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            September 11, 2006

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Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro

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As my Belizean friends would say, "Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, wat u wek!!"....

Holy Cross Anglican Primary School officially opened on Monday, September 4th at 8:30am. Bishop Philip Wright joined Principal and Infant I teacher, Ms. Sharon Hazel, teachers: Miss Monica (Standard I), Miss Germaine (Infant II), Miss Laura (English as a Second Language) and Canadian volunteer Heather Leslie (our school nurse for the next 6 weeks!) in welcoming almost 80 students and their parents to the first day of school - YEA!!! Bishop Wright blessed the temporary classrooms and the students and, SCHOOL WAS OPEN - thanks be to God!

Sounds good doesn't it???? Well, behind the scenes.....

- our make shift toilet was installed only hours before Monday morning (plummer disappeared) glad we're over the water!

- not one stick of furniture in the school (all coming 'tomorrow', for the past several weeks!)

- the school's cook, Miss Roselea, in the emergency room in Belize City with her sister (breakfast!? snack??! lunch??? 80 hungry children!!!)

- no electricity, drinking water in buckets, mud up to the knees, thirsty children, total INSANITY!!!

Did I mention the little girl who threw up four times (thank God for Nurse Heather), lunch served an hour late to starving students, teachers working out of boxes - everyone on the floor????

Miraciously we made it through the week and not one child fell into the mucky water! Even more little ones showed up for school accompanied by grateful parents - 'gracias por la escuela!', 'thank you for taking my child', heard often.

This afternoon I listened to the Infant I children sing 'Jesus Loves Me' while gazing at the mounds of garbage (land fill?), mud and water surrounding our little classrooms, I knew that by the grace of God and with your help we will make it! Holy Cross Anglican Primary School will love and feed and nurture and educate as many children as possible!!! I pray that you will accompany us this in incredible adventure in ministry - smile!!


1) Nurse Heather has taken a seriously ill five year old girl, Destiny, under her wing. Talking to the mother, Heather has pieced together a sketchy medical history of a chronically ill child. We want to take Destiny and her mother to a doctor in Belize City for evaluation and hopefully treatment. Nurse Heather would accompany them. Estimated costs: Transportation by water taxi: $30US per person round trip - $90US; doctor in Belize City and appropriate tests - Estimate $500US

2) Funding for our Feeding Programs - Since most of our children come from impoverished homes, we want to offer them a breakfast snack (cheese sandwick and milk for example) upon arrival, a fruit and juice midmorning snack and a nutricious lunch. Costs last week for the total program (the kids ate every bite!) was right at $500US for 80 children or $6.25US per child per week. We need adopt a child for the year (38 school weeks times $6.25 per week) is $237.50 - please help!

3) Most of our children cannot afford their school books - cost $30US per child or their uniforms - cost $30US for child - 2 shirts and 2 pants or 2 jumpers.

4) English as a second language for children - supplies and materials.

5) First aid supplies, musical instruments - tamborenes, cymbals, bells, triangles.

6) Your PRAYERS, your SUPPORT and YOUR presence in Belize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks and blessings, Francis PS: Donations may be sent to the address below made payable to "Holy Cross Anglican School"

Mrs. Francis Wilson
Volunteer Coordinator
Anglican Diocese of Belize
PO Box 535, Rectory Lane
Belize City, Belize

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