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September 30, 2019


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

Man shot in San Pedro Town
The San Pedro Sun has received information that a male person was shot at a night club in downtown San Pedro. We are told that the victim is undergoing treatment at Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. The condition of the person is unknown at this moment. We will have an update as more information is made available.

Doctor Love: A confusing kind of crush
Dear Doctor Love, I have really fallen for my good friend, a girl I know is single, but she’s straight. The reason I can’t get over her is because she knows I’m gay, but I feel like she’s flirting with me when we go out. I would hate to miss an opportunity to be a part of her life if she’s interested. I haven’t tried to get closer because I’ve misread the signs before and there was so much drama and hurt. I lost a very good friend, and I can’t go through that again. Can you offer any advice? /s/Straight Girl Crush

Workshop Held for Local Farmers re: Climate Change Impacts and Challenges on Agriculture
The Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project (hereafter referred to as Sheep Project) facilitated a workshop on Impacts and Challenges of Climate Change on Agriculture on September 19, 2019 at the University of Belize, Central Farm Campus. Facilitators for the workshop were Mr. Daniel Juan and Dr. Carlos Itza, farmers in their own rights and lecturers at the University of Belize. These two professionals were a part of a delegation of five Belizeans who attended a three-day workshop organized by the World Farmers Organization and the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) that was held at St. Kitts/Nevis on August 13–16, 2019.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Tea Time
Look, I promise to be no more than an hour,” Melody said. “You and Milaine can entertain each other until I get back.” “I guess I could do that,” I said. “Of course, you can. You said you wanted to spend some time with your granddaughter, and this is your chance. I’ll get her little tea set out, and she can make pretend tea for you.” As soon as Melody left, The People’s Court came on TV and caught my attention. “Cake, PaPa! Cake!”

Various Belizean Sources


2020 US Youth Ambassadors Program
On October 2, the application for the 2020 US #YouthAmbassadors Program will go live. What questions do you have about the US Youth Ambassadors Program or the application process? We will be holding our first Facebook Live Event in October – we look forward to connecting! The US Youth Ambassadors Program is a 3-week leadership exchange abroad for U.S. teenagers ages 15-18 and adult educators. The program provides full scholarships for 120 students and adult educators to take part in one of 6 exchange programs to countries in the Caribbean and South America. Youth Ambassadors is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government.

Channel 5

Five persons were injured following a traffic accident last night in Belmopan
The victims were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital for medical attention. It happened on the Hummingbird Highway at around 10 o’clock. Reports are that the men were in a Ford F-150 pickup truck when the driver of the pickup truck lost control.

Murder in the Old Capital
One man is dead and another injured following a shooting last night in Belize City. At around 11:50 pm Jebran Wagner was shot multiple times and Richard Leslie was shot twice in the foot. Wagner was with his girlfriend and Leslie at a party on Coney Drive when two men entered the yard and opened fire. Eleven expended shells were found at the scene.

The Reporter

Several Persons Reportedly Injured in Belmopan Accident
An accident in Belmopan last night has reportedly left five persons injured. The accident occurred sometime around 9:30pm (Sat. Sept. 28th) on the Hummingbird Highway. Reports are that the men were travelling in a Ford F-150 pickup truck and the driver lost control and ran off the road.

Man Shot Dead at Party in Belize City
A man was reportedly shot and killed at a party just before midnight last night on Coney Drive in Belize City. The Reporter has received credible information that the victim, Jebran “Suku” Wagner, 21, was stting with his girlfriend at the event when two gunmen entered the premises and opened fire.

Hondurans Wounded in Recent Drug Bust Charged; Remanded
Hondurans. Allan Yovani Mejia Chirinos, 31, and Nolan Jose Carrasco Lopez, 50, are behind bars after they were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court yesterday, some three weeks after they were intercepted by law enforcers along with a group of men and a plane containing $60 Million worth of cocaine off the Coastal Highway.

Mark Clarke Shot Again – In Stable Condition
A man was shot last night in Belize City. Mark Clarke, was shot just before 8:30 p.m., as he stood at the corner of Pitts Alley and New Road by a man who rode contrary to the flow of traffic on New. Road.


We have received information that a man was shot to death on Coney Drive. Reports are that 21-year-old Jebran Wagner also known as Sucu, was with his girlfriend on Coney Drive when two male person entered their yard and fired 8 shots at Wagner and killing him. We have also received information that Richard Leslie was also shot in his foot while passing the area.

There is another car accident that occurred sometime after 10:00 pm on the Hummingbird highway in front of Motor Solution. Reports are that a driver and four persons were traveling in a Ford F-150 pickup truck when a car swerved into their lane and causing the driver to lose control and flip over. The five men received various injuries, two men were trapped inside the pickup truck but authorities have managed to rescue them. The men were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment. Love News will keep you update as we receive more information.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize emergency services boosted by Canada – U.S. joint donation
The two largest English-speaking nations in the Western Hemisphere combined to assist Belize’s emergency services on Saturday. A United States Air Force C5 GALAXY craft delivered 4 ambulances and 1 fire truck to Belize on Saturday. The landing was captured in a time lapse video by Tropic Air.

Belize not under any imminent storm threat
Our newsroom has received several queries regarding the validity of information being circulated that Belize is in danger of being hit by a typhoon in the upcoming week. Breaking Belize News clarifies that the information is false and takes this time to remind the public that a Typhoon is a weather phenomenon that occurs in the Pacific Ocean, not the Atlantic, as such Belize will not likely be under threat of a Typhoon.

Save the Macal River group hosts successful clean up campaign
The Save the Macal River group in San Ignacio and Santa Elena yesterday hosted another clean up campaign along the banks of the Macal River. Lead organizer, Javier Guitterez says that the group cleaned the river and planted about 50 different varieties of trees.

Caesar Ridge football player ‘Sucu’ shot and killed
Police are investigating a murder that occured last night in Belize City. Jebran ‘Sucu’ Wagner was with his girlfriend on Coney Drive when two men arrived, entered their yard and shot Wagner multiple times.

San Pedro Town Council revisits toll price increase following outcry from residents
The San Pedro Town Council has announced, via its social media page, that it is halting and reviewing a decision to increase the toll rates of the Sir Barry Bowen toll bridge on the island following intense outcry from residents about the intended new prices.

Lova Boy’s rape and kidnapping charges dismissed
Performer Daniel Cacho, alias “Lova Boy”, has had charges of two counts of rape of a minor and two counts of kidnapping dismissed on Friday in Los Angeles County, California. Cacho, 36, was arrested in March of 2018 but was released yesterday.

Gaspar Vega joins Saldivar in leadership battle against Faber
While former deputy leader of the United Democratic Party and former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega keeps his own counsel concerning a return to the political spotlight, old foe and current holder of both positions Patrick Faber awaits the challenge.


  • Our project at the corner of Regents Street and Cockburn Lane is coming along well, 1/2min. When completed it will become a restaurant and museum in downtown.

  • Corozal, 2min. Are you having plan's to visit Belize in the near future? Corozal, District, Belize is located in the Northern part of Belize. Corozal Town is a town in Belize, capital of Corozal District. Corozal Town is located about 84 miles north of Belize City, and 9 miles from the border with Mexico. The population of Corozal Town, according to the main results of the 2010 census, is 9,871.

  • Christmas and New Years in Belize - Dec 2009 & Jan 2010, 32min. Our family trip to Belize

  • Photo Album 2019 Caye Caulker Belize, 5min. Alexander Family photos from trip to Caye Caulker Belize 2019!

  • PLB Opening Season | FF Valley Pride FC vs BDF FC | Live at Carl Ramos Stadium, Dangrig, 2.5hr.

  • The Xtabai,5 min. The Xtabai is one of the most known legends between the Yucatec Maya. In Belize stories of the Xtabay is still heard between the Yucatec Maya communities.

  • Scientists race to save Caribbean corals from fast-moving, deadly disease, 4min.

    September 29, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    GOB Press Release – Belize Tax Officer Reynaldo Verde Detained and Charged in the USA
    he Government of Belize has recently received further details in the form of United States Court documents regarding the charges levied against Mr. Reynaldo Verde, Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services Department. It may be recalled that Mr. Verde was detained in the United States of America on September 7th, 2019 and charged by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation with alleged interference with commerce by means of extortion and attempted extortion. Mr. Verde has denied these charges.

    Belize’s Deputy Tax Service Director Reynaldo Verde detained for extortion charges
    Details of the accusations against the Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services, 47-year-old have been revealed while he remains detained at a prison in Virginia, United States of America (USA). Reynaldo Verde was detained on September 7th by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the Washington Dulles International Airport, while on his way back to Belize. He is being accused of alleged interference with commerce using extortion and attempted extortion.

    AIBL to pay FTC a US$23 million settlement in Sanctuary Bay Scam; foreign investment could be at risk
    Belize’s Atlantic International Bank Limited’s (AIBL) involvement with the real estate development Sanctuary Belize has been resolved to the tune of US$23 million under a proposed consent order issued on Tuesday, September 24th. The payment will settle the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allegations that AIBL assisted various related entities connected to Sanctuary Belize in deceiving several U.S investors in the fraudulent scheme. These monies will be used to provide compensation to more than 1,000 investors affected by the scam.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Corozal Coastal and River Cleanup
    Every year the Scout Association of Belize, through the coordination of Ocean Conservancy & Mr. Ricardo Alcoser, host the International Coastal and River ways Clean Up, an intiative for a trash free beaches and waterways. Joining more than a 100 countries,today, Scout Groups, NGO's, the Private sector and Educational Institutions such as; Belize Audubon Society, Oceana Belize, Bowen & Bowen, Ltd, Pallotti High School, Yello Belize, and many more, came together to take part in the largest coastal clean up in the world. participants of today's cleanup collected trash along the coastal areas of Belize city, Corozal, and also the river ways of Cayo and Orange walk. During this process, they also recodred each invidual trash that were picked up. Recorded data from this event will be turned into statisical information that can be use for educational purposes.

    Corozal Basketball Camp
    Just a few highlights from today at the Basketball Camp, had 76 amazing young boys and girls at the 8:30-11:00 session and 20 teenagers at the 1-4 session. What an amazing teacher you are Trey Slate, they all loved it, you touched a lot of lives today. He will be training tomorrow as well, same times. If you didn’t get a chance to come out you can come tomorrow as well as all that came today. Many thanks to Waves of Faith who helped hydrate all the kids as well as feeding them, what an amazing ministry y’all have. Jeanne Elder Hudson and Kari Bradley helping all these kids register along with Stacie Williams Dennis and Kipp Dennis of the Red across in case medical attention was needed. So many great volunteers. Just a fun day!!

    BELTRAVEX 2019 Day 2 at Belize City Civic Center.
    Day 2 of Belize's first Tourism Travel Expo.

    The Reporter

    Three Men Fined for Being Gang Members
    Three men have been fined after they pleaded guilty in Court to being members of street gangs. Raheem Arnold was fined $5,000, half of which must be paid by the end of November, or he will be imprisoned for five years.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Cayo Central Area Representative officially endorsed as UDP standard bearer
    Cayo Central Area Representative, Rene Montero was tonight endorsed as the UDP standard bearer for the Cayo Central constituency. Montero has represented the constituency since 2008 when the United Democratic Party (UDP) formed Government. Since then, the division has been a stronghold for the UDP.

    Major political parties mark anniversaries of formation
    Curiously, the People’s United Party and United Democratic Party were formed within days of each other in the same month. On Friday, the UDP quietly marked 46 years since its formation from an amalgamation of parties in September of 1973...

    Red light, Blue light – paying for votes on election day
    Belize’s general elections are held every 5 years. In 2015, the UDP won the general elections boasting a three-peat, after having served Belize and Belizeans since 2008. Since then, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) has tried to regain support to form the government.

    Sacred Heart College student wins Digital Poster Competition
    The Belize Travel Expo was hosted by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) on September 27, 2019. Students from Sacred Heart College (SHC) in San Ignacio attended the event.

    “Lova Boy” rape and kidnapping charges dismissed
    Performer Daniel Cacho, alias, Lova Boy, has had charges of two counts of rape of a minor and two counts of kidnapping dismissed on Friday in Los Angeles County, California.

    Last of accused in drug plane landing charged
    The two Honduran nationals injured allegedly by police during the September 9, 2019 landing of a drug plane were arraigned Friday morning in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court.

    Police investigate shooting incident in Belize City
    Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in Belize City. Around 8:25 pm, Mark Anthony Clarke was standing at the corner of Pitts Alley and New Road when a man riding a bicycle approached Clarke and pulled out a firearm and shot him.

    Orange Walk men charged for illegal weapons
    Authorities detained 2 Orange Walk residents for ‘keeping firearms and ammo without gun licenses’. Police reports indicate that around 2:30 am today, officers conducting operations stopped the 2 men that were riding a motorcycle.

    ICB Insurance Office in Belize City robbed at gunpoint
    Authorities are investigating an armed robbery that occurred yesterday morning in Belize City. Around 11:30 am, 2 men entered the ICB insurance office on Central American Boulevard.

    Businessman cleared in gun/drunk driving case
    Businessman Chris Rosado was not in fact driving under the influence of alcohol while in possession of a firearm, police conceded as they dropped all charges on Friday.


    Manatee Fun for Kids in Action in Caye Caulker
    Taking it a step further for the past decade is the group called Kids In Action (KIA) – an annual diving program that certifies young divers (free of charge) so that they can better appreciate the natural marine resources surrounding Ambergris Caye. It is organized by the San Pedro Tour Operators Association (SPTOA) in collaboration with the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association (SPTGA). Our very lucky reporter for The San Pedro Sun, Hamerlin Sandoval has been part of this group, doing his share of diving and working closely with the organization to promote their work. For the last two months, KIA members have participated in different weekend educational trips to learn about, appreciate and protect the environment and marine life. Their latest weekly field trip took members of KIA to the North Caye Caulker Channel in Caye Caulker Village on a gorgeous Sunday, (September 22nd). The aim of the trip was for the children to see and appreciate manatees, as well as to raise awareness about the protection and monitoring of these endangered species. If not protected, Belize’s Antillean Manatees may not exist in the near future.

    Tie the knot on a Maya Site
    While beach weddings are beautiful,haveyou ever thought about getting married on a Maya Ruin? For the more adventurous couple, nothing is more majestic and exciting than a ceremony at an ancient Maya Temple. There’s always a sense of greater purpose when you’re standing on an ancient temple saying your vows to each other. In Belize you can seal your love on top of one of Belize many beautiful and mysterious Maya Sites.The two most popular sites in the Cayo District are Cahal Pech or Xunatunich.

    International Sourcesizz

    ‘To hell with it’: She ditched Canada at 56 for Belize
    Marlene “Mar” Houghton by no means needed a traditional life. “Journey — that’s what makes my coronary heart sing,” the now-63-year-old, former British Columbia resident tells MarketWatch. So when she occurred throughout a narrative on-line about Belize being the subsequent sizzling retirement vacation spot about seven years in the past, she virtually instantly booked a flight. “I acquired to Belize and fell in love. It’s uncooked — not like Hawaii or Mexico — persons are very good, it’s English-speaking. I simply discovered it so fascinating and thought this could be an fascinating place to do a espresso store,” Houghton tells MarketWatch, including that she’d needed to open a espresso store overseas for years as a result of she’d discovered it was usually laborious to discover a good cup of espresso when touring.

    At UN, a world stage for disputes often out of the spotlight
    It's been a big year in a centuries-old argument between Belize and Guatemala. Guatemala claims more than 10,350 square kilometres of terrain administered by Belize essentially the southern half of Belize. It's an area of nature reserves, scattered farming villages and fishing towns, and some Caribbean beach tourism destinations. The dispute's roots stretch to the 19th century, when Britain controlled Belize and Spain ruled Guatemala.

    Pack, travel with a purpose
    Amazing vacations are wonderful and leave you with lasting memories, but wouldn’t it be even better to do some good while you are enjoying yourself? Our family was able to make this happen on our recent trip to Belize. We traveled to Placencia, Belize, which is an area at the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Our goal was to explore Belize and also to scuba dive, hopefully with the elusive whale sharks that migrate through this area at this time of year. We chose to stay at the Turtle Inn Resort, one of the many Family Coppola Hideaways resorts. Francis and Eleanor Coppola, who acquired this beachfront retreat in 2001, have created an idyllic, magical refuge from the world where guests feel like family and one never wants to leave. While preparing for our trip to the Turtle Inn, I discovered that the resort participates in a program called Pack for a Purpose.

    The reef plague
    The building blocks of the undersea infrastructure are being decimated by a mysterious plague. And no one is sure how to stop it. Off the coast of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a group of scientists is tearing a reef apart in a feverish attempt to save some of its coral. They are battling a fast-moving, lethal disease that researchers say is unprecedented in the speed with which it can damage large numbers of coral species across the Caribbean Sea. Breaking their cardinal rule to never touch the coral, the scientists are removing diseased specimens to try to stop the disease spreading and save what remains.



  • Destinee Arnold is Miss Universe Belize 2019, 4min. Meet the newly crowned Miss Universe Belize 2019 - Destinee Arnold from Roaring Creek. She is 26 years of age. She has studied Sociology at California State University, Fullerton. Will she make it to the top? She is one of the favorites on Miss Universe. Bring that crown to your country girl, cheer up.

  • Snorkeling Belize, 6.5min. Family cruise and snorkeling.

  • Belize - Minister For Foreign Affairs Addresses General Debate, 74th Session, 27min. Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Belize, addresses the general debate of the 74th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 24 – 30 September 2019).

  • Corozal Belize StreetWorkout Calisthenics September 2019, 5min.

  • Scuba dive sharks and sting rays San Pedro Belize, 10min. Beautiful Belize sen pedro some turtles some sharks and some of the town along with some sting rays enjoy

  • Biaje en bote de belize a sampedro, 4.5min.

  • BELTRAVEX 2019 grand prize raffle winner, 3.5min.

  • TR Shine performing at Beltravex 2019!, 24min.

  • Beltravex 2019!, 8min.

  • BELTRAVEX Pantempters, 6min.

    September 28, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Water taxi companies say the new Boat Manifest System is working
    Since the implementation of the mandatory boat manifest on August 1, 2019, water taxi companies in Belize state that passengers seem to be adapting to the new system. The manifest is intended to provide entry and exit information of passengers and is particularly essential in case of an accident at sea. Passengers traveling via Ocean Ferry or San Pedro Belize Express water taxi companies, and even Thunderbolt (to and from Corozal Town) are required to have with them an identification document (ID) to purchase a ticket. The directive for this manifest came from the Belize Port Authority (BPA) under the Water Taxi Regulations Statutory Instrument 29 of 2019.

    Tropic Air invests in a new international flagship aircraft
    Tropic Airlines is happy to announce to its customers that all is set for its new aircraft, a 1900D Beechcraft to arrive sometime in November 2019. The 1900D is a pressurized, twin-engine, turboprop, fixed-wing airplane. According to Tropic Air, it is designed and primarily used as a regional airliner. Earlier this year, Tropic Air’s President John Greif III and Steve Schulte traveled to Calgary, Canada to inspect the airplane and company before purchasing the 1900D Beechcraft. Tropic Air’s Executive Vice President John Greif IV stated that they are pleased with this major milestone for the airline. “We are investing in an aircraft that supersedes any in our current fleet.

    Drought costs Farmers $50 Million – GOB declares State of Emergency
    Belizean farmers' crop losses due to the prolonged drought are estimated at $50 million, prompting the Government of Belize (GOB) to declare a partial State of Emergency for the affected districts, declared Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow at a press conference at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Thursday, September 19th.

    Ambergris Today

    Tropic Air To Introduce New International Flagship Aircraft
    Tropic Air is investing in an aircraft that supersedes any in its current fleet. It’s a 1900D Beechcraft which, according to Tropic Air President, Johnny Greif III, will add a whole new dimension to their fleet, possibly even a weekly flight to Havana, Cuba. Tropic Air’s 1900D will be the first aircraft of its type owned and operated by a Belizean airline and the only one of its type, not only in the country, but in the whole of Central America. “This is a significant investment for the company and it just goes to show the commitment that Steve and my father have made for the future development and expansion of Tropic routes and the confidence that we need to move forward at a sizable pace.”

    Various Belizean Sources


    Corozal Animal Program Fundraiser Golf Tournament
    Come and join us for our CAP Fundraiser Golf Tournament on Tuesday, October 1. This is for golfers of all levels! No handicap scores, no problem! One will be assigned to you on the day of the tournament. Don't want to golf? Join us to watch the fun and have a few drinks. Beer, sodas, waters and Sue's famous Bloody Mary's will be served. All proceeds go to spaying and neutering cats and dogs in Corozal. So far this year, we have spayed or neutered 120 animals and your support enables us to do more!

    New Bridge Rates Rescinded for Now
    After reviewing the concerns, the general public is hereby informed that the 2019 Toll Rates posted yesterday, September 26 for the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge will be revisited and a new release will be issued early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused and we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    2019 Halloween Bash at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar
    Halloween 2019! Time to get those costumes ready! We are celebrating on Friday, October 25, which also happens to be Rob’s birthday! DJ, prize giveaways, free shots. Let’s start the Halloween week out with a bang!

    The Coastline Newsletter Volume 8 Issue 1
    The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is pleased to share with you the first issue of our Coastline Newsletter for 2019.

    Workshop Held for Local Farmers on Impacts and Challenges of Climate Change on Agriculture
    The Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project (hereafter referred to as Sheep Project) facilitated a workshop on Impacts and Challenges of Climate Change on Agriculture on September 19, 2019 at the University of Belize, Central Farm Campus. Facilitators for the workshop were Mr. Daniel Juan and Dr. Carlos Itza, farmers in their own rights and lecturers at the University of Belize. These two professionals were a part of a delegation of five Belizeans who attended a three-day workshop organized by the World Farmers Organization and the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) that was held at St. Kitts and Nevis on August 13–16, 2019.

    Update on Belize Tax Officer Detained and Charged in the USA
    The Government of Belize has recently received further details in the form of United States Court documents regarding the charges levied against Mr. Reynaldo Verde, Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services Department. It may be recalled that Mr. Verde was detained in the United States of America on September 7th, 2019 and charged by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation with alleged interference with commerce by means of extortion and attempted extortion. Mr. Verde has denied these charges. In light of the details of the charges being levied against Mr. Verde, the Belize Tax Service Department has submitted a recommendation to the Public Services Commission that Mr. Verde is placed on immediate interdiction pending the outcome of this legal action. This is in accordance with Public Service Regulations governing such matters.

    Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow giving opening remarks at a panel discussion “Fortifying Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in the Aftermath of Climate-driven Natural Disasters” at Clinton Foundation In NYC
    The purpose of the event was to discuss an innovative Caribbean initiative at the nexus of disaster preparedness and sexual and reproductive health. In 2019, International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF) and Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB), with the support of the Clara Lionel Foundation, committed to strengthen the emergency preparedness and response capacity of local SRH providers in Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, and Belize. As the impacts of climate change accelerate around the word, this project will generate critical lessons-learned to ensure that the right to sexual and reproductive health is not disrupted in the aftermath of climate driven disasters.

    “National Coastal and River Cleanup”
    Held today Saturday September 28th, 2019, at Miami Beach. It will commence at 8am. If you would like to join at any location, there will be groups all along the town beach.

    Tropic Air has announced that it has acquired a twin engine, 19 passenger, Beech 1900D aircraft in a deal worth nearly US$3million. Delivery is scheduled for December with first revenue flight early in the new year. Initially, the aircraft will be placed on current international routes to Cancun, Roatan and Flores. Flying time to those destinations will be significantly reduced. “The 1900D is a fantastic aircraft. It is fast, pressurized, roomy, and has a stand up cabin,” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “This is a significant investment for Tropic Air, and we are excited to be the first in Belize to fly it. We also hope to buy more.”

    Basketball Skills Training
    Free Camp This Weekend - Basketball Skills Trainings Presents by NCS Belize & Corozal Sports Council Featuring NBA trainer, Trey Slate, of Relentless Basketball Training. Date: September 28th & 29th 2019 Venue: Andres Campos Civic Center Open to all ages, Boys & Girls 8:30 - 11:00 am 15 & Under 1:00 - 4:00 pm 15 & Over

    Corozal Bay Dolphin Necropsy and Condition of the Bay
    Not all our experiences working in the Wildlife Sanctuary are good. On 12th September, SACD received a phone call from Mr. Ryan Rivera, Oceana’s representative in Corozal Town. A dead dolphin calf had been washed up on the beach at the Cerros Sands Resort, near Copper Bank Village. The SACD team responded immediately and, in collaboration with Wildtracks, made the necessary arrangements for the dolphin to be examined by a certified veterinarian. The female dolphin calf was transported to Animal Medical Centre, in Belize City for necropsy – the animal equivalent of an autopsy. Measuring 1.08 m from the tip of its nose to the tip of its fluke (or tail), the calf was in good condition when it died, but external bruising, bruised muscles and internal bleeding in the chest area were identified as the cause of death, most probably as a result from ‘blunt trauma’ (though other causes, whilst less likely, may also have been responsible). Blunt trauma is when the animal has been hit hard, and may have occurred if it was hit by a boat

    Beltravex Day 1 — at Belize City Civic Center
    Lots of great photos!

    Channel 7

    SSB Looking For New CEO, Colin Young Steps Down
    He has been CEO of Social Security since January, 2017, but today Dr. Colin Young announced that he is stepping down at the end of the year. Young sent an email to all staff this evening, saying that he informed the board yesterday that he will not renew his contract when it expires at the end of 2019. Young explains that he made the decision after what he calls "deliberate thought and much self reflection." He also tells staff that the Board of Directors will immediately commence the recruitment of a new CEO two ensure a smooth transition.

