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Belize Business E-Mail and Website Directory

AME Consulting, Ltd., wide-range management services       [email protected]
Better Business Enterprises, Ltd.       [email protected]
Cayo Accounting Services       [email protected]
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Chartered Accountants       [email protected]
Flowers & Company       [email protected]
International Corporate Services Ltd.       [email protected]
KPMG Corporate Services       [email protected]
Pannell Kerr Forster       [email protected]
Advance Advertising Ideas, screen printing, ad gifts, materials       [email protected]
Genesis Arts, graphic design, event coordination, printing       [email protected]
Kriol Gyal Prodokshans Ltd: Broadcast, Print, PR       [email protected]
Neon Plastics, outdoor advertising, billboards, specialties       [email protected]
Sarious Solutions, Ambergris Caye      [email protected]
Triton Multi-Media, graphic art, desktop publishing, PR       [email protected]
Agricultural Consulting
Cardi Agricultural Research & Development       [email protected]
Agricultural Machinery
Belize Diesel & Eqpt. Co., tractors, electric generators       [email protected]
Western Tractor Supply       [email protected]
Zee Ice, Ltd., heavy agricultural/industrial machinery rental       [email protected]
Agricultural Producers (See also Citrus Fruit Products, Food Products, Fruit-Veg-Produce)
Caribbean Tobacco Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
HTA Bowman, Citrus Grower       [email protected]
J.S. Espat, Ltd., citrus, cattle       [email protected]
Palm Spring Farm       [email protected]
Agricultural Products & Services
Belize Marketing Board, quasi-governmental commodities marketer       [email protected]
Belize Minerals, dolomite production/sale       [email protected]
Farmers Feed Supply Co.       [email protected]
Prosser Fertilizer Co.       [email protected]
Agriculture - Education
Belize College of Agriculture       [email protected]

Air Conditioning
James Richie Airconditioning and Refrigeration, San Pedro,AC       [email protected]
Magnatech Limited, a/c, refrigeration parts & equipment       [email protected]
Air Freight Service
American Airlines, Belize-Miami w/connections
Amerijet International Airlines international airfreight
Cargo Grupo Taca, international airfreight       [email protected]
Maya/Island Air, Belize domestic airfreight       [email protected]
Tropic Air, Belize domestic airfreight       [email protected]
American Airlines, Belize-Miami w/connections
Continental Airlines, Belize-Houston w/connections       [email protected]
Grupo Taca, Americas       [email protected]
Maya Island Air, Belize domestic       [email protected]
Tropic Air, Belize domestic       [email protected]
direct to US agents       [email protected]
Air Products
Praxair, compressed industrial gases, hardware, Lincoln Electric, Harris       [email protected]
Alternative and Supplementary Therapies
Carlos Villatoro, N.D., San Pedro Town, AC: Chiropr., Acupunc., Therapeutic Msg. etc.       [email protected]
Bed and Bananas,Consejo Shores, house,short rentals       [email protected]
Shelika's Apartments, Placencia
Appliances, Household and General
Appliance World       [email protected]
Belican Supply       [email protected]
Midway Bargains, electrical, household, bicycles, etc.       [email protected]
William Quan       [email protected]
Aquaculture/Mariculture Producers
Nova Companies (Bze) Ltd., shrimp farming, export       [email protected]
Toledo Fish Farming Company, Ltd., shrimp & fish farming       [email protected]
Aquarium Stock Exporters
Tropical Fish Exports       [email protected]
Anthony Thurton & Associates, Ltd., arch. & eng.       [email protected]
Guerra Consulting Architects. design, appraisals, construction       [email protected]
Mitchell Moody Associates Architects/Engineers       [email protected]
Polanco & Liva Architects       [email protected]
Strukture Architects, Ltd., arch. supplies, design, supervision       [email protected]
T and T Architecture & Design, Benque Viejo       [email protected]
Vicky R.Nelder, Architect/Landscape Arch. San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Wolric H. Lind Associates, Architects, Engineers, Mgmt.Conslt.       [email protected]
Art Objects
Belize through the Looking Glass, photo catalogue online       [email protected]
Eden Art, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Carolyn Carr catalog of lim.ed.prints
Iguana Jack's Island Originals, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Marcos Arts, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Papo's Gallery, A.C., Edwardo "Papo" Alamilla       [email protected]
Vicki Evans, artist, art instructor, etc.       [email protected]
Art Supplies
Art Box Arts & Crafts, wholesale/retail       [email protected]
Automobile Dealers
Belize Diesel & Eqpt. Co., Ltd., Toyota       [email protected]
Belize Estate Company, Ltd., Ford, KIA, Asia       [email protected]
Bravo, Ssang Yong, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep       [email protected]
JMA Motors, Ltd., Mitshbbishi, Suzuki       [email protected]
Santino's Limited, Nissan       [email protected]
Auto Parts & Accessories
Belize Diesel & Eqpt. Co., Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Traders, Ltd.       [email protected]
Caribbean Tire Wholesale, Ltd., Spanish Lookout       [email protected]
NAPA Auto Parts       [email protected]
JR's Auto Center, computer diagnostics, full range services       [email protected]
Santos Diaz & Sons, Ltd.       [email protected]
Auto/ Golfcart Rental and Leasing
BELIZE VIP Service Auto Rental
by Menzies in Corozal      [email protected]
Belstate Realtors, Ltd. Belmopan       [email protected]
Bravo Investments, Ltd.       [email protected]
Budget, Suzukis & Mitsubishis, Car, Truck, Van       [email protected]
Crystal Auto Rental Ltd., Cars, 4X4's, Vans       [email protected]
Hertz      [email protected]
Island Auto Golf Cart Rental, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Jabiru Auto Rental, 4X4's       [email protected]
Jaguar EcoTours & Rental, Toyota Landcruisers       [email protected]
JR's Auto Rental Ltd., Isuzu Trooper 4X4       [email protected]
Lewis Auto Rental       [email protected]
Moncho's Golf Cart Rental       [email protected]
National InterRent       [email protected]
Pancho's Auto Rental
Thrifty Car Rental, Troopers, Trackers, Sidekicks, Samurais       [email protected]
Tour Belize Auto Rental       [email protected]

