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August 20, 2019


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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Signs PSA Letter of Intent with the Republic of China (Taiwan)
The Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (RoC) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) on August 15th, in Taipei, Taiwan, to engage in the negotiation of a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) with the objective of formalizing trade relations between the two countries. The LOI resulted from a full week of discussions and engagement with RoC officials and the Belize delegation from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce.

Ambergris Today

Introducing The Miss San Pedro Pageant Delegates
The Miss San Pedro Pageant is set to take place on Saturday, September 7, 2019 under the theme “Jewels of the Sea”. Five beautiful young ladies have signed up to compete for the coveted crown and title of “Miss San Pedro”, they are Eileen Reyes, Tanisha Rhaburn, Litzy Castillo, Helen Barrera and Blanca Velasquez.

Various Belizean Sources


Changes in the Pump Price of Fuel Effective August 20, 2019
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on August 20, 2019, the pump prices of two fuel products will change. The prices for regular gasoline and diesel will register decrease as follows: Regular gasoline will decrease by 43 cents from $10.55 to $10.12 per gallon; and Diesel will decrease by 04 cents from $10.08 to $10.04 per gallon. The prices for premium gasoline and kerosene will remain unchanged at $11.12 and 7.63 per gallon, respectively.

Corozal Art in the Park This Saturdday

Visit to the Chiquibul Forest
The role of the Judiciary in environmental compliance is paramount. We were therefore, honoured in hosting for a two day event the Honorable Chief Justice, Mr. Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Magistrate, Ms. Sharon Frazer, two judges and 10 magistrates into the Chiquibul Forest with the aim of presenting the beauty and challenges of this singular ecosystem. FCD remains grateful for the time spent with us and for their guidance as we pursue improved effectiveness. The event was made possible with financing from the US Department of the Interior.

The Reef Radio invites you to celebrate with us our 20th anniversary!!!
Buy your tickets today!!!! August 31 at Banana Beach Resort!!! See you there.

National Women’s Commission condemns insensitive comments continuously made on social media pages
The National Women’s Commission condemns the disrespectful and insensitive comments continuously made on social media pages following reports of gender-based violence. It is unfortunate that such insensitive comments have become the norm in the aftermath of any reports of violence against women and girls be it sexual violence, online bullying, domestic violence, and even murder. Public insults, shaming, and casting aspersions on the character, not only revictimizes victims of violence, but also impedes others from coming forward. Such insensitive comments on social media are, however, merely a by-product of the social norms and inequities linked to broader issues of gender inequality and discrimination. It is a merely sample of what many women and girls experience within their homes, workplaces and communities on a daily basis.

Park Way City now open in Corozal
Located across from the Police Station. It’s a new grocery and purchase stuff for your personal stuff. T-shirt, birthday bags, watches, buy groceries stuff and much more.

Join us starting today and be part of our Mesoamerican ball-game team!
Encourage your child to be involved in positive activities in the community.

Channel 7

Brazen, Broad Daylight, Bus Stop Murder in Hattieville
A security guard was murdered this evening in Hattieville. It has shocked villagers - because Clyde Kevin Hyde was at the bus stop - on the highway in the center of the village at around 4:00 this evening when he was shot as many as 7 times. His sister - who is the village chairlady says it may be a case of mistaken identity by gunmen not from the village. We spoke to her half hour ago after the police moved the body: Sylvana Barrow, Sister of Deceased: "Well I was at the centre with the kids practicing for the upcoming carnival and one of the kids ran in there and said that they are calling me, because somebody had gotten shot by the bus shed. When I came I see my brother down there. He is not a person that gives trouble. He goes and come to work and barely talk to anyone, but I think its mistaken identity." 9 Year Old Girl Was Strangled To Death
A 9 year old girl was strangled to death in Unitedville. Those post-mortem results were released about 30 minutes ago in this bizarre and deeply disturbing case. At first, it was being treated as a sudden death case and there were already too many unanswered questions but now it's shock and terror times 100 because the little girl was actually killed. Courtney Weatherburne went looking for answers out west and here is her story before the post-mortem results were known. 9 year old Danielle Hall died under mysterious circumstances. Efraine Lemus, Resident: "I saw some people were watching down the street that is where she live and we were wondering what happen there and then I took a walk there and I just heard the girl died right. That is the only thing I heard in that moment." Man Accused of Stabbing Uncle To Death is Stabbed & Critical In Family Dispute
Tonight, a 42 year old is at the KHMH in critical condition. Oliver Peters was stabbed multiple time on Saturday night on Boots Crescent in the Port Loyola area. But, he wasn't attacked by a stranger; reports say he was stabbed by a member of his immediate family. Police shared details today: "We had Saturday night just about minutes to 9:00 Mr. Oliver Peters 42 years was transported to the KHMH with stab wounds to the body..." It Was A Family Dispute
Police are looking at a member of his immediate family as their prime suspect. And that's a jarring coincidence because Oliver Peters just come out of jail a few months ago - after spending five years on remand for killing his Uncle. And now he is the one fighting for his life - after being stabbed allegedly by a member of his immediate family. Today his sister told us that two brothers were fighting:... Chopping Murder In Hope Creek
A man was chopped to death in Hope Creek Village in the Stann Creek District on Saturday morning. 40-year-old, Salvadoran farmer of Melinda Road, Kelvin Esau Hernandez was found chopped up near a village bar. Sr. Supt Hilberto Romero, NCIB: "On the 17th of August 2019 around 12:18 am Dangriga Police responded to a report of a chopping incident at Fuentes Billiards Bar located in hope Creek..." Man Shot Close To Home
44 Year old Brindel Munnings had only ridden his bike a few yards from his home when he was shot. It happened after 11:00 on Sunday night near the Inspiration Center. He was riding his bike through an alley on the way to Police street but he wouldn't get there because a male shooter cut him off in his tracks. Supt. Alejandro Cowo, Officer Commanding, CIB: "Shooting last night of of Mr. Brindel Mullings 44 years Belizean. He was walking behind The Inspiration center..." Fire Guts Apartment, Occupant Suspects Arson
Tonight, a man and a woman from Lords Bank Village are homeless. That's after their house was completely destroyed by a fire, and they believe it's arson. At around 8:00 last night when their wooden home caught fire. Our news team went to the village to find out what happened, and Daniel Ortiz reports: This pile of burnt rubble used to be the home of 37-year-old Kimberly Betancourt. She was living here with a male friend who she was kindly sheltering. Cops Can't Say Arson
So, as you heard in our story, the fire victim is claiming arson, and she asserts that she knows who did it and why. At today's police press briefing, the police investigator said that as of right now, they are waiting for a full report from the experts at the National Fire Service: Supt. Alejandro Cowo, Officer Commanding, CIB: "Last night just after 8:00pm Ladyville Police visited #16 Lord's bank where they observed a three feet elevated board house engulfed in flames..." Scotland Half Moon Villager Charged for Large Weed Bust
Joel Sutherland, a 42-year-old construction worker from Scotland Halfmoon Village in the Belize District, is at the Belize Central Prison. Police say that he was trafficking a huge amount of weed, 12.46 kilos - or 27 and a half pounds. On Friday, carting on special branch intelligence, a joint law enforcement team consisting of officers from the Mobile Interdiction Team and the K-9 Unit, showed up at his house to conduct a search for illegal items. When they combed through the entire property, they ended up finding all those drugs in Sutherland's backyard, amounting to 12,465 grams. COMPOL Sends Home Adjudicator Saying He Was Too Lenient
There's some internal friction in the police department after a senior cop has been barred from acting as an adjudicator. And it also involves Police Corporal Kent Martinez who that same adjudicator barred from acting as a defense advocate in a police tribunal last week. We start with Corporal Martinez - whose name was much in the news last month when he was charged for the manslaughter of Allyson Major. That criminal charge resulted in him being placed under interdiction. The police legal advisor, senior Superintendent Bart Jones took that to mean that he could NOT appear as a Defence Advocate before a police tribunal. Teachers Union Reaches Agreement; Ministry Extends License Period
5 weeks ago, we told you about a press release from the Belize National Teachers Union, in which, the union was advising its members to ignore a directive from the Ministry of Education to apply for the renewal of their licenses. The Union first wanted to meet with the top leaders within the Education Ministry to address concerns about this directive, which they asserted was contrary to what is set out in the education rules. Well, in the weeks that followed, the Union has finally met with the Ministry, and they are now sufficiently satisfied with those discussions. Judges In The Jungle
The Friends For Conservation and Development (FCD), which co-manages the Chiquibul National Park,had a very special visit last week. Members of the judiciary spent 2 days with them and learned first-hand about the difficulties of trying to preserve the Chiquibul Forest. On August 16th and 17th, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer, 2 Supreme Court Judges, and 10 Magistrates made the trip to the Las Cuevas Research Station and then to Caracol. Once there, the FCD told them all about their conservation efforts over the last 11 years, since they entered into the co-management with the Government. Teenager Survives Accident
A 16 year old August Pine Ridge resident crashed into a Police Constable's vehicle, fortunately no one was hurt. The teen, Edwin Chi is tonight recovering at the Northern Regional Hospital from injuries. It happened on Sunday evening around 5:00. Vehicle Flips At Mile 17
And there was another non-fatal accident but this time at mile 17 on the Western Highway. It happened around 10:00 this morning. A man who was driving a Dodge Calibre was overtaking a truck when he swerved into the truck's lane to avoid an oncoming vehicle. He clipped the front of the truck and flipped unto the side of the road. Here is an interview with an eyewitness. Voice of: Eyewitness: "The truck and car were going in the same direction, the other vehicle was coming and to let him not have a head on collision he pull in too fast and hit the front of the truck that made him turn over." Nicaragua Dominates Beach Volleyball Championship
Belize hosted the 19th Central American Men and Women's Beach Volleyball Championship over the weekend. All Central American countries minus Panama were present and brought both male and female teams. Belize fielded three teams, two male and one female, but none of them placed - still, their performance was far superior to that of previous years. Ultimately both Nicaraguan male and female teams placed 1st place, both Guatemalan teams came in 2nd, and both Costa Rican teams placed 3rd. NWC Stands Up For Gender Based Violence Victims
We have been reporting on the Belmopan rape case since last week. As we told you, a woman reported that 2 men raped her at a Tiger Town area house party. Well, it seems people have been doing their own reporting and speculating on social media. Her police report, that should have been kept confidential, was circulated on Facebook and people have been mocking and ridiculing her. Now, the National Women's Commission's release speaks to this case and the wider issue of bullying women and girls. The release states "The National Women's Commission is dismayed by disrespectful and insensitive comments continuously made on social media pages following reports of gender-based violence..." Opposition Laments Murder of Elderly
Last week, we told you about the senseless murder of Ofelia Hernandez. She's the 69-year-old Mexican woman who was killed inside her home on the Salt Creek Road in Sand Hill Village. The PUP's United Women's Group is now speaking out on this terrible crime. A press release says quote "The United Women's Group condemns the brutal murder of a hardworking, elderly woman in what should have been the safety of her own home in Sandhill on Tuesday..." Pump Prices Fall, Slightly
Fuel prices are changing at midnight. The price for regular gasoline and diesel will decrease marginally, while premium gasoline and kerosene will remain unchanged.

Channel 5

Security Officer Murdered in Hattieville in Brazen Shooting
A man was murdered down in a brazen late evening shooting today in Hattieville Village, Belize District.  Forty-seven-year-old Kevin Hyde was sitting at a bus shed along the highway in [...]

A 9-Year-Old Girl is Strangled to Death in Unitedville, Cayo
The unexplained death of a nine-year-old girl was baffling police authorities, but late this evening, it was confirmed that the Danielle Hall was killed by manual strangulation.  The child was [...]

Salvadoran Man Hacked to Death in Hope Creek
A Salvadoran farm hand who worked at the Marie Sharp farms in southern Belize was hacked to death on the eve of his birthday.  The forty-five year old, according to [...]

Brindel Munnings Shot During Armed Attack near Police Street
Gunshots rang out in the vicinity of the Inspiration Center late on Sunday night and when the shooting subsided forty-four-year-old Brindel Munnings was suffering from multiple injuries to the body.  [...]

Fire Destroys House in Lord’s Bank Village
Around eight o’clock, a fire broke inside an elevated wooden house in Lord’s Bank Village on Sunday night. The home was occupied by an elderly person who escaped unhurt. The [...]

Prices for Diesel and Regular Gasoline Take a Dip
At midnight on Tuesday August twentieth, the pump prices of regular gasoline and diesel will see a decrease. The prices for regular gasoline will decrease by forty three cents from ten [...]

Oliver Peters Viciously Stabbed During Family Dispute
Oliver Peters was acquitted of the murder of his uncle on June eleventh, after spending almost five and a half years on remand at the Belize Central Prison.  Tonight, he [...]

Patrick Garbutt is Charged for Wounding an Officer of the Belize Port Authority
A retreat outing for an officer almost ended fatally when he was attacked and stabbed in the face and injured on the hand by another co-worker.  There is no motive [...]

Scotland Half-moon Resident Arraigned for Big Drug Bust
A Scotland Half-moon resident is behind bars following his arraignment for a huge amount of marijuana.  He is forty-two-year-old Joel Sutherland, a construction worker from rural Belize District.   Sutherland, [...]

100 Million Dollar Loan to be Administered by Taiwanese Company in Guatemala
Government’s fifty million U.S.-dollar loan from Taiwan to upgrade the Sarteneja Road will be administered through a Taiwanese company in Guatemala.  It’s an interesting bit of information revealed during Friday’s [...]

Julius Raises Proposed Port of Belize Expansion in House Meeting
The Port of Belize Limited is looking to expand its operations and its principals have put together a presentation to be made before Cabinet’s investment subcommittee in the days ahead.  [...]

PM Barrow Responds to Julius on PBL
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in responding to Espat, admits that while Waterloo has written to government informing of its intention to expand its docking facilities at the Port of Belize, [...]

G.O.B. Approves CitCo’s Municipal Paper
The Belize City Council, led by Mayor Bernard Wagner, has gotten government’s approval for a municipal paper; a means of short-term financing that is useful in improving CitCo’s cash management [...]

Kareem and PM Barrow Trade Barbs on Ageing
Friday’s house meeting wasn’t without its share of banter and potshots.  While there were a number of heated exchanges across the floor, the funniest tit-for-tat came by way of Caribbean [...]

P.U.P. Condemns Violation to Women & Cyber-bullying
The People’s United Party is condemning the brutal murder of an elderly woman in what should have been the safety of her own home in Sandhill last week Tuesday. Ofelia [...]

M.O.E. and B.N.T.U. Find Common Ground on Renewal of Full Licenses
As the new school year approaches, representatives of the Belize National Teachers Union met with Chief Education Officer, Doctor Carol Babb, and M.O.E. Crown Counsel, Delvit Samuels, regarding the application [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]


19th Central American Beach Volleyball Championship
The 19th Central American Beach Volleyball Championship ended yesterday with Belize Team 1 placing fifth. First, second and third prize for both male and female went to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica respectively. We spoke to Allan Sharp, President of the Belize Volleyball Association, who told us what lessons have been learned during this weekend’s …

Cross-Border Meeting on Migration
When it comes to Belize, it is uncertain at this time, how many people are migrating from Mexico to Belize and vice a versa. Belize and Mexico are in the process of building capacity as it relates to migration in order to better understand the dynamics between the two countries. Several meetings have taken …

Man gunned down in broad daylight
There was a murder just before five o’clock this evening in Hattieville Village, Belize District. 47-year-old, Clive Kevin Hyde, an employee at the Belize City Council was under the bus shed on the George Price Highway, along the stretch where the Hattieville Police Station sits. Reporter, Courtney Menzies was at the scene shortly after and …

Jealous boyfriend reportedly sets woman’s home on fire
A fire last night in Lord’s Bank Village, Belize District has left a woman displaced and in need of help. Kimberly Betancourt, the owner of the home, was reportedly not at home when her estranged boyfriend allegedly lit her wooden house on fire. Betancourt’s neighbor, Bert Ramos, told us that there are reports the boyfriend …

Man reportedly stabbed by his brother
42-year-old, Oliver Peters was stabbed multiple times in the back and neck, reportedly by his own brother. The incident unfolded on Saturday night just after eight o’clock. According to Peters’ niece, who lives next to him in an apartment building on Boots Crescent, she believes that Peters was set up by his daughter, step-daughter and …

Man Shot to Death
44-year-old, Brindel Munnings also known as “Brambles” was shot last night sometime after eleven o’clock. The bullets were fired a few feet away from his house, in an alley near Police Street, Belize City. Alejandro Cowo, Superintendent of Police, gave us more details during today’s press brief. Alejandro Cowo, Head of Crimes Investigation Branch, Belize …

What lies ahead for Belize’s citrus industry ?
According to Citrus Products of Belize Limited, CPBL, the Citrus Greening Disease or Huanglongbing has severely affected the industry. Last year’s production stood at 2.4 million boxes, while, in previous years when the industry was at its peak, production stood at 7.1 million boxes per year. Nikita Usher, the Chief Administration Manager at CPBL, told …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man shot in Belmopan
A short while ago there was a shooting in Belmopan. A masked man reportedly fired […]

Hattieville murder victim identified
Earlier today, we reported that a man was gunned down near the bus stop in […]

Santa Elena vendor knocked down and killed
Gregorio Requena, a well known vendor from Santa Elena was knocked down around midnight last […]

9-year-old child from Cayo was strangled to death
It shocked the country on Friday when 9-year-old Danielle Hall lost her life in mysterious […]

Man killed in Hattieville, Belize
Reports to our news-desk is that a man was shot minutes ago in Hattieville, Belize. […]

National Women’s Commission expresses dismay over treatment of victims online
The National Women’s Commission issued a statement saying that it is dismayed by disrespectful and […]

Man stabbed by family member
Belize City police say that an argument between family members led to a stabbing. It […]

Three detained, one being sought for last night’s shooting
Just before midnight last night, a man was shot in Belize City. He has since […]

Fire reported in Lords Bank
Sometime after 8 o’clock last night, Ladyville police were called to a report of a […]

Police investigating fatal bar chopping
Shortly after midnight on Saturday, there was a fatal chopping at a bar in Hope […]

United Women’s Group demands action
The United Women’s Group (UWG) of the People’s United Party condemns the brutal murder of […]

Members of Belize’s Judiciary visit Chiquibul
On August 16 and 17, 2019, members of the Judiciary visited the Chiquibul Forest. Chief […]

Government is monitoring gas prices
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on August 20, 2019, the pump prices […]

Regular and Diesel gas prices decreased
The Belize Bureau of Standards has just issued new gas prices effective midnight tonight. Belizeans […]

Smart donates $4,000 to Police Department for shoe drive
Smart Belize handed over a cheque for $4,000 to the Belize Police Department on Friday, […]

Celebrating birthdays at Western Dairies Belize!
Belizeans and visitors enjoy Belize’s best, Western Dairies (WD) ice-cream. But, these days, the company […]

PACT hosts workshop on Environmental, Social and Gender Risk Management System
Last week, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) in collaboration with the German Society […]

Cricket is becoming more popular in Belize
The finals for the 2019 Sir Barry Bowen/Harrison Parks Cricket Competition is currently being played […]

The UWI – a key partner on Sargassum Research in the Caribbean
For almost 10 years, the Caribbean region has been experiencing massive influxes of the sargassum […]


Setting Strong Foundations
A wonderful group from United Methodist Church in Johnstown Colorado (UMC) took a volunteer summer vacation and came back to San Pedro. They have done group mission trips 3 times in Belize now. Hope Haven had a great project for them. A Lady named Daisy and her five kids greatly needed a new house. The lot had less than ideal conditions for building a house. As soon as Maureen, her husband Tracy and I toured the site with Hilton (the site foreman), our minds sprang into action. We learned that because this job had originally been slated for a later date, there was going to be no fill at the initial stages of the construction. Thankfully it came sooner than later.

Finding Peace And Beauty In Caye Caulker, Belize
Ahh, Belize… just saying the word makes me smile. Palm trees swaying in the wind, azure sea, endless sky, parrots, fresh pineapple…and no shoes. I had become intrigued with this small central American country after reading articles touting it as a retirement destination. I liked the fact that English was the official language, that it was affordable, warm, and not too far away. So, when I found myself needing to detox from working life and a horrific divorce, Belize was my goal. I needed to heal my soul by the sea. Luckily for me, a friend with the same dream headed there first. I visited after she had acclimatized. Both single women, we were excited for the adventures ahead in a complete change of life. We weren’t looking for resorts or to replicate our lives back home–we wanted to experience an entirely different culture, an entirely different world, and people we would never meet otherwise.

Guest Blog - Top 10 Things to Know While Building in Belize...
We are very lucky to have Sonia Alvarez of Latitude 20 Architecture on the peninsula in Placencia, Belize. She is a very impressive architect and as a female entrepreneur, has started Latitude 20 Architecture. She has a fantastic resume including some of the most impressive designs and projects in Belize, including Naia Resort and Spa, Palm Reef Resort, and recently - the new Margaritaville in San Pedro - among many others. She has a vast range of knowledge about the building and designs that work best in Belize - there is some unique knowledge needed in building here because of many factors including the infrastructure, materials available, (relatively speaking) small number of skilled workers, tropical climate, and more. Sonia's breadth of knowledge makes this blog very valuable for those looking to build in Belize, and we are fortunate to have gotten the following insights about building here!!

What Is Glover’s Reef Atoll? And Why Is It So Special?
Across all of the world’s oceans ranging from the storm-tossed waters of the Southern Ocean to the frigid northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean, you will not find a single atoll outside of the Pacific Ocean. Yet just a few miles offshore from Belize lie three atolls, the only true exceptions to the rule. And the crown jewel of these three iconoclastic atolls is Glover’s Reef. What is an atoll? In regions where coral grows, it sometimes grows in a ring shape around a seamount or volcano. If the volcano or seamount begins to erode and slips beneath the surface of the water, a lagoon forms in the interior, the definition of a true atoll. Glover’s Reef is one such atoll located approximately 22 miles (35 km) offshore from mainland Belize. Glover’s Atoll is part of a protected marine reserve called the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve (GSSCMR), one of the most beautiful and eco-diverse regions of the reef.

If you had to describe the climate of Belize in one sentence, you could say that it’s very similar to South Florida. Officially, Belize is a sub-tropical country that enjoys warm weather year-round, gentle trade wind breezes, and a mean humidity of around 83%. Unlike North America, Belize only has two seasons, often referred to as the “dry” season and the “green” season. The “dry” season is also the “high” season for tourists, roughly corresponding to winter in North America but featuring long stretches of sunny days and delightfully warm temperatures. The “green” season is the “low” season, roughly corresponding to summer in North America but without any significant elevation in temperatures.

Belize The Cradle Of Civilisation? New Discoveries Unearth Interesting Facts About Our Earliest Settlers
As featured in various scientific publications, including a 22 July, 2019 article in the online Science Daily, “waves of immigrants” coming from North America some 13,000 years ago brought with them tool technologies that the earliest Belizean settlers used to adapt to a changing environment and eventually led to the highly advanced Maya civilisation that flourished in the region. Researchers from the University of New Mexico (UNM) recently published the results of archaeological dig in Belize’s Bladen Nature Reserve that unearthed some of the very earliest stone tools used in southern Mesoamerica.

Spreading The Benefits Of Sustainable Tourism (And A Lot Of Smiles) In Belize
Not very long ago we posted an example of management and staff taking Chaa Creek’s brand of sustainable tourism to heart, by contributing their own ideas, energy, time and money towards projects that benefit the land and people of Belize. It was good to see that Chaa Creek’s Macal River Cleanup Day 2019 received so much media attention and resonated with readers around the world. Well, today we have the pleasure of highlighting another initiative –one that strengthens support for neighbours and local communities. Corozalito Back To School Fun Day, step into the light and take a bow.

International Sourcesizz

Diving into Research
This summer, Professor Lisa Greer led a five-week Keck Geology Consortium project for nine rising sophomores (and one rising senior peer mentor) from schools around the country to Ambergris Caye, Belize to study the coral reef. The goal of the project was to measure how much of the once-dominant staghorn coral is still standing after years of detrimental factors, such as rising ocean temperatures and hurricanes, have decimated the reef. We took pictures of these corals along an established stretch of reef and then painstakingly digitally traced every single branch of living staghorn coral in every picture. This allowed us to quantify the percentage of the reef that is still living coral and compare it to data from previous years of this study.

Eye on the tropics: Meteorologists monitoring multiple areas of interest in the Atlantic
While there are some areas being watched, including the Gulf of Mexico and off the New England coast, explosive tropical development over the Atlantic basin seems unlikely this week. Much of the Atlantic basin, which is warm enough to support tropical development, has seen an overall decrease in the amount of dry air, Saharan dust and wind shear over the past week or so. However, wind shear appears as though it will continue to inhibit development in two areas that have a remote chance of tropical development. Meanwhile, about 2,000 miles farther to the southwest, over the western Gulf of Mexico, showers and thunderstorms are forecast to gather later this week. This is part of a broad area of disturbed weather centered over the western part of the Caribbean Sea and the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Belize Automobile market forecast explored in latest research 2019 to 2025
The Belize automobile Market report provides a complete perspective on the trends shaping the Belize Automobile market. The Belize automotive market is slowly shifting towards a service oriented model with new players focusing extensively on customer experience and consumer data. Transitions in automotive markets are providing opportunities for some parts while other components face stiff decline over the forecasts. The report presents the impact of current business and economic trends on the future of automobile industry in Belize. Key macroeconomic driving factors of consumption including GDP, disposable income, population, inflation trends are forecast from 2005 to 2025.

9 incredible vacation spots that are closer than you think
If traveling more in 2019 wasn’t high on your list of New Year’s resolutions last January, it’s not too late. Summer is young, and there’s an abundance of flights to great places that are probably nearer than you think. That means more vacation time actually spent on vacation. There’s a lot that surprises about Belize. Did you know English is the official language of this tiny Central American nation located some six hours south of Cancún, and that it was a part of the UK up until 1981? It’s also the least populous (and least population-dense) country in Central America, yet has a strikingly rich and diverse history and an equally impressive catalog of natural attractions.


  • Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, 3min. If you are at all interested in fly fishing...or just the crazy gorgeous west side of Ambergris Caye, take a look at this video of our camp - Cayo Frances Farm & Fly. Jesse stayed there last week and THIS VIDEO! SO COOL! Almost makes me want to learn flyfishing. Almost.

  • Belize Tourism Board | Finishing Sentences, 1/2min.

  • Belize Tourism Board | Clara, 1/2.

  • Belize Tourism Board | Phil, 1/2.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize 2019, 4min. Trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize in February of 2019. Insanely fun time! Special thanks to Wayo from Wayo's Bar and Chris from Toucan Bungee Trampoline!

  • Robins Kitchen in San Pedro, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize City Streets at Night, 9min. Tour of Belize City streets at night for August 2019.

  • The Reef Radio invites you to celebrate with us our 20th anniversary!!!, 1min. Buy your tickets today!!!! August 31 at Banana Beach Resort!!! See you there

  • Rappelling in Belize, 1min.

  • Belize dives 2019, 22min.

  • Xunantunich Mayan Ruins History in Belize, 4min. Tour guide describes the history of Xunantunich

  • Accion Deportiva, 22min.

    August 19, 2019


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Engagement
    “How is Sylvia doing?” Sherry asked. “Like most twenty-year-old girls,” Señora Morales said. “All she thinks about is that boyfriend Ralph and getting married.” Sherry doesn’t have The Little Red dessert shop anymore, but she still does a lot of baking for us and a lot of other people. She hires Señora Morales to help with the baking. “That girl getting grown-up,” the old lady continued. “Time she gets married before she gets in trouble. Even if that Ralph is a drunk.”

