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April 20, 2019


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

SanBIRDrano Birding Group participates in annual bird-a-thon
It was a day for the birds when five enthusiasts met up in San Pedro on Saturday, April 13th to participate in the sixth annual Belize Bird Conservancy’s Bird-a-thon and fundraiser. Held during April, the bird-a-thon is a fun way to support bird conservation while collecting important data about birds found in Belize during that time. Eco-lodges and tourism establishments sponsor the local groups who participate, and this year, according to organizer Roni Martinez, 17 groups were organized across the country. In San Pedro, the group was sponsored by Grand Caribe Resort, and within a radius of five miles and over eight hours, the birders identified 71 different species.

Coral Reef Ed-ventures’ Summer Camp is coming up!
As the summer is approaching the annual Coral Reef Ed-ventures Summer Camp is gearing to return to Ambergris Caye in their continued mission to educate children on the protection and preservation of their surrounding marine environment. Since 1999, the free, fun and educational camp have been a cooperative effort between students from Smith College in Massachusetts, United States of America and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. This year the camp will commence on Wednesday, June 26th and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. A week prior, the Smith College Team will be visiting all primary schools on the island to tell them more about this year’s program and how they can be part of it.

National Police Statistics register a decrease in major crime during the first three months of 2019
The crime statistics for the first three months of 2018 have been released by the Belize Police Department, noting all major crimes committed across Belize. The results show major crimes like murder, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge have decreased in the first months of 2019, in comparison with the same time frame in 2018. The statistics also look at the crime activity during the past three months in different areas of the country and a comparison of crime per 100,000 habitants for the same period in 2018 and 2019.

Misc Belizean Sources


Good Friday sawdust carpets in San Pedro Town
The practice of creating Easter sawdust carpets is a well- known tradition in the Roman Catholic religion. In San Pedro, the carpet greeted the religious procession that took place Friday.

This is how the lagoons are looking today in both San Narciso and Louisville in the Corozal District
Its the first time in my life time that I have seen these lagoons dried up to this extreme although, am told by my granddad that it had happened sometime in the 70's. It it certainly a mesmerizing phenomenon, one that makes one remenice on the childhood swiming and fishing adventures.

Made in Belize Expo 2019
The 2019 Made in Belize Expo will be held at the NATS showgrounds on Saturday, June 1st. If you're interested in getting a booth, contact the BCCI. June 1st, 2019 at the Belmopan City Agricultural Show Grounds. Time: 10am to 5pm, Entrance: FREE.

Sawdust Carpet in Benque
Contemplating the final outcome with the Team, thank you to all the most faithful members, the team spirit and energies everyone presented made it all possible, Team Sacred Heart Junior College and our Benque Team you all executed great skills and knowledge!

Yaayal k'iiino'ob means "Days of Pain" which are 5 days in which the people of Yucatec Maya descent believe bad things happen. While many go to Church this days of Semana Santa many Yucatec Maya simply stay at home . In the old days the Mayeros did not went to work,no music,no running,no swimming,no noise, no claiming trees, no hunting etc was done . For this days many simply lay in their hammocks , house floors and relax . It is believe that the doors of Mitnal(The underworld ) is open and that why bad things happen. Also it is believe that the Guardian of the Jungle and animals the Nukux Tat would be frequently spotted especially during the Lenten Season and especially on Good Fridays.

Capricorn Restaurant to Reopen May 11
Put this on your calendars, come support the re-opening of a classic bar north of the bridge- Capricorn Restaurant, San Pedro, Belize! May 11 is their grand re-opening party...will be volleyball tournaments, and you can sign up teams for an official tournament. Also a DJ, prizes, food and drink specials. Starting at noon!!

The Reporter

Lightning Strike In Armenia Village Kills Farmer
A farmer from Armenia in the Cayo District is dead after he was struck by lightning this evening. Christino Alvarado, 39, told Police he and his brother Carlos, 35, were at their farm just outside Armenia at around 4:00pm when it started to rain and they sought shelter under separate cohune trees. Shortly after, lightning struck the tree under which Carlos was sheltering and he was killed on the spot.

Southern Regional Morgue Still Down
Acting Southern Regional Manager Franelda Gutierrez told the Reporter tonight that with the exception of a day or two last week, the morgue at the Southern Regional Hospital has been non-functional for approximately one month. While she could not provide an exact date, Gutierrez explained that they have been doing their best to get the morgue up and running, and expect it to be operational in a matter of weeks.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

“Humbled”, “hurting” Miller vows comeback after failed drug tests
I messed up. I made a bad call. There’s a lot of ways to handle a situation; I handled it wrongly and I’m paying a price for it, I’ll miss a big opportunity.” Undefeated heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller addresses his fans and supporters in Belize and abroad with these words in a short Facebook video posted this evening after news broke earlier today of a second failed drug test in as many days.

“Big Baby’s” championship fight called off after another failed drug test
Undefeated heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller has “failed a second separate test for a further substance,” according to the promoter for rival champion Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn, and is denied a license to fight in New York state, calling off their bout planned for June 1. Miller would have been the first Belizean to go after a heavyweight title and one of the few contenders in any class to have represented Belize in such a fight.

From the Stations of the Cross to the Final Procession: Good Friday in Benque Viejo
Worldwide, Christians gather to celebrate Holy Week beginning with Psalm Sunday then going into Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. In Belize, Christians in Benque Viejo del Carmen engage in a complete re-enactment of the Last Supper, the Stations of the Cross and the Final Procession. Last night, the re-enactment of the Last Supper culminated into a Sacramental Procession in Benque Viejo.

Teen jailed for attempted murder in Crooked Tree
A brawl in the insular and normally placid village of Crooked Tree has left a […]

The 91st “Ride for the Roses”
It is Belize’s “Test of the Champion” – the race with the most grueling conditions, […]


Cool down with a classic: PALETAS!
Despite the breeze blowing in from the Caribbean Sea, temperatures across Belize tend to soar around April and don’t let up till mid-October. Belizeans are well-attuned to this weather phenomenon, and we’ve found ways to bear the heat. One such way is ingesting copious amounts of frozen treats, mostly homemade. I’m talking beyond ice cubes in a glass. We have figured out taking a yummy fruit juice, adding either milk or some other kind of sweet mixer, poured into small cups, even bags tied up tight and thrown in the freezer for a few hours. Soon, we have a solid flavored popsicle-like treat that we can enjoy under the shade, till the next heat wave demands we have another!

Itinerary Belize: one week in Caribbean paradise!
Waving palm trees, reggae music and a beautiful underwater world: welcome to Belize, a small country in Central America. In this blog, I will tell you about our itinerary and route through Belize. I will also tell you what I would have done differently afterwards and which alternative destinations are worth a visit in Belize. We combined Belize with a trip through Guatemala. We did not know in advance exactly how much time we would spend in Belize, but one thing was certain: our sailing trip with Raggamuffin. So we would, in any case, go to Caye Caulker to sail with Raggamuffin from there.

International Sourcesizz

CDU sends observer team to Belize
The Caribbean Democrat Union (CDU) as part of its mission to advance good governance in the region embarked on an observation mission to Belize for the ICJ referendum. The people of Belize were to decide “yes” or “no” on whether to take the matter of the long-standing border dispute with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Bank embroiled in fraud case loses licence for Belize
The Belize government has revoked the licence of an international bank which is embroiled in a fraud case in the United States, involving property in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nation. The decision to revoke the banking licence of Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) was taken on the recommendation of Central Bank of Belize, five months after the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) named the bank as a defendant in a case involving alleged fraud related to certain transactions for the sale of land in a property development known as Sanctuary Belize. That legal situation unfolded on November 8, 2018 and the FTC sought and obtained a temporary restraining order against certain of the bank’s liquid assets in the United States.

Belize Tourism Continues Growth Trend in Early 2019
Add Belize to the list of Caribbean destinations reporting strong visitor arrivals in early 2019. The country hosted 58,000 overnight arrivals in March 2019, an all-time high for the month and a 6.6 percent year-over-year increase compared with last March, said Belize Tourism Board (BTB) officials. Belize’s first-quarter 2019 visitor arrivals totaled 158,290 overnight guests, a 6.3 percent increase compared with the first quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, the higher March 2019 numbers represent Belize’s 28th consecutive month of increased year-over-year visitor arrivals.

Riley Green Heads to Belize For “In Love By Now”
On the heels of his debut No. 1 single, RILEY GREEN jets to Belize as he tries find an old flame in the new video for his sophomore release “In Love By Now.” exclusively premiered the video about a lost love and it is available everywhere today, and can we watched below: Directed by Mason Dixon, the video brings Music City to the tropics as they film in a familiar Nashville locale, Losers Bar and Grill Belize. “My buddy runs a bar and invited me down,” explained Green. “You don’t have to ask me twice to go film on the beach for two days. I had nothing to complain about.”

And the hits just keep on coming. Heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller has tested positive on a third VADA test, this time due to trace amounts of EPO and a repeat infringement for GW1516 (endurobol), according to reports. Just so everyone is keeping up, Miller has now tested positive for GW1516 twice, HGH and EPO. The first failed test (for GW1516) was from a urine sample and a source has revealed that was also the case with EPO, while HGH was detected in blood.


  • Crocodile Rescue and Rehabilitation, 1min. Rescues and rehabilitation can be a long road to recovery. Rescued from the wild by officers from the Orange Walk Forest Department Station, this adult Morelet's crocodile was found lethargic and underweight along the New River near Orange Walk Town, illustrating signs of chronic exposure to environmental pollution. With the help of our partners, the croc was temporarily held at The Belize Zoo prior to transfer to the CRC. Like all crocs that come under our rehabilitation care, the croc received a thorough veterinary and physical assessment. Then it was time to load him up for the long journey home. Clean water, clean eating, and a little TLC are what the doctor has ordered. His road to recovery will likely be a long one but we hope this big boy will one day be released back into the wild.

  • Beautiful Sawdust carpets in Benque, 1.5min. Good Friday 2019

  • Belize Trip March 2019 Part 1, 8min. Spring Break Belize Trip with Daughter and Her Friend. Be prepared for sub par video and sound quality with even a misspelled word or two in my captions!

  • Belize Trip March 2019 Part 2, 13min. Part 2 of our Belize trip with the kids. Catamaran, Zip Line, Waterfall and end of trip.

  • Cuban Jazz in Belize, 4min. Visiting Jazz group from Cuba.

  • Walking Around Belize City, 21min.

  • Snorkeling Belize 2019, 1min.

  • Fishermen cleaning the day’s catch attract a variety of marine life who feast on the scraps, 40sec.

  • Dolphin Encounter in Belize, .5min. On the way to dive the Blue Hole, we encountered pods of dolphins who swam along side our boat in the perfectly turquoise water. What an incredible experience.

  • Good Friday procession in San Pedro, 4min.

  • Friday's view in Corozal, 4min.

  • This 8-9 feet crocodile is using the Bayshore Drive canal on "Gringo Lane", Southend Corozal as its habitat, 10sec. It has, reportedly, been seen coming in and out of the canal. We already reported the sighting to Chris Summers of ACES to see if it can be relocated since it appears to live in or nearby the canal in a populated residential area of town.

  • Same crocodile, .5min. This 8-9 feet crocodile is using the Bayshore Drive canal on "Gringo Lane", Southend Corozal as its habitat. It has, reportedly, been seen coming in and out of the canal. We already reported the sighting to Chris Summers of ACES to see if it can be relocated since it appears to live in or nearby the canal in a populated residential area of town.

  • White mall use to reconstruct the George Price Highway In Belize, 2.5min.

  • A word from :Jarrell "BIG Baby" Miller, 1min. "I'm owning up to it,I'm a deal with it,I'm a correct it, And I'm going to Come Back Better....I'm humbled by the experience...." "Heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller has tested positive on a third VADA test, this time due to trace amounts of EPO and a repeat infringement for GW1516 (endurobol), according to reports."

  • White-collared Manakin on Lek, 2min. This is a brief video showing a male White-collared Manakin (Manacus candei) dancing, clicking and buzzing on his lek to attract a mate. There were several leks in the forest at the Bocawina Rainforest Resort and I was standing within twenty feet of four, but the foliage was very thick and this one provided the only decent view

    April 19, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Sir Colville Young and Joel Nagel announce the establishment of the Belize Academy of the Performing Arts (BAPA)
    Belize Governor-General Sir Colville Young and Attorney Joel Nagel, a resident of San Pedro Town and the chairman of Caye International Bank Ltd., have announced the establishment of the Belize Academy of the Performing Arts (BAPA) in Belize City. The academy will work to create a high-caliber, professional national symphony in Belize to strengthen and expand music education throughout the country. Peter Illavsky, of the world renowned Musikverein in Vienna, Austria, will be responsible for the day-to-day leadership of BAPA. He has spent a considerable amount of time in Belize assessing the musical resources currently available and directing Belize's most promising talent in several performances.

    SPTC and volunteers repaint Central Park benches
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) along with members San Pedro High School male softball team and the Child Advisory Board (CAB) joined forces to repaint the benches at Central Park on Tuesday, April 16th. Most of the area around the park had been damaged with paint during the town’s festivities of ‘El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro,’ and a touch-up was needed. Every year during the celebrations of San Pedro’s Carnaval, painting is one of the main activities. Children, adults and even visitors joined in the fun of painting each other with water paint. Most of this takes place at Central Park, which leaves most of the area, including its benches smeared with paint.

    British Paratroopers on a six-week exercise in Belize
    British paratroopers from the United Kingdom are on a six-week training in the jungle of Belize. The exercise will test the Paratroopers' survival skills in the jungles of the country and is part of ‘Exercise Mayan Warrior.’ A paratrooper is a military parachutist; someone trained to parachute into operation and usually functioning as part of an airborne force. The 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) are developing their ability to survive and look after their kit in arduous conditions. The Parachute Regiment is the airborne infantry regiment of the British Army. The 1st Battalion is permanently under the command of the Director Special Forces in the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).

    Havana Cigar hosts Habanos distributors and introduces new cigar and Cuban rum
    The promotion of one of Cuba’s top cigars, Partagas-Habana Serie D No. 4, under the Habanos family, took place at a special event on Thursday, April 11th at Havana Cigars in downtown San Pedro. The one of a kind event included invited guests from the Caribbean Cigars Corporation. For the past 15 years, they have been the exclusive distributor of Habanos cigars in the Central American and Caribbean region. The special gathering, which started at 1PM, also highlighted Ron Caney, one of the best aged rums from the Caribbean island nation.

    Ambergris Today

    U.S. Embassy Celebrates Ms. Sharon Matola - “Woman Of The Year 2019”
    Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. of the U.S. Embassy Mr. Keith Gilges hosted an official ceremony and reception Tuesday, April 16, 2019, to recognize and honor the Embassy’s “Woman of the Year 2019” Ms. Sharon Matola. The event featured remarks by Chargé Gilges, Minister of State for the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, and Sustainable Development Hon. Omar Figueroa, the Co-Founder of the Belize Center for Environmental Studies Ms. Lou Nicolait, and the Founding Director of the Belize Zoo and the Embassy’s “Woman of the Year” 2019 Ms. Sharon Matola.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Painter!
    o view and apply for this vacancy announcement, please visit the ERA site.

    Museum of Belize Easter Hours
    Please note our Open/Closing days for the Easter Break. The Museum of Belize wishes all a happy and safe Easter!

    Thanks from Hope Haven
    A very big thank you to the Marvel Mitchell’s from Houston, Texas! They came down to serve 120 meals to our families and the children upstairs at the shelter, and brought so many smiles to the faces of all of the kids! Tonight’s meal service was sponsored by Tropic Air Belize. A very big thank you to the Airline of Belize for coming through for the community!

    SBDC Workshop: Building Your Marketing Plan
    Presented by: Mrs. Lorraine Montejo, Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: BTEC Building, ITVET Campus, Belize City. Workshop Date: April 25th, 2019. Time: 9am to 3pm. A marketing plan aims to provide essential business tools that drive marketing effort to achieve specific marketing objectives in any market situation. This workshop equips participants with the essential marketing knowledge, tools, concept for developing a practical, and result driven marketing plan.

    New Referendum Date Set for May 8, 2019
    On the request of the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, acting pursuant to Section 4 of the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Act, (Act No. 6 of 2019), the Governor-General of Belize issued a Writ of Referendum for the holding of a referendum on May 8, 2019, to submit to electors the question, “Do you agree that any legal claim of Guatemala against Belize relating to land and insular territories and to any maritime areas pertaining to these territories should be submitted to the International Court of Justice for final settlement and that it determine finally the boundaries of the respective territories and areas of the Parties?”

    Training of Trainers in Child Rights
    Closing ceremony for 16 Belize Security Forces Officers in a 2 weeks Training of Trainers in Child Rights were held earlier today, at the Belize Inspiration Center. This 2 weeks Child Rights Training, focused on the law, children rights & developing better communication skills with young people. It was sponsored and facilitated by UNICEF, with participants from the Belize Police Department & the Belize Defense Force. Co-Facilitator was Retired Police Commissioner, Gerald Westby.

    Corozal District Sustainability Conference
    May 11, Come out and talk to use about Cleaning up Belize and paving the way for a Sustainable Future! Zebra Remedies and Recycle Corozal - Go Green, Belize are here to help! Come share your inspirations and let's face this issue head on as a community! Image may contain: one or more people, text and outdoor

    Stranded Turtle in Corozal
    Earlier today our Local Oceana representative Mr Ryan Rivera, responded to a call of a stranded turle sighting in the southern area of the bay in Corozal Town. As you can see in the images, the sighting was that of a deseases logger head turtle who apparently succumbd to a horrific boat collision injury. It is sad day for our wildlife in the Corozal Bay. Although Loggerhead turtles are the most common species of turtles in the Caribbean, they are listed as a threatned species in the IUCN list of endangered species. These gentle creatures need us to be more alert while boating and require our protection and care.

    Easter Jam at The Bluffs
    The Bluffs is having a special Easter Jam on Saturday afternoon. Sam Harris, Barefoot Skinny, and Ernie Swisher will be playing starting at 3:00pm. The Bluffs will have a $1 wing special for the event.

    Sawdust Masterpieces on Display today in San Pedro
    The San Pedro House of Culture invites you to join us and elaborate creative sawdust masterpieces on Good Friday starting @ 7 am in front of the Catholic Church.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    The Upside, Miss Bala, The Kid King, High Life. *Closed Saturday* We'll be showing Game of Thrones episode 2 at 7:00 and also a late showing at 9:35 for the Punctually Challened.. HAPPY EASTER!!

    Channel 7

    Referendum Re-loaded
    The ICJ referendum will be held on Wednesday May eighth. That's in 20 days, or just a shade under three weeks. The new date was announced today after the Governor General issued a Writ of Referendum - under the new law passed this week - that's the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Act. The bill was passed with comfortable majorities in the House and Senate - but the question now is whether the PUP will challenge this new law in court. After the Easter break on Tuesday - they will have exactly two weeks to do so. It's a likelihood, but also a political gamble for the opposition - which does not want to be seen as deliberately obstructionist. There is also a political risk for the ruling party - as its tattered credibility in court cases - can scarcely afford to suffer another legal setback.

    Anti-climactic Day At Court of Appeal
    So, while the Government is determined to see this referendum take place 3 weeks from now, there are currently no indications coming from the Opposition on what action - if any - they will take try and force a second postponement. We had hoped to get some sense today on whether the PUP plan to mount a new legal challenge when we met their lawyers at the Court of Appeal. The PUP had filed a cross appeal there to ensure that their complaint against the Special Agreement remains live before the Court. Their attorneys and those from the Government side were supposed to show up for a case management conference before the Court of Appeal.

    Heavyweight Championship Dream Goes Bam Brigidim Buf For Big Baby
    It has now been confirmed that Belizean American Heavyweight Boxer, Jarrell Big Baby Miller will not fight Anthony Joshua for the World Heavyweight title. This after Miller tested positive for a banned substance. The New York State Athletic Commission has now declined heavyweight Miller's application for a license to fight Joshua on June 1st at Madison Square Garden. So, thatl;s the end of it for him - he will likely face a suspension and a replacement will now be found to face Joshua - the British Champion who is making his first title defence in the US.

    Big Baby Came Up From Poverty
    Miller said he hoped to come into the June first fight significantly lighter than his last fight. Yesterday he posted an impassioned denial of wrongdoing on his Instagram page. He says, quote, "I am absolutely devastated upon hearing the news my boxing license has been revoked in NY State and I will be vigorously appealing this decision. I have NEVER knowingly taken any banned substance and when I found out the news last night I was totally shocked.these results came just one week after another voluntary test that I had taken which was completely clean. I refuse to just lie down and let my dream be taken away from me when I know in my heart that I've done nothing wrong. .. I don't need a banned substance. Remember don't believe everything you hear and see. The facts will prevail and I shall be vindicated.

    Belizean Gets Out Of Mexico With A Fine After Jaguar Run-over
    Last night use told you about Belizean pilot, Efrain Guerrero who was being held in the Mexican town of Bacalar after running over a jaguar on Wednesday night. He was being accused of hunting a jaguar - which his wife says was unjust because the cat just ran across the highway unexpectedly when they ere driving at 9:00 that night. Well, through diplomatic efforts - we are told that Guerrerro was released sometime after 10:00 last night. He was fined by environmental authorities for an undisclosed amount.

    Warrior Family Cries Malpractice
    2 days ago, we told you about 22 year-old Oswald Warrior. He's the Carmelita Villager who was shot in Belize City 14 days ago, and after clinging to life for over a week at the KHMH, he passed away on Monday. He was in the Back-A-Town area of the City, which is gang affiliated, when he was shot in the head. He was walking on Sarstoon Street when he was approached by an unknown gunman, who fired a single shot. Initial information was that he was shot in the cheek, but his family members told us today that he was actually shot in the back of the head, and the bullet exited his cheek.

    Police Haven't Charged For Warrior Murder
    Police haven't charged anyone as yet for Oswald Warrior's murder. Today at the press briefing the cops gave their official report on this case. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, C.I.B., Belize City: "On the fifth of April, 2019, Oswald Warrior was shot and he remained in the hospital until the seventeenth of April where early in the morning around 12:30 a.m., he passed away. A postmortem has been conducted on his body and it confirmed that he died from internal exsanguination as a result of that gunshot. The matter is still under investigation; no one has been charged."

    Corozal Hotelier Bludgeoned, Critical
    Tonight, the Corozal resident, Byron Chu, who owns the Maya World Guest House in North Corozal Town, is hospitalized at the KHMH after he was found severely beaten inside his business place this morning. The cops were called to the guest house, which is located on 2nd Street, and when they arrived they found him unconscious on the floor bleeding profusely from severe injuries. The cops don't yet know why he was attacked, and this morning, they discussed the preliminary information they have about the incident at a press briefing. Here's what they know at this time:

    Van Ran Into San Roman House
    And from Corozal Town to the Corozal District we go to the village of San Roman where early this morning - the driver of a taxi van barreled into a house! Luis Alcoser from Caledonia rammed into Rosanni Torres's home - where her elderly parents and small child were sleeping. She told CTV-3 It's a miracle no one was hurt. Rosanni Torres: "This morning we were sleeping and may dad was in the hall when I heard a noise like an explosion. I came out running and shouting for my father. He didn't answer so I opened the door. He was trapped and he couldn't come out so I started to push and when it opened I saw the van indie the house. I thought something had happened to my dad."

    They Shot Shane
    Last night a man was shot in his yard on Youth for the Future Drive. It happened around 10:00. The victim is Shane Jones. Police says Jones hasn't provided much information to assist them in this case. Information is that after the shooting, the assailant ran up Ebony Street towards Magazine road.

    Masks Make It Hard
    Earlier int he week, we told you about that Monday evening robbery in Valley of Peace which was caught on camera. 3 men wearing elaborate masks barged into Pan Store and stole the cash register after pistol whipping the owner. The cops told us today that those elaborate masks that the thieves wore are making it difficult for them to identify these culprits: Asp Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "We had one on Monday, the 15th of April at about 8 p.m., where police visited Valley of Peace road. They spoke to the proprietor, Mr. Tan Ying Pan, 45 years=old..."

    They Jacked Julies
    And the spate of robberies in the Cayo District continued on Tuesday afternoon in San Ignacio Town. At around 2 p.m., the Cayo cops were called to Julie's Hardware Store, which was robbed by 2 Hispanic men. Police told us today that one of those thieves showed up to the business place with a sack of pint bottles, and pretended that he was there to sell it to the business owner: Asp Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "On Tuesday, the 16th of April, 2019, just after 2 p.m.,San Ignacio police visited July's Hardware, located on Bluebird Street, San Ignacio Town, where they spoke to Maria Frazer. She reported to the police that while she was inside of the business establishment, 2 male persons entered the said establishment..."

    Patrons Turned Thieves
    7 hours after that robbery in San Ignacio, Benque Viejo police had to respond to another armed robbery at Lighthouse Restaurant, which is located on the Border Road. At around 9:00 on Tuesday night, 2 men went to the restaurant and pretended that they were there to buy food. While the owner was preparing it, one of them pulled out a weapon and demanded that he hand over whatever money he had. As we told you, the owner complied, and the robbers left with the stolen cash, along with 4 orders of fried chicken and a coke. Police shared more information on the case today:

    Businesses Beware Of Patrons Turned Thieves
    So, as you'll have noticed, all of these robberies share 1 similar element. The thieves showed up and pretended to be legitimate customers, so that they could catch the business owners with their guard down. Since the Easter holiday is upon us, police are asking business owners to be especially vigilant of customers inside their establishments, because those customers may just be robbers in disguise. Here's what advice they had today for the business community, so that they can hopefully avoid becoming victims to thieves looking for a holiday "come up":

    Charged For Chancing Hope Creek Harry
    And in other police news, we have updates to stories we reported on last night. Police have charged a man in connection with the shooting and robbery of Hope Creek Fisherman Harry Montero. As we told you he was attempting to pay a man some money he owed - but ended up getting shot and robbed. Police told us more about this case. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, C.I.B., Belize City: "Police received information that there was a victim with gunshot injury at the KHMH. Upon arrival they discovered 26 year old Harry Montero with a single gunshot wound to the right leg. Mr. Montero reported that he was at a mechanic shop in Ladyville, this is near the Fire Station..."

    Update on Delbert
    And we also asked police for more information about that stabbing which we told you about last night. 41 year-old Delbert Quilter was left critical after he was stabbed in the chest early on Thursday morning. Here's what the cops know so far:..

    Treating Youths As Kids Not Criminals
    There are many youth caught up in the gang life, but that doesn't mean the law should treat them like hardened criminals. Sure, it is hard to separate the person from the crime but that's what police and other officials have to do when they encounter a minor in conflict with the law. Today, 15 law enforcement officers received certificates for completing a 2 week training in child rights and protection. We were there for the closing ceremony. Here's more.

    Guat Presidential Candidate Accused of Working With Narcos
    Guatemala's presidential election takes place next month on June 16th and voters can choose from over 20 presidential candidates. But tonight there is one less: 58 year old former congressman Mario Estrada has been arrested in Miami on drug and weapons charges, accused of plotting to assassinate political rivals and to let drug dealers use Guatemala's ports and airports if elected. Estrada and an alleged accomplice appeared today without an attorney before a federal magistrate in Miami. The US attorney in New York says, quote, "Estrada and Gonzalez conspired to solicit Sinaloa Cartel money to finance a corrupt scheme to elect Estrada president of GuatemalaIn return, the two allegedly promised to assist the cartel in using Guatemalan ports and airports to export tons of cocaine into the U.S."

    Finding Fish For Friday
    It's Holy Week - and all over the country - Belizeans are preparing for a weekend where they will eat mostly fish - especially for tomorrow, Good Friday. And that means the main fish market in Belize City was abuzz today. And because of this robust demand we found that prices were very high - at nearly $9 to $10 dollars per pound - when it's usually $6 per pound. The issue is demand, but also the risks and costs of fishing - where high fuel prices make fish very expensive. One fish seller, Odessa Orozco told us more:...

    Cross Country Come Back Again
    And that other Easter tradition, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is shaping up to be yet another nail-biter. Approximately 100 riders, including 20 foreigners, will take on that 144 mile ride to compete for the garland. Race promoter Kwame Scott told us about some of the big named athletes who will be participating in the 91st running of the Cross Country Classic, the biggest event on Belize's Cycling calendar:

    Channel 5

    A New Referendum Date is Set
    A new date of May eighth, 2019 has been set for the I.C.J. referendum to be held.  It succeeds the signing into law of the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Act [...]

    Belize City Man Stabbed while Socializing
    A Belize City man is hospitalized after he was stabbed in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Police say that forty-one-year-old Delbert Quilter was socializing when he got into an [...]

    Corozal Businessman Critical after Beat Down
    A Corozal businessman is in a critical condition after he was badly beaten inside his home. Police say that they don’t have much details about what happened but cops in [...]

    1 Man Injured During Shooting in Belize City
    There was a shooting on Wednesday night in Belize City. Police say that sometime after ten a man was shot inside his yard – that shot, according to police, was [...]

    Money Dispute Leads to Shooting in Ladyville
    Police say a man was shot and robbed over a money dispute on Tuesday evening in Ladyville. Twenty-six-year-old Harry Montero was shot in the leg after he tried to repay [...]

    No Suspects for Oswald Warrior’s Murder
    Earlier this week, we told you about Oswald Warrior who succumbed to gunshot injuries a week after he was shot. Warrior was walking along Sarstoon Street in Belize City when [...]

    No Suspects in Valley of Peace Robbery
    Three separate businesses in the Cayo District were robbed this week. On Monday night sometime around eight, cops responded to an armed robbery in Valley of Peace Village where three [...]

    Hardware Store Robbed in San Ignacio
    The second robbery happened in San Ignacio Town. Around two on Tuesday afternoon, two clear complexion men entered Julie’s Hardware on Blue Bird Street. The owner of the store told [...]

    Benque Robbers Steal Money and Fried Chicken
    The third robbery in the Cayo jurisdiction happened on Tuesday night around eight-forty-five in Benque Viejo. The owner of Lighthouse Restaurant reported to police that two men went into his [...]

    2 Women are Charged for Aggravated Assault with a Knife
    Eighteen-year-old Danika Beaton, a resident of Dolphin Street, and Nicole Lamb, a pregnant domestic, have been charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a knife.  They have also been [...]

    Ravin Gillett Remanded for Attempted Murder in Crooked Tree
    A nineteen-year-old fisherman of Crooked Tree Village is on remand at the Belize Central Prison tonight after being arraigned on a pair of indictable offenses, following a brawl in that [...]

    Police and B.D.F. Join Forces on the Rights of the Child
    Fifteen members of the Belize Security Forces have completed a two-week training programme on the rights of children to build their capacity when it comes to dealing with youth who [...]

    YWCA’s Hot Cross Buns with a Purpose
    The baking of cross buns is a part of the Belizean tradition at Easter time. In many homes it brings families together and for others it brings in an extra [...]

    What’s the Plan for the Easter Holidays?
    At this time, Belizeans travelling for the Easter holidays have already hit the highways or have arrived at their destinations. But for others, the religious aspect of the holiday is [...]

    Safety Tips for the Easter Holidays
    Belizeans across the country are getting ready for the annual Easter vacation and final preparations are being made for travel and socializing.  Today, ASP Alejandro Cowo of the Belize Police [...]

    A Safety Message for Business Owners
    Earlier in the newscast, we told you about the string of robberies at businesses in the Cayo District. As you heard, the robbers pretended to be customers and others are [...]

    An Easter Message from Bishop Philip Wright
    The Easter weekend is upon us and will end on Monday.  Whilst wishing Belizeans a safe and blessed Easter weekend, the focus should remain on the crucifixion and resurrection of [...]


