it. An indictment made out against him on January 25th of this year says he was previously deported on three separate occasions - in December 1995, September 1999 and October 2010. ICE found the 46 year old in Los Angeles County on November 2, 2015.

    Foreign Minister to Uruguay For Venezuela Crisis Meeting
    Belize's Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is heading to Uruguay to participate in an international conference focusing on the ongoing political upheaval in Venezuela. CARICOM has positioned itself as a moderate voice trying to ensure some measure of stability in Venezuela while global powers push for the ouster of President Nicholas Maduro. Last week, CARICOM leaders went to the United Nations, quote, "to advance dialogue and negotiations for the benefit of the Venezuelan people."

    Walking The Environmental Tightrope At Turneffe
    Last night we told you a little about the media's visit to the Turneffe Atoll. It was arranged by the Turneffe Atoll Trust. It follows up on a report compiled by the group, which is abbreviated as "TATS". That non profit organization produced a report in December called Risking the Atoll. And yesterday they showed us what some of those risks were, including a mega resort on Ropewalk Caye. Here's the story:.. Eden Garcia, UB - Ph.D researcher: "I have been out here in Turneffe since 1996. I have seen from a very green place to these islands completely covered with vegetation to many of these islands now having some really some very large infrastructure."

    Belmopan Beware! Bees!
    A Belmopan woman is fortunate to be alive after she was stung by bees. On Sunday evening around 5:00, the woman was riding her bike on the sidewalk near the park on Santa Maria Street when she was attacked by bees. We understand that some kids threw rocks at the hive in this tree which is in the park. The bees then stung the woman and, after that, stung a dog to death in a nearby yard. The woman was treated and released from the hospital. It's a serious public health concern because many people especially school kids pass the park everyday.

    Diesel & Kerosene Prices Surge
    If you own a diesel vehicle, or if you use kerosene, you may want to replenish your stock right about now, because at midnight tonight, pump prices for these 2 types of fuels will increase by more than 60 cents each. The current price for diesel oil is $9.31 per gallon, and at midnight, it will increase by 66 cents to $9.97 per gallon. Right now, kerosene is being sold for $6.82 per gallon, but at 12:00 tonight, it will be increased by 63 cents to $7.45 per gallon. All other types of fuel will remain at the same price.

    Lemus Lost to Roaring River
    34 year old Carlos Angelino Lemus from Las Flores drowned in the Roaring Creek River yesterday. At around 1:30 he went swimming with a friend, went under and did not resurface. He drowned and his body was recovered some hours later near the Roaring River Golf course.

    To Havana With Heart and Art
    Last week, a delegation of 5 Belizean artists, teachers, and community activists went to Havana, Cuba on mission to foster a renewed spirit of solidarity and friendship with Cuba. These Belizeans included Yasser Musa, YaYa Marin Coleman, Carlos "Lito" Quiroz, Katie Usher, and Delmer Tzib. They had a very filled itinerary, meeting with influential Cubans in the fields of art, education, and community activism. A press release says that they had discussions with Casa de Las Americas, a Latin American publishing and cultural organization to collaborate on projects that they would like to bring to Belize.

    Potatoe Farmers Searching For a Market Amidst Mexican Supply
    The farmers of San Carlos Orange Walk are ready to harvest their potatoes this season - but they are worried that they won't have a market to sell them to. It's an annual anxiety, because Mexican potatoes dominate the supply - and consumers have gotten used to that product - which is still on the local market right now. Today, two of the farmers said their potatoes are better, and they are under pressure to sell them:... Israel Hernandez, Potato Farmer: "The harvest for local potatoes just start, but some people from Cayo came to see the potato in Belize City. When I can't sell, I have to drop the price cheaper. These potatoes look good. Yesterday a Chinese man wanted to buy potatoes, the man ask what kind of potatoes are these..."

    Table Tennis Kids To CA Championship
    The Belize Table Tennis Association is reporting tonight that a delegation of 10 athletes, 2 coaches and 1 parent left Belize for Cancun, Mexico today. Team Belize will compete in the 2019 Central American U-15 and U-18 Table Tennis Championships. The athletes will be participating in the Singles, Doubles, Mixed Double and Team competition events. The U-15 athletes include Taye Parkinson, Devesh Hukmani, Jofny Paguaga, Sarai Paguaga, and Abigail Thurton. The U-18 Athletes include Rohit Pagarani, Kelly Lui, Terry Su, Mihir Karnani, and Amiri Hoare.

    Finnegan Don't do Instagram
    UDP Housing Minister and Mesop Area Representative Michael Finnegan has no Instagram account. A release says someone has made a fake Instagram account claiming to belong to Finnegan. A release says, the Minister has never had and has no intention to open an Instagram account.

    Channel 5

    Pook Brothers Out on Bail for 2011 Murder of Taxi Man
    A trio of brothers, who had been behind bars for the 2011 murder of taxi man Errol Ferguson, was released today on bail. Though they have not been found guilty, [...]

    Choice Bank Takes G.O.B. to Court
    The Government of Belize, via the Minister of Finance, is being sued by Choice Bank Limited after operations were shuttered in June 2018 when its international banking license was revoked.  [...]

    Still No Charges for the Driver that Knocked Down and Killed Marilena Mortis
    There are still no charges for the driver of the vehicle which knocked down and killed twenty-three-year-old Marilena Mortis. Mortis had just visited with her mother on Dolphin Drive in [...]

    Baby’s Parents Seeking Legal Action against Corozal Hospital
    News Five has confirmed that the parents of eleven-week old Dion Woodeye Junior have commenced legal action against the Ministry of Health. The parents have consulted a lawyer and are [...]

    Belizean Named as 1 of U.S. ICE Most Wanted Deportable Alien
    For some time, a Belizean has been named as one of the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s most-wanted deportable aliens. He is forty-six-year-old Santos Moriera who has a number of [...]

    Fuel Prices Going Up Again
    At midnight tonight, the prices of diesel and kerosene will take a significant hike. Consumers will be hit with a sixty-six cents increase per gallon in the price of diesel [...]

    Four Local Tour Operators Take GST Commissioner to Court
    As many as four legal claims have been brought against the Commissioner of General Sales Tax in the wake of a 2018 decision handed down by the Caribbean Court of [...]

    Belize City Man Committed to Stand Trial for Rape of Minor
    A resident from rural Belize District was arraigned and remanded for allegedly raping a male child on Monday. Today, a man accused in 2017 of raping a female child was [...]

    Ignatius Williams is Remanded for Another Firearm Charge
    Also in court, twenty-five-year-old well-known repeat offender, Ignatius “Bantan” Williams of Flamboyant Street, Belize City was sent behind bars for possession of a firearm loaded with seven live rounds of [...]

    Assad Shoman Response to Lindsay Belisle’s Theory
    In January Former Boundary Commissioner Lindsay Belisle made his media rounds voicing his complete opposition in taking the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice.  According to Belisle taking [...]

    World Cancer Day – “I Am, I Will”
    “I am; I will” is this year’s theme for World Cancer Day. Every year, across the globe, there is an observance to bring awareness about the importance of prevention, detection, [...]

    Local Potato Producers Fear Losing Revenue to Imported Mexican Potatoes
    Tonight there is growing concern among farmers in San Carlos Village, Orange Walk. Potato farmers are worried that their investment and weeks of hard work will be all for naught [...]

    Is the Contraband of Mexican Potatoes Affecting Local Farmers?
    According to Mai, local potato farmers have also been affected by contraband. He says that all relevant stakeholders should come together to prevent the perpetuation of illegally bringing in the [...]

    Jose Mai: “That is nonsense!”
    Today, the P.U.P.’s Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai took a jab at the Ministry of Agriculture with respect to the concerns of the potatoes farmers. Mai says [...]

    A Second Look at What’s Happening in Turneffe
    A recent trip to the Turneffe Atoll shows that there is large scale development in areas within the cluster of islands that are considered private property.  Despite the acreages being [...]

    Voyse Cares and Donates to the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre
    Back in 2018, Infotel International was rebranded as Voyse International. On Monday, the community service arm of the organization, Voyse Cares donated four thousand dollars to the Dorothy Menzies Child [...]

    Meet the 2018 F.F.B. Youth Awardees
    An investment in football is bearing fruits for the next generation of footballers. A group of athletes from all over the country were carefully selected and honoured over the weekend [...]


    Orange Walk farmers say they cannot sell their potato harvest
    In February 2017, we brought you the story of the farmers in the north who were complaining of the low market prices for their locally grown potatoes. The main factors attributed to the low prices was the excess supply as well as what Jose Abelardo Mai noted as being, ‘import permits for the politically favoured’. …

    Make Way for Peppa- It’s the Chinese New Year of the Pig
    February 5th marks the start of the Chinese New Year and according to the zodiac cycle it is the year of the Golden Pig. Across the planet some of the activities include putting up decorations; eating reunion dinner with family on New Year’s Eve; and firecrackers and fireworks. Edmund Kwan, President of the Belize Chinese …

    BTL PARK Bar that had alcohol, fights and murder- PIER 1 Shut Down
    In September, 2018 the BTL Park, a child friendly space was the setting for a crowd that escaped a brawl at a bar that overlooks the park. The spillover effect resulted in shooting incidents at 95 Neals Neals Pen Road. The Pier 1 bar was clearly one of the hottest spots in the City as …

    Mayor says 2 more Pedestrian Crossing Needed to prevent accidents
    On November 16, 2018 the Belize City administrator sent a letter to the Ministry of Works regarding the stretch of highway from mile 2 to 3.5. The letter spoke of QUOTE “an area that presents safety challenges to pedestrians who must cross the highway at various points… and it has failed to consider that residents …

    Belizeans travel to Cuba to foster solidarity and friendship
    A group of Belizeans are back from a visit to Havana, Cuba where they took part in a week of activities to foster solidarity and friendship with Cuba. The group included Yasser Musa, YaYa Marin Coleman, Carlos “lito” Quiroz, Katie Usher and Delmer Tzib, a mixture of teachers, artists and community activists. The group met …

    Monkey River and Seine Bight Villagers give their opinion on ICJ
    It’s still a toss-up as to whether Belizeans will vote yes or no to forward Guatemala’s unfounded claim against us to the International Court of Justice. The referendum takes place in two months. Love News spoke to residents of Monkey River and Seine Bight, coastal towns which could be affected in the south about how …


    Stupidly-designed highway kills young teacher
    A young teacher is dead, and her death could have been avoided if politicians and technocrats had exercised some intelligence in designing and approving the construction of a piece of road (“highways” do not belong in a city’s environs) in the city, heading north, to Ladyville. Public criticism of the lack of even a pedestrian crossing on the long stretch of the recently-constructed entrance-exit roads between the roundabout near the Shell Depot/Mirab and the next roundabout near ScotiaBank/Brodies has proved to be well deserved.

    Shawn Hemmans, 33, fatally shot in Belize City
    Last night, a barrage of gunshots rang out on St. Thomas Street, leaving one man fatally injured. The man, Shawn Hemmans, 33, was seemingly called out to his death. According to police, Hemmans, a resident of 4th Street, was visiting a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl when, at around 7 p.m., he stepped outside to have a drink. While he was on the verandah, someone called out to him, and he started to go downstairs to see who it was.

    Champion jockey, Kristian Tillett, 27, loses life after vehicle overturns
    Early this morning at around 2:30, Kristian Myles Tillett, 27, a well-known jockey who had won the last race of the day at the Burrell Boom racetrack, was fatally injured after he lost control of the vehicle he was driving. Tillett was driving his green Mitsubishi SUV from Burrell Boom to Scotland Half Moon, where he lived. As he was driving on the Bermudian Landing Road, his vehicle overturned several times and he was thrown out of it, hitting the pavement. He died on the spot.

    “Rebel” remanded for depraved act on 3-year-old baby boy
    The depraved details of a case in which a 50-year-old was caught allegedly having a boy 3 years and 10 months old perform oral sex on him, unfolded today when the accused, Alfonso Perez, aka “Rebel”, an electrician of a Handyside Street address, went before Magistrate Emerson Banner. Perez was charged with rape of a child. Magistrate Banner explained to him that he would not take a plea because the offence is indictable. He also explained to Perez that he could not offer him bail because the child is under the age of 16.

    Court of Appeal frees Gareth Hemmans, Jr., from 8-year sentence for attempted murder
    Gareth Hemmans, Jr., 28, who was convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced to 8 years in prison, went home a free man on Friday, February 1, when the Belize Court of Appeal, in a judgment it handed down, quashed his conviction, set aside his sentence and acquitted him. In his appeal that was heard in June last year, his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, had appealed on the ground that the trial judge, Justice Adolph Lucas, had not considered all of the aspects of the evidence in deciding whether the appellant was guilty or innocent.

    Police going after domestic abusers through changes in Domestic Violence Unit — kid gloves are off!
    Newly promoted Commissioner of Police Chester Williams announced that they are stepping up efforts to combat domestic violence. Men who beat or otherwise abuse women will now be immediately arrested and charged. There will be no more “powder puffing” of abusers, said ComPol Williams during a community meeting held yesterday in Lake Independence. Compol Williams said that the Domestic Violence Unit will be detached from the police and set up in a spacious and comfortable building away from police, in which there will be counselors and a gynecologist, to reduce embarrassment of the victims after they are raped or sexually abused.

    Upset at the MCC; BDF, 1-nil, over Verdes
    It looks like we have one heck of a competition coming up in this Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018-2019 Closing Season, which has just completed Week 4, and already every team has posted at least one victory, with only defending champion Bandits Sports still undefeated, but they have drawn twice. (See Week 4 standings below.) That milestone was accomplished yesterday, Sunday, at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, where formerly winless BDF FC stunned league-leading and then undefeated Verdes FC, 1-nil, with a 74th minute “contra golpe” goal. It was a quick outlet pass following a failed Verdes attack in the northern goal that saw BDF’s young speedster Jesse August, a second half substitute, on a breakaway just past the half-way line and heading south.

    Female footballers invited to skills training at ITVET compound
    Long time female football coach/trainer, Anthony Phillips informed us today that he is inviting female footballers to attend daily training sessions from Monday to Thursday, 5:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., at the ITVET compound (Old Belize Technical College). According to the flyer he shared with us, players at all levels – Primary, Elite, High School – are welcome.

    Some big scores in Week 1 of National Amateur Women’s 2018-2019 Closing Season
    he National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) kicked off its 2018-2019 Closing Season with Week 1 games this past weekend. With the 12 teams separated into two groups – North and South – there were some interesting scoring results to start the competition. Four games were played on Saturday and two on Sunday.

    FFB holds first Football Awards Ceremony
    y on Saturday, February 2, at the Marion Jones Sports Complex, where 18 youths and 3 coaches from the recently completed U-15 Male, U-17 Male, and U-17 Female national football tournaments were awarded at this ceremony. According to FFB, the reason they organized the awards is because in 2018, they managed to get 123 clubs, which meant that 2,396 youths were actively involved in their tournaments.

    Changes: 1969 – 2019
    In last week Tuesday’s issue of this newspaper, we published, without any kind of editorial comment, an excerpt from Godfrey P. Smith’s authorized biography of the late, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price. The excerpt had to do with the fact that in 1936 Mr. Price had travelled to segregated Mississippi to study in a black seminary there for aspiring Roman Catholic priests. He spent four years there without returning to British Honduras, where he had been born in 1919. Mr. Price’s father, William Cadle Price, was an officer in the Belize Territorial Force (BTF) when the Ex-Servicemen’s Riot exploded in Belize Town (later Belize City) in July of 1919. That riot was a two-day black rebellion against a racist, colonialist status quo which existed in British Honduras at the time. Mr. Price’s father would have been considered a member of the white and near-white elite which administered the black majority colony.

    From the Publisher
    There is a conspiracy of silence about what happened with the Belizean phenomenon of “123rd” (One twenty-third) in Manhattan. That conspiracy of silence has lasted for four and a half decades, and, to be truthful, yours truly has participated in that silence. No one has ever said anything publicly, that is, on the media, about 123rd, and no one has ever written anything about it. Seriously, the people in Belize’s polite world never knew much. 123rd was an underworld thing. 123rd has done generations of Belizean youth a serious injustice, because they never knew about the down side of the phenomenon. All they ever heard about was the fabulous side of the experience – the money, the chicks, the rides, the threads, the fly style …

    Why isn’t there tourism in the Toledo District?
    Dear Editor, It is said that the Toledo District in the Central America country of Belize is the “Forgotten District”. Why is that? The short answer is rooms. There are not enough of the big-dollar hotels down here. Punta Gorda Town, the main hub of activity, has its share of hotels and guesthouses, but not many of the star-rated quality establishments. There are no big-dollar investment companies building million-dollar resorts here. I think that is also by design, but I cannot answer definitively. The only other area we lack is coastline beachfront. The sand is out on the islands, friends.

    African-American citizen writes on his “bad experience”
    Dear Editor, I am a retired African-American U.S. citizen residing in Punta Gorda, Belize. On February 2, 2019, at about 2:30 p.m. while I was doing my fast-walking regular exercise along the seafront in Punta Gorda, a Belizean firefighter in PG threatened my life with a firearm. First, the firefighter sent his pitbull dog to attack me, and when I responded to him saying “shame on you for sending your pit bull dog to attack me! Why do you do this to me?

    Go on and vote YES, Belize, and may God forgive you
    Dear Editor, Having read Mr. Harry Lawrence’s silver-tongued sophist spiel for voting YES to the ICJ, and having read in the same issue of Reporter an article advertising ‘how to’ classes for students of fellatio, I am reminded of Ezekiel 16:15: “But thou didst trust in thine own beauty, and playdest the harlot because of thine own renown, and pourdest out thy fornications on every one that passed by….” Also, Zephaniah 2:15: “This is the rejoicing city that dwelt carelessly, that said in her heart, I AM, and there is none besides me: now she is become a desolation, a place for wild beasts to lie down in! Every one that passes by her shall hiss, and wag his hand.”

    Why we’ll never again get 8 bananas for a dollar
    The Reporter looked at it and saw that they, and we, were damned if we allowed the women’s organization to get away with their late night public education sessions. But they must have seen that they, and we, would be damned if they gave any ink and paper to the mischief, because that would be adding to the advertisement. Belize isn’t dumb to the tactic of IGNORE. We might have perfected it, taken it to higher heights, or deeper depths, depending on your angle. Bishop Diego de Landa infamously put fire to Mayan literature. The Kremlin banned Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s, The Gulag Archipelago. They just did away with anything they didn’t approve of. In Belize, we borrowed from the ostrich. We bury our heads and ignore.

    UDP Freetown standard bearer blames “mischief maker” for demolishing homes on private land in Belama Phase 4
    A land dispute erupted in the Belama Phase 4 area of Belize City last week and at least two homes, which were said to be on land that is privately owned by a Chinese businessman, Alex Chang, were demolished. The Opposition People’s United Party area representative, Hon. Francis Fonseca, who is also an attorney, did a title search and was unable to find a record identifying Chang as the owner of the property in question, according to reports on Positive Vibes radio and television, organs of the PUP.

    Re-registration highlights horror stories from Vital Statistics Unit
    The numbers for the amount of Belizeans who have been able to re-register and get on the voters list have dropped precipitously; add to that the frustration many citizens are facing in their encounters at the Vital Statistics Unit. For one family, however, it was more than frustrating when they were told that there is no paperwork verifying that their patriarch was ever registered, so he has to be recommended by someone who is 10 years older than he is. That is the predicament the family of long-time Belizean educator, Joseph Alexander Bennett, finds themselves in

    After over two years, Kurtis Lamb, accused murderer, released on bail
    An accused murderer who went on trial almost two years ago and has been sitting in prison waiting for the verdict that would determine his innocence or guilt, was released on a $40,000 bail this afternoon by Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord. The bail application hearing got underway shortly after 2:00 p.m., with attorney Anthony Sylvestre representing Kurtis Lamb, 23, who has been indicted for the August 3, 2011 shooting of Gwen Lizarraga High School student Justin Roches, 20, was shot on the school’s basketball court, and the young Mayflower resident was critically injured as a result.