Auto Sales Online
Belize Wheels Magazine on-line
Auto Service Stations
One Stop Gas Station       [email protected]
Awnings and Canopies
Neon Plastics, sunbrellas, marine fabrics       [email protected]
La Popular Bakery, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Nablo's Bakery       [email protected]
Banks (See also Finance, Professional Services, Offshore Services)
Atlantic Bank, Ltd.       [email protected]
Bank of Nova Scotia       [email protected]
Belize Bank       [email protected]
Credit Cards       [email protected]
Corporate Services       [email protected]
International division       [email protected]
Offshore Services Website
Provident Bank & Trust of Belize, Ltd.       [email protected]
San Pedro Credit Union       [email protected]
Beauty and Personal Care
Asian Garden Day Spa - Aromatherapy Massage, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Sports Massage, Foot Reflexology, Facials, Body Scrubs and Wraps and more!       [email protected]
Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa       [email protected]
Mayan Secrets, natural balms, massage/herbal wrap       [email protected]
Nando's Store, cosmetics and appliances       [email protected]
Bowen & Bowen, Ltd., Coca-cola (TM) Sodas,Beers,b.water       [email protected]
Pebco Belize, Ltd. Pepsi(TM) & 7-up(TM)       [email protected]
San Pedro Distributors, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Stann Creek Distributors, Bowen & Bowen, Ltd.       [email protected]
Midway Bargains, electrical, household, bicycles, etc.       [email protected]
Quan's Trading Center       [email protected]
Blade Sharpening
William's Blade Sharpening Services       [email protected]
Boats, Ships, Cruise and Charter (see also Fishing, Diving, Tours)
Belize Aggressor Fleet       [email protected]
Peter Hughes Diving - Sun Dancer II       [email protected]
Peter Singfield Charters       [email protected]
Windsong Charters, Ltd.       [email protected]
Boat Builders and Manufacturers
Fun Boats       [email protected]
Hustler, San Pedro Town, AC - custom       [email protected]
Book, Magazine Publishers and Sellers
Angelus Press, Limited, online catalog
Belize Wheels Magazine and BWM online
Cubola Productions       [email protected]
Equator Publications,Belize 1st mag.,guides/fax on Bze,Carib.       [email protected]
ProduccionesdelaHamaca,CayeCaulker       [email protected]
Bottled Water
Bowen & Bowen, Ltd., Coca-cola (TM) Sodas,Beers,b.water       [email protected]
Crystal Water, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
G.Gongora & Sons, Ltd., Nimbus bottled.water       [email protected] .
Building Materials and Components
Baraka, Ltd., steel framed homes and buildings, polystyrene       [email protected]
Belize Aggregates, Ltd., crushed stone, sands, fill       [email protected]
Belize Timber, Ltd., primary/secondary hardwood veneer       [email protected]
Caribbean Traders, Ltd., Bijao Portland Cement       [email protected]
Wood Depot, Belmopan, pressure treated wood products       [email protected]
Bus Lines and Transportation
Schedule and rate information, all lines
Batty Bus Services, Ltd., schedule and charter       [email protected]
Belize VIP Transfer Services       [email protected]
George and Esther Moralez Travel Services       [email protected]
Gibsons Tours and Transfers       [email protected]
Business Directory       [email protected]
Business, Industry, Trade Associations
Banana Growers Association       [email protected]
Belize Free Zone Investors Association       [email protected]
Belize Game Fishing Association
Belize Tourism Board (Government)       [email protected]
Belize Tourism Industry Association       [email protected]
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Toledo Eco-Tourism Association       [email protected]
Butterfly Farms
Blue Morpho Butterfly Center, Chaa Creek Cottages       [email protected]
Tropical Wings Nature Center       [email protected]
Caribbean Gulf Interiors       [email protected]
Graniels Cabinet Shop, San Pedro Town       [email protected]
Carpet Care Plus +, carpet, upholstery, tiles cleaning & care       [email protected]
The Palace, San Pedro Town, A.C.
Princess Hotel and Casino       [email protected]
Chamber of Commerce
Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry       [email protected]
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Citrus Industry (See also Agricultural Producers, Food Products, Fruit-Veg-Produce)
Barton Creek Farms, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Food Product, Ltd.       [email protected]
Cayo Tropical Fruits, Ltd.       [email protected]
Citrus Company of Belize, Ltd.       [email protected]
Citrus Growers Association       [email protected]
Citrus Research & Education Institute       [email protected]
National Sand and Gravel       [email protected]
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association       [email protected]
Cleaning Compounds
James Brodie & Co., Ltd., SC Johnson products       [email protected]
Isla Bonita Designs      [email protected]
Computer/Data Processing Services/Equipment/Supplies
Belize Screen Savers -- download a Belize scene screensaver
Belize SYScomp Advanced Systems & Computers, Ltd.       [email protected]
Beta Technologies, hardware,software,training,consultancy,etc.       [email protected]
Business Computer Systems       [email protected]
Computech Services, Ltd.       [email protected]
Computer Atoll, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Computers & Communications Con.       [email protected]
Dino Ink And Toner, San Pedro Town, AC      [email protected]
Fultec Systems, banking, cheque processing, audiovisual,etc.       [email protected]
Niall Gillett, Network Analyst/Consultant       [email protected]
Julian's World Computer Repair, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Rick Carr Computer Services, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Robert Nicolait & Associates, Ltd., computer power protex.       [email protected]
Sigertronic Systems, wide range hardware & software services       [email protected]
Construction Equipment, Materials and Supplies
Baraka, Ltd., steel framed construction, styrofoam, insulation       [email protected]
Belican Supply       [email protected]
Caribbean Traders, Ltd., Bijao Portland Cement       [email protected]
Castillo's Hardware Co., Ltd. , San Pedro, A.C.       cas.ha[email protected]
Collet Maheia, soils, aggregates, fills, redi-mix, cement, etc.       [email protected]
Gentrac Construction Equipment       [email protected]
MASH Hardware, San Pedro, A.C. - gen.hdw.,lmbr,mats.       [email protected]
National Sand and Gravel, Belmopan       [email protected]
Pine Lumber Co.       [email protected]
Contractors, General
Campbell Covintec, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Cisco Construction, incl. roadways, earthmoving, surfacing       [email protected]
DSA, Ltd., dredging, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Graniel's Const. Co., San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
The Bella Vista Group       [email protected]
Medina's Construction, Ltd.       [email protected]
Professional Building Supplies, Placencia       [email protected]
Wallen's Hardware, Placencia       [email protected]
Copying Machines and Supplies
Associated Engineering Services, Ltd., xerox(TM) sale/svc.
Customs Brokers
Belize Business Development       [email protected]
SAVCO, also courier service       [email protected]
Silvermoon Services International, Ltd.,incl.wide-range services       [email protected]
Customs Clearing
Belize Business Development       [email protected]
Directories Online
Ambergris /       [email protected]
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Belize By Naturallight       [email protected]
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Belize Development Email List
Belize Business Email-Website Directory       [email protected]
Belize On-Line       [email protected] (Bz.Telecomm.Ltd.)       [email protected]
Chat 'Bout community website       [email protected]
Kevin Modera.Com, Placencia
Official Government of Belize Website
Ministries, Departments, Offices Contact
Spy Belize, Ambergris Caye local domain       [email protected]
Trade and Investment Promotion Service (TIPS)
United States Embassy to Belize Website       [email protected]
Diving (See also Fishing Charters, Tours)
Alfonso "li'l Alfonse" Graniel, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Amigos del Mar, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
AquaDives Belize, Ltd. San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Aquatic Adventures, Placencia       [email protected]       [email protected]
Blue Water Belize Diving, Hopkins Village, Dangriga
Belize Dive Center       [email protected]
Belize Dive Connection       [email protected]
Belize Diving Svcs,C.Caulker .       [email protected]
Belize Yacht Club Dive Center       [email protected]
Blue Marlin Lodge. Stann Creek
BlueWaterDiversCo,Ltd,CCaulker       [email protected]
Bottom Time Dive Shop, San Pedro,AC       [email protected]
Coral Beach Diving, San Pedro, AC       [email protected]
Elbert Greer,San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Excalibur Tours, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Fantasea Diving, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Frenchie's Dive Service, Caye Caulker       [email protected]
Gaz Cooper's Dive Belize, San Pedro Town,AC       [email protected]
Hugh Parkey's Dive Connection, Amb.Caye, Bz.City
Hustler Tours, San Pedro Town,. A.C.       [email protected]
Larry Parker's Reef Divers, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Lighthouse Reef Resort Dive Shop, Lighthouse Reef       [email protected]
Manta Resort Dive Shop       [email protected]
Mario & Son Guiding Services,SanPedroTown,AC.       [email protected]
Nautical Inn Diving, Placencia       [email protected]
Out Island Divers / Offshore Express, Amb.Caye       [email protected]
Paradise Dive Center, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Patojo's Scuba Center, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Placencia Dive Shop       [email protected]
Ramon's Reef Resort Dive Shop       [email protected]
Reef's End Lodge, Tobacco Caye
Rum Point Divers, Placencia       [email protected]
Seahorse Dive Shop, Placencia       [email protected]
Second Nature Divers, Southwater Caye
Sol Caribe Expeditions, San Pedro Town, Amb.Caye       [email protected]
Star Tours Belize       [email protected]
The Living Reef Dive Centre, Glover's Reef       [email protected]
Tobacco Caye Diving       [email protected]
Turneffe Flats Diving, Blackbird Caye

