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             Tuesday, August 19, 2008 

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Belize City Swing Bridge, circa 1940.
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Pen Cayetano, painter, singer, songwriter, percussionist, guitarist is the leading cultural reviavalist and ambassador for the Garinagu, formerly known as Black Caribs (mixed African and Carib Indian). Pen Cayetano was born in 1954 in Dangriga, the cultural capital of the Garinagu, on the south-central coast of Belize..He is self-taught in painting and in music, and has excelled in both. Punta Rock, the new musical sound which combines the rhythms and sounds of traditional Garifuna music with elements of modern rock, was created by him on the eve of Independence in 1981, and made famous through his Turtleshell Band. In his paintings he portrays scenes of everyday life in Belize, and especially aspects of his own Garifuna folklore, history and culture. Since 1990 Pen Cayetano has lived with his family in Germany, where he maintains a studio and a busy schedule of international art exhibitions, workshops and performances with his family band, the Cayetanos. He also travels frequently to Belize and the United States to reunite and perform with fellow Garifuna musicians.
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Belize City Swing Bridge, circa 1940.

This was the original swing bridge over Haulover Creek, and was built (in England) in 1922 and installed by a New Orleans company in 1923.

The current bridge, the Belcan Bridge, cost $1 million and was built under a Canadian aid program, "opened" on December 3, 1969

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Photograph courtesy Neil Fraser Gallery             
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