    Social impact statement delays sentencing of 3 convicted murderers
    On Friday, three men who were convicted of murder were brought to the Supreme Court of Justice Colin Williams for a sentencing hearing, but the hearing had to be adjourned because the court could not proceed without a social impact statement. The court was informed that the social impact statement would be ready on Friday afternoon, so Justice Williams adjourned the sentencing of Tyrone Clinton Harris, 32; Andy Forbes, 36; and William Vasquez, 35, to Monday, February 11.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man shot to the leg in Belize City
    A man was shot earlier tonight in Belize City. He has been identified as Keshawn Dennison. […]

    Notice from Ministry of Natural Resources
    The Ministry of Natural Resources hereby informs the public that the Land Information Centre will be […]

    GOB warns of fake Instagram account of Michael Finnegan
    A fake Instagram account purporting to belong to Michael Finnegan, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, […]

    El Salvador elects youngest president in its history
    El Salvador, in its elections held on Sunday, elected the youngest president in the country’s history, […]

    Is it time for pedestrian overpasses on the Phillip Goldson Highway?
    The public outrage over the death of a 23-year-old female teacher trying to cross the Phillip […]

    Southwest’s Latest Sale Lets You Book a Spring Getaway to Belize For $104 One-way
    Southwest Airlines is countering the record-breaking winter conditions in North America with record-breaking deals on […]

    Crisis looms again in the potato industry
    Farmers across the country are at this time harvesting potatoes. However, a crisis is looming […]

    Diesel, kerosene prices to increase at midnight
    The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) has just issued new fuel prices effective midnight tonight. […]

    Belizean busted in the USA illegally may face 20 years in prison
    Belizean national Santos Moreira, 46, is making headlines in international news. That is because he […]

    Man, 34, drowns while swimming in the Roaring Creek River
    Yesterday, police retrieved the body of Angelino Lemus,34, from the Roaring Creek River in Cayo […]

    Man, 50, sent to prison for raping 3-year-old-boy
    A man is behind bars after sexually violating a three-year-old child. That man is fifty […]

    Police seeking public’s assistance in identifying man killed in traffic accident
    The Belize Police Department is seeking the assistance of the public in identifying the body […]

    Voyse International donates to Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center
    Yesterday, Voyse International, formerly Infotel International, donated BZ $4,000, to the Dorothy Menzies Child Care […]

    Man shot at Zeta Gas compound
    On Friday just before 3:00 a.m., police visited Zeta Gas company at 13 1/2 miles […]


    Caye Caulker Travel Guide
    Caye Caulker (pronounced KEY KAW-KER) is a tiny, pancake-flat island sitting in the Caribbean Sea, just a dozen miles off the Belize mainland. It’s split into two sections with the populated southern half being only 2 miles long and one-half mile wide. And even then, only about half of that section has been built up. What I’m getting at is; it is a SMALL place. Really small. It’s got two main streets. No pavement. Just white sandy roads. It’s got no cars. Just bicycles and golf carts. There are no Hyatts, Hiltons, or Marriotts. What Caye Caulker lacks in big hotels and fancy paved roads, it makes up for in FUN. It’s 80 degrees every day. Young American and Canadian tourists stroll the sandy streets in board shorts and bikinis, carrying a bottle of Belikin or a plastic cup full of rum punch.

    International Sourcesizz

    Óscar Arias Sánchez, a Nobel Winner and Former President of Costa Rica, Is Accused of Sexual Assault
    A psychiatrist and antinuclear activist has accused Óscar Arias Sánchez, the Nobel laureate and former Costa Rica president, of sexually assaulting her four years ago, bringing the #MeToo movement to one of Latin America’s most revered statesmen. Mr. Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for having brokered a plan to end civil wars in Central America. He remains the most powerful figure in Costa Rica, which he led twice and where he continues to run a foundation that promotes peace and democracy. The sexual assault allegation could deliver a serious blow to his legacy.

    Sailboat with three Canadians in trouble near Xcalak reef
    Members of the Navy of Mexico say they have rescued three Canadian tourists who had run aground on a sailboat on the Xcalak reef in the south of Quintana Roo. The rescue came after a call was received from the Captaincy of Puerto de Xcalak who reported that the sailboat Mishtamek had run aground about 0.3 nautical miles NE (half a kilometer) from the Xcalak dock.

    Hudson Girl Scouts raising funds to travel to Belize
    Whether you need a babysitter, enjoy eating out, or are an avid recycler – there is an activity for you that can help send the girls in Hudson Girl Scout Troop 75242 to Belize. Their trip of a lifetime this July will include visiting a local school, hiking in the Mayan ruins, learning survival skills, ziplining in the jungle, and snorkeling in the barrier reef. The young travelers are looking for community support and offer the following opportunities:

    Belize’s growth rate is now below that of other countries at a similar level of per-capita income with the country recording economic growth of 2.2 per cent since 2010, according to a Working Paper released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In the paper titled “Reinvigorating Growth in Belize” economist Dmitry Vasilyev noted that in the 1990s and early 2000s, Belize grew faster than its regional peers. However by the mid-2000s, economic growth had slowed down to the regional average and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country has been in a “vicious circle of low growth and increasing public debt” that has been clouding its outlook. In the paper which examines the main growth constraints and opportunities for higher growth in Belize, Vasilyev argues that improvements in access to finance and in the business climate could unlock Belize’s strengths.

    The Barbados-based The Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF) says since December last year, many parts of the Caribbean have become drier. “Major concerns exist in the southern Caribbean, including from northern Guyana to Barbados and west to the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) for short term drought that can impact small rivers, streams and ponds, by the end of April 2019,” CariCOF in its February issue of the Caribbean Drought Bulletin released here on Tuesday. It said that significant concerns also exist over long term drought that can impact large rivers and reservoirs, and groundwater by the end of May 2019, in parts of the eastern Caribbean, Jamaica, Hispaniola and southern French Guiana. “In any case, the entire Caribbean basin should closely monitor water supplies for the next few months,” it said, warning that rainfall has been normal to below normal for the islands of the eastern Caribbean.


  • Changes in the Ministry of Natural Resources, 7min. Changes are being made to significantly improve efficiency within the Ministry of Natural Resources this year. Our Belize Now team found out more...

  • BELIZE TRAVEL DIARY, 3min. This was our fun adventure to Belize, it was absolutely magical and I loved every second of it!

  • Citizens for the Defense of Sovereignty - Yes vote in the upcoming ICJ Referendum, 90min.

  • World Cancer Day 2019, 43min. Today is celebrated as World Cancer Day. Education efforts have been ongoing to raise the awareness of the importance of early screening and detection. Our guests explained that they are working to bring about lifestyle changes among the population. On our couch: Dra. Natalia Largaespada Beer - Technical Advisor Maternal & Child Health. Ruth Jaramillo - NHI Manager MOH/ President, Belize Cancer Society. Heather Reneau - Sr. Administrator, Belize Cancer Society.

  • Blooms by Confetti - what they are offering for this Valentine's Day, 37min. We spoke with Jaime Correa of Blooms by Confetti about the latest trends in floral arrangements. He spoke to us about what they are offering for this Valentine's Day.

  • Bruk It Down Jenny - Valentine's themed show with a talk on handling expectations and disappointments, 33min. Bruk It Down Jenny continued our Valentine's themed show with a talk on handling expectations and disappointments. Jenny Lovell, Mental Health Expert, explained that it is all about understanding love languages and being appreciative of the efforts of your partner.

  • Lashes by TT - Various styles of lashes, 23min. Tania Tanesha has ventured into selling her very own Lash Line called Lashes by TT. She was our guest to showcase the various styles of lashes. You can purchase the lashes at LA Fashions Boutique and LUSH Spa and Beauty.

  • Adventures at Orchid Bay Belize, 3.5min.

  • Parasailing in Harvest Caye, Belize February 2019, 4min.

  • Belize 2019, 8min. Biological Marine Science Course Belize 2019.

  • Belize Cave Tubing - Awesome experience, 17min. We booked a Cave Tubing Excursion with Lunch from Port of Belize while on our cruise ship Carnival Glory. We met at the office next to the port. Once there we got on a bus ride that took 50 minutes to the tubing location. They gave us helmets, life vests, flashlights, and big tubes to have fun. The tube can be heavy as you have to carry it approximately half mile to the launching area.

  • belize cave tubing 2019, 5min.

  • Belize Gone Punta., 6min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - Nessie Eleanor Young Nee Meighan, 2min.

  • Jason Munnings Memorial, 2min.

  • Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Belize, 1/2min. One of the largest Casino's in Central America and a cutting edge Hotel in Belize.

  • Our Asian community celebrated the beginning of the Year of the PIG in Corozal Tuesday, 1min. This is the Year of Earth Pig, starting from February 5th, 2019 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to January 24th, 2020. Pig is the twelfth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Pig include 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031...The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Pig was late because he overslept. Another story says that a wolf destroyed his house. He had to rebuild his home before he could set off. When he arrived, he was the last one and could only take twelfth place. Happy Chinese New Year to all our Corozal Community.

  • Kids Chicken Dance Competition, 1.5min. Kids Chicken Dance Competition Lobster Fest, Placencia, Belize

    February 5, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize will need 13,000 health and education professionals by 2040
    Belize will need approximately 9,000 teachers, 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses by the year 2040. This is what Education and Health: The sectors of the future?, the second issue of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)’s The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean series says in its projection of the demand for social sector professionals in 24 countries in the region. “Our study shows that, even in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution, we can expect the number of teachers, doctors and nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean to continue growing at great speed,” explains Marcelo Cabrol, manager of the IDB Social Sector.

    SanCas Plaza debuts Sunset Lounge
    The SanCas Group of Companies has made an addition to its family of businesses with the grand opening of Sunset Lounge at their business plaza in downtown San Pedro. The new pub is located on the rooftop of the plaza, offering a spacious seating area, stocked bar, panoramic views of the island, and the opportunity to end the day with a colorful sunset while sipping on your favorite drink. Owner Gil Castillo celebrated the grand opening Sunset Lounge with a two-night event on Friday, January 25th and Saturday, January 26th. For the time being, Sunset Lounge will open Thursdays through Saturdays only, from 4PM to midnight. If you happen to be in downtown near sunset time, head to SanCas Plaza just across from the John Greif II Municipal Airport. You can also call them at 600-3666 or visit their Facebook page at

    Ambergris Today

    UNDP And The Ministry Of Health Extend Their Partnership For HIV And TB Services
    UNDP Belize and the Ministry of Health signed a new agreement to Build Resilience Through Innovation and National Accountability for the HIV and TB Response in Belize. This agreement signifies a further strengthening of the partnership between UNDP and Ministry of Health. UNDP is the Principal Recipient of a Global Fund Grant from January 2019- December 2021.

    Belize Will Need 13,000 Health And Education Professionals By 2040
    *A new Inter-American Development Bank study from the series - The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean estimates that Belize will need 9,000 teachers, 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses by the year 2040. *The study also highlights that jobs in education and health are good quality jobs, especially for women.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    UNDP and the Ministry of Health Extend their partnership for HIV and TB Services
    UNDP Belize and the Ministry of Health signed a new agreement to Build Resilience Through Innovation and National Accountability for the HIV and TB Response in Belize. This agreement signifies a further strengthening of the partnership between UNDP and Ministry of Health. UNDP is the Principal Recipient of a Global Fund Grant from January 2019- December 2021.

    16th Annual Placencia BTIA Sidewalk Arts Festival
    Join us at the 16th Annual Placencia BTIA Sidewalk Arts Festival this weekend February 9-10, 2019. Don't miss out!

    Corozal Road Repairs
    The work continues. Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council continue road repairs on San Andress Rd, Altamira Main Rd, junction of 7th Avenue & San Andress Rd and Cobo Street.

    The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for Plumber and Janitor position
    The U.S. Mission in Belmopan provides equal employment opportunity and fair and equitable treatment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. APPLY NOW! Closing date is February 15, 2019.

    Old Time Music
    I heard these songs 100 times a day livin at Ruby's Hotel for 6 months. Music blasting from the Book Store across the street, all day long! Never tired of it!

    Belize moves up 18 spots in Global Fixed broadband ranking
    In December 2018, Digi announced that DigiNet customers would be able to enjoy double their internet speeds at no extra cost. This promotion was extended for the month of January and on Friday February 1st, DigiNet customers celebrated the announcement of another month of double internet speeds for free. Since this announcement in December, Ookla’s speed test Global Index Ranking showed that Belize moved up 18 slots to 79th place in broadband speeds.

    San Pedro Road Work
    Taking advantage of the sunshine, the San Pedro Town Council employees have been hard at work grading the streets in all the different areas of the town. If we haven't reached your area, don't worry, we shall be there soon! Today we were in the San Pablo Area...

    Processing of Voters’ Identification Card
    The Elections and Boundaries Department informs that contrary to false information being circulated in the public, the Department is working diligently to process Voters’ Identification Cards for issuance to all qualified electors. Electors in the rural communities are notified to expect scheduled visits for the issuance of the cards in their area. Processing of the cards is taking longer than anticipated; however, the Department is committed to completing the processing of all cards well in advance of the Referendum date.

    Mary Hill Primary School Burglarized in Corozal
    On their Facebook page dated February 4th, Mary Hill Primary School posted a very sad and troubling account of an alleged burglary at the school. "It was very disheartening today for MHRC Pre-school students and their parents when they found out that a burglar or burglars entered the preschool and stole various items from the pre-school classroom.

    Hope you all can join us. Saturday, February, 23rd and Sunday, February 24th, 2019. We are located at the corner of College & Port Saul Roads.

    Sign up now for the Street Art Festival

    Channel 7

    Man Executed in Ruthless Home Invasion
    During the last 18 hours, 4 persons lost their lives traumatically in the Belize and Corozal Districts: 1 to gun violence and 3 to fatal traffic accidents. We begin our newscast tonight with last last night's gun murder of 33 year-old Shawn Hemmans, a resident of Kings Park Belize City. He was over at a family friend's house, located on Saint Thomas Street, and they were watching the Superbowl. Hemmans took a brief moment to enjoy some fresh air on the verandah of his friend's house, and his killer pounced on that small window of opportunity.

    Man Escapes In Murder Attempt
    Belize City cops had to respond to another shooting about an hour earlier. Fortunately, the victim, 27 year-old Devon Faber, survived the attempt on his life with gunshot wounds to the right arm and left bicep. Today, police told the press that he had only just arrived at his home at mile 8 on the George Price Highway, when he came under attack in a drive-by shooting: ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "The other shooting happened earlier in the evening just about 6pm. Police visited the hospital again where they observed Devon Faber, a Belizean of 132 Westlake Park area which is located at 8.5 miles on the George Price Highway..."

    Woman Killed While Crossing Dangerous Highway
    We turn now to the 3 fatal traffic accidents which happened only hours of each other. This morning, at around 6:00, 23 year-old Marlena Mortis, a resident of Dolphin Drive, which is located the in Buttonwood Bay Area of Belize City, was attempting to cross the Philip Goldson Highway, when she was knocked down by oncoming traffic. Now, commuters who regularly travel the Highway know that the newly repaired road comes with a new feature.

    Champion Jockey Killed When SUV Has Blowout
    And while that fatal accident has left a family mourning and a community looking for answers about what to do with this pedestrian traffic problem - another fatal accident has taken the life of a champion jockey. At around 2:00 this morning, 27 year old Kristian Miles Tillett was heading home to Scotland Halfmoon along with his common law wife, Ana Soler. He is a well known jockey and had won the last race of the day at the Burrell Boom racetrack.

    Unidentified Man Killed In Hit And Run
    And the weekend's third fatal accident happened sometime around 1 a.m. this morning in the Corozal District, near San Joaquin Village. The body of a Hispanic man, which remains unidentified at this time, was found between miles 78 and 79 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Near him was a black beach cruiser, which he was riding, headed to Libertad Village. Someone hit him from behind, and left him on the road to die. Today, police told us that they need the public's help to identify him, and the hit and run driver:

    Big Sister Saw Sickening Case of Child Rape
    A 50 year old man is in jail tonight after he was taken to court, accused of a sickening crime. Alfonso Perez, known as "Rebel", an electrician of a Handyside Street address, went before Magistrate Emerson Banner charged with rape of a child. The mother of a 3 year old boy reported to police that on Thursday night at 8:00, her 9 year old daughter was picking in clothes on the line when she witnessed Perez forcing her son to perform oral sex on him. Perez allegedly realized that he had been caught by his victim's sister, stopped and ran off.

    Guatemalan Farmers Caught in Chiquibul
    The southern part of the Chiquibul continues to be under pressure from Guatemalans pressing into Belizean territory for farmlands. On Friday, a joint BDF and FCD patrol found three Guatemalans half a kilometer into the Chiquibul National Park. They were working on an agricultural plot with crocus sacks full of corn. The three men are from the Peten region - and they were all detained. They were taken on the very long trek back to the Cebada Conservation Post, then to the Tapir Conservation Post, and then to the San Ignacio Police Station where they were handed over to the Police at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. They are being held pending charges of illegal entry and illegal farming in the Chiquibul National Park.

    Big Baby Ready For June World Championship Bout
    On Friday night we gave you the exciting news that Belizean - American heavyweight fighter Jarrell Miller might be fighting for the world heavyweight championship. Current unified heavyweight champion and holder of the WBA, WBO and IBF world titles, Anthony Joshua has agreed to fight top contender Big Baby. It is a huge event for Belizeans since, Big Baby who was born here - keeps very close ties with Belize. And do you know what it is for a Belizean to be fighting for the world heavyweight title? The Belize tourism Board is capitalizing on it; they want Big Baby to wear the BTB logo on his shorts. And today, they set up a Skype Video call at the BTB for the Belizean media to talk to Belize's most famous brand ambassador.

    Long-Delayed Voters ID's coming (Soon)
    Right about now - everyone who applied to re-register is impatiently waiting for their voters' ID cards - which has been delayed. But, don't give up! The Elections and Boundaries Department says that it is, quote, "working diligently to process Voters' Identification Cards for issuance to all qualified electors. A press release says, quote, "Electors in the rural communities are notified to expect scheduled visits for the issuance of the cards in their area.

    PUP Party Council Supports Declaration, What Next?
    And the PUP has been grumbling about the delays in delivering these cards and in getting names processed at the Vital Stats Office. The part's faithful don't want to be disenfranchised, because they want to vote "NO" on the ICJ referendum. 12 days ago, the opposition presented its "People's Declaration", and on Saturday, that was adopted by the National Party Council. It happened at the SCA Multipurpose center, and here's what leader John Briceno said in presenting it:... John Briceno- Leader of the PUP: "You told me that you do not like what the Foreign Minister was saying to the Belizean people. You told me you wanted to see Belize, you wanted to see Guatemala respect our rights at the Sarstoon. And you told me that until these concerns are addressed then we say no to the ICJ..."

    Where Were "The Others"ť At NPC Meeting?
    But is everyone in the party fighting with Briceno. We saw quote a few empty seats at Saturday's event - and there were some notable faces we didn't see, like Cordel Hyde, Julius Espat and Kareem Musa. Sure, NPC's are held quarterly, and party leaders can miss one or two - but this one seemed to be important - since the only real business was the all important People's Declaration - which marks the drive to a pivotal referendum where the PUP wants to be on the winning side. The press asked about the absences: Reporter: "The turnout is very very poor."