    Shot By Cops, Alleged Drug Traffickers From Hospital To Jail
    They were shot in a firefight with police after they landed a drug plane on the Coastal Highway 18 days ago. And after spending time recovering in the hospital, 2 injured Honduran businessmen were arraigned today. Flanked by a huge security detail comprising BDF and GSU, 31-year-old Allan Mejia - who had his hand in a cast, and 50-year-old Nolan Carrasco - who was favoring an injury to the stomach, went to court in Belize City to be arraigned with a single count of drug trafficking.

    NCFC Says Cops Violated UN Convention In Wild Arrest Scene
    For the last two nights we've been reporting on the viral video of a teenaged girl being subjected to a humiliating physical beating at the hands of police in board daylight on a busy street. Yesterday her parents told us how horrified they were to see how the police treated their daughter. Today, the National Committee for Families and Children issued a Press release saying, quote, "The manner in which the situation was handled resulted in the child being disrespected and demeaned publicly."

    Youth Minister Says Teenager's Arrest Is Complicated
    Today, the acting Prime Minister and the Minister of Education and Youth Patrick Faber also commented on the lamentable case - where so many things went wrong. Faber mostly shied away from the issue - acknowledging only that it is a complicated case for the teenager's parents, the police and the Youth Hostel: Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister Responsible for Youth: "I have not seen the video myself. Actually, I got glimpses in the news last night. But, from what I am told, we need to be careful about how we jump on these situations..."

    Man Arraigned For Killing Woman In Front of Grandchild
    A man has been arraigned for the murder of Mirna Young. The 58 year old grandmother was killed on the 18th of September inside her Santa Elena, Cayo home. A gunman chased her son and a friend inside the yard, and when they ran, he turned his gun to the inside of the home and fired more than a dozen shots. Young watched her 8 year old granddaughter dodge a bullet shortly before being shot in he chest. Tonight police say they have the shooter. He is allegedly 28 year old Jahnon Trapp of Esperanza Village

    Deputy Tax Boss Place On Interdiction After Allegations of Official Misfeasance
    We've already told you all about the criminal complaint that the FBI has against Belize's #2 Tax man, Reynaldo Verde - who remains in a Federal jail. Well, now, after the revelations and allegations of serious professional misconduct in the criminal compliant, the Government of Belize is trying to cut ties with Verde. A release says that the Belize Tax Service Department has recommended to the Public Service Commission that Verde be placed on immediate interdiction pending the outcome of this legal action.

    DPM Says Public Officers Must Maintain Integrity
    So, all the negative attention on this serious - but still unproven - allegation against the second-most senior tax official in Belize has only strengthened the acting Prime Minister's belief that public officials ought to maintain the highest standards of integrity. He discussed his thoughts on that topic with us in an interview this morning: Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "I don't know what else we can say about that, I mean this is an allegation made against Mr. Verde..."

    Despite Key Defections, Faber Undaunted in Leadership Quest
    And, while his comments on integrity in public life is one thing, in the UDP right now, it's all about the leadership battle - where integrity seems to be in very scarce supply. Right now it's more about axes to grind, which - by some counts - has put Faber at a disadvantage - and some key areas of support have gone to the Saldivar side. And then there's that political wild card, Orange Walk North's Gaspar Vega - who's rumored to be making a political resurgence. Vega and Saldivar have been allies in the past and the BVega war chest is still considered formidable Today Faber said that it's fine with him if Vega supports Saldivar:..

    The Vagaries of Voter Registration
    And, speaking of political majorities - and how you win them, there's been a lot of talk in the news recently about voter fraud and phantom voters - that is, voters registering in a division where they don't live. They register in what are known as safe houses - and once they're eon the list - getting them off that list is virtually impossible - even when there are as many as 60, 70, or 80 persons registered as a single address. It's not a story we've picked up - because we're very aware that the practice is so widespread on both sides of the political spectrum - all across the country, that to report on it in isolation is to give a distorted view of what is, regrettably, a political norm. In fact, it is a science practiced and perfected shamelessly by both parties.

    Left In A Huff, Back In a Hurry, Julius Jumps Back In As Western Deputy
    And while the UDP is in the process of choosing a new leader, the PUP is choosing the same old deputy Leader once again. In Episode 100 of the Julius Espat soap opera, the party somewhat sheepishly announced that Leader John Briceno - after consultation with the western Caucus - proposed the appointment of Julius Espat as Deputy Leader for the west. It's a post which Espat resigned from in June of 2018 - saying that the PUP was being guided by bench players - here are the comments he made on PLUS TV at the time:.. Hon. Julius Espat: "The PUP are using bench players right now to make the decision for the party. The People's United Party have the greatest warriors that this country has ever produced..."

    Forensic Science Symposium Digs Deep
    Today The University of Belize hosted the final day of the 1st Annual Belize Forensic Science Symposium. Organized by the University and the National Forensic Science Service it brings together leading researchers and students to discuss enhancing, improving, and continuing to build the capacity of forensic departments throughout the region.

    Moneygram Robbers Got Cash and Gun
    There was a brazen armed robbery in Belize City this morning. It happened on at the Moneygram/ICB office on Central American Boulevard at about 11:30. Two men walked in - one of them pointed a gun at the security - while the other jumped behind the counter and robbed the cashier of seven thousand dollars. They then took the security guard's 9 millimeter pistol and ran off. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

    Teaching Students How To Avoid Late Life Health Pitfalls
    Today the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry Of Education celebrated wellness week with two Expo's - one in Dangriga, and one in Belize City. We stopped by the Belize City event which took place at Anglican Cathedral College and spoke to a few of the presenters to find out what they are teaching high schoolers about healthy living. Robyn Daly, Nutritionist, Technical Advisor for Nutrition: "The Ministry of Health has different units represented today so we have the nutrition unit promoting healthy eating..."

    Liberty Children's Home - Challenges and Changes in 15 Years
    The management of the Liberty Children's Home in Ladyville today commemorated its 15th anniversary. They opened their doors as a child foster care organization back in August of 2004, and to mark that milestone, they held an open they today at their base in Ladyville. 7News stopped by to find out a little about their journey as an NGO looking after children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Here's what the Operations Manager had to say about their successes and their current challenges:

    Students Soaking In the Tourism Experience
    The Belize Tourism Board and over 20 major industry stakeholders were also playing hosts today to over 1,300 secondary and tertiary level students at the country's first-ever Belize Travel Expo. BELTRAVEX, as it has been branded, is a unique consumer expo that continues their Belizean Traveller Campaign. The organizers envisioned this a deal expo, where Belizeans will be able to buy vacation packages on the spot, at prices far lower than the regular market values. That's completely different from other expos, where people go to get information on a product, and then decide later if they want to buy it.

    Tropic Air Expands With Roomy New Aircraft
    In other tourism news, local carrier Tropic Air is stepping up big time with the acquisition of a new high capacity airplane - and it's one you can actually stand up in! The company says it has shelled out 3 million US dollars for a twin engine, 19 passenger, Beech 1900D aircraft. It is scheduled to be delivered in December, and to start flying in early 2020.

    School Age Youths Targeted By Gangs
    Today's interview with the DPM allowed the press the opportunity to ask him as the Minister of Education about concerns about at-risk Belize City youths. There are students - who have to walk a tightrope just to get an education. That's because they attend school in one gang territory, but live in another rival territory.

    DPM Getting Ready To Dig In With Shovels
    And the Deputy PM will definitely want several new schools being built countrywide to be safe for the students who will attend them. As we have reported, there is a 70 million dollars CDB loan for the construction of 35 news schools across the country.

    Modi Makes Major Grant to Caricom
    And while that money for new schools is from the CDB, the government of India is making a significant climate change grant to CARICOM - and Belize will benefit directly. On Wednesday in New York - in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly meeting - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting with 14 CARICOM leaders - including Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington.

    PM's Wife Takes Center Stage In NYC
    Foreign Minister Elrington will address the 74th United Nations General Assembly tomorrow afternoon - but the Prime Minister's wife, Kim Barrow has been holding it down for Belize in New York all this week. She was there with a very full agenda as part of the Spouses Of CARICOM Leaders Action Network. That group hosted a side event entitled "Ensuring Access and Equity in Adolescents, Children and Women's Health" on Tuesday where Sahar Vasquez of the MindHealth Connect NGO shared her story to raise awareness about mental health among adolescents. Here's a portion of her remarks:

    Channel 5

    Remaining Two Honduran Drug Runners Are Remanded to Central Prison
    Two men from Honduras are behind bars tonight charged in connection and a Venezuelan plane laden with sixty million dollars of cocaine that landed off the Coastal Road on the [...]

    Juan Pablo Larrea Cruz has Ecuadorian Brother Who is Allegedly Linked to Sinaloa Drug Cartel
    The media in Ecuador and even in Mexico has picked up the news of the arrest of the foreign nationals for landing and attempting to move a cargo of cocaine [...]

    Jahnon Trapp Goes Up for the Murder of Mirna Young in Santa Elena
    Twenty-eight-year-old Jahnon Trapp, a resident of Esperanza Village, has been arraigned for the murder of Mirna Young, a mother of six who was gunned down inside her home in Santa [...]

    How Far is Too Far in Arresting Minors?
    There is outrage over the manner in which members of the Belize Police Department effected the arrest of a teenage minor in Belize City on Wednesday evening.  The incident involved [...]

    Patrick Faber Says Female Minor “Very Troubled Young Person”
    While C.E.O. George Lovell condemns the policemen’s behavior, Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber told the media today that he does not have enough information to condemn the action of the [...]

    Burglary Averted near Pound Yard, but Lovell Family Has Lost Sense of Security
    Well-known psychotherapist Jenny Lovell experienced a horrible scare this early this morning. Robbers broke into her family home as she and her sister were sleeping. Fortunately for her, an alert [...]

    The Long, Long List of Phantom Voters
    Files showing the stacking of a single residence with phantom voters are in circulation. It is an issue that keeps popping up in constituencies all over.  The key purpose of [...]

    Patrick Faber Says Opposition Should Have Done Homework
    Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the U.D.P., Patrick Faber says that the Opposition’s move to point out these things is hypocritical. Faber says that he does not see [...]

    Patrick Faber: “I Keep Very Cordial with Gaspar”
    The rumoured return of Gaspar Vega in the political arena keeps churning. Vega, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources resigned in 2016 following a land scandal [...]

    Reynaldo Verde Placed on Interdiction
    Belize’s Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services Department Reynaldo Verde is spending his third week in a U.S. jail.  He was detained while transiting the U.S. on September seventh [...]

    B.T.B. Launches BELTRAVEX
    The tourism industry is a primary pillar of the economy; it creates jobs and opportunities and is a significant foreign exchange earner.  An expo was held today in Belize City [...]

    Works on Civic to Continue Promptly
    Two weeks ago, fifty-nine-year-old Roque Jimenez and Orlington Stuart plunged to their deaths inside the Civic Center in Belize City. The men were not wearing any protective gear while on [...]

    Belize’s Forensic Science Service Looks at Improving Forensic Services
    The installation of a forensic lab is still pending, notwithstanding, the first annual Belize forensic science symposium was held this week and the purpose of the event was threefold. The [...]

    A New Fleet of Vessels for the Belize Coast Guard?
    The Belize Coast Guard is in the process of revamping its fleet of seagoing vessels and earlier this week the maritime law enforcement agency was gifted with a newly-built watercraft [...]

    Wellness Week 2019: Building Healthy Schools
    Promoting a healthy life style at an early age has significant benefits. It promotes the ability of children to learn, grow and develop into healthy adults.  This week, expos were [...]

    Liberty Children’s Home Celebrates 15 Years
    The Liberty Children’s Home offers abused, abandoned, neglected children and other vulnerable minors a safe and loving environment. While the home provides food and shelter, it also nurtures its residents [...]


    Belize Tax Service’s Reynaldo Verde jailed in the US
    Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of the newly-created Belize Tax Service (BTS), has been sitting in a US prison, instead of behind his desk at his office in Belize. Verde was the subject of a United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation that landed him in the arms of US law enforcement on Saturday, September 7, as he was heading back to Belize from an official trip to Brussels. Verde was nabbed at Dulles International Airport in Washington and was held for transportation to the United States District Court for the Southern District Court of Florida, where his “Interference with commerce by means of extortion and attempted extortion” was allegedly committed.

    US Federal Trade Commission settles with Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) for US$23 million
    The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had sued Atlantic International Bank Limited and a number of other defendants (AIBL) on behalf of US consumers who lost an estimated 100 million dollars due to investments in the real estate scam that has come to be known as Sanctuary Bay Belize. On Tuesday, the FTC issued a press release captioned: “Belizean Bank to Pay $23 Million and Cease Operations to Settle FTC Charges It Provided Substantial Assistance to the Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Scam.”

    The 5th anniversary of Special Constable Danny Conorquie’s murder
    Yesterday, September 25, 2019, marked five years since Police Special Constable Danny Conorquie was gunned down at the Caracol Archeological Site in the Cayo District. The violent, broad daylight assault on this Belizean law enforcement officer occurred in the presence of visiting tourists, who were able to capture the sound of the gunfire on a short video. At the time of this attack on Belizean territory, PC Conorquie, who was attached to the Tourism Police Unit, was on duty. As a young man, Conorquie had dreamed of serving as a police officer.

    Reuters lists Belize among “sudden stop” investment countries
    On Saturday, Belize celebrated 38 years of being an independent country and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in his State of the Nation speech from Independence Plaza in Belmopan, trumpeted that the economy is on strong footing with a 5 percent growth rate and unemployment at an all-time low of 7 percent. While the Prime Minister’s speech might be good political optics for domestic consumption, that is not what the experts are saying about Belize’s economic outlook when it comes to attracting investments.

    Think Local, Act Global; Learn Global, Apply Local
    We all strive to live in a society devoid of poverty, hunger and inequalities. Places characterized by economic growth, quality education, gender equality and health and wellness. These are just a few of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by United Nations member states in 2015. What has since been understood among these countries is that cities and local governments play a crucial role in realizing these goals.

    Belize City celebrates 38th anniversary of Belize’s independence
    On Saturday, September 21, Belize City’s Memorial Park became alive with the raising of the Belizean flag at midnight and then in the early morning hours, just as the sun began climbing, thousands of students dressed in their various school uniforms began to assemble for the annual uniformed parade which went through the principal streets of the city and ended at the ‘Yarborough Green’. Before the parade got underway, Belize City mayor Bernard Wagner inspected a BDF guard of honor before delivering his Independence Day address to city residents.

    Bandits and Verdes still tied, undefeated leaders at Week 8 of PLB Opening Season
    After playing to a scoreless draw in their Wednesday night Week 6 back match at the FFB Stadium last week (Verdes’ home game), both standings leaders Bandits Sport and Verdes FC proceeded to participate in draw games with different opponents this past weekend in Week 8 games of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2019-2020 Opening Season. Because of Independence Day on Saturday, 3 Week-8 games were played on Friday night, September 20, and the other on Sunday afternoon, September 22.

    About roses and names in Belizean sports
    There is a peculiar situation in sports, when talking about great or famous teams of the past, that we often overlook; and my brief telephone discussion today with the legendary Wilfred “Palmer” Davis, who is presently residing in Middle Rock, Arkansas, underscores that often unnoticed trivia. Evan X Hyde’s “Sports, Sin and Subversion” highlighted some great football teams of the past, one most emphatically, whose stature and acclaim attained almost mythical proportions under the scrutiny and spotlight of the X’s inspired pen.

    Belmopan F.A. 2nd Division Tournament 2019 continues
    The Belmopan Football Association (BFA) Second Division Tournament 2019 continued over the weekend with games on Friday and Sunday, September 20 & 22, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. In the opener on Friday night, Western Dairies shut out Avengers, 3-0, with goals from Jorge Chable (3’), Edras Perez (42’) and Alexander Figueroa (48’).

    FFB Inter-District U-15 and U-17 Male Finals this Saturday in Belmopan
    It has been a somewhat tedious task, keeping track of all the games in the various categories of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Youth Tournaments 2019. But it is a labor of love, at long last seeing our youth from all across the country getting a chance to participate in competitive inter-district games over a prolonged period; and already it is bearing fruits, as evidenced in the performance of our youths at the CODICADER Games in Honduras earlier this year.

    Editorial: USA disrespected Belize because our leaders disrespect Belize
    Belize’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, said at a recently held press conference, where he covered a range of issues that the USA had acted disrespectfully toward Belize in a matter involving Mr. Reynaldo Verde. Mr. Verde was taken into custody in the USA while transiting to Belize from Brussels, Belgium, where he had gone to attend a tax conference. The PM said that officials from the Belize Embassy in the USA were denied access to Mr. Verde, and this is “a well-established international obligation.” He intimated that he would have understood the USA’s behavior if the matter had something to do with the Patriot Act (terrorism), but the allegation against Mr. Verde had to do with extortion, “a regular, almost garden-variety type of criminal offense.”

    Last week, for the first time that I can remember, the newspaper of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) contained more pages than the newspaper issue of Belize’s leading publication – Amandala. Those of us in the business, and I suspect most reading Belizeans, know that the UDP newspaper has no readership. The reason for its large size last week, and all holiday weekends, is the fact that all Cabinet Ministries and statutory bodies are enjoined by party loyalty/pressure to send whole page advertisements to the party’s propaganda organ.

    Dr. Guy Lanza responds to DOE on New River
    Dear Editor, The Belize Institute of Environmental Law and Policy (BELPO) thanks Dr. Guy Lanza for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his valuable experience and knowledge with us for the benefit of the people of Belize and our rivers. He first answered our call for help in 2009 when the Chalillo Dam was spewing sedimentation from the Macal River to the Belize River to the sea. He has done this because he values rivers, people and ecosystems, not for personal profit.

    Fr. Scott Giuliani replies to Elogio Itzab
    Dear Editor, In response to Mr. Elogio Itzab’s letter to the editor on September 20th, I feel another read of my widely-published letter in its entirety will suffice to address his concerns. I would not have taken the time to respond, except for the errors and misrepresentation of the Catholic Church. In regards to the Church being responsible for the executions of the ancient Roman civil authorities, I must admit this is a new suggestion to me.

    Sir Andie’s complaint
    One of the first phones that was installed in Cinderella Town was 3195. Now for the last two months my telephone has not been working but still I’m expected to pay the monthly bill even though I have no service. It seems that there is no one in authority that I can voice my complaint to and have the situation addressed and rectified. Nurse Seay Street is one of the oldest streets that was opened in the Cinderella Town are where the houses were built.

    Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner’s Independence Day speech
    The late Right Honorable George Cadle Price, the Father of our Nation and the figure that led us to freedom, did not perceive independence only in terms of transfer of political power. But rather he considered it a stepping stone in a longer and larger process of nation building and national repairing. Independence, or being independent, clearly has different meanings for different people. To be independent to some respect means: “to be free from outside control, and not reliant on another’s authority”.

    A confession is not a sure conviction!
    I know from my personal experience that the most difficult murder cases for me to have proven were the ones based on confession alone. For the layperson, news of a confession from an accused gives joy, because they feel he has admitted to the crime and as such he must be convicted. A confession given by an accused murderer, at the stage when they are held by the police, does not translate into a sure conviction. Neither does it mean that because the contents of the confession appear to be true, as only the killer would know such information, that the court will accept the confession into evidence.

    Sobbing in my rum
    In the wee hours on Sunday morning some men went to the house of one of my neighbors, Mr. Chen, and killed him. The story is that they broke into his house with the intent to rob, and he saw them and they shot him. I found out about it when I was going out for my morning walk and run on Sunday, and “Panza” Arnold, who lives two houses from me, told me to hold off because there had been a murder in our neighborhood. Mr. Chen has been living in Camalote a few years, and I’ve been over to his shop for some electrical work on my vehicle a couple times. I am angry and saddened about what happened to him. I pray that his family members have the kind of hearts that readily forgive, so the anguish over their loss does not stay with them too long.

    Pulling up my golf cart near a lake that housed the Belizean crocodile during a serene ride around La Isla Bonita in Belize, this one had no fear and came at me like the true predator it is in San Pedro Ambergris Caye some years ago. Though the Belizean crocodile appears to be a protected wild life by the Belize Audubon Society, it faces serious threats to exist unharmed today in its natural habitat with the pollution of the Belize rivers through rapid private development. News of some found dead floating in the rivers across Belize raises some serious concerns for this beautiful and graceful creature that inhabits the Belizean mangrove along its many beautiful cayes, coastal regions, and once pristine waterways.

    BSI shipment of sugar from Big Creek Port will hit stevedores hard, if implemented
    The Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) has been exploring another way of transporting its sugar from its factory to the ships for the export market. Traditionally, the sugar is shipped on barges and then loaded onto a ship, which stays around 6 weeks in the harbor until the loading process is completed. The method being looked at by the sugar company will bypass the Belize City port in the Caesar Ridge area of Port Loyola.

    Three minors missing
    Three minors have been reported missing from their homes. Roberto Nah, 14, of San Pedrito, San Pedro, Belize District, was last seen on Saturday, September 7, when he left home for an unknown destination. Police said that they were following leads, but they led nowhere. Also, a Jasmine Alert has been issued to find Keyla Capen, 15, who is a Ladyville resident. The Belize Police Department is asking your assistance in locating her.

    Cops’ apprehension of unruly female escapee of Youth Hostel goes viral
    A group of police officers tried to arrest a girl who had escaped from the Princess Royal Youth Hostel, but the effort to detain her turned out poorly for them. A video released on social media showed the officers struggling with the girl, 15, who had been put in a chokehold by one of the officers while she was being manhandled by the other officers, who were trying to handcuff her. She eventually escaped, anyhow, although she was later apprehended.

    Mishap after mishap plagued firefighting efforts on Caye Caulker
    Nando’s Golf Cart Rentals and Apartment, located on Langosta Street in Caye Caulker, was completely destroyed by a fire which began at about 11:40 Friday night, September 20. It was put out at about 2:30 Independence Day morning. As a result, a two-flat building was destroyed and two other buildings, which included 10 apartments, were gutted, leaving 16 persons homeless. Fire chief Colin Gillett, during a press brief held this afternoon at the Belize National Fire Service headquarters in Belize City, said that a truck attached to the Caye Caulker Fire Service was rendered useless during the fire, at about 11:30 that Friday night, by enthusiastic residents eager to help put out the fire.

    The Reporter

    Police Charge Man for Woman’s Murder
    Police have arrested and charged Jahnon Trapp, 28, of Thompson Street, Esperanza Village, Cayo for the murder of Mirna Young, 58, a mother of six who was shot in her chest while inside her house last week Wednesday night.

    Friday, Sept. 27th. 2019 – By: Dr. Abigail Joseph. Having your period is a “beautiful thing,” according to your mother when she is sitting you down to explain to you that the sight of your first period is a sign that you are now a “woman.” Most young girls have the opportunity to learn from an older sibling what that first bloodstain means and they are guided as to how to use a tampon or a feminine napkin.

    Tax Dept. Recommends Verde’s Interdiction Pending Investigation
    The Government of Belize has recently received further details in the form of United States Court documents regarding the charges levied against Mr. Reynaldo Verde, Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services Department. It may be recalled that Mr. Verde was detained in the United States of America on September 7th, 2019 and charged by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation with alleged interference with commerce by means of extortion and attempted extortion. Mr. Verde has denied these charges.

    Belizean Media Icon Harry Lawrence Honoured
    He is the publisher of one of Belize’s most popular and widely-circulated newspapers – the Reporter – and Harry Lawrence was one of the Belizeans singled out and honoured for their contributions to the development of Belize in their particular field of work. Mr. Harry earned the Order of Distinction – the second highest honour in Belize – given for his contribution over more than 50 years to Belizean journalism.

    Verde Nabbed After FBI Sting Orchid Bay Developer Claims Extortion
    The details of the Reynaldo Verde case, being investigated by the US F.B.I. on charges of extortion and obstruction to commerce, became public this week describing how the Deputy Director of General Services in the Belize Tax Services Department used his official capacity to strong-arm American developer Chris Williams, demanding a portion of up to $8 Million at one point from him allegedly causing development of his Orchid Bay property to cease.

    Editorial – Friday, September 27th. 2019
    The Belize Referendum on the Guatemalan claim has come and gone, but it appears there is still lingering resentment among those who bitterly opposed the vote. Opponents of the referendum are still weeping and moaning that the referendum was a betrayal “of the independence that George Price and his team bequeathed us.” These critics say that foreign governments pumped $8 million into an education campaign to secure a yes vote for the referendum.

    Police Raid Home Of Wealthy Asian Businessman In Cayo
    The home of a well known and wealthy Asian businessman was raided this morning. The Reporter has confirmed that the ongoing raid which occurred at approximately 8am. this morning September 27th.

    Third Dengue Death Reported
    Dengue has claimed its third victim in Belize, and the third woman to succumb to the virus. Jasmin Ogaldez, 25, a resident of Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek, died late last week at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital from what has been termed as “dengue-related” complications.


    Belize Education Sector Reform Program to take effect soon?
    After three years, construction of promised new schools will finally commence. Back in January 2016, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Ministry of Education announced that 35 new schools were expected to be built around the country.

    New details concerning detention of Reynaldo Verde
    Earlier today, GOB stated that they have received additional information on the detention of Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services Department. According to them, these details came in the form of US Court Documents regarding the charges levied against Verde.

    Faber Comments on Viral Video
    For the past couple days, Love News has been reporting on the circumstances that led to a video of a 15-year-old girl who was beaten and detained by police officers. The video sparked outraged over social media as son people sided with the officers while others felt as if excessive force was used.