    Letter to the Editor: Beware of Scotiabank
    Dear Editor, Recent events leave me no choice but to advise the public of an ongoing situation at Scotiabank. If you have a credit card account or accounts; Beware! If you are being charged late fees and interest, through no fault of your own - as I am, it is basically wrong and possibly criminal. Scotiabank systematically sends out the monthly statements late. On my Credit Card statements with Scotiabank, the statement date is printed on the 11th of each month. So why does it take Scotiabank 21 days to get the statements to the Post Office in our small town when I only have 25 days to pay it?

    Doctor Love: A sensitive Friendship
    Dear Doctor Love, I am one of a group of five girls who’ve been close since we were toddlers. We went to school together and graduated from the same class in the same year. A few of us have moved away and we are all married and starting families but we stay in touch regularly and each year we take a trip together. One girl in our group has been unsuccessful in her attempts to have a child. She’s had many miscarriages, one in her last trimester.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Corozal Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch Summer Program
    Aug 19-23, 8a,-11:30am, Sam's Community Park, Arenal Road

    SSBA Basketball Tournament 2019
    he 2019 Digi/BECOL Basketball Tournament starts on Saturday, August 31st. Register now.

    Kimberly Santos Wins Queen of the West
    Congratulations, Miss Kimberly Santos! She won the Queen of the West pageant last night at the Octavia Waight auditorium, and will represent Cayo for the 2019-2020 season. Pandy has a video of the pageant. Adma and Mary Robinson have a short montage of Ms. Santos.

    POPOL VUH:The Hero Twins
    Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived two brothers.The brothers tried very hard to be good gardeners. But even the rabbit that rooted in their garden for food each day knew they were not very good at gardening. What they were good at, great at, absolutely excellent at, were ballgames. Onlookers cheered so loudly whenever the boys played ball that the noise attracted the attention of the Lords of Death. The Lords of Death lived in the Underworld. They liked to trick people into dying. They especially liked tricking people who were bothering them, and the boys were bothering them. They were far too noisy! The Lords of Death sent a message to the brothers praising their wonderful talent. The message included an invitation to play a ballgame in the Underworld. The brothers were instructed to bring their ball and their protective gear as none could be provided. No one played ball in the Underworld normally, so this would be a great treat for everyone.

    The Reporter

    R.T.A On The Placencia Road
    There was an accident on the Placencia Road this afternoon which involved 2 vehicles, thus far there are no reports of fatalities...

    Fire Reported At Bar Near Fish Market
    There are reports of a fire at a bar near the fish market bridge on Vernon Street in Belize City...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Accused murderer granted bail
    Twenty-two-year-old Kafele Garcia, an American national charged with the murder of 25-year-old Ervin Franklin, was […]

    Stumbles all around tighten race for Premier Football League top spot
    All of the Premier League leaders dropped points this weekend in tightly contested matchups. On […]

    Kimberly Santos is the new Queen of the West!
    Miss Cayo North, Kimberly Santos, is the newly crowned Miss Queen of the West. Santos […]

    Verdes to honor football legend, Theo Lennan
    Verdes FC are taking on the San Pedro pirates today at 4:00 p.m. at the […]

    Belize beach volleyballers out of top 3 at Central American Championship
    Belize’s men finished fifth today, and the women can finish no higher than 7th, after a disappointing weekend […]

    Tourism Board appeals to Belizean travelers
    It’s not just true about Kansas, says the Belize Tourism Board: there is no place […]

    Police retrieve firearm from fleeing suspects
    San Ignacio Police recovered a firearm last night that was dropped by one of three suspects […]

    John Doe in Hope Creek murder identified
    By BN Staff: Police have learned the identity of the man that was killed in Hope Creek Village, Stann […]

    CitCo summer league semifinals results
    Yesterday the Belize City Council’s summer basketball league entered the semifinals round. In the U-15 […]

    Murder in Stann Creek
    Police are trying to determine the identity of a man that was killed in Hope Creek […]


    Eats: Best of the Best Food on Ambergris Caye
    Here’s our picks for the best food and drink items on the Caye! If you need some nummy recommendations for great places to eat with their own special flair in San Pedro Town, then this is the post you must read! This list is no particular order, just by their amazing dishes! When it comes to traditional Belize dishes, El Fogon located downtown just across the street from Tropic Air, serves the number one salbutes on the Caye. What is a salbute you ask? First you should know that it is the salbute originated from the Yucatan and is a staple in Belize.

    International Sourcesizz

    Parts of the U.S., Mexico on alert for tropical development in the coming week
    While tropical storm formation has been scarce so far this tropical season, the area near Central America may become a breeding ground for tropical activity later this week. Over Central America, patches of heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue to gather compliments of a large and slowly-spinning, non-tropical storm, called a gyre. "The large gyre over Central America will continue to bring an active pattern to northern Central America and southern Mexico the next few days," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Max Vido. "Periods of heavy rain will continue to effect these areas over the next several days, leading to flooding and potentially higher-terrain mudslides from Columbia to southeastern Mexico," Vido added.


  • Day 3 | XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship | Kukumba Beach Old Belize, 6.5hr.

  • , 1.5hr.

  • Queen of the West Pageant, 3hr.

  • XIX Central American Beach Volley Ball Championship | Belize | Final, 8hr.

  • Mennonites in Belize, 10min. This is a compilation of pictures and video clips shared with me by friends, neighbors and relatives to give you a glimpse of the variety of Mennonite branches who have made Belize their home. Not all of them are white-skinned and blond-haired, and not all of them speak Plautdietsch (Low German) and not all of them live in colonies.

  • Belize Blue Hole - Flying Over, 3min.

  • Shark Diving -Belize Barrier Reef, 1min.

  • Zip lining and Cave Tubing in Belize, 6min. Julie and I went zip lining and cave tubing for the FIRST TIME in Cayo, Belize. It was such an amazing experience for the both of us.

  • Belize 2019, 10min. Our weekend trip in beautiful San Pedro, Belize. We stayed at the Coco Beach Resort (link below) which was so gorgeous; we loved their pool and swim up bar. The highlight of our trip was an unforgettable "Chill" Cruise with Island Dream Tours (link below). They took us on a guided snorkel tour of Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and stopped in Shark Ray Alley. There was also an open bar on board and they served delicious food throughout the day. A must if you're ever in Ambergris Caye!

  • Belize Zoo Adventures, 17min. Showing just a taste of the beautiful animals at the zoo in Belize.

  • Island Hunters - Season 5 Episode 10 (S5.E10) "Beachin' Belize", 49min.

    August 18, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Clarification of Enlisted Soldiers Increment Adjustment
    The Ministry of National Security hereby clarifies some false information that has been circulated regarding increment adjustment for enlisted soldiers. In May of this year, the Ministry announced that an exercise was completed to correct an anomaly in the yearly increments for Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) which took effect on June 1, 2019. As was indicated in that release, the adjustment provided for a slight increase in most cases for the serving enlisted members of the BDF.

    The Importance of blood drives
    Blood drives are held by the Belize Red Cross every three months around the country via its local branches to collect the vital liquid and have it available for any emergencies at the blood bank in Belize City. A pint of blood can save up to three lives when a transfusion is imperative, and additional blood may be needed after surgery. On Ambergris Caye, the local chapter of the Red Cross is very active throughout the year, but in recent drives, they have observed a decline in the collection of blood, leading to the depletion of the current reserves.

    Honoring the memory of Mr. Winston Franklin Panton
    After an arduous battle with cancer, Mr. Winston Franklin Panton passed away on Friday, August 2nd. Mr. Panton was a beloved member of the San Pedro community, having integrated himself in the island life just as he had served the country for decades. The San Pedro Sun extends sincerest condolences to all his family and friends, and we join in mourning the loss of a good man, a father, husband, son, friend and mentor. We remember Panton as an intelligent, soft-spoken gentleman who had vast knowledge of a variety of subjects. Primarily known as the go-to weatherman during times of hurricanes and storms, The San Pedro Sun was fascinated to learn more and featured him in one of our popular “Our Community” columns.

    SPBE’s plans for proposed beachfront water taxi terminal continues to face rejection
    After acquiring the property formerly known as Ruby’s Hotel in downtown San Pedro in December 2018, the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi (SPBE) revealed that they had plans of building a large beachfront water taxi terminal in front of the hotel. The water taxi company is currently operating from the Municipal Dock, and is anticipating its relocation as soon as the terminal is built. However, this idea has not been well received by many islanders, including businesses and even The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). They believe the size of the project is not suitable for the location, given the fact that it is near a primary school, and will add to the already congested area in downtown while affecting neighbors and businesses.

    The BTB and BHA award scholarships to ten outstanding Belizean students
    Ten outstanding Belizean students received scholarship awards from the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA) during a joint award ceremony held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City on Wednesday, August 14th. This year’s BTB scholarship recipients include Glenroy Godwin, Fermin Espinoza, Adali Espinoza and San Pedro’s Roney Espinoza, who will pursue their Bachelor’s Degrees at the University of Belize and Hugh Rodney Hulse who will pursue a Culinary Degree at Stratford University in the United States of America.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Witzil Hi' Family Farm
    A magical place I love visiting is called Witzil Hi' Family Farm; it is located in the beautiful village of San Antonio, Toledo! Over the past 15 years, my colleague Eugenio Ah has done remarkable work developing his farm into a gem. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking; the coffee is heart warming; the meals cooked over fire hearth is comforting; the hammock swings are soothing; the birds are melodious; the micro-climate is cool; the river is so refreshing; and Eugenio's family is great company. Eugenio has a deep connection to nature, which is evident; he eagerly shares insights into his farming practice – agroecology. Eugenio has welcomed the likes of Senator Osmany Salas, yours truly, local and international visitors.

    Prime Minister Barrow Departs on Medical Leave
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the public that the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, August 17th, 2019 to attend a follow-up medical appointment in Cuba. During the Prime Minister’s absence, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will return on Sunday, August 25th, 2019.

    Channel 5

    Death of 9 year old Danielle Hall
    San Ignacio police are investigating the death of 9 year old Danielle Hall. Details leading to the girl’s death are sketchy and strange at this time. Reports are that her father was called to their house in Unitedville on Friday morning where he found his wife in a frantic state. Danielle was seen lifeless and quickly rushed to the Loma Luz Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

    The Reporter

    Multiple Personalities, ONE GOAL
    edical triage is a process in which patients are prioritized based on their immediate need for emergency medical attention. To break this down a little, it is the categorizing of patients based on how quickly they can become complicated and die. In medicine time is very important.

    Chopping Death in Hope Creek Village
    Police say that the fatal chopping in Hope Creek Village, Stann Creek was the result of a dispute between two men at a bar in the village sometime before midnight last night.

    STRANGE – Child Dies Suddenly in Mother’s Presence in Cayo
    San Ignacio Police are investigating the sudden death of a little girl, age 8, on Friday, August 16th. The child’s father, reported to Police that he got a call around 11:00 am, at his work, urging him to report home because his wife was breaking up things inside the house.

    National Butane Company to Reduce Costs to Consumers
    The House of Representatives met in Belmopan on Friday and one of the Bills tabled was for a National Liquefied Petroleum Gas Project. This is a proposal by a slew of Belizean investors – mostly PUPs – to have a National Gas Company that will be a public/private sector partnership.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Prime Minister leaves country for medical appointment
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today for a follow-up medical appointment for his lower back problem in Cuba. […]

    Sargassum hits Belize hard
    For the fifth consecutive year, influxes of sargassum seaweed have begun piling up on beach fronts in major tourist destinations in Belize. Breaking Belize News has confirmed that beaches in Placencia are now covered with the seaweed, which emits a putrid odor when it begins to decompose. […]

    Accused rapists granted bail
    Devin “DJ Perf” Peyrefitte, 24, and 21-year-old Denzel Usher are out on bail after a charge of rape laid against them earlier this week. Their attorneys, Albertha Perez, and Emerita Anderson, made bail petitions on their behalf before Justice Herbert Lord yesterday. […]

    Police hid cop accused of rape after being granted Supreme Court bail
    Police Constable Hernan Milian, attached to the San Ignacio Police Formation is out on bail for eight counts of unlawful sexual intercourse for allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old girl from that jurisdiction. […]

    Child dies under mysterious circumstances
    A little girl who just completed Standard 1 died last night under very mysterious circumstances in Unitedville, Cayo district. Details are sketchy but villagers confirm to BBN that the child’s mother was at home in Unitedville, Cayo acting ‘strangely’, breaking up things in the house and rolling frantically on the floor. It is alleged that the woman was ‘demon possessed’. […]

    Department of Environment calls Public Meeting to discuss Issues Affecting the New River
    The Department of the Environment (DOE) will be hosting a public meeting to present information on issues affecting the New River and to give the public the opportunity to voice their concerns on the matter. […]

    Body found in Hope Creek
    A body was found minutes ago in Hope Creek, Stann Creek. According to reports, the body found was observed to be a man with cut wounds to his neck. […]


    Fly Fishing Camp Life on Ambergris Caye
    Things are slowing down on Ambergris Caye – the sun feels hotter, the air more humid and tourists are starting to wane. I spent a few days at “the camp” this week – my home away from home. We had a group of 6 visiting from Costa Rica – guys who do A LOT of fishing down there. In rivers, in the Pacific and they were all blown away by the gorgeous flats of Ambergris Caye. And while I STILL know little to nothing about fishing – you’d think I would have picked up SOMETHING during my 4 years hanging out at Cayo Frances…I do love…just hanging out. And taking pictures of course.

    International Sourcesizz

    Forecasters monitoring multiple areas near US for tropical development
    While tropical storm formation is not anticipated over the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans in the near future, the area near Central America may become a breeding ground for tropical activity during the week of Aug. 18-25, 2019. "Wind shear has been quite extensive across the Atlantic basin the past few weeks and is, in part, one of the reasons why we have not seen any tropical storm development across the Atlantic Basin since mid-July with Barry," according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. "Long-range forecasts show less extensive shear but still enough to cause problems with westward-moving tropical waves, or disturbances, during the next week or so," Kottlowski said. Meanwhile, over Central America, patches of heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue to gather as a large slowly-spinning, non-tropical storm, called a gyre, develops this weekend and into early next week. "Areas from Colombia to southern Mexico will be trouble spots for flash flooding and mudslides into next week due to the uptick in the downpours," Kottlowski said.


  • Rain in Corozal Saturday, 1min.

  • Day 2 | BZE vs COS | XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship | Kukumba Beach Old Belize, 43min.

  • Day 2 | XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship | Kukumba Beach Old Belize, 8.5hrs.

  • Day 2 | XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship | Kukumba Beach Old Belize, 8hrs.

  • Xunantunich Mayan Temple in Belize, 2min.

  • Xunantunich Mayan ruins in Belize walking up., 1.5min.

  • Belize 2019 Dive To Survive Scuba, 4min.

  • Blue Hole Vacation Belize September 2019, 13min. Belize is a beautiful country and there is much to see. This video only covers Ambergris Caye, and San Pedro. Ambergris Caye is a beautiful Barrier Island off the coast of Belize. A reef runs for 175 miles off the coast and the diving is amazing. An amazing waiter who became a friend, Wayne, had his cousin bake me a key lime pie. What an amazing friend! It was the best pie I have ever eaten! I am strongly considering moving to Belize to live. My Next Belize Vacation will be to dive with Whale Sharks off the coast of Placencia on the southern end.

  • SCUBA in Belize Is Un-Belize-able, 43min. August 2019 SCUBA diving in Belize. Diving Rico's Ledge, Rico's Point, The Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall, The Aquarium.

  • Birding at Chan Chich Lodge, Belize, 8th-14th February 2016, 27min. Birding highlights from a 6 night stay in February 2016 at the superb Chan Chich Lodge on the Gallun Jug Estate in western Belize. Some of the star birds included are Ocellated Turkeys, Lovely Cotinga, Guatemalan Screech-owl, Black-throated Shrike-tanager, Northern Royal Flycatcher, Slaty-trailed Trogon, Northern Schiffornis, Long-billed Hermit, Pale-billed Woodpeckers, Crested Guan, Aztec Parakeet, White-whiskered Puffbirds, Band-backed Wren and White Hawk. The trip was a mixture of self-guided walks around the lodge and excursions with the lodge's excellent guides.

  • The Split. Caye Caulker, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize 2004, 30min.

    August 17, 2019


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    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Meet the Miss San Pedro 2019 Pageant Contestants
    The Miss San Pedro Pageant Committee is pleased to present the five beautiful young ladies vying for the title of Miss San Pedro 2019-2020. Under the theme “Jewels of the Sea”, the pageant is set to take place on Saturday, September 7th at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Stadium.

    PAHO warns of the complex situation of dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean
    The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warns of the complex situation of dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean, a Region that is currently experiencing a new epidemic cycle of the disease after two years of low incidence. According to the latest PAHO epidemiological update, published on August 9, during the first 7 months of 2019, more than 2 million people contracted the disease and 723 died. The number of cases exceeds the total number of cases reported in 2017 and 2018, although so far, it remains lower than the number recorded in 2015-2016. “The Region is experiencing a new epidemic cycle of dengue, with a notable increase in cases,” said Dr. Marcos Espinal, Director of PAHO’s Department of Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health. The climate, environmental management and the mosquito’s capacity to adapt may have caused the situation to increase in complexity.

    Security Alliance Celebrates 10 Years of Service in Belize and with the U.S. Embassy
    U.S. Embassy Belmopan and Security Alliance commemorated Security Alliance’s 10 years of service in Belize and with the Embassy on August 1. Security Alliance has provided security services to the Embassy since 2009. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges, the Embassy Regional Security Officer, Assistant Regional Security Officer, and Project Manager Paul Guerra, as well as members of the Security Alliance Embassy Guard Force were among those who attended the event.

    2019 Kids in Action participate in an educational field trip
    2019 Kids in Action (KIA) continue to learn about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and marine life of Ambergris Caye. On Saturday, August 10th, an educational field trip was offered for members of KIA to various parts of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. At 8AM the KIA youngsters met at Belize Diving Adventures (BDA) dive shop for an informative presentation about coral reef conservation facilitated by BDA Brittney Garbutt. She spoke on how to protect corals, as well as their importance in containing the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Corals help protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave actions and tropical storms and provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms.

    Three San Pedro youngsters to try-out for Belize’s National Team U-18
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) has drafted a selection of players to try-out for Belize’s Male National Team Under-18 (U-18). They will represent the country at the Unión Centro Americana de Fútbol (Central American Football Union-UNCAF) U-18 Championship to be held in Costa Rica from the 14th to 19th of October 2019. Among the players selected are San Pedro’s very own Harold Ramos, Ian Pou, and Arnold Flowers.

    U-15 and U-17 Inter-District Football Tournament playoffs begin!
    After 12 weeks of football action among the youngsters of Belize, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Inter-District Football Tournament quarterfinals playoffs have begun. On Saturday, August 10th San Pedro’s team traveled to Belmopan City to go against Toledo District teams for the first round of the playoffs, which will include two matches. The team that comes out victorious with the most goals will advance to the semifinal’s series. For the second round of the quarterfinals playoffs, San Pedro teams will once again face Toledo in Belmopan City on Saturday, August 17th. The matches are scheduled to begin at 1PM at the FFB field in Belmopan City.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Signs Letter Of Intent With The Republic Of China (Taiwan) Formalizing Trade Relations
    The Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (RoC) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) today, August 15th, in Taipei, Taiwan, to engage in the negotiation of a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) with the objective of formalizing trade relations between the two countries. The LOI resulted from a full week of discussions and engagement with RoC officials and the Belize delegation from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce.

    BTB Launches New Season Of The Belizean Traveller Campaign
    The Belize Tourism Board's (BTB) long awaited Belizean Traveller Campaign, which encourages Belizeans to be tourists in our country, was officially launched on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. This year the campaign is focusing on Belize's tourism product and attractions under three main themes: Friends, Family and Couples.

    Various Belizean Sources


    The Conservation Issue Launch + Eco-Marketplace Expo
    The countdown has begun for the release of Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle’s Conservation Issue! As of August 28th, the Conservation Issue, which marks the 7th Issue for the brand will be available for your reading pleasure both in print and online. Titled The Conservation Issue, the magazine is packed with stories highlighting conservation, sustainability and eco trends. With inspiring content and captivating imagery, it will be sure to incite curiosity and excitement in the hearts of its readers.

    Clarification of Enlisted Soldiers Increment Adjustment
    The Ministry of National Security hereby clarifies some false information that has been circulated regarding increment adjustment for enlisted soldiers. In May of this year, the Ministry announced that an exercise was completed to correct an anomaly in the yearly increments for Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) which took effect on June 1, 2019. As was indicated in that release, the adjustment provided for a slight increase in most cases for the serving enlisted members of the BDF.

    Soldiers pay error and adjustment. Should they pay for gaffe?
    In May, the Ministry of National Security announced that an exercise was completed to correct an anomaly in the yearly increments for Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) which took effect on June 1, 2019. As was indicated in that release, the adjustment provided for a slight increase in most cases for the serving enlisted members of the BDF. The increment adjustment was implemented in June 2019; however, there were some errors made in the technical application which affected those soldiers above the rank of private.

    The U.S. Embassy Online Auction ends Sunday, August 18 at 7 p.m.!
    To view the lots, go to, scroll down the page and click on "Belmopan." Interested bidders must register on the website in order to place bids. Items must be picked up on Friday, August 23 (time TBA) at the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan. Instructions will be sent to winning bidders when they are notified the next business day after the conclusion of the auction that they have the winning bid. Winning bidders will be required to pay any required duty to the government of Belize and to pay the Embassy in full in cash before the item will be released. No payment/pick-up extensions will be granted. All property purchased at auction must be removed immediately from the Embassy premises.

    Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
    EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY! Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program: This one-year fellowship program is offered to mid-career professionals working at the policy level who have a record of leadership and a commitment to public service. Apply now!

    Urban Heritage Course: From The Belize Settlement to Belize City
    Announcing our first Urban Heritage Course: From The Belize Settlement to Belize City! This two day course discusses the historical landscape of Belize City including the origin of street names, architecture, cemeteries, places of memory, historic events and more. Tour guides and operators, teachers, students, etc. are invited to take part in this unique opportunity. Open to all educational backgrounds and professions. Spaces are limited so contact us early to reserve yours. Schedule: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. INCLUDES: Snacks and Lunch, Content Summary, Certificate of Completion. $150 Min. 10 persons Max. 25 persons.

    Children & Teen FUN Free Book Festival
    clock Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 9 AM – 3 PM. Civic Center, Belmopan City, Hosted by Tek TIME fi READ. OVER 3,500 new & used children's & teens' books. The Tek Time fi Read Project was created by the Belmopan Spiritual Empowerment Program Youth Groups (JuniorYouth Belmopan) to help young people develop a LOVE for reading. The book festival is planned by young people FOR young people.

    Public Meeting on Issues Affecting the New River
    The Department of the Environment (DOE) will be holding a public meeting to present information on issues affecting the New River and to give the public the opportunity to voice their concerns on the matter. The DOE encourages the public to come out to be informed of the state of the river, corrective actions that have been taken, and future actions that will be put in place to protect the New River. The meeting will be held on Friday, August 23, 2019, at the Gala Lounge, located on the Belize/Corozal Road, Orange Walk Town, starting at 7:30 p.m. The public is invited to participate in this very important meeting.

    CFA 2019-2020 Opening Season Youth Tournament
    The Corozal Football Association takes this opportunity to inform all Club Owners and stakeholders that Registration is now open for the CFA 2019-2020 Opening Season Youth Tournament. For further information please do not hesitate to contact the office for further information.

    Orange Walk and Corozal Districts Power Outage Postponed
    Postponed until further notice: power outage previously scheduled to affect the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts on Sunday, August 18.

    Tecuani and the Duende Movie
    Join us in welcoming Andy Chuc , Yucatec Maya from Orange Walk to the Tecuani and the Duende production. Andy, who will introduce the spiritual importance of Tata Duende (Nukux Tat), to the Maya of Northern Belize, at our movie premiere on October 25th. Andy is pictured here with his beautiful family in San Pablo, Orange Walk. Andy has been a part of this from the beginning, when he reviewed the original script. We are grateful for his knowledge and support.

    2019-2024 HCMR Management Plan Public Consultation
    The Board of Trustees, Management and Staff of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve [“HCMR”] cordially invite the general public for a consultation on the new proposed 2019-2024 HCMR Management Plan to be held at the San Pedro Lion’s Den on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 6pm. The draft management plan will be presented, and highlights the importance and purpose of the reserve, as well as the challenges and threats it faces. It also addresses the new management policies, strategies, programs, objectives and actions, including the monitoring and evaluation plans for the period 2019-2024.

    Channel 7

    PM Accuses Opposition of Duplicitous Diplomacy on China
    The House of Representatives met today in Belmopan and talk of mainland China dominated the exchanges across the floor. That's partly because a 50 million US dollar loan from Taiwan was tabled in the house today - and also because the PUP's Kareem Musa recently made a one week trip to mainland China. As you probably know, communist China - which is a global superpower - claims its neighbor Taiwan - a small, but prosperous island democracy. So, any flirtation with China creates a major alarm in Taiwan - since countries must choose either one or the other - Belize cannot be allied to both.

    Kareem Comes Clean on China
    So, the China flirtation is also a problem for the Americans, but when he spoke on the adjournment, Kareem Musa glossed it over. He said it was a personal visit - which he again insisted was arranged by Johnston Ou, the president of the Belize Chinese Association. Here's how he and the PM argued about that one: Hon. Kareem Musa, PUP, Caribbean Shores: "I was invited to visit Beijing and Shanghai, Mr. Prime Minister, by none other than the president of the Belize Chinese Association. His name is Johnston Ou and it is unfortunate that we live under somewhat communist circumstances where businessmen like Johnston Ou are victimized and attacked that they then have to put out press releases, that all they went to do in China was to translate. I can tell you, Madam Speaker, we visited so many facilities, agricultural facilities, technological facilities and not one day did Mr. Johnston Ou provide any translation services."

    PUP Alleges UDP Ministers Went To China
    We note that PUP leader John Briceno was absent from today's sitting because he's still recovering from his accident related injuries, so we couldn't ask him if the trip was approved or not. But, the PUP's point man today, Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde said that it was a personal trip and the PUP weren't "tripping" about it since they'd heard of a senior UDP Minister going to Beijing a few months ago, as well. Here's how Hyde put it: Hon. Cordel Hyde, PUP Deputy Leader "When a few weeks or months ago we heard when a senior member of the UDP cabinet had visited mainland China in a most clandestine manner..."

    Faber Denies Beijing Backdoor
    So UDP Dangriga Rep and Minister of State Frank Pawpa Mena went to Hong Kong - which is under Chinese control, and known as a Special administration Region of China. But it's not considered "mainland China." But, he's just a Minister of State - Patrick Faber is the Deputy Prime Minister - so the big burning question is: did he go to Beijing? He denied it on the house floor but we put it squarely to him outside the house meeting: Reporter: "Have you travelled to China as has been allege on the house? We heard that there have had been meetings with you and the Chinese."

    Lenchito Loves New Road Project
    But as we said, all the China talk today was in the context of the 50 million US dollar mega loan from the Taiwanese. It's to upgrade the 40 plus mile Corozal - Sarteneja Road - which is one of the worst in Belize - and a road that also has two ferries which will be replaced with bridges. The area representative Florencio Marin Junior said he welcomes it - because he is confident that while the UDP will start it, the PUP will finish it:... Hon. Florencio Marin, PUP Corozal Southeast: "When I got up this morning, the first thing that came to my mind was definitely a glorious day that the Taiwanese government is lending us this money to upgrade the road. I have to use the word upgrade, because it doesn't say pave, at least I haven't found that in the contract that I read. I am hopeful that this road goes to completion. I look forward to it. I will be out."