    Chief Elections Officer accused of political mischief
    A senior staff member of the Elections and Boundaries Department hired an attorney to protect her rights after she allegedly was transferred for refusing to carry out instructions from the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai. The matter made it into the public domain during Monday’s Senate meeting when the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) senator, Hon. Eamon Courtenay, revealed the existence of a letter written by former United Democratic Party (UDP) mayor of Belize City, attorney Darrell Bradley, on behalf of his client, senior registering officer Jerrylyn Bruce.

    Fire destroys house on Rose Lane; 7 homeless
    Three houses were destroyed by fire on Rose Lane, in Lake Independence, at about 10:30 last night, leaving 7 persons homeless, and all their possessions were either stolen, or destroyed. Fortunately the Belize City Fire Service went to the scene quickly and confined the fire, and no other houses in the area were damaged. The houses which were destroyed were a two-flat timber house and two other small timber houses, all owned by Brenda Cadle, 61, also known as Stella Belgrave, and her family.

    For 2nd year in a row, GOB hikes fuel prices at Easter time
    Last Thursday, April 11, the price of regular gasoline shot up by 39 cents and the Ministry of Finance, in its press release announcing the new price increase, attributed the rise to the demand on the North American market and the decrease in production from OPEC. At midnight last night, the price of premium fuel shot up by 40 cents per gallon, taking the price from $10.90 to $11.30.

    Belizeans on measles alert
    The Ministry of Health has disseminated a press release to inform the public of the risk of contracting measles and the preventative measures that families are urged to take to avoid this. The alert was released in light of the rapid spread of measles cases in the United States between the months of January and April of 2019. Statistics compiled by the American institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, indicate that five hundred and fifty-five individual cases of measles have been confirmed in twenty states, the second greatest number of cases reported in the U.S since the year 2000.

    PUP litigating the Special Agreement in two high courts
    The Opposition People’s United Party PUP), which convinced Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to grant an interim injunction to halt the April 10 International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum as a result of its constitutional challenge of the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala for submitting the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ, is fighting their claim in the two high courts of Belize, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. Today was scheduled to be the first day of hearing of the substantive case before Chief Justice Benjamin.

    Scholarship recipients from Path Light International visit Amandala
    Many parents in Belize are unable to find the funds to cover the cost of sending their children who graduate out of primary school, on to high school. Some young persons, however, are fortunately able to access this vital assistance from various organizations, so they are able to attend high schools throughout Belize. On Monday afternoon, a group of high school students who are recipients of high school scholarships from Path Light Foundation visited Amandala.

    Three Belizean women unite to “ride for country;” Kaya Cattouse is 2019 Women Cross Country Champion
    When the early break in yesterday’s 30th Annual Women Cross Country Classic showed three Belizeans and two Mexicans in the lead bunch, Belizean fans immediately and instinctively began hoping and praying that those three Belizean women cyclists, which included perennial rivals and both two-time Cross Country champions, Alicia Thompson and Kaya Cattouse, would decide to work together to try and ensure a Belizean won the race. And so they did, as the post-race revelations confirmed.

    City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Football Finals results; Reality Youths – Champions
    The 3rd Annual City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Tournament 2019 Finals were held on Saturday, April 13, at the Cumberbatch Football Field with the following results: In game 1, the 3rd Place Game, it was Poor & Famous, 4-3, over Belize United. Goals for Poor & Famous were by Jonathan Espinosa (1) and Jacob Joseph (3); while Belize United goals were by Juan Diego (1), Gerald Vellejos (1) and Barack Morey (1). Poor & Famous therefore took 3rd Place in the tournament.

    Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament concludes; Grabs are Champions
    We have come to the finale of the Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament. Below are the results from the final Week 5 of the the Tournament, which took place on Saturday, April 14, at Lakers Kool Spot. A total of 6 teams participated in the grand finale of the tournament, and all games were played with the winners reaching 3000 points.

    National Women’s League regular season ends; quarterfinals after Easter break
    Week 10 games of the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019 Tournament were played over the weekend to complete the regular season – 3 games each were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, April 13 & 14. On Saturday at the M.A. Stadium in Independence, home standing Altitude were taking no prisoners, demolishing Santa Elena Strikers, 16-0, with goals from Tamara Baptist (5’, 45’ & 84’), Christy Cardinez (36’, 47’, 49’, 72’, 82’ & 88’), Sabrina Eiley (50’), Jessica Foreman (52’), Zulma Ortega (58’ & 69’), Pauline Linarez (64’) and Veronica Figueroa (74’ & 89’).

    The “host” isn’t ready for the ICJ party
    The interim injunction the Chief Justice placed on the referendum which was to be held to decide if Belize would go with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle that country’s longstanding claim to Belize’s territory, provoked an interesting intervention from foreign places. The countries, Belize and Guatemala, had signed a Special Agreement in 2008, which if agreed to by the people in both countries, would send the dispute to the ICJ for final resolution. Guatemala would go to referendum in 2018, and the people who voted declared, emphatically, that they were eager to go to the ICJ. Only 27% of their people showed up for the referendum, and of those that voted an overwhelming 96% said the ICJ was the way to go.

    I am concerned about the integrity of the OAS
    Dear Editor, I am concerned about the inaccurate propaganda put out by the Government of Belize. Do they believe Belizeans are unintelligent and won’t fact-check their assertions? They have a right to encourage us to vote yes, but based on facts, not half-truths and mere opinions. I will take two points claimed by the former ICJ President Stephen Schwebel. When asked if the judges can be biased in favor of Guatemala because of its friendship with the USA, he said, “… I can state with confidence that such concerns are unfounded…”

    Tribute to Belizean legend, Dario Hernandez
    Dear Editor, April 21 will mark the first anniversary of the passing of a son of the soil, a Belizean legend, Dario Hernandez. He presented his Belizean meat pies to his fellow citizens back in the 1980’s and the rest is history. On behalf of the program, “Belizean Musicians Past and Present,” which was founded in 1995 by Tony Wright and J.C. Arzu, I wrote this poem to give recognition to his sponsorship of the program, which continues today. A copy of the poem will be presented to Dario’s family.

    S Elrington needs PSWG to save him
    I would consider ignoring all the Foreign Minister said at the House meeting on Friday, because it appears that he is not able to separate his personal and professional selves, and the failure of his professional self, when it is pointed out to him, is causing him great personal stress. That’s the sense I got from his presentation to the House on Friday. Leaders have to be scrutinized intensely. Years ago, when Mr. Elrington was in his prime, a time when he was a political activist, not a Government Minister, he said that governments respond to pressure.

    Musings By the Curious Non-Conformist
    Sankofa. It is an African word from the Akan tribe of Ghana, Africa, which literally translates to “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind” and derived from the root words SAN, which means to return, KO, which means to go, and FA, which means to seek. I think a reference on that principle is key when I sit and reflect upon where we are politically and especially for someone like me who wishes to analyze how it is that we got here and how we as a collective can build consciousness to progress. In conversation with my elders, I often tell them that they have done us a grave injustice by not infusing into our societal tapestry the struggles they endured to have us be here, whether that perspective be one that celebrates how far we have come as a nation state or whether we are suffering from an internal hemorrhage that does not seem to carry any air of urgency.

    Guatemalan Armed Forces’ aggression on Sarstoon River: Belize military and civilian boats blocked
    An incident on the Sarstoon River yesterday morning involving Belizeans, both military and civilians, brought into sharp focus once more the problem of what appeared to be the annexation of the entire river by the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) and highlighted, for the world to see, the impotent response from the Belize Government’s Ministry of National Security and Foreign Affairs. A group of Belizeans visiting from the United States set out on a trip on the Sarstoon River. They hired Wil Maheia, the leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), and a boat captain to take them up the river and around Sarstoon Island, and then back to their starting point.

    Camille Solis! Belize’s greatest female cyclist of all time!
    The first Belize Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic was held in 1990, and Belizean cycling athlete, Camille Solis, won it in grand style. Though there were only three Belizean female cyclists that answered the call from Belizean cycling mentor and coach, Stans Bowman, to be a part of the first female Cross Country, Solis’s victory broke the gender barrier in Belize in the male-dominated Holy Saturday Cross Country since 1928. Camille Solis came straight out of St John’s College Junior College (Sixth Form) at the age of 18 years

    “If my head will roll … let it roll!”
    The Senate met today in the National Assembly chamber, and debated and voted on government’s new referendum law, the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, which easily passed through the Senate by a vote of 8 in favor, 4 against, and 1 abstention. Following a People’s United Party (PUP) parliamentary caucus meeting at his Belize City office last Friday, PUP leader, Hon. John Briceńo, area representative of Orange Walk Central, told reporters that there was a consensus on how PUP members of the House of Representatives and the Senate would vote on the government’s new referendum law.

    Date set for attorney Andrew Bennett’s extradition case
    Attorney Andrew Bennett, for whom the United States has issued an extradition request after a US grand jury unsealed a multi-count indictment in the US territory of Puerto Rico, appeared in the #1Magistrate’s Court of Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, along with his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, this morning. Sylvestre indicated to the court that he was ready for trial; however, since the Crown assigned a new prosecutor, Crown Counsel Samantha Matute-Tucker from the Solicitor General’s office, Chief Magistrate Fraser agreed to adjourn the case to April 30 in order to allow the parties to reacquaint themselves with the details of the case.

    Farmers of the Year 2019 winners
    The Annual Farmers of the Year Competition was carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and the three winners were announced on Monday. Dan Isai Lopez, a farmer of the Cayo District, was named Male Farmer of the Year, while Female Farmer of the Year is Ana Eloisa Morales, a farmer of the Cayo District; and the Junior Farmer of the Year is Christian Eden Salazar, Jr., of the Corozal District.

    Fredrick Lammey, Jr., 16, drowns at sea
    The search at sea for missing 2nd form student of Delille Academy in Dangriga, Fredrick Gilbert Lammey, Jr., 16, who was reported missing Thursday by relatives of his, has come to an unfortunate end. The body of the missing teenager was found at about 10:30 Saturday morning floating in the sea in front of Coco Plum Caye, which is about four miles from the shores of Dangriga. The discovery was made by a search party two days after he disappeared at sea.

    The Reporter

    Corozal Guesthouse Proprietor – Found Badly Beaten
    Police are waiting for a man in Corozal to recover sufficiently to give them a statement which will help them to determine who beat him almost to the point of death this morning.

    God Calls Believers to Politics
    By Nefretery Marin - As I make my way to visit citizens in all corners of Belize; I find Christians and believers to be the most in denial and that is UNACCEPTABLE. This week we celebrate the Passover and so it is the opportune time for me to speak to God’s church.

    Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller, a world-class heavyweight boxer born in Belize, was denied a license to box in New York after failing a random test for an illegal substance. Miller had been scheduled to contest Anthony Joshua for the unified heavyweight championship title on June 1 in Madison Square Garden.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Loggerhead turtle found dead in Corozal
    Today, a dead loggerhead turtle was found in Corozal Bay. Corozal’s Oceana representative was called […]

    ICJ Fever: Back at it!
    With a new date being set for Belize’s historic national referendum, the public awareness […]

    Government announces new referendum date
    On the request of the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, acting pursuant to Section 4 of […]

    Young woman from Bullet Tree reported missing
    The family of Paula Asussely Landero from Bullet Tree village, Cayo is desperately searching for […]

    New Referendum date set
    Reports to our newsroom indicate that a new ‘Writ for Referendum’ has been signed setting […]

    Belizean accused of hitting jaguar in Bacalar, Mexico released
    A Belizean couple is back home in the country after being detained in Bacalar, Mexico. […]

    “Big Baby” Miller speaks out, claims innocence
    Following the suspension of his boxing license in the state of New York, Belizean born boxer […]

    Cool and wet weather forecasted for Easter weekend
    The 24-hour forecast is for fair weather to continue with an increase in shower activity […]

    Belize-based company linked to Assange saga
    Australian national Julian Assange, 47, has apparently worn out his welcome with no less than […]


    Good Living on Coconuts
    While we stick to healthy options, instead of sugar fizzed drinks, you can go natural with regular water. We spoke to another small scale businesswoman who gets up at dawn every day in Orange Walk and travels to Belize City to sell coconut water. Mayra Arfona says the business supports her family of three. Mayra …,sbd:1&tbm=nws&source=lnt&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjc9ZPyg9zhAhXWs54KHZ78AOQQpwUIIQ&biw=1124&bih=1329&dpr=1

    Safety Tips from the Fire Service
    Many Belizeans who plan to leave home for the 4 day Easter weekend leave either on Thursday night or on Saturday. Apparently many believe it’s bad luck to travel on Good Friday. Nonetheless, while you may run into family, friends and neighbors at the cayes, seaside communities or over the border, your home may need …

    Police investigate series of armed robberies in Cayo
    Police continue to investigate a series of armed robberies that continue to plaque business establishments in the Cayo district. We have reported of the armed hold up at a grocery store in the Valley of peace community on Monday night. Three masked and armed men entered the store wearing camouflage clothing. Police say the men …

    Police and BDF learn child rights
    Fifteen officers from the Belize Police department and the Belize Defence Force have completed a training for trainers on child rights. The officers received their certificates of completion this morning in Belize City. The ceremony was attended by former Commissioner of Police, Gerald Westby who also co-facilitated the sessions, and by Brigadier General Steven Ortega. …

    A fish story from the Market for Good Friday
    For those who are staying home on Good Friday, finding something to eat will be difficult as stores and fast food establishments will be closed. And if you do find a place that is open, red meat would not be on the menu because of the dominant Christian tradition in Belize. Love News went to …

    Alternatives to Fish and Meat During Easter
    If fish is too expensive for you to consume during the easter and you still intend to obey the traditions to abstain from eating meat, there are alternatives. Vegan Bites entrepreneur, Ras Ruben told us what options can still satisfy your palate and hunger for meat, while venturing onto a vegan path. Ras Ruben Chef, …


    Why does Belize Celebrate the Cross Bun?
    Hot Cross Bun. This delicious spiced, sweet bun is not only exclusive to Belize, but many parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other places. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, this bun sports a cross on top of it, symbolizing the cross Jesus was crucified on.

    International Sourcesizz

    Chetumal airport terminal expansion to add 2,500 square meters
    The Chetumal International Airport terminal will be expanded this year to meet the needs of an increasing number of passengers. Airport operator Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (ASA), a federal government-owned corporation, announced a competitive tendering process for companies interested in adding almost 2,500 square meters of space to the terminal in the Quintana Roo capital. New stores, public washrooms, security areas, airline offices and waiting rooms are all part of the project.


  • White lipped peccary , 1.5min. One never knows what one will encounter during a normal work day in Belize!

  • Belize Butterfly Farm at Chaa Creek Eco Lodge, 1/2min. The Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm continues to be a major attraction as people marvel at the splendid iridescent wings of these magnificent butterflies. The "Belizean Blue" can be observed during every stage of their life cycle.

  • Sailing in Belize, 2min. Short clips from sailing from Caye Caulker to Dangriga in Belize

  • Belize City and its Landmark Lighthouse, 1min. Coming into the busy bustling port of Belize City and passing its landmark lighthouse.

  • Belize 29.03-03.04, 8min.

  • Copalli rum from Belize, 3min.

  • Trying all of fruits in Belize-Mamey, 3min. I'm staying in Belize for a few months and I wanna try all of the fresh, exotic/tropical fruits from Belize

  • Belize Beans and Rice, 5min. Red Beans and Coconut Rice from Belize is a great way to change up your rice and beans recipe! The rice is cooked with coconut milk and lime to give the dish a rich, Belizean flavor.

  • A River Somewhere * Turneffe Islands, Belize, 27min. A River Somewhere was an Australian documentary television series originally broadcast by ABC TV in 1997 and 1998. It was produced by Working Dog Productions, and was hosted by Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch. The series focused on the observations of Sitch and Gleisner as they travelled to various locations across Australia, New Zealand and around the world to fly fish and experience the local culture. The aim of their expedition was to "catch dinner and have it cooked in a local style".

  • The Belize National Student Union (BNSU) - voice of the youth in the Senate, 43min. The Belize National Student Union (BNSU) is a group of youths who are mobilizing themselves to advocate for the issues of students across the nation. They are hoping to one day become an established union and to represent the voice of the youth in the Senate. We spoke with the leaders of the BNSU about their vision and how they are working to bring it to fruition. On our couch: Seidy Gomez - Vice President, BNSU. Kareem Guy - Member, BNSU. Kevin Berganza - President, BNSU.

  • YWCA to give us some guidelines for keeping the family safe, 32min. As families get ready to vacation for the Easter break we asked the YWCA to give us some guidelines for keeping the family safe. They shared important reminders about how to stay alert and prevent potential accidents while swimming. On set: Joevannie Collins - Public Relations Officer, YWCA. Deanna Peyrefitte - General Secretary, YWCA.

  • Wine Smith Ltd., 28min. Wine Smith Ltd. is a family owned company that sells locally made wine. We spoke to the owners about the history of the company. They shared that the product meets international standards and they are aiming to grow the brand locally. On our couch: Joseph ”Flinkas” Smith - Owner, Wine Smith Ltd. Arthur Smith - Sales Representatives, Wine Smith Ltd. Johan Bermudez - Sales Representatives, Wine Smith Ltd.

  • Xishell "Lady X" Hyde is a female professional DJ, 14min. Xishell "Lady X" Hyde is a professional DJ who is making a name for herself on the international scene. We talked with her about her journey and she offered insights into how others can make a successful career of the love of music.

  • Explore, Enjoy, & Conserve Guanacaste National Park, 1.5min. Johannes Johnson won the Explore, Enjoy, and Conserve video competition with his great video about Guanacaste National Park. The Belize Audubon Society is celebrating 50 years, and had the competition to get everyone involved. It worked.

  • NEBL 2019 | Verdes vs Tiger Sharks | SHC Auditorium, San Ignacio, 2.5hr.

    April 18, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    First teams secure their spots for upcoming 2019 NEBL playoffs
    The 2019 National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) tournament has only two weeks remaining of regular games in the current season, before heading to the playoffs. After the most recent games, Team Verdes and Dangriga Dream Ballers have clinched home-court advantage as the games #1 seed and #2 seed respectively, in the first round of the three-game semi-finals series of the approaching playoffs. The results of the two remaining weeks of regular games will determine who will clinch the #3 and #4 seeds, and that is a battle between the San Pedro Tiger Sharks and Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes. The playoffs have been scheduled to start on Friday, April 26th.

    House of Representatives and Senate pass ICJ Referendum Bill
    Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019, which will give way to hosting a national referendum on whether to settle the ongoing dispute with Guatemala at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The bill was first debated at the House on Friday, April 12th, where after a long and heated discussion, was passed with a total of 18 votes in favor, 11 against and one abstention. On Monday, April 15th, it was debated in the Senate where once again, after a long day of presentations from the different Senators, it was passed later in the evening with eight votes in favor, four against and one abstention. The bill will now go to the Governor General’s office for his signature, and the referendum could take place on May 8, 2019.

    Los Catrachos F.C are Copa San Pedro 2019 Closing Season champions!
    After several months of football action at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town, Los Catrachos F.C claimed the championship for Copa San Pedro 2019 Closing Season Football Tournament on Sunday, April 14th. The first round of the finals was held on Thursday, April 11th at 7PM, with Legends F.C winning 2-1 against Los Catrachos F.C. The Copa San Pedro 2019 Closing Season officially culminated on Sunday, April 4th starting at 5PM. Due to Fambo Boys F.C withdrawing, Caye Caulker Islanders F.C were automatically declared the third-place winners. At 7PM, the highly anticipated 1st place match took place, which saw Legends F.C and Los Catrachos F.C giving their best to be the champions. At the end of the game time, Los Catrachos F.C came out victorious with a 3-1 score and were crowned the champions with a 3-4 aggregate score. While Legends F.C had to settle for sub-champions.

    Despite 2-1 loss against BDF, San Pedro Pirates remain #1 in the PLB

    Ambergris Today

    The Reknown Blake Family
    The Blake Family is synonymous with the owners of the entire island of Ambergris Caye and therefore San Pedro. So here goes this chronicle to honor this great family thanks to whom we all here today. The Blakes left their marks in San Pedro and footprints in the lives of San Pedranos. The first in the Blake dynasty was well known and esteemed in San Pedro was James Humes Blake. He was a wealthy British magistrate stationed in Corozal where he owned lots of property. It was he who learned that the entire island of Ambergris Caye was being sold in an auction. Being in the courts, he was privy to this information and he made his bid to purchase. Consequently on September 13, 1869, Mr. James Blake became the sole owner of the entire island of Ambergris Caye for $625.00 considered a pittance even by standards of those days.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Painting of Central Park
    Here's an update on the facelift of the Central Park! Vibrant and Colorful!

    Easter Saturday at Estel's Dine by the Sea
    The Beverage Division at Karl H Menzies brings to you Tito's and Svedka Vodka specials on Saturday 20th April at Estel's Dine by the Sea! Make your way to San Pedro and enjoy your long weekend with activities like a Dominoes Challenge, Darts Challenge, swimming contest, Mr. Physique, Wet T-Shirt, Switch Clothes and more! With great prizes to be won, like bottles of Tito's Vodka, Peach Svedka and copper mugs to name a few, register for the day's activities early and may the best person win!

    Checking boats for licenses and registration
    Belize Port Authority will be checking boats for licenses and registration!! Please be up to date !! Boat Captains that have receipts PLEASE go pick your IDs at the San Pedro Office !! Please be safe !!

    Pancake Brunch with the Easter Bunny
    Don't forget this fun family event this Saturday at the San Pedro Lions Den!

    New "Corozal" sign to be built
    Members of the Corozal Local Tourism Committee standing at the future site of the "COROZAL" sign! Yes, we will have a beautiful COROZAL sign within the next few months!!

    Mexico Embassy Belize Welcome to Mexico!
    If you are traveling to Mexico in your vehicle and you are planning to go beyond Quintana Roo, remember to get your temporary import permit at the offices of Banjercito in Chactemal Border. Banjercito working hours are 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday. The cost of the permit is about US$51 plus tax and payment can be done in cash (US$) or credit card. Depending on the vehicle’s model, a deposit (between US$200 and US$400) is required, refundable on cancellation of the permit once you return to Belize. (BANJERCITO - Tel: +52 983 834 5328)

    A week of widely varying wind conditions still produced some nice fish. The highlight of the week was a 6 Permit day for Rob and Debbie fishing with Capt. Gordy. Permit were caught shallow on the leeward side of the cayes and in deeper channels on.

    U.S. Embassy Belmopan Celebrates Ms. Sharon Matola—the Embassy’s “Woman of the Year 2019”
    Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. of the U.S. Embassy Mr. Keith Gilges hosted an official ceremony and reception yesterday to recognize and honor the Embassy’s “Woman of the Year 2019” Ms. Sharon Matola. The event featured remarks by Chargé Gilges, Minister of State for the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, and Sustainable Development Hon. Omar Figueroa, the Co-Founder of the Belize Center for Environmental Studies Ms. Lou Nicolait, and the Founding Director of the Belize Zoo and the Embassy’s “Woman of the Year” 2019 Ms. Sharon Matola.

    U.S. Department of Commerce's “Doing Business in Belize” webinar
    The U.S. Embassy thanks Dr. Leroy Almendarez, Executive Director of BELTRAIDE, for collaboration in leading the U.S. Department of Commerce's “Doing Business in Belize” webinar. In the April 16 informational webinar introduced by Chargé d’Affaires, a. i. Keith Gilges, U.S. business representatives gained invaluable insight into investment and business opportunities in Belize. We look forward to our continued partnership in advancing mutually beneficial commercial opportunities.

    Available NOW at the Museum of Belize or a House of Culture near you!
    A Walk Through Dangriga, El Cayo and Benque Viejo along with the Healing Circle and Belizean Storytime are all available at a House of Culture near you!

    Channel 7

    Big Baby In Big Problems
    Belizean - American Jarrell Big Baby Miller - he should be training for the world heavyweight title fight on June first against champion Anthony Joshua. But, tonight, the biggest fight of his career is in limbo. ESPN yesterday reported that Miller, quote, "has tested positive for the banned substance GW1516The test results, which came to light on Tuesday, were from a random Voluntary Anti-Doping Association-conducted urine test Miller submitted to on March 20." End quote. The fight promoter and Joshua's agent, Eddie Hearn, is quoted as saying, "We have been informed by VADA that there has been an adverse finding in Jarrell Miller's sample collected on March 20th, 2019 (Joshua's) preparation continues for June 1st at MSG."

    Rose Lane Family of 7 Homeless After Fire
    The life of a family in the St. Martin's area was turned upside down after a fire torched their homes. It happened last night around 10:30 on Rose Lane. There are two houses in the yard and the family of 7 lost everything. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. 61 year old Stella B and her husband were relaxing in bed when her neighbors alerted them to the fire. Stella B, Fire Victim: "I was upstairs then my neighbor son hollered out for me and my gentleman and I came downstairs..."

    Fire Likely Started By Circuit
    The fire department's investigation is also showing so far that it may be an overload on the shared electrical circuit. The station chief at the national fire service told us more about this case and about the dangers of getting electricity from a secondary source. Orin Smith,,Station Chief, National Fire Service: "The national fire service received reports of a structural fire on Rose Lane Belize City, two units were dispatched to that location on arrival on scene at number 2575 Rose Lane found were two structures on a property, two wooden structure, the structure on the rear was seen fully engulfed in flames. The structure at the front had the north section engulfed in flames."

    Toilet Paper Repellent?
    And there was another fire last night on Partridge Street, about two blocks away from the Rose Lane blaze. The police report says that home owner 22 year old Barber Keyshawn Young lit some toilet paper on fire in his room as a mosquito repellent and went to sleep. Later on he discovered his house was on fire. It is unclear why he did that or how he came up with that idea but this is surely a lesson on what NOT EVER to do in your home.

    Belizean Held in Bacalar For Knocking Down Jaguar
    A Belizean couple and their two kids were arrested in Mexico last night at 9:00. Corozal pilot Efrain Guerrero and his pregnant Mexican wife Tanisha Morales were coming down from Cancun by road, and entering Bacalar they ran over an animal in the road. It turned out to be a jaguar - and that got them into a major problems with the law. They held Guerrero in custody and his wife told a Mexican media house what happened - and why his detention is unjust:

    PSU Braces Chief Elections Officer
    On Monday's news, we told you about the dispute coming out of the Elections and Boundaries Department. That's where the registering officer, Jerrylyn Bruce is accusing Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai of victimization, because she refused to include an eligible elector on the voter's list. Bruce has asserted that this elector, Trevor Bradley, failed to produce his documents proving his Belizean Citizenship, so that he could be re-registered in time for the deadline. Tamai has made a counter accusation that Bruce's handling of Bradley's application threatened to unfairly disenfranchise him as a legitimate voter.

    PUP to Court on A Holy Thursday?
    When is Belize going to have its ICJ referendum? If the Government has its way, it would take place - possibly within a month since the new Territorial Referendum law is now in place. But, if the Opposition PUP has its way, the referendum will be further postponed. They still have their lawsuit in the Supreme Court against the 2008 Special Agreement, and their claim remains unresolved. The next time that Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will hear the case is on Monday, April 29th. On that date, he is expected to carry out a case management conference on the lawsuit. He will also hear the Government's application to set aside the injunction he granted to the PUP, which caused the April 10th referendum to be postponed in the first place.

    A Valid Compliant About Vital Stats?
    And while the court battle over the referendum is one thing - the ongoing back and forth over inefficiencies at the Vital Stats Unit has been another. As we showed you, Business Senator Mark Lizarraga and UDP Senator Michael Peyrefitte got into a testy exchange in the senate meeting when Lizarraga criticized the department for having people's records in a disarray. Well, while that back and forth on the efficiencies or lack thereof at the department can go on, there are Belizeans who have first hand bad experiences dealing with the office staff.

    After Years on Remand For Murder, Senior Citizen Gets Bail
    He's been in prison 6 years awaiting trial for murder, but tonight, 65 year-old Marciano Correa, a cane cutter from Libertad Village in Corozal, is out on bail. Correa was charged with the April 2013 murder of 43 year-old Sisto Victorio Osorio. He was struck on the head with a blunt instrument, and his body was found facedown on a pavement in the village. It was believed at the time that Osorio was killed as a consequence of a some sort of family dispute.

    Critical After Crooked Tree Beatdown
    19 year-old Ravin Gillett, a fisherman from Crooked Tree Village, is at the Belize Central Prison tonight after he was taken to court for allegedly joining several men who ganged up on another resident and put a bad beating on him. The incident happened on Sunday April 7th, 2019 in Crooked Tree. Elton Baiza was socializing in the village when he was attacked by a group of persons who beat him up badly, and left him severely injured. He was rushed to the KHMH by a concerned civilian, and court reports say that he is in a critical condition.

    Mentally Ill Man Missing
    A man living with a mental illness is missing and his family is worried about his safety. 20 year old Cotton Tree resident Edgar Sanabria left his family's house on Monday April 15th and has not returned home. All his relatives were at work that day, except for one family member who saw him leave the house but she thought he was just going for a short walk. That wasn't the case. Residents say they saw him get on a bus that day heading to Belize City. We spoke to a relative this evening and he said someone called him today saying Sanabria was spotted in San Pedro so the family is heading there tomorrow to look for him.

    CITCO Tests First Responders
    This morning at around 10:00, it looked like some kind of war zone, or a mass casualty event at the intersection of Neal Penn Road and Central American Boulevard in Belize City. Police, the Fire Department, BERT Ambulance teams, and other emergency personnel converged on the area for about an hour. They commandeered that part of the City to carry out a simulation exercise to test the readiness response of these key agencies. The reaction times of these organizations could mean the difference between life and death for accident or shooting victims, and so, the Belize City Council wanted to be certain that they are ready for the road.

    Tried To Pay Debt, Got Robbed and Shot
    Tonight, 21 year-old Harry Stanley Montero, a fisherman from Hope Creek Village in the Stann Creek District is recovering from a gunshot injury to the leg. He told the cops he was attempting to pay a man some money that he owed, and because the man wasn't satisfied, that person shot him, and then robbed him of jewelry and cash.

    Man Critical After Being Stabbed in Chest
    This afternoon 41 year-old Delbert Quilter, a resident of Belize City in a critical condition at the KHMH. That's after he was stabbed in the chest just after midnight. The cops don't know much about the incident at this time, but their initial investigation suggests that at around 12:20 a.m. Quilter and another man got into some sort of argument, when this man stabbed him in the chest.

    How To Prevent Fires During Easter
    Many Belizeans like teachers and students are already on their Easter break while others are preparing for their Easter weekend getaway. Well, before you think about leaving the house, ensure that you make a list and cross check all appliances you need to unplug and discuss your travel plans with neighbours you trust that are staying behind. Those are a few of several tips that Fire service chief Orin Smith gave today at a briefing. Here's more. "A number of persons are expected to be travelling over this holiday season, as they usually do. And one of the cautions we reach out to them with is unplug every electrical equipment or appliance that is not necessary to be plugged in..."

    Restaurant Robbers Craved Fried Chicken
    Last night, a pair of thieves robbed a restaurant in Cayo - and even ended up stealing four fried chickens and a Coke! It happened at 8:45 at Lighthouse Restaurant on Border Road. The Chinese proprietor reported that two men stormed in with guns and demanded money. They escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash, four fried birds and a Coke. We note that there's no offense on the books for eating stolen goods.

    Channel 5

    7 Persons Homeless after Fire Guts 2 Houses in Family Yard
    Two wooden houses were totally destroyed by a raging fire on Tuesday night. Seven persons were displaced and today they are picking up the pieces to rebuild. The fire started [...]

    The Hazards of Illegal Wirings
    The Rose Lane fire brings into sharp focus the electrical risks that homeowners take when they provide an ‘illegal drop’ of electricity to adjacent properties. For some time now, the [...]