Druggists and Pharmacies
Community Drug Stores, 5 locations in Belize City       [email protected]
Lopez Drug Store, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals - Importers
Bradley's Imports       [email protected]
Drugs Wholesale Depot       [email protected]
Electric Generation, Bulk
Belize Electric Company, Ltd. (BECOL), Mollejon hyrdoelectric station       [email protected]
Belize Electricity, Limited       [email protected]
Electrical Parts and Repairs
Wally's Electrical Shop, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Electronic Equipment & Repairs
Sigertronic Systems
Skylink electronics, tvs, monitors, CD players, etc. install/repair       [email protected]
Alpha-Braxon Engineering, Ltd.       [email protected]
Anthony Thurton & Associates, Ltd., arch. & eng.       [email protected]
Associated Engineering Service, Ltd.       [email protected]
Burrell-Burrell Associates, architects, engineers, sureyors, etc.       [email protected]
Calmaquip Engineering Corporation       [email protected]
Mitchell Moody Associates Architects/Engineers       [email protected]
Mivan Engineering       [email protected]
Professional Engineering Services, Ltd., Consulting/Civil       [email protected]
Wolric H. Lind Associates, Architects, Engineers, Mgmt.Conslt.       [email protected]
Young's Engineering Consultancy Ltd.       [email protected]
American Power Systems, Gas/Diesel, electrical generators       [email protected]
Power Plus, Ltd., Evinrude, Briggs&Stratton, McCulloch       [email protected]
Express Delivery Services
Aeropost Courier Service       [email protected]
You have Mail!       [email protected]
DHL Worldwide Express       [email protected]
FedEx       [email protected]
Management Enterprise Services       [email protected]
Silvermoon, Ltd., local and international services       [email protected]
Trans-Express       [email protected]
Feed Wholesalers and Manufacturers
Belize Mills, Ltd.       [email protected]
Power Plus Ltd., Ralston Purina       [email protected]
Finance and Trust (also see Banks, Professional Services, Offshore Services)
Belize Trust Company       [email protected]
BHI       [email protected]
Belize Investment Management Company, Ltd.(mortgage mgmt.)       [email protected]
Better Business Enterprise, Ltd.       [email protected]
Caribbean Capital Corporation       [email protected]
Development Finance Corporation       [email protected]
Home Construction Finance, Ltd., Belize '206', home construx.       [email protected]
Inter-American Development Bank       [email protected]
San Pedro Credit Union       [email protected]
Fishing Guides, Charters (see also Diving, Tours)
Belize River Lodge, The Christiana, Belize City       [email protected]
Blue Marlin Lodge, Stann Creek
Bob's Paradise, Monkey River, Toledo       [email protected]
Captain Tom's Caribbean Charters, SanPedroTown, A.C.       [email protected]
Cristina, The, 58' Hatteras       [email protected]
El Pescador Fishing and Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Freedom Tours, Ambergris Caye, & diving, sightseeing       [email protected]
Gone Fishing Charters, Placencia,       [email protected]
Innovative Watersport, & diving, booking other guides,       [email protected]
Kevin Modera Guide Service, Placencia       [email protected]
Kingfisher Angler Adventure       [email protected]
Lillpat Sitee River Fishing Resort, Dangriga       [email protected]
Mario & Son, Ambergris Caye, & diving       [email protected]
Nitewind Guide Service, Placencia       [email protected]
Reef's End Lodge, Tobacco Caye       [email protected] g
Serenade Island Resort & Guest House       [email protected]
Sol Caribe Expeditions, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Turneffe Flats, Blackbird Caye       [email protected]
Florists and Nurseries
Viva Verde Nursery, Placencia Village    [email protected] 
Food Products (see also Agricultural Producers, Citrus, Fruit-Vegs-Produce)
Associated AG Ltd., export beans, citrus, shrimp, mahogany, sugar       [email protected]
Belize Food Products, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Mills, Ltd. wheat, flour, animal feeds, aquaculture feeds       [email protected]
Belize Refrigeration, Ltd. frozen fruit juices, ice cream; MasterBilt eqpt.       [email protected]
Belize Sugar Industries, Ltd.       [email protected]
Benque Viejo Snack Co., Ltd., LUNA snacks - plantain,cassava,coco-yam chips, peanut snacks, etc. export       [email protected]
Caribbean Spice Belize, Elizabeth Storey, Mile 13 San Antonio Rd., San Antonio, Cayo [email protected]
Cayo Tropical Fruits, Ltd.       [email protected]
Food Depot, Inc.       [email protected]
Food, Limited, specialty habanero pepper products, export
G.Gongora & Sons, Ltd, Tutsi pack juices, Nimbus bot.wtr.       [email protected]
Marie Sharp's Hot Pepper Sauces Info [email protected]