    PUP Fumbles Senate Shuffle, Blames Media
    Last night, we broke the news about how the PUP stumbled when they were shuffling Senators. Multiple, reliable reports to 7News are that they intended to replace Senator Valerie Woods with the Belize City Councillor, Dr. Candice Pitts. But - as we showed you - she can't hold both seats at the same time. Section 7 - 1 (J) of the Belize City Council Act says quote, "No person shall be eligible for election as a member of the Council, or having been elected, shall sit or vote on the Council, who:- is or becomes a member of the National Assembly or of any commission established by or under the Belize Constitution."

    Alleged Rapists Get Bail after Two Nights in Jail
    Since Wednesday, we've been telling you about the rape allegation out of Belmopan, which landed 24-year-old Devin Peyrefitte, aka "DJ Perf", and 21-year-old Denzel Usher on remand at the Belize Central Prison. Well tonight, they are out on Supreme Court bail. Their attorneys, Albertha Perez, and Emerita Anderson, made bail petitions on their behalf before Justice Herbert Lord today. And, after hearing their submissions, as well as a response from Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith, Justice Lord granted them bail of $10,000.

    Teaching Through Trauma
    As we told you last night, most summer camps are coming to a close but that's also the case for teacher training. Today Restore Belize in partnership with the Ministry of Education wrapped up the first phase of a 5 day training called "Developing Safe Schools: Trauma Informed Practice in Schools". It's a fitting topic to focus on before teachers get back into the classroom for another term. We dropped by the Guadalupe Mercy Center at St. Catherine's Academy to find out how impactful and relevant this training was for city teachers.

    Belize Needs More Counselors
    Now there is only so much teachers can do. When a child's case is too sensitive or complex, then, more qualified persons like counselors and psychologists need to step in. But the reality is, there aren't enough professionals to cater to all the students and all the needs.

    Are Police Forcing Gangsters to Greater Crime With Fines?
    Since May of this year, we've been showing you how police have been prosecuting gang members under the new anti-gang laws. The much used offence is called "being a member of a criminal gang." This year alone, 21 gangsters have been charged for "Being a member of a gang. 9 of them have pleaded guilty, while 8 other accused men have decided to fight their case. Now, 9 convictions is pretty good, but, for those who've admitted that they are gangsters, the court has sentenced each of them to pay fines. So, we wondered how effective this new strategy is, given that these individuals can simply pay off these fines, and then carry on with business as usual in whatever gang group they are affiliated with?

    Breathalyzer Results Inadmissible In Court
    And while we had the opportunity, we asked the Commissioner why they aren't using breathalyzers at the police checkpoints that they set up on the major roadways. The cops have publicly acknowledged that they know that there is speeding on the road. They also know that there is drunk driving, especially during special holiday weekends. Only 3 weeks ago, 4 Belize City young men died in a one-vehicle traffic accident between miles 6 and 7 on the Philip Goldson.

    A New LPG Monopoly to Replace An Oligopoly?
    As you saw earlier, much of today's house meeting was spent chatting about China. But, apart from the 50 million US dollar loan from the Taiwanese, there were some very important pieces of legislation passed. One that caught our attention is the National Liquified Petroleum Gas Project Bill. It's a public private partnership, a state-protected monopoly which will supply all the LPG - or what we call butane to Belize. It's a major shift from the Mexican supplier which owns all the major butane companies. Now, the issue of butane affects almost every household, so it's being looked at very closely - from the shareholders of the company - called National Gas Company - to the 15 year term of the license, to the rate of return.

    City Councils Gets Green Light For Municipal Paper
    Another important piece of legislation passed today is the Belize City Municipal Paper bill. It allows the PUP controlled Belize city council to sell bonds commercially which will give them more cash flow at rates cheaper than the bank. And the Deputy Leader of the PUP said it is much needed:...

    Deputy Faber: Watch The Throne
    The UDP Leadership convention will be held on February 9th, 2020, and the smart money says Prime Minister Dean Barrow won't stick around every long after that. In fact, some speculate that he could be gone before the 2020 - 2021 Budget is presented in March. So - if he were to be elected party leader - is Deputy Patrick Faber getting ready to take over? We discussed it with him today:..

    Belize Gets Off to Bumpy Start in CA Volleyball Championship
    Sports fans, get ready for high-energy fun this weekend. The 19th Central American Men and Women's Beach Volleyball Championship kicked off Today at Old Belize's Kukumba Beach. Six Central American countries are competing for the gold. Belize is fielding three teams they're counting on your support to raise their morale and land them on the podium. We visited today and saw them in action.

    New School Shoes
    This afternoon at around 3:00, there was commotion inside the Albert Street Branch of Dibary Store. We found about 100 children trying on different types of shoes. They were there to get back-to-school footwear sponsored by SMART. These children are at-risk youths in Belize City and Dangriga that the police department is hoping to positively influence so that they can resist the temptations of the gang and street life.

    Bail For Cops Who Had Sexual Relationship With Child
    On Monday, we told you about Police Constable Herman Milian. He's the officer from the San Ignacio Police Station who police charged with 8 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. That's after a 13-year-old girl reported to police that he was carrying on an illegal sexual relationship with her for the past 5 months. Well tonight, he's out on bail. His attorney, Hurl Hamilton, made a bail petition on his behalf today before a Supreme Court judge today. The prosecutor representing the DPP's Office did not object to the petition, but there was a request for conditions to be placed.

    American Gets Bail for Murder
    An American national, who was charged for murder, got bail today. He is Twenty-two year old Kafele Garcia. Justice Herbert Lord offered him bail of $50,000 with 1 surety or 2 sureties of $25,000 each. The bail was granted on several conditions: One of them was that Garcia is not to be seen on the street between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. Another condition is that he must surrender all of his travel documents to the court and he is not to leave the jurisdiction of the court without the permission of a judge of the Supreme Court. Also he is not to interfere with any of the prosecution witnesses.

    A Chance To Study Yoga In India
    Are you passionate about practicing Yoga? Maybe you have dreams of traveling to India, the land where the practice originated. Belizeans now have an opportunity to travel there and immerse themselves in the yogic lifestyle. The consulate of India in collaboration with Rhythm of change Belize is offering full scholarships to study YOGA at, SVYASA, a yoga research university in India. We spoke to R.O.C's chairwoman and one of the scholarship recipients from last year about the opportunity and the experience being offered.

    Channel 5

    A National Gas Company This Way Comes
    The House of Representatives met today in a special sitting during which several bills, including the Belize City Council (Municipal Paper) and the National Liquefied Petroleum Gas Project, were brought [...]

    National Gas Company is Color Blind – PM Barrow
    According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the idea of forming a public/private partnership goes beyond party lines since a majority of those who make up the board, as well as [...]

    Corozal/Sarteneja Road to be Resurfaced with $100 Million Taiwanese Loan
    The much needed upgrading of the Corozal/Sarteneja Road, as well as the construction of the Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca bridges, will be done using a loan of fifty million [...]

    Cordel Hyde Rails Against Proposed Use of Taiwanese Loan
    Vocal in his objection to how these monies will be spent, in the absence of a contractor general, is Lake-I area rep Cordel Hyde.  Not only is he apprehensive that [...]

    Dangriga Polyclinic Staffers Stage Sick-out
    Members of staff at the Dangriga Polyclinic are up in arms over what they describe as an injustice being perpetrated on them. Some eight employees staged a sickout today for [...]

    PM Barrow Weighs in on Kareem Musa’s China Visit
    Kareem Musa’s visit to Mainland China two weeks ago is still the subject of much debate in political circles across the country.  While it may have died down in the [...]

    You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It
    In forming an alliance with Taiwan, Mainland China officially severed ties with Belize, and despite the notion of being diplomatically cordial with both nations, PM Barrow says you can’t have [...]

    Cordel Says GOB’s Criticism of Musa’s China Trip is Hissy Fit
    But while Musa has been soundly criticized for making the unapproved visit to Mainland China, his colleagues in the opposition do not seem to find it entirely objectionable, at least [...]

    Kareem Speaks Up on China Visit
    And speaking for himself, Kareem Musa once again reiterated the purpose of the trip, despite the optics or the impression it has given to the masses of Belizeans.  Here’s how [...]

    Vince Martinez Sticks to His Allegations
    On Thursday, Police Commissioner Chester Williams reiterated to the media that Corporal Kent Martinez was not the officer who shot Vince Martinez in the groin with a rubber bullet. Vince [...]

    Vince Martinez Takes on ComPol Chester Williams
    After the incident, Vince Martinez filed an official report to the Professional Standards Branch. Commissioner Williams told News Five on Thursday that some investigations are complex because the department has [...]

    Police Constable, Herman Millian out on Supreme Court bail
    Police Constable, Herman Millian is out on Supreme Court bail. Millian met bail of ten thousand dollars and is scheduled to reappear at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court on October [...]

    Commissioner Williams speaks on gang membership gangs
    Since the beginning of this year, several persons have been charged for being in gangs. As recently as last week, six men were charged for being members of gangs. These [...]

    Commissioner of Police champions results of breathalyzers to be accepted into evidence
    This week, we reported on the donation of ten breathalyzers to the Belize Police Department. The devices used to measure blood alcohol concentration will be distributed to different police stations [...]

    19-year-old to stand trial for Premium Wines Robbery
    Nineteen-year-old Everald Sambula will stand trial at the Supreme Court for a robbery that happened at Premium Wines and Spirit last September. In 2018, Sambula was arraigned on four counts [...]

    A tough day for Team Belize in the C.A Beach Volleyball Championship!
    For the fourth time Belize is hosting the Central American Beach Volleyball Championship. The nineteenth staging of the regional competition kicked off this morning and continues through to Sunday. All [...]

    SMART gifts one hundred pairs of footwear
    Today SMART teamed up with the Belize Police Department to give one hundred youth a pair of footwear each. The students are participants in the Police Department’s Youth Mentorship Program. [...]

    11th Annual Belize Camping Experience a Success!
    Summer is coming to an end and along with it the activities organized by the Belize Camping Experience. This year, the organization gathered more than one thousand campers from across [...]


    Cops get 16 months for killing man in police cell
    Last month, a jury deliberated for four hours, before they returned a guilty of manslaughter verdict against two policemen for causing the death of Hilberto Sotz, 18, when he was detained at the Caye Caulker Police Station. Sotz was detained while police on the island were investigating a burglary. Following Sotz’s death, residents of Caye Caulker descended on the island’s police station and Caye Caulker police had to send for re-enforcement from Belize City.

    Ofelia Cruz, 69, hammered to death in her house
    At about 5:00 yesterday evening, two robbers went into the home of Ofelia Hernandez Cruz, 69, at a farm in the Salt Creek area of Sandhill, and beat her in the head and body with a hammer. After bludgeoning the elderly woman with the hammer, the killers then ransacked the house while reportedly searching for Cruz’s husband’s licensed shotgun. It is believed that the killers found the shotgun and they left the house on a scooter, leaving the elderly woman injured and bleeding on the floor of her house. Cruz, a Mexican national, lived with her husband on the farm, and at the time of the incident, her husband, who is the caretaker for the farm, was not at home.

    Denzel Usher and “DJ” Peyrefitte remanded for alleged rape
    Two residents of Belmopan who have been accused of raping a woman who had gone to a party at a house in the Tiger Town area of Belmopan were remanded to prison after they were arraigned on the charge of rape at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Wednesday, August 14. Belmopan police investigating the allegation of rape by the woman said that she told them that the incident occurred in a bedroom at a house where she had gone with one of the accused men. Police charged Denzel Usher, 21, and Devin “DJ” Peyrefitte, 23, with rape. Rape is an indictable offense and can only be heard at the Supreme Court.

    Mayor Bernard Wagner joins in celebrating Amandala’s 50th anniversary
    Yesterday, Tuesday, August 13, Belize’s leading newspaper, Amandala, celebrated its 50th anniversary of educating and informing the people of Belize. Amandala was formerly the organ of the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), and when UBAD was dissolved after its brief stint as a political party, Amandala survived and grew at 3304 Partridge Street, on the tough south side of Belize City, providing much needed employment. Amandala’s growth eventually spawned KREM Radio in 1989, the first private radio station, which broke the government’s monopoly on the airwaves. In 2003, KREM Television began broadcasting from “behind the Zinc Fence”, as the Kremandala compound came to be known.

    PUP to appoint two new senators
    It is being reported by some sources that the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) will be naming two new senators very shortly. Although it has not been confirmed as yet, we were told that Senator Valarie Woods will be replaced by newly endorsed standard bearer for the Mesopotamia constituency, Belize City Councilor, Dr. Candice Pitts; and Senator Paul Thompson, the PUP’s Albert constituency standard bearer, will be replaced by the Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek standard bearer, Dr. Louis Zabaneh.

    IDB shows Belize the way forward
    The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has tailored a plan for sustainable urban development in Belize, and the Belize City Council is seeing to it that the plan will be carried out as effectively as possible. The plan was designed to educate stakeholders on the challenges facing Belize City and outline processes to build long-term resilience. The IDB conducted a myriad of data-collection studies concerning Climate Change Mitigation, Disaster Risk and Climate Change Vulnerability, as well as an Urban Growth Study to devise a plan that focuses on Belize’s socio-economic and environmental trends.

    Cricket Corner – The army told Bandits, “By the left, quick march!”; and Wicked 11 tells Berlan, “Our Wicked is better than your Bad!”
    Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2019 semifinals ended over the weekend. A pleasant time of the day to all! The weekend was such a beautiful and pleasant time to play and enjoy cricket! The weekend also brought tears from many eyes. Some were tears of joy, and others were of sadness. But that’s the way the game is played. We must always be on the lookout for unexpected results.

    FFB congratulates referees, Jose Colindres and Exodus Pop
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) congratulates Jose Colindres and Exodus Pop, both assistant referees who represented Belize at the Concacaf Male Under-15 Championship in Bradenton, Florida. Both referees made Belize proud, as they represented well at the tournament. Jose and Exodus were assigned after their hard work was noted by the Federation and Concacaf. Their physical fitness was an added feature which allowed them to pass the FIFA Fitness test. Added to this, their weekly training and reports revealed their dedication at the trainings in their districts, which allowed them the opportunity to excel and be assigned by Concacaf.

    Dangriga sports stats – PLB Week 4, Stann Creek District derby – Altitude vs Wagiya in Mangro Creek, and Valley Pride Freedom Fighters vs Placencia Assassins in Placencia
    Week 3 games in the Dangriga Basketball Association (DBA) U-23 Summer Bounce Tournament were held on Friday night, August 9, and Saturday, August 10, at the Russell Chiste Garcia Auditorium. Hopkins Assassins remains the tournament’s top-ranked team, and is followed by Harlem Shockers, with Independence Young Generals, New Site Raiders and Benguche Warriors rounding out the Top Five.

    Rural Female Softball results; playoffs this Sunday in Lords Bank
    The Belize Rural Female Softball Tournament 2019 completed its regular season with 3 games played on Sunday, August 11, at Lords Bank. In the opener, Orchid Girls of Burrell Boom defeated Lords Bank Sunrise, 10-3. Winning pitcher was Yvette Flowers; losing pitcher was Karen Hilton. Game 2 saw Orchid Girls defeating Unity of Double Head, 17-7. Yvette Flowers was again the winning pitcher; while the loser was Annette McFadzean.

    Mainland China; Taiwan; the Chinese in Belize
    The recent visit to mainland China by a super-talented delegation from Belize that included Caribbean Shores area representative, Honorable Kareem Musa; Belize City Council deputy mayor, Oscar Arnold; Belize City councilor, Michael Noralez; and attorney Kevin Arthurs, the vice president of the Human Rights Commission in Belize, raised eyebrows across the political spectrum and in most media. Three members of the delegation are from the main Opposition party, the People’s United Party (PUP), and some members of the media have speculated that the attorney must be a PUP sympathizer. The PUP does not set foreign policy for Belize; however, as the country’s main Opposition, which is the political party most likely to form the next government if the present party in government is defeated when Belizeans go to the polls to choose a new government in the near future, what they do and say is of concern to all of us.

    What will happen when all that poison in the Orange Walk river washes out to sea?
    Dear Editor, I pulled up to one of my favorite spots in Belize, the Maracas Bar and Grill. I immediately went to my favorite table by the riverside, but had to leave immediately because the stench from the river was so bad. Now, I am not one of those educated scientists, but you don’t need to be one of those to know that something is drastically wrong with this Belize New River. What amazes me is the fact that we have so many Belizean and foreign environmental NGOs who care about the coral reefs and so far, we have heard almost nothing from them, or from the Government on what we will do to correct this horrible and urgent situation.

    Sugar, energy and black ashes: air pollution in northern Belize
    Dear Editor, The residents of Chan Pine Ridge Village, in the Orange Walk District, for decades have been suffering from air pollution from the BSI/ ASR Sugar Refinery which has been affecting the livelihood and ecosystem in the area. The air pollution carries ashes that spread like dust, finding a space to rest on every surface, hole and corner. The ashes, now finer than in previous years, are more invasive and easy to breathe in.

    Writer wants more info on the status of Belize cannabis
    Dear Editor, I came across your article “Belize will follow AMLO when Mexico legalizes it,” dated 3.7.19, while researching the state of cannabis in Belize. I work for an intelligence company that studies and provides free reports on the international cannabis market. I am currently studying Belize and I was hoping that you might be able to let me know if the information I have gathered is accurate.

    Building the fence before the house
    Dear Editor, Countries worldwide are faced with decisions of priority on a daily basis, and these countries develop in different ways according to how their leaders invest assets. Whether it’s the countries’ monies or loans or grants, the investments must be done in an intelligent way by means of smart choices. Parents are also faced with decisions of priority on a daily basis. The child wants a new model schoolbag each year, when a pair of shoes should be the first priority.

    Only the Amandala, of all the non-partisan purveyors of print news, can boast the longevity of that newspaper. Which is surprising because, speaking generally, the paper cannot lay claim to any significant latitude of de rigueur journalistic genteelness. Nor does one encounter any editorial attempt to camouflage social, ethnic, moral or cultural planks of the weekly with pseudo-journalistic sidebars. It could not have done so and still survive the 50 years of phenomenal growth that it has. Amandala reels out a straight story. It could be Smokey Joe from a time now gone going for the underbelly of pretentiousness, or Sixes and Sevens’ harrying suspected sophists.

    Respect, Russell Vellos
    This week on Partridge Street, we’ve been celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the first publishing of this newspaper. A lot of the hype has surrounded me, and not a word has been said about Russell Vellos. The fact of the matter is that Vellos has edited the newspaper for 23 years, longer than anybody else in our history, and, incredibly enough, that appointment in September 1996 was supposed to be a temporary one. Ambition had gotten the better of the very, very gifted Glenn Tillett, and he moved on suddenly from the editor’s chair. I had sent for Glenn from where he was living in New York City in 1991 because I felt I had to give up the editorship of the newspaper and take over the management of the young Kremandala Raiders full time in 1992.

    50 Years to Reflect on
    In 1969 I was born and that same year, just two days shy of two months later, the Amandala newspaper was officially established and its first issue hit the street. I like to check local, regional and world events that took place in the year I was born, because for me it’s a measure of the time I was born in and I then track how far we have come since. It is also a way for me to see what grew with me or what I grew with. No doubt the Amandala newspaper has grown over the years and is one of the most prolific newspapers in our country. It is the oldest one, the most circulated one, the most radical and the most reliable one. Yeah, from time to time it has taken its criticism, but it keeps standing and shaping lots of the social changes in our society. It has not feared to take a position on any issue and declared its own biases when it has one and not been timid about its political view on any and every issue. That is admirable! Happy anniversary, Amandala!

    What a mad, mad, mad road
    I’ve been looking at the research done by the environmentalists and the engineers for the project to rehabilitate the George Price Highway (GPH) between Roaring Creek and Benque Viejo, and I am impressed by the work they put in, the volumes they produced. I really am impressed by their efforts; their research covers from A to Z the impact the road would have during construction, and after. I don’t know the engineers, but I know three of the four names who worked on the environmental report, and I am not going to say anything bad about those guys. I don’t think they are to blame for the end story. The studies are good. What we have on the ground is bad, really bad. This is a mad, mad, mad road.

    Ibrahim Smith found guilty of the murder of William Francis
    On Thursday, August 8, in a trial by a judge sitting without jury, Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Williams found Ibrahim Smith, 27, guilty of the November 2012 murder of William Francis, 22. Justice Williams will sentence Smith on September 30. Under the new regime of sentencing for murder conviction, the automatic life in prison sentence is no longer applicable; judges must sentence a convicted murderer to a fixed number of years in prison. On Sunday, November 25, 2012, William Francis was at his home on Mahogany Street Extension. He and his older brother were having a conversation when a gunman accosted the two brothers.

    Accused Atlantic Bank ATM scammers acquitted of all charges
    Three Mexican nationals, Belen Hernandez, Leonel Peralta Rodriguez, and Joscon Jaffet Hernandez, who were accused of stealing thousands of dollars from Atlantic Bank ATM machines in different areas of the country, were acquitted of all charges at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Friday and were released after spending 17 months on remand. They have since returned to Mexico. Police charged Joscon and Belen Hernandez with 2 counts of theft, and Leonel Rodriguez with 9 counts of theft — crimes the police allege they committed against Atlantic Bank.

    Murder investigation launched into Derrick Ramirez’s death
    A murder investigation has been launched into the death of Derrick Ramirez, 24, a fisherman of Dangriga whose body was found in an advanced state of decomposition in the Gra-Gra Lagoon in the Commerce Bight area of Dangriga on Monday. Ramirez’s body was found by a fisherman who was in the area and called police. The body was identified by Ramirez’s father, Guillermo Ramirez, who said that he knew it was his son because he recognized the tattoos on his chest, arms and legs, and also a wristwatch that was on his wrist.

    American tourist attacked by croc in San Pedro
    An American tourist, 33, vacationing at the southern end of San Pedro escaped death after she was attacked and bitten by a large crocodile while she was swimming at about 9:30 Monday night. People in the area who saw the attack quickly intervened and they were able to force the animal, estimated at 10 to 12 feet in length, to release its grip on her left arm. The tourist was rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where she received about 100 stitches to her hand and arm. Her wounds are not considered life-threatening.

    The Reporter

    Is Barrow Leaving Earlier Than Expected?
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) announced during its National Party Council meeting on Saturday that it will hold its National Leadership Convention on Sunday, February 9, 2020. At the event ...

    Health Workers in Southern Belize Stage Sick-Out
    Friday, August 16th. 2019 – By Marion Ali The Reporter has received reports that employees of one of the Ministry of Health’s polyclinics in southern Belize have staged a sick-out ...

    Elderly Woman Beaten To Death
    Mexican domestic Ofelia Hernandez Cruz, 69, is dead after she was violently attacked and beaten to death at her home located in Sandhill, by two men who were reportedly looking ...

    Massive Croc Grabs Tourist
    Renee Dessommes, 39, a tourist who had been enjoying the sun, sea and sand in San Pedro, almost met her death when a 12-foot long crocodile attacked her in the ...

    By: Mike Rudon Jr. – I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I’m typing and still telling myself I won’t do this. How do I explain that after 75 days ...

    Editorial – Friday, August 16th. 2019
    Anybody who keeps abreast of public opinion through the social media will know how deeply distressed Belizeans have become about the justice system in Belize. It appears that the Police ...

    DOE Fingers BSI/ASR for Pollution in New River
    The Department of the Environment (DOE) has issued a release noting that they will be meeting with key industrial and commercial facilities along the New River including the Belize Sugar ...

    Elderly American National Found Dead on Sailboat
    Investigators were initially relying on the results of a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death of an elderly American national who was found dead on a sailboat off ...


    Everald Sambula comitted to stand trial in the Supreme Court
    19-year-old, Everald Sambula was committed to stand trial in the October session of the Supreme Court for a heist at Premium Wines and Spirit. Today, Magistrate Emmerson Banner ruled that a prima facie case was established against him at the end of the paper committal. Prosecutor in the case, Corporal Edgar Poot submitted eleven …

    CPBL signs agreement with workers
    Last Friday, the management and workers of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited, CPBL, signed a Subsidiary Workers Agreement. The agreement will be valid for four years and the terms and conditions under the agreement are retroactive from January 1 of this year. The agreement covers employees working at four different farm locations namely: Barton …

    Cop accused of unlawful sexual relationship with a minor gets bail
    Police protecting their own was on full display at the court once again today, when officers shielded Police Constable Herman Millian from the media. It didn’t matter that Millian was charged for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old child. Millian was on remand but had his attorney, Hurl Hamilton, apply for bail on his …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Ministry of Health appeals to public to help battle dengue outbreak following two possible dengue-related deaths
    The Ministry of Health is calling on all Belizeans to do their part in the […]

    Fireworks over Taiwan loan for road to Sarteneja
    After Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s statement repudiating Mainland China and reaffirming relations with Taiwan, the introduction […]

    Jovani Augustine charged with robbing Registry money
    In April of this year, a duo made their way into the Registry office in […]

    PM speaks on Belize-China relations in House
    The recent trip of a delegation from the People’s United Party (PUP) to the People’s […]

    Meet the 1st Female Vice President of Belize Energy Workers Union
    Natalie Novelo Palacio is the 1st female to have been elected as Vice President of […]

    Belize named as one of the 5 best destinations for tourists to see manatees
    The Apopka Voice, a daily online publication based in Orange County Florida, featured Belize in […]

    House of Representatives meets in special session
    The House of Representatives meets this morning in Belmopan. The House will debate the Belize […]

    The importance of barrier islands to Belize
    As part of our recent training trip with the Earth Journalism Network, Breaking Belize News […]

    Government clarifies increment adjustment of enlisted soldiers
    The Ministry of National Security issued a statement today clarifying some information that was circulated […]

    Triple whammy of guns, ammo, and drugs sends Ladyville fisherman to prison
    A Ladyville, Belize District fisherman is headed to jail for three years after taking the […]

    Teenagers accused of beating up a 63-year-old elderly man
    Teenagers 18-year-old Tyrique Quinn Smith and 19-year-old Prince Alex Copious, accused of wounding on 63-year-old […]

    Staff sick out at Isabela Palma Polyclinic
    There are reports of a sickout at the Isabela Palma Polyclinic in San Antonio, Toledo. […]

    Corozal United Sheep Producers Cooperative Society Ltd inaugurated
    Today the Cooperative Department under the Ministry of Agriculture hosted its certification and inaugural ceremony […]

    Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Magazine goes green for upcoming issue
    Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle, the quarterly magazine produced by McNab Visual Strategies, which showcases the […]


    Xunantunich- Structures of Many Stories
    Gazing out over the Mopan River Valley, stands Xunantunich, one of Belize’s most beautiful and mysterious ancient Maya Sites. The site’s modern name, pronounced zoo-nan-tun-ich, means ‘stone woman’. It references a local legend of a ghostly belle adorned in white, scaling the steps of El Castillo before disappearing into the stone face at the top. El Castillo, the most prominent structure at Xunantunich, towers over the central plaza and faces the North. This structure is known best for the exquisite stucco friezes flanking its east and west sides. The glyphs represented there are also known to symbolize the sun, the moon, and Venus; three celestial bodies that play major roles in the cosmology of the ancient Maya.

    A Day on Ambergris Caye
    You’ve probably already heard about the island of Ambergris Caye and the lovely town of San Pedro. The small town is situated on the southern part of the Island. As the largest island off the coast of Belize, Ambergris Caye is one of the more famous vacation destinations in the country. With sandy beaches, reef views, a dizzying array of restaurants and bars plus activities in and out of the water – getting to know La Isla Bonita in just one day can be a special feat. The island can keep you busy from morning to late night – it’s no wonder Madonna sang about it!

