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            Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Beautiful airplant in the mangroves
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Our family became captivated with our dream of paradise found 10 years ago. We continue to live that dream today at El Pescador on Ambergris Caye. Many people whose priorities are fishing for bonefish, tarpon and permit ... and the angler's dream of a Grand Slam, diving on our world famous barrier reef, exploring Mayan sites, cave tubing and zip lining and other eco-adventures, or simply relaxing come to holiday with us at El Pescador.
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The Harpy Eagle is the world largest bird of prey. 80" wing span, massive bill and talons. This massive avian terrors place in the world is classed ‘globally threatened. A bird W.C. Fields would have liked because small dogs and children are on the menu when available. Its normal diet consists of monkey, Kinkajou, Quadamundi and Peccary. Sad the worlds shifting biodiversity will soon withdraw its support for one of its most fantastic Avian creatures.

It made me a little nervous standing in the jungle in front of it. A troop of spider monkeys about 50 feet away where screaming like I never heard monkeys scream before, the troop had two babies and I’m sure feared having their children taken away and eaten.

Photograph by Elbert Greer              
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