    John B, Leading By Following?
    And while there were a good many of those extra seats, Briceno said he has the full, unwavering support of his party. But, is it because he has bent to their demands - going from his personal, public position of a "yes" to the ICJ - to a party position of "no". We asked him a question about the role of a leader: Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "Do you think you have shown the requisite firmness and strength and character in your leadership because it seems like you have shifted from leadership to followship. You in your mind know what you believe is right but the party says something and because of the politics of the situation you can't afford to say yes while your party says no because somebody out there will say, 'We going for John Briceño head. Sir, that is the reality."

    Huge Contraband Bust In San Victor
    On Saturday, a joint police law enforcement team made a huge contraband bust in San Victor Village in the Corozal district. This village is widely known as one of the epicentres for contraband smuggling. The cops found an abandoned house in which outlaws in the area were stashing 238 cases of beer, 10 cases of Cana Real rum, and 11 cases of those large coca-colas. The cops told us today that since no one was found near the illegal goods, they handed it over as found property to the Customs Department:

    Man Left Comatose After Beating
    For about 9 days now, 58 year-old Nicholas Flores, a resident of San Ignacio Town, has been hospitalized in a coma at the KHMH. That's after he was savagely beaten by an unknown man on the Friday night of January 25th. There is surveillance footage of the attack, which police are reviewing, and no one can figure out why his attacker, who appears to be a younger man, targeted him. Those who've seen the surveillance footage of the attack tell us that he was sheltering from the rain at a bus stop near Boiton's Barbecue in Santa Elena. The video reportedly shows that this assailant immediately focuses on Flores, and then the assault commences.

    Referendum Remix
    On Friday we told you about the embarrassment of a map that the Government's Referendum Unit had up on its official website. The map had all kinds of gross - and unbelievable misspellings. Well, seems they caught wind of our story, and when we visited today, the offending map was removed and replaced with a proper one that has everything included and properly spelled. Now if only they could get the countdown right! It currently says that there are 94 days to the referendum, which is off by about 60 days.

    The Critically Endangered Grouper
    As we told you on Friday night, the Nassau grouper is critically endangered in the Caribbean. And this was readily apparent at the Glover's Reef Atoll at the end of last month - when numbers of fish that had been in the thousands were reduced to just hundreds. We found out more at a press conference held today by the Wildlife Conservation Society on coney Drive:

    The Many Challenges of The Turneffe Atoll
    And, another marine protected area that's under pressure is the Turneffe Atoll. In December the Turneffe Atoll Trust Brough it all into focus with a "Risking the Atoll document". Today, they took the media to the Atoll to see first hand the risks outlined in the report. Here's more from Valentino Shal:..

    Security Guard Shot
    Tonight, Omar Diaz, a security guard working at the Zeta Gas Compound, located at Miles 13 and a half on the Philip Goldson Highway, is at the KHMH recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. That's after he was attacked by an assailant while he was on the job. Police say that at some time after 2 a.m. on last Friday morning, Diaz was making his rounds when a gunman emerged from the darkness and shot him. Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo spoke with the media about this incident at today's press conference, and here's what he told us:

    Channel 5

    Murder in the City; Shawn Hemmans is Gunned Down
    Three days into February, the first murder happened on Saint Thomas Street in Belize City.  Tour guide thirty-three-year-old Shawn Hemmans was shot as many as eleven times as he walked [...]

    A Teacher is Knocked Down & Killed in the City
    A twenty-three-year-old teacher perished this morning in a horrible traffic accident near a well-known supermarket at the entrance of Belize City. The mother of two, Marilena Mortis left her mother’s [...]

    Scotland Halfmoon Villager Perishes in RTA
    A Scotland Halfmoon villager lost his life in a fatal RTA on the Burrell Boom Road early this morning. Twenty-seven-year-old Kristian Tillett was driving towards the village when he lost [...]

    John Doe is Killed in a Hit & Run in San Joaquin
    There were three fatal accidents within six hours across the country. The first occurred just after twelve a.m. today in the San Joaquin Village on the Philip Goldson Highway. In [...]

    50-Year-Old Arraigned for the Rape of a 3-Year-Old Boy
    A fifty-year-old electrician is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison accused with the rape of a three-year-ten-month old child.  Alfonso Perez, aka “Rebel,” appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner [...]

    P.U.P. Cranks Up ‘Vote No’ Campaign Ahead of April 10th Referendum
    The People’s United Party on Saturday cranked up its ‘vote no to the I.C.J.’ campaign after its National Party Council unanimously supported the People’s Declaration. After completing his nationwide consultations, [...]

    Is P.U.P.’s ‘NO’ Position Causing Division?
    Mobilizing tens of thousands of voters on April tenth is a task which will require resources such as human capital and most importantly, money. Prior to the P.U.P.’s National Party [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Says “Sedi” Must Go
    Many have called on the immediate removal of Wilfred Elrington as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The People’s United Party has been a strong advocate for this.  In January, when [...]

    Major Contraband Bust in San Victor, Corozal
    About a week and a half ago, a joint operation between the Police and Customs Departments as well as the Coastguard led to the interception of contrabandistas in canoes transporting [...]

    3 Guatemalan Farmers Arrested in Cebada
    In western Belize, three Guatemalan farmers were detained on Saturday while they were six hundred meters inside the Chiquibul National Park. The trio was handed over to San Ignacio police [...]

    Santa Elena Resident Remains in Coma 1 Week after Brutal Beating
    The family of a Santa Elena resident needs help in identifying the perpetrator of a vicious attack on Nicholas Flores. Flores, a fifty-eight-year-old, was badly beaten on the night of [...]

    Devon Faber is Targeted in a Drive-by Shooting
    About an hour before the murder of Shawn Hemmans on Saint Thomas Street, in Belize City, shots rang out on Westlake Park Street in the Eight Miles Community on the [...]

    Citizens for the Defence of Sovereignty and its Purpose
    Assad Shoman has been making his rounds on the media pushing for a YES vote at the April tenth referendum. This morning he appeared on Open Your Eyes. Shoman is [...]

    Assad Shoman: Belize Inherited the Borders, but not the 1859 Treaty
    Among the myriad of answers that Shoman provided was in respect to a question on the 1859 treaty, which is at the core of the territorial claim by Guatemala. Shoman [...]

    Shoman Maintains that Guatemala Has No Case
    One of the common concerns proponents of a NO vote have repeatedly expressed, is that it is unfathomable to Belize that Guatemala would go to Court if it did not [...]

    CARICOM and O.A.S. Secretary General Buck Heads over President Maduro’s Legitimacy
    Members of CARICOM have called on Luis Almagro, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, to publicly clarify that he does not speak on behalf of all the [...]

    Nassau Grouper Critically Endangered
    The Nassau Grouper is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. Data recently published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature puts the Nassau Grouper as [...]

    The Impact of Development and Fishing in Turneffe
    So while the Nassau Grouper is facing extinction, at the Turneffe Island, overfishing is also a huge concern. The Turneffe Atoll was declared a marine reserve seven years ago and [...]

    ‘Big Baby’ to Challenge Anthony Joshua
    Belizean-American and heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller is preparing to challenge unified world titleholder Anthony Joshua in June. Online reports are that discussions for matches between Joshua and other [...]

    Highlights of the Weekend in Sports
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]


    Christian Myles dies in Tragic Accident
    The Marlena Mortis accident was not the only tragic road incident. There were two other vehicular accidents that claimed lives over the weekend. Christian Myles Tillett was with his family when he flipped on the highway over the weekend. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says that he was driving at the time and the …

    John Doe knocked down and killed near San Joaquin Village
    A man who was riding a black bicycle was the victim of a hit and run incident. The victim was found at mile 78 on the roadside, just outside of San Joaquin Village in the Corozal District. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch says that they need the public’s help in identifying this …

    Shooting Victim Returns Home the Morning After
    Devon Faber, a resident of the West Lake community at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway is lucky to be alive. He was about to leave his yard when a gunman drove up and fired several shots, one which grazed his left shoulder and another which hit him on the right shoulder. He says …

    Woman Killed Crossing the Highway in Belize City
    Within a span of six hours, three separate fatal traffic incidents occurred in Belize. Commuters coming into Belize City this morning were held back as officers processed the scene of the latest fatal incident that killed Marlena Mortis. Jose Sanchez: “The outskirts of Belize City has stretched to the mangroves of Belama Phase 4 and …

    MAYOR Says CITCO asked MIN. of Works in 2018 to address Miles 2 to 3.5 Traffic
    The public wants the Belize City Council to erect a crosswalk for the area residents. However, Mayor Wagner told Love News that the management of the highway is the responsibility of the Ministry of Works. Mayor Wagner said from November, 2018 the council had the foresight to recognize that the lack of crossings would be …

    Z Gas Targeted again. Security Guard Shot
    Z Gas on the Philip Goldson Highway has been targeted twice this year. On New Year’s Day, a security guard was tied up while thieves broke into the office and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. On Friday night, another security guard encountered would be thieves. The security guard on duty, Omar Diaz was shot …

    Beaten within an inch of his life for no apparent reason
    We can usually determine the cause of the country’s crime as jealousy acts of domestic violence and rivalry between gangs. But some incidents have no motive and are shocking as well as inexplicable. 58 year old Nicholas Flores of San Ignacio is the victim of a vicious beating on January 25th. His injuries are so …

    Cops find 238 Cases of Beer :(
    The officers in the police department are very astute when it comes to finding guns, ammunition and parcels of marijuana in abandoned property across the country. But it seems officers in the north are also skilled in locating large supplies of contraband goods. Once such cache was uncovered on Saturday morning during an operation in …

    Media takes first hand look at unsustainable developments at the Turneffe Atoll
    The Turneffe Atoll Trust has conducted a study on the environmental and economic effects of unsustainable development at the Turneffe Atoll. The study was presented in December 2018 with findings that show the breach of several environmental guidelines and regulations in the Environmental Protection Act and the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan. Today, the Turneffe …

    A dozen Murders so far for 2012, including Shawn Hemmans
    There was a murder last night on the north side of Belize City. The victim, 33-year-old, Shawn Hemmans passed away just after eight o’clock last night after being shot multiple times. The family believes Hemmans was an innocent victim. Jose Sanchez: “Sunday was a celebration for people who watch the Super Bowl. Shawn Hemmans stepped …

    The Reporter

    Fatal Traffic Accident On The Phillip Goldson Hwy.
    The Reporter is currently investigating reports of a traffic accident in front of DK Store on the Phillip Goldson Highway just outside Belize City...

    Fatal Traffic Accident Near Flowers Bank Village
    A resident of the Scotland Half Moon community in the Belize River Valley died in an RTA near Flower’s Bank at 2:30am. Kristian Myles Tillett, 27, was driving his Mitsubishi Montero toward Burrell Boom...

    Shooting At Mile 8 Community
    A man from Mile 8 on the George Price Highway was shot this evening inside his yard. Sources say Devon Faber, 27, was at #132 Westlake Park...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man loses control of vehicle and dies
    At around 2.30 p.m. police were called to the Bermudian Landing Road. There, they saw the […]

    Police issue official report on Belize City road traffic accident
    This morning, there was a fatal road traffic accident reported in Belize City. The deceased has […]

    Elections and Boundaries advise of processing of Voters ID cards
    The Elections and Boundaries Department informed today that contrary to false information being circulated in the […]

    Man shot at 8 miles unable to identify shooter
    At around 6 p.m. yesterday police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they found a […]

    Police find massive contraband stash
    A joint Orange Walk/Corozal police operation on Saturday morning in San Victor, Corozal resulted in the seizure […]

    Shawn Hemmans killed during Superbowl halftime show
    Last night a fatal shooting was reported in Belize City. The victim has been identified as Shawn […]

    Hit and run reported in Corozal
    Up north police are investigating a fatal case of hit and run. Sometime around 12:20 a.m. […]

    Police: Man beaten up at bus stop in a critical condition
    A man is hospitalized in a critical condition after he was beaten up last month. He […]

    Belize Cancer Society celebrates World Cancer Day
    The Belize Cancer Society (BCS) is challenging Belizeans to take a moment to think about their health […]

    NEMO Minister attends Cricket Competition
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management and Area Representative for Belize Rural North, Edmond Castro, was […]

    World Cancer Day commemorated
    Today, February 4, 2019, is commemorated as World Cancer Day. In commemoration of World Cancer […]

    Caye Caulker primary school featured in University of German Newsletter
    La Isla Carinosa Academy (LICA) is a private primary school in Caye Caulker and recently […]

    “Power outage at Southern Regional Hospital was planned,” says Director of Health Services
    The lights went out for two hours at the Southern Regional Hospital (SRH) yesterday in […]

    PM Barrow departs country
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed the country on personal leave on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Barrow […]

    Man, 37, shot in the neck in Orange Walk
    Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night in Orange Walk District. According […]

    Fair weather to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with some cloudy […]

    PUP ratifies resolution on ICJ decision
    The People’s United Party (PUP) held a National Party Council (NPC) meeting on Saturday, February […]

    ICJ Referendum: A Moratorium
    By Dr. Gerald Zuniga. It is not clear whether our intention of going to the ICJ is a referendum or a plebiscite ? What is a referendum? What is a plebiscite? Some schools of thought consider the words to be interchangeable. Others consider them to be different in usage and meaning […]

    1 Dead in Fatal Road Traffic Accident on Philip Goldson Highway
    Police are investigating a road traffic accident that happened this morning around 6 on the Philip […]

    Development of Pine Ridge and Forestry in Belize
    By Richard Harrison: The Mountain Pine Ridge is a beautiful part of the Maya Mountains that stretches south from the Belize Old River to the Moho River, rising majestically to the west of the scenic Hummingbird and coastal Southern Highways […]


    Sunday Drive to North Ambergris Caye, From Mile 7 to Robles Point AND Margaritaville
    Yesterday we drove from about Mile 7 (marked as Mexico Rocks below) to a bit beyond Robles Point (Mile 16 or 17) – where the reef (orange line) meets the land. And the road – thru along that isthmus – is dense bush. AND BUGGY! We turned around up there. There were still a few signs pointing us northward. To the INTRIGUING North Beach Island Resort located…far far up north. There are really only a handful of businesses north of us at Mile 7. We didn’t stop everywhere, this isn’t a comprehensive guide to north Ambergris Caye…just what I saw. There are a bunch of photos – it is SO incredibly beautiful – so hold on. Chat N Chill bar and restaurant and beach hang out. And a stop at the closed El Secreto Luxury Resort. No much has changed since my last visit. My #1 goal was to check out the old Sueno Del Mar property at about 13 miles north. Just about a month ago, it was announced that it would become a Margaritaville Resort. As in Jimmy Buffett-ville.

    Flamingo Versus Unicorn
    Noting like getting invited to a spur of the moment tropical birthday for a friends 60th. While a large portion of people are suffering through a polar vortex, and freezing their hineys off, us islanders were enjoying sunshine and palm trees. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. Many of you will know Eileen from the popular DandE’s frozen custard on Middle st. in town. She also teaches a great aquafit class and likes to share her toys. While the pool people played, others enjoyed cocktails, grazed and chatted. A few people brought some tasty homemade treats and other snackables. Before long it was time for presents and cake. Eileen got some great gifts from her many admirers and a delicious chocolate cake from Casa Pan Dulce.

    Belize Spring Break
    Forget about Panama City Beach and Cancun. While these cities were once the twin meccas for Spring Break vacation, the days of MTV debauchery are behind us, and discerning students know that there are plenty of better places to kick back and relax after a grueling semester of studying and six to eight weeks of lectures. Belize is the place to be for Spring Break, and once you dip your bare toes into the warm waters of the Caribbean, you'll never want to go back to campus. We're here to help you recognize why Mother Nature's best-hidden secret is the ideal spot for your Spring Break debauchery.

    We had a fabulous day! It started early in Cancun with a beyond-yummy breakfast at La Organica – a really nice place and we recommend it for the chicken and eggs with mole (exact name forgotten). After a quick stop at Ricardo’s office to send some emails we were off to the airport. Flying a new airline is always a bit of an “okkkkk”, especially since we fly s***loads and we changed our minds last-minute (read as: Tommi convinced me). Instead of a gruesome bus + bus + border crossings of 20+ hours, we decided to fly. ADO Buses and hassle would cost around 120 EUR/person and flights were 3.5x more but took only 2hr 20ish minutes + 2 hr transit. There are quite limited options of getting to Flores efficiently and we chose to fly Tropic Air, which flies from the private FBO terminal and is all sleek and fancy, almost like flying private. Flight leaves Cancun at 2pm and we were in Flores at 5pm local time (-1hr).

    San Pedro Town – The Colorful Capital of Ambergris Caye
    San Pedro, Belize is perhaps the most famous location in the country due to it being featured in the hit 1986 Madonna song “La Isla Bonita” which was written about this lovely seaside town. Indeed, portions of the video for the song were filmed on location in San Pedro. Belize vacations are just not complete without a visit to San Pedro. Originally a small fishing village, it now has a year-round population of about 20,000 people but receives tens of thousands of visitors every year. San Pedro is located on the southern tip of Ambergris Caye, which makes it an excellent base of operations for activities like windsurfing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving on the reef. Because of this proximity, San Pedro is renowned for its amazing seafood restaurants, many of which serve fish and other delicacies caught earlier the same day. San Pedro also has several lovely beaches.

    Getting to Belize From Europe
    Due to Belize’s location in Central America, there are no non-stop flights to the country from Europe. The good news, however, is that it is now easier than ever for people in Europe to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Belize. As a former British colony, Belize has always been a popular destination for Britons. American Airlines now offers direct flights to Belize that depart from London’s Heathrow Airport and make a stop in Miami, Florida before continuing on to Belize. Flights to Belize depart four times per week from Heathrow and have only a short layover in Miami before continuing directly to Belize City.

    Northern Belize – What You Need To Know
    The north of Belize is overrun with beautiful stretches of orange groves, glistening beachfronts, and untapped wilderness, but that doesn’t mean it’s desolate of human life. While there’s enough unexplored territory to get out and enjoy nature all by your lonesome, there are also plenty of villages and towns with welcoming locals ready to take you into their homes. The 3,000 square miles of the territory that makes up the north is home to only 80,000 residents, and the area will be a sharp and delightful diversion for those used to more urban environments. Much of the developed land is occupied by farms, ranches, and orange groves.

    Favorite Belize treats – the Fry Jack!
    While nobody will ever recommend these as part of a healthy diet, one of the most delicious and ubiquitous foods served in every Belizean house is the fry jack. Fry jacks are a staple Belize food that are in the shape of triangles (or, occasionally, squares or circles) of wheat dough that are deep-fried until they become golden brown in color and pillowy soft. Most locals eat fry jacks at part of a traditional Belize breakfast and served with refried beans, eggs, cheese, and meat where toast would be used in the United States or Canada. Simply put, no Belize vacations can ever be considered truly authentic without at least sampling some fry jacks. Much like potato chips, it’s hard to stop at just one as fry jacks are delicious. If you’re enjoying some Belize travel, be sure to try the fry jacks!

    7 Belize Family Vacation Activities For Kids
    Belize is a beautiful, tropical wonderland with plenty to do and see for the entire family. Here are 7 amazing family vacation activities for kids that you can enjoy in Belize: Founded in the 1980s to rescue injured and abandoned animals, the Belize Zoo is the country’s premier wildlife education center. Kids can learn about and see more than 100 indigenous species at the Belize Zoo including harpy eagles, jaguars, and enormous boa constrictor snakes.