    The Belize Audubon Society: Creating a Balance between People and the Environment
    In many areas of the world, The Audubon Society is synonymous with birds, birding and habitat conservation. The Belize Audubon Society (BAS), celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, takes their responsibilities to even a higher level, with the huge task of co-managing seven of Belize’s most biologically and topographically diverse protected areas. These areas, which see more than 52,000 visitors a year, include the Blue Hole National Monument, Half Moon Caye National Monument, St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Guanacaste National Park and Victoria Peak National Monument.

    Visiting Sunshine View Hotel in Corozal
    Sunshine View Hotel opened their doors in Corozal on December of 2018. They are located on Almond Street South End next to Tony’s Hotel. Sunshine View Hotel have Double size rooms and one King size room available for as low as 60$US per night. And, includes: WiFi, Hot and Cold, Free Laundry, Coffee maker, Parking lot access for Customers, TV, beach access and Pool access. They are open from 7am until 10pm. After, 10pm gates are closed. Customers coming in after 10pm, They can only come in by the Security. For reservations call them at 422-0012.

    Forecasters monitoring multiple areas near US for tropical development
    While tropical storm formation is not anticipated over the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans in the near future, the area near Central America may become a breeding ground for tropical activity during the week of Aug. 18-25, 2019. "Wind shear has been quite extensive across the Atlantic basin the past few weeks and is, in part, one of the reasons why we have not seen any tropical storm development across the Atlantic Basin since mid-July with Barry," according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. "Long-range forecasts show less extensive shear but still enough to cause problems with westward-moving tropical waves, or disturbances, during the next week or so," Kottlowski said.

    Top Marine Activities in Belize
    The Belize Barrier Reef has plenty of marine adventures to offer! Enjoy swimming in clear turquoise waters or go snorkeling and be mesmerized by the healthy aquatic life of the Belize Barrier Reef. For avid divers don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive the Great Blue Hole. Belize is home to the second-largest Barrier Reef in the world, making a snorkel trip a must-do adventure when in Belize. There are plenty of snorkel spots, sure to be a great day out for individuals of all ages. One of the most accessible from San Pedro and Caye Caulker is Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the countries first established marine reserve. On your snorkel, you will spot an array of tropical fish and beautiful corals that paint a vibrant underwater scene. For those brave enough to jump into the water at Shark Ray Alley, you can experience the thrill of swimming with rays and sharks.

    International Sourcesizz

    Two Colombian Nationals And One Belizean National Sentenced For Roles In International Cocaine Smuggling Conspiracy
    U.S. District Judge Susan C. Bucklew has sentenced Rudolph Randolph Meighan (28, Belize), Jorge Ramon Newball-May (49, Colombia), and Calbot Reid-Dilbert (59, Colombia) each to 19 years and 7 months in federal prison for their roles in an international maritime cocaine trafficking conspiracy. In May 2019, a federal jury found Randolph Meighan, Newball-May, and Reid-Dilbert each guilty of one count of conspiracy to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine while onboard a vessel subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, and one count of possession with the intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine on that vessel.

    Dengue in Caribbean a 'complex situation' — PAHO
    The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is warning of what it describes as “the complex situation” of dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean. It says the region is currently experiencing “a new epidemic cycle of the disease” after two years of low incidence. According to the latest PAHO epidemiological update, during the first seven months of 2019, more than two million people contracted the disease and 723 died. PAHO said the number of cases exceeds the total number of cases reported in 2017 and 2018 “although so far, it remains lower than the number recorded in 2015-2016. “The region is experiencing a new epidemic cycle of dengue, with a notable increase in cases,” said Dr Marcos Espinal, director of PAHO's Department of Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health.

    The 5 Best Places in the World to See & Swim with Manatees
    Manatees! They’re large, they’re adorable! These gentle giants occupy the brackish waters of sunny areas in the southern US and Central America. If you’ve ever harboured a desire to see or swim with manatees and you’re planning an outdoor vacation to anywhere mentioned in this article, then read on! And be sure to set aside time for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit these rare creatures in the wild. Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world. The warm, shallow water is peppered with islands (Cayes) making it a perfect destination for virtually any water-related activities you can think of. And all of this adds up to the snorkelling being absolutely world class. While most snorkelling and diving trips offer a fantastic opportunity to see a manatee quietly grazing (Belize has one of the largest concentrations of manatees in the world), one of the best excursions can be found just outside of Belize City, in Swallow Caye, which is a wildlife sanctuary. Although you can visit the caye on your own, it occupies a large area, and it is recommended you sign up for a professional tour so you have better odds of finding manatees.


  • Belize, 6min. Awesome video by Tenzing Travel

  • XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship | Kukumba Beach Old Belize, 6hr.

  • Hobbs The Crafted Beer of Belize | New Brewery in Placencia, Belize, 9min.

  • Belize Summer 2019 - TASIS Dorado Marine Biology, 18min.

  • Morning Matters with Miss Universe Belize & Moe's Pizza, 60min.

  • La Isla Bonita : An Escape to San Pedro, Belize, 6min. Come check out San Pedro with me!

  • Belize lionfish, .5min.

  • A Boa Constrictor devouring a Chachalaca bird!, 12min. @Gaïa River Lodge

  • A lonely Grey Fox looking for a date until he found one!, 3.5min.

  • Caye Caulker Entrepeneurs, 16min. Eduardo Arceo, Pelican Sunset Bar

  • Tarpon Feeding. Caye Caulker, Belize, 1min.

  • Hopkins, Belize | Beach day, 4min. Fun day with friends and family by the beach. Felt like a mermaid , like always!

  • President of the Belize Alumni Association Yvette Mazariegos speaks at the Youth Ambassadors Program Alumni Seminar, 2.5min.

  • Chargé Gilges opens our first ever Youth Ambassadors Program Alumni Seminar!, 4min.

    August 16, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Projects Abroad host a successful 2019 Health Fair
    Projects Abroad, along with other island organizations, held their annual health fair at Central Park in San Pedro Town on Friday, August 9th. Held under the theme: “Not All Wounds are Visible”, the fair was aimed at providing essential health services and information to the community that may not typically be readily available. Services offered included rapid HIV testing, blood pressure, kidney urinalysis tests, blood type, breast cancer checkups, among many other options. There were also booths from various organizations educating attendees on various health practices and providing countrywide statistics about mental health and relevant topics. Members of Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II were also present, including the dental unit, two Maternal and Child Health nurses, two Outpatient Nurses, and Florencio Tun and Health Inspector Christina Sanchez from Public Health and Vector Control.

    San Pedro Town gets 13 new Tourism Police Officers, donated vehicles and essential items
    To make San Pedro Town safer for visitors and residents alike, the Belize Police Department added 13 new constables to the island’s Tourism Police Unit (TPU) on Wednesday, August 14th at an official ceremony held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. They will join the current four tourism officers in San Pedro, bringing the number to a total of 17. The official event also saw the presentation of six motorcycles, a golf cart, air condition units, a computer, printer, and firearms to properly equip the officers with everything they need to effectively police the island. The new constables also received a vehicle (Jeep), which was donated by the North Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch (NACNW).

    After more than a year in prison for manslaughter, Caye Caulker police constables released on time served
    Police constables Leonard Nuñez and Hallet King, formerly attached to the Caye Caulker Police Formation, are free from remand as of Tuesday, August 13th. They had been incarcerated for the death of Hilberto Sotz, who died under police custody in 2015. The pair were facing manslaughter charges and was taken to the Supreme Court to be sentenced by Justice Colin Williams. She sentenced them to nine months’ imprisonment, minus time served. Nuñez and King had already spent over a year on remand; thus, they were released and walked out as free men from the court.

    Earth Journalism Network trains Belizean journalists to improve coverage on sustainable coastal management
    The Earth Journalism Network (EJN), a global community of over 8,000 journalists covering environmental issues, held a two-day workshop from Saturday, August 10th to Sunday, August 11th, to discuss coverage of sustainable practices, coastal management, and issues pertaining to the Meso-American Barrier Reef. Over a dozen Belizean journalists along with conservationists convened at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina in Belize City for a round of presentations and discussions regarding the state of the barrier reef...

    Ambergris Today

    New Tourism Police Ready To Patrol On Ambergris Caye
    On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chester Williams was on the island of Ambergris Caye to officially install thirteen newly graduated Tourism Police Officers. These recent graduates are from the 23 newly graduated Special Constable Tourism Police Officers of which Placencia also received officers. Mr. Rob Eckeblesh officially handed a Jeep Liberty vehicle to Superintendent Chris Noble of the San Pedro Police Department, which was purchased by the North Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch. The Police department also received a golf cart, four - 9 millimeter pistols, two shot guns, four computers with printers, a water cooler, microwave and an Air Conditioning unit.

    Boat To Boat Outreach At Turneffe Atoll Focusing On Climate Change
    The Belize Fisheries Department along with Mccap Fisheries and Tasa Turneffe Belize conducted boat-to-boat educational outreach to fishers on August 6th – 8th, 2019, to discuss climate change and how it’s affecting the fisher’s livelihood. The outreach is part of MCCAP’s ‘Climate Change - Let’s Save Our Belize’ campaign, aimed at raising awareness among fishers on its effects.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Good weather and wind conditions provided lots of opportunities to fish a variety of areas. Highlights of the week included Joel landing two Tarpon on his last day and a Father/Son double on Tarpon by Wade and Matthew. Bonefish action has been good for both numbers and size. Many anglers have landed hefty Bones over 20".

    Land for the the high school and village expansion
    There is good news for the community of Caye Caulker. Thanks to the diligent work of Minister Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. he has been working profusely to acquire land for the the high school and village expansion. We can safely say, his promise to his people has finally been materialized for 26.4 acres of land, which 5 acres will be distributed to the high school leaving 21.4 acres for the village expansion. We thank our Area representative for his hard work and dedication to satisfy the highly demanded request for land. We look forward to the distribution and congratulations to the Minister on a job well done.

    Caye Caulker Village Council update
    We have finally gotten to some ground work in our community. This week the staff took to cleaning and trimming of overgrown trees in different areas of the community. The Children's Park was also given a through cleaning and is looking well kept. The Council is in the implementing phase of schedules for the upkeep of the children's park and the cemeteries. C.C.V.C. take the opportunity to ask the community to be considerate of our staff out on a hot day and offer them a drink to cool off. Your gesture would go a long way for our guys.

    Ms. Rilma Rivero passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend it's most sincere condolences to the Rivero friends and family on the sadly passing of Ms. Rilma Rivero, also known as Tia Rilma by many. She was a person full of joy and will be greatly missed. May her soul rest in peace.

    Ms. Victoriana Martinez passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Martinez friends and family on the sadly passing of Ms. Victoriana Martinez. May her soul rest in peace.

    Launch of BTB’s Belizean Traveller Campaign
    The Belize Tourism Board's (BTB) long awaited Belizean Traveller Campaign, which encourages Belizeans to be tourists in our country, was officially launched this morning at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The campaign is a joint venture between the BTB and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA). Its specific objectives include: * Create awareness of Belize as a destination to its residents and citizens * Boost domestic tourism and allow Belizeans to enjoy attractive discounts being offered by the industry in collaboration with BHA. * Highlight what Belize has to offer as a perfect vacation paradise educating all on the activities and amenities of our hotels and resorts

    Belize Signs PSA Letter of Intent with the Republic of China (Taiwan)
    The Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (RoC) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) today, August 15th, in Taipei, Taiwan, to engage in the negotiation of a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) with the objective of formalizing trade relations between the two countries. The LOI resulted from a full week of discussions and engagement with RoC officials and the Belize delegation from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce. The LOI clearly lays out the nature of the agreement as being only partial in its scope of product coverage and should conform to the rules of trade under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It also recognizes Belize’s obligations to the CARICOM-CSME under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas including the CSME.

    Certification and Inaugural Ceremony for the Corozal United Sheep Producers Cooperative Society Ltd
    hosted its certification and inaugural ceremony for the Corozal United Sheep Producers Cooperative Society Ltd. The ceremony was held at the Ministry of Agriculture office in Corozal Town. The objective of the Cooperative is to provide a singular enterprise through which members will market their product, promote the economic and social welfare of members, provide other activities that will enhance the economic and social development of members and the community, and advance in the Cooperative values, principles and philosophies.

    BEL Appoints Mrs. Dawn Sampson-Nuñez to Head its Legal and Corporate Services Division
    Belize Electricty Limited (BEL) is proud to announce that its Board of Directors has appointed Mrs. Dawn Sampson-Nufiez to the new post of General Manager, Legal & Corporate Services within the Company's Leadership Team with effect from August 1, 2019. In this capacity, she now takes over responsibility for Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Legal Affairs and Executive Services. She will have the further distinction of becoming, amongst other things, Bas first in-house Legal Counsel. Mrs. Dawn Sampson-Nufiez started employment with BEL on November 27, 2000 as a Public Relations Officer.

    Virtuoso Travel Week
    Belize is being represented at Virtuoso Travel Week, which features opportunities for personal networking between member agency and preferred partner attendees, and a celebration of Virtuoso, the world’s top luxury travel network.

    Chargé Gilges and the Embassy team visit the majestic Altun Ha archaeological site

    Long ago, but a long time ago, Mr. Itzamná decided to create a land that was so beautiful that everyone who knew it would want to live there, in love with its beauty. Then he created the Mayab, the land of the elect(The chosen ones), and planted in it the most beautiful flowers that adorned the roads, created huge cenotes whose crystalline waters reflected the light of the sun and also deep caverns full of mystery. Later, Itzamná gave the new land to the Maya and chose three animals to live forever in the Mayab and whoever thought of them would remember it immediately. Those chosen by Itzamná were the pheasant, the deer and the rattlesnake. The Maya lived happily and were in charge of building palaces and stone cities. Meanwhile, the animals chosen by Itzamná never tired of touring the Mayab.

    Channel 7

    PUP's Senate Shuffle Turns Into Stumble
    It might have been a classic sendoff when PUP Senator Valerie Woods signed off with these words in the Senate back in April when she abstained from a key vote for the opposition: Hon. Valerie Woods- PUP Senator: "I am compelled to abstain on today's voting. And if it should be my swan song, Mr. President, I am comforted that it should be on an issue of existential importance to this country. So, if my head will be rolled, let it roll on this most critical national issue. And let the chips fall where they may."

    Dengue Could Have Caused Two Deaths in Belize
    The number of Dengue cases in Belize continues to grow and up to August 4th, there were a total of 1,294 cases recorded. That number is more than twice the total in 2018, and a report from the ministry of health warns that the outbreak could intensify when rains come. The Districts most affected are Orange Walk with 420 cases, Cayo with 354 and Stann Creek with 228. Significantly, 53 severe dengue cases have been reported, several in high risk groups including pregnant mothers, elderly persons and young children. At least two deaths are being investigated as linked to sever dengue, but neither has been confirmed. The Ministry of Health is responding at the district level with clean up campaigns and health education.

    Cops Piecing Together Murder of Mexican Woman
    Last night, we told you about the disturbing murder of 69-year-old Mexican Ofelia Hernandez Cruz on the Salt Creek Road in Sand Hill Village. She and her common-law husband had been taking care of a piece of private land belonging to her husband's boss for over 10 years. But on Tuesday evening at around 5 o'clock, an assailant, who may or may not have accomplices, went to their home on the private property. She was alone on that evening, and her neighbors only heard her screams of distress while she was being assaulted.

    Belize and Taiwan Agree to Partial Scope Trade Agreement
    Even as the opposition PUP may be making covert overtures to mainland China, the Barrow administration continues to cozy up to Taiwan. Minister of State with responsibility for Investment, Trade and Commerce Tracey Taegar Panton is on an official visit to the Asian country, and she's inked an agreement for Belize to enter into a major trade agreement with Taiwan. Tager Panton and her counterpart, Jong-Chin Shen, Minister of Economic Affairs today signed a Letter of Intent in Taipei to engage in the negotiation of a Partial Scope Agreement to formalize trade relations between the two countries.

    Alleged Stick Up Man Sambula To Stand Trial
    Last year, 19-year-old Everald Sambula was charged as one of the 3 robbers who held up the Premium Wines and Spirits Liquor Store, in the Kings Park area of Belize City. They made off with over $55,000 in cash and valuables. Today, he learned that he will have to face a full trial in the Supreme Court. A preliminary inquiry in the case was held today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. The police prosecutor handed over the investigation file to Magistrate Emerson Banner. It contained 11 witness statements which the prosecution intends to rely on in the trial. At its conclusion, the Magistrate ruled that Sambula, who is charged with 4 counts of robbery, must stand trial in the October sessions of the Supreme Court.

    Be A Tourist In Your Own Country, for Free
    "Be a tourist in your own country" - we've all been hearing that mantra for decades, but, who can afford it? Well, the BTB has a free solution for the creative types. The new Belizean Traveller Campaign has an interesting twist. They want to boost domestic tourism from August to the end of October - which I the customary low season - and here's how you can do it for free. Cherisse Halsall reports: We've all seen the lavish images of Belize's finest tourist attractions: From lush jungles, sandy beaches, Belize has something for every type of traveler.

    San Pedro Man Allegedly Robbed Senior Court Officer
    In April, we told you about the armed robbery at the seat of the Judiciary in Belize City. The Registrar General, Trienna Young, was held up, and she was robbed of almost 2,000 dollars, funds belonging to the Government of Belize. Well, 4 months later, police have made an arrest. He's 23-year-old Jovani Augustine, a resident of the San Pedrito area of San Pedro. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett on the single charge of aggravated burglary. He pleaded not guilty, but due to the nature of the offense, he was denied bail. He has been remanded into custody until October 15th, 2019. The allegations are that Augustine and another man entered the Registry Department on the evening of April 15th. They pulled out a firearm, and held up Young, robbing her of $1,976 in cash. Reports were that the robbers walked into the building, and robbed Young without alerting the on-duty security personnel who were stationed to keep the courthouse safe. No one noticed that anything was amiss until they saw the duo running out of the building.

    Making Belize Businesses Modern
    The rest of the world is surging ahead with the adaptation of technology in the market place, to form successful digital ecosystems, where goods and services are sold online. To ensure that Belize's entrepreneurs aren't falling behind, Mervin Budram, a Belmopan businessman who specializes in digital marketing, has collaborated with the US State Department, the Small Business Development Center, as well as other digital tech companies out of the US. They've created the Innovate Belize Summit, which is designed to provide professional development workshops to Belizean entrepreneurs who interested in providing their businesses with a strong online presence.

    Teenagers Pounced On Old Man
    Two teenagers were arraigned today for beating up an elderly man in the streets. They are 18 year old Tyrique Quinn Smith and 19-year-old Prince Alex Copious. The victim is 63-year-old Lizbrown Ivan Sydney Flowers. He reported to police that on Tuesday, at around 6:30 he was walking on LaCroix Boulevard, when the two young men attacked him for no reason and beat him up badly. The duo appeared before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett where they were both read a single charge of wounding. They pleaded not guilty and prosecutor, Corporal Christopher Smith had heavy objections to bail being granted to the teens. Prosecutor Smith submitted to the court that the act allegedly committed by the duo is cold and calculated and that a message needs to be sent to the public that persons cannot just take the law into their own hands and start to beat up on the elderly citizens for no reason.

    Is Embroidery Art?
    When we think of embroidery, we usually refer to it as a hobby, or a craft. But is it art? Not quite. Or that's what we thought until we saw a new Exhibition at the Mexican Cultural Institute called "CORDOBA/MATHAR Contemporary Practices in Embroidery and Painting." We got a preview of the exhibit earlier today and spoke to the artists as well as the exhibit's curator: Elizabeth Calzado, CURATOR: "It was a challenge in some way at first. To think about how two techniques as different as they are could be brought together in a smooth way..."

    Man Takes Plea and Prison for Gun and Weed
    Yesterday morning, a special branch led operation descended on a home in Ladyville. The police went to 313 Lily Road and saw someone throw a black object through the window. When the cops retrieved the object they saw that it was a 9 millimeter Taurus pistol with 3 rounds of ammunition in its magazine. As a result all three persons at the home were arrested and charged.

    The Last Summer Camp
    It is pretty much back to school for most kids, which means all the summer fun in the sun or on their tablet is over. Well all the kids who participated in the Belize camping experience summer camp have come to terms with it as the camp ends tomorrow. The Director for Belize Camping Experience along with two volunteers came by our studio today to tell us how this year's summer camp went. Alexander Perez, Director, Belize Camping Experience: "Well another year has come and gone. We are finishing up summer camps this week and we are wrapping up and we had the opportunity to work in the city, in Burrell Boom, in Hattieville and Ladyville. We were able to impact a lot of children in that neighborhood. 15 camps were done and over 74 young people who came from across the country to volunteer."

    BEL Gets First In-House Counsel
    It's one of Belize biggest companies, and, now, BEL has its first in-house counsel. Former 7News reporter, Dawn Sampson-Nuñez - just back from the UK as a trained attorney will now take up that post. She has also bene named as the General Manager of Legal and Corporate Services.

    Police Looking Deeply Into Belmopan Rape
    And, back now to police news, one other case that Assistant Commissioner Joseph Myvette discussed in today's press briefing was the rape allegation out of Belmopan. As we told you, a 38-year-old woman reported to police that on Monday night, she was at a party in the Tiger Town area of the Capital City. When she engaged in a conversation with one of the party-goers, he allegedly lured her into one of the bedrooms. She claims that he then forced himself on her and raped her, and before she could get herself together and escape, one of his friends entered the room and he then allegedly raped her.

    Scotiabank Sellout or Just Speculation?
    What's up with Scotiabank? Is one of Belize's biggest commercial banks selling out its Belize operation for real? Well, a report broadcast by LOVE FM today says that they are, but the bank is flatly denying it. The Governor of the Central Bank, Joy Grant today told us that the Bank's Managing Director, Sarah Hobbs called her and said that the report was totally untrue. Additionally, sources tell us, no proposed sale has been reported to the Central Bank, as would be required in the normal course.

    Channel 5

    2 More Persons Sought for the Callous Killing of Ofelia Hernandez Cruz
    Sixty-nine-year-old Ofelia Hernandez Cruz was bludgeoned to death inside her home in Sand Hill Village.  Her body was discovered on Tuesday afternoon and it is believed that she was attacked [...]

    DJ Perf and Denzel Usher Charged with Rape
    Devin “DJ Perf” Peyrefitte and Denzel Usher have both been charged for the crime of rape.  The men stand accused of allegedly raping a woman in the wee hours of [...]

    Commissioner Williams: “It doesn’t matter, it was rubber bullet. It was nonlethal.”
    In May, Belize City resident Vince Martinez visited our office to share his case of police brutality.  Martinez claimed that on May twelfth while at his house on Far West [...]

    Commissioner of Police on Vince Martinez’s Complaint
    Vince Martinez made an official complaint to the Professional Standards Branch after he was shot in the groin. According to Martinez, there hasn’t been any progress in the case. Commissioner [...]

    Ministry of National Security Clarifies B.D.F. Salary Adjustments
    The Ministry of National Security issued a press release late this evening to clarify false information which has been circulating in the public domain. According to the ministry, back in [...]

    Raymond Dyer Gets Three Years in Prison for Weed and Firearm
    Thirty-two-year-old Raymond Lightfoot Dyer, a fisherman from Ladyville, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, after being busted with five hundred and thirty-one grams of [...]

    2 Teens Remanded for Beating Up Elderly Belize City Man
    A pair of teenagers is on remand at the Belize Central Prison tonight after allegedly beating up a sixty-three-year-old resident of Belize City.  On Tuesday, Liz Flowers was reportedly attacked [...]

    Boat Manifest Gets Cabinet’s Green Light
    Fifteen days ago, on August first, the directive issued by the Belize Port Authority for a mandatory boat manifest for water taxi companies came into effect. The B.P.A.’s directive came [...]

    San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi Wants to Build Boat Terminal
    Minister Heredia also spoke about the proposed construction of another boat terminal on the island. The development has been proposed to take place in front of Ruby’s Hotel which was [...]

    I am a Belizean Traveller; Are You?
    The Belize Tourism Board officially launched its Belizean Traveller Campaign, which encourages Belizeans to be tourists in their own country. It is a joint venture between the B.T.B. and the [...]

    Mid-Year Tourism Stats Show Increase in Overnight and Cruise Ship Arrivals
    The most recent figures in tourist arrivals show that more persons are choosing Belize as their holiday destination; be it as a family, a group of friends and even honeymooners. [...]

    Mark Jacobs – Making a Difference with Bamboo Straws
    Bamboo grows just about everywhere in Belize. There are several varieties in the country, but what many people don’t know is that the bamboo is hailed as a super plant [...]

    Innovate Belize 2019 Summit
    The first ever Innovate Belize 2019 Summit was held at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. The focus of the summit is to foster opportunity by creating a platform where [...]

    Dawn Sampson-Nunez is B.E.L.’s First In-house Legal Counsel
    Dawn Sampson-Nunez has been synonymous with Belize Electricity Limited since taking up a job with the utility company in November 2000 as a public relations officer.  Tonight, the company announces [...]

    Garifuna Collective Heads to British Columbia
    The Garifuna Collective has been touring extensively over the past two months, performing in Europe and the United States.  The band is presently in Canada, following a ten-day break from [...]

    The Garifuna Collective and Its Place in World Music
    Over the years, the Garifuna Collective has come to understand and appreciate its significance in world music.  The idea of taking the stage along with other big name performers is [...]

    Healthy Living: Portion Control
    Healthy eating can be difficult, with all the fad diets and vilifying of foods or even food groups. It’s hard to know if you’re getting it right. Any nutritionist will [...]

    The Reporter

    CXC Appoints New Registrar – CEO
    Just about all students in Belize’s high Schools and Jr. Colleges take the CXC Exams at the end of the school year before graduating. The board that manages and are the administrators of that exam is based in St. Michael’s Barbados, and today the board of directors appointed a new Registrar/CEO to the position.


    No motive in murder of elderly woman
    Yesterday, we told you about 69-year-old, Ofelia Cruz who was bludgeoned to death inside her own home on the Salt Creek Road in an isolated part of Sand Hill Village, Belize District. Our newsroom understood that two men arrived on a motorcycle, went through the fence, and into the house while Cruz’s husband was away …

    SIB standardizing statistical reports
    The Statistical Institute of Belize, SIB, is tasked with providing trustworthy statistical report on the performance of various sectors in the country. Last month, SIB in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank launched the National Statistical System Portal. SIB continues to come up with ways to provide data more efficiently and today it held a …

    BTB launches Belizean Traveller Campaign 2019
    Report figures show that tourism contributes approximately thirty-eight percent to Belize’s Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, keeping this industry viable is crucial to the economic well-being of our country and that is where the Belize Tourism Board comes in. They are tasked with marketing Belize both internationally and locally. As part of their strategy, they embarked …

    Two deaths possibly caused by dengue
    Two maternal deaths, one in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk and one in Dangriga Town, Stann Creek, have caused concerns as health authorities believe that these deaths were due to dengue. Both women were relatively young, and in one case, the mother had given birth less than a month ago. While it is not confirmed that …

    American tourist attacked by crocodile
    An American tourist vacationing in Belize was attacked by a crocodile on Monday night. The tourist was reportedly in the sea, somewhere south of Ambergris Caye, looking for a lost diamond earring when she was attacked. Fortunately, she survived the incident, but she is traumatized. Chris Summers from the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) said …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    ScotiaBank sells to Jamaican Bank, not closing branches
    Following reports that Scotia Bank is finalizing arrangements to close its doors in Belize by October, a senior source from within the bank has confirmed to BBN that the bank is selling to a regional bank from Jamaica.