    Precautionary Measures to Avoid Fire Disaster
    Station Officer Smith also provided safety tips as Belizeans prepare for the extended Easter weekend. But these can be practiced anytime whenever a person leaves his or her house unattended. [...]

    National Fire Service as Ready as Can Be for Extended Weekend
    But how ready is the National Fire Service to respond to fires should they erupt over the holidays? Smith says that given the limited resources they have, they are as [...]

    Robbers on the Loose in Cayo
    Robbers were on the loose on Tuesday in Cayo targeting business establishments. Just before closing on Tuesday night, the Lighthouse Restaurant on Border Road was hit by a duo of [...]

    Separate Shootings in Stann Creek District Leave Two Men Injured
    There are separate shooting incidents to report on from the Stann Creek District tonight.  Around five p.m. on Tuesday evening, a Belizean fisherman of Hope Creek Village was shot in [...]

    P.S.U. Stands behind Registering Officer, Jerrylyn Bruce
    The plight of Jerrylyn Bruce, registering officer at the Elections and Boundaries Department, was brought up in the Senate on Monday. A string of emails details the back and forth [...]

    Mexican Embassy: “No Special Permit Issued to Pass into Mexico without a Passport”
    If you are travelling across the northern border into Mexico, whether to head to Chetumal, Cancun or Playa Del Carmen for the extended weekend, official travel documents remain the same. [...]

    Belizean Travellers Must Have Valid Passport of Mexican Border Card
    According to the Officer in Charge of the Economic, Trade and Tourism Section of the Mexican Embassy, by law travellers will only be able to enter into Mexico with a [...]

    Sharon Matola is the U.S. Embassy’s “Woman of the Year”
    Sharon Matola, the Founding Director of the Belize Zoo, is the U.S. Embassy’s Woman of the year 2019. On Tuesday, Matola was honoured with an official ceremony and reception. A [...]

    Big Baby Tests Positive for Banned Substance
    Belizean/American heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller is scheduled to face Anthony Joshua in a title bout on June first, but the news tonight is that the well-known boxer has [...]

    Testing the State of Readiness for City Emergency
    A busy area of Central American Boulevard was abuzz with even more activity this morning as residents carried out their last minute preparedness for the Easter holidays. The heavily trafficked [...]

    Easter and Fish Rush!
    Fresh fish and Easter go hand in hand for many Belizeans. The tradition of eating fish on Good Friday is alive and well in Belize. Every year, around this time, [...]

    Clear Inaccuracies Identified in New Referendum Bill
    The Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019 has been signed into law, following the Governor General’s assent on Tuesday.  But as our coverage of the special senate meeting that preceded [...]

    More Mistakes Pointed Out in Referendum Bill
    Another error in dates, as highlighted by Senator Courtenay, has to do with the coming into force of the I.C.J.   The drafters of the bill also bungled the date when [...]

    A Flashback to the Birth of the Maritime Areas Act
    The Maritime Areas Act sparked controversy when it was introduced as a bill in the early nineties. This week in the Senate, it came up again because it is yet [...]

    The Reporter

    Another Missing Person, So Many Belizeans Disappearing
    So many Belizeans are disappearing so frequently, its alarming to think that it is almost 1 person every week, on average, in the past 15 weeks since the new year has started. The family of Edgar Sanabria, Belizean laborer of Cotton tree village, is requesting the public’s help in locating him. He was last seen on Monday, April 15 in cotton tree in a grey shirt.

    Deadly Rocket Found in Village Of Barranco
    In a span of 11 days, bomb experts from the Belize Defence Force (BDF) had to be called in to deal with the discovery of two explosive devices, one of them an expended but live rocket and the other a live hand grenade, found in different parts of the country.

    Father Of Two Shot Dead
    Joshua Gallego, 25, had just dropped off his girlfriend and their two little girls at home on North Creek Street around 2:40 last Friday afternoon when the driver of another vehicle opened fire on him as he tried to reverse a short distance away from home. Gallego was struck three times in the chest and once in the neck and died shortly after coming out of surgery sometime before 8:00 later that night.

    Editorial – Easter 2019
    It is impossible to over-estimate the impact of Christianity on the race of humans whom God created and then redeemed through the life and death of His Son, Jesus. When you consider the Old Testament account of how God destroyed the people living at the time of Noah with a giant flood, you reach the conclusion that in God’s eyes they were not worth saving.

    American National Wanted For Damage to Reef
    The Department of the Environment is taking a multi-agency approach to see how charges and fines can be leveled against an American national who is accused of causing tens of thousands of dollars in damaged when his boat rammed into the reef.

    Brush Fires Wreaking Havoc in Rural Belize
    Over the past weekend and weeks before that, people have reported in different parts of the country about brush fires that are started through the reckless behaviour of some human that placed their homes or farms in peril. The latest and perhaps worst for this year so far occurred when a blaze near the BDF Housing Site in Lord’s Bank created a scare when it came dangerously close to some of the homes and caused breathing problems for the residents in that vicinity.

    Anny – Gone but NEVER Forgotten
    Four months after the disappearance of Anisha Young, her family is still grappling for closure and the need for answers that would permit them to commence the healing process that they so desperately seek.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Burnt toilet paper causes house fire
    A home on Partridge street extension in Belize City was completely destroyed by fire this morning […]

    Taiwan’s Famous Youtuber arrives in Belize
    Ben Wu, a famous Youtuber from Taiwan is in Belize! Wu is on a quest […]

    U.S. Embassy celebrates Sharon Matola as Woman of the Year 2019
    On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, the United States Embassy in Belize hosted an official ceremony […]

    Belize Peace Movement stands with Will Maheia
    The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) is standing in support of activist Will Maheia and condemning the […]

    Man shot in Belize City
    A man was shot moments ago on Belize City’s southside. It occurred near the “Backa […]

    Young women charged in knife brawl
    A teenager, 18, along with her friend, a 24-year-old pregnant woman find themselves in big […]

    Attorney General and Business Senator agree on referendum but disagree on bill
    Both Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte, and Business Senator, Mark Lizarraga, agreed during the Senate debate […]

    Belize Nutritionist represents Belize in Taiwan
    The Ministry of Health today announced that Nutritionist, Ada Cuello is in Taiwan representing Belize. […]

    Pavilou Garbutt charged with abetment to robbery for supermarket hold-up
    Police are still searching for the men accused of robbing Home Ever Supermarket at Mile […]

    Glenford Alvarez charged in sexual assault case
    Already out on bail for a criminal assault charge, a fisherman is being accused of […]

    Corazon Artulio Cortez guilty in absentia for drug trafficking
    A San Pedro Town resident convicted of drug trafficking and apparently skipping bail is being […]

    BELTRAIDE participates in ‘Belize Business Webinar’
    The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) participated in a ‘Doing Business in Belize’ Webinar held yesterday. The webinar was hosted by the United States Embassy in Belize […]


    Emergency simulations tests response units in Belize City
    City emergency units including the police, fire personnel and the Belize City Council rushed to the corner of Neal Pen Road and Central American Boulevard this morning around ten o’clock. Two persons were shot and at least three more were involved in a car accident. But it was not real. The entire scene was an …

    7 persons without a home after Fire burns 2 buildings
    There was an inferno blazing over the south side of Belize City last night. Two of three homes on a property on Rose Lane were totally destroyed as the heat quickly turned the wooden structures to kindle. Love News spoke to Shawn Belgrove who says that 7 persons, including her mother lost their home after …

    Single mother accuses Family Court of delays in maintenance payments
    One single mother says she has a grievance with the way family court has been handling her maintenance payments. A woman who preferred to identify herself only as Anita, called our studio today saying that she has only received as much as one payment for maintenance from the court into her account over a period …

    Public Service Union backs Election and Boundaries officers accused of misconduct
    The Public Service Union, PSU, pledges its full support to public officers at the Elections and Boundaries Department who are accused of misconduct. As we have reported earlier this week, Jerrylyn Bruce, a public officer attached to the Elections and Boundaries Department acquired the services of Attorney Darryl Bradley to present her concerns to Chief …


    Belize Has Brown Eggs: Dying Them For Easter
    I don’t spend much time thinking about eggs…but yesterday, when I bought a dozen brown eggs to dye for Easter…two things struck me. ALL eggs sold in Belize are brown. Unless they are “local eggs” – meaning they are from someone’s chicken coop – then they can be all sorts of magical egg colors. Here are some that a lady gave me a few months back. Hens that lay easter eggs! BUT I did dye easter eggs yesterday because that’s what we always did when I was little. Just BECAUSE.

    In the Trees Writer’s Retreat, Benque Viejo
    A regular reader once told me you can’t be Hemingway every day. I considered it very wise advice, and I tempered it with always refining my craft and developing a clear writing voice. When host, Virginia emailed me asking if I wanted to attend a writers retreat in Benque, I was all over it. The retreat was a collaboration between Ixcanan A Meeting Space and Wildfire Artzmosphere based in San Ignacio. I was excited to meet other writers and spend time actively working on my style. Of course, I signed my temporary roommate Heather up for the ride – I didn’t have to twist her arm too hard. While she is not currently a writer, she journals often. According to a police report, Keyshawn Young, 22, lit some toilet paper in his room as a repellent and went to sleep.

    International Sourcesizz

    New Bishop Airport service opens gateway to 175 destinations
    American Airlines addition of service from Flint to Charlotte opens a gateway to 175 destinations — including major international hubs such as London, Rome, Frankfort and Belize City. While many in Michigan may not realize its air travel significance, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is actually larger than Detroit Metro — with more destinations, more flights, and more passengers. It is the nation’s 10th largest airport with more than 46 million passengers in 2018.

    Penn State Shenango students help in Belize
    Last month, a dozen Penn State Shenango students went to Belize to help a small village become more self-sufficient. They go every year and have built relationships with the people they meet there.

    Belize Automobile Market 2019 – Size, Share, Demand, Trends, Outlook and Growth Opportunities
    The Belize automobile report provides a complete perspective on the trends shaping the Belize Automobile market. The Belize automotive market is slowly shifting towards a service oriented model with new players focusing extensively on customer experience and consumer data. Transitions in automotive markets are providing opportunities for some parts while other components face stiff decline over the forecasts.


  • Feeding Tarpon | Belize 2019, 1.5min.

  • Comparison of the Healthcare Systems of Belize & the U.S., 17min. References: (About Teen Pregnancy, 2019) (Adolescent Fertility Rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19), 2016) (Belize Health Expenditure per Capita, 1960-2018, n.d.) (Belize Tobacco Contol Report, 2011) (Belize: Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure (% of Private Expenditure on Health), 2016) (Belize, 2017) andmore!

  • Belize 2019 Caye Caulker, 5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - In loving memory of Silverio and Mirna Gomez, 1.5min.

  • Senator for Private Sector - pass the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019, 52min. Mark Lizarraga, Senator for the Private Sector, was our guest to talk about the recent vote in the Senate to pass the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019. He shared his concerns and why he voted against the passage of the Bill.

  • Bucky's Coffee & Gift Shop, 23min. Bucky's Coffee & Gift Shop shared a few of the items available for your Easter vacation. We spoke with Gisele Sabido about the great deals available. She shared everything from water toys, beach wear and Easter basket packages.

  • MADISCO - Easter Baskets for Adults, 13min. MADISCO is catering to the adults by offering Easter Baskets that feature wine and treats. Our guests walked us through the types of packages available for your purchase. On set: Cheyenne Miller -Administrative Assistant, MADISCO, Shanee Reid - Administrative Assistant, MADISCO.

  • National Agriculture & Trade Show, 1min. The biggest event in Belize! April 26th, 27th and 28th!

  • Nurse Shark Encounter, 1min. Whilst diving with Belize Underwater at South Water Gap on the Belize Barrier Reef this fellow (Nurse Shark – Gingly mostoma cirratum) showed up and hung around for quite a while. Not in the slightest bit agitated by a diver in close proximity and at one point even permitted me to stroke it along its body as it passed by.

  • Entering Giant Cave Belize while it’s Siphoning, 4min. Giant Cave is possibly the largest sea cave on the planet! It's located just off a dock in Caye Caulker Belize. The cave can spring and siphon and little is known about timing it. This was my 3rd trip to the cave and the first two times it was springing slightly and this trip it was siphoning enough to suck you in. The video is shot with a Paralenz dive camera of Becky Schott entering the fissure crack and first chamber on a Liberty Sidemount rebreather, then buddy Anthony Tedeschi going through the 100ft of restriction on his KISS Sidekick. This is just a teaser video, once inside the cave the visibility is more than 50-70ft in most areas and some of the largest rooms and decorations can be seen. There are sponges, tunicates and life a few hundred feet inside the cave. It's a really unique system. If you're interested in diving it or learning more contact Belize Diving Services.

  • Miss lady - Belize, The Pandy Show, 4min. it's about another person telling the other sister,that she is the outside sista, it's telling her she that she don't count a sister....... natural scene of the towns

  • Cruising to Belize | Swimming with Sharks, 4min. Went on our first family cruise. We cruised to Belize where we got to hang out with some locals which was pretty cool. Best part was watching my parents swim with sharks.

  • South Tulsa Students Mission Belize 2019, 6min.

  • NEBL 2019 | Hurricanes vs Defenders | Civic Center, Belize, 2hr.

  • Sports Talk | Raynord Garbutt, 65min.

    April 17, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ministry of Health Measles Alert: Risk of measles continues to grow for Belize
    The Ministry of Health reminds the public that the risk of measles continues to grow for Belize with neighboring countries reporting measles cases. Belize has no reported cases at this time.

    Ashley Barrientos is San Pedro Lions Club new beauty ambassador
    17-year-old Ashley Barrientos was crowned as the San Pedro Lions Queen 2019-2020 on Saturday, April 13th. Held at the San Pedro Lions Den, the coronation saw the San Pedro High School senior happily accepting the crown and sashed by outgoing Lions Queen 2018-2019 Erica Bodden. The event also saw the recognition of three devoted members of the club, Gonzalo ‘Reds’ Lara, Nita Marin and Nellie Sabido for their outstanding service to the club. The annual event, which coincides with the San Pedro Lions Club pre-Easter dance started shortly after 7PM with Lioness Enes Ramirez starting the official ceremonies.

    Boca del Rio park and beach rehabilitation project inaugurated
    The successful completion of the beach reclamation project at the Boca del Rio Area in San Pedro Town has given way for a new recreational facility for island residents and visitors alike ahead of the Easter Holidays. San Pedro now has a new beach along with a refurbished park in the said area- a project spearheaded by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) in collaboration with The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). It was officially inaugurated on Sunday, April 14th with a ribbon cutting ceremony officiated by Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Mayor Daniel Guerrero and staff of the SPTC and the BTB respectively.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Ministry Of Health Issues Measles Alert
    Unvaccinated children under age 10 years or those with no proof of vaccination should visit their nearest health center and get vaccinated. Also, if you will be travelling to countries known to have measles, and you have not been vaccinated, you should receive the vaccine at least 15 days before leaving the country. The measles vaccine is available free of cost at all public health facilities countrywide.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Voter lookup...
    This service allows registered voters to lookup their polling area and name of polling station. To use simply enter First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth then click the Search for Voter Info button.

    Hopkins Mango Fest 2019
    The Hopkins BTIA and community are excited to host the Mango Fest 2019 on June 8th. A one day only fun filled family event with great entertainment, delicious food & drinks plus many prizes and raffles and games!

    Belize Water Services Easter Holiday Hours

    Chiquibul Cave System Presentation
    FCD personnel met with Mr. Roosevelt Blades, Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO (Belize) to present on the unique features of the Chiquibul Cave System. 55 km of tunnels have been documented of this system and more is yet to be discovered.

    US Embassy looking for Human Resources Assistant
    We are seeking an eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Human Resources Assistant.

    Xunantunich Ferry reopens
    Closing at 4pm for the next two days.

    Central Park is getting a Paint Job!
    Thank you to our volunteers for assisting in this project: members of the San Pedro High School Male Softball Team and members of the Children's Advisory Body (CAB).

    Ministry of Health Measles Alert
    The Ministry of Health reminds the public that the risk of measles continues to grow for Belize with neighboring countries reporting measles cases. Belize has no reported cases at this time. Measles is passed easily from person to person and anyone who is unvaccinated is at risk of getting the disease. Measles starts like with flu-like symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough and “Pink Eye”. The rash appears 3 to 4 days after the fever starts, usually spreading from head to toe.

    Increase in Pump Price for Premium Gasoline
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on April 16, 2019, the pump price for premium gasoline will increase by 40 cents from $10.90 to $11.30 per gallon. This price change reflects current market conditions which are influenced by the tightening in the production of oil from the OPEC Countries and by sustained high demand in the North American and Asian markets.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Full Moon”.

    Bus Schedule for Good Friday,Corozal to Belize City

    Crafts, jewelry and a Bake Sale for Corozal Animal Program
    The Corozal Animal Program will be selling beautiful crafts and jewelries on Saturday April 27, 2019. From 9am to 12miday. Plus, their will be delicious baked goods. All proceeds go to spaying and neutering animals in Corozal. Sidewalk of Central Park. Opposite side on the Corozal Library.

    Painting in Central Park, San Pedro
    Proud of the SPHS male softball team and the SP CAB for coming out and paint the San Pedro Central Park! We are proud of your display of civic responsibility. Keep up the good work.

    Sarteneja Easter Regatta
    Sunday, April 21st. See you there.

    BEL Easter Hours
    BEL Offices will be opened 8:00am to 1:00pm on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

    West Jet Expo Canada 2019
    The Belize Tourism Board is in attendance at this year's WestJet Vacations where some of their preferred hotel and destination partners invited. These highly anticipated and attended expos provide valuable interaction time with Canada’s travel professionals.

    CARSI Small Grants
    Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) 2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) U.S. Embassy Belmopan, announces a notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) to strengthen government through civil society engagement.

    The Placencia Breeze, April 2019
    Entertainment Guide ... pg. 3 New Property Owners in Placencia Village Donate BZ$10,000 to PVC ... pg. 5 Where in the World is the Breeze ... pg. 5 Peninsula Visual Story Teller Leaves Behind Powerful Legacy ... pg. 7 Where in the World is the Breeze? … pg. 5 30 Years Later It's a Beautiful Life: Lola Talks Love, Art & Seine Bight … pg. 9 Stony Coral Tissue Loss ID Cards Now Available ... pg. 12 Monique Vernon Attends Fish School Workshop for Media and Communications Professionals … pg. 12 ... And Satellite Remote Sensing and Satellite Data Sets Processing Workshop ... pg. 12 12 Things You Should Eat and Drink in Placencia … pg. 13 Yucatan Taco Stand: Brisa Oceano Brings Yucatan Inspired Flavours and Cocktail Deals to Placencia's Growing Restaurant Row … pg. 19 New Directions in Nicaragua ... pg. 20 Croc Corner: Keeping Seine Bight Clean and Green ... pg. 24 Is the Gentle Giant Still on a Path to Local Extinction? ... pg. 24 Rotary Club of Placencia Updates … pg. 27 AND MORE!

    Channel 7

    Armed Robbery At The Seat of the Judiciary
    Today staffers and judges in the seat of the highest courts in the land were trying to re-gather after an armed attack last night shook up the judiciary. At around 6:20 armed thieves stormed into the Belize City registry office, located at the Court House area on Treasury Lane, and stole several hundred dollars in cash and cheques. A very senior figure in the court system, Registrar General Trienia Young was the one targeted. She reported to police that 2 men stormed in through the main door. Persons who work at the court tell us that they are surprised that the assailants managed to get in without the night security spotting them.

    Robber Wore A Gas Mask
    2 hours earlier, Belmopan cops had to respond to an armed robbery in Valley of Peace Village. Security video shows three men armed with guns and wearing elaborate masks striding into Pan Store. It happened around 4:00 pm, and one of the men clubbed the owner Tan Jian Pan with a gun, while the other two bundled up his cash register and made off with that. As the video shows, the men wasted no time in taking the cash register and obviously this was their plan.

    Man Dies 11 Days After Shot To Cheek
    Oswald Warrior was shot in the city 11 days ago. The Carmelita resident was in the Back0-A-Town area of the city - which is gang affiliated - when he was shot in the cheek. Well, he held on for more than a week, but succumbed to that injury today. The 22y year old Warrior was walking on Sarstoon Street, when he was approached by an unknown man who fired a single shot. Police found one non millimeter expended shell on the scene.

    New Referendum Bill Is Now Law
    Tonight, the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill has received the assent of the Governor General and is now an Act. It was approved by the House on Friday and the Senate yesterday. The opposition may still challenge it - but if they don't - then the way is paved for an ICJ referendum - possibly by the middle of May. But, the opposition will quite likely draw a legal objection. In his address to the Senate yesterday, the PUP's Chief Legal advisor, Senator Eamon Courtenay pointed out elementary errors in the bill:...

    "People's"ť Divided - Briceno's Unanimity Problem
    So, now, the Government has done its work in record time - and a new Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill is in place in record time - less than a week after the Supreme Court forced the postponement of the referendum. So, the ball is in the opposition's court. But the PUP has its own fires to put out first. For the first time in the 25 years we've been covering the National Assembly - opposition members in both the house and senate have abstained on a matter of national and political importance. That means they haven't strictly held the party line. Jules Vasquez examined the significance of this:..

    Hulse and Barnett Urge For Yes
    And to wrap up the Senate debate on this issue of national interest we also have the speeches from UDP Senators Godwin Hulse and Dr. Carla Barnett who wrapped up yesterday's debate: Hon. Dr. Carla Barnett, UDP Senator: "Finally some have asked, but are we ready? Is our case as strong as it should be and I was reminded as I was preparing my notes yesterday that this sounded familiar to those who said on the eve of Independence "are we ready?" "Can we defend ourselves" "Let us wait until we can defend ourselves before we agree to Independence" If we had done that, if we had waited until we could defend ourselves we would probably still be a colony."

    Measles Coming Closer
    We are still not out of the woods yet when it comes to measles, so the Ministry of Health sent out another release today advising to get vaccinated. Although Belize has no reported cases, the release says "The Ministry of Health reminds the public that the risk of measles continues to grow for Belize with neighboring countries reporting measles cases. Measles is passed easily from person to person and anyone who is unvaccinated is at risk of getting the disease. Those most at risk are children. Here is an excerpt from a measles forum held in February.

    Shotgun Left Abandoned
    Police took a shotgun and 20 live rounds of ammunition off the streets of Belize City. The discovery was made on last Saturday at around 12:30 p.m. The Eastern Division Regional Commander and an officer from the Gang Suppression Unit received information, and they visited a lot in the Belama Phase 3 area of the City. Inside an abandoned Jeep Cherokee SUV, the cops found a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, and 4 packs of 12-gauge shotgun cartridges.

    Nancy Rolling Down The River, She Says
    Last night, we showed you the latest showdown between the Belizeans who went to the Sarstoon River, and the Guatemalan Military which attempted to intercept them and prevent them from traveling through the Belizean side of the river. As viewers aware, the Guatemala Military has been attempting to enforce control of the entire river since 2015. Their aggressive behavior has been condemned by multiple Belizean organizations, and today, another such group is voicing public outrage. It's called the Belize People's Front, and this organization says that Nancy Marin is their Party Leader.

    Robbing Stabbing
    Tonight, 17 year-old Francisco Bah, a labourer from Belize City, is at the KHMH recovering from injuries after he and a teenaged companion were robbed at knife point and then stabbed because they refused to comply. It happened at around 4:45 in the evening. Bah and 19 year-old Luis Bolon were walking on Iguana Street when they were stopped by 2 men who demanded their belongings.

    Major Cannabis Cultivation in Toledo
    Another weed field in PG went up in flames on Friday morning. PG police found the field about 7 miles north of Silver Creek Village. There were about 1,000 marijuana plants measuring between 2 to 6 feet in height. Police also found a small camp with harvest marijuana plants about 50 feet from the marijuana field. No one was in the area, and as a result, the marijuana plants were uprooted and the destroyed by fire. As we have shown you the BDF maintains operations in the area because of the widespread marijuana cultivations by Belizeans and Guatemalans.

    13 Pounds of Weed Lying Around
    Police found two stashes of weed in Corozal. First they found 7 ounces of weed in an overgrown lot on 9th Avenue and then they found 13 pounds in a box in a bushy area of the Northern Border. No one was in the immediate areas; and as result items were labeled and deposited as found property.

    The Case of the Disgruntled American and the Exasperated Customs Officer
    An American man in Punta Gorda has gone on an all out war against law enforcement in Punta Gorda in general and a specific customs officer. American Guillermo Ortiz has made a complaint to the Ombudsman about a senior Customs Officer who is also the officer in charge of Customs in PG. And more than that he's put out an 11 minute video making all kinds of claims against the customs officer and police officers.

    Friction Between Cops and Media at House Meeting
    And while that fight pits a US citizen against a customs officer, our next story is about the media and the police. We can't say the two sides clashed at Friday's house meeting - it wasn't on that level - but there was some friction.

    Premium Fuel Shoots Up
    Regular Gasoline went up by 39 cents 6 days ago, and tonight the Ministry of Finance is announcing that at midnight tonight the pump price for premium gasoline will go up by 40 cents. You should probably fill up before then because the price will increase from $10.90 to $11.30 per gallon.

    UNAM Ready For Belize
    National Autonomous University of Mexico: It is one of the most recognized and distinguished Universities in the America's, and it also ranks highly in the world rankings, yet many Belizeans don't take advantage of the scholarship opportunities offered to them to study at the University. Well, professor Gerson Rodrigo Hernandez is in Belize for a meet and greet session with the media. He told us today what's so appealing about the university.

    A Police Wingle From British
    The Police department today received a small donation from the British Government. High Commissioner Claire Evans handed over one 2019 Great Wall Wingle 6 to the Belmopan Formation. A release says this is in support of the Police's National Crime Fighting Strategy 2019/2020.

    Channel 5

    Customs Officer in Hot Water in Peini
    Senior custom officer Elmer Torres is in hot water tonight and under investigation after a video released on social media earlier today went viral.  The recording, which News Five understands [...]

    American Ex-pat Roughed up by Customs in PG?
    So how did a customs officer get involved in an issue that appears to be an immigration offense?  Those details will be made clear following a pending investigation.  Similarly, why [...]

    Robbery at the Supreme Court!!
    The Supreme Court was the scene of a mid-morning execution back in June 2010 when well-known gang boss Andre Trapp was executed as he left the courthouse.  Since then, there [...]

    Caught on Camera: Armed Robbers Target Store in Valley of Peace
    The proprietor of a grocery store in Valley of Peace, Cayo was left traumatized after he came under attack from three armed robbers. At around four o’clock on Monday evening, [...]

    Carmelita Man Dies a Week after He was Shot
    Twenty-two-year-old Oswald Warrior of Carmelita Village has succumbed to gunshot injuries eleven days after he was shot in Belize City. Police reported that Warrior died just after one this afternoon. [...]

    Fuel Prices Go Up a Second Time in 1 Week
    Fuel prices will go up for a second time in one week. Today, the Ministry of Finance announced that at midnight, the pump price for premium gasoline will increase by [...]

    Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019, Now Law
    Government is inching closer and closer to setting a new date for a referendum. At news time, there is word that having been passed in the House of Representative and [...]

    Maritime Areas Act Still Not Amended
    The Maritime Areas Act was a controversial issue in the early nineties when it saw the fracturing of the then opposition United Democratic Party.  On August sixth, 1991, government, after [...]

    Eamon Courtenay – No Mention of Honduras in Schwebel’s Legal Opinion
    According to Senator Courtenay, Honduras will likely sign on as an interested party should the matter be taken to the I.C.J.   He went on to say that the legal opinion [...]

    The I.C.J. Debate through the Eyes of the N.G.O. Senator
    N.G.O. Senator Osmany Salas, during his presentation in support of the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill 2019, spoke about the confusion that the politicization of the I.C.J. referendum has caused among [...]

    Godwin Hulse Weighs the Territorial Dispute Resolutions
    And while the Leader of Government Business introduced the bill in the upper house, he was among the last to take the floor in the debate.  Senator Godwin Hulse echoed [...]

    Jerrylyn Bruce Vs Chief Election Officers; Emails Leaked!
    Public officer Jerrylyn Bruce remains steadfast in her position that the Chief Elections Officer is politically victimizing her; a claim which Josephine Tamai has categorically denied. Disciplinary actions have been [...]

    Attorney General Questions Figures Stated by Chief Elections Officer
    In February, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai appeared on this station’s Open Your Eyes to discuss the re-registration process ahead what should have been the April tenth I.C.J. referendum. During [...]

    Disallowed Voters in Burrell Boom Can Apply
    In March, News Five brought you the story of several Belizeans who were disallowed to vote because they did not meet the qualifications as a citizen of Belize. Now, for [...]

    Attorney Andrew Bennett Still Fighting Extradition
    Attorney Andrew Bennett’s fight to stay in Belize continues. Bennett, who is fighting an extradition request from the U.S. Government, appeared on Monday before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. The first [...]

    Man Charged for Sexual Assault of 13-Year-Old Girl
    A father of Lacroix Boulevard in Belize City is in big trouble with the law after a thirteen-year-old child made a report that she was touched inappropriately by a grown [...]

    San Pedro Resident Guilty of Drug Trafficking
    A warrant for the arrest San Pedro resident, Corazon Artulio Cortez was issued this morning by Magistrate Emmerson Banner.  He found the accused guilty of drug trafficking and slapped him [...]

    Measles – Know the Facts
    Tonight, the Ministry of Health is on the alert as cases of the highly infectious measles disease have been reported in neighboring countries. There are no reported cases of measles [...]

    Boca Del Rio Beach and Park Upgraded
    The Ministry of Tourism, Belize Tourism Board and the San Pedro Town Council inaugurated the Boca Del Rio Beach and Park this weekend.  A beachfront was reclaimed along with the [...]

    Belize City Woman ‘Scratch & Win’ $5000
    A Belize City mother will be spending Easter comfortably. That’s because on Monday night after playing the game Scratch and Win, she came up with the lucky ticket she bought [...]

    The Reporter

    ICJ Referendum Injunction Courtroom Drama Continues
    This morning attorneys Kareem Musa and Lisa Shoman appeared before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Despite a move at the Court of Appeal which was unsuccessful...

    Aggressive GAF Shadows BCG On The Sarstoon
    The Reporter has confirmed reports that the Ministry of National Security will issue an official release on an incident in the Sarstoon at around 10:30 this morning.