    Chaa Creek’s Pack-A-Pound Kicks off A New Year By Bringing Joy (and some very welcome school supplies) To Young Belizean Students
    Although Chaa Creek’s “Pack-A-Pound” program has been bringing visitors and Belizeans closer together for years now, it still never fails to touch our hearts to see the combination of guests’ generosity and the sincere gratitude shown by the young students who benefit from it. For readers unfamiliar with the program, “Pack-A-Pound” encourages guests to add a pound or more of school supplies to their luggage, or post them before leaving or after arriving home. Chaa Creek’s SMILE Team then works with principals and educators to identify needs before distributing the guests’ donations to Belizean schools. This year’s Pack-A-Pound kicked off on January 21, 2019, with the ever-exuberant Denise Duran and her merry band of volunteers visiting three rural schools – Immaculada Primary School in rural Arenal village, the Red Creek Pre-School, and St Martin De Porres Primary School in Blackman Eddy.

    International Sourcesizz

    Death Toll Rises to Six From Rare Havana Tornado
    Two people injured by a powerful EF3/EF4 tornado that plowed across Havana, Cuba, on January 27 have died, bringing the death toll to six, authorities said on Sunday. At least 170 people were injured by the twister, reportedly the strongest to strike the city since it was founded in the early 1500s. According to AFP and the Associated Press, public health minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda announced in Cuban state media on Sunday that 2 of the 13 people in critical condition since the tornado died on Saturday. The January 27 tornado ripped through Havana between about 8:30 and 8:45 pm. It passed less than two miles south of Havana’s historic center, on a northeastward track that took it across a large part of the metropolitan area. Blackouts were widespread, affecting many thousands of residents and cutting water supply to more than 200,000 people. More than 3500 homes were damaged, according to AP, and at least 90 homes collapsed completely, said authorities.


  • Amazing Murmuration of Birds, 3min. The phenomena of murmuration. It looks like an exquisite aerial dance. Fish also do this.

  • The Government of Belize is in the process of finalizing legislation to commence a phasing out of single-use plastic and styrofoam, 7min. Our Belize now team found out more about the decision and how some of those affected feel about the upcoming change.

  • Ziplining v dzungli na Belize, 2min. Nohoch Che'en - Belize.

  • The animation dancer in Belize city, 3min.

  • Flamingo Versus Unicorn Eileen's Super 60 Pool Party San Pedro Fitness Club, 2min. Noting like getting invited to a spur of the moment pool party for a friends birthday while a large portion of people are unfortunately suffering a polar vortex and freezing their hineys off.

  • Annual Cancer Awareness Walk, 1.5min. San Pedro walks for cancer.

  • Adventurous Training in Belize, 3.5min. We invited UNILAD to join 2LANCS for Adventurous Training in Belize. Find out how they got on, and where a career in the British Army could take you.

  • Coatimundi & Iguana in the yard in Belize!, 1min.


  • Belize Mayan Ruins Xunantunich, 9min. Such a thrill! We had the joy of climbing the ancient Mayan ruins, hear some history from our tour guides and see some awesome wildlife!

    February 4, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Mistress
    “Hello, Mr. Dennis,” Juan said. “I believe you know my wife.” I said, “I do. Good morning Dońa Dolores.” Juan and his wife took a table close to mine on the deck of the Holiday Hotel and ordered their lunch. Just as they finished their meal a lady who looked like a tourist walked up from the beach and on to the deck. As she passed their table she stopped and gave Juan a big kiss. Then she continued her way through the hotel and out the front door. Dolores was dumbfounded but not for long. “Who was that put. . .put. . .put. . .?!” She sounded like a scooter with a bad muffler.

    EL Gran Carnaval de San Pedro draws near
    El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro 2019 will kick-off at 5pm on Saturday, March 2nd with the new Carnaval Parade. It is expected to begin from Boca del Rio Area and culminate at Honorable Louis Slyvestre Sporting Complex where a Carnaval Fiesta immediately follows. Different booths will be selling delicious food and drinks. Prizes will be awarded for the Best Carnaval booth, and the Best Carnaval Inspired drink. Organizer of El Gran Carnaval Festivities Daniela Guerrero welcomes participants. “We invite everyone to sign up for all the activities taking place, to make this year a bigger and better Carnaval,” she said. According to Guerrero, the reason to add a Carnaval Parade to this year’s festivities is try to make the tradition bigger and better, adding to its vibrancy and appeal.

    Doctor Love: Mother
    Dear Doctor Love, My only son turned fourteen last September, and since then it’s like I live with somebody from another planet. He’s like an alien who stares into the fridge for hours a day and uses grunts and eye rolls to communicate. I expected long talks with him about growing up and watching his mind develop. Instead, my sweet boy that I always had such a very open and loving relationship with has become a sulky shadow lurking around the house, He’s always just out of the reach of my curiosity and pushes aside the wisdom it has taken me a lifetime to accumulate. I imagined us bonding as he seeks my advice on how to win his first crush. I

    Misc Belizean Sources


    First Ethnographic Maya Museum
    Greetings to everyone! Just want to thank everyone who with no hesitation help in every way possible in the creation of the first ethnographic Maya Museum. Last year we hosted various groups, especially Belizean and foreign students. One of our philosophies is that we strongly believe that Maya and African history be taught in every classroom at all levels. If we teach our children the truth, they can be leaders in the critically important work of bringing about reconciliation in our country and build a stronger Belizean Identity.

    Prime Minister Departs the Country
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country on personal leave today, February 3, 2019. The Prime Minister will be in Houston, Texas during his leave. He will return to Belize on Thursday, February 7, 2019. During Prime Minister Barrow’s absence, the Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, will act as Prime Minister.

    2019 Miss Caribbean Pageant
    The Kenrick Mark Coleman Foundation is honored to announce the participation of Azizi Juanita Hoy in the 2019 Miss Caribbean Pageant. The lovely, beautiful and talented Azizi Hoy received a full scholarship from the Cuban Government in July, 2018 and is currently pursuing her medical degree at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. She attended St. Catherine's Academy and St. John's College Junior College. She also excelled in 15 CXC exams.

    BWS Notice for Customers in Belize City: Planned Water Interruption for Tuesday, February 5, 2019
    Duration: 1:00pm - 6:00pm Area to be affected: the area bounded to the North by Haulover Creek, to West by Central American Boulevard, to the East by West Collet Canal, and to the South by South Creek.

    BWS Notice for Customers in Dangriga: Planned Water Interruption for Tuesday, February 5, 2019
    Duration: 9:00am - 1:00pm Area being affected: entire Dangriga Town

    Exploring underwater caves is so much fun
    A few nice photos of some of the caves in Caye Caulker, Belize.

    Channel 5

    Shootings in Belize City
    Belize City police are investigating two separate shootings which occurred tonight. The first shooting occurred at around 6 o’clock and the victim has been identified as 27 year old Devon Faber. Reports are that Faber was shot while in his yard on Westlake Park in the Mile 8 Community. Faber is listed in a stable condition. The second shooting occurred shortly after on St. Thomas Street. Reports are that the victim is Shawn Hemmans. He was shot multiple times and died minutes after.

    The Reporter

    Belizean Historian Disenfranchised No Stats at Vital Stats
    The repeated allegations of fraud at the Vital Statistics Unit, coupled with the firing of four of its employees late last year for the alleged issuing of a fake birth paper to remanded accused murderer, William “Danny” Mason made the news amidst reports that, ‘there were also born Belizeans who could not get their identification applications processed’.

    A freak accident on Thursday evening in Corozal has resulted in the death of a Town Council employee and injuries to another man. The deceased, sanitation worker Jose Gomez, 32, was accidentally flung from a waste management truck he was working on and sustained severe injuries to his head.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Scottish government to honor Belizeans that helped out during World War 2
    The Government of Scotland will be honoring some 900 men from Belize who worked in timber cutting camps as the British Honduras Forestry Unit (BHFU) during World War 2. The Scotland-based Evening Edingburgh News published an article today saying that the government has already written to the Belize High Commissioner to thank the country for the work that the BHFU did and that the men will be recognized for their contribution in managing Scotland’s forests during the war.

    Students from John Paul Junior College visit Aguacate, Toledo
    Eight students and three teachers from John Paul II Junior College (JPIIJC) traveled from Benque Viejo del Carmen on a mission trip to the village of Aguacate, Toledo from January 20-26, 2019. The visit was part of JPIIJC’s ongoing mission among the Kekchi Maya to promote and practice the college goal of “Belizeans helping Belizeans.”

    LGBT Organization makes significant marks for inclusion of LGBT families in Belize
    Our Circle, an LGBT advocacy group based in Belize is launching new projects aimed at strengthening ties within the local LGBT community. The organization has launched their Brown Bag Series for “Activists, Advocates & Allies”.

    Police locate parents of infant found wandering in San Pedro
    An infant child was found wandering alone on Sea Grape drive in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye yesterday morning. Authorities shared pictures of the young girl with the media seeking assistance to locate her parents or guardians.


    Celebrating 3 Years of the CRC
    The 3rd year of the CRC took off like a croc ambushing peccary on a river’s bank! From traveling across country leading and finishing the countrywide Morelet’s crocodile population survey, to deploying the first iridium satellite tracker on an American croc in Belize and in the Central American and Caribbean region, to setting up a mini Wildlife Triage Center to better respond to injured or ill wildlife in southern Belize, to conducting educational outreach in all 6 districts in Belize, the CRC has furthered their mission in research, education and community relationships. Here is a summary of some of this year’s highlights (and these truly are highlights because if we wrote about EVERYTHING it would be a scientific monograph!):

    Misty Mountain Solitude at Gaďa Riverlodge
    The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is nestled within the Cayo District of south-central Belize. Covering an expanse of more than 106 thousand acres, the reserve is primarily pine forest with its fair share of broadleaf forest and grassland areas. Replete with majestic waterfalls, rumbling rivers, vast cave systems, misty mountains and amazing creatures large and small, this area is the perfect playground for those who love the serenity of nature and have a thirst for adventure. With so much to see and do, where do you rest your weary body after an exhilarating day of exploration? There are a handful of resort properties within the reserve, each exceptional in their unique way, but one that stands alone in stellar location and hospitality is the one and only Gaďa Riverlodge.

    International Sourcesizz

    Nayib Bukele, an Outsider Candidate, Claims Victory in El Salvador Election
    Salvadorans elected Nayib Bukele, the media-savvy former mayor of the capital, as their next president on Sunday, delivering a sharp rebuke to the two parties that emerged from the country’s brutal civil war in the 1980s and have held power ever since. The dramatic win for Mr. Bukele, 37, who was running as an outsider, underscores the deep discredit into which the country’s traditional parties have fallen. Voters appeared to be willing to gamble on a relative newcomer to confront the country’s poverty and violence, shutting out the right- and left-wing parties that have dominated Salvadoran politics for three decades.


  • Corozal Football Association - 2018/2019 Closing Season Parade, 1/2min.

  • Some Birding with Francis before heading home!, 5min. We enjoyed an early breakfast at the lodge and started our journey home. We met up with Francis again from and did some birding before the airport. We stopped by a shrimp farm where you can "fish" for your own shrimp, and we walked the grounds, which is also home to rescued American Crocodiles. We saw the Yucatan Vireo and a beautiful Black Spiny Tailed Iguana. A beautiful place.

  • Birding Day with Steve Choco!, 7min. We headed out early in the am for the drive to Big Falls, to meet up with renowned birder Steve Choco. We saw Bat Falcons at the rice mill and then birded around the Big falls lodge property. We had breakfast at the lodge, and headed for more birding. Highlights were Russet Naped Wood Rail, Orange Billed Sparrow, and Barred Antshrike. Towards the end of the day, we happened upon (due to Steve's awesome skills!) an ant swarm! Lots of birds feasting and we got amazing looks at Great Antshrike, both male and female Bare Crowned Antbirds, and Tawny Winged Woodcreeper. What a day! After, we went to lunch at Coleman's Cafe which was fantastic. The owners couldn't have been more nicer and welcoming and we had a home cooked buffet for $10USD pp. .... and the best homemade lime-ade ever!

  • Snake Cayes Snorkel, 8min. We headed out again with Steve, who joined us on a snorkel trip to Snake Cayes, out of Garbutt's Marina. We visited two spots. The first had some pretty corals and sea fans and small fish. The second spot had giant barracudas and Eagle Rays! After, we visited to a private island, that used to be a resort, and had lunch. After the trip, we headed back to Coleman's Cafe to get Ice cream.... and of course some of their famous lime-ade.

  • Belize 2019, 8min. Chris and Patti's Amazing Adventure

  • Catamaran to hol chan chanel, Belize, 3min.

  • Cart ride thru Placencia, Belize, 6.5min.

  • Vern's Kitchen, Seine Bight, Belize, 2min.

  • PLB Closing Season 2018-2019 || Police United FC vs Wagiya SC, 2hr.

    February 3, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Heredia weighs in on proposed beachfront water taxi terminal
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) seems to remain at odds with Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., over a proposed water taxi terminal at Ruby’s Hotel on the beachfront by San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi. The water taxi company is currently operating from the Municipal Dock but has acquired the said property along with a dock, and allegedly has plans to build a boat terminal there. Heredia stated that if the SPTC had objected when they were informed of the boat terminal plans, San Pedro Belize Express’ shareholders would not have acquired the property. “What kind of message are we sending to investors,” said Heredia. “If after they invest, they cannot proceed with their plans. You should communicate with the investors, negotiate and let them know what can or cannot be done.” Heredia could not confirm if the terminal by Ruby’s will still be built.

    San Pedro Co-ed Softball Tournament play-offs begin
    After weeks of intense softball action, the San Pedro Co-Ed Softball competition semi-finals began on Sunday, January 27th at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. The tournament saw three action-packed matches between the four remaining teams in the competition. At 9AM Quality Reef took on Team RCGO, determined to grab a much- needed win to stay in the lead of the competition. After a tough match, Quality Reef closed the game with a tight 5-4 victory. The next match saw Team Extreme comfortably overcoming Team Rusties with 13-3 game points. The play-offs continue this weekend on Sunday, February 3rd, beginning at 9AM with Extreme versus RCGO, followed by Quality Reef going against Rusties. RCGO and Extreme will play a second game and depending on these results a fourth game will be determined. Everyone is invited to come and support their favorite team during the semi-finals playoffs. Food and drinks will be on sale!

    San Pedro Citizens on Patrol undergo successful training
    Several islanders were part of a Citizens on Patrol (COP) training aimed at improving the partnership between law enforcers and the community. The program complements the efforts of the police department as well and was held from Tuesday, January 29th to Thursday, January 31st inside the VIP Lounge of Fidos Beach Bar. Spearheaded by the National Auxiliary Police Coordinator, Rudolph Orio, participants were educated on how to respond to certain situations, and at the end of the training, each one was awarded with a certificate completion. Orio explained that police could not properly function without the assistance of the community. He emphasized that a stronger bond is imperative to make the island a safer place for both residents and visitors. The program’s objectives are to encourage and mobilize community-minded individuals to volunteer, as more eyes and ears in the community can assist in the deterrence of crime.

    Anke Doehm’s trial re-scheduled for mid-June
    After several months, American National Anke Doehm was back in Supreme Court in Belize City on Wednesday, January 23rd. She is facing a charge of ‘Cruelty to a Child’ in connection to the death of her adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, who died in 2017. Doehm was in court for a ‘Case Management Conference,’ where she was informed to return to court on June 18, 2019, to finalize her trial. The last time she was in court was in September of 2018 where she sought permission to travel to the United States of America (USA) for health reasons. Doehm had formally submitted her petition, but before approval, it was suddenly withdrawn.

    New recycling machine for San Pedro Town
    Recycle San Pedro Belize continues to find ways to keep La Isla Bonita clean, and the team has now acquired a new recycling machine. This new machine will be used to shred natural woods such as branches, plywood and old trees among similar debris picked up during clean-up campaigns. In addition, Recycle San Pedro recently acquired a 14-foot-trailer that is being used for clean-up campaigns, and they have placed new garbage barrels across San Pedro Town. The barrels are labeled with the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association super-hero mascot Captain Conch who encourages islanders of all ages to ‘Keep San Pedro Clean.’ “The aim of the barrels is to raise awareness among island residents, to encourage them to dispose of their garbage properly. Together we can have a clean and healthy environment,” said Tyree.

    Ambergris Today

    Female Minor Found. The San Pedro police department is seeking the assistance of the community in locating the parents. She claims to be 3 years of age, but seems older and goes by the name of Chasidy. If you have any information that will assist please contact the San Pedro Police department 206-2022.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Passing of Gabriel Pop
    The U.S. Embassy extends condolences to the Pop family on the passing of Gabriel Pop. Gabriel was an exceptional, warm, loving, positive person. He kept his faith and mind focused on always being there for his family and community. In 2016, Gabriel was selected to participate in the six-week long professional exchange program for outstanding leaders and entrepreneurs in the United States—Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative - YLAI. He represented Belize and the Toledo Cacao community with pride and joy. Gabriel will be greatly missed by his YLAI brothers and sisters and by the Embassy community and will be cherished in our memories forever.

    Students of Nazaren high School learning about the Yucatec Maya
    Students of Nazaren high School learning about the Yucatec Maya(Máasewal) of Belize at U Chan Muul Yaax k'aax at San Lazaro Orange Walk. They learn about the Maya history,legends(Folklore), language and more.

    The Reporter

    A joint search operation between Orange Walk and Corozal Police in San Victor Village has led to the discovery of a substantial amount of contraband drinks. Two hundred and thirty-eight cases of Mexican beers, ten cases of Canareal rum and and eleven cases of large coke were all handed over to Customs Officials.

    No Industry Impact from BAL Fire, Says CEO
    It is not expected that the unfortunate industrial blaze that ravaged a section of Belize Aquaculture Limited (BAL) processing plant in the Stann Creek District to ashes on Monday evening will have any direct impact on the production output of the shrimp industry in Belize.

    NGO Provides Support in Critical Times
    The Belize Brain Awareness Society (BBAS), founded in May 2018, has quickly been gaining followers, popularity and members due to a need for support for victims and family members that have been battling neurological illnesses. A couple of years ago, founding member Kaylia Nunez was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and had to undergo two brain surgeries in Cuba. Her experience, she says, made her vow to do everything possible to return to Belize to form a group that will provide support for persons who have to go through the same thing she did.

    Musa, Barrow and Briceno: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?
    By Lloyd Jones. That the port of its boundary with French territory not already delimited by international agreement be delimited, upon Libya’s achievement of independence, by negotiation between the Libyan and French Governments, assisted on the request of ether party by a third person to be selected by them or, failing their agreement, to be appointed by the Secretary General.”

    Creating an Environment for Investor Confidence
    By Nefretery Marin. Foreign investment is a vital source of external capital for our Country; especially in these times of economic struggles and insecurities. Like I have said before – Belize has very good potential. We are strategically located for trade & commerce not just in Latin America and the Caribbean but also to the United States and the world.

    Helping Hands on the City’s Cold Streets
    On Sunday night, as many Belizeans were nestled in the comfort and warmth of their homes, enjoying a severe cold front that was sweeping across the country, one couple was on the streets of Belize City making sure that homeless persons were equipped with the proper gear to withstand the weather conditions.

    Chinese Business Woman Shot In Armed Robbery
    A Chinese business woman from Dangriga is currently hospitalized at the Southern Regional Hospital due to a gunshot wound to the left side of her chest which she sustained late Friday evening during an armed robbery. While police have not released the name of the victim she was reportedly shot around 2:03 p.m on February 1st at Da Yang Shop located on George Price Drive in Dangriga.