    Business Robbed in Broad Daylight
    The MoneyGram located on the Central American Boulevard was robbed in broad daylight today. The incident occurred sometime after 11am. Reports are that two men entered the establishment, posing as customers.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Mark Clarke shot again in old capital
    A man was shot on New Road in Belize City tonight. We can confirm that […]

    Commissioner of Police to meet with 2 families in Cayo
    Relatives of Jahnon Trapp are reportedly scheduled to meet with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams […]

    Jahnon Trapp charged for murder of Mirna Young
    Esperanza resident, Jahnon Trapp was charged this afternoon in the San Ignacio’s Magistrate’s court for […]

    Preferred Commerce signs letter of intent to enter joint venture with Maya Sustainable Systems of Belize for production of hemp
    Preferred Commerce, Inc. (PCI), an international grower, buyer, seller and producer of hemp, today announced the company’s […]

    Local farmers participate in workshop focused on Impacts and Challenges of Climate Change on Agriculture
    The Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project (referred to as the Sheep Project) facilitated […]

    Government of India offering millions in grants to help CARICOM
    This week, the Government of India announced that it would be offering grants and credit […]

    Commonwealth Countries support Belize in the territorial dispute with Guatemala
    The Commonwealth Ministerial Committee on Belize reaffirmed their support for Belize’s territorial integrity at a […]

    Belize Tax Service commence internal investigation on Reynaldo Verde
    The Government of Belize today informed that the Belize Tax Service Department has commenced its […]

    Government of Belize: Reynaldo Verde is on immediate interdiction
    The Government of Belize (GOB) issued a statement today updating the public on the United States […]

    Tropic Air announces introduction of the Beech 1900D aircraft
    Tropic Air announced today that it has acquired a twin engine, 19 passenger, Beech 1900D […]

    Rolando Montero appointed Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Belize
    Rolando Montero has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Belize...


    What to Pack on a Jungle Adventure in Belize
    No trip to Belize is complete without a visit to its jungle. Those with a deep and abiding appreciation of nature can find hundreds of beautiful plants and animals, countless breath-taking vistas, gorgeous rivers, and caverns that have been shaped by countless centuries of watery force. With all of this wonder for Belize to offer the world, you should know that visiting the jungle requires some planning; going in jungle with your barest of essentials is likely to go poorly. Fortunately, a proper jungle kit is not hard to stock.

    Open All Season Part Two + A Few Closures
    Since my first list of 32 open all-season and 13 closures was well received, and only a drop in the bucket, I decided to go for round two. My goal was to surpass that for list number two. This time I found you 39 more restaurants that are open all season and 17 that are doing some sort of seasonal closure. To see the first list click through on Who’s Open All Season 2019 on Ambergris Caye + a Few Closures. If I missed your business and you want people to know your seasonal schedule please email me at tacogirlbelize.

    A Day at Goff’s Caye
    If you’re looking for things to do in Belize City, one of the most beautiful attractions you can visit is the nearby island of Goff’s Caye. Managed by Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI), Goff’s Caye has been a part of the Belizean heritage for many years and is also registered as an archaeological site because of its history as a colonial settlement area. Located 12 nautical miles east of Belize City in the central region of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the island is one of the major marine destinations for cruise ships and local visitors alike. This is because it is easily accessible and offers a unique mixture of sun, sand and healthy reefs, embodying the true essence of Belize and a tropical adventure.

    Celebrate World Tourism day!
    Today, September 27th, 2019, the world tourism day is celebrated globally! This day is commemorated each year on September 27th, with celebrations led by World Tourism Organization UNWTO. Its purpose is to foster awareness among the global community of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value and the contribution the sector can make in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

    International Sourcesizz

    Death of a double agent: British torture and betrayal in 1980s Belize
    To stop communism in one of the UK’s last colonies, one man was handed over to a death squad and another was tortured. Only now is the truth emerging. One of Britain’s last colonies, Belize became independent in 1981 but continued to rely on the UK military for its external defence, principally from Guatemala, until as late as 1994. Even today, the British army maintains a training camp there, at considerable cost to the taxpayer, and plans to enlarge its footprint after Brexit. Despite this sustained military presence, the British media rarely reports on Belize unless it involves the powerful Conservative Lord Ashcroft and a tax haven scandal. As a result, the British public knows and hears very little about the Belize/Guatemala border dispute, especially as it has never spilled over into open conflict, unlike that of Britain’s other garrison in Latin America – the Falkland Islands. And yet the British army presence in Belize has not always been entirely peaceful.

    NYC college students from CUNY help discover rare Mayan vase in Belize
    As soon as Nicaela Cartagena dusted off a dirt-caked stone shard at an archaeological dig in Belize, she knew she’d stumbled on something special. “It was pearly white,” she recalled. “We were like, okay this is not what we normally find here.” The piece of stone belonged to a rare marble vase from the Maya empire, one of only about 150 in the world, and among just a handful discovered in the past several decades.


  • BELTRAVEX opening ceremony, 37min.

  • BELTRAVEX Tourism Debate, 10min. Be it resolves that a sustainable tourism industry will translate to improved quality of life for surrounding communities in tourism destinations.

  • BELTRAVEX Tourism Debate #2, 10min. Be it resolves that a sustainable tourism industry will translate to improved quality of life for surrounding communities in tourism destinations.

  • Beltravex 2019, 6min.

  • BELTRAVEX 2019 I Recycled Materials Fashion Show, 37min.

  • BELTRAVEX I Announcement of winners, 12min.

  • , min.

  • , min.

  • Squrrels outside Cheers Restaurant & Cabanas, 1min.

  • The Yaaxche Show!, 14min. The 100,000 acre Bladen Nature Reserve is considered the ‘crown jewel’ of Belize’s protected area system! Considered to be one of the most biodiversity-rich, and geographically unique areas within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, Bladen forms a significant portion of the Maya Mountains Massif. Bladen is comanaged by Ya’axché since 2008. On The Ya’axché Show to chat with Sayuri Tzul are Marchilio Ack (Protected Areas Manager) and Elizabeth Dorgay (Science Director) and behind the scenes was Maximiliano Caal.

  • Belize Lamanai Ruins, 15min.

  • Belize - Carnival Glory - Cave Tubing, 12min.

  • We Are Belize - Lee Laa Vernon - Coming Down From Foat, 8min. Featuring the queen of Buru Brukdown, miss Lee Laa Vernon, and Ernestine Carballo. From "We Are Belize: The Music" by Francis Reneau. Recorded at the Bliss Centre for Performing Arts, September 18th and 19th, 2006.

  • Lamanai Ruins Belize, 10min.

  • First ever Belize Travel Expo held, 5min.

  • Jacinto Canek or Jacinto Uc de los santos was a Maya revolutionary who fougth against the Spanish during the 18th Century, 12min. It is believe that Jacinto Canek even reach to the territory now known as Belize . His legacy is still alive in the memories of the Yucatec Maya people. In 1847 when rebellion broke ouot(The Caste War),Jacinto Canek's name was a rallying cry by the Yucatec Maya .

    September 27, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Caye Caulker fire leaves one dead and several families homeless on Independence Day
    A fire, shortly after midnight on Independence Day, Saturday, September 21st, left one dead and ten families homeless in Caye Caulker Village. The blaze gutted a two-story commercial building housing a golf cart rental and apartments on Langosta Street. Most of the persons living in the building were out enjoying the fireworks, but on the first floor a gentleman, identified as Elmer Chuc from the Corozal District, who worked at the golf cart rental, became trapped and died in the blaze. Despite the efforts of the island’s fire department and volunteers, the entire building and its items destroyed.

    Another draw for San Pedro Pirates as PLB’s second round of 2019 season begins
    For their first match in the second round of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) 2019 Opening Season, the San Pedro Pirates F.C went against Belmopan Bandits on Saturday, September 21st. The match saw both teams with a strong defense, and when the long whistle blew, it was a 0-0 draw. For their next match, San Pedro Pirates will be playing at home against Altitude F.C on Saturday, September 28th. The game is scheduled to start at 7PM inside the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. ALL islanders are invited to come out and support the island team on their home game.

    Ambergris Today

    Oceana Belize & Tiburon Rum Gift The Belize Coast Guard With New Marine Vessel
    Oceana Belize along with Tiburon Rum and other donors have facilitated the donation of a 28’ Bradley Pelican marine vessel, Tiburon, powered by two 115 horse power outboard engines, to the Belize Coast Guard in an effort to combat illegal fishing, piracy and drug trafficking in Belize’s waters. The donation was made possible through the kind support of multiple partners. The official boat handover ceremony took place at the Coast Guard Compound on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. On hand at a brief ceremony was Chief Executive Officer Felix Enriquez of the Ministry of National Security and Rear Admiral John Borland, Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Light Manufacturing and Logistics: Outlook and Investment Opportunities
    Belize’s abundance in investment opportunities allows for all sectors to capitalize on the country’s strategic business position. The blossoming business environment has created opportunistic gaps in the market for fruitful development to occur. One such sector that can benefit from these market gaps is Light Manufacturing and Logistics. This sector has exuberantly displayed it’s potential for investment. Moreover, the country’s thriving economy with flourishing private sector development, has created the required infrastructure to support the expansion of the Light Manufacturing and Logistics Sector.

    Independence Day 2019
    Check out our U.S. Embassy Belize photos on Flickr from last Saturday's Independence Day Parade! We took some great pictures with our new friends along the parade route.

    Belize Coast Guard Gets New Marine Vessel
    Oceana Belize has facilitated the donation of a 28’ Bradley Pelican marine vessel, Tiburon, powered by two 115 horse power outboard engines, to the Belize Coast Guard in an effort to combat illegal fishing, piracy and drug trafficking in Belize’s waters. The donation was made possible through the kind support of multiple partners. The official boat handover ceremony took place at the Coast Guard Compound on Wednesday, September 25th 2019. “We’re pleased to assist in the expansion of your sea-going fleet as you continue to patrol the nooks and crannies of our country, as you work to safeguard the marine resources that so many of us depend on”, stated Janelle Chanona, Vice President of Oceana Belize.

    At the end of the 17th century,a healer whose name was Juan Moo. This sorcerer had the ability to transform into Huay Peek’, the Sorcerer Dog. This healer stood out for his powerful personality and was known as one of the most successful popular doctors, whom they called Campeche and Quintana Roo, for his widespread fame. Juan Moo was very respected among the population, even when the ecclesiastical authorities did not accept him and called him pagan. Who knows why the Holy Inquisition had not arrested him. When he carried out his works of white magic, he became a big black dog...

    New Toll Rates for the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge
    We would like to introduce to you the New Toll Rates for the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge, effective as of October 16th.

    ELECTIONS AND BOUNDARIES DEPARTMENT: List of Objections and Statement of Appeals


    Attorney General Responds to Comments by NBZlive on the Vital Statistics Unit
    The Office of the Attorney General has noted the postings of NBZLive made on the 25th day of September 2019, broadly and loosely exhibiting documents and other evidence alleging corruption at the Vital Statistics Unit, all in an effort to create mischief, attract attention and foster an anti-solutionist approach. The Office of the Attorney General calls on the public to reject these mischievous acts and put a stop to the use of improper forums to issue grievances and fester public disunity. The Office of the Attorney General reiterates that the Vital Statics Unit offers crucial services for the entire Belizean public and calls on Belizeans to not be easily swayed by political propaganda and acts of mischief.

    Prime Minister Departs the Country
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the public that the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, Thursday, 26th September, 2019 for a medical consultative appointment relating to his back ailment. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister will act as Prime Minister. The Prime Minister returns on Saturday, 28th September, 2019.

    Hanal Pixan
    National Institute of Culture and History through the Corozal House of Culture and To’one Masehualoon Maya Tradition of “Food For The Souls”. Saturday October 26, 2019 at 7pm Corozal Central Park. Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 7 PM in Corozal.

    Channel 7

    Cops Roughed Up Their Teenaged Daughter In The Street
    Last night a video of what seemed to be police brutality went viral on Belizean Social media - and in the process spawned dozens of memes.   But beneath the making fun, there is a family that is hurting, angry and demanding answers about a child who's still in police custody - because she escaped from the youth hostel.    As you've seen, the video shows 5 police officers attempting without success to restrain a half naked young woman in the street.  We now know she is only 15, but she fought the police - and the cops ended up using extreme measures to restrain her.

    Verde's Attorney Says "No Bribe"ť
    The criminal complaint against Belize's second most senior tax collector Reynaldo Verde has been released and - as you heard last night - it's not pretty.   An FBI agent says he has recordings of Verde - then the Assistant Commissioner of the Department of General Sales Tax - meeting with American real estate developer Chris Williams.  Verde allegedly asks for a payment of $350,000 BZD - in cash - to make Williams's tax arrears of millions of dollars go away.  Williams was heading a development called called Orchid Bay Belize - which has had difficulties getting off the ground.   At that meeting on August 24, 2019 in Corozal, Verde also allegedly asked Williams, quote "do you have an initial deposit for today?" 

    Suspect to Be Charged For Killing Grandmother
    58 year old grandmother Mirna Young was killed in front of her grandchild on September 18th.  And now, reliable reports say a suspect has been detained for her murder - and he could be charged as early as tomorrow.   Young was killed when a gunman, who had been chasing her son and a friend gave up on chasing them and instead fired several shots inside the home.  It is believed to be a retaliatory move against another of her sons, who is on remand for murder.

    PM Bad Barrow's Bad Back, Again
    He stood and delivered a 35 minute address in Belmopan on Independence Day.  But, it seems Prime Minister Barrow can't stand much.  Today, it was announced that - for the second time in 6 weeks - he's traveling abroad to seek treatment for his ailing back.  A press release says he left the country today for a medical consultation appointment relating on his back. He turns on Saturday - and Deputy Patrick Faber will hold over until then. The Prime Minister had back surgery in Cuba exactly one year ago.

    In the Farmhouse, a Shotgun
    On Wednesday morning at 6:00, Cayo police conducted a search on a farm on La Gracia Road, Buena Vista. They found one  unlicensed 12gauge single action shotgun, and an assortment of unlicensed ammunition, including two 12gauge cartridges, nine 9mm hollow point rounds and three .38 rounds.  32 year olds Brian Wilthshire and 32 year old Solangel Rosalbina occupied the farm. Both were charged with the offenses of keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

    Medical Strategies For Dealing With Diabetes
    According to PAHO, the leading causes of death in Belize in recent years were chronic noncommunicable diseases, and deadly Diabetes leads the way.  Between 2012 and 2016, the Ministry of Health recorded over 20,000 cases of Belizeans afflicted with diabetes. So, to ensure that the nurses and midwives are adequately able to treat Belizeans living with the disease, the Nurses and Midwives Council organized a training workshop for 80 of their colleagues countrywide. 

    PG Gets A New Garbage Truck from Japan
    The Japanese government delivered big time for the Punta Gorda town council with a $400,000 Belize dollar grant. As we reported last night, the Orange Walk town council received a garbage truck from the Japanese government through their Grass-Roots Human Security Project. Well, today the PG Mayor and the Ambassador of Japan to Belize met at the Bull Frog Inn in Belmopan to sign a grant for a similar contribution. Here is more from the ceremony Ashton McKenzie - Mayor, Punta Gorda Town: "Today is certainly a most momentous and memorable occasion in the history of Punta Gorda Town, as well as for the country of Japan, it is definitely something big..."

    Roaring Creek Foursome Busted With Gun
    Police busted 4 men from different backgrounds on the move with a gun and ammunition at a Roaring Creek check point. It happened on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00. The cops stopped a black Volkswagen and searched the driver and passengers and found the weapons.  Driver 21 year old Guatemalan Cristian Omar Alejandro Granados Monroy had a gun inside the waist of his pants, and he was accompanied by Delford Slusher from Hattieville, Owen Gustavo Fernandez Tenas from Carmelita and Dwight Wade from Orange Walk Town. 

    Shoplifter Has to Pay a Dozen Times The Value
    He was caught on camera stealing 2 deodorants from a supermarket, and tonight, 53-year-old Kenneth Tillett is at the Belize Central Prison, after he was taken to court for theft. Police say that on Monday of this week, Tillett, who is a barber and a construction worker from Ladyville, went to the Sky City Supermarket. He was inside he pocketed 2 Secret brand deodorants, valued at $25.90. The owner of the store caught him shoplifting on the store's surveillance cameras. Police arrested him and charged him with theft, and he was arraigned today before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer. He wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the charges.

    Tourism Interests Make Hard Pitch And Easy Deal For Local Travelers
    In August of last year, the Belize Tourism Board launched its Belizean Traveler campaign. It's an initiative to boost local tourism and entice Belizeans to enjoy their country the way an international tourist does. 
    In theory, it's a win-win. Belizean travelers give hoteliers, tour operators, and other tourism stakeholders an opportunity to keep doing business all year round, especially during the tourism slow season; while Belizeans get to go on their dream vacations right at home, at more affordable prices. Well, the BTB is stepping their Belizean traveler campaign by launching the country's first Travel Expo called BELTRAVEX. Unlike the regular consumer expo, where people go to get information and then decide later, BELTRAVEX is being promoted as a deals expo. Attendees will be able to buy their vacation packages on spot at prices far lower than regular market values. 

    FFB Bex About CONCACAF Sanction
    The Football Federation of Belize is contemplating whether or not it should appeal a decision from the CONCACAF Disciplinary Committee. That Committee has decided to sanction Belize for missing a match in French Guiana.  
    Earlier this month, the FFB explained that the National Team was unable to travel to French Guiana to participate in the Concacaf Nation's League Match against French Guiana, which was scheduled for September 5th. From their perspective, they were fighting an uphill battle, after their previous travel arrangements for the team completely fell through.

    Channel 5

    Tensions escalated in San Victor Village when two men were injured in a shooting with the police
    The village of San Victor is located off the Philip Goldson Highway in the Corozal District.  Its strategic location in proximity of the Rio Hondo has converted it into a [...]

    Police issues an official report on the incident
    Late this evening police issued an official report saying that Police were on patrol in the Village around five o’clock on Thursday evening. As they neared the river, they saw [...]

    New River Crisis Task Force Formed
    A task force has been formed to monitor and address the New River crisis that has not only left students and teachers sick in Orange Walk Town, but also disrupted [...]

    Task Force to Look at Permanent Solution to New River Crisis
    According to D.O.E., the New River catchment is currently facing the worst drought seen in recent times. This drought was forecasted by the National Meteorological Service which has collected data [...]

    Education Minister Speaks on Effects of New River Crisis on Students
    The Department of Environment is now moving swiftly to address the New River crisis that continues to plague the community of Orange Walk. The health of the New River has [...]

    New River’s Health Deteriorating
    The heavy stench emanating from the New River has spread to a large portion of Orange Walk Town, affecting thousands of its residents. The Department of Environment has embarked in [...]

    Brian Orellana Out on $10,000 Bail
    Coastguard officer Brian Orellana was granted and met bail in the Supreme Court this morning where he appeared before Justice Herbert Lord in the presence of attorney Hurl Hamilton. The [...]

    Accused Kidnapper and Sexual Predator Out on Bail
    Bartolo Shish stands accused of forcibly abducting a teenage minor and sexually assaulting her. The incident happened at the Welcome Center in San Ignacio where the fifteen-year-old girl was allegedly [...]

    A New Watchtower in Inaugurated at Belize Central Prison
    Prison authorities are strengthening security at the central facility located on the Hattieville Road. The number of escapes or attempts to flee by brazen inmates has presented a challenge to [...]

    Another charged for being a Member of a Gang
    A number of persons have been dragged to court and charged for being members of gangs. One such person who appeared this morning in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court is [...]

    Godwin Flowers charged for Dangerous Harm upon Oliver Rodriguez
    Godwin Flowers, a messenger of Curassow Street, Belize City was taken to the court this morning to be arraigned for charges of dangerous harm and use of deadly means of [...]

    25 Constituencies Were Represented at Patrick Faber’s Leadership Launch
    Turning to politics, on Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber officially launched his bid to lead the ruling United Democratic Party. He is set to go against Belmopan Area Representative [...]

    Colin Gillett is Belize’s New Fire Chief
    Colin Gillett has been appointed as Belize’s new fire chief. His post became effective on July twenty-second, 2019 and he takes over from Ted Smith. The forty-two-year-old holds a Master’s [...]

    International Literacy Day 2019; Literacy and Multilingualism
    Today, the Ministry of Education launched International Literacy Day 2019 which focused on ‘Literacy and Multilingualism.’ The day is celebrated annually and gives governments, civil society and stakeholders the opportunity [...]

    “The world’s most ethical and sustainable shrimp comes from Belize”
    The Inter-American Development Bank has hailed Belize’s shrimp as the most ethical and sustainable. According to the I.D.B., Belize has taken the lead in producing socially and environmentally responsible shrimp. [...]

    Mas Camp ready for Saturdays Road March
    Mas camps 2019 ended with a bang on Thursday night with a visit to three camps and another that won’t compete but is playing mas. From patriotic themes to the [...]

    A Brief Look at the Evolution of Carnival
    To wrap up our coverage of Mas Camp 2019, we take a brief look at the evolution of carnival. Here is Brent Lopez.   Brent Lopez, Reporitng The festive event [...]

    CDF Provides US$3.3M in Loans to GOB for Sustainable Development Strategy
    A loan agreement to finalize the approval of a six million dollar credit line and two grants amount to six hundred thousand dollars under the CARICOM Development Fund’s Second Cycle [...]

    MOE and DIGI sign MSA for DigiLearn
    The Ministry of Education and Digi today signed an agreement as part of an initiative to roll out a new education tool across the country. Digi-Learn is a non-profit organization [...]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Domestic dispute ends in burglary, theft and harm charges for ex
    Osmin Martinez, originally from Trial Farm but working in San Pedro as a security guard, appeared […]

    MOE janitor stole purse to buy new phone
    A messenger/janitor with the Ministry of Education pleaded guilty to theft of a purse belonging […]

    Honduran woman faces deportation after dodging authorities for 4 years
    Resident of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, 23-year-old Cinthia Marisol Mariano Reyes, is heading to […]

    Cost of living went down marginally in August
    Belizean households got a marginal reduction in the cost of living during the month of August, […]

    Cops struggle to subdue rowdy youth who fled police van
    Authorities are under fire after an accused female who was being taken back to jail […]

    August export revenues up by over 100 percent
    The latest data from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), says that export revenues were […]

    Caribbean islands cannot survive climate change,” says Barbados Prime Minister
    Barbadian Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, speaking at the United Nations Climate Summit, called on the UN […]

    Attorney General: NBZ Live seeks to create ‘mischief’
    The Office of the Attorney General issued a statement minutes ago informing that it is […]

    Miss Universe Belize joins Digi Family !
    Belize’s beauty ambassador and Miss Universe Belize, Destinee Arnold, has joined the Digi Family. Arnold […]

    Police find 1070 grams of marijuana in San Ignacio
    Police conducted a search in a bushy lot in Swamyville, San Ignacio and found a […]


    Lily’s Treasure Chest in Downtown San Pedro Belize: Best Fried Fish Ever
    Lily’s Treasure Chest located on the beach in downtown San Pedro Belize has the best friend fish I’ve ever tasted. And the view? It’s not bad either. Yesterday, Jeff and I were in town and HOT…moving quickly towards hot and cranky. So we decided to take a time out, headed to Lily’s on the beach and sit down for lunch. No need to look at the menu. 2 icy soda waters, a fresh lime juice and an order of fry fish fillet and french fries (some might call it fish and chips) to share. We also got some chips and salsa in case we were still peckish.

    Guest Blog - Life as an Expat - PART III - FINDING A PLACE TO LIVE IN SAN PEDRO
    Now that you’ve considered your options for staying in Belize legally it’s time to find a place to live. Depending on your long term plans for staying in San Pedro, you’ll first have to decide whether you want to own or rent. If in fact you’re planning to live out the rest of your years in San Pedro or you intend to own a business and live on premises, you may want to purchase. The only other reason I would consider owning is for investment income reasons. In other words, you plan to visit for some portion of the year and the rest of the time you will draw income from vacation rentals. Even if you plan to purchase you’ll want to rent initially until you get a better feel for the island and decide where you want to own.

    Break Your Bag Habits
    Belize’s lush jungle, pristine Cayes, vibrant reefs, Maya sites, exotic wildlife, and rich culture make it a destination not to be missed and to be shared with others. Your travel decisions make a difference to the environment with small changes making a big impact. Here are our top 5 responsible travel tips to consider when traveling in Belize. Reduce plastic waste with a reusable water bottle. Plastic bottles take on average 450 years to biodegrade in the ocean. Many resorts and hotels offer complimentary reusable water bottles upon check-in to support the plastic-free in the country.

    A Race to Save the Reef
    Coral reef systems are among the greatest natural wonders across the world and provide a number of services to people living in coastal communities around the Caribbean. These services include things such as shoreline protection, nursery habitat for hundreds of other animals including fish and lobster, and aesthetic value for the tourism industry. In Belize these services were valued at more than 500 million USD/year. Climate change and other local threats are impacting these vulnerable ecosystems resulting in a major decline of healthy corals and their associated marine life, putting livelihoods at risk. Caribbean acroporids are key reef-building species but are already critically endangered, hence coral reef restoration is key to climate change adaptation.

    Trendy Travels
    Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from when planning your vacation. Travel trends come and go but what remains true are the enriching experiences each journey brings. While taking the next Caribbean cruise or backpacking through Europe are vacation staples, one trending destination offering exclusive adventures, virgin getaways, cultural hideouts, and luxury escapes, is Belize. Belize offers a unique experience, sure to provide you with many stories to tell. We’ve narrowed down some of the hippest things to do on your Belizean getaway.