Food Stores and Supermarkets
Brodies       [email protected]
Ro-Mac's       [email protected]
San Pedrano Store, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Fruits, Vegetables, Produce (see also Citrus, Food Products)
Farm-to-U Foods       [email protected]
Fruta Bomba, Calcutta Village, Corazal, papaya export       [email protected]
Fyffes Group Ltd.       [email protected]
Tropical Produce Co., Ltd.       [email protected]
Wallen's Market, Placencia       [email protected]
Furniture,Cabinetry Manufacturers, Dealers
Bamboo Crafts and Furniture, San Pedro Town     [email protected]
Beauty of Nature Gift Shop, mahogany chairs, art objects       [email protected]
Caribbean Gulf Interiors       [email protected]
Dave's Furniture World, home & office, housewares, furnishings       [email protected]
Hummingbird Rattan Furniture       [email protected]
Jaguar Imports, Ltd, furniture manufacturer-exporter       [email protected]
L.E.A.'s Furniture Shop, custom furniture, doors, windows, cabinetry       [email protected] .
New River Enterprises, Ltd., home & ofc., patio, doors, etc.       [email protected]
Belize Western Energy, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belmont Butane Gas Service       [email protected]
General Merchandise Stores
James Brodie & Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
Mikado Store, specialty textiles, curtain, uniform, African materials       [email protected]
Pete's Enterprises, San Pedro, AC - wholesale/retail sundries       [email protected]
Santino's, Ltd.       [email protected]
Venus Store, San Ignacio       [email protected]
Generators, Electric
American Power Systems, Kohler, Control, Isuzu,rnt/sell/svc.       [email protected]
Geological Consultants
Belize Minerals       [email protected]
S.J. Mazzullo, Ph.D       [email protected]
Gifts and Crafts
Amber Jewelry, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Bamboo Crafts and Furniture, San Pedro Town     [email protected]
Beauty of Nature Gift Shop, & mahog.chairs       [email protected]
Belize online gifts       [email protected]
Caesar's Place Gift Shop, San Ignacio       [email protected]
D & G's Custom Jewelry/Gift Shop, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
El Papagayo Gift Shop (at Belize Bilmore Plaza, B.C.)       [email protected]
Galleria Gift Shoppe, 2 locations Belize City       [email protected]
Go Tees Specialty T-Shirt & Gift Shop, B.C.       [email protected]
J-Byrd's Gift Shop, Placencia       [email protected]
Lauren Duty Free Stores Goldson Int'l Airp., Corzal FT Zone       [email protected]
Diplomats Store, Belize City       [email protected]
Mahogany Chips Gift Shop, (at Radisson Ft.Geo Hotel, B.C.)       [email protected]
Mayan Secrets natural personal care, crafts, San Pedro & online       [email protected]
One World Gift Shop, Placencia       [email protected]
Sea Gal Gift Shop (Holiday Hotel San Pedro, A.C.)       [email protected]
Tabony Industries, Ltd.       [email protected]
Traffic Jam Gift Shop, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Toucan Gift Shop       [email protected]
Glass - Plate, Window
Belize Glass Shop, doors, windows, repairs, emergencies, etc.       [email protected]
Fabro's Glass, Ltd.       [email protected]
Government of Belize
Customs Department       [email protected]
Ministries and Offices email contact page
Guards and Security
AAA Security Services Corp., Ltd., guards, investigations, etc.       [email protected]
Home Improvement/Hardware
Agusto Quan, Ltd., tools, materials, solutions, paints, etc.       [email protected]
Belican Supply       [email protected]
Benny's Home Center       [email protected]
Castillo's Hardware Co., Ltd. , San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
EZ Supply Co., Independence       [email protected]
Hofius, Ltd. Ace Hardware       [email protected]
MASH Hardware, San Pedro, A.C. - gen.hdw.,lmbr,mats.       [email protected]
Wally's Electrical Shop, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
William Quan, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Medical Associates Ltd. maternity, emergency, general       [email protected]

San Pedro Lions Club Inter-community Hospital       [email protected]

Hotels and Resorts
Ambergris Caye / San Pedro Town
Agape House       [email protected]
Alijua Hotel       [email protected]       [email protected]
Arthurs on The Caribbean       [email protected]\aotc

Banana Beach       [email protected]
Banyan Bay       [email protected]
Barrier Reef Hotel       [email protected]
Belize Tradewinds Paradise       [email protected]
Belize Yacht Club Resort       [email protected]
Belizean Reef Luxury Suites       [email protected]
Brianna's Beach House       [email protected]
Captain Morgan's Retreat       [email protected]
Capricorn Resort       [email protected]
Caribbean Villas Hotel       [email protected]
Casa Caribe Hotel       [email protected]
Caye Hideaway       [email protected]
Casa Manana       [email protected]
Casa Solana       [email protected]
Casa Tortuga
Caye Management Private Vacation Homes       [email protected]
Cayo Espanto (private island near Amb.Caye)       [email protected]
Changes in Latitudes Bed'n'Breakfast       [email protected]
Coco Caye Villa
Conch Shell Inn       [email protected]
Coral Bay Villas       [email protected]
Coral Beach Hotel       [email protected]
Corona del Mar       [email protected]
El Pescador       [email protected]
Emerald Reef Suites       [email protected]
Essene Way Retreat       [email protected]
Hotel del Rio       [email protected]
Iguana Gardens Apartment       [email protected]
Lily's Hotel       [email protected]
Los Encantos Villas       [email protected]
Mata Chica Resort       [email protected]
Mata Rocks Resort       [email protected]
Mayan Princess       [email protected]
Mayas Katut Resort       [email protected]
Oasis del Mar       [email protected]
Palms Condo Suites       [email protected]
Paradise Resort Hotel       [email protected]
Paradise Villas Condos (Beachfront Suites units)       [email protected]
Paradise Villas Condos (Caye Mgmt. units)       [email protected]
Paradise Villas Condos (Amigo Mgmt. units)       [email protected]