    A bus driver who stopped outside of Wilmac Pharmacy on Cemetery Road on Friday morning to purchase pressure pills was robbed at gunpoint. Mark Cardinez is a driver for Belize Transit Bus Company, and reported that around 8:00 a.m on February 1st, he parked outside the pharmacy and asked his assistant to go inside the store and purchase the medication.

    No Free Pass for Interdicted Cop
    Commissioner of Police Chester Williams on Wednesday told the media that “when it comes to Police Officers, we are going to do what we need to do to ensure that there is no cover up, because you would be the same one to come back and say oh, because it’s a Police officer you didn’t charge.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    15-year-old student missing in Belize City
    A 15-year-old student from Belize City has been reported missing. Jazline Requena was last seen on January 31,2019. She is about 5ft 6inches in height.

    Accused murderer out on bail, the first for 2019
    Yesterday the Supreme Court of Belize granted bail to accused murderer Curtis Lamb, who has been awaiting a verdict in his trial for over two years. Lamb was in prison for the August 2011 murder of Justin Roaches, for which he was the prime suspect.

    Orange Walk police seize contraband beers and coke
    This morning around 5, police conducted a joint operation in Victor Village in Northern Belize. There, authorities found 238 cases of beer, 10 cases of Canareal rum, and 11 cases of large coke in an abandoned house.

    11-year old reported missing in Belize City
    The family of eleven-year-old Tayron Martinez of Vernon Street, Belize City is seeking your assistance in locating him. Tayron is of brown complexion and about 4 feet 6 inches in height.

    Did Salvadoran Ambassador in Belize facilitate transportation for Belizean-Salvadorans to vote in Presidential elections?
    Presidential elections in El Salvador will be held this Sunday, February 3, 2019. Four Presidential candidates belonging to different political parties are lined up to head the Central American country when one of them wins the general elections on Sunday.

    ICJ Awareness campaign comes to San Ignacio
    With only 67 days until Belize’s historic referendum, the education awareness campaign on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has intensified. Members of the ICJ education campaign will be at the San Ignacio Welcome Center tomorrow to educate and answer questions from the people of San Ignacio, Santa Elena and surrounding communities.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mexico-Guatemala earthquake, felt by millions, likely triggered by the 2017 megaquake
    In the map below we show a comparison between the USGS model of shaking intensity and the reports from people who felt the earthquake. These models are important because they allow organizations to anticipate potential needs for rescue and response activities to help people in need following earthquakes and tsunami. Note how the model forecasts are a good approximation for the reported intensities, except for Mexico City. The M=8.2 earthquake in 2017 (read more below) profoundly changed the stresses surrounding that earthquake. Melgar et al. (2018) suggest that this large quake may have even ruptured through the entire plate!


  • Dueling Iguanas, 2min. It’s breeding season and the males are duking it out daily. Rare that we see it this up close and personal though. My worker was pointing out that one was bleeding from a bite on the forearm, but I watched and he was using it ok. The barnyard symphony background music is just fantastic.

  • Sweet Belize 2019, 3min.

  • VR Boat ride in Belize 2018, .5min. Belize City to Caye Caulker boat ride in July 2018 Best seen with a VR headset

  • Trip to Belize 2007, 13min.

  • Belize, 43min.

  • San Pedro Belize / Caribbean Villas 2019, 12min.

  • San Ignacio, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Swimming with Sharks!, 7min.

  • Belize Rainforest | Two Nights Pineapple Hill, 4min. Pineapple Hill in Belize is one of the coolest places I've ever stayed! We only stayed two nights...I could have done four nights easy. This place is so peaceful and breathtaking. It's well equipped to cook while you are there. However, there is an amazing restaurant about 15 mins down the road-The Sleeping Giant. WHOA!! We went both nights (I didn't bring my camera either night because I wanted to be 100% engaged in the atmosphere without a lense). Drinks are incredible, food was fantastic, service was unreal and did I mention you are sitting in a rain forest?

  • Travel to Caye Caulker - Belize Zoo Visit, 5.5min.

  • Belize 2019, 4.5min. Catamaran to Coral garden, shark and ray alley, hol chan chanel

  • The wind in San Pedro Belize 2019, 5min.

  • NEBL 2019 || Tiger Sharks vs Hurricanes || Live at the Belize Civic Center, 2hr.

    February 2, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    NOTE: The Groundhog says early spring in the USA...

    The San Pedro Sun

    Dennisa Pineda selected as Best Goal Keeper for U17 Female Inter-District Tournament
    Congratulations to Dennisa Pineda of San Pedro Academy! She has been selected as the Best Goal Keeper for U17 Female Inter-District Tournament. The Football Federation of Belize will be hosting its first-ever Awards Ceremony at the Marion Jones Complex on Saturday, February 2nd at 10AM. Pineda will be honored at this event.

    Police Report: Drug Trafficking
    Drug Trafficking: San Pedro police have charged 28-year-old construction worker Michael Sedacey for the offence of Drug Trafficking. Sedacey was arrested on Tuesday, January 29th after police conducted a search on him around 1:20AM on Sea Grape Drive. The search led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing 65.3 grams of suspected cannabis. Sedacey was immediately detained and taken to the San Pedro Police Station. Found Property: On Wednesday, January 23rd, around 7PM, San Pedro police conducted a search in a mangrove area on Sea Weed Street, San Juan sub-division and discovered a black plastic bag inside a foam cup. A further inspection revealed that the bag contained 79 grams of suspected cannabis and three .45 rounds of ammunition.

    Taiwan helps Belize fight Chronic Kidney Disease
    One in six Belizeans have some form of chronic kidney disease, and as many as three out five Belizeans are at risk of developing the disease; according to an epidemiological survey done under the $2.2 Million two-year project to prevent and manage Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Taiwan’s International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF) funded the project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH), with technical support from Taiwan’s Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH), and ICDF Project Manager John Lin. The findings were presented at a two-day forum on CDK held at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City on Thursday and Friday, January 24th and 25th.

    Ambergris Today

    Citizens On Patrol Formed In San Pedro
    The Citizens on Patrol Program, COPS, is an initiative by the Belize Police Department designed to enhance community participation and foster better communities. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye finally has a group of citizens who have volunteered their time to make our little island a safer place and on Thursday, January 31, 2019, The Belize Police Department celebrated its 10th Graduation of Citizens on Patrol. A total of 14 volunteers took a three day training course from Tuesday, January 29 to Thursday, January 31 at Fido’s Courtyard Conference Room. The Citizens on Patrol program is part of the Police Auxiliary Unit where volunteers are recruited and trained to assist the Belize Police Department in making the community safer and enhance the quality of life.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Juan Carnaval in Corozal
    The Corozal House of Culture will be presenting Juan Carnaval Sunday March 3, 2019. We are kindly inviting community members to participate with adult and children's comparsas. Participation is crucial in keeping this annual cultural custom alive. We are also looking for adults who would like to dress in disguise and participate as Los Mascarados (we have the costumes). Los Mascarados will be on the streets of Corozal Town the night of February 16th ushering in the prelenten celebration of Carnaval! For more information contact the Corozal House of Culture.

    Isla Bonita School Cultural Day

    Belize's Wonder Women! Anna Maria Lopez Smith
    For the month of February we are proud to announce that Anna Maria Lopez Smith is our Belize Wonder Woman! Anna Maria Lopez-Smith is a dedicated Belmopan community member, a tireless advocate against domestic violence, and a passionate entrepreneur. Anna was born in Belize City in 1965. When she turned five, her father moved the family to Belmopan. At an early age, Anna learned the values of hard work on the family farm and in the family business. After graduating from high school, Anna worked in different fields, including managing the first propane depot in Belmopan, as a payroll clerk for Hummingbird Hershey, painting signs and greeting cards, and selling pizza at her dad’s pharmacy.

    EXPORTBelize, a unit of BELTRAIDE, partnered with the Music Industry Association of Belize (MIAB) to launch its very first online Artist Export Toolkit. With the global music industry moving at such a rapid pace, it becomes more difficult for businesses and organizations to operate without proper planning, documentations and partnerships. The aim of this toolkit, then, is to improve business capacities of musicians/artist in Belize and provide them with relevant business-related documentations such as contracts, riders, business card development and visa application requirements in order to effectively and efficiently conduct business.

    Corozal Football Association - Closing Season Tournament
    Sunday, February 3rd at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium

    The long awaited grading of the Sarteneja Road has begun
    Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Hallelujah! The long awaited grading of the Sarteneja Road has begun. Sarteneja is a wonderful destination that can greatly benefit from development and tourism, if the road to it is paved. We are grateful that the initiative to grade it has begun but as every rainy season sets, the road gives in. It is time that the road is paved and we will greatly support this call from this wonderful community of great and hard working people.

    Inauguration of Archangel Medical Center
    It is finally here. The most awaited inauguration of Archangel Medical Center will be on Wednesday, February 6th at Pimenta Street, Venezuelan Layout off College Road. All promotions will be respected and offered once more! Promos will be for 4 days!!!! Papsmears for $30, electrocardiogram study for $20 and discount on consultation. On Thursday, February, 7th, Dr. Ramon Varela, Pediatrician from Belize City will be providing services for children of all ages from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. He will also be seeing children who have been infected with rotavirus. Please call at 602-7084 to make an appointment. Thank you and looking forward to a productive year. Archangel Medical Center will officially open Wednesday, February 6th and we wish this organization the best of success. Congratulations!

    The Belize Airports Authority hereby informs the public that effective February 4, 2019 absolutely NO PARKING will be allowed on the airport's access road at the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport. Anyone flying to the Cayes or conducting business at the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport will need to make use of the parking lot. Failure to adhere to the new traffic regulations will result in the following:

    Jose Gomez of Corozal Town passes away
    We join our entire Corozal community in extending our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the late Jose Gomez of Corozal Town. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.

    Channel 7

    Was Zabaneh's Parcel 4670 Acquired By GOB?
    We've been reporting on the Dion Zabaneh land debacle for weeks - and you've seen the fight over parcel 4670 - that lot which is being filled on the seabed. But there's a new wrinkle tonight. It's a copy of the Government Gazette from February of 2007. It's a notice of land acquisition for a public purpose. And guess what parcel of land it's for? We'll read directly from the Gazette. It says "all that piece or parcel of land being parcel 4670 comprising 1.5 acres situated in the Caribbean shores registration section, Belize City."

    Gareth Gets Free!
    In May of 2012, Gareth Hemmans Jr. and Miguel Zaiden had a fight over a woman - which ended with Hemmans allegedly chopping Zaiden four times in the arms and elbow. In 2016, Hemmans was convicted of attempted murder in a trial without jury presided over by Justice Adolph Lucas. But Hemmans appealed and his attorney Anthony Sylvester argued three grounds on which the conviction should be quashed. This morning, the President of the Court of Appeal, JUSTICE Manuel Sosa presented the court's judgement. He agreed with Sylvester and overturned the conviction, setting Hemmans free. Sylvestre spoke to us outside the courtroom:

    PUP Promised Press Conference, Delivered Nothing
    Last week, the PUP presented its People's Declaration, recommending, quote, "that Belizeans vote NO to the ICJ." But, in a tactic most unbecoming a mass party - the Chairman told the assembled media that they would take no questions on this pivotal national decision. Here's what he told us before the presentation last week Wednesday: Henry Charles Usher, PUP Chairman: "What has been drafted is being called the "People's Declaration." and the party leader will read this People's Declaration this afternoon, followed by a press briefing next week, where questions can be asked."

    Map Flap With Referendum Unit
    And while the PUP has to find money to get out is voters on referendum day - the Government has to find someone who can draw a map! We've been using the Belize Referendum Commission website quite a bit lately. That;S the official site that Foreign Affairs has set up to educate the public on the ICJ - and it's located at But on this official site there is a map of Belize that's so pitiful - if it weren't so embarrassing - it would be laughable. Starting in he north, the map spells Corozal as "Corozul", while "Pachacan" is spelled with a "c", not a "k". Going south, Progresso, ends with an "e", not an "o", and Maskall has an extra "s" at the end.

    Special Agreement and Those "Legal"ť Guatemalan Claims
    And while that speaks to the kind of ham-handed approach that Government brings to any undertaking - many critics of the 2008 special agreement have wondered out loud if that kind of absent minded government-think is what led to the wording of that agreement. Jules Vasquez reporting: The clause that many take issue with is Article 2 - and Jules Vasquez looked at it today:... "Any and all" legal claims of Guatemala against Belize - that's the language in the Special Agreement and it has triggered widespread hysteria - because it seems to lend legitimacy to Guatemala's bogus territorial claim. It seems to say that those claims are "legal".

    Big Baby's Big Break At The Title
    It's been rumored for weeks that Belizean-American top ranked heavyweight contender Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller would have a shot at the world's Unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. But, if you follow the reports, the fight has been on one minute, and off the next. However, this evening, CBS sports news is reporting that Joshua has, quote, "agreed to terms for a defense of his WBA, WBO and IBF world titles against fellow unbeaten Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller." End quote.

    Armed Robber Shoots Woman
    Reports tonight are that a female grocer has been shot in Dangriga. It happened just after 2:00 this afternoon, when a Chinese supermarket named Da Yang on George Price Drive was robbed. Unconfirmed reports say a Chinese woman was shot to the left side of her chest. She was rushed to the hospital. Her condition is unknown at this time, and we await details from police.

    Robber Pistol Whipped Security Guard Who Wouldn't Give The Key
    And there was also an armed robbery in Orange Walk - luckily no one was shot. Two security guards at an Uno gas station in Tower Hill, Orange Walk were held up at gun point early this morning. According to police, Francisco Santana was making his rounds just before 2 AM when a man approached him and pointed a gun at his face. The man lead him to a security booth where the other guard, Teodoro Jimenez was posted.

    Making Early Interventions For Developing Minds
    The first few years of a child's life are considered to be the most important. According to UNICEF, 85% of brain development occurs by age 5, so this is the period that parents need to be the most attentive. This week, UNICEF Belize partnered with it's Eastern Caribbean counterpart from Barbados to begin a campaign to inform and educate parents and counselors about the importance of early childhood development and strategies they can use to ensure their children have a head start in life…

    Alleged Peruvian Skimmer Cries In Court When He Can't Get Bail
    He is a South American accused of skimming money out of Scotiabank ATM's - but 24 year old Peruvian Luis Miguel Marroquin tried to get Supreme Court bail today. He was represented before Justice Herbert Lord by Dickie Bradley but Justice Lord adjourned the bail hearing until he could get a fuller understanding of what happened in the lower court. The hearing was adjourned for next week Friday, February 8. When he heard his bail application was being delayed for next week, Marroquin was visibly disappointed and he was seen crying in court.

    Bail For Alleged Murderer After 7 Years
    And while he was unable to get bail - an accused murderer did get bail today after two years on remand. Twenty-three year old Kurtis Lamb, who went on trial in August by 2016 for the murder of Justin Roches and is remanded still awaiting a decision, was offered a bail of $40,000 today by Justice Herbert Lord. Lamb's attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, said that Lamb has been in custody for about 7 years and 5 months and it is uncertain when the trial judge, Justice John Gonzalez, who has retired from the bench, will give his decision.

    Bail For Woman Accused of Smuggling Ammo
    Just over a week ago, 30-year-old Tifara Usher was found handling about 250 rounds of 9mm bullets without a license. Police caught the Hattieville resident traveling home on a bus from Corozal. She was taken into custody and appeared in the Magistrate's Court today and was charged with possession of ammunition without a license. Usher was released on $10,000, but Justice Herbert Lord also ordered that she appear back in court on March 19th. In the meantime, Usher must also report to the Hattieville police station every Monday and Friday and is banned from contacting any witnesses.

    What the Elderly Need to Know About The ICJ
    We're only a couple months away from the ICJ referendum vote, which means it's extremely important that all registered voters know the facts. That includes the elderly, who are often overlooked and disregarded. Today HELPAGE Belize hosted an ICJ forum for groups of older persons from around the Belize City and Ladyville area in order to make sure they can make an informed decision. HELPAGE's Director told us more about why an initiative like this is important... Ivorine Bulwer - Executive Director, HELPAGE Belize: "First of all the ICJ session, it's important for us to have our older persons informed. Alright, they are part of the society, they are part of the history and they understood the whole challenges up to Independence. They were a part of this heads of agreement and all the struggles that Belize has experienced. And now here is the ICJ referendum. And it's imperative that they have a voice..."

    Nassau Grouper Critically Endangered
    The Nassau grouper is one of the most recognizable fish species in the Caribbean, but if proper measures are not taken, that could change very soon. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Nassau grouper population has decreased by about 80% since 1980 and is now considered critically endangered. The heavy decline in population is mostly attributed to over-fishing during spawning periods that removes the biggest and best adults of each generation. And while this is a problem for the entire Caribbean the WCS says that Belize could do some work in ensuring that our grouper populations stay safe. In their latest report the WCS identified grouper spawning areas in the Glover's Reef area that could use extra protection. Deterioration of coral reefs in the area has also been identified as a contributing factor.

    Remembering Anthony Sr.
    On Monday, the funeral will be held for Anthony Sylvestre Sr. He was described by the PUP as a "long serving statesman, public officer and consummate PUP warrior." And, indeed, he was all that - but the 73 year old was also more than just that. He was a father to his two sons and a daughter. Today we asked his younger son, Anthony Juniour to discuss that dichotomy between his private dad, and the public figure we all knew:..

    Mary Tate's Big 105
    On Monday one of the country's oldest citizens is turning 105. Ms. Mary Tate was born in 1914, the same year that World War One began. More than a century later, she is still an active citizen, in fact she was keen in her attendance at today's HELPAGE forum on the ICJ. We spoke to HELPAGE Belize's Director about her birthday celebration... Ivorine Bulwer - Executive Director, HELPAGE Belize: "Monthly, since last year the entire 2018, we partnered with Grace Kennedy and they, on a monthly basis, they gifted all our older persons who were celebrating birthdays. This month, the first, we're doing birthdays for both January and February, but a special birthday girl for this month of February, she will be 105. One of our residents from the Sister Cecelia Home. She is among the birthday girls."

    He DJ's, Play That Song
    The second annual Belikin DJ Competition kicks off tonight. The contest pits DJ's from each district against each other for a chance to compete in the grand Championship. That where the winners from each competition go at it to decide who is Belize's best DJ. We spoke to Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow and the the event's host, DJ Dalla about the festivities... The DJs are also competing for $5000 in prizes, and entrance is free

    Demand For Teachers, Nurses, Doctors to Increase
    The IDB released a new study today called "Education and Health: The Sectors of the Future?". It says that Belize will need 9,000 teachers, 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses by the year 2040. Now, those future doctors, nurses and teachers haven't yet started their working life, and the purpose of the IDB study is to, quote, "ensure that these new professionals have the skills and training they need to be the teachers, doctors and nurses of the future."

    Channel 5

    An Accused Murderer is Granted Supreme Court Bail of $40,000
    An unusual hearing took place today in the Supreme Court in which an accused murderer, waiting for a decision for two years, got bail.  Curtis Lamb will be out on [...]

    Court of Appeal Sets Gareth Hemmans Free After Quashing his Sentence
    At the Court of Appeal, thirty-three-year-old Gareth Hemmans Junior walked out a free man after the bench quashed his conviction this murder.  He had been sentenced to eight years in [...]

