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             Thursday, April 10, 2008 

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Jungle in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve
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Jungle in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve
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Belize is proudly known for having the world's only jaguar preserve. The Belize Jaguar Reserve is located in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Stan Creek District. The reserve is home to jaguars, parrots, black howler monkeys, toucans and a host of other species found only in the tropical forests of South America.

The government has set aside 150 square miles of rain forest in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve, which currently provides a protected environment for around 200 jaguars, the largest concentration of the wild cat species in the world.

Cockscomb is also renowned for its bird populations and boasts up to 300 recorded species. These include Macaw, the Great Curassow and Keel-billed Toucan. Impressive numbers and variety are also found in the herpetofauna and in the flora of the basin.

Photograph by Marty Casado              
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