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             Thursday, January 8, 2009 

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Princess Margaret Comes to Belize
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Princess Margaret Comes to Belize
In May of 1958 (2 May through 6 May), in one of the empire's last hurrahs, royalty visited Belize for the first time in the then colony's history. It came in the form of the Queen's sister, a vibrant young Princess Margaret, who charmed the population and had a street, Princess Margaret Drive, named after her.

In this photo the princess is shown descending the stairway at Government House to attend a state dinner hosted by the governor, Sir Colin Hardwick Thornley. The skirts of her "ladies in waiting" can be seen on the stairs behind her.

Photograph courtesy Neil Fraser              
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Princess Margaret May 1958 in Belize

Princess Margaret May 1958 in Belize, Freetown Road and North Circular Road

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