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             Wednesday, March 4, 2009 

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Panades Are Being Made of Our Million Dollar Sharks? Panades Are Being Made of Our Million Dollar Sharks? Panades Are Being Made of Our Million Dollar Sharks?
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Panades Are Being Made of Our Million Dollar Sharks?
Ever wondered what happened to all those sharks we no longer see out at our reefs around Caye Caulker and San Pedro?? This picture was taken at Baho Caye, an Island situated 5 minutes from Caye Caulker, about 10-15 minutes from San Pedro’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley.

This picture was taken on February 28th 2009. Spread the word….that’s the only way we can make a difference and bring back the sharks that tourists are paying to see!!!

Note: The authorities need to go out there and investigate this IMMEDIATELY.


That is a woeking BZer fisher boat folks -- five minutes from CC is where we get Black tip shark that size!!

And yes -- they are million dollar sharks -- being as if one was in Shark/Ray alley or Hol Chan Marine Reserve it would be a million plus suit!!

As in tourist relatives sewing BZ tour organizers!!

Every shark fished in Belize is not a Nurse shark from those two tourist spots!!

That shark is going for real panade meat -- you can tell by the way they are filleting it.

And it can't be nurse shark!!

And you don;t want black tips anywhere near your dive/swim with the sharks theme parks.

so what in hell is the big deal here folks!! I'll tell you -- damned interfering with we way foreigners!!

Sharks are territorial -- 5 minutes from CC by boat is a long way out of one's shark territory!!

Damn these Greeny wanna bees

I was under the impression some one went into the reserves and poached nurse shark!!

Not five minute boat ride from CC!!

And do note this blame the Root BZer Poor" BZer fisher folk phobia --

So now -- correct me if I am wrong -- and Poor root BZer fishing sloop with working crew fishing within miles of your theme parks are your sworn enemy -- right??

Cause hey -- the seas belong to your buddies -- foreigners all of them -- and f**k Root Bzers doing what your ancestors did from the beginning of time.

Jesus -- what is happening to we all!!

To God how some USaners BZers now "hate" Root BZers -- how so they betray their own blood and heritage!!

and want "investigation" and them all locked and punished - for what??


Thats is the head,eyes, and gills of a nurse shark, if that is a black tip, I'll eat the sucker raw!

I don't think most folks have a problem with fishermen harvesting any particular species, but if they are infringing on $$ generating locations where the species generates more than just the value of the meat, then I do have a problem.

Channel 5 News Story:

Nurse sharks being killed near Caye Caulker

There is growing outrage that a large number of nurse sharks have been killed along the shores of Caye Caulker. And according to a tour guide who went to visit a small family island about five miles north of the island on Saturday, about thirty dead sharks were spotted in two boats. James Rosado was upset because he says that the nurse sharks are disappearing from Shark Ray Alley where he takes tourists to and he was shocked to find out that they were being slaughtered. News Five Jose Sanchez spoke to Rosado who explained what happened when he approached the men.

James Rosado, Dive master, Belize Diving Services
“I saw a sailboat from Corozal, its details is right there in the picture. They had two twenty-five foot Mexican skiffs; one with a sixty horse power, one with a forty horse power behind the boat with nets looking like gill nets. Two of the boats were filled with nets and in the middle compartment of the boats, both of them filled with sharks as well. Each boat had maybe about eight people on it and each person had a big mature nurse shark on the boat, just filleting the nurse shark as the pictures show you right there. I got very disappointed so I went and asked what’s happening. Why you guys killing the sharks you know? They gave me a simple answer, it’s their living. I understand that it’s their living you know and I tried to explain to them, I make my living as well off the sharks as well but we just don’t kill them. We take people to see them everyday and that’s our livelihood that they are killing right there. At the moment, my girlfriend took out her camera and she started taking some pictures. We took four pictures before we had to move off because they were getting rather rude.”

Jose Sanchez
“I was told one of them jumped into the water with a knife and came after you, is that true?”

James Rosado
“Yes, it is, yes it is. We were also threatened by these guys. These guys are actually on the island right now. They actually have their boat parked right up front by a dock in front of Popeye’s. They are here on the island so I don’t know what to do right now I don’t know if I’m safe.”

Beverly Wade, Fisheries Administrator
“There is clearly a clash between a none-extractive use of a resource and an extractive use of a resource. The tourism industry uses the shark but they practice a non-extractive use of that shark where they carry out people to view the sharks and to swim and feed the sharks while the fishermen directly extract the sharks for consumption purposes. This fish is very much seasonal. It happens a lot around this time because it’s the Lenten time and there are huge markets for fresh corned shark. The actual activity of going out and catching these sharks by the fishers is not illegal in anyway. Our officers went out there and they were all duly licensed. The boat was licensed also. There is nothing illegal about the activity but what this incident has clearly shown is that there is a need to put into law, management regulations for the shark fishery. We have been working on our national plan of action for shark and we have a first draft that is now ready to go to public consultation which is really a management regime for the shark fisheries and we’ve also developed some draft legislation coming out of the work and consultations that were carried out that’s looking at putting some restrictions on the shark fishery.”

Wade says another reason why the sharks may not be at Shark Ray Alley is because it is mating season.

Photographs by James Rosado, courtesy Caye Caulker Chronicles              
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