Quick Shopping Tour for Ambergris Caye

Visitors and locals delight in strolling around San Pedro Town and obtaining souvenirs for their friends and relatives back home. In San Pedro this can be a really rewarding experience and an adventure in itself. The gift shops carry a wide range of items - local, Belizean, Mexican, Guatemalan and even US products.

Let's take a barefoot stroll around San Pedro Beginning on Barrier Reef drive all the way by the Primary School. Iguana Jack's is there with a wide collection of porcelain items, small and large. They are really fine collectible items. A little way ahead is Sea Gal Boutique and Gift Shop. It carries first taste and top quality items, so that you need to dress up for a special occasion; you can do just that in seconds. Across the street is Shop 1001 and Toucan Too with T-shirts, carvings, towels, bikinis, you name it, they have it. Just ahead is Jungle Feva and a few steps ahead is Kimara's Gift Shop.

You have only strolled one block and ready to cross at Coral Beach where you will find Eva's Gift Shop where top quality jewelry, silver and black coral delights the eye and the pocket. Across the street is the Cottage Gift Shop and next to it is Toucan Gift Shop. Cross the street again and there is the famous "The Little Old Gift Shop, old in experience, but with your taste in mind. You don't have to walk too many steps and there Is Traffic Jam with a lovely display of gifts in all assortments. Two houses later is Coral Reef which is very well stocked and suits all your needs.

Cross one more block and there is Sands Gift Shop in a little dome structure. Not many in this block so you walk two blocks to reach Fido's where you are greeted by Sunsational Gift Shop- neat, attractive and satisfying. Another jump of a street corner and at Sea Breeze Hotel you will find Salty Dog Gift Shop followed by Pearl Gift Shop, another adventure and fun-filled place. Walk to the end of the last block going towards the Paradise Hotel and there is the famous Jewel of the Sea Gift Shop- well stocked, spacious and suiting all your needs.

Now our barefoot stroll down Pescador Drive takes us all the way to Old Martha's Store where we find Island Vibes. We move southwards and we find Sea Fan Gift Shop where there is a wide selection of paintings. Just ahead is the world renowned Sea Turtle Gift Shop with perhaps San Pedro's greatest selection and great deals. Two blocks ahead by Aqua Fresh is Sun Dancer and just a bit ahead is Moon Dancer with excellent gifts for the entire family.

What an enjoyable short barefoot walk looking for gifts with 16 on front street and 6 on middle street. There is opportunity to get something for everyone and what's best, the chance to pick, pick and pick.

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