    International Sourcesizz

    Geolocators yield conservation clues for migratory birds
    Tiny geolocators attached to the backs of golden-winged warblers have shed new light on their migrations and revealed a part of the globe that could be critical to conserving the declining species. In a study published recently in The Auk: Ornithological Advances, researchers found that on their return to the United States and Canada to breed during the spring, most golden-winged warblers (Vermivora chrysoptera) take a break in the region between southern Mexico and Guatemala to fuel up for the perilous flight.

    Michael D. Coe passes away
    Michael D. Coe, was an American archaeologist, anthropologist, epigrapher and author. Primarily known for his research in the field of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican studies, Michael Coe is regarded as one of the foremost Mayanist scholars of the latter 20th century. A renowned scholar with a legacy like no one else in Mesoamerican studies, his dedication and hard work forever transformed the study of the Maya and the Olmec. Though he has passed away, his legacy and his life's work will forever live on.

    As new disease wipes out Caribbean coral, scientists tear up reefs to stop the spread
    Off the coast of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a group of scientists is tearing a reef apart in a feverish attempt to save some of its coral. They are battling a fast-moving, lethal disease that researchers say is unprecedented in the speed with which it can damage large numbers of coral species across the Caribbean Sea. Breaking their cardinal rule to never touch the coral, the scientists are removing diseased specimens to try to stop the disease spreading and save what remains. Meanwhile, researchers and divers in Florida, where the disease was first spotted in 2014, are also removing coral samples and shipping them to places as far-flung as Kansas and Oklahoma, in a last-ditch effort to save the 20 species or more thought to be susceptible to what has been dubbed Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease.

    India providing US$150 m in aid to Caricom countries
    India is providing a US$150 million line of credit to finance renewable energy and climate change-related projects in the Caribbean Community (Caricom), according to a statement issued by the St Kitts-Nevis Government. The statement followed Wednesday's historic summit between India and the 15-member Caricom grouping that was aimed at deepening the political cooperation among the various stakeholders.

    China’s growing influence seen in Caribbean
    A few days ago, the Solomon Islands, Taiwan’s largest ally in the Pacific, recognised China. Beijing’s success in encouraging the island grouping to do so is the latest indication of the way in which China’s international influence continues to grow. The decision by the Solomon Islands’ government came despite Australia, its traditional regional partner, and the United States both placing pressure on it, in part out of concern that its recognition of China may cause other smaller Pacific nations to break with Taipei. The decision leaves Taiwan with just 16 diplomatic allies worldwide. Of these, the majority are small. Four are in Central America; five are in the Caribbean, including Belize.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Toy Store 4, Hobbs & Shaw, Between Two Ferns The Movie, Crawl. We are closed Friday, but for all those industry people who are at work or too busy every night of the weekend .. We thought maybe we'd try opening on a Monday night for you guys to enjoy .. Let's see how it goes.. See ya at the movies!

    Oceana Belize's Wavemaker Annual General Meeting 2019
    Join us for our 2019 Wavemaker Annual General Meeting on Saturday, October 19th at the SCA Auditorium in Belize City at 10AM sharp. At this event we'll be updating our sensational Wavemakers on all that's been happening over the last year. You will also hear about plastic pollution and marine health from our guest speakers and for the main event - we'll be honoring Wavemakers that have gone above and beyond to protect Belize's marine resources and their invaluable service and support to Oceana. YOU DON'T WANNA MISS IT! *Food and Oceana swag will be provided while supplies last*


  • New River contamination and Corozal Bay, 1min. The complaints of the stench and conditions at the Belize New River have died down. The Department of the Environment is conducting the aeration process and has indicated that the contamination of the Corozal Bay is unavoidable. A warning has since been issued to residents along the river in Corozal. Research Professor, Dr Guy Lanza of the State University of New York, who has worked as an environmental consultant in Belize spoke to Love News recently, expressing concerns of the toxins in the river that could be disturbed due to the aeration process.

  • Belize Investment Spotlight - Caribbean Paper Company, 3min. In this episode, we take a look inside Caribbean Paper Company and find out how they've managed to corner the domestic market while still exporting their signature paper products throughout CARICOM.

  • Belize Experience con The Moorings, 5min.

  • Ambergis Caye Belize 2019 Dive Trip, 22min. Ramons Resort' Off/low Season/less traveled.

  • Beltravex 2019 Press Conference, 19min.

  • Disaster Under The Waves: The Race To Save The Coral Of The Caribbean, 4min. Scientists in St. Thomas are battling a fast-moving, lethal disease dubbed ‘Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease’ that they say is unprecedented in the speed with which it can damage large numbers of coral species – not only in St. Thomas, but across the Caribbean Sea. Jillian Kitchener reports.

  • Caye Caulker to Belize Airport, 4min. Our last day in Belize. We will take water taxi from Caye Caulker to Belize City port. From there we will take a taxi to go to the airport.

  • Battle of the Drums Parade 2017 Punta Gorda Belize, 3min.

  • Belize: A Dive at Silk Cayes, 6.5min.

  • Belize adalarnda yelken, 19min. Su dünyas Belize'de yelken yapmak.

    September 26, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Is Ecotourism Truly ‘Eco’ Friendly in Belize?
    By Aidan Villanueva, Environmental Club, St. John's College Junior College. Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. This type of tourism is a major contributor to Belize’s economy, attracting tourists from all over to appreciate and enjoy a piece of our paradise. Hearing the term ‘ecotourism’ automatically gives us the idea that it is environmentally friendly, but is that really the case? Let us look deeper into some of Belize’s ecotourism attractions to see if it deserves this valuable label.

    Ambergris Today

    Taiwan Embassy Says News Of 2000 Chinese Moving To Belize Is Fake
    The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)in Belize hereby wishes to clarify that a press release, unauthorized but claimed to be issued under the Embassy’s name, now being circulated on social media with fabricated content concerning comments made by the Embassy and the government of Belize is purely FAKE! The Embassy condemns such a disinformation operation maliciously targeting the Embassy and our Belizean friends with purposeful intention to mislead the public to false understanding of certain aspects of Belize-Taiwan relations.

    Ambergris Caye One Of The Top 5 Islands In Mexico, Central And South America
    Every year Travel and Leisure put outs a World’s Best Awards survey, Travel + Leisure asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. For the fourth year in a row, two islands in Belize made the list. Caye Caulker (No. 5) is a spit of limestone — measuring about five miles long and one mile wide. Scuba divers flock there to experience what’s called the Great Blue Hole. Ambergris Cay (No. 4), the country’s biggest island, is also popular for those seeking underwater adventure — as is Mexico’s Isla Mujeres (No. 3), which is surrounded by coral reefs.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Lots of great photos

    August 2019 Merchandise Trade & Consumer Price Index
    For the month of August 2019, results from the Statistical Institute of Belize’s monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey showed that the All-items CPI stood at 104.6, a decrease of 0.7 percent from 105.4 in August 2018. This indicated that, on average, Belizean households experienced a decrease of 0.7 percent in the prices of regularly purchased goods and services during the month of August 2019 when compared to August 2018. Belize’s total imports for the month of August 2019 were valued at $169.5 million. This was a decrease of 1.7 percent or almost $3 million from imports for August 2018, which totaled $172.5 million.

    Lots of great photos!

    On Sunday, a second load of relief supplies was transported to Caye Caulker to assist families affected by an early morning fire on Independence Day. This was done via a Belize Coast Guard vessel which transported the supplies from San Pedro under supervision by Belize Rural South Coordinator Vanessa Parham. On Saturday, immediately after the fire, the first supplies had been flown in via BDF Defender Aircraft arranged by National Emergency Coordinator Colonel (Ret) Shelton Defour. That relief mission was led by NEMO Central Region Coordinator Al Westby who as assisted by NEMO Belmopan Assistant Coordinator Dalton Eiley. The BDF Defender Aircraft was flown by Major Adran Claude Ramírez.

    Descendants from the Cruzo'ob Maya from Quintana Roo (Mex) and Belize together last week
    The Cruzo'ob Maya was the name of the Yucatec Maya rebels who where fighting during the Caste war . The Yucatec Maya NGO To'one Masehualo'on from Corozal representing our Maya people of the north . At the end of the Caste war many Yucatec Maya freedom fighters settled in northern Belize . Pictures courtesy of Alfaro Yam Canul.

    World Maritime Day 2019 Theme: Empowering Women in the Maritime Community Topic: Empowering Gender Equality in the Maritime Community 1. The topic “Empowering Gender Equality in the Maritime Community” is to be displayed and demonstrated in the artwork submitted. 2. The maritime poster competition is open to students in High Schools 3rd & 4th Form. 3. Students must be a Belize National. 4. Size of Poster: Standard Bristol Board and must be ordered in black marker. There is no limitation as to colours and materials that can be used...

    2019 Light the Night For Kids
    This event is designed to promote awareness and inclusion within the communities for children living with special needs throughout the country of Belize. It will be a fun-filled. family-oriented glow-in-the-dark festival for all ages. This year promises to be bigger and better as we plan on inviting more schools and corporate organizations to participate in this worthy cause. Funds raised from this event will go towards the continuation of services being offered at the center. Services currently include medical consultations, speech & vitalstim therapy, physical therapy, hearing screening, ponseti (club foot correction) and the services of a social worker.

    CCVC needs buckets
    CCVC is putting together a fire plan and need 40 buckets to keep in storage. If you would like to donate please comment below.

    Mariano aka “Fox” Soberanis passes away
    Gone too soon my good friend Mariano aka “Fox” Soberanis. Main the last time I saw you and we ran some jokes was in my office when you went in for your driver’s license. You and my brother were compadres but you were always around with my older brothers. We had our beers when we ran into each other and you always had that unique way of laughing. You would know when Fox around and some idle jokes is said, he had a way of laughing. You also had a talent for football and growing up we say you play with my brother Joe. Sleep on Fox, we only have fun and good memories!

    Channel 7

    Complaint Says Deputy Tax Director Asked Fro Half a Mil Bribe!
    Belize's Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Service Department, Reynaldo Verde is in a Federal Holding Facility in Virginia awaiting a hearing in Florida. The 46 year old career public officer was intercepted in Washington DC on September 7th. He was passing through the USA on the way back from a tax conference in Brussels. So what did he do for the FBI to charge him for interference with commerce by means of extortion and attempted extortion? Well, tonight more details are known about his arrest. Much more. 7News has obtained the 10 page criminal compliant made by the FBI.

    Cops Caught on Camera In Ugly Scuffle With Woman
    There is a very disturbing video which has gone viral on social media this evening. It shows 5 police officers attempting without success to restrain a half naked young woman in the street - and they end up using extreme measures to do so. It all played out at the corner of Pink's Alley and North Front Street. The young lady was reportedly being taken from court to jail after a court appearance in connection with arson at the Belize Youth Hostel. Somehow she got out of the police van - and was trying to get away - and putting up one heck of a fight. The female officer could not restrain her, so male officers got involved and she is seen struggling with the officers who threaten to "eff her up" - to which the crowd responded, "You won't do that out here" and that the police should stop treating her as if she's an animal.

    Was BEL Culpable in Ferocity of Caye Caulker Fire?
    The Independence Day fire on the island of Caye Caulker, which broke out on one of the village's main streets displaced 14 residents, including men, women, and children. And, the greatest tragedy is that Elmer Chub perished in the flames. And Chairlady, Seleny Villanueva-Pott, said that BEL is a big part of the blame, because when the first responders arrived on the scene, the electrical lines were live and on fire. BEL needed to cut the power, before they could start to douse it with water. She said that she then ran to the ranking BEL employee from their Caye Caulker substation asking him to urgently cut the power.

    Briceno Says FTC Settlement Still Leaves Belize With A Smear
    Last night we told you about the 23 million US dollar settlement between the Federal Trade Commission in the US and Atlantic International Bank. Now, first off, to be clear, that 23 million dollars is coming out of the Atlantic International's US held assets - not taxpayer or government money. But, that doesn't mean that Belize won't take a licking. Speaking today in Orange Walk, Opposition Leader John Briceno today said the damage to Belize's reputation is significant and could have been prevented:

    OCEANA Wants to Save The Bay
    Last week, we told you how the experts say pollution in the New River in the Orange Walk District may have some negative impacts on the Corozal Bay, since that river eventually empties into the bay. Well, Oceana Belize is calling on Corozal residents to remain vigilant, and report signs of pollution in the Bay area. In a press release, Oceana's Corozal Field representative says, quote, "As the polluted waters begin to move towards Corozal Bay and the Caribbean Sea, we ask all residents to immediately report any incident such as fish or mammal mortalities to all relevant authorities Corozaleños are all too aware of the number of stressors already impacting Corozal Bay. As a community, we need to prepare for potential impacts, so that appropriate mitigation measures can be planned and deployed if necessary." End quote.

    NGO and Security Force Work Hand In Hand
    The Belize Coast Guard has a new vessel in its fleet. Her name is the Tiburon and she was donated by OCEANA in Belize. We attended the handing over ceremony to get a better understanding of this partnership between a private conservation NGO and a public law enforcement department:

    KHMH Workers Union Demands That Medical Chief of Staff Begone
    The KHMH Workers Union is angry tonight - and demanding that the Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Beatriz Thompson be removed within a week! And that demand letter was sent a week ago! In its letter to the Chairman of the Board and the CEO, the union alleges that Dr. Thompson is withholding overtime from, quote, "many medical officers for July and August 2019."

    Ladyville Girl Missing
    A 15 year old girl is missing from her Ladyville home. Keyla Capen went missing on Monday evening. She was last seen along with a male person riding a motorcycle. Police are requesting the public's help in locating this minor. Hilberto Romero, Sr. SUPT of Police, Deputy HNCIB: "Yesterday, Monday we received a missing person report. One Keyla Capen 15 years old was reported missing from Ladyville. Information gathered is that she was last seen along with a male person who drove her on a motorcycle..."

    A second man was charged for the August 13th Sandhill murder of 69 year old Ofelia Cruz. He is 20-year-old Camalote resident Julian Torres. He was arraigned yesterday in court before Magistrate Aretha Ford. 19 Year old Derry Bennett was the first to be charged in this murder in August. Now viewers will remember that the elderly woman was home alone when two men arrived on a scooter, stormed into her home and bludgeoned her to death. Police say the men went there to steal Cruz's husband's shotgun. Yesterday at the press briefing, police told us why it took almost two months to charge Torres for this senseless crime.

    Mother Not Charged For Daughter's Murder
    On August 16th a 9 year old girl was strangled to death in Unitedville. The murder of this child is a bizarre and deeply disturbing case because the prime suspect appears to be the child's own mother, Emily Ico. Yesterday at the press briefing, police told us that Ico's psychiatric evaluation is still pending. Joseph Myvette, Assistant COMPOL: "Her mother still remains at the hospital under treatment at this time. So she has still not yet been detained. When we last checked this morning she is still admitted at the western regional hospital."

    Briceno Relishes Rumoured Return of Gapi
    As we've reported the UDP standard bearer for Orange Walk North Homero Novelo stepped down last month. And now rumors are that the current area representative UDP's Gaspar Vega is politically re-animated and may want to take back his seat. Speaking today, the leader of the opposition said he would relish that opportunity: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "So we'd be happy if Mr. Vega decides to run. I have every confidence that our candidate Monchi Cervantes, a very hardworking, intelligent young man that has been doing more work in Orange Walk North than the present representative..."

    Murder suspect Found in Guatemala
    Last month, we told you how police arrested and charged 19-year-old Derry Bennett, a resident of Camalote Village, with the gruesome murder of 69-year-old Mexican Ofelia Hernandez Cruz. She was beaten to death at her home on the Salt Creek Road in Sand Hill Village. Well, the cops are arrested and charged another for that crime. He's 20-year-old Julian Torres, a resident and construction worker who also lives in Camalote Village. He was arraigned yesterday before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford on the offense of murder.

    Japan Donates Grassroots Garbage Solution
    The Government of Japan is sponsoring a Grass-Roots Human Security project - and a donation came today in the form of a new garbage truck for the Orange Walk Town Council. At a ceremony today, the Mayor said it is å very welcome addition: The Japanese Ambassador will also make donations to other councils.

    This Woman's Work...
    Yesterday a group of stakeholders gathered at the ITVET for day 1 of a women's empowerment workshop. The main focus is to discuss how to better respond to and care for women who are victims of abuse. It is a 3-day workshop.

    PM and LOO Laid It Down On Independence Day
    Last night we showed you a portion of the PM's Independence Day Address as he discussed a number of major major initiatives in the UDP's last year in office. Now while those were the uppercase announcements, Prime Minister Barrow - in what could be his last independence day address - again took a shot at citizen security - this time announcing more security cameras - followed by the leader of the opposition talking about a "war on crime": Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Every effort will be made in various ways to strengthen citizen security in Belize City and the District Towns. Here again our nationalized BTL will play a key role as it partners with the Belize Police Department to turn, first, the old Capital into a safe City..."

    Does Briceno Want Something Like CICIG?
    But, circling back to Briceno's comments, sounds like he proposes to institute something like CICIG - which was recently booted out of Guatemala. He spoke on Saturday about, quote, "a fully functional anti-corruption agency. One that is free from government interference," end quote. TODAY, The press asked him to explain just what he means:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "That any organization, any office, any group that the government controls will be unable to do an open and transparent investigation into anybody. That is why it is important for us to come up with a new body that is going to be totally and completely independent of the government..."

    Fake News Stoked Sinophobia
    And, in another bit of news left over from yesterday, the Taiwanese Embassy in Belize is crying foul after a piece of fake news went viral yesterday morning. A bogus release posted on a phantom page falsely ascribes a quote to the Taiwanese Ambassador Reemus Chen, supposedly saying, "I have informed Prime Minister Dean Barrow that in 2020 more than 2,000 Chinese will be moving to the country with their families," end quote. It's manifestly bogus - he never said or wrote those words, but nothing gains momentum as fast as stupidity and yesterday evening the Taiwanese Embassy had to put out a release to stop the momentum of this particular piece of fake news.

    Caught With Crack
    44-year-old San Pedro resident Gregory Parks is out on bail tonight after being taken to court for allegedly trying to traffic crack cocaine. And, the cops say that he tried to hide it in a very unusual way. On September 20th, San Pedro police went to execute a search at Park's residence in the Boca Del Rio area. They didn't find anything illegal. But, before they let him off, the cops decided to do a full body search. They say that they made him pop a squat and cough, and when he did so, a bag containing the suspected drugs fell to the floor.

    Channel 5

    Reynaldo Verde: Bribes, Demands, Threats & Secret Recordings
    Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services, has been in a U.S. jail since September seventh, on a charge of extortion and attempted extortion. He was picked [...]

    Opposition Leader Comments on US $23 Million A.I.B.L./F.T.C. Settlement
    On Tuesday, a district court in the United States released details of the twenty-three million dollar settlement that the Barrow Administration, along with liquidator Julian Murillo and F.T.C. officials, to [...]

    When and How Will Corruption be Effectively Address?
    The alleged actions of Reynaldo Verde demonstrated that corruption continues to exist within government ministries and department.  In 2013, Prime Minister Dean Barrow famously said that the Lands Department was [...]

    Family Questions Circumstances Surrounding Elmer Chub’s Death
    There was loss of life and property from the devastating fire on Caye Caulker over the weekend which also displaced fourteen persons. The cause of the fire is still undetermined [...]

    Coast Guard is Gifted a New Seagoing Vessel
    This afternoon at the Coast Guard Headquarters in Belize City, a twin engine marine vessel was handed over to the maritime law enforcement agency to aid in the fight against [...]

    F.F.B. to Reimburse U.S. $50,000 for Defaulting CONCACAF Match
    The Disciplinary Committee of CONCACAF has made a decision against the Football Federation of Belize for not showing up to participate in match six between French Guiana and Belize. The [...]

    Will Team Belize Get to Advance to Gold Cup?
    Will the F.F.B. appeal the decision of the CONCACAF Disciplinary Committee? They have until September twenty-sixth to do so. But with losing three points, where does team Belize stand in [...]

    Deputy Commissioner of Police’s Address Raises Eyebrows
    He is the Deputy Commissioner of Police and according to the Caribbean Shores voters’ list; Edward Broaster’s home address is number one Kelly Street. It has raised eyebrows because not [...]

    A Bomb Threat at Lands Department in Belmopan
    A bomb threat was reported around noon today in Belmopan, at the offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources.  Members of staff alerted the authorities that several calls were received [...]

    An Update on the Death by Strangulation of 9 Year-Old Danielle Hall
    Emily Ico remains hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital. If the name sounds familiar, it is because she is the mother of nine-year-old Danielle Hall, who was strangled to death [...]

    Unseasonable Drought Prompts Transition to Solar Energy
    The extreme dry weather condition that continues to ravage the agriculture industry in central and northern Belize, is also wreaking havoc in the energy sector where the generation of hydroelectricity [...]

    Electric Vehicles This Way a Cometh?
    The Prime Minister’s annual Independence Day address also serves as an opportunity for promises to be made, some of which his administration has delivered on and others that are yet [...]

    “I mean let’s be realistic” – John Briceńo on Electric Cars in Belize
    One person who is not at all sold on the idea of electric cars in Belize anytime soon is Opposition Leader John Briceńo.  He scoffed at the idea as unrealistic, [...]

    Opposition Leader Questions Monopoly on Butane Importation
    The discussion on the National Gas Company continues.  As we have reported, the government has lent support to the company which will have full control of the supply of butane [...]

    DHS Office Confirms 3 Dengue-Related Death
    The Office of the Director of Health Services is reporting three dengue-related deaths since the outbreak of dengue in Belize. They include two maternal cases that were recorded back in [...]

    Japan Gifts Orange Walk a New Compactor Truck
    The Orange Walk Town Council receives a new compactor truck from the government of Japan. The gift is part of the ongoing Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Project between [...]

    Living With Climate Impacts
    The Alliance of Small Island States has taken a first-of-its-kind approach to crafting a package of critical climate change initiatives to safeguard small island societies. The SIDS Package, as it [...]

    The Reporter

    Bomb Threat At Ministry In Belmopan Prompts Evacuation
    The Reporter has confirmed with officials at the Ministry of Natural Resources in Belmopan that security forces are conducting a sweep of the building following a bomb threat.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Brother of former Ecuadorian official arrested in $200 million cocaine bust in Belize
    Belizean authorities conducted 1 of the largest drug busts in Belize’s history. Among the men arrested […]

    Four persons busted with gun and ammo
    Four persons have been detained after they were busted with an unlicensed firearm. They […]

    Minor detained following midday shooting
    Shortly after midday yesterday, a man was shot in Belize City. He has since been […]

    Highlighting Belizean Women; Meet Marley Goodin
    Jamaican singer and songwriter, Robert Nesta Marley once asked if any good could have come […]

    Mayor Bernard Wagner presents at United Nations in New York
    Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner is currently in New York City along with other world […]

    Bomb threat reported at Lands Department in Belmopan
    Picture courtesy: Plus TV Belize Reports to our newsroom are that there was a bomb […]

    Special Envoy for Women and Children attends Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Today, Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, attended a High-Level Commemorative […]

    Japanese Embassy and Punta Gorda Town Council to sign $400,000 grant
    The Embassy of Japan in Belize and the Punta Gorda Town Council are scheduled to […]

    Three dengue related deaths reported
    The Office of the Director of Health Services is closely monitoring dengue cases in Belize. […]

    Oceana supports efforts to ensure the health of the New River and Corozal Bay
    Alongside the Friends of New River group, Oceana in Belize continues to closely monitor the […]

    Remembering Danny Conorquie, 5 years later
    On September 25, 2014, twenty-year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie lost his life while on […]


    Find Your Place in Belize
    Travelers often seek an experience they never expected – one that stretches their minds as well as their smiles. At some point, a traveler may come across a destination not only diverse and rich in experience, but familiar to the soul. We were all meant to explore, but what happens when we find more than what we were looking for – a home? That’s what Belize has done for many. A country so young in age but mature in nature, Belize boasts some of nature’s finest land nestled between Central America and the Caribbean. Along with an ideal geological location, Belize offers world-renowned waters and nature scenes, like the vibrant blues off the shore of Ambergris Caye to the unmatched vistas, valleys, rivers and hills found in the Cayo and Stann Creek Districts.

    Second Annual Belize Birding Festival takes flight in October
    Any time of year is a good one for birding in Belize, but fall migration assures some very impressive birds. Therefore, it’s only apropos that the annual Belize Birding Festival is held in October. This year’s two-day festival is scheduled for the weekend on October 19th at the beautiful San Ignacio Resort in San Ignacio, Cayo District. Each year international and local birders flock to this celebration to partake in birding tours, presentations from renowned guest speakers, panel discussions, workshops, exhibition booths hosted by hoteliers, tour operators, birding clubs, and non-profit organizations and enjoy camaraderie with fellow birders and nature lovers. It’s a grand weekend for birds of a feather!

    The Atolls in Belize
    Belize is filled with pristine, natural beauty. Nowhere is that more true than in the stunning atolls that dot the turquoise waters near the Belize Barrier Reef. These coral islands are worth a visit. Their crystal-clear lagoons present an unforgettable experience for divers, sea kayakers and snorkelers. An atoll is an island made of coral. You will only find atolls in warm waters because coral needs warm temperatures to grow. Underwater volcanos occasionally erupt, creating large stone formations. Over time, coral begins to form on the stone formation. When the stone formation disintegrates, it leaves the coral ring floating on the sea’s surface. In the Western Hemisphere, there are 4 atolls and Belize is home to three. The fourth atoll can be found near Banco Chinchorro in Mexico.