Belize City
A Roseville Stay Apartments & Guest House       [email protected]
Belize Biltmore Hotel       [email protected]
Belize River Lodge Ltd.       [email protected]
Bellevue Hotel       [email protected]
Chateau Caribbean       [email protected]
Colton House Guest House       [email protected] Info:
Embassy Hotel, Bz. Int'l Airport       [email protected]
Fort Street Guest House       [email protected]
The Grant Residence       [email protected]
Moho Caye, Marina and Yacht Club       [email protected]
Princess Hotel and Casino       [email protected]
Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina       [email protected]
Seaside Guest House      [email protected]
Tropical Education Center at Belize Zoo, dorms       [email protected]
Villa Boscardi Bed & Breakfast       [email protected]
Warrie Head Ranch & Lodge       [email protected]
Banana Bank Lodge       [email protected]
Belmopan Hotel, adjacent to Capitol, sw. pool, a/c
Ian Anderson's CAVES BRANCH Adventure Co. & Jungle Lodge,       [email protected]
Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort       [email protected]
JB's Watering Hole, room rentals       [email protected]
Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo Dist.
Mopan River Resort       [email protected]
Blackbird Caye
Blackbird Caye Resort       [email protected]
Turneffe Flats Lodge       [email protected]
Tree Tops Hotel       [email protected]
Trends/Trends Beachfront Hotels       [email protected]
Trends Guest House      [email protected]
Vega Inn and Gardens       [email protected]
Caye Chapel
Caye Chapel Golf Course & Marina       [email protected] / [email protected]
The Lodge at Chaa Creek       [email protected]
Crystal Paradise Resort       [email protected]
Ek' Tun Resort       [email protected]
Hacienda Tropical Guest House       [email protected]
Howler Monkey Lodge       [email protected]
Maya Mountain Lodge & Tours       [email protected]
Mayaland Villas Resort   [email protected]
Pacz Hotel & Tours       [email protected]
Parrot Nest Jungle Lodge       [email protected]
Royal Mayan Resort & Spa, Xunantunich area       [email protected]
Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge       [email protected]
Caribbean Village       [email protected] - RV Park and camping grounds
Corozal Bay Inn       [email protected]
Casablanca by the Sea, Consejo Village       [email protected]
Copper Bank Inn      [email protected]
Hok'ol K'in Guest Lodge       [email protected]
Hotel Maya       [email protected]
Shipstern Resort Cabins (Shipstern Nature Reserve)       [email protected]
Tony's Inn & Beach Resort       [email protected]
Crooked Tree
Bird's Eye Lodge       [email protected]
Chau Hiix Lodge       [email protected]
Dangriga, Stann Creek District
Beaches and Dreams, Hopkins Village       [email protected]
Hopkins Inn bed & breakfast, Hopkins Village       [email protected]
Jaguar Reef Lodge, Hopkins Village       [email protected]
Jungle Jeanie's, Hopkins Village       [email protected]
Lillpat Sitee River Fishing Resort       [email protected]
Sittee Point Vacation Cabana       [email protected]
Tipple Tree Beya, Hopkins Village       [email protected]
Gales Point, Dangriga
Manatee Lodge contact through:       [email protected]
Gallon Jug (northwest Belize)
Chan Chich Lodge       [email protected]
Glovers Atoll
Glover's Reef Resort       [email protected]
Light House Reef
Light House Reef Resort       [email protected]       [email protected]
Little Water Caye
Little Water Caye Resort       [email protected]
Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa       [email protected]
Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo District
Hidden Valley Inn       [email protected]
Mountain Equestrian Trails       [email protected]
Pine Ridge Lodge       [email protected]
Orange Walk
D-Victoria Hotel       [email protected]
Hill Bank Field Station Cabanas , New River Lagoon       [email protected]
La Milpa       [email protected]
Bahia Laguna Beach Resort       [email protected]
Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows       [email protected]
Barracuda & Jaguar Inn       [email protected]
Blue Crab Resort       [email protected]
Carol's Cabanas       [email protected]
Coconut Cottage
Conrad & Lydia's Rooms       [email protected]
Cozy Corner Hotel       [email protected]
Cunche's Villa,       [email protected]
Deb & Dave's Last Resort       [email protected]
Estelle's Budget Hotel       [email protected]
Green Parrot Beach Houses       [email protected]
Harry's Cozy Cabanas       [email protected]
The Inn at Maya Beach       [email protected]
Kitty's Place       [email protected]
Little Water Caye       [email protected]
Luba Hati Resort       [email protected]
Lydia's Rooms       [email protected]
Mariposa Guesthouse       [email protected]
Maya Beach Hotel       [email protected]
Maya Breeze Inn       [email protected]
Maya Playa Resort       [email protected]
Miller's Landing       [email protected]
Monkey House       [email protected]
Nature's Glow Resort       [email protected]
Nautical Inn       [email protected]
Placencia Lagoon Resort
Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas       [email protected]
Ranguana Lodge       [email protected]
Ranguana Caye Resort
Rum Point Inn       [email protected]
Saddle Caye South       [email protected]
Seaspray Hotel       [email protected]
Serenade Island Resort & Guest House       [email protected]
Serenity Resort       [email protected]
Singing Sands       [email protected]
Soulshine Resort       [email protected]
Sonny's Resort       [email protected]
The Inn at Robert's Grove       [email protected]
Tradewinds Hotel       [email protected]
Turtle Inn       [email protected]
Westwind Hotel       [email protected]
X-Cape       [email protected]
Punta Gorda
Mahung's Hotel & Grocery Store
Nature's Way Guest House       [email protected]
St. Georges Key
Cottage Colony Resort       [email protected]
St. George's Lodge       [email protected]

San Ignacio, Cayo District
Aguada Hotel & Restaurant, Santa Elena       [email protected]
Barton Creek Farms, Ltd.       [email protected]
Black Rock Lodge       [email protected]
Green Heaven Lodge       [email protected]
Lamanai Outpost Lodge       [email protected]
Log Cab-Inns       [email protected]
Martha's Guest House       [email protected]
Maya Mountain Lodge       [email protected]
Midas Tropical Resort       [email protected]
Piache Hotel       [email protected]
Rose's Guest House, Santa Elena/Cahal Pech
San Ignacio Resort Hotel       [email protected]
Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge       [email protected]
Southwater Caye
Blue Marlin Lodge       [email protected]
International Expeditions Lodge & Cottages       [email protected]
Pelican Beach Resort       [email protected]
Spanish Lookout Caye
Spanish Bay Resort       [email protected]
Stann Creek
Blue Marlin Lodge       [email protected]
Pelican Beach Resort       [email protected]
Tobacco Caye
Reef's End Lodge       [email protected]
Bob's Paradise, Monkey River Town area       [email protected]
Turneffe Island Lodge, Caye Bokel       [email protected]