    Police: Peyrefitte and Usher took turns to rape woman
    Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, today publicly commented on a case of rape in […]

    Robbers target tortilla shop for cash
    Armed robbers targeted a tortilla shop in Belmopan this morning. When the men stormed into […]

    Two persons sought for murder in Sandhill
    Just before 5:00 p.m. last Tuesday Ladyville police were called to the Salt Creek road […]

    Belize and Republic of China (Taiwan) strengthening ties through new agreement
    Today, the Government of Belize (GOB) and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) […]

    Recent case and social media comments reflect terribly on rape culture in Belize
    Yesterday, a case of rape was reported in the media; one that involves two prominent […]

    Reporting on the environment: challenges and opportunities
    Increasingly, issues of the environment dominate the national discourse, and often blend into coverage of […]

    Kings and Queens of the beach invade Old Belize this weekend
    The nineteenth Central American Men’s & Women’s Beach Volleyball Championship gets underway tomorrow, Friday, from […]

    Slow motion video captures awe-inspiring Biles performance
    A slow-motion video of Simone Biles’ performance has gone viral on social media. The 22-year-old […]

    Alleged burglar convicted of possession of “housebreaking” equipment
    A Belize City man was convicted of two rarely used charges in lieu of being […]

    “Big Tom” says he did not curse “harassing” police
    According to 41-year-old Kenneth Flowers, aka “Big Tom,” it’s not for lack of trying. But […]

    Minister of Investment leads delegation visit to Taiwan
    Minister of State for Investment, Tracy Panton, and an accompanying delegation visited the Republic of […]

    Wooden bridge re-opened to vehicular traffic
    The low-lying wooden bridge connecting the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena has […]

    Inaugural summit to promote business, entrepreneurship, and innovation launches today
    TAS Belize’s Mervin Burdram, a client of SBDCBelize Unit and William Neidlinger of Banyan Tree […]

    Honoring Shelly Usher – a guest panelist for the Innovate Belize summit
    The Innovate Belize Summit is being launched today in Belize City. Shelly Usher will be […]

    Corn Fest to be held tomorrow in San Ignacio
    The San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council is hosting a corn festival tomorrow at […]

    PUP replaces two senators
    Our newsroom has received reliable reports that the PUP is replacing Valerie Woods and Paul Thompson […]

    International Sourcesizz

    PAHO warns of the complex situation of dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean
    The Region is experiencing a new epidemic cycle that mostly affects children under the age of 15. PAHO urges communities to eliminate Aedes mosquito breeding grounds, which is the most effective way of controlling the disease. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warns of the complex situation of dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean, a Region that is currently experiencing a new epidemic cycle of the disease after two years of low incidence. According to the latest PAHO epidemiological update, published on August 9, during the first 7 months of 2019, more than 2 million people contracted the disease and 723 died. The number of cases exceeds the total number of cases reported in 2017 and 2018, although so far, it remains lower than the number recorded in 2015-2016.

    Caribbean Business And Finance Report
    Here are the top business stories making news from the Caribbean for this week of Aug. 16, 2019:

    The Ancient Maya Built a Two Mile Wall Around This City to Protect the Elites From Invaders
    Researchers have begun to study and restore a large ancient structure at one of Mexico's most important Maya archaeological sites. The two mile long wall was built around the ancient city of Uxmal—located in the Yucatan Peninsula—in order to protect the elite from invaders, according to Jose Huchim Herrera, the director of the archaeological site from Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH.) Built thousands of years ago, the wall was documented in the 19th century when American explorer John Lloyd Stephens published a drawing of the structure in his in 1841 book, Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan, La Jornada Maya reported. Since then, the wall has received little attention, gradually disappearing into the thick vegetation of the surrounding jungle. But recently INAH decided to implement a project with the aim of restoring the wall and learning more about it.

    Scotiabank announces sale of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands operations
    The Bank of Nova Scotia announced on Wednesday that it had reached an agreement to sell its operations in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to 55-year-old Oriental Bank, a subsidiary of San Juan, Puerto Rico-headquartered financial-services company OFG Bancorp, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions. “Until regulatory approvals are obtained and the transaction closes, all operations, branches and products will continue to operate as usual. Oriental Bank and Scotiabank will work together to help facilitate a smooth transition for the business,” the release noted.


  • Belizean Traveller Campaign Launch 2019 part1, 30min.

  • Belizean Traveller Campaign Launch 2019 part2, 17.5min.

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye Belize Scuba Diving Aug 14 Dive 2, 8min. No sharks today. Spotted drum. Lobster. Nurse sharks. Harlequin bass. Rock beauty. Very lush. Lotsa corals and sponges. Took a Family photo underwater. Warm towels with eucalyptus Ah!!! Surface interval at O’s resort. Nice hammocks. beautiful beach

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye Belize Aug 14 Dive #1, 7.5min. dove near Mata Chica resort - Dive site was Mata- something, with Charlie (DM) from Ecologic

  • Construction of Human Development Building, 40sec. Let's take a look at the construction of our Human Development Building located on Albert Street which started construction in October of 2018. Ten months later and it is almost completed.

  • Using Bamboo to Tackle the Plastics problem, 5min. Bamboo grows just about everywhere in Belize. There are several varieties in the country, but what many people don't know is that the bamboo is hailed as a super plant and it is one of the world’s most renewable materials. It is used to make furniture, toilet paper, utensils, décor, and even textiles. There’s one man who is tapping into the power of this plant in a different way. Today, reporter Andrea Polanco and cameraman Chris Mangar travelled to Hopkins to meet the man who is using bamboo to tackle the plastic problem we have in Belize.

  • Talk Ah Di Town August 15, 2019, 30min.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize, 10min. Nohoch Cheen, also commonly known as Caves Branch, is an archaeological reserve in Belize, consisting of a network of limestone caves.

  • My first time ever fishing out of the country! (Belize part 1), 20min.

  • Diving in Belize 12-2018, 9min.

  • YAX TUN - Green Stone, .5min. To the ancient Maya, jade was the most prized of all stones. Its green translucent color was associated with such precious substances like water, corn and the sacred Ceiba tree. In essence, the green color of jade embodied all things that nourished life on earth. Jade was also treasured by the Maya elite and desired by members of all social classes. It was used as jewelry, as a mode of exchange and as offerings in tombs and buildings. At the death of important Maya lords it was customary to rub their faces with jade and to place a jade object in the mouth of the deceased. Besides its close relationship to Maya concepts of fertility. jade was therefore equally imbued with ritual, social and spiritual significance.

    August 15, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Woman attacked by crocodile south of San Pedro Town
    A female tourist was attacked by an estimated 10 to 12-foot crocodile while swimming in the sea on Monday, August 12th after 9PM. The victim was staying at a resort south of San Pedro Town and was seriously injured on her left arm during the ordeal. She was assisted by a team of rescuers – a combination of members of the South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch and Rickilee Response and Rescue – then transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic, where she received over 100 stitches. She has since left the country, while the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) is trying to locate the animal under the authorization of the Forestry Department.

    BWSL Signs Collective Bargaining Agreement with Workers Union
    The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for 295 permanent employees on Monday, August 12th, 2019. The agreement seeks to promote efficient, safe and effective working practices between the company and the union. The CBA was signed by Mr. Alvan Haynes, Chief Executive Officer for BWSL, and Mr. Alberto August, Chairman of BWSL. Signing on behalf of the Belize Water Services Workers Union were Ms. Lorelei Westby, Union President; Mr. Andrew Cutkelvin, Union Trustee; and Ms. Monica Usher, Union Secretary. Also on hand to witness the signing were other members of the Belize Water Services Management.

    San Pedro Pirates draw 0-0 against Placencia Assassins
    It has been three weeks into the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) 2019 Opening Season and the current champions of the PLB; San Pedro Pirates have yet to win a match. On Saturday, August 10th San Pedro Pirates hosted Placencia Assassins F.C at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town for an intense game that ended in a 0-0 draw. For their next match, San Pedro Pirates will be traveling to San Ignacio Town, Cayo District to go against Verdes F.C on Sunday, August 18th. The game is scheduled to begin at 4PM inside the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town. Any person interested in accompanying the Pirates as a fan can call 608-6396 for more information.

    Management and Workers of CPBL Sign Subsidiary Workers Agreement
    On August 9th, 2019, management and workers of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) gathered for the signing of a Subsidiary Workers Agreement, which is a contractual agreement between the company and its 225 permanent employees. The agreement outlines the terms, conditions and benefits of the employment for workers stationed at four different farm locations – Barton Creek Farms Limited (BCFL), XYZ, Citrus Company of Belize & Belize Food Products Groves.

    The 2019 National Song Competition Winners Announced
    The 2019 National Song Competition was held on Saturday, August 10, 2019. This annual event is celebrating the fourth year of touring the municipalities of the country of Belize after the competition's first 5 years were held in Belize City. This year Corozal Town was the host of the competition at the Andres Campos Civic Center and Mayor Rigoberto Vellos chose, by random lotto pick from the remaining municipalities, Orange Walk to be the host municipality of the 2020 National Song Competition.

    Presentation of Credentials to the Governor General
    Today, August 12th, two ambassadors presented their credentials and a high commissioner paid a courtesy visit to the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. The High Commissioner of India to Belize H.E. Mr. Manpreet Vohra and his family paid a courtesy visit to the Governor General as he has been newly appointed to serve in Belize.

    Ambergris Today

    The BTB And BHA Award Scholarships To Ten Outstanding Belizean Students
    Ten outstanding Belizean students received scholarship awards from the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA) on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, during a joint award ceremony held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel. This year’s BTB scholarship recipients include Glenroy Godwin Fermin and Roney Adali Espinosa, who will pursue their Bachelor’s Degrees at the University of Belize and Hugh Rodney Hulse who will pursue a Culinary Degree at Stratford University in the United States.

    BWSL Signs Collective Bargaining Agreement With Workers Union
    The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for 295 permanent employees on Monday, August 12th, 2019. The agreement seeks to promote efficient, safe and effective working practices between the company and the union. The Labour Commissioner, Ms Anne Marie Thompson, along with senior labour officers and employment officers were present as witnesses. The representatives congratulated management and workers on the successful signing of the CBA.

    The 2019 National Song Competition Winners Announced
    The 2019 National Song Competition was held on Saturday, August 10, 2019. This annual event is celebrating the fourth year of touring the municipalities of the country of Belize after the competition's first 5 years were held in Belize City. This year Corozal Town was the host of the competition at the Andres Campos Civic Center and Mayor Rigoberto Vellos chose, by random lotto pick from the remaining municipalities, Orange Walk to be the host municipality of the 2020 National Song Competition.

    Various Belizean Sources


    SBDC Workshop: Internal Control and Inventory Management Workshop
    Workshop Date: August 22nd, 2019, 9am to 12pm. Growing your business will require establishing a solid foundation of internal controls including accounting, auditing, purchasing and damage control planning. This session will give you an overview of what you need to prepare for. This workshop equips participants with the essential internal and inventory management knowledge, tools, concept for developing a practical, and result-oriented business. Cost: $30.00, includes - Snacks & Refreshments. LOCATION: BTEC Building, ITVET Campus, Freetown RD. Belize City.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint "Soaring."

    Orange Walk Town council announces new parade route for Sugar City Carnaval
    Orange Walk Town Council issued a statement today informing the public of the new parade route. After a meeting with the Police department, the Traffic Department, the Fire Department and the Belize Defence Force it was agreed that the Independence day Parade route will be slightly altered. All departments agreed that due to the high congestion in the downtown area and to avoid major accidents or loss to life during the Independence day parade and taking into consideration that there are no Emergency Routes, the Route needed to be reviewed. The new parade route will be as follows:

    11 A-Side Marathon in Corozal
    Greetings to all football players. Are you tired to 5 & 6 A-Side Marathons and Tournaments? Well here is your opportunity to play an 11 A-Side Marathon. Seeking everyone's support as we are fundraising for our newly Corozal Rural F.C.

    2019 Corozal Jouvert
    Are you ready? We taking it to another level! The Corozal Town Council invites you to its annual Jouvert September 21st Manin. Its going to be off the hook for the first time ever Supa G will make his presence at the Best ever Jouvert!

    The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development notifies all Area Representatives, Village Councils and the public that in accordance with Part VII Sections 43B (1) and (2) of the Village Councils Act, Chapter 88 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition, 2011, the process of establishing Village Water Boards for the rudimentary water systems has now commenced. In accordance with the provisions of the Act, the Ministry, via the Rural Development Unit will be following up with Area Representatives and Village Councils for their inputs.

    Management and Workers of CPBL Sign Subsidiary Workers Agreement
    On August 9th, 2019, management and workers of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) gathered for the signing of a Subsidiary Workers Agreement, which is a contractual agreement between the company and its 225 permanent employees. The agreement outlines the terms, conditions and benefits of the employment for workers stationed at four different farm locations – Barton Creek Farms Limited (BCFL), XYZ, Citrus Company of Belize & Belize Food Products Groves. Mr. Nikita Usher, Chief Administration Manager and Mr. Kent Herrera, Chief Financial Officer signed on behalf of the CPBL while Mr. Bertrand Faux, Agriculture Manager, signed on behalf of the workers.

    BWSL Signs Collective Bargaining Agreement with Workers Union
    The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for 295 permanent employees on Monday, August 12th, 2019. The agreement seeks to promote efficient, safe and effective working practices between the company and the union. The CBA was signed by Mr. Alvan Haynes, Chief Executive Officer for BWSL, and Mr. Alberto August, Chairman of BWSL. Signing on behalf of the Belize Water Services Workers Union were Ms. Lorelei Westby, Union President; Mr. Andrew Cutkelvin, Union Trustee; and Ms. Monica Usher, Union Secretary. Also on hand to witness the signing were other members of the Belize Water Services Management.

    Belize Launches Country Programme, Toolkit and Readiness Support II for Engagement with the Green Climate Fund
    Since 2015, Belize has engaged with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to improve access to international funds and to encourage investment in projects and programmes that will help the country prevent and cope with climate change and its impacts. For this purpose, the Government of Belize has appointed CEO Yvonne Hyde of the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum (MEDP) as National Designated Authority (NDA) to the GCF. Through the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), the MEDP received a GCF Readiness grant approved in December 2016, designed to enhance the existing capacity within the NDA as well as develop a Country Programme for climate-related investments, thereby supporting appropriate oversight of the GCF activities at the country level.

    Caye Caulker Village Council update
    It's been another busy few days for the C.C.V.C. Firstly, there was an unfortunate accident with two of our staff while fumigating. An investigation is still being conducted to know what really was the cause of the accident. The employees got to the health center in time and were immediately attended to by the doctor and the nurse who did an amazing job. Nurse Cutkelvin and doctor, we thank you for your amazing efforts. Both employees were sent to Belize for precautionary measures and have been at home since yesterday resting. We wish you both a speedy recovery.

    5th Annual BTIA Orange Walk Chapter Tourism Expo
    ts all happening once again in Orange Walk Town, the 5th Annual BTIA Orange Walk Chapter Tourism Expo on August 24th at the Central Park from 10am- 10pm. Don't Miss out!

    Sarteneja Cleanup Day
    Ministry of Health in collaboration with Sarteneja Village Council have planned to carry out a general clean-up day, here in Sarteneja Village, as a form of awareness and prevention on the current dengue crisis our northern districts are facing. For this reason the Vector Control Unit will be here this Friday, 16th of August, to spray the streets in order to minimize the amounts of mosquitoes. Furthermore, they want to create awareness within the community and advise us to have best practices to minimize the propagation and breeding of mosquitoes. On the 28th of September Ministry of Health Personnel in collaboration with the Sarteneja Village Council will be inspecting yards in general that may be at risk and will be providing a means of transportation to dispose whatever garbage may be left behind in your yards.

    Orange Walk - Fiesta FM 106.7 - Official Grill Fest 2019
    The Great Cook-Off is Here!!! Do You Have What It Takes to win the grand prize of $1,000 plus a Grill? SIGN UP NOW!

    Power outage 6:00 am to 10:00 am on Sunday, August 18 to affect entire Orange Walk and Corozal Districts
    BEL to relocate the Corozal Substation transformer to the Chan Chen Substation, and conduct maintenance of the Corozal and Orange Walk Substations.

    Installation of the New Tourism Police & Handing Over Ceremony

    Job Vacancy: BTB
    The BTB is looking for a dynamic, responsible person to take the role of Tax Auditor! If you, or someone you know, is interested feel free to share the below flyer.

    The U.S. Embassy and Security Alliance commemorated Security Alliance’s 10 years of service in Belize and with the Embassy on August 1
    Security Alliance has provided security services to the Embassy since 2009. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges, the Embassy Regional Security Officer, Assistant Regional Security Officer, and Project Manager Paul Guerra, as well as members of the Security Alliance Embassy Guard Force were among those who attended the event. Chargé Gilges delivered remarks, thanking the Guard Force for their dedication to keeping the Embassy community safe. Gilges highlighted the milestone achievement of Security Alliance and its partnership with the U.S. Government for the past 10 years.

    The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position: Gardener
    Closing date: August 28, 2019 To view and apply for this vacancy announcement, please visit the ERA site at:…/vacancysear…/searchVacancies.hms For instructions on how to apply via the ERA system, please visit the U.S. Embassy’s website at: The U.S. Mission in Belmopan provides equal employment opportunity and fair and equitable treatment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Godzilla, Pets2, Aladdin, Hustle

    Popol Vuh : Lords of Xibalba
    The head of the pantheon is Hun-Came (“One Death”) followed by Vucub-Came (“Seven Death). The remaining ten Lords rule over a particular form of human suffering. According to the Maya legend, these death lords often worked together in pairs. There was Xiquiripat ("Flying Scab") and Cuchumaquic ("Gathered Blood") who worked to poison people’s blood. There was Ahalpuh ("Pus ") and Ahalgana ("Jaundice ") who made bodies swell and rot. There was Chamiabac ("Bone Staff") and Chamiaholom ("Skull Staff"), who slowly striped the flesh from the dead to turn them into skeletons. There was Ahalmez ("Sweepings ") and Ahaltocob ("Stabbing "), who were believed to hide in the unswept areas of a person’s home and stab them to death. And finally there was Xic ("Wing") and Patan ("Packstrap"), who made people cough up blood and suffer while walking on a road. The Lords of death are simply the different process or ways of death . Between the Yucatec Maya death is represented by Yuum Cimil means "Lord of death " .

    Channel 7

    Elderly Mexican Woman Murdered In Remote Rural Area
    There was a murder in a remote part of Sandhill Village last night, and this time, the victim is a 69-year-old woman.
    At around 4:00 yesterday, police responded to reports of a disturbance at the far end of the Salt Creek Road. When they arrived at this private property, they found the body of an elderly woman identified as Ofelia Hernandez Cruz, a Mexican. Reports from the residents of Salt Creek Road is that she was beaten to death. Neighbors heard the sounds of screams coming from the house where she and her common-law husband live, and that's when they called police.

    Is Sargassum the Solution for Cheap Landfill?
    Saragassum - it's piling up on beaches all across Belize by the tonne - and no one knows quite what to do with it!   In San Pedro they're using it as landfill - in a new development in an area south of San Pedro town known as the Mosquito Coast.   That's a novel idea - but being on the coast, it could also pose threats to the environment.  And that's why today, we were surprised to learn that no Environmental Impact Assessment has been done, nor has an environmental compliance plan been drafted.  

    Heredia Supports Faber for Leader, But Plays Cagey
    And while Heredia dealt with that issue quite straightforwardly - when it came to the matter of who he would back for the new leader of the UDP,   Patrick Faber or John Saldivar, he was very cagey on that one: Reporter: "Mr. Faber or Mr. Saldivar for leadership? We know that the convention is due in about six months." Hon. Manuel Heredia - Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation
     "I believe that we are Democratic country I personally do not believe in conventions I have to be very, very clear and I am thankful that the young guy that is challenging my cousin has withdrawn his candidacy and for the interest of our party for the interest of I believe all of us in the UDP particularly Belize rural south..."

    Sister Killed Sister Case Falls Apart
    Last year in November, we told you about the case out of Independence Village, where 23-year-old Isela Cano was criminally charged for the death of her big sister, 27-year-old Keidi Yesenia Ramirez. Police believed that she should face consequences for the death of her sister, but DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal disagrees with them.
    As we told you, post-mortem results showed that Ramirez had damage to her pancreas, which is consistent with sustaining traumatic blows to the abdomen area.  Her family rushed her to the Independence Polyclinic because she was unresponsive. She was pronounced dead, and the on-duty doctor reportedly showed police injuries to her neck, both hands, and feet.

    Small Charge For Big Tom
    Last week on the News you saw street figure Kenneth "Big Tom" Flowers complaining about being mistreated by the Police. He said they detained him in the cell block for 48 hours on a minor charge, the use of obscene language.  Today he appeared in court to answer for that single charge. Flowers pleaded not Guilty to using obscene words to a Sergeant of Police!

    Christians Says They Weren't Protesting LGBT Pride Day At ITVET
    On Monday night we had a recap of the LGBT community's Pride Day at the ITVET.  But while they held their Pride Fest inside, a group Christians held signs up outside on the sidewalk.  Now, none of those signs were gay bashing, not even close. But, the juxtaposition of the two groups caused many - police included - to conclude that it was a passive aggressive type protest.  Abigail Hoare was one those holding up a sign - and she says in no way was it intended to be any kind of protest.  It was just a coincidence:

    San Pedro Security Gets Senior Step Up
    At the end of June when San Pedro tour guide Mario Graniel and his guest, American doctor and Gary swing were killed during a fly fishing tour, it sent San Pedro into a tailspin. The community reeled from the brazen ruthlessness of the murder which was committed on the open water, and from the spinoff effects as tourist cancelled their upcoming vacations en masse.   The state and the police department responded with the commitment to beef up the Island's tourism police unit - and they delivered on that today, in less than two months.   Today they introduced the new officers on the island:

    More Breathalyzers for Police
    And while that donation went to San Pedro police, in the city, Police received 10 more breathalyzers today. Now, over the years the police have received a few donations of breathalyzers, but today, no one could say for sure what became of those. But, still, they were ready to say that these new ones will be sent to drunk driving accident-prone areas in the south, north and city. Here is more from the handing over ceremony at the Raccoon street police station: Edward Broaster - Deputy Compol, Operations & Crime: "It's always a great pleasure when we have civic minded citizens who feel obligated in assisting the police in the prevention in the loss of lives on our highways and across this country..."

    Tourism Sector Gives Scholarships
    Ten outstanding Belizean students received scholarships from the Belize Tourism Board and the Belize Hotel Association this morning at the Biltmore.  These scholarships were established in 2005 and 2011 respectively. The BTB's scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to students interested in pursuing studies in tourism and hospitality, while the BHA's scholarship provides educational funding for the children of employees working with the BHA member hotels on the basis of financial need.  Here's more from the ceremony:

    Mixed Reviews Of Second Payment For Cane Farmers
    As we reported a month ago, it was a record year for sugar production.  1.317 million tonnes of cane were milled, which is 4,000 tonnes more than the previous record.  That produced 144,000 tonnes of sugar, which is also a record. But, world sugar prices have also been trending near record lows - and so the payments to farmers haven't been setting any records.   The second payment was paid today based on a price of $47.55 per tonne.  The second payment represents 91% of that.  For many farmers it's too little - they are calling it "excessively low". 

    Junior Heredia Against Cayo Rosario Over-Water Structures
    The court recently found that the Department of Environment had acted properly in approving a proposed development on Cayo Rosario.  Cayo Rosario Development Limited wants to build a resort there. The infrastructure was initially proposed with more than 80 over-the-water structures. Today, the Area Rep said he will not support those structures:.. Reporter
    "Any update on Cayo Rosario?"

    Heredia In Favour Of Fisheries Bill
    And, while he doesn't support that, Heredia - who was a fisherman before he became a politician - says that he does support an ambitious - somewhat controversial new fisheries bill: Hon. Manuel Heredia - Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation
    "Overall I do support the bill. This bill has been there for many years in the making. I for one have been advocating that this come to cabinet a long time ago from the previous minister of fisheries, and I believe that it is something that is long overdue, there might be minor little things to adjust but, overall I support it strongly."

    Garifuna Collective On The Road Again
    The Garifuna Collective is hitting the road again.  Belize's most travelled band - continues on its Aban tour which last took them to Europe.  Today they left for Canada's Rocky Mountains for Invermere Music Fest and the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, accompanied by Canadian singer songwriter Danny Michel. They then head to the American Folk Festival in Maine before heading to Bogotá for Colombia Al Parque, their biggest ever performance in South America. Guitarist and bandleader Al Ovando told us how it all comes together:

    Teachers Going For Post Grad Degrees
    Whenever Primary School Examination results come out, and they remind everyone that large quantities of Belizean children are performing poorly, fingers are always pointed in all directions as to where the education system is failing them. Well, instead of playing the blame game, the Ministry of Education is now collaborating with the highly trained professionals at the Oklahoma State University, create a doctoral degree program for Belizeans who work within the education system. 20 Belizeans, who are either educators or administrators, are being trained to be experts in literacy education.

    Belize. Beach. Volleyball. All Ingredients For a Great Weekend
    The Central American Men's & Women's Beach Volleyball Championship will be held in Belize this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   Today the Volleyball Federation presented the male and female teams and discussed their chances at the National Sports Council office: All Central American nations except Panama will participate.  

    Reported Rape in Belmopan Implicates Music Producer
    Tonight, police are investigating a complaint from a woman who claims that she was raped by 2 men at a party.
    She told police that on Monday night, she was taken to this party in the Tiger Town area of Belmopan. She was socializing with the other party-goers, having a few drinks, when a bearded man engaged her in a conversation about music. He allegedly invited her into the house, and then into a bedroom because the music at the party was too loud for conversation. She said when she did, he assaulted her and then forced himself on her.

    Channel 5

    Channel Five Cleans Up at 2019 CBU Awards
    The Fiftieth Annual General Assembly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union concluded on Andres Island, Colombia today.  An enduring highlight of the yearly gathering of radio and television broadcasters is the [...]

    An Elderly Woman is Bludgeoned to Death in Remote Area of Sand Hill
    Mexican national Ofelia Hernandez Cruz lived in Belize for years with her husband; he is the caretaker at a property in an isolated area of Sand Hill Village. But on [...]

    2 Suspected Maternal Deaths Due to Dengue in Belize
    There are two maternal deaths in Belize suspected to be the result of dengue fever. That’s the information coming out of the Ministry of Health tonight, several weeks after an [...]

    The Community Needs to Help Eliminate Mosquito Breathing Sites
    Across the Central American region, there have been many deaths since the outbreak was detected and thousands more infected. As the numbers in Belize continue to climb, Doctor Largaespada Beer [...]

    American Tourist Attacked by Croc
    An American woman in her late thirties was attacked by a twelve-foot crocodile on Monday night. It happened at sea, south of Ambergris Caye. Fortunately, the croc attack was not [...]

    Police Detain One Man for Stephan McLaren’s Murder
    Twenty-year-old Stephan McLaren was executed in broad daylight on Monday afternoon in Belize City.  He was standing at the corners of Cleghorn Street and New Road in the company of [...]

    Main Suspect for Derrick Ramirez’s Murder Alive and At-Large
    The man believed to be the ring leader in the killing of Derrick Ramirez is alive. This is according to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams who, last week, alluded that [...]

    Investigation into San Pedro Double Murder a “Live Issue”
    Police Commissioner Chester Williams also briefly spoke on the investigation of the double murder of prominent American Doctor Gary Swank and San Pedro tour guide Mario Graniel. Both men were [...]

    Commissioner of Police Says Meeting with Anisha Young’s Family Pending
    The family of Anisha Young is yet to receive closure. The family received more devastating news when they were told by officials that DNA test results conducted were inconclusive. The [...]

    San Pedro Town Gets 13 Additional Tourism Police Officers
    Today, thirteen special constables officially joined the ranks of the Tourism Police Unit in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The selected thirteen will join the existing four members of the unit [...]

    10 More Breathalyzers for Police Department
    A donation of ten breathalyzers was handed over to the Belize Police Department this afternoon at the Raccoon Street Headquarters in Belize City.  The apparatus used to measure blood alcohol [...]

