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            Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Cohune nuts
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My paintings come from my dreams, from my store of images and memories.  In my dreams, images bubble to the surface, clean and freshly laundered.  I awake and write, I describe what I have seen, before the curtain drops and the dream is lost to the light of day.  I often feel I am left with a complete story or painting, I could not have written or envisioned in my wildest ramblings.  Yet, it is there, reality in a dream... Savanna
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Cohune nuts
The cohune nut is one of the largest of all natural cultivations throughout Belize. I have flown all over this country in the past. It is abundant. It grows wild. It does not need fertilizers. It does not need irrigation. It does not need pesticides. All it needs is propagation. The cohune nut yields many by products. The Shell can make refined charcoal and can generate electricity. The nut produces oil for various by products, cooking and cosmetics. The residue from the nut after extracting the oil can be made into enriched food pellets for animals. Pigs, horses, fowl, cows and even dog and cats. The cohune jungles are still there, and our people need employment and our farmers can include this cultivation in their pasture lands.

Photo by Lenny Gotter              
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