    High-Speed Contact With Lamp-Post Mangles Car
    The driver of this car is lucky to be alive, after a high-speed crash with a lamp-post on the George Price Hwy. The Reporter has received information of an RTA on the Phillip Goldson Highway, between miles 6 and 7.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Benque Viejo teen runs away from home
    Authorities are investigating a report of a runaway teen from Benque Viejo del Carmen. According […]

    Belize Peace Movement voices concerns over new Referendum Bill
    The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) raised a number of concerns today about the recently approved […]

    Prices for Premium gas hiked (again)
    The price of premium gas is going up effective midnight on April 16, 2019. The […]

    British High Commission donates new vehicle to Belmopan police
    Today, the British High Commission in Belize handed over a brand new vehicle to the […]

    Chinese businessman robbed at gunpoint in Valley of Peace
    Sometime around 4 p.m. yesterday, there was an armed robbery in the Valley of Peace, […]

    Orange Walk teen reported missing
    The public is asked to be on the lookout for a missing Orange Walk teen. […]

    Retired nurse victim of aggravated burglary
    A retired nurse in Orange Walk Town is the victim of aggravated burglary. She is Margarita […]

    Two persons stabbed while walking on Iguana Street, Belize City
    Shortly before 5 p.m. yesterday, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. On arrival, they […]

    Armed robbers rob government agency
    Belize City police are investigating a case of armed robbery. It occurred sometime around 6 […]

    “Will Maheia is the problem,” says Minister of National Security
    According to the Ministry of National Security (MNS), Belizean activist Will Maheia is a major […]

    Measles outbreak in the US and neighbouring countries raises eyebrows in Belize
    In light of the rising number of measles cases globally, the Ministry of Health (MOH) […]

    Supreme Court Registrar robbed at office
    The take may have been meager – approximately 2 thousand dollars in cash and cheques. […]

    Shooting in Belize City; One injured
    Minutes ago there was a shooting in Belize City. It occurred near the Complex Building […]

    Measles cases in the US reach second highest in 25 years reports CDC
    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has reported that cases of […]

    School Easter Break Commences in Belize
    Pre, primary and high school students countrywide began their annual 2-week Easter break yesterday. The […]

    LGBT Organization to host ‘Living Outside the Safety Net’ Symposium in Belize
    In commemoration of the International Family Equality Day (IFED), Our Circle, the new voluntary organization […]

    New swimming area & seawall among new Boca del Rio project
    On Sunday, April 14, 2019, The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) officially launched the Boca del […]


    The Senators various perspectives
    Earlier in our news, we showed Senator Valerie Woods speaking on just how politicised the ICJ Referendum campaign had gotten. Tonight, we review yesterday’s Senate sitting to look at how bad it had gotten and what the Senators’ perceptions are. Jose Sanchez: “Monday’s Senate meeting addressed genuine concerns about the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill …

    Where is Nectali Ico from? Vital Stats doesn’t know but AG says Guatemala
    Dolores Village resident Nectali Ico went on national media in March to complain that twice in 2018 he applied for a birth paper at the Vital Statistics Unit. He hoped to vote in the April referendum and he claimed that when he was told the birth certificate was ready, he showed up at the office …

    Scratch and Win $5,000
    If you have an itch, you scratch. But that urge to scratch is typically considered a bad habit and usually occurs after you are bitten by a mosquito. But there is a new reason to scratch; via a game called Scratch and Win. The latest addition to gaming in Belize was launched in March and …

    British High Commissioner Donates Vehicle to Police
    The Belize Police Department is one of those agencies that often needs Governmental support. While capacity building is offered through various training and workshops, implementing strategy usually means a shifting of manpower across precincts and constant mobilization during operations. Perhaps that’s why it is significant that the British High Commissioner Ms. Claire Evans OBE has …

    La Inmaculada RC Primary School in Orange Walk a hub for burglars
    The La Inmaculada Roman Catholic Primary School in Orange Walk Town has been facing a series of burglaries over the past month and a half. The situation has become so serious that the school administration has issued an alert to parents and the public via social media. School principal, Lenny Umańa says the break-ins began …

    Robbers take over two grand from Valley of Peace grocery store
    There was an armed robbery in the Cayo District that saw a grocery store owner not only lose peace of mind but also two thousand five hundred dollars in cash. Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz, has the details. Fem Cruz- Cayo Correspondent: “There was an armed robbery last night in the village of Valley of Peace …

    Carmelita resident dies eleven days after he was shot to his head in Belize City
    Carmelita resident Oswald Warrior has died. He was shot eleven days ago on April 5, in his face in Belize City. Police report that the 22-year-old, succumbed to his injury this afternoon around one o’clock. Warrior was shot in the left side of his cheek while he walked on Sarstoon Street when he was approached …


    Away we go, to the National Agriculture and Trade Show!
    From Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th, the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds in Belmopan City will come alive hosting the best of Belize’s agricultural industry during the largest festival in the country. Under the theme “Innovations in Technology: Driving a Climate Resilient and Competitive Agriculture and Food Sector,” this year’s National Agriculture and Trade Show 2019 is primed to be the biggest yet.

    Day2: Xuantunich Maya Ruins
    After an exhausting first day on the drive from Placencia, we were ready to explore the ruins. Our plan for the second day was Xuantunich. Only a short 10 drive from San Ignacio towards the Guatamela border, we arrived just in time to watch the group of riders from Hanna Stables cross the ferry. Don’t miss the local food vendors for a quick breakfast before crossing the ferry into the park. Amy’s Diner is across the street, with some of the best food you will find in Belize! Since our last visit they have added several craft and souvenir booths at the entrance. If you are looking to buy…this is the place! Best prices I’ve seen anywhere in the country. We picked up two hammock chairs for $25US each!

    Belize part 1: Cayo District
    A day before my flight to Belize, I feel a little nervous. This is my first visit to Central America and the travel advice is not the most welcoming for the countries in this area. I want to stay long enough to get a good feel of Belize, so I decide to stay for 4 weeks! In the upcoming posts I will share all my experiences with you. How safe is it here? And what are the absolute must do’s in this country? My first stop: West-Belize / Cayo District!

    Things Just Keep Better For Belize’s Environment, Wildlife, And Future
    April 2019 is set to be a big month for the environment as Belize triples the size of protected areas inside its Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, begins banning single use plastic bags, and continues leading the world in sustainable tourism. Sometimes reading about the environment, what with climate change, plastic in the seas, general pollution and the like, can get depressing. But not in little Belize, where big ideas and bold actions often lead to huge outcomes for the environment. Case in point is this week’s (April 2019) announcement of a major expansion to protected areas within Belize’s territorial waters that triples – yes triples – the size of nature reserves within the Belize Great Barrier Reef.

    Discover Belize and You’ll Cross Costa Rica off Your Travel List!
    If you’re all about travel trends, you probably know that Costa Rica is ancient history. The country continues to invest millions to lure tourists to their shores, but like the Wizard hiding behind the Oz spectacle, things aren’t as rosy as they seem. You crave tropical Caribbean splendor that outshines, out-enchants and out-does anything Costa Rica has to offer—and at prices that are downright affordable. Sound too good to be true? Learn why thousands of travelers opt for Belize these days.

    How to Travel to Belize on a Budget
    Belize is an amazing and exotic getaway destination, but the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to travel to Belize. If you’ve been interested in visiting Belize but were worried about affordability, we’ve provided this handy guide for exploring this astonishingly beautiful country on a limited budget. In the United States, all four of the nation’s biggest airlines now fly to Belize, making it easy to find affordable tickets. Southwest, United, Delta, and American Airlines now fly non-stop to Belize from more than a dozen major cities.

    10 Amazing Facts About Actun Tunichil Muknal
    Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave was once used by the ancient Maya but was abandoned in the years before the arrival of the Spanish. Over 1,000 years later, it was rediscovered deep in the jungles of Belize. The Discovery Channel rated ATM Cave as the number one Sacred Cave in the world. The cave is sometimes called the “Cave of the Crystal Maiden” because the remains of a young adult around 20 years old were found in the cave. Its bones have fused with the crystals in the cave and now shines with an unearthly, glittery sheen.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belizean pilot Efrain Guerrero detained in Mexico
    A Mexican media "Contra Corriente" has reported today that a Belizean pilot, Efrain Guerrero has been detained in Mexico pending an investigation for causing an accident with a public bus and running over a jaguar. Tanisha Morales, the wife of Mr. Guerrero, reported to Mexican authorities that her husband tried to avoid knocking the jaguar which ran in front of them. Apparently, in the process of avoiding hitting the jaguar, Mr. Guerrero who was the driver caused the road traffic accident. Belizean authorities have been informed and at best will be trying to deal with this matter in a diplomatic way. Of note is that Tanisha Morales is pregnant and we hope everyone is okay.

    Coconut Lobster Ceviche
    The recipe I have for you today is my take on a dish that is commonly served in Belize, Lobster Ceviche. In Belize, local spiny lobsters are readily available. The local divers will sell them live right from their boats. I have added a few subtle changes to the recipe by adding coconut. As the banquet chef at Tulalip Resort Casino, at times, I am able to incorporate some of the cooking styles and dishes that I have learned from my time working in the Caribbean.

    Hieroglyphic Vase Reveals Amazing Insights into Maya and Eventual Collapse of Civilization
    The discovery of an ancient Maya vase painted with hieroglyphs is the longest Pre-Columbian text ever found in Belize and is offering new information about this once powerful civilization including the reasons for their final demise. The Maya were one of the most important of all the pre-Columbian civilizations, and their influence is witnessed over a vast region. The shattered vase is now helping us to have a better understanding of its Classical Age.


  • COCKSCOMB BOOK 2ND EDITION, 7min. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Its History, Flora and Fauna, Visitors, Teachers and Scientists 2nd Edition” was recently beneath the canopy of some of the country’s most pristine forests. Love News travelled south and spoke to the the publisher, students and stakeholders who say it is a text that is fit for the classroom as well as the home.The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Lennox Gladden from the Ministry of Fisheries, Forest and Climate Change. The book is available in paperback as well as in E-Book format. The editors of the book compiled data from 50 contributing authors.

  • The Dive Bar, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Belize Territorial Volunteers stopped by GAF April 15, 2019, 3.5min.

  • The road to Secret Beach, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1min.

  • Windy day at Secret Beach, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 5min.

  • Belize (Territorial Dispute) Referendum Bill 2019, 47min. Belize (Territorial Dispute) Referendum Bill 2019 was introduced and passed in the House of Representatives on Friday April 12th, 2019. Kareem Musa, Attorney-At-Law, talked with us about the content of the bill and how it impacts on the current constitutional claim against the Special Agreement.

  • The Small Business Development Center Belize - creating economic prosperity, 16.5min. The Small Business Development Center Belize (SBDCBELIZE) , a unit of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), focuses on creating economic prosperity through entrepreneurial development, business innovation, and competitiveness. They were our guest to publicized upcoming training opportunities available for micro, small and medium enterprises.

  • Pink Boutique and the IT Store showcased Easter fashion available at the stores, 39min. Fun Friday on OYE live from the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina. Pink Boutique and the IT Store showcased Easter fashion available at the stores.

  • Food and Drinks available at the Stone Grill and the Baymen's Tavern at the Radisson, 29min. Chef Roy and Gilbert Teck gave us a taste of the food and drinks available at the Stone Grill and the Baymen's Tavern at the Radisson. We sampled tuna grilled on a stone and two healthy drink using coconut and cucumber. On set Chef Roy - Resident Chef, Gilbert Teck - Bartender.

  • Radisson Hotel this year's recipient of the Responsible Business Best Hotel Award, 12min. Congratulations to the Radisson for being this year's recipient of the Responsible Business Best Hotel Award. We spoke with their representatives about the significance of the award and how they are continuing their focus on sustainable practices in the management of the hotel. On set: Sandra Grisham - General Manager, Pat Lamb - Marketing Manager.

  • Late night fire in across from Martin's primary school, 12min.

  • Wildtracks Spider Monkeys Released, min. The first group of Wildtracks spider monkeys are now in the wild! Join us as we watch the moment when they leave the enclosure for the first time...a very emotional moment for all concerned. First reports show that they are staying relatively close to the release enclosure, and returning for food and water - though they are also enjoying the negrito fruit of the nearby trees. Now the tracking team has the task of ensuring their first week goes smoothly, finding and following them each day, and identifying any potential issues.

  • Brett and Tamara’s Belize Trip 2017, 3.5min.

  • Joe's Belizean Cow Foot Soup, 6.5min. Cow Foot Soup is enjoyed all over the Caribbean and especially in Belize. Joe is back in the kitchen showing us how he makes this hearthy and comforting stew.

  • Fish Panades | Harina de Maiz | Store Masa, 6.5min. The last time I made Belizean Fish Panades for the show, many of you said, you couldn't find the masa and asked how to make the masa from scratch. In this video, I'll show you how to make the masa from masa flour or harina de maiz and I'll compare to the store bought masa.

  • Our Martes Santo Procesion del Encuentro annual marimba musical rendition since 2014!, 14min.

    April 16, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Medical Associates to open branch on Ambergris Caye
    A new state-of-the art medical facility at Grand Caribe Resort, north of San Pedro Town has the community a buzz . This medical institution will be an island extension of Belize Medical Associates (BMA), a Belize City-based private hospital and clinic. On April 3rd, BMA officially announced that it is opening a polyclinic on the island and will offer some of the best medical care available. The BMA press release stated that they have seen a need for specialized medical care on the island, both for its residents and the growing tourism sector.

    ABC Preschool’s Easter Show a hopping success!
    ABC Preschool delighted island children during their fun filled Easter Presentation. Held at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Saturday, April 13th, the fundraising event saw a full house of attendees enjoying a live presentation by some of today’s most popular cartoon characters. It was a family affair that had children screaming with joy. The much anticipated event started promptly at 6:30PM, with event organizer, Wilfredo Alamilla welcoming those in attendance. Brining joy to the children through their character impersonations was the team of Star Show Presentation coming from Merida City, Mexico. They opened the show with a lively act by the Easter Bunny and his merry friends.

    Ambergris Today

    BTB Officially Launches Boca Del Rio Project In San Pedro Town
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) officially launched the Boca del Rio project during an inauguration ceremony on Sunday, April 14, 2019 as part of its plan to develop and enhance the attractions and amenities in key tourism destinations in Belize. The launching also included a family day of fun, which included numerous sports, prizes and lively music. The project was a joint initiative of the BTB, the Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and the San Pedro Town Council. It entailed the reclamation of 100 ft. by 370 ft. of the Boca del Rio beachfront; construction of a 100 ft. by 100 ft. swimming area; construction of a reinforced seawall and the installation of signage.

    Ashley Barrientos New San Pedro Lions Queen
    The San Pedro Lions Club has a new beauty queen! Lovely Miss Ashley Barrientos was officially crowned on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the San Pedro Lions Club by outgoing queen Erika Bodden. During the ceremony three lion members; Gonzalo Lara, Nita Marin and Nelly Sabido were given special recognition and awarded a special pin by Lions International.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Northern Border Easter Festivities

    Glenford “Jay” Mcfadzean: Young Belizean Entrepreneur
    Jay can recall that from a young age he was always stunned at how a haircut can make someone look so different. The thought of him becoming a barber never crossed his mind; now look at him he has become “Jay Barber”. He can clearly remember his parents taking him and his five brothers to get a haircut two times a month. It was expensive for six boy! Therefore, his mom invested in a machine that allowed two of his older brothers to start practicing on the others.

    Xunantunich access ramps fail
    The Institute of Archaeology, National Institute of Culture and History would like to advise all Tour Operators, Hoteliers, Tour Guides and members of the General Public that as of 11:30 AM Monday April 15, 2019: The ferry at the Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve has suffered from structural failure on the access ramps. For the time being the ferry is operating with pedestrian traffic only while repairs are on-going.

    Don Feliz Tzib: A Leader with a Great Legacy
    San Antonio Cayo has a long standing history filled with local elected and informal leaders. Today we go way back to one of the patriarchs in our community. He was a great village leader, an active community man, and a loving father to his family. His name is Don Feliz Tzib, who unfortunately died some years ago but left a long lasting legacy and lineage in our community. Don Feliz was both an elected and informal leader in our community who organized events and helped to forge an identity and structural development.

    New sewer disposal service being implemented on Caye Caulker
    Truck will be arriving tomorrow in order to start servicing the septics of those businesses who signed up. Thank you. Please sign up at office.

    Ministry of National Security Comments on Incident on the Sarstoon River
    The Ministry of National Security received reports of an incident at the Sarstoon River which occurred this morning during a visit to that area by a group of individuals led by Mr. Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers. The visitors reported to the security forces at the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base (FOB) and were being escorted through the northern channel of the Sarstoon River when they were intercepted by three Guatemalan vessels that blocked their passage through the river. After making several attempts to outmaneuver the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) vessels to no avail, the visitors and escorts retracted from their attempts.

    Calaz Summer Madness 2019
    The date is set for the 2nd annual Calaz Summer Madness party. Saturday, May 11th, at the new Thirsty Thursdays. DJ Mesmerize will be mixing, as will the Cayo winners of the first two DJ Championships: DJ Iconic and Wicked Vybz. It's a day party, and is part of Music Month. They'll have specials, sports, and shots.

    Books on the Block Fair
    Pictures from the Books on the Block Library Open Day & Street Fair, which was held on Saturday at the BPL. "Collaboration between the Tek Time fi Read Project and the Belmopan Public Library to provide a fun day of encouraging children & teens to read. The games and activities were created and run by the creators of the "Tek Time fi Read Project": the youth groups in the Belmopan Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program. 190 total work hours were put in before the event, split between 30 people (ages 12-24) (plus many hours put in by the library staff)"

    A week of changing forecasts proved that our guides can put anglers in the right position to succeed in all weathers. Bonefish were biting well in all weather conditions. Permit were landed both on the fly and with spin gear.

    Maya leader Marcos Canul
    In April 16,1870 the Maya leader Marcos Canul and his warriors took Corozal town.Viva Marcos Canul !!! Viva su Pueblo Maya !!! In 1867 the British burn down several Yucatec Maya villages in Northwestern Belize like San Pedro Siris,Chunbel Che,Santa Teresa,San Jose Yalbac,Naranjal,Cerro,Santa Cruz and others . Many Maya move more north and others west . The Maya who stayed rebuild their villages and in April 16,1870 they Briefly took Corozal town.

    Annual Easter Egg Hunt in San Pedro
    Monday, April 22, 1pm at the Angel Nunez Auditorium, at the high school

    Channel 7

    Valiant Valerie Abstains
    On Friday in the House of Representatives, former Prime Minister Said Musa made history. He got a standing ovation from the other side of the house when he announced that he would abstain on voting on the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill. That was a form of implicit support for the government side - and a definite diss for the opposition, whose leader had said they would all stand against the bill, which was introduced by the government as a way to fast track and re-schedule the referendum which its currently stuck in the courts. So, that was Friday. Today was Senate day - and all eyes were on Senator Valerie Woods. She has publicly stated that her position - like Musa's - is against the party line: she favors going to the ICJ. So how would she vote today when the bill - which is trying to push ahead with referendum, against PUP wishes - went to the Senate? She didn't disappoint. Senator Woods made it clear that she had arrived at a position after long soul searching.

    PUP Wants Time and Precision In New Law
    And while Senator Woods did exactly what her leader told us on Thursday she would NOT do - the party's Senior senator, Eamon Courtney held the party line and opposed the bill. In a lengthy presentation he went through a long list of substantial objections. He urged full disclosure and a spirit of bipartisanship in open dialogue:,.. Hon. Eamon Courtney- PUP Senator: "Let us sit down as Belizeans and analyze the risk identified by persons like senator Hulse, Mr. Gandhi, Sir Eli, assess it and provide not an absolute guarantee that Belize will not lose any territory because we cannot honestly do that; but tell Belizeans what is the measurement of that risk so that people can make an informed decision..."

    Church Senator Says Don't Procrastinate On Vote
    Senator for the churches, Ashley didn't share that conservative opinion - he said waiting around any more is just procrastination:... Hon. Ashley Rocke, Church Senator: "We have to stop beat around the bush. People want to go to the referendum. Why are we still here today? We've concluded that the real issue in this hold matter is twofold; one is procrastination. Waiting and waiting for God knows what. Instead of us get with the business of the people and move forward. We've also said that the next problem seems to be re-registration. There is clearly discomfort about the whole re-registration process. But we need to be careful what we ask for, for we might just it and we get it, the reality is we must learn to live with it."

    Ashley, God Pikni
    And while Pastor Rocke didn't mince words on why he is in favor of the bill - he surprised the media in the gallery when he turned on them with a stern admonition, straight out of a Sunday service:... Hon. Ashley Rocke, Church Senator: "I don't come here to support any special group, but to listen and to pick sense out of nonsense. That's what I come here to do. So for you there on the camera that go about telling people about Pastor Rocke, I want you all to know that I have been called by God. I am an anointed servant of God and you know what the bible says about touching the Lord's anointed? It says be very careful. I have been sent by the church to say we support the bill."

    Hon. Salas Says Run Di Referendum
    Also supporting the bill was the NGO senator. Senator Osmany Salas explained that - in his view - voters have an appointment with history:.., Hon. Osmany Salas, NGO Sentator: "The opposition say we must hit and a couple of my colleagues have said we must hot the pause button and I have to ask for how long? I heard 2 years. I've heard about a 25 years deepfreeze. The UDP/ Government is adamant that we should have the referendum during this current administration. That is my read. While my read is that the opposition is determine to kick this can down the road. I have to ask to when?

    Labour Opposes New Referendum Bill
    And while the NGO sector and the Churches supported the bill, the labour Senator did not. Senator Elena Smith explained why:... Hon. Elena Smith. Labour Senator: "But they are all concern that this matter has become too political and my job really and truly is not to stand here point and say who started it or who did what. But my role is to say to us that a matter of this nature must not be taken politically. Because when we do so, we are doing a disservice to our Belizean people, because if you are telling me that I must vote my conscience then how can I vote my conscience when people are coming to tell me vote yes, vote no..."

    GOB Wins Senate Vote Easily
    As Panton mentioned, business senator, Mark Lizarraga seemed to have not supported the bill in his presentation - which you'll hear later on. But, on the division - which is where all members have to state their individual vote - he gave a kind of equivocal "no". We'll pick up the voting with Senator Woods on the PUP side with her abstention. This is after the UDP side have all voted yes, And Senator Eamon Courtenay has voted no:

    A Beer Bunker That Would Make Chapo Proud
    We regularly report on contraband busts in the news - bout it seems the smugglers are taking their game to another level - and we mean that literally: that new level seems to be UNDERGROUND! This weekend, Customs got information and went to stake out an area inside a canefield in San Jose/San Pablo - which is in the Orange Walk District. At first all they saw were some coconut palms strewn on the ground, but a closer look showed a handle for a cement covering - much like the kind you would find on a septic tank. When they lifted that up they found a beer bunker! 35 cases of contraband stored underground - in an area no search would ever find.

    Special Agreement Case Goes to Court
    In our last segment , we showed you the heated debate on the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill. As we told you, this bill seeks to put the ICJ referendum back on track - a very fast track - after the PUP got the Supreme Court injunction to delay it two weeks ago. The PUP lawsuit which led to that injunction went back before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin today for a first hearing. The Court was supposed to start reviewing the PUP's complaint against that agreement at this first hearing today with a case management conference.

    UDP Candidate/Attorney Takes Up Case Against Chief Elections Officer
    But while these 2 courts grapple with the Special Agreement lawsuit, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai finds herself trying to put out a fire at the Elections and Boundaries Department. A registering officer has accused her of playing politics to break regulations so that a well-known UDP could have made it on the list of voters in time for the ICJ referendum. She has additionally accused the Chief of victimizing her for refusing to follow that directive. We've seen a letter dated April 11th, 2019 from attorney Darrell Bradley to Chief Elections Officer Tamai. In it, he states that he is acting on behalf of his client, Jerrylyn Bruce, a registering officer who has worked at the Elections and Boundaries Department for over 15 years. In this lawyer letter, Bradley is asking the Chief Elections Officer to reverse disciplinary action against Bruce.

    Chief Elections Officer Explains A Complicated Case
    So since the Chief Elections Officer was put on blast in the Senate today, she agreed to grant us an interview to refute all allegations. Additionally, she told us that she has evidence which indicates that Jerrylyn Bruce may have been negligent on the job, which could have disenfranchised Trevor Bradley, had she not stepped in. She told us that she could not get into any details of the case because the matter will end up before the Public Service Commission, which will require Bruce to make a formal defence. She did add, however, that she did not do anything to bring her office into disrepute, and that she was simply ensuring that a born Belizean, who is qualified to be re-registered, wasn't excluded from the referendum vote. Here are her comments:

    Mark and Mike Spar In Senate
    And all that re-registration back and forth also came up at the Senate today. Business Senator Mark Lizarraga, started out by talking about his difficulties with the new referendum bill, and then went into what he sees as one of the biggest problems - which is what he described as a mess at the Vital Stats Unit. That incensed the Attorney General who is responsible for that Department - and that led to a testy response: Hon. Mark Lizarraga, Business Senator: "We are absolutely not saying that the people don't have a right to a referendum to decide, but we have a lot of work to be done, we believe and this is an opportunity for us. It's an opportunity for the prime minister..."

    Another Sarstoon Showdown, "Sake-A Will?"ť
    And turning now directly to Belize/Guatemala relations on the ground, Wil Maheia and the territorial volunteers took a trip to the Sarstoon river this morning. They took the blogger , Rhenae Nunez with them, and she saw first hand what we've been showing you since 2015. Guatemalan gunboats menacingly followed them from the time they entered the Mouth of the river, until they left. Here's what Nunez had to say after experiencing that threatening presence from Guatemalan military closely watching their movements while she was there: Rhenae Nunez - Sarstoon Trip Participant: "I said when we started out that today is gonna be rather historic for me, and for me to witness this first hand. I've only seen footage. I've only seen videos when you've been out here, when other concerned Belizeans have been out here..."

    Teenager Hallucinates, Then Drowns
    Turning now to police news, a 16 year old Dangriga boy drowned during a fishing trip. Fredrick Lammey was with relatives and friends when he started to act strange at the fishing camp. The report is he started to hallucinate and that is when the group took him back to Dangriga, but on the way there, he plunged into the water and never resurfaced. Family and friends had been searching for him until they found his body on Saturday afternoon. Here is police on this odd case. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC, CIB Belize City: "What police gather so far is that Monday the 8th of April, he left with family and friends to go fishing and while he was at the fishing camp, it was reported that he began to behave in a certain way ..."

    Hopkins Hotheads End Up In Shooting Situation
    Also in the south, two men just couldn't keep their cool after an altercation in Hopkins and they shot at a vehicle - injuring 25 year old Toledo resident Jessy Cal. It happened around midnight this morning. Police told us more about this confrontation turned shooting incident. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC, CIB Belize City: "What police gathered so far is that just at about 11:00, Jessy Cal and another friend were socializing in Hopkins Village when they got into an altercation with a group of male persons..."

    Pistol Pierces Plam
    A Fabers road man was shot in the palm on Friday night around 7:30. Cashief Myvett was walking down through an alley on Dolphin street when the assailant pounced on him. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, C.I.B., Belize City: "On 12th April, sometime around 7:30pm CIB personnel visited the KHMH and there they discovered Mr. Cashief Myvett, 26-year-old resident of Faber's Road. He was suffering from a gunshot wound to the right palm. He relayed to police that he was walking through an alley on Dolphin Street when shots were fired and he received the injury. No one is detained; police are investigating at this time."

    Anisha's Family Remains Desperate For Answers
    It's been about 5 months since Anisha Young went missing. Still, her family is not giving up until they find her remains. They have been following leads and tips but it's only led to dead ends, and, still, no Anisha. Today her cousin Sheree Salgado told us it seems police have hit a dead end in her case because there hasn't been any new developments or updates.

    Eamon No Acrobat, He Says
    Turning back now to today's Senate meeting - the PUP's senior senator Eamon Courtenay spent a fair portion of his presentation going back over the PUP's long established opposition to the Special Agreement not being taken to the House of Representatives. And he took special mention of this newscast because we roped him in as one of those acrobats, who flip and flop- across issues. Today he said he's been on record from before the signing saying it must go the house of representatives for approval:..

    Over A Dozen Bush Fires On Weekend
    Instead of "rain, rain go away" Belizeans all over the country are crying "heat, heat go away" - unless you were sipping on a chilled drink near a beach this weekend, you would have felt like you were melting under the smothering heat. And with all this heat comes burning flames - bush fires! And this weekend, the fire department had to respond to over 20 fires all over the country. Station Officer at the National Fire Service Orin Smith says the department can only do so much so they are asking you, the public to be responsible and alert and to protect yourself and your property.

    Cops Says Past Caught Up With Gallego
    On Friday we told you how Joshua Gallego died after he was ambushed and shot on Thursday afternoon on North Creek Street. He had just dropped off his wife and child at their home. Today at the bi-weekly press briefing police gave their official report on this murder and said they are looking into Gallego's past for a possible motive.

    Man Who Supplied Car For Robbery Charged
    A man has been charged in connection with last week's early morning robbery of Homever Supermarket at mile 13 on the Philip Goldson Highway. But it wasn't the robbers who were nabbed, it was the man who supplied the getaway vehicle - 28 year old bartender Pavilou Garbutt. He was charged with abetment to commit robbery when he appeared today before Magistrate Khadeem Palmer. Garbutt pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was released on a bail of $3,000 and his case was adjourned until June 13th.

    Cops Shoot Runaway Robber
    Ladyville police shot a run-away robber in the leg. This is after the robber and his accomplice allegedly pointed a gun at the cops. Police told us more. Lanza is under police guard at the hospital. The other robber is still at large.

    The Beauty and Beach Bounty Of Boca Del Rio
    The Belize Tourism Board and the San Pedro Town Council recently finished giving the Boca Del Rio area of the island a major facelift. It's called the Boca Del Rio Project, and it included reclaiming beachfront that was washed away due to erosion. Once that was completed, the contractors constructed a 100 feet by 100 feet swimming area, a reinforced seawall, as well as other amenities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. The total cost of the works is estimated at over $250,000, and it was carried out by the San Pedro construction company, Cayo Frances Limited.

    SEXUAL ASSAULT TO COURT 26 year-old Glenford Alvarez, a fisherman from Lacroix Boulevard, is at prison tonight after he was taken to court for allegedly committing sexual assault against a 13 year-old girl. The child, in the presence of her father, told police that sometime in the month of February 2019, she was at home watching television when she saw Alvarez masturbating by the doorway. In a second incident, the child reported that she was asleep on a sofa when she felt someone rubbing her leg.

    Channel 5

    Tensions at the Sarstoon! GAF Blocks Belize’s Security Forces
    At around ten-thirty this morning, tensions were running high as members of the Guatemalan Armed Forces attempted to block the path of members of the Belize Coast Guard.  Video footage [...]

    Party Politics at Elections & Boundaries Department?
    The Senate met today and we will come to all the debate on the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill 2019. But first in the course of the debate, Senator Eamon Courtenay [...]

    Former Mayor Darrell Bradley Exposes Chief Elections Officer
    Senator Courtenay went on to expose what seems to be a clear misuse of Tamai’s post as Chief Elections Officer.   Eamon Courtenay, Lead P.U.P. Senator “What was wrong was [...]

    Chief Elections Officer Responds to Claims
    While all that information was revealed in the Senate, this evening, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai responded to the claims contained in the letter by attorney and former U.D.P. Belize [...]

    Josephine Tamai Refutes Claims of Political Victimization
    In the letter, Bradley, on behalf of Jerrylyn Bruce accuses Tamai of political victimization and demands that it cease immediately. Bruce who has been transferred to the central office and [...]

    Is Naboo System Faulty?
    The Chief Elections Officer also responded to the assertion that the Naboo Online System has an automatic feature of trying to correct itself and deleting any duplication instead of flagging [...]

    Senate Meets to Debate New Referendum Legislation
    A vote by division in the Senate came shortly after four o’clock this afternoon following passage on Friday of the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019. The vote ended in [...]

    What’s Up With I.C.J. Litigation Risk?
    Government, in its media blitz, continues to put forward that Belize has an ironclad case should the territorial claim with Guatemala be taken to the I.C.J. for resolution.  But the [...]

    Valerie Woods Abstains from Voting on New Referendum Bill in Senate
    Back to the debate in the Senate. Last Friday, the former PM Said Musa voted to abstain in the House on the same referendum bill. That position happened again in [...]

    Senator Elena Smith Votes No
    The social partners added to the debate on the new referendum bill. While the N.G.O. senator Osmany Salas voted yes, Trade Unionist Elena Smith raised several concerns relating to the [...]

    Pastor Rocke Picks Sense Out of Nonsense
    While there were various reasons given by the senators on why to or not to support the new referendum bill, Senator Ashley Rocke gave his perspective on behalf of the [...]

    G.O.B. Wants I.C.J. Interim Injunction Discharged
    The first hearing of the Opposition’s suit against the Government of Belize with respect to the writ of referendum was scheduled to be heard today in the courtroom of Chief [...]

