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             Sunday, April 26, 2009 

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Children at a vegetable market, Belize City 1975
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Belize Rainforest Adventures in Ecotourism. Hiking, camping and other extreme adventures in pristine rainforest environments. Unique Jungle Expeditions, For a once-in-a-lifetime Adventure. We specialize in taking our clients deep into the most Remote and Pristine areas of Belize with our experienced and licenced local guides. Explore the Natural Wonders of Belize. Explore remote jungle rivers like the Sibun and Moho. Backpack deep into the Rainforest, Jungle survival training, Cave Exploration, Exotic Wildlife, Mayan Ruins AND MUCH, MUCH MORE...
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Children at a vegetable market, Belize City 1975

Photograph by Infrogmation of New Orleans              
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