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             Sunday August 30, 2009 

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Magic - The Belizean Wonder Dog Magic - The Belizean Wonder Dog Magic - The Belizean Wonder Dog Magic - The Belizean Wonder Dog Magic - The Belizean Wonder Dog
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Here you will find information on what's happening in Placencia, Belize ... the perfect place for a vacation or full time residency. Interest in Real Estate?, then please take a look at our map of current developments being built on the peninsula.
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Magic "The Belizean Wonder Dog"
Magic was original Mickey's Black Lab and would follow him every where he went. Then Mickey had to do time in Mexico for some illicit drug smugglin' and Magic was abandoned. Dave Childs adopted Magic, and his girlfriend's son Denis and Magic were inseparable. Magic would dive down 8 ft and pick up the exact conch shell you through in the water and would do it all day. Here are photos of Magic climbing the ladder on Ray Bower's Reef Roamer, and diving after a coconut thrown off the top deck. He would do this all day to entertain the tourists at the Sun Breeze Hotel! He was certainly the most famous dog ever, in Belize! This was 1986 San Pedro.

Photographs by David Childs              
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