    Will P.U.P. Mount Another Legal Challenge?
    Representing the People’s United Party today in place of lead attorney, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay was attorney Kareem Musa. According to Musa, his clients have been consulted with respect to [...]

    Missing Minor Drowned in Southern Waters
    Going into the weekend, there was a report on a sixteen-year-old who went missing at sea during a trip to South Water Caye. Last Monday, Frederick Lammey Juniour went on [...]

    An Altercation Escalates into a Shooting in Hopkins
    There was gun violence over the weekend in Belize City, Ladyville and Hopkins. The most recent occurred just after twelve this morning in the southern village of Hopkins. Jessie Cal [...]

    Shot to the Hand in an Alley off Fairweather Street
    The gun violence started on Friday night during news time.  Just after seven p.m., Faber’s Road resident Cashief Myvett was targeted by a gunman as he walked into an alley [...]

    A Police-Involved Shooting in Ladyville; 1 Suspect under Police Guard
    There is a criminal and an internal investigation ongoing following a police-involved shooting on Sunday night in Ladyville. According to police, Shawn Lanza remains under police guard at the Karl [...]

    Still No Arrests for the Murder of Joshua Gallego
    There are still no arrests for the murder of Joshua Gallego, which occurred last Thursday evening on North Creek, Belize City.  Gallego was shot in the afternoon and succumbed at [...]

    Eagle JEM Estate – a Housing Project by the Holy Redeemer Credit Union
    A new housing project was launched over the weekend that presents exciting opportunities to prospective homeowners. The “Eagle Jem Estate” is located just outside Belize City. It is by the [...]

    Casting Call Gets Underway of the Next Miss Universe Belize
    Casting call for the next Miss Belize got underway this weekend and will continue online. While beauty is an integral part, the Miss Universe Belize Director says inner confidence is [...]

    Brushfires Popping Up Everywhere; Fire Department Issues Notice
    The Belize National Fire Service is today imploring for residents to practice responsible burning and maintenance of properties, particularly within rural and countryside areas. The notice comes on the heels [...]

    The Weekend in Sports with James Adderley
    Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports....]

    The Reporter

    Man Goes Missing From Succotz Village, Family Seeks Public’s Help
    The family of Geraldo Puc, 28, a nurse of Succotz Village, Cayo, is asking the public to assist them with information leading to his whereabouts. Puc stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall, was last seen wearing a blue Polo shirt, blue short pants and brown shoes.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Receipt book stolen from Belize City Council
    The Belize City Council today issued a notice informing the public that a receipt book […]

    Broken main water line cuts off water in Mahogany Heights
    Residents of Mahogany Heights village are without water tonight because the main distribution line is […]

    Ministry of National Security condemn actions of Guatemalan Armed Forces at Sarstoon
    The Ministry of National Security has issued a statement condemning the actions of the Guatemalan […]

    Man shot in Hopkins
    Shortly after midnight today, police visited the Southern Regional Hospital where they met Jason Cal. […]

    Ladyville police shoot suspected robber
    Over the weekend Ladyville police were responding to a burglary in progress when officers encountered […]

    Police: Can’t share motive in murder of Joshua Gallego, 26
    On Thursday afternoon, Joshua Gallego, 26, was gunned down in Belize city. According to police, […]

    Police release info on Dolphin Street shooting
    On Friday around 7:30 p.m., Belize City Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. There, […]

    Referendum Bill assured of passage with NGO Senator in support
    Add another vote to the ‘YES’ column in today’s Senate debate – from NGO Senator Osmany […]

    The PUP division in the national assembly
    It could be argued that their vote made little difference; indeed, one of them even […]

    Toledo family lose everything to fire
    The home of a family in Machakilha, Toledo was completely destroyed by fire today. According […]

    Kaya Cattouse wins 30th Annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic
    It was by the closest of margins, but the victory in Sunday’s 30th Annual Women’s […]

    New date set for referendum case
    Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has set April 29th as the date to hear arguments in […]

    US Embassy recognizes young Belizean entrepreneur
    Every month,the United States Embassy in Belize highlights the work of young Belizean entrepreneurs. For […]

    After days of over 100 degree temperatures, cooler weather is expected
    The National Meteorological Center is forecasting for cooler temperatures today. Partly cloudy skies with a […]


    Benque Viejo Marching Band is the 2019 Bandfest Champs
    Busloads of students, teachers, parents and spectators flocked to Orange Walk on Saturday for the annual Bandfest event. Bandfest 2019 saw new choreographies, new skills and brand new winners. Here is a recap of what happened and a look at the new winners for this year’s event. Dalila Ical: “The day started out with a …

    Students and teachers Give Good Marks to Audubon’s Cockscomb Book
    While the people in PG spent time hearing scripture from the good book, our next story is also about a specially recommended book that’s getting good reviews. “The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Its History, Flora and Fauna, Visitors, Teachers and Scientists 2nd Edition” was recently beneath the canopy of some of the country’s most pristine …

    Police investigate three separate shootings, one involves a police officer
    Police are investigating a series of shooting incidents that have taken place since Friday, April 12. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino of the Crimes Investigation Branch says that on that date, shortly after seven o’clock in the night, shots rang out on Dolphin Street, Belize City. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino C.I.B.: “Sometime around 7:30 PM C.I.B. personnel visited …

    Senate passes Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019
    On Friday the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019 went through all three stages in the House. There were firestorms of retorts slung back and forth between the United Democratic Party Government and the Opposition, Peoples United Party. Outside on the steps of parliament, several buses of pro ICJ demonstrators were bussed in to demonstrate …

    Christians celebrate Palm Sunday feast
    Christians across the country celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday. The annual celebration is held on the Sunday before Easter. For some, it highlights Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and is traditionally celebrated by the blessing and distribution of palm branches representing the palm branches the crowd scattered in front of Christ as he rode into Jerusalem. The …

    Will Honduras Join Guatemala in Claim against Belize at the ICJ?
    Perhaps one of the most notable information shared at the Senate Meeting came from former Foreign Minister and current PUP Senator Eamon Courtney. Senator Courtenay insisted that the Government amend the Maritime Areas Act before agreeing to the referendum. He said that the country has not considered that Honduras also has a stake in at …

    Fire Service issues call for safer practices
    This afternoon Station Manager of the National Fire Service, Orin Smith addressed the matter of bush fires, saying that it has been frequent in recent weeks. This weekend alone Smith says they responded to numerous calls of bush fires across the country; some he says were avoidable. Orin Smith Station Officer, National Fire Service: “The …

    Senators Debate the merits of the Referendum bill, PUP Senator Abstains
    As we noted, the debate was heated and the Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte held the floor for more than half hour, speaking of the intentional misinformation being circulated. Love News was at today’s sitting and we file the following report. Jose Sanchez: “The debate in the Senate did not have all the fireworks of the …


    My Week in San Pedro, Belize
    Last week was…crazy hot. Though the temperature in San Pedro doesn’t move very much – hovering around the mid-80s, the sun was INTENSE and the humidity powerful. It felt way hotter than that. But heat stops no man. Or blogger. And it’s VERY busy at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly. Here are tons of snapshots from my week. Some time in town – some time at the camp. Let’s start with town.

    A Sunday Walk in Corozal Town
    Easter Vacation is Finally here for Primary Schools around Corozal and High Schools around Corozal. And, kids are very happy to be out of classes for Easter Break. Some travel abroad or some stay at home. But, parents find a way to keep their child from doing something positive. On Sunday, April 14, 2019, I went out to Scoop pictures around Corozal. It was Palm Sunday a day each Catholic Church respects the day, each year before Easter weekend. Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1–9), when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest on Holy Thursday and his crucifixion on Good Friday. It thus marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize cancels Atlantic International Bank’s licence
    The Government of Belize has revoked the licence of Atlantic International Bank due to deterioration of its liquidity condition. The government cancelled the bank’s unrestricted ‘A’ Class International Banking Licence following the recommendation of the country’s central bank. The licence revocation will prevent Atlantic International Bank from conducting international banking business. In November last year, the United States Federal Trade Commission named Atlantic International Bank in a lawsuit involving fraud related to certain transactions.


  • Corozal, 3min. Let your traveling feet take you to Belize's northermost district. Corozal is the northen hub of a strong cultural diversity with the Maya Mestizo, Yucatec Maya, East Indian, Garifuna, Chinese, Hindu and others. It is and up and coming favourite destination sitting along its charming soapy-emerald green waters of the Corozal Bay. Music by Daddy Yankee - "Con Calma"

  • Special Sitting Of The Senate | National Assembly Chamber, Belmopan, 7.5hr.

  • Armed Robbery Caught on Camera, 1min. Footage shows three armed men with their faces covered robbing a store tonight. They targeted Tom’s Store in Valley of Peace, Cayo. During the robbery, the cashier was reportedly hit in the face. The thieves got away with about $2500.

  • Sharks, Rays, Barrier Reef Snorkel & Island Escape, 14min.

  • Belize Indian Community Holi Festival of Colors 2019, 2.5min. Celebrating Holi Festival of Colors 2019 in Belize organized by the Belize Indian Community.

  • Belize Honeymoon Vlog, 14min. Kendall Moore and I spent our honeymoon exploring the amazing country of Belize! From diving and sailing the second largest reef in the world, to exploring jungle caves and visiting Tikal in Guatemala.

  • You gotta see it to Belize it: Hopkins, 3min. Chris and Peter escape from a crazy Couchsurfer host, swim in a waterfall, and get bitten to death by mosquitoes.

  • Hummingbird Save!, 1min. We found this hummer on the ground after some heavy rain downpour and it was too tired to fly away. Special thanks to @belizebirdrescue as they told us how to handle it and it was a total success.

    April 15, 2019


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: History
    “Eight ball in the corner pocket,” Vernon said, before sinking it neatly. He chalked up his pool cue and said, “Where’s Mario tonight, anyway. He’s usually not late.” Me, Mario, Vernon, Juan, and Moises make up the Nosénada Club. We meet at a local bar twice a week for what we call our pool or darts tournament. Nosénada translates roughly as “I Know Nothing.” If a wife calls for us, the other members admit to knowing nothing. “Maybe he’s studying,” Moises said. “Remember, he signed up to finish classes so he can get his high school diploma.”

    Letter to the Editor: The garbage is keeping tourists away
    Hi, I am in Canada, have never been to Belize. I am researching a trip to the Caribbean with friends right now and came across news articles about the garbage. Up until recent in the internet the pictures of Ambergris Caye and Belize have been pictures of paradise. Sickening to see the real today pictures now of garbage and slum life no one wants to travel to and zero concern for the environment. I had actually heard comments from some people who had been there, and I thought they were exaggerating. I see now they were not. They are warning people not to travel to Belize. Not only will I never go there now or my friends, but the word is spreading fast about the filth.

    Doctor Love: Hand Enough
    My husband snores like a freight train, and I have dealt with interrupted sleep for years. I mentioned separate bedrooms, and he got worried. Will it kill our love-life to sleep in different rooms? /s/ Sleepless in San Pedro Dear Sleepless Before slipping off to the spare room, research snoring aids and give them all a try. If they fail, turn date night into a sexy invitation to your bedroom—or his bedroom. Or any room that takes your fancy.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Sarteneja Easter Regatta Fest 2019
    April 21, 9am until...

    Orchid Bay Easter Bash 2019
    April 21, 10am-8pm.

    Sarteneja, Corozal Looks Spiffy
    If this kid can do it, so can you. For the past couple of weeks, a host of Sartenejaos and expat residents have been involved in mega clean up activities and the installation of more decorated waste containers around the village. Villagers and residents alike have volunteered to pick up and empty, on a rotation basis, the decorated waste containers that dot our beautiful village.The clean up campaign and involvement of the community has been immense, leading to our Easter Regatta activities that will be taking place this coming weekend. Sarteneja is extending a warm and open arm welcome to all visitors, residents, neighbours, sisters and brothers to visit our wonderful and peaceful village this holiday Easter weekend and to experience our culture and our world famous Easter Regatta.

    Belize Electricity Limited cautions the public that a false statement is circulating on social media that mockingly announces a power outage. DO NOT SHARE! DO NOT REPOST!

    Boca Del Rio Grand Opening & Family Day
    20 photos

    Band Fest 2019
    The BTB is a proud sponsor of Band Fest 2019, which took place in Orange Walk Town this Saturday at the People's Stadium. 11 bands performed, with Benque Viejo Band emerging as this year's champions!

    Happy 5th Birthday to the Inspiration Center!
    The establishment of the Inspiration Center was a huge step forward for our community’s development and the last five years have definitely been filled with impactful services and a hope for much more to be achieved. Currently serving around 479 children each month, this haven has the potential to expand and reach many more children and families. Thank you to the board of executive directors, staff and volunteers at the Inspiration Center who continue to work hard in ensuring that no child is left behind! Again, to all who made it possible and continue to make it possible - thank you from all of us! The Inspiration Center

    The Reporter

    The Barrow administration was handed yet another crushing legal defeat at the Court of Appeal on April 8th; the second such defeat in less than a week. The Barrow administration’s seemingly unstoppable referendum locomotive was firstly derailed on April 3rd when the Chief Justice [CJ] granted an interim injunction to what is effectively the PUP. Although the PUP was not a Claimant per se, all the Claimants are leaders of the PUP.

    Kaya Cattouse Wins 30th Female Cross Country Cycling Race
    Kaya Cattouse, veteran female rider from the C-Ray Cycling team bested a field of 10 other riders to snag this year’s 30th Annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic today. After 70 grueling miles from in front of the Colombus Park in San Ignacio Town, Cayo, Kaya Cattouse, crossed the finish line on Newtown Barracks in Belize City first. Alicia Thompson was second.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    1 man rushed to hospital after shooting in Lords Bank
    ur newsroom has received reports of a shooting in the Belize District. It occurred late last night in Lords Bank, Belize. According to reports, one person received injuries and was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment.

    Belmopan teen reported missing
    The public is asked to be on the lookout for Jasmine Ingrid Ramirez, 15. The Belmopan teen was reported missing today. She was last seen on Saturday.

    Belize Tourism Board reports increases in arrivals, but down year predicted
    Tourism continues to pilot the Belizean economy, and the good news through the first quarter of 2019 is that it is as strong as ever in terms of tourist arrivals. Industry stakeholders we have spoken to say they are not feeling the effects of the growth in arrivals either by overnight or on cruise ships.

    Police: Missing youth drowned
    Police have released an official report on a youth found dead yesterday. He is Fredrick Gilbert Lammey Jr. Lammey was reported missing two days ago by his cousin Jael Sjogreen. Sjogreen told police that on April 8, 2019, he, Lammey and two other persons went fishing to South Water Caye but Lammey began to act strange.


    Mango Season Belize
    What Kind of Mango do you like in Belize? Mango season in Belize begins around the end of April and runs through June or July. There are over 15 different mango varieties in Belize, and they are eaten and enjoyed throughout the different stages of ripeness. Everyone in Belize loves Mango. For those of you who don't know, a mango is a fruit only grown in the tropical areas of the world and from my point of view - the most delicious fruit in the Caribbean. The taste is hard to describe, but the closest thing I've heard is that of a Japanese persimmon. Mangoes vary in shape from a slipper to horse's eye with almost as many different names. Julie, Slipper, Sugar, Thundershock, Number Eleven and Bellyful, Blue, Judge wig and Apple mangoes are just a few types commonly seen in Belize.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize Prisons Offer Softer Touch than Latin American Counterparts
    Latin America’s prison system has long had a reputation for being corrupt, often acting as an incubator for organized crime groups and their criminal activities. But a small Central American nation is taking a different approach, one that views inmates as human beings in need of rehabilitation. It wasn’t always this way. Before a Catholic-oriented non-governmental organization known as the Kolbe Foundation was contracted to manage Belize’s prison system in 2002, it wasn’t uncommon to see prison staff abusing inmates and prisoners harming one another with alarming frequency.


  • Bird Rescue and Banding in the Tropics Belize 2019, 8min. Volunteering at Belize Bird Rescue, assisting with daily chores involved with rehabilitating wild birds with the end goal of release back into their natural habitat. Sometimes birds are deemed non-releasable due to physical or psychological limitations in which case BBR provides them with sanctuary until a suitable forever home is found. These resident birds require constant care from volunteers, and in the case of flocking birds such as parrots, social interaction is crucial to their mental well-being.

  • New beach at the Boca Del Río Area, 4min.

  • Toledo Christian Academy, Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Diving Sept 2018, 5min.

  • Ambergris Cay Belize 2019, 20min. diving fishing

  • You Better Belize It! Diving & Kite Fishing Ambergris Caye, Belize, 10min. Just off the coast of central Belize, you'll find one of the most exceptional islands for fishing and diving in the entire Caribbean. Ambergris Caye, just a quick jumper flight or ferry ride from BZE, is a perfect destination for adventure travelers who revel in the opportunity to experience pristine coral reef diving, epic snapper fishing, exceptional back country fly fishing for bonefish or permit, and phenomenal offshore fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna, and as many barracudas as you can stand.

  • St John's Lenten Parade in Belize City, 1.5min. Parade from Court House to Church

  • Belize 2019 Turneffe, 8.5min. Dives in Turneffe Atoll - Belize - Central America - March 2019. Dives mainly South of Turneffe and at the Great Blue Hole. Blacktip Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, Green Moray Eel, Spotted Eagle Ray, Southern Stingray, Groupers (eating speared Lionfish), Spiny Lobster, Flamingo Tongue, Yellowtail Grunts,

  • Belize - Pook's Hill, 13min. Spring Break 2019 finds our extended family on an adventure to Belize! Join us in this episode as we travel to Pook's Hill, settle in and explore the jungle and Mayan ruins. Special thanks to Grandma Judi for making this trip possible and to Auntie Deana for the planning.

  • Exploring Belize, 6min. Grateful I was able to capture the essence of a wonderful family vacation.

  • Boca Del Rio Grand Opening, 23min.

  • Boca Del Rio Grand Opening, 2.5min.

    April 14, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    A below average hurricane season predicted for 2019
    A well-known hurricane research team from the Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America (USA), has released its initial predictions for this year’s hurricane season. The season begins on June 1st, and the highly respected team, who has been issuing tropical outlooks for the past 35 years, is predicting a slightly below average forecast with a total of 13 named storms, five hurricanes, including two major storms. According to the report from the CSU, the current weak El Nińo phenomenon appears likely to persist and perhaps strengthen this summer or autumn. This means that sea surface temperatures averaged across the Caribbean Sea are slightly below normal, and the distant North Atlantic Ocean cooler.

    Recycled hopscotch set installed at Holy Cross Anglican School
    Holy Cross Anglican School students can now enjoy a recycled hopscotch set that was installed at their school on Tuesday, April 9th. The hopscotch blocks are made from recycled glass collected during various clean-up campaigns hosted by San Pedro Clean and Green. According to Dawn Schick of San Pedro Clean and Green, this will hopefully teach the children that recycling is now available on the island and that they should protect their environment. Schick further told The San Pedro Sun that on the first week of May they plan to launch their educational program at the various schools on the island, explaining recycling and the importance of keeping the environment clean.

    San Pedro Smile Center Dental Clinic celebrates 13 years of service
    For the past 13 years, the San Pedro Smile Center Dental Clinic, located at the Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS) in the San Mateo Area of San Pedro Town, has been hosting volunteers that provide free dental services to Belizean children and other members of the community. The clinic also educates children on the importance of good dental care, with the hope that they can pass on that same mentality to residents of their community and even their own children in the future. The HCAS Smile Center was founded by Dr. Mark Johnson from Annandale, Minnesota, USA. Over the years, Dr. Johnson and his wife Joan, a dental hygienist, have been organizing and coordinating efforts to have the clinic up and running so that volunteer dentists can come to San Mateo Area to provide effective and efficient services to the students.

    Atlantic Bank Limited announces new innovative services at annual business mixer in San Pedro Town
    Under the theme ‘Building the future together; Efficiency through Innovative Technology,’ Atlantic Bank Limited (ABL) San Pedro Town Branch, held its annual business mixer on Tuesday, April 9th at Caprice Bar and Grill. Several members of the business community and guests attended the event, which started at 6PM, and where they learned about the new additions and improvements the bank has to offer to their clients for 2019 and beyond. Attendees were then introduced to the new feature of ABL: its dual interface Point of Sale (POS) and card launch. The new service includes chip and contactless-enabled POS terminals with new cards that will perform both contact and contactless payments at any chip and contactless ABL’s enabled POS terminals.

    Hol Chan announces activities for Reef Fest 2019
    Hol Chan Marine Reserve has announced the various activities that will be taking place during their annual Reef Fest, to be held from Tuesday, May 7th to Saturday, May 11th under the theme: “Our Reef, Our Life, Our Responsibility. Get involved.” For the past 13 years, Hol Chan has been celebrating Belize’s Barrier Reef System through a week of activities, aimed at raising awareness on the importance of protecting and preserving the marine environment. This year’s Reef Fest will kick-off at 9:30AM on Tuesday, May 7th with a primary school Educational Puppet Show at the Lions Den in downtown San Pedro. The following day, the highly anticipated primary school Trivia Competition will take place at the Lions Den. The competition will start at 9:30AM and challenges students’ knowledge of Belize’s ecosystem, flora, and fauna, as well as the laws pertaining to the protection of the environment. That night, the Official Reef Fest Launch will take place at the San Juan Roundabout at 7:30PM. This a new event added to the calendar this year so be ready for a surprise.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Origin Restaurant opens in San Pedro
    The island's first all Plant Based Menu is here. Origin Restaurant opens doors today in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Located on Back Street. Breakfast: 7a.m. - 10a.m. Lunch: 11:30a.m.- 2:30p.m.

    CCC Marching Band at Band Fest 2019!
    Lots of great photos!

    Congratulations to all the bands that took part. Best Choreographed Band 2019 - Benque Viejo Marching Band - Cayo Most Improved Band 2019 - Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico Ambassador Marching Band - Corozal Most Popular Band 2019 (decided by text voting ) - Corozal Community College Marching Band - Corozal NEW Drumline Category Champion 2019 - Corozal Community College Marching Band - Corozal

    Provision of transportation services for Police Officers & other employees of the Ministry of National Security
    Great News for Police Officers in Corozal traveling to work in Orange Walk and Belize City. The Commissioner of Police's Office announced that the Belize Police Department has re-engaged with the Belize Transit System (BTS), for the provision of transportation services for Police Officers & other employees of the Ministry of National Security. The contract is for transportation services between Corozal Town to Belize City & vice versa. Please note that this re-engagement will see the Police Officers paying less than the standard charge.

    Band Fest 2019
    The BTB is a proud sponsor of Band Fest 2019, which took place in Orange Walk Town this Saturday at the People's Stadium. 11 bands performed, with Benque Viejo Band emerging as this year's champions!

    The Chom(Vulture) the Maya legend
    Legend has it that in Uxmal, one of the most important cities of El Mayab, lived a king who liked parties very much. One day, it occurred to him to organize a great celebration in his palace to honor the Lord of Life, called Hunab ku, and to thank him for all the gifts he had given to his people. The king of Uxmal ordered the preparations for the party well in advance. He also invited princes, priests and warriors from the neighboring kingdoms, sure that his celebration would be better than any other and that everyone would envy him later. Thus, he was waiting for his palace to be adorned with the rarest flowers, as well as preparing delicious dishes with venison and turkey from the bush. And he could not miss the balché, an intoxicating liquor that the guests would love.

    The Reporter

    Hard Work Pays Off, Small Businessman Attests
    Ramon Joya, 37, has raised his four children through hard work each and every day. In fact, while most of us are still sleeping at 2:00 a.m., Ramon’s day is already entering full swing. That is when he starts to grind several hundred ears of corn to make the hot corn meals he serves up in front of Gwen Liz High School every school day and at the Michael Finnegan Market on Saturdays.

    Emotions Ran High During Debate Over ICJ Referendum
    The debate over the ICJ Referendum Bill, introduced by Prime Minister Dean Barrow was not without its fair share of emotions and candid exchanges and at the end of the day, each member except for two – one who abstained and the other who was absent – held their political party lines.

    UPDATE – Body Of Teen Who Went Missing at Sea Found
    The body of Fredrick Lammey Jr., 16, has been found in front of Coco Plum Island, a few miles away from Dangriga Town, and his immediate family believes that there is more to the story and have asked the Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to his death.

    Belizean Detainees Dodge a Bullet
    Late on Thursday evening, the Ministry of National Security issued a press release confirming that four Belizeans, including two law enforcement officers who were detained for firearm-related offense in Guatemala, have been released from custody. The release confirmed that Police Constable Fabian Laurie, Coast Guard Officer Seaman Pedro Colomer, and civilians Kevin Hernandez and Jerille Laurie are expected to arrive in Belize on April 12th.

    Alcohol, Whorehouses & Sad Songs
    By: Mike Rudon Jr. – It is difficult, even now – or maybe especially now, to explain what alcohol did to me. I started writing these columns some months back, and rode them out through the darkest times of my life. There were honestly times I thought I wouldn’t make it through, as I fought alcohol and depression. I think fought may be too strong a word – because I gave in much more than I fought. It is hard to gain perspective in those times. It is even harder to get on stable footing.

    Belize’s Sustainable Economic Growth
    By Nefretery Marin - Prime Minister Barrow’s vision for infrastructural development was ingenious, visionary and well needed. His investments were well planned out; I have always commended him on this. The only misfortune was the mass and entrenched corruption. He failed to chop off its ugly head…maybe the machete was too rusty by then.

    Balancing the Scales – What Are Men Afraid Of?
    By: Dr. Abigail Joseph – Truth be told, men have shorter life expediencies than women. This fact is due to certain biological, behavioral and environmental factors. You might be optimistic and say, “well, sumting haffu kill wi”. But why is it that women outlive men? Could there be a lingering factor that might be able to even the scores? What are women doing that men aren’t?

    Youth Disappears After Very Strange Circumstances on Caye Trip
    A youth reportedly disappeared under strange circumstances after he reportedly jumped into the sea during a caye trip in the presence of relatives. According to Jael Sjogreen, 23, a fisherman of Dangriga Town, on Monday evening around 5:30 he went to South Water Caye to do some fishing with his cousin Fredrick Lammey Jr., 16, and another person, Jael Sjogreen said, that while on the trip Lammey began to behave strangely.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Perhaps General Elections Instead?
    By: Dr. Gerald Zuniga: Belize is travelling through some uncharted waters in its legal and political history. The uncleared politicolegal atmosphere yesterday, which still hovers, is very dangerous for the state of affairs because the government is pushing its agenda against all odds.

    The ayes have it; Referendum Bill passes to Senate, 18-11-1
    Late on Friday evening after hours of debate in the House of Representatives, a division was called on the Belize (Territorial Dispute) Referendum Bill, 2019. The voting went mostly along party lines, with one abstention as expected from Rt. Hon. Said Musa, and the absence once again of Orange Walk North’s Gaspar Vega.

    Police officers to get cheaper bus fare rates
    The Belize Police Department (BPD) has worked out a deal with Belize Transit System (BTS) to offer police officers traveling from Corozal to Belize City a reduced rate. The BPD explained this morning that the parties officially signed the contract in Friday, April 12, and that the arrangement is not a new one but rather a re-engagement between the parties.

    HRCU hosts housing open day
    Well over 1,000 people visited Sandhill village this morning for the housing open day hosted by the Holy Redeemer Credit Union (HRCU). The event, geared towards members and potential members of the HRCU, showcases two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses available in the HRCU’s Eagle Gem Estate community, named after Henry Eagle Usher.

    Police find weed field in the south
    The Belize Police Department found and destroyed a marijuana planatation in southern Belize yesterday. Police say that officers found the plantation, which had over 1,000 plants measuring between 2 and 6 feet tall, some seven miles north of Silver Creek village.

    Construction worker shot in Belize City
    A 26-year-old construction worker managed to survive a shooting incident in Belize City last night. Police say that Cashief Myvett was walking through an alley off Fairweather street around 7:10 p.m. when a gunman approached him and fired several shots

    Man charged for shooting a minor
    Police have arrested and charged 21-year-old Deon White for shooting 15-year-old Emory Williams. Police say that White is answering to charges of ‘attepmpted Murder’, ‘use of Deadly means of harm’, and ‘wounding’.

    Belize Peace Movement responds to joint release issued by US, EU, and UK
    The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) said yesterday that the joint release issued by the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union in regards to the postponement of the ICJ referendum, did nothing to address major issues surrounding the exercise.

    16 year old who jumped out of boat missing in Southern Belize
    Jael Sjogreen, a Belizean fisherman of Dangriga, Stann Creek reported to authorities that on April 8, 2019, around 5:30 pm, he and his cousin Fredrick Lammey,16, went fishing in South Water Caye. Sjogreen told police that he noticed his cousin Lammey began to behave very weird.

    14-year-old girl from Trial Farm missing
    Yesterday, Angela Esquivel of Trial Farm, Orange Walk reported that about 5 a.m. on Thursday, her granddaughter Grizely Nayely Guardado,14, left home and has not returned. Guardado is of Mestizo descent and is about 5 feet in height.

    International Sourcesizz

    CDB Grant Stirs Up Fuss About Regional White Sugar
    The April 2 announcement of a more than US$97,000 gift from the Caribbean Development Bank, CDB, to Caricom for a study on plantation white sugar has Jamaican manufacturing representatives lining up on different sides of the hot-button issue. He adds that Caricom member Belize is the only current producer of refined sugar, a variant known as plantation white, which is essentially achieved by bleaching the dark cane sugar. At the level of the Caricom’s Council for Trade and Economic Development, COTED, Belize has been embroiled in a quarrel with manufacturers in Trinidad & Tobago, who, for years, have been requesting and receiving waivers of Caricom’s mandatory 40 per cent duty on imports from outside the region in respect of the refined sugar they say is not available within the regional trading bloc.

    Jungle Warfare: Paratroopers On Exercise In Belize
    Paratroopers will spend the next six weeks in the jungles of Belize as part of Exercise Mayan Warrior. 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment are developing their ability to survive and look after their kit in arduous conditions. The exercise will enhance the Regiment’s ability to work in a range of climates and locations around the world.


  • Garbage erupts on fire in San Pedro, 4min. Neighbors on buckets outed the flames that could have destroyed a line of golf carts parked in the lot of the former Wings Department Store at around 9pm tonight. Somehow, garbage set on the side of the parking lot caught fire and quickly escalated to a possible dangerous situation for the carts parked in the lot and Mr. Deli next door. But before the fire department could make it to the scene, the flames were extinguished.

  • Sarteneja Easter Regatta Fest 2019, 4.5min. Sarteneja United Drum Corp brings home the Second place in the Drum Corp Category. Sarteneja is proud of you guys! Congrats

  • Belize Band Fest 2019, 77min.

  • By Speedboat to Half Moon Caye, Belize, 7min.

  • Belize Yard Boxing, 6.5min.

  • Jungle survival, Belize, 3min. Wood peker,checo,culun'te

  • Going fishing after finishing my job first, 7min.

  • PLB Closing Season | San Pedro Pirates vs BDF FC | Live at the Ambergris Stadium, San Pedro, 2.5hr.

    April 13, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Traffic wardens and police officers participate in partnership and life skills training
    Traffic wardens for the San Pedro Traffic Department and members of the San Pedro Police Formation participated in a life skill course called ‘Partnership and Life Skills’ on Monday, April 8th inside the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) conference room. The training was facilitated by retired police superintendent and National Coordinator of the Police Auxiliary Unit Rudolph Orio. The all-day training session taught participants on the importance of partnership between the traffic department and the police in an effort to promote safety and security in the community.

