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            June 28, 2006

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Jerry McDermott with Famous Entertainer, Rudy Cabral at the famous Paradise Bar, early 80"s.

Rudy Cabral would play at The Bellevue, one of his favorite hits: “Wasted days and wasted nights, since I long for your behind.” He used to get harassed a lot but he always had a great comeback. He was also a favourite at Fender's bar on Handyside Street! His stage name was Carmen Miranda. He was a great singer, performer and guitarist. He also liked to sing “A ship with no sail is me without you.” He lived on East Canal right behind Mexican Center next door to the Nisbet.

Jerry McDemott (RIP) was the owner of Paradise Hotel and a tourism pioneer in San Pedro.

Daniel Meighan: Rudy Cabral best known as ("CARMEN MERANDA") was a professional entertainer at Bamboo Bay, Bellvue, Maya Room and his most favourite was at ("Moon Rocket/Fenders") Handyside St.on Sunday's. I'd hang out with The regulars enjoying the sounds of Cleveland Berry, Bunny Craig, ("Frank Sinatra") Francis Cod, at the organ, Evan Fairweather, Leaster Young at the accordion, Ruth Sebastian, vocalist, Garbax Eiley at the harmonica, Nevada thumb, thumb, Adlea Castillo with the jawbone of an Ass. Ronneey Cabral, rumba.Flowers, banjo. We eventually ended up with "The New Fenders Inn" after a couple of fires which destroyed the original Moon Rocket and Fenders Bar. Other regulars, Strekes, Turton, Bob Mac nab, Kenneth Schnaw to name a few.

Marie Mapp: Yes, how I remember Aunty Rudy that was how they called him at Fenders bar or a chair with out bottom that's me with out you ! Those were the good old sweet days. May he continue to RIP ! Gone but not forgotten!

Sloan Def: He was my moms cousin! He was hilarious and a load of energy and fun! He would tease my dad a lot.. would come to our house a few times! I remember my parents going to the Bellvue to watch him! He used to get harassed a lot but he always had a great comeback.

Angelina Menzies de Cabral: His stage name was Carmen Miranda. He was a great singer, performer and guitarist. He also liked to sing “A ship with no sail is me without you”

Jennifer Sutherland Pratt: He lived directly behind my house on church street, Belisle yard, he had to walk in Stewart yard on the canal side to get to his house.

Bernadette Burns: Rudy was a fine mannerly person,, I knew him personally,, He lived in my aunt Nora Burns yard ,,the house was a shop,When my aunt was unable to run it,, the shop became a home,, Beautiful inside,, He did not like to be called Rudy, So we called him Carmen,, Let's be honest,, He was the first gay man who was not ashamed,, He was beautiful, I remember how tidy and beautiful he dressed ,,Hot combed hair in place and beautifully facial make up, When he went out no one knew that he was a man,, He was really beautiful ,,He knew how to make a home beautiful,, This that I am saying is a fact and should not be kept in the dark because he was a person like all of us,, The great Carmen Miranda,, His show was a hit with the English soldiers,, They used to fight at the Savoy club to dance with Carmen, ,There my friend I am helping your legend to live on.

Nancy R. Koerner: OMG, Rudy was hysterical, and I loved the fact that he knew who he was, and was utterly apologetic. And why not? The guy could make you laugh. He was a great draw at Roger Dinger's Bellevue Bar -- a bawdy joke, with calculated shock value, especially for straight men. Check out Jerry McDermott's face in this photo -- taken at Paradise in S.P. Everybody loved Rudy!

Ana Williams Menzies: Mr Rudy Cabral was a great entertainer indeed and a very respectable person. He knew my dad and came to our home for an occasion and put on quite a show for our family. I remember he used to sing “A Chair without bottom, that’s me without you”. What a treat he gave us! He was very talented.

Michelle Rivana Buckley: He lived on the canal near Vernon Street. My dad would visit him and give him fish as he told us he was our cousin we were told not to tease or make fun of him.

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Miss Honduras 2005, Lissa Seanz, soon to be at the Costa Maya Festival

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