    Corozal Town Council Employee is Flung from Garbage Truck to his Death
    A father of a two-year-old girl lost his life in a freak accident while at work in Corozal. Thirty-two-year-old Jose Gomez was a sanitation worker for the Corozal Town Council [...]

    Vital Stats Unit Has No Record of Belizean Born Educator
    Complaints against the Vital Statistics Unit on Hyde’s Lane have been raging for years. We’ve heard horror stories of frustrated individuals who have waited for hours in long lines to [...]

    No Proof of Citizenship? Re-registration Application Denied!
    And while Joseph Bennett’s cannot re-register, the application for naturalized Belizean Jason Guerrero was rejected. Guerrero is also well known in Belize in the music industry and for his founding [...]

    The I.C.J. Vote and the Elderly
    Meet Anne Olivera; we found her and her peers, including a resident who is one hundred and five years old, at HelpAge on Wilson Street. They were attentively listening to [...]

    DOE Steps Up Safe Management of Used Lead Acid Batteries
    How much do you do know about the battery that powers up your car? Once it no longer works, you’re likely to discard of it. But the way you discard [...]

    Venezuelan Ambassador says Opposition Leader Staging Coup D’etat
    Political and economic pressures continue to mount on Nicolas Maduro, the embattled President of Venezuela. The South American country has been thrown into chaos and crisis over the past few [...]

    Venezuelan Ambassador Reacts to European Position
    Opposition politician Juan Guaido shot to fame on January twenty-third when he declared himself Venezuela’s interim president. Since then, Guaido has been getting the support of many powerful and influential [...]

    Belize and Venezuela are ‘Close Friends’
    We also asked the Venezuelan Ambassador about the diplomatic relations between Belize and Venezuela. The two countries have always enjoyed friendly and bilateral relations. But in a strange twist of [...]

    No Arrests in Michael Gladden’s Murder Attempt
    Thirty-year-old Michael Gladden needs public assistance in receiving as many as thirteen pints of blood if he is to survive a near-fatal ordeal that befell him on Wednesday night.  The [...]

    Robbery at UNO Gas Service Station in Tower Hill
    The newly installed UNO Gas Service Station in Tower Hill was targeted by thieves in the wee hours of today. Just before two a.m., security guards, Teodoro Jimenez and Francisco [...]

    90 year-old Woman Tied and Gagged in Corozal Home Invasion
    Two persons remain in police custody tonight in Corozal; they were caught shortly after a brazen broad daylight home invasion in the Santa Rita community of Corozal Town. The men [...]

    Mexicans Freed for ATM Theft in Corozal
    Up north in the Corozal Magistrate Court, three Mexicans were freed of theft charges by Magistrate Lionel Olivera.  The case against Belen Hernandez, Joscan Jafet Hernandez and Lionel Isaac Rodriguez [...]

    6.6 Earthquake Shakes Southern Mexico; Tremors Felt in Belize
    A strong earthquake hit southern Mexico this morning. Fortunately, there is no reported loss of life or major injuries and infrastructural damage. The quake scared people, some evacuated their homes [...]

    A Political Battle in Belama Phase Four
    Tonight we have more from Belama Phase Four where several families were officially notified that they need to vacate from land sold to a Chinese businessman.  They were told that [...]


    Orson Elrington says Alex Chang is not to blame
    Late this evening the UDP standard bearer for the Freetown Division, Orson Elrington was in Belama Phase 4 to face residents. He spoke with the media and said that contrary to what is being said, Alex Chang, the alleged proprietor of the land in question, was not responsible for the damages to at least two …

    Belize Federation of Fishers Membership say no to Gillnets
    The Belize Federation of Fishers is one of several NGO’s including the Turneffe Atoll Trust, the Belize Game Fish Association, the National Sports Fishing Association, and the Mar Alliance that have united as The Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fishery to lobby the Government to ban gill nets. We met with The Belize Federation of Fishers …

    Caribbean countries learn early childhood development strategies in Belize
    The Government of Belize in collaboration with UNICEF hosted an inter country exchange in early childhood development with Barbados and Eastern Caribbean States. The exchange concludes today with an open house in Belize City. Denise Robateau, Early Childhood Development and Education Officer at UNICEF says Belize showcased best practices in the country. Denise Robateau, …

    Belize welcomes new Venezuela Ambassador, Gerardo Argote
    The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has welcomed a new Ambassador. It has been a few years since Venezuela had a resident Ambassador in Belize but two weeks ago, Venezuelan Ambassador to Belize Gerardo Argote arrived in the country. He told Love News about his interests in strengthening the diplomatic relations with Belize. …

    Building People Movement talks gender based violence
    The Building People Movement has concluded a training in the Toledo District on gender-based violence. Executive Director, Dorla Bowman spoke on the initiative on Wednesday morning. Dorla Bowman: “This morning we are having the final session in a series of training pertaining to gender based violence. The participants in this training were women and …

    Pallotti High School holds annual school fair
    Pallotti High School is holding its annual school fair on Saturday. Today staff, teachers and students were busy preparing for the event on the school’s campus. Sister Clara Teul, Pallotti’s Principal, says the funds will be invested in constructing a school auditorium. Sister Clara Teul, Principal: “To run a school is not easy, there …

    Venezuelan Ambassador says no re-elections in Venezuela
    The Venezuelan Ambassador’s arrival to Belize comes at a time when that country’s government continues to receive international pressure, this time as major countries, including the USA and most recently European countries call for a re-election of a president. These and other countries oppose President Nicolas Maduro’s presidency. The US and other countries have supported …

    7 years later, Kurtis Offered bail while awaiting Murder Verdict
    Also in the courts, a man who had been behind bars for over seven years was offered some limited restitution while the wheels of justice moves slowly with his case. Twenty-three year old Kurtis Lamb, who went on trial in August, 2016 for the murder of Justin Roches and has been on remand ever since. …

    Woman gets bail for 250 rounds of ammunition
    Thirty year old Tifara Usher, a self-employed resident of Hattieville, was riding a passenger bus which had left the Corozal District on the third of January. The police stopped the bus between miles 50 and 51 and searched a black plastic bag in Usher’s possession. The officers found 5 boxes with 50 rounds of ammunition …


    Court war – Dion Zabaneh and mother vs DOE
    The filling of lot #4760, located on Seashore Drive in the Buttonwood Bay area of Belize City, has been a source of contention between the owners and the Department of the Environment (DOE). The land is actually seabed, and although the DOE made efforts to stop the owners from filling it, they had not been able to halt the filling that had been taking place. This morning, the DOE hauled Dion Zabaneh, 43, a businessman of 68 Bella Vista, and his mother, Primrose Gabourel, 76, a housewife of 919 Bella Vista, to court, where they were arraigned on a total of four charges. There were two other charges that the DOE wanted to bring against the two, but they could not lay those charges against Gabourel and Zabaneh, because the summons had not been served to them.

    Jerdie Flores, 30, executed in Punta Gorda
    Last night, January 29, Jerdie Flores, 30, was fatally shot at his home on Far West Street in Punta Gorda Town. Sometime before 7 p.m., Flores was at home when a man rode up to his house on a bicycle and called out for him. When Flores went outside to see who it was, the man opened fire on him, shooting him several times. The gunman was able to escape on his bicycle. Flores was known to police, and his execution was the third time he had been targeted by a person or persons who wanted him dead.

    Efrain Martinez, 54, surrenders to ComPol Chester
    Efrain Beltran Martinez, 54, a Salvadoran employee of Belize Marine and Mooring Services located at Mile 4 ˝ on the George Price Highway, who was wanted for the chopping murder of Elmer Salazar, 43, a Guatemalan and former employee of the same company, went to the office of Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, on Raccoon Street, yesterday evening and handed himself in. Salazar was fatally chopped at about 5:45 Monday evening, and after committing the violent act, Martinez went on the run.

    Santa Rita businessman robbed; gun stolen
    Javier Gonzalez, a businessman of Santa Rita Road, Corozal Town, and his assistant, were held up and robbed while they were unloading a truck in his yard. Gonzalez and his assistant were approached by three men, one of whom had a gun, while the other had a baseball bat. The thieves robbed Gonzalez of his licensed firearm, and they stole his and his assistant’s personal possessions, including cash. During the holdup, Gonzalez’s assistant was shot at, and the bullet grazed the side of his head.

    CitCo hosts domestic violence conference
    Yesterday, the Belize City Council held a first-of-its-kind domestic violence conference that was open to the public. The conference was in the form of a forum, and the panel included leading social and political figures like Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, and human rights activist and senior counsel, Lisa Shoman. The event was organized by councilor Dr. Candice Pitts, and when we spoke to her, she told us that she was very interested to hear what the experts from various official offices would have to say about domestic violence, since it is a deeply felt issue that affects people from all ethnicities, demographics, and economic backgrounds.

    Leaked photos show inhumane bathroom conditions at police station
    Darrell Usher, 37, a police corporal, was detained on Sunday, January 27, for 48 hours after he allegedly got into a fight with a man with whom he had been gambling. During his time at the Queen Street Police Station, Usher somehow was able to take a cellphone into the cell block, which he used to take pictures of the deplorable conditions of the bathroom at the station. He later posted the pictures on his Facebook page. In his post, he said that despite the fact that the person with whom he fought had requested no court action, he still had to spend 48 hours at the police station.

    ABL Opening weekend results
    outh basketball is in full swing at the SJC Gym, where the Ahmadiyya Basketball League (ABL) tipped off its 2019 tournament yesterday with 15 games played, 5 each in the U-15, U-19 and U-23 categories. Here are the results in the respective tournament categories:

    NEBL bounces into third week with 3 great grudge matches
    The hype surrounding the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) 2019 season continues to linger going into Week 3, as teams are attempting to find their identity and their place in the deck of confused cards. Teams are trying to establish themselves as contenders, while others are desperately seeking to register their first win of the season. Going into Week 3, Belize City Defenders and Orange Walk Running Rebels are the only two teams without a win, while Belize Hurricanes, Belmopan Bandits and San Pedro Tiger Sharks are the three undefeated teams. This week will surely shake up the standings and create further separation in the standings. Contenders and pretenders will soon be exposed for who they really are.

    Club Atletico wins the BFA 2018/19 Opening Season and repeat as champions
    Game two of the finals in the two-game series of the 2018/19 Belmopan Football Association (BFA) Amateur Opening Season concluded on Sunday afternoon inside Capital City Belmopan with Club Atletico repeating as champions of the BFA’s First Division Tournament. After a 0-0 ball game in game one the week before, both teams came out on Sunday poised to take home the winner’s trophy and a cash prize of $3,000.00. As was expected, the scene inside the Isidoro Beaton was one of envy for those in the football business who, despite every effort, are unable to monster such showing of fans and football fanatics. The Roaring Creek community came out in the hundreds with blowing horns and waving flags, contributing to what was indeed a beautifully colored and festive mood inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium.

    Secondary schools football in Southern Region
    Delille Academy males and females won the Dangriga Zone, but both Delille and Ecumenical males and females will represent for the Southern Regional high school football competition. In last Friday’s results, Ecumenical females won over Delille in a friendly matchup, 1 goal to nil. In the males result, Dellile Academy won over ANRI, 5 goals to 1. The Regionals are set for this Saturday, February 2, at the Carl Ramos Stadium.

    Editorial: Belize guided on a tight rope by principle of self-determination
    There is an old adage that a friend in need is a friend indeed. There are friendships that are mostly for good times, those times when we are eating, and drinking and making merry. We can’t expect those kinds of friends to make too much effort to help us carry our load when we are sick, or have lost our job. They are good-times friends, mostly. There are true friendships, and those are for all times – for the best times, the good times, the bad times, and the worst. These friends’ doors are opened to you whenever there is a party going on within, and these doors you know you can knock on when times are not so good. Whether for good times or for all times, all have concern when their friends are experiencing troubles. We can expect the support of our friends, with the quality and quantity of their support depending on the extent, depth of the friendship.

    The other crazies
    Former government minister, Hector Silva, says any Belizean who says YES to the special agreement is CRAZY, and present government minister, Sedi Elrington, says that any Belizean who votes NO to the special agreement is CRAZY. Anyone who didn’t know it knows now that this is a highly charged issue. “Crazy” is amadabig fighting word. Women can usually get away with saying what they want to men, but a man who calls another man, liar, or crazy, is living in dangerous territory. Well, that’s how it was in the world of men, before words lost their punch in some circles. Ah, in some circles things haven’t changed. But in some circles, and maybe the thanks/ censure goes to lawyers, it never goes beyond heated air.

    Young Jim Waight was full of excitement and anticipation. The year was 1933. Work was about to commence on the actual opening of the border line between British Honduras (now Belize) and Guatemala. The young surveyor was a member of the team charged with this job. He saw this as an opportunity to further prove himself. Waight was the first British Honduran (Belizean) to be admitted to the Surveyor Apprenticeship Programme. Up to that point he had received all his training in-country. Theory was taught at St. John’s College, then located at Loyola Park in the Yarborough area of Belize City. Practical training was done by attachments to qualified surveyors in the field.

    Which country has endorsed the better treaty?
    Should Belize decide in the upcoming 10th April referendum to settle the Territorial Differendum with Guatemala at the International Court of Justice, then the judges will have two boundary treaties to consider. These are the 1859 Boundary Convention and the 2008 Special Agreement (Compromis) treaty. The proponents of the government’s “Yes position” consider the 1859 treaty our ace in the hole, making it virtually impossible for us to lose even one blade of grass at the ICJ. On the other hand, the Guatemalans consider the 2008 Compromis treaty their trump card as stated by Gustavo Adolfo Orellana Portillo of Guatemala who wrote, “The compromis itself consists of an achievement of great value for Guatemala.”

    NO ONE KNOWS the contents of the brief which Belize’s attorney will present to the ICJ. Our scepticism is therefore justified; for lawyering, as a rule, does not always deliver to a client what is promised. About nine years ago, appointed by Bishop Dorick Wright to serve on his Education Commission, we entrusted the defence of the Church-State Partnership to lawyers. The crux of the preservation of this almost two-century successful arrangement was the composition of the Teachers Service Commission to be made up by the appointments of the Minister of Education. If the members would be appointed “with the concurrence” of the churches the partnership would be preserved; if “after consultation” it would be dashed to pieces. The new law said “after consultation.”

    We are poor; that’s why we have to do contraband, villagers tell Customs officers
    Customs officers faced-off with a group of female contrabandistas when they boarded a bus that was coming from San Francisco Boates, a Mexican town situated across the Rio Hondo river from San Felipe, Orange Walk District. According to CTV3, of Orange Walk, the group was carrying contraband goods, and when Customs personnel tried to confiscate the goods, there was resistance, and hard talk, but the goods were taken away. During the confrontation, the Customs officers reportedly drew out their pepper spray to take command of the situation, but luckily, the spray was not used. The incident occurred last Thursday.

    Father who saw gunmen shoot his son, won’t give statement to police
    Jose Zelaya, Sr., 48, a laborer of Complex Avenue, Belize City, who was a witness to a gun attack on his son, Marcos Zelaya, 23, also of Complex Avenue, which occurred at about 9:30 Saturday morning, told the media yesterday that he would not give a statement to police because he did not have the time, and he believes that police do not really want to solve crime, and also, that they frequently make deals with criminals. Marcos Zelaya was riding on a bicycle slightly ahead of his father on Complex Avenue when a car drove up behind him, and in front of his father (Jose Zelaya) a man out of the car shot Marcos in the back of the head. When Marcos Zelaya fell onto the road, the gunman leaned out of the car and fired more shots at him, hitting him in his back and shoulder.

    10-year-old dies after fighting brain cancer
    Ten-year-old Jaylen Young has lost his life after battling cancer for about 4 months. He was diagnosed in September of 2018, and by December he was fully paralyzed. News5 first aired Jaylen’s story on January 23. His mother had asked the public to send him “get well soon” cards to lift his spirits. It was revealed in that newscast that Jaylen had brainstem glioma, which is a cancerous tumor in the brainstem. When we spoke to Jaylen’s father, Michael Young, he told us that Jaylen began experiencing paralysis in late November. It started in his right foot, then his right hand, spine, and then it spread to the left side of his body. Before long, Jaylen was not able to speak or eat. He had to be fed through a tube and only communicated by moving his eyes.

    Former Cabinet Secretary, Anthony Sylvestre, Sr., dead at 73
    Anthony Sylvestre, Sr., a former People’s United Party official and confidante of Rt. Hon. George Price, who rose to the pinnacle of power as a career public officer, serving in a number of high-profile positions including Permanent Secretary and Cabinet Secretary, died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) early Sunday night. Sylvestre died from complications related to renal failure. He was 74. Sylvestre’s youngest son, Anthony Sylvestre, Jr., told Amandala that his father had “been struggling with kidney ailment for a number of years and last year he reached the point where he had to get dialysis treatment on a weekly basis and was initially hospitalized at the Belize Health Care Partners, before being transferred to the KHMH Intensive Care Unit two weeks ago.”

    The Reporter

    Editorial – February 1st.
    The men and women of Belize and students of high school age who want to get a good understanding of the Guatemalan claim and why the International Court of Justice is sure to reject it, must do more than listen to what people are telling them on radio and T.V. They must do some private reading besides, to find out exactly what the Guatemalans are claiming, and why this claim is so clearly in contravention of international law. This means that Belizeans must have some knowledge about what the law says about treaties and land claims.

    Top Cop Launches Community ‘Clinic’
    This morning, at the Raccoon Street Police Station, Commissioner Chester Williams opened his Belize City office to any and all who would want to meet with him to discuss matters of concern to them. The media was invited to speak to the ComPol as he stepped into his office for the first time, even as persons lined up in the lobby of the Police Station to keep appointments they had made to meet with him.

    Girlfriend Questioned in Tablada’s Murder
    Police earlier this week detained the girlfriend of Johvanney Tablada, 23, who was shot and killed while at a party at her family’s yard on Faber’s Road Extension in Belize City on Saturday evening. His killing occurred just days after they had resolved their differences and decided to get back together.