    Revocation of Atlantic International Bank Limited’s Banking Licence
    The Central Bank of Belize (Central Bank) wishes to advise that on 12 April 2019, the Prime Minister as the Minister of Finance, on the recommendation of the Central Bank, revoked the Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking Licence of Atlantic International Bank Limited in accordance with Sections 25 and 27(1) of the International Banking Act, Chapter 267, Revised Edition 2011 of the Substantive Laws of Belize (the Act). This prohibits Atlantic International Bank Limited from carrying on further international banking business.

    San Pedro Invaders suffer another loss
    San Pedro Invaders suffered another loss during the eighth week of National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019 Closing Season on Saturday, April 6th. The island team was defeated 2-0 by the Black Orchids at home at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. For their next match, San Pedro Invaders will be traveling to San Ignacio Town, Cayo District to go up against Verdes Rebels on Sunday, April 14th. The game is scheduled to begin at 1PM at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio.

    San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board monitoring noise pollution on the island
    Whether it is blaring music from noisy bars or house parties, several island residents are complaining that excessive noise at night continues to be a disturbance. Therefore, the San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board (SPLLB) has been closely monitoring the level of noise pollution at various establishments on the island. This they claim, is in order to maintain San Pedro Town as a peaceful and Child Friendly Municipality. SPLLB President Eiden Salazar shared with The San Pedro Sun that indeed they are visiting various liquor establishments that either have live bands or DJ’s. This activity is being conducted with the help of the San Pedro Police and Fire Department.

    The unwavering efforts of BTB and its industry stakeholders and partners to market Belize as one of the world's leading tourism destinations is paying off. The latest statistics for the first quarter of this year show an impressive and persistent growth in both overnight and cruise ship arrivals to Belize predicting yet another bumper-crop year for the tourism industry.

    Alaia Charity Foundation hosts first ever Half Marathon and 10K run
    On Saturday, April 6th, the Alaia Charity Foundation hosted the first Ambergris Caye Half Marathon and 10- kilometre sporting event. Thirty-four runners participated in the event, hailing from Ambergris Caye, United States of America, the mainland and some as far as Placencia. The purpose of the event was to raise funds to provide financial, educational, medical and environmental support to disenfranchised island families. At the end of the race, runners in the several age-range categories, including under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50 up, were awarded trophies and medals.

    Ambergris Today

    Cart goes into the window!
    Oops! Not a good day for this tourist who seemed a little too eager to step into Super Buy. Glass did not shatter and no one got hurt.

    Pic Of The Week - Marquesitas Vargas
    An all time favorite treat for island residents has finally made it San Pedro - delicious Marquesitas by Marquesitas Vargas! Owner Alexis Vargas officially opened his business on Thursday, April 11, 2019 and we can say it was a total success! People lined up to get their delicious treat! At Marquesitas Vargas you can enjoy marqueistas, choripapas (fried hot dogs with fries), churros and even machacadas (shaved ice with condensed milk and diced fruit). Marquesitas Vargas is located on Pescador Drive across the St. Francis Xavier Credit Union!

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Caves Branch Wildlife
    Just checked our motion sensor cameras around the Caves Branch Lodge .. just 100 feet from our guest cabanas .. Yes, we are in the jungle !

    Annual Open Day on the CEMJC campus
    With many booths on display. It will commenc at 9am.Come to learn, experiment, and enjoy. Theme: “Conquering Challenges and Celebrating Achievements on the Path to Success.

    Corozal Flea Market Saturday
    Come out and get the best deals at our Flea Market this Saturday, April 13th. Household items, clothing and much more on sale. Location is the Finca Solana Corozal Farmers' Market.

    Learn to Read and Write Maya Heiroglyphics! INNO’ON – LA OH Epigraphy Workshop 2019
    Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26, 2019. Registration Fee: $5 BZE. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Limited Places Available! Register Today! We are privileged to host the hieroglyphic training/workshop with the assistance from (MAM) Maya for Ancient Maya.

    No Liquor to be Sold On Good Friday, April 19
    (from Friday 12:00 a.m. to Saturday 12:15 a.m.) Any establishment caught selling alcoholic beverages/liquor products will be faced with the cancellation of its Liquor License, have its liquor inventory confiscated and will be summoned to court by the Police Department. Stores that have liquor bottles on display should either bring down the bottles or cover the items, as well as alcoholic beverages in coolers. Restaurants that have liquor bottles on display should also cover the said items. Restaurant License Holders can only sell liquor to customers that are consuming food. Hotel License Holders can only sell liquor to bonafide guests only. We ask for your cooperation and understanding. Have a happy and safe Easter!

    San Pedro Town Council Easter Opening Hours
    Please take note on our Easter Opening Hours! Please take note of our opening Easter hours. Kindly have documents in order, permits, insurance, valid driver's license.

    Training and swear in of 78 alcaldes from the 39 Maya villages
    Today, April 12th, the Attorney General's Ministry conducted an Alcalde Training and Swearing-In in the Toledo District. The objective of the training is to review the roles and responsibilities of Alcaldes on the Legislation and Judicial System in Belize.

    Consejo Road Cleanup
    Are you tired of seeing trash on the Consejo Road? Let’s be part of the solution and clean it up! If you can't do it, maybe you could provide a worker. Place: Consejo Road from Consejo to Corozal Dates: Any day from Sunday April 28th thru Saturday May 4. Time: 7-9 a.m. Wear: Hat, long sleeved shirt and pants to protect against poisonwood. Bring: Rake, trash bags, gloves, water, hat, colored ribbon As of April 18th, we will have a recycling center across from Tortuga. Please put recyclables (cans, bottles, plastic) and tie them with a colored ribbon.

    Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) Road show 2019
    Belize Tourism Board official Partner of the Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) Road show 2019 coming to Placencia, Cayo and San Pedro May 8th- 13th! Want to be part of the event feel free to contact us at [email protected] to register!

    Corozal Municipal Spring Bazaar - Easter Edition
    Monday, April 15th at Central Park. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Win Raffle Prizes. Special discounts.

    Corozal ArT In ThE ParK - Saturday, April 13th

    Super Furia Playing SHC Gala
    The Super Furia band will be playing at Sacred Heart College's Mother's Day Gala. Tickets are on sale now.

    Call for Animators
    Calling all animators and those who want to be animators. Belize is full of talented people flying below the radar. Please contact us so we can reach out to you as we work towards incubating an animation industry for Belize.

    Schools visit the Chiquibul Forest
    This week 128 students, 8 teachers and 28 parents visited the Chiquibul Forest. Accompanied by FCD’s educator, the guests from Howard Smith Nazarene School and Hope Creek Methodist Primary learnt about the biodiversity and beauty of the Chiquibul. FCD thanks the Ministry of Education for their support.

    Channel 7

    PUP's Rt. Hon. Musa Makes History, Earns "Standing O"ť From UDP
    Said Musa served 8 terms in the House of Representatives, but today he made history when he bucked his party on the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill - and earned a standing ovation from the other side of the house - including his most scathing critics, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his Deputy Patrick Faber.   The cheered Musa's bold presentation on why he supports the UDP bill but must abstain to hold the party line.  He started out a 20 minute presentation by discussing the differences on the bill, but ended by asking how to move forward:.. Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP, Fort George, Former PM: "So Madam Speaker the question today is, whether this new referendum bill does pass muster, to use the language of lawyers. Whether it's in order for the referendum to take place. I would say this, the whole process may not be perfect in the political sense and we have been very critical about that..."

    J. Espat's Stinging Rebuke To Senior Member
    Yup, you saw right - the government side gave a standing ovation to the man they have spent years piling every kind of criticism on.  They had also banged on their desks at various points during his 33 minute presentation. And that seems to have outraged one of the party's most hard-line hawks, Cayo South's Julius Espat.  He had some cutting words for Musa when he spoke shortly after - this video courtesy the National Channel: Hon. Julius Espat - PUP Cayo South: "He made a couple quotes about what George Price had said in the past. Well, I would like to remind the honourable member from Fort George of another quote that George Price made and it says, 'Be careful when you hear your enemy praise you, because you must immediately ask yourself, what wrong have I done that my enemies praise me'..."

    Opposition Opened Debate With A Challenge
    And, again, you heard right, he blamed Dean Barrow AND Said Musa for what he said is the state of the country.  Those are some rough, rough blows in a day that was definitely very contentious in the House of Representatives. Like we said they were there to debate the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill - which seeks to put the ICJ referendum back on track after the PUP got a Supreme Court injunction to delay it.  The new bill seeks, to some extent, to short circuit that process and insulate it from further challenge.   The debate started at about 10:30 and is still going at this hour - with the Prime Minister now winding up the debate.  It started with some light sparring as the opposition asked - at the very outset - why the government wants to push it through:.

    The Bill Introduced
    After that initial skirmish, the Prime Minister explained why his government was bringing the bill:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "Now, we already know from what the leader of the opposition said publicly last night, and what happened in committee, that the principal objection to this bill with which they will come revolves around section 3. This section 3, is absolutely central to the bill and makes clear that we are to go to a referendum as we agreed and as is required and as we're obliged to do under the special agreement. I am charging them centrally today with wanting not just to delay the referendum but to deny the referendum. They want to achieve their no vote, not by persuading people at the polls to vote no but by depriving people of the opportunity to go to referendum because that's the surest way to get to a no position..."

    PUP Have Substantial Objections
    Next up was the leader of the opposition- who explained why the opposition cannot support  the bill: Hon. John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition: "The Prime Minister is spinning his hopes on getting a yes vote for the referendum, simply because he believes that if we get a yes vote that will allow them to win the next general elections. Once again, we come to the National Assembly to debate a bill that we got less than 24 hours ago - a bill that the government is insisting in pushing it through all 3 stages in one sitting. As I said earlier, we place our strongest objection to this. This could be one of the most important piece of legislation that this government is presenting today Madam Speaker and they are proposing to just ram it through the house today..."

    Cordel Tells GOB To Take a Chill Pill
    PUP Deputy leader Cordel Hyde underscored much of what his leader said, with an emphasis on what the opposition perceives as unseemly haste to pass the law:.. Hon. Cordel Hyde - Lake Independence, PUP: "They gone to the Court of Appeals and the Court of Appeals say hold on busta, you can't got nothing April the 10th, hold on. Man up in arms, hold on, you can't expedite your appeal for something we won't grant, so you have to wait. The question that we ask fi we selves is, why the rush? Why the haste? Because that unno talk to - Me and you are friends, watch yourself member of Port Loyola, rest yourself. The people whe deh talk to, parrot the propaganda lines to them. Say oh, we only hurt because PUP deny we the right to vote in this referendum. The people that I talk to, that confused about this issue, whe mi stress about this issue, whe never know what to do about this issue; they were relieved that this thing was put off..."

    Rt., Hon. Musa Accepts Bill Will Pass
    But former PUP Party LEader Said Musa had a much more moderate view than the party's current leader and deputy.  He clearly did not endorse the constitutional questions about the bill raised by his leader John Briceno:.. Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP, Fort George, Former PM: "If indeed this bill has been fixed, has fixed the problem which caused the learned Chief Justice to order an injunction against the government, then it seems to me that there will soon be a referendum and the voters of Belize will have an opportunity to decide whether or not we go to the ICJ..."

    Musa Says Vital Work Needs To Be Done At Vital Stats
    But Musa did not have much praise for how the UDP government has run the public information campaign and the backlog of voters bring processed at the Vital Stats Unit: Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP, Fort George, Former PM: "In view of the unsatisfactory state of the records at the Vital Statistics office, where it is said that over 2500 persons have been disqualified because they are unable to produce their birth certificates, which cannot be found, lost or destroyed. Something Mr. Prime Minister should urgently be done to allow as many as these people as possible and who are still interested in becoming registered to be allowed to register and instead of being disenfranchised before this referendum. And I would hope this government would act on it."

    City Shooting Turns Into Murder
    North Creek Street resident Joshua Gallego died last night around 7:43. He was shot yesterday afternoon at around 2:40. The report is that Gallego dropped off  his common-law wife and their kids at their home on North Creek Street. He was attempting to leave, and as soon as he reversed the vehicle, three gunmen approached and opened fire on the driver's side door and ran off. Gallego was fighting to stay alive at the KHMH but he didn't make it. We spoke to Gallego's grandmother off camera about his murder.

    Alcaldes As Adjudicators
    The Alcaldes of the 38 Mayan Villages in the Toledo District are elected leaders in their communities. But, they also have the authority as magistrates to adjudicate minor disputes between residents of their community.  The Attorney General's Ministry wants them to be properly equipped to perform that function, and so, they conduct regular training sessions with the alcaldes, who aren't necessarily experts in the law. Today in Punta Gorda, Solicitor General Elisa Montalvo and her team held one such training session with all the alcaldes and deputy alcaldes today in Punta Gorda Town. 7News stopped by to find out a little more about the topics they were discussing. Here's what the Sol Gen told us:

    Police Sign Transport Agreement For To Help Stranded Officers
    On Wednesday's news, we told you about how Police Commissioner Chester Williams relaxed his hardline somewhat on providing transportation for police officers who live in the north, but have to hitchhike to get home late at night, when their tour of duty ends. The commissioner was adamant that the Department has no obligation to do this, but he was simply seeking to look after their welfare.  Well, we've seen a copy of an internal memorandum from the Commissioner's desk which informs officers that the department has re-engaged in a business relationship with the bus company, Belize Transit System.

    Plug Pulled On Atlantic International
    Atlantic International Bank Ltd. is taking its last gasps as the Central Bank stripped them of their banking license.  Now for context, since late last year, we have been following the evolving situation with Atlantic International Bank Ltd. and its demise. This is after the Federal Trade Commission in the US named the bank among other groups in a civil complaint. The complaint names Sanctuary Belize as a massive real estate investment scam - which has defrauded hundreds of US investors. The FTC says Atlantic International, assisted and facilitated in the Telemarketing Sales Rules violations (for Sanctuary Belize)and that the offshore bank knew, or reasonably should have known what was happening.  While the bank denies any involvement in any wrongdoing, it wasn't enough to gain any sympathy from the FTC. So the bank turned to the Central Bank for protection as it has been winding down operations. Well the Central Bank has pulled the plug on the bank by revoking the it's banking license. Here is how the Governor of the Central Bank Joy Grant put it.

    UDP Protestors Reject Rent A Crowd Characterization
    Earlier you saw some images of the UDP's supporters out at Independence Hill in Belmopan today.  They were warmly greeted by a number of UDP's including the Prime Minister and Party Leader.   Indeed. while the Belize Peace Movement was calling for some kind of protest and the PUP had major skin in the game - it's the UDP which showed its muscle and brought out over a thousand protestors.  They filled the stairs o the National Assembly Building, and on this hot day a few hundred retreated into the shade. We spoke to the ones on the front line:..

    UDP Cheers: Referendum Bill Passes 18 - 11 - 1
    And while that was the scene outside this morning, inside the House, the business just finished about 15 minutes ago.  After an 8 hour debate on the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill - the Prime Minister wrapped it up - and then called for a division on the vote - meaning each member had to say "yea or ney" individually.  Courtesy of LOVE TV we cut to the voting from the PUP side - and the wrap up by the speaker: That one abstention by Musa is considered a victory for the UDP. They take that into Monday's meeting of the Senate when they hope that they can get the same from Senator Valerie Woods, who is - like Musa - publicly in favour of yes to the ICJ. We'll have coverage of that on Monday.

    Channel 5

    PM Barrow Introduces New Referendum Bill
    A new referendum bill was introduced and taken through all its three stages in the House of Representatives.  The special sitting started after ten this morning and continued well into [...]

    Parliamentarians Debate Barrow’s New Super Referendum Bill
    The Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019 was described as a kneejerk reaction by the Opposition to two separate court rulings in a week. The P.U.P. pointed out that the [...]

    The Issue of Section Three; Briceńo and Barrow Weigh In
    One of the main concerns expressed by the Opposition Party is Section Three of the referendum bill.  That section states that “a referendum shall be held to enable electors to [...]

    P.U.P.’s Cordel Hyde Breaks it Down for the People
    Also weighing in on the heated debated today was the very vocal Lake Independence Area Representative, Cordel Hyde. Hyde, in responding to the tabling of the bill, broke down the [...]

    Suit against G.O.B. Remains Before the Supreme Court
    The claim that has been brought before the Supreme Court by the People’s United Party persists, despite the passage of a new piece of law which will allow government to [...]

    Said Musa Abstains Vote; Praised by the U.D.P. for YES Position
    The House debate today provided a rare moment. Former Prime Minister Said Musa, who has been described as a ‘malignant tumor’ by the current government time and again in the [...]

    P.U.P. Bashes Joint Statement from Friends of Belize Group
    On Thursday the European Union, the United States of America and the United Kingdom fired off a joint press release in which it voiced its support of holding a referendum. [...]

    Outside the House: Supporters Say They Want to Vote YES and NOW!
    As the debate raged inside the National Assembly, supporters of the yes vote stood at Independence Hill where speakers were placed and police were out in numbers. They were there [...]

    Joshua Gallego is Gunned Down on North Creek
    Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Gallego was shot on Thursday afternoon; hours later, he succumbed at the K.H.M.H.  While the matter was under investigation, the question is if Gallego’s past had caught up [...]

    Murder Trial of Patrick Castillo Concludes
    The murder trial of Patrick Castillo, who was charged with the murder of his stepson Yontan Maderos, ended today in the court of Justice Colin Williams. Castillo now awaits a [...]

    Common-law Wife Drops Wounding Charges against B.D.F. Leroy Clare
    A B.D.F. soldier was before the court today on a charge of wounding, but his common-law wife later requested no further court action against him. But twenty-six-year-old soldier, Leroy Clare [...]

    Frederick Lammey Mysteriously Disappears at Sea
    There’s a fishy story coming out of Dangriga where a sixteen-year-old minor went missing at sea during a trip to South Water Caye on Monday.  According to Jael Sjogren, a [...]

    AIBL’s Banking License is Officially Canceled
    Amid the ongoing saga of Atlantic International Bank Limited and the winding down of its operations in Belize, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, on the advice of the Central Bank, has [...]

    PACT Grants $2.7 Million for Protected Areas Work
    Back in December, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust awarded six point seven million dollars to support improved management of thirteen protected areas across the Belize National Protected Areas System. Earlier [...]

    78 Alcaldes are Sworn Into Office in the South
    Seventy-eight alcaldes from across thirty-nine Maya villages participated in a training workshop spearheaded by the Attorney General’s Office today.  The session served to inform them of their roles and responsibilities [...]

    Belize International Film Festival Calls for Submissions
    The Belize International Film Festival will be held in November of this year and this week they opened the call for film makers to submit their film to participate in [...]

    Casting Call for Miss Universe Belize 2019
    The Miss Universe Belize Organization is looking for the next beauty ambassador to represent the Jewel on the international stage. Last December, twenty-seven-year-old Jenelli Frazer graced the stage in Bangkok, [...]


    Barrow to unleash new referendum law Friday
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who has been named as the first defendant in a constitutional claim before the Supreme Court, has resorted to his parliamentary lawmaking powers to avoid obeying an interim injunction issued by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin that stops the government from proceeding with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum until after the court concludes the hearing of the substantive claim. The claimants in the case are members of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), five of whom are elected parliamentarians and one a standard bearer.

    Guat Pres. Morales teaches school children to include Belize in Guatemalan map
    A video out of Guatemala from Soy502 shows its President, Jimmy Morales, visiting a school in Mariscos, a village in Isabel, Guatemala, and demonstrating to students how to draw a map of Guatemala to include the entire country of Belize. Morales, after personally drawing the map on the school’s blackboard, reportedly told the teachers that they should practice drawing the map that way “because that is a territory that we are reclaiming” and, referring to the International Court of Justice, Morales told the students, “We are always going to get used to drawing Belize. Why? Because we are in an important process, we are reclaiming this territory; after the popular consultations, we are going to go to an International Court of Justice to define the territory.”

    Mother and son allege police brutality at the Mahogany Street Precinct
    Complaints of police brutality have become almost routine on the weekly news, but a mother who said that she has had just about enough of it spoke out today at the compound of AMANDALA and KREM after her son, Tyrick Francis, 19, was allegedly brutalized by police at the Mahogany Street Police Station while he was making a report about a cell phone that was stolen from their house in the Gungulung area of Lake Independence at about 10:30 Friday night. Little information has been disclosed regarding the beat-down, and no police report has been released on the matter.

    EU, UK and USA issue joint statement about ICJ Referendum
    In the midst of all the tension and unanswered questions surrounding the postponement of the April 10 ICJ Referendum, a new incident has arisen to provoke a sense of urgency in getting the matter resolved. The European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) have issued a statement affirming their support of the referendum and their hope that it can “take place as soon as possible”. Apart from these wishes for progression, the statement further expressed the nations’ hopes of the matter being resolved “in accordance with Belize’s legal procedures.”

    Government announces 39-cent spike in price of regular gasoline
    At midnight tonight, Belizean consumers will be hit with another rise in fuel prices. Government announced the new prices yesterday, Wednesday. The price of regular gasoline spiked from $10.21 per gallon to $10.61, representing an increase of 39 cents. Diesel fuel prices underwent a modest decrease of 3 cents per gallon from $10.29 to $10.26.

    Charles “Paco” Lewis!
    Charles “Paco” Lewis is a highly celebrated and legendary Belizean football player today. His beloved teammates and friends of the legendary Belizean football team of the 1970s, Chito’s Rangers – Gregsie Jones and Wellington Ramos, will feel proud to know that he has been honored on Belizean Legends. As a matter of fact, Jones has hailed his football teammate as one of Belize’s most astute and athletic football players of the all time. Today Paco Lewis, as he is mostly referred to by his Belizean football colleagues and fans, is not well and is need of financial support for urgent medical care to receive treatment for a heart problem. His friend and comrade in struggle, Jesus Castillo, has been standing strong on Paco’s side in Belize, and has reached out to his friends and teammates to support their brother and soldier on the Belizean football field.

    Eric Trapp – Champion; Derrick Chavarria 2nd; Mairon Muńoz 3rd in 20th Annual Junior Cross Country Race
    Cross Country fever is in the air as Easter approaches, and the first leg of the Cycling Federation of Belize (CFB) three-race package, the 20th Annual Junior Cross Country Race took off on Sunday morning, April 7, from the Succotz Ferry and travelled through San Ignacio on the George Price (Western) Highway to Belize City, crossing the Belcan Bridge and travelling up the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway to the BEL corporate headquarters around Mile 2, making one lap around the Buttonwood Bay Boulevard and NAPA roundabouts, and then finishing in front of BEL, the chief race sponsors.

    Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament Week 4 results
    Week 4 games in the Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament were held on Sunday, April 7, at Journey’s Cool Spot. A total of nine teams participated, and all games played with the winners reaching 3000 points. The results were as follows: Port #1 (3006) over Mopan Street (2718); Mango Tree (3035) over Another World (2294); Grabs (3010) over Dirty Rebels (2250); and Ground Fighters (3003) over Third World (2917). House Battam won by default over Port Stars.

    Cricket Corner – Wicked 11 stops BDF
    A pleasant time of the day to all! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks for the sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen. A few games were really hot. In the second half, I’ve noticed that most games are being played with much focus on the games. And then, throughout the first half, players are feeling out their playing colleagues, so they are playing much better.

    City Boys Grassroots Football semifinals results; championship final this Saturday at Cumberbatch Field
    Good afternoon, Football Family! The 3rd Annual City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Football Tournament 2019 semifinals were held this past Saturday, April 6, at the Cumberbatch Field; and if you missed those exciting semifinals, you don’t want to miss the championship final this coming Saturday, April 13. In the first semifinal on Saturday, City Boys Jr. clipped Poor & Famous, 2-0, with Esmond Sanker, Jr. scoring both goals for City Boys.

    Two debates the House has to have
    The Prime Minister and his government had every opportunity to postpone the referendum, and it was necessary that that was done because there were just too many things that were wrong about April 10, for it to proceed at that time. It is not impossible that the only legal reason for the delay is a procedural error. But there were a number of things that were just not right. The Prime Minister has argued that a part of the urgency for holding the referendum on April 10 had to do with the funding of the OAS Office at the Adjacency Zone. We were made to understand that this vital office, which serves to mediate disputes on our western border, is not funded by a blank check, so it is suggested that we should not be forever about solving this dispute with our neighbor.

    People want the Referendum to be put on hold
    Dear Editor, I have not heard any Belizean say that he or she does not want the ICJ Referendum to be held. Anyone saying otherwise is telling a lie. What I have heard people saying is that they want the Referendum to be put on hold until both those responsible for birth certificates and the Elections and Boundaries Department can get their act together to prevent the disenfranchisement of Belizeans citizens, and measures are taken to get Belizeans living in the Diaspora to participate in the Referendum. Is this too much to ask for? How can this be partisan politics?

    About Referendum legalities and the Rule of Law
    The issue of the holding of a Referendum on the 10th day of April, 2019 is one of much debate and one that sparked a debate at a very late stage in the process, all because there was not a timely educational campaign. Sadly, we now know that from before 2008 our government, and its team, had already been gearing towards reaching a Special Agreement, when all negotiations failed under both political parties. Yes, they failed! Otherwise we would not be going to referendum and we would be signing-off a settlement instead. Unfortunately, it was not until about 2016 that the Belizean people even knew about the contents of this special agreement, which was never presented to the House of Representatives.

    The road ahead
    Since the pause button has been pressed on the April 10th referendum, we now have been afforded a little more time to contemplate the road ahead. We should therefore carefully consider each of the three distinct paths we may follow. The first is to change the referendum law as the government contemplates, as well as whatever else they may be considering as necessary to have the referendum as soon as possible. Many have understandably questioned the reason for Government’s frenzied urgency to have this referendum now.

    Sospishan and the ICJ
    Has anyone ever made you an offer that was too good to refuse, yet you refused it because, yes, it was too good to be true? If the government made the announcement that it would give $100 to every man, woman and child in every household in Belize, would we immediately think that the general election is right around the bend? Ouch, we must be the most sospishos people on the planet. Okay, on the second one, I have to give in. Yes, an election would be right around the corner. Don’t let anyone shame you away from calling an iron safe with a double padlock, ironclad. Everything man-made in this world is fleeting.

    A perspective of Garifuna history and values in the context of Guatemala’s claim
    There is a kind of profoundly deep and unique pride that the Garinagu, especially their elders, tended to quietly nurture about their special attachment to southern Belize. It is a pride born from their own sparsely written history that has been largely evaded (as is much of Belize’s history) at all levels of Belize’s school system, including junior colleges, UB and Galen. In the beginning of the 1800s when the British timber merchants in the early settlement of Belize wanted to expand their harvesting of mahogany south of the Sibun River treaty limit, they had no choice but to seek and import Garifuna laborers from Roatan.

    3 busted with 5 lbs. cocaine in Silk Grass
    Three men — Joseph Nolberto, 60, a laborer of Silk Grass; John Mendez, 44, an electrician of Dangriga; and Matthew Williams, 66, a businessman of Orange Walk Town who is originally from Dangriga — were busted with 5 pounds of cocaine during a drug transaction that was being conducted in a house in Silk Grass at about 12:20 yesterday afternoon. Police said today that Williams and Nolberto have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking, and Mendez has been released. Williams and Nolberto await arraignment at the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court.

    San Ignacio man, 29, shot to death in his home
    Loyden Bejerano, 29, a laborer of Oscar Sabido Layout, was found dead in his house at about 11:30 Saturday night by his girlfriend, who had gone to his house and, after finding the door unlocked, walked in and found him sitting on his sofa with apparent gunshot wounds in his head and body. A neighbor told police that at about 11:20 that night, he saw three men enter Bejerano’s house and shortly after there were about four gunshots. The neighbor said he did not see the men again. Police were alerted shortly after.

    Politicizing the constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in his public comments about the Chief Justice’s decision to grant an interim injunction in order to address the Opposition People’s United Party’s constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement, did not appear to show sufficient regard for the judicial process in which he is also named as the first defendant in the case. As the leader of government, the Prime Minister’s remarks on the court proceedings were unhelpful and appeared to be aimed at appealing to his political support base, as if his remarks were being made in the context of looming general or municipal elections, rather than in the face of an issue with implications that transcend party politics, race, and social status.

    Macario Tzib, 48, found murdered at home
    A retired park ranger, Macario Tzib, 48, who was employed as a security guard and lived alone in a one-flat timber house on Thornley Street, San Ignacio, was found dead in his home. A stench in the neighborhood that seemed to be coming from the direction of Tzib’s house prompted a neighbor of Tzib to call his landlord, and they went to the house, where they found Tzib lying face-up on his bed in a state of decomposition. He was seen with stab wounds in his chest and abdomen, and his throat had been slashed.

    The Reporter

    ICJ Referendum Bill Pass In House Of Representatives
    After several passionate arguments and long speeches by members of the House Of Representatives, at approximately 7.15pm this evening the Belize House Of Representatives passed the Bill that will empower the government of Belize to proceed with the ICJ Rferendum.

    Musa Sticks To His Creed
    Former Prime Minister and PUP Area Representative, Said Musa indicated in the House this afternoon that he will abstain from today’s vote on the ICJ Referendum Bill that Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced this morning for debate.

    Editorial – April 12th. 2019
    By Mr. Henry Lawrence – enry Lawrence – Plan B, the Prime Minister’s effort to rescue the April 10 referendum through the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals has failed, and the next step seems uncertain. The Prime Minister could appeal to the Caribbean Court of Justice, where the matter would be sure to get a speedy hearing. But there would be no assurance of success there in overturning the CJ’s injunction.

    National Assembly Poised To Override All Efforts To Stop ICJ Referendum
    All efforts to delay the ICJ Referendum for the people of Belize to vote will be challenged today, as the National House Of Assembly is set to meet this morning to make several motions and laws that will allow the government to proceed with the ICJ Referendum.

    Man Shot Multiple Times; Dies Hours Later
    Joshua Gallego died sometime before 8:00 last night, about six hours after he was shot multiple times on North Creek in Belize City. Gallego had just dropped off his common law wife, Sedajah Hernandez, 20, and her children at 7098 North Creek around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, and had driven off only about 100 feet.

    EU – UK & USA Issue Joint Press Release About ICJ Referendum
    The European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States have issued a joint press release expressing hope that Belize holds the ICJ Referendum as early as possible. The release reminds that the “Referendum process is the route towards a peaceful dispute resolution agreed upon jointly by Belize and Guatemala.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Taiwan celebrates 40th Anniversary of Relations Act
    On April 9, 2019, President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen attended a video conference with […]

    Loaded gun found in Esperanza
    Authorities in Cayo were conducting an operation last night in Esperanza Village and found 1 .22 […]

    Roger Bradley again! This time it’s burglary
    For the third time in two weeks, 44-year-old Roger Bradley has appeared in court on […]

    Woman drops court action against soldier accused of wounding her
    For the second time in as many days, a soldier of the Belize Defence Force was […] For the second time in as many days, a soldier of the Belize Defence Force […]

    Former Prime Minister Said Musa to abstain on referendum bill; maintains yes vote
    While voicing some criticism of how the Government has handled Belize-Guatemala relations and the current referendum […]

    House begins debate of referendum bill, charges, and counter-charges back and forth
    Charges and counter-charges flew back and forth in the opening moments of the highly charged […]

    Protests underway outside House in Belmopan
    While the House of Representatives meets to debate the Belize (Territorial Referendum) Dispute Bill, 2019, those both supportive and opposed to it have massed for counter-protests on the steps of the National Assembly.