    Protecting Gentle Giants (Manatees)
    Manatees are some of the most interesting and unusual mammals in the world. With 800-1000 individuals, Belize is home to the highest known population of this species in the world due to its coastline being highly conducive to manatee life. These playful and gentle giants, often described as “Sea Cows”, live in shallow and warm waters. Because of their slow metabolism, they spend half of their day resting and the other half slowly swimming in search of food. Manatees are still considered endangered in Belize as the threats and mortality rate of this species continues to increase rapidly each year. While they can live as long as humans, generally manatees live up to 30 years in the wild due to human activities that threaten them.

    International Sourcesizz

    The World’s Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns
    Climate change is heating the oceans and altering their chemistry so dramatically that it is threatening seafood supplies, fueling cyclones and floods and posing profound risks to the hundreds of millions of people living along the coasts, according to a sweeping United Nations report issued Wednesday. The report concludes that the world’s oceans and ice sheets are under such severe stress that the fallout could prove difficult for humans to contain without steep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Fish populations are already declining in many regions as warming waters throw marine ecosystems into disarray, according to the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of scientists convened by the United Nations to guide world leaders in policymaking.


  • The Climate Action Line of Credit: Project Highlights in Saint Lucia, Belize and Jamaica, 8min. Urgent action is needed to combat the effects of climate change. Partners such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) have joined CDB to support climate resilient investments in the Region. Since 2011, EIB has provided EURO170 million in concessional financing for climate action investments in the Caribbean. This mini-documentary highlights the work that is being done.

  • Wildtracks Update: Manatee Month continues with 'Manatees in the Morning', 1min. The two soft release manatees, Mitch and Lucky, continue to grow, and continue to be 'best friends', heading out to the seagrass beds together. Meanwhile, the three girls, Callie, Chikki and Hope, have now established a routine for soft release. They wait expectantly at the lagoon enclosure gate after their morning feed, ready for the gate to be opened so that they can head out, with their temporary trackers tracking their travels, in search of their own seagrass beds. Seagrass roots and leaf fragments float in the water as they start the day's grazing. They then return to the lagoon enclosure late afternoon for their evening feed. In this early stage of soft release, they are monitored from the lagoon shoreline, but aren't heading too far from home...

  • "Huay Peek", 2min. The Huay Peek' is a Maya sorcerer who who have the ability to transform into a Huge Black Dog . This legend is common among the Yucatec Maya . In Belize the Huay Peek' and the Huay k'eek'en(Maya Sorcerer who transform into a huge pig) are very common stories our tatitos told us .

    September 25, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ambergris Caye celebrates Belize’s 38th Anniversary of Independence with traditional flag raising ceremony and vibrant parade
    Belize’s 38th Anniversary of Independence was celebrated by Belizeans in San Pedro Town with a varied program of festivities that began on Friday evening, September 20th at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. The official Independence Eve ceremony welcomed hundreds of islanders who listened to the messages from the local authorities. Later they witnessed the midnight flag raising ceremony, followed by a grand fireworks display, and danced the night away with local and international entertainment.

    Settlement between the US Federal Trade Commission and Atlantic International Bank Ltd. Re Sanctuary Belize
    The United States Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has announced the approval of a Settlement with Atlantic International Bank Limited (“AIBL”), now in liquidation, that pertains to a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland on October 31, 2018, against several companies and individuals involved with the Sanctuary Belize development.

    Ambergris Today

    San Pedro Celebrates Belize’s 38th Independence Anniversary
    The San Pedro Town Council held the Independence Eve Block Party at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports field in commemoration of Belize’s 38th Independence Day Celebrations. Mayor Daniel Guerrero and dignitaries made their entrance to the sports field followed by formal Independence Day Speeches. Miss San Pedro Litzy Castillo Guillen made her grand entrance with the SPHS torch bearers and marching band. The Belize Coast Guard carried out the flag raising ceremony, 21 gun salute and spectators enjoyed a colorful and bright fireworks display followed by entertainment by Olantuji all the way from Trinidad and Tobago. DJ Diablillo from Chetumal Q. Roo had everyone dancing the night away along with DJ Debbie.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Independence Day Parade 2019
    Shaquille Rogers has posted his album of Independence Day photos.

    Woman says police pepper sprayed her for recording a search of her yard
    The officers then allegedly reset her phone to hide the evidence. I GOT SPRAYED BECAUSE I WAS GOING LIVE SHOWCASING THEIR BEHAVIOR ONGOING A SEARCH IN MY YARD. The police department again and again and again. When will this stop. I got pepper sprayed and im PREGNANT.

    HanalPixan in Corozal Oct. 26
    Hanal pixan mark it on your calendars for those who will be in Corozal town.

    Our very first Mayan hieroglyph 'Balam' the Jaguar made from aircrete!
    It is so light at 13 lbs (13 is a Mayan lucky number) that it can float! So you can move it around your patio or house with ease! Still working on price!! Measures 20"×15"×6". Institute of Archaeology.


    Urban Birdwatch 2019
    Coming to your area soon! You don't have to be an expert to enjoy this experience! It's a great opportunity to look at your neighborhood in a whole new way and learn who your feathered friends are!

    San Pedro Pirates Game Night!
    We finally home this Saturday 28th!! Come and support our San Pedro Pirates as they face off Altitude FC at the Ambergris Stadium at 7:30PM sharp...

    11th Annual Belikin Beer Blue Water Classic Fishing Tournament
    The 11th Annual Belikin Beer Blue Water Classic Fishing Tournament is just over 2 weeks away! We have a great tournament in store for all who plan on attending! A big thanks goes out to all our sponsors who have generously contributed in many way to help the BGFA make this tournament a success!

    Garifuna Nuguya 12K
    Let's enjoy Garifuna Settlement Day in Libertad Village, Corozal. Join our 12K Run. More info coming soon.

    Corozal Football Association - Opening Season 2019-2020 Week 3 Schedule:
    It all happens this Sunday, September 29, 2019 at the Carolina Football Field starting at 9:00 a.m. Come and enjoy a day full of football. U10, U13 and U20 all day.

    Yuum Bo'otik Professor Nancy Leiva at Escuela Mexico Junior College at San Roman, Corozal district, Belize
    For the great opportunity to present to the 6th form students on the critical importance of the preservation of The Yucatec Maya language and culture in Northern Belize. Thank you for a very interactive time with your brilliant students. Later we spent a delicious lunch hour at the edge of the beautiful enchanted Corozal bay sing and sharing a time of increased relatedness. "

    Channel 7

    Catastrophic Caye Caulker Fire Kills One, Displaces 14
    On Saturday, Belizeans all across the nation celebrated the 38th anniversary of the country's Independence. It's a big deal and like with any important, historic day, it resulted in a 3-day holiday weekend. But, on the island of Caye Caulker, their patriotic merrymaking ended very early when huge fire broke out on one of the village's main streets. It happened at around midnight on Friday night, going into Saturday, when most of the residents were out enjoying the Independence Day fireworks. That blaze sent the island into an emergency mode with about 50 to 75 residents forming a bucket brigade to try and put it out. It has displaced 14 people: 8 men, 3 women, and 3 children. But, there was one casualty; one man perished in the blaze. Our news team was on the island for most of the day today, and Daniel Ortiz has that story:

    Residents Do More Harm Than Good in Caye Fire
    You'll also remember that the Caye Caulker Village chairlady mentioned that the enthusiastic residents of the island got in the way of the firefighters. They were trying to render aid, and in their frenzied haste, they broke the delivery mechanism for one of the water pumps on the fire truck that was first on the scene. The firefighters had to bring their back up truck which was parked nearby to take over. This afternoon, the new fire chief, in his debut interview with the press, discussed the incident with the press. He told us that his firefighters are hoping that the enthusiastic residents will still try to help, but will allow them to take lead, without frustrating their efforts to do their jobs:

    Taiwanese Businessman Killed in Camalote Home Invasion
    62 Year old Ching-Sung Chen was shot and killed in his home during a robbery and home invasion on Sunday morning. It's a harrowing story of a father being ripped away from his family as he fought with his last breath to protect them. Cherisse Halsall reports. The Chen family could never have imagined the tragic events that unfolded on Sunday morning. Ching-Sung Chen was either asleep or on the brink of sleep in the lower flat of the building that housed his business E-Star Store and his residence, when he heard noises alerting him to intruders. His son Bing describes what happened next.

    Father of Three Dies Four Days After City Shooting
    Shooting victim 31 year old Joseph Rowland died on Saturday morning. He was shot on Tuesday night in front of his Pelican Street mechanic shop near his home. He was struck to the right buttocks. This morning, we spoke to his common law wife of 14 years and she said despite the speculations about Rowland, he was a loving partner and father. Stacey Kerr, Common Law Wife: "He was working and he went out there to deliver something that he just fixed, some don't even know how to describe them because it wont be in my place to do come and shoot, he was shot, he was in the hospital from there critical, he passed away on the 21st and he left three kids behind and his family, mother still morning one of her sons, now the second one, the only two that she has..."

    No Clues in Joseph Rowland Murder
    Today at the press briefing in Belmopan, police told us that they are not making much headway in leads nor in establishing a motive for Rowland's murder. ACP Joseph Myvett: "I know that over the weekend, I believe it was the 21st; he succumbed to those injuries whilst still being admitted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Since the shooting, he was in a critical condition a little bit after being admitted and he remained in that condition until he succumbed to those injuries on the 21st of September..."

    AIBL Must Pay $23 Million to FTC for Sanctuary Scam
    One of the biggest and costliest disputes in Belize's banking history has ended with a now approved 23 million dollar settlement. That's how much Atlantic International Bank must fork over to the Federal Trade Commission - known as the FTC - in the US. According to a release from the FTC, this represents all of AIBL's U.S.-based assets. This is the penalty for, allegedly, assisting the Sanctuary Belize Enterprise, or SBE in, quote, "deceiving U.S. consumers as part of a scheme to sell property in Sanctuary Belize." The FTC will use the money to refund, or partially refund more than 1,000 consumers who invested in the Sanctuary Belize real estate scam and lost their money. The total sum lost by these investors is reported to be 144 million US dollars.

    Placencia PC Dies in Accident on 21st
    Police Constable 47 year old Clifford Castillo was killed in an accident on the 21st morning in the Maya beach area in Placencia. Castillo was heading home after his shift when he lost control of his motorcycle, and careened off the road totaling the motorcycle. He sustained head and body injuries to which he eventually succumbed. Here is what Police had to say about this fatality. Joseph Myvette, Assistant COMPOL : "Police were called to an area between miles 17 and 18 on the Placencia road on Saturday morning sometime around 8:30 am where upon arrival they observed a red in color live hand motorcycle extensively damaged, that was northbound..."

    Jeremias Xipot: Another 21st Fatality
    And there was another fatal accident on the 21st morning. Silk Grass resident Jeremias Xipot was driving from Silk Grass village to Dangriga town when he lost control of his Toyota pickup and collided with a lamppost. Xipot was thrown from the vehicle and died instantly. ACP Joseph Myvett: "On the 21st September sometime around 12:42 a.m., Dangriga police was called to an area between miles four and five on the Southern Highway where they observed a white Toyota pickup truck extensively damaged..."

    Two Dead in Shipyard Vehicle Wreck
    This Morning 37 year old Edin Pop and 35 year old Elodio Copo lost their lives in a car accident in Shipyard Village, Orange Walk District. Pop was travelling from Fireburn to Guinea Grass village when he apparently lost control and flipped. Police told us more today. ACP Joseph Myvett: "On 23rd September sometime around 4:30am, police were called to an area in Shipyard Village in the Orange Walk District where thet observed a white Ford F-150 pickup with its 4 wheels up in the air inside a shallow creek"

    Man Survives Double Head Cabbage Beat Down
    On Monday Double Head Cabbage resident Earl Pratt was found on the side of the road unconscious with various injuries. Here's what police had to say about the incident.

    Mesop. and Coro. Southeast For Saldivar
    The UDP leadership race is heating up - and, this weekend, two notable divisions declared their support for John Saldivar. They are Mesopotamia and Corozal Southeast. It's notable because those divisions - under different standard bearers - both supported Patrick Faber in his last bid for leader.

    Maya Mopan Woman Spared from Wrath of Fire
    On Friday Ione Reid's home was almost completely destroyed by fire. Neighbors and the fire department helped to extinguish the flames and stop the spread to the lower flat of the home. Police and a resident of the home shared the story of the fire today.

    PM Boasts of Big Projects in 21st Speech
    The Independence Day Official ceremonies in Belmopan seemed hotter than usual this year - but it was the heat of the sun, not the political combatants. As per tradition, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition squared off with a mix of hope and political rope-a-dope. Here are some of the major initiatives outlined by the PM, starting with a push towards renewable energy:

    A Flag for A Belizean Hero
    Also, former chief education officer and one of the Belizean flag designers, Mr. Inez Sanchez Sr. was honored at the 21st official ceremony. His son, Mr. Inez Sanchez Jr. received one of the newly standardized flags on his behalf.

    Channel 5

    U.S. $23 Million A.I.B.L./F.T.C. Settlement! The Scam Jilted American Investors $100M
    Twenty-three million U.S. dollars – that’s how much Atlantic International Bank Limited has been ordered to cough up to settle charges filed in the U.S. district court by the Federal [...]

    Liquidator Says Settlement Resolves Allegations Against the Bank
    Julian Murillo, the Liquidator of A.I.B.L., also confirmed the settlement which will cede to the F.T.C., twenty-three million U.S. dollars of A.I.B.L. assets held in the U.S. and currently subject [...]

    Taiwanese Businessman Killed Inside His Camalote Store
    Sixty-two-year-old Taiwanese national Ching-Sung Chen was killed inside his store in Camalote, Cayo.  He was sound asleep but woken by robbers who had entered E-Star Store through a window on [...]

    Belize Chinese Association Offering Cash Reward for Information
    As we said the murders of Chinese nationals, including the most recent in Camalote, has triggered the offering of cash rewards by the Belize Chinese Association.  The B.C.A. is offering [...]

    Murder in the Old Capital: Shooting Victim Joseph Rowland Succumbs
    There was a second murder recorded over the extended weekend In the Old Capital. Shooting victim Joseph Rowland succumbed at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The thirty-one mechanic was critically [...]

    Another Camalote Resident is Arraigned for the Murder of Ofelia Cruz in Salt Creek, Sand Hill
    A second person has been charged for the murder of Mexican national Ofelia Cruz. The sixty-nine-year-old woman was bludgeoned to death inside her house in the Salt Creek area of [...]

    Independence Day Fire Leaves One Dead, Several Homeless
    At Caye Caulker today, the community is picking up the pieces following a deadly fire. Early on Saturday morning, the quiet in the village was interrupted when a two-storey commercial [...]

    Fire Victims Get Assistance; NEMO Provides Much-Needed Supplies
    NEMO officials were on the island today, working with the Caye Caulker Village Council and fire officials to assist victims. Over the weekend, NEMO’s Central Region Coordinator Al Westby travelled [...]

    B.E.L. to Garner Assistance for Fire Victims
    Following the blaze, Belize Electricity Limited issued a statement expressing condolences to the Chub family.  B.E.L. says that it takes its role seriously in providing safe and reliable electricity and [...]

    Guinea Grass Friends Perish in Traffic Accident
    A total of four persons died in separate traffic fatalities over the holiday weekend. Up north, two friends from the village of Guinea Grass were killed when their vehicle plunged [...]

    PC Clifford Castillo Dies in a Traffic Accident on the Placencia Road
    Several police officers have lost their lives in recent road traffic accidents across the country. Over the weekend, the third person to perish in an R.T.A. was Police Constable Clifford [...]

    Silk Grass Resident Perishes in Accident on the Southern Highway
    Also in the south, in the wee hours of Independence Day, Silk Grass resident Jeremiah Xipot perished in an accident on the Southern Highway. The deceased was en route to [...]

    George Gill Drowns in Bermudian Landing
    Thirty-one-year-old George Gill drowned in the Belize River in Bermudian Landing on Sunday afternoon while out on a trip with his girlfriend and three others.  Despite being forewarned by a [...]

    Independence Day Addresses the State of Nation
    Independence Day ceremonies are traditionally addressed by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. As they have in the past, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and P.U.P. Leader, John [...]

    Taiwanese Embassy Addresses Fake Publication on Social Media
    The Embassy of Taiwan sent out a statement this evening. It states that a press release circulating on social media is unauthorized and its content fabricated to mislead the public [...]

    A Fire in Maya Mopan is Caused by an Electrical Fault
    Earlier you heard of the fire in Caye Caulker in which a mechanic lost his life. There was another fire over the weekend. In Maya Mopan, Belmopan, the Reid family [...]

    Who Assaulted Earl Pratt as He Headed Home in Double Head Cabbage?
    Police say they are trying to figure out who attacked Earl Pratt over two weeks ago in Double Head Cabbage, Belize District, leaving him in a critical condition. Pratt was [...]

    Columbia Teen Goes Missing After He is Released from Police Custody
    Two minors are joining the list of missing persons. The first and most disturbing case is from Punta Gorda where seventeen-year-old Gilbert Francisco Chiac cannot be located. On Sunday, his [...]

    Where is 15 Year-Old Keyla Capen?
    Meanwhile, the search is ongoing for a fifteen-year-old Guatemalan national who resides in Ladyville, Belize District. Keyla Capen was last seen heading towards Belize City on a motorcycle along with [...]

    Sights and Sounds of Uniform Parade 2019
    On Saturday morning in Belize City, hundreds of secondary school students participated in the annual uniform parade following the Independence Day address.  The streets of Belize City were lined with [...]

    James Adderly has all the Weekend Sporting Events
    Good evening, I am James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities...]

    The Reporter

    GOB Issues Press Statement From Liquidator Of AIBL & Sanctuary Belize Settlement
    At mid-day today (September 24th.) the Government Of Belize issued its official press statement concerning the liquidation of AIBL’s assets by Julian A Murillo and the agreement reached between the Federal Trade Commission of the United States and the claim brought against Atlantic International Bank Ltd. (AIBL).

    Federal Trade Commission Approves Settlement – AIBL & Sanctuary Bay Scam
    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finally approved a proposal to dismiss charges against Atlantic International Bank Ltd. (AIBL) for a settlement of US $23 Million, which will be used to provide relief to the victims of the Sanctuary Bay real estate scam.

    PM Responds to Angry Choice Depositors
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow addressed concerns and frustration of former Choice Bank depositors that have reached out to the Reporter alleging the Central Bank and Choice’s new liquidator have been less than helpful in facilitating the recovery of their money, saying while he was not aware of the current status of the process, he is confident it is being carried out properly.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Enthusiastic public broke firetruck during Caye Caulker fire
    During the fire at Nandos Golf Cart Rentals and Apartments on the morning of Saturday, […]

    CONCACAF sanctions Belize for no-show in Nations League game against French Guiana
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is under official warning of disqualification from the CONCACAF Nations […]

    Embassy of Taiwan cautions about fake press release
    Today, the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize warned that a fake press […]

    NEMO delivers relief supplies to Caye Caulker fire victims
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) was active early on Independence Day following a devastating […]

    Drought brings strange citrus fruit
    Chief Administrator at Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL), Nikita Usher, who also chairs the […]

    Accused murderer arraigned after returning from Guatemala
    The second of two men accused of the murder of caretaker’s wife Ofelia Hernandez Cruz in […]

    Megan Rapinoe collects top award, calls for better treatment for minorities
    U.S. World Cup Golden Boot winner Megan Rapinoe has called on fellow footballers to use […]

    Earl Pratt remains in critical condition
    Earl Pratt remains hospitalized in a critical condition. Sometime over the weekend, he left the […]

    Southwest Airlines offering US$39 one way ticket in limited sale
    Southwest Airlines is offering a special deal on tickets, taking them as low US$39 one way, […]

    Julian Torres charged for hammering elderly woman to death
    On August 13th, two persons entered the home of Ofelia Cruz, 69, in Sandhill, Belize. […]

    FIFA names Lionel Messi world male player of the year
    Barcelona and Argentina forward, Lionel Messi beat out rivals to win his sixth FIFA award for world male player of the year at the annual award ceremony in Milan, Italy on Monday...

    Firefighters extinguish fire before it consumed a Belmopan home
    Sometime around 10 a.m. on Sunday, a fire broke out in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan... Irene Reid told officers that she was in the lower flat of her two-story concrete home when a neighbor alerted her that there was a fire on the second floor...

    Businessman murdered in Camalote
    Taiwanese businessman, Ching- Sung Chen, 62, was gunned down inside his shop over the weekend. According to police sometime after 1 o’clock on Sunday morning the deceased...

    Fatal road traffic accident claims life in Southern Belize
    A road traffic accident in Southern Belize on Independence Day claimed the life of one man. He has been identified as Jeremias Xipot...

    Police: PC Castillo lost control of his motorcycle
    The life of Police Constable, Clifford Castillo, ended tragically over the weekend. Sometime around 8 o’clock on Saturday morning he was traveling to Maya Beach from Placencia when he lost control of his motorcycle near mile 17 on the Placencia Road...

    Belize to host regional agriculture forum
    Belize will be the host country for the upcoming 12th Regional Agricultural Planners’ Forum, set to be held next week. The two-day forum, scheduled for Monday, September 30, and Tuesday, October 1, will be held under the theme ‘Capitalizing on the New Frontier in Global Agriculture...’

    Building Healthy Communities: Caribbean Wellness Week
    The Ministry of Health in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, PAHO, the New York Chapter of the Belize Diabetes Association (BDANY) and other stakeholders is celebrating Caribbean Wellness Week this week...

    Two Chinese businessmen killed, one injured: Chinese community offering rewards for information
    Between September 12 and 22, two Chinese businessmen have been killed and another injured. The Belize Chinese Association (BCA) has condemned the cruel acts of violence and is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/persons responsible...

    Japanese Embassy to donate garbage truck to Orange Walk Town Council
    The Embassy of Japan in Belize will hand over a new garbage truck to the […]

    FTC announces US$23 million settlement with AIBL
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States, which is investigating the Sanctuary Bay real estate fraud case, today announced that it has approved a $23 million US settlement to be paid by Atlantic International Bank Ltd...

    Spouses of CARICOM Leaders meet at UN General Assembly
    The Spouses of CARICOM Leaders Action Network (SCLAN) led by Chair, Kim Simplis Barrow hosted a side event in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York today...


    Update: Development Explosion at and Around Secret Beach
    Secret Beach is the most visited spot on Ambergris Caye. And it is changing and developing at a startling rate. Just 10 years ago, the only way to reach the west side of Ambergris Caye was boat. Just 6 years ago, after a cross-island road was filled and finished, you could drive over but the beach really was a “local secret”. There was a dock and nothing else. Now…it is a strip of bars and restaurants and bed & breakfasts…chairs packed together at some points…loud music blasting in others….it’s…SHOCKING! It’s also one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in all of Belize.

    Southwest Is Doing Another Massive Fall and Winter Sale With $39 One-way Tickets
    No, you’re not imagining things. Southwest Airlines really is hosting yet another sale. On Tuesday, Southwest launched another sale for fall and winter flights. This time, the airline is offering tickets for as low as $39 on one-way flights. The only major catch here is you need to book your tickets before Sept. 26 at midnight.

    Drug Seizures Increase in Belize as More Cocaine Flows North
    Despite limited interdiction capabilities, authorities in Belize have made a number of recent drug busts, underscoring that the Central American country is grappling with a surge in cocaine moving north from Colombia. “Belize is a transshipment route for drugs. Gangs are fighting to be in charge of moving the drugs through Belize,” General Steven Ortega, commander of the Belize Defense Force (BDF), said to Diálogo. Though reporting is lacking, figures of drug seizures show a steep rise. In 2018, authorities confiscated about a ton of cocaine from aircraft across the country, which represented the first seizures on this scale in eight years, according to the US State Department. In comparison, in the first nine months of 2017, Belize police reportedly seized just 58 kilograms of cocaine.

    “Small Country, Big Birding”
    Belize offers the best of both worlds: jungles and beaches, Maya history and ancient ruins, wildlife and nature, adventure and relaxation. Being both Caribbean and Central American, our tiny English-speaking nation nestled at the base of the Yucatan Peninsula is a naturalist’s delight – and birders have certainly learned Mother Nature’s best kept secret. With 85 ecosystems and nearly 600 bird species to explore within approximately 9,000 square miles, Belize contains a vast diversity of forests from pine savanna to lowland rainforest to ecologically-rich island cayes and atolls. With such flora, incredible fauna lies just within reach that new and experienced birders alike will revel in a neotropical birding adventure.

    Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Belize
    Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America; therefore, all paperwork, documents, and contracts are written in a language you’ll be able to understand. Buying property in Belize is an uncomplicated procedure. Foreigners will be sure to find that purchasing real estate in Belize is cheaper compared to other parts of the world. Property taxes are extremely low, as of 1% to 1.5%. Belize imposes no capital gains taxes and no income taxes from property; therefore, your hard-earned money is protected.

    Belize International Film Festival 2019!
    Belize is rolling out the red carpets and the silver screens as it gets ready for the 14th Annual Belize Film Festival. The festival runs from November 6 through November 10, 2019. Along with that, look out for Belize’s very own film, “My Father Belize”, which is a part of the Film Festival. When it started in 2003, the Belize Film Festival only had 13 movies to screen. This year, festival organizers had to sift through more than 250 documentaries, full-length films, short films, animated films and music videos from over 50 countries. The festival is sponsored by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) of Belize.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belizean Bank to Pay $23 Million and Cease Operations to Settle FTC Charges It Provided Substantial Assistance to the Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Scam
    Under a proposed consent order, Belize’s Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) will pay $23 million, representing approximately all of its U.S.-based assets, to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it assisted various related entities (the Sanctuary Belize Enterprise, or SBE) in deceiving U.S. consumers as part of a scheme to sell property in Sanctuary Belize. Sanctuary Belize (also known as Sanctuary Bay and The Reserve) is a massive planned community approximately the size of Manhattan located in remote southern Belize. The FTC will use the money to provide redress to more than 1,000 consumers injured by the Sanctuary Belize scheme.