    GOB Will Appeal Multi-Million$$$$ Ruling
    The government of Belize plans to go for another round of litigation with the Ashcroft Alliance, this time to appeal a ruling handed down last week by the Supreme Court in the Belize Bank’s favor against the Income and Business Tax Commissioner, essentially giving the bank exemption from paying taxes until the $96 Million (plus accruing interest) UHS judgement debt is settled.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    2019 Street Art Festival promises to be bigger and better says Institute of Creative Arts
    The 9th annual Belize City Street Art Festival is set for February 23 and the Institute […]

    New IDB study says that Belize will need 13,000 health and education professionals by 2040
    A new study published by the Inter-American Development Bank(IDB), predicts that Belize will need approximately 9,000 […]

    Belizean invents eco-friendly insect repellant
    People suffering from allergic reactions to the chemicals in insect repellents now have an all natural […]

    Chinese businesswoman shot during robbery in Dangriga
    A Chinese businesswoman was shot in her chest today. She has since been identified as Yan […]

    2019 Street Art Festival promises to be bigger and better says Institute of Creative Arts

    The 9th annual Belize City Street Art Festival is set for February 23 and the Institute […]

    New IDB study says that Belize will need 13,000 health and education professionals by 2040
    A new study published by the Inter-American Development Bank(IDB), predicts that Belize will need approximately 9,000 […]

    Belizean invents eco-friendly insect repellant
    People suffering from allergic reactions to the chemicals in insect repellents now have an all natural […]

    Chinese businesswoman shot during robbery in Dangriga
    A Chinese businesswoman was shot in her chest today. She has since been identified as Yan […]

    Lisa Shoman fires back at Belize Peace Movement
    Former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman had some choice words for the Belize Peace Movement (BPM) today, […]

    Reverse the Ruthless, Rude, Reactive Responses toward Referees
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. […]

    GOB to appeal Supreme Court ruling on Belize Bank paying taxes
    The Supreme Court of Belize handed down a ruling last week restraining the Income and Business […]

    Man and woman busted with illegal drugs in Corozal town
    A man and woman have been jointly charged with the offense of drug trafficking. They are […]

    Student busted carrying weed in school bag
    A student busted with drugs has been charged with drug trafficking. He has been identified as […]

    Illegal fishing of critically-endangered Nassau grouper suspected at Glover’s Reef
    Amidst the recent announcement that the Nassau grouper is now a critically-endangered species, the Wildlife Conservation […]

    Nassau Grouper becomes Critically Endangered
    The Nassau grouper—a fish known for its spectacular spawning aggregations in and around the Caribbean […]

    Security guards at UNO Gas Station attacked and robbed
    Sometime around 2 a.m., today police responded to a robbery reported at the UNO Gas […]

    Earthquake in Mexico felt in Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador
    An earthquake registering at 6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale occurred in Mexico a short time […]

    Councilor Dr. Candice Pitts and BCC hold successful conference on domestic abuse
    Many Belizean men and women have been victims of domestic abuse. However, this reality has been […]

    Belize Peace movement clarifies position on Lisa Shoman debate
    The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) issued a statement yesterday clarifying the organization’s position on having […]


    Hello February! Snuggling Reptiles and Truck Stop Trivia Victory on Ambergris Caye
    February is here. The busiest month and the month with the very best weather on Ambergris Caye. I do declare! We have friends in town – Jeff turned 50 earlier this week! – so we met up at Truck Stop for their SUPER FUN Trivia Night. Think music and movie clips and photos rather than boring questions about classical music or Japanese anime. I was a bit hesitant to return. I have participated only once – I NEVER go out at night! – and our team had won. I didn’t want to end my winning streak. I didn’t take many pictures – trivia gets intense! But I will tell you the categories…and try to remember the hardest questions from each. We got all of these wrong.

    How to Get to Belize
    It's easy to travel to Belize. Belize has one international airport, several small airstrips and a well-managed system of local buses, taxis, and water transportation. You can plan your trip to and around Belize easily, especially if make your bookings on, where you will get the best rates and the most discounts on all your local transfers and excursions.

    2019 Super Bowl Parties on Ambergris Caye
    Once again it is Super Bowl time on Ambergris Caye. Many bars island wide are having parties, and last year the list was 11 parties long. This year 10 people have stepped up to give a bit of early notice, just like last year, it is quite possible a few late notice parties will get added to the list. Even if you are not a football fan, pick a party or two if you are feeling social, it is always fun watching people get excited and cheer at the TV. The second party which is not really an official party is a great one for those who aren’t fans because the band will also keep you entertained, as well as the football fans.

    Massage by the Reef
    If you are a massage enthusiast, then Massage by the Reef is your place! This beautiful spot overlooking the reef is the best deal on the Caye! While this is not the most exotic place — there are no bathroom or shower facilities — do you want to pay for the “extras” or simply enjoy a 1 1/2 hour massage at a great price? Imagine the wind blowing, sounds of boats, the smell of the ocean air, all while you enjoy a wondrous massage. The masseuses are professional and accommodating to your every need, pampering you with their hearts and hands. If you fancy a facial and a massage, they offer that too! And their newly-equipped pedicure station is available as well. I would suggest calling ahead or at least stopping by and setting up a time, as they are always busy — which is a ringing endorsement of Massage by the Reef in and of itself.

    Our Trip to the Belize Zoo!
    A forty minutes’ drive on the George Price Highway from Belize City, we kept our eyes open for the little wooden sign marked, “The Belize Zoo.” It had been a long time since I’ve been here – maybe about eight years or so. I don’t recall much from the last visit; but, The Belize Zoo is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Belize and I was excited to visit the zoo again. Hosted in a twenty-eight-acre facility, this zoo is home to many diverse species of wildlife and plants that are native to Belize. It serves as a recreational visiting hotspot and an educational center for all visitors. Unique in its kind, it is also the first nature destination in Belize that is fully accessible to handicap visitors.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mexico STRUCK by major 6.6 magnitude earthquake - Mexico City high-rise buildings SHAKE
    Mexico has been struck by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake, causing many buildings in the country's capital to shake, the Mexican Seismological Service has confirmed. The natural phenomenon hit near the coast of Chiapas, close to the border with Guatemala. The quake was also felt in Mexico city where high-rise buildings shook. The epicenter of the quake hit at a depth of 42 miles (68 km) near the Pacific coast and Mexico's border with Guatemala, according to the USGS.

    €30 million to help Caribbean enhance climate resilience and adaptation
    The European Union (EU) has signed two agreements with the World Bank’s (WB) Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) to provide funding totaling €30.7 million that will strengthen disaster risk management (DRM) in the Caribbean. The programs will support Caribbean countries to plan for long-term resilience and climate-smart growth strategies, and to design and implement innovative policy and investment initiatives. The two programmes that will benefit are the Caribbean Regional Resilience Building Facility (€27.7 million) and the Technical Assistance Program for Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance in Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) (€3 million).

    SouthWest Seat Sale
    International deals are available to a variety of destinations that include Belize City, Belize, with flights starting at $141 one-way from Houston.

    Adventists in Belize Run Soup Kitchen for Schoolchildren in Need
    ‘Feed My Sheep Kitchen’ has provided more than 15,000 meals. uesdays and Thursdays are the highlight of the week for Melva Robinson. Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past three years she has fulfilled her dream of providing hundreds of meals to children in need at six elementary schools in the heart of Belize City, thanks to the financial support of Seventh-day Adventist church members in the area. Robinson has lost count, but she estimates that she has prepared more than 15,000 meals for the young pupils who have visited her “Feed My Sheep Kitchen” spot for lunch during the school year. The schools work with the soup kitchen to identify children eligible for the twice-weekly meals.

    Scotland's debt to forgotten Belize lumberjacks
    The story of how forestry workers from Central America travelled 5,000 miles to Scotland to help the war effort has been largely forgotten. But the British Honduran Forestry Unit played a vital role in maintaining timber supplies during World War Two. Almost 900 forestry workers arrived in Scotland at the end of 1941 and were billeted across the country. They left behind a tropical climate and had to cope with the kind of wintry conditions they had never encountered before. Among them was Sam Martinez, a 32-year-old woodcutter from the forests of British Honduras - now known as Belize.


  • Isla Bonita School Cultural Day, 1min.

  • Placencia, Belize beach, 2min. Jan 2019 Beach in front of Cozy Corner bar and restaurant.

  • Belize Now, 30min. In our first episode of Belize Now for 2019, we discuss Belize’s Phase-Out of Single-Use Plastic and Styrofoam, Changes at the Lands Department and Demystifying the International Court of Justice. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, February 1st, 2019!

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Anthony Sylvestre, 1.5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Aliyah Camesha Soberanis, 2.5min.

  • Pickup truck destroyed by fire in San Pedro; no one injured, 8min.

  • The Nature and Beauty of Belize, 7min.

  • Sapphire Beach Resort - Ambergris Caye, Belize, 2min.


  • unBELIZable BELIZE, 4.5min. We spent 5 days in Belize, most of it in San Pedro and the final day in San Ignacio. This is some of the highlights from the trip.

  • Sailing Belize in catamaran - Episode 11 - How to catch and cook the lobsters, 2.5min. Sailing family cruise in Belize - How to catch, and cook the Lobsters

  • NEBL 2019 || Defenders vs Running Rebels || Live at the Belize Civic Center, 3hr.

    February 1, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island athlete Ian Gordon adds to his international repertoire
    Island runner Ian Gordon aka Lion continues to make his mark at international marathons. In his latest race, he placed 61st out 382 competitors in the 40-49 age category at Marathon Internacional de Culiacan (Culiacan International Marathon) held at Culiacan City, Sinaloa, Mexico on Sunday, January 20th. The Marathon Internacional de Culiacan saw the participation of approximately 8,000 runners competing in four different categories. The marathon is for a cause, as all the proceeds of the participating athletes go to children with cancer through the Private Assistance Institution GANAC (Groups of Friends of Children Affected by Cancer). It is also considered one of Mexico’s best marathons and has been happening for the past 30 years, seeing the participation of athletes from all around the world.

    Ambergris Today

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Visits Belize
    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Makes Courtesy Visit to Prime Minister Barrow Belize City. January 30, 2019. Vicente Fox, Mexico’s 55th president, was in Belize on a personal trip. The former president and businessman paid a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow during his short stay. Mr. Fox was accompanied by friends - businessmen who expressed interest in investing in Belize. Fox visited several sites in Belize City, and this afternoon, departed the country.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    The Placencia Breeze, February 2019
    What’s Inside: Weh di goaan? Placencia Peninsula Happenings ... pg. 3 Lobster Season Closes ... pg. 5 Where in the World is the Breeze? … pg. 5 Boat Captain's Video of Swimming Jaguar Goes Viral! … pg. 7 From the Fire Hearth: Celebrate a Full Day of Valentine's Adventures … pg. 9 Rotary Sponsors Four Students Enrolled in Trades 4 Life Program … pg 10 Mark Your Calendar! Rotary to Hold Auction Fundraiser on March 2 … pg. 10 PHS Pet Tales: Bugle Caye Dogs … pg. 13 PHS Raises Over BZ$1,000 at Rockin' Around the X-Mas Tree Event ... pg. 13 Vocational School Teacher and Longtime Art Fest Fan Wins Logo Competition … pg. 19 Twelve Trainees Complete FoH Coral Outplanting Course … pg. 20 Croc Corner: Belize Crocodile Makes History as First in Caribbean and Central America for Deployment with Satellite Transmitter!… pg. 21 Farewell, Fyah Gyal! ... pgs. 24-25 CRC Review of 2018 … pg. 26 Sidewalk Art Fest Map … pg. 27 Sidewalk Art Fest Registration Form: … pg. 28 NEW! COUPON PAGE! ... pg. 29

    Derelict/Abandoned Vehicles in San Pedro to be removed
    As part of the ongoing campaign to keep 'Isla Bonita' clean, The San Pedro Town Council along with the Traffic Department will be identifying all derelict and abandoned vehicles, and remove them from the island. Notices have been posted on vehicles found to be derelict/ abandoned giving the owners time remove them or the Town Council will remove them at the last registered owners expense. Vehicle owners ore reminded that all vehicles must be registered and licensed with the San Pedro Traffic Deportment, failure to do so could result in the vehicle being impounded and or removed from the Island.

    Scholarship Opportunity!
    Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for LAGlobe ( Latin America and Europe in a Global World) International Masters Programme. offered by a consortium of three European Universities

    World Water Day Poetry Competition
    The World Water Day Committee announces the poetry competition for World Water Day 2019

    Corozal Diabetic Footcare Assessment
    Foot complications are among the most serious and costly complications of diabetes. As a diabetic not only should you examine your feet daily but your doctor should examine your feet at every visit. A thorough foot exam should be conducted once a year. If you have a history of foot problems, check-ups should be more frequent. Report any corns, calluses, sores, cuts, bruises, infections, or foot pain. Come in to our office on February 12th,19th and 26th to get a free foot care assessment by Foot Care Assistant Nicholas Raul Gomez and receive more information concerning appropriate care for any diabetic related wounds.

    The Office of the Music Ambassador presents the second annual Belikin Dj Championship
    District preliminaries commence February 1 in the culture capital Dangriga and will continue every week in every district throughout the Nation before 8 district winners face off in the BELIKIN DJ CHAMPIONSHIP finals March 23rd. 40 Djs will compete to win over $5000 in cash prizes & trophies & 1 Dj will be crowned the 2019 BELIKIN Dj Champion.

    President of the Senate Attends the 37th FOPREL Meeting
    The President of the Senate, Honourable Lee Mark Chang, is in Panama attending the 37th Ordinary Meeting of Presiding Officers of National Parliaments of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL). The highlight of the meeting which was held on 30th January 2019, was the official handing over of the Pro Tem Presidency of FOPREL from the Congress of Honduras to the National Assembly of Panama. After the official handing over ceremony, the Speakers of the Congresses and National Assemblies of Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize discussed and approved seven (7) Motions relating to legislative frameworks on areas such as climate change and exploitation of child labour among other things.

    Pro-Organic Belize Speaker Series Day
    Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 5, 2019... Maya Mountain Lodge... 3/4 of a mile on right on Cristo Rey Road in Santa Elena. All Welcome - No charge, From 1-2:30 pm. Dr. Roxanna Alvarez, director of the new and innovative University of Belize (CSA) Bachelor Degree program in agriculture will talk about the curriculum and opportunities for graduates. Dr. Alvarez welcomes inquiries and thoughts from POB members and the public regarding how to create a program that utilizes regenerative practices of agriculture without the use of toxic agro-chemicals. Come early and join us at noon for pot-luck lunch or lunch from Maya Mountain Lodge Natures Kitchen menu, bring seeds and plants to swap if you like.

    You may now be able to renew your US visa online
    Is your tourist visa expiring in 2019? You might be able to renew it without an interview!

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Braid, Velvet Buzzsaw, Mortal Engines, The Grinch. *We'll be playing the Super Bowl on the big screen sunday, as we do every year .. Free Entry and we'll be Serving to your chair.. Kickoff is at 5:30* Who's everybody Rooting for??

    Channel 7

    Alleged Killer Turns Himself InTo Compol
    Today the man who allegedly chopped Elmer Salazar to death is in police custody. According to reports, Efrain Martinez and several other employees of Belize Marine and Mooring Service got into an argument with Salazar on Monday.  It escalated and Martinez brutally attacked Salazar with a machete and then fled in a stolen vehicle. Martinez evaded police for a day, but eventually turned himself in - to the Commissioner of Police no less. The head of CIB told us more about the incident today... ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head, CIB: "The chopping death of Elmer Yobany Salazar, 43-years Guatemalan of an Antelope Street address, which occurred on Monday the 28th of January. Sometime after 4:55pm police visited Belize Marine and Mooring Services located at 4 1/2 miles on the George Price Highway where upon arrival they observed Mr. Salazar on the ground lying and suffering from several chop wounds to the body..."

    Man Critical After City Shooting In Gang Area
    And while police have one accused killer in remand, they are also looking for a gunman who left his victim in critical condition. 29-year-old Michael Gladden is in critical condition after being shot several times on his way home. It happened on Holy Emmanuel Street which is an area of intense and ongoing gang rivalry - which has resulted in a number of shootings.   And last night at 8:30, Gladden - who is well known to police and has several attempted murder charges under his belt - was the victim. Police are following up on several leads to find the gunman...

    90 Year Old Woman Tied Up In Home Invasion
    Javier Gonzalez, his mother-in-law and an employee are all lucky to be alive after shots were fired, and a 90 year old woman(!) was tied up in a violent home invasion.   3 men broke into Gonzalez's home, tied up his mother-in-law and waited for him to return. When he and one of his employees pulled into the driveway and began unloading some supplies into a warehouse, the men held them up and attempted to rob them. A struggle ensued and shots were fired - one bullet grazing the employee's face. Police were called to the scene and have been busy tracking the criminals down...

    Victims Resisted Robbers
    Our colleagues from CTV-3 spoke to Jesus Javier Gonzalez about this frightening home invasion. He goes into detail about what happened and how shocked he was when he saw his elderly mother in law tied up. Here is his account - translated from Spanish. Jesus Gonzalez - Victim: "Well yesterday around 1:30 when I came home from work, I entered my property with my employee and we didn't hear any noise or anything but when we entered the meat shop that we have here to put up the meat that was left, three men of color with guns and knives they threatened us, they grabbed us, they hit us and then they took away my money from my meat shop, they took away my gun and from there I thought that was it because they already had my money and so I told the man..."

    Police Have Suspects, No Motives in PG Murder
    Yesterday we told you about the murder of Punta Gorda resident, Jerdy Flores. Several attempts have been made on Flores' life in the past, so police were able to quickly track down a list of suspects and are now trying to investigate the motive. The cops gave us an update into the investigation earlier today... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday sometime around 6:45 pm, Punta Gorda police was called to the scene of a shooting incident on Far West Street in Punta Gorda where upon arrival they were informed that the victim had already been taken to the Punta Gorda Community Hospital. They visited the hospital and observed one Jerdy Flores, 30 years old of a Far West Street address suffering from gunshot injuries..."

    US' Venezuela Pressure, Could It Extend To Belize?
    The US Government is pushing for regime change in Venezuela and that means tightening the screws on Venezuela's global oil transactions.  And that could extend to Belize.   We say that because it was reported today that Washington has imposed sanctions on Albanisa, a private Nicaraguan company that trades in Venezuelan oil.  According to Reuters, US National security advisor John Bolton announced the sanctions on Wednesday, calling Albanisa a joint venture with Venezuela's PdVSA and a "slush fund of the corrupt regime of Daniel Ortega," Nicaragua's president. 

    Choc Will Stand Trial For Murder of Bangladeshi Businessman
    24-year-old Juan Choc has been officially committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court for his role in the death of Bangladeshi businessman, Abdush Salam. Salam was found dead in the bedroom of his Orange Street apartment - naked and bound in July 2017.  A postmortem revealed the cause of death to be manual strangulation.  Choc was charged with murder two weeks later, but that charge was later changed to manslaughter by order of the DPP. Choc was released on $6000 bail and will be back at court in April.

    BAL Fire Still A Mystery
    The Fire and Police Departments are still investigating the nature of the blaze that burned down part of Belize Aquaculture Limited's facility in Placencia on Monday. They are unsure how the fire started but provided us with an update on the inspection... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Monday last, sometime around 5:10pm, Independence police was called to the scene of a fire at the Belize Aquaculture Limited on the Placencia Road where upon arrival the building was seen engulfed in flames. Initial police investigation revealed that sometime after 4 pm and employee of the company saw smoke coming from the main building which ended up completely destroyed by fire. At this time the cause of the fire is still yet unknown as fire personnel is still on the scene trying to determine the cause and police investigation into this matter is ongoing.

    COMPOL Proposes Progressive New Approach For Domestic Violence
    When he took office earlier this month, the new Commissioner of Police prioritized domestic violence as one of the leading causes of murder - right up there with gang violence.   Well, yesterday, at the City Council's Domestic Violence Conference, he discussed concrete ways he plans to reduce death and injury by domestic violence. The first is not allowing women who make a complaint to have the charge dropped by saying they don't want court action: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "Often time's victims of domestic violence come to the police and they give their statement and when they are finished, officer I don't want no court action I just want you talk to the man. But why don't you want no court action and just talk to the man, this the 4th, 5th or 6th time the man is beating you but you still only want the man to be spoken to..."

    Lindsay's Phantom Menace?
    Right now, the April 10 referendum is dominating the national consciousness and with just 98 days to go before the vote, here at 7News we'll be stepping up our coverage of this most significant event - with detailed coverage and rigorous analysis of the pivotal issues - that will inform your vote. Tonight, Jules Vasquez looks at one issue that's been getting a lot of traction in the media - it's been called a bombshell - but to our news director, it looked more like a dud.  Here's his story:.. Lindsay Belisle made headlines with this bold declaration: "the 1859 treaty does not give title to Belize's 8,867" As a former boundaries commissioner, a highly trained, specialized and experienced mapping expert, Belisle's declaration carried authority - and his statement created a sensation, and another wave of ICJ anxiety. 

