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             Thursday, December 18, 2008 

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Canal outhouse, Belize City, 1975 Canal outhouse, Belize City, 1975
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Canal outhouse, Belize City, 1975
At the time, the sewerage system for much of the city was open drainage canals. An out-house can be seen partly over the canal. Waste was supposedly washed out to sea by the tides, but the smell was significant.

I walked through the alley and passed the outhouse overhanging the canal everyday for years on my way from Holy Redeemer to Daly Street. We would dare each other to walk across the metal arches over the canal. My sister fell in the canal once. Amazing we didn't come down with some disease.

boy unuh mih lite. we use to walk den deh bars backway. I fell in once in my sunday best. had to climb on top of the round vat which used to be by Hyde's Lane and lay there for hours trying to dry off. Still got home wet and stink and got an assin I can still remember.

What is amazing to me is that those canals are still there and they still have a bathroom hanging over that canal. I have personally spoken to the bishop and suggested that he consider covering it. There is an area near Barracks Road which is nicely covered and is even used by cars to park. If the church would cover the canal then folks could drive through there and pick up their kids and ease some of the congestion on North Front Street. have you ever tried to pass that area when school is letting out. It's a wait of a better part of an hour.

Photograph by Infrogmation of New Orleans             
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