    The Garifuna Collective's 'Irresistible Groove' Captivates Audiences Around The World
    In July 2019, Al Obando of The Garifuna Collective transported host John Floridis from Butte's Montana Folk Festival to the small coastal Caribbean towns where the Garifuna community (also known as the Garinagu) speaks an endangered language and sings and dances what UNESCO calls "a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity." The Collective, an intergenerational group of musicians from Belize, galvanizes audiences around the world with lyrical call-and-response melodies and driving, overlapping rhythms, recalling a heritage of West African percussion and indigenous Arawak and Carib singing. NPR Music's Anastasia Tsioulcas writes about the Garifuna Collective:


  • Road Development in Southern Belize, 1.5min. Moving Belize Forward: The Hummingbird Highway by Government of Belize Press Office

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - CRISPIN BENJAMIN SPAIN SR., 2.5min.

  • Focus on Agriculture in Belize, 1.5min. Region focuses on agriculture in series of events in Belize City, Belize, at the end of September.

  • Lady O - Push A Back, 4min. Belizean American singer Otty Trujillo’s new single

  • Intro to Fuckry, 53min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries = HECTOR CARLOS CONORQUIE, 2min.

  • Police Link, 60min.

  • Caye Caulker Fire: Family of detained person asks for help, 4min.

  • Food Truck Music Fest Video, 3.5min. Great video highlighting the dancing that went on at Cayo's 1st ever Food Truck Music Fest. DJ's, Bands, and Garifuna drummers provided a full day and night of music. Galvez Stadium was packed up.

  • Caye Caulker - Belize 2019, 3min. Going Slow-ish in Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Xtreme Tourist_Belize, 24min.

  • Diving aboard the Belize Aggressor IV September 14-21 2109, 4min.

  • SCUBA Adventure Belize 2019 (Highlights), 4.5min.

  • Crossing the border from MEXICO to Belize with TWO dogs, 12min.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 90min. Join us as we speak to Mr. Tirzo Galvez, Cheif Transport Officer.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 50min. Join us as we speak to Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland Officer Commanding Proffessional Standards Branch.

  • SPTOA Kids in Action, 1min. Our Belize Independence theme, all work was done by the SPTOA and The Kids in Action group. Special thanks to some of the kids parents and teacher Paulina Suazo.

    September 24, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    NEMO assists Caye Caulker fire victims
    A tragic fire in Caye Caulker Village during the first hours of Saturday, September 21st, left 10 families homeless and one man dead. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has activated the Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) and aided the victims with humanitarian aid. The help, consisting of basic items such as food packs, cooking equipment, and hygienic kits among others, were transported to Caye Caulker on Sunday, September 22nd via a Belize Defense Force airplane. Later in the day, mattresses were transported from NEMO's branch in San Pedro Town with the assistance of San Pedro Fire Department, Customs and the Belize Coast Guard.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Financial Aid by Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    If you are enrolled in a US University or recently accepted to one, and in need of zero interest financial assistance. The Rowe Fund is an educational loan program of the Organization of American States (OAS) that helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member States finance their studies or research in accredited universities across the United States by awarding interest-free loans of up to US$15,000 dollars.

    FREE CAMP for Male and Female - BASKETBALL SKILLS
    REMINDER - FREE CAMP for Male and Female - BASKETBALL SKILLS - Presented by: NCS Belize Corozal Sports Council. Featuring NBA Trainer Trey Slate of "Relentless Basketball Training". Date: September 28th and 29th, 2019 at the Andres Campos Civic Center, Corozal. Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Under 15. 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. 15 and over. For more information please contact Mr. Carlos Acosta at 637-4645.

    CAP Fundraiser Golf Tournament
    Corozal Animal Program Event - Come and join us for our CAP Fundraiser Golf Tournament on Tuesday, October 1. This is for golfers of all levels! No handicap scores, no problem! One will be assigned to you on the day of the tournament. Don't want to golf? Join us to watch the fun and have a few drinks. Beer, sodas, waters and Sue's famous Bloody Mary's will be served. All proceeds go to spaying and neutering cats and dogs in Corozal. So far this year, we have spayed or neutered 120 animals and your support enables us to do more!

    Cayo Cancer Walk 2019
    The San Ignacio Cancer Society is having their 7th annual Cancer Walk on Saturday, October 26th. It goes from Running W to Macal River Park. It starts at 5:30am, and there's a free bus. "Our 7th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk is set for Saturday October 26th 2019...MARK YOUR CALENDARS!"

    2019 San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade
    It’s almost that time of year again! Registrations will open soon, but we wanted to let you know that the date for this year’s boat parade will be Saturday, December 7! It’s free to register your boat, and we have a CASH PRIZE pool of $10,000! There is also plenty of other prizes to be won!

    Channel 5

    The police are asking the public's assistance in locating this teen. The first is 17-year-old Gilbert Francisco Chiac from Columbia Village, Toledo District. He was last seen on September 21. If seen, the public is asked to call 911 or 922.

    Police are searching for missing 15-year-old Keyla Capen from Ladyville, Belize. She was last seen this afternoon at around 3:30 heading towards Belize. She was wearing a black blouse and black short pants. If seen kindly call 911.

    Our newsroom has received information of a fatal road traffic incident in Shipyard, Orange Walk District. Unconfirmed reports are that a man died as a result.

    The Reporter

    Missing Teenager From Ladyville – Police Seeks Public’s Help
    The Belize Police Department is asking your assistance in locating Keyla Capen, 15, of a Ladyville address. She was last seen heading toward Belize City about 3:30pm today.

    Drowning In Bermudan Landing Village
    The long holiday weekend has been peaceful and happy for most Belizeans, but a tragic drowning in the village of Bermudan Landing has claimed the live of a young-man.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Barrow, Briceńo trade barbs, well wishes in final showdown
    While absent from his speech proper, there was some discussion of the end of a great political career starting to wind down – that of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

    Gapi, The Comeback?
    Orange Walk North Area Representative Gaspar Vega is back, sort of. But did he ever truly go away? The former Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister lived in a sort of exile for some years, rarely making public appearances...

    PUP still with Taiwan, says Briceńo
    Leader of the Opposition John Briceńo has clarified that Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa, Belize City Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold, and Councilor Michael “Chips” Noralez did not represent the party on their trip to the People’s Republic of China(PRC) in August, though they made him aware of it.

    Minor reported missing
    The family of 15-year-old Keyla Capen is seeking the public’s assistance in locating her. Capen was last seen heading towards Belize city about 3:30 p.m., today.

    P.M. announces initiatives in education, governance; “no stopping” infrastructure
    By Aaron Humes: Prime Minister Dean Barrow has cited the advance of technology as a key in what will continue to make Belize a successful nation. He described two instances during the Independence Day Address – the joint venture between the Government and Telemedia known as the DigiLearn Project and the planned rollout of an e-governance platform.

    $1,000 reward issued for return of stolen truck
    A 2013 GMC Sierra truck was stolen from outside of Eruption in Ladyville around 2:30 a.m. today. The owner of the vehicle is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads directly to the whereabouts and recovery of the vehicle.

    AIBL continues to wind-up liquidation process
    Atlantic International Bank Limited, in a recent update via its liquidator, informed that it is working diligently in completing the steps of the liquidation process by the deadlines provided for by law with a view to distributing funds to depositors and creditors as expeditiously as possible.

    Funeral announcement for Mirna Young
    Santa Elena resident, Mirna Young, will be laid to rest in her hometown on Wednesday, September 25 at 3:00 p.m. at the Santa Elena Adventist Church.

    Man drowns in Bermudian Landing
    A man lost his life yesterday in Bermudian Landing. According to reports, George Gill was swimming when he went under water and did not resurface.

    CARICOM Secretary General congratulate Belize on 38th Independence anniversary
    Secretary-General of CARICOM, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque extended congratulations on behalf of CARICOM to Belize on the 38th anniversary of Independence.

    Belizean film to be shown at film festival in California
    “My Father Belize,” a Belizean film that will form a part of the 14th Belize International Film Festival in November, will premier later this week in the United States at the Oakland International Film Festival in California.

    Government of India promises to give Latin America and the Caribbean more attention in the next five years
    The Government of India has said that it will increase its presence in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) over the next five years as a part of its ongoing foreign policy.

    Serious road traffic accident in Shipyard, Orange Walk claims 2 lives
    A serious road traffic accident in Shipyard, Orange Walk has claimed 2 lives. A source informed BBN that the accident occurred around 3 to 4 this morning.

    International Sourcesizz

    The Autumn Equinox: exact astronomical calculations made by the ancient Maya
    “From Friday 20th, through Monday 23rd September, the archaeoastronomical phenomena corresponding to the autumn equinox will be visible in different ancient Maya cities”, said Yucatecan astronomer Eddie Ariel Salazar Gamboa, who highlighted Chichen Itza, Dzibilchaltun and Oxkintok, among other Maya cities. However, the true “equality phenomena” will occur on Sunday Sep. 29, because “it is on this date the day and night will last exactly 12 hours each.” He stressed the importance of these events for the ancient Maya, both to strengthen their religion and their chronology as well as from a social point of view.

    5 Fly-Fishing Destinations That Will Take Your Breath Away
    Imagine you’re preparing for an amazing fly-fishing adventure. You’ve spent some time finding just the right gear—the perfect rod, some great flies. Now it’s time to pack up your tackle box, along with some hearty eats and waterproof attire, and get out on the road. If you’re new to saltwater angling, Belize’s crystal-clear flats—shallow areas along the shore—will make you a convert, pronto. There’s not much that can beat casting for bonefish, tarpon and permit in miles of turquoise water. Belize anglers consider catching all three in one day a fly-fishing Grand Slam.


  • One of the greatest Belizean pastimes, greasy pole!!!, 40sec. Object is to climb a telephone pole greased in lard all the way to the top and snatch the flag. You can try as many times as you like. I’ve only really seen it successfully completed once! Strange and fun and strange Belize festival event. What could go wrong?!


  • Belize Soca & Culture Fest Highlights 2019, 4min.

  • Independence Day Parade, Belize 2019, 6min. Independence Day Parade, Belize, September 21st. 2019

  • Belize 2019 full carnival, 2hr.

  • Belize Ambergris Caye Dive Trip, 8.5min.

  • Belize jouvert night 2019, 21min.

  • Belize Bird Rescue and Rock Farm Guesthouse, 10min.

  • Belize Travel Video 2019, 9min.

  • The Delinquent Gourmet - Belize, 22min. Gord is in Dangriga, Belize to explore the country’s unique melting pot of African, Spanish and Caribbean cuisines. Taking to the streets, he tastes the wares of vendor after vendor — Johnnycakes, tamales, garnaches – Belize’s heavenly taco. And then at the Dangriga market, our Delinquent Gourmet discovers varieties of fish he’s never even heard of!

    September 23, 2019

    Enjoy this Monday Holiday for Independence Day!!!


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Independence Parade
    San Pedro knows how to PARADE! Great fun was had by all when we celebrated the 38th anniversary of Independence yesterday! We still have the weekend to enjoy the holiday! Happy Independence Day! In carnaval colors and festive attire, island residents came out in full force parading through out the streets of San Pedro celebrating the 38th anniversary of our Independence! Viva Belize! Happy Independence Day!

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Lazarus
    “Moses, are you still going to Belmopan with me tomorrow?” I asked. “I’ve already rented a car.” “I wanted to,” Moses said, “but I have to go to a funeral in the morning in a little village just west of the Belize Zoo. The service is at ten o’clock and the burial is at ten thirty.” “That’s fine,” I said. “We’ll catch the funeral service, then eat lunch and do our business afterwards.”

    Doctor Love: Invisible Man
    Dear Doctor Love, I’m in a relationship with a girl who never puts her phone down. She never logs off her many social media accounts and she shares everything that happens in her day. She watches her phone during dinner. When we are with her family or our friends it’s always in her lap so she can read any new posts. She posts while driving her golf cart and I’m scared she’ll hit something someday. If we’re watching television or a movie she texts constantly, and I end up having to explain stuff to her that she’s missed.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Tropical Shipping Announces New Service into Belize
    We are pleased to announce the launch of a new service to Belize City, Belize. Effective Friday September 27th2019 Tropical Shipping will be adding Belize City, Belize as one of its liner ports offering the Highest quality of Ocean Transportation Services, including: The Southbound service will depart the Port of Palm Beach every Friday with a fix day arrival of Tuesday while the Northbound Service will depart Belize City, Belize on Tuesday with a Friday arrival. Our local agent will be: Belize Ship Handlers, 6480 Mahogany Street, Belize City, Belize. Phone/Fax/ Email: Tel: 501-222-4003, Fax: 501-222-4724, Email:[email protected]

    Lamanai Chocolate
    We have officially had our soft opening. We will also be adding coconut to our chocolate and coffee experience. 43 Hummingbird hwy. Ten miles from.Belmopan. Our two newst products are cocoa powder and cocoa butter. They both are very special in that they are cold pressed from fire roasted beans and we have them at a very reasonable price if anyone buys these products or knows of anyone that uses them we are looking to make them country wide. We will start having food along with specialty frozen chocolate/coffee drinks, frozen fruit smoothies and a limited menu in the weeks to come. We also have a small play area for kids and my 3 yr old always looks forward to entertain visitors.

    Independence Day Parade, San Pedro
    San Pedro, La Isla Bonita, Ambergris Caye, Belize, celebrates Belize's Independence Day with lively Parade. I hope those of you in Belize got a chance to sample the local Independence Day festivities. If you missed it, you missed something BIG! Belizeans love celebrating their independence. It's a wild party that everyone should experience at least once!

    A clean up campaign which took only 24 hours after tragedy struck hapened through the efforts of members of the village council. Councillor Lilia Marin, Councilor Alejandro Carrasco and Vice Chair George Delcid along with islanders came together for a clean up campaign and filled out the land.

    Although relief for fire victims does not fall under the mandate of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), we are pleased to have been able to extend assistance through NEMO to the family of Pastor Floyd Neal and his wife Christine after their home in Camalote was destroyed by fire yesterday. Today, our NEMO team, led by Humanitarian Officer Alfonso Casey and District Assistant Coordinator Dalton Eiley, delivered relief supplies to the family which is lodging temporarily at a relative’s residence. On hand was UDP Area Representative Ramon Witz, who had sought the assistance on their behalf, accompanied by his Camalote Assistant, Narifa Martinez-Jacobs. Anyone wishing to further assist the family can call Pastor Neal at 625-4237.

    On Independence Day, while the nation was celebrating, our NEMO personnel was busy delivering assistance to fire victims on the Island of Caye Caulker who were affected by an early morning blaze. The supplies were transported to the island with the help of Belize Defender Aircraft arranged by our National Emergency Coordinator Colonel (Ret) Shelton Defour. The relief mission was led by our NEMO Central Region Coordinator Al Westby, who was accompanied by NEMO Belmopan District Assistant Coordinator Dalton Eiley. The BDF Defender Aircraft was flown by Major Adran Claude Ramírez.

    Independence Day 2019, photos by Karen Brodie
    Apparently the editing fairy showed up this afternoon, so here is set two from yesterday's parade. Hopefully that editing fairy shows up a lot in the next few days ... my posts so far include the first 5 minutes of the actual parade!!! Feel free to tag and share ... I'm counting on you for that ... it's time for a meal break. Thankfully there was NO parade today!!!

    Corozal: Bahamas ReliefFundraiser
    October 23, 9am-noon.

    Channel 5

    62 year old Taiwanese Electrician Murdered
    Police are investigating the murder of 62 year old Chin Sung, a Taiwanese electrician of Camalote Village. News Five has learned that the victim was asleep inside the lower flat of a two storey building where his business, E-Store Shop, is located when about 1 o’clock this morning 2 masked men broke in through an unsecured window. Sung was awakened by noise inside the shop. Upon making checks he saw the armed burglars who shot at him. Sung was hit in the chest and forehead and died at the scene. The thieves made good their escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.

    PC Clifford Castillo died at the K.H.M.H. after being involved in a road traffic accident in Southern Belize
    PC Castillo was driving a motorcycle in Seine Bight Village when he lost control as a result of a flat tire and crashed into a post. The officer received severe head and body injuries. He was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital before being transported to the KHMH.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Missing minor and her relatives claim that she is safe and well
    Breaking Belize News is in possession of a series of videos that were taken after a Jasmine Alert was issued for a missing female minor from Cristo Rey, Cayo. Last week, the Jasmine Alert flyer was issued for 16-year-old Serena Sanchez of Cristo Rey, Cayo.

    Independence fever: wild holiday weekend of football
    The standings are not greatly changed by this weekend’s results, but it was an entertaining weekend for sure. Things started with the last match of the first round on Wednesday, a scoreless stalemate between the top two teams in the Premier League, Belmopan Bandits and Verdes F.C.

    Taiwanese businessman murdered in Camalote
    Amn elderly Taiwanese businessman was murdered in Camalote, Cayo last night during a robbery of his store. Sources tell Breaking Belize News (BBN) that Ching-Sung Chen, 62, the proprietor of E Star store...

    PM Barrow: Economy holding strong despite “shocks”
    It has not been for lack of trying, but according to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Belize’s economic fortunes continue to hold strong in the face of many obstacles, and he announced plans for new and diverse expansions.

    Man murdered in Camalote, Cayo
    Reports to BBN’s newsdesk are that an elderly man was murdered this morning inside his business place in Camalote, Cayo. Authorities are currently at the scene.

    PM on citizen security: “GOB is in action”
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced during his Independence Day address that the issue of crime and violence is being fought on two fronts – local and multinational – with a host of partners.


    Keeping Belize Green With Our Newest Initiative
    The name Ka'ana means "heavenly place" but we aren't just talking about our resort grounds. The entirety of our small country is full of stunning treasures, from the lush green jungles to the vibrant blue oceans. We're known for our green initiatives, but you know we're always looking for new ways to have a positive impact on the environment, and starting this month we have one more to add to the list! As part of our mission to keep the country beautiful for generations to come, this new project focuses on making it easier for our local community to get rid of trash. We've created and distributed 40 durable bins, painted with environmental slogans, around our nearby towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. It's now much easier to keep everywhere from the local school to the riverbank to the markets sparkling clean!

    A Birthday Toast For Belize
    We can’t think of a better birthday toast for Belize than to quote that popular toastmaster, Abraham Lincoln: “It’s not the years in your life that count – it’s the life in your years.” Even Honest Abe would be impressed with how much life the newest nation in the Americas has packed into the last 38 years. He’d no doubt join us in saluting the many things Belize has achieved in such a short amount of time and, perhaps more to the point, the way it has done so.

    Five Places to Live in Belize; Two to Avoid
    The English-speaking country of Belize has a lot going for it. For a tiny country, it packs a big wallop when it comes to charm and scenery. For the would-be expat—especially if you’re looking for real value—there are many areas deserving of your attention. Places where you can live the laidback, Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams. From the many cayes to the Cayo district, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to live in Belize. In Belize you’ll find the best, and cheapest Caribbean, beach living around. If lazy rivers and rolling hills are more your scene, don’t fret…you’ll find these as well. The cost of living can vary, depending on which area you decide on. Choosing where to start over in a foreign land can be difficult, but these few areas are a good place to start if you’re looking for a new life in Belize.

    Another colorful year – Celebrating Belize’s 38th Independence
    By the time the Independence parade started, I was all celebrated out. Being a town girl, I caught the whole party night before and it was a long one this year. I was still hearing it at 5:00 am. As noisy as it was, I did enjoy laying in bed listening to DJ Debbie and Trinidad and Tobago singer Olantiunji and Dee Jav, Chetumal Mexico. Of course, I woke up and popped outside for my pics of my favorite part of the evening party the ringing in of Independence day with midnight fireworks. No matter how big or small the parade is, it’s always exciting to see everyone’s designs. So much work goes into costumes and carts. I love watching them walk/drive the “runway” through town, it is always a hot, sweaty fun, tasty, experience.

    2019 San Pedro’s Jump Up Parade: Small but Mighty Independence Celebration
    San Pedro, Belize had a HUGE Independence Day weekend planning for 2019. A Friday night concert Soca concert, 21 gun salute and traditional ceremony and a massive midnight fireworks display. That was all Independence Eve. I kept my powder dry for the Jump Up Parade on Independence Day. There was a new route so that the parade started and ended in the newly refurbished Boca Del Rio park. The massive new re-claimed beach made a perfect spot for an after party. In the end, ABC Preschool assembled a FANTASTIC group all in white and glitter with the theme: 38. And then a serious group of pros from Belize City…a serious carnival crew joined our San Pedro town council.


  • Here are snippets of the visits to the Carnival Mas Camps on day 3, 36min. The judges visited Senior Bands - Black Pearl, Soca Moca Carnival Band, Mother Nature's Creation. Take a look at the costumes, the revellers and the hype. Share the spirit of Carnival, Share the video!

  • San Pedro Independence Fireworks Display, 2.5min.

  • Independence Day in Belize fire works, 5min.

  • Belize Independence Day Parade 2019, 4min.

  • Belize 2019, min. Belize vacation 2019, snorkelling with Sharks, Turtles, and Sting Rays.

  • El Fogon, San Pedro Ambergris Caye, min. El Fogon means "The Fire Hearth". We specialize in Belizean food cooked the old fashioned way, with firewood in the open. It is our intention to preserve our Belizean culture through food, and give a little taste to our visitors far and wide.

    September 22, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Several displaced and one dead following fire in Caye Caulker Village
    Authorities from the National Fire Service continue investigating a fire in Caye Caulker Village that destroyed a two-storey commercial building (golf cart rental and apartments) on Avenida Langosta. The fire reportedly started after midnight, a bucket brigade was formed to assist the local fire department, but despite such efforts the building could not be saved. As a result, about 15 persons have been displaced. The fire also damaged two other buildings near the blaze. On Saturday, September 21st, the lifeless body of Elmer Chuc from the Corozal District was discovered within the rubble. Information is that the deceased used to work at the golf cart rental and used to live in the building. According to initial investigation he was trapped inside and could not get out.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Prime Minister Promises Laptops for Teachers and Students
    During his speech on the 21st of September, PM Barrow outlined an education program to be sponsored by the Government owned phone company Telemedia. Free laptops and labs for every student and and subsidies given to students at all Government Schools. PM Barrow said "the partnership in education that we have struck with the nationally owned BTL. Known as the DigiLearn Project, this joint venture between GOB and BTL will see the introduction of a cloud platform and service that facilitates digital teaching and online learning. Already a pilot project has been completed involving nine high schools. Over 360 students participated and each of the schools has endorsed DigiLearn for their institution. Accordingly, DigiLearn will now be rolled out to 43 secondary schools starting this month.

    BEL to start electric fleet and replace CFE energy with 40 MWs of local solar power
    During his Independence Day Speech the Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that a major portion of electricity from Mexico will be replaced with locally produced solar power. PM Barrow said "Up to three years ago our main sourcing of energy from CFE in Mexico was going great guns. Prices were cheap and supply plentiful. But as of 2018 things changed drastically. From between 8 and 10 cents per KWh, the cost jumped to 14 US cents per KWh. Besides, the supply amount was also curtailed. Thus, we can’t move speedily enough to do something about the situation. Accordingly, our majority owned BEL is now finalizing plans to replace a big portion of CFE energy with 40 MWs of local solar-powered energy.

    The Prime Minister offered 200 new police recruits and cameras, and continuance of the third phase of the South Side Alleviation Program. However, no mention made of a DNA Laboratory and experts that previous governments have promised while the murder conviction rate stands at 3 percent. During his Independence Day Speech, PM Barrow said "The indescribable charm of our particular Central American/Caribbean sweet spot, comes at a cost. Our very location makes us a target for those that use us as a transit route for sundry illegalities from various proximate countries to the magnet market of the United Sates. That flow includes persons. And as the door is slammed shut on the Northern Triangle migrants fleeing their countries but now prevented from reaching the US, Belize becomes an alternative escape destination.

    Transcript of the Independence Day Address by the Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize

    Corozal Uniform Parade 21, 2019
    On September 21st, 2019 Corozal held their uniform parade.

    Independence Day Celebrations
    in Belize City

    Belize Soca & Culture Festival

    The Reporter

    The Belize Police Department is mourning the loss of one of its own after a road traffic accident in Seine Bight early this morning. PC#93 Clifford Castillo, Officer in Charge of the Maya Beach Precinct on the Placencia Peninsula. Castillo died this afternoon at the KHMH, where he had been airlifted after preliminary treatment at the Southern Regional Hospital.

    Today, as is customary every 21st day of September, representatives at every level of government and Opposition, members of the diplomatic corps, clergy and judiciary, invited guests and observers gathered at the foot of the National Assembly for the official ceremonies marking Independence Day.

    The Next Level Of Security
    By: Neri O. Briceńo. Firstly, I want to commend Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and all the brave personnel who took part in the recent drug operation. Putting one’s life at risk for country is probably one of the greatest sacrifices that one can make.

    Hello Darkness – My Old Friend
    By: Mike Rudon Jr. In what seemed literally to be two seconds, the blink of an eye, my ex-wife went from sending all God’s blessings my way to calling me a monster and other vile things. In that same time, the relationship I had so carefully rebuilt with my kids wobbled. My circle of support, to which I held so tightly, got perceptibly smaller.

    It Took Less Than 38 Years
    By: Major Lloyd Jones, Ret’d. On Saturday Belize will “celebrate” the 38th anniversary of its independence. We will hear wonderful speeches from our politicians telling us how proud we should be to have reached this milestone and reminding us to be grateful that we live in such a “democracy.”