    Heavyweight showdown begins in House over new Referendum Bill
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow has introduced the Belize (Territorial Referendum) Dispute Bill, 2019 in the […]

    Warm weather to continue
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is reporting that mostly warm and dry weather will […]

    Roger Bradley in court on another theft charge
    Two weeks ago, 44 year old Roger Bradley, no stranger to the law or the […]

    Terrors of Burrell Boom charged in burglary spree
    The peaceful village of Burrell Boom, Belize District, has experienced a recent spike in burglaries. […]

    Ruling reserved in murder case of Patrick Castillo
    Supreme Court Justice Collin Williams is to decide whether Patrick Castillo’s story of self-defense when […]


    Referendum bill debated in the house
    The exchange in today’s sitting got started with the two leaders battling it out for a few minutes; then came the rest of parliamentarians throwing shade across the floor and hurling some not so nice innuendos, now and again. Here is a recap of the highlights. Jose Sanchez: “The order of the day had only …

    UDP Supporters show up to back Referendum bill
    And while there was some heated moments inside the National Assembly, outside its walls the heat was on as a large crowd of supporters of the United Democratic Party gathered at the steps of the National Assembly in support of the Referendum Bill. The crowd chanted and cheered on the government but the morning. We …

    Discussions have been had on many levels on compromis, special agreements, injunctions, referendums, representatives, traitors, 1859 treaty and treatises. Perhaps while many have been convinced by their party affiliations towards a yes or no, one voice rang-out above the fray in the House. Former Prime Minister Said Musa was not challenged by his Party for …

    Police News: Man robbed, cops find weapon
    A taxi man was robbed this week. 25 year old Darnell Puerto, a resident of Belize City said he decided to take a walk on Mopan Street and at 7:45 p.m., he was accosted by two men who were carrying firearms. The men approached him and proceeded to rob him of his car key, a …


    Caliente is perfect for a seaside retreat!
    Caliente has always been synonymous with tacos and margaritas to me. Over the years, I haven’t deviated much from my order. When I do get something else, I’ve always enjoyed it and wondered why I didn’t do it sooner! But, soon enough, there I am, ordering tacos the next time I visit. It’s easy to see why though – from the moment you step onto their outdoor deck, that sea breeze hits you, and when you take in the gorgeous views from their front steps nothing sounds better than a margarita and some tacos to make you feel like you’re truly on vacation!

    International Sourcesizz

    CARICOM again divided on Venezuela at OAS
    Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries continue to adopt competing narratives and different visions of instructional authority that divide the region on supporting opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, this time on the acceptance of his permanent representative at the Organisation of American States (OAS). CARICOM has adopted a position of non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and said they were prepared to mediate in the process to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

    The Best Destinations To Visit In May, According To Travel Influencers
    As a working adult, chances are you missed out on the opportunity to take a traditional spring break trip last month. But guess what? Spring isn't over. "I recommend visiting Belize because high season will be coming to a close, which means places that were once swamped with hoards of tourists will be a lot emptier, allowing visitors to enjoy a crowd-free experience. Hotels also tend to be cheaper outside of high season. It will also be dry season, so you can take advantage of outdoor activities like cave tubing, snorkelling, and hiking the Mayan Ruins without rain ruining your plans.


  • Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019, 8hr.

  • Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019 Continuation, 64min.

  • 2018 Queen’s Baton Relay in the Americas and the Caribbean, 4.5min. Over the course of a year from April 2017, I documented the journey of the Queen's Baton Relay as it made its way from Buckingham Palace in London to the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia. The Queen's Baton carries Elizabeth II's message and journeyed through all 70 nations and territories of the Commonwealth. I travelled as part of the team and was responsible for photography and video content in countries across five continents. The final material was broadcast worldwide and shown on large screens at the 2018 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Gold Coast on 4 April, 2018.

  • chocolate festival of Belize schedule for May24th and 25th, 2019, 2min.

  • Descent into the Blue Hole!!! (Belize), 1min. The descent into the blue hole is sped up, but in reality took 59 seconds to get to 139ft. It was a fast descent and I got some light narcosis at that depth. When the video goes kind of black and white that's when we're back to normal speed and we're at 139-130ft deep.

  • Mahi mahi aboard trophy hunter (Belize), 4min.

  • BACKPACKING BELIZE 2019, 4min. Clips from our backpacking trip through Belize mostly the islands San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - CRESENCIO TUYUL, 1.5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - DENYS WADE BRADLEY, 2min.

  • Prime Minister's Introduction on Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 22min.

  • Video message from the Governor of the Central of Bank of Belize the revocation of banking license from Atlantic International Bank, 6min.

  • By speed boat to the Mayan ruins in Lamanai (Belize), 10min. With the speed boat on the New River on the way to the Mayan ruins in Lamanai (Belize). Mit dem Speedboot auf dem New River unterwegs zu den Maya Ruinen in Lamanai (Belize).

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 6min. Harvest Caye, Belize

  • diving with turtles in Belize, 1min.

  • NEBL 2019 | Verdes vs Bandits | Live at the SHC Auditorium, San Ignacio, 2.5hr.

    April 12, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Climate Change workshop held in San Pedro
    Hol Chan Marine Reserve along with the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO), Belize World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Coastal Zone Management Institute (CZMI) held a climate change workshop at the Sun Breeze Hotel conference room in San Pedro Town on Thursday, April 4th. The purpose of the workshop was to identify current and future risks, the impacts of climate change on communities and ecosystem services, understand key species (and their thresholds) and livelihoods to be impacted by climate change and to understand benefits of ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) to communities.

    Jankunu Productionz presents ‘Belize Rewind’ in San Pedro Town
    Island residents and visitors are invited to attend Jankunu Productionz ‘Belize Rewind’ show to be held at the Paradise Theatre in San Pedro Town on Friday, April 26th. Belize Rewind is a Belizean historical and cultural immersion, depicting Belize from settlement to independence via live on-stage acting, singing, dancing and poetry. It is engaging, entertaining and interactive, and a total cultural experience. Belize Rewind tells the dynamic story of Belize from settlement to independence, through some of the pivotal points in history that shaped and defined Belize as a people and a nation. Dance, acting and song bring to life Belize’s progression from a logwood settlement and revered Maya stronghold that resisted Spanish attempts at colonization, to a British colony and eventually to independence.

    Cable TV operators get HBO Copyright compliant
    Belize cable television operators have legitimized their transmission of Home Box Office (HBO) programs, by signing a three-year contract with HBO Latin America to pay all copyright royalties due to the owners of the content. This collective bargaining agreement ended over three decades of piracy of unauthorized transmissions, and the Belize Cable Television Operators Association (BCTVOA) was formed to negotiate jointly with HBO. BCTVOA president Evan Tench signed the agreement with HBO corporate vice president Javier Figueras at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City on Thursday, April 4th.

    Court of Appeal upholds injunction; No ICJ referendum until further notice
    The national referendum on whether to settle the ongoing Guatemalan claim to Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has been postponed until further notice, after the Court of Appeal, in a majority decision, upheld the injunction granted to the People’s United Party (PUP) on April 3rd to halt the referendum. On Monday, April 8th, the Government of Belize appealed this decision, requesting for a variation in the injunction, but the court dismissed the request, not allowing the scheduled referendum to take place on April 10, 2019.

    SPTC LED Officer Travels to Taiwan for workshop on Eco-Tourism Promotion
    The San Pedro Town Council is pleased to announce that the Local Economic Development Officer, Mr. Jorge Aldana has recently completed a workshop on Eco-Tourism Promotion, sponsored by the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) through the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF). The workshop took place from the 13th to the 26th of March in Taipei, Taiwan, and included intense classroom sessions, forums, field trips and an end of course final presentation.

    UB girls win national ATLIB football champs
    San Pedro’s own Ada Cordova won the Most Valuable Player award, as she led the University of Belize girls to win the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) national football championship hosted by San Pedro Junior College at the Ambergris Stadium over the weekend. ATLIB officials presented team trophies and individual medals to the 1st and 2nd place winners, and SJCJC received the 3rd place trophy.

    Ambergris Today

    McAfee Refuses To Pay $25 Million Judgment Ordered Over Gregory Faull’s Death
    The latest on the infamous John McAfee is that he has been found liable and ordered by a federal judge to pay $25 million in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the estate of a Belize man. But according to the Florida Record Webiste, McAfee has said he won't pay. "I have not responded to a single one of my 37 lawsuits in the past 11 years," McAfee said in his "formal response to the media [who will spam my phones and who are responsible for most of my 200-plus lawsuits]" issued shortly after the judgment was announced. "They have all been frivolous, even though judges are required to decide for the plaintiff if I do not respond. I refuse to play the legal extortion game aimed at America's wealthy class."

    Misc Belizean Sources


    The Mopan River is at RISK!
    The Mopan River is at RISK! FCD Environmental Youth Group has been continuously conducting river clean-up campaigns throughout the Cayo District however garbage along the riverbanks and in the water is still increasing. Here are some photos of the Mopan River after some shower of blessings this afternoon. NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED TO SEE! We continue to encourage citizens to put the garbage in its proper place. Let’s keep our watersheds free from contamination.

    Caye Caulker Village Council Easter Hours
    Please take note that CCVC Office will be closed on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. and resume normal business operations on Tuesday April 23rd, 2019. We wish everyone a Safe and Happy Easter Holiday!

    The Belize International Film Festival is NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS!
    Entry forms downloadable

    Tecuani and the Duende Kickstarter
    Calling on all of our followers and fans! We need your help to get us across the line. This film is being entirely funded from here in Belize and has already had some very generous support to get it to where it is now. Our animation team and sound engineers need further support to get this production finished. If you can make any kind of donation we will be very grateful and you will have been a part of getting Belize's first animation onto the big screen.

    Pirate South Beach Cafe & Pub Easter Party
    Hey'all looking to hang out by the Beach for the Easter weekend with DJ music, corn holes, drinks, food, volleyball court, mega jenga, beach darts, swings, etc. Come ya'll Over on April 20th & 21st for a back to back beach party starting @noon until sunset. On the Sunday, 21st we have the best smoked BBQ ribs, chicken, sausage on the island for lunch.

    Tourism Statistics 2019 1st Quarter
    The latest statistics for the first quarter of this year show an impressive and persistent growth in both overnight and cruise ship arrivals to Belize predicting yet another bumper-crop year for the tourism industry. The following is a breakdown of the latest figures for the first quarter of 2019 for both overnight and cruise ship arrivals.

    Farmers of the Year 2019 Winners
    The Famers of the Year Competition 2019 has been successfully completed under the theme "Innovations in Technology: Driving a Climate Resilient and Competitive Agriculture and Food Sector." Three judges namely from the Department of Agriculture, the Pesticide Control Board and the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute conducted the judging of farms in all six districts.

    Release of Belizeans Detained in Livingston, Guatemala
    he Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Security hereby inform that the four Belizeans detained in Livingston, Guatemala since April 6th, 2019, have been released. Pedro Colomer, Kevin Hernandez, Fabian Laurie and Jerille Laurie appeared in Court in Livingston today. After their hearing this morning the charges were dropped allowing them to return home. The four men are expected to arrive in Belize tomorrow, Friday, April 12th, 2019.

    Elvi's Catch of the Day!
    Our catch of theday is a bit larger than normal today! This 52lb blacsnapper is waiting for ya, so come on over for lunch or dinner

    New sewer disposal service being implemented on Caye Caulker
    Please call the CCVC office to book your household name/ business name for estimates by end of the week. Price will be base on size of (septic) tanks.

    Easter Party at San Pedro Preschool
    Enjoying their last days together.

    Easter Sunday Bash in Corozal
    The Beach Party of the Year! At Miami Beach in Corozal Town.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Glass, The Upside, Kid King, Replicas. Game of Thrones is happening every Sunday at 7pm.

    Channel 7

    GOB Introduces Referendum Legislation, PUP Wants Time
    Tomorrow the government is going to the House Of Representatives to present and push through a bill which - it hopes - will make it so that the ICJ referendum can be held in four to 6 weeks - without legal challenge. It's called the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill and it seeks to create a special path for the Writ which sets a date for the ICJ referendum. It's the government's attempt to get around a Supreme Court injunction against the original referendum because of a possible defect in the procedure for issuing the writ.

    US, UK and EU Press (Nicely) For Referendum
    And while the opposition wants a few months to get it right, two G-8 nations and a powerful political union which make up a big part of the so called "Friends of Belize" seem to be getting a little impatient. The European Union, the United Kingdom and the USA Today issued a joint statement saying they have quote, "taken note of the postponement of the referendum." The statement adds, "The EU, the UK and the USA maintain their support in favour of the referendum and hope that it can take place as soon as possible." While not telling anyone how to vote, the statement clearly favours a yes saying, quote, "the referendum process is the route towards a peaceful dispute resolution agreed upon jointly by Belize and Guatemala."

    Belizean Lawmen Come Home
    The 4 Belizeans detained in Guatemala have been released. The firearm and ammunition charges against the two lawmen PC Fabian Laurie, Coast Guard Pedro Colomer and the two civilians Kevin Hernandez and Jerille Laurie have been dropped. The men will return to Belize tomorrow. In a Ministry of Foreign Affairs release it states the men "appeared in court today in Livingston. After their hearing this morning the charges were dropped allowing them to return." It is unclear why the charges were dropped.

    Dion Zabaneh Faces Environmental Charges
    43 year old Dion Zabaneh and his mother, 76 year old Primrose Gabourel will stand trial for environmental charges in the Magistrate's Court. Three weeks ago, their attorney Emil Arguelles, argued to Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford that the Department of the Environment was charging them twice for the same offences. Well after consideration, the Magistrate did not uphold his argument and today she arraigned Zabaneh and Gabourel on 5 charges which included failure to sign an environmental compliance plan and failure to obtain an environmental compliance and 4 counts of failure to comply with oral instructions given by a designated officer.

    Regional Educators Meet in Belize
    For the past 2 days, the University of Belize has been hosting the Central American Higher Education Council, or CSUCA for short. It's an organization that has membership from universities and tertiary level institutions from all of the Central American nations, as well as the Dominican Republic. This confederation, which also includes Belize, meet regularly to discuss the shared challenges that they all face as the higher level educators within their respective countries. They also share best practices, and they as advise each other on educational programs and initiatives that have been tried and tested.

    Man Critical After City Shooting
    Tonight, 26 year-old Joshua Gallego, a Belize City resident, is at the KHMH recovering from gunshot injuries to the neck and the chest. That's after he was ambushed and shot this evening while dropping off his common-law wife and her children at their home. At around 2:40 Gallego drove his common-law and her kids to their home on North Creek Street. He was attempting to leave, and as soon as he reversed the vehicle, a gunman approached and opened fire on the driver's side door and ran off.

    Armed Robbery At Highway Grocery Store
    Belize Rural police have suspects detained after a robbery today across from Los Lagos. It happened at the Grocery store at mile 14 - which is run by a Chinese couple. The wife was opening the store at 7:15 this morning when a group of men jumped her, and got behind the grill to the counter. "Just after 7:30, police responded to a robbery at Home Ever Supermarket, located about 40 miles on the Phillip Goldson Highway, where upon visiting that supermarket, they were informed that the proprietor was held at gun point by 4 male persons; 3 of them wearing mask and one of them was barefaced. During the robbery a total of $2,000 cash was stolen and 2 cell phones..."

    Police Look For Clues in Skeletal Remains
    And two different sets of skeletal remains have been found in that same area - right behind Los Lagos in the last few weeks. Police still haven't confirmed if the remains found a week ago are those of Maurice Richards, the 82 year old who went missing in late 2017. One of the key clues was supposed to be a pair of dentures found with the skeletal remains behind Los Lagos. We asked Cowo if they were a match for the set of dentures Richards had left at home:.. "They are alleging that it has a similarity as to what their relative had. However, it cannot be ascertain fully. We are still awaiting for the DNA test to be done so that we can confirm in deed if that was the person that was reported almost a year and a half."

    Two Robbers At Uno
    And there was also a robbery at the UNO Depot outside Belize City on the George Price Highway. Cowo told us more:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "This morning at about 2:40, police were called to the UNO depot located at four and a half miles at George Price Highway where they spoke to the security guard who reported that while he was inside the booth.."

    Criminals Roaming Benque Riverside
    First a grenade was found, and, now, police found two guns and ammunition in Benque Viejo near the Mopan riverside. At the bi-weekly press briefing, the media asked police if the two finds are linked and if it is part of a larger cross border trade in weapons. Here is what the Head og National Crimes Investigation had to say: ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB: "On yesterday's date Benque Viejo police while on patrol conducted a search on an empty lot near the river Banks in Benque which resulted in the discovery of two weapons concealed in a bag and was later, or was also inside two sacks..."

    Cops No Clues In Cayo Killing
    Police don't have any leads in the Cayo murders of Macario Tzib nor Lloyden Bejerano. Tzib's decomposed body was found in his Thornly street home on Monday afternoon. He had been stabbed multiple times and his throat was slashed. Bejerano was shot and killed inside his Oscar Sabido layout area house on Monday night. Here is what police had to say about these two homicides. Reporter: "Could you first start with an update on the murder of Macario Tzib?" ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB: "Well in respect to that murder the investigation is still ongoing and we are still seeking one person in relation to that investigation." Reporter: "Has police been able to establish a motive as yet for that crime?" ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB: "No not as yet."

    Father Tried For Killing Stepson
    It was one of most gruesome and shocking murders of 2015: 21 year old Jose Maderos was chopped up inside his Kut Avenue house in Belize City. The machete wielder was allegedly his stepfather, 46 year old Patrick Castillo. Today in court, Castillo's trial ended and Justice Colin Williams reserved judgement until May 9th to give his verdict. Now at the trial the Crown relied mainly on the testimony of its only eye witness, Liny Mauricio, Castillo's step-daughter. She said that on the night of April 1st while she was walking out of the house and was passing the bedroom of her step-father and her mother, she heard her step-father cursing. She said that when she reached the front door she heard her brother, the deceased, shouting in Spanish, which when she translated it into English, meant "black pedophile."

    Freshest Farmers Of The Year
    "Innovations in Technology: Driving a Climate Resilient and Competitive Agriculture and Food Sector." That was the theme of this year's Farmers of the year competition. And 3 farmers who embodied that theme have won themselves the distinction. Male Farmer of the year is Cayo resident Dan Isai Lopez, the female farmer of the year is also from Cayo, she is Ana Eloisa Morales and the Junior Farmer of the year is Christian Eden Salazar Jr. from Corozal. In a release it states "

    March Made History For Tourism
    The Belize Tourism Board has released the latest statistics for tourist arrivals for this first quarter of 2019. The numbers say that the industry is on the way to another very successful tourism year, possibly another record setting year. Overnight tourist arrivals are up by 6.3% as of the end of March, when compared to the same time period last year. Almost 58,000 visitors came to Belize in the last 3 months. According to the BTB, March 2019 saw the highest recorded number of visitors of any month so far in the history of Belize's tourism industry.

    Rock Band Needs Your Help For Festival Success
    In December of last year, we told you about the rock band, Ascenthium. This a group of 6 local musicians who are based mostly in San Ignacio, and who specialize in rock and heavy metal genres of music. They've been together for 9 years now, and after enjoying underground success, they're hoping to turn their favorite hobby into a mainstream, commercially successful enterprise. They've entered a major international music competition called Wacken Open Air. Rock and Heavy metal bands from all over the world converge at this competition annually to compete among themselves to find out which band is the best of the best.

    The Art Of The Acrobat, Part 2
    Last week we told you about those political acrobats - flipping and flopping all over the ICJ issue. But one we didn't get to is PUP Leader John Briceno - and that's because he was still in mid flip! Unlike other acrobats who just turn their flips for situational advantage, the L-O-O seems to be doing flips within his own heart - where he believes in yes, but, must outwardly stand for a no, while maneuvering for a maybe! Even for an acrobat, that's a tough act, and Jules Vasquez catalogued some of his more artful turns:

    Channel 5

    Introducing the Belize (Territorial Dispute) Referendum Bill, 2019
    In what is expected to be a critical Sitting of the House of Representative on Friday, the Barrow administration is proposing to table the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019. [...]

    Does Barrow’s ‘Super Referendum Bill’ Triumphs Judiciary?
    As Briceńo notes there is still a case before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin which is scheduled to proceed on Monday when the Senate is scheduled to meet to ratify the [...]

    Opposition Leader says It’s About Getting It Right
    P.U.P. Leader John Briceńo also countered the Prime Minister’s accusation that the opposition is purposely delaying the holding of the referendum.  Briceńo says that his party has the moral and [...]

    What’s the Position of Said Musa and Valerie Woods on Super Referendum Bill?
    So will the P.U.P. attempt to block the passing of the bill on Friday? And what about Said Musa who was absent for today’s meeting and Senator Valerie Woods who, [...]

    A Joint Statement by the U.S., the E.U. and the U.K. on the Referendum Postponement
    And one more thing on the referendum….late this evening, a joint statement was issued by the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In the wake [...]

    Chiquibul: the Important Role of the Rangers & Soldiers
    Illegal cattle ranching is just one of the threats to the Chiquibul forest; the area is remote, but it is rich with the most precious natural resources. On a daily [...]

    Shooting in Belize City Leaves Man Critical
    A shooting in Belize City left a man injured. It happened earlier this afternoon at around two thirty in the North Creek area. The victim has been identified as Joshua [...]

    Charges are Dropped, Belizean Lawmen Released from Guatemalan Jail
    We’ve been reporting on the detention of two Belizean lawmen and two others in Livingston, Guatemala over the weekend. The men: coastguard officer Pedro Colomer, police officer Fabian Laurie as [...]

    Robbers Hit Homever Supermarket
    While the Eastern Division jurisdiction for the Police Department has been relatively quiet as it relates to major crimes, petty crimes such as robberies and burglaries have spiked. A well-known [...]

    Security Guard at UNO Depot is Robbed by 4 Persons
    Earlier this week reported that two gas depots, belonging to BWEL and TOMZA, were robbed within hours of each other on Tuesday. The culprits got away with an undisclosed amount [...]

    DNA Results Pending for Skeletal Remains Found Behind Los Lagos
    Last week, the skeletal remains sans skull of an elder person were discovered in the dried up savannah behind the Los Lagos Community off the Philip Goldson Highway; a denture [...]

    Before the Court Again; Primrose Gabourel and Dion Zabaneh
    For more than a month, Primrose Gabourel and her son, Dion Zabaneh, have been in and out of court regarding a parcel of land in the Caribbean Shores area of [...]

    2 Conch Shell Bay Residents Detained for Burrell Boom Burglaries
    Two Conch Shell Bay area residents have been detained in connection with two recent burglaries in Burrell Boom Village. The duo is Eugene Mark Anthony Fraser and Joshua Jeremy Gillett. [...]

    Police are Seeking 1 Person for Macario Tzib’s Murder
    Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett also gave updates on the two recent murders out west. On Monday, investigators from the San Ignacio Police Formation were called out to a [...]

    No Arrests in Lloyden Bejerano’s Murder
    The other murder was the shooting death of Lloyden Bejerano. The twenty-nine-year-old was inside his house in the Oscar Sabido area of San Ignacio Town. He was visited by a [...]

    2 Guns are Retrieved from River Bank in Benque
    On Wednesday, a pair of guns was found near the river bank area in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. Police say that a forty-five glock pistol with twelve live rounds and [...]

    The Jaguar Rehabilitation Programme at the Belize Zoo
    The jaguar is the largest and most powerful cat in the Western Hemisphere. In Belize, they are found in the lowland forests and along the coast. But hunting and deforestation [...]

    UB Shares Outcomes of CSUCA Meeting
    The University of Belize wrapped up the second day of hosting one hundred and thirteenth session of the Central American University Confederation called the CSUCA. Universities from Central America and [...]

    CSUCA Discusses New Policies
    The Assistant Secretary General with responsibility for academic affairs of the CSUCA also spoke with the press at this morning’s meeting. Francisco Alarcon says that the universities were intent on [...]

    Healthy Living: Coping with Allergies
    It attacks almost instantaneously. The truth is only allergy sufferers know the pain of being hypersensitive to things in the environment that can turn them into a sneezy mess in [...]

    The Reporter

    4 Belizeans Held In Guatemala – Free To Return To Belize
    The Belize Ministry of National Security issued a release earlier today announcing that the four Belizeans held in a Porto Barrios prison after an incident in Livingston, Guatemala have been set free.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    16-year-old will serve three more years on manslaughter charge
    A 16-year-old minor, who pleaded guilty last month for the stabbing death of his friend and […]

    Farmers of the Year announced
    The Famers of the Year Competition 2019 was completed under the theme “Innovations in Technology: […]

    Police seize over 50 pounds of marijuana
    Authorities have seized over 24 kilos, some 53 pounds of marijuana that were being smuggled […]

    US Deputy Secretary of State to host US-Caribbean Resilience Partnership
    Deputy Secretary of State, John J. Sullivan will travel to U.S. Southern Command headquarters in […]

    EU, UK and US issue joint statement calling for ICJ referendum
    The European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (US) issued […]

    Belizeans that were detained in Livingston, Guatemala are released
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Security hereby informed today that […]

    Did Pope Francis tell Belize’s Catholic Church to withdraw from Section 53 appeal?
    An article published on LifeSiteNews yesterday is suggesting that Pope Francis had a hand in […]

    Will Friday’s sitting of the House halt the ICJ referendum turmoil? – Between these lines.
    By Glenn Tillett: Between these lines …Friday’s Special Sitting of the House of Representatives will not bring a halt to the turmoil caused by our collective contemplation of the issue of whether or not we agree to the International Court of Justice hearing […]

    Reporters Without Borders call on UN to accredit Taiwanese Journalists
    On April 7, 2019, Reporters without Borders (RSF) issued a statement calling on the United […]

    President Morales of Guatemala calls on Belize to conduct ICJ Referendum
    Yesterday, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales hosted a brief press conference where he asked the Government […]

    Belize ranking on Passport index improves
    Belize’s ranking on the Henley and Partners Passport Index, the tool that measures how many […]

    Belize’s Jaguars participate in CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship in Mexico
    Denied an opportunity to participate in the CONCACAF Gold Cup in June, Belize’s Jaguars see […]

    Phillip Roberts is arraigned for abetment to robbery
    Back in February two men, 27-year-old Carlton, and 21-year-old Tyrone Belisle, both mechanics of the […]

    “One-handed” burglar charged
    His left hand is broken, but his landlord says he may have used the other to […]

    Leaked proposed House bill aims to cement ICJ route
    On Wednesday night, reporters were leaked what appears to be the Orders of the Day […]

    How Police Officer Stress in the U.S. Compares to Belize
    Police stress is a major problem in law enforcement in the United States and throughout the world. Research has shown that officers experience a higher mortality rate than the general population […]

    Belize absent at OAS meeting
    Belize was not represented this week at a meeting of the Organization of American States […]

    Minor charged for attempted murder
    Police have arrested and charged a Belize City minor, 15, for the attempted murder of […]

    Belize~ You are not Alone!
    By Richard Harrison: The frantic behaviour of the Prime Minister of Belize in the wake of the Chief Justice granting an injunction on the ICJ referendum, which was scheduled for today April 10 […]

    $5,000 reward offered for stolen bulldozer
    The owner of D3C Bulldozer is offering a reward of $5,000 after someone stole a […]

    PUP demands Order papers for Friday’s House meeting
    Yesterday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow scheduled a Special Sitting of the House of Representatives for […]

    Belize City Councilor Micah Goodin gets back portfolios
    Belize City Councilor, Micah Goodin, has been reassigned his portfolios at City Hall. That is […]


    Belize Camping Experience receive more support form the business community
    We have heard about Harvest for Kids, a program under Belize Camping Experience, BCE. The organization hosts children, particularly from Belize City and surrounding areas for a series of summer camps. It has been doing this for over eleven years but as it grows, the organization is in constant need of funding. The Harvest for …

    Ascenthium rocks Belize City on April 12
    They are perhaps the most prominent rock band currently in Belize. Tonight, Ascenthium is set to make their biggest performance yet. They hail from the Cayo District and over the years the band has seen its popularity growing as well as their musical skills. The band has written and recorded original songs which they are …

    Shooting leave one man hospitalized and police investigate trail of robberies in the City
    There was a shooting yesterday afternoon just after two o’clock on North Creek on the south side of Belize City. There is no official report coming out on the incident but Love News understands that a young man, known as Shaggy, was shot to the neck and the chest area. His condition is unknown at …


    Why YOU Should Visit Belize in April and May
    April and May can be some pretty great months to visit Belize. The Spring Break rush has started to thin out. The peak airline prices of December and US Presidents’ Week are starting to come down a bit. And the wetter season hasn’t started yet so the average day is rain-free and warm. On the mainland it can be very warm…but let me tell you some of the reasons that the trip will be well worth it. All the usual every day Belize stuff is going on…snorkeling the reef, beach barbecues, food tours, diving, spotting manatees, visiting stunning Mayan ruins, bird watching, cave tubing and zip lining and more. Not enough? Here are some special events you can add to your itinerary in April and May.

    Goff's Caye
    If you get a chance to take a boat trip, one we highly recommend is to Goff’s Caye. This short 1 hour boat trip (from San Pedro) past Caye Caulker, then speeding through the mangroves takes you to a small island off the shores of Belize. This Caye is located on the north side of the English Channel and sits on the edge of the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef. Goff’s Caye is only about an acre in size and is a registered as an archaeological site and therefore is one of the Cayes in Belize that is not privately owned. During Colonial times this Caye was a trade center and a cemetery.

    International Sourcesizz

    Judge threatens to stop Carnival cruise ships from docking In US
    A federal judge has threatened to temporarily block Carnival Corp. from docking cruise ships at ports in the United States as punishment for a possible probation violation. The Miami Herald reports U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz said Wednesday that she'll make a decision in June, and she wants company chairman Micky Arison to attend the hearing. Court filings say Miami-based Carnival has been on probation for two years as part of a $40 million settlement for illegally dumping oil into the ocean from its Princess Cruises ships and lying about the scheme.

    Joint Statement on the ICJ Referendum in Belize
    "Thus, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States of America hope that the legal obstacles preventing the referendum from being held can be resolved in accordance with Belize's legal procedures."

    Belize, the rule of law and judicial independence (Part I)
    The strong eastern winds blowing from the Caribbean Sea thwarted my jogging efforts. I kept going; the scenery was idyllic. It was 6:45 am and I was in Belize City. The city was asleep. The sun had already been up for more than an hour. Suddenly, I noticed that not everyone was asleep. Dean Barrow was also jogging, perhaps walking fast, at a comfortable pace on the other side of the street. Mr Barrow is no small man. He is Belize’s Prime Minister. He had no bodyguards, no retinue; he was alone.

    US report names several Caribbean nations as “major money laundering” centres
    In the latest US International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), volume two dedicated to money laundering, the report lists all major Caribbean and Central American countries as “Major Money Laundering Jurisdictions” for the year 2018: Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Maarten, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. In fact, the only Caribbean/Central American countries left off of this year’s INCSR are the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, both US protectorates, along with Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana, all three of them overseas departments of France.


  • Winners of 1st BEL Female Junior Novice Race held on Sunday, April 7, 2019., 1min.

  • 360 Video of Belize Kiting from Ambergris Caye, 2min.

  • Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, 3min. Sights and sounds of snorkeling at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve off of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

  • Laughing Bird Caye Belize, April 2019 by Fragments of Hope, min. short clips from all around the caye taken 10 April 2019 illustrating nursery-grown outplanted corals three taxa, mutiple genets. ages on reef 2-8.5 years.

  •, 4.5min. Diving Belize in March 2019, locations include Turneffe Atoll, Half Moon Caye, and San Pedro area.

  • Sports Talk, 60min.

  • Old Belize Train Ride 2019, 10min.

  • A bat on a snack, a red back coffee snake, and a gray fox all in one!, 3min. @ Gaďa River Lodge

  • A puma detected on a video trap in Mayflower Bocawina National Park., 7sec.

  • How much do you know about the jaguarundi?, 5min. These small cats are native to parts of North, Central and South America. They are not just commonly found in the forests of Belize, but there’s also a growing exhibit in captivity at the Belize Zoo. News 5 visited The Belize Zoo to find out why many zoos around the world want two of the youngest jaguarundis born at the Belize Zoo.

