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Real Underwater Marriage Proposal

I have been dying to produce an underwater marriage proposal or underwater wedding for months now. I’ve even talked to the famed Tony Rath to photograph it. Several MAJOR media outlets have expressed interest in the story of REAL couples doing REALLY romantic things under water. But alas, I have not been so fortunate to have one of these land in my lap.

I was slightly giddy when I was Facebook chatting with a Dive Master friend of mine, and he mentioned an Underwater Engagement he was part of in Florida. He wasnt the one to propose, but he was their guide. The groom-to-be had been working with Sail Fish Scuba for months to plan this ultimate surprise Proposal. The pictures tell the story…

She had never really been in the water like this before, but what a trooper! I’m sure no one involved will ever forget this one in a million proposal.

I have the photographer, the dive master, and the slate board all ready to go. how cool would this be to do at one of the most surreal places on Earth, the Great Blue Hole? Or anywhere else in our incredible Belize Waters! Email [email protected] or call 215-469-2496 to set up your own special, one of a kind proposal in Belize

Tentatively, she gets in the water. she has no idea what's in store

Sail Fish Scuba had the board all filled out

He Pops the Question!

I wonder if she’s crying in that mask?

She Said YES!

And they lived happily ever after..

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Real Underwater Marriage Proposal

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