    C.P.B.L. Signs Subsidiary Workers Agreement
    On August ninth, 2019, management and workers of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited gathered for the signing of a Subsidiary Workers Agreement, which is a contractual agreement between the [...]

    A New Collective Bargaining Agreement for BWSWU
    A collective bargaining agreement has been signed between the Belize Water Services Limited and the Belize Water Services Workers Union for two hundred and ninety-five permanent employees of the utility [...]

    Minister Heredia Speaks on Mangrove Clearing for House Lots
    Last week, news of mangrove clearing and dumping of trash for landfill in San Pedro started to circulate online.  According to the island’s newspaper, the San Pedro Sun, residents started [...]

    Minister of Tourism Supports the Fisheries Bill!
    For more than ten years, the Fisheries Department and its partners have been working on amendments to the Fisheries Bill.  If the amendments are approved and enacted, there will be [...]

    Minister Heredia Says He is with Tour Guides on Cayo Rosario
    What’s happening with Cayo Rosario? Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Junior says he doesn’t know what’s going on over on the caye, but he doesn’t approve of any over-the-water structures [...]

    Heredia Mum on his Leadership Pick
    As we reported earlier this week, the United Democratic Party is hosting its National Leadership Convention on February ninth, 2020. It’s less than six months away and the two candidates [...]

    Belize Hosts 19th Central American Volleyball Championship
    The Belize Volleyball Association is hosting the nineteenth Central American Beach Volleyball Championships. President of the Association Allan Sharp says that team Belize has been preparing for months. Belize will [...]

    Meet Belize’s Beach Volleyball Teams
    At today’s press conference, the press also met team Belize. There are six athletes competing for Belize. They are divided into three teams; two males and one female. They have [...]

    Over $40K Invested in Tourism Scholarships
    Today, the Belize Hotel Association and the Belize Tourism Board gave away over forty-thousand dollars in scholarships. The ten scholarship recipients received certificates and other gifts this morning, as they [...]

    Derrick Ramirez Was Chopped to Death; Main Suspect “Escapes” Police Custody
    An onsite post mortem conducted on the body of Derrick Ramirez on Monday confirmed that he had been murdered.  The results showed that Ramirez died as a result of chop [...]

    Karon Gladden is Injured in Monday’s Deadly Shooting in Belize City
    Twenty-eight-year-old Karon Gladden is one of two men injured during a mid-afternoon shooting in Belize City on Monday.  While he was fortunate to have escaped with only a gunshot wound [...]

    The Second Annual S.S.B. AGM
    The second annual general meeting to be held by the Social Security Board since 1981 was convened today at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. Dubbed S.S.B. Connect, [...]

    Will G.O.B. Take on Non-Contributory Pensions?
    Now the increased contribution is not sitting well with many workers. Doctor Colin Young says that they ought not to look at social security as taxes such as GST and [...]

    S.S.B. Going Digital
    The Social Security Board is also going digital allowing persons to readily access information by the touch of their fingertip.  Doctor Colin Young says that the board is looking to [...]

    Second suspect arraigned for the murder of Oscar Rosado Sr.
    A second suspect has been nabbed for the murder of seventy-year-old businessman Oscar Rosado Senior.  Today, twenty-year-old Jose Gomez was formally charged and arraigned for the murder.  Rosado was gunned [...]

    Trio Freed of Firearm Related Charges in Benque; Guatemalan is Re-detained
    Back in mid-February, two Belizeans and a Guatemalan national were arraigned and remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being charged jointly for possession of prohibited firearms and ammunition.  Guatemalan [...]

    Guatemalan National is Released without Charges
    Attorney Hurl Hamilton believes that the action taken by the police department against Jorge Luis Reyes Villeda is an abuse of the process of the court and that his client [...]

    Police Constables Leonard Nunez and Hallet King are Free Men
    Police constables Leonard Nunez and Hallet King were released from custody today after being held on remand for the manslaughter of Caye Caulker resident Hilbert Sotz.  The pair was initially [...]

    GCF’s toolkit is launched in Belize
    Today, the CARICOM Climate Change Center and the Ministry of Economic Development launched two documents and a programme to help Belize engage with the Green Climate Fund.  The G.C.F., as [...]

    New Tourism Police Officers in Placencia
    A team of five Tourism Police officers was installed in Placencia this morning as part of an ongoing initiative by the Belize Police Department and the Belize Tourism Board to [...]

    Placencia Chairpersons Welcomes Tourism Police Unit
    According to Ilsa Villanueva, chairperson of the Placencia Village Council, residents and business owners have been clamoring for more officers to be stationed in the south.  With financial assistance and [...]

    Young Soccer Referees Called to Workshop
    There’s a call for aspiring young referees in the sport of soccer and today that call was headed by a number of soccer enthusiasts from across the region.  This morning [...]

    Belize and Refereeing Football
    Among the attendees is Glen Ritchie.  Having attended a recent summer camp, he dreams of becoming a professional referee and admits that achieving that goal simply means that he has [...]

    The Finals of KTV the Remix; Who Made the Cut?
    It’s the sixth and final week of competition in KTV the Remix Season Three and we are only one show away from finding out who is going to take home [...]

    Celebrating a Belizean Landmark Through Art
    Downtown Belize City is a milieu of old and new buildings and is celebrated for its historic significance.  But there is one particular location that is as important to residents [...]


    Amandala celebrates 50th anniversary
    On August 13, 1969, the first issue of the Amandala, the organ of the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), rolled off a Gestetner machine in Belize City. For the next three editions, the newspaper was given away to members and supporters of UBAD. After the third edition, however, a charge of 5 cents was charged. Since that first edition 50 years ago, and despite the changes in technology, Amandala has continued to be a staple for the reading public and a voice for the voiceless Belizeans in our midst.

    Guatemala elects new president: Alejandro Giammattei
    Guatemalans went to the polls yesterday, Sunday, August 11, to elect a new president in the second round of balloting, which saw a low voter turnout, with only 45 percent of eligible voters casting ballots. At the end of the day, Alejandro Giammattei had been elected as the new president of Guatemala. Giammattei, a former chief of the country’s prison system, beat out Sandra Torres, a former Guatemalan first lady who had come out on top in the first round of voting in June.

    Main suspect in Derrick Ramirez’s disappearance “disappears”
    Derrick Ramirez, 24, a fisherman of Dangriga who was the target of a shooting last Sunday, August 4, on Cross Caye, went missing after he ran into mangroves to get away from a shooter who ran after him and shot at him multiple times before escaping with two men in a boat. Coast Guard officers captured three men in the area and handed them over to police today, August 9, on Cross Caye, where the police search party had been looking for Derrick Ramirez. One of the three men who were handed over was Oscar Williams, who is believed by police to be the main suspect in the shooting and disappearance of Derrick Ramirez.

    Stephan McLaren, 20, executed on New Road
    This afternoon, the life of Stephan McLaren, 20, of Mapp Street was taken away by a gunman. McLaren and his friend, Karon Gladden, were standing on New Road smoking marijuana when a man came behind McLaren and shot him in the back of the head. The bullet went through McLaren’s head and struck Gladden in the arm. As a result, McLaren fell to the pavement and Gladden sprinted away in fright. He got a cab and went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. McLaren was taken to the hospital, where he was officially pronounced dead.

    Decomposed body found near Gra Gra Lagoon
    A body that was in an advanced state of decomposition was found at about 9:30 this morning near the Gra Gra Lagoon in the Commerce Bight area of Dangriga. The corpse is said to be that of a dark-complexioned male person. Joseph Myvett, Assistant Commissioner of Police, told us this morning that they are trying to identify the corpse. There are presently two men from Dangriga who went missing in the area of Cross Caye in the Stann Creek District — Derrick Ramirez, 24, who went missing last Sunday, August 4, and Oscar Williams, Jr., who was reported missing last Friday.

    Micah Goodin Scholarship Fund launched, benefiting 43 tertiary level students
    This morning at the Radisson Fort George’s Cahal Pech Room, Belize City Councilor, Micah Goodin launched the Micah Goodin Scholarship Fund. Those attending this morning’s ceremony included the former two-term PUP prime minister Said Musa, area representative of the Fort George constituency and former Minister of Education; and Hon. Francis Fonseca, the Freetown constituency area representative, who kicked off the program with his welcome address.

    Undefeated Bandits, Verdes lead at Week 3 of PLB 2019-2020 Opening Season
    Fresh off their failed fling in Concacaf play, where they lost both games by 3-1 scores to Costa Rica’s Deportivo Saprissa, Bandits Sport is once again focusing on racking up another championship on the local scene; and they are off to a good start, along with perennial rival Verdes FC, both registering their third consecutive win in Week 3 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2019-2020 Opening Season. At the Isidoro Beaton Stadium on Saturday night, August 10, Brazilian midfielder Roberto Silva De Lima struck twice (28’ & 83’) and Georgie Welcome added another (92’) to give Bandits Sport the 3-1 win over visiting Altitude FC,

    Stann Creek F.A. Smart U-13 Mundialito Week 6 scores
    On Friday afternoon, August 9, at the Carl Ramos Stadium, the Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) hosted 4 games in Week 6 of the Smart U-13 Mundialito tournament. In game 1, New Site dropped South Side Warriors, 5-3, with 2 goals from Eddie Williams and 1 each from Ceneia Apolonio, Tyler Arana and Zion Nasario; while South Side got 2 goals from Jashai Magdaleno and 1 from Jashua Vialta. Game 2 saw Benguche shutting out Hopkins Bay Esanigu, 2-0, with a goal apiece from Aaron Estero and Zevaughn Martinez.

    National Over-40 Semifinals end; Finals 1st leg on Saturday in San Pedro
    The stage is set for a repeat of the 2018 Finals clash in the National Over-40 Football Tournament, as both Kulture Yabra Veterans and San Pedro Veterans emerged victorious from their semifinal series this past weekend. The San Pedro Veterans vs Belmopan Veterans series was considered a foregone conclusion, following last week’s reported 6-nil shelling of Belmopan in the semifinals first leg in San Pedro. (We didn’t receive official scoring details until today, and it makes the finals more interesting.) We suspect San Pedro Veterans were not inspired or “fully loaded” for their semifinal return match yesterday afternoon at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium.

    Central American Men’s & Women’s Beach Volleyball Champion-ship at Kukumba Beach, Old Belize this weekend, August 16-18
    Team Belize – six Belizean beach volleyball athletes will compete in the upcoming XIX Central American Men’s & Women’s Beach Volleyball Championship, to be held this weekend, from August 16-18 at Kukumba Beach, Old Belize. The Belize Teams are: Emma Hoare and Clara Sabal (BIZ Female Team); Bryton Codd and Francis Hauze (BIZ 1 Male Team); Michael Jenkins and Edgar Martinez (BIZ 2 Male Team). Male and Female Teams from six Central American countries (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua) will participate. Teams begin arriving in Belize on Wednesday.

    50 years of Amandala – never wavering
    Today, August 13, 2019, marks the 50th year since the Amandala newspaper came into existence, on Wednesday, August 13, 1969, and we pause to celebrate, and to reflect on the journey of this remarkable newspaper and its iconic leader, its publisher — Evan X Hyde. For fifty years, since it first appeared as an information sheet about the activities and objectives of UBAD (United Black Association for Development), the weekly (presently bi-weekly) Amandala has been the most exciting Belizean production. For a short period it was only exciting, and then it became the most important too.

    From the Publisher
    On this day, the occasion of our newspaper’s fiftieth anniversary (no development concession), I would like to express sincere gratitude to those of you who have supported us from creation and enabled me to take care of my parental responsibilities. At some point in my high school career at St. John’s College, encouraged by the late John Stochl, S.J., I had thought of becoming a professional writer. I guess, thinking about it after all these years, the brothers Herbert and Ernest Cain had been professional writers (and printers) with their Belize Independent in the early part of the twentieth century, as had Dr. Frederick Gahne with his Guardian in the latter part of the nineteenth, Hon. Philip Goldson with his Belize Billboard in the 1950s and 1960s, and the late Rudy Castillo, who did a lot of the writing for the ruling People’s United Party (PUP) in their various information publications during their glory days in the 1950s and 1960s.

    What does Amandala mean to me?
    Dear Editor, As a suggestion, they should have suggested a word limit, but maybe I am an outlier here. I say this because Kremandala means so much to me, and I am always grateful to the organization for giving me my first job out of 6th form. I have been singing its praises ever since. Mr. Evan X’s demeanor on the first day I went in was a life lesson that has stayed with me. As the story goes, I became the object of ridicule because I did not recognize the man leaning against the wall in short pants and sneakers, along with other men, as the publisher of Amandala.

    Lita Krohn thanks Evan X Hyde
    Dearest Evan X Hyde, A very sincere thank you for giving us Belizeans AMANDALA/ power to the people. Thank you for being consistent in presenting views that others do not want to touch. Your coverage of our Africanness, the Caste War, our changing demography; your respect to the Maya and Garinagu, placing The Battle of St. George’s Caye in the laps of those Royal Creoles and so much more are what has made Amandala a necessary part of our Belizean identity and development.

    I agree with Colin – Compre was one of the best
    August 8, 2019 Dear Editor, In days gone by, I have to agree with Colin Hyde, and I quote, “glorious, unforgettable super special Compre!”…of yesteryear was unique in design. It was geared towards really educating young minds. This was at the beginning of Belmopan in the 1970’s. Reading Colin’s article of Tuesday, August 6th 2019, triggered happy memories of those glorious Compre days, remembering all those teachers, classmates, etc. I recall Sister Sarita, our principal, strict, rigid, but always with a kind word when it was needed, or sound advice when one was flagging.

    AMANDALA is 50
    On Tuesday 13th August, 2019 the Amandala newspaper will be published as #3298, 50 years on. I started to read the Amandala seriously at age 19, in 1989. My great friend then and now Jules Vasquez was also an avid reader and we would argue for hours especially over the Editorial and From The Publisher. As I look back 30 years on I can think of no other writing that has impacted my intellectual and artistic life with such visceral and entrenched effect. Why? That is for another reflection. Amandala is Belize on levels we have not begun to analyse.

    We need a hero
    With the UDP disgraced – who could have believed that any party in the country that had the NIP as one of its wings could become so corrupt, associated with so many illegal, nefarious and even downright dangerous activities? The UDP wing fell into the PUP trap and we ended up choosing a path to the ICJ. It is a solid road, but there’s absolutely no glory there. No one will ever sing: We are go-ing to the I-C-J, throwing ourselves on the mercy of the court, knowing that they will tell those bad bullies, to lib off.

    Like it or not
    It has been claimed by many historical analysts that had the United States not intervened in the political, social and economic affairs of Latin America and had let the people of the new republic solve their own problems, today, we would be living in a free, democratic hemisphere of the Americas with the liberty to choose our own system of governance. Instead of that, we’ve been subject to Washington’s interest of re-colonizing the new republics by means of an economic war which brought violence and hunger, poverty and fanaticism, illiteracy and a reconfirmed indoctrination that has caused people to migrate from one place to the other seeking that which was denied to them.

    UDP and PUP must be blamed for the pollution of New River and all the other rivers, lakes and streams in our country
    When I was a police officer in Belize, I was sent to Orange Walk District in 1974 to be stationed there. P.C. 308 Daniel Cacho, who retired as an inspector, and myself founded the Police Boys Club. We used to take the members of the club camping at the Tower Hill Toll Bridge. We implemented a swimming training for our cadets at that site. When we were finished, we stopped by Jim’s Cool Spot, a bar and restaurant in the area, to relax. A few of the cadets were complaining that their skins were itching, but I did not pay it much attention.

    Carlos Lopez, 35, executed in his house
    Carlos Lopez, 35, of Lords Bank, Ladyville, was shot and killed in his house at about 8:15 last night, execution-style. He was found motionless in his room, with multiple gunshots to his head and body. An investigation into this murder led to a man who has been detained. During a police press brief held today at the Raccoon Street Police Station, ACP Joseph Myvett said that Lopez and his niece drove into his yard in Lords Bank and he got out of his vehicle to close his gate, and she went into the house. After securing his gate, he went into his house.

    Remnants of suspected drug plane found on Monkey River Road
    The remains of a suspected drug plane were found on a quickly-made landing strip near the road to Monkey River Village this morning by police who were conducting patrols. A search of the area was conducted, but no one was in the area. The plane was a twin-engine Cessna, and it was completely destroyed by fire.

    Policeman arrested for multiple sexual acts with girl, 13
    Constable Herman Milian of San Ignacio police has been arrested and charged with 8 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female minor, 13. He is expected to be arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court. During the weekly police press brief held this afternoon at the Raccoon Street Police Station, ACP Joseph Myvett told us that a girl, 13, of San Ignacio, and her social worker went to the San Ignacio Police Station on Friday and reported that the policeman had sex with her on a number of occasions.

    Alberto Ara, 42, remanded on bestiality charge
    Alberto Ara, 42, of Ontario, who was wanted for bestiality after he was found having sex with a 3-month old piglet on the night of July 1, was arrested on Friday in the Belmopan area after being on the run for over a month. Ara had escaped out of the pig pen when he was discovered by his father and went on the run. Ara was taken to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today and was arraigned on the charge of engaging in sex against the order of nature. He was remanded until Monday, August 19.

    The Reporter

    Cops Who Beat Inmate To Death Sentenced To Time Served, 9 Months
    In July, Police Constables Hallet King and Leonard Nunez were found guilty of Manslaughter in the death of Hilberto Sotz, 18. Sotz was beaten to death while in Police custody in caye Caulker in 2015.

    Who Will Be The Next Leader Of The U.D.P ?
    The United Democratic Party has confirmed that the Party’s National Convention will be held on February 9, 2020, and all eyes will be on the race for leadership. Both Patrick Faber and John Saldivar, senior U.D.P. Ministers, have declared their intention to lead.

    Second Person Charge For Murder Of Oscar Rosado
    Belize City businessman Oscar Rosado Sr. was gunned down in his store in April, 2018, and one month after Police arrested Brandon Hughes, 18, and charged him for murder.

    Gunmen From February Incident In Benque Acquitted – Police Upset
    Three men who were arrested in February, 2019 in Benque Viejo with two prohibited weapons and ammunition were acquitted today. The men, Belizean Edgar De La O, Guatemalan Jorge Luis Reyes Villeda and a Belizean minor were set free after their attorney, Hurl Hamilton, made a No Case submission after the prosecution closed its case.


    Six Belizean Athletes will Compete in the Central American Beach Volleyball Competition
    Six Belizean athletes will compete in the upcoming 19th Central American Men’s and Women’s beach volleyball championship. The Championship will be held here in Belize at Kukumba Beach, Old Belize starting from August 16-18. As the team gets ready for the event we got a chance to talk to them today at a press conference …

    Who will be the next leader of UDP?
    Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber and the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar are contending to become the leader of the United Democratic Party. This is not the first time the two have gone up against each other. In 2016 Faber beat Saldivar at the polls to become the Deputy Leader. Today, when the media …

    Can mangrove clearing negatively affect San Pedro
    In recent years, Belize has become a popular tourist destination with records showing over fifty-five thousand overnight visitors in the month of March 2018. With tourism comes the need for development which can negatively impact the environment if not managed carefully. Today the media caught up with Manuel Heredia Jr. the Area Representative for Belize …

    Educators peruse PHD in Literacy and Culture
    20 educators from Belize will be furthering their studies on a PhD level in the areas of Literacy and Culture. These Educators will then be leaders in the country to educate other educators on how to further improve their teaching styles. This is made possible via assistance from the Oklahoma State University professors who are …

    Belize Police Department receives donation of ten breathalyzers
    Today, Attorney Christopher Coye made a generous donation of ten breathalyzers to the Belize Police Department. The total cost of the donation was said to be about four thousand dollars, and it is the hope of the BPD that these breathalyzers will help curb drunk driving. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster, was the one …

    Heredia says he doesn’t support over the water construction
    The Cayo Rosario Development Project was met with much opposition since it will threaten the environment. The Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development had sought legal action in order to protect the Hol Chan Marine Reserve from damage that may come about as a result of the Cayo Rosario development project. However, in June the …

    BTB & BHA award ten students with scholarships
    A short ceremony was held this morning where the Belize Tourism Board, BTB, and the Belize Hotel Association, BHA, provided a total of ten scholarships to Belizean students. BTB offered four scholarships to students pursuing tourism related studies. Herbert Haylock, BTB Director Quality Assurance, told the media that the total value of the scholarships is …

    BWSL signs CBA
    On Monday, the Belize Water Services Limited signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which will benefit approximately three hundred employees. The CBA seeks to foster efficient, safe and effective working practices between the company and the union. Haydon Brown, the HR/PR Manager told Love news that there were compromises made and the financials posed some …

    Elderly woman bludgeoned inside her home
    A 69-year-old woman is dead after she was viciously beaten inside her home yesterday evening. The woman who lived on Salt Creek Road in Sandhill Village, Belize District, with her husband, was at home alone when two men entered her home just before five o’clock. Reports are that the men arrived on a motorcycle and …

    Two Guatemalans had their day in court for firearm charges
    26-year-old, Jorge Luis Reyes Villeda, a Guatemalan national, experienced a few minutes of freedom today when the Benque Magistrate found him not guilty of firearm charges levied against him on February 15, 2019. On the day of his arrest, Villeda was along with 34-year-old, Edgar Giovanni de la O and a 17-year-old student, both of …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    San Ignacio Resort Hotel celebrates 43rd Anniversary
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel, a premier hotel located on Buena Vista street and perched on […]

    Lady Jaguars called up to roar
    Belize’s Lady Jaguars have been invited to a triangular tournament in the Turks and Caicos Islands […]

    Two Belmopan men charged for reported rape
    Twenty-one-year old Denzel Usher and 23-year-old Devin “DJ Perf” Peyrefitte of Belmopan were this morning […]

    Police investigating death of an elderly woman
    Authorities are investigating the cause of death of Mexican national Ofelia Hernandez Cruz,69. Cruz was […]

    Farmers attend Sheep Management and Leather Tanning Workshop
    The Department of Cooperatives in collaboration with Taiwan ended today it’s 3-day workshop on Sheep […]

    Vietnam Ambassador to Belize gets straight to work; Meets with several GOB officials
    Following the presentation of his credentials to the Governor-General Sir Colville Young on Monday, Vietnamese […]

    Mexican Cultural Institute to host Visual Art Exhibit
    The Embassy of Mexico in Belize invites the public to the exhibit: CÓRDOBA/MATHAR Contemporary Practices in […]

    CATIE and the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belize agree to work together
    On 12 August, Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education […]

    Belizean National on US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Most-Wanted list to be sentenced in USA
    Belizean national and convicted felon, Santos Moreira is expected to be sentenced by a United […]

    Cayo man charged for murder and mischief
    After failing to fool police over his name, the second suspect in the ambush murder […]


    Family of Four’s First Time On Ambergris Caye: Tips, Favorites & Recommendations
    Here is a First Time Visitors’ First Time Trip to Ambergris Caye. They have a great open attitude and are willing to try LOTS – a mix of tours and adventures and relaxation. I especially like that there are plenty of specifics, tips and details. And many things that I’ve never done and places I’ve never been! Thanks so much Dane for your report! (I will not lie…his original planned trip sounds like HEAVEN to me but I’m very glad they picked Belize!) The end of July into August is hot pretty much everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. I recently got a note from someone who told me ALASKA is unseasonably warm this time of year! So why would I cancel my family trip (that has been planned for many months) to Europe and head to south towards the 18th parallel into Belize on short notice? Two reasons: Poop and people.

    2019 September Celebration Schedule being held in Corozal
    1.National Celebration Commission National Song Competition 10 August Saturday 8:00pm – 12:00MidnightAndres Campos Civic Center(Free event) 2. Corozal Town Council Miss Independence Pageant will be held on Saturday 24th August from 7:00pm – 12:00mnCorozal Community College(Paid event) 3.Corozal Town Council Official Opening Ceremony September Celebrations (Flag Raising) DJ’S Faceoff Competition. This will be held on Sunday, September 1, 2019, from 6:00pm – 11:00pm In front of Town Hall(Free event)

    Top Spots in Belize and San Ignacio as Shared by the Bedran Sisters
    In celebration of our 43rd anniversary of being a local, family-owned establishment, we decided to hear it from the locals. Born and raised in San Ignacio, we wanted to delve deeper the Bedran Sister's favourite spots in Belize and most importantly, the Cayo District. Here's what they had to say! Favourite spot in the Cayo District: "One of my favorite past times in Cayo is canoeing down the Macal river. It is peaceful and there is flora and flora abundant. It varies species and colour depending on the time of year. A swim is refreshing. It is also an easy paddle."

    Belize Happy Adventures is excited to share our top 5 favorite tours of 2019 on Ambergris Caye
    There is only ONE excursion you must do when coming to San Pedro, it is the Hol Chan and Shark Ray alley snorkeling adventure There are many operators that offer this fabulous tour, but our favorite hands down is Tuff E Nuff. Their professional staff is fun, educated, and will host the most amazing (did I say, a MUST do day?). Wabble, is your host on land and if you are lucky enough to get Sherry to guide you through Hol Chan Reserve, then you are on your way to one terrific day. This adventure starts by sailing to Hol Chan on your private catamaran if you have a big group, or if it is just the two of you, hop on their stunning new spacious catamaran and meet other fun peeps to hang with for the day. While snorkeling you may just see a turtle, some sting rays, schools of juvenile fish, large groupers, and even a moray eel or 2!

    International Sourcesizz

    Why tiny Belize is a world leader in protecting the ocean
    Fish stocks are stable and reef health improving, in part thanks to Belize’s substantial ‘no-take’ zones. Now greater legislation is needed to secure progress. Across the turquoise water by the mangrove, forest ranger Allan Halliday spots a fishing skiff. “We’re going over to say hello,” he says, before abruptly changing the boat’s direction. But his real task is to check the couple on board have the licence to fish in this part of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, one of nine designated zones in Belize. “We aren’t complaining but others do,” says Alonzo Reymundo, of the rules that now restrict Belize’s 3,000 commercial fishers to two geographic areas each. He and his wife Anselma have been fishing off southern Toledo for 30 years and their boat is laden with 50 or so pounds of shrimp – more than enough, he says, flashing his licence. Today’s catch will be sold as bait and fetch around 330BZ$ (£135), he says.

    Top 10 Richest People in Belize as at June 2019 & Their Net worth
    10. Verno Phillips – $1.3 Million, 09. Deon McCaulay $1.8 Million, 08. Arlen Escarpeta – $1.8 Million, 07. Shyne – $2 Million... 01. Dean Barrow – $7 million

    Is the tropical Atlantic, including the Gulf of Mexico, about to spring to life?
    AccuWeather meteorologists are monitoring the potential for changing conditions in the Atlantic basin that may lead to an uptick in tropical activity, including the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico over the next couple of weeks. "Indications are that inhibiting factors for tropical development, such as dry air, dust and strong wind shear over the Atlantic basin will start to relax during the week of Aug. 18-25," according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. There has been an extensive amount of dry air and wind shear, with flare-ups of Saharan dust in recent weeks. This pattern is anticipated to continue into this weekend.

    Delegation from Belize visits Taiwan food factory
    A delegation from Belize, Taiwan's diplomatic ally, paid a visit to the I-Mei Foods factory in Nankan, Taoyuan City, Thursday (August 15) to gain insight into how a high-quality food factory is run. Taiwan and Belize have been diplomatic allies since 1989, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the relationship. In order to strengthen bilateral trade ties, Belize has sent a delegation to visit Taiwan from Aug. 12 to 16. The delegation included Tracy Panton, the Minister of State for Investment, Duane Belisle, the Chief Executive Officer for Investment, Trade, and Commerce, Leroy Almendarez, the Executive Director of Beltraide, and Andy Sutherland, Director General of Foreign Trade. Belize Ambassador to Taiwan Diane Haylock also joined the group visiting the I-Mei factory.

