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            Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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HUGE Gaffed Lobster, 1960's
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As rainforests disappear at an unprecedented rate, tropical deforestation is now one of the leading causes of both global warming and species extinction. With so much on the line, saving the threatened ecosystems of Mexico and Central America has become a top priority for conservationists. Rainforest2Reef's mission is to protect biodiversity, maintain ecosystem services, and slow climate change by safeguarding tropical forests, coral reefs and the corridors connecting these threatened habitats.
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A HUGE lobster caught and gaffed while swimming out to the Reef, 1960's

Four of us enjoyed this one for lunch after I would swim the 1/2 mile to the reef, dove 35 feet to gaff this beauty- then swim 1/2 mile back to main pier near Victoria Hotel

My Daily Breakfast in an omellette, San Pedro Island

I am the NCO/Island Survival Instructor program (Read Guatamala insurgency)

here is where RSM Bill Marshall screamed at me I had gone native, lol Now do I look like I am not a well fashioned fighting british soldier of the queen ?

that's how I got pass the enemy' (Mexico swore to take Ambergris Caye, should Guatamala take Belize. True story. I was helped from my canoe by the armed Mexican army as they thought I was merely a gringo kid. Underneath the poncho- bottom of canoe, I had a Sterling SMG and 2 Shotguns... funny, eh ? My 'function' was to monitor Military increased presence. No one living knows this story, (Bn. 2i/c passed away who sent me) GREAT times - rvrn the RSM (Bill Marshall) went nuts "Boston, you've gone native, I'll get that 'air off you. He never did (lol) I ended up in Saudi Arabia for the Americans - thus here I am!

you must have thought you had died and gone to heaven when they gave you that job!

I WAS dying (caught hep C in Sabun jungle on patrol) and when casavacked via VC-10 to Brize Norton, engine fell off (literally) and I was offered the 'cushy posting' doesn't get any better, I'm a jammy sod ?

the gentleman to your right from my point of view is the late Mr. Marciano Salazar. He was the one with probaly the only Land Rover on the island in those days.

Photograph by John William Boston
(Still missing San Pedro. Been back 7 times since Military Service at Army House 'Coral Lodge' (Opposite the Church)              
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