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             Thursday, February 14, 2008 

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Soila Paz Gonzalez, Tomasita Paz (Daddy's and Felipe's mom), Thomas Paz, the Daddy of all, Celi his wife, and Mr. Gildardo Daddy Paz, late 1950's
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Left to Right: Soila Paz Gonzalez, Tomasita Paz (Daddy's and Felipe's mom), Thomas Paz, the Daddy of all, Celi his wife, and Mr. Gildardo Daddy Paz.

Marcelina Paz passed away February 7th, her funeral is today at 2pm.
From a friend last night....
... tonight is the wake, her body arrived today on the island so there was a procession to the house, and now it’s the wake, and then tomorrow the funeral. Very sad, I saw her grandkids crying and just barely held it in myself…

Daddy Paz

by Angel Nunez

One of the coolest persons I have ever known was Mr. Gildardo “Daddy” Paz. He was always soft spoken, friendly, relaxed, and with a positive disposition. I swear I never remember him being annoyed or vex. never in a hurry, and I firmly believe he did not have one single enemy.

Married to Celi Marin Paz, he had many roots and branches including Daddy Paz Jr. Elsa Paz (former mayor), Gilberto Paz, Mariela Granial, Mirna Nunez, Javi Paz, George Paz, Celi Paz and Leonor Trejo. Mr. Daddy was always a businessman, never a fisherman. Ever since I was a child in the 1950’s Daddy operated Daddy’s Club and beside it Daddy’s Saloon. MY fondest memories of Daddy’s Club was that it put on occasional dances and the biggest Christmas , New Year’s , and Easter bashes. It offered the best entertainment in the village. Daddy’s Club also offered pool and billiard tables. Whenever the youths were bored, they approached Mr. Daddy and asked him to host a dance, and he was willing to cooperate. Daddy’s Saloon offered shaved ice with syrup and was a hit because it was the only place in the village that offered ice. He charged ten cents for half an hour of billiard or pool tables and when he fell asleep, we prayed for him not to wake up so we could play longer.

Then Daddy moved on to run a grocery store and Saloon on the ground floor of his house where Three Sisters Building is located. Later on he owned and ran the very first corn tortilla factory on the Island. This was a tremendous benefit and relief to all housewives who relied on hand made tortillas which included boiling corn grinding with a hand mill, making the dough or masa, making the tortillas and baking them over a hot plate either over a stove or fireheart. Daddy could play the saxophone and was part of Daddy’s Orchestra. They hosted many dances in San Pedro, X”Calak, Mexico and other parts of Belize.

As I said before Daddy was the coolest guy in the village, with a great personality and super disposition. Nothing seemed to get him annoyed. Nothing seemed to make him hurry. His Roots include a musician, a former mayor and several children who continued his legacy by operating Big Daddy’s, Captain Loco’s Pub, and now Daddy Rock. Mr. Daddy is truly “Un Orgullo San Pedrano.

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