    L.A. Judge Sentences Belizean National on ICE Most-Wanted List to Fed Prison
    A Belizean national and convicted felon who was on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s list of most-wanted deportable aliens was sentenced Wednesday in Los Angeles to 18 months behind bars for illegally re-entering the United States after being deported three times. Santos Moreira, 47, was also ordered by U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee to serve three years of supervised release after he is released from federal prison. Prosecutors wrote that although Moreira is likely to be deported immediately following prison, the term of supervised release represents added incentive for him to refrain from re-entering the United States.

    Jamaica, Belize media houses sweep Caribbean Media Awards
    Media houses from Belize and Jamaica swept most of the awards at the 2018 Caribbean Media Awards. The 50th Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) General assembly was held Tuesday night on San Andres Island, Colombia. CBU President Gary Allen said 121 entries had been received from all 10 member entities. In the television category, RJRGLEANER Communications Group won the Best Documentary for its submission "Pothole Paradise," while the Best magazine programme went to ICRT of Cuba. In the Best News Item category, Great Belize Productions Limited won with its submission "Pok-Ta-Pok, an Ancient but Re-emerging Sport in Belize, while the RJRGLEANER Communications Group walked away with the Best Investigative Report on "Controversial FLA Licence"

    Vincentian and other Caribbean nationals on Saturday joined members of the Garifuna Diaspora in New York in participating in the annual “Culture Pot” hosted by the Brooklyn-based Garifuna Indigenous People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Inc. (GIPSVG) at the Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center in Brooklyn. Patrons feasted on and drank local Vincentian food and drinks, purchased handicrafts, swayed to rhythmic Garifuna drumming and singing, and danced to Garifuna music. The drumming and singing were provided primarily by the Bronx-based Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Ballet, whose members are predominantly natives of Honduras.


  • Garifuna Collective @ Crotona Park Summer Stage Bronx NY 8/2/19, 7min. Thhis was an open air concert in the park in New York City.

  • CBU Caribbean Broadcasting Awards 2019 San Andres Island, Colombia, 2hr.

  • A.S.R./B.S.I. explained how the Sugar Industry is not responsible for the greening of the New River, 36min. A.S.R./B.S.I. reps explained how the Sugar Industry is not responsible for the greening of the New River. They monitor and collect samples regularly and send reports to the D.O.E. William Neal - Communications and Government Affairs Officer Seidy Lienez - Regional Environmental Health and Safety Manager

  • Murder vs. manslaughter and manslaughter by negligence - What is the difference?, 56min. Attorney Anthony Sylvestre clearly defined what is considered as a murder vs. manslaughter and manslaughter by negligence. Although Sylvestre was not able to discuss specifics of the case of Allyson Major Jr., he assumes that the family will take legal action.

  • Innovative Belize Summit 2019 - US Embassy YLAI Program, 32min.

  • Intelligentsia Cup Chicago, 32min.

  • Tapir Education & Protection Efforts, 40min.

  • Morning Matters with Joseph Stamp Romero, 60min.

  • Members of American Airlines do crew branch out on their own part 1, 10min.

  • Members of American Airlines do crew branch out on their own part 2, 9min.

  • Guess what walked into Sandbar San Pedro this evening...a peccary!, 10sec. It’s currently waiting for a pick up from ACES American Crocodile Education Sanctuary but what the heck?

  • Belize 2018, 6min. Ambergris Caye, Belize April 2018.

  • Ambergris Caye Lobsterfest Tour -San Pedro Belize, 9min. Join us as we snorkel the barrier reef, visit the Mayan temples and fill up at Lobsterfest! We started our trip in Ambergris Caye and ended it in San Ignacio, Belize. But first, we had to cross the border to Guatemala to see Tikal. No way we were gonna miss that amazing experience! Lucky for you, we got an immense amount of footage. We also learned a lot about coconuts at Captian Morgans Retreat, got to taste and experience the Garifuna culture, and got a wicked sunburn at Secret Beach.

  • Green Climate Fund Belize Readiness Infomercial, 7min. Since 2015, Belize has engaged with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to improve access to international funds and to encourage investment in projects and programmes that will help the country prevent and cope with climate change and its impacts. For this purpose, the Government of Belize has appointed CEO Yvonne Hyde of the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum (MEDP) as National Designated Authority (NDA) to the GCF.

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye Belize Scuba Diving Aug. 10 Turneffe, 17min. Nurse sharks, green moray eel, lobsters, lotsa colorful fish . Many fairy basslets, Queen angels, big schools of blue tangs, huge coral sponges, barrel sponges, purple sea fans, yellow jawfish, beautiful Santa Rosa style walls. So much color! Orange corals, anemone. Brown frilly arros crab On the brown lacy coral. Lobster inside a barrel sponge. Coral banded shrimp Nurse sharks Water 81 degrees 50 min. Dive. No current. Almost no waves.

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye Belize Scuba Diving Aug. 10 Turneffe (Dive #1), 5min.

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye Belize Scuba Diving Aug. 9, 13min. Dive sites: Chimney and Tackle Box Deep dive 102’ went thru a swim thru. Nurse shark followed us Next dive we saw reef shark Lobster. Tyler n Kirk saw a crab. Peterson shrimp. Juv basket Star

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye Belize - Aug. 13 - Dive #1, 6.5min. Dove at High School Caverns. Saw turtle lobster, pufferfish , Fireworm , nurse sharks almost constantly around us. Lion fish.

  • Sports Talk | Hosted by Raynord Garbutt, 60min.

  • Installation of the new Tourism Police Officers and Handing Over Ceremony - Ambergris Caye, 5min.

  • Installation of the new Tourism Police Officers and Handing Over Ceremony - Ambergris Caye 2, 29min.

  • Here is an update on the progress of the various projects being executed under the Dowtown Rejuvenation Project, 1min. The projects are: Government House Rehabilitation, new House of Culture construction, NICH's new office construction, corner of Cockburn and Regents street construction, Human Development building construction on Albert street and Ground Zero construction.

    August 13, 2019

    I will be unable to do the daily news tomorrow, Wednesday August 14. I will return on Thursday morning.


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    Ambergris Today

    Think Twice Before You Act
    We are very fortunate to live in a nation that enables us to freedom of expression. However, many times we are not wise enough when we exercise our rights. A message can be sent across but the way we do impacts the way the receiver reacts. They will either appreciate it or they will withdraw and get angry. Many times we want to speak out our minds because we want the world to see things through our eyes. But we fail to understand that not all the time people will perceive things the way we do. Although we might think we are right it is important for us to respect the thoughts others have. Whenever we are in a position where we think that our opinion is needed we should ask ourselves: “Will this be constructive to the other?”; “Am I speaking out of love or anger?” and “Would I like others to share their thought of the given matter?"

    Various Belizean Sources


    Presentation of Credentials
    Today, August 12th, two ambassadors presented their credentials and a high commissioner paid a courtesy visit to the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. The High Commissioner of India to Belize H.E. Mr. Manpreet Vohra and his family paid a courtesy visit to the Governor General as he has been newly appointed to serve in Belize. Presenting their letters of credence were H.E. Mr. Nguyen Hoai Duong of Vietnam and H.E. Mr. Valentin Petrov Modev of Bulgaria. The Governor General graciously welcomed the ambassadors and offered his best regards to them during their tenure in Belize. The ambassadors both thanked the Governor General for welcoming them and conveyed on behalf of their respective country the intentions of strengthening diplomatic relations with Belize.

    Corozal International Youth Day 2019
    Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council take this time to wish all our young people in Belize and across the globe a blessed day. This morning Ceremonies at the Corozal Central Park was hosted by the Department of Youth Services along with the Corozal Town Council, Education Department, NEMO, Oceana, Scouts, Police Youth Cadets, BDF Youth Cadets and Rotaract along with the participation of the CCC Dance Group. We want to express a heartfelt thank you to all those person who made this event a great success.

    th Annual BTIA Orange Walk Chapter Tourism Expo
    Its all happening once again in Orange Walk Town, the 5th Annual BTIA Orange Walk Chapter Tourism Expo on August 24th at the Central Park from 10am- 10pm. Don't Miss out!

    FFB Elite Interdistrict Competitions
    Corozal Football Association takes this opportunity to invite all its fans to Saturday, August 17th, 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Ricalde Stadium. Come and witness our very own Corozal All Stars District Selection as they play against: Females- Belmopan Male- Stann Creek Save the date and time, you are invited.

    The 2019 National Song Competition Winners are…
    The 2019 National Song Competition was held on Saturday, August 10, 2019. This annual event is celebrating the fourth year of touring the municipalities of the country of Belize after the competition's first 5 years were held in Belize City. This year Corozal Town was the host of the competition at the Andres Campos Civic Center and Mayor Rigoberto Vellos chose, by random lotto pick from the remaining municipalities, Orange Walk to be the host municipality of the 2020 National Song Competition. This year’s winning contestants in the Junior’s Carnival Category are Mr. Amiri “Prince” Gentle from Toledo won first place with his song “The Patriots”. Zeana “ZAE!” Myers of Corozal placed second with her submission “Celebrate With Mih”.

    BWS and BWSWU signs new Collective Bargaining Agreement
    The Board and Management of BWS and the Executives of the BWSWU proudly announce the finalisation of our new collective bargaining agreement which was successfully renegotiated and made effective November 1, 2018. BWS’ Management and the BWS Workers Union Executives, recognizing the importance of a motivated workforce and fair work practices, improved on the previous agreement. Negotiators on both sides worked cooperatively and tirelessly to complete the revision. This new agreement has been reviewed and endorsed by the Labour Commissioner, Ms. Anne Marie Thompson. The Agreement was officially signed on August 12th, 2019 at 11:00am in the presence of the Labour Commissioner.

    Junior Ranger Summer Camp
    The one week Junior Ranger Summer Camp has concluded with the certification of ten children. Parents joined the event held at Las Cuevas Research Station. The children demonstrated what they learnt and took an oath to protect the wild animals and plants. So far 22 children are now Chiquibul Junior Rangers. This program is supported by the British High Commission in Belize and BECOL.

    The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position: Purchasing Agent. Closing date: August 20, 2019. To view and apply for this vacancy announcement, please visit the ERA site at:

    In a dismal 40% voter turnout, Guatemalans elected a surgeon, Dr Alejandro Giammattei, who was arrested, charged and incarcerated for extrajudicial murders while he was director of the prison system in Guatemala. 7 inmates were slaughtered in the 2006 crimes for which the President elect was ultimately acquitted. Giammattei suffers from multiple sclerosis and walks with crutches due to his disability. The hardline right winger promises to bring back the death penalty and is anti LGBT. Human rights activists are extremely concerned especially given the doctor’s history with alleged human rights violations. This is Giammattei’s 4th time running for President which gives life to the old saying if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again. That persistence and iron will has finally paid off with a landslide trouncing of his opponent Sandra Torres, who was born in Belize. The President elect won 59% to Torres 41%.

    Maya Beliefs about the afterlife
    The Maya had several forms of ancestor worship. They built figures containing ashes of the dead and brought them food on festival days. Alternatively, a temple could be built over an urn. Before Spanish influence, there may not have been a common idea of the afterlife. The Yucatec Maya believed that there were different routes after death. The Maya believe that the soul is bound to the body at birth. Only death or sickness can part the body and soul, with death being the permanent parting. To them, there is an afterlife that the soul reaches after death. In that, deceased ancestors can still contact their descendants, answering advice when they are asked. This contact can be used at certain times in the season, or when certain family matters pertain to the ancestors.

    Chaak the Lord of rain from the Northern Maya of Belize
    Chaac also spelled as Chaak or Chaahk is the patron of rain for the Yucatec Maya. Chaac manifestate through rain to bless the land for the crops to grow . Chaac has a four-fold aspect, with each aspect representing the cardinal directions and colors. The Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) of Belize do a ritual for the rain, the Yucatec Maya called it Ch'a Cháak a ceremony to ask rain centers on a ceremonial banquet for Chaac. A traditional Maya altar is made from all natural materials. It includes four boys (one for each cardinal point) acting and chanting as frogs. while the H-men(Maya Priest) do the blessing and prayers . This tradition of Ch'a Cháak have survive to our days in communities of Northern Belize like San Jose and San Pablo in the Orange walk district.

    Channel 7

    Broad daylight Murder Close to Police Checkpoint
    There was a broad daylight murder in Belize City this afternoon, and it's made even more shocking because it occurred within a few feet of a permanent and well known police check point. The victim is Stephan Mcclaren, a young man from the same general area - who may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time We spoke to the young man's family who are grieving in confusion and hoping for justice for a life taken too soon. Cherisse Halsall reports.

    PM Barrow May Leave In a Few Months
    The UDP has confirmed the date for its National Convention. Its National Party Council met on Saturday and confirmed that Sunday February 9th, 2020 will be the day when the party selects a new leader. As has been widely reported, current deputy Patrick Faber and John Saldivar will be vying for the posts. But while it is a party matter, it is also of wider national significance because it likely means that party leader and Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be stepping down earlier than expected. Sources suggest that he could exit office and hand over the reigns to the new leader - and presumptive Prime Minister - within a month of the national convention - that would be the first week of March 2020.

    Another Drug Plane Found In South
    Police found the burnt remains of another drug plane on Belizean soil. This one was discovered yesterday morning on the outskirts of Monkey River Village, which is located on the north-eastern coast of the Toledo District. This one was burnt up on a newly-built clandestine airstrip. At a press briefing this morning, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch told us that investigators are currently combing the area looking for clues: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Sunday morning, shortly after 5 a.m., based on information received, Independence Police visited an area west of Monkey River Village, where upon arrival, a burnt twin-engine aircraft remains was found on a newly constructed airstrip. The entire area was searched, and nothing further was found. Police officers are still on the scene conducting investigations at this point."

    Alberto Ara Denies Unnatural Act
    Before we start our next story, we'll warn you that it's not for children. So, if you have them around, do ask them to take a TV timeout. At the start of July we told you about the case of 39 year old Alberto Ara from Ontario village. His father, 80 year old Miguel Ara allegedly caught him having sex with one of his pigs. The elder Ara made a complaint - and asked for court action because it had happened before. Alberto Ara - who has been charged for a quadruple murder before - went on the run - and wasn't caught until this weekend.

    Body Found in Dangriga, Could It Be Derrick Ramirez?
    And while Cayo police get ready to prosecute Alberto Ara for the allegations of unnatural crime, investigators from Dangriga are trying to determine the identity of a man, whose body was found off the coast of Dangriga Town. The body was found early this morning in an advanced state of decomposition, and already there are speculations about the possible identity of the person. That's because there is a well known missing person in Dangriga who went missing at sea. But, at this morning's press brief, police would not get into speculation. They shared what little information they had at the time:

    Island Watchman Shot Co-worker
    And while Dangriga investigators puzzle over the identity of that deceased man, cops from Belize City are getting ready to arraign a Salvadoran watchman for allegedly shooting his co-worker on their job site. It happened on Saturday night at around 10:00 at Middle Long Caye, which is located off the coast of the Belize District. 46-year-old Jose Cortez shot hat appeared tone an intruder, but it turned out to be his co worker. At today's press briefing, police briefly shared Mendoza's account about how he was shot by his co-worker:

    Cop Carried on Relationship With Child
    A police constable is in serious trouble tonight after being accused of carrying on in an unlawful sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl. Last Friday, the minor went to police with a social worker and reported to police that over the past 5 months, she's been having intercourse with Constable Herman Milian, who is attached to the San Ignacio Police Station. She is not 16 years-old, and therefore she cannot legally consent. So, police have since charged Milian with 8 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. The head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch briefly discussed the case with the press today:

    The Media And The National Assembly Meet
    The press and the National Assembly have never had what would be called a healthy, open relationship. It's a functional arrangement, but one that is tinged with wariness on the part of the media. And that's because the press is in the house at the pleasure of the speaker - not in its own right - and we can be ejected at the speaker's say-so. Today, an effort was made the by Clerk of the National Assembly to bridge that divide. He called a meeting at the NEMO conference room in Belmopan. He set the agenda and allowed us to capture it. Here's what it was about:

    Media And The Environment
    And, in other media news, this weekend Belizean media professionals attended a workshop on coastal management and the reef. Earth Journalism Network, an international organization that trains journalists from dozens of developing countries, hosted the training in collaboration with OCEANA and Healthy Reefs. It began on Saturday at the Radisson and ended on Sunday with a field trip to Goff's Caye, Sargeant's Caye and Swallow Caye. Healthy Reefs for Healthy People's country coordinator Nicole Craig spoke to us about the topics discussed at the workshop and the significance of it.

    BWS and Union Reach Agreement
    BWS and Belize Water Services Workers Union signed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement today with the endorsement of Labour Commissioner, Anne Marie Thompson. It was successfully renegotiated and is effective retroactive to November 1, 2018. A release says BWS' Management and the BWS Workers Union improved on the previous agreement. ffer their congratulations for a job well done.

    New Conservative President In Guatemala
    Guatemala Presidential elections were held yesterday. Although it seemed in June's run-off that Sandra Torres would be the front runner, in the end Alejandro Giammattei, a conservative, defeated her soundly. He got more than 58 percent of the vote, while Torres, a centrist won only 42 percent. Sandra Torres, a former Guatemalan first lady, has Belizean family, most prominently Narda Garcia of Corozal, while her vice presidential running mate, Carlos Raul Morales is married to a Belizean. Turnout for this election was abyssmal, with only 45% turnout, meaning that more than half of the registered voters staying home,

    United By Pride
    "United by Pride, Bound for Equality, Together building Belize.": that was the theme for this year's Pride Festival. It was held at the ITVET on Saturday as part of pride week. Members of the LGBT community and the general public gathered to support LGBT entrepreneurs and organizations and to celebrate their achievements in their fight for human rights. Here is a snapshot from the event. Just to note, the protesters outside ITVET told us their picketing had nothing to do with the Pride event.

    Youth Day, Forward To the Future
    The Department of Youth services, in honor of International Youth day, today hosted an open day at all of its youth centers countrywide. The theme for this year's International youth day is "Transforming Education." It's fitting as the department highlights the ways in which they are using technology to do just that. The occasion was highlighted by the roll out of the Department's official website and the Belize Youth directory app. Renata Samuels, Communications Officer, Department of Youth services: "So the department of youth services is the central hub and the central agency for young people. We create an ensuring, enabling, and empowering environment so young people can be able to strive and go out into the world of work and just go out into life and be productive citizens of Belize."

    ID For Man Impaled on Machete
    Last week, we told you about the body of an unknown man which was discovered last Thursday. As we told you, the cops found him with a machete injury to the leg, and they believe that the blade hit a major blood vessel, and caused him to bleed out and die. But, police believed that this injury was self-inflicted. They suspect that he impaled himself with the machete, and so it is being treated as a case of sudden death. Police told us today that they've since identified the deceased: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "In relation to the person that was found dead last week in St. Margarets, his identity has been determined to be that of Erlin Rafael Carrillas, a 25-year-old Guatemalan national. At this point in time, no post-mortem has yet been conducted, but that is scheduled to be conducted tomorrow."

    American Found Dead On Sailboat
    Dangriga police are also investigating what appears to be another sudden death case involving an American. He's 70-year-old Malcolm Michael Junker, and he was found dead on his sailboat. Police told us why they don't suspect foul play: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "Yesterday, based on reports received from the Coast Guard, police were informed that a white sailboat, with the name 'Breezy one', was found somewhere off the coast of Dangriga. And in that, a male person was found motionless. And also, a passport identifying that person as Michael Malcolm Junker, a 71-years old US national. As a result, the vessel and body were moved to Belize City, where at this point in time, a post-mortem is being conducted. No sign visible physical injury was observed on the body."

    Bill and the Bridge
    Last week we brought you the story of the vehicle that went head first into the Belize river. The Vehicle sailed past the the bridge, and drifted under it, but did not collide with it. And it's a good thing because the Belize City Council announced that. It's doing minor repairs on the swing bridge which is in very poor condition. The council says that they're making these repairs ahead of the increase in traffic expected for the upcoming September celebrations. Now, the release makes it clear, quote, "The support of Western Development Ltd. has been sought to do minor welding and raising of the bridge however no contractual agreements in regards to the maintenance of Swing bridge has been made." End quote.

    The Song Of The Celebration Season Is...
    Viewers know all about the National Song Competition. It's kind of like the unofficial start of the September Celebrations after an official theme is selected. Every year, the competition travels to a different part of the country, where fans get a preview of the next big carnival and patriotic song that will dominate next month's celebrations. Local musicians and artists compete amongst each other for bragging rights and thousands of dollars in cash prizes. On Saturday, this year's competition was held at the Andres Campos Civic Center in Corozal Town. And, after all the scores were tabulated winners were chosen from both the junior and senior categories. ie "Bastic" Jenkins from Belize City with his entry, "Party Never Done".

    To Steal An Iphone
    20 year old Iguana Street resident Vanny Thomas was charged with attempted robbery for trying to steal a woman's I-phone. He appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. Thomas pleaded not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor corporal Carlos Poot, objected to bail on the ground that the offence has become prevalent. Thomas was unable to give a good reason why he should be granted bail, so Magistrate Banner upheld the objection and he remanded Thomas until September 12. The incident occurred on Saturday morning. The complainant, 30 year American national Dr. Diana Huynh, reported to the police that she was walking at the corner of Newtown Barracks and Eve Street when someone came from behind and grabbed her by her right shoulder and spun her around.

    Channel 5

    A Mid-afternoon Murder in the Old Capital, Stephon McLaren is Gunned Down
    A single gunshot ended the life of a young father this afternoon.  Stephon McLaren and another unidentified individual were standing near the corners of New Road and Cleghorn Street and [...]

    Body of Dangriga Native Found Headless
    The body of Derrick Ramirez was found this morning. Ramirez, a native of Dangriga, had allegedly gone missing while at Cross Caye, north of Dangriga Town on Sunday, August fourth. [...]

    American National Found Dead Onboard Sail Boat
    The body of a U.S. national was found onboard a sailing vessel in southern Belize.  On Sunday, the Belize Coast Guard discovered the vessel near Colson Caye, some eighteen miles [...]

    Police Man Charged with 8 Counts of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
    A cop in the west has been placed on interdiction after being slapped with eight counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a thirteen-year-old girl. Police say that last week, the [...]

    When Di Plane Land – it Burns
    The remnants of a twin-engine aircraft were discovered in the Monkey River area. According to police, the burnt airplane was found on an illegal airstrip in a pine ridge area [...]

    Drinking Led to Gun Violence on Long Middle Caye
    Police say that two workers on Long Middle Caye were drinking when one shot the other. The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning when one of the [...]

    Eleven Young Girls Flee from Princess Royal Youth Hostel
    On Saturday night, eleven teenage girls absconded from the Princess Royal Youth Hostel and fled to various parts of the country.  It is not clear how they were able to [...]

    The Challenges at Community Rehab Department
    According to Williams, the department, which works under the Ministry of Human Development, does continuous training in an effort to build the capacity of its staff.  Among the challenges, she [...]

    Ford Excursion Crashes into Benny’s Roundabout
    An Orange Walk resident is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight, following a road traffic accident near the roundabout on Chetumal Street on Saturday morning.  The extensively damaged [...]

    Samayoa Brothers Refute Police’s Version of Placencia Hotel Fatal Stabbing
    Police have yet to charge someone for the stabbing death of Santa Cruz resident, twenty-four-year-old Everaldo Samayoa. He was at the Placencia Hotel and Casino on August eighth along with [...]

    No Arrests for Everaldo Samayoa’s Fatal Stabbing
    According to Juan, he and his brothers were then leaving the casino when Castillo allegedly followed them into the parking lot and attacked them from the rear.   Voice of: [...]

    Conservative Alejandro Giammattei Wins Guatemala’s Presidential Elections
    Conservative Alejandro Giammattei has been elected as Guatemala’s new president in a run-off on Sunday. He defeated former first lady and social democrat, Sandra Torres. Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Council confirmed [...]

    U.D.P. Sets Date for National Party Leadership Convention
    The United Democratic Party has set a date for its National Leadership Convention. That date is Sunday, February ninth, 2020, five months from now.  The date was announced during the [...]

    DYS Celebrates International Youth Day with a Website Launch
    To commemorate International Youth Day, the Department of Youth Services hosted an Open Day at all of its youth centers countrywide. The day was used to showcase services that the [...]

    A Youth Group Directory
    Just now you heard about the Department of Youth Services’ updated website launch. A feature on that site is the Youth Group Directory tab. It is a new online service [...]

    Preparing Local Farmers to Meet the Demands of the Sheep Industry
    For the past four years, the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Agriculture has been working on expanding the sheep farming industry in Belize. The aim of the project [...]

    Leather Tanning, a Value Adding Process for Farmers
    The three-day sheep management workshop will also feature a day of leather tanning. Many may not know, but there is a leather cooperative out west. Its members, who are primarily [...]

    The Importance of Barrier Islands to Belize
    Over the weekend, journalists from the country gathered for a two-day training facilitated by the Earth Journalism Network, a global community of over eight thousand reporters who cover environmental topics. As part [...]

    Earth Journalism Network Trains Belizean Reporters
    A day before the trip, Belizean reporters gathered in Belize City where they participated in a lively discussion with professionals. The discussion focused primarily on environmental issues including climate change, [...]

    The Weekend Sports Stats
    Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

    The Reporter

    American National May Have Died Of Natural Causes
    Police are currently conducting a post-mortem examination on the body of Michael Malcolm Junker, 71, an American national found dead in his sailboat off the coast of Dangriga on Sunday. According to investigators, there were no obvious signs of foul play on the body.

    Body Found At Dangriga Lagoon Is Derrick Ramirez
    On Wednesday August 7th. we reported on an incident that occurred on Cross Caye, which is about 12 miles off the coast of Dangriga.

    Earthquake In Mexico Felt In Belize
    An Earthquake was felt in Belize this afternoon by many Belizeans who wondered if it was just a heavy-truck passing in their area or distant pile driving.

    Guatemala Elects Right-wing Ex-prison Boss
    In the second round of voting Guatemalan voters erased the lead of former first lady Sandra Torres and elected a right wing candidate of the Va-mos Party Alejandro Giamatelli, 63, to be the new President.He has the backing of the Guatemalan military and economic power brokers in his country.

    Body Found In Dangriga Lagoon
    Multiple sources are telling the Reporter that the badly decomposed body of a man has been found in a lagoon in Dangriga. There are currently two men missing in strange circumstances and it is believed to be one of them.


