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             Friday, December 19, 2008 

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The Pickwick Club, Belize City, 1975 The Pickwick Club, Belize City, 1975 The Newtown Country Club, Belize City, 1975
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The Maya Research Program is a U.S.-based non-profit organization that sponsors archaeological and ethnographic research in Central and South America. Each summer since 1992, we have sponsored archaeological fieldwork at the ancient Maya site of Blue Creek in northwestern Belize. In the past several years we have added important new programs in Mexico and Peru. Our goal is, first and foremost, to conduct research that adds to the body of scholarly knowledge and helps us better understand the past of the complex ancient societies of the Americas.
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First and second pictures are The Pickwick Club, the third is the Newtown Country Club. Belize City, 1975. On Newtown Barracks....
Both clubs were well known in the mid-century Belize City days for entertainment for the more well off folks.

The Pickwick Club was was a big venue for weddings in the 1980's.

Me mi so po, I kudint set foot anyways close to Pickwick or Newtown Club. I was more of a Minga's and Riverside Hall type of fella. Also Scout Room, FYA, Independence Hall, Liberty Hall, many of which I use to sneak into because I didn't even have shilling fu go een.

Photograph by Infrogmation of New Orleans             
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