    Pre-eminent Educator J. Alexander Can't Get Re-registered
    And while Assad Shoman is considered Belize's foremost historian - and we know how he will vote in the referendum, a man known as one of its foremost educators - J Alexander Bennett, might not get that chance to vote.  That's because it appears the Vital Statistics Unit has lost the 89 year old's birth record.  And because of that he has not been able to re-register.  His son, Hilly Bennett told KREM News about it: Hilaire Bennet - J. Alexander's Son: "When the re-registration process started, we attempted to get him registered and the information we got was that they didn't have any record for him there. They told us that we have an option of trying to get a baptismal certificate or a declaration and I don't know if it's a statutory declaration from somebody that is 10 years older than him, he's 89 years old now..."

    Charges Against Mexican ATM Fraudsters Dismissed
    Last week we told you about a trio of South Americans who used a special device to drain people's accounts at ATM machines.   But, long before them, in early 2018, three Mexicans were charged in a smiliar type of scam.   But, the 3 Mexicans are free of theft charges tonight after Corozal Magistrate Lionel Olivera dismissed the charges yesterday.  The Mexican nationals are Belen Hernandez, Joscat Jafet Hernandez and Lionel Isaac Rodriguez. This decision comes almost exactly one year after they were initially charged for allegedly stealing a significant amount of money from Atlantic Bank.

    Allegedly Raped A Teen
    Hattieville resident Lawrence Jaime Mcnab was charged with rape today in the Magistrate's Court. A 15-year-old girl and her mother told police that Mcnab, who is 21, forced himself onto her at his home on Mopan Street almost three weeks ago. Police took Mcnab into custody and in court today, Magistrate Emerson Banner charged him with rape. Rape is an indictable offense, so no plea was taken and no bail was offered because of the victim's age.

    Lab Techs Talk
    We hear about doctors conferences and medical forums. Well, other medical professionals like lab technicians also need continuous training. Today at the Biltmore, the Ministry of Health hosted a training for lab technicians countrywide. We dropped by to find out more about the training. Geraldine Morazan - Director of Laboratory: "Today we are doing a training session for the laboratory supervisors in the district level. We are discussing about agro-virus infection, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and case investigation, how to fill out forms, how to properly handle and send out and ship the samples to central lab and doing the testing as well at the district level..."

    Senate President in Panama
    Senate President Lee Mark Chang is in Panama for the 37th meeting of presiding officers of national parliaments of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL). The meeting was held yesterday. Panama takes over the pro tem presidency from Honduras. Aside from that handing over, the FOPREL members discussed a number of issues including climate change and migration. The Speakers of the Congresses and National Assemblies of Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize attended the meeting. Belize held the presidency in February 2017.

    Breathing Peace
    Ohm Shanti Yoga Studio and School is hosting an Intergrative Breathwork Workshop this Sunday.  Now if you have no idea of what that could be - and thought breathing was just, well, natural - you might have to re-think that. Breathwork specialist Lorraine Meyer is teaching a breathing method which she says will help to calm the mind and expand consciousness.  We spoke to Meyer today to find out more...

    The Best Shot
    And, last night on Channel 7, Assad Shoman had to have four eyes going because Adele Ramos and Jules Vasquez kept hitting him with their best shot.  It was the show by the same name which we've been promoting all week - and here's a part of the testy back and forth when Jules Vasquez asked Shoman, how can we go to court with a neighbor that does not honour his commitments. They were talking about the Sarstoon Protocol - which the Guatemalans agreed to in Istanbul in May 2016 - but has refused to act on since then. Jules Vasquez: "How can we have any confidence with a dishonorable, disreputable neighbor to enter any undertaking with them?"

    Another Grocer Robbed On "The Alberts"ť
    And, finally tonight, bad news for another Indian grocery store on Albert Street. Last week we told you about the late evening, armed robbery of Midtown grocery right beside Channel 7, well, last night, the proprietor of its sister store down the street near the corner with South Street was also robbed. He was closing his shop at 7:30 when he was held up and robbed of his wallet with five hundred dollars and his cell phone.

    Channel 5

    Gunshots in Gungulung Leaves Michael Gladden Clinging to Life
    An attempt on the life of a thirty-year-old has signs that gang warfare is flaring up in the city. Michael Gladden is hospitalized after six bullets hit him on Wednesday [...]

    Still No Arrests in Botched Attempt on Marcus Zelaya’s Life
    Gladden was shot on Wednesday night, but previous to that shooting, in the same area, twenty-one-year-old Marcus Zelaya was targeted. Investigators are looking if there is any connection between the [...]

    Jordy’s Killer Remains on the Loose
    In Punta Gorda tonight, the police remain on alert following the murder of Jordy Flores. The thirty-year-old was executed on Tuesday evening by a hit man who went to his [...]

    Machete Madman Surrenders to Chester Williams and is Charged for Murder
    Police have been able to crack the murder of Elmer Salazar. On Wednesday, fifty-four-year-old Efrain Beltran Martinez surrendered himself to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, after being wanted for the [...]

    Toledo Resident to Stand Trial for Manslaughter of Bangladeshi National
    Twenty-four-year-old Juan Roberto Choc will stand trial in the April 2019 session of the Supreme Court. Choc, however, will be tried for manslaughter and not murder involving Bangladeshi national, Abdush [...]

    Hattieville Man Jailed for Alleged Rape of 15 year-old Girl
    A twenty-one-year-old man was arraigned in court today for allegedly raping a fifteen-year-old school girl. Lawrence Jamie McNab, an unemployed man of Hattieville Village, appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Emmerson Banner [...]

    Details of the P.S.U.’s Attempts to Recover the Hilltop Property
    The Public Service Union continues to grapple with the sale of its hilltop headquarters in Belmopan. The land and structure were sold off secretly to a Chinese businessman last October [...]

    U.D.P.’s OJ Elrington Blames Mischief Makers
    A land dispute in Belama Phase Four is heating up and escalating into a political battle between the P.U.P. Area Representative Francis Fonseca and U.D.P. Standard Bearer Orson ‘OJ’ Elrington. [...]

    P.U.P.’s Francis Fonseca Says ‘Don’t Cry Wolf’
    P.U.P. Area Representative for the division, Francis Fonseca, was also in the area this evening. According to Fonseca, the residents told him of the matter about two weeks ago and [...]

    SIB’s CPI and External Trade for December 2018
    The Statistical Institute of Belize issued its Price Consumer Index and External Trade bulletins. The reports outline the cost of goods and services, as well as imports and exports in [...]

    Meet the New Members of the Belize Memory of the World Committee
    The Belize National Commission for UNESCO last week appointed new serving members of the Belize World Heritage Advisory Committee. Fast track to this past Wednesday and the members of the [...]

    A Candlelight Vigil for Slain Businessman
    Five days ago, Belize City businessman Michael Williams was executed in the old Capital. The son of the famous Marie Sharp was the general manager of her wholesale office here [...]

    Cause of Fire at B.A.L. Still Not Established
    Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fire that destroyed the processing plant at the Belize Aquaculture Limited on the Placencia Road. The fire broke out on Monday [...]

    Muffles College Teacher Battling Termination Following Leaked Nude Pictures
    The fate of a Muffles College teacher is in limbo tonight following the dissemination of her nude pictures in December 2018.  It appears that the pictures were leaked, without her [...]

    Healthy Living: Gall Stones, a Common Condition among Women
    There is a common condition, mostly among women, that can go undetected.  It is treatable with minor surgery, but when it is undiagnosed, it can lead to serious complications. Stones [...]


    Chopping suspect surrendered to the COMPOL
    Elmer Salazar, a Guatemalan National was chopped and killed after a brief argument with Efrain Baltazar Martinez. Baltazar Martinez was previously employed at the Belize Marine and Mooring Services and the police say he started an argument with the employees on the site and singled out Salazar to chop. The officer in charge of CIB …

    Man comes home to wife tied up
    The violence which had crippled the country doesn’t regularly reach beyond the Orange Walk District, but the brave efforts of a homeowner may have saved his life. While unloading goods with an employee, he had no idea his wife was bound inside the home. However, the Santa Rita Layout area of Corozal was the setting …

    Francis Fonseca to represent residents at Belama Phase 4
    PUP’ Freetown Area Representative, Francis Fonseca made his appearance in the area before Elrington arrived. He held a brief meeting with the affected residents and then spoke with the media. Fonseca says he is going to represent the families affected. He says he knew of the problem as he had met with residents some ten …

    The cause of the Belize Aquaculture Limited Fire remains a mystery
    There was a fire at the Belize Aquaculture Limited (BAL) shrimp farm which is 4 miles along the Placencia Road. The Monday inferno damaged the processing plant. Joseph Myvett, the Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch says that the cause of the fire is still being investigated. ACP Joseph Myvett: “The Belize Aquaculture Limited …

    Third Attempt kills Jordy “Viente” Flores
    Thirty year old Jordy “viente” Flores was gunned down in his back yard in Punta Gorda. Flores, was about to retrieve a quantity of marijuana from his backyard on Far West Street for a client, when he was shot in the back. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says the police department is looking for …

    Michael Gladden Shot on Holy Emmanuel Street
    Gladden Shooting Michael Gladden was socializing with friends last night on Holy Emmanuel Street which in the gungulung area of St. Martin De Porres. A gunman came out and fired several shots injuring the 29 year old Belize City resident. ASP Alejandro Cowo, the Officer in Charge of CIB for Belize City says that Gladden …

    Moses Babb gets Attempted Murder, Firearm and Deadly Means of Harm Charges
    Twenty-one year old Moses Babb, who was charged with attempted murder and two other offences, was committed to stand trial in the April session of the Supreme Court today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford after a preliminary inquiry was held. Babb was also charged with use of deadly means of harm and keeping a firearm …

    Choc gets $6,000 bail for strangling naked, bound Abdush Salam
    Twenty-four year old Juan Choc, a construction worker, was charged with manslaughter for the death of 29 year old Bangladeshi businessman Abdush Salam. Choc was committed to stand trial in the April session of the Supreme Court after a preliminary inquiry was held today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Choc, originally from Jordan Village in …

    21 year old charged for raping his alleged girlfriend, a minor
    Twenty-one year old Lawrence Jamie Mcnab, an unemployed man from Hattieville, was charged with rape when he appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. Mcnab was denied bail because his victim is 15 years old. Mcnab was remanded into custody until April 4. The girl, a high …

    The Reporter

    Another Shooting In The City – Violence Still The Main Problem
    The new efforts by ComPol Chester Williams has been very visible on the streets, and we are all praying that the daily gun violence will stop, but it has’nt. Police have confirmed that the victim of last night’s shooting is Michael Gladden, 29.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Efrain Martinez charged with murder of his former coworker
    Today Belize City police charged Efrain Beltran Martinez, 54, with the murder of Elmer Salazar, 43. […]

    Police yet to determine motive for PG murder on Tuesday
    On Tuesday around 6:45 p.m. police in Punta Gorda, Toledo were called to the scene of […]

    Three men commit burglary, robbery and aggravated assault in Corozal
    Just before midday yesterday, Javier Gonzalez and his employee visited his home in the Santa Rita […]

    Police comment on fire at Belize Aquaculture Limite
    On Monday at around 5:10 p.m. police in Independence, Stann Creek were called to the scene […]

    Venezuelan Embassy says President Nicolas Maduro welcomes dialogue
    Today, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Belize issued a statement informing that […]

    Senate President attends FOPREL meeting in Panama
    President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang, is in Panama attending the 37th meeting of Presiding […]

    Michael Gladden shot multiple times in Belize City last night
    Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in the Gungulung area of […]

    On Domestic Violence and Crime – the case Jordy ‘Veinte’ Flores
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

    Fair weather to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with some cloudy […]

    Belizean Accommodations included in Trip Advisor’s Top 2019 awards list
    Belize’s popularity as a growing world tourism destination continues to make inroads. Last week TripAdvisor […]

    Cahal Pech still revealing insight into ancient Mayan world
    The ancient Mayan city of Cahal Pech in Belize is still revealing secrets about the […]

    New bill in US proposes visa waiver for CARICOM visitors to Virgin Islands
    A new bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives is proposing a visa waiver […]

    Statistical Institute of Belize: Belizeans paid an average of 30 cents more for goods and services in 2018
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) has released its latest batch of statistics, representing the […]

    BBN extends deepest condolences to the family of Jaylen Young
    The management and staff of Breaking Belize News (BBN) extend their deepest condolences to the […]


    5 Belizean Festivals You Simply Cannot Miss In 2019
    While America may have the designation of “melting pot of the world”, it’s not the only contender to that title. Despite being populated largely by untapped wilderness, Belize manages to pack a lot of culture into its populated spaces. The culture and traditions of the Creole, Maya, Mestizos, and Garifuna blend together to create a synthesized mixture of food, music, and history. If you want to meet the people of Belize and immerse yourself in their lived experiences, these five upcoming festivals can’t be beat.

    5 Traditional Garifuna Dishes You Must Try in Belize
    For all the foodies out there! If you want to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of deliciousness, then you'll definitely want to try these 5 traditional Garifuna dishes! These are some of the best foods to taste in Belize! Sere, Hudut, Cassava Bread, Sahou, Cassava Pudding.

    International Sourcesizz

    The Best Places to Travel in February
    This coastal country in central America is emerging as an appealing alternative to the Yucatan nearby—it doesn’t hurt that it’s just a five-hour flight from the east coast of America, either. Development is split between two main hubs. In the north, it’s Ambergris Caye, a handy base for iconic diving spot the Blue Hole. Try the family-friendly Mahogany Bay from Hilton’s Curio Collection here if you can’t wait until Leonardo DiCaprio’s tony eco-resort, the private island Blackadore Caye, opens (as rumored, in the next few months). The southern anchor is the charming village of Placencia, which has rebounded impressively after a pummeling from Hurricane Iris in 2001 left almost every building in disrepair—including Turtle Inn, the longtime pet project of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Head to the Hemingway-inspired Itz’ana Resort & Residences (pictured) with its 34, shabby-chic cottages (plus suites and waterfront resort residences), or Gladden Private Island, a full-service hotel that sleeps just four people.

    Caribbean advised to brace for dengue outbreak
    According to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), the current outbreak of dengue in Jamaica has caused concern across the region. Doctor James Hospedales, executive director at CARPHA, has advised Caribbean countries to implement enhanced measures to reduce mosquito breeding and prevent the spread of the disease.

    Se reúne Vicente Fox con empresarios de la zona limítrofe con Belice; Anuncian al ministro Dean Barrow inversión en su país
    Here is the Mexican news regarding Fox visit to Belize.

    Updated Thoughts Regarding The 2019 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Hurricane Season
    I know we are not even into February yet, but I am always looking at the different parameters and signals that go into making a Hurricane Season inactive or active. So, this is what I’m seeing as of right now: The overall forecast continues to be a very difficult one as it hinges on whether we will have El Nino conditions persist through much of this year or whether we will be headed towards neutral ENSO conditions this Summer and Autumn. Also, as usual, how warm the ocean temperatures are and how strong the overall shear is will dictate activity levels in 2019.

    Students and professors from College of Idaho return from biology trip in Belize
    After three weeks in Belize, ten students and multiple professors from the College of Idaho are back in the Gem State with a new appreciation for our planet and how important it is to protect it. Now they're back with a deeper appreciation for ecosystems outside the United States. The students would wake up bright and early in the morning to study field biology in different parts of the country, from the rainforest to the coast. "Some days we were out canoeing and we were learning about aquatic insects on some of the Belizian rivers, some days we were out looking for tarantulas," said Chris Walser, a Professor of Biology at the College of Idaho.

    Archaeological Research at Ancient Maya Site Spans Three Decades
    Diane and Arlen Chase are one of those couples that finish each other's sentences. The husband-wife researchers were talking about the demise of Caracol, an ancient Maya City in Belize, during a recent conversation in Diane's office on UNLV’s campus. Year after year — first as professors at the University of Central Florida and now at UNLV — they unearthed clues that turned conventional understandings of the Maya upside down. “Caracol was in most of the Maya texts as this tiny little place,” said Diane Chase, archaeologist and executive vice president and provost at UNLV. “And it’s not tiny. It’s anything but tiny. From the first season that we worked there, we realized that Caracol was a lot bigger than it was mapped — a lot bigger than anyone would have thought." The city boasted causeways and a complex road system. Those roads connected the Maya people to strategically located marketplace plazas, where both foreign and local goods were available.

    Marine World Heritage 2019 Annual Report
    The highlight of 2018 was undoubtedly the removal of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System from the UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger. Lauded in the New York Times as “A Victory for Coral”, the success followed an intensive period of landmark conservation action led by the Government of Belize. Other nations expanded ocean protections surrounding their marine World Heritage sites, made substantial new financial investments or moved to adopt zero carbon emissions policies.


  • Pallotti High School - Annual School Fair, 20min. The Pallottine Missionary Sisters have been serving Belize for over 100 years. Their beloved convent is currently being rebuilt and they are in need of financial support to complete the reconstruction. Our guests shared a few of the upcoming fundraiser events. The first will be the annual fair which takes place on Saturday. On our couch: Marlette Lacayo - Religion Teacher/PR Representative. Sr. Mary Stephens - Pallottine Missionary Sisters. Jaesha Young - 1st Form Student, Pallotti High School.

  • The Belize City Council - Conference on Domestic Violence, 36min. The Belize City Council is hosting a conference on Domestic Violence. The conference will be held on January 30th under the theme, "Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence: Speak Up." We spoke with organizers and presenters about the objectives for the event. On our couch: Dr. Candice Pitts - Foreign Affairs, Women and Children, NGO's and After School Programs, BCC. Aimee Jex - Professional Counselor. Alyssa Carnegie - Vice President, Haven House Belize.

  • The Belize Family Court - Works of Family Court, 46min. The Belize Family Court is an important part of our Judicial system established to settle family and juvenile matters in a holistic manner. Director Family Court, Dale Cayetano, was our guests to talk about the work of the court. He shared that they are planning to improve the functionality of the court by computerizing the system, improving the district support and including mediation in their processes.

  • Ajay Cafe, 17min. AJ Cafe closed off the show with some tasty treats. The team prepared a waffle and frozen coffee drink that you can make at home. Visit their cafe located inside the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel. On set: Carla Sanchez - AJ Cafe. Regina Arnold - AJ Cafe.

  • Scout Month in Belize, 21min. February is recognized as Scout Month in Belize. The Scouts Association of Belize will have a series of activities to mark the celebration. We got an overview of what will be happening countrywide. The month begins with a opening ceremony on Friday at the Flag Monument in Belize City. On our couch: Felina Luk - Youth Representative, Scouts Association of Belize. Aaron Pook - Venture Scout Leader, Scouts Association of Belize. Iris Campus - Venture Scout, Scouts Association of Belize.

  • Social Security Board -overview of who qualify for retirement benefits, 44min. How much thought have you given to your retirement plan? We extended the invitation to the Social Security Board to give us an overview of what is offered for those who qualify for retirement benefits. They advise to always check your contribution history and to consider supplementary plans to support your desired lifestyle. On our couch? Mariano Lino - Acting Manager, National Centralized Operations. Chandra Cansino - General Manager, Corporate Customer Relations Services.

  • Belize and Guatemala Youth Protecting the Environment, 4.5min. Great video about the meeting of the FCD Youth Group and their counterparts in Guatemala. Cooperation between youths of Belize and Guatemala with the aim of protecting the environment. Thanks to Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

  • Belize part 1, 6.5min.

  • Belize part 2, 5min.

  • River Tour: A canoe trip on the Belize River, 1.5min. A canoe trip on the Belize River while at Guanacaste National Park near the country's capital Belmopan City.

  • Belize Zipline, 8min.

  • Tropic Air Placencia to Belize City, 9min. Jan 2019 flight.

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