    Burnt plane found in Southern Belize
    A burnt twin engine Cessna airplane was found Saturday morning off the Monkey River Road on a makeshift airstrip in southern Belize. According to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, nothing else was found with the plane. Assistant Commissioner of Police – Joseph Myvett: “Sunday morning shortly after 5 am based on the information received …

    Belize Song Competition Winners
    This weekend ended with a bang in the north as Belizean artists performed their songs live in Corozal for the National Song Competition’s final round. The People’s Choice Award went to both Dennis Requena and Jarrett Cornejo, they were picked by the audience through online voting. For the Belize Song Junior category, Amiri Gentle won …

    We Walk as One making a difference
    The escalating murder rate continues to cut many lives short, leaving loved ones in grief. Daniel Guardado, a mechanic, was gunned down on Partridge Street Extension in Belize City while pushing his motorcycle in May 2018. Brian Guardado has turned that pain felt from losing his dad into something positive by creating an organization dubbed …

    Watchman shoots coworker after a night of drinking
    At around 1am Sunday, police officers visited the Radisson Pier where members of the Coast Guard transported a shooting victim along with the alleged shooter. Initial investigation reveals that around ten o’clock on Saturday night, the victim, 57-year-old, Ricardo Mendoza, and the suspected shooter, 46-year-old Jose Cortez, both of whom are watchmen, were at their …

    Body of American National found on sailboat
    Derrick Ramirez’s body was not the only one found near Dangriga in the past 24 hours. The body of an American National was also found on a sailboat. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, said that they are not sure if foul play was involved but there were no signs of violence on the body. …

    Earth Journalism Network hosts workshop for local journalists
    The Earth Journalism Network is an organization comprised of over nine thousand journalists from around the world. The organization host trainings and issue grants to assist journalists improve their coverage of environmental issues. This weekend Earth Journalism Network was in Belize hosting a workshop and a field trip for local journalist. James Fahn, the Executive …

    Man fatally shot in broad daylight in Belize City
    A man was gunned down in broad daylight in the old capital today. Around 2pm, 20-year-old, Stephan McLaren was a stone’s throw away from his house when he was targeted by a gunman on New Road. McLaren’s girlfriend, who wished to remain unnamed, said she had just borrowed McLaren’s bicycle to go home to take …

    Body found believed to be that of missing man
    The body of a man was found in a Gra Gra lagoon a few miles outside Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District. Speculations are that body is that of Derrick Ramirez, the man who had gone missing on Cross Caye on August 4, after his life was threatened. Ramirez had gone diving with some relatives near …

    International Youth Day theme: “Transforming Education”
    The Department of Youth Services is dedicated to transforming the lives of our youths who will be the future leaders of this country. The Department does this by holding various activities to keep our youths positively engaged and in so doing help them reach their full potential. Today, the Department of Youth Services held an …

    Police officer charged with sex crime
    A police constable attached to San Ignacio Police went against his oath to protect and serve when he engaged in unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, said that the officer, PC Herman Milian, has already been arrested and charged. Assistant Commissioner of Police – Joseph Myvett: “On Friday …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Venerable Swing Bridge to undergo repairs
    The Belize City Council as of last week, closed the west side pedestrian ramp of […]

    International Youth Day 2019 turns focus on equitable education
    International Youth Day 2019 is being celebrated under the theme, “Transforming education.” According to the […]

    Body found in Dangriga
    A body was found this morning in the Gra Gra lagoon off the coast of […]

    Trinidad attorney Chelsea Stewart joins Belize Bar
    Chelsea Justine Stewart, 27, is the newest member of the Belize Bar, approved by Chief […]

    Alberto Ara arraigned after capture, denies having intercourse with a pig
    Alberto ‘Ali’ Ara,39, a construction worker from Ontario, Cayo District, has pleaded not guilty to […]

    Man murdered in Belize City
    A man was gunned down this afternoon on New Road in Belize City. The victim […]

    Gymnast Simone Biles wins 6th title with a historic floor routine
    Simone Biles, the United States Gymnast with Belizean heritage has won her sixth US title with […]

    Governor General receives three diplomatic visits at Belize House today
    Today, three diplomatic visitors, two ambassadors and a High Commissioner visited Governor General H.E. Sir […]

    Albert ‘Ali’ Ara, accused of having intercourse with a pig, captured by police
    Police have apprehended Albert ‘Ali’ Ara, the Ontario Village resident who was accused of having sexual […]

    International Sourcesizz

    Senator Pushes Back After Deported Marine Not Allowed to Enter US for Interview
    An Illinois senator is pushing back on unclear government policies for deported veterans who are trying to naturalize after a former Marine was not allowed into the United States for his scheduled citizenship interview. In mid-July, Roman Sabal traveled from his home country of Belize to Tijuana to try to attend his appointment with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in San Diego. Despite his lawyer's appeals, officers at the San Ysidro Port of Entry wouldn't let him inside the country he had once sworn to protect. Contact a recruiter for insider information on joining the military including signing bonuses, career training + more. Click here! A version of this story initially said that the letter was sent on Monday. It was actually sent on Thursday, according to the senator's office. He ended up traveling back to Belize, disappointed.

    Lawsuits in Four Caribbean Countries Challenge Colonial-Era Sodomy laws
    LGBTI people in four Caribbean countries over the last year have filed lawsuits against their nations’ colonial-era sodomy laws. Javin Johnson and Sean Macleish on July 26 filed a lawsuit against two laws in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that criminalize consensual same-sex sexual relations. Daryl Phillip, founder of Minority Rights Dominica, and Maurice Tomlinson, a senior policy analyst at the Toronto-based HIV Legal Network, on July 18 announced a gay man who remains anonymous filed a lawsuit against Dominica’s sodomy law.

    Belize Faces Ongoing Threats to Habitat
    Flyfishing in Belize. 10s of millions of dollars each year flow into our economy from this industry - and while we protect the fish (permit, tarpon and bonefish), we are rubber stamping an outlandish development at Cayo Rosario and destroying the habitat of these game fish. What use is protecting a fish that has nowhere to live and breed? As power tools start up on tiny Cayo Rosario NOW is the time to talk to our Minister Manuel Heredia and members of our town council who promised to take this to Belmopan. Do we want to be one of the best spots in the world for flyfishing or do we want to sell out our national Marine Reserve? We can’t have both. here is some of the science that the EIA glossed over.


  • Belize Now - August 9, 2019, 22min. In the headlines: Cleopatra White Polyclinic is certified as mother-baby friendly, Caribbean Development Bank names SIF project a “success story”, and municipalities receive funding for September celebrations activities. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, August 9th, 2019!

  • Belize National Song Comeptition, 35min. On August 10, 2019, the Belize National Song Comeptition was held at Corozal Civic Center. It commence at 8pm where the chairs where filled with people. And, since it was the first time being held in Corozal. buses from across Belize came to Corozal just to witness this famous event. Due to lateness, I could not video the first performance. But, Here is a highlight from Juniors to Senoirs during the event. Congratulations to Jarett Cornejo from Corozal, he Won Senior in the Category.

  • Frigate Birds, 1min. At around Midday today, a group of Frigate Birds flew over the Bay of Corozal hunting for food

  • Best of Tobacco Caye Belize, 6min. Spending 8 months on Tobacco Caye has resulted in some spectacular encounters with many wonderful marine creatures both big and small! Here is our collection of the absolute best bits from our time on Tobacco Caye!

  • Zipline Belize 2019, 3.5min. UnBelizeAble Zipline Adventure.

  • Brent & Lindsay Wedding Video Chabil Mar Luxury Belize Resort, 7min. A Belize Beach wedding at Chabil Mar Resort in Placencia, Belize. This beautiful beach wedding included the bride's request for a butterfly release.

  • CARACOL, GAIA RESORT, RIO FRIO CAVES, BIG ROCK FALLS, 22min. In this VLOG Will Mitchell and Tati head to the Cayo district of Belize and stays in the Pine Ridge National Park at Gaia Resort.

  • You Better Belize It, 3.5min. Video from the trip Rachel and I took with our good friends, Marshall and Amanda Hall. We stayed on the southeastern tip of Ambergris Caye and took day trips to Secret Beach (which is not at all a secret though it is very off the beaten path) and Blue Hole (stopping at Half Moon Caye on way back). Both Were Amazing.

  • Belize Soundfest 2019 Ad, 1min. Ladies and gentlemen. I am encouraged all Belizeans living in home and abroad to come on out on Friday Sept 13th. I will perform there.

  • Kids in Action, 1/2min. Last Saturday field experience with the kids in Action group. We visited Zone C, Zone B and Zone A. The kids learn the importance of these 3 ecosystem.

    August 12, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Economics
    “We already missed two hours of fishing,” Vernon said. “I don’t think we ought to wait any longer for Mario and Linsford.” “Yeah,” Juan said, “It’s already eight o’clock and we ain’t gonna catch nothing at this time of the morning.” “Let’s give them another hour or so,” I said. “The bank doesn’t even open until eight.”

    Letter to the Editor: Lifesaving Lessons with Butane
    A couple weeks ago our big white butane tank needed filling. But before that could happen the broken gauge and float needed to be replaced. The tank guy cracked the seal on the gauge and… ssssshhhhhhhh. The big white tank still had gas in it. We were leaking the butane into the yard and neighbourhood. The gas refill company was waiting to do the fill-up and said to CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. That’s Lesson One. If your gas tank is leaking, call the Fire Department (206-2372 or 911). The Fire Department showed up in less than three minutes! A shiny new fire truck navigated our narrow streets with lights and sirens, and the crew was ready with gear on and masks.

    Doctor Love: Issues in Relationships
    Dear Doctor Love, My boyfriend and I cannot agree on having children. He says he never wants one and I want at least one child. Should we break up now and find someone who agrees with our choices? We are both twenty and we’ve talked about getting married and I really want to be a mother and grandmother someday. Do we decide this first or get married and try to make an agreement when we are older? /s/Baby Momma

    Various Belizean Sources


    2019 Belize National Song Competition
    On, August 10, 2019, the Belize National Song Competition was held at the Civic Center in Corozal. The entertainment began shortly after 8pm. When I arrived, the Audience had already filled the chairs. Click here if you want to see the full video of this event and including the winners of the event. Jarett "JC" Cornejo, our own young Corozaleño brother, representing our Corozal Community WINS Senior National Song Competition 2019. Congratulations Jarett Cornejo from all our Corozal Community.

    Maya Children of Xaibe Corozal learning Yucatec Maya through music and games
    To'one Masehualo'on a Yucatec Maya cultural group of Corozal this year were giving Maya classes for free to children in Xaibe and also in Corozal house of Culture. Yuum Bo'otik To'one Masehualo'on .

    Birth of Patchakan Village
    On Sunday, April 19, 2009, during the celebration of our Holy Primicia, Mr. Anastacio Poot corrected me on a piece of information that I gave in one of my writings, stating that the birth of Patchakan Village, Corozal District, was in 1850. Mr. Poot told me that he and two other villagers went to the Corozal Roman Catholic Archives to investigate the birth of Patchakan Village, and they found information about the existence of the village dating way back to 1800. He believes that Patchakan was already populated by 1780, because of information that he got from his father’s uncle. The ancianos of the village, before they died, spoke about a village with the name of Tanchekaax before the existence of Patchakan. There existed a school where a missionary teacher used to come and teach. This would take us back sometime to the beginning of the 1700s.

    The Reporter

    Fisherman Shoots Fellow Fisherman At Caye Camp
    There was a shooting incident at a fishing camp located on Long Caye yesterday. Around 10:00 pm Saturday night, August 11th. Ricardo Mendoza and Jose Cortez were at the Caye and retired for the night.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize’s rugby league continues to make history
    The Belize Rugby 7’s league continues to make history with its upcoming friendly match against Mexico and other major developments in the league scheduled to take place this month. […]

    Chamber of Commerce to host HIV in the Workplace Workshop
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is inviting its members to attend a free workshop entitled “Human Rights and HIV Policy in the Workplace.” […]


    Guest Blog - Top 10 Things to Know about Being Sober in Belize/a>
    Randy is the GM at Caribbean Beach Cabanas in Placencia, and he has been a remarkable and valuable addition to the Placencia community for the last year plus! He moved to Belize full-time over a year ago and made the decision to not drink alcohol anymore before he moved here. Belize is not the easiest place in the world to be sober - that is for sure. Now that Randy has a year-plus experience with what that has entailed for him, I was really interested to hear his thoughts about life in Belize sans alcohol - it is a question we get a lot from potential guests and expats, because Belize has a bit of an anything-goes, Jimmy Buffett island party lifestyle reputation. So here are his insights, thank you so much Randy!!!

    For those living in Belize.....Best Ever Chicken Rice Bowl Recipe!
    Have you ever made something and when you went to eat it, you felt like it was JUST right?? I made this (spectacular) chicken bowl last week and not only was it super easy (several things are made beforehand) but when I ate it I thought, this is magic and I have to write it down or I'll lose it. Note that you can make this low carb by omitting the beans and rice and putting it over lettuce. Belize has fantastic, made-from-scratch food, but bowls are not something easily found here. Bowls are super popular in the US, and this will remind you of US take out style if you are missing a little taste of home.

    Why Everyone Needs to Visit Belize
    How many places have you traveled to that you can truly say are environmentally friendly? I’m talking domestically and internationally? I can say out of my travels I can count on one hand the number of countries that are truly environmentally and eco-friendly (and I have traveled to over 35 countries at this point). Some include Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, and now Belize. Belize is one of those hidden gems part of the Central American chain of countries. It is not an island – that is a misconception – and it is in very close proximity to Mexico. (You’re gonna wanna read till the end to get a glimpse of where we stayed & my family!)

    The Local-First Vision of the Ka'ana Kitchen
    You may be coming to Belize to experience wild adventures in our unspoiled jungles, discover ancient traditions that still live in today's Maya peoples, and relax in the luxury of Ka'ana Resort... but we've got one more thing for you to add to your list: a foodie exploration! Everyone from our chef to our gardeners prioritizes the local-first ethos of Ka'ana. Ka'ana has a unique food concept, considering that a third of the menu comes from our own garden. This adds to the variety of wholesome, fresh, local and definitely seasonal meals you can experience during your stay.

    Hiking the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve
    The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the tropical forests of the Stann Creek District of Belize, is famous for being the first Jaguar Preserve in the world. This nature reserve spans over 128,000 acres, making it one of the largest protected areas in Belize. An estimated 200 jaguars live in the preserve, however, they are shy and the chances of seeing one are slim. But don’t let that keep you away! At Cockscomb, visitors can explore dozens of marked trails where they will discover spectacular waterfalls, beautiful mountain views, and plenty of wildlife beyond the rare jaguar sighting. The reserve is home to numerous plants and animals, including margays, deer, ocelots, pumas, howler monkeys, tapirs, and around 330 species of birds according to the Audubon Society.

    International Sourcesizz

    Biles caps 6th U.S. title with historic triple-double
    Simone Biles, who never fails to rise to the occasion, won her sixth all-around title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Sunday, plus did a historic clean triple-double in floor exercise. Biles, 22, did the triple-double in the preliminaries Friday in floor exercise, too, the first time a woman had ever completed the complex move of two flips with three twists in competition. But she put her hands down on the landing then, which frustrated her. She didn't do that Sunday, and was so happy with the move that she retweeted video of it during the competition. "I didn't want to be the last person to see it," Biles said of checking her phone for the video, "so I went online to see what it looked like, so that me and [coach Laurent Landi] could watch it. But I was very pleased that I actually landed it this time in competition."

    Passion for archaeology takes Kenosha County native to Belize
    Ted Kmiec IV, 35, who uncovered his passion for archaeology searching for arrowheads as a child on a farm in Paddock Lake, spent the month of July digging around Belize as part of a research team. Kmiec, son of Salem Lakes trustee Ted Kmiec III, attended Salem Grade School and Westosha Central High School before pursuing a bachelor of science degree in anthropology at Texas State University, also earning a minor in geography and a certificate in achaeologicial curation. He is in his second year of a master’s program at Texas State University with a goal of becoming an archaeology professor and continuing research in the field.


  • Belize, where did it come from?, 9min. El vecino desconocido de México, Belice, es un país que tiene como autoridad a la reina Isabel II y que no se aprecia en los mapas del Primer Imperio Mexicano, pero, de dónde salió entonces?

  • Interview with Miss Janet Castillo on Corozal's Best Ever Rum, Ribs, Rice Tasting Contest, 4.5min. This event will happen on September 13, 2019 at Civic Center. It will commence at 5pm and conclude at 9pm. Interviewing Miss Janet Castillo for this upcoming event. art of the September Celebration, Corozal's Best Ever Rum, Ribs, Rice Tasting Contest 2019 will be held on September 13, 2019. The event will be commencing at 5pm at the Andres Campos Civic Center. What Do you need to enter? Sample of your best Rib and/Or your specialty Dish. Anyone can enter For Free. You can Pre-Register call Miss Pat: 668-7668 or Corozal Library or Corozal Civic Center.

  • Ambergris Caye - BELIZE, 6min. Ambergris Caye (Cayo Ambergris) es la isla más popular y extensa de Belize. Está ubicada en la parte norte de las costas centroamericanas, próxima a la frontera con México, en el mar Caribe. Tiene una longitud de unos 40 kilómetros de largo de norte a sur, alrededor de 1,6 kilómetros de ancho y una superficie de 64 km². En ella habitan cerca de 2.000 personas, la mayoría concentradas en la localidad más grande, San Pedro. ubicada en las costas del mar.

  • SNORKELLING Belize Turtle encounter 2, 2min.

  • 2019 Ambergris Caye, Belize - Scuba Diving at Turneffe Atolls, Aug. 10, 17min. Dive sites: Vincent, Jack Barrow Wall and one other I don't remember.

  • Cessna 182 Flight From Belize City To San Pedro, 3.5min. Cessna 182 Flight From Belize City To San Pedro

  • The Garifuna Collective Belize Garifuna Music - Hamala Music Video, 3.5min. Hamala (Let Him Fly) is the first single from ABAN, the new album by The Garifuna Collective.

  • Crested Guan talking to the camera at the Belize Zoo, No. 1, 17sec.

  • Belize | San Pedro | Caye Caulker, 10min. Join us in our June 2019 journey as we travel Belize!

  • , 2.5hr. PLB Opening Season | Verdes vs FF Valley Pride FC | Live from Norman Broaster Stadium, San Ignacio

    August 11, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Former San Pedro Tiger Sharks player Andrew Ortiz to play with Mexican team
    Former San Pedro Tiger Sharks’ basketball player, 25-year-old Andrew Ortiz, was signed by Mexican team Los Toros de Tzucacab. Tzucacab is a town and the municipality seat of the municipality by the same name in the state of Yucatan, where basketball is one of their main sports. Ortiz is expected to play his first game with his new team on August 23, 2019. The contract with the Mexican team is for a little more than three months, but Ortiz feels proud for the opportunity in his basketball career. His new team, Los Toros de Tzucacab has a good standing in their local league, and with the addition of Ortiz, they hope to grab the championship for the upcoming season. “My first game with the team is this month, and I am super excited,” said Ortiz. He also sent a message to the people on Ambergris Caye who have always supported him.

    IDB launches Sustainable Cities Action Plan for Belize City
    The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the Emerging and Sustainable Cities (ESC) Action Plan for Belize City – Rediscover, Reconnect, that offers a blueprint for how the city can prioritize its urban policies, projects and actions over the next 15-20 years in order to follow a more sustainable and resilient growth and development trajectory. The result of a fruitful collaboration between the IDB and the Government of Belize through the Belize City Council, the Action Plan identifies key challenges faced by the city and recommends prioritized short-, medium- and long-term actions that are realistic, achievable and crosscutting in nature.

    Belize’s solution to reliable access to clean water using the sea
    Here on the islands of Belize, water is a precious resource. Water is part of everything we do, we drink it as a vital resource, we use it in our households for domestic usage such as taking a shower, but it’s also essential for our industries, to grow crops and for recreation in the tourism industry. The country of Belize has roughly 386 km of coastline, and has many coral reefs, cayes, and islands in the Caribbean Sea. Many of these islands and cayes have limited fresh water resources. Our groundwater and aquifers are shallow and often salty and polluted, while rainwater harvesting isn’t sufficient to cover our needs. Therefore, many of us rely on water trucks or the municipal water to supply us with this essential resource, which can come at a high prices and limited quality.

    Clearing of mangroves and garbage dumping in southern Ambergris Caye lagoon raise concerns

    Various Belizean Sources


    Belizean Artwork Publishing is relaunching its website
    We will once again be offering free publication of books music CD's to Belizean artist to commemorate our 10th anniversary.

    Come meet and greet Queen of The Bay Delegates
    Save the date to “Come meet and greet “ the six beautiful delegates for “ The Queen of The Bay” on Friday August 16th inside Scotty’s Bar . DJ Wane Budna in the house from 9 pm to 2 am

    Amandala is 50
    “ART has to be beautiful and political at the same time. I’m not interested in art that is not in the world. And it’s not just the narrative, it’s not just the story; it’s the language and the structure and what’s going on behind it. Anybody can make up a story.” – Toni Morrison On Tuesday 13th August, 2019 the Amandala newspaper will be published as #3298, 50 years on. I started to read the Amandala seriously at age 19, in 1989. My great friend then and now Jules Vasquez was also an avid reader and we would argue for hours especially over the Editorial and From The Publisher.

    2019 Belize National Song Competition: 45 Photos
    On, August 10, 2019 the Belize National Song Competition was held at the Civic Center in Corozal. The entertainment began shortly after 8pm. When I arrived, the Audience had already filled the chairs.

    Some pictures of the Art in Park

    FREE BASKETBALL CAMP for Male and Female
    BASKETBALL SKILLS - Presented by: NCS Belize Corozal Sports Council. Featuring NBA Trainer Trey Slate of "Relentless Basketball Training". Date: September 28th and 29th, 2019 at the Andres Campos Civic Center. Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Under 15 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. 15 and over For more information please contact Mr. Carlos Acosta at 637-4645. Editor's Note: It is so great to see the many sport camps and sporting events taking place this summer in Corozal. Let us keep up this momentum going and support those that are behind the scenes organizing these events.

    Celebrating Belize Pride Week!
    Wonderful turnout at the Pride Fest in Belize City this morning. Congratulations to Belize’s LGBTI community, all the supporters, and the organizers on the successful event marking 3 years since the historic Section 53 decision! The themes of equality, dignity, and human rights echoed through everyone’s speeches and reinforced the event’s theme: “United by Pride, Bound by Equality, Building Belize Together!”

    A policeman has been charged for having sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl. Police report that a 13-year-old girl accompanied by a social worker visited the San Ignacio Police Station and reported that over the past five months she has been engaged in sexual relations with a police constable. The officer has been identified as Herman Milian who is attached to the San Ignacio Police Station. A medical examination has since confirmed that the child was carnally known. PC Milian has since been arrested and charged for 8 counts of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse.

    The ruling United Democratic Party set its National Convention date for February 9, 2020. The party leadership race will take place on this date as well as contests for deputy party leaders and party chairpersons. Thus far Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security John Saldivar are the only two candidates who have submitted their applications for the party leader position. The last date for submissions to contest in the National Convention is October 25, 2019.

    The Reporter

    Another Burnt Drug Plane Found In The Deep South
    Call them abandoned and burnt planes or call them alleged drug plane, but our better sense tells us that these are drug planes and today was no exception. Another burnt twin engine Cessna airplane was found earlier today just off the Monkey River road on a makeshift airstrip. The plane was completely burnt and nothing was found in the area.

    Mother And Child Missing
    Authorities in northern Belize are seeking the public’s assistance to locate a mother and her two-year-old son who have been reported missing in the Corozal District. Since yesterday, August 8th, family members of Regina Villanueva, 22, have not been able to make any contact with her.

    Gang Member Executed on Enemy Turf
    West Canal resident, 32 year old, Brian Armstrong who allegedly belonged to the Rocky Road Gang in Belize City was shot and killed on Wednesday night in the Lake Independence neighborhood. Not much is known about Armstrong’s murder, and investigators in Belize City are still trying to come up with a motive and suspects in the brutal murder.

    The Orient Express
    195 – that is the number of countries in the world, if you count Kosovo and Taiwan. 193 are recognized by the United Nations, while The Holy See and Palestine are considered only as observer states. 17 – that is the number of countries that the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is claiming that they have diplomatic relations with.

    Marin Confuses MoH/NHI Debacle
    Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, in an interview with the media on Wednesday attempted to stem criticism following controversy over a $1.68 Million contract awarded to Minister Rene Montero’s brother for a Central Medical Stores building in Belmopan to be financed with the NHI reserve fund. Marin’s interview, however, left more questions than answers after he revealed that he had informed the Prime Minister about the proposal.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Forty-three city students receive partial scholarships from Micah Goodin
    A local boy made good is finally giving back. Belize City Councilor Micah Goodin says […]

    Police officer charged for “unlawful” sex with minor
    A police officer attached to the San Ignacio police has been charged for 8 counts […]

    UDP sets date for leadership convention
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) has set its convention date for February 9, 2020. The […]

    Six charged for gang activity; two plead guilty
    Police continue their efforts to curtail the influence of gangs in Belize City, bringing six […]

    Police investigating robbery in Orange Walk
    An employee of La Panificadora La Popular Limited located at the corner of Progress Street […]

    Home invasion reported in Santa Elena
    Authorities are investigating a home invasion that occurred last night in Santa Elena. Martha Castillo,44, […]

    Prisoner claims beating after unrest
    Prisoner Marvin Philips says he was beaten up by prison authorities after an altercation on […]

    Ibrahim Smith convicted of murder
    Ibrahim Smith,27, awaits sentencing for murder after he was found guilty of the November 25, […]

    Volleyball milestones: silver medalists recalled
    Where were you when Belize shocked the world a year ago this week? Or at […]

    Accused ATM thieves freed after a year
    21-year-old Joscan Jafet Uriostequi, a driver in Cancun along with 26-year-old Travel Agent representative, Belen Isai Uriostequi and her common-law husband […]

    Justin Williams wants to be king of cycling in U.S.
    Belizean-American cyclist Justin Williams, 30, is the subject of a profile this week in the Wall Street Journal about his cycling aspirations. The recently crowned back-to-back U.S. men’s national amateur criterium champion is plotting a potential return to the European cycling scene […]


    Our Dog Had An Emergency, There Was No Vet on Ambergris Caye…What Now?
    Last Wednesday night, our BELOVED pitbull-potlicker mix tripod lay on our bed listless…with a hazy unfocused look in her eye. We texted her vet at the San Pedro Animal Hospital (SPAH) – and checked the phone for a response throughout the night. Checking the phone and checking to see if Elsie was still breathing. The next morning, we learned that Elsie’s vet had completed her 6-month contract on the island and there would not be another veterinarian at SPAH until the end of August. We contact SAGA (SAGA Humane Society) and found that their vet wouldn’t be on the island this week but we could bring Elsie into the clinic to figure out our next step.

    International Sourcesizz

    Simone Biles Takes Gymnastics to a New Level. Again.
    At a training session on Wednesday ahead of the United States Gymnastics Championships, Simone Biles wore a leotard with a bedazzled goat on the back. It was a reminder, in case people somehow forgot, that she is the greatest American gymnast of all time. With a combined 25 world championship and Olympic medals, including 18 golds, Biles stands alone atop the medal standings.

    Simone Biles is pushing herself — and gymnastics — to the limit at the U.S. championships
    Since Simone Biles returned from a one-year hiatus following her triumph at the 2016 Olympics, she has wasted no time trying to reclaim the form that won her four gold medals in Rio. She has been chasing something greater — a standard that precious few in the world, if any, would dare attempt — by packing an already rigorous floor routine with a skill that no female gymnast has landed, along with adding a riskier dismount on balance beam. In pushing her skills to the limit, Biles, at 22, is competing against herself. And the results, as she pushes the sport’s boundaries along with them, aren’t always to her satisfaction.


  • 2019 National Song Competition - COROZAL, 3hr20min.

  • A view from Corozal Art in the Park, 7.5min.

  • Love from Corozal Central Art in Park, 5.5min.


  • Belize Curlew - July 30, 2019, 5.5min. Scuba dive in Belize, Curlew. Max depth 68 feet.

  • MY TRIP TO BELIZE!, 17min. super fun trip!

  • BEST BELIZE SNORKELING boat cruise, min. Come join us under the sea snorkeling with on a San Pedro, Belize boat cruise in Ambergris Caye checking out Shark Ray Alley, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and much more. This is one of our favorite boat cruises of all time.

  • 2019 Belize Vacation!, 9.5min. We stayed in Placencia for week and toured the Mayan ruins, went diving for spiny lobsters, and enjoyed cocktails on the beach.

  • PLB Opening Season | Bandits SC vs Altitude FC | Live from Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan, 2.5hr.

  • Caleb Orozco’s remarks at Belize Pride Week , 4min.

  • Lisa Shoman delivers remarks at Belize Pride Week, 7.5min.

  • Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Keith Gilges speaks at Belize Pride Week, 4min.

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