  • Miss Universe Belize Organization is looking for their next delegate to represent the country, 33min. Miss Universe Belize Organization is looking for their next delegate to represent the country. The casting call for contestants for the 2019 pageant takes place this weekend at Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The doors open at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. On set: Romeo Escobar - National Director, Miss Universe Belize Organization. Jenelli Fraser - Miss Universe Belize 2018.

  • FCD - incursions taking place in the Chiquibul National Park, 60min. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) continue to sound the alarm against the incursions taking place in the Chiquibul National Park. Our guests talked to us about the growing issue of cattle ranching. They explained that funding and resources continue to be a challenge to fulfilling their mandate. On set: Raphael Manzanero - Executive Director, FCD. Derric Chan - Park Manager, FCD.

  • Kite Flying by Saint Francis Primary School, 2min. Earlier today, the S.F.X.Primary School came out to fly their kites at Children's Park. They had colorful kites, the home made and more. It was quite windy this morniing. Saw them struggling to keep the kite up.

  • DOE Choose to Refuse Plastic Video, 1min. The Department of the Environment has a short video out about refusing single use plastic bags. Definitely worth a watch. Nicely done, DoE. Single use plastics are on their way out.

  • Marine Biology in Belize 2019, 3min. Moraine Valley Community College.

  • Diving in Belize, 20min. Belize Pro Dive Center is legit, and I highly recommend diving with them if you stay on Ambergris Caye.

    April 11, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Copa San Pedro heads to finals
    Four intense matches were held during Copa San Pedro 2019 Closing Season Semifinals at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. After an entertaining weekend of football action, the teams competing for championship title are Los Catrachos F.C and Legends F.C, while Fambo Boys F.C and Caye Caulker Islanders F.C will play for third-place. Copa San Pedro 2019 Closing Season culminates this weekend, starting on Thursday, April 11th. The first round of the championship match will see Legends F.C taking on Los Catrachos F.C at 7:30PM. On Sunday, April 14th the football action will begin with the third-place title which will see Fambo Boys F.C taking on Caye Caulker Islanders F.C at 5:30PM. The last round of the championship match will be held at 7:30PM and will feature Legends F.C, and Los Catrachos F.C. ALL islanders are invited to come out and support the island teams in their last match of this season. Food and drinks will be on sale during all games.

    SPHS observes 10th Annual Business Fair
    The San Pedro High School (SPHS) held its 10th Annual Business Fair at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium on Friday, April 5th. The fair serves as a way to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students that are majoring in business studies. Every year, the event sees a large crowd of residents supporting the various business concepts that students have developed. Before the fair, a short ceremony was held to introduce the judges and officially open the day’s events. Tasked to choose the winners included Ian Pou, Dimas Guerrero, Lorraine Guerrero, Ismael Lisbey, Sandy Roberts, Giovanni Pelayo, Eleanor Gillet, Mikaela Sosniecki, Amarainy Chi and Gricel Graniel.

    Island students sit first part of the 2019 PSE
    Standard Six students of both Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker joined thousands of students countrywide as they sat the first of the National Primary School Examination (PSE) on Monday, April 8th. The annual examination was held at the San Pedro High School and tested students in English and Science. The English test consisted of two sections, multiple choice questions, and a writing assignment, while Science tested the students’ knowledge in biology and general science, with multiple choice questions as well. The second part of the PSE will focus Mathematics, and Social Studies, and has been scheduled to take place on Friday, May 3rd at the San Pedro High School.

    San Pedro Pirates win 3-0 against Wagiya Sporting Club
    Only two weeks remain in the Premiere League of Belize’s (PLB) 2019 Closing Season, and the San Pedro Pirates are leading the chart with 26 points overall. On Sunday, April 6th the island team nabbed its third consecutive victory, this time against Wagiya Sporting Club. They walked off with a 3-0 score from the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga Town. For their next match San Pedro Pirates will be playing at home against BDF F.C on Saturday, April 13th. The match is scheduled to begin at 7:30PM at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. ALL islanders are invited to come out and support the island team.

    Ambergris Today

    Partnership Workshop For Traffic Wardens And Police
    The San Pedro Traffic Wardens attended a ‘Partnership and Life Skills’ Workshop on Monday, April 8, 2019. The Workshop took place at the San Pedro Town Council conference room and was conducted by Rudolph Orio, Supt. (Ret’d) – National Coordinator Police Auxiliary Unit. After a short and fun introductory icebreaker, Mr. Orio commenced his workshop on partnership explaining that a mutual relationship between distinct parties with a common objective of promoting safety and security of people. The training was based from the Traffic Safety Foundation of the three E’s; Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

    First Ever Island Marathon A Success!!
    The Alaia Charity Foundation held Ambergris Caye’s first ever fun run/walk which took place on Saturday, April 6, 2019. The main purpose of the event was to raise funds to provide financial, educational, medical and environmental support with the events net-proceeds, to disenfranchised island families. Runners took part in twenty-one and ten kilometer distances, with several age range categories which included; under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and over 60. Both races took off from Seagrape Drive; The Half/Half Marathon (10K) begun at 5am while the Half Marathon (21K) took off at 6am. There were a total of 133 participants all the way from the United States, a big group from Placencia, Orange Walk and local participants.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Football Action continues at the Ricalde Stadium this Saturday, April 13th
    Come and support all these talented football warriors of Corozal. It all starts at 1:30 p.m. Only $3 to get in.

    Verdes Host Bandits
    The Verdes are on a streak, and they host the Bandits this Friday, April 12th, at 9:00pm.

    Grand Opening of the Boca Del Rio beach
    Any plans this weekend? The BTB is inviting you to the Grand Opening of the Boca Del Rio beach in San Pedro Town on Sunday, April 14th! It will be followed by a fun-filled Family day with lots of activities for all. See you there!

    The U.S. Embassy is proud to provide protective body armor and other safety gear to Belize’s Mobile Interdiction Team!
    The equipment will help the MIT maintain their safety as they combat illicit trafficking and enhance citizen security across Belize.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “A Beauty In The Dark.”

    Shuga City Fight Night
    Saturday April 27, Orange Walk Multipurpose Center

    Changes in Pump Prices for Regular Gasoline and Diesel Oil
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on April 11, 2019, the pump price for regular gasoline will increase by 39 cents from $10.21 to $10.60 per gallon, while the pump price for diesel oil will decrease by three cents from $10.29 to $10.26 per gallon. These price changes reflect current market conditions which are influenced by the tightening in the production of oil from the OPEC Countries and by sustained high demand in the North American and Asian markets.

    Solidarity Circle in partnership with PAHO/WHO Belize
    The Ministry of Health participated in a Solidarity Circle activity in partnership with PAHO/WHO Belize office. While World Health Day is officially commemorated every year on April 7, we partnered to have this symbolic event done yesterday at the Belize sign in Belize City. This year we celebrated once again under the theme: Universal Health: Everyone, Everywhere. We thank the staff from the Central Health Region for participating.

    Belize Youth Challenge
    The Belize Youth Challenge is recruiting applicants for its 3rd intake!

    The San Pedro Sun and My Beautiful Belize is looking for a talented Advertising Sales and Collections Representative to join the team!
    Part time position with full-time potential. Must read and write English, Spanish a plus. Sales and/or Office Experience required with three work references. E-mail info with cover letter to: [email protected] Deadline for applications: April 18, 2019

    Monthly Weather Summary, March 2019
    March is usually a warm, dry and windy month across the country of Belize. A gusty easterly to southeasterly wind normally prevails throughout much of the month supporting warm and fair conditions. Whatever limited rainfall that occurs during the month is typically associated with one or two cold fronts, prefrontal trofs, shear lines and low level easterly wind surges. March 2019 was characteristically warm and generally dry. However, it was not as windy as normal and the prevailing surface flow was more easterly than east-southeasterly. The month started off generally fair with very limited rainfall amounts being recorded during the first five days. This was supported by mostly convergent, subsident and dry conditions at the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere.

    Art in the Park this Weekend
    Good day my followers from around Corozal. If you are looking for an event this weekend in Corozal here is an optional event you can attend: Art in the Park is happening this Saturday commencing at 5pm until 9pm. Its a monthly that happens once a month in Corozal. Wheremany gather at Corozal Central Park to see the different art work, wood work, Jewelries, sovineers, dance, djing music, food and lots more. It is attended by alot of locals @ visitors.

    BTB at the FSTV Easter Event 2019
    Giving cruise ship passengers a warm welcome along with Belizean treats.

    How are you phasing out single use plastic and styrofoam?

    Masquerade & Full Moon Party on The Roof
    Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 8 PM – 1 AM, Sunset Lounge. Masks are available at Sancas Realty or Belize Fitness or for purchase at Entrance.

    Channel 7

    No April 10th Referendum, Relief or Regret?
    Belize's April 10th. appointment with history ended up being a disappointment today because of the postponed referendum. Whether you were for a "yes" or a "no", chances are you'd had enough of the campaigning and just wanted to get it over with. Today we sampled public opinion in downtown Belize City - to find out how people feel about the postponement:.. Interviewee 1: "I feel sad, I wanted to get it over with one time and done." Interviewee 2: "First of all I agree with going to the ICJ, but the difference is, is the way the prime minister went on about doing it. First thing what he did he didn't went to the house and the senate. I am not saying going to the ICJ is wrong..."

    (Bi)National Geographic Jimmy?
    And, right on cue for April 10th, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales yesterday did something that would strike fear and dread in the heart of any Belizean. The Guatemalan news site called "Soy 502" yesterday reported that Morales made a trip to a village school in the Izabal department of Guatemala where he turned schoolteacher - and chose, of all things, to teach geography to standard one students. He called one of the students to the front - and he drew the map but excluded Belize - which, officially, is drawn with a dotted line. Morales then took the marker and drew in the territory of Belize:

    PUP Wants Its House Papers
    Now, given the timing, this can be interpreted as some deliberate act of provocation - and depending on where you stand on the ICJ issue it's either a reason to surely vote yes, and define those borders once and for all, or to clearly vote no and not leave the matter of Belize's territory to any court. You didn't get a chance to cast that vote today because of the postponed referendum, but government is determined to do it as soon as possible., And that's why they are going to the House of Representatives on Friday and the Senate on Monday.

    16 Year Old Sentenced For Killing 15 Year Old
    2 weeks ago, we told you about the 16 year-old boy from Belize City who pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the last year's fatal stabbing of 15 year-old Arkel August. Well, Justice Colin Williams has decided that he will spend 3 and a half more years in jail for Arkel's killing. The killing happened less than a year ago, on April 28, 2018, on the basketball court at Cumberbatch Field, located on Caesar Ridge Road. The 16 year-old and Arkel August, were playing basketball on opposite teams when a misunderstanding ensued between them and another boy. The 16 year-old was accused of playing dirty and he was sent home by the coach.

    Council Kumbaya: Micah and Mayor Make Up
    In the last week of February. Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner stripped councillor Micah Goodin of his portfolios. It was a disciplinary measure after Goodin had an angry exchange with the City Administrator. The Mayor suggested that these tantrums had been a pattern of behavior with the councillor. The mayor did not set any term on what was effectively a suspension with pay. Goodin castigated the council in Facebook posts for losing sight of its roots - and last month he wrote the mayor an impassioned letter after he wasn't invited to a council caucus meeting.

    High Grade Weed Busted At Northern Border
    Yesterday, police made a major cocaine bust in the south - and last night customs made a weed bust in the north. It happened just before 8:00 last night when Customs caught some men trying to toss bundles of weed over the border fence. Customs had caught one man with one big bag, and police chased down three others - while also finding another bundle of weed. All told it weighed more than fifty pounds. The Commissioner told us that they were bringing in high grade weed form Mexico:

    OW Underworld Figure Arrested With Coke and Cash in Silk Grass
    And as we told you last night, cops also made a bust in Silk Grass Village. It happened at around noon at the residence of, 60 year old Joseph Nolberto. The Commissioner told us what happened: Chester Williams - Police Commissioner: "Yesterday evening, police in Hopkins received information of a drug deal that was about to go down. Based on that, they visited a house in the Silk Grass area whereupon arrival they saw a male person fleeing the house carrying a bag. He was pursued and during the pursuit he threw the bag, he was captured quickly..."

    COMPOL Hopes For Cop's Safe Return
    In his second engagement with the media in as many days, Williams also spoke about PC Fabian Laurie who remains detained in Livingston, Guatemala along with Coast Guard Officer Seaman Pedro Colomer along with two civilians Kevin Hernández and Jerille Laurie for possession of firearms and ammunition without a license. Though they were over there on private time and business, Williams hopes his officer can get home soon:..

    MIT Gets Body Armor
    Commissioner Williams also discussed a donation of protective body armor to Belize's Mobile Interdiction Team. Here's more on that: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police "Yes we continue to look at gathering resources for our officers and yes the MIT will be receiving some protective gears and I have also approach the embassy through the CARSI program to see if we can get some brand new bullet proof for our officers. So far they have been very receptive to it and so we will pit forward the proposal and see how it goes from there."

    Officer's Welfare and That Long, Long Road
    And since he said he is looking after officers welfare, we also asked the Commissioner about a repeated concern we've heard from police officers that pertains specifically to transportation. As we told you last night, the Police Commissioner wrapped up a countrywide tour of police facilities yesterday. While he was touring, he met with the rank and file of the police department to discuss the biggest concerns they have about issues that negatively affect their ability to perform as lawmen.

    COMPOL'S Clinic Coming Along
    And in the same way that the Commissioner is trying to look after the welfare of his officers, he is also making himself available to members of the public who are looking for his intervention into their concerns. Every Wednesday, he holds public clinics. WE ASKED him how it's been going: Chester Williams - Police Commissioner: "The Wednesday clinics are going well. I normally have a number of persons who would come and see me for a variety of reasons. And I try to accommodate everybody when they come. Even though there are appointments, sometimes people come without appointments, and I still try to accommodate..."

    GOB's Losing Legal Trajectory
    Unless you've been under a rock somewhere, you will know that today, April 10th, was the date set for the holding of the ICJ referendum. Starting at 7:00 this morning, voters countrywide should have been flocking to the 344 polling stations to have their say on how the Belize/Guatemala's territorial dispute ought to be resolved. It should have been history in the making, but instead, everyone went about their normal work or school routines today. That's because last week the PUP managed to convince Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to issue an injunction restraining the Government from holding the referendum. The Government is now trying to find ways to legally get around that injunction.

    Chester Still Intent on ICJ
    And Police Commissioner Chester Williams says that injunction fight between the Opposition and the ruling UDP Government has not shaken his belief that going to the ICJ is the best way to solve the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute. He was asked about that today, and said he is still a "yes": Reporter: "You were at the Court of Appeal for the referendum issues. What's your feedback on the postponement of the referendum? Do you still believe that it's also like the Government says, an ironclad case?"

    No Water In City, Main Pipe Ruptured
    Tonight, most of Belize City - the country's largest population center - is with low or no water pressure after the main pipe coming into the city from the Double Run water treatment plant in Sandhill was ruptured. As we understand it the pipe got punctured at four and a half miles on the Phillip Goldson highway by another utility: BEL which was putting in lampposts. It happened early this afternoon, and BWS has announced that the low or no water pressure situation will continue until 11:00 tonight.

    Fuel Goes Up Again
    The price for regular gas is going up again tonight. At midnight, the price for regular will increase by 39 cents from $10.21 to $10.60 per gallon. Simultaneously, the pump price for diesel will decrease negligibly by three cents from $10.29 to $10.26 per gallon.

    100 Machetes In Unison
    They learned about harvesting rice, corn and other crops but the Harvest for Kids youth will now see how sugar cane is harvested. On April 27th, the sugar cane farmers will harvest 5 acres of sugar cane in Orange Walk to show the kids how it is done - manually with machetes. The Director for Belize Camping Experience told us more. He also told us about a collaborative initiative with Caribbean Chicken

    Channel 5

    The Impact of the Delayed I.C.J. Referendum
    Were it not for the stunning results of well-timed legal hurdles placed in the way of government, Belizeans across the country would have been anxiously anticipating the results of a [...]

    Guatemalan President Draws Belize as Part of Guatemala
    On Tuesday, a student was tasked to draw a map of Guatemala in a village school. At the request of Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, the primary school boy complied in [...]

    P.U.P. Demands Order Papers for Friday’s House Meeting
    As the House prepares to meet on Friday and the Senate on Monday, it is still not clear what specifically government will be doing to ‘fix’ the problem that was [...]

    Inside the Chiquibul: A Deeper Look at Illegal Cattle Ranching
    The vast Chiquibul Forest in the south-western region of Belize stretches across more than four hundred and twenty-three acres of land. The tropical rainforest includes the largest cave system in [...]

    Detained Belizeans Go Before Guatemalan Court on Firearms Charges
    Thirty-three-year-old Fabian Laurie, twenty-five-year-old Pedro Colomer and two others identified as Kevin Hernandez and Jerille Laurie remain locked up in a Guatemalan prison tonight after appearing in court in Puerto [...]

    Detained Coast Guard Officer is on His Own in Guatemala
    The same cannot be said for Pedro Colomer, a coast guard officer from Dangriga.  His fate is entirely up to the Guatemalan justice system and his bosses here in Belize [...]

    Orange Walk Businessman Busted in Silk Grass during Drug Deal
    Police in Hopkins Village wasted no time on Tuesday when they promptly acted upon information that a drug deal was about to go down in neighboring Silk Grass.  At around [...]

    4 Men Busted with 53 Pounds of Marijuana at Northern Border
    Up north, four men are in police custody following a drug bust at the northern border. Corozal police were called out to the Corozal/Mexico border today where customs officials handed [...]

    Belizean Remains Locked Up in US on $500K Bond
    Thirty-six-year-old Belizean Jermaine Belgrave remains incarcerated in the U.S. Reports from Erie County in Pennsylvania suggest that Belgrave’s possible long criminal history and gang affiliation here in Belize was factored [...]

    Minor Charged for Attempted Murder
    Police have arrested and charged a fifteen-year-old boy with attempted murder, aggravated assault, deadly means of harm and dangerous harm. The charges are in connection with the shooting of twenty-five-year-old [...]

    Family Claims Negligence at K.H.M.H. Led to Arm Amputation
    The family of fifty-eight-year-old Theresita Chan is claiming that negligence at the K.H.M.H. has led to the amputation of one of her arms. Today, Chan’s son Thomas Garcia stopped by [...]

    Robbers Strike at 2 Gas Depots in 1 Day
    Robbers hit two gas depots on Tuesday. The first robbery happened at the BWEL gas depot just after two-thirty on Tuesday afternoon. Police were called out to mile fifteen on [...]

    Fuel Prices to Increase, Again
    Fuel prices are taking a hike at midnight on April eleventh. This evening the government confirmed that regular gasoline will increase by thirty-nine cents from ten dollars and twenty-one cents [...]

    ComPol Concludes National Tour in Belize City
    Commissioner Chester Williams concluded a countrywide tour of the police department in Belize City this morning where he met with officers of all ranks to discuss their wellbeing as men [...]

    A Suggestion on the Use of Police Association Funds
    So what becomes of the monies that the Police Association has been collecting from its membership over the years?  Officers often fall sick and, in some cases, pass away without [...]

    Land Ownership Proposed for Long-serving Police Officers
    There’s a proposal on the table for long-serving police officers to be able to purchase land at a reduced cost if they are doing so for the first time.  It’s [...]

    Conch Season Closes 2 Months Early
    If you like conch fritters, conch soup or conch ceviche, you may want to enjoy these dishes before the end of this month. That is because the conch season is [...]

    Belize Fisheries Department Weighs In on the Quality of the Queen Conch Fishery
    One of the concerns that have been raised about the harvesting of the queen conch is the use of the shell size to determine maturity.  The Fisheries Department says that [...]

    The Central American University Confederation Meets in Belize
    The University of Belize is hosting its counterparts from Central America and the Dominican Republic this week. A two-day event is discussing the quality and standards of education offered by [...]


    Wednesday’s ICJ referendum “dead”
    After hearing submissions all day in an application that was hastily conceived by government attorneys who abandoned their original plan to request a variation of an interim injunction granted by Hon. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin last Wednesday, April 3 (in response to the constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement by members of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP)), a panel of three Appeal justices, in a majority decision, dismissed the government’s application for the court to hear the matter. Today’s Court of Appeal decision doomed the government’s chance of holding their scheduled International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum on April 10, and could trigger another round of appeals from the Dean Barrow-led United Democratic Party government, to the Caribbean Court of Justice.

    Belize is major drug transshipment and money laundering hub, US report says
    The United States Department of State released its 2019 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report and has listed Belize as a major hub for South American cocaine shipments destined for the United States. The two-part report cited Belize’s vulnerability due to its lack of resources and weak structures, including investigative and judicial shortcomings.

    Over 7,000 students sitting PSE 2019
    Thousands of students across Belize participated in the first leg of the Primary School Examinations (PSE) today. A multitude of students — seven thousand, two hundred and twenty eight of them — were registered to sit the exams this year. Thirty examination centers opened their doors to an imaginably anxious mass of students who represented two hundred and seventy three primary schools across our six districts. To accommodate full participation of all eligible pupils, the Education Support Service Unit (ESS) arranged for over one hundred and fifty students to be provided with special arrangements to sit their exams.

    Fugitive from Argentina found in San Pedro
    Alberto Samid, 71, an Argentinian businessman who is wanted for federal offences in his country by law enforcement and INTERPOL, was detained by police while he was walking in the south end of San Pedro Friday morning. Authorities in his country were alerted and two federal officers from Argentina have been sent to Belize to take Samid back to his country. According to reliable sources, Samid’s wife and son arrived in San Pedro from Argentina to be with him. They said that their father has health issues and must take his medication.

    Orange Walk Man Charged With Drug Trafficking
    The Reporter has been able to confirm that Police have brought charges of Drug Trafficking against Matthew Williams, a well known resident of Orange Walk, after an operation conducted in Hopkins and led by the Hopkins Police.

    Facing OBESITY – Fat Kills!
    By: Dr. Abigail Joseph – ery few doctors in the past made it known to patients that they were obese, overweight or borderline. Quite frankly, the only time you knew you were overweight or in need of losing “some” weight would be after having been diagnosed with hypertension, high cholesterol or maybe diabetes.

    Drug Bust In Hopkins Indicates More Serious Drugs In Belize
    Early Tuesday morning April 9th., A Police Anti-Drug-Unit operation in the seaside village of Hopkins has resulted in the detention of four men, three of whom were allegedly in the process of buying cocaine.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Are you ready for 5G? Uruguay launches first 5G services in Latin America
    The association of telecommunication and voice providers in the Americas, 5G Americas, says 5G is […]

    US Deputy Secretary of State to host US-Caribbean Resilience Partnership Ministerial
    Deputy Secretary of State, John J. Sullivan, will travel to U.S. Southern Command headquarters in […]

    Armed robber targets Tomza in Belize city
    Police are investigating an armed robbery at Tomza Gas last night. Around 8:35 p.m. the […]

    Silk Grass trio busted with over four pounds of cocaine
    Two men from Silk Grass, Stann Creek are detained pending charges of drug trafficking. Around […]

    Belize Peace Movement to protest at Friday’s House meeting
    The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) announced today that the organization intends to hold a peaceful […]

    Regular gas hiked; diesel goes down by 3 cents
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight tonight, the pump price for regular gasoline […]

    Make the Most of Your Belize Vacation With The Ultimate Belize Bucket List
    Forget Cancun and Panama City. If you’re looking for a paradise south of the border, […]

    PACT invests an additional $2.7 million into National Protected Areas
    The Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) earlier this week, held an award ceremony in Belmopan […]

    House meeting scheduled for Friday
    The Government of Belize (GOB) has called a meeting of the House of Representatives for Friday, […]

    Mentally challenged teenager is arraigned for sexual assault of a minor
    A mentally challenged teenager is out on bail after being accused of committing a sexual assault […]

    Percival Pilgrim acquitted of murder
    Percival Pilgrim, 22, has been told he has no case to answer to in respect […]

    Police nab two kilos of cocaine in the south
    Coordinated police operations led them to the seizure of two kilos of cocaine in southern […]

    Belize participates in regional fisheries workshop
    Belize was among the 14 countries represented at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Regional Workshop […]

    Guatemalan President teaches students to draw Guatemalan map with Belize included
    Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales, visited a school in Izabal, Guatemala and conducted a live demonstration […]

    Man and minor held for prohibited and unlicensed weapons
    A minor boy, 15, and 22-year-old R. Jay Young, both of Mahogany Heights, Belize District, were […]

    ICJ Referendum postponed until further notice
    Belizeans were gearing up for that historic decision on April 10, 2019 to vote on […]


    US Embassy in Belize donates to Belize Police Department
    The Mobile Interdiction team has received bullet proof vests from the United States Embassy. On its Facebook Page the Embassy states that the equipment will “help the MIT maintain their safety as they combat gang violence and enhance citizen security across Belize”. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that the department has also petitioned for …

    The air clears in Villages in the Corozal District
    The thick smoke that has been affecting some villages in the Corozal District over several weeks has cleared up. Chairman Elvis Correa of San Narciso Village, one of the affected villages, says the smoke has cleared up for at least three days now and so has the stench that had accompanied the smoke. Elvin Correa …

    Commissioner’s Tour 2019 is at an end. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams met with the last set of officers at the Queen Street Police Station this morning. A number of issues were discussed regarding the strengthening of the police association and use of funds for illness and expenses. But one area of development that had …

    Belizeans face charges in Guatemala
    It has been four days now since four Belizeans, including a seaman of the Belize Coast Guard and a police officer, have been detained in Guatemala on firearm and ammunition offences. Today, the men went to court where they were formally read their charge of being in possession of unlicensed and illegal firearm and ammunition …

    Police bust men with 3 parcels of cocaine and make a big Weed bust in the north
    A cocaine bust occurred yesterday in Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District. Reports reaching our news centre indicate that the bust happened during a house search in the village when someone went to there to make a purchase. Police Commissioner, Chester Williams, was on hand today to give us information on this case. Reporter: “Down …

    Minor sentenced to ten years for killing his friend
    A 16-year-old minor who pleaded guilty last month for the stabbing death of his friend and neighbor has been sentenced to 10 years; but, he received 6 ˝ years in deduction for his guilty plea and other factors that were taken into consideration. The minor, who was only 15 at the time of the incident, …

    The pump price for regular gasoline goes up, up, up
    The fuel pumps across the country will be adjusted at midnight tonight with regular fuel going up by thirty nine cents. The thirty nine cents increase will take the gallon-price from ten dollars and twenty one cents to ten dollars and sixty cents. Premium fuel will go untouched but while diesel will see a decrease …

    Decomposing body of man found in his home in San Ignacio
    Two men have been murdered in separate incidents in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. The body of the first victim was found by neighbors on Thornley Street in that municipality. Police say 48-year-old, Macario Alberto Tzib was found in a decomposing state inside his house. He was last seen alive on Saturday, but in the …

    29 year old man is slain in his San Ignacio home
    The second murder was recorded shortly before midnight last night. Police say officers were called to the Oscar Sabido Layout Area, San Ignacio Town, where they found the motionless body of 29-year-old, Lloyden Bejerano inside his house. Bejerano’s mother, Noretta Thompson, says her son was shot and was found in a sitting position in a …

    International Sourcesizz

    Jimmy corrects child who draws map of Guatemala and adds Belize
    "President Jimmy Morales does not lose hope of recovering Belize. Even a student from Izabal drew the map of Guatemala without the neighboring country and the president corrected it and drew the part that, according to him, he needed."

    Deputy Secretary Sullivan To Host U.S.-Caribbean Resilience Partnership Ministerial
    Ambassador Gutierrez will be heading Belize's delegation at the U.S.-Caribbean Resilience Partnership Ministerial hosted by Deputy Secretary Sullivan. Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan will travel to U.S. Southern Command headquarters in Miami, Florida from April 11–12 to host a ministerial with Caribbean leaders launching the U.S.-Caribbean Resilience Partnership, a new collaborative effort to build regional capacity to confront disaster response and promote resilience. Leaders will discuss new opportunities for collaboration to enhance the region’s preparedness and response efforts.

    Coral Fragging Should be Banned
    This is an interesting article that reminds us why we are taking so much time in structuring our coral nursery program. We have received a lot of interest and support from people willing to volunteer their time and sponsor nursery frames. But it is important that we build on lessons learnt from other programs. We are collaborating with Fragments of Hope, Belize and our young coordinators recently joined a micro fragment expedition with them. We hope Fara Stephany Maza and Brittney Garbutt will continue to receive training to make the program in San Pedro successful. Please be patient with us and remember that we are working with endangered corals.

    Belizean Law Enforcement Officials Arrested in Guatemala on Gun and Ammo Charges
    Two members of Belize’s security forces are among four men who have been detained in neighbouring Guatemala and slapped with firearm and ammunition charges. The Ministry of National Security confirmed in a statement issued that Police Constable Fabián Laurie and Coast Guard Officer Seaman Pedro Colomer, along with two civilians, Kevin Hernández and Jerille Laurie, were detained by police last weekend.


  • Chachalacas and toucans just chilling, 1min.

  • Machaquilla students in Toledo send a message to the Government, 1.5min.

  • Shark Ray Alley Belize, 2min. Snorkeling with No Worries Tours at Shark Ray Alley with Nurse Sharks and Rays. Great time.

  • o Better Days, 2min. Drone footage from Placencia, Belize | October 2018

  • Tim & Caitlin Destination Belize Wedding Film, 4min. Congratulations to Tim and Caitlin! This wonderful couple celebrated their big day in beautiful Ambergris Caye Belize with their closest friends and family.

  • Belize SXP Retreat, 10min. A two part presentation on the inaugural SXP retreat held in Belize in November 2018. Beach training, fitness, and Mobility exercises then give way to a short story,"Terror in Belize". A short fictional story based on the Belizean legend of Tata Duende.

  • Blue Hole Belize 2019, 3min. Adventure at the Blue Hole with a bunch of Pros. Aerial and underwater videos shot on site.

  • Preludium by J.S.Bach/P.Illavsky with Belize Virtuosi Duo, 3min. Preludium from Cellosuite BWV 1007 by J.S.Bach with beautiful melody added by Peter Illavsky. Performed by Belize Virtuosi String Duo: Bryce Young, Violin and Peter Illavsky, Cello. Live Recording 18 January 2019 at Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City.

  • Ariel Rosado Foundation launched the 2019 Fundraising Drive, 22min. Ariel Rosado Foundation launched the 2019 Fundraising Drive as they celebrate the 9th year of service to Belize through educational and sports assistance to deserving and challenged youths within the community. We spoke with their representatives about the plans for this year and how you can support their work.

  • Children First and Last Belize (CFAL Belize) importance of education and health, 19min. Children First and Last Belize (CFAL Belize) has a mission to help children of Belize in the area of education and health. The organization specifically targets children in rural villages and provide support to their families to keep them in school. Our guests talked to us about their work and an upcoming seminar that will focus on preventing child abuse. On set: Pat Lamb - Secretary, CFAL Belize. Sharon Walker - Member, CFAL Belize

  • The Belize Peace Movement weighed in on the postponed ICJ Referendum, 43min. The Belize Peace Movement weighed in on the current state of affairs regarding the postponed ICJ Referendum. They shared their perspective on what this means for their campaign for a No vote. On our couch: Paco Smith - Belize Peace Movement, Ret'd Major Lloyd Jones- Belize Peace Movement

  • Kiteboarding in Belize at Ambergris Caye, 1.5min. Riding from Sapphire Beach Resort out to the reef and back on a light wind day. 14m kite, 15mphish. Rylo camera

  • Belize Cave Tubing!, 6min. My final day in Belize we went cave tubing! It was such a fun and relaxing way to finish up this adventure.

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