It would be impossible to list or describe the hundreds of itineraries we can put together for you on this site. So instead we will take you through one or two of our most popular packages. These are only a few of the favorites of many first time travelers to Belize. They will however give you a feel for the quality and value we can offer you. Many of our diving, fishing, and snorkeling enthusiasts choose to go directly to the islands or sea and get right to it. But a growing number of first time visitors choose to also take advantage of the many attractions the mainland has to offer. Every thing from rainforests, jungle rivers, Mayan ruins, cultural experiences, horseback riding, ecology and wildlife.

For this reason most of our trips are composed of mainland and island segments. The different island segments can be mixed or matched with the different mainland segments to create the package just right for you. The perfect combination trip for the budget minded traveler usually starts at seven to ten days.

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Prices Are Based On Double Occupancy (1997)
May 1st thru November 15th
(Low Season)

$997.50 per person US

November 15th thru May 1st
(High Season)

$1064.50 per person US
**Excluding Holidays**

This trip includes; Round Trip air to Belize from Miami; All transfers, taxes, tours, guides meals and lodging on the mainland. Round Trip air to Ambergris Caye; All transfers taxes and lodging at Tradewinds Paradise Villas.

Day One

Board American or Taca airlines for a leisurely flight to Belize. Enjoy a view of Cuba on the left, Cancun, and the Mayan Peninsula on the right. Upon arrival into Belize, you will be picked up by a van from one of the beautiful jungle lodges in western Belize. If arriving on American, you will have time to visit the Belize Zoo on the way. Be sure to bring a change of light clothing to get into at the airport. The Belize Zoo is relatively new and contains all the animals and birds indigenous to Belize. The Belizean People are very proud of their zoo, and while it is not as big as what you are used to seeing in the U.S., it is a wonderful opening experience. Based on your time of arrival in Belize, a welcome lunch may be served at the lodge. You will be checked into your own private cabana with a beautiful view of the Maya mountains. The afternoon will be spent horseback riding on lush jungle trails, possibly to a small unexcavated Mayan ruin. Come back and have a hot shower or a dip in the pool. Wander down to the main bar for a cool drink or grab something cold out of the refrigerator in your room and relax in the hammock on your verandah. That evening, join everyone in the main dining room for the finest home-cooked Belize dishes, complete with delicious soups and desserts. After dinner, retire to the bar and exchange stories about the days adventures with other guests before returning to your cottage for a good nights sleep.

Day Two Option One -- Tikal Lunch

This is a one day trip to the spectacular Tikal ruins. The three hour drive takes you through small villages and gives you an extraordinary glimpse of rural lire in Guatemala. Tikal national park spread over 220 square miles of tropical rain forest. These are the towering ruins you see on the post cards. Pyramid temples soar over 200 feet above jungle canopy. The number of multi-level palaces and plazas is staggering. There is an abundance of wild life in the park with over 280 species of birds having been observed. In our opinion, this is the most impressive Mayan ruin in the world. There may be time for a tour of the beautiful city of Florecs on the way back. Late afternoon return to your lodge for a welcome home cooked meal.

Day Two Option Two -- Western Belize Attractions

The Mayan ruin of Xunantunich over looks the entire upper Belize River valley. From the top of the largest pyramid, El Castillo, you can see for miles, even into Guatemala. This site was a thriving city near the end of the Mayan Civilization. The center is made up of six plazas and more than 25 temples and palaces. You will have a local guide take you through and explain the history and item of interest. A
Bill's daughter Sarah on El Castillo
beautiful museum has been built on the site with many interesting displays. After a very interesting morning. you return to the lodge for lunch. Then it is off to the Chaa Creek Natural History Museum and Butterfly Project. This center in the beautiful Chaa Creek Grounds introduces you to the local environment and its relationship to the wild life with an emphasis on the life cycle of the Blue Morpho butterfly. This is an interactive tour and is both educational and fun for the entire family. The Rainforest Medicine Trail is located in the same area. It is a unique jungle trail where different plants and trees are labeled with a description of the use in both ancient and modern medicine. It gives an insight into just how important the rainforest is in our everyday lives. Return to your cabana with time for a swim and relaxation before dinner.

Day Two Option Three -- Caracol

This full day trip take you through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and deep into the interior to visit the largest Mayan site in Belize. Caracol was first discovered in the 1930's but was not actively excavated until 1985 due to its remoteness. It is now being excavated and offers an opportunity to tour and see the actual process taking place. The center of the site has about 20 major plazas surrounded by plazas, the largest of which is Caana which rises 145 feet above the forest floor. There is evidence on site to suggest that caracol actually defeated Tikal which is 60 miles away during the Early Classic Period. Caracol and the trip to get into it really gives you the "Indiana Jones" type of feeling. It is truly remote. The Mountain Pine Ridge is a high 300 square mile area with Caribbean Pine instead of rain forest. It is dotted with streams and waterfalls and has a unique beauty of its own. One of the main attractions is the Rio On Pools. The River has worn the rock over centuries to a smooth texture and eroded the clear pools which are connected by numerous waterfalls. There may be time for a swim on the way back. It is interesting to see the Pine 'Ridge abruptly change to tropical rainforest on the way to Caracol as you cross the Macal River. This is a full day and you will really be ready for dinner when you return.

Day Three - Ambergris Caye

After a good breakfast and some time to relax, you will be transported back to the airport for your night to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. You will have a beautiful view of the numerous cayes on the short 15 minute flight. In San Pedro, Lelo, our taxi driver will greet you at the airstrip and transfer you to the Paradise Villas on the north end of the village. Lelo will point out some of San Pedros attractions as he drives you through the sand streets of San Pedro. Lelo will introduce you to the staff at Tradewinds Paradise Villas, who will be responsible for checking you into your Villa.

Up until now your trip has been all inclusive, however, once on the island you will have a free itinerary. You are free to do what ever you want, whenever you want, for the next five days. You will find the island offers a variety of activities, which can easily be arranged by our on-site management office.

Day Four, Five, Six, Seven - Ambergris Caye - San Pedro Town

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Heather's first dive

Brian's first snapper

Day Eight

You will have time to enjoy the morning or more depending on your international airline. Marki Avila will have all you air confirmed and Laylo will take you to the airport and you on your way back home. We hope we will see you back again next year for another adventure.

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