    Editorial – Friday September 20th. 2019
    Independence means nothing if it cannot improve the lives of the people along with their standard of living. The better life is measured in terms of income, jobs, productivity and stability. If the business sector of Belize only wants to buy and sell, that is economic activity, but it not productivity, and it cannot bring about prosperity for the nation, but only for the merchant community which profits from buy & sell.

    On Thursday, Nelson Espinoza was arraigned on one count of murder for the death of San Martin teen Adamir ‘Mia’ Choc, 19. And almost before the bars on his cell at the Kolbe Correctional Facility closed behind him, his lawyer, Hurl Hamilton, had tried the case on national television, claiming that Police beat a confession out of Espinoza.

    PM Blasts US Over Verde’s Arrest
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, at a press event on Thursday, was asked for an update on Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of General Services in the Belize Tax Services Department who was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States two weeks ago, but with none to give, he unloaded a tirade against the US government for its handling of the case.


    PC#93 Clifford Castillo, who was invovled in the accident this morning, has passed away. He was airlifted to the KHMH a few hours ago but succumbed to his injuries. Reports are that his motorcycle lost control after it received a flat tire and crashed into a post.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Jewel Fury secure first international victory in Central American Women’s Club Tournament
    A pair of 7-0 losses eliminated national women’s champions Jewel Fury of Belmopan, but they finished their second appearance in the UNCAF Women’s Interclub Competition on a high note on Thursday by defeating Marathon of Honduras 4-2.

    Leader of the Opposition’s Independence Day Speech
    On this our 38th anniversary of Independence, we salute those nationalists who believed that we were ready for nationhood. We honour those men and women who never faltered, who were never afraid and who were firm in their conviction that we Belizeans should determine the future of our country. No hurdle was too high; no obstacle insurmountable.

    Belize “still a good country”, says PM Barrow
    Belizeans are still living in a good country, insists Prime Minister Dean Barrow, despite our many tests in recent months. The potentially destabilizing divisions caused by the ICJ campaign resulted in a May vote accepted by most if not all.

    Verdes issues statement in defense of player arrested for murder investigation
    Today, Verdes FC football club issued a statement in defense of one of their players who has been detained for a murder investigation that happened in Santa Elena, Cayo. Verdes says that Wendel Trapp is a player of their team and that at the time of the incident on Wednesday, September 18 around 8:30 pm, Trapp was at the FFB football stadium in Belmopan playing a match ‘El Clasico’ versus the Belmopan Bandits.

    One dead in Caye Caulker fire
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that one person is dead after a fire that completely engulfed a structure and destroyed several buildings in Caye Caulker early this morning. The body of the person was removed from the scene by authorities a short while ago.

    Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Independence Day Speech
    The following is a full copy of PM Barrow’s speech which he delivered this morning on the occasion of Belize’s 38th anniversary on Independence.

    Opposition: Belizeans “weary from worry”
    Though still optimistic, says Opposition leader John Briceno, Belizeans are weary from worrying about provision of the basics 38 years from Independence. He adds that while this is a day to celebrate our culture and people, too many are still without proper education, health, safety and other issues.

    Belmopan Mayor and Deputy Prime Minister open Independence Day by citing unity in diversity
    Under changeable skies in the national capital, Mayor of Belmopan Khalid Belisle and co-chair of the September Celebrations Commission Patrick Faber opened the ceremonies with a call of unity in diversity.

    Belize celebrates 38th Independence anniversary
    Belizeans at home and abroad are today celebrating the 38th anniversary of Belize’s Independence from Great Britain. This year, Belize celebrates under the theme, “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together let’s Shape the Belizean Story.”

    United States Department of State wishes Belize a Happy Independence Day
    Today, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Michael Pompeo issued a statement on behalf of the Government of the United States congratulating the people of Belize on the 38th anniversary of Independence.

    September 21st is…
    …Independence Day! (Just ask Lucio and the New Generation Band) Festivities are underway countrywide and officially started on Friday evening with the official flag raising ceremony at Memorial Park and across town, the Soca and Culture Fest headlined by Kes The Band and Konshens.

    Caye Caulker burns on Independence Day
    Sometime after midnight, a fire engulfed a structure in Caye Caulker. The blaze quickly spread to another apartment burning down a portion of it.

    International Sourcesizz

    Alta. ambulances, firetruck headed to Belize
    Members of an Edmonton rotary club are preparing Friday night for an eight-hour road trip with five ambulances to Montana this weekend. Dr. Roman Bayrock and the Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview are delivering the ambulances to Great Falls on Saturday. The ambulances—donated by AHS and serviced by a local Honda dealership—as well as a firetruck donated by the Calgary Fire Department, are being delivered to Corozal, Belize. "We have (automated external defibrillators), we have spinal recovery boards, we've got stretchers, wheelchairs, and just basic stuff that's not going to be problematic in transport," Bayrock added.

    Space Archaeology: How long lost ancient Mayan cities discovered from space?
    Over the years science, technology and space mission have helped the humankind to grow and develop the world. But can they help to dig deep inside to find lost ancient cities or archaeological miracle? Yes, they can. When archaeologists apply a space-based data to understand the modern landscape, to find out the lost river or archaeological sites, it means they are doing "space archaeology" or "satellite archaeology." It should be noted that this concept is not new, as the US space agency NASA began its "Space Archaeology" program in 2008. It should not be forgotten that space archaeology or the technology called remote-sensing helped the researchers to unearth the Maya site of Caracol in Belize, which dates back to over 1,000 years.


  • 38th Independence Jump Up Parade, 38min.

  • Independence Day Ceremony, September 21st, 2019 p1, 60min.

  • Independence Day Ceremony, September 21st, 2019 p2, 90min.

  • Video of Caye Caulker Fire, 42min.

  • Official Independence Day Ceremony, 3hr.

  • Belize Independence Day Parade, San Pedro Town, 8min.

  • Independence Day Parade in San Pedro Town!, 3min.

  • On the scene of the fire was the presence of the Area Representative Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr in support of the fire victims, 3min.

  • We're in Belize City for the 38th Independence Day Uniform Parade !, 62min.

  • People assembling for Caye Caulker’s citizens and floats parade, 5min.

  • Sugar City Carnival 2019, 1hr40min.

  • Caye Caulker Independence Day Parade, 60min.

  • The people united party area representative Mr. Andre Perez in Caye Caulker, 4min. Assisting to a meeting consulting with the Caye Caulker Disaster Response Team in support of the fire victims

  • We're in Belize City for the 38th Independence…, 62min.



  • Caye Caulker Independence Day Parade, 9min.

  • San Pedro Parade, 37min.

  • 21th Ceremony Belmopan 2019, 8hrs.

  • Corozal Carnival, 30min. Anybody who missed the Carnival on Friday September 20, 2019 in Corozal, here is a video. This video is a highlight that was held during the carnival on September 20th, 2019. The Carnival commenced at 3pm, and the different floats travelled around town on its route. The streets were filled with people to watch the parade. And, everyone was anxious to see the 2019 parade.

  • Dangriga marching for Belize Independence Day celebration September 2019, 90min.

  • Independence Day Parade 2019 ( Belize ), 18min.

  • San Pedro, Belize Independence Day Parade 2019, 8min.

  • Walking Orange St in Belize City at Midnight on September 2019, min.

  • Belize 38th Independence Olatunji in the house, 7min.

  • Belize City Fireworks September 20th, 2019, 10min.

  • Walking the Beach at San Pedro, Belize on September 21st, 2019, 9min.

  • 2019 Independence Parade Belize Punta Gorda Town, 22min.

  • Kes the Band Savannah Grass Live in Belize 2019, 6.5min.

  • Independence Day Uniform Parade, 4min.

  • Independence Day Uniform Parade #2, 12min.

    September 21, 2019

    Enjoy Belize's 38th Independence Day!!!!


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island students observe 2019 Children’s Rally
    San Pedro High school (SPHS) students, along with the upper-division students from the various primary schools of the island enjoyed the annual Children’s Rally held at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium in San Pedro Town on Friday, September 20th. The Children’s Rally is part of the September Celebrations activities held countrywide, with the purpose of promoting patriotism among Belizean children. Under this year’s theme: “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together let’s Shape the Belizean Story,” attendees got to enjoy motivational speeches, patriotic poems/dramas and even a special performance from Trinidadian soca artist Olatunji Yearwood, better known as ‘Olatunji.’

    What is the future for Belize’s offshore banking?
    Is offshore banking in Belize coming to an end? Offshore banking experts from Caporaso and Partners Law Office in Panama believe so. The law firm attributes this allegation to the recent closure of two offshore banks in Belize, Choice Bank and Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL). Even the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is warning the business sector to brace for potential challenges when trying to access foreign exchange in the near future.

    San Pedro Town Council and Traffic Department working to minimize traffic accidents
    Aiming to decrease traffic accidents on the island, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) is informing residents that any sign found on public property which is obstructing the view of outgoing traffic will be removed as of Wednesday, September 18th. SPTC and SPTD claims that these signs are distracting drivers and obstructing clear view of oncoming traffic, causing accidents. Therefore, they are forced to carry out this exercise. Island residents are asked to kindly advise the SPTC and get permission prior to the installation of any signs. They further advise anyone wanting to put a sign on their private property to ensure that it is not causing any visual obstruction to drivers. If your sign is removed, it can be picked up at SPTC Barracks located in the San Pablo Area.

    New River and Macal River contaminated
    The crisis at the New River in the Orange Walk District has prompted the Department of Environment (DOE) to look at viable alternatives to save the heavily polluted water way. Due to the build-up of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in the water, wildlife has suffered and residents living near the river are also facing health dangers. In an attempt to save the stream, DOE began an ambitious project on Tuesday, September 9th, installing aerators to try to re-oxygenate the water in parts of the river. Up to now, this effort has shown encouraging results. Meanwhile the Macal River in western Belize is exhibiting high levels of mercury in certain fish species. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is advising people living nearby to be cautious when consuming fish from the river.

    Ambergris Today

    Anti-Money Laundering Training Conducted In Belize
    The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and U.S. Embassy Belize facilitated a training on covert sources of information in money laundering investigations on September 18, 2019. The training, conducted by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance, was aimed to enhance awareness of Belize’s criminal laws on preventing money laundering and the use of covert sources in money laundering investigations. 24 participants representing the Belize Police Department, Customs & Excise Department, Belize Tax Services, FIU, Immigration & Nationality Services, and International Financial Services Commission shared case studies, learned key concepts in utilizing covert sources of information, and engaged in practical exercises that address real life scenarios.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Friends of the New River (FNR) tours the environmental management facilities of Belize Sugar Industries
    On Monday, September 16, 2019, representatives of the Friends of the New River (FNR) toured the environmental management facilities of Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. (BSI) and BELCOGEN at Tower Hill, Orange Walk District. The objective of the tour was to learn about the BSI’s and BELCOGEN’s Environmental Management System especially with respect to the current situation on the New River. Specifically, the FNR representatives learned about the work that BSI does on air quality, solid waste and waste water management. Please open the individual photos and images for further detailed explanations.

    San Pedro Parade Route
    Independence Peoples parade route has been posted, the traffic dept is requesting the public's co-operation by not parking along the route especially on Pescador Drive, Tarpon Street and Barrier Reef Drive. This will allow the parade to pass easily and for everyone to enjoy the festivities. Thank you and Happy Independence Belize.

    Air Canada Will Be Increasing Flights to Belize Soon!
    Planning a trip to Belize? There’s no better time to soak up the Caribbean Sun! Air Canada announced that starting December 13th, they will be increasing the number of direct seasonal flights from Toronto, Canada to Belize. The airline company will now be offering flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the high season which is between December and April. Canada is one of the strong source markets for tourist arrivals in Belize. The Belize Tourism Board has also been working diligently for new marketing campaigns for over the past seven years for the arrival of Air Canada, along with WestJet.

    San Pedro Annual Independence Children's Rally
    As every year, the Ministry of Education in San Pedro hosts its Annual Independence Children's Rally that took place at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium in San Pedro High School. Students from all the schools are invited to this rally and each school has the honor to make a presentation for all to enjoy. Many prepare skits, dances and some even sing too! It is a really great event to share Belize's patriotism with the youth of Belize, our future. This year, the students had a treat from Trinidadian singer, Olatunji, who had the crowd singing with excitement. Thanks to Ms. Odelia Caliz and the Ministry of Education in San Pedro, all the schools for participating and all the guests for making this event another successful event!

    2019 Caye Caulker Children's Rally and Parade
    The Ocean Academy Dolphins worked hard to provide a great multifaceted performance. Each OA house (Marlins, Stingrays, Sharks & Ospreys) chose a theme to compliment the September celebrations theme, "From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together let's shape the Belizean Story."

    Belize Soca & Culture Festival

    Kes the Band I Belize City 2019
    Kes and members of his band experiencing Belize.

    Cayo Welcome Center September Event
    Cayo Welcome Center in San Ignacio held a September Celebrations event today with entertainment by Alma Beliceńa Cultural group and Estevans Entertainment.

    Secretary of State Pompeo’s Statement on Belize’s Independence Day
    On behalf of the government and people of the United States of America, I extend my warmest congratulations to the people of Belize on the 38th anniversary of your independence, September 21. There is much to celebrate this year, as Belize held a historic National Referendum and strengthened disaster resiliency with partner nations across the Caribbean and Central America. The U.S.-Belize relationship is grounded in our joint efforts to promote regional economic prosperity and citizen security, and in our robust people-to-people ties. The United States wishes the people of Belize a happy Independence Day.

    Parks afre free for the holiday
    Reminder to our Belizean travelers, Archaeological Reserves have free entrance on Public and Bank Holidays as well as on Sundays for Belizeans. Whether you plan on exploring the magnificent structures or cool off at one of the cool caves it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a mystical experience !!!

    Oceana Belize collaborated with Corozal Junior College's Grey House for their service day
    Yesterday there was a cleanup of Miami Beach at Corozal Town where our Corozal Field Representative, Ryan Rivera, assisted with data recording for the International Coastal Cleanup taking place in the upcoming week. Thank you to CJC's Grey Club and event moderators, Mr. David Vega and Ms. Joanna Magańa, for their work to love and protect our country.

    38 reasons why and how we can keep La Isla Bonita clean!
    We wish all Belizeans a very Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate our 38th anniversary here's 38 reasons why and how we can keep La Isla Bonita clean!

    Channel 7

    Attorney Claims Espinoza's Confession Beaten Out of Him
    Adamir Choc's alleged killer Nelson Espinoza says police beat the confession out of him. As we told you, he has been arraigned for murder based on the strength of what we are told is a videotaped confession. But, Espinoza's attorney Hurl Hamilton disputes that. He gave Plus TV an interview explaining Espinoza's police brutality account. Here's how he put it: Hurl Hamilton, Attorney. Nelson Espinoza: "Clearly he is denying the allegations that that they have against him, but in addition to denying the allegations..."

    COMPOL Apologizes For Cops Who Gave Victim's Mom the Runaround
    And while Hamilton claimed brutality today - yesterday, the Commissioner did have one apology - but it was to Adamir Choc's mother. Seems when she went to the police station to inquire about the investigation before Espinoza's arrest - she was treated dismissively. We've heard many such reports over the years from families of murder victims - but, in this case, the Commissioner says his officers were wrong and he apologized:

    Did Salvadoran Suspect Abscond?
    And, now, police need more help from the Belmopan community. They're trying to find the men responsible for the murders of 16 year old Gruver Delgado and 17 year old Herman Valladares. They were killed on Saturday September 17th in the San Martin area of Belmopan. The suspects in this murder case are 19 year old Salvadoran national Jose Chavez and a 13 year old minor.

    School Adjusts To Reeking River
    Last night, we showed you what the Environment Minister of State, Dr. Omar Figueroa, had to say about the slow process of reversing the pollution of the New River in Orange Walk. They continue to stress that their pilot project of oxygenating the river using mechanical aerators is having a positive impact. They also keep stressing that anything which disturbs the river's water surface will cause the foul odor to intensify. That's exactly what happened earlier this week when it rained heavily in the town. It was a welcomed relief from the intense, months-long drought, but because of the state of the river, the rains are now a blessing and a curse. And on Wednesday, the teaching staff and the student body at La Inmaculada Primary School experienced that first hand.

    What Happens When The Rotten River Runs Into The Sea?
    The New River Task Force also called a press conference today to give an update on the river. The majority of their presentation was information that the general public had already heard: what is happening to the river, how did we get here, and how well their mechanical aeration pilot project is going. But one thing we hadn't heard was what happens when the river does start to flow again normally due to the impending rains? Can the pollution spread?He said that there are concerns for the Corozal Bay, which the river empties into.:

    BSI Struggling With DOE's Demands
    And keeping it on the plight and perils of the polluted New River, you'll remember that, earlier this week, BSI/ASR finally responded to the Orange Walk residents who say they are one of the main sources of the pollution. They say they responsibly treat their wastewater, and when it is released from their facility is does not cause any harm to the environment. To prove that point, last weekend, they opened up their facilities to the conservation-minded organization, the Friends of the New River, to show how their wastewater treatment process works.

    Machete Mayhem Between Mujeres
    A woman was charged for lashing another woman with two machetes and holding one to another woman's throat: a real machete mayhem. The accused is twenty-two year old Giselle Vasquez. She was charged with burglary when she appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. Vasquez was also charged with aggravated assault, harm, threat of death and damage to property. The incident happened on Monday evening around 5:00. Forty-one year old Cordia Harris, a resident of 36 Allan Pitts Crescent, says she was lying on her bed inside her apartment, when Vasquez entered uninvited and lashed her with two machetes.

    KHMH to Union: No Pensions
    The labour negotiations between the KHMH Union and the hospital board and management continue. The union increased the temperature back in July when when about 150 nurses, doctors, and medical personnel staged an impromptu walkout. Since then talks have bene proceeding at a measured pace, and today the CEO told the media that they are talking about a collective bargaining agreement, but not about a government pension - because the board has reversed its official negotiating position:

    How Much Will ICJ Attorneys Cost?
    5 Months ago, on May 8th, Belizeans made history when they decided, via a national referendum, that they wanted to go to the ICJ to resolve Guatemala's territorial claim over Belize. Since then, government has been taking the necessary procedural steps to proceed to the ICJ. But, it has become obvious to the Prime Minister and his advisors that a painful decision must be taken soon. He's taking a hard look at what are likely the astronomical fees that the country will incur, so as to give us the best fighting chance at the Hague.

    NGCL Tells Butane Companies to Chill
    Last night, you heard the Prime Minister talk about National Liquified Petroleum Gas Project Law that the House and Senate passed last month. That law sets up a protected monopoly in which a new enterprise, called the National Gas Company, will control the country's butane supply. And that's why the current suppliers - all the major butane companies, which are owned by one Mexican supplier are crying foul - even though the Prime Minister suggested yesterday that as far as he is aware, they may be willing to go along with the plan. But a letter that they've written to his office indicates the complete opposite. It is dated September 17th, 2019, and the companies: Belize Western Energy Limited, Gas Tomza, and Southern Choice Butane, say they have supplied Belizeans with LPG for the last 30 years, directly employing more than 350 persons, and investing millions.

    Rochus Rolls Out
    He announced his resignation abruptly three months ago - and today was the last day in office for BTL's imported CEO Rochus Schreiber. In April of 2017, Schreiber was selected for the job from a list of dozens of applications from all over the world. But 29 months later, he's moving on, from the company he has re-branded as DIGI. Two weeks ago we asked him if he has mixed feelings about the abrupt departure - when he was just getting started. But, ever the corporate salesman, Schreiber put a good face on it:

    Not A Robbery, More Like Shoplifting With A Hammer
    A few weeks ago, we told you about the report of a robbery at a jewelry store in Dangriga Town. It made news because it was three buildings down from the police station and it happened in broad daylight. But, no police report was made initially, and the information we got from local sources was inaccurate. We said that there was a robbery which netted a large quantity oaf cash and jewelry.

    KHMH Celebrates Birthday With BBQ
    As we told you earlier this week, the mighty KHMH is 24 years old. Today they celebrated with a staff competition which was about skewers, not scalpels. It was a Bar-B-Q cookout in which doctors, nurses, and support staff formed teams to grill the perfect cut of meat. We're not sure what that has to do with healing the sick, but it sounded like a chance to score some free food so the media stopped by to judge for ourselves. We spoke to the hospital's C.E.O and PR manager about how the hospital has grown and evolved in 24 years:

    School Kids Rallied With Fervor
    All across the country this morning, rallies were held for primary schoolers. In Belize City, children marched waving their flags to celebrate Belize's birthday. 25 schools ended that march at the Belize Civic Center where we saw zealous, spirited patriotism from the youngest actors in the ongoing Belizean story. Cherisse Halsall reports: Today, well over 3,000 kids packed the Belize Civic Center for the annual children's rally. 25 schools from the Belize district were invited. We dropped by for the exciting celebration. The Spirit of Patriotism is alive and well.

    Not Fade Away, Frankie
    And that's the news on this Independence eve. We wish all of you a safe and celebratory Independence Day and hope you get some good rest on the double holiday long weekend. You can see the flag go up for the 38th time at midnight tonight right here on Channel 7 and then, tomorrow at 9:30, you can stay tuned to Channel 7 for live coverage of the official ceremonies from Belmopan.

    Channel 5

    Aerators in New River are Effective, but Concerns Grow as Rains Flush Pollution into Corozal Bay
    There is an update tonight on the condition of the New River; the Department of Environment is reporting a level of success with the installation of aerators at various points [...]

    Government Allocates Funds for the Work on the New River
    D.O.E. has additional long-term work in the months ahead. Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, Edgar Ek says that part of the plan includes further studies of the sediments that have sunk [...]

    Ministry of Health Assessing Health of Residents along the New River
    Over the past two months, the health of the New River deteriorated exponentially. Aside from visible changes in its physical aspect, a strong stench of rotting eggs, which is hydrogen [...]

    Woman from Southern Belize Dies after Contracting Dengue
    The family of a woman from southern Belize is claiming that a loved one died due to dengue. An outbreak was detected months ago and the number of cases continues [...]

    Dr. Marvin Manzanero: Seek Medical Attention to Avoid Critical Situations
    As we reported earlier this week, Stann Creek is showing the second highest rate of dengue infections in the country. A total of one thousand nine hundred clinically confirmed cases [...]

    Police Issue Wanted Poster for Suspect in Belmopan Double Murder
    The police needs assistance in locating nineteen-year-old Jose Salvador Alfaro Chavez; he is nineteen-year-old and from El Salvador.  Alfaro Chavez is wanted in connection with the murder of cousins Gruver [...]

    Attorney Says Nelson Espinosa was Beaten to Confess to Murder
    On Thursday afternoon, twenty-two-year-old Harmonyville resident, Nelson Espinosa was arraigned for the heinous murder of nineteen-year-old Adamir Choc. It is believed that Choc was sexually assaulted and murdered in a [...]

    Belize Vulnerable to “Sudden Stop” in Investment Flows
    A U.S. news outlet has published a list of countries considered vulnerable to professional scammers and Belize made the list. The article, published by WKZO FM in Michigan says that [...]

    C.E.O. says K.H.M.H. Staff Not Pensionable
    Chief Executive Officer for the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority, Michelle Cox-Hoare, stuck to her position today, reiterating that the staff at the hospital is not pensionable. The recently formed [...]

    K.H.M.H. Workers Union to Take Pension Issue to Court
    The K.H.M.H. Workers Union has lawyered up and hired the services of Nazira Myles of Myles and Banner law firm.  Myles sent a letter to the C.E.O. on September sixth [...]

    More Trouble Brewing at K.H.M.H.
    The K.H.M.H. Workers Union is also dealing with another issue. A meeting was held this evening among medical officers who, as we understand, are experiencing labour-related issues. Union President Lidia Alpuche [...]

    P.S.U. Says the Ministry of Health is the Worst Place to Work
    The Public Service Union has issued an update to its members on the recently concluded familiarization tour by new president, Gerald Henry at government ministries. And it is not pretty. [...]

    Bail for Men Busted with Large Amount of Weed in Corozal
    Two men busted in Corozal with a large quantity of marijuana were granted Supreme Court bail on Thursday in the sum of ten thousand dollars each. They are taxi-driver, Nestor [...]

    A Peaceful Protest in Belmopan
    Crime was the heart of a protest in Belmopan today. A small group focused on the high level of crime and the pain endured by families of murder victims. But [...]

    A Breakdown of Industries Most Affected by Drought
    As much as fifty million dollars have been lost in produce by farmers due to drought. Sugar, corn and the livestock industries have taken a huge blow and production of [...]

    Building Climate Resilient Infrastructure Amid Extended Dry Weather
    The government has sought financial assistance from the World Bank to build climate resilient infrastructure, including roads and bridges, across the country.  The initiative precedes the existing drought; however, the [...]

    Is Insurance for Farmers Coming to Belize?
    Insurance in the agriculture sector is uncommon as it is considered a risky undertaking for any institution providing financial protection against loss or harm.  Notwithstanding the chances of loss to [...]

    National Gas Company Says its Presence Will Enhance Opportunities for Current Suppliers
    The National Gas Company says that its presence in the supply chain for butane will not disrupt the distribution and retail sector and adds that regulated wholesale prices and quality [...]

    Annual Children Rally Celebrates Patriotism
    On the eve of Independence, primary school students all over the country were encouraged to have appreciation for patriotism and love for country. In Belize City, the Civic was packed [...]

    K.H.M.H. Celebrating 24 Years of Service
    This year, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is celebrating twenty-four years of service. The national referral hospital began operations in 1995 and since then, services have expanded and infrastructure has [...]