Hyperbaric Medicine (Recompression Facilities)
Subaquatic Safety Services, Ltd., San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Zee Ice, Ltd., commercial-industrial       [email protected]
Ice Cream
Scoops       [email protected]
Belize Refrigeration, Ltd., & frozen fruit juices       [email protected]
Icemaking Machines
Robert Nicolait & Assoc., Ltd.: Scotsman systems       [email protected]
Aficionado       [email protected]
Belican Supply       [email protected]
Belize-AmericanSupplyAss'n,,health,beauty items       [email protected]
Caribbean Tire Wholesale, Ltd., tires & accessories       [email protected]
G. Ayuso & Son Importers       [email protected]
Santiago Castillo, Ltd., foods, liquors, etc.       [email protected]
UETA of Belize, import/export       [email protected]
Victor L.Bryant & Co., Ltd., foods, guns/ammo,&c.       [email protected]
Baraka, Ltd., steel framed construction, styrofoam, insulation       [email protected]
Belican Supply       [email protected]
American Life Insurance Company       [email protected]
Atlantic Insurance Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Insurance Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
G.A. Roe & Sons Ins. Svcs. Ltd.       [email protected]
Home Protector Insurance Co.       [email protected]
Insurance Corporation of Belize, Ltd.       [email protected]
Regent Insurance Company       [email protected]
Victor L. Bryant & Company, Ltd. (Lloyds)       [email protected]
Insurance Brokers
G.A.Harrison Pilgrim Svcs.       [email protected]
International Registry
International Business Company of Belize Central Registry       [email protected]
International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize       [email protected]
Internet Domains, Services and Associations
Ambergris /       [email protected]
Belize By Naturallight       [email protected]
Belize Development Email List
Belize Business Email-Website Directory       [email protected]
Kevin Modera Services
Belize On-Line       [email protected]       [email protected] (Bz.Telecomm.Ltd.)       [email protected]
Belize Trade and Investment Development Service       [email protected]
Cayo sites
Chat 'Bout community website       [email protected]
Coconet public internet station, San Pedro AC       [email protected]
Digital Postcard - images of Belize
German language site about Belize
Island Internet, public internet business in San Pedro    [email protected]
Kitty's Place, Placencia    [email protected]
Netkom Internet Solutions, website creators
Official Government of Belize Website
Placencia sites
Purple Space Monkey, Placencia, public internet station       [email protected]
Sigertronic Systems, website production/hosting
Spy Belize, Ambergris Caye local domain       [email protected]
Top Cat, San Ignacio, web pages/related services       [email protected]
Trade and Investment Promotion Service
United States Embassy to Belize Website       [email protected]
Belize Refrigeration, Ltd., Polar Pak       [email protected]
Island Kids, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Label Solutions, Ltd., wide variety of types       [email protected]
Laboratories - Industrial
Robert Nicolait & Assoc., Ltd., Hach       [email protected]
Laboratories - Medical
The Pathology Lab       [email protected]
The Finishing Touch, lamps & custom floors       [email protected]
Caye Landscaping, Ambergis Caye       [email protected]
Vicky R. Nelder, Landscape Architect, A.C.       [email protected]
Laundry Services
Belize Laundromat, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Attorneys and Lawyers
Estevan Perera, Attorney at Law,       [email protected],
Antoinette Moore, Attorney at Law, Dangriga       [email protected]
Denys Barrow, Attorney at Law       [email protected]
Ernest L. Staine Law Firm       [email protected]
Lois Young Law Firm       [email protected]
Glenn D. Godfrey & Company       [email protected]
Rodwell Williams, Attorney at Law       [email protected]
Young Law Firm       [email protected]
Liquors, Wines
Premium Wines & Spirits       [email protected]
Mail Center
Belize Business Development       [email protected]

Equator       [email protected]
Belize Maps
E-Shop Belize       [email protected]
Island Bazaar       [email protected]

Marine Biology Consultants
Richard Woods, Sea & Island Research,Field guide       [email protected]
Green Reef       [email protected]
Marine Parts and Supplies
Captain Shark's, San Pedro       [email protected]
Marketing Consultants
Summa Marketing, Ltd., research, bplans, ins.,etc.       [email protected]
Toucan Match Company, Ltd., Toucan and Olympian matches       [email protected]
South Side Meats       [email protected] /       [email protected]
Musicians/Groups/Music Production
Barefoot Skinny       [email protected]
Santino's Messengers       [email protected]
National Parks and Preserves
Belize Audubon Society Website - national parks
Coastal Zone Management Authority/Institute     [email protected]
La Milpa Archaeological Site       [email protected]
Laughing Bird Caye National Park
Shipstern Nature Reserve       [email protected]
Amandala Press       [email protected]
Ambergris Today       [email protected]
Belize Times       [email protected]
Cayo Trader       [email protected]
The Guardian       [email protected]
The Reporter       [email protected]
San Pedro Sun, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Offshore Financial & General Services (See also Banks, Finance, and Professional Services)
Belize Bank Offshore Services Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Corporate Services, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Investment Management Co.       [email protected]
Belize Offshore Center       [email protected]
Belize Offshore Consultants & Co.       [email protected]
Belize Offshore Professionals,       [email protected]
Belize Offshore Professionals, Inc.       [email protected]
Belize Offshore Services, Ltd.       [email protected]
Better Business Entrprises, Ltd.       [email protected]
Butterfield, Reimer & Associates       [email protected]
Cashew Tree, Ltd., financial services       [email protected]
Central American Trading Company       [email protected]
Dun & Bradstreet Belize, Ltd., financial services       [email protected]
Immigration, Business Consulting & Offshore Svcs. Co.       [email protected]
Interfisa Global Perspectives & Offshore Solutions       [email protected]
International Services, Ltd. for .invstors,retirees,rl.est.       [email protected]
JANUS Offshore Services       [email protected]
KPMG Corporate Services       [email protected]
Megga Corporation       [email protected]
Morgan & Morgan Trust       [email protected]
Pouchie Co., Ltd., investment/immigration services       [email protected]
Reimer & Associates       [email protected]
Outboard Engines
Captain Shark's, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Power Plus, Ltd., Evinrude       [email protected]
Paper Products
J.S. Espat, Ltd.       [email protected]
Party Supplies and Favors
Alebran's Originals, San Pedro Town., AC       [email protected]
Petroleum Products
J.S. Espat
Esso Standard Oil       [email protected]
Shell Belize, Ltd.       [email protected]
Radical Positivism       [email protected]
Photocopy Services
The Copy Cat       [email protected]
Top Cat Copy Center, San Ignacio, +signmaking       [email protected]
Gecko Graphics, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Go Graphics       [email protected]
Laura Godfrey Office Supplies, Placencia       [email protected]
Belicolor Photo Services, Belize, Belmopan, Corazal, SanIgnacio, SanPedro       [email protected]
Belize through the Looking Glass, photo catalogue online       [email protected]
Islands from the Sky, aerial photos Belize coast       [email protected]
James Beveridge, Caye Caulker       [email protected]
Kay Scott Photography, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Joe Miller Photography, San Pedro Town       [email protected]
Sea-ing isBelizing Photography       [email protected]
Tony Rath Photography, Naturallight Productions, Dangriga       [email protected]
Venus Photo & Records       [email protected]
Photo Labs
Belicolor       [email protected]
Spooner's Photo Lab       [email protected]
Physicians, Surgeons, Clinics
Belize Medical Associates, Ltd.,EENT,Int.,OB-GYN,Pedtrx.       [email protected]
Bennett, Dr. Christopher       [email protected]
Caribbean Shores Medical Center,gyn,ped,psych,       [email protected]
Cobb,Atanascio, head,neck,sinus,plastic surg.       [email protected]
Family Medical Center, dentist, gyn, pediatrx,,preven.diab., endocrin.,etc.       [email protected]
Hoy Eye Clinic       [email protected]
Lizarraga, Victor, vascular surgeon etc.       [email protected]
Roofen-Willetts Medical Group, Ltd., internal       [email protected]
Subaquatic Safety Services, Ltd., San Pedro Town, AC (hyperbaric recompression)       [email protected]
Plastic Products
Gold Star Industries Ltd. Co., straws,bags,cups,&c.       [email protected]
Pool Products & Supplies

