The Palace - "It Ain't Vegas!"

San Pedro is remembered for many reasons, the diving, the friendly faces, the culture, the rum...and now the nightlife!

After exploring the underwater world or an afternoon sipping rum punch on the beach The Palace is open for business. On the corner or Pescador Drive and Caribena Street, it's the only house in all of San Pedro that offers this kind of entertainment. "It Ain't Vegas" but it still has that old town feel. Hospitality is the name of the game. Whether you win a little or win a lot, this brand of nightlife is happenin'. After dinner slip on by and try your hand at our games.
Everyone is enjoying a game or two at The Palace on this warm tropical night.

Open six days a week (closed Wednesdays) from 7pm to midnight, it's your chance to hit 21 or play the one armed bandits. There are four Blackjack tables, each with it's own experienced dealer (Pretty too!). If cards aren't your style, then you can try one of the 30 slot and poker machines, featuring progressive winnings.

This is Harry. He has managed the joint since 1995 and today you'll find him dealing a hand, tending bar or telling a story or two. Whether you're new at the game or a seasoned veteran, Harry's room offers a quiet setting among friends. You'll hear the croones of Frank Sinatra or Reba MacIntyre. Looking around you'll see the likes of Mona Lisa or W.C. Fields, adorning the walls of course. All in air-conditioned comfort, The Palace also treats its guests to the best in big screen sporting events. The Palace is a real class act. Although San Pedro boasts No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem, it's your chance to dress in that special something for a night on the town!

This is Harry's kinda music. Click on the play button and you'll feel like your right at home in Harry's room.


Belly up to the cashier and buy a bucket of tokens. They have coined their own tokens that make great souvenirs. The Palace takes both US and Belizean dollars. Take your bucket to the slots or Blackjack table and have at her! This may be your lucky break or you could learn a thing or two about the games of chance. Once you've won your million or lost your shirt, take your tokens back to the cashier to cash in. Say adios and promise to be back the next night.

Entry level $40 BZ
Maximum bet $20 BZ
1 1/2 paid on Blackjack
Double down on 10's and 11's
No Insurance
Split on like faces
Blackjack on split = 21
One action per deal
* double down
* split once
* draw

Enter a token
Pull the arm
Close your eyes
Cross your fingers
Say Hail Mary really fast
Wait for the bell
If the bell is not heard enter another token
and repeat until you hear bells or run out of tokens


This is a story about Diane and Carla.

Diane and Carla are going to enjoy the night spending a little and winning a little at The Palace. Diane is getting her tokens.

Diane likes the Blackjack table where she can bet $2-$20 BZ.

Carla likes the slot and poker machines. A few coins in this machine and she could win $8000 BZ!

Diane and Carla get Harry and the family involved in a little shenanigans. In the spirit of Vegas, cocktails are less expensive at The Palace.

Diane and Carla say goodnight.
Goodnight Diane and Carla. See you at the same time, same place tomorrow night!

The Palace
PO Box 65
San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye
Belize, Central America

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