    GOB declares partial state of emergency
    The Government of Belize announced today at a Prime Ministerial press conference that it is declaring a partial state of emergency in the wake of the drought that has affected farmers, causing losses in excess of 50 million dollars, according to the estimates in the damage assessments compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture. The declaration of the partial state of emergency has become necessary in order for government to access finance from the international financial system at concessionary rates to assist the agricultural sector.

    Nelson Espinoza, 22, arraigned for the murder of Adamir Choc, 19
    Nelson Espinoza, 22, a laborer of Harmonyville, Cayo District, was this morning charged with murder for the death of Adamir Choc, 19, of San Martin, Belmopan. This afternoon, Espinoza was arraigned at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court. Court reports indicate that he was read a single charge of murder. No plea was taken from him because the offense is indictable, and no bail was offered. He was then remanded until December 16.

    Mirna Young, 58, dies after gun attack in Santa Elena
    Three persons were socializing in a yard at a house on Perez Street in Santa Elena at about 8:30 last night when two men rode up on a motorcycle and stopped in front of their yard. One of the men got off the motorbike and fired at the group. Witnesses said that about 20 shots were fired by the gunman, who, after unleashing the hail of bullets, got back on the motorcycle with his accomplice and they rode away.

    Accused US sexual offender who fled to Belize apprehended
    An American man from the state of Kentucky who has been indicted on multiple sexual offences and who had fled the US and was living in the shadow of the Ladyville Police Station, was apprehended early this morning by US agents and local authorities. Lad Duane Ottofy, 60, of Owensboro, Kentucky, was arrested by Belize police after he was found at an apartment owned by the former United Democratic Party (UDP) senator, Juliet Thimbriel. Reports out of the US are that Ottofy was indicted by a grand jury in March and was released on a $25,000 cash bond that was posted by his brother.

    The US disrespected Belize, says PM Barrow
    The Deputy Director of the newly-created Belize Tax Service, Reynaldo Verde, was arrested on Saturday, September 7, by US agents as he transited on his way home from attending a tax conference in Brussels on behalf of the Government of Belize. A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) press release on Monday, September 9, explained that Verde was arrested for extortion and attempted extortion. US authorities, however, denied the high-ranking Belizean civil servant a visit from officials of the Belize Embassy in Washington. It is usually a basic courtesy extended to embassy officials in respect of persons in the custody of law enforcement of another country. This courtesy was not extended to Belize.

    We here at Belizean Legends want to send our deepest condolences to the family of one of Belize’s legendary football players of the 1970s Belize football greatness, Raymond “Lee Mole” Alvarez, of the legendary Belizean football team, Berger 404, and before that team, the famous Independence, who sadly passed away this week. In the book, Sports, Sin & Subversion, by Evan X Hyde, “Toro” or “Ramon”, as he is also called, is described in one of the most beloved ways by the writer himself, who was a great Belizean football buff and sports enthusiast: “Lee Ray, by the way, was one of the greatest I ever saw. And I’ll close by saying this. If I had to win a game to save my life, Ramon Alvarez is the man I want over the ball. Toro truly loved a big game. He lived for the pageantry and the excitement and the crowd. It seemed to me that he always delivered when it had to be done.”

    Nil-nil, Verdes and Bandits still tied at top of PLB standings; REVISED PLB Week 7 schedule
    The much anticipated Week 6 back match between undefeated Verdes FC and Bandits Sport ended in a nil-nil stalemate last night at the FFB Stadium in a match that hardly lived up to its “El Classico” build-up. Over 50 fouls were called by referee Amir Castilla, resulting in a very disjointed game that saw very few shots at goal, though the majority of play occurred in the Bandits defensive half of the field. Noticeably missing from the Verdes line-up were sweeper/captain Elroy Smith and midfielder/striker Krisean Lopez, both serving suspensions; while Bandits sweeper Dalton Eiley had to leave the game early with what appeared to be a hamstring injury. Early on, Bandits’ defender Ian Gaynair made hard contact with Verdes’ Mexican striker Mariano Landero, who left the game for a few minutes with a bloodied nose.

    Corozal F.A. Opening Season Week 2 report
    We start off by giving thanks to the Almighty Father, for his continued blessing upon our tournament. This week marks Week 2. On, Sunday, September 15, we had a total of 8 games – two U10, three U13 and three U20. We are pleased to report that all went well. It’s because of the little kids’ satisfaction that we carry out continuous organized tournaments. Certainly, we are impacting them and helping in their development, physical, social and personal. We always applaud each person involved, and we are grateful to the Corozal community for playing its role in coming out to support these talented players. Your presence as fans gives that extra motivation to each of the players. Thank you.

    FFB Female U-17 Inter-District Week 13 playoff results
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Female U-17 Inter-District Tournament had Week 13 playoff games this past weekend. FFB Female U-17 Inter-District Week 13 Saturday, September 14, playoff results At the Carl Ramos Stadium, Stann Creek crushed Belize, 10-0, with goals from Rainelle Moss (14’ & 53’), Shanell Thomas (26’), Celene Portillo (39’ & 83’), Shadette Lino (44’) and Jaelin Cacho (59’, 70’, 78’ & 79’).

    Another football legend, Ramon “El Toro” Alvarez passes
    On Tuesday of this week, we learned of the passing of legendary Belizean footballer, Raymond Benjamin Alvarez, known to football fans as “Lee Mole,” “Ramon,” and “El Toro.” He was the younger brother of another departed legend, Serapio “Big Mole” Alvarez, who was the first captain of the famous Independence football team of the 1960s that also featured another legendary baller, Louis “Bembe” “the Mugger” Garbutt. Both the Mugger and Big Mole are deceased, passing a couple months apart in June and August of 2013, respectively. That same year, a great friend of the Mugger, legendary goalkeeper Nelson “The Roo” Robinson organized a “Mugger Day” to honor him and recall the memorable exploits of the great Mugger. The Roo himself passed in May of last year, 2018; and now, Lee Mole has left us. Big respect to our football greats of yesteryear, who must certainly be inducted into the Belize Football Hall of Fame, whenever it is officially launched.

    Editorial: 38 years after independence, our democracy in peril
    By early 1981, Belizeans across the length and breadth of the country knew that momentum was building toward Premier Price’s dream of leading Belize to independence. Most of the clutter in the path to independence had been cleared away when the United Nations voted overwhelmingly for us to attain a seat at the table of that august body by the end of 1980, but the perennial stumbling block, the stubborn Guatemalan government, insisted on standing in our way. Former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Said Musa, wrote, in his book: With Malice toward None, “The months leading up to independence were tumultuous. In an ‘eleventh hour’ attempt to get the Guatemalan government to accept the inevitable … an agreement was signed between Britain, Guatemala and Belize called the ‘Heads of Agreement’… But there were features of the ‘Heads’ … that provoked public unrest.”

    From The Publisher
    Early in the Tuesday morning (September 17) KREM talk show this week, the man Tony Wright called host Mose Hyde to complain that the national, Belizean-owned telephone company had treated him in a most disrespectful manner during the last two critical weeks of his Soundfest promotion. (Wright’s Soundfest was staged this year on Friday night, September 13, on Bird’s Isle.) Soundfest is an annual promotion in its eighteenth year of existence. It is the primary vehicle through which Wright, an advocate for Belizean artists (first), showcases their talent for Belizeans and Belizeans from abroad. The national telephone company, BTL or Digicell or whatever, had left Wright without internet for the aforementioned last two critical weeks of his promotion, despite fifteen (15) different attempts on his part to have them address the situation.

    Re: Father Scott Giuliani SOLT’s article of Tuesday, September 3, 2019.
    Dear Editor, Like the creole say: “Dis ya man mash mih kaan.” I am a Maya and damn proud of it. Where does this Scott fellow get off saying “or we may justifiably speak of the human sacrifices and tribal warfare of the Maya”? Yes, we Maya did have human sacrifices and we were a war-faring people, but we were also one of the most advanced races in earth’s history. Look at our majestic temples, our history of trade, agriculture systems, our education systems, and our sports history. Yes, we had many gods, but we believed in a Supreme Power.

    Brian Plummer criticizes the use of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) indicator
    Dear Editor, Throughout the world, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country is used as the most important indicator of a country’s economic progress. One shortcoming of GDP is that it is based on activities that are detrimental to the long-term economy, like over-fishing, deforestation, strip mining, and murders. GDP inventor Simon Kuznets was adamant that his measure had nothing to do with wellbeing. GDP was a measure created in the manufacturing age as a means of fighting the Depression and is not capable of giving sensible signals about complex modern economy.

    We forget too quickly
    Dear Editor: The maxim “como llamarada de tusa” among the folks in Benque Viejo captures the essence of novelty. Indeed, when a dried corn husk is lit, it flares up and in a split second dies away. Such happens in Belize with events that momentarily capture the spotlight of the local media and the public at large. Then all returns to normal until the next sensational thrust. In August this year, the Government of Belize, with one stroke of a pen, wrote off a student loan of $40,478.88 to Damian Perdomo, son of the Cabinet Secretary. Apart from a press release by the youth branch of the Opposition, and a reproval by Audrey Matura, the corn husk flare soon dissipated.

    Murder and the law
    I want to confess outright that before I began doing my paralegal studies at the University of Belize, I was rather clueless about the law. However, I was always very fascinated with it. Two subjects in particular gripped my attention: Constitutional LAW and Criminal LAW. I remember that Sen. Michel Chebat was my constitutional law teacher, and I had all sorts of questions and comments for him. This was because I felt that if no other law was taught in our school system, at least Constitutional law should be taught, as it went to the core of all other laws and more so, to the core of our personal rights and freedoms, as well as the system and power of governance in our country.

    The areas now known as Belama in Belize City, Belize was where the mangrove once flourished in abundance in the 1960s and 70s, and as a boy that’s where we Belize City boys used to catch crabs in abundance for the delicious crab soup that my mother used to put food on the table. We would catch so many crabs and fill our wooden carts with crocus bags full of the crustacean that we would even sell in the neighborhood to make our matinee money. Would never forget the sight inside that mangrove forest cover of thousands of crabs of beautiful blue and yellow colors just running wild across the muddy ground floor after the August rains came plentiful in those days.

    Mr. Gill has got a lot of nerve
    The PUP shouldn’t win the next general election 31-0, but the UDP should lose it in a total blowout – they shouldn’t get any seats. They have earned that. This party that had so much honesty and class, is now a story of corruption and crass. They, all 31 of them, need to be denied. This UDP is a party that needs to go off with their own guru to séance at one of our islands. If it were up to me they’d do their penance at one of those cays where the habitat of the mosquitoes has not been touched by fire, hurricane, or human hands. I bet after a bad night they’d promise to rid themselves of all their dross. People like these need to get kos, even by the PUP.

    What color is God’s skin?
    It seems that Belize might never run out of controversies, whether it’s about our national anthem, flag or whatever. This is so because of our different diversities: ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, political, linguistic, and so on and so forth. The country of Belize is made up of various unique nations (Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Chinese, Mennonites, to name a few). We have immigrants from North America, Europe, Asia, and other geographic areas. Add to this the influx of refugees from around the world who call Belize home, and we have a real potpourri of races and skin colors. While we are many nations, we have a common identity: WE ARE BELIZEANS. Our citizenship is Belizean. We are proud to travel with a passport that identifies us as Belizeans.

    Judge hears final submission in the case of Wilfred Elrington vs Progresso Heights
    Hon. Wilfred Elrington, who is also the area representative of the Pickstock constituency and the Foreign Minister of Belize, has been embroiled in a legal battle for some time now with Progresso Heights, a real estate company in which he holds a twenty-percent share. The case came up today in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel, where both sides made final submissions. Progresso Heights is seeking redress from the court for cautions that shareholder Elrington placed on a number of the company’s properties. The company has also sued the government’s Land Registry for the cautions that have been placed on its lands.

    Two more foreigners remanded in connection with drug plane landing
    On Sunday, September 8, Belize national security personnel mounted an operation which nabbed a drug plane that had landed around Mile 7 on the Coastal Road, in La Democracia village. Following a firefight with law enforcement officers that sent two of the alleged drug traffickers to the hospital, the plane and its contents of over 1,300 kilos of cocaine were seized, as well as four foreign nationals, who were arrested, charged and remanded to prison last Wednesday.

    Joeshee Chan, 18, falls out of pickup, rolled over by loaded trailer
    Joeshee Chan, 18, a construction worker of Libertad, Corozal District, lost his life at about 8:00 yesterday morning when he fell out of the pan (cargo bed) of a pickup truck and was run over by a trailer. Chan was sitting on the side of the pan of a pickup that was towing a trailer from Libertad to a destination in the Orange Walk district, when between Miles 69 and 70, the driver of the truck attempted to pass another vehicle, but had to brake, and swerved back into his lane because a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction.

    Girl, 16, commits suicide after murder of boyfriend, 17
    At about 3:30 Monday afternoon, a 16-year-old girl of Cotton Tree, who her family said had been mourning the death of her boyfriend, Gruver Lizandro Delgado, 17, who was shot in the head in Belmopan on Saturday morning and was declared dead on arrival at the Western Regional Hospital, was found by her father hanging by the neck in the bathroom in her home. The devastated father called police, who took her down and took her to the Western Regional Hospital, but she was declared dead on arrival Delgado was killed when at about 10:00 Saturday morning, September 14, he and his cousin, Alexander Valladarez, 16, were shot by one of two men when they went to buy corn tortillas.


    Aerators prove beneficial for the New River
    During today’s press conference, the media also got an update on the condition of the Belize New River in Orange Walk. It has been twelve days since the aerators have been at work, injecting oxygen into the water. It isn’t a permanent fix to the river condition but it does bring a relief to residents …

    Wildlife species stabilize in Chiquibul
    The Chiquibul Forest Reserve remains a target for Guatemalan poachers. While the illegal hunting continues unabated, there is good news for the game community in the Chiquibul. The results of a research conducted earlier this month shows no significant decrease in wildlife species. Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director for FCD says the study shows that the …

    Where is Serena Sanchez?
    Today our newsroom received reports of two teenagers who were missing. The first report was of a 15-year-old from Ladyville, Belize District. Our newsroom posted the missing report on our Facebook page and within hours, the child was located and reunited with her mother. The second report, however, does not have such a happy ending. …

    Progresso Heights Ltd case concluded before Justice Abel
    Yesterday afternoon, the trial of Progresso Heights Limited resumed before Justice Courtney Abel. Progresso Heights Limited, a real estate company, is suing Wilfred Elrington, a former shareholder, for placing cautions against its properties. The cautions prevented the company from selling its properties and eventually led to its bankruptcy. In addition to Wilfred Elrington, the company …

    Leader of Opposition discusses crime situation
    In recent weeks Belize has seen a rise in violent crimes ranging from home invasions to murders. It is a situation that has seen authorities implementing curfews, checkpoints for quality of life crimes and preventative detention. Yesterday in an interview with Love News, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, expressed concerns over the issue …

    Corozal Communities prepare for the worse
    Residents and schools along the New River in the Corozal District are advised to prepare for the arrival of contaminants from the Orange Walk area. The advice came via a press conference held by the Department of the Environment this morning in Orange Walk Town. While residents are being alerted, the Department of the Environment …

    Case Management for Pacheco is set for October 7
    The case management conference for accused killer, Manuel Pacheco has been set for October 7, 2019. Pacheco is accused of killing his neighbour, 50-year-old Jose Manuel Villanueva on June 14, 2018. Pacheco was before Justice Colin Williams late yesterday, accompanied by his attorney, Senior Counsel, Ellis Arnold. Pacheco was committed to stand trial on Wednesday, March …

    Unemployed woman charged with burglary
    A 22-year-old woman of Caesar Ridge Road is charged with burglary, aggravated assault, harm and threat of death. This morning an unemployed Giselle Vasquez appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner where she was arraigned on the four charges. In court, Vasquez refused to answer questions put to her by the magistrate and as a result he …

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    Fire in Caye Caulker leaves the entire island without electricity
    A fire early this morning in Caye Caulker has left the entire island without electricity. […]

    Lessons from George Price on leadership
    Rt. Hon. George Price still has much to teach all of us, says P.U.P. leader […]

    John B is back – he says better than ever
    Leader of the Opposition of the People’s United Party (PUP) John Briceńo will make his […]

    Authorities need help finding missing teen
    Crime Stoppers Belize is asking the general public for assistance in locating Kesley Orosco Leyva, […]

    Game Communities resilient in Chiquibul
    Friends for Conservation and Development ( FCD) has once again undertaken a research to estimate the […]

    Belize just outside top 100 FIBA men’s world rankings; U.S., Spain 1-2
    Despite being unable to qualify to the FIBA AmeriCup tournament next year after a pair […]

    National Gas Company clarifies involvement in butane distribution
    Established by legislation in the National Assembly, the National Gas Company (Belize) Limited has made […]

    Bail in big drug bust in the North
    Two men busted in Corozal by police in possession of marijuana were granted Supreme Court […]

    Fugitive thief gets away with fine
    56-year-old Bert Keith Sylvester, a fisherman of Giles Street, Belize City, is accused of stealing […]

    Taiwan and Belize host preliminary dialogue on a partial scope agreement
    Minister with responsibility to Investment, Trade and Commerce,Tracy Taegar-Panton welcomed and hosted a meeting with […]

    Garifuna Collective highlighted in US Publication
    The Garifuna Collective made international headlines this week being featured in an article published on Taos, the online version of a weekly publication in Taos, New Mexico, USA...

    “National Gas Company is a good deal,” says Prime Minister Barrow
    The business community has condemned the Government of Belize’s (GOB)’s decision to create a National […]

    “$40,000 write off for Joshua Perdomo was perfectly natural,” says Prime Minister Dean Barrow
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow has addressed the $40,000 write off for Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo’s […]

    New study being commissioned to address New River situation
    The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, […]

    Department of Environment investigates vessel grounding near Caye Caulker
    Eight persons had to be rescued after a catamaran with tourists aboard ran aground in the […]

    Annual honors held for Rt. Hon George Price on eighth anniversary of passing away
    Eight years ago, all Belize was in mourning as the Father of the Nation Rt. […]


    Fly it high, fly it proudly: the Belize flag represents us all!
    It’s flown proudly across the country since September 21, 1981, and the Belize National Flag is the strongest symbol of our patriotism. Whatever country we may have been born to or decided to make our home, we always view that destinations’ flag with respect and honor it as the country’s identity. From the colors to the symbols, each flag is different, conveying the uniqueness of the country’s culture and heritage. Many go to the extent of saying that a National Flag is “sacred,” holding the greatest significance out all other national symbols.

    The National Symbols of Belize
    The National symbol’s selection was carried out a few months before Independence in September 21, 1981. A National Symbols committee on a bi-partisan basis comprising of the two major political parties was arranged in accordance to the provisions of Chapter 107 of the Belize Constitutional Conference Report of 1981. This Committee made the decision that the selection process would be made by consensus and that the deliberation would not be reported. However, in the case of the national flag an advertisement was placed inviting submissions with the chance to win a cash prize. Based on this decision the committee reviewed submissions and chose a national tree, bird, flower and animal.

    Climate Change Leader Greta Thunberg Would Find Plenty to Celebrate in Belize
    Can one person make a difference in the climate change battle? If that person is Greta Thunberg, the answer is yes. If you look across a sea of faces in search of the most prominent personality on the global warming scene, skip over the adults. Swedish teen Greta Thunberg may be only 16-years-old, but she is fast becoming a legend for raising awareness about climate change. She’s even taking world leaders to task! In Belize, conservationists have already beaten the world to the punch, having long ago realized that if the nation didn’t serve as model of conservation it might not survive. Once criticized for “putting its stunning coral reefs and other marine resources at risk,” say National Geographic Magazine reporters, a movement rose up and innovative solutions began to emerge from government, environmentalists and everyone who calls Belize home.

    International Sourcesizz

    Turquoise waters and mysteries of the Mayan gods
    Belize is a country full of natural beauty and fascinating archaeology. My experiences in Belize combined the crystal-clear turquoise sea and white sandy beaches of Aubergines Cay, an island 20 minutes by plane from Belize City, with the thick jungle and a Maya archaeological site near San Ignacio, which is a two-hour drive into the mountains. The Belizean coast line is considered one of the top marine ecosystems in the world because the barrier reef runs the entire length of the coast creating shallow waters and thousands of patch reefs. The snorkeling was superb with tremendous clarity and vast schools of fish often in vivid iridescent blue, green, and yellow colors.

    Belize still dependent after 38 years of independence
    BY WELLINGTON C. RAMOS. Our country of Belize received its independence from Great Britain on Sept. 21, 1981. Yet, many of our people are living in a state of dependency, our government keep borrowing money from several countries and institutions to survive making us more financially dependent and our nation’s independence is still haunted by the Guatemalan claim to our territory. According to the Miriam Webster dictionary the word independence means “not dependent,” or not having to depend on anyone or anything else. It also means being strong and able to survive alone. Anything can be dependent or independent. We the Belizean people are educated and we know that we are not independent in reality because the definition is clear for us to see. Yet, we have failed to demand of our PUP and UDP governments, their plans for us to experience living with true independence. The failure to plan is planning to fail and that we have witnessed since September 1981 under these two political parties.


  • San Pedro September Celebrations Children's Rally, 5min.

  • San Pedro RC School Children’s Parade!, 2min. Celebrating Belize’s 38th Independence

  • Children's Rally September 20, 2019, 2min. Every year Corozal, the Schools of Corozal, from ABC PRE school, Primary School, Rally Around a town as part of the Patriotic Parade in Corozal. This morning, a small group of students came out to rally.

  • Hurricane Hattie Belize, 3min.

  • An Un-Belizable Honeymoon | Belize City, Caye Caulker, Tobacco Caye, Dangriga, Belize Barrier Reef, 55min. My wife and I got to spend our honeymoon in Belize, Central America and got to see all the Belize has to offer. We left Denver on a southwest flight. We arrived at Phillip Goldson International Airport and hopped on a small tropic air flight to Caye Caulker. From there we spent the first day at "The Split" enjoying drinks and the sun. We made out way over to the Dip & Sip for some more and then road bikes back to our VRBO. The next day was just adventures, having drinks, finding saltwater crocodiles. Day 3 was a super fun day with Raggamuffin Snorkeling out at the Hol Chan Marine Preserve and the coral gardens. So cool snorkeling on the Belize Barrier Reef and seeing nurse sharks, rays and sea turtles. We traveled down from Caye Caulker to Tobacco Caye and boy that is where it changed.

  • Olantunji performing at high school children's rally, 5min.

  • 2019 Caye Caulker Children's Rally and Parade, 15min.

  • San Pedro Independence Eve Celebration and Fireworks, 28min.

  • Independence Eve 2019 in San Pedro, 10min.

  • Corozal Fireworks Show, 2.5min.

  • Fireworks show, Independence Eve, Caye Caulker, 14min.

  • Official Flag Raising Ceremony in Memorial Park, 3hr.

  • The Corozal Town Council officially unveiled the municipality's colourful touristic landmark in a short ceremony on Thursday afternoon, 3min. The project was supported by local business, Capital Factory, and it was completed in less than a month. Mayor Rigo Vellos told us in an interview that the Council proudly considers the final product as "mission accomplished". Mayor Vellos also appealed to the community to take care of the sign.

  • Fire on Avenida Langusta on Caye Caulker, 1.5hr. Apparently the fire started at Nando’s golf cart rental and past over to two other buildings near by. The community and fire department worked hand in hand diligently to out the fire. The Voice Of Caye Caulker will follow up this story to find out how the fire started and if there has been any casualties so far none has been reported.

  • Caye Caulker Flag Raising, 25min. This is the official raising of the flag on this independence Eve joining the nation at the stroke of midnight for the entire world to know belize is an independent country. Belize is the jewel by the caribbean sea. Happy 38th Birthday Belize.

  • Celebrating the 38th anniversary of independence in this beautiful Jewel we call Belize, 53min. Live from Caye Caulker central park ( basket ball court) we invite everyone to come out and witness the raising of the flag and fire works.

  • San Pedro Flag raising, 15min.


  • 38 Years of Belize Independence is today 2019 !, 9min. Here in this video Mayor Trapp starts off our celebrations !! WIth fireworks, our National Anthem and festivities - see how we do it here in Belize! Happy Birthday Belize !

  • Belize Independence Day in San Ignacio 2019, 4min.

  • Fire works 21st of September Belize, 8min. Experience what life is like beneath the surface in one of the most crystal clear locations in all of the Caribbean Ocean, The Belize Barrier Reef

  • Belize Independence R.C School..Corozal District Chunox Village "Viva Belice", 10min.

  • Belize Indipendence Adventist School Corazal District Chunox Village Que viva Belice, 6.5min.

  • Belize Soca & Culture Festival | King Bubba, 5min.

  • Belize Soca & Culture Festival, 2min.

  • Belize Soca & Culture Festival | TR Shine, 4min.

  • Kes and his band at Lerisi experiencing the Garifuna culture, 17min.

  • PLB Opening Season | Bandits SC vs SP Pirates FC | Live at Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan, 2.5hr.

  • The Ya’axché Show, 9min. On The Ya’axché Show to chat nursery with Sayuri Tzul was Marcelia Assi (Business Manager), Miguel Coc (Nursery Technician), and behind the scenes was Maximiliano Caal (Marketing & Communications Manager).

  • The Underwater World - Belize (Cinematic Travel Video), 3min.

  • Coco Beach Resort, Belize, 5.5min. Here's a quick vid showing the resort. Took my wife and kids here and we really enjoyed the property. Cheers!

  • Ocean Academy High School, Caye Caulker, Belize, 7min.

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