Belican Supply       [email protected]
Printing/Publishing/Desktop Publishing Services
Advance Resource Group, secretarial, copies, online svcs., Belmopan       [email protected]
Aligraphics, Ltd.       [email protected]
Angelus Press Ltd.       [email protected]
BRC Printing, Benque Viejo       [email protected]
Gecko Graphics, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Go Graphics       [email protected]
ProduccionesdelaHamaca,CayeCaulker       [email protected]
Professional Secretarial Services, typing, desktop publishing, plus       [email protected]
The Reporter       [email protected]
Topcat Copy Center, +web design, Internet svcs.       [email protected]
Professional Services (See also Banks, Finance, Offshore Services)
Apex Trust Corporation Ltd.       [email protected]
Bel-Caribe Company, Ltd., audio-video productions, presentations       [email protected]
Belicana Consulting & Development, Ltd.:resource mgmt, planning, dvlpmt.       [email protected]
Belize Business Consulting Services       [email protected]
Belize Business Development, San Pedro TownAC       [email protected]
Belize Corporate Services, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Environmental Consultancies, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Institute of Management, training & services       [email protected]
Belize Investment Management Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Management Consultancy Services       [email protected]
Belize International Investment Group, Ltd., BIIG Consulting       [email protected]
Brenev & Associates, customer service training, etc.       [email protected]
Corozal Free Trade Zone Development, Ltd.       [email protected]
Corozal Free Trade Zone Management       [email protected]
Executive Support Systems, M.Burrowes CPS etc.       [email protected]
Glenn D. Godfrey & Co.       [email protected]
International Services, Ltd.       [email protected]
S.J. Mazzullo, Ph.D., Geological Consultant       [email protected]
Parimax, Ltd., proposal development/editing       [email protected]
Silvermoon, Ltd., local and international services       [email protected]
Tunich-Na Consultants, environmental consultants       [email protected]
Wolric H. Lind Associates,Arch.& Eng.,Mgmt.Conslt.       [email protected]
Radio Communications Electronics
Belize Communications & Security, Ltd., Motorola 2-way & net       [email protected]
Tenchtronics Communications, network, 2-way, alarm systems       [email protected]
Radio and Television Broadcasting
Belize Satellite Television and Communication      [email protected] >
Houston Media Systems [email protected]
Netking Solutions [email protected]
Broadcasting Corporation of Belize       [email protected]
Caribena Enterprises TV Cable, Satellite TV systems SPo,AC       [email protected]
Channel 5 Belize - Great Belize Productions       [email protected]
Love FM Radio       [email protected]
Tropical Vision       [email protected]
Venus TV Cable, San Ignacio       [email protected]
Real Estate, Appraisal
Realbase Consulting,Inc.       [email protected]
Realtors and Property Management
Allen Deeks Realty       [email protected]
Ambergris Caye Combined Reators' Website
AME Real Estate Belize       [email protected]
Belize Land Consultants, Ltd./Consejo Shores       [email protected]
Belize Real Estate/W.Ford Young R.E.       [email protected].net
Belize Property Management Co.       [email protected]
Belize Online Listings
Belstate Realtors, Ltd. Belmopan       [email protected]
Boris Mannsfeld & Associates, Specializing in Placencia Belize Real Estate       [email protected]
Belize Shores Realty       [email protected]
Caye Management, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Jesse Cope, Realtor       [email protected]
Corozal Free Trade Zone Development, Ltd.       [email protected]
Corozal Free Trade Zone Management       [email protected]
Eco-Secure Real Estate       [email protected]
Elite Properties Limited      [email protected]
Emerald Futures Real Estate       [email protected]
Holiday Lands, Ltd., Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
John B. Realtors , Placencia       [email protected]
Laguna Estates, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Management Enterprise Services       [email protected]
Neal Calvin, Realtor       [email protected]
Paradise Realty       [email protected]
Pelican Realty, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
The Phoenix Group      [email protected]
The Placencia Residence      [email protected]
Playa de Piratas Properties, Placencia       [email protected]
Real Estate Classified Ads Listings
Reef Village, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Remax Isla Bonita       [email protected]
Regent Realty, Ltd.       [email protected]
Ridge Lagoon Estates       [email protected]
Seaside Real Estate & Rentals, Ambergris Caye      [email protected]
Serenity Paradise Belize      [email protected]
Southwind Properties, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Sunrise Realty, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Sunset Beach Resort, San Pedro, A.C. - single site, condos
Titoff Realty Ltd. Belize City,       [email protected]
Triton Properties, Ltd. San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Tropical Land Real Estate       [email protected]
Vista del Mar, Ladyville       [email protected]
Yearwood Properties, Placencia       [email protected]
Restaurants and Bars
Ambergris Delight Restaurant       [email protected]
Barefoot Iquana       [email protected]
BC's Bar       [email protected]
The Boatyard, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Cafe Amnesia, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Cafe Ole', San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Capricorn, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
The Chaa Creek Restaurant, Cayo       [email protected]
Diner, The, Orange Walk Town       [email protected]
Elvi's Kitchen, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Fido's Courtyard, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Fiesta Inn Reef Restaurant, Belize City
Fort Street Restaurant, Belize City       [email protected]
Franco's at Luba Hati       [email protected]
Green Parrot, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Hideaway, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Island Cuisine, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
JB's Watering Hole, Belmopan       [email protected]
J.Byrd's Bar and Gift Shop, Placencia       [email protected]
Lily's, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Little Italy, San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Mangos Restaurant       [email protected]
Oceanside Bar & Restaurant, C.Caulker       [email protected]
Palapa Bar, Ambergris Caye north       [email protected]
Pattie's Bar & Beach, C. Caulker       [email protected]
Pelican Beach School of Caribbean Cookery,Dangriga       [email protected]
Pickled Parrot Bar & Grill, Placencia       [email protected]
Ramon's, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Purple Space Monkey, Placencia,       [email protected]
Reggae Rage Restaurant, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Rendezvous Restaurant, Ambergris Caye north       [email protected]
Running W Steakhouse, San Ignacio       [email protected]
San Pedro Holiday, San Pedro, AC       [email protected]
Sharks Bar & Restaurant, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
Sweet Basil, Ambergris Caye       [email protected]
Tropica Beach Restaurant and Bar       [email protected]
Victoria House       [email protected]
Restaurant, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Belican Supply       [email protected]
Concession and Bar Supplies, BelizeCity,SanPedro,AC       [email protected]
HRI Express, Belmopan       [email protected]
Retirement Centers
Amber Isle Retirement Community       [email protected]
Satellite TV Sales & Installations
Houston Media Systems       [email protected]
Netking Solutions       [email protected]
Screen Printers
Advance Advertising Ideas       [email protected]
Special F-X, plus engraving, signmaking, &c.       [email protected]
Secretarial Services
Advance Resource Group, secretarial, copies, online svcs., Belmopan       [email protected]
Professional Secretarial Services, typing, desktop publishing, plus       [email protected]
Sea Food Producers, Exporters (see also Aquaculture)
Northern Fishermen's Cooperative Society, Ltd.       [email protected]
Shipping Agents
Air & Sea, Inc., freight consolidators, export brkr,       [email protected]
Belize Business Development       [email protected]
Belize Estate Co., Ltd, Harrison,Hapag.P&O,&c.       [email protected]
Belize Shipping Agency, Ltd., Concord       [email protected]
Belize Transportation Services       [email protected]
Eurocaribe Shipping Ltd., Agents, Steved.,Custod.       [email protected]
Shipping - Incountry
Belize Business Development       [email protected]
Krystal Shipping Co., San Pedro Town, A.C.       [email protected]
Neon Plastics       [email protected]
Special F-X, plus engraving, screen printing, &c.       [email protected]
Burrell-Burrell Associates       [email protected]
Engino Electronics, Ltd.       [email protected]

