Page 1
Nice big parrotfish
Ryan swimming and touching a ray
Me holding a nurse shark
Alfonso holding a shark
On the boat heading to Hol Chan
Tonya playing with a spider

Page 2
Boats tied up and its into the water at Hol Chan
Alfonso with a ray on his head. Don't try this at home.
Coral up close
Touching a ray. Adult supervision required.
Fish school right near the surface

Page 3
Spotted Eagle Ray
Little fish
Divers ahead
Lots of fish
Coral head

  Page 4
Typical Scene
Nice view, too deep for camera
Alfonso holding the ray
Alfonso holding the shark
Snorkeling the reefs
Big fish underwater

Page 5
Lots of teeny colorful fishes
Various corals
Ray cruising low

Page 6
Coral from above
Becky snorkeling
Coral head shaped like tail
Chasing the beautiful parrotfish
Ryans Legs
Misc. fans and coral

Page 7
Typical scene
Fishies abound
Alfonso helps Becky hold a nurse shark

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