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March 15, 2006

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Gabby "Fast Feathers" Gowan's , shows off his Talons, He is a very talon-ented bird. Gabby regularly spreads his wings with the band 20/20 at Fido's. Bring your Camera.
Photo by Robert Gowans
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My good buddy Robert Voges sent me this pic earlier, from some years back on the island. His bird "Gabby" loved helping me play guitar. In good company....Russell Hulme, "Hurricane" Keith Newton and Bobby Mason. Great times!
Russell Hulmes

I remember Robert letting Gabby loose on the bar at BC's, at times when it wasn't busy. He warned everyone to hold on to their straws. Otherwise, she walked all day way around the bar and threw out everyone's straw.

Gabby was so special, she went around the bar taking the cherries out of peoples drinks, she was great entertainment.

Gabby helped me celebrate my birthday at Harry and Betty's Palace Casino, downtown San Pedro. She flicked out the straw from my Pina Colada drink, then proceeded to eat the maraschino cherry.
Gail Pencoff

Bobby Mason (Peggy of Casa Tortuga's husband,) used to play guitar for John Denver. Denver sang at their wedding!

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