Timber Products
Belize Timber, Ltd., primary/secondary hardwood veneer       [email protected]
Tobacco Products
Caribbean Tobaco, Ltd.       [email protected]
Travel Agencies, Tours, Field Instruction
Agouti Travel & Tours       [email protected]
Amigo Travel       [email protected]
Barb's Belize       [email protected]
Belize BackCountry       [email protected]
Belize Global Travel Services Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Store 2000.Com       [email protected]
Belize Tourist Board, quasi-government marketing agency       [email protected]
Belize Tradewinds       [email protected]
Belize Travel       [email protected]
Belize Travel Adventures, Ltd.       [email protected]
Belize Trec, marine biology student field groups       [email protected]
Belizean Journeys, virtual tour of Belize sights online
Bonnell & Sons Fun Tours       501-667-4708
Support the local economy by touring Belize in local style. Whether you want to fish, snorkel, or take a jungle river tour, Mr. Bonnell will treat you the best tour by a local family in the area.
Capricorn Leisure Tours       [email protected]
Caribbean Cruiser, local cruise SanPedroAC       [email protected]
Caribbean Holidays, Ltd.       [email protected]
Close Encounters       [email protected]
Discovery Expeditions Belize, Ltd.       [email protected]
Fido's Fun Sports       [email protected]
Global Adventure Tours       [email protected]
Hustler Tours, San Pedro Town,. A.C.       [email protected]
Ian Anderson's CAVES BRANCH Adventure Co. & Jungle Lodge,       [email protected]
ICB Travel & Tours       [email protected]
Innovative Watersport, San Pedro Town, AC       [email protected]
International Archaeological Tours       [email protected]
International Expeditions       [email protected]
International Zoological Expeditions
Island Expeditions       [email protected]
Jaguar Adventure Tours       [email protected]
Jungle Sea Ventures, Ltd.       [email protected] Katie Valk       [email protected]

Kevin Modera Guide Service, Placencia       [email protected]
Lamanai Field Research Centre       [email protected]
Magnum Belize       [email protected]
Maya Travel Services, Ltd.       [email protected]
Mayaland Tours & Travel Ltd.       [email protected]
Melmish Mayan & Eco Tours       [email protected]
Out Island Divers / Offshore Express, Amb.Caye       [email protected]
Pelican Beach Resort field station, custom trips       [email protected]
Phoenix Travel Services, Chinese spoken       [email protected]
Prgrmme.forBelizeTropicalForest&MarineBioCourse       [email protected]
Reef's End Lodge,seminars geology, biology, &c.       [email protected]
Reefcrawl       [email protected]
Requena's Charter Services, Punta Gorda       [email protected]
Royal Piper Tours, San Pedro, AC       [email protected]
S & L Travel & Tours, Ltd.       [email protected]
Safari, Ltd.       [email protected]
SeaBelize, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Searious Adventures, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Slickrock Adventures       [email protected]
Sol Caribe Expeditions, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Star Tours Belize       [email protected]
Tambo Tours       [email protected]
Toadal Adventures, Placencia       [email protected]
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association       [email protected]
Toledo Tour Guide Association
Tour de Fours, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Travel & Tour Belize Ltd.       [email protected]
Tropic Horizon Travel & Sea Horse Guides, Placencia       [email protected]
Tropic Tours/Tanisha Tours, San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Tropical Education Centre, at Belize Zoo       [email protected]
Tropical Field Studies Belize (marine ecology student groups)       [email protected]
Tubroos Tree Adventures       [email protected]
Universal Travel Services       [email protected]
Watershed: Following the Path of the Rain Gods       [email protected]
Winnie Estelle, interisland cruise w/snorkeling       [email protected]
Trucking and Hauling
Belize Engineering Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
Carter's Upholstery       [email protected]
Video Production
Bel-Caribe Company, Ltd.       [email protected]
Emory King, Official Film Commissioner       [email protected]
Great Belize Production       [email protected]
Satieo Belize       [email protected]
Tropical Vision       [email protected]
Xmedia       [email protected]
Water Heating & Treatment
Robert Nicolait & Associates, Ltd.       [email protected]
Water Taxi - Scheduled and Charter
Island Ferry, along coast of Ambergris Caye    [email protected]
Requena Water Taxi Service       [email protected]
X-Ray Imaging, Medical
Belize Diagnostic Centre, + CT, Ultrasound       [email protected]
Universal Health Services Co., Ltd.       [email protected]
The Belize Zoo       [email protected]

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