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            Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Richie, Mervino, and Spanish at Cariblandia Spanish's old house. 2005
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Welcome to the unforgettable world of the Belize jungle and the adventure of a lifetime. Share with us our privately owned 58,000 acre Caves Branch Estate, beneath a 100 foot rainforest canopy, alongside the turquoise waters of the Caves Branch river. Discover the beauty and excitement found in the tropical jungle and the caves of Belize. Encounter indigenous animals and plant life and the many relics of Belize's ancient Mayan past.
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Richie Woods, Mervino (Mervin Key), and Spanish (Jose Pacifico) at Cariblandia, also Spanish's old house in 2005.

I remember his 'wall of lost soles' with all the shoes he'd found washed up on shore nailed to it. And he had sooo many geese, a monkey, all kinds of animals. His name was Jose. He was in San Pedro from the 70s. He was also very talented with wood besides being a colorful fellow. His nickname was Spanish because he came from Spain. He's an incredibly colourful character. He's still here, he's been in a wheelchair for some years now after he was run over by a golf cart. Him and the house are still there. Though time has taken a toll on both.

Jose came to San Pedro and found his way to Don Severito Guerrero’s home at La Ensenada, (later called San Telmo) to live for years. He was a Spaniard with red hair and piercing green eyes, and before substance abuse, a handsome, kind man who had a way with kids, dogs and art.

We grew up with Jose around because our aunt, Berta Hoy Astle, lived at La Ensenada next to Don Taco and Doña Lola Aguilar, who were Luz Hunter’s maternal grandparents.

Don Severito was our aunt and mom’s cousin and Karima and I had the most wonderful idyllic childhood imaginable, running wild during holidays with the assorted Hunter/Aguilar/Guerrero kids in a paradise without electricity (except for 2 hours at night).
Lisa M. Shoman

Top photo by Marty Casado, second photo by Colette Kase              
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